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File: 1416118350414.jpg (39.83 KB, 251x340, image.jpg)

No. 24313

NEW THREAD. Last one got overfilled
(Refer to the old thread for deets:
Truth blog: shitjrcachsays.tumblr.com )

#1: Jrcach is Japanese and lives in Japan but speaks English and other languages fluently. He says he has been to Europe. He posts on Tumblr all day long so I think maybe he is NEET now.

#2: He describes his career as "academic". His old blog had a lot of articles on Kyoto City Library and other libraries so he could be a librarian or just a library fan. He started out leaking and investigating and complaining about libraries and library staff in Kyoto before he discovered Nico Nico Douga.

#3: That blog got shut down because he started harassing Keekihime and that's why he came to Tumblr. He wanted to spread drama between Japanese and English internet. Harassing Keekihime isn't just recent, he has been doing it for years since even before he came to Tumblr.

#4: He says his name means "junior cats" an is pronounced "Yurka". It actually means JRCAch. JRCA is the name of his old blog that got shut down (Japan Reference Critics Association) and ch means like 2ch the Japanese forum where he is a known troll. In fact idol threads on 2ch say "get out jrcach" in the topic and when someone is trolling on anon they say "it must be jrcach, go away jrcach."


No. 24315

File: 1416118890599.jpg (95.26 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 24328

How the hell am I am psychopath pahaha. I literally do nothing, I go to school and have a weekend job not going around murdering people.

No. 24340

It's pathetic how obvious his self asks are. He doesn't even try anymore

No. 24357

I lold hard because JrCock is the biggest NEET psychopath I've ever seen online.

No. 24358

File: 1416146705654.jpg (7.79 KB, 251x206, ecf8e7d60fb116c8e25350eeab3592…)

Who are you anon?
This dude is a just big joke,I love how overly quick he is to judge people and calls them names.
Correct me if I'm wrong but he's been slandering and shaming those girls for maaaany many years.

No. 24359

Well Himezawa is the Queen of self-promo(and now a scammer) but she's definetely not a sociopath/psychopath.Jrcach doesn't even know what these words mean lol

No. 24361

Yeah. All those asks are like
>what do japanese people think about…
>do japanese people like…
Oh silly Jrcock

No. 24363

I love shitjrcachsays. It needs more followers

No. 24366

How is Megannyan a sociopath?….

No. 24367

JrCock likes bashing other people.He thinks it makes him look better than everyone else.

No. 24372

No. 24373

Only 16 followers, sadly anon.

No. 24374

Btw guys don't fall for the bait jrcock is setting up. He's trying to get a new audience by tagging his posts "Lolcow"

No. 24391

Yeah we know that,he's a tagwhore.
Pretty much everyone now is moving on with their lives.. except Jrcock
So sad

No. 24395

My thoughts exactly.He attacks every girl who is brave enough to point out what a shitty person he is.

No. 24396

File: 1416160047906.png (86.83 KB, 627x670, jrcock.png)

>she must have learned from me.
oh my god,he is pathetic…
i mean, YOU are pathetic (we know he lurks here)

No. 24397

File: 1416160165880.png (182.92 KB, 438x273, b34ab421d8a14b33bd22be8a42898b…)

Haha,the douche is so full of himself!Reminds me of this.

No. 24571

File: 1416236855823.jpg (115.61 KB, 588x825, image.jpg)

Jrcach is on a roll because nobody has harrassed him. He wants us to ignore him so he can continue to be a dumb ass. Keep harassing him and he'll break. If we don't, his fan base of cognitively impaired weebs will be ready to stroke his ego.

No. 24573

File: 1416236905453.jpg (118.19 KB, 565x907, image.jpg)

He photoshopped this picture of MeganNyan. Someone should make a meme of his dick pic, make another fake twitter, then tweet it to his fans!

No. 24574

File: 1416236936532.jpg (118.26 KB, 578x839, image.jpg)

His fanbase is actually retarded.

No. 24591

Don't know if I should laugh or cry. I was fifteen in my weeb prime then, geez I know that make-up was ugly as hell - but I have long grown out of that.

No. 24593

oh jesus this faggot needs to grow the fuck up

No. 24595

File: 1416240644908.png (17.06 KB, 637x436, wat.png)

what a stereotypical thinking…

No. 24596

why is he tagging megan with "psycho"? he did photoshop her pictures. jrcock is such a loser, god…

No. 24600

Omg only just seen his new icon wtffff is he doing.

No. 24606

Yeah we all have been in that shitty weeaboo stage, you're still pretty young tho.
Idk ,I'm such a fool because I was still excpecting Jrcock to act a little bit more mature ..

No. 24608

JrCach is like cancer,he should be destroyed

No. 24623

Making new twitter expose profile for him now

No. 24847

thanks anon but I think it'll only feed his ego
we make him feel "important"

No. 24848

I know I know. I used to think that. But if people ignores him he still gets positive reinforcement by his legion of weebs. At least we give him negative attention and let dumb asses know who he is.

No. 24953

File: 1416340248088.png (13.17 KB, 693x273, k.png)

did he just call Klaudia a bitch? ("kurwa" is a Polish swear-word for "slut/whore")

No. 24954

I actually like Klaudia.She's got the guts.

No. 24957

JrCock is pathetic

No. 25075

Actually,Jrcach is a whore,he send his dick pic to some girl

No. 25377

File: 1416461567505.png (21.88 KB, 637x476, jrcock.png)


No. 25388

He talks about that a lot. He's the same guy who said idols don't wear makeup but they obviously do. They look ugly as hell without it.

No. 25389

File: 1416462090422.jpg (216.78 KB, 1280x1024, image.jpg)

No. 25448

>eyes mimic the vulva
>not lips

No. 25452

File: 1416497204709.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

the majority of his followers are underage girls

No. 25457

yup,me too, but then I found out her tumblr and saw she started to post daddy/little girl pics of herself when she was 17…

No. 25460

What pic is she talking about?

No. 25749

File: 1416614586374.jpg (72.58 KB, 640x581, image.jpg)

"Yukikachan seems to live in a trailer park. Usually fat Americans are also poor"
Why does anyone support this son of a bitch? Yukikachan deserves backlash because she talked tons of shit for no reason but Jrcach is human garbage.

No. 25782

Wow..I'm speechless.
JrCock is pathetic.

No. 25784

his twitter should be reported for hate speech.

No. 25791

File: 1416638526364.png (7.95 KB, 933x135, jrcock.png)

No. 25792

I agree. He's been reported to Tumblr multiple times but they didn't do anything about that asshole. Not sure about twitter though.

No. 25793

File: 1416639182682.png (27.17 KB, 639x543, 1.png)

>she's fit for tarento or gravure
is it just me or jrcach wants wants everyone to do gravure lol

No. 25879

Recently, Jrcach is trying hard to create false feuds and drama in an effort to get more views for his cock sucking blog and for his sick pleasure. The controversy he's trying to start is Megan Nyan VS Klaudia. They have no history however Jrcach wants to start some. Mr Pinpin VS Dakota Clone Neko Hillary. He goes into both of their broadcasts starting shit saying he said she said to get them not to like one another. Both of them knows his antics so I have no pity for them. The last drama is Moetwinstyle vs aminyanmoemagi again, they have no negative history and Jrcach is a bitch. The people who follow him still have to be as insane as he is.

No. 25882

I didn't even know who dafq Klaudia was until yesterday, how can I hate someone I don't know paa. I couldn't hate her even if I did know her, she seems alright. Damn his failed attempts to cause trouble is hilarious to watch unfold, gives me life.

No. 25921

I saw mr pippins, jrcach and that other girls tweets to each other so stupid omg.

No. 25942

Yeah,his attempts to start drama are hilarious

No. 26523

File: 1416964107600.jpg (181.03 KB, 610x780, image.jpg)

Brace yourselves for Jrcach 's reaction. oh god.

No. 26549

File: 1416969201715.jpg (136.08 KB, 596x896, image.jpg)

Pt 1

No. 26550

File: 1416969227047.jpg (122.54 KB, 573x860, image.jpg)

pt 2
Jrcach is a lil shithead

No. 26556

Jrcach's old twitter description, when he used to be a book critic


No. 26558

Unless a girl is 20 pounds underweight Jrcach calls them fat. And that's not even how it is in Japan. He's a pedophile who only likes malnourished bodies

No. 26592

File: 1416974900058.gif (512.53 KB, 500x210, tumblr_maemjt9QnU1rcemmbo4_500…)

Just fucking kill yourself JrCock.
Don't make me remind all your wrong doings cause the list is so damn long

No. 26593

More like body critic

No. 26595

Yeah he has some sick child fetish.

No. 26617

> it didnt turn me on thats why I didnt download it
Perverted pedophiliac piece of shit

No. 26626

File: 1416978644132.png (8.59 KB, 581x140, jrcach.png)

"There are people who read parts of my Tumblr enthusiastically but I'm afraid to say that there are a lot of things I can't write on Tumblr. Because if I expose my real intention, even though the treatment I receive right now is harsh, it seems like it will become twice as strong. I'm exposing everything on Twitter." https://twitter.com/JRCAch/status/536489229371465728

No. 26628

Oh, the hypocrisy…

No. 26633

File: 1416980108452.png (9.17 KB, 571x152, jrcach2.png)

"When I thought that I definitely seen this girl before, just as I thought, this is the girl that sent me a message in the past. http://instagram.com/shirubianyanpire
She looks much younger than 16 lol
If I said that she was cute, I feel like I would be called a pedo or something like that again." https://twitter.com/JRCAch/status/535941267046166528

No. 26653

that girl looks so awful. what is she doing with her mouth?

No. 26729

File: 1417006328598.png (862.39 KB, 608x611, lmao.png)

No. 26732

Lucifer has found a vessel

No. 26735

no,jrcach..you ARE a pedo

No. 27224

No. 27304

File: 1417340413410.png (17.31 KB, 644x362, jrcock.png)


No. 27305

File: 1417340627797.png (34.23 KB, 643x728, im.png)

ahaha,this is hilarious!
>I've never been her hater

No. 27306

Stop sending asks to yourself Jrcock.

No. 27330

I thought it was sarcasm.

No. 27743

File: 1417550817971.jpg (14.56 KB, 275x153, image.jpg)

Yeah so Jrcach totally lurks on Lolcow and he's doing his usual bullshit with trying to pen girls together for dramu. Aminyan and micky martyrdom actually have real life drama which is what he got from her thread here. It's total bait to get aminyan to act up, which is why he wrote such racist bullshit. I really hope she doesn't react.

No. 27766

Can anyone tell me who the fuck is kurwa-tan? It's a swear word in Polish and it means 'whore' and also'fuck'

No. 27767

Why r u asking this here? Is it related tp jrcach?

No. 27771

Anon behind shitjrcach says here. I'm considering closing the blog, at least for now. Apparently it has been causing problems and jrcach has been personally targeting people he believes to be running it (and apparently he's way off, because I haven't gotten anything yet). I understand how important it is to let people know how two-faced he is, but at the very least, is there a way to get him off of people's backs without revealing myself? Closing the blog is the last thing I'd want to do, but I also don't want to cause even more trouble for the people he's messing with.

No. 27778

Did you ever read his Tweets or?

No. 27780

I would write a post about it, post a picture with time stamped or with a note in it…not much you can do unfortunately. But I hope you can keep the blog. Even if you reveal the truth he will still lie.
It's his way of bullying Klaudia

No. 27881

no,please,noo!! people deserve to know the truth!!

No. 27883

File: 1417579902033.png (9.75 KB, 625x198, im.png)

is he talking about claudia?

No. 27891

Yes he is

No. 27892

Cycle of Jrcach abuse

1 Girl finds out about Jrcach/He finds a girl he hasn't infected yet

2 Adorns them with compliments, uplifts them by putting down other girls, gives them advice. This is similar to what cult members or abusive partners do, spoils with compliments before the storm comes.

3 The girl is now walking on eggshells to please him by insulting/being against girls he's blacklisted, taking pictures he likes, asking him for advice or kissing his ass.

4 She starts second guessing him, and he starts snidely attacking her. OR He falsely accuses her to start a conflict on his blog because he is paranoid. He tweets about her in Japanese insulting her.

5 Jrcach is now furious that his precious object denies him, he now stalks her and tears her confidence down. "I never liked her anyways!" Like in the case of Abbie, Kelsey P and Beckii Cruel.

5 Extended - This only happens in extreme cases such as Abipop, Keekihime, Himezawa, Aminyan or Klaudia but at this point Jrcach goes on external sites to stalk them, trash talk them, turn others against them. Basically ruin their confidence and life. He will even contact jobs.

6 They are blacklisted. And the cycle continues again as dumb weebs continue to fall for his bullshit.

Jrcach is toxic. Jrcach destroys and serves no good. Ask yourself, why would a man your father's age or older be on the internet only interested in girls across the world, only to start drama with them? He's insane.

No. 27956

Soooo true.
This should be posted on shitjrcachsays

No. 27991

He turns everything the way he wants anyways. For example, if you make a proof photo of yourself stating it is your Tumblr he would claim the person, who thinks to run the blog, asked you to do that.

No. 27992

jrcach in a nutshell.

You forgot the dick photos and demanding nudes part.

No. 28005

I've figured out what I'm going to do about clearing certain people's names, as to who runs the blog. I'll probably be posting a video tonight on there addressing it, and him.

No. 28007

What do you mean?

No. 28008

Sorry I get you now.

No. 28077

even you he see's its nobody that he is targeting he aint gonna stop..no need to expose yourself.

No. 28078

^ if*

No. 28080

I didn't reveal myself, just posted a message. The most you can see are my hands - the fact that I'm white though is enough to prove I'm not a lot of the people he's harassed.

No. 28086

No. 28088

No. 28106

Thank you so much! JrCach is an asshole

No. 28129

does anyone know what the tweets between cosmates and jrcach say?

No. 28135

Jrcach is accusing cosmates of being a Chinese person that is impersonating a Japanese.

No. 28140

Thanks and he's probably saying that cause aminyan modeled for them.

No. 28141

Basically what
Says. Cosmates said they wouldn't stand for Jrcach bullying Aminyan because she seemed innocent enough, and Jrcach went insane. They're both middle aged Japanese men who have similar personalities but it was entertaining to see Cosmates put Jrcach in his place. Cosmates isn't very professional but at least they showed some balls.

No. 28142

Well Jrcach ya know, literally showed his balls…to an underage girl…

No. 28143

Not trying to defend him, but we still don't know if that was really him.

No. 28146

I wish that person who claimed that he sent them to her would expose herself since it would cause her no harm, whats jrcach gonna do? maybe it was just someone from 2ch.

No. 28255

Jrcach is on twitter saying HE made cosmates famous. People have been using that site for years. He's a fucking looney

No. 28277

File: 1417751105238.png (6.75 KB, 566x135, jr.png)

I protected Mr Yan, Akiraskyhigh and Makoto wholly but there wasn't one good thing(that came out of that)lol
Western feminists attacked me when I did it.

No. 28278

So much bullshit, I remember quite clearly how he attacked Mr. Yan for being chinese when their problems with Venus started.

No. 28283

File: 1417754925652.jpg (55.11 KB, 978x816, aw_shit_nigga_by_alma_o_c_by_o…)

Ahahaha jesus, he's so delusional

No. 28284

File: 1417755031378.png (66.86 KB, 641x537, w.png)


No. 28388

his logic is just…he obviously doesn't know Miranda.The fact that she tweeted him back and asked those questions shows she's trying to hide it lmao.

No. 28435


>I believe Kanadajin3's word


No. 28453

lol jrcach is to much.

No. 28932

File: 1418098203406.png (18.56 KB, 629x460, jrcockk.png)

No. 28987

File: 1418136576491.jpg (134.9 KB, 681x1024, kawaii.jpg)


>Must be because grown women won't wear panties of such cute design!

Jrcach pls

No. 29014


No. 29098

File: 1418185809637.png (527.34 KB, 1563x605, dzfgsdgdfh.png)

No. 29100

And now JCrotch will start calling her all kinds of racist shit because she mentioned him. Just wait for it.

No. 29281

File: 1418317837810.png (17.99 KB, 656x353, jcock.png)

Here it goes again

No. 29284

He's reading here and trying to get Lolcow to side for him. Jrcach is a fucking tool lol.

No. 29286

File: 1418318455518.jpg (110.26 KB, 636x1005, image.jpg)

Oh god I'm dying of laughter.

No. 29287

File: 1418318514334.jpg (129.55 KB, 640x1001, image.jpg)

>Jrcach talking about shit he has no knowledge of

Oh wow isn't that familiar

No. 29288

yeah its fucking hilarious

No. 29289


No. 29299

Why does he do that? We all know that he prolly hates her and thinks she's ugly.

No. 29312

He put a picture of her next to a cockroach when she was only 13 and people still defend this asshole.

No. 29313

Sorry I'm talking about HKM. For micky he said she was beautiful because he's being a bitch. He does that for everyone, compliments but shit talks in Japanese.

No. 29327

What an idiot, what does he know about racism? does he think people can't understand his tweets in Japanese

No. 29333

lol now he is trying to clean his image up on 2ch as if he never goes on and shames even the girls he supports

No. 29337

Jrcach is a dumb ass and is trying to say he's a university student. Do you guys know how stupid this is? He also said he "consulted with an old man about gravure idols". Um himself? Jrcach is getting lulzier by the day. Keep on dishing the cringe Yurka.

No. 29339

He went on 2ch to expose Yukapon, made Keekihime hate threads, called Aminyan a porch monkey and made threads about abbie and Mico when he was still their fan. He goes on there everyday.

No. 29341

Not to mention that some years ago he would always make complain posts about his wife, lol.

No. 29343

he's at least 43 years old. based on the things he's mentioned he has to be at least that old.

No. 29344

Yeah, he also had that as age on YouTube some years ago.

No. 29525

Jrcach is an extremely suspicious person. Let's analyze some facts.

- When accused that his information about idols is outdated, he said "During my school days around that time [the 80s] I was always busy studying for college entrance exams. So I didn't pay attention to media of that time." Besides MM in 1998 idols in the 1990's had died out so he's obviously talking about the 1980s. This would make him at least 40+

- He just admitted himself to clear cookies. The average person doesn't clear their web history that deeply unless they're doing something illegally, having an affair or…that's really the main two reasons. At the very least this would prove Jrcach having a wife which he has also confirmed and hiding his stalking activities from her. Given the times he posting articles which is usually very very late or very early Japanese time, it's hard to believe he has a wife and job. Him clearing cookies is super suspicious, and he may doing way more malicious things such as harrassing girls on websites outside of Tumblr or collecting CP which other allegations have accused.

- Jrcach may be homeless. This is a really wild theory but given his past statements and activities it wouldn't be too outlandish. He has stated himself that his wifi moves constantly. And given the pace in which he posts, it's impossible for him to have a full time job. He isn't a college student like the crock of bullshit he's stewing lately. Could he be homeless and living in Internet cafes? Possibly. Earlier posts conclude that he was once a librarian with a secret book hate blog where he ended up losing his blog and job due to Keeki's fan base.

- Jrcach is a pervert. Despite many Jrcach apologists trying to defend this he is in fact a pervert. He gives advice for young girls to wear white cotton panties because it "holds the scent better", most of his comrades are teenage girls and he talks about cats as well as his own mother sensually.

There's so many other reasons about how crazy Jrcach is and I'm contemplating making an ED page.

No. 29536

Please make an ED page. We can link it to the girls who are naive about him.

No. 29597

The cat thing was a joke you know.

No. 29599

No it wasn't. And I'm not talking singularly about "cats turn me on". He refers to cats sensually and borderline erotically on a normal basis.

No. 29613

File: 1418445827657.png (14.83 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

A creative anon has used this as inspiration for a new banner.

No. 29615

oh god this is great

No. 29617

I agree with what most you're saying, but the cookies thing is just weird. Maybe I'm weird, but I clean my cookies quite often for no real reason. I just like to clean them out.

No. 29621

File: 1418450445114.png (352.72 KB, 613x723, wtf.png)

Oh my god, Jrcash telling women what they can/can't do… :rolleyes:

No. 29622

ahahaha I wonder what makes him an expert?

No. 29627

he's wrong wtf that doesn't apply to everyone.
when i show my forehead i look like a toddler. does he thinks his opinions are fact?

No. 29629

also jrcash always says he dislikes the fakeness of makeup and prefer natural beauties but 95% of the girls he reblogs on his tumblrs (jrcash and jrcash2) wear contact lenses, fake eyelashes and a lot of makeup. hypocrite much

No. 29645

Exactly.Take Peachymilkytea or Anzujaamu as an example.
Not trying to throw a shade on them but come on now

No. 29655

File: 1418478713603.png (398.34 KB, 466x688, tumblr_mcrc0kRz4B1rga16ko1_500…)


JCrack doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.
Models like Sayoko Ozaki always have their foreheads on show. He's so embarrassing.

No. 29692

I'm starting to wonder if he's intentionally being stupid or what. This is some of the dumbest shit I have read about him this week.

No. 29693

my queen

No. 29885

File: 1418587558689.png (489.04 KB, 652x737, lol.png)

well that explains a lot

No. 29886

Ahaha this guy's a fucking joke.

No. 29887

File: 1418587620969.png (17.56 KB, 626x370, 11.png)

No. 29919

Hahaha I am sure him having his nads hanging out was extremely embarrassing #nosympathy

No. 29951

She just asked him a question he replied so harshly, like why is he still a thing

No. 29980

Because Tumblr doesn't seem to care abour racist pedos that stalk and harass little girls.

No. 30019

He always finds a scapegoat and bashes the shit out of her to make himself look better. Sad.

No. 30053

I know this is from like a week ago but I'm still laughing about it

No. 30079

this is retarded. this woman has her own webshop and probably makes tons of money from it (selling extensions.) she's fucking great.

you're a dumbass jrcock. does he know about this thread?

No. 30086

Yep! He checks Lolcow regularly.

No. 30088

Yep! He checks Lolcow regularly.

No. 30248

File: 1418765485144.jpg (129.31 KB, 574x996, image.jpg)

Jrcach saying that "in japan black men are known to have a big dick"

That's literally everywhere jrcock.

He's actually retarded. He says shit that's so oblivious to prove dumb unrelated points. He told girls not to talk politically but that's EVERY entertainer even in Hollywood you dumb fuck. He gives the most basic advice I don't understand how he is still a thing.

No. 30250

>small vagina
…if this isn't made up by him I don't even know anymore because this isn't how it works.

No. 30278

He's trying to get his 15plus blog active ugh so gross..where he can post more sexual things his underage followers should do.

No. 30301

he's fucking disgusting. the post was REALLY unnecessary

No. 30313

File: 1418793305357.png (17.8 KB, 631x401, im.png)

crooked teeth =/= dirty teeth

No. 30326

JrCock is a douchebag. Her teeth aren't "dirty",they're just not straight.Most jap people have crooked teeth like hers.

No. 30340

Another example! He used to be a huge fan of hers and called her the most beautiful woman in the world. She didn't reply to his advances so he turns on her.

Funny thing is that Jrcach would never say this shit in real life. Ever.

No. 30350

Jrcach probably has no teeth left he needs to stfu.

No. 30370

That's exactly what I was thinking!! He's so fucking two faced

No. 30464

He doesn't even try to hide it anymore it's so obvious

No. 33864

File: 1419662277311.png (22.1 KB, 633x499, wat.png)


No. 38513

Is his brain developing backwards or why is his grammar and spelling getting more shitty each passing day?

No. 38518

Lived in Europe all my life and have never been in a house without lights on the ceiling. Where the fuck did he even get this from?

No. 38544

My house has that but then again it is about 100 years old.

No. 38546

And I should add that it is only in the basement and the loft, living room, toilet, etc all have light.

No. 38551

It's like he can't even form a decent sentence anymore

No. 38558

does he really think that for hundreds of years europeans have been designing their houses lighting systems based off asian beauty standards of the nose

No. 38596

But what do the blue eyes have to do with the last part of his post? How incoherent can someone be?

No. 38601

He only searched for a reason for his lame racist joke.

No. 38602

You see that, guys? Blue eyes is a race now. Leave it to JrCock to explain it all.

No. 39088

File: 1420886898515.png (596.26 KB, 1123x800, pedo.png)

No. 39089


No. 39090

I'm pretty sure that Jrcach himself created that shit

No. 39092

>Little girl
>Perfect,silky smooth skin,gracious figure,just looking at her is a bigger pleasure than dirty sex with any adult slut
Whoever wrote this is a disgusting pedophile.

No. 39094

fucking eww

No. 39138

Nah, I seen that meme before on 4chan years ago.

No. 39640

File: 1421090835003.png (18.95 KB, 637x382, cock.png)

No. 46114

(I have to post on here as I can't message him on any social media sorry)
Please, I have asked you before to stop. I have asked you to talk to me directly if you have any problems but still you continue to bully me. These pictures are when I was 15-16. At 18 I know these old pictures look silly, therefore I have learned to change my style a lot. You call me immature yet you mock me without knowing anything about me. You're liking for schadenfreude is cruel when someone such as myself has extreme anxiety, body dysmorphia and low self esteem. Please realise what you are saying can make others feel awful about their selves when they are only trying to have fun and make friends. If you are to criticise me then do so on my writing, art or photography. Not on my looks which I have no control over.

No. 46118

Jrcach is so fucking immature.

No. 46131


So, how long do you think it's gonna be until he writes a post about how he's always hated this Sail0rhime girl and thinks she's ugly?

No. 46144

Let it go. Damn.

No. 46165

He probably got an essay prepared already.

No. 46174

I completely understand how you feel about this but he's most likely never going to stop this until the day he dies. No matter how many times his stuff gets reported or taken down, he will never stop. And you getting upset over it, will never stop him, it will make him want to do it more.

What you should learn from this is to really think about what you put on the internet. Once you post something on the internet, it's there forever. And if you really cannot take this kind of shit, you really shouldn't be posting on the internet in the first place. You should especially never post your photos and link your social media to forums like pull or it will come to bite you right in the ass. If I were you, I'd just lay low. I feel like almost everyone has humiliated themselves or posted a bad picture on the internet. It really cannot be helped when people decide to save those pictures and/or make fun of you, people are going to be assholes. It's a lot like school, for the time being, people are going to be assholes. But once someone else comes around to make fun of, you're old news and no one (except people like jrcach) really cares. I mean, look at the Raven Sparks thread, she's back and still a lolcow but no one gives a shit anymore.

No. 46182

So you're saying that we should tolerate some big jap bully?

No. 46187

What do you think we should do?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if we could get rid of him just as much as everyone else but for the ones being bullied by him, it seems like the best option to ignore him. He's anonymous (to my knowledge at least) and lives in another country, it would be pretty hard to do something legally about it. It's like Kiki and Cathy taking screencaps of things said on this site for a lawsuit. And I think if we reported and the people discussed by him copyright claimed everything he posted, he'd find a way to come back.

No. 46275

File: 1423064414071.png (27.33 KB, 313x644, megannyan.png)

No. 46285

He has obviously seen it, yet still ignores it.

No. 46286

No. 46289

Get it Marge

No. 46411

File: 1423098283122.jpg (46.66 KB, 400x382, weirdfuck.jpg)


just wanted to lol @ jrcach calling me (itsketsuban) a psychopath, when he was the one complimenting me on his blog and tweeting at me to block the fuck jrcach twitter account. Instead I followed it back then I tweeted "I think what jrcach did to Keekihime was invasive on her life" which it was, he full blasted me on twitter…I think he's the psychopath lmao. Keep in mind I was underage and he's a weird middle aged dude.

No. 46412

File: 1423098338454.png (114 KB, 400x383, lolwat.png)


2nd screenie

btw I think jrcach is the one who 'likes gossip'

No. 46414

also wanted to add that i woke up to all these messages in succession at like 6 in the morning my time on a school day so it's not like i argued with him back, he just kept sending tweets… i blocked him after that.

also loved Margaret comparing him to that cannibal, made my day

No. 46492

File: 1423108279219.gif (5.42 MB, 527x385, post-37430-andy-dwyer-CLASSIC-…)

>I had fucking proof

No. 46495

Jrcach loves sweet internet doramu more than his own mother if you haven't noticed it yet.

No. 46517

You know…
as much as I don't care for Margaret, I must admit that at least she knows how to lay a bitch out.
Slay Margo! Slay!

No. 46520

Margo and Jrcach drama gives me life.

No. 47004

Seems like Margo forgot that you are underage until 20 in Japan.

No. 47787

>>That’s interesting but I’m not going to stir up drama (I’m not the type you know! please understand!)
Fucking lol.

No. 47797

No. 47799

Not hard considering how he tried to ruin her life.

No. 48026

File: 1423546295963.png (548.69 KB, 592x770, wat2.png)

Wow…that's so mature.. Way to go JrCock!!

No. 48028

File: 1423546467973.png (105.62 KB, 773x532, epic.png)

No. 48034

Too be fair, she is super fucking ugly and stupid.

No. 48035

File: 1423547626287.jpg (7 KB, 316x202, sad_frog.jpg)

>all these were made to look like that to look like a clown
>she must think she's kawaii
>making a puffy face and her index finger points to her cheek
>look at her lips
All I see is a pathetic,lonely man attempting to bully a teenage girl. Aren't you too old for this shit?

No. 48036

File: 1423547671815.png (36.34 KB, 638x424, wat.png)

That vendetta

No. 48053

didn't this chick come on stamina rose and try to get people to stop being so ~~mean~~? or was it someone else with similarly terrible makeup?

No. 48125

Most people look bad in their early teen photos.

No. 48126

Nah, wasn't it that one fat adult woman that always would brag on PULL about her looks? The one with the bad white eyeliner animu eyes.

No. 48131


No. 48133

Circle lenses?

No. 48134

Thanks for that, I think my old photos are awful also tbh. I don't know why I ever thought that make-up looked good, it's hideous. See the great big white stripe down my nose? That was my idea of contouring, turned out it just highlights my beak even more.

No. 48138

He's changed his URL to http://komaban.tumblr.com for some bizarre reason.

No. 48152

Knowing that he lurks, he probably did that in the hopes that we think he deleted himself.

No. 48188

Should've seen me a couple of years ago….
We all went through that shitty weeaboo phase imo. Jrcach ran out of dramu, so now he's just making fun od girls's looks.

No. 48189

My hero

No. 48312

Maybe he's a little worried about margos threat so he changed it, since she's in Japan maybe he's worried that she can do something about him.

No. 48351

I agree. Everyone has had humiliating phases like this and everyone looks back at some looks they've tried/things they did and cringe a lot. There are many makeup fails of mine from when I was 15 to even 18 that are still lingering around on the internet.
Even if you did the most perfect makeup and you had everything that he saw as perfect, he would still find a reason to pick on you.

You could try copyright claiming the images. It may get him to want to pick on you even more, but he gets up to 3 strikes on his account, once he gets 3, his tumblr gets deleted.

No. 48361

Nah I'm not going to Copyright claim anything. Although if he used ones from shoots, the photographer and the company could but that's not my problem. I assume that is why he is choosing to nit pick my awful selfies instead because he doesn't want to deal with that.

No. 48362

I also wonder what Margaret will do seeming as he totally ignored what she said.

No. 48610

File: 1423630650662.png (16.4 KB, 639x241, jrcock.png)

At least he admitted.

No. 48611

>I hate the person so much
Aww that's so sweet

No. 49694

did he change it to komaban to piss of ketsuban since she posted in this thread? its pretty similar

No. 50203

File: 1424044188689.gif (459.87 KB, 250x256, joan.gif)

Who the fuck is Megan Cooper?

No. 50207

Some older PULL user that he seems to hate like every person that ever called him out.

No. 50312


He needs to get help, soon. I almost feel sorry for him. He must have been so proud of "his work" (parasiting girls that asked him a thing or two), and almost no one girl, or young woman is paying him any kind of attention. It was too obvious when he pushed Abbie under the bus in a desperate attempt to clear his name. I guess that even the weeb tweens realized the kind of person he is.

I think he has some kind of mommy issues, maybe she was mean to him and he became the way he is now, and harrasses teenagers to feel stronger than women that deny him the attention he feels he deserves.

Let's hope he won't hurt girls outside the internet. Physically, I mean.

I think he will release to the public more screencaps of "private" conversations he had with girls that have some success.

No. 50825

File: 1424193637111.jpg (107.93 KB, 586x897, image.jpg)

He's back peddling so hard it's obvious he's admitting defeat.

No. 50826

File: 1424193765928.jpg (106.63 KB, 575x879, image.jpg)

Didn't a few months ago he wrote that Mira would be more cute in Japan than Aminyan for the simple fact that she's black?

>black women aren't "women"

Stop trying to justify your thoughts with warewareNihonjin "We the Japanese" and just admit you were wrong. This racist asshole is about to crack though, there's only a matter of time before he kills himself.

No. 51285

No. 52456

Am I the only one who's noticed everything he's written about Aminyan she's proved him wrong? Her nose isn't big at all and looking at the Beautiful Women board on 2ch where someone made a thread about her nobody mentioned her nose except Jrcach. Most people actually said it was good her mom came with her. Jrcach is just pulling shit out of his ass.

His kiki posts are annoying too. Who cares if kiki sleeps around? There's a bunch of people who sleep around in Japan.

No. 52471

What thread is that?

No. 53079

File: 1424633196312.jpg (113.54 KB, 768x968, Screenshot_2015-02-22-14-14-20…)

>This someone

No. 53088

>Black girls arent women
What does that even mean?

No. 53091

I think Jrcach starts posting more when he's angry about something.

No. 53205

He started tweeting her japanese fans too.

No. 53272

Yea It's I've noticed that too, It's really pathetic, What's he even saying to them. Hopefully they don't fall for it.

No. 53276

She's a liar, she's bad, a bunch of his usual lies. Some of them said "I'm supporting her anyways". The only person who believes him is that brony Honeybeechan or something that he's always tweeting with. They both talk mad shit.

No. 53277

It means Jrcach is racist.

No. 53287

No. 53298

No. 54491

A little far-fetched perhaps?

Jrcach is crying in a corner because he'll never be addressed as Aminyan's mentor.

He is trying to redeem himself in the kawaiiuguudesunepyonnyan community by "defending" another POC, but we all know he is just trying to start drama between them.

No. 55510

File: 1425100881183.png (4.99 KB, 148x54, kota.png)

Is this just my browser messing up? When I go to Dakota Rose's blog/website it shows the same icon as Jrcach's tumblr. It doesn't do that for any other site though.

No. 55514

File: 1425101986037.png (95.61 KB, 708x719, okaythen.png)

No. 55520

Doesn't this guy have anything better to do than to pretend to be some 'expert' on idols when he's really just some random loser on the internet?

And why do so many girls even pay attention to this weirdo?
It would be like some random American neckbeard thinking he's qualified to give Japanese teenagers advice on how to make it in Hollywood just because he's from America.

No. 55522

her site must be fucking up. I just went to her site and it has the icon of google.

No. 55604

Why is this dude creepy as fuck?

No. 55645


This is part of a bug in Chrome that's existed for a couple months.

For me the BBC News site shows the wrong icon all the time. Sometimes it's the BBC logo, other's it's the iPlayer logo, sometimes it's the CBBC logo (even though I never even go to that part of the site).

A lot of people get the wrong icon on their new page tab but that's never happened to me.

No. 55694

That tweet doesn't say that at all wtf

No. 55695

But his western brown nosers don't know that..

No. 56010

He changed the names of both of his twitters.

No. 56038

what does it say?

No. 56133

At a glance I read it as Toplessidols LMAO. I have no idea how you pronounce his new user.

No. 56372

Diff anon but I found the tweet. Sorry my japanese isn't that great so I can only pick out a few things. She is talking about french people. Huransujin (フランス人) she mentions something about discrimination against japanese or ( yellow people) and something about seeing more or being approached by more french people since the beginning of the year.SOmething about Japanese women. I suck so I don't know too much maybe someone else knows better. Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/yurina3_Yuasa/status/542330013643599873

She comments to someone about liking foreigners

No. 56374

topli sladoled means warm ice cream on croatian (and serbian)
but why would he be interested in these languages?

No. 56380

He has an obsession with European languages.

No. 56382

"I am falling in love with French men.
The French used to discriminate against yellow people in the olden days but is it still the same now?
From the beginning of this year, I was approached by about 10 French guys.
They all said that they liked Japanese girls.
I was surprised that so many people liked Japanese.
French people are also passionate.
They are good at flirting.
They are cool AND huge←"

No. 56384

File: 1425331750668.jpg (101.54 KB, 625x448, paintballjapansrbi.jpg)

silly jrcock

No. 56385

Thanks anon!

No. 56388

lol why does he care

No. 56537

He got nothing else to do in life.

No. 56593

>>Cosplayer, Lolita, Brony.

3x the autism!

No. 60726

Tumblr fixed their reporting option for ignored users, just in case more people want to flag him for harassment.

No. 62157

so does he rly work at a uni in osaka or something?

No. 62158

Ew imagine him as a teacher tho.

No. 62162

Doubt it, he is like 24h online.

No. 63305

Maybe he is a security guard or something. Any job that allows him plenty of time without reporting to anyone or being supervised.

No. 63310

He likes pretending he's a university student but it's proven he's like 40. lol he's such a fraud

No. 65953

File: 1426878181221.png (26.45 KB, 601x317, 4234.png)

…can't he finally leave that poor girl alone.

No. 65954

What's revenge porn got to do with anything?

No. 65957

Jrcach logic, unless he plans to make fake revenge porn of her.

No. 66194

can someone translate this pls?

No. 66199

revenge porn is a crime but revenge fap is not, In tormented retaliation, it becomes the catharsis

No. 66274

I hate his entire existence.

No. 66290

I still don't understand what I've got to do with this statement. The most skin I show in pictures is my arms and face.

No. 66694

JRCAch invented the word "revenge fap". He hopes to fashion the words in the world.. He wants to be proud as this "It's the words that I have made!"

No. 66695

And how is it revenge when somebody faps to some pictures, I mean, it is disgusting having to imagine that jrcock faps to one's photos for revenge but nothing that destroys the life.

No. 68530

Now he wants to learn russian.

No. 68878

He should learn English first

No. 68971

File: 1427375763249.png (29.04 KB, 575x231, 4234.png)

Seems like he still lurks all threads here 24h.

No. 69005

He is suddenly interested in Slavic people. Talks about the history like a true autist

No. 70754

File: 1427603199386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.64 KB, 600x768, BvXefkcIAAIY4eg.jpeg)

is jrcach still asking girls for their panties and sending nudes? i haven't visited his blog in forever.

Pic related

No. 70770

Probably stopped asking gaijin girls for it since he was exposed

No. 70816

he still bothers megannyan so i doubt his ugly little chode has withered that easily.

No. 70904

He's always been a Russophile. Before he said that the only girls he finds beautiful are Japanese girls and Russian girls. Someone should send him Belinda Kovalskaya's pic and tell him she's a kawaii Russian lol

No. 76008

Considering his Tweets I am pretty sure he posts in some of the threads here.

No. 76009

File: 1428249364546.png (17.96 KB, 612x358, 4234.png)

Didn't know Dakota is a comedian that dominates the japanese tv.

No. 76010

File: 1428249553123.png (34.15 KB, 583x730, 675.png)

And every wannabe idol that says shit about others is a comedian too!

No. 76012

File: 1428249746731.png (15.95 KB, 579x341, plastic-surgery.png)

He's dumb.

No. 76014

File: 1428250084539.png (7.25 KB, 605x155, my-tips-made-her-famous.png)

No. 76384

Idk of you guys are making fun of him, but what he's saying is actually pretty accurate this time. About the being made fun of and being famous connection.

No. 86113

But it doesn't apply because nobody makes fun of her, nor does she make jokes about herself, nor is she a comedian.

No. 86117

File: 1429584455927.png (6.73 KB, 576x85, 32432.png)

I hope there aren't any conventions in france in may, I feel sorry for all the girls that may creeped on by him.

No. 86145

File: 1429586923373.jpg (44.62 KB, 500x500, a782b93a1fe35cd2240409be384da4…)

No. 86640

Jrcach is Japanese cannibal killer, Issei Sagawa

No. 86645

Jrcach is Japanese cannibal killer, Issei Sagawa

No. 86875

I wonder if he really is going to France, I feel like he is trying to make himself seem as normal as possible, like he works at a university and now he is traveling as if his skin isn't embedded to his computer seat,

No. 118489

What is his new name? He seems to changed all his accounts again after claiming to be in France.

No. 118525

He hasn't been active anyway, so all is good.

No. 118531

He has been quite active, it's only that he changed his accounts to a new name and made is backup accounts to name placeholders.

No. 118541

He's only off on a mad rampage on praising classical music, he's irrelevant and boring.

No. 118557

Why would you try to whiteknight jrcach? He still harasses girls.

No. 118562

He said he changed his name because he doesn't want to write about Nico Nico anymore but didn't change at all.

No. 118564

How the fuck is that white-knighting. I was looking at his Twitter and orchestral shit is all I see.

No. 118578

Because you said he is irrelevant while he still harasses and stalks girls.

No. 118584

the only PULL post i ever laughed at about this faggot
"all i can imagine when i hear 'jrcach' is a guy in a kkk suit fucking a cat while Japanese schoolgirls dance in the background"

No. 118852

File: 1433831248403.png (28.96 KB, 574x198, yeahsure.png)

>new school year season, so I've had no time!
jrcock pls

No. 118896

The dude tweets like 10 times per day,who is he trying to fool?

No. 136990

He obviously didn't even try as he is back since June, busy posting about how the Nico Nico community was so mean to him as reason why he changed all his deets, stuff about how he was born in Kansai and of course classical music.

No. 155847

File: 1439237054820.png (41.75 KB, 587x242, Screenshot 2015-08-10 01.02.47…)

>anyone willingly throwing themselves at Jrcock

No. 156357

Actual Cannibal Jrcach

No. 156381

Seems like he didn't change at all.

No. 156418

File: 1439297923088.gif (478.54 KB, 500x247, tumblr_mc0q70E7CY1rzhv5ho1_500…)

>they all hit on me
Nice story bro

No. 156419

There's a 99.9% chance JrCock is still a virgin.

No. 156420

Awwww!!!Jrcach is pretending to be a "real" man!

No. 160995

File: 1439753694701.png (16.83 KB, 642x302, caucasian.png)


No. 161185

Does he really think pale skin=caucasian???

No. 161519

the majority of Indians are Caucasians….
I'm honestly trying to rationalize this and I can't

No. 379882

Where did he disappear to? Because I am pretty sure he is still out there.

No. 380944

probably in jail for child molestation, who knows

No. 380948

It's hard to say what the majority of Indians would be classified as given how diverse the gene pool is in that country due to its historical background. India is a mess of phenotypes.

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