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File: 1427108169642.jpg (16.28 KB, 316x410, 11070962_849268578495824_23633…)

No. 43108

SindyPop thread, infamous in some cgl threads for tracing art and selling at artist alley.



No. 43109

File: 1427108190138.jpg (48.98 KB, 472x757, 10409584_848209521935063_70349…)

No. 43110

File: 1427109186783.jpg (28.89 KB, 429x351, 10983399_828843717204977_39539…)

No. 43111


No. 43112

>UK cosplayer, who sells herself as a "professional"
>Trying to write her own comic series, with characters ripped-off from other series
>Known to copy and even steal other artists characters and gives no credit
>Thinks she's god's gift when it comes to art and will insult anyone who says otherwise
>Posting Facebook statuses every half hour, mostly of weird shit
>Talks about how everyone, including her own family, is against her, meanwhile spewing vitriol about everyone under the sun
>Banned from a fair few cons because of her behaviour towards other people

No. 43113

File: 1427116474569.jpg (57.09 KB, 960x960, 10622795_846915938731088_54747…)

No. 43114

File: 1427116650049.jpg (41.1 KB, 480x719, 10968539_828614410561241_83161…)

No. 43115

File: 1427124969338.jpg (7.88 KB, 182x276, index.jpg)

she looks like lil' chris

No. 43116

ch-ch-ch-checkin' it out

No. 43117

You are literally a death predictor.

No. 43118

She looks like she's constantly sucking or chewing on her bottom lip, it's practically nonexistant.

No. 43119

Woah. You got some kind of death powers over there?

No. 43120


Oh snap he died today wut.

No. 43121

I'm really glad this thread has appeared. I know who she is, because she's an unwelcome name in the Scottish cosplay community. She is just a massive dick to everyone except her one whiteknight friend who is always trying to defend her when people call her out on her shit. She makes out like everyone is always on her back about things, when the truth is her ex-friends tried their best to help her and she just ate it and shat it out in their faces. Don't get me started on the art theft stuff, because as a regular AA seller, it pisses me off that so many cons have let her away with selling when they know well it's not her own work.

No. 43122

She also has another page for her cosplay, "SinfullCosplay"

No. 43123

Shiniqua Alahaji
March 24 at 6:31pm ·
i would just like to issue my own little warninig to karli PUBLICLY for all to see in responce to her last message
If you, or your friends, or family. approach me at deecon. and say anything to me in regards to your name. i promise you i will take it to a tribueral. i might seam silly andd imature and childish and EVERYTHING you think i am, and i might even be. but donot ever take me for an idiot.
i have never once thretened you, nor will i ever., but this is the only time i will tell you. dont try anything at dundee university. because you will be reported. AND ITS Sindy
Like · Share

is anyone going to deecon, holy shit.

No. 43124

I am, I'm going to report back with gossip.

No. 43125

What the fuck, she looks like Peacockfeather, but a lot worse.

No. 43126

She's nothing but a spoilt weeb. She's alienated herself from so many people over the years purely because she's of the belief that she's fantastic at everything and no one else can tell her otherwise. She's pissed off a shitton of people in the Scottish scene because of her attitude problems and all of the people she's been arguing with are ex-friends who have told her to calm down and stop airing her dirty laundry in public. Instead of taking their advice, she decided to just block them and then talk shit on her Facebook about them as if she is a victim, then leading to other people having to defend them. She'll never learn.

No. 43127

Shiniqua Alahaji
March 22 at 11:13pm · Edited ·
for anybody who slut shames cosplayers -
you cling to the puritanical views of the masses, Proving just how inferior you are! But i wont be ashamed. if it means i can fulthill my ambitions, i will bare my breats for all to see, For i know that my actions, ARE UTTERLY PURE.

No. 43128

she's a real laugh
she joined the scottish lolita comm recently and the only thing she has contributed so far is spamming three ita as fuck photos of her sugoi and kawaii "so rori" shit she buys off ebay on a thread one of the members made wanting outfit pictures from other members for an art project

she also dreams of being as sugoi and famous as her Yaya-senpai

No. 43129

File: 1427763191964.png (11.45 KB, 348x111, 875b253a634f512afa104b0fe41bf2…)

No. 43130

Ugh. This is why cosplay is gone completely down into the shitter.

No. 43131

File: 1427763429509.png (10.59 KB, 192x133, 8149fb987d3e7d1208cb3b63398c27…)

I believe what you want is a mirror

No. 43132

This ho be ratchet.

No. 43133

She should legitimately just drop out of the convention and cosplay scene for a while and let things cool off. All she has done recently is turn even more people against her by mouthing off on her profile. I don't even get it, most of them haven't actually done anything wrong. She's been talking about "slander", yet she's the one doing most of it…

No. 43134

Sweet fucking christ. This has to be the most ita looking train wreck I have ever seen in all my years.

No. 43135

Shiniqua Alahaji
March 31 at 10:01pm · Edited ·
deecon is right around the corner and as a mature 23 year old woman i will say
i want nobody to approach me wgo has been involved in any facebook.attacks on me. if i am approached. i personally guarentee i will take all the evidence ive been collecting over the past 2 weeks. and take it to court. i am also considering filing for restraining orders and suing for slander
this particular attack of cyberbullieng i have recieved has been viscous and i fear the next time it will be much worse if not criminal.
now i will take this no further and you have my word here if nothing more is written about me on facebook. or said to me in person
i am disabled with scoliosus and unwell with stress. i really cant be dealing with this kind of strife in my young adulthood. ive been told many times just how childish it all is. but it is still criminal.
now, you dont like me
i dont like you
that isnt going to change
not on my side atleast.
let it die now and nomore snide comments about me because i have.been saving them all. and i will persue legal action if i see it 1 more time
stay away from me at deecon
keep your opinnions to yourself
dont make things up about me in venues (as i will use witnesses)
and if you do. be prepared for a legal battle.
i hope my messafe has been clear
and my name is not jennifer mcdougal it is jenny louise

someone tell me they're going to fucking deecon. please get pictures.

No. 43136


Oh I'm working a table there so I will definitely be giving everyone the deets.

No. 43137

I wanna gossip with you please.

No. 43138

Oh please do.

No. 43139

any news from deecon???

No. 43140


I wasn't on the floor she was on so there isn't much I can say but I've heard some things.

She apparently sold all her plush keychain things, but most of her art was still there.
I saw her at the afterparty lying on the couch, legs spread at one point.
And today, heard she got beaten up at the afterparty but on facebook she's saying she fell over and burst her head open even though in photos she has a black eye and a cut on her eyebrow.
She also said she fractured her arm or shoulder or whatever and now she's worried that she has delayed brain bleeding from falling over.

No. 43141

you're doing god's work, anon.

No. 43142

I bring more news.
According to her injuries, she has to quit art.

Here are some posts for your viewing pleasure.

Sindy Pop
5 hrs ·
just great
that injury on my arm is a torn rptator cuff
thats the end of my art

Sindy Pop
3 hrs ·
early retirment from art as a result of a torn rotary cuff
in the words of judar
"this is not how i wanted to go"

Sindy Pop
45 mins ·
you would love my manga if you like
fairy tail
makai ouji

No. 43143

that was a quick recovery lmao

No. 43144

I don't know who this girl is, but I always think it's Peacock Feather whenever I scroll past.

No. 43145

Sindy Pop
3 hrs ·
shouldnt u get back to sucking dick u lil hoe
whats a hoe good for if.she can suck some cock

No. 43146

File: 1428359919971.jpg (121.54 KB, 386x1122, slutshaming.jpg)

>says she doesn't approve of slut shaming
>slut shames in same post to make a vague point

>slut shames cosplayer for cosplaying scantily clad Fairy Tail character

>cosplays both police and angel Panty from PSG
>pole dances in childrens playpark and takes underwear off

>also aside from Yaya, worships Jessica Nigri and defends her when she gets slut shamed

>slut shames someone who models for pictures in underwear
>JNig modelled for pics in underwear
>still worships JNig-senpai
>also posted "tit" pics
>in underwear

seems legit

No. 43147

More interesting bs

>is homophobic

>but loves yaoi because lol animu

No. 43148

I approached her at her table and spoke to her for 5 mins, surprisingly she wasn't as big a dick as I expected and came across as actually being ok. I've heard mixed stories about what happened at the after party, a lot of her friends are saying she fell over blind drunk, but they could just be covering for her.

No. 43149

Sindy Pop
1 hr ·
as i was saying to sammy
i just dont get this whole transgender thing
why do u guys hate ur birth gender identity so much
why do you allways single ur self out as male\ female
gay\ lessbien \ a-sex
guys. your sexual organs dont dictate who u are.
you do
sure there are diks out there who will make comments that mske u feel ur genders a burden
but ur smart enuf to know thats all they r.
u guys are free to b who u are
but it wony be painless. i know ull fight it. and do it. because its ur body
but dont do it because domebody made u feel ur wrong as what u are
your a person
that doesnt last forevrr
but your head and heart do
souls are genderless
u should never let ur gender define you x

No. 43150

She claimed she was transgender like 2 months ago ahahaha, is this a fucking joke?

No. 43151

File: 1428449762480.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 1427925048937.gif)


coming from the person who apparently a while back to a then-confused trans friend trying to figure themselves out said the only way to know is by checking what genitals you have at that moment.

No. 43152

File: 1428734422756.jpg (46.58 KB, 720x960, 11116469_862506407172041_74403…)

How old is Sindy she's rather… aged in this picture.

No. 43153


I think she's coming up for 23 this month

No. 43154


She looks like a 35y/o mum. And those nails are terrible. I dunno why that's the first thing I noticed.

Any updates on DeeCon besides what we already know? I'm sad I couldn't make it this year. Kinda surprised she was able to be an artist there tho, but I guess since they put the convention on as a fundraiser for the art school they'll let anyone be a vendor.

No. 43155

She wasn't really selling that much art, just a few different prints. She was trying to flog off plushies and weird bracelets. When I addressed her as Sindy Pop, she seemed extremely paranoid and asked who I was, but calmed down a bit when I told her I only wanted to see her prints lmao

No. 43156

The fuck is wrong with this trailer trash's mouth? It's like she can't actually close it. Fuckin gross.

No. 43157

She's got problems with her jaw and back. I'd feel sorry for her if it weren't for the fact she's such a dick to everyone she comes into contact with. Does anyone have any updates on her injuries from DeeCon? I'm still convinced she got into a fight with someone.

No. 43158


her arm has apparently gotten better and she's drawing stuff again

No. 43159

Sindy Pop
8 hrs · Edited ·
So the maid in scotlands have there cafe
And the marshmallow dreams have there cafe
Well maybe im gona start a cafe too
And itl be
The neko-miho cafe. Whos in?

oh my god, she wants to start a maid cafe now.

No. 43160

Sindy Pop
8 hrs · Edited ·
4 GIRLS AGE 19 - 24
5 - 5"5
(including cats eye contacts)
no gender is required but looking and acting masculin is really going to help
HEIGHT BETWEEN 5"5 and 6"0
BE WILLING TO SPEND A FEW HOURS THE NIGHT BEFORE COOKING. {this will usially be a friday or saturday night}
Please pm if you are interested

fuck me sideways this is the funniest thing ever

No. 43161

Sindy Pop
Yesterday at 13:49 ·
okay. sorry but i absolutley need to have a huge ass rant right now
I am starting to loose grip here
like. i canot find a single webcomic site where i can read manga on.
If you ever looked up BDG youd have seen i was a really actve user on INKBLAZERS but that pace shut down. and im like well wtf do i do no. am i gong to go back to being the kind of artist scrounging around fb and DA groups desperatly trying to get peole to read my webmanga!? EYYAAAA
that is a dark place i dot wanna go back to
I have tried the whole promote your ocs at a tabe too.
but i mean. people like/buy my prints, even pick up my cards.. yet still nobody can be bothered to like my page or even mail for coms. like. at least support the fucking artist guys.
and then i know theres the minor-majority of you reading this like
oh but i heard sindys a trace artist. nd i mean. ive been trying really hard not to rise to it. i mean i posted wps yesterday that clearly demonstarted my areas of sketch and anatomy build up/ im not the best with anatomy. but i dont need lecturers either. i have an HNC in fineart. and 6 years artcollege experince. i have heard every lecture or critic in the book.
i mean i got asked ike 3 days ago by a friend of mine "well do you actually trace" i mean .. wtf do i even ay to that. so i laugh and pretend like the fact youd even ask that dosnt deeply offend me.
do i tell you that it does/? that after knowing my for a year and supprting my stuff all this time youd be so easiy swayed by those majority of peope that enjoy standing on me because i fight back?
i dont care about those people or those rhumours. but if youve been supporting me all this time and despite all the stuff you see me draw you still sit there with that 2 faced attitude what am i supposed to do. shrug it off, not give a fuck. you dont know sindy very well atall then do you
and then i get so pissed off that the people who say "well i know you dont trace sindy you do this and that" thankyou so much for supporting me. but the fact your saying that. doesnt that almost prove theres a part of you that is in doubt.
anyway. never mind this.
if you know a good site where i can read lots of misc webmangas and prolly shove my own up. PLEASE link me. itd help alot.
and ill bring m work to nanashi with my to finish some loose sketches off and start other ones. i wont be able to heer any bitchy coments tht might come my way but if i do get shit i can proomise you. youll see for yourself just how sharp those deleter nibs can be ¬¬

No. 43162


>6 years of art college

>for an HNC

Are we sure she isn't ChrisChan? Because he took like 6 years to get a college certificate too.

I would so do this just for the lulz. How2move back to Scotland?

No. 43163

File: 1429045889508.jpg (493.24 KB, 2739x960, cookiecutterbullshit.jpg)

Sindy Pop
Yesterday at 13:06 ·
Why does every freelance comic look the same and every freelance manga look the same
Its like
Theres no origionality these days

youre in no place to bitch about lack of "origionality" when 2 of your ocs are cookie cutter versions of each other and look like Cloud and Sora in haircut.

No. 43164

File: 1429045922948.jpg (393.27 KB, 1024x819, 5876153606_9b18da64d1_b.jpg)

She wants a fucking gimp in a maid cafe???

No. 43165

File: 1429046771438.jpg (20.89 KB, 267x640, 10953955_823267777762571_44609…)


To be honest, I think that would look better than this

No. 43166

File: 1429284658918.jpg (130.97 KB, 487x467, killem.jpg)


No. 43167


No. 43168

Sindy Pop
3 hrs ·
All the older comic artists liking my stuff because im a pretty lil thing

No. 43169

File: 1430224144678.jpg (10.53 KB, 260x225, 1907650_681266165254534_840698…)

Sindy Pop
14 hrs ·
Hey guys
Ill be comming as kirin girl again this weekend to the comic fair
Please pop by my table n pik up some of my artwork <3

oh boy, looks like some poor naive weeb is gonna be buying some traced artwork

No. 43170

Oh sweet jesus.
She is a horrible human, if you could call her that.
She went to a japan culture thing in a fucking dressing gown, When People wanted to go to YO! Sushi she said the Festivals sushi would be fresher, Cause Sushi thats been sitting in a gym compared to sushi made in front of you is totally fresher cause japan desu.
She wore a Chinese Outfit to China town with chopsticks in her greasy ass hair then took them out of hair, ate cake with them (WHO THE FUCK USES CHOPTICKS FOR A CREAM CAKE) then licked them clean and placed them back in her hair.
She says her lolita coords are the best.
She claimed someone thought she was an american cosplayer named peacockfeather (With that fucking face can you blame them) And she posted about how this cosplayer must be fat because lol americans.
She leeches on to anyone she can get any fame off of and makes cosplays just in hopes some popular cosplayer will take photos with her and make her cosplay famous.
Tried to get a cosplayer kicked out of a con the minute she spotted them not realizing they were staff.
Bitches at a girl who gets invited to her local con as a guest and people are ok with saying everyone treats her like "Jesus Christ Cosplay Superstar" when that is exactly how she wants to be treated, when banned by admins for taking off her underwear in public in a kids park she said the admins sexually assaulted her and said she was going to spray weed killer in the cosplayer and Admins faces, also the girl she tried to kick out the con, threatened to kick her head in and slit her throat, then has the fucking nerve to play victim and say she never ever threatened anyone and everyone is against her, while telling these people everyone hates them and are on her side. Fucking possible nomination for a new fucking cringe queen!

No. 43171

>She wore a Chinese Outfit to China town with chopsticks in her greasy ass hair then took them out of hair, ate cake with them (WHO THE FUCK USES CHOPTICKS FOR A CREAM CAKE) then licked them clean and placed them back in her hair.

I haven't been following this thread but OMG WHAT THAT IS FUCKING DISGUSTING. I can't imagine licking utensils clean and putting them in my hair… This post made me shudder, anon.

Also kek at the peacock feather thing. That's actually who I was reminded of when I saw this lol.
i guess peacock feather isn't funny now that we found out she's actually disabled. her Facebook is interesting tho.

No. 43172


When I heard she was cosplaying a LOL character, I knew right away she was obviously gonna try to leech on Kyahri Cosplay for fame because of her Jinx.
She's pathetic as fuck, needs to grow up and stop living in her imaginary Japan desu where she is Uguu Nippon Princess Queen.
On that matter, I also find it hilarious how she keeps lying to herself that she's gonna be a super famous amazing mangaka when half of her shit she calls a manga looks like cookie cutter bullshit.
Sorry dear, I don't think Akira Toriyama has anything to look out for.

I can't wait to see what smelly rotten bullshit she pulls out her uptight asshole next.
I got £50 says she brings up that one guy/group/"""tragic incident""" she's obsessed with beating a dead horse over.

No. 43173

To be fair, leeching off of Kyahri is no achievement anyway, because she's just another dumb bitch who doesn't deserve 90% of the credit she gets.

No. 43174

The taking off her underwear was the first thing I ever heard, mutual friends told me about it, apparently she almost got in pretty big trouble for it lmao

No. 43175

It's refreshing to hear this because i'm tired of hearing her name. She's a one-trick pony.

No. 43176

File: 1430498483740.jpg (172.26 KB, 640x960, 10456259_689378131151537_56947…)

Yeah, it was from this meet.
I never went but I heard all the drama as it slowly developed.
Just look at her perfectu cospuray though

I'm seriously just waiting for the day where her friends get sick of her, stop excusing her bullshit and fuck off.
Especially that one weeb who keeps liking all her statuses and obviously wants her as a waifu.

No. 43177


No, PF was really creepy with that one cosplayer she idolised, and also came off as really bratty. Like someone who never hears "no" at home, so when she hears it outside of home she pitches a shitfit.

Maybe Sindy's the same tho; maybe she had parents who spoiled her growing up, so she thinks she can get away with whatever she wants. Because if it's OK at home, it must be ok outside of home.

No. 43178

Not sure where she gets the money from, but she blows a hell of a lot on cosplay and weeby shit.

No. 43179

Nah She uses any excuse to talk about how she was kicked out of her house by her mum and how guys took advantage of her and her (her words not mine) hot ass, i think she is living back at home but for someone who was homeless and lived in a shelter like she claims she does seem to have a lot of money to waste on BS
Also comic mart she wanted a table and wouldn't pay for it, tried to play dumb and said she didn't know what paypal was hoping she could pay cash on the day to avoid paying at all. She has a table now but basically spent ages looking for someone to halfsie it with her so she wouldnt have to pay for the whole thing.

No. 43180

Does she have FAS or something?

No. 43181

She looks and types like she's fucked up, but irl she's actually surprisingly normal, from my experience.

No. 43182

Sindy Pop
3 hrs · Edited ·
you know. in the last few days ive really been put off this person. its like they just dont care about anything real happening in the world. you wanna go live in japan but your so dense your never gona get there untill you grow up. and you really have alot of grwing up to do. im now put off of you. and i think it wont be long before i stop talking to you all together
because see tbh
i dont think anybody besides you goes on and on and on about cosplay. 24/7

I find it hilarious that whoever she's bitching about seems to match her dank ass weeb personality perfectly.

No. 43183

She looks like a cartoon rat.

No. 43184

I know this girl in person, she was in the year below me at school. She used to live in Kilwinning. I know her current address. Anyone got anything they'd like me to post to her mother for the lulz?

No. 43185


The funny thing is she uploaded a picture of one of her packages and didn't blur her address now, so anybody can see it and send her shit since her page is public and she doesn't even seem to care.

Send her tracing paper.

No. 43186

File: 1432129280962.jpg (95.98 KB, 720x960, 11078255_10154326146347524_791…)

Oh boy she finally finished Arcade Miss Fortune from LoL
look how accurate it's clearly not

also, found another laughable status

"Why do people who are like my close friends 1 minute randomly defriend me
Nande…. like i dont get it… Is it cause of all the drama that ugly little bitch caused?"

No. 43187

File: 1432129380184.png (781.98 KB, 1280x694, arcade_missfortune_t_by_sstrik…)


for ref

No. 43188

>calling other bitches ugly


No. 43189

File: 1432166330841.jpg (24.89 KB, 491x193, wut.jpg)

Someone told her to blur the address. OMFG IMMA GET FAN MAIL!!!1!!!

No. 43190

File: 1432186195290.jpg (76.93 KB, 960x720, 11109721_884285291660819_53296…)

Just posted this on her facebook, lel

No. 43191

She's an absolute belter for lol-fodder.
She phoned the police because a girl she was friends with started going out with a guy she calls her ex and tried to get her charged with theft.
Takes her dirty pants off in children's play-parks because it's "in character".
A guy told her to calm her tits and she accused him of sexual harassment.
Names and shames a girl for doing a revealing cosplay and insults her/slutshames her for it on FB then posts up a picture of her tits to show how "big she made them look".

She also airs friends personal info in public in a way to defend herself. Someone confided in her that she was sexually assaulted when they were friends to try and relate to her (Sindy was stating at the time she was assaulted). A few weeks later Sindy posts all about the girls assault on a public status and when asked by the girls best friend to remove it as its inappropriate for public discussion, she accuses them of starting drama etc.
Her ex-best friend confided in her that she has bipolar disorder and she decided to plaster it all over FB when sharing mental health awareness posts. Instead of saying "this is something that shouldn't be ridiculed, a former friend of mine has this condition" she posts "'my ex-friend X McY has this and it's not funny as it made her really depressed and crazy" or something along those lines.

No. 43192

Has anyone told her how she looks just like peacockfeather?
Or just told her she looks retarded?

No. 43193

She has been told, but she has no idea who she is, she assumed they were telling her she was a "prettier, skinnier version of some fat american cosplayer"

No. 43194


>Names and shames a girl for doing a revealing cosplay and insults her/slutshames her for it on FB then posts up a picture of her tits to show how "big she made them look".

is it possible to slutshame when she pretty much dreams of licking JNig and Yaya's assholes, whiteknighting JNig like every other fucker for wearing something like that skimpy ass thing she called a Poro cosplay (or some shit from League because lol, LoL is how to get cosfamous), being as famous as JNig and Yaya, taking off her panties in a park because "I'm Panty-desu kek now read my super sugoi manga that's 1000000000 times better and more famous than DBZ, onegai you fucking bakas.
I'm Erza Scarlet, she was based on me, sob sob desu Fairy Tail copied my manga."

pic from >>43146 related

No. 43195

File: 1432412632518.jpg (80.71 KB, 720x960, is it supposed to be neon.jpg)

Is the wig supposed to be neon?

No. 43196

File: 1432412711669.jpg (37.02 KB, 540x720, no0.jpg)


No. 43197

File: 1432412775713.jpg (20.28 KB, 291x601, help us.jpg)

ebay rorita at its finest
God her fb is a goldmine

No. 43198

File: 1432412792618.jpg (63.9 KB, 540x720, lawaii1.jpg)

No. 43199

File: 1432412981035.jpg (120.92 KB, 720x960, 971009_500406770048675_1891800…)

my art is not trace guys

No. 43200


oh my god, I remember she posted that in the scottish lolita comm a while back because one of the girls wanted coord refs for an art project.

She buys all her shit off ebay and then is all like "LOOK GUIZ, I BOUGHT THIS CHEAP DRESSU SO NOW I CAN BE AZN-DESU" then follows it with "GUESS HOW MUCH I SPENT"
we don't need to, there's about a hundred carbon copies all over ebay.

No. 43201

I am waiting with baited breath for the day she claims these are her OCs that inspired the show!

No. 43202


I've gone far back through her Facebook to where, if I'm not mistaken, she was bitching about parts of Fairy Tail ripping off her extremely generic manga.
Sindy is so condescendingly dumb that it's hard to tell if she was being serious or just trying to be "dramatic and funny" for "teh lulz".

No. 43203

Where can I read this manga? That sounds so stupid it must be amazing

No. 43204

Her outfits are really cute but her face is so sketch I'm wondering if its a trans

No. 43205

File: 1432415518939.png (1.56 MB, 985x1393, theyrippedmeofffirstwehhh.png)


Remember guys, if it's an official character with the exact same character motifs then the team of creators who have no fucking idea who you are obviously ripped you off.

No. 43206

File: 1432415580602.png (271.65 KB, 484x389, ayyylmao.png)

bonus image

No. 43207

I hate these "artists" that complain about doing the thing they supposedly love
id rather be a bad artist with great enthusiasm than a good one without any care for their work
Artists with passion for art makes you a good artist in my eyes
she really needs to learn from horror movie creator "Ed Wood" the "worst" horror movie maker, but his enthusiasm for his films makes me love them

No. 43208


She rarely updates it, she talks more about the many chapters she's going to "work on this month than actually WORKING on them

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Dragon-Genesis/1555782681336315?ref=ts&fref=ts <-current identity of her amazing manga

http://sindy-pop.deviantart.com/ <-hasn't been updated in forever but does contain some of her amazing manga

http://elementalanihilators.deviantart.com/blog/295150323/ <-fangroup for her manga….I'm laughing too

http://elementalannihilators.wikia.com/wiki/Elemental_Annihilators_Wiki <-unfinished wiki

https://www.youtube.com/user/dragoness333/videos <-she has a fucking youtube, I bet that "OST" is just licensed j-pop she wants to use in the anime

http://vlewis123.deviantart.com/art/Fan-Art-Sindy-Pop-363915922 <-she's apparently good enough to have fan art of her oc's

No. 43209

File: 1432417003718.png (123.79 KB, 372x484, heykidscanyouspellsubtle.png)


It's really sad how thirsty for fame she is.
She talks about how Akira Toriyama better watch out and how her manga is the next Slayers or that one day she'll be famous and living in Japan and her manga will be so popular it will have its own anime.
It's perfectly okay to fantasize about being famous but you have to at least try and be subtle about it, not spew out crap that makes you look incredibly conceited to the vast majority

No. 43210

File: 1432417999929.png (582.54 KB, 624x433, Kagurainmovie.PNG)


This Kagura girls hair is more of a slightly pinkish orange.
Sindy most likely got her shitty wig from ebay after typing in something like "long orange cosplay wig" and clicked the first result.

If she wants to be a famous cosplayer so bad then she really needs to expand to sites like Coscraft and stop relying on ebay and aliexpress because they're cheap.
She bought worbla a while back which I know coscraft sells so why doesn't she buy a decent wig if she got it from there, if she wants to be the next Yaya Han then she needs to dip into her wallet a bit deeper.

Cosplay is not that fucking cheap, especially if you're budgeting.

No. 43211

File: 1432420791146.jpg (152.98 KB, 640x841, image.jpg)

The resemblance is truly uncanny.

No. 43212

File: 1432422132023.jpg (77.41 KB, 720x400, god save us all.jpg)

But i am so kawaii and sexiiii everyone will want meeeeeeee

No. 43213

File: 1432422203186.jpg (130.71 KB, 720x718, chukawaii.jpg)

Azn desu nyaa

No. 43214

Her face annoys me, every photo she tries to do some sexy stare and she looks like she really needs the toilet

No. 43215


When I was in college, I went through a phase where if I was bored at my desk, I would find images of animals laying around and put "DRAW ME LIKE ONE OF UR FRENCH GIRLS" as macro text on them. This would be appropriate for that.

She just looks like a boy in this photo. With a boy face and boy eyes and shaggy overgrown boy hair…

If you're going to spill dirt about her, tell us what she was like in school. Or what her relationship is really like with her mum? I bet you've got some cool stories.

No. 43216

it annoys me too, like, a "sexy smoulder" does not work when it makes you look like you're on shitloads of drugs.

No. 43217

File: 1432438855845.png (35.02 KB, 250x213, cf3.png)

No. 43218

I feel like she should be on a stage somewhere singing "little girls" from Annie

No. 43219


Sindy has recently revived her presence on tumblr and I found some gold already.

>judar taut me its okay to be agressive, loud. arogant. its okay to be hated by people. he taut me all those things and so.. how i could not fall madly inlove with him. hes my idol. i worship him.

No. 43220

If you keep scrolling to the end it's got a massive call out to the girl who "stole" her boyfriend omfg

No. 43221

Deets on her relationship with her mother please.

No. 43222

IIRC, she left home about a year or so ago to live in a hostel because of how 'terrible' her mum was. In non-Sindy world, her mum isn't actually terrible; it's like a PT situation - her mum told her to get a job, help with dig money and chores and stop living a fantasy life. She has spent the past 6 years in and out of community college doing art courses (one of which she got kicked out of for tracing I've been told) and never worked a day in her life.
So she spent some time in a hostel where obviously everyone else was the bad guy and were bullying her when they couldn't actually give two shits about her.
She eventually got kicked out the hostel and went crawling back to her mums who, being a good mum, accepted her daughter back home regardless of past issues.

tl;dr Sindy's mums actually chill unlike her daughter

No. 43223


I remember her saying at one point that her mum kept threatening to kick her out and then said she had binned all her expensive art supplies.

No. 43224

Sindy Pop
1 hr ·
Whats the key to getting a hot guy fangirls
Kill off the mom
Cruel as fuck and hurts like fuck reading but
Worked for gray
Worked for judar
Works for my oc
Poor bastards lol

just had to add in the oc didn't she?

No. 43225

File: 1432592613645.jpg (99.15 KB, 508x756, y.jpg)

No. 43226


Sindy wonders why she doesn't have any friends, the saga continues.

No. 43227

File: 1432592761230.png (509.67 KB, 900x640, lel.png)

so much h8888 but i am best person and everyone should love me

No. 43228

See i'm friends with someone, who told stuff about sindy before she became a kawaii cosplay idol desu.
Mainly the whole "YOU STOLE MY BOYFRIEND IMMA GET THE POLICE ON YOU!!!1!!" also lying a lot about being raped which is disgusting.

No. 43229

File: 1432593119632.jpg (34.43 KB, 507x237, solid plan.jpg)

muh husbando

No. 43230

File: 1432593197856.jpg (120.74 KB, 600x600, sindyshusbandodonottouch.jpg)

Sindy Pop
7 hrs ·
Who messeged me?
Fb is trying to seduce me with messenger again
Cant u tell judars tumblr takes priority!!!!

Sindy Pop
3 hrs ·
please support Sindy Pop tomorrow by buying all of her prints

Sindy Pop
2 hrs · Edited ·
You really want me to do the just for fun thing
Do u realize every answer will consist of judar!!!!!!!!!
Biggest fear - judar dieng
crushing on - Judar
See where this is going

Sindy Pop shared Think.Nu's photo.
14 mins ·
i allways cosplan ahead!
so like next month ill cosplay judar
then the month after that ill cosplay .. judar
the ill make a new judar cosplay
thn i get his contacts
then his staff

her obsession with this Judar guy is a little creepy

No. 43231

File: 1432593430843.jpg (28.58 KB, 720x540, 10733978_777127779043238_85313…)

No. 43232

Bitch don't fucking touch Judar.

No. 43233

uh…how old is she again?

No. 43234

23 approaching 24

No. 43235

File: 1432679539249.jpg (139.82 KB, 720x960, erza.jpg)

Erza Scarlet apparently

No. 43236

File: 1432679655714.jpg (141.39 KB, 524x552, rly.jpg)

Shitty ebay rorita
Says she is cosplaying Erza Scarlet yet poses like and quotes Satsuki from kill la kill (Which she is planning a cosplay of so hide your waifus now before she gets them)

No. 43237

File: 1432750225487.jpg (43.77 KB, 510x330, lel.jpg)

Nobody wants you to draw anything, And why do you say your manga is soooo like everything else at once.

No. 43238

File: 1432756275627.jpg (72.49 KB, 640x455, image.jpg)

Last week it was like Fairy Tail and the week before it was like Freezing.

Also top kek. Keep convincing yourself your anything but trash

No. 43239

File: 1432772256014.png (13.29 KB, 500x131, 1b693f3e0911ba3fceaf8f08a4a967…)

she's so delusional

No. 43240

File: 1432772511385.png (213.97 KB, 500x547, 313d172342f786b45b098d21d12c79…)

someone finally calls her out and she's all like "lol this weeb trash has a death wish, nobody messes with hot shit like me"

No. 43241

File: 1432773614331.png (205.23 KB, 466x544, 7007c9fa34c5c7ad599561f7c85c37…)


oh hey look, another cloud clone oc…

No. 43242

ah, i get so pissed off when she acts like this. if she doesn't even enjoy drawing, chances are she will NEVER make it anywhere
it takes SOME level of enthusiasm for your work to really shine, she is treating this like its school work or something. I draw every day for a good chunk of the day and i love doing it, its so much fun and i dont want to get fame for it, i hardly ever upload my stuff online anymore, i do it because i want to, not because i HAVE to

No. 43243

File: 1432774272134.png (20.02 KB, 497x224, 448abc1143208ec1d40e36b855bba8…)


that attitude towards her art/cosplays etc makes it more obvious she's doing it because she's clearly fame hungry.

also, more kek she's already said but feels the need to mention it again because everyone must know how popular her ocs are.
kinda like how everyone must know how victimised she is when she drudges up cosplay drama from a year ago that she started.

No. 43244

>scribbles on playing cards
>thinking her art is professional

No. 43245

File: 1432777504821.jpg (154.25 KB, 637x770, image.jpg)

Nah that's referencing this bloke. He got into GSoA with these masterpieces.

No. 43246

File: 1432835346245.png (15 KB, 516x175, spellingtho.png)

She still claiming to be the best artist around until someone makes her draw freehand and against someone else. Until then she totally isn't tracing all her bishies

No. 43247

File: 1432835762390.jpg (26.15 KB, 510x160, weeb.jpg)

No. 43248


Not even twelve year olds think this shit anymore, jesus.

No. 43249

File: 1432836233362.jpg (22.44 KB, 513x163, Untitled.jpg)

I know the jack sparrow cosplayer that she is talking about, he got married like two months before this con.

No. 43250

File: 1432836885236.png (131.97 KB, 283x473, herroyalweebness.png)

No. 43251

I kind of really want to and see what happens.

No. 43252


I get where you're coming from, but come on, it's manga. Hair can have a fuck ton of volume/ is unrealistic. For me it doesn't look like their head is as big as you made it.

No. 43253

dif anon but I can see where OP was coming from; the horns are still coming out of near the top and there's strands of hair coming down as if they've spawned there. If it was just Goku style straight up fair enough but those horns are clearly really far up

No. 43254

I wonder did she trace Sinbad or Judar to make this new oc design.

No. 43255

I would love to challenge her to a 1 on 1 drawing challenge anonymously but that would make my anonymity redundant.

No. 43256

i could scribble shit better than her
i really wish i could do a 1 on 1 challenge with her and see her be in major denial about her "talent"

No. 43257

File: 1432847634595.png (431.5 KB, 500x525, large.png)

IMO all the actually decent anime art have people with realistic hairlines
but i get what your saying

No. 43258

File: 1432880103339.png (126.98 KB, 300x296, sindy.png)

So Sindy's going to be at Granite City Comic Con in Aberdeen tomorrow as well as myself.
I'll see if I can catch anything worth reporting back.

She will most likely be hanging around the con trying to do sexy poses with a very PT "I'm pooping" face for photo shoots.

No. 43259

Isn't she going alone? I know she was begging that creepy looking David guy to hang out with her

No. 43260

David is actually a really sweet and kind boy, but he lets Sindy walk all over him.

No. 43261

File: 1432901191294.jpg (267.46 KB, 1218x960, 10847868_888926451196703_23764…)

The characters Parasol is way bigger than the little one you bought off ebay, so you compensated by making the handle longer.
Sorry did you even try to be accurate.
Also lovely messy room there.

No. 43262

Haven't met him cause different state, he just seems a bit weird. I don't trust anyone who carries a selfie stick tbh

No. 43263

File: 1432918671058.jpg (35.34 KB, 511x299, 1.jpg)

Last person who ever invites her to cosplay meets just decided to stop running the meets, and she realizes everyone else hates her and won't invite her out.

No. 43264

I was just in the process of posting this to ask for deets! Who was it?

No. 43265

File: 1432922165798.png (15.15 KB, 487x166, d6cecbb55a43ae0cd6b8da65ec9cc3…)


tbh though, does anybody even WANT to hang around with her aside from that Caitlin girl and this other girl named Lauren who acts like her "really tough shit bodyguard".

I feel pretty bad for David, it must be hard to control someone that conceited and manipulative.
I actually hope he stands up to her at some point and calls her out on her bullshit.

Also, found this topkek from her page.

No. 43266

File: 1432922223236.jpg (97.52 KB, 720x960, 11019576_1043831645682710_3055…)

>famous keyrings

No. 43267

When will cos learn that famous and infamous is not the same thing?

No. 43268

Thought these were ice creams.

No. 43269

File: 1432925049915.jpg (122.4 KB, 640x931, image.jpg)

If ginger crack white was what you were aiming for then perfect!

No. 43270


No. 43271

Perfect cosplay indeed.

No. 43272

File: 1432926014238.jpg (14.39 KB, 510x155, surejan.jpg)

Let me post this and people will think someone is trying to go out with me and i am hot shit. flawless plan except no one would date you.

No. 43273

She does have another "bodyguard" a lassie name Rachael.
Who only sticks up for Sindy after sindy was suspended from meets, This all because she hates everyone after they removed a pedophile from the group after getting around 20 or so girls ranging from 13 to 16 coming forth with screenshots of stuff he said to them, he objectified every woman and called them his but Rachael fucking kissed the ground he walked on and thinks everyone was lying. So she helps Sindy, not as a friend but out of Spite.

No. 43274

File: 1432926475441.jpg (54.38 KB, 507x555, lele.jpg)

Posts this right after her shite about not dating a guy.
Lassie needs her fucking hole.

No. 43275


I had a feeling I got her name wrong but that's who I was talking about originally

No. 43276


I just remember about a year ago or something when the Sindy drama made the rounds on Cosplay Scotland, she was spouting empty threats and saying she could and would beat everyone up because everyone was apparently "bullieng" the super amazing Sindy.

No. 43277

Rachael Brought her mum to dee-con and basically threatened people with her mum if they confronted Sindy on the whole "I'm gonna slit your throat and stamp on yer head" threats she was dishing out because Sindy is so small and skinny she was obviously kidding which made it totally ok to say such shit.

No. 43278

Was she the one on the table next to her wearing the nurse cosplay? Excuse my ignorance for not knowing the character.

No. 43279

File: 1432940991705.jpg (55.4 KB, 640x640, r.jpg)

Aye, she was the nurse, I think she was going around calling herself Ebola Chan

No. 43280

i hope she gets ebola

No. 43281

File: 1432950271942.jpg (223.71 KB, 1048x1487, WKy3aAp.jpg)

ugh, this cosplay is dated as fuck
it was a 4chan meme on the politically incorrect board on 4chan
but that was a dead meme a few years ago

No. 43282

Cosplay is all wrong. What is that, a post it note on the hat? wtf

No. 43283

also,those are bobby pins holding the hat together!

No. 43284

File: 1432950836935.jpg (54.58 KB, 680x816, fce.jpg)

also, here is that boards new flavor of the month
i wonder if she has enough shame to cosplay it

No. 43285

File: 1432956595633.png (11.91 KB, 496x130, 3dc02a7aa9c5863da6236a38151c9a…)

I wonder who "let her down" this time

No. 43286

Shes been in a con for 20 minutes after waiting 2 hours in a queue and complaining about them making her wait and she is already calling it a disaster cause her highness had to wait.

No. 43287

File: 1432987100306.jpg (42.48 KB, 600x317, renji.jpg)

Rachael got stopped by police in cosplay once, cause she was dressed as Russia from Hetalia but decided to carry a huge as fuck sword, Renjis sword from bleach, Which makes total sense

No. 43288

wow this place is entertaining. I have to say im really sick of this girl. she made me life miserable for months. back in gcg we got reports from like 12 diff people complete with screenshots and proof of sindy bullying 14 year olds. When we asked her to step out of 3 meets to think over what she done as we cant have bullying in a group so wide. We told her she didnt have to tell anyone about her 3 meet ban but she immediately went off and starting publicly shouting at people causing fights. I messaged her asking if she would like to meet up to discuss her side of the story. She agreed to which she then started bitching about. Some stuff went down in my real life so i had to cancel with her but told her i would speak to her a collectormania. I waited 2 hours for her at the bus station and she never showed up. On the sunday she showed up ill and i helped her into the cosplay area. She had no idea who i was (she had been shouting about me for 3 months by this point) and was confused how i knew who she was, when i told her it was my job to know who everyone was she seemed ok. I left her with my bf while i went to find david and beks for her. Never even got a thank you. So everything remained unresolved. Nanashi turned around and she banned us from coing to her friends premeet. which was fine gcg had there own meet. My bf had messaged her beforehand to get her to agree to finally speak to us. When he approached her she hid in the toilets. he asked a girl to go in and say he wanted to speak to her. She was rude to the girl so he decided to leave it. she didnt want to talk then so be it. We went to go help this couple we are friends with outside. Next thing the security guards have acted of there own accord and kicked sindy out and her and her friends are screaming bloody gcg this, gcg that. So all the admins made a joint decision that if she was going to be the hostile and blame us for everything then we will just leave her from the group. Next thing i know she stalking my best friend online, threatning his fiance, blaming gcg for her whole life going wrong. We hadnt spoke to her in 2 months. roll on march no admin has spoke to her in any official or personal matter and she's still screaming abuse. She put up a status about how hard her life has been and used the phrase "i have been assaulted and sexually assaulted by gcg admins and there partners* Which was news to me. She then started a whole load of drama about another girl and still blamed it on us. She then started art drama and when people called her out on it then were "obviously gcg cosplayers".When she mentioned about her maid cafe i informed her she had to have a licenses to produce and sell cakes as well as a licensed kitchen, and everyone she has baking needs to have the license. She was 100% sure she could get round having to have any official paperwork and laughed when i mentioned there was a jail sentence and major fine for it.

No. 43289

File: 1433006661405.jpg (45.71 KB, 367x445, naw.jpg)

I am Erza, I am also Judar, Everyone is based on meeeeeeeee

No. 43290

Entertaining read, but have you ever heard of formatting, son?

No. 43291

>be at GCCC
>queueing up for a good half an hour and the line moves halfway down
>spot orange highlighter barf about 50ft down the line making its way around and up the queue
>no it couldn't be
>but it only could be
>it was
>the lean mean lolcow machine walks past
>is left standing and trying to hold back laughter
>almost at the door some time later
>looks down to the end of the queue
>can just see the cheapest highlighter orange colour slowly poking up from behind a wall
>is walking from town towards con several hours later
>can still spot that fucking orange wig about 200ft away

So yeah, the wig looks a thousand times worse in real life and under daylight. It should be kept far away from daylight.
My eyes took far too much abuse from one person, I should sue.

No. 43292

File: 1433083479198.jpg (97.34 KB, 634x850, image.jpg)

Superior at art, superior at cosplay and now superior at photo editing. I give up. Sindy wins

No. 43293

File: 1433107931768.jpg (80.54 KB, 640x960, 11393122_844297315658631_57258…)

No. 43294

File: 1433107974856.jpg (104.52 KB, 509x523, sindr.jpg)

No. 43295

File: 1433108019324.jpg (91.94 KB, 511x489, oc.jpg)

No. 43296

Nailed it.

No. 43297

or it could be your character is a blatant rip off of Erza…

No. 43298

File: 1433108337761.png (35.94 KB, 108x152, same.png)

No. 43299

File: 1433116947243.png (594.55 KB, 478x2097, sindythinksofotherpeopleappare…)

>claims to have not had a bad day
>yet bitches about it on a post while pulling the scoliosis card and claims to be bitching for the sake of other people

Sindy Pop

No. 43300

Also "Experienced con-er"
I couldn't stop fucking laughing
Just because you go to a lot of cons doesn't suddenly make you an expert in running one.

No. 43301


Experienced con goer my ass. She's been to Dee-con twice, MCM Glasgow expo twice and went to Auchinawa once.
And even then, the month before Auchinawa she thought it was going to be like expo and was excited about "all the dealers and chances to win a trip to Japan" to which the committee shot her down.

No. 43302

File: 1433121688800.jpg (512.78 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

In all seriousness how does she think no one notices that she doesn't trace when one minute she posts stuff like that then posts this

No. 43303

She literally spent 45 minutes in the venue and left (after apparently spending 2 hours in the queue). The queues were bad, but anyone going to a new con and thinking there's not going to be teething problems is retarded. She just wants to spout for attention.

No. 43304

Kinda off-topic from the thread here, but for discussion purposes the organisers of GCCC chose a venue that can only legally hold 500 people at a time. I think it was a huge mistake that really could have been avoided, seeing as other small cons usually have at least 4 times as many attendees. It's a given there's always going to be some faggots complaining about something, but no way did the organisers not think that perhaps a lot of people would be eager to come to this event.

However, I also understand (from past experience of organising large scale events) that it's hard to book somewhere suitable for a specific time and date. Especially as if like they were, trying to raise money for charity. Ticketing the event is a very grey area. I'm pretty sure DeeCon have considered it in the past, but I think everyone ends up feeling even more entitled about it and think the organisers owe them something because they're "special" for being a ticket holder.

Moral of the story is, if you're choosing to go to an event where you know there is potentially going to be huge queues and it's busy, don't go along and start complaining about it. If GCCC runs next year in the same venue, I probably just won't go unless it's good weather outside, I honestly don't mind being outside to see friends anyway.

No. 43305

File: 1433184262211.jpg (78.81 KB, 513x557, well.jpg)

10% of nothing wow apply now!

No. 43306

what does she use to color? crayola???

No. 43307

Little miss seasoned con goer complaining that an actual con and not an expo cost £50 and didn't do "Merch".
Every con in the UK is about £40-£50 for a weekend and doesn't do "Merch". A dealers area with a few official stalls and an auction usually but nowhere near anything like expo.


No. 43308

Those are poorly used indian inks

No. 43309

File: 1433200167513.jpg (136.71 KB, 826x558, genisiss.jpg)

No. 43310

File: 1433210500769.jpg (92.24 KB, 1313x327, that one time .jpg)

Poor bint actually thinks people are jelly of her cosplays

No. 43311

File: 1433210593713.jpg (60.62 KB, 720x960, selfieee.jpg)

i have a black eye… BETTER TAKE A SELFIE

No. 43312

File: 1433239513111.jpg (176.84 KB, 732x1385, image.jpg)

She drew his foot backwards omfg

No. 43313


AHAHAHA and she calls herself this "gods gift to the art world" artist when she can't even draw a foot the right way around.

No. 43314

she looks like a haggard 50 year old woman, jesus

No. 43315

her face ruined arcade miss fortune for me. gg wp.

No. 43316

Omg those teeth

No. 43317

File: 1433673750152.jpg (191.92 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg)

I never realised just how fucked up her face is until I played around with one of those smartphone photo editor apps and used her as an example.

No. 43318

how could you not realize how fucked up her face is. you see this gargoyle in every picture

No. 43319

I think I just started to see it so much that it became normal. Until I attempted to make it look normal

No. 43320

Sindy was posted on a cringe page on fb, everyone waits in bated breath to see just who is to blame this time.

No. 43321


No. 43322

No. 43323

File: 1433874500977.png (18.76 KB, 312x195, a8ebfd1f277ce191996c6b763b47f0…)

I think she's on to us

No. 43324

You havent seen the one she posted about wanting a gimp butler

No. 43325

File: 1433886618850.jpg (91.74 KB, 640x650, image.jpg)

Oh joyful joyful

No. 43326

woooooow i never realized how famous i was, you should come say hi to me in person or on fb though so i can tatoo ur face with the back of my hand

No. 43327

Lol, this thread is bullshit.
Most people posted this know nothing about Sindy.
Yeah, there are bits of this that are true, but you are actually lying majority of things to make her out worse than what she really is.
Also, I assure you her art is not traced.
You can say whatever you want back to me, but as a friend of this girl, I will stand up for her.
I don't think she is an 'angel' and I don't always agree to everything she says.
I have had arguments with her before (which btw she does love having an argument), that is just the way she is.
Lol, I don't get involved with that shit, but I suppose most people these days are right into causing fusses and drama lamas.

it just anoys me reading that Sindy is a fake artist which Im aware that she is not, that is all.


No. 43328

oh thiers a bunch of you on, come, come play with me.

No. 43329


No. 43330

Sindy Pop 1 minute ago No. 119115
woooooow i never realized how famous i was, you should come say hi to me in person or on fb though so i can tatoo ur face with the back of my hand

Lol, please do.
massive list of haters, will be work of art up your arm ;)

No. 43331

Sindy Pop now No. 119118

Aye, suppose so :P

No. 43332

Sindy Pop now No. 119118

Aye, suppose so :P

wouldn't be surprised if there was post of me on here too ^^

No. 43333


No. 43334

serously hunny i can talk to your shitty level all day.

im just sad its sch a low fucking turnout, why dont u message me on face book or are u afriad i might ihit a fucking nerv

No. 43335

File: 1433887223492.jpg (70 KB, 699x409, autinaction.jpg)



No. 43336

Listen I know she's probably your friend and all but like, have you actually seen her draw? Like sit down in front of you and draw? Because the girls style changes in every panel and you can tell her freehand straight away as the anatomy is terrible and disjointed (see backwards foot up above). She goes from shonen-jump style art one minute to Fushigi Yuugi shojo the next and she seems to be able to produce fantastic sketches and base pieces without so much as a base skeleton. I work for an illustration company over here in the states and there's no way she can produce that work freehand without guidelines; all artists use them and professionals can spot a mile off whether someone's traced and someone has actually studied anatomy and life drawing. You need to know the rules to break them first.
If she can live stream or show a step by step guide of how she builds her pieces (and that includes the initial base guides/build up) then fair enough, I'll eat my pencil but if you know anything about art, you can't stand there and say she's not cheating.

No. 43337

File: 1433887748539.jpg (97.42 KB, 506x768, lelelele.jpg)

Oh Hunny you are not big or clever and you have used yourself being tiny as a excuse to threaten people cause no one would take you seriously.
You just done the worst thing. You should have not posted on this thread at all, all your going do is someone will make a new thread and they will talk about this. Leave it be and people will eventually leave you alone if you stop acting crazy

No. 43338

No. 43339

Not been following this but I love when cows find their threads and the fallout is delicious. Like the Asherbee days of old

No. 43340

Ive seen Sindy draw, she drew on a fucking stone.
Her work is always great no matter what media.
I believe she uses references as a guide for drawing, but I don't think she traces. She went to college and spent years with her friend, learning manga drawing.
I do think her work is great and admirable.

No. 43341

File: 1433888454196.jpg (69.19 KB, 500x500, Nub split his damage on ornste…)

No. 43342

Her jaw is so messed up.

No. 43343

Made my fuckin' eyes burn

No. 43344


And you shat yourself. Kek.

No. 43345

found sume mold in my vagina today

No. 43346

File: 1433890443757.png (13.23 KB, 293x184, tumblr_nhtfh4D1Xb1td3685o1_400…)

wooow this thread its just vile. i mean you haters against sindy are just vile beings. btw im that caitlin girl that you have mentioned. ive actually been to her house, and watched her draw. and she is actually good at drawing, better than me tbh. shes a great drawer. sure she may not be as popular or as hot looking like the professional cosplayers out there, but she give time and effort into her cosplays which makes her a just as good as a cosplayer. so you all can just shut the ever loving fuck up. also i realize you have also mentioned the peacock cosplayer, and have said vile things about them aswell. guess what, they have a disability, so if you think its okay to mock people YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. then sit down, shut up and move on. you hate sindy? good for you, stop wasting time on her by on hating her and move the fuck on.

No. 43347

fucking tramp

No. 43348

they made fun of you, so yeah.

No. 43349

what you need to teach her is the difference between referencing and eyeballing/tracing.
-wanting to draw a girl holding a long sword ready to battle
- have pose sketched out but not sure how sword and arm placement would work
-find a stock image of a woman holding a pole in a similar style to what I want, have a look at how the anatomy sits and take what I have learned and apply it to my drawing eg accounting for the weight and size of the sword compared to the girls build.
-want girl to be wearing Demonia style boots but not sure how the sole looks exactly
- get stock image of Demonia boots, see what kind of sole they have and applying that to my image.

Now compare that to what sindy does and you'll see why so many people take issue; for arguments sake let's say she does "reference" and not trace

-wanting to draw a girl holding a long sword ready to battle
- Google image search "manga girl holding sword", see manga fan art of a girl holding a sword in a battle pose
- keep image on hand side by side to my art, drawing exactly same pose and changing a few details like hair style and outfit details

In the first example, you've created an original piece of art but referenced a few photographs to refine details but for the most part, created your own composition.
In the latter, you have taken something made by someone else and recreated it. Yes you may have drew it by hand but it's still a recreation of someone else's work and has very little effort applied to it and doesn't allow you to push your boundaries skill wise.
The reason people like professional anon above and even non-artists can spot that this is what Sindy does is because we can recognise exactly what piece she's copied from. See above the image of her OC looking exactly like Cloud Strife and Erza Scarlet.
I'll give credit where credits due, the girl is pretty good with her lineart it's just a shame it's not original. It's not fair on artists who actually work their asses off to improve only to have someone leech off their skill and pass it off as their own.

No. 43350

wen u have spent so long cutt off from people that u think disabilities and deformities and not looking beautiful all the tim is funny. then u have lost any humanity you had. you might aswell stay on fb or tumblr or wherever u reside. beause the world is not suitable for you. you txin.

more than anything. i just feel sorry for you.

No. 43351

Maybe you're just not suited for the internet

No. 43352

anon above me, the trurth is you need to get over your pretty feud from months go. its not healthy.

please go outide its 19degrees. i get that ur mental ilness means u wanna fight with all of us. but ur fighting a loosers battle ur a fake u fool and a fraud. just stop and get a life.

No. 43353

the internet is for porn :)

No. 43354

what the fuck is with your typing?

No. 43355

honestly mate. your best insult is my jaws messed up, i have TMJ a a result of scolisis. i didnt ask for my jaw to look that way. and i sure dont care if it does. no human is persfect now get off ur obease ass and get mental help

No. 43356

why dont u come fight me on fb are u fucking afraid

No. 43357

literally everybody here feels sorry for you. go get help. i can tell u urgently need it

No. 43358

File: 1433891126976.png (224.49 KB, 358x310, bf8.png)

>this thread

No. 43359

the Autism is real

No. 43360

Speak for yourself
we anonymous mostly don't give two shits.

No. 43361

-wanting to draw a girl holding a long sword ready to battle
- Google image search "manga girl holding sword", see manga fan art of a girl holding a sword in a battle pose
- keep image on hand side by side to my art, drawing exactly same pose and changing a few details like hair style and outfit details

In the first example, you've created an original piece of art but referenced a few photographs to refine details but for the most part, created your own composition.
In the latter, you have taken something made by someone else and recreated it. Yes you may have drew it by hand but it's still a recreation of someone else's work and has very little effort applied to it and doesn't allow you to push your boundaries skill wise.
The reason people like professional anon above and even non-artists can spot that this is what Sindy does is because we can recognise exactly what piece she's copied from. See above the image of her OC looking exactly like Cloud Strife and Erza Scarlet.
I'll give credit where credits due, the girl is pretty good with her lineart it's just a shame it's not original. It's not fair on artists who actually work their asses off to improve only to have someone leech off their skill and pass it off as their own.£

how can i be assed with all that im im half as fucking stupid as you have dubbed me.

the truth is anime is so wide tha its hard for things not to appear similar. if your trying to draw shit out the bat of your imagination then ur art is gona look at shit as the dribbed quoted above. i dont care about pushing boundries i care about me and only me. and if u think that i have the patience to sit and do that ur as dumb as u make me think u are,

lasty. what does erza have incommon with my oc. her red hair. is that all? this proves the fact more"

cloud strife emainds a great inspiration anime. and games across just look at sora from KH

but again all my oc has in common is his hair. ur so pathetic if u think that can be tracing or unorigional

No. 43362


>we r anonymoose

>we r legun!!!!!

Get the fuck out.

No. 43363

I heard she got her ass kicked at d-con

No. 43364

^the equivalent of 'leave britney alone'

No. 43365

you pussy up, so you become a pussy?

No. 43366

so you want to be a famous manga artist but don't have the patience to learn how to draw? That's probably not the career for you then sweetcheeks

No. 43367

File: 1433891644281.gif (991.92 KB, 500x400, tumblr_mr8mn7cu8P1swer9lo1_500…)

ive seen her draw with out her looking at any references at all, and they are still good. you dont know her in real life like i do, so stop making things up about her. seriously. also that park incident, she didnt take of her panties. she does not trace art at fucking all. and maybe the reason why her style differs abit, is because people can do more than just 1 fucking style. like seriously. grow up. all of you are just being childish,hating on someone WHOM YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. seriously you need to grow the fuck up, and move on. there are more things to be concerned about than sindy.

No. 43368

Her art isn't even good l0l.

No. 43369

and wow at all these so called tacing poroofs ive seen none.

truth be told all u do is take my psosts and make it look bad for me, but u are the ones failing so me proff and ill admit ur right(what the fuck am I reading)

No. 43370

u guys realise running around saying i take off my underwear is criminal and i can get u in alot of trouble for that

No. 43371

Sindy am yer biggest fan… I wish I was as good at ruining peoples lives as you

No. 43372

So umm wanna send dick pics

No. 43373

Are we forgetting these from before Dee-con?
My friend posted proof back when that Dee-con drama kicked off, and you made a massive stink to deflect from the fact the lines match up perfectly on both bey blade pieces you done.

No. 43374

File: 1433892300072.gif (1.38 MB, 250x184, mysides.gif)

No. 43375

warning innocent people is a crime?

No. 43376


No. 43377

File: 1433892727069.jpg (112.47 KB, 632x719, image.jpg)

Sorry hot stuff you probably got banned for the vendetta threads you were making

No. 43378

shes a fucking joke who cant draw for shit, fuck a cow could draw better

No. 43379

File: 1433893078223.gif (266.14 KB, 798x391, tumblr_n9oq9iDYpR1t8f4e9o3_128…)

okay if you dislike sindy so much why cant you just forget about her, and move on. like seriously why waste time hating her? seriously grow up.

No. 43380

She needs to get a grip and realise that she's in no way intimidating, a four year old could literally tear her ass to shit, grill her and serve her on a plate before she could even have a chance to think about it

No. 43381

caitlin your just as bad you cant cosplay for shit like seriously

No. 43382

if you dislike that we dislike her so much why don't you forget about us and move on.
like seriously why waste time giving a fuck?
Seriously grow up and stop assuming people are going to do what you tell them to.

No. 43383

a fucking men

No. 43384

Im feeling a flame war coming on

No. 43385

Long have I awaited for the feel of sindys upper lip hair on me, sadly it is only a dream of mine I'd love a man like sindy in my life he can take me to the DANGERZONE anytime

No. 43386

is the flame war gonna be in the DANGERZORE
dont wanna get too bad of a burn

No. 43387

File: 1433893425198.jpg (54.88 KB, 1000x400, image.jpg)

No. 43388

Sindy I'm going for the whole trashy look 20 years older than I am look. I just wanna be like you… So I was gonna try meth. That's how you did it right

No. 43389


No. 43390


No. 43391

And who made you the judge of cosplaying? oh wait. no one. i put time and effort into my cosplays just as everyone else in the cosplay comunity. what exactly makes me a shit cosplay? last time i checked cosplay means COSTUME-PLAY. as in to have fun whilst cosplaying. not to be mean to others and bash them for having fun.

No. 43392

On Facebook
>>I'm done caring about it now (49 minutes ago)
>>7 posts about it since then

No. 43393

Revving up the crackwhore,
Listen to her howl n' roar
Smack her puss, then fall on the floor
Now she's in the DANGERZONE
Right in too the DANJAH ZOWN

No. 43394

Lurker from the Charms thread but I had to intervene and say I LOVE when people use the "It's costume-play DUUUUUH" argument as to why they just don't look good

No. 43395

Something danger zone

Something something danger zone

No. 43396

I love you anonymous

No. 43397

ahh im not a judge of cosplay, no its my opinion that i think your shit, i have the right to express it and for the fact that you dont even have a fucking dirk strider top and try and play off stuff that he wouldnt wear……and you dont suit most of your cosplays….. there for they are shitty to me :)

No. 43398


No. 43399

Guys I don't mean to brag but I actually met sindy once… Worst day ever !

No. 43400

File: 1433893792290.jpg (122.73 KB, 750x750, image.jpg)

No. 43401

I was too busy checking myself out to actually notice her… Damn shawty I have legs for days

No. 43402

Mmmmmh hmmm love my legs

No. 43403

File: 1433893936524.jpg (81.89 KB, 500x375, 2812275854_a139512d75.jpg)

I remember the days when making fun of Sindy was simpler

No. 43404

bby yo legs be fine

No. 43405

i do have the stuff to make dirks top actually, im going to make his top tomorrow then dirk will be complete. i wore the formal attire for dirk, based off of fanart. btw anyone can cosplay as whomever they wish too.

No. 43406

File: 1433894025575.jpg (36.46 KB, 640x358, image.jpg)


No. 43407

Sindy gonna just shut the fuck up you are nothing but i lowlife attention seeking cow who is currently being being slaughthered like the pig you are so just fuck off

No. 43408

File: 1433894175484.jpg (70.26 KB, 490x466, j8iyg.jpg)

There is more than one of the great ones to bring balance to the force

No. 43409

caitlin i know multiple people who say you are i shite cosplayer and you are [atleast some of us who cosplay do some we are fitted to]

No. 43410

File: 1433894368972.jpg (38.05 KB, 400x300, severussnape_10points.jpg)

No. 43411

if your gonna make the top just dont post about it, i dont wanna be put off homestuck

No. 43412


who exactly said i was shit at it? and everyones entitled to cosplay whomever they want. regardless if they fit it or not.

No. 43413

why would i tell you im not a snich… that would be mean :(

No. 43414

File: 1433894926039.png (109.2 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-06-10-01-05-28…)

Bitch i could break you like a stick

No. 43415

probably people behind your back who deliberately don't say it to your face because they pity you too much

No. 43416

I love how she gave it ten minutes to see if any of us gave a fuck.
then just took the high-ground like she's got pride or some bullshit XD

No. 43417

they pity you a lot caitlin but honestly i dont think they should, you get too much praise for cosplays that dont look good at all

No. 43418

i will do it though i should have last time but i held back

No. 43419


well, tell me how i am not "fitted" to my cosplays.

No. 43420

File: 1433895809876.gif (1.99 MB, 309x452, HblJfF6.gif)

what the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 43421

cos u a fat fuck

No. 43422

oh god i love this gif

No. 43423

ohhhhhhh so im getting put behind bars for my opinion woooow how original sindy

No. 43424

no reply

No. 43425

>>43423, could you please answer my question? how am i not "fitted" to my cosplays?

No. 43426

im pretty sure they answered it

No. 43427


so just cos im fat, means i shouldnt cosplay? wow.

No. 43428

Nope you just flat-out can't

No. 43429

Yeah, anon is right. It's a scientific impossibility. You'll just have to live with it.

No. 43430

Moved to >>>/b/8614.

No. 43431

Keep this bullshit in >>>/b/8614. Any bickering/grudge posts made in this thread past this point will result in a temporary ban.

No. 43432

Every post here..gets a post on fb..she cannot reply due to being banned off her own post apparantly..I just came to read

No. 43433

Only one person was banned so far, and the ban is only for /pt/, not /b/. Tell her to post in the /b/ thread.

No. 43434

I go to a lot of these events but don't know Sindy well or any of the people involved in this discussion. But do you guys have any idea how many people commit suicide each year because of behaviour like this? Do you have any idea what effect that has on a family, on friends, even on aquaintences of a person? Have you ever stopped and wondered if the things you pick on a person for are actually the creation of the bullying itself? It's way too easy to sit behind a screen and say the things I've read when you can do it anonymously. It can also get out of hand when there's a group of you doing it, egging each other on. I really don't expect this to make much of a difference but I'm asking each and every one of you to stop and think about how you would feel if your words and actions caused the death of someone. The death of a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend. Even if they're not a friend of yours. Can you think about how you would live with yourself given the things you have said. Maybe you as an individual wouldn't have caused it, but you were part of a group that did. Say what you like about the public reaction, but you have literally no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I'm not speaking as a friend of anyone here, I'm speaking as someone who lost a dear friend to this kind of behaviour. Please move on and do something great with your lives, be someone you can be proud of, work on having a positive impact on the people you care about, and leave others alone that you don't.

No. 43435

Guess you can say… Those people… Are in the… Danger Zone

No. 43436


I'm not going to tell you how to run your site, but this "bickering and drama" resulted in one of the few proper lolcow threads I've seen on any site in a long time.

No. 43437

File: 1433947329826.jpg (50.04 KB, 400x394, kawaii fuck you.jpg)


I'm sorry but there was no need calling the girl defending Sindy fat and that her cosplays were bad. All she was doing is standing up for her friend, you are all a bunch of sick bastards who need to get off the internet and get a life. Can't believe this thread has been active since before Dee-con, you are all a bunch of sad pathetic losers who have nothing better to do than sit day by day posting things on here about people. Fair enough if these people have done wrong and said horrible things and done stuff unforgivable but still. It's just pathetic. You all need to get lives. I took the time to post this on some friends behalf, please do not sit and say her cosplays are bad and that she is fat. Cosplay is meant to be for fun and you say Sindy is the one ruining it when really it is YOU people who are ruining it. I don't agree with Sindy's words, actions and opinions over the months but get a fucking life. Cosplay is meant to be about fun and everyone has different ways of cosplaying a character. Not everyone is the same whether the costumes and wigs are high quality or low quality. Let people get on with their lives instead of involving yourself in other peoples just because you're unhappy with your own sad pathetic lives. Get off the internet, get a life, get a fucking job and learn to respect people. BYE

No. 43438


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you fugly bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Kawaii, and I've been involved in numerous secret kawaii raids on yo mum, and I have over 300 confirmed kawaii-crabs. I am trained in kawaiiness and I'm the top cutie in the entire Kawailand. You are nothing to me but just another fugly fag. I will wipe you the fuck out with my cuteness the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking cuteness. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of kawaii bitches across the world and your fugliness is being traced right now so you better prepare for the cactus up your vagina, maggotfaggot. The cactus that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your face. You're fucking dead, fugly shit. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred cute ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in jizzing out my kawaiiness, but I have access to the entire barrel of the cactuses in Kawaiiland and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your fugly ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "kawaii" face was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking mirror to your face and saw the abomination. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn fag. I will shit cactuses all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, fugly faggot.

No. 43439

This is off-topic. Please take it to the other thread in /b/ please.

No. 43440

It's actually not off-topic in the slightest. But I can see why you would find it easier to say that than actually think about the content of those comments.

No. 43441

No admin-sama said all arguing has to go in the other thread. So yes it's off topic.

Should we remake this one, guys? The autism crew ruined this one.

No. 43442

File: 1433951004771.png (29.99 KB, 480x314, 1378701208341.png)

As for the content: I read it and idc

No. 43443

I wasn't arguing with anyone.

No. 43444

That's why we lose so many amazing people in this world and are left with people like you. Because you don't care.

No. 43445

Please take this to the thread in /b/ where it will be relevant.

No. 43446

Should we make a new thread since this one is a flaming pile of poo?

No. 43447

I am so tempted to "challenge" her in a live draw off

No. 43448

i think this is awesome and should be saved for posterity.

No. 43449

File: 1433962308707.jpg (122.62 KB, 928x749, Screenshot_2015-06-10-11-49-46…)

She finally shut up in /b/ after she realized that thread was a throwaway.

No. 43450

No. Just get back on topic lmao. This thread is fine kek.

No. 43451

File: 1433988708485.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, 1379305088849.jpg)

AHAHAHAHA This fucking thread is so entertaining to read now!!

This is so fucking hilarious, I bursted out laughing after reading this shit, keep entertaining us with your comical abilities sweetie!


No. 43452

File: 1434009068267.jpg (49.83 KB, 640x416, image.jpg)

Not a smart move Sindy.
Your only real friend (Beks) makes a status saying she's sick of hearing about this page from all parties on FB and if people don't shut up about it, she's going to start removing all of them as friends.
Within 5 minutes the status has been removed (didn't get caps) and Sindy makes this vague call out.

Imagine being such a salty cunt that you start your call outs on your only friend?

No. 43453

Did she finish school? I don't even know kids in primary school with such horrible grammar and spelling.
It's so bad, you'd think she was faking it.

No. 43454

She spent 6 years in college doing an art HNC.
For Amerifags; it's a year long community college certificate.

No. 43455

wow, that's like nothing. Too bad she obviously didn't retain anything.

No. 43456

She's apparently hired a 'private investigator' to put lolcow participants in jail.
Is this the 2015 equivalent of "my uncle is a lawyer"?

No. 43457

File: 1434026911107.jpg (2.29 KB, 125x86, 1366463350809.jpg)

you guise, it's kind of clear that she is mentally impaired.
considering her antics, what if her mental illness is really severe?
no sane person behaves like that.

No. 43458

The classic "I'm gonna get authorities involved."

Sorry sindy but everyone has either tried this or tried lying about it.

No. 43459

Well considering the types you can get in Community College (and even 4 year art school, yeesh) she was probably someone who say in the back corner and drew animu all day, instead of actually learning.

No. 43460

Top kek, apparently she had to resit because she got caught tracing

No. 43461

That's hilarious considering that there are certain projects where tracing can be used as a learning tool. Deets one what she did specifically?

No. 43462

I dunno deets, it was through the grapevine I heard

No. 43463

File: 1434035103054.jpg (24.91 KB, 384x640, image.jpg)

Oh look her style changed AGAIN, no guidelines, perfect lines effortlessly with no sketch lines…
Who's she ripped off this time?

No. 43464

why is she so obsessed with mocking people with mental illnesses, who are trans and using the word "faggot"? it's not 2008 anymore.

No. 43465


Is that a fanart of KH? Because that character pretty much looks like Sora with a keyblade.

No. 43466

I think it is fanart but the pose seems traced from something

No. 43467

IDK that's kind of lame. She's a bitch but who gives a shit about calling people faggots if it's not meant in the homosexual sense. Well more than half this site calls each other fags.

No. 43468

She delete FB?

No. 43469

Yes, she did.

No. 43470

Nah think she got banned.
An anon (they deleted their commen) reported her, her post got removed and then immediately following her profile was gone. She's been banned from FB temporarily before so chance are high she's been banned again

No. 43471

Why do people think making snowflakesget banned from their social media is funny? It's not, It's a bag full of weenery and it's annoying. This also doesn't mean only Sindy, I'm talking about the others too. I've mentioned it many times when anons talk about making the cows run from FB because it's 'fucking hilarious kek!!!'
No it's not, it makes the thread boring, because how are we supposed to keep up with them. Usually my comments get overlooked, but since this is a slower thread probably someone will read

No. 43472

Nah I agree with you.

No. 43473

To be honest, it wasn't just general b'awwing on her profile, some of it was threats to other people, so on that basis she deserves to get banned. However, in this case it was likely anons reporting her, so yeah.

No. 43474

No, I just looked at her FB page. Still there.

No. 43475

It's only just came back up recently rhen

No. 43476

I figure she pulled it in a huff, then realized she couldn't live without the attention and put it back. She seems to have fun chimping out at her "haters".

No. 43477


omg what a fucking edgelord…

No. 43478

File: 1434229845008.jpg (439.99 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

I don't know what's funnier. The hair on the left or the fact she's drew/traced a female body for her male protagonist on the right

No. 43479

>>43478 and the fact the eyes change shape/style three times in that page alone, lmao

No. 43480

Her OC's outfit looks like a cross between Harry Hill popping his collar and a 70's costume

No. 43481

Yo sindy thought you weren't checking here anymore?

No. 43482

File: 1435101061457.jpg (170.53 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Missing the point?

No. 43483


No. 43484

She's transphobic as fuck so no wonder.

No. 43485

i agree, but using the term "transphobic" makes you sound like a tumblrette
just use normal speech that you would use in public and just say she is a asshole towards the LGBT community
fuck, tumblrettes make it so i cannot take the term "transphobic" seriously anymore

No. 43486

What a dumbass.

No. 43487

…transphobia is an actual term though??

No. 43488

It is, but the problem is that it's an overloaded term. Just like "feminist".

No. 43489

So did Sindy go to nanashi? Anything lol worthy happen?

No. 43490

Does someone else put the words and shit into her panels? Because the writing is just so much more cohesive than her "FITE ME M8" bullshit she types out.

No. 43491

Has she actually gone to any Lolita meets yet?

No. 43492


I would hope not. The Lolita Community in Scotland, from what I remember, is super laid back but really doesn't tolerate overly dramatic people like her. If she went to a meetup she probably wouldn't be invited back or anything tbh.

No. 43493

God are you lot STILL going on about her? How shallow you are.

No. 43494

You are so sick. just looking for gossip? go get a life.

No. 43495

even most of the main people have gave up with this thread

No. 43496

She didn't go and recently posted a status saying that two girls were pissed she never went because they never got to punch her……… I know both of the girls and they were having the time of their lives.

No. 43497

i love how cows keep reviving their dead threads
like we almost forgot about her then BAM
someone calling us jerks when nobody has posted here in a few weeks

No. 43498

File: 1441045374621.jpg (27.11 KB, 640x204, image.jpg)

For someone who doesn't care you sure are butthurt honey

No. 43499

File: 1441449665444.jpg (48.6 KB, 320x640, image.jpg)

Sorry to Necro but she's posting fucking nudes as her FB profile picture

No. 43500

No. 43501

wait is she hating on people raising money for charity?

No. 43502

Yeah. Bunch of weaboo running a charity maid cafe; intentions are good but they're not that kawaii compared the other Scottish maid cafe. She's salty because she got banned.

No. 43503

File: 1441845328572.jpg (51.03 KB, 627x584, image.jpg)

Shame she didn't respond to this. Was hoping for some shit to go down when I read this.

No. 43504

I correct you there that maid cafe is a kawaii as fuck but yes she is very salty because she got banned also she has few personal problems with the maids

No. 43505

File: 1441898667037.jpg (189.86 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Never said they weren't cute but when compared with the other one, MD is cuter and better organised.
Pic related, it's MD. Can't do a comparison shot because all of MiS's pictures are bad selfies or awkward snapshots that wouldn't make even the kawaii-est of maids look good

No. 43506

Having said that, Sora from MiS is adorable and MD isn't without its not-kawaii girls. Second from the right on top row and bottom right for example

No. 43507

I think part of it is that MD girls are slightly older than the MiS girls/guys and have alot more confidence in what they do and maybe even better help behind the scenes, which MiS could maybe learn from

No. 43508

Sora from MiS is in her early 20's as are most of the girls in MiS. They're all aged with the MD girls.
Except Kimberley/Himeko who is in her mid twenties, the same age as Keara who runs MD but has the mentality and maturity of a 16 year old. If they were actually teenagers I'd understand but the two groups are the same age.

No. 43509

i know a few of the Mis girls from the cosplay circles, the girls i know are all under 20,

No. 43510


She handled that in the ask fairly well…countdown till meltdown in 5

No. 43511

this grody old hag ought to hop on the face mask bandwagon. spare the world the view of that heinous lack of dental care

No. 43512

File: 1442076338358.jpg (161.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Sorry deleted last one cuz I left the wrong photo.

She left MiS a bullshit review but I feel they handled it well. It was obvious it was her because she posted this on her own account not long before.
She's so salty.

No. 43513

I swear Sindy's page is dedicated to moaning about MiS. She needs a new hobby.

No. 43514

File: 1442077254928.jpg (198.38 KB, 640x1464, image.jpg)

That couldn't have been any more obvious. Terrible spelling and all

No. 43515

At least MiS responded nicely considering who it was.
I don't remember a maid called Ayane though? Is she new?

No. 43516

The girls in MiS are actually pretty cute. Just less sugar coated.
How did you find the names of the girls that aren't well known like Abi, Jen and Beks? I've never heard of them before?

No. 43517

Have 2 of them on FB and the other often appears as a recommended friend.

No. 43518

Is it really a good idea to post their names?

No. 43519

They are nice girls.So posting there names shouldn't really pose that much of a problem to them. Think people just wanna know who they girls behind the maids are?

No. 43520

That's okay then. They are pretty cute, it's a shame Sora is the only one with real recognition.

No. 43521

I think they will all come into there own one day. Maybe some of them just need a kick in the pants to go out, but from the looks of there website they have a fair few events planned for the future, So may be worth keeping an eye on them and see what happens

No. 43522


I deleted the image just out of respect but yeah, they're all chill and besides JennyPop dragging their names up every so often, they have no drama so unlikely to ever appear here.

No. 43523

Im actually not a huge fan of Sora I dont get all the attention she gets for her overedited selfies.
she doesnt look much like herself in person there has to be girls in mis who are cuter in person

No. 43524

Yer they are holding a massive charity event, the one sindybob was complaining about

No. 43525

What a bitch! Seriously talking shit about them for helping charity?

No. 43526

File: 1442658842602.png (42.32 KB, 537x410, Untitled.png)

Look who posted another review on MiS. the girls replied pretty nicely again though. It is kind of a shame she has set out to annoy them.

No. 43527

File: 1442659532326.png (215.98 KB, 593x635, oh sindy sindy sindy.png)

Called out for art theft again. This time manga-page recolors

No. 43528

File: 1442879130781.jpg (102.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Don't know what you've done? Get to fuck Sindy. God sake.

No. 43529

File: 1442925992100.png (1.26 MB, 1226x704, blerkmergerciangurl.png)

She has that middle aged woman vagina neck going on at age 23. Poor lass

No. 43530

Oh man, they are being so tolerant

No. 43531

boss pls quiet is not for sexual

No. 43532


Never thought I'd see waifufagging on lolcow

No. 43533

I hate to say this (no I don't) but Quiet has some slight butterface going on. She's really average looking in game.

No. 43534

Ugh thank you. I personally thought she was ugly as fuck when I first saw her

No. 43535

Yeah… a lot of the time cosplayers aren't pretty enough to replicate video game characters exactly, but Quiet is "average white girl in her twenties, maybe".

Is Sindy gonna cosplay her? I feel like Sindy would cosplay Quiet.

No. 43536

I was going to say she hasn't played MGS but…yeah that wouldn't stop her. She 'cosplayed' (if you can call it that it was so awful) Arcade Miss Fortune despite constantly ranting that LoL 'isn't a real game like Kingdom Hearts or Monster Hunter'

No. 43537

Yeah but everyone knew her lol cosplay was just a sad excuse to have something to bond with Beks and to get famous with it. I think at one point she actually said she was trying to get a photo shoot with Kyahri and Vixenbite and they said no. So she is bitter as hell
The reason she doesn't like lol is because it is a teamgame and she doesn't understand what it means to play with others

No. 43538

Who the fuck got rid of bae

No. 43539

most likely the admin

No. 43540

Dear admin… All those flavours and you chose to be salty… Why !

No. 43541

But yeah cosplay as a whole is fucked I mean I hate it now. My girlfriend is cosplaying quiet and I worry all she gonna get is shit just for doing a character she likes. It's not the same anymore all it's now is fail models still trying :/ it's not fun :/

No. 43542

To be fair, I wouldn't want to associate with Kyahri anyway. She is sadly one of the most two-faced people I've ever met. I thought she seemed really nice when I followed her online but when I met her it became obvious she was almost the complete opposite. She has also been known to talk shit about other LoL cosplayers purely because she has the belief she should be getting the most attention in the Scottish scene. Of course, she made the mistake of trying to focus everyone's attention on her Jinx cosplays, amongst an absolute clusterfuck of others doing the exact same thing.

No. 43543

actually kyahri is really nice once you get to know her

No. 43544

Will second that. I've known her a few years and she has always been really nice to me, even when others haven't. She did get a bit too much into her league costumes but she has started doing more variety or bringing back older costumes, which is nice to see

No. 43545

Once she got away from the CosplayScotland/weekly meet weebs she started to become her own person and is a really sweet girl. Online she comes across a lot more confident that she actually is

No. 43546

holy fuck, i met her at granite city comic con this year. i think she's going to mcm scotland this weekend, too. i only took 1 picture of her at gccc but i didn't know she was this much of a cow, lol

No. 43547

Am I the only one that finds her weirdly attractive? I really like the revealing pics she puts up

No. 43548

She should do more fanservice. I mean it's true to the anime. Fanservice = fans

No. 43549

You have a fetish for mentally disabled people?

No. 43550

I just like the way she looks, I don't pay attention to anything else

No. 43551

She looks just like peacock feather, she looks like an actual disabled person

No. 43552

File: 1443138285477.png (368.16 KB, 274x519, image.png)

You get home from work, the lights are all dimmed and there's the faint smell of roses in the air. You climb the stairs, noticing rose petals scattered like dust as you continue the journey. The floorboards creak beneath your footsteps and you feel your heart pound with anticipation at what awaits you. You open the bedroom door and take a deep breath, recalling your childhood Christmas mornings where you hesitated opening the living room door incase Santa was still there. You take the plunge and lush the door open. And you see her, this radiant Angel lying on your bed. The rugged texture of her chin, like the streets of Glasgow after the grit lorry as visited, takes your breath away. You open your mouth to speak but only a squeak comes out. She looks you in the eye with that succulent dead stare, your eyes trace her form like her pencil traces others art. You can hardly contain yourself as she whispers gently "muh manga"

No. 43553

That heart is crooked wtf did she even try?

No. 43554

Christ, is this peacockfeather??? If not holy shit.

No. 43555

nah she thinks peacock feather is fat and is nothing like her beautiful self.

can we talk about how she is claiming how she is making her dmg outfit?

No. 43556

Why is it that she has a nice "pretty girl" voice (her kind of accent always makes me think of sweet and kind Scottish girls) but then she looks like a horse?

No. 43557

Saw her at MCM today. Dark Magican Girl went from being adorable to repulsive real quick

No. 43558

that, in the end is why i chse not to associate with her. her stubbornness to ignore me right when im standing with my magi stuff talking to her best friend about shipping her cosplay character and trash babe. its like.. what fucking age r u.
But if she wanted to be civil. ofc i would

No. 43559

im not, these people have never actually met me in person, they just bitch about my profile.

No. 43560

i find that wierd… Fullstop

you should be careful what you write on hereXD

No. 43561

thatwas a good story bro. 10/10 rmantic as fuck. i can tell you shitpost fanfics alot

No. 43562

dont b an idiot. i made only the staff and styled only the wig.

No. 43563

if i may point out that cosplay is OVER a yearold. were talking july 2014.

if i went back and redid it. which i will soon. it would be half as cringy.

thank for all the dmg hate. but getting stoped for pics but cuute bys every 5 minutes on saturday, idk somehow your bullshit doesnt bother me anymore XD

No. 43564

are we going to play another game of anon vs sindy 5 n 1.. cause i just cant be fucking assed with it.

seriously what is it..? your so afraid of me that you cant muster up the balls to just message me on my fb or even anon me on my tumblr XD

im so tired of you guys clingy to my life because you dont hav 1 of your own, all this cyberbullieng shit. do u realize more people know who i am now because of you. and none of them can be fucking assed with your petty hate.

i dont sexually cosplay if i can help it. dmg wasnt sexual atall for me. but i needed to do her for myself. nothing you dumb hoes say anymore mtters. i dont even see u bitches at cons because noboy wants you their.

and beks is no longer part of the mIS group. she left because she knows what you aya are. and i know ur too fucking much of a coward to reply to the fb message i sent you.

real shit did kick off with me on saturday night, well done for missing your chance to bitch about it XD that might have gotten to me.

No. 43565


>claims it doesn't bother her

>still comes here to whine and shitpost about it

No. 43566

people dont LOOK mentally disabled. do you not understand what a disability is.

their are a very short number pf mental illness conected with your appearance.

your stupidity hurts me far more than this comment was intended to XD

No. 43567

i figured u slags couldnt help yourself. came to check, oh look! i found more on me.

its fucking trivial

No. 43568

also this isnt me shitposting, my magi stuff on tumblr is shitposting.

this is me posting, about YOUR shit

No. 43569

and beks is not my main friend. not unless its mutual between her too. which im not sure if it is. but all this shit. only pushes her to like me more. maybe give it up now, guy

No. 43570

im actually so sad none of you dumbasses are gona be at HyerJapan in november. you allways cheer me up.

No. 43571

all who can no longer be asses with these stupid bitches say


No. 43572

File: 1443453255637.jpg (13.14 KB, 640x358, 11709849_467491780085763_31479…)

go away pls

No. 43573

No. 43574

File: 1443453450380.jpeg (29.97 KB, 408x297, image.jpeg)

>>thank for all the dmg hate. but getting stoped for pics but cuute bys every 5 minutes on

It's an expo. Even the fat Harley Quins and the 40stone Daenerys got stopped regularly for photos. I wore a wig and a cute anime print dress (because I'm complete weeaboo scum and I gladly admit it) and was stopped for pictures at least 6 times.
Number of pictures taken =/= good quality cosplay.

No. 43575

you know what guys, give me all your hate. all your bullshit. i can handle it. it wont stop me.

better me than some other poor bastard. one day u guys are gona have blood on your hands. and thats whats fucking sad

No. 43576

bitch wut did u say 2 mi

No. 43577

File: 1443453705184.png (194.44 KB, 400x385, fistingavagina.png)

No. 43578

fok awf cont

No. 43579

how dare you , sitting hier in your pc chair slagging of cosplayers when you cant even be arsed to make the effrt and put 1 on yourself. your fucking less than trash, your an insult t weeabs and otakus and cosplays everywhere

No. 43580

Says the bitch who slut shames often.
I have a feeling you seem to know who we are, if so enlighten me please

No. 43581

when your too much of a fucking coward to admit it yourself? because people you like willdisown you.

nah. its much more entertaaining this way.

and i have never slut shamed. your fucked up proof above missed the entire point of why i had an issue with that underaged girls cosplay

No. 43582

Anon, is this even her though? What if it's just some troll shitting up the thread pretending to be her?

No. 43583

wanna hear a secret. im not the only person who knows who u r, all my friends do. and we had a great bitching session about you on friday and saturday night. im glad im not the only 1 repulsed at some of you blow hards

No. 43584

cant trust any1 man


No. 43585

half of them are on here tho.

No. 43586

cosplayed her cause i wanted to. like her design.

couldnt be assed forcing myself to like league for many others beksides beks. its an awful excuse for a game

No. 43587

its eople like you who are fucking it up.. dumbass

No. 43588

If the thread bothers you so much, just leave it. I'm not trying to be an ass but even if you got it deleted someone will just put it right back up. I'm sure some people here (on the thread) probably hate you, but it's not everyone. Stop being so paranoid and just ignore the thread it's so easy just hide it. I also want to know, who is it that you think is bothering you? I'm just curious sorry.

No. 43589

It's not ~real game~ like Kingdom Hearts yeah?

No. 43590

proof or stfu.

No. 43591

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….PRETTY MUCH

No. 43592


also i dont comment on here becaause i want to clear my name. you guys lost your issue with me a long time ago. i have an overall goal here. that noboys caught onto yet. so let them keep making these. it only works out for me

No. 43593

"but if any one i know is ever revealed to be on lolcow or anything like that slagging you or anyone else, they are dead to me and that is that…"

get it yet?

No. 43594

Personally, I think you could clear your own name. If people read about you on lolcow and end up meeting you in real life and you turn out to be actually cool to them and they befriend, then to me that's clearing you own name. Now, if you were actually a bitch like some of the people here are saying you are then that's just throwing more shit out there on your name. I mean, it's up to you.

No. 43595

Kingdom Hearts isn't even that great an example of what a good game should be. Flawed gameplay, a plothole ridden story, glitchy as fuck. It's weeaboo-lite tier gaming that attracts fangirls and neckbeards just because "oooh cameo from bishies from Final Fantasy and Sora is so kawaii desu".

If you actually wanna shit on League of Legends compare it to something that's actually in the same genre. It's like comparing Lady Gaga to Cradle of Filth right now.
"It's a fairly shitty MOBA compared to others such as Quake"

"Kingdom Hearts is a poor Action Roleplaying Game when compared to others such as Ocarina of Time or Dark Souls"

No. 43596

I just think you want to accuse people but you have no evidence its them

No. 43597

its not like that hasnt happened sevral times tho. obv i cant name everybody who has met me and realized this is bs. i dont ever mention this to them, doesnt mean anything to me.

i dont wanna clear my name. because these people dont know me to slag me off in the first place, ayane was the proof of that herself

No. 43598

the story is complicated as fuck and after 10 minutes u obviously put the controller own because u died.

the game play in KH is voted 1 of the Best gameplays in the entire gaming world, thats why ff15 is modeld after it.

also. ill admit alot of weebs like it. but thats because the diney apppeals to ther age range. i mean i love vanitus but u never see me weabing over him.

i actualy love it for the game play

unlike league where u get online player shuting keybored scary internet threats at you and 1 hit dieng. i mean i play MH4u online and multiplayer is fucking unless. only person in a game u can depend on is you.

thats why a game like league. with only team player and set champions. is cringy as fuck. the characters arent even that well designed.

No. 43599

if it makes you ess edgy u go on beliving that

No. 43600

also the game has never 1ce glitched for me, dunno what u were playing. maybe a visual boy advance version of COM but it sure as hell wasnt kingdom hearts for playstation

No. 43601

Actually I'm pumped as hell for KH3. But it's not a masterpiece of a series by any means. You don't have to hate a series to be able to point out it's flaws.

No. 43602

File: 1443457152837.png (44.72 KB, 575x307, how convenient.png)

nail on head

No. 43603

kh is gona be absolute trash tho.

i cant fucking hack all this pixar shit.

im more pumped for BBS vol 2

No. 43604

are u saying that she is right for callin eople on here sad fucks or that she is right for saying i have no proof. because i do

No. 43605

But no Pixar worlds have been added to it so I don't know where you get that from?
Big Hero 6 and Tangled have been confirmed. Neither are Pixar.
BH6 is a Walt Disney Animated Studios movie based on a Marvel comic, Tangled is by the same studio.
Neither are Pixar in any shape or form related to Pixar.

No. 43606

Proof. Because any time you have EVER been asked to provide proof you have an excuse as to why you can't.
So go ahead, post proof of all these bad people

No. 43607

Oh right i thought tangled was pixar because it looks like it, but pretty sure next to be confirmed is gona b toystory.

i still just. dont want BH6 in it. i didnt like it tht much and cba with all this kiddy shit.

No. 43608

the proof of kimi being on it is in the fact she spoke directly cncerning her

the poof of ayane came from kimberlys mouth hersef. i do have it. but i cba hunting it out.

No. 43609

Ok I'll give you Kimi. A few others have been very open about their involvement up on drama-gate up there.
But before you accuse anyone who isn't very obvious I really hope you do have proof because shit like that isn't cool.

Also I'd like to add; there are some people who lurk and get involved in these threads without personal involvement with the person they are about. I've been around here for ages for threads like PT, Isaki, BigLottes and Kotakoti and you piqued my interest a few months ago. Call it schadenfreude or whatever, it's like reading trashy magazines or watching Dr Phil for some of us.

No. 43610

yea im very well aware of people who are just biggoted anons.

its sorta of part of the deal when u come on this rathole is that u get vermin running around.

i havent acused a single person openly that i do not know 1000% is on here.

No. 43611


Holy shit shit the fuck up autismo

No. 43612

How come when this ahem female …. get's left behind by old friends she keeps talking shit about them??? I am friends with one of them and when she found out about a post she put up relating to mental health issue's she didn't know whether to laugh her ass off or phone the police for harrassment pmsl XD I don't agree with people cyber bullying anyone to be quite honest but at the same time I can understand why everyone is on her bad mouthing her because let's face it…none of it's lies. I'm just surprised she's not been jailed, put on a sex offenders register or had a restraining order put against her yet cause frankly she deserves all 3

No. 43613

thats the best you can do?

No. 43614

samatha never changes lol

i speak my mind on her and she wants to hone the police. sammy never left me behin. i blocked her.

samantha is paranoid and to be fair. off her head. if you take anything she says as gospel truth. maybe shes missing out all the times she wrote shit ll over my wall. stired up cosplay drama she wants in. tried to get my kicked out of college (TRIED) and generally just failed as a friend. your welcome to her and her contant bitching about her gallstones

No. 43615

6 years of her bullshit. nah im just over it now tbh. clearly shes not if shes getting you to bring her into it

No. 43616

Of course you CBA because you have no proof your just trying to start drama like always

No. 43617

guess everybody but you is wrong then, the police, the college, the sex ofenders. no it must be you tjats right.

u have fun persueing that

No. 43618

my cment itself was roof. stop being so afraid f being found out. its pathetic

No. 43619

Same anon as >>43609 and a few others.
I want to be straight up honest in a non-bitchy and disgusting way with you.
I don't like you. That's not to say I dislike you. If I met you in person, there's a chance I may change my opinion of you if you turned out to be a pleasant person. Going by your facebook posts and your very public naming/shaming rants about invidiuals and targeted vaguebooking, I don't currently think you are a nice person.
I think Jordan sums it up best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35099B2qiyI

You need to stop looking at this thread as it clearly upsets you no matter how much you say otherwise. I've been here long enough to know how often "Look at how much this doesn't bother me" == "This really fucking sucks and I'm actually incredibly bothered".

If you stop fueling the fire or taking the bait, this will all die. This thread was on the last page about 4 weeks ago until you posted in it again. Ever since then you get the occassional person bump it but it only gets a lot of regular activity when you post in it. Look at the timestamps. It's very spaced out compared to say the Venus or Kota threads where they are bumped every 10 minutes sometimes.
I know you like to rant, rave and get angry about things but maybe do it in a non-public setting. As much as you may hate 4chan, if you want to rant about a video game /v/ or /vg/ can be therepeutic. Same for anime and /a/. Want to rant about individuals? Take it to PM or create a tumblr and don't link it to anyone where you can shout into the void and it won't comeback to bite you on the ass.
Don't link to this thread, don't even look at it! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/website-blocker-beta/hclgegipaehbigmbhdpfapmjadbaldib?hl=en
This add on is fantastic for stopping yourself looking at websites; I used to constantly check /cgl/ to see if I turned up in ita threads and got myself very stressed out. Now I try do look and I get blocked; it gives me enough time to recompose myself.

No. 43620

im not bothered if you like me or not.

you want me to do this or that so ill be liked by you.oan yer bike ill survive without you

No. 43621

*if you stop fueling the fire or taking the bait, this will all die. This thread was on the last page about 4 weeks ago until you posted in it again."

look again its been going on for the last 3 months. bitching about my mcm cosplay im no llonger fueling this. and u can no longer use it as an excuse. so try a diferant trick

No. 43622

i dont need to get an add on to controll myself. i have been here in 3 weeks. i gured my dmg cosplay would tip these guys off the edge so i search for about 10 mins on here to see if i was right.

just because u feel u need to set all these rules and expectations for youself. doesnt mean i do.

No. 43623

3 months sorry*

No. 43624

PMSL that's funny cause I was literally with her when she blocked you!!!! You can't help yourself but talk shit and she might not like me letting you in on this as it is ZERO of you're business but see since you're so fond of slagging others off for being sick…She actually had to have surgery this year to have it removed and was also diagnosed with hashimoto's. You are a sick fuck and deserve all the shit coming your way asswad. It's not wonder you ditched you're sorry ass. You're pathetic and even more so when you try and go on like you're the biggest dick about pmsl XD Thank fuck she doesn't hang with you or I may have got you the jail myself. She was kind enough. Infact TOO kind not to call the police always thinking you were better than you made yourself out to be but if it was me you threatend the life of, I'd have not only called the police. I'd have kicked you're sorry ass into next year

No. 43625

Jesus Christ are you retarded…? Poor thing… I feel so bad for it… It's so trashy and retarded…

No. 43626

I had no idea people in Scotland (or was it Ireland?) could be so trashy holy shit. I didn't know they could act like black American chicks too, that's horrible I am so sorry.

No. 43627

weve blocked each other like 40 times. XD cleary she thinks its a game.

go shoo somewhere else. i dgaf about her drama. i soped caring good 12 months ago

No. 43628

are u 7

No. 43629

gona have to do better

No. 43630

Truth hurts yeah and where's the many "friends" from Glasgow you threatend would kick her ass because it seems to me they can't stand your jail bait ass. Go fuck yo self and stop acting retarded….maybe you're the one mental ill dear cause that's how you come off ;)

No. 43631

i dont give sweetie. sammy doesnt know this but i got my own bad diagnosis.

i tried to care abut her. m done. she pushed me out to many times. fuck her

No. 43632

i litersly have no idea what b.s your spouting.

No. 43633

i eel bad for her knowing somebody like you tho.

No. 43634

lol She has no fucks to care about you sweetie. As far as I know she stopped caring about you wayyyy long ago. You've just been to dense to see it. She doesn't hang out with snakes in the grass like you. She prefers her friends to be REAL not fictional pmsl

No. 43635

feelings mutual. snakes in the grass lol
thats exactly hy i left her. i was sick of her trashy mates backstabing me whenever i tied to tolerate them

No. 43636

Actually I feel bad for her having had you as a friend because you seem to be incapable of being around anyone

No. 43637

ill give her a cheer tho. she finally made a fucking friend. when i new her her c was her best friend. she pushed everybody out. you know fuck all. your patheti dragging her into this tho

No. 43638

u "seam" to think u know alot. you know fk all.

No. 43639

omg and so continues the lies!!! Was it not you that made her out to be a bully to the friend you now say stole you're boyfriend though???? You do realise you made her first year at ayr college a misery??? Do you know how twisted you actually are??? Oh that's another thing. You apparently told 2 other friends of yours that she hated them AND told a lecturer the same thing!!! You disgusting excuse for a woman

No. 43640

sammys fight with holly was her own. she took it to far and made me choose. in the end i saw through holly and sammy was thier. but all she wanted was her own back from holly. i tried to make sammy happy at ollege, it was me who helped her get in. she had a fb row with me 1 night, so i sent her the navy seals cpypasta and she ran off crying to the lecturers JENNYS BULLIEN ME he wa like ok idgaf

No. 43641

Ummm how do you think I know so much about this??? I've known her fucking longer than you darling. She didn't introduce you to me or anyone else because we seen the vile texts and mails you sent her. You were not a friend. You were a parasite to the girl. You took her confidence and shat it back out. If I have anything to do about it she will never want to speak to you again

No. 43642

……okay.. wheres the part where u go aswell then, cause wre done here

No. 43643

LOL I was in her fucking class you idiot!!!! I was with her after she came out from seeing him even she said he knew what you were playing at. You don't fool anyone. That's why he was supposedly keeping his eye on you and as far as I'm aware you even told her yourself that he was being more nasty to you afterwards. They should have kicked you out because you created the bullshit in that college. She was even getting blamed because you were stealing out of the classes. Are you really that ridiculous??!!!

No. 43644

awwe i know who u are now.

i still dont care. its old hat. over done with nothing i say is right you both twist it all. end of the day, me her n you wont ever speak so go get over urself

No. 43645


>" i dont comment on here "

>continues to post here

No. 43646

awee i remember she tried to blame that missing laptop on me. she was literally bitching and arguing with and about peter every 5 minutes even right behind him once. i wa like get the fuck on with your life.

also peter as being a dick cause i was lagging in my hnc. everybody was getting it and it wasnt at the same time sammy and i were tlaking for the 200th time

No. 43647

I don't think you do though because we never spoke. Noone in the class thought you were clever all those times you strutted in looking a right state and being loud, making mess etc…It's not just me in that class that noticed you intentionally sat next to her. As I said you're fooling no one.

No. 43648

u didnt read that did you

i dont coment on here, BECAUSE not fullsop. dont shorten my sentences ty

No. 43649

XD i ws too fabulous for you newbies.

HNC swag

No. 43650

When exactly did she accuse you of this??? She seen you steal!! you are a true fucking idiot. When I confronted her about why she didn't tell the lecturers she said because she didn't grass on friends. Go on tell me now how unloyal the girl is??? She wasn't even surprised either. She told me you did the exact same thing in James Watt College with their stuff too!!!

No. 43651

The lot of you are fucking embarrassments, slinging shit on here and typing like you're having an epileptic fit, those of you who have drama with Sindy and Sindy herself. You all need to take a break from the internet and a break from cosplay because honestly, none of you are mature enough to exist in a hobby with people you don't like. Take some time and work on your craft, work on yourself, and work on your presentation; you'll be a lot happier for it. Vaguebooking about each other, slagging each other here, threatening each other etc. it's all embarrassing as fuck.

No. 43652

but its ok to go bitching ause i sent her a navy seals copypasta. she did try to tell them. but they had no proof. i new others in my class ere stealing. the college had no proof

No. 43653


lol except i did read it. it doesn't matter if you have a reason, you flat out said you don't post here, yet you're posting here. make up your mind.

No. 43654

Say's HNC Swag but FAILS the course LMFAO!!!

No. 43655

XD you really just cant take a fragment of a sentence and dicide thats enough to go on

i said i dont post on ehre because i wanna clear my name
I DO post on here for another reason..

do u see how u are being an idiot now

No. 43656

she failed her hnc lol so IDGAF

No. 43657

fact.. didnt she quit half way through the NQ.. like evry other NQ

No. 43658

I'm afraid of alot of thing being found out isnt one.

No. 43659

Did you even read my comment? My advice wasn't to make me like you; it was advice on how to make this die once and for all.
Jesus you need to read more than a few words woman.

No. 43660

lol No? not as far as I'm aware cause she passed her course with me not that it's you're business and we're both doing a wellness course which btw we will be self employeed smug as fuck Go on be jealous

No. 43661

u guys think whatu like. i got nothing to pove.

No. 43662

if you did this or that id give you a change"

fuck you lol ill live without your chaces

No. 43663

you muight have a wait.. i dont feel jealousy oozing from me XD otherwise id call myself anon and shit post about some cosplyer on ehre.

u guys enjoy ur course, and your life

No. 43664

It's not about thinking what we like…It's more to do with saying what we know. So basically you can threaten people, bring them down talk shit about them, try to ruin their lives, tell them to go kill themselves and from what I read on here…pull you're knickers down in a public childrens park???? Why are you not on a sex offenders register yet????

No. 43665

Didn't you take 6 years to complete an HNC though?


(deleted to fix link)

No. 43666

thats not really possable. i bounced from a bunch of other courses then settled at 1 after 4 years, passed it then got to hnc. took the piss and was like. fuck it just fail me. i am done with art courses no freedom. i plan on going into fasion at some point 2016

No. 43667

Oh we will because your not involved….I can almost hear the worlds smallest violin playing for your sad ass life haha

No. 43668


You clearly do, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Your argument is that you don't post to "clear your name", so you obviously do want to clear your name, but then you also said you post here for some super secret reason nobody has figured out yet. Why do you keep saying things then going back on it? Honestly one day you're going to pick a fight with somebody who will call you out in person and you're gonna have a bad time. You're too cocky for an unattractive, below-average intelligence, low-tier cosplayer. You need to properly look at youself.

No. 43669

think about it tho. only just here toay. yt youve been posting for months. the way i see it if im such a bitch. u got no issues with me confronting you all on here.

No. 43670

Link isn't working ffs

You got your art HNC 6 years after starting college because 3 was spent in photography.
You spent 3 years getting a 10 month certificate, not even a degree

No. 43671

Hmmm…I better let sammie know then because that was her plan…Looks like she'll be going to Ried Kerr instead. Wouldn't want her catching scabies from you now

No. 43672

she already did and had to get her friends mum to step in.

No. 43673


considering the state of your lolita outfits, i don't think fashion is the career for you.

No. 43674


You say "you've been posting here for months", but I actually haven't. You don't know me, and you're unlikely to ever meet me, but believe me, everybody knows of you. You're renowned for being a shit-talking troublemaker who can't deal with being confronted. Honestly, I'm just trying to give you some advice. The way you act is disgraceful.

No. 43675

Except you were constantly bumping the /b/ thread. Since you haven't posted in it in over a month, it's not been bumped with shitposting at all. Shitposting only started in here again because you started. Again, look at the timestamps. This thread mostly went unnoticed except for one or two people posting in it, a good chunk of the discussion the last few weeks was about MiS instead and a few posts about you. This thread was irrelevant and constantly being bumped back down off the first 2 pages because no-one took notice. Until you shat all over it again. Make like the /b/ thread and disappear please

No. 43676

think the thread got moved

let me break this down for you

1 yearwith sammy in NC art design 2008
2 years with angela and deanna in the NQ and a diferant NC (photograhy)
1 yer in ayr where i met holly.
1 year in HNC

oh.. huess it was 5 years then

No. 43677

Other than cosplay and bad lacemonster ebay dresses, the only regular clothes she seems to wear according to her facebook uploads are that old-lady kimono housecoat, a frilly maid nightdress thing and a pile of rags

No. 43678

im appliieng for aye and james watt. ill just settle for whatevers less hassle. i cant promise i wont see her. but if i dont because of you. then this wasnt a total waste

No. 43679

just cause i dont have 140 to spend on a dress doesnt mean i dont have a good dea of how to mae them. i just dont have money like that to toss around

No. 43680

Still took longer to get an HNC in art from start to finish than someone can get a BA honors at Glasgow School of Art in fine art.
Same time if you take a gap year from school to take a portfolio prepping NQ

No. 43681

Failure in one post congratulations SIN I would have baked you a cake if I knew you were coming on this thread

No. 43682

your not getting it.

i jumped from diferant courses. when i settled for ayr in 2012/2013 i did the 2 year hnc

No. 43683

yea man cant get rida me

No. 43684

Most lolita these days unless they are after brand pay that much money for a dress.
The vast majority of lolita opt for taobao and indie brands nowadays which work out the same cost and substantially higher quality than your ebay messes

No. 43685

im secrely on here for said cake

No. 43686


It's not about how much you spend, it's about the fact that what you buy with what you have is hideous.

No. 43687

taobao is a bitch to work tho. duno if gemma shows me i might go fr it, thx for the tip. tho i dont ever onsider myself a lolita i just like the fashion

No. 43688

me, works for me. this isnt exctly fasion contest.

No. 43689

lol no you're right. You'll still live this bullshit failed cosplaying life and she will have gotten a career. It's not that she didn't like Holly it was that you tried to lie about them both behind each others back and go from one to the other knowing that they didn't fully know each other. Infact didn't you even admit that you intentionally lied about them both behind their backs because you were afraid of them leaving you??? Manipulation at it's very finest my good internet people

No. 43690

this is the life i want. im sorry u guys dont share the dream. and oh. i thought the reason she hated holly is cause holly kept saying nasty things about her when i wasnt around

No. 43691

>>186472no, what i said was. i wa gla it didnt work out for them, because i was scared they would fk off and ditch me, it wasnt exactly wrong holly did it with my ex 2 weeks later. i guess i just saw her for what she was

No. 43692

No she didn't like Holly because of the thing you were saying idiot. How can she have an opinion on someone she hardly knew when you knew both of them and suddenly they both don't like each other??? Hmmm…. I call shinanigans!!!!

No. 43693

also if sammys doing wllfare and getting a jb n al. why does she wanna do fashion next year.

No. 43694

she told me servl times

holly said this abut you when u were off
i was in the class n they were bitching about you
holly said this snide comment to me t the drawers. i am litera;;y just going on what she told me. i actualy tried to get them to be pals. but sammy always hated it. it wwas creeping both me n holly out

No. 43695

So let me break it down for ya Sindy poop How come whenever she wanted to meet the people you apparently were friends with, she and they started warring and you were stuck in the middle???? How come a past lecturer told her you did tell him she hated him and both girls (can't remember their names) said the same thing. and then suddenly holly doesn't like her even though THEY DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER???? and yet when Sammie is without you she get's on perfect with others??? You are a manipulative shit stirrir and if anyone is insecure here darling it's most definitely you

No. 43696

IEK what happened with angela and deanna angela was allways falling out with me too. cause i dont like emos. and deanna cause i didnt wanna get drunk and listen to nirvana. i allways hated it about sammy. all of my mates she hates. even now u guys call the best things in my life snakes in the grass, u dont even know them. just shows

No. 43697

i have been so tempted to name myself sindy poop. but fb wont let me

No. 43698

u dont seam to much either. seams like shes bitched about me alot and your just arrieng her sotries.

No. 43699

but she kept saying she wanted to get to know holly??? That's probably why she actually had her on facebook for a time before you started causing trouble because your oh so insecure. Not that it's your business but she wanted to become self employeed hence the wellness course then she maybe do the fashion course. It depends on the outcome of next year and whether or not she chooses to move to the states. I'm not psychic however dumbass so ask her yourself if it bothers you so much

No. 43700

carrieng her stories*

No. 43701

Actually I called YOU a snake in the grass Can this bitch read

No. 43702

yea i know she kept saying it to me. i honestly dont know how it happened. sammy is free to go seek her out now. but im p sure she hates her guts. u cant blame that on me. sammy is intligent to come to her own conclusuns about people. do u realy think shed hate somebody because i told ehr too. come on. sammy has had lots of oppertunities over this last year to speak with holly. she is free t do so. but i bet she wont because she n i know exactly why. its because holly was a itch to her. ull see it too

No. 43703

File: 1443464444742.png (1 MB, 2292x590, lolita.png)

taobao isn't even rocketscience. There are a million and one guides out there to teach you how to use it. Have a link to help http://hellolace.net/shopping/taobao-guide. I use it for lolita and cosplay
Even fanplusfriend or bodyline is superior quality to ebay.
Just to give you an idea. I found a dress similar to what you had last and one from taobao.
If you wore it as a normal hot-topic goth dress you wouldn't create much of a fuss but it's when the lolita tag gets applied to it people get annoyed.
It doesn't have the right aesthetic/shape, it wouldn't hold a petticoat, it's got too much cheap lace, poor quality fabric and the print is far too busy and clashes to give the right lolita look. It's a staple for newbies and ita. I know. I had it in white and black for my first dress many moons ago so I'm talking from experience.
It might cost £36.99 but how often many wears are you going to get out of it before it gets wrecked? I was careful with mine and the lace started fraying very quickly, the fabric wasn't that soft, it was very scratchy and within a few months I binned it.
I went off of lolita for a while after being posted in an ita thread in that dress but I eventually came around and I learned about taobao and I spent a little bit extra (but didn't break the bank) and got the dress on the right.
After shipping I spent about £65. I got it 3 years ago and it's still practically new today. It's a solid made velveteen dress that does me for both lolita meets and formal events, the print is subtle but aesthetically pleasing, it's well made and it fits the lolita aesthetic.
If you do seriously wish to pursue lolita fashion I recommend really reading up on it. The EGL community on LJ is also fantastic

No. 43704

ughh that blue dres sis hideous!!!!!

No. 43705

How am I carrying stories when we were both at the same college funnily enough in the same class???? You kept coming in you fool again as I said before no one in our class liked you. You were a dick and clearly still are pmsl Sammie didn't have to say much. We seen it all perfectly fine by ourselves

No. 43706

because alot of this shit is older than when u met her

No. 43707

um. you dont know this but that purple dress. I ACTUALLY HAVE IT LOL I WORE IT ON SATURDAY NIGHT xDDDDDD

No. 43708

It's weird how everybody who gives her good advice she either ignores or replies in an incendiary way. She's beyond help, she clearly loves this.

No. 43709

maybe a lil

No. 43710

Hold on…a moment ago you said Sammie was being the bitch and it creeped you both out….and yet you just said Holly was being a bitch to Sammie??? I call bullshit…. No I didn't say she hated holly infact I didn't even say it was because you told her to because noone tells her to do anything. You're right on one thing though she is intelligent that's why she ditched you're pathetic ass and moved on. You cause crap wherever you go seemingly and no one blatantly likes you because of it.

No. 43711


You must have BPD or something then mate, because everything you do is orchestrated for attention, you constantly lie, and you love pplaying the victim and picking fights. You don't even care if it's good or bad attention, do you? Just so long as somebody is talking about you. You're pathetic.

No. 43712


holly shit fuck that!

thatdress was 6 and i have a diferant pink 1 fromt he same seller, good as new cause i store them well and take care of hem. the black and re 1 is ready for the sewing machine tho lol but i was like £20 so its fair.

all clothes last. i understand the want for lothes that last. but i cant allway afoord that option £40 is like my limit on 1 single clothing item.

(sept cosplay)

but i will defo have a look on taobao

No. 43713

nah i just love anoying you guys.

No. 43714

yea but this is what happened. i introduced her, and sammy wa like noo get away from me. then when she started tried holly say how close me n sammy were and started being a bith. i literally belive they both just hate eahother

No. 43715

Not just clothes that last. Clothes that LOOK NICE AND ARE NOT COLOUR CLASHING EYESORES.
Give up on lolita hen; you just called one of the most popular indie-brand dresses hideous. You evidently have no taste

No. 43716

XD im not a lolita tho. i just like the fashion. why dont u understand that

No. 43717

lol again bullshit you will never win sweetie. Everyone knows what you are. That's why Sammie left you, that's why Holly left you and dated you ex (not your boyfriend at the time) and that's why no one gives a flying fuck about you.

No. 43718

That's insulting to people with BPD man :/ It's histrionic personality disorder that's her game.

No. 43719

tbh i get the red 1 is not the nicest. i liked it at the time. and it feels nice on. but i mean u cant exacly tslag the purple 1 i think its cute as fuck.

i wear it because i like it, not to be a kawaii ita model.

No. 43720

don't label your outfits as Lolita then; which you clearly considered them as you spammed them all over Scottish Lolita when someone asked for outfit examples to draw

No. 43721

we had spit up around 2 weeks prior. cause i told him i never wanted to see him again XD she fked off with my ex and hid it from me, so i told her to get to fuck

No. 43722

there re lolita styled. i label what the site labels them. stop thinking everything ha to conform in order to be a certian way. thats like aying ur not asian if u dont have full As in shool. oesnt need to be brand to be lolita tyle

No. 43723

But he was you're ex??? or am I missing the point. Maybe it's that you actually were butthurt that he loved her and used you??? or maybe you were a cunt to him and he didn't want to put up with you're crap anymore hmmm….

No. 43724

XD yea i was a fool when i joined scottish lolita i thught it was for cute lolita fun. i didnt realise they were insane

after the first meet i left the group

No. 43725

i think anybody would be upset by that. XD

No. 43726

nah he did use me tbh, otherwse why jump in with her 2 weeks later. sota the proof he was allways stalking the shit out of sora chan. cringy as fuck

No. 43727

no…You just said you split up to weeks prior and anyway who are you to tell someone who they can and cannot be with???? Didn't you want to steal a cosplayers boyfriend???? lol your so sad

No. 43728

uts not that, she promised she would and lied to me when she did.

No. 43729


No. 43730

Probably because you have no right to tell anyone who they can and cannot be with???? Duh

No. 43731

doesnt matter it worked out best for me anyway. her kevin sammy, all of them are gone from my life, and these guy above are literlly just day off entertainment. i am happy with what i have now

No. 43732

those aren't even remotely the same.
You wouldn't wear an entirely pink and fluffy outfit and call it punk. You wouldn't wear a pair of tracksuit bottoms and call it goth just because they're black.
Fashion styles have guideline that identify them as that fashion; lolita guidelines are Victorian/rococo era inspired dresses with a bell or cupcake shape when worn with a petticoat. That's it. That's what Lolita is.
You didn't even attend a meet so stop talking out your ass; I attend all meets so I know.

No. 43733

doesnt excuse it

No. 43734

Sammie and Andrew still haven't forgiven you for trying to come between them. I really do think you are a jealous little girl. Why don't you focus on you're own life and stop trying to be someone you're blatantly never gunna be

No. 43735

those dresses do fit the guidelines of punk and gothi lolita tho. there just not expensive vrand. i dont care about brand im not that kind of girl

No. 43736

XD i dont even know whats thats about. i never tried to stop them but andrew tried to cme onto me lie 10 times. p/sure hes still follwing my fb

No. 43737

yea im jealous of her dead beat 29 year old guy who asks all the 21 yar olds out..

No. 43738

gpd how can u even be arsed with it all

No. 43739

They don't have to be brand to be Lolita: look at bodyline.
Gothic/punk/sweet/hime/classic - they all have the same guidelines and overall aesthetic it's just the colours and accessories that change ffs

No. 43740

I seen the mails you were sending her idiot. You called him a pervert because he's older even though she's 23 and he's 29. Then you got jealous and I know you must have been winding her up and trying to flirt with him because even though you thought he was all the perverts you told her to leave him and kept chatting to him….or maybe you had a secret crush on her since you were blatantly jealous of anyone she was going out with or hanging out with. Pathetic

No. 43741

thats sorta my point. i dont think a dress needs to be brand. also i dont do sweet lolita so when u compare punk and gothic to it. thats like cmparing a car to a truck

No. 43742

Why do none of you lot that are a part of this clusterfuck screencap anything?

No. 43743

he is tho. she wasnt fucking 23 at the time she was 21

he kept fucking chatting me up. and why canot this girl move on with her life. so petty

No. 43744

why dont u all just get on with your damn lives. this is so fucking pathetic

No. 43745

XD im into guys. i wasnt chatting to him i was NOT IGNORING his mails. thats the diferance

No. 43746


Pretty sure u just made more comments on this thread than any other person on this site has lmao

Talk about pathetic…

No. 43747

pmsl he wouldn't chat you up if you were the last bitch on this planet. Believe me if that was true do you really still think she would be with him??? Ofcourse not Obviously she has moved on I'd have thought that was fairly obviously. My original question in this post was why are you still talking smack about her behind her back???? Maybe it's you that's needs to move on. Sammie hasn't spoken to you in about a year now nor does she ever want to. All you do is fuck up cause trouble and manipulate. She's happy not hearing from you. If you messaged her now I can guarentee she still wouldn't speak to you. It's not that she hates you, she just feels sorry for you because of all the lies and stories you make up. I now know why.

No. 43748

i love this power god has given you to speak for other peple. if thats the case whatever you literally are just a story carrieng hit stirrer. i recon sammie will fk off n leave u too it some point.

No. 43749

Well I'm done arguing with you. I just wanted to know why you were talking shit about her and calling her bipolar online when 1. it's untrue and pathetic really and 2. you haven't even spoken to her in a year so it's actually kinda creepy???? Anyway I'm out

No. 43750

i said she had it and it made her crazy, your the 1 shit stirring all this old irrelivent dramam u know fk all about cya whos up next

No. 43751

lol doubt it. She left you because you're a spiteful cunt. I on the other hand actually know how to be there for a friend and be loyal to them??? Maybe you should try it some time. Fucking miracles do happen

No. 43752

have fun with her, ill give it about 3 yars befre u start eeing her for what she is

No. 43753

How can she have something that she doesn't though????? Not to mention that if you knew anything about BPD you'd know it's a life long condition?? Not something medicine you're mother gives you can take away….Do your'research babe

No. 43754

she was the 1 convinced for years she had it.

No. 43755

pmsl like it'd take anything you say seriously…

No. 43756

upto you. idrc anymore even if she lies and twists it. it no longer concerns me bye

No. 43757

No. Just no.
Goth/punk/sweet/classic are all SUBstyles of the fashion style lolita. The differences are the colour schemes and accessories. Whether the dress is Moitie, Angelic Pretty, Taobao or bodyline, the thing they all have in common is the overall shape of the dress. If it doesn't have the shape it's not Lolita in the slightest.
are you mentally challenged? Did your mom do crack when she was pregnant? No one can be this dense to read what anyone's written and respond the way you do. You are literally more retarded than Isaki and that's impressive.

No. 43758

this is your problem man. is not lolita if its not brand. LOLITA is a fashion SYTLE not a brand.

No. 43759

She doesn't really give two fucks what you say either. What's wrong? To much heat for you???? Why don't you leave because you keep saying that all of the comments people give you are irrelevant??? Why are you here? or maybe you just love to talk shit??? Yep that'll no doubt be it haha

No. 43760


They didn't say that, and considering you've said yourself you're not a lolita, who are you to try and explain the fashion to somebody who clearly is a lolita? You just hear what you want to hear, and it's blatantly obvious you're trying so hard to be le edgy shitposter trash troll lolololo but honestly, you're just embarrassing.

No. 43761

why dont u just pm me on fb and we can debate this prperly like adults. or are u to arfraid.

No. 43762

doesnt mean i dont understand what lolita is. im planning on studieng fshion ive reserched lolita alot.

i just do not consider that brand = real lolita
all it = is brand lolita

No. 43763

im onfused as fuck then. your saying my lolita is wrong because its not brand. but your saying its ok as lng as it has the shape. my lolita shit has the fucking shape and corsets and collars and accessories. the only think it dosnt have is a 3 digit price tag

No. 43764


If you've researched it as much as you say you have, it's embarrassing you thought it was acceptable to go outside in this >>43114

No. 43765

i bout thats from beks XD so your insulting her more than me here.

yea i get thats cringy. winter is a bad time for lolita XD

also that dress is bdyline btw so u cant entirley slag it off

No. 43766

and everytime i see her she sais she loves my style so. thats enough for me.

No. 43767

its embarring you think its unnacceptable

to who am i supposed to be acceted by.
this is what is wrong with you guys

No. 43768

why dont u just move to north korea since u think everybody should do this and think like this and wear this

fucking controll freaks

No. 43769


Let me tell you why that outfit is terrible.
- The dress itself isn't great. I imagine you could be… passable if you'd worn it better, but honestly the dress is ugly. I'm aware it's Bodyline, but Bodyline has nice stuff and it has ugly stuff, just like lots of the big scary expensive brands do. This is not a conversation about brand.
- None of your accessories match. Of course the coat doesn't have to match, not everybody can afford a lolita coat, but really, why wear black tights and what look like purple wristcuffs with a dress that doesn't have those colours in it?
- I can't make out your hair accessories properly, but the wig has got to go, it looks cheap and costumey and doesn't match.
- Your boots are not lolita at all, and they also don't match.

Honestly, you could probably make a passable lolita if you'd just take advice but you won't even do that.

No. 43770


i had to wear something warm i didnt have flesh tone tights by then.

i am trying hard to do the fashion properly i mean when did u last se me look that bad. XD i do take your advice and seriosuly stop insulting the dress cause ur just insulting my friend and i may have to rip your head off if i find you

No. 43771

when dont u trying instead of just bitching about how im doing it wrong.. give some genuin advice becausse i do take it. there were alot of resons why thats outfit was a train wreck. mainly the fact it was january.

i still dont have lolita shoes can never find piunkish ones. still trying.

No. 43772


I wear lolita in Winter just fine without looking so awful. You really need a good petticoat, so I'd recommend getting one of those. I'd recommend, with that dress for Winter, a long-sleeved white blouse and white tights if you don't want to wear socks. Then maybe wear either some white or red boots, Bodyline have some nice boots for lolita that are cheap, and so does Taobao, I can give you links if you'd like. You could pair it with a red cardigan and a simple red headbow to complete the look. If you wanted to wear a wig, I'd recommend a natural one, maybe a natural colour that you know compliments your skintone. Then you'd have a complete coordinate that would be basic but pretty. If your hands were cold, you could pair white or red wooly gloves (some places on Taobao even do really pretty lolita specific gloves) and a big scarf with your coat to make sure you stayed really warm.

No. 43773

thankyou i will remember this advice, and yes please with links XD cause its like.. ctober now. and i can feel it getting colder

No. 43774

ive allways wanted a petty coat where is a good place to get 1 thats not like £20 quid

No. 43775

question tho. with a dress like that how to do wear the blouse, like would u wear it UNDER the dress or what XD

No. 43776

Honestly because I don't really care anymore. Sammie said I shouldn't waste my time anymore and I think I'll agree with her on this one simply because you're not worth my time anymore. Everyone's see's you for what you are. You're obviously in need of serious help and for that I feel deeply sorry for you. Sammie doesn't give a damn what you said because as I said before she genuinely feels bad for you. She just told me she doesn't even care anymore that you talk horridly behind her back all over facebook because that's what you do. It's like you do it to make yourself feel better. Either way there's no love loss here

No. 43777

File: 1443468759344.jpg (75.04 KB, 250x367, tumblr_m2gxs5AsJ71r8thrko1_250…)


You can find petticoats on ebay for relatively cheap, and you wear blouses under dresses, like in the picture.

I don't want to keep bumping this thread with links and things so I'll find another way to get in touch with you with stuff.

No. 43778

Bless, if you arent wanting to spend over £20, lolita is not the fashion for you.

No. 43779

its too much money man its a joke. maybe ill cmit better in 2016 but thanks to hyer japan im skintypoos!

No. 43780

its fine with me, i cba with this either. nice metting you agen enjoy your course

No. 43781

dunno u can text me if ud rather not fb me, or get my anon on my tumblr if u dont wanna reviel who u are

No. 43782

Ofcourse I'll enjoy it. I actually can get on with people there and Sammie seems to be doing great to so how you can make her sound out to be evil is frankly quite sad. If you weren't as creepy as you are I could have seen me getting on perfectly well with you. But it's like….I dunno it's fucking weird how you can act so bad and yet try to be innocent. I do feel bad for you and hope you're getting the help you need. I'm literally chatting to Sammie now and she said she finds it creepy that you haven't spoken to her in a loooong time and yet you talk as you you fell out last week. She said she always said she seen you as a good friend originally and that she was just disappointed in the fact you act so terrible and yet on some level you do have some capacity of being a good friend. It's just a shame you blew it. She said she knows she not perfect but she's nowhere close to how shockingly terrible you say she is. That's nothing new though. So she wishes you well on you're cosplaying adventure and hopes that you can find some kind of internal peace

No. 43783

shes no evil but after 6 years of constant fighting i just cba with it anymore. weve both done eachother wrong. and its prolly for the best not i seriously just wanna move forward with my life i feel like sammie is going backwards

No. 43784

tell her im sorry but looking back. i do dislike her alot. i dont wanna go back to that way again. honestly guys just go enjoy your life

No. 43785

She's wondering what you ment by she's going backwards??? She has moved on she was just annoyed at you're post from a while back. It was me that chose to call you out on it. She didn't want me to but as her friend it kinda pissed me off really as it would have pissed you off if someone bad mouthed a friend of your I'm sure

No. 43786

XD can u tell her to stop going on like im mentally ill or a terrable person. sammy n me just didnt work we braught ut the worst in each other. she was a good friend to me too but i couldnt hack all the ignoring me ect ect not meeting up when she said she would. its a long story.

No. 43787

no i mean, sammy is the equivelant to going backwards in my life.

No. 43788

She said she doesn't want to be your friend. It's not her intention. Like I said she didn't want me to even message you and got a bit upset about it but as a friend it annoyed me very much

No. 43789

i figured she would tbh it wasnt smart to rake all thats shit up. it really is between us and no amount of bitching between each other can fix it. let it die and tell her im happy she is better!

No. 43790

File: 1443469639645.png (2.88 MB, 1548x1478, lolitastyles.png)

Different anon but I made this for you because I can see why >>43757 lost the rag at you.
The entire point they were making was whether you are wearing a $6 dress or a $200 dress, if it doesn't look like a lolita outfit it's not a lolita outfit. There's a livejournal community dedicated to calling out Brands like Angelic Pretty and BTSSB for making awful ita dresses so brand =/= flawless.
Look at this chart. Excluding the off-brand classic, the offbrand dresses are all from Bodyline and cost the same as the dress you are wearing. Can you see the similarities? They are all different styles but they retain something similar - the shape and silhouette of the outfit. They're all different styles but they're coordinated well. The accessories compliment each other and the main piece of the outfit (the dress), the other parts like blouses and tights and shoes all tie in with each other. I deliberately opted not to use OTT outfits and went for a simple coordinate to help show these things off better. I'll attach an image in the comment below with a redline of the silhouettes to better show what we mean

No. 43791

Awww I see well she said she did on numerous occassions try to appologize as things have been going on. As you already know she has had surgery etc and she is happier now. She doesn't regret the friendship but agrees that you both shouldn't be friends as wires tend to get crossed.

No. 43792

File: 1443469724683.png (1.43 MB, 1548x1478, lolitastylesoutline.png)

here :) I hope this better highlights it for you and you understand why as wearers of the fashion, we get a bit irked when people throw on any old thing and call it lolita. Like the example used above, you can't just shove on a pair of black jeans and say you're a goth or add a Sex Pistols patch to your bag and call yourself a punk

No. 43793

OH MY GOD RIGHT I GET IT i thought u just ment the dress i didnt realize lolita mean the full set up. see im such a noob at this!

No. 43794

im really glad she agrees that. i really feel unhappy the idea of being her friend again. i just.. cant man.

No. 43795

Shady you shouldn't have messaged on here. We've somewhat delt with our stuff. I understand you're heart was in the right place though so thanks for having my back ;) hehe

No. 43796


That graphic is fucking hilarious though

No. 43797

yeah the entire coordinate is what makes it lolita! It's not just the dress or skirt, it's the entire ensemble

No. 43798

see im gona work harder on mu lolita omg! im sorry ive been so bitchy to you guys. !

No. 43799

im so pumped now like i legit wanna get my lolita right!

but ill never be a genuin bran wearing lolita so i appologise for that!

No. 43800

Any time bae!!!! :D Can't wait to Thursday!!!

No. 43801

it's cool. You're not the first and you won't be the last; it's why a lot of people get very snarky - when you answer the same questions and explain the same thing on an almost regular basis it gets a bit tedious! If you need any advice though just ask.

No. 43802


No. 43803

I wont appologise for the fucking comments on my face and shit tho. i cant help that crap XD

No. 43804

pmsl IKR!!! Last week was hilarious!!! I can't believe I said toaster pmfsl!!! XD

No. 43805


No. 43806

this thread is just becomming such a train wreck XD

No. 43807

OMG How did you get toaster out of that??!!!! haha

No. 43808

Don't ask me XD Think I was half asleep that day haha

No. 43809

btw i still have the lina plushie

No. 43810

i love her vmuch

No. 43811

haha yeah…really? XD

So like what is this page??? Is it for cosplayers or was it just a rant thread about Sin (Not a bitchy comment just curious cause it's all weird …shit on it with a meme I will forever love hahaha)

No. 43812

awe they justhate me cause of all this drama from waaay back

No. 43813

Oh…I thought it would have been set on fire or something well by now haha XD Oh well glad you liked it

No. 43814


i have like 40 judar plushies too

No. 43815

pmsl true

Seriously???? omg I haven't even seen the 3rd series!!!! :'( Sad Cactus

No. 43816

omfg magi manga is ending. with it goes my life, sinbad has turned out to be the main bad guy

No. 43817

File: 1443470477712.jpg (332.65 KB, 2048x1536, judarssss.jpg)

look at him hes fucking precious

No. 43818

What is this Judar and is he fit???? pmsl

Awk tell them to fuck it. People argue and do dumb shit all the time. You get over it and move on. If they best they've got is to troll someone Annon then thats just fucking pathetic really. YEAH YOU HEARD ME TROLLS BITE MY ASS

No. 43819

locow is a board to discuss people who are considered "lulzy".
People like Kotakoti, Venus Angelic, Charlotte Charms - lurk around a bit and you'll notice that everyone posted here has a history of drama, reacting badly to criticism, being 'problematic' and/or 'triggering' or just generally horrid people (See Sheena Oum).
Sindy got posted due to her freakouts over cosplay, suspected art tracing and frequent call outs on facebook. Her reactions ensured more posts were made and thus the thread stayed active.
Essentially the long and short of it is - the people posted here are cows, the drama they produce is the milk and the people lurking and posting here are the farmers trying to get said milk

No. 43820

spoiler much? :/

No. 43821

btw ltte tip if u dunno how to work this site on the new tab thing its under when smebody osts something new itl say (1) or (3) or w/e

No. 43822

AWWW It's so beautiful!!!!! Did you manage to start the shrine to Judar you always wanted? WTF SINBAD? You have one job….and it's not fucking being bad XD pmsl Sly maybe…but not bad…He's to bootifool :'x

PMSL Shady wtf ???

No. 43823


but nah its waay more complicated than that

No. 43824


No. 43825


No. 43826

which 1 am i agen

No. 43827

lol it's true though. It's pretty ridiculous. To judge someone for doing something they love is ridiculous. So yes fight me IRL !!!!!!!!

No. 43828

i lovehow u guys DECIDE im a cow but only after stalking me at cons and shitposting retarded memes of my hear on a chicken

tears are real R.N

No. 43829

behind mcdonnalds man
my dad will beat up your dad

No. 43830

When life gives you lemons squirt it in a trolls eye pmsl XD

No. 43831

i am lemmons

No. 43832

Awww Shady…you're doing me proud girl!!!! haha

Instead of tears of a clown my play shall be forever known as tears of a troll XD haha

No. 43833

u dont understand tho sammie ive been wanting to get you a giant sinbad plushie for ages but i couldnt cause we hated eachother and i wound up having to get beks a massive alibaba T^T

No. 43834

Sooo … Sooo can we squirt a Sin in someone's eye??? Can this be done??? XD

No. 43835

My life feels so incomplete without my Sinbad :'x

No. 43836

i just reply and it triggers them

No. 43837

idfk what im gona do when magi ends. omag there starting the final arc in 4 weeks

No. 43838

pmsl XD

No. 43839


No. 43840

where the fuck is the admin

No. 43841


WTF SHINOBU!!??? Why u do diz to meh?

No. 43842

:O OHHHHHHHHHHHH I do I do I do!!! Sinbad is lyf X3

No. 43843


btw if you wanna make a fb group chat im cool with that! i think admin is gona boot me off in a sec

No. 43844


No. 43845

What is life anymore when trolls are no more, when the trolls keep trolling on??? XD

No. 43846


Yeah, what the fuck happened to this thread

No. 43847


No. 43848

…………………………………………………………………………………………The Real Sin Shadey happened

No. 43849

What the fuck did I just read???? haha XD

Awww come on Annon JOIN IN!!!!

No. 43850

YEA MAN JUDAR IS FUCKING BAE doz hips lets not

No. 43851

My last thread no. count ended in 6's …

It's official people….I am the real fucking deal

I am….SATAN!!!

Welcome to the club trolls!!!!

No. 43852

i didnt understand any of that. dammit i havent even learned to tumblr yet

No. 43853

Can we do meth in club Hell????

No. 43854


No. 43855

man you can just tell we used gto be like other half of eachother

No. 43856

WAYYYYY!!!! Let's get black veil brides on the go!!!!!!!!

No. 43857

BTW SLIM are you the other sammie the 1 i barley spoke to OH WAIT NO I THINK OMG YES I REMEMBER U NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 43858

No in my fucking hell you don't bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 43859

u were the girl with the white coat who hang ut with us at that photography day i think thats you anyway

No. 43860

File: 1443471723185.jpg (60.31 KB, 500x375, 1442499263380.jpg)

Welcome back sindy!

No. 43861

No I'm not Samantha Sin, My name is Ash I used to sit on the same table as Sam lol

No. 43862

yo sage nice to see you agen!

No. 43863

thats a cool fucking name tho

No. 43864


No. 43865

Sammie I gotta go now the bae is calling my name!!! Will you be on tomorrow????

No. 43866

at least ur bae fucking replies to your fb messages >>

No. 43867

Yeah I'll be on tomorrow. Gotta do research and stuff :3

Catch ya on the flip side!!!

No. 43868

bye ammy see u agen in a year. if you get a sinbad plush through ur door, its cause i couldnt help mysef

No. 43869

….and so lies a good deed in a weery world…. pmsl XD

No. 43870

keep your nasty ass out of lolita! for the sake of the fashion keep away from it!

No. 43871

thanks for not being a cow to me XD

No. 43872


No. 43873

OMFG Perfect timing my last comment was … Am I fucking Yoda now or something???

No. 43874

your a bit late anyway i already have like 10 dresses

No. 43875

i cant tell if your talking to me or not

No. 43876

lol who are you to tell someone what to wear anyway when you're posts are Anon????


No. 43877

im kawaii as fuck anyway

No. 43878

Awww it was my last comment I ment after you wrote the thing about Sinbad plushie

No. 43879

they are not fucking lolita you idiot, the bodyline one is passable, your already in every other ita thread on 4chan stay away we have more than enough ita's to do us a lifetime

No. 43880

shoo shoo away back to your basement

No. 43881

omg i thought that

No. 43882

Show us in what you are working now sin! Whats your next cosplay?

No. 43883

heres an idea. try bitching to my FACE

No. 43884


No. 43885

back to your fucking cave, the fashion is suffering so much already, we dont need ppl like you adding to it

No. 43886

pmsl well this has been fun. I must go troll finish another time but for now I shall go back to my current residence which is formerly known as facebook….

No. 43887

File: 1443472424213.jpg (12.3 KB, 300x300, yeah-you-know-you-can-amp-039-…)

No. 43888


No. 43889

File: 1443472470550.jpg (47.87 KB, 720x960, 10913683_458086271012792_84007…)

No. 43890

photoshop skills need a bit more wrk mate, u can barley recodnise me

No. 43891

pics pls

No. 43892

me n sam put up with the most god awful hotoshop course ever want some lessons

No. 43893

its actually a pretty accurate representation shame its prettier than you

No. 43894

not too many u right now but hang on

No. 43895

shame u have the mentaly of a fucking 3 year old huehuehuehue

No. 43896

AND THE P.S skills

No. 43897

File: 1443472661198.jpg (35.47 KB, 543x723, 11081703_458086277679458_17607…)

sweet burn m8 totally great comeback

No. 43898

dunno the heads abit wonky

No. 43899

File: 1443472769907.jpg (79.31 KB, 720x960, 12039263_966249246797756_11578…)

here you go you filthy dogs

No. 43900

File: 1443472965783.jpg (26.66 KB, 500x375, 11072080_458086257679460_18094…)

look at me am i sexy yet?

No. 43901

doz legs doe

No. 43902

i also have this 1 but my damn hat fell over

No. 43903

File: 1443473131803.jpg (83.52 KB, 720x960, 11145134_966216413467706_14484…)

No. 43904

He's an absolute creeper

No. 43905

she the fuck up
he was so nice to me all day, just cause nobody wants to befriend your maingy hide

No. 43906

what i dont get is she acts all big but isn't afraid to use the victim card when it comes down to it.

No. 43907

depends on what the victim card is of

No. 43908

oh im disabled and they said they would beat me up, when people said nothing of the sort, when you said they did but you cant prove they said they would

No. 43909

45* scoliosis.
amelia and lucian la crescent on fake profiles they admited to sayed theyd kick my head in at deecon

i mean if you go right up the top. the thing with h did she get punched at deecon, thats where that comes from(stick to /b/, friend)

No. 43910

I know her in real life and she's nothing like she is online. She acts tough online but say boo to her and she would freak out. Also if I have it get back to me again that you've threatened to kick someone's head in at an event then I'll just do the same to you, without the need to wait for an event and not making empty threats :)

No. 43911

File: 1443515293815.jpg (230.17 KB, 1000x383, 11.jpg)

I have an idea for her next cosplay.

No. 43912

But it's ok for her to threaten to stab someone, ask for everyone to fight her and generally try to incite violence until it's actually brought to her and she chickens out.

No. 43913

Also you're just as bad as she is with the "square go brah" chat.
How about no one hits each other, you scurry away back to your hovel and piss off

No. 43914

What about all the others that apparently said they would beat you up

No. 43915

I'm not offering her a square go. I'm saying if she keeps up with this immature threatening people online for no reason then I'll step up

No. 43916

"I didn't start the violence threats"
Yes you did you mongolized cow turd, stop trying to play the victim card when you've brought every last ounce of hate upon yourself.

No. 43917

Aye she will claim to the end of the earth and back that de didn't start all this but she did. She really just needs to stop. If she's sick of it then she should stop causing more drama and bullshit. EVERYONE knows it's her.

No. 43918


No. 43919

I know for the fact kimberley only posted one comment on here(including the other thread) and didnt try to hide the fact it was her.>>113957 However nothing she sad was mean or rude and she did have evidence to back it up.

the one thing i want point out about the people sindy blames for this thread. This thread was made about her stealing art and the people in that argument, yet she still goes back to the same list of 4 names who were not involved in that.

No. 43920

I wish to commend you on the correct spelling of 'piqued' and the usage of schadenfreude and Dr Phil in the same sentence. My next glass of wine will be in your honour.

No. 43921

Sigh I know this girl and always thought she looked like a horses ass. Be careful, she's rather 2-faced. She'll try to get to know people, then run around them all back stabbing them and watching as fights start.

No. 43922

Also to the silly people defending Sin, you'll only feel foolish in the end when you finally realise that she's just shitting on all of you. So run whilst you still can because she's currently using every single one of you. If Beks is reading this understand that Sin is only friends with you to get further in her manga and cosplay designs/outfits etc…. You were never truly liked as you were the focus of some pretty mean bitching not so long ago.

No. 43923

The fact that she posts vague attacks about Beks interests all the time and the poor girl never picks up on it really is pathetic

No. 43924

beks choose to be friends with here end of, sure they dot agree on this, but who are we to judge who beks are friends with.
now im not defending sindy i hate her guts.

No. 43925

File: 1444320992298.jpeg (47.75 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

Nice blackface SandyPoop

No. 43926

thx bru

No. 43927

File: 1444331295561.jpg (16.91 KB, 384x384, 12122560_970775826345098_12112…)

its actually a welsh seaweed colligen boosting face mak, cause you know. some of us like to actualy take care of our faces instead of just, slapping foundation on..ya'know

for the secret i rate 8/8

No. 43928

lol to the fool who unbanned me

No. 43929

attempting to shove your head right up her ass is not going to fix all this bullshit lol.

the truth is you CANT deal with it.
you cnt accept she would rather speak to me than you (if only she knew who you were)

if you ever wanna salvage your friendship with her, come clean about who you are, and REPENT MOTHERFUCKER

No. 43930

No. 43931


Gonna take more than a face mask to fix that ugly mug

No. 43932

gona take more than that half assed insult a 3 year old could have done better with, to penerate this thick skin.


No. 43933

u iz blind yea

No. 43934

is their anything on this planet you DO find attractive

besides your arse

No. 43935

needs more kawaii maido

No. 43936

Lmao to the haters on here, like why bother putting so much effort on hating on someone when ye can just ignore her and forget about sindy, rather than causing uneeded drama.

No. 43937


No. 43938

LONG time no see man!

No. 43939

>>43938 wait, who are ye? XD

No. 43940

i am… the danger
i am the one who shit posts(meth would explain a lot...)

No. 43941

Wow… are you all like, 12?

No. 43942

im gona get my daddy to beat up your daddy

No. 43943

new to this thread so bare with me

but does anybody actually have proof she was attacked at the venue.

i sort of think her excuse makes more sense. if she was punched why does she have a cut on her eyebrow. why is her eye black, why is her shoulder injured.

also she fell at the after party?
i mean that was in a crowded place. if anybody had hit her wouldn't they have seen it
also being the crazy bitch she is… wouldn't she have got them convicted for it.

No. 43944

File: 1444662249488.png (583.9 KB, 573x699, sindypoop.png)

She was't attacked at Dee-Con. She drunkenly fell down the stairs and burst her face open.

No. 43945

holy shit she looks like a 67 year old white trash meth smoking grandma

She's so ugly I feel so bad for her

No. 43946

I'm quite perturbed by the fact she has actual yaoi hand syndrome

No. 43947

No. 43948


No. 43949

i have legit never touched alcohol since i was 15 (and even then it was like 2.5% WKD). anybody whos ever met me will tell you this.

i dont like drinking i dont like anything to do with it. i grew u watching my bros dad abuse it and belting my mother when hed had to much
why the fuck would i ever go near the shit.

No. 43950

im going to blow your mind here but have u ever heard of something called


its where things in front of a camera are larger because its taken at a 2 dimentional freeze frame.

did you even go to school kek

No. 43951

also, down the stairs hahahah omg what do you think im suerman or something

somebody with a 45 degree curvature in there spine falls down at least 14 solid cement stairs and all the suffer is a suden and fast burst to the head omg what shit have u been smoking XD if id feel down that massive flight of stairs, wich had 2 security guyard at earth end. id prolly have been in hospital at least a week with something broken.

all i suffer was a fractured eyebrow ridge, and a torn rotary cuff. i was wearing my thin tights because i was too sore in my boots. and i was doing something and i slipped. it happens. there was quite a bit of blood but amazingly it was put down as jst a sudden head injury. they did want to keep me incase because head injury and bleeding, you know gotta make sure no complicattions. thats why i was ait jjumpy at the idea i might have had probelms a few days after. cause there is allways the chance. u could agrue i should have stayed in hospital but i was awake and aware on bag on so tbh i felt k to discharge myself. plus i really need to sort my hotell.

peole sayng im punched like thats logical. 1 nobody would punch me. i legit dare anybody who had the balls to even contemplate it to come at me. it wont end the way u think it will
and 2 even if i was punchd. why would i be punched in my eyebrowXD

if i had been ppunched in the eye. my eye would have needed surgery at least. direct impact n all.
also why isnt my face swolen up. agaiin no sign of being punched.

you really shouldnt go making up shit about me being drunk ll this does is PROVE nothing on here is true and that its all TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT

i sleppped and fell. it happens, get on with it.

not ding this to make myself better. doing this to fukin educate you

No. 43952

sweetie, see when u ram your face of cement at 2 am, get stuck in hospital for 4 hours and then get 4 hours sleep bfore u gotta leave for glasgow. ur not gona look so great either.

No. 43953

Please commit suicide

No. 43954

Anyone noticed that Sindy is now kissing MiS's asses?

No. 43955

File: 1444786390151.jpg (65.64 KB, 540x540, 1439926177415614.jpg)

The difference is you never look good.

No. 43956

You sound like a chav or pikey.

>u wot m8

No. 43957

What does that picture of a chink have to do with the price of tea in China

No. 43958

Oh right, forgot what website this was.

No. 43959

kek. i am legitimately curious to know what imageboard you thought you were on now.

No. 43960


No. 43961

hows aboot naw

No. 43962

pft since when

No. 43963

let see your beautiful face

No. 43964

fight me irl cunt

No. 43965

i tagged beks in there photo because i wanted to show her that even tho beks had left (because in her on words "they made me feel usless, i was given anything to do other than stand around and open the door to people")

they were stil using an image which had her in it

or should i say clinging onto the hope that a decent and well liked member of the scottish cosplay scene graced thier shitty cafe with her pressence XD

No. 43966

i call complete and utter bullshit

i was actualy at the cafe when she was asked to hep out, she did as much as she could have door, greeted guests, was potite friendluy. she only sat down after like hours to talk to her friend KATWALLER who was asking about her bjd doll.

i recall her getting up and serving that same table. did you forget i was thier that day

No. 43967

shes fucking better off tbh
your cafe is a joke. its small time, run down has awful food and even worse service. your menue is overpriced and your outfits and underpriced bodylin knock offs. you should take some tips from marshmallow dreams.

No. 43968

because thier too fucking polite to risk upsetting you, after all look hw you react when somebody has an opinnion diferant from your own.

No. 43969

x'D this is why your shitty cafe will remain a 1ce in month event that only makes about £20 a run

your attitues are fucking disgusting.

(i dont care if theres bad blood) wtf kind of buisness doesnt care about customer DISSATIFCATIONS if i ever blabbed about the members of MIS being a part of this kind of place. who the fuck besides your desperate little mates would even go


No. 43970

bitter XD
i dont really go to maid cafe the stuff at the china town bakery will do me

the only thing i dont like about your terrable buisness auntrapenuiring is the kind of people in it

also if you ever need somebody with real skills. i have a O level in accounting and buisness manigemnt and my mother has an HND ( so ive got her experties) if you ever find your unable to conue running your buisness

No. 43971

but lets hope that never happens.

No. 43972

you mean from year ago when u didnt exile me from the cosplay comunity and slam me anon online, aswell as stalking my fb on fake pages and even spread sexual rhumours about me

maybe i was too neive back then

No. 43973

none of that was for u idiot it was for charity

No. 43974

yea cause i recall walking up to your maids and saying shit to them. u been smoking marijuanas mate

No. 43975

lets get the facts here hunny.

1 i never had a problem with any of you
i still consider ( even if they dont) vickeyy, sora and connor, as my friends.

i have never had a problem with ayane, laurel or kimberly. they are the 1s who start n me. when have i ever dne this to any of you. so dont u dare sit there and say i harassed any of you when none of you have even spoken to me

No. 43976

i never said u were 1 of them. otherwise id have said so and so and you

No. 43977

you mean you were having a good old jolly bitching session XD

why am i not fucking suprised

No. 43978

we dont want to cause issues but
sme of us dont mind snadering you anon on 4chan

this is earth come home
(infact dont)

No. 43979


shove your cafe lol

No. 43980

who the fuk goes on 4chan on thier IPOD


No. 43981

lolcow is a sister site of 4chan it work exactly the same

No. 43982

u mean i dont wanna get n my knees and grovel for you to figive for not exactly reacting fantasticly about this crap

yea thats about right

No. 43983

your buisness must be fucking failing

No. 43984

so laurel never wrote shit about me being a trace artist
kimberly never followed me on her xion page
ayane never called me ita trash and said i was welcome at the maid cafee.

i call bullshit

No. 43985

you really do not get it do you

i dispise about 40% of your workers.
i would never resolve this. never
i will never donate 1 single cent of my money to you

the comments about beks didnt fucking help yu

No. 43986


No. 43987


i rest meh case

No. 43988

the only thing done here is my patience.

No. 43989

SHE COMMENTED ON MY POST. you dont now anything do you

are you just a middle man

just a cluess baffon who knows nothing

No. 43990


No. 43991


No. 43992

and why u discussin my bad and bitchin about my mate if u aint even a part of the cafe. you upset my mate YOU GO FUKIN APPOLOGIZE TRASH

No. 43993

i can litteraly feel your smug from over the pc

No. 43994

cause they started it

No. 43995

nobody tried anything lol
this fucking bored is proof you guys have no life and no braincells

No. 43996


no clown. u said i was ass kissin MIS i said that because u used her pic, thats why i was on your page.

No. 43997

my smug suits me

No. 43998


No. 43999

doesnt matter who did. that was teh point

No. 44000

u said all she did was sit and play with dolls, didnt do what she was asked n made no effort. wtf is wrong with you lol


i wrote omg beks did u go today hoppe u guys did well.
i was trying to show beks there still using her pic. without them thinking im a bitch


No. 44001

so then why dont idiots like you stay out of it? u dont help anybody when u go on about it as if ur 1 of them

if things between the 3 of us worsen. youll have urself to thank

No. 44002

moshi moshi baito desu

No. 44003

if i was bitter its at ayaes fantastic performance on here a few months ago
not at the cafe. they shouldnt expect me at thier events anyway

No. 44004


checking what lies and slander (like iw as drunk) people are writing about me should not be seen as causing drama.

the sad truth is these people will never stop, they will never be bored. they have NO life. i probabbly ill be banned from here soon, but as i am over the next few month untill my ip resets. all my money that stupid threats like tis do not stop

No. 44005

your right i do recall aya and quite a few others on here. but considering i was holding a conversation (all be an arguemnt ) with her on her down. where she said unneeded things like i was not welcome at the cafe, that i taped money (i think i was like 2 pounds and im sure it was beks i tapped it off.

and then went on to say i was writing shit about kimberly. when i actualy wwasnt i wrote 1 thing saying why nothing she said was true. and then the girl goes and bans me from her shitey cafe out of spite (which works for me i only like about -4 of the maids anyway)

im sick f people retracting thier missdeeds because they relised it looks bad on them now

No. 44006

Hey Aya here. I didn't say anything about you stealing money, that was on there before I even knew the tread existed. I was messaged by someone saying people were talking about the cafe. Sorry if you believed that was me but I sincerely am telling you it wasn't. I made posts only linked to the ban so I'm sorry if you're mixing me up with someone else. I avoid drama at all costs because it makes me very uncomfortable and I see it as unnecessary. That was my reason for the ban, because I feel the things you said about the cafe was unnecessary and rather unfair.its okay for you not to like us.its not going to stop us from doing the cafe.i also haven't said anything shot you drinkingI don't drink either so I respect that. I'll only ever drink once in a while to try things like sake that my friends had at the weekend

No. 44007

i only even thought it had been you because kimberly said u were the one who banned me

No. 44008

somebody seams to enjoy pretending their a maid lol because they were going on about events at ichiban aswell which i didnt understand because you and i didnt have a problem on the first time we met.

but it was that same persn who had informed me i was banned. so if i had been banned by you through fb then i had never about it. i thought the person who banned me did it on here, but i was holding down a conversation

so when smebody says, oh that was ayane. it basically looks as if all that above was you

this is why i hate them going anon the amount of other people who get dragged into it because people say so and so said this
its so pathetic

No. 44009

Reading this thread/her most recent replies, Sindy must have some kind of developmental disorder or something - jesus christ. I mean the learning disabilities are clear but it must go deeper than that.

No. 44010

I did ban you don't worry about thinking the rest was me. It's a very easy mistake.
None of the maids were online at the time so I don't believe it was them either

No. 44011

File: 1444854984348.png (15.08 KB, 100x100, judar-magi-magi-the-labyrinth-…)

tell me about your phd in medical disorders

No. 44012

yea it was like 2 am or something

okay then i am v sorry for draggn you into it please accept my appologies.

No. 44013

It's not your fault at all Sindy, it happens. I've messaged you on Facebook because I really can't stand the people on here. Please don't use mental disabilities as an insult people it's not nice :(

No. 44014

Yep. Scroll above and see how many posts and drawn diagrams it took for her to understand the concept of lolita fashion.
Any rational, mentally developed adult would grasp it first, maybe second time. Also an O-level(you're in Scotland, you mean Standard Grades) is 3-4th year level exam. I.e 14-15 year olds get Standard Grades/O-levels. And as stated in the /b/ thread, Sindy herself stated she averaged about a 4 or 5 which is the lower end of the scale.
So we can safely assume someone who thinks an exam that she sat 8 years ago targeted at 15 year olds and still only scraped a pass is worthy of some sort of bragging right is mentally retarded.

No. 44015

i do understand the concept ol we disagreed because i didnt understand what more she expected me to do. the tights the bluse the petty coat

all things which i new i needed anyway
i have since learned to use taobao but will probabbly stand by my ita trash fasion because fuck you

No. 44016

at the end of the day what more can u do besides bitch about it on 4chan.

No. 44017

go out in public and know I don't look like Gollum is good enough for me precious

No. 44018

Wait, does she think this is 4chan?

The ride never ends!

No. 44019

cause its exactly like 4chan
and its all cow lolcow chan so…
all be it slightly less boards.

No. 44020

awe going out in public is lots f fun. even more fun when it pisses scum like you off to no end

No. 44021

No. 4chan is 4chan. Do you think fchan/7chan/2ch are all the same too? This is Lolcow.farm. It's an imageboard with more in common than PULL than fucking 4chan to utter retard

No. 44022

No. 44023

im new this place please continue to educate me on th ways of the lifeless scum

can u teach me to hacks too

No. 44024

show me this video btw

No. 44025

show pics

No. 44026

Earlier you said your step dad (?) used to drink and beat your mom. Did your mom also drink or partake in other substances? Possibly well she was pregnant with you?

I mean it's not even the bad spelling/grammar/sentence structure. It's like.. your inability to grasp simple concepts. I honestly think you have a severe disability you should get diagnosed. Not even making fun.

No. 44027

i did not say my step dad

would u like my adress aswell

No. 44028

im rely to you fine lol, what concepts do i struggle to grasp. or is it that i wont listen to nonsence coments about my appearance therefor ur pissed beause im not listening

No. 44029

File: 1444857000037.png (776.81 KB, 1280x720, latest.png)

Oh? Your brother's dad, isn't that what you said?

Not that it's easy to read your drabble.

No. 44030

File: 1444857197242.jpg (13.04 KB, 100x100, 1723041.jpg)

why u usin trash babe without my permission

No. 44031

File: 1444857477027.jpg (440.57 KB, 480x600, Anime-image-anime-36371267-480…)

Can someone translate what she's trying to say for me?

No. 44032

stop getting your fith on trash babe

No. 44033

File: 1444858070512.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

My fith?

No. 44034

File: 1444858134888.jpg (171.32 KB, 600x338, i-like-these-anime-scenes-so-w…)


No. 44035

File: 1444858245772.jpg (30.61 KB, 315x863, magi-5569325.jpg)

why would u do something like this

No. 44036

File: 1444858304232.gif (705.66 KB, 500x300, H0PJmCT.gif)

cause why not

No. 44037


No. 44038

File: 1444858351618.gif (225.45 KB, 400x225, 795162566_782926.gif)

anon y u so perf

No. 44039

File: 1444858464956.jpg (47.33 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n0x6jqsjk71s25wgdo1_128…)

No. 44040

File: 1444858584629.jpg (13.62 KB, 165x306, omfgno.jpg)

No. 44041

what is THIS profanityyy

No. 44042

File: 1444858646732.png (137.18 KB, 265x399, 2015-10-14 15.36.19.png)

I consider you worthless, Sindy. As anyone would.

No. 44043

File: 1444858767915.jpg (9.52 KB, 204x140, FUCKJU.jpg)

i would consider myself trash but hell i wasnt aiming too high in life

i am trash can
not a trash cannot

No. 44044

I like trash

No. 44045

File: 1444858824698.jpg (11.48 KB, 306x306, Shuu.jpg)

No. 44046

File: 1444858861016.jpg (77.21 KB, 600x480, magi_tlom__friendship_by_xxcel…)


No. 44047

File: 1444858862268.jpg (20.37 KB, 286x246, DEAL WITH IT .jpg)

who dont


No. 44048

File: 1444858941133.jpg (67.46 KB, 300x250, superthumb (2).jpg)

using my tumblr name because idgaf

No. 44049

File: 1444859002896.png (112.73 KB, 420x396, tumblr_mw33rxSyH61qlq7uso3_500…)

No. 44050

File: 1444859188434.png (19.24 KB, 200x172, 200.png)

No. 44051

I can't fathom why you idolize Judar when he would loathe you if he were real.

No. 44052

he hates everybody tbh i would feel honoured if he even directed hatred towards me

No. 44053

Judar hates all

No. 44054

Loathe is the new love ;)

No. 44055

File: 1444859393038.jpg (32.16 KB, 471x306, 2e15454365b832b9bbc438e4f15231…)

i know his weakness

No. 44056


No. 44057

File: 1444859499170.png (8.03 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_nf45nxT1131se2bo…)

we wnt speak of that

No. 44058

you already provided that Sir Mongsalot

No. 44059

File: 1444860401230.gif (868.2 KB, 500x308, tumblr_static_judar_laughing_g…)

what u gona do lol
send me blood mail

No. 44060

wow I didn't want to believe this thread cos sindy seemed ok when I met her but after reading her posts lol…

No. 44061

She's almost as ugly as vegan ginger holy fuck.

No. 44107

i liked sindy when i met her but after seeing a bunch of loosers writing shit about bher online. id decided to buy into all thier bullshit and make my mind up based on rhumour and not reason"

its no loss to me hun

No. 44108

*but god knows if i see sindy at a table, or cosplaying, ill come up and say hi to her and "pretend" like im ok with her anyway, just so she doesnt rip my face off on the spot."

"or ill just do what the rest do, lower my head and say nothing with an obvious look of shame on myface, or perhaps guilt" (tho you need a concience to feel guilt)

No. 44144

Not this bullshit again. Sindy, you are a cunt, you're ita as fuck, you can't spell and I probably would've drowned you by now but I don't want to touch filth. Take your weeby bullshit somewhere else

No. 44145

k den

No. 44181

Um… I just said I didn't believe all the rumors, it's your own posts that are doing you in. I don't know why I'm surprised reading comprehension isn't your strong point!

also why would I bother talking to someone I now think is retarded lol??

you did this yourself I'm not making this observation based off the anon posts.

I'm actually impressed you admit there are multiple people irl who avoid you but you're so deluded you think it's just because of rumors?

I guess someone like you wouldn't be capable of real self awareness or the ability to take responsibility for their own actions…

No. 44209

but after reading her posts
someone I now think is retarded lol
you wouldn't be capable of real self awareness or the ability to take responsibility for their own actions…

youve admit nothing you think about me is based on how i am with you

when u name me a retard you dont make me think im really missing out here, infact anybody who goes on lke tht. fk it. better off

my own actions, no dear i have never actualy done anything to any1 except argue back. i have never actualy went up to you and wronged you or sent abusive messages to/about you

No. 45276

Sindy, why do you keep telling others to quite going on about the past when you do that EXACT same thing yourself???

You are a hypocrite and bullshitter. Please stop. You're becoming fast tedious…and nobody's really got time fo dat

No. 45278

Also when you say shit like "I'm going to report you, you're trash, please go kill yourself blah blah blah….It shows a lack of individuality on your part not to mention just shear disgust.

No. 45279

That being said these posts are pretty pathetic. Sure you could all argue that I'm on the wrong post etc…Frakly it doesn't take away from the fact that I am right and you all know that this shit is ridiculous. I mean have none of you got lives??? Serious??? None at all??? All you're all doing is arguing about fucking Japanese stuff that even Japanese people don't fucking take as seriously as half you lot do not to mention the fact it's pretty fucked up you all find it necessary to backstab, bitch and bully others anon.

No. 45280

Nani the fuck did you just fucking iimasu about watashi, you chiisai bitch desuka? Watashi’ll have anata know that watashi graduated top of my class in Nihongo 3, and watashi’ve been involved in iroirona Nihongo tutoring sessions, and watashi have over sanbyaku perfect test scores. Watashi am trained in kanji, and watashi is the top letter writer in all of southern California. Anata are nothing to watashi but just another weaboo. Watashi will korosu anata the fuck out with vocabulary the likes of which has never been mimasu’d before on this continent, mark watashino fucking words. Anata thinks anata can get away with hanashimasing that kuso to watashi over the intaaneto? Omou again, fucker. As we hanashimasu, watashi am contacting watashino secret netto of otakus across the USA, and anatano IP is being traced right now so you better junbishimasu for the ame, ujimushi. The ame that korosu’s the pathetic chiisai thing anata calls anatano life. You’re fucking shinimashita’d, akachan

No. 45281

This is why you're not liked :')

No. 45282

aw boo

No. 45283

:D Nah all jokes aside I'm sure you're….an interesting person….but this page is just fucked up

No. 45284

Shady are you on yet???? Is this page just about the same person or what??? Does nobody have genuine laughs or is it always this shit??? I can't even work this page XD lmfao Shady why?????

No. 45286

why are you still fucking here

No. 45287

File: 1445093632937.gif (367.79 KB, 500x313, spogebob gif.gif)

No. 45289

Hey biatch!!! :P It's easy to use once you get used to it I'll help you through it :D

No. 45290

do you guys not posses the braincells to alow yu to move on with your damn lives?

No. 45291

its only been like.. 6 years

No. 45292

Ok so what exactly is this?? Cause so far it's not….all to interesting :/ Think I'd prefer facebook tbh lol

No. 45294


What are you tlking about??? Noone's here for you sweetie. I'm hear cause Shady ask me to come on. Does that bother you???

I'm not here to converse with you so bye!!

Also Shady mail me on facebook cause I'm not sure I want to be on this page with suspect people on it

No. 45295

its lolcow. its a place similar to 4chan.
its basically where a bunch of bitches with NO lives go to slag of cosplayers famur or not. they literally hate every1 and everything. unfortently eventually there friends get dragged into it which is why laurel got put up here. and why these guys went batshit about it (blaming me) (even tho her bored is oder than mine, and ive never posted on here before i was shown mine)

its not the kinda site you wanna just go on for fun which is why i cant understand what somebody like ashs is even doing on here or HOW she found mine of all bored (even tho im called sindypop)

No. 45296

Oh shut the hell up Sindy no one was talking to you. What's you're fucking problem anyway? I asked Sam to come on here not for you but because I asked her so fucking back off

No. 45297

awe go make your own enemies. got nothing fucking else to do on a saturday evening naw?

No. 45298

also, why
this page is about me. why d you guys need to be on here.

No. 45299

whats my problem. mixed fucking signals. samantha blocked me about 3 weeks ago. i didnt understand why and i dont fucking understand why i am seeing you guys again

No. 45300

Nope I'm not familiar with 4chan…Heard about it but also heard some freaking posts and shit go on there to so was never interested in going on it myself really…..Sounds sad actually. Shady speak on facebook. No arguing ok. Not worth it

No. 45301

and yes it is sad, and extreamly pathetic. but ffs dont get yourself involved some of the people on this place are seriously insane. 1 girl actualy thretend to kill herself and ME

No. 45303

Excuse me ya cheeky wee cunt but your the one that started on me actually. None of us were speaking to you so again what's you're fucking problem???

As for Samantha blocking you well I'm sure she'll tell you herself why but as far as I could tell it's because she didn't know if you were taking the piss and trying to trick her or some shit…

No. 45304

right well down to her. and id mmind your tounge with me hen. you are not as big as you think u are

as i already said. if you guys dont wanna no me. why are u heer

No. 45306

Actually Shady what I said was I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not because so much stuff had happened between us….I didn't know if Sindy was being insincere or what because again…so much personal stuff has happened….It's not that I'm bothered about the past, far from it….It's just I know what we're both capable of and stuff always get's taking in the wrong context….it's never good. I mean I don't mind her on my friends list. I really don't….It's just I thought for one reason or another grudges where still being held and I didn't want to go back to the past issues etc etc etc…..ok I've babbled enough now haha

No. 45307

Fair enough Sam

And I'd watch how you speak to me Sindy plop because again…none of us were even talking to you….you were the one that came at us with a fucking attitude.

No. 45308

and appearntly you new me for 6 years.

how many times did i let all the stuff go. it pisses me off you think im the type to hold a grudge

No. 45309


No. 45310

It's ok Shady…Don't sweat it. There's no point get angry. Just stop talking on here and come on facebook ok :)

No. 45312

I came on here because none of you're fucking business that's why. Don't think to highly of yourself doll there's plenty other places on here. This was just an automatic one. Did get pissy with me cause folk don't like you…

No. 45313

There's a few things you've done that proved you held grudges…and for a lot of things I didn't even know bothered you. I doesn't matter now anyway :) Past is the past. Simple :3

No. 45314

i really dont care who fucking likes me or not. i have no need to impress these trashy bitches.

"I came on here because none of you're fucking business that's why"
i love my ability to ust sence when smebody is gona be a bitch before they even speak.

No. 45316

Shady please fucking stop arguing ok. Just get of the damn page and forget it ok??!!!

No. 45317

I've mailed you Sam.

Oh and just for the record "sindy" If this thread bothers you that much, why not request it's removal???? or do you really just lap up bad attention????

No. 45318

1. can u even fucking do that
2. if u could how would i, somebody who cant work this site, even know that
3 ive been banned of it that many times i dont see that hapening

No. 45320

Shady fucking stop it…Jeez….

Btw I just noticed you said someone threatened to kill themselves and you??? Holy fudge that's sick!!!! Some people need help….

No. 45321

i dont "lap" it up as much. i take it at face value. if i was enjoying it why would i even try to defend myself

No. 45324

Ack don't worry about her Sin, she'll cool down soon enough :/ Anyways I'm going off here now it's to weird….This website really shouldn't exist. It's fucked up….

No. 45325

if me n beks can help it. it wont

No. 45328

whistles any other anons…
sindy-sama is getting bored

No. 45347

File: 1445099205944.jpg (10.76 KB, 260x194, wtf.jpg)

Cosplays miss fortune doesn't play or like league… wit
#poser #tryhard

No. 45349

ITT: sindy makes an ass of herself for days on end

In other news: the sky is blue

No. 45351

Keking at that this cow is so insignificant no farmers even care to post. How much more pathetic do you get than bumping your own thread over and over?


No. 45375

damn i go off for 5 minutes n look what i miss

yea i did play it a little but what with the cominuty being ass hates i chose to end my account

No. 45377

maybe i just wanna listen to your bullshit. it makes me laugh

No. 47729

You threaten people on here, again, when in actual fact your a massive shite bag? Last warning.

No. 47758

At least sage to keep this shit off front page

No. 47994

i have thretened anybody. ive only been responding to threats i get with threats i get

and last warning of what
is this who i think it is

No. 48148

how does 1 sage

No. 48322

>>being this new
write sage in the email field

No. 48328

No. 48330


No. 48819

That would depend on who you think it is wouldn't it?

No. 50729

i think its a very silly little girl who really needs to get over herself and do 1

No. 50746

Wrong :3

No. 50755

a very, very silly girl?

No. 50763

Nope, someone not silly at all in fact. Someone who is simply tired of all this crap

No. 50765

then go away

No. 50766

>all this crap
>knows nothing about it
>still thretens me anyway
>and calls me a shitebag

No. 50770

Jenny you are a shite bag though

No. 50771

i love the way you saved this url just for when you needed it, how much other shit have you written up here. all the while playing happy families.

do you think i cant tell who this is.
you made the mistake of telling someboy in my street about it all as if i was doing all this and causing all this.

i really dont give a fucking what u think anybody or how many times you threten me.
there is literally nothing you can do so just fuck off, for good

No. 50772

having an arguement with my mum does not under any circumstances give you the right to threten me in my own house, and then bareface lie to my mother saying that was all it when. when your on here doing your best to antimidate me

No. 50773

Haha I didn't save this I had someone send me it telling me what a little bitch you were being. Having an argument with your mum? No you scream at her like a spoilt little bitch because you can't do anything for yourself. Bare faced lie to her about intimidating you on here? I posted once on here, to let people know that you were in fact just all talk, which your mum knows about :) I dare you to even try and speak to me the way you carry on with the rest of your family. Grow up

No. 50774

well done

No. 50861

File: 1445876189359.jpg (34.23 KB, 440x416, pirate.jpg)

i miss the days of you guys slagging my cosplay off.

why am i even up here after this point.
it is literally the most sad athetic excuse of a lolcow bored ive even seen. even the anons cant be assed writing anything on it anymore. half the people who didnt like me when they made this no longer feel quite so salty. my cosplaying has improved expinentially to the point you no long have anything to critisize.

you didnt even critisize my dmg cosplay that tbh i was really excited to see you slag off. but nope nothing.

im so disapointed. you really know how to leave a girl hanging. some manners.

can the annon just like kill this thread with an m80 because this petty glasgow cosplaying bullshit, is over.

what exactly is the issue with me now.
and if its bullshit like your a bad cosplayer
make sure
1. its relivent. everybody is bad there first year

2. its something solid.
telling me you dont like a picture because the face looks off, when its down to bad exposure or pixilation.
saying i have legit yaoi hands when its literally just the perspective of a basic camera lense

imo and ito of many other people (many)
there seams to be nothing wrong with my appearance or cosplaying. most of the jewelary on this was actualy made by myself. wig styled by myself. hat decorated by myself.

fingers look fine. proportioned to my face. which yea aint good when your trying to be a guy.

so come on.. what exactly is so bad about me, anymore.

No. 50865


oh and, the trace artist shit?
literally half the table at ichiban yesterday watched me drawing my friend amy.

she might have posted the picture up on her fb. so that1 is out the window too

No. 50868

Sindy, the threads do not delete here. They eventually get lost at the bottom of the barrel if they are not replied to. When you continue to reply to the thread, it just pushes its way back to the front.

Just… stop posting. That's what will make it go away. Seriously. Not trolling you here. Leave it alone. None of the legit farmers here have been replying; it's just primarily you and vendettafags that found this when you posted the link publically on your FB page.

You're not funny… just… sad. Thankfully, the thread will hit bump limit soon and lock automatically.

No. 50870

wrng i am funny. this isnt me being funny. this is me missing my old hate

and hey option 2 works for me. but thats already happened before. and after 3 months i check back to find theystill havent moved on -_-

No. 50873

any idea how to check ho close it is to that limit?

No. 50877

also ive learned of a wonderthing calle saging. apparently that stops it from front paging/

No. 50881

If you don't post in the thread any more it will lock. Honest.

The only reason it hasn't locked from the bump-limit like the other Anon said is because you keep replying. It stops the mods from being able to lock it, regular glitch we've been dealing with lately.

If you want your thread to disappear just don't reply. Right now you're tricking the system into thinking it's an active thread so it'll just stay up forever. :^)

No. 50882

Sidny, you need to take a break girl
So eat a bagel and calm down, forget how crazy you are and work on getting better at your art

No. 50979

File: 1445886549254.png (881.43 KB, 1182x1084, q.png)

Sindy did you just post to /b/.

No. 50988


No. 50989

yea man. i was having a little exploration on this bored. posted in a few :)

No. 51006

oh god she has no shame. There is no way she isn't copying other art. I mean comparing it to this? >>43302 Like there is no explanation to how shit your art turns in a second.

especially with posts like this flying around. >>43527

Did she ever address the legit proof given to her that she copied without permission?

No. 51007

ah im glad you braught this up, alow me to explain

so on the panty picture in comparison to…>>43302 this/?

this was drawn on really unpleasant sketchbook paper. and it was in complete disagreement with my latreset markers. if you look at the drawing anatomically theres nothing diferant. i just got lazy with pen and it wouldnt alow the ink to flow. 170gsm. done. also it was a blog sketch. not a drawing id sell

now this.
i never once as i said to ultra ugo-kun
claimed to have coloured this. i saved the image that was coloured by.. alibaaba something i forget his tumblr name, as i did then when i didnt credit him.

i explained to ultra ugo that it was never supposed to be me saying this was mine. i do do my own manga pannel colours but i hadnt dont 1 for that pannel. so i used his because its so amazing lets face it.

glad you alowed me to clear that up

No. 51008

File: 1445891504579.jpg (53.35 KB, 512x472, she wont stop their.JPG)

Is this part of your mission to bring lolcow down? I mean, that and sending posts to cows to tell them they've got a thread here?

Why is your spelling so BAD? Were you brought up in Easterhouse?

No. 51009


something like that yea

and as i also said. i lack the slow typing, thats hat happenes when your raised on mmorpgs, gotta reply fast

No. 51010

i found 1 today shaming this ember girl and saying she was also lieng about her scolisis even tho it was pic'd up

but my replied got the thread locked.

i dont need to bring this site down. even getting my bred ut under flakes which is for threads nobody wants in here. is fine with me

No. 51011

my thread put under mistakes

No. 51012

>my reply got the thread locked

Holy fuck, all of my keks. Even after it was explained to her how this works. Someone send help for my sides.

No. 51013


holy cow. use your brain. i replied just at the end of the thread and my reply as a result caused it to lock

No. 51014

and who even says keks anymore xF

No. 51015

She's legit ESN. She understands nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 51016

>It was bad paper!
>The pen was being weird!
>I didn't plan on getting money from this!

… you're not a real artist if this is seriously your explanation. in the drawing with panty there is a clear understanding of anatomy basics and how clothing folds in on itself. That understanding doesn't just disappear when you doodle or gesture.

Even in your comic panels they look like crap compared to this drawing! They look like you don't know what your doing and are just copying things you've seen before, they aren't organic pieces or poses. At least admit that you copy pictures, not always tracing them but eyeball stuff and copy it because it is so painfully obvious.

I understand none of this will get through to you because you are the type of person to never admit fault, blame, or wrong doing on your part … but come one man … do you seriously expect people to take you seriously when you act like this? What are you even trying to accomplish?

No. 51019

HAHAHAHHA oh man. you go find some 25gsm note pad paper and go full watercolour on it then. you come back and tell me how the paper and media arent important. do you even know what art is

No. 51020

File: 1445892421239.jpg (10.97 MB, 2128x3025, Voltana.jpg)

op i jumped before finished reading this

yea your right there is way more detail in that panty drawing. but.. you know why. cause she has a short frilly skirt.

there no detail in sinders dress? there why you use the white to build it up.

also i have no understnding of folds. then why is this 1 okay

No. 51025

File: 1445892657970.jpg (5.71 MB, 2552x3348, aosoth.jpg)

ohh i see you want more sketchy stuff.
okay right hang on im sure i scaned 1 or 2 in

there you are. lots of sketchyness

No. 51034


Yeah these look like absolute shit compared to the panty drawing. Thanks for proving my point.

No. 51038

NAAAH. you're just being a cynical cunt tbh, thanks for proving MY point

No. 51039

your failed to exlain in any way why they look bad in comparrison

No. 51049

Again as I said … it is not in your nature to be a nice person or admit fault and in your world you are always right, I get that … but sure, I'll try and explain.

your panty drawing has extended shading, very sepcific lines where the shadows would go as if you knew exactly where to put them like a good artist would. In this other ink color you did the highlighting is random and placed in areas that don't even really make sense along with almost a complete lack of shadows in general on everything except the roses. the roses are really the only good part of this ink. Even the stones on each figure show vastly different quality with the pearls on this woman looking dull and spotty cross hatching and once again nonsensical highlighting from no clear direct lighting.

The hands on the panty drawing aren't perfect but they do look consistant, again as if you knew what the fingers would be doing (but not the pal as it is too small but mistakes will happen when you simply copy something by eye balling) where as these fingers are twig like and look like sheer guess work with no clear view where the palm begins and ends making the hand next to her breast look claw like. her forearms are also two completely different size, a problem you don't have in the panty drawing. the hair/feather on the armor (had no idea what you were going for) have no clear shadow and randomized highlighting whereas the panty drawing had clear intention as to where each piece of hair begins and ends and where the shadows lay respectively. you somewhat captured that in this pictures hair but don't have a clear understanding where the scalp base would be with all these random lines jutting out from the forehead.

The anatomy of this scaled woman … my god it's awful. Just compare the belly of this figure with the panty one and just TRY and say they are the same quality. She has no muscle form, no understanding of how fat rests on the body, the belly botton is a large slit, she get cut? Not accurate. The panty muscle tone is spot on and clear and soft when it needs to be and pointed and harsh where line weight requires it. You just draw a bunch of random pointed lines where you thought muscle would go on this one … and what the fuck with those legs. I get that it's hard to draw feet and perspective but jesus and the cloth over her vag is complete guess work with no weight implied in the fabric at all. in the panty one there is a clear different in fabric weight based on where the lines are.

And that head and neck … makes no god damn sense. The neck is coming out of the base of the jaw, not the skull in this making her look so fuckin weird. her nose is just obligatory implied bull.

The panty piece shows intent and confidence with lines … this one looks like something a middle schooler would fawn over.

mic drop.

No. 51056


oh gosh please admit you traced this

No. 51058

because i do know exacty where to put shading. i know how to shade XD i felt i went a little into the DANGAZONE using purple but my skyblue had died and pink looks odd

ugh what pers are you talking abut voltana has no perls XD if you mean the dots on her skin there tattoos.

hun i draw the little victory sign all the time. i guess bing in love with slayers taut me that 1. my fingers are allways consistent. there allways slim on woman unfrotunetly sometimes on men too XD

the stuff with pantys shadowing and colouring. idk maybe down to liuck i used way more highlights on her and changed my colouring style a little. shes blonde so.. maybe it looks easier. i made her lines super bold aswell/

voltanas body is not the same as pantys its a diferant flash tone and shape. also her abdomen is totaly stretched.
that fully line is not the belly button lol the belly button is the black dot in the middle of it. the line is your abdomen center line, and fat. volt is a warrior she is lean and toned.

the kneck is comming out of the jaw oh yea i see that and ill take 1 on bored. but i dont like overdoing it with my knecks incase they look like they got a thyroid problem.

you literally cant tell where pantys kneck is starting and ending.

and thanks for that end compliment in your own backward way. i was in a much better mood that day

No. 51060

but i didnt trace the panty or my aosoth sketch or all the rest?

No. 51062

also look at it larger, you can see the back legs. look at the rose to the > right
and to the fur on her left < leg

her back legs are there

No. 51063

I knew it was pointless trying.

I guess if you like your life the way it is right now than go for it. But I feel so bad for people like you that are stuck in one mindset and only one way of thinking: "I'm always right". There is no room for growth or self discovery. You are limiting yourself by acting so toxic. No matter what someone says to you, you take it as a threat and try and play it off like you are the hottest shit ever. Humility is actually a very human quality and doesn't mean weakness. There is a lot of freedom in being humble.

Continue copying other art. At the end of the day people really don't give that much of a shit except you. I mean look as this thread, it is nothing but you trying to make people give a shit about you.

No. 51067

i just gave you some agreement wtf

No. 51068

i already did. i was making a sticker

No. 51069

File: 1445896644935.gif (1.82 MB, 1200x800, 1426863886173.gif)

Ever gonna explain this one?

No. 51070

So you traced to make a sticker? sure.

No. 51071

dont you dare sit and condiscend on me as if i have no fucking idea. you literally have 0 idea of the amount of times humility has hit me hard. i am a walking self improvment work of fucking art. but i wont sit here and let you disprespect me either.

No. 51075

XD hey theres your eslaination take it or leave. i never once sold it or passed it off as mine.

is this literally what your gona do. cling to this forever. shits getting mad old

No. 51079

tell you guys what, go find the other images if im this trace artist. otherwise shut the hell up

if i was lieng about it being a sticker i was making then surley all the other images must be traced, you go have a fun wee adventure now, bye bye

No. 51080

File: 1445897197047.gif (707.4 KB, 1180x596, 1426863886174.gif)

No but for someone to claim they never trace, here's two proven samples someone made that you trace. And you've given bullshit reasons for both. So you can imagine how none of us can believe you any time you say you haven't traced something. Especially with how different each of your images look as explained by anon above

No. 51081

this doesnt prove anything tho. because they were both from the same post. they were both stickers i was making. i had to replicate those same images but a6 size. i didnt want to draw it i liked those images so i did over the line art and turned them into minituatre stickers. ive done it for tuns of my stickers. i posted a gagaga girl and dmg 1 ages ago

No. 51082

he did say they look diferant, you ll do. but im sorry i dont HOW they are diferant, my eye style finger style and hair shape styles are allways the same.

yet your telling me thier not. i call bull

No. 51083

and again i literally sat and drew a girl in ichiban yesterday infront of half of the meet. they were all watching me (the half of them)

No. 51090

File: 1445898163873.png (667.87 KB, 754x565, lolk.PNG)

"but i drew this i drew that i drew for this person believe me guys people watched me 4realz guyz"

but the question still remains, what about the images you traced? lol

No. 51094

awe but i thought itwaseyeball referencing

No. 51097

guys. ive wone. youve lost. this thread hs about 30 bumps left then its old hat.
i wont be bumping your new 1 my friends wont eight so . yea, youve lost

No. 51098

be on it, so

No. 51102

fucking priceless. Gif overlay incoming. All lines except for mouth and eyes match perfectly

No. 51104

File: 1445898659482.gif (443.67 KB, 409x596, gif.gif)

So we have 3 gifs in a row of tracing. I'm feeling up to searching and overlaying the rest of your art now

No. 51105

Ur a fucken ita

No. 51106

actualy ill tell you what were a little while off mine closing so im going to leave to the fabulous "staff" of this site to lock it in some dark basement end of lolcow somewhere.

thisis my last reply on here. u got a problem with me. fb me

No. 51107

a "fucken" ita yea/

what you gona "fuken" do about it

No. 51108

on you g. nobody actualy cares XD

No. 51111

Zoch an ita.

No. 51112

also to any scottish cosplayers on here.

id seriously watch yourself before posting shit about me fromhere onto facebook. cause it gets messaged rright too me. then u start a war and if i get enough shit. memes abuse threats u can be ii will literally just polace you

No. 51113

watactualy does ita mean

No. 51114

Running away cause you got caught. I like how you won't link to it on your facebook because then all your friends will see you're a cowardly little fraud you wretch

No. 51115

painful to look at

No. 51117

everybody who wants to be on here already knows how to get here.

its just that nobody cares. nobody wants to come on here. nobody wants to read it and nobody gives 2 shits what crap you put up here. you picked a ranom bored that will eventually be forever lost in the depths of this hell. that wasnt smart

No. 51118

and if you keep buumping this thread you know what will hppen. so either way this thread will vanish soon anyway

No. 51119

Sage means it doesn't get bumped you retard.
You got caught tracing. Now you're backpeddling. I thought that was your last post?>>51106?
You just can't stop.

No. 51120