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File: 1687867301340.jpg (276.11 KB, 1080x1089, 1686043663165.jpg)

No. 1854114

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

>>1705825 Kaya/Jake/Kat thread #1
>>1715677 Kaya/Jake/Kat thread #2
>>1764493 Kaya/Jake/Kat thread #3
>>1808521 Kaya/Jake/Kat thread #4
>>1832500 Jake/Kat thread #1

Jake and Kat threads have re-booted to exclude Kaya, Kayaposting has returned to Altcows.

Previous thread:

Updates from last thread:
>>1728150 Kat von D collaborating with Marilyn Manson.
>>1728883 Word salad from Dorian about how imagining vampires made her a boy, but she won't get the sausage procedure.
>>1738786 Kat von D hosted Marilyn Manson's birthday at her house.
>>1741118 IBF had her second accesor-err, baby.
>>1755849, >>1755852 Mamies OF was leaked.
>>1765968 IBF back on the pity farming grind, hoping to get food from her neighbours?
>>1773916 Reeree returns to Instagram.
>>1774524 Reeree's ex threatened to sell her nudes.
>>1776445 Allegations of Jake sexually harassing the leading member of Eyes of Nocturne.
>>1776605 Allegations quickly withdrawn as Jake supposedly apologised and made up with the woman.
>>1784972, >>1784979, >>1784981, >>1785410 Dorian's and Ash's blogs from their youth were uncovered. It's not all weedsmoke and roses like she says.
>>1802572 Kaya's patreon is in fact, for her bills, even if stated otherwise. Have you made your pledge, altizen?
>>1807146 Kaya travels internationally while sick with COVID, gets tattoos as well.
>>1812801 IBF is ungrateful that her family didn't sort out a spacious, modern, furnished house for two adults and two kids. Mr Owl is working as a cleaner to support the family.
>>1817593 IBF does an easter egg hunt at night, at a cemetary, with only her husband. Goff shit. She left eggs behind for someone else to clean.
>>1824003 Reeree starts an OnlyFans.
>>1825655 IBF tries to crowdfund her WGT tickets by selling her artwork on eBay, starting at $150 each.
>>1830247 IBF selling another painting, tagging it #notverygood, pity harvest has been poor this year.
>>1832076 The campaign fails, as $600 does not cover a WGT ticket, as well as flights+stay NZ-DE.
>>1832209 Oh wait, asking followers to fund her travel was just a joke. Laughter all around.
>>1834564 Kayas suspected new fling - a TIM.
>>1836085 IBF collaborates with Avelina de Moray on a tacky jewellery collection.
>>1845166 Kaya shows off tit bruises, presumably caused by the TIM, >>1832360.
>>1849121 Reeree ruins her face.
>>1849963 IBF goes to a steampunk festival to show off her lack of knowledge on the scene, and to sulk about not going to WGT.

No. 1854115

File: 1687867383644.jpg (25.53 KB, 524x937, 3805628439756.JPG)

Kaya is dropping hints that she is interested in someone.

No. 1854117

File: 1687867621701.png (474.54 KB, 1578x939, 8686533553.png)

>>1854115 ..but is also denying that she's dating anyone. Maybe she's not dating the TIM, but the stuff they posted online made it seem like they hooked up, at least.

No. 1854134

File: 1687869253138.png (68.95 KB, 637x831, Screenshot_20230627-133412.png)

No. 1854138

'Can't make it to' = hasn't been invited and can't grift her way to

No. 1854151

>but is also denying that she's dating anyone
I think she's playing dumb and sees the TIM as a woman, that's why she asked "what guy?".

No. 1854162

Yeah, she's being careful with her wording. Alongside playing dumb,
>If I'm dating someone and want y'all to know about it i'll tell ya
Could mean she's dating someone but doesn't want to say it, or noone at all.

No. 1854170

I tuned in for only a little bit last night on one of IBF's live streams. Apparently she has some plan where she is renting the biggest truck she could possibly get and driving for a ton of hours to get all her stuff back. And all kids in tow + mr. owl.

No. 1854174

IS it really worth such a huge, uncomfortable hassle?

No. 1854177

Tehe, just girly things showing bruises in your nips for all to see and posting photos at a beach all cosy with "not a man".

Maybe the tim didn't like being an accessory for kaya

No. 1854181

He'll try to use her for clout and then throw hissyfits like Jake because she gets more attention. It's 12 years of misery all over again.

No. 1854182

File: 1687874374773.png (130.11 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230627-150042.png)

Tim is looking for new job .she not going won't him .

No. 1854199

Tims are generally poly/whores based on the mtf thread, you don't become a dickgirl walking fetish because you want a stable ltr with a woman kek

No. 1854205

Is it only a student or does being trans take up too much time to commit full time?

Whatever happened to the elf dude she was hanging around with? Did she trade Grant for Slimelight and elfboy for Tim?

No. 1854232

File: 1687880693541.png (134.96 KB, 652x1011, Screenshot_20230627-164300.png)

Tim looking for extra money

No. 1854235

File: 1687881010098.png (577 KB, 630x1158, Screenshot_20230627-164315.png)

No. 1854319

That bro almost doxing himself

No. 1854438

How to tell someone online is male: they post their exact location and draw attention to it

No. 1854474

Or they could go mention you're shit at your job kek. Ironic someone who named himself "duchess" is doxxing his workplace for a chance at 25 quid. The work address is in London by the way, if he lives nearby then I guess kaya can only go see him during slimelight. No tit bruises to show off for a while then.

No. 1854484

Thanks for making the new thread nonna, it looks good
>>1854115, >>1854117
A couple of months ago in her IG Q&A Kaya said she was interested in someone but the spark fizzled out. She also said that there was a guy in her IG followers that she knows IRL and is '100% her type' but she was too scared to ask them out. I always assumed she was talking about her regular tattoo artist Spooks because there was a subtle implication that their trip to zoo was a date and you can see her friends teasing her about it in her London vlog. Clearly things didn't go further than that.
Duchess is probably some fall back option that's been in the picture for a month yet they seem very forward and sexually aggressive so things have moved very quickly. Kaya's probably very receptive to that attention but holds back on calling it dating just yet.
>>1854474, >>1854235
Lol it's super easy to find their FB and they've got their home town on there.

No. 1854570

That's the impression I get as well, he's sexually forward hence the speed. I actually think elfboy likes her too (and probably others) but he seems the type of guy who's very shy in terms of relationship/sex so he didn't put any moves on, and Kaya didn't realise since she's very forward and friendly.
It's definitely easy to think sexually aggressive = into you but imo Kaya has probably been overlooking people prior to "duchess"
My theory about her past crush is she was into Grant* since he has the long black hair romantic goth look she likes, possibly the tension there led to their friend breakup
(*I think that's his name)

No. 1854712

Elfboy was quite a bit younger than her too though so that might have put some distance between them or made them lean more into just being friends. He's very cute though and did buy her that bracelet for her early on, he seems sweet. I think the troon is just a FWB situation tbh? They went on that little picnic date and pretty obviously hooked up, but it doesn't seem like a full blown relationship by any means yet. If he's jobless and hurting for cash I can't imagine it's going to bode well for them sustaining a real LDR either unless Kaya actually makes the move to London or something. Honestly just seems like Kaya is just exploring her options for the first time as an adult woman after being in one awful long relationship since she was only 16. Not really the worst thing as long as she isn't too irresponsible or stupid with it. Obviously a TIM is a questionable choice, but I really wonder how much she sees him as a woman and not just a pretty skinny goth dude in a skirt which is exactly her type.

No. 1854740

Did Kaya not give him the tip to open up a patreon and live off of that yet? (I’m joking i know he has not a big following)
Thanks for paying attention anon and connecting the dots! I hope she finds a cute dude and drops the tranny but she said she “might” have a crush

No. 1855131

Jazmin bean was on Instagram live
>claims she has no more beef with melanie martinez, nobody knows about their good relationship "cos why would I tell you" but is also sick of the questions
>claims she's not an industry plant or nepo baby, her musician father wanted nothing to do with her and wouldn't even pay child support, and her mother stopped being a musician to raise their 3 kids and get a day job, thought interscope wanting to sign her was a scam
>admits she's so chronically online that she constantly needs "normal people" to review her music before she releases it
>wants to move to la, says she knows there's crazy people there but wants to go cos "that's where the money and fame is" kek
>is comfortable saying her age now but as a minor she wasn't cos of grooming situations and having to hide her age. Says her next album is all very literal, so her generic ass single from it in the last thread was about the grooming
>she's not doing the sickly sweet pink and gore anymore, thank god, but also claims her new style is theatrical and epic. Right after releasing that bland single? K

Was also on live with some TiM called Moon dyeing her hair, and her detransitioning TiM friend salvia, nothing interesting though she still calls salvia a "she"

No. 1855159

Her music is shit and I'm not buying someone saying they arent a industry plant, just cause they say so. Wonder if shes not anymore though seeing as she isnt getting heavily pushed like icespy and shit.

No. 1855261

>she's not an industry plant or nepo baby
Maybe not in the traditional sense but when both your parents were in the industry they at least know people. I’m sure they gave her names, phone numbers etc.

No. 1855450

Right for people who claim it was all them when they had help, why hide it because clearly it did help, downplaying it is giving insecure or smth

Oh and samefag I just remembered, like a day later kek, that she thinks she has autism, and there is a big correlation between that and being genderspecial so I'm not surprised

No. 1855487

File: 1688061339755.png (506.44 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20230629-184810.png)

No. 1855500

She’s too dumb to function really

No. 1855513

Lazy you mean, she's been home a week!

No. 1855529

>>1855513 I have no hope for her …

No. 1855649

Kaya would be incredibly frustrating to be friends with, let alone date. She's so fucking useless.
Lol she's been back in Belfast for over a week and there's no sign of the car vlog. All she's done is hang out with friends on 2 days - that's it. What the fuck does she do all day kek? No wonder she's cagey about how she spends her time and refuses room mates. Any body living with a fat slob will eventually get verbally abusive because it's really tough to live with people like that, especially when they cry that they will change but nothing ever happens. I always thought it was sus that she refused temporarily living with one of her many family members in Belfast during her crisis in 2019 but now it's clear why.
Duchess, an aspiring actress (eyeroll), is 6 years younger than Kaya and probably just as aimless and 'free-spirited'…something tells me they are going to struggle living together and paying bills. That's even if Duchess can pull Kaya away from living 15 mins away from Mummy without getting accused of forcing her away from her support network. Why does Kaya keep getting into LDRs?

No. 1855724

>wants to move to la cos "that's where the money and fame is"
Because that's totally not a failed pipe dream hundreds of people have, what makes her think she'd make it with her boring discography

No. 1855727

Hi, everyone! I know this is a long shot but does anyone here have some if not all the Drac Makens videos?? She was my favourite youtuber, sadly as you may know she deleted her channel like two years ago. I managed to find quite a few of her videos but there are a lot missing. If anyone has them and wants to send them my way or even exhange them i would be glad!!

No. 1855836

Date on the bag is 21/6/23. Forgetting your very important stuff at the airport for 8 days is impressive.

No. 1855889

speaking of drac makens, what ever the hell happened to her? last time i saw she was in her “i’m soo chicana” phase. she seems to have disappeared completely since then.

No. 1855901

she got overwhelmed with the goth community as far as i know, hence why she deleted all of her content related to her Drac Makens persona. I know there must be more personal reasons into it but we will never know for sure. Even though i get why she would do this, i hate the fact that she didn't keep her videos ups. She had and still has many fans out there (and haters as well sigh). That's why i'm trying to recover most of her lost media, not for a public reupload necessarily but to share in a private form to anyone that might want to have it as well.

as of now, she makes art i think and has a private ig account.(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1855955

File: 1688143429344.png (260.89 KB, 705x818, Screenshot_20230630-174343.png)

No. 1855957

All you can do is put feelers out on multiple platforms and people will eventually reach out with their private collections. I feel the same way about vintage anythingforselenaaas (Selena Ruiz) content. She got rid of all her old looks on YT and IG seemingly because she's a professional MUA working under her original handle. I don't know why these people can't make a privated archive playlist for their fans on the YT, they can always mute their vids if they have privacy concerns. It's a shame.

No. 1855977

If she wasn't so desperate to show off she just had seeeex then people wouldn't think Duchess is a woman basher. The tit bruises happened 3 weeks but she's going to have to deal with domestic violence speculation for months because she couldn't cover up for a while. She's backed herself into a corner because it's way to early to introduce her little BDSM buddy but she's already spammed a million stories with their tag and people are waiting for the honest car chats she promised. Duchess just came out of a long-term LDR and Kaya has regressed a lot this year so I think it was a mistake to over-commit when they barely know each other.

No. 1856381

That duchess dude still has pictures up with his ex kek great pick Kaya

No. 1856430

File: 1688207800872.png (351.83 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_20230701-113714.png)

Away again

No. 1856511

isn't one of her new besties a hair dresser? Is the friendship over already?

No. 1856562

Is her Instagram content really just her constantly making random minor complaints

No. 1856614

It's been so successful in making idiots give her money she probably thinks she can nag her hair at will.

No. 1856677

File: 1688242120218.png (837.8 KB, 648x1162, Screenshot_20230701-210838.png)

Begging works for her all the time free hair colour by Lisa

No. 1856717

File: 1688249754651.jpg (606.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230701_231724_Gal…)

She said she wants to move away from her cutesy gore aesthetic, so ig her new aesthetic is bag lady

No. 1856833

File: 1688265449779.jpg (1.68 MB, 874x1022, qCJRbmA.jpg)

Her IG story spam was so criiinge, it had 'just turned 18 and getting crunk on Dad's Smirnoff because the house is free!' energy. She hasn't spammed a night in since last year, she's definitely feeling delicate after we said her Belfast mates are drifting away. This was excessive and felt very intentional, like she's trying hard to prove she has friends. Kaya is such an irritating, obnoxious drunk; it's like she gets charged up from sitting at home for days and all her annoying energy gets charged up. She started acting like she couldn't bear to have a tequila shot during a drinking game and her friends, tired from doing real jobs, sounded a little irritated.
"As if you're weren't happy drinking just before", "Is it that bad?"
>>1856511, >>1856430
How hard is it to get Lisa to do your hair every month? Even Duchess used to be a hairdresser so they can bleach and colour Kaya's hair now that she's going to be a frequent flyer.
I'd say either Lisa got sick of giving Kaya freebies or Kaya is too lazy to drive to the hairdressers.
Duchess was dating a pretty and fashionable Polish girl up until 2 months ago, someone who was goth as well and doing a STEM degree (unlike Kaya she's got some direction in life).
The girl deleted old couple pics on her IG but like you've noticed, Duchess hasn't.
This whole situation reminds me of Jake looking for his meal ticket out of Wales on Bebo and VF, freshly broken up and looking for desperate girls online. He was talking to lots of girls and weighing his options but Kaya eventually became his most viable option after stringing her along for months. I wonder why Duchess is rebounding so quick and what the actual intentions are…

No. 1856985

File: 1688301340085.png (942.29 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20230702-133420.png)

No. 1856989

I know she wants to show off the tattoos but i never got why she has had a sidecut for so many years, it has never suited her face. Her hair is kinda covering the fact she has such a weak chin and jaw, so the sidecut makes it more obvious instead

No. 1857006

File: 1688306515120.png (583.31 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_20230702-150234.png)

It's tim birthday coming up so are they going on holiday together.

No. 1857110

File: 1688320274048.jpg (415.16 KB, 355x625, w5ntBqJ.jpg)

Kaya making a shameless reference to pegging in the lead-up to her trip. Guess we know what Duchess is getting for his birthday…

No. 1857201

Every anon on ot and the mtf thread who has described their boyfriend's rancid butthole/pegging/anal experience has assured me that going near a man's asshole will only end in tears, I think an assumption of (female) cleanliness is where this type of experimentation goes wrong. Plus if a guy wants anal that much, he's better off finding a man to do it for him.

No. 1857302

Especially a Tim's asshole. Either they won't wash down there because muh dysphoria or they'll be way too active down there because being a woman means 24/7 sex to them. Atp I don't think there's an in between. I really hope kaya doesn't have an ltr with this dude, and doesn't catch something nasty from him as a fwb.

No. 1857374

>going on holiday together
>shameless reference to pegging
I'm sorry, but where is she saying this anon? I don't doubt they hooked up during their picnic weekend, but did she say somewhere she is going on holiday with him or pegging him? The 2nd pic just seems like a dumb joke about the caterpillar toys suspicious appearance?

No. 1857375

Its so weird they always end up climbing on too of each other and do strange twister without a twister mat. When I party with my friends we dont get that physical

No. 1857419

File: 1688382682175.png (631.13 KB, 709x881, Screenshot_20230703-121158.png)

No. 1857420

File: 1688382827887.png (906.72 KB, 720x1147, Screenshot_20230703-121426.png)

Tim is packing

No. 1857426

Her life is full time hoilday.

No. 1857443

Tried for a long time to give her the benefit of the doubt after the breakup and living in the studio but it's enough now! There's no excuse to not pack! She needs to get a serious grip. There's only so much you can blame on executive dysfunction

I know this has been said 100 times but still very frustrating

No. 1857524

File: 1688402916197.png (488.48 KB, 705x1131, Screenshot_20230703-174446.png)

I blame the enablers as PATRONS keep giving her the lifestyle
She been in London every few weeks Sinch march been on 3 hoildays so far .not worried about cost of living.

No. 1857547

Teehee whoops! So quirky! Let's post about the problem before fixing the problem, because uhh reasons? I know a lot of people do this sometimes but to the extent that she does it where she'll post about ANY mild inconvenience before or even instead of fixing it. Is it like trying to gain validation for how lazy she is or something?

No. 1857566

File: 1688408064487.png (1.11 MB, 720x1086, Screenshot_20230703-191531.png)

No. 1857583

File: 1688409410475.png (389.29 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_20230703-193730.png)

No. 1857609

File: 1688413230962.png (272.89 KB, 673x899, Screenshot_20230703-204119.png)

No. 1857615

File: 1688413785724.png (337.02 KB, 717x995, Screenshot_20230703-205024.png)

No. 1857626

oh they are definitely going on holiday together, also desides is he ESL or just a dumbass?

No. 1857627

File: 1688415690776.png (276.85 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_20230703-195214.png)

No. 1857632

File: 1688416142881.png (498.97 KB, 709x1115, Screenshot_20230703-212910.png)

No. 1857634

File: 1688416781361.png (505.46 KB, 674x776, Screenshot_20230703-213944.png)

No. 1857635

She's missing Slimelight this Saturday and both her and Duchess were seen packing in their stories. I think illiterate anon made a random guess it was his birthday but I think it makes sense actually. Kaya said she's travelling somewhere that's not London or Barcelona so she's probably going somewhere new or special with her new friend to celebrate - maybe back to Vegas?
The pegging comment was mostly tongue in cheek but she's been super open about her sexuality for months so I wouldn't put it past her to make dildo jokes on her TikTok now she was a 'girlfriend'.
>>1857419, >>1857443
She's been back in Belfast for 10-12 days and didn't do any work while she was there. She saw friends on 2 or 3 days and posted IG stories, that's it. She can't multi-task for shit so while she courts Duchess her job suffers and responsibilities are forgotten.
Remember this is the same idiot that had to wake up at 4:30am on her birthday so she could finishing filming and editing 2 videos before partying and catching a flight at 5am the next day (she was awake for 27 hours or something). All this rushing and stress is self-inflicted.

No. 1857649

>meet someone totally random, and then suddenly you're best friends and having cool adventures
Posting for posterity here, Kaya has not learned a thing from the lovebomb to miserable LTR pipeline with Jake. Like "suddenly best friends" not ringing any alarm bells when you're 28 or whatever? The photo an anon posted with Adora Batbrat made me a bit suspicious about his intentions (Adora has poor taste in boys to party with, barring coalcandy who seems excellent) and also TIMs aren't known for their sanity or honesty/trustworthiness. He was ebegging for £25 too (lol) so it really reminds me of the Jake situation where someone is latching onto a more successful/well off person.

No. 1857652

File: 1688419941924.png (736.55 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_20230703-223307.png)

No. 1857659

I love how defensive and annoyed she is getting with this topic when she is the one who purposely showed off her hickeys and bruised titties for attention

No. 1857665

File: 1688421550928.jpeg (569.82 KB, 1170x944, IMG_4488.jpeg)

Little late on the Wednesday hype train, aren’t we Freyja?

No. 1857711

File: 1688426331871.jpg (2.8 MB, 1528x2232, MxA5gGu.jpg)

Kaya could have made an effort to hide Duchess' face and identity but instead she posted intimate photos, her hickeys and tagged/cross-posted heaps of stuff with die__herzogin. Better yet, she could have held back from posting any of Duchess' trip if she wanted zero questions about her dating life. We know why she did this: she was high on oxytocin, wanted attention and Duchess needs the followers.
Inb4 she says they're just 'gal pals'. They've known each other for a very short amount of time and their touchy-feely pics look different to how she feels up her Belfast friends in a drunk straight girl way.
Girl…you have a Mac laptop. You can literally do your Plush planning anywhere in the world.
In actuality you and your mates are laughing over the fact you've turned your life into a soap opera for Patreon which in turns keeps the lights on and keeps the cocktails flowing. You know full well what you're doing and now you've gone from playing dumb to acting all indignant - stfu. You outed yourself before you were ready to go public and now you're getting whiney and blaming others. If your friends do get 'scared off' it'll because you don't have any more clout or they're sick of you, not because of your haters lol.
Grrr 'watch out y'all', Kaya's super pissed because we've figured out her little game. Her little display of attitude is so lame and unfunny.

No. 1857719

Her original insta got hacked so she had to use her side account as her main. I dunno why she hasn’t reposted all her old shit though.

No. 1857724

Illiterate-chan, can you stop cowtipping and sending her questions?

No. 1857735

What is it she does again that makes her so busy? Is writing an email really that much harder than her IG stories? How fucking difficult is it to make a plushie of a black cat

No. 1857751

Kaya is 30 years old. You might not have realised it was a milestone birthday since she didn't announce her age and her long time friends were no where to be seen. Didn't she fly out the vegas ones for Amber's birthday? Weird.

Weird immature response from weird immature adult. Secure adults don't have to post their personal relationships online for validation be it romantic or platonic. Shock horror an influencer posts coupley looking photos and bruises on her nips and her fans that give her money because life was so unfair to her innocently ask if she's now dating someone. How dare people show interest in some possible positive news? Or maybe kaya knows her fans will get pissed off knowing she's collecting their pledges to buy herself companionship and putting all other responsibilities to one side.

Maybe when kaya hits her 40s she'll feel like she's finally had a satisfactory "youth" and will grow up.

No. 1857769

There's something odd about the way Kaya is pretending to be annoyed about dating speculation while dropping constant obvious hints and posting about said speculation constantly. I think she actually does want to go public but the troon doesn't, because Kaya could simply ~not respond~ to those anon asks rather than posting replies on her Stories. And she tends to be passive aggressive about some things. I'm sure the troon has mutual followers with her too so them both packing to go on holiday together etc won't be missed, among all the other recent hints. Kaya has been the one posting all the hints too, not the troon.

No. 1857794

She posted vague progress updates when she should have got her audience more involved with the design process - it's all shrouded in mystery. She dicked around way too long and now the iron is no longer hot; by the time it's ready people will no longer be interested/able to afford it.
I was referring to Duchess' birthday (that was illiterate anon's guess >>1857006). It seems like this will be Duchess and Kaya's first time travelling together so it must be for a special occasion (like a birthday). Kaya wouldn't reveal where she was travelling to but said it wasn't London, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Prague or Scotland.
Kaya is the living version of the stick in bicycle wheel meme. It reminds me when she would defend Jake's right to identify as goth during the Goff Wars on Twitter and waste hours and emotional energy over it.
I think you might be right; Kaya's been single for over 18 months so she's more than ready for a relationship but there's evidence Duchess just got out of a LTR and isn't ready for anything serious. I think this will end in tears and heart break…

No. 1857876

File: 1688444856946.jpg (916.85 KB, 1039x1002, fHfRhwL.jpg)

Kaya quietly deleted a bunch of stories with her spergy rants over pictures of her rolling her eyes - fugly, wax-faced bitch. She blamed her hot-headedness on being hormonal but it's clear we touched a nerve regardless. She posted a video (with her favourite filter which emphasizes how naturally frog-like she is) which was particularly cringe. I don't know how to download it but I wrote a transcript-
>'I've literally posted pictures before with guys who are literally fucking gay and yet everyone says, "Omg, what's going on between you two?" and then a whole big thing spirals where everyone thinks I'm dating them. It happens with so many of my friends and we can all laugh about it but at some point you're gonna make people uncomfortable. Just please…please just let me have people in my life without debating whether it's something more than a friendship! Please, it gets exhausting. I have said so many times if something is going and it's at a point I want people to know then it'll be my decision to say so but like…sometimes it is just someone I'm friends with!'
She knew how stupid she looked here. She doesn't provide a service and barely makes content so the main thing she sells is her life drama. She chooses to post queer-bait and hickeys because it generates engagement however the downside is she has a very parasocial, invasive audience. You made your bed now lie in it.
Also, I think she outed Elf-Boy as gay. He's the main guy she's taken pics with post-break up (Kuro is bi and taken and we know Grant isn't gay…not fully anyway).

No. 1857895

>we're all doing our best to get by these days
Then how come your patreon is just crickets and your content is repetitive unboxings and makeup when you remember to upload at all. Since she loves travel and partying she could become a travel vlogger or something, she used to do that anyway. But that'd require effort and ~multitasking~ and her current one (1) task slot is taken up by duchess.
>all my patrons are angels
They sure have the patience and understanding of angels kek

>people are so nosy about my private life
But you want people to know about your private life, specifically every single minor inconvenience in your life, for patreon sympathy bux. When it comes to relationships though, even though you were showing off boob bruises, suddenly omg you guys are sooo annoying! You could just ignore those questions altogether instead of desperately fending them off.

No. 1857959

Grant is gay lol. Her and grant had an immature shallow relationship were it was all for aesthetics and their IG stories acting like American stereotypes of popular girls in highschool. Wouldn't be surprised if Grant self posted when he was getting made fun of and their friendship dissolved over not wanting Internet drama.

No. 1857974

File: 1688467716142.jpg (406.49 KB, 388x610, yTJEmqJ.jpg)

He's definitely not straight but there's no solid proof he's gay. I've got Grant down as bi as multiple nonnas said he's dated women, including an American in an LDR. Hearsay is all we have to go on. Regardless, Kaya clearly fancied him and it's no coincidence that Duchess looks like him. Kaya likes long faces, tall, skinny and dark hair.
I found this IG story on an ancient altcows thread, sounds like they've known each other since childhood. I can see why their friendship survived so long, they're both awkward airheads who like spooky stuff, super girly 00s culture and social media. Grant understood her job because he was somewhat of an influencer himself and in later years they collaborated a lot.
>Wouldn't be surprised if Grant self posted when he was getting made fun of
My tinfoil is that Grant was the one self-posting that Kaya used him as a photographer and photo editor for free, I could sense the scorn

No. 1857978

Kaya uses everyone in the end. Link to her livejournal was posted in Jake's thread. 20 entries in it unless she's deleted since it was posted. Many entries talking about John from MAG always buying her little gifts and shit and hanging out with her when Jake was working.

Funny how she would do updates and completely blank on entire days not knowing what she did and there's other entries people claiming she was cheating on jake. Taking drugs with older guys taking her photos.

It's jarring how her recent escapades in London mirror her and Jakes documented times there. She has not grown up. Her main value and interest in life is having the energy to dress up to pose and take photos. She's had no growth in over a decade. Also her old photos she romanticises so much for being thin etc look like shit. Kayas ugly.(reddit-spacing)

No. 1857979

File: 1688468697101.jpg (840.39 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20230704_120628_Chr…)

xt0xictears.livejournal.com link for anyone interested

No. 1857989

That would explain why the quality of her posts has gone down since she fell out with Grant. She had some great pictures and clips and her best tattoos are all from him imho.

No. 1858000

I used to sub to her patreon but after these last few months of basically fuck all content, constant travelling and complaining, and a dead discord just made that $1 seem like it was going to waste. I'd rather feed a starving child in Africa(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1858081

Did she get with John? He defo had a crush on her if he was buying her gifts

No. 1858096

the funny thing is, when youre chronically online and choose to post every little thing, people will know when youre bullshitting

No. 1858117

Who knows what kaya would do for gifts or a meal. She talks about walking with randoms from house parties if they promised to buy her cheesy chips lol. No wonder she became a fatty.

No. 1858153

MAG nonnas, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kaya first meet John in 2013? Kaya and Jake used to hang out with a lot of people from VF so it's probably some random that's been out of the picture for more than 12 years. She's not talking about MAG John here.

No. 1858263

File: 1688507842841.png (309.51 KB, 417x701, Screenshot_20230704-225804.png)

No. 1858306

She's like a paralysis demon

No. 1858375

File: 1688520580403.jpg (486.39 KB, 1080x1920, MnAbTOA.jpg)

Does this look like Scandinavia or Finland to anyone? Kaya touched down about 12 hours ago.
So many holidays. Gee her life looks nice and easy…

No. 1858492

Kayas a creature of habit. She's went to Finland with her dad before so wouldn't be surprised if she went back somewhere familiar.

No. 1858514

File: 1688547986981.png (2.52 MB, 1079x1538, Screenshot_20230705-110506.png)

It's Sweden. Specifically the Arlanda/Stockholm area.

No. 1858519

Cool she's going on another trip that she will not create any content about except for some passing insta shots. I'm sure her dwindling fans will be ecstatic.

No. 1858523

File: 1688550472589.jpeg (110.16 KB, 1668x662, 851EA455-F50A-4ADC-AF35-AFCE83…)

seems about right. She posted 25 hours ago at Heathrow on insta, forgot to screenshot the post

No. 1858538

He’s hot like Peter steel ngl would be a huge upgrade from that stumpy midget she dated they would make a great couple

No. 1858544

Bitch did you look at Peter Steel? The disrespect.
Awesome snooping anon! I never thought you could find out this information only from a silly plane picture

No. 1858548

Haha, thanks! I've flown from Arlanda a lot so I just wanted to see if my hunch was right. Used the shape of the lake in the background as a reference and went on maps to look around a bit.

No. 1858572

File: 1688561077853.png (893.81 KB, 720x1077, Screenshot_20230705-134533.png)

No. 1858594

File: 1688565014041.jpeg (126.54 KB, 828x645, 02C75EB0-8CD4-4A9D-A44D-AE3C14…)

Matching couple hair I see

No. 1858603

Statue from Göteborg. Subkult (festival) this weekend not to farm from there so that is my guess.

No. 1858606

I can't get over how much more kaya looks like her dad and a man compared to a literal tranny. She's probably going to be moody af when she gets home kek

No. 1858628

Adora be there at festival

No. 1858709

File: 1688577466385.png (586.05 KB, 701x918, Screenshot_20230705-171211.png)

No. 1858713

Did anyone figure out who adora sued and won against? It was not her “sister” and I don’t think it was her ex husband. Not much more was found or shared, and most was speculation(sage your shit)

No. 1858715

File: 1688578095213.png (911.75 KB, 717x1100, Screenshot_20230705-182758.png)

She hanging out with the upper class goths

No. 1858720

File: 1688578464956.png (892.78 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_20230705-182719.png)

No. 1858724

>upper class goths
what's that? Enlighten us please

No. 1858736


They look like they listen to Marilyn Manson and that wearing Killstar makes you goth.

No. 1858764

Oh, It's misukina. I used to follow her until she started twerking.

No. 1858773

>>1858603 nope, that's stockholm

No. 1858803

File: 1688586941485.png (1.43 MB, 710x1238, Screenshot_20230705-205452.png)

She with Adora's friend simon.

No. 1858810

God you right. I always think about the goteborg statue when I see that one for some reasons. Not even close. I has the stupid.

No. 1858812

File: 1688587343964.png (1.39 MB, 718x1146, Screenshot_20230705-205916.png)

It's patreon that is paying for this hoilday.she mixing with Simon.will she be mixing with adora.

No. 1858824

I walked past a tranny in the street the other day and they look so embarrassing irl
>man body and posture
>man face
>giant tits
At least Kaya's TIM didn't go too far with the boobs but still very embarrassing to be seen with one in public.
NTA but it's a term Adora made up to try and signify basically herself and her friend group as somehow bring classier than other goths, UCG.

No. 1858848

Honestly I feel like they look pretty similar facially? The troon has obviously had some work done over the years. If you squint at the thumbnail they could almost be "sisters" kek.

No. 1858849

Oh so like that “goth goth” hashtag or whatever. Like the nonna upthread said they look like they shop killstar and that’s it. I guess Kaya found like-minded people.

No. 1858856

The Troon looks nicer than kaya, maybe it has youth on its side though. Kayas hit her 30s rough, she always reminds me of the fat east belfast grannies you see wondering about in their pyjamas from one take out to the next.

No. 1858857

So Belfast she in her killstar nightdress out there.

No. 1858859

At time Adora victoria Lovelace and Simon has it on there profile that they where upper class goths not do with killstar it was because Adora use have patreon that paid for trip to LA and Simon could go . victoria lived in castle came from very rich family

No. 1858869

File: 1688591044327.png (722.93 KB, 715x1139, Screenshot_20230705-220240.png)

So chave from east Belfast

No. 1858872

>Suspect (F46) last seen dandering up the Castlereagh Road to the big tesco

No. 1858901

So it looks like Misukina >>1858715 is a Finn who does Twitch (with an actual schedule) while studying full-time. Ellaedria >>1858720 sounds English but is based in Stockholm, another streamer/model. Both of them have done the linguistic dance around labels and have 'goth style/aesthetic' in their IG bios. Looks like they've been friends with Duchess for at least a year so Duchess is probably trying to introduce Kaya to her European circles. Is Simon 'coalcandy'? >>1858812
Agreed, Kaya has a doughy, chinless face and is at least 20kg overweight while Duchess at least has cheekbones and some definition to their face. It's clear who the more attractive one is. Also Duchess dresses to their body shape better and suits the PVC goth club wear more.
What kind of cryptid is this? No wonder Kaya's hair is always down…When it's up you can see her terrible posture and Dowager's hump in full glory. At least she wasn't too lazy to put eyebrows on.
Lmao, brutal(Integrate by using proper pronouns for men)

No. 1858910

People she around now not beggers like she is ..

No. 1858950

Idk if this is slight ot but the way 15 year old me would've ate up these outfits, and it looks like tacky goth in a box shit to me now. You can wear whatever you want blah blah I know, it just continually confuses me that after alt modelling and being an alt fashion youtuber neither she nor her friends can dress themselves for shit apparently?

No. 1859031

latefag, but the more she alludes to or uses ‘muh executive dysfunction’ as the ultimate excuse, the more I tend to believe that it’s all just self-diagnosed bullshit. One simply doesn’t get to cherry pick which areas their disorder / dysfunction affects, when it "strikes" and to which extent. Somehow, and conveniently enough, kaya has that superpower.
I typically don’t question someone when they mention they have a mental disorder or health issue, but, sorry, it simply doesn’t work the way she’s selling it. It almost even makes a mockery out of people who actually suffer with execdys.

No. 1859186

File: 1688641495012.png (687.54 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_20230706-120516.png)

No. 1859194

The troon always looks so uncomfortable and awkward I can’t believe this dude twisted Kayas tiddies blue

No. 1859207

Kaya is a very big manipulative.

No. 1859209

File: 1688648246693.png (1.02 MB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20230706-135813.png)

No. 1859221

How much you wanna bet Kaya knows ZERO of the bands performing and doesnt give a shit about the music? She is only there because her "friends" and the troon wanted to go. And to drink insane amounts of alcohol. Lets hope she doesnt get into a crowd that does party drugs, Adoras friends are sketchy

No. 1859290

File: 1688664293877.jpg (212.25 KB, 900x1272, 1683128276.jpg)

to be fair the line up doesn't look too goth except And One, Gothminister and maybe one more. They're probably there to party.

No. 1859301

I mean fair enough but Kaya never cared much for goth music anyway

No. 1859308

File: 1688668202536.png (581.33 KB, 696x1181, Screenshot_20230706-193035.png)

Kaya only there for drink and party

No. 1859310

File: 1688668441555.png (867.17 KB, 720x1071, Screenshot_20230706-193415.png)

No. 1859316

File: 1688670110768.png (691.91 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_20230706-200226.png)

No. 1859322

File: 1688670684100.png (427.01 KB, 828x1792, 16D2ACC4-6D92-467A-9204-CA26CF…)

Reeree is doing a q & a and she “explained” a little why the OF

No. 1859327

Looks like she's already wasted. Those aren't sober eyes. They all look like the Wish goth posse.

No. 1859350

File: 1688673324253.png (574.62 KB, 720x1270, Screenshot_20230706-205420.png)

No. 1859354

File: 1688673891635.png (576.65 KB, 667x1055, Screenshot_20230706-205133.png)


No. 1859355

The fact he is doing the typical troon skinwalk your significant other routine with the red hair, when they have only known each other like 2 months by Kaya's own count is creepin' me out like imagine anyone you've known for 2 months who starts trying to look more like you

No. 1859361

File: 1688675119123.png (745.28 KB, 720x824, Screenshot_20230706-212526.png)

No. 1859375

Oh god I didn't even think about the troon skin walking. This is going to be a creepy shitshow.

No. 1859381

am I dumb or are they referencing this

No. 1859480

Kaya apparently likes to look like a drag queen so it prob wasn't even hard for the troon to mimic. I wonder if kaya has any thoughts about her exact same look but on someone much skinnier.

No. 1859505

Anytime I see that thumbnail I think the girl in green is kaya.

No. 1859518

I love troon candids.
Reeree's descent into OF whore is honestly one of the most depressing recent developments in these threads.

No. 1859555

Soon after Kaya became friends with Lisa, she started copying Lisa’s entire style, so I guess she‘s fine with with the troon skinwalking her, as she’d more likely see it as something normal. If not cute.

No. 1859563

This is so delusional, and pathetic, and sad.
How can it ever feel empowering to be objectified? It’s an oxymoron.
How can it count as overcoming past trauma and conquering abuse, when you’re essentially abusing yourself further through dumbing yourself down to nothing but a mere sex object (and in of case, a cheap and easily accessible one too) for a bunch of pests and pervs to consume? You’re just reiterating everything your abuser was feeding into you.
One-upping your abuser is becoming strong and independent, and successful in each area of life, with dignity, integrity, and poise, despite the damage. And being happy.

No. 1859612

She doesn’t realize this but it says so much about her. She needs therapy and not plastic surgery and online whoring. It gives me a stranger feeling that she seems so hypersexual and horny now in my opinion it shouldn’t be (necessary) in a healthy stable relationship.
>Reeree's descent into OF whore is honestly one of the most depressing recent developments in these threads
100% agree nonny

No. 1859631

I wouldn't phrase it the way you have here but you're right - how do you escape abuse by exposing yourself to countless (idk how many subs she has) more horrible, objectifying pornsick moids via OF? You're just prolonging and multiplying the experience, not growing from it.

No. 1859658

File: 1688725321174.png (722.21 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_20230707-101934.png)

Same nightdress Sinch last weekend.

No. 1859670

File: 1688727023924.png (990.52 KB, 717x1107, Screenshot_20230707-114858.png)

No. 1859684

File: 1688732476103.png (850.23 KB, 509x905, 67656756765.png)

Kayas troon trying to look creepy on his instagram but just looks like a retarded horse

No. 1859687

Red and black must be the matching colour as both has same nail colour it's creepy

No. 1859688

As mentioned earlier in this thread, its just typical troon skinwalking. It could be sorta cute if they had been together for years, but the fact its been a few months and "Duchess" is already a Kaya clone is creepy af. Kaya just wants attention and love so bad she probably helps this troon shine his shoes every morning and lends him all her stuff to use

No. 1859691

Imagine this cryptid looking at you while you're fuckin'. His expressions are reminiscent of that Dylan Mulvaney troon, their attempts to look "female" just make them look like terrifying clowns. Also what's with the Jake-reminiscent x makeup? Just seems totally random but it's not like he or Kaya would be unaware of that face tat.

No. 1859709

File: 1688736496170.png (1.2 MB, 700x1122, Screenshot_20230707-142719.png)

Both in red .she got new grant

No. 1859711

File: 1688737306575.png (1.24 MB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20230707-144106.png)

No. 1859715

She'll probably make their relationship official after the trip, I don't know who she could be fooling anymore since they are always next to each other on every pic and he's skinwalking her.

No. 1859720


They look like a couple of transbians. Especially since in all their gear they're probably both 6'4".

No. 1859739

File: 1688740579305.png (595.88 KB, 720x812, Screenshot_20230707-153504.png)

No. 1859741

File: 1688740724512.png (749.16 KB, 707x796, Screenshot_20230707-153516.png)

No. 1859749

I don't know why she wears that red dress/skirt. It doesn't fit her!

No. 1859750

To all the insecure nonnas thinking they look like troids, here is the picture to disprove your fears. Despite Kaya having unfortunate fat features and a large body, it's still obvious who's a real man here
Nothing says "doing things for me" like beating blackmail threats then coping about it
Kaya run, don't walk away from this Troon. Don't use this time to prove yourself the best handmaiden vs those evil lolcow terfs. Imitation isn't a sincere form of flattery when the troid is skinwalking you. Half of us peaked from troid abuse and know this shit is just the start. If you're not creeped out by skinwalking you should be, and it will only get worse.
Jake is not a good benchmark to judge relationships on, not being him doesn't make a scrote good by default. Troons are inherently narcissistic so it will likely be close to early Jake rn. I wouldn't be surprised if the Duke reminds kaya of Jake and thinks this'll be the "good version" who'll listen to her

No. 1859776

Kaya a few metres from her skinwalking troon and experiencing separation anxiety kek, meanwhile the narc continues to visibly pose and "act female" by sticking his tongue out, eating food slowly while posing with said food, or grinning inanely for every photo/video
>Kaya run, don't walk away from this Troon. Don't use this time to prove yourself the best handmaiden vs those evil lolcow terfs
To use the insufferable meme format going around on Instagram reels
>Dating a troon to prove you are the best handmaiden of all (we can't intervene, it's a canon event)
(format basically signifying a common mistake many people go through but is character building/formative)

No. 1859811

Don't even know these people but every picture she seems more into him(the troon) then he her. He should be kissing the ground she walks on that she an actual woman gave him chance. But maybe I'm just very uninformed of this scene. Maybe because a lot of the men are also covered in make up and gender bend a lot, troons are just like that so they have no issues getting with actual women. OR he's bisexual so his options are endless with hypersexual chasers/troons

No. 1859814

I know right she can't zip it up on the ribs time to get a size up >>1859670
Not a single one these photos is a flattering for kaya how unfortunate

No. 1859853

File: 1688760730415.png (540.28 KB, 677x651, Screenshot_20230707-210423.png)

>>1859814 it's way too small

No. 1859856

her boobs are fine but I feel like for the specific look she's going for they're too small. The dress the dude is wearing is ugly af and looks like Shein.

No. 1859857

Kaya still hasn't figured out she's been overweight the past 10 years there's no hope she knows how to dress herself. Poses photos the Troon looks better, I'm sure it grates on insecure kaya this fling won't last.

Kaya looks insecure af in this photo, wonder if she'll be falling over drunk and dry humping them or will she be asking the Troon for a wee chat then gurn about feeling ugly. Methinks the latter

No. 1859861

File: 1688761908085.png (858.36 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20230707-144458.png)

No. 1859890

File: 1688767867306.png (308.49 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_20230707-230814.png)

No. 1859896

This is very embarrassing how she gazes at Mr. Troon while he eyefucks himself in every photo. I don't doubt he's done a good job convincing her he's into her over the last two months via private conversations, sex and messages, because she's not a total dumbass, but these pictures really tell you everything. It's all about him and he's not genuinely into her, probably thinks she'll help him climb the goth social ladder.

No. 1859936

>calling "duchess" the duke
Kek nona

>Don't use this time to prove yourself the best handmaiden vs those evil lolcow terfs

Yeah when she said stuff like "I love Harry Potter but hate evil terf jkr and won't play the new game!" I thought it was to appease her subs, but she's gone handmaiden supreme. And I hoped she was having a fling but they do appear to be dating here. Now I just hope he doesn't hurt her during sex "accidentally" out of jealousy for a real woman or some shit. As much as I think kaya is an annoying ungrateful whinge, I don't think she deserves a troon boyfriend. But she's used to dating an insufferable narc so maybe she doesn't see red flags.

No. 1859956

How are other people charging their phones? This is just another excuse for zero content or she's huffing cause she can't dress for shit.

No. 1859994

Exactly. She says it herself – she’s been stealing other people’s phones to film and take photos. So, everybody else in the group (tent) manage, but Kaya can’t charge her phone to save her life?
Also, almost everybody these days owns some sort of a powerbank – something one’d definitely take with them when travelling. Especially if you’re a social media "influencer" and it’s your entire gig to keep your phone charged and utilised at all times, kek. She’s such a twat.

No. 1860021

File: 1688785838687.png (205.54 KB, 1440x1658, charging.png)

I feel like not many people will bring a powerbank to a festival, but most festivals have charging stations as this one does, picrel.

No. 1860037

She probably can't be arsed to charge it because she knows she won't make a video about it anyway, and just wants to take unfortunate pictures of her and the duke.

No. 1860045

Holy fuck these people are each a seriously unfortunate batch of genes, physically. They probably make it worse with their shit makeup but wow

No. 1860049

File: 1688788584180.jpeg (351.92 KB, 1123x1896, 03660746-0287-464D-B624-FE8493…)

This is just really depressing to see, honestly.

No. 1860063

File: 1688790183489.png (147.39 KB, 571x547, 6b2neu.png)

>not now dear, mommy's busy selling her nudes

No. 1860131

Considering Kayas partying I do wonder if I’ll be seeing her at M’era Luna this year… wouldn’t be surprised tbf… tho she has suck a great opportunity to festival vlog but alas… being lazy is easier

No. 1860139

I highly doubt it. I wonder if she'd ever go to WGT. I kinda wanna see it but also kinda not key
hope you have fun an Mera, I can't go this year.

No. 1860157

Ree ree is like a black mirror episode

No. 1860164

File: 1688813862052.png (885.17 KB, 720x1221, Screenshot_20230707-211801.png)

>>1859956 she is lazy .when rest of group Is in big tent out in field dancing her red boots outside other tent she in with tim.so getting love bits and drinking is more important.

No. 1860179

File: 1688816308053.png (818.34 KB, 697x1014, Screenshot_20230708-123743.png)

No. 1860184

File: 1688817108417.png (866.43 KB, 717x1037, Screenshot_20230708-123613.png)

No. 1860243

File: 1688827591838.jpeg (216.61 KB, 1116x1956, C50E57F3-E537-4ED7-AF8A-6C32F2…)

What is the point of posting this? A pity party? Or an attempt to e-beg into getting a new place?

No. 1860298

File: 1688832541240.png (990.31 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_20230708-170954.png)

Omg there is no hope for her

No. 1860337

File: 1688836526640.png (872.6 KB, 720x1148, Screenshot_20230708-181410.png)

No. 1860361

So it's not just skin walking theyre co ordinating outfits on purpose? They're both built like fridges so I guess it was easy. and both their nipples must be tiny if 1 strip of tape can cover it?

No. 1860377

idk how you could trust anyone with that facial expression (tim, not kaya) he looks like a school shooter

No. 1860382

File: 1688841036908.png (1 MB, 720x1226, Screenshot_20230708-192533.png)

No. 1860445

File: 1688848004059.png (538.83 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20230708-212639.png)

No. 1860449

Omg gross… is she on drugs to be making such faces… also wtf she looks like jake with the black out neck and black lip and rotten looking teeth… sheesh this is her new low. Sad

No. 1860476

>>1860298 oh geeze what happened to her she use to have some dignity.

>>1860337 not the jaw paint paint phase again it makes her look awful from the side thought she left that behind with jake

>>1860382 honestly didn't even realise that was her at first at least this outfit better then the tit tape nonsense and the red fit

>>1860449 of course she on drugs/taken them recently she turned into a everyday party groupie. I still think when the incident with the spiked drink I do think she was so mellow about the whole thing was cause she been experimenting else she was had a 2 year melt down like her moped.(learn2integrate)

No. 1860483

Not everyone has pancake nipples like you kek(infighting)

No. 1860513

Imagine telling your daughter you do porn. how old is her daughter?

No. 1860542

On the Jake thread they throw a hissy fit when you mention Kaya is dressing like a drunk prostitute lately but seriously she looks so bad. She had a time frame when finding the house where she was so glam goth is was amazing. She looks so bad now.

No. 1860615

She had a great romantic goth look when she had recently moved in, classy, long black hair, I still like her slimelight fits but I hate this current look for this fest, I think the troon is throwing off her sense of style since they're trying to "match" and both ending up looking like shit in the process

No. 1860735

>takes boots off to sit in tent with friends
>lazy whore!
>takes selfie showing off blacked out teeth for costume
>why is she making a face… must be drugs!
Like don't get me wrong Kaya is a cow but the nitpicking itt is both hilarious and wild sometimes.

Her and Jake used to match outfits too. Making it very obvious they are dating even if she wants to play dumb.

It's the Jake thread, everyone was telling you to post about her here. Also you were WKing Kat and got banned. kek

No. 1860769

File: 1688879694686.jpg (539.91 KB, 575x419, R99nXsz.jpg)

Just realised Duchess is on a leash kek. This must be purely for aesthetic and fun - Kaya exudes little to no 'top' energy.

No. 1860774

I will use this opportunity to praise Dorian who unlike Kaya works hard on her youtube content and does not push her patrion so hard even though she's more active on there. Also her illness really stops her from going anywhere. She could have gone to all the goth festivals and be popular with the elite goths or whatever but she doesn't.

No. 1860775

Also remember the tim who poisoned her??

No. 1860789

This is the most poorly disguised relationship in history, I have no idea why she was faking being angry at her followers for speculating, unless she was simply triggered by the fact everyone sees this dude as a dude ("who is that guy" questions), despite the titties

No. 1860798

It's annoying isn't it? In her Punk Rave haul vid she said something along the lines of 'ADHD brain is great because whenever you order stuff online you totally forget what you ordered so it's a surprise all over again when it arrives'. Stop talking out of your arse Kaya, this is a common experience with online shoppers (especially when you order as much stuff as her). She talks like some self-diagnosed twat on TikTok and makes no effort with her ADHD management - this is what makes people doubt her diagnosis and struggle to empathize with her.
>>1859308, >>1859310, >>1859711, >>1859670
It's disgusting watching IG stories and seeing Kaya and Duchess eating chips like a pair of rhesus monkeys, stuffing their faces as quickly as possible. The candid videos are very revealing, it's no wonder Kaya is bursting out of her clothes >>1859853
Kaya…why? I hate these cluttered, BDSM looks she assaults our eyes with every time there's an event. I get that she's trying to score some more Tommy Vowles freebies by piling on every gifted piece she owns but it just looks like shit and undermines his brand. I agree with a previous nonna that said she suits romantic, softer looks. Also that swimming suit she uses for the club, pool and for daily wear must reek of chlorine.

No. 1860812

Idk if it the filter but her skin looks aged and swollen eyes is that all the alcohol taking a toll on her body

No. 1860826

>the nitpicking itt is both hilarious and wild sometimes
A lot of it is coming from illiterate anon who has a huge hate boner for Kaya and is spamming this thread with every single thing she posts on Instagram. Not everything she does is "super milky!!" we don't need to archive all of her social media activity. You're right it's wild, she was in her tent for all of 1 picture, so apparently she's in there drinking while her friends are outside.. doing what?

No. 1860829

I agree. We can all agree that Kaya is lazy and annoying, and the relationship with the troon is gonna end badly for her - but nitpicking her nipple size, where she is on a picture at a festival or accusing her of doing drugs with zero evidence is just so stupid

No. 1860832

>It's the Jake thread, everyone was telling you to post about her here. Also you were WKing Kat and got banned. kek
I don't know who the fuck you are talking about but it ain't me you moron. There are a lot of people on these boards. Kat is just as much of a troon looking cow as Kaya is.

No. 1860851

I checked the Jake thread and I didn't see any "hissy fits" all I saw were people saying take the Kaya hate to the Kaya thread kek.

No. 1860859

>is she on drugs to be making such faces
Looks like she's trying to make a snarl to show off her ridiculous tooth paint. I genuinely believe you haven't been around people on drugs.

No. 1861024

File: 1688927008821.png (571.04 KB, 674x540, Screenshot_20230709-192250.png)

No. 1861094

let's see when she does her next q&a and will get offended at people asking who that man is she's dating kek

No. 1861100

>>1859310, >>1859350, >>1859354
Kaya looked really uncomfortable and miserable here…but then all the snacks provided the perfect distraction and source of unending dopamine >>1859658, >>1859670
After hassling the members of group too often to borrow portable batteries and phones they probably started giving her the cold shoulder. Kaya is used to being treated like a spastic toddler in groups but this older alt crowd seem childless by choice and found her immaturity annoying; they just wanted to listen to music and have fun.
Eventually she just hung out with Duchess the whole time and barely talked or interacted with the others >>1859711, >>1859739, >>1860184
>>1860337, >>1860382
They look like they smell like shit and they're probably bloated from eating 7 bags of chips each. I think Kaya keeps snarling in order to get into 'dom' space or something kek. It looks extra retarded when she winks at the same time. Kaya, pls don't…

No. 1861110

File: 1688934853962.jpeg (179.84 KB, 828x1424, 48EAED6B-738F-474B-B567-5164B9…)

The duke is brushing Kayas hair. For the love of god can she use a different filter please?!

No. 1861115

>>1861094 she was on IG story calling him a she and duchess this morning…(sage your shit)

No. 1861153

How is this milky? I mean, what do you expect her to do? You think she's going to publicly disrespect the person she's seeing? The brainrot that manifests the second some of you see a trans person is wild.

No. 1861158

He is still male has all his parts .then as always white knight Kayne on here .

No. 1861163

Did you get lost on your way to a Drag Queen storytime or something? A man with estrogen tiddies is still a man, cry harder about it (and have a look at transwomen crime statistics while you're there, they are generally worse than cis male averages)

No. 1861176

These people don't deserve frogs. We should gatekeep frogs from them

No. 1861179

There was an IG story where Kaya (when she was wearing tooth paint) said she took a piss in the woods then picked up a frog with her pissy hands. Then she said people were being mean to her about overusing the frog filter like some whiney baby. This bitch has a history of picking up frogs with dry hands and generally being ignorant about the wildlife she claims to love. She should leave the animals alone in general…

No. 1861220

She obviously knows nothing about amphibians at all. Poseur "frog lover"

No. 1861259

>Then she said people were being mean to her about overusing the frog filter like some whiney baby
Maybe it's her lame attempt at being quirky and she's sad nobody likes it kek

>picked up a frog with her pissy hands

Also seems like she wants a lame attempt at being a disney princess, like oh nature loves me, but comes off as crusty. Like how she had a ~plant mom~ phase but collected literal weeds off the sidewalk in a bag that festered forgotten in her hoard pile for months till she found it. She's such a woodland fairy, you guys.

No. 1861405

Nta but you both missed her point entirely. It's not milky that she calls the troon "she" because literally what else would she do? Is there any chance in hell she would be caught dead publicly "misgendering" the dude she's fucking and apparently dating? It's a pointless observation to post unsaged

No. 1861423

>Kaya overuses some dumb frog filter
>These people don't deserve frogs!
>we should gatekeep frogs!
>she obviously doesn't know anything about amphibians at all!
>Poseur frog lover!
>she totally touched a frog with pee hands! (doesn't provide any receipts)
Can't tell if we need a Kaya containment thread after this altcows thread is full or what. Any actual milk on Kaya or other cows always gets drowned out by tinfoiling, nitpicking, infighting, and general retardation. It's a real shame because there's so much potential with this cringe troon bdsm relationship she's engaging in rn. Like >>1860769 >>1861024 is just too much. kek at the nonna who has dubbed him "the duke" though.

She's a total handmaiden for sure. We've all seen the anti JK Rowling sperg she posted to her IG story already. This was even before she met him. I don't foresee Kaya peaking anytime soon, if ever.

No. 1861432

>Any actual milk on Kaya or other cows always gets drowned out
For example? There hasn’t been anything besides Reeree posting her ass or Freya posting dirty bathwater.

No. 1861435

I mean Kaya is honestly not THAT milky. She isnt as dramatic as many other cows. She is just incredibly lazy and has no direction in life which is frustrating to watch. The troon is a contender for some milk in the future though, but right now I defo agree we dont need to pull apart stupid shit like her using a filter or having a mediocre outfit on

No. 1861471

File: 1688990155177.png (451.2 KB, 671x625, Screenshot_20230710-125211.png)

No. 1861484

Her entire job is based on her looks. The fuck are you on about?

No. 1861612

Am I the only one that thinks that Duke looks like an absolute faggot that wouldn't even touch a fat older adult woman like Kaya with gloves on? He's clearly skinwalking her but I don't get anything more than that. No tinfoil on who bruised her chest.

No. 1862046

Her lipstick is very clearly smeared, so is the troon's. Tinfoil that the photo taker was trying to catch them "in the act".

No. 1862067

File: 1689056108637.jpg (129.51 KB, 833x770, Screenshot_20230710-155231_Sam…)

One year ago she was a elegant dressed goth vs now >>1860298

No. 1862069

>>1862046 kaya likes wearing smeared lipstick she does it often in her grwm videos

No. 1862076

Anon, our first introduction to the duke was his biting her tit at the slimelight they met at when she was handing out those party favor syringe shots. He might be skinwalking her, but he seems equally estatic at having a woman find him sexually attractive as some sort of lesbian larp.

To be fair she appears to be out eating here at a normal looking establishment whereas the topless nipple tape pic is a photo of her and her troon getting ready at an alternative music festival. Camping music fests are always crawling with skimpy get ups and girls in pasties. It seems she was more trying to be "lol so quirky" about the fact they had to paint themselves out in public because their only other alternative was likely slathering paint all over someone else's tent.

No. 1862092

File: 1689059916958.jpeg (202.73 KB, 1289x2320, E932EEB6-9A9C-4A38-8957-93C485…)

God she is dumb.

No. 1862105

I saw that too and had to roll my eyes. The video is about the host shutting up a man who tries to use god as an argument agains trans.

No. 1862113

Kaya looks out of place at that festival, the other girls aren't making a point of having their full chests out.

No. 1862123

Kaya looks out of place almost everywhere unless she gets her angles right.

No. 1862128

The matching paint and tit tape was soon covered with her and the duke's actual outfits, >>1860382 >>1860769 that was just another subtle couple photo on Kaya'a part, she wasn't actually walking around like that.

No. 1862133

I don't know who you are trying to kid here but she's been looking cheap and trashy for months now. A year ago she was stunning even when going to festivals.

No. 1862147

File: 1689076125959.png (1.14 MB, 700x1152, Screenshot_20230711-124513.png)

No. 1862148

Her red outfit looked awful and it's not the first time she's worn it. She repeats so many outfits, she looks a rookie compared to others in the scene yet she's been calling herself an influencer. I can't see any of the people she's with looking to her for any type of style inspiration.

No. 1862162

File: 1689078881047.png (370.65 KB, 720x1015, Screenshot_20230711-124920.png)

Why do she get so much free clothes.but always use same outfit.that hoodie was freebie she lives in it .

No. 1862213

She looks like she smells. What is she thinking?

No. 1862230

I feel like for that what the festival was she's way too overdressed. This is an outfit for WGT or other scene festivals. I'm sure she stuck out like a sore thumb (and smelled like one)

No. 1862309

Sorry, but all I can think is the expression ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. It's funny, she wore that same red outfit, chain harness and all, previously and it was posted in one of the Jake threads. It hung so much better. Here, it actually bunches up in a way that looks almost painful. I guess its the weight coming back and she's failing to cope and adjust to it.

No. 1862323

File: 1689098781974.jpeg (429.22 KB, 828x1218, 42315929-B4AA-43EF-9CC4-317AF1…)

That red thing looked like shit in the beginning of the year already

No. 1862388

I thought she was gaining weight back too, which can happen to anybody but it was such a sore spot for her and her confidence which seemed to improve after the break up like here >>1600893, I wonder if that's another sign of regressing to pre break up kaya

No. 1862393

Same fag to add there was another pic of her in a crop top and sweats, which I remember cos she'd expressed being insecure of her tummy and never wore crop tops same but I can't find it now

No. 1862404

File: 1689103623284.png (4.56 MB, 1170x2532, 83271EA4-4908-4B48-8596-261A67…)

Nice posture…

No. 1862417

Is that a hickey on her neck?

No. 1862455

Did he get kaya pregnant kek

No. 1862472

Topkek the bloat from the crisps she had all weekend

No. 1862474


Dude, the way her silhouette is on that picture, it's like Homer Simpson with his beer belly dressed in a goth outfit. Also do yourself a favor y'all and don't zoom on her face, it looks worse than on all her selfies with or without filters. And I've seen some shit at WGT before.

Hopefully soon 1. She picks up her gym hours again 2. She learns to layer clothes so they fit her figure. Either or.

No. 1862489

She looks like Rik Mayall ..

No. 1862538


A series of unfortunate chins.
The Duke's makeup make it look like he has a boil on his neck too.

No. 1862592

What >>1862128 said. She wasn't running around topless the entire time and I didn't even compliment her outfit? Calm down. lmao

This red outift is definitely one of her worst. Whoever posted that last pic must absolutely hate her. woof

No. 1862651

Of course it is. You can’t expect Kaya to go on any sort of outing these days without being covered in at least one hickey or bruise. How else is she gonna vague post about her relationship with the duke and then turn around and bitch about it when people speculate kek?

No. 1862666


God her profile is so unfortunate, she looks more male than the troon.

No. 1862674

Maybe Jake was right about her.

No. 1862756

>>1862674 right about what? At least explain a bit

No. 1862819


The irony of her pulling the same stupid faces Jake did/does is just comedy gold. That tooth paint instantly turns everyone into a gigantic wanker.

No. 1862850

nta, but everything we've always complained about Kaya was exactly what his video confirmed. She apparently actually is that nasty to live with. they were basically roommates for years with how emotionally distant they were from each other, which was painfully obvious even before the breakup. He did them both a favor and broke up with her, then spent a fuck ton of money supporting her for nearly a year after the breakup. I've literally never heard of a scrote doing that. He could have just said "fuck off, go live with your mom, get out of the spaces i pay for". And how quickly he moved on? It's not really that quick, considering the relationship emotionally ended years ago. Kaya herself said she wasn't upset about the breakup, only upset that she wasn't prepared for it. Everyone is so high and mighty about how he moved on, but it's really not that surprising. And look, she's running around public with her tits out two years later, still floating on the Patreon support she snagged from the breakup. They were both definitely shitty to each other, but that's how break-ups usually work. She's not some damsel in distress. She's a lazy cow who got a giant L when her sugar daddy kicked her out.

No. 1862863

I thought we were all aware here he was not wrong with his accusations HOWEVER he abused her and he was/is a slob too. They're both cows with their (pretty much) own thread for a reason and the both had lots to say in their break up videos for a reason as well.

No. 1862917

They were just as bad each other and they both enabled each other even if they didn't realise it. They should of broken up a good 4 years ago but people get stuck in relationships. She must of known he wouldn't been faithful on the tour and seeing large clumps of green hair from kat in her bed. I don't see how she didn't see the break up coming

No. 1862925

>but everything we've always complained about Kaya was exactly what his video confirmed
Tbh it wouldn't surprise me if Jake took talking points from these threads and put them in his video specifically to fuel the fire.

No. 1862928

Sure she's an infuriating immature adult with no capacity of self sustaining without her Patreon supporters, 'doesn't justify Fake bursting in rage and punching shit, wrecking stuff in their home though. She should have seen the writing on the wall after being in a confined space during lockdown with the scrote, that shit was not getting better and make an exit plan, even if it was staying at her Mom's. They both are petulant children and it's good they broke up cuz if not some domestic violence shit was bound to happen.

No. 1862930

>And how quickly he moved on? It's not really that quick, considering the relationship emotionally ended years ago
Yet he wasn't emotionally mature enough to actually END the relationship when his feelings ended, so he cheats on her instead and makes a big fiasco. And for some reason that's justifiable?
Let's not forget that he was vocally talking about bringing Kaya on tour with him up until about a month before the tour. A few months before that he bought her an exquisite pair of earrings for her birthday. What has he ever given Skat? His "time" and a stripper pole. Imo, all of that goes to show how quickly it blew up and ended. I don't even think Jake saw it coming the way it did.

No. 1862947

File: 1689177990614.png (505.03 KB, 720x790, Screenshot_20230712-170441.png)

I blame the enablers of patreon
For all for this …

No. 1862971

I guess she's hosting? Does she get paid for this like as an appearance?
reminds me of old Kardashian episodes key

No. 1862975

Agreed. It's also typical narcissist abuse to still do some things for the person they kick out so that they have a angle to still control them. He knew where she was. He held her stuff hostage. It's why he threw a fit on his birthday in Barcelona when she posted she found a house.

No. 1862998

Does anyone know where her red pvc dress is from (doesnt look latex?) Is the o ring meant to zip all the way up? It looks like it's just too small for her fridge torso

No. 1863002

File: 1689184543632.jpg (79.09 KB, 580x580, m_640243067dfcc2734d98941b.jpg)

Killstar Spells Skater dress in red

No. 1863010

File: 1689185607691.png (774.03 KB, 720x1056, Screenshot_20230712-191426.png)

No. 1863018

Oh that's unfortunate… why wear it?!

No. 1863066


Oh my god her body must be huge!

No. 1863069

File: 1689191489795.png (815.6 KB, 705x884, Screenshot_20230712-205152.png)

No. 1863082

The troon is doing the same face and pose in all videos and photos, you know he is trying so hard to look hot and mysterious but he just looks like knock off marilyn manson

No. 1863084

File: 1689193792134.png (412.39 KB, 670x871, Screenshot_20230712-213043.png)

No. 1863105

File: 1689196411488.png (836.66 KB, 709x1049, Screenshot_20230712-221414.png)

She is just lazy noting else

No. 1863114

Kaya is a sad lazy slob and a troon handmaiden, but there's absolutely no reason to put Jake on any sort of pedestal in comparison or try to excuse his abusive and nasty behavior over the course of the relationship. Even if they had broken up before he cheated on her with Kat, Kat was a married woman with a family. I'm glad that all the other anons are in agreement about Jake at least. Kaya is a cow, but that doesn't make Jake not a disgusting scrote either. The "sugar daddy" bit is rich too considering how the majority of their relationship he leeched off her. He was only making money the last year or two, which of course is why he suddenly has the gall to leave her.

I don't understand why she runs around wearing this when it's obviously two sizes too small for her. Like, why not buy one that actually fits?

No. 1863124

Where did you get that photo?

No. 1863179

File: 1689200178719.jpg (1.04 MB, 736x612, ruDEgE3.jpg)

It's from the Subkultfestivalen Facebook page, the gallery is the newest post.

No. 1863201

She has worse kyphosis than the troon.

No. 1863211

>the relationship emotionally ended years ago
bitch was trying to get them to move to Barcelona and was still making money from Kaya by being the wholesome goth boyfriend. Kaya also mentioned in her 3 hour breakup video that they were still sleeping together and there was overlap that summer, why do you think she was so disgusted to see Kat's hair in the bed? None of this is what "emotionally ended" means like he was benefiting from the relationship via social approval, money, potentially moving countries plus Kaya helping him with his videos (she would source all the tiktoks he reacted to) and sleeping together.

No. 1863226

File: 1689203304014.jpg (540.66 KB, 1080x2190, Yikesss.jpg)

Every time I remember this tragedy exists (I searched for her once so she always shows up when I click the search bar) she has something new to laugh about istg

No. 1863232

She looks likes she's going to burst out of that mesh top, out of the swimsuit and out of that belt. She's almost making the Duke of Wish look good.

No. 1863234

Whenever the camera angle isn't looking down, she sure loves that extreme head tilt. We've all seen the turkey wattle it's ok

No. 1863252

It's pretty obvious they were both terribly codependent. Neither of them would have left each other, Jake without having another woman waiting for him, and Kaya, only if Jake left her. As much of a sloppy trainwreck she is right now, she's ironically better off since the relationship ended. Mind you, that bar is on the floor. kek

I've really got to wonder how she affords to look this retarded and unemployable without a job or income. Do her parents still support her or something?

No. 1863543

File: 1689225689980.jpg (624.26 KB, 415x619, vewmO5F.jpg)

Built like the Penguin and looking mildly retarded.
This is a good contender for the next thread pic.

No. 1863586

Kayas constipated and needs two days to be left alone on the shitter. I genuinely believe this is what happens to her after she travels, as evidenced by how bloated she got over a weekend and lazy she is.

No. 1863608

that she even dares to post this and doest realize how entitled this sounds. I wonder if she vlogged? Probably not. When I started reading it sounded like she wants to break the cycle and do the work but yea… Zero self awareness on her end.

No. 1863685

>I'm allowing myself to not do anything to stop myself worrying about not doing anything
So a typical day, got it

No. 1863692

Imagine Kaya having to have a real job when having a fun weekend with friends can burn her out this hard. She really is so insanely privileged its sad

No. 1863786

File: 1689276306009.jpg (2.09 MB, 1080x2160, LI0IOxL.jpg)

Saged for derail but I thought you nonnas would find this funny.
I was looking through old altcows threads and found this gem. It's from August 2019 and features baby Elfboy meeting his YouTube idols at Summer in the City. It's so bizarre that 3 yrs later Kaya is partying with him every month in London as a single woman.

No. 1863961

Also, what she describes here is a classic textbook case of procrastination, with sprinkles of depression and anxiety. Not "panicky stressy ADHD paralysis".
But of course, gotta make it out sounding like you actually have a full blown "raging" disorder, a real force majeure, because otherwise it doesn’t sound sexy and convincing enough of an excuse.
You’re just a lazy, entitled, immature spoilt brat with the most basic of basicest cases of chronic procrastination and self-pitying childishness. It’s not that deep. But you wish it were.

No. 1863971

Nitpick, but god they’ve let themselves go…
But interesting find, Nonna. It definitely is peculiar how life pans out sometimes, kek.

No. 1864082

>>1863786 does Kaya have another look other than 'tights!'

No. 1864114

Yes she also has the tits out because bursting out of her clothes look

No. 1864144

>>1864082 no tight or tits out

No. 1865683

File: 1689526126685.png (654.71 KB, 700x1239, Screenshot_20230716-174812.png)

No. 1865813

Call me an idiot but i have no idea what this means.. inflatable experience??

No. 1865904

Not sure, but maybe an indoor play ground with bouncy castles etc.

No. 1866040

Is the duke balding or is it just a long forehead to compliment the long horse face

No. 1866425

File: 1689577929329.png (77.39 KB, 428x708, A70DBE19-719C-4842-AF1F-D220A2…)

Stage two Id say?

No. 1866740

File: 1689612781045.png (832.31 KB, 489x886, 798987897897789.png)

The only time Kaya posts anything to social media is when she is drinking with friends. what does she do all day? Just sit around watching tv and youtube until her friends finally have time to party with her?

No. 1866864

File: 1689620802400.png (840.77 KB, 673x1020, Screenshot_20230717-200539.png)

DON'T think any work be done if Tim is over

No. 1866869

File: 1689620940949.png (587.61 KB, 712x1160, Screenshot_20230717-201024.png)

No. 1866922

Sits about snacking, gaining weight and farting, then getting so constipated she would need medical leave if she had a job to stay home shitting it out, repeat cycle.

No. 1866992

File: 1689631590343.jpeg (257.82 KB, 1170x2016, IMG_2830.jpeg)

Oh Mamie, those are eyebrows girl

No. 1867024

Is this mamie hades doing a new style? Well her makeup skills are still the same old skill level

Wonder when he'll start the gofundme for "gender affirming" hair transplants

No. 1867124

kek. Not sure how much better he'd look with the dylan mulvaney hairline. He could have been a decent looking goth dude though, real shame.

Are you okay anon? What is this weird poop fanfiction you are writing?

No. 1867127

>weird poop fanfiction
Omg Claire?

No. 1867171

How is bro getting so much time off work to eat chips and drink with Kaya?
He did say he lost his job 3 weeks ago >>1854182 so he probably got fired for taking too much time off to party and travel for sex. He's definitely enjoying Kaya's Patreon money…a lot.
I bet Kaya will eventually get Duchess into Youtube so they can 'work' together when he moves to NI. Problem is they both seem like airheads who will enable the most lazy and gluttonous tendencies in each other…
Another month has gone by with no YT videos or streams. No worries, just keep slamming that tequila back and posting IG stories - the patrons won't know the difference.
I got the sense that anon knows Kaya IRL as the poop jibes sounded quite personal and venomous…or it could just be some scat-obsessed random projecting lol.

No. 1867236

File: 1689661023324.jpeg (139.93 KB, 828x1355, D96D3D0F-2E18-48A8-A3AB-0DD33A…)

The lacefront oh my and she said she went to a salon for that

No. 1867243

File: 1689664312423.png (1.74 MB, 1450x844, jakelikesfartsiguess.png)

kek. ngl, I thought it.

There's been an awful lot of fart and poop jokes all over Jake's content lately. Not that I think it was actually him, but could be a snacc. Could also be that one "does a weed" anon too though. They're always presenting weird scenarios as hard fact.

No. 1867286

One can assume Kaya makes a laborious task out of shitting going by how she considers mundane daily tasks she sometimes has to take week long breaks from to recuperate. She's literally just a fat slob that has a few outfits she knows that "fits".

No. 1867350

File: 1689686713410.png (811.97 KB, 720x1093, Screenshot_20230718-142536.png)

No. 1867403

i don't think this has been mentioned but man they remind of the the boulet brothers… and kaya is the manlier one yikes

No. 1867420

Cant work because omg head is so messy, but can definitely slam tequila shots and get new piercings

No. 1867448

File: 1689701491902.png (677.85 KB, 603x1176, Screenshot_20230718-183029.png)

No. 1867450

I blame the Patreons they need to stop supporting this .

No. 1867463

File: 1689703559817.png (444.59 KB, 574x926, Screenshot_20230718-190614.png)

No. 1867468

File: 1689704214159.png (300.47 KB, 632x1117, Screenshot_20230718-190609.png)

This is what her Patreon is paying for.

No. 1867507

I don't think being on constant dopamine highs like that is very healthy in the long run, she's going to get very depressed once her friends go back to work and she'll have to stay home for a week or so.

No. 1867509

It feels like watching a teenager having their first piercing, that's how riveting it is. Good fucking lord, I'm glad I never removed AdBlock when watching her Yt content, Kaya doesn't deserve the leeway she's getting from Patreon and YouTube subscribers.
For someone who claimed she wanted to be back to YouTube "4realsies", she's an embarrassment to content creators out there.
I hope that the subscribers/Patreon supporters count goes way down by August, she doesn't respect the money and the people behind the money she's getting, that's obvious.

No. 1867515

I agree.i hope they do drop big time as she a joke

No. 1867528

Such entitled bitch
Never done a day's work in her bloody life and swanning about

No. 1867593


Jeezus, the troon must be 6'4"+ lmao how feminine

No. 1867622

File: 1689724046878.jpg (460.21 KB, 1080x1892, JLPa0a0.jpg)

She's packed on even more weight recently and the festival videos were very revealing. She's been wearing the same party outfits for months and they've clearly become more tight and ill-fitting (especially around her neck, arms, underarms and stomach).She looks like a blackened sausage bursting out of its casing here. She also looks terribly uncomfortable, as if the belts are restricting the chip bloat and the mesh top is cutting off circulation. She needs new clothes in a bigger size.
>>1867448, >>1867463.
As long as she courts Duchess her 'career' will be on hold. When they're apart she prioritizes dying her hair, doing her acrylics and not much else and when they're together they act like teenagers, partying or going to the fairground. Either way she doesn't do any real work for weeks at a time.
This bitch has 574 patrons and earns up to USD5000 a month, that's more than a nurse in the NHS. Imagine being a patron of Kaya, doing a real job that benefits society and watching Kaya out-earn you while drinking away your dono money. Anyway don't worry anon, she had 915 patrons at her peak 18 months ago so she's lost 341 people since then. People are realizing that she's never going to change and they're losing sympathy. It doesn't help that she gets snappy and defensive when people ask her about money or content output.
She even said it herself >>1857609, she knows the money won't last forever but she's just going to enjoy it while she can instead of using it to support herself so she can take more risks with her content - YOLO!

No. 1867653

Why does she put the black paint on her double chin like that it makes it look worse.

No. 1867655

The amount of clothes she's collected over the years, beautiful and expensive clothes. Are they rotting away in boxes she can't be bothered to unpack?!
This woman-child needs to grow up

No. 1867656

Are we really speculating about a cow's pooping habits? This has to be the same "frog gate" anon. It's all so random and autistic. kek

Wasn't the duke begging not too long ago for money because of job troubles? Kaya must be paying for almost everything for him at this point. Old habits die hard I guess, but you think she would have learned from the entire Jake experience those first 6 or so years.

She already does that on her random days home. She needs to slow down and spend some of her patreon bux on therapy and learn some real coping mechanisms and problem solving skills instead of trying to distract herself from her problems.

No. 1867660

It makes her disproportionally small head look even smaller compared to her giant, blocky body - it's extremely unflattering. You need a cut jawline and a defined chin if you want black neck paint to look good.
Also it makes her look like she's trying to emulate Jake lol (especially with the dodgy tooth paint and contacts).
>She needs to slow down and spend some of her patreon bux on therapy
Seeing a therapist would mean having to challenge her thinking and behaviors and do the work to change and she's too stubborn for that. She avoid building coping strategies, ride out her 'high' and then crash into a depressive episode after the Duke dumps her, a friend leaves her or she gets Covid (again).

No. 1867691

So she is gaining weight now that she has a partner again… Maybe she is in another shit relationship that is fucking with her ability to cope and self-control, maybe she just thinks she doesn't have to take care of herself if she's hooked someone.

No. 1867729

>she's going to get very depressed once her friends go back to work and she'll have to stay home for a week or so.
Pretty sure this is what's happening, hanging out with friends and troon is her only routine or reason to get out of bed, she does need something else in her life to form structure so she doesn't become (already is) reliant on the outings to get her motivated. Art or some hobby, skill, course, part time job, volunteering, book club, anything else just to give her structure. I'm happy she's finally enjoying her life but it seems a bit unhealthy now a year after getting her own place to solely be doing wacky adventures and nothing else. Also the troon is making me question her life choices big time, since she seems headed for Jake 2.0 but worse because he can go online and call her a TERF transphobe whenever they break up, and set an army on her versus cis male Jake who only had his snaccs and petty complaints about their finances to use against her.
Anyone who's read the mtf thread knows trannies will use ONE time their partner misgendered them, or simply didn't praise them sufficiently, as proof of aboos and twansphobia so it's dangerous territory

No. 1867731

>>1867236 is she not goth no more?

No. 1867732

>>1867622 the mesh arms and belts look tight and painful and the black ink looks tight and dry af she must been so uncomfortable.
>>1862404 oof that person who uploaded that clearly wanted to embrass her. I bet that be the last we see of the red dress.
>>1863786 she looks nice in this well dressed everything fits her hair looks nice

No. 1867739

File: 1689756868997.jpg (285.16 KB, 311x499, hxzYsBd.jpg)

Good grief, she looks like a middle aged builder called Barry.

No. 1867751

She started gaining weight when she moved into her house more than a year ago. I guess shivering in jakes studio, smoking weed and not having a kitchen was her best diet in years.

No. 1867753

Does kaya have no casual looks? She's either overdone or just looms like a goblin. We know she's got nothing else going on for her so how when she hangs out with her friends they all look like they put effort into getting ready and kaya looks like she just rolled out of bed. Wtf does she do, her belfast friends all have jobs, socialise the same as her and dress up. You have to wonder if they judge her habits too

No. 1867756

she looked much prettier and toned down last year. I wonder what happened, I guess she doesn't fit the more elegant clothes anymore key
Her friends probably side eye her a little but she has money and probably payes for shit.

No. 1867768

Yeah, smoking a drug that makes you hungry all the time definitely led to her losing weight "kaya is doing weed" anon.

>she looked much prettier and toned down last year
Honestly her "red era" has been pretty awful for her. I agree she looked best last year, but considering her friend's aesthetics I'd imagine they influenced her if anything.

No. 1867769

She was going to the gym around that time, until it went to the "ughh I don't want to, someone should make me" pile of things to do.

No. 1867770

where is that Kaya smokes weed narrative coming from all of a sudden?

No. 1867773

It’s been around for years, she’s even admitted to it in the MAG days when they were on the dole.

No. 1867796

If Kaya smoked weed, Jake would have wasted NO time using that as a point against her and we would hear about it endlessly: "Kaya never cleaned and was lazy because she smokes weed!" He already talks massive shit about his brother for smoking weed and shits on anyone who smokes weed in general. He has some sort of ingrained stigma towards it.
Personally as far as I can recall I can't remember her ever talking about weed. Too bad Jake is a little bitch who hid all the MAG content because he's afraid of his past.

No. 1867849

>>1867773 even if she has smoked a bit here and there, she is not a stoner. She does not give that vibe at all. Also who even cares about weed kek, you are talking about it like it is meth

No. 1867850

>>1867773 even if she has smoked a bit here and there, she is not a stoner. She does not give that vibe at all. Also who even cares about weed kek, you are talking about it like it is meth

No. 1867866

File: 1689784313490.png (325.09 KB, 706x807, Screenshot_20230719-173147.png)

She 30 years old no hope for her .

No. 1867923

Regularly smoking weed actually suppresses appetite.

Her and jake smoked weed. Its funny that the ones pointing this out get called boomers, when we're not the naive idiots. No one is saying weed is bad and gross, but it's pretty ridiculous to spend others income (her patron bucks) on an illegal substance that obviously does nothing to motivate her.

Jake smokes it too, doesn't mean he can't be a hypocrite about others use with it. He's more of an alcoholic though. They'll both be doing party favours with their new mates.

No. 1867945

>They'll both be doing party favours with their new mates.
Jake doesn't have any mates nonna. Just some lolicon catboy vtuber named "kitty mcpancakes" online and kat by the looks of things. The guy barely leaves his house and when he does it's to go play around in vrchat from his studio.

I think it's more so how people are bringing up that Kaya smokes weed without ever posting the receipts? She never talks about it and there's no screencaps or anything backing up this claim unlike the drinking. It just comes off as reaching or tinfoiling claiming it's a cold hard fact when there's zero proof of it being true. You'd think she would have slipped up somewhere with a friend posting a photo or a clip or something of them smoking or even what they were using to smoke in the bg. She spams instagram stories all the time, you'd think it would have happened by now.

No. 1867994

Smoking weed is illegal in Ireland. The first offence is a fine, the second 3 years in prison. Kaya is dumb but she's not that fucking dumb to put that on her instagram.

No. 1868004

She won't even hire an editor cause she's so paranoid about her footage as if she doesn't analyse every stupid photo she posts.

No. 1868010

File: 1689801858378.png (984.45 KB, 720x1217, Screenshot_20230719-222040.png)

Both are back at that house again .been out all day..she off to London next week..
glorified lifestyle .

No. 1868066

File: 1689806268940.png (56.75 KB, 720x1147, Screenshot_20230719-233842.png)

No. 1868140

why tf would you bother posting this

No. 1868150

I mean a woman doesn't have to be feminine. It is unfortunate though that when she's next to the troon I sometimes have to enlarge the image before I can tell which is which, even when they don't match outfits

>She even said it herself >>1857609, she knows the money won't last forever but she's just going to enjoy it while she can
And then she'll be back to square one having to rely on the goodwill of Internet randos, except this time it'll be after they've all watched her piss away their support so that goodwill's gonna vanish. The fuck will she do then, beg her friends for crumbs?

She picked it up from jake who also has no neck and started doing it to carve himself a jawline, but it really doesn't work.

No. 1868227

Some anon in these threads post EVERYTHING Kaya posts online. I appreciate the thought of wanting to post things here, but people need to remember it has to be just SLIGHTLY milky or worth talking about to post

No. 1868237

It's mostly likely illiterate anon doing what she does best.
It's a shit screenshot from Kaya's IG stories where she did some urbex with the Duke. Looks like they'll be fucking around Belfast until they head back to London for Monster Queen on the 28th.
Will Kaya do any work before she leaves? Probably not. Will she hold hands and intimately pose with Duchess and sperg out at anyone who asks if they're dating? Yes.

No. 1868271

Kaya's going to move in another boyfriend, she may look like her dad but she scrounges like her ma.

No. 1868276

It's always the same anon spamming screenshots of her instagram stories. You can usually tell by the filenames. They did it in the old threads too. Just like how you can tell >>1867622 and >>1867739 is likely the same anon due to their gibberish named jpgs. kek

>scrounges like her ma
What do you mean? Kaya financially supported Jake for many years, it wasn't up until the last couple years he was making bank and financially supporting her. He was a complete bum when they met. It's pretty obvious she's paying for the troon now too. He was begging for money not too long ago. Funny how he can afford to be away from his restaurant job all the time all of a sudden and afford all these outings and activities with Kaya. She's so stupid paying for these men and falling for this shit again though.

No. 1868278

I wouldn't have noticed if you anons didn't point it out but since the troon was begging for £25 on his Stories, there's no way he is paying for festival trips, flights, piercings etc she's definitely footing the bill. My guess is her female friends pay for themselves but I doubt he is. He also may well have quit his job since generally employers don't let you take two weeks off in the summer, peak time for a lot of places. Must be tru luv just like scrounger Jake doing exactly the same thing when she was a teenager, muh can't bear to be apart attaches the suckers

Kaya really should have got therapy before jumping into another relationship which so far is exactly matching the last one.

No. 1868302

Kaya scronges off of her patrons for her lifestyle. She's a 30 year-old woman who hasn't worked hard in over 10 years yet lives a shockingly wasteful and grand life for what a drain she is. She's a codepedent mess and she'll have her stupid fans supporting her fuhds to basically pay for herself go have a bf because kaya is ugly and unattractive with fuck all going for her, apart from some clout.

No. 1868306

>Funny how he can afford to be away from his restaurant job all the time
He got fired. He probably flipped out at some poor grandma who called him sir.

No. 1868361

I mean, that part is obvious. She's been living off patreon funds and barely does any kind of work. Your original comment seemed to imply she "scrounges" off her useless boyfriends though. Which obviously isn't true minus for the last two years of her and Jake's relationship which no one could have foreseen. Really curious to see how this relationship with the duke plays out in the long run though.

No. 1868383

Right she wants to be all coy and mysterious but then gets mad when people get curious? It's like a child trying to hide a surprise and needing the parents to play along

No. 1868424

can't wait for her next q´n´a and her being offended and not knowing who "the man" is key I can't believe she's financing the Troon as well with her patreon money. I wish somebody would hack it somehow and start a little chaos.

No. 1868426

And that is what is so shocking. It's been how long now and yet her fans still want to fund this waste of space for as long as they have? Parasocial relationships are hell of a drug aren't they? Because even though it's true that Kaya wasn't scrounging off who she was dating, she's scrounging off her stupid fans who don't see her for the gluttonous leech that she is. Her content when she does upload is so lazy and so shit and it's like what the hell is wrong with her fans who willingly throw money at her? Do they actually like this bare bones content that she does? Or supporting her in general when she hardly does fuck all?

It's disappointing because we were rooting for Kaya to find normalcy again after leaving Jake but it feels like she hasn't learned a damn thing.

No. 1868467

File: 1689889383061.png (460.96 KB, 648x1096, Screenshot_20230720-223211.png)

No. 1868679

>shockingly wasteful and grand life
I mean it's just a typical teen/early 20s life of having fun and burning through money, I wouldn't call it wasteful nor grand. Everyone does it, I did it, the problem is she seems to not self reflect and hasn't been honing skills and coping strategies for the future, there's a reason people usually don't do this stuff past about 25 (at least not as their main priority, nothing wrong with having fun)

No. 1868681

First picture where he looks decent because you can't see his school shooter facial expressions. Maybe Kaya is blind and that's why she chose this troon out of all the cute boys she's been spending time with.

No. 1868694

Kaya's a terrible influencer. She's pathetic at 30 years old she still hasn't got any semblance of a career, plan or clue. She doesn't even make travel vlogs of her shite travelling where she goes eats Crisps in a field and shows nothing of her travels. Or that time peachmilky got her a travel deal and kaya made no effort to be grateful for opportunities or providing her patrons with content. Saw fuck all from her going over to the States. Kayas entire influencer career could be stood in front of a green screen wearing less than 10 unique outfits. Anyway who gives her money is a sad cunt

No. 1868696

NTA, but no one is disagreeing with you anon. I don't know why you have to make this exact post saying the same thing in a dozen different ways. We get it. We agree even.

No. 1868701

9 days later and it seems like she's still "allowing herself to not work and recover (from a weekend abroad..)". New content ASAP my ass, it's obvious she's still not working as she's posted 0 whiny stories about having to use her laptop for an hour. Last youtube video uploaded on June 18th.
She's not been doing any q&a or follower interaction in general, why does it seem like she's almost hiding from her audience? Is she stalling her announcement about the duke? She posts him endlessly but seems to not want to announce that they're dating.

No. 1868706

Saying kaya is just doing typical young person shit tho isn't agreeing with the original post? More excuses from immature stunted individuals who probably also do fuck all with their time if they truly believe kaya is not a drain on society. Why does she need a village to help raise her? She looks like shit too.

No. 1868718

I follow a content creator of funny skits on insta who has POTS, Faints two times a day, Hardly goes up the stairs, yet still manages to upload a skit every other day or sometimes even every day. I don't even think she has patreon.

No. 1868726

File: 1689937875863.png (1.03 MB, 720x1111, Screenshot_20230721-120912.png)

No. 1868733

Like any of those POTS or EDS girls on tiktok actually has it as bad as they want to make it seem for attention

No. 1868750

Yeah I think I know why she doesn't do any q+a, definitely dodging questions. She's looking a bit proud and confident considering this relationship is only 2 months old at this point, wonder what he's saying to her to make her feel so secure (imo he's lovebombing her because he thinks he can have a career off her e-fame, Jake made a lot of money at one point and he would know about that)

No. 1868751

Samefag, gonna just put this here for posterity, this guy gives me the creeps and I think he's actually worse than jake, I see a crying video about physical and sexual abuse in her future.

No. 1868753

can't wait for them to go to galgorm and Barcelona key

No. 1868757

Looking forward to her becoming a Terf like the rest of the sane people in 1-2 years.

No. 1868837

>>1868751 I feel the same he very creepy

No. 1868851

File: 1689962856080.png (348.59 KB, 662x1006, Screenshot_20230721-190740.png)

No. 1868855

File: 1689963107866.png (532.09 KB, 648x999, Screenshot_20230721-191257.png)

No. 1869051

You're projecting way too hard anon. That nonna wasn't even defending kaya, just saying her behavior is typical for teens/early 20s which if you haven't noticed, kaya is not. Chill.

I don't know about worse than Jake yet, but there's definitely a pattern to her relationships that seem super codependent and toxic. It's weird we see her paying for the Duke and him immediantly skin walking her already. Jake used to wear her clothes when he was an anachan and they occasionally did that "twinning" outfit thing a lot too back in the day, but something about this guy definitely reads more "wants to wear you skin".

No. 1869151

>but something about this guy definitely reads more "wants to wear you skin".
Well he is a troon and a lot of these dudes want to skinwalk women, especially the ones they date so…

No. 1869240

Dressing like your partner in a 2 month relationship is absurd to me, he never has a kind expression in all the video and photo we've seen so the reason doesn't seem to be admiration. mtf have a seething hatred and jealousy for women so it rings more like "wants Kayas fame and money, I can be better than her" than love and admiration. nevermind that intentionally mimicking someone is a well known tactic to gain trust, people even use this with wild animals

No. 1869275

File: 1690020502407.png (926.93 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_20230722-110851.png)

No. 1869282

>>1869275 really, the crisp picture? Wow what a cool promo image for a sexy goth club night kek kek

No. 1869319

she has no dignity. Was is the Troon that smeared her lipstick and that one monster queen where she wore the silver top??

No. 1869364

File: 1690050167872.png (769.31 KB, 695x688, Screenshot_20230722-192235.png)

begging for London

No. 1869369

File: 1690052257687.png (812.96 KB, 693x1201, Screenshot_20230722-192222.png)

No. 1869394

File: 1690056569987.png (545.02 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20230722-210904.png)

No. 1869434

Good on fionnula getting money off those two twats. Shame those same twats ebeg others for the money tho.

No. 1869441

She is a chef, not a tattoo artist, so i doubt she benefits directly from that e-begging.

No. 1869469

What does kaya even do when she hosts, is she the MC or something? Only been to monster queen occasionally (I'm a huge homebody) ages ago, definitely way before her lazy unfashionable ungoth ass started hosting. If she plays a big part maybe I'll have to start actively avoiding it when I wanna go out kek

No. 1869476

She just has a guest list and gives out shots lol

No. 1869488

It's no wonder most of Kaya's new friends are under 25; the Duke is 24 and ElfBoy and Kuro appear to be early 20s. She has the salary of a full-time nurse but all the free time of a bum so now she can drink and party whenever she wants and younger people will gravitate towards her.
I get secondhand embarrassment when I see Kaya wearing clothes way too small for her. This unintentional squashed underboob dress is particularly unforgiving on her brick body (not as bad as the red dress though). She should have returned it and gone a size down a size if her heart was so set on this style.

No. 1869628

I get secondhand embarrassment every time I see her next to the troon, they do not look good together and she looks like a dumbass to even be dating that creepy man after finally exiting an unhealthy relationship with another narc. Very I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you like this is a disaster kek

No. 1869686

What's the point of that then

No. 1869715

She's just one of the hosts, not a performer. Basically just a personality of some kind that helps promo the show and interacts with the crowd. Guest list is to try to get new people coming out. Typical club event stuff tbh.

No. 1869777

File: 1690134526036.png (1.12 MB, 697x1127, Screenshot_20230723-184739.png)

No. 1869797

Prepare for more pics of her bare chest with taped nipples at one other party that will obviously make her need a 10-15 day break of posting content because consistency, nonnies.
We love to see it.

No. 1869833

File: 1690142056432.png (402.61 KB, 693x782, Screenshot_20230723-205537.png)

No. 1869906

>not me doing this silly mistake again, I didn't learn anything teehee
>I'm finally working and my quirky brain still hates me oops
What's with the bait-y captions, like she'd rather garner sympathy for the problems she knows she has instead of working on them. But she has no actual content except grwm and endless hauls so whining IS her content I guess.

No. 1870055

Whining is her sure way of paying the bills and her patrons enable her. Pure retarded.

No. 1870155

File: 1690213943263.jpeg (621.3 KB, 1125x1988, 8CF8E215-E7DB-4ADA-AEBB-38DAF4…)

Random nitpick but I think it’s hilarious that Kat von D wore a trash bag to church. Guess there’s nothing else to do in bumfuck Indiana but join the church choir.

No. 1870177

I can't believe she's Christian now like wtf?!

No. 1870299

What are those shoes

No. 1870507

I’d love to know what the locals really think of them. I know KVD is a contrarian and is probably enjoying the attention but I wonder if they’re being warmly welcomed or just tolerated.

No. 1870664

File: 1690304793731.png (539.64 KB, 714x995, Screenshot_20230725-180724.png)

No. 1870676

File: 1690306277073.png (647.4 KB, 720x1306, Screenshot_20230725-192842~2.p…)

I dunno. Maybe it has to do with her all out (with bars, concerts, nights out, parties and drinks) or nothing lifestyle? It might be a crapshoot /end sarcasm

She sounds absolutely entitled, it's annoying.

No. 1870682

File: 1690307786181.png (585.54 KB, 715x1017, Screenshot_20230725-185253.png)

I blame the Patreons they enabler her as it's free money .

No. 1870688

Kaya doesnt seem to understand if you just laze around doing nothing but watch tv/screens all day and sleep, your brain is also going to become slow and foggy and youre going to be even more tired. Your brain needs something to do to function properly, little to no routine or responsibilities makes you so sluggish. Ive been there myself with depression, im sure many here have, the only cure is getting up and doing something, give yourself a schedule - and ofcourse therapy which im pretty shocked she havent gotten at all since the breakup.
Also if you do nothing for weeks and weeks and just lay around, and then suddenly you go out a full weekend of intense drinking, social interactions, loud music and being active, ofcourse youre gonna be super tired. You just went from 0 to 100 back to 0. She needs a routine so bad

No. 1870692

Waiting patiently for Kaya's girlboss era because the awkward clumsy forgettable character arc is getting boring now
Yes exactly this, she has no routine or goals, I have no problem with the partying (unlike some other anons) and would do the same if I was her (minus the creepy tranny) but she desperately needs a routine in her downtime too. This kind of 0 to 100 lifestyle as you say does a number on anyone, there needs to be goalsetting, structure and achievement outside of the random fun and adventure times. Otherwise the downtime is naturally going to seem depressing because there is no structure or achievement within it. Even taking up painting or something would give her some downtime self actualisation.

No. 1870756

File: 1690320445714.png (814.88 KB, 702x649, Screenshot_20230725-222805.png)

Off to London tomorrow to party

No. 1870763

File: 1690321121244.png (867.84 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_20230725-223950.png)

No. 1870767

She's an imbecile age 30 living off of kindness of strangers.

No. 1870820

She's right tbh, the people who continue to support her despite her being a clear womanchild who gives them nothing in return except empty platitudes like "omg thank you I'm gonna cry! In between partying hard and then and lazing around tiredly of course", really are angels.

No. 1870840

Oh boy, she's back on her hypochondriac shit. Has she even tried to work on her health issues before it escalates to hospital visits? Why doesn't she take a 30 minute walk or jog everyday, cut out all caffeine and take a break from clubbing? If she's actually concerned she needs to talk to a GP and start making lifestyle changes. Remember in 2016/2017 when she was convinced she had hyperthyroidism or Hashimoto's disease and that it was the source of all her health issues (namely doubling in size)? She was openly talking about it in tweets and videos well before any tests or results and it was very cringe. I think the tests eventually showed she didn't have it and you could tell she was devastated she didn't have an excuse being fat. She's constantly looking for pity and excuses rather than recovering.
You're brain dead because you wake up every day with no plan you lazy bum. She's barely posted in the last couple of weeks because she's been so distracted by the Duke and making herself sick with anxiety because she keeps putting off introducing him to her increasingly antsy audience. It's obvious he's been with her the whole time she's been back and she's probably been introducing him to family as well as shopping, drinking and lounging around.
Good analysis nonna. I don't think she's ever had therapy but I think it would change her life, more than any meds.
You barely have any connection to your Patrons, you only notice when you 'see the names of some new lovelies who've just subbed'. Kaya's constantly breaking promises for streams and content but she gets out of it by groveling via IG. She just let down her patrons this week by bailing on the Sims stream. Her enablers want to see her turn into a Belfast grannie with a hoarding problem who shuffles around outside in her pajamas by her 40s - she's well on track.

No. 1870858

She's been home from that festival for 3 weeks and the day before she goes away again, she's filming and editing more videos for "our benefit"?!

No. 1870904

The cherry on top of that IG story is that she's actually trying to sell us that she recorded two videos that she will edit in London.
Every. Single. Time she's been in London she's done fuck all except for partying and making cheap IG stories (which is still not content as far as I'm concerned).
She's lying to herself and to us, she won't hold herself accountable to actually do work while there. She didn't the last three four times she was there, why would that suddenly change.

No. 1870916

NTA, but hardly anyone on here has a problem with Kaya’s partying per se. What anons have a problem with is her repeated e-begging and scamming, that is founded on endless baseless complaints, over-exaggerated stories and situations, made-up problems, fabricated excuses, and, sometimes, flat out lies. The constant "woe is me", "the world is out to get me", "I’m a piss-poor battered wife, help me figure life out", "muh disordered brain" (which 2/3 licensed professionals agree to that she doesn’t have) etc etc. Topped off with the lack of even an ounce of respect towards her patrons that, out of their naivety, gifted her this lifestyle, with she utilises to just wasting away and further degrading.

She pops online on the daily crying everyone a river about how all of this unfair mystical life burden is rendering her incapable of functioning and completing even the most basic of human tasks, so please please be so lovely to pay my bills and I promise I’ll open a Spooky box for ya. Then turns around and runs with that money to travel and party and get wasted with some troon for days, with not even being arsed anymore to do those insta Q&As. Then comes back and cries again.

This is the problem everyone’s having. Her lies. Like the time when she flat out lied about needing 1k or even slightly more than that to fix her car, because she’s piss poor, but having the car is so important for her mental health, as she needs to see her mum and friends who live in a different town. Then, turns out the car were to be repaired for free, she just scammed her followers of that money.

No one on here has a problem with her friends, who party as frequent as her, but are employed, self-sufficient adults, who don’t lie and scam their way into their lifestyles. Partying in itself is not an issue.

No. 1870937

File: 1690355873585.jpg (190.68 KB, 1080x1904, qQA4eAD.jpg)

Context for the nonnas who didn't watch the IG story from 10 hrs ago. Kaya put off the Sims stream so she could put out a video before she leaves for London but as expected, she broke her promise. Transcript below;

'Hello lovelies, so I was originally planning on editing a video and putting it up tonight but then if I did that then I'm going to be away in London for a good while and that would mean I wouldn't have any other videos for a little while so instead I decided to record another video tonight and that means I can just edit both videos while I'm in London and have a bit more content while I'm away and that's what I did so whenever I get there tomorrow I'm going to edit the first one and try to have it up. Right now I need to shower and pack (pulls a face) but I've been like sorta packing but it's all in little piles and hasn't been packed away but I'm working on everything. I am tired, I've had a busy couple of days, we're getting there. So sorry it's taking me longer than I thought to get a video up but one is on the way but I decided to prioritize having a bit more content than getting one out tonight'

Let's see if she actually posts that video after she arrives in London. Fans and hate watchers alike are used to seeing back-to-back broken promises - her word means nothing.

No. 1870942

Kaya's new girlfriend is deffo a social climber, this isn't going to end well

No. 1870945

File: 1690358752101.jpg (94.1 KB, 1051x751, 80247497645687.JPG)

Freya is moving. Seems she got her hoard back.

No. 1870949

>kaya's new girlfriend
You mean the duke? That's a whole man nonnie.

What was the situation with her horde in storage again? Was it still in europe or temporarily in storage while they lived in the borrowed home from a family member? I can never remember the timeline of events what with her seeming to move at least twice a year.

No. 1870950


I am not getting into an argument about this, not everyone on lolcow is a terf, get over it. I am here for gossip only. Let's move on.

No. 1870953

Fuck off, we don’t care, it’s a man with a penis

No. 1870966

Lol "terfs" we are just living in reality nonna and honestly if youre gonna be a handmaiden gtfo we dont want or need you here

No. 1870970

POV: the monthly patreon cash just came in

No. 1870990

File: 1690371615981.jpeg (249.38 KB, 828x1317, 83FCAD88-C975-4EA0-BB7F-47BA15…)

Had to kek at maimagi asking americans what they mean if they say “I don’t cook”. She sounds dumb by trying to sound so ~danish and european~. I’m not a burger myself btw

No. 1870995

Agree with you nonny, hopefully she lurks this thread and takes advice,I'd love to see her get her ahit together

No. 1871013

Why does she need 2 weeks to "pack"? She wears the same outfits over and over anyway. Just throw them in a bag, it would take 15 mins.

No. 1871016

probably lying out of her ass. I also wonder what she was "busy" with? I thought she's unable to do stuff atm because she's burned out. So Kaya are you busy or do you need to recharge?

No. 1871028

>>1870664 does she ever take her makeup of? She always has crusty eye makeup for days.
>>1870676 I bet she start claiming she has chronic fatigue syndrome but she tired cause she never had to work a day in her life and she done to much partying she 30 she probably reached her peak it was bound to catch up with her.
>>1870682 why tag lush? To get more freebies?
>>1870937 soo basically more excuses not to upload or film when she is at London? I don’t get why people send her money she just lazy af how can she not make a bunch of YouTube short videos of her putting on a outfit or of her cat or even showing a Starbucks drink rather then making a big song and dance about having to edit

No. 1871030

>>1871016 busy getting free samples from lush

No. 1871054

We don't simp here over mentally ill men troon lover. gtfo

No. 1871058

I'm like the other nonnie confused. Wasn't the storage an apartment in another country? Her life is such a shitshow

No. 1871064

She's flown back to Scotland for all her stuff?

No. 1871066

Her belongings were in Wellington, NZ. She was supposed to move to Dunedin back in Nov 2022 but the plan fell through because her car broke down. That's when she moved into a house offered by her family (and made a video to moan about it), her original rental was cancelled as she couldn't drive to it and her junk stayed in storage. She said she was quoted $7000 by the moving company in her second attempt, I wonder how much she paid now.
Source: >>1812801

No. 1871074

Thank you nonnie! I could not stand her moaning about the house in that video I've blocked it from my memory. I would have been ecstatic if a family member would have offered this house to me.

No. 1871139

Same, what an entitled spoiled perspective that video was. The woman has no job or source of stable income on her end with only her husband working and they were on a time crunch. It was nice that her father helped her out by offering her a place and she then bitches and complains because it's not gOff and sPoOkY looking with no black walls and shit. Are you fucking serious? lol

No. 1871176


You do you. Remember, no infighting.(also remember to sage your shit)

No. 1871179

I like how youre reminding people of the rules and then you dont sage your shit

No. 1871190

Sage your shit TIM

No. 1871206

>>1871139 imagine her father thoughts on the video he thought he was doing a kind and extremely thoughtful thing just for her to winge about how it's not good enough.

No. 1871210

Imagine being so afraid of men you even need to crawl up their asses on an anonymous imageboard, we aren't gonna protect male feelings so he won't do us a violence. Because let's be real, that's the only reason anyone obeys whatever changing goalposts and rules they make up "kill all terfs" like they aren't even subtle. Obey or die, they are literally the baddies. All that said, the Duke has a penis and is a man.

No. 1871220

It's extra crazy because it had these really old features like the retro light switches and the 80 year old carpet. You could totally do an antique goth look with it all.

No. 1871293

Nitpick but why is the way she talks just rambling fussy nothing with just a shred of what she actually wants to say. No wonder she likes to make chatty grwm I guess. Maybe the new videos she's "promising" are just that again. No way is she gonna make content out of all the traveling she does, even though that idea is right there in front of her. "Host Monster Queen with me" or something. But nahhh lol whoops I can't film cos my brain is so scattered you guys and I'm so sad and sick and suddenly have so many trips planned what a coincidence

No. 1871295

any milk on in.herbones apart from her gatekeeping where she buys her clothes like she was the only goth in the world?

No. 1871338

File: 1690420566877.png (1.95 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2872.png)

No. 1871443

Didnt even know she had an OF but why am I not surprised

No. 1871444

File: 1690436362572.jpg (140.69 KB, 1080x1884, VesO2Q1.jpg)

She's back in London, chilling in the Duke's bed with his cat. Looks like she won't have to couch-surf by harassing her mutuals at the last minute anymore.
Tuesday would have been the perfect day to post as she hadn't uploaded to YT in 5 weeks at that point but of course she makes up some lie about strategically saving content for later. I wish she'd just be honest that she left filming to the last minute and ran out of time to edit. She'd rather lie through her teeth than admit it was because she was too busy entertaining her gangly friend for the last two weeks.
I have to grit my teeth when she makes her long-winded excuses. I don't know why certain nonnas continue to hold out hope for this eternal lolcow. She's rambly, whiney, flakey, lazy and lacks any integrity; no one would want to be friends with someone like this IRL.

No. 1871447

The fuck is going on with that goat leg/ tile warp?

No. 1871462

A live report on the festival + a Sweden vlog would be perfect material for videos and wouldn't need much editing but she can't be assed to do it for some reason.

No. 1871465

Does Kaya's cat just get dumped at her mums every other weekend these days? Or does she leave it alone for the weekend with food left out? Wonder who watches the dukes cat does he have roommates?

No. 1871467


No. 1871472

Thank you nonna! I tried looking for the info, but everything gets buried under all the kaya posting. I really have to wonder what is her game plan long term in NZ. Surely she can't survive off her YT following forever. Is she really okay with fading into the background as a tired old mum in a very small and isolated country and is mr. owl going to end up having to support her and the kids entirely in the future?

No. 1871480

Why would you not take up front payment for commissioned anything, this is just asking to be trolled

No. 1871482

Kaya has posted stories of Sebastian staying at her Mum's place in the past. She says he gets on ok with Sunny, her Mum's dog.
I have no idea if the Duke has roommates. Considering he's an ex-hairdresser who flits between bar jobs and creative projects there's a good chance he still lives at home, esp considering he lives in London.
If the Duke ever moves to NI he'd have to give up his cat as Sebastian can't share his house with other cats (unless Kaya gives him to her Mum).

No. 1871484

Sorry for the spoonfeeding but I forgot she exists, has she done anything milky in the meantime? Also she sounds so conceited in that post, god.

No. 1871520

File: 1690466745780.jpg (81.65 KB, 477x826, 4276949245.JPG)

So Freya rented a truck and drove it herself.
I think she's going to stay semi-active online as she can't let go of any e-begging opportunities. I'm expecting her to make a new house video and drop an amazon wishlist link, it worked for Kaya (although both of them have whole storage units filled with goff crap).

No. 1871529

Has she never heard of a deposit? Also if they contact you again shouldn't you make them pay for the unpaid video instead of taking their next request?
>strategically saving content for later
This makes no sense to do unless you normally upload often so you space the videos you have evenly apart to prevent one really long break until you can film again. But kaya uploads sporadically so there's no break in pattern to space out, it's just how it's always been for her so she should edit and upload the moment she has anything for her fans and also the yt algorithm. Her brain is totally out of shape when it comes to both consistency and sticking to a task, if she ever knew to considering she got with fake out of high school and probably chose easy subjects.
Her best strategy is to film every moment she thinks of it (new idea? Don't wait on it, act. Film and snap pics when you're out in case something could be turned into a vlog) then edit and upload them promptly using something like the pomodoro method to stay on task instead of sitting on them.
Eventually this could actually result in a habit or routine but at the very least it will increase the rate of video creation + make the process easier as her brain gets the pathways created and reinforced along with creating proper dopamine responses due to (re)learning skills along with successfully completing tasks.
If kaya is going to sit there and claim she wanted a diagnosis, she better start pushing herself and trying methods like the pomodoro one to overcome her handicaps and get shit done. After the diagnosis comes the hard part, but it obviously does lead to better quality of life if you work at it until it becomes second nature

No. 1871532

File: 1690469205927.jpeg (257.86 KB, 1121x1913, D70620F7-FF31-45F8-9EA2-B6190F…)

This comment got me wondering how they don’t see that she uses the kids to drum up engagement. She now only gets more likes and commentary when she features Severine and Montrose vs just her tired old self.

No. 1871544

Am the only one that thinks freyja's son's name is fucking tragic ? lmao who in their right mind would name their child that ? unless you don't give a fuck about them getting bullied and just want to indulge your narc look at how goff i am crap

No. 1871548

Using kids for attention whoring and petty points is a famous narc thing kek

No. 1871552

File: 1690472987564.jpeg (9.78 KB, 320x239, fee_786_587_png Small.jpeg)

ugh both names suck. Montrose sounds just like Chartreuse (I remember her loving the liqueur which is really weird) and Severin is a company that makes kitchen devices in my country so I cringe at both.

No. 1871562

File: 1690473803277.jpg (17.77 KB, 497x208, 097437645.JPG)

I assumed she moved her shit from Scotland, but no. Does anyone know about her Germany junk? Did she move that to Scotland, or what happened to it? I'm a bit lost earlier in that timeline.

No. 1871569

No all still in flat in Scotland

No. 1871656

All this time I've been thinking that Montrose was a girl because of the -rose ending (yeah, I know it's a town in Scotland too) and because Cyril sounds a lot like Siri and Sybil, my esl brain didn't connect it to the saint. Anyways, I agree with you, Montrose is truly tragic, it sounds like 'monstrous'.

No. 1871675

So she's still paying rent for a flat in Scotland she hasn't been back to in years?!

No. 1871692

No. 1871735

File: 1690494135558.jpg (147.62 KB, 599x598, R-2790608-1456554473-3861.jpg)

>If you get lonely on your daddy's farm
>Just remember I don't live too far
>And there's a red bridge that arcs the bay, yeah
>You'll be at my place in less than a day

>So get on your bad motor scooter and ride

>Up over to my place and stay all night
>First thing in the morning we'll be feeling all right
>So get on your bad motor scooter and ride

No. 1871740

Bit of a reach but does BF show off her son than her daughter?

No. 1871759

Cause he’s the ‘normal’ one. Even Barnaby has a pic of Montrose and only a 3D scan of Severine in utero.

No. 1871762

File: 1690497075235.jpg (179.48 KB, 968x273, Montrose.jpg)

It seems to me she does. Also, am I crazy or does Montrose have brachycephaly? Freezer said here >>1871520 that the transportation of her stuff took 26 hours of driving and that she took Montrose with her. It's not a good idea to expose a baby to long periods of time in a vehicle or in any place where you can't change their position. I know she divided the trip into a a couple of days but it's still probably a lot of hours all at once and not the right place for such a small child. And of course he can't develop brachycephaly only in a couple of days, but maybe Freezer and Owl could be neglecting him in that aspect.

No. 1871794

That’s a massive head. No wonder IBF had a terrible time with child birth.

No. 1871936

KEK. Not particularly Danish, but a Northern eurofag, and I absolutely agree with you at how ridiculous and retarded her theatrics and mental gymnastics are sounding.
> Oh I just can’t grasp what do people mean if they say they can’t cook? "I don’t cook" – what does that even mean??1! Must be exaggerating.
Bitch, if someone says they don’t cook, it is exactly what they mean, burgerfag or not. Is she trying to pretend that if we’re oh so hygge over here, that we don’t have processed foods, or precooked ready-made meals easily accessible at the store, or that it can’t be our SOs cooking for us, not everybody enjoys cooking, like… if you’re a woman you’re obligated to cook? What is she even on about?
Also, eating out once a day isn’t all that expensive – it heavily depends on what you mean by "eat". Half the people with a regular arse office job do it. A lot of Southern (and even Central) Europeans have it in their culture even – to have breakfast / lunch break out.

No. 1871949

Every time she whines and dances the dance about getting into the headspace to edit or "omg edit1ng!1!!" (or "finding the time" for that matter, like in this case) it’s just maximum cringe.
Here’s the thing, her videos range from low-production to extremely low-production. AND they’re short. Her latest one is under 10 minutes, which, by the YT standards since forever ago, as well as the algorithm, is considered not even worth bothering.
The only type of editing that she does in her videos is either removing the so-called "bloopers" – the "uhmms", and brainfart moments, perhaps swearing, or the occasions she’s leaving the frame to fetch something. Another type of "editing" that she uses is to insert a uniform clip filmed on another occasion, or some type of image.

Doing this ^ type of editing work would take you around an hour, if not less (depending on the amount "uhmms" and prepwork like finding what images you want to insert). I’ll give you 2, if you’re being extra slow and scattered and/or a newbie. That’s it. What is there to edit?
She’s always talking about her editing as if she’s doing post-production for a bloody Spielberg movie, or a Nolan blockbuster. Like get a grip. Her excuses are tailored towards teenagers.

No. 1871964

Remember when Kaya said "I'm active in the discord now"? The last interaction she made was 23 June, so over a month ago. Can't wait to be out of that ghost town in a few days

No. 1871965

thank you Danish anon for your perspective, I'm glad we're on the same page. She almost sounded a bit trad with that post.
I think this anon is lying key

No. 1872009

Hard to say, she barely posts anymore. Last time she posted her daughter on IG she had to turn comments off due to people being rude about her parenting & daughter's appearance. Was there something that gave you that impression, anon?

No. 1872020

>>1872009 what condition does her daughter have?

No. 1872021

Chromosomal microdeletion, I believe.

No. 1872039

That head is not normal looking for sure lol this bitch and her old man are such bad irresponsible parents from driving with a infant in the car for hours to having a second child while being fucking broke and risking another disabled one to naming their kids god tier bully material names to showing them off on social media as some coff accessories kek i have no sympathy for them and i just hope those kids grow up to do fine in life.

No. 1872041

She posted a pic of her in order to use for E-begging for wgt tickets and people didn't eat that up so i guess she'll be using the other kid now

No. 1872080

Pretty sure in one her resent videos she said she wanted a 3rd child. Pushing it big late isn’t she 37? I don’t think the children’s names are bad he probably just be called monty when he older or choose his middle name if he has one. I thought she would of called him Gomez or some Addams family name.

>>1871964 She also said she was going to be on twitch twice a week every week a year ago she lasted like 1 week now it funny she mentioned coming back after some one on here few days ago mentioned about it. Money must be getting low by now for her to think about ‘working’ tbf I don’t think jake goes on his discord much he just lets his mods and bots run it for him.

No. 1872083

She's extremely selfish and impulsive so i'm not surprised she wants more kids even tho she's a bad parent and broke as fuck with an old scrote that has a high risk of producing disabled kids. The kids names are fucking tragic imagine what's gonna happen when their teachers call them by their full names in front of other kids. This is just bleak tbh

No. 1872085

She doesn't even have a real job she really wants to die giving birth kek I bet 2K pounds she will make another birth experience video to get views and petty points from her pay pigs.

No. 1872115

>What anons have a problem with is her repeated e-begging and scamming, that is founded on endless baseless complaints, over-exaggerated stories and situations, made-up problems, fabricated excuses, and, sometimes, flat out lies
Articulated perfectly. Apart from being more free-spirited and body confident she's experienced very little growth or change in the last 18 months…it's been really disappointing to watch.
>She runs with that money to travel, party and get wasted with some troon for days and can't be arsed to do insta Q&As anymore
Social media engagement is the easiest part of her job and she's barely posted in the last 3 weeks. She's going to keep losing fans and revenue if she continues to hide away and dodge questions about the Duke. She doesn't seem to be flourishing in this relationship so far; she's getting foggier, lazier, fatter, more distant and increasingly ill-tempered and snappy to her audience.
>The time when she flat out lied about needing 1k+ to fix her car which was ultimately repaired for free
Thanks for reminding me nonna. That was low, even for Kaya. I also remember the time she had the fundraiser goal for the London vlog which may not have been a lie but had the same stench of greed (she was earning $6-7k a month via Patreon at that point).

No. 1872163

>>1872085 surprised she didn’t milk pregnancy vlogs she kept quite until very end when she was about to pop

No. 1872220

>Social media engagement is the easiest part of her job and she's barely posted in the last 3 weeks. She's going to keep losing fans and revenue if she continues to hide away and dodge questions about the Duke. She doesn't seem to be flourishing in this relationship so far; she's getting foggier, lazier, fatter, more distant and increasingly ill-tempered and snappy to her audience.

All this, I got exactly the same impression. I'm an anon who has been supporting her (for free on lolcow kek) since the breakup but her two instagram stories a day, poorly concealed relationship with a tranny which she gets snappy about, and general lack of posting other than to complain is really putting me off. She used to post like 30 stories a day with photos, q+as etc but now has spent all her attention on Duke, who is obviously broke too so not only is he costing her money but she's gonna lose fans too. You gotta give people something to interact with and support.

No. 1872222

You can also edit and upload via your phone these days, it isn't some epic like it used to be in the early 2010s with clunky pcs and laptops. Some youtubers I subscribe to upload literally every day.

No. 1872243

File: 1690572861056.jpeg (131.35 KB, 828x1028, 64848FA2-98AC-4CCB-9C06-5DD427…)

loony troony posted this the other day. I kek’d

No. 1872245

I mean, the OP isn't wrong.

No. 1872246

Mai hasn’t been milky since the Psychara fallout years ago. She’s very careful with her online persona, portraying herself as the ultimate ethereal elven danish cottagecore ghibli princess.
On recent news she just got married in her house and is spending her honeymoon in some Swedish town with her farmer Viking looking husband. No milk, especially compared to Maras sporadic outbursts online that sometimes yield interesting info.

No. 1872279

Its ironic for the Duke to post this after apparently being fired from his job, the one he doxxed to e-beg for $20 or something, so it comes across like he's incompetent but still wants monies, not that he's an honest worker who's just paid shittily

No. 1872293

Will never forget the time she walked up all those stairs in the hot sun for hours complaining about pregnancy pains and shit for the queens funeral or whatever. I'm shocked she's 37, her priorities seem so fucked for a mother of two who is nearly 40.

No. 1872324

They really are tbh even Kaya seems more put together than her since she has her own place and isn't popping out high disability risk kids she can't afford nor take good care of. Freyja is a mess and has only gotten more selfish and entitled over the years it's only more bleak now cause her kids are gonna pay for it as well not just her

No. 1872332

She almost seems on course to be the next Raven if she ever ends up midlifing hard enough after a decade of being unhappily married. Isn't Mr owl a plumber or handyman of some kind? I can't forsee them living happily ever after in tiny NZ for the rest of her days tbh.

No. 1872472

Didn't Owl study to become a doctor? A child like Severine would greatly benefit if one of her parents had a medical degree. NZ may be small but at least it's rich and has a Labour government in power, things could have been far worse for those kids.

No. 1872523

I could have sworn she said he was working as some kind of handyman. Where did this doctor claim come from? While that all may be true about NZ, with it being so small any kind of alt scene is going to be even smaller which you know she'll moan about. She was already trying to use her kids to scrounge up a few thousand to make the trip to WGT. Let's not pretend like things are all that great for her kids when she obviously has her priorities all backwards.

No. 1872526

No you're right that she mentioned Mr. Owl works as a cleaner. But before all of this, she said that Mr. Owl was in medical school trying to become a heart surgeon. That's why many of us are confused about this. Either he is still in school and doing the cleaning as his side job until he finishes school or he dropped out. Maybe some stuff happened during the covid lockdowns that got in the way of his schooling?

>with it being so small any kind of alt scene is going to be even smaller which you know she'll moan about. She was already trying to use her kids to scrounge up a few thousand to make the trip to WGT. Let's not pretend like things are all that great for her kids when she obviously has her priorities all backwards.

Yeah, she really needs to start putting her kids first, give them a chance of stability. She's so desperate to move to a bigger city to be around more goffs but she doesn't realize that she can't do that with only one source of reliable income coming in (Mr. Owl). And obviously she doesn't make enough from her donations to supplement the costs neither, let alone to supplement an increase in their living expenses if they move to another, more expensive country. At least in NZ, her and Mr. Owl's families are there that could potentially help if they need it. Plus what would happen if something happened to Mr. Owl that stopped him from going to work?
There's just so much she needs to think hard about for the long haul.

No. 1872532

It was brought up in the last thread. No proof was provided but multiple nonnas seemed to corroborate they heard about it (comments linked below)
>>1815046, >>1815133, >>1817574

>Freyja mentioned Mr. Owl works as a cleaner but before all of this, she said that Mr Owl was in medical school trying to become a heart surgeon. Either he is still in school or he dropped out.
Thanks nonna. I do remember talk of him studying something in university back in 2019. It would have been extremely stressful studying medicine during the pandemic so it's understandable if he dropped out however being a cleaner isn't going to be enough to support a young family with potentially a third little one planned. He must be in his mid to late 40s now so I hope he has a plan as Severine will need expensive, life-long care

No. 1872538

I'm not saying it's bad idea to study medicine at 40+ but isn't being surgeon requiring manual proficiency? If path in NZ reassembles how it looks in Europe he would be like 50 by the time he would be performing surgeries which leaves him with very short carrier span even if he has no potential underlying genetic neurological problems that could affect hand control. It's a risky carrier bet requiring a lot of work and time.

She could have had nice prosperous channel if she had stick to her one video every week motto that she still has as her profile graphics at yt channel. And stick more to videos from events than unboxing packages from brands as it's unlikely like you are going to receive package every week. She has been producing one video like once in a quarter in average for last like 6-7 years.

Keeping all her stuff in storage for years also was a financially questionable - she could have sold all that stuff trough someone when it became clear and obvious that she has no possibility of having all of that shipped to NZ any time soon. Her collection of shoes and clothes was enormous. Selling hem even for 10 percent of original value would be better than waste money on storing them for years. Not to mention getting some stuff she kept in the UK stolen.

No. 1872565

File: 1690628354948.jpg (285.25 KB, 3232x1900, BuiMkbM.jpg)

I found Kaya in the Monster Queen IG stories…
Everything from the waist up looks alright - make-up, hair, the fluffy bolero and fishnet sleeve combo- but everything below is hideous. It looks like she's wearing a giant goth diaper and the Tommy Voles belt makes it look like the band is almost up to her sternum - it's a really unfortunate pairing. As she gets older the layered, ripped tights are starting to look really silly on her. How is she this bad at dressing herself?

No. 1872569

Ah yes, because goth is about dressing glamour and looking hidious, scary, scruffy, zombiefied and silly never been a part of it. Absolutely neva.

No. 1872586

>being a cleaner isn't going to be enough to support a young family with potentially a third little one planned

It's selfish af to have kids you can't afford nor put first and the fact that she keeps popping them out with a middle aged scrote and is planning for more is just really sad how fucking retarded do you have to be ? I've known multiple six figures educated women with 5 bedroom houses and sprots cars choosing to not have any kids cause it's too much trouble and you have broke vain losers like Freezer popping them out on purpose cause muh big family dream kek some people really have their priorities fucked up beyond belief

No. 1872598

I don't feel like that's the look she's going for kek

No. 1872642

Kaya is in it for the alt aesthetic as opposed to the music or the og fashion so
>looking hidious, scary, scruffy, zombiefied and silly
isn't what she's going for. She might never have gone for glamour I don't think, but she certainly is going for "hot" alt girl and always has been. Alternative shocking hot fashion is what killstar/aliexpress goths want

No. 1872646

The shaved sides is just not her look. I know she want to show the tattooes of but the sidecuts never did her faceshape any favour. I dont mind the outfit so much but I feel like shes looked the same at every event this year

No. 1872653

File: 1690643638998.jpeg (294.54 KB, 1125x1751, 7DB3A31B-8F9F-48BD-9F84-1D6C95…)

I don’t know about medical school but Mr. Owl graduated from this music college in 2020.

No. 1872894

OK, I get that she is not huge into gothic rock. Still unless she is exclusively into country music or gospel and unable to even remotely enjoy industrial, EBM, aggrotech/hellectro and other genres where artists and fans look like corpses reanimated by occult practices or nanorobots and cyborgization there still are remaining few important things
1. She was and still seems to be into Razor Candi aesthetics and that is a very specific aesthetics that is too much even for many scene members and not all of her outfits were screaming sexy but for sure were screaming strange and grotesque
2. How was she able to survive inside Monster Queen for even few minutes without running out of venue with her fingers plugged into her ears?

No. 1872927

She talked about wanting to grow it out ages ago but I don't think she has the patience or will to see it through. I agree that it doesn't suit her face, especially when she throws all her hair up in a messy bun. She only seems to get done up once a week (if that) so must of the time she's in that baggy patch work hoodie with no eyebrows - I don't know why she doesn't have a more low maintenance haircut.
Ntayrt but I think it's obvious she just gets hammered and tolerates a lot of the music at Monster Queen - she's mostly there to party (tbf some of the music I heard in clips was garbage). If you look at her main playlists on Spotify they don't really feature EMB and the like. I looked up Slimelight and music-wise they seem pretty inclusive; they have rooms playing goth/industrial/dark 80s, dark electro/modern EBM and electro/trance/EBM in the main area. I can see her fitting in there better.
She'll always be a witchy cottagecore girl at heart but you can see the influence the goth clubs have had on her fashion and lifestyle in the last 12 months (for better or for worse…)

No. 1873058

Mr Owl has a music degree while freezer has what… a theatre one was it? The future is looking pretty bleak for them kek. If they wanted to pursue creative careers maybe popping out 2+ disabled kids and neglecting a luckily large online following isn’t the move.
Like the other anons I distinctly remember her mentioning him studying medicine more than once, might have been on a video and a livestream. I’m confused why she would lie about it.

No. 1873123

File: 1690726513236.jpg (487.85 KB, 728x573, ugZODKV.jpg)

Her last upload was 6 weeks ago and less than 10 mins long - she has no right to complain that the algorithms are working against her. I wonder if she's actually going to work on the new video today or whether she's still recuperating after partying at Monster Queen 2 nights ago. As >>1871949 stated she's probably putting off basic editing work that takes 1-2 hrs of concentrated work (maybe 4 if you're as inefficient as Kaya appears) and vaguely posts about brain fog to IG as an excuse. Does the Duke ever encourage her? His unemployed ass has all the time in world to travel and party so why doesn't he help Kaya with her job?

No. 1873138

File: 1690728184927.png (820.19 KB, 720x1243, Screenshot_20230730-154304.png)

Out on tube

No. 1873149

Being tall doesn't mean much when you're apparently trying to eat enough to be almost as wide.

No. 1873193

The algorithm hates anything under 10 minutes unless you're daily uploading which seems to override the ten minute thing as more important. It's trained against promoting channels that don't uploaded consistently more than anything else (unless you upload something a few hours long). She's not being fucked over for being goth or something youtube wants to suppress, she's just not a channel worth promoting as she's not actively keeping users on the site like someone you can binge watch and will keep uploading new content to keep your interest up. The algorithm is designed to prop up content creators and if she's not creating they'll push someone who will. Users get put off by a creator who never uploads so the algorithm is trained to prevent people from accidentally subbing to one cause it puts people (normies coming from TV especially) off YouTube

No. 1873341

So she listens to Cradle of Filth?

No. 1873376

File: 1690751791628.png (676.52 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20230730-221727.png)

No. 1873378

I don't think so

No. 1873404

File: 1690754495272.png (645.01 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_20230730-230156.png)

No. 1873409

Imagine being able to only work for real a few times a month and then just do fuck all and go party

No. 1873412

>>1873376 it be a chatty grwm with no direction of conversion or anything interesting but saying she wants something (hoping it get sent to her),how tired she been a new bruise or a boring spooky box unboxing

No. 1873413

Its definitely an unboxing video, at least one of them if you look at >>1873404

No. 1873414

It named spooky box July 23 on the picture sigh another interesting video

No. 1873454

When being tall is your personality…
Also, it irks me that someone who frequents London as much as her always has to wear platform shoes. Why doesn't she get a pair of Skechers or Nikes (in black of course)? You can cover so much more ground in such an interesting city and it's way better for your feet. I guess these Killstar goffs tend to frequent the same places over and over again (Camden etc).
She's lucky a lot of the OG goth creators left so she has way less competition on YT however she's constantly falling off the algorithm. With strategy and hard work she could be pulling 6 digit views again but in 2023 it's clear her passion and drive is drying up.
From memory she listened to them a lot in her youth. When she was 13 I think one of her emails or usernames had Nymphetamine (I won't judge too hard, we've all been edgy teenagers)
Oh goody, more spooky box club shite. Hard pass - all the fake child-like whimsy and wonder will do my head in.

No. 1873599

Anyone notice how since people on her shat on her swimming costume and red dress she hasn’t worn them since

No. 1873623

Eh I wouldnt say its only because of that, shes only been to 1 real event since she wore that. I think she just doesnt have many places to wear those clothes. With that said, id be glad to see the red dress retire

No. 1873687

Good, we're doing her a favour lol. I truly hope she's thrown away the red dress. Just because an outfit's skimpy and shows a lot of skin doesn't mean it's sexy or flatters your body type.

No. 1873696

>>1872565 the last couple of monster queen she gone to she hasn't uploaded anything on her story's i thought that was the whole point her hosting was to share it publicly and promote it. Unless her new video compacted all the footage into one she hasn't made much effort to hype it up.

No. 1873717

I think it was the car vlog, she said she saw tagged photos of herself at Monster Queen and said she didn't like how she looked.

No. 1873764

Can't even feel bad for her. She's made her entire adult life be based on aesthetics and she still can't be bothered to work on herself. She does no inner or outter work on herself and it's everyone else's fault and somehow responsibility to keep her bills paid.

No. 1873825

File: 1690827583180.png (811.9 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20230731-192058.png)

No. 1873836

Their photographers do appear to hate her tbh >>1872565
These are fucking awful and make her look a lot heavier than she is. she looks so much better in the little clip of her walking >>1873138

No. 1873850

the difference is the photographers won't go out of their way to photoshop her images, but she will

No. 1873869

>>1873836 she just chooses her angles that flatter her unlike this one >>1862404

No. 1873875

> She looks so much better when she is wearing 4" platforms, walking away from the camera so you can't see her front, and wearing black, flowy clothes that hide her entire torso definition

It's definitely all about the angle, and she stops posting as soon as she can't find an angle that doesn't show off how much weight she gained. She is very self conscious about her weight gain, it's why she covers up her upper arm flab in every outfit she wears.
This time she can't blame ADHD medication though, it's this super cozy lifestyle kudos enabling Patrons.

No. 1873932

File: 1690841581084.png (704.07 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_20230731-231324.png)

No. 1873954

She's fundamentally a stunted pleasure-seeker with an aversion to introspection and self-growth. She made some TikTok last week about how she's living her best life now but what happens once the money runs out, the Duke leaves or her friends out-grow her? Her happiness wasn't earned but bought and paid for by her patrons and she's developed zero healthy coping mechanisms for when they decide to stop being doormats. Kaya, go get fucking therapy like you said you would.
Why doesn't the cat have a leash or harness on? They must be very close to the Duke's house if he is willing to do that. Does he live in one of those houseboat looking things behind? That might explain why his internet is so shit >>1873825
I remember Kaya posting pictures of them paddling in shallow river as well canals a couple of months ago.

No. 1873981

Most cats in the UK are outdoor cats, nonna

No. 1874010

Still, they're not going to be in the next town over. They're probably a few hundred metres away from the house. It's highly unlikely it's more than that.
Also, Duchess has posted a story of herself walking past this houseboat lined canal when she was enroute to Belfast 2 months ago.

No. 1874012

She looks exhausted from doing nothing did she bother putting her video or an excuse up

No. 1874029

File: 1690855293081.jpg (988.75 KB, 792x670, kE2wSwB.jpg)

Look at those houseboats bumper to bumper on a narrow river -now that's a glimpse into the housing crisis in London rn. I hope Kaya realises how fortunate she is living in a 3 bedroom house by herself with an SUV and a rented studio.

No. 1874072


The >>1873825 nonny posted the first screenshot of her waiting for the video to upload. There's a second IG story of the upload process being at 30% only and Kaya added the gif of a girl laying down sperging out to describe how she feels about it.

Poor privileged housebound with no responsibilities-Kaya forgot that when you're elsewhere than your comfort zone in NI, that not everyone has great internet service.(sage your shit)

No. 1874102

You insist on using she with a man

No. 1874116

NTA but can you give it a rest.

No. 1874121

You can go back

No. 1874138

NTA but absolutely not. Go spend more time lurking the trans threads and peak.

No. 1874149

File: 1690883640048.png (605.24 KB, 694x642, spookybox_july23rd.png)

It's almost 24hrs since she allegedly started uploading the video, and there's still no video published.

According to the screenshots (BST, picrel), she was at 0% 23hrs ago, and at 30% 20hrs ago, which makes it – the net where she stays at uploads circa 10% per hour. Since 30% was 20hrs ago, the video should've been long uploaded by now.

My tinfoil is that it is all staged and there is no video to be uploaded. She hasn't edited shit, since, as we all know, she can't be arsed to fulfil her influencer duties while on trips. Especially on trips to London. She can't even post photos and stories, because, according to her own word, she can't "multitask" >>1850820 and she's used that justification on more than one occasion.

The reason why she'd need to stage something isn't because of patreon guilt, but because Spooky Box is a sponsorship and that always comes with a deadline. The last day of the month sure looks like deadline material, and that's why the "31" on the calendar app icon is strategically visible in every story. This isn't the default icon layout. I was wondering what excuse will she likely be using while away, and it surely looks like it.

The foundation for this tinfoil lies not only in the stated above – deadline with a company + can't be arsed, preoccupied with the Duke + previous behaviour. But because I can't believe it for the life of me that there is NO public space in London – a library, campus, business centre, cafe, or those Internet cafes even (or what are those called these days, a public place full of computers?) etc – that one can access on a Monday to upload the oh so important video. I refuse to believe it, it's bs. Also, if she cared about having it uploaded, couldn't she have crashed into Luxeria and Roly's like she used to, or some other friend's, and uploaded there? It smells weird.

No. 1874163

She did do a "work" day with roly and luxeria a few months ago, but nothing came from that either.

No. 1874164

Why can she not put the effort into her job instead of all her white lies, fibs and excuses. Literally her videos never look high production, raw files upload quickly. From what we see we're getting a condensed video with very little cuts and they're relatively short. Like where the fuck are her and that man staying are they in air bnb accommodation? Does he not have normal WiFi??

No. 1874165

she should've finished her work before she head off for London. I'm hoping she gets in trouble a little bit with the brand.

No. 1874168

She looks baked lol

No. 1874174

If she had a work routine, everything would be so much easier for her. If she did 2 days a week she still has 5 to slob out and go out with mates.
Its not rocket science is it?

No. 1874179

Summary of Dorian's new vid:
>Promotes her Millennium Gothic book, mentions working on a second one
>Wants to write another life story book but centered about her ED experiences instead
>Wants to write about her friend who died from her ED, implied she would have to make up some details as she doesn't have the full story (?)
>In response to a question, theorises that Ash/James is neurodivergent with ADHD and BPD, not autistic because he could speak with strangers
>Admits she is still obsessed with him and dreams about him frequently, despite not talking to him for years
>When she wrote the chapter about Luke, she showed it to him first to make sure he's okay with it. I don't think she had done this with anyone else

I tuned out after this tbh sorry anons.
I find it really strange how she treats the people she writes about. I'd be really weirded out if an ex from years ago was theorising about my mental illnesses on youtube.
I hope she has permission from her friend's family if she wants to write the life story of someone who suffered from their ED.

No. 1874183

If it's your job to upload half assed videos monthly would you not just hot spot your fucking phone to the laptop? Surely to god a patron could take the hit for her on the data charge. Absolutely useless.

No. 1874190

>Spooky Box is a sponsorship and that always comes with a deadline. The last day of the month sure looks like deadline material, and that's why the "31" on the calendar app icon is strategically visible in every story
Good eye nonna, this sounds accurate. She's done 2 Spooky Box videos this year; Candy Witch & Hearth Witch (90, 91) on March 8th and Cryptid Cuties & Doll House (92, 93) on May 4th. It looks like a box comes out every month so her pattern has been to double stack then review the following month…however she broke the pattern by not posting a double unboxing in July.
>My tinfoil is that it is all staged and there is no video to be uploaded. She hasn't edited shit, since, as we all know, she can't be arsed
It does look like Kaya is trying to cover her ass instead of admit she missed the deadline because at this point, she's embarrassed herself so much. It's almost 1pm in London and there's radio silence on her socials. She's probably out and about with the Duke but internally stressing about the video fail. It's clear she didn't wake up this morning and rush off somewhere with better internet to upload the video.

Ultimately I don't think she'll ever lose the partnership unless she gets cancelled or shit talks the company online. Kaya has been reviewing Spooky Box since its inception back in 2015 and as far as I can see she's documented every one. Judging from the views she definitely pulls in a lot of business. If you type 'spooky box club' into YouTube and filter this year's results you'll see she dominates the feed; she gets tens of thousands of views while everyone else gets a few hundred at most. In her own words these videos are easy to make because the format is so familiar to her. I have no idea why she left filming and editing so late…this drama was so easily avoidable.

No. 1874196

As annoying and messy as emily boo, you've got to give her credit. She has a second job and a family and always uploads weekly. Even when she had spinal fluid leaking!
Kaya literally has no excuse!

No. 1874199

And she was able to perfectly upload 4 stories (2 photos and 2 videos) but not a YouTube video. You’re right if she was uploading she could have left it over for couple hours it would been up by now. She most likely re watched the video wanted to edit something out got distracted with the white cat and gave up for the night

No. 1874214

Honestly I have a soft spot for Emily Boo lol. She's charming, authentic, crude, boisterous and funny - she's got the perfect personality for Youtube and she's highly entertaining. She has a very goofy, childish side but it's balanced out with the fact she's married, has a child, hustles hard with 2 jobs, shares her dreams & ambitions and owns her own home -it's good to see this kind of representation of alternative women online. I find her much more likeable than Kaya and I think it's a shame she's only got a fraction of her following. Actually I think a lot of altcows could learn from Emily's work ethic and refreshing honesty.

No. 1874223

>Admits she is still obsessed with him and dreams about him frequently, despite not talking to him for years
That's creepy as fuck, I'd feel so uneasy. Wonder if he even knows about all this. I don't know if she's mentioned it recently but her and James stopped talking because she said his new wife was 'crazy' and wouldn't let other women hang around him. Yes, very strange to ask your husband to drop his ex he was still very friendly with, not like it's an awkward situation for her at all. Tinfoil but maybe he grew up, realized she never did and was sick of her shit

No. 1874224

>>1874214 I like Emily too she makes a huge effort to upload and plan videos and live stream/upload exclusive videos with her patreons and the fact she said she will film then edit then pick up her daughter then go to work all with in a few hours is insane. Her videos come across as high quality even if they are simple anti haul. It's nice to see someone working hard and still making time to have fun by getting tattoos and festivals rather then sitting in bed sulking cause to tired. I wish Emily got more praise for what she does.

No. 1874225

>>1874165 She had a whole week of nothing to edit and upload her videos before monster queen and London. Anyone remember a few years ago she made a tweet saying she couldn’t record cause of the wind and seagulls were to loud it was on one the early alt threads or how her laptop magically shut down and deleted all her files just before she would upload. She pulls this stunt all the time.

No. 1874230

The duke is a mentally unstable man. How fucking pathetic you are. GTFO.

No. 1874232

Fuck no. You are in the wrong place for your gender autism.

No. 1874234

I thought the same thing

No. 1874257

Does he live on a houseboat? I was wondering how his internet could be slow in London but this would explain it. (!!)

No. 1874268

I have the same soft spot but for Dorian. I know she's cray but she does work hard. I think she should go out more and make some real friends. She could really be accepted in the goth scene if she ever bothered to go to festivals and events like kaya does. She definitly has better looks than kaya.

No. 1874269

I think it's just bullshit. My friends live on a houseboat and their internet is just fine.

No. 1874277

File: 1690901616176.jpg (71.15 KB, 568x304, lJWvJ1o.jpg)

The sweet schadenfreude of seeing Kaya's Patreon numbers drop as the new month ticked over…
I know a few patrons will trickle back in the next few days but I've noticed the lovelies are unsubbing in larger numbers each month.
'Creating Youtube videos'…lol. It should be 'Pay for my air tickets and cocktails'

No. 1874282

File: 1690902095072.png (3.08 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2895.png)

Who knew traveling meant Wi-Fi might not be reliable? It’s hopeless

No. 1874287

Is mobile hot-spot any good for uploading stuff?

No. 1874292

Maybe I'm wrong for England but why isn't she at a library or Internet cafe? Using restaurant wifi feels more like she was at a restaurant with Duke then figured she'd give it another shot while she was there instead of any real planning here

No. 1874300

jsyk this basically happens to every patreon. You should wait a week or so before posting 'patreon number drops'

No. 1874313

She couldn’t have uploaded the day before going away to save hassle like she was originally going to do? Or leave her laptop plugged in charging over night at Dutches home rather then half uploading stopping closing laptop re loading every time at a hotspot makes no Sense. If she’s so desperate to upload she should visit the YouTube headquarters it’s open to the public

No. 1874315

Someone in the discord found this thread and they're all spamming about how hateful lolcow is because they can't admit that their precious lovely is getting money for literally nothing. I'd post screens but am at work. If i'm still in there when I get home i'll try to post

No. 1874319

Yes. You can stream shit on 4g, she literally has no excuse if she has an Internet connection for IG she has one for youtube she's such a spastic.

No. 1874320

Has their lazy cow been in the discord since? Watch us be the next reason she takes a year off and she's too depressed to work.

No. 1874332

Im still convinced she has ED given the way she talks about people who are a healthy weight. The sooner people see through the grifter the better.

No. 1874338

She's pretty open about still having an ED, nonna

No. 1874341

Its giving "the dog ate my homework" with all these last minute random excuses, except she's not at school and this is her job so instead of getting detention there are consequences like her patreons losing interest in her. Sadly I wonder if that's what it'd take for her to get off her arse. She does keep saying she needs to make her friends constantly nag her to make her do anything.

No. 1874348

I wonder if Kaya is going to head for a nervous breakdown soon. She's entered her 30s with no functioning adult skills.

If I was her I'd be terrified of the future, she's in rented accommodation and she even says herself she's YOLOing her youtube money away. Her popularity peaked on YouTube about 6 years ago, her breakup video brought in the most views in about 5 years and it didn't even hit 340k views. Her patron numbers are going down. She's ruined herself with all those tattoos she fixated on after the breakup. She just keeps redoing looks she's done for 10 years on YouTube, if you scroll her videos you'll see she hasn't evolved her style in over a decade.

Not even mentioning after 2 years of being single the first thing she dates is a 24 year old Troon.

Guess getting baked takes precedent over her job. Maybe kaya thinks up most of her excuses while she's high, not realising most people live in the real world and can see right through her.

No. 1874390

File: 1690914325958.png (1.13 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_20230801-192259.png)

Please patreon wise up stop supporting this begger .she not your friend all you are is human ATM machine for her lifestyle

No. 1874394

Kaya will spend money commuting around London, the literal capital city of UK and a) somehow can't find WiFi or b) just use her fucking phone.

No. 1874395

To be fair last year she had some great looks. She looked glam and gorgeous and most of her outfits actually looked well put together. I don't know what happened but she went from posh goth to trailer trash. The leech troon isn't helping. I'd say it's too much alcohol or drugs but then the Kaya stans will start freaking out again there is no proof. Except for the occasional pics where her eyes look like she's stoned out of her gourd.

No. 1874401

File: 1690914944218.png (438.14 KB, 962x514, Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 20-36…)

She's past like 8 internet cafés by now lmao

No. 1874423

Beefy file size? Ma’am, it’s a ten minute video.

No. 1874425

File: 1690918172081.png (280.94 KB, 691x526, Screenshot_20230801-202927.png)

No. 1874428

She can literally just copy the file to her phone via usb and upload via the Youtube app on her mobile internet. If her video exports are 40gb she's fucking up the export but more likely it's 1gb or less in which case whatever internet plan she has on her phone should be able to handle it. She's still in the UK so it doesn't count as roaming charges.
(She also can edit video on her phone instead of using a video editing program, phone apps do the same thing) like it's baffling to me she's lugging around a laptop and using restaurant wifi while updating us about it on…her phone…which she could also use to do the job

jesus wept etc

No. 1874434

Post the link nona

No. 1874450

kek all this effort and stress for her to shit out a messy car vlog complaining about "her brain" aka her unable to function like a responsible person

No. 1874467

I'm lost for words.i blame the enablers more they keep her living this lifestyle.
Wrost she going get .how bad her life is.she staying longer in london…

No. 1874508

Might just be weight gain. She started to lose weight after the break up and started to pull off her fashion sense again, but now that she's been gaining it back she once again doesnt know how to dress herself. Course there's intentional grungy messy but then there's messy cos you failed what you were trying to do. And cos she used to shame people for being fat, and used to dress up a lot more when she was thin, maybe she really doesn't know how to dress for plus size. …Despite being plus size and being an alt fashion youtuber for years now.

Watched the video at 2x speed, it was a big ramble about her struggling to do things.
>hello lovelies I'm soooo stressed and we're breaking the stress cycle with this video, I feel better after doing one bc it resets my stress clock
>Had such a busy month, since my bday it's just been go go go. Recounts bday, slimelight, sweden festival, a "friend" came over for a week then "she" left (idk who, the Duke?), and going to London soon
>It was all in the spirit of doing stuff I've not been able to do in my adult life so far. So im the happiest I've ever been, finally free to enjoy the world and meet amazing people
>But when I'm not constantly busy and I'm home alone I'm tired, can't get out of bed, full of self loathing. Spent last night crying trying to summon the strength for this video which I've been trying to do for days
>how much of this is depression, or adhd, or both, or just me sucking as a person? And people with normal brains will think I'm lazy, I haven't made a video in ages so i have no right to be burnt out.
>But when I'm doing nothing, it's not in a relaxing way, I'm stressing about the fact that im doing nothing, telling myself to do things like this video but being paralysed. People with executive function wouldn't understand
>even when I posted insta stories like sorry I wjll have a video soon I got snarky messages like "oh, again?" (kek)
>But I need to get on top of it because bills and stuff keep going up I am soooo stressed
>Not medicated atm, mentions the antidepressants and weight gain and that there was even a tumblr dedicated to any time she ate unhealthy food or had visible double chin in Jake's videos. (Why specifically in Jake's videos? Crack tinfoil what if it was Jake)
>Also figured because of home life, no meds will help unless environment changes (referring to Jake probably).
>Does want to be back on meds now but not possible. In 2020 saw a private psych cos of NHS wait list, £360 a session so could only afford two session. It's now £840 a session, no way is she dropping that so meds not happening.
>It's probably tiring hearing me apologise over and over for being burnt out and disappearing for a long while but this is a lifelong problem, anyway sub to my patreon

Idk if I want to summon empathy for this. I def used to around the time of the break up cos I was rooting for her to graduate from being a cow, thinking leaving Jake would do it. His miserable ass won't suck the fun from her life anymore and she'll have the kick up the bum to get her life on track. And her impulsive spending and partying instead of working, and being too lazy to even use the partying as content, was because she was finally free of him and getting him out of her system right? But a year or so later and she's still doing it, it seems she's regressing to pre break up kaya now with a troon in tow, mixed in with some genuine mental health problems that she'd rather keep herself busy (party) to forget about because its too expensive to actually deal with.

No. 1874511

praying for this bitch to be sponsored by skillshare so she can look up a course on how to organise your life kek I have no empathy left for her.

No. 1874514

Eh, idk how Ireland works but is she saying 840 for therapy sessions? Can’t she just go to a doctor, talk about her symptoms and get a prescription? That’s how it works where I’m from (also Europe)

No. 1874515

I hope she understands people with ADHD who suffers from executive dysfunction still have to go to work every day to pay bills, usually anything from 5 to 10+ hours. I dunno why she is acting like she is the only person with executive dysfunction in the world, tons of people have ADHD and its not an excuse to just give up on your life

No. 1874519

>there was even a tumblr dedicated to any time she ate unhealthy food or had visible double chin in Jake's videos. (Why specifically in Jake's videos? Crack tinfoil what if it was Jake)
I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Dude used to be a TOTAL Tumblr addict. Sounds just like something he'd do.

No. 1874525

We have come full circle since before the breakup. The posts back then are a mirror image of the posts now. Kaya will never learn because she has no incentive, passion or drive. Once the patreon dries up she will find someone to mooch off of, no way this cow is ever going to do actual work kek.
The adhd is not an excuse. Like many other anons I too have it and you can still be a productive member of society if you try a wittle bit.

No. 1874532

Thanks for the recap. This woman needs a self-improvement regime that includes a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine, that would improve her mental and physical state a lot. Too bad she's a lazy womanchild unable to commit.
I watched the entire video and the ramblings about James struck me as creepy too. I think she clearly misses him/that period of her life and maybe hopes that he watches any of the storytelling videos where she mentions him and reaches her out again? I think she's hitting the midlife crisis hard, how couldn't she? Still living with her parents and spending so much time alone with her nostalgic feelings. I'm pretty sure he is aware of her yt channel and I also tinfoil he got tired of her immaturity, besides, she changed her name and adopted all that non-binary bullshit a couple years prior to their definitive split, who could put up with that?
She works hard indeed but do you really think she would be accepted in the goth scene again? Everyone must know her around Birmingham and most of the sanest people must have outgrown the partying lifestyle and be focused on their jobs and families instead, like James. The people left still hanging out at clubs could be mostly the ones she labeled as untrustworthy. I'm not saying that honest people over 35 don't go clubbing but the goth scene isn't particularly a place where you find decent men.

No. 1874533

File: 1690928317067.jpeg (Spoiler Image,299.12 KB, 1290x2345, 6493BCEF-DCE9-4CDE-AFEC-B5640A…)

Rear-ee attempting to twerk to promote her of. I wonder how well it’s doing. Is she making full on sex tapes yet?

No. 1874536

>>1874230 this is an image board, we are not here for the thought police.
I agree with comments on emily boo and dorian, they are creating content without complaining about every little effort. Kata's patreon is continuing to fall, maybe that is causing some stress for her…(sage your shit)

No. 1874543

I would have thought once she has the diagnosis the doctor can prescribe medication without the therapy sessions too.

No. 1874561

Kayas a stupid bitch. Taking anti depressants and doing nothing to change her habits or lifestyle will of course do nothing just get her body accumulated to the derivatives.

Her biggest issue is that she left school earlier to be a lout and that's it. She tried working twice in a call centre jake got her in and at Lush. Before that she was doing cash in hand stuff for amateur photographers. She has developed absolutely no work ethic as an adult and has been able to rely on handouts to support her since she left home. She has no fucking idea what it is to be independent. The fact she acts like being with Jake wasn't a choice she made and she was almost grounded and now is running around like a child with zero supervision thinking this is the life. She obviously gets no gratification from her work and just admitted to gurning about her chosen profession of talking to a camera. If she was in any other industry and was crying about work any sane person would tell her to reskill and change profession but she will never want to do that.

I cannot understand the people that give her money, if they're genuine fans and care about her they should think about cutting her off and see if she can actually stand on her two feet. She is lazy. How many uni students have break downs doing dissertations to deadlines but they get it done. Kaya should know her fans expectations are on the floor. She didn't even dress up for her latest vlog and she's patting herself on the back for resetting her stress by filming. How has she not figured out how to film and edit something relatively close together so the content is fresh and she doesn't have to edit so much, and all her editing is is removing a cut from the raw file. Like how does it take weeks to produce this shite

No. 1874564

It's my understanding that she initially went down the private route (she left out the part that her Dad paid these costs) but gave up after 1 or 2 medications didn't work for her. After a long break she wants to try medication again but wants free/heavily subsidized treatment through the NHS which means being put on a waiting list for years then getting re-diagnosed through public system. She said that if she wanted to go back to the private pysch a single session would cost £840 and that she can't afford it apparently. What she's trying to say is that both options are too hard or too difficult or too stressy so ADHD treatment is impossible.

No. 1874570

Before you try to explain how this board works to others you might want to learn how to sage. Also the duke is a man. If you want to simp for troons go find another board.

No. 1874573

It's really telling how she states you have to jump through hopes for an adhd diagnosis. Antidepressants are easy to get on the NHS and a gp can prescribe them. They probably over prescribe them imo, but she need an actual psychiatrist to sign off on her meds and if she took two different types and had two sessions it was so a medical profession could assess her. She says having telephone interviews and remembering appointments is impossible for her so she won't seek treatment. Why not just slap your name down on a list if you have such a cba attitude about fixing yourself.

Also weird she admitted to looking up different types of depression. Kaya must sit at home trying to think of possible excuses to use for herself. She'll Google a mood or an emotion and suddenly she's got a super debilitating medical condition and everyone should be kind to her. She also says she owes no one explanations about her medical history but like she has a patron which offers services she doesn't honour. No ones asking for a doctor report just the content. She's very manipulative.

No. 1874577

File: 1690931987927.png (906.96 KB, 931x883, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 01-19…)

She is so full of shit. I googled therapists and I found Therapists in Belfast and most of them have a fee of 50£ an hour. Is she lying because she was too lazy too look or is she lying to try and grift her patreons for more money?

No. 1874578

I made a mistake and didn't sage properly, sorry.

No. 1874580

Why don't you go and park yourself in the troon threads so you don't have to worry about getting triggered over pronouns.

No. 1874581

File: 1690932437493.jpg (149.06 KB, 430x435, Tz7zafS.jpg)

With Kaya's Patreon usually 20-30 people unsub (deliberately or not) at the start of a new month and then 10-15 people sign up/return throughout the month.
This time she's taken a 63 sub hit which, granted, will adjust a bit over the next few days, but is much more than her average. I think this is indicative of how the 6 week dry spell and failure to deliver the spooky box video on time (as well as many other broken promises) was the final straw for a lot of her fans. Her Patreon is gonna bleed at a faster rate now so she really needs to start a streaming schedule if she wants to keep the house and Jeep.

No. 1874583

Not here to wk kaya, but a regular therapist probably won't be much use. I know here in Aus a regular psychiatrist can't prescribe meds for ADHD, as stimulants are a restricted substance, practitioners require special licensing and supervision to be prescribed.

No. 1874585

Fuck didn't sage my bad.
Also meant supervision to be prescribing stimulants…I obviously need to take mine.

No. 1874586

Everyone supports her in the comments, Some people even angry that other people judge her. So gross. I couldn't watch. What a bitch.

No. 1874602

Seconded. The GC virtue-signaling is tedious and clogs up the threads. GC obsessives need to touch grass, but barring that, they have a containment thread where it's actually semi-relevant to police everyone's language, so use it.

No. 1874603

Correct me if I'm wrong.
She has an official diagnosis and her medical records will show the tablets she has tried. Couldn't a gp just prescribe her other medication? Would she need an psychiatrist's sign off for every medication?
She doesn't even have to talk on the phone.
Alot of gp surgeries now have an online form you fill out

No. 1874610

If she's trying new medication and telling the psychiatrist it's not working they'd be assessing her and having to sign off for that specific medication. It was probably too draining for kaya to try and dupe a medical professional. They would have been asking her horribly invasive questions like "how do you try to manage your adhd?" or "have you tried any of the exercises we recommended?" I mean if she's paying over £300 quid for an evaluation you'd want them to be thorough but kaya isn't looking for solutions she wants excuses.

No. 1874615

No in the video I got the impression seeing a psychiatrist was 840, and her gp can't prescribe her adhd meds without a note from a psych. So she can't afford permission for adhd meds basically?

No. 1874620

Her diagnosis is from a private doctor that her dad paid for her to go see after two public doctors refused to diagnose her. She cannot afford to go private again to maintain the frequency of visits required to get a medication/dosage sorted out. That leaves public as her only option, but the public doctors require a diagnosis from a public practice to prescribe medication to treat her. Kaya's "issue" is that public doctors are currently "expensive", but her real problem is that she has a 0% success rate getting one to agree that she has ADHD and not a chronic allergy to work.
She'd rather buy plane tickets, alcohol, and otherwise blow Patron support on hedonism.

No. 1874641

>and being too lazy to even use the partying as content
This bit gets me like people want to see fun vlogs, not more whining videos. She does a lot of fun stuff and she has made fun vlogs this year, but why not document the things she's been doing?
>Once the patreon dries up she will find someone to mooch off of,
I think it's obvious she is instead entirely recreating her toxic relationship and the moid will be the one mooching. If he lives in a houseboat now he doesn't have much to lose by moving to her house, so it will probably happen before the end of the year.
This is why you get therapy before launching into another relationship so you learn to recognise toxic patterns. I'm sure there are cheaper therapists than that claim of £800, and self help exists - plenty of books and internet resources out there to educate yourself.

No. 1874646

That's interesting, so it's not just us who have noticed the lack of content (barely anything on Instagram which she used to be very active on) and other issues like blatantly hiding a relationship and snapping at fans who mention it. Concealing it to protect the early stages makes sense except in this case where she has made it incredibly obvious and opted for ignoring fans rather than addressing it.

No. 1874647

You have most of the internet to suck troon cock. There is absolutely no need to do it here except to virtue-signal. Go do it on reddit and keep your mental illness and your narc projection there. We don't do cults here.

No. 1874649

Yeah I don't get it either. In many countries therapists can do diagnosis they just can't prescribe drugs because that needs a longer education. So your General doctor can give you the anti depressants while the therapists keep monitoring you. I doubt it's different in Ireland.

No. 1874655

You can get prescriptions through the NHS for medication but she already tried with the NHS for ADHD meds and they assessed she didn't need them so she went private on her dad's dime.

No. 1874733

>>1874390 looks like she went to YouTube head quarters after all this is the location of it or around that area. Clearly read this person's comment >>1874313

No. 1874734

>>1874395 her outfits have always been a mess even since she was a teenager and there is some shocking transformations on her channel like her quarantine transformation. she had a nice pre breakup look when she was hanging out with grant it was a glamour goth not to much exposed but enough to turn heads. Now the new crowd she with she's adapted a new style that unfortunately isn't flattering for her shape at all.

No. 1874739

>If you type 'spooky box club' into YouTube and filter this year's results you'll see she dominates the feed; she gets tens of thousands of views while everyone else gets a few hundred at most. In her own words these videos are easy to make because the format is so familiar to her. I have no idea why she left filming and editing so late…this drama was so easily avoidable.
That is what is so insane. She only has one fucking job. Just sit down, hit record, and talk a little about the items in this box. It's not rocket science and it's not hard neither, or at least it shouldn't be at this point considering how long she has been doing them. And this is coming from someone who thinks those videos are shit content to begin with but clearly there a lot of people out there who don't feel that way and give her the views so why the fuck is she being such a slouch on it?

I have to ask, do these Spookybox sponsorships pay very well?

No. 1874744

>>1874425 this isn’t even the original file she was trying to upload? The other one she was so desperate to upload was a spooky box how can she upload one with in a few hours but the other failing two days of uploading?

>>1874536 it falling cause she makes 0 effort to even upload a photo on there she makes no posts just expects free money. Then whines when it drops. I have zero empathy tbh if she is more then capable uploading a meme on her instagram story she more then capable to upload a cat picture to break her silence on patreon

>>1874649 I live in same area as her and also have adhd I came of my tablets for a good 3 years, recently I did a online booking to get a doctors appointment they rang me and I requested to be re try them and they gave me a month trial and assessed me via phone and then gave me a regular dose again I don’t see how she can’t do this? And why she acting like she can’t be given them again and has to spend 800+ I have no idea where the fuck she pulled that from. It just feels like she wants people to send her money for ‘treatment’ but she probably spent a lot in travel fare to upload this video, eating at the restaurant and getting drinks, London flight ticket, drinks at monster queen, festivals ect if she just save for few weeks she would have the money to have therapy >>1874577 even a week with out spending she would be able to afford a few sessions.
When her and jake broke up didn’t she say she was restarting her medication so it been a year since she last tried she would be able to get them instantly if she bothered trying.

No. 1874750


There are certain medications here in the UK that you can only be prescribed by a GP if they've been signed off by a psychiatrist. Has to be a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, therapist, counsellor, etc. Antipsychotics are one family of drugs you need to see a psychiatrist for, drugs to treat ADHD are the same.

I've seen an NHS psychiatrist once who recommended me two antipsychotics which my GP can now prescribe without me having to ever see a psychiatrist again. However, I think because Kaya went privately it works a little differently. Here in Scotland we have free prescriptions so filling a private prescription is at your GPs discretion - some will allow you to fill your private prescription on the NHS, others will make you pay the private fee. I'm not sure how it works in Ireland, but I assume she would need to pay for the prescription and have it sent by her psych. Although if she has a medical history of taking those drugs I'm wondering if her GP can just re-prescribe them (as mine does with my anti-psychotics). Any NI nonnas who can shed some light?

Sage for med sperg

No. 1874753

>put off doing any work for weeks
>make content about how you have been putting off work

Isn't she just fueling herself? It would actually be better to ignore the content gap and upload an MQ blog or something, rather than this.
I like how she's insisting that she spends her days lying in bed, paralysed and unable to work, right after detailing a full list of how she's been partying and travelling for the last few weeks.

No. 1874775

>praying for this bitch to be sponsored by skillshare so she can look up a course on how to organise your life
That's savage, my sides lol

No. 1874779

>>1874029, >>1874390
…So I think I tracked down where Kaya is staying semi-accidentally - I have Luddite tendencies but Kaya posted so many clues to her IG stories. I stumbled across a landmark on Google maps and immediately recognized it from a video she posted yesterday. Additionally, the Duke has his hometown in his Facebook bio (he is easily findable on Kaya's FB) and that's basically where the location is. I might just be romanticizing Ingerland but it's quite a pretty area.

Kaya made it sound like they were out in the sticks but they are in a town/village within Greater London. The grassy place where they were playing with the white cat is 15 minutes walk from the town centre which has cafes, shops and a library. I'm having a hard time believing she couldn't find a way to upload the video there.

I think >>1874641 is correct in that the Duke will move to NI before the end of the year as it's apparent that he and Kaya are doing some kind of fast-tracked courting. They're spending so much time together in their home cities and I bet they've met each other's family and best friends.

No. 1874788

She was sponsored by skillshare a few years back. She said she was interested in this course and that course but don't think she ever actually did any.
Surprise surprise

No. 1874803

File: 1690975320685.png (92.43 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_20230802-120119.png)

She very good at manipulative but she be still in London for this …

No. 1874844

I agree with various anons that Kaya is currently using medication procurement difficulties as an excuse, but to take it a step further, she said it herself in the video. She wants a "miracle pill" for all her problems. She doesn't want therapy. She has already decided what was wrong with her. She has self diagnosed herself a long time ago, sought out validation in the form of a formal diagnosis, eventually received it after having daddy pay for it, then stopped using the medication when it proved to not actually be a miracle pill and in fact triggered undesirable side effects.
ADHD isn't a disease, it's a mental disorder. That means medication can help, but what is more helpful is medication paired with regular therapy and solid routines that said therapist helps you keep on top of to avoid becoming a dysfunctional member of society.
She is actually lazy, even if she does have ADHD, because she isn't willing to do what she actually needs to do to handle it, like an adult. The only thing she responds to is consequences. She did that video because she is scared of losing her enabling patron support, not because she had a hard time filming. The entire 20 minute video is her harshly defending her (in)actions for the past two months and begging for more Patrons. It reeks of unapologetic entitlement, "How dare 63 Patrons unsubscribe from her lifeless Patreon"

No. 1874862

>>1874844 she also said she got prescribed a different medication to try after she put on lots of weight with the first one, but she didn't take it because she asked around and people said they had different experiences with it… I very much doubt those randoms were clinicians, so why is she taking medical advice from them? That is so stupid, and that she can't even see that is baffling.

No. 1874878

File: 1690990261525.jpg (413.54 KB, 1079x1378, Amazeballs.jpg)

Ironic that the top comment of her previous video was about consistency while she just keeps slipping further away from that. And ofc the troon's hickeys on display despite how mad she got about any questions on it

No. 1874886

File: 1690991618863.png (949.62 KB, 720x1229, Screenshot_20230802-175319~2.p…)

You called it, nonna

No. 1874891

She looks a bit haggard there

No. 1874898

If the weather is anything like in continental Yurop, she's probably dying of how humid and unpredictable it is, and her party drinking etc.

Aside from the belt (girl, loose the belt, seriously), that looks like a low maintenance look to me that she could at least do when she does her car vlog/vents instead of looking like a goblin without eyebrows.

No. 1874907

File: 1690994656361.jpeg (37.68 KB, 439x513, B7DE3DBB-7D42-4D08-9984-4476C6…)

It’s the eyebrow shape and alcohol bloat. Kaya could be so pretty

No. 1874920

Why does no one take flattering photos of her

No. 1874930

Tbh I was thinking that her face looks nice here, but it's also the lack of jawline that will make it appear bloated because there's not much structure to define it.

No. 1874946

File: 1690997159371.jpeg (692.2 KB, 864x1430, Img_2023_08_02_13_23_25.jpeg)

Idk, there's her jawline there and she still looks haggard and bloated. Only another plus sized influencer is capable of finding Kaya's angle where her jawline shows up, kek
But her makeup and outfit are different here than what was in the Roly story, and that was only three hours ago.

No. 1874948

She changed her eyebrows for sure!

No. 1874958

File: 1690998995390.jpeg (882.58 KB, 864x1537, moose.jpeg)

looking on Mooseham's stories, these were actually posted an hour before the Roly story. Wonder why Kaya didn't share this one, kek. The timing is off for a complete makeup and outfit change, though.

No. 1874965

does any anon know where her necklace is from though?

No. 1874998

She posted a clip with roly from while ago where they were both crying with laughter and seemed to have a great dynamic, idk if he is bi or not but he is dating a tranny which is likely why Kaya is also doing that…I actually think Roly and Kaya would make a good couple in another dimension

No. 1875001

Looks like the same hair, makeup and outfit, she just took the mesh top off for Roly's photo

No. 1875011

Roly is gay and he's not dating Luxeria

No. 1875020

She looks stoned again. That or she's been crying.

No. 1875092

I dunno, are we sure Roly is not dating Luxeria? Luxeria is a man and it does seem like he is open to any kind of man.

No. 1875097

Luxeria has a boyfriend called louis

No. 1875105

Louis seems lovely and Lux is great, I've been watching her content since the early 2010s. Honestly super happy for her. The scene she was involved in back in the day seemed toxic, so I'm glad she made it out happy and healthy.

No. 1875142

Lux is a man.

No. 1875143

They looked like a couple in the photos Kaya posted of them all together ages ago, I guess I assumed wrong

i wish our resident trannylover would gender men correctly on an anonymous thread ffs

No. 1875162

Interesting, I thought there would be a zero lolcow talk policy on there. Please post screens if you can safely do so.
It is curious how Kaya only talks about medication; the Russian roulette you have to play with it to find the best one and how expensive it is to see the psychiatrist who will sign you off in the first place. She's also always comparing herself to her friends who have ADHD, especially the ones who benefitted greatly from meds. First of all, these are people who've probably been working or studying most of their lives so they have a much more concrete sense of discipline and routine while Kaya has essentially been unemployed from 17 yrs of age (she did full-time 'Youtube' while raking in £10,000 a year at most, ma'am that's a side hustle). I don't think medication will ever 'fix' her for this reason. However, not a single word has been uttered about therapy and she doesn't want to acknowledge it when people bring it up.
Megamind looking ass… I swear her head shape was never this fucked. Poker straight hair and high ponytail are the only looks that suit her.
Moose is cute, I admire her fashion and it really suits her body type. This is the person who gave Kaya a free patchwork hoodie last year and she has her own clothes shop. In one of her GRWM Kaya casually said she had a collab coming up with Moose but that was like 9 months ago at this point.
If only Moose could donate some of her chin and jawline to Kaya kek.

No. 1875175

Luxeria's voice makes my ears bleed kek.

No. 1875179

I made the same mistake at first though I did found it an odd "couple" so I looked into it and they are just good friends.

The dumb bitch can't stop herself fawning over troon cock because she's lost any sense of self-worth. It's sad and pathetic.

No. 1875181

One is no chin and the other is all chin kek

No. 1875213

File: 1691024390383.jpg (721.87 KB, 3244x2156, 3aW8JMH.jpg)

It's by a creator called Tommy Vowles and he's given her at least 4 pieces (2 belts and 2 necklaces). She may wear these pieces a lot but she has no clue how to style them well so they frequently get lost in her outfits (especially her clubbing fits). I was looking through Kaya's IG and it's obvious she promised Tommy a haul video 3 months ago. Tommy didn't send her his shit because he likes her or feels sorry for her, this was a brand deal and she clearly let him down. Kaya's had a long history of moaning that brands never give her a chance because she's 'goth' but we've seen a few instances where she fails to deliver branded content on time (namely Spooky Box Club and Oufer Jewellery).

No. 1875296

So for several months now she hasn't made the promised content with/for this creator but is still wearing pieces from the creator? Girl is either stupid or just plain forgot, and I don't know which is the worse look

No. 1875308

>>1874907, >>1874946
She's looking like a thumb these days. The side cuts seem to accentuate the width of her head and the low ponytail draws attention to her fat neck. Also, those tufts make her look like a rockhopper penguin. This is her sign to wear a headband for the next year and grow it all out.
She doctor shopped for her ADHD diagnosis so she can just blurt out psych terms and pull out the neurodivergent card whenever anyone criticizes her. One of her favourite fallback excuses for knowingly not doing tasks is blaming her 'ADHD paralysis'.

No. 1875346

>>1875213 she did a sponsored jewellery haul video few months ago where she failed to film it until the day the code was expiring I don't see why people bother sending her crap she has no excuse not to film even a YouTube short for these companies she has no job no children no distractions other then social media and laziness. That necklace is the worst thing I seen it looks like a shein belt around her neck. Also with spooky box I am suprised they still bother sending her boxes she fails to put out the box videos on time giving people a chance to quickly buy a box of they like the content inside and I swear once she opened them she put it all back in the box cause you never ever see her wearing the bits of jewellery or any the crap dotted around her house or in video backgrounds in the last EIGHT years she been given free boxes like where has all that junk gone?

No. 1875351

File: 1691048289794.jpg (51.38 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20230803-083553_You…)

>>1875213 >>1875296 >>1875346
Not only she failed to create content she was sponsored by brands she failed to make her final amazon gift unboxing video from her own fans she promised 8 months ago.
She just opened the shit never said thankyou. Just expects more money and gifts sent for nothing.

No. 1875354

>>1875213 kaya has no shame, imagine if she bumps into Tommy at an event sometime? She would probably just blab on about all her excuses and not even say sorry. On another note, do nonnas know of any evidence as to why duchess is poor (apart from wanting the 20 quid bonus at work?) Everyone I know in london that lives on a houseboat bought it outright, they are not cheap to maintain either, unless you do all that yourself. A lot to spend if you are as young as her and have no money. Could be wrong but I get trust fund baby vibes

No. 1875356

He is 24 no education and working a minimum wage waiter job. Which he has since left. Of course he is poor! I don’t think he actually lives on a houseboat, probably just lives at home with parents.

No. 1875383

That's right, she never made that third housewarming gift video. Imagine being one of the patrons who sent her a gift and never getting a proper thanks and shout-out as promised.
I noticed she had the cheek to leave her new house wishlist in her Youtube description (it hasn't been taken down for the last 18 months). She's still hopeful people will buy her useless shit like an inflatable hot tub and a giant wooden wine rack. Priorities amirite?

>I have to ask, do these Spookybox sponsorships pay very well?
I went on the website and it looks like Spooky Box is run by a UK wife and husband team (originally a one woman show) so it's a tiny business. The boxes are pretty expensive (I saw there was a sold-out deal for 3 boxes at $163USD) so as long as the overheads for the business are low they can turn over a decent profit. I'm sure Kaya gets a small check for each box she reviews, maybe a few hundred £? I'm sure there's a lot of overlap between the Spooky Box customers and Kaya's fans.

I had a look at Kaya's old YT uploads and noticed she used to have a partnership with 'The Witches Moon' (another subscription box company) for many years until Nov 2020 when she uploaded a triple unboxing for them. It looks like they dropped Kaya after she let 3 boxes stack up, probably breaking contract. As far as I can see The Witches Moon is still active so Kaya lost herself an easy paycheck.

No. 1875389

I feel like spooky box is the last sponsor that's left. Hasn't she done a sponsorship with Hexbomb in the past too? I think they're located in Belfast so a local business. I just wish more and more patrons are dropping her and she gets in financial trouble. One can only hope.

No. 1875399

File: 1691062924842.png (239.85 KB, 1340x428, 1691062602602.png)

Lol kaya wants an assistant but can't afford it. What in the actual fuck would an assistant be able to do for her? Wash her and do her makeup up and hair. Film content for her? Jesus christ.

No. 1875417

If it's a remote assistant they could help with video editing, scheduling, reaching out to brands for sponsorships, posting content on Kaya's behalf etc. Alternatively she could meet up with a camera person IRL each week who could help her film and edit her content. Involving more people in the Toxic Tears brand would force her out of her comfort zone, help her deliver videos on schedule and improve the quality of her content. This could really help her grow but instead she hides behind the excuses. If she got rid of the £500 a month studio she hoards her musty shite in she could afford an editor. She could go a step further and sell her scooter and old clothes and she could easily afford the 1-2 private psych appointments needed to qualify for new meds.

No. 1875418

To be fair if she had someone that edited and posted her vids and all she had to do was film them she would be more productive. She should use the money she wastes by keeping that studio she never sets foot in as storage and give it to someone doing edits for her once a month.

No. 1875436

File: 1691066639214.jpg (761.59 KB, 2172x1292, 6vAnzYh.jpg)

She only replied to three comments on her video and I screen capped the other two.
The first commenter makes a good observation that Kaya seems to get depressed when she's at home, her workplace, and that perhaps changing career where she can continue to utilize her creativity would be better.
Kaya pushes that suggestion to the side as well as the question about counselling, clearly a touchy subject with her. Instead Kaya insists that she has endless inspiration (useless to a Youtuber unless it can be turned into content) and the problem is executive function. She's so galaxy brained she's figured out the problem by reading WebMD and scrolling TikTok so there's nothing a therapist can offer her. Youtube is supposed to be her dream job but nowadays she's even struggling to post her play-by-numbers Spooky Box videos on time. There's no creativity to be seen in this year's videos either - it's an 'ideas' desert.

No. 1875439

She already dismissed the idea of an editor though that she's fussy over her content. So she probably wants a live in maid, to clean, cook and pack her suitcase.

No. 1875445

Her last live in maid quit, do you think that's what she wants the Duke for? Makes sense that she hates being at home if it means she has to work and clean and stuff like that.

No. 1875449

>We have come full circle since before the breakup. The posts back then are a mirror image of the posts now.
You said it nonna. She had more than a year to change and she squandered all that charity and support. Now she's too overwhelmed to deal with the growing criticism and resentment from her fanbase.

No. 1875463

I'm so tired of her executive dysfunction bullshit excuse. Executive dysfunction applies to everything. She can perfectly fine sit her ass down and spend an hour on her make up or to get ready for the club or to go out with her friends. Or she can bake a cake when she wants to. How often has she run out of gas because she can't get herself to the gas station? Never. Bitch got her snacks and bubble teas before she's whining in her car.

No. 1875464

She acts so weird and entitled in those car vlogs when other drivers pull in and park too. Is she too embarrassed to film at home and have her neighbours hear the girl that doesn't seem to have a job but a big jeep crying over fuck all again.

No. 1875465

Or shit, maybe she just doesn't want to clean her house lol

No. 1875484

Honestly she is so annoying.most of us here have depression,ADHD, thyroid problems and have to work a fulltime job and lead a normal life,no one's gonna pay our bills or pay us to party with friends.she just comes off as over defensive and entitled,and if she continues to sloth around the house soon she'll be so fat and lazy you'd need a crane to lift her to the next MQ party.I was so happy for her to start a new inspiring life but this is just depressing and infuriating.

No. 1875488

In three months it'll be two years since they broke up. I don't know why anyone expected her to change, though. She didn't want to work before they broke up, and she doesn't want to work now. As soon as she got comfortable in her new house, that was it. Sound familiar? As soon as fake was bringing in enough money to support their entire lifestyle, she ghosted her channel. All of 2021 she was doing, what? Laying around doing fuck all, and we took note of it. Here she is again, where she rotates between being literally anywhere but her house and laying in her bed for weeks at a time, "catatonic with stress". She's a broken record of shoddy excuses.

She definitely doesn't have executive dysfunction. What she does have is a huge folder of ADHD themed memes to remind herself of her appropriated mental disabilities that she uses as an excuse not to work.
If i was a psychiatrist, I'd refuse to see her. She already has so many self diagnoses, there's hardly room for a professional opinion.

No. 1875519

File: 1691079627595.png (360.24 KB, 864x1011, valid question.png)

No. 1875524

Really? Well you need to tell the clueless people in her comments who are under the impression shes over it which is why shes being held up as a figurehead of sorts. If people really understood that she wouldnt get the asspats shes currently getting.

No. 1875525


The people who send her wishlist stuff for the house and didn't get a thank you deserve it for being so stupid.

No. 1875533


Yes, Jake is a dickhead but she is a lazy, messy, scatterbrained, entitled brat in her own way, and if he is there or not she will never change. Everyone gave her too much credit when they broke up and thought FINALLY she will get her act together! But nope. Turns out slobbing around on the sofa is all she does. She shopped around for an ADHD diagnosis because she doesnt meet the criteria so had to buy one. I cant wait to see her luck run out.

No. 1875549

File: 1691082926010.jpg (405.84 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20230803-180855_Tik…)

All she has to do is upload a bunch videos like this to YouTube I don't see why she doesn't ( for those without tiktok it just a bunch of clips of her drinking, friends,festivals,bbq and cats) YouTube doesn't have to be a huge thing like she makes it out to be.

No. 1875553

>>1875549 my bad just seen she has uploaded it to YouTube. Hopefully she can see it easier to do shorts then big videos it's lot less pressure too

No. 1875556

She used to upload shorts, but the last upload before this one was April 3rd. Do shorts pay much/anything?

No. 1875562

>>1875556 NTA but Google said’s you can get $3+ per 1,000 views which isn’t a lot but it is a good way to get quick views fast and new subscribers. people are more likely to watch bunch shorts then long videos these days. If I was her I would just blast out loads of Sebastian videos cats always get loads of views.

No. 1875573

>mixed in with some genuine mental health problems that she'd rather keep herself busy (party) to forget about
But what are those mental health problems? Clearly something is going on but its not the things she doctor shopped for. And yes lying to yourself and doctors about what you have will become expensive and a pain to deal with so she's convinced herself it's too difficult and can't be helped even though she set the problems herself. NHS waiting times can be a nightmare already without self sabotaging like that.

No. 1875618

>live in maid
please, we've all seen Jake's pigsty, even his studio space is a mess. Neither of them cleaned.

No. 1875749

I remember she said it's a parking lot by the sea that had Studio Ghibli vibes and it seems to be her go-to-place for car vlogs. I thought it may be a cruising spot because the drivers in the car park seemed to be checking her out before leaving (hence her screeching about the staring). For whatever reason there were a lot of people coming and going the day she filmed and whenever she fussed over them her paranoid energy ruined the video.
It's interesting how she moved from filming in the commercial studio to her home office and now to her car. I still have a hard time understanding why Kaya finds it so difficult to film and edit videos in the office 5 meters away from her bedroom.

No. 1875779

File: 1691111268960.jpg (1.67 MB, 1084x3242, OK0l6uF.jpg)

I think the problem is that Kaya is on her own too much - I wonder why Kaya doesn't realise that. She spends days in that big house by herself, paralysed with stress and indecision, and she gets zero work done. At that point she's desperate for any excuse to run away from responsibilities and, when her social battery is fully charged, she drives over to her mates for a drinking or partying sesh. She then takes a few days off to 'recover' from socializing and then the pattern repeats. It's obvious she's not a self-motivated person (which makes her unfit for YT) and needs people around her to motivate and support her or else she just turns into depressive soup. Sadly she was at her most productive when living Fake and encouraged to do 4 videos a week and co-host MAG with him in order to pay bills.
If she keeps going at her current rate she'll revert back to 2021 Kaya that only uploaded 6 videos in 1 year. She's already gone longer than a month between uploads twice in a row.

No. 1875804

right, i really did love the romantic/glam goth look she had going. maybe i'm partial because it's similar to my own style, but that look really suited her. the current look, however, does not.

No. 1875835

When you have jack shit to live for or work towards at nearly 30 you’re bound to be at least a little bit depressed at some point.

I have no idea what she plans on doing with her future. You’d think her ass would be lit ablaze at this point. She is putting herself in a horrible position.

No. 1875870

File: 1691124714930.jpg (629.62 KB, 1080x1916, M5Tf6if.jpg)

Roly posted a pic with Kaya and says that 'she will be coming back in September to film some collabs'. I find Roly shrill and annoying but I will admit he is a hard worker and has the natural Youtuber flow so it puzzles me why he's hanging out with an unproductive, whiney sloth like Kaya who should have retired from YT years ago.
Kaya looks awful here. Her hair is greasy and it looks like Roly did her eyebrows with his non-dominant hand. She's also modelling two gifted necklaces - the Tommy Vowles posture necklace and an old, cheap-looking Spooky Box necklace - with what appears to be a bathrobe. She's really stopped making any effort with her job or life…

No. 1875909

No ones going dogging in the daylight lol, she lives in Bangor, she's probably pulled off into a carpark beside the coast, there's a few dotted around because they have access to the shoreline. It's people going for walks or pulling over to eat something.

People are probably staring because she probably looks like she's having a breakdown on a phonecall.

> There's a lot more to my life

No. 1875956

Kaya said she would be staying in London for a while this time so I wonder if she will attend Slimelight on the 19th. I checked the official IG just before and she was not listed as a host.

No. 1875965

I don't really believe she only parties twice a month (I guess she means MQ/SL/random gigs) and spends the rest of her time paralyzed in bed because oh no, I have to open a spooky box. Right now, she's out every day with the duke as well as meeting other friends, when she's at home she has no issue driving out for bubble tea, going to beauty appointments (hair, wax), getting tattoos, meeting friends and having picnics, going our for meals and drinks, she's playing games and making cakes. This paralysis only shows up when a video needs uploading, it's a fucking weak act.
The "ADHD brain" show isn't cute either, you ARE your brain, there's no funky little gizmo controlling you. Anon upthread was right, her diagnosis comes from an adhd meme folder made by kids on the internet who don't want to their homework.

No. 1876150

I wouldn't be surprised if maybe they did date privately for a short while at one point and definitely hooked up since I don't think Luxeria has gotten the rotpocket.

No. 1876154

“Live in maid” Catch yourself on

No. 1876463

people can be friends without hooking up, anon.

No. 1876586

File: 1691244569133.png (772.12 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_20230805-151035.png)


No. 1876589

Zero dignity. It's a big personal pet peeve of mine when people beg for shit (on their birthday). Why do people feel entitled to receive anything from strangers?! blows my mind.

No. 1876593

File: 1691246043444.jpg (360.74 KB, 674x369, Y5rOFzw.jpg)

>'Whenever I'm home alone I can't get out of bed for days and can't summon the energy to make videos'
Your life is totally out of balance and you have no sense of routine - it's no wonder you're struggling to get into the headspace to work. You're constantly travelling, hosting guests, partying and going out for drinks with days of decompression needed in between. You expend all your energy on your social life and waiting for the next event or hang-out which leaves you burnt out and unable to focus or work when you get home. You were diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago…how do you not have strategies in place to stop yourself getting into these depressive ruts?

>'Years ago I was put on antidepressants and they did not help…but what they did do was make me gain a whole lot of weight in a short space of time and then the whole internet bullied me for it!'

The antidepressant was Fluoxetine, which is not known for weight gain, and she only took it for a few months in 2014. She gained something like 30kg within a couple of months - of course people are going to comment your appearance, you're a Youtuber for fuck's sake. She continued to gain weight long after she got off the meds, peaking sometime in 2017 (pics are all from 2016). She also has a documented history of shaming fat people and gossiping on Tumblr and PULL so that invited even more hate. Kaya will never admit she's been a bully, only a victim.

>'Not knowing how much is depression, and how much is ADHD, and how much is both, and how much is me just sucking as a person'

…That's why you talk to a therapist Kaya, because you don't have the education or skills to differentiate. It's good she has kind friends she can talk about mental health with but I get the sense she over-relies on them when she should be receiving more professional help.

>'I'm having a great time doing all the things I've always wished I could do my whole life and I'm finally free to enjoy the world'

I really hate when she bleets out this phrase repeatedly. What's up with her entitlement? You chose a life of poverty and misery when you became a full-time, consoomerist Youtuber who mostly does hauls and unboxings. Take some more accountability for the choices you made as an adult. If you wanted to travel, party and have nice things like tattoos then you should have got a stable job years ago and saved up like the rest of us. The only reason Kaya's free to do whatever she wants now is because retards continue to pay her monthly pity bux because of a public break up nearly 2 years ago.

No. 1876619

Agree I hate it .why can't he save up like ever other person dose .no shame just begging like his girlfriend.

No. 1876658

His face is so gross

No. 1876681

File: 1691258399428.jpg (884.63 KB, 1080x1513, Crusty.jpg)

Your local bag lady going out to buy 30 tins of cat food.

Is jazmin even a cow anymore? All her content, music and fashion is just sad and mid a bit like Jude bishop though at least Jude is cringe.

No. 1876705

>thank you lovelies
>the sign off Kaya has been using forever
>sexually suggestive hand pose
>address to send monies

He is so effortlessly unlikeable, does he think people are gonna rush to donate to him just because he has attached his suckers to Kaya and started skinwalking her?

No. 1876744

honestly I was a little surprised to see so many supportive ass licking comments under her recent video. How are people happy with her content? No surprise she doesn't put in much effort.

No. 1876772

his batshit crazy looking wide eyes creeping me out

No. 1876784

File: 1691272724946.png (1.2 MB, 709x1039, Screenshot_20230805-230008.png)

No. 1876785

File: 1691272964431.png (769.27 KB, 636x1089, Screenshot_20230805-230405.png)

No. 1876789

at least it's not on a playground LOL… iykyk

No. 1876795

File: 1691274867827.png (628.43 KB, 1221x873, Duke Begging.png)

I just found ot in the duke's ig profile he has been begging on GoFundMe to have an operation to reduce his addams apple.
I find interesting one of the lines: "Thank all of my friends AND PARTNER for helping me realise who I really am", did he trooned out to his previous gf? I bet she ran scared after the initial shock kek.
Also, one year of begging, only 300 pounds, no one gives a shit about this weirdo, not even his friends.

>I am a trans woman and am saving up for a thyroid reduction/Adam's apple/tracheal shave. The funds go towards the operation where I will have my Adam's apple filed down, as well as all of the pre and aftercare from the hospital.

>This is the only operation I really need in order to complete my transition journey.
>I would like to thank all of my friends and partner for helping me realise who I really am and for helping me work towards a better me.

No. 1876798

is he wearing her clothes?!

No. 1876801

File: 1691275305067.png (759.52 KB, 537x805, Duque antes de perder del todo…)

Shit, I forgot to share this, I think I found his "hire-a-model" profile with pictures before trying to attempt fooling nature:

Hope it's not against the rules to share this, I don't post much here.

No. 1876963

Fuckin' hell, my eyes are burning. Kaya's mates really need to be more honest with her…
It's giving Jeffree Star circa 2009. He's usually capable of decent make-up but this is scary.
It is revealing how little his mates have donated (if it wasn't for Adhithya's generosity the campaign would have been taken down in shame most likely). Couldn't more of his dearest and nearest step up and donate £5 here and there? Maybe he doesn't have many friends at all, just Insta mutuals and people he sees twice a year at festivals. The birthday e-beg post >>1876586 does give us more insight into the type of person he is - entitled and attention-seeking (just like Kaya).
I think Kaya is quietly helping him set up a YouTube channel so he can join her in the e-begging influencer life - I can see he's greedy for fame and easy fortune (Kaya is drawn to these men for some reason). He'll start featuring in her videos soon enough.
He used to work at CyberDog and do modelling for them on the side. I did a bit of snooping and it seems around this time (when he was 18/19) he met Adora Batbrat for the first time at Slimelight and associated with her for years after.

No. 1877053

Kaya meets another begging loser. Is it just me or does he look like he's taking the piss out of kaya and most of her criticisms. To use the phrases lovelies whilst asking strangers for money it's too ironic lol

No. 1877057

She was never a huge cow (at least not talked about that much on here). Pic is horrendous though.

No. 1877080

Jesus I’m over whatever tacky over-accessorized era Kaya is in. Nothing goes together

No. 1877082

>>1876593 you can’t gain weight from tablets you gain weight from excess food consumption and lack of exercise why is she still holding on to this excuse from like 6 years ago. If you’re starting to feel better you eat more, you eat more you put on more it’s not tablets fault and it annoys me so much that she can’t let that go. All she used to post was pictures of giant bowls of food and mountins of sushi and monster drinks and every single sweet treat she could find no wonder why she put it on and her and jake made themselves have eating disorder from a young age so soon they started eating normal of course it would make them double in size.

No. 1877085

File: 1691322047346.png (559.53 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_20230806-124042.png)

No. 1877086

they look dirty and smelly.
This picture made me cringe so hard key the overdressing, the mismatching details and the fact she thinks she is hot shit in this but looks so messy and untoned. You can see she's struggling and can't hold herself up.

No. 1877096

He looks like boy george

No. 1877111

Over-accessorizing has been Kaya's trademark for years however this outfit is comically bad, on par with those creepy DDlg outfits from her pink phase. Most of her wannabe Club Kid fits fall flat and look really amateur for a host. She loves wearing those body suits but they look bad when you have zero curves and your gut hangs out - she needs a girdle lol. I will admit I like her make-up here, it's quite pretty >>1877085.
He's been lurking and knows his IG stories will appear here. He's obviously being a troll and enjoying the attention.
What's Kaya's long-term plan with the Duke? They've spent weeks together, spent birthdays together and even travelled to Sweden - all within 2 months. Living with the Duke in his houseboat for a few weeks sounds like it'll be a challenge for Kaya and their relationship lol.

No. 1877129

She'll probably coop him in with her , codependent 10 year relationship vol 2 incoming

No. 1877135

Lets hope he doesn't act like Boy George and chains Kaya to the radiator and tortures her.

No. 1877136

wasn't he the one who made her tits green from bruises?

No. 1877163

Who has the manlier upper body, her or kat

No. 1877176

>>1876784 no true friend would let her go out like this it makes her look so top heavy and trash. Kaya you look super nice in the night slips and smooth hair not this

No. 1877185

File: 1691340236479.png (56.98 KB, 968x232, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 17.45…)

"Best friend" Yeah ok

No. 1877193

>>1877185 what everyone at war at? How she's dressed? Seen no drama about it at all

No. 1877221

File: 1691345177098.png (868.62 KB, 720x1257, Screenshot_20230806-200534~2.p…)

Seems like wearing clothes that are not your size to go out is not just Kayak's specialty, she can open a club now kek.

No. 1877223

Maybe if the lipstick were black this wouldn’t be such an assault on the eye but, Jesus Christ, the eye lip combo is tragic.

No. 1877233

idk i think this is a killer look. she's clubbing, of course she's going to look kind of slutty & out there

No. 1877236

File: 1691347633729.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_5977.jpeg)

Call it a nitpick if you must (idgaf) but what the actual fuck happened here? She used to dress so cute post-breakup but ever since she started going to Slimelight and hosting Monster Queen, her style has gone completely to shit.

No. 1877237

>>1877221 this wouldn't look as bad if she took that necklace off. Huge necklace, dangly earrings and fluffy collar makes her look drowned in detail

No. 1877238

Even a darker red that wasn’t so warm toned would have been an improvement tbh. It’s too orange for her complexion and makes her look clownish.

No. 1877239


People do dress pretty out there for those nights, which she is trying to keep up with. She would do so much better trying to concentrate on doing more intricate makeup and keeping her clothes more glam though.

No. 1877241

Alot of people at the events she goes to now are almost completely naked and/or wear lingerie and fetish wear stuff.. shes trying to blend in and be like the cool peeps instead of just doing her own style which fits her alot better

No. 1877244

you're comparing casual wear to club/rave wear

No. 1877245

Yeah I get that and it’s great for the clubs but when she incorporates it into her everyday wear like that nightmare of a birthday outfit she wore in the past, it’s sad.

No. 1877254

File: 1691350026132.png (855.16 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230806-212619.png)

Homegirl confirms she is lurking or has people lurking here and reporting to her things, cuz some nonnies talked about her shaved sides not too long ago.

No. 1877256

File: 1691350090413.jpg (259.38 KB, 711x1050, Screenshot_20230806-201915_Ins…)

This is a nice photo of her tbf

No. 1877258

File: 1691350180034.jpg (118.26 KB, 539x746, Screenshot_20230806-202013_Ins…)

Of topic but it looks like Duke has a hand coming out his crotch kek

No. 1877265

Lol im not saying she has thin hair at all but her hair was also teased back and possibly crimped the day before this, that makes anyones hair huge and poofy

No. 1877287

Of course it is. Half her body and that ghastly outfit are hidden behind the Duke's male back.

No. 1877290

Kaya is a total idiot for picking up a pigeon, half of them in the UK carry chlamydia and can make you very sick. This is why they don’t want you to feed/touch them literally everywhere

“Research suggests that up to 49 per cent of feral pigeons could be infected with Chlamydia psittaci. Human infection is called ornithoses and symptoms include chills, fever, sweating, severe weakness, headache, blurred vision, pneumonia, possibly death.

No. 1877309

File: 1691355272475.jpg (729.69 KB, 1080x2190, Pigeon.jpg)

Is this what you're referring to? Idk why she grabbed it like that while it was trying to get away, though caption implies it was injured, is she just gonna carry it around until she finds a vet?

No. 1877311

File: 1691355356838.jpg (574.37 KB, 1080x2190, Pigeon2.jpg)

No. 1877314

Derail but how are outfits like this suitable for parties/clubs/raves when you clearly can't dance comfortably more than 15 mins while wearing this crap? It seems like these people only dress up to have their pictures taken and then get smashed. The goth or rather alt scene in London looks fake as fuck, no wonder they use people like Kaya for hosting events.

No. 1877315

A vet or rspca is not gonna care about a random street pigeon that can fly and doesn’t have obvious injuries, she can bring it home to duke’a in a box and stress it out with a cat until she realises nobody will take it and has to let it go. But she can get tons of story content just like Victoria the swan!!! A tenner says she names it and keeps it in a box and posts non stop about how nobody will take it.

No. 1877339

NEVER touch a wild animal without gloves or protection. jeez

No. 1877344

Such an ugly couple and her posture is terrible lol. Wonder if its her hair that makes her head pull down from the back. I'm trying to figure it out.

No. 1877355

File: 1691359718817.jpeg (265.72 KB, 1118x1392, C3E209D7-8F79-497E-84AC-519619…)

Rafael’s daughter finally allowed to be in the same vicinity as her step mum and half brother. This was at Rafael’s birthday dinner. I’d love to know how the conversations went because Ashlee has progressive views while Raf and Kat are now fundies or something.

No. 1877450

first, the shoddily applied makeup… yikes. second, what the fuck is that cringey pose? also 'muh dainty feminine hand' and the massive fucking claws. what a cringey wannabe, kek. you picked yourself a real winner, kaya!

fucking yikes at how doughy she looks in those pics. the double chin and soft flabby arms look horrendous. i think she looked best after the breakup and she was forced to lose weight–but it looks like she's right back on track to gain 70 lbs again. i was on fluoxetine and it didn't affect my weight at all, so i don't know what she's on about. sage for autism but oh well.

i absolutely love how she used to dress, it was that vampy romantic morticia vibe and it really suited her. compared to the pic on the right… yikes.

No. 1877475

She looked good 12-18 months ago, the best she had in a long time. She had a dark romantic aesthetic and she'd lost a bit of weight so she had some face gains. Then she started going out to local gigs and got into her punk era - DIY chicken bone earrings and custom studded jackets - which didn't didn't really suit her but she was having a lot of fun with it. Now that she's frequently hosting she's in her BDSM, slutty club era and her outfits, both in the club and out, suck. They're messy, uncoordinated and unflattering now that she's gained 20 pounds.
>>1877256, >>1877258
She knows the camera is there so she's sticking her head forward and sucking in her turkey wattle - we've seen what her real candids look like kek. Also, does the Duke have any friends or does he just tag along with Kaya to meet her Instagram friends in London?
She has kyphosis from chronic hunching and a sedentary lifestyle spent mostly on her laptop. You could see her Dowager's hump clearly >>1614974 when she got her head tattoo. Her long hair usually covers it and I'm sure that's why she'll never cut it. Exclusively wearing platforms whenever she leaves the house makes the problem worse but she has such a complex about looking stocky she can't live without them.
It looks like it's heading that way. Things are moving so fast and I'm sure the Duke won't hesitate to use an LDR with an e-celeb to move out of the houseboat (reminds me a lot of Fake).

No. 1877484

File: 1691379809508.jpg (669.15 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230807_044204_Ins…)

>It seems like these people only dress up to have their pictures taken and then get smashed. The goth or rather alt scene in London looks fake as fuck
Yeah from the few stories she posted it seemed pretty mid, people just doing the sidestep each by themselves. Hopefully it isn't all boring but her half arsed coverage of places like monster queen make that seem boring too tbf.

No. 1877490

File: 1691381106767.jpg (946.17 KB, 1080x2190, Musty.jpg)

>Victoria the swan
Oh kek that just reminded me of her cringe Disney Princess wannabe shit claiming she had a ~special connection~ to this random swan who apparently was male but she had a twitter argument about it being female because it was KAYA'S special connection SHE knew the swan best! when's this gonna happen with the Duke I wonder

Oh then I guess her horrendous style can be posted from time to time? I can smell picrel.

No. 1877573

>>1877484 sorry for blog but I go to slimelight a lot and there are always loads of people really dancing and having a great time. However there are alsp always some people that prefer standing in the indoor-outdoor bit and chatting all night. It is clear that Kaya isn't a dancer, and she gives an innacurate impression of these events as she doesn't seem that bothered by what is going on across the whole venue

No. 1877588

If you didn't state this that place would like shit. Most of the people in the background aren't even dressed like Kaya and the troon. I can't imagine kaya ever letting loose to dance since she's so aware of her angles.

No. 1877601

File: 1691416303408.jpg (618.97 KB, 1080x2190, Pigen.jpg)

She just took it back to wherever she and the duke are staying. Wonder what illness she'll come down with from it and use it as the perfect excuse to not film for 2 months.

No. 1877604

I just want to scream into the void, forgive me nonnás…
SHE WAS DOING SO WELL. Kaya, you absolute bugwit, you were thriving and making videos to earn your pay and you looked SO FUCKING GOOD and you take up with THIS monstrosity and immediately decline??

I was rooting for you! We were (mostly) rooting for you! And you FUCKED THIS UP. I'll accept my A-Log ban for the nonce but Jesus Christ what a Maroon. She truly cannot stop creating the worst version of herself for these insufferable scrotes.

I hate it and I hate her for pandering to men who don't give a single shit about her, in the interests of … what? Wearing matchy-matchy outfits?

Sorry everyone, I am clearly having a Moment. Hand me my redtext and I'll move on, promise.

No. 1877626

I was hoping she would get with the tattooed guy with dreadlocks who bought her a bracelet and they went to a butterfly place together

No. 1877627

>>1877601 I get she wants to be that girl who in touch with wildlife and bugs but why would you take it home did it even have anything wrong with it? I can’t imagine all the germs that bird carrying

No. 1877629

Give me money while I show off my fresh set of nails that probably cost £40 and freshly dyed and bleached roots. You clearly have the money to waste buy your own tattoo

No. 1877642

What happened to “you’ll get two videos when I’m in London”…

No. 1877653

Her story doesn't even make sense. We know she "filmed" a spooky box unboxing and also put on makeup to film "another video" instead of streaming the Sims. Then she releases a shoddy, makeup free car vlog where she goes on the defensive for 20 minutes about how "big of a lazy shithead she totally isn't, but please sign up to Patreon" and it sounds like it was filmed right before she left.
Can anyone explain this? Because there is no way she thought she was releasing three videos while she was in London. It was already a Herculean task for her to just upload one, ffs, based on the epic two day adventure she went on through London to upload what was basically her begging people to not criticize her while she parties non-stop (anyone keeping track of her "once or twice a month" claims? Kek)

No. 1877691

Slime light on the 19th she probably staying two weeks at dukes like he did at hers but I doubt there will be a second upload

No. 1877695

>>1877626 dreadlock guy probs realised how vapid she is kek

No. 1877701

File: 1691433047879.png (1.25 MB, 864x1409, Screenshot_20230807-142624.png)

She isn't invited to host Slimelight so she isn't going. Which makes sense because she is far too TikTok alt for Slimelight. Whoever got her a host position at that event probably pulled a fuck ton of strings.
She's actually due back in Belfast today.

No. 1877745


Lol I know Ivana, she is hanging out with trannies and sex workers now. WOOO single life!

No. 1877751

I feel the same way anon, I'm so disappointed both in her dating a troon and letting him suck all her energy so she is falling off uploading content, and is starting to look worse too. All this for some measly soggy troondick, don't their dicks get soft on estrogen? He has small tiddies so he must be on hormones.
And she was partying with so many goth cuties surely there were options beside him.

No. 1877752

As someone from London, the idea of picking a pigeon up from the street and taking it home to "rescue" it is so crazy to me. There are so many of them and half of them have missing feet or whatever, that's just part of being a hardnosed street pigeon they don't need "rescuing" and any RSPCA or animal rescue would just laugh at her. Swans are protected species so the attention to the swan makes some sense, but pigeons are considered pests/vermin.

No. 1877775

Tragic. Her old dark kawaii aesthetic wasn't groundbreaking but she pulled it off better than whatever this is and it's why I used to follow her. And either this angle is just flattering or she's actually calming down the lip filler.

Why would you take basically a rat with wings home? If it really is hurt, these two don't strike me as people who could help. And is that the duke's houseboat or somewhere else?

Same I was rooting for her also, leaving Fake and finally breathing life back into her content and making friends, but the downhill slide is sad to see. Does her decline coincide with meeting the Duke cos that'd mean she is directly throwing away her new freedom from her leech ex for another leech and a tim at that.

>it sounds like it was filmed right before she left
Yeah in the whining in my car video she says she's about to go to London soon. And claimed she cried all night summoning the strength to film, if true thats pathetic and could mean she was uwu burnt out from already filming the other two. Yeah though where are they. Maybe she'll upload when she returns to NI, like nonas pointed out what if she was making up struggles so spooky box won't drop her from their pr list for no upload. Like making a huge thing out of uploading even though London has Internet cafes and libraries with public PCs?

No. 1877785

I’m loving this Kaya shitshow right now but why do people keep assuming the Duke lives in a houseboat? Because there were houseboats in the background of one picture they took?? Is there any other indication to point to this being a fact?

No. 1877811

How's he not have WiFi

No. 1877822

Everyone on a houseboat has wifi. Doubt the Duke lives on one. He's just a broke troon who saw an easy lay to leech off.

No. 1877834

It was elf boy who bought her the bracelet. Haven't seen him in awhile, since Slimelight in May-ish

No. 1877930

He would've been a good candidate for kaya too if he's into women, that's what it was looking like when he started hanging out with her and bought her that bracelet. Wonder if they stopped hanging out, or kaya just doesn't post him anymore for whatever reason.

>an easy lay
Thankfully he isn't giving her more bruises for her to show off then get mad when people ask about it
>to leech off
I mean he's been e-begging in his stories, wonder why he didn't just ask kaya to fork over some cash. Or maybe he has and it wasnt enough kek

No. 1877938

File: 1691468554026.jpg (869.22 KB, 3256x3416, MaYukq6.jpg)

I think Kaya's efforts come from a good place, it's clear she genuinely loves animals and feels strong empathy for them but she fucks up sometimes as she's uneducated and acts on emotion (notably with Victoria the swan). I would love to see Kaya put that passion into a career and further her education in a meaningful way. She could move further from the city and work at an animal rescue (not one of those petting zoo places that has to constantly pump out baby animals for business), perhaps even starting her own one day.
The two biggest clues were the interior of the Duke's house and the video with the cat on the canal (as seen in Kaya's IG stories); the horizonal paneling reminded me of a boat and the fact that an unleashed cat wouldn't be taken too far away from it's home. Better yet, Kaya semi-doxxed herself by posting the map of the journey she was on to find better wi-fi. I opened up Google Maps and zoomed in to the exact starting point from Kaya's map and it showed they were on a majour road not far from the hometown the Duke has on his FB. I scouted out the area and I'm 95% sure I accidentally found the buildings in the background of the canal video. I'm not going to say much more apart from the fact that there's basically no houses there, just lots of house boats and trees. Evidence attached. P.s. the pic of the man cooking is from random website for reference, not the Duke's house.
Yes, Elfboy got her the gift and Spooks the tattooist went on the butterfly date. Unfortunately Elfboy seems to be into men and I think the sparks fizzled out quickly with the other guy. The Duke came on to the scene not long after.

No. 1877980

>>1877653 ikr I don’t get how she was trying to upload spooky box as she showed the picture how she couldn’t upload for two days of trying but was able to upload the other video with in few hours? I personally think she re watched the original video saw something she didn’t like and used a backup video she had (the car sulk) cause it was relevant as she clearly read this forum and saw the backlash. I hope spooky box stop sending her boxes not out of spite but because she doesn’t deliver monthly videos on time where people can quickly buy a box before it to late why would anyone want to watch a unboxing that is 2/3 months old by that point the boxes are all gone so it pointless even filming it. She used to post pictures of the boxes on instagram but doesn’t bother no more. I generally wish they would send the boxes to someone more deserving and who would represent them better like Emily boo

No. 1877983

Summing the strength to film oh for god sake. Someone needs a reality check tell me you never worked and are privileged with out telling me you are. Kaya you do know almost everyone has to work a soul destroying 9-5pm / 37-45+ hour jobs a week every week/weekends till they are late 60s even with mental health issues, disability and even homelessness and not get the luxury of ‘working’ 1 hour a month sitting around doing nothing but shoving food in face and watching Netflix.
Do you summon the strength to drive to Starbucks? To get food? To binge watch tv show? To go drinking?clubbing? Going to airports? Scrolling on social media all day? Going London? Online shopping? Festivals? Seriously pathetic you can’t turn the camera on for less than 10 minutes but can easily film up to 20 clips of videos on instagram and multiple pictures and responsive clips to asks . Get a grip. You get sent free shit monthly, you don’t have to work at all and stuff from fans by wish lists. You get free money from pateron for doing nothing and yet you still sulk and complain.

No. 1878012

That houseboat they're staying in looks like a fucking tip. And sure why not let the feral disease ridden pigeon on the counter beside some fucking eggs lol, let's confuse it a bit too. Lmao I can't

No. 1878013

>taking in a london street pigeon
>releasing it in the house
>letting it run around on the kitchen counter tops where food is

I'm gonna vomit. What did she even do with that pigeon? Throw it out the window before leaving for Belfast?

No. 1878056

Not to mention, it could be a mother and has left the babies to starve

No. 1878072

Not to mention bringing a street bird into a household with a cat and letting it roam free! That is going to be a very dead bird and a very sick cat in like, a day or two.

No. 1878107

Lol so she brought a sick bird back to a confined space with a cat and let it wander around the kitchen counter tops next to food. Another important productive use of her time. Maybe kaya does make most of her decisions high.

No. 1878204

File: 1691522261874.png (972.22 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20230808-201819.png)

This won't last long

No. 1878206

File: 1691522909661.png (524.44 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230808-212618.png)

Kaya finally released the lazy Spooky box video she promised. Which confirms again that someone tells her about the consistency complaints here (or she even lurks here). Can't be assed to watch another serie of "Ouh!" and "Aw that's so kewt!" . Somebody else do a summary if anything new is mentioned in that video. I doubt there will be anything but one can only hope.

No. 1878230

File: 1691524516765.png (486.47 KB, 736x588, Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 21-57…)

There is nothing much to recap. At the start she just whines she still needs to pack and at the end she whines about still needing to put out vlogs and a clothes haul. The middle is just Oooooh and aaaah over cheap worthless crap. And honestly her eyes look glazed again to me. Is she crying all the time? Is she stoned all the time? Her face looks white and she didn't do her neck or chest so she looks like a clown again. I would not want someone like this presenting my products.

No. 1878237

Even if her love for animals is genuine, ironically the way she acts about it is to the detriment of them and to herself if that pigeon is carrying anything

That looks nice ngl. Tinfoil I wonder if the ~health kick~ is bc all the comments here and on YouTube about the car whinge video.

I gotchu
>in a quirky sing-song way: I've been so tired these past few weeks haha (nothing to do w the constant trips and partying, right?) and then I have to pack bc I've been doing a million things and haven't done it and my flight is early tomorrow
>double unboxing, witch cat and mortician
>her usual method of saying nothing except squealing it's sooo cute it's sooo nice it's sooo sweet, and I can definitely see myself using this when she will never look at these again
>as I mentioned in my rambling video (the car video I assume, so she filmed that before this one? The way we're putting more thought into her schedule than she is) I've been hella struggling recently so I'm sorry for the absence, I'm trying guys even if it doesn't seem like it, if you're annoyed at me for not posting well my self loathing is even worse.
>when I'm back from London I have some hauls and vlogs planned I just need my brain to behave, anyway my patreon I will love you forever and ever (then why is your patreon so dead with nothing to offer kek)

No. 1878249

normally these things might be healthy but high calorie. Good luck Kaya.

No. 1878256

She's known as the Spooky Box girl so she'll never lose this gig however I must say I was totally unengaged during today's badly lit, badly edited unboxing. She filmed late at night against a window which made her brighter than the moon and the autofocus on the camera go off the hook. Historically Kaya has whinged about how hard it is to film and edit as the footage can look worse when uploaded but come on Kaya, this is literally your job. You can do better.
Honestly I think Emily Boo would reject this sponsorship because they have a bad Trust Pilot rating and it just looks like a box of cheap shit her 10 yr old daughter would squee over.
I don't know if it's just the makeup but her eyes look scary, they're bulgy and slightly cross eyed. I think you're right about the crying, her voice doesn't match her face and you can see this video is an effort for her as she barely makes eye contact.
Lol Kaya passed up the opportunity to stream (and make $$) in order to film this shit Spooky Box before leaving for London. If only she knew she would miss her deadline by over a week…She could have just filmed and uploaded this the day after she got back from London.
Great, I'm hungry now. That looks delicious.

No. 1878264

Adding onto that, her hair looked greasy, her make up looked caked on, and her eyes looked dead ass tired. I don’t know if she was hung over or what, but she didn’t look like her usual self. She did give some background information on why she got a fly tattoo, however. You know, in case you were dying of curiosity over it. She asked at the end of the video for people to leave in the comments what they would like to see for future videos. she’s clearly not in the mental state to take requests, so I don’t know why she’s asking.

No. 1878286

The curved ceiling and slanted walls definitely look like a hoseboat to me, the ones behind them in the cat video have a curved roof. No houses or apartments in London have curved roofs and slanted walls so that pretty much proves it.
I assume she just set that pigeon free (in a different area to where she found it) if she didn't just leave it in there shitting everywhere, it looked completely healthy in the clip and could fly and had both legs so I'm confused as to why she took it with her, maybe she is high after all like some anons suspect kek

No. 1878308

File: 1691534209993.png (698.91 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_20230808-233506.png)

The price of these spooky box s are

No. 1878314

That was 40 quid a few years back.

I think spooky box club should be insulted by that video. It was rushed, she has dirty hair and shw couldn't be bothered

No. 1878358

There used to be more things in it and it used to be a little cheaper, bit of a shame, and its not like kaya is making them look any better.

No. 1878360

File: 1691540491358.jpg (601.78 KB, 2002x448, Jv8Up0S.jpg)

>I'm aiming to have the Sebastian plush hopefully sorted by the end of August. If you support me on Patreon you'll see it before anyone else.
That statement didn't instill a lot of confidence (nor did her mopey attitude). In her last car video she was much more upbeat and said she was going to finalize a date for the launch, most likely on Sebastian's adoption date at the end of Aug. I had a look at the upcoming plushies section on Makeship and the Sebastian plush is still not on there - there's only 3 weeks before the end of August so Kaya doesn't have much time to get her shit sorted. That said she still has a considerable following who uncritically support everything she does so I think it'll go ahead anyway, whether it's launched on time or not. I bet it'll be a basic ass design but it'll be hard to fuck this up.
I noticed Amber also has a campaign on Makeship however it looks like it'll fail despite Lee buying like 20 plushies (low-key cute) which is a shame because the design is an original and rather cute. Lee himself had a successful campaign at the start of the year and sold an impressive 1288 units (his sales even surpassed Jake). Even his fuckin' rabbits have fully funded plushies - Jake must be seething.

No. 1878370

The quality of the items aren’t anywhere near being worth the price either. Stupidly bought one ages ago and everything in it was Claire’s quality at best. The concepts are cute but the execution is cheap.

No. 1878506

JFC £80!? That's gone up a lot on price! Imagine paying that monthly! That's just less than what my groceries cost.

No. 1878513

the items are cute tbh but you can get this crap for under 20 on aliexpress or some shit. Reminds me of the Witch Casket subscription box, they sometimes put shit in there that looked like they picked it up from Claires the day before.

No. 1878517

As a milky goth freak cow, I'm disappointed I'm not included in this thread. Just the same 5 people. Woe is me. Yes, I will seethe and mald, with peace and love(here's the attention you ordered)

No. 1878564

File: 1691589151829.png (1.08 MB, 864x1548, Screenshot_20230809-094818.png)

Kaya's back in Belfast with no events planned for the next few weeks (that she has said). Slimelight is on August 23rd, and she isn't lined up to host. The next Monster Queen is on September 8th, and she also isn't lined up to host that. Picrel, she's never hosted this event and there was actually a load of popular goth influencers at this event than anons upthread called boring, she just completely neglected to get photos with any of them.
Sounds like she is done hosting for the next month at least.

No. 1878573

The poor belt holding on to it's dear life not a good look

No. 1878606

Rough times when the troon in the image looks a lot better than the ciswoman, she looked so good in recent times too. Overweight and bad posture, sort it out Kaya

No. 1878612

I feel like she is so head over heels for the troon she has a hard time being with anyone else. Look at everything she has done lately, every party, the festival, all events, she is GLUED to the troon and there is hardly a picture without him in it. In group pictures she stares longingly after him while he looks at the camera. Even when she is with her friends she is focused mainly on the troon only

No. 1878624

He probably love bombed her and she's become co-dependant already. She's too sensitive and emotionally stunted to deal with abusive men. It's going to be a miserable couple of years to come for her.

No. 1878646

I'm so embarrassed for her kek Any predictions she's coming out with him? I feel like it must be soon.

No. 1878648

File: 1691599105050.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1079x1590, Screenshot_20230809-093958_X.j…)

Clean your nasty room, Jude. If that's how dusty her mirror is, I can only imagine the level of grime caked on those plushies.

No. 1878655

File: 1691600043361.png (386.92 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20230809-175348.png)

Begging to get more to join.

No. 1878664

Oh shit I didn't enlarge the image and thought it said £50, the price has doubled then even though there's less stuff in the boxes. Slight blog as a babybat when my only "connection" to the goth scene was these youtubers (who are all altcows now kek) doing hauls and unboxings, I really wanted a spooky box but tbh you could just remake one via hot topic. I also wanted killstar and dollskill goth in a box ass clothes, glad I'm out of that phase.

In any picture she's shown of her room and her stuff, any light pink things are practically grey. She always looks like she smells too.

No. 1878665

I mean she said in the comments under her last IG post something about Duke being her bestie now. At 30 years old, if being Kaya's bestie only requires licking her cleavage at a MQ/SL party for an IG story at the first time meeting each other, and eating unhealthy shit on a picnic blanket and at a festival, then Kaya has no idea what a best friend is.

No. 1878671

I mean good for her for FINALLY doing something for her patreon lol. The one patreon post a year

No. 1878672

I wish she'd find a similar sensitive ADHD mess instead of yet another self centered narc, these two posts are bang on. She's clearly nosedived since they've been together, falling off with social networking irl, being an influencer/model and content.

No. 1878673

I thought it said £60, we are all imagining a different crazy price. Literally looks like £10 of stuff from Claire's, my guess is they only get a few sales a month so want to get as much money from each customer as possible, £80 is insane for what's pictured.

No. 1878676

>>1878564 oh dam she let her self go so much for the excuse ‘the tablets are the cause of my weight gain’

No. 1878690

I'm sure the meds probably played a partial part but she's conveniently forgetting her poor diet and lack of exercise for another. And if her mood is ping-ponging, she's probably doing a lot of stress eating so come on Kaya, at least acknowledge that too.

No. 1878705

There’s also the fact that she’s just getting older. Her metabolism is not gonna be what she’s used to. it looks like her body is naturally inclined towards weight gain, too. She’s at an age where if she wants to stay slim, she will have to actively work for it. And frankly, I don’t think she has the drive to do that.

No. 1878741

File: 1691611431279.jpeg (275.41 KB, 828x1442, E2069BE2-66AB-44D7-B7B3-DF20FB…)

Not so milky but so fucking sad. The kid looks definitely not normal. And she wants another? Blows my mind.

No. 1878745

She has some sort of chromosomal deletion syndrome right? Forgive me if im saying something retarded here but can that not be seen in scannings before the child is born? Seems cruel to have a child like that on purpose.
Anyway im glad to see theyre doing their best to take care of their disabled child at least

No. 1878752

Alot of the time, if parents have a disabled child, they'll have another child to take care of them when they're older and the parents are frail or have passed away

No. 1878773

She has Montreal or whatever the other one's name is. Having yet another could be risking having another disabled child, and with their situation that could be tough for them to balance and unfair for the kids.

No. 1878780

There's that saying where you should take one item off before leaving the house. That giant chest piece really needed to be left at home and used in an outfit with a simpler chest (or over nothing honestly). This photo looks good cause you can't see the top area much

No. 1878853

Not everything is visible in ultrasounds and genetic testing isn't usually done unless a problem is found or there's a family history of it cause it's too expensive. The first child coming out with a problem is pretty much always a surprise, you'd start genetic testing after the first one with a problem. She'll probably be recommended to have this one tested for stuff in vitro if she's got a good gynecologist

No. 1878855

Medfag here, yeah they definitely could’ve and should’ve.
Prenatal testing is provided and encouraged by most (good) doctors. Prenatal testing can help the parents figure out if the baby will have any genetic disorders/abnormalities among other things. Imo it should also be encouraged for the parents to get genetic counseling beforehand but that might just be me.
I don’t know how they handle it in Europe, but that’s how it is in the US.

No. 1878860

I think you’re talking about genetic counseling… Genetic counseling and prenatal testing are drastically different things.
Genetic counseling is ideally done before the baby is conceived to determine the chances of x, y, and z disorder. Prenatal is done during and is usually partially covered by insurance… Most people only pay a couple hundred for it.

W/out insurance it can get pricy, around 1-5k but to be brutally honest, don’t have kids if you don’t have the money. Childbirth alone is expensive, it’s naïve to think it isn’t and make irresponsible decisions that’ll effect both you and your child.

No. 1878941

is the prenatal test the one that determines the likelihood of down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell? bc that was mandatory and covered for me.

No. 1879025

In NZ it looks like prenatal testing that checks for majour chromosomal/genetic conditions is not covered by their public health system and can cost NZD$500-2000 out of pocket (the more you pay the more in-depth the screening). I hope Freyja got the test as this was a planned and wanted child and she should be an older, wiser mum.

No. 1879046

When they break up wonder if she'll blame him for not being able to do things or she'll need another 2 years to do what she wants because she's victimised herself yet again.

No. 1879049

She definitely has shit taste in men. The troon might not be as abusive or jealous as Jake was just yet, but he absolutely seems like another clout chasing deadbeat loser.

No. 1879054

He already bruised up her tits and has made himself the center of Kaya's life in 2 months. He's way more abusive.

No. 1879059

Is it abusive just for them to hang out so much so soon? Don't fall into Kaya's weird trap of labelling everything she has control over as abusive. She has choose this man to fixate on and is happy to spend her income to go see him. I mean a sea separates them, she's willingly pursuing this.

Just think it's funny how she does stare after him in group photos and looks so insecure. Later down the line it'll probably be his fault she feels self conscious and he made her go to uncomfortable situations blah blah blah.

No. 1879066

Of course, titty hickies and spending all your time together for two months during the honeymoon period of a relationship is so much more abusive than jake's violent meltdowns tearing up their house and breaking their things. Oh, and actively cheating or trying to cheat on you with nearly any other woman that crosses his path. Let's be real, as much as I like to shit on the duke too, this is blatantly untrue. Though there is plenty of time for him to show his true colors, he is already skinwalking her.

No. 1879096

Let's just hope for Kaya's sake that he's not some secret unhinged psycho who will pull a Buffalo Bill on her. I still don't understand why she couldn't have gotten with one of the other guys instead, surely one of them might've liked her. I just don't think it's a good idea for any woman to get involved with a TIM, it never turns out good.

No. 1879098

It's good that they're taking steps to give the best care for her but I seriously hope that she really takes this into consideration if she ever gets into another migrating to another country phase again. With special needs children, that can be an even rougher patch to go through.

No. 1879112

I feel bad for that poor kid imagine having to exist like that just cause you were unlucky enough your mum is a selfish loser cunt that had you with a 40 year old scrote with disability sperm while she's in her late 30 cause she wanted to travel and fuck around

No. 1879116

I bet Freezer's other kid has autism or some mental disability and it's just not that obvious

No. 1879126

>>1878671 beggy Kaya

No. 1879128

Behind a tranny alone is the biggest red flag. Inheritedly insane. Their entire woman cosplay is always a skinwalk of someone and it can change target and he quickly changed his target to Kaya. Trannies are narcissists by default and based on fetishes. Love bombing is a feature of narc bonding, getting her emotionally hooked on him early so it's harder to leave. Already she dreamy eye at him so it's working. It's only going to get worse from here. Associating with a tranny always turns out bad, and many times the women choose a new identity too, so Kaya may pick up NB or something safe (let's hope something she can easily drop).
How big a handmaiden Kaya has to be to allow a troon in her life. This is not gonna end well. she will be pressured to stay when it gets bad to avoid being labeled a TERF which is always looming cause anything can be "terfy". This is gonna be morbidly interesting chapter. Kaya you fool. Why a tranny of all people?

No. 1879136

No let's be really real. Kaya never showed up bruised because of Jake. He never hurt her physically. This troon got him already beat in that area. In 2 months he has fully made him Kaya's everything. She barely hangs out with her other friends without him. He's already isolated her and made her co-dependant. You both are delusional if you think this isn't going to become a shit show very fast. He's probably already undermining the little self-confidence she has, again in TWO months, because her "laziness" has gotten a lot worse the past months. I can guarantee you all this troon is going to make jake look like a sweetheart.

No. 1879159

Unpopular opinion but Kaya is a lazy sack of shit and was never abused. Getting angry and fed up with a partner who does nothing all day except get fat is not abuse. They are both dicks but please don’t make her out like she’s a victim of domestic abuse.

No. 1879161

Former fans of Jake ITT can attest, he was always trying to help her learn skills and provide her with the equipment and space she needed to work. Also, he admits he is a messy person, but he also cleans up after himself and the strain of working all day plus cleaning up after her would get old. Anyone who saw the daily vlogs can confirm that they are bookended by apologies for missing a day because he spent all day cleaning the house. Literally when has Kaya ever mentioned cleaning anything that wasn't directly related to a project she is working on? So, yeah, after years of working, pushing her to work like he was a personal life coach, cleaning up after her, and getting zero returns for it? I'm surprised he waited so long to drop her ass. Jake isn't a saint, but they were both shitty to each other. She definitely is no victim of domestic abuse. Anon upthread was right, she had a live in maid and went full victim "woe is me" when he broke up with her. Real victims of domestic abuse supported her and keep supporting her and it's so rotten that she is skinwalking their trauma for patreon bux.

No. 1879228

Agree they're both shitty people, and they've both continued to be shit apart from each other, Jake's house is a tip and he's regressed even further to a manchild who likes ddlg and furry shit now while Kaya is as lazy and whiny as ever and has a new leech moid sucking her independence from her and sucking her tiddies green apparently. Kaya did say she feared for her safety during his tantrums though, while all Jake cared about was himself. Breaking objects when angry at someone can be a red flag that they'll move on to people and its good that didn't happen at least.

No. 1879230

File: 1691685157046.png (992.6 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_20230810-173246.png)

No. 1879233

Just want to note that neglect is also considered abuse and Kaya neglects everything in her life and was neglecting the emotional needs of someone she claimed to be in love with for years. He carried a lot of her weight. Do I think he handled it correctly? No, of course not, the relationship should have ended a few years after it started. I cannot believe they both let it drag on for as long as it did. She neglected her health, Jake, their relationship, the home they shared, her “career”….I mean really who wouldn’t lose their shit about that. She might keep her house clean now but that’s because she’s not with someone she doesn’t want to be with, go figure she’s happier after that. She should have done it years ago but she’s too immature and dependent. She could never support herself.

Just because he punched holes in the walls does not mean he was necessarily more abusive than Kaya. He even supported her ass for way longer than he should have after the breakup…he didn’t have to do that at all.

It’s funny how a small group of anons, including myself, were still maintaining the stance that Kaya was a cow even though she got her own place ect and were attacked for it..now some of the anons that supported her are in this thread complaining about how lazy she was. She never changed nonnies you were just manipulated.

No. 1879261

Eh Jakes still an abusive asshole who were constantly making Kaya feel unsafe, threatened her, punched holes in the walls and smashed stuff, screamed and yelled at her, belittled her and talked down to her, flirted with other girls right in front of her, made her friends so uncomfortable nobody wanted to hang out with her, made fun of her weight and appearance, neglected her emotional needs for years, made her feel like she couldnt live without him and was worthless if they broke up

Yes Kaya is extremely lazy, immature, a slob and a professional whiner. Shes still a cow in her own right and youre allowed to not like her at all. But saying she was just as abusive as Jake is just ridiculous

No. 1879268

You're right, she totally is enamored with him. It's clear that she never got actual closure from finally calling it off with Jake and didn't learn proper ways to deal with being alone and she latched onto this TIM who was lovebombing her. It's not gonna last and she'll be too dickmatized to think rationally. She stuck with Jake for so long and there's a good chance she'll do the same with this dude.

>so Kaya may pick up NB or something safe

I can see this happening as well. You're right that usually when women are coupled with TIMs, they usually call themselves essentially non-women as well. That or they become poly (to please their BF).

No. 1879321

>She never changed nonnies you were just manipulated.
I think the truth is more she does the typical thing people do in relationships which is let themselves go, but actually speedruns it in this instance. Picking shitty narc partners isn't helping since they don't give a fuck about helping her thrive, you know duke just wants efame and a place to stay.
Even though her friends are hot messes, she still was doing well when they were her main social contacts, she definitely has a problem with being lovebombed by obvious narcs and then freefalling. She needs to be single or find someone who actually helps her thrive.
Also imo the muh she didn't clean is still weak, nobody is getting harmed by a messy home and Jake could have picked up a fucking broom at any time kek

No. 1879329

Are you new here? Are you even aware of the shit that Jake would say and do throughout their relationship? Kaya is a slob, but Jake is a nightmare.

No. 1879332

Unfortunately in western culture it's considered normal to have kids late, and having kids early means you're irresponsible or a whore. (I strongly disagree with this but that's the culture, add to that everyone is encouraged to have a 15 year long fuck around phase) Nobody does the math, have a kid at 40 and you'll be 60 when the kid is 20, 70 when they're 30, and life expectancy drops significantly past about 75 so, looking at being deceased when the kid is only in their 30s. imo it's better to have them early and get it out of the way, I've always thought this (I'm not biased, I have no kids)