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File: 1693406208769.png (1.93 MB, 1352x1111, 98fzw75sdp42.png)

No. 1890761

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Previous thread:

Updates from last thread:
>>1854115, >>1854117 Kaya dropping hints about having a crush, denying that it's the TIM.
>>1854232 Duke asking people to leave fake reviews on his job performance so he can get a whole £25.
>>1855955 Kaya shows off tit bruises given to her by the Duke and plays it off as "tee hee I don't know where they're from, I'm so clumsy".
>>1857634 Kaya still defensive about the dating rumours.
>>1857711 Compilation of Kaya posting the Duke on her socials amidst the dating rumours.
>>1857876 Kaya posted and deleted a bunch of stories being mad about the dating rumours (again).
>>1858594 First incident of Duke skinwalking Kaya.
>>1858869 Cryptid sighting at Subkult fest.
>>1859322 Reeree's "explanation" of opening an OF.
>>1859853 Kaya and Duke matching outfits at Subkult.
>>1863105 Kaya gives herself a day off to rest from a holiday, ends up lasting over a week.
>>1866992 Mamie blinds all with a "lewk".
>>1870155 Kat von D becoming Christian, wearing trash bag to church.
>>1871338 Mamie getting played by OF customers, not taking deposits or partial payments for some reason.
>>1871520 IBF rents a truck to haul her hoard of crap accross NZ. Mr Owl and their daughter travel by plane.
>>1873825 Kaya putting off content uploads by trying to upload whilst travelling instead of doing it at home.
>>1874149 Summary of her "upload troubles".
>>1876593 A good debunk of the video & her claims.
>>1874179 Dorian rambles about still being obsessed with James (Ash), writing another book on her life, wanting to write the story of her friend who died of her ED.
>>1874434, >>1874508 Kaya posts video complaining about not making content.. who's to blame?
>>1876586 Duke asking for birthday money.
>>1877309, >>1877311 Kaya catching a closely handling a London street pigeon. It supposedly went to a rescue (not named) and was never heard of again.
>>1879413 Kaya vs technology once again.
>>1879637 Reeree shares some horrific details about her DV experience.
>>1880736 IBF pity posting about not going to M'era luna again.
>>1882000 IBF finds out that her Scotland apartment landlord is in jail for human trafficking. Suspects him of burgling her belongings.
>>1888711 Kaya attends Kinky Circus event.
>>1889014 Vanessa Alexandra continues being unhinged on social media.
>>1890545 Kat von D homeschooling her son using a Christian curriculum.

No. 1890901

Thanks for the new thread nonnie and lol

No. 1890909

Kek'd at the name, thanks for the new thread nonna!

No. 1891156

File: 1693473069313.jpg (3.77 MB, 2168x1900, OVW6p8w.jpg)

Kaya being obnoxious and flexing her $130 bottle of champagne on IG and TikTok, dancing around in boots that look like they've been shat on by pigeons. Reminds me of Jake and his Versace t-shirts.
It's curious that she can't afford a psych but has the money for luxury, shoes and meals out.
Also, has she been getting make-up tips from Bish0p? >>1890686

No. 1891167

File: 1693478003052.jpeg (147.71 KB, 828x1472, 5528809E-74F5-4680-BA5B-55510E…)

Reeree got her tits done so she can whore around even more

No. 1891172

Kaya and Fifi were alone that night, drunk in an abandoned building filming TikToks. Kaya was the one who drove, so i guess she isn't above driving under the influence.

No. 1891319

File: 1693504453138.png (952.04 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_20230831-185600.png)

No. 1891321

Why is the thread named after someone who isn't a cow?

No. 1891330


They're like £35 you retard where are you pulling 130 dollars from lol

No. 1891343

File: 1693507995620.png (360.02 KB, 1434x831, Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 20.55…)

it's a 1,5 L bottle

No. 1891394

Because GC dweebs literally can't think about anything else.

No. 1891438

80 quid in sainsburys. But agree it’s way too much considering she crowdsources her bills.

No. 1891475

Lolcow is generally gc are you lost

No. 1891607

File: 1693541528517.jpg (359.86 KB, 595x835, ylellU1.jpg)

Was looking through Kaya's tumblr and saw that she got Sebastian right before she quit her job (after 1 year). She probably adopted him in the lead up to her resignation because she knew she would be at home all day and needed a distraction while everyone was at work. Apparently her Mum adopted her dog Sonny at the same time…not sure why two women on the dole needed more pets in their life at that point (Kaya already had her menagerie at this point - multiple reptiles, spiders and rats). In other posts she talks about how impulsive the decision to quit was and that her channel wasn't monetized at that point.
Kaya's reptiles and mental health rotted away over the years but luckily Sebastian managed to survive despite Kaya forgetting to feed him and clean his litter box.

No. 1891649

If Skat can be a cow for being the other woman and dating an influencer How's Kaya's rebound not a cow when it has more of an Internet presence goes to influencer events with kaya and is a man larping as a goth girl?

No. 1891655

kek at her posting about a job interview right after

No. 1891700

She’s dropped so low. Waiting for her to do another “ima unlive myself” post spiral soon

No. 1891710

>>1891394 kek. the thread maker didn't even include duchess in the 'most recent cows' part of the thread summary, but titled the thread after her? Make it make sense. Anyway, let's move on

No. 1891735

It's a nod to the only notable milk from last thread, and poking fun at the ridiculous title that the duke chose. If people want to regularly post updates from him here, and especially if the dating rumours come to be the truth, I can add him to the next thread summary. IIRC, only one anon posted updates from his socials and there were only a couple. You can still post about him if you want to. Now can you handmaidens stop trying to derail?

No. 1891791

Agreed. I thought the thread pic and title is fucking hilarious. Great job nonnie! Let the lost handmaidens seethe lol

No. 1891809

Lol, it was probably the first callback she ever got as she refused to take out her piercings and dreads for job interviews.
Kaya is a good example of why you shouldn't drop out of college and bum around until you're 20 - depression was inevitable.
True. I think Kaya will be hosting Slimelight on the 16th so she'll be back with her 'best friend' soon enough and posting milky photos.

No. 1891858

File: 1693586161126.png (327.49 KB, 701x1004, Screenshot_20230901-173730.png)

No. 1891870

File: 1693586958500.png (330.87 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_20230901-173554.png)

No. 1891884

>I feel lazy and depressed because I have "too much" work to do, so basically I'm having a very average and regular day
>I've planned a lot of outings yet again though
Does she not see the pattern atp

No. 1891885

she can't be in need of money that much if she's not sold this thing. Not knowing how is a lame excuse it takes a little effort of googling but it's no rocket science.
>>1891858 go to therapy Kaya

No. 1891898

Fairly sure bring a skin walking troon is more than enough milk on its own. Maybe he should be moved to the troon thread with all the other degenerates?

No. 1891906

File: 1693591095677.png (1.02 MB, 709x1100, Screenshot_20230901-185852.png)

No. 1891935

She's right that it is a look, just not a good one lol. Though it matches the troon lover perfectly. Both trash.

No. 1891942

File: 1693594383683.png (822.7 KB, 720x1080, Screenshot_20230901-195450.png)

No. 1891974

Nah it'd only be a look if you knew how to build an outfit like that, and how to dress for your new body type that you're still apparently coming to terms with after several years, sorry.

No. 1891977

She means this disjointed mess >>1891319 right kek

No. 1891983

I just can't stop thinking about how much it must sting to take that tape off her tits.

No. 1892045

She really needs to get a long coat that can fucking close. No one wants to be pumping for gas with their kids in the back seeing those sad tits. Seriously Kaya why are you so trailer trash now?

No. 1892147

Even if her coat could close the outfit would still be a hot mess, sis is throwing whatever edgy 2000s things she can think of together that would only ever look good if you're in a dark club and very drunk - oh wait.

No. 1892149

I’m going to slimelight when Kaya is hosting, will report back nonnies.

No. 1892211

Ooh have fun nona

No. 1892215

File: 1693636174787.jpg (964.62 KB, 1080x996, QRe0LzM.jpg)

In her 'Tainted Love' inspo-to-outfit in 2019 she debuted that edgy, racy style for the first time and said she really wanted to try it more often (specifically getting her tits out as that was something she was scared to do before). Later in her 2020 quarantine transformation video she said that style has always been a core part of herself since she was a teen and she wanted to bring it back with more polish. In that video it's clear she associates that mall-goth style with good times in her life like when she was drinking under bridges as a cyber-goth teenager and listening to Marilyn Manson as well as the early days of her relationship with Jake.
I think this hideous style is here to stay especially now that nu-metal and 2000s culture has come back in a big way…it's so awful on her though.
I've included Kaya's new Instagram pfp because it's hilarious - she's trying so hard to look like that hot Deftones album cover girl

No. 1892264

I just feel bad for her daughter, she seemed mature and level-headed a few years back but she's completely regressed.

No. 1892265

Samefag, Reeree I mean not her daughter kek

No. 1892289

File: 1693657400056.png (222.71 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_20230902-132456.png)

No. 1892298

>illiterate anon sending her asks and posting the replies on here
We all know it's you kek

No. 1892365

I love her nose.

No. 1892407

I was never a huge fan of hers but it's so sad to see her go down this path. she seemed to have things together until the divorce.

No. 1892472

When is it?

>she associates that mall-goth style with good times in her life
Yeah would make sense that now she's free of Fake she wants to feel more body confident like she did then, her style even looked coherent and more personal to her. But ig she's rusty at it now cos her current "style" is an incoherent mess and she's apparently delusional about it >>1892289. Fallen in the baby bat trap of "I must look good cos I'm not like those boring normies!"

>she wanted to bring it back with more polish

Is the polish in the room with us right now, kaya?

No. 1892787

Me too, it's the last thing I expected. Too bad, she always seemed normal and confident enough. She has a new boyfriend, I don't know him but he might have something to do with her personality doing a one eighty.

No. 1892789

I didn't know she had a new BF but if so, you might be on to something. Still, it's sad that if that does turn out to be the case, she's doing all this for some man. I just worry that in 10 years she'll more than likely regret this.

No. 1892795

not that she can get stupid ideas by herself but I feel like the new guy is a suck and made her do the OF.

No. 1892915

File: 1693754318538.jpeg (584.42 KB, 1113x2095, 35308688-6232-44BA-9F8C-60888B…)

It sketches me out when women talk about their boyfriends like this. As if the man is doing them a favor by being with them. Her self esteem is in the gutter which is tragic because Reeree seems like a nice enough person and very gorgeous.

No. 1892966

Yikes, even as a "joke" this is so sad. I wonder if this guy negs her to have her thinking he's a God or king deserving of a trophy for "waking up to her looking like a travesty". Really goes to show the OF is as much for validation as it is for cash. Get therapy reeree.

No. 1893079

How is Reeree a lolcow ? and why is she getting posted here?(spoon-feeding request)

No. 1893093

This post was from a week or so ago, why did you screenshot it and save it until now?

No. 1893094

NTA, but how is she not a lolcow? Also a week ago is still fresh milk? We have anons digging up ancient milk of other altcows upthread ( >>1891607 ) and no one complained then. Did reeree send WKs here or something?

No. 1893098

The amount of self-hatred here is nuts. There's self-deprecating humour, and then there's this. She deserves better than to feel so unequal in her relationship. That last guy must have really ruined her, not to mention the revenge porn shit. I wonder if this guy put it in her head that it would be advantageous to "get ahead" of the revenge porn and make her own porn. When you feel like your partner is doing you a huge favour for being in your presence you tend to do dumb shit to "make it up to them"

No. 1893136

I'm not her fan. You still didn't explain how she's a lolcow.Having low self esteem after narc abuse and starting an onlyfans isn't milk.

No. 1893159

File: 1693799551795.png (3.03 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3082.png)

No. 1893166

Is this a reprimand? Has the milk expired? Today is when I was reminded of getting the ick from this post because other anons speculated on her relationship dynamic.

No. 1893194

File: 1693811090446.png (49.2 KB, 436x382, addictedtoorgasm.png)

Just ignore the WKs nonna. If anons can post kaya, a "narc abuse survivor with her tits out" for an entire thread for dressing ugly and being fat, you can post reeree shilling her porn and being a pick-me for mediocre scrotes.

No. 1893224

Sage because it's not really milk but she has a louis vuitton bag and versace sunglasses now? She says the bag was a gift from the boyfriend. It's fine to own designer things but I feel like there is something going on, pretty big gift along with the sudden onlyfans stuff. It feels fishy, I can't explain it.
Fucking ew.

No. 1893226

her bio makes me throw up in my mouth.
I feel like she went from one abusive relationship into another and I'm not going to be surprised when she will have a freak out about the current guy.

No. 1893237

She was with her husband since high school so I guess it was her only previous relationship. Maybe she doesn't know what a healthy relationship looks like, you see this happen pretty often. In vidrel she's sexualizing herself again, it doesn't seem like her personality has changed much though (at least her demeanor) so that's good. Not to wk but I feel bad for her, seeing yourself as just a pretty thing to look at is sad, especially in adulthood.

No. 1893243

she had the abusive relationship after "Mr. Philips". She was recently talking about it in her story >>1879637

No. 1893267

Worse than that judging by her self depreciating posts like >>1892915 she doesn't really even see herself as a "pretty thing". She's performing for male attention and validation to make herself feel wanted and valued. It's a trap a lot of young women fall into, but a little self reflection and therapy would go a long way. Don't know enough about the new guy to judge if he'd have gifted those luxury goods to her or not, but I'd be surprised if he'd let her sugar or escort while being in a relationship with him. Most men's egos are too big to share what they see is theirs unless they're "poly" degenerates or the dude is a pimp. The hands covering his face photo is a little odd too though.

No. 1893296

Most guys who are ok with or encourage onlyfans are basically backseat pimps and will definitely encourage sugaring, irl sex work etc like man clearly views her as meat and a sex object (and also apparently makes her feel shit for existing >>1892915 ) so I would not be surprised at all if she is doing extra on the side. Anons in other threads (Belle thread iirc) say that a lot of Onlyfans money actually comes from doing paid requests in the messages, rather than the main page content, so getting to "know" subscribers is definitely something that the moid would have considered while encouraging it.
Her brain is absolutely fried, generating a ton of your own porn in no way is winning against an ex who probably had a small amount of milder content and was aware sharing it is revenge porn and could be penalised.

No. 1893305

Seriously, I don't get the "releasing my nudes before my ex does" excuse. Revenge porn is illegal, she could have taken him to court instead. Honestly seems like a convenient excuse to start an onlyfans and judging by the bio she's doing a hell of a lot more than just nudes these days. I agree it's a shame because she does seem pretty and nice otherwise, just suffering from a very low self image resulting in her pick-me behavior and selling herself to feel worth something. Really hope her issues don't get passed onto her daughter.

No. 1893316


As reeree has stated multiple times, it wasn’t mr Philips.
They divorced, and reeree was with another man immediately after the divorce. The man after mr Philips was the abuser and is also the one that threatened to leak nudes.

Because of how fast both reeree and mr Philips moved on, anons were trying to figure out if the spilt was because someone cheated as it sure seemed that way. Reeree denied it and told everyone to leave me Philips alone and then lolcow forgot about her in favour of Kaya being fat.

I personally still believe reeree cheated on mr Philips with the abuser as it was fast and she was immediately posting photos of sitting on some guys lap while mr Philips didn’t post anything for ages with another woman.

Reeree and mr Philips still talk and support each other with their daughter, reeree has said this herself.

This is all old milk so can we move pass this crap. The abused isn’t mr Philips, it’s another man she left mr Philips for

No. 1893325

File: 1693860438416.jpeg (467.99 KB, 1111x1273, 86A9D035-714B-4FFA-AB18-3E2541…)

Kat von D’s first husband, Oliver Peck has a tattoo of the Star of David with a dollar sign inside. Could this be interpreted as the greedy Jews stereotype?
KVD has been sus from the beginning but how does it still fly under the radar especially with the gross people she surrounds herself with.
I hope Ville Vallo, deadmaus, and Steve-O remain fairly unproblematic despite being her former love interests.

No. 1893327

he is known for his own racist/white supremacist and sexual abuse on his own, if you do a quick google search for "oliver peck controversy" you'll find plenty on it and more.
I think at this point it's clear that KVD being alt-right it's not something new, she has always associated with people who share this views, like that guy who was married to sandra bullock that she dated too. She, and all of the alt-right really, just got more comfortable and open about it in the last few years.

No. 1893338

I used to be a big fan so I’m disgusted looking back and not noticing the writing on wall about her views. I honestly thought it was her new husband who introduced her to these ideologies.

No. 1893344

Not sure about ville, but I remember deadmaus had people mad at him for using slurs on stream resulting in him getting banned on twitch if that sort of thing bothers you. Steve-o might be a "changed man" but it's difficult to forget he once had a tattoo of a man literally raping a baby on his bicep. He had it covered up instead by a man raping an ostrich. Kat's always had as questionable taste in men as she does in views tbh.

No. 1893347

Wtf, Steve-O?!? I don’t even want to look that up to verify this information. That’s beyond reprehensible. Deadmaus’s issue pales in comparison so I can’t even react.

No. 1893363

File: 1693868646428.jpeg (741.75 KB, 1284x2166, IMG_4270.jpeg)

This 30+ year old woman has really fallen off the rail. Guess she’s taking a page from momokuns book and not following proper aftercare procedures after having surgery

No. 1893377

Dead eyes.

No. 1893382

File: 1693874441729.jpg (157.36 KB, 1080x1341, Steveobabytattoo.jpg)

I won't post the tattoo because it's pretty vile. Apparently Kat was the one to do the cover up of the man raping the ostrich instead, so she was dating him or at least very familiar with him having that tattoo. Funny how she acts all holier than thou now considering.

No. 1893392

>>changed to a man raping an ostrich

Wow, now it's completely okay!
But really, he was covering it up already, why not remove the rape entirely? The fact that he chose to change from baby to animal is in no way a good sign: if it was "just" the first one he could try to pass it as "a mistake i did when i was young, i tattoed the most edgy thing i coukd think of but now repulses me", but insisting on keeping a tattoo depicting a man raping a vulnerable being is too weird. I guess he still stands by the rape part… disgusting.

No. 1893452

>she had the abusive relationship after "Mr. Philips"
can you read? The milk is connected to her behaviour today and the anons were discussing it. skip if you don't want to read it.

No. 1893483

You are retarded this is an old picture. You really think she has implants in this pic?

No. 1893498

File: 1693918769813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.56 KB, 1242x1217, F0XUA6KWcAEw8hn.jpg)



Wow that bitch Kat von D is fucking vile and a horrible person imagine being with a scrote that has this shit tattoed on his skin i wanna a log so bad

No. 1893528

I want to a-log steve o more than kat tbh

No. 1893540

Fucking repulsive. I never had an iota of respect for that lover but now the desire to a-log is nearly overwhelming. Kat deserves what she gets for dating vile scrotes of this caliber.

No. 1893612

Bhold the superior gender in all it's glory.
Lmfao men are fucking trash

No. 1893617

Stale milk, but I used to be a tattoo artist, and I started hearing about Kat's bigoted views through the grapevine after she left Miami Ink and fell out with Ami James. She was pretty openly anti-semitic towards him but apparently tried writing it off as "lol so randumb" humour back then. Once LA Ink got her super popular she started to take the mask off though, she thought she was untouchable. Honestly, the fact she shacked up with this disgusting piece of shit >>1893498 speaks for itself tbh. Also, wrt Peck's tattoo, it's 100% a "greedy joos rule da world!" thing to signal his views to other people. I can't even call it a dogwhistle, it's more like a fucking foghorn.

No. 1893623

The question is though how come nobody brought up the fact that she dated steve o the pedo and covered up his disgusting tattoo when they were calling her out on her shit on youtube and social media ? they only focused on her ugly fuck current husband and his nazi tattoos it's so weird

No. 1893628

Never knew about that tattoo. I've always hated Steve o since Jackass. Tried watching his podcast cause Tom Delonge was on it but I can't listen to Steve o's voice for too long its so fucking grating.

No. 1893629

I'd like to know that too. I'm Jewish myself, but I'm far more concerned by the fact that she A: saw nothing wrong with dating a guy who had that on him and B: altered the tattoo, making herself complicit in covering up Steve O's past fuck up but still made the tattoo depict rape and bestiality. IMO Steve O is given too much leeway because of his "wacky" persona, and a lot of people are weirdly nostalgic about Jackass. Ofc he's a moid so he's also got that going for him, but it's still odd how this isn't brought up more.

No. 1893630

I watched videos of the most popular creators expose her but i only found out about her dating that deranged scrote on this thread i feel like that alone could have ended her career more than the nazi stuff

No. 1893795

Apparently VV is secretly problematic, according to his old drummer Gas. He did an interview a few months back and said that VV "needs to look in the mirror".

No. 1893890

I think because jackass fans are desensitised to it all being jokes so this flew under the radar and non jackass fans are disgusted by the stuff shown on the show to begin with so they ignored the crew and thus don't know the full depth and depravity of these people farther than "dumb extreme stunts guys" the ads used to show. If you hate the top of the iceberg you're unlikely to check farther down to know the guy who ate dead salmon sperm also has a cp tattoo with a man who looks suspiciously like steve-o himself. The media that covered Jackass crew antics did it for fans so helped sanitise their images by not drawing attention to the not safe for TV stuff they do. Unfortunately a lot of awful stuff gets hidden in groups people ignored because they didn't enjoy it on surface level to begin with.

No. 1895857

File: 1694321636738.jpg (4.32 MB, 2164x2052, 6yuXy1i.jpg)

Guess who's back in Belfast?
Fifi posted some stories of her night out at Voodoo with the Duke, Kaya and Kerri. Kaya's been very quiet for the last few days and now we know why…
The Duke must have the best workplace in the world because it seems like he gets a week of holidays every bloody month to fly to Northern Ireland and suck on Kaya's neck. No doubt he will travel with her to London for Slimelight as well the 'big HB event' mentioned in the last thread (suspected to be at a BDSM club called Klub Verboten by detective nonna) >>1879684

No. 1895995

He could be doing temp jobs, part time, or on the dole, because didn't he get fired from the bartending job or whatever it was where he was e-begging for fake good reviews to win £25? I could see kaya helping him out with travel costs too. Tinfoil I wonder if he got fired for how much he was leaving to see kaya

No. 1896009

>he must have the best workplace in the world
That being the bank of mommy Kaya.
Yeah definitely he is not working, even part time jobs are very strict about days off, booked well in advance and you get fewer paid leave days than a full time job. And of course no full time job would accept a week off every month. So by process of elimination he is definitely not employed.

No. 1896015

In her latest CHATTY GRWM Kaya confirmed he was employed but I get the sense he's the slippery employee that everyone hates. I re-watched that video as Kaya gave a full run-down of her last trip to London; during her two week visit the Duke only seemed to work on 1-2 days (and don't forget he had jetted off to Sweden and Belfast right before as well). There's no way he can get by on such little money, he's definitely getting some support from the gov, his fam or Kaya.
Lol Kaya called it a busy trip but half the time she had 'chill days' which were probably chip-fuelled Netflix-and-chill sessions with the Duke. There were a few days Kaya met up with her friends and it was hinted she may have had dinner with the Duke and his family but I get the sense they didn't meet up with any of his mates which is a bit weird considering he celebrated a birthday in that time.

No. 1896020

anyone remember that "artist collective" kat put together for her cosmetics line? i used to follow one of the girls, always wondered how they felt/feel about this shitshow… ndas must have been involved (ah sorry for posting in the old thread first, i'm an idiot)

No. 1896050

File: 1694363530953.jpeg (195.59 KB, 1125x1125, 916F55EC-5F80-4208-BA6D-E714D6…)

I can catch you up on what they’ve been up to after KVD sold her shares to Kendo and the ‘collective’ fell apart.

No. 1896054

File: 1694363787293.jpeg (716.12 KB, 1125x1925, 0B8C5332-0909-4BF2-A20E-72D731…)

Kelsey is the only one who left right after the antivaxx scandal and has made some IG comments renouncing KVD in safe PR language. I’ll do a deep dive and see if I can find those comments. Kelsey hasn’t posted on her IG since 2020 but that might be because she’s living her best normie life.

No. 1896063

File: 1694364682631.jpeg (536.48 KB, 1116x1871, A01817F9-A0B2-4C8A-9A26-7B6E15…)

Tara has a homesteading ranch and has a kid who is a few months younger than Leafar. They used to do play dates.
Tara used to be a hardcore vegan so it’s funny she now raises animals for consumption. She also unschools her kid and is also an antivaxxer.
The pic is shit quality but if you zoom into the text it reads “ Racism, Abortion, Euthanasia– What does the Bible say?”
WTF? Your kid is 4. This isn’t homeschooling/ unschooling, it’s indoctrination.

No. 1896071

File: 1694365234548.jpeg (242.71 KB, 1093x1337, 4D49AD49-DD1A-4CBE-B375-0F86AF…)

Leah still does Kat’s makeup, mostly recently for the upcoming music video. She also used to house sit for her when Kat still owned the L.A house. She and Steffanie used to be really close and were the only ones that kept being in each others lives post KVD. Though, I haven’t seen them interact as much for awhile now.
As a side note, Leah is also Davey Havok’s main makeup artist.

No. 1896079

File: 1694365856399.jpeg (379.14 KB, 1125x1760, 209004BA-B55F-4950-9A7D-7AC506…)

And lastly, Steffanie. She moved to NYC is working as an education trainer (whatever that is) for Lady Gaga’s makeup brand. She has also been forever engaged to Matt Murray, of the Black Veil tattoo artist twins fame. (love their art style)
I keep checking to see if they’ve gotten married because I think I’d enjoy their wedding theme.

No. 1896178

The twins are indeed great artists but as a salem native they do not treat their peers or prospective customers well. Much more interested in social capital, didn't know they were involved with anyone in th
e group but not surprised.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1896200

I think those are these "wisdom booklets" from IBLP. They used to be sold as homeschooling but now they're just "additional materials" or something like that. There's only one level for these books iirc so basically you repeat the books over and over regardless of age until it's indoctrinated. The Duggar children all did it and they'd all be on the same books regardless of their diverse ages. There's a whole section dedicated to what to do if you're a victim of CSA where it tells you it must have been punishment from God and that problems like this should NEVER involve outside help and one must only confront the abuser directly (and maybe involve an elder in the church but it's designed to stop kids from reporting). The guy who made it was a serial child molester and got kicked from the "church" but IBLP still goes on

No. 1896206

Samefagging for this link. It's a taste of the nasty misogyny and culture of abuse this shit creates. Bill Gothard, the creator, would collect blonde girls to molest and harm (the recent Duggar doc had good info about him and his victims) so the books were filled with instructions on what to do when a scrote is abusive or generally terrible to protect him. I bet the church is nothing but predators taking advantage of this perfect cult for them

No. 1896207

Dropped link like a retard

No. 1896247

File: 1694385448896.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2006, 1191BB0A-3E26-4532-9828-96904A…)

Coalcandy poped the question to his gf. haven’t seen him and adora togeather in ages but I can’t images here being happy about one of here discarded boytoys moving on.

No. 1896278

The body language here bodes well, she's completely relaxed and laughing and he's pleading (in a non desperate way)
I hope they will be very happy!
I doubt Adora is upset, she never takes things too seriously as far as I can tell. And there never seemed to be any romance between them.

No. 1896292

oh wow, thanks for the updates, nonna! glad kelsey got out she was the only one i really liked. gross about tara and leah, but not surprised. Stef doesn't seem like she'd be down with Kat's bullshit, disappointed she never commented on it but maybe she didn't want to get blacklisted or something.

No. 1896410

File: 1694411716352.jpeg (315.75 KB, 1121x1993, 5E966225-2645-4A4C-94DE-9700F8…)

Isn’t Sacramental wine alcoholic? Kat Von D is so proud to be 16 years sober so surely she has not broken that just to cement her trad wife image?

No. 1896412

it's most likely just grape juice, only seen wine at catholic mass sipped out of a goblet being held by a priest.(needs sage)

No. 1896413

Theres a difference between swinging back martini's and going to communion. Autism.

No. 1896414

Is that her son in a dress with his nails painted? Seriously?(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1896415

File: 1694412714197.png (475.18 KB, 1887x1200, Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 07.14…)


There are non alcoholic versions

No. 1896416

I was thinking that they might have stopped doing the common chalice post Covid. Does grape juice count as wine for consecration? What is the point then?

No. 1896417

File: 1694412967928.jpeg (524.89 KB, 1115x2066, 9FC32A8E-0FB8-49E6-915C-222E9A…)

No, it’s Alexandra.

No. 1896419

TIL. She should put a disclaimer then for dumbasses like me.

No. 1896431

>attending your church
Oh so she sold KVD Beauty to buy a church and have a lifelong tax writeoff? Loser kek(learn to sage)

No. 1896456

I think she meant visiting her go-to church or something. I feel like when Kat would've bought an actual church she's post about it.
>>1896063 this is absolutely insane someone call cps

No. 1896457

do you have autism?

No. 1896480

Sage but aren't most troons on the dole if they aren't in tech? Especially in the UK where it seems way easier to get bennies than in burgerland where actual disabled people don't get shit

No. 1896500

They are much too creepy and high maintenance to keep on. Only in tech and gaming are they all autists and creepy anyway so they fit right in.

No. 1896602

jesus his hairline

No. 1896687

The one titled "LET'S TALK - CHATTY GOTH MAKEUP GRWM"? Watched it and she calls the Duke her "friend" kek who lives "next to a river", and during the whole ~omg guys I just can't upload my video files~ she went to the duke's "workplace" for wifi. So he hadn't been fired yet at that point.

She also mentions hosting slimelight, look forward to another mess of an outfit I guess and I wonder if this nona is still going >>1892149.

No. 1896882

ew, i can see why she covers her face in all that garish makeup, she’s entirety forgettable without all the loud ~look at me~ shit.

No. 1897722

File: 1694643816642.png (154.36 KB, 682x699, Screenshot_20230913-232602.png)

No. 1897764


looks like her plushie wont be funded, its on 89% with 6 days left, and most lovelies would have bought it early on so not many people left to buy. Bet she will have a breakdown and start begging on stories

No. 1897800

Ooh will it be another whining chatty grwm, another whining car rant, or a low effort spookybox/shillstar/etc haul omg I can't wait!

Seriously though, does she need to preface every video announcement with "I'm just so tired and stressed and everything went wrong you guys" when her youtube content just amounts to those 3 simple things

No. 1897957

Between Kaya having "a shitty time" and Jake "bringing peace to his life" ( >>1897840 ), both being weirdly quiet on their socials over the last week or so, I wonder if something is going on between them. Did they have much left to settle at this point?

No. 1897959

If she did not wait so long and got it sorted last year she would have funded it. People are losing patience with her. It's one thing to be the poor "my brain bad" whiner but if you combine that with partying and vacations it becomes too much to swallow even for the biggest fans. Empathy becomes envy quickly.

No. 1897963

>>1897764, >>1897959

It'll definitely get funded but it's not selling as well as expected. I'm sure Kaya fully anticipated it would outsell the Jake plushie but that's clearly not gonna happen at this rate - the Sebastian plush still hasn't reach 100% funding 2 weeks in while the goth plush ultimately hit 451%.
She still has the opportunity to extend the sale by 1 more week after the deadline but she missed a once in a lifetime opportunity when public support was at an all time high. If Kaya had struck when the iron was hot (closer to when Jake hate peaked in Nov 2022) she could have made 5 figures from the campaign but she's too scatterbrained and has zero business acumen. It doesn't help that the plush is ugly and cheap looking which puts off the reseller crowd and non-fans looking for a cute cat toy. Kaya said she delayed the launch to get the design just right but damn, that was a bad move.

From the last thread we've seen how closely the discord lovelies stalk Altcows so I'm sure they'll be taking their angry screenshots and urging the cult to step up and support their Goff Qween. The more retarded ones will go back and purchase 2-3 more plushies even if it means they have to live on pot noodles for a while kek.

No. 1897972

She mentioned the lawyers again in a recent video (I forget which one)

No. 1898004

In her recent red look GRWM she complained that she had a big bill from her lawyers regarding the Jake break up that she was struggling with

No. 1898023

File: 1694694033628.jpg (843.86 KB, 2168x1948, 8JlaqDC.jpg)

Is she already having another breakdown? She just had one back in July, right before London.
She's already started spamming 'neurospicy' memes to her stories which usually means she's going to break promises and let her Patrons down…
It was hinted that Jake may have been harassing her at the start of the year but it's hard to say for sure as she has been vague. I'm sure the lawyer advised Kaya not to mention names or details for the time being. For the last year she has complained about receiving bad news every time she travels but I think that's been related to a multitude of things and not just Jake - family stuff, Grant, rental woes, other friend drama etc.
My hunch is that the recent silence is related to 'executive dysfunction' once again affecting uploads and 'being in the closet' about the Duke.
Yup, it was the most recent GRWM (approx timestamp 17:30). She also said she's anticipating some major bills for her car and sounded very overwhelmed. She's been alluding to financial stress for a long time now and it's easy to see why: she's steadily losing Patrons, hasn't streamed in months and her YouTube views are declining.

No. 1898102

Yet she STILL has that studio full of crap she pays for every month. That's an expensive garbage bin.

No. 1898118

File: 1694711139653.png (981.79 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_20230914-180716.png)

No. 1898121

NGL but this is such fucking karma after her overindulging in Parties and trips without any accountability for the Patreon money she gets by actually producing content. I hope, of the airport finds her bag, that they find her bag after the Slimelight thing is over kek.

No. 1898138

She just needs to buy a new charger from the airport shops and they'll likely find her bag since it's only a shorthaul flight, or she could just buy new skimpy goth items in London. Not really a disaster, just inconvenient.
Maybe this is why Jake has gone quiet, he had to get a job to help cover the lawyer bills. Though that means that situation is over right?

No. 1898143

File: 1694714972597.png (673.7 KB, 700x1236, Screenshot_20230914-191133.png)

No. 1898203

File: 1694723539883.png (837.34 KB, 718x1231, Screenshot_20230914-213411.png)

Begging again.

No. 1898233

and this is why she needs consistency. She can't just release a video as the hype around her cools down to try and recharge it on a dime. She needs people to consistently be thinking about her and her work. Otherwise people hear about the plushie once, make up their mind about it, then forget. Whereas she could have kept uploading basic goth videos and reminding people about the plush somewhere in each video getting people to wear down and buy the damn thing. Or at least remember she exists
people would have bought it literally to help fund her life away from jake. She could have dipped into patreon cash, merch sales and the plushies all at once and made a lot more to put in the bank and spend on private therapy. Plus with consistency she could have made gothic animal/pet plushies or merch her "thing" and kept up the momentum for a while (like once or twice a year release something big or small). She can't get that mega drop again, but she could at least rebuild her marketability for her fans if she started with some consistency.
Youtube and social media isn't where the money is, it's the ancilarry products like merch, brand partnerships, and eventually moving into the industry adjacent to your content somehow to remain a staple but she's burning bridges in all those places fast with how she's been acting

No. 1898246

samefagging but why was everything checked (including the charger??)? it's terrible when the airport loses your stuff but you have to expect it to happen if you take day business trips so you always put important stuff in the carry on if you can't avoid checking a bag at all. and I can't imagine what she was bringing that she couldn't just buy/bum off in london that required checking like hairspray. Is she so lazy she always checks her day bag? If so she's an idiot and this was bound to happen. A spare outfit and charger could fit in a purse at the very least
she says this but like >>1898138 says her situation is easily fixable. She's not used to anything, she crumples at the first sign of adversity and cries about it online instead of fixing mistakes

No. 1898486

Wait so he's still working at that place? Iirc some nonas were saying he was fired, but if not then it's a miracle he hasn't been. And since he's begging for a bottle of prosecco he should really try to hold onto that job.

No. 1898540

He must be friends with the owners or something because I've never seen someone with a regular job take as much extended time off as him.

No. 1898553

File: 1694760842382.jpg (30.64 KB, 519x191, 957245.JPG)

The lovelies trying to promote plush sales on LC kek

No. 1898579

File: 1694771728379.png (664.67 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11-53…)

Yep last days and she's going to try and push it. Take advantage that they lost her bag to be extra pitiful

No. 1898584

It's tiny too. I thought it would be bigger. Did she go to slimelight last week I thought we were due photos or is just this week?

No. 1898588

Honestly it's cute imo, but how did it take her so long to 'design' a cat plushie? It looks like the nicer ones you can win from those grabbing machines at the arcade.

No. 1898592

File: 1694774953559.png (644.43 KB, 720x1223, Screenshot_20230915-114116.png)

No. 1898614

I thought that one anon who talked about buying multiple plushies sounded suspicious. I figured even the farmers who really root for Kaya weren't gonna drop that much money for her to piss it away. Also,
>greener pastures
KEK, lovelies are delusional.

I'm tinfoiling here, but Sebastian made it and clothes and charger got lost? Did she actually have a fucking plushie with her on the plane, but not something as essential as a charger. Maybe this is just her stupidity. But I can't help but wonder if the lost bag thing is just to get sympathy to reach her plushie goal.

No. 1898624

Yep I agree I thought as soon as I saw the post that the whole thing was going to be bullshit as an excuse/ for sympathy

No. 1898626

File: 1694779351467.png (10.71 KB, 240x169, lmao.PNG)

I guess it's working.

No. 1898633

File: 1694780203819.png (71.73 KB, 695x418, Screenshot_20230915-131757.png)

No. 1898635

Can't record atm but she posted a video story about how BA will pay for replacement items "within reason" aka toothpaste, underwear etc but probably not 'an entire new outfit plus stompy boots from Camden' and delineated how everything she needed including makeup was in her bag.

Doesn't she have friends?? All her friendships seem to be based around the same alt/goth style, and she's obviously staying with a friend from her story backgrounds. At the very least she could borrow makeup. She's the queen of using ripped fishnet tights for outfits, I feel like you could easily cobble together something cheap if pushed, or friends could lend you the odd item to pull something together.

I know a lot of performers and this is why stuff you absolutely need for your gig you take on your carry on, if possible.

No. 1898640

File: 1694782352131.png (332.3 KB, 1206x849, thekayacycle.png)

I shall place this on stage 3 of the cycle

No. 1898646

Thats what I was thinking, cant she borrow some things real quick? Maybe she can buy some more intimate stuff you dont wanna lend out (underwear, tights) and then borrow something quick from one of her friends? I DOUBT shes a slimelight alone, theres no way her usual party friends aren't there with her, and they defo also have tons of makeup she can borrow from them, if they have hygiene worries she could always buy a quick brush and a cheap mascara she can throw out afterwards.
Im not saying loosing your luggage doesnt suck major balls, it really does and id be super sad and annoyed too. But she gotta make do, I doubt shes gonna get it by tomorrow

No. 1898651

Like she did with her vehicle repairs or when she was claiming being homeless all those things were paid for and she's doing the same with the bag. Her outfits she wears to slimelight are free pieces she's got from sponsors over the year or year old clothes. If this story is true she should take it as not an opportunity to beg but to go out and get new clothes.

No. 1898655

What bullshit. Her friends don't own make up? If she can't afford to go to marks and spencers and get a cheap 3 pack of knickers some stockings and a belt she should just stay home. I don't get how there are people that aren't over her non stop whining and stupid decisions yet.

No. 1898657

Beautiful. I know it's early, but this gets my vote for next thread pic.

No. 1898693

She and the Duke are now basically skinwalking each other, can't she just borrow some clothes from him? They also have the same corpulence.

No. 1898696

Jfc go to primark!

No. 1898702

How retarded can she be to not keep her daily medication in carry-on? She is acting and packing like someone who has never traveled by airplane before. Infuriatingly helpless behaviour.

No. 1898703

Yes primark. She could even do a video about it. Making a goth outfit on a budget in primark. But instead she's just going to milk it and sit on her arse.

No. 1898710

That's it- a real YouTuber could get a pretty good video out of this situation. 'The airport lost my bag so come last minute club shopping with me'. But her 'content' will just be whiny car videos and moaning insta stories

No. 1898715

File: 1694792131122.png (1.86 MB, 1394x981, 04817659.png)

3 hour speedrun from "I can't afford to replace my outfit" to buying brand new demonias.

No. 1898726

She doesn't have to buy demonias for god sake! And that's such a great idea for a video!

No. 1898727

File: 1694794261071.png (126 KB, 720x866, Screenshot_20230915-171010.png)

No. 1898735

>>1898118, >>1898143
As always she's feeling sorry for herself and trying to signal that 'it's not my fault at all!!' yet she was the clown who packed her work outfits in her check-in. It's no secret that mishandled language rates skyrocketed post-Covid (global figures reached a 10 yr high in 2022) and continues to be a problem - I thought she'd have a bit more common sense.
God she's dumb…The official advice from BA is to bring medication in your carry on with supporting documentation so she'll receive little charity or support. She's being so dramatic about the meds too - you'd think that she's talking about antiepileptic drugs but instead they're mostly likely the antidepressants or old ass Ritalin tablets she admits she takes infrequently. She's trying so hard to milk sympathy and it's embarrassing to watch.
The vicious cycle of a stagnating loser.
For every sob story about how the universe is against her there's a reason how she caused or worsened the situation due to poor decisions and planning. Remember when her scooter was stolen? That was because she parked it in the alley behind her house (with easy street access) in a low-income area and not in her locked sunroom. Not once did she acknowledge how careless that was, she just wanted to emphasis that she was a victim who couldn't make videos for months.
Lol another pair of over-priced goff platforms to add to the hundreds she has in the studio - there's always a silver lining right Kaya?

No. 1898737

Detective nonna here, I am attending slimelight tomorrow with Mr Nonna so will report back if she actually got an outfit or not lol

No. 1898738

File: 1694796289121.png (164.99 KB, 1224x588, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.47…)

So she's importing the Duke's estrogen vials, this kind of DIY hormones is not legal or approved by the NHS

No. 1898759

Jesus. I hate to be that person but Kaya, there’s people that are dying. Like a stupid missing bag with a stupid ugly missing outfit is no big fucking deal. I hate how she’s trying to rile up her supporters to boohoo hoo her over a minor inconvenience. Like, go buy a pair of big girl underwear and put them on.

No. 1898767

File: 1694799498737.jpg (2.69 MB, 1870x1156, l21xMNX.jpg)

She will be attending Slimelight this Saturday.
It was tin-foiled in the last thread that she will be going to a BDSM club event tonight (Friday) >>1879684, >>1879693
The evidence seems compelling…Klub Verboten is hosting a big 7th year anniversary event in London this Friday and the Duke told some random on IG that he will be attending the big 'HB' (Happy Birthday?) event in September with Kaya. Kaya has long been teasing an interest in BDSM and it appears she's trying to get into the lifestyle.
She probably had a special outfit packed for tonight in that missing suitcase but she can't say anything without outing her relationship status kek. No wonder she's extra stressy and whiney.

No. 1898818

Vidrel I guess the guy who was arrested is confirmed to be her landlord

So the lovelies are as obsessed with this thread as kaya? If you're here rn you still have to buy way more to get the campaign 100% and fund your queen's new demonias

Don't think many of her friends clothes fit her, many of her own don't. Plus her party fits are shit anyway so didn't lose much on that front. Losing essentials sucks though, hope she can get some at duty-free or poundland.

Yeah she loves turning any inconvenience into sympathy content like insta story whining, as >>1898640 illustrates kek (I want it for next thread pic too). So why not make it into literal content for your channel? It's right there, especially bc she seems so stuck for content. Even Freya made a cringe piano song when an airport lost her bags.

But instead for the channel she'd rather cry all night mustering the strength to film which she admitted in the car whinge video, and for probs in her life she'd rather cry online and have weird priorities to instantly feel happier like expensive goff boots than fix the problem.

Lol godspeed to you both

Could be prescribed, dunno why they were with kaya but funny they were lost too. Wonder if the Duke will chimp out for having to be without his horse piss hormones.

No. 1898876

this is actually so cute she's a particular brand of fuck up if she couldn't get it to sell. Marketing it now is too late and literally all she needed to do was post it a few more times to social media before now.
we all knew troons got off to female pain but to literally call it "abigail in agony"?? literally after the "erotic agony" porn category. kaya you're a retard getting with the worst of troons. He's already gotten off to you all bruised up what more will it take for you to drop him? there are plenty of other untalented scrotes you could bang in the goth scene, why jake and this troon?
she literally checked her fucking meds but brought her "emotional support stuffy" with her! She deserves this, and it's obviously not mental health meds since she's always drinking so it's probably tylenol or something she could live without for a day. Kaya, go buy a new 15$ stripper's outfit from spencer's gifts so you can at least come out of this with some dignity without canceling slimelight due to your totally preventable dumbassery. Also literally all she needs makeup-wise is to borrow someone's eyeliner and a pump of foundation. I actually can't get over her checking her bag without any precautions if it wasn't preventable, what an actual fucking idiot
free and stolen if you count the stuff she got in exchange for videos she never did
she's too fat to borrow her friend's clothes let's be real kek
I don't know if she's actually this brain meltingly retarded or using this as an excuse to buy new shoes and it's sad I can't assume this is a grift rn

No. 1898896

Why can't she wear her new rocks to slimelight?
She's not poor or really stupid if she's going to buy new demonia's.

No. 1898913

The ones she's wearing here >>1898118 right? Crazy that she wants to buy Demonias when what really needs replacing are all her hygiene stuff she lost and a club outfit, it's more embarassing for a host to show up unclean and undressed than to show up without her fave shoes.

No. 1899040

>Tweets british airways that she has medication in her checked in bag to make her desperation to get her outfits back more valid
>Admits in another tweet they’re not essential nor time sensitive medication considering Herztroon forgot it at her place with no care.

No. 1899041

agreed, it would have been an awesome Christmas present for the holidays and there was peak Jake hate in 2022. it subsided now and people just find her annoying again. however I believe it will get funded as she only has 3 more to sell, and there was an "lolcowuser" in the recent supporters list.
it would have been POPPIN if she sold it last year, though. time is of the essence for these things.

No. 1899089

sorry if I'm being dumb but is this tweet accidentally outting the duke using diy estrogen instead of NHS stuff cause it's over 100ml/is liquid? she mentions not being the prescription holder so it'd be hilarious if she's assuming it's prescription drugs but it's instead troonshine being smuggled back to him after his high ass forgot it

No. 1899102

This is so shady though. She HAD to tag the brand. What did she expect, Demonia will personally invite you and provide brand new she’s to get tabled in on the weekend? She can google and probably knows the scene ships already (she’s there often enough). E-begging to the max but she comes off as if she can’t even wipe her own ass.

No. 1899140

File: 1694873038504.png (234.75 KB, 1289x684, plush.PNG)

The plush got funded. Guess it all worked out in the end for Kaya.

No. 1899163

File: 1694877259684.jpg (99.02 KB, 426x784, 55dnf4l.jpg)

RandomNny…I'm guessing that's supposed to sound like random nonny? Very cool, much trolling. Five plushies makes you look a bit desperate mate but you do you. There's been a few obnoxious lovelies both here and on the Jake thread gassing up Kaya to cringe levels and they're getting annoying.
I don't think many here doubted the plush would get funded, it was just a matter of how many fans would actually pay $40 (that includes shipping) for that tiny, ugly plush. The campaign has made roughly $6000 so far (200 plushies at $30 a pop) and there's still 4 whole days left. Does anyone know what cut the creator gets?

No. 1899194

Is this the same person as "lolcowfarmer" or just inspired by them? Either way imagine being so wounded that your mommy kaya is being gossiped about on a gossip board that you spend $100 or smth on a little plush just to feel like you're getting revenge

No. 1899217

30 dollars plus whatever the fuck postage is for a plush that looks about the size and quality you get out of a claw machine in Portrush. The only losers are anyone who gives her money for her content. You can laugh at her for free fs

No. 1899232

Imagine funding this lazy, work-shy cow's life while frequenting gossip threads to pwn the haterz with your epic consoomerism… there aren't enough meds in the world to fix delusions like these.

No. 1899242

Bruh and to think that I felt bad because I bought something for 25$ that didn't fit me well. Now I feel so much better about my life choises.

No. 1899275

>I felt bad because I bought something for 25$ that didn't fit me well
If only kaya felt like this, she'd feel bad about half her entire closet kek. But, I bet tailoring it would make it look good on you nona if you like the item otherwise.

No. 1899446

I thought so at first too, but after looking at "RandomNny's" userpage, they seem to have funded about two dozen other makeship plushes in the past, almost all cat themed? The "lolcowfarmer" one is so embarrassing though, they are derailing the Jake thread with it too. Absolutely braindead behavior.

No. 1899455

We had some nonnas teasing us with similar comments with other parties she was hosting at without any inside SL/MQ milk. Boring outcome for the potential of stuff that's going on there.

Let it be a milky "incognito party intrusion" this time around.

No. 1899489

File: 1694917626176.jpeg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024, 6C945A83-7008-4B50-8028-1F220E…)

Detective nonna checking in after slimelight. Pic of Kaya and the Duke from tonight. Nothing milky, but here are my observations.
- Kaya didn’t turn up until after midnight; the club started at 10.
-there were only 2 dancing rooms and Kaya did not go into either of them. She spent most of the time in the staff room with the Duke and rotten hollow.
-she’s slimmer than I thought would be but is very unfortunately shaped. Her arms and shoulders are wider than her hips and she has no butt. Wore a full fishnet outfit tonight. Skin very very bad irl. Even with a cake tonne of makeup you can see the acne.
-never left the dukes side and didn’t talk to anyone, very shy. Didn’t seem like a host at all.

We left before closing because the club was not as fun as usual and filled with troons, including the female bathrooms.

No. 1899512

Wow, hosting slimelight was supposed to be the one thing her lazy ass was actually kinda doing right since she always made sure to be there (guess not since she was hours late) and smashed (which should make her sociable right?). No wonder the club atmosphere wasn't as good cause they were essentially down a host as her unprofessional ass was too busy focused on her little boyfriend acting like an insecure teenager instead of doing her damn job that night. She's so embarrassingly co-dependent on him already, she just can't not make dick the center of her life
That sucks your night ended up not being that great cause of kaya and troons, hope the rest of the night was good nonna and thanks for the information!

No. 1899586

Thank so much for your impressions nonny! I’m not surprised by any of your observations tbh I knew she doesn’t dance she’s too stiff for that. I wonder what Slimelight expects their Hosts to do though? Like just be there or stuff like giving out shots?

No. 1899591

Thanks for your efforts nonna - it's interesting to hear how Kaya conducts herself in the wild
>She wore a full fishnet outfit tonight
I see she ended up wearing the Demonia Stacks - both Kaya and the Duke own a pair as seen here in the Dark Room London event >>1877258
It looks like the Duke lent her his pair as they both have similar sized feet (Kaya has said she's a US size 10-10.5). Borrowing the Duke's shoes was always an option but Kaya is typical alt-influencer trash who's always looking for freebies.
>She spent most of the time in the staff room with the Duke and Rotten Hollow
I can also see a blurry Elfboy in front of Kaya here (I recognised the nose chain and Spock brow). I haven't seen him on her social media for ages but I guess they are still on friendly terms. I'm not surprised she camped out in the staff room for most of the night - it's clear she's making less effort as time goes on and just sees hosting as a free ticket to see the Duke. She has no intention of taking her role seriously, broadening her goff social horizons or making connections in the industry.
>Kaya didn’t turn up until after midnight, she never left the Duke's side and didn’t seem like a host at all
Ugh she's such an unprofessional club promoter. Slimelight will drop her unmotivated, irrelevant ass like Monster Queen did.

No. 1899626

It's absolutely hilarious that kaya spent over a decade sitting on her ass and she somehow has the delusional belief she's got something worth showing off. Put it away kaya no one apart from a mentally ill Troon wants to hit it and in his case literally. Be safe lol

No. 1899636

I'm sure the Duke enjoys how easily Kaya bruises however I can't see Kaya enjoying the heavy masochism he probably wants to inflict on her body.

Kaya regrets not dressing like a MM 'Tainted Love' video girl when she was skinny so 8 years later she assaults our eyes by getting her flat cheeks out for Instagram. Kaya lives a very sedentary lifestyle and has some unfortunate genetics so she's shaped like a flabby block of tofu. In her recent Sebastian vlog she was wearing shorts and all I could see were her swollen, lipedema thighs - I think I understand why she wears tights all the time, sometimes two pairs at once…

No. 1899637

Shes so head over heels with the duke she legit cant leave his side for a moment. I think Kaya is so extremely needy and clingy to her partners because she is so afraid to be alone or they will leave her, I really think being with Jake all her teen years have traumatised her. Good thing she is now taking therapy, working on herself and staying single until she can resolve some of that trauma - oh whoops she is just complaining, partying and gluing herself to the next man who doesnt like her as much as she likes him
Being a host means you have to go around talking to people and make them feel welcome. If you cant handle that dont be a host, its legit the BARE minimum youre not even performing or anything you have to plan. She was probably in an even worse mood because of the suitcase because she cant let things go at all, it was probably all she was thinking and talking about instead of having fun

No. 1899647

If I didn't know any better, I would of thought Kaya is the troon and Duke is the real women from this photo alone. Why is her head looking bigger and body more manly in this photo kek. The angle really shows how wide her shoulders are.
What an unfortunate shape for a woman.

No. 1899649

>>1899637 the thing is, she doesn't have the skills or knowledge to host an event like slimelight - and I think deep down she knows this, which is why she is hiding out in the staff room. She is a total airhead and doesn't know anything about the scene, she seems the type to just witter on about herself all the time. She barely has any hobbies and has no life experience, how is she going to connect with real people? You meet so many interesting and unique people there, she can't compete

No. 1899690

File: 1694958247456.png (970.97 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20230917-144504.png)

No. 1899732


Honestly does not look any different to when she hasn't had her luggage go missing. All that drama for nothing.

No. 1899753

Didn't dance or mingle and just stuck to her bf, sounds like a newbie wallflower not like a regular guest which she is, let alone a host. I agree she could just be using this gig to hang with the Duke for free. Even though idk what hosting entails, well and neither does kaya, surely it takes more than showing up?

Btw detective nona, was there any chemistry between her and the Duke? The relationship seems pretty one sided.

>Slimelight will drop her unmotivated, irrelevant ass like Monster Queen did
When did MQ drop her, good kek

>another outfit that's just a leotard with random ugly belts

No. 1899762

Is she meant to be making videos of these nights? You know like advertising?

No. 1899764


I didn't see it, but hilariously at one point the Duke saw someone he knew and ran to hug them, and Kaya was left standing awkwardly on her own and then ran to follow him. Most of the time I did see them they were standing in the corner of the hallway to the toilets by themselves.

No. 1899794

File: 1694972690890.png (62.17 KB, 720x379, Screenshot_20230917-184357.png)

No. 1899890

Well stuff she's posted about other nights out from her perspective are boring >>1877484 even if the club isn't really like that >>1877573, maybe she generally isn't a party person. So I wonder why she keeps going partying. Come to think of it whenever she posts about an event she rarely posts about the actual event or what she gets up to, at least recently, and just pics of her tragic outfits and pics with friends/fans?

No. 1899964

File: 1694988648311.png (184.98 KB, 632x1125, Screenshot_20230917-231255.png)

No. 1900017

File: 1694995832643.jpg (82.91 KB, 645x352, XHEXSjO.jpg)

Looks like Kaya and the Duke will be hosting. Dark Room must have been pretty desperate if they invited these two tragics to host…

I noticed they offer free entry before midnight and there's no dress code - this place seems more like Kaya's scene as it's lower stakes and more casual.

No. 1900146

>Dark Room must be pretty desperate
I mean, they only have 2,300 followers on Instagram, so I'm sure Kaya's 160k seems like easy advertisement. Not sure why bother with the Duke since he's a literal nobody all around, but he's probably got connections from being in the scene for as long as he's been or is just riding Kaya's coattails some more

No. 1900163

Why did she want to buy brand new demonia shoes when she was wearing new rocks?

No. 1900164

Looking at the photos it’s just another club night that gays have taken over, they’re all topless and In their fetish leotard things. Not goth at all so suits Kaya.

No. 1900229

File: 1695035884754.png (903.03 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_20230918-113209.png)

No. 1900233

>When did MQ drop her, good kek
There's no proof but I remember a couple of months back people on IG kept asking her if she was hosting MQ and she kept saying she probably was but refused to give a concrete answer. Finally the event came and went and we put two and two together.
This time I noticed that SL left her hanging for quite a while - it was announced fairly late that she was hosting.
I think she read your comment because she spammed a bunch of POV dancefloor videos an hour ago (probably showing the 30 mins she was in the dancing rooms)
She'd probably whinge that sneaker platforms aren't extra enough for the club plus they'd look super dumb with the one lingerie look she wears. I really hope she didn't buy those Demonia Stacks - she already has a pair and I'm not even kidding when I say she owns 100+ shoes.
They'd do a better job at hosting than stuffy old Kaya who huddles with the same 2 people all night.

No. 1900298

File: 1695045911065.jpg (2.5 MB, 1080x1960, etZpwE2.jpg)

Oh god, she's editing videos in London again. Let's see how her 'beefy files' cope with English wifi this time kek. She's staying with Spooks this time who seems to live a lot closer to the heart of London at least.
It's an 'Oufer Transformation' video and it was probably supposed to be uploaded before she left Belfast (hence the breakdown she had last week).
When's poor Tommy Vowles gonna get his haul video Kaya?

No. 1900301

How on earth did she get another Oufer sponsorship?!

No. 1900351

File: 1695054523058.png (665.88 KB, 646x960, Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 17.31…)

>When's poor Tommy Vowles gonna get his haul video Kaya?

You called it

No. 1900378

File: 1695059512880.jpeg (546.93 KB, 1124x2062, 55FB9C3C-744A-4B8D-9A89-FBB407…)

I mean, they’ve been waiting awhile.

No. 1900396

>>1900378 waiting over 6 months(sage your shit)

No. 1900467

6 month ago she looked so pretty. What happened?!

No. 1900536

Alcohol and sitting around will fuck you up.

No. 1900537

Imo she looks the same, even wearing a very similar ugly outfit to >>1899690

No. 1900581

File: 1695082094953.jpg (2.76 MB, 1080x1912, TKoyGLa.jpg)

Looks like she finished editing the Oufer Jewelry video. I bet it took her all day too, the poor love looks knackered.
I truly don't understand why she had to bring the Tommy Vowles accessories with her for filming…Why wouldn't you film in your spacious, private rental where you had weeks to do this shit in between your trips to London? As Kaya mentioned she could have lost hundreds of £ worth of stuff plus it's generally a bad idea to carry unnecessary valuables around in a big capital city with opportunistic thieves. Kaya is so brain-dead and slack she's beyond hope.
I think you misunderstood.
This pic is from 2-3 weeks ago when Kaya went to a Belfast kink event with Fifi. Tommy reposted it on his account because she's wearing his designs.
Tommy sent Kaya his stuff a while back, she first posted a pic wearing the pieces on April 27th which is almost 5 months ago.
If she hadn't talked up the haul video so much she wouldn't have looked like such a lazy flake.

No. 1900592

she started fucking the troon.

No. 1900606

That rental isn't very spacious now I'd wager, considering how the bulk of her crap hoard is stored there like an addict in denial.

Are we ignoring how she's clearly topless in Spook's bed? The crust punk tattoo artist she has been bumming off of this past weekend. Not for free, apparently.

No. 1900622

>Are we ignoring how she's clearly topless in Spook's bed?
I noticed how sus that was too. Even if Spooks slept on the couch it's still weird to be nakey in your mate's bed, especially considering he's male. I'm sure the Duke was jealous of Kaya's sleeping arrangement - Kaya was so obviously interested in Spooks before him after all.
After Kaya got her first tattoo from Spooks back in August of last year Kaya quickly got into punk fashion (who could forget the chicken bone battle jackets) and music (engaging with the renowned Belfast scene which she never showed any interest in before) plus she would also name-drop him with fondness in videos regularly. It was all very obvious she was infatuated with him but for whatever reason things went cold - maybe he friend-zoned her? It's no coincidence that the Duke looks like Spooks in a wig lol.
Side note: Interestingly it was also after Aug '22 that her fashion and aesthetic gradually went down hill

No. 1900705

Is she wearing her lip plumping gloss in bed too now?

No. 1900747

No way is she using just lip plumper. I used that stuff religiously and never had lips like that when I went to bed. She’s had injections

No. 1900751

A million percent! It's that top lip crease

No. 1900816

File: 1695132743873.png (226.97 KB, 703x1003, Screenshot_20230919-151029.png)

So most of October is spend in London

No. 1900824

She'll be hosting Dark Room on the 14th and Slimelight on 21st. She was not asked to come host the Monster Queen Halloween event kek.

No. 1900828

Wonder why she hasn’t talked about getting lip filler? She used to openly talk about her desire for cosmetic surgery so this is nbd. Or is she worried about how her patrons will perceive the use of funds for lip filler instead of making content?

No. 1900832

patrons paying for everything.

No. 1900865

File: 1695141760363.png (726.8 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_20230919-174428.png)

No. 1900869

Does this little bitch not realise his manager has opposable thumbs too and can see his instagram pleading for fake reviews as well as read the obviously fake reviews people are writing?

No. 1900873

Manager probably won't care if they're fake as long as they're good unfortunately

No. 1900893

Yeah that "filler mustache" happens when you put more filler than necessary and it fills the skin past your lips too


No. 1900923

File: 1695149968132.png (927 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20230919-200126.png)

No. 1900928

is she saying she hated all the shots?? Also is she on a date with that other dude? I'm starting to think she is laying around a little and doesn't want to be In a relationship.

No. 1900944

Good for her if she's just playing the field and having fun. After what the last scrote did to her, she needs the time alone to figure her life out. Honestly though, I think she'll eventually pick one to attach herself to, I just hope it's not the troon.

No. 1900998

She's gotta be dating the troon, she probably just didn't stay at his this weekend since he was working for once. But there are way too many photos and videos of her gazing like a lovesick puppy at dollarstore Marilyn Manson, plus being 1.2 metres from him at all times for months. She even had his hormones in her luggage.

Nice to see a reappearance of elfboy on her page, a genuinely cute guy. I would love of it she dumps the troon and moves onto a different guy because I don't want to see troon's face for (potentially) years via Kaya's content, and his personality seems awful too.

No. 1901068

Lmaoooo the duke is using her for industry ties but he's picked the one person with practically nothing to show for her career. Hilariously she's probably going to get a boost from the duke using her to get jobs and her following him along
So she started spamming advertisements for the night well after it was already underway/over
Wow I was expecting her to stay silent about the issue and hope it all went away. Bet she was hoping she could have used the pieces getting lost as an excuse. Wouldn't that be a hilarious end to the shit sandwich she's been feeding tommy. Never makes a video, uses the pieces in her private life, loses them in a most retarded fashion 6 months later. She's already worn the shit out of these pieces and hasn't even advertised them in the least in place of her promised video. She doesn't take this long to make sure her killstar merch is "good quality" before pushing it on her fans, bet Tommy is absolutely insulted. I would be. She probably only did the video now because she was scared she'd almost lost them and the anons just brought it up again
If Kaya's last year of downfall was due to being rejected by a random scrote that's absolutely hilarious. And duke is basically spooks too kek. Wonder if she's gonna start acting "punk" again soon
Considering it's only 3 reviews to a bottle it's probably a cheap bottle and the owner is trying to review bomb their shop so they can get a boost on Google maps
Look at how she acts when she's around duke, she's an insecure puppy. If she is sleeping around she's the type of girl who shouldn't because she gets attached to the people she fucks. If she's fucking anyone else on top of duke right now she's fooling herself into thinking she can. She's just gonna feel torn between duke and the other guy unless she's with duke while hoping the other guy opens himself to going steady with her and plans to jump ship in that case. If that's the case she should take a dick detox so she can think straight

No. 1901105

File: 1695176731384.jpg (468.97 KB, 846x758, VtzojMy.jpg)

Kaya finally uploaded a new video after 3 weeks - a lack-lustre Halloween make-up tutorial and piercing haul. It's pretty boring so I'll spare you the video link. It was short and low energy but I took some notes anyway:
-She filmed it on the day she left for London (at 1am no less), acknowledges she fucked up with time management just like last time. She also mentions she still hasn't packed…
-Says she had been super ill and implies it affected her productivity (there's always an excuse)
-Mentions she lost a septum ring when she went to the forest with someone, seems careful not to mention 'Duchess' or the word friend.
-Admits there's a 1 week gap between the two segments in the video because 'life got in the way' (avoids saying that it was because the Duke visited her in Belfast)

Kaya is lucky to get another Oufer sponsorship after last time but it seems like they have a new Halloween collection and Kaya's fans would be their prime target - I guess she's been forgiven lol. At least Kaya got this out well before Halloween.

No. 1901109

I really hope she dumps the duke too, he seems like such a deadbeat freeloader and that's the last thing she needs as being kind of one herself. kek. I feel like she would really benefit from staying around people who have actual day jobs and talents so that she might be more motivated to do something with herself. Was really rooting for her to end up with spooks or elfboy initially, she was at her best when she was still hanging around them post-jake and pre-duke.

No. 1901157

Clockable from the penMANship, sad

No. 1901193

All TIMs write like male teenagers. Coincidence?!

No. 1901214

He got a new job then

No. 1901215

Do you think she did this video last minute again? Roly's oufer video went up 12 days ago

No. 1901282

I thought that was John lydon for a second

No. 1901356

I think the plumping gloss has caused an irritation mustache above her top lip which gives the illusion of fillers. Maybe an extra tight medusa piercing has faked some plumpness too?
Tbf Kaya has always been open about procedures she wants or plans to get so I don't think she'd be secretive about something like that. Kaya's not afraid to splash her Patreon cash on regular drinks out and new clothes after all.
She was out with Elfboy. She posted stories of their museum visit and drinks out and I recognized his voice straight away. Looks like it was their first time hanging out together one on one and it was all very platonic looking.
It definitely felt rushed.
I noticed in her Sebastian vlog that she referenced a Q&A vid where she apparently tells the story of Sebastian jumping out of the window (timestamp 11:45) and says it should be out but a note appears and says it's been delayed. The vlog was filmed on the 16th (seen here >>1882123 ) and it was uploaded on the 30th yet there's still no sign of the Q&A…Kaya has been incredibly slow and behind on videos.

No. 1901408

You think men and women can hang out 1 on 1 platonically? Lol.

No. 1901446

File: 1695241702456.png (244.13 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20230920-222510~2.p…)

Like >>1901356 said, Kaya doesn't shy away from saying she needs some injections (though she's probably too mentally challenged with her ADHD to actually do some calls and get an appointment on her own like an adult) -when she truly needs to first and foremost take better care of her skin- . She just did under Luxeria's IG post about getting new injections in her forehead.

No. 1901550

Kaya probably doesn't want to admit to cosmetics because any time someone says she looks like shit she defends it by being all "no one's goth to be pretty" or some shit, when it actual fact she's a fat bimbo airhead and picked the alt group as a teenager to fall into because the likeminded vapid and shallow people figured she's a big nosed odd shaped lank.

No. 1901604

Hettie bettie detected?

No. 1901930

Considering lux is a troon who desperately needs everything cosmetic, it holds no validity. Both kayas top and bottom lip are outlined and overfilled. Plumping gloss does not do that. no matter how much you put on or how frequently

No. 1901958

Honestly I hope she'll stick with the Duke just because all the other things aside he's objectively better looking than Jake, is not overweight but skinny even which will make Jake seethe

No. 1902064

She seems way too dependent and attached to him though which was already a problem with jake, I hope the troon doesn't exploit this about her but I mean it's a troon

No. 1902138

Jake would probably be envious because he wishes he could bang someone so scrawny. his old lady is filling out.

No. 1902172

Kaya's been in London a whole week and she's barely got anything to show for it. She hosted Slimes, did some video editing (a 2 hr job at most) and hung out with Elfboy after he finished work…that's it. She definitely moved over to the Duke's love boat (quietly) after her club and upload duties were done. Poor Sebastian, he's constantly getting flicked off to Kaya's crackpot mum so Kaya can chase that Duke dick across the Irish sea every few weeks.
Also, is she ever going to film with Roly like she said she would?

No. 1902174

File: 1695356062591.jpg (3.09 MB, 1080x1880, aFdcqVq.jpg)

Looks like Kaya has filmed with Roly, probably just another piercing react collab

No. 1902383

File: 1695399693881.png (511.36 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20230922-172042.png)

No. 1902434

Lol is that a warhammer chaos tattoo

No. 1902464

She hosted slime and dark room, edited a video, and filmed with Roly so far besides her possible dates with spooks, elf boy, and the duke. I still think she's lazy and could be doing more/better content, but compared to IBF or even her ex, I feel like she's doing fairly well. Her old self would have absolutely spiraled at the lost luggage and rotted in bed for the entire week.

No. 1902546

This is so badly done I wanna a-log. It looks like the artist drew it on with a cheap biro.

No. 1902547

It’s a stencil nonnie

No. 1902554

Ah, that makes more sense lol. Still, it's an edgelord choice and palm tattoos age like shit.

No. 1902563

Yes lmao
I have no idea if it has any other meaning than that, but I have a feeling most people will see it as a Chaos Marine tattoo too…

No. 1902702

File: 1695439100273.jpg (401.71 KB, 2116x1940, wubdt2K.jpg)

He also got the symbols of the four Chaos gods on his fingers. Honestly they look rad although the Nurgle symbol is a bit botched.
Palm tatts always gave me the ick.

No. 1902827

Kek at the massive manhand with the acrylics on

No. 1902989

File: 1695494148456.png (756.4 KB, 720x1218, Screenshot_20230923-193450.png)

No. 1903055

But anon he's a dainty duchess!

No. 1903076

File: 1695508293260.png (973.97 KB, 646x1156, Screenshot_20230923-233012.png)

No. 1903105

Wow that is a bad look for her. At least we don't see her tits for a change.

No. 1903199

>>1903076, >>1902989
Kaya mentioned in an older video that she and the Duke bumped into a stranger in Camden who invited them to some event in September so I guess she was talking about this Hell Bunny event. Lol they look so uncomfortable and out of place with their wannabe fetish goth wear - I've always associated this brand with psychobilly (Halloween meets rock'n'roll) so I don't think Kaya is going to get any decent freebies or brand deals here.

No. 1903227

Not to be petty but that's an ugly hand, the nails and tats cannot save it. Also an oddly short palm for a tall man.

No. 1903283

the hair though? Ins think as a Troon he shaves his armchair.

No. 1903313

The white eyelashes is not a good look, she wanted to wear those to slimelight too but couldnt because of the suitcase. Cant wait to see her halloween looks, she is invited to host at 2 events at halloween. Wonder if she is gonna put in any effort or just go with her regular shit

No. 1903330


The multiple layers of torn fishnets is so trashy… The world really needs to move on from it. She would look so much effortlessly intentional without trying so hard if she just wore a pair of fishnets and a proper mesh top.

This is DIY for the bin.

No. 1903480

File: 1695576356060.jpg (449.29 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20230924-182308_Ins…)

I can't tell if the quality if the plush is poor and the insides are coming out or if its just covered in lint and hair? You think she would of cleaned it up a bit

No. 1903482

ew why not clean it a little bit before you post a promo pic of the plush you're trying to sell

No. 1903585

Guessing it’s due from the Dukes white cat

No. 1903605

She's absolutely hopeless

No. 1903616

Well done for advertising that it's a dust, lint and hair magnet I guess

No. 1903797

I hate it's face - the snout is so ugly and cheap looking. I didn't really understand the choice of the 'sploot' pose or the stubby legs.
The removable wings was a bad idea too…Personally I would have stitched the wings on then spent the extra budget and materials on making a velcro backed fish/mouse that can stick on to his paw.
Kaya's still trying to guilt-trip a few more lovelies into buying it but at this point we can safely say the campaign didn't reach expectations.

No. 1903860

I think it's white fur from the Duke's cat, she posted the cat on stories yesterday I think.

No. 1903915

>>1903797 I don't know how you can mess up a plush of such a cute actual cat but here we are.

No. 1904153

File: 1695667299123.png (334.47 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20230925-193824.png)

No. 1904158

File: 1695668256119.png (806.95 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20230925-193511.png)

No. 1904160

File: 1695668417735.png (287.61 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_20230925-195849.png)

No. 1904201

nice begging at monster queen Kaya.
when is she finally moving there

No. 1904210

File: 1695676555601.png (386.03 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20230925-221439.png)

No. 1904257

>I still need to figure out my outfit!
Since when have you put any thought into any of your ugly party fits? You just slap on a variation of leotard with random fishnets chains and belts, and call it a day.

Since london rent might be more expensive than where she lives, and she can currently just mooch off the Duke or friends whenever she visits, I think she won't move. Unless she wants to move into the duke's houseboat.

No. 1904290

File: 1695684976359.jpg (622.71 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230926_003357_Ins…)

Is this the culprit of the hair then

No. 1904294

File: 1695685188373.jpg (501.37 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230926_003333_Ins…)

Does NI really have a small nightlife? Inclined to doubt cos that's the excuse jake uses for why he has no alt friends and hates Ireland.

Also I wonder what other clubs have asked her to host, and whether they still want her now that MQ has dropped her and she's clearly shit at hosting slimelight.

No. 1904302

>when is she finally moving there
Ngl, it would be kind of funny if she did move to London considering her ex is constantly having meltdowns over how much he hates Ireland, but can't leave.

No. 1904327

Let's see how long it'll take her to edit this one - she's only had 1 rushed video out this month.
This person is trying to mine information about the Duke but it's futile - Kaya has always been good at lying so she's not gonna budge. Her frequent travel is killing her career and stressing out Sebastian so we'll see how soon the Duke moves to NI - Kaya will need a roommate soon in order to keep her house. I foresee a short honeymoon period before the reality of bills and living in squalor makes them resent each other.
Kaya said the Duke has 2 white cats, Midnight and Sunset.
>I always stay with friends!
Lol in the past she has stayed with people who don't invite her back, most likely because she was a messy guest or they don't want to encourage dependency. I know she stayed with Roly and someone called Nikki a while ago but now she seems to burden Spooks. He's probably too kind to tell this influencer freeloader to fuck off so he gives her his bed and takes the couch.

No. 1904329


Nonnie who lives in London but also has lived in Ireland, there definitely is a club/nightlife culture in Ireland but much less representation of alternative nightlife within that and less gigs and events overall, so she would never be asked to host in Ireland since alternative nights would be on a much smaller scale than in London. We can see by her buddies there is no shortage of alternative people, but just much smaller events and venues. So it makes sense to travel but based on what I've picked up about London rent right now there's zero chance of her finding a place she'd like at a reasonable price. Talking 1000 people fighting over a small studio or single bedroom for 1k+ a month. Most likely the troon will move to Belfast within the next year.
She always looks so at ease and happy when filming with Roly, compare that to the expressions with the troon.

No. 1904420

File: 1695709638888.jpg (223.19 KB, 510x714, 4f7U4k2.jpg)

Rolling my eyes…
This is her second Victoria post in a month.
If she misses this swan so much why doesn't she volunteer in a bird rescue?

No. 1904429

He would have to rehome his two cats because Sebastian doesn't get along well with others from what I can remember kaya saying. I kind of hope they burn through this new relationship energy fast and she can move onto the next one, he makes my skin crawl.

how is this milk and why do you type like that?

No. 1904443

Because Kaya used to sperg about this swan she decided to name Victoria that turned to be a male swan after it died.

No. 1904447

>1000 people fighting over a small studio or single bedroom for 1k+ a month
1.5k+ even if you want it furnished and in a newer building kill me. Not sure how much kaya's place costs her but she'd definitely get a lot less for its price in London.

Oh yeah and she got so personally offended like people were trying to spoil her super special woodland fairy friendship with a fucking bird

No. 1904451

Kaya lives in Bangor now and there's nightlife there. There's a club that has hosted minor celebs often, but it's not goth. Bangor has loads of bars with live music and outdoor areas. Granted their not goth bars but there's even an alt scene in Bangor that Grant would run about in. Think Kaya actually struggles with keeping up her "image" with her peers that probably don't just have a superficial interest in things they proclaim to care about like her. I doubt Kaya can carry a conversation about music or anything.

No. 1904452

She still never posted where that healthy pigeon she plucked off the streets while high went. Never tagged the apparent animal sanctuary that took it in. She's so fucking weird.

No. 1904453

she knows she's a poser and doesn't want to show here face in her local scene I assume. That's why she´s rather jetting off to London and superficial stuff like fet parties.

No. 1904454

She attended lots of local events before she ditched the Belfast girls for the duke. I feel for them, they got Kaya through her breakup just to get ditched when she found some new man to chase.

No. 1904468

File: 1695723661770.png (268.26 KB, 710x690, Screenshot_20230918-110005.png)

No. 1904481

Hard agree with your first paragraph, he definitely sets off the creep detector
She posted a photoshoot with one of those local friends like a week or two ago, she hasn't ditched them yet

No. 1904487

You mean the one that came along to be her slimelight promo shot camerawoman 3 weeks ago? Can't compare it to when they used to be in bars and gigs near weekly, multiple times per week too. Maybe "ditch" is a strong word but I see a very noticeable decrease in them hanging out since Kaya attached herself to the duke.

No. 1904497

You're talking about the orange haired girl, Fifi - she seems to be Kaya's best friend these days and has taken over Grant's old role of creative social media collaborator. It looks like she's trying to get more followers on her socials and become a content creator herself so it's a mutually beneficial relationship. Kaya still hangs out with Lisa and Kerrie but much, much less than she used to. I get the sense they are busy people and/or they've become increasingly reluctant to appear on social media.
If Jake was still in the picture he would have definitely creeped on a few of Kaya's female friends by now so I truly hope Dooky leaves them the hell alone. Kaya was lucky to have found such a kind group of alternative friends during the toughest time in her life and they continue to support her despite the lolcow tendencies. So far they have accepted the hot mess she is and the fact she probably won't ever change - good for Kaya I guess.

No. 1904589

>>1904294 I don't think the new management at slimelight actually care about people properly 'hosting' events, the value for them comes with her advertising the event ahead of the time to her followers. A real host would be setting a vibe or theme of the night, having an influence on the music played, be going round talking to lots of attendees etc.

No. 1904746

File: 1695761400547.png (764.42 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_20230926-214647.png)

I give up .her life is full time hoilday

No. 1904859

Shit because of losing her bags or did even more stuff happen, cos if it did I'm surprised she's managed to contain her whingeing to only 1 insta story about it this time.

No. 1904877

File: 1695777902261.jpg (160.03 KB, 632x766, n3qf50v.jpg)

>Bit of a shit trip coming to an extra shit end
Whatever can be the matter now?
I know her luggage went missing at the very start of her trip but at least it wasn't lost/stolen. Didn't she end up getting her suitcase back after 4 days? She loves to accentuate the negative and wallow in self-pity like a pig in shit.
I can't think of anything else in her trip that didn't go according to plan. Whenever she hangs out with her Duke she becomes 10 times more quiet and secretive so it's hard to tell what she did most days on her 2 week trip.
I don't know if she'll ever admit it but I'm sure she's a bit mopey about the plush campaign only selling 292 units. It hit 146% of the goal so it wasn't a failure but certainly was a flop when compared to successful campaigns. Makeship is tight-lipped about the creator's cut but I know another platform called Fourth Wall with a very similar business model gives their creators a 40-50% cut for a successful $30 plushie campaign. Kaya's campaign made roughly $8,760 which is $4,380 when halved and there's probably other small fees that you have to take into consideration. A year of talk and planning went into this project and there was a huge expectation she would outsell Jake so it's a pretty embarrassing result.

No. 1905029

She made reference to having a shitty time here
I think this was pre-bag going missing

No. 1905062

GOD imagine Kaya having ONE fucking trip or event in her life where she doesnt complain the entire time and afterwards go "wish it could have gone better, things happened, hope next time is better…." she does this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!
God it has to be EXHAUSTING being her friend, imagine having a great time and your friend posts shit like this on her social media afterwards

No. 1905270

I wonder if there is a clue in
>I fly home tomorrow and definitely not feeling amazing about it
Kinda reminds me of when Jake was hassling her every time she went to London and she ended up getting the police involved, I thought all that was over now but maybe it isn't? Jake is definitely up to something since he's barely been posting or streaming, but it could well be something else.

No. 1905281

Yeah nonas in the jake thread thought he has a job now with his pathetic influencer career dying, but knowing how he has harassed kaya in the past, and seemed to follow her once to some beach?, sadly I wouldn't be surprised. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it's kaya just whining cos she couldn't upload her video with roly solely through faults of her own, or something.

No. 1905292

Maybe her and the Duke had a fight when she forgot his hormones and their fling has been soured and she'd rather have the elf boy to post on her insta because she's shallow and the Duke is a freak.

No. 1905399

Really doubtful that it's this. Also Jake's 2nd plush wasn't even funded (not even close) so this is hardly embarrassing in comparison? She's lucky it got funded and then some. Honestly >>1904746 sounds like some kind of personal drama or maybe she spiraled/rotted in spooks bed more than we saw over her bags going missing. She seems to be getting slightly better about things since the break-up, but she's still a shitshow anytime inconveniences pop up. Her coping skills are clearly very lacking.

Tbh what I'm kind of suspecting.

No. 1905435

If only she did pick elf boy instead of the troon, she'd still probably have attachment issues but at least she wouldn't be having it with an insecure e-begging tim

No. 1905513

You might be right nonna. Now that Jake isn't distracted by his VR fantasy land anymore he may be obsessing over Kaya again and trying to take her down. Jake was told to leave her alone by the police and he doesn't have any more money for solicitors so I have no idea why he would start shit up again.
Nah no way. If she fought/broke-up with the Duke she would be posting some very emo stuff as she would have turned into depressive soup.
It really doesn't take much for Kaya to spiral and in the last month she…
-said she had been super unwell right before she left for London
-had to bring extra work with her as she didn't film the Tommy Vowles haul or edit + upload the Oufer sponsorship before her London trip
-her suitcase went missing and it didn't come back in time before Slimelight so she had to improvise an outfit
-was secretly photographed by a farmer in public
That's the stuff we know of and I'm sure some other shit happened; she's clearly gone silent for a reason. I just don't know if she'll ever talk about it with the internet.

No. 1905608

>I just don't know if she'll ever talk about it with the internet
Whining about whatevers bothering her is her content at this point to get those sweet patreon sympathy bux, so I'm genuinely surprised when she keeps her mouth shut about smth negative lmao

No. 1905618

meh that's a nitpick. it's still super adorable even covered with cat hair, and it already got funded though Kaya has "no business sense" but was smart enough to release a cute black cat for the holidays. people love cats. so it's getting made and shipped. go kaya! I'm more curious how a goth girl doll in her image would do.

No. 1905644

That is why I personally think the duke had a freakout. She can't talk about that without looking "transphobic". Or he's bruising some other girl to which is why she couldn't stay with him at the start.

No. 1905647

She lost out of thousands because she waited a fucking year to bring this out you moron.

No. 1905652

is this >>1898626 you?

No. 1905696

File: 1695903272844.jpg (2.27 MB, 2160x1916, zwu6ppu.jpg)

Kaya is back in Belfast. Sounds like she had a scary flight coming home.

No. 1905823

That genuinely sounds off putting, glad the plane could land.

Seconding this question kek

No. 1905870

File: 1695922918378.png (836.14 KB, 714x1015, Screenshot_20230928-183919.png)

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