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File: 1693406208769.png (1.93 MB, 1352x1111, 98fzw75sdp42.png)

No. 1890761

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Previous thread:

Updates from last thread:
>>1854115, >>1854117 Kaya dropping hints about having a crush, denying that it's the TIM.
>>1854232 Duke asking people to leave fake reviews on his job performance so he can get a whole £25.
>>1855955 Kaya shows off tit bruises given to her by the Duke and plays it off as "tee hee I don't know where they're from, I'm so clumsy".
>>1857634 Kaya still defensive about the dating rumours.
>>1857711 Compilation of Kaya posting the Duke on her socials amidst the dating rumours.
>>1857876 Kaya posted and deleted a bunch of stories being mad about the dating rumours (again).
>>1858594 First incident of Duke skinwalking Kaya.
>>1858869 Cryptid sighting at Subkult fest.
>>1859322 Reeree's "explanation" of opening an OF.
>>1859853 Kaya and Duke matching outfits at Subkult.
>>1863105 Kaya gives herself a day off to rest from a holiday, ends up lasting over a week.
>>1866992 Mamie blinds all with a "lewk".
>>1870155 Kat von D becoming Christian, wearing trash bag to church.
>>1871338 Mamie getting played by OF customers, not taking deposits or partial payments for some reason.
>>1871520 IBF rents a truck to haul her hoard of crap accross NZ. Mr Owl and their daughter travel by plane.
>>1873825 Kaya putting off content uploads by trying to upload whilst travelling instead of doing it at home.
>>1874149 Summary of her "upload troubles".
>>1876593 A good debunk of the video & her claims.
>>1874179 Dorian rambles about still being obsessed with James (Ash), writing another book on her life, wanting to write the story of her friend who died of her ED.
>>1874434, >>1874508 Kaya posts video complaining about not making content.. who's to blame?
>>1876586 Duke asking for birthday money.
>>1877309, >>1877311 Kaya catching a closely handling a London street pigeon. It supposedly went to a rescue (not named) and was never heard of again.
>>1879413 Kaya vs technology once again.
>>1879637 Reeree shares some horrific details about her DV experience.
>>1880736 IBF pity posting about not going to M'era luna again.
>>1882000 IBF finds out that her Scotland apartment landlord is in jail for human trafficking. Suspects him of burgling her belongings.
>>1888711 Kaya attends Kinky Circus event.
>>1889014 Vanessa Alexandra continues being unhinged on social media.
>>1890545 Kat von D homeschooling her son using a Christian curriculum.

No. 1890901

Thanks for the new thread nonnie and lol

No. 1890909

Kek'd at the name, thanks for the new thread nonna!

No. 1891156

File: 1693473069313.jpg (3.77 MB, 2168x1900, OVW6p8w.jpg)

Kaya being obnoxious and flexing her $130 bottle of champagne on IG and TikTok, dancing around in boots that look like they've been shat on by pigeons. Reminds me of Jake and his Versace t-shirts.
It's curious that she can't afford a psych but has the money for luxury, shoes and meals out.
Also, has she been getting make-up tips from Bish0p? >>1890686

No. 1891167

File: 1693478003052.jpeg (147.71 KB, 828x1472, 5528809E-74F5-4680-BA5B-55510E…)

Reeree got her tits done so she can whore around even more

No. 1891172

Kaya and Fifi were alone that night, drunk in an abandoned building filming TikToks. Kaya was the one who drove, so i guess she isn't above driving under the influence.

No. 1891319

File: 1693504453138.png (952.04 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_20230831-185600.png)

No. 1891321

Why is the thread named after someone who isn't a cow?

No. 1891330


They're like £35 you retard where are you pulling 130 dollars from lol

No. 1891343

File: 1693507995620.png (360.02 KB, 1434x831, Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 20.55…)

it's a 1,5 L bottle

No. 1891394

Because GC dweebs literally can't think about anything else.

No. 1891438

80 quid in sainsburys. But agree it’s way too much considering she crowdsources her bills.

No. 1891475

Lolcow is generally gc are you lost

No. 1891607

File: 1693541528517.jpg (359.86 KB, 595x835, ylellU1.jpg)

Was looking through Kaya's tumblr and saw that she got Sebastian right before she quit her job (after 1 year). She probably adopted him in the lead up to her resignation because she knew she would be at home all day and needed a distraction while everyone was at work. Apparently her Mum adopted her dog Sonny at the same time…not sure why two women on the dole needed more pets in their life at that point (Kaya already had her menagerie at this point - multiple reptiles, spiders and rats). In other posts she talks about how impulsive the decision to quit was and that her channel wasn't monetized at that point.
Kaya's reptiles and mental health rotted away over the years but luckily Sebastian managed to survive despite Kaya forgetting to feed him and clean his litter box.

No. 1891649

If Skat can be a cow for being the other woman and dating an influencer How's Kaya's rebound not a cow when it has more of an Internet presence goes to influencer events with kaya and is a man larping as a goth girl?

No. 1891655

kek at her posting about a job interview right after

No. 1891700

She’s dropped so low. Waiting for her to do another “ima unlive myself” post spiral soon

No. 1891710

>>1891394 kek. the thread maker didn't even include duchess in the 'most recent cows' part of the thread summary, but titled the thread after her? Make it make sense. Anyway, let's move on

No. 1891735

It's a nod to the only notable milk from last thread, and poking fun at the ridiculous title that the duke chose. If people want to regularly post updates from him here, and especially if the dating rumours come to be the truth, I can add him to the next thread summary. IIRC, only one anon posted updates from his socials and there were only a couple. You can still post about him if you want to. Now can you handmaidens stop trying to derail?

No. 1891791

Agreed. I thought the thread pic and title is fucking hilarious. Great job nonnie! Let the lost handmaidens seethe lol

No. 1891809

Lol, it was probably the first callback she ever got as she refused to take out her piercings and dreads for job interviews.
Kaya is a good example of why you shouldn't drop out of college and bum around until you're 20 - depression was inevitable.
True. I think Kaya will be hosting Slimelight on the 16th so she'll be back with her 'best friend' soon enough and posting milky photos.

No. 1891858

File: 1693586161126.png (327.49 KB, 701x1004, Screenshot_20230901-173730.png)

No. 1891870

File: 1693586958500.png (330.87 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_20230901-173554.png)

No. 1891884

>I feel lazy and depressed because I have "too much" work to do, so basically I'm having a very average and regular day
>I've planned a lot of outings yet again though
Does she not see the pattern atp

No. 1891885

she can't be in need of money that much if she's not sold this thing. Not knowing how is a lame excuse it takes a little effort of googling but it's no rocket science.
>>1891858 go to therapy Kaya

No. 1891898

Fairly sure bring a skin walking troon is more than enough milk on its own. Maybe he should be moved to the troon thread with all the other degenerates?

No. 1891906

File: 1693591095677.png (1.02 MB, 709x1100, Screenshot_20230901-185852.png)

No. 1891935

She's right that it is a look, just not a good one lol. Though it matches the troon lover perfectly. Both trash.

No. 1891942

File: 1693594383683.png (822.7 KB, 720x1080, Screenshot_20230901-195450.png)

No. 1891974

Nah it'd only be a look if you knew how to build an outfit like that, and how to dress for your new body type that you're still apparently coming to terms with after several years, sorry.

No. 1891977

She means this disjointed mess >>1891319 right kek

No. 1891983

I just can't stop thinking about how much it must sting to take that tape off her tits.

No. 1892045

She really needs to get a long coat that can fucking close. No one wants to be pumping for gas with their kids in the back seeing those sad tits. Seriously Kaya why are you so trailer trash now?

No. 1892147

Even if her coat could close the outfit would still be a hot mess, sis is throwing whatever edgy 2000s things she can think of together that would only ever look good if you're in a dark club and very drunk - oh wait.

No. 1892149

I’m going to slimelight when Kaya is hosting, will report back nonnies.(cowtipping retard)

No. 1892211

Ooh have fun nona

No. 1892215

File: 1693636174787.jpg (964.62 KB, 1080x996, QRe0LzM.jpg)

In her 'Tainted Love' inspo-to-outfit in 2019 she debuted that edgy, racy style for the first time and said she really wanted to try it more often (specifically getting her tits out as that was something she was scared to do before). Later in her 2020 quarantine transformation video she said that style has always been a core part of herself since she was a teen and she wanted to bring it back with more polish. In that video it's clear she associates that mall-goth style with good times in her life like when she was drinking under bridges as a cyber-goth teenager and listening to Marilyn Manson as well as the early days of her relationship with Jake.
I think this hideous style is here to stay especially now that nu-metal and 2000s culture has come back in a big way…it's so awful on her though.
I've included Kaya's new Instagram pfp because it's hilarious - she's trying so hard to look like that hot Deftones album cover girl

No. 1892264

I just feel bad for her daughter, she seemed mature and level-headed a few years back but she's completely regressed.

No. 1892265

Samefag, Reeree I mean not her daughter kek

No. 1892289

File: 1693657400056.png (222.71 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_20230902-132456.png)

No. 1892298

>illiterate anon sending her asks and posting the replies on here
We all know it's you kek

No. 1892365

I love her nose.

No. 1892407

I was never a huge fan of hers but it's so sad to see her go down this path. she seemed to have things together until the divorce.

No. 1892472

When is it?

>she associates that mall-goth style with good times in her life
Yeah would make sense that now she's free of Fake she wants to feel more body confident like she did then, her style even looked coherent and more personal to her. But ig she's rusty at it now cos her current "style" is an incoherent mess and she's apparently delusional about it >>1892289. Fallen in the baby bat trap of "I must look good cos I'm not like those boring normies!"

>she wanted to bring it back with more polish

Is the polish in the room with us right now, kaya?

No. 1892787

Me too, it's the last thing I expected. Too bad, she always seemed normal and confident enough. She has a new boyfriend, I don't know him but he might have something to do with her personality doing a one eighty.

No. 1892789

I didn't know she had a new BF but if so, you might be on to something. Still, it's sad that if that does turn out to be the case, she's doing all this for some man. I just worry that in 10 years she'll more than likely regret this.

No. 1892795

not that she can get stupid ideas by herself but I feel like the new guy is a suck and made her do the OF.

No. 1892915

File: 1693754318538.jpeg (584.42 KB, 1113x2095, 35308688-6232-44BA-9F8C-60888B…)

It sketches me out when women talk about their boyfriends like this. As if the man is doing them a favor by being with them. Her self esteem is in the gutter which is tragic because Reeree seems like a nice enough person and very gorgeous.

No. 1892966

Yikes, even as a "joke" this is so sad. I wonder if this guy negs her to have her thinking he's a God or king deserving of a trophy for "waking up to her looking like a travesty". Really goes to show the OF is as much for validation as it is for cash. Get therapy reeree.

No. 1893079

How is Reeree a lolcow ? and why is she getting posted here?(spoon-feeding request)

No. 1893093

This post was from a week or so ago, why did you screenshot it and save it until now?

No. 1893094

NTA, but how is she not a lolcow? Also a week ago is still fresh milk? We have anons digging up ancient milk of other altcows upthread ( >>1891607 ) and no one complained then. Did reeree send WKs here or something?

No. 1893098

The amount of self-hatred here is nuts. There's self-deprecating humour, and then there's this. She deserves better than to feel so unequal in her relationship. That last guy must have really ruined her, not to mention the revenge porn shit. I wonder if this guy put it in her head that it would be advantageous to "get ahead" of the revenge porn and make her own porn. When you feel like your partner is doing you a huge favour for being in your presence you tend to do dumb shit to "make it up to them"

No. 1893136

I'm not her fan. You still didn't explain how she's a lolcow.Having low self esteem after narc abuse and starting an onlyfans isn't milk.

No. 1893159

File: 1693799551795.png (3.03 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3082.png)

No. 1893166

Is this a reprimand? Has the milk expired? Today is when I was reminded of getting the ick from this post because other anons speculated on her relationship dynamic.

No. 1893194

File: 1693811090446.png (49.2 KB, 436x382, addictedtoorgasm.png)

Just ignore the WKs nonna. If anons can post kaya, a "narc abuse survivor with her tits out" for an entire thread for dressing ugly and being fat, you can post reeree shilling her porn and being a pick-me for mediocre scrotes.

No. 1893224

Sage because it's not really milk but she has a louis vuitton bag and versace sunglasses now? She says the bag was a gift from the boyfriend. It's fine to own designer things but I feel like there is something going on, pretty big gift along with the sudden onlyfans stuff. It feels fishy, I can't explain it.
Fucking ew.

No. 1893226

her bio makes me throw up in my mouth.
I feel like she went from one abusive relationship into another and I'm not going to be surprised when she will have a freak out about the current guy.

No. 1893237

She was with her husband since high school so I guess it was her only previous relationship. Maybe she doesn't know what a healthy relationship looks like, you see this happen pretty often. In vidrel she's sexualizing herself again, it doesn't seem like her personality has changed much though (at least her demeanor) so that's good. Not to wk but I feel bad for her, seeing yourself as just a pretty thing to look at is sad, especially in adulthood.

No. 1893243

she had the abusive relationship after "Mr. Philips". She was recently talking about it in her story >>1879637

No. 1893267

Worse than that judging by her self depreciating posts like >>1892915 she doesn't really even see herself as a "pretty thing". She's performing for male attention and validation to make herself feel wanted and valued. It's a trap a lot of young women fall into, but a little self reflection and therapy would go a long way. Don't know enough about the new guy to judge if he'd have gifted those luxury goods to her or not, but I'd be surprised if he'd let her sugar or escort while being in a relationship with him. Most men's egos are too big to share what they see is theirs unless they're "poly" degenerates or the dude is a pimp. The hands covering his face photo is a little odd too though.

No. 1893296

Most guys who are ok with or encourage onlyfans are basically backseat pimps and will definitely encourage sugaring, irl sex work etc like man clearly views her as meat and a sex object (and also apparently makes her feel shit for existing >>1892915 ) so I would not be surprised at all if she is doing extra on the side. Anons in other threads (Belle thread iirc) say that a lot of Onlyfans money actually comes from doing paid requests in the messages, rather than the main page content, so getting to "know" subscribers is definitely something that the moid would have considered while encouraging it.
Her brain is absolutely fried, generating a ton of your own porn in no way is winning against an ex who probably had a small amount of milder content and was aware sharing it is revenge porn and could be penalised.

No. 1893305

Seriously, I don't get the "releasing my nudes before my ex does" excuse. Revenge porn is illegal, she could have taken him to court instead. Honestly seems like a convenient excuse to start an onlyfans and judging by the bio she's doing a hell of a lot more than just nudes these days. I agree it's a shame because she does seem pretty and nice otherwise, just suffering from a very low self image resulting in her pick-me behavior and selling herself to feel worth something. Really hope her issues don't get passed onto her daughter.

No. 1893316


As reeree has stated multiple times, it wasn’t mr Philips.
They divorced, and reeree was with another man immediately after the divorce. The man after mr Philips was the abuser and is also the one that threatened to leak nudes.

Because of how fast both reeree and mr Philips moved on, anons were trying to figure out if the spilt was because someone cheated as it sure seemed that way. Reeree denied it and told everyone to leave me Philips alone and then lolcow forgot about her in favour of Kaya being fat.

I personally still believe reeree cheated on mr Philips with the abuser as it was fast and she was immediately posting photos of sitting on some guys lap while mr Philips didn’t post anything for ages with another woman.

Reeree and mr Philips still talk and support each other with their daughter, reeree has said this herself.

This is all old milk so can we move pass this crap. The abused isn’t mr Philips, it’s another man she left mr Philips for

No. 1893325

File: 1693860438416.jpeg (467.99 KB, 1111x1273, 86A9D035-714B-4FFA-AB18-3E2541…)

Kat von D’s first husband, Oliver Peck has a tattoo of the Star of David with a dollar sign inside. Could this be interpreted as the greedy Jews stereotype?
KVD has been sus from the beginning but how does it still fly under the radar especially with the gross people she surrounds herself with.
I hope Ville Vallo, deadmaus, and Steve-O remain fairly unproblematic despite being her former love interests.

No. 1893327

he is known for his own racist/white supremacist and sexual abuse on his own, if you do a quick google search for "oliver peck controversy" you'll find plenty on it and more.
I think at this point it's clear that KVD being alt-right it's not something new, she has always associated with people who share this views, like that guy who was married to sandra bullock that she dated too. She, and all of the alt-right really, just got more comfortable and open about it in the last few years.

No. 1893338

I used to be a big fan so I’m disgusted looking back and not noticing the writing on wall about her views. I honestly thought it was her new husband who introduced her to these ideologies.

No. 1893344

Not sure about ville, but I remember deadmaus had people mad at him for using slurs on stream resulting in him getting banned on twitch if that sort of thing bothers you. Steve-o might be a "changed man" but it's difficult to forget he once had a tattoo of a man literally raping a baby on his bicep. He had it covered up instead by a man raping an ostrich. Kat's always had as questionable taste in men as she does in views tbh.

No. 1893347

Wtf, Steve-O?!? I don’t even want to look that up to verify this information. That’s beyond reprehensible. Deadmaus’s issue pales in comparison so I can’t even react.

No. 1893363

File: 1693868646428.jpeg (741.75 KB, 1284x2166, IMG_4270.jpeg)

This 30+ year old woman has really fallen off the rail. Guess she’s taking a page from momokuns book and not following proper aftercare procedures after having surgery

No. 1893377

Dead eyes.

No. 1893382

File: 1693874441729.jpg (157.36 KB, 1080x1341, Steveobabytattoo.jpg)

I won't post the tattoo because it's pretty vile. Apparently Kat was the one to do the cover up of the man raping the ostrich instead, so she was dating him or at least very familiar with him having that tattoo. Funny how she acts all holier than thou now considering.

No. 1893392

>>changed to a man raping an ostrich

Wow, now it's completely okay!
But really, he was covering it up already, why not remove the rape entirely? The fact that he chose to change from baby to animal is in no way a good sign: if it was "just" the first one he could try to pass it as "a mistake i did when i was young, i tattoed the most edgy thing i coukd think of but now repulses me", but insisting on keeping a tattoo depicting a man raping a vulnerable being is too weird. I guess he still stands by the rape part… disgusting.

No. 1893452

>she had the abusive relationship after "Mr. Philips"
can you read? The milk is connected to her behaviour today and the anons were discussing it. skip if you don't want to read it.

No. 1893483

You are retarded this is an old picture. You really think she has implants in this pic?

No. 1893498

File: 1693918769813.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.56 KB, 1242x1217, F0XUA6KWcAEw8hn.jpg)



Wow that bitch Kat von D is fucking vile and a horrible person imagine being with a scrote that has this shit tattoed on his skin i wanna a log so bad

No. 1893528

I want to a-log steve o more than kat tbh

No. 1893540

Fucking repulsive. I never had an iota of respect for that lover but now the desire to a-log is nearly overwhelming. Kat deserves what she gets for dating vile scrotes of this caliber.

No. 1893612

Bhold the superior gender in all it's glory.
Lmfao men are fucking trash

No. 1893617

Stale milk, but I used to be a tattoo artist, and I started hearing about Kat's bigoted views through the grapevine after she left Miami Ink and fell out with Ami James. She was pretty openly anti-semitic towards him but apparently tried writing it off as "lol so randumb" humour back then. Once LA Ink got her super popular she started to take the mask off though, she thought she was untouchable. Honestly, the fact she shacked up with this disgusting piece of shit >>1893498 speaks for itself tbh. Also, wrt Peck's tattoo, it's 100% a "greedy joos rule da world!" thing to signal his views to other people. I can't even call it a dogwhistle, it's more like a fucking foghorn.

No. 1893623

The question is though how come nobody brought up the fact that she dated steve o the pedo and covered up his disgusting tattoo when they were calling her out on her shit on youtube and social media ? they only focused on her ugly fuck current husband and his nazi tattoos it's so weird

No. 1893628

Never knew about that tattoo. I've always hated Steve o since Jackass. Tried watching his podcast cause Tom Delonge was on it but I can't listen to Steve o's voice for too long its so fucking grating.

No. 1893629

I'd like to know that too. I'm Jewish myself, but I'm far more concerned by the fact that she A: saw nothing wrong with dating a guy who had that on him and B: altered the tattoo, making herself complicit in covering up Steve O's past fuck up but still made the tattoo depict rape and bestiality. IMO Steve O is given too much leeway because of his "wacky" persona, and a lot of people are weirdly nostalgic about Jackass. Ofc he's a moid so he's also got that going for him, but it's still odd how this isn't brought up more.

No. 1893630

I watched videos of the most popular creators expose her but i only found out about her dating that deranged scrote on this thread i feel like that alone could have ended her career more than the nazi stuff

No. 1893795

Apparently VV is secretly problematic, according to his old drummer Gas. He did an interview a few months back and said that VV "needs to look in the mirror".

No. 1893890

I think because jackass fans are desensitised to it all being jokes so this flew under the radar and non jackass fans are disgusted by the stuff shown on the show to begin with so they ignored the crew and thus don't know the full depth and depravity of these people farther than "dumb extreme stunts guys" the ads used to show. If you hate the top of the iceberg you're unlikely to check farther down to know the guy who ate dead salmon sperm also has a cp tattoo with a man who looks suspiciously like steve-o himself. The media that covered Jackass crew antics did it for fans so helped sanitise their images by not drawing attention to the not safe for TV stuff they do. Unfortunately a lot of awful stuff gets hidden in groups people ignored because they didn't enjoy it on surface level to begin with.

No. 1895857

File: 1694321636738.jpg (4.32 MB, 2164x2052, 6yuXy1i.jpg)

Guess who's back in Belfast?
Fifi posted some stories of her night out at Voodoo with the Duke, Kaya and Kerri. Kaya's been very quiet for the last few days and now we know why…
The Duke must have the best workplace in the world because it seems like he gets a week of holidays every bloody month to fly to Northern Ireland and suck on Kaya's neck. No doubt he will travel with her to London for Slimelight as well the 'big HB event' mentioned in the last thread (suspected to be at a BDSM club called Klub Verboten by detective nonna) >>1879684

No. 1895995

He could be doing temp jobs, part time, or on the dole, because didn't he get fired from the bartending job or whatever it was where he was e-begging for fake good reviews to win £25? I could see kaya helping him out with travel costs too. Tinfoil I wonder if he got fired for how much he was leaving to see kaya

No. 1896009

>he must have the best workplace in the world
That being the bank of mommy Kaya.
Yeah definitely he is not working, even part time jobs are very strict about days off, booked well in advance and you get fewer paid leave days than a full time job. And of course no full time job would accept a week off every month. So by process of elimination he is definitely not employed.

No. 1896015

In her latest CHATTY GRWM Kaya confirmed he was employed but I get the sense he's the slippery employee that everyone hates. I re-watched that video as Kaya gave a full run-down of her last trip to London; during her two week visit the Duke only seemed to work on 1-2 days (and don't forget he had jetted off to Sweden and Belfast right before as well). There's no way he can get by on such little money, he's definitely getting some support from the gov, his fam or Kaya.
Lol Kaya called it a busy trip but half the time she had 'chill days' which were probably chip-fuelled Netflix-and-chill sessions with the Duke. There were a few days Kaya met up with her friends and it was hinted she may have had dinner with the Duke and his family but I get the sense they didn't meet up with any of his mates which is a bit weird considering he celebrated a birthday in that time.

No. 1896020

anyone remember that "artist collective" kat put together for her cosmetics line? i used to follow one of the girls, always wondered how they felt/feel about this shitshow… ndas must have been involved (ah sorry for posting in the old thread first, i'm an idiot)

No. 1896050

File: 1694363530953.jpeg (195.59 KB, 1125x1125, 916F55EC-5F80-4208-BA6D-E714D6…)

I can catch you up on what they’ve been up to after KVD sold her shares to Kendo and the ‘collective’ fell apart.

No. 1896054

File: 1694363787293.jpeg (716.12 KB, 1125x1925, 0B8C5332-0909-4BF2-A20E-72D731…)

Kelsey is the only one who left right after the antivaxx scandal and has made some IG comments renouncing KVD in safe PR language. I’ll do a deep dive and see if I can find those comments. Kelsey hasn’t posted on her IG since 2020 but that might be because she’s living her best normie life.

No. 1896063

File: 1694364682631.jpeg (536.48 KB, 1116x1871, A01817F9-A0B2-4C8A-9A26-7B6E15…)

Tara has a homesteading ranch and has a kid who is a few months younger than Leafar. They used to do play dates.
Tara used to be a hardcore vegan so it’s funny she now raises animals for consumption. She also unschools her kid and is also an antivaxxer.
The pic is shit quality but if you zoom into the text it reads “ Racism, Abortion, Euthanasia– What does the Bible say?”
WTF? Your kid is 4. This isn’t homeschooling/ unschooling, it’s indoctrination.

No. 1896071

File: 1694365234548.jpeg (242.71 KB, 1093x1337, 4D49AD49-DD1A-4CBE-B375-0F86AF…)

Leah still does Kat’s makeup, mostly recently for the upcoming music video. She also used to house sit for her when Kat still owned the L.A house. She and Steffanie used to be really close and were the only ones that kept being in each others lives post KVD. Though, I haven’t seen them interact as much for awhile now.
As a side note, Leah is also Davey Havok’s main makeup artist.

No. 1896079

File: 1694365856399.jpeg (379.14 KB, 1125x1760, 209004BA-B55F-4950-9A7D-7AC506…)

And lastly, Steffanie. She moved to NYC is working as an education trainer (whatever that is) for Lady Gaga’s makeup brand. She has also been forever engaged to Matt Murray, of the Black Veil tattoo artist twins fame. (love their art style)
I keep checking to see if they’ve gotten married because I think I’d enjoy their wedding theme.

No. 1896178

The twins are indeed great artists but as a salem native they do not treat their peers or prospective customers well. Much more interested in social capital, didn't know they were involved with anyone in th
e group but not surprised.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1896200

I think those are these "wisdom booklets" from IBLP. They used to be sold as homeschooling but now they're just "additional materials" or something like that. There's only one level for these books iirc so basically you repeat the books over and over regardless of age until it's indoctrinated. The Duggar children all did it and they'd all be on the same books regardless of their diverse ages. There's a whole section dedicated to what to do if you're a victim of CSA where it tells you it must have been punishment from God and that problems like this should NEVER involve outside help and one must only confront the abuser directly (and maybe involve an elder in the church but it's designed to stop kids from reporting). The guy who made it was a serial child molester and got kicked from the "church" but IBLP still goes on

No. 1896206

Samefagging for this link. It's a taste of the nasty misogyny and culture of abuse this shit creates. Bill Gothard, the creator, would collect blonde girls to molest and harm (the recent Duggar doc had good info about him and his victims) so the books were filled with instructions on what to do when a scrote is abusive or generally terrible to protect him. I bet the church is nothing but predators taking advantage of this perfect cult for them

No. 1896207

Dropped link like a retard

No. 1896247

File: 1694385448896.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2006, 1191BB0A-3E26-4532-9828-96904A…)

Coalcandy poped the question to his gf. haven’t seen him and adora togeather in ages but I can’t images here being happy about one of here discarded boytoys moving on.

No. 1896278

The body language here bodes well, she's completely relaxed and laughing and he's pleading (in a non desperate way)
I hope they will be very happy!
I doubt Adora is upset, she never takes things too seriously as far as I can tell. And there never seemed to be any romance between them.

No. 1896292

oh wow, thanks for the updates, nonna! glad kelsey got out she was the only one i really liked. gross about tara and leah, but not surprised. Stef doesn't seem like she'd be down with Kat's bullshit, disappointed she never commented on it but maybe she didn't want to get blacklisted or something.

No. 1896410

File: 1694411716352.jpeg (315.75 KB, 1121x1993, 5E966225-2645-4A4C-94DE-9700F8…)

Isn’t Sacramental wine alcoholic? Kat Von D is so proud to be 16 years sober so surely she has not broken that just to cement her trad wife image?

No. 1896412

it's most likely just grape juice, only seen wine at catholic mass sipped out of a goblet being held by a priest.(needs sage)

No. 1896413

Theres a difference between swinging back martini's and going to communion. Autism.

No. 1896414

Is that her son in a dress with his nails painted? Seriously?(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1896415

File: 1694412714197.png (475.18 KB, 1887x1200, Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 07.14…)


There are non alcoholic versions

No. 1896416

I was thinking that they might have stopped doing the common chalice post Covid. Does grape juice count as wine for consecration? What is the point then?

No. 1896417

File: 1694412967928.jpeg (524.89 KB, 1115x2066, 9FC32A8E-0FB8-49E6-915C-222E9A…)

No, it’s Alexandra.

No. 1896419

TIL. She should put a disclaimer then for dumbasses like me.

No. 1896431

>attending your church
Oh so she sold KVD Beauty to buy a church and have a lifelong tax writeoff? Loser kek(learn to sage)

No. 1896456

I think she meant visiting her go-to church or something. I feel like when Kat would've bought an actual church she's post about it.
>>1896063 this is absolutely insane someone call cps

No. 1896457

do you have autism?

No. 1896480

Sage but aren't most troons on the dole if they aren't in tech? Especially in the UK where it seems way easier to get bennies than in burgerland where actual disabled people don't get shit

No. 1896500

They are much too creepy and high maintenance to keep on. Only in tech and gaming are they all autists and creepy anyway so they fit right in.

No. 1896602

jesus his hairline

No. 1896687

The one titled "LET'S TALK - CHATTY GOTH MAKEUP GRWM"? Watched it and she calls the Duke her "friend" kek who lives "next to a river", and during the whole ~omg guys I just can't upload my video files~ she went to the duke's "workplace" for wifi. So he hadn't been fired yet at that point.

She also mentions hosting slimelight, look forward to another mess of an outfit I guess and I wonder if this nona is still going >>1892149.

No. 1896882

ew, i can see why she covers her face in all that garish makeup, she’s entirety forgettable without all the loud ~look at me~ shit.

No. 1897722

File: 1694643816642.png (154.36 KB, 682x699, Screenshot_20230913-232602.png)

No. 1897764


looks like her plushie wont be funded, its on 89% with 6 days left, and most lovelies would have bought it early on so not many people left to buy. Bet she will have a breakdown and start begging on stories

No. 1897800

Ooh will it be another whining chatty grwm, another whining car rant, or a low effort spookybox/shillstar/etc haul omg I can't wait!

Seriously though, does she need to preface every video announcement with "I'm just so tired and stressed and everything went wrong you guys" when her youtube content just amounts to those 3 simple things

No. 1897957

Between Kaya having "a shitty time" and Jake "bringing peace to his life" ( >>1897840 ), both being weirdly quiet on their socials over the last week or so, I wonder if something is going on between them. Did they have much left to settle at this point?

No. 1897959

If she did not wait so long and got it sorted last year she would have funded it. People are losing patience with her. It's one thing to be the poor "my brain bad" whiner but if you combine that with partying and vacations it becomes too much to swallow even for the biggest fans. Empathy becomes envy quickly.

No. 1897963

>>1897764, >>1897959

It'll definitely get funded but it's not selling as well as expected. I'm sure Kaya fully anticipated it would outsell the Jake plushie but that's clearly not gonna happen at this rate - the Sebastian plush still hasn't reach 100% funding 2 weeks in while the goth plush ultimately hit 451%.
She still has the opportunity to extend the sale by 1 more week after the deadline but she missed a once in a lifetime opportunity when public support was at an all time high. If Kaya had struck when the iron was hot (closer to when Jake hate peaked in Nov 2022) she could have made 5 figures from the campaign but she's too scatterbrained and has zero business acumen. It doesn't help that the plush is ugly and cheap looking which puts off the reseller crowd and non-fans looking for a cute cat toy. Kaya said she delayed the launch to get the design just right but damn, that was a bad move.

From the last thread we've seen how closely the discord lovelies stalk Altcows so I'm sure they'll be taking their angry screenshots and urging the cult to step up and support their Goff Qween. The more retarded ones will go back and purchase 2-3 more plushies even if it means they have to live on pot noodles for a while kek.

No. 1897972

She mentioned the lawyers again in a recent video (I forget which one)

No. 1898004

In her recent red look GRWM she complained that she had a big bill from her lawyers regarding the Jake break up that she was struggling with

No. 1898023

File: 1694694033628.jpg (843.86 KB, 2168x1948, 8JlaqDC.jpg)

Is she already having another breakdown? She just had one back in July, right before London.
She's already started spamming 'neurospicy' memes to her stories which usually means she's going to break promises and let her Patrons down…
It was hinted that Jake may have been harassing her at the start of the year but it's hard to say for sure as she has been vague. I'm sure the lawyer advised Kaya not to mention names or details for the time being. For the last year she has complained about receiving bad news every time she travels but I think that's been related to a multitude of things and not just Jake - family stuff, Grant, rental woes, other friend drama etc.
My hunch is that the recent silence is related to 'executive dysfunction' once again affecting uploads and 'being in the closet' about the Duke.
Yup, it was the most recent GRWM (approx timestamp 17:30). She also said she's anticipating some major bills for her car and sounded very overwhelmed. She's been alluding to financial stress for a long time now and it's easy to see why: she's steadily losing Patrons, hasn't streamed in months and her YouTube views are declining.

No. 1898102

Yet she STILL has that studio full of crap she pays for every month. That's an expensive garbage bin.

No. 1898118

File: 1694711139653.png (981.79 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_20230914-180716.png)

No. 1898121

NGL but this is such fucking karma after her overindulging in Parties and trips without any accountability for the Patreon money she gets by actually producing content. I hope, of the airport finds her bag, that they find her bag after the Slimelight thing is over kek.

No. 1898138

She just needs to buy a new charger from the airport shops and they'll likely find her bag since it's only a shorthaul flight, or she could just buy new skimpy goth items in London. Not really a disaster, just inconvenient.
Maybe this is why Jake has gone quiet, he had to get a job to help cover the lawyer bills. Though that means that situation is over right?

No. 1898143

File: 1694714972597.png (673.7 KB, 700x1236, Screenshot_20230914-191133.png)

No. 1898203

File: 1694723539883.png (837.34 KB, 718x1231, Screenshot_20230914-213411.png)

Begging again.

No. 1898233

and this is why she needs consistency. She can't just release a video as the hype around her cools down to try and recharge it on a dime. She needs people to consistently be thinking about her and her work. Otherwise people hear about the plushie once, make up their mind about it, then forget. Whereas she could have kept uploading basic goth videos and reminding people about the plush somewhere in each video getting people to wear down and buy the damn thing. Or at least remember she exists
people would have bought it literally to help fund her life away from jake. She could have dipped into patreon cash, merch sales and the plushies all at once and made a lot more to put in the bank and spend on private therapy. Plus with consistency she could have made gothic animal/pet plushies or merch her "thing" and kept up the momentum for a while (like once or twice a year release something big or small). She can't get that mega drop again, but she could at least rebuild her marketability for her fans if she started with some consistency.
Youtube and social media isn't where the money is, it's the ancilarry products like merch, brand partnerships, and eventually moving into the industry adjacent to your content somehow to remain a staple but she's burning bridges in all those places fast with how she's been acting

No. 1898246

samefagging but why was everything checked (including the charger??)? it's terrible when the airport loses your stuff but you have to expect it to happen if you take day business trips so you always put important stuff in the carry on if you can't avoid checking a bag at all. and I can't imagine what she was bringing that she couldn't just buy/bum off in london that required checking like hairspray. Is she so lazy she always checks her day bag? If so she's an idiot and this was bound to happen. A spare outfit and charger could fit in a purse at the very least
she says this but like >>1898138 says her situation is easily fixable. She's not used to anything, she crumples at the first sign of adversity and cries about it online instead of fixing mistakes

No. 1898486

Wait so he's still working at that place? Iirc some nonas were saying he was fired, but if not then it's a miracle he hasn't been. And since he's begging for a bottle of prosecco he should really try to hold onto that job.

No. 1898540

He must be friends with the owners or something because I've never seen someone with a regular job take as much extended time off as him.

No. 1898553

File: 1694760842382.jpg (30.64 KB, 519x191, 957245.JPG)

The lovelies trying to promote plush sales on LC kek

No. 1898579

File: 1694771728379.png (664.67 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11-53…)

Yep last days and she's going to try and push it. Take advantage that they lost her bag to be extra pitiful

No. 1898584

It's tiny too. I thought it would be bigger. Did she go to slimelight last week I thought we were due photos or is just this week?

No. 1898588

Honestly it's cute imo, but how did it take her so long to 'design' a cat plushie? It looks like the nicer ones you can win from those grabbing machines at the arcade.

No. 1898592

File: 1694774953559.png (644.43 KB, 720x1223, Screenshot_20230915-114116.png)

No. 1898614

I thought that one anon who talked about buying multiple plushies sounded suspicious. I figured even the farmers who really root for Kaya weren't gonna drop that much money for her to piss it away. Also,
>greener pastures
KEK, lovelies are delusional.

I'm tinfoiling here, but Sebastian made it and clothes and charger got lost? Did she actually have a fucking plushie with her on the plane, but not something as essential as a charger. Maybe this is just her stupidity. But I can't help but wonder if the lost bag thing is just to get sympathy to reach her plushie goal.

No. 1898624

Yep I agree I thought as soon as I saw the post that the whole thing was going to be bullshit as an excuse/ for sympathy

No. 1898626

File: 1694779351467.png (10.71 KB, 240x169, lmao.PNG)

I guess it's working.

No. 1898633

File: 1694780203819.png (71.73 KB, 695x418, Screenshot_20230915-131757.png)

No. 1898635

Can't record atm but she posted a video story about how BA will pay for replacement items "within reason" aka toothpaste, underwear etc but probably not 'an entire new outfit plus stompy boots from Camden' and delineated how everything she needed including makeup was in her bag.

Doesn't she have friends?? All her friendships seem to be based around the same alt/goth style, and she's obviously staying with a friend from her story backgrounds. At the very least she could borrow makeup. She's the queen of using ripped fishnet tights for outfits, I feel like you could easily cobble together something cheap if pushed, or friends could lend you the odd item to pull something together.

I know a lot of performers and this is why stuff you absolutely need for your gig you take on your carry on, if possible.

No. 1898640

File: 1694782352131.png (332.3 KB, 1206x849, thekayacycle.png)

I shall place this on stage 3 of the cycle

No. 1898646

Thats what I was thinking, cant she borrow some things real quick? Maybe she can buy some more intimate stuff you dont wanna lend out (underwear, tights) and then borrow something quick from one of her friends? I DOUBT shes a slimelight alone, theres no way her usual party friends aren't there with her, and they defo also have tons of makeup she can borrow from them, if they have hygiene worries she could always buy a quick brush and a cheap mascara she can throw out afterwards.
Im not saying loosing your luggage doesnt suck major balls, it really does and id be super sad and annoyed too. But she gotta make do, I doubt shes gonna get it by tomorrow

No. 1898651

Like she did with her vehicle repairs or when she was claiming being homeless all those things were paid for and she's doing the same with the bag. Her outfits she wears to slimelight are free pieces she's got from sponsors over the year or year old clothes. If this story is true she should take it as not an opportunity to beg but to go out and get new clothes.

No. 1898655

What bullshit. Her friends don't own make up? If she can't afford to go to marks and spencers and get a cheap 3 pack of knickers some stockings and a belt she should just stay home. I don't get how there are people that aren't over her non stop whining and stupid decisions yet.

No. 1898657

Beautiful. I know it's early, but this gets my vote for next thread pic.

No. 1898693

She and the Duke are now basically skinwalking each other, can't she just borrow some clothes from him? They also have the same corpulence.

No. 1898696

Jfc go to primark!

No. 1898702

How retarded can she be to not keep her daily medication in carry-on? She is acting and packing like someone who has never traveled by airplane before. Infuriatingly helpless behaviour.

No. 1898703

Yes primark. She could even do a video about it. Making a goth outfit on a budget in primark. But instead she's just going to milk it and sit on her arse.

No. 1898710

That's it- a real YouTuber could get a pretty good video out of this situation. 'The airport lost my bag so come last minute club shopping with me'. But her 'content' will just be whiny car videos and moaning insta stories

No. 1898715

File: 1694792131122.png (1.86 MB, 1394x981, 04817659.png)

3 hour speedrun from "I can't afford to replace my outfit" to buying brand new demonias.

No. 1898726

She doesn't have to buy demonias for god sake! And that's such a great idea for a video!

No. 1898727

File: 1694794261071.png (126 KB, 720x866, Screenshot_20230915-171010.png)

No. 1898735

>>1898118, >>1898143
As always she's feeling sorry for herself and trying to signal that 'it's not my fault at all!!' yet she was the clown who packed her work outfits in her check-in. It's no secret that mishandled language rates skyrocketed post-Covid (global figures reached a 10 yr high in 2022) and continues to be a problem - I thought she'd have a bit more common sense.
God she's dumb…The official advice from BA is to bring medication in your carry on with supporting documentation so she'll receive little charity or support. She's being so dramatic about the meds too - you'd think that she's talking about antiepileptic drugs but instead they're mostly likely the antidepressants or old ass Ritalin tablets she admits she takes infrequently. She's trying so hard to milk sympathy and it's embarrassing to watch.
The vicious cycle of a stagnating loser.
For every sob story about how the universe is against her there's a reason how she caused or worsened the situation due to poor decisions and planning. Remember when her scooter was stolen? That was because she parked it in the alley behind her house (with easy street access) in a low-income area and not in her locked sunroom. Not once did she acknowledge how careless that was, she just wanted to emphasis that she was a victim who couldn't make videos for months.
Lol another pair of over-priced goff platforms to add to the hundreds she has in the studio - there's always a silver lining right Kaya?

No. 1898737

Detective nonna here, I am attending slimelight tomorrow with Mr Nonna so will report back if she actually got an outfit or not lol(personalityfagging, cowtipping, attention seeking retardation)

No. 1898738

File: 1694796289121.png (164.99 KB, 1224x588, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.47…)

So she's importing the Duke's estrogen vials, this kind of DIY hormones is not legal or approved by the NHS

No. 1898759

Jesus. I hate to be that person but Kaya, there’s people that are dying. Like a stupid missing bag with a stupid ugly missing outfit is no big fucking deal. I hate how she’s trying to rile up her supporters to boohoo hoo her over a minor inconvenience. Like, go buy a pair of big girl underwear and put them on.

No. 1898767

File: 1694799498737.jpg (2.69 MB, 1870x1156, l21xMNX.jpg)

She will be attending Slimelight this Saturday.
It was tin-foiled in the last thread that she will be going to a BDSM club event tonight (Friday) >>1879684, >>1879693
The evidence seems compelling…Klub Verboten is hosting a big 7th year anniversary event in London this Friday and the Duke told some random on IG that he will be attending the big 'HB' (Happy Birthday?) event in September with Kaya. Kaya has long been teasing an interest in BDSM and it appears she's trying to get into the lifestyle.
She probably had a special outfit packed for tonight in that missing suitcase but she can't say anything without outing her relationship status kek. No wonder she's extra stressy and whiney.

No. 1898818

Vidrel I guess the guy who was arrested is confirmed to be her landlord

So the lovelies are as obsessed with this thread as kaya? If you're here rn you still have to buy way more to get the campaign 100% and fund your queen's new demonias

Don't think many of her friends clothes fit her, many of her own don't. Plus her party fits are shit anyway so didn't lose much on that front. Losing essentials sucks though, hope she can get some at duty-free or poundland.

Yeah she loves turning any inconvenience into sympathy content like insta story whining, as >>1898640 illustrates kek (I want it for next thread pic too). So why not make it into literal content for your channel? It's right there, especially bc she seems so stuck for content. Even Freya made a cringe piano song when an airport lost her bags.

But instead for the channel she'd rather cry all night mustering the strength to film which she admitted in the car whinge video, and for probs in her life she'd rather cry online and have weird priorities to instantly feel happier like expensive goff boots than fix the problem.

Lol godspeed to you both

Could be prescribed, dunno why they were with kaya but funny they were lost too. Wonder if the Duke will chimp out for having to be without his horse piss hormones.

No. 1898876

this is actually so cute she's a particular brand of fuck up if she couldn't get it to sell. Marketing it now is too late and literally all she needed to do was post it a few more times to social media before now.
we all knew troons got off to female pain but to literally call it "abigail in agony"?? literally after the "erotic agony" porn category. kaya you're a retard getting with the worst of troons. He's already gotten off to you all bruised up what more will it take for you to drop him? there are plenty of other untalented scrotes you could bang in the goth scene, why jake and this troon?
she literally checked her fucking meds but brought her "emotional support stuffy" with her! She deserves this, and it's obviously not mental health meds since she's always drinking so it's probably tylenol or something she could live without for a day. Kaya, go buy a new 15$ stripper's outfit from spencer's gifts so you can at least come out of this with some dignity without canceling slimelight due to your totally preventable dumbassery. Also literally all she needs makeup-wise is to borrow someone's eyeliner and a pump of foundation. I actually can't get over her checking her bag without any precautions if it wasn't preventable, what an actual fucking idiot
free and stolen if you count the stuff she got in exchange for videos she never did
she's too fat to borrow her friend's clothes let's be real kek
I don't know if she's actually this brain meltingly retarded or using this as an excuse to buy new shoes and it's sad I can't assume this is a grift rn

No. 1898896

Why can't she wear her new rocks to slimelight?
She's not poor or really stupid if she's going to buy new demonia's.

No. 1898913

The ones she's wearing here >>1898118 right? Crazy that she wants to buy Demonias when what really needs replacing are all her hygiene stuff she lost and a club outfit, it's more embarassing for a host to show up unclean and undressed than to show up without her fave shoes.

No. 1899040

>Tweets british airways that she has medication in her checked in bag to make her desperation to get her outfits back more valid
>Admits in another tweet they’re not essential nor time sensitive medication considering Herztroon forgot it at her place with no care.

No. 1899041

agreed, it would have been an awesome Christmas present for the holidays and there was peak Jake hate in 2022. it subsided now and people just find her annoying again. however I believe it will get funded as she only has 3 more to sell, and there was an "lolcowuser" in the recent supporters list.
it would have been POPPIN if she sold it last year, though. time is of the essence for these things.

No. 1899089

sorry if I'm being dumb but is this tweet accidentally outting the duke using diy estrogen instead of NHS stuff cause it's over 100ml/is liquid? she mentions not being the prescription holder so it'd be hilarious if she's assuming it's prescription drugs but it's instead troonshine being smuggled back to him after his high ass forgot it

No. 1899102

This is so shady though. She HAD to tag the brand. What did she expect, Demonia will personally invite you and provide brand new she’s to get tabled in on the weekend? She can google and probably knows the scene ships already (she’s there often enough). E-begging to the max but she comes off as if she can’t even wipe her own ass.

No. 1899140

File: 1694873038504.png (234.75 KB, 1289x684, plush.PNG)

The plush got funded. Guess it all worked out in the end for Kaya.

No. 1899163

File: 1694877259684.jpg (99.02 KB, 426x784, 55dnf4l.jpg)

RandomNny…I'm guessing that's supposed to sound like random nonny? Very cool, much trolling. Five plushies makes you look a bit desperate mate but you do you. There's been a few obnoxious lovelies both here and on the Jake thread gassing up Kaya to cringe levels and they're getting annoying.
I don't think many here doubted the plush would get funded, it was just a matter of how many fans would actually pay $40 (that includes shipping) for that tiny, ugly plush. The campaign has made roughly $6000 so far (200 plushies at $30 a pop) and there's still 4 whole days left. Does anyone know what cut the creator gets?

No. 1899194

Is this the same person as "lolcowfarmer" or just inspired by them? Either way imagine being so wounded that your mommy kaya is being gossiped about on a gossip board that you spend $100 or smth on a little plush just to feel like you're getting revenge

No. 1899217

30 dollars plus whatever the fuck postage is for a plush that looks about the size and quality you get out of a claw machine in Portrush. The only losers are anyone who gives her money for her content. You can laugh at her for free fs

No. 1899232

Imagine funding this lazy, work-shy cow's life while frequenting gossip threads to pwn the haterz with your epic consoomerism… there aren't enough meds in the world to fix delusions like these.

No. 1899242

Bruh and to think that I felt bad because I bought something for 25$ that didn't fit me well. Now I feel so much better about my life choises.

No. 1899275

>I felt bad because I bought something for 25$ that didn't fit me well
If only kaya felt like this, she'd feel bad about half her entire closet kek. But, I bet tailoring it would make it look good on you nona if you like the item otherwise.

No. 1899446

I thought so at first too, but after looking at "RandomNny's" userpage, they seem to have funded about two dozen other makeship plushes in the past, almost all cat themed? The "lolcowfarmer" one is so embarrassing though, they are derailing the Jake thread with it too. Absolutely braindead behavior.

No. 1899455

We had some nonnas teasing us with similar comments with other parties she was hosting at without any inside SL/MQ milk. Boring outcome for the potential of stuff that's going on there.

Let it be a milky "incognito party intrusion" this time around.

No. 1899489

File: 1694917626176.jpeg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024, 6C945A83-7008-4B50-8028-1F220E…)

Detective nonna checking in after slimelight. Pic of Kaya and the Duke from tonight. Nothing milky, but here are my observations.
- Kaya didn’t turn up until after midnight; the club started at 10.
-there were only 2 dancing rooms and Kaya did not go into either of them. She spent most of the time in the staff room with the Duke and rotten hollow.
-she’s slimmer than I thought would be but is very unfortunately shaped. Her arms and shoulders are wider than her hips and she has no butt. Wore a full fishnet outfit tonight. Skin very very bad irl. Even with a cake tonne of makeup you can see the acne.
-never left the dukes side and didn’t talk to anyone, very shy. Didn’t seem like a host at all.

We left before closing because the club was not as fun as usual and filled with troons, including the female bathrooms.

No. 1899512

Wow, hosting slimelight was supposed to be the one thing her lazy ass was actually kinda doing right since she always made sure to be there (guess not since she was hours late) and smashed (which should make her sociable right?). No wonder the club atmosphere wasn't as good cause they were essentially down a host as her unprofessional ass was too busy focused on her little boyfriend acting like an insecure teenager instead of doing her damn job that night. She's so embarrassingly co-dependent on him already, she just can't not make dick the center of her life
That sucks your night ended up not being that great cause of kaya and troons, hope the rest of the night was good nonna and thanks for the information!

No. 1899586

Thank so much for your impressions nonny! I’m not surprised by any of your observations tbh I knew she doesn’t dance she’s too stiff for that. I wonder what Slimelight expects their Hosts to do though? Like just be there or stuff like giving out shots?

No. 1899591

Thanks for your efforts nonna - it's interesting to hear how Kaya conducts herself in the wild
>She wore a full fishnet outfit tonight
I see she ended up wearing the Demonia Stacks - both Kaya and the Duke own a pair as seen here in the Dark Room London event >>1877258
It looks like the Duke lent her his pair as they both have similar sized feet (Kaya has said she's a US size 10-10.5). Borrowing the Duke's shoes was always an option but Kaya is typical alt-influencer trash who's always looking for freebies.
>She spent most of the time in the staff room with the Duke and Rotten Hollow
I can also see a blurry Elfboy in front of Kaya here (I recognised the nose chain and Spock brow). I haven't seen him on her social media for ages but I guess they are still on friendly terms. I'm not surprised she camped out in the staff room for most of the night - it's clear she's making less effort as time goes on and just sees hosting as a free ticket to see the Duke. She has no intention of taking her role seriously, broadening her goff social horizons or making connections in the industry.
>Kaya didn’t turn up until after midnight, she never left the Duke's side and didn’t seem like a host at all
Ugh she's such an unprofessional club promoter. Slimelight will drop her unmotivated, irrelevant ass like Monster Queen did.

No. 1899626

It's absolutely hilarious that kaya spent over a decade sitting on her ass and she somehow has the delusional belief she's got something worth showing off. Put it away kaya no one apart from a mentally ill Troon wants to hit it and in his case literally. Be safe lol

No. 1899636

I'm sure the Duke enjoys how easily Kaya bruises however I can't see Kaya enjoying the heavy masochism he probably wants to inflict on her body.

Kaya regrets not dressing like a MM 'Tainted Love' video girl when she was skinny so 8 years later she assaults our eyes by getting her flat cheeks out for Instagram. Kaya lives a very sedentary lifestyle and has some unfortunate genetics so she's shaped like a flabby block of tofu. In her recent Sebastian vlog she was wearing shorts and all I could see were her swollen, lipedema thighs - I think I understand why she wears tights all the time, sometimes two pairs at once…

No. 1899637

Shes so head over heels with the duke she legit cant leave his side for a moment. I think Kaya is so extremely needy and clingy to her partners because she is so afraid to be alone or they will leave her, I really think being with Jake all her teen years have traumatised her. Good thing she is now taking therapy, working on herself and staying single until she can resolve some of that trauma - oh whoops she is just complaining, partying and gluing herself to the next man who doesnt like her as much as she likes him
Being a host means you have to go around talking to people and make them feel welcome. If you cant handle that dont be a host, its legit the BARE minimum youre not even performing or anything you have to plan. She was probably in an even worse mood because of the suitcase because she cant let things go at all, it was probably all she was thinking and talking about instead of having fun

No. 1899647

If I didn't know any better, I would of thought Kaya is the troon and Duke is the real women from this photo alone. Why is her head looking bigger and body more manly in this photo kek. The angle really shows how wide her shoulders are.
What an unfortunate shape for a woman.

No. 1899649

>>1899637 the thing is, she doesn't have the skills or knowledge to host an event like slimelight - and I think deep down she knows this, which is why she is hiding out in the staff room. She is a total airhead and doesn't know anything about the scene, she seems the type to just witter on about herself all the time. She barely has any hobbies and has no life experience, how is she going to connect with real people? You meet so many interesting and unique people there, she can't compete

No. 1899690

File: 1694958247456.png (970.97 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20230917-144504.png)

No. 1899732


Honestly does not look any different to when she hasn't had her luggage go missing. All that drama for nothing.

No. 1899753

Didn't dance or mingle and just stuck to her bf, sounds like a newbie wallflower not like a regular guest which she is, let alone a host. I agree she could just be using this gig to hang with the Duke for free. Even though idk what hosting entails, well and neither does kaya, surely it takes more than showing up?

Btw detective nona, was there any chemistry between her and the Duke? The relationship seems pretty one sided.

>Slimelight will drop her unmotivated, irrelevant ass like Monster Queen did
When did MQ drop her, good kek

>another outfit that's just a leotard with random ugly belts

No. 1899762

Is she meant to be making videos of these nights? You know like advertising?

No. 1899764


I didn't see it, but hilariously at one point the Duke saw someone he knew and ran to hug them, and Kaya was left standing awkwardly on her own and then ran to follow him. Most of the time I did see them they were standing in the corner of the hallway to the toilets by themselves.

No. 1899794

File: 1694972690890.png (62.17 KB, 720x379, Screenshot_20230917-184357.png)

No. 1899890

Well stuff she's posted about other nights out from her perspective are boring >>1877484 even if the club isn't really like that >>1877573, maybe she generally isn't a party person. So I wonder why she keeps going partying. Come to think of it whenever she posts about an event she rarely posts about the actual event or what she gets up to, at least recently, and just pics of her tragic outfits and pics with friends/fans?

No. 1899964

File: 1694988648311.png (184.98 KB, 632x1125, Screenshot_20230917-231255.png)

No. 1900017

File: 1694995832643.jpg (82.91 KB, 645x352, XHEXSjO.jpg)

Looks like Kaya and the Duke will be hosting. Dark Room must have been pretty desperate if they invited these two tragics to host…

I noticed they offer free entry before midnight and there's no dress code - this place seems more like Kaya's scene as it's lower stakes and more casual.

No. 1900146

>Dark Room must be pretty desperate
I mean, they only have 2,300 followers on Instagram, so I'm sure Kaya's 160k seems like easy advertisement. Not sure why bother with the Duke since he's a literal nobody all around, but he's probably got connections from being in the scene for as long as he's been or is just riding Kaya's coattails some more

No. 1900163

Why did she want to buy brand new demonia shoes when she was wearing new rocks?

No. 1900164

Looking at the photos it’s just another club night that gays have taken over, they’re all topless and In their fetish leotard things. Not goth at all so suits Kaya.

No. 1900229

File: 1695035884754.png (903.03 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_20230918-113209.png)

No. 1900233

>When did MQ drop her, good kek
There's no proof but I remember a couple of months back people on IG kept asking her if she was hosting MQ and she kept saying she probably was but refused to give a concrete answer. Finally the event came and went and we put two and two together.
This time I noticed that SL left her hanging for quite a while - it was announced fairly late that she was hosting.
I think she read your comment because she spammed a bunch of POV dancefloor videos an hour ago (probably showing the 30 mins she was in the dancing rooms)
She'd probably whinge that sneaker platforms aren't extra enough for the club plus they'd look super dumb with the one lingerie look she wears. I really hope she didn't buy those Demonia Stacks - she already has a pair and I'm not even kidding when I say she owns 100+ shoes.
They'd do a better job at hosting than stuffy old Kaya who huddles with the same 2 people all night.

No. 1900298

File: 1695045911065.jpg (2.5 MB, 1080x1960, etZpwE2.jpg)

Oh god, she's editing videos in London again. Let's see how her 'beefy files' cope with English wifi this time kek. She's staying with Spooks this time who seems to live a lot closer to the heart of London at least.
It's an 'Oufer Transformation' video and it was probably supposed to be uploaded before she left Belfast (hence the breakdown she had last week).
When's poor Tommy Vowles gonna get his haul video Kaya?

No. 1900301

How on earth did she get another Oufer sponsorship?!

No. 1900351

File: 1695054523058.png (665.88 KB, 646x960, Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 17.31…)

>When's poor Tommy Vowles gonna get his haul video Kaya?

You called it

No. 1900378

File: 1695059512880.jpeg (546.93 KB, 1124x2062, 55FB9C3C-744A-4B8D-9A89-FBB407…)

I mean, they’ve been waiting awhile.

No. 1900396

>>1900378 waiting over 6 months(sage your shit)

No. 1900467

6 month ago she looked so pretty. What happened?!

No. 1900536

Alcohol and sitting around will fuck you up.

No. 1900537

Imo she looks the same, even wearing a very similar ugly outfit to >>1899690

No. 1900581

File: 1695082094953.jpg (2.76 MB, 1080x1912, TKoyGLa.jpg)

Looks like she finished editing the Oufer Jewelry video. I bet it took her all day too, the poor love looks knackered.
I truly don't understand why she had to bring the Tommy Vowles accessories with her for filming…Why wouldn't you film in your spacious, private rental where you had weeks to do this shit in between your trips to London? As Kaya mentioned she could have lost hundreds of £ worth of stuff plus it's generally a bad idea to carry unnecessary valuables around in a big capital city with opportunistic thieves. Kaya is so brain-dead and slack she's beyond hope.
I think you misunderstood.
This pic is from 2-3 weeks ago when Kaya went to a Belfast kink event with Fifi. Tommy reposted it on his account because she's wearing his designs.
Tommy sent Kaya his stuff a while back, she first posted a pic wearing the pieces on April 27th which is almost 5 months ago.
If she hadn't talked up the haul video so much she wouldn't have looked like such a lazy flake.

No. 1900592

she started fucking the troon.

No. 1900606

That rental isn't very spacious now I'd wager, considering how the bulk of her crap hoard is stored there like an addict in denial.

Are we ignoring how she's clearly topless in Spook's bed? The crust punk tattoo artist she has been bumming off of this past weekend. Not for free, apparently.

No. 1900622

>Are we ignoring how she's clearly topless in Spook's bed?
I noticed how sus that was too. Even if Spooks slept on the couch it's still weird to be nakey in your mate's bed, especially considering he's male. I'm sure the Duke was jealous of Kaya's sleeping arrangement - Kaya was so obviously interested in Spooks before him after all.
After Kaya got her first tattoo from Spooks back in August of last year Kaya quickly got into punk fashion (who could forget the chicken bone battle jackets) and music (engaging with the renowned Belfast scene which she never showed any interest in before) plus she would also name-drop him with fondness in videos regularly. It was all very obvious she was infatuated with him but for whatever reason things went cold - maybe he friend-zoned her? It's no coincidence that the Duke looks like Spooks in a wig lol.
Side note: Interestingly it was also after Aug '22 that her fashion and aesthetic gradually went down hill

No. 1900705

Is she wearing her lip plumping gloss in bed too now?

No. 1900747

No way is she using just lip plumper. I used that stuff religiously and never had lips like that when I went to bed. She’s had injections

No. 1900751

A million percent! It's that top lip crease

No. 1900816

File: 1695132743873.png (226.97 KB, 703x1003, Screenshot_20230919-151029.png)

So most of October is spend in London

No. 1900824

She'll be hosting Dark Room on the 14th and Slimelight on 21st. She was not asked to come host the Monster Queen Halloween event kek.

No. 1900828

Wonder why she hasn’t talked about getting lip filler? She used to openly talk about her desire for cosmetic surgery so this is nbd. Or is she worried about how her patrons will perceive the use of funds for lip filler instead of making content?

No. 1900832

patrons paying for everything.

No. 1900865

File: 1695141760363.png (726.8 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_20230919-174428.png)

No. 1900869

Does this little bitch not realise his manager has opposable thumbs too and can see his instagram pleading for fake reviews as well as read the obviously fake reviews people are writing?

No. 1900873

Manager probably won't care if they're fake as long as they're good unfortunately

No. 1900893

Yeah that "filler mustache" happens when you put more filler than necessary and it fills the skin past your lips too


No. 1900923

File: 1695149968132.png (927 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20230919-200126.png)

No. 1900928

is she saying she hated all the shots?? Also is she on a date with that other dude? I'm starting to think she is laying around a little and doesn't want to be In a relationship.

No. 1900944

Good for her if she's just playing the field and having fun. After what the last scrote did to her, she needs the time alone to figure her life out. Honestly though, I think she'll eventually pick one to attach herself to, I just hope it's not the troon.

No. 1900998

She's gotta be dating the troon, she probably just didn't stay at his this weekend since he was working for once. But there are way too many photos and videos of her gazing like a lovesick puppy at dollarstore Marilyn Manson, plus being 1.2 metres from him at all times for months. She even had his hormones in her luggage.

Nice to see a reappearance of elfboy on her page, a genuinely cute guy. I would love of it she dumps the troon and moves onto a different guy because I don't want to see troon's face for (potentially) years via Kaya's content, and his personality seems awful too.

No. 1901068

Lmaoooo the duke is using her for industry ties but he's picked the one person with practically nothing to show for her career. Hilariously she's probably going to get a boost from the duke using her to get jobs and her following him along
So she started spamming advertisements for the night well after it was already underway/over
Wow I was expecting her to stay silent about the issue and hope it all went away. Bet she was hoping she could have used the pieces getting lost as an excuse. Wouldn't that be a hilarious end to the shit sandwich she's been feeding tommy. Never makes a video, uses the pieces in her private life, loses them in a most retarded fashion 6 months later. She's already worn the shit out of these pieces and hasn't even advertised them in the least in place of her promised video. She doesn't take this long to make sure her killstar merch is "good quality" before pushing it on her fans, bet Tommy is absolutely insulted. I would be. She probably only did the video now because she was scared she'd almost lost them and the anons just brought it up again
If Kaya's last year of downfall was due to being rejected by a random scrote that's absolutely hilarious. And duke is basically spooks too kek. Wonder if she's gonna start acting "punk" again soon
Considering it's only 3 reviews to a bottle it's probably a cheap bottle and the owner is trying to review bomb their shop so they can get a boost on Google maps
Look at how she acts when she's around duke, she's an insecure puppy. If she is sleeping around she's the type of girl who shouldn't because she gets attached to the people she fucks. If she's fucking anyone else on top of duke right now she's fooling herself into thinking she can. She's just gonna feel torn between duke and the other guy unless she's with duke while hoping the other guy opens himself to going steady with her and plans to jump ship in that case. If that's the case she should take a dick detox so she can think straight

No. 1901105

File: 1695176731384.jpg (468.97 KB, 846x758, VtzojMy.jpg)

Kaya finally uploaded a new video after 3 weeks - a lack-lustre Halloween make-up tutorial and piercing haul. It's pretty boring so I'll spare you the video link. It was short and low energy but I took some notes anyway:
-She filmed it on the day she left for London (at 1am no less), acknowledges she fucked up with time management just like last time. She also mentions she still hasn't packed…
-Says she had been super ill and implies it affected her productivity (there's always an excuse)
-Mentions she lost a septum ring when she went to the forest with someone, seems careful not to mention 'Duchess' or the word friend.
-Admits there's a 1 week gap between the two segments in the video because 'life got in the way' (avoids saying that it was because the Duke visited her in Belfast)

Kaya is lucky to get another Oufer sponsorship after last time but it seems like they have a new Halloween collection and Kaya's fans would be their prime target - I guess she's been forgiven lol. At least Kaya got this out well before Halloween.

No. 1901109

I really hope she dumps the duke too, he seems like such a deadbeat freeloader and that's the last thing she needs as being kind of one herself. kek. I feel like she would really benefit from staying around people who have actual day jobs and talents so that she might be more motivated to do something with herself. Was really rooting for her to end up with spooks or elfboy initially, she was at her best when she was still hanging around them post-jake and pre-duke.

No. 1901157

Clockable from the penMANship, sad

No. 1901193

All TIMs write like male teenagers. Coincidence?!

No. 1901214

He got a new job then

No. 1901215

Do you think she did this video last minute again? Roly's oufer video went up 12 days ago

No. 1901282

I thought that was John lydon for a second

No. 1901356

I think the plumping gloss has caused an irritation mustache above her top lip which gives the illusion of fillers. Maybe an extra tight medusa piercing has faked some plumpness too?
Tbf Kaya has always been open about procedures she wants or plans to get so I don't think she'd be secretive about something like that. Kaya's not afraid to splash her Patreon cash on regular drinks out and new clothes after all.
She was out with Elfboy. She posted stories of their museum visit and drinks out and I recognized his voice straight away. Looks like it was their first time hanging out together one on one and it was all very platonic looking.
It definitely felt rushed.
I noticed in her Sebastian vlog that she referenced a Q&A vid where she apparently tells the story of Sebastian jumping out of the window (timestamp 11:45) and says it should be out but a note appears and says it's been delayed. The vlog was filmed on the 16th (seen here >>1882123 ) and it was uploaded on the 30th yet there's still no sign of the Q&A…Kaya has been incredibly slow and behind on videos.

No. 1901408

You think men and women can hang out 1 on 1 platonically? Lol.

No. 1901446

File: 1695241702456.png (244.13 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20230920-222510~2.p…)

Like >>1901356 said, Kaya doesn't shy away from saying she needs some injections (though she's probably too mentally challenged with her ADHD to actually do some calls and get an appointment on her own like an adult) -when she truly needs to first and foremost take better care of her skin- . She just did under Luxeria's IG post about getting new injections in her forehead.

No. 1901550

Kaya probably doesn't want to admit to cosmetics because any time someone says she looks like shit she defends it by being all "no one's goth to be pretty" or some shit, when it actual fact she's a fat bimbo airhead and picked the alt group as a teenager to fall into because the likeminded vapid and shallow people figured she's a big nosed odd shaped lank.

No. 1901604

Hettie bettie detected?

No. 1901930

Considering lux is a troon who desperately needs everything cosmetic, it holds no validity. Both kayas top and bottom lip are outlined and overfilled. Plumping gloss does not do that. no matter how much you put on or how frequently

No. 1901958

Honestly I hope she'll stick with the Duke just because all the other things aside he's objectively better looking than Jake, is not overweight but skinny even which will make Jake seethe

No. 1902064

She seems way too dependent and attached to him though which was already a problem with jake, I hope the troon doesn't exploit this about her but I mean it's a troon

No. 1902138

Jake would probably be envious because he wishes he could bang someone so scrawny. his old lady is filling out.

No. 1902172

Kaya's been in London a whole week and she's barely got anything to show for it. She hosted Slimes, did some video editing (a 2 hr job at most) and hung out with Elfboy after he finished work…that's it. She definitely moved over to the Duke's love boat (quietly) after her club and upload duties were done. Poor Sebastian, he's constantly getting flicked off to Kaya's crackpot mum so Kaya can chase that Duke dick across the Irish sea every few weeks.
Also, is she ever going to film with Roly like she said she would?

No. 1902174

File: 1695356062591.jpg (3.09 MB, 1080x1880, aFdcqVq.jpg)

Looks like Kaya has filmed with Roly, probably just another piercing react collab

No. 1902383

File: 1695399693881.png (511.36 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20230922-172042.png)

No. 1902434

Lol is that a warhammer chaos tattoo

No. 1902464

She hosted slime and dark room, edited a video, and filmed with Roly so far besides her possible dates with spooks, elf boy, and the duke. I still think she's lazy and could be doing more/better content, but compared to IBF or even her ex, I feel like she's doing fairly well. Her old self would have absolutely spiraled at the lost luggage and rotted in bed for the entire week.

No. 1902546

This is so badly done I wanna a-log. It looks like the artist drew it on with a cheap biro.

No. 1902547

It’s a stencil nonnie

No. 1902554

Ah, that makes more sense lol. Still, it's an edgelord choice and palm tattoos age like shit.

No. 1902563

Yes lmao
I have no idea if it has any other meaning than that, but I have a feeling most people will see it as a Chaos Marine tattoo too…

No. 1902702

File: 1695439100273.jpg (401.71 KB, 2116x1940, wubdt2K.jpg)

He also got the symbols of the four Chaos gods on his fingers. Honestly they look rad although the Nurgle symbol is a bit botched.
Palm tatts always gave me the ick.

No. 1902827

Kek at the massive manhand with the acrylics on

No. 1902989

File: 1695494148456.png (756.4 KB, 720x1218, Screenshot_20230923-193450.png)

No. 1903055

But anon he's a dainty duchess!

No. 1903076

File: 1695508293260.png (973.97 KB, 646x1156, Screenshot_20230923-233012.png)

No. 1903105

Wow that is a bad look for her. At least we don't see her tits for a change.

No. 1903199

>>1903076, >>1902989
Kaya mentioned in an older video that she and the Duke bumped into a stranger in Camden who invited them to some event in September so I guess she was talking about this Hell Bunny event. Lol they look so uncomfortable and out of place with their wannabe fetish goth wear - I've always associated this brand with psychobilly (Halloween meets rock'n'roll) so I don't think Kaya is going to get any decent freebies or brand deals here.

No. 1903227

Not to be petty but that's an ugly hand, the nails and tats cannot save it. Also an oddly short palm for a tall man.

No. 1903283

the hair though? Ins think as a Troon he shaves his armchair.

No. 1903313

The white eyelashes is not a good look, she wanted to wear those to slimelight too but couldnt because of the suitcase. Cant wait to see her halloween looks, she is invited to host at 2 events at halloween. Wonder if she is gonna put in any effort or just go with her regular shit

No. 1903330


The multiple layers of torn fishnets is so trashy… The world really needs to move on from it. She would look so much effortlessly intentional without trying so hard if she just wore a pair of fishnets and a proper mesh top.

This is DIY for the bin.

No. 1903480

File: 1695576356060.jpg (449.29 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20230924-182308_Ins…)

I can't tell if the quality if the plush is poor and the insides are coming out or if its just covered in lint and hair? You think she would of cleaned it up a bit

No. 1903482

ew why not clean it a little bit before you post a promo pic of the plush you're trying to sell

No. 1903585

Guessing it’s due from the Dukes white cat

No. 1903605

She's absolutely hopeless

No. 1903616

Well done for advertising that it's a dust, lint and hair magnet I guess

No. 1903797

I hate it's face - the snout is so ugly and cheap looking. I didn't really understand the choice of the 'sploot' pose or the stubby legs.
The removable wings was a bad idea too…Personally I would have stitched the wings on then spent the extra budget and materials on making a velcro backed fish/mouse that can stick on to his paw.
Kaya's still trying to guilt-trip a few more lovelies into buying it but at this point we can safely say the campaign didn't reach expectations.

No. 1903860

I think it's white fur from the Duke's cat, she posted the cat on stories yesterday I think.

No. 1903915

>>1903797 I don't know how you can mess up a plush of such a cute actual cat but here we are.

No. 1904153

File: 1695667299123.png (334.47 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20230925-193824.png)

No. 1904158

File: 1695668256119.png (806.95 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20230925-193511.png)

No. 1904160

File: 1695668417735.png (287.61 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_20230925-195849.png)

No. 1904201

nice begging at monster queen Kaya.
when is she finally moving there

No. 1904210

File: 1695676555601.png (386.03 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20230925-221439.png)

No. 1904257

>I still need to figure out my outfit!
Since when have you put any thought into any of your ugly party fits? You just slap on a variation of leotard with random fishnets chains and belts, and call it a day.

Since london rent might be more expensive than where she lives, and she can currently just mooch off the Duke or friends whenever she visits, I think she won't move. Unless she wants to move into the duke's houseboat.

No. 1904290

File: 1695684976359.jpg (622.71 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230926_003357_Ins…)

Is this the culprit of the hair then

No. 1904294

File: 1695685188373.jpg (501.37 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230926_003333_Ins…)

Does NI really have a small nightlife? Inclined to doubt cos that's the excuse jake uses for why he has no alt friends and hates Ireland.

Also I wonder what other clubs have asked her to host, and whether they still want her now that MQ has dropped her and she's clearly shit at hosting slimelight.

No. 1904302

>when is she finally moving there
Ngl, it would be kind of funny if she did move to London considering her ex is constantly having meltdowns over how much he hates Ireland, but can't leave.

No. 1904327

Let's see how long it'll take her to edit this one - she's only had 1 rushed video out this month.
This person is trying to mine information about the Duke but it's futile - Kaya has always been good at lying so she's not gonna budge. Her frequent travel is killing her career and stressing out Sebastian so we'll see how soon the Duke moves to NI - Kaya will need a roommate soon in order to keep her house. I foresee a short honeymoon period before the reality of bills and living in squalor makes them resent each other.
Kaya said the Duke has 2 white cats, Midnight and Sunset.
>I always stay with friends!
Lol in the past she has stayed with people who don't invite her back, most likely because she was a messy guest or they don't want to encourage dependency. I know she stayed with Roly and someone called Nikki a while ago but now she seems to burden Spooks. He's probably too kind to tell this influencer freeloader to fuck off so he gives her his bed and takes the couch.

No. 1904329


Nonnie who lives in London but also has lived in Ireland, there definitely is a club/nightlife culture in Ireland but much less representation of alternative nightlife within that and less gigs and events overall, so she would never be asked to host in Ireland since alternative nights would be on a much smaller scale than in London. We can see by her buddies there is no shortage of alternative people, but just much smaller events and venues. So it makes sense to travel but based on what I've picked up about London rent right now there's zero chance of her finding a place she'd like at a reasonable price. Talking 1000 people fighting over a small studio or single bedroom for 1k+ a month. Most likely the troon will move to Belfast within the next year.
She always looks so at ease and happy when filming with Roly, compare that to the expressions with the troon.

No. 1904420

File: 1695709638888.jpg (223.19 KB, 510x714, 4f7U4k2.jpg)

Rolling my eyes…
This is her second Victoria post in a month.
If she misses this swan so much why doesn't she volunteer in a bird rescue?

No. 1904429

He would have to rehome his two cats because Sebastian doesn't get along well with others from what I can remember kaya saying. I kind of hope they burn through this new relationship energy fast and she can move onto the next one, he makes my skin crawl.

how is this milk and why do you type like that?

No. 1904443

Because Kaya used to sperg about this swan she decided to name Victoria that turned to be a male swan after it died.

No. 1904447

>1000 people fighting over a small studio or single bedroom for 1k+ a month
1.5k+ even if you want it furnished and in a newer building kill me. Not sure how much kaya's place costs her but she'd definitely get a lot less for its price in London.

Oh yeah and she got so personally offended like people were trying to spoil her super special woodland fairy friendship with a fucking bird

No. 1904451

Kaya lives in Bangor now and there's nightlife there. There's a club that has hosted minor celebs often, but it's not goth. Bangor has loads of bars with live music and outdoor areas. Granted their not goth bars but there's even an alt scene in Bangor that Grant would run about in. Think Kaya actually struggles with keeping up her "image" with her peers that probably don't just have a superficial interest in things they proclaim to care about like her. I doubt Kaya can carry a conversation about music or anything.

No. 1904452

She still never posted where that healthy pigeon she plucked off the streets while high went. Never tagged the apparent animal sanctuary that took it in. She's so fucking weird.

No. 1904453

she knows she's a poser and doesn't want to show here face in her local scene I assume. That's why she´s rather jetting off to London and superficial stuff like fet parties.

No. 1904454

She attended lots of local events before she ditched the Belfast girls for the duke. I feel for them, they got Kaya through her breakup just to get ditched when she found some new man to chase.

No. 1904468

File: 1695723661770.png (268.26 KB, 710x690, Screenshot_20230918-110005.png)

No. 1904481

Hard agree with your first paragraph, he definitely sets off the creep detector
She posted a photoshoot with one of those local friends like a week or two ago, she hasn't ditched them yet

No. 1904487

You mean the one that came along to be her slimelight promo shot camerawoman 3 weeks ago? Can't compare it to when they used to be in bars and gigs near weekly, multiple times per week too. Maybe "ditch" is a strong word but I see a very noticeable decrease in them hanging out since Kaya attached herself to the duke.

No. 1904497

You're talking about the orange haired girl, Fifi - she seems to be Kaya's best friend these days and has taken over Grant's old role of creative social media collaborator. It looks like she's trying to get more followers on her socials and become a content creator herself so it's a mutually beneficial relationship. Kaya still hangs out with Lisa and Kerrie but much, much less than she used to. I get the sense they are busy people and/or they've become increasingly reluctant to appear on social media.
If Jake was still in the picture he would have definitely creeped on a few of Kaya's female friends by now so I truly hope Dooky leaves them the hell alone. Kaya was lucky to have found such a kind group of alternative friends during the toughest time in her life and they continue to support her despite the lolcow tendencies. So far they have accepted the hot mess she is and the fact she probably won't ever change - good for Kaya I guess.

No. 1904589

>>1904294 I don't think the new management at slimelight actually care about people properly 'hosting' events, the value for them comes with her advertising the event ahead of the time to her followers. A real host would be setting a vibe or theme of the night, having an influence on the music played, be going round talking to lots of attendees etc.

No. 1904746

File: 1695761400547.png (764.42 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_20230926-214647.png)

I give up .her life is full time hoilday

No. 1904859

Shit because of losing her bags or did even more stuff happen, cos if it did I'm surprised she's managed to contain her whingeing to only 1 insta story about it this time.

No. 1904877

File: 1695777902261.jpg (160.03 KB, 632x766, n3qf50v.jpg)

>Bit of a shit trip coming to an extra shit end
Whatever can be the matter now?
I know her luggage went missing at the very start of her trip but at least it wasn't lost/stolen. Didn't she end up getting her suitcase back after 4 days? She loves to accentuate the negative and wallow in self-pity like a pig in shit.
I can't think of anything else in her trip that didn't go according to plan. Whenever she hangs out with her Duke she becomes 10 times more quiet and secretive so it's hard to tell what she did most days on her 2 week trip.
I don't know if she'll ever admit it but I'm sure she's a bit mopey about the plush campaign only selling 292 units. It hit 146% of the goal so it wasn't a failure but certainly was a flop when compared to successful campaigns. Makeship is tight-lipped about the creator's cut but I know another platform called Fourth Wall with a very similar business model gives their creators a 40-50% cut for a successful $30 plushie campaign. Kaya's campaign made roughly $8,760 which is $4,380 when halved and there's probably other small fees that you have to take into consideration. A year of talk and planning went into this project and there was a huge expectation she would outsell Jake so it's a pretty embarrassing result.

No. 1905029

She made reference to having a shitty time here
I think this was pre-bag going missing

No. 1905062

GOD imagine Kaya having ONE fucking trip or event in her life where she doesnt complain the entire time and afterwards go "wish it could have gone better, things happened, hope next time is better…." she does this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!
God it has to be EXHAUSTING being her friend, imagine having a great time and your friend posts shit like this on her social media afterwards

No. 1905270

I wonder if there is a clue in
>I fly home tomorrow and definitely not feeling amazing about it
Kinda reminds me of when Jake was hassling her every time she went to London and she ended up getting the police involved, I thought all that was over now but maybe it isn't? Jake is definitely up to something since he's barely been posting or streaming, but it could well be something else.

No. 1905281

Yeah nonas in the jake thread thought he has a job now with his pathetic influencer career dying, but knowing how he has harassed kaya in the past, and seemed to follow her once to some beach?, sadly I wouldn't be surprised. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it's kaya just whining cos she couldn't upload her video with roly solely through faults of her own, or something.

No. 1905292

Maybe her and the Duke had a fight when she forgot his hormones and their fling has been soured and she'd rather have the elf boy to post on her insta because she's shallow and the Duke is a freak.

No. 1905399

Really doubtful that it's this. Also Jake's 2nd plush wasn't even funded (not even close) so this is hardly embarrassing in comparison? She's lucky it got funded and then some. Honestly >>1904746 sounds like some kind of personal drama or maybe she spiraled/rotted in spooks bed more than we saw over her bags going missing. She seems to be getting slightly better about things since the break-up, but she's still a shitshow anytime inconveniences pop up. Her coping skills are clearly very lacking.

Tbh what I'm kind of suspecting.

No. 1905435

If only she did pick elf boy instead of the troon, she'd still probably have attachment issues but at least she wouldn't be having it with an insecure e-begging tim

No. 1905513

You might be right nonna. Now that Jake isn't distracted by his VR fantasy land anymore he may be obsessing over Kaya again and trying to take her down. Jake was told to leave her alone by the police and he doesn't have any more money for solicitors so I have no idea why he would start shit up again.
Nah no way. If she fought/broke-up with the Duke she would be posting some very emo stuff as she would have turned into depressive soup.
It really doesn't take much for Kaya to spiral and in the last month she…
-said she had been super unwell right before she left for London
-had to bring extra work with her as she didn't film the Tommy Vowles haul or edit + upload the Oufer sponsorship before her London trip
-her suitcase went missing and it didn't come back in time before Slimelight so she had to improvise an outfit
-was secretly photographed by a farmer in public
That's the stuff we know of and I'm sure some other shit happened; she's clearly gone silent for a reason. I just don't know if she'll ever talk about it with the internet.

No. 1905608

>I just don't know if she'll ever talk about it with the internet
Whining about whatevers bothering her is her content at this point to get those sweet patreon sympathy bux, so I'm genuinely surprised when she keeps her mouth shut about smth negative lmao

No. 1905618

meh that's a nitpick. it's still super adorable even covered with cat hair, and it already got funded though Kaya has "no business sense" but was smart enough to release a cute black cat for the holidays. people love cats. so it's getting made and shipped. go kaya! I'm more curious how a goth girl doll in her image would do.

No. 1905644

That is why I personally think the duke had a freakout. She can't talk about that without looking "transphobic". Or he's bruising some other girl to which is why she couldn't stay with him at the start.

No. 1905647

She lost out of thousands because she waited a fucking year to bring this out you moron.

No. 1905652

is this >>1898626 you?

No. 1905696

File: 1695903272844.jpg (2.27 MB, 2160x1916, zwu6ppu.jpg)

Kaya is back in Belfast. Sounds like she had a scary flight coming home.

No. 1905823

That genuinely sounds off putting, glad the plane could land.

Seconding this question kek

No. 1905870

File: 1695922918378.png (836.14 KB, 714x1015, Screenshot_20230928-183919.png)

No. 1906137

Do they not do anything special for Halloween, since they just used a random pic of kaya and some others? And if they are gonna do something like a costume party I can't wait for kaya to noy try at all and wear unflattering black jumpsuit #8

No. 1906263

I really hope she actually tries to dress up a halloween costume and not just her usual fishnets and underwear.. Im worried she is gonna wear her red outfit with some red makeup and be a "devil" like that, like please put some effort in

No. 1906403

Whatever happened I bet she'll take 3 weeks off to rot in bed - maybe she'll have some energy to go out for drinks with Fifi but not much else. She's probably sitting on a mountain of footage she can't be fucked editing and will put off filming as long as she can until she has to leave for London again. The never-ending loop that is her life >>1898640
While Kaya loves to talk about all things negative I noticed she avoids going into detail about friendship struggles/fall-outs, family stuff and neighbor drama - she'll just say cryptic shit like 'people can suck' or 'I'm having a bad time'.
I'm sure she'll bring up the airport baggage stuff in her next GRWM and stretch it out into a 15 minute story.
She has so much time and 'endless creativity' (her words not mine) so there should be no reason for her to show up to Slimelight in lingerie again. For someone who professes to love DIY crafts and fashion we see very little evidence of that on her channel. She's a Halloween person so there's endless subcultures, movies, music and art to take inspiration from during spooky season…I don't understand why this is so hard for her? Kill two birds with one stone and make a video of yourself making a Halloween costume, Kaya.

No. 1907181

duchess looks a lot like a young Marilyn Manson. elf boy is very cute.

No. 1907260

How has Kaya STILL not posted that tommy vowles haul?? This post was legit 3 weeks ago and she got the stuff over 6 months ago. I REALLY wish brands and people would call her out more, I think everyone either ignoring it or babying her with her "aDhD iSsUeS" are making her feel like its okay to get away with not holding up on your promises at all

No. 1907263

Poor Moose from ExoUmbra made her that hoodie and was promised a collab video, thats got to be a almost a year ago

No. 1907303

>>1907260, >>1907263
It's really scummy behavior towards the small businesses that stepped up and took a chance on Kaya when she really needed the support (especially considering Moose is a long-time follower and friend of Kaya). It's one thing to let down a cheapo, mass produced jewellery company like Oufer but another to let down a one-person-business that makes everything by hand and relies heavily on social media to grow.
It definitely makes you look at Kaya's long-held claims of being shunned by brands with fresh, less sympathetic eyes; if this is how she behaves when businesses do gift her free stuff/sponsorships then how do we know she has always treated these jobs seriously and with professionalism? Now that the Duke is in the picture she's become even more unreliable and shit at juggling her career, social life and responsibilities.

I bet Kaya is 'rotting in bed' as we speak, hiding away from social media and work responsibilities - it'll be a repeat of February. Her next London hosting gig will be on Oct 14th for Dark Room and I bet she will get little done before then as we've seen time and time again.

No. 1907863

File: 1696274740502.png (732.92 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_20231002-202302.png)

No. 1907876

"I bet Kaya is 'rotting in bed' as we speak"

For someone who's supposed to be a content creator, if not an influencer, all she manages to influence others of is of actually doing something else than what you said kek.
Honestly, the sympathy card has pretty much been used up as far as her "career" goes. She burned up all the patience people had for her to post at least one video a month, to post the full unboxing of her Amazon wishlist after moving, a full vlog of Las Vegas, a full vlog of London before her birthday (the donated money in the beginning of the month when she was streaming Stray was for that after all), the different free items different brands gave her to put in a good word about their stuff, and there's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting with how mediocre her consistency and work ethics are.
One Collab vid with Roly is not close to cutting the amount of disappointed hyped up content that never saw the light of day.

It can't just be laziness at this point, it feels like she's bored of what's supposed to be the way she should sustain her lifestyle.

No. 1907909

File: 1696282826000.png (391.44 KB, 658x1106, Screenshot_20231002-202330.png)

No. 1908007

Watched on 2x speed, mostly boring
>begins with a complaint as usual, the app isn't working properly
>any bad fan encounters? Yes "a couple houses ago" someone showed up to her door and weren't overly creepy but still spooked her
>Move to London? She's torn and wants to but can't afford.
>How's the pigeon doing? (That healthy pigeon she plucked off the street.) She says as she's recording this it's going to a shelter which nonas have been speculating is a lie. Calls duchess her "friend" while giving context about pigeon.
>What advice would you give your 24 year old self? Well, we all know. Run bitch, run.
>do people think how you are now is you acting out after your old relationship? She claims no her friends are supportive, to her face at least. She also claims she's just having fun in a normal way anyway (instead of, you know, perpetually procrastinating her job)
>the app "breaks", shows it on camera and also shows a screen recording, someone's paranoid of being accused of slacking kek
>says someone commented that she has an excuse for everything and is going downhill, nervously laughs it off
>ends by saying she wanted to make patreon exclusive content (for once) for "spicy" questions but there aren't enough so maybe in the next q and a
>plugs her patreon immediately after

No. 1908011

*shows a screen recording on Instagram

No. 1908067

She's finally broken her silence after 4 days. You can tell how behind on editing she is by her makeup here - it's the look she created for a GRWM 6 weeks ago. Just wanted to add some of my own notes…

When asked about moving to London she says she's unsure as she doesn't want housemates (unless it's a romantic partner) and insists on living alone. Once again she doesn't realize that she's hogging a three bedroom house (better suited to a family) in a tight housing market and that it's obvious her rent will go up each year. She barely lives in her house as it is as she's been travelling so much, what a waste of rent money. She should at least move away from Bangor to a cheaper area as she has no need to be close to the city centre (she has a car and she works from home).

Kaya got a question about why she was not in therapy and immediately got defensive and warned not to assume things (she already admitted she hadn't gone to post-breakup therapy in her last car vlog…lol). She confirmed she had been to therapy at some point but did not say when that was, for all we know it could have been when Jake last went 8 years ago. She made some tired excuses about why she gave up on it and that waitlists were too long and then said 'in a lot of ways I'm ok', implying she didn't need it. Lol alright Kaya…

When asked about the lack of streams she said she can't commit to a schedule as she will continue to fly to London frequently for 'jobs' (I guess that's the Duke's new nickname?). Looks like Kaya is committed to this secretive, long distance arrangement - she makes life so stressful and difficult for herself.
She was also asked about her opinion on poly/open relationships. She said in the alternative scene it seems that everyone is non-monogamous and it seems unavoidable if you want to date in her social circles. She says that it's not her preference but she resigns to the fact that she will have to consider it as an option. Is she trying to hint that the Duke is non-monog? She certainly hinted that people like Elfboy and Spooks are.

She said she eventually wants to make another Patron only Q&A using the leftover 'spicy' questions but I'm very doubtful that will happen; she was supposed to release an exclusive acrylic nail tutorial over 3 months ago but that never transpired. There's basically no perks for signing up to her Patreon except for the private discord which Kaya admits she's never on.

No. 1908137

>She said in the alternative scene it seems that everyone is non-monogamous and it seems unavoidable if you want to date in her social circles. She says that it's not her preference but she resigns to the fact that she will have to consider it as an option.
that sounds horrible tbh. She's setting herself up for more trauma.

No. 1908210

>She said in the alternative scene it seems that everyone is non-monogamous and it seems unavoidable if you want to date in her social circles.
This is interesting, I assume she is not actually exclusive with the Duke and that explains the secrecy, afaik Elfboy isn't in a relationship (he has a Tiktok with a few videos and it doesn't seem so) and idk about Spooks.
But I think it's more the party scene that are not monogamous since, party scene lol like they not settled down.

No. 1908211

Yeah I agree, if it isn't your preference you shouldn't do it. This is your emotions and your body like you don't just mess around with that. It would just mean pain watching her "lover" sleep around.

No. 1908248

She jumped into another relationship before she had a chance to properly work on relationship issues relating to insecurity and low self-esteem (as well as her depression and ADHD stuff) with a therapist and now she's flirting with the idea of an open relationship? Someone with as much baggage as Kaya is really ill-suited for these kind of arrangements - you need to be very sure of yourself and confident in your relationship.
I know the Duke had two long-distance, long-term relationships before Kaya but as far as I can see they never attempted to 'close the gap' like Kaya did with Jake. There may be a reason for that, perhaps he wasn't exclusive with these girls or he found some weird comfort in the distance? I sense the guy has weird unresolved hang-ups himself.
I think these two should cut their losses and move on - they don't seem compatible in the long run.

No. 1908315

The pigeon sperg is so weird tbh. If it was "perfectly healthy" it wouldn't be easily "plucked off the street". Unless it's not wild/feral in which it shouldn't be "in the street" to begin with? I agree she shouldn't be holding onto some random bird though.

>hogging a house better suited for a family
Wait until you hear about actual wealthy people nonna. Kek

Honestly hope she does manage a move to London if this is the best milk she's currently producing. We need some duke drama or something. If there's anything actually going on with the poly >>1908137 thing there might be actual milk yet.

No. 1908413

No pigeons are wild they're all feral they were used in the world wars and given sanctuary for what they did and left to be feral. Kaya got high and thinks if she can lift a "wild" animal it means she's saintlike and one with the animals. Why bring an unhealthy pigeon back to a houseboat with the Dukes two cats? She's a retard and if the story is real she'd be able to actually make it into content and even state what animal shelter the pigeon went off too since people were asking what happened. If she truly was so sanctimonious would she not divulge info that could help some other buzzed pigeon lover? She's a liar and probably stressed that pigeon out to fuck before letting it walk all over the kitchen counters

No. 1908419

Kaya's going to drop off a pigeon at some unknown pigeon sanctuary in London but couldn't find WiFi.

No. 1908460

That's only in the USA pigeon sperg nonna. Pigeons are native and wild in various parts of Europe.

No. 1908478

She seems very attached to the duke, so if the tinfoil is true that he's the non monogamous one she'd have to resign herself to, I can unfortunately see her just agreeing to it to make him happy and stay with him in some way.

Tbh whether or not the pigeon was sick, it's funny that as a so called animal lover she let what she thought was a sick bird in a house(boat) with cats, and with her bare hands. But at least it was a pigeon and she wasn't delusionally trying to befriend bears or something.

No. 1908525

File: 1696386360068.jpeg (7.03 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

Kvd got baptized

No. 1908569

there are wild pigeons in North and South America also, that person is just ignorant

No. 1908587

No. 1908593

Pretty sure that's the same anon that always spergs out about dumb shit like the frog filter/frog debacle, kaya smoking weed, and other skim milk.

Ngl Duke seems pretty attached to her too, but I wouldn't doubt it's for her connections and following if anything. Hope she isn't all in on the duke and she ends up with spooks or something eventually. She was on a rare upswing post-jake and pre-duke. Her taste in men is clearly lacking.

No. 1908630

I love pigeons, but she shouldn't be picking them up off the street. they can have parasites like toxoplasmosis and zoonotic infections like chlamydia. leave them be.

No. 1908633

this! we have native band tailed pigeon. it's an entirely different species. they love fruit. but they do mate year round much like their rock pigeon subspecies buddies.

No. 1908681

London pigeons have all been through it, like dodging traffic, pedestrians, eating whatever shit they find on the ground, permanent noise pollution and light pollution. none of them are healthy really so the one she found was just in the same general health as any other. It's not a wood pigeon living in a tree. I'm 99% sure she was just high and freed it out the window once she sobered up

No. 1908744

File: 1696421347367.png (658.96 KB, 720x1216, Screenshot_20231004-130701.png)

No. 1908749

Finally, a decent and well balanced outfit. This must be from Fifi's birthday.
Straightened hair, red lipstick, leopard print and platform boots work well together. She can look good when she doesn't over-accessorize.

No. 1908754

I thought something milky had happened but it was pigeons.
The skirt is too small but this is the best she's looked in a while, cute outfit.(sage your shit)

No. 1908756

Can't wait to see her in lingerie all winter and her getting sick every two weeks and wondering why she's been coughing for 2 months straight like last year. That skirt is trying really hard not to rip.

No. 1908767

Ngl I hate this. I looks cheap and I don't like the combo of the top and the sweater with everything. It's also embarrassing that she's trying to hide her belly with the skirt but it's still bursting over it so she might as well have pulled the skirt down. It looks hooker not goth to me, especially with the thigh highs with the red ribbon

No. 1908770

nonnies need glasses because that outfit is fugly

No. 1908774

I like this outfit but the skirt is clearly too small and pressing on her stomach
But its giving Nana Osaki vibes

No. 1908803

>>1908770, >>1908767
It's definitely not perfect but it's one of her better going out fits. Compare it to this outfit >>1868726 she wore to the club with Duke - ugly drag make-up, try-hard accessories and the dress is clearly 2 sizes too small (the 'window' is not meant to show under-boob, just the upper abdomen kek).
I also get the sense she's trying to match the energy of Fifi's Harajuku bimbocore aesthetic.

No. 1908808

File: 1696428669298.jpg (706.26 KB, 1168x476, eI2xgo6.jpg)

Samefag but I noticed some interesting marks on Kaya's chest in her latest IG post…

No. 1908815

maybe something from that fetish party she went with the duke. Honestly I kinda like the idea better than they might not be exclusive. She gets to explore her sexuality a bit and maybe along the way she'll find a nice man that wants to be exclusive with her.

No. 1908818

Also not a fan of the fit, but her makeup and hair are leagues above what she's been doing recently. She also doesn't look AS bloated so hopefully she's laying off the booze.

No. 1908835

File: 1696433696073.jpeg (186.4 KB, 1125x1587, D330E300-2A69-469C-A704-7141C3…)

Sorry but these boobs are obscene.

No. 1908865

but anon she needs to be her new mans little sex kitten and get more subs on only fans!

No. 1908879

File: 1696442277034.png (167.04 KB, 701x748, Screenshot_20231004-185347.png)

No. 1908885

Well it's refreshing to see her not in clumsy wannabe fetish stuff at least, and her clothes kind of fitting her?

It'll take more than convincing herself, she'd need to afford it too, so she'd have to actually have patreon exclusive content to encourage more subs, and make more interesting general content past endless unboxings and boring clubbing stuff with sad outfits. But I honestly do not see this happening ever.

No. 1908897

Good luck with that rent is insane in london even for tiny shitholes

No. 1908970

File: 1696457558563.jpg (203.15 KB, 675x1200, EyowCHiVoAIDfQR.jpg)

She's referencing this right? So I guess when she has lines to colour inside she can dress somewhat cohesive. She had a stronger sense of fashion in her vampire freaks era, I wonder what happened. Don't tell me she's still not used to dressing for her bigger size when it's been years now - though squeezing herself into that red dress for subkult makes me think

No. 1908981

Looks like the Duke's been burning her with incense sticks or 'marking' her during knife play. That looks totally safe, sane and consensual…
Whenever she answers this question I think she's referring to Outer London (Duke lives off a canal in the west) which is affordable with room mates however I doubt she could tolerate cramped, shared housing. When she was with Jake she frequently whinged about needing extra space to do her videos and avoiding crashing into shit as she's a massive klutz yet to this day she still struggles to make content in a two storey house to herself. There will always be a fucking excuse so she needs to learn to be less fussy and take after Roly who films in his living room right near the front door.
It's easier for walking clothes-hangers to be effortless fashionistas because they can get away with more wacky stuff plus she didn't always have this obsession with looking sexy or 'club kid' all the time.
Hopefully she takes more inspiration from Nana and less from drag queens and BDSM - this is a step in the right direction.

No. 1909061

File: 1696473415513.png (656.41 KB, 662x815, officialromandirge.png)

Looks like Manson defender/star fucker Vanessa Alexandria has made it official with Roman Dirge (Lenore author). She modeled nude for him a little while back and managed to hit it off with him since then despite getting ghosted by another big date in the last thread. This is the first dude she's starfucked (even if he's only a washed up comic artist) who has actually publicly dated her. Curious to see if she'll use this as a way to network into meeting more notable alternative celebs and if there will be a massive fall out when they inevitably split.

>kaya has some chest acne and or hickies
>"The duke is burning her or marking her during knife play!"
Nonna please. Some of the fanfiction in these threads is absolutely wild.

No. 1909095

I absolutely cackled out loud at the sheer size of they foreheads. They are about the same lmao

No. 1909129

Good for her, she seems stuck in a timewarp so dating the lenore illustrator seems perfect kek, also they look similar.

No. 1909130

File: 1696492947591.jpg (145.37 KB, 1080x1919, L1D9ABFT.jpg)

Lot of repressed trauma here, like she just assumes living with someone would mean getting yelled at over some useless shit. You know that is not actually normal Kaya, common yes but not what you should expect

No. 1909141

>goth girl with hideous boyfriend
Many such cases

No. 1909158

I wouldn't be surprised the troon also has yelled at her already. They are all unstable.

No. 1909203

Guess she's self aware enough about being a lazy bitch, but imagine writing off living with a partner because it's not worth it to not be a slob. How does she pass the days without the Duke about. Does she literally just rot in bed all day

No. 1909208

I think this look is a lot better then what she been wearing the last couple months. I have the same issue when I wear body suits and skirts i get that roll under my breasts/ribs this fit would been slight better if she choosen a red crop top with the skirt. But the jacket looks nice on her.

>>1908525 how did she switch from a pure satanist to a Christian so quickly did she get spooked or something?

No. 1909212

Goes to show how messy she actually is
You can't grumble at someone if you leave the washing up till the next day or leave your laundry on the chair.
She must live in a hovel

No. 1909219

File: 1696507251106.png (396.97 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_20231005-125513.png)

No. 1909236

Kaya publicly declared herself 'not vanilla', attended that Belfast kink event and has posted kink-bait on IG stories for a while now - the usual choking memes but also stuff that suggests she's turned on by blood and pain. Unlike acne the marks in the picture look weirdly uniform and I wouldn't be surprised if the Duke has been poking and prodding at her chest and making her bleed.
She has revealed way more about about her sex life than was necessary, especially when she responded to Jake's character damaging claims; that's why anons tinfoil when we see bruises and shit.
You can see the lack of maturity in Kaya's answer here. Her slovenliness and chronic laziness was literally one of the main reasons her relationship broke down but she refuses to work on these issues for her own sanity and well-being. Her solution can't be to live in a house where she's the only one tripping over her shit - not forever anyway. She's a freelancer and the economy is not great at the moment, she's not going to be able to live on her own much longer ( recently she admitted this herself). Kaya's down to roughly 500 Patreon supporters (down from her peak of 915 at the start of 2022) and her Sebastian campaign wasn't the roaring success everyone thought it'd be - the reality is sinking in that she'll need to move out sooner than she expected. You can tell she's not ready for the Duke to move in and realistically I don't think she could handle moving to London - I honestly don't know what 2024 will look like for her. Maybe she'll have to move in with her Ma?

No. 1909238

>I can do shit in my own time and no one can get angry with me
And when is your own time if you drag your feet about making videos just the same kek

No. 1909287

It was a lot more than just "grumble at someone". Jake was as equally messy, but would scream, punch holes in doors/walls and break shit when she wouldn't clean. So nonna is right about unresolved trauma even if kaya is still a slob.

The little marks are hardly burns or knife marks though. I could see the duke scratching her up with his ugly talons while they larp being ~kinky vampires~ but I stand by thinking the fanfiction is spergy.

No. 1909327

File: 1696528664256.png (561.28 KB, 699x999, Screenshot_20231005-185600.png)

No. 1909340

Dear god she's dumb. Can't wait for the Duke to flip out on her so she snaps out of the gender cult.

No. 1909375

At this point I would not be surprised if she got a nonbinary arc, a lot of alt girls declare themselves enby.

No. 1909444

File: 1696542425158.jpg (827.8 KB, 1080x1987, Screenshot_20231005_224138_Ins…)

Not sure if she's a cow anymore but just in case, Rosemaryonette who is jude bishop's old friend has done a complete rebrand apparently. Before this she had already stepped away from her alt kawaii thing and made a YouTube videos talking about how she's a hippie who sends people brainwaves of love and whatever the fuck, I hope this doesn't mean she's lost it? The caption is wayyy longer than this with more of the same sounding stuff, won't fit on my phone screen.

The quiet part is always "and women's rights are not human rights", even among trannies the tims are given precedence and tifs are forgotten, but since kaya is infatuated with a tim of course she'll support him.

No. 1909650

Maybe she should lean into being non binary she can hardly keep up the goth persona

No. 1909722

I like her and her 'rebranding' didn't seem too odd to me but she sounds like she dropped acid the night before posting this kek.

No. 1909827

Kaya expects yelling as just a thing people do at each other sometimes without the ability to help themselves and while she doesn't like it, she accepts it in others. I worry she absolutely cannot see a single red flag the Duke has, indicating she'd settle for a polyshit relationship even if she clearly doesn't like it just for the sake of her partner being with her still is worrying on top of thinking the way Jake acted was in any way normal or common (especially among women which I'd hope Kaya would be smart enough to go for female only roomates and not be stupid enough to still think women are "drama" machines and try out a co-ed space, there's a reason even tifs concede to needing "afab"-only houses away from their precious girldickies).
tbf I don't think she was ever a satanist, it's been years since my ass watched LA Ink but I'm pretty sure she did always respect and love christian symbolism cause she was close with her dad and a lot of alt people enjoy the gothic christian style and symbology without having to go for demonology or fake satanic upside down crosses. I think she just goes whole hog and makes new things her whole total personality. As much as it can be admirable, when she went vegan she went absolute nutso making her whole life super vegan which included the anti-vaxx stuff because of the animal by-products (even though I'm pretty sure you can request a vegan shot nowadays, certainly in LA). Most vegans don't even bother asking for vegan medicines but she had to be the best vegan so no shots for kiddo. Her going clean also had to be this big personality change where she was calling out old friends for doing drugs and shit iirc.
My best hope is that the duke enjoys doing this weird moid thing where they'll slap your tits cause it's apparently a porn thing or that he just excessively sucks during hickies cause Kaya doesn't have the knowledge or experience to say no to things she doesn't want or like, let alone see when a guy is clearly using bdsm to get out their anger at women
God could you imagine her insufferable takes about why she is so much more than "just a woman". I'd hope she's old enough to remember goths in the 00s and 10s joking about how stupid normies were for thinking just being non-conforming meant they were trying to be the opposite sex, but who knows the state of Kaya's critical thinking skills while trying to get that troon dick

No. 1909918

She reposted an old tiktok on her ig from the post-breakup era joking about her mental health being shit and stating "still relevant lol". Is this an another hint that it's really starting to go downhill for her, or just an another episode of "Kaya complains about every single thing possible"?

No. 1909998

yikes ree ree, what's happened to you? Didn't she post a video defending her "saggy boobs" and accepting them, what happened to that mentality? It's sad to see her go this way, her lips and inflated chest look ridiculous. she's going to look plastic and overdone if she keeps going at this rate

No. 1910014

Since she looks otherwise petite, they swallow her torso like with Kelly Eden.

>if it keeps going at this rate
Unfortunately it might keep going, cos iirc it's her new scrote who's been encouraging her to do this stuff, and she seems to have low self esteem in relation to him >>1892915. She went through awful DV in her other relationship, sad to see this one is also turning out to be harmful and this time with her seeing him as some saviour

No. 1910407

File: 1696704724412.jpg (670.99 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20231007_194434_Ins…)

Is she the only hostess for darkroom's Halloween thing? If so, either they don't know how boring she is as a host, or the position of host is very very low effort anyways I guess? The more I see of kaya's hosting the more I'm thinking it's the second one, but I don't go clubbing in London enough to know, are there any nonas who would know

No. 1910553

Depends on the event, sometimes you go up and announce things on stage, sometimes you just mingle and advertise a guest list to promo the event/club. Monster Queen had her handing out drink shots before. It's not that extensive really.

No. 1910704

>she's hogging a three bedroom house (better suited to a family) in a tight housing market

Die mad about it salty broke ass breeder retard. Imagine thinking that childree people should all live in some tiny one bedroom studio cause y'all are having kids you can't afford.It's their money and they actually don't munch off goverment assistance and tax payers like breeders do so you can kick rocks.No wonder people think y'all are entitled af.

No. 1910710

Wdym? Kaya claims benefits, the government pays her rent

No. 1910777

I heard this mentioned in the threads before but where did it come from

No. 1910830

While I think Kaya is a cow an anon or two in here definitely try to exaggerate just how milky some things are about her.

Receipts, anon? This is an image board.

No. 1910869

this anon is just bullshitting. Idk how it works in Ireland but I'm sure you'll have to show your bank statement etc and disclose all income which would make her not eligible for social benefits.

No. 1910881

So literally nothing, just show up. Perfect for kaya then, no wonder she's obsessed with clubbing lately despite not being a party animal or being able to turn a loo

No. 1910882

Turn a look* that's a funny typo kek

No. 1910883

Lol, kaya can barely afford a house on the outskirts of bangor by herself anyway and it does her mental health no good having a large family home to herself. She clearly can't handle the upkeep and now won't even consider living with a partner cause Jake was right that she's lazy and it's unappealing and frustrating to live with. Good thing she's dating a guy with a mental illness that hopefully renders him sterile so they don't become breeders, yuck gross

No. 1910889

>large family home
Do you live in a shack nonna? Her place isn't a large family home at all. The reaching itt is absolutely wild sometimes

No. 1910911

She's posted some clips of her hosting and it seems to be a mix of 1. hanging out in the backrooms with her buddies 2. wandering around a bit 3. Getting on stage and handing out shots in syringes (only seen her post this once though, admittedly that seems like actual work since you need to carefully feed your punter the shot without pouring it on them accidentally, the rest of it doesn't seem different from simply attending though)
It's basically comped promo for the event, people get discounted tickets by getting on her "guestlist" which gives the promoter an idea of how many punters she directly promoted to via her socials versus walkups, if it's a significant number she gets called back to promo for them again.

No. 1910913

Calm down lol as a fellow childfree, it ain't that serious. The reality is most landlords prefer single females to rent to since they are the ones least likely to trash the place, families, men, and multiple inhabitants tend to. So the landlord probably prefers her to a family being there.
Also the narrative that people are coasting on benefits is tired af, benefits are incredibly hard to get and measly sums which don't cover cost of living, you fell for the government propoganda

No. 1910931

It's not a two up two down, it's a semi in Bangor West three or four bedrooms. There's a reason the stupid cunt is fretting about the rent increase next year.

No. 1910933

She would not need to fret so much if she had cleaned out and gave up on that fucking studio.

No. 1910971

She doesn't have four bedrooms anon, where are you even getting this info from? She's got a bedroom upstairs and an office if I remember correctly. The video clips and photos we've seen from inside show it's really not all that spacious of a place either. Maybe a family home for a young couple and their first kid, but hardly this massive spacious large family home you are making it out to be.

No. 1910994

Some anons live in the same town and can recognise the area she lives in, changing a bedroom to an office doesn't remove a room. This is all besides the point, if Kaya did live in a shack she'd struggle with the upkeep too because she's fundamentally lazy. She hasn't worked consistently in over a decade. She probably will turn into a benefit scrounge like her ma did when her dad left (can't blame him).

No. 1911066

File: 1696836376876.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.18 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20231009-080201_Ins…)

(Image spoiler for blood)

I know this isn't milky but kaya posted a picture of blood on her finger nails saying fishnets and nipple piercings are not good idea but few months ago when she had her boob bruises she was flaunting them constantly then she got triggered when people asked her what caused them. saying she didn't know where they came from and put laughing emoji when someone asked if it was piercings why didnt she just admit that she got them done?rather then acting like she magically woke up with two matching bruises out if the blue. Idk why she constantly lies even about the most obvious things
Also does she never clean her nails they always have a layer of brown gunk under them

No. 1911067

Nonnies who live in McMansions detected, a 3 bed is large for UK urban standards. I don’t know anyone who is single and has a 3 bed for themselves.

No. 1911090

Nippple piercings don't induce gigantic bruises like the ones she had.

No. 1911135

Post receipts and stop backpedaling.

No. 1911291

Did she get nipple piercings recently or something cos duh don't mess with a piercing or let it rub against stuff until its healed but I guess she was squeezing herself into another shambolic club "outfit"

No. 1911331

Anons can correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall her mentioning them before quite a while back. Nipple piercings just take forever to heal and are prone to complications or getting caught on things. The whole bruising thing is pretty obviously not from getting them pierced nor did she claim that's why they were bruised (she danced around the subject/played dumb). She's been changing the jewelry out on them for months now so they have to be at the very least a year or so old?

No. 1911615

>>1911331 nipples
piercings are done years ago

No. 1911625

File: 1696935953190.png (887.96 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_20231010-120421.png)

No. 1911633

Why does she have 4 eye brows?

No. 1911657

Looks like her and jake have the same used tissues on the floor vibes

No. 1911660

Go back to Twitter with your y'all talk and chill out with the breeder shit - when did I ever bring up kids? I'm talking about room mates retard. Kaya herself has admitted she needs to come up with a plan as the rent is going up and her Patreon is tanking. I'll laugh at Kaya's poor financial decisions if I want to and the WKs can piss off.
Jake admitted they were on benefits for a while before they both found call center work in 2013. In past Altcows thread Belfast residents spoke up and said they recognized that the old house they lived in from 2016-2021 was in a social housing area and I'm sure they were receiving some low-income rent assistance. It's a working class area and that put them at odds with the locals who would have judged their choice of career (Jake and Kaya were both full-time Youtubers by mid-late 2016, barely scraping by). They may not have been on the dole as such but they were certainly receiving government help - it's the only way they could have afforded living in a house as 'content creators'.
Go watch her video 'IT FINALLY HAPPENED' where she gives a room tour. At roughly 10:10 we see the second floor and she talks about a closet room but does not show us the inside. She then shows us her office which has a built in closet and lastly she shows us the bedroom. That's three bedrooms in total. This house has a very similar layout to the old place (semi-detached with 3 bed 1 bath) - it's meant for at least 2 people and the changing rent costs reflect that.

No. 1911673

when is this bitch not tired

No. 1911676

Just sooo tired from opening a spooky box and holding up the plastic tat for the camera, poor thing!

No. 1911687

She lives in a two bedroom with a tiny additional room that wouldn't fit a bed. She shows every room, with an exception of her "laundry room" (which seems like more of a closet) in the house tour. Also receipts on the welfare claims? Even if they were on it previously, you have to pay taxes from digital earnings via YT/patreon/etc so I don't see how she could still be getting government assistance if she's making a few thousand off her patreon alone.

No. 1911692

That third bedroom is a box room (as it's called in the UK) and can fit a single bed and some small furniture. It'd be cramped but most people don't have mountains of shite like Kaya so it's livable - perfect for a college/uni student. In her video she said 'nothing is going on in the closet room right now' and walked past without showing the inside (there was a mirror propped up on the door). In a later video she said her Dad installed clothing racks in the room to turn it into a walk-in wardrobe - it's madness having a room dedicated to clothes when you pubically whine about rising rent. I don't understand why she can't rent out the 'office', Marie Kondo half her clothes and use the box room as her filming and editing room.
There's no 'receipts' about Kaya's benefit claims but I did find this old comment >>976107. F3 'benefits' and 'housing' and have a scroll.
I don't think Kaya has been claiming government assistance since she moved out of the old house but I still think there's evidence to suggest her and Jake did before.

No. 1911694

Let's be real, kaya hasn't earned home ownership or even owning a fucking garden shed. She's a drain like her mother is.

No. 1911698

When her friends call to go out for drinks or food.

No. 1911700

But anon that would require getting off her ass and sifting through her massive musty piles of killstar freebies and whatever, that's so stressful and scary! Time to rot in bed for a week.

No. 1911703

She is also still paying for that studio every month that is basically extra storage for a bunch more clothes

No. 1911797

Is this Kaya's dad or an ex of her mum like why the obsession with Kaya's mother? nobody here cares about your weird beef with Kaya's mother, give it a rest. She's not an influencer.

No. 1911824

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if she keeps paying for that thing just to store her hoards of crap cos she only ever films in her house and car.

No. 1911843

Seriously it's a little weird.

No. 1911927

As if Kaya pays taxes. To pay taxes while self employed you have to keep all your earnings and expenses filed, and you know if she was doing that we would have heard all about it. To the government she has no income, so would easily get Universal Credit.

No. 1911953

File: 1697020540642.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x2066, IMG_9086.jpeg)

Her nails are always dirty(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1912051

Doesn't universal credit urge you to get a job though and you keep having to show proof of what you're doing towards that? Got the sense of that from someone I knew who was on it.

No. 1912064

Yeah, you're expected to spend 40 hours a week job hunting. They tell you off if you don't apply for jobs or go for interviews.
If you don't attend fortnightly appointments your money gets sanctioned

No. 1912078


Thats jobseekers allowance, anyone on no/low income can get UC.

No. 1912129

It's the same for both as far as I know, I think we would hear about it if she had to go to the dole office every two weeks or whatever. It's just some salty anon making up shit, she has plenty of money from patreon, sponsorships, her recent plushie, etc.

No. 1912150

Not if she's down as unfit for work with 'anxiety'

No. 1912152

Exactly this. There's enough milk without all the nitpicking and making shit up too. She's literally dating a troon that skinwalks her? It would be different if they would preface the claims with "tinfoil" instead of trying to pass it off as hard fact with no receipts. She's making decent money off patreon/tiktok/sponsors/etc. Definitely enough to live comfortably as a single woman. Her real issue is how she's going to manage once her support eventually dwindles. I can't imagine her coasting by on YT and the occasional sponsor forever, but I guess if IBF can do it, kaya can too.

No. 1912162

File: 1697062624254.jpg (94.44 KB, 720x1288, IMG_20231012_001436.jpg)

Maybe then you'd lose some weight kek

No. 1912239

She's crafting something, how nice. But she can only see the negative in absolutely everything and how much she can complain. Is it cos it gets her more engagement? Or just that she's just a miserable ass?

No. 1912326

Ikr I was like "oh so she IS doing her own halloween cosutme thats nice" but she immediatly has to make it into something negative, "I have so much anxiety guys" like shut the fuck up for 2 seconds

No. 1912338

File: 1697090675015.jpg (825.28 KB, 837x539, D7GaMDH.jpg)

She'll be in London for a while again. Why does she keep going back so frequently? Clearly hosting has become a chore for Kaya and the Duke doesn't even want to commit to her, there's no life in London for her. I was hoping after the partying and excitement of 2022 and early2023 died down she would get stuck into a regular upload and streaming schedule in her new house, maybe re-brand herself and explore some new content (consistently and not half-arsed like her foray into vlogging).
It's been incredibly sad seeing her begin a pattern of starting and ending each trip to England with mopey pity parties as if she's being forced to travel by gun point. At any point she can decline an offer to host SL and remain in NI to focus on pulling frequent streams to get back in the algorithm's favour and make some much needed money.

No. 1912367

She's codependent and is obviously not self motivated enough to go out and do anything on her own. When Jake dumped her it took her nearly a year to move out from his studio. Now she has a 'purpose' in London there's a guy there that hasn't outright rejected her and because she lives her life online, "jetsetting" 30 minutes to London seems interesting compared to her usual spare time of laying in bed doing fuck all.

No. 1912404

I'm guessing that studio is not getting cleaned out in 2023. Can't wait for the arc where she finally goes to take a look and she didn't turn off the water and the pipes burst dues to the frost and all her stuff is moldy and destroyed.

No. 1912418

I think she's getting paid to host those parties and she earns mire n'y doing it than making videos.

No. 1912429

She said the payment covers the travel only

No. 1912450

wait, does she make money from tips then? what's the payment or incentive to do this? it's not like she's putting in the effort for hosting anyways but has she just been hosting shows for free this whole time?
If there's no money involved kaya has less than zero reason not to post vlogs every time she hosts a show. Show the behind the scenes, advertise the venue, ask people to show up and give tips if that's how that works, do videos on her outfits. This could be a whole series on her channel
half the reason kaya isn't getting better is because she exaggerates every little bodily response instead of working with what she actually has. Being more prone to nervousness and anxiety isn't the type of crippling anxiety she claims she has. Something which also seems to only pop up when doing something hard or she doesn't want to do. Not once has she missed a ride to london out of her so-called crippling anxiety. She is lucky she's only as anxious as she is and doesn't know true crippling anxiety that is genuinely more chronic and life-ruining than her self-centered "oh I have the worst case of dysfunction out of anyone" experiences are

No. 1912501

>what's the payment or incentive to do this?
Free drinks and access to the staff room where you can huddle with your 2 friends for most of the night lol. Kaya's just enjoying feeling relevant again and being called ~iconic~ just for showing up.
Kaya posted a story to her IG just before where she boasted about having 8-10 events lined up in London but it's unclear whether they are paid gigs or whether Kaya's just a spoopy bish who wants to go to as many Halloween events as she can on her free air-ticket. Once again she made sure to let us know how stressed she is and that she's woefully unprepared for her flight tomorrow.
In this post >>1912338 she actually expressed an interest in real sight-seeing for once so I don't know how she's going to fit all these plans in. It sounds like she might be staying for a month with the Duke.

No. 1912564

The repetitive panic every month is really wearing thin. She needs to get a grip and not pack the night before. She does nothing for weeks on end.

No. 1912568

Yeah she's constantly like "haha I have to go tomorrow and still haven't packed aren't I so quirky and anxious you guys" it's like she sees it as a personality trait at this point

No. 1912628

Welp, if there's 8-10 other gigs lined up in London, there's a high probability that most of em will happen next year (the clubs probs have a big gig either for Xmas or New years or both and then that's pretty much it for 2023).

More of the same crap in 2024 without any real engaging content and I'm pretty sure a lot of whomever is following her only via YouTube and/or her Discord will nope out and stop any financial support for good.

If any of those gigs offered her an opportunity to provide regular content it'd be progress, but except for Roly getting her into making a video with him cuz he has a lot of drive to maintain his YouTube channel (compared to her it's not hard kek), there's nothing, and nobody really making her accountable for the lack of content upload.

No. 1912636

she wants to be saved to desperately

No. 1912674


Those events are all this month. She is only confirmed to host two of them- Dark Room and Slimelight. Everything else must fall under the "lol being in London is cheaper than being in Belfast" umbrella

No. 1912687

>"lol being in London is cheaper than being in Belfast" umbrella
As in that's her excuse? Cos it's only true as long as she has the Duke to mooch off. No wonder she doesn't want to move there, she'd have to maintain some expensive shoebox place instead of being able to couch surf all the time.

No. 1912831

File: 1697163414796.jpg (1.17 MB, 1079x2119, Screenshot_Instagram_.jpg)

Jazmin announced an album, I'm curious to know if it'll be like her original amateur myspace tier stuff or her new 180 to sanitised pop

No. 1912837

File: 1697163767583.jpg (793.25 KB, 2880x2880, 20231013_032149.jpg)

And she's doing whatever a "misfits anti prom" is which just sounds like Spotify trying to be hip with alt tiktok emo kids kek. Yeah it's a collage since idk how to post more than one image at once

No. 1912954

File: 1697193398726.png (609.36 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20231013-113318.png)

No. 1913038

>New album called Traumatic Livelihood
KEK, this poor botched nepo girl dressed by AliExpress

No. 1913066

>omg boundary breaking artists who cannot be defined just for you alt kings and queens!
Not this giant corporate entity trying to sound edgy. When a big brand is telling you to "stand out and never conform" you just know it won't be edgy at all. A lot of big brands have caught onto goth being turned into a superficial aesthetic and trying to appeal to that. The kids who wanna stick it to mom and fall for this stuff just haven't caught on. Guess it's perfect for Jazmin.

No. 1913097

she wants to be an edgier Melanie Martinez so bad

No. 1913098

funny did´t an anon just mention that her anxiety never gets in the way of her flying and then she posts this?

No. 1913116

Right, how many times has she flown at this point and the best complaining content she could squeeze out of it was talking like this >>1912568 and losing her bag with her boyfriend's troon hormones that one time.

No. 1913127

The studio is in a building of many that is managed by a group. This wouldn't happen unless the property owners are neglectful and all the other units are sitting empty.

Glad someone seems to actually know what they are talking about nonna.

No. 1913164

File: 1697228172358.png (636.83 KB, 720x1145, Screenshot_20231013-211517.png)

No. 1913166

File: 1697228330914.png (682.59 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20231013-211744.png)

Out in london.

No. 1913175

>third single terrified, can't wait for you to hear it
>it's just a downgrade of Saccharine, one of her only decent songs

No. 1913186

She woke up at 5am to look ugly? Congrats?(pointless nitpicking)

No. 1913256

File: 1697242944660.jpg (225.19 KB, 784x729, Screenshot_20231014_011757_Ope…)

Me when I'm holding in a burp hoping it'll go away

No. 1913475

File: 1697291328070.png (120.75 KB, 645x844, 564465564564.png)

Appereantly the duke is gonna perform tonight at darkroom, I had no idea he was a DJ but that already means he is doing more than Kaya who is just paid to show up

No. 1913487

Will kaya just stand awkwardly by his set to make sure he doesn't look at anyone else? She must be following him around this London trip.

Ever since a farmer poster her pics out in London and said about her awful skin she's been layering the tights. Just wear trousers ffs unless she can't fit lol

No. 1913510

Oh yeah she does have another outfit to default to when she's not doing her onesie and fishnets, it's slutty Wednesday addams >>1890219 Shoulder emphasising clothes like that top don't really help with her unfortunate brick shape.

Dull af

No. 1913539

I’m just glad she finally chose an actual piece of bottom clothing this time.

No. 1913549

File: 1697306406501.png (643.98 KB, 720x1207, Screenshot_20231014-183946.png)

No. 1913565

is this a club where you just go to dance or to gangbang or some shit? Why is she not allowed to take pics inside?

No. 1913569

File: 1697311494674.png (764.66 KB, 713x1258, Screenshot_20231014-202219.png)

No. 1913581

Uh oh do I sense a triangle??

No. 1913597

This troon seems to copy the makeup/skinwalk his current bed pal, so (tinfoil) the person on the left is who he is (primarily) banging right now and not kaya.

No. 1913628

File: 1697322781432.jpeg (197.97 KB, 1104x1129, 8DB574A2-C784-48CF-8374-B2D97F…)

Kat von D went to the same school as Kaya did. They teach hundred stupid ways to contract zoonotic diseases.

No. 1913655

i'm honestly happy people are seeing what a disgusting attention-seeking leech she is now. i don't even like jake or his new sidekick girl but kaya is genuinely insufferable and will never change. she needs people to realize that supporting her is sending their money down the drain.

No. 1913658

you should stop being sad and start being annoyed that your support and time is going towards supporting someone who clearly has no interest in improving their situation. Kaya will coast on her success from the break-up/dating drama until there is nothing else to milk out of those situations. Then I guess she'll be forced to get a minimum wage job at Hot Topic like her current skill set entitles her to.

No. 1913672

It’s kind of cabaret x fetish from what I’ve heard. So that’s probably why they don’t allow pics.

No. 1913673

Underboob is a "he/they/them" living on a houseboat. Kaya got replaced.

No. 1913691

A genderspecial woman? Makes sense why a tim would want that more

No. 1913695

Kaya's probably as unenthusiastic and lazy in bed as she is at everything else. Wouldn't be surprised if she claims to be into bondage and choking as she can excuse herself acting like a dead fish.

No. 1913699

omfg, you're an influencer kaya. if you can't show pics you can still come up with ways to explain and endorse a place/thing beyond "fun, recommended". How is it fun? why can't you show pics? what are you up to? a million things her followers might want to know but you'd get more answers looking at this thread kek
when you're so fat a troon goes t4t kek
in all honesty this new troon can probably get him club gigs or other, better job/clout opportunities
speaking as a weirdo with an understanding with my backyard squirrel and chipmunks my silly cat keeps bringing into the house, an experience they now accept, that poor thing looks terrified. They really don't like being held in ways that restrict them like this, and especially are terrified of our giant predator jaws so don't hold up a baby chipmunk to your partner to awww at like this before removing it from the house kek

No. 1913734

Oof…I know this is triggering the fuck out of Kaya's insecurity rn.
There's no way Kaya would have started dating the Duke if she knew he wanted poly/open, she's self-aware enough to know that would make her miserable. This leads me to think that the Duke requested it 4-5 months into their courtship when Kaya was deeply infatuated and desperate to keep him at any cost. Hopefully low self-esteem and co-dependency issues won't keep her trapped in an unhealthy dynamic - 25 yr old aspiring DJ-model pretty boys aren't the most committed people in the world.

No. 1913750

Going through Kaya’s recent instagram stories from the dark room event and she doesn’t seem to be with the duke in any of them and normally they would be attached at the hip. Further fueling the speculation that she’s been replaced kek

No. 1913766

Right? She could have made a grwm, filmed traveling there and a recap if her time at the end. She has so many opportunities to make easy content

No. 1913787

File: 1697352899309.png (5.87 MB, 1170x2532, F49B4BBF-F286-4520-A7DA-29D706…)

You can NOT tell me this is plumping lip gloss. She has sausages for lips!

No. 1913789

That might explain why kaya delusionally thinks she's an animal whisperer

Atp she's not an influencer if she's too lazy to advertise clubs that invite her and pay for her flight, which is the very thing clubs hope you'll do when they make you a host right? You think she'd learn from monster queen dropping her but that'd require some introspection which isn't kaya's brand now is it kek

She likes making GRWMs anyway too so it'd slot easily into her content. How many missed opportunities will it take for her to realise she's missing them, like how she completely missed the renewed interest in her right after the break up and it completely died down

No. 1913807

File: 1697358016102.jpg (773.65 KB, 760x1012, 7CNb1Bu.jpg)

We knew something was off when we saw Kaya's open relationship musings >>1908067 and increased depression/anxiety posting >>1904746, >>1912162
I compiled the evidence and things have deteriorated more than I expected…

I searched through her mutuals' stories and couldn't find a single pic of Duke with Kaya or her friends.
I found clips of him doing his DJ set on the dark_room_ldn page but once again saw no sign of Kaya (both on stage or in the audience). I think I spotted Rotten Hollow in the middle of crowd but that was it - it seemed like Kaya and the others hadn't arrived yet and were deliberately avoiding Duke. I know Duke wasn't tagged in some of my screenshots but the make-up is a direct match with this pic >>1913569

Kaya is staying with Spooks at the moment (I could recognise the mural in her IG stories) but we will have to wait and see if she ends up moving over to the Duke's houseboat or heads elsewhere - that would be a pretty damning piece of evidence.

No. 1913816

Wonder if the Duke mentioned kaya's laziness which resulted in her recent moans online? Or maybe he got mad she lost his hormones, couldn't be bothered to post them to him and other people don't take 24 hours to do one task and have to retire to bed for 16 hours to cope. Plus he's younger, Kaya is in her 30s. Maybe she should try and focus having a social circle where she lives? Thought there'd be plenty of alt guys in Belfast she could date, funny she always goes for ldr. Maybe she knows she's insufferable

No. 1913822

If you scroll up in this thread I LEGIT said "I hope she doesnt just put on a red lingerie outfit again with some horns and red makeup and go as a devil as her halloween costume" she is so predictable my god

No. 1913853

nonna I remember you calling it, and now I have to wonder if she read that and did it our of spite.

No. 1913854

File: 1697372821269.png (983.67 KB, 718x1230, Screenshot_20231015-121215.png)

No. 1913856

Spooks is moving to Germany soon so she won't have him to freeload off when she goes to London

No. 1913861

File: 1697375087684.png (774.57 KB, 711x1242, Screenshot_20231015-140352.png)

No. 1913864

>Spooks is moving to Germany soon
I saw his post too. That's unfortunate news for Kaya after all the relationship drama with the Duke lol. Kaya would have known about this months before the public but she's probably still in stressy panic over it. It's making less and less sense for her to travel to London, never mind moving there.

I've noticed in the last couple of days there's been big changes at Patreon and creators have said it's been bad for business. There is now an option to become a 'follower' for free which means you can see a creator's community posts without buying tiered membership and access things like privated stream links. The number of non-paying followers and paid members is combined to give a combined total figure which is the first thing you see when you open someone's Patreon (right now Kaya's page says she has 1,024 members even though half of those people aren't paying a cent). There were whispers that Patreon made these changes to try get bought out. Kaya, who relies on Patreon to pay just about all her bills, really needs to stop fucking off to London every month and come up with a plan for her career.

No. 1913904

File: 1697382293390.gif (1.15 MB, 498x278, meangirls-girl-world.gif)

just lingerie again

No. 1913960

File: 1697388284763.png (1.25 MB, 720x1149, Screenshot_20231015-174130.png)

No. 1913961

Exact same silhouette as >>1913166 and all her other clubbing looks, boring asf

No. 1913965

wow looks like she really isnt talking with the duke anymore, that was quick

No. 1913989

Oh she's hanging out with that cute dutch girl she made out with before? So glad the duke seems to be on his way out already. Hilarious that he's immediately skinwalking some other girl though and dropped matching kaya's style. Shame she probably hasn't learned being a handmaiden will get her nowhere though.

Why are you blogging about being a shit catowner anon? Shocked the "everything is animal abuse" anons didn't dogpile you like they do kaya.

No. 1913991

Why the actual fuck are nonnies so obsessed with whether or not she had work done on her lips? Lip plumper isn’t milk. Lip filler isn’t milk. It’s about as noteworthy as her getting another piercing.

No. 1913992

Dutch girl? you mean lamiann? she's an OnlyFans whore who around the time she started OF made a song with Dave Rodgers (suspicious as fuck to me, as he only chooses pretty women to produce for) as he flew her out to shoot the clip. she seems like she jumps from group to group (ex-gyaru who hung out with black diamond girls) to whatever the fuck this is now. she has a pretty face, but what i know of her paints her in a weird light.

No. 1914069

Same reason they'll nitpick kaya to death for taking her cat in a stroller to see some caged birds, then blog about their cat maiming chipmunks in their own garden kek. The tinfoil/nitpick/reaching itt gets pretty out of control sometimes. It's weird because actual kaya milk even tends to get buried in it? Curious to see if there's any more fallout from the duke situation and what kaya is going to do when she can no longer sleep on his houseboat or in spooks bed in the near future.

At least this seems to fit her and she stopped wearing that god awful, ill-fitted, red plastic thing she couldn't even zip up all the way. Unimaginative, but a tiny baby step in the right direction I suppose.

No. 1914118

File: 1697407686514.png (743.8 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_20231015-230545.png)

No. 1914130

One of her better looks in ages kek. Looks like she found a new person to glom on to.

No. 1914135

Someone needs to tell that boy that his foundation is the wrong colour and is too thick. I almost didn't recognise Kaya with clothes on. Best she's looked in a long time.

No. 1914152

File: 1697414363797.png (1.25 MB, 680x884, kurokayachris.png)

Kuro isn't really new, but a returning member of her apparent "besties" rotation. Haven't seen as much as her belfast besties since the duke has been around. Maybe that will change now that he's gone.

No. 1914175

I have to say I'm delighted it seems to already be over with the Duke, hopefully it means Kaya listened to good advice from friends re: not putting herself through a "poly" relationship if it isn't what she wanted

No. 1914373

File: 1697457508554.png (720.14 KB, 702x1191, Screenshot_20231016-125726.png)

No. 1914375

File: 1697458010090.jpg (1.24 MB, 1050x732, jVKsU27.jpg)

More evidence that they've split and Kaya was the dumpee…
Kaya is already making break-up humour TikToks complete with sad music and captions - this woman is officially single. At least she is with friends right now (and it looks like they are actively distancing themselves from the Duke in support).
P.s. I couldn't help but include a screencap from a TikTok challenge where she denies she's lazy lol. Kaya pls…

No. 1914393

Stressed to see duke maybe they must had a proper falling out her to not even support dukes dj gig or maybe she realised he used her for social gain

No. 1914446

File: 1697465733360.jpg (539 KB, 1077x1892, Screenshot_20231016-090935_Ins…)

Definitely appears that way. Honestly good. She's surrounded by friends and it didn't end up spiraling into another full-on Jake situation. Now if she'd only learn some actual coping methods and stop whining all the time.

No. 1914490

File: 1697469957285.png (2.6 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_6702.png)

She’s definitely going through it. Maybe it’s a good thing she never went fully public with her relationship to Duke.

No. 1914539

Really have to wonder how bad things actually were with the troon. She went from being relatively positive, losing weight, dressing well, and "feeling herself" to getting fat, lazy, and miserable all over again as soon as she got with him. Guess we'll see if she turns things around again or not, but there definitely seems to be a pattern of behavior.

No. 1914553

Isn't she the one that has made a living out of pulling on her fans heart strings by always bitching? The same girl that says it's cheaper for her to go and crash at someone else house than live in her semi detached rental. She gets freebies and gifts from sponsors/fans wonder if she ever gifts her friends for their constant hospitality. Kaya is the epitome of having a fake kindness persona with her hello lovelies please give me money bullshit

No. 1914554

I gotta disagree nona. All I remember is her abandoning her friends for troon dick, missing her "work"/ abandoning Youtube and complaining about feeling Burt out and being stressed constantly. The traveling around was probably taking all her energy. I hope she's traveling less to London now and can focus on her work.

No. 1914559

File: 1697477801116.png (452.48 KB, 682x1128, Screenshot_20231016-183335.png)

Wow all free for kanya the begger in London.

No. 1914560

File: 1697478004056.png (496.19 KB, 720x1095, Screenshot_20231016-182911.png)

No. 1914564

I mean prior of the "troon dick" being in the picture obviously. She was doing okay (for her at least) before the duke slithered in.

No. 1914565

File: 1697478446625.png (705.53 KB, 720x1226, Screenshot_20231016-183011.png)

No. 1914570

this answer but >>1914490 not depressed kek girl do you read your answers?

No. 1914571

>when I go to clubs I'm on the job akshully
And what hard gruelling work do you get up to then? Oh yeah taking some blurry pics of the friends whose couches you're freeloading off that week and huddling with them in the staff room the entire night.

No. 1914587

Totally agree with the fake persona. Her car vlog she goes to Starbucks and struggles to keep her fake nice voice up while ordering and you just know that's not how she usually speaks to them

No. 1914608

I think the whiplash from being lovebombed, relaxing into a "relationship", being "in love" as her Tiktok suggests >>1914375
To being dropped like a hot potato would do all that. They probably broke up at the end of her last visit (which she said was shit iirc, that must be why) and the relationship has now disintegrated to the point they are ignoring each other while being in the same venue(!). Imo she probably put up with a lot of shit and made sacrifices like she did with Jake, so it's probably why she's feeling it now since it was all for nothing.
She honestly sounds really depressed, she literally offloaded a poisonous snake with that dude but she has no idea.

No. 1914624

It's so obvious the duke is a cloutchaser too, he used to hang around adora back in her heyday and definitely seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting from being featured on kaya's social media on top of using her for networking and using her "lovelies" to fake reviews for free bottles of liquor at work. Seems to say a lot that no one else continued to hang around him after the split and still choose to hang around kaya instead. Absolutely unsurprising that the troon is a snake. Who could have ever saw this coming? Kek

No. 1914684

File: 1697491353756.png (1.26 MB, 720x1248, Screenshot_20231016-222037.png)

Poor cat spends more time with her mum

No. 1914900

Oh yeah her cat. Since she has to travel to London every few weeks to stand around with her fairweather friends and drink water at clubs, I mean has to "work", I'm guessing she barely sees it anymore

No. 1914909

This break-up is a blessing in disguise - nipped in the bud before the 6 month mark and before depression season. Sadly Kaya will never recover the hundreds of £ that she probably gave Duke for travel, drinks and meals-out (I'm sure as the 'rich' one she felt pressure to pay for everything).
Duke always seemed so slimey, like the shitty room mate who steals your stuff and pathologically lies about everything. I always thought it was suspicious we never saw him with friends of his own (I don't count people he sees at a festival once a year), he was only ever pictured with Kaya's social circles. I guess he's got his lookalike friend underbooob as a shoulder to cry on now? >>1913569
I did a little digging and found out she comes from money and owns a fairly deluxe houseboat (a far cry from Duke's dilapidated shitcan), it also looks like Duke has known her for a while. I just know Duke's fucking this champagne socialist, maybe he has been all this time. Can anyone confirm that Duke is actually poly?

Duke reminds me of Jake in that he's extroverted and can be charismatic however both of them have that narcissist, arsehole streak. I remember Kaya said that Jake did most of the talking in social situations and she enjoyed being able to mentally relax in those settings - there's definitely a pattern here and Kaya needs to break it. She really needs to introspect and figure out why she's always drawn to these men and how she can become more confident and better at setting boundaries.
Who could forget detective nonna's account of Kaya clinging to Duke all night at SL? >>1899489, >>1899764
Kaya also clung on to the Duke during the Subkult festival. I remember going through Kaya's archived stories and comparing her relationship to CoalCandy and his gf (now fiancée) and it was very clear who had the healthier relationship - Simon and Gwen actually spoke and danced with other people independently instead of travelling everywhere as a single unit (literally attached by a collar and leash - cringe).

No. 1914961

>puking for three straight days over a troid
omfg kaya love yourself and get therapy instead of acting like a stupid teenager who thinks they're "too broken to be fixed" like they're the most special person in the universe. Honestly I half think she's exaggerating and lying because she wants to get back her friend's sympathies like she had from the first Jake breakup
she probably still sees her value in if people love her or not. she was so codependent with the troon and actively ruined her business relationships and sabotaged her gigs for being at his side and for what? probably getting used for a gig. And it's laughable he's gotten a boost from her but she couldn't even maintain her own momentum he was just swinging off of her for.

No. 1914963

samefag but I just noticed how defensive she was about being an alcoholic drinking alone when the question was about her going out to party…..
kaya alcoholism arc?

No. 1914976

File: 1697528358436.jpg (290.28 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20231017-081902_Ins…)

She's definitely into men who wear drag Duke must been her perfect man. Of topic but has anyone ever seen a photo of kaya tagged in club pictures with her fans/followers i am yet to see one get posted the only pictures she gets tagged in are ones her and her friends post I feel like she just hides at every event. I know dark room it's no camera's but I mean like monster queen slime ect and she been clubbing for a year now?

>>1914963 no don't think she alcoholic at all I think she's a social drinker She probably annoyed cause every q&a she gets asked it
Yeah they all dropped him like flies instantly no one showed support to him being a host DJ not even a single share on anyone's storys. I hope kaya sees this as a realisation that she a pushover and put more respect on herself and set boundaries she keeps getting used by men (jake grant duke) its becoming a pattern

No. 1914978

File: 1697528501768.jpg (396.79 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20231017-081948_Ins…)

No. 1915001

Kaya if you want people to take it more seriously you should take it seriously. This is so rich coming from here. She has no uploading schedule. Everything from her promotional stuff is put out late, infact everything is put out late if at all. She's constantly whining. She constantly got tech issues or she forgot something. Why would anyone take this mess seriously?

No. 1915015

>has anyone ever seen a photo of kaya tagged in club pictures with her fans/followers
I've never seen her do anything other than stand with a drink. I even wonder if she dances, or just chats and drinks for a couple hours before going home.

No. 1915024

Lol how did Grant use her? When jake and kaya got together she used him to get away from her parents and spend her days up his attic on her laptop while he was working. Grant's a fag from Bangor that isn't a fag pretending to be a dyke like the Duke. He likes boys and tattoos people, when did he use Kaya? And Kaya used Duke to crash for London events? Kaya biggest user about.

No. 1915025

His tattoos are also the best ones she's got imho.

No. 1915092

Detective Nonna here checking in, Mr Nonna and I will be at the slimelight Halloween event this Saturday. Thankfully I will be dressed up and in disguise ready to photograph anything I see.(personalityfagging)

No. 1915149

Thank you for your work sis. By the way, excluding kaya, is slimelight fun since you're going again? Curious because I've not heard of that club until kaya started going and her coverage of it seems really stale.

No. 1915160

File: 1697556588760.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, 13A21F46-2C18-426C-B491-B7021F…)

She went from “accidentally on purpose”
showing off her titty bruises to posting videos like this. Last I checked her and Duke still follow each other, so she’s probably hoping he sees her stories. It’s pretty pathetic tbh, she’s just giving him the satisfaction of knowing she’s hurting from their breakup.

No. 1915256

File: 1697571235457.jpeg (291.39 KB, 2048x2048, 607B8052-3EA7-4EB6-A785-764859…)

Kat von D put out a promo of her upcoming single ‘Vampire Love’ and she’s currently fighting for her life in her comments with fellow Christians.
Lol at her liking the comment ‘there’s no love like Christian hate.’ Sis, these are your people and your shared beliefs; now you’re butthurt?

No. 1915309

>like the shitty room mate who steals your stuff and pathologically lies about everything.
Kek, so specific but accurate. The fact he kept 0 of Kaya's friends in the divorce also tells you a lot.
>Kaya said that Jake did most of the talking in social situations and she enjoyed being able to mentally relax in those settings - there's definitely a pattern here and Kaya needs to break it
This is a good observation, she very self admittedly has anxiety issues despite seeming to get along with everyone and be a nice girl, she'd rather let a moid take the lead/speak for her even if, in both these cases said moid is a creep.
I found this Story funny because she's very subtly implying the Duke could be confused for a man (because he is one) and in this Tiktok she implies hotbois are hard work… >>1914375
she definitely viewed him as male despite the posturing
>Yeah they all dropped him like flies instantly no one showed support to him being a host DJ not even a single share on anyone's storys
Laughing at Kaya's terrible moids that everyone hates or pretends to tolerate until they break up is one of my favourite parts of these threads, yet I beg her to date a decent human sometime soon. She really needs to learn about the whole "abuser traits seem familiar thus women keep seeeking 'comfort' in abusive relationships of it's all they've known" thing stat (not saying Duke was abusive, he didn't have time really but he is a bag of red flags)

No. 1915368

I'll agree that Grant didn't really seem to use her for anything, but he did seem shady and had some sort of drama that caused him to delete and private absolutely everything which is a major red flag. Nonnas even heavily discussed it a few threads back. Jake and Duke are both obvious users though and you either have to be a vendetta-chan or just straight up delulu to not see that and side with these gross scrotes. Kaya is a whiney and lazy cow, but Jake is an abusive cheating scumbag and duke is a skinwalking penniless troon.

It's pretty obvious she's cycling and seeking comfort in the familiar. The honeymoon period with the duke probably had her feeling how she did when she first met Jake as a teen. Unfortunately it seems like it's going to take a few more cycles for her to figure that out on her own if she does at all. Girl really needs to look inward and work on herself first. She kind of was beginning to up until the troon came into the picture though?

No. 1915451

sage but almost all troons and a large number of goths are poly so I'd be way more shocked if he weren't

No. 1915507

Tbh this is doing too much.

No. 1915533

Why? I have been going to Slimes for 10 years and I hate seeing the likes of Kaya and troons co-opting it.

It's fun but the crowd has changed from more old school goths to trans club kids, the ladies bathrooms are filled with trannies.

No. 1915549

Mak died a few years back and it's been under new ownership. Kaya seems friendly with the new owner and has quite a few photos with him too, he also organizes dark room which is how she probably got onto hosting that too after slimes.

I also have to wonder, but is slimes the only event you still go to? Because it's like that almost anywhere in the scene right now. A lot of the older generation grew up and retired from clubbing and the new generation is either terminally online or leaning heavy into the whole queer thing. I do have to agree with >>1915507 that you are doing too much though. It's one thing to bump into a cow in the wild and report back here, but giving yourself a whole nickname and calling your nigel "mr nonna" is what ultimately got you banned. It's kind of weird how you are looking for validation and ass pats on the farms tbh. Just let the milk happen naturally anon.

No. 1915564

Her problem is to automatically assume that because someone is friendly to her they're her bestie. She used to describe Duke as her bestie when the first time they met in this or that other London club (proof was on her IG story) the Duke licked her décolleté from almost her belly button up to her neck. If that's the premise to meet someone that is "the norm" to her, she needs counseling ASAP.

No. 1915601


Alright no more from me then

No. 1915641


Because it's like that almost anywhere in the scene right now, the ogs retired and the current alt club goers are terminally online and queer
Thats so sad. My homebody ass wouldn't know but that's sad to hear.

No. 1915743

oh there's a surprise yet another spooky box club unboxing video. I couldn't help but laugh at the first few items, the fizzy fangs i'm sure are from sainsburys and they're like 70p at most kek and the earrings and lace cuffs are around £2 on ebay. What is SBC charging for that box? 30 quid or more i bet

No. 1915747

samefag i just checked and it's 60 FUCKING POUNDS, holy shit how do these scam artists sleep at night? how is kaya ok promoting them when they rip people off like this??

No. 1915778

File: 1697680534139.mp4 (10.15 MB, 1080x1920, kvdisease new song.mp4)

she pandered to trad-caths, what did she expect? she didn't pander to goth christians or vegan goths or things like that. I get she only started pandering to them specifically cause they were the main girls supporting her anti-vaxx babies and eventual dive into conspiracies, but she had to know she needed to switch up the themes and aesthetic of her music if she wanted to continue after that. This music video has a stripper pole, vampiric love references, and an overall sexual goth aesthetic. I don't hate the music nor the video, but she really can't be that stupid and oblivious can she?
video for archival

No. 1915799

Spookybox with recap
>starts video claiming it's an unboxing and "chill" sort of thing where she plans on dressing the skelly with the stuff she gets in the box. good idea, show off the looks you get from the box -(later edit)- she just combined random other box items she doesn't wear and tossed it + the cuffs from this box on with no rhyme or reason
>the room's floor is supposedly a mess because she tries things on then throws them on the ground immediately. Demonstrates this by tossing tissue on the ground then saying that's how the room got so messy (I wouldn't have assumed she wouldn't pick up the tissue thrown for dramatics if she hadn't said this)
>near the end of the video you find out this was filmed so long ago kaya brings up this being the "time of year we rage against summer and decide halloween now". Doubt it was filmed in October since everyone agrees it's halloween month yet released mid-month. I'm assuming september sometime?

No. 1915800

File: 1697684482925.jpg (805.36 KB, 1161x1439, spoopybox.jpg)

box includes:
>a very small bag of vegan vamp teeth gummies
>1 pair matte black, ornate front gate earrings
>1 vamp pin
>1 reflective black bat necklace. even kaya notes it doesn't match the vibe of the earrings
>1 pair of ruffled lace sleeves, you can find these everywhere around halloween
>1 cute, mostly pink, embroidered patch of flowers with bats in them
>1 velvet pouch with cobwebs inside
so not worth it, all cheap crap with no cohesion

No. 1915809

It's pretty hot topic tier (and similarly priced tbh) which is likely what her fanbase is into. Definitely doesn't look worth the money, but they seem to be a very loyal sponsor despite her late reviews so can't really knock her for shilling them. Honestly surprised she's been posting videos fairly regularly despite the duke break-up even if this is an older one she just finished editing. Really thought she'd do more of the "rotting in bed" thing like the usual. Now if only she'd stop coasting by on spooky boxes & GRWMs and actually improve her content.

No. 1915832

I honestly think the items are pretty cute, but the prize is absolutely ridiculous for what you get, this box is 60£ good lord

No. 1915846

Man £60 when parts of this box could be recreated for very cheap, save for the patch, earrings and pin. Has spooky box always been like that? I remember as a tween first watching kaya do the unboxings, yeah they've been her sponsor for a long ass time almost 10 years, I wanted one and I think it was cheaper and with more items back then but that could be my nostalgia?

No. 1915857

This is like a goth christmas stocking, like just cheap random crap that lacks cohesion. What's the point of a themed box if it's just like someone closed their eyes and grabbed random things? Like I can understand paying extra for an aesthetic that has been carefully curated since not everyone has good taste, but that's not what's happening here.

No. 1915915

I think it used to be around 30-40, I remember 3 months was 100. I wanted it too but my parents said it was ridiculous and a waste of money kek.

No. 1915926

see here


cheap tat, all worth less than £15-20 and that's being GENEROUS and they're charging £60. scammers

No. 1915956

The pin and patch alone are worth that much anon. It absolutely isn't worth the hefty price tag of the entire box, but you must do a lot of shopping on temu if you think that's how much things cost normally. The only really cheap looking bits were the lace cuffs and bat necklace.

No. 1915975

Jazmin isn't even mini-cow material. Other than being "nonbinary" there's no milk on her. Majority of posts about her are just nitpicking her lips and music.

No. 1916016

The pin is probably produced in the same factory that sells pins for a dollar on aliexpress

No. 1916040

i doubt that very much. whilst i can't find that specific patch I've found very similar handmade ones for around the £7 mark. pins are also usually quite inexpensive so i highly doubt it's in the region of £15+

also no, the earrings and cuffs were found on ebay via UK sellers for less than 3 quid and as i said the sweets are 70p from Sainsburys.

like >>1916016 said it looks about the same quality of pins you'd find on aliexpress and other similar chinese websites

I still think it's a scam of a box, for £60 there should be A LOT more products or a few very unique, pricier things

No. 1916048

File: 1697745054186.png (743.79 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20231019-204909.png)

No. 1916049

File: 1697745099614.jpg (612.16 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20231019-143827_Sam…)

The pins you get on Alixpress are usually underfilled soft enamel with stolen images of hard enamel pins. The one kaya received is clearly a larger hard enamel pin in the video which usually cost anywhere from $12-$20 (sorry burger prices) depending on the maker/grade of the pin. Picrel is the actual quality of a standard cheap pin off alixpress. Like the pin is kind of ugly? But it's really not that bad in quality.

No. 1916060

Do you have receipts on them being found on ebay? I looked, but can't find them.

No. 1916094

File: 1697754452405.jpg (71.21 KB, 856x522, cuffs.JPG)

NTA but here are the cuffs. These were the top result and they look exactly the same.

No. 1916128

I mean I would say she's a mini calf because of her wannabe alt music that sucks, which we make fun of Jake for too, and her ugly outfits. Agree she's boring otherwise though.

Cosplay accessory tier item in a £60 box, not looking good. Get your bag but not this egregiously. I looked on kaya's channel for older spooky boxes and they really did seem to have more, plus a gourmet lollipop which they used to do every box until they suddenly stopped maybe for cost.

No. 1916134

She had fun but looks miserable/raging? Why would she post that lol

No. 1916141

The lace cuffs definitely look like the cheapest thing in the box besides the candy. Still can't find matching metal earrings like the ones pictured unless I'm somehow blind.

I've noticed a lot of things got more expensive after covid. Might be due to supply chain/shipping costs and issues? It's a shame because I agree the older boxes seemed better curated.

No. 1916264

File: 1697797650133.png (604.61 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20231020-112426.png)

No. 1916267

File: 1697798211412.png (258.99 KB, 714x1206, Screenshot_20231020-112445.png)

No. 1916270

File: 1697800341268.png (420.49 KB, 720x1227, Screenshot_20231020-113008.png)

No. 1916273

>>1916267 looks like she's crying? What happened kek I guess we'll never hear what happened but Kaya will keep talking about it but will get mad if somebody asks for details

No. 1916278

No she not crying it's raining.she has no coat.not long till she sick

No. 1916280

File: 1697803464960.png (439.43 KB, 711x1201, Screenshot_20231020-130348.png)

No. 1916282

>>1915641 that is not really true though, there are always some old school goths, some of which hate nights like monster queen but still love slimes. I think people are over exaggerating a bit. If you are curious what it is like the best thing to do is go yourself and make your own mind up.

No. 1916292

File: 1697807010292.png (143.46 KB, 669x832, lovely.png)

did a google of the box out of curiosity and it's certainly interesting. Wonder what she witnessed her night

No. 1916304

then why is that dumb anon posting pictures of her being wet outside like we care

No. 1916314

File: 1697810494202.jpg (1.09 MB, 1077x1706, Slimes.jpg)

Have you not been lately nonna? The new owner of slimes is a gay man and most of his clique are queens and troons in gimp suits.

So that they can go on for a dozen replies about her not wearing a coat apparently. kek

No. 1916368

Wannabe club kids. They all try so hard it's fucking boring.

No. 1916411

The tryhard edginess just sounds stupid ngl

No. 1916414

File: 1697823851574.jpg (Spoiler Image,411.64 KB, 1076x1504, 67883000e.jpg)

Honestly some of it is so egregious too, it's no wonder kaya's club outfits are usually pretty awful if these are the people she's mimicking.

No. 1916447

This made me laugh so hard. It's like if gamer edgelords were goth.

No. 1916462

Tarzan but if he went to hot topic

No. 1916478

Guess if you live a sloth and dirty lifestyle like kaya people puking on each other isn't so gross?

No. 1916480

Honestly if this is what goth clubs are like I'm glad I don't take part. Nearly naked manlets posturing all night sounds insufferable and borderline sexual harassment.

No. 1916486

The funniest part is how the boots/loincloth both appear to be homemade out of what looks like black tape, garbage bags, and large bolts? It's all very zoolander's "Derelicte". kek

No. 1916500

File: 1697837109558.jpg (237.62 KB, 462x709, The_Point_WordPress_Derelicte_…)

>It's all very zoolander's "Derelicte" kek
Picrel average slimelight goer?

No. 1916501

>>1916314 yeah went a few months ago. Not everyone looks like the people shown in these photos. The photographer doesn't seem to take as many photos of the more toned down people.

No. 1916502

File: 1697837327666.png (568.6 KB, 711x1212, Screenshot_20231020-222614.png)

No. 1916503

File: 1697837503388.png (572.52 KB, 718x1127, Screenshot_20231020-222619.png)

No. 1916505

File: 1697838230344.jpg (294.33 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20231020-155549_Ins…)

Apparently kaya just did a paid ad for spotify (the playlist was pretty shit though)? Also NTA, but it seems like she's at some sort of influencer party where these were taken? >>1916502. For as lazy as her content may be she sure does seem to have connections. Her follower counts aren't even that high, but maybe 160k is enough to get invites/sponsors.

Kek nonna

No. 1916507

File: 1697838431667.jpg (624.02 KB, 1077x1366, Screenshot_20231020-164523_Ins…)

Also it's kind of funny, but now that the duke is gone she's back out in the crowd and taking photos with people who recognize her. Seems like the duke was on his way to being a Jake 2.0 as suspected.

No. 1916511

Wonder if she'll address having another friend fallout? She has videos referring to the Duke as her best friend lol, she goes through best friends quicker than dates.

No. 1916552

File: 1697843217505.png (1.03 MB, 720x1222, Screenshot_20231021-000013.png)

No. 1916574


>misfits 2.0 antiprom event
This >>1912837 right? The performative edginess does sound up kaya's alley

No. 1916686

File: 1697866998842.jpg (157.78 KB, 900x1119, F8zspzvWwAAzAVc.jpg)

Berry Tsukasa is back but now she's an egirl on Twitter @Cyb4rAnGeL and she's embracing the "goth" aesthetic.

No. 1916701

Last I heard she was living with some rich white kid and he had cancer. Blurry gonna Blurry though.

No. 1916723

wearing a black top is not goth. Put her in the e-girl thread anon.
look at her actually working? kek

No. 1916756

File: 1697889814892.png (1.1 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20231021-114633.png)

No. 1916768

File: 1697892229833.png (673.19 KB, 705x1227, Screenshot_20231021-134243.png)

No. 1916824

oh totally, I'd bet they just do the nastiest shit the nights they invite celebs and otherwise just hire the lowest rate strippers and hookers willing to do anything for cash. I guess if they prioritize tranny "sex workers" you'd be guaranteed nightly frights of fucked up fetishes. This is the type of place edgelords would adore to tell you is high art because it involves sex kek. Kaya probably went to prove how not vanilla she is and won't say anything about the night or place, in part because she can't use the english language to describe things, but also to keep up this idea that she's been a crazy kinky "sex vixen" since jake left
he looks like a reject off of one of the direct-to-video Hellraiser sequels
the misfits 2.0 artists probably had ad campaigns sent to literally any and all "alt" influencers. I'm guessing there are nepo babies or something among them because I don't tend to see "counter culture" ""punk"" stuff pushed this hard. granted I think most of the girls are heavy bimbos so maybe some clothing brands are trying to push bimbo-is-goth hard during the y2k resurgence kek
is this at the anti-prom thing? did literally nobody keep partying after the marketing part ended or did kaya just not get invited?

No. 1917041

> I don't tend to see "counter culture" ""punk"" stuff pushed this hard
Allow me to sperg a little. Because a watered down, sanitised lame version of alt has been trending on tiktok for a while now, it makes sense that brands want to cash in and a lot of them have. And normally when brands join is the signal to move on to the next trend but the insecure edgelords such as gendie tifs who've latched onto this just don't wanna let go I guess, so they just stay and buy the totally rebellious and cool stuff that companies tell them to, and apparently even Spotify wants a slice now.

>nepo babies must be on it

I mean jasmine bean is on it and I saw someone call her that itt? Idk any sauce on it though

No. 1917357

File: 1697928616185.png (480.92 KB, 720x1168, Screenshot_20231021-234808.png)

No. 1917404

That's kind of cool actually. I'm surprised she put in so much effort.

No. 1917420

File: 1697935159775.jpg (546 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20231022_013643_Ins…)

Nice, I wonder what the occasion must be if she actually tried this time? She even says in her story being a host is just promo and you do absolutely nothing

No. 1917573

The makeup is cool, my only thing is the event started at 11 and she posted "on my way to slimelight" at like 00:30… as a host, are you not supposed to be there for when the event opens??

No. 1917587

File: 1697970140049.png (744.37 KB, 720x1103, Screenshot_20231022-111424.png)

No. 1917591

what is she so secretive about this? Or does she not know her own job description?

No. 1917601

File: 1697973282665.png (224.91 KB, 720x1093, Screenshot_20231022-112002.png)

No. 1917670

She's not secretive, she is just ashamed to write "I don't do anything, just stand there and get paid for that. Silly, right?"

I bet Jake is fuming. Kaya does a job that requires no effort, is bad at it and is still getting paid. Same with spooky box. Now she also got a sponsorship with Spotify.
As much as she annoys me, it does give me joy that he is probably fuming she still has opportunities, while his income is at an all time low.

No. 1917673

They’re broken up since two years jeez. Some anons have to get over it already. They certainly have.

No. 1917680

File: 1697985599654.jpg (239.85 KB, 1080x1902, 1c6SPeU.jpg)

It was good to see Kaya actually taking pictures with SL attendees and long-term Insta-famous characters (I've never seen her pose with Paris Ricci before today) - she made more effort during this event than in her whole year of SL club promo. It looked like she arrived alone this time so she was probably much more approachable and open than she usually is (out of necessity). Kaya radiates a lot of nervous, co-dependent energy so she should force herself to chat and dance to strangers more often.
I know it's just for Halloween but this deliberately unsettling, creepy/ugly style suits her and the vibe of the venue - I just wish she'd do it every time. I can't take another wannabe hawt lingerie look that fails to look sexy or risqué. Torture Garden and SL Halloween Part II are coming up at the end of the month so hopefully we see more of these horror inspired looks.
The short Ricardo guy owns Slimelight? I thought he was just a high ranking club promoter as he seems to attend every single event (something I thought would be above an owner) and definitely seems like he'd actually walk around and chat with guests.
If he's the owner then he's certainly given Kaya lots of opportunities so she owes a lot to him.
Eventually she will but she won't include details/identification (just like in the case of Grant) however with the amount of clues she's dropped we can make some guesses about the break-up: a.) he was the one that called it quits b.) it happened sometime in September and c.) he may have insisted on being open/poly against Kaya wishes. I wonder if the Duke will self-exile from London goth events to avoid Kaya and her friends. It looks like Kaya's gonna ramp up her club attendance rather than slow down and stay in NI so he can say goodbye to his DJ career lol.

No. 1917686

jake certainly isn't over it, he keeps vagueposting or talking passively aggressively about her, what a creep kek

couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Kaya annoys me too but kicking her out and leaving her with no money was a massive dick move so it's hilarious to see her do well financially now and he's struggling to get by

No. 1917728

She recovered from this break-up with the duke a lot faster than I expected. Funny how as soon as her parasite moid is gone, she's back to being more creative and socializing with others, getting photos with random event goers, etc. She certainly seems to have a type. While the outfit for this isn't really anything new, the makeup is actually pretty cool.

She may have stopped vagueposting about him lately, but jake still whines and bitches about her fairly regularly. He's at an all time low with how spectacularly his vtuber thing flopped and is incredibly bitter about it. He openly blames everyone (kaya, goths, women, YouTube, zoomers, etc.), but himself. Kaya may have moved on to boohooing over the lanky troon, but jake still hasn't despite trying to convince everyone he's happy with his "milf".

No. 1917768

Oh so the rest of the outfit was a mess as usual, at least her makeup was interesting

No. 1917805

Have they? Jake constantly makes small digs at her. In his last stream he was talking about how he hardly posts anymore because he has a home life and "girl he actually likes to be around".

No. 1917809

okey so he's not over her. Why do we need to read his name in HER thread? Nobody here cares about that little dwarf man.

No. 1917838

Easiest way to drop the Jake subject is by ignoring the people who bring him up tbh. Just let it get buried in the random kaya screencaps like everything else in the thread. kek

No. 1917839

This isn't HER thread, it's the alt thread. Uttering their names in different threads isn't off limits lol.

No. 1917845

>this deliberately unsettling, creepy/ugly style suits her and the vibe of the venue - I just wish she'd do it every time. I can't take another wannabe hawt lingerie look that fails to look sexy or risqué.
I so agree with you on this. From the shoulders up she looks stunning. The rest is a mess again. She looks sexier more covered up. She has a good face for big make up looks and great long hair but the trashy ill fitting outfits take away from it.

No. 1917858

He was so utterly convinced people liked him and not Kaya and did the whole breakup video like he was offloading some useless baggage and expected everyone to agree, it never stops being amusing seeing how it played out afterwards

No. 1917919

I was just thinking the other day how her cutesy goth phase looked so much better, and how I wish she would dump the “sexy” vamp goth attempts and go back to it. But yeah, this higher effort creepy look is great. Literally nothing bad to say about it. Let’s see how long she can keep it up.

No. 1917937

true but i think fake made her feel terrible about herself/her body and unsexy, so she might be playing it up a bit feeling attractive for once. good for her tbh

No. 1917965

Yeah since she keeps looking ugly accidentally, intentionally creepy could be a positive step for her lol

No. 1917970

File: 1698025590288.jpeg (60.91 KB, 828x456, IMG_2780.jpeg)

FYI, ItsBlackFriday is doing a live stream celebrating Severine’s birthday, which consists of IBF constantly ducking into the corner of the screen to read what’s happening on her computer while her daughter wobbles around looking confused. That kid is not looking good. Poor thing has a bald patch. I was disappointed at the way IBF was mocking some of her daughters’s behavior and swearing in front of her.

No. 1918005

Not to be technical or anything, but according to most goth's now, all you have to do is listen to the music to be goth- you can legit wear a t-shirt and jeans and still be goth.

No. 1918007

File: 1698030077618.jpg (928.32 KB, 2880x2880, 20231023_050107.jpg)

>cutesy goth looked better than vamp goth

lol you cant be serios

No. 1918017

File: 1698034093642.jpg (753.19 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20231022-230443_Ins…)

I was going to say similar. Wasn't really a fan of her cutesy goth phase, she was looking pretty good for a little bit there shortly after she got the house, pre-duke. She had lost weight, was going to the gym, and wasn't overdoing her makeup for endless club outings. She wore mostly longer slip dresses and those thigh high boots with minimal jewelry, more classical makeup. Best she's looked in ages.

Can't say I'm surprised. Still can't believe she decided to have another after severine and all the drama from moving around constantly. She definitely doesn't ome off as a responsible parent whatsoever. Wonder if she's going to make a big deal about trying to go to next year's wave gotik treffen.

No. 1918046

She really peaked around this time huh? Shame she’s let it all go to shit with her trashy looks now

No. 1918082

Too bad it isn't up anymore, would have loved to watch it. I know parents can dress their children how they want but I think it's depressing that she dresses little children all in black. What is her autistic obsession with black? Just how she wants to paint every little thing in her apartment black. As if that's all what goth is about. What about some variation KEK there's so much you could do, like victorian styles with some white and brown or something.

Yes she looked really good here, guess that's what you get from hanging around with trashy troons

No. 1918086

nta, listening to the music is more important than dressing a certain way so I agree with that. I've listened to goth music since my early teens but only occassionaly I really dress goth. I have been in the goth scene when I was clubbing but not anymore due to a lack of opportunity. People like her >>1916686 and Jake are really the problem, they don't like the subculture at all but use the aesthetic for their own personal gain. I think they kind of belong in this thread too because it's very cowish behavior even though they aren't legitimately goth or alt.

No. 1918115

Samefag I was referring to her more recent, puffy-lipped “sexy vamp” look, with all the red lingerie and unflattering skimpiness.

No. 1918125

>all you have to do is listen to the music to be goth
this is some tie Tok bullshit. Obviously you don't have to look like the girl in the video but the scene is a little more than just listening to the music.

No. 1918161

What do you mean by mocking? What did IBF say exactly ?

No. 1918162

If she could alternate this with her creepy Hellraiser inspired look at SL that would be worlds above what she's been doing lately. Pretty obvious she struggles with self identity and the duke was a terrible influence. I even thought her outfit was more suited to the creepy makeup, but if she had leaned heavily into the cenobite aspect and wore a long, high collared trench type garment with a black corset, perhaps had some high slits for the legs with her thigh high boots I think she could have rocked that look. Given her height it would have been most impressive. Anyway, hopefully she'll continue to bounce back and actually learn her lesson about shithead men this time around. Unlikely, but hey a nonna can dream.

No. 1918165

Still look miles better than her cutesy style

No. 1918172

I dom't know if this occurs in other subcultures, but it's a bit disappointing to me that Goth is being presented as something that you can follow x steps to be, rather than something you are because you do x

No. 1918188

I think a lot of it comes from social media and companies commercializing goth, it's really easy with goth because it is such a highly visual thing. There's always been poseurs in other subcultures like hip hop for instance but the commercialized shit has just been so over the top with goth the past few years, it hurts. It has probably been similar with emo but emo is not such an ongoing thing.

No. 1918201

Nah tiktok bullshit is claiming that simply dressing like an egirl and doing thirst traps makes you goth and not the music, and trying to push out people who do bring up the music.

No. 1918301

Spare us from yet another discussion about what goth is. Every fucking thread. Just give it a rest.

No. 1918361

File: 1698097753026.png (714.45 KB, 720x1169, Screenshot_20231023-224716.png)

No. 1918370

I don’t remember what, exactly. I didn’t save it. It was something to do with a specific sound and motion that her daughter makes which IBF was demonstrating right in front of the kid in question while the child is watching. The kid wasn’t doing it at the time, so it wasn’t like she was playing with her. There’s a difference between mimicking behaviors in order to bond, and flat out making fun of a kid, and that struck me as making fun of the kid. She was also complaining about how Severine always gives her food covered in snot and spit, at the same moment the kid was handing her a piece of a snack. I know a small child like that has a limited understanding of vocabulary, but they pick up on things surprisingly quickly. I noticed the kid didn’t give her anything else after that. Not that I saw, anyway. I didn’t watch the whole stream. I stopped at the screaming tantrum. I will say that IBF seemed patient in her interactions, so that’s good at least.

No. 1918373

File: 1698098789106.png (354.27 KB, 710x1136, Screenshot_20231023-230504.png)

No. 1918396

At this point she should give her cat to her mum and move to London because that's where she socialises and has job opportunities. Doubt her parents could argue against it she does fuck all at home.

No. 1918439

Not all of us live in a major city and can go to clubs. Listening to goth music on YT/Spotify makes you just as much of a goth as it does the ones who have the extra $$ to go to the club scene. Sorry to burst your bubble.(please stop with the unsaged goth powerleveling)

No. 1918441

It's honestly so bad that people can't even understand that you can still be goth without dressing to the extreme all the time. It kinda makes me laugh, according to those people, once I lay down for bed in pajama's I'm not goth anymore.(unsaged derail + blog)

No. 1918442

>I don't know anyone in berlin I can mooch off, so I can't go haha

No. 1918444

Tik tok just sexualized the stereotypical goth, and e-girls saw this and decided to play into it. Honestly sick of it.(unsaged derail)

No. 1918517


It's not late 80s/90s anymore so you can't really hold new goths to the same standards as the old.

No. 1918552

sell all your shit and move to a suburban. She can take the train into the city when there is an event or is that not realistic? She has a job that's online so she is not dependent on location. She can move to the English forest even.

No. 1918567

I think she looks really pretty, even with the glare in her eyes, and her eyes look sad. I wish she would stop getting involved with these losers who are jealous of her and just want to ride her coattails. theyre incapable of love. at least the trans person was cute in a young Marilyn Manson way, where Jake was a short husky loser dork.
she's a cute enough woman, pretty face and hair, and could get a nice normal boyfriend in the goth scene in London or Ireland, it's not like she's in Hollywood competing with models. but she should probably just focus on herself so she stops falling for crumbs of validation and teeny sparks of sexual chemistry, because she's not picking good dudes.

No. 1918629

Kaya is pretty with a round youthful face and cute features the only thing fucking her up is being fat and lazy she could land a hot tall goth guy if she wanted i don't like her but seeing joke the broke seeth over her getting with a hot tall peter steel looking dude would be precious considering all he could pull was a wrinkled jeffrey star looking single mum and onlyfails whore.

No. 1918739

Hot tall goth guys don’t exist, goth girls always end up with the ugliest bfs ever(unsaged derail)

No. 1918799

Kat von D’s corny ass song is out. She says she was inspired by Hotel Transylvania for the music video where everyone has a matching soulmate. Eg: Mermaid and Sailor, Flower and Bee etc. I actually liked the chorus when it was teased but then I heard the rest of the song. Her band mate Sammidoll does the backing vocals and I think she sounds better than KVD’s vocals.
The best part is the Christians judging her in the comments.

No. 1918818

>The best part is the Christians judging her in the comments
When you become Christian for goth points but then have to deal with real Christians kek

No. 1918860

Honestly I kind of like it in an elevator music kind of way.

No. 1918863

Her attempt to transition into a music career is embarrassing. Her new Christian fundie fans don’t want this kind of shit from her, the comments are at best politely tolerating it (“she’s a new Christian, we have to be patient” KEK). Obviously most alternative people don’t like her anymore, if they’d be into this kind of shitty dark synthwave to begin with. Who is the audience supposed to be??

Also her voice fucking sucks and she’s way too shallow to make interesting music. If she gave a shit about rebuilding a legitimate career she’d stick to her actual talents in visual art.

No. 1918867

According to KVD, the most negative and judgemental reactions to her baptism video came from other Christians. Also confirms that her husband isn’t Christian (yet?).

No. 1918893

File: 1698194687244.jpg (1.48 MB, 1080x3424, Screenshot_20231025_014240_Ins…)

Jude Bishop unprivated her old posts, could be nothing but she's had them private for 3 years now so yeah

No. 1918946

File: 1698202907235.png (512.09 KB, 924x956, vox keytar pole.png)

why is kat listed as vox in the credits?

No. 1918955

I agree! I'm not a fan, I think her content is so boring, but I'd love to see her thrive, date a tall buff dude with actual talent or money, while Jake gets a Minimum Wage job and can't do better than an older lady with a whole ass kid from another man LOL. he probably thought he was going to be able to go "on tour" as a musician and bang young e-girls or whoever he fantasizes about consuming his content. I remember he featured some 15 yr old holding his plushie in her lap. he is so divorced from reality kek.

No. 1918966

It's funny because Sammi Doll was a member of IAMX and Kat was featured on a couple of their tracks too. IAMX has straight up anti-Christian songs with lyrics like "And no maker made me. I will never be hijacked by the fairy-tale" Wonder how Kat feels about that now?

No. 1918978

File: 1698212135018.jpg (4.02 MB, 2196x3812, Ta3Nm1X.jpg)

Kaya went out to eat at the Duke's workplace last night (Duke revealed where he works last month in the name of free prosecco >>1900865). I'm not sure if Kaya dined with him or whether she swung by with another friend but it looks like they are on speaking terms at least (despite the TT reels she made about him breaking her heart).
I also did a little digging into the restaurant he works out (mostly to see how many people actually responded to his beggy IG story) and I saw some rather suspect reviews…
It looks like he gave himself a good review (the picture and name is a match) and two reviews under the names 'Mother Tucker' and 'But Tock' gave him and his co-worker Lars (coincidentally that's the name of his friend underbooob) glowing reviews. The Duke is pretty shameless in his pursuit of free booze, some of these reviews are cringey af.

No. 1918980

File: 1698212364304.jpg (2.79 MB, 1080x1560, x51Usod.jpg)

Samefag. I forgot to include Kaya's story which has his actual workplace visible rather than just a location tag.

No. 1918990

I never considered a bottle of free sparkling wine to be a job perk… I get it by the case load if I want, as I work in development for an org that hosts a lot of donor events. they give away the booze we don't use so it doesn't get old. I can't imagine being this desperate for prosecco. it's giving immaturity, grifter, and alcoholic all at once.


No. 1918993

same, I could see it playing in the background while shopping at Sephora or something.

No. 1919011

That’s embarrassing to review yourself for a bottle of booze and notice how all the reviews say ‘attentive’ or ‘made me laugh’ which show they were clearly written by same person. Knowing that the company is letting their staff review the place to get free booze so they can get a higher rate on Google just tells me they are not a good place to go as they have to rely on fake reviews and bribes shitty company
>>1918980 trying to rekindle their relationship? Some things are better left behind.
>>1918799 the song not terrible it’s just something you won’t remember buy the end of the week
>>1918893 she often comes back when she needs money or is on the hunt for a new daddy

No. 1919012

not sure, but vox in latin means voice so maybe she wanted 'vocals/vocalist' to sound edgy?

No. 1919026

Could be he noticed everyone dropped him like a hot potato when he upset Kaya and he invited her for a free meal to suck up. It would be a typical narc tactic and Kaya is stupid enough to think he likes her if he asks her.

No. 1919082

File: 1698239105313.jpg (73.18 KB, 1080x568, 20231024-214228.jpg)

I don't think she was there with the duke tbh. Judging by the build of the person sitting across from her, it looks like a woman with a somewhat larger chest wearing a grey t-shirt with black lettering. Duke is completely flat chested. The hands don't look like the duke's spindly manhands we've seen in the past either. Really weird that she's at his place of work though?

No. 1919085

I think she visited him during his shift with a friend. So he was their server/waiter.

No. 1919090

Sounds like >>1919026 tinfoil could be likely then. He could be trying to smooth things over and make nice with her for her connections. Shame she's got no backbone.

No. 1919101

That's because the christians see through her larp kek. Not saying they can't be terribly judgemental, but I mean cmon Kat look at yourself and your half-hearted bullshit, we've yet to see any true outpouring of christian love and action from her.
I think this is pretty likely. I hope she brought her friend to help keep her from buckling and swooning over duke. I really hope Kaya just stops touching the poo and leaves that asshole alone. He's clearly no good.

No. 1919200

File: 1698256478457.png (808.21 KB, 714x1212, Screenshot_20231025-185158.png)

No. 1919277

I don't understand why Kaya would choose to visit the specific bar (which is not a goth bar or anything, iirc I've been to that one before) her very recent ex works in, right after they both ignored each other at the dark room event a few days ago, when you can just walk for another 2.5 minutes to find an alternate venue in central london like literally it's nothing but bars, restaurants, cafes and shops in that location.

No. 1919318

The Duke literally gave himself a positive review from an account that is his real actual name, wow, the desperation for a free prosecco is astonishing.
As much as Kaya's lack of a spine.

No. 1919359

>but tock
>mother tucker
Taking the mick cos they know they don't have to be subtle kek, bleak when you gotta do this for one little bottle of bubbly and when your workplace doesn't even care that the reviews are fake

No. 1919543

Felvae has had a son, Alfie. She moved on fast!

No. 1919545

screenshot? receipt? Shocked she didn't name him Odin, Thor or Loki kek

No. 1919550


Not posting as its on a family member's facebook. Her husband's mum. You can find it.

No. 1919608

I guess witches moon / moon box has dropped kaya? I was just watching a few of her old videos and i was cringing so badly at the moon box unboxing ones. She knows NOTHING about it but claimed to "have an interest" in it, more like "witchy aesthetic guyzzz amirite?"

20+ unboxings later and she still has no clue what anything is and has no comment on any of it except "oh that's nice" or "oh that's lovely" it's just embarrassing. how was she not embarrassed?? funniest thing is when she didn't know she'd get snappy saying to not tell her because she'll find out at the end. When you're clearly delusional and ignorant to everything you get then no wonder your fans want to chime in

sage for off topic, old content rant. it just annoys me. Yes I feel bad for the situation she was in with fake but her channel has always been this shallow, entry level crap primarily made up of unboxing videos and it annoys the fuck outta me

No. 1919632

>20+ unboxings later and she still has no clue what anything is
She usually gives the impression of being pretty self aware but then oversees situations like this. If she likes the witchy aesthetic it's fine but at least spend 5 minutes on researching isn't that hard. But she basically doesn't do her job for years.

No. 1919695

>>1919632 seconds ago No. 1919694

>>1919632 I think Kaya is an uninterested and incurious person in many ways, I don't think she wants to learn and expand her mind. And that is nothing to do with adhd, she is just shallow. Tbh this is why she will find it hard to meet alternative guys her age, most of them would be looking for someone who isn't as much of a airhead

No. 1919710

File: 1698338871701.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1170x1769, IMG_5200.jpeg)

They couldn’t even be bothered to tag Kaya in a post featuring her look

No. 1919713

And I get the whole “not smiling sometimes looks better for a goth look” thing, but her expression looks really offputting to me and I can’t put my finger on why. Like the makeup looks good, but her expression is god awful.

No. 1919714

File: 1698339606846.jpg (1.53 MB, 1844x664, xxYkUQn.jpg)

Kaya's still posting pics from the SL Halloween event, mostly with new faces she's never posed with before and it's been refreshing to see - this is what hosting should look like. You can tell it was a big deal for Kaya to go to an event without her Duke and usual posse as she was forced out of her comfort zone. Kaya has enough clout to the point where fans and other influencers will approach her for pics and chats as long as she doesn't close off her body language and stay glued to some guy's hip.
While this is an improvement I would like to see Kaya transition away from this hedonistic club life - it's fun in a very vapid, temporary way and is ultimately just a distraction from all the things she puts off (the studio and therapy to name a couple of things). She thinks she's found her people amongst this vain, (overly) sex and queer positive scene but I don't think these people have the time, patience and craic that her Belfast support system have for her. She's be a fool to move to London, that would end so badly.
I have to say the more I see Kaya's stitched up demon look the more she reminds me of a baseball lmao.
This place reeks of tourist trap, not somewhere the locals would go. If I walked in and saw this review waiter feedback QR code >>1900865 along with the rewards scheme app I'd walk out - big red flag. I bet the Duke is extra pushy for 5 star reviews after giving his customers the most mediocre service of their life.

No. 1919730

Are you seriously sperging out about old milk because kaya doesn't actually believe in mystical moon blessed water and other woowoo shit nonna? Kek

It looks like the magazine tagged Ricardo, the owner of slimes and no one else actually featured in the article.

>demonic baseball
kek nonna. Can't unsee it now.

No. 1919841

File: 1698351490515.png (631.7 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_20231026-211640.png)

No. 1919853

I mean since endless unboxings of plastic goth stuff is her content, the least she could do is give a shit about the plastic stuff

No. 1919859

she looks better here, but kinda basic if it's a club look?

No. 1919866

File: 1698354923158.png (534.63 KB, 720x1066, Screenshot_20231026-221421.png)

No. 1919902

File: 1698358530063.jpg (92.92 KB, 1284x2282, 396032575_2064439923896254_368…)

I get the impression from these story reposts that it's aimed at Duke the snake and she wants to get back together

Kayaaa cut your losses there are so many other cute goth guys out there

No. 1919903

File: 1698358579245.jpg (42.99 KB, 1284x2282, 395708371_1019391022630807_404…)

No. 1919906

I think she has a sweet expression here, all the people photographed have a similar cute expression and pose, I think this is down to the photographer and the direction (or lack of it)

No. 1919910

File: 1698359315898.jpg (244.09 KB, 1284x2282, 395140508_1975868602789743_774…)

Samefag, see how cute these people look. Little snippet about Kaya in here too

No. 1919912

File: 1698359370922.jpg (261.8 KB, 1284x2282, 395626073_734505248489924_4307…)

No. 1920045

Kaya finally uploaded the much hyped (by Kaya herself) Tommy Vowles haul after first receiving the items 6 months ago.
What was the point of bringing the accessories with her on her September trip when this was clearly filmed 2 weeks ago in Belfast?
I got embarrassed listening to her explanation for her tardiness - 'I've been meaning to do this for the longest time but I blocked it in my head for some reason'. She's so incompetent and disorganized that I have no idea how she lives independently, it's a miracle she's not on disability benefits. If she finds she's often too stressed or teary to film and edit then she needs to do something else in life.
She was gifted a harness, 2 necklaces and 3 belts which is at least €600 worth of stuff - yikes. Tommy took a chance on Kaya and gets a 12 minute video half a year later - I'd be fuming if someone pissed all over my brand deal.
She ends the video by saying she 'might have some really big life changes coming up early next year so I definitely need to be hustling, any extra support on Patreon is so appreciated'.
>>1919910, >>1919912
Thanks for uploading these nonna. For non-Bongers it's cool to read about the history about the place, it has a legendary origin story. I typed up Kaya's segment if anyone can't be bothered to read from a jpg image
>Part of the new wave is Kaya Lili, aka the YouTube influencer ToxicTears, who travels from her home in Belfast to come to Slimelight. ‘I first came about a year ago and I was surprised at the scale of it,’ she says. Back home clubs are like one or two rooms but this has so many floors and so many like-minded people. I was just running laps of it – it was so exciting!’ Lili says that coming to Slimelight has helped her through a difficult year. ‘I was really struggling with a lot of things, but at Slimelight the vibe is so good and I’ve met so many great people’.

No. 1920052

Tbh it seems like Tommy does an insane amount of sponsorships to female goth influencers? Maybe that's why he didn't seem terribly bothered by her taking forever to post it. There's tons of goth girls promoing his stuff. He also called her a "mega babe" on his repost of her promo so I guess they are still on good terms. Kind of wonder how he affords to give so much free stuff away constantly though.

No. 1920085

She's fucking terrible at her job, and that photo he choose to advertise her video is unflattering. Maybe this is why she never gets decent photos of her posted everyone harbours resentment over her making constantly mountains out of molehills.

If she's trying to get the Troon back then kaya'a self esteem is much worse than first thought. She needs a job out of the publics eye this career path is clearly detrimental to her mental health.

No. 1920135

I mean while cool looking and apparently nicely put together, the supplies for these pieces might be very inexpensive. Scrap leather or "vegan leather" (nice try plastic) and industrial chains aren't hard to come by. Surely you know that selling something for $300 or whatever doesn't mean it cost the maker that much. He's probably losing out $25 worth of supplies, and to send that to an influencer for free still costs way less than paying for online advertising.

No. 1920190

Why does she choose a photo where she has a constipated expression?
She needs to get rid of that teenage bpd mindset. I hope she gets over the tranny soon because ugh.
At this point it's pretty obvious that it wasn't just all the stress from being with Jake. She has really bad issues with working regularly. I also hate her constant ebegging for patreon money. She should post more content before asking for that. If she would do less partying and be more productive she'd get more money from ad revenue and sponsorships.
That's also my assumption. The pieces probably have a huge markup for the brand name/because they're "designer" pieces.

No. 1920223

File: 1698424594547.jpg (268.39 KB, 1080x1899, 0231026-163510.jpg)

Neither of them (kaya or tommy) chose that photo. Out of context screencap anon screenshot her making a face as she stepped out in the rain. She laughs it off after. It's an old clip from her first Tommy vowles shoot back at that abandoned Irish village a few months back.

Makes sense. Just find it kind of interesting that he exclusively chooses goth girl influencers. I know decent looking goth men are often hard to come by, but I just hope he's not another creep.

No. 1920234

She manipulative her patrons all time .they enable her.

No. 1920236

File: 1698426359456.png (457.29 KB, 720x1212, Screenshot_20231027-175702.png)

No. 1920251

It's funny how she always has a post breakup glow up. She's almost immediately dressing better and her makeup isn't as awful either? Wonder if we'll see her get back into a fitness routine or if this will be short lived and the duke successfully slithers back in.

No. 1920257

this is still an awful picture and looks shooped to hell kek

No. 1920266

She looks fine nitpick chan. The video clip was shared here threads ago and is still available on her Instagram. It was originally posted in May if that helps.

No. 1920321

Can't really see the full outfit but on first glance it looks a lot less trash and more glam. Her make up is good to.

No. 1920347

File: 1698439901832.png (621.74 KB, 720x1222, Screenshot_20231027-214915.png)

No. 1920355

She looks great here ngl she can be super pretty when she wants to.

No. 1920363

File: 1698442240191.jpg (206.32 KB, 1080x1919, 20231027-162657.jpg)

Not really milky, but I'm surprised no context screenshot anon didn't post this altcow crossover. Kaya saw jazmin bean perform at the anti-prom event that sponsored her.

No. 1920369

File: 1698442608439.png (829.42 KB, 708x1131, Screenshot_20231027-223534.png)

No. 1920371

Surprised she still wanna go to monsterqueen despite not being asked back as a host because she sucked at it. I would have thought she would be so bitter about she would never set foot there again. But maybe this is her trying to be invited back again

No. 1920374

I can't believe nobody gave this an honorable mention yet kek

No. 1920386

Yas boring alt wannabes supporting other boring alt wannabes, go kween

No. 1920427

File: 1698449123951.jpg (758.65 KB, 1076x1840, monsterqueenhalloween.jpg)

She's probably going to support Rotten Hollow, her friend who is hosting. Also hilariously the guy Jake used to skinwalk. Apparently kuro and his girlfriend went with her too.

No. 1920682

File: 1698486604937.png (152.09 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_20231027-190911.png)

Guess she trying to go to this with them

No. 1920690

File: 1698488529364.png (600.14 KB, 704x947, Screenshot_20231028-112112.png)

No. 1920754

it could be a push up effect of the harness but at least the weight gain is going to her tits too kek

No. 1920757

there is no push up anon, only the chain. Actually it doesn't really look flattering. The chains on top of her boob push it a little down, at least it looks like it. I know she likes to show off her books and usually they look cute but that top isn't it.

No. 1920779

File: 1698506677653.png (405.16 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_20231028-162314.png)

How on earth has she had bad year she on holidays non stop.

No. 1920809

File: 1698510493017.png (430.55 KB, 705x1173, Screenshot_20231028-172754.png)

No. 1920815

lol those man hands

No. 1920818

I love that no context screenshot anon keeps continuing and is not bothered to reply to all the remarks about her kek
He's so gross I wanna punch him in the face

No. 1920854

She's just being a baby about the duke still most likely. She's doing better in some regards, but boy does she love to whine.

Kek, what is this costume? Really hope he fades back into obscurity. Can't stand him. Bring elf boy back kaya. I'm tired of looking at this gangly skinwalker.

I mostly wonder what their deal is. I suspect it's one of the anons who used to get destroyed by other nonnas in thread (both belfast trash and illiterate anon come to mind kek). Makes sense they'd just spam caps and never utter another word at a point.

No. 1920888

File: 1698523585209.jpg (370.4 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20231028.jpg)

Looks like it might've worked. Monsterqueen had her handing out those syringe shots like they had her doing when she hosted previously. I wonder if they rotate out their hosts or something?

No. 1920903

She never said she was hosting so I wonder if she just did that unofficially
It's definitely illiterate anon, sometimes they still write some garbled english with their screenshots
Looks like this was posted by someone else, hope he is staying far away from Kaya

No. 1920970

Most punchable faces of the day award goes to this pair of cunts.
So glad Kaya is not recycling her looks and actually putting in some proper effort this Halloween. Really hope she doesn't get all miserable over duke being a mimbo. He ain't worth it, and she needs to get her shit together before losing her "career" entirely.

No. 1921164

Is the Troon wearing similar make up to Kaya or am I seeing it wrong? Maybe it's the brows and high eyeshadow. Also the pinky nail? kek

No. 1921170

File: 1698578202542.png (276.75 KB, 720x1228, Screenshot_20231029-111530.png)

No. 1921172

File: 1698578536507.png (892.52 KB, 720x1061, Screenshot_20231029-111534.png)

No. 1921180

He's looking very straight and male in this photo. Maybe being around a hot goth lady turns him on enough to stop his delusion.

No. 1921187

Same Kaya same …

No. 1921250

What are you talking about? He always looks male. He's larping his lesbian fantasy and feeling himself.

No. 1921269

File: 1698606308696.png (1 MB, 712x1174, Screenshot_20231029-190350.png)

No. 1921338

File: 1698615623135.png (526.41 KB, 720x1078, Screenshot_20231029-213931.png)

No. 1921378

File: 1698620980561.jpg (326.54 KB, 1080x2187, duke.jpg)

He looks straight and male because that is literally what he is anon. Also hot goth lady where? kek. he's been whoring around the goth scene for years and it never stopped his delusions only made them stronger.

No. 1921381

wtf is this picture it looks like something discarded by a shark

No. 1921431

looking like an absolute frightmare

No. 1921437

oh god the pvc red killstar dress that doesn't zip up on her is back

No. 1921438

>it's been nice to finally do all the things I want to
She's been doing that for a whole year or two now without jake right, or did the troon hold her back so much she feels she's escaped all over again, bleak

No. 1921466

>She's been doing that for a whole year or two now without jake right
The first six months she was holed up in the studio, wasn't she? Then roughly six months after that she was still dealing with constant harassment from Jake, the big blow up of abuse allegations (via the response video to jake's) was 11 months ago. She had a brief few months of kind of doing better followed up by the duke making his first appearance and everything went downhill all over again.

>did the troon hold her back so much she feels she's escaped all over again

The nonna who spotted them together at slimes said that kaya was hiding away in the back the whole time with him at her side looking miserable. A far cry from what we're seeing from these recent parties she's been attending with friends like kuro, his gf, and rotten hollow. Safe to say the duke was holding her back in some way. Either jealous and clingy or creeping on her friends much like Jake used to. Surprise surprise that this >>1921378 creature is toxic. Who could have ever guessed? Kaya really has the absolute worst taste in men, but at least it's milky I guess.

No. 1921631

Oh did the troon stop her from doing all the things like take her to that festival where she gorged herself on crisps? When will she break the cycle

No. 1921632

She's been living in her rented property over a year has she not? She moved in end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.

No. 1921645

Imagine thinking eating chips is milk.

She moved in around May 2022 I believe.

No. 1921657

She had a good thing going with those initial house redecorating videos she started. A pity she decided to give up on them so quickly. People love a good transformation video, and she clearly has the desire and talent to do them. Her bedroom came out amazing.

No. 1921671

Ugh he is just so visually repulsive. Zero muscle tone, flabby skin, dead behind the eyes. A real fucking catch.
I have to agree with you there, I'm quite envious of her room kek.

No. 1921679

File: 1698683752118.jpg (362 KB, 1078x803, 1000058365.jpg)

> I hope this doesn't mean she's lost it?
I mean

No. 1921691

Thing is Kaya can get high views and be successful on youtube when she actually puts in the effort plus she has a likable personality and comes off as a nice girl it's a shame she's not consistent with videos like that.

No. 1921695

Those videos were definitely some of her better ones, but I know she has said it's iffy if she's able to stay there depending on the upcoming rent increase. Infinitely better than her spooky box reviews though. Like, I guess I can't really knock her because they have been loyal sponsors for forever now and it's basically free content? It's just really repetitive and boring at this point. I know she filmed another collab with Roly this trip, but I missed screencapping the ig story. Really curious if she's going to keep up these steady content uploads or be burnt out after this week of nonstop partying. She's been unusually active for her this past month.

No. 1921760

He's so disgusting looking he makes Jake look hot
I don't think she's going to keep the steady uploads up. I sometimes liked watching the spooky box videos but they're kind of boring compared to some other videos. She could do so much.

No. 1921763

Samefag but why does IBF stream old videos all the time? That's so lazy

No. 1921779

What is there to be envious of? It looks like a cheap brothel. Her other rooms look better, but you can tell her effort to finish them died off at some point.

No. 1921959

maybe this bar is just mostly made up of posers but it must be hilarious to see kaya's shitty killstar dress next to people who saved up and bought a proper latex outfit from the many legit shops around there. No reason for kaya to buy non custom or at least local quality latex, especially with her body shape, current weight and proximity to various shops. Besides the fact that kaya can afford quality pieces, you actually aren't really saving by shopping at killstar regardless of the shit quality by comparison. Plus again, she could walk into plenty of local stores and buy an outfit that fit her. obviously latex isn't her thing but she's wearing these outfits as an influencer

No. 1921993

Is her red vinyl dress from killstar? I just tried to search it up and couldn't find anything like it to compare prices, but a custom latex dress isn't going to cost the same as a mass produced vinyl dress. Killstar dresses are $30-$60 and the site runs constant promotions. Shits cheap. Custom latex not so much.

No. 1922071

I presumed killstar since it looked cheap. and ok maybe not custom but local dresses in my very much not alt town go for around 80-110 on the low end with the fanciest stuff at most 200. If this is a 60$ costume then you'd be better off saving up another 60$ for a good dress which if you save for isn't really that hard for even a normie to acheive (the ability to splurge on 60 means you can wait the extra time for extra quality). Especially if all you do is dress up for a living and live near a plethora of latex creators. It's the same issue with all her fashion, she has the ability to buy nice stuff on every level but choses not to

No. 1922099

File: 1698754330922.jpeg (149.97 KB, 1024x1024, _25507b38-78a4-4f2b-9a39-7b549…)

Ze goff szene und being goff are zwei ffings. U goff when u listen 2 ze musik. Ze sczene ist when goffs doing stuff togeffer.
Nachkommen?(okay Henrietta)

No. 1922241

File: 1698777948346.png (509.66 KB, 720x1219, Screenshot_20231031-184209.png)

No. 1922245

File: 1698778804129.png (699.63 KB, 713x920, Screenshot_20231031-184245.png)

No. 1922252

> probably cheaper
Woman, you're both a car owner / driver for a considerable amount of time AND 30, like, get a grip already.

This is what happens when a person gets to freeload off of e-begging and fishing for sympathy (for the things half of which are made up) for their entire adulthood. Queue the
> 'lovelies, quick, I'm stuck on my way to London in the middle of nowhere, I'm shaking and terrified, gonna have a panic attack – I wanted to use my car as a suitcase, but didn't know it required gas teehee, so please send me money, I didn't take any with me'

No. 1922270

Is kaya mentally impaired? Can she not write out her expenses and use the Internet to search the cost of things holy shit, she's in her 30s and doesn't know how to make a budget lol. Suppose she never figured out how to use a calendar or complete tasks to a deadline either. Whoever she ends up with will be filling the role of caregiver that's probably why she can't have a functional relationship.

No. 1922347

Didn't she have a shared bank account with jake for the majority of the time they were together? Maybe she genuinely doesn't know how, and clearly doesn't seem to want to learn

No. 1922388

Kaya can't do basic addition and subtraction sums? Jesus wept.

No. 1922414

File: 1698811926047.jpg (288.64 KB, 1100x3043, Prices.JPG)

I just calculated it for her yw kaya

At the top is the price for Belfast to Liverpool ferry return with a car roughly her size idk about cars. The middle is the fuel estimate from Liverpool to London one way for a land rover (she has a 4×4 iirc)
At the bottom is the return flight from Belfast to London on Economy British Airways with a checked bag up to 25kg.
So it's a no brainer, flying is way cheaper and less hassle. The dates I chose was 16th november outward 30 november return for all, and I chose flexible flight tickets too and it was still cheaper.

No. 1922432

File: 1698814301247.jpg (793.9 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20231031-234419.jpg)

Apparently tape is completely acceptable club wear by much of slimes current owners inner circle. So no one likely even bats an eye at a cheap vinyl dress. There was that loincloth dude from the last one whose entire outfit was made from tape, bolts, and a sad little g-string too. >>1916414

No. 1922446

It starts getting funny when you realise the amount of electrical tape the typical slime attender goes through, I actually like all the outfits and makeup shown (I hope we can see more of Kaya's as it looks like a spiky Cleopatra almost) but they defintiely do not explore many fabrics beyond tape and latex, like what about lace, satin, silk, black fur, feathers, so many ways you can take it.
That guy you linked is too cringe for words, I would be too embarrassed to talk to him kek. I feel like he takes it into internet poisoned territory, like that looks so unappealing irl but I can see it looking cool in his head or in a concept drawing.

No. 1922493

It's the Killstar Spells skater dress in red. I was hoping she threw it away but I guess she's become too attached (despite being 2 sizes too big for it). She's wearing it with with a slutty nurse hat and apron here >>1921269
Kaya dropped out of college to do modelling (which was really just a hobby as she needed government benefits to get by), started full-time Youtube after one year at a call centre and almost a decade on she's still making Spooky Box Club videos to pay the bills. Kaya hasn't been a wagie in years and her income from Youtube and sponsorships was too spotty to subsist on alone. If she had a part-time job rather than pooling what little money she had with Jake she'd wouldn't be so financially clueless now. Neither of them were ever great at adulting- remember when they wracked up a £2,000+ bill at one of their first rentals because they didn't realize you had to pay for electricity in Northern Ireland?
Kaya is still wasting thousands in rental costs while she parties in another country and she's not making anywhere near enough in club promo to justify this lifestyle.
>>1922388, >>1922414
She's been out of school for 13 years and she's barely used her brain since - I'm not surprised she can't do basic maths or research. The future looks pretty bleak for Kaya next year, her Patreon continues to tank and her YT views have noticeably dropped off in the last 4 months (not even a Roly collab can kickstart her career). Luckily for Kaya Northern Ireland offers many free upskilling courses for unemployed people because full-time partying is not going to be her career forever. If she's too proud for that she can slowly become a Belfast granny wearing devil horns from her Slimelight days lol.

No. 1922513

File: 1698827545122.png (3.94 MB, 1792x828, IMG_0403.png)

From Emily Boos recent video. If this ask wasn’t about Kaya kek

No. 1922537

File: 1698833963873.jpg (194.08 KB, 599x528, ScreencapsAngela.jpg)

Yes, please, let's talk about someone else besides Kaya. Angela has been posting screencaps in her stories for a couple of weeks now where she responds to various posts that go from plain mockery to criticism. I've screencaped two. What do you think? It's not milky but I find them hilarious, specially because Angela tries to pull the sexism card and I frankly don't see it. The first one was a response to her videos about Trader Joes.

No. 1922538

kek at the garage sale Marilyn Manson. She definitely needs a thicker skin and it's super cringe to post this in your story as if she really did something.

No. 1922589

Hard agree. I don't know the exact context of the first interaction – as a standalone comment it can come off rather uncalled for and intrusive, as everyone decides for themselves whether to have children or not, man or woman regardless, but a woman especially. It's no one's place to tell us what to do or choose in that department, nor use that as an argument. But, I mean, what to expect from a scrote.

Other than that, for someone her age, life experience both as part of the alt scene and in general (living in NY and all too, kek), being a model and online for so long – you'd really expect a person to have thicker skin by now and not get triggered and enraged by innocent comments like "you are pretty but the makeup no" KEK Like it's not even negative. Like how insecure do you have to be, or what problems to deal with in your day-to-day life that you stop your gaze at this comment, get arsemad, screenshot it, take it to stories, and self-righteously tap out a reply? And then think of yourself as sane for the remainder of the day. Please go touch some grass, Angela. You can do better.

No. 1922707

I feel like this is more likely about IBF? She has nearly 300k more subs than kaya (almost 2x kaya's sub count) and uploads as often as kaya does (or doesn't kek). Don't get why IBF seems to often get a pass when she's much like kaya, but potentially worse?

Will never understand why "influencers" bother replying to hate comments. It's always an embarrassing look when you let literal nobodies get under your skin.

No. 1922799

Emily boo obviously putting that in there to plant the idea in people's heads. Kek. As if she's much more deserving than IBF or kaya

No. 1922804

At least she uploads regularly and sticks to it

No. 1922807

Her content may be uploaded more often rn, but it's still low quality/boring. She'd be better off uploading less often and actually putting some effort into upgrading the quality or coming up with something interesting/engaging. She's not owed anything for her mediocre content just because a few others got lucky in the earlier days of youtube and still coast off that early success.

No. 1922826

File: 1698876691100.png (512.48 KB, 697x947, Screenshot_20231101-220936.png)

No. 1922841

File: 1698879634163.png (632.21 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_20231101-225952.png)

No. 1922892

File: 1698887376605.jpeg (37.41 KB, 382x390, download-4.jpeg)

I can't tell what that headpiece is meant to be. Are there any better pics of the look?

No. 1922903

File: 1698888092208.jpg (598.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231101_202029_Ins…)

Jude's make up looks terrible but it is nice to see her doing something else than rotting in bed all day and unboxing spookybox shit

No. 1922947

>I feel like this is more likely about IBF?
I second this. I don't get the sense Emily likes her very much and that's why she featured this question. Emily recently shaded IBF for showing her kids' faces in videos and implored her to stop doing so in interest of their safety (she didn't mention her by name but it was obvious who she was talking about). I respect Emily for calling out this shit and acknowledging there are people with sinister intentions watching these videos. I believe she has taken down all her past videos featuring her daughter and will not mention her name anymore so she's holding herself accountable as well.
I'll take Emily's content over Kaya's any day; she's real, her videos are much longer, she has a consistent schedule and she actually has fun, interesting stories to tell.
Kaya moans all the time, mostly posts ads and frequently goes weeks without posting (she released 1 video in September, a 10 minute ad).
I actually liked Kaya's chainmail coif lol - a rare winner from Kaya. It's way better than the skin tight bodysuits and cheap sex shop costumes. I forget the name of the creator but it's from a small business.

No. 1922952

File: 1698899043434.jpg (128.94 KB, 1080x1919, UU1PA6J9.jpg)

Kaya got some wild asks earliee, which unhinged nonnie is this.

No. 1922953

File: 1698899146493.mp4 (5.99 MB, 720x1280, XQPTNQS4.mp4)

Her reply, I haven't watched this yet but just documenting milk

No. 1922954

File: 1698899224448.jpg (63.28 KB, 640x1136, X71W2YLC.jpg)

same mad person trolling? I assume the censored part is about doing drugs since she references drinking.

No. 1922955

File: 1698899300010.jpg (154.65 KB, 1080x1919, N2AMPMF0.jpg)

Mad anon part 3

No. 1922956

File: 1698899623211.jpg (173.4 KB, 1080x1919, WCBJ66CB.jpg)

next ones are saged since it isn't milk exactly

No. 1922958

File: 1698899662980.jpg (155.8 KB, 1080x1919, VD2KCT20.jpg)

No. 1922960

File: 1698899893611.jpg (131.9 KB, 1080x1919, WS4WTD7X.jpg)

Last ones, interpersed were the usual nice asks and compliments. I wanna know what anon's damage is, I don't think it's illiterate anon since they are more concerned with her finances. Could it be someone from the troon friend group or the troon himself? Just a random?

No. 1922961

File: 1698900024497.jpg (45.4 KB, 1080x1919, ZX86NB39.jpg)

last one, this was all quite amusing and I think she dealt with it very well. 'I saw your friends doing drugs trust me bro' and rape threats, what a day

No. 1922970

It's likely that one seething raging nonna that always has no milk to add, but goes on and on about how fat/lazy kaya is, her friends are "belfast trash", makes wild accusations in the past of them doing coke in the bathroom of that gay bar that hordor guy DJs at, etc. Like I feel like we can all agree that she's a cow to some degree (the troon titty sucking saga alone) but there's definitely a nonna or two that act like she did something to them personally. It's weird as fuck. Surprised she handled it as well as she did tbh, the old her would've been shaking crying in bed or anxiously vague posting about "something awful happening".

No. 1922976

File: 1698903878437.jpg (268.7 KB, 1072x1905, Screenshot_20231101-221844_Ins…)

Kaya also posted this clip of her staying at this fancy looking hotel? Thought it was the duke in the background for a moment due to the dodgy shot and was judging her hard for a sec. kek. Apparently it's some random "dancer/model" she's suddenly friends with and staying with?

No. 1922978

File: 1698903936936.jpg (273.21 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20231101-222341_Ins…)

Evidence it's not the duke. This links back to the lady's page.

No. 1922979

File: 1698904256700.jpg (562.35 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20231101-222423_Ins…)

I can only imagine how thirsty Jake would've been acting around this woman if he was still in the picture. She's like a blend of kelly eden and kat lmao. Kind of surprised kaya hits it off with these types tbh. Always thought she'd be too insecure around them, but I guess she's feeling free now that she's moidless again.

No. 1923012

It probably is the troon. Kayas been answering gay questions for years on her IG and farmers haven't went and cow tipped before. Could be the troon or just a complete random or Jake fan. Who knows? Or maybe she's actually getting new followers and attention from frequenting London so much. One q was about her mates doing coke at a club. She's been walking around with her tits out in public a lot of this year. That could attract attention or people could be fed up with her begging London mutuals to indulge her and let her sofa surf. I'm sure there's loads of ways kaya could wind people up. She's constantly losing and making new friends.

No. 1923040

illiterate anon has definitely sent her asks before (same shitty typing kek) but this is the first time I've seen something that unhinged be sent to her, it seems suspicious to me especially timed with the Duke breakup.
But you're right in that she's been a lot more social and maybe picked up the wrong attention at some point.
Be interesting to see if mad anon comes back for another round or that was a one-off.

No. 1923042

File: 1698924927625.png (154.71 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_20231102-113345.png)

No. 1923048

File: 1698926286938.jpg (33.66 KB, 320x480, saw02_large.jpg)

She's the puppet from saw nonnie

No. 1923049

okey but who now?

No. 1923052

What's weird to me is that you immediately assume it's some nonnie here that you personally believe made a lot of different posts you don't like instead of some rando incel scrote.

No. 1923060

All the language sounds very scrotey and what Jake would say about her friends in the past. Perhaps it is a snacc. I just hope it's a one off and whoever it is doesn't actually want to hurt her. That was a pretty disgusting comment to make.

No. 1923062

File: 1698928904032.png (166.43 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_20231102-123924.png)

No. 1923063

Kaya doesn't miss an opportunity to plug her patron though. I'm sure she's had loads of unhinged questions when her and jake first broke up but that was 2 or more years ago. She's been staying in London for weeks and has been sporadically out doing shit. She has a lot of time on her hands and she's well known for indulging in misery and attention seeking. She's always been terminally online and frequented gossip forums, the way this thread is so gay with kaya WKs and weird supportive posts and omg she needs to do X to prove to Jake Y. It's so weird and vendettay. Wouldn't be shocked if kaya has a weird codependency reading threads about herself and trying to always come out on top. Most of the people she befriends are also all terminally online it must be exhausting kaya strikes me as a person constantly comparing herself to others. She was known to ask herself questions on those various AskFM websites so she could vent under the guise of answering some outrageous personal attack. It's akin to her looking up all the different mental illnesses to see which ones she can rattle off in a car vlog for sympathy and patron bucks.

No. 1923068

There's quite literally have been anons who have said similar things here in the past. "coke in the bathroom" anon and "kaya roofied herself for fun"? Do you have selective amnesia nonna?

Very possibly a snacc. They used to be more active in these threads in the past.

No. 1923072

Cocaine is hardly a fringe topic it's pretty prevalent on nights out and it hasn't been mentioned here in a while.

No. 1923074

90% of people at Slimelight and TG are on coke or MDMA, it’s very openly done in the bathrooms

No. 1923076

File: 1698931958331.png (232.63 KB, 720x1068, Screenshot_20231102-133121.png)

No. 1923086

Congrats on your $7 that'll buy her a much needed new pair of fishnet tights.

No. 1923109

If 90% of people are doing coke in the bathroom why was mad anon clutching their pearls about (supposedly) two of her friends doing it?

No. 1923110

But nonna she totally interacted with random club goer wearing eletrical tape as clothing #53 who got caught doing coke in the bathroom! surprised the cowtipper cared so much about it as some sort of moral dilemma. With how tubby kaya is it's fairly obvious she's not regularly doing coke.

No. 1923117

File: 1698942710555.jpg (227.14 KB, 1080x1691, toxinstaqna.jpg)

At least she seems semi self aware? kek

Maybe it's that "detective anon" and her "mr nonna" cowtipping since she got banned for personality-fagging. They write very similarly and seemed weirdly desperate to be relevant for whatever reason.

No. 1923118

No i'm just not an autist who thinks everyone on the planet who says something they don't like is one and the same person. Saying a woman needs to be assaulted is scrote talk that has not happened here. Stop doing drugs nonna you're going mad.

No. 1923121

I'm sure it's an incel scrote that followed Kaya for her naked tits and he's on a standard freakout that the girl he was following is not 100% perfectly how he imagined her. So he called her a whore. Typical scrote behaviour. It's ridiculous all the retarded nonnies here are now thinking its another nonnie here because a couple people mentioned before that her friends looks like they were on drugs.

No. 1923138

Fatties can still take coke.

No. 1923154

File: 1698950350501.png (754.7 KB, 662x939, Screenshot_20231102-183806.png)

No. 1923156

She's been a 'Model'for years how can she still loop so stiff and awkward ?!

No. 1923158

Nah it’s not me lol

No. 1923165

I take it back she's looking pretty skinny here actually and it was fast too? Wonder if we'll actually actually get to see that awful red dress zipped up? kek

Proud of you nonna.

No. 1923170

That headdress she is wearing is expensive af, I checked out the brand

No. 1923174

>let's stick it to the haters, join my patreon where you can access my discord!
That's it? After all this time is she still not embarrassed that her patreon is a dry desert, so many influencers only offer discord in the lowest tier and in higher ones offer stuff like behind the scenes, bloopers, or the ability to suggest video ideas, not even high effort stuff tbh and that last one would really help her in particular. She doesn't even feature her patrons' names in her videos or something.

No. 1923178

the skirt is really unflattering and makes her look more fridge shaped than she probably is

No. 1923181

Yeah unfortunately it's making her hips look smaller than her waist and shoulders or is that what she actually looks like? A candid at some music festival exposed that she has a dowager hump so I guess she hides it in her own pics

No. 1923214

File: 1698959243608.png (515.98 KB, 697x1231, Screenshot_20231102-210707.png)

No. 1923224

I mean that looks photoshopped we know her midriff is much wider.

No. 1923233

Why does it look like she painted her torso and her whole nipples are out and about under that fishnet?

No. 1923243

If it's shopped she did a solid job. I thought so too at first, but the background doesn't look warped/blurry and she looks similar in >>1922976 clip she posted. She's really insecure about her thick upper arms so I'm surprised if this is shopped and she skipped them over. It's likely she's just posing so stiffly to find her more flattering angles, anachans do it when bodychecking all the time.

Definitely looks that way, but I'm not sure since you can't see her nipple piercings here, unless she took them out and painted over the open holes which would certainly be a choice.

No. 1923256

There's so many filters that slim put people and change perspective without warping the background. It's 2023. Her stature is noticeably different from photos posted over her in that red dress etc.

No. 1923306


She's leaning over in the duck pose which slims your legs, it's not as obvious since it's a photo from the front but if you look at the shadow, her shoulders, and the way the light reflects on her upper body you can see she is quite angled here

No. 1923393

I see what you mean and tbh it just makes her arms look even bigger

No. 1923396

I used her anonymous question thing to ask if she's going to the actual goth gig in London on Saturday (Skeletal Family and Vision Video) naturally she has ignored that question entirely.(cowtipping)

No. 1923444

she probably doesn't know these bands kek

No. 1923495

File: 1699017406215.jpg (124.28 KB, 1080x1920, DdESnfB.jpg)

After all the NGL drama the timing of this post seems curious…
Is she talking about Grant or Duke here? Will she ever acknowledge she dated Duke or did he gaslight her into thinking they were just friends/fuckbuddies who visit each other for weeks at a time and attend events as a couple? At this point she should just be honest about what the hell they were supposed to be.
If it is Grant then what the hell did he do? Kaya's known him since she was 13 and they were extremely close so it must have been pretty terrible. For the last 2 years she's released a tell-all vid in Nov/Dec and immediately got an influx of support and Patreon bux so she should continue the pattern and spill the tea lol.

No. 1923500

>no one is cowtipping kaya!
>24 hours later

She had vision video on a playlist a while back, don't know about skeletal family though. She does listen to some goth music, but definitely leans more nu-metal/mall goth if anything. Makes sense with her overall aesthetic and age I guess.

Grant up and deleted everything around the time she cut ties with him and was alluding to a friend doing something horrible. Wish we knew, but it's been a long time now with no clues. She's also hinted at the duke being a user, but then went to eat at his place of work so who even knows wtf is going on there anymore.

No. 1923505

Yea because Vision Video is heavily used by the TikTok goths. That's probably where she had it from. Skeletal Family is too trad for her.

No. 1923522

>>1922952, >>1922954
These messages came out of nowhere and the grammar and tone are odd - very unhinged and over the top.
It's hard to gage if they actually came from a triggered, pearl-clutching anon present at the last SL or whether someone like Duke or Grant is trying to artificially generate outrage based on prior knowledge of what goes on in club bathrooms. Someone had a hunch that the question asker knows Kaya IRL but Kaya dismissed it >>1922960 however the venom here is hard to ignore…
Kaya hasn't shaded nameless, backstabber friends in quite some time so maybe now she's got some suspicion about Grant.

No. 1923530

Kaya needs to stay single. Ever since she stopped seeing the duke she has actually interacted with fans and other influencers.

No. 1923532

Definitely think they were two separate people judging by the approach. The "coke in the bathroom" and "someone talking shit about you" anons seem one in the same, probably just a cowtipper trying to drum up milk and make drama. The raging misogynistic anon could be a snacc. Jake still bitches about kaya fairly often on stream or vague posts about her via shitty manosphere memes. A lot of his "humor" is centered around objectifying/sexualizing women and violence towards women so it's not much of a reach that's the general mentality of his followers too.

This 1000%, she obviously has absolute shit taste in men. I get that elf boy or spooks might not have been romantically interested in her and I get that almost anyone could seem appealing after the raging eyebrowless manlet, but the duke? Girl, love yourself.

No. 1923568

Are we STILL on this autist tinfoil bullshit that those messages mentioning sexual assault and calling Kaya a whore were nonnies instead of some pathetic scrote whose pissed because she had her tits out and possibly ignored his existance? Just give it a fucking rest. Some of you need to stop smoking weed, you're fucking paranoid and stupid.(calm down)

No. 1923575

File: 1699035533037.png (840.95 KB, 703x1194, Screenshot_20231103-181752.png)

No. 1923581

Not a kaya fan but Skeletal family truly aren't that niche lmao. she definitely knows who they are.

About the coke thing I've been to several slimelights she was hosting and I've never seen her get involved personally but duchess is definitely a user. I'm pretty sure rotten hollow is too

No. 1923593

I think she has some pretty gnarly codependency issues. She could really, really benefit from being single and maybe a self help book about codependency and/or personality disorders. (stop walking on eggshells etc) If she doesn't learn how to break out of this cycle, she will forever be slightly improving and then regressing until she's old - it's weird and cow-ish now, but will be so much worse as she gets older.

No. 1923607

File: 1699039104358.png (399.4 KB, 720x961, Screenshot_20231103-191743.png)

No. 1923630

Right she seems to unhealthily attach herself so it'd be better to take a break, though if she insists on doing so I hope the next one is female, she did say she's bisexual. Though, she only SAID it…

No. 1923631

She needs therapy that's it. Not a self help book or distance from friends, therapy.

No. 1923641

The Duke was more than half a decade younger than her too and she seemed like the little lost lamb following him around clubs and festivals. It's mental to think she's in her 30s and hasn't matured in any area of her life or interests. She's such a vapid, shallow imbecile. Wonder how long until she quietly lives her life claiming benefits in some estate in Belfast for the rest of her life.

No. 1923653

Is he? I recall anons saying he used to hang around adora years back, is it normal for her to hang out with barely legal men? Can't really say I'm surprised. Kaya is extremely stunted because of her decade long codependent relationship with the angry tubby manlet. They lived in their little youtube funded bubble for most of their relationship and both seem very out of touch/stunted because of it. She's definitely living out what she probably wished she could be doing in her early to mid twenties now. I'm mostly curious to see how this develops once her party girl phase has run it's course. Shit gets awfully tiresome and redundant after a few years.

No. 1923803

>Will she ever acknowledge she dated Duke or did he gaslight her into thinking they were just friends/fuckbuddies who visit each other for weeks at a time and attend events as a couple?
I think we all know the answer to this, even normie, non poly guys are notorious for dating women for months, meeting friends, parents, making plans and then saying it was casual fun. Men love making women feel like they're delusional kek
>Anon with a similar typing style to the mad anon and angrily disagreeing with the idea mad anon comes from here
>I'm mostly curious to see how this develops once her party girl phase has run it's course
Imo she started letting herself go, not uploading content and looking more sloppy while she was with the duke and as noticed by many anons, socialising and looking good when it was over. Exact same pattern with Jake, so it's likely she will do the same whenever she gets in a ltr. She is very pleasant and pretty, seems like she can talk to anyone, so the party girl thing won't go on forever since imo it's impossible not to attract a few obsessed dudes while looking like her and socialising frequently.
I get a sense of seriousness about the partying, she's said she has like 1 or 0 drinks and doesn't do drugs as far as we know, imo the partying is not for fun but a combination of work and looking for a dude.

No. 1923817

Umm she's clearly taking coke and having weed dontcha know. Ok seriously though she seems like kind of a wallflower and not much of a literal party girl based on her coverage of other events, and from detective nona seeing her just huddle in the staff room all night when she wasn't clinging to the Duke. Even before the Duke she didn't seem to go dancing or anything. Getting money for just showing up to a club is perfect for her lazy ass though, no wonder she's obsessed with it anyways.

No. 1923867

Everyone here agrees she was looking dishevelled with the troon.