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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1655867179755.jpg (9.52 MB, 6048x4032, 1654014593834.jpg)

No. 6015

Have you ever tagged a public place with a feminist message? Wrote over troon graffiti with your own thing? Share it here! Sticker ideas and designing tags also welcome and encouraged. Help spread the good word

No. 6021

File: 1655943894834.jpeg (87.54 KB, 960x960, D5D2CCED-D135-4018-B695-A76AFE…)

No. 6037

I scratch out the 'wo' when I see TWAW written out

I've taken to writing 'female solidarity' everywhere, because my oppression is based on my sex, not my gender. And if you're a TiM and you're reading that in the women's bathroom, you're acutely aware you're not female lol

No. 6042

File: 1656209428679.jpeg (225.28 KB, 1478x1109, 1656206153439.jpeg)

Crossposting from /ot/!

No. 6058

File: 1656280625148.jpg (24.66 KB, 466x711, 61uzl58UpdL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

I like to keep a handful of handmade stickers in my wallet. I buy blank labels like in the pic for less than $2 and just use a sharpie or sometimes gel pens. My favorite basic sticker to make simply says "Transwomen are MEN" and I put hearts around it so you can't write "wo" in front of men. I stick them on gas pumps, shopping cart returns, vending machines, post office drop-boxes, signs, park benches…anywhere. It's quick, easy and cheap. I keep a sharpie in my purse at all times as well, though I've never actually came across any pro-trans graffiti.

No. 6100

the first time i saw a troon at a bar I went to regularly it inspired me to write "if you can see this when you pee you are not a woman" on the back of the stall. I'm really thinking of making some little stickers or something to slap up around the city, theres been a lot more pro troon shit the past year or so

No. 6217

File: 1658907699355.jpg (77.42 KB, 684x313, an idea.jpg)

No. 7701

File: 1673323468794.jpg (206.23 KB, 989x533, tumblr_07b2b44bff5ff9b4591bc81…)

No. 7702

File: 1673323497925.jpg (58.51 KB, 640x345, tumblr_505fd8c4e5cb42250cfdd93…)

No. 7711

great idea nona

No. 7712

Do it, they'll start sitting down to pee for cope, then they won't spray the fucking seats with piss anymore
Every time there's piss on the seat of a public toilet, I want to rip all my hair out and fuckin eat it, so nasty

No. 7786

No. 7787

Im going to start doing this. Especially around starbucks because they love tranny dick

No. 9417

File: 1674623413682.jpg (474.58 KB, 1600x1200, 1.jpg)

Stop Telling Women to Smile by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

No. 9419

File: 1674624173168.jpg (147.31 KB, 640x640, 2.jpg)

There are also these free downloadable posters you can print and post up

No. 9548

I love you nona!!!

No. 9781

File: 1675742536818.jpg (134.26 KB, 750x751, Tumblr_l_1249950902636771.jpg)

No. 9789

A rock close to my apartment has mt. trans written on it, do any creative anons have ideas what to cover it up with? It has a trans flag under the text like in the op pic.

No. 9790

Is there space underneath to write anything nonnita? Funny how they’re trying to call a rock a mountain, I’m sure you could work with something like that

No. 9809

Yeah there's some space under it. The problem is that it's a little bit off from the main road so if I wrote anything under it it's not probably going to be readable nor is the space big enough that I could write "This is not a mountain nor will you be a woman" in big, bold letters. I'm thinking of covering it up and writing radical feminism rock or something kek.

No. 9825

Cross the trans part over and scribble AGP next to it. Mount AGP sounds more appropriate.

No. 15601

I’d be happy to help out, I can draw if you need more artists. How about pointing out that a lot of teenage girls that transition are autistic, and it’s like eugenics? Something like “stop sterilising autistic girls” or something catchier idk. As for trans women, I think using their own direct quotes could be effective, it doesn’t even need to be the most shocking things they come out with.

No. 15603

Nona that's a good one. And add a QR code with links to the correlations between tifs and asd.

No. 15604

samefag maybe add this internet archive link to irreversible damage? https://archive.org/details/shirier-2020-irreversible-damage/page/n116/mode/1up?view=theater
maybe in a link tree for the QR code. I feel that instead of stickers, which can be easily peeled off, you can make a stencil for spray paint. I found this guide for making QR code stencils: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.instructables.com/Simple-QR-Code-Spray-Paint-Stencil/%3famp_page=true

No. 15605

Came here from the link in the MtF thread. Happy to contribute art for any nonas who have ideas they can't execute for whatever reason. I also have a sticker printer for when I was freelancing / running a print shop.

I live with gendies (moving soon) so for me, stickers that can be passed off as innocuous would work best, and could be simply placed over others if necessary. I'm thinking something like the OP. Any ideas?

No. 15614

Some ideas I've had around but haven't had the time to execute yet:

- "Throw away your anti wrinkle cream (cutesy shar-pei doodle, they're pretty popular here lol) there's nothing wrong with your body"
-"Throw away your binder / there's nothing wrong with your body"
-"Hurting your body & stereotyping womanhood (was thinking of doodling an obvious bull with a chopped up horn and make up) / doesn't change your sex"
- "hurting your body and having internalized misogyny / doesn't make you a man"
- "destroy sex stereotypes / (something with mastectomy scars and/or some neovagina allusion) / not your body

- "men commit 99% of rapes & violent hate crimes (toothpaste MLM flag to catch Aiden's eyes) your oppressors will never see you as a brother"

No. 15615

I really love these, nona. Especially the second and last ones.

No. 15632

I've been wanting to do a
"woman, not cis" or "don't call me cis" design.

No. 15652

Do it nonnie!

No. 15658

The qr code stencil is a brilliant idea
I'm currently trying to design stickers about puberty blockers not being a safe temporary blocker like they claim. Most support them not realizing it harms the kids.
I'm thinking I'll make a qr code to a pastebin with multiple scihub/unlocked links to studies on the effects (any nonnies with good studies or articles would be appreciated, I'll post the page with the links once it's done) with the stickers referencing the side effects and a "read more here" thing. I also might print some full page versions and staple them around downtown late night some time. I live in a liberal city so people staple papers with qr codes to petitions and stuff all the time, normies read them too. Easier to print paper than find stickers at times too

No. 15676

“Only 12 percent of natal females who identify as transgender have undergone or even desire phalloplasty.” And accompany it with “you don’t want to go through with this. you know it doesn’t actually look like a penis.”

No. 15679

File: 1686343205266.png (931 B, 300x300, News article on precocious pub…)

What do you guys think about the following text? I have no idea if I should trim any words down. My idea for the look is probably text only formatted like below with a qr code to the article (it's an informative one imo, about lupron causing <30 women to break their hips and spines and says the drug labels are different for adults and children, prob trannies too). Does anyone have any good font ideas? I want it to stand out but not be super ugly (or hard to read + too big/small).

>“It just feels like I’m being punished for basically being experimented on when I was a child, I’d hate for a child to be put on Lupron, get to my age and go through the things I have been through.” Derricott, of Oklahoma, 26 year old with degenerative disc disease. Treated over ten years ago for precocious puberty

>https://www.statnews.com/2017/02/02/lupron-puberty-children-health-problems (picrel is the qr)
>Still think puberty blockers are safe for all kids?
I might make more based off this article too, I like the idea of a couple different zingers per article to try and catch more people.

No. 15681

I don’t know if you’re making a sticker or spraying a stencil, but if it’s the latter, try to get a more simple QR code to make. If not; I would accompany this statement with some art of what happens from taking Lupron. I would be happy to make some. Also, does anyone know where (for free) I can digitally read You Told Me You Were Different: an anthology of harm? I think it would be a good idea to create a we code to a shorter testimony.

No. 15682

I came from the trans vent thread, right now I’m drawing a shiba inu, what would be a good phrase that implies or directly states that dogs can always tell your sex?

No. 15685

Put the dog in a Hannibal mask with the caption "I can smell your dick"

No. 15686


No. 15698

This is gonna be printed onto stickers or (for now) regular paper to be stapled around town. I think you're right about including art showing the effects (maybe renditions of the other women in the article? The 25 y/o with the broken spine is burned in my brain), I would super appreciate if you helped out with it. My printer is B&W and toner so if you wanted to go heavy on shading I'm not worried about ink. I'm not very artistic so I'm so appreciative of anyone helping with that this thread makes me so happy, I've been wanting to make stickers for ages but can't make nice thing kek. There are two schools near me pushing trans kids and hormones so I kinda want to place these near the public bus stops by their parents houses as they're all "go along" liberals

No. 15699

Sorry, double posting because I forgot to add, it seems the book is print only and limited release if this is the right book https://store.ugly-truths.com/l/youtoldme
It's 6usd if you pay the minimum suggested price so if nobody else can buy it I'd be willing to and can scan my copy to post on libgen. Problem is I'm a leaf so int shipping will be a thing both monetary and time-wise (I'd guess at least a few weeks). Shipping is 3$ flat for burgernons

No. 15709

File: 1686548749294.png (231.79 KB, 1280x1280, A0F07046-9054-410D-A9D1-8BC253…)

Here it is, I hope it’s not too “you wouldn’t download a car”
If you like it feel free to make stickers of it

No. 15711

cute nona

No. 15720

Paint over it with the suffragette flag, obviously. Or just dump a bunch of paint thinner on it lmao.

No. 15721

Unfathomably based. If I could buy you a drink, I would.

No. 17660

could some nonna share good ressource on graffiti/ tagging basics ? For safety, how to stick on posters, making easy and practical stencils, how to design for readability on big buildings etc…

No. 17769

I don't know of any guide but i've done stencil tagging in the past. The best and easiest stencil can be done with amazon cardboard boxes, the least detailed the easier it is to cut and tag.

No. 20027

Why tf was that post deleted

No. 20676

File: 1699021973525.jpeg (117.54 KB, 823x402, IMG_3311.jpeg)

found this in a ‘rock n roll’ type dive bar last night in my area. small but it came at a great time because the rest of the shitty bathroom is covered in trans bullshit. is there an lolcow missed connections board nonnie if you’re out there, please by my friend

No. 21357

File: 1701784853025.jpg (347.29 KB, 2395x1640, a1m9a3uwwv3c1.jpg)

This sticker caused massive upset on the local areas subreddit.

No. 21362

"P-p-punk is when you don't question authority and offend no one while wearing black clothes! BAD HOLES can't be punks! They're BAD!"

No. 21394

I destroyed a trans flag sticker in front of my bf and he got so fucking mad at me, calling it one of my biggest mistakes. He went to a brothel before, his biggest mistake. I think about it everyday. I would destroy that trans flag again and again, even if I pretended to be sorry, I am not sorry. I honestly sometimes wonder why I am with this guy.

No. 21432

Your boyfriend paid to rape a woman but draws the line at removing a men's movement's sticker. There's a 100% chance he sees you as his object. Please castrate him on your way out.

No. 21440

leave him

No. 21443

you already know what you need to do

No. 21481

File: 1702254315697.jpeg (Spoiler Image,549.6 KB, 1178x1381, IMG_6837.jpeg)

Your boyfriend is fucking stupid. Show him this and ask him why do you think this guy’s sexual pleasure overrides your desire to feel safe
I found a carebears sticker in a women’s bathroom once, its belly had a trans flag colored rainbow. You could tell someone has tried to peel the bit before but perhaps they got scared? I ripped off the flag bit. I’d do it again happily, and next time I’ll think of you nonita. Don’t ever stop being you.

No. 21529

For fucks sake, dump him.

Anyway, I caught my first troon bathroom graffiti in the wild the other day, a poorly written "Protect trans kids" mantra, because they have no original thought. The next time I go there, I'm going to scratch out the "trans". Protect kids from trannies.

No. 21596

A man paying to have sex is always a redflag. Most regular prostitution buyers are cheaters and rapists. Please think throughly and if this is a habit of his, do NOT get serious with him unless you want to hear him admit he cheated with a sexworker. A friend of mine dated a guy like that and he cheated a ton because it was an addiction and those brothel visitors dont see the prostitutes or their gfs as humans

No. 22160

File: 1705010389199.jpeg (577.05 KB, 2048x1536, GDg1q_sWMAAJaaJ.jpeg)

I wish I could write "not such thing as" over the trans pride.

No. 22203

I live in a city that's very well known across the country for being gay friendly, and so has a sizeable trans population too. You often see pro trans shit in the women's toilets and there's never really any backlash. I'm still doing this >>6037

There's a particular public toilet which is currently hosting a graffiti argument about TiMs. It started off with normal 'yay trans girls' slogans or something, I came back a week later and there was a part of the wall blacked out with markers, scribbled over with biro etc. like there was a lot that had gone on. Most of it was unreadable but I could see in the pen impressions in the wall the stats about TiM violent crime rates lol.

They put a big serious notice about transphobia over all of it, and there hasn't been any more writing since, but i'm so pleased to know my girls are out here somewhere!!

No. 22204

love how aggressive and evil the trans face looks, very accurate kek

No. 22207

"trans pride full of trans predators"

No. 22210

Is supposed to be the character of Noelle Cuckerson.

No. 22243

I don't want to share a pic due to identifying info, but someone close to me tagged "ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS" and it's glorious.

No. 23558

File: 1711591872735.png (12.4 KB, 313x313, STICKER02.png)

Picked up a hobby of turning TRA merch into radfem ones lol feel free to do whatever you want with them

No. 23559

File: 1711591895246.png (29.41 KB, 625x313, STICKER01.png)

No. 23560

File: 1711591964756.png (947.71 KB, 1219x612, STICKER03.png)

No. 23561

File: 1711592126369.png (187.29 KB, 1195x600, STICKER04.png)

No. 24549


i love that sticker. i live near a couple of popular punk venues in a liberal state. i'm planning on buying "terf is the new punk" stickers and putting them all over the restroom next time i go to a show.

No. 24555

File: 1716639554749.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1200x675, Untitled-7.png)

this is truly just me spitballing but i think it would be really effective to just take tweets/posts made by trannies and make those into stickers. especially the ones on reddit,they've done an amazing job driving off the women off actuallesbians, imagine the impact it would have to the usual woman outside lol.
spoilering picrel. its just that stupid ana valens tweet about wanting to rape women. pretty much launched me into peaking.

No. 24556

You're right

No. 24565

This is a great idea if we had the funds for it.

Stick them in the women's washrooms for the next tranny that goes in there lol

No. 24574

You don't need funds to make stickers.
You need a printer which most people that are employed already own and printable labels. You can buy a pack of 600 Avery 5164 labels for $15.

No. 24595

File: 1716750371400.png (751.89 KB, 1113x610, 3245676543.png)

Use quotes from celebrated trans academics too, then nobody can dismiss them as just a terminally online minority.

No. 25090

Unfortunately, I live in Canada where everything is twice the price

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