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No. 276434

Post examples of media (books, comics, anime, games, TV, paintings, theatre, whatever else there is) or specific moments in said media that would make trannies seethe.

Hard mode: anything Harry Potter-related is not allowed.

Gotta collect them all!

No. 276435

Post examples

No. 276436

File: 1676662790135.jpg (219.76 KB, 600x919, Spotlight_Arcee_cvrA.jpg)

Sort of got retconned later but this comic
Plot is literally that scientist of an all male robot species wants to introduce women to their species (for fun I guess?) so he forces some dude to transition which makes him into a psychotic killer.

No. 276441

File: 1676663175593.png (472.87 KB, 1330x1282, Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 11.45…)

No. 276444

File: 1676663490782.jpg (123.9 KB, 1366x768, gin.jpg)

Gintama makes fun of trannies all the time.

>he forces some dude to transition which makes him into a psychotic killer

This is perfect.

No. 276446

File: 1676664144122.jpeg (210.19 KB, 750x539, F821777A-D705-4155-BA46-E647C2…)

it was written by a troon tho

No. 276450

I know, and the backlash against the title literally made him stop transitioning. every trans-rights-activist was so eager to be a warrior of justice against the meme "transphobic" title they almost made the author kill himself.
there's a lot of layers to the whole drama.

it's funny, I listen to the clarkesworld podcast and I liked the story without being aware of the whole drama online over it or who the author was. it was mostly anti military in my view.

No. 276453

Where can I read more about the drama? I'm curious.

No. 276454

Kek, i thought gintama was just japanese family guy (extremely unfunny) but i may give it a watch if it hates on trannies.

No. 276455

File: 1676665570770.jpeg (115.57 KB, 1100x619, A2D3329F-4191-4A84-B6B3-D4F2E7…)

Trannies HATE Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I even saw one say it gave him PTSD kek

No. 276471

File: 1676666977425.jpg (217.14 KB, 839x1175, Olympia_Soiree.jpg)

Does this thread include TiF because Japanese otome games make fakebois and enbies seethe so much it's unreal. On popular mobile otome, there's always several negative reviews about how there's no pronoun or gender choices. They virtue signal for MTF protagonists but not even they would play that shit. They say otome's too heteronormative, which well it is, but they're straight themselves and can't accept it kek. They made their own genre to include trannies, pronoun choices, and genders but it isn't enough bc their goal is that all media must be genderfied.
I could go on and on but his game in particular (Olympia Soiree) I've constantly seen TiFs say it "squicks" them out or makes them "uncomfy" or just outright rage.
>Premise of game is for the player character/MC to get married and pregnant to continue her bloodline
>Other characters keep commenting on her husband search and how important it is she has children because she helps the sun rise and might catch the incurable illness that plagues their world
>Each route constantly references a creation myth that describes men and women as soulmates
>Society has a caste system named after colors. MC is of the white caste and constantly praised for her beauty
>The society they live is pretty shit all around which fakebois find triggering and drop it right away even though the point is for you to agree it's shit and all the characters want to create positive change in their own ways.
>Upset at the bishounen/trap character isn't a woman

No. 276476

>Does this thread include TiF

No. 276479

>Hard mode: anything Harry Potter-related is not allowed.
What about the Cormoran Strike novels? I've never read them (soon though) but iirc one of them offended trannies because the killer was a guy dressing like a girl to trick his female victims but it's suppsedly not related to troons, although they used it as evidence that JKR is a terf. The latest novel is about some writer or artist getting murdered and his or her crazy online fanbase, which also made troons seethe hard because they knew JKR got inspired by her own experience with them and other types of crazy fans as well. Please no spoiler, I'd like to read them but I want to finish some books and video games before that!

No. 276516

File: 1676675791715.png (3.87 MB, 2338x1544, BotW_Vilia_Concept_Artwork.png)

>Breath of the Wild
Has a troon character you have to validate to progress in the main quest
>Creating A Champion, the BotW book
Calls the troon a man, shows off his ugly horse face

No. 276527

I like the boy all the way in the back

No. 276541

troons usually love okama characters tho b/c they are liberals who cant imagine criticizing something from a non-western culture. they cant be offended by it, so they cope by saying these kind of depictions show acceptance in japanese media, when its still making fun of gay men only with a very light hand since Nintendo makes kids games

No. 276542

Trannies will never look as gorgeous as Sean Young who also ironically make a more convincing man than most aidens

No. 276543

File: 1676682308294.jpg (55.66 KB, 400x474, isao misuzu sonoda.jpg)

ouran high school host club - there is crossdressing used as a joke, two male tranny characters that are made fun of (one of them creepily obsessed with high school boys, pic rel) and are referred to as tranny/with male pronouns, and troons are also mad about the female separatist/misandrist lobelia girls kek. I've also seen tifs get mad about the main character haruhi not being a canon tranny because she dresses like a boy

No. 276550

File: 1676684432707.png (1.19 MB, 1200x676, image (1).png)

The show Portlandia started in 2011 and a real feminist bookstore let them film their sketches about feminists there. Over the years troonism became popular and in 2016 the store revoked access because they said their sketches were transmisogynistic

No. 276563

I love and appreciate this thread, thank you

No. 276569

I was watching a portlandia sketch last month and thinking some of it probably wouldn't fly nowadays (and it's not even an old show)

No. 276599

Bahah I’ve never seen his face before. The way it’s written makes it sound like the author isn’t fond of the idea of men sneaking into women’s spaces

No. 276614

File: 1676712322311.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720, Okama_Infobox.png)

the okamas in one piece, even though they're such an accurate portrayal.

unfortunately they later got transwoman kikunojo who just looks like a stereotypical female character with a frankendick.

No. 276620

Kiku's brother Izou also presenting similarly while unambiguously male makes me more tolerant of it. Besides, OP struggles to call Kiku a woman without pointing out that he's biologically male in the same breath.

No. 276621

Gintama has stupid humor, but I wouldn't say it's comparable to Family Guy. It's just silly.
The troon hate isn't anything more pointed than the usual okama jokes you find in JP media, so I wouldn't recommend it just for that.

No. 276623

More info on this? I always just heard that transformers has trans lesbians and veered away as fast as I could.

No. 276626

I'm sorry but instead of offending TIFs this story sounds more like a pure tradthot fantasy

No. 276630

File: 1676716642142.jpg (225.74 KB, 1920x1080, [mottoj] Asobi Asobase - 03 (B…)

Asobi Asobase was posted in the anime and terf memes threads for it's troon-hating (and even male-hating) moments. But I also like how there is a cute fujo teacher (there is also a fujo school girl but it's nice to see grown women portrayed like this) and if it was a western show they both would be fakebois.

No. 276634

>But I also like how there is a cute fujo teacher
what are you on about? the teacher is literally the exact opposite, she is completely ignorant about men and her only knowledge of them comes Shojou

No. 276635

Yeah this is pretty much just if Tucker Carlson made an otome game.

No. 276678

File: 1676734493768.jpg (30.95 KB, 603x541, Magypsy.jpg)

The amount of mental gymnastics that some troons will do in order to prove that the Magypsies are just "male crossdressers" and not real trannies because they have an obvious male appearance and 5 o'clock shadow

NTA but even though most, if not all Japanese otome games have a huge problem with sexism and romanticizing misogyny (like most media for women tbh, especially in Asia) otome games DO make fakebois seethe. That's why they went out of their way to create so many shitty "otome" games with enbie or ambiguous gender protagonists and male/enbie love interests that no male would ever play, and later had to invent an entirely new term for it, "amare", because they can't stand the fact that otome only has female protags and male love interests. Aidens who like otome will also seethe when you call it a genre for girls (which it absolutely is) because they are "boys" so otome is for "boys" like them too.

No. 276689

File: 1676735716900.png (171.5 KB, 270x362, 2789F74A-AB38-4E10-AC27-A36F48…)

That’s sort of what I was alluding to with the retcons down the line, but during the last few years in general they introduced a lot of tranny shit
Ironically the two characters they introduced are probably the two most hated because no surprise, fujos and consoomer moids don’t want to read about trans lesbians (unless they’re Kevin Gibes).
With that being said the first comic with a tranny character still makes them seethe a lot.

No. 276709

I've always seen the Magypsies TW'd as transphobic caricature by troons. It's pretty difficult to defend as something else when okama are an established "transphobic" trope

No. 276710

>"…as a race, we've been limiting ourselves unnecessarily."
??? Isn't suddenly applying gender categorization to them more limiting in a race that didn't previously have it? I'm not a Transformers fan, nor do I know anything about it. Actual question.

No. 276744

File: 1676749678194.jpg (2.71 MB, 1915x4309, 1675277767213.jpg)

Kabukicho Sherlock had the most satisfying portrayal of a tranny in media. An obese guy with a tiny dick who corssdressed, had stealth sex while drugging his victims and was secretly the Big Bad of the first cour (killed women and removed the womb of Moriarty's sister as he was killing her - the womb envy is real).

No. 276747

There were literally no differences between male and female in absolutely any of the transformers' universes until mtmte got wokefied.
The only true differences were like, the builds, so yeah, you don't go to war and expect to be able to kill a giant plane when you're a tiny motorcycle, you need the help of your plane friends to kill the giant plane and such, that was the only major important physical difference between cybertronians, either mechs or femmes.
Otherwise you had femme characters with huge, medium, small or tiny builds, with different colors, jobs and personalities.
Were there many femme bots? Of course not, it's a boys' cartoon/comic series, but there were few with interesting stories and that's what used to matter.
Then Elita-one got trooned out…

No. 276749

SA kek yeah I mean its JP women's media so it would definitely would offend lc nonnas' sensibilities too. Personally idc and like my problematic crap kek

No. 276758

>killed women and removed the womb of
No idea what this anime is but this reminds me of Grell in Black Butler being Jack the Ripper with Madame Red because he's a HSTS with extreme womb envy. Except Grell is seen as a cutesy uwu transgirl by younger fans while at the time of release for the manga and first season of the anime all the fans saw him as a sort of funny deranged gay guy.

No. 276759

>Transformers has trans lesbians
Reading this sentence literally broke my brain because my last experience was with the original cartoon series as a kid and I'm just imagining Arcee and Elita-1 as hons now.

>Then Elita-one got trooned out…
Spoke too soon I guess. It's actually sad how I'm not even shocked by this revelation, retconning iconic female characters as trannies is almost expected by now.

No. 276761

No idea how can anybody view a character voiced by Jun Fukuyama as anything trans.

No. 276763

File: 1676754356678.jpg (340.8 KB, 900x1384, 829.jpg)

>but there were few with interesting stories
To be fair they don't really show up until the MTMTE stuff anyway.
Nickel is definitely the best of the bunch to me.
>retconning iconic female characters as trannies
As much as I agree that trooning out a character is pretty dumb either way, I really don't see how she's iconic. The only female character in transformers (at least in it's earlier years) that gets basically any characterization outside of 'being someone's girlfriend' is Blackarachnia who becomes Silverbolt's girlfriend later on anyway.
I'd honestly rather they just keep everyone male.

No. 276766

>There were literally no differences between male and female in absolutely any of the transformers' universes
>Starscream gets written as a catty misogynist in a couple of G1 episodes getting immediately jealous of the only girl on the team and calling the female autobots hens
>Arcee and Elita are pink
>Elita is has no personality outside of dating Optimus
>Arcee is pretty much just robot princess Leia
>Blackarachnia has the traditional 'femme fatale' turned 'good girl' character arc and even mentions this herself and then basically does the same thing in animated minus the turning good part
>Thunderblast has nipples and basically exists to flirt with the guys on her team
>Pretty much all of them have boobs on top of that for some reason
Eeehhh…maybe once you get to the aligned continuity gender doesn't really matter but before that the female characters are pretty much just typical female tropes and clearly are meant to be 'the girl characters'

No. 276768

"Iconic" in the sense that she was created as a female character with authority in a series meant for boys, by 1984 standards that was cool. Arcee was put in because the producer wanted to show her daughter that girls can like transformers too and he had to actually fight Hasbro for it. It was a different time and the standards were abysmal.

This, I'm only familiar with the first cartoon because I'm an oldfag but you could definitely tell that they were female. Arcee even had heels and thick thighs and Elita-1 had a goddamn ponytail when she was still in her first form as Ariel.

>Starscream gets written as a catty misogynist in a couple of G1 episodes getting immediately jealous of the only girl on the team and calling the female autobots hens

Even after all these years I still see Starscream as a robot Mr. Smithers for Megatron kek

No. 276771

>"Iconic" in the sense that she was created as a female character with authority in a series meant for boys, by 1984 standards that was cool.
Fair point, I didn't think of the context of the time really but you have a point there.
>Even after all these years I still see Starscream as a robot Mr. Smithers for Megatron kek
Smithers isn't a tsundere.

No. 276776

>her daughter
samefag to correct *his daughter because it was a moid, I'm retarded

>Smithers isn't a tsundere.
True, but I can just hear him saying "I think women and seamen don't mix".

No. 276780

Huh… I knew that "trans" had become the popular interpretation of Grell's character in recent years, but such a shift in personality depiction…
I looked up whether or not he's been confirmed as trans by Yana Toboso and all I saw was "has the heart of a woman" or "self-proclaimed woman". Same deal as Kikunojo from One Piece where the "confirmation" is rather neutral and could easily be interpreted as insinuating delusion on the character's part, but fans get carried away and just label the character MtF.

No. 276790

Yes the confirmation was in a guidebook and not very specific, it was the usual slang to mean he's gay. I think the reason why the younger fans find his worst tranny like traits sympathetic is because he's a shinigami and shinigami are people who are punished for committing suicide by being forced to record the memories of dead people over and over again. It's vaguely implied that Grell may or may not have committed suicide because he was a gay man in an era where that was unacceptable and he would have never been able to find love and be accepted by his peers, have kids with other men which is why he killed prostitutes who got abortions, because he was super jealous, etc. Madame Red has a somewhat similar backstory to this one but she's way more sympathetic imo because she is, you know, an actual woman.

No. 276791

Makes me flinch to read. I empathize with the motivating feelings as a lesbian, but I'll never be able to understand how readily people accept misogyny as long as its attached to a gay man

No. 276795

File: 1676762293586.jpg (243.06 KB, 1024x768, south-park-strong-woman-compet…)

South Park really makes the trannies foam at the mouth from what I've seen lmao.

No. 276802

File: 1676763461254.jpg (47.37 KB, 640x480, 20090818070324!Mr._Garrison’s_…)

Kek, let's not forget about the episode where mr garrison trooned out. That entire episode was years ahead of its time. Seen so many trannies and their goons be absolutely fine with every joke in south park, besides this one.

No. 276803

Kek, this episode killed me. I love how they make the point of transracial too with Kyle, because so many people are against "transracial" yet are fine with transtrenders for some damn reason

No. 276809

File: 1676765658993.gif (114.62 KB, 400x225, 90ca106b-62e1-40bc-ac5e-843da5…)

they seethe because it's so true and matt & trey can get away with it bc they are dudes

No. 276815

File: 1676774104283.jpg (45.75 KB, 400x448, Ratchetg1cartoon.jpg)

Transformers has a complicatied history regarding gender, according to the head writer of the original Marvel Transformers comic Bob Budiansky, he had given genders to the first Transformers and that some were females (like Ratchet and Starscream) but then was ordered to take out that idea since the instructions from the japanese studio wanted no girls. Starscreams original bio had the name Pretty Poison written on it (still visible in one of Shout! Factory's DVD featurettes) and still there are traces of that original design, starscream having a far more smaller build then the other cybernations and Ratchet having a far more "softer" design

No. 276817

I had no idea starscream was originally supposed to be female. That makes their complicated and abusive relationship with Megatron even worse.

No. 276821

File: 1676775859098.png (70.9 KB, 968x492, jPCmfo091hpAnZH-.png)

I think he was supposed to be like a femme fatale and this is Bob Budiansky explaining why he had to axe the concept of female transformers from the show

No. 276828

I remember when Kuroshitsuji was popular and all the fujos shipped Grell with Sebastian. I'm sure the author doesn't really think trannies are valid either because she's a massive fujo herself so she probably sees Grell as a gay man instead of a woman of any sort.

No. 276829

File: 1676780031235.jpg (283.68 KB, 1566x2048, hongniang1-1507393926369488896…)

>That makes their complicated and abusive relationship with Megatron even worse.
You say that like it's a bad thing

No. 276830

>Grell and Sebastian
>Not Ciel and Sebastian
Grellfags were probably all future troons to be honest. I was always more of a hetafag but Alois was cute.

No. 276832

The point is that fujos who shipped Grell saw him as a flamboyantly gay guy, and treating him as a twans woman is more of a recent thing, although the western fandom was aware of trannyism back then too, but they didn't harass you for using the correct pronouns for him.
And I mean, I don't see why multi-shipping wouldn't be an option. I used to ship everything in Kuroshitsuji myself. Claude best boy btw

No. 276874

Grell fags were always the most obnoxious people in that fandom. Soma fans unite

No. 276875

Ok but why is this so freaking cute? I want girl starscream now.

No. 276877

File: 1676817393888.jpg (102.86 KB, 556x413, svsss.jpg)

Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. One reviewer on NU was really mad about this single word from the extras.

No. 276886

Ironically he’s not even a girl here, just girly looking.

No. 276900

Tbh I liked Grell as a stupid flamboyant villain and that's it. I'm happy because I know that no matter how much trannies seethe Yana will never make him twans because he's supposed to be an annoying effemminate gay man.
Alois and Snake fans rise up.

No. 276909

The whole point of Grell's character is that he'll never, ever be a woman and it made him seethe even after he killed himself in HSTS rage but let's assume Yana will make him a tranny. Then what? He'd be an accurate but very insulting portrayal of troons anyway, a faggot who's canonically so jealous of women so much he kills them and mutilates them. If that were to happen (very unlikely, thank god) I'd laugh so hard, I know the girls who like him for being a brave and stunning girls would realize how fucked up that idea is.

No. 276938

File: 1676840553561.png (110.99 KB, 862x613, tranne.png)

NTA but I had to check his wiki page on the Kuroshitsuji fan wiki and this made me snort audibly. How much self awareness do these people lack?

No. 276950

>Grelle Sutcliff
why did they have to add an "E" on the end. Like it wasn't enough to transwash him, him as in psycho women killer because he killed and acted like he does because he would never have a womb and never be a woman. Good god, the fans are fucking dumb and they probable think that every women killer who are slightly feminine as MTF and has a tumblr account dedicated to it

No. 276959

>Grell self-identifies as a woman and that takes precedence over all else
Yeah they completely disregard the author's statements on their own character, but I doubt they'd do the same for any other delusional character that claims to be al all-powerful god or an animal without being one. So why are delusional tranny characters an exception?

No. 277115

File: 1676920261213.jpg (364.82 KB, 1303x1840, 398389.jpg)

Grell isn't even a tranny. He dresses as a man, doesn't even attempt to make his voice sound like a woman's and the only 'feminine' qualities he has is acting like a flaming homo.

No. 277124

>doesn't even attempt to make his voice sound like a woman's
Jun Fukuyama sounds like he's doing just that when voicing him but in an exaggerated schizophrenic okama way, not in a "Netflix LGBTQIAEJFUGSBFK+++++ representation" way. Exactly just like Nathan in Tiger & Bunny and how Tsudaken sounds like a very over the top okama and not like he's genuinely trying to sounds like a woman.

No. 277176

Why the hell would alien robots need a sex? (I know nothing about transformers)

No. 277474

File: 1677042389735.gif (4.05 MB, 500x375, tumblr_c7ccf97f7b1d11de8d930f0…)

Not to off-topic Transformers sperg but I won't tolerate inaccurate shitting on Blackarachnia. It's more like Silverbolt is her boyfriend. Silver has little personality besides being the perfect knight in shining armor female fantasy while Blackarachnia has driving goals and motivations throughout Beast Wars. She has conflicting desires, she undergoes character development, and she struggles with her identity as a brainwashed bot.
Anyways women in Transformers have been around since the earliest days and it's asinine to want to shove them out. Don't get rid of them, make their stories better. Also fuck trannies.

No. 278178

No. 278181

File: 1677272890401.png (20.24 KB, 439x411, 2324324.png)

Picrel are the ones that made me chuckle, is the site real? usually these kind of sites get cancelled by the trannies and handmadiens.
>Claire Graham
I saw this and while I haven't watched her interview yet I can tell that I will like it a lot since there has been a lot of misuse if the term intersex and has gotten to the point that you can't really look it up without being bombarded by trans shit and others that has no connection to it

No. 278186

Yep, it's a real site with real news. It's Scotland, so people are not that afraid to shit-talk.

No. 278758

File: 1677448952182.jpg (62.67 KB, 1100x386, drr.jpg)

Imagine being a tranny into anime/manga/weeb stuff and seething every so often, because the Japanese don't care for tranny feelings.

No. 279031

Trannies enjoying weeb stuff is something I just don't understand. The Japanese give no shits and make fun of them a ton. I guess its the coomershit. Also funny to me the troons(TiMs) aren't into (most) shoujo manga, joseimuke games, otome games, and BL, kek

No. 279090

File: 1677577048407.jpg (1.01 MB, 786x3149, Untitled.jpg)

Well, yeah. What appeal would dating fictional men (otome games, shoujo romances) have to TRANSLESBIANS.

They do impotently screech about 'transphobia' in anime all the time - it's just that Japanese companies give no fucks about tranny hurt feelings.

No. 279102

It's especially noticeable with BL. I recently saw someone calling himself a fujoshi after he posted about it to defend BL or fujoshi or whatever and all I found was tweets about fembois and shota and typical male otaku shit in general. I scrolled some more because it seemed suspicious and guess what? The guy at some point posted about being a MTF and his transphobia and about how AGPs shouldn't be called trans because only HSTS like him have dysphoria.

No. 279283

not to be controversial here but that ace ventura ending was a total fuckin asspull. yeah it belongs in this thread but oh my god it was lame. even as a little kid I felt like it was a stupid and just came out of nowhere.

No. 279307

Kek, its just they wanna be seen as women yet won't actually enjoy things actual women like. Also goddamn, trannies screeching about traps never fails to amuse me. I remember when people started claiming that trap is a slur too. Legit came out of nowhere.

No. 279479

The Ace ventura plot twist fly over my head as a kid, but when I rewatched as an older teen, i got the joke and it made me laugh. Trannies seethe. It's even funniest when they use a real woman to play these roles because trannies can never pass.

No. 279482

Kek. Based China.

No. 279483

Based beast wars fan.

No. 280000

File: 1677928754033.jpg (174.47 KB, 1280x720, Suisei no Gargantia - 05 - Lar…)

Gargantia trannies sexually assault the MC.

No. 280033

holy shit, he even covers his face with a face mask like trannies, kek

No. 281613

god damn, his face is so fuckihng ugly I can't believe any western TRA would actually defend this as pro-tranny kek. I love how the description calls him by his correct pronouns.

No. 284955

File: 1679609379147.png (518.72 KB, 1416x1066, 1675294163584754.png)

Legend of Galactic Heroes

No. 285004

dont worry the book store is long gone now. i think it closed only 2 years after, they probably couldve used the money from the show kek.

No. 285812

File: 1679845835895.webm (2.8 MB, 720x540, 1679839116372343.webm)

Yu Yu Hakusho

No. 285819

Given what Togashi wrote in Level E, I'd say people who like him would easily forgive him for that. He did a whole story about a lesbian tomboy fully transitioning into an actual man with the advanced technology from outer space given by the MC, so she can date another female character, and goes on and on about how she has the mind of a man in the body of a woman.

No. 285890

yusuke can clock a pair of bolt ons at the other end of a football field and I respect that

No. 286690

Hunter x Hunter also has a fair amount of troon content and the most prominent and popular "female" character is an MtF child. Togashi seems pretty onboard with troonism.

No. 287471

File: 1680643352669.jpg (67.53 KB, 955x699, 1.jpg)

No. 287972

File: 1680848832547.webm (10.18 MB, 960x540, 216.webm)

top 10 twink vs troon anime battles

No. 287981

File: 1680852558341.png (201.27 KB, 1200x1920, 1461414725999.png)

I think Togashi is interested in crossdressing, not troons. Like it's just a curiosity akin to being gay. To be fair even I have pretty much no problem with traps in anime/manga, they're nothing like real moids and there's nothing woke about it.

No. 287984

he's just another pedophile scrote with a fetish for little boys crossdressing, gross. I am glad i never wasted my time with hiatus x hiatus

No. 287985

This is how I feel about Wallace's ORAS redesign tbh

No. 288024

File: 1680867393233.png (14.81 KB, 225x350, dfghj.png)

nta but the gender non conforming/trans characters are never sexualised in hxh what are you even talking about? There is things to complain about in the serie but this is just not one of them imo.

No. 288061

this is absolutely fucking hilarious. the pinnacle of this thread.

No. 288073

He has the most popular character in the series who's consistently portrayed as being in the right insist that the MTF character is a girl and needs a female bodyguard accordingly, so he does sort of get into real life troon talking points

No. 288808

File: 1681149512762.jpg (203.47 KB, 825x1068, 1681144354179.jpg)

It always amazes me that all people just collectively agree that Togashi is pro-lgbt instead of just some guy who fetishizes trannies and crossdressing boys. Most mangaka don't have an agenda. It's just fetish stuff.
Any adult man who draws this many crossdressing young boys is a pedophile, simply as that.

No. 288823

Just read Level E, as I said. The arc about the fakeboi doesn't feel like fetishization shit at all, it looks more like some SJW shit that a tumblrina from 2015 came up with. The rest of the manga is great though.

No. 288825

File: 1681153925093.jpg (83.53 KB, 668x1003, E_0oVI9VEAgSOsy.jpg)

>It always amazes me that all people just collectively agree that Togashi is pro-lgbt instead of just some guy who fetishizes trannies and crossdressing boys.
You're allowed to feel that it's creepy of him to create gender nonconforming characters but at this point he has written several characters as gay and trans in a way that is generally well received. It's just logical that people think he is pro-lgbt.

No. 288829

i've always wondered if togashi and the sailor moon creator are in some sort of lavender marriage cause they seem to have different… tastes

No. 288831

but majority of said characters are children, that's what I have an issue with.

No. 288839

That's the shonen jump for you anon! It's a matter of what sells more, and that magazine mostly targets kids and teenagers even though everyone buys it in reality. Shit like Gintama with a mostly adult cast is the exception, not the rule.

No. 288842

File: 1681161424994.png (30.74 KB, 237x392, melody.png)

>majority of said characters are children
It's quite varied, if I had to make a list of all Togashi's character that have some sort of gender non conforming going on it would go: Alluka (child), Kalluto (child), Kurama (teen), Kyoko Mikihisa (late teen ?), Kurapika (young adult), Tubeppa (adult), Neferpitou (non human but looks like an adult), Miyuki (adult), Melody (adult). Apart from Miyuki, they are all dressed in a normal/non sexualised way.
I'm going to stop with this message because I don't think I will be able to convince you at this point kek

No. 288868

I think he's pretty clearly pro-lgbt. Sometimes he even puts in preachy dialogue about lgbt issues.

Unfortunately he seems unable to create any interesting or important female characters though.

No. 289854

I love how Togashi discussions/shitposting spill over wherever his manga are even briefly mentioned.

No. 302925

File: 1687086133850.jpg (51.88 KB, 742x540, ct.jpg)

Carole & Tuesday


No. 302941

File: 1687092274745.png (190.81 KB, 1419x248, trance.png)

Based… Rancefag?(ban evading rancefag)

No. 302942

No. 302943

Mangagamer running the risk of being cancelled?!

No. 302967

I'm sure this can't be the only eroge that shits on trannies, yet that probably doesn't stop them from playing these games

No. 302992

Look, I know we hate troons here but can we please not shill this rape simulator? This is the third (fourth?) time Rancefaggery I have witnessed.

No. 303166

File: 1687194593312.jpg (80.09 KB, 1280x720, oni.jpg)

Back in the ol' days, this joke would have made trannies go insane.

(Context: Hoozuki thinks that oni is male because he has a male body while Hakutaku think she's a female because her heart is female. And is not due bigotry/ally, but for a dumb bet).

No. 309550

File: 1689840575311.jpg (118.33 KB, 636x510, pearl clutching.jpg)

Handmaidens and pooners got mad Seven Seas licnesed a novel from a 'TERF' author:

No. 309554

File: 1689843806510.jpg (100.62 KB, 595x1024, naoto.jpg)

i'm surprised no one posted her

No. 309567

oh I love her. I'm not a fujo (or whatever the equivalent is for this genre) but if I was I'd definitely seek her work out kek

No. 309581

Those translated things she reposted are pretty based. They correctly points out the exploitative nature of surrogacy and prostitution, how rape can be about power and humiliation not attraction, and how people should be deemed good or bad on their actions instead of orientation. She's way more of a feminist than most self proclaimed feminists on twitter/reddit lol.

No. 309591

The people claiming that she hates the LGBT… Dunno, seems like she just hates men to me. Which is based.

No. 309609

Yeah, I hate this trend of calling someone anti-LGBT and then I check out the original texts… and it's just anti-tranny or anti-degenerate pedo and furry stuff. Rich gay men that rent women as throw-away-wombs and then pose is fucking hospital gowns deserve zero sympathy

No. 311282

File: 1690548672755.png (20.63 KB, 642x316, 11.png)

Can't cancel these mainstream shows and I bet that makes them seethe.

No. 311309

Um yes retard, these are synonymous unless you want to say LGB instead or something

No. 311314

they can say "anti trans" or "transphobic" instead of making it sound like its discriminating against more than just balding white men in kneesocks, they do it on purpose.

No. 311454

File: 1690641167236.jpg (71.74 KB, 654x339, Untitled.jpg)

No. 311502

Wait until they really see what some of their favorite artists think about them on lofter or Weibo. I don't really care too much about authors personal opinions but if you do, you're only going to get your heart broken, kek.

No. 324131

In 2023 AMV Hell would get cancelled after one episode with every contributor shamed and outrage spammed.

No. 324200

File: 1695950611045.jpg (165.73 KB, 856x1920, antitranny.jpg)


No. 324521

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