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File: 1679929641695.png (9.28 KB, 275x178, 1679928282201.png)

No. 912168

(from old thread but edited)-
>To briefly recap, on 30 July a recorded phone call of Chris admitting to raping his senile 80-year-old mother. He has also stolen money from her. He has since been arrested and is being held on incest charges.
Now a year later he has been released
>recommendation on Chris's long history on youtube via a documentary made by Geno Samuels- https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLABqEYq6H3vpCmsmyUnHnfMOeAnjBdSNm
>kiwifarms Chris chan board documenting every single thing to know about Chris- https://kiwifarms.net/forums/christian-weston-chandler.18/
(sorry if thread sucks)

No. 912169

File: 1679929712293.png (106.37 KB, 814x526, 1679926509689.png)

damn sorry for the shitty thread and picture

No. 912170

File: 1679929884341.png (52.56 KB, 449x278, image_2023-03-27_111117678.png)

What are the predications Nonas?
>Some weird scrote gets ahold of chris and interviews him and he's crazier then before
>he disappears

No. 912174

Weens are driving to ruckersville as we speak lol. Would not be surprised if he was picked up by weens or went to McDonald’s asap for the free wifi.

No. 912178

>homeless saga
>people will pay for interviews, enabling him but he will still be homeless because he will buy legos and ponies instead of a room and meds
>or he will go back to Barb like nothing happened

Maybe he will go offline (court ordered) and we will only hear about him secondhand from some inside source. I want to know who paid his bond though. Surely it wasn’t Barb.

No. 912180

>or he will go back to Barb like nothing happened
I'm pretty sure there's a restraining order in place, so highly unlikely, but Chris also has a history of not respecting the law
>I want to know who paid his bond though. Surely it wasn’t Barb.
Definitely a troll or someone Janke & her daddy's money? kek, his whole family fucking hates him, Barb's not conscious enough to even make that sort of decision. Even if she was, I doubt the financial issues have gotten better since Chris' imprisonment to pay out bail money

Hadn't even considered it, but he'll probably take anyone's "helping" hand, which will most definitely lead him in some sort of bad situation. Worst comes to worst he ends up that Daniel Larson guy, just wandering around. I'm not sure how American government stuff works, but considering everything it'd be good to get him placed in social/shared housing or some sort of home where he's monitored/checked on

No. 912190

holy FUCK I actually gasped out loud. I can't believe they let Chris go.
>gender: male
did he detransition in prison? Oh my. A new saga begins. Holy shit. I hope he doesn't get murdered, and I hope he goes back to jail without hurting anyone else. Other than that I have no predictions, I'm just shocked

No. 912196

Maybe some ween will try to house him. lol

No. 912198

Chris was arrested for incest not for rape, do you guys think it may have been consensual?

No. 912199

Not sure how when Barb is so senile. Also consensual incest is still a felony in Virginia.

No. 912200

what is a ween?

No. 912201

A tryhard/unfunny troll

No. 912202

Barb cannot consent, even in Chris' ramblings he described her as completely senile and unknowing of where she was.

No. 912203

idk, my boyfriends friend told me he identifies as bigender now but i cant remember who relayed the information. not that it really matters, none of the people in contact with chris can be trusted. i do remember chris having said that he doesnt care if people call him a male though, so maybe it is true.

No. 912204

did he lose some weight?

No. 912205

Definitely. Looking very slim and trim these days!

No. 912206

lmao…but it does look like he did lose some weight based of that one picture. He will go back to being obese again though, probably.

No. 912207

he's gonna get interviewed by I'm sure a number of youtuber scrotes, get his twitter back and resume ebegging and ranting about dimensional merges until he fucks up again (which is inevitable).

No. 912208

clicked the youtube link and jesus christ, 73 fucking 40-minute parts? is this rabbit hole worth it nonas?

No. 912209

if you have the patience for it. personally I'd just read the cwcki.

No. 912210

is this thread auto-saged? I cant find it when looking for it in pt/ so i have to manually search.

No. 912211

100% worth

No. 912212

he considers himself male and female because he is Jesus (and Jesus is male) so he is ok with he/him pronouns now.

No. 912214

yes 100%

No. 912215

so do you think someone bailed him out?

No. 912216

I saw someone said that it was possible that a halfway house bailed him out (I’m not sure how it works) so he would be living in a home instead of jail basically.

No. 912220

the vinelink was recently edited to say that he was released by court order instead of bonded out.. so they just let him go for some reason

No. 912221

his life is called the most documented life ever. people know everything about him and there is a lot to tell. I couldn't make it through the YouTube series though

it was the top thread in /pt/ when I refreshed the page

kek that makes sense for him I guess thank you for explaining

No. 912224

You shouldn't be allowed to post ITT if you haven't watched it all the way through. Prerequisite studies in Christory.

No. 912225

Look at this faggot who hasn't been watching Chris for years. I was there for the makeup tutorials.

No. 912226

File: 1679956882796.png (209.08 KB, 1043x1799, christine .png)

The vine has been updated. Was he bonded out or nah?

No. 912227

File: 1679956933878.png (152.65 KB, 1080x1089, 20230328_013538.png)


No. 912234


theory is group home

No. 912242

i really hope he can’t go back to the temple. it’s sad that barb was probably such a bitch that her successful adult children couldn’t put her in a senior home. they probably could’ve sold/liquidated the temple, used it to pay off the expenses/bills, and give chris a dose of reality by giving him 10k and a kick in the ass. grow up, mom fucker

No. 912259

>merge happens

No. 912362

>ethnicity: non hispanic

ah yes, the two ethnicities, hispanic and non hispanic

No. 912372

Those are the two white ethnicities in the American census. If you're another ethnicity then you aren't white

No. 912376


i wouldn't call cole smithey successful or wealthy

No. 912382

this man is beyond just "growing up" and straightening his life out like a normal shitty NEET, no matter what kickstart anyone tries to give him. he needs to be permanently institutionalized/imprisoned. he raped his mother.

No. 912392

The bar has been set very low, to be fair.

No. 912441

it's a burger thing, "race" (black, white, asian, etc) is asked separately from "ethnicity" (hispanic or non-hispanic).

the long-awaited homeless saga. though i admit, i thought it wouldn't happen until after barb was dead.

No. 912444


he's not going to be homeless. at least not yet. partially because he's been accumulating his tugboat and money from his sales through praetor for the past 2 years, and partially because he's probably in a group home for now.

No. 912448

why would the government keep giving money to someone after they've been jailed

No. 912460


don't know, that's just what praetor said in his emails from a couple weeks ago

No. 912522

Praetor aren't reliable sources of information even if theyre in contact with cwc

No. 912557

Where is Barb now?

No. 912565

Probably in some shitty government run nursing home somewhere.

No. 912646

For all its posturing, US state institutions seem to be awfully racist. Shocker, huh.

No. 912659

>>912208 here, am on part 25 (have been having the videos in the background while working) and wanted to let everyone know that i'm suffering and hold you responsible

No. 912667

Did any of you watch the April fools video GenoSamuel added to the playlist? It was…existentially bleak. The good ending that was never going to happen. The AI Chris was wild.

No. 912782

The video got unlisted.

No. 912884

An actual good ending would have been Chris detransitioning. Although I guess we should all be cheering for male sexual predators to castrate themselves in the name of gender euphoria.

No. 912900

ive heard geno say that chris supposedly has a beard right now and is going by he/him pronouns again, but that was also word from praetor and i dont really believe a word they say.

No. 912919


geno always takes the safe route with the whole trans thing. started calling chris her as soon as they reached that point of the story. if he had chris de-transition he risks getting a lot of flack from that crowd, i don't blame him for playing it safe. remember how up in arms they all were when the news dropped that chris fucked his mom and people kept getting more mad about people "misgendering" him than the rape?

No. 912921

After all these years of buying toys, Chris is in massive debt. Someone must have Chris check his credit score, and learn how bad it is. Tell him that his credit points are in the asshole of George Soros and he must fist him to retrieve his credit points.(sage your autism)

No. 912931

considering how passionate he seems with the doc, i can understand geno taking the safe route.

No. 912950

ya, detransitioning would definitely solve all his problems and make chris a normal person, there's absolutely nothing else going on with him

No. 913035

At least people stop using she/her to the rapist of eldery mothers

No. 913044

cant wait for the new era of content

No. 913156

No one does all ready

No. 913535

File: 1682152391695.png (253.8 KB, 1079x1252, Screenshot_20230422-093336.png)

idk how real this is

No. 913538

It's fake, nona. The guy in the pic is some fat retard called Sam Hyde, you've probably seen his picture before after a mass shooting where terminally online freaks will circulate his picture and say he was the killer. This article has several examples: https://www.concentric.io/blog/who-is-sam-hyde-identifying-disinformation-and-conspiracy-during-a-crisis-situation

No. 913916

File: 1682991992364.jpg (106.53 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20230501_214429.jpg)

supposedly real pictures of chris in walmart today. no manchild items in the cart, but still wearing his medallion.
sorry for the annoying moid video, but it has a bunch of pictures.
i hope barb is safe.

No. 913934

>Sam Jekyll
>Real name Sam Hyde

No. 913935

If that's a true and honest recent photo, he looks like he's gained weight and has been on Estrogen again

No. 913939

Ur the retard here actually nona(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 913957

Someone caught a five second video of him too. Apparently he's in Midlothian.

No. 913958

>Chris is in Midlothian
Every day I hate being in Virginia

No. 913959

On the contrary, I'm delighted. I'm hoping I can get him to sign my Kiwicoin

No. 913981

Keep your grandma safe. Anyway, according to the autists on KF, he's in an assisted living nearby, and we can probably expect another sighting on June 1st. The first is when tugboats come in, so the tardwranglers let the speds like Chris out to do a bit of shopping.

No. 913991

File: 1683111921574.jpeg (725.94 KB, 1536x2048, FvFBpqYWwAEj877.jpeg)

No. 913994

File: 1683140777096.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2303, Screenshot_20230503-140529.png)

No. 913998

Did someone in loss prevention take this omg

No. 914006

Weens are everywhere. I guess he was court ordered not to be on the internet? or why hasn't he started up his Twitter again?

No. 914009

probably no internet access at the halfway house

No. 914175

What's up with KF being down the past few days? I'll take the ban for being in the wrong thread, I couldn't find the current KF thread and thought this was the best place to ask. Sorry jannies

No. 914181

True & Honest farmer here,
Null posted on Telegram that he's being targeted by a man with a rape allegation that wants the webpage gone so he has a clean slate.
This is very likely Liz-Fong Jones and his "consent accident".
Cwcfarms is Chrischan related in my opinion but I can handle getting banned.
See you at the farms fren.

On thread topic:
Shame Null refused to talk about the Chris sightings on MATI but SmokeyMcc has been covering it okay.(sage your shit kiwifag)

No. 914182

thanks for the update cause i'm not gonna download telegram

No. 914233

Absolutely the fuck not. If the trannies win, we all lose.

No. 914235

Seconded. I don't know what the fuck is up with all these anons who don't realize that this isn't just about muh moids. Trannies attempt to censor everyone and KF is valuable for documenting shit.

No. 914268

I’m surprised he didn’t eat Barbara’s dusty vag tbh

No. 914275

He didn't? I thought he showed Barb aaaaaaalllllllll the tricks, along with hitting that g-spot with his bent duck.

No. 914280

At least he was kind enough not to force her to suck le bent duck

No. 914291

Joking about him raping his mom soo funny

No. 914305

Chris-chan was arrested today outside of his mother's house in Ruckersville, Virginia, at 14 Branchland Court. I was able to hear about it through a police radio scanner that I have access to. Apparently, Chris-chan was involved in a physical altercation with one of his neighbors and the police were called to the scene. When they arrived, they found Chris-chan yelling and causing a disturbance. He was then taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and assault. This news has been spreading rapidly throughout the area, and many people are shocked and saddened by the incident. Chris-chan's fans and supporters have been expressing their concern and disappointment online.(this is an imageboard)

No. 914307

theres nothing on twitter about this, can you show us any proof anon? kiwifarms is down still i think or i would be checking there.

No. 914309

ok samefag im deciding im stupid and this is just a copypasta or something and not very true or honest.

No. 914310

had me until
>fans and supporters

No. 914341

Yeah. CWC does not have fans/supporters.

No. 917777

File: 1691531308849.png (152.07 KB, 2150x533, 20230809_004212.png)

Chris had his review. Result 'Resolved Order Pending' probably means his case won't get continued. The results should be available once the court gets their paperwork done.

No. 917779

So, he’s a free man/woman:thing?

No. 917893

File: 1691775602862.png (1.31 MB, 2160x3840, 20230811_201908.png)

I don't know what this means. The defendant status is custody and the defense provided exhibits during the review. (The case details are sealed.) There has been no confirmed online updates by Chris Chan after the review.

No. 918202

Just means he’s out on bail nona(learn to sage)

No. 918216

File: 1692461103111.png (158.81 KB, 2149x302, 20230819_190303.png)

So he is still waiting to get sentenced? The case appears to be active. I wonder what kind of exhibits they provided. Drawings, jail letters, Sonichu comics?

No. 918264

Yes he’s out on bail and still awaiting sentencing there’s still a huge back catalogue of legal cases because of the last two years of Covid so everything takes way longer now(sage your shit)

No. 918305

File: 1692649463377.png (482.41 KB, 527x848, 43597439867546j546457.png)

he is liking posts on twitter again as of Aug 18th
this is not a drill

No. 918308

Now he has to make a video and then the internet will go apeshit.

No. 918322

A new video went up in a KF thread but the site is down again (or it’s not .pl anymore? So what is it now?). Following Chris is getting harder with the site being down constantly.(sage your shit)

No. 918341

Just get it on TOR browser instead of chasing the clearnet domains.

No. 918483


Love to see you Clearnet nonnas coming to the Fruit Farms in flocks since these new jannys proved to be absolute trash <3

No. 918492

File: 1692980090008.png (17.62 KB, 1535x380, F4Y3fkCXkAAuwzP.png)

case dismissed

No. 918495

Not even on a register. He's free to terrorize the state and not the least bit surprising.

No. 918496

What a broken court system.

No. 918502

why the fuck was he not put on the sexual predator list? why was he locked up away in some mental facility???

No. 918522

Does this mean Chris can get compensation for wrongful imprisonment?

No. 918532

How the fuck is this even possible? Did the jury not find anything from the case to be true? I don’t understand why he was only charged with incest (with a child and not even with his parent which is weird) and not sexual assault. I guess it’s because you can’t just say you did a crime without there actually being proof and Barbara being too dementia’d out they probably couldn’t get any testing done on her, including rape kits, even though sexual abuse of elderly people with dementia happens all the time in homes. Do you think his lawyer made Chris out to be some bullied sped whose bullies made up the rumors? And made Chris admitting to everything just be some kind of response to the bullying but not an admission of guilt? that’s my only guess.

No. 918535

Okay but seriously, how fucked up would it be if Chris actually made everything up? He just said that shit to "impress" Isabella or whatever, to let the internet know he wasn't a virgin. We all know he simply can't process how fucked an incestuous relationship is so to him it seemed fine.

Tinfoil aside, I'd reckon there simply wasn't enough physical evidence paired with the fact the entire jury knew Chris wouldn't survive in jail. He may even be killed, likely raped. A mental institution is his best bet and I'm sure he's about to become a ward of the state. If the courts seriously just let him go… wow I will never fucking visit that state as it is pants on head.

No. 918536

It’s very plausible he did it because of how detailed he described it, but it could also just be a fantasy of his and not something he actually physically did. It’s also plausible that he did do it because moids are degenerates and a sperg moid like CWC has probably always wanted to fuck his own mother deep down. If we’re to believe the amerifart legal system in Virginia did it’s job 100% correctly then I’d wager they found chris did not do it and it was merely just fucked up rumors gone wrong. Your tinfoil shouldn’t even be considered a tinfoil at this point, it’s a very real possibility.

No. 918540

ayrt Truthfully I'm inclined to believe he did it, just because of how much of a sex pest he was prior to this. Honestly it's pretty wild to me that my supposed tinfoil is plausible. That would be quite the event for the internet. Now I'm waiting for the inevitable milk spillage as soon as Chris gets back on the internet. He can't stay away, and shit is about to get weird.

No. 918550

David L. Heilberg is one hell of a defense lawyer. He told Chris to shut up about "Soul bonding", got the case details sealed, and used the autism defense. In Virginia one can get their charges dismissed using code 19.2-303.6. So Heilberg basically said "Your honor, my client is retarded."

As for the charges, if Barbara refused to collaborate they simply didn't have enough evidence to charge Chris with rape.

Chris wasn't a virgin when he did it. And he obviously did it. Nobody spends a year in jail because they got trolled online.

No. 918565

he famously lost his virginity to a prostitute years ago

No. 918568

File: 1693165485898.jpg (103.08 KB, 828x621, magi_chan_and_i_around_1218_ne…)

Chris Chan's alleged deviant art account
It has interesting drawings like Magi-Chan and I around 1218 neurotypical sheeple

No. 918569

File: 1693166549054.png (5.63 MB, 2160x3840, 20230827_225519.png)

I don't know if this is his vision board or something. Magi-chan's words in the lower picture are very disturbing.

No. 918591

ayrt holy shit I can't believe I forgot about the prostitute incident…

No. 918595

no, this is more like “he’s already served the maximum sentence for what he was charged with, we’ll let it go and save the cost of the trial”
especially if his mum refused to testify

No. 918836

File: 1693842689112.jpg (554.18 KB, 936x1705, Screenshot_20230904_085250_Tik…)

Uh.. Really hope this is fake. From a tiktok I saw. The video is just photos.

No. 918837

File: 1693842720774.jpg (621.65 KB, 1079x1538, Screenshot_20230904_085504_Tik…)

No. 918843

File: 1693858254909.jpeg (85.39 KB, 772x580, F0179EB8-0BD2-4365-8C6B-793CFE…)

It might be real. Helena was Chris' pen pal during jail saga. There were pictures of Chris-chan's car outside Barb's house. I hope those are not real! Didn't someone steal his custom made Sonichu plates?

No. 918844

No. 918845

File: 1693869538223.jpg (182.67 KB, 720x1096, 20230904_161532.jpg)

Nta but here are the pics

No. 918847

File: 1693871155058.jpg (358.06 KB, 1049x1501, Screenshot_20230904_164858_Tik…)

No. 918848

this makes me so mad… the fact that the law can't protect his poor mother is so fucked up… i'm in the camp that barb groomed him throughout the years but shes still a demented old lady and doesn't deserve what happened to her. he should be kept away from her until she dies.

No. 918849

I don't think she groomed him.. dude grew up on 4chan and is first and foremost a demented porn obsessed fanatic scrote.

No. 918851

he was like 21 when 4chan discovered him.

No. 918852

What does that even mean? I never got the inclination Barb did anything of the sort. Unless you're using groomed to mean she's a negligent parent who didn't know how to raise a mega autitst. And if that's the case why no mention of his father who clearly also failed him?

No. 918854

nta but there have been multiple instances over the years of barb being weird with chris. but to me, it seems more of a case of barb refusing to set boundaries for her autistic kid than trying to prep him for incest or whatever the word grooming is trying to imply.

No. 918855

I mean I don't think Barb literally wanted to eventually fuck her son, but she and Chris have had an overly intimate relationship for his whole life. She didn't want him to get girlfriends because, according to Chris, she was afraid of him loving them more than her; she insisted on sleeping in the same bed with him and spooning; trolls who went to court appearances reported that Chris and Barb were constantly touching each other and acting weirdly close, and it ramped up after Bob died and Chris became basically her stand-in husband.

Obviously by the time he was Soul Bonding with Barb she was demented and it was rape, but they've never had a normal parent/child relationship

No. 918857

Doesn't mean that part of the internet didn't influence him. Degends are degends regardless of social media

No. 918860

File: 1693896956369.jpg (693.57 KB, 1200x1197, barbussy.jpg)

Broken America(sage your shit)

No. 918862

I hate being so knowledgeable on Chris but from all of recorded troll history and all that he’s shared about his porn habits, none of the trolls every brought up stuff about him banging Barb of egging him on to do it. The times it came up was usually him telling some creepy anecdote about her like dreaming of sex with her or other weird shit.

Even the cuddling thing disturbed null and Marvin to the point that they paid for a bed to stop the spooning. He even mentioned Barb kicking him out of bed for not spooning on some nights.

So no, the internet didn’t do make him lust for Barb, she made it happen all on her own.

No. 918864

i want to alog barb

No. 918866

Well, she is probably getting raped right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918877

Barb deserves whatever the fuck she has coming her way. She's a wretched, despicable cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918885

The law in america is useless at protecting women from violent men.

No. 918891

Jfc it's all so sordid… when Chris dies the internet will be lost for a while. He's gonna keep Barb's corpse mark my words.

No. 918908

TLDR of the most important points here:
>Chris is back at the house with Barbara (he arrived there on Bob's fucking birthday, let that sink in)
>There is a big chance he is still Barbara's primary caretaker, unless she has new ones we don't know of
>He's planning on keeping a low profile for a while before making a big online comeback
>Helena and Pikchu still communicate with him and he gives them infos (how he doesn't find out said infos are being leaked by them is beyond me)
>still on his retarded Sonichu shit, drawing his comics and all, and thinks he's Jesus

Little personal sperglet rant:
This shit transcends irony at this point, this is like when Canada released their worst pedo and child abuser after a few years and had to warn citizens to beware of him instead of doing their fucking job. I don't get how people can still believe trans people are the target of a so-called genocide when Chris is being offered so many privileges

No. 918920

It’s all about the Autism that lead him to freedom. They literally just had a new law where Autistic people can get away with lighter sentences.

No. 918931

Probably only autistic scrotes and male trannies let’s be real. Autistic women like me and others on this site would get full penalties for doing depraved shit.

No. 918956

A new law?

No. 918989


>Virginia recently passed a new law providing a powerful defense for certain people charged with serious crimes. Under Virginia Code 19.2-303.6, a person who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or another intellectual disability can petition the court defer their case, put them on probation, and eventually dismiss their charges if the person shows they are eligible and that the alleged crime was “caused by or had a direct and substantial relationship to the person’s disorder or disability.”

>Under Code Section 19.2-303.6, only people charged with certain offenses can petition the court for a deferred disposition. A person must show that they have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist, or an “intellectual disability.” Virginia law defines an “intellectual disability” as “a disability, originating before the age of 18 years, characterized concurrently by (i) significant subaverage intellectual functioning as demonstrated by performance on a standardized measure of intellectual functioning, administered in conformity with accepted professional practice, that is at least two standard deviations below the mean and (ii) significant limitations in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills.”

>Some people are ineligible for deferred disposition based on the crime they are charged with. Defendants charged with aggravated murder or an “act of violence,” such as kidnapping, assault, robbery, sexual assault, or arson. A person is not ineligible for this defense simply because they have a prior conviction.

>The court can defer a defendant’s case if the defendant has pleaded guilty or if they have pleaded not guilty, but there facts what “would justify a finding of guilt.” The court must then find by “clear and convincing evidence” that the offense was caused by or was related to the defendant’s autism or intellectual disability. If the defendant’s case is deferred, they usually have to complete a term of probation that includes several conditions such as no internet use, no being around minors, and other restrictions.

>If a person successfully completes the terms of their deferred disposition and probation, the court may enter an order dismissing the charges against him. If the defendant violates the terms of his deferred disposition, the court can revoke his probation, enter a conviction, and impose a sentence.

No. 919124

How is not dead(non-contribution, no sage)

No. 919717

File: 1695280046714.png (799.56 KB, 602x829, IMG_5606.png)

Hey gals, remember that Batman TAS episode where a young psych intern Harley Quinzel falls in love with an evil clown mastermind then later became a villainess in her own right? Well, the first part happened.

No. 919718

File: 1695280082397.jpeg (78.33 KB, 508x687, IMG_5604.jpeg)

No. 919720

File: 1695280209417.jpeg (85.29 KB, 515x689, IMG_5605.jpeg)

Tard mother fucker scored state-mandated waifu

No. 919722

that's his mom?

No. 919724

No his mom is 80 lol this is a yet unidentified girl

No. 919726

this is big foot quality pics. i'm not entirely convinced she is reciprocating if he did kiss her, it looks like her head is pulled away in the 2nd pic. i'm getting vibes like too many games where he got in trouble for getting too close to people and kissing them on the cheek. if she were a case worker or something she would probably be better at setting boundaries tho.

No. 919728

holy fucking shit. this has to be some sort of misunderstanding. like someone else said a too many games situation. or maybe shes just one of those freaks who likes to date men in jail ….

No. 919729

According to weens from Reddit, she’s not a tard wrangler but someone slightly lower on the spectrum. They also mentioned that he was very domineering towards that lady while grocery shopping and the lady in question always kept her head down.

No. 919731

i hate this. another woman for this tard to take advantage of. i'm assuming he met her in the group home. you would think they'd have rules against this?

No. 919768

His ladyfriend up close

No. 919815

File: 1695416232497.png (98.49 KB, 1003x708, chrischangf.png)

According to this clout chaser or troll, Chris is in a relationship with that woman.

No. 919816

One of his videos. He was warned many times about interacting with Chris chan and making videos about it.

No. 919817

She’s also wearing the sonichu medallion underneath her sweater in one of the pics posted.

No. 919820

holy shit, it does look like she has the medallion on here >>919717

No. 919842

File: 1695450319327.png (550.76 KB, 1384x1176, IMG_5609.png)

Well, the good news Chris is staying at the tard home and no longer pounding the barbussy like we all feared I’m disgusted myself for tying that

No. 919844

So far, it seems like mystery girl being a lower functioning cohabitant of the tard house is exactly what the case is. I'm fucking praying that whatever caretakers are in charge of that place make sure he's not sexually abusing her. I don't doubt for a second that he (worst case scenario) already has or absolutely would given the first opportunity. This is so cursed.

No. 919850

CP bump, don't scroll

No. 919851

Aren't there rules about tard home residents having relationships with eachother?

No. 919872

File: 1695536936206.png (45.42 KB, 759x652, IMG_5611.png)

Someone from the weeb wars thread on kf contacted the dude who keeps tabs on Chris and turns out the mystery lady isn’t Chris’ girlfriend but a social worker-friend whom was being assaulted on candid camera. Megan 2.0, if you will

No. 919876

this otakuking guy doesn't seem very credible. before he said they are a couple >>919815
sounds like he's just putting whatever may stick out there. i do think she could be a worker and its a misunderstanding, but that still doesn't explain why she's wearing the medallion, and the two yoga mats in his cart. even if she is a worker she seems like an enabler of chris' delusions.

No. 919883

This guy is retarded and definitely enacting some cowish behavior himself.

No. 920545

File: 1696716534723.gif (298.33 KB, 720x720, received_3591744524443908.gif)

Chris Chan at the mall with the woman who looks like a little girl. I don't think she is his case worker. Otakuking is full of shit.

No. 920599

its so creepy how he goes from abusing his elderly mother to a girl who looks like shes 12 i want to vomit. he should be locked away.

No. 920618

I saw someone on the other farms speculate/claim she was actually someone from his mental home which is far more likely. If so nobody is protecting this poor disabled woman just because she did some crime that cannot possibly be as bad as raping your own mother. These homes are supposed to stop residents from having relationships but there is a worry that they might not prevent a "friendship" even if there is an obvious power dynamic issue + him being horny for her.
If she isn't from the home my fear is she's a family member that is being put up to "watching" chris. Whoever is supposed to be in charge of this girl needs to get her away from him stat. He's so much larger than her on top of his tard-rage capabilities and besides the fact that he thinks he's owed a bf free girl and doesn't understand them as people with thoughts and feelings, he literally thinks he's a god and can control the world. The moment he decides he gets what he wants he will go for it with no ability to reason with him. The Chris story is going to end worse than just mother rape with how things are going for him and I hope he doesn't kill or permanently hurt any women and girls

No. 920626

Judging from >>919720 he probably had his way with her by this point, anon, and sadly we can’t touch the poo or do anything to stop it. I’m surprised the group home allowed Chris to be alone with her, let alone dating.

No. 920692

It's honestly devastating, she looks like 12 ugh. She looks so bundled up and self-soothing with her body language in every picture, like super autistic. And her wearing the medallion makes me feel so sick to my stomach bc you know cwc made a disgusting oc of her.

No. 920698

>Fucking Chris got a gf before I do

No. 920703

Nobody's stopping you from grooming your own retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920736

We can’t but the autismos at kiwi won’t allow this to stand. I mean those incels were calling the courts daily like they’re going to allow chrischan have his own retard girlfriend. It’s a matter of time. Who fucks this up and gets law enforcement involved. Chris or kiwis

No. 920801

>Chris or kiwis
That is one symbiotic entity

No. 920868

Why aren't those places sex-segregated?

The creep factor is over 9000.

No. 920873

Tbh, he’s probably saying his name is christine and shit so he can be with the women in that place.

No. 920900

nah, it’s a group home for both men and women

No. 921005

File: 1697485116537.png (271.52 KB, 500x464, Untitled`.png)

>the autismos at kiwi won’t allow this to stand
Correct. Pic from KF.

No. 921017

posted without comment

No. 921018

File: 1697489999150.png (460.32 KB, 585x536, Screenshot (2).png)


No. 921048

The goddess blue heart who raped his mom multiple times, how amazing.

No. 921051

I watched all of this and got rough timestamps to give other anons a chance to escape my fate. chris appears to have dried blood or some kind of lesion under the right nostril this whole fucking vid, like 15 rings, and a grimy sonichu medallion and three or four other necklaces on with it.

00:00 - horrible "random access comedy" singing and dancing?? over an existing song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KCwiRj2c4k)
03:53 - poorly edited footage cut (I think he makes eye contact with his horrible visage and removes the glasses, mistaking the blurry spectre before him as better looking)
03:57 - introduction, synopsis and explanation of previous song (to my haters), and insane religious ramblings of something that seems to be a mix of christianity, sonic lore, dimensional merge nonsense, and crystal chakra aligning plus some catch
05:21 - more "random access comedy" signing (and "dancing") over another pokemon song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOsdy1ZsXUs)
08:51 - "perfect" immediately followed by a scene change, with the now arrived threat of a return, direct references to being jesus by displaying the crosses on his palms (they are just unembellished palms)

No. 921072

Video Description:

"I'm just clearing the air and setting the record straight on what happened in mid-2021; nothing happened between me and Barbara in 2021. I also feel very tired of too many of all of you not comprehending that I was and am innocent; I was released because I was found and proven innocent, despite it taking so long. I know my reputation had been dragged through the worst of mud, muck and various fluids by the misconceptions and mislabels from the darkest and toxic sinners online. That minority level detail is absolutely no reason for Anyone to get involved with me in social situations, online on social media, and so on. I would never dox anyone I follow who are innocent.

Do not even let the socio-political details and happenings dictate or influence what is Light Powered, Righteous and simply Good. I will not have my life be narrated by the misconceptions that have arisen from the Toxic and Darkest Sinning society, and neither should you. None of your damn smut-fics and gore-fics will affect I or anyone else anymore.

I am a wonderful and positively vibrational individual and Avatar of existence. I have been through a lot in my own soul-searching and priority setting. You all can at least relate with me on That and follow my example in improving yourselves, spiritually, mentally and physically as respective individuals. And I Pray those few that I appreciate as good and sound individuals who had and have blocked me on social medias will understand and accept me better now that I have taken the time to get myself together and clear my mind and found myself in my resurrection and return.

Ultimate Miracle…Chaos Control.

Visit the Etsy Store for often updated items we have for sale as well.

Thank you and Bless you all; be safe and well.
Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime."

No. 921077

File: 1697575794541.jpg (388.6 KB, 1080x1720, 20231017_234211.jpg)

He or whoever is controlling him now couldn't link the Etsy shop correctly. So here it is
The medallions are sold out.

No. 921078

File: 1697576152777.png (1.48 MB, 1061x3166, Gravel.png)

But you can still buy a sack of rocks and gravel picked from his driveway.

No. 921079

> you shipped me with Barbara

No. 921080

File: 1697576496006.png (1011.14 KB, 2504x993, Reviews .png)

And some people actually bought them. Extra macaroni included. Barf.

No. 921081

About the woman he has been seen with:

"The girl y'all had seen me with in the past few weeks. I'll tell you a little something about her. She's a friend of mine and I refer to her only as Flutter because she likes Fluttershy. I met her in Lynchberg. She got in touch with me while I was in jail and we managed to meet. We managed to bond and connect with each other as friends. She's literally 30 years old despite her physicality."

So the girl is a ween and we have a new Meghan situation?

No. 921083

so he thinks she looks young… barf. i can't believe he's calling her flutter thats so creepy and weird.

No. 921104

The cow that keeps on milking, this shit is nuts. Did a nonna watch the video and see if he ever addressed the leaked phone call with Janke? How did he explain that fucking mess?

No. 921107

So um, do we stop feeling sorry for this chick? She’s clearly there on her own accord and probably one of the puppets pulling the tard strings while giving him free suk mi.

No. 921108

He blames her for it lmao

No. 921128

ayrt KEK ok Chris

No. 921129

Is what he did horrific? Definitely. Am I excited to see what bullshit he says next? 100% LOL(sage your shit)

No. 921134

He implied that she edited it just to frame him as a rapist calling the call "chopped and screwed"

No. 921138

Yes. Imagine contacting someone who's in jail for raping his mother AND wanting to meet him. I wouldn't be surprised if she wrote, filmed, or edited the video.

Chris is obviously reading a script. He calls Barbara "Snorlax". Why would he do that? The previous video was filmed using a green screen. Someone he knows irl had to provide it and set it up. Chris is too dumb to know how a green screen works. Notice how he is cut mid-sentence when he talks about Flutter. Who else would want to edit it like that?

No. 921143

Not to be mean or anything but his heartsweet looks like a downie and a pick me

No. 921150

Apparently she is, they allegedly met at the unstable retard home he was in recently

No. 921158

i think its praetor making these videos. they can make good money off of chris.

No. 921174

this doesn’t seem to be the case, just a rumor. If you watched the video he said she wrote him in jail.

No. 921190

"This is "The Life and Times of Jesus Christ" as written and directed by Angelica Rosechu in a Christmas Play she and a lot of other Sonichus and Rosechus enacted on December 17, 2005 after having gone back in time and personally met and talked with Jesus in Israel way back in the day, with Magi-Chan's help.

This is Part 1 of the Multipart reading video series read by I, personally, as chronicled."

No. 921194

Yay, can't wait for the next thirty cookie-cutter enabler sagas. The GenoSamuel videos are gonna be riveting.

No. 921348

My apologies thanks for the correction, meeting your gf in prison is somehow marginally better

No. 921523

Here is the second part of that fuckery.

No. 921524

File: 1698185965508.jpeg (226.3 KB, 1170x2100, GenoSamuelStream.jpeg)

A wild ChrisChan appeared in Geno Samuels stream. Geno was not pleased.

No. 921525

File: 1698187165932.png (795.69 KB, 978x1406, Bad idea.png)

He is definitely getting help from someone, most likely praetor. Chris Chan's Etsy shop was open when he was in jail, so someone was running it for him.
>The Medallion stock is low, but we are personally restocking

They are also opening a Minecraft server. Kids play that game. For some reason teenagers are trying to contact Chris. I guess idiot zoomers romanticize the "old internet" era.
This is a terrible idea. Chris chatting with minors makes my skin crawl.

No. 921549

idk, if this were anybody but chris-chan i'd agree with you, but the last time chris chatted with a minor it's the minor who got him to sexually abuse himself
it's gross sure but i don't think any child's in danger

No. 921581

File: 1698267463264.jpg (1.08 MB, 1693x2073, 20231025_235055.jpg)

Chris buying junk food at Walmart. Is he wearing a corset? There is no way he lost that much weight. Compared to this. >>913916

No. 921582

His puppeteers are keeping him busy. Livestream coming soon.

No. 921631

I'm deeply annoyed by those Praetor weens. I can only hope they'll get theirs one day soon.

No. 921868

He's live. Idiots are donating a lot of money.

No. 923108

File: 1700409745771.jpg (94.6 KB, 960x1024, 108.jpg)

No. 923369

File: 1700774385307.jpg (97.04 KB, 794x598, COMMISSIONS-_READ_DESCRIPTION-…)


No. 923463

File: 1700951946843.png (993.54 KB, 1246x844, Praetor house .png)

Kiwifarms doxed Caden (Praetor member). Apparently he bought this house and Chris lives there. It's in Lynchburg, so at least Chris doesn't live with Barbara anymore.

No. 923501

damn. praetor is dumb. i guess they can exploit him for money easier this way.

No. 924740

File: 1702655900155.png (569.99 KB, 588x865, chrome_VJN634rjFi.png)

Chris is up to some retarded shit on twitter recently, as expected. He even posted his approval of Boogie's pedo relationship.

No. 924952

Chris donating toys to charity. He can't film a short video without making it about himself. Don't photograph him. He's not a Bigfoot.

Hypothetically speaking, would you let your kid play with these toys? I see the packages appear to be factory sealed.

No. 924954

Chris wants people to interact with him.

No. 924990

the sealed ones are probably fine and they all look new but I'd be worried about a musty smell on the plushies. Also chris really shouldn't be encouraging people to come up to him instead of just taking pictures…

No. 926046

A 20 minute video of Chris playing with toys. He likes Transformers now. I don't recommend watching this video. He is legit retarded!
I really hope the toy store linked in the video description isn't sponsoring him.

Even his "fans" or weens are getting bored of him. They are more interested in Flutter's real name and Caden's criminal record.

I tinfoil Chris Chan is now interested in Transformers because he has been blacklisted/banned from every possible upcoming Brony Convention.

No. 926076

File: 1704235829415.jpg (199.71 KB, 761x1050, talking_through_portals_by_nig…)

Searched Chris Chan's Deviant Art for Fluttershy. Found these. I think the blonde woman saying "Ooh! Fun!" is The Flutter. Redditors and Kiwitards decided Flutter's real name is Alice, btw.

No. 926079

File: 1704236305355.jpg (184.98 KB, 761x1050, fluttercora_by_nightstarrosech…)

Feeling recovered, Zecora was most grateful for Fluttershy retrieving the honey and herbs she needed. Fluttershy told Zecora of how worried she was over her. In many an appreciation that is not amiss, Zecora hushed Fluttershy, and leaned in for a cuddle and a kiss

No. 926080

File: 1704236554817.jpg (206.83 KB, 761x1050, an_ever_free_convention_by_nig…)

From DeviantArt. Chris really likes them Brony Conventions?

No. 926081

>He likes Transformers now
He’s always liked transformers, he used Optimus Prime to prove that he was straight after all.

No. 926236

File: 1704474408484.jpeg (3.59 MB, 3024x4032, o4egy0n85iac1.jpeg)

Chris and Flutter spotted in Cary NC by Reddit retard. They were buying tickets to "ANIMATE! RALEIGH" happening on January 5-7, 2024 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

No. 926251

No. 926291

File: 1704607367487.png (15.55 KB, 615x142, IMG_5716.png)

Chris and his galpal were kickied out from the convention, took them long enough. Btw her name is either Alice, Ellen or Helen and are confirmed to be dating.

Poor flutter-chan [and Barb, maybe] imagine that “thing” on top of you as he thrusts away…

No. 926298

need more context. what'd they do to get kicked? did he go around kissing people again?

No. 926299

File: 1704665732965.png (222.76 KB, 1240x1249, reddit posts.PNG)

Screenshot from KF. Redditors suck. This one claims there was no incident. Someone else claimed they heard security say Chris+Flutter were asked to leave because they said they were paid to livestream there. It's all hearsay.

These screenshots don't prove they are in a romantic relationship, by the way. They went there together and were asked to leave, you know how a whole party can get kicked out because one member misbehaved.

No clear pictures of Flutter either because she was actively hiding herself and avoiding cameras. Why go there with Chris at all then?

No. 926300

File: 1704665898768.png (926.93 KB, 640x970, hbfqn513rqac1.png)

Here's the highest quality image of her.

No. 926301

File: 1704666455563.mp4 (7.67 MB, 640x360, Christine asks a question.mp4)

This kind of schizo behavior may have been one of the reasons to ask them to leave. I don't understand the question or the answer. Something Star wars related?
Apparently weens were calling the Raleigh Convention Center so many times the con staff didn't have time to answer the calls. Chris chan brings too much negative attention and has a terrible reputation.

No. 926310

File: 1704719149072.png (1.42 MB, 945x1720, Chris flutter cops.png)

Real police officers (not mall cops) were involved. Chris himself has been surprisingly quiet about this. Shouldn't he be ranting about jerk ops and such by now?

No. 926311

is she actually a midget? like with a growth syndrome?

No. 926312

File: 1704719462632.png (660.49 KB, 1080x1203, Chris tweet.png)

Instead, he tweeted about having a nice weekend. Either he has changed or someone is wrangling him successfully.
By the way, why is Fluttershy wearing trans stockings?

No. 926314

no, she is just petite and he gets off on it because he is a pedo
he will drag her into the trans pipeline, mark my words

No. 926318

Might be she's successfully wrangling him. For now, she managed to have him doing his tard stuff without any sign of tard rage. That's pretty good considering his track record at cons. All that without showing her face to the weens or doing anything outwardly indicating she's a tard herself.
I really hope she's getting paid well for this (and that she stays out of his tard hands)

No. 926328

You can see the autistic tip toe walking even in a still photo kek

No. 926380

lmao what the fuck is he wearing. pants under a skirt and a cropped hoodie with another sweater under it???

No. 926383

God this poor girl. I cannot believe chris finally got a gf and it was AFTER he raped his mom and went to jail for it. I'm legit worried for her safety

No. 926413

File: 1704835950911.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1552, GenoSamuel.png)

If you have been watching the "Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History" series you know who Geno Samuel is. He is going to become a father and Chris Chan congratulated him.
I think Geno deserves this. He is responsible for new batches of weens who are always worse than the previous ones.

No. 926451

Geno is indirectly responsible for Isabella Janke. I hate this sex tourist mf.

No. 926500

Chris Chan's video was privated but KF found this guys video. It was uploaded before Cristine's retarded playsession "review". So, Chris basically plagiarized the whole video.

This toystore is/was linked in both video descriptions.
But only emgo316 seems to have an actual connection to that store.

Fucking Praetor. If you are puppeteering the retard at least make him do something original. Stop associating the mother rapist's name to unaffiliated businesses and events! You are harming them. I know Caden only cares about making money. Wounder if he grows magic mushrooms in the basement.

No. 926539

He's so ugly. Looking like he's missing a chromosome. I want to feel bad for these women, but damn

No. 926540

Proof men can get away with anything. This woman is either retarded herself or willing to ignore the fact that she's dating an incest rapist

No. 926631

File: 1705271491346.png (1.05 MB, 1732x1080, Cope harder.png)

Chris Chan facing consequences of his actions. People don't want to associate with him so they block him on X just for replying on their polls or whatever.
He gets a lot of hate for his Jesus delusions too. Some people really don't like false prophets…
So here's his long ass rant. He of course doesn't admit any wrong doing.

No. 926632

File: 1705272112048.png (1.76 MB, 1028x2201, Blocked.png)

Pics attached to tweet.

He asked people to stop photographing him like he's Bigfoot and come talk to him instead in these videos >>924952 >>924954
Getting booted from that Raleigh con on top of all these things would make anyone else consider if they are the problem/bad guy but not Chris. He never learns.

No. 926661

Possible cow crossover. Keffals interviews Chris chan on livestream

No. 926662

File: 1705338729444.png (298.83 KB, 1080x653, ChrisKeffals.png)

The stream is scheduled for tomorrow. The Keffals stream starting in two hours might be clickbait.

No. 926700

Trying (and failing) to go for that Juno look lol.

No. 926701

I really wanna have some hope that this woman is not seriously dating this tard and is really just pretending to be interested in him to keep him wrangled. I can't fathom how any sane woman would unironically want to date a literal rapist and motherfucker. There's no redeeming qualities at all with this fucker and unless the woman is mentally deranged herself, there's just no way this is serious.

No. 926702

I mean congrats for him but off-topic, does anyone else just get fucking irritated when watching content about Chris and the creator either uses she/her or they/them pronounces for this lardass? I used to be able to ignore it and I still do this when I'm watching the Comprehensive History videos but whenever I come across other people talking about it and they bend over backwards to validate this turd of a human, I can't help but lose respect for these people. Mentally ill or not, Chris Chan is an awful piece of work and he's the last person anyone should be validating. I I'm against troonism in general because it's all delusional bullshit but I especially cannot fathom how anyone would ever be fine with validating this fucker of all these TIMs.

No. 926703

>does anyone else just get fucking irritated when watching content about Chris and the creator either uses she/her or they/them pronounces for this lardass?
Yes. No one should validate any of his delusions. However, due to youtube's policies the content creators can't ~misgender~ him if they want to keep their content up. Respect the pronouns or you are a bully t.youtube

No. 926704

But is this really true? Is it really true that if you dare not validate this fucker, you'll get your channel taken down? Or is it that these people are afraid that they won't be able to monetize their videos? Because if it's the later, I'm not trying to be mean but if they are worried about de-monetization, part of me just thinks they need to suck it up and not try to make YouTube their career and hold down an IRL job or a job unrelated to YouTube content. But I know that that's me and who am I to say what a YouTuber should do.

It's just frustrating because as far as Chris Chan tubers go, with the exception of the YouTubers Gibi (now Love Cattle Ranch), SmokeyMC and KiwiTapes, most people validate this fucker's delusions and with Gibi, he even felt the need to remind people that he's not "tRaNsPhObIc". I guess my patience for this troon bullshit is thinning with every year and Chris embodies troonism unbridled.

But this is all just a vent, I understand that some people want to create content and earn money making content about him but it's not easy to watch sometimes even if they don't believe in Chris' delusions. It just doesn't help the situation since as far as Chris is concerned, he's getting it still when this guy deserves nothing and should be in a mental institution.

No. 926707

File: 1705407958457.png (779.23 KB, 999x2072, Hatespeech and bullying.png)

It is true. Misgendering can be reported as hate speech and bullying. Three strikes and your channel goes down. I bet YouTube couldn't care less about it but it is easier to remove channels that get constantly reported than having an employee go through all the reports to determine if the content is against their guidelines or not.

No. 926708

Ah okay, thanks anon. Well then as frustrating as this all is, I understand why a lot of these YTbers are cautious and just affirm this village idiot.

No. 926709

File: 1705410599617.png (881.99 KB, 1080x1797, Bisexual transwoman.png)

Look at this "Bisexual Transwoman"!

Every YouTuber trying to monetize on Chris Chan content should consider finding an IRL job. Especially Keffals. These were clickbait >>926661 >>926662 There won't be a livestream because Keffals "the swatting victim" suddenly realized that interviewing Chris on livestream would put his life in danger.

No. 926725

He's. Just. Fucking. Delusion. I know it's an understatement but still kek But I agree, as much as I understand why Chris Chan tubers don't want to risk de-monetization or their channels terminated and genuinely don't believe in Chris Chan's nonsense, they should have at least have an IRL part-time job. The well is going to dry up sooner or later and as batshit as Chris Chan, I feel like he's not gonna do anything seriously vile now. He's hopefully separated from his mother and most sane people will avoid him. Sure he has these orbiters but people are eventually gonna get bored of Chris' insane babbling.

The thing that made Chris Chan an enigmatic trainwreck was the tonedeaf and non-self aware antics he did in his IRL. And it seems like those days are a thing of the past.

No. 926745

So how about that new video?

The way Chris is slurring her words has me seriously weirded out. She sounds like she’s popping Xanax like breath mints.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926746

integrate or get out

No. 926748

>I’m married to so-and-so…
So where does flutter fit in the picture?

No. 926765

Keffals interviews Chris Chan.

No. 926766

Post the video while you're at it. I agree with you. He is definitely on drugs.

No. 926788

I watched half of the video and for anyone wondering where Chris is staying, this fills in some blanks.

No. 926805

Relevant info:
>Current situation an plans:
"I'm going to be expanding my collab a bit, just essentially getting my posse together in a way with the help of my friend who's helping me out here, which I'm renting the place I'm in right now."

>What happened with Barbara (soulbonding)

"there never was anything like that [sexual] that happened between Barbara and I. Period." "all we did was just talk and I just got to know her a little bit better in her past, okay, just like her father had passed and died and fell off his wagon way back in the day and her brother Stanley was the one that found him and then just essentially told the rest of the family, that was just one story for example, but it's just that made Barbara feel better in her later years and everything, alright, just talking and helping her go back to her history, revitalising her brain cells and everything."

>About the rape confession tapes and getting arrested in 2021:

"Bella tried to get me or rather persuade me into other sexual deviations of which I declined and she actually got me to go into roleplay and fictions which she had, which she presented just like various things and some of these were actually written in fanfics by others in this timeline and because shoot what did that do, they have their own crazy wilds and everything, just nuts. But anyway, so she just kept presenting the ideas and I went along with her because as a friend I had to test her out and see what she would do in the outcome because there were the four known outcomes with regards to Everfree Northwest 2021 convention"
"she essentially failed the test when she took all that, the video calls we did, and she spliced them all together and she admitted on a Discord server and uploaded that video to have her comrades call the police on me, reveal my location, they came to force me out of the house and then came to get me and all that, and obviously her intentions on that were essentially making myself go into being unalive, you know that's just not good, or institutionalised or end up in jail but since I had the choice I let myself be in jail"

No. 926806

>about jail time and setting the record straight (idiot Keffals asks if Chris was in prison)
"During the jail and future tense and even present tense this day, this time, this moment. she wanted me to fabricate all of that which you know was in a distant alternate timeline - very distant, but did not happen here, it never happened here in this timeline. And what she did to essentially try and get me to become unalive and whatever still backfired on her but moreover was a good point on me because I managed to, I got to clear my head and stayed alive."
"And by the way I really have no idea where they got the idea where I ended up in prison because there's a massive difference between just a community jail and a prison."
"In a way I did end up in an institution but I kept myself grounded and all that along the way during those couple of months and just let everything go along and play out as they were."

No. 926844

He needs to be back in jail.

No. 927237

File: 1706212970534.png (889.14 KB, 839x2097, Cosplay and Barbara.png)

Chris chan is asked if he's cool with people cosplaying as him at conventions. (Why would anyone want that?)
The conditions he gives for cosplaying Barbara make me want to alog so hard.
>Don't cosplay as her being old. That's rude to all elderly individuals in general.

Chris' last tweet answers the question, why they were removed from the Raleigh con. May he get booted out from every convention he tries to enter.

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