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File: 1636167594356.jpg (198.72 KB, 1200x820, 1e43312d0424d13ab6a2a8a294a2b5…)

No. 1362733

Old Thread:

Fresh dump of hot shit, including stuff about that faggot bicflame
Not only did Sam happily hire and work with a transsexual, he also got some art bitch pregnant (will he make her get a late term abortion?)

Meanwhile Sam is spending all his time making shitty podcast and pretending to be a retard on twitter (trying to make money off crypto/nft), will ban/block you if you bring any of this up.
https://twitter.com/wigger/status/1453108649908387842(shit thread)

No. 1362739

Sam Hyde personally banned me from the MDE subreddit for saying that World Peace was 'okay'. Why are the edgiest scrotes also the most sensitive?

No. 1362744

Funniest thing he’s done in years is make godawful content for retard paypigs and hire people he wants to fuck to work on a game that will never exist. I’m sure someday soon the irony poisoned changirl he impregnated will be posting here spilling Sam’s sexual secrets. But how many times can you be told a failed comedian sucks dick before its just no longer news?

No. 1362756

heard he stiffs most people who work for him.

No. 1362759

didn't he get caught fucking a trap from 4chan? Anyway his show on adult swim fucking sucked and it was a small mercy he was such a giant retard he self-canceled kek

No. 1362762

File: 1636173627410.png (559.58 KB, 1299x382, 46534654363456543653465346543.…)

kind of a slog to get to the funny stuff, which is all his perversions. the wet blanket tranny crying about not fitting into the drug use culture and shocked that the bigotry was unironic isn't really milk. the links on the bottom of that wordpress have the good shit.

No. 1362766

File: 1636174156103.jpg (297 KB, 1146x1885, dffa69d6ec12e7bb60e700570b76e8…)

No. 1362768

File: 1636174413190.png (543.73 KB, 1147x1902, ba403ea7013dcbd9d981d593f19741…)

No. 1362770

File: 1636174657375.png (488.52 KB, 1147x1898, e5e3230648fcdc588547e0bf638247…)

No. 1362775

File: 1636175098369.png (853.15 KB, 1117x1920, b1b56184dcdaa478f022658a25b5fa…)

samuel writes a heartfelt check in with a good friend suffering from traumatic injury

No. 1362776

File: 1636175240113.jpg (409.69 KB, 1113x1920, 6197ea164d789dd7583b48b83db958…)

part two

No. 1362787

File: 1636176527912.png (118.3 KB, 853x428, abbdaa7c6e72feadb808973055b3cc…)

sam is a closet case control freak sex addict who tricked a bang maid into doing the work for his show, cooking, and cleaning up after him for a year. he pays her in btc which he yoinks back later rather merchantly

No. 1362791

File: 1636176824733.png (105.64 KB, 845x395, a520bbe5efef2ec626ffafe6d88ea1…)

part two

No. 1362797

File: 1636177111934.png (101.92 KB, 861x364, fd16ff8d690296e4c72b5dea9eac07…)

part 3

No. 1362803

File: 1636177439642.png (95.23 KB, 834x368, 41af2e330d7d1f770da5b6470c61a7…)

part 4

No. 1362937

File: 1636201933798.jpg (1.82 MB, 1632x2432, s6rdift.jpg)


some tranny that's ok with everything he's whining about until he's "misgendered" while looking like this seems pretty milky himself

No. 1363139

right? cracking up at his low iq meltdown about being at the bottom of the male hierarchy or like actually getting treated somewhat like how the real women were being treated. if you ignore his bullshit, the tumblr link actually has substantial screenshots of the sexual abuse of high schoolers, emotional abuse of friends he's injured, and financial abuse of his simp sweatshop. he keylogged his hirelings and wouldn't pay them until they deleted their hard drives! the girl this autogynephile is with looks pretty young as well. i bet when this troid finally realizes how much he implicated himself as cut from just a slightly different abuser cloth he's going to regret sperging out. troons are hilarious.

No. 1364214

He got two girls pregnant at the same time. His stupid live in gf has literally no self respect to stay with him after knowing hes been cheating on her the entire time they've been together.

No. 1365189

Honestly I’m glad this thread exists, even if it is a shit thread lol. I hope his baby mammas ruin his life, or his kids can find the shit that he did in the future, if the pregnancy rumors are legit.

No. 1365287

He's 6'4 and pretty heavily built. Some women will accept literally any behavior if the man's body is large enough.

No. 1365359

File: 1636486142842.jpg (33.13 KB, 474x686, alanruck.jpg)

He looks like the great value version of Alan Ruck
he's absolutely revolting looking though. I understand that some girls can overlook goofy looking fuckers like Pete Davidson because of height, but Sam Hyde legit is repulsive. I can't get my head around willingly letting him nut in you.

No. 1365374

It's more to do with the delusion that he's "famous" lol. I've met his live in gf so I know. She literally is a starfucker although someone should tell these girls Sam Hyde isn't even close to zlist famous.

No. 1365385

Exactly. He doesn't need to be attractive or even a real celebrity. Just being a meme among terminally online /pol/tard zoomers is enough to attract some groupie attention. And the women he attracts are pretty bottom of the barrel themselves, so I'm not seeing much mystery here.

No. 1366076

Does she care about the pregnancy thing?

No. 1366080

I'm not sure she even knows about it though myself and others have attempted to tell here through online accounts she has. The problem with this is that Sam controls all of her social media and who she can talk to, won't even let her have any regular social media accts outside of her konzept Instagram which I'm sure he monitors as he does with her email.

No. 1366085

Ew, what a vile creepy pig of a man

No. 1366245

A boyfriend is only as creepy and vile as his girlfriend allows him to be. Maybe she has a kink for being controlled or someshit.

No. 1366251

She's convinced Sam Hyde is some generation defining "artist" or something. She left her regular college bf for Sam which is funny because Sam was the guys favorite comedian. She then proceeded to shit talk her bf and how he didn't get over her afterwards. She knows all about how vile Sam is and infact she's not much better herself.

No. 1366267

Seems like she’s as fucked up as Sam.
What else is new?

No. 1366301

File: 1636578016047.jpg (7.53 KB, 274x275, 1535617599969.jpg)

She's just your typical NYC art school hole.here she is with her ex she starfuck cheated on Sam with

No. 1366335

I bet she’s got main character syndrome.
How boring.

No. 1366339

Funny because Sam sat his self up to be getting pussy from multiple girls in his initial "office" set up but she was the only one who spread her legs lol. She was literally showing her pussy off bending over in short dresses and shit for all the guys in the office. Pretty nasty stuff. Hope she knows her future kids father is a legit pedo who's gone on record saying he wants a daughter to molest. I guess it's worth the 4th rate internet fame in her eyes.>>1366335(newfag can't sage)

No. 1366361

>She's convinced Sam Hyde is some generation defining "artist" or something. She left her regular college bf for Sam which is funny because Sam was the guys favorite comedian. She then proceeded to shit talk her bf and how he didn't get over her afterwards. She knows all about how vile Sam is and infact she's not much better herself.
tbf as regrettable as it is to say, but Sam Hyde is funnier then 99% of modern comedians, which says more about the state of the world

No. 1366371

The funniest part of that is that he is the most boring and least funny person irl. He literally hangs out with schizos who he pays and writes down their ideas for his "comedy". He didn't write one bit of that ted talk just as an example

No. 1366375

who wrote the ted talk?

No. 1366380

Do you mean of the girls working for him or just in general? I know for a fact he fucked a few prostitutes at the office lol. I cannot BELIEVE she would throw her youth away like this. I don’t mean to sound like an incel with the youth thing, it just boggles my mind you would spend your early 20s in the company for a repulsive sex pervert freak.

No. 1366385

Aw no I meant of the 3 girls living at the "office". He fucked multiple girls and prostitutes in his baby mama number 1s own bed which she knew about.

No. 1366387

Multiple friends and collaborators as well as half of the MPC forum

No. 1366395

She's probably got every std under the sun now.(learn2sage)

No. 1366407

Sam Hyde, Jan Rankoski, Andrew Ruse, and other fans

No. 1366434

any caps that prove this? this thread isn't going to pick up steam without caps. also sage before you get banned.

No. 1366471

it used to be written in the desc of the original video upload by them.

No. 1366479

No. 1366491

Sam's dad has 2 degrees from Yale and one from Columbia (mba,jd,md) but we are supposed to believe he's "blue collar", probably the worst part of his whole grift(sage)

No. 1366525

>Hey guys, I have this spicy insider info, but I'm not gonna verify my identity teehee!
Proof or GTFO.

No. 1366536

fawning article sounds like fred wrote it himself. it's funny how sam has all his dad's awful traits but none of the good ones. it's going to be funny when he abandons his kids and his baby mommas just like his dad did to him.

No. 1366540

Obviously you’re right and for the sake of the thread I wish I had caps to back it up, but I don’t know who in their right mind would expose their identity on here. I (and I’m assuming the other anon) know people who know Sam, people who have known him for years, and it’s the same shit and the same story over and over. No one wants to screenshot what their friends have told them in confidence etc lol there’s a reason I’m saging.

No. 1366597

Agreed, once you realize he's not a townie tradesman what little charm remained of his schtick is turned into ash. He's just a rich artsy prick who always could turn to daddy and mommy for help, and therefore had no self-preservation instinct to keep his one chance at success from imploding. If money never meant shit to you and your odious internet fame was the only thing that got your dick hard, of course you'd keep tweeting retarded shit even as all your friends begged you to stop.

No. 1366775

Funniest part about that is he blew it all up supporting Trump who lest be honest is a massive Zionist and shill. He never "drained the swamp" or anything of value. Literally just another player in the politics game and Sam threw it all away just to look like some qtard boomer LOL

No. 1367441

I remember Mackenzie Becket helping out with video editing for Sam and some sadworld stuff. Was she ever involved during this time? I saw they weren't following each other and the photos she took with him have been deleted from her Instagram.

No. 1368065

>pretty heavily built

He's fat

No. 1368183

For real. He's ugly as fuck now too. A literal mutant. His head grew into a big fucking blob from all the roids. He looks like hell.(learn2sage)

No. 1368543

Dang, that guy is so much better looking than Hyde. Probably a better person too as that bar is pretty low. I bet one day she will regret doing that

No. 1368894

File: 1636922139080.png (651.88 KB, 1903x4956, muspam.png)

Some days ago anons were spamming stuff about Fantano not reviewing bicflame's stuff.
Apparently "The Commander" (Jan Rankowski) was airing it out on the thread.
Here's a link to the archive: https://desuarchive.org/mu/thread/106746847/
Also left a screenshot of the thread just in case.

No. 1368966

On 8chan/kun used to have Sam's dickpics (cockring and other stuff). Seemed legit. Can't see the pictures now though.
It's pretty recursive citing this place, but here it is anyway: https://8kun.top/mde/res/30419.html

dickpics used to be here: https://8kun.top/mde/res/29797.html#29929

No. 1369020

Wtf is the issue with 8kun in general? Do you have to make an account to see pics now?

No. 1369086

>it just boggles my mind you would spend your early 20s in the company for a repulsive sex pervert freak.

Low self esteem and self worth will do that to ya. Thats why so many greasy men go after insecure young girls then whine about how picky and ruined older western women are. When youre younger and insecure, youre easier to manipulate and youre more likely to put up with bullshit because you dont know your self worth yet

No. 1369579

File: 1637016452165.jpeg (585.51 KB, 672x2056, 42217D0F-1778-4781-AE18-65C10B…)


No. 1369793

File: 1637056263689.jpg (34.05 KB, 699x361, Euptv1OVIAELrcD.jpg)

No. 1370798

That looks like Kurush. Is there any chance that's the reason he and Sam stopped working together around the World Peace era? Or is it that he just went woke?

No. 1370817

That isn't him.(sage)

No. 1370887

File: 1637218559457.jpg (282.47 KB, 1564x1155, IMG_20211118_005351.jpg)

real sam hyde hours

No. 1370888

male bpd

No. 1370908

That…doesn’t even sound like him, as in the image he puts out online lol wtf. Especially that first cap. I’m sure he hates women for those very reasons but the fact he tweeted this out? Is he having a mental break down or something?

No. 1370929

>Is he having a mental break down or something?
The last 4 years of his life were one big mental breakdown

No. 1371019

He always is. He's actually milky as fuck, but it's a chore to keep track of him.
There's literally too much shit coming from every colleague he's ever worked with. Previous thread missed tons of shit that I'm sadly too lazy to search for.

No. 1371095

Does anyone have that clip of where he's complaining about his doctor? He has a ton of videos crusading against doctors in general but there's one where he's just describing how his doc basically just called him a loser hypochondriac in what looks like a pick up area for a hospital.

No. 1371111

What about when he mentions his doctor said he probably shouldn't be on trt in his 30s..

No. 1371126

>Is he having a mental breakdown
He's been in one every day since he got kicked off Adult Swim. Listen to him call Tim Heidecker live on air. The man is a complete wreck and totally hysterical and has been that way since then

No. 1371129

Notice how males with BPDs usually fall into these online daddy roles when women with BPD just get mocked relentlessly. I swear majority of males in the alt right are BPD but no one talks about it. How can anyone look at Sam Hyde and not say he has BPD?

No. 1371377

the insane petty revenge things he does, the hypersexuality, the lack of a stable identity and how he basically transitioned into a masculine caricature, the reckless driving and accidents. a lot of male bpd is overlooked because there's so much overlap with "masculinity" culture. all he's missing is a substance abuse problem.

No. 1371473

Pretty sure he juices like a madman and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took other weird “male boosting” supplements from Belarus or something. He is milky, just exhausting to keep up as another anon said. He’s a petty doofus who never knew struggle until he brought it down on himself and all his co-creators, because he thought his precocious political fixations would be seen as cute. He bet on the wrong horse culturally and wasn’t funny enough to make up for it. Throw em on the pile with Gavin Mckinnis, another sexual miscreant with unresolved mommy issues who thinks he’s a big man because he can ape the attitude of a cartoon bouncer. Pure retard, and ugly as a fat mouse.

No. 1374575

File: 1637696438305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.43 KB, 888x1184, received_10155032977922772.jpe…)

heres his stinky cock guys

No. 1374587

This has been a rare occasion I go to lolcow from the main page and i land on this shit from some moidcow I don't care about
Plz sage this shit anon

No. 1374590

Samefag I meant spoiler but someone did it thank u

No. 1374597

gonna kms now thanks

No. 1374811

LOL why would he even need to wear this and also why does it look infected?? It literally looks like it’s diseased or something. Someone call him an ambulance asap.

No. 1375462

cant handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1375501

File: 1637806586173.jpeg (271.39 KB, 828x1005, 1EDD2896-E4D3-4E69-8D18-84FBAB…)

Anyone know this guy who gives Sam money to make things and hang out with him? He’s the child of a Beverly Hills multimillionaire scion and is family friends with Paris Hilton. His social media gives me bad energy

No. 1375531

you have to be another level retarded to find Sam Hyde genuinely funny.

No. 1375588

Seems like your standard issue edgy Trumptard

No. 1375702

File: 1637849758079.png (319.44 KB, 1903x2684, poop.png)

Not a milky thing to share. They are still posting on /mu/.

No. 1375721

feels like a pit in your stomach, right? youve got all this cash now and cant put out one decent thing. lost degenerate with no backbone, abandoned everyone and yourself. unrecognizable loser. drown in it all if you want.(emoji)

No. 1375725

circumcised pps are so gross

No. 1375734

I get blackpilled about humanity when I realize males destroy themselves and the world all for the sake of making neurons fire in these these gross meat tubes

No. 1375926

That song gave me brain damage

No. 1375934


> A lot of my clients don't have any money. I have to figure out how they get paid so I get paid.

This is the last quote in article from his dad, and it sums up Hyde’s last few years of content. All the internet e-daddying, “advice” videos, and white pills are supposed to uplift his NEET fanbase so that they can start paypigging one day too.

No. 1375998

THIS is why Sam Hyde says in his videos that hes so pissed because his dad donated 100k+ to Yale yet Sam went to RISD, loll.

No. 1375999

I remember discovering these images before they were purged when he was still tagged in them right when they started working for Sam. Lmfao 'Eve', thank you atleast for spilling some milk

No. 1376010

is that… blackheads? and some kind of blemish on his dick?

No. 1376016

File: 1637894966491.jpeg (Spoiler Image,633.49 KB, 1926x2048, 0109E182-7008-44B2-BA46-51ABF5…)

Here is Sam Hydes ass he posted on Twitter for the world. A proud father, successful comedian, truly making us laugh again.

No. 1376022

Just to confirm this is legit his peenor from other thread(s).. also it is hilarious how nasty this is- its out there in the world- and yet two chicks got pregnant by him. Eugh.

No. 1376023

Damn. Referencing the great work by Wallace in the same sentence as this fuckin schmuck(learn2sage)

No. 1376024

Holy shit is he really this highly networked? I followed him on IG and he HOUNDED me for fucking weeks to subscribe in personal DMs… literally begging for low level subscriptions to his really shit show.. holy shit lmfao

No. 1376060

ludwig von koopa lookin ass

No. 1376145

File: 1637925614775.png (Spoiler Image,130.3 KB, 500x374, NPDnXBvoTOXuRF2M5XvgFv9Uj3wm_7…)

same energy

No. 1376186

File: 1637935630150.jpeg (Spoiler Image,450.37 KB, 2592x1944, received_10155774836087772.jpe…)

this picture must stay in this thread. it shall not be erased (for the 4th time)

change comes from fear. fear is the mind killer. (dune)

No. 1376189

The guy keeps putting a daily thread up.
Why is it getting deleted if it's part of the shit that adds to the thread?
The anons at 8kun did the magic to link it to him. The pic's real.

No. 1376191

hi Samuel(hi cow)

No. 1376262

Whoever is deleting this, pls stop. There’s an ENTIRE momokun thread of her nasty nudes, why is Sam’s not allowed??

No. 1376403

Yeah its hard to find things again thru sifting other threads + 8kun & archives… but this is legit 100% his disgusting cock plus you can match the tile of the bathroom and his feet to images leaked

No. 1376407

a hi cow most likely applies. this dude has a humiliation fetish and he probably thinks he can scrounge up some fresh victims on terfchan.

No. 1376410

>this is legit 100% his disgusting cock plus you can match the tile of the bathroom and his feet to images leaked
BRB, gonna sift the internet for photos of Sam Hyde's feet and bathroom so I can figure out how his cock looks.

No. 1376479

works been done for you. that was so funny

No. 1376503

meh i'd ride that cock(sage your shit)

No. 1376546

ITT Sam begs for a cock rating

No. 1376579

yeah, back when the threads had the photos working it was hilarious that people had enough autism to do the detective job. we could've stole it if we hadn't been lazy.

No. 1376659

That's a disgusting looking dick have some self-respect.

No. 1376804

File: 1637983581605.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 1289x2520, pp.jpg)

Yeah it's nasty member. There was also another pic with a foot in the shot and it pretty much matched Sam's nasty feet exactly.

No. 1376867

it's tiny and the circumcision scar gives you a poop ring, now fuck off.

No. 1376909

File: 1637998046012.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.47 KB, 250x250, 1572704151865s.jpg)

It doesn't throw doubt on anything. The importance of that infamous pic of Sam and Marky together (shirtless) proves that they intimately knew eachother. If that pic didn't exist people like you and Sam's paid damage control cronies would be saying she was just a fan and they never knew eachother to cover it up.
And if he bashed her nose in for that pic she wouldn't be smiling in it. And besides, she really was prone to nose bleeds. Hard cope on your part.

No. 1376930

It throws doubt on everything you insane autistic tard.
It means that Sam didn't give Marky a blood nose and that was an intended lie made to deceive people.
YOU KNOW that people have been claiming Sam bashed Marky in the nose.
Also Sam has his shirt off and Marky isn't naked in that pic. The picture ends at the shoulders.
Your imaginary deep relationship is imaginary.
Also that random 8chan tranny that claimed to be Sams BF….. Yeah that is more crazy garbage…..(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1376952

>It means that Sam didn't give Marky a blood nose and that was an intended lie made to deceive people.
>YOU KNOW that people have been claiming Sam bashed Marky in the nose.
Yeah like people have been claiming Sam is a mass shooter. And is someone is prone to nose bleeds you can certainly give them/trigger a bloody noise without bashing their face in. (Like rough sex)
Also if you see the other shot of her it's obvious she's not wearing a shirt.
You're either an autist that's utterly incapable of seeing the bigger picture or some faggot on Sam's payroll.(sage)

No. 1376961

>man poses with girl with a beat up bloody face
>same girl he also harassed to sleep with him in text messages
>people call him a creep

terminal scrote brain

No. 1376969

Are you purposefully dense or?? Sam Hyde literally harassed Tim Heidecker on his podcast and made all kinds of accusations and threats towards him. He accused Patton Oswalt openly on twitter of killing his recently deceased wife after she OD'd. This isn't even going into the other shit he said. These are both huge collaborators for Adult Swim. No shit you can't join a company and then start attacking its other employees with personal shit on social media. Sorry Sam Hyde thought his 3/10 show gave him carte blanche to say what he wants but it doesn't. Even the other guys on the show told him to shut the fuck up. But Sam's little gremlins genuinely think that people should never be fired for anything anymore because of "freedom" but want to remove all the rights of private businesses to handle their business how they choose. Fuck off.

No. 1377000

he preyed on marky. dont prey on young girls when youre so much older than them, especially when its just sex on your mind. end of story!

sam kinda has an huge army of people hes fucked over and let down so its healthy to air the dirty laundry! there are more women that could come forward with even worse things. i know two women who got so used by sam that havent said anything about him being a creepy manipulative fuck. on par with how manipulative and shitty he was to marky.

with all this shit circulating, you kinda just know hes a piece of shit. this doesnt happen to other successful guys. he did it himself.(sage)

No. 1377037

Ew what is wrong with you, do you not know how to type correctly?

Anyway, it’s weird how scrotes know about this site and also care enough to whiteknight for Sam on here. This shit has been out for years and years, starting with his ex fiancé who called the FBI on him and he explicitly said he couldn’t talk about it in a video. He’s been cowish for a long time.

No one even said that Sam bashed Marky’s nose in either, just that he, you know, groomed a minor because no girl older than 16 would touch him with a ten foot pole after finding out what he’s REALLY like, unless they’re mentally ill.

No. 1377305

File: 1638071511420.jpg (341.45 KB, 720x1280, marky.jpg)

You don't know what you're talking about, sorry. Marky's nosebleed was real, and it was caused by Sam hitting her. It's obviously real because she actually had chronic nosebleeds her entire life and there are videos of her spewing blood for like 5 minutes straight.
Anyway, she's gone on record countless times detailing her sexual, predatory relationship with Sam Hyde. He still tries contacting her. Sounds like you have no real exposure to Marky, honestly.

No. 1377367

tim heidecker and his friend openly said on their podcast they removed Sam because they wanted to. Sam is a weirdo degenerate and a scammer, but the [AS] deal is another entirely.

No. 1377422

File: 1638095828373.jpg (69.47 KB, 1395x246, hesjewish.jpg)

the main point is that Sam is some kind of psychopath/sociopath and anyone that's worked with someone that has that type of personality knows that it is a complete nightmare.
sam has always been a passive-aggressive and vindictive weasel of a person, going back decades
it's just how he is

No. 1378084

I don't get why they didn't say so then. They had many chances to say he was too hard to work with, would get people on their side a lot more likely than just 'we don't like sam he's offensive'

No. 1378146

The main thing is that he is something like the O.G'/Proto-incel type….years of being the scrawny “my dad’s rich but has a job and other women that is not my mom so now he doesn’t give me attention like he used to so now i’m gonna act reckless to get the attention back" white kid made him the way he is now: almost killing his best friend? check
thinking he is some kind of martyr so he always gonna end up self sabotaging everything he is in:check
destroying his dad’s favorite car? check
being ultra abusing with every girl? check
trying to turn into the “alpha male “ he was wish he were (That’s actually Nick, one of the only people who Sam kinda of respects, just cause he’s normal and is everything he’s not): check
turning into a white nationalist/“nazi” ( the ultimate contrarian/taboo political/social stance): check

No. 1378150

sam strings people along with promises of success, friendship, and fun until they realize that its all a sham. he almost had it back in the day with world peace but fucked it all up. he probably promises bicflame that he'll get to meet joe rogan and then he'll start his own fighting league!!! oh and the video games gonna be a huge success!!!! yea those things aint happening.

its always good in the beginning, but sams success wasnt him, it was his teams of people. sam just runs the show …before he runs it into the ground

No. 1378175

how does this answer my question though
why didn't they call him out for being a scammer and a bad working partner

No. 1378184

would suck and swallow tbh

No. 1378195

File: 1638201213505.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, vomit.jpg)

No. 1378199

its pretty tough getting people to listen to you when sam is a type of hero in their eyes. when other people believe in him more than your own experiences. what do you do? none of my close circle of friends like him anymore, and we all used to be die hard fans.

sometimes i still think about what could have been, and i want to have hope that he'll turn things around, and i think people want that for him because he is a force. but i dont think thats gonna happen.

people started talking about his abuse back in 2014-2015. like that one chick charlotte who posted on tumblr about rocco and sam fucking with her. obviously marky thing was long ago. then world peace bullshit happened and then everyone he knew dropped him in like 2018 like charls after he jewed people on payments. countless people have come forward, but nothing happens. all of his shiesty t-shirt business. lots of people he fucked over dont want anymore drama with sam. bury it and move on. what can really be done anyways? he blocks anybody that talks about how he fucked everything up with his behavior.

its kinda fun haunting him though here. cant block me here.

No. 1378284

Sam's closer coworkers have. The guy is so crazy about keeping control over them that he pretty much resorts to blackmailing.
Most accusations against him aren't as public, but it is known.

No. 1378383

Marky deserves to be a hero , not Sam. I would talk to sam on Facebook back in the day. His behavior disturbed me so I mentioned how in his very old videos, he would just annoy the fuck out of his mom and be disrespectful to her, so I made this comment about how his unhealthy relationship with his mom transcends into other parts in his life, and with women, and man he didn’t like that comment. That said a lot.

No. 1378426

If you mean Tim and people at Adult Swim, that's not how Hollywood works. You never shit on colleagues or projects you've worked on directly. You either wait for the right climate (#metoo) or years down the line to talk openly. Otherwise you go about it as indirectly as possible.

No. 1378466

slimy as fuck
this does answer my question though thanks anon

No. 1378595

GRANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>1369086(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1378652

sam hyde should hurry up n go the way of lowtax tbqh. one less festering, rotting, repulsive abuser in the world.

your penis is ugly btw

No. 1378685

Hopefully he does something that his remaining fanboys can't ignore before then. They're still dickriding him despite how demonstrably repulsive he is.

No. 1378700


"abuser" it's amazing how one word can illustrate such a precise picture of the roastie saying it. you must be a NIGHTMARE to all the men in your life lololol

No. 1378701

Sam won't tuck you in tonight or any night, even if you say something really funny and mean to a girl on the internet who said his dick was ugly.

No. 1378703

yeah suck sam's smegma encrusted wee wee harder, faggot

No. 1378713

don't forget even though he's smelly there are girls yes GIRLS (me :3) defending our very own magical boy pretty sammiii <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1378718

you do realize you bump your own thread with unsaged posts you baby-bodied bpd faggot

No. 1378781

Whatever the ~roastie~ looks like, it’s 110x better than Sam’s decrepit haggard looking ass lmao. I can’t wait for him to catch a charge for doing something stupid when he’s old and even more washed up than he already is<3

No. 1378801

LOL who cares dude what the hell are you talking about?? Also wtf is a yenta, it sounds like something only brainrot terminal internet people say

No. 1378811

channing can you please show your tits

No. 1378831

File: 1638275881528.png (28.63 KB, 200x432, IMG_5210.png)

how about everybodg just cut him some slack huh? hes a good guy deep deep deep deep deep seep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down ok?

No. 1378856

Ask mackenzie becket what she thinks of sam hyde(sage)

No. 1378863

damn that's pathetic. Who is this?

No. 1378914

mods are so fucking lazy, they ban people for literally no reason in other threads but Sam's retards are running lose in here. No doubt admin will kill the thread rather than deal with the issue like she usually does so dont get attached to this thred.(go to meta)

No. 1379050

They’re actually not that bad, I was responding to one last night that was clearly a Samfag and his/her comments are now deleted. I think they’re deleting the most obvious ones.
Do you know what she thinks?

No. 1380617

why would he post this!(sage your shit)

No. 1381748

i'm sure women can't do anything to help this situation. every era of society has been like this actually

No. 1381756

also im just coming here from an outside chan discussing mde but the fact u cant believe beautiful pure looking art ho or w/e would sleep with pervert pedo sam hyde is honestly embarrasingly naif. it makes you look really soyjack, i mean normies know this stuff by heart deep down b/c they are all mildly red pilled but quiet about it as all normies are. you guys have no excuse…

man, having that little insight or intuition for why it's a no brainer how sammy boy is able to fuck young hot art hoes and get them to dump their pretty boy b/fs is disquieting to me. i have to remember all the people in the world who can't figure out even the simplest of behavioral/social patterns…

and i don't even like sam. i'm one state over maybe i'll go and cause a LEGAL ruckus in the parking lot of that stupid studio one day. ah, maybe not. wouldn't want to interrupt the vibe when he's filming GENERIC DINER FOOD 2.0 or
even worse, disrupt bicflame's concentration when he's writing an app to DM as many mildly deformed looking groupies as possible per unit of time.

lord have mercy!!!(pure autism)

No. 1381771

take ur meds(sage)

No. 1381802

doesn't like Sam, and yet apes his way of typing almost to a t AND doesn't really insult him or bicflame at all, just suggests that they are sexually active.

also doesn't understand how "cannot believe" isn't a literal phrase kek

No. 1381806

>lord have mercy
My thoughts exactly after reading this spergfest

No. 1381839

the only thots sam can pull are white trash high schoolers.

No. 1381856

You are the perfect example of a stupid man. Genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, do I mean that. It’s such a weird trend that one of the things you do is switch it to “Sam can get any art ho/whatever he wants”. First of all, you mean Sam can get damaged/fucked up person, I guess. Second of all, I’m talking about the girls.

Also, not everyone on lolcow is as retarded and weird as you are. There are normies browsing right now. Case in point, what the fuck is a naif?

Anyway, I still can’t believe any girl would get with him after so much information detailing how gross he is is online. It’s insane for normal people to imagine how damaged and stupid one would have to be to have a child with Sam.

No. 1381881

Sorry, gonna have to side with Bic on this one. You really can't believe that women knowingly date shitty men? I see it all the time. Wonder why women keep doing it.

No. 1381914

It’s not entirely literal. Also Bic isn’t that literate lol

No. 1381929

He has money, and with the amount of wealth he has being fueled by paypigs and crypto, that gets him more than half way there. The other half is his efame (you'd be surprised how even a little efame brings the sluts in). Granted though that makes those broken art hos glorified prostitutes, but the ones he decides to keep around he ends up completely manipulating and wrapping around his finger and indoctrinates into his cult(he is a sociopath after all).
This will only end up biting him in the ass if he actually becomes a dad with those lovechildren he's rumored to have soon. But that wont be for at least 5-10 years down the line when those girls realize what he did to them and stop putting up with him having mistresses and shit, leave him and take him to the cleaners with child support. It's why I think he'll at least make one of them get an abortion (assuming those rumors are true).

No. 1382044

sam is going to hit 40 and pull a lowtax.

No. 1384967

nice cock imo would do a2m and swallow to be perfectlyu honest

No. 1387095

No, but the chances of him turning into even more of a disgusting blob as his metabolism slows down as he gets older are pretty high. That, combined with what >>1381929 said and his efame eventually running out because he's a lazy shit coasting on an aborted Adult Swim show, will leave him in a state sadder than maybe even Lowtax.

No. 1387251

Go back to 8k*n.

No. 1387796

File: 1638933127600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,265.84 KB, 1839x1457, received_10155810547147772.jpe…)

Sam Hyde cock NFT

No. 1388454

the wand?

No. 1388460

Is that the end of one of those Japanese vibrators on the left? He’s damaged his dick so bad lol it looks dead ugh

No. 1388992

He's such a retarded coomer. Sex addiction is so pathetic. It's funny how mentally weak he is, he did one cycle and broke his brain. He's almost as bad as Wolfe Barret. Seek help or transition already, you worthless sack of shit.

No. 1389039

what did wolfe barret do?

No. 1389048

serving 14 years for drugs and cp.

No. 1389058

nta but Wolfe Barrett has been known as a pedophile for like 5+ years, where you been anon

No. 1389060

sorry i thought u meant another barret i got confused i have no clue who this rapper is u are talking about lol

No. 1389089

he can't even get smegma cause his mom let them butcher his foreskin lmao

No. 1389123

I love how this guy shit on anyone picking up a hobby or passion after 30 saying they should just press flowers. Then he proceeded to discover his life mission was to make a redpill video game at 33 with none of the skills to make a video game. He's 37 now so still waiting LOL also decided he wants to be a boxer as a graying 36 year old. Glad he's a self help guru to young autistic men everywhere

No. 1389170

i don't know if it can get any sadder than killing yourself to evade child support after you blew all your money on xanax and pie.

No. 1389214

File: 1639087721073.jpg (55.95 KB, 720x405, 252865_231918323500605_5997346…)

This, plus his shitty advices about learning a trade, how retarded one has to be to buy any of this crap? All these cringe youtube channels posting cuts from hydewars and his podcast making him look like some based redpilled wise man, with comments from retarded zoomer fanboys are so pathetic.

No. 1389221

> This, plus his shitty advices about learning a trade, how retarded one has to be to buy any of this crap?
A lot of Sam's takes are cringe, but that's one of the few which actually has some merit. In the current job climate you're actually better off as a skilled electrician or roofer than getting most college degrees.

No. 1389261

No doubt that it's worth to have some skills, but he makes it sound like there's no other choice than trade or shitty college degree. What makes his advices more ridiculous is that he is a person without any skills he praises

No. 1389330

Reminder that Sam Hyde is the art hipster son of wealthy parents and his Based Rightwing Redpill stuff was always hardcore grift

Dude went to Carnegie Mellon to get a BA in film and landed a gig at Adult Swim. Anyone who bought into his blue collar workin man theme should headbutt a moving bus

No. 1389353

he always appeared to live in a shithole in his old vids, this is probably what sold it. did he ever live in an actual basement? he seriously looked like he lived in a condemned basement

No. 1389514

lol what a cringy faggot, it's truly over for sammy.

No. 1389754

>Dude went to Carnegie Mellon to get a BA in film
Yeah, and he repeatedly says it was a mistake lol. If anyone knows why you shouldn't get bullshit art degrees, it's him.

No. 1389974

Rly not that hard to understand why going to art school is a waste of money. This guy literally has ZERO marketable or life skills and I doubt he can even do his own laundry or make himself something to eat outside of mcdonalds. Rly he is just the definition of cringe and embarrassing.(sage)

No. 1390193

And yet he grifted his way to become a millionaire. And straight of college he was employed doing animated graphics for stadium billboards (he just hated it and became an independent content creator out of his own personal choice). Not saying that artskool isn't the equivilant of an English/History major for many people, but it's odd that Sam doesn't give ANY advice about what he presumably knows best and the lessons he learned about what HE does to make money and be successful. I guess he doesn't want competition. Scumbag is what he is.

No. 1390202

Well yeah, if he’s in panic mode or getting desperate or something, that would make sense. On his gf’s insta or whoever that girl is, there’s a video and the captions of course are in fucking Japanese but if you translate it, she says she edited the video so as not to “give away secrets” or some shit.

No. 1390221



No. 1390338

he is a pretty good graphic designer. It's such a weird talent to be fit in doing ads for such a social recluse

No. 1391027

Not sure why he chooses to live amongst bipoc if he's such a racist pos. Why not move to Scituate like your buddy? Fuck, even Johnston or Smithfield. That's trump cuntry in RI.

No. 1391060

he manipulated and molested her. like he did with every other female thats been naive enough to trust him. he really will do it to like any female that comes in contact with him

No. 1391161

What is this from? Looks shooped

No. 1391183

obviously he wants to be the next hitler. hitler went to artschool and dropped out

No. 1391207

idk, I got this from torrent with other MDE stuff

No. 1391342

it's funny that the men he works with don't give a shit about what he's done to women, and only freak out when he "misgenders" them

No. 1391408

Some of the ones that are out did, they just don't talk about it.

No. 1391741

He didn't give advice because it would expose him as the very soy hipster he groomed his audience to make fun. Not to mention that like all good jobs, he likely didn't get in entirely on skill but knowing people, once again his well off family

No. 1391766

This is kind of confusing. Where are the complaints about rough sex he alludes to all the time. You’d think that’d be a vulnerability, but I haven’t read any.(sage)

No. 1392767

No. 1393010

>He’s played a big role in heading up the neo-masculinity movement

Fucking ultrakek

No. 1393011

doubt this is his dick, if it is it disproves the tranny story because it definitely isnt 7 inches

No. 1393049

tbh the verbiage used (stinky cock?) makes me think he posted it himself. seems like something he'd enjoy doing.

No. 1393052

God it’s so funny how far he’s fallen lmao. Being compared to a literal homosexual, the type of thing 5 years ago Sam would probably freak out about, but now, as long as he’s getting exposure, it’s fine lol. It must be eating him up inside to know that in 5-10 years, this will be his legacy.
It was originally posted by one of his exes years ago now

No. 1393065

anyone can post a picture of a cock and say they were his ex

No. 1393091

is this a discord group for girls that were victims of 4chan scrotes?

No. 1393154


Victims. shut the fuck up

No. 1393159

>yes, Sam is a decent enough person to be totally and 100% honest when telling thots and trannies his dick size online

No. 1393161

8ch already matched his dick pics to the bathroom seen in his old apartment vids
( >>1376804 )
and Sam's foot is seen in one of them

No. 1393164

oh my fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1393188

File: 1639551807642.jpg (16.09 KB, 460x359, 47d59c405237a9595b4f9ecc807b30…)

I expected Sam's dick I didn't need his butthole too

No. 1393574

what is that on his asshole? fucking mold?

No. 1393585

does anyone know how to join to see current pics so we don't have to rely on the archives anymore??

No. 1393601

probably wart cream residue. this dude is absolutely ran through. tranny chasing bottom rumors confirmed.

No. 1393669

I don’t get it, that HAS to hurt.

No. 1393698

can someone link me to where they match dick pics to his bathroom?

No. 1393706


here is it: >>1376804

No. 1393721

ah ok, thanks

No. 1393883

Yes victims? Also sage your low quality post

No. 1393921

thanks for the rancid turn I never took in this thread, thanks for the effort in bringing this gross shit up.

No. 1394721

File: 1639688473255.png (663.9 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20211216-160018.png)

hey team lets make sure he doesnt get to fight epic meal time. time to Spam Harley of epic meal time that sam is a gross degenerate. lets get to work

No. 1394728

the ultimate showdown between Ugly Has-Been and Ugly Never-Was!

No. 1394949

it's so sad the lengths some of these straggots will go just to get another man to touch them.

No. 1395043

he will have nothing and he will like it

No. 1395120

Why am I not surprised an Epic Meal Time bro is into NFTs?

No. 1395346

Not your army, let the meatheads grope each other. Nobody cares.

No. 1395685

the tranny herself specified that it was a really nice dick, which it clearly isnt

No. 1396240

File: 1639848995006.jpg (552.18 KB, 1015x969, 1639847953656.jpg)

Trannyfaggots probably don't have high standards (over 50% seem to have weird deformed shrimpdicks of their own), like this guy

No. 1396448

back in the day i’d watch a lot of mde
i thought it was really gay when the youtube channel was deleted or when sam deleted it himself right before they went to california to film that shitty cartoon network show
started watching again after sam brought nick onto the podcast… don’t know who that fat joey wigger guy is but he kinda grew on me… really enjoyed a lot of the earlier podcasts with nick Nd paid the 5 bucks for gumroad but boy, have the last few podcasts been garbage
sams pretty gay… who are these fags he pays to be around him? why are they all teens? its not normal… paying gay unfunny spics … what’s up with that… hmm
anyway look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47V86gwgaFY
they put this up on the gumroad the other day for a 3 week old episode

No. 1396570

some of sams stuff in the happy world daddy videos was brilliant, made me laugh more than world peace

No. 1396802

It's funny that Sam reported Charls to the fucking IRS when Sam was reported to the FBI by his ex lmao. Apparently she admitted it was a fake tip so he got off. That being said, even though I don't think he's a literal pedophile, he's raped/abused underage teenagers. But either way he knows what it's like to be questioned by a federal agency and he went ahead and did the same shit to his friend. What a fucking loser

No. 1396807

File: 1639891512566.jpeg (189.99 KB, 933x987, 1639798178236.jpeg)

>raped underage teenagers
>don't think he's a pedo

No. 1396874

No I mean I agree that I would still call him a pedo because he is one, but by literal in this case I'm talking about pedophiles who want to/have abused prepubescent kids. I think he got reported for talking to actual children/having pictures of very VERY young kids (he briefly alluded to this in a short interview in a hotel a while ago, saying how the FBI asked if he had contact with children), and then his ex said she made it up. I was just trying to make that distinction.

No. 1397368

wow his content sucks so bad rn, hwd is good tho, too bad he puts like one episode a year

No. 1402145

File: 1640554767110.png (7.61 KB, 457x126, w8hace647rgw4w8.PNG)

No. 1402446

Sam is Jewish, right? He loves Trump…does he support Israel?(namefag)

No. 1402450

Except Hitler wasn't Jewish. And if the SS saw the grift Sam was putting on in 1930's Germany, I'm afraid he'd be thrown in Dachu.

I remember Sam making fun of disabled people too. Basically, you can judge a person by the fruit they produce. By that I mean do they show empathy and help the less fortunate? Sam does all of those things… oh wait… he does none of them.

Most people are stuck in the cycle of indifference and fo not do anything for others but to comfort and protect themselves, which is fine… Sam on the other hand does this at the expense and sometimes suffering of others.(namefag)

No. 1402600

Isn’t this the chick mentioned earlier in the thread? Her insta is up too I think. It’s just a page full of like art shit she makes for him. The fact she dropped out of Pratt is just LOL though wtf.

No. 1402713

no thats konzept globe his older ho. he has two

No. 1403030

talking about sam's coworkers, what happened to trappped? that guy went away and then zackary took place who also left clearly on bad terms if the 8kun thread is taken seriously.
trappped just disappeared and never said anything anywhere.

No. 1403041

he couldn't keep a good job or climb because he's mentally ill and can't take orders from authority.

No. 1403049

Think he was also burned by Sam, which sucks because his documentaries (GothicKingCobra and the Hampow brothers) are really good. Far better than anything MDE has ever done. My guess is he got burnt out trying to be Sam’s lackey and quit doing anything fun. His name is Joel if you ever see that first name come up in any emails. Feel bad for Andrew Ruse too. He was talented, and seemingly blacklisted alongside the rest of MDE because of Sam’s retardation.

No. 1403682

I came here to learn more about Hyde's degenerate proclivities out of curiosity but instead I get just histrionic womenfolk showcasing that apparently they can't even go online without
contriving a way to gossip and vent their hate-fuck feelings for men they're ashamed to be attracted to (like fat old Donnie Tacobowl as another example, gross right?).
And yeah, it's a lot of women posting itt.
Listen I totally love and respect women (:]) but sometimes it's obvious by the way you type.
calm down, and remember the more you try to appear like you don't care, the more it looks like you do.
AND to be fair, all lolcow obsessed types,regardless of sexual organ, are the biggest losers fr what's the fucking deal with that

also sam's literally jewish and his ostensibly held political beliefs should really be taken with a serious grain of salt, considering the previously mentioned faggotry he engages in
(many of you probably live in a cuckoo fruedian fantasy where exactly all those people who disagree with you are the ones unknowingly puppeted by some sexual hang-up,
so Sam is actually a pathological self-hating gay preacher type and not just a grifter who definitely knows he's a faggot and just under a guise of irony and false pretenses for moneygrubbing.).
look basically all those getting genuinely angry over that politcal aspect of it are just wasting their time and emotional energy in a way that is admittedly kinda funny in a cosmic sorta way.

Listen, next time you're about to get heart palpitations over internet celebrity/ infamous individual parasitism or even if you're considering responding to this very post I'm not ever going to look at again.

Stop it nigga seriously. redirect that anger towards working out and losing weight, so you stop doing this. or not.(scrotesplaining)

No. 1403733

least butthurt Hyde simp

No. 1403753

Just think, somewhere out there, there's a person who had absolutely nothing better to do with his time than to (passive-aggressively) type all that shit out. Really makes you appreciate your own life.

No. 1403817

hi Sam(Hi cow)

No. 1403830

it's going to be funny how stupid and poor sam's kids will be. muh legacy! you know who should lose some weight, and maybe gain some hair? sammy boy!

No. 1403856

>>1378831 answer the question faggot don't post and run >>1378863

No. 1404030

it really looks like something Sam would write lol

No. 1404052

File: 1640771905596.gif (2.77 MB, 628x640, dspats.gif)

Lmao nobody here is talking about race, we're all making fun of Sam for being a fat slob sex addict, internet has-been and future child support paypig

No. 1404060

File: 1640773182909.png (374.85 KB, 537x645, 1585783960317.png)


>puppeted by some sexual hang-up

>a pathological self-hating gay preacher
>a grifter who definitely knows he's a faggot

he does all the work for us by wildly projecting.

No. 1404088

Whenever I scroll past this thread I feel some sort of primal disgust and repulsion, makes me want to chuck up my breakfast.
A friend of mine used to be a fan of his "comedy" until I showed him this thread. He used to send me some of his skits and I would always tell him to fuck off with that shit and how I don't want to see this piece of shit pedophile's face. He is pure hedonism and every awful trait a moid can possibly have combined and taken to the extreme. I don't wish death on many people but I would be so happy if Sam Hyde died because then he could not harm any more young and naive women.(a-log)

No. 1404266

your friend is a pussy

No. 1404345

Most of your fans don't know about all the shit you did, count your blessings. Because if people find out about all the horrible things you have done I doubt you will still have a platform on youtube or twitter, disgusting freak.

No. 1404445

File: 1640812966079.jpg (291.11 KB, 1400x1810, 1638569003712.jpg)

My favorites have to be

>the more you try to appear like you don't care, the more it looks like you do

>this very post I'm not ever going to look at again

Least projecting moid on lolcow who totally isn't reading this cucks himself into having to seethe in silence

No. 1404449

oh wait lol, he lasted one day! >>1404266

No. 1404591

This kinda reminded me of how Sam has no friends his age because, as he said in that one video, he is totally incompatible with functioning adults. Like a dude his age with a family and a job and a healthy marriage would immediately be able to suss out Sam is toxic, which are literally his words lol. It’s funny because he knows it but his fans are so fucking stupid that they’ll laugh along with his self depreciating humor and continue to pay for his shitty gum road/work for him.

But that also makes me wonder how he’ll continue to be friends with Nick. Nick seems normal but obviously turns a blind eye to all the shit Sam does, so he’s definitely a freak too, but I wonder how he’ll be able to reconcile all of it when his daughter is older. Is Sam really the type of person you want anywhere near your family? I’m only saying that since Nick is a source of revenue for Sam atm. Or imagine if Sam ends up having a daughter - remember when he said he would sniff his own daughter’s panties, and that’s why he didn’t want to have a girl? Because he’s too screwed up in the head to just be, you know, a normal fucking person or dad?

Also this is just some guy with a big enough hardon for Sam to try and copy his writing style lol what a freak

No. 1404628

>remember when he said he would sniff his own daughter’s panties, and that’s why he didn’t want to have a girl?

Good god that's so fucking gross, Nick will probably throw Sam kindly under the bus when he's done with Sam's money…. kinda like Charls did but in a "yeah… me and Sam are good ol' buddies…..now everyone is following their own path" kinda way

No. 1405001

His only fans are fatherless incels and BPD thots, they probably don't have a single normal role-model in their life so Sam can exploit them by pretending he holds the key to all the knowledge about women and the world.

No. 1405004

>remember when he said he would sniff his own daughter’s panties, and that’s why he didn’t want to have a girl?
Can you find me a source for that? I would love to show that clip to people.

No. 1405469

It’s not actually a clip, it’s part of the screenshot compilation of what his ex girlfriends and Channing said about him with all the screenshots. If you ignore the tranny bitching about Sam’s group not respecting him or wtvr and read through the screenshots at the bottom then you’ll see. I believe what those girls said even if there’s no video proof, I literally could give a fuck about the anonymity of the situation because Sam has already abused multiple underage girls and probably will if he makes it past 50.

No. 1406224

even though the date on the screenshot is recent i swear i've seen this shit a million times. funny anyone would say anything nice about frank hassle, since he seems like an even bigger loser than sam judging by his incelish internet presence in the past

No. 1406731

gonna dm sams boxing buddies and tell them hes a pedophile loser(Cowtipping)

No. 1406972

begone poop-toucher

No. 1407293

Drop their @s

No. 1407369

kind of doubt anyone he actually spends time with doesnt already know its not like he really hides how much of a degen he is

No. 1407837

Does anyone here know whether there's hard evidence Sam Hyde had sex with a 15 year old girl? I have heard the rumors but I didn't see any evidence attached to it. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I just wish someone would repost the info

No. 1408016

>hard evidence someone had sex with a 15 year old
Nice thinly veiled attempt at asking for cp.

No. 1408196

Wow he has a really small dick, especially for someone as tall as him. That's like 4.5-5 inches. Even the shape is ugly.

Lol ikr. The anons itt saying they would want his dick must be as insecure and damaged as his victims. Smh. I feel bad for anyone who chose to fuck a dick as ugly as this one.

No. 1408331


I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a screencap of someone admitting they were 15 when they had an encounter with Sam, for instance.

No. 1408353

Not even just the dick, his balls are really small too! Like tiny hamster balls.. he must be really low T.

No. 1408635

No offense but that info is readily available if you just look up Sam Hyde + marky and go on images or if you find that other compilation of the blonde girl who talks about how he wanted to fuck her 14-16yo friend. Also if you click on the link OP provided. No one is going to repost such obvious evidence because you’re lazy and it’s already been done on every single Sam Hyde thread. Plus it’s not even real
proof because it’s just hear say. I still believe those girls and that Sam is a pedo but until someone can recover his destroyed hard drive or those videos he took of his underage gfs, we’ll most like never have solid legal proof.

No. 1408653


Unfortunately, none of the examples you mention match my request. Thanks for the help though(sage your shit)

No. 1408953

Yeah because you’re looking for the type of evidence that could be useful in court, in which Sam would already be in jail and you wouldn’t be on this website asking for someone else to find it for you.

No. 1409379


Fair enough, although I was also interested if there was even just a convo screencap from one of the victims which clearly said anything about being 15 years old. It wouldnt be good enough for court, but would still be of interest

No. 1409848


>>>calm down, and remember the more you try to appear like you don't care, the more it looks like you do. AND to be fair, all lolcow obsessed types,regardless of sexual organ, are the biggest losers fr what's the fucking deal with that.

So, calm down but also care enough to be a lolcow degenerate loser? I don't get it?

Sam being Jewish and a Trump supporter is all one needs to know. His father, though successful, is a mammon lover and from what I can see, is pretty full of himself. Passed on traits, indeed. Plus, Sam looks like Trotsky and hangs out with fat degenerate Jews,

What really sucks more than anything else is that people are handing over their money to these degenerates. Women who show boobs on JewFans get millions of dollars in a month, and degenerate Jewtube stars are racking in the money doing nothing productive other than streaming, playing video games and showing their private parts.

>>>look basically all those getting genuinely angry over that politcal aspect of it are just wasting their time and emotional energy in a way that is admittedly kinda funny in a cosmic sorta way.

Agreed! The problem is children and teenagers look up to Sammi boy like a father figure.

I guess the moral of the story is bad publicity is good publicity. So, the best option is to ignore this freak and get on with your life.

>>>Stop it nigga seriously. redirect that anger towards working out and losing weight, so you stop doing this. or not.

Also, read New Testement and help the less fortunate. God provides. No better time than today to help those in need in the service of God and work out, lift weights and run. Also, plant a veggie in your yard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1410033

the roids probably shrunk his balls

No. 1412022

File: 1641665847204.png (10.23 MB, 2208x1242, 17817481-03D0-4482-BB6A-B9C6B7…)

Screenshot of newest SH vid…. But wtf is this thing

No. 1412084


At least half of the girls that get caught up in the Sam maelstrom seem just so trashy. I know that some of them are victims, but when I look at this girl or the pic of marky or charlotte, I literally get a nasty smell in my nose.

Also Im not saying theyre physically ugly necessarily, it's to do with something else? They just make you feel dirty

I guess it makes sense - Sam Hyde looks like a hobo, so he spends his nights rolling around in the trash.

No. 1412088

They are all mentally ill and probably addicted to drugs, hence why they hang around a disgusting scrote like Hyde. I assume he gives women who are already unstable drugs so they repay him in sexual favors.

No. 1412099

they said that this girl was hired to play sam's gf, but I'd not be surprised if she was his real gf

No. 1412101

Couldn't avoid watching the new video lol. Having another cow like iDubbz was a good combo.
I'm pretty sure the whole thing about the weed, lean and shit they talk early on the video could've been damage control. There's no proof they wrote that document before meeting Ian, so this Eve person could still be spilling genuine milk. Also, we can see him/her/whatever in the footage too.

Yeah, I'd believe it.

No. 1412108

File: 1641672306462.png (53.03 KB, 287x176, image_2022-01-09_000452.png)

Who is this cuttie ? w

No. 1412116

Isn't it that tranny from OP's post?

No. 1412125

Profile fits

No. 1412166

Who? What's his name?

No. 1412187

Little summary of thoughts or some shit of what I've wasted my time in:
They're all spergs who can't turn off their characters, so I think most that was shown was actually real. If iDubbz had released the video Sam and his team would've looked stupid.

The Sam's interview with Ian was supposedly going to have no cuts, yet it gets interrupted just when they're going to move unto the good shit. Only a retard would've believed the phone couldn't record his segment on women.

In the end it was a shit video. The novelty died pretty quick. If the official one comes out maybe it'll be better.

No. 1412192

post more pics of this tranny

No. 1412198

imagin larping as a neo nazi and then hiring some ugly ass tranny "no dude it was all shock jock dude"

No. 1412203

File: 1641678735592.png (45.81 KB, 102x313, image_2022-01-09_014947.png)

He hangs out with really weird people and his reset content is also shit have u seen "great war" ? shit looks like a something that filthyfrank would make on acid

No. 1412245

Everyone who was in MDE ended up with bad situation with weird girls. It's strange how they don't know how to pick a good woman same as their age at all. All of them give me bad vibes

No. 1412341

File: 1641687730169.jpeg (400.89 KB, 1938x1242, 09A5B0E3-55D1-4FF1-97CA-1FD6ED…)

LOLLL he looks so ugly, I’m not surprised given it’s a troon but holy shit, those overgrown roots and piss yellow strands. Btw did anyone notice when the troon fixed Sam’s hat? I didn’t know it was him at first but thought that it looked kind of weird.

I find it extremely disconcerting how Sam can switch between character and go serious mode too. Only because it can trick people into relief, like “thank god he’s not fucking with me anymore”. I don’t blame idubbz for not posting the doc lol.

No. 1412360

tranny looks cute in cos would fuck him

No. 1412390

There is likely a good subset of Sam's paying fanbase that wouldn't/doesn't give a shit about any of this, and would continue to support him until he runs himself into his own grave (for nothing else, the spectacle). It's no secret that he's a scoundrel, and he even shows a bit of it on his videos. This begs the question, why do you guys sit around in this thread "milking" his oh-so-soured milk?

I ask this because it seems that there are a good subset of anons here who want nothing to do with supporting this guy, ironic considering that participants in this thread give him significantly more attention and "press" than any youtuber commenting on the next unpolished hydewars entry (much less anyone that /actually/ matters). Though this is my first time visiting this chan, i've seen this continued sentiment floating around for the better half of a decade now, and I can't help but note that you guys are more dedicated fans to him analyzing his every move than the rando youtuber who's never even visited his gumroad. Sure, this is a general critiq on lolcowism in general, yet this continued interest seems counter-intuitive considering how deep sam seems to cut for y'all.

> yet it gets interrupted just when they're going to move unto the good shit Only a retard would've believed the phone couldn't record his segment on women.

it actually cut out at a segment on men being feminized (a follow up from his comment on fantano's interview i presume), not sure where you translated that to "on women". Regardless, leaking a peek like that would be a pretty retarded move if idubbbz had the whole interview on hand(sage your shit)

No. 1412459

Why are there so many of these retarded “first timers” here?? Is it because of the mention on 8kun? Also do you not see the dozens of threads on cows that people hate but only want to discuss or are you fucking stupid??

No. 1412518

Providence anti fascists have eyes and ears on 789 Atwells ave.

No. 1412522

Next step, Let Boris B. and his pals know whom he is renting to.(learn2sage)

No. 1412553

Stop typing like youre twirling your mustache while the protagonist is tied to railroad tracks forced to listen to your monologue. Girls dont text guys like you back much lol

No. 1412556

>>1412203 yeah he may be a pedo who had relations with a 16 year old + stalker + employs a transexual that is part of his "crew" + exposes himself on the internet + has a cockring but he's a comedian first everything else later

He's sure entertaining everyone here, right?

No. 1412568

no one cares, faggot apebrained male

No. 1412591

try again, no tears this time please

No. 1412645


Tracking the lives of famous fuckups gives you a primer on the darker sides of reality. It is fun to observe their absurd lives.

Basically, Sam Hyde is a 36 year old budget Epstein living with his army of retarded minions in a stinky cave where they do drugs and abuse retarded drug-addict women. That would be funny enough, except they also give advice videos that are religiously followed by legions of dumb zoomers who themselves dream of one day being 36 year old adult babies living in a drug den. How do you not get why it's funny?(sage)

No. 1412650


The thread for Sam Hyde on kiwifar.ms has been activated, meaning it's no longer for Sam asspats but also for discussing how he's a lolcow

No. 1412662

good post, true post

No. 1412838

this is a good answer, thank you

> How do you not get why it's funny?

this question might be better directed at those who want him totally ‘cancelled’ ASAP. ive been enjoying the mayhem 4 a bit now

No. 1412849

He is actually funny and entertaining.
That's why he is doing so well on YouTube . no matter what the haters say.I like watching him and he's not fake whatsoever that's why people like him

No. 1412864

>Not fake

He's an obvious sociopath with NPD who lies about everything from his upbringing to the real reason he's got to eliminate "toxic" people from his life constantly. It's one thing when u reavaluate your friend group as you age and grow apart from ppl…it's quite another when you've burnt every single bridge from your past life and replace your peers with yesmen fans half your age to stroke your ego constantly.

No. 1412882

Tha was a smart move that he did. The people who he used to hang out with are the same people who made the stories about him being a pedophile because they got jealous. I'll do the same and cut out the toxic people too. Do you want to call the people who betrayed you "friends". I don't think so.

No. 1412893

>The people who he used to hang out with are the same people who made the stories about him being a pedophile because they got jealous.
wow real hydoid

No. 1412895

My memory fucked up, I pay attention just not close enough because the video was a bore. What I remember though was that at the start they said they would show the stuff as Sam doubted Ian would release the material at this point, so it does seem more like he tries to hide something.
Also now I remember they said they got this girl to pose as Sam's crackhead girlfriend. At first they described her as an actual crackhead, but then later in the video they said she was an actress. There's this inconsistency when he talks about stuff that makes me think Sam is just making up (inconsistent) lies to save face or not be attacked.

No. 1412927

yeah they're all lower class girls with dysfunctional families.

No. 1412929

100 gecs not even once

No. 1412931

Yeah it's really weird how every original collaborator and person who worked on MDE as well as every friend and ex gf Sam has ever had are all the toxic ones. It couldn't possibly be that there are a million different red flags he gives off that imply that he is indeed an unsavory character and overall scumbag.

No. 1412934

"he's a scoundrel! a cheeky bastard!" Lol, you wish. More like a self-loathing fat mentally ill loser who can only prey on people even more retarded than himself. He wants to fulfil his creative potential but his ego won't let him work with people on his level so he has to feel content being a white trash jester. Pathetic and sad.

No. 1412936

Sam does the "lol I was just trolling" thing like every other obnoxious unfunny hack. Says one thing then contradicts it and acts like he's immune to criticism because "lol it was a joke dude". Like how he speaks at length, seriously and without any sarcasm at all, about how he never smokes weed and how it's not good for you, then lights up a joint in the next video. It's not sarcasm or irony and it's not even humor, it's just like he has a number of set pieces that he repeats because he lacks the ability or will to make any actual material.

Even disregarding the drama and his "team" of long haired pothead guys half his age, Sam is pretty fucking pathetic these days. He tries to do something more serious than just being a clown but he can't take anything seriously or interact with people in a way that's anything other than "haha I'm trolling you and being obnoxious lol". It's really cringy seing any of his content with people outside of his team because it's painfully obvious that he lacks a basic level of social competence. He strikes me as the only child and as having been way too spoiled as a child, so now he can only interact with people who will let him have everything his way.

The part in the idubbz video where they watch his "classic material" is funny because it really is so much better than anything he's put out for the last 8 years or so. All he makes is his boring ass talk show which is the same regurgitated discussions with nick or bic or whoever wants to be his prop. A unrehearsed 2 min cell phone video in the bathroom mirror making funny voices about someone taking his chocolates has more comedic value than 10 hours of his recent 5-man team studio productions.

No. 1412937

nobody likes antifa larpers either. it sounds crazy but most people want cows to get it together and stop abusing themselves and people around them. people mock cows to signal to others to be wary of becoming like them.

No. 1412939

I don't get what was "trolling" idubbz by having them watch those actually funny videos. If anything it's a cope when Sam has indeed riding off the comedy in those videos for years and years without producing anything funny since. Even WP was shit and when he got a big head about all of it is when he stopped being funny. At the end of the day Sam is addicted to attention/adoration and it seems the only ppl who give it to him are cringey autistic little boys.

No. 1412952

File: 1641751590196.png (1.01 MB, 800x936, Untitled.png)

Feel like we don't talk enough about how fucking butt-ugly Sam is. Giant honker nose, squinty pig eyes, scraggly homeless-man beard, hair looks like roadkill, puckered anus lips, giant forehead and receeding hairline. Everything about him is just so unattractive. He is a true 0/10.

No. 1412957

Why both of Sam and Charls wear ugly glasses? Can someone tell me the reason? And who started this trend….

No. 1412973

then they should be glad that he cut them off

No. 1412974

he looks like he's going to try and finagle twin orphans out of their inheritance.

No. 1412977

Men think circle glasses will make them look cool like John Lennon or Ozzy Osbourne. But they really just look retarded.

No. 1412980

He looks like he needs to notify his neighbors when he moves somewhere new that can't be close to a school.

No. 1412986

>Implying Sam is the one who ended any of those relationships(sage your shit)

No. 1413003

Seething closet cases love hinting at their actual orientation with their Truman Capote frames.

No. 1413041

This anon said >it's quite another when you've burnt every single bridge from your past life >>1412864
I didn't know that he actually stopped contacting them

No. 1413180

No. 1413333

Heavy vision defects. Maybe they're so inbred their genes fucked up? idk

No. 1413542

if I looked like him I would kick the chair, does he get his kicks off of being as physically repulsive as possible(sage)

No. 1413637

honestly how does sam hyde get away with this shit? he's done tax evasion, scamming, fucked underage girls (and trannies apparently)

nothing has happened despite all this proof being out there. He was even visited by the fucking FBI in 2014 when an underage girl tried to get him fucked and they told him to stop and left him alone.

His dad is a multimillionare too and owns a huge ass house. Sam went to an art school that costs 50K a year when he was younger and dropped out his junior year.

I still don't understand this man is nearly 40 and has been fucking over his friends and his fans, yet nothing has happened. If anything whenever he losses fans or friends he just replaces easily.

He has also blackmailed many people like charls, his ex's, underage girls, his employees etc

I guess this shows to that being "nice" and a "good" person does you nothing. You need to be a piece of shit like Sam and you'll have everything you want.(sage)

No. 1413680

>how does sam hyde get away with this shit?
>His dad is a multimillionare
You answered your own question. Laws don't apply to rich people the same as to us. They can just buy their way out of consequences for their action, which is how you get psychopaths like Sam Hyde.

No. 1413795

sam is a deeply unhappy person.

No. 1413805

Yeah if everything you want is to be 36 and have nothing except a failed career and just enough paypigs to keep the bills paid (for the time being). Five years from now and the sub count will dip below 1000 and he won't be able to pay his team, and have absolutely nowhere to go as all bridges are burnt

No. 1413818

He's a trustfund baby, he doesn't rely on youtube income.

No. 1413963

i've never seen anything about his parents come out. is it a well-known fact that his parents are rich? where did that come from?

watched his newest video and i hate how he's just trying to draw attention to his podcast using idubbbz name. obviously this isnt new, but it still irks me whenever people do this. it was weird to see him say that he doesn't care about politics in that "interview" w/ ian though.

No. 1413980

Fred Hyde is his father some rich fuck CT lawyer/doctor/mba who went to Yale. He's an administrator at Columbia or something and had a private buisness for hospital advisement

No. 1413982

Also his parents marriage was mentioned in the nyt if u search Fred Hyde delora gans

No. 1414104

thank you nonnie!

No. 1414208

You talk like you have a personal thing with sam. Chill out and don't be so jealous. He's just a comedian, don't take anything he posts seriously.

No. 1414224

File: 1641868613024.jpg (5.03 KB, 259x194, t.jpg)

>He's just a comedian leave him alone!
Plenty of his retarded fans take him seriously and send him love letters to talk about on his podcast and give advice to them. You can't have your cake and eat it too Sammy.

No. 1414249

Maybe I do and I can't wait until the fat fuck dies or goes to prison for when he eventually doesn't get away with it

No. 1414293

One of the saddest things about this is how Konzept wasted all of these incredible graphics on Sam's crappy show. It really fucks me up. I really hope he stops associating with Sam's autistic child army and has a normal career. Dude's an extraordinarily talented designer.

No. 1414311

Konzept is literally Sam's gf (one of many) Hannah Brandt who he has been saying he was gonna marry for the past 4 years, cheats on constantly, and is about to have a baby with while another side gf she doesn't know about is about to deliver as well

No. 1414321

One of many? How many gfs does this mutant have?

No. 1414334

Usually atleast 2 at the same time in between paying for literal busted street prostitutes and fucking risd girls/hs girls on tinder(sage)

No. 1414348

On some level they really are just hipsters. Quirky for the sake of it. It’s shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1414414

From 5:20 he talks about his parents and childhood

No. 1414431

File: 1641897308282.jpg (64.23 KB, 780x750, Sam-780x750.jpg)

He can be good looking but he is uglymaxxing for comady or someshit idk he sill gets crackhead pussy so why would he care about his looks

No. 1414438

Maybe to aim a little bit higher than crackhead pussy? Most guys typically have a little higher standards than homeless women who suck dick for drugs. But honestly he could try all he wanted to become presentable and he would still be hideous, cause he's ugly from the inside out.

No. 1414521

this thread is such a fucking embarrassment. No he's not good looking in any sense of the word. He is objectively ugly and even he knows that because scrotes always try to use their flaws as protection. "hurr i know im ugly it's the JOKE guys". ok sam. Nice cope for looking like the local nonce 24/7.
This thread is full of scrotes trying desperately to prop up Sam so they can feel better about themselves. "g-guys sam is kinda hot right?" Nah and either are you, Kevin.

No. 1414524

also you can tell this is a scrote post because you literally think the only reason to look after your looks is to get pussy. Fucking pathetic. How about a sense of pride in yourself? Stupid moid.

No. 1414526

Pretty sure the Hyde-logic is "Sam is physically enormous and has internet cloud which means free sex with dumb teenagers". In Hyde-world, it would be gay for him to try to look good for anyone

No. 1414614

“neck wider than the head” is not a good look

No. 1414618

if free sex with idiot teenagers with tragic backstories is all he wants, then he can be ugly all he wants. But these are the same girls incels prey on because no decent woman would look twice at any of them and they need the girl to be borderline brain-damaged.
Sam will never have a real connection with a woman, and you can tell. He needs girls to rely on him and defer to him because he's an insecure mess. He can not take bing challenged on anything, despite insisting on being in the public eye. Listening to that call between him and Tim Heidecker where you can tell how pissed off he is, how hard he's trying to cope with having no control of the situation because Heidecker has a bigger fanbase. His voice wavering and him trying desperately to not sound angry and trying to flip that on Heidecker lol. Listening to this faggot stumble his words on a phone call makes me think it doesn't matter how big he is irl because he's a scared child that would get anxious and start sweating as soon as someone said boo to him.
He is a typical Daddy's boy that was given handouts and every opportunity to improve his life, but instead he pissed it away for the lols and now he has no one or anything of real value. He knows that deep down. Surrounded by hanger-ons and climbers. He can't even talk to iDubbz without all his buddies there to help him "troll". He's absolutely pathetic and a decade past his prime.

No. 1414624

he must be so jealous of her, it explains the rampant cheating, the only way he can try and emotionally dominate her and keep her in her place. NLOG life is hell.

No. 1414627

very similar to the "i'm gay and my dick is small!" refrain from other dudes rock losers.

No. 1414676

I don't get the point of this post.

No. 1414679

Did Tim Heidi write this?

No. 1414741

try coping somewhere else, moidlet

No. 1414823

>How about a sense of pride in yourself

No. 1414862

Is Hannah the blonde one/does he follow her on any social media?

No. 1414896

He tried to make this a subtle fuck you to his fans, and it probably worked because most of his fans are so stupid that something like this probably flew over their heads.

No. 1414902

>Sam will never have a real connection with a woman, and you can tell
you're literally the only person who has a problem with this. well i mean. you, and women who want a meaningful relationship with sam hyde. which you totally don't, i'm sure.

No. 1414903

Sage, it may be old milk or not milk I'm not super familiar with this cow but I checked some of his videos out of curiosity. In this video, he gives the advice to get an ugly fat girlfriend to do your laundry instead of putting in effort for maintaining a pretty girlfriend because having a pretty gf is like homework. So he is groundbreakingly suggesting to approach women as objects to use and abuse and only be concerned with what they can do for you and this video has 200k views. How pathetic can scrotes get to rely on this incoherent, self important mountain troll as their guru? Starts at 8.46

No. 1414907

nta but you really read that and thought "this anon really wants to a relationship with sam hyde". Wild.

No. 1414908

Sam's whole schtick is being a scumbag scam artist. People who take him seriously deserved to get ripped off for the $2 a month on https://samhyde.gumroad.com/ or whatever it is.

No. 1414909

Yeah, I thought it was weird that her hateboner was so huge that her biggest complaint was him "being weak" and "not having connections with women" and not "he grooms teenagers" and "I think he raped someone".

No. 1414911

The blonde from the leak is his side gf, not Hannah

No. 1414952

Haha so the car accident thing was true I guess.

No. 1414986

popping big bottles when this putrid fuck finally kills himself

No. 1414990

men have been mistreating women since the dawn of civilization and they still think every ugly fuck coming out with new ways to do it is doing something special, his viewers almost deserve to get grifted out of every cent

No. 1415014

You don't get it, ALL the rumors about this guy are true (at least the ones that won't go away, from people connected to sam like channing/james price). Yes even the "diaper dungeon".

No. 1415099

File: 1641969930883.jpeg (26.58 KB, 269x263, A5F425DD-4C49-4C0B-8E07-DC5010…)

mde is dead. please close this book already.(unsaged autism)

No. 1415309

File: 1642001563797.jpg (69.65 KB, 1272x800, ZxFOwGG.jpg)

cant agree(sage your shit)

No. 1415313

nah some stuff was fake, i remember seeing screenshots on 8chan's /mde/ regarding sam and some tranny and they were shopped as fuck

No. 1415320

tell us about he diaper dungeon

sam associates with too many trannies for it to be fake. even that he's into his own anal stimulation with dildos is an indication of homosexual behavior.

No. 1415349

Sam is a classic sociopath and if his parents weren't rich he would be in jail already. he will end up there one day.

No. 1415411

a correction for ayrt, neck wider than the head is only a good look when you're already attractive and not a human blobfish

No. 1415657

Uh no dude, those emails were real and coping by saying they were shopped won’t change that lmao

No. 1415778

neck wider than jaw is a good look as long as the guy is muscly and his skull is wider than the neck
fat neck wider than entire head is a look that only works for Patrick Star

No. 1416105

both wrong. a neck wider than head is never good and never attractive. no exceptions.

No. 1416295

File: 1642097878410.jpg (13.56 KB, 450x329, a98024_neck_1-nfl.jpg)


No. 1416302

only moid bussy is quivering at the sight of this Neanderthal. kiwi tourists kindly fuck off.

No. 1416350

What am I supposed to be getting from looking at this roided out deformed looking man

No. 1416534

you proved our point here, good job

No. 1416537

here comes sammy's zoom crew to derail the thread and make it about neck girth

No. 1417034

I don't think a skinny neck is a good look for a man

No. 1418302

can someone drop sam's deviantart account again? i think it was deleted.

No. 1418919

No. 1418924

File: 1642357980278.jpeg (369.38 KB, 1242x2259, 3CEC2350-A7E1-47DF-8816-9FB178…)

Sorry for repost but this is in his favorites lmao

No. 1419140

File: 1642370909400.jpg (124.35 KB, 458x640, th.jpg)

Who is this?

No. 1419143

nice webbed neck downie

No. 1419146

itt: continuous assblasted posting from the textwall moid who said he won't be looking at this thread again

No. 1419230

that's what he looked like before he transitioned. he's literally the incel simp fag he makes fun of in all his content, that's why he was his videos were popular or relatable at first, an inconvenient anime read as some kind of ironic cringe exorcism of his sperg years.

No. 1419259

He mentions “the” car accident on his deviant art acc, I can’t remember if it’s this weird pic of him but those black eyes look very fake. I’m sure they’re real but it’s just strange, also lends more credence to how much of a bad person he is lol

No. 1419317

This is true, but I don't get why it's such a point of contention. He's been open about the fact he was a hormonally banjaxed writeoff from the getgo and has never shied away from that fact. He has the awareness to understand the maladjustment that is or was a reality for a lot of people on the wavelength that gravitated towards MDE pre the alt-right absorption that followed world peace when he got more overtly political. Not rimming him nor am I trying to refute the claims some of you are hitting off with in this thread. He's hitting 40 now and is milking lowbrow self-help shite for money as he has admitted himself numerous times. Regardless, he is a genius and was a definite positive influence for young fellas that were in the same boat as him at one stage one way or another. I can say now that I'm both physically and mentally well-developed, but I've been totally lost as well and coming across tissue box at 12 years old was profoundly uplifting, as stupid as that sounds. I came across this thread by chance and have been lurking with morbid curiosity, which I feel guilty about, but I can tell you lot are on the same wavelength I was referring to. The world is a poisonous place, some people are more susceptible than others in certain respects, yet a certain tenderness can still be gleaned. I understand your grievances and I'll admit Sams surface-level demeanor has probably amounted to a middlefinger both irl and online, but idk if this fully detracts from the sheer affirmative presence both he and the group managed to maintain throughout the years. I'm blocked and am probably talking shite, so I'll conclude by saying up the INLA, Marian Price walks the streets and MDE never dies. Etc etc

No. 1419324

contribute to male suicide stats asap, ugly moid

No. 1419336

you are fucking ugly kill yourself now you literally look like you were in chernobyl

No. 1419337

dire slegging, can tell you're a 6.5 at best through your patter alone. Sad !(scrote)

No. 1419359

This is the most autistic post I've seen on lolcow all day

No. 1419381

Sam is nearly 40, he became an internet celeb around the age of 26-27. This gives me hope unironically

No. 1419387

Fuck off scrote. Imagine idolising this miserable faggot

No. 1419391

>Imagine idolising this miserable faggot
lmao cope hes doing better in life than you. Despite his late start. I'm 26 y/o NEET and I want to be like Sam. He is living the dream and it makes you all seethe that he is successful despite how many people he's fucked over and how many tight teen pussies he's fucked and got away with. He has a cult following who is loyal. Keep seething(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1419399

File: 1642397981952.png (422.57 KB, 603x712, laughinatNEETS.png)

> I'm 26 y/o NEET and I want to be like Sam. He is living the dream

No. 1419401

ah yes, the two measures of success in life
>how many people you can fuck over
>how many teenagers you can abuse
the absolute state of scrote life goals kek

No. 1419407

>fugly moids whiteknighting their fugly role model thinking they'll be like him

almost endearing, it's like fat bodypoz feminism but for men

too bad the market for chincel baldies making a "career" out of compensatory self-deprecation is already saturated. it is however thanks to you and other incel paypigs who find him aspie-rational that he is able to rake in that 3/10 bpd pussy while you fap in the corner. much like retarded 2/10 wursties who listen to PUA coaches, you are completely oblivious to the fact that the only fuggo that will ever get laid through these "techniques" is the coach himself, by spending the money simps like you made for him through your parasocial beta orbiting. sad!

No. 1419410

File: 1642399731523.jpg (24.11 KB, 499x500, e8d1d3d1a0fd6e0eff593a066b3dd4…)

>I'm idolizing this ugly faggot because I'm an ugly faggot

men cannot stop posting Ls

No. 1419931

Is the bdsm fr, I thought it was a bit(sage)

No. 1420964

Sam's whole comedic career has been doing things "as a joke".

No. 1426398

I’m gonna post here and then probably never again. When I was 16/17 I was dating someone who was a huge MDE fan, we both lived in CT and he had started talking to Sam as friends online and even met up with him to go to the mall a couple times, where he mentioned to me that Sam was intimidating. (Apparently Sam had been living in his moms house in CT at the time, so it was easy to meet up). He met Charles too on one of the mall dates and just said that he was “really weird”. Not really any further detail. Sam ended up adding both me and my best friend at the time on Facebook. We were all teenagers. My boyfriend who he hung out with was a year older than me, but Sam was still 10 years older than it us so in my opinion it’s weird that a 27 yo old man was hanging out with kids that young. Anyways, Sam started messaging my best friend when we were at her house, and he convinced us to Skype him. In the Skype call he basically kept just trying to convince us to come to his moms house or to let him come to us. Luckily, we were only talking to him for entertainment purposes because we thought he might be funny and were actually really creeped out by him since he was an ugly, gross, older man to us as teens. Later, after the call, he would message me on fb asking to meet up and asking me if I’m “really dating an MDE fan”. He then reached out to my boyfriend at the time and asked him if he could hook up with me or if that would “put him in the dog house” with him. I always just jokingly answered him and played around with him and he eventually stopped trying to talk to me. I had no interest in that hairy smelly fugly beast at 17 and neither did my friend. (Who was also 16/17). Reading all these stories make me thankful that I didn’t ever actually decide to meet up with him and neither did my friend. Oh one more weird thing: he begged me to make a fake Reddit account to “like” all these posts he linked me to of his on Reddit. Really strange.

No. 1426447

>proof: just trust me bro

No. 1426763

this does sound exactly how sam talks to women however i can’t picture any member of mde going to a mall with a stranger to “hang out”

No. 1427079

in 2012 sam was looking a lot harder for people to give him money or help him in other ways. mde was just starting to take off 10-11 years ago.

No. 1427936

why the hell would anyone make all that shit up and all those details, it doesnt even sound made up

No. 1428141

it does sound reasonable but anon would need some proof. Maybe she has chatlogs and so forth.

No. 1428389

This does sound reasonable tbh especially the “put me in the doghouse with you” and the Reddit thing. Hasn’t Sam talked about this exact situation before??? Idk it’s vague in my mind. Anon please post any logs if you have them.

No. 1428976

shes cute

No. 1429799

I believe her without proof. Sam is a nobody with a trash reputation as is. There's virtually no reason to make up shit about him to "ruin" him, or whatever.(learn2sage)

No. 1431985

> why would anyone just make things up?
IDK, some people just like to stir shit up. Do you think nothing posted on /snow/ is ever made up? When I see milk posted by an anonymous poster and without any proof, I just can't bring myself to care.

No. 1432056

Isn't that the faggot troon Laura Les from 100 Gecs?(sage your shit)

No. 1432993

iDubbbz just dropped his half of the documentary

No. 1432995

he is actually really good at documentary style videos

No. 1432998

i was shocked that he actually dropped it. i'm throughly entertained and idubbbz seems like way more likeable than i was expecting so far

No. 1433803

You femcels seem like miserable nasty people; even more so than MGTOW incels, if that's even possible. Get dicked and stfu, you're obnoxious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1433874

I don't like Sam, but I found Ian so annoying. The way he acts at the end like he was entitled to know Sam's personal life and considered him a coward for not giving him what he wants. It's frightening that not putting your real identity on the internet for all to see and access is seen as bad somehow

No. 1434013


Okay, they are really fucked up, but "Get dicked?", you sound even more like a scrote compared to them

No. 1434101

No sympathy for Sam, but I'm really curious as to what Ian's angle was with this doc to begin with. Like he can't seriously be so arrogant to believe Sam wouldn't just punk him the entire time? Did he not do any research into the guy whatsoever?

Just let him fade into obscurity. I don't know why anyone with a large platform would think giving this guy a voice is a good idea in any capacity at this point. Seems like nothing more than a way to get views for their own channel. What a miserable life both these dudes must have.

No. 1434124

What the fuck is that real….

No. 1434170

I don't knoq but this is making me have a panic attaxk whar the fuck what the fuck what the fuck

No. 1434176

of course the hyde scrotes are gore-posters. throw another low iq temper tantrum and get back to your wagecucking so you can paypig your daddy, you inbred genetic dead ends.

No. 1434485

Any idea why Charls didn't respond at all?

No. 1434512

File: 1643993022878.jpg (87.39 KB, 983x567, SamandIan.jpg)

this still just makes idubz look bad. sam handled himself really well and was towering over Ian the whole time lmao. it's funny how Ian chose to edit the clips of sam talking darker so that he looks more evil

No. 1434515

when did dubzy become so..normie?

No. 1434516

He’s got better things to do with his alien looking gf

No. 1434518

Being a slave to his onlyfans wife

No. 1434526

File: 1643994233283.jpg (18.15 KB, 400x250, 2947413-6a565d80932c66f521e76f…)

No. 1434534

Love the memes but the “doc” was filmed before amiss had soo many tattoos and shaved her head. Maybe she was inspired kek

No. 1434628

Chuck categorically refuses to take part in anything associated w/ Sam Hyde.

No. 1434690

No. 1434695

read the thread dummy(learn to sage dummy)

No. 1434700

There's a stream clip of him snapping about not doing comedy for the rest of his life(sage)

No. 1434724

Sam Hyde is so fucking ugly and disgusting, every time this thread gets bumped by newfag tards I throw up in my mouth a little.

No. 1434754

People have been asking this question for like 5 years now LMAO.
Long story short: they had a big falling out and haven't done anything together since 2017.

No. 1435106

sam reported him to the FBI for tax fraud in a BPD hissy fit. oops, bridge burned.

No. 1435546

there was a thread on /tv/ last night where now even his current wigger soundcloud rapper servant boys are starting to turn on him. seems like sam just likes to use people (men and women) and not pay them. a total fucking cheapskate for being a supposed millionaire.

probably before you know it the wigger crew will be gone. all those guys are going to get out of their early 20s or sam is going to turn 40 and they will get out of there.

The video game is never going to happen either. He has a 'team of people' working on it, yet can't get a demo out, while something like Cruelty Squad can be made by a solo dev in less than a year.

No. 1435569

link to the archive??? what did 1team say about him?

No. 1435594

File: 1644099848203.jpg (846.22 KB, 1109x1632, leaker.jpg)

attached the relevant posts as screengrabs

No. 1435605

thank you!(learn2sage)

No. 1435959

t. seething incel hydesimp

No. 1435960

what do you mean he sounds like a scrote, it's the butthurt loser faggot who wants to be like sam lmao

No. 1435993

lol all these people thinking that whole Idubbz/Sam thing was real beef and not staged, so they both make money out of retards buying merch, also funny how braindead Sam fans are, first they trash on Ian, and now when Sam made vidrel they are like "wow respect for Ian"

No. 1436255

i hope konzept aborts that hellspawn and gets away from that dude, she's so much more talented.

No. 1436670

I don't think either thots can be convinced to abort. They both know Sam is rich. But what's funny is if Sam does something to induce miscarriage, that's straight up murder. Will he get away with it?

No. 1436822

some women just can't be saved, anon. She's a grown ass woman who made a giant bad choice, she has to deal with it now

No. 1436828

>Sam hangs out with losers 20 years younger and has two bitches pregnant
>Charls streams for 200 mentally ill people on twitch and his wife refuses to show her real face
Guess only Nick is normal

No. 1436912

No. 1436940

He’s really not, you just don’t know much about him.

No. 1437075

I doubt it. Guilty by association imo.

No. 1437262

stupid wrong and embarassingly idiotic
sams fans are laughing at the doc ian released and if u put down your vibrator (boyfriend) for one second and read the comments ud see that lmao(scrote)

No. 1437302

Gammon has gone on record about his experiences with Sam.

No. 1437376

he probably can hide it better.
right? birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1437378

relax and stop wking your surrogate father

No. 1438182

File: 1644357879008.jpg (72.52 KB, 397x705, received_10155032976812772.jpg)

Weird motherfucker.

No. 1438189

Lol is this old or recent?

No. 1438226

this guy comes off as an autist with emotional problems in part from his struggle with expressing himself and his feelings, but not as crazy as the sam hyde fanatics on the other farms makes him out to be. the fidgeting, punching his doll, very borderline wall-punching stuff. he should have written himself a script to perform to give his side instead of going off the cuff and having to feel it intensely all over again. it does come off as honest this way though. it's good that he's seeing a therapist, it's is more than most of the shitty guys in this community would do. however, he's still nursing his ego by framing himself as a good guy whose deeds have not gone unpunished. he feels sorry for himself that standing up for minors is what cost him a career when it's the people he chose to associate with that did. he's good at music in comparison with the incredibly small pool of competition he has within the racist comedy community, which let's face it, is not very artistically inclined or even values the arts, but broadly he's not doing anything all that special with his sound. it sounds like he's using his own vocals which are too thin and strained to make an appealing tone. it's like continuing to play with an instrument that's out of tune, because it would hurt too much to change. holly herndon released a soundpack of her own vocals called holly+ that other people can use and modulate for free. he can start with trying to continue to improve and to attract an audience more aligned with his values, and maybe question what his values even are in the first place, why he regrets doing the right thing, and why he's so thirsty for recognition in the first place.

No. 1438402

Got any proof that he isn't? I do feel like he's got to be hiding something to be able to associate with guys like this so readily despite being "normal," even if that thing is nothing more than severe cognitive dissonance.(sage)

No. 1438410

I feel like don't even need to ask who this was with or demand proof to believe this is really him. At this point, I'd be more skeptical of someone coming into one of these threads claiming to have had consensual missionary sex with Sam exactly one time.

No. 1438445

kek so true

No. 1438498

I'm confused, I thought he was a dom(sage)

No. 1438500

Just call him a faggot

No. 1438855

Degenerate perverts like Sam don't have limits. Atypical fucked up sexuality just festers and breeds, it may start with wanting to dominate teenage girls (which he's clearly into) but eventually becomes that AND wanting to BE a dominated teenage girl. They're crazy fucked up, these moids. Cumbrains who's sexuality, and therefore entire identity, is influenced by external factors and completely malleable.

No. 1438861

How much of a genuine idiot would I be if I tried making a video on all of this to get it more out there? considering he very well pays people to monitor those who try to speak up about it and shit

No. 1438899

nah, nick is definitely normal.
he owns a successful antique mall with his wife and has a kid. they have a nice home and doing pretty well. his wife also seems really nice too.

No. 1438901

id love to see it. roast the fuck out of sam he really deserves it. it would be the ultimate laugh.

No. 1439063

I’m pretty sure Nick is just, like, a normal dude with a sort of shady past. On an old 8ch thread someone said he does a lot of drugs, or did anyway, but I honestly think other than that he’s probably just a normal guy who’s sort of a scumbag, the latter being because he has to be to hang out with Sam. Dude’s got his life set and has a daughter so I doubt we’ll learn about his skeletons any time soon.
I would literally donate to this to make it happen.

No. 1439083

Nobody has been able to do this correctly yet. You would have to interview a dozen or more people who worked on MDE in the past. idubbbz didn't bother talking to even one person who was involved before the last year or two besides Nick and Sam, or if he did he conveniently left it out.

>How much of a genuine idiot would I be

If you're really worried, put it out under a different name.

No. 1439090

+++ if you can manage to get on record voice interviews with people (channing, don jolly, james price, eve/evan etc, doubt you could get charls but that would sink it)

+++++ if you can somehow bait/punk Sam (dont think this is possible for teh avg joe)

also a plus if you keep people updated about the kind of harassment Sam sends your way, like that guy who was eventually forced to private related vid when he went over the channing stuff (I kno that he got doxxed and they started posting his private info in 4ch threads) (also learn from his mistakes, his vid is kind of shitty).

No. 1439093

I was able to reach out to eve already and I have a friend who knows bicflame and some other people close to Sam. This seems like a shitload of effort but I think I could potentially actually do it. I even talked to Sam before but I can't do that anymore sadly cuz I fucked up and blocked him when I found out about the pedo shit lmao. Very dumb impulsive move but I guess not too unreasonable not wanting to associate with someone like that.(cowtipping)

No. 1439094

So ppl can switch? I didn't know that but idk anything about that community seems weird

No. 1439099

yeah, a ton of work.
Also remember that if you really, REALLY want to throw a wrench in Sam's operation you first have to realize there is a good reason he hates journalists so much.
It would be a huge blow if you could weaponize the liberal Vice news type media wing, and convince some journo to write specifically about gumroad and sam and how "white supremacists/anti-semites" are using such platforms to stay afloat(get rich in fact), as well as using multiple youtube sockpuppet accounts to ban evade, and how platforms like twitter/instagram do a very bad job at policing ban evaders.

No. 1439138


No. 1439149

File: 1644449441987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,817.19 KB, 857x1431, 7692499A-49FB-44FB-B3CF-8D057B…)

There is something truly horrific about his unshaved face. Minus the strange haircut, he looks like a naked mole rat.

No. 1439172

I support you unless you're a scrote. if so, fuck off and die. otherwise plz go for it

No. 1439173

File: 1644451728520.jpeg (78.97 KB, 640x799, bumfights.jpeg)

the problem with this is that institutions like vice and broader neoliberal culture promote pornsick grooming, pushing minors into sex work, legitimizing autogynephilic fetishists as an innate sexuality and protected class. so sam's only crime to this culture is doing all the same while saying no-no words and not giving lip-service to the journalist class. he's already pivoting to calling out the hypocrisy with like the worse degenerates. like when the bumfights guy went on the dr. phil show dressed up as him to make a point that they both exploit people, and like pointing a finger at dr. phil as the worse exploiter because at least the bumfights guy wasn't a hypocrite and was open about being a callous shithead.

he associates any kind of grooming with faggotry. ergo bare face = male nurse stupid liberal useful idiot for the powers that be who want to remove the stigma for pedophiles and legitimize them as MAPs( minor attracted people).

His whole new scheme is like, "hey i'm not that bad a guy compared to these people who want to do what i do on a grand scale!" if he was very confident that this stuff wouldn't eventually get push back he would pivot as a MAP and start calling anyone who whined about his predilection for teenage girls "Mapphobic."

No. 1439175

nta but you sound like a retard. learn to sage ffs

No. 1439195

his hair looks like a broom made of hay like just go bald u ugly nigga(learn2sage)

No. 1439197

File: 1644452889761.jpeg (274.73 KB, 1017x1808, 1526731740064.jpeg)

Sam is still stuck with the alt-right/nazi label, so if ur gonna trick Vice or another Bernstein to write about Sam again, it'll be about that, instead of his degeneracy/fan grooming.

No. 1439222

vice crying about him being a nazi is what grew his fanbase in the first place, it literally connects him to people who don't care and will support that type content no matter what because he's like the only ex-liberal artist who makes anything of quality comparable to libs. alt right people literally have no one else except for like stonetoss, something sam is aware of and is quite comfortable manipulating. sam fucking trannies, using a vibrator on his asshole like a faggot, and fucking kids is the only thing that his current "righteous" nazi fanbase will think twice about supporting. sam's notoriety for cheating his employees, spying on their computers, siccing the fbi and police on them, and basically operating like a live-in sweatshop content farm cult leader is another angle that would actually damage his support, and deter younger people from working with him.

No. 1439237

That shit doesn't matter so much. Think like a sociopath, think like Sam does. What matters is journos writing about gumroad. That's the key. Reporting Sam's content directly to gumroad for TOS violation doesn't result in anything, gumroad doesn't give a shit. But it would give a shit if the media starts putting pressure on them for their sketchy "nazi content" hosting/platforming.
Without his gumroad Sam would have to rely entirely on crypto donations or waste his own/investor money making a different platform, and he can't pay his zoomer slaves doing that. It would be gg for him, a stake into his kike heart.(sage)

No. 1439244

Nonnie, if you are serious, I could help. I have connections to bicflame and jetneptune (so does the average person i suppose) but i truly dont think their opinion is worth anything. its going to take a lot of work…

No. 1439245

Mapphobic jfc

No. 1439276

the problem is that the nazi argument to deplatform is already being overused and the public is tired of it. what is happening to joe rogan is like peak crybullies crying nazi and antisemitism for people and content they don't like. it's used to silence terfs, moderate conservatives and anyone else slightly right of leftism. it doesn't actually stop websites like stormfront or any actual nazis because they are already outside of the mainstream. gumroad already outside the mainstream and is happy to take "nazi" creators to grow a base as big as patreon, their whole thing is they want to grow taking up the scraps. gumroad has an already established track record of deplatforming pedo creators like stawwberry milk/aggy, so that to me is evidence of what kind of content they will tolerate and what they won't.

No. 1439291

yeah, not knowing a ton about extreme sexual practices makes me retarded. Good argument.(learn2sage)

No. 1439311

while i absolutely get where youre coming from i feel like the only way a video like this will do lasting damage to him is if it comes from another man i mean hell a well liked and established female creator would have a hard time doing a successful takedown of sam hyde people just dont really care about what you have to say when youre a woman unless theyre also a woman or they have a specific reason to they may pretend to but they really dont for the most part

No. 1439371

No. 1440368

The general public simply won't care if you're just making a video full of screencaps and images. Like the other reply says, you would need video interviews with ex-Hyde cohorts. Without that, the best you'd have is playing a clip of Sam saying "you'd have to be insane to record a conversation without their permission" alongside his firing of Don.

No. 1440823

File: 1644610758722.png (1.4 MB, 900x1200, DsZyJdmU0AE-dEg.png)

No. 1440895

File: 1644613785129.jpg (621.95 KB, 2496x1404, GettyImages-85034921.jpg)

No. 1441103

File: 1644626933483.gif (999.48 KB, 500x267, 1642637699220.gif)

No. 1442678

anybody noticed how he put up his merch few months ago, but cancelled orders because "poor quality" and now he is re-releasing the same merch at the time of this whole Idubbz "drama"? And Ian released merch too, pure cash grab and still retarded hydoids think it was serious beef lmao

No. 1443045

link to the 8chan post he keeps referring to?

No. 1443155

Do not waste your time trying to write a shitty expose on this scrote until he finally kills himself.

No. 1446293

File: 1645205241486.png (3.45 MB, 2048x1152, GammonVaervafSOgay.png)

No. 1446846

Is that supposed to be a threat or something like that firing-don-jolly recording? lol

No. 1447832

i think this inpatient forum is supposed to be irrefutable proof that gammon is crazy. as if someone can't have mental problems and also be abused by someone else. poor dude.

No. 1448231

Who’s gammon again?? The freak from the YouTube video someone linked?

No. 1448389

so is this video just another attempt by sam to drag his friend back into his life after reporting him to the irs?

No. 1448410

Does Evan have social media of some kind? Where did u find dis(sage your shit)

No. 1448576

If Charls had any balls he'd DMCA that lol.

No. 1448584

most likely trying to gain clout by self-posting. hence all the "i'd suck his ladydiq teehee" scattered through out this thread.

No. 1448586

can't wait for this whole crew to OD.

No. 1448620

Open question to people who have worked with Sam (that might have a beef with him, him not paying you, etc).
Does Sam run a clean office? As in the major software (OS, big expensive programs like Maya, etc.) is licensed and paid for?
If not then https://reporting.bsa.org/r/report/add.aspx?src=us&ln=en-us
Shit is serious too, if you have solid info/proof they will literally come in and raid his office and give you a cut of what he owes down the line.

No. 1449077

File: 1645496920897.png (241.41 KB, 586x715, image_2022-02-21_212700.png)


it was taken from his twitter before it was purged and before the trans thing started. the dude used to be a crossdresser while dating some egirl and before trooning out.
As for social media he's always used the "rainsfx" handle, but recently deleted everything. used that name on twitter, instagram furaffinity and also artstation

No. 1449559

he really does look like alan ruck in drag

No. 1450066

damn I hadn't looked into Sam Hyde Drama since the days that weird ricardo lopez shitmuncher JMAA spent all day talking to himself about it on /mde/ but that 1team expose is pretty damning. evan being in both docs makes it a super easy redpill

appreciate whichever one of you weirdos was trying to psyop /tv/ but "Look the shit up on lolcow" is dead giveaway it's a LARP. side by side 'evan'/'eve' + link to 1team blog = job done

No. 1450686

Yeah but people on 8ch and kiwi said the same thing. Not sure how it’d be a larp.

No. 1451480

what even is this supposed to mean? use normal English words you freak

No. 1453278

Hey guys… I was somewhat a fan of Sam's. Not a huge fan or anything but I thought his comedy and social media antics are funny. I pay for his gumroad which me and my friend share.

The other day, I saw a bunch of people on Twitter retweeting one of his tweets and calling him a pedophile and stuff. I decided to see what that was all about so I googled it and found all the drama. I've read just about everything there is. I am completely sickened by Sam, and even more sickened because I sent him a donation once and I've been paying for gumroad.

Everyone has some skeletons in the closet, but not like this. I feel inspired to make a video about Sam which compiles all of the evidence. I am very good at making videos and I have a decent following on Youtube, which I will not discuss here. I will probably need someone else to narrate the video since someone will recognize my voice. I'm good at editing, writing, and making videos that are concise and hold peoples' attention. I'm thinking of a title like "Sam Hyde Exposed! He Can't Keep Getting Away With It".

Other people really need to know who they are supporting. Sam has his audience under the impression that he doesn't watch porn or do drugs, and that he's a pretty decent guy, just with an artistic, eccentric bend. I was never expecting to find what I found about Sam. I believe much of it is true because of the little caveats Sam drops in his videos and instagram stories. Just the other day, he said in his instagram story that he had to go to the doctor once for chlamydea because he had been cheating, and that the Asian doctor said he would cure him quickly so that his girlfriend would never know. His audience thinks these are jokes but these quips come from a sickening reality.

Of course many of his followers will defend him to the end, but many will turn away. Is a little documentary necessary, or will 2 pregnant girlfriends eventually ruin him for us? Anyways, if anyone would like to do that, I think separate threads need to be started. I'm not an expert on all of the Sam lore, but we would have to start from the beginning. Perhaps new evidence will come out in the meantime. I can pull out the best information and story lines from people hashing it out in threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1453295

you could literally get anyone on fiverrr to narrate for you. any request like this one is going to come off as a honeypot for sam to try and suss out the traitor in his midst while having a henry viii style melty.

No. 1453306


Yeah you are probably right. It's hard for me to do the video right because all of the information is so all over the place. I don't know the exact time table of how everything has gone down. If I didn't have a bunch of other things going on, I would probably just get really autistic and figure it out myself. But I don't have time for that. I really don't have time to make a video on Sam either but I would set the time aside. I'm mad that Sam has a practically blemish-free reputation in the alt right sphere. He's a hero to everyone but he's anything but that. I've always restrained myself from getting revenge on people, but I'm especially bothered by this. People need to know that Sam Hyde is a legit pedophile, among other things.

I think it's crazy how Sam has had a live-in girlfriend all this time. It's so weird how he hides her and doesn't give her any credit for her graphic design. It's obvious that it's so he can still attract other girls because they think he's single. So much adds up.

I hate Sam Hyde.

No. 1453314

What is the instagram handle of this person now? No longer rainsfx

No. 1453317

will you just post some proof here

No. 1453329

Are males really this stupid? How was it not obvious Sam was a narc attention whore? Of course all narcs with a little bit of fame and money go out and abuse anyone they can.

Getting life advice from an obvious greasy trust fund pedo, just lmfao

No. 1453342


Like I said, I wasn't Sam's #1 fan. I listened to his podcast and stuff, because I work from home and listen to all kinds of stuff while I work. I wasn't a huge Sam Hyde fan, which is probably why I'm about 6 years late to this party. I subscribed to his podcast… Whatever, it was entertaining to listen to.

And yes, obviously Sam is an attention whore. You can accuse just about any entertainer of this.

Obviously it was clear that Sam might have some issues, but "pedophile" is not one I would have ever expected. Weird homo-tranny fetish stuff is also not what anyone would ever expect either.

No. 1453347

>Weird homo-tranny fetish stuff is also not what anyone would ever expect either.
this is the least shocking thing about sam

No. 1453358

you are retarded for thinking a male who got attention for being edgy and disgusting didn't want to stick his dick in everything that moved

No. 1453382


Okay, fuck all of you then. You can stick to bitching in forums that have gone nowhere for the past 6 years instead of having a viral video that would ruin Sam's reputation. Offers off the table, enjoy bitching about Sam to 20 other people for the rest of your pathetic lives.

No. 1453396

why are you blog posting here you dumb scrote? You roll in here talking about how you have to "expose" him with your videos that you are "really good at making" like we should be thankful? Go make it, why do you need our input?
I know you think you're super smart and are shocked you could be fooled like this, but have you considered you're just a fucking retard? You type like a damn autist.
God, men genuinely think they're all super special, even when they have the IQ of pond scum.

No. 1453398

lmao oh nooo, don't take the viral video from us Mr! It's funny how you went from "wow, pedophiles need to be outted" to "i'm not making the video" because literally 1 random anon called you a retard. We don't want you here, scrote. Leave.

No. 1453400

Oh no, you called me an autist. I'm so hurt. Aw, I'm so sorry I typed 3 paragraphs… That must have been a lot for you to read :( And yes, you should be very thankful that I lended my excellent skills to you. That would have been some great milk for you, but you blew it, slut.

No. 1453418

nobody cares + you're a faggot + nobody asked

No. 1453438

Kys moid

No. 1453448

Lol men are so sensitive. Your morals sure went out the window fast. You're prob a pedo too.

No. 1453451

> lended
Literal retard.

No. 1453493

ok but anon have you considered that he's REALLY good at making videos?
>I'm mad that Sam has a practically blemish-free reputation in the alt right sphere.
oh wow, totally shocking a bunch of deranged racists, sexists and sandy hook conspiracists would be fine with a pedo being amongst them.

No. 1453845

Like was said earlier, unless you have idubbz level fame/following no video on Sam like that is gonna stick, UNLESS you get people on voice/camera connected to him talking on record. People like Channing, James Price, Don Jolly, Zach, etc etc etc. Charls would be the biggest one but I dont think he'd ever do it.
If you can't do that but got the time it to make a vid regardless, it would mainly be an exercise to see how many of his minions Sam would summon to spam your youtube comments saying its fake and issue spurious takedown notices. And probably dox you and harass you all the while. That could be ammo for a different documentary maybe.

No. 1453875

I'm sorry, maybe you are legit low IQ and extremely oblivious, but… Do you not know that the majority of /pol/ faggots and alt righters are pedophilic incels and definitely have a trap/femboy fetish?
There's a reason Sam appeals to these people.

No. 1453956

Learn to sage scrote

No. 1454533

And obviously, many people in Sam's sphere will not speak out against him because Sam has blackmail ready.

No. 1454870

i mean he's essentially their employer and only connection or hope to being a cultural producer. no one will work with you if you bite the hand that feeds you in the (or any) industry, even if the person you are backbiting is a total monster and straddles the position of inside-outsider.

No. 1454991

depends on context, #metoo for example opened some possibilities for people to talk more openly about experiences

No. 1455389

working with sam hyde blacklists you from working with a lot of industry people anyway. This is what he gets for biting the hand that was feeding him (adult swim).

No. 1458389

Found. @Rainlines

No. 1458568

File: 1646499017560.jpeg (460.9 KB, 1242x612, 81FD3F45-619E-409C-9708-E267E2…)

“Sam Hyde is not a Ukrainian citizen, Sam Hyde is a comedian.”

Y’all. I cannot believe we’re living in a time where nuclear war may happen and we have Tucker Carlson explaining to his boomer viewers that Sam is, in fact, not the “he keeps getting away with it” man they must think he is. Jfc.

No. 1458707

Holy FUCK Sam actually has a fucking boymoder working for him confirmed LMFAOOOOOO

No. 1459691

Do it man, we'll back you up if Sam's fags sperg out

No. 1459705

you're a coward faggot I guess lmao

No. 1459724

Is this what you do? You're trying to be snarky or some shit on a basket weaving forum offshoot and it's fucking retarded. Stop and realize if we utilized all of our autism, this pedophile's life could be ruined by now(army recruitment )

No. 1462090

rope urself if you weigh more than 98lbs fatty

No. 1462125

File: 1646843447016.jpeg (Spoiler Image,639.63 KB, 750x1083, F90D9155-AAB6-46B9-88FE-A108B8…)

Picrel is me, anon I may not be anorexic but this what the boys like and I’m a curvy goddess uwu

Is anyone else sort of disappointed by the idubbbz documentary? I thought he was actually being exposed. But Sam Hyde was like gotcha lmao it was all an act and then not much else information was given. I’m not sitting through the truth about idubbbz can someone give me a rundown on that?

No. 1463121

I thought the idubbbz documentary was stupid too. His analysis of Sam Hyde's comedy was just super basic. Really at this point it isn't even cloaked in irony; Sam Hyde makes racist and misogynistic jokes, end of. He probably really does believe it, as do most of the people who laugh at his jokes. Pre-World Peace cancellation you could've argued it was all irony and dark humor but we don't need pencil-necked idubbb's breaking it down for us. it's retarded.

and also I don't understand why idubbb's acted as if he wasn't a dude saying "niggerfaggot" and tricking Tana Mangoo into saying "nigger" just like, 5 years ago? Why bother trying to analyze Sam Hyde who is obviously not showing you his "true" self, when Ian could just analyze himself and why he liked saying nigger online? Or his buddy h3h3 liked courting the alt-right before Trump got elected? Speak on that, dubz. Sam Hyde's inner core is probably boring guy who didn't get enough attention and acts out now. Same as all the funny e-scrotes out there.

No. 1463231

They're both grifters dude, their ultimate goals are views/clicks, subscriptions, donations and merch sales. There is more money to be made if they're both in on it than if idubbbz really went after Sam and dug into his dirty laundry.

No. 1463708

The moral of the story is that grifters are going to grift. The H3H3 crew are Zionists (National Socialists for Israel, more like it, considering that ism was the very essence espoused by the Basel Zionist Congresses) and they went from being the most atrocious, unfunny YouTube video creators, with no more than 1000 views to their name, to the most atrocious, unfunny, bot-propped up YouTube stars courting Mossadnik Shillman Zio-Right propagandists; and then swithcing tunes and hosting a multi-millionaire "socialist" loser when the shekels dried up. The emancipated Zionist, is neither emancipated or an assimilationist. Their entite schtick of spewing racist "nigger faggot" rhetoric tells you all you need to know. They love the racist state of Israel, enough to pretend they are neutral on the conflict to appease the gentile crowd.

For Sam and Idubbz, they are just grifters, sometimes entertaining but always for the paycheck.

And no, I have nothing against Jews.(moral of this story: sage your shit)

No. 1464739

I want what he's having!

No. 1465201

File: 1647107782943.jpeg (330.47 KB, 750x956, BA69D780-F1DD-47EB-A342-6773DE…)


No. 1471998

degens gonna degen, this should not be a surprise at all

No. 1477961

Why did he make a nft of this girl with a rare disease? I mean I know sam is edgy but that's just kinda weird

No. 1486772

idk but it's the idubbbz part that gets me

No. 1487499


Is this you? The insults were pretty good but the audio was hit or miss. Pretty good though, just kinda felt like a metokur ripoff

No. 1488884


I think I heard him say on one of his early videos that he has marfan’s syndrome. Which is interesting considering they specifically say to those kids, “no contact sport”.

I think he says it in this video:

No. 1488887

Samefriend here, I just checked the video again. He mentions it around the 8:00 mark

No. 1488891

Does anyone know if this shit is true?

No. 1488978

Shit video and once again nothing new. If you're going to put in that much effort you might as well put in the extra few hours of talking to ex-members or learning how to edit a video so it doesn't sound like shit and the text is readable.

No. 1489564

he doesn't have the caved in chest, isn't that tall or long-limbed, and doesn't have the horseface. he's just a fat lazy fuck who is probably uncoordinated from bpd and other learning disabilities.

No. 1491168

File: 1648977606914.png (286.97 KB, 887x565, borageoil.png)

I'm still thinking he could be. dr WebMD told me not every case is recognizable visually. remember the HGH he reportedly takes is probably what is beefing up his face.

have a look at this picture of him on his deviantart, he states it was taken when he would have been 20


He also has had Borage oil supplements in his house at some point, you can see them in the "Sard0, accent on the ohhhhh" as shown in pic

No. 1491381

where is the deviant art picture? u only posted the borage oil

No. 1491686

i'm sure he'd make up whatever disorder he could to gain access to steroids.

No. 1491693

No. 1491841

his pizza face isn't evidence of marfan syndrome

No. 1496042

this is gay

No. 1497600

His fingers/toes are creepy and malformed
I could easily see him having some form of marfans, you see it more in pictures where he was skinny/young before he started roiding.

No. 1498450

he looks like he has hitchhiker's thumbs, probably from gaming nonstop from childhood to adult hood,>>1439197 in this pic

>>1439149 extremely small baby hands like trump in this pic. the contrast between the skin on his hands and face is crazy. he has like 5 years of dead skin just sitting on his face. he's doesn't even know how to properly wash himself.

No. 1498794

no, i realized it would've been retarted to attempt bc of several reasons. i stopped being so invested in it all and just occasionally check here for the lulz now

No. 1502233

It's better than nothing, normies don't know about Sam's lolcowdom

No. 1502678

They never will if that's the best anyone can do. It has 400 views after 3 weeks. Nobody wants to watch a video with shitty editing and a voiceover you can barely understand. And like I keep saying, nobody who's attempted these hit pieces has talked to anyone who worked for Sam. It's always just content aggregation by autistic nobodies. Just go ____ the pedo if you hate him so much lol.

No. 1504493

You are being very negativistic to a neurotic degree. A glass half empty type, which is expected. But there are people less apathetic and are especially vehement toward pedophiles, so someone is bound to listen and the message will pervade regardless of shitty video format. Someone will get the message and spread it, that's how the internet works. If enough commentary style vids/ media of his creep behavior pop up eventually it will muddle his reputation in some way, just Like any other e-celeb thats been exposed for predatory behavior (Onision, Dahvie Vanity, etc.)(sage your teachings)

No. 1507157

Barely anyone cares about Sam anymore outside of the memes. He's a relic of the 2016 aut right that like the rest of them burned out and did nothing of importance.

No. 1507354

Sadly he has money now so he'll linger for a long time like bad smell because he pays people to shill his sorry ass on socials and 4chan.
Also shouldn't Sam's lovechildren be full term soon? It seems like things would be past the point of abortions being an option this far in.

No. 1508263

Yeah I still see the shill posts come up at least monthly. I don't bother to screencap them because 90% of the time it's useless shit not worth sharing.

No. 1510631


Maybe, but there's 3 problems

1.) Some of the Sam Hyde detractors are unstable, they give everyone else a bad reputation
2.) Sam Hyde has a lot of credit with the type of people who would be into lolcows, they dont want to believe his background is filled with dirt because he is one of the few figures they look up to and trust
3.) Going against him gets you lots of attention from his servants, as well as a lot of unstable people with nothing to lose. Not worth it when there are easier lolcows

No. 1515492

lol fag

No. 1515495


No. 1515499

freedom of speech was a mistake

No. 1524675

lets bring this asshole to justice. im messaging luis gomez about all sam allegations. cant run, cant hyde.(cowtipping)

No. 1525141

File: 1652209186266.jpg (22.65 KB, 328x328, 1366939961391.jpg)

>I may not be anorexic

No. 1525158

the info on this dude is all over the place, I still have no idea what he did other than looking greasy and being a nuisance to work with like every 'auteur' is

No. 1525188

he fucked highschoolers, put spyware on his employees computers to blackmail them, and refused to pay people he worked with.

No. 1525192

Watching scrotes worship this goblin just for doing the bare minimum and being slightly edgy about it is so embarrassing

No. 1527266

god i wish he would fucking cream all over me, after reading all this sludge of shit i think im even more attracted
One part of me wants to be his little sweetie wife while the other wants to lacerate his huge fucking stomach(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1527269

Learn to be a better troll or at least find the lord.

No. 1527501

one of the moids found the thread and doesn’t understand sarcasm

No. 1527554

right wing grifter, sperged out when adultswim wouldnt renew his show, now very ugly/fat with a cult of NEET/failed life-type moids who follow his every move online and worship him.
His video editor has cow potential though(sage your shit)

No. 1528622

please explain :)(:))

No. 1529142

joeyy bicflame and jet

No. 1529144

He just did a podcast with shane gillis and nick mullen 2 of the biggest podcasters, cumtown also had rochefort on. People like him he just doesn't like doing stuff.
Look at anthony cumia had a way bigger wave of people calling a pedophile going after him (check cumias demented world on youtube good doc) and no one cares, he still does a bunch of stuff because basically everyone in the entertainment world is a total degenerate, you are just more familiar with sam. Our elites are all raping kids it's the norm. (not a good thing but why no one will care)

No. 1529160

can't wait for cumtown to destroy their brand with this collab. incel fags

No. 1529324

Sam was pretty much front and center in the latest mass shooter's manifesto. If he makes it out of that unscathed (the "he's just a comedian and that's his running gag" meme), it pretty much means he's made of teflon. I mean, all you need to do is connect that manifesto with the "Thank You White People" Adult Swim skit and it's over for him (as in he could lose his gumroad with enough bad press). Journalists are shiftless and lazy however so they'll attack 4chan instead.

No. 1529635

to be honest that manifesto was glow central. Way too much focus on sites and communities the state wants to censor

No. 1529819

sam has an 80 iq genetic waste psyoped shooter audience who routinely make him look bad. he is desperate to get some crossover from nicks 95-100 iq addicts who whine online audience. no clue what nick thinks he can get out of this.

No. 1529848

the delusion

No. 1531280

Go back to the leftists thread, nobody gives a fuck about Cumtown but urban hipsters who think the world revolves around them

No. 1538699

there are hoards of people that hate this guy because of his abuse, why cant anything get done to SILENCE HIM? why tf do i see this asshole making moves when he should be doing penance. Im about ready to make a docuseries and interview motherfuckers that know his abuse first hand. lets hear some thoughts

No. 1538708

File: 1653417555024.png (1.94 MB, 1729x2036, 899cbfef75d002905962fd822a9240…)

yes do that.
came here to post picrel found on 8kun

No. 1538750

LMAO is this real???

No. 1538845

Disgusting how nice he seems

No. 1538952

>please fuck me I'll give you $300

are you insane

No. 1539041

Not that but the “I’m in love with you” and “you could have any guy” it’s a far cry from how he usually talks to those underage girls, maybe he’s a fag who just literally nicer to men

No. 1539089

If you really do have the evidence it would be good to compile it. A lot of his stuff gets overshadowed by shooter memes and shit

No. 1539622

File: 1653508859225.png (129.02 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220525-015456.png)

No. 1539687

im sick of this bastard facing no consequences for the shit he’s done. There had to be a way for him to face some sort of justice. I know you’re all cynical but it’s better to do something than waste away your days complaining at a screen mad than actually doing something. There’s gotta be hundreds of people here with some sort of talent or knowledge to get this work done. Are you gonna waste away your life complaining at a forum or are you going to do something worthwhile for a better world?(cowtipping )

No. 1540073

stop trying to personal army faggot, we're a gossip imageboard not sjws

No. 1540267

lol nah were gonna make an army and knock the retard on his ass and RUN him out of town. we gossip. but we also fight. HARD.

ARMY! keep reporting all his social medias and make sure he is gone.

spam his social medias with the message that he is a groomer.

all it takes is 1 minute.(not your personal army)

No. 1540280

While I'd love to see him face consequences, it's pretty obvious you are new to the farms. Read the rules, learn how to sage and integrate.

No. 1542946

Their right. I'd encourage someone to do a docu thingy or an expose like that other anon. Pansy drama shit isn't going to stop this absolute subhuman(well, don’t )

No. 1542955

Stop coming back faggot.

No. 1543283

you are the weirdo here policing ideas? lolll

No. 1543340

Make a coherent summary of the case against him instead of sounding like a kpop Faggot. do something useful - don’t rely on others to do the work for you.

No. 1543379

Cumtown boys have wanted him on since world peace, you dont know what youre talking about

No. 1543396

Tbf Nick IS a closet tranny by his own admission so.

No. 1547732

here's an idea: you become a famous youtuber that Sam will want to work with, and then you challenge him to a boxing match. But then again you won't, because instead of just doing shit and putting it out there youre trying to drum up support from imaginary people on some imageboard. we're not even sure you have a following or any videos at all yet alone enough sway to make a video for this particular situation.

Unless you do that then there's probably nothing you can do that will get through this guy's thick head because he only respects strength, but again hes probably been in very few situations where hes had people actually challenge him on that.

No. 1548434

File: 1654301682482.jpeg (46.93 KB, 540x960, D6E5A1BE-89B7-4266-AFF2-F7FE0A…)

No. 1550691

I happened upon this thread a couple days ago, and honestly it fucked me up a bit. I gained alot of value advice from his vlogs, even though I know most of it isn't novel, he has a way of packaging it that gave me new perspectives. I.e "lvl 1 slime trying to beat the boss", get a skill, dont talk people down professionally(ironic), "gifted precocious child", etc.

The main thing that hooked me was some seemingly open he was about his failures and weaknesses. Just as Sam jokes about how young men won't be able to gain anything by listening to millionaires telling you to "just drink kombucha and meditate".

I say all this bc I see former fans getting roasted for ever liking Sam. Not everyone is terminally online, not everyone is refreshing obscure imageboards for new info. Maybe some of you saw it from a mile away, but for the average person who stumbled upon him, they wouldn't know more than what Sam says, and his sycophants in the comments.

I don't have shit to say but vent. I get a pit in my stomach when I think about it. PGL was my go to podcast, mainly bc Nick has god tier wit. Not sure what to do. I even grew to like Joeyy, b9 and bic (based on their online personas)

I can ignore the tranny thing, I can ignore him not actually having his shit together, I can ignore the weird fetishes, but the stuff with Mackey did it for me. I have a daughter so it esp got to me.

I'm done taking anything on the internet seriously, Sam was one of the few I thought I trusted. Plan to disconnect from all fringe internet communities and just focus on family, work etc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1550694

Shit, I blogposted. Didnt realize how much I had typed.

No. 1550949

Marky was far from the only one

No. 1551108

this shit is crazy to me because hate and bitterness radiate from both sam and nick. entertainers are not friends or pillars of a community, they are people trying to make a buck off of their personalities while doing as little work as possible or outsourcing it to minions who are actually creative. they peddle shallow bullshit because they have nothing to offer except what their ego has built.

No. 1551722

Does anyone have his office address or is that against the rules

No. 1551756

nvm found it on the first thread

No. 1552142

Marky (mir) confided in me a couple of years ago about this situation before she started closing off more and being more manic, I can’t imagine having to be silenced by this psuedo comedian fat fucker with a swollen baby penis

No. 1553256

This whole leak probably isn't real. He gets his workers to sign NDAs so this was intentional to find leakers from within his inner circle. I could be way off, but this is par for the course for Sammy boy.

No. 1553275

Ok which one of you is this?

No. 1553371

why why did you tell me about this anon

Didn't salem and yung lean do this like 10 years ago? Imagine being like 29 and fat and trying to be Post Malone and Yeat combined for 3k views.

No. 1553385

this account is avant-garde

No. 1553577

so did he find the leaker or what?

No. 1553827

Yeah but those screenshots of his exes and chandler are. I think some parts of what the troon said are true, maybe not all of it, but Sam transparently wants to avoid his name being sullied

No. 1555766

I hope she’s ok now. She was only 15, it’s so sad.

No. 1556244

i sent an email to happypunch promo and whoever the else he is trying to collab with about what will happen to their reputations if they choose to work with sam hyde, an abusive manipulative sociopath. its b.s that he would try and work with anyone with the shit he's pulled on other collaborators.(cowtipping)

No. 1556725

I think threatening this is counter productive if you’re phrasing it as “x will ruin your reputation”. I mean, these people probably know surface level shit about Sam, if you’re phrasing it as some cancel thing then you’re running the very high risk the future collaborator will become indignant. I think it would be way more productive to let them know you’re concerned because Sam has done xyz, are they aware of this and why associate with someone who has abused minors etc.? Kind of like that without any mention of repercussions(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1557936

honestly think everyone who is anti-sam is just a jew lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1557955

>Anyone against (((hollyweird))) like exploitation of a minor from an e-celeb is a Jew lol

Continue being a fucking clown because we're all laughing at you sam

No. 1558090

i'm not sam you daft fucking retard

No. 1558475

Despite this compilation of evidence against sam I doubt his fans will actually care. I used to talk to this scrote who would just scream every time I brought up the fact that his idol likes to screw 15 year olds and beat his girlfriends up. He would steer the subject into my fighting a culture war and that my motivations for hating sam hyde are political. He did not care. Sam's fans are no different than him. Sage bc no one cares(learn2sage)

No. 1558478

Isn't what some does exactly what you'd accuse Jews of?

No. 1558530

um, isn't hollywood made up of jews?

this nonnie. i had a friend who religiously defended and liked sam hyde. when i tried to bring up anything about why sam isnt a good person hed tell me what he did to marky was fake news and sam hyde was just trolling and people take it serious. its so odd how deceived they are by his psuedo intelligence. i just never found him funny. i get what he is trying to do with his humor, but his execution is poor. plus his videos just ring more as horror, always being subjected to his greasy fish lips and bulging bug eyes.

No. 1558533

his content isn't even good enough to zealously defend, the good sketches like teachers are nick's and not even his.

No. 1558591

lol so true. Dude's a hack being propped up by greasy losers. Without them, he would be nothing.

No. 1558712

>you misspelled sam
Just another display of the cognitive dissonance of his retarded fanboys. These morons could literally see sam molest a child attempt mentally gymnastics to not see the objective truth. They'll critique (((entertainment industries))) and perverts, but not see their idol for what he is.

No. 1559435

Sam Hyde is literally a kike moron.
his parents:

Delora Louise Gans and Dr. Frederick Herbert Hyde were married yesterday in the chapel of the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York by the Rev. Beatrice Blair.

The bride, daughter of Del Stone Gans of Seattle and the late Mrs. Gans, is a flight attendant for Trans World Airlines. Dr. Hyde, son of Edythe S. Hyde of New Haven and the late Frederick Herbert Hyde, is a consultant on hospital building to Stephens & Hyde of New York and Los Angeles.

He was formerly associated with the investment banking firm of Smith Barney, Harris Upham and Company, and served as director of the faculty practice plan for the Yale Medical School, vice president for planning at Yale-New Haven Hospital and general counsel of the Connecticut Hospital Association in Wallingford. A magna cum laude graduate of Yale, he received degrees from its Medical and Law Schools. His previous marriage ended in divorce.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1559581

Charls wrote the TED talk btw, which is his most famous “sketch”

No. 1559621

charls used to be a much better actor too

No. 1559653

what's funny is that one of Sam's emails on that haveibeenpwned sites shows that he had a (paid?) MyHeritage account. He knows he's a kike lol. If he didn't have kike blood he'd take one of those dna test and would have done a vid on it by now.

No. 1560828

Well no duh he’s a jew, have you noticed how much he covets money. Btw you all have really stinky pussies(racebait)

No. 1562213

Wrong. Charls could never. https://pastebin.com/hXhBB4Zn

No. 1562811

Question no one is asking, if this Marky hoe was so depressed and butthurt about getting raped and abused why didnt she to the Po-Po nigga? Yall some fag haters, me and all my red pill homies is closeted homosexual trans fuckers, so what?(0/10 shit bait)

No. 1562813

So what if hes a closet kike? let a nigga stack chedder(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1563050

imagine trying to sound hard on the internet by imitating "ironic" ebonics from 2001. you sound fat, bald, and broke.

No. 1563079

she was never raped and abused.. she was an underaged 4chan slut posting her nudes everywhere at 16 LOOL. after sam she moved to brazil and dated a 32 year old when she was 18(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1563428

He does look like Trotsky a lot! Not to mention his money obsession. Jews do have a lot of selfhate as well, which would explain the jokes.

No. 1563437

File: 1655441756297.jpg (127.8 KB, 1080x943, IMG_20220617_065350_626.jpg)

A yes, what if the child consented though (and was a whore while at it)!

Talking about children, did everyone see yet what racemixed abominations the aging schizo spawned from his photoshop kween? Can't wait for her to start facetuning them.
I like how they have bags under their eyes already from being tired of existing against God's will.

No. 1563464

wtf is wrong with their eyes. i thought it was shooped at first

No. 1563556

They're hideous kek. They look tired and malnourished.

No. 1563671

Then whats the problem?

No. 1563673

Yall some playa hating niggas, where tou children? Oh they dont exist? Oh wheres tour betieful girlfriend? Oh she goes to another school? Get a life(unsaged playa)

No. 1563677

No way this is a real photo…it looks nothing like effina kek are they down syndromed? I feel bad. They seem special needs.

No. 1563720

>racemixed abominations

You have to go back

No. 1563910

Sam you know we can see your IP right?

No. 1564128

literally nothing.. if there was a problem he would have been arrested already lol there is PLENTY of evidence.. but she was 16 which was legal in whatever state or whatever at the time….. also marky deleted all her social media like 2 or 3 years ago because she got caught being a moderator on some child porn chan site i forget the name of it… so she is literally just as bad as sam hyde so who the fuck cares

No. 1564242

if nobody cared Sam would have publicly owned up to it
notice how the last several years Sam has been completely avoiding public forums and live engagements where he might be forced to answer to some unsavory accusations
this is Frank Hassle btw:
imagine if that happened to Sam directly, lol he'd piss his pants
and that's what makes it funny and it's why Sam will never stop being haunted by it

No. 1564248

as in "nobody cares" if u went to the police or whatever with this they'd just say nothing we can do this is all perfectly legal…

No. 1564255

the time to go to the police was when Sam still had the porno he made with Marky (illegal) but Marky chose the easier path of moving on with her life
Again I still think it's funny that Mr. Masculine and Roided runs away from questions like some pussy politician. Both his pedo stuff and what happened with him and Charls. I still remember when he started banning anyone bringing that shit up in his subreddit and afaik he still block people on social media for it.

Charls so far has managed to ignore people bringing it up in chat because of his schizo larp but Sam doesn't have that luxury.

No. 1564257

how does charls do a schizo larp to avoid it?? never bothered watching his streams

No. 1564261

he just outright ignores it and goes on long winded rants about how his past is behind him and everyone else just goes along with it because they accept Charls's crazy ways.
he's dropped some very angry hints about his past with Sam however

No. 1564322

FYI Charls has shown both twins on stream and they’re very cute and don’t look like that at all. It’s just bad lighting. Your deflection won’t work this time Sam you fat fuck ugly pedo. How about you stop fucking kids you sick fuck?

No. 1564331

kek 100% only a sick fuck like sam or his zoomer minions would call newborn babies ugly when he’s the ugliest piece of shit ive ever seen. and yes ive seen the clips of the babies and they look perfectly fine and have healthy faces its just a weird picture with bad lighting lol fuck off sam you ugly abomination stop trying to deflect when everyone knows you molest children

No. 1567172

That’s not rly true. His fiancé reported him to the FBI. When Sam tells the story you can tell he almost shit himself when they asked him, “Have you had any contact with children?”. This was before Marky, meaning that there are probably other teenagers or kids we have no idea about. Sam obviously ended up being let go but if someone got there hands on something incriminating enough, then yes, the police and the feds would care, as useless as they typically are.

Like if anyone who lived in Georgia around the time the show was filming on adult swim and has access to the messages he sent 14-15yos, then they could submit those as a tip. Maybe he sent dick pics idk.

No. 1567272

Imagine using your anonimity to insult the appearance of literal newborn babies. You are more pathetic humans than most lolcows could ever hope to be.

No. 1569301

LMAO looks like Idubbz wife

No. 1570860

File: 1656092724602.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1640x2021, 47599740-5C57-46B2-A59C-5A801D…)

He’s on tiktok and he’s about as funny as his show was. Which is not funny at all. I think people around him are too scared to tell him how unfunny he is given he works with little scrawny troons and short men

No. 1577762

File: 1656689982609.png (102.99 KB, 640x1136, hyde.png)

Here's a screenshot of Sam begging an underage girl for nudes from 2018, when he was also already in a relationship. The girl went by Ember and was a self-poster on /r9k/ much like Marky was. He has a type he likes targeting, desperate 15 year olds surrounding themselves with losers on 4chan who think he's special. Can't help but comment on how fucking pathetic and juvenile his way of writing is.

That vocaroo of Frank is so fucking bleak. Confirms what we already knew, all his little minions and fanboys know he's a serial pedo and groomer, and choose to ignore it.

No. 1577767

>also marky deleted all her social media like 2 or 3 years ago
Not true. She still has plenty of active social media, but she goes by Mir now.

>because she got caught being a moderator on some child porn chan site

Also not true. She moved to Brazil to live with her Brazilian boyfriend at the time and she found out he owned the site, and she used the admin email to communicate with Ciara Horan. Making Marky out to be the pedo makes no sense, it was her ex that was a pedo, and she left him.

No. 1577787

holy shit OT a bit but I hope Marky learned her lesson on dating faggots she met on anonymous boards, they're all pedophiles

No. 1578139

he looks like the babadook for straight people

No. 1579730

Hasan Piker knows of Sam Hyde being an utter pervert and freak because someone who used to work for sam works in the hasan circle now. He aint fighting him or giving him attention.

No. 1579879

How the fuck do you get addicted to weed? I used to smoke at every waking moment and since that time in my life I pretty much quit. I haven't even smoked at all since around March of this year. And if you have withdrawals, which I did not, there is plenty of advice on how to get past it. Cacao, 1/4 of a baby aspirin daily, CBD, etc.(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1580142

Marijuana addiction is a medically documented phenomenon. I personally know people who are/were addicted. So just because you quit, doesn't mean that it's not a thing, you blog-posting fuckwit.

No. 1582482

Whose this new Buckingham guy Sam is training for boxing? Seems Sam's past is past him but I cannot not think he still does degenerate shit.(namefag)

No. 1582552

File: 1657183902206.jpg (124.15 KB, 640x960, image (1).jpg)

Pic 1 of 3
blogpost pedo info dump incoming
I met Sam online in 2012 when I was running shitty ironic meme pages called [Autistic Humor] and tfw no gf on facebook. I would link his videos on the pages because I thought they were funny, the pages had dozens of thousands of likes and gave him a big boost to his viewers. I sent Sam a friend request around this time and he accepted. He appreciated me sharing his videos and for the next year would off and on send me privated videos on an alt channel with 0 views to ask if they were funny before posting. I felt so cool having my idol befriend me, but I was fucking 15. I was talking to a girl at the time who was 14 (we ended up being engaged and living together until 2019) and she also added him on fb. He started messaging her, asking her to meet up with him. Skyping her, and being the weird pedo you already know him to be. He even messaged me to ask if we were together and I lied and said we were to get him to fuck off from her, he didn't care and kept pursuing. Eventually like I said me and this girl got into a real relation and the communication stopped. We both knew it was fucked for him to be talking to either of us but especially her at our age, we never did anything though because we were young and liked his humor. The images I'm posting are the few screenshots I have followed by weird pic he sent her for proof. I've posted it on discord a few times but doubt it's online anywhere.

No. 1582553

File: 1657184026369.jpg (116.74 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Pic 2 of 3
These pages were part of the same ironic fb group that you'll see posters talk about when they mention Alexz Mercury, a girl who Charls tried to groom. I was also acquaintances with her and can attest to that being true.

No. 1582554

File: 1657184126378.png (1023.77 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 1582560

not a fan of sam but none of this is incriminating and could easily be faked.

No. 1582562

>not incriminating
>could be faked
If it's not incriminating why would I fake it? I know it's not incriminating, and you know it's not fake.
There are countless better examples of him being a pedophile and actually having physical contact with the girls he preyed on.
I'm not posting this to incriminate him, because like we said it's not incriminating.
I'm posting this to share an example of him being a creepy pedophile to validate others stories, which I can tell at a glance are true based on my interactions with him and the consistency of how he behaves and speaks.(sage)

No. 1582579

hasan is also a narc pervert degen

No. 1582809

mmm yes nothing like a shitty mirror selfie with your fat gut to seduce some children

No. 1582868

File: 1657216990523.jpeg (97.47 KB, 720x960, received_10155643426067772.jpe…)

sam hyde is a sociopath heres a nice peak into his private life try reverse image search this crap retard

No. 1582930

it tracks with all of his behavior. obviously anyone could fake messages etc but it's not a reach or unlikely seeing as how he's a sexpest and a loser. i hope you and your ex don't enjoy this kind of shit ideology and humor anymore because it's trash and destructive

No. 1582939

where the fuck did you get this from?
hello momma hyde

No. 1583015


Possibly incriminating a man who is an already known and confirmed pedo tranny fucker… yeah ok

real charming dude

No. 1583117

Anyone think it's weird that his cronies are always touring? I follow them on Instagram and they post about a new location. Even Sam and Nick are "touring". Idk, I use to think MDE was funny but I wouldn't be caught dead going to one of their concerts and I feel like that would be the same for most people

No. 1583923

Sick drop. Those look like they're from the same era as when those dick pics were taken, the ones from 8kun
I wonder if he sent that girl u knew them

No. 1584813

>because someone who used to work for sam works in the hasan circle now
Who is it and how did you know? It's kind of funny the person switched from one degenerate to another.

No. 1588119

>if you talk to me and are friends with me and we dont fuck it'd just make me depressed
Lmao, god, what a manipulative little freak. Seriously every screenshot reads like a middle schooler fuckboy.
I might know you from the fb community back then. It was such a bad place to be in, I know two women Sam groomed back then as well. I hope you've moved on from that edgy rightoid stuff and I hope your ex isn't too rattled from the attempt at grooming.

It all adds up completely and there's plenty of proof of him fucking 14-15 year olds besides this. The Marky screenshots and selfies they took together are more than enough to get him behind bars, it's just that he tried to do the same exact thing with plenty of others.

No. 1589047

>I know two women Sam groomed back then as well.
>there's plenty of proof

I think the Marky testimony and screenshots seem pretty damning. What is the other proof you are referring to? Why haven't Marky and the two women you know gone to the police?

Not saying it's not true, just what's the hold up if it is.

No. 1589062

NTAYRT but shame, embarrassment, wanting to move on, statute of limitations? lots of reasons to not go to the cops

No. 1589125

Lots of women don’t come forward because he has blackmail on them just as he does with all his employees

No. 1589223

>go to the police
tell me you’ve never been sexually assaulted without, etc.

No. 1589278

lol Hasan wouldn't say or do anything because he's also a creep. They're all the same.

No. 1591370

I literally said "this guy's thick head" I'm not dick riding him asshole

No. 1592785

why does nobody ever comments about the fact that Sam was part of the whole Gamergate brianna wu/parkour91 jace connors fiasco?

No. 1592833

The what? (jokingly, that's why. never heard about his crossover with those entities)

No. 1592834

parkour91 is in his new war series or whatever… he had tons of crossovers with him

No. 1592900


>also written by joe blockheadstein

>"Jace Connors" is in fact Jan Rankowski, a 20-year-old living in Maine who is affiliated with Million Dollar Extreme

No. 1595672

Because literally everyone was up in Goobergate when it was in full swing

No. 1597803

We need an update on the 2 pregnant gfs situation it’s been 6 months(sage your shit)

No. 1606122

Nick has been with the same girl for like over ten years now. They're married with a daughter. I think most of the old MDE guys are honestly pretty normal except for Charls and Sam.

No. 1606221

so 2/3rds of them

No. 1606686

File: 1659590218050.jpeg (311.35 KB, 1170x723, 6F4EE26B-5EF2-47BA-B79A-03E3AD…)

confirmed conflict between sam and charls coming right from nick, from mcrumps’ substack https://mcrumps.substack.com/p/my-own-dimes-square-fascist-humiliation

No. 1606893

>at the moment
>6 years later
aight. i guess world peace is just on hiatus too.

No. 1606935

What are you talking about? Their feuding is off and on ad finitum, and before this none of them had explicitly stated they hated each other at all. This is actual confirmation from the horse’s mouth that there is, indeed, constant conflict between the two, always fighting like school children having fits to this day.

No. 1607391

Sam Hyde and Charles Carroll have not spoken for nearly six years. Any footage of them together that was published during that period was filmed previous to their falling out after the cancellation of World Peace. Nick was lying for one reason or another.

No. 1607719


could this dude dick ride sam hyde any harder this article is a long winded love letter

No. 1607763

>the federalist
nah i'm good fam, taking your word for it

No. 1608190

File: 1659721972467.png (287.57 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220805-135224.png)

No. 1609390

Is Roisin you, nonnie? If not, I wonder if the commenter knows Sam because that name sounds similar to something he used in a sketch.

No. 1609549

The final configuration of MDE according to some people (and artworks put out around 2017) was Sam,Nick,Charls,James Price and Andy Ruse. Aunty Donna also has two members that are only behind the camera.

Considering Kurush went to go work on other shit Thanks Computer kind of gets merged with MDE at that point I suppose

No. 1609801

and you know this how? Lol

No. 1610600

my fav part of sam threads are when his cronies like you can’t help but post here and claim everything is incorrect without ever providing any sources because they can’t without blowing their cover and they’re brain washed enough to fall for sam’s lies and manipulation anyway

No. 1610804

How is that post in any way positive toward sam? If anything it's doing the opposite, illustrating that charles has wanted nothing to do with sam for years because sam is a piece of shit. No wonder he's not in prison, you retards can't tell up from down when it's spelled out right in front of your face in plain english. Calling a lawyer must seem like booking a trip to the moon to you.
Anyway my point stands - sam and nick are liars, charles hasn't talked to sam for over half a decade, sam likes to groom teens, and there really shouldn't be anyone here with a reason to argue against any of that because it's been said and proven plenty of times.

No. 1612832

read the rules

No. 1633332

File: 1662086893978.png (8.96 MB, 2778x1284, 6573736A-75E8-4E4C-8579-ACA775…)

Idk if this is milky but Did anyone suffer through his boxing match? He looks like a roided teletubby with an antennae sticking out of his head. Way too old to be doing this stuff. That, plus the fact that he’s still begging hasan to fight him kek

No. 1633373

File: 1662091105709.gif (1.71 MB, 252x256, t_b3a9dde65bc8b32d6cea84813f65…)

I only tuned in for picrel (which was basically the whole fight) lol. Hyde just grosses me out to be honest, always has.

No. 1633427

File: 1662099107561.jpg (258.44 KB, 864x1920, screenshot_20220822-183007-png…)

the fight felt rigged, and if not I feel bad for the Aussie that got duped into fighting Sam for his publicity stunt (I think Sam is now retiring his boxing "career", after one fight lol, the Hasan thing is an empty threat to get poltards to shill for him for free)
what's more interested is pic related happened and Sam wasn't invited lol

No. 1633488

Charls is that pale after summer and looking so sicklish, he literally seems on the brink of death

No. 1633964

Of course he wasn’t invited plus he was in London. Charls and Effina are moving out of the country so I have to assume they had this get together to say goodbye. It’s not that interesting.

No. 1634238

the timing is interesting, something that important was probably Sam's last opportunity to man up and face charls and mend things
could have easily been arranged before Sam did his boxing thing
aka basically Sam wasn't invited and the old MDE crew doesn't care to associate with him (except for Nick who does it for the money)

No. 1634242

File: 1662182525508.png (89.52 KB, 1335x171, d204fb0b6faac623492068317cdd68…)

Does anyone here remember Banjochan/know if this is true? The hapa girl Sam dated who was called out on twitter for catfishing and who also dated a secret service agent, she had a picture at Trump's Christmas party

No. 1634309

File: 1662194995203.png (906.63 KB, 974x713, unknown.png)

moids obsess over pizzagate and then use every excuse to pretend marky was neverabused by sam and that hes not a sexual predator >>1377305

No. 1634887

She lived in Sam's apartment in Fall River, MA, mostly alone after he got the place in Providence. After she left, two female employees were sent to clean the apartment. They both claimed to have found diapers and other "baby shit" in a closet there.
There is also a video of Sam making a phone call, can't remember the details, in which the girl can be just barely seen because she's crawling on her hands and knees. He speaks to her in a tone like one would a young child, but the dialogue is too quiet to make out the specifics of the conversation.

No. 1635330

So did Sam knock a bitch up or what? Where's the kid?

No. 1635435

File: 1662267544917.png (880.45 KB, 630x1018, 1550702925082.png)

I believe this is it?

No. 1635586

i think @helioslogos called her out on twitter for catfishing kek thats what i remember

No. 1635724

this was during the fall river days, also during the moms vid. charls wasn’t in the moms video for a reason. he lived in the fall river house for free, sam made it seem like he could, since he wasn’t paying him anything at all for MDE work. then when they were shooting moms, he told charls he couldn’t be in it because he “owed him rent” even though he was pretty much doing free work for sam. how the hell can charls pay rent when he wasn’t getting paid for his work? he barely got any money for MDE merch and the book as well. this is what he does. he would make hundreds of thousands and give his partners scraps, basically keeping money from them and gaslighting them. people think charls left only because of the show’s cancellation but it’s also because of many years of abuse from sam. if he had kept his mouth shut, the show would of remained and charls wouldn’t have ended up in the streets. he quit his job for the show and sacrificed everything he had to make it work. sam had nothing to lose because he’s a bitcoin millionaire and kept all the earnings from MDE to himself. nick wouldn’t have resorted to selling cars either. he screwed everyone over so bad, except himself

No. 1635939

maybe if there is a god sam will get a tbi from his new boxing venture

No. 1636428


No. 1636430

i am more attracted to sam hyde again, hes so big i wish he would choke me to death right now and domestically abuse me so fucking bad please sam break my bones and ill kiss your feet for it <3

No. 1636437

Message him on instagram he will fuck you

No. 1636454

He blocked me on there, before his insta got taken down. I told him a little love letter but i think one of his staff might of blocked me, iam not sure he is 100 percent only him moderated. Also by his merch email too. No results just cold staff replies, i can never get a hold of him..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1636634

go to bed faggot

No. 1636719

Although kiwifarms started to wake up to the kind of scumbag faggot Sam is IRL it still has (had?) a lot of orbiting simps that somehow think Sam is a "good guy", even coming up with conspiracy theories that go back to like 2011 about some shadowy group organizing to attack Sam lol.

No. 1636732

Always hated how they forget that Sam abused a minor and is a degenerate sex pest just because he does a funny once in a while.

No. 1637040

Aww, foids copy Man made insults, how sweet. Reminder that abuse is only bad if it's against boys and men. I see a female "victim", so it's a non-issue(XY FAILURE)

No. 1637779

Probably because they have their own skeletons in the closet

No. 1639625

yeah thats her. she stockpiled all of her asmr slime making shit at his apartment in fall river

No. 1639914

File: 1662510843051.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.84 KB, 324x156, images.jpg)

sam hyde telling marky he would die to marry her and then doing this to her, and worse. absolute trash human.

No. 1640315

Please tell me that’s not her rimming him

No. 1640392

Wait what the actual fuck all I've seen before was the one where she's bleeding from her nose and the texts telling her he will do anal to her. How much worse did he abuse this basically child? Why is he not seeing jailtime for this Jesus

No. 1640396

how do both of you (unless same anon) know this?

No. 1640398

does this not count as cp? is she underage in those and if these have been posted publicly and theres evidence why hasn't he been charged? has this ever been reported? i thought the victim didn't have to press charges if there was evidence of cp like that out in the open

No. 1640429

File: 1662529516956.png (3.29 MB, 1840x2088, banjochan.png)

Idk about catfish. I remember finding her insta and she looks like herself in her pictures but maybe i'm just too used to some of these other ridiculous photoshoppers threads and the heavy ass filters so many people use her pictures looked relatively normal in comparison. I saved this because I thought it was funny in a cringe way, she was the ultimate pick-me but no worse than Effina. She seemed to love scrotes fetishizing hapas, she'd make jokes about whether or not she'd be let in the ethnostate at this point I wish I saved that too, she'd often jump in on threads other users started on twitter spelling out N I G G * R letter by letter and she also seemed to love the fed comments and encourage them by posting those pictures with the agent. I wonder if this post by anon on pol about her being underage when they dated is true as well, not that it isn't already confirmed Sam is a pedo but it would just add to the list of minors he abused

No. 1640483

File: 1662533042204.png (2.19 MB, 1282x2508, banjochantwitter.png)

plus an archive of her twitter someone saved on 4chan but picrel has most of the posts https://archive.ph/ng4zm

No. 1640529

Truly we live in grim times where fuckheads like these are not gutted in the streets.

No. 1640626

Photo to the left is not Marky, just a lookalike. The full porn video was posted on the chans some weeks ago.

No. 1640654

how is that not her on the left what

No. 1640699

File: 1662556994358.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.66 KB, 307x399, CD0B699E-1F64-478E-83EE-26FE9F…)

it's not her i've seen that posted elsewhere with the persons porn username . it's some whore some coomer scrote on 4chan found using facial recognition and made that collage. as someone who has used those it's fairly easy to find someone who looks like someone elses doppelganger from a very specific angle. also if i don't know why anon posted that because if they did in fact believe it was marky and sam it would probably count as cp no?because they had relations when she was 15-16 iirc, and you can tell she's rimming him because it's not really all that censored, so idk why that was posted.

No. 1640735

We need an update on the babies and milk on the side gf already

No. 1640743

Is this the same moid a-logging in every thread in an attempt to get lolcow taken down like kiwifarms?

No. 1640763

No. 1641403

>>1641388 man can you restrain your retarded cumbrain posting and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1641778

you should really go get fucked by sam then big idiot. there is nothing stopping you. You're gonna love the part where he comes to you wanting to get pegged. That fat retard loves a strap on up his butt hole(learn2sage)

No. 1642018

seek help, troonie

No. 1642895

This isn't the first time one of sam's cronies came here to false flag and muddy the waters
in the previous thread they tried to pull the same shit by creating fake fake evidence about him and that Edie tranny
the big irony is that it just reinforces that the original accounts are true

No. 1655478

File: 1663946619095.png (150.11 KB, 365x247, Screenshot_9.png)

No. 1655492

wow rare sammy. don't let the dano-fags see this one, they'll lament he didn't let himself hit the twink wall and instead became a horrific monument to the affect of dread on a man's mind.

No. 1655518

Is Sam Hyde still on Twitter? I know he got banned but I thought he had an alt for a while

No. 1655540

>don't let the dano-fags see this one
I'm afraid it's already too late

No. 1655592

Hilary Florido works on some Steven Universe shit, he also went to school with Emily Weiss and the girl whom gave him a HJ after the car crash is Julie Ramsey, i guess

No. 1655913

who is dano?

No. 1655932

anon you fucking idiot. you stupid god damn shit for brains. here they come.

No. 1656095

File: 1663992262993.png (Spoiler Image,252.04 KB, 1040x520, unknown (3).png)

nonnas i alwyas thought sam
hyde is disgusting but i had a dream that he was my father
we were in curios yet warm conversation in a mosqe out of all places and now i have this weird attraction to him

No. 1656117

is that a dick in his mouth?

No. 1656121

Okay nonce-a, now please face the wall

No. 1656130

I-is he sucking someone's toes?

No. 1656305

Thats not even him

No. 1656456

uh yeah it is. this is almost as juicy as the a g cook nudes on /mu/

No. 1656626

It doesn't look completely like him to me tbh

No. 1656685

it's him in his 2011 interview Brooklyn hipsters on the street era. mdefugees and cumtards coping hard. lmbo, U GAY!

No. 1656736

He had several alts after that all got banned within a day.

No. 1656786

disregard this, it's fake, from a video on pornhub. there's already enough bad shit out there about sam, making up fake stuff doesn't help at all.

No. 1656788

yeah this has already been said >>1640699

No. 1657047

for you to know every era in depth it sounds like you're the mdetard but at this point this is just pointing fingers. i don't care if sam hyde sucks toes, i care if he's fucking with underage girls. sage

No. 1657225

Sam is a degenerate but this is not him.

No. 1657829

did you mean effect or affect? either way, based and truth-pilled

No. 1668315

Sage for no milk but Sam's mom has to be Jewish. I just find it funny that a white nationalist is half Jewish, I have family that look exactly like him down to the facial expressions.

No. 1668639

lmao, did not know about that, can you post a link. i can't find anything about them

No. 1674162

There are a lot of sam hyde incels in here trying to use their meta gaslight satire powers lol

No. 1674332

this shit is running deep. i commented something on brandon buckingham's channel (who is a pretty new Hyde associate, like a teacher turned hypebeast or something) along the lines of "Brandon, look up Sam Hyde Marky" and my comment got deleted pretty much instantly. I think the word "Marky" is actually blacklisted on his channel even though the guy has only known Sam for a few months afaik

No. 1674462

moose-face is more than likely trying to cash in on the sam hyde clout hence why any mention of sams controversies are swept under the rug. It's pretty out there about marky, even gammon "the troon" favreau talked about it which is why sam stopped working with him and made up the rumor that gammon was a tranny.

No. 1675494

I remember if you tried to post anything with the word "marky" on the MDE subreddit years ago it would automatically get deleted. Don't know who this Brandon guy is but 10 seconds after looking him up I found someone is investigating allegations that he's a pedophile, and a bunch of other people saying he's a pathological liar. Sounds like Sam has a new best friend.

No. 1679840

Second this nona >>1679830 I know someone who grew up around the culture but abandoned it once they moved out. It's similar to how lots of homophobes are secretly gay, they hate being different culturally and/or religiously, they hate the prejudice around being jewish so they distance themselves from it and grow to hate that part of themselves because maybe if they hate jews enough they'll stop being one.

No. 1680547

>It's similar to how lots of homophobes are secretly gay
This only happens in (((movies))). Faggots are simply repulsive.

No. 1681345

it's funny seeing Sam himself getting manipulated by this Brandon fella though. Like, that dude is the ultimate clout chaser but Sam is so absurdly desperate for approval and attention, he is just totally going along with him…

No. 1681358

Nta but while it’s true that “homophobes are all secretly gay” as a trope is used by gays to fantasize about fucking straight men, it’s true that figures who are overtly homophobic are overcompensating for what they’re ashamed of, which is why a lot of anti lgbt and conservative men end up being the most nasty pig bottom sluts

No. 1681375

>He had several alts after that all got banned within a day.

No. 1697888

File: 1668193538804.jpg (193.8 KB, 1242x652, samaccused.jpg)

Based Soph investigating Sam:

No. 1698596

Not at all interesting, it’s just a retread of known information put together for youtube views

No. 1698644

What's interesting about it is that pic attached. She contacted Sam and he responded, probably thought he could fool/dissuade Soph and be done with it. But in the end all he ended up doing is confirming all of it by clarifying lol. I wonder if the Channing stuff is true tho.

No. 1698854

KEK “because you’re a minor”. The info is out Marky was literally 15 at the time. He’s such a filthy fucking pedo I hope he dies honestly lol.

No. 1701054

link the video?

No. 1701275

This might be the first time he talks about the James Price thing. Didn't expect it to ever be confirmed in some way.

No. 1702599

it's interesting because it's so obvious he was her hero, so we finally see what happens when a die hard sam fan gets presented with undeniable evidence sam is a pedo

No. 1702645

And it shows Retard Sam will talk to a teenage girl (who looks REALLY young) no matter what kek. I bet he gets 100 DMs a month from nebbish male incels asking him the same shit…funny that he answers when its Soph

No. 1702796

If you're not willing to suck on his stinky, dirty, sweaty asshole, you're not worthy(image redacted.)

No. 1702888

will you stop posting this shit implying this is marky? we've already been over this several times >>1640699

No. 1703220

what is even the point of this? what did she expect him to even say? please lie to me so i can continue being your fan

No. 1703813

assuming he never did anything wrong, she probably expected something like, "we dated for x amount of time, she wasn't underage based on these dates, we broke up because x" but instead he went straight to deflection and brought up other shit she wasn't asking about. you'd think he'd be able to spend two minutes to clear things up if he's being asked about it this many years later, with fewer words and no misdirection. seems like she struck a nerve.

No. 1706532

her entire personality is centered around copying sam so i can kind of understand being in denial about it

No. 1706804

She just says it wasn’t technically illegal and she’s still on his side

No. 1707252


Isn’t the marky case still a federal crime even if she was 16? They lived in two different states


No. 1707304

this is so stupid, he revealed himself. Why would he not discuss it with a minor unless it involves adult topics like sex, violence, or drugs. And why would he suddenly refuse to answer that question, he couldn't even make up a lie lol

No. 1709293

I don’t know much about Nick and he’s rarely discussed other than he gets shitfaced and a smokes pot a lot but with that said,why does he hang out with Sam if he’s (most likely/obviously) aware of all of that guys disgusting history? Nick seems to be more level headed and straightforward, it’s weird that he’s still around sam when it’s clear that’s not someone he would usually hang out with. He’s always cracking jokes and laughing on that faggots show so maybe I’m wrong and reading him wrong

No. 1709346

He gets paid

No. 1709413

Everyone gives nick a lot of slack because he's not obviously disgusting like Sam and Charls. I think he's just smarter and can blend in as a normal person easier. I used to watch their videos as a teenager and he would get way too angry with women, in the moms video it's hard to watch. Out of all of them he scares me the most. There's also the "you just tripped my wife" skit they had in their adult swim show and that refers to a real tiff Sam had because he didn't like his wife and they just reverse and joke about it. Really gross and I wouldn't be surprised if he became a family annihilatior.

No. 1709614

Agree he’s a raging misogynist barely concealed and I feel sorry for his wife

No. 1714391

How do you know Sam doesn’t like Nick’s wife?

But also I agree. Nick is the smartest, scariest one to me. Sam can’t hide anything for his life lol. Literally everyone knows about Marky. Everyone knows he’s a pedo. Everyone knows about the tranny. He’s too wonky looking and weird acting to ever fully blend in with normal people.

Nick is different, though. I don’t know how the hell he developed views adjacent to those of Sam’s since he’s supposed to be, like, a normal guy. Ever seen him when he was younger? He looked like a cute football player dude. But no, turns out he’s not, because he’s comfortable staying friends with a closer fetishist freak who has a propensity for raping underage girls, just because he gets paid. Imagine if Nick’s daughter finds out of this out when she’s older. How the hell do you as a father justify possibly letting your kid around a predator like Sam? Which makes me feel that Nick is probably even scarier because we don’t know what he’s done or will do and yeah, family annihilator sounds about right.

No. 1719825

NTA, but in the previous thread someone wrote:

"Now that you mention nick, I had a theory about the mde dinner party sketch where nick violently pushes sam’s wife into a table and she’s bleeding https://youtu.be/SwYrwAxbkmY

I would bet Sam wrote this about nick and his wife, except he’s playing Nick and nick is playing him. The actress they cast is a tall brunette with blue eyes and nick’s wife has all of these features. in the sketch Sam passive aggressively calls her “his field hockey wife”.

No. 1728141

what a failure

No. 1748653

What does everyone think about Charls finally talking about Sammy's betrayal:
Sam's angle on this seems to be blaming it on his Desperado video saying adult swim is full of pedos:
And sending his underlings to attack Charls's wife on 4chan for some reason.

No. 1751838

sam and charls catty slap fights are hilarious. charls seems less insane than usual

No. 1757147

File: 1675145015852.png (22.79 KB, 776x815, samjak.png)


No. 1762652

sauce on him sending people to attack charls wife?

No. 1762678

Is nick mullen writing for wp2, is that why they hung out?

No. 1763110

he said on stream he's gonna try to get Mullen and Gillis to act in some sketches, writing seems to be all done though

Charls' story doesn't fully make sense, I suspect Effina wants him to not work with Sam for some reason or another

No. 1763281

that would be stupid since they need money badly and charls still wants to be in entertainment and not some normie construction guy with a family

No. 1763533

?? Charls stopped being friends with Sam kinda before Effina/wouldn’t have dropped Sam as early as he did in his relationship with Effina because it was early days. Like wtf

No. 1765939

Anyone saw the recent Charls live? I was really hoping that it would bury Sam finally but I doubt it since Charles acted like a fucking psycho the whole stream it will probably benefit him

No. 1765941

Recap from kiwifarms;

Charls' Claims:
-Everyone else does all the heavy lifting and Sam just takes the benefits as a trust fund kid. "He is just a publicity stunt actor"
-Due to Sams antics everyone had their lives ruined. Eric Hayden, Andrew Ruse and Nick. People had full careers ahead of them and Sam ruined this to come off as edgy and get attention.
- "Nick nearly killed himself" (After MDE 2.0 was cancelled and he was forced to mover back and sell cars for a living)
- Joel was kicked out of his house for being too close to Charls
- People had to sign contracts promising to not work with Charls in the future
- Orangy, a musician that did music for MDE, killed himself
- "It breaks my heart to see Nick sell out (to do these new videos with Sam) to his paymaster"
- Sam Hyde is a FUCKIN' NERD

No. 1766472

yeah, i was hoping he would present his case in a more reasonable way. he was drunk and came off as a bitter schizo. it won't hurt sam at all.
his meltdown starts at about 1:30:00
major claim you might have missed. at 2:23:21 charls accuses sam of being a faggot and letting guys fuck him up the ass. is this the first time somebody with genuine knowledge of his personal life has made this claim on camera?

No. 1766598

He 1:55:15 he mentions the guy Sam Hyde gave brain damage to or close associate/friend of.. Price.

No. 1766620

there were few old mde vids that made me think that sam and charls were bisexual, I remember in one vid they were talking about gays and saying lines like "do you think gay men were these shoes" while showing their shoes I don't remember the context of this vid but it sounded like subtle way of coming out lol

No. 1766668

Thanks for recapping nona. It's a shame that Charls is talking this shit now after Sam has already grifted plenty of cash from desperate MDE paypigs. It would've been way more impactful to say this back when anyone gave a shit about MDE, like what, 6 years ago?

No. 1766762

That was hard to watch, kinda feel bad for this charles. At least he has a wife that cares about him

I agree this is way too late to come out. Both Sam and nick have already cleared $20k+(if we’re to believe that piece of shit) through donations since the start of their stream back in mid december not counting subs merch etc
So even if something were to come up, he already won. He’s got his second season and thousands to back up expenses

No. 1766794

Andrew is trying to get a film with Delicious Tacos and Negative XP crowdfunded. Predictably, though, it's not going well.

No. 1766964

File: 1676266634643.png (16.13 KB, 945x175, kekoid.png)

Sam Hyde is based for making that retard Charls spazz out. It all started because he saw how much money Sam made from his streams. 2k-3k for 2 hour streams kek

No. 1767076

>$100k in two months
I don’t know whether to be impressed or disappointed at how stupid people can be

I can’t imagine the mindset of people willing to give money to Hyde. Most of them are other morons asking life advice too lmao good for Hyde I guess

No. 1767390

I mean, it's almost exclusively children.

No. 1767393

I want to side with Charls but honestly who's fault is it that he couldn't pay rent during Moms…Nick selling cars isn't some pathetic destitute thing and he'd been selling cars/other jobs throughout pre-world peace era, when's the last time Charls worked a real job other than his brief construction gig with Erik Hayden after wp cancellation? And who cares about old MDE people not being allowed to work with Charls? Who other than Nick from the MDE crew is still working with Sam? It's literally all Konzept/Jet/rest of the zoomer crew at this point. People liked Mr Pregnant people liked the trailers you dropped years ago, fucking make something mr heavy lifter tons of MDE fans are ready to pay for more of that(learn to sage)

No. 1767395

Not milk go back to kiwifarms to defend your daddy

No. 1767411

not milk

No. 1767488


Nick streams reviews of houses on Zillow for $25 a pop, twice a week. That plus YouTube streamers make insane amount of tips from paypigs in general.

No. 1767532

kiwis are too biased in favor of their hero-daddy so there's no good speculation going on over there.

that vaerf guy or w/e and charls both having jilted ex spergouts over sam plus sam's content farm boy harem make me think that sam is def bisexual or prefers teens and that fat white trash wiggers are easier to molest because they will be too busy to keep quiet and won't want to lose their job/ only chance to apprentice at being creatives. i also think sam exaggerates the amount he makes since the projected $ is intended to sell being a content creator to others and that he has to whore out commenting on superbowl ads because he has a lot of twinks to pay and that the two girls impregnated rumors were planted by him or his little monkeys to quell the gay speculation and that charls believed both about the money and the kids and then knocked someone up to keep up or look like he was moving on and just now realized his huge mistake and is spiraling. especially if the mistake was predicated on absolute lies. just thinking about sam casting couching joey is making me kek real hard tho

No. 1767950

I watched a bit of the rant and he also said that he wasn't in the Moms sketch because he owed Sam rent money.
It's a bit of an odd work relationship in my opinion. The "punishment"/ban sounds like Sam treated Charls like a kid.

Seems like there's a good chance he was trying to be the "daddy figure" to all the weirdos that lived with him. He seems to do the same with the new kids like jetneptune or previous new kid Zachary Waltman.
Even though he was drunk, he seemed pretty transparent about his friendship with him.

No. 1768218

Sam is surprisingly flippant about doxxing the location of the space he rents given how destructive he is in that space.

No. 1768228

He's the sort of weirdo who'd love to fight one of his fans IRL, not surprised

No. 1768280

wonderful week. Two of my top cows are revealed to engage in homosexual relationships. Sam knows what Charls said and hasn't denied it, Sam hasn't denied or debunked any other rumors of him being being gay, but he'll defend himself for everything else. Sam and Ethan Ralph sitting in a tree…….

No. 1768288

I sort of suspect charls is flat broke and making content on the level of mr pregnant at the very least costs probably like a grand a vid if you’re not calling in favors in all areas of production constantly; plus he’s got kiddos to take care of now. I imagine Andrew is probably too old to constantly be dicking around on unprofitable projects and that’s why he’s moved on. Imo charls should just do audio shit for a bit and promote it hard cause it’s cheap, can be produced easily and consistently without relying on connects, plus it leverages what his audience already know he’s good at. The streaming shit is revenue too but imo it’s a dead end for his personality archetype. Once he regains a following then move up back to the video shit. I don’t fuck with Sam and the trust fund infinite money glitch kid shit is obviously true but it’s clear he handled the fallout methodically and that’s why he’s basically “back” for all intents and purposes. Tbf this shit always seems so easy from the outside looking in tho and if I’m being entirely honest, charls strikes me as a troubled person in ways that the rest of the MDE crew clearly are not, so I imagine that contributes as well.

No. 1768328

That email was incredible, perfect timing for valentines

No. 1768422

File: 1676440184759.png (78.72 KB, 871x349, tep.png)

Weird stuff out there about this Jet character..

No. 1768511

Sam set it up so he can coast off the work his friends did collaboratively for years that got them the show and was the backbone and only good content. Sam is a greedy kike fuck and I think some one should shoot him in the kneecaps. Are we also going to ignore the fact that Charles called Sam out as a legit faggot. Based and redpilled maybe now that a guy said it and not every single ex gf Sam has ever had people will believe it because it's true he literally is a closet faggot employing twinks. Sams addicted to money and power he has over young minds. He deserves to be killed honestly and I really hope someone has the balls to make the world a better place

No. 1768537

https://hopeartistevillage.com/the-team/ If anyone wants to email Gums and ask why she's renting to nazi scum

No. 1768657

Not new milk, but Jet and his dad are massive /r9k/ cows.

No. 1768665

File: 1676472274502.jpg (1.01 MB, 3264x2448, 1522075399689.jpg)

Jet Neptune is one of the strangest of the new characters on the MDE crew. This may not be new information but I'm yet to see it mentioned in the thread so here's what I know.
He's a tripfag going by "hack blastard" from /r9k/ which explains the CP on his Worldcorp site. His father, Johnny Neptune, who has been arrested for assault and who I'm pretty sure is also (maybe not so coincidetally) a methhead, used to namefag on there as well. His entire cock and balls pics are uploaded onto the /r9k/ archives for everyone to see. From that time, he used to brag about reporting Eliza/Ciara to the police, an underage b& who was known for selling child porn of herself and other girls that used /r9k/ that she profited from, along with her other pedo orbiters that she was friends with from their discord server. Pretty sure she's dead now of a heroin overdose.

However, Johnny Neptune bragged to /r9k/ that Jet fucked her- His own statements are contradictory, as he's expressed he's not exactly entirely opposed to the idea of fucking her either despite moralizing about reporting her to the cops…
This was all years ago, but Jet Neptune/hack_blastard still displays his poor understanding of women to this day- recently he got blocked by the New Jersey accent egirl (@emmalangevinxo on instagram) for constantly tagging her, trying to pretend he's in a relationship with her, talking about fucking her etc… but I'm pretty sure they only met once briefly at a convention. Anyway, this last part's relatively minor compared to the other stuff, but it demonstrates he's still the same freak.

Some of Johnny Neptune's posts-
You can search the archives for more if you'd like to see it.

Jet Neptune/hack_blastard-

Jet's dad arrested-

Jet's dad mentioning Sam-

Jet orbiting NJ girl (look at his story highlights for more)-

Jet saying he would fuck Ciara to make orbiters jealous-

Jet's dad claiming Jet had sex with Ciara-

Jet's dick pics-

No. 1768831

Looks like keffals

No. 1768983

Im surprised how Sam is able to snake his way around operating with his history. He uses mailchimp for example for his mailing list, which is a pretty pozzed company. Gumroad also tolerates him. Despite getting banned on youtube several times, he manages to ban evade and do his streaming thing (though I imagine that's partly because he's censoring himself and dropped most of his political posturing to make money), but still he got banned and just wormed his way back like a stubborn weed.

No. 1768999

Jet has mentioned a few times on stream that he grew up 'dirt poor' in Georgia and I'm curious to the veracity of these claims. That photo doesn't look 'dirt poor' to me unless that isn't his home. Wonder if he has taken a page out of Sam's playbook and is coy about his family wealth for some reason? Perhaps in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with their impressionable blue-collar audience who wouldn't quite as readily part with their hard earned cash if they knew the truth.

Also the Worldcorp is an interesting rabbit hole and I seem to be fairly late to the party as the project has been throughly 'dissected' by ARG obsessed r*dditors and 'horror' YouTubers. From my cursory research he rejects the claim that he used 'darknet CP' in his edits - apparently the speculated 'child torture' footage was simply just him and his mates bullying one of their younger siblings - forcing him to stand under a scalding hot shower while berating him in a weirdly sexual way. At least that is the narrative he wants spun now that he has to be advertiser friendly on Sam's main channel.

Definitely a weird guy and not surprised he has a dirty history online. more to come I'm sure.

No. 1769013

Maybe he just meant dirt poor in behavior, evidence by his dad smoking in the house, disgusting. Where’s his mom, how did his pedo scrote father retain custody with all these incriminating posts?

No. 1769020

Sam Hyde’s demographic is somehow more dysgenic than juggalos

No. 1769035

Oh shit wasn't he doing stuff for the Silvagunna channel?

No. 1769049

>which explains the CP on his Worldcorp site
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Worldcorp was trying to capitalize on the pizzagate situation and I remember they fabricated a blurry off-screen video of "Podesta" abusing a child, right? That's the vid where you can hear someone shouting and humming the Cailou themesong.

No. 1769054

/snow/ 5.2 nona.. stop being a fag. The cow milks itself, send a spergy email on your own time.

No. 1769103

what email?

No. 1769107

richfags always downplay their wealth unless they're new money LARPing.

No. 1769196

the ethan ralph email about his gay lover on the other farms

No. 1770830

just a fag and his hag being arty together

No. 1770919

Literally my vibe rn (menstruating) and snacking on fresh almonds. You know how it is

No. 1771201

What was pic number two? Was it also film?

No. 1771216

I missed both :( what was the first

No. 1771312

It was someone’s film photo of current era Sam (fat and disgusting with pubic beard) standing next to a millennial woman as a gotcha against the gay allegations

No. 1771460

>a gotcha against the gay allegations
it's like people don't know bisexuals exist
99% of women that gets AIDS get it from a dude that also took it up the ass
a bisexual is still faggot regardless

No. 1771989

charls is back for wp2

cope, tranny niggers(sage your shit)

No. 1772126

fuck off(sage your shit)

No. 1772154

get fucked troon(sage your shit)

No. 1772214

Your e-daddy is a pedophile and a closeted faggot. Get an actual father figure, you fucking abomination.(sage your shit)

No. 1772246

File: 1676859372644.png (720.55 KB, 592x552, Screenshot_20230217-104116.png)

Charls passes better than any troon can ever imagine

No. 1772314

very cool, i knew it would happen

No. 1772395

Congrats everyone, Sam was able to shill and hoard enough that it has made Charls literally sell out despite saying on stream: “Pay me 80 million dollars I’d never do it” & “He let’s guys fuck him”
Lol Sammy always wins, but I guess BOTH of these guys being new fathers is the reason for their extreme grifting measures.

No. 1772398

Thats pretty hilarious as I was first introduced to that clip as actually not being from Jet, but was used to manipulate the drama surrounding Podesta. Its odd Worldcorp doesn’t even come out of Jet’s mouth because of everything.

No. 1772466

I don’t think trannies like this site considering there’s a hate thread on them

No. 1772701

File: 1676921666109.png (979.28 KB, 1800x2700, 1849396_doopiss_the-tranny.png)

self-hatred is their default attitude, why do you think they kill themselves so often?

No. 1772708

Troons have a cortisol addiction and live off their humiliation fetish, they love this site.
I really wonder what Sam said to Charles to make him change his mind.

No. 1772787

Probably that his wife is paying for everything and he has lil kids so chances are high that he gaslight him

No. 1772813

>I really wonder what Sam said to Charles to make him change his mind.
It could be any number of things. First thing to remember that despite the 80million dollar thing Charls said, everyone has a price.
My suspicion may not be that it was Sam but his wife threatening divorce or some shit. Her parents are wealthy and her marrying someone that might end up being a bum for the rest of his life is not a good look for her. So she twisted the knife a bit behind the scenes and here we are.

No. 1772880

i think thats a little far fetched
charls constantly breaking down into tears and saying 'we've been through a fucking lot together!' as well as 'he is brilliant' re sam showed that this was about much more than sam getting the show canceled and making people agree not to work with charls - he is clearly deeply emotionally hurt by the loss of the friendship. they were best buds and had a lot of chemistry (not in a homo way, unless, well…)
lets face it sam was manic as fuck and power tripping over getting the show aired, becoming a controversial e celeb, trump getting elected, etc and flew too close to the sun. he is a smart enough guy to realise that and to recognise how he hurt a dear friend. he probably just gave a long sincere apology and charls was more willing to accept it after getting it all off his chest in the stream.

No. 1772910

he literally wants to be an actor/creative, it's his only dream. his behavior all these years has been devastating grief over the loss of something so preventable. men cannot handle it at all. sam is either generally sorry and the role he has to take on babysitting his zoomer crew probably makes him miss the times when he was creating with peers and didn't have to also be a mentor. or, more cynically, he can get charls to do some work since he's running low on ideas and maybe he thinks now that he's paying off a loose end the anonymous criticism will stop. (it won't)

No. 1772914

he really cut charls off at the knees threatening people to not work with him. extremely cruel behavior from a supposed "straight" man towards his childhood "best buddy"

No. 1772996

i guess since the drama is winding down the haters have to pivot to them being homos now? pathetic

No. 1773234

why do you immediately jump to accuse the wife, lmao. What is with anons on this site who have this insane hatred of this specific girl. Sam is a degenerate and I don't like him, but it's clearly just 2 old friends ending a fight that happened 10 years ago

No. 1773363

I’m surprised no one else is tinfoiling this was all a set-up with Charls drunken rant then the triumphant return to MDE. I think there was bad blood, but it ended before his rant. Honestly I stopped following Charls and Sam both years ago but this ‘drama’ of him raging at Sam bubbled up into my world even though I don’t watch either one of them. It got eyes back on Charls and thoughts back on Sam then what do you know, wow, they made up like a month later! I think its a work. None of the shit Charls said was anything new, it was all shit that was already LONG suspected or outright known. No new info, all shit his super fans already know and accept basically.

No. 1773367

i also think it was a work, if not it's a really good story. they lose the show, sam is doing shitty videos alone out of his car, he slowly rebuilds, gets nick back on board, but they need charls to make it like it used to be, it's like a movie, i would not be surprised if it's some meta shit they were pulling on everyone, which doesn't even bother me, i like their videos.

No. 1773375

Nah that rant clearly wasn't planned there was a bunch of stuff effina tried bringing up that didn't make sense (orangy who killed himself 2 years before the show) and no one is that good an actor. He literally just got trolled by people in his chat into a breakdown. Sams/charles reactions after were pretty real as well along with the like basic miscommunication underlying a ton of stuff.

In the last stream Sam talked about the sort of big pressure building that now literally everything seems to be going his way, the way for the show to be good as possible, so now it's literally all on him/them to fuck it up or not.

That real edrama stuff is so gay they both clearly didn't want a part in it just got pressured in.

If you want confirmation just watch the last charles and last sam stream. It's just as awkward and nervous and you'd expect if it were real.

You said the stuff charle's said wasn't new though which is wrong, (trapped getting kicked out for one) so I'm guessing you just haven't seen anything and are totally talking out your ass.(learn2sage)

No. 1773380

it's moids and pickmes, it's always the woman's fault

No. 1773382

yes it's all kayfabe but at least it was entertaining.

No. 1773385

It was obviously effina who convinced him to do it. No way he would’ve forgiven Sammy the sociopath otherwise

No. 1773391

You’re giving them too much credit. They if they were all masterminds they would not be filming a sketch comedy show >>1772914
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he fucked with charls as revenge for Charls rejecting his sexual advances

No. 1773392

it was obviously the need for money that did it. seems like it's his fault for impregnating her and creating the pressure.

No. 1773394

Except Charls was perfectly happy living in a tiny disheveled home before Effina came along. Still think it was her that made charls abandon his principles and dignity

No. 1773426

> major claim you might have missed. at 2:23:21 charls accuses sam of being a faggot and letting guys fuck him up the ass. is this the first time somebody with genuine knowledge of his personal life has made this claim on camera?
Fucking kek. Yeah Sam has gotta be a fag. This, the tranny rumor, falling out with his father (common with gay men), people who slept with him saying he had really weird sexual habits. There was someone a few threads back saying Sam gets weird with his friend’s gfs and won’t talk to them or something? Yeah.

No. 1773446

File: 1677014749254.jpg (215.24 KB, 900x567, jannah.jpg)

No. 1773447

i'd be more willing to hop on the SAM IS A GIANT HOMOSEXUAL train if it weren't for the teenagers he fucked and choked then took pictures of

No. 1773454

you just don't understand artists, at least my theory is based in reality, you are pulling this gay love story out of your ass.

No. 1773459

calling men gay is fun

No. 1773495

How does that disprove anything? Closeted gay men do fuck women. That’s the “closet” part

No. 1773496

His close friend literally said he was gay and fucks men and called him a faggot while drunk on stream. That alone should tip you off that he’s a homo. Many men part ways and don’t drunkenly divulge that their ex friend was a faggot who fucks men

No. 1773510

>everything a person says about someone when they are upset is true

No. 1773565

What exactly do you gain by thinking he’s straight? Are you a fanboy/girl? This is retarded. There is so much evidence to prove he’s a weirdo closet case(enough infighting)

No. 1773571

>What exactly do you gain by thinking he’s straight?
a lot less than you have by thinking he's gay. i'm not one of these people who makes shit up about people i don't like. if sam was gay i really wouldn't care, i would think it was funny, but there is zero evidence of it. you just want it to be true to own the chuds or whatever because all the other gossip didn't stick.(you too)

No. 1773742

he could be bisexual with 0 romantic feelings for women

No. 1774189

People are getting banned for speculating the guy is a homosexual? Ok

No. 1774215

Sam Hyde and his tiny herpes-ridden pal Nick Mullen will both be dead soon from their horrible lifestyles. how will the fanboys react when their surrogate fathers die

No. 1774218

Sam Hyde and his tiny herpes-ridden pal Nick Mullen will both be dead soon from their horrible lifestyles. how will the fanboys react when their surrogate fathers die

No. 1774383

i guess not many of you follow his recent content that much but saying 'as you all know, I'm gay' and yelling about getting head from a guy etc are some of his go to 'jokes'. there's even a screen in the background of his podcast with nick that flashes up with different words/phrases and one of them is 'im gay'

No. 1774509

Yeah, exactly why I think Charls is just in on the joke. Or not a joke, whoever the fuck knows because I can believe Sam Hyde fucks all sorts of different disgusting people. Either way him proclaiming Sam lets guys fuck him in the ass isn't some big deal for a comedy group. They're supposed to be funny - it is debatable at this point if any of them are, but tbh, I am looking forward to World Peace 2. MDE was funny in their time, even though they're different shades of detestable human beings IRL they were a funny trio.

No. 1774661

same. shit politics, shit people, but if they're going to come out with a season 2 i'll absolutely illegally watch it

No. 1774970

He was practically crying when he said it, not joking around. Did you watch the stream linked? The anon timestamped it. Sam is gay, stop the cope

No. 1774973

Does anyone know where it will be streaming? Feel like they’re washed now, they make enough money to feel cushioned so they don’t have a hunger to create anything good. It won’t be shown on a network, right? This alone makes me think they won’t turn out anything good. The original mde had adultswim money behind it, better production value

No. 1775283

File: 1677182872670.jpeg (384.98 KB, 582x940, C444C3A9-8496-4BE0-8914-8DE757…)

The top is her real face. It’s funny how insecure she is. she edits every picture she posts

No. 1775290

good question. probably on gumroad or their own platform. maybe they can think big and down the road and make their own chud network on tv and go to war with adult swim

No. 1775296

Sam isnt capable of thinking big. He could have kept his mouth shut until he got big enough to start spouting nazisms but he was too stupid to do that

No. 1775559

File: 1677213968948.png (1.74 MB, 1224x868, sammy.png)

Roids will lead to twink death

No. 1775646

how can you tell they are using imagemagick?

No. 1775662

Which member of mde do anons think will be the first to die, or suffer major health event? I don’t think this reunion is a good idea for them, health wise. Looking forward to any drama that comes of it. There is bad blood between them that wasn’t there 10 years ago

No. 1775696

your mom(learn to sage)

No. 1775700

My mom doesn’t do steroids or cocaine

No. 1775705

that's not what she told me(learn to sage)

No. 1775716

My money's on Sam due to the testosterone he took to reach puberty. He looks like he aged 20 years in a matter of months.
What a shame, he looked like he could've been a member of the Thompson twins. A true femboy.

No. 1775739

naturally sam because the steroids destroy heart tissue as well as a whole host of other issues, but we may get a surprise if charls blows his brains out

No. 1775995

nick from alcohol abuse and self-loathing. has anyone watched his house review streams? he complained about his wife wanting a bath tub because they are a waste of money and he doesn't want her "in there masturbating." hilarious, but not for the reason he thinks.

No. 1776066

Sam and Chuck are on stream right now playing warzone.



No. 1776124

is that actually him on the left? what a tragedy, body dysmorphic disorder is one helluva drug

No. 1776354

I dont understand how much money people can waste for the trashiest content that has absolutely nothing of value in it besides 5 minutes of highlights.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1776400

Oh they’re playing videos together that means they will produce a sequel to mde that’s just as good as mde

No. 1776483


No. 1776658

File: 1677353967961.png (154.66 KB, 352x358, DBFA64B5-81C0-415A-A23F-215447…)

Charls goblina wife looks nothing most of her pictures. It’s a tragedy when a goblina can’t accept her real face

No. 1776661

>tranny nigger
I think you’re lost. Go to his wife’s social media and tell her

No. 1776665

I hope Sammy makes a little sketchy wetch in WP2 trolling little Charles for race mixing with a nigger goblin. same thing he did to nicks wife (dinner party)(racebaiting)

No. 1776735

she looks a lot more like her pictures now then she used to.. she has fucking fillers in her chin ramus cheebones etc… maybe even jaw surgery too… her lips are fucking HUGEEE

No. 1776765

File: 1677365470582.jpeg (285.91 KB, 575x799, 939D0BA6-793E-424F-8311-2D9EDF…)

This edit of charls and eff’s baby is being passed around in Sam’s group chat. So mean

No. 1776780

If you look at her old photos she used to edit to look more like charls. It was creepy. She’s an unhinged bitch

No. 1776833

why did you photoshop her mouth bigger? dishonest

No. 1776867

Not shopped. her mouth is enormous. It’s why she used to edit it so small

No. 1777511

sam's group chat is busy posting here and on kiwifarms at his behest, thanks for confirming

No. 1777548

It shows the beef isn’t over and that their crew hates them

No. 1777566

File: 1677402910657.jpeg (307.96 KB, 750x814, 2DDBABCE-86AA-4D91-9260-56CAA9…)

Yo mde fanboy can you ask charls why his wife looks nothing like her Instagram pics?

No. 1777671

File: 1677422849809.png (154.51 KB, 425x677, sam 2001.png)

indeed it is

No. 1777992

No. 1778067

ew gross he was already scroting out

No. 1778400

File: 1677512698852.jpeg (32.88 KB, 463x382, 77A845A7-8EBE-4AA4-980F-9F422D…)

Sam and his crew are roasting her and charls for falling for this beast. Who is gay now?

No. 1778732

sams emo song about an abysed little girl.

No. 1778755

No. 1778822

what was he thinking roiding and doing GOMAD during his television debut? absolute retardation

No. 1782640

Honestly, at the end of the day, I feel bad, and by bad, I mean, I don't really care, for Charls. Everything I see in Sam I see in my father who beat me, was a pussy and a loser. Then again, Sam doesn't have children and never will because he fucks men.(sage your blog)

No. 1782861

i think hes really smart and makes good art(sage your shit)

No. 1782886

Most of you femcels secretly want Sam to split you in half(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1782899

Kek cope and seethe

No. 1783304

File: 1678065630657.png (475.77 KB, 640x780, sammy.png)

No. 1783311

It really is teling that Sam rails/railed against pretty boys when he was one.

No. 1783313

same with the whole roiding out masculinity beef cake thing kek

No. 1783317

Molested behavior on his part

No. 1783324

He's absolutely a repressed homosexual, remember that screenshot of him collecting dildos. Hydestein got diddled as a kid and replicated that experience on marky. Just look at marky, moon-faced and twink looking, clearly Sam had a preference for twinks

No. 1783360

You can tell he smelt like cheese and wore torn up athletic skechers

No. 1783453


No. 1783457

Despite her making pussyfoot attempts at appealing to Sam's fans at the end, most of the comments are still shitting for her. Serves you right for getting into that shithole fanbase.

No. 1783484

File: 1678088838913.jpeg (473.91 KB, 2016x1134, E0BB50C2-0F40-4542-AA18-50FF12…)

bump for cp don’t scroll

No. 1783558

doing god's work nona, thank you.
any of these posts I see I remember how incredible women are and how fucking useless and degenerate men are.

No. 1784477

That retarded little cuck idubbz really did it.

There’s no way that interaction they had wasn’t planned at this point. Watching sam grift money from his retarded audience is just sad now(sage your shit)

No. 1784675

File: 1678236064162.jpg (139.47 KB, 811x812, 16782200487273281.jpg)

he's been pretty cranky on stream lately. maybe the responsibility of chestfeeding so many youngling People of HVAC is weighing him down. perhaps poor people would get on his nerves less if he upgraded his living situation or if he went down the path he was supposed to– making chocolate candy bars and soda pop ejaculate in C4D from the comfort of a boutique nyc creative production company.

No. 1784713

That is a gay ass pic

No. 1784793

kiwi is that way

No. 1785029

Could you explain a little? Not asking to be spoonfed, I'm just blind and I can't see what do you mean.

No. 1785424

the faggot is implying that the idubz doc was a set up to make same relevant again. he's a retard

No. 1788056

File: 1678732692199.png (33.14 KB, 590x651, Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 2.36…)

Sam Hyde sycophant Jet Neptune asking for women to agree to be trolled for 6 weeks in some retarded reality show idea. I'm sure Sam's involved too, Jet Neptune couldn't possibly do anything without his wastoid edaddy's assistance. Seeing MDE pickmes be picked on would be kind of funny, but honestly so sick of these fags seething about women. It probably won't happen just like whatever idea they had awhile ago where men were supposed to write in about their relationships or some shit, to be mocked.

No. 1788795

literally no amount of money would convince a normal actress to do this show, they will have to get craigslist prostitutes to do it like they have for everything else. i hope the old hoes they hire molest the zoomers

No. 1788812

It's a show they are all putting together, they have been talking about it for a while, so yeah Sam is involved. From what I gathered they are getting craigslist people who don't know anything about MDE, so they aren't getting fans because that would defeat the point. They want to get a bunch of people in a house and fuck with them basically. I am looking forward to it, if it's free to watch that is, I don't pay for things.

No. 1790547

Jet Neptune is an orbiter,