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File: 1473289152283.png (184.65 KB, 212x382, vex.png)

No. 172043

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqVUDbWANEG47KmB2MoM6IA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/vexxedb4a
Twitter : https://twitter.com/vexxedb4c

>injected himself into the VA drama, siding with Margo (his new BFF)

>Got stomped by VA and Fullscreen and tried to make it seem like he took videos down himself
>Claims to hate Keemstar, but is desperate to emulate him
>Potentially purchasing YouTube and Twitter followers
>Made his own subreddit because he thinks he's that special
>Currently raging against Lolcow/Pull

No. 172045

and here's the video where he cries over Lolcow/Pull because we're mean cyberbullies.

No. 172049


Why the fuck his eyebrows are so uneven

No. 172052

His left one looks like a little poop

No. 172054

He is so salty it's pretty pathetic.

No. 172055

File: 1473292404910.png (136.4 KB, 400x222, 149071624096.png)

his right one looks like a shoe kicking dirt lol

oh, good. just what we need — more clueless newfags. the comments are so embarrassing. why is everyone on youtube brain-dead?

No. 172056

Maybe it's because I'm tired but I lol'd hard at this.

No. 172057

>wants to expose lolcow/PULL
>spends more than half the video saying how none of the comments bother him


No. 172058

File: 1473293180850.png (137.98 KB, 375x375, 1446744027056.png)

Aren't you the ones crying because he insulted your waifu?
>Directly linking to his video and giving him views
Are you really too stupid to make a .webm or does this shithole not even have .webm or even .mp4 support?

You nigs are supposed to be milking cows, not whiteknighting for youtube sluts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 172060

His face is so triggering. I feel like my retinas are slowly committing suicide just by looking at that mug. Brb, googling androgynous people to bleach my brain

No. 172061

File: 1473293476260.jpg (39.22 KB, 625x626, Bait_e35f4f_5885067.jpg)

No. 172062

>Everything that triggers me is bait

No. 172063

He kind of looks like Elliot Rodger

No. 172064

Waiting for the stampede of retard vexxed fans to flood lolcow and pull

No. 172065

Because he's probably half-asian, this is why you don't racemix.(racebaiting)

No. 172068

He doesn't have a fanbase that dedicated enough

Have you seen how many dicks he sucked to try and get Twitter followers?

No. 172069

Why tf are his lips so small

No. 172072

Are you guys fucking serious about his appearance? Reminds me of Adam driver in Star Wars and everyone making fun of how ugly he was. I'd fuck Adam driver and I'd fuck this guy because they are both over 6ft tall white guys with kinda ugly faces. The ugly face just makes them hotter to me because they are attainable.

And the whole "I'm a teen boyyyyy" shtick makes him even better to me.

No. 172076

why are half asian chicks often super pretty, but half asian men are always ugly elliot rogers-esque fuck ups like vexx?

No. 172077

This guy gotta have waardenburg syndrome right i'm not even tryna be funny it seriously looks like it or fas

No. 172079


go home, you're drunk.

No. 172084

File: 1473296999127.png (208.07 KB, 390x293, Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.09…)

He does have Waardenburg syndrome. He's literally a sped.

No. 172085

His eyes got in a fight and don't hang out any more. Sad.

No. 172086

File: 1473297236419.jpg (112.36 KB, 212x382, Afaceevenmothercantshoop.jpg)

Posting another shoop because I know how it triggers him.

No. 172087

You sound pretty sped yourself.

No. 172089

File: 1473297624862.jpg (194.32 KB, 440x382, gsagaga.jpg)

They look like brothers except Vexxies mom drank a bit too much when having him

No. 172090

well, he will never be attractive, but at least this edit doesn't trigger me. OP image needs a spoiler

No. 172092

The racebaiting needs to stop.

No. 172093

I know - I tried so hard but had to accept that I can't unfuck dem bad genetics.

OP picture scares me also, his eyes are floating up his forehead and he has a mouth like a gerbil.

No. 172096

Here his "friend" made a thread about how the mean boolies!!!1!! make fun of him and his journalistic integrity! https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/51kho9/my_friend_gets_journalistic_video_taken_down_by_1/

No. 172098

His video is so pathetic, it actually makes me want to trigger him more

No. 172110

The thing is, Vexxed says he researched the Venus/Mags issue carefully BEFORE he made the video. So he would have seen how polarizing the whole thing is, and how rabid some of the Fangelics can be.

IF he did research, the he should have been better prepared for the shit storm he was unleashing upon his caterpillar eyebrowed head. He SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, because he said he visited reddit, PULL, and Lolcow to research both sides of the matter. He should have seen how each different platform approaches the whole issue, and all the shade thrown at both sides of the issue.

The mere fact that he is BAWWWWWWing about "Internet boolies!", "more pain then you know" erry day, and people calling him out on his shoddy faux journalism….? Well, that proves he didn't research shit, and he was talking out of his ass the whole time. How the hell could he have researched anything about this whole thing and NOT KNOW that this was all in his future? Just shows that he didn't do any research, and took the info Maggot offered him with open arms and a twinkle of increased views in his tiny wonky eyes.

No. 172114

I just wish he would realize that what he's doing is legit straight up defamation… because the shit he spews out as "FACTS" are in fact false and it has caused damage to Venus in some way or another. As in Venus could legit sue his ass, unlike Margo and her baseless "harassment/defamation/boohoowahoo" claims.

No. 172116

I love that he brought up a stan / sock comment as proof we're boollies - there was some faggot defending the content theft that he claimed was a supporter who was BANNED for BEING REASONABLE!!!

Dude, they were banned because they were derailing the thread with outright misinformation. We don't let people spread lies here, we're pretty strict about it, honestly. If someone wants to come in and throw around outright lies as fact, we debunk it, and ban them, because we don't let cows run the narrative. We observe, document and laugh.

And because Margo tried and failed to use the exact same ploy against with 90 false copyright claims, and have seen claims that work and why, we know that what the banned commenter said was bullshit, and we don't let people shit up threads with bullshit.

Oh, and by the way, the "I don't care what you say about me! Trolls don't bother me!" phase of a newborn lolcow is one of my faves. Keep crying, bitch.

No. 172121

File: 1473308699272.jpg (113.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1473295637177.jpg)

> i dont care!!!
> spends presumably several hours making a 12 minute video dissecting remarks made among several platforms critiquing his video/character and admits to dedicating an entire day to turning the initial video on and off to spectate the reaction of a few anons ~*~*getting their jimmies TOTALLY rustled!!!~*~*~
> btw guys also i dont care!!! XD!!!

ok fucking retard

No. 172126

This is close but not quite there
>potato nose
>weird yellow skin color
>lighten hair to brown
>thin out those eyebrows

Then I think he would be acceptable.

No. 172131

File: 1473311869109.jpg (111.74 KB, 233x420, fixedthesperg1.jpg)

how'd i do

No. 172143

File: 1473313445510.png (429.31 KB, 446x394, z.png)

Good enough. No amount of shoop can save him tbh.

No. 172151


No. 172167

Honestly, this edit doesn't look bad. He doesn't look like he's going to vomit and proportions look normal.

No. 172168

you should do something about his spock ears tho

No. 172170

File: 1473324141126.jpg (11.74 KB, 247x445, 2W1Jovy.jpg)

guys I solved the shoop problem.

No. 172178


A++ anon

No. 172182

Kek. This is amazing. Probably the best one so far.

No. 172197


vexxed literally looks like the bargain bin version of elliot.

No. 172198

Lol what a salty faggot
I'm going to give his other shitty video about Venus views in hopes that she gets more money.
I like how even the title is a lie.
>She collects all the money from the video, but doesn't remove it

No. 172199

Why does he focus so much on people who shit-talk him possibly being "unemployed"? I'm pretty sure a lot of people here and on PULL are employed or students. Is he projecting?

No. 172201

>>172199 he's more desperately trying to display the people here and on pull as people too stupid to find work, as losers…

No. 172215

It was privated at the time this new vid was released, but he's made it public again right after.

No. 172218

File: 1473346500938.png (20.58 KB, 756x92, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)


>b-but I don't careeeee, venus exposed video is barely the 10th percent of my total views and I'm totally not obsessed with this chick lolololol

No. 172235

File: 1473352115696.jpeg (98.42 KB, 750x876, image.jpeg)


FAS really affects the mind too huh vexxie

No. 172238

Lol what a fucking whiny bitch.


I'm cackling so hard right now.

No. 172240

Honestly most of have lives and dont need to be a dramafag to get recognition. And if you gonna be a dramafag youre gonna need a thicker skin than this.

No. 172243

He needs to repost the best one: >>172170

No. 172245


10/10 would marry and bear his children

No. 172251

I bet his mother wishes retroactive abortion was legal.

No. 172262

Agreed. I don't know about PULL but I haven't seen many people on here talking about themselves being NEET. I post here from work a lot.

He's probably in school though and if not he likes to infantilize himself.

Is he a virgin or would Japanese women date this shark looking motherfucker?

No. 172263

i don't even care about venus but this video was way too much. really cringey, and sounded like something a 12 year old would make when they can't handle the trolls.

i really dont care guys.. for real.. but look at this twitter account with 8 whole followers that keep messaging me.. don't care tho lol even tho im giving a shoutout to everyone who bothers me :^)

No. 172264


also, sorry for double post, but the comments are quite funny as well. half of them are asking for him to reach out to philip de franco, scarce, etc like that would ever happen.

they wouldn't be bias and side with margo so heavily and literally no one gives a shit. hasn't anyone told him not to feed the trolls?

No. 172269

File: 1473360354968.jpg (248.14 KB, 698x1284, image.jpg)

No. 172270

This is AMAZING. Go cry me a river and stop acting like a fucking hero.

No. 172275

File: 1473361058282.jpg (103.23 KB, 856x1141, kek.jpg)

i love it when cows openly acknowledge that they read here while pretending they don't care

No. 172277

File: 1473361419359.jpg (48.79 KB, 630x370, 1460739754654.jpg)


No. 172284

I actually decided to watch the video since embeds don't count as views as far as I know. Holy shit I'm fucking dying!! I've never seen this much butthurt from someone that isn't 12 years old or a fucking retard. He still refuses to admit he's in the wrong.

"It's the worst pain imaginable!"

Vexxed, you fucking faggot. You cry about the "pain" you're going through and yet, you fucking taunted Venus on Twitter and made a cyberbullying video just because she ignored your ass.

I'm kekking at how he claims he didn't make the video without any research. We all know the deal, aspie-chan.

"I did research by reading your summary on Venus Angelic before I made the video! In fact, it was so horribly written that I decided to make my own video that's even more poorly done!" Right…

"I know more about this situation than anyone else!"

Autist, no you don't. Are you Venus? Have you been following this drama for years like us? NOPE!

He posted obvious troll comments, holy fuck! Chromosome deficiency confirmed.

He doesn't know what thread derailing and baiting is, nothing to be surprised about there.


…Is he 10?

That Emma person got to him so bad, fucking lol. So easiest way to trigger Vexxfag is to call him out for cyberbullying.

He talks about girls "religiously" following her? Claims he would have "forgotten about Venus pretty quickly" if people didn't call him out on his shit? Fucking please. Vexxfag obviously has a crush on Venus. He acts exactly like an autistic faggot that I refused to date because he was fucking autistic.

>"I DON'T CARE!!! I DON'T CARE!!! I SAID I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gee, he really could've fooled us.

And the way he talks just confirms (as if there were any doubt) that he made the thread. He's definitely sped.

No. 172285

File: 1473364403213.jpg (11.49 KB, 227x294, Internettoughkid.jpg)

i haven't watched anything of him purely for the fact i don't wanna see that fucking face, or voice whatever lol but he sounds like the epitome of both "internet tough guy" and "13 year old boy" mixed some FAS

No. 172294

File: 1473366791276.jpg (140.67 KB, 1154x1300, upset-little-girl-bullied-olde…)

Vex come across as the kid who would harass and taunt the girl who rejected him on elementary school

No. 172295

I don't like this guy but I also have no sympathy for people who file false copyright claims. So everyone loses here

No. 172297

I'm confused by your wording. Are you referring to Venus in the filing part? Because she had every right to file when he used her footage and he tried to excuse it as "But her mum said I could!!"

No. 172298

Why does this thread exist? This autist obviously feeds on attention lets stop giving him any.

No. 172305

So… How exactly are Venus' copyright claims "false" when he stole footage from her channel, which is 90% of the content of his video in order to make money? If that's okay then it should be perfectly fine for me to upload Disney's The Little Mermaid but mirrored to YouTube and set it up for monetization.

No. 172310

??? are you retarded? 100% of the content of that video belonged to Venus and nothing belonged to this fag.

No. 172316

I still can't get over how he expects people to have sympathy for him. Only an idiot would feel sorry for someone who instigated a cyberbullying campaign. Vexxed, the world would be much better off if you just killed yourself.

No. 172320

File: 1473371048196.gif (453.51 KB, 238x238, Emilia-Clarke-Eye-Roll.gif)

why the fuck have you made a thread you're giving him more ammo and ultimately what he wants: more attention, more views, more money

all from his hippocracy and now lolcow's hippocracy

No. 172323

File: 1473371247477.png (18.43 KB, 228x144, image.png)

No. 172329

i honestly doubt any significant views and much less money is going to come from this thread. lolcow is dead as fuck, i doubt even 30 of us are here discussing this autist. and contrary to what some people here think, most cows don't actually revel in negative attention like this.

No. 172330

No. 172331

That and with how easily triggered he is, he's probably over there crying into his deformed pillow. He's not exactly getting a ton of traffic from here, PULL or Kiwi Farms. He only had maybe two idiots from his shitty videos come post here but other than that, it's all him doing vanity checks and crying over TEH BOOLIES.

No. 172382

Trigger me timbers.

No. 172386

File: 1473381454963.png (432.25 KB, 647x466, Capture _2016-09-08-17-35-21.p…)

Vexxed's mouth, the way he is straining to cover up his mouth breather posture, kinda reminds me of this guy. Wonder if he has the Marfan's?

No. 172391

It's not false, you fool. Notice she is not suppressing his right to speech (it;s still up0 she's just claiming the monies from it.
He had a couple of email screen caps and a generic vid at the end. Let's call it 96% Venus' content. No matter, he has no way out of this claim.

No. 172392

At first, I was against this thread but having a space to drag him and let his autist supporters run wild now looks to me to be a plus. Plus I made this >>172170 and it was fun. We can't derail the Margo thread for the sake of this guy.

No. 172420

Even the worst shoop still looks better than the original. He's either delusional or triggered and trying to hide it.

No. 172437

It's hilarious that my shoop got the exact reaction I thought it would - what a spaz.

No. 172457

Its the mouth area that bothers me the most its like he has a severe overbite or something and trying so hard to hide it with his lips but it still juts out.

No. 172458

I agree. It's fun as fuck to drag his easily triggered ass. I said him making a video would be like shotting himself in the face and oh boy, was I right. His comment section, Reddit, Kiwi and here say it all.

No. 172466

Hey Faxxed, you already knew Venus 4 years ago??? Creepy!!!


No. 172475

I'm sure she would've aborted in the first trimester if it was legal in the first place, anon

No. 172483

So that's the video NJM referred as "venus' lolita fetish live cam shows"?

No. 172487

He deleted the reddit tweet hahaha

No. 172493

He has clumpsy sausage fingers… that's why Marghost loves him iykwim

No. 172501

File: 1473420022942.png (13.43 KB, 578x207, vexpedo.png)

>exposing a pedo
How about just calling the police you twat?
just let's hope he's not doing a keemstar.

No. 172503

So he's either gonna expose somebody who isn't even a pedo or he's gonna expose an actual pedo for views instead of calling the authorities

No. 172508

Such a wannabe Keemstar, that's what got him a ton more subs and views. Calling out random no-name people as pedos who cannot defend themselves.
Inb4 it's about Venus and her husband jokingly calling each other little sister/pet on instagram.

No. 172511

Is he gonna 'expose' Manaki as a 'pedophile'?

>> I'm going to expose Manaki so Venus will divorce that pedo and marry me.

Please someone push him over the cliff, the kid believes every shit Marghooost tells him!

No. 172512

Sorry for my bad english.

No. 172521

It's a scary thought. He's very very butthurt over venus getting the revenue from his video, and he no doubt still wants to make Margo happy… she still might suck his dick if he does good.

There is proof to the contrary anyway.

if he does target Manaki like this, I hope he and Venus get the police involved. Vexxed is just a visitor in Japan, he could and get in trouble and risk his visa if he starts a harassment campaign that the police find problematic.

No. 172522

Sorry for my typos^

No. 172524

methanon stop namefagging

No. 172526

No. 172536

File: 1473431802966.png (9.77 KB, 890x131, socialbldevex.png)

No. 172544

File: 1473433048621.jpg (81.88 KB, 540x802, ss (2016-09-09 at 01.25.32).jp…)

I just saw that some fellow kiwifarmer made an absolutely glorious thread with lots of juicy info on him:


No. 172548

Haha oh wow they did their research

No. 172558

Daaaaamn! Their Venus/Margaret threads are slower, but Kiwi Farmers can occasionally come through and use their Autistic powers for good. Vexxed totally forgot about them.

No. 172576

the more i find out about FAS-kun the lower he sinks in the line of pathetic

No. 172578

>In a periscope livestream, he admitted to being arrested in the Roppongi district of Tokyo while drinking underage and being taken to the police station.
Wow that sounds like a complete lie.

No. 172581

File: 1473445359405.png (544.29 KB, 613x590, best friend vexxed.png)

Poor vexxed, a fucking idiot from the day he was born until now

No. 172595

File: 1473447296927.jpg (150.27 KB, 452x426, image.jpg)

Can't believe unrested is backing up vexxed, I felt bad when miranda took advantage of him due to his suicide trigger but this is unforgivable lol

kys scott


No. 172606

tl;dw? Are there really this many fags wandering about Japan and rambling at their phone?

No. 172613

basically dude is sucking vexxed's dick and saying how he really does his work and great journalism etc etc

No. 172614

Unrested's video:
>mentions youtube "censorship" and how it's not his main job and money blah blah
>talks about coming to Japan, how people always ask him how to live and work there
>Americans can't get working holiday visas but everyone else can
>general visa talk, what types there are, a lot of "I don't know maaaan"
>explains you need to speak Japanese to get a job and nobody will take you seriously if you can't(funny that vexxed can't speak it for shit)
>"I have a friend, haha 'a friend', I have another youtuber I watch here in Japan that I have a lot of respect for"
>"he's basically getting cyber-bullied for doing a very very well researched report, this character…Venus ANGELICA"
>mentions her "insane life story" and his "well researched videos"
>his videos are for the betterment for the internet, he's the opposite of Keemstar
>he doesn't start drama, he solves problems.
>Venus lies about her visa and lies to her fans, her fans harass the hell out of him
>"he's clear cut with his information, he's a stand up guy"
>"If there were a good or bad meter on youtube he would definitely be in the good, he would not be a renegade."
>Go give vexxed love and give him positive vibes, tell him good job and unrested sent you.

No. 172616


this haggard fart face and his gal pal Victor just loove talking about shit they don't know shit about and acting like an authority.

No. 172620

Daaaaaaamn, I knew there was a reason why I love Kiwi Farms.

No. 172622

>Venus lies about her visa
What? Did this guy just try to link the topic of Venus to what he was talking earlier in the video?

No. 172628

He was trying to say Venus was a liar on all fronts, from her "insane" life story, how she's in Japan, who she is as a person.
He's so fucking stupid he kept calling her Venus Angelica. That shows why he respects Vexxed, the two morons do basically no research on anything, even basic facts.

No. 172630

vexxed deleted his comment telling unrested what a great job he did

pussying out?

No. 172638

He sounds like he's an exceptional individual like Mira and Vexxed…

No. 172640

so this literally says where he lives and where his internship is woow kiwi. Also just checked his subreddit he created for himself a month ago there is nothing there no posts poor..tard

No. 172642

Him not getting her name right makes it feel like he didn't even watch Vexxed's video.

No. 172645

I think Vexxed is starting to understand the gravity of being a lolcow

No. 172646

he most likely watched gimmeashitman's video, he's the only one who got her name wrong

No. 172647

Good. This is what he wanted anyway: attention. Unfortunately for him, it's not the kind he desires so much. Fortunately for us, it's funny as hell.

No. 172655

I think the funniest, and saddest, thing about this whole situation with the video and Venus (and now Victor and unrested) is that Venus has never said anything to any of these people.
As far as I'm aware she has not once made a public statement, a comment, a tweet, or even mentioned it in a video of her own.
These grown ass men are sitting here calling Venus a liar and picking apart her entire life, her visa status, her relationship status, calling her life insane as if she had any choice in the matter of her mother being batshit crazy, and she's literally done absolutely nothing to any of them.

This goes beyond what any of us do on lolcow or kiwi or even PULL, at least those people have clapped back and deserved being poked at. Venus has done everything someone in her position is supposed to do, ignore and keep her mouth shut.

No. 172659

so many things wrong with his face. he looks like a botched abortion

No. 172665

Scarce just exposed a pedo on youtube i wonder if its the same guy vex wanted to talk about lol

No. 172685

File: 1473470998477.png (733.8 KB, 1143x786, tism.png)

idk but we're going to find out eventually. It seems that getting doxed by KF hasn't slowed him down.

No. 172687

If this is the pedo video I see some censored images at the bottom. $10 says it's nudes an underaged girl sent this guy and Vexx thinks it's A-Okay to post them as long as it's censored.

No. 172688

I don't get it. How is this nobody little shit suddenly getting in with all these male Jvloggers, especially when the evidence is all there that he continuously mocked everyone giving correct information? And after the Mira shit, they have no problems climbing up this guys ass? Why? Because he's a man or he puts on a woe us me waterworks act in front if them?

No. 172691

He's probably been sucking up to them the way he tried to with Taylor through the comments and failed. The only ones he can get in on are the dumbass ones like Unrested. He got shot down pretty fast by Taylor's fans on her videos where she's hanging out with Venus. Lol I don't think even Mira would want to hang out with him after the shit her did to Venus with the cyber bullying campaign. She's dumb as hell but not Vexxed levels of dumb.

No. 172695

Doesn't look like the same person from what i can see. This is going to be hilarious though there is no way he'll be smart or tactful about this pedo business.

No. 172696

There's no way he's being tactical about this. If it's a real pedophile creep, he should contact the police/Interpol, not make a fucking YouTube video unless there has been confirmation. He's going to pull a Keemstar (again) by getting sued. First he BAAAAAAAWs about the bullies and the haters and now this. This is the cow that keeps on giving!

No. 172699

There are multiple people on his twitter saying he should contact authorities, but hes seemingly ignoring them cause hes a journalist and he knows everything.
Gotta get that story and make that money.

No. 172703

File: 1473478962013.jpg (47.88 KB, 189x295, 20160909895916293.jpg)

How are your standards this low? Like, I understand wanting to fuck Onision, especially when he was a bit younger, but this guy is hideous. The only way he would look like Adam Driver is if Adam Driver was in a horrible accident, maybe involving chemical burns or a car crash.

I tried to save him with facetune. After a couple minutes I got lazy.

No. 172710

help. uncanny valley

No. 172712

ha ha ha I never thought to check his actual revenue. incredible.

No. 172715

The Margo thread is essentially a port from here, but some of the other threads are excellent. I was secretly hoping a thread on him would be started. They don't accept shitty OPs there (unlike a certain imageboard cough cough). A good OP can make the front page and bring down a ton of autism on the subject. Some of us operate across both sites and some people have time in their day to write this shit. Kudos to them.

No. 172716

lol he should keep his head down or he might end up with a thread. venus drama is the biggest drama of them all - not for the casuals.

No. 172717

nope, I can still see the comment

No. 172725

File: 1473483288540.png (3.9 KB, 234x146, vexxed3.png)

his YT career in one image

No. 172733

LOL. No wonder he keeps trying to crawl up the J-vlogger community's ass now. He's desperate for the YouTube dolla since he isn't making shit. It's pretty creepy the way he was on Taylor's videos where she and Venus had a girl's day out. He probably fucking wants to stalk and harass her in person and stupidly thinks that community will accept him with open arms. Too bad for his dumbass they're very well aware of what kind of crazy drama loving lying assholes both he and Maggot are.

No. 172749

File: 1473491737808.png (91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160910-081413.png)

I have no idea how to read Social Blade but does the negative mean he owes money rather than receiving it?

No. 172779

No, im pretty sure it just says that because thats when he took down the venus exposed video.

No. 172783

aaw, the power of youtube friendship♥
reminds me of the good old time when all of this drama faggots where still supporting keemstar because "he's such a honest guy and gave me a shoutout on his twitter"

No. 172784

How did they find out he lives in Muff (kek)?

No. 172794

A little bit of digging lead to an old account where he mentioned being from Muff.

No. 172824

Ah that makes much more sense

No. 172826

File: 1473523305412.jpg (85.92 KB, 816x310, photo_2016-09-06_22-12-56.jpg)

Poor Vexxed is gonna miss out on the Jvlogger party. Diddums

No. 172829

What the Hell is Unrested talking about? There was like one person who made the Asian comment. Is that why he's stroking Vexxed noodle?

No. 172835

The fuck is he even talking about? Is this on the Venus video or some shit? Lol Unrested sounds like he thinks he's the only one who can get married to a Japanese person. He sounds pretty sped.

No. 172844

>2 hafu kids

Can you just say you have 2 kids? They're children not collectible items or something because ~kawaii hafu desu~

No. 172847

Vexxed is now deleting incriminating evidence while not knowing how archives work. lol

No. 172851

Lmao too bad we have that shit archived and captured. I'm gonna go dig some up.

No. 172853

File: 1473529212152.png (87.76 KB, 594x541, image.png)

Him being a massive faggot and taunting Venus. "BUT THIS IS JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY!!!!" says the retard.

No. 172856

Comparing Adam Driver to this toad is an absolute insult to poor Adam

No. 172857


Woooow what a fucking douche.

No. 172858

File: 1473529413624.png (23.7 KB, 471x239, image.png)


No. 172859

File: 1473529663550.png (101.62 KB, 540x960, image.png)

Starts a cyber bullying campaign then makes >>172045 crying about TEH BOOLIES!!! THESE GIRLS ARE MEAN TO ME!!! When about a month prior he was building an army to bully a girl that ignored him, "HEY, GUYS!! WATCH MY VIDEO!!! LET'S GO VIRAL! THAT'LL TEACH HER TO IGNORE ME!!!"

Pot. Kettle. Black.

No. 172863

Great value Elliot

No. 172866

File: 1473531470999.png (30.01 KB, 822x124, image.png)

More faggotry since it's nice to have all his screenshots in one thread. Someone on the farms is uploading his Periscope videos so we'll have more autism to laugh at.

No. 172867

File: 1473531757205.png (100.39 KB, 1024x198, image.png)

"Please stop harassing me, I'm just a teenage boy! But it's PERFECTLY fine to harass Venus! She's a teenage girl!" Fucking lol

No. 172868

File: 1473532087284.png (136.31 KB, 986x450, image.png)

Defamation and stealing content for money is freedom of speech, guys!

No. 172869

File: 1473532140078.png (79.25 KB, 887x335, image.png)

"TEE HEE! HEE HEE! Totally not mentally retarded! Cx XD"

No. 172871

Did this retard ever make his pedo expose video?

No. 172874

File: 1473533762934.jpeg (77.28 KB, 1342x549, image.jpeg)

"I totally would have forgotten all about Venus if you stopped talking about her!" Proceeds to make tweets obsessing over the girl who ignored him while painting her to be a villain. Lol

No. 172907

File: 1473543945795.png (515.57 KB, 540x802, Untitled.png)

What the fuck is wrong with his hair

No. 172914

File: 1473545573595.jpg (191.29 KB, 1200x520, japrac.jpg)

maybe he's trying to look like those old fashioned japanese delinquents? apparently he loves to brag about ~breaking the law in japan~

No. 172930

lol someone pop these on the farms

No. 172957

Why the fuck do people like him and Onision even do polls like this? You're putting the question to mostly people that like you, or they wouldn't be following in the first place. Of course the answer is going to be biased.
It's not proof.

No. 172983

He needs to stop pretending to know US law. As if the web of several federal laws in the US is something simple little children can analyze and understand… because we don't have law schools and lawyers practicing years and years in that field and still have arguments going both or several ways…. …

No. 172997

No sign of it yet. Maybe he decided it was a bad idea?
Or maybe hes too busy deleting incriminating things about him off the internet so we won't find out more about him hahaha kid doesn't understand once its on the internet its there for good.

No. 173004

File: 1473571122210.jpg (585.67 KB, 1439x1415, 20160911_011809.jpg)

Actually apperantly he posted it an hour or so ago but privated it or something?

No. 173019

Lol if it does get age restricted, he won't get those YouTube dollars he so desperately craves. Not like he's actually making much according to estimates anyway.

No. 173022

Don't know what he changed but here it is.

No. 173023

No. 173024

So he Keemstar'd the pedo video and also managed to "expose" a nobody who is already visibly a predator. GG.

No. 173025

omg where is this from?
Those MOOOBS #Sexxyyybeast&$&(+_$+'_\%+#%++

No. 173026

what the fuck are his shorts

No. 173027


He did two livestream videos running around Tokyo that he took down to hide the incriminating evidence from Sumitomo Chemical, where he works/lives.

No. 173030

Um…if you're from a country where the age of consent is 15 and you show your tits on camera to some pedo…you aren't trolling, you're being a dumbfuck. Even if you're over 18 and pretending to be younger…vexxed is such a faggot. Flag his video for age restriction because this tism positive faggot is still a wannabe keemstar.(not your personal army)

No. 173038

His man boobs jiggle with every step I'm dying

No. 173077

>those moobs
>those shorts
>his hair
>his tarded face

Has someone already send this to Sumitomo Chemical?

No. 173081

Shake dem tiddies, Vexxed.

Holy shit. He's the whole package. He only get worse.

No. 173089

oh dear, real life cyberbullying vexxed what have you done?

No. 173090


Room 412
151-0053 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi, 4 Chome-1-3

No. 173093

Vexxed is only 19 or something right? How did he score a chem job at a foreign company? You think his parents paid for him to go? Lol

There's no way this fuck was able to publish a paper or done any notable research to enter a foreign Chem lab.

No. 173096


It's an internship I'm pretty sure. Sumitomo Chemical is known for them worldwide and he's staying in one of their employee buildings.

No. 173100

File: 1473591514352.png (241.78 KB, 892x1024, e1363e53-f277-4d29-9195-d86ae2…)

Are we archiving dumbfuck's tweets here? lol
Here's the one where he declares his post-Venus video is GOING VIRAL, you guys!

3.5 weeks later it's at 185K views and going nowhere fast. #NotViral

No. 173108

Somebody should make their own Vexxed: Exposed! video for Youtube. Seeing the tables turned on him would be hilarious.

No. 173113

>They did not card me. They really should've carded me because it was illegal.

There he goes again bravely pointing out broken laws and injustice everywhere! You'd think he'd be happy to get his booze with no trouble. Btw if you're reading this vexxy sweet B cups. I like that you let the girls be free to bounce around, you just don't give a fuck!

No. 173116

I'd do it, not sure what I'd put into it though.

No. 173118

A video getting views is not going Viral you dumb fuck

No. 173119

Vexxed doesn't understand Japan at all. Being carded at combini is rare if you look over 20. It's well-known in the "underage gaijin" community that it's super easy to purchase alcohol as long as you don't look 12. Clubs and bars are more strict, though.

No. 173120

He throws his plastic away in the aluminum recycle bin. Hes such a badass we better watch out.

No. 173121

Just countering his claim that he was being "bullied" for no reason, when there are records of him ignoring repeated attempts to show him the overwhelming evidence against Margaret's claims, him mocking Venus and relishing the fact he was upsetting people, the way he brags about views and replacing Keemstar. I guess just take his PULL/Lolcow video and argue against each claim.

No. 173122

What is he even doing here if he is so negative and rude? He was in Japan less than a year, right?

No. 173126

it's part of his study credit. i.e. industry internship

No. 173129

File: 1473602417682.jpg (119.27 KB, 1022x1777, ANYCLXA.jpg)

~Just a teenage boy~

Teenage like Benjamin Button.

No. 173131

File: 1473602693477.jpg (31.22 KB, 520x571, nips.jpg)

At about 5:24…
>Well thanks for noticing.

No. 173135


He's still in Japan until January.

No. 173140

It's pointing at me, in an accusatory manner.

Oh, Vexxy. You make this too easy. Stop while you still have a shred of dignity left. Don't mess with the jobless women in their 20s on the Internet! Seriously, dude. We can laugh at your nipples, for crying out loud.

No. 173142

….Did he really not censor the boob pic? Vexxed what the hell, you're such an idiot. Hasn't even Keem censored shit before?

No. 173198

The 'tism is strong with this one… Faggot can't make a video bearable worth shit. His commentary is as cringy as always.

No. 173200

>everything he says
He seems like he's on the spectrum when he's not reading off a script. Also he's acting like a 12-14 year old about alcohol and the fact he looks 25+ makes it extra weird.

No. 173201

Oh my god, he has man boobs and they fucking jiggle. Tone the fuck up, tubby.

No. 173203

those jiggly moobies really get me moist, vexxy-poo

No. 173207

to me he's just a narcisstic asshole with too much confidence.
him being in the spectrum would only mean he doesn't know better, in my opinion he very well knows better but chooses to ignore.

I hope he spirals even more up until he gets knocked down and karma finally strikes backm however this will look like.

No. 173209

some dumbass nobody from Vexxed group of youtube circlejerkers made a video.
Here's a quick recap because he's basically just parrotings what all the other Vexx supporters have said before him:

>Vexxed Videos are great pieces of well researched journalistic work

>Vexxed is totally not like keemstar
>Venus is crazy and a fraud
>Venus fans are crazy and harassing poor Vexx
>Venus can't take critisism
>The guy admit he didn't actually do any research but believe Vexxed is 100% right!
>If you're copyright claim videos made with your image/footages you're wrong!

No. 173210

Aren't the people with tism a little self-aware? It sounds to me that he's stuck in a circle jerk and others are encouraging his idiotic behavior.

No. 173212

File: 1473624391876.png (9.71 KB, 904x170, sobladev.png)

he's also loosing a bunch of subs again, which is good.

No. 173214

Lmao at that title. It's more like, "Vexxed vs The Internet" since Venus hasn't paid any attention to him despite all his attempts to be the coolest 12 year old in junior high! He's so stupid he doesn't realize that all he's doing is making his entire "situation" even worse.

>Venus can't take criticism

Fucking lol. Replace her name with Vexxed and that sums up this entire hilarious shitstorm so well. Vexxy, I told you you'd be shooting yourself in the face with this! >>173212 proves it. Way to bring attention to the sites that easily exposed your shit! We've got videos and caps on your ass!

No. 173216

>sage for ot

not really. some may be but in general they tend to be more anxious. they may come across as self-aware when e.g. speaking out loud what they think. that's in fact not due to being self-aware but due to lacking natural intuition of what is ok to speak out loud and what not, or they are unable to read non-verbal signs what can sometimes lead to crossing a line.

No. 173229


Is this another one of his accounts?

No. 173289

good chance of this one going viral guys

No. 173298

Why does he cuss so much? His speech is really offputting

No. 173299

Looks like it.

He's not very bright, he's immature, and he's desperate to prove himself the DANKEST VIRAL OTAKU EDGELORD final boss. Hence, thirsty for views, breaking jaywalking level laws like a total badass, and clawing at anyone to pay attention to him.

Personally, I think it will be fun to help his HR department pay attention to him. That selfie video certainly reflects the kind of respectable intern they'll want to hold up as a good example.

No. 173330

File: 1473657596790.jpg (231.27 KB, 1439x949, 20160912_011802.jpg)

Vexxy has a new friend!
They are both subbed to eachother now how cute.

No. 173332

Confirmed Vexxie chan's real name is Alex

No. 173343

Now we finally have a name for the bugger. Kind of unfortunate that is a favorite of mine.

No. 173347

Fun fact for you, vexxyy
Venus's taking off makeup video got more views in the past 7 hours than your "waahhh, Venus!" video has in the entire 4 days it's been out.
Currently at 1.7M views, getting 6K/hour. Gonna hit 2M soon.

read it & weep, Moobs. Oh, and welcome back to Youtube obscurity, where you belong.

No. 173349

Lol "this video has been removed by the user."

No. 173356

File: 1473670833215.png (20.88 KB, 525x172, 2016-09-12 Riddle Von Grump (@…)

So either he got cold feets or actually did some research. But this guy's chanel only has like 16 subs, so his video was meaningless anyway.

No. 173360

Exactly. As is this "unrested" guy's → >>172595 since he gets maybe 5-9K views per video, and same with that gimmeaflakeman or whatever. They're irrelevant nobodies.

No. 173445

So Vexxed promoted this post on his twitter and subsequently got the OP banned as the subreddits rules state 'No promotion'

OP states they are absolutely definitely not Vexxed…only to have the account deleted simulataneously when Vexxed starts deleting all his embarrassing shit off the internet.

No. 173451


Interesting, I remember actually the day when that Reddit post was made. I went back to see if the Twitter status I had seen on his account was there that said "Let's see if we can get this on the front page of Reddit guys!". I should have screenshot it, didn't expect him to delete it though.

No. 173454

Here's the other video of him, it's long and pretty boring as he spends much of it on the train. But he says fuck like about every third word because he thinks no one around can understand him I guess. The entire time he's leaving his room he's acting like a 12 year old playing hooky, it's embarrassing.

At about 13:23
>There's like a black dude behind me
I no idea what that was about…

No. 173461

I remember looking at the account's history before it got deleted and it spoke exactly like Vexxed the Virgin. "Calm down!" "Don't be upset" and I can't forget all the annoying Cx and XD used in excess. The Runescape posts were a dead giveaway lmao

No. 173462

I think he said blind dude, but yeah, I don't think he realizes how embarrassing he really looks

No. 173465


Cool.. Can you link or tell us how it was confirmed? Thanks

No. 173466

File: 1473722039261.jpeg (126.08 KB, 622x765, image.jpeg)

On his Twitter. This shit gives me PTSD.

No. 173617


The d3ad guy isn't vexxed, just another runescape sperg. the Cx is a meme from a streamers chat.

No. 173719

File: 1473805225026.png (237.02 KB, 867x480, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.01…)

God, he and his fans are such retards. Sure, give all your money to Venus. The fact that the video isn't removed yet doesn't mean shit in terms of his claims being true - it means her management hasn't sent 3 claims yet. He's got 2 weeks per claim to make a counterclaim, and if they have to send the third one, not only this video, but the entire channel will be taken down.

So keep filling Venus's pockets, idiot. She couldn't care less, and she's never going to acknowledge you, so you might as well go cry in your waifu pillow.

No. 173721

he's so ugly, his head is like oblong

No. 173725

File: 1473806900208.jpg (181.19 KB, 1807x595, Screenshot_20160913-184359.jpg)

Its funny how ever since he unprivated the venus video hes gone up to a B rating

But you know it was only 10% of his views. Not an important video at all.

No. 173734

I'd just like to come forward and speak my mind about this situation. I'm a friend of Vexxed. We're very close friends. Ive been reading this thread for a while now and I personally think this has gone too far. You've leaked his address and where he works. I don't know anything about this venus angelica drama thing but I just want to ask, what has he done to you? This thread has seriously taken a toll on his mental health. I've never seen him so stressed. I can't just sit back and let this continue. Do you guys know what shit he's gone through? Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Delete this thread, no, I DEMAND YOU to delete this fucking thread. And stop with the autism jokes. Yea, I get it, everyone jokes about it now but it's something he legitimately suffers from. I'll ask this again- WHAT, has he done to you? He's done fucking nothing at all. That's about all. I'll be waiting for this to thread to be deleted.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173735

Stfu about his mental health maybe he shouldn't have laundered his support to a woman who has abused her daughter for all her life with out a care to Venus mental health or well being.

No. 173737

So vexxed doesn't mind exploiting venus and having her be harassed for weeks because of his misinformation but he doesn't like it when people rightfully go after him? How about he publicly apologize to venus, remove the video, and atone for what he did then people might back off :) but he won't because he has no problem making others suffer, but is a hypocrite when karma bites his ass. Funny how that works

No. 173740

>makes an 'exposing' video about a girl's private life for quick cash
>threatens her with his 'fans'
>acts like he's being bullied when she copyright claims her own footage
>will not stop talking about her like he's obsessed
>puts his own public information out there in videos
>cries when people call him out for being an obsessed bully
>cries more when people know his public information from his public videos

Yeah, no. Your boy dun goofed and he should've known this was coming when he decided to make quick cash off exposing other people online instead of minding his own business and being happy with his intern paycheck.

No. 173741

>venus angelica

this bait

No. 173742

It was Kiwi Farms that leaked his address and where he interns. Go tell them your thoughts about that lol. We've mostly been making fun of his appearance and editing his pic. If he can't take a little heat from the internet then he needs to stay away from the drama.

No. 173743

File: 1473810438818.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, image.png)

nice bait m8
for real tho, he kinda deserves all this gossip

No. 173746

I'd love to inform you that if your autistic shiteating friend is on kiwifarms he's under extreme heat. Kiwis love exposing and incriminating pedos, rapists, enablers and abusers. You're friend is shit mate. This isn't undeserved scrutiny.

No. 173787

File: 1473826397466.png (12.25 KB, 390x470, 1393792886532.png)

>stop with the autism jokes. Yea, I get it, everyone jokes about it now but it's something he legitimately suffers from

Oh god vexxed looks like a retard and is a legit autistic fuck, I can't

No. 173794


>>You've leaked his address and where he works.

He leaked his address and where he interns. We just laughed at him for it.

>>Delete this thread, no, I DEMAND YOU to delete this fucking thread

Lol, no.

>>And stop with the autism jokes

Never, autists are hilarious.

>>I'll be waiting for this to thread to be deleted.


No. 173795

By the way: it sure would be a shame if someone contacted Sumitomo Chemical and showed them the video their intern made of himself, leaving work early and drunk, bragging about lying to them, and bragging about breaking the law. Where he specifically mentions his employer. Sure makes the company look good. Surely they'll give him a better reference after such a video is seen by their HR department.


No. 173796

>And stop with the autism jokes. Yea, I get it, everyone jokes about it now but it's something he legitimately suffers from.

Oh my god, is this real life? This entire post had me dying but this takes the cake.

>This thread has seriously taken a toll on his mental health

Good. Now he understands a small fraction of what he put Venus through.

>He's done fucking nothing at all. That's about all. I'll be waiting for this to thread to be deleted.

Uh… Yeah he fucking has. Is sending an army of 12 year old edge lords after Venus, who did nothing wrong to him the actions of an innocent person? Please, tell me what Venus has done to Vexxed. I'll be waiting for an answer.

And he's been posted on Kiwi Farms so he's in deep shit as >>173746 pointed out. Yeah, you're friends with pure filth.

No. 173809

He posted on snapchat that his friends from ireland were visiting him right now. I wonder if this is one of those friends.

Also interesting that they call themselves falconjay and vexxed used to be blessedfalcon.

No. 173846

They're just Plastic Paddies most likely from some other state in America.
I can't imagine someone from Ireland flying out all the way to his just to hang out.

No. 173870


Tell you what, if he makes a video personally asking us nicely to stop, apologizes for the types of videos he makes and promises to never do it again, we'll consider it..

No. 173917

Speak for yourself. He should take his vid about Venus down and tell people it was utter bullshit and he was lying, because it's the right thing to do.

The threads stay up as testament to his stupidity, hubris and autism as a reminder to him and all retards who think the internet doesn't work both ways. Unless it's someone underaged, the threads never come down. Never.

No. 173930


Relax dude, I was making a joke regarding his tweet that he would take down his Venus vid "if she e-mailed and asked him nicely".

No. 173966


Oh, I did..

No. 173970

He's been silent for 3 days now on both twitter and youtube. Maybe he's staring to realize the poor decisions he has made..

No. 173979

Would be nice if he is coming to a realization, but I'm doubting it. >>173734 for example is questionable from that screen name and among other things.

Vexxed, you need to actually realize that you were 100% in the wrong here.

No. 173995

Maybe someone did contact his employer.

No. 173996


I mentioned earlier that I did.. I couldn't have been the only one.

No. 173998

File: 1473891067855.png (1.36 MB, 1439x1173, 20160913_195443.png)

Probably silent also cause hes got people visiting.

Why isn't this thread bumping to page 1 when we dont sage?

No. 174020

i have a feeling this could be Vexxed himself lmao

No. 174028

That is not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 174029

No. 174041

It probably is for all we know. Their post reeks of autistic behavior and they don't seem to realize what they've unknowingly done by making that post.

No. 174197

File: 1473942226028.png (568.89 KB, 522x534, Margaret Palermo (@margaretpal…)

I see marg's joining the shoop contest pic wasn't posted here so here we go.
Isn't it heartwarming whenever she's trying to cheer him up on twitter?

No. 174198

Can I ask why this thread is autosaging? Is it because his ugliness is so triggering that his thread won't bump up to the 1st page anymore or what?

No. 174309

Thread autosage is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience

No. 174312

Ah, so he's got too much pride to actually come out in the open to us and confess that he's feeling down because we're cyberbullying him for being an autistic dramafag who's BFFsies with a legit psychotic stalker?

A piece of evidence that this is a probable scenario can be seen in "FalconJay";s name. Another name that Vexxed goes by is "BlessedFalcon" after all.

No. 174320

File: 1473993719773.png (225.1 KB, 568x555, livebaby.PNG)

Look who's alive!

No. 174326


Okay, he SERIOUSLY looks like some kind of inbred Vulcan here, it's actually alarming.

No. 174336

Fuck, he does. Holy shit, someone hold me.

No. 174340

When he turns to the side, his profile…that weird slope of his forehead. There is DEFINITELY something genetically wrong w/this specimen.

No. 174341

File: 1473998877612.png (280.23 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160915-234840.png)

Yeah. His lil feeelings are hurt? BOO FUCKING HOO.
Attached is a small fraction of the (literally) shit being flung at Venus every fucking day by these basement-dwelling vermin. It's like this fucking guy opened the floodgates of the internet cesspool and aimed it straight at Venus. Page after page after page. It's disgusting and vile and abusive. Fuck this guy, HARD.

No. 174348

And this is why no one with a brain and why no one without autism will ever feel sorry for Vexxed the Virgin. This thread will stay up forever and ever, just like the one over on Kiwi Farms.

No. 174369

Hahahaha he looks like a mong here

No. 174370

Have in mind, Vexxed, that every time someone searches for you this and the kiwifarms thread will come up. You donr goofd. If only you had listened earlier. I guess it is not too late to come clean and apologize so it can be added to it at least.

You know exactly what you have to do.

No. 174386

I didn't bother watching this before I posted but were any farmers in the live showing of it since it's been deleted now? I'm wondering how much time he spent whining because you know he couldn't resist.

No. 174389

I will delete my comment about Vexxed if he posts a polite message on his twitter today asking me to. No explanation needed. :)

No. 174395

bwa ha ha ha ha

No. 174421

This Youtuber is calling out Vexxed and Keemstar exposers for their hypocrisy and actually makes some really good points which I agree to (even if I absolutely can't stand Keemstar)

Vexxed rant start at 6:30

No. 174427

File: 1474044932986.jpg (11.89 KB, 400x400, Autism_Speaks_Logo.jpg)

No. 174438

I never watched CumStar's video but he sounds way more believable that that faggot Vexxed. I fucking hate Keemstar for his habit of raising an army of 13 year old faggots against a target he did zero research on (gee, sounds like our favorite autistic edge lord) but I hate that faggot Vexxed even more since he's an even lazier version of the guy he claims to hate but desperately tries to be. Whenever Vexxed says, "I'm really annoyed right now" and "I'm absolutely livid right now" he shows zero emotion emotion and that really makes me question a ton of shit even without evidence proving that he's a huge fucking liar. His autism must be pretty severe. I bet it's gotta suck to be an actual retard, despite the fact that he throws that word around without knowing what it means. Lol

Vexxed, you're retarded. Autism is one helluva drug.

No. 174439

I hope he comes back from his vacation and finds out his internship has been terminated.

No. 174471

That would be hilarious if he does. It'll be one of the many consequences for being a huge faggot.

No. 174491

Multiple people contacted his internship regarding the video he made, where he livestreams himself ducking out of work drunk to get more drunk, brags about lying to his employer, and names his fucking employer himself.

He's like a study in why a non fast food / walmart employer should never give retards or autists a chance. They need strict supervision and handlers, because without them they will fuck everything up with poor social skills and poor decision making.

No. 174496

>This thread has seriously taken a toll on his mental health. I've never seen him so stressed

He should have think about it before doing the bidding of some insane jobless middle aged woman who doesn't care about anybody but herself.

Whatever assholery you do in the Internet comes back to bite your ass, you know?

No. 174517

Only thing I've heard about his stream was his friends did a "jam session"
Haven't seen anything else aboyt it unfortunately….

No. 174528

Weird how his friends are commenting on his mental health because he is being bullied, but he does the same thing to other people just for views and sends his lil fans after people. Freakin cancer I swear

No. 174535

Yeah, his "friends" are commenting on his health for pity points he'll never get. Lol It's the universe trying to balance itself out so he's in for even more "mental anguish." I honestly doubt he feels any sort of remorse after all he's done.

No. 174559

He didn't just do her bidding, he aided her in the continued psychological abuse of her daughter, then raised a mob to further that abuse.

Interesting that people took it so far as to contact his employer but I have nil sympathy for him. Enjoy unemployment and I hope it dawns on you it's a direct result of you being a real asshole.

No. 174563

File: 1474078041969.png (16.5 KB, 585x166, ss (2016-09-08 at 11.03.23).pn…)

seems like he actually knew how haha

Old tweet but reelevant

No. 174564

I don't think anyone would have bothered to contact his employer if it hadn't been for the videos with him being a too cool for you edge wannabe skipping work and talking shit.
That was just too good to pass up considering he's yet to learn the basic lesson that you can't get away with everything and your actions have consequences if you go around bragging about this sort of thing.

No. 174565

why did maggot shooped him to look like her?

No. 174568

But anon… the address where he was staying for his internship was released further up the thread…?

No. 174572

That tweet was made before that happened.

He's so dumb that he thinks the only people that has a problem with him cyber bullying Venus are her fans? Lol autism. He's a bonafide lolcow now, down to him pretending to be his "friends" in order to gain pity points because "He's just a teenage boy!" Kek

No. 174580

I saw it. No whining, just aimless wandering around this house he's staying at and mindless mumbling ramblings. He really does seem 'special.' Didn't seem stressed at all, either.

No. 174587

No surprise there. He still doesn't think he's done anything wrong and yet, wants people to stop BOOLIN him. Dude reminds me so much of Chris and his adventures at Walmart and the Game Place.

No. 174615

Dude could not take even a fraction of a percentage point of the crap Venus has had to deal with (both irl and online)and now he's whining like a baby. It's no wonder he got along so well with Margo they both like pretending they're the victim and pointing the finger solely at Venus.

No. 174616

File: 1474095311912.png (97.52 KB, 1439x410, 20160917_025309.png)

He's jumping on the expose leafy bandwagon. I'm going to laugh so hard if he tries to make a leafy video next.

No. 174619

Got doxxed hard by Kiwifarms tho, tough guy.

No. 174624

File: 1474099209698.png (95.7 KB, 1439x391, 20160917_035930.png)

Unfortunately he'd rather suck leafys dick

No. 174626

Nah, he'll be ignored, bc no one gives a shit about him. He's not a player no matter how much he wants to be. He can't even break double digits in YT views unless he's riding the coattails of a 19-year-old girl.

No. 174630

LOL. Leafy doesn't even know this little shit exists and even if he did he sure wouldn't gaf if he makes a video or not. This sad little attention-seeking fuck is not gonna be acknowledged by Leafy any more than he was by Keem or Venus.

No. 174631

Lmao that is true. Look at how hard Onision the child predator tried to get his attention. No one gives a shit about you, Vexxfag.

No. 174636

because she is the template of human beauty anon

No. 174690

Someone posted his deleted periscope on YT, lol. Titled 'Vexxed's Big Day Out.'

No. 174693

No. 174999

Of course he respects Leafy. He's a huge asshole that makes a living off of cyber bullying. The only difference is that Leafy is very self-aware, unlike Vexxed the faggot.

No. 175120

wait, when did he show up in their vlogs?

No. 175182

Just the comment section of Taylor's where her fans massively shred him to pieces.

No. 175203

Leafy is NOT self aware. Not unlike Vexy, he thinks he is and tries to be, but he isn't. He isn't as bad as Vexxed, but that isn't saying much.

Leafy is a Leo, a very insecure and stupid one at that. He can't really accept propper criticism. It infuriates him. He also thinks that merely calling yourself a faggot makes you self aware. News flash: it doesn't. Understanding the reason(s) why you're a faggot and then accepting, acknowledging, poking fun at, and improving on your flaws both internally and externally makes you self aware. His audience is too young to realise this, so they think he's super self aware.

I don't really like Sam Hyde, but he's kind of a fitting example of someone who is truly/painfully self aware. He's an Aries born on the cusp of Taurus (good grief). There isn't much to say about him that he hasn't already said about himself and it's almost impossible to piss him off b/c of how stubborn he is. It makes it difficult and tiring to insult him without seeming like an sjw. It's really annoying. That's why that stupid bullying type of comedy (a type of comedy that is very reliant on self awareness) works better with Sam than it does with Leafy. Also why Sam has a more mature audience (for the most part). It's kind of a shame that he isn't very funny.

Sorry for the essay..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 175306

I lost interest as soon as you started using starsigns to explain yourself.
I don't care if you're a sagittarius on the cusp of cancer with a sprinkling of Pisces, if you're a cunt, you're a cunt. Nowt to do with what day you happened to be squeezed out

No. 175307

cringiest thing in the Vexxed thread for days.

No. 175316

…are you seriously using star signs to prove your point? Holy shit.

No. 175344

File: 1474371935820.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, 1450294163356.gif)

No. 175348


Speaking of leafy (and others who do similar "cringy" videos) I don't get how anyone could be ok with that sort of content. They just look at some 12-14 year old kids and talk about how embarrassing and cringy they are (no shit retard, these are 12-14 year olds) and then essentially send their rabid fans after these kids. I seriously don't understand how anyone could be ok with doing this. Seems so low

No. 175374

No. 175936

File: 1474543407234.png (86.12 KB, 576x350, vexxcopyright.png)

he's back.

No. 175940

it just means he counter-claimed and they didn't sue to keep him off air. so in fact it's vexxed abusing the counter-claim system here.

No. 175949

>don't falsely claim my videos!
Aka don't take the $2.50 YouTube sent him away.

No. 176238

I don't think things are looking too good for people like him, Leafy and Onision since YouTube Heroes is a thing now. He's lucky his ass didn't get sued.

No. 176971

File: 1474851474795.jpg (119.73 KB, 1439x379, 20160925_205637.jpg)

His dreams have come true.

No. 177199

Now he can go back to trying to suck Keem's dick with his tsundere approach.
>I'm going to expose Keem!!
>Please I love you, show me attention.

No. 177203


congratulations, that's quite an achievement for a loser like you, cumstar-senpai finally noticed you!

No. 177205


He unblocked everyone you dumb fuck. He just mutes annoying people now so he's not going to see your dumbass tweets.

No. 177291

File: 1474940728504.png (608.12 KB, 1439x1934, 20160925_205917.png)

Wow guys going viral look at those views.

Love how he gives venus shit saying she only does youtube to make money but here he is saying he had no motivation to make videos because he wasnt getting views.

This is why your vids are shit vexxy you're not doing it because you love to you're doing it for views.

No. 177635

File: 1475062735477.png (116.16 KB, 750x409, vexcritwit.png)

Vexx is whining again because someone has bloked him on twitter. Whoever it is I can't blame this person because arguing with a great journalist like vexxed is futile anyway. He knows all the facts, has done all the research, ya know.
If someone finds said piece of critisim from "a big youtuber" please post it here because Vexxed don't feel like sharing or responding in public to it.

No. 177679

I've been trying to find it but for all we know its been removed from view…or maybe it never happened and hes just playing victim haha

Im just curious how "big" this youtuber is. Probably a nobody like vexxed

No. 177692

I've looked around a bit because I was bored but haven't found anything either. If it really was someone "big" he would be actually calling this person out openly ("xy noticed me!!")because he's that much of an attention whore. But I'm still kind of amused at how easily he gets pissed off when someone ignores him.

No. 177800

It would be really funny if he did an exposed video on whoever it is hes talking about. Just to get more attention from then. Cause even negative attention is better than no attention to him

No. 178120

Vexxed reminds me of our old lolcow friend Tharthan… They're both "linguists" aren't they?

No. 178887

File: 1475478151980.jpg (62.33 KB, 960x465, IMG_20161003_010048.jpg)

No. 178915

What experiences vexxed? Hes so dumb always trying to jump on drama.
I bet he goes back on saying he wasn't going to make s leafy exposed vid.

No. 179123

bandwagoning good job vexxed!

No. 179126

File: 1475576279141.png (176.18 KB, 848x1253, EooUpHo.png)

i deleted my post accidentally oops but some people with a few brain cells aren't too impressed

tl;dw is vexxed just says everything that every other youtuber has said about eugenia… he compares her arm to a kfc chicken wing. i'm not even kidding…

so yeah its pure trash

No. 179132

I couldn't make it through the video without getting aggressive. One day I hope his viewers finally open their eyes and see what a disrespectful cunt he is…

He once again proved to be an asshole.

No. 179137

For someone that claims that he always goes viral, I feel like he's always late to the bandwagon party whne it comes to specific "drama" videos like this.

No. 179140

Man this fuckface just gets more and more aggravating with every exposed video.

I can't even watch all of this video its just as disgusting a Onisions. Does anyone here know if Onision got demonetized for video on her?

This shit should be considered bullying/harassment especially since he doesn't actually give a shit about her eating disorder (from what I've watched he's not being helpful) or he would talk to her himself instead of trying to make money on this.

No. 179150


I can't stand that chick but come on

No. 179151


Since kumstar senpai didn't noticed him, now Vexx is picking on "controversial girls on the internet" for quick cash.

No. 179158

File: 1475596363920.png (99.53 KB, 1439x415, 20161004_115059.png)

What drama bandwagon is he jumping on this time…

No. 179160

is it the same "big story" as the perve guy story was "big"? lmao

No. 179161

File: 1475596942795.png (150.4 KB, 1439x410, 20161004_115952.png)

I don't know who this franky kid is so i have no idea what his privated video was about but I'm guessing thats what hes working on with vexxed.

Maybe I'll look into it later if no one knows

No. 179169

File: 1475600592320.jpg (569.97 KB, 1211x1373, SS1 copy.jpg)

I think I figured it out.
Trap Nation.

Side note. Franky looks like a super smart guy…

No. 179171

>the biggest story of the year

He makes it sound like he's an actual journalist, rather than some attention-whore jackass who makes poorly researched, obviously biased, gossipy youtube videos that barely anyone watches.

No. 180141

This Franky guy is a semi-illiterate loser with 5000 subs. Check the title of one recent vids:

FouseyTube Open's Up About FAKING PRANK'S & Say's Jesse Wellens FAKE'S PRANK'S!

Holy shit, how do some of these people make it through 12 years of schooling like this?? (assuming he's not a dropout)

No. 180266

ONLY Semi-illiterate?

I just kind of assumed he was a dropout too tbh. He talks like he's a straight D student in sophomore year of HS.

I vaguely knew a few guys like that years back.

No. 180366

Seems like most of these gamers/twitchstreamers/dudebros are like this, almost illiterate and dumb as rocks. The trolls that come to Venus's YT comments from vexxed's channel are even worse. Guess that's what happens when a kid spends all his time in front of a screen playing Minecraft or whatever the F they play nowadays. What's scary is how many of them there are, that Pewdiepie guy has what, 7M subs? And his vids get like 2M views within a day or two of coming out. ughhh

No. 180627

>Pewdiepie has 7M subs
Try 48M subs.

No. 180758

File: 1475886120471.jpg (471.88 KB, 1401x1349, Screenshot_20161007-201738.jpg)

I orignially screenshot this because hes jumping into laci green drama…then i saw the other tweet.

>Sounds up his own ass

Oh you mean like you do with all your viral videos?

No. 180865


48M subs, really. That's depressing as hell. Guess that explains how a piece of shit like vexxed can get 6M views on a vid as long as it has the right clickbait names in the title (Venus Angelic, Keemstar, Eugenia Cooney etc) along with 'EXPOSED! of course. Just get the word out to all your 12-year-old RuneScape chat buddies and even a small fraction of that huge community can get you there, no matter how shitty the content is, because most of them are next to braindead levels of stupidity.

No. 180913

File: 1475942659672.jpg (115.49 KB, 858x960, IMG_20161008_100229.jpg)

AAAAAND it's gone.

No. 181181

Hahaha, the little bitch just blocked me on Twitter for some reason. I haven't tweeted at him in weeks. Lol

Which youtuber was he talking about here? Also lol @ "haven't made it YET." honey, you never will either.

No. 181283

Why do all of these guys look like they're actually mentally disabled?

No. 181286

This guy is so fucking awful, he's trying to be Phil DeFranco or Scarce but he's just too much of a lazy cunt to put in the work and do anything but jump on whatever "drama" is happening currently. Bottom of the barrel.

No. 181422

Unfortunately for Vexxed the Virgin, Philip DeFranco is actually likable. Vexxed became hated as soon as he started out, not over time like Keemstar. He'll forever be that one deformed autistic internet warrior picking on girls that ignore him.

No. 181469

Yeah, DeFranco is a decent guy whose videos are actually watchable. Vexxed is just cringeworthy from start to finish.

No. 181478

Sxephil is not afraid to show his face when he says his opinion, and he knows when to back down and even apologize. He's also entertaining. This guy though

No. 181648


>Hey, Vexxed I know you lurk here so I hope you read this.

I actually really liked Vexxed when he first came out. His Emily video coincidentally came out when I was watching a lot of videos on her (I was cleaning) and he gave a pretty balanced (and very different) approach to her, so I ended up subbing right away.

For those of you farmers who don't know, Emily's a pretty infamous streamer in the Runescape community. She:
> apparently faked cancer
> apparently subbots
> there was a huge scandal where she RWT'd (bought runescape gold with real money) in order to pay back a friend (she borrowed his money and lost it betting ingame) so Jagex ended up banning her for ~2 weeks. Everyone on Reddit got super pissed because apparently that's grounds for a permanent ban.
> Jagex also seems to support her a lot. She gets harrassed a lot and followed ingame and moderators have reportedly banned those same people
> I don't keep up with the drama anymore but from what I last heard, she was trying to prove that she actually did have cancer by calling her mother so she asked her "was I hospitalized in <year>" and her mother replied yes… which is a bit sketchy since she might've been hospitalized for something that wasn't cancer.

On the /r/2007scape subreddit, she's always brought up and there is a huge circlejerk against her. People always post "ban emily" and when people ask to be unbanned (usually for botting or RWT) they try to bring up her. Memes that referred to her would get front page regularly… So it was pretty significant that this random YouTuber came forth with a very rational video that went against the circlejerk. The video unexpectedly got a good amount of hate. But as someone who was sick of the anti-Emily circlejerk, it was a breath of fresh air. Even though I don't really like Emily, nor am I particularly convinced she had cancer…

I actually had a lot of hope for Vexxed. Then he started doing his exposed videos…

His Venus Angelic one was alright, I disagreed with the inclusion of some things that I deemed too personal and I thought it would speak numbers about Margot too but I guess that didn't set him off. I watched a bit of his "youtube censoring creators" and it was just him being butthurt so I stopped. The next video was quite interesting to me. Then his follow up to the Venus Angelic one was a continuation of that butthurt. He went 12 minutes straight complaining about people from PULL and lolcow. And I admit, some of the shit they said about him and his appearance was fucked but it's kind of the internet… he gets that in his comments so I don't understand why he would humor anonymous comments…

Then his pedophile video came out and it was pretty boring. I didn't understand the point of it. I guess it was made to go viral (like Buzzfeed) hidden under the guise of wanting to protect people from this crazy deluded pedophile. In hindsight, it might've had some impact but whatever, not my cup of tea. I know that his intent is merely to make money but I dunno, I just find it so contradictory to his "I always respond well to criticism and try to help people who message me, I'm not like other YouTubers" tripe)

His Eugenia Cooney video was tied with his butthurt video as the worst video he's ever made. It was poorly researched and he made a few comments purely for shock value.

> Poorly researched - hurr durr this anorexic person said she's TOO SKINNY for her. crops out signature that shows the poster's BMI is in the healthy range (according to the criteria for anorexia he included in his video)

> her arm looks like a KFC chicken wing (is that meant to be funny?)
> brought no interesting or new view points (he clearly knows nothing about anorexia or eating disorders… but hopped on a old bandwagon anyway)

OH BTW GUYS if u kno eugenia irl, u should FORCE HER to get help. (legit the only somewhat new point he brought in. like seriously, he had like 3 minutes of Onision clips in his video)

I mean Vexxed apparently had some experiences with Leafy and they aligned with what the new drama said he did… So instead of hopping onto a bandwagon that he could've actually brought somewhat new information on… he chose to make a video about something he clearly knows nothing about? He knows nothing about mental illness, and doesn't realize that "calling out" Eugenia can be counter productive? That telling people with anorexia they look like chicken wings might not be the best idea?

I know I went on a huge rant but I feel incredibly strongly about this, and used to really respect Vexxed. Also, a really small YouTuber with a similar style that I respect (with like sub 1k subs) might be going down this route. They always leave messages on his shitty videos soooooooo I'll probably unsub from her as well. Lol.

No. 182639

File: 1476354953356.png (200.48 KB, 638x1272, vex.PNG)

he thinks they're talking about spit??

No. 182644

He has to be autistic, or just dumb as shit. The other girl even said "cum" in one of her tweets.

No. 182654

I think little baby vexxed can't say such dirty words.

He really needs to mind his own business

No. 182678


god he's cringy

No. 182691


Virgin confirmed.

No. 182692

This is beyond virgin level. This is "dropped out of sex ed virgin" level. Or maybe just "dropped on his head as a child" level, hard to tell sometimes.

No. 182700

It's always the turbo virgin autists who are all "n-no I could never come on a woman's face it's so abusive!!!" but presented the opportunity (assuming any girl actually wants to fuck them and have their semen on her face) they explode everywhere.

No. 182753

Vexxed is on his snapchat talking about how he's doing some urban climbing

>my hearts pounding cause I'm not supposed to be doing this

>teachers told me i shouldn't climb on roofs cause its dangerous

What a bad boy. Always breaking those laws.

No. 182872

Vexxed is so god damn easy to read. I haven't been wrong yet. Holy crap, I've been around too many shitty people.

No. 182963

File: 1476467236079.jpg (1.12 MB, 1439x2031, 20161014_134245.jpg)


Also he said on his twitter he's working on 3 videos and hopes to release one this week. I wonder who hes harassing next.

No. 182964


You'd think that parkour might take away man boobs with how much exercise there is within it. Guess not.

No. 182982

He was panting like crazy in his snap videos while climbing. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do this often enough for him to be in shape

No. 183001

You're probably right. He is too busy with Journalistic videos!

No. 183013

he's really spreading lots of misogynistic vibes lately. He's mostly picking on girls that aren't even lolcow/snow worthy, like some prepubescent 12 year old that never outgrown the "girls are so stupid and mean" stage.
It's also funny how he's so quiet about all the keemstar drama now. I mean that smileforwhatshisname guy he defendend in his shitty viral video was exposed as a big trolling moron and leafy, the guy "he would never make a video about because he respect his hard work"(lol) is the most hated youtuber right now.

No. 183015

Whats his snap? This sounds like pure gold.

No. 183183


He doesn't post a ton but on days he does post he posts a lot in a row and they are usually videos of his dumb face talking

No. 188937

Havent had a chance to watch it because I'm at work but vexxed posted his next exposed video today…god forbid he make a video about something else.

I winder what ever happened to his colab with that stupid franky kid (unless this is it and the title just doesnt say so)

No. 193470

File: 1478262785098.png (28.32 KB, 692x223, vexxleaf.png)

isn't it a bit late to jump on the leafy hate bandwagon now?

No. 193486


LMAO what a fucking retard…how does someone having an eating disorder cause someone else to have one?

(inb4 I get some people can get ~triggered~ by it but that doesn't mean she should stop youtube)

No. 193489

actually yes. I dont agree with it but especially because of youtube young girls are more impressionable. idgaf about Eugenia but if she's popular and getting noticed then other girls might want to try and be like her because some people are fucking stupid and think 'oh if I act like them I'll also be popular' which is how we end up with people like Vexxed who think they can be the next cumstar, leafy clones and the approximate 2 million 'makeup gurus' who think they can be Michelle Phan.

No. 193505


having an actual mental disorder isn't the same as wanting to be the next keemstar or a makeup artist.

I understand that maybe someone may be somewhat influenced by online people or magazines to get an eating disorder but I would not blame Eugenia for this and tell her to get off the web.

No. 194997

File: 1478538562300.png (393.41 KB, 867x542, 1a45c365ee8df9c01baa7f4d93a890…)

He's also jumped on the deep web bandwagon, if it was ever considered a bandwagon, I just know this kind of edgy stuff is popular.

No. 195043

Ah, the "deep web is scary" meme.

No. 195506


He's streaming again and saying at 5000 viewers hes going to start showing people how to buy guns and drugs.

I hope he gets banned.

No. 195540

File: 1478622998032.png (57.44 KB, 1160x169, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.3…)


No. 195892

File: 1478655217469.jpg (39.92 KB, 960x960, vex.jpg)

email is azurependant@gmail.com
skype is anonuser101
name is alex douglas

facebook used to be https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013461606420

some fb friends

his eyebrows the size of russia

No. 195897

you do realise to post as Anon, right?

No. 195901

File: 1478656494452.jpg (147.84 KB, 600x764, CA_Weaving_Sonmi.jpg)

You know what…I finally figured out what bugged me about his face so much. He looks like one of those fucking Korean face make-up prosthetics they did for Cloud Atlas.

No. 195988

Probably shouldn't humour the creepiness of that but fuck I have facebook mutuals with those accounts

No. 196003

File: 1478695533747.png (57.89 KB, 1169x186, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 7.44…)

this kid thinks he's so above hackers and then shit like this happens.

No. 196345

File: 1478779834244.png (1.11 MB, 1547x1087, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.08…)

Hes doing some dumb religious stream and telling people gay lifestyle is wrong and that Trump is the greatest man…

No. 196349

Sorry samefag but they are asking people to donate 200$ or they won't heal them. Going to laugh so hard if people report him for scams.

He has also already lost about 100 subs and it has only been 30 minutes.

No. 196355

he's a pretty unfunny troll. the most triggering thing in this stream are his eyebrows.

No. 196357

He must be out of ideas because this is terrible…not that exposed videos or surfing the dark web are good ideas.
Now hes so triggered by the trolling hes drinking alcohol and having a fake mental breakdown.

No. 196677

Is faxxed a jehovah's witness?

No. 196699

vexxie does a humble brag

No. 196701

No it was a terrible attempt at satire regarding the church and spiritual healers.

It was just a lot of randoms coming in and screaming racial slurs or overty sexual things on their discord,which cause vexxed to get super angry (which he tried to play off but im pretty sure he was actually really mad no one was taking it seriously)

Oh and him constantly asking for donations of 200$-500$ to heal these "callers"

No. 196749

that dude with him was kinda chill and funny tho

No. 196751

He seemed really fed up with vexxed at times, especially since vexxed was constantly cutting him off and shit.

No. 197107

I found a good gf for him: kirsten ostrenga. Lunatic, obsessive weeaboo, mega-aspies, they have so much in common. The perfect match.

No. 197172

She'd never go for him though he's too ugly haha

No. 198787

cows talking about cows.

Him and gunk are talking to keems '"friend" colossal about Keemstar drama.

No. 198812


Lol I'm actually quite impressed he managed to get an audience with colossal. Better be careful where he sticks his nose though. Colossal is smart, and has friends all throughout the commentary community.

No. 198862

damn, the video is private :/ too bad, I actually kind of like colossal.

No. 198867

It was a livestream he said he was going to edit it and post it later….we'll see though

Colossal ripped him a new one and vexxed looked so stupid I would be surprised if he didn't selectively edit what he wants to be seen.

Maybe someone watching recorded it though.

No. 199065

Collosal is trying to get him to unprivate it, it seems. He's claiming he "won't be censored" implying he thinks V is editing the thing to fuck

No. 199067


And so it begins. vexx you tard, you're messing with the commentary community's darling. This won't gain you any subs or fans.

No. 199210

The stream was funny for the tiny bit that colossal was there. Vexxed whined about keemstar blocking him.

He also talked about how he did research for all his videos except maybe the hansol one. Even though we all know he never talked to venus to get her side of the story for his venus video.

Around the time colossal left he started saying he only had trouble arguing abiut keem because he didnt have a script since they weren't expecting colossal to come in.

Vexxed also said he might do one more exposed video and then hes jot going to do them anymore because he doesnt like drama and hurting people.

No. 199223

here's a mirror to the privated vid where colossal owns vexxies ass

No. 199228


Wow, he really made himself look like an idiot. No sense of confidence in his words at all.

No. 199302

Nearly 50 minutes in. Holy shit Vexxed tried hard to make Collosal look bad.
49:45 is a highlight. Vexxed gets triggered when he is told he hasn't done his research.

No. 199316

He's such a rude cunt when Colossal was being so cordial and accommodating.

His argument points are extremely elementary as well.

No. 199330

>keemstar blocked me!
>keemstar never reports my stories!
>senpai notice meeeee;_;

I can't believe this idiot is still ranting about this.
Vexx interrupting colossal all the time is so fucking rude and annoying, I almost wanted to punch my screen. His arguments where weak and he is no match to colossal.

No. 199351

Fucking HILARIOUS that whenever he speaks about himself getting things wrong, he just HAS to say "well I'm sure you've made mistakes" and turn the criticism away from himself. His ego is so fragile.

No. 199352

I love when hes all

>keem might not share my news but I know scarce will!

Scarce is desperate to not look like a keem clone so of course hes going to report on your shitty stories. He reports shit on people with basically no views and calls them "big youtubers"

No. 199362

Sage for samefag

I wish i had screenshots of them, but before Vexxed had Colossal on his stream he had made some tweets about Colossal being an ass or something.
After the stream he deleted the tweets and posted this.
He knows he got his ass handed to him and is probably just sucking up to Colossal now so he doesn't look like a complete idiot.

No. 199383

File: 1479296216132.png (13.01 KB, 698x115, vexkeem.png)

Maybe I've missed something but I can't see any tweets where Keem is mentioning him.

No. 199399

File: 1479298445190.jpg (145.62 KB, 1439x388, 20161116_052925.jpg)

Dropped this earlier…..my bad

No. 199404

File: 1479299293225.png (171.51 KB, 1202x595, Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 7.14…)

These are literally the only comments i could see on keemstars twitter that MIGHT have something to do with Vexxed … I doubt either of them have much to do with him and he's just crying for attention like usual.

No. 199455

File: 1479312348576.jpg (5.09 KB, 220x200, gaydubbbz.jpg)

how can he think Keemstar is exclusively talking about him and his shitty podcast? He's just some guy on the tail of some bandwagon like always and desperate for Keems dick…

No. 199518

After watching some of his streams I'm pretty sure he has an anger problem. He jumps to conclusions a lot and makes weird baseless assumptions. He always thinks somethings about him cause hes so self centered. Kids got problems.

No. 199549

scarce has mentioned vex chan once though, which is why his ego has been inflated lately

No. 199584

File: 1479324025709.jpg (150.38 KB, 1439x425, 20161116_141853.jpg)

More than once if you ask vexxtard

No. 199894

Colossal really made Vexxed look like an idiot, fucking awesome. You can tell how angry he was getting and the way he kept interrupting him just showed he didn't want to hear what he had to say. I'm not surprised he still butthurt about being blocked by Keemstar since autists can never let shit go. Now Vexxed the Virgin claims that he feels bad about hurting people with exposed videos? BULLSHIT!

No. 200036

Vexxed has more brain and talent than any one of you gossipfags. It's funny that you fucks care about this dude to this extent. You just pissed that he's a moralfag and you cunts will never find a meaningful existence in this life for as long as you life.


No. 200038

girl your standards are so low, love yourself and look higher

No. 200054

According to Twitter Colossal came to the livestream because of Mr. Gunk's last video calling out the HotWetSoup guys. He didn't say shit during the stream and just grabbed a pillow and napped, was kind of funny.

No. 200056


Wow, it's really gross having a close up on his face, the extreme expressions are stupid too.

You know the commentary community is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when they start making content about other commentators.

No. 200061


lol the commentary community havin a go at each other has been happen for ages. thid vid aint so bad either.

No. 200087

File: 1479366528986.gif (432.42 KB, 500x240, heythere.gif)

Hey Vexxy

No. 200134

>Fuck Off, Jailbaits
awww thanks! I'll take that as a compliment, I didn't know I looked so young.

I love the wild assumptions people make about the anons on this site.

No. 202076

File: 1479711556488.png (56.97 KB, 887x508, vexxtwit.png)

anyone knows what happened to Vexxed?

No. 202080

File: 1479712777649.jpg (43.74 KB, 854x836, CxtdZXdUoAAzfOP.jpg)

Ok, I found out:

(holy fuck, if this is true…)

No. 202081

File: 1479712948738.png (28.27 KB, 696x224, vexxknife.png)

He even might killed that that guy.

No. 202083

He really should take himself to the police.

I have to say I didn't see this coming.

No. 202084

WTF???? Vexxed is going offline for a bit because he stabbed a guy when he was really drunk? I kind of don't believe it, that's mental.

No. 202085

>posted 29 minutes ago

>get response 2 hours ago
>posted 9 minutes ago
>SUDDENLY FIND OUT within 20 minutes

golly gee this sure isn't made by vex chan and or his friends in an attempt to get internet fame is it cus GOSH DARN thatd be prettyed pathetoc

No. 202086

oop well there you go

No. 202087

err, no, I just saw the tweet on vexx account, wondered what happened, and ended up finding the screencaps on this account: https://twitter.com/Pa_vis
of course it could be a publicity stunt, but tbh if it is one it would be the worst I've ever seen in the youtube community (and that means a lot).

No. 202089

File: 1479714946798.png (101.79 KB, 527x515, pav1.png)

full convo 1/5

No. 202090

File: 1479714986897.png (105.69 KB, 576x633, pav2.png)


No. 202091

How did you "end up finding screenshots" on that account? Bit coincidental to just stumble across isn't it? Also why would Vexxed so easily give this person information that could put him in prison? Hell, if I stabbed someone and got away with it I would take it to the grave, not telling someone I barely know on Twitter.

Fake. Nice try at sounding like a dangerous badass, Vexxed. Bigger news would be that you lost your virginity - but then I wouldn't believe that either.

No. 202092

"Hello yes you are my friend"
"Hello yes I am your good friend"

Loooooool this is so set up it is laughable

No. 202102

fake af you gullible bastard

No. 202108

File: 1479717716269.png (113 KB, 581x558, pav3.png)

3/5 for archiving purpose. Yes, it could be fake, but I'm not Vexx or one of friends.

I used my 101 sherlock skills: I prepared myself a nice hot cup of coffee and a croissant with jam, sat down in front of my pc and searched Vexx username on twitter. I found a retweet of Pavis tweet and voila.

No. 202113

File: 1479718558374.png (117.98 KB, 572x563, pav4.png)


and 5/5 is >>202080

and even if this is stagged, I don't get how he might benefit from this.

No. 202114

yeah me neither
someone contact the guy on twitter and see what else they can tell us

No. 202115

if this is fake, he probably thinks it'll get keemstar senpai to notice him, even if it is fucked up shit

No. 202117

The tweeter is a rabid Trumper who doesn't post about much else, yet suddenly has indignant feels about this "sociopath". Hmmm.

No. 202118

Personally I have a preference the "for senpai, I'll risk my visa and reputation" scenario because it doesn't involve someone getting stabbed, but either way, this guy is a fucked up psychopath.

No. 202119

File: 1479720259608.png (45.62 KB, 726x320, ice_screenshot_20161121-202144…)

No. 202120

No. 202121

well I can't tell what the fuck they stand for then. they're tweeting a ton of shit about faked hate attacks and laughing at people who want to protest. saged bc this is all insanity.

No. 202122

who gives a shit anyways
im going to message him

No. 202123

thanks for sharing. are you just fucking selfposting?

No. 202124

File: 1479721163090.gif (6.13 MB, 958x538, ciao.gif)

No. 202126

so… yes.

No. 202192

Honestly while this whole thing looks fake af, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some truth to it. Someone posted a bunch of fb accounts he was friends with above and they look like skangers.

Scumbags here tend to bring blades with them on nights out and if that's the crowd he used to hang out with when he lived in Ireland, it's not too much of a stretch to think he could have picked up that habit.

He's clearly got aggression problems anyway (I'd imagine anyone who does "exposed" videos does), he looks like the kind of little weed that thinks he's a hard man but doesn't have the intelligence or street sense that's needed for that.

No. 202409

this mirror was taken down by vex chan

No. 202443

The "stabbing" seems like an attempt to get more attention. It's obvious how much he values subscribers and online fame.

No. 202469

Yeah, completely fake.

Sad attempt to get attention.

He doesn't have agression issues. He does the "exposed" videos to try and make himself feel like his life has some value.

That hasn't been working so he needs to step it up a notch. So not he's super gaijin Yakuza enforcer boy.

No. 202473

Agreed. The only thing he's stabbing is a hotpocket with his dick. He's a huge wuss

No. 202492

If he had said he slapped the dude with his manboobs, that would have been more believable.

No. 202494

this is the same nerd that thought he was being a bad boy because he went out to mcdonald's one day when he should have been getting his visa renewed. i doubt he has actual anger issues. he just has an overinflated ego and thinks he's a badass.

No. 202556

No. 202580


Oh god his boobs are so bouncy.

No. 202602

Anybody have an archive of the colossal vs vexxed livestream?

No. 202630

Someone should send the "leaked" dms with his name and address to the cops.. That would be hilarious.

Covers both bases. If it's true (no way in hell) it's reported to the proper authorities. And if it's bogus, he gets a visit that will, possibly, teach him not to be that stupid.

No. 202678

File: 1479844584477.jpg (6.21 KB, 200x200, VLlIDWoA_200x200.jpg)

No. 202696

No that was the only mirror sadly

tl;dw though
colossal tries to have a civil conversation
Colossal: lolwat

No. 202699

Was it one of the scrapped podcasts or something? Why isn't it on clown's channel?

No. 202701

The podcast was hosted by Vexxed and his other retard friend.

They were shit talking other content creators in the community and they linked clown to it on twitter along with some unsavory comments(Vexxed has now deleted these tweets due to clown's fan backlash.)

Clown goes on their live podcast to open a discussion but Vexxed clearly had an agenda and constantly disregarded Clown's peaceful attempt at explaining the situation.

After the podcast, Vexxed felt he won the argument so he posted it onto his channel only to be dealt with dozens of people calling him a pussy fuck. Vexxed immediately removed it because he is a beta deformed male.

No. 202719

>disregarded Clown's peaceful attempt at explaining the situation.
^^ what 'situation' was he trying to explain?

No. 202724

vex: hurrdurr clown is best friends with keem thats why he wont make a video

clown: actually i had one but idubbbz made a video with all my points and i am a content creator of high integrity so i only put my best out-


No. 202932

File: 1479901965739.png (181.04 KB, 1162x667, Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 6.49…)

He is back on twitter after his super brief break. Too bad he didn't go to jail (if the stabbing thing was true, I know its possibly not)

thank you for linking this I had heard him mention how he got his "logo" from something on reddit but I couldn't find it

No. 203040

"Hey guys it's Scarce. So this story comes from a growing YouTuber Vexxed. So apparently Vexxed has fucking stabbed someone. That's right guys Here's the LEAKED screenshots from a pretty big YouTuber. This is so fucking crazy guys. He wasn't suppose to tell anyone."
-Vexxie's hoped outcome of trying to attention whore to the "news" channels.

No. 203056


Hm, well Scarce is good at fucking stories up and getting shit wrong.

No. 203082

lmao I heard scarce's voice, good job

No. 203084

Why are you tards still giving him air time? I'm sick of all of these assholes, Leafy, Vexxed, Keemstar, Scarce… "Exposed" youtubers are attention whores that benefit from bad comments and dislikes, they expect it, that makes them look more controversial hence their channels grow more, people love to watch that kind of fights online. These rats know that they will receive criticism by the nature of their videos, ignore them, that kills them faster.

No. 203115

because he took the bait and we know he's insecure that a bunch of females think he's ugly and stupid af

No. 203126

which bunch of females? wait… no.. you can't possibly mean..
oh my
this guy requires validation bunch of fat little girls on lolcow? you're the most entitled shiteating cunt I've encountered in a while
ciao bella, ban me, your mods must be so incredibly badass(ok)

No. 203148

But you took their bait too, do you really believe he stabbed someone? from virgin to badass assassin kek I'm feeling secondhand embarassment for you now, he is just trolling. Stop giving attention to men like that ew!

See? ->

Hi Vex

No. 203276


Isn't that a even greater insult to him though ? To be rejected even by " fat ugly little girls" rather then just the pretty ones. . .

kek, I smell forever virgin over here.

No. 203336

tell me you're joking
I refuse to believe anyone can be this stupid

No. 203374

Hey guys, Mr. Gunk here :)

Anyone that wants to come on our discord and call us out for the cunts we are is more than welcome. <3


No. 203376

Anon, should I point you to the Virgins thread in b/? it's not even a good insult since many girls here are virgin and there is nothing wrong with that, and there is another one for fugly chans so I think many people have a misconception about girls here.

No. 203378

>-Vexxie's hoped outcome of trying to attention whore to the "news" channels.
"somebody NOTICE MEEE! VenusAngelic, Keemstar, Leafy, anyone! NOTICE ME PLS I WANNABE A BIG YOUTUBER SOOO BAD!!"

No. 203380

some microchannel reporting it

No. 203381

He continued making more videos about other lame cases because that's what those youtubers do for a living and I can't believe you are still butthurt for the Venus videos, no one cares anymore about those and they should remain buried, don't give him what he wants! he and his friends are obviously trying to be relevant again here.

kek I can't believe people can be this stupid!

No. 203384

File: 1479973165073.png (182.86 KB, 1447x953, unknown.png)

Thanks Lolcow. Shoutout to the admins

No. 203386

if vexxy want to say something to us he can come here anytime. I won't go to your stupid chat.

Not anon you're responding to but honestly I'm still a bit pissed about the Venus video because it was particularly unjust. It's not this much about the backlash Venus was getting but the fact you can make this big piece of crap of an expose video and getting away with it because your fans are gullible and you know some morons in the youtube community who will defend you regardless ("vexxed always does his research! I know this because he said so!").

No. 203391

uh oh
hold me
lolcow scary
lolcow tough
lolcow too scared to talk to vexxy boo
how many insecure little girls can we get in here? at least 1?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 203393

And you are still giving him money watching his videos and paying attention to him… ugh. I don't want him to profit from that story either but you dumb anons giving him air time are making it worst and I don't even like the Palermos.. Look, now he is all happy because he got money from it… no wonder why Venus copyclaimed that video >>203384

No. 203405

I watched his stupid video embed here, he didn't earn anything from my views.

No. 203409

the embeds here still give views, you just don't see ads. admin has confirmed this recently in another thread.

No. 203430

Listen up anons,
I know, of course, that attacking someone on the internet isn't traditionally done to their face, but rather it is time spent in the corner wailing and screaming, however, I ask that today we turn over this tradition and that you fragile little band of pussies grow a pair and join us for a long and hearty group chat
That or you can suck long and hard on vexxed's cock from your sad little housewife 4chan clone for the rest of your lives

No. 203435

people tried to have a convo with vexxed on twitter and HE never replied or stood up to his bashing "exposed" videos although he did real shitty research

people don't just sit around in the shadows, but they know when an argument is useless! talking to a wall is not really of any value…

No. 203436

is that an weak little mumble of an excuse I smell?

No. 203437

No. 203438

oh yes it is
Don't worry, we have the ability to recognize bullshit excuses when we see them
lolcow's reputation just keeps on getting better thanks to lovely anons like yourself

No. 203439

If you think so…

No. 203441

we talk here. that is what we do.

No. 203442

you talk shit in your safe spaces where you will never be challenged, that's what you do, yes you're absolutely correct(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 203457

onya, tough guy

No. 203464

File: 1479993537616.gif (526.54 KB, 240x240, Boohoo.gif)

>claims teh farm is "safe space"
>claims "you will never be challenged in safe spaces"
>wants discussion on a safer chat channel instead

Vexx Logic.

Um, oookay. Impecable point Alex LOL. Is fapping to your Mago prawn gone dull lately?

No. 203501


As the above anon said. Why does he want the discussion moved to his own "safe space"?

Why is he afraid to come here?

He wants it on a chat channel he controls so he can kick anyone that is too challenging.

I mean, if he's tough enough to stab someone (giggle) he shouldn't have anything to fear here..

No. 203508

If Vexx wants to pretend he's oh so not bothered then gg, fill your boots son, you keep saying that.
But his whiney "girls think I'm ugly" pity party video and subsequent need to always come back via his pretend stans says otherwise

No. 203525

>Um, oookay. Impecable point Alex LOL. Is fapping to your Mago prawn gone dull lately?

Anon let it go, he knows the video triggers you. If you get obsessed with the videos about Venus he is going to start bragging about it AGAIN and more people will watch again, just take a look at that graphic, he is still earning REAL money from the video. The case is old, don't revive it.

No. 203529


The only thing he stabbed was his little prick into a hole in the wall.

Why is he so determined to have Lolcow members join his chat ? Is it that dead in his chats that he has to come here an antagonize people in hopes to feed his ego with a few more number counts in his crappy chat.. ?


I didn't say there was anything wrong with someone being a virgin. I just stated that I think Vexx ( Alex ) will forever always be a virgin. Whether that anon I was replying to was him or a frumpy fan calling everyone "ugly and fat", still find it funny that if that was the case he's still being rejected regardless.

No. 203567

>Why is he afraid to come here?

Because cows get banned, Look:

So maybe if you want to discuss directly with him about somethig you need to do it via twitter or take his bait and join that chat, because I highly doubt vexxy is going to do it here where people can got silenced. You can get fresh milk from the chat, tho.

No. 203572


The ones that have been banned have been for good reason. Not just for having a differing opinion.

For you to say he is afraid of being "banned" shows that he doesn't plan to have a "good faith" discussion.

He want's some manufacture "controversy" to drive traffic to his chat.

No. 203575


Sorry, Same anon as >>203572

It also kind of proves my point that he wants it in a place that he controls so he can boot anyone from the chat he can't handle.

Hell, look at how badly he failed with Colossal.. Desperately trying to talk-over him and interrupt (and still failed anyway).

That's the kind of show he runs. No one will waste time with that.

We're all here. He knows where we are, he's posted here before.

Why should the group of us alter our schedules to accommodate him? He's the one that wants it. He can come here.

He won't, because he is too chickenshit to try outside of his control, but he is welcome.

No. 203579

Probably he got what he wanted because now he blatantly comes here and takes advantage of the air time you tards are giving him discussing every tweet he makes and for not letting go his stupid video about Venus. People here who don't follow him or Venus get curious when they see you all triggered by stupid tweets and click his bait and videos = money. No wonder why he only comes to post his bait, and never discuss here, you do what exposed youtubers like the most: give them attention.

I hardly doubt he gets triggered by the virgin insults anon, even gross youtubers like leafy have fan girls.

No. 203589

In the spirit of giving, Alex, we will populate your sad chat if you provide us one (1) YouTube video where you make your titties bounce for us. The video can be unlisted so as not to disturb your large and rabid fan base.

It'll be our secret.

No. 203595

It's privated now

No. 203596

are you actually retarded? No one took that obviously fake bait LOL

No. 203598

I'm fucking laughing Vexxie literally has no ideas so he's trying to get victimized again

Does this man boob child have no life

No. 203604

File: 1480026559520.jpg (116.13 KB, 634x1024, RkAEHO5.jpg)

looks like justin jedlica

No. 203631

If this is really gunk and vexx then it lsounds like they are just desperate for new content for their youtube streams haha

The "dark" web and fake relgious hotlines not working anymore?
Learn how to be creative for once in your lives.

No. 203708

he got "silenced" because he was shitting up the thread. thread subjects can and do come here to talk and they don't automatically get banned.

No. 203747

Just look how long Sindy gets to sperg for before she's put on timeout

No. 203754

File: 1480062681417.jpg (195 KB, 1196x1046, PSX_20161125_025709.jpg)

Pic attached is why the lil turd is flapping and flexing his moobs so frantically of late.
Green column on left is subs by date, on the right is daily views (in green,) cumulative views next to that and est. daily earnings last (PRIOR to Youtube and the network each taking their cut.)

link: http://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCqVUDbWANEG47KmB2MoM6IA/monthly

Poor lil sped's views are dropping precipitously, that's why his panties are in such a knot. And his earnings are pocket change, despite his desperate flexing to try to prove otherwise.

>he got what he wanted because now he blatantly comes here and takes advantage of the air time you tards are giving him discussing every tweet he makes and for not letting go his stupid video about Venus. People here who don't follow him or Venus get curious when they see you all triggered by stupid tweets and click his bait and videos = money.
^^ no one's clicking or giving this pathetic wannabe shit by talking about him here, as evidenced by above stats. Likewise no one is triggered anymore either. We're just laughing at how pathetic the guy is.

No. 204726

File: 1480265810770.jpg (437.41 KB, 1434x1488, Screenshot_20161127-115031.jpg)

So as far as i can see Vexxed never released a trap nation exposed video with that franky kid like it looked like he would.

Still acting like a tough guy though

No. 204832

>>204726 the real trap nation has 10 million subscribers and would never reply to someone as insignificant as Vexxed. publicity stunt….

No. 204898

File: 1480285485574.jpg (1.19 MB, 1439x2456, 20161127_172108.jpg)

If you click the person who responded to him it takes you here.

This is the same twitter account that is linked from trap nations youtube account that has over 10mil subs…

I know vexxed is stupid and unimportant but it doesn't mean its 100% not the real trap nation

Do your research before posting anon.

No. 205542

Hi Vexxed no need to validate yourself as an important person. I did my research it's clearly not the real trap nation he has more important things to do than reply to you. The Twitter is fake as I've shown before. You haven't proven anything. o/

No. 205547

File: 1480314525193.png (23.45 KB, 616x232, trapnathion.PNG)


go to the upper right hand corner and click on the twitter logo. it's the same account.

I really fucking hate defending this retard, but it is real.

No. 205735

Talking about us lolol

No. 205738

I'm not vexxed stupid.
My IP is a USA IP not a Japan one.

Report me for "self posting" if you really are worried.

No. 205744


No. 205745

So far
> still thinks we doxxed him
> angel Venus
> Mr_gunk thinks saying "fuck venus" will get him his own thread
> "over 500 posts dedicated to me"
> fails to mention self posting
> chat is mostly trolls
> muh fee fees :(

And thats all I can take.

No. 205746

I'm curious what he said about the screencaps of him supposedly stabbing a guy.

Hoping a recording of the stream will show up since he is never going to post it on his channel.

No. 205747

shit it kept telling me the recording isn't available now its set to private.

No. 205765

>check my IP
>I'm not vexxed !

No. 205779

Anybody still interested in Colossal vs Vexxed stream? I mirrored it on YT but they got it taken down. I can upload it as a file somewhere if some wants it…

No. 205814

just post it on dailymotion or vimeo

No. 206265


vid was too long for dailymotion, it's now up at vimeo

No. 206309

File: 1480456714387.jpg (636.08 KB, 1304x792, dexxed.jpg)

This is why I don't work editorial anymore.
Now he just looks gay.

No. 206317

damn, this just made it even more obvious how unfortunate his face is

No. 206318

No. 206322

Thanks anon!

No. 206335

he's pretty much only attention whoring, talking about keem that he's sooooo mean to him. I rearly have seen someone talking about himself as much as that guy. you could think that he's trying to convince himself to believe what he's saying.

No. 206336

File: 1480461482922.jpg (22.95 KB, 384x384, image.jpg)

You nearly made him into john kuckian! Best edit of the autist so far

No. 206337


No. 206342

Vexxed is so bitter that keem asked colossaliscrazy to be on baited and not himself. Poor baby.

No. 206349

ot but colossal is based as fuck

No. 206439

So thirsty, so pathetic.
Hey vexxturd, take off your shirt and jiggle those titties around for your next #EXPOSED video. That'll get you some views. #vexxed

No. 206494

Get some tassels, #vexxed. Learn to spin em in opposite directions. Do it for the fans.
Do it for the view$
Do itttt

No. 206520


Yes! He could make his channel the "manboob" channel. Taking request for varoius manboob fondling vids.

He can start a patreon account with vids of him getting titty-fucked. Number and size of the penises in the titty banging determined by the number of patrons.

Do it!

No. 206577

You girls are just mad that he has bigger tits than you. Maybe you should get a boob job like I did! :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 206644

File: 1480513859790.gif (1.5 MB, 480x270, tiddies.gif)

No. 206647

As someone who doesn't know shit about Venus or this dude, I have to say this man is physically repulsive. Just ew.

No. 206796

Holy shit, I thought he was skinny because of his face, but he's actually kind of massive

No. 206810

Jfc same. The guy just gets weirder and weirder looking.

No. 206850

File: 1480545440718.jpg (29.07 KB, 640x480, sad-pepe-640x480.jpg)

Tfw a manchild has bigger tits than you

No. 207173

Why can't I have bouncy juicy titties like vexxtard? WHYYY???

No. 207392


No. 208585

I refuse to give him views.


basically him whining about Gunk getting a strike on his account when scarce didn't.

No. 208855


More bandwagoning.

No. 209350

scarce lowkey disses vexxed in his newest video (towards the end)

No. 209408


Scarce is definitely smarter than I thought. I'm happy no one took the bait.

No. 209641

Haha I didn't even catch that when I watched this the first time. I hope Scarce reports on vex's shit less after that.

Burn those bridges vexxed

No. 209652


8:20 secs if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

No. 211751

File: 1481415723471.png (10.93 KB, 408x130, 1212.png)

Just sharing: the super detective Vexxed-chan is now watching onion closely after Cyr's video. He's thristy for attention and will probably do a video on Greg soon.

No. 211766

Don't cross the streams, vexxy.

No. 213815

wow you faggots will go after anyone
vexxed actually makes good content compared to that weeabo trash

No. 213840

File: 1481693845116.jpg (1.98 KB, 97x97, images (2).jpg)

No. 215825

new vid talking about streamers committing seppuku. thoughts? i found the heartbeat sound annoying af

No. 215846

FYI: Seppuku alone doesn't mean suicide.(切- cut, 腹-belly)

Anyway, content-wise, it's an interesting video that starts off promising. However:
>"As a videomaker it's my job not only to make videos, but make sure they positively influence people too"

Is that why he was furiously masturbating to all the hate and harassment Venus and her husband received, despite all the evidence people sent him proving he was wrong and uninformed? He relished the flames he was fanning snd openly mocked her.

Do you guys see the parallel between the Russian teen story and Venus? Funny how he talks about how Katarina/Katya, the girlfriend, snapped after she ran away from her abusive parents. She wanted to "escape their constant control and surveillence." That sounds familiar. Katya's grandmother even threatened her with a knife! To which Vexxed says:
"This is not how any stable person would react to little kids in order to de-escalate a situation" Maybe she should have thrown the knife at the wall?
Didn't he just say that the kids had guns and ammunition with them in the grandparents' house? News reports actually said Dennis previously shot Katya's mother in the hip. So the situation was more complicated than he presents it. Yet he is being sympathetic to the kids desperation.
Hey, Katarina never emailed him her side of the story! How does he know the truth?! /sarcasm

He then goes into a spiel about how hopeless the kids were in their situation, how they had no options and how inappropriately everything was handled. Firstly, he provides no information about the punishment for juveniles who fire upon police or how Russia deals with mentally ill, abused kids who didn't murder anyone. Russian police are notoriously corrupt, but you need to prove the life in prison/zero options statement to explain why the kids gave up.

In the second story, he tries to praise himself about how he and his friends tried to talk a 4chan streamer out of suicide while other, heartless anons cheered the victim on. He ends that segment TERRIBLY because he doesn't even confirm what happened to the guy, Stephen. Vexxed The Savior just self-fellates himself for not letting another person take his place in the stream and forgets to tell the conclusion. Stephen actually survived lighting himself on fire as firefighters rescued him just in time. No tganks to Vexxed and Crew.

This is why he will not get respect. It's a worthy topic, but he didn't complete his research and he's an utter hypocrite who merely pretends to be concerned(for views). You still suck, Vexxed.

No. 216567

File: 1482073819550.jpg (99.67 KB, 960x743, IMG_20161218_085717.jpg)

Lol. Needing to profit from Onionboy again. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea? He'd be exposing someone that deserves to be exposed.
Also, his Twitter he recently won't stop bragging about how popular he is, how much subs he's getting etc… Will post another screenshot after this.

No. 216568

File: 1482073949665.jpg (61.16 KB, 960x451, IMG_20161218_091110.jpg)

This one made me laugh.

No. 216576


Perhaps he could cover the Luxymoo shit that went down.. But then again I remember the Venus situation and how he defended the abuser….

No. 217188

I'm pretty sure the abuser sucked his dick, or implied she would.

No. 217573

File: 1482193805670.jpg (83.03 KB, 654x960, IMG_20161219_182851.jpg)

Oh Vexxed.

No. 217575

I hope that losing this money will make him do a video on Greg. It'd get him a lot of views, wink wink.

I'd love to watch that. He's not that bright but I'm sure his video would get a lot of attention if it was exposing gargoyle. Plus I doubt he'd be on his side. The entire YouTube community hates him.

No. 217581


Probably just bullshit … This shit skid loves money to much to just throw it away/demonetize it. He fought pretty hard for Venus' video and to have every dime. ( even though it was kinda weird for Venus to try and claim its earnings )

No. 217652

Oh so this is where you bully and harass YouTubers for fair use(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217663

vexxed should dress up as santa's elf cus he looks like a fucking dwarf lol

No. 217687

File: 1482207450764.jpg (504.3 KB, 367x142, IprNCQb.jpg)

Run back to Vexxed, then.

No. 217707

Bully and harass YouTubers for fair use.. hm, sounds like the exact premise of Vexxed's channel.

No. 217721

File: 1482211734523.jpg (97.2 KB, 675x1200, Cz9EakdUsAAX4TH.jpg)

He's trying so hard to hide his man boobs, oh vexxy you tryhard <3

No. 217755

I'm the dude who made that image on Reddit and I'm entirely okay with him using it, jsuk. Creative Commons n shit.

No. 217758

File: 1482213463310.png (5.19 MB, 1165x1164, Vexxed1.png)

Here's the smexy new one I made for him too

No. 217788


No. 217794

Does Vexxed always send people he knows here?

No. 217804


Also why are his white knights suddenly polluting the thread?

No. 217849

tfw vexx chan is so insecure that he constantly has to validate himself by posting on here

No. 217962

They're also back to spamming Venus' Youtube with the "Whore!" "How could you that to your mother?!" comments.

I don't know the real reason for the surge, but a bunch of 13 year olds must have been lured by his suicude video.

No. 217964

>mfw his thread is bumped
He came to attention whore on the Discord, too. He's just as cancerous as ever.
Never change, Vexxxed.

No. 217979

File: 1482235060334.jpg (144.33 KB, 932x1199, margo.jpg)

Margo's been up to something, maybe that has something to do with it. Vexx got involved with her again perhaps? Sage for pic being current Margo.

No. 218410

I don't see that video on his channel any more. What happened?

No. 218453

The video was posted here. The link still works for me:

No. 218469

From a purely graphic design standpoint this logo is pretty bad. It's so jagged, and if you didn't just use some automatic trace feature in photoshop or illustrator(or similar software) I'll be shocked.

Maybe vexxed should pay someone who actually knows how to use those programs to make him a better version of that logo instead of this crappy jagged shit you made him.

And no I'm not just staying this because I don't like vexxed it could be my best friends logo and I'd tell them it was bad and fix it for them.

No. 218471

Also gradients lol

No. 218497

So you can't see it when you go to the channel, only thru a link? hmmm

No. 218498

it's an unlisted video. does anyone remember if it used to be public?

No. 218506

Oh, remember about how Vexxed bragged about trolling us by changing a video from private to public and back again? Dude's probably engaged in a high-end "troll" again.

No. 218507

The Venus exposed video popped up on my husband's Youtube recommendations todsy. He doesn't watch "exposed" videos or Venus. This may be why the video is getting comments again. I'm sure my husband isn't the only one getting it recommended.

No. 218516

It boggles my mind that he and his followers place all the blame on a 19 year old girl and not her fucking grown ass mother. It doesn't even take much research to look up all the horrific, dysfunctional stuff Margo has done. Any flaws Venus has can be traced right back to Margo's shitty parenting.

No. 218680

It's because Venus is above average in terms of looks, so the majority of internet children immediately side with the one that looks uglier out of insecurity

No. 218794

I think there's a lot of jealousy involved, maybe not so much about looks but about having the YT channel be a success of sorts. A lot of kids want what Venus has, as evidenced by the kids fawning over Margaret as if she has the power to do this for them too. Hating on her is easy if you want what she has and paint her as somehow ungrateful. For vexed, it's probably misogyny, a chance to bash a young woman because it gave him pleasure to do so (like Onion bashed Eugenia). I do believe Margo came onto him as well and he probably thought / thinks he has a real chance at the "older woman experience". The psychology of her followers and allies is fucked up.

No. 226712

File: 1483431539676.png (53.98 KB, 500x500, All about me (4).png)

Hey you people vexxed may do that but not all people should use this much drama on a single video(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 229117

That's probably why he's siding with her soo much, its disgusting.

Venus is still a human in regards, and she has the right to live as her own as she IS a child, the mother just want fucking money, and Vexxed is just together along with the scene to get some of that cash as well.

The mother & Vexxed both should be banned off social media for good.

No. 229118

For all we know, Venus mom is probably using Vexxed to help her get money back & claim better reputation, Vexxed is a pure dickbag.

No. 239186

soo… is anybody still checking what this looser is doing? Apparently he made his trap nation video and failed at getting reddit famous (again) https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/5podki/the_owner_of_trap_nation_was_involved_in_false/
Also a lot of whining on his twitter, but I'm too lazy to follow this drama.

No. 239200


Honestly, nobody cares enough about this flabby fruit cake to keep up with his life. So unless he giggles his titties on camera, lets not update this thread till then.

No. 239986

File: 1485398132676.jpg (171.26 KB, 1252x621, mrcommunication.jpg)

No. 240216

how did you even found this

No. 240247

File: 1485446219692.jpg (46.94 KB, 1256x286, poophole.jpg)

who cares, "poop hole"

No. 240345

File: 1485460698952.png (369.96 KB, 1439x2019, 20170126_195740.png)


So has Vexxypoos Twitter been hacked or is this one of his lame attempts to be relevant?

No. 240356

I don't understand the whole twitter hacking lizard squad stuff but… why would they steal a nobody's account? What does that accomplish? Couldn't they steal a more famous/relevant account with more than a couple thousand followers?

I'm guessing it's a ruse.

No. 240359


Its probably just Vex trying to look important. Nobody gives a general fuck about this nobody enough to hack him.

No. 240388

File: 1485465183538.png (88.13 KB, 587x547, 2017-01-26 21_50_43-Vexxed? (@…)

It was a fake like his "I stabbed someone" episode some time ago.
He was trying to get keems/scarces attention, it failed, and now he's backpedaling full force "I trolled you all!!!1"

No. 240397

wow what an retard edgelord

No. 240445


I hope Keem never acknowledges him, and he forever suffers from not having his idols attention.

And if you're lurking Vexxy-poo …. It might give you a little attention to giggle them titties ? Maybe even go after the mighty Onision for ourrr… I mean your entertainment.

No. 240446

hes sooooo ugly it literally makes me want to die

No. 242738

File: 1485896975246.png (235.13 KB, 458x547, 2017-01-31 21_59_58-Vexxed? (@…)

>that face when you're pooping in some dark alley

No. 242742


Looks like he took a picture in mid wank … That poor target.

No. 243410

File: 1485998101920.jpg (48.51 KB, 600x389, C201503-312-New-War-on-Rats-ra…)

>tfw you were created in a lab as a crossbreed between a rat and a large breasted orangutan

No. 251796

File: 1487129985940.png (442.79 KB, 705x447, vexxy.png)

no news, just some pic of him because he's ugly as sin and it makes me laugh.

No. 251803

File: 1487130731032.jpg (8.46 KB, 267x189, images.jpg)

I talked about Daphne Rimmel a few minutes ago in Margo's thread and now someone's having her little revenge here because she believes I'm Vexxed. LOL

Lol be mad!
pic related.

No. 251832

File: 1487134308133.gif (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 480x360, make em bounce.gif)

No. 251838

ehm, no?
Just all the talk in the kappa thread made me remind that this lowlife is still out there somewhere and it's about time to make fun of his ugly mug again. Jesus he's just so bad looking, we should'nt even justify ourselves about why we are making fun of him, let's just laugh at his unfortunate face and manboobs,k?

No. 251840

"We" lol talk for yourself.

No. 251842

they are at least two of us but ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 263522

I guess this is him with Ice_Poseidon? At least if there isn't another Vexxed with mantits.

I don't know much about this Ice Poseidon dude except he has all this drama and gets banned from twitch regularly but Vexxed still manages to be the bigger dramaqueen by asking if Ice wants to say something to the camera when he says he just wants to go after seeing a man jump from a building.

No. 269730

gets skype leaked to lolcow. dosnt change it.

No. 288907

File: 1491873595963.jpg (171.45 KB, 1024x512, 30764034251_37b9c4f589_b.jpg)

Really SO People Are Thinking "OH IT PROBABLY TRIGGERS VEXXED" so Why Are You Cyber bullying Him If He Apparently Was Cyber Bullying Venus Oh Yeah Umm I Am A BIT MAD That He Did That To Venus. But Keep Calm And Get Mad At Vexxed(User Has Been Put Out To Pasture)

No. 288908

File: 1491874159943.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 452x308, waaat.gif)

No. 288910

Newfag, go home. Also, why do you capitalize the first letter of every word?

No. 288966

File: 1491882705221.jpg (25.71 KB, 540x177, why.jpg)

No. 289156

File: 1491919696819.png (Spoiler Image, 617.41 KB, 615x409, Gaucho-Xiahn-Main.png)

vexxed looks like a fat sloppy version of that brazilian guy trying to look korean

No. 289764

おひお. I wanted to go other this post a bit.
Firstly. Vexxed is a legitimate Japanese man. I am Japanese myself. Before you say that look up what one looked like and go to your school and say it to another student or teacher and see how burnt your ass will be. I am a ISP Securies Master. What you are saying and the threats you are making are in fact illegal. Same as making jokes about suicide. I have a gun of my own and have considered unsing on self before. I will reveal all of your identities using the security equipment that I own and report you all to my direct line to world wide security. All you little asses will be hauled off by police or social workers. What you are joking about is serious and makes you look unstable. Plus I bet most of you girls here have a huge problem with you body image so let that irony sink through you delutted wall for a second. As I was saying that I'm an artist. Music and Anime. I have a community of 320 million and how many subscriber does this "popular and powerful-not-even-a-major Venus have?" Hah. If I where to draw a scale and explain the bullying story and that scale was showing the size of your community and mine. They will laugh at you and the posts you made will be almost invisible with the comments from my community standing up for me. Also when I identify you all when another attack is made. I'll make sure it's a case of karma and that people will know your names in the real word. I don't know about you but I don't think that I would marry someone who looks cute but is known for; joking about rape, suicide, public shaming and making baseless claims which I can just bust with a couple of clicks. You don't look cute on paper that for sure secret monsters your spirits are all corrupted. I won't let that kind of person be associated with me. Good bye. Reply and I'm sure I could backfire you soo bad you won't even see it but you. your threat turn into a juvenile sentence.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289766

File: 1491994451724.png (46.35 KB, 567x335, C41A4420-65BB-4D55-864E-E67725…)

No. 289767

File: 1491995619127.gif (933 KB, 500x281, 412855abf0304e86ca399e9f484adb…)

No. 289769

This atrocious attempt at Japanese immediately followed by a claim to being Japanese is possibly the best part of the post

No. 289785

Cute copypasta attempt. I give it 3/10. Next time, try not to sound 12.

No. 289797

Someone has their fas in a bunch

Oh no we're so scared I don't want that to happen!!!

No. 289817

>making jokes about suicide

No. 289818

just leave the fields blank when you post

No. 289821

File: 1492002926153.jpg (31 KB, 466x404, Cyber_5dd2a7_793548.jpg)

>I am a ISP Securies Master.
But you can't spell "securities"

>What you are saying and the threats you are making are in fact illegal. Same as making jokes about suicide.

In what country? And what specific "threats" were made?

>I have a gun of my own and have considered unsing on self before.

Do the world a favor.

>I will reveal all of your identities using the security equipment that I own and report you all to my direct line to world wide security.

"World Wide Security"? Is that like the "cyber-Police"? Have we been back-traced?

>What you are joking about is serious and makes you look unstable.

And this post was the picture of mental stability.

>As I was saying that I'm an artist. Music and Anime.

No, you never said anything about that. You said you were an "ISP Securies Master"

>I have a community of 320 million and how many subscriber does this "popular and powerful-not-even-a-major Venus have?"

320 Million? Let's see them.

>Hah. If I where to draw a scale and explain the bullying story and that scale was showing the size of your community and mine.

Please do.. You are an "ISP Securies, music, anime, master" after all.

>They will laugh at you and the posts you made will be almost invisible with the comments from my community standing up for me.

"I have lots of friends. Really. I do.. Believe me."

>Also when I identify you all when another attack is made.

Go for it.

(Yes, I know this is a bullshit troll.. I couldn't help but pick this silliness apart.)

No. 289822


dont give the copypasta tryhard any attention moron

No. 289854

https://youtu.be/iYeOaQ8f9Tc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289855

Kate ne. Yup ya honestly don't scare meh telling me kys

No. 289856

Although I will take your advice and not give you attention because to be honest this site is just to troll people and I have better things to to.

No. 289861

and yes. I am a troll and look how much of your time I wasted 4 hours of distraction overall and yes I screech
metal under a fake redistributed name.

No. 289865


But it's fun..

No. 289879

>>289821 >>289865
The irony Is real. Trolling trollers is actually the best. Considering you are literally trolling an innocent guy (VEXXED) look how much attention I took off of him and how much of that time was wasted. And you say I'm a bullshit troller. I'm nearly dead just reading that considering what you are doing is trolling this guy with no valid proof and trolling me while expressing that. You actually don't scare me. Your just some random person behind a key board. Back in the day when this shit was at one of my clubs (yes I am Japanese that was a typing mistake) you'd have you face shoved into a choppers fucking running tyre. We don't deal with bad ass wanna be's with no proof.

No. 289891

You only wasted your own time, on top of bumping the thread

No. 289898

wow, you sure got us :(( can you leave now?

No. 290151

File: 1492039552841.jpg (11.22 KB, 260x194, images.jpg)

No. 290178


What happened to the "internet securities master"?

Come on. If you use you "direct line to world wide security", what ever the fuck that is, and have anyone arrested, I will personally motorboat Vexxy's ample man-titties at the Shibuya crossing and give you an hour to draw a crowd.

Ball is in your court, make this happen. Don't disappoint everyone.

No. 290183

File: 1492041587834.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 480x360, shortshorts.gif)

No. 290198

anon, fucking why? i actually just screamed, this is the scariest thing I've seen in my life

No. 290208

File: 1492042866218.png (50.64 KB, 228x275, 1473826397466.png)

>world wide security

ive never laughed so hard in a while. thanks japanon

No. 290216

how would it even be possible to make a mistake that reaches from おはよう to おひお … like ??

also, buddy. just in case you really are japanese. your little friend vexxed is not even japanese, nor half-japanese. he is from ireland. calm down, take a nap and then start here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/vexxed-vexxedb4c-vexxedb4h-blessedfalcon.24116/

No. 290318

Why is this fool here raving about "trolling" and "bullying"?? No one's paid this mouthbreather the slightest bit of attention in months.

No. 295085

Okay so to litterally everyone bickering about Vexxed I just want to say that you all are just kind of acting kind of stupid, I would like to see even one of you go out and say some of this stuff you say to his face I know that you wouldn't cause you are saying this over the internet and he can't do crap to you and about Venus Angelic you don't always need to blindly defend her but I know none of you are gonna listen to me and just call me an idiot or something but please for once just actually think "Hm, is this guy I am about to blindly hate on in the wrong? Or am I just being a jerk crapping on this guys day?" Really you all just need to stop. And yes I know I will probably get banned but I really don't care just you people stop blindly hating ALL OF YOU would not dare to say any of this to his face. Thank you for your time, don't hate. God bless you.

No. 295089

File: 1492678215153.png (85.8 KB, 625x626, nicebaitmate.png)

You know what is really stupid though?

You just bumped this thread back up to page 1, a thread that didn't have any replies in an entire week.

No. 295101

Im not going to japan or where the fuck ever just to call a loser, a loser.
Kill yourself.

No. 295111

>i make rant on a dead thread since vexxed became irrelevant anyway
>and just call me an idiot


No. 295167

Marg x Vexxed are OTP

No. 295247

You are LITERALLY 14.

I would say it to his funhouse mirror face if I saw him in Japan again. What's he going to do? Poke me in the eye with one of those bombass titties? I'm too far from Tokyo, though.

The baby gamer squad started coming back to leave comments on Venus' videos, so his "exposed" video is probably circulating again.

No. 295611

Alright if you say so then do it. I want to see you go right up to his face and say all the crap you would want to say. And also for the matter I find age really irrelevant so I really just see you calling me 14 just guessing an age and not an actual insult.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 295637


I can't believe people take this guy seriously. He literally likens Lolcow to extremism. Lolcow's forums pretty much just takes media and allows people to comment with a typical biase of dislike. That's it. It's internet gossip. It's the kind of thing that's likely to happen when you put yourself out there on mainstream media and insert yourself into drama. I don't really know what he was expecting, honestly. Saying Lolcow is extremism is nonsensical, and completely irrational, just because people took your pictures and photo shopped them doesn't mean they're radicallized, just because we disagree with you doesn't mean we're unreasonable, and just because we speculate doesn't mean we're deluded, not everyone on Lolcow is going to read and participate in this thread, in fact people likely won't ever see this thread, one person on twitter doesn't speak for everyone on the site. The guy should have just left it alone, but instead had to try and capatalize on his own useless drama, and in return has left Lolcow with the fallout of idiots who take a YouTube video as a gateway to troll/rage and waste our time. The fact that people are still watching this irrelevant guy's failed keemstar attempt truly vexes me.
I also hate the fact he just assumes everyone is a bitchy girl on this site, have some imagination, gossip is gender inclusive, we're all allowed to hate you equally.

Sage for bumping a dead horse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297987


Really where do you live? I'd happily go say hi for my entertainment.

No. 298008

give me your phone number and i whisper you some really dirty stuff in your ear, tittyboy

No. 298024

Did Margaret give a deep tissue massage to those oppai or not? Do you smell like Parmesan cheese? Why are all your fans in middle school? Why did you deliberately ignore all evidence sent and linked for you that proves Margo was an abusive, lying, exploitative cunt? How many litres are you sweating now that Spring is here?

So many questions for Vexxed-Sama.

No. 298074

File: 1493048060402.jpg (455.19 KB, 600x2242, mad-guide-of-man-boobs.jpg)

I just wanna know his cup size.

No. 298146

File: 1493059611865.gif (647.12 KB, 498x207, tenor.gif)

No. 298148

14 Branchland Court, Ruckersville, Virginia

No. 298293

File: 1493076217950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 607.94 KB, 250x188, K5TXwRs.jpg)

I'd be careful, man! Vexxed's boobies are lethal weapons.

No. 298303

wow, i applaud you. make a selfie with him when he shows up, otherwise no one will believe it.

No. 298310

File: 1493077808087.jpg (47.98 KB, 640x480, irl.jpg)

No. 299734

File: 1493311264914.png (57.93 KB, 625x626, m9.png)


'if I saw him in Japan again.'
>Claims to have seen me

'14 Branchland Court, Ruckersville, Virginia'
>US Address

>Seems legit


No. 300022

>doesnt know about chris

No. 300775

No surprise there. Clueless as usual.

No. 305074


No. 305179

His eyebrows? Can you even read? We're all about his Russ Meyer jumbo titties.
Also, fuck off with this stuff. Look how dead this thread is. No one thinks of Vexxed, not even YouTube viewers.

No. 305881

File: 1494073453919.jpeg (47.55 KB, 640x480, 4C3BB589-61FA-47C8-847A-574A12…)


How the fuck do you guys not realize that's the old address to Chris Chans house? You uncultured swines.

No. 305882

File: 1494073698842.jpg (64.32 KB, 625x475, epikmaymay.jpg)

Pic related, they're in all the fun threads.

No. 305911

wow, youre an arrogant bitch, arent you?
look at you all self-rightous and shit.

most likely no one said anything about that being chris' adress because
1) people were hoping vexxed wouldnt realize and
2) actually drive there and therefore
3) further baiting him with >>298303 and >>298293
4) didnt bother writing in a dusty thread where only vexxeds titties were sperging and
5) it was too obvious for anyone anyway and
6) >>299734 claimed to be vexxed himself, who actually is too dumb to know about chris

and you piece of shit didnt even sage and got that thread out of the attic again only for sperging over how superior you are. good job, hoe. now gtfo and kys

No. 305919

Are you stupid, they already found out it's Chris Chan, did you not click on the link they posted? It's no longer bait at that point. Besides, the real vexxed is a fucking NEET. Guarantee he already knew.

No. 305923

ya I agree snarky cunts like that outta take their basic bitch asses to kiwifarms or some shit smh

No. 308529

To all you stupid whores on this website ragging on a guy for his looks think about this for a minute. He's doing better than you so shut the fuck up. Your opinions don't fucking matter. Let him be him. Majority of you are ugly fat bitches anyways. Can't get fucked so you rage at this guy for basically telling the fucking truth. And if you're "triggered " by the way his face is I hope you get a stick of lit dynamite shoved up your cunt and it blows up there. Enchante and Ciao sluts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308696

So retarded, he thinks everyone is the same poster. But you think I never saw your Baby Huey ass…

Pimply 13 year olds are a scary bunch.

If these posters aren't Vexxed himself, WHERE are these kids coming from and why are they attracted to this busty, inbred sperg? Is he paying them? I really want to know since it can't be just random kids that saw his videos in YouTube recommendations. I don't understand the insane devotion to an absolute nobody with boring videos, no personality and no discernible talent. He's not someone amiable like DanTDM or prolific like Philip DeFranco. Is it his tits?

No. 761165

vexxed gets called out by ice poseiedon, sad boring man trying to be relevant

No. 761195


Hardly, just sounds like two buddies talking and Ice giving him advice on how to be successful. Do you have any actual milk, or did you just revive the thread over banter?

Its good to hear he may be flopping though.

No. 761421


>vexxed gets into fight with another girl streamer

>turns out she turned him down so he was butthurt and went on stream looking through her photos calling her ugly and insecure
>in his angry incel rage blames ice for him not being more popular
>ice confronts him and vexxed deflects like a retard

>ice finds the stream where vexxed goes on a shit talking spree and calls him out on it

>vexxed retreats and doesnt fight ice bc clout

No. 1935355

Vexxed died from a (supected OD related) seizure last month: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/who-vexxed-everything-kick-streamer-reportedly-passed-away
The reddit thread featured in the article has some information on his more recent activities. It appears that he started associating with many controversial streamers such as Ice Poseidon and Suspendas (who announced his death). I had never heard of the latter until today, but some highlights from his fandom page includes:
-he streamed himself having sex on at least three different occasions.
-played loud music while on a train and had a racist chimp out when other passengers asked him to stop
-the most recent time he streamed himself having sex, the woman's child was present.
Some have speculated that Vexxed's death may be linked to related, where he ingests some drink (speculated to be codeine, kratom or a mixture of both) and may have consumed too much alcohol afterwards. Another theory I've seen is that Suspendas delayed disclosing Vexxed's death for a week because he feels/knows he is responsible and wanted to profit off the death.

No. 1935383

File: 1701298664460.jpg (89.43 KB, 1040x584, what.jpg)

A now-suspended Twitter account that was dedicated to 'exposing' streamers in Asia had a number of threads referring to Vexxed and some of his friends and acquaintances. https://web.archive.org/web/20230611084235/https://twitter.com/TzGnis/status/1666231905849839616 I don't know if the videos mentioned in this archive are saved, but the account alleges that Vexxed is 'attracted to young females' and has supplied underaged girls with alcohol. The archived thread also refers to an incident where Vexxed and another streamer make jokes about atomic bombs and 'radioactive pussy' while streaming in Hiroshima. The latter incident received some attention online: https://nextshark.com/livestreamers-joke-about-atomic-bombs-radioactive-pssy-while-streaming-in-hiroshima

No. 1935386

File: 1701298939596.png (536.11 KB, 1817x697, wtf.png)

No. 1935452

>sexpat bro dies of OD
aww you made my day nona lmao good riddance to trash

No. 1935463

There’s also a video of him with Suspendas at a bar from 4-5 months ago saying he choked a Thai woman while raping her.

Tinfoil but noticed quite a lot of western scumbags end up dying in Thailand specifically. From 2016-2018 there were 60 deaths of British tourists who were classed by British police as ‘suspicious’ but cleared by Thai police. A lot of the time these cases are suspected to be murders and staged suicides, but the Thai police generally don’t bother investigating western sex tourists dying and are notoriously easy to bribe, so it’s classed as a suicide and gets closed without any further investigation. It would be good if someone murdered him out of revenge but yeah it’s more likely he was just a hedonistic retard who mixed his pills. Good news either way.

No. 1935497

well thank goodness for that!

No. 1938579

that's fucking wild, i never thought this would be how it would end for the magoret white knight

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