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File: 1683996612309.jpeg (45.26 KB, 621x655, 1678870526000.jpeg)

No. 162279[Reply]

Our queen has so many great faces that can perfectly convey our emotions online
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No. 168727

File: 1718899499199.png (48.81 KB, 194x169, 1718890638931.png)

No. 168732

No. 168907

File: 1720641192466.jpeg (163.68 KB, 1121x1242, 1670739008819.jpeg)

No. 168908

File: 1720673072171.jpeg (29.01 KB, 750x135, IMG_0857.jpeg)

Not a face but a favorite of mine I’ve been hoarding

No. 168912

Damn, it is crazy to look at all the old pics upthread and see how much life has left her eyes in the space of 4-5 years.
It's not just that she got fatter/uglier. She can hardly even open her eyes anymore. And even when she does there's nothing behind them. Just zooted 24/7.
Pics like these >>162513 don't even look like the same person as >>162420 and >>162311 and >>162309
Her soul is gone.

File: 1720272848440.jpeg (938.1 KB, 1170x1195, 1719840151218.jpeg)

No. 168856[Reply]

A thread for cataloging Shayna's hideous attempts at makeup. What was the worst makeup she's ever worn?
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No. 168876

File: 1720408017343.png (1.94 MB, 719x1280, 1513717863077.png)

No. 168903

File: 1720640569349.jpeg (50.97 KB, 228x275, 1670951909510.jpeg)

No. 168905

File: 1720640866568.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1206x1492, 1670960336851.jpeg)

No. 168928

File: 1720873005622.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 1539735915718.jpg)

No. 168929

File: 1720873355397.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, 1539985425927.png)

File: 1680541771822.jpeg (88.54 KB, 720x720, 20230403131041898.jpeg)

No. 158286[Reply]

Post your shaydits, photoshops, face apps and possible thread pics here!
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No. 168578

Kek I love this nonnie. Good explanations, fingers crossed she reads this and actually tries for once in her life to look good. Her job literally depends on it yet she can't be assed, it confounds me.

No. 168583

God this actually is one of the best spergs about how she should style herself, thank you nonna kek. I think if she leaned into looking very Mediterranean (Greek/italian American) she could pull it off WAY better than the blonde pink crap. Your after pic is downright attractive dare I say, and it’s not SO outside the realm of possibility

No. 168608

File: 1717310739890.jpg (273.59 KB, 1080x1250, IMG_20240602_013847_edit_12486…)

Was bored and did her makeup and this monstrosity was the result:
Shaynarr tutorials :DD

No. 168892

File: 1720577955497.jpg (153.63 KB, 710x364, Screenshot_20240710-022023_022…)

It's really hard to make her look decent using just mobile apps. Either she ends up looking like AI after you've finished fixing everything wrong with her, or else she still looks plain

No. 168897

Her dark circles are so wild. They're so big now that it looks like she even has upside down dark circles between her eyebrows & upper lids.

File: 1680371114717.jpeg (181.12 KB, 720x1560, 20230401134609060.jpeg)

No. 157750[Reply]

Nona, Nonnie and Nonita get in here and let's tall about your favorite totally more then like true Shayfoil (tinfoil aka Titfoil). They try to silence the truth but they don't know the truth!
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No. 168445

Checking in to say I definitely think she’s made some new friends in Vegas that are helping her access stimulants or other drugs that are making weight loss easier. She’s shifted a few pounds and seems obsessed with Vegas, I think one of the porno dudes (or - potentially a sugar daddy who splits his time between Seattle and Vegas too?) is getting drugs for her. I feel like she hasn’t been doing her usual “daddy took me to the mall and bought me a Hello Kitty hand mirror” shit because it isn’t the case anymore - instead its “daddy took me on his boat and gave me lots of adderal” or whatever shit she is getting. She shows off all the ugly shit her daddies get her except the ‘boat dad’ who also seems to like old guy rock.

No. 168884

I think something happened between her and the sissy troon. Based on her talking about how her sub just up and left while she was slapping him and then talking about how she has to leave her overpriced apartment soon afterwards (it's been theorised he's moved in with her and paid a portion of the rent on top of minding her pets)

No. 168885

Anons been talking about how she cannot afford her rent for a long time. She’s constantly in LA and there’s more opportunity there. She prefers it there so I feel she’s been planning to move there for a while now and her lease is up finally.

No. 168887

Tinfoil: she knew that her finances weren't good but she didn't actually realize how bad it was until the anons in her thread started breaking it down into monthly earnings reports. She clearly doesn't keep track of her income or have any method of budgeting and living within her means. Anytime she's short on money, she just ebegs and hopes her coomers give her what she wants.

No. 168890

What do you think will happen next on the Shay saga:

From most likely to least likely imo.

a) Shayna gets bailed out by her dad who gives her enough money to get a new Apartment. Nothing changes for the foreseeable future.

b) Shayna moves in with one of her SW friends, like Kiki or the black girl whose name I forget.

c) Shayna moves in with the cringe sissy guy or gets him to pay for her apartment and she has to do increasingly disgusting sexual favors for him.

d) She somehow saves money and moves on her own.

e) She somehow saves money and moves to Vegas on her own. Full prostitute arc begins.

f) Womack or another degenerate coomer dad(not the sissy) bail her out full Fupa style and begins Fupa McMansion 2.0.
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File: 1711960093280.jpg (40.17 KB, 549x558, images-2.jpg)

No. 168177[Reply]

A thread to celebrate the first year since the inception of /shay/. Post your best /shay/ momentos and shaynacore things.
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No. 168837

File: 1720109095696.jpg (62.72 KB, 736x736, e101539910ddb87bc55b75f3329374…)

No. 168854

File: 1720256725968.jpg (220.11 KB, 1063x1063, mTgVvWzMNGnqYJyEbkPX3KTvplKrS7…)

No. 168855

File: 1720271201949.jpg (130.68 KB, 1000x841, scale_1200 (1).jpg)

No. 168858

File: 1720275440031.jpeg (187.25 KB, 828x814, IMG_1112.jpeg)

No. 168859

File: 1720279311278.jpg (3.59 MB, 4032x3024, 1681144494703.jpg)

From the shaynatorium

File: 1683626843844.png (855.96 KB, 920x920, mountain troll spotting.png)

No. 162200[Reply]

post and discuss your predictions of what shayna will do next, in the near future, or in the fat (oops i mean far) future.
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No. 168686

I think with Shay showed Colleen the thread, bitched about her path of broken friendships/relationships and how lonely she is. Colleen probably gave her some advice to just move back and get her parents help to do anything else but this.
An added shayfoil: I think Ellen broke up with her along with that sissy moid.
Her birthday might be a deadline for her to find more motivation or a drop of money with a collab in Las Vegas or go back to mass

No. 168687

Shayna will not quit SW. She will end up like Lori from /w/ and still have an OF when she's older, still not earning much money and struggling to pay rent, still fat and unhealthy. The difference will be that she will look even worse and have a lot of wrinkles, so she will use stronger filters on her photos.

No. 168688

I think Shayna is constantly breaking down and trauma dumping to every woman who she feels is a "Friend". She's not happy and she won't accept whats making her unhappy is this "Job".

No. 168831

who thinks shes gonna kill herself this year? or die in some other unrelated way? she always predicted she would be a member of the 27 club

No. 168846

I don't think she would do it. Chasing after temporary pleasures is what keeps her relatively happy for someone with a lifestyle as miserable as hers. She's gonna be fine for as long as she can afford booze

File: 1696457057989.jpeg (16 KB, 172x274, 9EBA7EC8-56FD-483D-BD11-F83B78…)

No. 164799[Reply]

Which pic made you think DAMN SHES UGLY for me it was this one her head looks like a deflated balloon and her expression is so ugly the smirk the double chin
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No. 168817

The eye makeup she does makes her eyes worse because she does huge, thick eyeliner wings going up to her brows. Which as well as being a decade outdated also gives the illusion of her naturally small eyes being even smaller. Her eyes are already unattractive but the makeup she does takes them from bad to worse

No. 168820

File: 1719959614374.jpeg (81.97 KB, 633x831, IMG_1076.jpeg)

No. 168839

File: 1720126100989.webp (224.43 KB, 1344x992, screenshot-2023-06-07-at-3.28.…)

damn she actually looks just like desmond napoles aka desmond is amazing.

No. 168926

File: 1720859073086.png (1.18 MB, 630x1809, worst-2.png)

This simultaneously belongs in this thread, the worst outfit thread, the bad hair thread, the bad makeup thread and possibly the shatspo thread.

No. 168933

i showed my bf this pic and he said it looked like someone hit her in the face with a board

File: 1719984098015.jpg (17.93 KB, 500x333, 4725737736425736844_3112577478…)

No. 168825[Reply]

A simple thread to discuss Shayna and our personal relationship with her threads
>How did you discover lolcow?
>When did you start reading Shayna's threads?
>Is there anything in them that reels you in and keeps you hooked?
>Do you relate to her or is she just another cautionary tale?
>Worst/Funniest moments in your opinion?
>And whatever else you may want to add
Discuss and have fun

No. 168826

There's already a thread like this

File: 1680494912023.png (178.78 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

No. 158187[Reply]

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No. 166225

Im honestly shocked shayna never jumped on the “kitten” and “kittenplay” shit that was popular like 5 years ago. She only does dog stuff which is sus.

No. 166259

Her terrible financial decisions. How are you going to come online and cry about how you can't afford to visit your family on Thanksgiving but in the past few weeks have blown hundreds on drinks, brunch, paying for upgraded seats and overweight luggage? In the past month she's publicly posted about spending ~$800 (including the flight to lonestar) which should definitely be enough for a roundtrip flight. If she really wanted to be there for the holidays, she would.

No. 166261

exactly. and not only will she not purposely save to spend time with her family, but she’ll shill her pussy and asshole and do the most embarrassing shit for pennies to raise money for the most meaningless shit yet couldn’t be arsed to do one of her emergency sales to raise $200 to go. She didnt even beg for money this time she was just kinda like “darn! it really sucks!” to save face

No. 167029

File: 1704206308047.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x313, 1634088260873.jpeg)

this is from 2021

No. 168816

It just baffles me that she thinks the next dick or spanking video or whatever is going to thrust her into fame, you'd think she'd grown out of that shit.
I don't think se feels that strongly about it now, but i know it's in the back of her mind.
>Doing my first Boy/Girl will really go viral!
>Prositution will really help me advance my career and I'll get a sugar daddy who will spoil me endlessly!
It's like girl…her whole, "I'm so special" shit is weird. I used to feel that way until I turned 19 and realized i'm not "Special" i'm just retarded.

File: 1711384274338.gif (655.1 KB, 275x151, 1638606920025.gif)

No. 168109[Reply]

Just one, no matter how backhanded or oddly specific kek.
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No. 168420

She doesn’t have intercourse but she worships men and dick even if she isn’t sincere

No. 168621

she's actually learned to handle having a thread here pretty well. She doesn't overshare nearly as much as she did during fupa era, and she doesn't post about her haters often like she used to either

No. 168622

In the op picrel she seems to be having fun and enjoying herself. In live streams and stuff too, she seems to just be enjoying herself when she's not being an uwu Barbie slut

No. 168764

She is a very (albeit unintentionally) inspiring person. Reading the Shay threads will inspire you to eat junk and drink alcohol in moderation, go to school, get a real job, practice basic hygiene, take your meds, and maintain good relationships with your family in spite of any minor transgressions they committed against you as a teen. She shows what happens when you don't do these things, and it's posting your asshole on twitter for ten likes and giving senior citizens blowjobs in order to pay your rent while wearing the cheapest, most ill-fitting clothes available online.

No. 168793

I admire her sheer perseverance. A normal person would be dying of shame halfway through her career. She's so lazy and narcissistic that it circles all the way back to working hard trying to maintain her degenerate lifestyle. It's like she at some point decided that THIS is what she's going to do in life and she's been sticking to that plan religiously. And it's the most retarded plan, but god damn is she committed.

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