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File: 1688606828103.png (1.15 MB, 1034x908, Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 9.27…)

No. 163704[Reply]

Beautiful well put together girlies vs Shayna
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No. 168268

File: 1712628762968.jpg (91.55 KB, 564x765, media_F3GP0SfXMAEpvgt.jpg)

No. 168274

The second one of these is obviously photoshopped but does she not realize that the women who get a shit ton of attention for wearing the stuff have a completely different body type? I'm sure she wears flared skirts precisely because she is such a strange looking thigh area, too.

No. 168299

File: 1712892334149.jpg (615.72 KB, 1440x1080, shaynus.jpg)

No. 168300

The disintegrating shein knockoff chanel tweed coat paired with ugly skinny jeans lmfao

No. 168311

holy fuck I keep forget how fucking ugly shay is, she looks like an inbred retard

File: 1681939606518.jpg (228.55 KB, 1170x1648, 1681490109024.jpg)

No. 161829[Reply]

Post all of Shayna's worst hairstyles here!
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No. 168061

File: 1710941123286.jpeg (169.17 KB, 1829x1170, 1674609569036.jpeg)

No. 168066

File: 1710942557424.jpeg (174.57 KB, 1895x1066, 1676860747284.jpeg)

She is always so greasy

No. 168084

File: 1711055821772.jpeg (195.99 KB, 1152x2048, 1683575142806.jpeg)

No. 168097

File: 1711252090356.png (8.6 MB, 3362x2160, 1689996941014.png)

No. 168232

File: 1712227023153.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1992, 1712182678544.jpeg)

The conehead era has made a cameo appearance despite it being the Dylann roof era.

File: 1680454355409.png (3.16 MB, 2771x1342, Shay 4.png)

No. 157932[Reply]

Shay 4, 3, 2, or 1, shit even the Shayout (fallout Challenge), Pick your game, and play your Shay, rules!

>Favorite Color must start as Pink

>Job must be as close as you can to the real deal
>Traits must START as close to Shayna as you can
>Characters in the Shayverse must BEGIN as they do irl. For example, don't make Womack some op super sexy sim. Make him what he is

I want to see where every Shay starts and ends. We all start the same BUT it can't all end the same?
Maybe Shayna will loose weight in your game, actually become a digital artist. Maybe she'll marry Womack, who becomes super rich.
Maybe she'll become that super rich sex worker. Regardless, play it your Shay!
(In general I think Shayna makes a interesting character arc for a sim. Starting off as a sex worker, maybe thin. Have her drink/eat until chubby, maybe she becomes famous and beloved. Maybe she becomes a housewife or a gamer girl! It's your world and your gorl!
(this is retarded, i know. I'd like to see some heartwarming storylines though)
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No. 167630

Honestly this is sick, you even got the makeup and claws down.

No. 168168

File: 1711876649040.png (1.35 MB, 1024x768, Shat Sim.png)

Wanted to have a go at this but couldnt figure out how to get the kinky world mod to work so i'm having our beloved shat level up the social media skill

No. 168218

File: 1712128148521.png (548.47 KB, 713x659, shaynus sim.png)

my shim

No. 168249

appropriate lifetime wish, lol. why are the settings so low?

No. 168253

Did you make her boobs lopsided? Lmao

File: 1683572342932.jpg (46.32 KB, 763x488, Shayna Influenced.jpg)

No. 162176[Reply]

Post about the times Shayna has influenced you to buy or try something new!
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No. 167427

You can still enjoy some of that stuff. I'm 35 with 3 kids and I still enjoy cutesy kawaii shit, I just don't go overboard with it. So if I wear pink glittery jelly shoes with lettuce hem socks for example I'm wearing them with a more grown up looking midi dress and cardigan. You can still wear girly styles, just be careful about how you mix and match them and take photos of yourself in them so you can see how you look from an outside perspective.

No. 168015

but why not just use your toothbrush though?

No. 168020

I got the plastic thing at first cause the toothbrush doesn't get it as clean as it'd like plus I tend to gag on my toothbrush when I do it towards the back. The plastic tool vs the regular toothbrush is a mild upgrade but the metal is incomparable I'd say. You'd be seriously surprised how much you would be taking off, plus it's much quicker since it gets the whole tongue in one downward motion so you just have to repeat it a few times while rinsing your mouth between scrubs vs scrubbing around the tongue a few times with the smaller brush.

No. 168030

NTA but you’ve made me want to upgrade from my Orabrush. Is there a specific brand/metal you’d recommend or does it not matter?

No. 168033

I honestly got the cheapest 2 pack off amazon with decent reviews lol. I'd personally just recommend making sure it's made from either copper or stainless steel so it's easily cleaned and non-rusting and recommend the design in the original picrel. I see some that are looped and have just one handle which imo seem not as good a design but that's personal preference probably.

File: 1699043221979.jpeg (914.83 KB, 1948x3464, FA8C50E1-D24B-47B6-A519-627582…)

No. 165957[Reply]

Who would you cast in the movie based on the life of Shayna?
Lena Dunham as Shayna
Patricia Arquette as Ellen Degenerate
Adam Sandler as Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO
Helen Mirren as Sarah Gregory
Madison Bailey as Kiki Cali
Zack Galifinackas as Fupaul

That’s who I would cast what about you?
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No. 167953

File: 1709840106247.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1200x1200, E40F7CFB-FB7F-4AC6-BB4B-1BD5F4…)

Ed Sherman as Mr Peanut Butter

No. 167962

Fucking lmao

No. 167964

File: 1709892570954.jpg (2.52 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20240308_180854031.j…)

The movie is a musical sung and narrated by Ed Sheeran as Mr Peanut butter about Shay's life from his perspective.

No. 167965

Harry styles as Noodle and Robbie Williams as Ribmeat.

No. 167983

Way too pretty and petite.

File: 1709319335118.gif (8.82 MB, 270x480, Shayna gleefully stumbles back…)

No. 167793[Reply]

Lets discuss the "what ifs"?
>What If Shayna never met Fupaul
>What if Shayna was never tumblr famous?
>What if Shayna was raised by a single parent?
>What if Shay was a only child?
>What if Shayna was Vegan?
>What if Shayna never had the breast implant
>What if Shay's relationship with her family was better?
>What if Shayna was born Shane?
>What if Shayna was a lesbian?
>What if Shayna never entered sex work?
>What if Shayna was still thin?
>What if Shayna was born another race?
>What if Shayna was a red head?
>What if Shayna was a horse girl?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 167865

Shane Leo Cliff would be a gross daddy dom, with a list of abused BPD women accusing him of abuse. He started on Justin.TV as a teen he'd badly play games and smoke weed shirtless. He gets big for smoking weed and making "aesthically pleasing" Streams where he smokes with friends. He's average faced, with a big strong nose, weak chin and beady brown eyes. He's the dirtest blonde you ever saw, with a wide back, narrow hips and a tiny hank hill ass.
He decides to become a sex worker when he turned 18 and saw how much attention people were getting on Justin TV for "thrist trapping". Plus a lot of "Women" were begging him to do Porn in his DM's.
So he becomes a sex worker who'd show off his small dick with huge fucking balls that are covered in razor bumps. He'd call himself the "Ken" of BDSM, and constantly pose and strain himself to look like he has abs and he's super attractive. He still streams on Justin.TV but has also moved to camsites.
When Justin.TV became Twitch, it became agaisnt TOS to be shirtless and do certain things Shane was doing, so he decides to move to Twitter full time as a sex worker.
He becomes skinny fat and has a beer belly and constantly be in girls Dm's, but because he's gross, a asshole and really dedicated to the "Daddy dom" lifestyle, he'd always end up in shit relationships. He's bisexual but clearly prefer women and uses butt plug, but never cleans properly and for some reason thinks that Women are the main ones watching him, when really he's gained the attention for OrangeFarms a gossip site thats for men, who laugh at him.
He's never done more then kissing a few scrotes and was a weird threesome relationship where the other scrote got the girl.
After a bad break up with Tanya aka Tay who is a baby mother, whose baby daddy hates her because she's gross and lets weirdos around the kids all the time.
They break up because Shane was mentally/physically abusive but claims it's "kink" and decided to "Out" Tay to her baby daddy for having him around.Both are fucked up people.
He decide to move to Seattle because Tay moved on and his mother, plus a old friend helped him. He rekindles with his "Best friend" and fake BF, from his "Edgy goff boy days".
Elliot is a femboy, 35 and super ugly and fat but desperete and lonely, he's also bisexual and super into Sam Smith because body postitivity.
Elliot really wants a girlfriend but they call eacPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 167881

File: 1709545888977.jpeg (799.78 KB, 828x1492, IMG_2144.jpeg)

If Shayna was Shane she would 100% be a slappablejerk character

No. 167911

That moid looks like someone Shayna would fuck on camera.

No. 167947

File: 1709816700556.jpeg (552.38 KB, 1170x1698, 1709729183794.jpeg)

what if he was dyslexic

No. 167951

He’s actually kinda funny he parodies a lot of toxic moids and incel behavior. His skits are so realistic that they make you upset.

File: 1680815584210.jpeg (292.85 KB, 1242x1530, 1680459466855.jpeg)

No. 160423[Reply]

I've noticed nonas made a few of these kek
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No. 167490

Nta but I don't understand this response at all kek. The picture of Shay has indeed been shopped to look like a more normal shape for a fat woman than Shay's fat but flat physique

No. 167491

Big asses are ugly

No. 167492

I'm pretty sure Ellen hangs out here. Either her or that obese goth cow.

No. 167495

kek at fridgechans coping in the comedian fart pic thread

No. 167510

Ellen is the one coping. Not even shay likes your big ass that much.

File: 1680311610209.jpeg (93.71 KB, 1000x930, shayai.jpeg)

No. 16630[Reply]

Post AI art of Shayna and friends.
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No. 166949

File: 1703836298908.jpeg (94.1 KB, 252x457, 7DCCAF75-9338-4158-9404-CCC8BC…)

No. 166950

File: 1703836333661.jpeg (107.8 KB, 279x495, B27E0375-6621-46F6-8F0C-EB9B88…)

No. 166951

File: 1703836360108.jpeg (126.89 KB, 264x469, E8E67D62-8A77-495B-BB6D-725350…)

No. 166952

File: 1703837278992.jpeg (39.54 KB, 445x550, 2F54086D-00CD-4AFE-BC5A-AE9842…)

No. 166960

wow i didnt know shayna was jia fei

File: 1703014022648.png (1.91 MB, 943x1315, Merry Shaymas.png)

No. 166766[Reply]

Merry Christmas, Nonas! Get into the spirit by posting Christmas related Shayna memes and memories old and new.
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No. 166905

File: 1703562934626.jpg (1.39 MB, 3024x4032, shingerbread.jpg)

dont ask me what i was thinking when i made this because i dont have an answer (i also realized right after i did it that the line for her boobs looks like scars so we can just pretend theyre her implant scars)

No. 166908

Making gingerbread fan art of a washed up whore is something a twitter coomer would do

No. 166911

Lmao anon your hands are so cute

No. 166914

Holy shit your fingers are THICK kek go touch grass if this is what you’re doing during the holiday

No. 166919

kek. I always appreciate IRL shart.

File: 1701782651627.jpg (75.87 KB, 1005x636, 1699453928163.jpg)

No. 166458[Reply]

A place to catalogue Shayna's descent into alcoholism.

DEC 1:
>>>/snow/1936482 - espresso martini x3

DEC 2:
>>>/snow/1936655 - 7AM espresso martini ('breffast')
>>>/snow/1936831 - bottle of tequila
>>>/snow/1937143 - slushie cocktail x2

DEC 3:
>>>/snow/1937539 - sugary cocktails (enough to get her chicken dancing)
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No. 166651

Not to mention, the picture she posted actually showed two mini bottles of sparkling wine. Once they ran out of sparkling wine, she switched to white wine. So she had at least 3 mini bottles of wine.

Same here nona! We've got this. I thought watching her Aruba antics would tempt me to drink, but she makes everything look so trashy and unappealing that it actually strengthened my resolve to keep going. Even if you didn't hit rock bottom, Shay has done the field work for us, proving that drinking only leads to a life of being a fat, sloppy, embarrassing, miserable shell of a person.

No. 166658

Thanks for the addition nonna. So that's 1465 calories then… that's unfathomable.
For 6 drinks in 6 hours, the smartserve online BAC calculator says that she's at a BAC of around 0.11% right now.

No. 166662

That is absolutely wild. At my worst, I was drinking between 750-1000 calories a day - I've lost 7 pounds in 16 days just by cutting out booze. No wonder Shay is so fat now.

No. 166664

Let's go, nonas! We are better than this shit.

No. 166670

Her bac is probably even higher too because she’s been drinking like that for 13 days straight morning til night

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