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File: 1680494912023.png (178.78 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

No. 158187

No. 158192


No. 158193

File: 1680495191355.png (13.83 KB, 413x282, Capture.PNG)

when she does this with her lips and also her lips being super duper dry. I really hate that facial expression and her super dry lips. I don't get how she doesn't feel her dry lips break and crunch up when she's making all these weird faces.
Also I hate when she dances with her eyes closed and does that retarded snoopy dance.

No. 158210

Her retarded smirk and her god awful voice. I can't listen to her talk long without getting angry.

No. 158219

File: 1680499154685.png (99.44 KB, 604x458, Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 1.19.…)

those stupid fucking fake freckles

No. 158243

The crusty, crater lips is obvious. But one of the worst things about her to me is how she literally never takes any accountability or responsibility for anything in her life. Its everyone and everything else thats wrong and she's just a loving, caring, nice, beautiful person. Its not her fault she isn't successful in sw, its not her fault she's fat, its not her fault shes fucked up, etc etc. Its other SWers, its lolcow, its Fupa, its her mom. She cant possibly do better because everyone and everything is the reason she's unhappy and unwell. Its infuriating that she's so delusional and wont take responsibility for a single damn thing. From why she doesnt get opportunities in SW to little things like dropping her cat. She actually DOUBLES DOWN on shit like the cat and filming outside and gets cheeky about it even. It blows my mind.

No. 158263

File: 1680522313103.jpeg (343.78 KB, 1400x1202, 7F285C5B-F500-4976-9CCF-7E3F5B…)

I hate that she doesn’t walk around the nice outdoors she has near her. what’s so amazing about staying in her smelly apartment with animals she won’t even knowledge? She could scroll twitter at a public park while her fat dog plays around. She could make up her stupid tories of men asking her if she’s 12
I know I’m not the first with this opinion but i get seriously enraged when i see her pale face, cottage cheese body, fat dog pose in front of the balcony WITH A PRETTY OUTDOOR IN THE BACKGROUND

No. 158272

That baby voice she does on cam is HORRENDOUS, I was cringing so hard the whole time

No. 158276

Same Nona. I’m in a financial position where I’m tied to a really horrible part of the country. I live in the middle of nowhere desert where its 110 degrees for about 3 months of the year. It absolutely KILLS me and I dream of saving up enough money to move somewhere abundant in natural beauty. How she can pay so much to live in Renton and NOT be outside at least 30 minutes a day blows my mind

No. 158284

May I ask where you live?

No. 158340

A really shitty part of texas. I was being hyperbolic about the temperature, it's only 110 for a few weeks of the year, but it is over 100 all summer long. Awful

No. 158358

A Shaysister that is also in Texas…… hi

No. 158368

Girl gtfo of Texas as soon as you can. I left Oklahoma for similar reasons. Fucking hot as Shayna's feet in a sneaker all day. Smells nearly as bad. I looked into moving to Spokane just to be in the beautiful NW. Ended up in Appalachia but I ain't complaining.

No. 158374

I don't live in Texas, but wut i love the desert there is natural beauty here in the southwest!

No. 158388

The made up stories about her fetishes when she has mundane human interactions with customer service employees

No. 158400

That she doesn’t drink water and it shows

No. 158403

File: 1680606915126.jpg (8.9 KB, 351x262, 20230404_131437.jpg)

Tons of soulless, shapeless plushies lying everywhere and collecting tons of dust. Especially those on the floor, absolutely filthy.

No. 158406

GOD. It irks when she's like "teehee daddy bought me this" and it's a Squishmallow. Fucking gross.

No. 158410

The fact she owns a dog while living in an apartment and never takes it out for a walk. She's fat and will continue to get fatter because of her own actions. The poor dog doesn't have a choice, it isn't allowed to exercise and if it wants to eat it has to take what ever the fat sow feeds it.

No. 158424

Acts like she'll be homeless and like her parents won't fund her a whole new life and help her fix it. She is extremely privileged and loved. Yet she'd rather get attention from greasy moids

No. 158433

File: 1680625459338.jpeg (86.58 KB, 1175x663, 634D6F20-0CC6-4692-8245-9771D4…)

Her long ass gargoyle claws that seem to get worse every year. I don’t understand how she sees them and thinks, “yeah, these look good” when they’re shoved up her rotting cuticles or crooked in all directions. I cringe every time she gets that boiled hotdog style. I’m sure she gets food stuck in them and doesn’t even wash underneath. Her nail tech needs to be fired.

No. 158488

I hate that she could get assessed for ADHD and get Adderall that would probably either make her get her shit together or at least lose some weight, but instead she keeps smoking weed and drinking wine and getting dumber and fatter by the minute. I mean it’s legal speed, why wouldn’t you get it especially now that being ~*neurospicy*~ is super cool and hip

No. 158595

How does one obtain addies from the doctor?

No. 158598

nyart but if you can't figure it out then you're too dumb and should not go on them anyway tbh

No. 158605

As someone with actual ADHD, fuck you for suggesting this. We have an adderall shortage in this country because the people who get energy rushes are largely the ones who are prescribed adderall, taking the medication from and making the process harder for people who actually need the medication to feel like a normal person and not be a hyperactive mess.

No. 158609

Chill out heckin neuroweirdo, Shaynus isn't going to be prescribed adderall.

No. 158610

I'm 158598, where did i suggest it? I specifically said the anon shouldn't get any. take your speed and calm down, sorry your country sucks.

-an adhd nona from a less sucky country

No. 158626

Adderall shouldn't feel like speed if you have actual ADHD kek, it calms us down.

No. 158628

You don't need to infodump, ADHDchan. We all know.

No. 158629

It's still amphetamine, kek.

No. 158632

The fucking melting smiley face emoji. I do not know why, but it enrages me to my absolute core.

No. 158638

every single one of you ADHDfags sounds like a complete retard when you start freaking out about your meth. & trying to distinguish yourself between "real" and "fake" retarded as if there's a difference. Actual addicts. Imagine citing "I find it difficult to get through mundane tasks I don't actually enjoy" a reason for a script. Delusional!

anyways, shayna obviously prefers downers

No. 158651

Neurofoil anon here, I also have ADHD and am on Adderall, and it definitely saved me from becoming a mess like her. I would bet my life savings that she’s either ADD or autistic or both. In any case Adderall would make her calm down so she wouldn’t have to get her dopamine from posting on Twitter 24/7, or getting punched by smelly dorks, or overeating, or smoking and drinking around the clock. Stop gatekeeping ADHD nona, we’re all retards here

No. 158655

nice cope nonna. so instead of turning to being a whore on Twitter for attention, you turned to legally prescribed meth. wonderful! you guys are worse than potheads, and possibly more delusional than shaynus.

No. 158656

Nta but adderall doesn’t feel like meth for people who need it, it makes you tired because it fixes the chemical balance in the brain.

No. 158667

I mean… I would take legally prescribed meth any day over being a failed twitter whore doomed to post their asshole for geriatric incestoids on a loop for years on end.

No. 158683

I'm diagnosed with adhd and it's not even a real disorder. Like one you get to a point in life when you can do things your way on your schedule, it's not even a thing that gets in the way. Muh uwu pharmaceuticals are a cope

No. 158711

This. 90% of the population would probably score high enough on the assesment (especially nowadays) to get a prescription.

Now to try and bridge this annoying derail, if Shay got pharma speed she would most certainly abuse it and then we might get an actual methhead arc.

Sorry for the spoonfeed but was it ever actually confirmed she ever had a script for benzos? I only came in around the Ellen pacifier saga, nonnies always say she is barred out but I don't recall any proof (besides her face)

No. 158727

tbh I feel like when people screech about meth and energy and how easy it is to get a script it’s a bunch of people who hate drugs in general, and don’t like that people are prescribed what they perceive as “party drugs”- they’re partially used to regulate sleep if you are taking them because you need them, not for extra energy. With that said I could’ve sworn she got a script for benzos, she’s talked about taking them with her antidepressants on and off since Oklahoma iirc, and I don’t remember her ever naming what she took but the way she talked about them sounded like Xanax.

No. 158733

It's incredibly easy to get diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed stimulants. I know because I did the whole song and dance for some stimmies.

No. 158739

No, it's actually because you are an addict and you "choose to trust your Dr." as an excuse knowing you're being fed BS. You don't need speed to survive or even function properly. But you know, you will once you're 60 and still stuck on the shit, but now also risking heart problems because you're dependent. You only "need" it to avoid being a massive bitch to anyone in your vicinity. And despite me specifying why I hate you and your adderrall, some idiot will still try to respond with "but I need it, bc it makes me feel normal" no shit. That's called addiction. You literally act just like junkies on the street, the only difference is you have a prescription and a roof over your head.

& Shayna does not have a script for Xans, but has talked about them on stream, & tried to buy them from ViVi.

No. 158740

Imagine having undiagnosed ADHD and having people using ADHD medication as your hyperfixation

No. 158741

>legally prescribed meth
I swear people on illegal unprescribed meth are more tolerable than you retards.

No. 158742

Have you considered that speed is fun and you’re annoying?

No. 158743

Whatever crackhead. It's fine to sperg out about Dr's giving HRT to fags, but God forbid I speak down on your meth.

No. 158745

So what you're saying is, you don't need it? JS, next time you open your mouth to your friends and family about how you actually need it, I hope you realize there are many people out there like myself who can see straight through the BS. I literally put you on par with Shayna. I'm not even reaching there, since Nonna admitted she would be a raging whore without it. Seethe ig?

No. 158746

Cow behavior

No. 158752

NTA but you’re assuming way too much, I don’t even take adderall because the difference of being tired versus being hyperactive ADHD is not that great for me. The medication makes very slight improvement in my life as someone with lower than average dopamine and norepinephrine levels (resulting in ADHD). I choose not to take it. You’re just a raging asshole and likely a fucking weirdo irl because you’re here anyways yet you want an excuse to look down on people. If you’re on Shaynus’s board then you really shouldn’t be looking down on anyone you autist. Stfu.

No. 158757

things about shayna thay annoy me:
her existence technically spawned this fucking retarded debate about adhd meds jfc

No. 160430

How she does vague callouts why not @ the problematic sex workers?

No. 160431

File: 1680846108525.jpeg (62.65 KB, 1108x630, 93FC0D49-1C96-49E9-96D5-F9153B…)

when she was making this face all the time

No. 160439

Based and correct nonnerz

No. 160442

vivi, that you?

No. 160746

for you nona, my biggest sigh. it took me years to be diagnosed with ADHD. i hope you take too many "stimmies" one day.

No. 161596

Baby voice or real voice?

No. 161769

No. 161890


No. 162085

the thing that pisses me off the most is her whole "haha losers your dad is spending YOUR COLLEGE FUND on my porn!~" schtick, she's said shit like this for years and it really exemplifies her disturbing, disordered attachment to her father. only a disturbed person would have some sick fantasy of other womens' fathers cranking it to them. and FYI bitch my mother is 52 and you could never compare, that is how awful you look at 25

No. 162111

Her laziness and e-begging

No. 162132


No. 162353

File: 1684204114086.jpg (122.51 KB, 1079x2130, Screenshot_20230515_192553_Sam…)


No. 163026

Yet again shayna's white privledge is showing. she gets a brand new set of boobs she doesnt deserve and probably wont even take good care of them.

No. 163227

Nonnie are you okay? You want fake tits? Stop feeding into porn sick moids, your tits are fine

No. 163516

This is gonna sound weird maybe but what annoys me the most is how much she sucks at her "job" while she talks endlessly about how heccin hard it is! She 100% got into it because she thought it was easy money.

There are a lot of "angles" she could play into that might make her more money or get her more attention nut she thinks she's above it. She really has no idea how to market herself and stay up to date on the going-ons in the coomersphere. She is not a bimbo and can't pull that image off. And from what i've seen 'pink everythaaaang brat baby' is over. Her trying to avoid acknowledging her weight gain instead of leaning into it means no feeder/bbw moids. She's a one-trick pony and her trick is passe and chuegy now.

No. 163788

File: 1689462516256.jpeg (42.73 KB, 400x596, IMG_5633.jpeg)

These fucking things. I am so sick of seeing them

No. 165902

How stiff she dances in her TikTok and staring at herself, how blurry she looks it’s awful

No. 165919

File: 1698771541595.jpg (220.04 KB, 1080x433, Screenshot_20231031-165629.jpg)

the way she gets those terrible nails with extremely short white tips. doesn't she realise the pink-ish part is only meant to be on the nail beds? they look like white coloring pencils

No. 165935

her weird little eyebrows. why does she draw them on like that

No. 165998

These socks make her feet look like actual pork trotters

No. 166180

it pisses me off how often she leaves her pets home alone. even if ellen is checking in on them, it's not nearly enough considering how often she does it for weeks at a time. she needs to rehome them, she cannot care for them living the lifestyle she does. and im also lowkey worried she'd eventually let one of her old disgusting degenerate johns do something to one of them

No. 166194

i dont believe that she even boards them anymore. she just has automatic feeders and pays ellen to check in on them every few days

No. 166221

File: 1700497095992.jpeg (150.44 KB, 800x533, 7E3DED50-C4B8-4826-9B72-D1EC32…)

Every time she takes a “cute” pic of them and posts it, they look like this. Noodle is fat and old looking even though she is only 4 she looks like she is 8. She doesn’t get out enough much and the cats are always fighting. They are probably scared of the johns she brings in her home, degenerates who would rape animals

No. 166225

Im honestly shocked shayna never jumped on the “kitten” and “kittenplay” shit that was popular like 5 years ago. She only does dog stuff which is sus.

No. 166259

Her terrible financial decisions. How are you going to come online and cry about how you can't afford to visit your family on Thanksgiving but in the past few weeks have blown hundreds on drinks, brunch, paying for upgraded seats and overweight luggage? In the past month she's publicly posted about spending ~$800 (including the flight to lonestar) which should definitely be enough for a roundtrip flight. If she really wanted to be there for the holidays, she would.

No. 166261

exactly. and not only will she not purposely save to spend time with her family, but she’ll shill her pussy and asshole and do the most embarrassing shit for pennies to raise money for the most meaningless shit yet couldn’t be arsed to do one of her emergency sales to raise $200 to go. She didnt even beg for money this time she was just kinda like “darn! it really sucks!” to save face

No. 167029

File: 1704206308047.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x313, 1634088260873.jpeg)

this is from 2021

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