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File: 1680309318835.jpg (146.14 KB, 1072x1448, shayhegao.jpg)

No. 6[Reply]

Nobody knows how to fake la petite mort like our princess. Today we're going to honor the many faces of her fake pleasure!

Post your best shayhegaos!!
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No. 166569

pretty sure her no makeup era was right after she moved to Seattle. I started reading the threads during that era and I still think it’s the worst she’s ever looked kek. I think it’s because she was too lazy to unpack all her makeup.

No. 166570

renton* oops

No. 166578

File: 1702136740982.jpg (217.4 KB, 718x680, Retard.jpg)

No. 166588

This video was horrific she looks like a sack of potatoes in that ugly unitard

No. 167861

File: 1709402818769.gif (1.17 MB, 198x198, 1633036600230.gif)

File: 1680543496605.jpeg (72.57 KB, 500x500, 1674699007775.jpeg)

No. 158291[Reply]

Here you can post lyrics.

I'll post some from the Shaynatorium.
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No. 166416

Thank you for this, nonna! I can’t get it out of my head. Kek.

No. 166422

Not a song but a poem I composed for you nonnies:

Late upon a midnight fleeting,
While I doordash'd (also tweeting),
Leaving dildoes, never sweeping,
Strewn upon the dirty floor.
Quoth the Shaynus, 'nevermore'

No. 166424

File: 1701636939000.gif (2.15 MB, 480x244, 1602530302110.gif)

gorgeous, I love it

No. 166427

File: 1701642321173.jpeg (136.21 KB, 1284x722, 73A78128-8242-4180-8E51-C9D7DE…)

Because you know I'm all about that shay
'Bout that shay, no implants
I'm all about that shay, 'bout that shay, no implants
I'm all about that shay, 'bout that shay, no implants
I'm all about that shay, 'bout that shay (shay, shay, shay, shay)

Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
But If i photoshop it, shop it, like I'm supposed to do
'Cause I got those tetris block titties (titties)
And I smell like mildew

No. 166482

Kek! Her face is sending me.

File: 1680494912023.png (178.78 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

No. 158187[Reply]

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No. 166221

File: 1700497095992.jpeg (150.44 KB, 800x533, 7E3DED50-C4B8-4826-9B72-D1EC32…)

Every time she takes a “cute” pic of them and posts it, they look like this. Noodle is fat and old looking even though she is only 4 she looks like she is 8. She doesn’t get out enough much and the cats are always fighting. They are probably scared of the johns she brings in her home, degenerates who would rape animals

No. 166225

Im honestly shocked shayna never jumped on the “kitten” and “kittenplay” shit that was popular like 5 years ago. She only does dog stuff which is sus.

No. 166259

Her terrible financial decisions. How are you going to come online and cry about how you can't afford to visit your family on Thanksgiving but in the past few weeks have blown hundreds on drinks, brunch, paying for upgraded seats and overweight luggage? In the past month she's publicly posted about spending ~$800 (including the flight to lonestar) which should definitely be enough for a roundtrip flight. If she really wanted to be there for the holidays, she would.

No. 166261

exactly. and not only will she not purposely save to spend time with her family, but she’ll shill her pussy and asshole and do the most embarrassing shit for pennies to raise money for the most meaningless shit yet couldn’t be arsed to do one of her emergency sales to raise $200 to go. She didnt even beg for money this time she was just kinda like “darn! it really sucks!” to save face

No. 167029

File: 1704206308047.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x313, 1634088260873.jpeg)

this is from 2021

File: 1699834048650.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.94 KB, 680x383, F-iqGMlXEAAdLN3.jpg)

No. 166086[Reply]

Kiki being molested by some old dude. What a bleak existence.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1687374512328.jpg (106.2 KB, 782x942, 1665113305056.jpg)

No. 163549[Reply]

Here we wait for news of big Shaynus herself post op. Let's sperg about the possibilities here. Did she have complications? Did the doctor accidentally sew her nipples onto her gut? Did she even wake up?? What are your personal tinfoils fellow Shaytists? Let's hang out until the milk begins to flow.
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No. 165757

File: 1697984010386.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.27 KB, 2048x1536, Necro & Franken.JPG)

A four-month update.

No. 165758

File: 1697984052042.jpg (Spoiler Image,421.19 KB, 1284x1404, 4 Month Update Tweet.jpg)

Accompanying Tweet.

No. 165762

the redness on the right one looks concerning

No. 165842

>that filename kek
Surely there is something wrong with it, SURELY. That doesn't look right at all. Can't believe she actually posts these for her coomer base, the scars look awful.

No. 165851

I think it warrants, at the very least, a follow up with her surgeon. From what she has shared, with some editing, it has gotten progressively redder.

File: 1680377426596.png (23.13 KB, 155x275, 1677864242378.png)

No. 157784[Reply]

I say
>Sol Salvatore
>definitely Vivi Clouds
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No. 165417

File: 1697000935582.jpeg (224.87 KB, 640x409, E33D0143-17DD-4F78-8943-FED0FA…)

I think Dawn posted this in the people you’d fuck in the shaynaverse
>a professional pornstar
Sure jan

No. 165418

I don’t know if that were my stepsister I’d be horrified and would do everything NOT to see them being gross.

No. 165620

Yes I agree, I think some of the anons who are like, "her stepsister totally lurks the threads!" don't have siblings. If my older sister was a gross sex worker lolcow like shat I would stay far away from those threads because I don't want to see a family member doing that shit, it would also make family gatherings so painfully awkward.

No. 165767

I'm gonna be honest, I don't think Shay has any mental capability to post here, yes she has lurked but I think that's about it. No is not rocket science posting and integrating but whores are NEVER capable of this as it has happened again and again.

No. 165839

Lots of nonnies are also retarded so I think Shayna could manage to post her, stir up shit, not sage then go into a food and weed coma while anons spend +2 days infighting. I don't think she would but I wouldn't be surprised if she's gone in her threads to start up an old argument when she's not getting enough attention/ she's trying to get attention off some fuck shit she's up to.

File: 1696918397789.png (825.25 KB, 1004x996, 0C680442-B8EC-4BF4-8DF4-39164A…)

No. 164997[Reply]

A safe space for high-level autistic shaytards to attempt to dox random scrotes loosely associated with Shayna.
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No. 165632

lmfao how gnarly, he’s a moron.

No. 165636

>is he follows public
yep! im going through them now. not seeing anything too crazy but he follows a ton of women and random insta-thots. probably tries to talk up women with an account full of kiddy pics.

No. 165637

holy fuck what the hell

No. 165638

File: 1697496782031.jpeg (79.23 KB, 750x411, IMG_4316.jpeg)

That same woman not only follows Front Range Judo but also follows his porn IG account @dallasdomstudios
She has an OF, I wonder if she worked with him?

No. 165642

Given the cowtipping that has spawned from this autism, this thread is being locked and any future attempts to recreate it will result in further bans and locks. Contacting friends/families/workplaces is never okay, no matter how degenerate the cow. It's against the rules for a reason.

File: 1683151462839.jpeg (97.8 KB, 1242x1242, 1517415392925.jpeg)

No. 162077[Reply]

talk about Shayna's bad spending decisions and/or how they've inspired you to take control of own life
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No. 164357

File: 1694139648591.png (1.03 MB, 750x877, Consoom.png)

It's nice to see anons being shayfluenced to make better financial decisions just by watching the trainwreck. I also recently started decluttering my room and throwing away unnecessary stuff. Whenever I see cutesy trinkets/plushies that I would want to buy, all I can imagine is picrel and get disgusted by consumerism. Shayna truly throws money on useless gimmicky and kitschy things, not thinking about utility and actual aesthetic. I began to think more about the products I am buying - quality, usefulness and style wise. Imgaine if all her money went into a nice skincare routine, a more curated but smaller wardrobe, and nice decor. Ironically she would save more money because she won't buy 3 hello kitty creams that harm her skin, 100 cringy plushies and thousands of shein clothes that fall apart after 2 uses. She also really motivated me to stop ordering takeaway, going to fast foods and even grabbing premade meals altogether. It's so much more adorable (at least where I'm from) to cook at home, and snack on fruits/veggies. It's embarrassing to see someone my age resort to prostitution, beg and live off day-by-day. It truly is a fear of mine to ever get in that situation for whatever godforsaken reason. I'm planning on quitting my current job for a better paying office job as well, and start saving up more. I actually even read other anons advice they give to shay and imagine myself in her shoes kek Thanks Shaynus!

No. 164358

Affordable not adorable but both work kek

No. 164364

Whenever I see the things fellow nonnas have been shayfluenced to do to better themselves/their lives based on Shaynus’ abysmal habits, it makes me smile! There is so much positive change being made in the lives of others through Shaysmosis, perhaps this is the purpose of her degenerate, pathetic life—to inspire us to be better.

No. 164765

Does anyone have tips for avoiding spending?
or breaking out of the habit of buying unnecessary shit? I feel so impulsive and constantly feel like I need to buy something for X and Y reason. I don’t want to continue living this way and end up like Shay with a house full of crap.

No. 164766

i started browsing the consoomerism thread, put a lot of frivolous purchases in the spotlight and helped me see how dumb they are

File: 1691612351387.jpeg (36.27 KB, 275x206, IMG_5978.jpeg)

No. 164073[Reply]

A thread for derails about general fetcon degens, bonus points for any Shay in the wild spots
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No. 164564

does anyone else think these look like a filter or AI generated?

No. 164573

i figure theyre ai generated

No. 164598

She's ignoring him because he's black and even she can probably smell the numerous STDs he's probably gotten from porking pigs similar to Shayna. She's probably intimidated because he's objectively better looking than most of the other moids she pulls. She wouldn't be his special prize pig because he could pull better looking women and have better sex with them. Her ego can't survive not getting princess treatment and he's definitely not the type to give that out as freely as a fupa type male.

No. 164734

lol she deleted her curiouscat (dottipink) after this whole situation was brought up here, but in it she mentioned that she wanted to foster "troubled" kids…

No. 164735

Ew I hope this bitch stays the fuck away from kids with her dog ddlg fetish absolutely the type to turn a blind eye to her man sexually abusing her kids

File: 1680399167360.gif (529.08 KB, 480x352, 3b38b430-115d-4c01-8527-aa9fd2…)

No. 157851[Reply]

LET /SHAY/ STAY!. ONE post equals one vote!
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No. 158717

+1 vote to keep /shay/

No. 160417

File: 1680806965443.jpg (128.2 KB, 1070x1176, 20230406_204812.jpg)

/shay/ stays! good job nonichkas

No. 160419

i'm so excited this is going to be a site theme kek

No. 160432

кек amazing nonni, imagine we would have different styles for the page, with different shay pics on the background and different dildos for the cursor

No. 164342

i love /shay/

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