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File: 1680815584210.jpeg (292.85 KB, 1242x1530, 1680459466855.jpeg)

No. 160423[Reply]

I've noticed nonas made a few of these kek
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No. 163025

File: 1685186656069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.99 KB, 1151x719, funny fart pic.jpg)

Do not unspoil this if you care about your mental health.

No. 163104

File: 1685416687418.png (83.74 KB, 678x408, pull my finger.png)

No. 163105

File: 1685417112790.png (96.09 KB, 1233x849, OG comedian fart.png)

No. 163109

File: 1685460147181.png (582.31 KB, 1024x461, sharty-fattel.png)

No. 163200

File: 1686011090566.png (915.53 KB, 1024x1024, comedian fart pride.png)

happy fart pride month everyone

File: 1684209248831.png (439.63 KB, 783x445, Capture.PNG)

No. 162354[Reply]

What would you do/think if you saw someone you know/your Nigel following Shayna/a sex worker like Shayna? How would you feel? Would your opinion of them change?

>no fantasical bullshit for example

"I'd cut his fucking balls off and nail them to the wall"
Just be honest
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No. 163136

the nostalgia critic girl is cute, clean, and has nice skin. your moid sounds retarded.

No. 163137

File: 1685669875640.jpg (33.41 KB, 300x400, fat-scoo7.jpg)

No. 163141

Your perception of reality is warped

No. 163143

File: 1685705514056.jpg (35.14 KB, 500x500, artworks-000431013348-tin1d7-t…)

No. 163144

Lindsey Ellis is cute dafuq wrong with your nigel

File: 1685413487546.png (97.35 KB, 532x419, 1685408443833.png)

No. 163093[Reply]

A place for screencaps, edits, videos, discussion.
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No. 163099

File: 1685413765616.png (Spoiler Image, 168.44 KB, 836x490, 1685411625910.png)

No. 163100

File: 1685413791926.png (Spoiler Image, 190.82 KB, 929x545, 1685411532884.png)

No. 163101

File: 1685413833376.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1084x620, 1685411801934.webm)

No. 163102

File: 1685414040662.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 246x312, 1685413048328.gif)

No. 163103

File: 1685414373530.png (1.75 KB, 462x35, 1685414295069.png)

File: 1680308115017.png (1.89 MB, 1220x1373, image_2023-04-01_011359507.png)

No. 3[Reply]

Post your most highly regarded works of shayart featuring our beloved baby bimbo
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No. 162977

i dont get the big deal over anons posting their art in this thread. how exactly are they expecting ass pats? where else is shayna related art supposed to go? its more embarrassing that the shitty meme anon made multiple posts sperging about it here and in the main thread because they’re mad over some perceived slight that >>162876 this picture somehow “overshadowed” their meme.

No. 162978

Because everyone said that anon’s shitty sketch was terrible, no one else would have posted it here in the repository for “highly regarded” works of art. This is anonymous board, if you want someone to congratulate you on your cringeworthy lack of talent post it on twitter

No. 162979

Neither the stupid “meme” or the ugly ass sketch overshadowed the other, they’re both retarded and lacking in creativity

No. 162980

Trying to police what is “good art” in a SHART THREAD in /shay/ of all places is peak autism. Believe me when I say it is truly not that serious, nona. Time for a Shayna tolerance break if some crappy art has you this triggered.

No. 163015

Shart Thread has been moved to >>>/shay/162981 to stop the infighting over what should or shouldn't be posted in this thread. New thread is for all related Shay art.


File: 1683411940885.jpeg (54.6 KB, 808x1092, IMG_1347.jpeg)

No. 162117[Reply]

The main containment thread for all discussion/infighting pertaining to the matters of pedophilia and the Shaynaverse.
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No. 162214

But here’s the thing: that weird Hispanic moid was still an adult male—and he was a client on top of that, not someone Shat actually wanted to fuck. What are you extrapolating from this interaction to make the argument that she will eventually show herself as a pedophile? She was doing a “job” with another adult individual, being paid to provide a particular “service”. This logic doesn’t make any sense. So far the anons calling her out as a pedo have only mentioned how she interacts with grown adults into ddlg, but none have responded with what ways Shay has actually shown attraction to children.

No. 162230


I suppose >>162213 has got it right. She's turned on by pretending to be a child being sexually abused. That ain't kosher, that's some pedo shit. But she's a jealous insecure narcissist so actual little girls repulse her, and it's not part of the kink to like little boys. Once she ages out of her DD/LG shit, she'll most likely lean into mommy dom where she refers to all her johns as naughty little boys who need mommies help with xyz. Pedo, but a different brand than usual.

No. 162241

Again, how do we know she's turned on by being [insert here] separate from any money making endeavors? At best this is just a tinfoil.

No. 162243

The baby act she's kept up since the beginning of her "career". She always tries to incorporate it into her porn AND her real life. To the point where she'll turn down opportunities because the people offering don't want that mess. Hell, when Shane sat on her back while a robotic dildo plowed her fat ass, she tried to do that age regression baba shit and he wasn't having it either. Tons of plain Jane dumpy bodied white girls are selling pussy pictures for 5 bucks a pop, but most of them don't post toddler rape fantasies and run a diaper account. At best, she's an autopedophile for pay.

No. 162859

My tinfoil theory about Shayna’s coomer fanbase is that they’re into her because she looks so distinctly non childlike while she tries to LARP as underage. Their real fetish is watching a woman degrade and humiliate herself publicly because they have no respect for women. A lot of humiliation fetishes seem to play with this sort of disconnect with reality, like scrotes into humiliation love it when ugly girls think they’re beautiful and encourage them just because that makes it even easier to laugh at and dehumanize them. Shayna being such an unconvincing facsimile of a child or an attractive woman is what draws these sort of misogynists to her. I’m sure a lot of them would be pedophiles too, but the sort of opportunistic pedophile (who commit the most crimes) since they are motivated by feeling more powerful than another and don’t see women or girls as anything other than a sex object, no matter the age.

File: 1683996612309.jpeg (45.26 KB, 621x655, 1678870526000.jpeg)

No. 162279[Reply]

Our queen has so many great faces that can perfectly convey our emotions online
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No. 162853

File: 1684946084163.png (255.45 KB, 747x813, 1533194582310.png)

No. 162854

File: 1684946202479.png (643.62 KB, 1080x1760, 1533227548777.png)

No. 162855

File: 1684946309322.png (84.3 KB, 512x436, 1533272534753.png)

No. 162856

File: 1684946393003.png (69.98 KB, 434x398, 1533280365694.png)

No. 162888

File: 1684989645866.jpeg (41.59 KB, 604x762, 5B5D9EC6-B0FE-445E-BBDF-F26E36…)

File: 1680367137041.gif (2.4 MB, 725x397, 1678267166771.gif)

No. 157733[Reply]

This shaylebration would not be complete without honoring our bratty bimbo in motion!! Plus I need more Shay reaction gifs.

Please share!
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No. 157983

File: 1680465952827.gif (3.24 MB, 155x275, 1574879489034.gif)

The sheer retardation of this one always sends me

No. 158010

>uh oh… stinky.

No. 158417

File: 1680619392187.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 600x339, Shaynus startled.gif)

No. 161833

File: 1681945841744.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.63 MB, 324x390, 1515119792722.gif)

No. 162713

File: 1684707548899.gif (1.81 MB, 175x320, 6818F9F3-864A-4FA8-B9E6-0A5E02…)

File: 1681418406464.png (77.33 KB, 485x362, DoYouEatAssorNot.png)

No. 160581[Reply]

To eat or not to eat? Ass that is? A safe place to discuss and debate ass eating.
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No. 161866

ew why wouldyou eat a dirty ass instead of a clean one?

No. 162056

Because they didn't. Its likely it was from some random closed reddit group or grabbed from 4chan.

No. 162057

This is a video screenshot. Def lifted from OF or reddit.

No. 162151

sounds like you showed your pussy on lolcow and are trying throw people off now

No. 162205

Kek right I still cannot fucking believe someone would do that. Damaged behavior.

File: 1680309318835.jpg (146.14 KB, 1072x1448, shayhegao.jpg)

No. 6[Reply]

Nobody knows how to fake la petite mort like our princess. Today we're going to honor the many faces of her fake pleasure!

Post your best shayhegaos!!
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No. 158268

She looks SO incredibly bad in this, I cannot comprehend why she would upload it

No. 158495

File: 1680651674794.jpg (71.31 KB, 1440x1080, shay.jpg)

No. 160447

File: 1680880785369.png (16.13 KB, 194x157, 1515992552828.png)

No. 160457

File: 1680898523004.jpg (18.6 KB, 407x419, 1526589866981.jpg)

No. 161804

File: 1681849958238.jpeg (13.54 KB, 245x343, F5AD560D-3652-4AE8-BF69-0DA251…)

File: 1680312256882.gif (1.68 MB, 291x291, tumblr_p71ngbffT41wkuxmho4_400…)

No. 39879[Reply]

You know what to do. I know Fupa has a fan club, don't be shy now.
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No. 157832

Nah, she is kind of cute.
She defintely carries her weight a million times better tham shay for sure. The only thing they have in commom is their lifestyle and sense of fashion.

No. 157847

She's cute to me as well, but has the same crusty lips as shay, BUT she's easily the prettiest one in the shoots she'd been in with shay & the gang.
I even think the girl shayna was calling her bestie was nice looking for a older woman. I also think the gross old ladies keep themselves up and have sex appeal. More so then the woman at strict more

No. 158416

File: 1680618118622.jpeg (168.99 KB, 1170x1367, F66E8A0B-07C0-4617-B04F-8EF4BF…)

The only decent looking moid she’s interacted with imo

No. 160449

Confessing this is probably my darkest moment but I think Baldi’s Gaysics could have been hot if you lasered off his tattoos, soaked his fingers in acetone, and put a bag over his face so his horrid facial expressions couldn’t be seen. I like hairy bald guys which is a shame because most of them, this guy included, are aggressively gay…

No. 161758

I’ve always thought her dad was pretty handsome …

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