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File: 1684409259989.jpg (56.16 KB, 634x777, 23706524-7914239-Little_Britai…)

No. 162408

Post public figures that you have come across who look like/remind you of Shayna

No. 162409

i came across this video in the Consoomers thread and thought this girl looked like a much more normal/(relatively) well-adjusted Shayna

No. 162410

Dolly Mattel: Across the Shay-verse
Open to better titles for her movie.

No. 162413

File: 1684435211940.jpeg (15.2 KB, 474x266, 82F038B4-7965-4DFF-A5EA-D56A1D…)

No. 162414

File: 1684435897588.jpeg (242.08 KB, 1537x1537, IMG_9658.jpeg)

No. 162417

File: 1684438685447.png (850.6 KB, 1160x864, shay-tranny.png)

stwawberrymilk a fat troon that draws pedo comics

No. 162421

File: 1684451500091.jpg (956.82 KB, 2268x4032, media_E_2Pf7FUUAgIbok.jpg)

I think that from certain angles, Shayna looks like Womack. Idk they have those retarded faces.

No. 162423

They seriously do there used to be a funny gif transformation of her face overlayed onto his it used to crack me up every time it was reposted, idk what thread though

No. 162425

she’s got the Yaniv smirk and the Womack nose. Ouch

No. 162432

File: 1684476769062.gif (1.73 MB, 275x257, B288A5D8-AE0E-4BB4-AA03-1FB8D8…)

No. 162433

File: 1684489593246.png (239.46 KB, 522x902, 1684458483289.png)

Same body type

No. 162443

This girl looks a lot better imo

No. 162756

File: 1684843369580.png (955.91 KB, 2506x1514, Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 8.03.…)

i died when someone said this, so accurate

No. 162766

Heather has nicer boobs tbh and I’ve never seen her post weird cellulite pictures either

No. 163060

File: 1685234977694.jpeg (598.08 KB, 1911x3295, 8256D3F5-2BCE-46A5-AED9-33A5B1…)

No. 163061

File: 1685235082999.jpeg (36.53 KB, 431x499, 4B6752AA-CCC3-4008-B13B-AB4C9D…)

No. 163062

she looks better like this

No. 163199

File: 1686010541558.jpeg (90.38 KB, 919x784, 1806D116-BEAD-49E4-A336-A7BE94…)

No. 163222

i'm crying

No. 163483

File: 1686802882107.jpeg (19.09 KB, 377x394, 332E6EA5-FF69-4F69-A31A-83EF4D…)

No. 163582

Shayna at the strict moor prom

No. 163703

File: 1688589954290.jpg (185.36 KB, 800x1181, malcolm03.jpg)

No. 163734

File: 1688845527595.jpg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, 1688672772553.jpg)

Micky from /w/ (not my collage)

No. 163740

File: 1689007240437.jpeg (110.06 KB, 755x1200, Pink sissy princess.jpeg)

No. 163748

File: 1689106866438.jpeg (282.7 KB, 1080x1839, 6F178267-34FF-4C2A-A97E-E1AA5D…)

No. 163749

She’s too heavy and wears clothes that are way too small but at least she looks clean

No. 163791

lmao she’s known for being a self-professed grot who never bathes, cleans her room or does laundry because she doesn’t like the smell of clean clothes, she’s as bad if not worse than Shayna

No. 163794

I think her boobs look way better and pretty even. discounting the post healing, I think she should be ok with what her surgeon was able to do. But if I post this in the thread Ill get burned alive lol

No. 163795

They look better than what? I think most nonas are horrified because Shayna’s breasts before her rapid weight gain were constantly referred to as perfect/near perfect. They’re not comparing the results to the “jelly vs jam situation”. Considering the circumstances she found herself in eventually, they look fairly symmetrical. Let’s see what happens when they “fluff” and finish healing.

No. 163801

Sorry I meant they look better than before the surgery/the post weight gain shayna body

No. 163918

File: 1689913379536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.47 KB, 588x407, 1689910424429.jpeg)

No. 164014

File: 1691297411771.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.57 KB, 1640x2043, 1691276334575.jpg)

No. 164114

File: 1692050265808.jpeg (7.91 KB, 112x149, B04257E2-EF33-47A8-B14B-1E956F…)

No. 164118

File: 1692107423738.jpg (60.4 KB, 432x432, 1692077228007.jpg)

No. 164189

File: 1692634406751.jpeg (104.85 KB, 715x842, 1692608127047-2.jpeg)

No. 164221

TOPKEK how did I never notice this

No. 164274

File: 1693148679369.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1149, 1693146770590.jpeg)

No. 164278

No. 164292

File: 1693169347106.jpeg (160.26 KB, 368x489, 8C8C2B3F-0EA1-4344-BF64-B38EA9…)

The same body type and both weirdos who glorify CSA
I think Brooke Monke looks like her but obviously broke monk is younger looking and cutesier but they both got them black creepy coralline eyes

No. 164311

File: 1693404081038.jpeg (187.23 KB, 828x1396, kimcraig.jpeg)

No. 164352

File: 1694094120034.png (777.87 KB, 1440x540, shloth.png)

No. 164701

File: 1696047131372.jpeg (19.81 KB, 153x330, 410304F5-1522-4DF4-84B4-BF2F13…)

La(Shay) Hinton has a similar body to big Shaynus

No. 164702

File: 1696047199021.jpeg (76.37 KB, 558x788, 24FE8E47-175A-42F3-B4B1-E61376…)

No. 164703

File: 1696047311359.jpeg (50.6 KB, 718x718, 57E5B0C6-BD9B-4587-85BA-CFFA5D…)

Her smirk

No. 164704

File: 1696047608767.gif (466.35 KB, 230x231, D0E31A20-1DEA-4A02-B716-44024D…)

No. 164705

File: 1696047776553.jpeg (69.69 KB, 292x302, F918F278-5082-4E8C-B426-DEDEB3…)

No. 164706

File: 1696057728587.gif (19.61 MB, 378x671, 1694025936613.gif)

Jenelle Evans

No. 164707

lmao i love you for this, they have identical fat distribution (but not body types, sorry Shay, Jenelle is under 5'4)

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