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No. 24354

Need assistance quitting a bad habit? Use Shay as your inspiration? Hold each other accountable here!

No. 128505

File: 1680316104046.gif (7.59 MB, 902x500, 1674681432654.gif)

Sending love to shayheads and shays who have problems with weed

No. 157692

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Sendings hugs back and maybe 15 dollars too

No. 157702

Following Shayna actually made me successfully quit weed in 2021. I had been a pothead since 2016 and I got fat and lazy too. I was ready to change my life after noticing those parallels between us and I was sick of who I’d become. I weaned off over a few months and finally quit for good. Got a solid exercise routine, CICO, healthier diet and found healthier coping mechanisms for my anxiety like yoga, journaling, tea and regular walks or hikes. I’m a much happier and healthier person. Thanks Shayna for the literal years of motivation to keep my ass in shape!

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No. 157745

I'm so happy for you!! Shayna has been my motivation to work, too! I'm so much happier and gealthier too!

No. 157897

File: 1680431713826.jpg (94.85 KB, 828x1098, IMG_0170.JPG)

so thankful for shayna and jill cause seeing those retards talk about weed keeps me afraid from using again. ill do it once then go four months without it then do it again months later. i like to actually feel shit lol.
i did use everyday when i was younger but im 25 and i cant outrun the edibles and doordash shit. shayna being a living reminder. also when i used everyday was cuz i was overworked, depressed and dating abusive moid. weed did not help AT ALL. just made me eat like shit and triggered manias and psychosis at some points. when i see shay and jill buying edibles with 20000000000 thc and barely getting high i know theyre fucking miserable.

No. 158482

File: 1680647800088.jpeg (82.89 KB, 907x979, E0A79EDB-8551-47ED-A337-100157…)

thanks to /shay/ im currently only a few hours off of thc, but its been giving me such severe anxiety shaking like a leaf being an all day smoker. shayna has made me quit weed before and now she has again. tomorrow will be my first day waking up sober and staying that way in a long time. it interacts with my antipsychotics and i cant have this fear and anxiety anymore. wish me luck nonnies. this is (picrel is my creation) what my unmedicated and stoned mind is capable of. i definitely need to get better.

No. 158487

Nona you’re a legend and I love you. Good job on your journey. I thought you made the medallion while on shrooms.¿
Anyway good luck noni

No. 158492

no i was not on shrooms but i love that you thought that because i have my own complicated history with shrooms. just off my medications and stoned and crazy. im also planning on being sober from all mind altering substances except my meds including caffiene. seeing jillians downfall has also affected my choices. ive been sober from alcohol a few months now too. the weight one can lose from just ceasing to drink beer every night is amazing.

No. 158504

I quit regularly consuming alcohol due to the shay threads this past summer. I went from being a 5-6 drink per day/binge drinker to only having had 4 drinks in the past six months. Nonnies were right, I'm considerably happier.

No. 158529

It will be really hard at first but I promise if you stick with it you’ll start to feel like yourself again. You will feel like your equilibrium is really messed up but it will balance back out. You can do this! It will have no short term gratification for your brain which is the hardest part I think (and feeling like crap)

No. 158564

its my first sober morning and im having diarrhea and feel like shit but i know shayna would just smoke anyways so i really cant give in …. gotta stay strong.

No. 158565

samefag. i took a dab. i feel like a failure. i feel like a shaytard. but with the amount i smoke its probably better to wean down a bit than going completely cold turkey. at least i went 16 hours without smoking. gonna try and not smoke the rest of the day now still. please pray for me nonnies this shit is so strong.

No. 158578

idk how long this board will even be around, but im also a daily smoker and I also vape nicotine. ive been inspired to start doing shit with my days again so ive been not smoking during the day and only right before bed after ive gotten all my important shit done. ive realized how much more time is in a day and how less tired I feel around 4 pm when id usually be high as shit and chilling on the couch. I think Shayna is in denial bout the way weed affects her, same as I was and most other people who use it. id love to see what shed do with her life if she stopped smoking/taking THC even for a week. She would probably self destruct with that much awareness of how much time she wastes day in and day out.
anyways, im on day 5 of not smoking during the day, and it sucks and its boring but it feels good knowing im doing better than shat, as alwatys.

No. 158599

If you guys can consistently wean down over a period of weeks it’s easier than going cold Turkey but you have to be disciplined and find other coping mechanisms to help. Exercising is really helpful. Good luck!

No. 158619

thank u nonnie im trying to wean down right now over the next few days instead of cold turkeying it cuz it's terrible. gonna try and go the rest of the afternoon and evening without smoking. im shaking like a leaf currently. hate the way its affecting my body and brain. ive also been dealing with psychosis and getting back on my antipsychotic which is risperidone(risperdal). i read a study which said thc actually pushes risperidone out of your brain which is also why im quitting.

No. 158620

also been doing 20 jumping jacks every time i start to feel awful or just moving and dancing around helps

No. 158633

I all but quit drinking, rarely if ever take an edible and have become more active after being exposed to Shaynus. Like holy fuck is she great motivation for quitting any kind of those bad habits.

No. 158725

im this anon and im back cuz im in shaynus hell. having diarrhea, i puked bile this morning, and i feel awful. this must be what shayna feels like every day. ive actually smoked myself into a shayblivion. i even took dabs 4-5 times yesterday and still felt sick until late in the evening (last time i smoked was 3 pm and i did the same thing the night before. this morning i have sadly dabbed twice because i couldn't handle the pain and agony i was feeling in my body. i am running low tho so i think i will be able to successfully wean myself down to a point where i can stop and it wont be so bad. but i know smoking is prolonging my pain. i may have CHS and im definitely experiencing cannabis withdrawal syndrome. any nonnas have any any tips for me in this time to help numb the physical pain? should i repost this in /ot/ is there a good thread for this?

No. 158732

stop doing dabs

No. 158735

stay hydrated, the detox won't kill you, give it a week, it's not gonna be easy but you've gotta stop doing dabs if you want to stop doing dabs…

No. 158736

i know. thank you nonny. its just hard when i have a little bit left and also when im throwing up and having diarrhea. i wish i had some crystallized ginger. i am drinking powerade and i ate some applesauce. i did dab more just about 20 mins ago but im hoping not to do anymore today. i wish i could get my hands on some cbd. im thinking about taking a warm shower.

No. 158737

I used to have CHS and had similar health issues regarding withdrawal after using w
ay too much weed, alcohol and other substances like pills when I was a teenager. Honestly the only way the CHS will resolve quickly is by quitting cold turkey. You can choose to wean off but you would probably need nausea medication like topical promethazine and a strict BRATS diet. It’s not going to be easy and you’ll likely get sick. If you want to try quitting cold turkey you can take really hot showers or baths anytime you are dying to smoke. I said I was going to quit lots of times before it finally actually happened; you’ve got to make sure you’re in the right headspace to do it and you need to be 100% committed to a lifestyle change. You have to love yourself fully and want a healthier life forever. If you’re not there yet maybe try some journaling and introspection as to why you don’t feel that way or how you can get there?

No. 158744

thank you. a hot shower just helped me so much, i feel almost sleepy again but i think i should try to eat some more applesauce or maybe some rice now. im really really gonna stop dabbing now. i guess the next day or two i might be hopping in the shower a ton. its really hard to stop when i do feel like smoking briefly helps but ive noticed cessation and showers seem to help much more!!! ok im gonna eat something now, thanks to all the nonnines giving me advice.

No. 160413

>hot shower
shayna is this you!!?!?!?

No. 160437

this anon back, im now almost 24 hours without a dab!! its been really hard and i puked this morning and im still shaky and sick but feeling so much better already today! i ate some applesauce, took my meds, i've been drinking water, laying down on the couch, and im about to have some lavender chamomile probiotic tea. knowing this will pass has helped me through the most. the longer i go without smoking the better i will feel.

No. 160443

proud of you nonny, the worst is almost over and pretty soon not smoking is going to feel as normal as smoking did, if not more so. picking up a hobby to keep your hands and mind occupied can also help, even if just something as simple as playing a new video game.

No. 160445

File: 1680879686941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.66 KB, 1125x631, D132849A-9727-4EA9-9116-5D4C43…)

I’m a gymrat nona who uses Shay to keep myself in check lmao. I look at her and remind myself that willpower is a beautiful thing. Also she’s amazing for keeping my drink tally to 3 or less on a (rare) night out kek picrel blows my mind that she’s such a goddamn cow.

No. 160446

File: 1680879872204.jpeg (26.63 KB, 328x583, AA6EA50D-D6DC-4512-90BD-D7EC04…)

Ditto what >>160443 said, proud of you nonita!!! It sucks a lot now but your body and mind will thank you when the rough part is past.

No. 160448

thank you nonnies!!! i bought pokemon violet recently and still haven't beaten it so maybe i will give it a go today!! its really hard right now cuz i can tell i need to eat and i have absolutely no appetite but im not giving in! i feel so much better in these brief moments but mostly i just feel weak and shaky and uncomfortable.

No. 160458

I don’t smoke but have been having other issues. I am going to clean tomorrow, start the process of sorting through my clothes to donate them to a women’s shelter, and start the routine of meditating and stretching before bed.

I saw your post in vent! I’m so happy you’re doing better, was thinking of you because it sounded so horrible. None of us deserve to be that shick.

No. 160459

thanks nonna!! i hope you can get some cleaning done! its really wonderful you are donating to a shelter like that, you seem to have a good heart! glad shayna can bring us all together in our shaycovery and shaycountability!

No. 160465

another update from thc withdrawal/chs nonna! im now 48 hours sober and feeling so so much better! i can tell its only gonna get easier from here! so far having a bit of shakiness this morning and im having some diarrhea still, but its much better than i felt two days ago. i was still in hell then. if i get any strong cravings today i will do what i did yesterday and take a quick hot shower. ive been able to eat dinner in the evenings too which is awesome.

No. 160466

Omg congratulations! This made me so happy to read, I’m so so so glad you’re doing better! Make sure you are staying super hydrated too. It will only get better from here. Blog but I used to have a serious weed addiction (going through a gram vape in 3 days rarely taking T breaks) but when I wanted to get pregnant I stopped cold Turkey and it SUCKED but god did I feel good when the PAWS stopped. I got really bad night sweats like CRAZY for probably a month, bad insomnia for two weeks (used small dose diphenhydramine to help w that) and my mood swings were crazy. Then…i felt really good. I wish more people would admit that weed isn’t some miracle wonder drug in a world apart from every other addictive substance. It can also ruin people’s shlives

No. 160468

oh wow we had really similar usage!! i was using about a gram of concentrates/dabs every 2-3 days! that stuff really is strong… luckily my antipsychotic has been helping with sleep.

No. 160482

back again with another update! 3 days sober, and suffering really hard this morning. i have puked already, and im having diarrhea. its feeling worse i guess before it gets better. i also hardly slept and im soaked in sweat all night, its truly hellish. i got the "i am sober" app though and its nice to see that im almost at the 3 day mark (will be in 2 hours). please end my suffering soon.

No. 160483

Aww I’m sorry it was a tough night for you nonna. Little tip for the night sweating (one of the worst things in the world imo) keep a fresh change of clothes by your bed each night and a towel so you can change quickly and try to get back to sleep. I sometimes would lay the towel down in the spot where I lay if I didn’t feel like changing the sheets til morning. Your body is gonna be purging for a bit and it comes out different for people. For me I was MEGA sweaty like even during the day it Shucked balls kek. Proud of you for sticking with this even though it is hard.

No. 160484

yea i noticed my hands sweat like all day long now and are always clammy …. i am feeling a bit better now after a few hours though! hoping that soon i can go see my boyfriend and spend a night with him and his dogs, i really miss them but have been too sick to go see them in this state.

No. 160485

can we have a workout/exercise version of this thread? i don't have any good fat shat photos saved so I wanted to pass the idea off to a nonnie who might choose a good thread image

No. 160486

I would love one!! Want to sperg my little gymrat heart out kek

No. 160490

I’ve smoked almost every day for nearly 2 years and I decided to quit because there were too many parallels between shaynus and I. 1 week of no smoking weed!! Managing to stay sane by drinking massive amounts of black coffee and i’m already feeling so much better and dreaming again!! Sending my love to all the shaynons in the same place as me

No. 160492

wonderful!! im so proud of you nonna! i'm on day 3 and i can't imagine how awesome i'm gonna feel after a week! how did you manage to drink coffee though!? caffiene with no thc gives me severe anxiety attacks.

No. 160501

File: 1681094688175.gif (1.95 MB, 422x317, 314B0038-9DF6-4D86-8B1C-2D5BFC…)

So happy for/proud of the shaynons making changes going into this week, I did clean and do laundry, and I made a little area to get through all of my clothes to sort for donations and am about to do some stretches. Happy Sunday, we got this!!!

No. 160503

I am taking a break & recently tried the trending combo of magnesium (glycinate, since it's not a laxative) and organic tart cherry juice (helps produce natural melatonin) for the accompanying insomnia and I have never slept better when quitting. Maybe it's placebo idk but thought it might be worth a try. Sweet dreams nonnies

No. 160504

Also hot yoga, or saunas. Anything to make you sweat a ton really helps

No. 160507

File: 1681129684872.jpeg (13.71 KB, 275x155, 2A611C63-5853-4F72-A293-F3EA40…)

I didn’t smoke when i woke up today!!!! My goal this week in to only in the afternoon and i hope is only one joint before sleep
Good luck nonas we will break the shayrcle

No. 160508

quitting dab anon back here with day 4!! im having major cravings still, and i'm thinking about going to the weed store to get a CBD only vape because im still having awful withdrawal symptoms and ive heard from
multiple sources that CBD can help.. also i really want to see my boyfriend and he still smokes so i want something i can hit around him when he smokes. what do you nonnas think about that? i think its the THC thats been really fucking me over and what messes with my antipsychotics.

No. 160513

caved and smoked. fuck quitting the shaycle. i think if i keep it in moderation and keep doing t breaks i might be alright i might just need to switch antipsychotics.

No. 160514

anon… listen to yourself

No. 160518

This bummed me out. I used to break my attempts to quit bc my best friend was a heavy stoner as well, and didn’t want to be alone doing it. I always felt like left out if I didn’t at least do an edible when we’d hang. Now she doesn’t use it either and our friendship is much stronger. I’m not judging you I promise because it takes a few attempts to quit, I’m just sad that you are rationalizing it.

No. 160519

you’re making a mistake, if you got to this point there is no hope for moderation. Won’t berate you but at least consider staying sober enough for your doctor to evaluate your anti psychotics

No. 160520

Samefag to add, I always thought I could moderate my usage, but ALWAYS ended up back on the 3 days per gram train. Always. I hope you can be different tho who knows maybe it’ll work for you.

No. 160524

For u nona ♥ >>160523

You can do it anon! It’s very difficult when you’re the only thing that’s changed. Friends, family, environment doesn’t. I don’t have any good advice but I’ve been sober for a little over a year with alcoholics anonymous, I knew some other people in rehab who were there for pot addictions. I hope you’re ok whatever you choose to do.

No. 160527

I keep trying to wean myself off my Good Girl Pills (Ativan) and i keep going back. If any nonas have tips I would be so grateful

No. 160530

thanks for your guys input. i really am taking it to heart. i did smoke a few more times today but i also did end up getting the cbd pen to try and make the time in between smoking less miserable. it was just awful puking up my guts every morning for 4 days. im not stoned right now, i am feeling a bit blissed out from the cbd right now. i want to do more self reflection on how i got into this space and how i can get out. im not sure how tomorrow is going to go. i am genuinely worried about the meds i am on right now though and wondering if thats what is making me shake randomly throughout the day because it was happening sober or not.

No. 160534

Day 2 of only smoking before sleep!!! Yesterday was easy because work was intense and i cleaned when i got home. I don’t have work today so to avoid randomly smoking I’m going out to do errands I haven’t done because i was too busy being stoned first thing in the morning.
Good day nonies i hope you get to your goals today and always!!

No. 160535

When I stopped taking klonopin I just had to tough it out- going through it made me never want to get to that point again. I had really bad paranoia, panic attacks, and my sleep was trashed. Getting enough sleep without waking up through the night is key, take melatonin and get into a relaxing routine before bed. Being with friends and family helps you realize how much it dulled your experiences, so I’d push to socialize more and just go out and do things by yourself like museums and hiking to build confidence in your abilities. It was miserable but it’s so good to have my memory back and be fully present. Good luck nona rooting for you!

No. 160536

and same anon DO NOT DRINK TO REPLACE THE RELAXED FEELING!!! Try to avoid alcohol entirely until you haven’t taken it for at least six months and have new coping mechanisms in place!

No. 160538

dab anon back again. i smoked once this morning but still puked. actually hitting the cbd vape i got triggered the puking. im redownloading the i am sober app and im going to try and restart my progress!!! i feel awful about my slip up yesterday. please berate me if you feel the need. i'm really trying to evaluate why am i here in the first place. friends and family have helped me.

No. 160539

it’s okay to make mistakes, you don’t deserve to be punished for being human. what you’re doing is hard and what matters is that you’re taking the first steps, the biggest hurdle to change is making yourself try- happy you have support, you can do it!

No. 160540

Seconding this. I am proud of all you nonnas who are trying, even if you fail and fail again, it’s huge to acknowledge and try. For anyone experiencing trouble sleeping and if melatonin makes you groggy/doesn’t work for you (my own experience with it) try Benadryl/diphenhydramine generic sleep gels. They worked wonders for me. Ashwagandha is also good but I find it needs to build in your system a bit. I think making sure you are physically tired (even if you just take a long walk!) helps a TON in terms of sleep and getting rid of the urges to use whatever substance. Honestly spawning these accountability threads by her pure suck is the only worthwhile thing Shatna has ever done and she didn’t even do it on purpose kek. Sending much love and support to all of you!

No. 160541

sleep hasnt been my issue as much as physical nausea, puking, and diarrhea which is why im struggling so hard. i feel like a junkie. but yes this is the one good thing shayna has done inadvertently, is spawn these threads and these conversations about getting help/better!! i am now 4 hours reset into my sober time, feeling like i can make it til tomorrow. i have the cbd vape but like i said it triggered some puking earlier. i was hoping cbd might help with the awful physical side effects but im not sure it is.

No. 160542

Have you tried hot water with lemon for your nausea? My Russian mom swears by it since her mom always did it and tbh it works pretty well. I’m not sure about when it’s withdrawal related but could be worth trying? I’m rooting for you nonna. I actually switched to cbd/delta 8 vapes and gummies right before quitting cold turkey for good and I kinda think it helped plus more bang for buck/available at smoke shops no dispensary needed.

No. 160546

Going on a non-consensual (fuck these dealers and their trash weed) t-break. I've always lived in illegal states & feel like the local stuff has been muddled down with CBD strains heavily. It's like a weird hybrid and I refuse to throw my money away on it anymore. Also learning about all the politicians with their hands in the CBD/delta-8/and even delta-9 honey pot really turned me off dispo stuff. I'm not giving those fucks a cent. Never used to chain smoke like this on home grown, organic… but I digress. Here's to sobriety ig

No. 160564

quitting dab anon who relapsed the other day back again! im back on track and just over 24 hours sober now ♥ feeling good im so glad that i've made this choice

No. 160566

You got this!!!

No. 160573

2 days sober again!!! i think my relapse didnt really do much to my tolerance since i didn't smoke much that day! so im starting to really feel a lot better, if i hadnt relapsed i would have a week today! so i feel my body has adjusted a lot and is feeling much better now. my poops are solid again and i can eat and the vomitting has seemed to stop. cbd has definitely been helping ease the symptoms, and also time. i'm definitely feeling so much better not being permastoned all the time.

No. 160575

That’s awesome, im so glad to hear it! Don’t use it as an excuse, but more as a motivator…”relapse is a part of recovery” is definitely true.

No. 160712

i’m a shayhead that quit drinking after unsuccessfully trying to moderate my drinking for years and the most surprising thing to me was how quitting was much easier than cutting back. when you cut back you have to make so many decisions about if, when, how much to drink. it feels like being on a very restrictive diet. you have to struggle and deny things to yourself constantly and it’s torture. but weirdly when i quit altogether it actually felt really freeing. the decision is made. i just don’t drink. it actually feels like being free from a restrictive diet that made me feel like a failure. not saying that’s how everyone feels but it really surprised me

No. 160791

38 hours weed free after 15 years of smoking daily. Pray for me Nonnies. I don’t want to keep wasting opportunities and my life like Shayna does.

No. 160805

you can do it!! i believe in you! im 3 days sober today after a really bad dab addiction if i can do it you can!!! it feels so wonderful to not be stoned and out of it all day ♥ keep up the good work nonna

No. 160817

Thanks! We both got this.
These withdrawals are killing me though. The nausea and headaches and I cant stop feeling overwhelming dread. I just keep feeling like something isnt right.

No. 160823

its okay to mess up, its not okay to give up!

No. 160852

nausea and that anxious feeling you describe have been my main symptoms too, i dont know if the weather is as nice where you are as where i am right now, but try to get outside!! excercise and sun will be your two best friends right now and will have you feeling much better! the mornings is when i find the anxiety is the worst but by late afternoon i usually feel it waining out. just stick to it anon, you got this. also lots of water and make sure you are eating fruit and things with protein. i was told that fruit contains something that helps with withdrawal symptoms in general (not sure what kek).

No. 161595

File: 1681538007202.jpeg (44.03 KB, 694x554, 8E3F36A0-A6E3-4911-8A9E-E2FE4D…)

Go nonnies, it’s your shayday
We gonna party like it’s your shayday
you can do it!!!!!!!

No. 161643

dab anon back with day 4 sober after my little lapse!! feeling great, and continuing to stick to it! i got rid of the little amount of dab i had left by giving it to a friend and left my torch with them too. hoping to inspire other nonnies to give up their addictions themselves! it feels great to break the shaycle! im adjusted to having an appetite and feeling normal again which is the best part.

No. 161656

Really really proud of you, nonita!!! Especially since you (like many of us) fell off the horse as it were but got back on. I hope your days are full of good things in the coming months!

No. 161657

Samefag, I cleaned out my car yesterday (it was the last depression den left over from my year of depression) and was disgusted by the number of dispensary bags shoved under the seat in shame. The money I spent makes me really mad but I’m also happy that I’m not doing that anymore because my life has gotten so, SO much better since quitting and getting through the withdrawal period and a couple of brief relapses.

No. 161754

im glad youre feeling better!!! its awesome that you were able to clean your car, just know it will never fill up with those bags again! i'm back with day 5, checking in every day here feels nice. getting through my morning anxiety and nausea, been able to eat some food today and i went out on a walk to get a bag of cat litter earlier. the world feels like such a nice happy place when i'm not making myself feel afraid by getting stoned all day!!! hoping to hear from the other nonnies in the process of quitting right now ♥ we can get thru the withdrawals together

No. 161780

this anon back again with day 6! woke up feeling great this morning with no cravings and no nausea!! not even feeling like hitting my cbd pen. was able to throw in two loads of laundry right after waking up this morning and feeling good and productive! hoping for a wonderful day for all my other sober nonnies!

No. 161791

Holy shit anon! You’re killing it!! I can’t wait for your one week update

No. 161795

one week sober now!!!! and feeling amazing! as a really heavy dab user, smoking multiple grams a week, i just want to tell you all you can do it! you can get sober! its really been a struggle but i'm here one week sober and feeling satisfied with my life. no more feelings of wanting to run away and no more fear. before i would put everything off for weed, now i'm not doing that anymore. now im unstoppable! i hope anyone else out there struggling can make it to a week ♥

No. 161797

File: 1681829824022.jpeg (323.96 KB, 1170x1669, 93FCD151-BECE-45A3-979C-385D88…)

Crosspost from main thread, Shay is still smoking if that’s any motivation to anons here.

No. 161798

imagine prioritizing getting high over taking care of your dog, this is why im glad i've quit!!

No. 161809

back to check in again tonight for my one week sober. today honestly wasnt that easy of a day, i threw up and had some major cravings in the afternoon but im ending the day still choosing to be sober and live my life to the fullest. feeling proud of myself and any other nonnas who are choosing to stay sober ♥

No. 161811

for everyone who has quit recently: stay strong with 4/20 coming up, be sure to have alternate feel-good plans ready

No. 161824

Wanted to get weed even though I’ve been sober for a good while, just because some super shitty things happened with a now ex best friend, but you know what? I’m not gonna. She relapsed and I won’t. 4/20 is gonna be a day I hit the gym early and go for a blade cruise on my favorite paved trail in the woods with all the good hills. We’ve got this, nonnas. We can keep off the weed or the booze in some anons cases. We are better than Shaynus kek

No. 161825

yess thats awesome nonna!! keep at it, that sounds like a wonderful day of excercise and nature! tomorrow will be 9 days sober for me and i'm not even phased by 4/20, will be just another day for me. i'm planning on getting some light excercise and watching some trashy reality tv. sobriety is really a choice we have to make every day and its an awesome one!!!

No. 161844

my 9th day sober today. continuing to choose to stay sober even on this day. hope other nonnas can resist temptation today, i'm rooting for you!

No. 161845

PROUD AS FUCK OF YOU NONITA!!! I’m finishing my second circuit (did upper body abs and some sprint laps on the track) and then I’m gonna go for a hike since it rained and is too wet to skate. Then I’m going to treat myself to a nice meal and enjoy my day off. Hope all the other weed free anons are spending the day doing something good for themselves!!

No. 161847

You’ve got this nonna! It’s my second 4/20 sober and it is way easier this year than last year. I took myself out for a nice lunch and had a milkshake to celebrate without making it a drug thing haha. You can still have fun today! Treat yourself

No. 161867

quitting dab anon back with 12 days now!! stayed sober throughout 4/20 and feeling amazing. most of my withdrawal symptoms are now gone and im really proud of myself for going almost 2 weeks sober!! i never want dabs or weed to be a part of my life like that again. im actually planning to never ever smoke again. stay strong everyone.

No. 161868

Slipped up after a good two weeks sober by smoking on 4/20 and I feel awful for it. Really set myself back mentally and feel like I’ve lost a lot of progress. In a way it’s positive because I’m now well aware that smoking is not a good thing for me anymore and that I can be completely fine without it, but god damn it’s been particularly rough for me today mentally.

No. 161869

It’s ok to slip up, nonna! I had a couple of relapses on my journey to kicking weed for good, but once you have that moment of clarity like it sounds like you have, it will get easier. I’m proud of you for recognizing that weed is not good for you!

No. 161870

Thank you Nona I think I just needed to get it off my chest in a little moment of emotional weakness kek I know quitting is very much the right thing for me to do, and how I’ve been feeling since my relapse is really just further reinforcing I’m making the correct choice. I’m sure I’ll still have many times feeling how I do now, just wanting to cover up the uncomfortable emotions with weed, but I know so much more now that it’s not at all helpful or beneficial and really just makes things worse in the long term. Gotta appreciate Shayna for inadvertently helping me along the road to recovery and positively improving my life to be much healthier kek.

No. 161931

over two weeks sober now, here again to tell everynonna they can do this!!! my physical withdrawal symptoms have all subsided, my appetite is back, im sleeping better, and my personal relationships are better than ever!! im happier and i swear my skin and nails have a MUCH better quality to them, like im less dry and flaky now. i don't feel dehyrated and tired all day, and i'm drinking less water in a good way (before i had to drink 10 bottles a day to feel like i wasn't dying). overall my quality of life has improved, and i think anyone can do it too! drop that bad habit!! be it weed/dabs, drinking, not excercising, whatever bad habit you have!

No. 161937

Hey nonnies, I haven't quit yet but I think I want to. This thread gives me hope that life after weed will be better in many ways.
I have a few days left on my current vape cart. I stopped carrying it with me when I leave the house, which cut my consumption back dramatically. I can already feel some physical benefits but also withdrawals. Hoping that a few more days at this level will give me the strength to actually kick it.
Just wanna say thanks so much to the anons who have shared their stories and recovery in this thread. You're inspiring me and making this feel possible. Please keep posting updates or encouragement for those of us on the way!

No. 161939

Former weed anon here to ask if anyone else experienced hair loss from using so much concentrate? I definitely did (have super thick red hair and I started seeing thinning the year before I quit) but now that I’ve been sober for awhile it’s come back like it was before. There is really so much people don’t talk about in terms of negatives re weed because they’re too caught up in touting it as some ~sacred earthy panacea~ when it really is…bad to use the way a lot of us did/do. Congrats on those of you keeping strong, and congrats to the nonna above who is wanting to quit! You are all strong and way better than Shaynus kek

No. 161941

now im definitely gonna look through pictures and see if its made a difference. i was a heavy concentrate user too and i definitely think it was affecting my skin and nails, gave them both a very dull quality and thinned out my nails and made them break easily. my hands were always dry and cracked and bleeding too. i have thick hair too and i do feel like im losing less in the shower since quitting, i used to have hella hairballs afterwards but lately they haven't been as bad! i also have suffered with an ED that im recovering from so it could be that too but i think shitty diet could still be linked to thc use too… i also just asked my mother who was a heavy pot smoker in the past and she says shes noticed her hair looking thicker every time shes quit too! so i think there could definitely be a link. i wish people would talk about negative effects of use more often too, i remember learning in health class that it weakens your immune system but i figured they were just trying to scare us straight.

No. 161942

I lost definition in my jawline because of weed. Didn't have a strong jaw to begin with, but I'm not overweight. Swollen lymph nodes, poor breathing, and poor posture got me feeling like a hunched mouthbreather all the time and I think I'm literally less attractive than before.
I always thought of weed as a muscle relaxer but I think it actually contributed to tension over time. A few days of cutting back is enough to notice a difference. Stretching, deep breathing, and staying hydrated is the real answer!

No. 161944

Right I’m AYRT and I remember just hearing all the crazy reefer madness style horror stories in school (I went to a religious school so it was even more ridiculous) but I think more former stoners should speak honestly on why they quit. It’s being pushed as such a lifestyle these days especially where it’s legal (I live in a legal US state) and you just get bombarded with billboards and dispensaries everywhere, ~aesthetic~ smoking rigs and rolling papers aimed at those of us who are artsy and/or hyper femme, not to mention smoke shops with all the delta shit. Being a stoner is a personality trait for so many people and it’s sad. I remember when I finally unsubscribed from all the dispensaries texts and emails that I used to get (Curaleaf, Windy City Cannabis, Ascend, etc etc) and it felt really good because it was not easy to resist the temptation when every other day they were telling me about some sale. Seeing you other nonnas posting in here just reaffirms how glad I am I quit, not to mention I’m finally pregnant with the baby I’ve always longed for so I’m double glad I stopped. I want to make sure when my kid is old enough to feel tempted by weed that they can have an honest convo with me about it, and that I can tell them about the negatives and the negatives that are hidden in a fake positive coating in a way that won’t come off as fear mongering.

No. 161949

Ntayrt but I’m so proud of you! Congrats on your pregnancy, your baby is lucky to have a strong, honest mother.

No. 161951

Thank you so much!! Related to weed, a very not so bright friend of mine had fertility issues while actively using weed/THC products but swore up and down it couldn’t be because of that because marijuana is ~of the earth~ and when she and her dude finally stopped for 6 months…surprise she got pregnant. I didn’t say ‘I told ya so’ but I thought it real hard kek

No. 161953

struggling with sobriety tonight but posting here instead of giving in and smoking. its hard because i live with my mom and she still gets high via edibles every day, and she gets so high sometimes she falls asleep and can barely form a sentence. its really frustrating and upsetting for me. shes currently off in her room i assume getting high while i sit and watch tv. im just over two weeks sober after i think 5 years of daily smoking from morning til i went to bed at night and its still really hard. i still have the urge to use but i will not give in. choosing to stay sober yet again today. hope everynona is doing well today and staying sober too ♥

No. 161956

I’m so proud of you anonita! I know how hard it is to stay sober when someone who you live with/who is a big part of your life gets high still. It says a lot about your character that you are choosing to stay strong, and I’m sorry you have to live with that kind of temptation under your nose. You actually reminded me why I don’t ever want to do an edible again, I constantly would just pass out. So ~fun~. You should queue up some movies that make you feel good or shows/YouTube vids that are really engrossing. I’m not ashamed to say Markiplier’s (I know, I know) entire scary games playlist got me through my early days of kickin’ da weed. I hope you have a good night friend ♥

No. 161964

congratulations on your pregnancy, i hope you have a healthy, happy baby!

No. 162034

oh god, the naturalism bias is one hell of a drug. botulism, arsenic, and goose shit are also "of the earth" lmao.

but huge congratulations on your pregnancy!! your baby is indeed lucky to have a strong thoughtful parent…and your friend is lucky to have someone in their life with more than 2 brain cells to rub togther. best wishes!

No. 162061

anon who quit heavy dab smoking here, and i'm three weeks sober today!!! its been an amazing difference in my life. the only thing ive still been experiencing is night sweats and vivid dreams but even that has gotten better. im happier, excercising more, eating better, and doing better in my life and relationships. its like night and day. anyone whos a daily smoker and hasn't quit yet, i swear you can do it! your life will be much better without covering everything up with weed.

No. 162062

Does anyone know if smoking can make your anxiety worse? Smoking does help with anxiety short term when I'm high, but I feel like I have been more anxious lately when I'm not smoking. I smoke a few times a week.

No. 162063

yes. marijuana is known for giving people paranoia and anxiety. i know for sure it made my anxiety worse especially in times when i wasn't smoking. it seems to hardwire your brain to depend on it to get through these emotions.

No. 162065

This x 1000. I became ultra dependent on it because I chose to use weed instead of actually dealing with some severe ptsd/trauma and it made everything so much worse when I decided to stop and deal with my issues. Obviously things got better with actual help, but weed was just there to numb me out and as soon as I wasn’t high, the paranoia and anxiety would manifest tenfold.

No. 162076

this anon here again. not craving dabs today but really tempted to smoke a bowl of weed. i keep getting this idea i could smoke a little and itd be ok. i know it wouldnt be though. i had a beer with my boyfriend thinking it would curb my cravings but it didnt help (stupid i know). i know i should just enjoy my little buzz but its kind of hard. i also can't have more beer because it also seems to trigger my mental health problems (i struggle with ptsd and psychosis) because last time i had 4 1/2 beers i got super suicidal and considered relapsing into self harm and my eating disorder. i just wish i could smoke like a normal person and not be an addict, but i know one puff would be a slippery slope because i've quit before and ended up thinking i could smoke a little and ended up smoking all day every day all over again. it just sucks to feel like i can't have any "fun" but i know weed/dabs are not fun for me anymore. overall its ok and i'm dealing with it but just needed to vent somewhere where people would understand and maybe get some encouragement.

No. 162079

Stay strong nona! You have come so far and you said it yourself, it's not fun for you anymore. Keep reminding yourself how great things have been without it, or maybe start calculating how much money you've saved since you've quit!

No. 162081

I know exactly how you’re feeling, it’s frustrating that some people can just be occasional smokers and we can’t, but ultimately you’re spot on—it’s NOT fun anymore when you have to do it to feel normal or feel like you’re enjoying a good time. You are so strong for keeping your word and I’m honestly so fucking glad this thread exists. We’ve got your back ♥

No. 162082

thank you nonas! i didn't smoke! i ended up having a nightmare i smoked and when i woke up i had to remember if that was real or not. im so glad it wasn't. things like that really help put it into perspective because i felt so bad about myself even though it wasn't real. thanks for your support ♥ im really thankful for this thread, and for shayna and jillian for making me want to quit smoking. not sure if anyones mentioned her but jill/pixielocks confusing her weed abuse for an actual mental health disorder has really frustrated me and made me want to quit, especially since i actually am diagnosed with mental disorders with similar symptoms to the ones she fakes. like if someone REALLY had DID smoking pot would be the absolute worse thing for you and i think any good doctor/therapist/psych would make you quit for your own good.

No. 162203

4 weeks sober and im incredibly proud of myself and feeling so great! i still get cravings from time to time but they pass easier and its become my normal again to not be smoking! i can hardly remember how being high feels and i don't want to go back to it! hoping all my other sober nonnies a good day, and hoping i can inspire someone else to quit too!

No. 162207

Im this nona from 25 days ago. I barely made it 24 hours after typing that post and have been smoking daily ever since this post :( I seriously think I'm Shayna-level brain damaged at this point. I have so much motivation, reason, and hope to quit as soon as vape cart is done, but as soon as I know theres no smoke coming from that devil pipe my mind instantly changes and I just go straight into buying more weed mode. Its like I can't even stop myself. Any suggestions Nonas?

No. 162208

buy a cbd vape instead, thats what helped me get through the first week of quitting! hits that oral fixation but doesn't have the same psychoactive results. also helped with the anxiety and physical symptoms. i just stopped after i used up two of those disposables and got through the worst of the withdrawals. i recommend getting it from a trusted dispensary so you don't end up with some weird product. or gummies if you can't find a vape anywhere nearby! also just changing your mindset is a big part of it. i also have used the "i am sober" app and read the community tabs to get inspired by other people and their quitting journey! ive also posted frequently in this thread for encouragement and to vent out my emotions with quitting. i hope some of this can help you nonny, i believe you can do it ♥

No. 162212

Have you tried getting rid of literally all paraphernalia? If you give away all your glass/papers/grinders/cones/whatever else you may have it’ll be a greater hurdle to start smoking again.

No. 162221

This. When I quit I threw out/gave away EVERYTHING. That included fancy crystal pipes, giant packs of cute rolling cones, grinders, vape batteries. ALL OF IT. There is definitely something to be said for ridding yourself of visual reminders. Hell, I even got rid of a cute corduroy Valfré bucket hat w a weed leaf on lmao. All you nonnas quitting, thinking about quitting, and struggling with sobriety, you can do it!!!!! ♥

No. 162313

This is actually really good advice nona. Im gonna do this when my current vape is up.

Sadly im an elder nona with a good job. Ive thrown out tons of $ worth of product. i dont smoke out of glass anymore, havent in years, threw out all the bongs, papers, grinders, pipes in 2020. i throw out my vape and pens but then i have the disposable cash go just go buy more when my addict mind kicks in. its so bad i will spend money i should be saving or investing. im also canadian so theres a legal dispensary at every corner, so you just go to drive and get groceries and drive past 3-4 chances to easily buy cheap weed.

I think the CBD idea is really good. Can get past the initial week of hell while still “hitting the vape” and also theres a bigger sting about wasting money cause im not “benefiting” the same as I do when I get high.

No. 162339

i really hope quitting works out for you nonna!! im the anon who suggested the cbd, and im rooting for you!!! we all are here in this thread!! im also checking in to say im over a month sober now and feeling great! yesterday my mom and brother smoked a joint in front of me, and i was tempted for a second, but chose not to smoke. i didn't miss out on much. my mindset has really changed but thats the hardest part, you really need to mindfully change! i really hope the best for anyone trying to quit right now ♥

No. 162419

Wooo!!! That’s huge, nonna. You’ve gotten over a really big hurdle, especially being around people actively using weed. I am so proud of you and all the other anons quitting! This is low key one of my fav and most positive threads on LC ily all ♥

No. 162437

Shayna is trying to quit smoking, how long until she relapses? Place your bets now!

No. 162438

Guarantee she won’t last a week. She has zero willpower whatsoever. She’s said she was gonna quit before and has never been able to. The sad thing is, she might lose some weight if she stopped for real simply because withdrawal from heavy usage makes your appetite go bye bye for a bit kek

No. 162446

she will last a few days to a week, but keep quiet about smoking for the next month or so before shes on cam and takes a break to smoke and gets caught. keep us updated itt !!!

No. 162450

and the answer is… 7 hours! Thanks for playing, optimists!

No. 162452

thank you so much! posting my progress here has been a huge help! just packed a bowl for my nigel and i'm not tempted to smoke it. wondering if using topicals would set me back on my progress. my shoulder hurts really bad and i could use some of this "weed salve" he has but i feel like it makes me feel high so im choosing not to do that either for now. im now a month and 8 days sober and im extremely proud of myself. i've only ever quit for about this long once before and relapsed around this time. its caused me extremely bad psychotic episodes and also interacts with my meds so thats why i've decided to quit for good this time. the i am sober app has been my rock during this time and i look at the community tab every time i feel like relapsing. im hoping this nona >>162313 can get cbd like i did and update us here on her journey. im also weirdly hoping shayna can quit weed, i also got sick in similar ways to her where after a few hours without smoking i would start experiencing withdrawal symptoms and get really sick, and also end up making myself sicker from smoking too much. i honestly wouldnt wish the hell of CHS and withdrawals even on her. i am going to pray for her and maybe it will be a wake up call for her to quit weed. i know i sound stupid saying that but i do believe everyone has the ability to change, especially if i was able to quit weed and dabs after years of chronic smoking.

No. 162455

so proud of you, you sound amazingly clearheaded and i wish you nothing but the best on your road of continued sobriety, you're killin it

No. 162457

I'm a non-committal nonna who hasn't fully quit yet. I've been smoking almost every day for 17 years and it's time to stop. I know I won't make it cold turkey though, because my brain chemistry relies on it so much. When I try and withhold myself I end up getting stuck in my head, past trauma etc and start emotionally breaking down. I can't function that way so it keeps me on a horrible cycle of struggling to moderate.

I found out that my weed store sells CBD:THC cartridges that are 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, and 10:1 ratio. I can use these to wean myself down on THC content, so that my body can adapt slowly to the change. Right now I am on a 1:1 and I can feel a big difference. It's lighter and clearer, not potent enough to knock me on my ass. I'm still feeling mild withdrawals that I'm sure is my body adjusting. But this is way more manageable than the withdrawals of going cold turkey, which gives me hope that I can hold out on this path to quitting.

No. 162479

good luck nonna!! you can do this! sounds like a good way to cut down and hopefully lessen your withdrawals. keep us updated.

No. 162480

Go to an AA or NA meeting and ask during the discussion portion. People there are really eager to help! Ask for a call list and then call those people when you want to smoke!

No. 162481

Don’t beat yourself up if your progress Isn’t perfectly linear also!!!

No. 162657

You have a very recognizable typing style, reminds me of Shayna’s typing

No. 162740

im this nona and i ended up smoking again. just weed and i have been addicted to dabs. i think im ok though because ive had all this willpower to not smoke all this time so i think i can get right back on the wagon or maybe socially smoke now. but i smoked two days in a row. part of me feels stupid and pissed off at myself but another part of me thinks maybe this time it wont be a big deal? i did it with someone else and to me as long as im not smoking all day or smoking alone i think maybe it could be ok? but also before i thought i should be totally 100 percent sober. not sure where to go from here. i smoked today because i felt overwhelmed though which was kind of stupid of me. yesterday i did it just because i wanted to.

No. 162741

shit i meant to bump this thread so nonnas will actually see my post.

No. 162742

I say this out of love– you are not doing well. Cut it out nonnna

No. 162743

it's not too late to stop again, and you should.

No. 162746

You need to develop positive coping methods or else you're going to give in every time you're stressed Nona. Willpower alone isn't enough.

No. 162747

thank you guys for the tough love.

No. 162769

back here today sober. safe to say i feel awful about smoking yesterday and the day before. getting back on the wagon for sure. i'm just not sure i will be able to keep myself from never smoking again like my goal was to do. should i just accept that it was a small lapse and never do it again? or should i be more forgiving to myself if i do smoke again? it just feels like a slippery slope. i've had cravings today to just be able to escape it all once again. i am being so hard on myself today and have cried multiple times because i feel so disappointed in myself. i wish i could be the kind of person who only smokes once in awhile but i ended up smoking multiple bowls yesterday and spent most of the day high. i havent reset my i am sober app yet because i don't want to accept ive lost all my progress? i also like to read peoples posts and if i reset it it like pushes you back to peoples posts who are right at the beginning of quitting again and i dont feel like those posts are relevant to me in this stage. just at a really weird crossroads here. i also would like to still keep track of when i first quit. should i reset the number and start over or just move on and continue to not smoke?

No. 162770

Trust me, I have been sober a good long while from weed and it took me several failed attempts. You have to get to a point where you realize the bad outweighs the good and that you’ll never be able to be a social/casual user like other people. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but that’s life. Before I got pregnant I still would sometimes smell someone smoking in a car in traffic or see the dispensary and think ‘oh, what if I just got one disposable vape…’ but I had to make myself remember the crazy mood swings, the obsessive usage, the fucked up sleep patterns, the HUGE MONEY WASTE. I quit because I wanted my baby to happen and now that she’s happening I’m so glad I did. I believe in you because I’ve been where you are. You don’t have to hate yourself for fucking up, just use it to motivate yourself into being better. ♥

No. 162773

File: 1684875801530.jpg (83.09 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20230217-202850_Red…)

I find this to be very helpful and verrrrry true

No. 162776

Double post sorry but this subreddit was helpful to me, I recommend checking it out
Also I just posted and deleted a joke 2x bc it didn't make sense kek idk if anyone saw that but yeah

No. 162777

is this referring to smoking once a week or so? i feel really retarded not getting the point of the post. if so i agree, i think it's either all or nothing for us addicted to weed. im the anon who just relapsed after over a month sober and i could feel myself just wanting to submit to that life again after smoking once. thats why i think i need to be 100 percent sober from weed i can't ever do it.

No. 162779

Yes, you understood the post correctly. I'm the same exact way nonna and I've backslid exactly like you. On my 5th day sober rn and I am SO BORED but my head feels much clearer and I'm having dreams again. I was sober for like 5 months last year and every single day I would turn to my bf and say, "I feel so good, I am SO GLAD we quit smoking." Holding onto that for inspo. Also >>162746 is correct, we need to create coping mechanisms (for my boredom for instance) and also new routines. It sucksss during the "growing pains" period but life is so much richer once you really get off it and on your feet into the swing of life. I say this as an almost-neet.

No. 162780

This is so fuckin real. Tbh I would always tell myself “oh just one vape for the weekend” or “I’ll only hit it in the evenings” but it always ended up with me fully back on it, buying multiple vapes a week. I’m not able to be a moderate user, and that’s ok. There is SO much more to life than weed!!!

No. 162782

i've been feeling good in all my sober days too, so i really dont understand why i relapsed. boredom i guess. i hope you can keep at it nonna! im glad you have felt better in the past and i think you can get to that place again ♥ im definitely back on the wagon, my nigel smoking doesn't even bother me (i don't live with him) and i was able to watch him smoke a million times without cravings so im really not sure why i had the slipup. im lucky it was only a little bit of smoking and i didn't go out and buy any myself or ask him to send me home with a nug. im able to get right back on the wagon easily right now.

No. 162784

im going try to cbd trick too when my vape is down. idk why i feel ashamed over it but i feel embarrassed to request it from the budtender so im gonna order online and pick it up and GET OUT

No. 162793

you really shouldnt be embarrassed nona. when i bought my cbd vape the budtender just told me she was smoking on one right now too. but you do whatever you need to do to get sober ♥

No. 162798

File: 1684897847662.jpg (35.51 KB, 500x375, you-appreciate-that-butterfly-…)

Thanks for the support nonnie! If you're anything like me with this ~journey~, you've been testing your boundaries. Maybe that's why you allowed yourself to relapse. I've been doing the saaaame shit and I've also fucked myself because of it. But we're back on the wagon and we're even stronger than before. We got this!

No. 162893

craving weed today and need somewhere to post my thoughts yet again, still feeling really bad about my little slipup earlier in the week. i wish i could take it back. i feel guilty saying i have a month and 12 days sober (took two days off for the two days i smoked) when i know i've slipped up. but i think letting myself lose sight of the progress i made wouldn't be helpful for me. i need to keep in mind how long i've gone since taking a dab, even if i did slip up and smoke a few bowls. i was a hardcore smoker and i know now i cannot smoke at all, nothing. its just super hard to deal with life and emotions, but i need to create better coping skills. looking at the i am sober app but not many recent posts i haven't seen from people. im just tired and sick feeling today and i wish i could escape that. i also feel ok knowing these feelings will pass. it feels better to be able to vent and just get the thoughts out there. sending love to anyone whos getting sober or going through life sober today.

No. 162895

♥ glad you are trying to keep yourself on track, nonna. I definitely think a lot of us use/d weed not just to cope with trauma and unstable emotions, but because it makes being bored so ~fun~ or seem that way. Maybe try picking up a hobby like “soft hiking” to get yourself outside if you live near walking trails to keep your mind off it? We are here for you!!

No. 162896

Samefagging to add that one way I remind myself of how good it is to be sober from weed is my short term memory getting better. I totally shot it for the five years I was heavily using, and would never have been able to hike the trails I do now. I would totally have gotten lost and freaked out. Now I can remember all the forks I take and where my car is parked. Little wins ♥

No. 162897

im actually planning on going for a hike/more of a walk with a friend very very soon!! ive also been going on walks most days, today is just the one day i feel really lousy so im not. im actually about to play some just dance instead to get some exercise in. thanks for your replies, ive also noticed my memory getting much better, im so glad you have been able to pick up a hobby in your sobriety. my friend and i are planning on going on little hikes/walks every week or two and i havent seen this friend much in a while so im really excited for it!

No. 162907

Have you checked out reddit's r/leaves? Tons of posts there and a lot of support too.

Oh man I feel this. I stopped remembering how to spell words properly and it scared the shit out of me. I don't want to have a mush-brain when I'm old.

Yayyy nonna you're doing well! I'm glad you have a friend to do things with. Hiking bi-weekly is such a good idea.

As for me, my period is like a week late and I've been having night sweats. I cannot get pregnant so I am assuming this is a side effect of quitting. It's really annoying because I feel like I've been PMSing for weeks now. Has anyone else experienced anything hormonal?

No. 162908

Sorry for the double post but I just wanted to add, just in case someone doesn't frequent reddit, it's helpful to filter the posts in r/leaves by "top" for the month or year. That's where you can find a lotttt of good inspiration.

No. 162909

thank you for the tip!! i've been a member of /r/leaves since i quit for a few months last year, but i stopped using reddit as much for awhile. i am lurking it rn and your top posts tip is a good idea! i don't think i'll post there, since i prefer anonymous sites like here, but a good spot to lurk when i'm having a craving for sure. gonna keep lurking right now.

No. 162911

File: 1685047636879.jpg (35.07 KB, 544x518, tumblr_pkq84lpgPc1vbi12io1_640…)

No. 162912

need more memes about breaking up with weed. lost 28 grams or 1 oz this year.

No. 162913

File: 1685048854130.jpg (71.34 KB, 673x629, Screenshot 2023-05-25 140814.j…)

I'm literally on lolcow dicking around all day to distract myself, so I can help you out with this

No. 162914

File: 1685048942079.jpg (12.32 KB, 236x177, a93767cd60d268710642b42797a274…)

I have no idea what this means

No. 162915

File: 1685048978859.jpg (81.23 KB, 711x956, 1605488738661.jpg)

No. 162916

File: 1685049009891.jpg (32.42 KB, 297x400, 4260988.jpg)


No. 162917

actually me
this is actually a great idea, might do this with the dab rig i got for christmas but its actually really tiny, don't know if i could hit it

No. 162918

File: 1685049144359.jpg (7.39 KB, 168x300, images.jpg)

No. 162919

God damn, RIP. My brother gets this and loses like 20 fuckin pound every time. He's too old for this shit now so he's also quit. Thank god because it's scary as hell and he has ended up hospitalized more than once. I also started to get very nauseous all day long (I was smoking all day long) and I think I was headed in this direction. Crazy because we don't even smoke concentrates, it was all flower. This shit is so strong nowadays.

No. 162920

File: 1685049548249.jpg (72.59 KB, 600x700, internet_troll_08.jpg)

Lol the filename

No. 162921

>but its actually really tiny, don't know if i could hit it
Only one way to find out! I'm so jealous, I wish I could do that too without having to drive into some far away back hills in my non-offroad vehicle to illegally shoot

No. 162922

File: 1685049726578.jpg (17.16 KB, 217x232, images (1).jpg)

Ok last one. What the fuck this means, I do not know kek

No. 162923

this is so scary, im not diagnosed but im pretty sure i have CHS. i have had times when i was smoking very heavily and then cut down/stopped where i couldn't even keep water down and would throw it up. also would make me poop mucus/clear bubbles. my theory is that people with CHS are the ones who get more extreme withdrawal symptoms. gives me more reason to stay sober. its truly scary how its touted as this anti nausea drug when it can actually cause severe issues. almost everyone i know whos a daily smoker has "IBS" including myself. i've noticed after quitting that my stools are now solid and i don't have multiple bouts of diarrhea daily. i also have an ex friend of mine who along with the IBS-like symptoms, has been hospitalized for dehydration and will puke mid sentence, literally leaves cups and bowls full of vomit all over her room. swears up and down its not weed and not CHS. i'm sure shes not honest with doctors or the ER about her useage. she used to only puke after smoking but it escalated to the point where you will be hanging out with her and talking and she just pukes mid sentence. i'm glad we're not friends anymore because shes only ever enabled my use. concentrates and high thc strains are really the culprit i think. as someone itt once said and i continually keep quoting, they only want to sell concentrates and schizo weed these days. i was a daily dabber and it destroyed my life and my sanity. so glad i am sober in this moment.

No. 162924

File: 1685052036028.jpeg (47.64 KB, 828x348, 4506FB13-EF97-4511-9915-38A00A…)

samefag but i also think CHS has to do with people being so addicted that when they cannot get enough thc into their system they get sick. like your bodies going into withdrawals after a few hours because you're so used to having certain amounts of thc and need to maintain those amounts. its made me feel like a heroin addict sometimes but it was validated when i read a study about withdrawals and the doctor said he has observed withdrawals after a few hours in some people.

No. 162935

>will puke mid sentence, literally leaves cups and bowls full of vomit all over her room.
>she used to only puke after smoking but it escalated to the point where you will be hanging out with her and talking and she just pukes mid sentence. swears up and down its not weed and not CHS
Jesus Christ, this is some serious denial and addiction. Disgusting. Does she have underlying mental illness(es)?
I agree regarding IBS. I don't suffer from it but my bf has it really bad and when we got sober last year, it improved a lot for him.

>they only want to sell concentrates and schizo weed these days

For real tho. There's the CBD/THC mixtures too but even then… and then there are edibles, in which 100% of the THC is consumed, as opposed to …idk, less, when combusting the material since some of the THC will burn off into the air when smoking flower or concentrates.
I wonder if CHS is caused from all the THC being stored in our fat cells (THC get stored in fat cells and take foreverrrrrrrr to go away, I know this because years ago I had to pass a drug test so I could do long-haul trucking training, and it took me like 4 months to piss clean, doing a new test every week from my doctor's office), and at some point maybe the cells get "full" and that's when you get CHS symptoms. This is my half-baked (kek) idea so idk if this is even how THC/the human body works, but..

No. 162936

yes she has some underlying mental illness for sure definitely a personality disorder of some kind and/or bipolar. shes one of those narc people who lovebomb you with gifts and then make you feel bad about it later, and she reinvents her whole personality every few years and cycles through friendships constantly. the kind of person who talks shit about the person whos supposedly her best friend and just makes you wonder what she says about you when youre not around. also a pathological liar/exaggerator. anyways enough about that toxic bitch, i could see it having to do with how its stored in the fat, its crazy how long it seems to stay in your system. my current theory is that a little bit of thc is released from your fat while you sleep, and that could be what causes the awful night sweats and also why i wake up feeling baked still in the mornings even after a month sober. i also notice at night (around this time right now) i start feeling hot and sweaty even though my temperature was alright all day. i wonder if its my body detoxing the thc thats still in my fat.

No. 162937

Girlll I've been having sick night sweats too, this is my 6th day sober. AYRT and just for the purpose of this discussion I want to specify that I am not overweight in any way, and it still took that long for the THC to leave my system years ago when I got sober for work. Really crazy shit because my bf pissed clean in like 3 weeks. Funny you mention feeling baked bc after I posted all the memes upthread my bf picked me up to go get a soft pretzel and when I was in the passenger seat during the drive I mentioned that I felt high!! It may have something to do with the fact that I had been shitposting on LC from my laptop in my pitch black room for a few hours after waking up (lol) but it felt so distinctly like being high, that in addition to what you just mentioned, I think there must be something to it.

No. 162947

ayrt and i noticed after about a month the night sweats got MUCH better, but i had a relapse earlier this week and smoked some bowls two days in a row, and now the night sweats are back full force. i wish i had never done it again. the vivid dreams actually have gotten better though, at first they were more nightmareish and now they're actually kind of fun and interesting and i find myself wanting back into them. of course last night they were more nightmareish, but again i had a slipup and that could be causing this. just know that those things will pass and you will start to feel "normal" again.

No. 162952

I also had night sweats for about a month or so post quitting, and I’m a person who works out hard 6-7 days a week and eats pretty clean. I was using a FUCK ton of high THC vapes tho, never wanted one that wasn’t 90% or more. NEVER GOING BACK. The nightmares were horrible for the first week or two but thank god they pass relatively fast as well. I’m so proud of all you nonnas quitting and getting ready to quit.

No. 162953

This makes so much sense. Im a chronic smoker and I constantly have the liquid shits. I just blame it on being lactose intolerant and having a shitty diet, but sometimes I blow lava for seemingly no reason. Had no idea weed could be the cause.

No. 162954

>>162947 Ive had a few good attempts in my life and dealt with the the post quitting vivid dreams, mine usually last 2 weeks really bad , then 2 weeks noticable but tolerable. But man, I get intense vivid dreams even when deep in addiction. Like wake up crying, or with a huge anxiety ball in chest that lasts for hours after I wake up after. For example, I dreamt I got in a car accident last night, and I felt that dread over the consequences of a car accident for hours this morning even tho this scenario wasnt even real. Im scared as fuck to deal withe vivid dreams again, its probably the hardest withdrawal symptom for me other than that constant uncureable nausea feeling you get at the start. Send good vibes Nonas, we needs it.

No. 162955

sending you good vibes ♥ you can do this!!!

No. 162956

File: 1685131962837.png (Spoiler Image,49.51 KB, 800x455, 2017_11_09_01.39.30_crop_800x4…)

I feel the need to identify which posts are mine itt for some reason but I will refrain and say: I relate so hard with the last few replies and I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. I could have written the last 5 posts myself. Love you nonnies and we got this!! Sending strength and love to you all today ♥ let's get through this weekend sober and stronger than before!

No. 162957

samfeg but pic very rel

No. 162960

this image is disgusting ???

No. 162961

Lmao I'm sorry, I did think twice before posting it bc it looks pretty creepy and child-like but sometimes it's just not that deep

No. 162973

Theres some very weird normie boomer tier people in this thread, wtf is up with the weird pics and annoying typing styles

No. 163030

Buying my first first CBD vape today nonas. Godspeed and good luck on your journeys.

No. 163033

They’re all addicts what do you expect Kek

No. 163043

good luck nonna!

No. 163046

a month and two weeks sober today! feeling sorta sick and down today, but celebrating with a ginger ale and positive thoughts. just read a ton of posts on /r/leaves and the i am sober app. i'm the anon who had a little slipup earlier in the week, im just taking the two days i smoked off my total amount of days since i quit. i'm feeling very good today, i know if i was smoking i wouldn't be able to breathe and would probably be super anxious right now. sending love to all my other sober nonnas and soon to be sober nonnas ♥

No. 163047

clarifying to say i feel good about my sobriety, i do genuinely feel bad today. realized i put two conflicting statements in this post. god my brain is really still fried from 6 years of smoking.

No. 163048

Idk nonna all I see are sweet nonnas doing their best. Perhaps you should dislodge the stick.

No. 163050

Let's fuckin goooo day 9! I've lost weight because I'm not getting high and losing all willpower to not stuff my face with candy. It feels super autistic because I feel like a lot of flavors are too overwhelming but I think I'm just regaining my senses and it's a little intense. I've also been wanting to actually do things like visit my mom, go out in public to the farmer's market, make plans with my brother to see him and his kids more often, I'm even starting to consider attending a rave for the first time in like 10 years (sober). I've been considering picking up my DIY business again and getting back into sewing. This is coming from a complete shut-in. I'm also becoming a lot more clear-headed and I can actually play Zelda without forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing or where I need to go. Yay! I am struggling though with actually doing things. For example I've been excited to play the new Zelda game for the past week but I can't seem to pick up the goddamn thing and play it. I've put in maybe 2 hours so far. I decide I want to get sushi to make me happy and occupy my thoughts, and 10 minutes later I don't want to anymore. I want to take a drive to the beach one moment, and the next it seems pointless and boring. Bless my Nigel for his compassion and patience. On one hand I'm bored and I want to start making all these plans, but on the other hand, nothing sounds like fun in the moment and I get stuck. I just let myself experience it and remind myself I'll feel better soon. Sending strength and clarity to all my soon-to-be/sober nonnas

♥ Congrats on your continued sobriety! Here's to another day towards our goals.

Also kek I posted all of those boomer memes. I just googled "weed memes" and all of those unhinged posts came up from 2014 Tumblr I am sorry. I tried deleting my salt post >>163048 but it was too late. RIP

No. 163051

Ginger Ale supremacy. What brand do you prefer?

No. 163052

i prefer canada dry but the store i went to only had schweppes so i settled for that! definitely helped with my upset stomach though.

No. 163053

Twinsies! I'm glad it's helping your stomach nona. What's got you feeling down today? Or did you mean physically only?

No. 163054

physically mostly but i also ran into an old friend at the store i hadn't seen in years and it just made me feel insignificant as a NEET. she has a baby and a life and it just made me feel kinda shitty. she also got pregnant at like 19 so maybe i shouldn't feel so bad, i don't even want kids or anything, i just know she also probably has a job, and i just turned 24 and have nothing to show for it. have had some slight cravings over today but feeling alright overall. i woke up super congested and with an awful headache and i know my ability to breathe would be much worse if i was smoking right now so thats a plus!

No. 163056

I'm definitely acutely aware of that feeling of inadequacy. I hope it makes you feel better to let you know that I'm early-30's and am in the same position as you are in now. 24 isn't a baby, but it's still young and you have a lot of time to figure your shit out. I'm proud of you for making positive changes. I really wish I had done what you're doing now when I was your age. Also yay for positive physical changes! Keep it up friend and stay strong

No. 163108

any updates from nonnas who were gonna try out cbd? i'd love to hear how you guys are doing!!

No. 163112

I am this nonnie >>162457 and my CBD wean is going really well! I'm on a 2:1 cart right now which is basically 1/3 THC, 2/3 CBD. I can't get very high on it, but it prevents me from going crazy with withdrawals, and I'm adjusting to a new normal. Just gotta keep going down in steps til I reach CBD only.

I basically decided that I'm allowed to take as much time as I need to wean myself down to CBD-only, but I can't go back up. So I might get another 2:1 before I go down to 5:1, but at that point I'm not allowed to buy another 2:1.

I already feel phenomenally better just making this change. I wake up feeling more rested and less groggy. My thoughts are clearer throughout the day and I get more done. My throat and lungs are healing too. I know it will keep getting better as I keep weaning down, and I've stayed committed to my plans every time I go to the weed store. This is easier on my willpower than quitting cold turkey, and I'm sticking with it!

No. 163126

I've lurked in the Shayna threads for like a year now, but I only just decided to go back and read all of the early ones…watching her descent into alcoholism and how fat it made her scared me straight tbh. I just weighed myself for the first time in like a year and I've gained like 20 lbs. - also I've been drinking like a fish. Watching Shayna balloon has me convinced I can drop it pretty quick if I just cut out the booze. Also, I always convince myself to keep drinking by thinking that it makes things more fun/makes me more fun to be around. Shayna proves through her misery and bitchiness that booze does neither of those things. Today was day one, gonna do June sober and take it from there. Any fellow alcy nonnies care to join me?

No. 163131

not an alchy but congrats anon!! seems like youre taking some good steps.

No. 163175

i relapsed again and have been smoking a few bowls every day for 6 days straight now. i feel like shayna. i had a 40 day streak of not smoking, relapsed on my birthday of all days, then was sober for another week before this relapse i've had now. it sucks cuz i feel disappointed in myself but i'm also high so i don't care. recently had a friend from high school die and a pregnancy scare so things have been extremely stressful for me. perfect timing for a relapse of course. planning on not smoking tomorrow and taking it from there. i asked my nigel for a bag of weed to take home after smoking with him a little bit. its only gotten worse since i got home cuz im smoking bowls to myself instead of splitting them. he even said no at first and then randomly said yes. last night i got way too high and felt a little sick and last night and today i totally binge munched on snacks. awful. need some words of advice.

No. 163176

oh hey nonnita, i am also abstaining from alcohol for the month of June for similar reasons! wanted to break down and buy something after a rough day of work on Friday but fought the urge and glad i did. healthier coping mechanisms here we come!

No. 163217

CBD nonna checking in. I'm on a 5:1 cart and still committed, but definitely feeling changes as I sober up. I'm going through mild periods of irritability, low appetite, night sweats etc. But it's NOTHING compared to the roller coaster of "cutting back" and still hitting a high concentration that shoots you to the moon because you took a tolerance break. This little pen will only give me a light buzz, so I'm getting used to feeling extra awake and alert all the time. The downside is that it's hard to fall asleep, so here I am posting about it late at night.

When I feel physically anxious over not being "high enough" I look to stretching, mindful breathing, light exercise, and distractions. I always prided myself on being a productive stoner, but my productivity is really amped up beyond what I thought was good enough before. Just wanted to record some of these positive changes.

Nonna, you've already proven that you're capable of quitting. You went through intense withdrawals to reclaim your sobriety, remember that? Don't let yourself slip back into the patterns that put you there in the first place. It's always gonna be like this for us. We have to stop completely and for good, or else we're on the path to daily smoking again in no time. I'm not fully there yet but I've got my eye on the prize. You have been an inspiration to me and you can still commit to quitting even though you relapsed. Let's do it together!

No. 163218

ayrt and thank you, i needed those words. i'm here sober this morning and feeling a major hangover from my last few days of useage. planning on finally taking a hot shower today (its been a week since i have ew), doing some light stretching, reading, and playing just dance. hopefully these things can distract me enough to keep me from smoking. also congrats on your ability to cut down! i'm also the anon who originally recommended cbd because thats what helped me when i quit dabs cold turkey. i hope it continues to work for you and the withdrawals aren't too bad. i find that when i can't sleep reading something kind of boring and repetitive like shaynas old threads or lunas old threads helps me sleep.

No. 163228

checking back in, i'm 18 hours sober now (using the i am sober app) and getting back into the mindset i was in before i relapsed! feeling positive, and good. i took my shower which i felt like "washed away" the remains of my high and now im myself again. just need to remember all the positive feelings i've had while sober and how negative i feel when i smoke. its just avoiding my feelings, not confronting them like i should be doing. wishing all my nonnies good luck today!!!

No. 163263

Good for you nonna, glad you're back to feeling well.

CBD vapes are pretty great for muscle relaxation. Between that, stretching, and my throat and lungs healing, my body is feeling pretty great. Every morning is better than the last. Quitting is the right decision.

No. 163313

back here with almost 2 days sober after my relapse. my goal for now is to get back to the 40 days i had under my belt before. i think a small goal like that will be easier to hit than trying to say i will never smoke ever again ever. i might relapse again and thats part of recovery, i just need to have the strength and the courage to get right back on the wagon again. its definitely all or nothing for people like us who find ourselves addicted, theres no moderation for us. no matter what we will end up slipping right back into daily smoking if we aren't careful. so im pledging for today to not smoke, and i will do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. sending out good vibes to all my sober/cutting down nonnas! we can do this!

No. 163316

great mindset, one day at a time!

No. 163384

I relapsed again. Let's go day 1. Fuck

No. 163387

its ok nonnie, recovery isn't linear! i'm the anon who relapsed a few days ago, i'm at day three today. you can get right back on the wagon ♥ glad you're here with us sober right now

No. 163416

File: 1686340462955.jpeg (17.58 KB, 828x365, 57F4F181-3524-45C7-8B44-9449FE…)

almost 4 days sober today (4 more hours) after my relapse and i'm feeling wonderful again. still some slight depersonalization i think after using for a few days straight but pretty much feeling the same as i was when i had my 40 day sober streak. maybe a bit more lazy and tired. along with the i am sober app i started using the grounded app and i love that it tells me how much i haven't smoked! i was a 1/2 gram a day daily dabber and it feels so good on my lungs to not be inhaling that shit constantly anymore. i was always coughing up mucus, spitting, and having to use my inhaler. now i can breathe much better. i also just feel so much more happier and less paranoid. great changes. sending good luck to all my other sober/quitting nonnas!

No. 163430

CBD nonnie reporting in. I'm happy to say that I just stepped down to a 10:1 cartridge! I've taken about 3 weeks to wean down >>162457
, but I got this far without my body freaking out! And while I've had some bad emotional days, it's not a constant sense of doom that has me scrambling for an escape like before. I've been relying on other coping mechanisms more as my body adjusts.

One thing you gotta watch out for if you take this route is not over-smoking, since it's less potency and your body is craving more. Once I get to a fully CBD cart I might just use it as a placebo for a while until I can train myself out of the habit.

Anyway, I'm really happy with my progress so far. I feel so many little daily improvements in my body and mind. I feel clearer and more capable, and I'm getting more done. There's challenges too, but they haven't overwhelmed me. Just really grateful and happy that I'm doing this and making progress. I'm committed babes, we're going all the way!

No. 163431

thats so awesome nonna! im proud of you! ive used them before but im thinking about getting a cbd vape for when im around my nigel smoking so i don't relapse again. so like every time he smokes a bowl i can take a few hits of my pen and feel better. too bad they're actually more expensive than a gram of dab. i could get a gram for 5 dollars from a dealer (low quality shit but like at that price does it matter) and 20 from a dispo but the cbd disposble from a dispo is 35 dollars…

No. 163452

a week sober today after my relapse!! feeling back on track. i drank a bit last night and im a bit hungover today which feels a bit like the withdrawals i've gone through in the past after quitting weed but i know it will pass! my mom even smoked last night and i had no urges to smoke with her. im planning on getting a cbd vape tomorrow so that when i go to my nigels i can hit it when he smokes. wish me luck that i can stay sober around him ♥

No. 163459

I'm this nonna >>163430 and I'm home sick vomiting water. I woke up with back pain so bad that I decided to stay home, then eventually got nauseous enough to puke on an empty stomach. I haven't eaten anything weird and no alcohol in months. I'm kinda suspecting that this might be CHE brought on by my weaning process. I only felt nauseous after I hit the vape today, to try to lessen the muscle aches.

If I'm right and this is CHE, I'm ready to make the jump to quitting cold turkey. I never had CHE during all my years of heavy smoking, but seeing Shea and others in this thread struggle with it spooked me.

Idk why it would start now except that the dramatically lower levels of THC in my body over the last month is a big change, and my body is struggling to find equilibrium. I'm chilling in a hot bath right now, sweaty and nauseous but stable. It's still possible that this is something else, but I'm taking it seriously and quitting anyway. Normally I would expect nausea and vomiting to come from a hangover, bad food, or a stomach bug with other symptoms. But it's not any of those things now.

So if this is the final straw in being able to handle any weed at all, I'm at peace with that.

No. 163460

i find that my chs is totally triggered by cutting down/quitting weed. makes you feel nauseous and throw up 10x worse. i think chs is more to do with needing an extreme amount of weed/dab to stay "normal" and that we get withdrawal symptoms much easier. wishing you luck nonna and sending you good vibes. its a totally awful place to be in. just know if you go cold turkey within about a week you will be feeling normal again!!! dont be discouraged from buying a cbd only vape it would probably help you in this time, but i recommend not hitting it when you feel like throwing up because it WILL trigger some puking in you….

No. 163461

Thanks for the confirmation. I think this is my time to go cold turkey. I'm honestly really grateful that I only started experiencing CHS this far into my wean, where finally quitting feels possible. If this had happened a month ago, going cold turkey would have been incredibly brutal. Right now it feels like what my body needs.

I've been puking water all day and can't eat anything. One bite of banana came up almost instantly. I'm in pain from the dehydration but I'll just keep stubbornly sipping water even if I keep puking. I've been sleeping and sweating all day and it feels miserable but I'm so ready to just get through it to the other side. Gonna download those apps you recommended and look forward to my new chapter as a sober queen.

No. 163462

Sameanon, it's definitely CHS caused by my CBD wean. I was looking up ways to treat it and saw that Drs will prescribe benzos with IV hydration. I took half a Xanax (I have a prescription that I rarely use) and it settled me down enough to sleep and feel less nauseous for a while.

I still threw up again later when I tried to eat the rest of my banana. I have eaten literally nothing all day that hasn't come back up, which sucks. Just gonna keep sipping water slowly and see if I can distract myself somehow until it's over. I wanna be done with all vaping, even the CBD cart I was using before. So if I can get through the next few days, maybe I'm in the clear.

No. 163464

you poor thing, im sending you amazing vibes. you can get through this! it seems like you are in the pits of hell now but very soon you will be feeling better!! after a few days to a week you will get your appetite back and hopefully stop puking! i was a heavy dab user a gram every two days or so and it took about a week for those symptoms to slow down/stop! you will be feeling so amazing soon and your brain will also adjust and you will start creating dopamine naturally again!! you will probably soon start feeling an amazing lust for life if you're anything like me! the symptoms that will last the longest are night sweats, and the depersonalization/feeling out of it sometimes/feeling high again randomly… i am sober app, grounded, and the /r/leaves subreddit will be your saving grace when you get those nasty cravings!! so glad shaynus could help us get sober!

No. 163465

Thank you! I discovered that I can drink ginger tea without puking, so that's gonna help me stay hydrated! I think I'm gonna throw out the last of my CBD 10:1 cart since that's what triggered me yesterday. Right now I'm more or less over the worst withdrawals of wanting to be high, and it's just the physical CHS I'm dealing with. So I don't wanna do anything to prolong those effects.
This thread has been such a wonderful help to me, I couldn't do it without you girls. You inspired me to start and have helped me face the worst of it yesterday. Fingers crossed that today won't be as intense. I'm gonna take it slow, have a hot bath, and try to be productive in the afternoon. Thanks ladies, I'm sending good vibes to anyone else struggling with quitting today! If I can do it after 17 years of daily smoking, you can too!

No. 163466

I'm one of the nonas who was going to buy a CBD cart but caved and bought a regular one but damn.. glad I didnt. Guess I'll just go cold turkey. Have made it 9-10 months last time I did cold turkey.

No. 163467

AYRT, I got CHS from quitting, not from the CBD itself!!! Please don't misunderstand! It would have been much more severe or impossible for me to quit at all without the CBD. If I had stuck with regular THC carts I would still be puffing away daily with no changes. Getting a THC cart instead of CBD is NOT a path to avoiding CHS.

You might get CHS from severely cutting back, like I did. But you're definitely at more of a risk for severe CHS if you keep going without cutting back or quitting.

That said, my CHS symptoms are already completely gone. I drank ginger tea last night that stopped the puking, slept most of today and I've been eating normally. I threw away all my weed in all forms, because if I pick it up again that is what could make me start throwing up again.

I was smoking hard for 17 years. It's incredible that my CHS symptoms only lasted one day. Without the period of cutting back with CBD, I'm positive I'd still be puking my guts out. So please don't blame the most useful tool that helped me quit.

No. 163468

i dont really believe in CHS. it feels similar to how tiktok kids have taken over words like ADHD and Autism - and suddenly everyone and their grandma is AuDHD with CHS. Real CHS is suuuuuper rare so I’m skeptical when I suddenly see so many people like Shayna claiming to have it. I feel like most people who think they have CHS either have some underlying health issue or are just really sensitive to the intense few days of withdrawal you get from quitting weed after heavy use.

No. 163470

as someone who has never claimed CHS but does get very intense withdrawal symptoms when stopping heavy use i'm inclined to agree

No. 163472

I also agree

No. 163474

Spoken like true addicts. I'm sure it's very comforting to tell yourselves that it'll never affect you, because all the other bitches are just lying and exaggerating to feel special! There's nothing cool and unique about puking every sip of water you try to take, and only being able to post about it anonymously because it's too shameful to explain to your family why you're sick. Nobody here is doing fucking TikTok dances about it.

>“A lot of papers prior to mine would say it’s very rare,” said Joseph Habboushe, one of the study’s authors and a clinical associate professor of emergency medicine at NYU Langone Health in New York City, who saw his first case five or six years ago. “Emergency room doctors on the front-lines, we know that it’s a totally underdiagnosed entity.”

From the article linked up thread: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/09/20/indiana-boy-17-died-smoking-weed-chs-blame-what-chs/2387571001/

Afaik Shay has never claimed to have it. Anons in her thread identified it based on her hospitalizations. She's also in denial about her symptoms and the cause.

No. 163475

No one is claiming that physical and mental detox after heavy marijuana use isn’t real, and no one has said it doesn’t suck when you’re going through it. I just don’t think it’s necessary to try to associate it with some rare medical syndrome; I mean, is it really CHS if you’re claiming you’re already over it and were cured by sipping ginger tea? kek. Like trust me, Ive been smoking for almost 20 years and have had successful year long tolerance breaks. Ive been through the ringer when detoxing and had days I didnt even want to sip water because I was so nauseous too. But I’m not going go blame it on CHS, I’m going to blame it on the consequences of my actions from my built up dependency on the ganja. Your need to use CHS as an excuse is giving addict vibes too. No need to be grumpy, we’re all addicts here. And sorry, but your USA Today article hasn’t convinced me.

No. 163478

actually shayna has claimed to have it since the first deleted threads… she just doesn't claim it anymore because shes an addict in denial but she definitely does have it from her constant hospital stints, puking, and dehydration.

No. 163480

lol okay

No. 163484

It's not an excuse, it's a useful identifier to describe symptoms. Hyperemesis from cannabis use, that's very straightforward no matter how rare you think it is or if you actually think there's only a strict situation where it can be called CHS. There are no excuses in my previous post and I'm not making any now. I actually fucking quit weed, so yes I've obviously taken responsibility for my actions and cut myself off from an addiction.
Policing someone's words while they're sharing a tough recovery is so deeply shitty, it's obvious this thread has outlived its usefulness. I'll stick to other recovery groups from now on. Get fucked.

No. 163490

File: 1686862999996.jpeg (109.66 KB, 569x821, 3676740D-AF6B-4780-956A-FF2D5D…)

caps of shay saying she has it btw from the first thread. she was literally told by a doctor she has it so idk why people still deny it.

No. 163492


No. 163500

im this anon and really struggling with sobriety today. after 3 days i ran out the cbd pen i got, it was still pretty full yesterday i swear i somehow sucked a ton of it up into the top or something and wasted it i can't believe i'm out. i just want something to smoke so bad and my nigel keeps smoking weed in front of me. i was also getting fairly "high" off the cbd but it was just a body high not like the intense head high and fogginess and crazy stoned feeling weed would give me. the problem is i have no self control and i know if i smoke some i will end up right back where i was a little more than a week ago when i was spending all day high… need some words of encouragement. both my parents have issues with hard drugs so i think i just have a really bad problem with addiction and a hard time staying sober. i'm also a NEET and disabled so i don't have much to live for and a generally unsatisfactory life, so like shayna lives, its just easiest to get high all the time. i'm not sure i will be able to stay sober for the longterm tbh.

No. 163501

for me, when i'm trying to stop a bad habit or whatever, i just keep finding things i can do with the promise of "ill smoke when i'm done with this". like ill put on a show and be like okay i can smoke at the end of this episode. then just start another episode and do the same thing. can't smoke until im done iwht the dishes, can't smoke until im done coloring in this coloring book. it's not helpful to everyone, but it works for me (sometimes…)
You can do it nona! I have full faith in you! just remember all your reasons why, maybe go back in some shay threads and read other nonas critiquing shayna about her habits and why she'd be better off without.

No. 163502

i've actually been reading through her old threads and i find it's actually contributing to my cravings. i was a daily dabber so seeing her mention oil all the time actually triggers me. it makes me jealous in the weirdest addict brain way. i havent relapsed to dabs yet so far only weed which i consider an achievement. i'm only 10 days sober again right now. i don't even believe shaynas life would change if she quit weed tho, she would just increase her drinking and any other drug use she does. the only thing that would change is she wouldn't get sick as much.

No. 163530

ended up getting stoned anyways. whys this shit so hard. trying to resist the urge today too. i really wish i could just gain a healthy relationship with it. have been reading r/petioles and it seems some people are able to smoke in moderation. i just don't know what to do yknow? i dont wanna be someone like shay who throws life away to get high all the time, but i also don't want to be not able to smoke. once i go home today and i'm away from my weed smoking nigel i think i'll be fine not smoking at all. its just something i like doing with him. i find that i dont enjoy doing it alone at all. my mom is holding onto some the weed i took home last time tho and i am gonna sorta be tempted to ask her for it…

No. 163535

quit alcohol 2 months ago, weed vape 1 month ago, and nicotine vape a couple of days ago. Shayna’s body and life are too bleak for me to have anything in common with her. time to glow up ♥

No. 163539

congrats!!! thats super amazing nona!! personally i'm having a hard time giving up alcohol even though i know its making me fat. i only drink a few times a month though but i do it more around my nigel. i've also decided to try moderating my weed use instead of quitting completely. i want to have a healthier relationship with it. my new rules are i'm only allowed to smoke weed on friday, saturday, or sundays. no smoking before noon, waiting til 4:20 if i can. i'm thinking about maybe limiting my alcohol use to those days too, especially since i drink beer which is more fattening. i get major munchies when i smoke but i figure if i stay sober on my weekdays and keep up with my walking and excercise i should be fine. went on an hour long walk in the woods with my mom today. something i read online is that "you're not getting higher, you're just delaying your comedown" and thats really helping me moderate well. i only need to smoke one bowl and i'm high for hours. no point doing another one. i've only been smoking two or three bowls in a day when i smoke and splitting it with another person like my nigel or my mom. i also stop 2-3 hours before i go to bed. i don't wanna be smoking alone on a weekday but i feel like its ok to be doing on set days or socially. if i end up relapsing hard and smoking first thing on a monday i'm definitely going to go stone cold sober again. i think its very crazy to act like we have no power in these situations. its why i can't get with AA/MA because they say you aren't in control and have to "give up to a higher power". no!! i'm in control here. i have the willpower to stop then i have the power and control to moderate. it's just about changing your mindsets and i truly believe that.

No. 163540

congrats!!! thats super amazing nona!! personally i'm having a hard time giving up alcohol even though i know its making me fat. i only drink a few times a month though but i do it more around my nigel. i've also decided to try moderating my weed use instead of quitting completely. i want to have a healthier relationship with it. my new rules are i'm only allowed to smoke weed on friday, saturday, or sundays. no smoking before noon, waiting til 4:20 if i can. i'm thinking about maybe limiting my alcohol use to those days too, especially since i drink beer which is more fattening. i get major munchies when i smoke but i figure if i stay sober on my weekdays and keep up with my walking and excercise i should be fine. went on an hour long walk in the woods with my mom today. something i read online is that "you're not getting higher, you're just delaying your comedown" and thats really helping me moderate well. i only need to smoke one bowl and i'm high for hours. no point doing another one. i've only been smoking two or three bowls in a day when i smoke and splitting it with another person like my nigel or my mom. i also stop 2-3 hours before i go to bed. i don't wanna be smoking alone on a weekday but i feel like its ok to be doing on set days or socially. if i end up relapsing hard and smoking first thing on a monday i'm definitely going to go stone cold sober again. i think its very crazy to act like we have no power in these situations. its why i can't get with AA/MA because they say you aren't in control and have to "give up to a higher power". no!! i'm in control here. i have the willpower to stop then i have the power and control to moderate. it's just about changing your mindsets and i truly believe that.

No. 163546

The summer has made me want to smoke a lot more, idk why. I've smoked a few times a week but the sunny weather makes me want to smoke daily or even multiple times a day.

No. 163548

caved and smoked again last night after promising myself i would only do it on the weekends… feels like shit… and now today im having really bad cravings to do it again. this sucks man. all i have to smoke is some old ass roaches and i'm very tempted to just smoke them… i might end up doing that this evening. it just sucks so hard man this shit is so addictive and my brain is so small. i don't think anyone can stop me at this point besides myself, but some words of encouragement would be nice. it's just hard when life starts to get hard, a close friend from high school committed suicide very very recently and thats whats really caused this relapse for me. its just so hard to deal with things.

No. 163564

im this anon and i have spent today sober thank god… i think moderation is maybe possible for me but i dont think i'm ready right now to moderate OR to be completely sober. so i dont know where i go from here. i'm very glad to be spending this evening sober but i know im gonna end up stoned again sometime this weekend. i really wanted to not smoke on weekdays and only allow myself weekends. maybe i can try again next week??? like monday-friday just stay sober for myself!? i think it would be wonderful if i could do that. but anyways proud of myself for staying sober tonight.

No. 163631

i have fully relapsed into smoking every day again, starting pretty early in the day before noon. i don't know what to do. would use a sad face emoticon if i could. i had 40 days sober in a row and i can't believe i've let the weed have a chokehold over me again. its also given me diarrhea again which is awful i even quite literally shit myself the other night/morning after taking two dabs during that day. i think it triggered my IBS. i need help but i don't know what to do its just so much easier to check out.

No. 163641

File: 1688071440646.jpeg (51.03 KB, 640x640, AE8B279B-BC84-48C8-AB27-4D3D3D…)

i realized that i got into the habit of taking an edible every night before bed and my supply ran out so i decided to take a break but i have not gotten a full night of sleep in since and it is driving me mad. it's only been about 4 days so hopefully it will get better soon. melatonin is the only way i can fall asleep but even then i wake up every 2 hours.

No. 163649

have you tried an OTC sleep aid like ZQuil? just a suggestion, it's helped me in a pinch

No. 163661

im this anon, and today im trying to sober myself up again! not going to smoke today! just taking it one day at a time. any updates from the nonnies who were trying cbd?

No. 163665

made it to 24 hours sober! so happy and proud of myself for doing this again. hopefully i can make it to 40 days again. starting small with that goal and then id like to make it to 90 days.

No. 163674

I’m going to try and take a break from weed because I worry that I’ve been smoking it so much that it’s effecting my sleeping patterns. Previously I was smoking or vaping once or twice a day, nearly every day, or at least every other day. So far I’ve been totally clean for 8 days. My goal is to stay sober for a month and then see how I’m feeling.

No. 163675

208 days sober from weed
198 days sober from opiates
180 days sober from stimulants
38 days sober from alcohol

No. 163680

congrats anon!!! thats fucking amazing you are doing so well!

No. 163689

on my second day sober again, feeling really great. the withdrawals this time are really mild because i wasn't smoking too much when i relapsed. had a headache last night, felt a little manic, couldn't fall asleep, and the night sweats have hit me again like a brick. the night sweats are the worst part. i was still having them after 30+ days last time, i really hope they end sooner this time because i wasn't smoking that much. needing some good vibes and energies for my sober journey.

No. 163690

everyone in this thread can do it and i believe in u guys…coming from someone who went 6 years without being sober and hit rock bottom (beginnings of kidney failure, seizures)…whether its just weed or something harder you guys all have the power to quit it and enjoy life. the only addictive thing i use now is nicotine in e-cigs and i wanna get rid of that too at some point . the most important part of my journey was to find out what i was running from. addiction is usually about running away

No. 163691

thanks, you are truly inspiring. you are right in that addiction is about running away. i have been learning to face my feelings head on since i began my journey. even sometimes feeling happiness can be hard, but sober i'm able to feel much more comfortable with it and any other feelings. i've never felt true joy like i have when i'm sober. i believe in everyone in this thread too! sending out good energies to anyone trying to kick a habit today.

No. 163702

4 days sober today. taking it one day at a time. so glad i quit smoking again. i was feeling so depressed and like shit when i was smoking.

No. 163722

5 days today. having a hard one. feeling really alone and having some cravings. not gonna smoke but its just a shitty day. watching funny youtube videos trying to cheer myself up. hoping that 30 days comes soon, i'm going to congratulate myself by opening a doll i have in box.

No. 163763

tomorrow i will be 2 weeks sober again. since april i have had 73 sober days in total! any updates from other nonnas who have quit/are quitting? i miss the positivity this thread had at some points!!!

No. 163769

i tried the CBD method but it didnt help :( the carts are way more expensive and it just made me take more hits than i usually do. bleh. still smoking daily, just bought another cart for the weekend. its like im on automatic. its fucking up my job so bad and making me moody and unpredictable. i hate this.

No. 163770

samefag, forgot to say someone’s comment in the main thread today definitely hit hard. that shayna stays drunk and high so she doesnt have to accept responsibility for her issues or face her problems. I definitely feel like this 24/7 high thing i do is similiar. Ive totally pushed everyone and everything away. detatched from all relationships as a way to “keep my peace”. but idk if this life of hazy solitude is exactly the answer. humans definitely need some sort of interaction in real life that laughing at shaynas turd nuggets together just cant totally fill. being high and weed makes me totally fine being isolated and alone, but i do think i crave some sort of social interaction deep down. I JUST DONT WANNA NONNIES. I just dont wanna. being old sucks, its way harder to just find friends like when youre in school. i dont wanna join a club or sport or go to a strawberry social. i wanna laugh at fat people falling and shayna’s brown beaver.

No. 163787

sending you good vibes nonna, maybe going cold turkey is the best option for you!? you seem like you have a lot of feelings you need to cope with that are preventing you from being able to quit. maybe start with "i am an addict and i am running away from my life" and go from there. i wish i could do more to help you. i was a very heavy concentrate user myself, dabbing about a gram every 2 days and 3-4 grams a week sometimes more. for me cold turkey was the only way to go although i did use some cbd but cold turkey was most of what helped me! also dealing with the deep seated feelings i was avoiding has helped me so much. i'm a NEET and disabled and have felt very very uncomfortable with that over the years and thats why i smoked to fill the void and avoid dealing with my reality. since i've gotten sober i've had much more time for my hobbies (dolls, my little ponies, spending time outdoors, my pets etc.) and much more self confidence in myself despite my life and choices. my relationships have gotten much better too. its easier for me to talk to friends and reach out to people now. maybe if you have a friend or a partner to reach out to or even a family member to talk about how you want to get sober and have someone hold you accountable would be a good first step for you!!!

No. 163901

18 days sober with 78 days in total since april despite a couple relapses. im so proud of myself because this is the most i've stayed sober in 6 years. admitting i had a problem and learning to cope with the feelings i had held back for years was really the key for me. im learning to cope with the fact i am disabled and a NEET and thats alright! i also have saved so much money, i used to never have money and needed to borrow from my mom all the time just to maintain my addiction. now i always have some money in my bank account if i need to buy some essentials or treat myself to something. i also shower more, brush my teeth everynight, and eat better, all things i neglected when i was using. i used to be ok just letting my teeth rot and starving myself or bingeing on junk food. now i feel so differently. im also much happier and have less mood swings and down moments now! i also feel less stupid and slow and lazy. sending out some good vibes to anyone whos sober or wants to get sober!!!

No. 163903

Day 3 here and I am losing my damn mind with stress and anxiety. I live in a very hot climate (>108F/42C in the summer) and it’s just too hot to work out and vidya makes the cravings worse. Any suggestions or tips?

No. 163917

drink lots of water! it will help flush everything out of your system and will keep you nice and hydrated in the heat. maybe take up some journaling to try to get your thoughts straight. you're doing amazing for quitting nonna!

No. 163959

ive hit 24 days weed free today and its been feeling really good this time at around! i have little to no cravings. i've also had 84 sober days since april and only 22 days where i had relapsed so i've surpassed that in sober days already again. i would put a big smiley emoticon if i could. i'm one of the original posters itt, and this thread is what inspired me to get sober. i'm the unhinged psychotic daily dabber who created the shaynachu medallion. luckily i never really relapsed on dabs, which are my true weakness and only flower. i did take two dabs during one of my lapses but i promptly shit my pants during the night afterwards and i've vowed to never dab again since then. i think i have a mild form of chs that's stayed in the prodromal phase mostly and caused me IBS after reading thru a lot of r/CHSinfo. i will recommend the i am sober app, grounded app, and the subreddits r/petioles r/leaves r/CHSinfo to anyone whos trying to quit right now or has quit!!! sending love and light to my fellow sober or trying to get sober nonnies (from any substance) ♥

No. 163984

I just wanted to report that I stopped drinking last summer due to some personal reasons as well as Shayna's threads. Last June was the last time I've been drunk to the point of discomfort, and I've come to a point where I can have 1 drink but tend not to more often than once a month/every other month if I'm at a special event. I don't keep alcohol at home anymore, either and am not bothered by seeing other people drink. It took a while, but getting properly medicated and quitting drinking have helped a lot with my overall quality of life. Good luck to all the other shayheads! It's not easy, but I kept coming back to it when I was really struggling with sticking to the goal I had set.

No. 164140

Reading this thread has been inspirational. Been lurking since it was started and decided to share my journey so far.
I've been binge drinking on weekends for years, but during COVID lockdown it ended up becoming a daily thing. I was drinking 6-8 shots of vodka a day during the week, 10 or so on weekends, smoking 2-3 bowls of weed during the week, 4-6 bowls on the weekend, vaping a small amount of weed before work and at lunch. Not enough to get high since I didn't want to get caught and lose my job, but a few puffs to just not feel tense. I teach 3rd grade and had classes from hell the last two years that definitely fueled my habit. I felt like I couldn't handle them without some weed in my system. I also vaped nicotine/ had pouches everyday.
In May after first reading this thread I cut back my drinking to 3-4 shots a day. Then in June I only drank and smoked weed on the weekends. July I quit drinking completely. I still smoke, but only on weekends socially about 1-2 bowls or some vape. I didn't want to rely on weed to get through work (and my class is much nicer this year), so no more of that shit. I also quit vaping nicotine, but I do a nicotine lozenge or gum (the kind you get at the pharmacy for quitting smoking) if I get weed/alcohol/nicotine cravings during the week. I'm hoping in the few weeks or so that I can completely cut out the nicotine and weed as I'm getting cravings less and less.
I want to get pregnant and have been trying for over a year. I just figured I'd quit everything when I got pregnant, but I'm sure the weed/booze/nicotine have prevented me from getting pregnant. It also doesn't help that I'm an oldfag in my mid 30s. After reading the thread and seeing ladies got pregnant after quitting, I figured it was time to get my shit together and stop abusing my body with bullshit.
I've lost 20 pounds from not having munchies all the time, and I've taken up hula hooping because I'm not glued to my bed/couch. Oh yeah, I also quit chewing up my nails. It's nice to have long nails and I just painted them for the first time in years. I just feel so much better both mentally and physically. I'm hoping I can get pregnant by the end of the year with these new lifestyle changes.
Good luck to everyone else trying to quit. Thank you to everyone sharing their journeys. I still have a bit to go, but the finish line of sobriety is in sight and I'm proud of how much I've already done to better myself.

No. 164155

I’m so proud of you!! You’re almost to the finish line. Good luck with pregnancy also!

No. 164219

good luck with your pregnancy nonna!! youre doing an awesome job!

No. 164309

Thank you ladies!
So last weekend was my SILs bachelorette party. I drank a little and don't feel bad since I drank just a little in the beginning of the night. I sobered up and actually drove everyone home. I would have never been the one to drive home in the past because old me would have gotten wasted at such an event. If I'm not pregnant in October, I will probably drink again at the wedding. I figure drinks on special occasions like a wedding are fine if I only have a few like a normal human being. I know some people go back to drinking after having some, but I felt I was responsible about it and haven't craved any alcohol since the party.
Today I randomly had a little blood in my underwear. I'm 8/9 days past ovulation so I'm really really hoping it's implantation bleeding. I don't normally get spotting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

No. 164616

just hit twelve weeks sober after i had a slipup in june… i officially quit smoking in april. thanks to this thread and to shaynas disgusting habits for getting me here. i hope for weed/dabs to never be a part of my life again. i also think i have CHS so its for the better that i stay off the stuff. any updates from anyone else itt that quit weed or is still trying to?

No. 164685

Update from me. I got my period the day I posted this. My cycle is only 25 days and yesterday I realized I was overdue for a period and tested positive! Finally! I haven't told anyone yet.
I quit smoking weed this last month and stopped the nicotine. I don't crave alcohol. I'm ready for this!

That's awesome nona! Slip ups are part of the process. As long as you can move forward, and you did.

No. 164689

congrats anon, i think you will be an amazing mother. so proud of you for giving up on your vices in favor of a baby and a better life!

No. 165838

just relapsed after 3 1/2 months sober and im so disappointed in myself. i've smoked every day since last wednesday and i'm probably gonna smoke today. it happened because my partner still smokes and when i came over to his place i ended up just giving into temptation. i also had eaten an edible a few days before and i thought i hated being high but then i ended up smoking anyways. i feel so stupid. ive been at my partners for over a week but i plan on quitting again when i end up going home. this sucks. the last week is a blur from my smoking. and tbh all i want to do is smoke more. i just have to get back onto the wagon again and i'll be fine hopefully. how is everyone else doing?

No. 165856

one month sober from alcohol today. feeling so much better from day to day. some days are hard and i really want to drink. but i've lost 5-10 pounds since giving it up.

No. 165858

update: getting sober tomorrow. getting high one last time today and i have no access to anything tomorrow. proud of myself for getting back on that wagon.

No. 165865

sober today. enjoying my time, drinking coffee, and playing a new video game i really enjoy. feels good to know im not gonna make myself afraid and paranoid today. also facing the effects of my chs this morning, after a week and a half of smoking im having awful diarrhea. should clear up within a few days of being sober again. i'm glad that i shouldn't be having any withdrawal symptoms. i'm so happy that i didnt just give up and give in and i'm getting back on the wagon. if i just let myself live that life hooked on weed/dabs again it would be awful.

No. 165914

is anyone else struggling with quitting weed? i remember a good few of us here months ago. i originally quit in april from daily dabbing, had 1 1/2 months sober than relapsed on flower for like a month of off and on smoking in june. then i got back on the wagon again and had 3 1/2 months sober til i relapsed for a little over a week. now im 3 days sober again. even if you haven't been able to quit i'd love to hear your story and try to help if i can!! i was a daily smoker for 5 years and 3 of those were dabbing all day every day. i think if i can quit almost anyone can! i will mention the resources of r/petioles and r/leaves because they have helped me very much, and if you have suspected CHS i would check out r/CHSinfo

No. 166081

i made it 5 days and then relapsed again. i've smoked the last week in a row and im now today trying to quit again… i really want to smoke my partner already has in front of me. it really fucking sucks. i wish i could just get high again but i have things i need to do like seeing family members and i dont wanna be high when i do that. im struggling so hard. i could smoke today because i dont need to see the family member til friday but im trying to quit ahead of time so im not going through it the day i see her.

No. 166083

and i ended up smoking anyways and taking some edibles. this shit fucking sucks. i'm gonna quit tomorrow for real.

No. 166218

no offense intended nonna but why isn't your partner being more supportive? if they know you want to quit the least they could do is not put it right in front of you.

No. 166341


It took leaving my partner and moving out for me to be able to quit 3+ of daily smoking. Is he really someone you’ll want to stay with when you’re sober?

No. 166437

yea my partner is kind of retarded. i don't live with him anymore. when i did we lived next door to his weed connect and we each smoked 2-4 grams of dab/oil a week. he doesn't even really smoke that much anymore it was actually because of my influence he started smoking a lot more again recently. after spending most of the months of october and november high as a kite i'm here trying to get sober again. sadly i have gotten myself physically addicted again and now i have to go through withdrawals. i thought i took my last hits last night but i ended up finishing off the last of my hits in my dab pen this morning to stave off the withdrawals and im going to smoke the rest of the kief that i have. but then i have nothing to smoke. which i think is a good thing. im planning on resetting my sober app this morning and waking up with one day sober tomorrow!!! i would really like some encouragement and to hear stories from other people getting sober right now. be it weed, alcohol, or hard drugs i would love to see some peoples stories for inspiration and motivation.

No. 166438

also after the last week with my useage being really bad he has wised up and is now wanting me to quit again too. he says the 3 1/2 months of me being sober were some of the best we've had in our relationship. he also doesn't like how weed effects my medication and messes with my mental health. so he has smartened up i think he just doesn't realize the full weight of my addiction. like i can't smoke at all not even a little tiny amount without it snowballing back into daily use. my mom doesnt get it either and tries to offer me the edibles she takes and stuff like that. i wish they could understand but truly its up to me to stay sober and i can't blame my relapses on them.

No. 166454

my doctor put me 150 XL extended release wellbutrin for depression symptoms. i held off taking it for a week or so because I wanted to be off weed before I started it (I usually get 3 days of hell during withdrawals) but time kept passing along. So now I'm just smoking daily and taking wellbutrin at the same time. I think the wellbutrin RX is too low as I am not having any side effects whatsoever. I read up a lot about it and watched tiktoks of people and some people are immediately getting nausea, headaches, jittery feelings, etc. I don't feel anything really, or maybe the weed is counteracting that. I'm going to see a social worker today that my doctor found me until I can get a real therapist and I think she is specializes in addictions or something. Hopefully I can finally rid myself of this devil weed.

No. 166461

you can do it nonna! just try to focus on how much relief you're gonna feel once the discomfort of withdrawals is over and done with. you're right that it's up to you stay sober but at the same time it's also important for the people around you to respect that you're trying to quit and if they can't provide support then at the very least they need to not offer you the exact thing that's causing you trouble.

No. 166470

i am 2 hours away from 24 hours sober now!!! i feel so much better. thank you for your kind words. i think i got this.

No. 166495

today is my third day sober. suffering through the withdrawals. i feel like i have a flu. just showered and that helped a lot. sending out good vibes to anyone who wants to quit today!

No. 166602

I feel like Shay's recent antics in Aruba have motivated me to never drink alcohol again. Today marks two weeks sober for me, which I haven't been able to do in years. I used to drink a lot more than Shay (at least from what she posts), so it's been eye opening to see other nonnies be appalled at how much she drinks. It helps me realize that I can't moderate, so I should just never drink. I thought checking her thread would be triggering for me - especially because she glorifies drinking so much - but I feel like this time I was overwhelmed by the obvious causal link between her drinking and how much her life sucks. Her flabby body, white tongue, dry pussy, eye bags, haggard skin, cottage cheese thighs, retarded expressions, poor hygiene - all of that can be attributed to alcohol.

Because I am an alcoholic, it's so obvious to me how much of Shay's behavior revolves around having constant access to alcohol. Her post when she had a layover about not being able to drink was SO transparent to me. It's a horrible feeling - and it's why I can never drink again. If I never drink, I don't have to worry about getting my next drink. If I start and try to moderate, I get consumed with anxiety about getting and staying as drunk as possible. To any nona thinking about quitting, this is your sign.

No. 166604

Good for you nonnacitas!! You might feel crappy right now but soon you will feel clear-headed and you will get your energy back. I'm proud of you.
>If I never drink, I don't have to worry about getting my next drink
Too real. This is why I can't have a cheeky beer after work. I used to be able to when the concept was still novel to me, but over time it morphed into more than one & I was never able to reel it back to just one. Instead of having a beer then going off to do some other activity, drinking became the activity.

No. 166607

>I get consumed with anxiety about getting and staying as drunk as possible
Nona, you expressed perfectly how I feel

No. 166627

Nonnas who are getting sober from alcohol, you can do it. The process will suck ass but after three months, things will get so much better. Your skin, your energy, your clarity of thought, it'll be amazing. You won't feel as anxious or depressed. I've been sober for nearly a year now (year in April) and the first three months were the hardest. Keep forging ahead, every day is a step to a brighter future. You can do this. Remember that cravings are momentary and will pass. You don't want to end up like Shay, none of us do. If there is one positive thing that can come from her miserable existence it is that she inspired sobriety for a few women.

No. 166637

I went from being a pill addict who was stoned or drunk every waking moment, to just smoking weed, to being sober with a hit of a joint or a drink every few months. Life is so much enjoyable and productive. Instead of looking forward to the next high, I'm looking forward to doing my little crafts or seeing friends.

And not having sunken, dull, dead eyes, grey skin, reek of smoke, coughing up tar, not remembering dreams, not having the druggie fried pill voice anymore, not being clocked as an addict by everyone is so amazing. I feel 10 times younger than I did as a full blown addict, even though I'm several years older than at my worst.

No. 166640

so nice to see some stories of people getting sober!! i'm so proud of you guys. drinking is what i would like to quit next but after a 6 year problem with weed its hard to be completely sober. i feel like its ok to allow myself beer occasionally because i'm not "addicted" to it and i'm not doing my "drug of choice" but i feel like someone like luna. i'm here to report i now have over a week sober from weed again after a relapse! my meds are working again, i feel so much better, and i have the energy to do things. sending out good vibes to anyone trying to get sober right now ♥

No. 166656

Thank you so much for the encouragement nona. Congrats on making it so far! I'm only at 16 days so far but even so early in the process I feel so much better. I can't believe how sick and in pain I used to feel all the time. I'm having dreams again, having solid poop, having energy to do things in the evening other than sit around and look at my phone - my life is already so much better.

Does anyone else feel like her recent drinking has really been escalating? I'm wondering if she takes pills at home, or if weed is enough of a substitute drug for her that she drinks less when she can smoke. Maybe she's just posting drinks more because she's buying fancy cocktails instead of giant bottles of Sutter Home, but it certainly seems like she's more preoccupied with getting drunk than she used to be.

No. 166667

I quit smoking last Thursday and I don’t miss it at all! it used to give me such anxiety just thinking about quitting, but I used to waste so much money on it and it made me so fucking lazy and tired. I only smoked sativas or hybrids, but I still couldn’t make it through the day without a nap. I thought something was actually wrong with me, but it turns out it was just weed. I’m now exercising every single day and don’t need a nap to get through the day.

I posted in another /shay/ thread a few months ago that Shayna inspired me to quit drinking and smoking/vaping nicotine, and I now consider myself fully over those. no desire whatsoever. now I’m actually repulsed by it all.

thanks /shay/!

No. 166742

2 weeks sober today!!! had HUGE cravings for dabs as my partner got some from a buddy of his for free (7 grams of super crystally really good smelling stuff. i don't mind that he smokes because he doesn't have a problem with it and doesn't try to force me to smoke or anything) but i've remained strong and stayed away from it. i've been under a LOT of stress as in the last few months both my father and paternal grandmother passed away. having to deal with the inheritance and stuff is really stressful. i'm on SSI so I am most likely going to lose it because of the money i'm about to come into. which obviously i will not be able to survive on forever. i'm going to try to purchase some property and a trailer to live on but again that is more stress too. i feel like i'm going to puke or shit my pants tonight because i had to talk to the trust guy today. i honestly had no clue my gram had so much money because she wore clothes with holes in them, went to food pantries every week, and only ever gave me 5 dollars on christmas. i relapsed after 3 1/2 months sober when my grandma died. just really cemented the fact that my father is gone for me. dealing with so much grief in such a short time is something i would never wish on another person. so i'm here celebrating my 2 weeks today. i'm a strong person and i don't need to rely on substances.

No. 166762

a dab after not smoking for 2 weeks will be so strong it will probably make you feel sick high anyway. you'll feel better if you don't!

No. 166794

I haven’t necessarily quit per say but I have limited myself quite a bit, since I have a medical card I get my marijuana practically free from insurance; I don’t smoke to get high but moreso to manage pain from having my neck and back broken from an accident.

No. 166821

no one cares about your free weed on the quitting weed thread

No. 166833

I’m sorry about your accident, nonna. It’s harder to quit weed when you get it for free, but if you’re just using it for pain management and not relying on it as a crutch, you should be okay.

No. 166849

struggling tonight. been using alcohol as a crutch since i quit weed. can't drink tonight because we ran out of beer. already planning on what i'm gonna go out and buy tomorrow for alcohol. i just hate living in my body and mind and its easier to use substances to escape. i also don't drink everyday or all day like i did with weed so i can justify it to myself easier. like i don't drink in the mornings so its fine. i can go without drinking so its fine. but its sort of becoming a problem for me.

No. 166854

I care. Don’t be a bitch.

No. 166855

I switched to weed to get off of alcohol. I went to rehab and was hospitalized and almost died all because I was a dumb drunk. Don’t be like me. Just be careful if you notice an increase in your drinking. I know it’s not your drug of choice, but it can be a slippery slope as they say.

No. 166867

i ended up dabbing last night and i already regret it hard… i lost my 17 days sober and now im starting over again. im doing good this morning though ive already watched my partner take a few dabs and i wasn't tempted at all!! im going home today so there wont be any more temptation to do it. i didnt even like it i mostly just felt uncomfortable and really thirsty. i just wanted to taste it once and now im satisfied i guess. i won't be doing it again.
i'm glad you're sober now anon! i don't think i have to worry too much because im aware of it. i decided i'm not gonna buy any alcohol today when i go home. i need to just spend some time completely sober.

No. 166916

I dont want to be mean but swapping out weed with drinking is like stopping self harm by shooting yourself in the head.

No. 166920

i smoked yesterday and today and i feel like crap about it. my mom and brother smoked a joint and i joined in and then today my mom came back from the dispo with a joint (she mostly does edibles which is not my thing) so i smoked that with her. im justifying it with "its the holidays" but i know excuses lead to daily use very easily. im just gonna vow to not smoke tomorrow and my mom probably wont give any more to me because shes sick of me always smoking up everything she has.

No. 166931

a lot of people that are trying to quit something end up slipping around the holidays due to temptation, particularly if the people around you are partaking in it. it's not an excuse but it is understandable. it also doesn't mean that you can't get back on track so long as you don't allow this lapse to develop into more frequent usage.

No. 166940

ever since i smoked on christmas i've smoked every single day since then including today. i feel like shit. i keep saying i'm not gonna smoke and then i give in. yesterday its because something extremely stressful happened and i don't want to elaborate but i went into a deep panic attack and the only thing i could do to ground myself was smoke a joint with my mom. but then today i really should have quit and not smoked again. i'm planning on really trying to quit tomorrow i'm hopefully gonna go to my partners house and he really doesn't like it when i smoke because it makes my psychosis worse and we get into fights (we don't fight at all when i'm sober). so i think i can be sober if i get a change of routine. i hate being at my moms apartment where i live because we currently have a drug dealer/drug addict den right across from us but they are supposed to be evicted on the 3rd. if i could get some good vibes for both my sobriety and that the neighbor will get out of here on that date and i get a good neighbor moving in. i can't take anymore of this shit there was a huge bust there last week and junkies are still coming around like normal…

No. 166961

FINALLY got sober today and not having any cravings!! will hit 24 hours sober this evening. thank god i'm finally able to do it i feel soooo much better today. even just 4 days straight of smoking felt like hell to me. it makes my antipsychotics not work and i think i have CHS so it effects me physically as well and makes my IBS worse. so i am much better off without it. at my best i had 3 1/2 months sober so i think i can do this again and hopefully stay sober longer this time.

No. 167111

so i didn't end up getting sober that day! spent another week smoking dabs and flower every day all day. FINALLY yesterday i sobered up and i'm about to hit 24 hours sober today!! i have literally nothing left to smoke and i'm a lot more determined now. i was feeling so shitty smoking every day, it makes me extremely paranoid and starts to make me believe someone is stalking me. it makes my antipsychotics not work because THC actually pushes it out of your brain. there's a snowstorm today, and i'm planning on spending all my time today inside reading comics/manga and playing video games! wishing anyone trying to get sober from anything good luck today!

No. 167696

you need to stop saying you FINALLY achieved being sober when it hasn't even been 24 hours

No. 167932

File: 1709736200072.jpg (4.24 KB, 225x225, 1655309868167.jpg)

I HAVE to stop smoking to pass a drug test. I had not realized how bad the situation has got. I'm not hungry, I'm very anxious, and it's only my FIRST day not smoking! I usually smoke from morning till my husband comes home, or every chance he's not around, because I don't want to tell him how much I smoke, which is of course a giant red flag of addiction. I think he might have a hunch of how much I consume, but maybe he's just been polite and not brought it up. It's very embarrassing to have ended up like this, I've never been addicted to anything. I might even fuck a job position due to this stupid fucking plant oh my god.

No. 167946

Second day, feeling so anxious and nauseous

No. 167979

Adorable kitty! You can do it, nonna! I’m trying to quit too and it’s driving me nuts. I try to justify smoking like a chimney since I haven’t drank in years, but my usage has become over the top. I’d love to be completely substance free. You’re doing a great job. I know this sounds corny as hell, but you got this!

No. 168019

I quit smoking cold turkey sometime in January because I suddenly and urgently need a job ( my dad is selling the house I live in that he always said he’d never sell and now I’m stuck with my mom and her new husband and am explicitly unwanted here) but my 30 year old NEET college dropout self still hasn’t gotten a single interview or even response. I’m studying to do medical coding because it seems like a guaranteed job that will pay enough to support myself but I’m months away from being certified and my living situation is extremely unstable. Trying hard to stay sober from weed until I inevitably get a job and get the fuck out of here. Like I’m finally back in some sort of schooling with a guaranteed job/career path and the rug has been yanked out from under me and I feel completely fucked.

If anyone has suggestions for a part time job that will give someone who hasnt worked in nearly a decade a chance please let me know I’m all ears. I’m considering hotel housekeeping because my body image is too terrible to do anything public facing ugghhhh. I assumed I’d be able to finish my medical coding certification nd just get a job doing that but I feel like I must do something now now now because my mom insists I do nothing and she is going to kick me out. Fuck my life.

No. 168045

I've been pretty good, a couple slip ups but otherwise I've been smoke free. Gave the last of my weed to friend. Opened up about the situation to my husband which has helped, he was very understanding.

How's your quitting going nona?

No. 168087

Are you anywhere that would allow you to do delivery apps? It doesn’t matter how ugly you are or shitty you feel about yourself then, kek, people expect us to be short at the register and then fuck off to our phones.

No. 168286

trying to get the courage to not pick up a pen and a gram of dab tomorrow at the dispo… i need to quit this shit now

No. 168287

23 days off edibles now (don’t like smoking) and I think the withdrawal symptoms are starting to dissipate

No. 168291

Janitorial work is solid for this same reason. You get to come in to buildings late at night by yourself when no one else is around, listen to music you like, don't have to see anybody, and it's not particularly hard. Hotel housekeeping is rife with sexual harrassment and abuse, I would be worried about you nonna.

No. 168321

didnt pick up anything, ive been cutting down with the rest of what i had and im almost out. i think the withdrawal symptoms should be almost none since ive cut down to so little thc a day compared to how heavy i was smoking dabs before… feeling really good about getting sober again. had 5 months sober last year!! thinking this will go good. i have two books to read, tons of manga on my tablet, and a brand new water bottle with a straw for my oral fixation!!! wish me luck nonnas! >>168287
ayy congrats for you thats wonderful, its always great when you start feeling normal again

No. 168534

13 days sober after spending most of 2024 abusing dabs. really proud of myself. i can tell shayna is high off her gourd in pictures lately and it just gives me more motivation to be sober. her eyes are SO red lately she is abusing weed and alcohol so badly. i've yet to get sober from alcohol myself but i don't abuse it daily like i have with weed so its not as pressing as a problem for me (i drink a couple times a month). i gained 20 pounds after relapsing at the end of last year so i really want to try and get some of that munchies weight off too. already lost 10 pounds in a little over a week just from the withdrawals. i actually HATE sweets now too which is one of my weaknesses when i get high… thank you shaynus for getting me here.

No. 168636

just hit 27 days today, can't wait to hit my one month

No. 168664

ONE MONTH SOBER TODAY!!! i'd like to thank the big shaynus and this thread for inspiring me to get sober in the first place, and her recent red eye fucked up pics for inspiring me to get sober again this summer. i'm hoping i can beat my record of 3 1/2 months sober from last year. i've been addicted to weed/dabs since i was 18 and i'm now 25 so i'd really like to kick this shit for life. it makes you lazy, unmotivated, and fat. i even had psychotic episodes due to weed. now i'm on a low dose antipsychotic and my mental health is better than ever. shayna could NEVER!!! next i wanna kick my alcohol habit but its not something i crave or do that often and i definitely don't start drinking at 9 am like her, but it is something i would like to give up in the future.

No. 168669

proud of you, congratulations!

No. 168683

i've also lost 10 pounds since cutting out weed and the munchies!!

No. 168690

i hit day 50! i passed a drug test for a promotion (govt job) on day 38 and was getting positive home tests pretty much until that day. weed was so not worth that stress.

No. 168692

congrats anon!!

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