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File: 1589319717447.jpg (679.41 KB, 720x1189, pL3WOfz.jpg)

No. 774466

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>766091

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>doesn't like her new Asherbee hair cut so she returns to the ratty extensions and wigs
>promised another Melony photobook
>newest money sperg is plants. Bought plants and a waterfall for her room. You can hear it in every video she makes
>broke her nail fake schlicking for her simps
>bought guns, get clowned by /k/fags for handling gun improperly, gets buttmad and tries to defend herself
>delayed the release of her new 100 dollar onsen set because she asked Square to reshape a whole new ass for her. New photoshop crimes also include enlarging the whites of her eyes and using Dorito chin filters (makes her head tiny af)
>got two more cats. When anons talked about how having 6 cats is too much (and could get her in trouble with local authorities) she claims she has the license she needs. Later claimed her cats are in training to be therapy animals.
>claims to have finally found a new male model to use as a prop in her sets
>admitted to being bullied on Only Fans for misrepresenting her content. Also, she privated her Reddit community, wiped it, then warned that they cannot post her "paid content" that features her titties, coochie, etc.
>asked for cum tributes on Mother's Day
>goes into true Karen Mode™ and explains her exercise routine like she's qualified

No. 774467

File: 1589319843851.jpg (42.49 KB, 234x480, vamp.jpg)

This is why Moo hates the outfits and I made a new calves thread for us. I didn't really update too much but took Sabrina off and added Umbran.

No. 774479

She’s so petty lol. Probably couldn’t fit into the biggest size either.
Love the thread pic too!

No. 774480

Thank you, I tried. I realized after I shouldve included the one abut copying designs but I forgot to read through the facebook photos. Wouldve made more sense with the myoppa I added lol

No. 774483

Everyone betrays me story on instagram when

No. 774493


Wow she is so god damn predictable. Of course because her former lap dog has them now are now “so ugly and poorly designed lol”. She’s just mad her lard ass can’t fit into them. Same as when she claimed those leggings were “poorly designed” because she couldn’t fit her fat turkey legs through them.

No. 774501

..I'm aghast at her sheer size. I know she's proportioned weird but thread pic made my jaw drop. She looks like a caricature of a real person. A complete fucking cartoon. Her linebacker shoulders look like they are at LEAST 6 head lengths across. I can't believe this isn't edited what the fuck.

No. 774502

Anon, her photo in that photo is edited from the one she originally took. Her head was still small like that but this one is altered further.

No. 774503

File: 1589332219806.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 2160x2880, Photo Apr 05, 4 44 28 PM.jpg)

I forgot to post these, she released her self set. Half is just the mask dildo that she's already shared.

No. 774504

Oof that blurr on the side of her chin where she raised it. Coolsculting holding up, Moo?

No. 774505

Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying. Tbh though give her a couple of months she will get to this level.

No. 774506

File: 1589332391652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.33 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 16 57 PM.jpg)

No. 774507

File: 1589332455852.jpg (555.19 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200511-193708_Twi…)

Peep all that acne from her last stream. No wonder she wanted umbran to paint her face

No. 774509

File: 1589332638837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.4 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 17 42 PM.jpg)

No. 774510

Wtf is she using on her face? Might be hormones, but that looks like Sabrina Nicole levels of cystic acne. No way she's eating healthy and if she is, is it possible her body is so fucked it doesn't know how to process anything and is causing the breakout? That's nasty looking and looks painful.

No. 774511

File: 1589332675933.webm (6.18 MB, 720x1440, 20200512_211605_edited (1).web…)


Here is a screencap of her calling herself "best melony" right after she said her melony sucked.

No. 774512


Pushing 300 lbs, she's getting to the point where health problems will begin.

No. 774513

File: 1589332909748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.34 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 18 40 PM.jpg)

No. 774515

File: 1589333618899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.76 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 22 14 PM.jpg)

No. 774518

File: 1589334248077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.45 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 22 40 PM.jpg)

No. 774523

It's so I'll fitting it looks like a diaper

No. 774526

File: 1589336180351.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.81 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 22 53 PM.jpg)

No. 774528

File: 1589336659593.jpg (13.69 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 24 09 PM.jpg)

No. 774530

File: 1589336863282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.71 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 24 25 PM.jpg)

No. 774531

File: 1589336965930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.2 MB, 2880x3840, Photo May 02, 5 24 39 PM.jpg)

No. 774532

What is it with her and this pose? There's nothing flattering or sexy about it.

No. 774538


Well of course. She has no idea how to be sexy or seductive and literally takes her cues and inspiration from whatever hentai she sees thinking that “ Yup, this is totally what all the guys are clamoring to see”. It’s hilarious seeing all the cringey shit she think looks “sexy”.

No. 774540

Is she mad that Vamps didn't kiss her ass after Moo extended the hand of "friendship"
Ha what a narc

No. 774541

I know she doesn't care because she edits on a new face anyway… but jesus Moo can't you wash your face twice a day and ease up on the face tape? You look older than your mother

No. 774542


She was supposed to come back groveling at her feet and begging her for forgiveness. Surprisingly, she actually grew a spine and told her to fuck off. She learned the hard way that even the most loyal lapdogs don’t like having expensive gifts and vacations thrown back in their face every time they try to voice their own opinion.

No. 774543

Blob with teeny tiny inverted ass is my fav of the newer go to 'sexy' poses

No. 774549

she looks like she’s trying to deliver a baby, yikes. with all the money she has, you’d think she’d invest in her “””job””” and learn how to properly pose to flatter her body and actually look sexy.

No. 774553

She doesn't need it. She's a master poser and already took online skype theater classes to learn proper posing as she is the ultimate model fantasy.

No. 774555

Her feet look like hooves. She looks like a pig on a spit.

No. 774557


Why the effort? Her thirsty fanboys would even give her money, when she'd look like a real pig.. in underwear.

No. 774560

Yeah exactly, i guess her fanbase is mostly just feeder fetishists by now.

No. 774562


"Banned for retarded commentary". What do you expect if this is the source material? She's not wise.

No. 774565

They like to watch a girl get fat, Moo is already disgusting. Hopefully the cash will fry up.

No. 774568

I can't stop looking at that Merlin cosplay… why? Is it for her "male model"?

No. 774569

Well each to their own, but I can’t wait for Moo to run out of money and start doing full on porn

No. 774571

File: 1589360879237.png (1.64 MB, 1247x1800, 917C2F96-B476-458F-8B94-C6D7F3…)

>high quality lewd photosets

Sure, Jan.
These posts just reek of desperation. Is the money she’s currently swindling out of thirsty neckbeards not enough to maintain her lifestyle during the pandemic?

No. 774573

That's the thing. She isn't. The pandemic has cut alot of peoples disposable income. This is why you have seen alot of thots turn to sex work and the sex workers make more content amd to to that next step to full on porn.

No. 774587


The patreon numbers were down around 1100 so she’s definitely lost a lot on there.

Usually her $100 tier was full or almost full but right now there’s 28 slots unless she added more.

No. 774613

>mainly lewd selfies

She knows thats not whats on Onlyfans. She needs to tell them the honest truth that onlyfans already has nudes. What a cunt.

No. 774622

Has anyone ever considered just joining the $1 tier, seeing how many patrons are in and how much she's making, then cancelling? Would put all the patron tinfoil to bed…

No. 774636

Pledging doesn't reveal the earnings or amount of each tier
We've had anons in the past be patrons to get pics/updates on lies

No. 774651

She SHOULDN'T be low on cash. There is plenty she can do with 20k. But the fact she's going into clinics to get her lips done, buying shit like cats, plants, guns and take out, cosplays that don't fit her, whatever else… who knows? Moo should be one of the few thots who should be doing well but because her spending habits are disgusting she can't make 20k last.

No. 774652

Great if she is, desperation is a terrible thing.

No. 774653

Anon is right about now being able to see how much money she makes from a tier. You can, however, when spots are involved know how many people signed up that way. This doesn't include the backcharges though and the people canceling early. I think she has had it setup for the past 3 years to automatically take the money out when you pledge and it errors you when you try to sign up with a card with no balance. You can't trick the system like that and the system is also very quick to notify you of who might be leaking your content and who is playing with their banking to try and swindle you. Patreon is a shitshow caring about subscribers, but they have pretty good systems in check to stop people from scamming creators.

No. 774654

Any work she gets done outside of videos she is paying for. All her clinic visits have either been reduced or free because she uses her platform to say she will promote the business and then throws up a highlight for a few months they agreed on.

No. 774655

Reduced for the one procedure she promotes. Doesn't include discounted prices on the 10 other things she gets done. Moo is addicted to plastic surgery and that's the priciest addiction you can have.

No. 774656

Laser/chem peels, face treatments, lip injections, botox, that one time she got cheek fillers. These are not cheap and she gets one or more of these done every time she goes in. She's botched for a reason.

No. 774658

Bishojo mom / Juliet Michelle did a pic in the same pose as the star bucks mermaid (when she was 16 btw, gross) that went very viral, I still see it pop up on tumblr and Facebook occasionally. I feel like moo is just desperately copying that, tbh. Perhaps hoping it’ll go viral too.

No. 774660

She purchased a Chun-Li book specifically in Japan with this pose. It's got nothing to do with Bishoujomom and she didn't invent that pose or popularize it.

No. 774661

maybe she thinks that's what mommy fetish is about kek

No. 774684

File: 1589402387114.jpg (708.8 KB, 528x687, XutxlA5.jpg)

OC from KF

No. 774713

File: 1589416128538.jpeg (729.83 KB, 1242x2125, A05BA6ED-A247-436C-AD5F-AE5AFE…)

So One of momos precious cats might be a goner… 1/2

No. 774714

File: 1589416169283.jpeg (514.26 KB, 1242x1650, 7462C926-AD9B-429A-B28A-3BFB35…)


No. 774715

Again I'm sorry if I'm dense about this but when you buy a animal from a breeder aren't they supposed to provide papers proving the animal doesn't have a disease?

No. 774717

I'm just throwing it out there, but could one of her cats be a carrier and it never effecting any of the kittens until one was born compromised?

No. 774718


That is likely the case as cats can be healthy carriers of FeLv.

Also since shes confirmed one has contracted FIP that means likely all of them currently have or had Feline coronavirus. Possibly others will have FIP as well.

Simplified version, her cats have a very contagious disease that can mutate into a fatal one(FIP which happened with Satoshi)

No. 774724

Sounds like the dog one where it only really sticks hard to the pet if they have a really compromised immune system. Otherwise it's looking like a normal animal cold. That really sucks, poor thing. At least there is medication to help it. There isn't a need to put him down right away and I think she knows that but the health could rapidly change at any point even with meds. Sorry for the animal talk but I feel like people will jump on this as all Moo but she doesn't have control of this.

No. 774726

People WILL jump on her ass on it, despite it being uncontrollable and unpredictable. Poor cats. I feel bad for her as well, losing a pet sucks hard.

No. 774727

Especially like that not knowing when and if the medicine might not work one night and the cat could even pass alone. She's probably thinking worse case scenarios too. Okay I'm not going to talk about this anymore because I don't want to come off as Wking.

No. 774729

no one is going to suddenly forgive you because of your cat problems, Mariah

No. 774732

Had a kitten with FIP, no way of knowing when we got her. Got diagnosed at the emergency vet one night after having trouble walking, she was gone about a week later. I feel so bad for all of her cats, I really wish she'd stop buying and hoarding so many.

No. 774733

If one cat gets FIP they all could be exposed. She has no idea how to qurantee her new animals before incotrudicng? She's a fucking idiot.

No. 774737

Exactly, people suddenly went poor Moo when one of her cats got sick. But she's out here getting more animals during a pandemic. Even if it passes she will use it as an excuse to replace the animal she lost. She's still the asshole who let her animals inhale paint fumes. Her cats problems are just an excuse for her to garner sympathy and attention.

No. 774741

yeah, I think the worst thing about this news is that she won't actually learn anything from it. she'll just buy more kittens because she's 'devastated' and not properly immunize or introduce them to the rest. it was really only a matter of time before this happened. poor kitties.

No. 774759

I feel like if Jaeda was to possibly contract it, she'd go double Jeopardy on the whole "My CaT pAsSed" thing.

Anyways, cat thing aside, I feel like she's losing steam and needed a excuse to veg out even more.

No. 774769

Aand this is why hoarding animals you get from questionable af “breeders” is probably not a good thing. Why weren’t these cats already vaccinated? You can get them vaccinated as soon as 9 weeks old, and with something as serious as feline leukemia you need too since it can spread so easily.

Losing a pet sucks but she’s a fucking idiot who really doesn’t put their best interests first, despite her bs claims.

No. 774770

File: 1589429731932.png (49.16 KB, 720x379, Screenshot_2020-05-13-21-09-57…)

No. 774771

I hope she means FIV and not FIP… because if Satoshi has FIP that's weeks to months to live, not years.

No. 774775

File: 1589432718368.jpeg (99.68 KB, 1242x651, F9D87186-4144-4353-BF8E-34EDD4…)

Some of us don’t speak nipponese lol

No. 774776

If she was hysterical, which news like this can do that and knowing her she was at the vet [I'm not faulting her for that, nothing about this to me is on her and even the breeder might not know], they might've told her months to years to make her feel better, but you're right.

No. 774777

You want to post the full post?

No. 774778

Do you want to see her in her Lum cosplay spread eagle? Scroll up.

No. 774779

Dont get mad when anons ask for full context on posts that are cut off without any explanation about what you posted and you could've done a solid like >>774775

No. 774784

No. 774795

File: 1589451182344.gif (2.63 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

>I've never experienced this type of grief before in my entire life
Wow, poor Moo lived such a comfortable, spoiled life that the saddest thing that's ever happened to her is one of her half dozen cats dying. Cry me a fucking river. Has she seriously never lost a relative or friend, or does she not care about death unless it happens to a piece of her property?

This isn't Moo's fault, but she definitely deserves it. She's the one who bought so many goddamn cats from a shady breeder. I have no sympathy for people who give money to kitten mills instead of adopting one of the MILLION homeless cats out there. Also, six cats is too goddamn many for someone who doesn't breed or do shows. Moo is a hoarder– she doesn't view the cats as living creatures with feelings, she views them as toys to be collected.

No. 774797

File: 1589452417279.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200514-033107.png)

She posted an update in her stories. Probably why she took down the post.

No. 774798

Umm why is she relieved, does she know what FIP is….

FEVL they can live on average 2-3 years but with FIP it’s 2 months and has a fatal rate of 95%.

Since she collects Ragdolls she should be aware of FIP as they are more likely to develop it.

No. 774804

FIP is a strain of coronavirus… maybe she should have taken quarantine a little more seriously..

No. 774807

Most cats have the feline coronavirus but only few develop FIP.

No. 774818

I don’t think she realizes that FIP is worse than FEVL as a can has a higher chance of passing away sooner due to FIP. It’s almost an inevitability.

No. 774826

Considering with the "inhaled vomit" symptoms if that's really to be believed, he's already in the wet stage of the disease and that cut his chances to almost none. I don't think she gets that. If he was in the dry stage there's a slim chance but that's not likely the case.

No. 774830

If he's s having nystagmus/can't hold his head upright, it's more likely the dry form and it's in his brain. She hasn't mentioned having his chest tapped or fluid in his abdomen, so he's probably not the wet form.

It's also very hard to test for FIP- you can test for FIV easily. Still horrible- if it's truly FIP and it's in his brain, steroids aren't going to buy him much time. There's a treatment on the black market that's promising, but I'm not sure if will help if it's in his brain.

No. 774832

She needs to put her cat down so he doesn't have to suffer like this.

No. 774839

File: 1589471196161.png (470.31 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-05-14-08-46-08…)

No. 774841

>she deserves this

Anon, you sound so shitty. Its not even her and this is rare, especially since none of the other cats have CIS.

I dont think shes going to force it to stay alive. You can make the animal comfortable and they arent miserable 24/7. Im pretty sure if the vet said its time shed do it. Shes not an animal abuser guys. Jesus.

No. 774842

You don’t have to be an animal abuser to be an Irresponsible pet owner

No. 774843

Her house is huge, there isnt over crowding, she times their feeding..? Wheres the abuse part aside from adopting more cats? That narrative for her is so nitpick.

No. 774844

She may not intentionally abuse her cats, but she certainly treats them differently than real pets owners. What "kitten mama" hoards them, only uses them for therapy every once in a while, and lets them inhale toxic fumes. Don't think she does it intentionally, but she's extremely irresponsible. She needs a wake up call, maybe this will be it for her.

Let's not derail too much on her behavior as a pet owner. We're gonna get lots of unnecessary arguments. Let's just hope she takes this as a lesson to stop hoarding living creatures.

No. 774845

This isnt a lesson. The chances of this specifically happening are very low. >>774807

No. 774849

It's a lesson in the sense that maybe moo will realize her cats aren't fucking immortal. She treats them like dolls that aren't alive and won't come to any harm.

>painting with them in the room

>leaving the house a mess with string and pins and crap all on the floor for them to eat or get into
>keeping them loose in a moving car while she's driving
>not introducing them properly
>buying from shady places
The list goes on. Her not being the soul cause of this doesn't mean she can't take a step back and change some behaviors.

No. 774851

From what I've read cats can catch it from fecal matter. What makes transmission even lower is having more litter boxes. I wonder how many she has tbh.

No. 774856

That is why animal laws are a thing, to prevent shit like this from happening. She shouldn't be hoarding animals because there is no way she can properly care for animals like they should be. It's irresponsible and she's lucky no one reported her for the amount of animals she has.

No. 774857

She has 6 cats in what looks like an over 3000sq/ft house. This isn't a hoarding situation. Holy shit. Look at breeders in houses like this with 70 cats at a time. There will always be breeders. Adopting from a shelter doesn't prevent this and will never, ever prevent this. This is not on Moo. You guys need to chill out about this. This is so far from a hoarding situation it should honestly come off as more of a joke.

No. 774858

All you have to do for cats if clean their boxes and feed them. She only has two cats that are constantly hyper and the rest seem chill with sleeping 20hrs a day like most cats do. I really wish I could see the animal hoarding and abuse outlook on her, but there is nothing.

No. 774859

As horrible as Moo is, it sounds like the cats are not overcrowded and are cared for. FIP isn't something that a hoarding situation will outright cause, it's just a shit combo of a mutated coronavirus and her affinity for Ragdolls. You're less likely to encounter FIP from reputable breeders, but buying reputable or adopting from a shelter or rescue doesn't guarantee an animal won't develop a horrible disease.

Regardless of how horrible she is, I feel bad that she's going through this. FIP sucks.

No. 774860

And straight up putting the cat to sleep isn't a solution like people are saying she should do. The cat can still live comfortably and the vet will let her know. Once the kitten stops eating and becomes lethargic, that's her cue.

No. 774861

Then don't have 6 pets if all you're going to do is feed them. If you think thats all an animal needs you clearly don't need em. Pets aren't things to collect.
Yes, her situation sucks, but she really doesn't need to get another animal whenever she's bored of the others for the thrill of the buy.

No. 774862

I don't think that's all animals take, anon. Stop nitpicking everything that doesn't agree with you. She isn't hoarding and you are reaching hard for milk to claim her as a hoarder and abuser and this all being her fault. You sound fucking stupid.

No. 774863

>Check the momokun thread for the first time in a long while to see what's poppin'
>Animal hoarding/abuse spergs are still present
>Now claiming that she deserves to have her pets die
Yeah let me know when there's some actual news and not just sociopathic anons, I guess next up is the tax tinfoiling

No. 774864

No ones claiming her pets should die, sit down. There is a lot of animal sperging though

No. 774865

>This isn't Moo's fault, but she definitely deserves it. >>774795
>t she’s a fucking idiot who really doesn’t put their best interests first >>774769

No. 774866

stop whiteknighting..

So her cat has coronavirus? It's not COVID-19 as I understand it and is common in cats but the issue is it can mutate into FIP?

No. 774872

anon said no one said her pets should die >>774864
and literally an anon links them to posts >>774865
where anons are saying she should have her pets die? No one in this thread has been whiteknighting her, but also not everyone in the thread is a moron who thinks Moo brought this upon herself and that its good her is being 'taught a lesson' by having a baby kitten die from something out of her control.

No. 774874

I'm just glad Momo is showing actual human emotions for once so that's a positive I suppose? It may not be for a fellow human being but it's something positive. It's just she had a weird history with how she reacts to death as a means of attention.

My point being, first instance when the shootings happened and she tried to use it for clout. When a few people told her a friend killed themselves because of bullying caused by her during high school and her response was something along the line of "It wasn't my fault they were so weak." Telling plenty of peeps to go off themselves. Trying to get clout from that dude who passed last year.

It's just refreshing to see her react to mortality in a more normal way and not a means to gain clout

No. 774875

can you please stop shitting up the thread with this sperg out?

idk if it's that or more than likely it's something to use that guarentees sympathy and attention

No. 774878

People don't feel bad for Moo because she's an awful person.
People do feel horrible for the suffering of her pet because no animal deserves what's happening.
Is it Moo's fault? No. Is it okay to feel bad for her cat but not Moo? Yes.

No. 774880

Are you asking if SARS-CoV-2 can mutate into the coronavirus that causes FIP in cats?
No that's not possible.
I don't know how the PCR test (genetic material test) for the feline coronaviruses works but theoretically if the PCR test (which tests for a small bit of genetic material) tested for a bit of genetic material which was present in the genome of both the feline coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 the cat could test positive for FCV but could have SARS-CoV-2 or vice versa but from my understanding SARS-CoV-2 if very different from the common feline coronaviruses so that would be highly unlikely.

No. 774896

File: 1589491616307.png (1.74 MB, 1910x873, diet.png)

No. 774899

That's an incredibly optimistic bf%

No. 774900

>37.5 BMI

Jesus christ, Moo.
Im apalled that with all the gym and diet sperg she isnt ashamed of showing those numbers.

No. 774903

That visceral fat number as well, she's a heart attack waiting to happen.

No. 774905

File: 1589496617734.png (903.67 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-12…)

No. 774906

File: 1589496743939.png (670.57 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-18…)

No. 774907

File: 1589496884105.png (399.28 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-23…)

No. 774908

File: 1589496999965.png (380.08 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-29…)

No. 774909

File: 1589497130962.png (218.69 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-36…)

No. 774911

File: 1589497246735.png (766.98 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-05-14-15-49-41…)

No. 774914

who is this bitch lying to lmaoo

No. 774915

No it can cause fip. Hence >>774905

No. 774916

File: 1589499168676.png (984.54 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2020-05-14-16-31-50…)

No. 774917

i knew this would be wrong but it's so wrong.

No. 774918

??????? that was the point anon. you can still be irresponsible pet owner and NOT be an abuser. her hoarding and buying these cats from questionable places is irresponsible, i think we can all agree to that(infighting)

No. 774924

As scary as these numbers are why do I get the feeling her actual numbers are much worse than this? I guess it's cuz she has a history of lying about her weight

No. 774925

These might be believable though. We saw how on and off shitty she ate and she did attempt working out. The difference in this and when she said she was under 200lbs before the How Heavy photos, she does look larger by those 20lbs. Certainly looking at these >>774509

She should be embarrassed by her weight gain again, but she is trying to make it a LeArnInG ExpEriEnce for other people. It's so eye rolling. She should just go back to posting about her cats because acting like you're a saint with working out and you're still failing after 2 years, 3 years if you count getting lipo twice for con bod time.

No. 774927

this. I remember when she was last floating 220 around as her magic number, and saying after her umpteen millionth round of lipo how she just wanted to get from 220 to 170 (her ~favorite~ weight). about a week later she reveals her actual starting weight was somewhere around 250 something. some people might lie about their weight by a margin of 5-10 pounds. but moo? she's deadass willing to skew the numbers by 30 pounds. and that's assuming she wasn't lying again about her starting weight, it could have been more like 260-70. I would not be surprised if she was 250 again, or even heavier. honestly, we'll probably never know how bad her numbers really are, but she's only hurting herself by lying about them and not actually taking her health seriously. she's going to keel over before she's 30 at this rate.

No. 774929

The fact that she lies so much about it should be a concern to her even though she's also trying to feed bullshit workout and health tips to people. It's the whole 'first 40 minutes only targets carbs' bullshit. That's not how working out works. She probably also thinks that if she only focuses on one part of her body that that part will be the only one to lose weight. Weight is all over, dumbass. Moo won't see specific areas because it'll come off everywhere slowly.

No. 774948

File: 1589516656816.png (617.59 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2020-05-14-21-22-23…)

No. 774949

File: 1589516788172.png (610.88 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-05-14-21-22-36…)

No. 774952

she's so obsessed with the barista flex, it's weird…literally anyone who's been to a coffee shop knows this. most people ask this and know it. why is she acting like being a starbucks barista was some intensive, backbreaking point of her life? is it the only real job she's had, so it feels like it was crazy hard for her?

No. 774954

Usually anyone who drinks coffee knows this because they pick their brews and if they don't know they ask whats the most caffeinated thing is.

No. 774956

Can't wait for her to keep this up for like 2 months and then gain 50 pounds before the year is out.

>'i WaS a BaRiStA'
Oh good, she's the leading authority on coffee now too. Man, Moo, it must be so exhausting to be the best at everything all the time. How does she find the time to have such expert level mastery on everything in the world?

No. 774957

she's just pathetic and has no real identity so she feels the need to constantly put up the illusion that she's so experienced and great at things because she's actually extremely unremarkable and not particularly talented at anything. she's actually incredibly insecure and needs to soothe herself constantly by telling herself and everyone else that she's a self assured bad bitch who knows best about everything.

No. 774960

Flexes knowledge most people who drink coffee, even casually, know. But it was bc I worked at Starbucks for a week guys!!
Also I'm betting she pours sugar/fake sugar into her coffee bc this bitch use to chug monster for her caffeine and oat milk isn't gonna make this shit smooth

No. 774961

File: 1589525920100.jpeg (145.73 KB, 1038x689, 9F4691AB-75C2-4464-86F3-5D181F…)

Her poorly edited, shit tier photobooks keep getting more expensive. At least she can’t shill them at local conventions anytime for the foreseeable future…

No. 774963

Is this a new book? Did anyone even buy the previous one?

No. 774967

File: 1589527621697.png (4.01 MB, 1800x1549, CA2F2635-D666-42BE-BEB8-DAF4D7…)

Someone must have triggered her because oof.

No. 774968

File: 1589527692252.png (2.74 MB, 1800x1557, F5B61E29-BCFD-4096-808D-FA2A8D…)


No. 774969

>no secret quick fix sorry

>gets lipo 5 times

>coolsculpt 3 times

No. 774970

at least she's admitting it's all bad habits lol. doesn't it get tiring losing and gaining weight all the time like this??? especially when you have the knowledge and equipment??

No. 774971

I think she has it in her head where she sees herself on days after a day she didn't eat too much salt and didn't retain a bunch of water, and thinks she has lost weight [water weight]. I think she IS dumb enough to think that is real weight and she has her 'cheat days' more frequently because of it. She is right in admitting she is lazy though, but I think her dumbass can't tell the difference between weight loss and water retention.

No. 774972

File: 1589528121249.png (3.21 MB, 1800x1484, E3E6AF12-1A9C-4C55-9BCE-83DC8A…)

She really isn’t one to start spouting fitness advice considering her history of lipo, shilling fit tea for ad revenue and the one time she was forced to lose weight in high school because of her dad’s interference. Judging from this manic IG spurge, she must be living in her “glory days” since her life as the internet’s cum rag in the present must be pretty damn bleak lol. Hope that money keeps you warm at night Mariah!

No. 774973

Theeeere it is. The bullshit lifting stuff her Kevin and her dad are telling her. They also need to tell her they sweat because they take supplements that overdrive their metabolism causing them to sweat. Adding the caffeine in their protein shakes they probably drink. She should not be following a body builder's routine.

No. 774975

I can't wait for the body possitivity/HAES-crowd that still follow her for whatever reason to flip due to her stating the obvious.

I'm always happy to see a cow take at least a bit of responsibility for their own failures so that's nice, at least if she keeps it up but we know she won't.

No. 774976

She's clinging real hard to this one. How long ago was it? Like it matters that you were an athlete when you're in the state you're in now?

No. 774977

Lmao the only reason Moo ever exercised or did sports was because her dad forced her to. She ballooned out when she moved away from her parents because she has no self-discipline and relies on Daddy to be her personal trainer. Moo doesn't know shit about health herself, she just did whatever her dad told her to do.

No. 774978

File: 1589532070657.png (2.59 MB, 1800x1571, 6B334FB3-8F77-4CA0-9ACE-D957FD…)

It continues jfc

No. 774979

File: 1589532211976.png (3.48 MB, 1800x1574, 506B6A1D-BC00-4B72-B56D-999092…)

She adds a bunch of “inspirational” clips in-between posts.

No. 774980

Excuse me? "I've done weight loss" wasn't that pic around the time of her supposed ED?

No. 774981

These spergs shows she never grew out of her narcisstic attitude and personality.

No. 774982

File: 1589532542074.png (2 MB, 1800x1652, 6B1E6422-6DF3-4897-8A52-7F7674…)


So to no ones surprise, she’s having her parents prep her food… again … and during a pandemic. A time she could be learning to cook and fend for herself so she doesn’t have to constantly rely on others. But it wouldn’t be Moo if she wasn’t having others bend to her whim. It makes all those clips of that athlete’s accomplishments ring hollow because it’s coming from a girl who can’t even cook for herself and needs others to hold her accountable for her own health. I don’t see that dude’s mom and dad carrying him over a finish line. Goddamn Mariah, you’re such a lazy sack of shit lol

No. 774983

I love how she acts like she‘s super disciplined now and will actually do it this time u guys (how many times has she said that now?), when really she’s just having another manic episode and will slip back into hold habits in 2 or 3 weeks tops.

As >>774977 said, as soon as Kevin isn’t around anymore all the time to kick her ass, she’ll be back to her old habits. She needs people to take care of the discipline part for her.
The fact that she managed to lose a big amount of weight and still managed to get even fatter than before just guarantees that whatever she does - it won’t last.

And on top of that: Once she’s lost all that weight she’ll look even worse than now. There’s damage done she can’t fix like loose skin, or worn out connective tissue. And even if she gets surgery for that, too - it won’t look good. Ever.

So eventually she’ll be a lower weight, but look too bad to be a chubby thot. And she’ll be too skinny to attract feeders.

She’s screwed either way.

No. 774984

I mean, she lies so often I’m sure even she has a hard time remembering when her family was supposedly abusing her lol. Abuse is usually something that you vividly remember unless you suppress it, Mariah seems to only tout it when the need for sympathy arises, otherwise it’s “look at what I accomplished on my own! Me! I’m disciplined!!! See???”

No. 774985

she's not yelling at her followers nor is she vagueing fat cosplayers/influencers.
she's yelling at herself.
she's the one who needs to hear all of this and she pretends she's done with people who want a "quick fix".
but she's not humble enough to step down from her high horse, realize she's the queen of quick fixes, and she's the one constantly forgets those "easy" rules of clean eating/weight management.
so instead she's rubbing her past achievements and weight loss in everyone's faces to show she's totes qualified to talk about this!!!!

moo, cook your own food and motivate yourself to work out. daddy can't keep training you forever.
or, you know, just keep getting fat and make sure your costhot salary can pay for more lipo to make you look like a flat stomach gorilla.

No. 774987

Lol. Does this delusional bitch really think anyone is believing that she's walking three hours a day? She probably doesn't walk three hours a week!

No. 774990

>we will see in a few months
Yeah. We'll see her do the same shit she always does. She might lose a little weight in the next few months, and then she'll think she's earned a break from all her "hard work" and she'll eat like fucking trash again. And she'll gain aaaaall that weight back and then some. Because it's the same cycle over and over again and the truth is, she just isn't strong enough or disciplined enough to keep up with it. It's not a temporary thing, it's a whole lifestyle change. And she's too fucking lazy and too dependent and addicted to food to ever make this a permanent thing. She's not an athlete. She's a lazy fatass and that's all she's ever going to be.

No. 774992

As long as her parents or her yes men are in the equation, she’s never going to change. Unless her parents/friends suddenly stop doing everything for her, she might get a reality check but I wouldn’t count on it.

No. 774993

This. With reasonable weight loss, she would need to be on this fairly strictly for like a year, to get into decent shape (and then not revert to a shit diet and gain it all back). I don't think she realizes just how bad of shape she's in. No way can she keep this up. The only discipline she has is her Dad's.

No. 774994

Exactly. She needs to lose at least 100 pounds at this point to be back a healthy weight. That is a lot of hard work, despite her claims of how "easy" it is, and it's going to take a long time. Probably longer than it took the first time because her metabolism has changed since she was a teenager. She'll get bored and frustrated long before she's anywhere close and just give up and balloon again. She can't do it on her own and she can't maintain it long term.

No. 774995

Did she finally admit she's fat and not ~thick~?

No. 774999

Riddle me this Moo
How come when other actual fit people gain weight they gain it evenly and generally keep the same physique like a relatively small stomach and just thicken up a bit. You’ve had to have lipo and cool sculpting multiple times to try and have any sort of shape. If the muscle was there in the first place you wouldn’t have turned into a literal tub of lard as a quickly as you have.

No. 775026

>has had multiple trainers including "meathead" boyfriends that went to the gym with her
>claimed THIS YEAR to have made her own prep meals. Was even advertising prep meals she bought for a while
>frequent fridge pics containing nothing but whole foods and "snake oil" supplements
>claimed to have exercised with her dad plenty of times before

But you're still, STILL playing games Mariah instead of actually losing weight. You're playing the same song you played back when you were posing for underwear Chun Li. You've gained double the weight back. Pose with some soft ruler measurements of your body and maybe we'll believe you

No. 775028


Seriously. The nerve of this fat lazy cow attempting to lecture people about healthy eating and weight loss and “quick fixes”. This after she somehow managed to get even fatter than before when she was making these same lectures months ago.

“We’ll see in a couple of months”. The only thing we’ll see is her ballooning even fatter and trying to somehow claim “I’m more happy with my size than ever. I was so miserable when I tried losing weight”. And the another round of lipo for good measure.The lazy cow can’t seem to get it through her thick skull that this isn’t something that happens from just a few months of walking or eating a salad. It is a lifestyle choice that she has to commit to every single day. Despite her talking about “discipline” and “no easy way out”, that is literally her entire attitude towards this. She immediately gives up because she doesn’t see quick results and goes to lipo and cool sculpting to fix her instead.

I can’t wait to see how fat she gets this time.

No. 775029

She knows “whole food” is a store and not a diet term right

Does she mean whole grain lol

No. 775030

It'll end once her parents stop cooking for her and "training" her.

No. 775031

“You can’t eat a deficit of 1600 calories of McDonald’s”

But… you literally can

Fitness junkies can obsess over macros and metabolism types all day but at the end of it, it’s as simple as calories in < calories out

No. 775032


Nah. It’ll end when she doesn’t magically shed 30+ lbs in two months like she is hoping. It’s all about quick results with her. If she doesn’t see or notice immediately change, she immediately gives up and starts eating like trash again. She wants to immediately dunk on all the “haturz” and “meat heads” who are telling her how wrong she is and how it’ll be pretty much a year before she notices any real change. Her way is better and according to her you’ll see results in just a few months. And when those results don’t come and she is still getting comments on how fat she looks or how she has seemingly put on more weight, she’ll give in and be even worse off than when she started.

No. 775034

I like that she mentions the Japan trips because those every couple of months trips will be cheat weeks where she overeats on junk and destroys any progress she may have made.

No. 775035


It’s funny. When I came back from Japan I actually lost a few pounds. But then again I didn’t stuff myself on food like she does. But yeah, her “cheat day” becomes a “cheat month” when she’s out there. Dumb cow thinks she’s “earned it” for doing so good on her “diet”.(nobody cares)

No. 775039


Whole foods refer to unprocesssed foods like veggies, fruits, legumes, etc. The term whole foods plant based diet is what the Forks Over Knives plan coined, so that must be the magical fix shes fixated on rn. The thing is that that diet (while being very healthy) is more strict than even mainstream veganism bc it cuts out or heavily reduces oil, and ofc no processed goodies that she loves so much. Moo wasn’t even vegetarian lol, she is gonna absolutely crash at this

No. 775042


Guess that shows her mindset about this. This isn’t about actually wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, getting better not only physically but mentally. Its more than likely about wanting to dunk on all the “haturz”, getting back at all the guys who said she was too fat to date, sticking it to those skinny bitches that she gets overlooked for by guys. Selfish reasons that won’t bring her any gratification no matter how thin she gets. It’s like the guy who does the whole “nice guy” thing because he thinks that’s what’s going to get him laid as opposed to just being a genuinely nice and pleasant person.

She sees getting fit as another weapon she can use to serve her own self interests to hurt people instead of just genuinely wanting to improve her health and lifestyle.

No. 775050

File: 1589557190461.jpg (289.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200515-104015_Ins…)

No. 775051

yup, this is her new celery juice

No. 775052

Sorry I deleted my post. It was full of too many spelling errors.

Totally agree. Mariah just wants to get thinner to sell her porn, but she has to go on a podium to show how it's not about that.

This will never last because as I said in my deleted post, it's all some competition to her. Maybe that comes from her idiot dad who is as addicted to gaining mass as she is eating greasy food. She puts all these heavy goals on herself, but it should be a slow process of finding new alternatives to healthy eating and portion control. Manic Mariah can't help but a sperg about this and think she's well educated.

I also find it hilarious her neckbeards are probably messaging her with all this fitness information that's as misguided as she is. Just a battle of "wits" between two retards with shitty health advice.

No. 775056

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Didn't she say her parents were abusive and gave her an eating disorder? And now she's thanking them for helping her lose weight? What kinda trip is this?

No. 775057

I love how she talks about being a pro athlete years ago as if that means anything.

There's a reason pro athlete worry that even just sprain injuries that take them out of training for weeks could ruin their career moo. Much less the fact that it's been years since she got any real 'pro athlete' exercise.

It's not even like she JUST lost the muscle mass and gained a little bit of weight. She's obviously visually obese and the fact that she even went for lipo ONCE, much less several times, shows that she doesnt have what it takes and probably never will.

Literally the ONLY times she's pretended to work out before were before she went to get more lipo or some other bullshit procedure and I can bet that she asked her clinic when they're opening from the pandemic and is planning on getting an overhaul or she's gonna get a lapband or some kind of surgery that will actually make her lose weight hence why she's saying 'oh you'll see in a few months uwu'

No. 775063

Yeah as mentioned many times: She plays the ‘my parents were sOoOo abusive’-card whenever it’s convenient. It’s obvious her parents probably just told her off every now and then. We know how badly Moo handles criticism, disagreement and expects everyone to be her obedient servants 24/7.

No. 775065

the fact that she claims is easy and also made that BS claim that 40 minutes of walking magically burns JUST carbs proves she has no idea what she's talking about.
She could just not have cheat days and lower her intake of carbs and salts. Not pretend to re write science.

As everyone else is spouting, she needs to change forever, not just two months. Diets don't work, life style changes do.

She'll prove the haters wrong by making Square edit off half her fat then get upset when guys still don't want to fuck her in real life.

Anons, correct me if I'm wrong, but when she was a teen didn't her parents pay for weight loss surgery for her? Or was it just a breast reduction?

No. 775068

File: 1589565339988.png (1.24 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-05-15-10-54-50…)

>Satoshi is magically better!! Time to go on a road trip to California!!!!!

No. 775070

is she actually there? If so, laughing at the anons who felt bad for Moo yesterday

Other than that, all this fitness mooing just screams a guy rejected her advances. Who wants to bet it's the mysterious male model she paid to be in a hentai shot with her?

No. 775074

File: 1589567360798.png (1005.55 KB, 713x1196, Screenshot_2020-05-15-11-28-53…)

Went with Umbran and Kevin. Kevin was the first to post "trip to California" or whatever

No. 775075

File: 1589567514643.png (1.2 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-05-15-11-31-08…)

They're feeding them

No. 775076

yesss, that fern is totally dying like i predicted. water your plants, moo

No. 775077

so is the orchid.
but why the hell is she traveling?

No. 775078

From what’s been shown in the past/thanking the wolf girl in the Satoshi posts I think this is who she uses as a vet. I’m wondering if all the “we’ve been doing this for him” etc has just been what the wolf girl has been telling moo she’s doing and momos up there picking him up. still no excuse to go anywhere and a dumb tinfoil but you wouldn’t have wanted him around the other cats right?

No. 775080

So has anyone else noticed she always starts sperging about fitness and eating healthy every time she goes to visit her dad? It reminds me a lot of how she'll show something off in her stories for days and then it will disappear only to magically reappear months later when someone on here mentions it, like her "prescription glasses". Maybe seeing her dad reminds her she needs to pretend she's such a fitness freak again. He probably asks her about it a lot or bothers her about being healthy when he sees her, so she has to act like she's been the fitness queen this entire time until she gets sick of keeping the act up.

No. 775081

either way, this whole situation is sketchy as fuck. I have all the sympathy for her cats, but none for Moo.
Then again, Moo is a professional at self sabotaging herself, including whatever makes her happy at the moment.

there are a lot of triggers Moo has. You could be right? Maybe her dad told her something? Maybe a guy told her something. But no matter how you look at it, someone told her something she didn't want to hear.

No. 775082

I believe both her parents are out of work right now or at least her mom is jobless. They don’t have anything better to do right now so maybe they’ve focused on her? her mom won’t be able to spend all day being her personal chef once things go back to normal

No. 775085

Here's why that's bullshit.

She's spoken PUBLICLY about how 'totally abusive' and she CHOSE to go visit them. She chose to see her family during a time when people are actively asked to social distance if they dont live in the same house. Why, if she gets so triggered and hates her family so much, would she then choose to go and be around them?

The more likely thing is that she realized she's the width of her mom and sister standing next to each other and because she's egotistical and petty has to prove how strong and cool and fit she is.

She's not someone who has been fat her whole life. She was obese and was shown how to lose the weight and stay fit and the second she doesnt have someone there keeping an eye on her she's ballooned up and has used her money to just suck the fat out. It's been years and she is just wrecking her body more and more.

At most her mom might have said 'well I can help you prep meals' because it's more likely that momo goes and talks about how she is TOTALLY eating healthy and is planning meals and has been working out.

She's been on and off bragging about working out for months now (i.e. showing off her treadmill with Sniperwolf) and not anywhere near when she last saw her family.

No. 775086

This. Of course it won’t be healthy but it literaly is that easy, to just eat less calories. I lost a lot during college by just eating a little, but i wasn’t healthy fir sure. Sage for blog/selpost.

No. 775089

I don't think anyone here really believes her parents are abusive. It's just another thing she spouts for sympathy and clout just like the million other things she says and then instantly contradicts. She has no object permanence and wants to get her ass patted all day long by saying she's been emotionally and physically abused her whole life, and then she can step out of her fantasy instagram world and go to her parents house so her mommy can make her whole food lunchboxes.

No. 775103

Moo has amberlynn reid syndrome. The cycle begins once more. Can't wait for My 600lb 'Cosplay' Life.

No. 775104

Why would she go to California for a vet

No. 775105

I posted caps towards the end of the last thread where she donated money to this sanctuary and was sperging about “saving the wolves”. It had to be several grand for them to invite Mariah and her crew in to play with them. I find it pretty fucking irresponsible that she’s doing this as her cat is ill. And shouldn’t the sanctuary itself should be closed too? So much for quarantine.
Who the hell is watching her cats? Her parents?

No. 775111

File: 1589575423124.jpeg (267.51 KB, 750x453, D500DDAE-1427-4B6A-AB71-440A6F…)

Because she’s dumb idk

No. 775112

Isn’t that friend of hers a vet tech? She’s not a veterinarian last I heard about her but that’s the person she was getting all her info from when she first started getting her cats from the breeders right?

No. 775115

File: 1589576853402.jpeg (400.29 KB, 749x1106, 116C88DF-E124-45C5-A179-A43C14…)

yes and a 98% yes from all I can remember back this is the only vet she’s shouted out. this post mentions them being closed and nothing up until now has mentioned them being open….almost makes you wonder if momos dropping fat donations to keep a “vet” in her pocket like she does everyone else.

No. 775116

File: 1589577494401.png (1.7 MB, 1800x1092, 0295EB93-2ABA-4893-B4A9-E9FDD6…)


I have no doubt that’s what the case is. I’m reposting the pic since it was overlooked in the last thread once her shitty Lum pics were posted lol
But yeah, despite the attempt to hide the amount, you can tell it was a hefty donation.

No. 775127

At least she donated? But I wish she didn't have to go pet the wolves. Momo is treating lock downs like a vacation

No. 775151

I had found old tweets that suggested it was lipo and the breast reduction from someone she went to school with. It was previously posted with the screenshots but other milk was occurring and it was buried in the thread. If you want comb here or kiwi for it I'm sure you can find it

No. 775153

>she's gonna get a lapband or some kind of surgery
I agree with this tinfoil. Moo might be using this diet shit as a cover for another quick-fix surgery. I'm thinking gastric sleeve.

No. 775157

she has a cat who is positive for FIP and is letting him be with all her other cats and is going to animal rescues??? she is trying to kill everything. I see.

FIP won't be cured. He is going to die, slowly and in fucking pain. His brain will swell and fill with water and he will die.

She is fucking insane. Taking his germs everyone and allowing other animals to come in contact with it??? I hate her.

No. 775160

I guess no one had the heart to tell her that if he starts responding to the medication that all but confirms it's FIP and that it's just a matter of weeks before he's gone? Or was she just not listening/understanding the vet when they told her that?

No. 775169

who knows. she both claimed to have gotten a second opinion and also still be using her cats' primary vet. how did she get a second opinion then?

No. 775172

File: 1589616227424.jpeg (740.83 KB, 750x1098, AD15B7A6-98B3-414A-BE81-44AB73…)

No. 775183

I don't know shit about wolves, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but what the fuck kind of animal sanctuary lets tourists play with wild animals like it's a petting zoo? They have that wolf on a chain leash, too. Yikes.

Is anyone else getting Tiger King vibes from this shit?

No. 775202

What the hell leash do you want a wolf, who are generally stronger than german shepards, have on their necks as safety hardness and if I remember right some of these wolves are dog-wolf mutts, so they are somewhat tameable and she knows what she is doing as the owner of the sanctuary. Nothing about this place is even close to relation to Tiger King. There's not milk there, anon.

No. 775205

like >>775202 they are mutt wolf/dogs.

No. 775206

File: 1589649079551.png (947.73 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-05-16-10-09-21…)

No. 775208

Nice upping your chin, Moo. We know you have a saggy fat double. The blinds behind you make it very obvious.

No. 775209

There's not even prescription lenses in those. How can someone lie as much as her? It never ceases to baffle me.

No. 775210

File: 1589649781033.png (1.1 MB, 720x1197, yikes hate yourself more.png)

I didn't bother circling the change in skin texture under her eyes vs the sides of her face where its like a dirt pebble road.

No. 775211

Imagine having to spend an hour editing, just to post a selfie and not even a glammed up one at that. Just a "normal" looking selfie.

No. 775213

A lot of these are taken in like with the top part of the bottom blinds where you see she tried to push the edit to not move the blinds as much and make it seem like there isn't an edit there. It's not clean though and completely gives her away.

No. 775217

even with the editing you can see the acne on her face. yikes.

No. 775221

File: 1589652529740.png (141.88 KB, 720x1066, Screenshot_2020-05-16-10-59-59…)

>insinuates that Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is in Las Vegas and NOT actually in Lucerne, CA
>forgot they said they weren't getting visitors due to the virus

No. 775222

File: 1589652569481.png (69.2 KB, 720x575, Screenshot_2020-05-16-11-00-20…)

No. 775223

I don't think she is saying they are in vegas. She even tagged them and you can see they are located in CA. I think she means vegas is opening up and their sanctuaries haven't been closed, not this one specifically.

No. 775227

Christ Moo is so part of the problem when it comes to covid
"our batshit crazy mayor said it's okay to open so I'm traveling everywhere! We're doing just fine! "
Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD Moo.

No. 775241

i think the point is that moo doesn't know about shit in vegas let alone another state. she's just talking out her ass.

No. 775242

right, she should be worried. obesity is a big factor in getting sick from the virus.

No. 775246

Yeah, if she gets it, she's pretty much dead. I kind of hope she tries to get it on purpose, just to prove how stronk she is (or to "get it over with").

No. 775251

She’s only donating to the wolves because Jessica Nigri does. What’s interesting is that she’s played the Muslim card so many times and it’s the month of Ramadan happening now where Muslims fast which she clearly doesn’t because she’s lazy and obese and when Muslims do charity, which she gave no Muslim charity any kind of money. But will give randomly a wolf sanctuary. And again continually post about it to try to pry into Nigris life again. Also these are all tax write offs that she desperately needs. Nothing she does is just for good. There’s always a very selfish reason.

No. 775252

Having a base of over a million followers and continually posting pictures of you outside with no mask interacting with others you don’t live with is horrible. Is she that desperate to show off her botched lip job or trying to pander to her republican white fans with guns and “muh freedom”

No. 775253

you know she probably gave them a ton of money so she could get in and pet them during the lockdown too

No. 775254

unfortunately i think moo really is an ignorant guns "muh freedom" type rather than just pandering.

No. 775255

100%. she's only doing it for appearances and attention. she's a fucking narc, she doesn't do anything just out of the kindness of her heart, she's always got ulterior motives. if it doesn't benefit her she won't bother.

No. 775260

File: 1589664353688.png (789.57 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-05-16-14-23-37…)

Wow the cat news is really getting to her huh?

No. 775261

File: 1589664457750.png (798.88 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-05-16-14-24-10…)

>sperges about how motivation, time and patience gets you to your body goal

No. 775263

File: 1589664538415.png (1.18 MB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2020-05-16-14-24-17…)

No. 775267

I still can't believe she has the nerve to give anyone diet/fitness advice when she's a few points off being morbidly obese. Just because her dad managed to make her lose weight and do sports for a couple of years means jack shit. Can't wait to see her totally legit progress in a couple of months, it will absolutely be down to hard work, diet and exercise. Yep, definitely not another round of lipo or something more invasive, no.

No. 775283

So sick of her smug pretentious bullshit. You're not a fitness expert or a nutritionist, Moo. You were in shape for a couple of short years after your dad forced you to work out, and you were fat as fuck before that and you're fat as fuck again now. Shut the fuck up.

No. 775284


141 beats per minute from walking. Walking! I can't begin to provide details on how unhealthy or overweight a person has to be to accumulate such a high BPM rate by doing the most basic shit on the planet.

No. 775285

I'm going to be the devil's advocate here and say it might be because she's on her treadmill at an incline. She keeps posting stories of it like that, so that might be why. If not though, you are absolutely right, anon.

No. 775286

I was going to maybe give her the benefit of the doubt and say perhaps she was walking relatively fast, but it says her average speed was only about 2 mph which is a really leisurely pace so… yikes. anon might be right about the incline though, but still. For fitness guru Moo that's pretty pathetic.

No. 775287

If she was smart she'd add weights to her legs, but I don't think she could even handle 4lbs on each ankle. Probably can't even do 3x10 with 5lb weights any arm exercises.

No. 775289

If only learning's were put to use 50lbs ago

No. 775290

ITA who posted this and I think it's really funny how she proved my point by wearing her totally real glasses again after it being mentioned here.

No. 775292

File: 1589670755097.png (406.66 KB, 511x916, Screenshot_181.png)

No. 775294


>I try to keep ideas on here to minimum cause unfortunately there are other models that tend to try to quickly do my ideas before I get it done

Ooo boy thats a good one

No. 775295

>there are other models that tend to try to quickly do MY ideas before I get it done…
Oh my god, the audacity of this bitch.

No. 775296

Averaging 2.1 mph-that’s like slower than a walking pace.

No. 775297

I can't find it now, but I swear she said her parents live next door which is why it's so easy for her dad and mom to come feed and train her. I went through the thread over and over, I probably just keep missing it, but if someone has it can you repost or tag the post in reply? Now that both her parents might be out of a job they are probably over all the time forcing her to stop being a fat slob.

No. 775298

In trying to be so speshul with making an OC from Kemono Friends (which isn't that heavily cosplayed in the first place, and there are a MILLION cat characters to choose from), she makes herself look like an idiot since white tigers are all inbred in captivity. Stellar job!

No. 775301

File: 1589671338030.png (339.01 KB, 720x564, white tiger.png)


No. 775302

you literally "coach" other girls. You wrote Vamps a list of cosplays to do just before your "breakup". this series has HUNDREDS of designs???

No. 775304

File: 1589671439970.png (307.02 KB, 702x538, bengel.png)

No. 775305

Moo has no creativity so I dunno how she plans on making an OC out of this class when the original design is basically the extent of what she'd want/design
Also bet on Dumbra being her "designer"

No. 775306

File: 1589671538221.png (863.92 KB, 1354x552, Stealing OCs again.png)

No. 775308

File: 1589671826767.jpg (474.99 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_3904.jpg)

Photobook preview

No. 775309

File: 1589671996896.jpg (459.62 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_3905.jpg)

No. 775310

This is literally a "I frewed up" moment

No. 775311

Ah yes, a real conversation piece for the coffee table.

No. 775312


No. 775313

These aren't going to anyone who is going to have an actual conversation at a coffee table, anon.

No. 775316

File: 1589672454239.png (19.08 KB, 495x211, Screenshot_182.png)

Imagine having that book on your table at a con

No. 775317

Oh boy, I can’t wait for her to have these out in full view to the public at next year’s Lvl Up like her other book… jfc Mariah.

No. 775321

File: 1589673549346.png (578.95 KB, 800x1745, mariah-made-dis.png)

No. 775330


I do like that she picked Siberian White Tiger because Siberians aren't white, thats only Bengals and white tigers are horribly inbred and usually severely deformed.

No. 775338

Momo really needs to lurk harder

I cant believe this anon called it. ONCE AGAIN she only starts wearing her 'totally prescription' glasses when someone in the thread mentions it
Before these posts the last time I can find that she wore them was early February (probably the last time an anon brought them up)

100% she's doing 'Kemono friends' because too many actual cosplayers are doing Beastars and, as always, Momo wants that clout but without the competition.

No. 775355

FIP isn't contagious.

You'd think with all that money, she'd see a veterinary neurologist and quit fucking around and MRI her cat's brain.

No. 775362

I have a NordicTrack treadmill and they all use the same OS. My screen post workout is exact the same and I can tell she was doing a incline of ONLY 6% at a 2mph pace, which is nothing. She is just morbid obese at the point of having a stroke/heart attack.

No. 775367


Wow, that is thoroughly pathetic then. Can't believe she's posting these numbers like they're something to be proud of. After all her talk about how strong and athletic she is that's actually quite embarrassing. She's not pushing herself at all, though I suppose at this point this is probably the best she can manage because she's let her health get so bad.

No. 775372

Moo's finally losing the weight because her lipo is finally taking. She's going to lose a few pounds, get close to her goal weight, then gain 50+ pounds by the end of the year. Rinse, wash, repeat.

No. 775373

it's going to be the Pink Cow incident all over again where she basically steals a character and claims it as her own.

No. 775374

File: 1589692533800.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2092, 8CF3679F-8D7F-436E-A643-B3FA3D…)

She’s really clinging to this gym shit lol. I just find it funny she’s going so hard on making people believe she frequented them before they’ve been under lockdown when we all know she hadn’t gone to any in months before this all went down. At most, she took a few selfies here and there inside the building.

No. 775376

she was this gym spazztic when she was covering up her first round of lipo. I agree with some tinfoiling anons who believe she's getting some weightloss surgery or a band but pretending it's her own hard work

No. 775377

Lol, this time next year she'll probably weigh about as much as those two combined.

No. 775382



OF ALL PEOPLE??! Mariah is NOTORIOUS for stealing people’s ideas!! HOLY FUCK

No. 775385

Classic projection, classic Moo. A thief will always be the most paranoid of someone stealing their shit, because they know they would do the same in that situation.

No. 775393

everyone here devotes more time to her existence than most of her orbiters, that’s kind of funny

No. 775395

Is it just me or is her face getting worse and worse. Its so craggy and droopy. She seriously looks in her 40s. Early 30s with the shops.

No. 775411

File: 1589721757854.png (140.47 KB, 714x330, 20200517_152228.png)

Looks like loose skin?

No. 775414

No, that's just proof that she fucked up her most recent lypo round in less than a month. Way to gain MOAR weight moomoo.

No. 775422

does she know that no one actually likes the new stuff since the original creators were taken off the project?

No. 775430

File: 1589730863884.jpg (67.39 KB, 750x562, 97370336_244251453473911_69176…)

No. 775437

Oh no, obese grandmother fell down,

No. 775438

about to photoshop her face onto that ham leg of hers. Looks like a potato wearing a beanie.

No. 775439

of course she doesn't, she's not even a fan

No. 775450

To be fair she's not saying that these are the designs she's working on but that a design is under the way, they're most likely placeholders to cause hype. Not even Momo would be dumb enough to try and pass these official Kemono Friends designs from the mobile game as her own. If the design turns out to be just a ripoff of these two then I'll laugh.

No. 775453

sure, but it's mariah. her history with "oc's" isn't exactly spectacular. she's either directly ripping something off and claiming it's an original idea like the character from milk party, or changing very subtle things that honestly might as well not be changes at all, and arguing that that makes it completely different, like with the myoppa red riding hood fiasco. she's like vanilla ice lol. she doesn't have an actually creative bone in her body so the chances of her coming up with something totally original are pretty slim. looking forward to seeing the design and having people immediately figure out who she ripped it from.

No. 775458

Real question: Does Moo not know that Kemono Friends HAS cattle variants? Like, she doesn't need to try that hard? Asking for a friend.

No. 775478

Just watch her slap a bikini on it cause "ta da! OC!"

No. 775479

I think it just her trying to ease into the “furry” territory next with a damn nekomimi Cat girl type character since her trying to wedge herself into Steven Universe failed.

No. 775488

File: 1589758130690.png (348.34 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2020-05-17-16-26-05…)

No. 775489

File: 1589758248415.png (857.95 KB, 720x1207, Screenshot_2020-05-17-16-26-18…)

No. 775497

What in the fuck does "fat free body weight" mean? Is she claiming that her body without fat would be just under 150lbs?

Every time I see screenshot of this app with Moo's stats, I'm just like "Sure Jan". Most people will lie a little about their weight - maybe 5 to 10 lbs. But Moo? Nah, she's gotta be fudging her weight by at least 30-40lbs.

No. 775509

File: 1589767700983.png (1.04 MB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2020-05-17-19-05-15…)

No. 775510

File: 1589767812666.png (870.71 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-05-17-19-05-33…)

Great another blown out set

I guess the weight of your muscles, organs, etc without fat on it?

No. 775511


She has nothing about that set on her patreon, not even a preview. He last post was 2 days about the Kemono friends

No. 775521

How can she even see the pic she's taking? Her face is so fat now she can't even open her eyes. JFC…

No. 775522

Moo has a different body and weight in every single picture. Can she at least TRY and be consistent with her shops?

No. 775523

>>girls you ever just..
Just what? Have a horrible allergic reaction to something? What is going on here?

No. 775525

apparently women stand infront of mirrors and record themselves jiggling their boobs

No. 775527

File: 1589779183934.jpg (88.93 KB, 610x786, 1315a6eb31cd62cc3f1442bc51b918…)

Sorry to sperg but there's literally no way she only has 30% body fat.
30% is like 'skinny fat'-lightly chubby territory. I dont know how she conned her scale into thinking she's super muscular but it's an obvious lie if you look up body fat percentage images

No. 775528

Judging by that chart, she's 45%, easy (especially considering how she'd look without all the lipo).

No. 775529

I noticed that too. I'll admit I'm not entirely sure how much liposuction might affect your body fat percentage if at all, but I doubt that number very much. There's so much that points to all of her numbers being total bullshit. I don't know exactly how the app she's using works, but I would not be surprised if she was messing with the settings on it and/or the settings on her scale to reflect numbers she's more comfortable with. She's high key ashamed of her body no matter what she says.

No. 775531

I dont think she is messing with settings. More likely she puts in her weight according to the scale monitoring her and it averages out other users. That's most likely where that low BMI comes from.

No. 775536

I have the same kind of scale and that's technically what the scale does but it's base settings will assume you have a low muscle mass not a super high one. She obviously adjusted it to claim that she's muscular

No. 775538

These type of smart scales are not accurate in measuring muscle mass or bodyfat percentage at all. She would need to go to a specialist to get accurate measurements.

No. 775548

I own this exact same scale. It's $30 on amazon and it's absolutely full of shit. I bought it when i was starting a new fitness program and thought it might be helpful, but it is laughably inaccurate. I'm 5'5" and 122 pounds and it tells me I am 15% body fat. That is competition bodybuilder levels of body fat, and i'm definitely not that lol. Moo is easily 5-10% higher body fat than this scale is telling her, meaning she's absolutely in the obese range.

No. 775550

She isn't messing with it, it's just cheap and inaccurate. These kinds of devices are never accurate anyway, they depend on electrical signals traveling through your body and electricity always takes the path of least resistance. that means that scales like this miss your entire upper body when calculating body fat, because the signal just travels up one leg and down the other.

Moo definitely carries more muscle in her legs because she has to haul her massive carcass around all day. She has absolutely zero muscle tone in her arms, so the scale bypassing her upper body is doing her a huge favor. These numbers are skewed both by the unreliability of the device and moo's own horrible choices.

No. 775575

Moo probably wishes she could edit it but probably has her dad coming over every day making sure she's not faking like the big fat fat fatty she is and he probably drills into her all day. This scale and type of watch and anything workout related electronics wise is always, always off. Even walk counters are off.

No. 775585

File: 1589820139031.jpg (806.04 KB, 5349x3566, Up5A11s.jpg)

No. 775587

Now imagine that side cheek being flat as a board. You did it, Cuck.

No. 775588

wow moo how did you get your arm to be so WAVY.

No. 775597


I think that might be the most bored/uninterested face she has made. Or she’s drugged out of her mind

No. 775598

I just see cheese every fucking time. It's just so distracting. Cheese on a lettuce leaf.

No. 775599

you can literally see the clear difference in sizes of her arms

No. 775600

File: 1589824821476.jpg (62.92 KB, 1080x262, 20200519_060010.jpg)

Should've included the comment from her reddit

No. 775602

Wth is with her and showers? she really must smell if she keeps takings baths/showers for photosets lol. How boring can you get moo? She’d be atlelast somewhat cute if she wasn’t Such a shit.

No. 775605

Don't go on the reddit as much anymore. It's clearly manipulated from behind the curtain. I'm not one of her asslicks by any means but Moo doesn't want her audience to enjoy themselves by sharing her content. It's weird she's gatekeeping something she releases on the internet. She makes a insane amount of money just based off of what these idiots think of her.

No. 775607

She's milking the water and swimsuit fetish. Following swimsuit probably and still jealous since she stole, but rearranged her tagline. She bought a realize swimsuit too recently lol.

No. 775611


I can’t wait to see her try to squeeze into one of those. It’s going to look horrible

No. 775616

I wouldn't say she's copying SSS now. At the start yes, but Momo can't come up with her own ideas and simply doesn't know what else to do. But this is most thots. They all wear swimsuits and lingerie.

No. 775621


lol @ the blur on the bottoms/waistline, they look painted on.

No. 775634

>215lbs body weight
>149lbs fat free bw
>101lbs of fat

That’s literally the weight of an entire small person. I mean, it’s not really surprising, considering that it’s been pointed out several times that her legs each are the width of a whole other person. But still, visualizing it like that gets you thinking.
(And that’s still all post several rounds of lipo and ignoring possible inaccuracies. I can’t get over it.)

No. 775639

and she's fudging the numbers and using an inaccurate method. If she's really curious she can go to a doctor and specialist instead of trying to play doctor on herself

No. 775640

File: 1589840199274.jpg (260.05 KB, 1438x2160, omGIQYG.jpg)

No. 775655

Her paypigs might as well be jerking it to Sims mods, they're as real as that painted on ass.

No. 775659

Is that a bidet attachment?

No. 775662

You're kidding, right? Have you never seen a shower head that pops off a wall before?

No. 775667

Watch her not show the back or side view to hide everything spilling out. Or that she’s had to cut some of the straps to fit in it.

No. 775670

File: 1589854037665.png (116.32 KB, 175x325, waaat.PNG)

Her missing tit and fake shooped piece of hair kek

Squarecuck is working through them quickly

No. 775685

You know, god forbid Squarecuck get sick because if he’s out of the picture, there will be no one willing to shoop her sorry ass lol
It’s honestly pathetic that she’s so dependent on him and his lackluster skills.

No. 775698

You would think she wouldn't be such a vapid cunt to him and kiss his ass. But Square sure does love the cash. Man has a price, so he'll be loyal.

No. 775699

>>774979 >Here she says her dad is the one cooking
>>774982 >Here she says it's her mom

I can't find it either but I also remember seeing something like that somewhere. I think it was this thread though. Or were both crazy assholes stalking the moo thread.

No. 775701

i doubt it's true. if it is though, that would be bad for her to disclose since her parents address will be easy to search. i don't doubt a neckbeard would try to dox her.

No. 775703

File: 1589869296460.png (742.53 KB, 1080x884, Capture _2020-05-19-01-20-20~2…)


She really cut off half her upper body

No. 775706

I think you fudged your math anon; that would be 66lb of fat.

No. 775715

Holy shit I’m dumb. Don’t know how that happened, since I used the calculator app but should’ve checked.
Anyways, thanks for pointing that out.
66lbs seems so far from the truth though. That’s one of her legs maybe.

No. 775764

Not one that wasn't in the tub.

No. 775769

No. 775779

The tiles are all warped inward and fuzzy from Cuck literally editing out the rest of her back fat

No. 775790

You can literally see where she folded her arm fat under her arm hahaha

No. 775809

At this point with how much photoshopping there is I’m surprised Marvin isn’t taking a clean plate with each shot so the background doesn’t get too warped

No. 775831

Pretty sure it's because shes blending and the camera angle, all that helped by her enormous fat arm and leg. I mean she's a little retarded but no that much to literally delete part of her body.

No. 775856

Delete was an exaggeration
But you can clearly tell they pulled it in since the tiles are warped to hell
Also this is the woman who's pics were so edited her tattoo was off center

No. 775860

I think this is one of her sets from Japan, their showers are usually outside of the bathtub. You're supposed to shower off before you get in the bath.

No. 775933

File: 1589958716788.png (2.25 MB, 1845x1749, passionproject.png)

No. 775937

Says the lard who buys her cats instead of, you know, getting them from sanctuaries, fosters or even pounds cause she wants "brand" cats instead of cats who genuinely deserve a forever home

No. 775939


Calling bullshit on her not keeping the money. She has been talking about turning her home into a ragdoll cat sanctuary for awhile now. She wanted to call it the ragdoll ranch and that's what she calls her cats insta account. She is either going to pocket the money and say it went to "the ragdoll ranch" or she is going to use the money to move into a new home and turn it into a sanctuary or turn her current home into a sanctuary, ie get more cats.

No. 775946

I really despise the modern trend of people opening "charities" and other "rescue" services for specific fancy breed animals. And then Karens act like it's great and meaningful. No, it's just another way for people to fixate on pet animals like they were luxury goods. They all want the credit for "helping animals", but won't deal with regular animals who have no financial value.

No. 775948

Her fans are neckbeards. They want tits and ass, not crappy cat pins. There's nothing even identifiably "Momo" about these pins. They're the same cutesy cat shit you see millions of on Etsy.

Also the grey one is so ugly. It looks like Holly Brown's crappy art. And why does moo get the money for this stuff? It should all be going to the artist.

No. 775970

Mariah attempting to act like a cat sanctuary is laughable, and an insult to people who have to work hard to keep the doors open for abandoned animals, not luxury pets purchased from a breeder.

No. 775997

It's also jarring how 2 pins are a semi realistic style and the others are a cute simple style
The realistic ones don't even look like the cats they're modelled after

No. 776002

>the modern trend of people opening "charities" and other "rescue" services for specific fancy breed animals

I don’t even care when they’re focusing on one specific breed or something but what bugs me is that those usually aren’t cats that really need help. Or at least not as desperately. Purebreds or cats that look like purebreds find new homes relatively easily. Especially those who look into buying certain breeds but don’t care about bloodlines and certificates would probably prefer a foster cat as it’s usually cheaper than from a breeder.

Moo definitely has the means to actually make a difference. She could adopt sick cats that need long-term medical attention. And she would have the time to take care of cats that need lots of attention to heal from trauma.
But that’s where it more than clearly shows that she doesn’t give a rats ass about helping animals. All she does is trying to fill a void and at the same time having some kind of status symbol AND doing it under the guise of ~helping those poor kitties uwu.
Like, it’s fine that you only care about pretty cats but don’t act like you do it bc you have a big heart when all you have is a big ego.

Shit like that genuinely makes me mad.

A fairly large potion of her followers and fans are other fat women or amateur costhots that look up to her bc ~body positivity

No. 776003

She really has proven how much she loves animals by how many times she's posted photos/videos of her jerking off with her cats in the room.

Remember when she got temp-banned her first time camming because her cat was in the room with her. Even cam sites that are sus enough to support moo know that sex work and animals shouldn't mix.

No. 776005

Those pins look like absolute shit. My guess is she had different people designing each one and that’s why there’s such a stark difference in style. Either way they’re hot garbage and bullshit on her not profiting on them… if they get bought at all.

No. 776011

She buys cats from breeders like how does she not see an issue with that ?? She could do something actually good and get a rescue cat but of course she won’t because she’s a selfish idiot

No. 776047

She credits the artist for each pin in the image and yeah they are different. The first one is cute tho and I would buy it if anyone else was selling it.

No. 776079

buying cats from breeder is fine. i wouldn't trust moo to take care of shelter cats anyway, who usually have issues.

No. 776086

I was just thinking that if it weren't for Moo, I'd want a few of these because they are cute too, but knowing they are associated with her makes my stomach turn and I would regret owning them and wearing them in case someone knew where they were from and mistook me for a supporter.

No. 776087

Just to add though, would anons consider this a case of Ray J where he was a pos and but everyone is peddling his ear buds or those people who support Jeffree Star's makeup, but don't want to support him as a person? If you saw someone wearing these at a convention or outside of a convention would you assume they are a supporter or that they saw cites pins and didn't think otherwise. Consider is these were sold at Miso Tokki's booth and someone didn't know they have the Moo affiliation.

No. 776099

I personally choose not to support people I don't like and line their pockets but most likely no ones gonna confront you over it.

The issue with this imho is she's running a fake sanctuary for her pets. She's not taking rescues to adopt out or even educate, she's just blogging

No. 776102

I was going to comment on this. And the design for the black cat is totally unoriginal and boring - the same big public "I SEE SPACE" look all artists give black cats.

No. 776103


Just buy them off aliexpress in a month.

No. 776105

File: 1590018745609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.2 KB, 620x1193, oayF9Pg.jpg)

No. 776111

God, she looks fucking haggard. She’s aged terribly, she looks like a milf but not in a good way.

No. 776112

I just don’t understand why she didn’t have one person make all of them so they all have one style. But moos a fucking dumbass pigs chode so whatever.

No. 776114

She looks so disengaged.. gotta be virgins paying for this shit.

No. 776116

So she just looks like an old ass mom. Do you not know what a milf is anon?

No. 776117

File: 1590021638242.png (63.91 KB, 480x694, Screenshot_183.png)

No. 776118

The issue isn't that the cats are from breeders– it's that Moo's "ragdoll ranch" name and posts about giving the money to charity imply that her cats are rescues, or that she runs some sort of foster home. She's lied about fostering in the past, so it's not beyond her. The way I see it, she can have purebred cats or virtue signal about cats, but she can't do both.

Also sadly usually only the best-behaved or youngest cats make it to the adoption process. A lot of cats unfortunately get put down because they have existing health issues. Adopted cats usually aren't any different from bred ones upkeep-wise. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if there were ragdolls at shelters near Moo.

No. 776120

I like how she says shes dipping her toe into more risque stuff as if she hasnt already shown her ass and vag, and has planned riding the tremor. It's not risque its porn

No. 776122

There are no ethical breeders. They are only in it to make money they don't care about the actual cats, otherwise they wouldn't be breeding and selling them. You cant make money off animals and be ethical

No. 776129


You are an imbecile.

No. 776139

TND fags chill, milk will flow again eventually. Don't shit up this thread too.

No. 776141

I know "mommykun" is supposed to be a play off "momokun" but I can't get over how stupid that sounds.

No. 776144

File: 1590040885108.png (676.74 KB, 463x866, img984.png)

No. 776146

File: 1590043385995.png (5.12 MB, 1800x1554, 5E3BF247-FEF6-4530-B1D9-2EC082…)

The jokes pretty much write themselves.

No. 776147

I can't get over how she snapped into this weird personal trainer mode. Even hardcore fit people who work out regularly don't caption their workouts like they're preaching.

No. 776149

She wishes her "booty" was as voluptuous as those mousepads.

No. 776153

Every mouse pad that isn't raised a tiny smudge is based off her ass already, who is she fooling

No. 776157

The smooth-brainedness of this writing. She's so idiotic.

No. 776159

She sure is making a lot of merch to sell online which people definitely have money for because they aren’t dealing with a pandemic or lost jobs or anything

No. 776180

That’s one Meg Griffin looking bitch holy shit

No. 776208

I swear it feels like every time I come to these threads once a month or so her head to body ratio gets even smaller.
How does she even have the guts to post this type of pseudo-fitness shit? Not only is it stuff that does not work it's stuff that won't make a difference to her in her current body at all. 90 minutes on a treadmill is a fucking waste of time.

No. 776246

the thread pic is photoshopped to be exaggerated.
and sure - one 90 minute session is a fucking waste of time, but if she dedicates and actually keeps to it daily in a long term, we will see a real different, not just squarecuck editing her smaller.

but i totally agree, weird weird psuedo-personal trainer sperging is both hypocritical and hilariously ironic considering what a tub of lard she is.

No. 776247

File: 1590103867118.png (3.77 MB, 1242x2208, 965B13EF-A234-40D2-AA01-5476E4…)

Her “manga translation” skills must be rusty lol

No. 776248

Is that Jessica's Booette sticker?

No. 776252


Oh boy. Time for her to be an even more insufferable bitch when people try to correct her Japanese.

No. 776253

"Ninhongo" ah, yes, she truly is bilingual.

No. 776254

Or don't be a cringey 24 year old woman who refers to Japanese lessons as 'Nihongo' lessons. Kurasu. Couldn't even add that. I bet she's going to need to google that.

No. 776257

Business and linguistics, folks.

No. 776277

File: 1590122814517.png (867.84 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-05-21-21-45-24…)

At her parent's again

No. 776278

File: 1590122839607.png (526.72 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-05-21-21-45-28…)

No. 776279

She needs to do something that isn't this. Didn't she buy a DDR machine? She's losing nothing in walking this much and then still eating way more.

No. 776280


Fun fact about this book is there are answers in the back. The trick is some of them are wrong on purpose, think our "manga translator" will be able to spot them or cheat her way into failure?

No. 776281

the ddr machine was sniperwolf's.

No. 776286


Come on. We all know she is going to take the easy way out. Half assed is her way of life.

No. 776288

I guess it's almost pointless to point out that her Japanese skills are nonexistent if she's still using Genki 1 for anything but a doorstop.

No. 776290

Considering she just used the word "niNhongo", yeah, it goes without saying.

No. 776300

File: 1590147718176.jpeg (40.74 KB, 1080x343, 9D64A36E-4BB6-4BC4-978B-C3929D…)

I hope she meant “mattress cover” because there’s no way her likeness would fit on a body pillow lol

No. 776306

What makes her think anyone wants to buy Wish quality screen print on merch from her? That shit isn't paying the bills,she needs to get back to her neckbeards so we can keep seeing the light drain out of her eyes till her soul is as empty as her head.

No. 776310


Wasn't it speculated that genki 1 was one of the "college textbooks" she showed off when she was pretending to go to college?

No. 776332

Guesses on price for mousepads? I'm betting $40 or something. Bodypilling mattress pad would be $80

No. 776388

File: 1590176984472.png (534.53 KB, 1177x720, Screenshot_2020-05-22-12-47-58…)

Mad bingo lady arms.
Also she's having Umbran make stickers for her

No. 776401

Why is she suddenly trying to push a bunch of merch out? Pins, books, mouse pads, body pillows, stickers. Do her cucks even want these? Is there a demand or is she just delusional?

No. 776424

Maybe rent is due? Has there been an update on the number of subscribers she currently has? Perhaps the pandemic caused some people to cancel recently. Damn near everyone is unemployed at the moment.

No. 776426

File: 1590186773813.png (958.98 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2020-05-22-15-30-17…)

No. 776427

File: 1590186839524.png (963.23 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2020-05-22-15-30-33…)

On Wednesday shes going to be live

No. 776428

File: 1590186867190.png (601.87 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2020-05-22-15-31-57…)

No. 776444


Well. At least virtual con means she can’t molest any of the guests. To be fair though, these are the only type of invites she’ll be getting. Not like cons were knocking down her door begging for her to be their invited guest before any of this.

No. 776462

She should use that for her branding. "Momokun! All New, with 100% less sexual abuse!"

No. 776472

The fact that Mariah is listed before twinzik is insulting

No. 776475

You know you can't take them seriously when they're asking mental health advice from a makeup youtuber and outdated youtuber from middle school who made the cringiest racist videos i've ever seen

No. 776476


the names are in alphabetical order, anon

No. 776494

Wasn’t she just recently raving about how her family feeds her vegan food now?

No. 776496

Graphpatreon shows that it went downhill their supporters.

No. 776505

>Ryan Higa
Is he seriously still relevant? I remember his cringe videos from 2006 and so on and then he went on some semi red pill shit. I'm surprised he's still invited to a random con

No. 776523

File: 1590249507215.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200523-115652.png)

Full list

No. 776529

Looking at this list I have the feeling they invited cosplayers and anyone they could get who is Asian. Like Ryan Higa doesn't exactly scream anime culture to me unless were trying to describe the essence of cringe, and this doesn't feel like Michelle Fan's crowd.

This con is gonna be so embarrassing to watch.

No. 776544

Are the cosplayers listed under musical performance just dancing or doing go-go work because I don't ever recall Elizabeth Rage being good at singing or being a DJ of sort.

No. 776548

who the fuck even is "senpai squad"?

No. 776549

A distributor for other brands at conventions. You basically team up with them for booth use. moo does that and they hire cosplayers to usually usher customers in to peddle their own in house brand too which only got popular because of soliciting other community gear. Now they see themselves as some sort of powerhouse because they hooked up with these higher names in the beginning.

No. 776550

I hope this involves Moo dancing around all fucking stupid and then giving up and doing meme dances because "lol I'm random and I know laughing at me is better than me actually trying to be good at anything" attitude.

No. 776552

They’re the idiots that keep giving Mariah space at their booth to sell her crap at conventions because she can’t get in on her own. It was mostly at AX that they let her in and be a “booth babe” as well with Miso.

No. 776555

You just know she’ll give up on whatever they tell her to do after 5 minutes and sit there looking at her phone until her time is up.

No. 776561

She will look up and smile and do something GoOfY and bring in her dog to get some credit too to dance in the back. She will have Umbran take over and like you said, sit or stand there, looking at her phone and look up and smile, do a wiggle and attempt to be inappropriately sexy, where its not the right time for an all ages event like this, and then smile and go back to egging Maddie on to do all the work.

No. 776575

File: 1590264539788.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, FE826750-B8BF-4745-BF73-7E90FF…)

No. 776578

She lost 2lbs, guys! She woke up weighing less like everyone else in the world until she intakes water and starts eating and realized it'll +4 to that by the end of the day. It's like the people who go into a sauna and come out declaring they spent the day at the gym and lost 10lbs.

No. 776601

It took her 8+ months to lose 25lbs
Why wouldn't she just change her start date when she gained the weight back?

No. 776606

I'm honestly looking forward to her claiming to be back to 180 in a couple months only for there to be no discernible difference in her appearance.

No. 776616

So she basically just weighed herself after taking a dump

No. 776632

Holy fuck some of you are mean as hell, I thought most were here for nudes but I’m mistaken? Was this the opinion of her back in OG Thicc Samus days when she was 160?? Or did the weight gain change opinion?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 776635

sage your shit

No. 776638

Begone male, I don’t think you know what this website is for.

No. 776643

File: 1590291946902.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, pathetic eva.jpg)

>BMI: 37.1
>"Yay! Working hard!"

No. 776655

that's where i remembered them from.

No. 776664

might be a stupid and OT question but can she realisticly get back to a 'good' figure with all the fucked up work she down and loose skin?

No. 776666

Goddamn she's 214? She could be a UFC heavyweight….at 5'4 lmao

No. 776667

Maybe if she managed to lose weight slowly, consistently and in a healthy way it wouldn’t be as bad. But she‘s foo impatient for that and needs instant gratification. So she‘ll either lose weight way to fast or just get lipo again. Both will inevitably leave her with a bunch of loose skin. Just look at her arms/arm pit boobs. She got them lipo‘d but there’s literally no mentionable difference.
Not to mention the stretch marks.

So even if she did manage to get down to 175lbs or something, it won’t be pretty.

No. 776698

File: 1590330209858.jpeg (93.37 KB, 639x852, CD61CCCC-03E8-4DAF-AB25-BF9237…)

Her Mommykun stickers…. Just wow

It were made by Umbran

No. 776699

File: 1590330532571.jpeg (82.88 KB, 640x854, 9E6F7E14-D74A-4EC0-8157-94F54F…)

What photos she’s making into mousepads or acrylic stands

No. 776701

there's alot going on here and I don't even know where to begin. The face? The disproportionate hips? The left hand?

No. 776702

File: 1590333068175.gif (1.35 MB, 412x230, tumblr_nhqa5nxkuw1ql5yr7o1_500…)

I'm truly horrified by how ugly this is…

No. 776711

This literally looks like the kind of things anons here draw to make fun of her lmao. She's cross-eyed, her head is puny, she looks like she's flipping the bird, and the eggplant just looks like she's barfing up a tentacle.

No. 776714

The body screams hentai but the face just says Sarah Palin in the most stale way possible.
I mean… if her cucks are into that kind of stuff…

No. 776717

Sarah Palin! It really does remind me of her too, that would’ve bugged me, thanks.

No. 776725

Reminder: Umbran is going to art school..

No. 776727

i refuse to believe these aren’t fake or just a joke or something else. no fucking way is she selling these with a straight face.

tiny head sarah palin cross eyed looking ass while throwing up a purple tentacle and dealing with a broken wrist. oh yeah that screams sexy alright.

No. 776729

Sadly art school in America barely means shit these days. Look at how many cows get posted on this site that are supposedly going to art school. Money can't buy talent.

No. 776730

Love that the only bold shadowing is under the face to pretend like moo has had a visable jawline without tape since 2017 kek

No. 776731

File: 1590344933652.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.79 KB, 640x360, B795BD16-C86D-4B1E-AA2B-A0273D…)

Spoiled for hentai but umbran drew her as the main girl in Mizuryu Land which momo said she was planning on cosplaying. I think she even said she was getting a cUsToM costume even though this is literally like what? A sling bikini and some pasties with gloves? Her arms and long gloves usually don’t mix well

Tl;dr free use theme park hentai

No. 776735

Between the super unflattering pics she posts of Momo and now this hideous drawing, I kinda think Umbran lowkey hates moomoo.

No. 776736

This really solidifies that Umbra just traced those Steven Universe OCs she did for Moo and her
At least she got the fucked up body right

No. 776737


What’s the second belly button on her fupa supposed to be?

No. 776743

She will make umbran take those shadows out because it makes her look old. Wait until the final.

No. 776749

this looks like the kind of badly drawn gross inflation shit you'd see on deviantart back in the day. the shading is fucking horrendous, just makes her look dirty and old.

No. 776751

File: 1590351226218.jpg (512.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200524-151410_Ins…)

The filter and the face. This whole picture makes me uncomfortable

No. 776753

Ew, she looks like PlasticnProud here.

No. 776755

File: 1590351828161.jpg (521.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200524-151419_Ins…)

No. 776756

File: 1590352039749.jpg (325.84 KB, 1382x778, HANNIBAL.jpg)

No. 776757


Thats a ton of baby oil on her. Ughhh.

No. 776764

Next thread pic

No. 776766

She'd like that too much

No. 776773

look at those eye lashes, she is using a Makeup Cam filter.

No. 776776


It's obviously a filter, it's under her name on her story. Stupid nitpicks and sage your shit.

No. 776782

>Straight up disgusting coomer brain art
I guess that's how Maddie sees Mariah

Moo must have resorted to using Maddie cause no other artist wants to work/get involved with her

No. 776785

This bitch stay looking like plastic

No. 776798

someone shoop this so her shoulders are massive and her head is tiny.

No. 776799

With celery. Darker the labial folds, add som shadow on the stomach and make her upper thighs hair

No. 776809

File: 1590367345379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 897.35 KB, 1440x2340, 912UH3w.jpg)

No. 776810

File: 1590367443244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 956.44 KB, 888x1920, CrKKCMH.jpg)

Mariah showing her pastrami but she's "Uwu shyyyy"

No. 776812


her family is so proud

No. 776813

I know the mindless cucks who are into this could care less but her face looks so masculine its gross. Like some fat trans latino.

No. 776820

File: 1590370111074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 520.25 KB, 703x551, 2oQwVWC.jpg)

Now I know why squarecuck shoops her so bad

No. 776821

File: 1590370156706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 538.04 KB, 739x574, qOYRYGR.jpg)

No. 776827

Not is porn, its art <3

No. 776829

does she still say this

No. 776830

File: 1590370969290.jpg (170.88 KB, 697x988, moo.jpg)

She could've made it more realistic

No. 776835

anon, it's beautiful

No. 776836

Anon you're fantastic. Now we just need to wait for something other dumb that she does or posts about.
Maybe you should make her look wet or dog damp in reference to the obese shower video.

No. 776839

Honestly it isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but why would she not crop out her face here? Literally looks like a man peeking here.

No. 776842

that bellybutton along with her second set of tits are just asking to be freed of its misery

No. 776847

File: 1590379245881.jpeg (555.13 KB, 750x1085, CC0D624A-CA7B-462E-B414-705A34…)

can’t wait to see what will surely look super natural and not at all like a drunk milf who fell in a pile of toilet paper.

No. 776868

File: 1590396812910.gif (195.34 KB, 500x368, tumblr_lqab88mfuB1qlr140o1_500…)

Jesus Christ, that's the body of a seventy year old woman. They sucked the fat out, but left all the extra skin behind. Before too long, she'll look like a Shar Pei (but not cute.)

No. 776869

"shy" but wasn't shy when she leaked her own nudes to her sports team

No. 776875


No. 776882

Does the black strap go between the boobies and you just can’t see it in the anime? Or did they screw up this cosplay as well?

No. 776886

File: 1590415844152.png (Spoiler Image, 1003.93 KB, 852x1262, BF1DDA5E-6D2C-4AD9-86F6-F446DD…)

Nah, pretty sure they just fucked up as usual. I none of the pictures I‘ve seen it’s attached at the top ring.
So, unless it’s not actually attached at her costume and not just pinned up on the doll for some reason, it’s another inaccurate design.

No. 776888

Nah, just looks like it due to the adjustable dress form and the gap created down the middle. But I get where you guys are coming from.

No. 776892

God, reading that message honestly just sounds like someone who really doesn't want to show the goods but knows they have to for the money. "BLEH WHATEVER" You should be feeling yourself and confident and enjoy it. Its clear she doesn't enjoy it at all.

No. 776931


Mariah finally showing her vag and it getting barely a reaction compared to what a pussy slip on livestream got a year ago or when she was claiming she was too good to do porn shows how far she’s fallen to remain relevant. Desperate to do porn now to keep up her big spending lifestyle. It was inevitable and 2 years ago me would have expected a way bigger reaction but 2020 me is bored and waiting til she sinks low enough to just do full on porn now.

No. 776944

File: 1590431723844.jpg (52.41 KB, 640x960, 7db.jpg)

I don't understand how someone with so much money can fall so hard. At this point in time I actually though she looked pretty cute and healthy, but now she's just gone full whale and unhinged.

No. 776956


Oh how far she has fallen from “I don’t have to show my tits and ass to get attention, sweetie”

No. 776957

And now she's calling showing her pussy empowering and how she has "never loved my body like this before because I'm shy". Sure, Moo. That completely shines through about how much your love yourself with rendering being 50%, 40% is blurred out, and 10% us everything you forgot to edit.

No. 776961

>I don't understand how someone with so much money can fall so hard.

Total lack of discipline being lazy and surrounding herself with ass-kissing myes-sayers because of said money, which she‘ll just replace whenever they don’t do what she wants.
Her problem is exactly that: Money.
She thinks anything can be fixed by throwing a few bucks at it.
No friends? Throw money at people so they spend time with her (the Hawaii Trip with frogdresser and the other two, for example)
Gain weight? Surgery
Feel unhappy? Buy unnecessary shit
Bad skin due to terrible diet? Buy skin care products worth thousands of dollars

She‘s always taking the easiest, fastest possible way that seems to fix her problem without actually fixing something. Because that would mean admitting failure and being wrong. And she can’t do that unless she‘s getting something in return (usually money or attention).

No. 776965


Looks like the front picture is just the way the dress form is spread for her measurements and the other photo shows the back. I don't think they put a black strap between the boobs on the costume.

No. 776979

that just means they're not going to attach one at all. get ready for nasty vag set.

No. 776993

not as bad as I expected, but still, trying to sell the "shy" angle? low effort man

No. 776996


She can’t seem to decide between “uwu so shy” and “your dream girl cocksleeve who will drain your balls dry and will have you calling me mommy by the end”. It’ seems that whenever she leans into the later she starts getting the fellow degenerates treating her like fuck meat so she thinks that by playing up the “uwu so shy and nervous” that they’ll lay off and be more respectful to her and she won’t feel like such a used cumrag.

No. 776997

Its smoothed as fuck and edited, dude. That's now how it looks and we know from seeing slips and her grotesque bumpage from shit waxing and razing in the wrong direction. Her fucking area is has dark spots and is slightly red usually from how tight her shit it. She's slips several times and if you take away the soft light overlay, you know exactly what colors everything is.

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