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File: 1477721795064.png (5.33 KB, 605x62, paranoia.png)

No. 190148

Keith (aka: d0ntstandsoclosetome) is a 60 year old, Anti-Onision blogger from Tumblrland who just can't grasp how exposé journalism works.


>>Has a history of making claims with no evidence, an example is regarding Onision's military discharge. He went on and on about proof that he couldn't even legally obtain, so he's known to talk out of his ass on a regular basis.

>>He's also a massive backpeddler and will pull the victim card if you call him out on his shit.

>>He's seriously obsessed with the sex lives of the women that associate (directly or indirectly) with Onision.

>>He's been known to directly contact the friends and the extended families of those women or their peers to express his distaste of their shenanigans to explicit detail.

>>He's just as fucking creepy as Onision when it comes to talking about women on the LGBT spectrum, it's very possible that he projects as much as Onision does regarding his opinions.

>>May have more in common with Onision than he's actually aware of.

>>Will sperg the fuck out if you counter-analyse his actions.

No photo of him as of yet, but here's an example of said sperging to start things off. This thread was made to direct discussion about him away from the main Onision thread as he is bought up on a regular basis enough to warrant his own thread here.

No. 190232

File: 1477749665223.jpg (99.32 KB, 750x1000, IMG_1517.JPG)

I always thought the guy was creepy, but I didn't know he was 60. That makes everything even weirder.

No. 190249

File: 1477752961039.png (29.36 KB, 629x384, wut.png)

It looks like he still believes that something is going on between Ayella and Billie, regardless of people trying to explain to him the dynamics of female friendships.

I don't think he's going to change his opinion on the matter, the only opinions from the lgbt community that he wants to hear are the ones that support his ideas, not opposing ones.

Gee, that sure sounds like someone else we know.

He's continuing to whine about the "big bad anon" who tore the rug out from under his feet, which is funny because he keeps claiming that he never posted that he had proof anywhere in the first place… this screenshot here proves otherwise as it was reblogged by eoliveson before that anon even asked him for that proof of his.

If he's going to throw out claims that he has proof of something, does he expect people to just take his word for it? Again, that's another trait he shares with Onion, and when he got called out on the fact his evidence proves nothing to what he's been describing, he throws a shitfit.

No. 190251

File: 1477753424712.png (51.93 KB, 461x575, creepo.png)

This was actually a really good post that a Tumblr user posted and instead of admitting he was wrong for making outward assumptions about their friendship; or even considering the reason why his proof doesn't count as actual proof - his reply is basically:

"tl;dr but I'm impressed with the effort you made in writing this, I'm still going to believe in the "proof" I posted, but I'm being victimised by someone who called me out on my shit, I'm not going to talk any more about the subject but not until I'm done publishing the following anon submissions I got in support of my views."

No. 190257

File: 1477754292589.png (7.83 KB, 463x136, wow.png)

60, married and has a daughter… lol.

No. 190263

File: 1477754801225.png (11.49 KB, 464x150, cringe.png)

Sorry for samefagging but I just found this as well…

His daughter is 22, the same age as Lainey and near enough shares a birthdate with her.

…and enjoys sexually harassing and collecting "photo evidence" of two 19 year old girls.

No. 190305

Post too long to screenshot but here's the "proof":


Just scroll (once) down…

Also, can we doxx him now?

No. 190343

File: 1477773891808.png (109.5 KB, 229x485, thisasshole.png)

Incoming TL;DR… but I feel all of this is relevant and important to the topic at hand.

DSSCTM even posted a collage of Ayalla and Billie photos that was posted along with a monologue written by Ayalla about loving her best friend and how she appreciates her in her life (my screenshot may be too small so I'll post the link along with it… how DSSCTM says he found all of this in the "short amount of time" he had, I don't know, I know for certain that I or anyone else couldn't).


She describes how Billie helped her through some really shitty times and how she's aware that a lot of people don't like her, telling their peers that she's actually awesome - a post from a best friend supporting their best friend; who would've thunkit?!

Somehow he feels this is "circumstantial evidence" that they're fucking because she said the words "love" and "best girlfriend" in the same post… his reaction to this collage was "WHAT AM I OR ANYONE ELSE SUPPOSED TO THINK?!"


He seriously has no clue about how close female friendships work and how different bonding is between them in comparison to male friendships, especially in regards to outwardly showing affection and the comfort they share.

He also felt a need to post "proof she is bi" to get some kind of point across that she was/is eligible to get it on with Billie, as if bisexual people of the same gender CAN'T be close friends. He keeps on ignoring this fact every time someone brings it up, he does the equivalent of shoving his fingers into his ears and talking loudly over them, much like Gerg does.

He's refusing to acknowledge that Ayalla said in every single screenshot they are best friends, not a single screenshot that DSSCTM posted has alluded to them being anything more than that.

DSSCTM's sperging about there being no difference between Ayalla cuddling with Billie and Grease cuddling with Billie?

They enjoy close cuddling as best friends of over 5 years, (I do this myself with my own female best friends ((and I'm bisexual, so are most of them)) and we think of each other as nothing more than sisters; it's been this way for decades.) Billie is in a publically-announced sexual relationship with a creepy married couple of strangers she met online whom she's only visited on occasion half a dozen of times in this ongoing year.

That's the fucking difference.

There was not a single romantic photo in sight of the two, and one of the screenshots he used as "evidence" was a Tweet that was directed at Social Repose and had nothing to do with his "lesbian romance" theory/fantasy.

Why have none of the other anti-o blogs bought this fact up about that?

The "I love brown eyes" screenshot? Ayalla also has brown eyes, so does Social Repose and so does the majority of the world population, he's seriously fucking reaching.

Let's play along for a moment and pretend that his theory is fact and they are/were indeed sexually/romantically involved with each other… What the fuck does that have to do with him if that was the case? What purpose does that have and what does it prove? That Billie isn't into Lainey? We already fucking knew that long before we knew anything about Ayalla because there's been wayyyyy more evidence out there that Gerg and Billie favor each other over Lainey.

He's stalking those girls for the sakes of stalking them, he's written incredibly inappropriate messages to both of them before, his favorite topic seems to be his own perverted opinions of them and he whines that he's being victimized whenever anyone tells him that what he's doing is pretty shady and creepy.

This thread has been a long time coming, regardless of his unabashed, sanctimonious bullshit in the past. He makes the job so much more difficult for everyone else when they actually have some good information and sources about Gerg's horrible social media presence. It makes his fans (and those new to his escapades) write us off as unreliable and untrustworthy because of the shit DSSCTM says.

And worst of all, eoliveson are all up DSSCTM's ass as well in support of him. They don't fucking realize that in doing so; they're actually doing Gerg a massive favor by giving him ammo to discredit those who take his abusive shit seriously.

No. 190368

someone should ask him if his daughter knows about his blog/stalking of Onision

No. 190392

Paradox if she's an actual onision fan.

No. 190397


Didn't DSSCTM helped eoliveson start their blog in the first place? Just asking.

No. 190409

Ask them?

No. 190630

File: 1477845894184.png (97.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

White knight #1

No. 190631

File: 1477845939419.png (118.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

White knight #2 (part 1)

No. 190633

File: 1477846070316.png (80.24 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


White knight #2 (part 2)

No. 190791


No. 194794

File: 1478499475968.png (100.5 KB, 559x1044, IMG_0225.PNG)

DSSCTM's reaction to when he can't back up his claims: "I don't have any proof, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN!"

No. 194796

File: 1478499590650.png (310.76 KB, 1165x539, 3A2B3DB5-47F4-4B4F-BE77-C09C7B…)

EOLIVESON's reaction to when they can't back up their claims: "Fuck this, and fuck you!"

No. 194797

File: 1478499766228.png (1.13 MB, 2018x1602, Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 12.1…)

EO used to be just as creepy as Onion.

No. 194807

That's kind of… disturbing.

Everyone knows that Lainey lies out of her teeth as much as Gergles does, and it can be summarized by simply saying so with a few screenshots.

There's no need to write something akin to a David Berkowitz letter at her though.. it's no wonder Lamo won't ever correspond with them.

No. 194822


There's all kinds of weird shit like that from them from back then. They obsessed over Lainey and taunted her. Pretty sure it was Stevie because back then she also posted a picture of herself shoving her engagement ring in the camera to mock Lainey.

And now she's wondering why Lainey doesn't want her help.

Some more screens.

No. 195166


Yeah, Stevie is still the main admin. She used to be a huge bitch about Lainey and still is, but I didn't know about >>194797

Holy shit, that's fucking creepy as hell.

No. 195167

No. 195170


Yeah that's her.
I do feel kind of bad for her though.
One of the main reasons why she hates Onion and Lainey so much is because their fanbase used to constantly threaten to harm her children and I think they still do, but that still doesn't justify how creepy she acted here >>194797 and here >>194822

Looking at the screenshots, it's understandable why Lainey would mock her attempts to offer help during CG 2.0

No. 195172

Yeeeesh, this is so creepy.

No. 195670

Okay, that's a real personal vendetta she has against Lainey there… how old is she? I mean, I hope she's not in her 30's like Gerg - otherwise that's sad and pathetic… who are these people?? Even DSSCTM is 60 fucking years old, these people are just as bad as Gerg is with his sociopathic baby tantrums, it's embarrassing.

No. 195672


No. 195674

Yeah, he's either in his late 50's or early 60s… and he has a daughter who is the same age as Lainey.

No. 195677

File: 1478634735287.png (22.62 KB, 1163x284, omg.png)

If you make a claim on a popular anti-onision blog that you run, you find the fucking proof to your claims.

This bitch has been called out and she's trying to cover her ass with the support of her fans…

The is NO proof online that Sarah is living with them, no one has seen it and that's why they're asking for it.

She fucked up by telling a lie and she was caught on it, all that deep-seated hatred she have for Lainey isn't going to make it true, no matter how much she wants to believe in it… what a delusional bitch.

No. 195735

File: 1478641656882.png (204.95 KB, 1014x416, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 4.34…)

Keith comes out saying that he doesn't hate/sympathizes with Lainey (and I hate to admit that I agree with him on some points, even though Lainey's a fucking shithead)

Stevie reiterates that she hates Lainey (water is wet, dirt is brown, etc) bc of what Gurk's fanbase did to her kids and possibly thinks THAT's why Lainey refused her help multiple times and not bc of the creepy shit she said to Lainey after Stevie's kids were threatened.

No. 195736


wait my bad
it says keith's post was a submission so it wasn't from him. Never mind.

No. 202853

File: 1479880537191.png (574.79 KB, 1147x553, lolz.png)

>>dat feel when you know Stevie and Keith send sycophantic anon asks to each other.

Staying there since Halloween ≠ living with them, it was only until a Twitter troll today confirmed that she was.

They're not "always right" - shit, that's the same fucking attitude that Onision displays on a regular basis.

Way to be humble, you creepy fuckers.

No. 202857

We know you're watching us and that's why it's so obvious you're sending "anon" asks to each other.

This post in particular >>195677 really pissed you both off, didn't it.

Guess what, you're still both sketchy as fuck with your non-existent "evidence" that you constantly disguise behind your lavish compliments to each other.

You both can't handle the fact that you're wrong the majority of the time, so you have to publish "anon" submissions defending your asses, too bad that many anons here can see through your shit, you may be fooling your fanbase - but you're certainly not fooling us.

We know you're both tight with each other, you can't stop reposting each other and defending each other, there's definitely nothing stopping you from simply logging out of your Tumblr accounts and sending "anon" submissions to each other either.

I swear you're both just as bad as Plainey and Gurgles.

No. 202869

Does that mean she allows her kids to be searching the internet to scope out her hateful obsession with Lainey? For them to be offended by "murder and rape" comments would mean that they would have to see them, or for her to inform them of that, right?

Phew… and this lady is all up her own ass thinking that she's doing the world a favor?

I'm hoping she doesn't allow her young children on the internet unsupervised, and I'm seriously hoping that she never told her children of what trolls on the internet want to do to them.

But it sounds like the only person who took Onion's underage fans taunts to heart is herself.

What a fucking loser… she's seriously bad at adulting, like Lainey's underage fans are going to actually seek out and rape and murder her children… does she even know how to internet?

No. 202901

File: 1479891553227.png (71.62 KB, 514x482, 0d76819a5a6e23be9933755fe2563a…)

DSSCTM's latest theory on Eugenia is even more bullshit than onions theory. Can't post the whole thing here obviously, but if you look up cachexia, you'll get pretty good info.

honestly, the guy is like a hundred, how the fuck is he going to know what it's like to have an eating disorder, or what eugenia's family would have done?

nah son, you're full of shit.

No. 202902

Sigh… he's just as ignorant as greaselord.

This is basically the equivalent of saying Ashley Issacs has cancer because her mother would never let her starve and we all know bonelord has been rocking her chairgrave for more or less seven years now.

But no, DSSCTM is ALWAYS right… just like Stevie and Onision.

No. 202921

>the only logical solution
because there's never been an anorexic who refused or evade help… riiiight.

No. 202922


No. 202928


he has this insane notion that he will believe eugenia at face value. whatever she says, obviously true. so instead he will go out of his way to find OTHER illnesses that she might have to explain how thin she is.

like, seriously. onionboy is a dick, but he's probably right in this case. everything else keith and his dipshit followers have thrown out there are ridiculous.

No. 203973

No, her kids didn't find them; Onision/Lainey fans sent her asks on EO or her personal blog, threatening to murder and rape her kids. She pleaded with Lainey to get Greg to or atleast for Lainey herself to tell them to stop and Lainey ignored her. Allegedly, the anons posted her address in her ask to show they weren't kidding or some shit like that.

She's creepy and edgy and the way she's been acting about her "sources" has been pissing me off, but no mother would take that lightly. I'll give her that much.

Still an ugly smug bitch though.

No. 215821

File: 1481958661876.png (35.97 KB, 713x227, 2016-12-17 (2).png)

EO admin is shitting up the Onision thread and bitching about lolcow on her blog.

Did the anons on here hurt your fee fees, Stevie?

No. 215834


he's so buttmad

No. 215962

Hahahahaha, was she seriously expecting lolcow to kiss her ass? There's a shitload of anons in the Onision threads that can't stand her psychotic bullshit.

And of course, because we're not saying how wonderful she is - we're "onision fans", her delusional mind can't seem to figure out that the Onision threads have always been dedicated to tearing him down, never supporting him.

It's completely possible and within anyone's capability to hate you as much as they hate Onision, Stevie.

No. 258349

So I was talking to someone that was apart of the original EO facebook group. The original ower of EO was a teenager Indian (iirc) boy that stevie sucked up to so she could be a co mod. When she became a mod she changed the password and kicked out the original owner, so basically she stole EO from a teen.

No. 258354

Lol I would believe it. I always side eye people who run hate blogs for cows with themselves as a centerpiece. Like if you're not doing it anonymously, you clearly want attention from the person you "hate". Point proven when she tried to catfish him. She probably has a huge ladyboner for onion.

No. 258360


Damn, what a bitch! Guess karma got her now.

No. 258362

Also, any new sperging from DSSCTM? Haven't seen his shit for awhile now.

No. 258366


what a wacko! I love her old tumblr posts (under her steviegore handle) that talked about how in love with onion she was.

man she's a fucking trip! thanks for the chuckle anon!

No. 258371

>talked about how in love with onion she was
Was she being sarcastic or…?

No. 258379

I'm not sure if this is true, because there was another person who more or less basically hijacked some other kid's anti-o FB page ( also female, older than SG ).
If there was a separate incident exactly like that done by Meevie I wouldn't put it past her though.

No. 258381

I personally trust the person that told me this, they made a anti o blog after it went down that stevie tried to talk to not knowing they had been apart of the fb group, when they brought up what she had done and who they were to stevie she never posted that person stuff again and I believe blocked them.

No. 258382

I'd love to see those post

No. 258600

File: 1488121898274.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2291, 20170226_090759.png)


ugh I can only find this rn (and a few twitter mentions he exchanged to her in 2012). she's apparently scrubbed a good amount of her long-lost puppy love stage. ((methinks her hate of lainey might be a full blown case of jealousy tho, js))

the perfect man.

No. 268828

File: 1489426208755.png (20.02 KB, 1154x243, huh.png)

This was posted only earlier… it's the first time I've heard anything about this; does anyone know what it's in relation to?

I thought Stevie bailed from EO after being caught catfishing?

This is exactly something she would say, she always used to brag about having "top sekrit" chatlogs with plainey and she kept stringing everyone along with it to keep herself relevant.

I bet it's her, I bet she still fucking there and she never bailed in the first place but instead toned her shit down until her crazy ass couldn't bear the lack of attention.

No. 268959

I remember this.

I think it was a blog called Venitaspeaks was talking to the police about Onision. Something about properly underage girls I think. This was years ago, how slow could it be moving?

No. 269084

File: 1489445003836.png (112.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3783.PNG)


No. 269099

The only thing I can find in relation to Onision and Venitaspeaks is a "debate" they had over Gmail back in 2013, I can't seem to find anything pertaining to any sort of illegal activities going on though.

Do you remember anything at all except that just underaged girls are involved?

No. 269106

Not that anon, but I remember this too. I think it was around 2012-2013, when Venita was a big voice in the Anti-O side of tumblr. Supposedly a few girls came forward and confided in Venita about some terrible stuff Onion did to them, with evidence and all. Venita was helping them get a case together and process it with the right authorities. Nothing has come out of it since and it's been 4+ years.

At the time a bunch of random allegations were floating around, some more questionable than others. I remember a story written by a girl who claimed of going to a super market, meeting Greg, and him groping her in the middle of the store. And then various girls were claiming that Greg had been having cam sex with them via skype, some even messaged Lainey bragging about making Greg cum more than she could. It was a weird time.

No one has outwardly said what Greg had done but that it was most certainly going to award him jail time and there were numerous underage victims.

Venita deleted mostly all of her anti-o posts since then. But besides THE TERRIBLE UNSPOKEN THING, she also did a video interview with a veterinarian when Greg killed his turtle.

No. 269118

Wow, I'm not sure what to make of all that… I only started observing his bullshit about a year after his marriage to Lainey; so I've only just heard of this now…

But considering he's been openly predatory around underaged girls and teens since last year (excluding Shiloh, AJ, Lainey, Billie and Sarah just for a moment) - maybe the radio silence of those past events has made him feel invulnerable to any legal action ever being taken against him… like he feels he'll never be caught and so he can do as he pleases.

This is really interesting, I'd say cross-post our posts to the main Onision thread; but without screenshots and proof of those past accusations made towards him… it's not going to go very far.

And with EO and most likely Venitaspeaks being very hushhush in regards to the details, I don't think we're ever going to see what comes of it, which is unfortunate.

No. 269126

I mean Venita was a pretty big attention whore, she got her fat surgically removed and made a post about it almost daily. I think she used Greg's shenanigans as a way to pull people to her blog, but that's just personal opinion.

Take everything posted about the -unspeakable thing- with a huge grain of salt because no proof has been released. Not even a set court date. Everyone has pretty much forgotten about it, and I think that's what Venita hopes for, truly.

No. 269132

Yeah, I'm also taking into consideration that Stevie is prone to baiting her readers with undisclosed information on the regular as well.

What a shitshow though.

No. 336677

File: 1497648074635.png (176.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4419.PNG)

Found something pretty lulzy today.

Necroing dis shit yo

No. 338115

what did I just read

No. 789413

what happened to Keith?(pls stop Keith, this is embarassing)

No. 789471

Holy shit I vaguely remember having contact with this guy when I was adamantly part of the anti onision community back in 2013 on tumblr. I can't believe he's still going at it

No. 789493

I'm pretty sure they deactivated and left but I have no idea why or exactly when it happened

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