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No. 23152

Needed to make a new thread

General net idol/J-fashion idol/dancers thread

Basically girls who are wannabe idols/models/dancers/etc in Japan. Or are popular in the international community.

Some of these girls include:
Ami Nyan
Beckii Cruel
Kelsey Parnigoni

We can discuss the good, bad and the ugly here. The last posts in the old thread was about Himezawa being a scammer.

No. 23158

No. 23163

lol I thought that was PT for a second

No. 23167

Same. I was scrolling past and I thought it was an edit thread.

No. 23214

oh my god this bitch never fails to amuse me…

No. 23215

No. 23217

Himezawa is a scammer. Fuck that little cunty bitch! If she wants to be an idol , she has to act like one.

No. 23218

What the fuck..?

No. 23220

File: 1415851933422.png (66.82 KB, 786x555, lol.png)

I wonder why Himezawa won't delete that dumb wiki page. It's obvious it was her lol.

No. 23222

File: 1415852379838.png (316.76 KB, 650x642, IMAGE.png)

No. 23223

File: 1415852426626.png (249.71 KB, 1507x698, 1415822215203.png)

Himezawa is a scammer

No. 23224

File: 1415852486420.png (246.06 KB, 1520x692, 2.png)

No. 23226

File: 1415852536494.png (164.61 KB, 1530x686, 3.png)

No. 23227

File: 1415852572635.png (19.76 KB, 595x453, 1415822890414.png)


No. 23229

File: 1415852686220.jpg (61.3 KB, 323x233, iBY3OfP.jpg)

No. 23230

Yuuhi is like 13 and Himezawa is …20?

No. 23231

Well that escalated quickly. Thanks for letting us know anon.

No. 23232

File: 1415852974384.gif (995 KB, 500x270, tumblr_inline_ncurecbDfs1rx1t0…)

No. 23234

I asked Himezawa if those rumors were real, she just instant blocked me.No more words needed, I guess…

No. 23235

Of course she will not admit she scammed so many ppl. What did you expect?lol

No. 23236

File: 1415853465613.png (936.49 KB, 1141x761, sabrina-2014-profile.png)

she looks so old here

No. 23237


No. 23243

Idolt don't scam and don't lie

No. 23244

I'm not trying to sound like Jrcach but she's can't be an idol. Her face is too mature. Shes pretty but she's too mature looking.

No. 23245

File: 1415854301588.png (28.77 KB, 507x260, f.png)

No. 23246

Agree, idols have cute baby faces, she looks like an old lady. Plus, now she's a known scammer.

No. 23247

File: 1415854497344.png (52.73 KB, 797x327, pull.png)

No. 23272

Cosmates made a blog post about a scammer last week. This is great.

No. 23279

Just realized I was blocked, unfriended unfollowed and all that jazz but didn't confront her or anything. She's nuts.

No. 23335

Thanks for the posts anon, this stuff is jooicy

No. 23352

Her face is her smallest problem when it comes to things that keep her from becoming idol. She can't dance, she can't sing, she can't japanese, she doesn't have cute personality either and she's a scammer. I have hard time believing there's anyone in Japan interested in such an idol, but then again what do I know.

No. 23371

same here. himezawa is a two faced bitch, she blocks every person who tries to talk to her. like what the fuck..? all she cares about is her imaginary "fanbase".

No. 23372

Link please?

No. 23373

Not only that she is a scammer, but a self promo queen too.
I wouldn't be surprised if those "fans" praising her ass on fb were her fake accounts. But they, that's none of my business.

No. 23374

Her nose and lips are so gross.She looks old. Is she really 20?

No. 23375

File: 1415888277487.png (465.02 KB, 706x684, SCAMMER.png)

Guess where did all that money come from…

No. 23376

The fact that Himezawa lurks here satisfies me so much. Glad you got exposed bitch! It's about time.

No. 23377

Idols are ROLE MODELS. She's a cunty selfish scammer and will never be an idol.

I hope these people get their money back.

No. 23379

oh,wait till jrcock hears about this.this sweet doramu is gonna be good

No. 23380

God,she's appalling

No. 23383

File: 1415889314866.jpg (25.59 KB, 480x720, 10153806_697645866944123_74179…)

She looks even older here.

No. 23387

Is this bitch really gonna dare show her face this weekend?

No. 23389

Correct me if I'm wrong but some people in the other thread were wondering

No. 23390

Oh crap it posted before I finished. 0__0 Anyways in her channel trailer she states that she received an "offer" from an agency in Japan, not that she was signed to one. Some people were wondering why she wasn't in Japan in she was signed to an agency. So my guess is that she was just there for a one time thing and they decided not to keep her longer. I may be wrong though.

No. 23399

Waiting for Jrcach to talk about this shit lmao. I don't think Himezawa wants to be an idol. She just wants fame and sees Japan as an easy way to get there. She should be at least scamming people to get to Japan not for lolita bullshit. I'm also convince a Himezawa bought Facebook likes because with 8k I would expect more YouTube subs. I have no idea who booked her for MCM. I'm still lol'ing that Himezawa says she'll sue anyone that doesn't like her or talks about her online. She probably makes those fake accounts herself to say "omg I'm being stalked". She's further spoiling my image of Germans as if Keekihime hasn't done it enough.

No. 23401

I think she saw all the money Aminyan got and decided to use the same excuse for a quick buck. Did her kickstarter donors get their rewards? Also who the hell donated to her?

No. 23404

man, I wish I lives in the UK. I'd slap the shit out of her (unfortunately I was one of her victims)

No. 23405

File: 1415895164133.png (24.73 KB, 269x240, reaction_image___hm_01_by_skye…)

agree. she has like 8K likes on her fb page but her videos/photos barely get any likes/comments. smth obviously doesn't add up here…i think there's a lot we still don't know about that twisted bitch

No. 23406

>threatens to sue anyone that doesn't like her or says anything bad about her
meanwhile she
>creates herself a wiki page
>promotes the shit out of herself
>scams other people

No. 23407

I think this bitch deserves her own thread.

No. 23412

Nah keep it in here for now until something else comes up. This might die down soon.

No. 23413

Yeah I can't fucking stand her

No. 23414

No. 23415

Does anyone think she possibly paid into it herself so she could make up the full amount so she could get the monies? It's possible she may have done this through whoever Thomas Schultes is (brother maybe?)

No. 23422

I'm so sure she did. She barely got any backers.

No. 23424

Maybe we should set up a mass email to the HJ organisers asking to cancel her appearance? I was considering confronting her, but I see her performance is on the Friday and I'm going on Saturday.

No. 23426

Not that mysterious, she clearly bought those likes and didn't even try to cover it up.

No. 23427

How would you go about that? And what should be said?

No. 23428

Probably already printed schedules and stuff. I don't understand why they have her "perform". It's just dancing sets. No singing just dancing. Those are always so boring. She even signed some Japanese guys' cell phone. Who are her fans……

No. 23450

To be honest,no one in the UK gives a shit about Himezawa except her weeb buddies.

As for her "dancing" and "singing". Oh good lord, she SUCKS. She's like BeckiiCruel v2 (very thin, super awkward, speaks google translator-japanese, can't dance or sing)

No. 23451

Good idea!

No. 23457

She freaks me out. I think she's mentally crazy.

No. 23461

Something like sticking a template email on Tumblr/jfashion comms etc for people to send in, detailing her scams and how she would be making the event look bad etc.

Well obviously they will have printed things for tomorrow, it's just a thought. Maybe get her banned from future events.

Also, yeah, most of the HJ 'performers' are shit. Kimonotime's set in the summer… urgh.

No. 23463

>Idols are ROLE MODELS
Not really
I agree that Himezawa's a cunty selfish scammer though

No. 23476

I don't expect them to be role models or innocent angels but at least not scamming in shit. Even in Japan when idol's family members commit a crime the idol is looked at bad. But himezawa thinks Kyary is an idol and Kpop idols are the same as jpop so you can't expect her to be decent.

No. 23477

She's obsessed with "fame".

No. 23512

You don't even need to be an idol, just look what happend after people found out about Juria Nakagawa's scamming, everybody in the jfashion industry avoids her since that.

No. 23540

Scammers are generally condemned

No. 23591

"is a model, actress, internet celebrity and cosplayer from Germany." She clearly forgot scammer.

No. 23595

No. 23637

File: 1415932465510.jpg (14.51 KB, 190x279, image.jpg)

Holy shit I'm cringing, bro.

No. 23647

Maybe she isn't a scammer but just sends stuff out very slow?

No. 23660

Even if she was, she should tell people about it instead of just sending it whenever she wants and not informing the buyer. Also, its not a professional image for her if she wants to be an ~*aidoru*~

No. 23661

File: 1415937580119.jpg (3.99 KB, 192x182, w.jpg)

she's just a fucking phony.

No. 23663


No. 23664

True. She just blocked some of those people and now pretends like it never happened.

No. 23666

File: 1415938028236.png (21.77 KB, 467x56, fb.png)

No. 23667

Wow…. Someone email the convention

No. 23669

File: 1415939901753.png (13.09 KB, 647x259, tum.png)

Jrcock is so predictable

No. 23670

No,let that fake ass bitch perform. I'll bring eggs

No. 23679

Her "who is himezawa?" video is so horrible i'm dying.

No. 23727

She performs in half an hour? Anyone there?

No. 23733

Does she think singing bad is cute or what. I guess some bad singers can't tell how bad they sound when they're singing but if after hearing these she doesn't realize how bad she sounds she's beyond help.

No. 23896

As a Vocal major, I say that bad singing isn't cute at all, It's horrifying. Himezawa seriously needs to hire a private coach if she even cares about improving (which I highly doubt it, y'all already see how she scammed the shit out of everyone). Like holy shit, her cover in the World is mine…. What the ever living hell…. It's atrocious, she's totally off key. Ugh my ears.

No. 24048

Agree. And have you seen her dance covers? Jesus, they're so horrid.

No. 24051

As some random fuck who's not a vocal major, I concur that her singing is awful. It sounds like every 14 year old weeaboo on YouTube singing along awkwardly to animu songs.

No. 24066

Himezawa doesn't care about skills since it's all about fame to her.

No. 24097

That scummy bitch would sell her own mother for 15 mins of fame

No. 24098

File: 1416051035909.jpg (33.68 KB, 345x517, 10355886_477130449088409_30433…)

Jesus, her forehead is huge.

No. 24099

File: 1416051148808.png (156.53 KB, 400x400, image.png)

No. 24100


No. 24101

I like Beckii but omfg her videos are SO FUCKING BORING NOW

No. 24109

Kelsey at Hyper Japan… Shit as ever lol.

No. 24112

I had to give up on Beckii. She's just not interesting and she only responds to hater comments, which doesn't make much sense to me.
Kelsey's live performances are always cringe worthy. Her dancing is pretty good but her singing is horrid and she always looks like she's in serious pain at the end.

No. 24113

Beckii is painfully plain. She just buys "trendy" clothes and poses with them. Soo boring.
She's pretty much talentless and has absolutely nothing to show. She had her 15 minutes of fame but now it's over.

No. 24114

jfc,Kelsey is so weeb..

No. 24116

File: 1416060632309.jpg (531.21 KB, 1000x1500, 20140801-IMG_0106.jpg)

Agree .I really used to like her when she was like 14, but she's just so fucking boring now

No. 24117

>much cereal
>very swag

No. 24118

Why is she wasting her money on such shitty clothes?

No. 24119

File: 1416061697236.jpg (116.49 KB, 1001x605, ripoff.jpg)

This is really expensive for a washcloth. I wonder if anyone actually bought something from her clothing line.

No. 24121

Kelsey's 'Christmas' outfit was seriously unflattering. The only people in the audience who looked interested were Abipop and a friend who were dutifully waving their light sticks.

No. 24142

File: 1416066915955.png (603.49 KB, 802x726, Bekii.png)

No. 24146

File: 1416067638337.jpg (144.68 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Not even main stage

No. 24149

and everybody knows they put the shittest acts first.

No. 24152

Christ, why not wait for that to go down before recording…

Were you there today?

No. 24162

Dat pimple on her chin tho

No. 24163

File: 1416075138008.png (152.13 KB, 500x282, 3cd8a33a.png)

All the weebs are on the list.

No. 24174

These aren't even convention made performances. Besides the ani-weeb idoru I've never heard of anyone on this list. These are attendee submitted performances………

No. 24196

>being on the same stage as food demonstrations

Keep reaching for those stars, girls.

No. 24218

well then the fact kelsey is second last tells a lot lol

No. 24239

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for biographies. (June 2014)

Can anyone just delete this crap then?

No. 24312

This shit should be deleted.

No. 24314

Sadly anyone can make a Wikipedia page.

No. 24350

They are 'performing' on a side stage, they are all shit. It goes from shittest to shit.

No. 24364

imo she needs an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica

No. 24375

How can someone be a youtube celebrity with less than 2,000 subs? I thought you at least need 500K to be considered a person on youtube. It's truly unfortunate when ugly people are ugly on the inside as well. Like, why you gotta make it worse?

No. 24377

yeah that's what i meant :D

No. 24378

she's not known enough for even that imo

No. 24380

I guess it is because she bigs herself up to be this almighty presence, promoting herself as much a she can and boasting that has drawn attention to her. Not her actual 'talent' of dancing. I think the only reason she is recognised is because she's crap and also tries to be best mates with Kelsey Abi Beckii and that lot at conventions. She doesn't have fans, moaty haters by the looks of things.

No. 24383


No. 24392

You made my day,anon.
Shes unattractive as hell and her ugly personality is only making it worse

No. 24393

She has few "fans" to praise her ass but they're either desperate horny neckbeards or her own sockpuppet accounts. That's the only reasonable explanation.

No. 24394

File: 1416159667834.gif (2.09 MB, 430x221, 1314959189_george_clooney__soo…)

She's already known worldwide for scamming ppl….

No. 24409

I agree.

No. 24438

Yes she is really 20. She looks old as hell though. It's really fucking sad lmao. I'm 20 and people think i'm 16. Maybe i should become and idoru~~

No. 24442

No. 24448

>I'm 20 and people think i'm 16
Calm down, Pixy.

No. 24457

She looks her age, though.
I wouldn't guess she is any older than 21.
Only girls I've seen in their early twenties who look much older are those who abuse tanning/smoke/drink and have scaly skin already.
Fucking gross.

No. 24458

This, I think it's about time to make an ED article about her.

No. 24462

I'm not seeing how she looks older than she really is either. That seems to be an insult that gets thrown around here a lot. (Though it's sometimes justified. See also: PT.)

No. 24465

She's pretty annoying but idk if she's ED worthy. Do it if you want but ergh

No. 24527

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm….

No. 24528

no, she looks old af.

No. 24529

Don't h8 because I have good genes. It's not my fault you look old at 20. Blame ur mother.

No. 24533

chill dumb fuck.

No. 24539

I think you're the one that needs to chill. Obviously you're offended. It's never too late to try and prevent further old haggery. Ganbatte obachan!

No. 24632

^ lmaoooo

No. 24633

Did anyone go to HYPER JAPAN?

No. 24634

Please stop derailing threads with this bullshit. Want to be a kawaii idoruru? Accept the fact that if you're not attractive and exceptionally well at Japanese it won't happen. Kelsey Parnigoni and that blonde girl made it so that foreigners are becoming less and less special and kind of a hassle because of visas. Besides those two I see aminyan possibly making it because she's really close and she's different than those two for obvious reasons. Rukichan won't make it past Akiba idol. 20 is just kind of old to start learning Japanese and shit. Either way, let's talk about the Himezawa saga. Or someone make a separate thread for her. I want actual drama not dumbasses arguing.

No. 24635

I saw the videos and nobody was cheering for himezawa.

No. 24639

Any links??

No. 24642

No. 24643

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24916829 Here's some of her drunk dad dancing.

No. 24644

Literally 4 people clapping.

No. 24649

I dint know she bc on nico, i wanna watch one of her lives, must be cringe worthy.

No. 24651

Yes and I think a couple of other people did too judging by some of the previous posts. Kelsey was shit, didn't see Himezawa though.

No. 24653

File: 1416257986321.jpg (80.38 KB, 640x640, 10530864_10152468441481723_110…)

>makes an eyelash application tutorial
>posts photos like this

No. 24654

LOL I thought this the other day. She had one job.. They totally ruin a perfectly good selfie,

No. 24670

Himezawa has a thread. Post about her there and try not to derail it. Also, try to make posts about her scamming so people don't buy from her anymore.

No. 24844

What the fuck did just I watch?
She looks like a 14 yo weeb

No. 24845

I was there with my bf. He was LITERALLY crying of laughter during her performance lol

No. 24846

Holy shit it's so baaaad.

No. 24849

whats kelsey been up too (kerukkuma) i wonder if she regrets leaving that idol group to be in a noodle shop idol group.

No. 24850

I'm curious about her visa status. Her working holiday should be up by now. On Japanese message boards people are saying she hasn't been performing live with the group.

No. 24855

No. 24876

This vid's from the ever amazing Wish Sisters, but here's the size of the audience at the sub stage Kimonotime and Himezawa also performed on at Hyper Japan:


Three whole rows. Hitting the big time there.

No. 25106

Lmao, how is 20 too old to learn a new language? Do you think people are grandmas by age 30 or something?

Why are you so mad it's obvious they were being sarcastic retard. You're just showing how butthurt you are about their comments about looking old.

No. 25109

stop being a fucking crybaby. lol Aminyan ain't gonna make it either. It's not normal to look old a t 20, just bc you do doesn't mean you should be crying about it in this thread.

No. 25110

ikr why are so many people on aminyans side anyways? she's just the same as any other weeb.

No. 25153

I honestly don't get it either. Maybe it's bc she stood up against JrCock. Idk why ppl even praise Aminyan's ass, she's full weeb imo.

No. 25172

I think because she knows Japanese and idol stuff which gives her a leg up compared to like Abipop.

No. 25174

Abipop, kimonotime, Himezawa are actual weebs. Yukapon was even a huge weeb.

No. 25176

20 is pretty old to learn a language which is why they push languages in schools. It's not impossible but really hard to learn a language when you're over 13 or so. It deals with how your brain develops not being "old".

No. 25178

Keekihime, Moetwinstyle, Aminyan and Yukapon all learned Japanese around that age or seriously started learning or had lessons. Their pronunciations and putting a sentence together are significantly more fluid compared to Kimonotime who claims to be "Intermediate level", Abipop, or any of those. Go to their Nico bcs, they struggle.

No. 25252

Did someone bring this girl up yet?

No. 25255

i can't tell if puffing her cheeks out in every shot or if she really does have chipmunk cheeks. not cute.

No. 25256

Forcing them out+bad shopping skills. She thinks it makes her look like a kawaii uguu~ little sister.

No. 25257

Omg I have this girl on facebook, her edits and blowing her cheeks out is so bad. She almost rubs her nose out.

No. 25258

Kinda looks like she's forcing a poo out.

No. 25261

File: 1416434788245.png (139.58 KB, 554x558, Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 22.0…)

Anyone who writes such a long post about themselves has got to be narcissistic.

Also, I never thought any of these things about her.
> I would love to be a known artist in Japan
How? She can't sing for shit and she ain't all that original or cute.

No. 25262

What's she like on there? Annoying and just as sparkly kawaii as on instagram?

No. 25269

Just posts 100000 selfies

No. 25271

Not really narcissistic. I've seen her getting questions about the same things multiple times, I understand why she would want to point them out in one post. I would get pissed if people were asking or writing about the same over and over again.

No. 25320

Why can't I wake up from this nightmare?

No. 25348

hahaha what the fuck?????

No. 25351

She's so full of herself.

No. 25367

File: 1416461214901.jpg (216.78 KB, 1280x1024, image.jpg)

the "I wanna be an aidoru" starter pack

No. 25376


No. 25423

it's only "really hard" if you're a fucking idiot.

No. 25426

No. There's people who "master" Japanese by being able to form perfect sentences on paper but can't speak at all, speak with terrible pronounciation or aren't fluid.

No. 25428

Please stop hijacking threads with this bullshit.

No. 26630

a.k.a idiots.

No. 26634

That's not an age/development issue. It has to do with solely studying the language through reading and writing, but neglecting to practice with speaking and hearing. It's a common mistake and happened to me when I was learning Russian. I was great at reading and writing, but could hardly pick up words I knew well when I actually heard them being spoken, or be able to speak sentences I could otherwise type fast without stuttering and pausing to think.

No. 28464

File: 1417888561843.jpg (69.73 KB, 603x960, 10712926_10152897224411468_411…)

Little old now, but christ this fucking outfit

No. 28466

>>Maker of this jacket 'I want to make a Looney Tunes jacket. Hmm Tweety Pie or Bugs Bunny? Ah fuck it, i'll merge them together because costs too much to create two.'

No. 28467

The original design was actually grey, looks like she just bought one of the cheapo Chinese versions as usual. Half Kelsey's wardrobe is butchered Lazy Oaf.

No. 28470

It kind of annoys me that she seems to think shitty, unmatched outfit = ttly unique jfash desu.
Not going to say a lot of J-fashion isn't mismatched and blindingly neon/colorful, but it's rarely as horrible as this.

No. 30271

File: 1418776643785.jpg (6.44 KB, 180x147, photo.php.jpg)

mind if i cut in

No. 30332

christ, she looks horrible

No. 32522

File: 1419379411405.jpg (83.41 KB, 617x996, image.jpg)

This is so fucking pathetic.

No. 32532


Jesus Christ, he really is jrcach 2.0

No. 32563

File: 1419381771929.png (282.61 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_2014-12-23-16-23-40…)

Whatever happened to tripfag Leaker?

No. 32589

Probably a heap of bullshit.

No. 32732

jesus,those girls …

No. 32733

Is this person JrCash?

No. 32766

The english is too good for that.

No. 34041

File: 1419705213639.jpg (96.99 KB, 618x533, ss (2014-12-27 at 07.32.37).jp…)

seems like kelsey panigoni is back to canada after 15 months.
did she stay for 12 months with a working holiday visa and then for another 3 months with a tourist visa or what?

No. 34050

She has an entertainment visa. She's probably just visiting family in Canada.

No. 36779

File: 1420328818468.png (265.42 KB, 814x701, Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 23.4…)

>£14 for a t-shirt
>generic phrase

No. 36782

>Pom Pom
>based on her shitty song
But does she even have fans? Who besides her immediate family and some of her friends would even buy, let alone wear this?
The design doesn't even look good. It looks like yellow vomit with a booger, a cloud and a living watermelon.
I just don't understand

No. 36784


No. 36866

Beckii Cruel is an annoying bandwagon jumper.

>herrr stahp da body shaming, stahp calling me skinny

Okay, cunt.

No. 36894

No. 36895

No. 36954

You should see her Japan shopping hauls. Girl literally bought $300 worth of tacky clothes and accessories with teddy bears dangling off of them.

Though I did get a good laugh when I heard her say her Japanese was "Good, but not great!" when she can barely read the labels on the things she bought.

No. 36958

but it's so kawaii and quirky, just like her!
ie: mismatched neon and random faces on stuff

Her face actually looks kinda cute in this. Everything else NO

No. 36993

I also think she has a pretty face but everything else is just trashy..What a shame.

No. 37017

>a booger, a cloud and a living watermelon

No. 37019

lololololol@that white stocking slowly rolling down her thigh over the course of the song

jfc is it that difficult to refilm your routine

No. 37353

Is that a little girls dress

No. 37421

No. 37459

She's just generic weeby girl with buckteeth, nothing really lulzy I could find

No. 37692

File: 1420517795906.png (800.68 KB, 1019x608, wann.png)

imo this style doesn't fit her

No. 37699

that is really…unfortunate looking. also lol at "pinku"

No. 37705

File: 1420521818228.jpg (29.49 KB, 550x371, 1111.jpg)

No. 37714

>That location

Please tell me she doesn't live in Las Vegas…

No. 37731

holy fuck
she looks completely different

No. 37736

I can see she has no circle lenses in/potentially no make up on or at least none of the thick eyeliner she puts on her upper lash line but…she does look quite different. Her teeth look even worse, like her two front'ns are completely different sizes and shapes. Ah…I feel kinda bad though cause she seems quite sweet and not like a nasty person or anything.

No. 37746

Most of her pics are angles, blur, abd makeup. Idk about editing, probably a bit in Mitu or some other editing app

No. 37750

#kawaiiblackgirl #cuteblackgirl lol

No. 37752

Holy shiet
This gurl needs braces

No. 37766

lol #かわいいですね why do weebs feel the need of sticking "ne" everywhere it sounds fucking stupid

No. 37802


No. 37807

File: 1420563217840.jpg (139.82 KB, 640x888, image.jpg)

Does she have blasian fever

No. 37831

Haha what the fuck

No. 37833

File: 1420568453189.jpg (170.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Oh lord

No. 37838

File: 1420569230475.png (399.37 KB, 1010x805, Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 18.3…)

Her gofundme. Yikes, wouldn't it be better to ask for money to fix dat tooth?

No. 37841

>Unfortunately though, my family isn't rich or even well off enough to afford this, and raising 5 kids as well definitely kept me from this dream.
wait, wat why is she raising 5 kids????? or is she saying she has 4 other siblings??? if that's the case, why is she expecting her parents (and random strangers on the internet for that matter) to pay for it? she could just save the money herself. sure, it'll take longer but it's much more rewarding. i highly doubt anyone is going to donate anyway.

also she does not need $8,000 to go to japan, that's like going to japan, a hotel, food, shopping trips, etc. that's an all expense paid trip, not just going to japan. i'm looking into going to japan with my bf and the round trip flights for 2 people is around $1,500. and a gaijin house stay for a month, depending on where you wanna be, i've seen a lot online go for $300-$700. i'm assuming she wants to be in tokyo, so it'll be pricier but everything together it would not amount to $8,000.

it's irritating when people think they're entitled to this shit. especially when there are actual causes who deserve the donations more.

No. 37856

"Help Kimmy fix dat tooth!"

No. 37861

File: 1420574716529.jpg (78.8 KB, 558x744, image.jpg)

She kinda looks like a man without makeup and filters

No. 37864

Tbh looking at her makes me feel better about myself and my own teeth.
Do her teeth stick out of her mouth naturally or something?

No. 37867

For reals, the real cost of going to Japan is just the plane ticket. If you're smart, actually being there shouldn't cost too much more than being at home.

No. 37871

I personally think that she'll just go to Japan, weeb it up, and go back home to buy kawaii lolita shit

No. 37904

File: 1420577478372.png (1.13 MB, 658x822, dsfhjaj.png)

I don't know where to put this, so I'll put it here.


Can we talk about her and her Kota level shooping? She's South Korean, but I don't know much about her.

No. 37905

File: 1420577524089.png (957.95 KB, 766x536, sagg.png)

No. 37909

File: 1420577730225.jpg (38.02 KB, 600x537, BjKP4OACQAEv02U.jpg)

More pics of her.

No. 37911

File: 1420577802764.jpg (47.83 KB, 599x951, BfoLenpCUAATxQO.jpg)

No. 37912

exactly! either she didn't look into the costs or she's also trying to get people to pay for a massive shopping trip and a really fancy hotel there. i don't get what's so hard about getting $8,000 together by herself, she's insinuating that she still lives with her parents so she most likely doesn't pay bills or anything. it should be easy to come up with the money if she just saves every check she gets for it. i mean, if she really wanted it, that's what she'd do, instead of begging random strangers who could not care less if she goes to japan or not.

i think she'll try to pull the shit every other weeby girl that begs for money to go to japan and try to get attention there tbh.

also i think she won't get her teeth fixed because crooked teeth in japan is kawaii, which i agree with to some extent but her one tooth isn't cute.

i know it's all shoop, and not great shoop at all, but is it bad i think the shooping is really cute? i think it works well for the cosplays and those two are some of the best sailor moon cosplays i've seen, though i've mostly only seen bad ones. idk maybe i have bad taste bc i also find some of kota's recent shoops pretty cute.

No. 37913

File: 1420577946338.jpg (59.03 KB, 600x762, B1momy2CIAINNrH.jpg)

No. 37919


Might as well learn how to model 3D characters and make some sweet CGI instead of this.

No. 37920

No. 37926

I doubt she would even try to save up she's too busy buying kawaii pinku maid outfits and fugly cosplay wigs

No. 38079

I'm dying!!!

No. 38308

File: 1420663243994.gif (1.18 MB, 319x426, unnamed (1).gif)

No. 38313

Why is she blinking so much*

No. 38395

It's kawaii

No. 38402

holy shit, I know that girl.
I was once her friend on fb.
i unfriended her though. she loved abi a lot and she seemed stupid. always typing "XDDD" and acting like a teenager (when she's like 16-18?? i think shes an adult) with her other kawaii black tomodachi desu desu jfc

No. 38415

Her Okcupid says she's 19
http://www.okcupid.com/profile/KikitheWannabe/pictures?cf=profile I like how she edits her skin over 9000 times brighter then it already is

No. 38434


>My self-summary

My name is Kiki, or Kimmy~ I am 19 years old.Things I love include: Japanese fashion and culture, Korean fashion and culture, anime, jrock, Kpop, jpop, drawing, dancing, and singing. Also looking for someone to help me with my Korean

>What I’m doing with my life

Absolutely nothing at the moment
I’m really good at
Drawing and photography I guess~
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

>Favorite movies:

-anything horror

>Favorite Shows:


>The six things I could never do without

Anime, cosplaying, food, kawaii shit, Internet, and…… Facebook
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What the hell I'm gonna do with my life
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping or on Facebook

>They’re looking for

Ages 18–20
Located anywhere

>For new friends

You should message me if
Idfk and honestly idfc~

No. 38447

if she's into kawaii stuff why does she swear? never understood girls that do that

No. 38448

she's doing nothing with her life.
future pt

No. 38489

I believe it's because she thinks it makes her look tough and kawaii

No. 38490

Being a weekoreaboo is not liking Japanese/Korean culture when will she understand.

No. 38493

She's 19…why doesn't she just go to a state university and study abroad in Japan like other weebs?

No. 39137

No. 39144

I hate my country.

No. 39154

Are you from the UK?

No. 39156

… yes? I don't know why we produce such a high proportion of shitty wannabe aidorus.

No. 39161

File: 1420914225724.jpg (122.54 KB, 722x457, Scary Korean Aliens.jpg)

I'm currently living in South Korea and shooping is extremely common. You don't upload any picture of your self anywhere without editing it heavily first. I've been set up by friends where I've talked to a guy on Kakaotalk who was cute has hell from his picture, but then was nothing like it when we met.

No. 39171

I've always wondered why there are so many British try-hard aidoru wannabees in pastel seifukus

No. 39184

That is such a ridiculous amount of shoop.

I dont know much about SK but it honestly seems like such an exhausting place to live in. Everything is about keeping up appearances and work, work, working til you die.

No. 39207

>but it honestly seems like such an exhausting place to live in

Well, not for me since I have foreigner-privilege. But for a South Korean it is. But for the average Korean it is. Appearance is such a big deal in Korea that people feel pressured to get plastic surgery to get a job, and when you get that job they expect you to 60-70 hours a week even though you're only hired for 42 hours with no extra pay. Having a bf/gf is also all about the appearance and showing the world you're a couple, hence why people here do stupid amounts of lengths to show that they are together. If you're not in a relationship you're nothing, but girls will only date a guy who is tall, handsome and got a big wallet and guys only want a girl who looks like their favorite cute or sexy kpop idol.

anyway sorry for being OT.

No. 39306

File: 1420958612725.jpg (253.37 KB, 722x457, ayy lmao.jpg)

No. 40536

No. 40539

No. 40540

They really are the worst of the worst.

No. 40549

HAHAHAHA oh god.
Elizabeth and Alice are really lovely but jesus christ they are pretty hilarious to watch and listen too.

No. 40613

Is it just me or are a lot of these girls usually british/from the UK?

No. 40617

How can they all be so bad

No. 40623

yeah, i dont know what we encourage here..

No. 40943

Also, all the british wannabe idols all have the same ugly face. Foot face with giant potato nose.

No. 41001

Hahah what the fuck???Can't they hear themselves?

No. 41041


>cover of "Start:DASH"

FUCK NO, they've destroyed the song, they butchered it perfectly. ugh.

No. 41164

Kawaii japanesu accentsu kawaii ですねよ!!!(≧∇≦)

No. 41171

I've worked as an events coordinator and I had to set up a stage with some acts like this. I think it was Pinku something. It was just….ugh. What is the appeal for this dancing idol stuff. It's not even original.

No. 41237

No. 41430

What do you guys think of that new net group with those girls that were in oishii. Vicky chili and idk the othe girls name.

No. 41433

If it is the Vicky I am thinking of, there is no hope.

No. 41445

not all states offer those progams. even if nevada does, she probs can't afford it.

No. 41492



Here's the link to th the music video.

No. 41494

Oops I meant Jenny not Vicky my bad.

No. 41496

I only watched the first minute or so but it was pretty good imo ?

No. 41521

Yea it's pretty good, probably the best out of the foreign net idols MVs the only thing I dislike is chiis wig and that its chii.

No. 41560

did kerukkuma lose weight? omg anorexia is so kawaii desu

No. 41570

losing weight=anorexia?

No. 41601

She lost weight with the Photoshop diet by the looks of it.

No. 41607

No. 41618

is she back on tumblr? and yea she has lost weight she's been thin for a few months now. her face still meh doe.

No. 41621

great tbh, Jenny was always one of Oishii's strongest singers.

No. 41638

I actually liked it and it was a lot better than Oishii's Gametime song and video.
Is Oishii even still a thing?

No. 41661

File: 1421769678459.png (46.28 KB, 144x139, 1387201268297.PNG)

Has anyone else been inspired to pursue the internet aidoru thing out of spite? Like, watching from the sidelines and seeing all the things to avoid, mistakes the other girls make, etc. I can sing and shoop well(dancing is shit, but none of the other ones can really dance either) but I guess it's really about getting your foot in the door, first.

Still, it'd be fun to be bffsies with Jrcach and his bootlickers.

No. 41669


No because it's pathetic.

You say you'd do it out of spite but it's pretty clear that it's something you'd partially hope to get famous from anyway, be it of luck or determination.

Focus on a realistic career.

No. 41671


Don't. You wouldn't be the first or the last to think "LOL they'revso stupid and lame, I bet -I- could do everything they do better and get twice as famous with half the effort! I'm not a weeb, I just think it would be funny to beat them at their own game LOL!"

What you're suggesting would take massive amounts of time and work, not to mention money for clothes, wigs, and makeup. You would have to constantly be advertising yourself for more likes and followers, learning and rehearsing dance routines, doing makeup tutorials, studying Japanese (if you don't speak it already). The girls who do this aidoru shit do it because they have basically no friends or life away from the internet.

Not to mention, it would make you look like a total ass to dedicate so much time and energy to something just to spite others because you think it would be funny, not even counting wether or not you secretly really want all the attention.

No. 41675

I think you're misunderstanding me. It's something I've always wanted to do, not something I want to do just because these girls make it look ez or to be a dick. From watching them, I'm starting to see patterns of what to do and what not to do, what to say and how to act if that makes sense.

The spite only makes me want to actually do something instead of just sitting around. If anything it's inspirational.

I know it sounds super autistic, but the whole concept of gaijin aidoru desuuu is 100% autistic in itself.

No. 41702

I do, I take note of what I read on forums and keep track of what people react positively or negatively to. I don't aspire to be an ~aidoru~, but I do think that anyone who is at least somewhat public on the internet can take notes.

No. 43078


No. 45583

Has anyone seen/heard Kelsey's new song? The lyrics are embarrassingly bad.

No. 45584

lool i literally just came here to post it

No. 45629

what the fuck is that shit and I thought the pompom was bad

No. 45643

>Hell oh yu I hop ya gohd so todey I haf sommfing reely kewl to sh-ow yu geyes and its a brand nu SOHNG!

she can barely speak english much less sing it

No. 45675

Thought she was trying a Japanese accent at first…

No. 45764

WTF… Is she actually getting worse?

Also I never really understood what she's going for - she produces these shitty songs like she wants to be a mainstream singer, but then also weeby dance videos? What's her aim? Fame here or Japan?

No. 45803

She's just got a really broad Yorkshire accent. Most people in England don't speak like the Queen. Get over it.

No. 45810

It still sounds horrible though, that's the point.

No. 45858

Her glass eye really creeps the shit out of me

No. 45859

English is Kelsey's mother tongue.What's with that Japanese/English accent?Trying to sound Japanese desu?

No. 45937

keeki is back in nihon

No. 45941

I am ashamed to say I don't think it's bad.

No. 45945

Who cares? It's not for work anyways.

No. 45986

What's she back in jApan for? Did she promise some salary guy her hand in marriage again?

No. 45989

Seriously, no one seems to realize that she's very very sexually aware. Idol or not. She's real, and pretty nice, but a bit of a dirty girl.
She flirts with other people's boyfriends, sleeps with weirdos, and talks dirty to some of her fans.

No. 45993

^ you're talking about keekihime right? I feel she's the type to sleep with a Married guy in a cheap love hotel for the thrills and chills.

No. 45999

Are you deaf and blind anon?

No. 46000

How do you know all of that?

No. 46515

File: 1423109141552.png (507.61 KB, 488x622, keeki.png)

KeekiHime in Austria
>ugh I'm so depressed I wanna die because I'm nobody… god why I'm so ugly and WHERE'S MY GODDAMN XANAC!?
KeekiHime in Japan

No. 46522

"I'm in Japan….and shooped.

No. 46531

I think it is rather having to work vs vacation.

No. 46544

Honestly, I like the "aidoru" activities, like posting cute dances and dressing adorably, but I wouldn't want to be famous for it. I just want to do it for fun to feel nice about myself and give people some cute things to watch.

No. 46549

srsly it is cute sometimes. unless you're bibibaby.

No. 46557

File: 1423113353551.jpg (57.82 KB, 720x480, aminyan.jpg)

Aminyan at an event in Japan. Is that Yukapon?

No. 46558

File: 1423113399182.jpg (80.08 KB, 576x1024, image.jpg)

himeka "honeykittenmomo" 's little sister bibi

No. 46559

It is.

No. 46561

I really hope she's not going to use aminyan,and yes it probably is her………

No. 46562


No. 46615

File: 1423125689933.jpg (55.45 KB, 640x500, ke.jpg)

Kelsey and Beckii both look so busted kek

No. 46619

Isn't Japan tired from all these people coming to make it there?

No. 46624

these bitches dont even get noticed

No. 46645

Not something new. Non Japanese have been coming to Japan for decades trying to be big. If they act like a clown they usually get accepted.

No. 46688

holy shiiit my poor eyes D:

No. 46694

Is there something wrong with one of Kelsey's eyes? Her face looks so uneven, like she's wearing makeup on one eye but not the other.

No. 46698

i think she has fake eye.

No. 46705

I think she has more eyeliner on her right eye than her left. Might just be lighting.

No. 46706

She has a false eye, but the eyeliner style really doesn't help. I know she goes for that wacky, out-there image, but she'd look way better if she toned down her eye makeup.

No. 46707

File: 1423154461068.jpg (311.09 KB, 1000x1442, 06_fizzy_magazine_kelsey_ellis…)

is it wrong to laugh

No. 46729

Maybe, but I'm here laughing with you.

No. 46748

whhaaaaaat Kelsey has a false eye
please elaborate. how/why did this happen?

No. 46753

File: 1423162378459.png (35.93 KB, 500x500, DerpinaBlackSS.png)

I'm going to hell

No. 46756

No. 46757

File: 1423162553883.jpg (83.22 KB, 960x720, 1382186_605676186232054_765925…)

So tragic.

No. 46758

File: 1423162585565.jpg (81.01 KB, 636x960, 994489_634400153331323_8790726…)

No. 46760

File: 1423162733551.jpg (71.34 KB, 600x720, 10470996_1556800121263263_5661…)

No. 46770

Man, that's unfortunate. She's not even ugly, but goddamn that eye…

No. 46776

who's the black gal?

No. 46792


No. 46799

What am I looking at?
Are they in JPN?
Why the fuck does he look like he's gonna shoot himself?

No. 46831

No. 46872

get out micky lol

No. 46904

Wtf because I told someone who she was? Lmfao stop please.

No. 47076

ffs i really dont know why she always does this face in pictures
it bugs me so much

she squints as much as she can to make her cheeks touch her eyes
positions her face downwards and takes a selfie from above

No. 47086

It looks like she is doing the licking a vag pose too.

No. 47100

IKR! I thought I was the only one who found that weird. She always does it and it looks like she's taking a shit.

No. 47108

Purikura makes gaijin faces look weird but for her selfies…. I think she does that lip thing because she has big black girl lips and is ashamed of it.

No. 47109

But I noticed since she's come to Japan she's started to smile more and less of the lip thing so someone must have said something to her about it.

No. 47145

Omg i thought I was the only one noticing her strange selfies, it annoys me so much she looks like a cat fish in her selfies. I wonder if these girls talk about jrcach when they hang out.

No. 47149

File: 1423301377621.jpg (40.18 KB, 640x480, 10930071_845657765491533_31355…)

No. 47172

File: 1423324885083.png (188.52 KB, 511x284, 878.png)

No. 47173

No. 47174


Eww yuka pee. Take this garbage back to her thread.

No. 47175

Tell me someone recorded this whole thing

No. 47179

does this mean yuka is returning to nico nico with keeki. bc i wouldn't mind

No. 47232

Ew Yuka is so dirty

No. 47233

What does the jap text say?

No. 47234

She's such an attention whore who is just leaching for fame at this point.

No. 47237

Omg that's so depressing. Keeki cried because everyone said yuka was cuter. But she's the one who created the survey. Wtf

No. 47241

Yuka obviously smiling after winning was pretty funny, even if she was trying to console Keeki. But yeah it was pretty stupid thing to do of her, since when does cuteness define your human worth anyway lmao

No. 47242


For anyone who needs explanation, Keeki asked the audience "who is better?" and they voted 69.6% in Yuka's favor. Keeki then started crying.

No. 47243

Is she staying with Yuka for her trip?

No. 47244

Oops they weren't seeing who's cuter but rather which they prefer. But still, it's just a poll and pretty sure no one was thinking it so deeply

No. 47245

Yeah but they started saying "both of you are cute its ok" and stuff like that so that's why I said "cuter". Basically same thing because that's what they meant anyway.

No. 47247

Oh yeah I was just correcting myself though

No. 47248

When I say cute I usually mean pretty anyway lol sorry

No. 47249

I don't even care about yukapon drama but this is too hilarious hahahahahahaha

No. 47250

Wait i was answering to you idk what I'm saying anymore so I should got to sleep

No. 47263

I don't get it. Wasn't she just pretending to cry to be cute?
Please tell me no one is that pathetic over a random poll

No. 47296

Seems like she was actually crying for real. Yuka looked like she felt so awkward. Lol

No. 47327

Yuka really is just trying to get attention in any way she can at this point. That's why she goes to idol events like Aminyan's in distracting clothing so Neckbeards can breath down her chest. She knows she'll never be an idol again so she's clinging on to her "friends" so she can get attention from pervs again.

No. 47337


Well my good sir, more people like you need to rise up and point out these simple truths that people are pushing to the side. Voicing such opinions will get the hate wheel rolling more faster. If anything, she's a devil in sheep clothing. Moreover, she's very selfish and inconsiderate of people's feelings.

No. 47348

I kinda get the feeling that keeki and Yuka kinda have this strange friendship where they kinda hate each other and are competitive in some ways..I bet keeki thought she'd get most of the votes because of yukas dirty past (and present) but keekihime is also dirty imo.

No. 47350

God it's so stupid…

No. 47365

They've only become "friends" out of hating other girls more successful than them. Both of them are toxic people but Yuka moreso.

No. 47543

Keeki is too young and immature to be an idol because she bases her worth on other people's opinions. She spiraled into depression after leaving Japan last time and thinks she isn't worth anything because she isn't an idol. Yuka is confident in who she is and doesn't really care what other people think of her anymore which is why I have a feeling more people liked her in this vote, plus she is cuter. I kind of wish yuka would make do her own videos again because she is a lot more interesting to watch than keeki.

No. 48326

Kelsey on the regional BBC news, I think it was very sweet how the presenters were complementary on what she does.
Begins around 21:00

No. 48332

Can somebody upload this somewhere else? Can't get bbc iplayer here.

No. 48341

lol wow her skin sure looks a lot different on a decent quality camera

No. 48344

yuka was looking at keek like "bitch are u serious right now?"

No. 48797

It's funny to say this but watching keeki's tryharding makes me wish even more yuka would go back to doing vids and streams. She looks so much better in comparison. In fact, all these westerners trying to become idols are seriously just train wrecks in comparison. They try so hard to be cute whereas yuka was effortlessly cute, plus she is the only one who can speak japanese in a pleasant way. Her coming back would help cleanse all of the cringeworthy crap keeki, beckii, kelsey, abi, and himezawa are constantly spewing out. I wish she would consider it.

No. 48822

The thing about Yuka is that her japanese skills were really so basic and she's genuinely a bad person, that I can live with out a comeback. Akiraskighhigh was pretty shitty to her but she wasn't fucking innocent and she's pretty awful to other people.

No. 48823

And UK is a weeb factory for some reason. I don't even pay attention to the "idols" from there because most of them are terrible. Keekihime's Japanese is and was much more fluent than Yuka however. If it weren't for Akiraskyhigh she wouldn't have made it half the way.

No. 48826

Her japanese has improved a lot more though and honestly her accent sounded a lot better even back in the day compared to the tryhards who are currently striving for fame. I understand the oniichan thing wasn't for everyone (I didn't like it myself) and that she had drama but she didn't hurt anyone other akira (which was nothing in comparison to what he did to her imo) than talking shit about other girls when she was what, 16? I guarantee everyone she talked about talked about her too. She didn't photoshop herself or scam a ton of people like other westerners striving for nippon fame. And seriously, she is still cute and fun to watch and seeing her after all this time is almost like a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else.

What makes you think keeki's japanese is and was more fluent? Unrelated to grammar and vocab, I think keeki's pronunciation still sounds off and her voice is grating while yuka's is softer and sounds more natural. It's more pleasant listing to her.

No. 48827

I watched Keeki broadcast the other day, I personally thought her Japanese sounded good.

No. 48829

As someone who knows Japanese fluently, Keekihime's Japanese is and was more fluent than Yukapon. It doesn't matter how "pleasant" it sounded in that helium voice.

As for horrible things Yuka in this day at ill sexualizes children, uses people and cheats on her boyfriend with pedophiles.

No. 48830

And Keeki has done some dirt as well like scamming the Japanese guy out of a plane ticket to Japan…

No. 48831

This is all hearsay, there is no proof.

No. 48834

The proof for that is posted in her own thread, guess why she deleted her pedo webcam site so quickly but there are still screenshots as well as reuploads of her videos done on it.

No. 48844


To be fair, akira is a pedophile. If you are any damn near 30+ years old dating a girl younger than 18, you are a pedophile. Laws in a country do not justify that. Again, 25 years old dating a underage girl are pedophiles. But if the pedo truly loves her and waits. He is not a pedophile. No, wait….

No. 48848

Yeah he is a pedophile but Yuka has no problems with pedophiles considering she makes tons of masturbation sites targeting them and posing as underaged.

No. 48849

Nah there's solid proof. She has a boyfriend but still does pedophile webcam shows.

No. 48879

Why is keekihime in Japan again? Is she going to school there?

No. 48880


Again, where is the proof? Saying there are "tons of sites" is not proof.

No. 48882

Younow is not "pedo webcam." Still waiting for an actual valid point to your statement.

No. 48883

File: 1423709197665.jpg (39.48 KB, 591x453, 1340604493740.jpg)


Her (18+) masturbation vids and pics are out there now. She deleted her chaturbate account recently. Cut off is, only a select few know this and the person brought attention to it will remain unknown.

So keep asking anon and yukapee OC might just pop up so keep refusing to believe it.

No. 48885


Also, younow is pedo pandering site and she knew it. Someone needs to stop being a pussy show the screenshot where she flashes her disgusting tits.

No. 48886


Well she is what, 20 now? Post them then because I refuse to believe hearsay. Also doing porn is hardly a terrible thing, again it is not hurting anyone else unlike a lot of the other idorus clamoring for fame.

No. 48887

Just read her thread for fucks sake.

No. 48888

I did. There is no proof about her doing porn. Just some younow streams.

No. 48890

It's not the fact she's doing porn. I'm all for sexual liberation. She has a fucking boyfriend she's cheating on and the manner she does lewd things is sexualizing kids.

No. 48891

Nobody said she is doing born but she does webcam shit pretending to some underage girl named Emily Haze that loves to suck her father's cock.

No. 48893


Give me your email. Besides, what's it to you anyway? Are you one of her whiteknights trying to put things straight.

No. 48894

To add on this anon, her younow account actually says "Daddy touched me" or something fucked up like that.

No. 48895

I am all for people getting hate if they deserve it, but seriously, there is no proof of any of this. None of her doing porn, none of her cheating, and none of her actually sexualizing kids. It's ageplay, which is a fetish that, while I agree it's not very tasteful, is completely fine with consenting legal adults, which she is.

The Anneliese thing? That wasn't her in the recording. I do have no idea what the picture of her in the cage was though?

No. 48896

Her Google+ still states "Daddy's Little Girl" and as you can see her dad is added to it:

No. 48898

Oh my god. Go to her thread. She cheats on her bf constantly on pedo pandering websites. I know what age play is, but it's disgusting when you're 20 but starve yourself to look like a little girl who is "sucking her dad's cock". She has serious issues.

No. 48903

No, I am not a whiteknight. In fact I never even gave two shits about idol stuff back when she was actively doing it. I heard about her from tumblr when akira was trying to make stuff go viral, which yeah at first he did succeed in making her look crazy. Since then I have seen what PULL has written and her lolcow, and subsequently found out about the other western girls who are trying to become idols/models. All of the other girls have many things in common: scamming, photoshopping unrealistic proportions, and starting a lot of shit. But yuka was being punished for something else completely, yet there was no clear reason why other than what akira said (which let's be real, he sounds mentally unstable and desperate which makes how he handled a lot of situations terrible).

I agree Yuka was acting like a selfish brat when she started to get notoriety and even though it makes sense at that age it's no excuse, but presently it seems like she is doing absolutely nothing wrong? I am starting to wonder if the crap she is currently getting is justified or if it's just the people who she personally hurt or who are jealous of her that are spreading rumors. Loads of comments about her, like, >>48898 , sound completely opinion based and like they only intend to slander. At face value, she looks and sounds more attractive than all these other western idol girls, plus she can sing and dance. She obviously easily outshines them too, like the poll keeki cried about, so she is still a threat to them. Watching these other girls make such weebly fools out of themselves is painful, but yuka stopped. The only thing I see her doing that earns her mixed feedback is the ageplay, which again while it's not for everyone that doesn't make her a bad person for doing it as long as she is not hurting anyone. Of course cheating or misleading people is hurtful, but there is no proof of this anywhere. If she did do porn, there is nothing wrong with that either. tldr; I am trying to figure out what this whole kerfuffle is about because a lot of it seems to be full of hot air.

Also, please don't take this personally but I am a bit wary to give my email to an anon on lolcow. Did she have a porn name? If so I can google it and see. Or you can post and delete.

No. 49448


Keeki getting straight up humped on the floor by some guy in a dress. Why would she agree to do something like this.

No. 49451

she didn't. she was mad after that

No. 49453

She could have just walked out at the time if she was so mad though? She is so stupid to do stuff like this without thinking it through. Seems to be a common theme with her.

No. 49455

walked out? to where? what

No. 49456

She could have left. Hello.

No. 49457

yeah she probably did after the broadcast.

No. 49459

UK churns out more weebs seeking Japanese fame because of Beckii Cruel and others want in on it.

No. 49460

No, I mean during the broadcast, as soon as she started feeling uncomfortable.

No. 49481

I think white idols don't last long in japan because they're too opinionated and entitled.

Japanese idols don't share too much about their personal lives or speak about things that are negative.

They are white girls which means they are use to being "normal", so, when they go to japan and are treated differently it is hard for them to handle it. They also cant understand why as an idol you should act nice and fake because in the west we are taught to share our opinions etc

No. 49483

the reason keekhime failed is because of her constant complaining.
why would she think that as an idol itd be appropriate for her to share that shes poor and cant afford clothes? that makes the record label look bad>>49481

No. 49501

>appropriate for her to share that shes poor and cant afford clothes
She never did that, that's something jrcach made up, she was only selling some clothes that she didn't wear anyways and he made a huge drama out of it.

No. 49547

even so looking back at her posts on tumblr when she was an idol i knew all that was going to come back and bite her in the ass

No. 49583

File: 1423883031113.jpg (72.78 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mxqzjt1Hog1sl1emuo3_500…)

No. 50222

Aminyans gonna be in that Japanese show all the other popular weebs have been on…I have a feeling its gonna be cringe worthy and that sucks. She also pulls the fake kawaii voice and actions.

No. 50224

I don't know how much more cringe worthy you can get than yuriko tiger dancing to Kyary at the airport

No. 50348

File: 1424078223903.jpg (73.87 KB, 960x720, weeb.jpg)

No. 50352

Why does she do that face. Looks like she's looking at something really disgusting and trying to smile at the same time

No. 50356

shut up
 she's an angel

No. 50360

I'm sure she is, but she would look much better if she wouldn't make a face that looks like she's trying to hold in shit or something

No. 50396

She's confirmed herself of being spergs and usually people on the spectrum have trouble with facial expressions. She needs to practice or something though.

No. 50411

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

No. 50449

I only saw a few sec of her in the Japanese show and I turned it off, I really want her to be successful but she pulled that high voice and her skin is so dull and dry looking and her hair (sew in probably) is so stringy Idk why she says idols are changing but she goes with the boring kawaii uguu thing.

No. 50510

That shit she does with her eyes.. What the fuck girl…………………

No. 50567

Do you know where to find a video of it?

No. 50569

"lol I know what u did last night u pervert u"

That's all I can think about when I see her make that face.

No. 50589

Hey micky

No. 50596

I'm not Micky quit being so damn paranoid you probably feel smart typing that too. I like aminyan and I want her to succeed I just wish she dint do the fake voice thing and prepared herself for it. I don't have the link I only saw a preview but maybe after I watch the whole thing It won't be as bad as I think it is. After the show aired she was trending on yahoo Japan or Twitter I forgot which one.

No. 50610

I think because aminyan is black and most black women are stereotyped as manly or not feminine and unappealing that she tries and overcompensates for it.

and in Japan women are infantilized and cater to mens egos which is why Japanese women will fake a voice too.

No. 50614

No. 50649

I don't think she would need to change her voice to that extreme lv to seem feminine, she sounds like bootleg Mickey mouse http://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FGuSgLZv9BJM&h=qAQFRl2R0&s=1

No. 50653

On the threads about her on 2ch most people are praising her voice. it's annoying but for Japan that's what works I guess. I've never heard an idol with a deep voice.

No. 50655

^ really they liked her voice? That makes me feel a little Better about watching it now. Without being embarrassed for her. I wonder how Micky,momo and jrcach feel lol

No. 50658

Pls, I would like a short translation on what the fuck is going on.
And her agent looks ugoo and fishy as fuck.

No. 50664

Aminyan episode (from @33:25)

No. 50676

YAY! I MADE IT TO LOLCOW!!!! I feel so important now ^^ <3

No. 50677

Fuck off

No. 50682

Yeah she went viral in Japan I was really surprised,Her singing was pretty good by the way.despite a couple of nigger comments she seemed to go really well over there on twitter and 2chan. Jrcach must me shitting his pants right now…..

No. 50683

File: 1424147576819.gif (40.64 KB, 193x217, 1412834208214.gif)

Something to be proud of for sure. Congrats, you've made it so far in life.

No. 50684

the comedians said she was cute too and they are usually blunt which surprised me even more…….maybe japan doesnt hate black people as much as i thought,I would want to see one of these aidoru girls go to korean and see what happens.the jpop schick is getting played out.

No. 50694

She's hella cute. And seems really genuine.

No. 50699

jfc,that was so fake and embarrassing

No. 50700

everyone loves cute people.

No. 50703

the angent is supposed to be hot or something? it;s just a normal guy damn.

No. 50704

where did she go viral?

No. 50705

there are tons of white koreaboos that visit korea. awkward fake eyebags and all.

No. 50706


No. 50708

You say that about everyone on this board lol
Yahoo Japan, Twitter, 2chan

No. 50710

>automatically fishy
Some of the biggest cows on this board are the farmers

No. 50732

Yeah but how many try to be idols? I feel like people trying to get into the Kpop industry doesn't seem to happen, despite it being fairly popular these days.

No. 50764

Don't do this to yourself bby.

No one was talking about you, and this ain't even the right thread, don't make yourself into a bigger lolcow

No. 50790

He looks fishy regardless of ugliness.
I just thought he was ugly as fuck, is all. Don't get yer panties twisted.

No. 50793

Aminyan auditioned for hajirai rescue but didn't get accepted.

No. 50799

Is this her agencies youtube?

No. 50818

no the YouTube is just one someone makes videos of idols for
that's literally not what the TV show said the guy at the interview said she was really cute and following her tumblr the interview didn't happen that long ago and she said they contacted her for a second interview. She could be lying but meh
yea I noticed people on 2ch were saying that too about him. I just hope she isn't scammed or something.
call me a white knight or something but I wish real lolcows were posted here more. Not just any old weeb on the internet. /pt/ is just becoming a vendetta shit board.

No. 50836

While a majority of the Japanese reactions are pretty positive, I’ve noticed a theme emerging of: “shes cute- for a black person!” “A cute feminine black girl?!!” Wtf? The average Japanese girl is hardly anything to write home about.

No. 50837

Most Japanese have a robust soulful sexy attitude towards black women like Beyonce or Rihanna. I mean, America has it too though. How many black celebrities could you compare to Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift types? Usually black women are supposed to be erotic and unbashful but idols are the opposite so to see a mix of the two is really new. I wish her the best there. She seemed to have a good impact but only time will tell.

No. 50841

Yeah, I believe a lot of them are just stupid weebs no one cares about truly.
Though, I actually enjoy the topic of aidorus and what not and how they are doing in Japan and whatever.
We need more cows though.

Watching that video of Aminyan though, it is insane because my mum would be on back calling this place fishy as fuck and making sure I'm sure with this. I guess I shouldn't compare all black mums, but a lot of black mums including mines are paranoid to whatever's end.

No. 50849

the manager is ugly and while I'm not denying it I don't see what was fishy about the entire thing,. nobody said ally&sally,yuriko tiger, or Kerukkuma's thing was fishy so I really don't how it's different? If anything she had time to investigate this company,has a plan b by going to college,she mentioned having a lawyer read her contract shit and brought her mom with her.I feel like you guys are being nitpicky about random stuff. I want more actual cows.

No. 50866

>/pt/ is just becoming a vendetta shit board
It always has been, it was partly born out of /cgl/ banning the singling out of people.

No. 50868

It has achieved a new level of shit

No. 50869

File: 1424203099869.jpg (36.83 KB, 494x380, IMG_20150217_145509.jpg)

For thoses wondering about her agency

No. 50873

jfc this thread. who cares how the manager looks……

No. 50886

I find this video interesting, I also think Beckii knows what she is talking about:

No. 50892

That video was so boring I couldn't sit through it for more than 5 min. She stumbles and mumbles a lot as well, so I had a hard time understanding a lot of what she was saying.

No. 50897

It's over 20 minutes. Give us the highlights.

No. 50900

I can't really give highlights, I just find her views on things interesting and intellectual. I found her view point on what YouTube content is becoming quite correct; that all bloggers are essentially all the same as they use the same soft focused background, same boring content, same background music. There are so many of these type of YouTubers that are top of the YT game and that it is taking over everything.

No. 50923

Is it just me or is Aminyan's voice several cough cough octaves deeper here (skip to 0.20):

No. 50929

Himeka this video is four years old.

No. 50945

Micky and Himeka please just let it go.

No. 50951

face palm This thread is going steadily down hill. Apparently now you can't post a comment without someone blindly yelling MICKY/HIMEKA/JRCACH like some special needs toddler.
Excluding boys, if your voice happens to change that dramatically during your teenage years (in the opposite direction, mind you) its time to call your doctor. It is ridiculously obvious she's putting that voice on.

No. 50952

Man, those hi x hi y things are stupid, unless they are passive aggressive a la micky, there's no point of saying calling them out, 99% of the time you are wrong

No. 50959

It's obvious that's Himeka since she has already stated how she hates Aminyan and tried derailing Micky's thread to be about Aminyan.

No. 50963

Not everyone who says anything about aminyan is micky or himeka. I've been called micky twice. Once for just telling someone a person in a pic was Aminyan. Like stop being so paranoid, it's annoying.

No. 50966

>fake voice
This girl has the best Japanese skills of any other weeb who has been on that show, organized meetings for herself and tons of shit but you guys only care about her voice. You first said her agent was fishy for no reason but when got called out picked up some other BS. Nicki Minaj and tons of "personalities" put on fake characters. It's show business get over it.

And it may not be Himeka or micky but it probably is considering they keep bringing up random shit about aminyan. There's a few black girls like Kiki what's her tooth and others who are jelly of her. I just wish this thread was actual Lolcows being discussed and not "B'awwww I don't like this girl"

No. 50967

She wrote on ask.fm that aminyan was the scum of the earth and tried coming here to get Lolcow as her personal army. It's most likely her.

No. 50968

God its so frustrating being a victim of this witch-hunt bs. A few village idiots seem to have forgotten the true meaning of lolcow, i.e to call out bs. So there's a high possibility that once in a while we might say a negative thing or two. And no, that does not automatically make someone Micky or Himeka.

No. 50971

Lolcow isn't to point out BS it's to laugh at mentally incapable people. if you want to expose someone for the *~truth~* go to fucking PULL you noob ass bitch

No. 50972

whats her tumblr?

No. 50973


No. 50974

Calling out bs doesn't mean "exposing the truth" Sherlock. It means calling out bs full stop. Sit your ass down.

No. 50976

oh god this hate to be b8.
I don't give a shit about Aminyan but I'm tired of threads where bitches just try searching for any minuscule thing to whine about like the Abipop thread that died off. >inb4 you don't get Lolcow
like can we focus on actual cows? not >I saw this girl on tumblr once and I didn't like everything about her!!!!!

No. 50977

I agree. I don't really see the big deal with the fake voice, it's not like nails on a chalkboard/Venus Angelic level. Some Japanese girls speak with a fake voice too, but no one really says anything about that. The only negative thing I can say about her voice is that the koi suru fortune cookie cover they showed was awful imo. And she makes a really weird face in pictures.

No. 50979

Someone had mentioned earlier about the fake voice thing so I posted a link to confirm it. That could've been end of story, but no, queue: "BYE insert name of cow you're just jealous" Its getting old. A little originality would be much appreciated.
And excuse people for bringing Aminyan up a lot recently, but she's the most talked about gaijin aidoru in Japan so naturally…

No. 50982

>>50972 just her website: aminyan.com
for asks: aminyan.com/ask

No. 50983

File: 1424224532014.jpg (43.6 KB, 419x400, 1404680189146.jpg)

>she's the most talked about gaijin aidoru in Japan
going a bit far there, Anon

No. 50987

Name other active gaijin idols in Japan? Besides random people like Ell Tia who nobody talks about there aren't many. So recently she is the most talked about.

No. 50990

>>50983 Haha, I forgot to add, "For now." But yeah, considering she ranked 2nd on Yahoo search, was trending on twitter etc. Plus who else is actually pursuing a career over their right now? Pointedly ignores Himezawa

No. 50991

The gaijin aidoru thing is dead and most girls never wanted to be an aidoru anyways. Now they're following the trend of "living doll model" after Dakota's success and it takes less work than singing and dancing. All of the people who had potential/chance to become an idol became one(Beckii, Keekihime, Kerukkuma, and now Aminyan). Getting a model visa is a lot easier so I see girls doing that now.

No. 50992

Oh and there's Himezawa but she doesn't know Japanese or what an idol is. She could become a popular model there though.

No. 50994

With those Obasan features? Hell no. Even Beckii makes her look like the Wicked witch of the West

No. 50995

Lol no Beckii's face is busted lately. Lol

No. 50996

Despite Beckii being amazingly plain, she's pleasant and a looks youthful, Kowaizawa on the other hand is just a delusional beanpole of NO, with a loyal following of 3 fans. No looks, no talent, no personality. For real, WHO IS SHE?

No. 50999

No. 51007

Proof of Himeka saying things about Aminyan?

No. 51010

>>50999 I'm the anon who wrote the apparent "himeka in disguise" post
"tried coming here to get Lolcow as her personal army. It's most likely her."
That's just speculation. Do you have any proof? As usual you paranoid, over-analytical farmers don't need much to get you going.
Waiting for hours on the edge of your seat, nitpicking every post with a magnifying glass. Like, calm tf down>>50999

No. 51024

No. 51025

File: 1424235078730.jpg (717.47 KB, 1280x1280, 2015-01-31-21-10-51_deco.jpg)

I dropped my pic

No. 51026

File: 1424235096377.jpg (6.16 KB, 208x242, images.jpg)

>she could become a popular model there though
himezawa pls

No. 51030

She and micky also went in the micky thread calling aminyan ratchet and stupid shit it was pathetic lol. Himeka is the girl who sells CP of herself for $4 on tumblr.

No. 51032

File: 1424236711140.jpg (135.17 KB, 640x819, image.jpg)

To make matters more interesting, Himeka's obese sister Bibi also hates aminyan now. As much as I love drama this shit isn't that believable. Bibi and Himeka have a history of scamming, selling CP, being ratchet in general so why do they think anyone would believe them?Most of their live streams were people calling them fat or niggers so how are they that popular?
it's sad a lot of these sjw types scream "black unity" and "girl power" but will tear down one of their own out of jealously.I want aminyan to succeed just to piss off Himeka/Jrcach/Micky/bibi

No. 51035

Can someone screenshot the post?

No. 51036

just saying something

this blog post is all lies. Just…lies. I am not going to get into the things she did to my sister and many other girls, i just want to talk about what she did to me. This summer when i began broadcasting on worldotakumate, aminyan made it so hard for me… She bullied me badly and lied. She did things such as telling me that the owner of the channel said it was okay to schedule my own broadcast when that was a lie. She almost got me kicked out of this channel for this. In addition, she wanted the owner of the channel to hate me so badly… she would tell me that when the site owner didnt schedule my broadcasts immediately he hated me or something. She would also change the tags of my lives to racist things and leave racist comments. Eventually, when i got my own community because i got tired of all of the drama from WoM, Amina promoted herself on my broadcast ! She did this because she felt threatened because i was more popular than her as she is with many other girls ( this is why you dont see her promoting others ESPECIALLY BLACKS except when shes getting fame or something that can benefit her out of it ). And I want you guys to remember that i supported this girl , i defended her when jrcach said racist things and this is what i get in return???
”As she became the most consistent and popular streamer for the channel” This is an absolute lie because me and my sister would get alot more views than aminyan on world otaku mate.

No. 51037

Sorry couldn't screenshot but copied text. It sounds like a load of bull. I know some people out on a fake kawaii uguu act but I'm more than willing to believe aminyan over these beastie bitches.

>we almost got kicked off the channel!

If they were that popular and bringing in views why would the channel kick them off because of aminyan? They probably almost got kicked off for doing soft porn live streams and being underaged.

>she did this because we were competition!

Really Bibi? Do you really think you're competition? You and your sister have to spread your legs for half the views she gets.does anyone remember the bibi thread on PULL and how bibi nigg'd out? These bitches have horrible attitudes and look terrible.

No. 51043

barf I want to make my own thread about her but I don't know if threads for minors are allowed? her and her sister are so gross lmao

No. 51046

Oh bibi…I've been to her live it was so uncomfortable, I asked her where her mom is and she got so mad. if anyone left racist tags on her broadcast it was probably from jrcach or other racist Japanese.

No. 51048

File: 1424240435057.gif (1.13 MB, 529x432, 1343187127648.gif)

I agree with you on the vendetta part.

Also hope slutpon and these other "idols" dont fuck up Aminyans image.
She seems really sweet,and that she's willing to work hard for it unlike some of them.

I sound like a whiteknight but shes cute as hell. I dont even like idols.OTL

No. 51049

>she doesn't promo me and my fat sister she's so bad.

If you're running a business would you promote a shittier business selling the same thing as you for lower quality? how does this make her a bad person

No. 51055

File: 1424245123305.jpg (113.21 KB, 768x1027, Screenshot_2015-02-18-02-35-06…)

Himeka is moving to Japan. I wonder if she'll end up like Barbie.

No. 51057

Yeah sure she is, and she'll probably sell her pussy for $25 just like barbie too.Nobody will want her there she's actual garbage. I remember she scammed cosmates a few years ago and got banned on tumblr for distributing and creating CP which is why she renamed herself Himeka/Himekangel from HoneykittenMomo/Momouto. She's micky but actually worst. Micky is an idiot, Himeka is garbage inside and out. The first thing she and her sister yelled were racism when anyone criticizes them. How does their parents approve of this?

No. 51058

What's with this sites obsession with Aminyan. This is one of the reasons why this site is getting shittier, it's getting like PULL on how you can shit on some girls but if you say something bad about some other girl holy hell. Aminyan is nice and all but she isn't some saint that does everything right. Her japanese is quite frankly bad for someone who has studied it for like 8 years.

And yeah, I am Himeka and I'm Micky too so don't waste your time pointing that out.

No. 51062

Himeka has had to change her tumblr and Twitter hundreds of time cause of her cp, I wonder what sort of "hard times" she's been thru? Whose paying for that ticket to Japan? Her cp money or mommas money? I feel bad for her mom honestly, she spoils her daughter but all she does in return is sell her pussy pics, and slams her mom. Ungrateful as hell. I always followed her Twitter for the drama and lols but had to unfollow her cause her constant whining about Her mom "treating her unfairly" got on my nerves.

No. 51063

We've been talking about aminyan for like one day, her name will vanish from here when another wannabe idol does something that causes drama.

No. 51067


No. 51068

the aidoru thread is filled with wannabe aidoru or former wannabe aidoru which is why this thread is so shitty !

No. 51073

What's Himeka's new tumblr/twitter? She changes shit so often.

I remember she had a peeplay blog that got deleted like 2 days after she posted something about "Pay me $50 and I'll give you exclusive peeplay videos" or something. She must've been like 16 at that time. Sickening.

No. 51082

You took a screencap of the middle of her talking good job kek

No. 51083

She got reported for CP so she's not on twitter

No. 51084

The reason people don't talk about aminyan that much in a bad way because she isn't really a Lolcow so when people post her here it's obviously vendetta.

No. 51090

in fact aminyan is very similar to himezawa
she's so fake

No. 51092

Ok bibi

No. 51093

Yeah no. One is a bit weeby but seems genuine and humble, taken the time to learn Japanese and her pronunciation is damn good. The other has scammed people out of thousands of dollars, has no goals and practically no fans. In common they both can't really dance, but I think aminyan said she was training, so if she admits she sucks it's fine by me.

No. 51124

Both himeka and bibi have a Twitter but both are private.

No. 51125

Aminyan is super cute and charming, but no her japanese pronunciation is not good at all. I don't know what you've been hearing. She's doing her best though, and I'm cheering her on.

No. 51127

I think that Aminyan seems a lot nicer than a lot of the girls that get posted here
But it is strange how you will collectively all drag one girl and then praise another girl
like you all hate himezawa but cannot get your heads out of Aminyan's ass
The same way you all go on about how ugly Micky is but praised gook-chan
It's just weird.

No. 51132

Aminyan doesn't act egoistical, is open to constructive criticism, and actually puts effort into the things she does, unlike most of these cows.

No. 51147

At least aminyan used her kick starter money for actual reasons and not to buy brand and dance on a shabby stage lol

No. 51151

What did she use it for?

No. 51161

To record and produce a single and make a photobook, which was finally sent to people who donated to her Kickstarter. I thought it was a very clever idea because she would know exactly how many to have made and not be out of pocket.

No. 51164

Bibis revent tumblr post

Where is the soft core cp? CP is when a minor engages in a sexual act. Am I having sex with anyone on my tumblr? Do you see exposed genitals? No? Okay then

No. 51175

No her Japanese sounds nearly native, I know japanese will compliment almost anyone who speaks it but as a native speaker she sounds really good. She just talks really weird like speaking a weird dialect.

No. 51176

And that's how kickstarter is supposed to be used. Some people apparently gave her shit for it.

No. 51177

She said that her tutor had something equivalent a country accent.

No. 51182

Most of the people who hate aminyan have things in common. Micky, Himeka and Bibi for example. Fat, wide nose, ugly and slutty. Aminyan is skinny, doesn't have a stereotypical "black" nose, and doesn't seem slutty at all. It seems like since all three of them hate her there has to be some truth to what they're saying but frankly it sounds ridiculous.

No. 51185

File: 1424298101041.jpg (255.65 KB, 960x1280, 2015-02-18-17-16-47_deco.jpg)

No. 51188

I'm sorry it's hard for me to believe aminyan bullied these fat fucks. The only reason bibi and Himeka get views is because they say they're in highschool, wearing clothes way too small for them, half naked, and half the comments at that are laughing at them calling them niggers.
On twitter they both follow a bunch of porn accounts and Aminyan's followers and tweet nearly nudes. Yet combined they still don't have the same amount of followers as aminyan who never did shit like that. They look like beastie precious types, nobody would want them. Their attitude and looks remind me of barbie.
The first thing they claimed is that aminyan is racist? Does that make any fucking sense? Fat SJWs always want something to complain about.

No. 51190

She probably got kicked out because she was ruining the image for the channel.

No. 51192

File: 1424298798615.jpg (163.55 KB, 768x1134, Screenshot_2015-02-18-17-13-20…)

>NND famous

fucking top kek

No. 51193

File: 1424298823906.jpg (93.87 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

Thar she blows!

No. 51195

Can we make a thread for Himeka and Bibi. Not because of aminyan but because of all the antics they do

No. 51196

File: 1424298944539.jpg (47.02 KB, 768x505, Screenshot_2015-02-18-17-12-52…)

Bibi pulling a Jrcach

No. 51197

Jrcach supposedly has "new information" about aminyan and I think they're feeding him stuff. It's really sad because these bitches never have a chance so they're ruining it for her.

No. 51218

Oh you were talking about that Himeka. I thought you meant the white girl Himeka. Why are their names exactly the same?

No. 51220

Himeka was yukas friend then turned on Her when yukapon Warned her against basically selling herself.
Bashes her mom who spoils her.
I wouldn't be surprised if she is lying about aminyan "bullying her"
Aminyan probably told her to stop selling her pussy pics for 25c a pop and got offended. Idk why they just won't tell us what she did so badly. Instead of that ridiculous explanation bibi gave.

No. 51226

I remember aminyan making a post a few months ago about "losing her best friend" and how lonely she felt. It's sad to say Himeka probably never felt the same way, and I know she was talking bad about aminyan behind her back. She even had screenshots from when aminyan and her were "friends". Aminyan is too nice. I would've dragged that bitch to no end. Jealousy is a terrible quality.

No. 51231

How many of these wannabe idols are in Japan now? Aminyan, himezawa, Kelsey (or is she still in Canada?)

No. 51235

Can we act like Himezawa doesn't exist because let's be honest she has no chance.

Aminyan, Elltia, there's a few random people, Rukichan and Kelsey Parnigoni. So far all of them have done live events and stuff

No. 51245

Micky posted a screen cap of meany aminyan

No. 51247

Tumblr link?

No. 51248

I've seen this before. It's from 3 years ago, but I never thought it was a big deal. Micky lies about her race.

No. 51249

File: 1424305672296.jpg (10.39 KB, 189x267, images.jpg)

When I tried to google image this I got this lol.

Even google knows shes a fat fuck or thinks shes pregnant.

No. 51250

Was Micky lying about being half Asian? Why did she reblog a post about Venus doe smh Micky needs to sit down. Weren't aminyan and himeka friends just a few months ago? And now they team up to hate her?

No. 51252

I doubt you're a native then because she has an accent. She is good at the things she does know, but the accent is still there. She doesn't sound native. Lol

No. 51253

Go to the Himeka thread if you want details. Himeka/momo started hating ami because she actually got support in Japan. She's the same girl who was friends with Yukapon but ended up leaking information. She even dissed micky a few times but jealousy is a bitch, so now her only friends are people grosser than herself like her sister and micky. Yes they've all teamed up to say aminyan bullied them when in actuality they need to stop selling nudes and get their lives together.

I don't agree with Aminyan's language but I'm pretty sure micky provoked her. She almost never swears and it's super out of character for her. And yes micky does lie about race saying she's either half Chinese or half Japanese which is annoying.

No. 51258

File: 1424306901565.jpg (445.28 KB, 960x1280, 2015-02-18-19-40-51_deco.jpg)

She linked to her own thread on here. She's digging her grave deeper.

No. 51259

Oh god micky please stop

No. 51261

funny how all those girls (himeka, micky,etc) are ugly, fat, dumb, hated and they hate ami which is kawaii and not a lolcow unlike them? HAHAHAHA theyre so jealous lmao im not even an ami fan but now i seriously want to be her friend tbh she seems so caring

No. 51262

File: 1424307273310.jpg (288.08 KB, 960x1280, 2015-02-18-19-49-56_deco.jpg)


Bibi is keeping up her Jrcach routine.

pudinsesu.tumblr.com is Micky's blog if you want to see the other lolcow in her natural habitat.

No. 51264

It just looks like aminyan got anmoyed cause Micky thinks she's a thick kawaii halfie like it says on her thread.

No. 51268

File: 1424307854023.jpg (61.21 KB, 768x680, Screenshot_2015-02-18-20-00-15…)

She's trying to play off the shitstorm she caused.

No. 51280

Is micky creamy rainbow or the one replying?

No. 51281

I'm with you.

No. 51338

Micky is the one replying.

No. 51392

why do fat people think people want to see their butts?

No. 51396

nigga she DID say she had a weird accent! that doesn't mean her speaking is bad get the fuck over it damn.

No. 51399

File: 1424324405995.png (742.33 KB, 1024x575, aminyan_by_astrozombiesss-d8hi…)

Ok this aminyan fanart is so pretty tho. I felt it had to be shared.

No. 51407

the skin color is off but it's really

No. 51408

Thats really well done.
Go! Go! Princess Aminyan.

No. 51410

File: 1424325969972.jpg (24.26 KB, 306x306, 918175_300797133409492_9594211…)

i don't think the skintone is off. it's the lighting the artist chose.

No. 51425

Oh I see now you're right

No. 51463

Looks more American-Indian than African-American, but good none the less.

No. 51486

this looks nothing like her
too damn pretty

No. 51487

I hope aminyan does well but i feel keeki, yukapon and Kesley are all better singers and their singing voices are cuter. Hopefully she can approve because I don't find her singing cute or pleasant.

No. 51489

File: 1424359923808.jpg (27.16 KB, 600x450, 10429439_852495774807732_89169…)

No. 51490

File: 1424359940987.jpg (36.57 KB, 600x447, 1505638_852495694807740_281649…)

Honestly.What the fuck..?

No. 51493

File: 1424360580688.jpg (41.11 KB, 960x445, 10411169_852495414807768_48344…)

Calm down it looks great on her

No. 51495

>I sort of like her but she's uh you know black

No. 51496

You bitches need to calm down lmao

No. 51498

Can't she afford a haircut?

No. 51499

i am black and that is the only reason im supporting her or care if she succeeds.
but disregarding race i still find yukapon, keeki and Kesley singing voices to be better.

i like yukas voice the most.

No. 51500

She said that she randomly felt like giving herself a haircut, so she did

No. 51503

I finally saw that video of Kelsey crying cause her viewers voted for yuka as cutest it's ridiculous. Is she staying in honestly?

No. 51508

I mean homestay

No. 51511

You mean Keeki? She just returned to Austria. And tbh that poll was stupid thing for her to do, she was already feeling down about something else.

No. 51515

And Yuka is crying about it on her facebook like if Keeki died.

No. 51516

I'll get over it when people stop trying to defend her bad japanese just because she's aminyan. Any other girl and people wouldnt be so protective. Jfc
Aminyan is lucky she has so many white knights.

No. 51529

No one really was, but you seem really butt blasted over it.

No. 51531

I hear her accent also, happy? It's not that big of a deal.

No. 51550

I wish more people would leak Yuka's fb stuff to prove if she really is so cringe worthy or not. Sounds like the majority of her flist are farmers.

No. 51553

there were caps all over her truth blog

No. 51557

I mean current stuff.

No. 51572

Like her ageplay shit?

No. 51658

Why do farmers judge whether someone is good at Japanese when most of you don't know anything besides a few phrases or an intro to Japanese class at your community colleges?

No. 51662

Her Japanese isn't perfect but compared to Kerukkuma, Himezawa, Kelsey Ellison, Beckii cruel is pretty good. She's at least functional. Damn y'all looking at this girl with a magnifying glass.

No. 51692

Im glad ami is a student in university, if her idol job fails she can stiil stay there as a student. Unlike other wannabe aidoru who will probably end up marrying some japanese guy because thyre desperate for japanese citizenship.

No. 51702

oh stfu. ami doesn't have a stereotypical black look either, does that mean she's not black? no. you're probably one of those people that bother others about their race refusing to believe they're not mixed if they look in any way different.

No. 51704

everyone looks better anime

No. 51705

Wtf are you talking about you utter knob head. I was talking about the drawing, not Ami herself. Twat.

No. 51706

yukapon is will never return. her songs were actually good.

No. 51707

Aw, good for her. It sounds like she wants to pursue being an idol as a fun hobby and, sure, a way to get some attention. But it's good that she's also in school instead of just trying to be ~a top aidoru~ like others. I've heard it's hard work and high stress for little pay, so idk why so many foreigners want to get into it, but I'm certainly rooting for her.

No. 51714

where's the video?

No. 51716

She still adds new songs to her singingprinc3ss soundcloud account once a while.

No. 51722

Oh my god, I've never heard her singing it's actually really good.

No. 51723

lmao i know you were talking about the art. doesn't matter.

No. 51725

the lolicon song cover tho

No. 51743

No. 51749

To be fair, the lyrics are about a girl who looks really young but is happy that her boyfriend likes her anyway, not actual lolicon.

No. 51752

I tried asking what was even the context behind that cap of Ami because you can't even.. Like what was the conversation.. about?
and she couldn't give me any so I'm guessing that was ami's retaliation against something one of them did, and they just conveniently cropped out any mention of one of their crew screwing up to make her look bad.

No. 51753

I can't believe she went so far as to call Ami homicidal over that what the fuck

No. 51762

File: 1424391714982.jpg (75.15 KB, 720x864, really..JPG)

So she has the exact same measurements as Sonico & tiny baby feet?

No. 51763

ugh I hate these bitches. I hate when people scream "jealous weeb" but that's literally all they are. This is a probably photoshopped image, and the quality is terrible. Even if it is real it's from 2012. I really think they pushed her too far. People like her who let bitches walk over them eventually snap at the littlest thing because of built up pressure.
It's also hilarious how they assume everyone who sticks up for ami is her. They're fairly hated in the only weeb community and she's pretty respected/more known than them so obviously people are going to get in their asses. Fuck fat bitches.

No. 51765

Jesus no, like her status updates or (not ageplay) pictures.

No. 51767

Micky also embraced her friend saying she wasn't a typical black which is racist af.

No. 51775

That's what I was thinking when Abi said she had the same shoe size..is it possible?

and it that micki screen cap is probably aminyan mad cause Micky was pretending to be mixed or bragging about it and aminyan was probably offended by her trying to be anything but black.

Guys i dreamt of aminyan two nights in a row cause of this drama lol.

No. 51776

Oooof pardon my horrible typos.

No. 51786

File: 1424393567228.jpg (89.48 KB, 759x573, Screenshot_2015-02-19-19-45-21…)

She says were petty but her, her sister, and Micky are stirring up drama and using an out of context screencap as justification for it all.

No. 51792

Micky used to be a lot more cringe worthy than she is now(hard to imagine I know). She was a scene kid who would video tape herself with a sign that says "honk if you love unicorns" at cars on an intersection. This really all started because she would say really stupid shit "It's not rape it's surprise sex" "black people are the most racist of all!" "I'm happy I'm not the typical black girl" .but suddenly she made a complete 180 and left scene and started copying tumblrand started buying milanoo dresses.
Ami wasn't a sjw at that time but she was a lot more blunt.shes also from like a rich side of town where micky lives in a trailer home I heard so there's elitism on Aminyan's part.
ive met both of them IRL.at youma con so ask me anything.

No. 51796

I don't think it is, I've never seen a 4 1/2 size shoe in any stores/on any websites. I wear a size 5-5 1/2 so I think I would've seen that size. Even in Asian sizing, a size 5 (22.5) is considered a small. I think she's just trying to be a kawaii loli with that.

Unless she's talking UK sizing? I think she's from the UK, right? I know that a women's size 4 exists there.

No. 51835

File: 1424396772785.jpg (108.7 KB, 768x1043, Screenshot_2015-02-19-20-35-49…)

How much do you know about Micky?

>I clocked her tea

No Bibi, youade yourself look like an idiot.

No. 51842

Come on The shit is called 'glad you're a lolicon'. And btw I mean that the singing was cute not talking about the name of the song……

No. 51857

Micky would lie to guys when she was 13 telling them she was 17 and getting them in lots of trouble.shes also supposedly in special education.

No. 51860

File: 1424400338306.jpg (152.27 KB, 768x1055, Screenshot_2015-02-19-21-28-51…)

She really needs to get the sand out of her vagina.

No. 51866

She's in special education?

No. 51883

I hope this tumblr mess doesn't effect aminyan doe, she's blaming every anon on her lol she's going crazy like jrcach.

No. 51889

why would aminyan still care about himeka when she has a busy life as an idol and a student?
she probably doesnt even have time for the stuff

No. 51896

File: 1424405500443.png (8.94 KB, 707x185, hum.png)

this is the first time ive seen one of these wannabe aidorus say they plan on having a degree in the future 0_0

shes a totally different breed from these girls

No. 51925

Thats cause shes smart and not putting all her eggs in one basket for a hobby.
Dont get me wrong im sure if she could be a kawaii idol forever she would, but she's smarter than that.

No. 51953

these girls are all such fucking generic and boring weebs. where are the newest wannabe aidorus to find new drama about

No. 51959

>type in anonymous in the name field.

No. 51965

some things you should probably let go

No. 51991

I think this is the only reason I've been liking Ami, she doesn't have her head up her ass thinking she's going to be a super idoru like all the other weebs. Gotta respect her for the back up plan.

That's what I'm not getting, why would she waste her busy schedule just to send anon hate to these two no names? She gains nothing from it, even if she was just afraid of competition or whatever he hell they think it is. She's already got a nice following with a chance to become an idol.

It's the same anon that won't learn how to reply.

No. 52034

She is from the UK. 4 1/2 would be small but not unknown. UK average is 6, I think.

Basically she's short (so small feet) but fat (so 'big' tits). In person it's not a pretty combination.

No. 52035

Post some that you consider interesting then.

No. 52156

No. 52215

they're actually cute though
they're in sync with their dance and everything
clever how they mirrored certain parts of the dance too

No. 52218

They look like Wannablaze; Too bulky for those kinds of clothes with awkward, fat oval faces and big noses.

No. 52269

Every girl posted on this site is fat, old with a huge nose according to u ppl

No. 52280


No. 52286

they are cute as fuck <3

No. 52289

tomorrow these girls will be posted on PULL and PULL members will say 'o mai gad a 2x1 Kota copycat o mai gaaaad they are so averaaaaageee" I can see it.
I think they're cute ~ but PULL members are jeeeeeeeaaaaaaloooouuuus

No. 52298

No. 52310

They do resemble Dakota from a distance, even so…they are super cute.
>too bulky
huh. Their bodies look average even by Japanese standard. They're fine.

No. 52407


Did anyone see this video of keeki basically getting sexually assaulted? What the fuck is even going on? Happens around 47 minutes in and onward.

No. 52408

Any kawaii white girl is a dakota wannabe just like how any brown haired aidoru wannabe is a yukapon wannabe lol

No. 52417

No. 52460

All these girls chasing dat weeaboo dream and they don't realise or ignore the fact this is the likely outcome.

Her dad must be so proud.

No. 52534

What on earth happened though??

No. 52563

File: 1424548537818.png (55.99 KB, 740x477, sads.png)

i wonder when keeki is going to get over being kicked from that idol group? she was kicked in 2012 and shes still being all depressed and emo about it.

bitch its time to move on.

No. 52568

She doesn't seem depressed in other places than Tumblr. At least not about the idol thing

No. 52571

she shows her sadness sometimes. like in that video when she started crying because yukapon won the poll. she said "why would i do this when im already sad"

No. 52572

File: 1424549315908.png (8.31 KB, 531x181, keeki.png)

i wonder what keeki's personality is like if her own sister wanted her out asap

No. 52574

She was sad bc of some guy

No. 52588

I think keekihime can't live without attention, I wonder how her family life is. Maybe she likes Japan more cause she stands out more.

No. 52593

I think she has emosh probs.

No. 52609

keeki is live in nico nico. hopefully shes interesting this time.

No. 52610

shes voice acting right now. sounds cute.

No. 52614

It is actually adorable.

No. 52622

i think keeki is pretty but i dont get girls like her. ive seen her talking about how ugly she thinks she is etc i feel ugly too and i could never post pictures of myself or go on webcam for 100s of people to see it. i have not taken a picture in 2 years. idg how she does it.

No. 52627

She has let internet hate get to her too much and is incredibly self conscious. I really like Keeki, she is actually a really nice girl. She enjoyed being a Gaijin Aidoru and I feel she may want to be one again, she goes online a lot still because she is determined.

No. 52631

I wonder what people find appealing about being an idol, sure theyd get attention but that attention would be from guys old enough to be their dad.

No. 52632

I totally see the appeal apart from the old men. That is the most off putting aspect.

No. 52635

they cant date, they dont get paid shit, as soon as they turn 23 theyre deemed to old and they have to end their career.
the only bonus part is they get to wear cutesy clothes and sing cute songs.

No. 52636

They probs get their accommodation free etc and they can take time out of their lives just entertaining and not caring about real life problems. Maybe this is why a lot of girls want to do this as they aren't ready to have real jobs and grow up.

No. 52639

having a real job sucks ass. lets all be aidoru instead .^o^

No. 52641

And get old men to buy us cool shit (Just don't let them touch you LMAO) This is probably the mind set most of these girls have let's be honest.

No. 52642

in the past i was trolling on stickam and a guy gave me 35$ for no reason.
I guess that is what these girls experience everyday.

No. 52643

Pandering to old men is actually a get rich quick scheme. Abi is always really lovely to these weirdo men who send her gifts. But I can see she is probably extremely uncomfortable about it, but on the other side 1) She wants all the gifts they send 2) She doesn't want to be mean as it will ruin her kawaii image.

No. 52646

i bet 90% of whats in her room was bought by some old man

No. 52648

>take time out of their lives just entertaining
This is what so many of these idiots don't understand - to actually be successful you have to train hard from a young age. It's not just doing a couple of dances, it's hard work. And so most of these wannabes fail.

No. 52651

Precisely. Even if they do become a low-key idol like Jewel Tone, I can imagine practicing would still be more fun than a mundane job.

No. 52652

The people who become idols like beckii and Keeki I don't think they failed. You're not meant to be an idol most of your life and most new artists don't sell well anyways. It's just "oh did this thing let me live the rest of my life"

No. 52654

actually most idols cant really sing or dance very good.
most of them just become idols for attention or because their stage mom forced them to.

they have to just know how to preform "cute". the idol industry attracts so many girls because they can get attention without being skilled at anything.

No. 52655

The difference between Beckii and Keeki is that Beckii has moved on and realises it was a good experience but is doing something else to be successful and lead a normal life, Keeki just seems depressed and doesn't want to let go yet. It's quite sad actually.

No. 52656

also many japanese girls say they only want to become idols soo they can get quick fame which makes it easier for them to become an actress

No. 52657

Hahaha I don't really follow idol culture, this is terrible. That nasally voice with tonnes of auto tune thrown on it and a girl prancing around like a ten year old on a sugar hype wow.

No. 52658

Keeki doesn't want to be idol anymore tho?

No. 52660

Hm I know she has said that, but she always gets sad about it when looking back to her idol days and wanting to go back to Japan.

No. 52662

Ok, but I didn't actually comment on their ability to sing/dance or whether they were just in it for attention (most of them are)? The point stands that you have to put in long hours to actually be successful: rehearsals, performances, signings, press, little personal life.

What does Beckii even do these days? She was going to open a store at one point but last time I checked she was just some mid-level Youtuber.

No. 52666

the appeal of idols has more to do with personality and trying to know them on a personal level. Their singing and dancing ability is the least important aspect.
fans see these girls as "ideal girlfriends" which is why they raise hell if they find out shes not a virgin or has a bf.

No. 52668

Beckii is a mid-level YouTuber yes, but she is now aiming at a broader demographic. I don't know what she does for a living as she is quite a private person and I respect that. I suppose she is just getting on with her life rather than worrying about e-fame. She has said before that she has moved on since her idol days and is thankful to have had that opportunity at a young age, but wants to get on with life and leave that behind.

No. 52671

youre saying these idols have to train hard etc but they really dont.
they just have to be cute and likeable enough to keep the attention of some old pedish man.

most idols only become idols because they want to be actresses. its an easy way to build a fan base to branch off onto something better.

No. 52672

Hey let's break up this serious business with some kawaiiiii fun~~

No. 52675

Idols get full accommodation if they were at Keeki Hime's Tone Jewel Level(mid-level decent normal idol group) which means their house, transportation and sometimes food paid for. They really only have to pay for possibly food and clothes which $1000-2000 a month is a good deal. They also work the same amount as someone with a part time job so there's tons of appeal of it. A lot more girls will just be living dolls now though.

No. 52676

I actually love The Wish Sisters, I find them so entertaining because they are so shit.

No. 52677

Not bad, not bad at all.

No. 52678

i think it depends.
this idol group had to sell their own personal items.
"The name of the group “AKBN 0″ is from ”Akabane”,which is a town in Tokyo,as the group is based on that area. And “0″ (zero) means “starting the idol project with no budget”. Actually, each member has to make money for the project by selling her personal goods via Yahoo Auction and its tickets of concerts and others. The requirement of passing of the final stage of the audition of the First Generation was to sell their personal items via Yahoo at 20,000 or more yen(about $130, €180).
Unlike ordinary female idol groups, the policy of AKBN0 is “You can go see and touch and date with members!” . The members have to keep making money with their own hands to continue their career until they achieve the goal of performing at the “Kohaku Utagassen” ."

No. 52681

That's a really odd but kinda cool way of going about things.

No. 52686

File: 1424560544406.png (33.23 KB, 593x404, noope.png)

i think keeki just got lucky because shes foreign and they would have a harder time treating her like shit without backlash

No. 52706

No. 52717

Yeah that's elltia.that idol group owns a cafe too so she makes money like that I think

No. 52719

why would you ever agree to go along with this?
how desperate for attention and love can you be?

No. 52726

I only just realised:
>This is the final dance all 3 Generation 1 members of the Wish Sisters will do together

Didn't they used to have 4 members? And before that they had at least one member leave? Why do I know so much about Wish Sisters of all people?

No. 52728

>>52672 That girl in blue tho… I can't. I'm actually crying. I thought Kirakira project was earbleeding/eye gouging stuff, but this- this is on a whole new level

No. 52729

they probably have daddy issues and they want the love from 40 yr old men that they never got from their daddy

No. 52730

what is the cafe?

No. 52735

what is aminyans nico nico link?

No. 52740

If they were trying to be serious you'd think they would actually get at least a decent mic. Not like it would make them not shitty sounding. Jesus christ, They even live near each other and can't seem to record together to help each other with syncing. feel embarrassed FOR them

No. 52878

That makes me really sad considering if these girls just spent that hard work learning how to make music and write lyrics, and raising money for equipment/costumes, they could literally do everything themselves and make it big on their own. There is nothing impressing about this song or the dancing. All the stuff they worked hard to "earn" is actually really mediocre.

No. 52879


No. 53074

File: 1424632895877.jpg (92.42 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nk5v9sl9zd1t0ij5do3_540…)

idg why she does this face

No. 53080

Dint someone say it was hard for her to make face expressions

No. 53194

When people have aspergers or autism it's harder for them to mimic facial expressions.

No. 53228

i dont care if she had a stroke. the shit looks weird bruh.

No. 53239

it seemed like she stopped making that face recently, like someone told her to stop. though if this picture >>53074
is new then i guess that didn't stick too long.

i have absolutely no idea how she could think that was a cute face though.

No. 53244

She said she had to "learn how to smile" which is why it looks so exaggerated now.

No. 53246

File: 1424651212252.jpg (315.23 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_njzwf8RPtb1t0ij5do1_128…)

maybe she should consider not smiling and selfies and just do this closed mouth smile

No. 53247

File: 1424651261096.png (588.95 KB, 604x451, ami.png)

she only does that face in selfies it seems

No. 53252

When she did that people said it looked like she was shitting so she stopped I think

No. 53253

Micky trying to reclaim the thread

No. 53275

whats the difference between saying something negative about her and other wannabe aidoru in this thread?
just because shes black doesnt mean she shouldnt be treated equally.

No. 53278

She don't have aspenger or autism.
She's perfectly normal girl

No. 53281

>just because she's black
It's confirmed by other Anons and aminyan herself that she has some form of autism. It's not a big deal though. Lots of lolcows do.

No. 53285

theres a white girl in this group. apparently shes Canadian.

No. 53290

File: 1424654363371.jpg (41.09 KB, 600x600, A_sHNQcCMAA7eZ8.jpg)

No. 53292

No. 53332

wow, that snoze.

No. 53387

Is the one with the fucked up short hair white?

If so wonder if that's on purpose to make her an eye sore.

No. 53404

Someone needs to gif this, amazing.

No. 53415

She's half canadian half japanese

No. 53427

funny how that worked out well for maria ozawa but worked very poorly for this poor girl. yeesh

No. 53467

File: 1424674217043.jpg (71.27 KB, 768x1001, Screenshot_2015-02-23-00-13-06…)

I feel this is fake and I'm going to point out the issues that led me to believe that this is fake. I'm going to save the biggest issue with for last.

>first issue, the picture and name

Aminyan doesn't use that name for her personal Facebook but she does use it for two of her like pages. None of those pages use that picture in the screencap.

>second issue, the text

The conversation feels unnatural and it's jarring

>third issue and the biggest issue, the conversation itself

Aminyan has had Micky blocked on all of her accounts, for quite some time, and when you block someone on Facebook, your picture doesn't appear, your name is shown as "Facebook User", and it isn't possible to reply or start a conversation. Some of you may say this conversation and screencap is old, but that picture of Micky is new and she only recently changed her name to "Mciky Moon" and not to mention she is blocked.

Putting all that together I figure this new piece of evidence is nothing but a fake.

No. 53471

Yeah, I know for a fact that she's had her blocked for years

No. 53474

I just want to know why Micky thinks everyone is stupid enough to think that's real.

No. 53481

> 2/22
Why would aminyan be dumb enough to send this to micky when all of this shit is happening? This is totally photoshooped.

the context also doesn't make sense at all. Aminyan seems like an honest girl which is rare for these kawaii aidoru types. I know japanese aren't supposed to respond, but between Jrcach tweeting her japanese fans and micky/bibi/Himeka drama I wish she would just shut them down once and all.

No. 53482

And if aminyan was sending anon hate why would she totally change?

No. 53483


> Mciky

Did… did she actually spell her name wrong?

No. 53485

And the time zones I doubt she would be arguing with micky 5am on a Sunday morning

No. 53529

But then you wouldn't have the angelic harmonies!

No. 53537

This is SO NOT CUTE,
Fucking creepy

No. 53540

Can we stop nitpicking it's getting stupid as hell.

>inb4 do you know the use of this site

No. 53541

there's a difference from laughing at lolcows like PT and nitpicking random bitches

No. 53565


Yup, steffi oota. but she has already graduated to focus on her studies.

No. 53580

Most half Japanese look bad. I agree Maria Ozawa looks good/cute.

No. 53644

So Micky photoshoped this? How pathetic.

No. 53658

File: 1424715235064.jpg (1.4 MB, 1256x1744, hapa115.jpg)

I decided to google 'half japanese' too see if it were true as the half-japanese people I've heard of are mostly attractive (Becky, for example) and it definitely seems like it can go really wrong for some people…pic related.

No. 53659

If Micky rly photoshopped that… then that's just sad. Like how jealous do you have to be?

No. 53822

File: 1424731160269.jpg (99.6 KB, 768x1048, Screenshot_2015-02-23-17-18-20…)

>can't remember her own lie

She really thinks we're that stupid.

No. 53827

She doesn't look that bad, actually. She just looks very average. I think your standards are warped by the internet, anon

No. 53829

She probably did it to make it harder to find her.

No. 53830

File: 1424731934739.jpg (86.81 KB, 640x640, 10899166_400579626786726_20487…)

she's pretty to me.
best halfu is tina tamashiro though.

No. 53833

File: 1424732210159.png (1.19 MB, 1310x681, ggwp.png)

She looks a bit like PT, holy fuck.
I can actually imagine that this is what PT sees when she looks in the mirror, but with a """curvier""" figure.

No. 53835

What's wrong with her ?
She looks like a pretty and normal girl.
Quit looking at shoops anon

No. 53836

damn. i feel bad.

No. 53838

File: 1424732400445.jpg (53.82 KB, 500x536, kiko.jpg)

Her and Kiko Mizuhara are my favorite hapa models tbh

No. 53847

No. 53858

aidoru duo yukee trying to out sing each other

No. 53862

give me a yukaxkeeki duo group plz

No. 53864

they look so rough.
this, absolutely this.

No. 53865

huh i never took keeki as being an attention whore. im shocked by her behavior here lol

No. 53866

more keeki teasing

No. 53893

The date on the picture says 2/22 which is when she probably made it and is when she posted it.

No. 53899

File: 1424738587811.jpg (88.13 KB, 768x781, Screenshot_2015-02-23-19-09-48…)

No. 53917

She should take this advice…it's getting sad. She so jelly.

No. 53928

shes small

No. 53967

Keekihime has always Been an attention whore..most of these idol wannabees are. Keekihime probably wanting to much attention ruined her idol career.

No. 53968

The only one who ruined it was jrcock, not herself.

No. 53974

I don't think it was jrcach only..she came to Japan with a bit of a sketchy history. Jrcach was the nail to the coffin but she had a big part in it too.

No. 53976


No. 53979

So that's why anons are saying she's a whore…

No. 53986

I don't understand how showing the underwear she purchased makes her a whore.

No. 54011

Go look for the proof yourself if you want it. Her showing What underwear she got does not mean she's a whore but It's to make her viewers excited. She's an adult now so whatever.

No. 54036


Nope. Once a whore, always a whore. Just like yukapee. No respect points, bruh.

No. 54075

This also makes me wondering. And more importantly where the fuck are her parents?

No. 54090

File: 1424781600200.png (23.84 KB, 549x195, Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.3…)

I was wondering this so had a quick look and found this. Sure explains a lot.
Do any of these wannabes not have daddy issues?

No. 54099

All halfuus are pretty disgusting tbh. They rarely look good.

No. 54100

It sucks their father isn't in the picture, but you know people cab get messed up in many ways. It doesn't always revolve around not having a relationship with your dad. If a mother is a good enough mother, you're usually fine.

No. 54106

wat. Seriously? Something must be wrong with my eyes then, because she straight up looks like a dude in a dress and wig to me.
I can't unsee it. If she just cut her hair short and wore a baggy shirt I'd assume she was a guy. I don't think she's ugly exactly, she just. Looks really, really masculine. Wouldn't say she's pretty though.

No. 54126

>basically getting sexually assaulted
Kind of an overstatement. I mean it's obvious that's part of the whole weird thing they are doing and I'm sure she knew what she was getting into. Not like she was minding her own business and tackled by a stranger.

No. 54131

Do you even know what a whore is?

No. 54132

Holy carp, what an unfortunate woman.

No. 54203

Dint she get go Japan cause she basically promised herself to a guy? She said she loved him but she only says that when jrcock brings that part of her history up.

No. 54457

nice selfpost

No. 54458

Horse. Face.

No. 54466

Keeki? No, after some agency contacted here she did fly there with her own money.

No. 54477

Get your nasty fucking man face and retarded contact lenses off of here.

No. 54479

not with that awful makeup

No. 54495

File: 1424838121516.jpg (20.79 KB, 768x208, Screenshot_2015-02-24-23-14-11…)

Narcissism is just as bad as having low self-esteem, but of course someone like her would think something as undesirable as narcissism is a good thing.

No. 54508


Where's her fucking nose.

No. 54509

She isn't trying to be an idol right? It should be in the Micky thread

No. 54526

At first I feel bad but then I realize you call yourself 'cute' and are overconfident that you'll 'become idol in japan soon', so then I don't. You're really not cute at all, sorry. At least with that awful makeup and those circle lenses, which really don't suit you. Plus, modesty is a big thing in Japan. Something you don't seem to have.

No. 54541

nigger, first of all that post was about tina tamashiro who is cute af so wtf did this have to do with that post? and second, that shit ain't true. why are you so bitchy about halfuus?

No. 54542

Obviously has never known a real narcissist.

No. 54543

kiko is overrated and has a gross flat potato nose. idk how she became popular and i'm tired of seeing her idolized by basic tumblr bitches tbh. next.

No. 54544

I'm really starting to see what people were saying. What is lolcow and noses? Her nose looks fine.

No. 54545

omfg i fucking love yuka idgaf. fave lolcow, fave wannabe idoru. she's still cute to me.

No. 54549

File: 1424849270835.jpg (69.85 KB, 490x669, midori.jpg)

it looks "fine" but it's not pretty and it's bordering on potato/weird. like i said idk how she is so popular and i'm tired of seeing her.

hope she'll end up just like that movie she was 'helter skelter' but the reverse role when someone else comes along pls exept she's nowhere near as pretty as the star.

also go back to /cow/

No. 54553

File: 1424849989644.gif (1021.46 KB, 500x309, tumblr_mpkmutmTw61qdovbqo1_r1_…)

Well in Japan she's been called "busu kawaii" or something like "ugly cute"
I don't get the hype either but people was saying she got subtle plastic surgeries.

No. 54555

relax guys..i think it's a troll

No. 54557

Not from /cow/, came here from stamrose. I guess that's your opinion then.

No. 54558

>I'm really starting to see what people were saying.

ur from /cow/

No. 54559

Are you guys fucking kidding me She's really pretty.
Society has set the expectations way too high.

No. 54561

Dude, this has been being said all over the board. Never even been to /cow/. Last reply, I don't want this shit ruining another thread.

No. 54562

No. 54563

they're talking about how the hype around her is annoying as hell when she just looks boring as fuck. i've blocked her tag on tumblr. shitty model in general and doesn't deserve the spotlight.

No. 54564

File: 1424850714110.png (1.09 MB, 789x702, 캡처.PNG)

wow she actually bought that fucking ugly tee shirt from store envy.

pic related

No. 54565

what the fuck is wrong with you. why would you do this to yourself.

No. 54566

Uggo detected.

No. 54650

>>54553 Theres articles calling kyary busu kawaii too. Kiko is overrated but she isnt ugly at all

No. 54673

this is the shittiest example for plastic surgery I have ever seen

No. 54737

BC kyary is busu kawaii and makes herself look that way on purpose. That's her whole persona.

No. 54739


The top middle pic tho. Wtf how old is that….she looks different. Doesn't even look halfuu to me.

No. 54744

>>54737 When they call Kyary Busu kawaii they aren't talking about her style but the fact that her face wouldn't be considered super attractive kawaiidesuu but has a certain charm to it. In fact, a bunch of what would be considered good looking western celebs are on the verge of 'ugly' Mila Kunis, Robert pattinson and so on

No. 54747

File: 1424906730998.jpg (136.4 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I found one really funny lolcow!!
Her Instagram:

Her tumblr:

Please look at her golden tags, it's gold, really

No. 54748

Kiko is ethnicaly Korean, so plastic surgery for her is a normal thing to do.

No. 54778

Her voice is actually pretty good. Now if only she didn't dress like a weeb.

No. 54784

File: 1424910204760.png (318.09 KB, 422x623, Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.4…)

No. 54789

>>54784 There's a very fine line between being vain or deluded.

No. 54793


>baby faced

looks at least 22

No. 54795

File: 1424911362949.jpg (98.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The same girl

No. 54796

File: 1424911413588.jpg (103.07 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The same picture - look at those fucking tags

No. 54799

>it's sad that i'd be classified as anorexic because i'm thin
>anorexic bones size 000 im so bones

No. 54822

Jfc, she's slim, I'll give her that, but she is hardly a twig - much less emaciated. I don't understand how some people suddenly think that because they are not fat, that other people must somehow see them as "anorexic".

No. 54865

I think they're fucking adorable, esp Yukapon. I dont know, i cant dislike her.

No. 54866

wtf why is she showing her cleavage and underwear to the Japanese public?

No. 54868

Who the fuck speaks this way about themselves? what a crazy bitch.

No. 54871

> #living doll

No. 54904

attention whore to end all attention whores with her ~muh low self esteem muh body quirks that i made up~

No. 55024

Her body seriously does not match her face. Whenever I see those pictures of a pretty thin torso I always imagine it belongs to an equally pretty and dainty-faced girl.

No. 55029

Jelly witch nose detected

No. 55031

Can anyone even give an example of a truly "beautiful" model or celebrity? Brad Pitt and that one guy who got a "hey girl, [x]" feminist meme made out of him are worshiped as aesthetic gods but to other people (including myself) they're nothing special.
I know it sound like a cop out, but tbh there's no such thing as "on the verge of ugly", it's literally all down to personal opinion

No. 55035

yeah thats true actually, we definitely have the same kind of idea here. like benedict cumberbatch is undeniably ugly but a lot of people still find him attractive.

No. 55038

well beauty is subjective but people who have classic maybe 'boring' beauty are safe bets to call attractive because most people cant deny they look good even if theyre standard ideals of beauty. like candice swanepoel or miranda kerr maybe, they have typical type of beauty for the west but ive never met anyone who denies theyre beautiful.

No. 55039

I wouldn't call Candice Swanepoel "beautiful", but yeah you have a point

No. 55043

Yeah I got your point as well but Miranda Kerr is one of the ugliest, if not THE uglies supermodel that I have ever seen. Her face literally looks like it's not developed. The opposite of Lily Cole who looks like she got old when she was fetus. But their bodies are excelent. Especially that ugly Cole. I would do her.

No. 55264

who the fuck wants a flat potato nose like that? why would anyone be jealous of that shit. something about her nose is fucking off, like she had cleft palet or FAS or something. but it doesn't really look the same now bc she's gotten it done.

miranda kerr scares me.

No. 55265

File: 1425024938616.jpg (55.91 KB, 600x600, BXdkYzyCAAATHma.jpg)

Um, this the same bitch that was a black person for halloween? She called it "B-girl" or some shit lmfao!

No. 55267

the ghetto look suits her

No. 55285

b-style is an actual really racist thing in Japan. But you'll never hear the weebs of tumblr bring that up.

No. 55286

No. 55287

How is it racist? I thought most of the people following the b-style trend actually idolized black people/wanted to be black themselves.

No. 55289

Let me see if it will let me repost this reply after I finish this random pointless sentence first.

It's not necessarily "racist" unless you believe that cultural appropriation is actually a thing. I suppose I worded myself wrong. Anyways, if these were white people, shit would hit the fan.

No. 55331

i think these foreign idols have a difficult time because they have nothing that sets them a part for the Japanese idols.

maybe if they knew how to write and produce their own cute songs with a unique sound theyd have a chance.

No. 55333


No. 55426

it's called conventionally attractive beauty, and widespread it's considered to be beautiful because it's marketed as beauty

ask people of a culture who aren't as exposed to the beauty standards in the UK or US and they might surprise you

don't the 'flat' and 'potato' descriptions cancel each other out? anyway, you do seem pretty upset at the fact that Kiko is considered beautiful, that's likely why that anon think's you're jealous

No. 55429

If they could do that, they should go for being an actual artist/singer. Idols don't write anything. They are just puppets. That would be just added as a cute quirk like being able to play the clarinet or draw or something. Idols don't even have to have talent. I don't know why so many foreign girls want to become one when it's actually super shitty and degrading. The only classy company is HelloPro, but they will probably never again add white girls after the wreck that was Coconuts Musume.

No. 55430

It's racist when they want the style but don't want to associate with black people themselves. It's also racist when they think all black people act this way when there is available media that clearly shows it's not true (and we know they can look it up because they look up black styles). Not saying the people in >>55286 this vid don't like black people though.

This reminds me of some documentary where louis theroux was interviewing kkk members, and they had hundreds of albums, a large part of which were composed by black artists. When he asked them about the irony of it they got really mad and kicked him out

No. 55441

The space between the bottom of their names and the message itself varies some too, whereas it's consistent in Facebook's actual messenger.

No. 55516

No. 55518


No. 55519

That foundation is so dark I can't even…

No. 55524

Are you saying in keekihime, or are you somehow using her as an example? Idgi. Lol
For the record I'm not keeki. Just an American girl.

No. 55526

her nose looks like hank hills tho

No. 55528

>don't the 'flat' and 'potato' descriptions cancel each other out?

depends on what you think is potato. general shapeless or wierd noses are potato to me along with faces and bodies like that. think sims 3 townies.

No. 55529

File: 1425107545537.png (132.7 KB, 529x314, Hank_sallaD.png)


No. 55535

She's considered beautiful by tumblrinas and the Japanese whose beauty standerds are loose as fuck and will call a pile of dogshit with circle lens kawaii.

She's not even that popular anymore anyway, at least from what i've seen. She needs another kpop scandal to stay relevant before people get bored. Why the fuck are ya'll bicthin about this basic in this thread anyway? Get back on topic ya hooligans.

She looks like a visual kei bandoman without photoshop.

No. 55583

>caring this much that not everyone likes what you like
You must have sperged out really hard over the white/gold or blue/black dress thing.

No. 55718

Yet again another video from Beckii. I like how she addresses these subjects. She does her research and I think it's good that her younger viewers can be informed on these things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC_XPH3E4yc#t=18

No. 55722

Does anybody know what is going on with Keekihime? It looks like she disappeared completely

No. 55725

She does niconico broadcasts super often.

No. 55730

Can you give me a link please?

No. 55731

No. 55734

Thank you!

No. 55739

You're welcome anon x

No. 55797

>caring this much about rando model and getting offended someone thinks she's not perfect goddess

do you look exactly like this kiko bitch or something? get over it nigga.

No. 56187

Seeing Keeki planning to go to Japan again and then again, makes me wonder if she earns that much money and have a lot of free time anytime she wants while working at the hotel?

No. 56218

I assume she has some kind of sugar daddy. she lives alone, manages to pay for her rent and internet etc but still has the money to go to japan. Working at a hotel its not possible that she would be making more than 12 an hr.

If she doesnt have a sugar daddy idk what else this bitch is doing.

No. 56221

It makes me wondering why she goes emo all the time if she is able to go on trips whenever she wants… Seems like a spoiled brat to me.

No. 56238

Going to Japan isn't expensive when you stay with friends, the currency conversation rate of the EUR is very helpful too.

No. 56386

Shut the fuck up.

No. 56387

>implying most white people are rich

toppest of keks

those rich eastern european white girls, am I right?

No. 56402

She's cute, but there's something about her face that really stops her from having that kawaii look.

No. 56565

File: 1425360001334.jpg (95.02 KB, 640x640, 10984049_10152666252336723_602…)

Holy crap

No. 56566

File: 1425360025932.jpg (91.39 KB, 640x640, 10352997_10152670193201723_601…)

No. 56567

Wtf happened to Beckii Cruel? She looks terrible. She was never exactly a beauty but hot damn, she looks bad in these photos. How recent are they?

No. 56580


Looks like a boy in a wig.

No. 56582

>>56567 Longer face, nose grew, bottom parts of cheeks sagged a little

No. 56583

I thought large foreheads make a face more beautiful? Something like that.. but Jesus. That must be bigger than Dakota's

No. 56584

She really needs to either get longer fringe or stop filling in her eyebrows so dark/thick.
It works on certain faces, but she doesn't have that going for her.

No. 56585

Holy shit, massive cringe.

Is she still a raging weeaboo? She kind of fucked herself by leaving Japan for school in the midst of her doing TV and live performances back when she was still cute. There's no way she can bring that back now, damn. How old is she? she looks mid 20s.

No. 56588

From the thumbnail I thought it was a candid of her with her makeup smeared, but then I clicked and it looks like she did it that way on purpose? How could she think that looks good.

No. 56605

File: 1425379199614.png (467.93 KB, 554x664, Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.3…)

>Is she still a raging weeaboo?
Yep, check the date on this.

Beckii is definitely getting uglier as she ages. The only thing she has going for her is that she's skinny.

No. 56608

She's got the forehead to cosplay Sakura LOL

No. 56619

Beckii's getting uglier every year

No. 56620

Crap,just look at that ridiculous jawline!So unfortunate..

No. 56622

File: 1425386036942.jpg (169.24 KB, 1920x1080, 10848974_10152626393001723_328…)

I'm cringing!!

No. 56623

File: 1425386085677.jpg (103.95 KB, 640x640, 1908161_10152530680961723_1962…)

No. 56624

File: 1425386257626.jpg (91.56 KB, 640x640, 10628428_10152361893901723_606…)

No. 56626

File: 1425386438049.jpg (114.87 KB, 640x640, 10690240_10152373628351723_312…)

No. 56627

hahaha oh my god…..

No. 56628

>those eyebrows


No. 56629


No. 56634

File: 1425389477758.jpg (81.98 KB, 640x640, 1467260_10152688075126723_8066…)

I get that she's going for a more natural thing, going against all the crazy shooping to unrealistic standards, but some of it is just sloppy. Why would you upload a picture where you're blinking? It's not like she has fancy make-up to show off in this look… she could have just flipped that first photo.

No. 56643

I would curse my parents if my face looked like this, then get plastic surgery asap.

No. 56645

InuAshley 2.0??

No. 56659

I live in America but… I work in a hotel, with no help, live alone, have cable and internet, and could probably easily cut back on spending to be able to go to Japan every few months, especially if I had someone I could stay with. It's possible, especially with credit cards. Not to blog here or anything but not everyone has a sugar daddy…

The fuck?

No. 56753

Lois Griffin…. She should cosplay her

No. 56755

Closed eyes looks cute. Some people do that for cuteness effect. If she wasn't doing it on purpose I'm sure she would have retaken it.

No. 56756

Remember, people were once jealous of this.

No. 56771

This picture might get notes on Tumblr, though

No. 56773

Yeah but she really hasn't got the 'cute' part down.
I think maybe her huge eyebags were making me think her eyes weren't all the way closed.

No. 56956

She did it wrong. :/

No. 56957

File: 1425437295721.jpg (208.39 KB, 500x656, Twigs-by-Matthew-Stone-for-i-D…)

No. 56976

This looks so ghetto. I'm sorry, but I went to school with trashy girls who had huge hoop earrings and greasy hair like this. It just looks…odd and not good. All I can think of is hairspray and products seeping into the pores on your forehead and giving you break outs.

No. 56990

puberty gone wrong

No. 56993

>This looks so ghetto

that's kind of the idea. kawaii ironic ghetto is a thing now.

No. 56998

File: 1425441942719.jpg (153.54 KB, 787x471, baby-hairs.jpg)

I don't get it but that's kind of the point. The Black and Chola baby hair aesthetic. It's meant to look ghetto fabulous.

it's been showing up on runways lately too.There was a big thing about DKNY's 2015 show with models sportin baby hairs.

I just wanna pick it off their head but well laid edges and strange designs are a fashion thing.

No. 57070

If she got her nose done, covered her massive fivehead, learned how to shape her brows and open her eyes up more, Japan might take her back as a model. She has the same jaw and chin that Dakota shoops hers into to be cute in her pic.

No. 57072

this actually looks interesting. i mean it was done for a fucking picture and she's a singer/artist or whatever. you have to do crazy shit to get noticed these days.
this on the other hand is garbage. couldn't even get the makeup right. jesus.

No. 57139

keekihime, anything for japan rite.
why would anyone subject themselves for this.

No. 57157

Her and Yukapon keep saying she was raped. The guy told her on twitter before the fight he would do things like this. Yuka doesn't even care about her.

No. 57160

File: 1425477159930.jpg (110.37 KB, 640x640, 10155629_10152459427211723_537…)

Yeah, sometimes her jawline looks really nice, pic related. Other times it looks oddly lumpy like in >>56566
I guess it's an angle thing.

No. 57184


Yukapee was gang raped hopped up on MDMA while in japan and admit she liked it. Of course she is not mad at her. She's the worst femmine nazi.

No. 57192

wtf that's so humiliating

No. 57194


How did she even get MDMA in Japan?

At at any rate she's retarded to be taking something like that whilst in the country. If she got caught they'd have her deported and banned from re-entering the country so fast, and then it'd be bye-bye online identity.

No. 57263

File: 1425501454514.jpg (292.42 KB, 640x640, wut.jpg)


Nice jawline? She looks like jay leno's daughter. Shooped pic attached for reference

No. 57291

File: 1425510062562.png (376.23 KB, 509x682, q1qBl.png)

This reminds me of when she imitated Kyary's hair and failed too.

No. 57293

File: 1425510086871.jpg (51.13 KB, 424x599, 2jRvu.jpg)

The hair she tried to imitate.

No. 57316


to be fair, that's probably as well as we'd all do. But at the same time that seems like something you'd know was a failure and NOT upload.

No. 57347

sorry what? that looks perfectly normal to m..

No. 57348

oh disregard that i'm an idiot

No. 57377

File: 1425526762559.png (575.54 KB, 1018x612, namiko.png)

No. 57378

No. 57380

christ, that guy is disgusting.

No. 57381

It's a shitty hair style to begin with.

No. 57430

Is she actually talking to anyone? Those tags… That hair, when will weebs realize hime cut looks like shit on 98% of people?

No. 57434

That hair omfg she looks like a blonde coconut head.

No. 57436

Namiko has a horseface, and the last thing you should do if you have it is get bangs.

No. 57811

File: 1425612587191.jpg (171.83 KB, 575x1024, image.jpg)

Himeka got exposed for talking shit about aminyan so I guess aminyan is proven innocent

No. 57812

File: 1425612615279.jpg (33.36 KB, 341x341, image.jpg)

No. 57814

File: 1425612696951.jpg (112.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

here's the guy Himeka said has been "stalking" her. she actually asks him for money and he refuses.

No. 57818


I don't know who else here knows Japanese but what she just asked was written EXTREMELY rudely.

No. 57831

Lol yeah it was really rude. Like "gift please."

And the other stuff is written in horrible grammar, but still mean. Man she speaks like a japanese 2 year old.

No. 57863

She's also trying to get him to talk shit about aminyan but instad he Screencaps it lol

No. 57865

This is rude in English, so basically 100x more rude in Japanese

No. 57867

At least she said please.

No. 57868

She uses 0 kanji (and katakana?), it hurts to read this shit.
Also she's rude as fuck. Just buy those stamps yourself, they're not super expensive, oh besides, if people like you, they'll gift you random stamps.

No. 57873

How bad does life have to be to sell pussy for line stickers

No. 57879

File: 1425635255847.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x278, She_don't_love_herself.jpg)

No. 57916

it does hurt to read.
aaaand notice how she will slam 5 insulting lines in a row and the poor guy wont even answer.
in one of those screenshots, he doesnt even answer til the next day, just saying ohayo lol, completely disregarding her bs

No. 57928

He's the guy who leaked this aftually.himeka gets most of her "fans" by following / tweeting Aminyan's fans so she was stupid to do this lol

No. 57970

Waaaaait a tick. Is she "baby–chan" on tumblr? I was following that blog because I thought it was cute, but a few days ago she posted this tldr;

"ok please help me out

my safety peace of mind and everything is basically under jeoparday right now. i’m sorry if im like incoherrent with this post but i’m freaking out and just frustrated and at a boiling point. i have talked about my stalker many times on this blog before. he’s the worst person probably i’ve ever met. he’s been harrassing my sister and I (but mainly me) since may 2014 and things just get worse n wrose. tbh i don’t even feellike going into detail with the things he has done to me and i have talked about those things before, but i’ll jst give a basic rundown of the shit he does to me. he puts my line and skype ID’s on sex chat websites up to three times a day . he has hacked into my webca after i forgot to turn off my encoder on a nico live and has footage of my changing/shirtless. he said he wouldn’t delete them unless i have sex with him. he harrasses my friends in order to get info from me. he makes “fan” accounts on twitter about me all the time that are just meant to embarrass me. he threatens me and bullies me on niconama and twitcas. he lies about me on japanese forum sites so people can get mad at me and attack me. and the list goes on.

like last month, i was just so fed up. one of my exfriends told him ton of EXTREMELY personal infomration about me (for example: my family situation and my whereabouts of where i will be staying when i move to tokyo) and this information is so … so.. personal? and than having my dangerous stalker know? ok. so i just had to start pretending to be his friend. i had to cover up what this idiot did and like.. uugh . i didnt want to do it and everytime i talked to him i felt sicker and sicker but i had to do this to protect myself n my sister. by faking bein his friend, atleast i can avoid getting harrased and bullied. he’d literally send me old pictures of myself and fawn over how cute they are? i dont even want to get into it. even when i was faking being his friend, he was so rude. he’d randomly bring up bad and odd topics. get mad at me for not telling him personal information about myself. randomly call me a liar. say i’m a slut. he’d cuss at me fornot knowing some kanji or not understand what he was trying to say. he’d threaten me if i ever spoke english. he’d accuse me of stuff and try and play mind games with me. but i had to put up with it:(( to feel safe. and i’m not fluent in japanese at all so the language barrier made things 100x worse.

today i wasjust done. i couldnt even fake bein his friend anymore. he was doing the usual “you’re lying about going to japan” “you’re friends are liars” abusive toxic type stuff and i was just so fed up. so i just blocked him. after that he just went crazy. i dnt want this post to go to long so yeah. he made a twitter twitter.com/jyasuthisu893 at an attempt to “expose” me but it’s.. literally nothing.. but the things he’s saying are just so scary. please report report report. if anyone has any advice on what to do about a crazed stalker pls tell me. idk what to do :( he lives overseas so i feel like my options r so limited.

report this account for abuse and harrasment or spam like anything idec this is wrong and disgusting. im scared about moving to japan in a few months… what if he does something:( .

twitter.com/jyasuthisu893 twitter.com/jyasuthisu893 twitter.com/jyasuthisu893 twitter.com/jyasuthisu893 twitter.com/jyasuthisu893"

Is this the same girl?? I had only kind of skimmed her post because it sounded really stupid (if you don't want to be stalked… stop having a presence online, duh) but after seeing this it looks like the same person?

No. 57989

No. 58191


That is some really funny faced angel :D :D :D

No. 58898

File: 1425866529188.jpg (117.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 58899

File: 1425866586397.jpg (146.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 58916

Who even? And why would you broadcast something like that on IG? Classless.

No. 59027

Who is this dumb bitch?

No. 59128

Just some lulz worthy cow who wants to be kawaii and innocent and cute

No. 61597

No. 61598

File: 1426264231310.jpg (100.18 KB, 2048x682, superkawaiianimumaidandhostess…)

No. 61689

Oh Bekah and Maxine and all of Sheawase is in that maid cafe. And yukapon used to be in it too apparently.

No. 61698

this reminded me this exists

No. 61701

Yukapon has like no rhythm lol
They look cute though

No. 62084

How old is Bekah now anyways?

No. 62143

She's 19, this year she will turn 20

No. 62179

those perfect bodies…

No. 62186

I don't know why I found it so enjoyable to watch passerbys stare and then look away.

No. 62206

Actually bekah now is 23 turning 24 this year iirc. Then in that video it would make her like 19.

No. 62561

Is Kelsey Ellison still friends with Veeoneye since what happened ? She haven't reacted at it

No. 62591

No she isn't. She did react somewhere, she said she was disgusted by what Jason has done and no longer wants anything to do with him.

No. 62604

what happened? DEETS ANON

No. 62606

Jason had sex with underage fans. Was a big deal last year. End of story.

No. 62608

You could just, y'know, Google him maybe?


No. 64120

File: 1426573809861.png (337.29 KB, 536x318, u know betta.png)

Her edges are making me uncomfortable.
I get this is the hair styles idols wear, but please let her get a partial sew-in with some leave out in the future if she's doing this look.

She also could have used more chaptstick, but she did look cute in her interview here.

No. 64211

Is this from the airport TV show thing? Or another video.
Man, those edges are terrible.
It's soon going to look Naomi Campbell tier :(

No. 64246

File: 1426609836712.jpg (30.6 KB, 512x304, 00b641b82da3c1ac55bde2c66d0402…)

That's so not kawaii

No. 64248

I can't help but realize how nitpicky Lolcow is towards minor shit.Her edges look horrible but compared to the whole video her Japanese is pretty good and she looks really cute.im kind of tired of Lolcow looking at everything with a magnifying glass.keekihime and Kerukkuma damn sure aren't winning any beauty contests but you bitches kiss their asses……..

No. 64249

>black people's hair salon

No. 64254

I've seen white aidoruru with shitty "extensions" aka weaves which nobody has called out. even the use "edges" just shows that 99% of aminyan haters are black girls.

No. 64255

what are edges? what's wrong with her hair? isn't it just natural afro hair that she didn't straighten? I'm confused

No. 64256

you know this isn't PULL, right?

No. 64264


shut the hell up. most of you bitches came from pull so let's not get cute. the excessive nitpicky shit is super PULLish.

Exactly. It's something black girls would only notice, it's when a black girl doesn't goop the side of her head with grease. A super minor thing but Lolcow has become whiny central. just like the himezawa thread says her nose is too big which it isnt. Instead complain about her delusional personality. Or Yukapon looking "old". She doesnt. Instead talk about how she's an attention whore.

No. 64275

>most of you

What. This place was created after the cgl drama ban, what the fuck are you on? PULL just waltzes in every so often and tries to act like they own the fucking place. Lolcow's been linked around so much lately that there's a share of 8chan here, too.

No. 64281

>99% of aminyan haters are black girls
This is so true it hurts tbh

No. 64285

>talking about a girl's edges
No, we're just pointing out the edges, and how visible they are. You can make your edges less visible with techniques but hers are flat out there.
I'm black and I'm very happy for Aminyan for achieving that far.

But we're on lolcow, where we nitpick everything, so sit down and enjoy.

No. 64286

Sabz snozz is big though.

No. 64287

I was with you until
>the himezawa thread says her nose is too big which it isnt

Are you actually blind?

No. 64292

Her face in general isn't bad looking.

No. 64294

Apart from her sunken in eyes, major eyebags, massive conk, greasy sausage lips, lack of a top lip.

No. 64295

It is though? She doesn't have one feature I'd pick out as pretty, even if I'm being super generous.

No. 64297

again, looking for shit.

No. 64299

what does Lolcow expect someone to look like?

No. 64302

She has nice eyeballs, that's all I can think of lmao.

No. 64436

I agree with you. The nitpicking on PULL is annoying. It's not about being moral it's just that it's not significant to point out. Focus on their horrible actons/personalities.

PULL members have said things like "the members here are prettier than any of these snowflakes" and don't pick apart the members' appearances except for 1 or 2. They gush over how perfect desu they are and compare their faces to Venus's like how Totemokawaii does even though no one asked. Go outperform the snowflakes then.

No. 64449

>complaining about nitpicking on a site that's all about shittalking
Really guys?

No. 64469

The interview is from her Facebook page with someone from NND I believe.
I'm picking at her edges because they look sloppy and make her hairstyle look crazy. There are beauty parlors for blacks in Japan. She can straighten that shit without applying the goop to them.
Yea I'm black and absolutely hate aminyan and am meg0r jeal of her fame.
While we're pulling random numbers and facts out our assholes yall niggas knew that 99% of unicorns eat babies?? Shit wild bruh

No. 64472

Lmao, I love you.

I don't get why people jumped out of the bushes and went bat shit on you. We're /pt/, we tear people apart and complain about every inch.

Those edges need more lay than Pixyteri.

No. 64473

lolcow has approximately this many PULL members. Well actually cgl…. Don't make fun of her weave. Leave Himezawa alone. Nitpicking.

jfc. I've been waiting all day. Someone just post the link to this video plz.

No. 64476

Most of the anti aminyan black girls are Kimmy Chu and the likes who get scammed into thinking they're good oooking

No. 64478

>There are black beauty salons in Japan

No but ok.

No. 64480

Literally only black bitches notice or care about "edges"

No. 64482

There are, not even that anon but in some rural areas, they are some.
I doubt she'd actually go there.

No. 64483

>Leave Himezawa alone. Nitpicking.
you have to be trolling tho

No. 64484

Nah there's maybe 1 or 2 in all of japan. Black women are extremely rare there.

No. 64486

Trash on Himezawa all you want but I'm fucking tired of Lolcow and noses. It's getting annoying.

No. 64488

I see u himeka

No. 64490

Her nose isn't the only reason she gets dragged though, so what are you even talking about?
She's a scammer, most importantly, plus being so embarrassing and shit at everything she does, whilst thinking she's all that.
Her appearance gets trashed for 100 other reasons as well, as already explained to you in this thread.
And her nose is actually big, unlike some of the other lolcows. Probably the biggest of them all.

No. 64493

File: 1426634905963.jpg (51.44 KB, 640x800, gonzo.jpg)


Um actually I'm half ass quoting a few anons on here who are butthurt about himezawa's trunk.

no lie, himezawa is literal Gonzo. but I'm actually dying to see this video.

No. 64498

God, these kind of dances look so damn retarded.

No. 64500

>>64472 Thanks lmao like anyone who's anti-himeka bibi,and micky automatically side with Aminyan. Plus her stans suck her ass so anyone who speaks against their uguu queen are *just~jealous~* of her and her shitty edges.


video of aminyan's interview.

No. 64503

Literally any black/yellow/pink bitch can see that the side of her hair needs some form of maintenance lel

No. 64505


God bless you anon.

Her face is cute but looks like someone literally threw a cheap cosplay wig on her head and called it a day.

No. 64506

Admin, feel free to check my IP because I'm no way trashy ass Himeka :(

No. 64507

The wig looks good quality, she just parted it stupidly. Japan is way too humid for a weave with leave out.

No. 64508

File: 1426636407665.jpg (64.86 KB, 1148x1399, image.jpg)

No. 64510

Her face is really really adorable
!! A bitch just would like to see her hair quality improve.

No. 64511

kerukkuma,yuriko tiger, Yukapon, that Tia going merry girl have all had terrible extensions and /or wigs.

No. 64514

she should just get a perm and put her wig over it. black salons in Japan charge like $300 for a sew in.

No. 64517

Or just lay it with gel or straighten it.
Perm is gross as fuck.
This Aminyan defender is so easy to spot.
We get it, they don't wear weave/extensions but they don't have to deal with visible edges like she does.
Stop comparing oranges to apple and deal with the fact that we don't lick every where she walks.

No. 64518

Sorry, meant that they do wear em.

No. 64522

actually off the top of my head dakota has been called out for her shitty mismatching extensions…

No. 64525

Shitty weave is shitty weave regardless of who it's worn by. You don't need any form of bias towards Amina to see that her weave looks bad. js

No. 64653

I like her but her extensions is so stringy and ratty. If I was her mom id fly over to Japan just to take care of that hair.

No. 64662

>>gel it down
>>perms are gross

do you know how gel works?

No. 64669

jfc black people are so superficial about hair lmao

No. 64690


Srsly? Alot of black girls edges are hard to just "straighten" that's why they get the relaxed. she could just put some on the edges if she wanted to. Gel is what's fucking gross. Not everyone wants afro hair.

No. 64692

>just shows that 99% of aminyan haters are black girls

This is so sad and true it hurts. It makes me pretty mad because it's just ugly bitches who are obviously jealous (Bibi, Momo, Micky). You'd think they'd be happy that a black girl has achieved somewhat of a following in Japan but NOPE!!!

No. 64709


Amina is cute but ya'll act like she's the goddess of all black women. Like every one that notices that her hair looks bad is obviously a fat ugly jigaboo like bibi, momo, and micky. No Aminyan's hair just looks bad and she needs to fix it. She should take it as constructive criticism.

No. 64719

most black girls dont care about japan or aidoru so im sure most of her haters arent black people.

No. 64842

you put a shitload of words in people's mouth, ye?

no one said they weren't proud of her, I'm actually very happy and gives me hope that black people are getting up, but it's just criticism, sheesh.

y'all riding up my ass like I shot a man or something

No. 64878

File: 1426697314104.jpg (94.37 KB, 705x739, IMG_5130.JPG)

oh really?

No. 64895

If you hold your fingers over her eyes and eyebrows, she looks like a 40 year old woman.

No. 64901

And people also need to bare in mind that this is heavily airbrushed by the photography lol.

No. 65275

Aminyan's hair itself wasn't even bad it's just the way she parted it. As long as she doesn't show her edges she's good, you guys are tripping for real. I think it's good to give her constructive criticism, but most of the people who hate her are black weebs. they say they want "representation" but when it happens they get jelly af.

No. 65279

I'm the previous anon but I wanna add on.
The aminyan thing reminds me of when Gabbie Douglas did all these great things but black people only brought up her edges.She's not winning any gold but I think she has potential to do a shit ton in the future and she's already done a lot so focusing on something simple like her edges is really fucking dumb. they look ratchet as hell but she didn't promote the video which tells me she knows her hair was a mess.

No. 65790

Reminds me of Rebecca Adlington who got criticized for her nose and got plastic surgery even though she is competing in the olympics, which doesn't depend on appearance like that.

No. 65802

I'm not black and I would never ever notice Aminyan's edges and this Olympic woman, she even doesnt have curly edges, her hair is 100% normal, nothing special and nothing weird.

How you even noticed Amynyan's hair edges lol

No. 65839

Rebecca might as well not have bothered to be honest. Looks the same apart from the bump, anyway it probably cuts through the water and makes her go faster lmao.

No. 65941

Because ami isnt a lolcow, unlike himeka, bibi and micky. Thats why people side with ami. lol and most girls that hate ami are jealous or fan like kimmy, etc. Get over it anon. Its clear thay himeka, micky, etc are jealous.
You sound like bibi lmao and im not even an ami fan

No. 65942

Shes the only successful black aidoru. Nobody acts like shes a goddess. I find her hair great tbh why are people so butthurt we prefer ami than himema, micky and other ugly lolcows?

No. 65947

Aminyan totally isn't a lolcow. In my opinion she has the whole package. When I've heard her sing in her live broadcasts she sounds genuine, her Japanese pronounciation and skills are good enough to be an idol, she's super smart about this like she didn't sign with hajirai rescue/made her own connections, she's humble, pretty and is pretty damn intelligent. She met the First Lady, is in school full time with apparently a scholarship and it's obvious she's planning a real future unlike any other aidoru girl. If you look at the Japanese internet most people adore her. She also released her song independently which is smart because she has royalty rights. Since she's only 18 I can see her becoming super successful because black or white she's going about the idol thing super smart. She isn't a Lolcow at all so most of the posts here about her are totally vendetta.

No. 66196

Aminyan please…

No. 66197

What's up with farmers whiteknighting Aminyan?

No. 66201

I don't think anyone is white knighting her. It just gets hella annoying when actual lolcows come here and try to make her a Lolcow when she isn't.

No. 66240

No one is trying to make her a lolcow. We just noticed something and talked about it.

Seriously, I don't think anyone here hates Aminyan, I'm black and I'm glad for her. She isn't lolcow material.
And the thread does include Aminyan, so lolcow or not, we will discuss about her. It doesn't have to be positive all the time.
Not sure, but it's really annoying.
Nothing wrong with Amina, just the farmers making me tick.

No. 66531

File: 1426979441544.jpg (111.72 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The edit on eyes :D she is nobody, just wannabe copycat lel

No. 66547



nevermind, now that I go to her page I see her old username was angelic.pretty. Damn, I remember that username commenting on xoseraphina's pictures saying "I wish I were pale like you, so I can be a living doll" blahblah. Damn, copycats like this give me the heebie jeebies

No. 66761

too bad this lolcow doesn't have many pics

No. 68009


No. 68586

Aminyan actually came out and said she has aspergers. Some people's suspicions here were correct.

No. 68599

That was adorable in a really cringy way. Like I couldn't help but smile.

No. 69136

Yeaah,sure… aspies don't "show" such emotions.
Is she trying to appear somehow special or smth?

No. 69149

Not everyone with aspergers acts the same.

No. 69292

You don't know anything about aspergers lol

No. 69513

File: 1427424270365.jpg (238.14 KB, 640x944, tumblr_nks71ob6gd1t0ij5do1_128…)

She never really hid it, did she? Friends on FB with her and she also seems to talk about actual relevant topics in the world. I like her for that, she doesn't seem to put on that fake cutesy 100% of the time act most wannabe aidorus have, and instead actually pursued her goals for years. I think that's pretty cool, honestly.

No. 69525

That looks delicious. I'm worried it's going to fall over from the way she's holding it though.

No. 69531

That's a cake hat not a real thing.she was a booth babe for Kawaii international at anime expo last summer and I got to meet her. She seemed really shy and sweet but energetic about the hat lol. I wish her the best.

No. 69536

That's a hat? Oh wow. I thought it was real. I wouldn't wear it tho. It just seems to be a nice proper to attract people to your booth.

No. 70666

File: 1427595070383.jpg (104.14 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Just a reminder, these are some girls that call themselves models in japan

No. 70668

Daily self esteem boost

No. 70670

I will never get over horse face Ashley.

No. 70675

do we have ANY threads of ashley anywhere? i wanna read so bad

No. 70697

i have no hate for her whatever and i think her smile is adorable. except that her top teeth dig into her bottom lip annoys me. it looks doofy

No. 70716

I want an Ashley thread so bad. She's been lulzy for years.

No. 70724

Are they actual signed models who have agencies/agents, or are they just street snap/random gig/idependant internet models?

No. 70737

doesn't take that much to be signed as a model in Japan if you're a skinny white girl. same for idols.

No. 70756


i would absolutely make one if i had more info/knew more about her. she and i have a mutual friend and she's got a weird face, that's the extent of my knowledge. but i've heard all around that there's a lot to talk about. annnnd i wanna read about it.

No. 70761

I know that, but the again bitches like Kiki Kannibal call themselves "models" too.

No. 70799

tbh she's creepy af

No. 70811

3rd and last are cute. 1st and 2nd are all right. I have no idea who they are though. Could be just these photos, but I think photoshop has ruined your beauty standards.

No. 70903

Third and last are okay looking. Even if you find them pretty, you have to be more than just "pretty" to be a legit MODEL. Models are supposed to have striking features and be more than your average run of the mill cute girl.

No. 70962

Who are they, can you name them?

No. 70971

File: 1427648619396.jpg (54.21 KB, 466x700, tsubasa.jpg)

You're forgetting that different countries can have very different standards of beauty. A lot of the models in Japan wouldn't make it in the West.

pic related, she's a famous model.

No. 70977

wow, she's adorable.

No. 70978

I only recognize Ashley Parish (Inuashley)

No. 70993

No. 71092

We need a horseface Ashley thread

No. 71102

Second girl is pig face katie carter
Something is wrong with her
Also that face

No. 71107

File: 1427670832396.jpg (84.43 KB, 323x798, image.jpg)

No. 71111

These types of pictures scare me.

No. 71116

someone pls

No. 71130

ulrickealette or something

No. 71146

that's literally one of the worst pics of tsubasa you can find.

No. 71153

Her ganguro phase onse are worse.

No. 71370

File: 1427697193932.png (471.7 KB, 457x386, tsubasa.png)

That's because it's not as shooped.

To me she's cute either way but I don't think she'd make it in the west because our models just don't look like that. You can't really compare japanese and western models.

No. 71388

wooow, omg shes so cute o.o !!!

No. 71473

ew that will give me nightmares- why is she a model

No. 71524

The last one looks like potato, she's so ugly lmao

No. 71526

File: 1427722155548.jpg (125.52 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 71584

who the hell is she?

No. 71919

pandomi, the last of this models lol

No. 76697

File: 1428359904043.jpg (88.27 KB, 348x348, SP141110_big.jpg)


No. 76810

Ahaha hahaha hahaha
Poor Beckii

No. 76826

And to think, people were once jealous of this…

No. 76872

Eww, that is unfortunate.

No. 76885

kawaii john lennon

No. 76892

I don't know how. Are there older photos of her actually being kawaii?

No. 76985

Her belly button is bizarre.

No. 77378

To be honest, in every old interview I saw of her when she was younger up until now and she was never beautiful, just awkward looking. I think the only thing people were really jealous of was the fact that she got noticed in glorious Japan and had a short idol gig that her parents pretty much messed up.

No. 77634


No. 78316

Speaking of Beckii, what happened to that whole cruel angels project?

No. 78690

Pretty sure it failed. there was only one girl uploading on the youtube channel for awhile and the person running it (according to bekah) kept making excuses

No. 78784

Beckii was the only one who even came close to being 'famous'. The others weren't even well-known online and they didn't even get along as a group. A complete disaster from start to finish.

No. 78877

Yeah it was a failure because the manager, Fuji, kept making promises he didn't want to keep and stole money from Beckii.
He told me that he was gonna do another group and have some kind of link with Hello!Project international.
It did seem like he had connections though, because he took several cruel girls backstage to meet the H!P girls.
Also, I guess he had something to do with producing Chage&Aska back in the day.

No. 78880

Sorry I meant to reply to >>78316

No. 78919

the girl (in the song) says shes glad hes a lolicon because he loves her babyface and flat chest, instead of hating it.
Its not a bad song and its not sexual lol nothing wrong with that. Theres a lot of women who are like that so

No. 78986

omg she's so annoying i can't…..

No. 79252

What ever happened to Sarah Cruel and Gemma Cruel?

No. 79255

I think I read Sarah is in some group called Amaitsukiland and goes by momo now and Gemma doesnt do much anymore

No. 79256

Whoops forgot to attach a the video with her

No. 79281

>He told me that he was gonna do another group
Were you at all linked to any of these idol projects then?

No. 79418

Ugh god no

No. 79428

Yes. I'm Bekah lol
He flew me out to Japan with Beckii once and we did some English DVD and I recorded a single that he did nothing with. Then promised me he would take me out there again with two others to do another thing, but never did it.
It was a good experience, but that's all it was.

No. 79685

why did they have to dance on the path that people obviously need to use, i thought they were gonna bump into someone

No. 79689

>not 贈物 or at the very least ギフト

I had no idea what the fuck she was trying to say at first. Who just says "gift please", who out right asks that. Wtf. So, so rude.

No. 79706

I seriously fucking hate those cat tights so much.

No. 79707

I don't know, but it was so embarrassing and rude.

No. 79783

Geez that's so shitty

No. 80252

They're becoming the new Bodyline seifuku of the weeaboo dancing world.

No. 80256

theres something about this that angers me especially when you compare it to the original here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrcxqpG4R6A

No. 80401

It's more embarrassingly funny with no sound because it looks like they're just flapping around.

No. 80415

This reminds me of the dance girls from my class did in middle school (shows only parents come to watch anyway)

No. 95113

isn't it strange so many member left the wish sisters lately though? 3 i think.. I wonder what happened?????

No. 106464

>>95113 No one cares tho

No. 120980

It isn't strange, it's logic, they got rid of the shitty fat ones.

No. 121270

ikr. it's painful watching

No. 140746

I finally figured out why I hate watching kimonotime, besides for the fact she's boring as shit.
She stands/dances with her toes pointed waaaay the fuck out. It makes her legs look awkward as shit.

No. 140771

Her eye bothers me. And I feel really bad.

No. 140993

File: 1437415361300.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-07-20-20-00-38…)

bitch please

No. 141033


Japanese husbando clearly isn't giving her enough money. Can she fuck off already?

No. 141052

She just reached a whole new lever of pathetic

No. 141053

As of now she's got two patrons and making 10 bucks a month

No. 141054

time for someone to get a fucking job haha

No. 141063

File: 1437424217086.gif (685.83 KB, 255x192, lmao.gif)

>If you are thinking about becoming a Patron:
>- All money donated will go towards creating new content, and as a Patreon you will be able to get a sneak peak into my future activities first.
>- Take part in special giveaways, getting a chance to win cool items from Japan
>- Make sure to watch my videos first, one day before going public
>- If you are a creator: Help you with collaborations, mentions and shoutouts on my social media
>- Request videos you'd like to see on my channel
>- Recieve personal fansigns
>- Get limited goods, signed posters and prints as well as physical copies of CDs, books and magazines I am featured in
>- Recieve a personal video message and exciting news from Japan regularly

Bitch thinks she's a celebrity.

No. 141066


Haha wow…if she's desperate for money, she could always sell her Lolita brand as we know that's where her Patreon donations will go towards in the end.

No. 141095

I hope she gets another role in this type of videos. I want to see more of her awkward, I-don't-know-Japanese self.

No. 141110

Hard to believe this is actually a person.

It's more like a shell of some Nip's favorite sex doll that needs some freebux for some new dressup clothes. How can someone have this little personality and act so fake?

No. 160211

why is she still trying

No. 160924

Kelsey makes me cringe so much, she's such a wannabe Japanese but she's not cute at all.

No. 167228

Himezawa is the success . She is japan idol . many fools are at this board , no more laughter from these.

No. 167235

marrying a guy for a visa truly is the succes we all want

No. 167237

I'd say Aminyan is more of a success.

No. 167239

Yeah but aminyan ca