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File: 1460193378842.jpg (85.48 KB, 1024x576, CfjkMsUVAAEdCWw.jpg)

No. 257458

Thread #1 >>51365
Thread #2 >>147888
Thread #3 >>211596

Nicole "Sheena" Duquette "Oum" is a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC who dropped everything to move to Austin, TX so she could sleep her way into RoosterTeeth. She "married" Monty Oum, something that was only revealed after Monty was in an coma following anaphylaxis caused by a treatment for his cat allergy, after first hooking up with him PAX 2013. It's highly suspected they only married so she wouldn't get deported because no one knew about their marriage (including Monty's family). It's also worth noting that the reason Monty was being aggressively treated for his cat allergy is because Nicole decided to bring home a stray.

After Monty's death, she took thousands of dollars worth of donations for his care and funeral and went on vacation in England with Jnig, flaunting her new purchases the whole way. After returning, she used more money to get giant fake boobs despite having "severe" scoliosis that she uses as an excuse for pity.

She is currently living in LA, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen, and not being allowed to have a job in the country. She is a Twitch booby streamer, sells prints of herself waering costumes she bought, and fame whores herself at every con that will let her. The costumes she actually makes herself are hilariously poorly stitched and sculpted. She also posts endless photos of the little murder weapon she decided to keep and name Mr. Noodle, and even sells merch of the fucking cat.

One of her nastier habits is shit talking every "friend" she has behind their back, which provides endless liters of milk for us.

Let us continue to watch her sociopathic attempt at ~cosplay fame~ as she desperately attempts to become both Kelly Jean and Jessica Nigri

No. 257459

that's ludicrously presumptuous. in what sense is Sheena an artist?

No. 257470

She looks so old my god. She's doing the Suzy wink face too.

No. 257489

Wells he's a con artist at least.

Her drawings for Hanadoki's convention brochure were horribly bland and boring. >>250900

No. 257526

Does she really have to wave the controller around like some kind of trophy? Trying to get attention for being a special snowflake gamer gurrrll is so old. I wish she'd stop.

No. 257629

File: 1460242046010.gif (96.43 KB, 862x938, bullshit.gif)

> www.sheenaduquette.com/about

No. 257635

Fucking hell. It's like one of those #deep deviantart IDs or MySpace bios written by martyrish emo teens that say absolutely nothing about their lifestyle or anything of value. Just self-worshipping bullshit. Reminds me of Felice Fawn's retarded fan fiction-esque bio of herself that went on for pages.

No. 257676

jesus christ, it's a basic bitch okcupid profile

>sometimes I like to go out; other times, I like to stay in

>I was a total nerd/geek/tomboy growing up: now I look like a stripper/Playboy model

>I love the outdoors, and by outdoors I mean Runyon Canyon. I never leave LA.

what the fuck Sheena, that's not what idiopathic means. idiopathic means it develops without cause or the cause is unknown. if it was caused by a trampoline accident, it's not fucking idiopathic.

this reeks of reddit "dumb person trying to sound smart" syndrome

No. 257703

the whole thing is so badly written too lol

No. 257708

That idiopathic thing pissed me off too, she's trying to use it to make it seems like some ~rare and interesting~ disorder but idiopathic literally is science speak for IDK.

No. 258342

It's still hilarious to me she takes pride in calling herself an "artist" when everything she makes is not even close to art.

No. 258517

File: 1460415974744.jpeg (53.39 KB, 750x520, image.jpeg)

Oh I wonder what YouTube challenges she'll get up to.

No. 258528

File: 1460416891026.jpg (851.19 KB, 910x1179, Screenshot_2016-04-11-16-13-00…)

Don't you love it when you can claim credit for something because the real person who made it is dead? Even in your grave, Sheena is still disrespecting you.

No. 258546

File: 1460418694456.jpeg (51.46 KB, 600x338, image.jpeg)

No. 258551


Is she trying to be Harley Quinn? I don't get this look.

No. 258563

File: 1460421462720.jpg (90.13 KB, 1024x576, CfzGj2fVAAUIIJD.jpg)


No. 258750

Ohy eah, Mondays must be so hard for someone who doesn't have a regular job to worry about, and gets dressed up and praised for something they didn't even make. Must be sooo hard to stream on twitch for all that neckbeard money, which of course you won't pay any taxes for!

No. 258814

i feel sorry for her hair

No. 258826

She should have bought a new face instead of those rock hard tits. Bitch is butt ugly.

No. 258849

This is the most pathetic attempt to Edna I've ever seen.

No. 258879

Those fucking chimp ears get me every time

No. 258938

Looks like she got cheek fillers or a face lift or something… Maybe a botox face lift. Her cheeks and eye area look lifted and plumper.

No. 259048

Wouldn't be surprised. Too bad it didn't help make her prettier.

No. 259072


All that money and she can't buy a personality or real friends

No. 259085

Well she's got Chloe who's willing to let Nicole leech off of her so that's good enough for Nicole.

No. 259092


I don't count chloe cause she was Montys friend first so shes a pity friend

No. 259130

File: 1460519443411.jpg (36.34 KB, 600x338, Cf5GhnwUYAAVFuE.jpg)

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

No. 259146

File: 1460521684564.jpg (78.74 KB, 1024x576, Cf5GhnwUYAAVFuE.jpg)

what did I fucking say about resolution, ho?

No. 259155

GDI I try anon. Oh god do I try.

No. 259173

Chloe was a pity friend until Sheena got the GFM money. It's mutual until the money runs out.

No. 259677

File: 1460600028212.jpg (162.88 KB, 1024x1024, Cf851IWUAAApiut.jpg)

"ayy bby, u wan sum fuk?"

No. 259697

No. 259699

Just looking at his twitter after that post and jfc the thirst is real.

No. 259703

File: 1460604970696.png (348.65 KB, 811x544, whyfood?.png)

No. 259705

Maybe he means like on a date? idk.

No. 259710

Classic hoe photo. Always the classy gal Sheena is

No. 259712

Look at his other posts.

No. 259715


Wow, they photoshoped the fuck out of her neck/jaw area

No. 260203

File: 1460694038470.jpg (76.25 KB, 1024x576, CgDM_VGUkAAncNE.jpg)

bitch at least buy tank tops that cover your bra, christ

No. 260215

Are her boobs really lopsided or something? They don't look right… even for being fake and all.

And fuck, get some decent concealer.

I hate to say this, but she looks decent as a brunette. Being blonde/pink/tumblr hair does nothing for her besides make her look try hard.

No. 260219

she looks like when ur gran shows u pics of her whan shes young and ur like she was foxy but its just compared to now when she is old. i see the pleasant smile of gran in her face, i can see where the wrinkles will grow and the jowls will begin

No. 260300

>>the pleasant smile of gran

Kek, I totally agree. I don't know what it is because she's not exactly wrinkly, but it's so easy to imagine her old. Saggy cheeks/jaw, massive ears, silver-looking hair are probably why.

No. 260321

File: 1460725482436.jpg (26.67 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20160415080403785144.jp…)

It's actually kind of hard to find any photos where she doesn't blur the shit out of herself.

No. 260324

File: 1460725645226.jpg (26.22 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20160415080614463723.jp…)

No. 260325

File: 1460725693394.jpg (27.36 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20160415080550173369.jp…)

It would be cool if someone had super photoshop skills to make her old. This looks kind of ridiculous lol

No. 260400

File: 1460745741875.jpg (11.36 KB, 236x236, 6bb29937866565ef97d0f5cd1ae5f8…)

This is all I see anytime I see her

No. 260447

lol omg i see it!

No. 260450

Looks like she got sloppy in even fixing her damn bra. Decided to throw on a top like that for m0ar views.

Ironic she's doing all this goddamn "modeling" when she can't even do her fucking brows right. F'ing christ on a bike.

No. 260475

File: 1460765961870.png (52.95 KB, 639x459, bitch.png)

bitch, you talk shit more than anybody

No. 260488


Pfft what hard work did you do nicole

No. 260494

>reconsider how you see us

She believes she's part of an elite group of famous cosplayers that work hard.

No. 260526

Speak out against back handed compliments

With some intense humble-bragging

No. 260548

look at her skeleton hands. she looks like a goblin.

No. 260555

Holy shit I thought I was the /only/ one who thought this. I thought of this the first time I saw her like 3-4 years ago.

No. 260635

Real lol, this is so accurate

No. 260644

someone get this dippy dumbo cunt an ear pinning procedure

No. 260974

Someone got deets on the shit she talks about people? I'd love to see her hypocrisy spill everywhere. I mean, lord knows she thinks her "friends" are just tools for her, so no harm done! ;)

No. 261003

Before they ever met in person, her and Monty had a Twitter relationship. He would vent about about this 'girl he liked' and she assumed it was her. She used to complain how Monty had a god-complex and annoyed her with how thirsty he was for her. Then pax came around and she followed him like a dog all weekend while he flirted with other girls. She found out the 'girl Monty liked' was another white chick that was staying in his hotel room. Sheena was so pissed she slept with this cali photographer. Things didn't go well with Monty and the other chick so on the last day of pax he settled for Sheena.

Once Monty picked her, which was the day after she slept with the photographer in her hotel bathroom because she had sleeping roomates, she treated the photographer guy like absolute shit in front of Monty and a group of their friends. The photographer guy is well known in the cosplay scene, which is probably a good reason why people don't like Sheena including Jessica Nigiri.

No. 261018


As I always said, how sad for you nicole that you weren't even the first pick

And I know you'll read this too

No. 261033

If nigri doesn't like her, how come she gave her all that money when monty died? If i were her (nigri) i'd rather donate in montys name, if i hated his gf

No. 261052


More likely she just didn't know its all (most of it) going straight to nicole

No. 261098

Sheena used to complain how some of her friends 'couldn't bring anything to the table' so it was were useless to be a good friend to them. Sheena would only be a good friend if she got something back from you up till the point she didn't need you anymore.

Then this was how Devin reacted which posted in Thread 3 >>255131

Devin found out all the shit Sheena has been saying about her for however long they've been friends. Something that I found hilarious considering Sheena talked shit about all her 'friends' to Devin, and Devin didn't think Sheena would do the same to her with other 'friends'. And then Devin actively went and befriended all the people Sheena hated and talked shit about such as her ex, the ex's new gf, the old roommate, Talixoxo, ton of Sheena's old con friends that she ditched after meeting Monty in order to get back at Sheena.

No. 261106

is it Martin Wong?

No. 261152

fiverings is known for (really bad) shooping. he shoops the living shit out of ever photo he takes.

PR. it makes jnig look like a kind person who cares.

Devin is friends with a lot of shitslingers though like Emi Hu/avnp/barleytea

No. 261174

ding ding ding!

No. 261459

File: 1461024849288.jpg (192.08 KB, 1024x1024, CgXP_jGUYAABqgW.jpg)

No. 261496

As someone who has never cosplayed or looked into wigs before, that wig looks fucking ratty. It looks untidy and like it has glue through it or something

No. 261507


i don't follow this girl's drama at all but jesus do i hate her winking face. something is so off about it

No. 261508


There's no emotion behind it. She looks completely souless.

No. 261509

she looks like she got the palsy

No. 261510

What a shitty haggard old woman look. Aqua is mature yes, but she doesn't fucking wear bold red lipstick. Stereotypical gamur gurl

No. 261512

She needs to fuck off with that slutty red lipstick I hate it so much.

No. 261513

She tries way too hard omg. If you're going to pose as a gamer gurl at least pretend you've been playing games all day instead of applying red lipstick and buckets of eye make up meticulously. So fake. I'm not saying girls who game can't wear make up but she's just so vapid.

No. 261521


who the fuck even does red lip like that any more? i feel like it's such a particular look to pull off (Which she does not). ages her horribly.

also, she needs to clean her goddamn house or whatever is that background.

No. 261522

That red is just a bad casual colour, especially with her hair. I don't get why girls always insist on bright red. Go with the darker reds with blue undertones and shit, the bright just looks tacky

No. 261545


I don't think nicole would know subtly…

No. 261711

LOLOL her yellow fever never ends.

No. 261822

File: 1461109069462.jpg (81.77 KB, 1024x576, red ass lipstick.jpg)

No. 261887


What is going on with her face here? Something seems off.

No. 261893


It's either the right eyelid fold doing weird things, or it's her souless expression.

No. 261904

I'm pretty sure it's because most girls associate red lipstick with maturity/appearing mature. That whole stereotype with makeup at times, I guess. But yeah… honestly she REALLY needs to lay off the red lipstick, makes her look old af.

Some people can just rock a red lip naturally. She is not one of those people.

No. 261923


No. 261965

Can she not tidy her shit up? So much junk behind her. Also her hair is so fried.

No. 261971

Real talk I theorize she mostly takes smiling selfies to hide the fact that her nasolabials (creases or shadows) are visible when she's not

Source: that's what I do irl :'(

No. 262335

I also think she's trying to play up the whole 'vixen' thing that boob-streamers on twitch do sometimes, and red a pretty typical color for that kind of look. it's really the brightness of the shade and the fact that it's not matte that it's looks horrible on her.

In >>259677 it's more muted and looks better. The shade also looks a bit too warmed tones for her cool toned skin.

No. 262569

That image wears out fast. lmao. She comes off as granny, not vixen.

Don't mean to nitpick at the way she presents herself but she should lay off the "bold" look and stick to a youthful appearance — oh, I don't know; Korean makeup??? She needs to stick to natural looks. Unless she's out there and cosplaying then by all means she can get out there and slap on like 5 pounds of makeup.

All this heavy, imitated makeup from "established, successful cosplayers/streamers" makes her look more like a grandma trying to fit into modern society and fake af.

No. 262801

File: 1461350050329.png (1.56 MB, 1196x781, Screenshot_1.png)

She blames her posture on bad bones but seriously I wonder how she walks. lmao. Does she walk with that stupid posture?? smh.

Get those tits out under your skin, girl. They don't do your bones good anyway.

No. 262814

is this a cosplay? was she just trying to show off ~sexy~ fantasy lingerie? does she actually go to events in this stuff or is it all for photoshoots? it looks like someone tried to put together a sakizou cosplay at a thrift store.

No. 262854

File: 1461357186657.jpg (216.4 KB, 1024x1024, CgoreltUoAAyinX.jpg)

No. 262873

It looks like they tried throwing together some poorly thought out outfits for a music festival.

No. 262893

is that a slutty little heart tattoo to the left of her mons?

No. 262951

File: 1461371949011.jpg (101.04 KB, 1024x576, Cgrgy6eVEAABBtn.jpg)

Grandma's streaming again

No. 262964

She is ugly in a really boring way.

No. 262973


I smirk every time someone refers to her as granny. It's just so accurate. Those glasses make it even more apparent lmao.

No. 263026

I think anyone would recognize her in a con or festival if she had that stupid posture and walked like a duck / she just got circumcised. lmfao.

No. 263029

Her left leg looks like a giant dangling wang.

No. 263056

Her hand looks really freakish from this angle. Her face is just unfortunate.

No. 263168

Either a tat or gran drew it on, it looks like sharpie.

No. 263181

Just recently started reading this girl's threads. God I used to think JNigs was ugly. Jessica's face is gorgeous compared to Sheena. Pic for reference >>256549

I'm assuming everyone feels the same way

No. 263187


Nicole for me is just painfully average who failed upwards.

No. 263267

File: 1461483104372.png (222.7 KB, 313x637, edited cat lady.png)

her way of doing makeup really ages her, i wish she'd realize that. the lips especially, that color looks totally wrong for her.

i was bored so i did this.. she could look so much better. gave her more natural lipstick, eyelashes bc it looks like she doesnt wear mascara, made her blush color more natural, filled in her eyebrows, and changed the angle of her eyeliner slightly. i think its a huge improvement honestly…

No. 263273

Holy fuck anon, you did her good. If she just changed that lipstick alone, there'd be such a massive improvement.

I don't think she's particularly ugly or anything, but she just presents herself so badly. Can't she use all that dead husbando donation money and buy herself some style?

No. 263274


Well she definitely follows these threads, so we'll see if she conveniently starts looking more like the second image in the next few months.

No. 263278

Busy using that donation money to supply herself and Chloe with molly at music festivals.

No. 263292

Why would Nicole think she should change her way of doing make-up?

I find her old-looking/not pretty but how she looks now obviously works on all her fans.

No. 263314

Whoa. That's brilliant. And she looks so much better.

No. 263406

I am shocked, simply SHOCKED that she didn't go to Coachella.

that's the pinnacle of the poseur year, and it's a massive waste of money, which is also Sheena's style.

the only problem with your makeover is that without the gaudy lipstick your focus shifts to her Dumbo ears. if I were her, I would have had those pinned back before I bought myself chest balloons.

No. 263489

Saw that she's doing a shoot for Milynn Sarley's clothing line.
As Venus.
With that god awful red lipstick.

No. 263491

File: 1461547285363.jpeg (169.22 KB, 1536x784, image.jpeg)

No. 263522

Jesus Christ those monstrous ears.

No. 263529

File: 1461558998951.jpg (23.91 KB, 480x360, zprTrJh.jpg)

makes me think of

No. 263532

This doesn't look shit like Sailor Venus. She just looks like a cheap whore in outdated makeup.

No. 263539

She wasn't into music until living with Chloe and regular tickets are usually sold out. You'd have to pay more closer to the date.

No. 263554

thanks for the feedback on >>263267 it's nothing special but if there's other pics/lolcows i should do this for hmu i have so much free time and enjoy practising retouching.
yeah i see what you're saying, but i only wanted to shoop things she can easily recreate with makeup and not change her actual features. personally I think more focus on her eyes (like with a good mascara and nice falsies, matte eyeliner instead of glossy) would distract from her ears better than weird lipstick lol.

even the lipstick in
>>263491 is an improvement imo. cooler toned lipsticks look so much better on fair skin than warm toned.

my recommendation for her would be some more cool toned nude/coral/pale pink lipsticks (colourpop/revlon are my fav cheap options), a very dramatic mascara, and a nice dark blonde eyebrow pencil. and maybe a contour kit for good measure if she doesn't use one already.
i dont think she's ugly at all, just needs to improve her makeup skills :)

No. 263562

wow she's pretty cute

No. 263574

she's cute!! super cute!!

No. 263673

Did we ever find out what Anon sent her? I checked the old threads and didn't see anything, but maybe I just missed it.

ngl, I'm still burning with curiosity about this.

No. 263695

There is no way anyone thinks she looks like Sailor V with that retarded ass makeup. She looks like she belongs in special ed

No. 263717

File: 1461627621801.jpg (75.98 KB, 1024x576, Cg7EDvVU4AEHhng.jpg)

posted without comment.

No. 263723

I thought she may have had a brow lift, but looking at this picture it seems like she is just filling in her brows a lot higher and shaving the ends of her eyebrows maybe. Plus I still think she got cheek and under eye fillers.

No. 263725

Scared me for a minute and thought it was a feminist thing. I guess Sailor Moon might as well be now.

No. 263740

File: 1461634777310.jpg (230.74 KB, 1024x576, 1461627621801.jpg)

I hated her eyebrows so much so I gave her something else. This is a really unflattering pose. The more I looked at it the more ugly she became.

No. 263741

Everything about this is pig disgusting.

No. 263742

File: 1461636286804.jpg (416.47 KB, 2048x1536, 13063357_10154106409361085_310…)

No. 263743

Holy shit, this is bad. You can't even tell that these are supposed to be Sailor Senshi minus Moon's odango shields.

No. 263744

So over ~omg ugly faces guys!!!!

No. 263813

A reliable source told me her rent is about $1880-$2000 USD
So, say she moved into that LA apartment in September. That would be around $15,000 - $16,000 USD.
When's it going to run out kids? I don't think twitch subs bring in that much cash.

No. 263822

why i left the cosplay community in a nutshell… girls in skimpy cosplay covered in makeup being fake to eachother for likes and efamous dick

No. 263824

The one in the back with the brown hair and baubles looks like a man in drag.

Same, it's so forced it hurts. Just take a fucking nice photo.

No. 263834

File: 1461662199556.png (495.61 KB, 640x400, cCJJLPz.png)

>covered in makeup
whats wrong with being covered in makeup for cosplay

how are you supposed to even slightly resemble eyes like these without a bunch of eyeliner?
have you seen pics or girls who cosplay with no makeup? it washes their face out and ruins the whole cosplay honestly. the girls in the photo wearing more eye makeup look way better than the others.

agree on the skimpy part. i blame jnig and pool party league of legends "cosplay"

No. 263840

Pfffft that's Adella. She is mid 30's.

No. 263851

which one is nicole. they all look the same with the 'derp' faces i can hardly tell

No. 263858

I looked her up, she's not nearly as bad as I expected. She's still giving me pewdiepie vibes in that pic tho.

I'm guessing the blonde one wearing the obnoxiously red lipstick, even though everyone else is wearing nudes/pinks.

No. 263880

Why can't she be assed to clean up all that shit in the background before taking a pic? Everything is probably saturated in cat piss

No. 263886

Adella looks like a dude. She needs to wear a wig if that's supposed to be Jupiter.

No. 263967

There is a space between "I can tell your skin is a different colour from 10 feet away also your eyelashes are falling off" and slightly over the top beauty makeup.

No. 264003

Adella is just looks old and needs to stop cosplaying young characters. Even when she was young, she still had a mature face.

No. 264363

I like Adella :( Her Aerith is pretty. IMO looks better as her character than most of the other girls in that pic. It's unquestionable that Sheena looks the worst though lol her lashes look like fucking centipedes and she didn't even fill her obnoxious lipstick in right

No. 264504

oh look at that, a bunch of really crappy people all together in one "cosplay" group.

And of course Kimbrasprite or w/e is there pimping her bandwagon dog.

No. 264506

File: 1461796865998.jpg (167.73 KB, 960x960, 13095931_10209174724665822_610…)

Everything looks so cheap, like it came out of Claires.

No. 264508


This is a pretty lame seven dwarfs cosplay group.

Though the girl who's doing dopey in the middle ish is doing a pretty good job

No. 264509

The girl who is supposed to be Jupiter should really cosplay Megara from Hercules. She'd be perfect.

No. 264546

I hate how much of a cheap whore she's made Venus look.

Also, it might be her armpit or some weird shadow, but that looks like an implant scar.

No. 264553

Ew this is fucking trash.

No. 264555


No. 264556

Mercury is qt…

No. 264557


These outfits are hideous, who was in charge of coordinating them?

No. 264558

They're Milynn Sarley's new clothing/shirt line

No. 264564

File: 1461801024843.jpeg (133.75 KB, 750x1224, image.jpeg)

Cheap looking. Boring. Too expensive.

No. 264580

literally who

No. 264587

What's hilarious is how much she stands out. And not in a good way–her makeup is so garish and out of sync compared to the other girls. When you do a photoshoot like this, you want most of the makeup to be (relatively) uniform. She looks like she is in nighttime/nightwear makeup, while everyone is in daywear makeup. Idiot.

No. 264592

Adella is still so pretty imho. She looks amazing for not only being in her mid-30's but also being a mom. I remember when I first saw her at AX over a decade ago and was like "daaamn" because I thought she was just so gorgeous. She's still as pretty as ever. She'll always be my cosplay girlcrush <3

Claire and Mandy look nice too. I don't like their wigs but they're both beautiful anyway.

I think Sheena was a poor choice for Venus. Jnig would've been a better fit.

No. 264602


That's Adella? Super gluing elf ears to a little girl Adella?!

No. 264613

That poor little girl. Adella has had some work done it seems, the guy she married is loaded I think.

No. 264633

deets pls

No. 264634

To be fair Mar's makeup looks just as caked on as Sheena's. Sheena's heels look like their too big for her feet imo

No. 264637

It's funny that Sheena is cosplaying with Kimbrasprite after the Pyrrah drama Sheena pulled ALA 2015.

No. 264644

What was the drama Sheena pulled? I haven't heard of this, yet.

No. 264649

I'm laughing so hard. Shitna looks like a skank. LOOK AT THE OTHERS, DO YOU SEE THEM WEARING VERY HEAVY MAKEUP ALL OVER.

No. 264650

Can't wait 'till she disappears off the earth after the runs out of money AND ideas on how to earn that much back!! :-)

No. 264653


Is that the one where Shitna thought all other Pyrrhas except hers were shit? Like looking at someone from head to toe and judging?

No. 264715

File: 1461839425924.jpeg (54.91 KB, 533x800, image.jpeg)

JNig's Venus was horrible and also made her look like a washed out slutty party girl. I hate it when skanks cosplay as Sailor Senshi.

No. 264716

A few years ago, Adella stupidly used Bondo Superglue to stick elf ears on the 10 year old who modelled Saria in her crappy Zelda Project

No. 264717


Holy shit, imagine is Sailor Venus really looked that old. Jnig doesn't seem to understand that cosplaying young anime girls but making your eyes look as small as possible with a shit ton of eyeliner isn't a good look
Not that she really cares though

No. 264723

if they're going to bother to filter the photo to hell, they could at least photoshop her nasolabial lines.
Also the thumbnail makes her eyes look like black pits of despair.

No. 264749

Her boobs are too big for this costume. It makes her look top heavy

No. 264752

It's when Sheena forcefully isolated Kimba out of the ALA RWBY group because she thought there should only be one Pyrrah and since she was Monty's gf that meant it was her. Keep in mind the group formed among the California cosplayers, so Sheena just invaded.

It was during this con that Sheena started shit talking Johnny despite trying to suck up to him in public.

No. 264801

Mars has some pretty dramatic eye makeup too though

No. 264806

File: 1461863030526.jpeg (127.47 KB, 750x948, image.jpeg)

No. 264808

Isn't Rei supposed to be like a "classic beauty" or some shit? I may be pulling that out of my ass, but this chicks make-up suits her character just as well as Sheenas lol

No. 264843

She's adorable! Her face somehow reminds me of RinRinDoll.

No. 264871

Yeah, she's supposed to be a classic Japanese beauty. The cosplayer is cute but her makeup is horrible for Rei.

No. 264877

This is literally the most autistic thing I've ever read. Like, you guys realize no ones eyes look like an anime characters right, and when it all boils down to it, you're still a bunch of losers dressed up like chinese cartoons so you may as well have fun with it? I mean it's well applied, clean, and looks nice sooooo who cares lol.

No. 264933

I think it looks nice as well, actually really like it and think she looks lovely, though I do see that it's standard kawaii/anime cosplay makeup and someone wanting to be really true to the character would go for a different look. She isn't even wearing an actual Rei outfit though, just a white tank top with a Mars symbol on it and her bra hanging out the side, so it's not even trying to be accurate to Rei's canon appearance

No. 264934

The point was everyone called out Shitna's heavy eye makeup as inappropriate but this girls is just as heavy.

No. 264942

usagi looks like she has grandma sagging boobs

nicole looks like a literal prostitute with that make up

i like ami's shoes

No. 264944

the difference with mar's make up is that its heavy eye make up + softer lip, which is what you're suppose to do. it evens it all out. nicole has the heavy eye make up + the disgusting red lip. Its way too OTT and makes her look like trash

No. 264958

There's a video of them trying to twerk on the photographer's page. It's as sad as the shoot.

No. 264964

File: 1461895414242.gif (788.31 KB, 500x281, 3W90.gif)

I'm not sure I want to see that.

No. 264972

File: 1461897774335.jpg (138.64 KB, 851x500, twerk.jpg)

No. 265040

File: 1461912752083.jpg (36.87 KB, 640x960, 1234440_10151548185556712_1932…)

Pre-Monty Nicole. Some hair salon got her and Devin to model for them and basically made them look as awful and trashy as they possibly could.

No. 265045

Holy shit–how was this announced? Just, "Hey look I superglued this kid look at the pictures!" or did people find out somehow and call her out? Was the kid hurt?

No. 265056

I dont remember that well now, I think it appeared in their behind the scenes videos and that's how it came out. There were definitely pictures back then of them using it though and the kid didn't want to model for them again after that

No. 265070

What is with casual slutty cosplays and ugly Aldos platform stilettos? I feel like this cosplay would have been better with converse and casual, fun, summer styling. The heavy makeup, plus cheap super heels, with the skimpy outfit… They all look like street walkers.

No. 265083

What a bunch of QTs. I absolutely am in love with Jupiter since she looks so perfect for this and Mercury is how I imagined her to look irl. Everyone else is really good as well.

I know it's a Sheena thread, but I really do think she's the weakest out of everyone here, and that's not just salt talking. She just feels really try hard and did so many poor choices that could've easily been avoided.

Venus never, ever had lipstick that heavy nor did any other Sailor Senshi. If she'd watch the show, the girls all actually get some canonical lipstick when they transform. Her thick eye makeup and mustard yellow wig choice are so questionable. She looks like a hooker, a bit aged, and almost like a drag queen.

No. 265159

why the fuck does Mamoru look like some emotrash MCR listening tryhard. All of the scouts look amazing compared to him.

No. 265187


For some reason nicole ends up being the weakest link in all group photoshoots she does.

The sad thing is she planned this one and still ended up the weakest part

No. 265194

Well it's not cosplay it's an advertisement shoot for one of the girls shitty hooker crop top lines so it fits that theme.

No. 265204

I really wish they would have gone with what he wears in the first few episodes (the casual blazer/pants combo) instead. Sorry but Mamoru would never wear whatever they dressed him in for the shoot.

No. 265220

Glad to see she actually has shoes (albeit wrong) for Venus rather than photoshopping them on herself in her cosplay photo.

No. 265229

tbf none of the senshis would wear those crop tops either

No. 265241

File: 1461967247447.jpg (71.57 KB, 736x579, 85c87131b84d0b0c3a2c8208e3a13c…)

I think the crop tops are still normal 'current day' wear. Mamoru should have been put in a well cut button shirt (with a few buttons undone and a white undershirt maybe) and properly fitted pants. I'm assuming it was someone's left over black wig that they didnt want to style? I feel like they could have gotten away with maybe doing something along the lines of Yamato from Say I Love You.
Overall they should have discusses what they were doing for makeup/other styling. Cause I realize they couldnt all wear their scout shoes but the fact that Mercury's shoes dont match the other blues int their outfit bothers me and I love Adella but the Jupiter boots dont go ith the rest of the look whatsoever.

No. 265254

it was an outfit for a music festival

No. 265258

oh shit this manga is getting an anime?

No. 265407

It's already out. Aired like over a year ago.

No. 265878

File: 1462136144542.png (794.02 KB, 373x3002, sheena patreon.png)

No. 265881

I was wondering how long it would take her to do this. I was honestly impressed with her that she hadn't made one but any last bit of hope she might be a decent human is gone.

Isn't she still fucking getting money from Monty's gofundme? If so, she shouldn't be begging for more money while getting blood money.

No. 265889

These girls are sex workers, literal cam girls now. The worst part is, they think they're better than sex workers and cam girls and probably loudly proclaim they'd never stoop so low, meanwhile they're stripping for money and offering pics of it. God damn it shitna google hangouts with neck beards so they can give you critique!?? Enjoy the endless stream of "AKKCHUALLYYY" from your johns, I mean patrons.

No. 265904


Only a matter of time though I am surprised she didn't do it early.

I'm amused she had a 3d modeling video as a reward. Gurl I learn that shit for free from better artist than you on YouTube…

No. 265940

>$679 of $1,000

Expecting stretch goals.

Now you know how she will have her rent paid.

No. 265958

If only she didn't squander away a quarter of a million dollars on herself.

I can't believe she still calls cosplay her 'job' despite having to clearly beg for money by being a low grade porn cam girl.

But you know, this is what Monty would of wanted.

No. 265981

Lol she just copied Jessica's Patreon https://www.patreon.com/JessicaNigri

No. 265994

File: 1462171348047.jpeg (37.26 KB, 503x566, image.jpeg)

More money means less clothing!!!!! YESSS PRESERVE MONTY'S MEMORY!!! He lives on thru your BOUDOIR SHOOTS! YASSSS

No. 265999

I am jelly as fuck. I wish some idiots would pay me to show me working on my hobbies and occasionally chat with them.

No. 266001

but you would have to be pretty like her

No. 266005

Not necessarily. There are BBWs who do this shit. Or you could just pander to a specific fetish.
Literally all you need is a nice webcam tbh.

No. 266008

says the BBW behind the screen

No. 266011

What are you so mad about? Camwhores literally don't need to be pretty because men are dogs tbh

No. 266016

>"men are dogs tbh"
Back to tumblr with you.

No. 266019

None of those terms come from Tumblr. Are you an analpained camgirl or something?

No. 266028

Probably just a residual fatty shitposter that got banned from cgl recently.
Probably an aspiring camslut too, you can tell it destroys them when you say there's no real standard as long as you're willing to debase yourself on the internet for a dollar.

No. 266037

I'm more interested in why you want to undermine her attractiveness so badly. Are you fat or something?

No. 266039

Do you share the same looks as this dope-eared, flat assed cow or something? Why do you care if she's called unattractive?

No. 266042

File: 1462194027081.jpg (60.18 KB, 500x372, ELfxO3L.jpg)

Fuck off, Nicole.

No. 266044

Confirmed fat.

No. 266046


Not that anon, but I know for a fact I would rather be fat than look like Nicole. Her eyes are too close together, her ears are massive, barely any cheek or jaw definition. She just looks like Dopey in drag.

No. 266047

I never said anything about her attractiveness, though. You said anon would have to be pretty to be a camgirl, and I said that's wrong.
Why are you getting offended on someone else's behalf? Is that you or something?

No. 266049

>ugly flat ass with stupid ears confirmed
See what I did there? I just shoved what you did right back in your face, retarded right?

No. 266050

And her elbows are too pointy.

No. 266052

Did you have to take a sip of diet coke while you typed this?

No. 266061

>undermine her attractiveness

Undermine? But there was nothing to undermine to begin with.

No. 266062

Any more than how my comment made you slit your wrists and wish you could pin your ears to your head, smartass.

No. 266082

File: 1462209186906.png (131.15 KB, 461x349, nicole 90000 hours in paint.PN…)

No. 266094


Whoa where did you get that pic of nicole?

No. 266096

The main "standard" cam girls have to live up to is a standard of entertainment. Being attractive isn't nearly as important as being on regularly around the same time and giving your viewers something to watch every time you go on… Unless someone wants to go sketchy Slavic cam girl style and just sit in skimpy underwear while rubbing your boobs slowly, but tbh I don't know how much money they make compared to the English speaking pseudo celeb ones.
Sage cause who cares about camming, this argument has been had in Charms' thread over and over and over.

I wonder if she gets $10k a month if she'll do anal gaping vids in her RWBY cosplay

No. 266148

File: 1462225162393.gif (2.37 MB, 308x310, 1461589045156.gif)

oh fuck I want to tweet that to her

No. 266195

File: 1462234237765.jpg (74.59 KB, 1024x576, ChfSyr6VEAAHPJh.jpg)


No. 266197

also I just noticed the GIANT RED SQUARE over 4/20 on her calendar back there

No. 266203

Your comments are making me want to go for a jog. Good thing fat isn't contagious.

No. 266222

Then go for a run fattie

No. 266260

How did you? wut?

No. 266308

Are those her natural brows or does she just not how to fill and shape them properly? I'm not saying she should make them pink, but a lighter warmer tone would look so much better, even if she didn't make them a bit slimmer.

No. 266429

she's started a podcast now. Oh god. Why would anyone want to listen to that voice for an HOUR

No. 266430


The hell does she even talk about? Is it mostly like this:

"Oh I'm the greatest, me me me, dead husband, insert fake inspiration bullshit"

No. 266434

You're forgetting mentions of whatever cosplay she's working on because she loooooves the character so much.

No. 266436


Holy shit t-shirts, patreon, and podcasts. Is she really popular enough that she can keep up with that kind of stuff? How many viewers does she have on twitch and how many people are even going to tune in for that podcast?

No. 266437

She has brown hair naturally, so I guess that's her brows.

No. 266448

No but her husband was popular. Otherwise I don't think she' cultivated a following like other YT-er with podcasts (I'm thinking of Grace Helbig specifically right now) to really warrant it. Podcasts have just become a 'thing' again.

No. 266523

>"Pay me and we can talk more!"
Right, because you're a stuck-up bitch who sucked on a guy for a green card + money and you're probably running out so it's TIIIIIME to PUSH! THAT! BUTTON! :D

Seriously why the shit would anyone even BUY this plot??? You could practically learn ANYTHING on the internet if you just research and TRY!

No. 266524

Remember: Shitna's on Tumblr, too. :^)

No. 266525


No. 266526

Her bruise makes me laugh.

No. 266529

No. 266533

The new season of RWBY also premieres this weekend, I believe… so she could be doing the podcast in time for that and banking on it being her husband's creation for views–especially if she does some sort of Q&A with whatever information Monty left about the show that isn't public yet.

No. 266537

Is she even allowed to do that, since she's not associated with RT in any way shape or form now?

No. 266539

She apparently released the last names of a few characters when Monty died, so maybe? If not, she could do a spoilercast about the premiere.

No. 266558

The only thing I can think of is that since she wasn't actually employed by them, she couldn't have had a contract, and thus wouldn't have to worry about nondisclosure. So nothing legal could be done then, I guess, since Monty was a dumbfuck.

No. 266563

New to lolcow… What the fuck, what a cow. Do the RT crew hate her but bite tongue so they don't get in internet fights, or do they not care?

No. 266582

Heard they bite their tongue. Some just HATE her.

No. 266595


She may have signed a basic NDA if she visited the RT studio which tends to happen for guest but I somehow think monty just had her come in whenever she felt like it without signing it

No. 266628

The new season coming out is actually a new series. It's going to probably be like the little 'Chibi' Avatar episodes that are just light heart and explain things they forget to explain in the show (which is a lot).

The designs are on the underwhelming side.

End of Volume 2, she was the one who updated the Wiki pages with Yang's mothers name and some other spoiler stuff iirc. Monty also gave access to the characters PRETTY early so Chloe could make her Emerald cosplay before anyone knew who she was.

Nicole's story seems to flop back and forth to her saying she worked for RT, Freelanced, or didn't work at all and was just there. No one referred to her by name, they just called her Monty's gf. It wasn't until he was dead that she was said to be his wife.

No. 266629

File: 1462401602583.jpg (570.85 KB, 1280x1280, f65jjaY.jpg)

Meant to post the underwhelming designs.

No. 266630


These are just…awful looking. Do weebs really eat this shit up?

No. 266665

I totally see Barbara shower her with love on ista/twitter from time to time though–I love Barb so I wonder wtf is up with that.

No. 266686

These look like those fake "anime" characters used in shitty free to play phone games.

No. 266715

It's all for show. Monty was a close friend of hers, so she has to pretend she's on good terms with Nicole.

No. 266721

Considering Barbara's the social media person for RT she probably does have to put on face.

I think Barbara was someone who took Monty's death really hard, too. I vaguely remember someone saying she was devastated and crying for over a week because they were just really good friends.

No. 266735

Monty def let her come in and 'work' whenever he did. RT got on his ass about her using their resources for her own shit that had nothing to do with RT, since she didn't work for them.

Dumb RWBY fans do. God these should have been in 2d.

Barb seems like a sweet person so I can see her looking out for Nicole because of Monty. Just seems weird that she would, given she'd likely be one of the first people to see that Nicole's a shit head.

No. 266755


RWBY fans can't be…that dumb can they?

Plus I don't think it would be better 2D as it would imply the foundation of the show was something worth while to begin with. :p

No. 266756

Well they're blindly giving money to Sheena just because she was Monty's wife so… yeah they can be that dumb.

I think the Chibi RWBY is to get their animators away from Poser and using Maya instead, so it's kind of a tester series and people want the happy RWBY back after Volume 3.

They just should of gone with a better design for >>266629

No. 266760


Makes sense to switch pipelines, the only reason why they stayed with poser is because of monty insisted on using it

No. 266763

I think Shane Newville was the only other person who really used it or liked Poser but he just upped and quit mid Volume 3. With no one there using it like Monty or Shane, it would seem better to move on to Maya.

There was an RT Life video where she was in the background sanding a prop or something so everyone assumed she worked there until she was called out after Monty's death. It was up on her website for the longest time, too but who knows, maybe she was saying it because of her 'work visa' to SAY she had a job. idk how those work.

No. 266764

Holy shit shane quit?

No. 266765


Shane quit? Huh, and here I thought he would be RTs bitch forever

No. 266766

Yeah, I don't think anyone (other than those close to RT) really knows why either other than 'creative differences' between him and RT. It came as a huge surprise because BOOM tweeted he quit and that was that.

No. 266767


Good to know.

Real talk though, can they keep having RWBY go on though? The people left at RT don't exactly seem like the kind to invest in anime weeb shit

No. 266768

They have an Anime podcast with a bunch of them so they're pretty in to weeb shit.

Monty had plans drawn up for up to 10-11 volumes, Miles and Kerry just have to fill in the blanks with writing and plot.

Now they have RWBY Chibi and still are coming out with things for Grimm Eclipse, they're going to milk it for all they can.

No. 266769



Thanks for filling in the blanks. I fully admit I don't follow RT or RWBY much so this is helpful

No. 266770

The tweet I just found only mentioned things not going as planned–did they talk about it somewhere else? Sorry off topic but I'm super fucking surprised he quit. Wonder if he and sheena keep in touch at all.

No. 266775

Nah RT shit is usually lumped in with Nicole.

Sounds like there was bad blood brewing for awhile.

No. 266782

I think he's still good friends with Sheena or at least tries to come off as such.

I don't think RT made any mention of it themselves other than he quit. Reddit and Tumblr users were pretty much just "don't pry in to their business why he quit" so it was all really vague and out of the blue.

RT just has been having a few shitty years losing some valuable members.

-Monty died, Sheena got all his money,
-Kara left for another job but still voices Weiss and hangs out,
-Kathleen quit but still does voice work,
-JJ, quit or was fired and they replaced his voice for Mercury in RWBY
-Ray quit and is getting a shitton of money from his twitch gaming,
-Shane quit out of the blue,
-Arryn left Miles for an acting career in LA so her voice wasn't used in Grimm Eclipse till later. They had Lindsay read her lines instead.
-Burnie sold the company to Full Screen so they may have something to do with a lot of people leaving because they're changing a lot.
-There seems to be a huge gap between RT and AH

People you had seen before have been moved to different areas of their studio and iirc on a podcast they said they hardly see Brandon or any of the RT Real Life (Social Disorder, RT Shorts, Ten Little Roosters) anymore.

No. 266798

God they probably don't want people to freak out and think the company is changing completely (even though it seems to be.)

No. 266818

Thanks for the update anon. Didn't know about Kara but yeah put into perspective like that it's no wonder I stopped following RT eventually. I still watch RvB and catch up on RWBY when it catches my fancy but I haven't followed RT nearly as much as I did back in the day since 2014. It makes me sad, RT is trash to a lot of people but I really liked them esp back when I was in high school.

I definitely won't lie, Sheena getting involved with Monty kind of ruined RT for me in a way bc I didn't want to associate her with them and couldn't avoid thinking about it lol

No. 266819

Damn, haven't been following RT or AH for a good while now. I had no idea Burnie sold it to Full Screen :/

Whatever happened to that movie they were making.

No. 266822

The movie was funded completely and made. It's on Youtube Red atm and had a theatrical release that did pretty well from what I've heard. I saw a trailer for it during Deadpool. The backers for the Indiegogo are getting their last rewards soon which are autographed copies of the script.

I feel you there. I love RT and content but with Monty's death and all the drama and Sheena still acting as if she's the best cosplayer and personification of all t he RWBY girls it leaves a sour taste.

Knowing RT isn't doing s hit all to her for selling RWBY prints with Monty's name stamped on them or telling her to shut down Monty's GoFundMe that STILL claims he's only in the hospital, I just lost a bit of faith and respect.

No. 266853

Thoughts on Ross and Ray talking about their great League-playing friend Sheena?

No. 266897

unsurprising considering sheena sniffs ross's ass hardcore
i liked ray and tina a lot so the fact they associate with grumps and sheena is sad
i wonder when RT will add game grumps into their 'family of let's plays'

No. 266973

I hope Shitna doesn't try to ruin Holly and Ross's marriage ): I hope if she tries, Holly gets mean and tells her the fuck off.

No. 267015


If that were to happen I would love to see how retarded nicole fans defend it

No. 267044

File: 1462468297843.jpeg (52.69 KB, 1060x592, image.jpeg)

She's a man eater. Be careful Ross.

No. 267062

I think I said this in the old thread already, but I honestly wonder if she at least tried to hook up with Dan. She seems like his type

No. 267067

Well she wears Starbomb merch pretty frequently so maybe?

No. 267190

Kevin is more her type. He's an Asian beta.

No. 267194

You have a good point there.

No. 267214

This looks terrible, like a HS project.

No. 267522

I literally thought this was an April Fool's joke when it was announced because it looks so bad.

No. 267530

RT has made it their policy to never participate in April Fool's jokes because the company was founded on April 1st.

No. 267540

I know about that. It literally looks so bad I thought they had gone back on their word and were parodying shitty 3DCG kids shows. It looks just looks SO bad.

No. 267697

This. I can think of a million deviantart teens who can do better.

No. 267917

File: 1462648471509.jpeg (101.75 KB, 750x824, image.jpeg)

tweeting more about Ross

No. 267931

Chogath isn't a dinosaur wtf. Entirety of RT confirmed for egotistical retards

No. 267948

No. 268113

I meeeeeeean… For a girl who fucked her way to the toppppp…It shouldn't be a surprise, you know? :'D

No. 268121

she's not subtle at all

No. 268215

She doesn't even play League, she used to bitch and moan about it until League cosplay got popular and she could ride that train.

No. 268231


The hell does she even do on twitch then? Try to find sugar daddies or something?

No. 268372


She streams over games and cosplay progress from the look of it on her channel. Money and more money. Like 90% of most Twitch female gamers now. The fact she has a $4.99 subscribe button just shows that's all she really wants from her "fans" and Monty's supporters who feel sorry his tragic widow.

No. 268403

What the…

No. 268404

File: 1462763390258.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

What the…

No. 268407

>cheap weaves, cheap heels, cheap clothes

No. 268408


Damn, that shop in the face is so bad. Faces look flat as fuck.

No. 268411

File: 1462766310963.png (2.31 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

No. 268415

File: 1462766988060.jpg (485.4 KB, 1784x1171, 13198368_10209270316255552_143…)

Did someone contour beards on some of them?

No. 268430

This photoshop is so bad. Their legs lack so much definition they look like noodles, and the faces look flat as someone else mentioned.

No. 268463

Hotaru, Rei and Setsuna cosplayers look the best here.

No. 268465

Your yellow fever is showing.

No. 268468

They all look terrible, every single one of them. They look like they're wearing masks.

No. 268483

nice use of ratty ass wigs here

No. 268621

Adella looks like a completely different person. Was this babby's first shoop job?

No. 268625


They shooped out the knees. Just wow.

No. 268643

Neptune and Pluto aren't too bad, but everyone else looks odd. The photoshop is horrendous here.

No. 268691

Lol Nicole has her skirt pulled up SO high here, trying too hard much? Pluto's skirt is high too but it also looks like she's the only one who knows how to pose her legs.

No. 268709

She actually seems to have a really great grasp of how to apply lipstick, but as others have said, her brows are not great. If she's not going to dye them pink to match she should probably choose a more soft brown color to fill them in, and go a lot lighter.. The charcoal grey rectangles are distracting.

No. 268711

They all look so terrible. Why in the world is Hotaru wearing those retarded platform sneakers?

No. 268730

The biggest thing that bugs me is that the shoes don't have a central theme, except maybe senshi related color. They really needed to pick between dress, athletic, or casual.

I find it funny that the reason Sheena stuck out to me wasn't her red lipstick, but her dopey ears. She just looks so alien and weirdly old among the rest.

No. 268736


Like I said, nicole is always the worse one in groups. I don't get why she has that "talent" but it's sad

No. 268739

It's the only talent she really has on top of manipulating and fucking her way in to money.

No. 268768

Neptune wearing high top sneakers really makes me weeb rage tbh

No. 268837

File: 1462892372467.jpg (10.73 KB, 456x340, TributeSandal203109F14004400-1…)

So glad I'm not alone with that. Uranus should have had them instead, if anyone was gonna have high tops, heeled or not. Neptune's style of shoes isn't even that hard to find. Not saying to invest in YSL shoes for a really dumb product shoot, but finding knock off would be easy enough and then painting them.

No. 268877

Glad I'm not the only one! Uranus should have had the high top wedges or wedged boots.

No. 268879

Saturn's giant ugly platforms piss me off so much.

No. 268881

yeah I don't even understand that at all, its so fucking Spice Girls and gross.

although looking at it now you can tell saturn is a lot shorter than the other girls, so she wore the shoes to be taller. but, like, saturn is short anyway.

the only shoes that look remotely accurate are jupiter's and mar's, only because mar's is ez pz to do and it looks like jupiter probably already cosplayed her at one point so had the shoes on hand.

No. 269071

File: 1462958925764.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.01 MB, 390x292, 1462656491641.gif)

This is basically going to be Sheena in a year. Clock it.

No. 269072


I know because I was in the thread :^)

No. 269088

all day urryday

(sage for noncontent)

No. 269161


wow, is this a boob job? i want my boobs like this, but a tad bit smaller.

sage for not contributing

No. 269267

Her only talent is sucking dick for e-famu & money.

No. 269311

From the way they're sitting, I'm inclined to say they're natural. Fake boobs are perky, if not gravity-defying.

No. 269325

File: 1463058354925.png (45.28 KB, 585x399, dumbos.png)

I know this is a Shitna thread, but … ew:

No. 269327

File: 1463059628328.png (Spoiler Image, 432.56 KB, 1272x436, breast-augmentation-photos.png)

Untrue actually. If you get teardrop shaped silicone implants behind the muscle and have at least a b-cup already you can get very similar results on a smaller scale. C-cup or bigger and you'll get that exact look. Most women and surgeons recommend not getting teardrops if you don't want "saggy" breasts. Rock hard 80s implants are only a thing if you want them or you're getting them done for 500 bucks.

Pic related is immediately after they've healed. In a few months to a year they'll look exactly like that gif.

No. 269405


It's long, but written by Shane Newville, who used to work for RT/on RWBY and Sheena's contributions to the show and helping are mentioned quite a bit. I haven't fully read it yet (it's 36 pages long) but she's mentioned in it 33 times.

No. 269418

Am I the only one who doesn't totally believe this 100%?

No. 269422

What's so bad about this?

No. 269424



No. 269436


I'm going to offer my pov in this seeing how I deal with animation production and I've dealt with Nicole by proxy seeing how I live in the same city as her

In short Shane is too emotional which is affecting his judgement on Nicole

Case in point about page 16 one of the producers mentioned how Nicole has no part in RWBY and realistically Nicole really offers nothing to the table to the production.

Shane mentions how Nicole is "professionally more qualified than the people who got hired as contract workers on the show" but there's not much to actually showcase that. (Also way to throw your team under the bus buddy)

Does she animate? Sorta
Does she design? We got those already
Write? Again we got writers already

I'd give Nicole some credit if her twitch or patreon was something showcasing how professional she is but all they show is her with her boobs out

On page 19 Shane again mentions how one of the character was to be voiced by her but CEO wanted to give her a fair chance so they had auditions to decide who would do that voice which she failed to ace the audience or maybe didn't even bother to show up to which I ask this is a problem why? She had a chance and she lost it as she wasn't the best voice actress for it

I'd say more on Shane but that would sorta lead away from Nicole centered topic.


I sure wouldn't, Shane is shown to bias and emotional in 36 pages of "me me me" so while the truth is in there somewhere but it sure is not 100%

No. 269437

Those still don't look anywhere near as natural as the ones in the gif. They're still too round. The woman in the gif's hang more and seem very soft.

No. 269446

He's acting like only he, Sheena, and Monty truly knew what should be happening with the story of RWBY when Kerry and Miles were equally (if not more) important. If you think of people involved with the production of RWBY, the main ones are Monty, Miles, and Kerry and possibly Gray. I didn't even really know who Shane was before the letter and this basically makes him seem like a risk to hire for future employers with how much shit he spilled.

No. 269447


Yea no kidding cause hey Shane guess what happens now if someone trying to hire you googled your name and this shows up first?

No. 269452

File: 1463092160519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.91 KB, 800x410, rinnatostmine-ja-proteesimine.…)

>Pic related is immediately after they've healed. In a few months to a year they'll look exactly like that gif.

No one can escape gravity. They take those pics as soon as the wounds close up. It also depends on how much fat the woman had in her breasts before the surgery, the more that covers the implant the more natural it looks.



No. 269454

File: 1463092234616.png (Spoiler Image, 191.62 KB, 659x294, breast-ptosis-Boston.png)

No. 269459

File: 1463092537285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.17 KB, 1024x512, Breast_Augmentation5-1024x512.…)

Again these are very fresh pics, but this already looks almost identical. You can see that her breast juts out like an implant would instead having a more subtle and natural curve in the gif.

No. 269475


No. 269476

I wonder if Shane realizes how much he's projecting what he felt for Monty onto Sheena lol did he even know that Sheena was dating Sam? This essay is going to make Sheena look so good to people who don't know better.

No. 269477

the amount of people saying something along the lines of 'omg I feel so bad for Sheena if this is true' is astounding. Like, they'll be neutral to Shane but feel bad for Sheena.
It doesn't help that she's rt'd it.

No. 269478


Luckily the places I'm going to are shitting on both Shane and nicole

No. 269479

Where are you going to?

No. 269482


Mostly /co/

Im guessing tumblr or reddit are the "oh poor nicole" camp?

No. 269486

Of course. It'd be sexist otherwise on tumblr and redditors are too busy fapping to really care.

No. 269488


Not too surprised, reddit was the place where someone asked where did the donations go and everyone jumped on that person for daring to ask

No. 269492


Nicole has retweeted this

Gotta get those pity donations

No. 269494

Yeah. Those are the two places I lurk.

No. 269495

This letter sounds like Shane's pathetic attempt to win Sheena since his wife left him with their kids and hey, Monty's dead so maybe Sheena will love him and they'll be the best duo ever.

What the fuck, all this praise to her on page 1. Slammed the door in her face? Bitch walked away with $250k.

No. 269496

And a year of his salary.

No. 269499

You're forgetting that Monty needed Sheena to start making money from RoosterTeeth but she isn't legally allowed to work in the country.

No. 269500

Sheena co-wrote this with him.

No. 269502

That makes this letter sound even more pathetic.

No. 269503


Speaking of is she still not legally allowed to do work?

No. 269504

I thought she came here with a worker's visa but RT just did not hire her despite Monty bringing her with him to work every day and they married because her visa expired.

No. 269505

I have no idea since they were married in secret and he died before it was even a year.

I doubt she files taxes and you have to pay a certain amount after being donated 15k iirc but I don't think she's done that. She's probably not going to try to get a job because she'll have to have a background check and she has too many red flags.

No. 269506


Would make sense, Shane is boasting how talented she is but nothing she does shows that.


You bought up a good point as RT probably had another of montys shit but he being the golden goose caved in to certain demands. Him demanding nicole to be given work probably planted the seeds of RT having wanting nothing to do with Nicole

No. 269507

She came as a vistor visa which expires after 6 months. At the 6 month mark Monty married her.

No. 269508

Shane wants some of that 250k.

Both Shane and Sheena were fans of Monty who he allowed to get close and they ultimately ruined him. He also let them get so close that they truly believed they became talented by assocation.

The similarities between Sheena and Shane are numerous. They're terrible at relationships with their families or employers, egotistical and entitled.

No. 269510

what I'm interested in was the fact that Winter's design was originally going to be based off Nicole? I thought Neo was supposed to be Nicole inspired? (or was that a rumor?) Regardless, I'm kind of glad they redesigned her if Nicole was going to be the model for her. One less terrible cosplay for her to do.

No. 269511

Nicole apparantly did help out with the letter but I'm trying to get more info about it.

If true man this would explain all the fluff pieces about her

No. 269513

File: 1463102732474.jpg (93.93 KB, 422x750, 1463100606531.jpg)

Doesn't have to do with Nicole directly but JJ, the original voice of Mercury, put this out.

No. 269514

The effect of them publishing this letter is that you can read through their guilt.

While pretending that everything they were doing was all for Monty, they were fucking.

No. 269529

Just skimmed this and I'm fucking crying.

My POV is that Shane didn't like the company becoming more like a company when Fullscreen bought them and couldn't let the old way go. He even talks about how he didn't stop using POSER when everyone switched to Maya and it caused issues. He also wanted to get into Sheena's pants.
I hate to break it to Sheena but sucking Monty's dick and talking to him about characters or plot isn't the same as being an animator or designer or VA. Like way to not give Miles or Kerry or literally anyone else on the team any credit shane, hope Sheena's boobjob and grandma lips are worth it.

No. 269537


The people I feel sad for in that letter is his ex wife and the IT guy who had to take Shane laptop.

No. 269538

Okay I admittedly didn't read all of this (36 pages, wtfever) but… whats the point? Why make such a long ass open letter just praising a guy and his green card wife? Its so weird.

This dude is no longer at RT right? I hope so.

No. 269539

His departure was so weird because it happened in the middle of Volume 3 of RWBY back in Jan-Feb.

The way he worded it on twitter made it sound like he walked out of RT but his letter says he was fired.

Whatever the case, he no longer works with RT and if anyone googles his name this whole ordeal now pops up so I think he shot himself in the foot here.

I wonder if he's literally trying to get with Sheena now but sadly he doesn't bring in any bucks or youtube money so of course she won't waste her time.

No. 269540

Honestly stuff like this long af letter is probably why he's no longer at RT

No. 269541

Shane was hired because of nepotism. Both he and Monty hoped Nicole would be handed some kind of job for the same reason. On top of that, Nicole expected to be handed a voice acting job. She has no experience doing anything, so there's a large amount of delusion on her part.

Shane whining every time he's asked to do his job was irritating to read. Writing about how terrible it was having to clean up his messy files shows he wasn't a team player and firing him was justified.

Skip to the last page and he's saying this is what it means to keep moving forward. You can't buy that irony.

No. 269542


No doubt, if shane had put that much effort and time into the 36 pages he could have adapted to the new changes and he'd still be there

No. 269543


Oh my god you reminded me of the bullshit in the last page where Shane goes on how nicole is "carrying the torch" for monty.

HOW is she doing that exactly?

No. 269544

I mean she's probably carrying a lot of guy's spunk in herself but I don't know about a torch

No. 269545

That's pretty disgusting to say considering it's mainly the animators and Miles, Kerry and Gray who are keeping this project going.

Sheena's doing shit all and just getting that blood money from her meal ticket she killed.

No. 269546

Nicole asked for Monty's sperm to be extracted before he died. Who knows when she'll use it.

No. 269547

Oh my fucking god i didn't think she could be worse

No. 269548

Planning the long term pity party.

No. 269552

He never wanted children, so it will be interesting to see how she spins it as "Monty would have wanted this for me" like everything else.

No. 269554

Watch her go "He never wanted kids until he met me"

No. 269556


"He never felt more alive until he met me"

I may go to hell for that joke…

No. 269572

Speaking of the laptop, there were a lot of things that I thought were probably extremely warped by Shane's perspective but there were a few things that genuinely shocked me. Mostly the fact that they took his property through what seems like trickery? Though I suppose it makes sense that they have a legal right to whatever RWBY-related content he might have on his laptop but I didn't know they were allowed to just seize it like that.

I was also really shocked by some of the things he quoted; the things about Sheena I could believe because I can absolutely believe Sheena drove everyone at RT crazy and probably tried to stick her nose into things after Monty's passing. But some of the other quotes, like Monty's methods being unacceptable. I can absolutely understand someone saying, "Oh, the way Monty did things was just too complicated and I wish you could understand that," but to look down on Monty that much? I have such a hard time imagining saying that in such a disrespectful way about Monty in the office even if it were true.

I have to admit that I feel bad for Shane in the sense that he REALLY believes what he's saying. I think anyone can understand his perspective if they give it some thought, but it seems Shane is unwilling to see it from RT's side. At the end of the day, it's very obvious that at least the core members of RT that we see cared about Monty a lot and I doubt any of them would allow the production of RWBY to go to shit. What Shane doesn't understand is that RT's way of "honoring" Monty was probably to make RWBY as huge of a success as they could. If Shane could only wrap his mind around around the fact that some of Monty's ideas were kinda shitty anyway (though some of them were pretty good) and he wasn't perfect and that RT is a business trying to make money, he would understand. I hope for his sake he broadens his perspective before trying to find a new job in the same field.

No. 269575

Don't forget he had kids.

No. 269576


You nail it pretty well in that I do believe Shane means well but again as I mentioned he's too emotionally involved and its clouding his ability to see the bigger picture.

Regarding the laptop it may have been company owned which happens a lot in productions. Too much of a security risk to use your own home laptop and if the laptop was actually his it did contain materials and assets RT legally owned and are therefore are in the clear about seizing it

No. 269580


Speaks to the quality of the letter when I forgot he had kids

Maybe it's because he neglected to mention them 33 times but felt the need to mention nicole that many times…

No. 269581

I wonder if it was company-owned? He made a pretty big fuss about it being his "personal" hard drive. I can see everything on it belonging to RT anyway since it's assets for RT-owned content created on company premises and time but I think it's kinda weird that they had to more or less steal it from under his nose rather than outright seizing it and informing him of what they were doing. I guess he could have tried to delete everything if he had figured it out (doubtless Shane would have tried to keep a copy of the data for himself though, he seems unable to let go of anything about Monty).

No. 269583


RT did it in a somewhat shitty way but I would do the same cause quite frankly you never know how someone will react when you tell them they're being let go.

not saying Shane would but he could have made off with assets and company notes during that time he had to move everything out or even decide to trash the laptop

No. 269584

I didn't think about that. It's kind of shitty he mentions Sheena those many times without hardly a word about his own flesh and blood.

The thirst is real.

No. 269585

File: 1463120124995.jpeg (182.43 KB, 720x1280, image.jpeg)

Just saw this :(
Unrelated, but Sheena and Shane are both selfish shits who don't care about how their words might hurt others

No. 269586

Sorry for be a pain but what's this about?

No. 269590

Shane wished he was Monty, his twitter profile shows that much.

There are interesting parallels between Shane and Sheena the more you look at things.

No. 269595

Probably her reaction to all of the @ replies RT got after Shane's letter was published, since Barb runs the RT twitter.

No. 269629

Glad he posted this shit, but it's so fucking biased so into the trash bin it goes!

No. 269631

File: 1463142927757.png (41.68 KB, 608x367, kz.png)

what about kathleen's reply?

No. 269636

She seems to be on the side of "What RT did was shit to Shane but don't hate RT either".

I would of thought Kathleen would of been a bit more vocal since she pretty much got fired/quit because of Barbara. Burnie picked Barb over Kathleen when the two got in a fight which is why Tex was all but written out of RVB but she still voices Glynda in RWBY.

No. 269637

RT downfall imminent?

No. 269651

what was the fight between barb and kathleen about?

i'm wondering if there's enough drama for an RT thread on /snow/…

No. 269652

according the reddit, Kathleen tweeted about Barb being unladylike/doing unladylike stuff in a video, Barb responded, Burnie took Barb's side.

No. 269653

>barb being unladylike
Can Kathleen please get the stick out of her ass. That's how Barb is

No. 269669

I was just thinking this myself, only because of these posts >>269652
and idk what they're about, but I'm not sure if all the rt talk can stay in the sheena thread

No. 269670

maybe the next time a Sheena thread is made, double it up with RT? Kind of like how the Suzy one became more of a GG general?

No. 269672

Don't know if anyone else will agree with me, but reading his letter, it kind of sounds like hearsay.

He doesn't give any specific examples of how their creativity was blocked, I guess he can't, but it seems so broad to me that it feels unbelievable to a point.
Monty's brother replied, and he has some good points: https://twitter.com/RWBYFans/status/731069296227442688

It feels like he's throwing a tantrum after the company fired him. Anyone that got fired would have animosity.
I do feel for him at some points reading the essay he wrote, but at some points it feels like all he's concerned about is how he feels about the entire situation. Which of course, yeah it's his pov so that's how it would be read and written, but if he has rwby's best creative interest in mind - i can't see it from his writing.

No. 269680

That's because it is hearsay. He's just bitter because he didn't become head of RWBY after Monty died.

No. 269703

This Kathleen bitch sounds like a real twat. Barb is great tbh.

No. 269705

Does Nicole have any contact with Monty's family? His brother seems very kind to extend an invitation to his home for her, but I feel like she could give two shits about his family.

No. 269717


I'm about 99% sure that monty family didn't even know that she was his "wife"

No. 269719

They didn't know until they were at the wake lol

No. 269723

Yeah I read the brother's post and he word for word said he didn't even know Monty and Sheena were married until Monty's wake. But since then, has she had any actual contact? Even before that, did she ever meet any of his family?

No. 269727


barb made some jerking off motions in the background of a video and kathleen flipped and said she was a bad role model and that women should hold themselves to higher standards, and implied barb was "unladylike" and unprofessional

No. 269729

Did…did kathleen realize she was working at Roosterteeth?

No. 269730

Nicole hates the Oums because at the Wake, Monty's older brother grossly tried to kiss her and she bitched about it on facebook iirc.

Chances were, it was a friendly gesture of condolence but she just went "ew he tried to kiss me and must want me because his brother's dead".

Neath is a really sweet guy.

No. 269731

sounds like it was likely just gonna be a quick peck on the/each cheek, and she probably knew that but blew it out of proportion

No. 269759

File: 1463186227433.jpeg (103.45 KB, 746x899, image.jpeg)

Here's Chloe's response to the drama

No. 269760

who is she supposed to be?

No. 269761


Nice to see chloe confirm Shane is a deadbeat


Nicole partner in crime/devin replacement. Chloe was also the "official" cosplay for Rwby at San diego comic con one year

No. 269763

Doesn't mean much since she's the butt of the human centipede that is Shane+Sheena

No. 269764

I feel like it had to be a family kiss. I can't imagine someone doing that at their brother's wake, unless they were super drunk

No. 269770

File: 1463189590100.jpg (148.21 KB, 612x1067, IMG_20160514_103219.jpg)

I just went through this Shane guy's twitter and…….ugh

No. 269772


Man the thirst is real…

No. 269773

They totally stopped watching but sure as fuck kept cosplaying it cause they gotta be popular.

Nicole's sure as hell still selling prints of her RWBY cosplay so she's straight up contradicting everything. "We hate RWBY but give us money for it anyways".

Gross. Shane you really have fallen from graces.

No. 269775


He aspires to be Monty so much he wants to bang Monty's widow. I don't know who is more pathetic, Shane or Sheena.

No. 269776

holy shit she's super pretty

No. 269777

barb is gorgeous. I have such a crush on her tbh

No. 269778

why doesn't she cosplay? she's infinitely more attractive than jnig

No. 269780

File: 1463192583091.jpg (83.45 KB, 1024x810, AUfZjYt.jpg)

she's cosplayed Yang before once at a RWBY panel (since that's who she voice acts. The other RWBY VAs cosplayed their characters. It was actually really cute! I'd love to see barb dress up but I get to just look forward to her casual ootds instead</3

No. 269781

File: 1463192629006.jpg (50.36 KB, 500x667, 2ff62be69a92e0dfb18357073b35fe…)

Photo of Barb alone
Check out that watermark…..

No. 269783

Sheena tried to claim she made the costumes for them which was a lie.

All Sheena did was sand and badly paint the weapons after Monty ALREADY had the 3d models and 3D Printed them.

The girl in the middle >>269780 is Ana Hullum, Matt Hullum's wife and she sewed each of their costumes for the girls.

No. 269784

Ana Hullum is awesome. She always seems like such a good motherly figure to everyone in the company.

That's what I don't get about Shane's letter. Like yes they are a company and they do need to do certain things to ensure productivity, but they seem like they still have very strong familial bonds. Why would he just give that up? But if he was so into Monty and Sheena and cut himself off from the others I guess that could explain it.

No. 269785

The Oums want nothing to do with her. Why would she meet them? She was married to Monty only for the visa, and even Monty never wanted that to be public. Only when he was in a coma without hope of coming back did she go public about having married him.

No. 269787

Barb is pretty cute tbh.

No. 269801

This is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life help me

No. 269803

I just want to date Barb. She's so perfect ;-;

No. 269837

Am I the only one that doesn't think the sun shines from Barbara's ass? She's not even the prettiest one at RT.

No. 269840

why do you think that? i think people love her a lot because she's pretty but also can be crude. she's been at RT from the start, since she was 14, so it's basically been her whole life. i don't think she'd have any reason to be two faced.
i like meg too but she's one of those glamorized cosplayers who takes underwear shots about 98% of the time, but if i had her body i'd probably do the same. at least she makes her own cosplays unlike sheena or even jnig.

No. 269852

I didn't mean it in the sense that she's hiding something sinister, I meant that she's painfully mediocre, yet everyone has nothing but praise for her. She's not as insufferable as Meg is though, I'll give her that. Listening to Meg talk is like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 269855

I don't value her purely because she's pretty. I like her personality. Her looks are just a bonus

No. 269959

I wonder if she's still pretending to get along with Sheena for PR sake. She was close friends with Monty long before he brought Sheena to Texas.

No. 269961

Honestly I think she is. Especially after her snap last night and how Sheena makes it seem like she and Shane and like one other person ever cared about Monty. That must've hurt. And because she's the social media head or whatever (consultant? I can't remember her official title) she can't say a word against Sheena and Shane

No. 269986


This shit and all the replies henceforth make me vomit like mad.

No. 269988

Quite evident since before that she keeps thinking she's "all that". Nuh-uh.

No. 269991

>i never knew the hell you and shane endured.

No. 270011

These people need reading skills. Anyone unbiased would be able to understand that Shane is a creepy Monty fan who wanted to be Monty so much that he fucked his wife.

No. 270028

This whole thing reads like the most bizarre love letter to Monty and Sheena while shitting on RT.

Sheena barely had any talent and fans barely knew about her because she was mentioned only a few times. Then suddenly she's his wife?

If you don't follow RT just looking at the timeline is just red flags everywhere.
>>Are together at a Convention in 2014
>>Moved to Texas with a working visa shortly after convention
>>Expired in 6 months
>>They're married right as her visa ends in apparently in May 2014
>>Oum family had no idea
>>Starts feeding strays, brings cats in to Monty's apartment, allows them to sleep ON the bed when the bedroom should of at least been a safe haven from cat dandruff, fur and other things that could agitate his allergies
>>Suddenly he's in a coma mid January 2015
>>Dies Feb 1st 2015
>>"Hey donate to Monty's wife."
>>Oum family really had no idea he was dead and barely had time to make it to the wake
>> 250,000$ dollars later she's still making money off his gofundme page
>>Sheena had him cremated
>>Sheena apparently acted bored the entire time at the Wake because the focus wasn't on her
>>Goes to a convention 2 weeks after and parties while signing RWBY things with Monty's signature and her own (Katsucon I believe)
>>Is overly excited about doing that
>>Two months later flies to England to meet with her new boyfriend, Sam Batty.
>>Gets breasts implants and starts selling RWBY prints with Monty's name photoshop stamped on them so she can make money off of his fans
>>Spends her May 2015 anniversary back in England with her new boy toy, Sam, and does nothing but shop, buying things because "Monty would of wanted this for me"

That's a lot of shit to happen in just under a year. They weren't even married a year so I don't think she qualifies for citizenship? But she moved to California where their immigration laws are more lenient.

No. 270030

To be fair Jack and Caiti married right as her visa was ending I believe but the difference there is Jack and Caiti actually like each other and Caiti has talent on her own.
Plus Caiti doesn't try to kill Jack with cats.
Come to think of it. Ashley J is also here on a visa probably? But she and Burnie also actually care for each other as is very apparent in basically any video they're in together

Basically Sheena married in for a green card and "fame"

No. 270031

>>Moved to Texas with a working visa shortly after convention

It's a visitor visa. She wasn't working.

No. 270032

My bad thanks for clarifying!

Was it Jack and Caiti? I remember Sheena was mentioned at Michael and Lindsay's wedding but Jack and Caiti had a really small personal one.

But also tbf, Jack and Caiti had talked a lot on the RT Site and met in Australia first and dated for a long while before they married.

As for Ashley, I think it's the other way around. She was working in Australia but is originally from the states. They've dated a few years and just got engaged a couple months ago.

No. 270033

She's obviously a sociopath. She was using Monty and continued to do so without shame/empathy after he died. She's disgusting.

No. 270034

You need to add more

>>Sheena begins tweeting at Monty hoping for an answer and tells him to meet her at a con

>>Sheena cheats on her boyfriend to try and get with Monty and brags about it to everyone

and later
>>Sheena had Monty's sperm extracted while in a coma
>>Sheena wanted Monty's ashes so it could be made into jewellery after cremation
>>Sheena sells merchandise of herself and the cat

No. 270036

File: 1463284291758.jpg (111.1 KB, 600x337, 20140509_18.55.29-600x337.jpg)

Michael and Lindsay had a pretty big affair with quite a few RT people/friends and their families. Jack and Caiti had a small ceremony. From pics it looked like what 20 people maybe? Gus officiated because he's a minister. I think then they also had a bigger reception.

With Jack and Caiti, Michael and Lindsay, and Burnie and Ashley there's no doubt they care about each other. I know couples display love differently but she was just in it for status or money or something.

Attached is Monty and Sheena at Michael/Lindsay's wedding.

No. 270038

wtf did she really extract and wanted to make jewelry of his ashes???

Someone lock this bitch up.

Selling merch of herself and the cat is really fucking nuts. Like she's flaunting she got away with murder but look how cute this charm is! Spoiler: it's not.

I don't blame or hate the cat, I just feel bad she's using it as a crutch.

No. 270040

Has anyone pointed out yet that her twitter cover photo is cropped so you can see her own face completely clear, but monty is cut off so bad it's just his lips? That's so disgusting and narcissistic. That is what solidified the fact that she's only used him. The photo is there to make fans feel bad for her, but he's not even important enough to be fully visible to her. What a piece of shit

No. 270041

Well I mean, Sheena traded Monty for a cat and GoFundMe cash to buy boobs and be a "professional cosplayer and streamer". I guess that's a trade that she'd take?

No. 270042

File: 1463284470125.png (761.59 KB, 1111x393, twitter.png)

Dropped pic, sorry.

No. 270043

Holy shit you think she could at least pretend to care for the guy?

No. 270045

Like, if the crop ended a little below her lips, both their faces could have been fully show, at least from lip to eyebrow. But no. Like idk why but this has been the most clear giveaway that she doesn't care to me.

No. 270046

Uh, but then we wouldn't get to see Sheena's face with her animu wink and animu lashes and pout

No. 270049

So she has had a boyfriend after Monty's death, but still uses images of monty after death for her social networking accounts?

No. 270052

of course, she's got to keep her sympathy points up

No. 270053

She was possibly emotionally cheating on Monty with Sam Batty near the end of Monty's life.

Then cheated on Sam with his best friend so she has no feelings of remorse.

No. 270059

File: 1463288615086.jpg (53.82 KB, 604x453, 225498_5330616711_1253_n.jpg)


She's going for white guys after Monty died. Did the yellow fever come to an end?

No. 270060

I think she's just going after anyone with money atm. Once she gets her cash flow then she'll probably cheat on them with an Asian.

No. 270061


Why did you post a pic of Ellen?


No. 270070


She covered his eyes because she would actually have to see him everytime she went to her profile. By covering his eyes it dehumanizes him in a way so she doesn't have to be reminded of what she did/is doing, and gets the added benefit of flaunting him around.

No. 270102

I think you're reading a little too deep into it, anon.

No. 270210

File: 1463353054525.jpeg (85.55 KB, 540x720, image.jpeg)

No. 270214


She's so unbelievably tragic and cheap.

No. 270216

The shoop is so bad here, even the eyes dont match.

No. 270219

She has such an unfortonate Face :/

No. 270221


Yeah Shane, realllllllly professional and more qualified to work at RT.

No. 270239

I wonder if Shane will have a Patreon for the true RWBY Monty wanted since nobody would employ him now.

No. 270240

So she's totally dropped the Oum on her name, huh?

No. 270264


Maybe she's trying to make a name for herself now that Oum isn't fully working to her liking, even if Monty's devoted & sadly gullible fans see her as the poor widow who needs to be happy with their cash.

No. 270269

She changes her name to Oum when she asks for money or has a pity boohoo party over how sad she is without him for them sympathy bucks.

She only had it changed to Oum during his death and then on the anniversary of his death she changed it to Oum so she's just using it for her advantage.

Neath (Monty's brother) put out a facebook post about everything and said he only met Sheena at Monty's wake.

No. 270275

I feel bad for this guy, he's not involved but keeps having to make posts so people leave him alone.

No. 270276

If anyone really wanted to keep Monty's legacy alive it's Neath. He was more than happy to voice Ren and did a really good job with it and really just wants to be apart of his brother's work since he's gone.

No one really knew who he was at RTX but there's pictures of him just spending hours at his brother's memorial area reading all the notes fans left.

No. 270281


Yea I'd say he's the right person to carry that legacy. Not the one writing a 36 page letter or the one who uses her professional boobs

No. 270282


Sheena Duquette: Professional Whore. What separates her from cam girls at this point?

No. 270285


A dead husband?

No. 270287

Fucking ouch

No. 270309

I don't get Monty's supporters who are now supporters of Sheena. How can they not see right through her? That his death could have been avoided if she wasn't such a selfish cunt? Are they that fucking dense and blinded by her basic bitch tits?

No. 270311

I hate that it's taboo to say anything bad about Sheena because she lost her husband so when facts are given to his fans they blindly spew their support.

Reddit users will eat you alive if you dare say anything bad about Monty's poor poor grieving widow.

No. 270340

This might be a bit OT, but what does he mean when he says "the way they treated Kristina/Haku" (on page 34)? I get that he's talking about ~*~*people trying to protect Monty's vision*~*~ but since he gave Haku her own mention (right after mentioning Sheena), I'm a bit curious. She hasn't talked much about the essay on her twitter, only RTing the tweet that contained it and replying to someone else that she was art directer for vol 2.

No. 270398

I bet Sheena is currently pissed that RT have hired Mica Burton purely because of her famous dad but wouldn't hire her just because of Monty.

No. 270410


I don't know, reading rainbow is pretty legit still and of actual value.

No. 270411


To add to this, mica looks like she's engaging with the community and going forward in acting doing various of videos on YouTube.

Nicole doesn't do any of those things. Has she actually done things for the RT fans?

No. 270449

I know that this is pretty obviously happening, but has anyone said anything about it? She was talking to Fwiz about RT, and then he asked if she was joining, and immediately stopped publically replying.

No. 270451

No. 270452

She posted this morning telling one of the animators to bring some cookie things into the office.

No. 270453

No. 270489

She's working with Achievement Hunter now. They mention in this week's AHWU (vid related).

No. 270492

tbf, Mica has been developing her own "brand" of geek/gamer video/streaming shit for a while.

in other words, she had built a following that didn't depend on who she was related to.

No. 270501


Looks like that work paid off so kudos to her.

Nicole could learn a thing or two

No. 270503

Whatever happened to Matt at AH? I see Jeremy is now a part of the core AH, but does Matt still work there at all?

No. 270504

Think so. I think he was just on the Off Topic podcast a week or two ago while Jack was off doing something for Nvidia or whatever.

No. 270533

The Burtons donated a ton of money to the Monty GFM. That's on top of her being a huge RT fan for years, running her own community with a good brand, long before Nicole slept her way into RT. Mica's destined for greater things as an actress though.

No. 270536


He does. He sometimes replaces on of the 6 members in a LP when one of them is away.

No. 270733


he mostly does off-camera work, building Minecraft maps and so on

No. 270738

Yeah, AH has more people behind the cameras than on it. For a while there was a B team who, on top of editing, worked on a number of videos and maps (Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay, Kdin) and that came to an end pretty quickly. Might as well list off names I know for anyone curious, though I don't use AH for background noise as much as I used to.

Matt doesn't seem to lean to one thing. Some hosting, some editing, some content creation/building.
Jeremy of course has become a core personality.
Lindsay is in charge of the department on top of her voice acting/writing work.
Kdin now works on The Know.
Caleb was community manager, he now does the same thing but under the marketing department for the entire community.
Max is a contract worker making a series called Great Levels in Gaming
There's a full time editing team of Trevor, Larry, Derrick, and Kent.
Steffie is production manager/administrative duties
Dirk is a joke who doesn't exist.

No. 270749

Yeah I sort of lost interest in AH when the B Team was a thing. I honestly didn't mind them at all, but it was depressing seeing the community get so pissed about them tbh.

No. 270764

lol steffie isnt anything. shes basically just a paid intern. Shes the errand runner of AH and doesnt manage anything

No. 270766

Her Tumblr says she's a production manager but who knows.

No. 270770

thats her title technically but she doesnt actually do anything important. I mean its kinda obvious when you think about how much management would AH need anyway and they def wouldnt need it from a someone who was an intern not that long ago. Shes more of an 'office manager' than anything.

No. 270998

Iirc she got kicked off RT right after Monty died.

No. 271019

Dang so Haku isn't even on the RWBY team anymore? I wonder what happened. I liked her, I thought she was sweet and I like her art. I always thought it was unfortunate that Sheena became friends with her.

No. 271028

File: 1463614909110.jpeg (44.06 KB, 750x455, image.jpeg)

$5 says she's going to be on Game Grumps.

No. 271038


This will literally give me a whole other reason to not watch them. She's been licking Ross's ass lately so I wouldn't be surprised if she appears.

No. 271039


Thought she's licking ass With Shane or did she realize she gains nothing from him?

No. 271040

>nude Patreon

No. 271204


More like Shane licking her ass.

No. 271389

Oh man I never knew… I thought she just went back to Cali because work was done, like how she worked for Vol 1, then I thought there was a break and then she was brought back on for Vol 2 and flown out to do the work. All the things I know about RWBY come from whatever Haku tweets about it so it never clicked in my head that she wasn't brought back for Vol 3 since she didn't really mention it.

It really sucks that she's friends with Sheena. She's got actual talent… IIRC she even designed some of the pins or charms that Sheena is selling? The ones of Mr. Noodle I think.

No. 271397

I don't want to start a new thread for this since I don't think it's worth one, but since it's (sorta) RWBY related…


I just saw this on my newsfeed and friends posted it saying he basically used the proceeds from pimping out this girl to fund his cosplay. The other name he goes by is "Hioshi Jackson" I think, and claimed to voice/inspire Fox from RWBY (or whatever… I had to google this stuff up since I don't know shit about RWBY or their fans lol). Just thought it'd be interesting to share with you guys!

No. 271414

I remember when this stuff stuff started surfacing.

He basically used the fact that Monty was dead, and therefore couldn't speak against him, to claim he was the inspiration for Fox and would VA him when, so far, Fox has been completely mute (Like Neo but rumor is Casey Williams will voice her Volume 4).

I think even Sheena called him out and said he was a liar.

No. 271461

Yeah, I'd read that the guy had been bragging to Sheena that Monty had based a character off of him? And he was oblivious to the fact that she was his wife? I don't like Sheena but Hioshi Jackson is a whole other basket of eggs.

No. 271473

This guy is insane.

Sheena called him out because he was a stupidly easy target. Everyone knew he was lying but she turned it into 'do you even know me?'

Sheena knew Monty for a scant two years and was barely married to him. This idiot gave Sheena an opportunity to tell the internet that she's an authority on Monty's creative work and she took it. Like the letter she wrote with Shane.

No. 271934

File: 1463972734503.jpg (165.17 KB, 1024x768, CjG58bOXAAAnP0M.jpg)

who are those other people

No. 271936

Looks like Ross and Holly? No idea who else some of these people are. Probably dudes Sheena's sucked off for efame.

No. 271937

I fucking hate octopimp. He used to be a fairly amusing abridged series, but now that he's into the gaming comm, he's everywhere. He's always with Dodger too.

No. 271961

holly conrad, ross of GG , katiwrites natewantstobattle and octopimp

aka a bunch of people more qualified and talented than sheena.

No. 272066

Kinda OT but I get the feeling that Kati is almost as bad as Nicole when it comes to leeching of your friends

No. 272075

File: 1464029412844.jpeg (72.61 KB, 750x556, image.jpeg)

Actually that's not Nate. It's some rando.

No. 272249

File: 1464053262908.png (18.23 KB, 511x145, lol.png)

No. 272251

She considers streaming herself work?

No. 272273

i could have sworn the girl in OP's picture was margo lmfao

No. 272425

I feel pity for the other children who siphoned her "facts." Such a shame, people have turned into sheep. Sheena can't save them anyway because she's busy trying to "save" herself aka digging herself a deeper ditch.

No. 272630

week off from… work?

No. 272636

Isn't that just… unemployment? For her, at least.

No. 272700

sheena's face looks so blended here.

i was wondering if anyone else ever thought this. wouldn't be surprised if GG hired her for doing practically nothing because they're friends, like with all the other randos

No. 272730


No you see she's just more professional and qualified than RT people you guys! Super duper cereal guys!

No. 272853

I don't think she knows what work means. The bio on her website considers making cosplays a real job.

No. 272854

If she got a real job they'd probably have to do a background check and she'd probably be questioned about her being in the states and the drama with her husband dying.

But yeah, she moved out to LA to have a full time job of cosplaying. She literally considers it a 9-5 job.

From what others have said, I don't think she's ever really worked anywhere? She's always leeched off her boyfriend, then husband and now her tit-streams and blood money.

No. 272880


Huh you made me realize that she probably can't get a "real" job because that would involve people asking questions and so forth.

No. 272899

Did she and Monty go through the process to get her a green card? Because if they didn't, she can't legally work, and you have to have testimonies and interviews to get that, so considering no one knew they were married, it's doubtful. So she can't legally work here anyway.

No. 272902

No, but Shane helped her with the legal stuff after Monty died, while ignoring his own wife and kids.

No. 272918


Makes it even more odd. Like did immigration not interview more people to verify that it wasn't just a green card wedding?

I'm peeved nicole seemingly bypassed it so easily…

No. 272921

I'm guessing she doesn't have an actual green card, just some sort of visa? In either case, if you get a green card by marriage, it's provisional and you have to reapply in 3 years or so to keep it (to avoid green card marriages). So when that come around, how will she keep it if her husband is dead?

I honestly don't think she is legal in the US or at least not permanently.

No. 272926

Shane helped her file for immigration to USA as a widow so she likely will get a green card. There are ways to work while waiting for that to process but she hasn't done it.

No. 272927

Not to mention any sane legal worker will see she came here, got married at her six month mark only to have her husband die not even a year in to their marriage and she suddenly come in to a shit ton of money.

She probably avoids any legal anything she can because of all the red flags surrounding her.

No. 272928


Might be because her twitch stuff does met her a decent enough of money.

Hopefully IRS takes notice Cause she doesn't strike me as the kind to pay for taxes…

No. 272960

I know someone who is applying for a permanent green card from a marriage. It only needs to do 2 years after you apply when you get married if your relationship does not have any red flags. And during that time you can get your Ssn and work. She may have applied to that when Monty was still alive, she may have a Ssn which makes her legal to work. And the government does not interview relatives or friends. If you have affidavits from for example the parents of the American citizen marrying a foreigner, iand plenty of pictures of your wedding and hanging out with family and friends l, that's all they are asking for.

No. 272961

Thing is Monty's family didn't even know about the marriage until he was in a coma. Neath first met Sheena at Monty's Wake.

She has some pictures with Monty but mostly just with Monty and not really any friend pictures till after he was dead. She has cosplay pictures and her modeling shit but mostly it's just pictures of her and Monty solo so idk how that would help stack up against her.

Monty and Sheena's entire relationship is just a huge red flag.

No. 272966

So my best bet is that they may have fake some affidavits from his family. It's a real failed system. The people I know are trying for the second time or his wife will be kicked out if they don't have everything this time. The gov gave them 2 months to reapply and they had everything you could imagine, from affidavits and videos and they didn't get accepted for her renewal to a permanent green card. And then you see likes of Sheena getting it easier. Wtf.

No. 272984

This is why I feel like eventually they will open a case regarding Monty's death. I think she could be charged with manslaughter.

No. 273007


Man, when you share or hear stories like these it makes me wonder what exactly nicole did or possibly lied about to bypass the entire system like that.

Wish there was a way to tip off the Feds

No. 273008


Meant to reply to >>272966

No. 273039

Canada-USA marriages are very easy. People don't doubt it. Plus Nicole is white and has a degree, so she doesn't appear to be a danger to the country. Monty also made a lot of money so I'm sure that didn't hurt.

In a marriage situation like theirs, where the legal resident passes way, the spouse is automatically granted full citizenship. So likely Nicole automatically became a USA citizen, which explains her trips to other countries with no issues.

I've been on the fence about whether reporting her is breaking the rule about disturbing the cow. She has actually broken the law with her shady green card marriage, plus Monty's death is very dubious. I think everyone is on the same boat that Nicole getting deported and/or arrested would be good, but what about the milk?

No. 273059

its her birthday today. it would be a nice surprise for her

No. 273085


On the fence as one, I would love for her to be deported but that two it would mean she's back in my area :/

No. 273172

Sorry for the people you know having to go through that shit anon. Truly an unfair system.

Nicole is just another illegal taking money from USA and not paying taxes.

She doesn't have a 'real' degree. She went to the equivalent of a Canadian community art college that barely got accredition.

She completed their shitty animation tning for a diploma and you can't fail these types of programs. See how far she took that education into a career? The last she ever animated were those terrible school group projects on youtube.

No. 273219

File: 1464316509356.png (293.25 KB, 546x346, 9d2f82e064fc59240bfdb4227605ac…)

No. 273224

>all the comments on video came after Monty's death and Sheena's use of him to get e-famu

No. 273290

File: 1464331217315.png (108.05 KB, 624x459, r.png)

This is shit-tier level animation. The story-line and character design is god awful too. Psuedo animu moe vomit.

No. 273291

File: 1464331290538.png (143.96 KB, 633x265, p.png)

What is anatomy?

No. 273302

Every time, this girl is on my lolcow feed, I get a bit scared. She has such a unfortunate, weird creepy face. Same with alyrealrecovery.

No. 273383

File: 1464362340785.png (27.37 KB, 366x422, VNJiR3u.png)

First thing I thought of when looking at that image was this maymay face

No. 273433

Someone should make a gif of how the eyes move.


No. 273444


Add in a linkin park song too.

Monty would have wanted that

No. 273446

The panda with wings looks like it was done by a different animator. Why not have the human drawn in the same style?

No. 273509

File: 1464386632202.jpeg (71.52 KB, 600x450, image.jpeg)

She's going for Kevin. Not Ross.

No. 273520


I hope he's okay with cats then

No. 273584

I fucking called it

No. 273603

Kevin has a girlfriend and he seems to like her they've been together a while don't think he'd leave her
not sure about cheat

No. 273701

File: 1464416667420.png (520.39 KB, 585x553, wow.png)

No. 273732

He and his current girlfriend have only been together since about February (since he was "single" when he recorded the Valentine's Day episode with Dan), so who knows? I don't know of Kevin well enough, so idk. Maybe he's scum enough to cheat.

No. 273853

A guy being in an existing relationship hasn't stopped Nicole before. And Nicole being in a relationship hasn't stopped her either.

No. 273887

Christ, I feel bad for Kevin.
That being said, it seems to me that Nicole has a type.

No. 273984

File: 1464504444740.jpg (449.75 KB, 960x640, shooptits.jpg)

Ever since the boobjob, Nicole has been going into her old cosplays and shooping bigger tits on them.

Left is the newly shooped print on her website, right is the original shoop still at cospix.

She sells the enhanced photos as prints.

No. 273991

holy shit that is a hilariously bad tit shop

No. 273993

Worst shoop I've ever seen her do outside of her shitty art.

No. 273996

why would she sharpen the rest of the image when she's going to badly blur on cleavage? she made it even more obvious

No. 273998

Just copy and pastes on a cleavage line. Hilarious.

No. 274001

Because she reshooped it completely. You can see a faint white box around the pasted cleavage. There's also added underboob.

Old shoop had her ears hidden, new shoop she forgot to do that, but she reshaped her armpits. Old shoop had clothing wrinkles and puckered shoes fixed, new shoop she just slimmed her ankles.

Most of the work on the new shoop was on the face. There are whitened and straightened teeth, redefined lips, bigger pasted on eyes, more lashes, aegyosal and completely new eyebrows.

No. 274020

Lmao proof even dumbasses can make money. Sad.

No. 274043

This is the funniest fucking thing I've seen in a while. Did she just take a skin fold from somewhere on her body and copy it over to her cleavage area? Fucking kek.

No. 274136

i don't even know this girl, just stopping by here, but guys that is DRAWN ON with the soft round brush in photoshop and the color brown (that's why it looks blurry). the cleavage isn't even proportionate, and she added subtle dodge tool highlights that are wrong in both anatomy and lighting.

No. 274144


And her fans eat it up all the same

Think about that

No. 274351

The opening to her podcast is so cringey.

No. 274400


The hell does she even talk about in her podcast? Is it just "me me me, also donate!"

No. 274547

File: 1464644982203.jpeg (26.44 KB, 326x292, image.jpeg)

No. 274586


So professional and qualified

No. 274604

Her goal is now 5000 per month so people can fund her vacations.

No. 275312

File: 1464750199600.jpeg (48.81 KB, 600x338, image.jpeg)

Oh god her face

No. 275313

Sorry pic didn't post hi-res

No. 275314

I see she couldn't even keep up with her >>272249 "time to clean". Her room is atrocious.

No. 275316


I feel like we could report her on twitch as I feel like what she's wearing is slightly inappropriate when twitch trying to do away with boobie cam.

Unless there's like clear rules about this that I'm not aware of it

No. 275318

File: 1464751107693.jpeg (93.06 KB, 620x406, image.jpeg)

No. 275327

Wow, she is legit gross.

No. 275389

Why would they do anything about that? It's pretty average as far as Twitch streamers go, just look at KJ.

No. 275440

She has a bit of ayy lmao going on here.

No. 275660

File: 1464833972927.jpg (60.49 KB, 600x800, Cj4vR1pXIAAOIMx[1].jpg)

No. 275662

Well she's doing a good job looking like an inflatable sex doll.

No. 275853

There's a show on right now called American Monster.

A woman's husband suddenly of a heart attack and she quickly had him cremated. After, she received a lump sum of money and had a new boyfriend six months after her husband's death.

The detective said that the woman was not showing regular mourning over the loss of a loved one and came in to a lot of money and using said money on themselves was not normal and held many red flags. The woman got things like new clothes, new house, breast enlargements, botox and other things for herself.

Because the death seemed 'natural' and he was cremated 2 days after, they never thought foul play was involved until they saw the patterns after they discovered she was a real estate agent fraud. Sadly, a cremated body can't tell anything of murder.

With Monty it was at least ruled to be due to allergies but people forget Nicole was bringing in these agitations.

Everything I'm hearing on this show is just pinging my radar over and over going "this sounds just like Nicole."

No. 275876

God, she's fucking hideous

No. 275885

the doll look doesn't look good on people with close-set eyes, sorry

No. 275895

Everyone knew about Monty's allergies though? Because if they did, maybe there would be a case, because she purposely brought in the cats. However, Monty was still willingly as well, so because he didn't say no, there's not much anyone can do. Even though her 'mourning' period is awful. It's worse because people gave her money and now she streams. if they didnt, she could have been homeless oe deported, which is the best case.

No. 275899

Sheena shouldn't have brought a cat, Monty should haven't let Sheena bring a cat. It's as simple as that.

No. 275910

In the end, it's Monty's fault. If you are highly allergic to cats, you say no. You say "I can die" but he didn't, because he was the ultimate beta.

No. 275914

Very true. My bf is allergic to cats, dogs, birds etc so I will never bring any of those animals home. I'd feel so guilty if something happened to him as a result.

No. 277794

Wow that's Adella? I thought she quit cosplaying and had a kid or something…I can't believe she's still kicking around

No. 277797

If I vote for Trump, will he make sure that Sheena gets deported?

No. 277860

Lol kinda random but my friend told me that one of our mutual attention whore friends was getting flown out to LA by Shitna to become Markiplier's stylist… Lmfao as if. The thirst for fame is so fucking real rn.

No. 277991

She had some work done after having the kid so she could get back into cosplaying.

No. 278347

so desperate to know the cow you know the friend of a friend of a cow, SMH.

No. 278535

Do you know for sure?

No. 278545

Wait, now I get it. Lmfao yeah cause it's impossible to run in the same social circles as a cow and therefor I must have gone out of her way to work my way into her mutual friend circle… Lol ok. She was notorious in her local cosplay community, its not unusual to know a few of her friends.

No. 278547

money for a boob job but nothing for getting those jug ears pinned back lmao

No. 278563

If you have her on facebook, her face got dramatically younger a bit after she had the child. Her husband has the money for anything she asks anyway.

No. 278629

this is so creepy and disgusting. both herself and her fucking room, jesus.

No. 278707

I hate the omg so random silly faces but for some reason in this picture i think she'd make a good disney little mermaid

No. 278765

Just noticed that totally unblended eyeshadow.

No. 280227

File: 1465842386259.jpeg (126.19 KB, 735x928, image.jpeg)


No. 280343

She really thinks she's a professionally skilled cosplayer.

No. 280360

Not sure if thirsty or throwing low key shade.

No. 280407

No, he's that thirsty.

He's one of the guys who believes she can do no wrong and anything bad about Monty or her died with him and she's Saintly.

No. 280413

Plot twist it's Shane.

No. 280419

Whoa there M.Night, didn't see that coming.

No. 282278

File: 1466227366091.jpg (256 KB, 2048x1152, ClLYZ15VYAA0xao.jpg)

will she ever stop brown nosing the grumps?

No. 282279

Nah, she's gotta find someone/something new to leech onto. She has her eye on the grumps obviously.

No. 282312

But do any of the grumps have deadly allergies that she could trigger after a short and secretive marriage?

No. 282330

File: 1466235071786.png (643.27 KB, 571x545, eywhatsurallergies.png)

I just imagine her creeping over Kevin trying to find out what he might be allergic to.

No. 282867

no she's not mexican

but speaking of trump, did anyone see that cringe kawaii trump video feat. sushimonster?

No. 282868

Shit, I knew that girl looked familiar. I've been trying to forget this video exists.

No. 282869

NGL I thought it was funny for like 2 seconds just because of the pure "what the actual fuck is this shit" factor. Then the cringe kicked in and it wasn't funny anymore.

No. 282882

File: 1466377433325.png (758.64 KB, 636x899, lol amazing.png)

No. 282883

File: 1466377454344.png (788.12 KB, 513x873, messy.png)

No. 282884

File: 1466377546227.png (443.99 KB, 636x590, crying.png)

tf is this tho

No. 282886

Cause Aqua sure does wear that lady of the night red lipstick.

No. 282891


Gotta love when coswhores doesn't accurately represent a character. Try harder Shitna.

No. 283014

They're also great for killing husbands, right Nicole?

No. 283058

I don't 'get' that wink trend in selfies. It looks forced and wonky.

No. 283071


Good way to describe nicole, force and wonky

No. 283521

I hope Shitna actually does read these threads, maybe then she'll learn how to do makeup that suits the characters she cosplays and get rid of that slutty red lipstick, it ages her horribly.

No. 283522

Not until she worms her way into joining Game Grumps, she's so desperate for e-fame and it's embarrassing to witness.

No. 283528

So uh, did she completely forget Monty's birthday?

No. 283530

Probably or else she would of been hella milking it.

No. 283535


I'm surprised she didn't do a tweet about it

No. 283637

Glad to see that Shitna's cuntery is coming to light. https://kiwifar.ms/threads/nicole-sheena-duquette-oum.20671

No. 283638

File: 1466694848743.png (33.84 KB, 300x747, lol whatever.png)

I know it's been a long while, but I can't help but still laugh at this. Is that bad?

Simple concepts that people refuse to accept: either way, Monty's gone. HE LEFT THIS WORLD. HE'S DEAD. BYE BYE IN ESSENCE. I have respect for Monty's work but goddamn his fanbase and Shitna's "army" make me laugh.

It still astounds me that people can be so elusive about common sense. This worshipping idea has really gone to people's heads.

No. 283639

File: 1466695061366.png (215.05 KB, 301x482, 1.png)


No. 283640

Also, where's that awesome shot where Shitna forgot to give herself a Brazilian wax before wearing her Yang Xiao Long cosplay for a photoshoot? :)))))) We need to bring that back lmfaooo

No. 283669

I hate reading about this bitch knowing she's the sole reason we no longer have Monty Oum. I don't understand how she wasn't in trouble for any of this.

No. 283709


The fans (most, not all) of Monty lack common sense or any real taste but that doesn't really surprise me seeing how a lot of his work channels that part of a weeb life when they were 14 where most haven't grown out of it

No. 283712


Way I see it she'll never grow out of montys shadow of being the widow but I somehow think she's comfortable never leaving it

No. 283718

Reading that OP honestly made me rage all over about this dumb fucking cunt.

No. 283730

File: 1466714307277.jpg (373.86 KB, 2048x1365, disgusting.jpg)


No. 284470


No. 284616

File: 1467077031666.png (17.35 KB, 512x130, 5165131819909120.png)

No. 284653

Does hair really grow there? I've never seen inner thigh hair like that before

No. 284656

Yes. It's more common than you may think.

No. 284833

Yes. Don't be an idiot.

No. 284850

Are you a dumbass? Of course it does.

No. 285047

I fucking hate robots

No. 285387

Anyone who follows RT know why Meg left? Saw her video and was just curious if there was dramu~

No. 285388

Video of her explaining it.

I wonder if Sheena will try to swoop in.

No. 285394


Not likely. She can't climb a higher ladder with meg and I think they probably don't like each other to begin with

No. 285401

If anything, given Sheena's track record, she'll bitch talk Meg behind her back, probably laugh she had to leave but pretend to offer sympathy.

Hope there's not another 30 page letter by some Shane like dude about how unfair it is. (Especially since it seems like it's FullScreen's doing, not RT themselves.)

No. 285402

It just kind of seems like she wants to go the Jnig route tbh. But hey, whatever makes the most $$$$

No. 285405

Which is crazy given Gavin's pretty much a millionaire but I'm just kind of glad she won't be in many more videos. She had a slight obnoxiousness and would have a habit of really talking obnoxiously loudly over people.

No. 285418

but gav can't give her that awesome neckbeard fapping fandom she craves

No. 285419

Has Sheena ever shown any remorse about bringing in the cat? Even a little bit?

I just feel like when someone close dies people always tend to blame themselves. Regardless of how direct their death was. And Sheena is pretty damn close to his cause of death.

No. 285420

OKAY, CAN YOU GUYS EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO ME what the fuck is up with this cunt's ears? I don't post in this thread, just skim over it usually, but every time I see a picture of her with her ears visible, they look cartoonishly big.

No. 285449

I keep asking this damn question. They look so fucking weird. Like Mr.Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents. They rest on her neck almost.

No. 285574

She just has fucking huge weird ears. She's also self conscious about them but has no problem picking apart other people privately.

No. 285589

Her ears are not big, they just stick out. There's an easy fix for that.

No. 285600

my parter had dopey ears like hers, and got them surgically pinned back. It's relatively cheap, too. I wonder why she can spend oodles of money on those titties and cons, and not an ear pinning procedure, if she's so self conscious about it

No. 285613


Nicole doesn't strike me as the kind to do any long term planning

No. 285617

I think it's cute

No. 285625

File: 1467422425220.jpg (226.37 KB, 1080x1440, CmUnMEjUIAAP94a.jpg)

is this actually cosplay or is she just slutting it up?

No. 285751

Meant to be Black Canary from DC. Total shit though

No. 285756

File: 1467491471232.jpg (116.08 KB, 521x800, Black_Canary_0003.jpg)

Yeah, it's actual cosplay.
Is it just me, or does it seem like Sheena's wigs never sit on her right? Feels like maybe they're too far forward. Also doesn't help that she always seems to do the sideswept bangs thing to them.

No. 285780

You guys want a laugh?

Talking about poor Sheena being screwed by RT

No. 285787

I saw this, thought about commenting but then realized I don't care enough.

No. 285842


nice find anon good read

No. 285929

File: 1467567769594.jpeg (214.83 KB, 911x1620, image.jpeg)

No. 285946

File: 1467572796451.jpg (239.32 KB, 1152x2048, CmYqLGPUkAAxlas.jpg)

that lower panel is sheer

you can see her navel

also, lol at prosthetic ears

No. 286003

I knew I thought she reminded me of something– Traci Hines. In that pic she reminds me of fucking Traci Hines.

No. 286026

File: 1467594515518.jpg (87.28 KB, 1032x581, CmegxiHVYAAZ3Cm.jpg)

No. 286032

this dude's face is exactly what i imagined her fans to look like…

No. 286060

Def no denying that boob job there but they just look… odd. Maybe because they're too parted? I don't know.

They just really look fake and not comfortable at all.

No. 286092

Did she really need those fake ears? I mean, look at her own ears, they look just like her fake ones.

No. 286094

Jesus christ. Does she have no shame that she literally killed her husband? And I looked at her patreon, its completely unfair that she should get $2k a month for nothing. I wish sites like patreon and crowdfunding sites didn't exist (unless they seriously change and check if charities are fraudulent or not) because of pathetic little white chicks like her taking advantage and scamming people.

My phone can't call american numbers, but I'd love to call immigration and get her deported. Can someone do it for me? Thanks.

No. 286096

>literally killed her husband

Can you guys actually fucking chill on that? Like hate the bitch all you fucking want but the only murder I'm seeing around here is this fucking dead horse you all are beating to death.

Honestly you (this anon specifically) sound so fucking butthurt. Like how is it scamming if they're getting exactly what they're donating for. I'm gonna assume you're a black cosplayer who has to work a day job or something from that 'pathetic little white chicks' jab and I'm glad you're obviously failing at popularity cause I wouldnt want you repping the black comm anyway. There are plenty of things to dislike/hate/laugh at Sheena about but literally everything you listed makes you look like a joke also

PS- If she was gonna get deported she would have by now you actual moron. It's idiots like you who ruin threads by trying to ~take action~ and just give the cows a(nother) victim card to play

No. 286098

newfag here. where did the joke about the nasolabial folds originate?

No. 286099

File: 1467648315821.jpg (61.72 KB, 950x497, Dakota-Rose-aka-Kotakoti-08.jp…)

No. 286104

cheers mate

No. 286105

u couldnt be more wrong. im 100% white, white as a toilet seat, british and im a sixth former. and cosplaying is the most embarrassing and overpriced hobby i could even imagine.

and she bought a cat home when her husband was severely allergic. she KNOWS what she was doing. dont try to convince me otherwise.

and im pretty sure someone can call immigration and get her deported.

No. 286106

I'm not the other anon but Monty wanted the cat too. At least give him some of the blame as well, it wasn't all her fault. I dislike Sheena as much as the rest of you but it wasn't all her.

No. 286107

how could you possibly know that? source?

No. 286108

Monty had said on several occasions before that he actually really loves cats and would like to have one.

Monty didn't die from the cat, he died because of the allergy shots that he was taking. Nicole shouldn't have pushed the idea of having a cat, but if Monty really didn't want it he could have told her no and that he wasn't going to take the shots. I doubt Nicole is some master manipulator to get him to take the shots.

No. 286130

She's still a shitty person regardless. She may not be some evil genius, but she is a selfish-ass motherfucker who largely contributed to her husbands death. She had no qualms seeing her husband take the shots nor did it cross her that he might be in pain. As a spouse she should have at least tried to do what was best for Monty and his health. If anything she might have helped egged him on into adopting the cat and convince him how everything would be alright

No. 286131

Haha, oh my, you ignorant fuck. Monty's Death is the reason shitna is a lolcow. If it weren't for Monty's death and the events the proceeded it, she'd be nothing but the thousands of wannabee plastic cosplay sluts that try to be relevant like Nigri. So please, Monty's death will always play as a huge card to why Sheena's such a huge twat

No. 286145

I used to think this too, but iirc a few people who knew Monty have come forward to say he really liked cats and out of his own free will started feeding a stray, and that he also of his free will (and maybe encouragement from Sheena) decided to do his rounds of allergy shots. The super dumb and thoughtless thing was getting a cat before he was done his round of shots, as that is what most likely caused his coma and death.

No. 286194

Woah there did I touch a nerve?

Just because someone becomes a cow for one reason that doesnt mean you have to keep bringing it up (see also: all the threads that got closed/moved around). You could easily keep shitting on her for running off with Monty's funeral money or still keeping a pic of them together as her twitter banner or what the fuck ever current things you wanna keep shitting on but to harp on about her 'killing Monty' is what's fuck ignorant.

Monty was the one who decided to overwork himself constantly and has been cited by pretty much everyone who knew him that he would stay at the office for days just to work. That fact that with that he decided to go on allergy shots, where your doctor will tell you that you should get proper sleep and eat properly, and keep up that already huge health risk is his own damn fault.

No. 286213

I saw her today while she was shooting.
Her face is just as potato in person and her Aqua costume was pretty crap from the waist down (the top looked ok, but the skirt was super wrinkled and the boot covers/leg armor were comically bad).

No. 286221


Did she give you resting bitch face?

No. 286227

She was doing a photoshoot, so I doubt she saw or noticed me.

No. 286239

Lol I was merely stating a fact, and only a couple of sentences at that.If anything you're getting touchy that some newfags are restating what a vile thing she did. No matter how sick you are of people harping on her for her past actions, it will never fail to surprise or utterly disgust those who are pretty new to it. And yeah she wouldn't even be relevant at all if it weren't for the root of her doing this shit to Monty. She's best at snow without all the rooster teeth and monty drama, so people can't help but make ties about her with monty

No. 286758

File: 1467817531214.jpeg (135.09 KB, 750x801, image.jpeg)

When you need to be the victim. Water bottles are bullying her.

No. 286765

Why does this bitch not have an ED?

No. 286971

like encyclopedia dramatica?
I suggested people make a page for her under the suggestions page but was shot down because "not enough proof", so I went ahead and just made one. The page I made got taken down less than a day after it was made.

No. 287229

Why not tbh. She has an opportunity to make a lot of money while being sekf employed. All the more power to her if you ask me

No. 287248


Decent amount of money but not a lot, doesn't help that at this point nicole is like a no name brand of diet coke of jnig copycats.

All she's got going is the title of Montys widow so even in death she can't escape that shadow

No. 287255

Did anyone see her with sushimonster this weekend? I noticed she was in that fanart Ino cosplay that she did with Sheena, but didn't see any from Sheena. No mentions of having out with her either, which you'd think she'd be all over considering the popularity of the trump commercial

Did she burn another bridge? Or is that old news?

No. 287260


From what's been said, it basically sounds like Meg's outside stuff was reaching a point where she could no longer avoid breaking a no-moonlighting or a non-compete clause. That's pretty standard, and it's basically guaranteed that Rooster Teeth had one like every other company on earth. That wouldn't be Fullscreen's doing (parent companies do not get involved in staffing issues, and Fullscreen would not fire her as she does bring in her own audience).

She basically did the same thing as Ray - she started up another source of income, the fact that it existed broke company policy, and she had to choose.

No. 287268


she's a diet Shasta Orange

No. 287290

>I was a SUPER RARE SNOWFLAKE HIRE since I was hired for my ~*following*~

I'm laughing cause wow that's the biggest pile of bullshit since they only hired her because she's fucking Gavin and she wanted to have job security with the move.

No. 287293

actually Ray's thing was bullshit since they were working with him to let him stream while also being a streamer. He just quit cause he's a social retard who doesnt like leaving his house with his female neckbeard of a gf who will do everything he asks.

No. 287304

Yeah but he's making way more than he did at RT, sooo go him.

No. 288303

how dumb do you have to be to STILL think this? I can't stand meg but cmon. She was in business contact with them ages before she met gavin. That's HOW they met.

No. 288333

Yo just found this site and thread. Me and some others have had a personal bad experience with Sheena and her posse for around a year now. We'll draft a nice big post for yous

No. 288382

that would be wonderful thanks <3

No. 288433

Please please please

No. 288511

>how dumb do you have to be to STILL think this?
>in a thread where people think shitna went out of her way to kill her main meal ticket in life

Actually her and Gavin met at a bar at some convention and they hooked up. If she was such a 'long term business contact' how the fuck would it magically line up that she immediately moved in with him when she moved for the job?

I love how in a thread where people assume that Shitna is fucking every dude she takes a selfie with you actually believe an attention seeking slut who has retweeted someone's jizz on one of her prints is above that.

No. 288512

She posted that?

Someone who has to keep saying that she got her job legitimately rarely has. Didn't RT hire Ashley because she was fucking Burnie? And Mica because her dad was famous.

No. 288517

it was before she did her best to milk the SJW feminists of the RT fandom so digging would have to be done if she didnt purge it all. But yeah basically. I think Mica is the least case though since they seem to legitimately like her (i.e. you actually see other members of the crew hanging out with her) where in comparison no one seemed to hang out with Meg outside of the office but I'm it's obvious her dad helped with the situation since otherwise she'd be just another RT fan albeit one of the noncringey ones

No. 288520

Eh, I'd still call her pretty cringey with how she constantly has outfits made to remind people she's in AH.

No. 288521

The only time I ever saw Meg hang out with people outside of RT was with her and Gav and Geoff and Griff. Even then she seemed like no one really talked to her

No. 288577

File: 1468274706500.jpg (195.69 KB, 1365x2048, 13411922_928362747274787_90129…)

Black Can-EAR-y

No. 288579


A lot of shop on her face but yet doesn't fix her ears

No. 288602

she was meant to be doing a different hosting job with them which is how business stuff started and they met. That fell through, then by the time they approached her for the news hosting job she was already in a relationship with gavin, so moved in with him when she moved to austin.

Like really it's not some big scandal

No. 288615


Show me receipts of this cause I'm pretty deep in the RT circles and the only time Meg came up was when she got the job because she wanted to move in with Gavin and they figured 'well she hosts stuff so let's put her as a host'

It's pretty suspicious how hard you're defending her with basically no proof and as the other anons said she wasnt even friendly with anyone so it shows that no one else had a deep connection to her or anything?

No. 288622

File: 1468292939437.jpg (6.39 KB, 84x249, Denzel_Crocker.JPG)

No. 288626

I feel like she should embrace her goofy-ass looks and just cosplay a WoW gnome or something. Shit, I don't even like ear mods but I think she would benefit from one. If she decided to go with elf ears it would look better than that gnome shit she's got going on.

No. 288677

I dont follow this bitch but yall got me busting out laughing

No. 288692

multiple people from RT have said this. She was meant to be hosting Immersion s2, but then schedules didn't line up. That's it. Soon after it fell through her and gavin started dating long distance.

No. 288694

she was good friends with Monty and Burnie before joining RT

No. 288695

No. 288762

File: 1468359608755.jpg (968.59 KB, 1518x900, 1193375415893641794.jpg)

Looks like she's working with EvilTed.

No. 288763


Kinda makes sense to work someone who knows what he's doing and then take all the credit

No. 289081


Ugh. I've got dirt on octopimp but I can't spill it.

I know this means nothing without proof, but I despise this man. There are skeletons in his closet already and I'm sure he's made more. He's a lying, manipulative scumbag. In fact, I think he and Sheena are perfect for each other. If he's making nice with her, I guarantee it's because he sees her as a potential e-fame multiplier for himself.

No. 289097

man I really hope you dont mean the fact that he cheated on his ex cause that entire situation was public and really cant be considered 'skeletons' at this point.

No. 289213

Curious anon here, I wanna know any drama about octopimp! I found out about him from 50% Off but noticed when that got super popular he changed so I had stopped following him on everything.

No. 289239

'changed' lolwat? I've been following him since the homosuck days and he hasnt changed at all cept for becoming a brolita.

Anyway during the days HS was relevant he had a gf that she cheated on apparently by lying and saying they were in an open relationship but basically she found out and broke up with him immediately. I mainly remember because her 'revenge' entailed destroying his minecraft server by covering everything with lava since she had mod priviledges and I was like 'really that's it?' I was hoping she would out more shit about him

Currently he's dating some tumblr whore who sells photosets of herself putting things in her ass (what a catch)

No. 289286

Any reason she looks so old?

No. 289535

guilt from murder weighing heavy on her face & soul

No. 289741

couldnt have asked for a better explanation

No. 289860

File: 1468807623658.jpg (234.05 KB, 1214x1619, CnnAnmhUIAAisOf.jpg)

only the best quality photographs for her Patrons

No. 289873

Mr Potatohead

No. 289876

She looks ridiculous. Also what's with her writing and signature? Wasn't it just Oum with an S in the o?

No. 289885

Leaving the dead behind

No. 289892

No. 289923

Sounds like she's implying she either wanted to be INVITED to RTX, or she's just being cryptic as all hell as to the fact that she's got beef with them.

No. 289925

She 100% wanted to be invited, but besides being Monty's greencard wife she has nothing to do with that company. Now with Monty's dead she can't even use him to go to these sort of events. Better marry another beta, Nicole

No. 289939

Her face moves so weird in this video.

No. 289957

Seriously though. Who's taking her polaroids? It's not like those things have a timer or anything

No. 289958


I'm guessing chloe is

No. 289962

This makes me laugh so hard. What fucking /ROLE/ did she have in the company? Just because you fucked someone with a resumé and married for a greencard? You were just a muse. Was she even HIRED by RT? No. Wife =/= employee. Smh.

I'm just appalled she can't get into her fucking skull that she is visibly UNQUALIFIED for anything professional in the fields you SO LOVINGLY DEEM YOU ARE WORTHY OF, doesn't mean you get everything you want.

Oh, I forgot, she murdered Monty. So, 0% for chances, Shitna. Except whoring yourself out, you're good with that. /thumbsup

She has to show dem tittays she worked SO! HARD FOR! :D Gotta make da moneys.

No. 289966

Her twitter status is terrifying. "plz adopt cats" https://twitter.com/sheenaoum/status/755174839854313472

No. 290183

Seems she deleted her facebook account.

She's using a filter probably snapchat to make her eyes bigger. Look how huge her eyebags became by mistake.

No. 290198


How odd, maybe she'll relaunch it as something else?

No. 290227

Hm when I look her up in old messages it says Facebook User.
Usually that happens when the account is deleted, deactivated or suspended. If they're just blocking or hiding their account it should still say their name.


No. 290236

Can confirm her FB is deactivated

No. 290348

File: 1468962706308.png (154.66 KB, 1595x909, interesting.png)

Interesting that her fb is deactivated last night and Suzy tweets this today and Vampy replies.

No. 290350


Probably nothing, wasnt Suzy and nicole sorta friends?

No. 290384

It's probably deactivated and will get reactivated later. She didn't remove the things she tampered with on Monty's account after he died, such as posting on his account that he got married.

No. 290468

File: 1469035424644.png (1.68 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

She's not going to SDCC anymore for "personal reasons." It's suspected that she's pissed off the Cali cosplay scene somehow.

No. 290472

So she's bailing on a high profile con and deactivated her facebook?

I wonder(hope) she's being investigated for tax evasion or green card marriage.

I thought I read you had to at be married at least 3 years for a green card and you're then interviewed but it has to be both husband and wife.

No. 290473


She can't be that stupid right?

No. 290482

If your spouse dies before the grace period then you automatically get a green card

No. 290489


It takes 2 years. Not 3.

No. 290495


I'm guessing she couldn't secure last minute passes or even share tables with vampy or Stella hence why she couldn't go

I suspect there are no "personal reasons" at all

No. 290508

But why is her Facebook gone?

No. 290513

File: 1469049150238.gif (1.94 MB, 500x240, yas.gif)

I am over here praying tbh

No. 290527


Shrug, relaunching under a name brand or preparing for a shitstorm coming and slowly removing herself from social media/adjusting evidence?

If she removes her twitters then it'll be interesting

No. 290651

File: 1469061886812.jpeg (206.97 KB, 750x1062, image.jpeg)

sushimonster just posted this, interesting considering Sheena was part of this group but is conspicuously missing…

No. 290770

if sheena's on the downlow then maybe sushimonster is trying to help by not posting about her?

No. 290806

If she deactivated her account your would still see her name.

No. 290916

don't think you can just delete. when I did i my account was suspended for two weeks. then if you don't log in it's supposed to deactivate… but it doesn't really. you can activate it anytime with your old login. sage for FB bullshit

No. 291434

She reactivated facebook and now she's coming to Vancouver.

No. 291439


I hope they detain her ass when she tries to leave

No. 291454

I guess mission accomplished

No. 291455


I don't know, she's coming but I'm reading that as visiting

No. 291618

File: 1469322785543.jpg (63.83 KB, 640x960, 13710646_1197825560257166_7777…)

She's visiting for a con and looking for a place to stay around the con.

No. 291645


Thought she had people who like her in her home town? Oh wait……

No. 291657

File: 1469341278688.jpeg (578.12 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 291658


Yet she couldn't pay the person to redo the ears

No. 291659

Her ears seriously look like prosthetics

No. 291661

Probably for Anime Revolution like stated earlier. I'm going to the con so I'll snap some photos.

No. 291717

oh my god the before and after looks like she had a facelift. stay saggy, shitna.

No. 291771

So her 'person reasons' for not going to SDCC was to go to Anime Revolution instead? Or is that just another reason she happens to be there.

I really hope she doesn't return to the states, I really do.

No. 291841


You could call the tip line and say she's illegally working so they can question her when she tries to come back to the states

No. 291855


I get the feeling something went down in LA but of course no one will say anything.

No one would choose AR over sdcc

No. 291938

AR is pretty shitty here. Only going because of a certain people are here to do a panel.

Something probably happened and shes just clinging onto whoever accepts her again.

No. 291998


Oh I know, I'm a local and our con scene is frankly meh.

Wouldn't be surprised if her former friends who talked shit accept her back with open arms

No. 292123

File: 1469499897027.jpg (87.16 KB, 960x960, 13754571_10153627204716712_845…)

Trying to be Jnig with Patreon.

No. 292125


No lie I thought that was a random cam girl

No. 292156

Her face looks so different here.

No. 292310

File: 1469556699793.jpg (115.18 KB, 933x1400, 13708299_1553086778050199_4379…)

"Did you miss #LingerieTuesday? Let's get back into the swing of things with an unedited photo of Sheena Duquette! You could say she's just perfect the way she is~"


No. 292325

Why does it look like her thighs got shooped with extra fat and starting to crawl up her panties?

No. 292327


>Perfect the way she is

>Giant plastic tits bought with her husband's funeral fund

No. 292329

At least she started to cover those dopey ass ears of hers, thanks to lolcow lol. It really does change her image a lot

No. 292390

Honestly this photo is probably the best I've seen of any of her photos. But its really disturbing to look at considering her fans are mostly Monty's and the fact that hes dead just makes it way worse.

No. 292429

like she would ever stop doing her classic raccoon eyes

No. 292433

What's up with her talon like thumbnail?

No. 292567

Coke nail

No. 292655

Pinky nails are the coke nails, anon.

No. 292661

>>292390 I was thinking the same. Like with her other bra pic, people say she's hot and want to ask her out but her "husband" is dead????

No. 292820

Agreed. It's fucking disgusting how she always tries to play the "grieving widow" and yet she posts photos like these.

No. 292862


But don't you see she's sufferig without money I mean monty.

Yea suffering without money

No. 292884

File: 1469765211087.jpg (116.56 KB, 697x960, 13872991_1207821369257585_7198…)

Professional model!

No. 292886

File: 1469767858051.gif (421.86 KB, 245x175, ew.gif)

that pancake ass in the bottom right.

No. 292891

I'm starting to love this stupid polaroid trend as you get to finally see them with no photoshop. Holy hell, that's the ass of a middle aged mother of three.

No. 292892

I still find it so morbid and odd that she really flaunts that cat around as an accessory. Almost like a 'ha ha, look, I got away with murder and here's one of the main reasons that helped'. idk.

If she did piss anyone off in the LA Cosplay scene (please God say she did) I hope we hear about it soon. I really don't want this bitch in my city.

I'm still also wondering why she blew off SDCC for 'personal reasons' aka Anime Revolution(?)

No. 292894

I'm betting this bitch couldn't snag a badge in the battle of the servers when they went up months ago.

No. 292920


This, and no one was willing to share a table with her

No. 293008

File: 1469839597708.jpg (245.4 KB, 500x500, 003_original.jpg)

It's almost concave.

No. 293016

how would you snort coke from your thumbnail?

No. 293017

who's taking these?

No. 293018

already asked before, people think it's Chloe

No. 293021

Put coke into underside of nail, put nail to nose and snort hard

No. 293170

might be soulfire

No. 293209

File: 1469937484497.png (184.03 KB, 392x395, scaredjunpei.png)


>mfw she flaunts that cat everywhere even though she knows that cat is the reason that Monty isn't here anymore

God I hate this crazy bitch

No. 293366

File: 1470030921239.png (1.29 MB, 884x1250, underpantsWHY.png)

No. 293367


She has like the hank hill butt

No. 293371

Heard that she's trying to get into Playboy. These recent photos confirm it.

No. 293372

Considering she hates Meg Turney and Meg did a Playboy shoot as a Gamer Girl, I wouldn't be surprised if Sheena's trying to one up her or just try to make herself seem like she's better than Meg.

Seriously. The way she flaunts the cat is such an insult to Monty (especially towards his family like Neath who really cared for Monty) since the way he died was pretty horrible. It's so morbid and crazy.

No. 293376

Imagine the turn of events though?

-husband dies
-fans see her as a grieving widow
-does underwear shots for patreon after reaching 2k a month
-appears on playboy

Even people who believe their love was "true love" will raise their eyebrows. Nothing wrong with women who pose for magazines but doing this after less than 2 years after Monty's death sounds sketch.

No. 293377

Imagine the turn of events though?

-husband dies
-fans see her as a grieving widow
-does underwear shots for patreon after reaching 2k a month
-appearing on playboy

Even people who believe their love was "true love" will raise their eyebrows. Nothing wrong with women who pose for magazines but doing this after less than 2 years after Monty's death sounds sketch.

No. 293404

It's because the death of her husband has only made her stronger so she can pose half naked and pursue her dream as a second hand dollar store barbie.

No. 293416

Meg still has a very conventional look, even with her alt style. Nicole is just… unfortunate looking. How does she expect to do PLAYBOY when her ass looks like this?

No. 293438

File: 1470081595958.jpeg (180.73 KB, 750x1150, image.jpeg)

fuckin $20 each.

No. 293450

File: 1470088872668.jpg (124.82 KB, 960x1280, Cj49qOgUYAASHI_.jpg)

and sold out.

how thirsty do you have to be to be into that mess?

No. 293454

File: 1470092110752.jpg (82.16 KB, 433x535, image.jpg)


Thirsty enough to promote nicole as more professional than most of the RT people

unrelated pic

No. 293456

Honestly the widow thing might be part of an attraction in an edgy 'black widow' way, like with Ryden

No. 293458

Not to mention Playboy isn't a fan of models that look like they've had plastic surgery. Courtney Stodden was rejected for this very reason.

No. 293501

File: 1470114812322.png (70.43 KB, 637x385, lol pls.png)

>"shit show in the backrgound"

UMMMMMMMMM….. You meeeeeean, YOU, running away from the truth that you're trying SO HARD to bury? That people actually know that YOU know but you're running away because you're ashamed?

I forgot. Gotta keep up that psychopath, picture-perfect fake-ass image.

No. 293502

File: 1470115157822.png (940.03 KB, 1003x765, aa.png)

>"soft cinematic look"
>"professional model"

No. 293510

Why does Aqua have saggy grandma tits to her waist?

No. 293517

This pose is super awkward. Her jawline is washed out/non-existent, her neck looks super long, her breasts look so low, her legs are weirdly blurry and out of focus. This photographer seems kinda garbage tbh.

No. 293533

This was the first thing I noticed, what the fuck is happening to her tits in this?

No. 293568


I'm about 99% sure nicole probably talk shits about nigiri all the time

No. 293720

File: 1470190121282.png (62.08 KB, 502x642, howshepursuedmonty.png)

No. 293733

who's she been banging?

No. 293734

Not Shane.

No. 293759

File: 1470206508674.jpg (866.65 KB, 1599x862, rikkuiguess.jpg)

Husband killing, boyfriend stealing look book.

No. 293769

This is a very unartistic cosplay photo gallery… I like it more when cosplayers interact with the area around them as if they characters would but these are just suffering from JNig-Syndrome.

It might be a Rikku cosplay but it's just Sheena dressed up as Rikku still being Sheena.

No. 293785

sounds like she's referencing the fact that people were predicting she'd go after either Dan, Ross, or Kevin to get in good with GG.

No. 293795

Oh, look. Kelly Jean making it about herself. It's like when she denied the stuff about Volpin.

No. 293864

That posing is pretty ooc of rikku

No. 293865

Why is that John guy so sorry?

No. 293889

The photos look like terrible Talixoxo knockoffs

No. 293894

Anyone have dets? Or is she just making shit up to appear the victim again?

No. 293895

Maybe ppl are saying Johnny and her are a thing, since he just recently became single. He seems overly sorry, but that's just a total guess.

No. 293912

She's trying so hard to become JNig it's actually embarrassing

No. 293915

i can say for sure that johnny wouldnt be doing anything like that anytime soon

No. 293935


Most cosplay girls are in the same boat but nicole went on the scene too late and offers nothing when we got thousands of other girls.

Literally the only difference is a dead bf

No. 293948

The dead bf cashed her tons of money! And dynasty follows because she's "monty's wife"

No. 293951

also what happened to her and sam? Wasn't sam taken? lol

No. 293956

Wouldn't be surpried if she never played the game.

No. 293961

iirc she was emotionally in a relationship with Sam while Monty was in the hospital then went to see him few months after his death. She paid for Sam and his best friend and best friend's Girlfriend.

She made a post about how she didn't like the plane ride because her own bf seemed more happy to see Sheena, just Sheena, than be with her.

Later, it was brought to light that Sam's friend cheated on his gf with Sheena and this was during one of her convention visits for MCM I think? And they broke up which is why she doesn't spam her twitter with his shit anymore.

It was in the other thread, irrc, that Rikki[?], the one whose boyfriend cheated on her with Nicole, left the her. She said she logged on to her bf's computer once and saw the chat logs between he and Sheena and very sexual.

So Nicole just kind of ruined three people's lives because she's that much of a selfish cunt.

No. 293966

The previous threads had someone leaking Sheena's facebook and it was great. Was that the same person?

No. 293967

i thought that was devin

No. 293968

Devin was one of her Vancouver friends I think? rundevinrun that is.

Devon was the girl who was dating Sam's best friend Rikk that Sheena slept with.


No. 293969

wait wait wait let me get this straight. Nicole was emotionally into this Sam dude when Monty was in the hospital.The she sees Sam again with his two friends (Devin and Rikk) who were dating. Devin didn't have a good time b/c Rikk was into Sheena. Then Rikki cheats on Devin. Then Devin sees the sexy chat logs and then dumps his ass.

wtf haha What a trip.

No. 293970

Someone needs to make a page with a timeline of these events because there are too many threads on this and so much content! cough ED page

No. 293976

>"but if anyone has questions, I'm here to answer."

loud laughing in the distance for a girl who loves to bullshit everybody

No. 294024

see >>286971
if you want an ED so bad, make one yourself.

That's Devon, not Devin. Devin is that Korean girl that was the Blake to Nicole's Weiss.

No. 294138


Yup, that's devon. It was also nice confirming that chloe (and informs nicole as a result) reads this thread

No. 294140

Can someone pls draw kawaii fanart of her with no ass, dumbo ears and her weird fucked up overdrawn eyebrows? (I think she actually started just shaving the ends and drawing them higher)

No. 294145

She also slept with Martin Wong and Monty at the same con, she clearly has no problem with sleeping around regardless of the guy's marital status.

No. 294159

No. 294200


LOL She's friends with Claire Max, somehow not surprising.

No. 294213

File: 1470378979503.jpg (153.28 KB, 960x960, 13938437_10153649466751712_912…)

Nice shirt

No. 294215

Oh jesus, she's pretty hideous without make-up and editing. I suppose that's what the fake tits needed to make up for.

No. 294244


And she's wearing Her own name. Very tacky

Also that sigh of relief when you're a local and don't know anyone in that pic

I'll give credit to her former friends from BC who didn't blindly accept her back

No. 294245

When was this? Just recognizing that's Vancouver and I thought she was American.

No. 294247

Sorry I meant lives in America now, not is American

No. 294251


I believe last 2 days at least as Anime revolution is happening in Van this weekend

No. 294300

>She is currently living in LA, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen

If she's in vancouver this weekend, how's she going to get back into the US? She's definitely overstayed the visitor's visa, and she probably doesn't have residence based on her marriage paperwork.

Can people still come and go across the border?

No. 294302

I have no idea how she got back in the USA (if she did? I take it she's come back?).

Even without knowing their history, a woman and man marrying when her visa was up, in secret no less to where none of their families knew, and the husband suddenly dies not even a year in to their marriage, suddenly she comes in to a lump sum of money HAS to raise some red flags.

No. 294303


Not really, she's a "pretty" white girl so they won't probe her for questions too much.

Unless you tip off the border on an illegal

No. 294338

Didn't Shane say he helped her finish the paperwork or something? I feel like she wouldn't go back to Canada if she had any suspicions about not being able to get back in. I hate to say it but at this point it's possible she's just a legal citizen of the United States.

No. 294340

How would that work though? If she'd been there illegally at any time, even with proof of her short marriage, she would've been thrown out of the process and barred from re-entry. Does she just have enough money for an immigration lawyer? I guess she could've gotten a work visa. Ugh.

No. 294346


I wouldn't be surprise if Shane helped lie on the papers about it.

Grinds my gears how other couples are interview back and forth and go through hell for a green card but her? Yea no problems

No. 294356

File: 1470457925376.jpg (1.46 MB, 1214x1201, Screenshot_2016-08-05-21-29-14…)

Everyone looks decent and then there's Sheena

No. 294357

File: 1470459081439.jpg (1.02 MB, 1214x1574, looool.jpg)

Anyone else still sense the anamosity between sheena and devin? Sheena brought a blake cosplay to AR which is the local con devin is at. Back story, back when they were friends devin cosplayed blake as sheena cosplayed weiss. And devin has this thing where she hates people that cosplay the same thing as her

No. 294359

while she looks weird, they all look a touch skanky.

No. 294360

Isn't she cosplaying the canon-pretty character too? jfc

No. 294361

This is such a mess of an outfit

No. 294363

File: 1470463853164.jpg (96.91 KB, 585x1040, ear.jpg)


No. 294364

She needs to invest some money on a good supportive bra. Or bra period…

No. 294365

This looks like one of those meme images where the caption is: "like and repost if u think the girl on the left is as beautiful as the girl on the right"

No. 294367


I'd say invest in a personality but she'd be broke fast

No. 294375

What's with her eyelashes?

No. 294400


Animosity is entirely on Sheena's side of things.
Devin used to be pretty salty over every Sheena has said and done (but honestly, who wouldn't be?) but has been mellow for a long time now and moved past most of the bullshit and drama. She's not involved at all any more and knows it, so she's just going on with her life and doing her thing. If anything, props to her for maturing.

Sheena is the one who is still out for blood, or at the very least can't let anything go and holds petty grudges for fucking ever. She's cosplaying Blake to a Convention Devin is at….Devin, an ex-friend who is very close with ALL of her other ex-friends in Vancouver, Devin who left her skanky ass in the dust when it became apparent Sheena was a piece of human garbage, Devin who cosplayed Blake back in the day. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

Also, Devin dgaf if people cosplay the same shit as her. Used to, I think, now doesn't and is way more about fun > fame. Again, an example of learning from your past and becoming a better person. Something Sheena desperately needs to do herself.

No. 294414

Lol I will forever think Devin is a huge bitch with the body of a stuffed sausage

No. 294420

Alright sheena. I'd rather look like Devin than Dopey from Snow White in drag.

No. 294421

Nice try white-knight. I already know that's bs because I've heard devin and her bf shit talking about a DVA cosplayer at the airport on her way back from colossal. devin hasn't changed. you just side with devin over sheena

devin also went out of her way to talk to all the people that sheena hates and try and be buddy buddy with them when their friendship went to shit. That was all done to spite sheena, not because devin miraculously changed when she stopped being friends with the bimbo

No. 294422

File: 1470507123232.jpg (1.06 MB, 1214x1207, Untitled.jpg)

I dont mean to change the subject but I found gold. Like wtf is going on with her tits lmfao

No. 294425

It looks like whatever boob tape and or bra has come loose on one side

No. 294430

Heard her bf talking shit*
I mistook the short girl he was with for devin

No. 294431

Lol not even, they're both ugly cunts

No. 294432

She has saggy boobs but looks like her JNig tit magic technique gave up on one side. Kek

No. 294435

Her tits look like they're gonna pop from the bottom out… They look almost jaundiced

No. 294438

Honestly I'd rather deal with Devin over Shitna any day. At least Devin isn't a husband killing, boyfriend stealing slut.

No. 294441

Doesn't mean they're not both nasty toxic bitches.

No. 294442

File: 1470514878880.jpg (69.08 KB, 528x960, 13626485_10209646548861836_253…)

No. 294447

i see no difference in her ears

No. 294466

She's got such a mousey plain face. At least ugly people aren't this forgettable

No. 294497

shitna looks tranny af LMAO

No. 294501

File: 1470527520825.png (407.86 KB, 417x579, 1432555413627.png)

hey Shitna, if you're reading this ❤ :-*

No. 294505

since everybody's talking about Devin: https://www.twitch.tv/rundevinrun

No. 294506

Why are her boobs so saggy, even pre and post op? It confuses me so much, you would think when she got her work done she would have gotten a lift too? And Its not like she has been super fat to get pancake tits.

No. 294508

Ew her tits are so droopy without support. Looked way better before the implants, should have spent her tit money on her face and ears instead. Much more needed.

No. 294663

File: 1470548018190.jpg (87.84 KB, 640x640, 13886902_1214233621949693_6461…)

Saw her today at AR pushing her tits out for Harley Quinn. At least she hid her ears today. I honestly don't know who bought her prints. Didn't notice many people around her when I went by.

No. 294664


Thirsty betas buy her prints

No. 294666

Whats up with those dark panties with that costume? Is that character supposed to have a shadowy vagina?

No. 294729

everyone else looks relaxed and then there sheena is, trying to make herself stand out.

she seriously looks so much better just by covering up her ears…

No. 294732

What a waste of makeup.

No. 294744

File: 1470575780217.jpg (43.56 KB, 639x364, film-noir-sin-city-yellow-bast…)

Tbh I think sheena would do an excellent cosplay of Roark jr. from sin city. Her posture, ears and saggy tits just remind me of him so much.

No. 294804

Sorry sheena but you will never be as pretty or as popular as jniggs no matter how much you try to be exactly like her

No. 294860

Because when you get your tits enlarged, it costs double the amount to get them lifted as it is a different procedure called breast lifting, I think. It would cost her an extra 5k or something.

No. 294861

Honestly I always think this about girls. It's depressingly common. There's this camwhore called duplicitie w fake tits yet a fuck ugly face she shouldn'e spent her money on her face not her tits. It's nonsensical honestly. And of course other examples of ugly bitches with fake tits include Alex Clark (bushb4by or oreob4by ) , that nhs boob job woman, Kylie Jenner (her mug is fuck ugly honestly) etc etc

No. 294865


Nik Riche of TheDirty mentions "Nose job before boob job" all the time. People can only look at a pair of tits for so long.

I'm assuming she didn't get any surgery on her face though since some people seem to frown upon it more that boob jobs for some reason. If she were to get face work done it would have to be slow and gradual.

No. 294873

All the same, it's better to spend more money than to waste all the money she spent. Her boobs really don't look good just because now they're big.

No. 294884

Her body type is so weird. She looks so shapeless and twiggy then has those big bolted on fake tits. It makes more like a dude in a Halloween costume than a "sexy" female cosplayer…

No. 294899

I hope she isn't staying in my hometown and goes back to LA

No. 294956

her bottom ones? Cosplayers do this all the time. They think gluing their eyelashes lower makes their eyes look bigger but it just looks fucked up.

No. 294965

File: 1470696157116.jpg (5.66 MB, 2592x3888, 589733a234395aeae0acb4a16666b9…)

it just occurred to me that Lauren Southern was part of the Vancouver cosplay scene at about the same time

I wonder…

No. 294967

File: 1470696549261.jpg (410.69 KB, 1620x1620, CpRn-W-UEAA1dh4.jpg)

No. 294994

The cosplay that took over a year to make and was made to spite talixoxo. I swear a majority of sheena's cosplays has some backhanded motive

No. 295005


It was made to spite someone? Details as I dont know much

No. 295007

File: 1470710201489.jpg (63.14 KB, 600x600, batman_arkham_knight_harley_qu…)

No. 295011

Since 2012/2013 sheena has had this ongoing hate towards talixoxo because tali's lighting cosplay overshadowed sheena when she cosplayed the same character. It's just a cosplay jealously thing. So since then sheena's cosplayed rikku and supergirl after tali did. Tali was also one of the 3 girls monty hit on at pax before he settled for sheena.

No. 295026


Ah okay, makes sense as I always did say that sheena wasnt even third choice.

Congrats sheena, you weren't even bronze medal of choices monty had

No. 295036

Just looked her up, she's cute. Just imagine, in an alternate universe, Monty made the right choice, has a hot girlfriend who is a good cosplayer, and wasn't lowkey killed because of a cat. Any other cosplayers she has beef with?

No. 295045

Devin aka rundevinrun is also at the top of sheena's hate list. The shit storm that happened when they stopped being friends was amazing to see.

She shit talked basically everyone in the community, even her own cosplay friends. Jniggs used to be someone she wouldn't shut up about because she hated that jniggs had no skill and was only famous for her tits. Ironic how that that is exactly what sheena became… and a widow.

Honestly, unless you're useful to sheena, she's not going to give a shit about you especially if you're prettier or more skilled than her which is a majority of cosplayers. Although she's really lacking friends right now so she's trying harder than usual to play nice which I noticed at AR last weekend

No. 295048

I wonder if she's trying to get back in touch with the Canadian cosplayers cause she pissed off all the California ones?

Is she still in Canada?

No. 295057

File: 1470732845992.jpeg (89.61 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

Devon is the girl who was with rikk, Samsung best friend.

She's in this photo.
Note how shes hanging in the back, when rikks up front with the 'I just fucked this bitch' expression.

I'm sure she has more dirt on sheena and that situation. Someone posted her link back in 3rd thread

No. 295061

Gross. While she's pretty awkward looking herself, he's hideous. I guess when you are desperate for the attention…

No. 295074

Monty didn't reject Tali tho. She rejected him. Sheena was the "eh you'll do I guess" in this competition.

No. 295077


Think she's going to stay here or go back to LA? I don't get why she bothered to even come back for AR of all things.

That's rich though about the jnig remark as sheena constantly kisses up to jnig now

No. 295079

Does she have any friends left in Vancouver? I thought she pissed off all the Vancouver cosplayers.

No. 295095

She has a few of her online/Tumblr Vancouver friends that are still buddies with her because they don't know any better and haven't heard the shit she says about them. The people she was hanging with after AR were more like randoms sheena never crossed paths with before she burned bridges. Seems she's trying to find friends

No. 295100


bit of a red flag that she needs to find friends but no we're the crazy ones and are salty about her -sarcasm-

No. 295103

6 oclock shadow vag

No. 295106

This low fake eyelash style looks ugly.

No. 295147

do you realize that this costume is everywhere and is sold on like every taobao store? i doubt it's from that store since it's cheaper than that on taobao.

it looks awful on literally everyone. even people on /cgl/ hate it.

No. 295148

File: 1470795784918.jpeg (101.86 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

This is Tali. Sure Sheena, you look great. Sure…

No. 295168

Wow, she even copied Tali's pose?


No. 295169

File: 1470809751670.png (238.7 KB, 396x403, dfsdf.png)


its actually one of the character's staple poses, so i don't think so

No. 295170

That's pretty telling since /cgl/ is generally shit at makeup.

I can see why Sheena is asspained. This girl looks a lot prettier than her primal simian looking ass.

As far as I know, Chloe is the only Californian cosplayer that's well known that she hasn't pissed off. Chloe lost so many respect points with how hard she defends Sheena.

No. 295174

Aww.. I've met Tali way back in the day when she was starting to gain steam as a cosplayer in the Vancouver/Seattle community (the photos I have are dated 2007 when I met her). I don't ever remember seeing or hearing about Sheena until here. When did Sheena even start cosplaying?

No. 295178

IIRC she always likes to say she started cosplaying at the age of 10 or whatever. Because that counts towards your cosplay career… right?

No. 295195

Chloe got more known when Monty expanded her network, so she owed a lot to him and this somehow transferred to Sheena. Kind of like with Shane.

No. 295236


Sad thing is nicole probably talks a lot of shit behind Chloe's back as well

No. 295264

I think the only Vancouver cosplayer that still talks to her is Rinsenpai.

No. 295268

I just stumbled upon this thread and became absolutely infuriated when I read that she blew her dead husband's funeral fund on herself…most notably the boob job. How old is this skank anyway? And shit cover those damn tits of yours if they keep poking out or falling down or whatnot. Either it's a bad boob job or they just hella ugly. This chick looks annoying as fuck.

No. 295274

Its so awkward seeing them interact because they're both so fake and just using each other for their fans. I never saw Nicole commenting on rinsenpais stuff until after he went viral.

No. 295276

Not even sure if Chloe is still friends with her since we haven't seen any posts of them hanging out. They didn't even do that naruto group together at AX, I only saw her and that Milynn chick in it. From her posts it looks like she's always with her boyfriend and other friends going to all the raves now.

No. 295279

tbf I don't know anything about rinsenpai. What's his story?

No. 295280

He doesn't have any drama really, he's just a married guy who was a closet crossdresser and came out and started making videos. A few went viral because he looks like an adorable Asian girl but then has a really deep voice.
Apparently him and Sheena went to the same high school, and now I see her comment all over his shit either stroking his ego or relating to him about the various things that happen when you become efamous.

No. 295281

Sheena pissed off one of Chloe's friends so we'll see what happens when she gets back to LA and keeps cancelling convention plans.

No. 295295

Before they became friends sheena would shit on how bad Chloe's weiss was. To sheena and devin if you cosplayed the same character as them you automatically became competition and they would shit talk back and forth. When they were together all they could do was gossip

No. 295297

I believe it. The few times I met her she would just give you one of those up and down look overs and just kind of sneer and turn away if you weren't worth her time.

Even if you were talking to someone she was with the one year she and Chloe went to RTX, she would just act like a brat to any normal attendee but guests and other RT people she would try to be all fluff and happy. Chloe was at least talking to other cosplayers and took (probably fake) interest in their work but Sheena would just sit there and expect people to come up for her picture.

She got angry when someone asked who she was.

No. 295298


Oh man I'll have to do that if I run into her and knowing my luck I'll have to deal with her eventually

Also doesn't really surprised me about nicole talking shit about chloe version of that character. I guess you have to talk shit when nicole version was shit

No. 295312

What did Sheena do?

No. 295327

File: 1470881347320.jpeg (229.33 KB, 1068x982, image.jpeg)

I remember the days when she would tell people online that she (Nicole) was the official Weiss cosplayer when anyone who knew anything about the RWBY cosplay scene knows it's Chloe, not her. God damn, that was gold. If that's not evidence of Nicole's jealousy towards Chloe, then I don't know what is.

I forgot Nicole went by the name Nyurt at the time before she took the Sheena pseudonym.

Thread for reference: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=328822&page=16

No. 295339

Sheena's Weiss was absolutely horrendous and even more if you compare it to Chloe's.

The one picture she shoves around of herself in it is practically a photoshop painting because she had to edit out so many wrong details and fraying edges she had[and don't forget dat ear that really makes it stand out how large they are].

I saw the back of it and there was puckering everywhere. Her wig was a complete rat's nest as well and I know after a day of walking around it's hard to take care of but the back was just so bulky, thin enough to see netting and fried.

If anyone was ever RT's official cosplayer for RWBY it would of been Chloe. Monty gave her and Junkers Emerald's designs so they could have it done for RTX which she wore to the RWBY Panel.

It's depressing since I used to really like Chloe but now she's just turned vile and I'm sure Sheena is no great influence on her.

No. 295357

File: 1470893731442.jpg (162.47 KB, 1193x1152, Cpg7jZQXgAA4RFa.jpg)

No. 295358

File: 1470893917070.jpg (101.59 KB, 1024x768, CpjS0VdUsAAOygL.jpg)

she's just so… plain.

No. 295360

That bra does not fit at all, damn. No wonder they look so saggy.

No. 295364

Oh wow she looks really… old outside of cosplay

No. 295456

Hi, my name is Metis and have had some history with Sheena. I feel like a lot of the hate on this thread is very misdirected and personally, think that kind of invalidates it since it draws attention away from her more major flaws. I'm in the UK and if she decides to not drop our issue before October MCM then you better believe I'm going to drop a huge paragraph here. Oh, and Sam if you're reading this, big fuck you for all the shit you've done

No. 295459

oh /shit/ I have no idea who you are but I can't wait to hear more about this

Genuine question here, which part of the hate seems misdirected and what is it drawing attention away from?

No. 295460

It's shit like murdercat, because Monty actually loved the cat himself. Granted Sheena was careless, but that doesn't change the fact that Monty decided to keep the cat as well. Imo more attention should be put to how much she relies on other people i.e. her inability to be self sufficient, and how cold and selfish she can act towards her own fanbase e.g. removing people from discord rooms and parties so she can invite her own friends. This is only touching the surface though.

No. 295461

Not Metis but I feel this thread becomes pointless and misdirected when people are making things up that are easy to fact check.

No. 295463

Do you have anything on other cosplayers from the UK?

No. 295465

massively seconded.

No. 295467


I'd say drop the paragraph now as chloe will probably tell nicole what you're saying and blah blah

No. 295479

that's why i said even /cgl/
I personally have lost a lot of respect for Chloe and a lot of my friends have stopped liking her as well because of how hard she tries to lick Sheena's ass.

Nyurt sounds like the disgusted noise I would make at Sheena if I ever met her irl.

No. 295553

Basically, there was a bit more to last October than just Sam and Rikk. I'm not going to explain it because it involved some of my friends and I'm sure that the last thing they want is to get dragged back into this. I can understand not telling your community about it and covering it up when people ask, but she went out of her way to lie and spread shit about it. I was part of her community for more than a year before I was 'asked to leave' by a mod she sent to bait me into talking about this issue, before accusing me of lying and spreading rumours. As I said, I'll only put out specifics if this October becomes a shitstorm but I'll talk about the rest for now. Something that happened along the way was that one of our community members passed away, and now it disgusts me that Sheena shed what were probably fake tears for them on stream. I also had friends in that community, and I managed to preserve 1 or 2 of them, but the large majority were ruined when her mod asked me to leave and told some others in the community. Immediately the next day I had a drop in followers on twitter and some those who were my friends had even unfollowed me

No. 295555

I'm not sure I understand: what do you think you're going to accomplish by posting here now? Do you think she reads this thread and you are preventing her from spreading lies in October (why October?) by putting some sort of insurance here?

Essentially: don't you think that if she does indeed say stuff about you, you saying stuff about her here will just be seen as revenge and possibly as lies because of that? If she's already managed to make people unfollow you on social media and to oust you from her community, there's not much more that she can do and nothing you can do to go back. I don't think that coming here and saying you might release more info on her is going to put you in her good books, if she does indeed see it.

No. 295561

Partially insurance, and partially me being selfish and getting revenge in my own way if it comes to it.

No. 295563


While I don't know if nicole read this I do know her drone chloe will as chloe was the one that figured out it was devon that leaked some facebook stuff here

No. 295594

File: 1471031485197.jpg (342.9 KB, 1447x2560, 9hkFNYc.jpg)

as someone who lives in vancouver, this is the first time ive seen her in person in a few years.

i actually thought she looked really pretty at AR. her makeup improved, this lip color is much more flattering. she was also surprisingly very sweet and friendly when i asked for a photo. inb4 "hi sheena"
im the one who edited her makeup here >>263267

No. 295601

>she was also surprisingly very sweet and friendly when i asked for a photo.
You're a customer. You're a fan to her. Why would she be rude when her career is herself? She's not going to be a bitch at her own booth to potential customers.

No. 295603

this. If you'd been in Rikku cosplay and asked her to take a picture with you, however…

No. 295605

I hate her face @.@

No. 295606

Maybe it's just the pose, but she looks really wide here compared to her edited pics. Usually she looks really lanky?

No. 295609


To add to this, there's a reason why it's called backstabbing or talking shit behind someone's back.

She's not stupid enough to tell you to fuck off when she can be making money from you

No. 295611

No. 295613

I don't know what went down between you two, but I'm surprised you're identifying yourself. You could just release the information without your name attached to it. Given the kind of person she is, I'd expect she'd try to pull the harassment card on you if shit hits the fan.

Unless, of course, the stuff you know is really damning. In that case she might just not say whatever stuff you're worried about.

No. 295614

File: 1471046557661.jpg (232.38 KB, 2048x1152, CpsmOfTUkAAF7qw.jpg)


No. 295616

She has dirt on her tits

No. 295620

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that! Her tits always look so dirty.

No. 295621


Ah looks like she went back to LA.


No. 295623

It's crazy how she looks almost identical to Kelly Jean.

And FUCK. Why is this bitch back in the US. Send her the fuck away.

No. 295624

>those giant support bra straps
lmao you can really tell she wasn't born with them

No. 295627

Bad contouring

No. 295631

File: 1471056150906.jpg (136.27 KB, 450x589, GDJtUga.jpg)

sorry i worded that badly. i wasn't implying i thought she'd be rude. i guess i shouldve specified - i said that because I've met Jessica Nigri, Yaya and some famous localish cosplayers; while they tend to be ~nice~, it often feels pretty forced and/or they seem a bit cold. like some seem to really have e-fame go to their head.

i meant that personally i thought she seemed more genuine.
also people who grew up in vancouver are often transparently to shamelessly bitchy on top of the already common drama + cattyness thats associated with the cosplay/alt fashion communities. idk if you go to cons or live in a city like vancouver or toronto or nyc but yeah. :l

No. 295637


Being a local I get what you meant

Point still stands though as she can be faking it better than the others you mentioned

No. 295640

True that. I also live in Van and have met Yaya and Nigri as well. Yaya was very nice compared to Nigri. Nigri isn't afraid to be a cunt probably because she has such a huge following of neckbeards and what not.Didn't get a chance to speak with Sheena though.

No. 295768

You must not have known sheena before she got popular (thanks to monty). She used to just be a bitch in and out of cosplay unless you were friends with her. She's just hiding her inner bitch to keep an image up

No. 295828


Even if you were her "friend" you were mostly used to serve a purpose for her gain only

No. 295869

it's always funny when you see the industrial bras she has to buy to support her ridiculous tits

No. 295882

Does she really need one that industrial though? Is it an implant thing?
I like to think she didn't have the foresight to realize finding bras for large boobs when you're small framed/relatively slim is really fucking hard, and now she's stuck buying these ugly support granny bras kek

No. 295903

Who did she piss off?

No. 295909

This. Of course she's nice to her mealtickets.

She contours them with makeup.

No. 295985

Those boobs look ridiculous on her. I'd be interested to know what her stats are, like how tall is she, how much does she weigh? She looks too thin and small-framed for boobs like that. They look ridiculous. I was wondering if she was wearing an athletic bra with those thick straps. I have a VS one with the same kind of straps, but the cups cover the breast more, as with most athletic/running bras. So she probably is wearing some sort of industrial bullshit bra thinking she's keeping them jugs from sagging. She doesn't appear to be more than a D or DD, so I can't imagine those things sagging already especially since she's only had them for what? like a year and a half or so? Maybe she just got a bad boob job.

No. 295986

File: 1471291677326.jpg (150.31 KB, 720x720, 11885159_864063420314731_91128…)

She's about 160-165 cm and I guess 50 or so Kg
Pic for reference, I'm 180cm
Taken from last May, before I had problems with her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 295990


LOL, here she's supposedly 175cm. I wonder how many of these cosplayers lie about their height. JNig and Kelly Jean are also supposedly 5'7" but I've seen KJ next to her and they were more or less the same height.

No. 295992

I just looked at that celebrityagewiki thing on her stats. No fucking way is she 5'9"!

No. 296000

Nope she's definitely like 5'2 lol even when she wore wedges for Weiss she was shorter than most people

No. 296007

LMFAO 5'9" how dumb does she think her fans are?
Oh wait, they donated money to a funeral fund and then 2 months later the widow had blow up tits and no one batted an eye. She knows how dumb her fans are.

No. 296008

File: 1471315472438.jpeg (162.49 KB, 750x1290, image.jpeg)

On her Blake photo

No. 296012

I thought someone would have pointed it out already, but no one has.
She's wearing two bra's in this picture. Not sure if it's something she does all the time, cause I don't frequent this thread I just check in here and there. But on her right shoulder (looking @ pic), you can see both the straps.

It seems ridiculously unnecessary, but I guess she wants the views and needs more oomph in her boob job chest.
I wonder if one day she'll pull a nigri and get a 2nd boob job.

No. 296014


She would most likely get a second boob job before fixing her ears or gain a personality

No. 296016

That pathetic humble brag since she thinks all the girls in RWBY belong or are modeled after her so only she can cosplay them right.

No. 296018

Namefagging and posting a picture of yourself in a lollcow thread, damn son.

"celebrity wiki"… laughing that she's even on this thing. Is there such a thing as a Z-list celebrity?

Her industrial strength bras and seemingly desperate need for support has me wondering how bad these implants are on her body. Doesn't she have issues with her back already pre-boobjob? This girl is so fame hungry she did it anyway with no regard to health?

No. 296021

What did she do to you? We love stories

She was never taller than Monty even in heels. She's at most 5'3". I remember seeing her as weiss in a rwby group and she was the shortest even in those heels.

I love the photo the person used for the wiki

No. 296024


Not like nicole will do anything to him, she's too much of a coward

No. 296030

Yeah, I'm kind of wondering that too.

They don't look incredibly out of place, like they're too big for her frame. So, I'm assuming the 2nd bra is just to push them up more, because she does have a large area between her clavicles to her breasts, and now I'm thinking maybe that's why she wears two bras.

No. 296031

Eh fuck it, I'll answer this to an extent.

Metis I'll message you so you know who this is. I'm name myself and go into my own situation more (Some stuff I'll sure you'll love in there lmao) at a later date but want to get the Ok from some people before putting everything here.

The small TLDR is that I was involved in the situation that Metis' stems from, which ran from around August time then peaked/concluded after MCM October, but shit still get thrown between the two camps even today (Metis is an example of this).

Long story short is that it all starts with Sam being a cunt. There was the gofundme stuff and him generally being dumb which caused us to fall out with him. Once he cried to Sheena about it, she began having edge to us and other involved with us. This goes on, we completely drop out, they start keeping tabs on us, blah blah blah

After all that shit is done, our names essentially became taboo because Sheena couldn't justify her actions at the time so refuses to let conversations start about it. People get banned in her stream chat for literally saying "What ever happened to (insert name here)". Metis is someone who knew us and got caught up in the crap for no real reason other than knowing us. Got completely shafted for no reason. Sorry to be a huge tease with not saying much about our actual situation but can promise I will at some point once I know people are alright for me to make it public. But yeah, go fuck yourself Sam for being the cause of this and everything that came after.

No. 296054

Is anyone getting any sense out of this?

No. 296055

I'm inferring they're being coy about what this Sam person actually did, which according to Metis' first post seems to be more than people over here suspect. I guess some people in her Twitch chat/community took exception to whatever he did and were vocal about it or something, so Sam complained to Sheena, and this group of people left the chat and after that no one could mention them or they would get banned (which would strengthen the suspicion that whatever Sam did is bad enough she doesn't want that or these people who left over it discussed in her stream).

And from what >>296031 says, it sounds like, while Metis is the one who first came here to say he'd drop stuff on Sheena, he actually got banned from her Twitch community only because he knew this group of people?

So the problem really is that to make sense of >>296031 and Metis' posts you need to know what Sam could have possibly done that would have made Sheena ban people left and right and get people so angry to come all the way here to tease about it.

No. 296102


If we are able to tell you what happened eventually, it will actually seem so trivial that it's almost funny, but its what happened after as the result of that which Sheena wants to keep quiet.

No. 296110

That Sam dude looks like a piece is shit. Wasn't he fucking around with Sheena WHILE she was married to Monty? There had to be a relationship going on for a while and behind Monty's back I'm sure. Disgusting wretched pigs.

No. 296112

Is this one of those "It's the cover-up that's the problem" sort of deals, then?

No. 296115

Dude just share it already. Don't tease unless you're going to share.

No. 296124

Well, she was emotionally cheating on her ex with Monty before doing the deed at PAX, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if she knew Sam pretty well before Monty passed…

No. 296132

She did, just look at their tweets together and when they added each other on facebook.

No. 296134

Just post the effing story already. Don't come on here unless you're willing to talk about it.

Considering how you're teasing about it, and this is lolcow, you MIGHT AS WELL talk about it immediately.

No. 296146

This. It sounds like a bunch of her twitch fans who got jilted, not necessarily anything insider or juicy.

No. 296178

lol @ how srsly you both take this bullshit

No. 296183


>>If we are able to tell you what happened eventually, it will actually seem so trivial that it's almost funny

Fucking yawn. Spill or get out. Even though it sounds boring as fuck anyway.

No. 296220

No. 296269

Watching her move around is so weird. Her body looks so spindly and unnatural. It's like watching a marionette dance.

No. 296275

File: 1471506551491.jpeg (115.35 KB, 750x891, image.jpeg)


No. 296283

She would look less awkward if her fake tits were proportionate to the rest of her body

No. 296284

Off topic but did Nigri do another Demon Hunter because if it's the old one, that one is absolutely awful and looks nothing like the Demon Hunter and people are justified in saying it's bad.

No. 296350

What that fuck is that bow

Isn't it supposed to be cute and petite? This looks like some ita lolita crafter's shitty creation.

No. 296387

Basically what sheena was doing when she couldn't get a job after she graduated and lived off her exbf for almost 2 years

No. 296390

She acts like she works hard and has talent.

No. 296392

Don't forget she was also on her ass for the 1 year she was living with Monty and couldn't get a job at RT.

No. 296395


No kidding, I remember Shane's letter going on and on about how talented she is but nothing shows it.

She has one animation from years ago and that's it

No. 296396

Shane's letter was all kind of weird. He would of worn Monty's skin and married Nicole if he could have. At least that's the vibe I got off of his letter.

How he could brag about Nicole and only mention his wife, kids and doomed marriage, twice at best, is beyond me.

No. 296397

File: 1471651180364.jpg (103.06 KB, 800x1200, RINKU_small.jpg)


Wow well fuck you mate I'll have you know her tracing skills are top of the fkin range.

No. 296407

please tell me there's more

No. 296421

Kek that's before she also traced Monty's fucking signature.

No. 296446

File: 1471687444263.png (689.46 KB, 661x1217, DissidiaBartz.png)

Actually that's probably totally traced from THIS one

No. 296502

File: 1471746919509.jpeg (170.42 KB, 750x1079, image.jpeg)

No. 296503

I hate her 'inspirational' bullshit that she clearly doesn't follow.

No. 296517


She's like those guys who say they're nice but don't act it.

Needs to quit the bullshitting "inspiration" tweets and actually start doing shit to inspire people

No. 296520

It's amazing how much of a hypocrite she is. She somehow fooled herself in believing that she's a kind person that's been wronged by the world, but in reality she does everything opposite to what she writes on twitter and facebook. I don't understand it. There has to be something wrong in her head to be so dillusional

No. 296626

Given who she's friends with, I can't take any of that seriously. If she really cared about people not smack-talking others, maybe she'd tell some of her friends not to indulge in such behaviour so much.

No. 296627


It's because no matter what she does, her followers will always back her up because she's tricked the lot of them into believing they're "friends" with their idol. If not that, then she at least uses the 'sympathy' vote to ensure they do not hold her accountable for her actions. They just affirm her own deluded belief that she /is/ the victim in any and all cases, regardless of whether she was the one who kick started it.

No. 296654

File: 1471812565481.jpeg (172.26 KB, 600x900, image.jpeg)

Done with mobile kinda shitty but you get the point

No. 296755

Lets be honest here, it was probably both.

No. 297735

Is she going to PAX West?

No. 297863

No, she is selling her tickets.

No. 297876


Colour me surprise, she has beef with people and don't want to deal with them?

No. 297955

It was definitely both.

No. 298176

So Holly is featuring Sheena in her new LP of the Sims4.

No. 298197


Noooo holly, save yourself from nicole

No. 298223

I just saw one of the comments was "Let's ship Sheena and Dan again. Let's make Deena happen again."

No. 298227


Are those fans that retarded?

No. 298234

Nicole is still biding her time while worming into the gamer gurl network in LA for a break in the entertainment biz.

No. 298236

Dan is even more sickly than Monty, Sheena could easily kill him and make it look like a health incident!

No. 298239


And here I was hoping she pissed off someone already but I guess we'll have to wait

No. 298361

But she's not even good at games nor is she funny or even good looking. I wonder how far she'll get

No. 298363

Her 'boo hoo pity me' will go a long ways since, I believe it's Ross, who was a real huge fan of Monty.

I really wish the California cosplay scene would just realize she absolutely nothing without Monty's name still attached to her. She'll forever be in his shadow and nothing special.

No. 298380


Says it all when all of her current "friends" are by products of being associated with Monty

No. 298632

The SIMS 4 - PART 1 - Making Friends - Feat. Sheena Duquette


No. 298656


>so talented

>needs to piggyback on the success of others

No. 298697

"Working with talented artists!"
Photo of her wiping a duct tape pattern with a paper towel, other Photo is of someone else entirely working on the foam


No. 298707


I'm surprised she didn't try to spin it as she did it all

No. 298708

File: 1472853948428.jpg (13.91 KB, 200x200, rachel-tog.jpg)

>I really wish the California cosplay scene would just realize she absolutely nothing without Monty's name still attached to her. She'll forever be in his shadow and nothing special

For some reason that made me think of Rachel from Tower of God. They have so many similarities…

No. 298898

she sounds like a moron

No. 299085


Poor Holly

No. 299088

So did she skimp on going to PAX to do videos with the Grumps? She's really trying to seat herself in to them, isn't she?

No. 299260


Makes sense to not go to PAX as a lot of BC people go there and she pissed a lot of them off

No. 299293

File: 1473135551805.png (47.54 KB, 593x320, a.png)

No. 299297

File: 1473139403662.png (512.15 KB, 518x602, b.png)

No. 299301


I'm surprised she even gave credit

No. 299302

File: 1473139967043.png (18.47 KB, 574x108, c.png)

No. 299303


>the people I can use