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No. 287471

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

Previous threads:

Remember that replying to male invaders results in bans.

No. 287495

How long has men hated women, do you think..? Back in the 50s women werent expected to be much just decoration and homemakers. Going farther back, it gets worse and worse. I want to know if its just womb envy? Or what? What makes them so apathetic towards women in whatever violence happens to us..

No. 287520

It stems from early christianity around 300 ad. Women in ancient civilizations were allowed to do the same as a man could (and more in certain cultures like the germanic and celtic cultures). And no, it doesn't get worse going all the way back. I'd rather be a woman in the middle ages than in the 1950s.

Sage for history sperg.

No. 287534

I think that Ancient Greece, more specifically Athens, was worse than the 50s, but other civilizations in the same period were definitely better for women. You're right that it doesn't get gradually worse for women the more you go back, the Minoans were better than the Mycenaeans, the Sumerians better than the Assyrians, Ancient Japan was beter than Edo Japan, etc.

No. 287536

>Women in ancient civilizations were allowed to do the same as a man could (and more in certain cultures like the germanic and celtic cultures).

Not to derail, but I've been interested in this subject and the conversion from Goddess worship to worshipping a male god. I'm currently reading When God Was a Woman. Do you know some books that talk about the Germanic and Celtic tribes and whatnot?

To keep it related to the thread, Loius CK is back to doing stand up. So much for that whole "allegations can ruin a mans life" thing men like to harp on about.

No. 287558

Also men
>women aren't entitled to me intervening if I see them getting raped I might tape it though

No. 287570

They treated women better in general, they probably would've seen the incel/MRA types as homos and shoved them in a bog.

I wonder if it was really Goddess worship, or just the worship of women in general. They respected them a lot, so I could see it. The only Germanic religion type person I know of is Varg, surprisingly his blog isn't as crazy as I thought it would be.

No. 287572

>woman is being attacked by a rapefugee
>it is still the white mans fault

No. 287575

My mother is part Navajo and said traditionally back then, women were to be respected because they were the givers of life therefore there was a superstition that they could also take it away if you anger them (but really it made sense that if you pissed off your wife, she can kick you out)
So generally the women had control of the house, property and family while for the man, he basically only provided "spiritual support" as in he had to be spiritually grounded because otherwise he wouldn't be a good husband. If someone wanted to borrow something from the house, the man would have to say "let me ask my wife" for permission.

Thankfully in tribal law, they still respect the woman and mother's side and if there's a child custody battle, they give the child to the mother (or her mother) hands down.

No. 287576

who blames white men? the only blame being placed is by incels on women. they hamster about "she probably voted rapefugees into the country!!" (even though the disparity between male and female liberals really isnt that big), and therefore she deserves to be raped. you're the one who brought up race. fuck off.

No. 287601

The OP pic only mentions a different ethnicity as a possibility. Before he even mentions it he said everyone should ignore the attack regardless.
And as if white men don't rape. kek.

>inb4 women wouldn't interfere if a man was being attacked!!1
For one, we're generally weaker so that's a bad idea. Perhaps if two women attacked one perpetrator (I was with a friend).
Calling the police wouldn't take any effort, though. That's far better than joining in.

No. 287619

Wow, the entitlement of women to think every random man has to risk his life to save her whenever she's in trouble.

No. 287620

>blatantly ignoring the posts talking about joining in, taping it, and blaming women for being attacked in the first place
>implying there's no middle ground between fighting the guy and ignoring it such as calling the fucking cops

But yes, go on about how entitled we are for being disgusted over this post.

No. 287629

>Do you know some books that talk about the Germanic and Celtic tribes and whatnot?
Goodreads is your friend. Just use the search function and type in keywords on what you specifically want to read up on. There's a bunch of books that detail ancient civilization of all kinds and feminist/religious history comparison books too if you like that sort of thing.

No. 287630

I literally made that point in the post above his. Should I have put it in the op? Are males so incapable of infering anything?

No. 287633

>can't recognize an obvious joke
>doesn't want video evidence of the crime to exist for some reason
>expects men to get involved in any way when she would not do so for a man, and has probably laughed in these very threads at bad things happening to men multiple times

No. 287640

>and has probably laughed in these very threads at bad things happening to men multiple times
No… No. We don't tend to do this since we're not male, but thanks for the idea, I'll try it.

No. 287647

Stop responding to bait/feeding the trolls.

No. 287655

Yeah that'll motivate men to help you, the knowledge that after they save you you'll go home to complain how all men are scum who should suffer and die.

Like seriously, can you name even one reason any man should put himself at risk to save you when he knows
1, you already hate him solely on the basis of being a man
2, you won't even be grateful
And 3, you would never do the same for him?

No. 287661

bittersweet news everybody the pedophile at my job got fired and went back to jail.

No. 287663

File: 1535586931313.jpg (163.82 KB, 749x363, 1534173412185.jpg)

Reposting from last thread, please everyone do not feed the scrots

No. 287666

Want less What? Less facts?

No. 287667

Less replies to obvious bait.

No. 287669

Way to fall for it too.

No. 287672

Wonderful news anon!

No. 287694

>went back to jail
So he was already in jail previously? Honestly people like that don't deserve any freedom

No. 287716

File: 1535605749820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.52 KB, 452x267, disgusting.jpg)

Men are fucking gross

No. 287719

I hate how pain and degradation and over the top acting is now expected from women in any kind of sexual encounters, in the last few years all those things have become vanilla :

>Chocking. You can read plenty of testimony from men online saying that even during a casual encounter, they'll put their hand around a girl's neck, if she doesn't push them away, they'll choke her.

>Anal, same, if they go down on you they'll try to put a finger in your ass or lick your ass. They'll beg for anal. When you ask why they like it they'll admit it's because they want you to "give up" something embarrassing dirty (this is were poopoo comes from) and intimate, and for you to push through the pain to please them.

>Deepthroating. They'll push your head on their cock. They've fallen so low that you can catch plenty of men admiting that a girl gagging, choking, crying (so having a BAD time) on their dick is a turn on and sometimes they'll admit they enjoy seeing you puke on it. "She's choosing my cock over air and it's a massive turn on"

>Pounding your pussy like a retard. They all want to have a huge cock so they can destroy your cervix and leave you in pain. Read some big dick focused forums, a lot of them relish in the pain they inflit on women when they penetrate them and fuck them because it makes them feel big! (literally prefer feeling like they have a big dick than seeing you enjoying yourself). Dicklets aren't better because they would trade their small dick for a painful one in a heartbeat.

>The woman screaming like a dying pig when he poke her clit and pretending like she has 10+ orgasms by session. They will be disappointed and feel like their cock isn't big enough if you don't pretend you're having 1 orgam / minute. Maybe they'll even pout because "sex isn't fun when the girl isn't enjoy it" :((((((

>Swallow their rancid cum. Again you will find a bunch of post onlines from men claiming that if a women doesn't swallow his putrid dick snot she doesn't love him and he feel like he's being rejected by mommy when she doesn't gargle on his cum :'(

No. 287722

agreed anon
why isn't just the act of sex ie mutual pleasure enough for guys? Why isn't just feeling really good erotic enough? Degenerates.

No. 287724

File: 1535612371712.png (34.69 KB, 858x307, tumblr_otllb429JN1vm2rcmo1_r1_…)

Warning: will most likely make you heave

No. 287731

This is I'm afraid more common than at least I would like to think.

Just a few days ago, a person I had to temporary work with constantly talked about his daughter and how hot she was.

Parents will naturally praise their kids but the way he talked about her made my skin crawl.

He said how he likes going with her in pubs, and other public places because every guy wants to fuck her.

There was an after work party on a yacht, so he called his daughter to come along, and tried to persuade her to undress in a bikini and she uncomfortably said no a few times.
I have no idea what their relationship is at home, how their interaction is, but that shit was straight up weird and I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought that. Also, this coworker's daughter is cute and good looking, but not in a jaw dropping way.

No. 287732

File: 1535614520858.gif (3.92 MB, 325x245, oprah-19.gif)

what the fuck

No. 287733

Why do men expect to be trusted as innocent, loving caretakers when they have feelings like this?
Why do so many of them scream about "pedo hysteria" or say things like "Rapists are not normal people [like me], rapists are monsters" when they know in their hearts that this is what they're like?

No. 287734

Men have no right to complain about women being wary of them when they pull shit like this. He sounds like a potential abuser, have you considered going to the police about this?

No. 287735

His daughter is 19 years old, though something tells me that he probably felt like this since her puberty, but that's just a hunch.

If it were physical abuse I'd go straight away but him apparently enjoying the thought of other men being aroused by his own daughter or himself being sexually attracted by her doesn't make a case. It's despicable and gross nonetheless.

No. 287736

>Jiggling everything God had blessed her with, and I just could not help but notice.


No. 287738

Hmm maybe you could give her a number to call if she doesnt feel safe? I know 19 is a adult but maybe she doesnt feel she has a way out, hearing shit like that makes my blood boil.

No. 287740

I might talk to her and offer her my number. It's going to be weird and out of the blue but can't be weirder whatever's going on in that family.
Shit's bizarre.

No. 287743

the scrots itt whining that women would not help a man in need made me remember all the cases where predators pretended they need help to lure women and rape, kidnap or kill them.
Sadly, this method works cause women are compassionate and literally taught to be nurturing.
So if a strange men asks you for help, please don't rush in and assess the danger first. Better to call emergency services or police than windup dead

No. 287744

Men know what men are like. They just want women to let their guard down around them so it's easier for men to abuse women and kids.

I talked one man who was anti-feminist and he talked about the demonization of men and how women are just as bad as men. I asked him if his child got lost if he'd rather the child go to a man or a woman for help. He got very angry and started calling me a feminazi and bitch.

No. 287756

File: 1535618622068.png (804.41 KB, 670x1396, disabled.png)

Ted Bundy would use crutches pretending to be disabled and ask women for help.
Even men who are disabled for real will take advantage of women if they can.

No. 287767

File: 1535623228422.png (3.17 MB, 1536x2048, A723FBEC-80E2-44AB-8FDA-7F349D…)

Storytime about a shitty guy i met
>i randomly get added to a kik chat group with some vaguely familiar ppl
>they all talk like they know me, so i try to make friends
>they start bullying me and pointing out small details that they dislike in my face/body and i ignore them
>At this point they keep ‘roasting’ me every time i talk in the chat and they clearly dont like me, so i leave.
>i get added back ???
>i find out some guy happens to live near me after making small talk
>suddenly, this guy who’s my age starts hitting me up and keeps dming me nonstop everyday asking me to meet up with him
>i thought he was into me and i sorta liked him and trusted him enough. I’ve only dated 2 guys before him, so i’m pretty new to this. He asked for live nudes, and i sent them when i was comf enough
>i read in chat about him talking about his on/off hotter gf, i confront him about it, and he says “i’m only with you” (you cant think of a better excuse, srsly?)
>he makes fun of black ppl, then his friend defends him by saying he’s just “jealous” (racist)
>also meets up and has sex with a 17 yr old girl that was in the chat when we were chatting (pedo)
>claims he’s super rich, sends pics of money & huge house which could probably be fake
>we keep chatting for awhile but he constantly asks for nudes and i start to lose interest
>he asks to meet up, wants me to drive five hours on the bus to him even though he’s known to change his mind about meeting up with girls
>i start to realize he’s just a worthless fuckboy >he threatens me when i ignore him, so i block him
>next day, he adds me to a public group with his alt account and posts my nudes, that have my vag and my face in it and everyone makes fun of me
>says he’s super nice irl
>believes nobody can trace him bc his pfp isnt his face but i can easily search his name on google
>at this point i really start to hate him and tell him to fuck off and stop harassing me, then i report and block him (reporting him does nothing sadly)
>a week goes by
>one of his uglier flat chested girlfriends adds me to the chat
>she posted my nudes in the public group, calls me disgusting, says i have the shittiest body, saggy tits, and gross nipples and her rude friends join in to make fun of me
>they all accuse me of posting my nudes in the chat and that i expose myself (lol ok)
>an underage girl posted a pic of a toothbrush in her ass and he claims its my nude and i posted it in the chat
>they even encourage me to suicide
>i block every person harassing me in the chat and leave
>a week goes by
>i’m finally saved from that toxic guy and i love myself

No. 287770

File: 1535624502403.jpeg (362.6 KB, 1227x1683, 58B4304C-22C0-4040-8E33-06E66B…)

Why are men so obsessed with their own penises (vom) and just penises in general?
They’re scary looking piss tubes at best

No. 287771

you should have spoilered that

No. 287776

My theory is they know how disgusting their penises is (I mean it's not even self watching like our superior vaginas) and they're trying to talk up their sad disgusting genitalias.
Seriously only O.O1% of males have a cute pink long dick most penises look rancid, between the weirdly curved ones, the mushroom heads ones, the ones thick at the bottom and tiny at the top (pinhead dicks?) or worst : the pencil dick you have a wide range of fucked up dicks.

No. 287777

Jesus anon. So sorry that happened to you. Keep your head up. Men and handmaidens are disgusting creatures.

Btw not saying this just to make you feel better but he's absolutely hideous and there's clearly something mentally wrong with him to do this shit. Insecurity over his muppet face and shrimp dick I guess. I'd report it as revenge porn tbh but maybe that isn't you.

No. 287778

True. They criticize ""roast beef"" vaginas when men have equally uggo genitals. Human genitalia is all ugly, wake up.

And the guy itt knows for a fact normfag women aren't as casually obsessed with vaginas as all men are with dicks. Teenage boys draw them everywhere, adult men are constantly joking about them, they're all fixated on size, etc.

How often do you see women spray painting vaginas on the side of buildings?

No. 287783

I feel like there’s also something to do with the fact that the only thing dicks are associated with them is sex, and because they all have neanderthal minds obsessed with sex.

Vaginas on the other hand are associated with periods, giving birth, and there’s so many health issues that can arise from the female reproductive system that yet, for some reason are half ass studied half the time.

No. 287794

>Are males so incapable of infering anything?
Yes. As seen on last thread, 90% of males are literal retards. It's not worth trying to explain anything to them as they will not be able to understand it and when you point out the fact that they are retards, they'll go
>muh feelings
>muh women are heartless bitches
Don't bother. Ever.

No. 287797

>women never invented anything important
Lad at least Google your own troll bullshit, this is embarrassing. These days they even have simple listicles your brain should be able to manage.

No. 287798

Stop being retarded and feeding the obvious bait. Report and don’t engage.

No. 287804

Don't engage, anon, as I literally just said: they are incapable of higher cognition and will not get your point no matter how well explained it is. All their intellect can do is protect their feelings with flimsy logic such as
>men invented things
>i am a man
>therefore i get credit for other men's inventions
>feelings successfully validated

It's pitiful. And they enjoy talking to us, it's probably the only chance they get to talk to someone other than mommy. Do not engage.

No. 287805

Swallow your pride and ignore him, idiot. He'll get upset and leave unless you keep giving him your attention. This is most likely the only outlet he has to get female attention, so we should close it too. He deserves to be shunned and hated from a distance.

No. 287811

File: 1535631979951.jpeg (172.14 KB, 750x1097, E98F2D22-7331-471E-8E62-0F04D8…)

No. 287821

Ah my bad, pic is related

No. 287868

Jesus christ that guy is an insecure loser and those females sound like some tragic handmaidens

No. 287869

I mean, women literally invented a bunch of shit but men took credit for it and also how the fuck are we supposed to compete with mens' inventions when for most of history men have excluded us from the education necessary to invent?

No. 287887

File: 1535651121128.png (477.57 KB, 520x589, 0600eab8-a16b-4b6c-a851-927942…)

case in point

No. 287891

File: 1535651829833.png (36.41 KB, 602x142, ex.PNG)

This is absolutely despicable. Those men should be fired with great dishonour. They probably inflicted so much pain on aspiring female students and I don't even want to think of the damage that was done.

Kind of related, I frequent /g/ on 4chan because I'm interested in technology and I'm currently studying to be an electrical engineer. While that board seems to have a very low amount of pol/r9k leakage, every now and then, there is someone posting how women are incompetent, how they would never hire a woman, or as soon as they see something was done by a woman they discard it, pic related.

Now, I know that there's a lot of banter but I worry about my professional future. I don't want to have a family or kids at all, but I'm depressed that there's a significant chance that an employer might not take me seriously regardless of my credentials, that they wouldn't look at my cv just because of my gender.

Sage for a blog post but I'm honestly depressed.

No. 287894

I feel sick anon

>father admits to show sexual attraction to his own daughter

>father: ew all you want ladies Im honest
>other men: wow so honest! so brave

Wonder just how many more men think like that, jesus. This is horrorfuel. Why are they like this?? I want kids someday but I cant imagine my disgust if I found out that the father of my children was thinking like that

No. 287898

I know how you feel anon; I'm trying to get a job as a developer and I can't help but notice how the men in my classes are always hired first … but I am not going to let these pricks stop me, they can close all the doors in my face they want, I'll climb in the window if I have to and I'll help every other woman I know do the same.

Don't give up! We can make it better together

If they don't want to let us into the treehouse, we'll burn it down

No. 287901

Somewhat OT, but have any of you girls had luck finding non-dom guys? And yes, those things are all dominant as fuck.
I don't trust any men but I would like to keep a smaller, weak one around for sex someday. Is it possible to find a sub-exclusive male these days, or one who at least likes gentle vanilla/wants a woman to take the lead?

It seems they all need to murder us to get off now. What the fuck.

No. 287903

> I'm trying to get a job as a developer and I can't help but notice how the men in my classes are always hired first

I'm so sorry. I think it's going to be the same with me and I've heard the same story from other women in this field and it's disheartening.

tbh I don't want to burn down their treehouse if they don't want to let us in.

I'd rather create a startup and encourage the hiring of other women. There's a huge women-only talent pool and it shouldn't be wasted.

To add, I don't like the idea of quotas or diversity hire, I don't think we really need it. There are so many talented women in this field that it's not needed.

But just thinking how a lot of us that truly do have passion in this field will be discriminated against despite our skills and achievements makes me sick.

No. 287906

I just like fire, but I agree; they don't let us into the treehouse, we can just build a bigger better treehouse

No. 287909

> we can just build a bigger better treehouse

That's it. A bigger and better treehouse.

No. 287910

every scrote fuck responsible for this needs to shave their heads in remorse and each make a crying video begging for forgiveness. Disgusting.

No. 287913

Got out of a long term, long distance relationship and getting back into local dating and the normalization of non-vanilla sex acts concern me.

No. 287914

>anticipated they would halt their careers to become mothers
Limit men in case they kill themselves then.

No. 287915

No. 287922

Rachael and Jun have a video with a bunch of translated social media comments from Japanese women talking about sexism in the wake of this and it's fucking heartbreaking.

No. 287926

i can only imagine the experiences japanese women have on the daily that they're too scared to share. Japan panders towards japanese men 100%

No. 287964

There's a shit ton of female hate on /o/ in nearly every thread. Browsing 4chan is always a bad idea because it's mostly just a bunch of kids in their young teens to (loser) early-mid twenties spouting whatever flavor of the month meme they can find. You can find better sites or forums with legit discussion on technology.

No. 287985

I only see non-doms online and even then they're probably just RPers who still get off to violent porn.

No. 287994

I'm currently dating one who fits your description to a T. He's shorter, weaker than me, and on the feminine side. He's 100% gfd sub, which is great for me, cuz I'm 100% gfd domme. He's really sweet and cute, and always prefers I take the lead and do what I please with him. We share dreams of him being a house husband. He was a friend first, so I guess I found him by chance, but that said 100% would recommend finding and dating not-annoying gfd submissives if you can, cuz they totally exist.

I'm kind of a pervert, so the porn he uses is vast majority the stuff I send him (so i approve of it and filter it first). We look at porn together occasionally and are both disgusted by the mainstream violence and borderline incestuous shit regular porn has popularized recently.

No. 287995

I do not find 4/g/ to be a place worth visiting for good discussion anyway.
I have been programming consistently for only a year but I already notice that there, many posts on the matter are just stating factually wrong things even though programming is supposed to be /g/'s forte.
This is assuming the posts are trying to state anything though, the great majority of "discussions" are actually meaningless language wars that revolve around name-calling and extremely inane arguments, it makes me doubt there are many people there who did anything beyond basic book exercises.
It's just very tiring and not worth the effort.

No. 287996

samefag but while my boyfriend proves they exist, they are definitely a rare breed, and finding one in the wild is pretty goddamn hard. Finding a sweet submissive guy through normal dating apps is probably impossible. My recommendation for finding them would be either the gfd section of tumblr porn blogs, or if you already hate yourself a bit, /d/'s or /soc/' gfd generals. Even then, watch out! I've heard many men will try to treat you like their sub even if you explicitly say you're a domme, and subs get whiny if you don't abuse them in the exact way they want to be abused!

God, so many men suck.

No. 287998

That sounds incredibly lucky anon omg. You're living my dream, especially with the househusband thing. Gives me hope.

I'd prefer gfd too, although I'm also more than okay with extreme sado-masochism with a male sub. So long as he's in the sub-osphere and not a switch it's thumbs up from me. I have considered trying to actually contact guys online but have decided to wait a while before giving up irl since ldrs seem like hell.

I think this rings true for those subs on r9k. I've interacted with them before (without going full one-on-one, admittedly) and about 4/5 only got into it after mainstream porn got too boring for their addiction. Or they were switches.

No. 288032

Nice! Which tech sites do you frequent if you don't mind saying?

And which programming languages are you using for work?

Sorry for being off topic but the programming threads die quickly and I don't want to necro.

On the subject of /g/, it's quite true what you say but I do find on occasion interesting stuff and technology related sources that make it worthwhile.

No. 288048

I do not frequent any tech-related communities, I just google what I need.
I started learning with C, now I use Python for scripting and C++ for 'real applications'.
Sadly I haven't had the chance to use C++ for something outside my own small projects yet. I'm still a student.
I got to use Python to make plugins for a company's data platform.

No. 288112

>He asked for live nudes, and i sent them when i was comf enough
>next day, he adds me to a public group with his alt account and posts my nudes, that have my vag and my face in it and everyone makes fun of me
I swear to god… how many stories of revenge porn are going to surface before women realize that sending nudes is a bad idea? Every fucking time I hear of a girl doing this I want to shake some sense into her for being so fucking naive.

No. 288116

File: 1535682838429.jpg (171.83 KB, 720x609, 20180830_193153.jpg)

>tfw men can't even wipe their asses properly

No. 288173

I used to be a camgirl and one of my regulars bought my kik for a month. He started messaging me daily and I would answer him politely, of course. He sent me pictures of himself, just the regular 40 year old morbidly obese virgin neckbeard that browses cam sites. He started messaging me "I love you" every night I would tell him back "I love you". He started telling me the generic creepy shit like "I always dreamt of a girl like you" and "we have so much in common". One day I wake up and I find a scary wall of text containing numbers, the bastard sent me his full name, full address, phone number etc, saying something like he has trust issues and because I know his full personal details now I must give mine too. I Tell him I would never do that and threaten to block him because he made me uncomfortable. He starts begging me not to and apologizes. I create some sob story and guilt trip him into tipping me a big amount of tokens. He becomes even creepier and asks me if I would like to move in with him because it's a limited time offer where he'll take care of all of my needs and offer me everything I ever wished for in exchange for nothing because he wouldn't even touch me of course. He thought I was some naive girl from an ex communist country that would do anything in exchange of that sweet occidental dream. I decide to quit camming and tell him I will delete all my accounts he tells me he is in deep love with me and that I'm a bitch if I "leave" him and that I'm like all the other women when he thought I was different. Tell him he is a retarded manchild and that I wouldn't touch him with a stick.
I'm glad these kind of men never got touched by women and probably never will and they wouldn't go for a prostitute because their egos are too big, they just don't understand their place and they are delusional over evaluating their looks and worth and would never settle for a woman that is actually in their league psychologically and physically.

I'm sorry if I sounded too arrogant as being a camwhore isn't the most respectable "profession" but at least I understand my place in this world even if it's meant to be a shitty one. Camgirls are offering you a service that you pay for in the form of a tip, therefore you pay as much as you want it's not like they owe you something afterwards. I cannot believe some men have such low emotional intelligence that they develop feelings for a girl that is staying naked in front of a camera and probably faking a persona. Pathetic. I'm glad these fucks spend their money on camsites because they'd spend that money unproductively anyway since they are retarded.
Sage for venting

No. 288175

You took the bait, anon. This is a lesson, never be this dumb again.

No. 288180

it's sad when it's become normal to shit on a girl for doing something most women do than it is for a man to be shamed for breaking trust

No. 288182

Obviously the men who do this are pieces of shit, but a good way to make sure this never happens is to not send nudes. Period. You act as if women have no control over this aspect. If you can't learn from other people's mistakes at least have the self-respect to never make the same mistake twice.

No. 288183

And? Women get yanked and raped when they walk home from work, doesn't mean women shouldn't walk home, there are all sorts of situations you can easily prevent by "not doing" whatever led you there
We get how the whole "abstinence is 100% effective" thing is just dumb, rather than to teach people safe sex than no sex, the same goes for nudes,people, whether you like or not, will always send nudes, it's not dumb, its just normalized behavior in this society, we need to teach people how to do it safely than to just say dont do it and shaming people that do

No. 288186

Lol what. There is no way to "safely" send nudes. The minute you hit send that person has capibility to do whatever they want with those images, which whatever repercussions that can potentially come after can be entirely avoided if you just don't do the thing. Your comparing apples to oranges here.

No. 288187

Nudes are completely normal. Just don't send them to a guy from a random shitty kik group that bullied you after you talked with him for a few days, unless you're asking for it. She shouldn't have included her face either.

No. 288189

Same with sex… The moment it happens anything can happen..and there can be repercussions..which can be entirely avoided by not doing it at all

Hiding face, disgusing yourself, hiding background, sending it to someone trustworthy. etc are all ways to send it safely

No. 288190

+1, the comparison makes no sense. Walking home serves an important function, getting home. You can't necessarily avoid it and when weighing up the risk people will probably keep doing it. Convenience and necessity is enough to trump fear.

Sending nudes doesn't do anything but put a picture of your naked body out into the world, which is exactly the thing you're trying to avoid. It doesn't benefit you, it benefits the guy you're sending it to. Even if the guy is totally trustworthy, all it would take is someone getting access to his phone or pc and it can be spread everywhere. If you can completely hide your identity it might not be that big of a deal, as long as you consider the possibility of someone claiming it's you and others believing them, or how you might feel about someone commenting on your body if they see it. It's just a poor choice all round, maximum risk, minimum reward.

No. 288191

So women should be blamed for not being paranoid on their ass at all times that any picture they send ever will get spread?

No. 288192

Oh my fucking god it's not called being paranoid. Do you even know what paranoia is? This is called being realistic and aware of the possible consequences. No one said you shouldn't send nudes to anyone, you just need to be careful who you send them to and if you choose to show your face or not. Stop being mentally challenged anon.

No. 288193

Making wise choices =/= being paranoid
It's not like this is a rare occurrence. It happens all the time.

No. 288194

I'm just saying women shouldn't do it. I don't care to 'blame' anyone with the implication that they deserve to suffer for it, or they're bad people, or that the people who wronged them are any less in the wrong, because none of that is true. I'm going to freely speak about how we shouldn't do it because it's a fucking god awful idea with serious consequences than men will relentlessly encourage to our detriment. It's not like we lose anything by not sending nudes.

No. 288195

Not trusting men isn't being paranoid anon.

No. 288196

I agree with you entirely, and honestly I suspect that most of the semi-anonymous posts on various websites that encourage sending nudes are made by men posing as sexpositive feminists. Men are the only ones who benefit from young girls thinking that it’s safe to send nudes. Men have built entire websites around sharing nudes sent to them by naive girls. It’s not unfeminist or victim blaming to discourage girls from doing something that runs a high risk of biting them in the ass and in the end, only benefits horny men. If some guy won’t date you unless you send him nudes then you’re better off without him anyway.

No. 288199

Yeah I don't say things like that because I want people who send nudes to feel dumb, it's because hey, maybe some anon will see sense in it and save themselves trouble in the future. I've sent nudes before, maybe like 8 years ago, nothing bad came of it but all I can think now is how lucky I was and how much worse it could've been.

I'm always wary of things that make sex more accessible for men. It's a hard idea to navigate because it's definitely men that insist we remain pure virgins, but it's also men who constantly tries to convince and pressure women to make their bodies available 24/7 to anyone who might want it. However nudes are definitely something that is simply men wanting us to provide free and easy porn while shouldering all risks and disadvantages, while they get everything and risk nothing.

No. 288240

Why aren't men the ones sending us nudes? And I don't mean dick pics.
I never hear of this happening and it's weird. If men are so hypersexual they should be able to get off on being objectified/sexual zed.

No. 288260

Those guy and girls from the group were obviously shit from the staet - and that's why I feel like and old grandma when reading this. 'Is this what youngsters these days do? Send potentially life-ruining photos to any shitfuck faggot that asks?'.

I am sorry for the shit experience and glad OP got over it quickly, but what the fuck. Some rando AND his friends start the relationship with insulting you and you send him nudes??? Damn, every fuckboy on tinder asks for nudes, tho at least they have the common sense to be nice about it. Doesn't mean they will get shit.
Those people did not even pretend to be decent…
Anon, be careful, cause judging by the story you exhibit a terrible judgment of people, situations and decisions. You are a danger to yourself.

No. 288274

Exactly. It's common sense. Even men i've become friends with have later come out with 'oh, i just can't be friends with a woman' or worse and i end up losing them. Men are not to be trusted because honestly, they only want one thing from women. and that isn't friendship or companionship.

No. 288277

>they only want one thing from women
And worse still, if you actually give them that thing they will think of you as less than human and deserving of any poor treatment from them.

No. 288280

I used to think "It shouldn't be women that refuse to trust men, men should be less shitty!", but tbh, I don't think they're capable of that. They're all potential rapists and slimeballs. Any woman would be 100% right to be paranoid around them.

No. 288282

Most guys only see their dicks as sexual. But they sexualize the whole body of women. So that's why they send dick pics and expect nudes.

No. 288284

That's ridiculous of them.
But it makes sense as to why they feel perfectly safe and non-sexual walking around shirtless lmao.
This is a minor issue in the grand scheme of males, but I am bitter that I'll never have one send me full nudes. That's insane and I hate it. I wish male sexuality was more focused on objectifying themselves since that would solve a few problems. More passive instead of aggressive as it is now.

No. 288325

Not to victim blame or anything but… did you send nudes to a person you had never even met? We all think men are trash here but jesus christ anon what were you thinking? I'm sorry this shit happened to you and all but I really hope you learned your lesson, PSAs about revenge porn are everywhere these days and you should expect men to leak every last bit of nudes they ever get.

I get that you trust your long-term relationship partner with nudes but come on anon giving them a person you have never even met is the equal of handing out your bank account information or social security number to a stranger. Young girls should seriously be educated more about this and made aware of how they lose the control of those photos the moment they send them to someone.

No. 288335


That is not males fault, majority of women don't like passive or submissive men. They HAVE to be aggressive to have a chance with women. Sure there are outliers like people in this thread that enjoy the role reversal dynamic but there such a small number of people like that they might not even exist.

No. 288340

Agreed. I think things would be healthier if men were the slutty ones, it makes me sad to see how low most women standards are in regard to men, they will tolerate men with dirty unkept hair, nasty beards, old ill fitting clothes… It just seem like since men are the one desperate for sex they should be the ones making themselves pretty and try to be as sexually knowledgeable as possible. I wish all women collectively decided to never again shagg a man who doesn't take care of himself and can't make her cum with his fingers or his tongue.

No. 288342


I think I worded it wrong, actually it's no one's fault but biology and retarded social systems.

No. 288350


I’m not dumb enough to send nudes to absolute strangers. He kinda lured me into wanting to send nudes and i was dumb enough to do what he asked. (What a psychopath…) I will never send nudes to guys straight away anymore (like within the first month of talking). And if they ask why i’ll explain this happened to me. I’m actually in a long distance relationship atm, with a guy I actually trust and respects me. I send him nudes and he compliments me, so we both get something good out of it. We haven’t met yet but maybe soon..

No. 288362

girl this sounds like a recipe for another disaster.
You are in a LDR with a men you never met and are not sure if/when you will meet AND you are sending him nudes.

Are you barely 18 y/o or baiting? Cause it sounds like it

No. 288368

I always ask for abs or arms flexed from men, if I find out he's tubby afterwards I mock and blacklist.

No. 288371

Do they actually send them? Do they always expect something in return/do you have to send something first?
I have a skelly fetish so I'd want to ask future bfs for pics of ribs and collar bones when we're apart, but no matter how long we're together I definitely won't send nudes myself. I can't trust any of them.

No. 288373

This is a bit of a chicken/egg problem, I think most women wouldn't consider a passive male sexuality attractive because they've never encountered it. Society strictly posits a male sexual subject against a female sexual object, and everyone is conditioned into this framework. I was so surprised that when perusing gay erotica mags it finally dawned on me what makes the make body sexually attractive, and these were all models posing in a way that are normally used to see women in.

No. 288377

This makes me sad. Becoming a fujo at a young age and drawing sexy men for years has ruined me for society.
I would say this is also why so many women date trashy men, since they've never stopped to think of what's attractive to them.

Anyway, objectify the male form 2k18.

No. 288474

>they can close all the doors in my face they want, I'll climb in the window if I have to and I'll help every other woman I know do the same
NTA and not even in the same area as you but it was really nice to read this because that's my exact same approach to literally everything. Anyone who tries to bar me from stuff for being female does get or will get smacked in the face with competence. Fuck them all.

No. 288501

File: 1535751895891.png (102.44 KB, 678x544, FireShot Capture 42 - Security…)

No. 288509

Here's another sauce in case some bot comes in to criticize the daily mail.

Incels complain about having a bad name and yet this happens.

No. 288518

The guy kicked an innocent man to death out of spite and he just gets a four year prison sentence? Wtf is this justice?

No. 288521

File: 1535753634365.jpg (53.77 KB, 306x478, Sheldon Bentley.jpg)

No. 288529

That’s Canada for you

No. 288542


No. 288546

>he had been involuntary celibate for 4 years
So he has had sex before? And just called himself incel because it'd been a few years?

No. 288565


No. 288568

that's why whenever canada wants to mock america, i bring up similar incidents to this. they really have almost no jail time for anyone. it's fucking scary

No. 288569

Men are literal scum. Almost every violent crime they commit is because some women rejected them or they havent had sex in a while. When do women commit crimes because sex?? men are disgusting, violent pieces of shit.

No. 288608

Earlier I was trying to find some cute USC outfits for a friend who's going there, stumbled upon one of the pictures from this blog post: https://totalfratmove.com/uscs-kappa-kappa-gamma-will-make-you-hate-your-girlfriend/

If those commenters do have gfs then I have so much empathy for them. Cant imagine discovering your bf admitting regret in you because youre not attractive enough

>men committing acts of violence and murder because they're not getting enough sex
>"womem are all whores"

No. 288639

total frat move is cancer

No. 288674

I seriously don't understand my fellow men's obsession with sex and "scoring". Everytime I go for a smoke break and have some chit chat with them all they talk about is how they "scored" and which girls they find attractive. I'm a 28 year old wizard apprentice but I just don't go in to rage because I can't fuck someone. People are fucking weird.

No. 288695

File: 1535801790480.jpg (82.01 KB, 499x497, 1525259227720.jpg)

>That entire comment thread

No. 288708

I'm attracted to women and I've never understood this boner men have exclusively for Stacies. They're just very typical and I see no need to put them leagues above other women. Not to say I would reject a Stacy if she asked me out lmao, but males put them on a pedestal with their weird ranking system. In fact, that system itself is strange to me. I can be attracted to people with very different traits, from lanky to short and chubby and many things in between, but none of them are greater than the others.

I mentioned it in the last thread, but males really have no diversity in tastes. And they do have a weird fixation with categorizing things.

No. 288717

No men have more diverse taste than women for the most part.
The categorization stuff is because all males have a little bit of autism.

No. 288743

Same. Men usually act like women are one giant hivemind, when they're the ones with more of a hivemind-like mindset

No. 288745

Men love making women feel like shit and will never ever be happy with any woman they're with
Men who do date stacies later regret it and talk about how they actually want x y and z and any girl who isn't what they want is useless and not worthy in their book for love or care

No. 288746

I bet incels are STILL screeching if he was a woman would've gotten away. They literally will never ever shut the fuck up until all women get death penalties for everything from speeding tickets to shoplifting and men never get more than a 5 yr sentence if they do a mass murder. A bunch of spoilt fucking babies really

No. 288795

this is so bizarre, you can see women who look like this walking down the street literally everywhere. i thought they would be some sort of ethereal beauties from the way these guys talk in the comments, not to be rude to those girls, but i don’t see how they’re any more beautiful than the average girl. unless you have a serious fetish for long, blonde hair.

it makes me sad to think that these guys have girlfriends and they’re spending all their time complaining about how much they hate their gfs because they’re too “ugly”! why don’t these men break up with their “ugly” gfs, they’d be doing those girls a huge favour.

No. 288986

Is there a discord where misandry can be discussed freely?

No. 289008

File: 1535840276322.png (1.08 MB, 720x970, wp_ss_20180901_0010 (2).png)

>The hottest girls you've seen in your life

>actually mostly completely normal looking girls/photos that you can find all over facebook


No. 289013

idk ive never done the greek life thing but i have former girlfriends that were in sororities and they used to write articles like this about themselves and their sorority and i think their allied fraternities (whatever the name for that is) would write shit like that too

No. 289014


Yeah greek life seems to me just like a big ego boost thing. That's it.

No. 289018

yes, pretty sure it's par for the course on both ends in 'greek life'. it's like the ultimate MLM so they objectify themselves and let other men do so for the benefit of these weird 'social organization' LLCs, with the voracity and desperation of Facebook Scentsy housewives.

do you guys remember that crazy horrible sorority letter? this shit is so damaging for college girls.

No. 289020

It seems like mostly young guys have a strong preference for the skinny-blonde-and-tanned Stacey look, and a huge part of it is for the ego boost/validation - they're a status symbol at that age. Most of those girls are extremely attractive though, I don't think this thread is doing womenkind any favours by going 'oh but they aren't that hot'. Yeah, they kinda are for the most part. There's some cheerleader effect going on and some are average but most of them are really attractive and would be even if they didn't look so stereotypical.

But anyway once they grow up they just fixate on different cliches. 50s trad waifus, nerdy girls, instathots etc. ofc they all have perfect features and bodies, they just dress it up differently to appeal to a niche.

No. 289022

it's the long blonde hair
i guess for some guys, long blonde hair matters than anything else

No. 289026

yep, and they literally will spend hours sniffing their own farts about how different they are for it. at the end of the day, men still want the same type of girl. they think they're so quirky and different because they allegedly like "goth" girls (see: instathot face and body in Tripp skin-tight clothing or black latex), etc. men just want the same shit and praise themselves for it and attack women, when women actually are able to appreciate a very diverse spectrum of men

No. 289031

They have good bodies and hair but only a few (like 1/20) are actually beautiful or cute. See cute girls thread on /g. Most aren't even of that standard, which proves it's a self post (see >>289013) or these guys are really not looking at these girls' faces and just at the bodies and hair. Which are still not sexy Imo, just slim. Maybe they are from a backwater town or something. The girls on /snow are for the most part more attractive than these girls, and probably a lot of us farmers are too. These same girls men will rip into and call them ugly, easy whores elsewhere so I'm not buying it.

No. 289046

File: 1535843348494.gif (1.07 MB, 245x130, 336345245.gif)

not to mention the article had a title like "these SEXY girls are WAY hotter than your UGLY FRUMPY HIDEOUS girlfriend" so i was expecting a little more. don't make claims if you can't back them up.

No. 289070

Most of the girls are not like, out-of-this-world goodlooking but I wouldn't call them average either. Though some do just have average faces with good bodies. Anons here as usual have problems with insecurity.

No. 289099

I hate how men just let go of themselves once they're in a relationship. My current boyfriend used to be really cute, shave his body and lotion his skin daily because he knew that was just the way I liked it.

Now he's become fat, hairy, and gross. Sigh…

I would have dumped him, but he's gotten really clingy and pitiful. When I tried to he broke down in tears and said he'd be fine if I wanted to bring home other guys or girls to hang out with.

He does, to some extent, leave the house when I call and tell him to get out of there, but he grumbles about it for the next week and still can't hold a proper job, and he completes his chores sloppily. He used to cook beautiful meals for us but now he just throws together a salad for me and plays video games all day.

Honestly I'm convinced men are all lazy and selfish. I'm really starting to wish I was a lesbian instead of just bisexual.

No. 289103

>My current boyfriend used to be really cute, shave his body and lotion his skin daily
Most men won't even do this to get a woman, let alone keep one.

I can't stand hairy men and if they put half as much effort as women do into hair removal I'd be attracted to so many more of them. But noooo, they're above having to change their natural appearance to appeal to the opposite sex, we're obligated to lower our standards instead of them putting effort in. I also value good skincare, pretty, healthy hair and good fashion sense, all things that women have little choice but to care about unless we want men to think we're disgusting, whereas they probably don't even consider shit like that.

Anyway you should dump his ass, he sounds pathetic. The clinginess sounds even worse than the laziness.

No. 289108


I should, but I guess I'm still hoping he'll turn back into the guy he was when we first started dating. I should give up on that dream though…

No. 289128

I feel like even if men all had gfs that look like that they'd eventually grow to hate them and call them ugly and shit and cry about how their gf isn't asian/big boobed/Latina/pale or whatever men are into. Since all women to them are just shiney new toys to drop when it isn't "cool" anymore to like a certain type of girl

I'm kinda grateful I found my husband way back before the features I had were the trend/considered ugly (pear shaped, round face,pale skin, dark hair,big lips,short, etc)
Despite this is makes me sorta paranoid my boyfriend is doing this behind my back as well, why would men be with us if we're all hideous anyway?

I don't think men realize how fucked they'll be if this continues, current women will be paranoid that their bf is doing this, potential girlfriends would have to be even more cautious and picky when choosing men. Eventually when we find out no matter what men will never be happy with what they have then women would realize there's just no point into putting effort into men

No. 289129

Men date women for social status (hence why they're so paranoid and spazz out if women do the same)
To them a woman can have ugliest face,most horrid personality, and horrible body in the world but if shes blond or whatever men are using as status symbols nowadays they'll chase her

Its also why women fawn over men with attractive faces and who are nice, men will chase literal gremilins if they're just asian/blond/big boobed/butt, whatever men are into

No. 289130

lmao why would being lesbian help you with not finding a fat partner? Lesbians tend to be fatter than men and straight women.

No. 289135

File: 1535864641500.jpeg (17.24 KB, 340x433, images.jpeg)

Talking about this makes me uncomfortable as hell but my father has this annoying habit of slapping my butt sometimes, not in a sexual way but more like he wants to annoy the shit out of me and my mom with his childish manners. As someone who hates being touched and is usually distant I get filled with rage every time he does that, I've already complained about it and even punched him many times. My mom also hates it but doesn't get slapped nearly as much. He never did the same to my brother so I feel like he's being like this because we're women and it's only making me resent him. I hate being touched even by family members so when he does it I always get in a sour mood.
I remember going to a friend's house when we were in junior hs and as we passed by her father who was sitting down slapped her butt. She seemed embarassed while screaming 'Dad!' at him. So I've always wondered, is it a normal thing to happen between fathers and daughters? I really dislike it and I've tried slapping his butt back but it's no use. It's worth mentioning he doesn't like anyone messing with his butt.. yeah no shit me neither dad

random pic

No. 289136

Where do you live? I have never heard of this being normal anywhere.

No. 289137

I feel you anon, my dad never slapped my butt but he would snap my bra straps and it got on my fucking nerves and it made me really uncomfortable. I never really knew if it was normal or not because none of my friends seemed to deal with that or at least i never saw/heard of it happening.
Have you tried talking to him or your mom about it and telling him that it makes you uncomfortable?

No. 289141

Remember like one or 2 threads ago when somebody posted that image of some hot Asian guy, and a comment section underneath with a bunch of men saying "he's not even that good looking", and all of you said "Men are so insecure. Women don't do this kind of shit, trying to put down other women."

And yet here you are.

No. 289144

I pretty much agree with everything you said. Personally, I don't pay that much attention to looks but men should at the very least put some effort into basic hygiene, skin care, fashion etc. to look presentable. It seems like women should stop lowering their standards, but knowing how entitled men are they'd just whine about how they can't get pussy on tap if they don't shower more than once a week, wear deordant, refrain from dressing like an 8 year old, and wipe their asses properly.

Like I honestly can't believe men when they cry about how hard it is to get laid. Tell me how the bar for acceptable male behavior can be practically nonexistent and yet some men still can't find at least ONE woman who let him stick his dick in her for 30 seconds until he premature ejaculates. Are they even TRYING?

No. 289158

File: 1535871434123.gif (1014.56 KB, 177x177, yHft1qfcx4to4_250.gif)

whoa what the fuck, my dad does the same! I usually punch his butt back or slap his arms. I even blew up about it to his face and my mom told him that it was weird and he stopped for a while. But he's doing it again so I think I'll have to have my mom talk to him again. Shit is annoying and weird.

>snapping bra straps
jesus, that sounds awful

No. 289164

I'm sorry anon, but I'm glad your talking about it because tbh my dad used to do it too and no one took it seriously. It was always passed off as a joke, and when I yelled at him about it he'd act like I'm oversensitive or whatever.

This kind of makes my skin crawl but on a slightly similar note he used to make pretty weird comments about me in my teen years. I'm paranoid about being too specific but he refereed to me one too many times as a 'bad girl' and would sexualize my mom in the same way.

He also has a photo of me he took when I was 11 of me sitting on top of the table. My legs were very much exposed and prominent in the picture and the angle was pretty up-skirty for lack of a better word. I remember the convo before he took it was kind of weird too.

I've been avoiding him like the plague cause that stuff makes me feel uncomfortable. My family thinks I'm really childish for not talking to him but I just cant help but not feel uncomfortable when I visit. Because Its not that bad but still just …creepy…idk… I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not, sorry for venting I've been thinking about this for ages aaaaaaa

No. 289166

My father was a dick, neglected me and physically abused me, but he has never treated me sexually in any way. So it's not even normal in an abusive household.

No. 289167

Tbh my mom does that spanking thing and it pisses me off. Every time I call her out on it she just explains that she doesn't mean anything gross by it and it's common in our family's culture blah blah blah. I don't really care if she intends for it be playful, it makes ME feel uncomfortable and angry so she should learn to respect that. Some parents just have an issue understanding that their children have boundaries. Reading some of the other anons' posts it makes me wonder if this could be more common with dads though.

No. 289170

the violent African gangs and rapefugees in my country make the normal African Female refugees look bad. I hate when people say "deport them all!" Um you mean deport the men? Because you don't see the African girls and women forming violent gangs, rioting on the street being worthless drains on the system. They're at university and doing amazing things in their community. If only we could deport justl the men back to their shitholes then the women would be free to prosper as they always do.

No. 289174

Anon… The fact that picture exists is really worrying. I hate to say this, but I wouldn't be surprised if you learned your dad collected child pornography. The warning signs are usually like this. This is not normal.

No. 289178

It's not just my dad that would do weird shit like that to me. My mom would "goose" me which was like, pinching my butt but like in a weird way and she would often grab my vulva when doing it. Once she did it IN PUBLIC while I was suffering from a YEAST INFECTION. So not only was it mortifying but it was also really painful physically. She got super pissy when I confronted her about it later and acted like I was being "childish".
I really don't have much of a relationship with either of my parents now that I'm an adult. I live overseas and I only talk to them occasionally through text messages. I hate then tbh

No. 289180

Yeah, I hate thinking about it but I've honesty been wondering that too. I appreciate getting a second opinion on it though cause I've been driving myself insane thinking about this alone.

A few times I have snooped on his PC and noticed he has a Tor browser and a program that changes your IP among other things.

I don't know much about the deep web, and I don't tend to believe most of the edgy stories about it, but It fueled my worry a lot considering how I've heard CP can be assessed on there.
When I brought it up he said it was to download/torrent new movies. I don't know much about shit like that though so idk, it really rubs me the wrong way regardless. His history is also always clear on his other browsers too.

I understand normal people use programs like these but that in combination with the weird photo really makes me wonder

No. 289183

My dad does this. Except it's equally to my brother and I, also not always on the butt. Anywhere he can "pat" us easily at the time, really.

No. 289187


Shh, they'll call you a handmaiden now.

No. 289190

>snap my bra straps
That brought me back to when I was a child (probably from 8 to 12) and the boys used to do this to the girls swimsuits. Sometimes the force would even cause the clasp to open. The teachers, parents and instructors used to watch us (make sure we weren't drowning obviously) and they never had a problem with it. It was around then I started wearing one pieces in order to combat that and I've never worn a bikini top ever since, now I realise that that's probably the reason why.

No. 289193

My dad did something sexually inappropriate to me as a very young kid which caused a domino effect of me misunderstanding norms and developing severe anxiety which has impacted my entire life negatively, but…

No one in my family has EVER slapped my butt (except for legit spankings when I was little, which were a potential punishment for any of my siblings, and almost always given by my mom anyway). I haven't had someone snap my bra either.

The fact parents are doing this publicly and then laughing at you as if it's no big deal is EXTREMELY concerning. It is a big fucking deal especially when they don't respect your boundaries when you have said how uncomfortable it makes you. It's basically gaslighting to make you feel that this is in any way normal family behavior. It's not.

Your dad sounds like human scum. Why need to clear his normal browser histories too? Most parents don't even know what Tor is. Plus you can just stream movies online; who downloads that shit anymore?
My dad has had an online porn addiction since we got the internet, and your story gives me major alarm bells even WITHOUT the stuff involving you. If I could destroy that photo, I would.

This is so fucked up. Glad you're away from that.

No. 289198

This is the weirdest shit, why would anyone's parents touch their asses (or worse?!!)

The Anons who are distant / no contact are doing the right thing

No. 289199

You don't need Tor or IP blockers to torrent movies, technically peer to peer sharing is legal in that it's a file shared between individuals, the sites hosting the torrents are illegal for allowing it to happen. Don't take that as legal advice but definitely never heard of someone needing Tor or IP blockers to watch normal movies. Is also really weird for someone that age, when I saw your post I thought it was gonna be about a boyfriend.

No. 289200

Aand I just realised why my father would've had a broadband connection earlier than most people. He is not a nerd and wasn't active on online communities or messageboards, didn't share content or anything. Hmmmmmmm

No. 289201

I agree we shouldn't be putting these girls "down" as it were. They've done nothing to deserve that.
But I also think there shouldn't be some objective scale of beauty in general (in terms of facial features) and I have no sense of aesthetics.

No. 289205

Oh also technical point; the only person that would get you in trouble for downloading is your ISP. They know what you download regardless of your ip since you're still using their service to do so. They have a record of files downloaded and sites accessed regardless. So torrenting normal cinema movies which can be a violation of isp terms, would be tracked even with IP blockers and browsers since the download files are on a list somewhere.
So he is trying to hide his tracks from someone other than his isp i.e. The cops

No. 289207

We wouldn't be saying anything if the literal headline wasn't "these photos will make you hate your girlfriend" when they're just average girls. There's something hateful in that.

No. 289209

Thank you for the info anon, I appreciate it greatly
Knowing the implications of what he is doing does make the situation all the more concerning though… I'm not sure where to take the situation from here

No. 289212

Your logic is fucking retarded. Most girls don't look that good, and that's just a fact based on conventional standards of beauty. You claiming they're average is going to make girls feel WORSE, not BETTER.

No. 289224

My male teacher used to do this to me and other female students..we were like 7-9 I think. I never noticed him doing it to boys. I did find it weird but never said anything about it because at the time I didn't understand.

No. 289239

Is this is what's considered average nowadays then wtf do you gotta look like to be considered attractive? Or are all women who aren't super models or kpop stars ugly/average nowadays? Hell even then a lot of people think super models and kpop stars are average looking

This may sound ~weird~ but god forbid women ever feel good about themselves

No. 289240

We get it, everybody is insecure
In terms of gender, despite what, 3 or 4 people here claiming they're average? How many men went out their way to insult the asian guy when none of us here insulted those women at all? Not even comparable tbh

I swear its like we can talk about how harshly men treat women all day but the second some other anon says something that isn't praising, some rando would use it as a "gotcha!" Moment, no, it would be a "gotcha!" If we at LEAST did the equivalent of what they did

No. 289244

what the hell are you talking about. maybe blame the guys who’re commenting about much they hate their gfs just because they looked at pictures of some average girls. not us. it’s men that wrote that article and they weren’t doing it to make those girls feel good about themselves.

No. 289318

Yes, exactly.

No. 289392

Tbh, I don't even see "average" as like a negative thing, but maybe "the average beautiful girl" if that makes sense. I guess we're so accustomed to seeing women with ~otherwordly (aka mostly shooped and surgical) beauty that when we see these attractive, but not anything out of the ordinary looking women it's like…ok. They're like the cream of the crop of some town in Nebraska and they have pretty attainable beauty, which isn't bad at all. I guess that is where the "average" comments came from. Definitely not comparable to how men talk about women lmfao.

No. 289414

File: 1535910694044.jpg (83.26 KB, 500x627, oh fuck off.jpg)

Incels proving yet again why they should be removed from society

No. 289535

How are you not getting this? Saying those girls are average means you literally have higher standards for women than a bunch of douchebag fratbros actively going out of their way to make women feel insecure. If they are average, how do you think girls with less than perfect skin, hair and teeth feel? Who aren't quite that skinny? Nobody with an ounce of self awareness is going to see you calling them average and think that means they are prettier than those girls. Yes, those men are fucking awful, but the correct reaction is 'those men are fucking awful' not 'they aren't even that pretty' as if the post would suddenly be justified if they met your ludicrous standards for appearance.

No. 289542

Anon, I'm not saying they're ugly or anything. I'm literally saying that they just look like everyday average but pretty girls that you can see at the mall or at a college class. I just found the whole article bizarre, a bunch of pictures from parties and all the comments are like, "These are the hottest girls I've ever seen in my entire life! I wish my current girlfriend wasn't so goddamn ugly!" Like are these guys going into fits of rage every time they see a cute cashier?

No. 289574

…do you think people can't be above average if you see them out and about? Is attractive reserved for celebs and models only? No shit they aren't god tier rare beauties, they're just hot 8/10 staceys that yes, douchebros will mourn not being their gf.

No. 289589

Yes this is exactly it, all the photos are just your standard "night out" Facebook photos but the reactions and comments are nuts. They took something unremarkable and used it as an excuse to shit on women AGAIN. If the article was just "here are some attractive girls" nobody here would care. The article literally says they're the hottest girls he has ever seen and now he thinks all his previous girlfriends are hideous.

It's men shitting on women. Not us shitting on women. Quite simple. We have issue with the "shitting on" aspect, and the fact that these photos are literally normal photos you see all over the internet and social media makes it more clear we are being shat upon. Exactly like the example of
>sees a hot cashier
>omg my gf is so ugly compared to her

No. 289594

well it's no wonder they're forever alone

No. 289621

Thank you for getting my point, I swear to god that other anon had reading comprehension issues. I never said those girls were ugly.

No. 289627

Men hate women so fucking much they can't even admire another woman without bashing their own girlfriend who loves and cares about them in process, everything they do they have to do it to hurt women

Pls make wgtow a bigger thing. Too bad men get so damn butthurt at single womens existence. They can't fathom a woman not wanting to be with a man who acts miserable and shits on her throughout the relationship anyway

No. 289633

Imagine defending anything that has literally no reason to exist except to harm women. Fucking horrible.

On that note, ever had the issue that when you try to bring up why FGM is disgusting and needs to be banned (esp from third world countries that still openly do it,) men will chime in with 'B-BUT WHAT ABOUT MALE CIRCUMCISION?? IT'S JUST AS BAD.'

No. 289634

And this is why i'm so glad i'm a lesbian. men are a mess and they don't seem to be changing anytime.

No. 289637

>everyday average but pretty girls
Fucking what? Pretty already means above average looking. You expect anyone to believe you were trying to say they were average, you meant they were "average above-average looking girls"? Bullshit.

No. 289644

Horrific shit aside, this fool contradicted himself in one post.
>women masturbate and are promiscuous (adultry)
>women only have sex for romance, not pleasure
What is the truth for him? Just whatever makes him angry at the time?

The answer is yes, of course.

No. 289649

My God, this is so autistic. Pretty is above-average looking, no shit. However, what that anon is getting at is that they aren't top-tier model goddess types. Beauty isn't some kind of black and white thing, there are clearly levels to it.

No. 289657

File: 1535933708640.jpg (657.34 KB, 1000x2876, 1501177110747.jpg)

>despite what, 3 or 4 people here claiming they're average? How many men went out their way to insult the asian guy when none of us here insulted those women at all? Not even comparable tbh
There's probably only like 30 people in this thread. Facebook or any large news site will have thousands if not millions of people seeing it and commenting. No shit there won't be as many total comments coming from here when this place is just a miniscule fraction of the size of those other sites to begin with. You want an example of women doing the same thing on a large scale? Well here you go then.

Now you're trying to play to the crowd and excuse your behavior by saying "but the men are doing it way worse this is all their fault". But ask yourself this, if those USC women could see the comments those men were making, and the comments you're making, which would hurt their feelings? The men saying how incredibly hot they are, or all of you saying how "they're average at best. Nothing special, if anything guys only like them because they have blonde hair".

No. 289660

Wow 12 rude comments out the million of people on facebook, sure showed us all roasties are insecure evil uggos

No. 289663

Yeah cause obviously it's reasonable to collect hundreds or thousands of replies in a single image.

Now how about answer the question, who's actually being worse here. The men complimenting them or all of you trying to tear them down.

No. 289665

All we did is say they were average
Imo I'd rather be called average by strangers than to be called ugly by my own boyfriend

No. 289670

I agree anon. Men are shitty as fuck but women have a habit of bringing other women down for their looks too. When I was in high-school I would only get bullied for my looks by other girls.

No. 289671

I didn't ask how those men's girlfriends would feel, I asked how the college girls would feel seeing either your comments or the men's.

Calling someone "just average at best" in a clearly dismissive tone and trying to undermine all the work they put into staying in shape, taking care of their skin and hair, and learning to do their makeup well and style their hair is clearly the thing they would be more hurt by. You're a petty, jealous hypocrite.

No. 289673

I didnt claim they're average
Yes, strangers opinions of looks can hurt feefees
We were talking about whos being worse correct? Again, I think most reasonable people dont care if someone thinks they're average vs having a loved on call them ugly and talk about how the significant others looks makes them miserable

No. 289676

File: 1535935499048.png (826.28 KB, 510x1572, 1507866612077.png)

This image reminds me that I forgot to post pic related in the thread. But I kind of half agree with you.

No. 289678

"Wow 12 rude comments out of the million of people on Facebook, sure showed us all scrotes are insecure evil uggos"

No. 289681

That's 14 …

No. 289688

File: 1535937345755.jpg (89.74 KB, 675x1200, FB_IMG_1516902564415.jpg)

I wasn't the person who made that reply. My point was to show that as much as men claim that women hate each other and are always criticizing other women's looks because of jealousy, men do the exact same shit and nobody says anything. When boybonds were big, men in my country were always calling them gay, ugly, etc, not to talk about how much they mocked the girls who were into boybands, all because they were jealous as fuck.

No. 289690

yes but lesbians bathe and will eat pussy like a champ so idk what the problem is.

No. 289693


Honestly, this "wimmin do this too" nonsense is pretty pathetic. It is practically pushed that it is only women that are catty bitches that nitpick looks out of jealousy and that men are "teh most rational logikical ones." The fact that men have conniptions about boybands, actors that teen girls like, and just any chad in general is proof that it isn't only the hysterical wimminz that engage in this.

No. 289695

I'd rather date a fat lesbian than most straight men nowadays

No. 289703

This. It's always the men. Always. No issues with women or children

No. 289707

Try and disprove even ONE of the benefits. You can't.

No. 289711


I remember this story. Men and their sour grapes. People obviously went through his account and supposedly it was just a troll account. But the whole thing really summed up men and their obession over who women date that is anyone but them.
>you women are destroying civilization and ruining everything
>w-wtf why wont you date me… whore!

No. 289712

I saw a thread where some guys were strategically ripping into each other's looks on Twitter yesterday. Men regularly attack other men's appearances either because they disagree or because they're jealous.

And calling your own girlfriends hideous on the internet because you saw some above-average college girls is shitty. Much shittier than any one of us saying they're average or above average. Nobody said they were ugly. We are just pointing out that any average-above average girl will be wheeled out as "evidence" of how worthless we are at any moment. The article was not complimentary. Shitting on one woman to "compliment" another is a net negative.

No. 289713

Hi male

-STDs are usually not specifically on the clit
-cancer of the clitoris is something I've literally never heard of
-if you don't like clit on a woman and you're a straight man somebody is lying
-Female masturbation is not a known problem
-paternity fraud is not a thing, female adultery is barely a thing, and neither of those things would occur due to sexual pleasure anyway
-sex is a lot more pleasurable when you can actually feel something. Most of the feeling is in the clit. Less pleasure for women, less sex for men. Intimacy+feeling. We're not in it exclusively for "closeness" because we have methods of getting that elsewhere.
Obviously we want more from sex than just dry hugging.

Hope that helps

No. 289716

shit like this makes me think handmaid's tale could happen irl. jesus christ

No. 289719

Wrong on all accounts.

No. 289731

>>289719 Ew. What are men doing here?

No. 289732

Then prove it wrong instead of just saying "wrong" like anyone else can do

No. 289736

If you hate womens clits so much then dont fuck us (not that you had a choice anyway)
Leave it to the men who actually like sex,and women, and enjoying sex mutually rather than just having the woman feel uncomfortable the entire time

No. 289749

File: 1535942695004.jpeg (6.11 KB, 263x192, images (1).jpeg)

>when you think about all those little girls in Africa and the middle East currently being held down and having their clits sliced off with a jagged metal knife(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289753

File: 1535942847158.png (80.35 KB, 169x173, chicken.PNG)

Remember to ignore the bait anons

No. 289799

File: 1535946513172.jpg (53.74 KB, 627x414, IMG_20180903_134736.jpg)

This thread needs better moderation it's constantly overrun with scrots
Also, what >>289753 said, pic very related

No. 289804

It's not a man/woman thing, you are talking about a race thing.

No. 289810

I just realized and am very amused that he has a hand down his pants with that stupid look on his face

No. 289812

You're just jealous how fast he can type one-handed. One of men's most potent.

No. 289821

Just opened this image up, this girl is basically perfect. Really lovely face and proportions. And I'm one of the anons who said the Stacey's were average-above average. I'm not gonna rate people on a specific scale but the ones in the comments are probably blind or racist to call her mediocre (especially since objectively it puts them into sub zero)

No real point to make but this image doesn't relate to the conversation in this thread. It's completely different context. For one we are a similar age and probably appearance to the stacies (there was a thread here where we kinda came out half femcel and half Stacey) whereas this is older women who have never resembled the athlete and never could

No. 289850

But anon, clearly the only feelings that matter here are the stacies'. Who cares if a random Becky gets her feelings hurt by literal "this will make you HATE YOUR GIRLFRIEND" post? A stacy's feefees are at stake here!

No. 289861

You know what's gonna hurt 'random Becky's' feelings? Being told that girls who are much, much prettier than her are just 'average'.

No. 289873

Depending on what country you're in, and how often you torrent, getting a VPN for torrenting is a good idea. I'm in the US and had one for torrenting for a while. But yeah, unless he's a rare privacy freak, him having both Tor and a VPN is suspicious. If he has that shit, yet still does normalfag privacy invading shit like Facebook, then yeah. He's using Tor to look at gross shit.

No. 289920

I wouldn't jump right to cp after discovering Tor. Statistically it's much more likely being used to access drug markets.

However.. Yeah. This >>289164 is fucking weird and it's probably best to keep some distance. I'm so so sorry anon. I feel for you.

No. 289944

File: 1535963891596.jpg (54.69 KB, 564x559, tumblr_pdrynfQNAr1t8dibyo1_640…)

No. 289952

What do you mean?

No. 289956

The other possible explanation is that all the 14 year old girls are getting pregnant from the same, much smaller group of 14 year old boys who all have 4 kids on average.

Truly Chads are getting to work earlier and earlier every year.

No. 289957

this did make me kek i must admit

No. 289963

I would much rather this be the case. Damn.

No. 289975

Sad as this is it's hilarious to me to think that men are so fucking retarded that they knock up their teenage pussy. Is it really that hard to use a condom?

No. 290000

>OMG Stacy has 800 guys kissing her ass and I only have 40 why is the world so unfair??
Jesus christ, being a young white woman from a 1st world country isn't the end of the world. Get over yourself.

No. 290003

File: 1535984405463.jpg (42.68 KB, 768x960, 34072654_10216900562165219_411…)

Yea, men die of suicide because they can't get over themselves and their big fucking egos and get better

No. 290007

>Lesbians tend to be fatter than men and straight women
Maybe it depends on where you live, cause this is new to me

No. 290009

Yeah, you have any stats on that claim? I'm in the Midwest and of the 3 lesbians I know, 2 are gym/health nuts and the other has an ED.

No. 290023

>Lesbians and bisexual females are more likely to be overweight or obese

This is an official health site by the government. The lesbians I know are all obese or at least heavy.


No. 290024

yeah AS IF women en masse are encouraging male circumsision anyways? not that it's comparable to FGM

No. 290025

The whole "its okay to be weak men!!!" Only encourages suicide, at least from what I've seen lmao
The male sensitivity movement is toxic, especially when women have to suffer from it and men think all women are just shoulders to cry on, or even better,the murder suicides which take up a whole lot in male suicide stats oh wait that doesn't make men look like poor oppressed babies

No. 290030

Only if you're sensitive as fuck, chances are most people, even insecure ones don't care what people on the internet think of strangers looks, however, going out your way just to tell the world your girlfriend is ugly and you're miserable just because of how she looks? That's straight emotional abuse, and since people are more likely to have their self esteem severely damaged by loved ones (esp ones that have romantic feelings for) and can effect a woman way more than random girls getting called average, not only that when other girls see that they'll doubt themselves and start feeling paranoid their own lovers feel the same way and feel miserable, this shit literally tears women apart, I've known women who self harmed and had an eating disorder all because their boyfriend said shit like so to her
What post are you replying to? No one said anything close to that at all, nice strawman anyway, if that's even a strawman rather than straight up lying

No. 290034

The male suicide rate is high because they let their emotions control them.

No. 290037

Ah, I've found my people.
So fellow fed-up ladies, what do I put in my dating profile to signal that I want a submissive man - not full-on gimp freak, just submissive?
If I ever get injudicious enough to try finding men online again, that is.

No. 290040

Men are gold diggers (not even saying that ironically) the only way they'll be a sub is if the woman is rich, even then most of the time they get their feefees threatened and start screaming about walls and cheer on rich old men who expect big tittied blondes to show up to their door step

Be mature pretty much, signal that you're independent and make lots

No. 290054

Men are only submissive when it involves getting off in the exact way they want lol

No. 290079

File: 1535998400442.jpg (162.08 KB, 799x1200, DcrOXhFVwAAlQep.jpg)

This reminded me of a total meltdown an ugly neckbeard who had a crush on me back in highschool had when I told him I was into Harry Styles from 1D he legit told me "B…But he looks like a faggot!!!" it was back in 2012 so he looked like a cute preppy teen, that's what being a fag is to 99% of straight men. I vividly remember the feeling of betrayal in his eyes, like girls weren't supposed to like pretty guys with nice hair and clothes, in his world we were supposed to like ugly smelly dudes who dresses badly because they are nice and kind hearted! Men like to say that women have been ruined by Disney but it seems like they've been ruined by shitty romcom and trashy comedy movies about virgin nerds.

No. 290133

I thought I had met a really great guy. I talked to him for a long time before meeting him and he did a lot of things that made it seem like he was interested in me. It turns out he was using me as a backup while he tried to get with his ex, who he was incredibly verbally abusive too and stalked frequently. I feel so stupid for letting myself be fooled by him. I had no idea he was anything like this, he have any red flags about him. I am nervous to try an date again now. You can never truly know if a man is good or not.

Why are men so sociopathic and cruel? He would harass her accusing her of cheating on him while he was talking and flirting with me. He was almost 30 years old too.

No. 290147

File: 1536003574599.jpg (160.04 KB, 640x958, HLsMSxQvByn0jbOZNtD1CtuyDoxFds…)

Think carefully before bearing a man's child.

No. 290156

OH MY GOD! I hope these cunts aren't married and just making that stuff up. Can you actually imagine how ugly and entitled they are?

No. 290157

>men: women are only good for having kids
>also men: but dont because kids ruin your body which is the only reason men tolerate your existence

They want to force women to be pregnant, then mock and humiliate them for going through pregnancy.

Imagine carrying a child for 9 months, going through all the pain only be treated like shit after from the man thats suppose to be the father. Horrific.

No. 290158

>women are baby-machines!
>complain about childbirth making women ugly
>complain about women needing child support when men leave them
>complain about women giving more attention to the baby over her husband

The only thing stopping men from venting their emotions is other men. I hope they don't fucking blame that one on us, because most men use their female friends as emotional support.
Maybe start actually bonding with each other and try to stop having the emotional intelligence of a 5-year-old.

You've played yourselves.

No. 290169

Ah yes, the problem isn't the "you'll HATE YOUR GIRLFRIEND OVER HOW UNATTRACTIVE SHE IS", it's the "hey i don't think these girls are that prettier than average, most girls really are that pretty (implying becky is probably in that group)".

Heaven forbid someone says a mane of blonde hair and tanned skin does not an attractive woman make.

No. 290174

My male coworker asked me for my phone because he had to make an urgent phone call and his phone was broken, I gave it to him but immediately felt weird about it. After a few minutes I followed my instincts and went to check on him, he was just scrolling through my phone. I had to fight him to retrieve my phone and it turns out he had been messaging himself my intimate pictures that I had sent my partner. I punched him, took his phone and called the cops, I pressed charges and I'm waiting for him to go to court. I am fucking disgusted and I've spent the past few days in a constant state of anxiety. We spoke to his previous jobs out of courtesy and turns out he's been doing this to every female co-worker but I was the one to finally catch him… Now the other girls have to check their phone bills to see if he sent anything as well, what a fucking predator. Does anyone know if I could get in trouble for messaging his fiance and his mum? I feel they deserve to know and I wouldn't want anyone to marry that creep without knowing about it

No. 290189

wtf? what a fucking retard. hope something happens to him.

No. 290195

Message them anon. For Christ sake, that’s fucked up. Absolutely message them.

No. 290203

you can't get in trouble for messaging his fiance and mom. do it.

No. 290212

Definitely message them

No. 290214

File: 1536011604834.gif (3.33 MB, 480x360, 29292873622672.gif)

Do it, anon. It's what he deserves.

No. 290219

omg, yes. Spill all that tea. He is a piece of a garbage and a creep violating women's privacy. He deserves to be dragged. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but glad you caught him!!

No. 290220

Why are men like this?! Expose him. Fucking vile… ugh

No. 290267

3 reasons
1: they're entitled little spoilt boys, they think because they were born a man means they deserve to see women naked and expose them as whores
2:they think its their duty to judge womens bodies, men hate womens bodies, they love judging and pulling them apart in their mind because of how much men hate women
3:they know they're disgusting perverts but do it anyway because of their ego

No. 290284

Men literally have the impulse control of children wrt suicide and all the other crimes they commit, oh women are Le emotional because they cry but shooting up a school is totes understandable and rational xD

No. 290290

don't be sexist, don't forget about Lindsay >>>/pt/128373

No. 290300

They also act this way because we live in a society where men do what they want with almost no consequences or punishment. It's horrible.

I don't have caps, but there was a reddit thread last year when the movie Mother (starring Jennifer lawrence) came out. In the beginning, she's walking around in a see through nightgown and you can see her breasts visibly.


And someone replied with 'how do you not understand consent for a role and having your nudes stolen from your phone/pc?'

Men are absolute garbage. No one tells them that enough.

No. 290308

I would speak with your lawyer before messaging them. I don't think it should affect your case, but it's better safe than sorry for now.

No. 290329


This, + I think it's pretty likely he has a thread online somewhere where he's posted the photos he sent himself. Sounds like the a kind of internet-led behavior. He drops out of reality, we are no longer people, just a task or a goal to achieve. What a jerk

No. 290360

What's up with men actively trying to be assholes? I know some are assholes by nature but some actually put effort into being even bigger assholes. I've seen a guy say he wants to be a "meathead asshole".

Somebody please explain.

No. 290371

The world loves men and they know they can easily get away with it, where as with women you're expected to be happy go lucky all the time or else you're a raging entitled roastie or whatever, it's also why men get asspats for doing things that are expected from women like being nice to kids and animals

No. 290376

It also has a lot to do with status and the whole idea of masculinity in and of itself. Being a "real man" means having power and influence over other people. Men who can't win over others with charm resort to anger or manipulation to get their way. They feel as though being a huge dick to other people, regardless of the potential consequences is better than being "weak" or letting others take advantage of them.
I had a boss once who would absolutely love his shit and go into a rage if he felt we were too comfortable expressing our complaints about anything. I can guarantee that is was because he didn't like the idea of woman who were below him in the corporate structure having any control over his actions and decisions, no matter how minor.
Men also tend to resort to anger because they don't know how to express themselves in a productive way. Anger is a "safe" way for them to express their emotional distress because it doesn't present as much of a risk to their status and power as genuine vulnerability does. This tendency to use anger to cope leads them to lash out at others and blame them for their own issues which in turn leads to treating their scapegoats badly.

No. 290378

You're very smart, anon.

No. 290389

Ugh I am beyond disgusted just thinking he might have posted them online. I've spoken to the detective and a lawyer and they've said it's ok to message the gf. I am waiting for my phone bill to see if he sent more than one message and I'll be contacting them. I am a bit afraid they're going to react negatively and somehow blame me but I feel I have to warn them anyway

No. 290416

File: 1536042235612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.17 KB, 422x750, tumblr_opzuebnU4l1u3649oo1_500…)

Real tired of black men thinking they are "woke" for doing shit like this, you're just assholes all the same and we can see through your shit.

No. 290420

>"it's a satire on black men who like to see white women as status symbols"

Sure it is, stud. It's totally not that you're fucking misogynistic and racist as fuck yourself. Also, don't you just love how people who go on about race shit are always so quick to engage in misogyny to do it?

No. 290424

Racist black men hate women, racist white men hate women, isn't it funny how racism goes hand in hand?

Theres so many different types to, the men who hate women of their own race, hate other races of women and then point the finger at another race of women and claim they're the good trophy women who are feminine and wife material and every man deserves them
The men who just hate all women in general unless they're pure conservatives of their own race, claim all women need to be x y and z or they're worthless
The racist white boys who tell blacks to stop commiting crimes when it comes to racial prison stats, but when it comes to racial stats by gender, to them it magically means all men are oppressed babies

No. 290432

That statement alone tells you everything you need to know about him. It’s obviously just a cop out for him to get away with this shit.

On another note, I’ll never understand why there are women out there who agree to engage in things like this.

No. 290444

We have a new professor this semester, he's 40+, married with kids and my friend knows him through some family relations. Apparently he knocked up a 17 year old, she's just given birth but he's refused to take any responsibility. Idk if this girl's suing him or what, but he bragged about fucking a high schooler to my friend even though she told him explicitly how disgusted she was. He's some renowned literature professor and looks like a homeless alcoholic. It's a compulsory course and I can't escape it, and I really don't want to go there and deal with him.

No. 290450

I don’t blame you. He sounds disgusting.

Where do you live, OP? In some places you can get charged with statutory rape.

No. 290478

honestly, it's because they're brainwashed arthoes that think it's deep to defend and engage in anything, no matter how disgusting, bc it's 'evocative', 'avant-garde', etc. male 'artists' are all fucking abusers that use 'art' to glorify female abuse/degradation, whether it be literally in their medium, or the justification that they can abuse woemn in their personal lives 'for the art'

No. 290485

Eastern Europe, the age of consent is 16 unfortunately.

No. 290490

It is very possible, although my boyfriend isn't small or weak. I can hardly believe I found someone like him because he is pretty much the ideal guy for me. He's never pressured me into doing anything and is extremely submissive and devoted only towards me. We didn't even have PIV for a year and a half since I was a virgin, with him I found out I didn't like the feeling of being penetrated at all and he has never pressured me into doing it ever. Never made him feel inadequate or angry like most guys would have responded, he just felt sad that he hurt me. He is not predatory at all, is very respectful, and takes care of himself.

I think in general men who are submissive in relationships (not to be confused with men who are "bottoms", ie. want you to "dominate" them in the exact way they specify or they throw tantrums) tend to care about more about making you happy rather than their dick, and also tend to be more loyal.

No. 290491

I hate when cute girls decide to date ugly guys

No. 290492

I don't think I've ever had a bf who didn't think 100% of himself 99% of the time. You're lucky.

No. 290496

I got very lucky. Funnily enough I met him on fetlife, where 99% of the men there are complete garbage. But I was determined to not settle for a man who would treat me "average" or "okay" which is why I hadn't gotten into a relationship until 23. I fall in love very, very deeply, I can't be get into a relationship with a partner who wants something casual and not as invested and intimate as I want it.

No. 290505

File: 1536072625301.png (112.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1383.PNG)

love how rational men are and how open for criticism and debate they are uwu

No. 290509

thats such a fucking shitty and typically male thing to do BUT why do you have nudes saved on your phone? dont most people use snapchat for that?

No. 290510

I have never used that website since it does indeed seem like garbage, how did you find a decent guy on there? (Any advice on that?)

No. 290511


Almost like how it is in this thread.

No. 290514

except this is explicitly stated as a 'man hating thread'. mgtow means 'men going their own way' but they do absolutely nothing but post the most disgusting, misogynistic shit and travel pics lol. that's all men's lives are, women and distraction from women. even though these betas claim to just be 'going their own way' kek

No. 290517

yeah sounds like the current him is the real him and he was just putting on a show before, some people are like that

No. 290520

This, we just straight up hate men amd actually try to avoid them
Mgtow straight begs for womens attention, cry about "EBUL WOMIMINS!!!" When someone dare think its wrong to scream their damn heads off about how evil women are all day and night, next minute claim they want nothing to do with women, then talk about how they're gonna go to thailand or whatever just to claim all asian women are ugly fake gold diggers, make videos directed towards women, like the infamous "deal tall girls video" where he just spent the entire video calling tall women trannies and telling them to lower their standards but there's no point since nobody wants tall girls anyway, cry about "women invading male spaces" when they watch the videos they told them to watch, and just when you think they can't get more mentally unstable they cry oppression when men voluntarily pay for dinner, ignore women who say they don't want men to pay for dinner or claim they're lying, when you point out male crime rates, male infidelity rates, how custody doesnt oppress men nor does alimony or incarnation rates,etc they ignore it and just claim women are lying or twist it to fit their narrative

Not even the worse part, you'd think these big manbabies would at least stay in their own spaces? Nope! They infect documentaries or news channels the second it dare be about women and not about men being oppressed,they can't even stand watching cases about women being murdered without screaming "SEE ALL WOMEN ARE DUMB SLUTS SHE GOT HERSELF MURDERED BECAUSE SHE WANTED CHAD ALL MEN SHOULD MGTOW!!!" Hell even national geographic, when the anonymous female narrator made fun of male spiders of course men made it about themselves and claimed anyone who wasnt against it was a big fat bitter single old lady who hates men and ofc the infamous "IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED" argument,which is easily proven wrong as well
Face it mgtow, you're a cult, and the most annoying one as well, they can't watch simple videos or have everyday communication without having a mental breakdown over a woman existing

No. 290523

and all of them have hate boners for single women/women who don't want kids/women who like casual sex

You'd think with how much these mgtows scream about how marriage is the devil and women are only useful for sex they'd be happy to see thats what some women want right? Nope, they start screaming about walls, talk about how bitter they are, how they're useless sluts or use those women as an even further reason to mgtow but brag about how they treat women then hate women out of paranoia women will treat them how they treat women

I don't get tbh, I really don't, there's no winning with them, I assume its because it didn't meet their "YOU'LL COME CRAWLING BACK TO ME YOU'LL SEE!!!" Revenge fantasiea or whatever

No. 290528

Because he’s black and calling out black men and white women who fetishize each other while indirectly uplifting the black woman

No. 290530

You can keep denying it, but he has a point. There’s a reason why many unfortunately discredit feminism in America and it’s because they see it as a “white women thing” at best and a “retaliation against black men” at worst, given it’s historical significance.

No. 290534

Seconding >>290510
I'd like to know how exactly you found him

No. 290590

>This, we just straight up hate men amd actually try to avoid them
Except, you know, when you visit MGTOW forums.

No. 290592

>This, we just straight up hate men amd actually try to avoid them

>Mgtow cry about "EBUL WOMIMINS!!!

isn't this thread just crying about "EBUL MENS!!!"

whether it's men saying "i hate women" or women saying "i hate men", you're all the same

No. 290596

we talk and vent, this is literally one of the only places on the internet we can vent about men freely and despite this it's still a stigmatized thread, while it is man hate, at least we don't create insane conspiracy theories about how the government is trying to only make chad reproduce and drain men of their money despite half of women being breadwinners, we don't contaminate every corner of the internet with mgtow mental breakdown screeching, we also don't go crazy over normal interactions with men either

look, I know you didn't read half of what I said and I can sit here and name millions of reasons why this thread is nothing compared to mgtow and you'll still cry about how "YOU'RE ALL THE SAME!!!!"

well I never been to a mgtow forum, and a lot of them make "Dear___ women" shit so it's kinda obvious they want us there, they want attention , even then, there was what, 1 woman going to a mgtow forum and getting banned vs the hundreds of incels that come here and get banned and have mental breakdowns, barely being able to argue without lying about what we said

No. 290599

there's nothing wrong with having a woman-only space on the internet and a place to complain about issues that uniquely affect women, but presenting it as all men being inherently bad only shows you probably share many of the traits of the people you claim to detest.

>at least we don't create insane conspiracy theories about how the government is trying to only make chad reproduce and drain men of their money despite half of women being breadwinners, we don't contaminate every corner of the internet with mgtow mental breakdown screeching, we also don't go crazy over normal interactions with men either

i've seen numerous conspiracy theories like this in these threads, like about the government "mandating romantic partners or sex for men", and plenty of comments along the lines of "i don't interact with men" (which seems to me like going crazy over normal interactions with men).

yes, the kinds of people who post nonstop on /r9k/ are probably worse than most of the people in this thread and most people in this thread probably don't go on men's forums to post this shit (but if the situation and gender ratios were reversed and the big chans were majority female, i bet many of you would), but it's not a shittiness measuring contest. i'm not saying someone who talks about how women should be raped and enslaved is just as bad as complaining about men, i'm saying the general attitude is nearly identical to most MGTOWs i've seen (and from what i've seen most MGTOWs don't express feelings of violence, although of course their views are extremely shitty).

No. 290605

>ut presenting it as all men being inherently bad only shows you probably share many of the traits of the people you claim to detest.
where are we doing this though?we've been saying since day 1 "not all men" not that you can be bothered to research something outside of your narrative

>i've seen numerous conspiracy theories like this in these threads, like about the government "mandating romantic partners or sex for men"

again, W H E R E, unless you mean by incels contaminating this thread, I've been here since the teenagers thread and the only people who said shit about the government are incels, you realize we can go back and read the threads right?

>and plenty of comments along the lines of "i don't interact with men" (which seems to me like going crazy over normal interactions with men).

apparently someone supposedly saying they don't interact with men (which no one said anyway) is equivalent to mgtows going mad and having mental breakdowns because a pregnant woman needed a seat on the subway or a woman asked a man to hold her purse (see you can actually go back in the threads and see where this happened, unlike your claims)

>from what i've seen most MGTOWs don't express feelings of violence, although of course their views are extremely shitty).

uhuh, like the last few threads op image of the mgtow who bragged about how times are bad now because you can't force a woman to starve to death if she doesn't have sex with you

No. 290619

It's not two sides of the same coin. The context is different.

No. 290628

File: 1536092689250.png (118.06 KB, 888x623, mgtowispeaceful.png)

>muh mgtow isn't violent!!

No. 290634


I saw someone saying we should abort male fetuses or pit all young boys on hormones to sissfy them on /g/, it's not just retarded men.

No. 290636

uh huh, and how did everyone react? meanwhile mgtow cheers this shit on, even other man haters have limits

No. 290652

>again, W H E R E, unless you mean by incels contaminating this thread, I've been here since the teenagers thread and the only people who said shit about the government are incels, you realize we can go back and read the threads right?
this is the kind of conspiracy theory fear mongering i was talking about: >>>/ot/113123

some of the posters call out the OP's paranoia in that thread, and yes maybe you could just say "oh the OP must've been an incel troll" but you have no way of knowing that. I've seen many sentiments like this in the man-hating threads and similar threads.

>apparently someone supposedly saying they don't interact with men (which no one said anyway) is equivalent to mgtows going mad and having mental breakdowns because a pregnant woman needed a seat on the subway or a woman asked a man to hold her purse (see you can actually go back in the threads and see where this happened, unlike your claims)

i won't deny that on average, there are probably more extremely unhinged and crazy woman haters than there are man haters, but when you have to resort to whataboutism and a few examples to try to defend against an allegation, you're usually not on strong grounds. my point isn't to defend gross MGTOWs or misogynists but just to say that the kind of attitudes and biases in these threads are super unhealthy.

>uhuh, like the last few threads op image of the mgtow who bragged about how times are bad now because you can't force a woman to starve to death if she doesn't have sex with you

i did say "most". I think a view like that is probably and hopefully not representative of their "movement". maybe I'm wrong, but I imagine if you asked what % of self-identifying "MGTOWs" agreed with that, it would be 1% or less. if I am wrong about that then I stand corrected, but it still doesn't change my point at all.

yes that's a violent post to /r/mgtow but if you read the guy's post history, he's an incel who posts insane misogynistic shit all day to dozens or hundreds of subreddits: https://www.reddit.com/user/BakaHapa/submitted/

that post was removed from the subreddit so I can't see the upvotes. if it had more than 10 upvotes and took a long time to get removed or something then ok, you have a point, but if it's just some rant that got 0 upvotes and then got removed then you're not really proving much. anyone can post whatever bullshit to a subreddit.

but either way saying "but we're not as bad as MGTOWs!!!" is a very low bar indeed

No. 290659

They were not on my gallery, he went through my whatsapp messages to my boyfriend. I didn't get the point of snapchat until now I guess

No. 290664

File: 1536096021003.png (108.64 KB, 1266x770, 1513810536180.png)

>this is the kind of conspiracy theory fear mongering i was talking about:
nothing like this was ever in any of the man hating thread, the fact you go through a 1 yr old thread, in which op was later called out to compare to mgtows is laughable

>when you have to resort to whataboutism and a few examples to try to defend against an allegation, you're usually not on strong grounds.

your point was that we are "JUST LIKE!!!" mgtow, I was using points to explain why we aren't
> maybe I'm wrong, but I imagine if you asked what % of self-identifying "MGTOWs" agreed with that, it would be 1% or less. if I am wrong about that then I stand corrected, but it still doesn't change my point at all.
oh great, asking for stats that will never exist (or at least legit ones) because legit statisticians focus on real shit, not "how many mgtows wanna beat women" or whatever

>but either way saying "but we're not as bad as MGTOWs!!!" is a very low bar indeed

then show men how many of us are contaminating every corner of the internet, even making real life presentations about how all women are evil and only want chads and demanding all school boys be forced to watch it

No. 290680

>like about the government "mandating romantic partners or sex for men"
are you this dumb… no one thinks the government is giving out girlfriends to incels, we're making fun of the incels who think it should be that way.

No. 290684

difference is, that will never happen because, no matter what the incels/mgtows say, men are more vauled than women. female fetuses already are, and have been, aborted en masse in many different places in the world, it's not just a hypothetical shitpost scenario on /g/.

No. 290687

Not in any western society.

No. 290691

honestly with how big of babies western men are nowadays and how big of victims people will play because of womens existence I wouldn't be surprised

No. 290702

i was referring to >>113123. yes it wasn't in this thread chain, but it was in this sub-board and sure sounds like someone who posts in these threads.

we're just arguing semantics at this point. anything i point out will just have you respond with "here's an example of a super shitty thing some very misogynistic guys did". all i wanted to say is the response to misogynistic guys is not "men-hating" threads.

you said

>where are we doing this though?we've been saying since day 1 "not all men" not that you can be bothered to research something outside of your narrative

if you went on /r9k/ and saw a thread called "Woman-Hating Thread" and asked what was up and they said "we're not saying this is all women", i don't think you'd go "oh ok np then". generalizing half the world in this way is just fucking dumb even if you hedge it a little.

No. 290705

I hate the 'muh artificial womb' meme from mgtow so much.
The risk of health problems can be there- and even if there aren't going to be health problems its going to effect the kid psychologically, being born from an unnatural way.
Not to mention the mentally unstable father figure. Mgtow is filled with neckbeards who aren't self-aware, using it as an excuse for them not having a gf. They're just too narcissistic and not prepared for a big task like this.

No. 290710

>if you went on /r9k/ and saw a thread called "Woman-Hating Thread" and asked what was up and they said "we're not saying this is all women"
they wouldn't. even women that kiss their ass like june they mock and harass

No. 290711

Where are they getting the egg for this, anyway?

Regardless (and very OT), I'm pumped for artificial wombs. A big reason I don't want a child is because of my unrelenting tokophobia/the time I'd have to take off work for pregnancy. It would be great to avoid fucking up my body for a baby that's genetically my own.
This is ideal.

No. 290727

They do though.

No. 290732

File: 1536100469785.jpg (69.96 KB, 510x560, 1513247658782.jpg)

if that was the case they wouldn't go out of their way to screech the same mgtow copy pastas anytime they see a woman, so much they don't even pay attention and all they see is someone with a vagina and start ranting about walls and shit, typical mgtow mental breakdowns

I've never seen them say "not all men" meanwhile we're pretty much forced to explain not all men anytime someone gets their feelings hurt men get a taste of their own medicine for once

No. 290759

The funny thing is we've had the technology to reproduce without sperm cells for over a decade already (via a method invented by a female scientist no less).
Y chromosomes on extinction watch.

No. 290779

File: 1536103518018.png (1.03 MB, 737x5597, how can this not be satire.pn…)

Men be like…(seriously read until the end what a fucking ride kek)

No. 290782

What about the ones who say stuff like "tfw no fembot gf"? You think they're the same people screaming at women to go away?
Just cause they're all named Anonymous doesn't mean they're actually the same person you know.

No. 290792

The funny thing is they do this in asian countries, and men are crying about that too because now women are even more prized because literally hundreds of thousands of men will never be able to date or marry a woman

Its laughable how society insists men are the smart ones when they do shit like this to themselves

No. 290803

This whole thing was a mess, but the thing that stuck out the most to me was the very intentional capitalization of "father" but not "mother". You see this shit with black supremacists and white supremacists too, where, depending on which flavor it is, black or white will be capitalized and the vice versa not. Just a little quirk I've noticed for a long time that idiots online have.

Also, that whole thing just makes me so glad I am beyond their "expiration date". I can't imagine being a younger woman and having to deal with this current crop of men online.

No. 290831

do you even know what you're talking about?

No. 290854

Wow, his standards are almost as high as the average woman's.

What a monster.

No. 290892

File: 1536107482218.gif (47.05 KB, 220x193, tenor.gif)

No. 290907

[citation needed]

No. 290919

p sure they think women that don't go husband hunting at rehabs have high standards
even if women did do that they'd still claim womens standards are high

No. 290922

They think women who ask men to bathe is the same as an ugly ginger troll expecting to date a hot model and bang her gfs. Oh the misandry!

No. 290933


I'm pretty sure (actually just hoping) that this is not serious. Probably some /r9k/ neckbeard baiting to see if women are going to message to this made-up arrogant douchebag character that also is super rich. Basically trying to catch "gold diggers" and post it on forums and say "see, women care only about money and not character". Now actually thinking, even if this is made-up, it's still pretty sad that someone spent time writing that shit in hopes of baiting "gold diggers".

This also reminds me of this tinder profile that had a male model's pic and profile description was saying he was convicted of child rape or some shit like that. There was screenshots of many women messaging him in flirting manner. Though in that case I believe the profile description was edited after the fact. It probably had some non-serious convictions as obvious jokes and the guy behind the profile changed the description to child rape after receiving messages from women.

No. 290935

>Though in that case I believe the profile description was edited after the fact. It probably had some non-serious convictions as obvious jokes and the guy behind the profile changed the description to child rape after receiving messages from women.
it was, one of the women showed his original profile where he talked about stealing gum, hence why other women talk about stealing candy to

No. 290937

I also thought this before I posted this-however after being on okcupid and the amount of men who are like this-and speaking to guys like this on other dating sites its a case of poes law.

No. 290939

As if every woman's dating profile doesn't have minimum requirements for height, income, physical fitness, family plans, and a general and god knows what else.

Above average requirements of course.

No. 290942

Thats not an argument.
Citation needed.

No. 290943

>Above average requirements of course.
eh, men expect midgets nowadays tbh
I've seen more men be offended by their partners income than I've seen women
I'd honestly think women wanting rich guys was a meme if it wasn't for sugar babies or men like jorge on 90 day who purposely go for those women and cry about what they get themselves into

No. 290949

>I've seen more men be offended by their partners income than I've seen women
fucking hell this!

No. 290960

Citation needed.

No. 290971

No. 290972

No. 290974

>you'd think men would be happy to see women take care of men financially since they act so offended and hurt over gold diggers, right? nope, they hate that too

Exactly! They also complain about women being too independant these days, basically either way you cant win.

No. 290975

wasn't there an anon in another thread who lied about how much she made because her boyfriend got so offended?

No. 290976


truth. I never understood why men get so assblasted about this. why do they care? they get mad if you 'leech off them', they get mad if you make more than them. pick a lane, damn.

No. 290979

most men don't want to put effort into their futures either and cry when their girlfriends get further in life than they do, it's like they want to make magic money appear and have the woman live without needing money for basic human needs

No. 290980

File: 1536111314618.jpg (127.27 KB, 1024x1044, gift for triggered cuck.jpg)

No. 290983

If men weren't so pathetically insecure and horrible to women over female breadwinners, I'd feel genuinely sorry for the pressure on them to be breadwinners. I've never thought it was fair on them and I think women sell themselves short by expecting men to make more. But they are nasty, petty and selfish under any circumstance so fuck em.

No. 290988

Wow you're stupid. Did you even read any of those articles before linking them?

For one, my point was that few if any men have ever done something like put "ladies, don't even bother messaging me unless you make at least 6 figures", women do stuff like that all the time.

Second, like all of those article are written by women, about women being the ones with the problem.
>I lost all respect for my husband when I started making more than him so I divorced
It's women who can't stand men making less than them, not the other way around. How can you possibly be this lacking in self awareness.(man)

No. 290989

You. cant. win. ever. You cant like sex or else youre a roastie whore. Cant refuse it or have a low libido or else your a useless prude. Cant be independent or financial stable since that makes men intimidated and hurts their egos. Cant make less or be dependent since that will make you a gold digging whore. Youre not allowed to age or any other changes physically. Especially after pregnancy. You must be perfect the day after or else you'll be treated like scum.

At thise point, if we all just pitch in and buy them sexdolls, you think they'll leave us alone?

No. 290991

Citation needed.

No. 290992

File: 1536112289180.jpg (29.42 KB, 490x333, Projecting.jpg)

>Wow you're stupid

No. 290993

>women do stuff like that all the time.
bitch where
>>>I lost all respect for my husband when I started making more than him so I divorced
bitch w h e r e

No. 290995

You know i was all for sex dolls because I thought it would mean men would leave women alone, but apparently it has bad implications and would make things worse so idk.

No. 290998

He's asking for a dead woman. Body fat percentage of 8%? Okay for men, but women need 10% to not even die, essential body fat and all. I hope he enjoys his skeleton with organ failure a la Eugenia Cooney.

No. 290999

1) we were talking to each other, not you, and knew what we were discussing
2) not being psychic doesnt make us stupid, you didnt specify anything
3) you made the initial assertion and twice have failed to back anything up, so you are in no position to be demanding answers from anyone else. I will be amused to see you prove "As if every woman's dating profile doesn't have minimum requirements for height, income, physical fitness, family plans" given your brain is the size of a pea

No. 291009

File: 1536113172485.jpg (152.84 KB, 390x859, men are trasn.jpg)

No. 291012

being a girl and liking sports (football in my case) means:

>if you're too masculine or ugly

being asked if you're a lesbian, being made fun of, 'why you acting like a man, it's gross' etc

>if you're too feminine or attractive

enduring endless abuse from men, not being taken seriously, 'you don't get it only men do' etc

women just can't win

No. 291013

>“I had no idea that my income would take off the way that it did. I was able to triple his income….Now we are at a point where we are getting separated. It’s actually the best thing for both of us—we don’t have any children, we don’t have any joint assets together—no one plans on it ending up this way but it is what it is, and I think at the end of the day we are both comfortable with our decision. I initiated it, of course.

No. 291015

No because they need someone to inflict pain on and a sexdoll doesn't satisfy them.

No. 291016

>idiot cant even read his own post

top kek

No. 291047


Yeah this sounds like entitlement that a lot of guys seem to have. They're used to getting their way, and when they don't, they're disappointed- some even become violent and take it out on others.

No. 291071

It's baffling to think that they want this. Men already massively fail at raising their children, and that's WITH women doing nearly all of the child rearing.
What are they going to do when they actually have to raise a child themselves, with no spousal support?

No. 291077


oh anon. you already know. ;_;
men want to abolish AoC laws for a reason

No. 291080

File: 1536118601044.gif (2.97 MB, 700x393, clap.gif)

No. 291086

File: 1536119490177.jpg (167.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1523553438373.jpg)

Please God end this earth

No. 291089

Reasons women are evil
>won't sleep with me
>expects me to pay the bill
>won't be a sub housewife while simultaneously not being a gold digger who expects me to provide
>i.e. why won't women shit money out their asses
>won't have my kids
>will get ugly once she has my kids
>will get ugly with age
>something something chad

Reasons why men are evil:
>will rape and murder women
>will make fun of raped and murdered women
>will fantasize about raping and killing women

No. 291109

File: 1536125056848.png (733.7 KB, 1242x1935, more money.png)

Well since you all seem dead set on refusing to actually read your own fucking sources I guess there's no choice but to plaster them in your face.

Women are overwhelmingly the ones to be more upset when their husband earns less money than them. Many of these men love the role reversal. They love the easy life of a housewife, but women absolutely hate knowing that she's working while he relaxes and enjoys life. Every single story you linked involves the woman being the one who gets angry enough to break off the relationship. The men are slightly insecure about it at most, but it's the women who absolutely hate it enough to divorce and end the relationship.

Why you're trying to paint it like men are causing this problem is beyond me. I guess because you're just unwilling to admit the fault in yourself, so you project your own anger at the issue onto men and try to use that as the justification for the anger to begin with.

No. 291110

Adding to that
>men will proclaim how much stronger and faster they are than women
>wonders why women are uncomfortble

I dont get how women who are protective of themselves are always "paranoid bitches" then on the other hand, men will blame victims of rape and murder for not being careful enough. You cant tell people how much stronger you are, how easily you can overpower someone and not have them be wary of you.

No. 291114

Why the fuck are scrots stil hanging in here. Male fucking reeee and humiliate any girl who dares to post in their designated places /r/theredpill / /R9K/, /r/braincel, but we tolerate them in our threads and even entertain them. We are too nice for our own good.

No. 291115

>Women are overwhelmingly the ones to be more upset when their husband earns less money than them
only when their husband gets insecure and bitches about it, men will stay in relationships just to make both of them miserable then claim it's good just because they're together, hence why they don't break up with women they claim to hate and suffer being with, they'd rather just everyone being miserable just so they don't have to be the ones leaving, it has to be the ebul women
>Many of these men love the role reversal. They love the easy life of a housewife
and yet they scream about hitting walls when an older richer woman wants to support them, cry gold digger when they voluntarily pay for shit, which one is it?
>women absolutely hate knowing that she's working while he relaxes and enjoys life.
well I'm a woman and I don't hate it
>Every single story you linked involves the woman being the one who gets angry enough to break off the relationship.
refer to what I said earlier, men are the times to beat a dead horse until women decide to bury it then claim women are evil for burying it

also what is this picture trying to prove? a lot of them are just simply discussing and explaining why, like 17, the woman clearly states that he doesn't clean or do shit and lays around mooching all day, 14 was about the partner being lazy, 20 is her talking about how she has to bust her ass to make ends meet, 13 is that she wants to spend time with her baby but she can't, 12 is her husband being a gold digger,11 is wanting them to be equal breadwinners, 7 is wanting her husband to get a job,6 is telling them not to let men take advantage of your money, 5 is talking about how he became like a child and it wasn't attractive, 4 is talking about how the husband wants to mooch despite him doing the opposite for the first woman, 3 is just them breaking up peacefully because it didn't work out

whats your point again?

No. 291116

they don't even deserve to be paid attention to. just ignore the subhumans, ladies

No. 291117

Im pretty sure they hang in /meta too with the handmaidens to look for an opportunity to scream 'nuke the thread'.
Sharing unpopular opinions and facts is too scary i guess kek.

No. 291118

>refer to what I said earlier, men are the times to beat a dead horse until women decide to bury it then claim women are evil for burying it
*types, my bad

No. 291135

We need to stop engaging with them, period. It might be worth a laugh at first, but it gets tedious fast. Start reporting obvious scrote posts and ignore them instead.
I love how the scrotes and handmaidens scream about this one thread ruining this whole site. They really have no control at all. Simply ignore the fucking thread if you don't like it. But then again, if scrotes and handmaidens did that, they wouldn't have anything to whine about, would they?

No. 291137

Why are redpills so fucking hilarously paranoid about feminists? They'll constantly try to bring it up, even when its not relevant at all, then shit their pants if feminism is dared used anything outside of negative connotation, I can probably rob them with a feminist novel knowing their paranoia about feminist boogiemen

No. 291156

Why do men think that being a housewife is "relaxing and enjoying life"? Most of the housewifes I know barely have a moment for themselves.

No. 291159

I’ve been thinking about getting back into jogging, but don’t really have time during the day. Aside from my dad, every man I talk to about this is like:
>You’re afraid of going out jogging alone while it’s dark out? You’re just paranoid, nothing’s going to happen, assuming that men will hurt you is actually really sexist towards us, how dare you?
But when only a few months ago a woman in the next town over was raped and murdered while out jogging at 5 AM they said:
>Why was she alone at that time of night? What did she think would happen? She didn’t even bring pepper spray, how stupid!

So fearing you’re in danger is paranoid and sexist but assuming you’ll be fine makes you a moron whose rape and murder is only a natural consequence of your stupidity. Damned if we do, dead if we don’t.

No. 291182

Fill out your profile completely, don't talk about fetish stuff, put that in the fetish section if you must. Focus on writing about what you want in a relationship. You also have to get very good at vetting people. Most of the people that message you are braindead horndogs so you'll be able to weed them out very quickly. Don't ever send nudes (can't believe people actually do this), don't immediately meet up, be patient. I vetted about 90 people online, 3 people irl, and I was almost ready to give up and delete my profile. He was the one who found me and messaged me first. We clicked almost immediately, talked every day for about 3 months before he moved here (a huge coincidence actually). He never pushed me into talking about anything sexual. Anyone who does is a walking red flag.

It's basically just an endurance test. You have to weed through a bunch of retards, and really it's up to you to decide if it's worth the time. For me it definitely was, as I found the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

No. 291195

Because they think being a woman is easy for some reason

No. 291206

What an annoying read, these women are retarded. Either that or their husbands still wouldn't pick up the slack and do housework, which was probably the case because men are such babies who can't look after themselves. One of the women even said
>it felt like i had three children
I bet he wanted to kick back and be looked after lmao. If you're not the breadwinner, make up for it by caring for the house. Women have done it for thousands of years, can't be that hard, right?

No. 291209

I was talking with my male friends a few days ago and 2 of them are virgins and I know one of them refused one of my female friends that asked him out a few months ago.

As we were talking we ended up discussing about sex and relationships and the same guy that refused my friend told me I shouldn't be talking because it's soo much easier for females to find relationships. I came in with relevant arguments and personal experience as I am not an exceptionally good looking female nor do I have a great personality so dating for me hasn't been easy at all and currently I am single and fuck that guy kept saying something like >I bet there's at least someone that would want to fuck and possibly date you

Why do males think we have a dating privilege if some bald 40 year old guy would want to fuck us? I mean a lot of these virgin shitheads that keep complaining about how females are shitty refused at least one female and they keep waiting for their kawaii uguu~~ dream girl to lose their virginity. It's not our fault they are not realistic.

No. 291222

Yeah, the truth is more men will go after women. That's just how it is. But just because they throw themselves at you doesn't mean their decent people. Somehow they believe that there is value in the fact that someone wants to fuck you, no matter how rude or unattractive they are. When I lived in a bad area, I had scary homeless-looking men hit on me constantly, in a very predatory and aggressive way. Is that something to feel good about? I just felt threatened. Most of the men that hit on me were like that. And I am average. The same happens to my friend who is very attractive. You would think the men who hit on her are nice, decent people, right? No, most of the men who hit on her are awful, predatory people who just want to take advantage of her.

At in the few instances where women approach men, it is usually with good intentions.

No. 291230

File: 1536155518114.png (784.4 KB, 1242x1935, manchilds.png)

>Well since you all seem dead set on refusing to actually read your own fucking sources I guess there's no choice but to plaster them in your face.
>Women are overwhelmingly the ones to be more upset when their husband earns less money than them. Many of these men love the role reversal.

Look who's not reading their sources. Most of the women in that screenshot were resentful that their husband didn't know how to spend money, didn't do any housework while staying at home all day, didn't care about finances, kept acting like the head of the house even though they do jack shit. Imagine working your ass off whole day to see your husband laying on the couch watching TV, then you start cooking and have to clean the mess he's made during the day, you have to tell him to start the dishwashing machine that he didn't bother starting while you're at work, you barely make the end of the month but he doesn't care about it and has the audacity to ask money for $100/h tennis lessons, and he doesn't take you serious when you try to communicate about it.

No. 291232

If you hate men so much why do you take our memes? I saw a female dicord server and they were all posting memes created by men.

No. 291237

Yeah. How could they have not seen that manly watermark on them? The audacity!

No. 291238

I created quite a few inside memes myself and I don't need to plaster my gender on them.
After all, memes are made anonymously, how can you tell which one is made by a d*ck-haver or a woman.

No. 291248


>Death by a thousand cuts for the bitch, now.

>I've heard tales of horrible shit happening when the first wife goes psycho from jealousy of the second, but this is a whole new fucking level of fucked.
>That's fucking horrific. Does India have cruel and unusual punishment? I hope so.
>This is what toxic femininity looks like.
>Nothing says, "Love me more" than raping, killing, and mutilating your husband's daughter from a different wife…I'm sure he'll totally be running to her, now.
>Never forget, if you were born in the first world, how fucking lucky you were to be born in a white country. Especially if you are female.
>"Buh womyn are so oppressed in amerika" screeches tumblr.
>Now that's a wicked stepmother

What makes the woman worse than the guys?
Yes, they did it because she wanted them to do so, but they were the ones who physically did the raping and killing.

No. 291251

>b-but what about our memes??

Thanks for the laugh faggot

No. 291256

Real talk, feminists should stop falling for jewish tricks, internalize that they argue over inane shit and actually focus on women's issues in islamic and african countries.

Can you retards employ your 2 working nerve cells and realize that you have no issues in your sub-urban lives and men are not out to get you? There are thousands of children getting raped daily by pakistani ganks in the UK, sweeden is number 1 in instances of aggravated rape according to eurostat, over 60% of girls are put through female genital mutilation in bantu, kenya, yemen, nigeria, somalia, and other west african countries. It is accepted by law and reinforced to hit your wife in virtually all islamic countries as long as you don't hit her in the face and make sure you don't bruise her.

These are things that are happening right now. Wake the fuck up you oversized infants and open your eyes to the real issues. Feminism has been a thing for 75 years and there's been no change with regards to anything whatsoever. The only changes have been quotas, affirmative action, family court and the happiness index for women reaching a 100 year low.

No. 291268

I love when men come in here and accuse us of not complaining about worldwide misogyny. As if last thread we didn't have a big conversation about Muslim men. As if we haven't generally agreed that male immigrants are the problem and only women should be let in.
Don't worry, we hate you all no matter your race.

No. 291272

I don't browse your imageboard.

How about you make motions at your universities, how about you get a hashtag trending, how about you bring awareness via reddit?

Nah, talking about how white men are catcalling you and how incels are misogynistic clearly takes precedence.

There is absolute radio silence about the issues I mentioned, and it's deliberate. Do not forget that all the feminist leaders and politicians have embraced islam. Norway's PM and sweden's minister of foreign policy met Islamic leaders wearing hijabs.
Canada's PM fell short of giving UAE's leaders a blowjob and offering his wife as a porta-potty.

You are aware of it, but you are risk-averse and don't want to challenge the narrative.

No. 291280

>"Buh womyn are so oppressed in amerika" screeches tumblr.
What the hell does it have to do with America? India is a patriarchy, women are opressed there. Not to mention that the number of cases like this are pretty rare in India if you compare them to cases where men brutally rape a woman without being told to do it, or the cases where a woman rejects a man and he throws acid on her face.
I doubt that they even know the difference between liberal and radical feminism, a radical feminist (Julie Bindel) wrote one of the first pieces about muslim grooming gangs.

No. 291289


Most of us here don't like libfems anon. We're shut down pretty fucking quickly if we dare to challenge the narrative in actual, public spaces. Banned for hatespeech, shunned for intolerance, ostracized by other feminist groups. Yeah. Been there, done that. We do have our own reddits, tumblrs, hastags on twitter, but our feminism isn't palatable to people with sensitive feelings who don't like what we have to say.

We get mad about issues like you mentioned because they're present in our day-to-day lives, my friend.
They are problems for us because they're local to us.

I'm definitely not going to argue that I don't have it better than the poor, "enlightened" Muslim women in the ME, but we feel that there's still progress to be made, and we have issues facing us right now in OUR COUNTRY that need attention. We can care about multiple things at once, anon!

No. 291292

Don't be friendly towards triggered, racist incels.

No. 291295

Incidentally, women from very liberal countries tend to posit that they experience misogyny way more often than women from more socially conservative countries. This correlates with a demonstrable difference in the happiness index, instances of rape per capita, instances of childbirth out of wedlock, instances of domestic abuse and instances of single-parent households.

I find that quite fascinating. From personal, anecdotal experience, the women in my country do not express that they encounter misogyny a whole lot. Which is counterintuitive according to the feminist consensus about the patriarchy.

Is this poster being facetious? I don't get how you got racist or celibate (had to look it up) from my post, but you further prove my point that you ideologues deliberately silence dissent.

No. 291296

Isn't it funny the same men crying about how we don't help women in other countries cry oppression over shit like not getting laid, since they consider it such as big of a problem you'd think they want to help men in other countries who are being forced to work to the bone? Nope, but you know who is? Evil feminist boogiemen they hate so much

No matter how much money, time or effort we put into helping 3rd world countries, the second you say feminist you're an evil tumblr libfem harpie who doesn't help women in 3rd world countries

I do think western women have issues though, like how fast people are to scream liar or attention whore when a woman comes out about rape or abuse, so much actual rape victims have went insane before because they were doubting themselves, how many people would blame millions of women before ever blaming a man, body image issues placed by society, being harassed when they work typical man work despite men claiming that's what they wanted, mgtows who alienate women and can't coexist amoung them without spazzing out, how people will scream all day about how privileged women are while living in a society where feminists enemy is president

No. 291304

>About false rape accusations
That was not such an issue before 3rd wave feminism took a shit all over due process, legislation, title 9, inordinate repercussions for alleged rapists and absence of repercussions of false accusers. Feminists have instilled in women that rape is in male nature instead of promoting cooperation between men and women against actual rapists. You might want to look into how men dealt with rapists before the 20th century. It is women who are working against actual rape victims. When you pass legislation to treat whistling and catcalling as sexual assault, punishable by 6 months to 2 years in prison, then you inadvertently create a reality where the very notion of sexual assault is trivialized. Just a crass example.

>body image issues

Those are instilled by women. Do you even realize what short of imageboard you are posting in? Are you cognizant of the fact that your very pastime is gossiping and pointing out flaws in women?
Men find healthy, fertile women attractive. They are way more simple than you imply.

>harrassed for work

Most men care about merit, about results. There are still many that object to women entering occupations that are "male", but that's largely growing pains. These boomers are on their way out.
The average millennial man cares about meritocracy and equality of opportunity and not equality of outcome. People dislike people that get a job thanks to nepotism, affirmative action or politics. I don't see anything wrong with tat.

>mgtows drivel

From my understanding, mgtows are men that have checked out and decide not to engage with women due to the risk that comes along with it. Namely false rape allegations, family court system, et cetera. So, I don't really get what you are referring to.

No. 291316

File: 1536168281737.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

Women always have been accused of lying before it was even a thing, or the whole "you had sex and regretted it" thing, its not about evil feminist boogie men, even so, if you feel the need to scream liar and whore any time a woman comes out about abuse you have issues and its sad this is normal in society
>only women cause other womens body image issues!!
Kek, nice try though, any woman with body issue images i know are because of exes or men in their life, never women, men aren't angels, look in past threads where men threw mental breakdowns because a woman wore shorts and had a small butt

I also said harassed AT work not for work, men demand women enter dangerous professions for equality then harass them the entire time, see anons in previous threads about factory assault stats and how many mgtows screeched when a female trucker talked about being a trucker

>they don't engage with women
I wish, if that was the case they wouldn't have mental breakdowns anytime they see a woman in public, or even better when they make "dear ___ girls" videos where they just insult the woman the entire time for uncontrollable physical features, they then contaminate youtube sections, can barely even watch the news anymore without going out their way to twist and turn it into a mgtow lesson, so much they've literally pointed out women in backgrounds to talk about mgtow copypastas, hell they're even bothered about 30+ yr old women walking about in public, just look through old threads where men talked about how aging is karma for women and they laugh when they see 30+ yr old women, so much for going your own way

No. 291320


legit question- if incels/mgtow hate us so much why don't they fuck each other?

No. 291322

File: 1536168949278.png (138.86 KB, 339x947, 1513485969120.png)

they already are, hence traps

No. 291326

is that what they call "chasers"? Or is that just gay men who go for pre-op trannies?

I figured FTT would mesh perfectly with these incel and mgtow types. They're both narcissistic, deluded, and hate women.

No. 291341

Sex out of wedlock wasn't really a common thing before feminism and the sexual liberation era (that coincided with synthetic estradiol/estrone oral contraception). Whenever a woman claimed rape before the 60s you knew it was most definitely real.
There have always been rapists, there are rapists, and there will likely always be rapists. It's a mental disorder, primarily in the male brain. Men despise rapists just as women do, only in the last 40 years did this notion get distorted. Even in sub-saharan africa it is common for men to kill rapists in gruesome fashion.
In the late 19th century, US rape was punishable by death. Men accused of domestic abuse were tied to a horse and everyone in town would throw rotten vegetables and fruit at them, and they'd brutally beat them up before sending them back home.

>body image issues are because of exes

That's conjecture and anecdotal. Since it's imponderable to ascertain, how about you start by not putting down women about their body&face on this imageboard? You can't be overtly hypocritical like that.

>harassed at work

No man actually demands women enter dangerous professions. Several men have pointed out the female duplicity though. Because feminists demanded affirmative action on specific career paths and disciplines and conveniently left out some occupations.
I digress, about your point on harassment, I will take your word for it. I have not experienced any such incident. Oftentimes women are just not fit for the business environment and get offended too easily about things that are not even directed at them. That's not harassment and I am unapologetic about.


I am not sure what you are referring to. I doubt mgtows are making youtube videos chastising women's appearance. Could you link an example?

>comment sections

Men, by and large, are sick of getting attacked. The powers that be are pitting the genders against each other. If anything, you should pause and ponder why have men started to express such discontent in every medium? Something is amiss.

> 30-year-old women

Women have thinner skin tissue and collagen production drops earlier in comparison to men. In contrast, men do not take care of their face, they do not wear sunscreen and do not moisturize. When advantage they have due to endocrinology they squander due to irresponsible practices. So, women aging faster than men should be approached in a case by case basis. In a vacuum, yeah, women show signs of aging faster. But we dont live in a vacuum. I think they infer that women's main value in terms of attracting a partner is their physical beauty and fertility, whilst that's 100% the case with men.
It's quite one-dimensional and not really applicable as a valid insult, but I get the rationale.
I doubt it's mgtows that say those things though since that would go against their very ideology. It's most likely other groups of men.

No. 291344

I made a bunch of typos but I hope it's not intelligible.

Also, wall of text. Oops.

No. 291345

If you want a debate go to r/Ask_Radical_Feminists or r/AskFeminists, or some other reddit like these ones, for now please fuck off

No. 291346

File: 1536170221554.png (1.72 MB, 3884x2500, 1512493524573.png)

>how about you start by not putting down women about their body&face on this imageboard
never have and never will, unless you can prove I did, you can't prove anything. even then there's no denying that how womens boyfriends treat them can affect their body image more than strangers
>Whenever a woman claimed rape before the 60s you knew it was most definitely real.
get a history lesson
>Men accused of domestic abuse were tied to a horse and everyone in town would throw rotten vegetables and fruit at them, and they'd brutally beat them up before sending them back home.
sauce? last time I checked domestic abuse was legal and normal back then
>I am not sure what you are referring to. I doubt mgtows are making youtube videos chastising women's appearance. Could you link an example?
ok, here's one, as well as many suggestions, literally calling all women ugly, bitching about high maintenance women then bitching about low maintenance ones, etc
>No man actually demands women enter dangerous professions
kek, look in old threads, men who bitch about women not working dangerous jobs now bitch when they do
>Men, by and large, are sick of getting attacked
they aren't, at all. The women who attack them get labeled as evil feminazis
>. So, women aging faster than men should be approached in a case by case basis. In a vacuum, yeah, women show signs of aging faster.
biologically yes, but most women care for themselves, even then they shouldn't be attacked and claimed that something everyone goes through is "karma" for not serving men

>I doubt it's mgtows that say those things though since that would go against their very ideology. It's most likely other groups of men.

then you need to go look at mgtows instead of seeing "wow they said they go their own way therefore they do, fuck facts, fuck how bitter and crazy they are, fuck how much they harass women, I don't believe it!"

No. 291347

File: 1536170315216.png (17.93 KB, 814x116, 1513289312672.png)

this is what I'm talking about >>290664
they're triggered at women existing at a certain age
it was a fucking video about a 35 yr old woman getting a boyfriend

No. 291353

more context on the video
when a woman pointed out how sick the comments were she was quickly attacked and labeled as a "triggered feminist playing victim"

the girl didn't "Cry rape" either, she told her friend she felt forced into it via private message but I guess that's enough for mgtows to claim you "cried rape"

No. 291362

It's whataboutism taken to it's natural conclusion. Any time a woman from the west makes a justified complaint about our culture, men come in with the "Women elsewhere have it so much worse!" shit. And don't worry, when women in those countries stand up to men and have feminist protests and challenge their shitty patriarchal cultures, western men use whataboutism on them too.

The recent protests in Korea are a good example. Thousands of women protesting disgusting men and their invasions of female privacy. In South Korea, protesting shit like that and being a feminist can cost you your livelihood. And of course, naturally, I saw some dude from the west playing whataboutism on Twitter, saying if those women REALLY cared, they'd be protesting North Korea, because North Korea has it so much worse.

Men are incapable of caring about more than one thing at a time. And they think women need to just shut up and deal with whatever bullshit we have handed to us. At the end of the day, someone somewhere is always gonna have it worse. But it doesn't mean someone who may have it better has to eat shit too.

No. 291363

I skimmed through the video, it's basically a crude jab at tall women having limited options when it comes to dating. It's akin to how short men have limited success with women and statistically father less children than tall men. I can see that. Men have no height preference, typically, but they do have hang-ups about women taller than them on average. In reality, women tend to prefer partners that are taller than them, ergo taller women have a very limited pool of men to choose from.
Regardless, the youtuber is pretty cringy, I get your point about that. It's your typical case of schadenfreude, you don't need me to tell you why that's unsightly regardless of the circumstances.

Okay, basically a girl had consensual sex with a man and he recorded her without her consent. It is not rape, but it's still a crime. So far so good.
The comments are indeed sick, but it's the internet. You need to grow a thicker skin. The vast majority of the demographics that comment on youtube videos are teenagers and reclusive, warped people that view life in extremes.
As for the girl in the video, she was undoubtedly irresponsible, but virtually nothing can excuse rape. I doubt anyone contests that. I didn't find the comment chain you are referring to, but I don't doubt it. Again, it's the internet. You are making posts about castrating men and killing them and what not. Who cares.

No. 291366

Yeah, that's why women invited and still support the millions of immigrants pouring into europe, who in turn rape thousands of children, and when men try to do something about it, those same women cry racism and have them thrown to jail.

That's why when german people protest about immigrant murderers women have to take it upon themselves to do a counter-protest against racism against immigrants.

Do not insult my intelligence. At least have the decency to ban me if you want the discussion to end.

No. 291367

Incidentally, you brought up south korea, which was essentially ruled by a shadow feminist cult and their female, openly feminist PM had to resign when it was found out.

Funny how coincidences work out.

No. 291370

So.. men never age? Its only women who'll be ugly and alone while all the mgtows will be rejoicing in karma against the evil women. They actually believe that they'll end up like george clooney or something, wow. When in reality, they'll just up with ruined, dry skin, heavier and furiously typing away on their keyboard about how women at 16 have hit the wall. They don't change.

Wonder if those men with yellow fever will feel something, knowing that their perfect waifus actually hate the perverted shit that goes on in SK and actually want some fucking privacy. I wish those women the best. Korea is terrible when it comes to respecting women at all

No. 291383

No one wins.
It baffles me that neither women nor men get it. About your point though, obviously men age as well, and due to being careless they age just as bad, if not worse, than women who take care of themselves. Here's the rub though, women are biologically-speaking on a timer. You have a finite amount of oocytes. Not all women want to become mothers, but every woman should take some time to think about maternity and make a decision before it's too late. Men can afford to be more carefree and callous about life, in that regard.

I doubt fetishists care what their objects of desire think about anything. That's not a representative trait of fetishism.

OT: I figured out you are saging, but I am not sure how to sage. I have been bumping the thread, unwittingly.

I am out, it was a fun little talk.

No. 291388

The yellow fevers will start bitching (if they haven't already) that their precious smol waifus are being contaminated by evil western feminism and it's Jewish tricks.

No. 291409

Korean men are the exact same. They'll say Korean women should just shut up and be grateful that they don't have it as bad as women in Saudi Arabia. It's like men are a hivemind.

No. 291431

>points out issues
>that does happen
>heres proof it does happen
Thanks for proving my point

No. 291447

>Norway's PM met with islamic leaders wearing hibajs
no?? she didnt lmao

No. 291453


get that through your thick skull and perish

No. 291480

File: 1536180847920.png (7.01 KB, 730x81, cringe.png)

Ladies, here is something that will have your sides go into orbit

Yeah, that's right. Pakistani MRAs. This is why no feminist needs to give a shit about any whataboutism that comes from their country's males. One of the worst patriarchies on the planet still has men REEEing about feminism and taking about "muh male oppression." Even in ~awesome 1st world societies~ there is still misogyny. Yeah, no shit it is way better than some 3rd world shithole. No shit that the problems of women in the 3rd world are worse. How are scrots so braindead that they think 1st world feminists, even the libfemmiest of the libfems, don't want to solve this shit? You really think trying to push legislation in a completely different country without knowing the culture, the laws, a viable solution for women based off of culture and laws is going to be easy? At most, 1st world feminists could donate to trustworthy charities or however they can support local causes in that country.
No need to justify yourselves to braindead scrots and handmaidens. These problems are complex as hell and a "hashtag" from 1st world feminists won't do shit. Yeah, 1st world feminists will mostly focus on their issues. Their issues are the issues they have a chance at actually solving.

No. 291485

I had that kind of shit pulled on me by my own rapist. He found out I'd told people about what he did and he send me huge messages about how what he'd did was nothing compared to what would happen to me when I let rapefugess in. To clarify, nothing I'd ever said to him or posted online had ever implied I was at all supportive to letting male refugees into the country, literally the most liberal thing I think I've ever said (or thought) about it was that it's sad when actual children are stuck in shitty circumstances and that was it. Men will always find a way to excuse their own shitty behaviour by pointing to someone worse instead of accepting that they're still the problem

No. 291502

>Their issues are the issues they have a chance at actually solving.

Fucking this. We all know Middle Eastern and African and Asian countries are fucked. But has the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan taught people nothing? People from the first world can't just steamroll in and change shit. Hell, often times, we just make shit worse, and those cultures only become even more backwards. Just look at how the ME has regressed so much from 1970 to now due to Cold War bullshit.

Of course those of us in the first world are concerned for women elsewhere. Of course we want to help. But it's hard to do. Sometimes helping them can only be listening to them, retweeting stories from there, shit like that. It's easier to try and focus on our own shit locally. And even focusing on local shit isn't easy.

Also, Pakistani MRAs. Jesus fuck. They really don't want women to be anything more than a warm hole to breed with and shit out their little genetic failures of sons. What the fuck do these men have to complain about? Are they pissy that honor killings can throw them in jail now, theoretically? I say theoretically, because who knows if that law is even enforced.

No. 291507

I've seen this happen a lot, even in tiny fucking hicktowns where wife beating is the norm men will reee about oppression and claim they live in a gynocentric society over shit like people holding doors open for women

Like yeah, we have to get beat and be shit on constantly and live in misery but hey at least we get the door held open sometimes

No. 291513

funny how you're bending over backwards to clarify that you still think the guy who raped you isn't as bad as refugees from a warzone entering a country. funny coincidence that almost everyone in these threads expresses hatred towards anyone who isn't exactly like them (white, female, cis). you aren't a precious snowflake superior to all the other demographics of the world.

No. 291517

Not her, where the fuck did she say that? She said she never mentioned refugees to him, ie his excuse was nonsensical
Lmao we know all we need to about you, you'll be more welcome on tumblr where rational free thought is frowned upon

No. 291519

Whats next for ME MRAs? REEEing that women being stoned to death for being a gangrape victim is the gynocentric society working against.. men. When a rape victim is charged and jailed for being raped, its actually oppressing men. This bs all comes down to women existing triggers them.

Do they look at china right now
>abort female fetus
>kill baby girls
>value only boys
>now have too many lonely men worrying about dying alone and too few women

No. 291548

File: 1536187924051.png (1.55 MB, 1536x820, 1513553317157.png)

I'm actually legit curious on what they think oppresses them, comes to show what MRAism is actually about, even when men are constantly put on top and told they're superior they cry oppression

how will they redeem themselves

No. 291559


Samefag, but this article is hilarious. Here are some quality quotes from this article

>“You’ve been conditioned to believe that by your media,” he explains. “In reality, it’s not true. Men across the world are at a disadvantage — at work, in education. You won’t realize that until it’s too late.”

Right. Women historically and even in the present are barred from education based on their sex and yet this man from Pakistan thinks of "muh male oppression." Women historically and even in the present are treated as nothing but babymakers, where even "modern" men can't bother to help out their wives with raising kids which makes it hard for women who want to go further in their career but "muh male oppression."

>“Feminists are dividing men and women by spreading hatred”

Yeah. It's those pesky feminazis that are forcing men to marry off their young daughters to old ass men. It's the feminazis that are promoting honor killings. It's the feminazis that are forcing women to veil themselves to go outside or else face harassment. Right.

Funny thing is, this autistic response from Pakistani dudes is in reaction to a Women's march that Pakistani women and allies did that had some of the most non-offensive slogans kek. The most ~controversial~ one was "“Khud khana garam kar lo!” which translates to "Reheat the food yourselves" which caused Pakistani dudes and handmaidens to shit themselves with "b-but it's the men who are the breadwinners." What these autists fail to realize is that the women protesting were mostly upper-class women who also have careers or at least some kind of job so it definitely isn't unreasonable for Pakistani men to get off of their asses. Even housewives (especially ones with young children) aren't there to be maids to their husbands, but to take care of the home in general. But yeah. When even fucking Pakistan has assblasted scrots, you know that male (and handmaiden) opinions on feminism are fucking useless and not even worth addressing.

No. 291564

Yep. And when women rightfully discuss things like that we get painted as femcels.

>discuss and vent about shitty men in our lives/shitty expectations of women

>get painted under the same brush as people who shoot up public spaces over not getting laid

As an aside ladies, I need some insight. I broke up with a dude about 2 years ago. Before that I'd frequently run back to him even when he was in the wrong until I finally gained some respect for myself and left him for good. Suddenly out of nowhere, 2 years post breakup he decides to start prancing around telling all of our mutual friends how I was a waste of his time and energy and he never actually liked me in the first place and he liked me for my looks until I let myself go. Literally this was the guy begging me to not break up with him and telling me I was the best thing that's ever happened to him. What gives here? It doesn't actually bother me so much as it's an annoyance because I feel like it's a shallow attempt at getting my attention.

No. 291576

Men are so fucking weird on breakups, they'll claim to be miserable the entire time and then point the finger at ebul womyn when the woman decides to walk away from the relationship they claim was so miserable to them

Like if you hated your girlfriend so much shouldn't you be happy she left? I don't get it, I really don't, I guess it has to do with entitlement, THEY feel like they need to be the ones to have the last word and have the woman "come crawling back"

No. 291591

I was poking through my tabs and remembered I had a link to a video open about MRAs in India. It's not just Pakistan with this bullshit. And yeah, the video is >Vice, but you might still find it worth a watch.

No. 291597

The comments range from
>"Men go MGTOW!"
>"this is bias against men!"

Go mgtow… because rape is a crime.
>"mgtow I dont talk to women and completely avoid them so i dont get falsely accused of rape!"
>same mgtow: "women avoiding men for fear of getting raped and murdered is paranoia and sexist towards men! Feminist brainwashing!"
Fuck this earth.

Soon as rape is criminalized, the men worry about false rape accusaions. Meanwhile, India is still a violent country for women. Violent gang rapes is still very much a thing. Women are killed over dowry disputes. But because women are people (unfortunately for men), they will whine, protest, attack women and never us alone for it. Fuck. this. earth.

No. 291652

>jewish tricks
>taking about muslims and africans

Fuck of robot

No. 291657

Ignore and report sis

No. 291671

This doesn't invalidate the point.

No. 291672

>there are actually MRAs in India
Holy shit lol. people are finally taking a stand against Indian men for incessantly groping women on the trains and raping young girls and suddenly these MRA groups appear. Whew.

No. 291677

what invalidates the point is
>Can you retards employ your 2 working nerve cells and realize that you have no issues in your sub-urban lives and men are not out to get you?
1, unless they have proof all of us live in the suburbs they can fuck off
2, as shocking as it may sound, suburban people still struggle with issues like domestic abuse, child molestation, sexism, etc. Just because someone isn't poor doesn't mean they're not allowed to have problems

> There are thousands of children getting raped daily by pakistani ganks in the UK, sweeden is number 1 in instances of aggravated rape according to eurostat, over 60% of girls are put through female genital mutilation in bantu, kenya, yemen, nigeria, somalia, and other west african countries. It is accepted by law and reinforced to hit your wife in virtually all islamic countries as long as you don't hit her in the face and make sure you don't bruise her.

yes…we know, us dumb little privileged suburban white girls with no issues apparently have been discussing this since day 1, as I said earlier, it's not that we don't help them, it's that we do and it gets ignored and painted over, so much to where we can put every cent we have into helping these women and people like the bot will still excuse us to be evil privileged feminists refusing to help 3rd world women

>Wake the fuck up you oversized infants and open your eyes to the real issues.

we're still allowed to discuss alive and well sexism in the west, don't like it? leave

> Feminism has been a thing for 75 years and there's been no change with regards to anything whatsoever.

there is, it's literally been shoved in your face and you can do research, but as I mentioned, even if all the proof in the world of feminisms changes hit you, you'd still ignore it and screech the same "you're all privileged white girls who do nothing!" shit

>the happiness index for women reaching a 100 year low.

you're gonna need proof, suicide among women was extremely common back in the 50s, and don't you same retards try to claim men are oppressed because of the male suicide rate but when you claim women are unhappy you blame feminism? you make no sense, it's like you only want to twist and turn things to fit your narrative even if they're the same thing

No. 291678

What have you ever done besides scream at people on the internet?

No. 291684

Volunteered in abroad hospitals that helped domestic abuse survivors as well as offering a home for my very own family to escape their situation
Leave a way I can contact you if you don't believe
Now what have you ever done for men or women in 3rd world countries outside of making up shit about how someone you don't like "probably did nothing but scream at people"? Is that the only arguments you people have now is "OH WELL YOU BITCHES PROBABLY ___"

No. 291721

Comments are cancer
Obviously this is the onion, however, men of course had to take it seriously out of all things to start screaming about "YOU EVIL DERANGED FEMINISTS WILL HIT THE WALL AND BEG FOR MEN TO HARASS YOU!!"

Its kinda disturbing, they're this obsessed with women simply living their lives and using against them, then claiming harassment is a compliment for being young

Why the fuck are men so obsessed with walls and feminists? Women aren't people to them, just expire dates, when you're past 25 you're useless no matter what, so much they can't get it out their heads and see normal women without thinking about their age, not even die hard 50s misogynists were this obsessed with womens age so much they obsessed over the age of stranger women

No. 291724

The strangest thing about their age obsession is that they think it should motivate women to get married young. I know a lot of women feel that way too out of fear, but really… if men think we turn to shit the moment we hit 25 and are completely worthless past 30 then the absolute dumbest thing to do is get married. We all age, it's unavoidable, and legally binding myself to someone who is destined to find me repulsive while I'm still reasonably young and healthy is the last thing I wanna do. I get that most people aren't into wrinkled old folks, but 30 year olds aren't decrepit unless they don't take care of themselves at all.

Tbh it is the main thing keeping me from wanting a long term relationship. Men have many ridiculous expectations for women but at least some of them are theoretically possible, eternal youth is not and there's absolutely nothing we can do to meet that standard. The idea of sitting there and watching my husband lust over 18 year olds for the rest of his life, enabled into his elderly years by viagra and either cheating or leaving me for one if he ever gets the opportunity is abhorrent.

No. 291728

That's probably why they're so bitter, they WANT women to be miserable with them and constantly feel like shit, they fear strong,confident women, so in their minds in order to bring them down is to treat them useless for existing past as a certain age

They are, by defintion, betas. Only betas are intimated by women who choose to live a life that doesn't revolve around pleasing men

That being said, I feel kinda lucky, my boyfriend, before we even started dating told me he liked older women, while he's older than me I feel kinda relieved he doesn't have the same cookie cutter mindset of most men, and thus can have a healthy, happy relationship even if I don't somehow die before I turn 25 or whatever, not that men who only see women as walking bombs will ever be happy with them anyway

No. 291729

Guys who like older women are ideal, lucky you.

But yeah, although I strongly believe men as a whole are unnaturally fixed on youth, there's also a big element of fear mongering online. Men LOVE revenge fantasies of a woman who rejected him for ~Chad~ becoming bitter and alone and regretting her past. They use sex dolls and asian women for the same circle jerking purposes, it really gets them off to imagine us being miserable like they are and are always saying we're going to be replaced, we're going to be useless and unwanted, and we tooootally deserve it for not dedicating our all important youth, beauty and virginity to whichever man feels he has the right to it.

No. 291747

I've always thought it was hilarious that they justify their desire to fuck teenagers by saying they're the best suited for giving birth or whatever. For all their hemming and hawing about biology they seem to know very little about it, and even less about reproduction in particular.

No. 292087

File: 1536267015229.gif (2.14 MB, 385x232, tumblr_inline_pel9obsBR01tx5jj…)

So, this happened at the Venice Film Festival yesterday. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/09/nightingale-italian-film-critic-sexist-jennifer-kent-venice-1202001092/
I happen to be mutuals with this guy, and the amount of supportive comments he's getting from our mutual friends is flabbergasting. He either deleted his profile or Facebook banned him, either way I'm seeing posts like "I hope he's okay, poor guy! He was getting so much hate! I hate the human race, people are so mean! Now they're gonna ruin his career!". This guy, a film critic apparently, had the audacity to shout like a monkey to call this female director a whore for no reason, he admitted it (he even said "I-I'm not a misogynist tho!"), he got backlash and prolly deleted his profile like the pussy he is and now his friends are there to baby him. Poor little angel!

No. 292095

Time to purge all those mutual friends who support him, anon. They sound pathetic. I dont understand his logic behind this either. What was the point? Just because shes a woman and a director, she needs to be insulted?
>calls the director a shameful whore in public for no reason
>"but im not a misogynist! please stop being mean to me everyone!"

No. 292097

File: 1536269050052.png (247.24 KB, 490x1022, 1536265032405.png)

No. 292098


Men obsessed with "The Wall" for women are coping. Their idea of teenage girls comes from watching movies/shows (since they out of touch shut ins) where women in their 20s pretend to be teenagers (some of these women even being past "The Wall!!1") and thus think that every teenager is this bombshell when in reality most teenagers are just average looking. Some even start to look better in their 20s-30s. These losers just believe that by existing and nothing more they will be hunks into their 50s that attract 18 year olds and the Stacy that rejected them in HS will age like a banana.
Reality is, most men won't age like some famous celebrity who has access to the best treatments and will probably look as old as they are. Most 18 year olds won't even look at them considering the only time young women even consider entertaining an ugly old man is if they are sugar babies.

No. 292101

Yeah, it was pretty disappointing to see those friends supporting him, I've always thought they were smart… not smart enough, apparently

No. 292103

he should hit up that nutjob who was sperging in the big titty thread a couple hours ago

No. 292107

which one? there were several, on both sides too

No. 292110

tbh I wouldn't even care about men like this if they didn't spread this shit everywhere, literally not even being able to watch a damn onion video without going on rants about "THE WALL!!!11!" and all over a woman who looks in her late 20s at most

No. 292114

>there were several, on both sides too
were there really though? the sperging about how disgusting big breasts are/how much better chestlets are was all very obviously coming from the same anon.

No. 292119

nah they had different typing styles and arguing styles, one of them was set on just claiming random shit about bras then disappeared after they stopped infighting about infighting and baiting each other, another, possibly 2 or 3 came in and called everyone fat
1 or 2 from the other side were just insisting chestlets were all just anorexics and jealous of them and gloating about how much men like them more
oh and somewhere there was some rando tumblr feminist coming in to preach body positivieh and saggy, odd shaped breasts were completely normal

No. 292133

>another, possibly 2 or 3 came in and called everyone fat
that was the one I was talking about. and no, that was just one anon. all of those posts had the exact same style.

No. 292136

not at all, no. It ended, the previous anon didn't even insult anyone at all (not trying to defend her) then another anon, maybe 2 or 3 came in sperging for no reason and calling everyone and everything fat

it definitely wasn't one anon, look at their argument styles, it went from more passive shit to straight aggression and ignoring everyone and claiming they're all fat, it 100% wasn't one anon

No. 292138

okay? how can you not tell that I'm talking specifically about the sperg? all of her posts were made in quick succession, none were saged, and they all had the same style/content.

No. 292139

And even then men are picky as all hell and entitled (as usual) and don't want a woman over the age of 27, because then she's a "leftover woman".

No. 292141

I assume you mean the first, hence why when you mentioned the "nutjob" and then when I asked which one, you claimed they're all the same person

saging or not saging isn't exactly a big giveaway (which ironically is something people use to claim everyone's a samefag with)
they didn't have even remotely close to the same style, anon #1 was passive and tried not to insult but did sperg a lot about bra sizes, anon #2 didn't care and types differently and uses punctuation and doesn't respond to everyone , and was more focused on people being fat or saggy, anon #1 didn't focus on physical appearance at all

No. 292143

umm… ok

No. 292144

what's even funnier is western men quick to defend those men being picky because men deserve submissive sexdolls for being born men, but will shit their pants simply if a woman has a height preference and tell her she's gonna grow old, hit the wall and die alone

also jfk do mgtows all post the same copypastas? it seems they all use the same wording and sentence structure anytime they see a woman

it will always be shit like
>hitting the wall
>cat ladies
>feminists, feminists, feminists
>you'll come crawling back you'll see
>entitled western women
>gold digger
>I slept with over 200 married women and I'm a rich European prince who makes 5 billion a year, I ghost bitches for fun!
>we'll get unlimited supply of 18 yr old pussy when we turn 60
>be a submissive baby maker or you're worthless and no man will want you
>sexual market value
>women only want top 20% of men
>we don't hate women!
>evil female nature is why all men should mgtow
>she'll steal all your money, make you pay for dinner and accuse you of rape that's why all men should mgtow
etc etc

I guess echo chambers are the equivalent to kool aid

No. 292254

Sometimes when I'm drunk I browse 4chan. It used to be decent, but the level of misogyny there today is beyond disgusting.
Go on /pol/. Any time of the day, half the threads will be about how women are just soulless stupid baby making vessels. It's disgusting.
Go on /b/. Every thread is porn despite other porn-dedicated boards.
Now, I know 4chan isn't representative of most people. But nowadays it's easily one of the most frequented communities on the internet. And then you have huge subreddits like the TRP and shit, and PUA forums, etc etc.
It's scary and you never know what men really think of you because you know most of them hide these feelings irl. They're certainly not a tiny subset of the population.

No. 292255

Is 4chan really that popular nowadays? Who posts there besides incels, future incels, and curious 12 y/o boys?

No. 292258

It really baffles me, if feminists and women existing causes them so much grief and agony, why do they try to inject it in every thread? They love to circlejerk in foaming low-test misery. And they wonder why women live longer.

No. 292259

File: 1536298963175.png (26.73 KB, 1353x424, 4chan history last 8 years.png)

I don't know if it's easy to get an accurate view of page hits for 4chan. I found this image, but it stops in 2017. Alexa has it ranked at 381, which is apparently down several spots over the last three months. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/4chan.org

This was only made last year, but it gives stats for 4chan in real time. https://4stats.io/

/pol/, /v/, /vg/ and /b/ are always the top four boards, compared to it historically being /a/, /b/, and /v/. I'd say 4chan still holds quite a bit of influence, it's just that influence has changed, for the worse honestly. What used to be "the internet hate machine" that posted memes and did dumb shit that got them on Bill O'Rielley as a "left wing website" is now a literal hate machine, full of alt-right assholes.

No. 292263

Well, they're obsessed with us. They hate us because we don't live up to the fantasy angels their delusional, entitled minds dream up, and they talk about us constantly because we're literally so important to their egos that their lives revolve around impressing and obtaining us, and because their greatest desire in life is for all woman to be perfect in looks and personality, and be exclusively sexually available to him.

No. 292265

I don't know. It's like they're obsessed with the idea that we're all against them somehow. Women are the enemy.
They cannot fathom that women are human beings just like them, and that we want things like freedom and safety. To them it's all a game, a war. Women just want to destroy society. We're literally not human to them.

No. 292267

You're not exactly in the best place to act indignant at the opposite sex for viewing you as the enemy and saying they all hate you.

No. 292270

women: hey um c-could you please stop raping and murdering and abusing us please
men: wow why do you hate men both sides are just as bad have you ever considered that???

No. 292272

Don't forget withholding rights from us for the good majority of history!

I don't know why dumbass, tone deaf handmaidens can't get this. It's really not that difficult to understand that we hate men because they hate us. They hate us because they think we're inferior, because they want to control us, because they resent us not being exactly what they want. And they express their hatred through violence and abuse of power. Our 'hatred' is incomparable.

No. 292278

It's men.

No. 292286

Videoes like this infuriate me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_lh5fR4DMA the idea that every male friend I've had never liked me as a person but merely as an object horrifies me.

No. 292290

Why does it almost always seem to be women that complain about other women not wanting to become mothers? It's rarely a sentiment I see males have, unless they're breeding obsessed redpill freaks. Women will shit all over women who don't like children/babies and don't want them in their lives.

No. 292292

They always give the kid to the mother/grandmother in a custody battle, and you think this is a good thing? Children raised by single mothers have more behavioral issues as kids, and when they grow up they're more likely to become criminals/not graduate high school. This is when compared to children raised by single dads, who tend to do just as well as children brought up in two parent households. Always giving children to the mother is simple minded and not something to celebrate.

No. 292299

i think it's just projection. they cant imagine not wanting kids and because they have the same gender as you, it's even more unfanthonable for them. "im a woman and i want/have kids, what the fuck is wrong with you then?"

No. 292300

you cant compare single moms vs single dads because dads only get sole custody when he's an actual good parent. mother-custody is the default so of course there's going to be more fucked up mothers.

No. 292301

to add, i bet you the kids would be way worse off with the babydaddy of those shitty single moms.

No. 292302

The dad only get custody when he actually wants the child. The mother gets custody even when she does not. Most are settled out of court and the father gives the child to the mother, even when she doesn't want it. Of course a demographic who actively want the child and prepare to prove it in court would do better.

No. 292304

I think it's just a sign that us women in general need to get over our "biological urge" to procreate. We're the ones with all the options at our fingertips. Single motherhood shouldn't be an issue, if single moms were actually prepared to raise a child, they should be doing just as good as single dads. Women should collectively shame subpar mothers or women will keep popping out kids only to abuse/neglect them, while reaping the benefits of being a "good mommy" on social media.

No. 292324

I stopped going on 4chan when I found lolcow and just browse this place from time to time. Sure, the salt levels here are high and there's a ton infighting but I can't stand being on that other god awful website for more than a few minutes. One time on /b/ some guy was posting creep videos of women in the bathroom from a spycam in the toilet. It just makes me sick to my stomach, and that's not nearly the worst thing I've seen on there.

No. 292327

Why aren't male posters banned ASAP? I have had enough of their self-obsessed droning in real life. Just had to spend time with an obese sex-obsessed brony manchild because he is somehow a friend of friends. "Oh I am the smartest guy ever, here let me correct everything you say woman and hold mansplaining monologues, this is how to get popular with the ladiez"

No. 292484

I think the worst thing I've seen on 4chan and it all occurred on blue boards, was someone spamming cp webms.

Mods deleted it quickly but the thing that I saw are still etched into my mind.

The fact that not just kids but even babies go through some of the indescribable horrors for want of a better word, while I'm just helplessly staring at the video unable to comprehend someone is capable to do those things, to torture an innocent defenseless being, it made me sick.

No. 292505

Sorry if this is US centric but this whole Kavanaugh hearing is bringing out so many men who want to overturn Roe v Wade. Now its being reported how Kav thinks of birth control as abortion pills. This is insane. Arent the problems that alot of guys whine about involve women getting pregnant and then "trapping men" Its comical how these guys will champion for "the rights of the unborn" and call women babykillers but soon as that child is born, they want to do with it and go their own way.

So you have men who want to bind womens legs closed and never have sex unless its for reproduction. The men who hate prudes/chasity (and only want easy girls) and they all want women to be barefoot, pregnant but recieve no help because all women deserve to only make babies and struggle alone. Damn.

No. 292577

It's ok, babies don't feel pain, and even if they did they won't remember it anyways.

No. 292586

a-anon, it is ironic, right ? right ?

No. 292593

It's disturbing. This is why I loathe handmaidens and those other types who prattle on about how "this is why I don't need feminism, women have equal rights blah blah". We've gained a lot of rights in the past century, but we're still having to deal with bullshit like this. Roe v Wade is under almost constant threat in the US, and with idiots like Kavanaugh, it becomes all the scarier when you realize overturning it might become reality. I mean, when you're dealing with a guy who is so retarded he thinks birth control pills are abortion pills, that's frightening.

No. 292627

/co/ has gone to shit. Sad, it was one of the only decent boards, but /pol/ and right-wing contrarism got to it.

No. 292630

Even /a/ was nice for a while, when talking about 3d gender was forbiden, together with shounen anime, and when asked every anon said the board was just little girls.
>tfw the joke became true and now there is filled with robot trannies trying to become le epic trap meme

No. 292631

Uhh its common sense that babies don't feel pain, that's why it's ok to do whatever you want to them.

No. 292637

Why do i felt like men never grow up? They're always more immature than women everywhere i go

No. 292638

There was a thread on /co/ a couple of months back with screencaps of old /co/ threads. And someone posted the screencap of an anon going "Just gonna leave this here" with a pic of a bottle of booze, and someone responded with Iron Man. It was just a goofy thread from like ten years ago, or longer. I actually remember when it was posted. Anyway, some anon goes "Holy shit /co/ used to be this fun?"

Yes anon, yes it was. Gamergate and the election ruined 4chan.

No. 292792

>b-but what about the kids starving in Africa????

The fact that some women I can do nothing for are suffering more than me doesn't mean I have no right to complain about not getting a position I'm more than qualified for because I'm a woman and employers would rather hire a less qualified male.

Also, not everyone here is from a 1st world country lel

No. 292861


I'm an American as well. and the thought of Roe v.s. Wade being overturned is terrifying. I don't meet any of the common "risk factors" for accidentally getting pregnant. I am currently single, don't drink or use drugs, and have no interest in casual sex. BUT- as long as I am fertile, rape and a resultant pregnancy is always a possibility. I could get kidnapped and raped by a stranger. I could get raped by an abusive boyfriend who had previously concealed that side of himself. You can do everything right, but rape is a threat that never goes away. I live in a city that repeatedly shows up on lists of most violent American cities and I'm too poor to move away. I know women who've been raped. Thankfully, they were able to get abortions and not have their lives derailed. What's going to happen to rape victims here in the future?

I also hate how conservatives prattle on and on about how "we must protect the most vulnerable" when talking about abortion, but they strongly oppose increased welfare, childcare subsidies, and socialized health care that would be needed for an increase in unwanted and unplanned children. They aren't pro-life, they're pro-birth. They don't give a damn about what happens to children after they're born.

No. 292868

It's just the ultimate final form of misogyny. They want to be able to use women as they please, and make the women suffer as much as possible, because how dare we be female.

No. 292872

is called marriage
don't open your legs before there is a ring on the finger
also you can see a man's character and intentions better if you tell him he has to wait until marriage to
you can try it for shits and giggles(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292873

marriage is an outdated sexist tradition but nice b8. you know women who don't "open their legs" can get pregnant too?

No. 292877

File: 1536405892524.png (486.42 KB, 5120x2880, xZ7txRq.png)

No. 292913

tbh I think /a/ is decent still. They still enforce the no blogshit and users are still called out for /pol/shit and /r9k/shit because it isn't relevant to the thread. You can still post husbandos in waifu threads and no one cares too much for the most part.

No. 292916

the rapist will be hanged but the child is without sin
>increased welfare, childcare subsidies
this is what the husband is meant for - to provide
and also to protect you from potential rapists

No. 292919

This affects every woman in the USA . this is so disturbing to think it would ever be overturned, considering how women are constantly at risk for rape by men and may need abortions because of it. I hate men so much. All they want to do is control women. This kinda bs is why i'm a lesbian, but seriously— they are horrible in every way and never care about women.

No. 292920


> I mean, when you're dealing with a guy who is so retarded he thinks birth control pills are abortion pills, that's frightening.

Seriously, and the government can make male birth control pills, they just dont want to. They think it should be the women's rights to take BC pills because men have condoms, even though those arent even 100 percent and usually guys want to whine about wearing them. ugh

No. 292928

I think it's well intentioned complaining and they just don't realise how it feels to have someone screeching in your ear about children.

No. 292929

File: 1536421091164.gif (3.48 MB, 320x180, 1421646999759.gif)

I'm starting to feel that I've been permanently damaged from letting the "boyfriends" I've had pressure me into disgusting sexual shit I didn't like and managing to brainwash myself into seeing it as normal? I feel like I'll always be put into that situation if I choose to date again. I kind of see myself like they probably did: as a filthy, degraded slut that doesn't deserve to set boundaries.

Will this feeling go away if I work on my own life and ignore dating pornsick millennial douchebags for at least a while?

No. 292932

that would mean men would have to take responsibility for something
It's kinda funny though, it's like they know men are careless and irresponsible

No. 292933

But there are the lolifags, which are on par with r9kfags imo

No. 292940

>but they strongly oppose increased welfare, childcare subsidies, and socialized health care
Because if mothers were fully supported by society men would be rendered obsolete. Men have nothing to offer women, in fact husbands just bring more stress into a woman's life. Men want to keep women financially dependent on men by forcing women to choose between poverty or marriage. It's all on purpose, it's all by design.
Men want to keep single mothers in poverty as punishment and warning for other women so they know what happens if a woman dares to live without a man.

No. 292943

>supported by society
who tf do you think supports the society? because women are sure as hell a net negative to economy
this is your brain on estrogen

No. 292945

beyond that being demonstrably false, the more obvious fact is that if women didn't have men's uglyass babies there would be no society or economy, retard.

No. 292948

File: 1536424279177.jpg (269.03 KB, 1095x1195, 1527700221933.jpg)

silly me
then let this society and civilization collapse

No. 292962

k. i'm doing my part to further your dream and i hope all women do the same, because it's men that primarily have a vested interest in women producing more people for them to exploit and destroy.

No. 292963

>society is evil for not supporting single mothers

No. 292967

male society must die. I no longer cherish my culture because I realized it can only exist when women are enslaved.

No. 293002

"husbands" lmao what is this the 1900s?

No. 293024

I have the feeling men are getting more and more hateful against poc women. Incels call asian women "noodle whores" and say every asian woman out there is dying to marry an white man.
The funny thing is that the "anti-racist" asian subreddit /aznidentity/ actually crowdfunded a asian-male-white-female porn movie to "fight racism". Imagine if asian women crowdfunded a porn movie with a white man.

>Right, there are so many good causes that the thousands of dollars could have gone towards to actually make a difference. But they selfishly wasted it on fap material in order to feed their own delusion, narcissism, and sense of entitlement. Most women don't even watch porn. The fact that they actually tried to pass off porn as altruistic social activism that "fights racism" when their ulterior motives are paper-thin transparent makes it even worse. Disgusting.

No. 293030

>more hateful

LMAO they've always been hateful, you've just never noticed till now

No. 293031

Been there. It will go away once you start working on yourself and your self-esteem and you learn to enforce boundaries. Stop dating altogether until you feel better about yourself to avoid these kinds of predatory assholes, they can smell vulnerability from a mile away.

No. 293033

I thought an asian woman was an incel's dream?

No. 293043

>beyond that being demonstrably false
How do you figure?

No. 293052

depends on the type of incel. /pol/cels and SFcels tend to worship asian women, lookismcels and redditcels generally view yellow fever as cope for not being able to obtain a HQNP 8+/10 stacy. both views are explicitly racist though.

No. 293053


Has anyone read this? It's pretty interesting, it has a lot of good data and her theory at first seems crazy but thinking about it I think she may be on to something. her conclusion in part 5 is extreme, but overall a good read.

No. 293056

People with racial or ethnic fetishes are in love with the idea of whatever race they're obsessed with, not the actual people or individual. Incels like the demure, obedient, repressed housewife with the tits and face out of JAV and hate any Asian woman who breaks the illusion that not all Asian women are submissive or gravure models.

Also, a lot of racial fetishists chase certain people because they see them as the antithesis to their native culture/ethnicity. Familiarity breeds contempt. It's why you see many incels and /pol/-minded folks turn their nose up at Western born Asian women because they're "tainted" like Western white/black/etc. women are. So, they're just redirecting their hatred into some bizarre love for people that don't even exist.

No. 293066

The jerk off to this ideal of an Asian woman, which they dream up because of anime and because they think Asian women aren't "tainted" by feminism like western women are. Basically, they fantasize about this forever thin, forever young, preferably flat chested completely submissive Asian waifu. Note that all the Asian women they usually lust after have cosmetic surgery, or are using makeup and selective angles and styling at least.

This is usually rooted in bitterness the men have towards western, particularly, white women. Because western women have grown up with feminism, the dumb incel types think women are "entitled". But notice whenever they talk about Asian women, they usually contrast it with "tainted" white western women.

Basically what >>293052 said. It's all rooted in a bitterness that hot white Stacy won't bang them. So they project their shitty anime waifu shit onto Asian women.

No. 293068

No, there's a misconception that all incels are white. Many are non-white and hate the women of their race for "worshiping white men".

No. 293075

Nope, it's because they have harder lives. Most homeless people are men too. No one gives a shit about us, so why should we give a shit about talking cum dumpsters? And you should thank us for even giving you dumb cunts equal rights, we could easily keep you as slaves if we wanted to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 293083

>wah wah women are to blame for men not giving a fuck about each other

Enjoy your ban, turd

No. 293117

based carlin speaking the truth about men's only real problems being other men, and how men are so fucking dumb

No. 293119

File: 1536471642765.jpg (30.02 KB, 400x400, CMERZwXUYAAMKu4.jpg)

why the fuck do people like bill burr? why are supposed "feminists" supporting him and saying that if you're offended by his micro-aggressive rambling that you don't know what feminism is? am i missing something?

he's apparently racist too but i don't care to watch more of his shit. someone please explain why i should like this guy.

No. 293120

men only listen to women's issues when a man is talking about them, but even this fucker got hatred from braindead males calling him a cuck

No. 293121

admittedly, he had two really good bits on plastic surgery and on overpopulation which were super good, but he ALSO tried to justify abusing/hitting women, and he's just generally uneducated. he recently went full retard manosphere/peterson-esque, i believe.

a waste of potential talent because he COULD be kind of funny, but he's pretty reactionary, ignorant, and any 'feminist' telling you you're a bad or retarded feminist for finding him offensive needs to stfu. i used to watch his specials all of the time and he was always pretty obviously misogynistic.

yep. they'll praise him for how he was "no bullshit" but the minute they realize he wasn't a completely anti-fem, anti-woman hating nutjob, he's a cuck. so much for being able to speak freely.

No. 293122

watching the "why isn't it okay to hit women" thing makes me hate him. of course everyone thinks about slapping someone when they're mad at them but they don't. nobody should hit anyone, male or female. he sounds so pissed off and like he wants to justify domestic violence, it's freaky.

No. 293132

really blows my mind to think about how much men hate women in what seems to be a subconscious way

it makes me wary of my bf and i can't stand it. i keep waiting for him to slip up and reveal some angry sexist thought or micro-aggression. i wish i could trust that not all men inherently hate women

No. 293133

I used to like watching his standup because he is pretty funny aside from his vaguely misogynistic rants, but recently think more deeply about that has put me off of watching him. Also the fact that his fanbase constantly shits on his wife, but to my knowledge he has never spoken up against that.

No. 293137

I remember when I was younger I would close my eyes and fantasize about a loving man who would take all the sadness and loneliness I feel away. Now as an adult I can't even fantasize because the concept just seems so unrealistic to me. It truly kind of hurts me how consumed men are with sex…on any male dominated websites they're all just looking for something to stick their dick in. Why can't they just act normal? Do men truly get lonely?i keep hearing about all these lonely men who just want to be loved and I can't find one. Do men even like emotional stuff like cuddling and embracing?

No. 293160

So if a guy is willing to indulge a girl's rape/kidnapping fantasies in a safe setting, is he automatically trash in your mind? Even if he is otherwise very caring, giving, loving, and doesn't expect anything but love in return?

No. 293171

That was an absolutely wild read. Like reading some hardcore redpill dudebro "all girls are teenage minded whores forever" stuff, just a mirrored version. The thing about nuns who got gangbanged "often dying" in the middle ages and how the author concludes it is because so much different semen all at once (rather than oh, idk, the fact that these gangbanged nuns were BRUTALIZED AND BEATEN TO PULPS) was ludicrous and actually made me laugh. And the first part just seemed like an advertisement for getting a guy to jizz into one of your holes due to all the benefits? Yeah, totally wild.

No. 293183

not automatically trash, but i wouldn't respect those men as much/nearly as much if he could/would, or wouldn't try to discourage his girlfriend from participating in fantasies that harm her/that are harmful to women.

i used to try to pry 'fantasies' or whatever out of my SO by pretending i have them and trying to pressure him into 'indulging' them to see if he was only hiding these fantasies because they were taboo, but sure enough, he is truly very uncomfortable and can't get aroused when he feels like i'm rejecting him and don't want to have sex with him, even if it's 'for fun', thankfully. would've immediately dumped his ass if he didn't feel/respond that way.

No. 293187

Not if he's indulging her wants and that aside, he treats her right.

No. 293196

We do, but a lot of men change their behaviour when they're young and get hurt because they see how Chads treat women, and get them anyway. You can only blame women for the way men are. And like your posts says, women don't even notice men who are alone, they are literally invisible to you because biology has programmed you to be attracted to the ones who already can get bitches.(bait)

No. 293201

>nice, lonely guys totally exist you dumb roastie!! It's all your fault for fucking Chad and not noticing how nice and alone I am!!!

No. 293202

Thanks, I'll do that.

No. 293204

Yeah, bullshit, you guys enable this shit, you guys are your own worst enemy, you guys dont care about women, you're just bitter you cannot manipulate women like "chad" does, fuck off.

No. 293207

File: 1536485012991.png (Spoiler Image, 92.35 KB, 515x529, menareadisease.png)

>men: complain feminism is about trying to subject men/hatred of men
>men: post shit like this
Men are fucking vile and they are learning this shit at a younger age, women will never hate men the way men hate women. ever.

No. 293227

Are you sure this isn’t satire?

No. 293228

I've seen guys share similar view seriously so its not out of the question its real

No. 293278

Nasty shit aside, does he realize femdom porn exists?
He said porn in general so it shouldn't matter!

No. 293302

it's either satire or a man who has never had sex in his life
guys like this post enraged fantasies online because nobody can verify their claims, they're just impotently angry and vent like this

No. 293329

The men who glorify porn in this way are the exact same men who crow and caw about vaginas being "rekt" if a girl sleeps with more than like 2-3 guys in her lifetime. The exact same guys who shit on women with "high n counts" and hate women for being sluts. The same guys who want to ban abortion. The same guys who are literally obsessed with breeding.

They don't even realize how that their views are peak hypocrisy. For a woman to live up to the standards set by these men is impossible, because their standards are contradictory. It's a catch-22. This is what incels truly believe and it's astounding that they can't realize it's an impossible standard.

No. 293415

He's funny sometimes, but he's just another typical misogynistic comedian when it comes to women. Most of them are like this, sadly.

No. 293498

So this video is going around around my facebook circle and I was frankly surprised it was made by Fox News. A white woman lied about 2 black men raping her and they lost their academic and sports scholarship. They were going to face 25 years in prison till she came out and confessed that she lied.

The problem I have with this is that this video has been circulating around my group of black friends and they all support the man, only because he's black and they keep quoting Emillett Till and shit. The black women were visibly more angry than the black men and they kept saying 'this is why feminism is only for white women'. How can I persuade people it's not the case?

No. 293501

sounds like something off a fetish blog

No. 293502

What that woman did was horrible but anyone who thinks there’s an epidemic of white women making false rape accusations against black men is clearly delusional

No. 293518

I hate the fact because a tiny amount of teens on twitter hate white people or men, righties now think white men are oppressed

they'll literally grasp onto anything possible to make themselves be victims being oppressed by evil women

I lowkey think that some women who come out admitting they lied about raped, in some situations were paid or blackmailed into it by friends of the man who want to make the man look innocent, only because I've seen a situation like that myself where a friend of mine was being sex trafficked and when she came out about it, gang members threatened her until she told the police she lied despite there being 100% evidence of it, ofc the man was released no questions asked, or how many moms took the "just tell them you lied" approach when their daughter was raped by a family member, I don't think people realize how complicated crimes like this can be tbh

ofc not saying this literal situation but it is a thing that happens and barely anyone is aware about it sadly, people will literally do anything to make men seem innocent

No. 293528

Ever heard of black Wall Street? It was a thriving black town that was completely decimated because of a lying white woman and there’s more than you like to ignore. At the end of the day, we suffer because white women are considered infallible. Just a reminder that if women’s rights became a thing, don’t be surprised if all minority women push you down their totem pole.

No. 293536

Ahh the white women are protected by white men meme a lot of black women love to believe is a real thing when all evidence in the world points to the contrary.

No. 293541

>white women are considered infallible

Wtf? No they aren’t. A lot of the time when a woman (yes, even a white one) makes a rape claim, there are plenty of men (and women) are quick to call bullshit even if the evidence is really telling. And yes, in the past, there are cases of white women lying about rape that screwed black men over but honestly, even the women in those situations were seen more as objects than white men actually giving a shit that they were violated.

You sound like one of those bitter SJWs who think white women are all out to get her.

No. 293546

Nah just some random white knight I think, they go through lolcow and bend over backwards in order to paint white women as these horrible jealous, ugly roasties who cry rape, some insecure bullshit, they're in another thread to trying to claim all white women are furious about east asians, like they did with the tsurko and claimed only jealous coping white roasties think tsurko has white features

Dunno if it's some larping incel who got rejected by stacy and is now trying to cope by creating a fantasy in their head or some crazy asian who got pissed her boyfriend left her for a white woman, there's been several theories so who knows, they definitely need professional help though being this obsessed with pinning women of different races against each other

No. 293560

>1 incident of a white woman lying about a black man raping her in 1955 America's South West

I don't think its a larping incel. Have you read black female forums? Some black women are completely and utterly delusional. Bordering on schizophrenic. They sound exactly like white male incels. It's hilarious.

No. 293564

Well you see, most people don't live their entire lives with a stick super glued up their ass that causes them to be incapable of experiencing humor or joy and redirects all brain power towards being offended at all times by everything instead.

No. 293568

I likely won't be able to sleep tonight and would love to read that kind of thing. Can you point me in the direction of these forums?

No. 293572

Lol, the white women on this forum always talk a lot bullshit about female solidarity, then prove how nasty and ignorant they are when race is involved. Tbh I can't even blame black women for being distrustful of white feminists.

No. 293573

probably gonna get jumped for this but i'm a woman with a very specific type of rape fantasy. if a man was willing to indulge me in it, i'd be pretty happy. the one guy i told about it was freaked out when i told him. he said he wasn't comfortable playing that out. i respect that and all, but damn if i don't wish for a guy who'd be willing to do it for me.

i don't see how consensual rape-play is harmful when initiated by the woman.

No. 293574

I think it's more to do with all the white women who have been randomly calling the police on black people for "offenses" like sleeping in a college common room or having a barbecue in a park.
The rape thing didn't stop with Emmett Till, either. It's pretty easy to pull up countless reports on white women filing false rape accusations on black men, sometimes to cover up their own crimes, then getting the whole "She's mentally, dindu nuffin" defense and going scott free essentially.
Let's not forget that feminism has made a habit of excluding black women since history, and even now, there are feminists who balk at the idea of intersectionality. I don't agree with the whole "White women use their privilege to uphold racism" thing, but I certainly understand it, and it does happen. Shitty white women are doing a pretty good job of ruining relations and exacerbating tension between white women and other races of women.

No. 293576


you don't. i am a white woman. i never, ever speak up against my poc friends who feel ostracized by white feminism. i cannot and will not try to change their minds because it's like saying racism is solved. there IS racism in modern feminism and it must be acknowledged. we can't just conveniently ignore white feminism's problems when we also claim to stand up for all women and fight for their rights, because poc women feeling excluded from feminism is absolutely a thing

No. 293579

I keep it diplomatic, but I'm honestly starting to agree. Some of them even use the same arguments misogynistic men use on women who speak up about oppression, that they're "delusional" (aka the "hysterical woman" argument). The fact is, some forms of discrimination they will never experience because of the way they were born, and rather than listen to those affected, they'd rather insist it doesn't happen and try to gaslight. So much like men.
The fact that they'd unironically compare other women to male incels shows me where a lot of them stand. They'd rather defend themselves racially than ally themselves based on womanhood and shared oppression, even if they claim otherwise. It's fucked up.

No. 293580

>even the women in those situations were seen more as objects than white men actually giving a shit that they were violated.
Even the biggest MRA, most redpilled misogynist gets mad when a white woman is raped by a non white man. Never mind that 99% of the time they're screeching about how women make false accusations, that they just regret drunk sex, etc, they're the first to jump up and down over 'their' women being taken by other men.

Of course, false accusations are god awful, obviously for the men involved but also for the damage it does to women/feminism's credibility and reputation. But they are particularly effective against non white men because white men see white women as their property and are so racist they are willing to assume other men are wild rapey animals but pretend they aren't just as bad. It's not benevolent care of precious white women, it's just another facet of misogyny and entitlement to women's bodies. Women can be racist as hell, no doubt and not trying to deny any disparity in treatment between diff races, but there's something so insane and toxic about the way men see race as yet another way to decide which men can 'own' which women.

No. 293582

That bit is a laughably naive and stupid interpretation of the history of fundamental building blocks of society like government, leadership and hierchey.
If you seriously believe that society can be explained as "one guy just stood up and decided he was the leader from then on and everyone else went along with him cuz they're dumb" and that that's somehow a big gotcha moment against men, well then you're also laughably naive and stupid.

And remind me again which sex it mostly is that takes shit like horoscopes seriously? Cause I'm pretty sure it's women always prattling on about spiritual mumbo jumbo, not men.

No. 293585

I think lipstickalley is like that. Honestly, you don't have to go far to find it, just look up random intersectional feminist tweets or look at lib fem blogs. They're full of that sort of insanity.

No. 293586

I can smell you from here

No. 293587

If multiple other women are saying they're going through some shit, it's pretty incel-tier to say they're just crazy. Just saying.

No. 293589

The stunning intellectual power of women.
I just can't see how you haven't conquered the World by now.

No. 293590

>But they are particularly effective against non white men because white men see white women as their property and are so racist they are willing to assume other men are wild rapey animals but pretend they aren't just as bad. It's not benevolent care of precious white women, it's just another facet of misogyny and entitlement to women's bodies.

This. White men view white women as their property and think their "purity" needs to somehow be maintained. And when she gets raped by some non-white, she is then sullied, and is disgusting. And don't think they'll support some white woman who raped by a white man either. Nope. They'll see her as a liar, a slut, or whatever buzzword they currently use.

No. 293591

We're at least intellectual enough to realize that the video was a fucking joke by a literal comedian, which was intentionally simplified and made to sound absurd for effect. Take it up with Carlin if you expected a well researched thesis on male problems.

No. 293593

>realize that the video was a fucking joke
>"Based carlin speaking the truth about men's only problem being with other men"

At this point you're being so stupid I'm almost wondering if YOU'RE the ones making a joke now.
But I know women aren't capable of making jokes, just being them.

No. 293596

Yes retard, non autists are able to spot bits of truth in jokes. We know you can't relate. That doesn't meant they take it 100% literally. Even if that anon did, she's one woman. I personally didn't find the joke that accurate or funny, do I suddenly redeem women? If her post means we're all stupid, does my post mean we aren't? Never mind, don't answer. I'm done responding to incels.

No. 293601

>The fact that they'd unironically compare other women to male incels shows me where a lot of them stand.
But some of these black women do sounds exactly like male incels lmao. They say white women are protected in society, they exaggerate, they're liars, they're privileged. Go onto Lipstick Alley. Some of them are completely delusional. On some the grass is greener on the other side shit when it really isn't.

Black women would rather fight with white women while black men rob them blind. I support black women but if you try to help them you're reeed at "this don't concern you whitey!". And at the end of the day you can't blame white women for focusing on their issues and their men. Its not our fault black women for the most part have no interest in feminism. They need to get serious about it and stop looking to white women to do it for them.

>the rape thing didn't stop with Emmett Till, either. It's pretty easy to pull up countless reports on white women filing false rape accusations on black men, sometimes to cover up their own crimes, then getting the whole "She's mentally, dindu nuffin" defense and going scott free essentially.

>she dindu nuffin

Um where does anyone defend white woman or any woman at that who falsely accuses a black man of rape? Holy shit. They salivate at it. Its something SJW's and alt-right types bond over.

>I think it's more to do with all the white women who have been randomly calling the police on black people for "offenses" like sleeping in a college common room or having a barbecue in a park.

Thats annoying and petty but what are white women doing on an institutional level to oppress black people? Who makes these rules? who runs society?

Whenever black woman talks about "white women privilege" its always something petty like "they're considered more pretty" or "they ask me aggressively what type of coffee I'd like when they don't do that to others!".

Why do black women want to be the best sex object?

Anyway, this is exactly what men would love on the man hate thread, women fighting amongst ourselves.

No. 293604

>Whenever black woman talks about "white women privilege" its always something petty like "they're considered more pretty" or "they ask me aggressively what type of coffee I'd like when they don't do that to others!".

>Why do black women want to be the best sex object?

Holy hell you're right on point. The tumblr-tier feminist black women are always so damn hateful, and they have the entire point of feminism wrong. They're literally all just pissed that whites and asians are considered more attractive than them (which actually has a biological/evolutionary standpoint - black males AND females have higher levels of testosterone than other races, of course black women tend to look kind of masculine and aren't as conventionally attractive to men). But oh no. Don't bring up biology. das racist

No. 293606

I don't understand why so many black women are so quick to rush to the defense of black men, when black men so often will gleefully throw black women under the bus, just like every race of man will do with women. I guess it's ultimately rooted in a jealousy thing, not wanting white women to take "their" men, but a lot of black women will defend outright shitty black men. I see people say whites have no loyalty to one another, because whites are more willing to call out other whites that are garbage. How is that a bad thing?

At the end of the day, if a man is fucking garbage, I'm gonna call him that. I don't give a fuck if he is the same race or ethnicity as me.

No. 293607

>black males AND females have higher levels of testosterone than other races
Is that actually true though, anon?

No. 293609

I think it says a lot about where their loyalty truly is. Instead of trying to inform themselves and understand other women's perspective on how they specifically experience racism and sexism in their community, some of these white women would rather call them delusional like you said. I'm mestizo but when black women make points about the racism in the latino community I don't get upset and all in my feefees, I just try to understand where they're coming from better so I can bridge the gap in communication when it comes to women's issues. Same with other races of women.
>The fact that they'd unironically compare other women to male incels shows me where a lot of them stand.
I agree. Also ironic coming from a forum of women who have proven time and time again to be almost pathologically insecure about looks. Usually "feminists" don't have an issue understanding how beauty standards lead to low self-esteem and how ugly women are treated like shit, but suddenly when black women don't want to be doubly shit on and dehumanized for their appearance by men of even their own race it's incel-tier. Then they treat black women like a hivemind without any discourse or dissenting opinions amongst individuals, vid related. The excessive amount of arrogance and authority they lend themselves on topics they don't understand is too fucking much to deal with.

No. 293610

Black men have done a number on black women. They've manipulated them into being their mules. Black men tell black women to put race before sex. Put black men before themselves cos you have to uplift your brothas'! build them up! but black men have a complete victim complex like blaming the amount of out of wed lock children they have on white supremacy. white man made me not wear a condom!

No. 293611

The studies were never debunked, but black people got pissed and got all the articles about it taken down. They were never truly disproven.

No. 293612

Exactly. These same black women who preach feminism and body positivity are the same to say:
>haha white women have no lips!
>haha white women have no ass!
>haha white women age like milk!

No. 293615

>Instead of trying to inform themselves and understand other women's perspective on how they specifically experience racism and sexism in their community.
Yes in THEIR community. What are white women meant to do? It is up to black women to make changes in THEIR community. Just like white women make changes in theirs.

>Usually "feminists" don't have an issue understanding how beauty standards lead to low self-esteem and how ugly women are treated like shit, but suddenly when black women don't want to be doubly shit on and dehumanized for their appearance by men of even their own race it's incel-tier.

I understand that but the problem is black women BLAME white women instead of the men who make the beauty standards. Seriously, calling white women privileged because men objectify them the most is just retarded.

p.s I LOVE Deborah. lol. Her videos on transgenderism are really good and her analysis on popular mind games men like to play are very informative.

No. 293616

Don't forget the fact that they love to silence any white feminists who try to ask them questions or engage with them on any level at all.

>Stay in yo lane cracker

>It's not my job to educate yo mayo ass

ad nauseum

No. 293617

If I find myself thinking that a non white woman's perspective doesn't seem legit, I remind myself that men ALWAYS think that about my perspective as a woman. Discrimination often manifests in minor ways, a lot of stuff builds up over time, it can be hard to pinpoint as one specific problem when a lot of the time your experience is going to be many small things that make up a big picture.

I argued with my dad about feminism one day and his main feeling was just that our issues don't exist. It's not that he thinks discrimination against women is justified, he just thinks we don't get discriminated against anymore. How could I possibly explain that my feelings are based on thousands of posts I've read from men online? Countless anecdotes from random women? Or from hundreds of tv series, movies, and books that come together to give me certain overall impressions (eg that ugly or older women are a waste of space)? It's really difficult to articulate complex issues so perfectly that people who aren't personally affected by it can immediately understand and recognize it from their own experiences.

No. 293619

can we talk about hoteps and the general fuckery black women have to deal with from black men who are seen as perpetual dindu nuthin victims?

No. 293630

Ah, hoteps. They're a perfect example of how black men hoodwink black women with their bullshit. They draw them in by pretending to be "woke" or by being a black nationalist type. Preaching about how blacks need to help one another, need to stick together. Then those women realize they're the same sexist pieces of dogshit men of other races are.

No. 293636

>What are white women meant to do? It is up to black women to make changes in THEIR community.
What? The point was about white women claiming solidarity and yet questioning the validity of what black and other races of women experience. You being of the opinion that women don't have any responsibility to each other doesn't have any relevancy.

>black women BLAME white women instead of the men who make the beauty standards. Seriously, calling white women privileged because men objectify them the most is just retarded.

How do they blame white women by calling out beauty standards? I agree that white women get objectified by white men, but you're making it out to be like objectification is the opposite to dehumanization. That by not wanting to be shit on because of their skin color and race, naturally the other option is to want to be objectified. Do you get it?

No. 293637

File: 1536565421513.png (1.31 MB, 1280x1322, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.41…)

Another man murders his entire family. 3 generations of the same family. Mother, grandmother and 3 girls. I'm sure he was a "good guy".

This is like the 3rd time in a span of few months a man has chimped out and murdered his family in Australia.

Y chromosome was a mistake.

No. 293642

Made the mistake of visiting the aussie subreddit and searching 'murder' to check out the other recent occurrences you mentioned. There was an article with statistics like
>The report shows that men commit more than 80 per cent of murders between couples who have a history of domestic violence. The overwhelming majority of those men had a history of abusing the women they ultimately killed.
>In the 20 per cent of murders committed by women, over two-thirds were women killing men who had been abusing them. Of the 152 murders examined by the report only two cases were found where a woman killed a man she had a history of abusing.
And of COURSE the responses are
>men get murdered even more!!
>murder is committed by PEOPLE not GENDERS
>how do we stop women from being attracted to violent men?
>it's not as widespread as heart disease, car accidents etc

Kind of fucking difficult to prevent women from being attracted to violent men when that makes up a huge percentage of their population. And frankly I'm kind of sick of the argument that more men are murdered. We know it's at the hands of other men, but it's usually due to gang related violence, random bashings etc. The victims are not intimately close friends or family members, not people they have significant power over, not people they are meant to love and care for as a partner. Even if there are less murders due to domestic violence, to me they carry a lot more significance because it's the polar opposite of their intended role in a relationship.

No. 293646

>a huge percentile of the male population regularly commits quintuple murders
Yeah ok.

No. 293647

scared you'll be out of the job, buddy? kek.

No. 293649

Also, basically the same thing just happened in the US a couple weeks ago. A dude STRANGLED his wife and daughters and then put them in barrels of oil. >>287811

Oh boohoo. Sorry your gender is full of fuck ups. Let's see, how many women kill their entire families… Oh yeah, literally only Andrea Yates, and honestly that's actually the husband's fault (fucker should be in jail for life) because multiple doctors EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM to not get her pregnant again, and to NEVER leave her alone with the children, because she had such severe postpartum psychosis. And what did he do? Got her pregnant again and left her with the kids.

No. 293650

that man is a fucking moron. Wow. He may as well of killed them. How incredibly selfish.

No. 293651

File: 1536570649472.png (84.65 KB, 430x548, 116.PNG)

>literally only Andrea Yates
>also women dindu nuffin it wuz mens fault anyways

It's only been like one thread since the last time, I really don't feel like posting these all again. But what can I say, you women have a legendary ability to deny things. If I only post two examples you will honest-to-god try to claim those are the only two examples in the entire world. If I post a third you'll say those are the only three examples and literally no others. Until I post the 4th and then you'll claim those are literally the only four ever in the entire world history, and so on and so forth.

No. 293653

You're not coping well.

No. 293654

Oh wow. Another case of a mentally ill women who got left with children she should not have been left with. Pretty damn similar to Yates, only the blame goes to DCF rather than the dad.


>"Mora wasn't right, she hasn't been right and what happened three months ago, that the kids' father left her, I told him something tragic is going to happen. She's going to do something to those kids, she's going to do something to herself," said Brenda Williams.

>"I reported her to DFACS (Division of Family and Children Services)at one point in time once her father died and I did tell DFACS everything because I either wanted them to give me the kids or get the kids out of her possession because at one time I thought she was just going nuts not feeding them," said the toddler's grandmother.

Tell me again how women are just as violent and evil as men while my eyes roll continuously.

No. 293656

>Lamora Williams' family said she struggled most of her life with mental issues and may have been dealing with postpartum at the time of the incident.

>It's a tragedy which her sister thinks could have been prevented.

>"She had issues and the fact that the state failed her, that's a problem," said Tabitha Hollingworth.

>Plus, family say the writing was on the wall. She routinely left her children home alone and had even attempted to cut her wrists.

>"She was a slow learner. I had to pull her out of school and do home school," she said. "She would do little simple things like cut her, my other daughter, her dolls heads off."

No. 293659

Funny how despite it apparently being so obvious that these women were going to murder their kids nothing was done about them. You know since we live in this society that just opresses women so hard and takes away all their rights all the time you think they wouldn't be allowed to do whatever they want with no consequences or supervision, especially with constant warning signs.

It's also funny how men apparently can't be mentally ill, and whenever they do something bad he's obviously at fault but if a woman does something bad it was actually everyone else's fault but hers.

No. 293662

>still struggling to cope.

No. 293663

Jesus christ, don't you have anything better than to do except hang out in the man hate thread and occasionally nitpick random shit? Just go back to /pol/, or talk to women irl so you won't be this desperate to interact with women.

We KNOW women kill their kids. Post partum depression is a serious problem and the fact that women end up spending far more time with their kids heightens the risk. But don't use it as a gotcha without doing some research first, maternal filicide is usually due to mental illness alone, not jealousy based revenge.
>Maternal filicide perpetrators have five major motives: a) in an altruistic filicide, a mother kills her child out of love; she believes death to be in the child's best interest (for example, a suicidal mother may not wish to leave her motherless child to face an intolerable world; or a psychotic mother may believe that she is saving her child from a fate worse than death); b) in an acutely psychotic filicide, a psychotic or delirious mother kills her child without any comprehensible motive (for example, a mother may follow command hallucinations to kill); c) when fatal maltreatment filicide occurs, death is usually not the anticipated outcome; it results from cumulative child abuse, neglect, or Munchausen syndrome by proxy; d) in an unwanted child filicide, a mother thinks of her child as a hindrance; e) the most rare, spouse revenge filicide occurs when a mother kills her child specifically to emotionally harm that child's father.

Meanwhile men
>filicides that occur after the first week of life are often committed by the father or stepfather, with fathers being the most frequent perpetrators of filicide in later childhood.
>Fathers are often perpetratos of fatal‐abuse filicide, which is usually the result of battered‐child syndrome and rarely involves a psychotic disorder or suicide attempt.
>The presence of significant life stressors has been reported by filicidal fathers, including financial difficulties, impending marital breakup, and fear of separation.27,66,99 Some paternal filicides reportedly have occurred in the aftermath of arguments concerning marital infidelity,66,96 and being separated at the time of the offense has been noted to be an important precipitating factor.
>Motivational factors noted for paternal filicide include attempts to control the child's behavior, and misinterpretation of the child's behavior.5,66,93 In an investigation of five paternal filicides, Palermo100 pointed out that all of the men felt a sense of personal inadequacy and had a lack of parenting skills and coping mechanisms. Several studies show a high incidence of related substance abuse/dependence.9,27,38,66,93
>In 16 filicides (10%), the perpetrator also killed his/her (estranged) spouse. With one exception, these familicides were committed by men. All were biological parents of the child victims. Factors underlying these cases included fear of abandonment by the perpetrator’s spouse, marital conflicts or financial problems.
>Some of the men experienced stress factors related to their victims: one man (D) was not sure that he was the biological father of his child, and another (B)was disturbed by the fact that his girlfriend was paying more attention to their son than to him.
>Conjugal stress often seemed to be related to the offences. The pervasive fear of losing their spouses appeared to be a trigger for 5 subjects (A,B,C,D,F). For 2 of these men (B,D), the unfaithfulness of their spouses was also identified as a major precipitating factor
>Among offenders, while fathers were about equally likely to kill an infant, they were more likely to be the alleged murderer of children older than a year, especially when the children were adults (fathers were the offenders in 78.3 percent of those cases). Overall, fathers were the accused murderer 57.4 percent of the time.
>The data allowed the researchers to determine the most common filicide scenarios. A father killing a son was the most likely (29.5 percent of cases), a mother killing a son (22.1 percent) follows.

No. 293664

Oh no, facts and statistics are just going to make the reeeemale sperg harder LMFAO

No. 293666

>We KNOW women kill their kids.
Uhh, no. Actually, LITERALLY ONLY Andrea Yates ever did that. Weren't you listening?
But it's fine though cause women are incapable of doing any wrong ever.

No. 293667

Familicide and filicide are NOT the same thing. Note that anon specified killing entire families
>Let's see, how many women kill their entire families… Oh yeah, literally only Andrea Yates

Obviously, it's not literally just her. I'll assume anon was being hyberbolic, but she's not that wrong.
>Familicides were almost exclusively perpetrated by men, unlike other spouse‐killings and other filicides.
>Sixty-five percent of the fathers attempted to kill their wives as well as their children, whereas no mothers attempted to kill their husbands. In all, 55 percent of the fathers, but none of the mothers, attempted familicide, that is, annihilation of the entire family.
>Dietz described familicide perpetrators as: Family annihilators, usually the senior man of the house, who is depressed, paranoid, intoxicated or a combination of these.
>Perpetrators of familicide have been classified as accusatory killers or despondent killers.21 Accusatory killers had a grievance against their wives and often a history of violence.

No. 293668

You're boring. Upload peen pic or gtfo

No. 293669

I was clearly being hyperbolic with the Andrea Yates statement, I forgot that incel wimpy Y's aren't smart enough to understand hyperbole. Thanks for coming here armed with stats!

No. 293670

Oh and here's a nice quote from that article backing up everything we think about men and their motivations
>With regard to the motives underlying such killings, previous studies have shown that perpetrators are motivated by a sense of loss of control over their spouse as well as over family life (Wilson et al., 1995; Ewing, 1997). From a psycho-evolutionary perspective, a woman’s threat of withdrawal or estrangement constitutes a loss of control over her reproductive capacity (Daly and Wilson, 1988; Wil son et al., 1995). In an attempt to regain control, their (estranged) intimate partners may respond with (lethal) violence. In this case, children may be perceived as ‘her’ children and, accordingly, equally responsible for her betrayal. Anger and revenge can motivate someone to ‘get even’ with his wife by killing her and all of ‘her’ children (Levin and Fox, 1985; Dietz, 1986).

So to sum up - women kill their kids, most likely during the first year of their life, because they're depressed or psychotic, unprepared for parenthood and stuck alone with the kid for the majority of the time. Men kill their kids later in life, along with their wives, because their masculinity is threatened and they get jealous, and the ultimate show of ownership over someone is taking their life. Fucking PATHETIC.

No. 293681

Dude wtf, I was going to defend you until you put black women under the bus. You guys can't help it can you?

No. 293682

Seriously, wtf. Black women weren't even in the discussion AGAIN and we get shitted on AGAIN.

No. 293684

>Shitty white women are doing a pretty good job of ruining relations and exacerbating tension between white women and other races of women.

Yea this thread is good evidence for it. If I was black (I'm Latino) and I read this thread, wew I would think twice allying w/ white women given their history. Everyone knows that when feminism does become king (or queen) white women are going to want to keep that racial hierarchy and will do everything to maintain it.

No. 293687


Do you ever think, that given our history and how black women are constantly shitted on, that they would just be happy and full of sunshine? Do you seriously blame them? And you call them incel-tier.

Yup. Back to square one white feminist, keep talking about HAES we know you don't really want feminism you just want more gibs. This is why they say white women socially enforce white supremacy. You will never be held off the hook as long as non-whites exist.

No. 293689

And white women sound like angry cat ladies.

See how we can play this game?

No. 293690

This. I'd like those anons to find a proof of a white anon shitting on black women. I kind of gave up. There are constant race baiting posts shitting on white women, so I stopped caring. White is evil apparently.

Implying there's anything wrong with being a cat lady.

No. 293691

Its not our fault black women for the most part have no interest in feminism. They need to get serious about it and stop looking to white women to do it for them.

The sign of a true ignorant white feminist. If you knew, the black feminist movement as been around since the end of the post-slavery era, but you wouldn't care.

No. 293692

File: 1536580652142.jpg (53.52 KB, 600x400, snakes.jpg)


Tell us more about how you hate us. Like we don't already know.

No. 293693

>There are constant race baiting posts shitting on white women, so I stopped caring. White is evil apparently.

Like where? The only time I see white-bashing is in response to racism towards non-whites (99% of the time without any provocation).

>They need to get serious about it and stop looking to white women to do it for them

When have white women done anything to help black women, lol?

No. 293694

File: 1536580887719.jpg (1.86 MB, 1210x6307, 1536480350612.jpg)


No. 293695

Yea it's wild but I think she may be right. Men hate women and they are only getting worse. We need to do something fast or they will destroy the whole world in their testosterone fueled entitlement and rage.

No. 293696

File: 1536580903998.jpg (1.83 MB, 1210x6291, 1536480418941.jpg)

No. 293698


>Mocking blacks w/ the dindu shit

Just say you hate black people and be done with it.


No. 293699

>black women have no interest in feminism

Again, get out of your white bubble. If you knew you wouldn't be saying that.

No. 293702

>They say white women are protected in society,
They absolutely are, because they're considered objects and possessions of white men. Even other white anons ITT have acknowledged this, so why can't you?
Yes, privilege exists, even with sexism.
>Black women would rather fight with white women while black men rob them blind. I support black women but if you try to help them you're reeed at "this don't concern you whitey!".
Where does this happen, and when does the attempted help happen? Online forums again?
>Its not our fault black women for the most part have no interest in feminism. They need to get serious about it and stop looking to white women to do it for them.
It kind of is white women's fault, considering they made it a point to exclude black women for decades and uphold themselves within feminism. That's why womanism was made, but it's largely a smaller group because of how much worse and more abusive black patriarchy is.
>Um where does anyone defend white woman or any woman at that who falsely accuses a black man of rape? Holy shit. They salivate at it. Its something SJW's and alt-right types bond over.
Court and real life, where things really count. Eg not the internet.
>Thats annoying and petty
Nope. In the US, black people face the real risk of being tased, beaten arrested or shot because a white woman claims to feel "threatened". The women who call the police are aware of this. It's not just "petty", they're hoping to get a black person either "put in their place" or even assaulted or killed.
>but what are white women doing on an institutional level to oppress black people? Who makes these rules? who runs society?
More like, what are white women doing to stand against institutional oppression against other women? Because the records are showing they often ignore and even uphold it.
>Whenever black woman talks about "white women privilege" its always something petty like "they're considered more pretty" or "they ask me aggressively what type of coffee I'd like when they don't do that to others!".
This isn't the case outside maybe Twitter, but if it was, you see how much this pales in comparison to the white women who do anti-black things in real life? Honestly, call me when black women are fraudulently calling the police on white women, falsely accusing them, trying to poison them for no reason other than existing as a college roommate (https://rollingout.com/2017/11/01/racist-college-student-tortures-infects-jamaican-roommate/), etc etc.
>Why do black women want to be the best sex object?
Like it or not, being considered the prime beauty standard gives you a certain amount of privilege in society as a woman. Also, black women are already seen as sex objects. This has been established in history with Sara Baartman, the "Jezebel" stereotype, and reprised today with black women constantly being objectified as "big booty bitches". The difference is that it's not the kind of sexualization that leads men to want to protect or be kind to them (even for selfish reasons).
>Anyway, this is exactly what men would love on the man hate thread, women fighting amongst ourselves.
Then why bring up black women and start bashing them? You really did start this whole mess.

No. 293704

Sexuality and sexual preferences is mostly socially and culturally influenced, the evo-psych arguments are largely bs. There is no innate racial preference in people.

No. 293705

>Seriously, calling white women privileged because men objectify them the most is just retarded.
Wtf? Why is "privilege" some sort of insult to you? It exists, and is one of the reasons society is so shitty. Acknowledge it, speak against it and live life.

No. 293706

Women of color have more neotenous features, better bodies, age better (whereas white women completely melt by the time they reach 28 lol) and have more of a flare to them. White women are only at the top because white men are at the top, and they obviously nominate their female counterpart as being superior.

No. 293708

>Like it or not, being considered the prime beauty standard gives you a certain amount of privilege in society as a woman.

go back to Tumblr.

No. 293710

Ah, you sound just like a white man. Cry victim to the world when other people are disadvantaged and you write them off.

No. 293711

>go back to Tumblr.
Translation: I have no argument.

No. 293713

peak white feminism

No. 293714

>White women are only at the top because white men are at the top, and they obviously nominate their female counterpart as being superior.
How do white men consider white women superior. Holy shit. Look around you. What this all really boils down to who is more attractive and its fucking pathetic.

Black women need to understand that their problems are caused by their men. SORT YOUR MEN OUT AND YOU MIGHT GET SOMEWHERE.


Peak black feminism waahhh I wanna be considered the most fuckable!

No. 293715

>black males AND females have higher levels of testosterone
Black women actually produce higher levels of estrogen and testosterone, but "certain types" make sure to ignore this and leave it out when using the "testosterone" point. People call it racist because it's pushing a narrative.
Also, estrogen actually produces more melanin:
This thing about black women looking masculine is just erroneous, misogynistic and used to justify treating black women as men.

No. 293716

>Black women need to understand that their problems are caused by their men. SORT YOUR MEN OUT AND YOU MIGHT GET SOMEWHERE.

How come the white incel problem as gotten worse and white men have all gone on a shooting spree and formed white supremacist groups?

SoRt YOUR men OUt and YOu mIGht GeT SOmewHERe

Also we've been doing a fine job. See the MeToo Movement

No. 293717

I told you, the lot are snakes.

No. 293718

>go back to Tumblr.
Holy shit, you're either divisive and idiotic, or just in denial. Nothing about a single thing I said is Tumblr, it just hurts your feelings.
Do you not see this and understand why black women are skeptical toward you claiming to be on the side of all women? You still see them as your enemies and competition, and it's so obvious.

No. 293719

>This thing about black women looking masculine is just erroneous, misogynistic and used to justify treating black women as men.
which is perpetuated mostly by who? Oh, yep. Black men. Look at their comments on Serena for example. These are some hard truths.

No. 293720

they consider white women superior to other races of women, becky. how smooth is your brain that you don't understand that there is a racial hierarchy as well as a gender hierarchy? white women were traditionally given more rights than people of color, by the way (yes, including men).

>Black women need to understand that their problems are caused by their men. SORT YOUR MEN OUT AND YOU MIGHT GET SOMEWHERE.

i'm not black and ffs, what is it about white women that they literally cannot understand that they are also complicit in the oppression of black women, as a white person? not a single black woman itt has denied how damaging black patriarchy is to them.

No. 293722

>How come the white incel problem as gotten worse and white men have all gone on a shooting spree and formed white supremacist groups?
The more you deflect from black men the worse it is going to be for black women.

No. 293724

File: 1536582707489.jpg (12.26 KB, 258x245, 1500811831555.jpg)

>call black women ugly and masculine out of nowhere then cry like a bitch when you're called ugly in return
And yet you still wonder why women of other races don't like you.

No. 293725

I think there should be an American thread so that all of you can sort your shit out, since nothing you're always arguing about is even a "thing" outside of the US.

No. 293726


THANK YOU. The #metoo Movement is a perfect example.

Who started it?- A black woman
When did it actually became viral and everyone started to care?- When a white woman 'started' it and became the face.

Where did the original black women sterotypes of Mammy, Jezebel and etc. came from and continues to be perpetuated by? WHITE MEN. White women are just happy to tag along because they thought they were secure.

Most black men don't think that, and those that do are racial self-hating/ brainwashed. When this happens it is more obvious that they not only don't like black women THEY ALSO DON'T LIKE OTHER BLACK MEN.

No. 293727

And I can pull up more comments here and other places from white women perpetuating the same thing than standing against it. A white woman is literally the first person in these threads to claim black women are masculine, not one of the many incels (which includes self-proclaimed "blackcels") who invade.
In my personal experience, even the most abusive, misogynistic black men don't try to use misrepresented scientific data to justify attacking black women. That's something that non-black racists of both genders commonly do.
It's a hard truth.

No. 293728


No. 293729

Priorities. Keep squabbling with white women over who is more attractive to white men while black men continue to take you for all you have and kill you at enormous rates. Black women are killed at a higher rate than any other demographic in the US and by who? oH, yep black men BUT BECKY!!!!!!!!!!1

No. 293730

You're disgustingly petty and these sort of posts are really common among black women.

You can have the title of the most attractive race, if you like.
I'd rather be superior with actual accomplishments like the academic ones.

No. 293731

Oh yeah, me saying you guys aren't as attractive to MEN (the real enemy here) means I hate you. No, that's not how it works. Tell me more how I'm a snake though, when you feel the need to further infight. You're literally proving the whole "black feminists are infighters who fail to realize the goal of feminism" right.

And saying that white handmaidens voted for Trump is ridiculous. There are black handmaidens who did the same thing.

No. 293733

Maybe we should start making racially separate threads just to avoid these derailings.
woc will never consider white women's suffering and troubles as real, instead, they turn it into a petty fight

No. 293735

white women itt literally have said that black women naturally have more testosterone and are naturally less attractive than white and asian women

love how you get butthurt at my post but ignore ones by white women which target black women

No. 293736

File: 1536583247553.gif (483.28 KB, 500x439, mj_popcorn.gif)

No. 293737

File: 1536583321240.jpg (44.22 KB, 750x683, COPE.jpg)


Why do they always minimize our concerns to just beauty. It's the idea that we aren't seen as human.

Also they don't want to talk about other ways black women are disenfranchised(along w/ black men) in affirmative action. Blacks get shitted on but white women are the majority given in affirmative action cases b/c woman is a "protected class". Thus, they use this as a loop hole to bring in white women. That way supremacy is still insured.

>There are black handmaidens who did the same thing.

The majority of black women voted for Trump? The delusion.

No. 293738

Even MJ thought white color suited him better and only dated white women.

No. 293739

>be petty white woman
>randomly start attacking black women in a man hating thread
>black and other non-white women respond
>"WTF you're so petty!! sTOP STARTING FIGHTS WITH US JUST B/C U WANNA BE PRETTY!!!1 So what if I called you masculine and shitted on you to begin with? So what if women like me actively exclude you in reality, and even use racism to fuck you over? Doesn't matter! We did nothing wrong, you need to focus on black men!!"
This is horrible, you sound exactly like men deflecting after throwing attacks at women. You're just ruining things even more with this bullshit.
I feel bad for white women who aren't like this, because you lot are honestly the loudest and most toxic. You're messing up their reputation.

No. 293740

File: 1536583391434.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, IMG_20150909_111714.jpg)

>hurr I don't care about being fuckable to men !!11!!
>queue another 30-80 posts of anons sperging about white mgtow guys fetishizing Asian women over them

No. 293741

lol this derailing started from one anon saying black women need to hold black men accountable and they got butthurt.

No. 293742

MJ had vitiligo.

No. 293743

The solution is pretty simple, we need to collectively refuse to breed. The end of the human race is the only solution. The continued suffering of mankind is our fault as women for continuing to be stupid baby crazy broodmares.

No. 293744

lel, who started attacking black women?
Please, point to it because I only saw anons claiming it by attacking white women.

No. 293745

White women will continue to ignore poc women as invalid while they continue to push false feminism in order to control EVERYONE.

If white women keep being like this don't be surprised all poc women drop you, there's more of us then there are of you and your economic power is slipping away. That's why white women are triggered China and Asia's success b/c these Asian women are now getting the limelight.

No. 293746

It started from >>293560 saying black women who bring up the cocktail of racism and sexism they face are just "delusional". Don't try and gaslight.

No. 293747


vitiligo = wanted to be white

your ego will be your downfall

No. 293748

whatever makes you sleep at night

No. 293749

And this is why I can't take some black "feminists" seriously. Literally no white woman fucking cares about anything you just said. Get out more.

>muh white woman control everything conspiracy.

No. 293750

bravo retards for not being able to spot a clear bait.

No. 293752

Look at
Just read the thread instead of jacking yourself off. Black women didn't start this shit by complaining, white anons did.

No. 293753

This is the problem with trying to build movements on a basis of victimhood.
Inevitably it will just split into different factions competing with each other to be the biggest victim and tear itself apart.

No. 293754

hello dropped hotdog. post hotdog

No. 293755

If you keep ignoring victims and their concerns you will never get anywhere. Remember this.

No. 293757

Look at this post way before >>293572
now fuck off

No. 293758

Where exactly did WoC invalidate white women's suffering? What's actually happening here, in this thread, is white women showing that they'll never consider WoC's suffering and troubles as real. You're calling them delusional, masculine, minimizing the dehumanization you face as just about being considered "sex objects", and generally turning this into a petty fight.
I don't understand why you scream and plug your ears when you hear the word "privilege". You can be oppressed and still benefit from certain privileges and biases born from fucked up circumstances.
If you keep gaslighting and ignoring/attacking other women, don't be surprised when none of them want to ally with you. Yours is not the only struggle.

No. 293759

And why don't you look at the posts before that one, retard.

No. 293760

This is absolutely pathetic. Okay, black women are the most desired by men. There you go. There's your pick me trophy. Can you stop spamming the thread now? You're proving everyone right that you just want to be the prettiest and don't care about anything else. Stop REEEing over nothing.

No. 293762

Way before? That's from 10 minutes ago, and was in response to the attacks made by white anons.
Nice try, but you fuck off. Thanks.

No. 293763

which attack?

No. 293764

Learn how to read ESL europoor

No. 293765

>Black American women wake up
>See something that says men don't find them as attractive as Asians/Whites due to a false assertion about evo-psych
>Instead of calmly saying that the evo-psych assertion is bullshit they go full on angry black woman stereotype and completely derail the thread

Well you sure proved honkies wrong. /s

No. 293767

ad hominem attacks

No. 293769

keep minimizing our struggle to it just being about looks.

You're the one deepening the divide. The me too movement would've never existed without black women but you don't care.

No. 293770

Way to jump right over all the more comprehensive posts to react to the most bait-y one and pretend all black women are attacking you. If you think anyone who's halfway literate is going to be fooled by that, you're wrong.
Why are you using anti-white slurs? No one has ever called you that. Is it to justify the slurs you probably use on non-white women? Lmao.

No. 293771

Read the last reply I gave you.

No. 293772

that's a post made after the one I pointed at you illiterate cretin

No. 293773

I'm Asian and it's weird how white women are stating that black women are butthurt about not being the most attractive, considering how triggered they get when white guys have a preference for us or whatever.

No. 293774

Yeah, suuuure it's just black women calling you out on your bullshit.

No. 293775

I'm white and I know that to be true. Doesn't trigger me at all.

No. 293776

>Instead of calmly saying that the evo-psych assertion is bullshit
You really ignored this post >>293715 and then the person attempted deflection in >>293719 with "It's black men, even though a white woman is the person who made this nonsense claim ITT", huh?

No. 293777

I'm linking to previous posts made way before the one you linked me. You must be illiterate yourself. You are either trolling, or certifiably too stupid to use an imageboard. Either way, I'm not going to respond to your idiocy anymore. Bye.

No. 293778

Why would I care about guys that fetishize a race? You can have all of them.

I'm not going to engage in a petty fight over dicks unlike you.

No. 293779

Exactly. They always come here to post dissertations over neckbeards fetishizing Asian women and decrying "white Western roasties" but then claim other races of women just want to be fuckable. :^)

No. 293780

Holy shit you're clinically retarded. lel okay

No. 293781

File: 1536584759964.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 1521214685813.png)

Feels like half of posts are roleplaying robots to keep the shitstorm up at this point.
The level of some posts is so low.
I fucking hope.

also this

No. 293782

If you've read some of the forum posts or youtube posts by black women, you'd be surprised how many of them think like some posts here.


Instead of just being happy they age slower, they have to shit on other women, white women of course. Pathetic.

No. 293783

NTA, but you made this all about dicks yourself when you conflated being given main priority as beautiful objects (and thus a fraction of humane treatment and respect) with only being seen as a sex object.
You're either willfully ignorant, or just intellectually dishonest because the truth makes you uncomfortable.

No. 293784

File: 1536585353265.png (20.4 KB, 401x92, mmm.png)

That video just cites scientific data. I took it upon myself to read the comments and try to understand you, and all I found was a man shitting on white people, and men in general objectifying black women. No black women to be found shitting on white women (especially not in the most upvoted comments).
All you've really done is show that you may be the ones obsessing over being seen as sex objects, otherwise you might've been able to find an actual example.

No. 293785

holy shit read the "this thread is for" and stop derailing. If you want to continue the conversation between black and white feminists/women make a new thread.

No. 293786

>This is absolutely pathetic. Okay, black women are the most desired by men. There you go. There's your pick me trophy. Can you stop spamming the thread now?
That wouldn't stop them. Some WOC like shitting on white women no matter what.
I know a mixed race white/asian girl who's a literal model with a legion of men worshiping her ass and she still takes every opportunity she has to talk shit about white women. She even defends incels but will put down white women constantly.

No. 293787

who, out of interest?

No. 293788

Girl I know from college.

No. 293789

And now you're shitting on hapa women? Miserable.

No. 293790

NTA but how is it shitting?

No. 293791

…where in that post did she say anything negative about the woman's appearance????

No. 293793

File: 1536585821186.png (11.57 KB, 737x136, proof1.PNG)

No. 293794

The fact that they felt the need to bring up her race when they could've just said mixed shows the agenda at hand.

No. 293795

File: 1536585842263.png (11.1 KB, 776x120, proof2.PNG)

No. 293796

File: 1536585866108.png (15.55 KB, 780x152, proof3.PNG)

No. 293797

File: 1536585884415.png (16.96 KB, 838x145, proof4.PNG)

No. 293798

great job


No. 293799

File: 1536585992000.png (41.81 KB, 952x142, proof.png)

>a 70 year old woman who's most definitely faced actual racism and much worse shit from white people as a whole making a snide comment is now the face of all black female millenials
You had to have scrolled past this and similar comments, too.

No. 293800

Continue to not listen. Projection much? Now your shitting on asian hapas.

No. 293802

Thanks black ladies. This is exactly what the incel lurkers want. Ya'll happy?

No. 293803

>70 YEAR OLD black woman

AND YOU SAY HER EXPERIENCE IS INVALID? She KNOWS what racism is like and what white people and women are capable of. She's seen it WITH HER EYES.

No. 293804

I'm not going to go into a psych profiling, the comment's there.
Being a racist and a shitty person has no excuse but thanks for showing your true pathetic racist face.

No. 293805

>Asian woman
How is this related to black women?

>icon left out
Probably male.

Obvious male.

You really tried.

No. 293806

I like how you assume everyone who disagrees with you are black women. Tells us how you really think anon.

No. 293807

Yeah, no. You're intellectually dishonest and attempted to cherrypick, then got BTFO. If that woman is a shitty person, go collect your sister here >>293604 for randomly calling black women masculine.

No. 293808


No. 293809

Horizontal oppression among women is all too real and we need to stop fighting over race. The fact that the second black Americans woke up and saw a few fairly innocuous comments about their race, then DESTROYED this entire thread, speaks fucking volumes. But sure. White womminz are the devil

No. 293811

Yeah sure, you can really tell all of that by looking at their profile icons.
You're a joke.

No. 293812

You started this by bringing up black women, and it's not even just black women calling out the shit-flinging in here.
There was nothing "innocuous" about the things said, and you know it. Don't throw rocks and hide your hands.

No. 293814

The first one clearly isn't black, the second and third ones don't talk about their own experiences and literally just objectify black women.
It's not my fault you lack critical thinking skills. You're the only joke here.

No. 293816

We should totally make a white feminism only thread to keep away the sperging.
We should just agree that we'll never get along.

No. 293817

where are mods

No. 293819

>We should just agree that we'll never get along.
This is why feminism will continue to be on the ground and never flourish. We are too blind to see our own privilege and choose to ignore other women. How can we succeed if we continue to push women away. It hurts our cause and makes more of the world against us.

No. 293820

If other races invalidate my experience and make them seem smaller just because I'm white, I don't want to be a part of that. Why on Earth would I?

No. 293821

Who is invalidating your experience? This entire thread went left because of white anons invalidating women of other race's experiences and calling them hysterical, saying they're the same as incels, and claiming they're masculine.
Who, ITT, has said white women don't face oppression or sexism?

No. 293822

We just say, "What about us? How can we trust you due to history? How do we know you aren't just using us?" and you all gaslight us and say we're crazy.

No. 293823

No one is invalidating your experience by claiming that sexism manifests differently in other races of women due to racism. Jesus Christ.

No. 293824

Was that post directed at >>293820? Seems >>293819 is actually agreeing with us.

No. 293825

>white women shitting on black women for no reason
>black and other poc women bring up legitimate concerns as to how sexism and racism affect non-white women.
>white women continue to gaslight and call them "delusional", "pick me up", "fix your own men", "incels" and crying about how they've been "invalidated"

Tell me again how feminism helps all women when it seems to only benefit white women time and time again?

No. 293826

typical black anon sperging, she just wants to be a "pick me up" for white men

No. 293828

Stop baiting.
No one even mentioned white men up til this point besides you. Cringe.

No. 293830

Ignore bait

No. 293842

males need to post their dick pics or shut the fuck up when the adults are talking

No. 293856

i thought men were supposed to be logical and good with statistics? you can pull as many examples as you like but there will never be as many female family-killers as male, not even close.

No. 293858

Just ignore "black" anon. It's probably some white guy trying to make black women look insecure and crazy.

No. 293859

No one wants shitty dick pics you larping robot

No. 293861

this isnt entertaining at all

No. 293862

File: 1536594663026.jpg (27.91 KB, 500x276, 1533050658565.jpg)

In hope that thread will come back to normal, should I also post and translate similar yt comments/screens or fb posts or this stuff overall from my country as well?
We got shit-load of this tbh.

No. 293869

What stuff?

No. 293874

Like in one thread I did post a case where in Poznań a man beheaded his ex-wife, then caused an explosion killing few other people when they were trying to open the doors.
We also try to stop the abortion law that comes back once a while, that forces a women to give a birth in every case - be it underage rape victim, defective fetus that will die soon after birth or when pregnancy is a threat to women's life and health.

No. 293885

Oh man, your comment reminded me of something…
If you want to have your mood ruined, browsw fromrussiawithcrime.tumblr.com

Most of the cases described are from last year. Seems like there is no day in Russia where some sick motherfucker doesn't chop off his gf's/wives head off, doesn't kill his offspring or knife students at his school or a random stranger.

As a Polish anon, I was shocked at how much brutal crime is in Russia and wonderd if I just don't hear about similar cases in Poland or if there is less of them for some reason.

No. 293887

File: 1536599474389.png (437.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-10-19-09-09…)

just to prove my point, two newest posts on the blog

No. 293888

File: 1536599774183.png (186.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-10-19-09-58…)

if any kind Russian anon is willing to weight in why there is so much crazy brutal crime there (caused by men), I would appreciate it

No. 293911

Russian men are insecure little bitch babies, so in order to compensate they think being a psycho makes them feel like a man, they'll mindlessly do shit like that without thinking just because they're brainwashed cattle

No. 293937

I much prefer her solution to just get rid of men or at least breed them to not be big pieces of shit. Why does the human race as a whole and women especially have to go extinct just because men are fucked up? That's bullshit, there are other solutions.

No. 293942

Or maybe you could consider that it's a very poor country with high corruption problems, drugs, a fucked up history full of genocide and famine…

No. 293949

diff anon, i'm from eastern europe too and used to watch quite a lot of russian media. it gave me an impression that there has been a murder in literally every patch of forest, at least one person has jumped from every 13+ story blockhouses, 2 children have drowned in any pond with a radius bigger that 2m and so on. i still get a bit unnerved when going to woods just in case there is a maniac/rapist-maniac/general murderer hiding behind a pine although that's a very irrational thought.
tbf, if i was born in russia, i'd be joining the 13+ story blockhouse aviators too kek

No. 293951

> beyond that being demonstrably false

It's not false. Here's a study of taxation in New Zealand. tldr is that women are $150k tax negative over their lifetime. Click "open pdf in browser" to read.


Of all the complaints in this thread, claiming that women (in first world countries other than US) aren't being subsidized, is the one that is most easily demonstrated to be false. A big part of this is that women live longer and in my country they collect about 2.5 times as much pension as men over their lifetime.

At the same time, as meds get more expensive and nursing homes and shit, old women are more and more at risk for poverty (and dependent on good-will of their children). On the other hand that's still better than being dead.

No. 293953

> Imagine if asian women crowdfunded a porn movie with a white man.

Shit would go nuclear. I'd chip-in just to watch the fallout.

No. 293955

>if a woman ever lays her hand on me I'll deck that bitch equal rights equal lefts amirite it's self defense
woman: kills her rapist
>omg this is going to far how is this violence helping anyone????

No. 293957

Those comments make me sick.
The mental gymnastics they do just to hate women.
You can never appease men 100% so why even bother being on their side?

No. 293958



No. 293962

>I'd chip-in just to watch the fallout.
LOL that would be hilarious. I'm so sick of these asian manbabies being butthurt over white women not giving them the attention they think they're entitled to.

No. 293970

Yep, 2010/11 was the turning point and 2014 was the death knell. /co/ wasn't entirely liberal, because it was on 4chan ffs, but if you used an racial slurs people would call you out on it. Now, as to be as 'anti-tumblr' as possible they've just doubled down on the hate. I even saw shitposting over gay threads, which were a staple of /co/. /co/ is /far/ too cynical, now. You couldn't even have an old-fashioned D'awww thread without people raging and shitposting.

No. 293972

Can't only stand him, when he's with his wife, because she calls him out on his shit.
Will say it again, there could /never/ be a female Bill Burr. Men are extremely sensitive to any criticism women have of them. Even if it's just mediating on the things men do to women, while women are just expected to swallow theirs. With the amount of shit Bill says about women on the regular a female him would have been 'gamergated' by now.

This fanbase are a bunch of racist, misogynist scrots. Have you seen Reddit? Holy shit.

No. 293975

I honestly used to find /co/ too PC in comparison to the rest of 4chan, but yeah, it's gone the other way now, which is just as annoying, if not worse. I'm so tired of seeing MUH FEMINISM IS RUINING COMICS/CARTOONS threads whenever a show or comic has a female protagonist. Every single nu-She-ra thread has just been bait for bitching about feminism. The same for that Crunchyroll cartoon too. It's so fucking boring.

No. 293978

No there could never be a female Bill Burr because women can't be funny.
Shitting on men and praising women is standard practice in all mainstream entertainment. Bill Burr is a controversial figure precisely because he goes against this status quo.

No. 293979

Is the controversy over that is that she doesn't have a bust??? I've seen video of men saying it's 'shaming femininity'. They just seem angry she's not perfect fapbate.

No. 293983

She doesn't have a bust like they want and they think her shoulders are too broad. Instead of going on about it in their typical braindead sexist way, they're trying to reframe it as feminism has become sexist, by forbidding women from embracing their femininity.

The whole deal with women rejecting everything feminine is an argument with some actual merit. But funnily enough, I often see men pull that shit when they're trying to be "feminist" with their female characters. Men can only think in two ways: either remove the feminine traits entirely, because they're "weak" or play those traits up for fap bait and "muh sexual empowerment".

But yes, this is ultimately about men being angry they can't jerk off to the cartoon.

No. 293989

I'm sad about the state of the board, but it was inevitable that it'd fall like /tv/ and /v/. It's overrun with weak shitposting from underage /pol/flakes. They've done their best to quash OC and discussion they don't approve of over time, too. In the end I guess its beneficial, with outrage fags in every thread I've given up trying to look for meaningful discussion. I've been able to be productive and work on my own comics… but I miss the old discussion without the constant forced, unfunny memes. It just reeks of pathetic asshurt now.

No. 293990

No. 293992

Seeing how far /tv/ has fallen makes me sad. I mean, /tv/ has always had it's number of creeps and idiots, it is 4chan after all. But you used to be able to post about movies and tv shows without it derailing into bitching about women or minorities or whatever. /tv/ used to be one of midsized boards too, only slightly more populated than the mecha board. Now it's just outside the top five, and gets more posts than /a/.

No. 293993

I can deal with misogyny and racism on /tv/, it's just standard 4chan shit, but the rampant pedophilia makes me so uncomfortable. I don't want to even glance at a catalog full of young girls in skimpy clothes, and if I never see the word cunny again it will be too soon. 99% of the time it's barely even tv related.

No. 294047

I wish people were harder on men

No. 294052

she did nothing wrong. laws need to be changed. that wendy maldonado and her son served any time at fucking all pisses me off. thank god she's finally out now, but that was some bullshit if i've ever seen it. and in 'progressive' oregon, no less.

wonder if they've gotten around to changing their archaic bullshit in oregon, or if such stupidass rules are still in place because everyone is focusing on tranny shit instead of helping abused women and children

No. 294053

If you ever want to get pissed off, look no further than this Wiki article
>all those Latin American countries
What the fuck is wrong with Latin America?

No. 294055

Fucking hell. This is so disturbing, and the fact that some of these dates are as recent as 2015 makes it even more so. Men have literally nothing to complain about when there are girls who are 10 years old, or younger, being raped and giving birth.

No. 294065

Well you see, there's a simple explanation for that.

The kind of guy you're looking for, 6'4, CEO of his own multimillion-dollar company, who also works part time as a model, he's obviously not going to be lonely, since every woman in the world is just like you and also wants him.

Lonely guys are going to be just a tiny bit less then the guy you dream of, thus you pay no attention to them and dont notice they exist.

No. 294069


Found the niceguy incel

No. 294070

File: 1536645350825.jpg (9.04 KB, 200x200, cd0.jpg)

>wanting men addicted to their careers that are likely, statistically, to be sociopaths

can you faggots obsessed with height and male bone structure and being the most manly and accomplished stop whining and just fuck each other already? it's pathetic seeing you guys just try to pretend this manospheric bullshit isn't just you disgruntled queerbaits cumming over whatever flavor of the week male model or silicon valley fag you guys assume all women love just bc you're edging while looking at their photos

No. 294097

I really don't get why you're even trying to deny guys like that aren't swimming in women.

No. 294098


Women love Machiavellian sociopaths tho.

No. 294099

I feel similarly for her and I want a tiny 5'3" househusband lmao. But I have gotten nothing but disappointment so far.
The truth is that you're all awful regardless of occupation and "attractiveness" (subjective although there is a general standard, sad for me to say since I disagree with it). I don't understand why some women are attracted to men with shitty traits, or "good" traits that translate badly in a relationship context for women (i.e. a man who is obsessed with career will not be affectionate. But a woman who is invested in her career and lacks affection will not affect her husband since men don't care about romance in any way). But I would encourage them to stop for their own sake. They've become addicted to the male abuse and need to rethink their actions/tastes and grow as people.

Women must use some self-awareness. I would say the same for men, but I know you're a bunch of murder-and-rape machines who cannot change.

No. 294102

If you want to think men are violent sociopaths, it's only because women have bred them that way. Female animals in general really, this kind of behavior goes back much farther than just humans. They've rewarded the violent males with sex and let those violent genes spread.
And despite your supposed complaining, women continue to want those traits to this day.

No. 294106

>uwu it's women's fault men are bad

Imagine being this much of a manchild you have to blame women for everything. Stop projecting and thinking women blame men for everything they do while you pull shit like this. Jesus, get a fucking life, you loser. I really pity you if you are a woman. If not, I just hope you get hit by a car.

No. 294107

>and thinking women blame men for everything they do
Maybe stop doing exactly that all the time in these threads then. Like just the other night when you try to say when women murder their kids it's actually men's fault because they should just know a woman is mentally ill and never leave her alone.

No. 294110

God forbid we blame men for the crimes they commit.
Maybe you should blame your mother for the pathetic piece of shit you became and she might throw your loser freeloader ass out of her home. Indeed she probably ruined you by excessive coddling and making you think you are entitled to women's respect when you can't respect women's basic rights of not being abused, raped or murdered. Kill yourself, you disgusting incel. I honestly hope you die.

No. 294112

>woman kills her kids
>somehow it's a man who really committed the crime.
The only ones here who have been coddled are you. Women. Coddled by all of society to the point you genuinely believe you're perfect and can do no wrong and that the world exists solely to pander to you. Which it sadly pretty much does.

No. 294118

women aren't coddled, if you woke up as the woman version of yourself tomorrow you'd be low value

No. 294119

Literally none said that, dumb scrotoid. Yeah, in this thread we can see how women are coddled by society. If you are so jealous, just become a tranny, I'm sure you be coddled a lot, since people love anything men do, including their attempts at being women.

No. 294122

Your reading comprehension is lacking. It was about women who were diagnosed as batshit and the men/authorities around them didn't manage to make sure the kids were safe. While men get sex reassignment surgery because they can't get it up otherwise and threaten suicide, post-natal depression is not recognised in many many cases, because "uwu it's just women doing their emotional woman thing" and men not giving a shit.
I really hope for someone like you to wake up as a woman some day, so you can see how much fun it is. Don't forget to smile more, you're going to scare away the boys.

No. 294124

>Literally none said that, dumb scrotoid.
>and honestly that's actually the husband's fault
>He may as well have killed them

You women really need to learn what the word literally means. Or just learn to take responsibility for what you say instead of trying to deny it when I can scroll up and find proof in 10 seconds. Oh who am I kidding, you won't take responsibility for killing kids why would you ever take responsibility for what you said on the internet.

No. 294125

You need to learn how to read.

No. 294126

Today I came across this headline : http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/une-professeure-de-marseille-mise-en-examen-pour-des-relations-sexuelles-avec-cinq-lyceens-10-09-2018-7883607.php

Translate to : A teacher arrested for sex with 5 highschoolers.

Cue the comments about how women can be as predatory as men ect.
The kicker? If you read the article, at the end, it says a picture was taken of her at a hotel in a 'comprising position' with one highschooler and that the other highschoolers then used the picture to threaten her into sex and giving them 7.000 euros.

…Yeah, predatory for sure.

No. 294127

File: 1536659959021.jpg (413.9 KB, 1672x691, 1379537489327.jpg)

Get everything I want and need in life handed to me on a silver platter just for smiling? Sounds great. Likewise I hope you can wake up as a man some day and realize what it's like to be viewed as completely disposable and never be given anything by anyone. Well that's not entirely true, you'll be given blame and guilt for everything in the world regardless of what you as an individual have done. Expected to bare the weight of society on your back at all times and never be allowed to ask for help or complain or god forbid ever falter in your role as emotionless machine cog lest you be viciously shamed and censured by all of society.

Sadly wishes don't come true, but if you're in the mood to hear how wrong you are from your own kind you can look up the book self-made man by Norah Vincent. It's about a woman who completely disguises herself as a man to try and see what it's like to be one for 18 months. Spoiler alert, she stops after less than halfway through because she becomes suicidally depressed.

No. 294128

The dumb scrotoid in this thread is not only dumb, but also highly hypocrite. They'll shift the blame of leaving a psychotic mentally ill person with children to the woman and not the kid's father who was told explicitly to not leave her alone with children or have any more children, but as soon as one of their incelbros commit anything, they will say it's everyone fault for not giving them sex and will not think twice before blaming women for being attacked.

No. 294129

Your screenshot of a biased book written by an incel doesn't prove shit, you absolute retard. Don't you have anything better to do with your but to argue with "vaginas"? Don't you have something to level on a game or some woman to bully irl?

No. 294130

A woman disguised as a man will be still treated as a woman, but with homophobic undertones. You are absolutely retarded. Women are treated as disposables human vessels, I'm sure you'd like to be treated like cattle.

No. 294131

>call men coddled by women
>"baww I'm not coddled, look at this screenshot of a book written by a handmaiden to prove how men have it bad!"

lmao this dumb motherfucker

No. 294133

When will you dumbasses learn to stop arguing with retarded incels?

No. 294134

File: 1536660360999.jpg (8.11 KB, 182x277, images(3).jpg)

>written by an incel
Jesus Christ you women are completely incapable of thinking at all. You just spew buzzwords at anything that makes you upset with no idea what the word even means. Do you scream incel at the sky when it rains? Scream incel at the coffee table when you stub your toe?

No. 294136

How are women at all treated as disposable? Which sex has always been sheltered from violence for all of history? Which sex gets first spot on lifeboats when ship start to sink and which sex is expected to drown?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294144

Can't you dumb cunts stop replying to bait?

No. 294145

No need to tell them. Women always go silent when confronted with the questions they can't answer.

No. 294146

>sheltered from violence

I guess you don't consider rape violence then. Hope a faggot rapes you and gives you AIDS.

No. 294149

You mean that illegal thing that most people view as worse than murder and that Society tries to stop more than anything? We're sorry we arent God who can completely control everything to stop rape altogether.
Also I love the way women always have to tack on a bunch of extra shit whenever and make it sound worse when they try to tell a man hell be raped, like saying I'll get aids or insisting it'll be anal rape. Because if you tried to threaten me with the actual equivalent of your typical man on woman rape and all that happened was a woman forcibly slid her vagina up and down my dick, I think I could continue on with my life mostly ok. Yet women can't handle the same.

No. 294150

File: 1536663131034.png (325.89 KB, 540x533, doctor.png)

FFS, can you retards stop replying to scrotes?? this isn't a thread for debating them, just report them and continue.

anyway, remember to always go female, ladies.

No. 294151

File: 1536663223008.png (502.24 KB, 1280x1067, rape.png)

worldwide barriers to reporting rape for women, really puts things into perspective how even most first world nations are on yellow…

No. 294153

Yeah everyone, just ignore me when I say things that upset you because you can't argue against them. That's what this coddling Society has taught you. Just spend your whole life in Imaginationland where nobody challenges you and you're always right.

Oh and those reports totally do so much to me. Like it's so obvious I can't just ban evade with the press of a button or something. Just ask the mods to save you from me and my uncomfortable truths.

No. 294155

File: 1536663781308.gif (950.12 KB, 245x155, 1503684397292.gif)

Seems completely correct, anon, you are so right, nobody should ever doubt of anything men say because they always know better than females, after all, we are so affected by hormones and girly stuff our brains shrink and implode. Thank you, random man, for giving us your input on how we should live our lives and on what we should think and feel, after all nobody knows better than a random man on the internet.

No. 294156

There are also cases of men who have been assaulted in the way you described, by women. Do you denounce the struggles of your fellow men? That just proves that the issues for men are other men, just as they are when a young boy is assaulted by his teacher. It is women who have compassion for their case.

Neither sex has it easier and the grass is always greener. I have a close ftm friend (since we're speaking of this) who agrees with me on this. When presenting female he experienced creeps and the constant fear of assault that comes with being a woman, and when presenting as male he experiences lack of compassion and patience. Neither of these are good, at least in my opinion.
Of course you'll get mixed messages from different trans people, but I think that comes down to how certain personalities deal with the struggles presented for each gender. Making it personal, I do not like the expectations of submission and having my opinions seen as lesser because of my womanhood. It doesn't mesh well with my personality and goals. Meanwhile, I'm sure there are passive and simple women who thrive under these expectations and enjoy having a man provide for them and dominate them in the bedroom.
A male equivalent could be a small emotional man who doesn't enjoy the expectations of strength and stoicism. Meanwhile a "Chad" loves it.

No. 294158

Your ftm friend is probably mentally ill and embraced lack of compassion and patience because they are stereotypical traits of men. She should get therapy, not hormones. And sure, experience random temper tantrums is so much on the same lane of being paranoid of your own safety for actual reasons. God, some of you are really dumb, on the level of the scrotoids that come here every now and then.

No. 294160

File: 1536664315531.gif (916.79 KB, 390x219, AnchoredEminentEarthworm-small…)

No. 294161

Men are victims of murder and robberies far more often than women. Yet you women go through your lives honestly believing ONLY you are ever victims of anything, and also that rape is the only form of violence in the world. And that men supposedly he lived magical lives where they can walk through the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world alone at 3 a.m. and their magic male privilege will keep them completely safe from everything.

No. 294163

I didn't mean he shows those traits, but experiences them from others. Sorry to mislead. And I don't doubt being surrounded by larger and stronger creatures who are prone to violence against you is awful. I'm strong for a woman and I experience it. But I just think males have their own nonsense to deal with.
My point with man hate is that men cause our problems and theirs. The few decent men are hurt by other men. And I also have a distaste for awful women, as I'm sure we all do. I'm not sure why this invader seems to think we vouch for abusive and shitty women. We do not.

No. 294165

The nonsense males deal are their fault. They are ridden with toxic behaviors, they reward violent behavior and call it being "strong", obviously it's gonna end with people getting murdered.

How many % of those are caused by women on men?

No. 294167

Do you know who murders and robs you guys though? Other men. Who do people fear at 3am in bad neighbourhoods (let's ignore that women are scared in good neighbourhoods too)? It starts with "m", ends with "n" and has a y chromosome.

No. 294169

Why do women constantly try to bring that up? What does the perpetrator being a man matter to the victim?

Are you saying that if you're bullied or attacked or even murdered by another woman you'll be okay with it? "Ah she's got the same kind of genitals as me, so I'll just have to accept my death quietly and without complaint".

No. 294171

The idea is that the problem for both men and women is men. The gender specific problems we both face is because of men.
Crimes? Lack of compassion? It's statistically more often men, baby.

No. 294173

The point is violence against males is self-imposed; you're more likely to be the victims of violence because you're more violent yourselves. Why are you whining to women about this when it's your own gender causing all the problems? lol if you actually cared about muh violence, you'd talk to other men about it. nah, instead you gotta get pissy at women for not trusting you.

No. 294181

And what exactly is any one individual man who hasn't ever attacked anyone supposed to do? Why are the problems he faces invalidated and don't count compared to women just because some other men are causing them?

It's honestly pretty funny. A tiny group of super-rich elite men at the top of society cause most inequality and cultural problems. Small subsets of violent men cause most crime. And yet, here's the hilarious part, what kinds of men do women throw themselves at and desperately want to fuck? Why the rich men, and the violent ones. And who do women get angry at and blame for the problems? Why the huge portion of men who aren't those things and don't cause the problems! It's really quite funny.

No. 294184

File: 1536665812753.jpg (41.95 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg)

Show us ur hairy nipps, manlet

No. 294195

Most men should get treated like dogs & be put on a leash. They are subhumans and unable to feel only the slightest bit of empathy - even for their own gender. >>294053 is a prime example why they are dangerous and should never be allowed to be alone around kids. If they commit any crimes the only solution is to get them euthanized since they are only good for providing sperm.
I also only ever got bullied by guys throughout my school years. The girls weren't that nice either and ignored me most of the time but at least I wasn't getting harrassed or threatend by them. Only the guys were stealing things from me, manhandled me infront of the class or called me names. Our male teacher didn't do a thing when I asked for help. I hope those disgusting subhumans all burn in hell.

No. 294196

I'm honestly pretty curious to hear a detailed story of what you actually expect would happen to me if that did happen and I just woke up a woman tomorrow morning.

Or what you think would happen to you if you woke up as a man.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294203

File: 1536668694845.jpg (38.35 KB, 1340x118, STOP.jpg)

No. 294204

File: 1536668836688.jpg (17.06 KB, 207x243, But_arent_girls_cutest_when_th…)

Reminder that only reason you are free is because men allows it and protect the law that allow you to be free.

No. 294207

>men allows it


Also you are proving our point by saying that, we have to basically keep our eyes peeled otherwise you strip our rights away from us.

No. 294210

>the same women who oppose male violence and sociopathy are the ones who chase awful men
This again. How many times must we repeat that most for us are dommes and lesbians? If you are indeed decent (doubt) then congrats, you are excluded. Just as we here are not included in the women who "reward" dark triad men.

>men rule society and have absolute power over women
>men are disposable and women are precious
What is the truth? Are you leaders or oppressed? If it's both, how can you not say the same for women?

No. 294212

No. 294213

File: 1536669810662.jpg (86.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1532124171539.jpg)

>be me
>wake up
>"let's check out the man-hate thread"
>see some robot shitting up the thread
>everyone's replying to him

I know it's really tempting to argue but men can't be reasoned with.

No. 294215

File: 1536670350402.jpeg (9.13 KB, 289x175, Spongedisgu.jpeg)

>Mfw the scrot is probably furiously masturbating at the thought of interacting with real women.

No. 294218

Is it scrote or scrot? These threads are too depressing to keep up with.

No. 294219

Scrot, scrote and scrotoid are all correct as long as you use it a gendered slur against men.

No. 294223

Opposite for me. Girls constantly told me I was an ugly and disgusting and gross. It wasn't until I was like "wow fuck girls" and started making friends with dudes that I ever had real friends.

It's hard for me to take threads like this seriously, when my entire life, it's women who have been the ones victimizing me. And when my mom chose to stay with her abusive husband, take his side, and gaslight me my entire life. I just have always gotten the feeling that women will shit all over each other, even their own daughters, if they think they can get some male attention for doing so. It always seems to me that women just choose the shittiest men possible, the men who will pit them against each other. This thread has me on the path to finally seeking female solidarity, but I'm extremely wary. All my guy friends have ALWAYS been there for me, and every female friend I've made has ended up stabbing me in the back.

No. 294224

The only good thing in /tv/ are the Game of Thrones threads (when it's airing), they're weirdly peaceful for current 4chan standards and they're focused on memes rather than little girls or feminism. Maybe it's because everyone's too busy shitting on D&D kek

No. 294225

cry somewhere else, boi

No. 294226


Now they will call you a handmaiden, a larping incel or say they were there for you because they wanted to fuck you.

No. 294229

Fuck, why do you guys bother answering robots? I will never understand.

No. 294231

This is not the thread to bitch about shitty women in your life, go to the vent thread.

No. 294233

>You trying to make me more wary?

Idgaf about you, you're shitting up the thread.

No. 294234

File: 1536673951742.jpg (23.02 KB, 480x360, 013.jpg)

>being this much of a pick-me

No. 294235

I got called a boy for a post saying I'm trying to seek female solidarity…..

No. 294236

Stop being a pick me ass bitch. My mother is a huge bitch too and I stopped hating other women because of it as soon as I grew up. The world isn't your family only.

Besides, if your mother was your father instead the chance of your abuse escalating to physical or even sexual would be tangible. She is a bitch because she is a bitch, not because she is a woman. Get over yourself.

I'm not even going to enter in the "male friends" discussion, just wait until they decide they don't need you around anymore or you actually need their help, then you come here and tell us about their male solidarity.

No. 294238

>And once they pop out kids, they all become baby-obsessed and irritating. Somehow men can be fathers and still be interesting human beings, but the same can't be said about women

that's because men refuse to do their fair share of childcare or housework and generally don't care that much about their kids. google the second shift.

No. 294239

You sound like a cunt, probably why you have no female friends, only males are willing to stick around in hope they'll eventually fuck you.

No. 294240


stop falseflagging, incel

No. 294242

She didn't choose to stay in this situation, read researches about how the mind of abused people work, you are fucking disgusting to even think she stayed because she was lazy, if she wasn't financially independent chances she even stayed even because of your stupid selfish ass. Also how you blame your mother for your father abusing you is appalling. How you don't hate men if your father was a cunt to you but you magically hate women? You sound insufferable and no wonder other women want to be friends with you.

No. 294244

>who are full of excuses even if I've always been there for them

I too would give excuses if I had a friend that judged women for everything but excused and treated men like angels, you deserve it tbh

No. 294245

>mfw they already said everything I said they will

Like fucking clockwork kek

No. 294247


>implying you haven't been falseflagging

No. 294248

Yeah, let's pretend it's not you LARPing. Why am I even answering this.

No. 294249

File: 1536674462460.jpg (74.41 KB, 640x640, Less drama less drama_863c8e_5…)

Childfree people are absolutely batshit, I'm not surprised you hate other women, I bet you feel super speshul and not like other girls too, because you just hate drama.

No. 294251

I bet she went on a preach how women who have children are so useless and leech society and all that shit childfree people usually go on about to her former friends and expects female solidarity. lol

No. 294252

>My father sexually and physically and emotionally abused me, and my mom called me a liar.

The same thing happened to me. It was wrong of my mom not to believe me but she's a flawed person with her own problems who didn't know how to handle the situation. I will never, ever forgive her but what she did doesn't even compare to what my evil shit of a father did, or what tons and tons of men do to children.

No. 294254

that anon was right though

No. 294256

>be me
>come to this thread
>maybe I can find female solidarity
>females are cunts to me for saying I was bullied by girls
>continues to prove all women are cunts

Guess I was right to begin with.

No. 294258

File: 1536675003010.jpg (31.18 KB, 488x563, asking for god intensifies.jpg)

>coming onto lolcow and expecting to find "female solidarity"

No. 294259

You're going to make me cry, robot. Stop larping, it's pathetic.
>wahwah I wanted to make friends by shitting on women in the man-hate thread, woe is me.

No. 294260

File: 1536675028685.jpg (22.11 KB, 460x344, aet3w.jpg)

poor cunt ;-;

No. 294261

Go somewhere else to gather "solidarity" (at this point I just think you need attention), somewhere with a lot of guys so you can be special and unique.

No. 294262

there's no chance it's not a larper tho.

No. 294263

not fooling anyone, scrote

No. 294264

File: 1536675231454.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, i3eTxXhf.jpeg)

Jesus childree-chan, FUCK OFF.

Women around you probably hate you because you're such an attention seeker

No. 294265

>Leyla Mafi, from Arak, Iran, had been prostituted by her mother starting from the age of 8. Leyla M. had a developmental delay (at the age of 19 she was assessed to have a mental age of 8 years old). Among the men who paid to rape the disabled child were several male relatives. She had three children, the first at the age of 9 and then twins at age 14. At age 19, she was condemned and faced the death penalty for the "moral offenses" of debauchery, incest, and illegitimate motherhood. Lawyer Shadi Sadr intervened on her behalf, and her sentence was reduced to public beating and imprisonment. After 2006, Ms. M was sent to a rehabilitation center and eventually came to reside in an apartment with a caretaker.

"And remember girls, everything is so much better under patriarchy!!! XD"

No. 294266

No. 294267

She prostituted her child but several men raped the child and did nothing to stop it.

No. 294268

Men and women are both evil and I am personally both a misogynist and a misandrist. I hate everyone and believe only myself to be right.

This is the misandry thread, though. Go make a misogyny thread if you must.

No. 294269

File: 1536675752582.jpg (55.24 KB, 1127x129, Untitled.jpg)

Dear god

No. 294271

I'm not a dude. If I was I'd probably sympathize with that dumb cunt instead of recognizing that she is in fact a dumb cunt.

No. 294272

How the fuck can men think they're protectors of women? Dumbass scrotoids can't even protect themselves from other men since they're the majority of murder victims and almost all are killed by other men.

No. 294273

no, we don't need misogynist threads on lolcow. men have multiple boards, subreddits and websites to bitch about women, we don't need to give them space here.

k, i'm not convinced lol. just so you know, using the word "cunt" is a very very male thing to do.

No. 294277

I'm making a point about patriarchal nations without feminism, no one is saying individual women can never be evil, but I realize that fighting a strawman is easier for you.

No. 294278

so do men, there are just less women like that

No. 294281

im not responsible for other womens (thousands of years ago) actions

No. 294282

When did I say she was an angel for that? I resent she didn't get punished too. Seems like you just want a reason to hate women, don't need to look too far though because the internet is full of males complaining at women, so I don't understand why you choose to come here to bitch at us. Maybe you actually want female attention? Pathetic.

No. 294284

Your argument falls apart with the fact that rape exists, and that women didn't have a choice but to carry the child of a violent man who attacked her.

No. 294286

I feel like it'd be EXTREMELY easy for these women to have committed infanticide when it came to rape babies, especially in the past.

No. 294288

having kids is a two-person effort and women are the ones negatively affected by this, you still think it's because men are better that they are super cool dads while the moms are "bitches". you were the one talking about parents, when someone explained why mothers change you say "dont have kids den lul". at least try to stay consistent.

No. 294289

your father was still worse?? lol

No. 294291

you underestimate how attached you get to your own baby, even if shares half it's dna with a pice of trash male

No. 294310

File: 1536679499027.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, 1527469566562.jpg)

>people ITT right now calling each other "scrote"

No. 294320

You're either hardcore baiting or you're really this stupidly naive. Either way you've picked the wrong website to seek "solidarity" and likely you're just feeding your confirmation bias by choosing a trash gossip website and expecting everyone to hold your hand.
Try reddit or something.

No. 294323

You expect women to
>get attacked
>impregnated from it
>go through pregnancy with all the changes and pain that it brings
>go through childbirth
>kill the child
And keep going as if nothing happened, maybe go through another ordeal then find a good man, or what? No such thing, man. You're blind and should be thankful for it just get away from this thread, it doesn't interest you or affect your life.

No. 294324

that doesn't mean women are raping their babies though

No. 294377

uh yeah i know??

No. 294405

>What is the truth? Are you leaders or oppressed?
The 1% of men at the top oppress the 99% of men at the bottom to benefit themselves and women.(ban evasion)

No. 294427

kek, so close, yet so far. you're really dim, robot.

No. 294458

And when women form separate communities, like those women in Kenya, the men get so asshurt that they're not there, they become the attackers.

No. 294496

>This thread has me on the path to finally seeking female solidarity
Then pretend to be a girl and try to blend in like most of us have been doing for years on male-dominated misogynistic imageboards.

No, seriously, besides the fact that men are usually violent psychopaths, I think a lot of the hatred here comes from spending time on 4ch and seeing how the people we related to for being social failures hated women. That's why you get a lot of "men only want submissive anime waifus and have yellow fever", "men will nitpick every womans appearance and refuse to sleep with her if she has body hair" etc - we're describing the men we interacted with for a long time.

Sometimes a sane anon comes along and tells us to leave the house more often because not every man is like the raging misogynists we're used to. But it's really hard to undo such a strong negative impression.

No. 294503

Thats a long winded way of saying men are shit anon.

No. 294530

I hate how society is always sparing men's feelings. Men will tear women's looks apart but god forbid a woman says she has any preference in men. I stopped worrying about their feelings and now I tell everyone who asks that I care about looks and that I love a nice big dick. You'll never see a man hide his preferences. Women shouldn't have to do the same.

No. 294531

>wymmin should know their place and be thankful for the scraps we give them reeee we rule the world how dare you rebel against your masters
>wymmin are LITERALLY the most privileged beings on earth everything and everyone favors them we men are OPPRESSED in this MATRIARCHAL society

I don't even expect males to be coherent anymore but shit this stupid never ceases to amaze me

No. 294537

this, or how men crying is known as "real" crying, where as with women any emotion they show is quickly assumed as manipulation
women are expected to be validated as just tits and ass, yet you never hear women say "I'm a dick girl" or "I'm an abs girl"
men will run around talking about how women without butts or boobs are worthless or are men, yet no one tells men they aren't male if his dick isn't big

or like the "women draw their ideal penises" video, that was deleted because of how many men acted like their entire life was threatened because some women like big dicks, or ofc the infamous "IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED!!!" in which they did men drawing their ideal vaginas video, not one woman was offended

nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine