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File: 1651033579458.png (4.7 MB, 2000x1333, goblincore.png)

No. 1512778

Hello. This thread is for all the cows, flakes, and cringe people that are part of a -core suffix aesthetic community.
Common traits of this people include:
>Labeling every single part of their life within a -core stereotype
>Trying to fit very hard into one aesthetic, have an identity crisis if they like multiple things
>Terminally online, mainly on tiktok
>Can't seem to enjoy things genuinely and loves to do shit for attention
Etc. Some very milky -cores include:
>Dark academia
Etc. There exist way too many of those and new ones are being invented all the time.
You can check a lot more here:
Feel free to talk about it, post your personal cows, drama, cringe compilations, etc. Webms of shitty tiktoks you found amusing are welcomed as well.

No. 1512779

Would you stop making shit threads

No. 1512800

Nta I don't think it's a shit thread at all, these people are super cringy. I sometimes post them on the consoom thread in /ot/ but I guess they belong here better.

No. 1512806

This clowncore shit is super creepy to me.

No. 1512834




No. 1512838

File: 1651040301941.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 1650387883813.png)

I guess this counts as lolcow core?

No. 1512839

I think this thread has potential. Is it spawned from the consumers thread?

No. 1512852

As someone who likes doll/goth/clown aesthetics this bunch of attention seekers are so painful to watch I got 3.50 minutes in and thought it was more like 8. How do tiktokkers fuck up every aesthetic, and look so unintriguing and desperate despite all the time and effort they clearly put in.

No. 1512978

Should this thread be moved to /ot/ or do you girls think it has more potential over here? sorry for the unsaged mess, I'm genuinely curious.

No. 1512989

Will be keeping up with this thread!
I think it should be fine here, but if not mods could always move it back.

No. 1513089

I see them mostly on tumblr and it's insufferable, i stay posting on tumblr as i can't even imagine moving to twitter or tiktok and tumblr has been abandoned place with just most patient survivors for a few years, but now these idiots are migrating here full force. tumblr mostly has obviously traumacore, dark academia and bimbocore, not sure about some of these idiocies like wtf is goblincore, or lolcowcore (lmao).
maybe we should call ourselves farmercore kek. how the fuck these cringelords even find lolcow?
isn't that just idk, reposting bad quality shitty pics of random ugly places and computers thrown in a puddle of mud? this "core" makes no sense at all, people posted these pics on tumblr for years without any labels.

No. 1513630

I think this is clowncore? The internet has me feeling like such a boomer, I don’t know how anyone looks at someone like this and doesn’t see pure mental illness

No. 1513637

Oh God yes, I have so much to sperg about. I have a bone to pick with people who post the same pictures of their aesthetic gaming set up every fucking day without changing anything and still somehow manage to garner thousands of likes

No. 1513674

A lot of people did a lot of these things for years without any labels, calling everything “-core” and “aesthetic” is itself an insufferable trend.

No. 1513852

File: 1651124098168.jpg (56.52 KB, 500x500, Yung Lean.jpg)

Back then when I thought of the word aesthetic my mind would think of stuff like picrel. The first time I ever came across these "-cores", though, was way before it became a virus on TT. I didn't think anything of them, but now I resent most of the people associated with it.

No. 1513973

Most peoples first encounter with any flavour of -core was mid 2016 Tumblr. That would have been around the time cleancore popped off, fever dream aesthetic (now "weirdcore" and "liminal spaces") started popping up in the same circles as the Nicole Dollanganger aesthetic people since at the time people were using it for trauma edits about dissociation instead of outright calling weirdcore an aesthetic

No. 1514359

File: 1651176168568.png (419.5 KB, 601x536, Screenshot 2022-04-28 160124.p…)

Oh lord a new core is on it's way, prepare for chonky cringe lords in the shitty acrylic white turtle necks purchases off amazon soon.

No. 1514730

I don't get this, isn't this just normal clothes?

No. 1515157

normal clothes for people over 40
we did “rich grandma” in the early 2000s and “menocore” in 2017, so I guess this is the blend of both trends
Chico’s and Monsoon stock on the rise

No. 1515351

Chico's CEO is about to catch the fattest W. Also you forgot Lane Bryant.

No. 1516149

My theory about this style is that it arose when tiktok thrifters realizes most resale shops are picked over by resellers and now all that’s left usually is grandma fashion. They were like “darn can’t find any y2k bedazzled goth gf fairycore baby tees, guess I gotta make do with these coldwater creek khakis!” I swear every goddamned piece of fabric on this planet at some point is going to be categorized into an aesthetic. off-duty dental office receptionist - core dropping summer 2022.

No. 1516158

I hope a coastal grandma wrote this article

No. 1516402

>lolcow thread
>page 67
you really cant make this up

No. 1516417

File: 1651350165442.jpg (515.38 KB, 1103x561, Do4CHWK.jpg)

I don't know why, but I find this girl annoying. She's very obsessed with Lolita, specifically the movie's "aesthetic", and calls all of Dolores' clothing choices "Nymphette".
But she will wear kid's clothes from Justice calling that "Nymphette", or most recently, wearing Japanese fashion (that's already had it's own names, like Larme or Dolly kei), and insisting it's "Nymphette".
Something just seems off about her and I've never liked her uppity-attitude about the Lolita book and her "nymphette aesthetic". As if she's somehow different from the thousands of girls on Tumblr. If she really wanted to separate her fashion from the book, she could just stop talking about it. Or even use a different name, since we know from Tumblr the pre-established connotations of "Nymphette" (with girls that DID want to live like the book).

No. 1516419

File: 1651350243073.jpg (787.57 KB, 1077x474, 1J2zPWP.jpg)

picrel. some of her older videos really emphasize to "look like a kid".

No. 1516453

>how to dress like dolores haze
Girl wtf

No. 1516555

Maybe I'm a boomer but whatever happened to just dressing cute and enjoying it?

No. 1516743

I think they're talking about kiwifarms which has threads with many pages about nobodies from the past (e.g the Lori thread is very active there and full of autistic tinfoil and discussion about their parents and shit), and also uses the term lolcow.

We'd have a lot more moronic anons if the tiktok teens invaded here, though lolcow.farm did go viral around creepshowgate iirc

No. 1516853

this chick's pre-coquette, she came with the wave of nymphets, or at least post-nymphet phase of 2017-2018 when they tried hard to rebrand as nymphette. there was actually a time when they tried to call it "coquette" but the style was more original nymphet just with a new name and they didn't push this 00's coke celebrity anorexic thing that's associated with coquettes now yet (current coquette idiots don't even know that someone brought coquette up a few years before them lol).
i had no idea Shyler is still producing her bullshit videos. that's you know… a bit too long. most girls her age already has grown out of nymphet/lolita phase.

No. 1517002

File: 1651425584461.jpg (115.6 KB, 1200x797, the-iconic-baby-name-meme-mom-…)

the retarded way her name is spelled made me think of this lady

No. 1517126

She’s still active on Instagram and is still advocating for “Nymphet”, even with it being long dead. I think Schyler just has an obsession with the book and being a Dolores Haze. She has moved on in some ways, living in Japan now and wearing Larme kei and vintage Japan clothing, but she’s still very insistent on calling it “Nymphet”. Like anon said >>1516555 I don’t know why she can’t just dress in this cutesy way without the labels.
Schyler says she’s “anti-kink” and “not ddlg”, but her photos and her insistence on being “child-like” says otherwise. I think she does have some tendencies, as she tries very hard to look underage. I mean, even the word “Nymph” came from the Lolita book, and she even keeps a decoration that says “Lolita” in her bedroom. For her, it’s obvious she wants to be a preyed-on “Lolita” like Dolores.
I just find it annoying that she’s calling normal cute feminine clothing “Nymphet” for whatever reason and acting like some sort of better-than-thou spokesperson.

No. 1517496

clowncore? wouldn't that just be like juggalos, without the shitty band?

No. 1517654

>I used to hate myself lol
We know.

No. 1517769

even if she's talking about kiwifarms this website is literally called lolcow dot farm so they're really going to invade this site anytime soon (if they aren't already here).

No. 1517862

The altcows thread is already overrun by twittertards…the last thread had infighting because apparently these SJWs think it’s wrong to mock a cow’s messy makeup (when she says she’s a cosmetologist). Also some newfags were complaining about the “transphobia” kek. I think these tiktok egirls would be quick to post in the alt thread, and that’s why there’s retards policing typical imageboard behavior.

No. 1524525

God I want twitterfags to LEAVE

No. 1525105

Back in the early 10s I'm pretty sure she was one of those loli idol wannabes and dressed similarly to Yukapon/Natalia so you're not entirely wrong.

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