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No. 887989

Previous: >>>/ot/879729
You're smart and everyone else is dumb.

No. 887995

File: 1629540837640.jpg (18.32 KB, 430x430, tumblr_94684ddf98fcb1d890b73f8…)

i never write anything personal because some years ago my bf found a private journal i wrote about how his infidelity affected me, and he shared it with the woman he cheated on me with and they both made fun of me

No. 887996

Why'd you post this again? Just leave that bastard already like we told you.

No. 887998

Are you fucking kidding me? Leave this guy. I promise you deserve better, but you have to believe that for yourself.

No. 888004

Why isn't he an ex bf yet? Are you trapped by financial circoumstances?

No. 888005

Why is he not your ex yet?

No. 888008

I am afraid to elaborate on my situation or get into specifics for fear of it identifying me. Despite my efforts, i have no privacy.

in short: its more effort than its worth. plus i kinda like him

No. 888009

At this point your misery is your own fault then.

No. 888010

File: 1629541802928.jpg (136.16 KB, 700x394, kimkk.jpg)

Someone save lc please. I would prefer not to lose it.

No. 888013

Had a dream where I was with my ex and we were happy I HATE THAT SHIT

No. 888015

Murder him and the dreams will pass with him

No. 888024

>Cheats on you
>reads your private thoughts
>laughs about it with the girl he cheated on you with
At this point you're not his gf, you're his maid providing him with companionship and sex. I can't imagine in what situation breaking up would not be worth the effort unless you fear for your safety or can't support yourself. If that's the case you should seek help.

No. 888030

So your man cheated on you, stole your private journal, read it, read it with the woman he cheated with and then mocked you for it? Why do you like this person? He clearly doesn’t like you.

No. 888033

File: 1629546637531.jpeg (12.69 KB, 275x204, 1619670641394.jpeg)

Where will I go?? What will I do???

No. 888035

every new bus ride I have to take brings me one step closer to sudoku I can't take this shit anymore

No. 888046

File: 1629547932450.jpeg (207.74 KB, 1024x1024, ABB6002B-A87B-4B70-BBBF-758C9C…)

I hate hate this banner (top) on here as it always reminds me of the cctv of Samantha Koenig being kidnapped (bottom) whenever I see it. (Such a disturbing story) awful case.

No. 888058

Ill kill him just give me his info

No. 888059

I'm sick of the lesbophobic BPDchan in the MTF thread who takes every opportunity to derail the thread to talk about how she thinks lesbians are all out to ruin her ~*perfect happy het relationships*~ and secretly want to fuck her. Lesbians don't want your musty, paranoid ass.
At least the black supremacy anon who somehow has sources for how black women are superior to every other kind of woman in every way is fighting for a marginalized group. She may be an autistic derailer, but she's based in comparison.

No. 888060

What happened?

No. 888062

See /meta/. Admin also gives some clarifications in the current dumbass shit thread

No. 888066

File: 1629550802035.gif (3.56 MB, 500x318, angry-lady.gif)


No. 888075

i will legit be sad if this site shuts down

No. 888078

Man, same. I don't have anywhere else to go and I hate how cc looks and the people there act so weird

No. 888079

What is that from? I see it everywhere.

No. 888080

cc is a tranny haven

No. 888084

this is bpd chan isn't it? stop making excuses for him you weirdo oh my god

No. 888085

We have a black supremacy anon? In what thread?

No. 888086

The gif is an scene from the British soap EastEnders

No. 888087

Just don't engage with a dumb bitch like that nothing helps them until they're at the complete rock bottom and pitying themselves for "being so stupid"

No. 888088

There has to be another way. Hell, I'd start learning coding right now to create a lc clone in the worst case, but I doubt 4 months will be enough for that. I already started archiving/downloading /ot/ threads back in March and will definitely continue now, so it won't all be lost to time at least.
I'm sure monetary factors wouldn't be an issue either if there would be a public link to donate.
I can fully understand admin retiring, especially after all the cp and gore spam in the last months, but this just completely sucks. There is no other place like lolcow and the anons here, I don't want it to shut down..

No. 888090

I can’t wait until it happens, this site might be fun but it’s actual garbage it’s time to move on, no more longevity.

No. 888091

Can't you just leave for yourself instead of wishing the site is gone for everyone that enjoys it?

No. 888092

File: 1629553827342.gif (201.25 KB, 220x252, 2BBC0D76-5DEB-4295-8D63-BE8EFC…)

No. Let it end and go get another autistic obsession like collecting trains and pokemon cards.

No. 888093

File: 1629553834344.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

Beach, stop being a weak retard and move on by yourself

No. 888094


No. 888095

File: 1629553984449.png (312.82 KB, 998x937, cry.png)

A-Admin-sama will find someone who can code and host and program and pay and everything is going to be okay

No. 888099

File: 1629554187446.jpeg (108.91 KB, 749x760, 058C11FF-6E72-4F3B-8847-3FF5EC…)

Praying and manifesting that admin-sama never finds anyone qualified to take her place and you will all be forced to endure the clusterfuck of CC. Praying, hoping, I be eed that I want that you don’t seem to understand I want this place gone so you all can experience true hell.

No. 888102

i can't help but wanting to shake people like that silly and slap them out of it

No. 888103

I will go there if it comes to that but I reckon I might get banned as soon as I start posting there more frequently kek
Their threads sucks balls

No. 888107

I really, really hate it there. Comparing their site and board culture to lolcow is laughable

No. 888109

They're nicer though which I like, I know others don't. Lolcow is pretty much dead anyway. I swear there's like 10 of us kek.

No. 888110

I don't get the hostility towards CC. It's a nice little image board. People complain about moids and trannies but do you honestly think LC is any different?

No. 888112

Their "niceness" is really weird, it really puts me off. Some sound like 12 years olds. They're probably trannies
Also yeah, I swear lc now only have the same people posting everyday lmao but cc is empty

No. 888114

Should one just never send nudes or sexy videos to men ever? Sometimes I think it would be hot to send my husband those things, but I feel like it could be endorsing bad habits. We have a pretty healthy sexual relationship, he's not a masturbator or porn watcher so he only gets off when we're intimate. I honestly like it this way. I don't want him to start fapping like a pornsick scrote when I'm not actually around. Are other people just okay with that?

No. 888115

>but do you honestly think LC is any different?
Yes, at least they get shunned here.

No. 888117

Never send them to any man. Better safe than sorry

No. 888119

>but I feel like it could be endorsing bad habits
Well that and there's a 90% chance he'll share it online.

No. 888120

Under no circumstances should you send them anon. Sounds like you have a good relationship with him already and the worst outcomes of something like that is awful. Better safe than sorry, there's no predicting a scrote who no longer loves/respects his partner.

No. 888121

do they not on cc?

No. 888122

Any other anons have a higher sex drive than their bf? It really sucks sometimes. It makes me feel so undesirable.

No. 888124

File: 1629556727414.jpg (44.21 KB, 720x877, 8324 - blood-shot_eyes dark de…)

>Gets sick of social media and its bullshit
>Finds only place on the internet where genderspecials and scrotes won't ruin everything
>Finally able to shitpost with no worries and have a good time
>Finally able to vent my frustrations freely
>Anons being as mental/retarded as me, some of them being smart and genuinely helpful
>Positive female interactions cure my internalized misogyny
>Negative feedback teaches me how to handle opinions/hate
>Basically, a very good experience
>Site gets deleted
Damn ok i guess

No. 888125

My husband works away from home sometimes so I allow him to keep tasteful pictures of me on his laptop. It's nothing explicit or overtly sexual. The lewdest image on there is me on our wedding night in my bridal underwear. Most of it is just images of me that he finds cute or attractive where I'm fully clothed and doing something. He probably does masturbate to them because all men are wankers, no exceptions.

No. 888127

They do. I have no idea where "trannies run cc" comes from.

No. 888128

The weird peformed “niceness”, the incessant moralfagging, the constant random banning.

No. 888130

Same situation here and I suggest you start addressing the problem now before it gets out of hand. It destroyed my relationship.

No. 888134

What site was it

No. 888136

>check in on onlyfans drama
>ethots mad and saying it's a conspiracy backed by fundie christian groups
>they literally do not care that this is about those cc companies not wanting to be legally liable for the sex trafficking and child porn that the site clearly lets slide
>"bb-b-but it's against their TOS anyway!!"
>yeah but you're admitting that this happens regardless so you'd rather children and vulnerable women be the collateral so you can continue to profit, isn't that evil?

I hope people never stop pointing out how selfish and evil they are.

No. 888137

Do you have pics of him too? I always find it weird how men are obsessed with lewd pics of women but the opposite usually never crosses a woman's mind.

No. 888139

Oh honey

No. 888147

thank u anon

No. 888151

Me too, even though i don't post often on /ot/ i will miss it all. I love lurking on this website, you're all so funny. And I will miss posting on /m/ about video games, especially since most of the players of the video games are male so i dont have any other place to vent about the male playerbase.

No. 888161

I have pictures of us together that I like to look at when he's away. It isn't sexual and I don't get off from doing it.

No. 888166

I'm such a jealous mess. It makes me physically sick, I don't know how to make it stop. I want it to stop please.

No. 888179

As an Eastern European woman, I am really fucking tired of racesperging. Especially when somebody tries to apply their western opression views to my country that was a warfront for a thousand years.

No. 888184

File: 1629564312606.jpg (445.01 KB, 1656x2560, 81CE-WcaEAL.jpg)

This kinda sounds like a civil war wife writing letters to the front line by candlelight

>My Dearest Anon,

>I sit down with pleasure nightly to look upon your fully clothed form. It does me good to think of our day of union (nothing sexual). Take heed that I have not bespoiled my body by cooming.

>With Legs Closed, nonna-belle

No. 888185

is it legit true that narc mothers usually raise narc daughters? i’m fucking terrified that i must be a narcissist, and while i know i have narc traits, i’m trying my hardest to find ways to stop exhibiting them and i thought they mostly existed because of the environment i was raised in, not because of who i fundamentally am. this sucks man what is the point

No. 888189

Not always. You can indeed get some traits, but as long as you are aware of them you can try to control and improve them. The fear might always be there but you can do better than your own mom.

No. 888191

I hate race politics and how it's applied to the rest of the world. My country is a mix of Slavic, Turkic and Asian cultures and that shit simply doesn't apply to us, it makes no sense. We're not white, we're not Arab, we're not Asian. Anglos have managed to destroy so many countries by redrawing borders without understanding how ethno-cultural relations work and now they're spreading their colonialist politics via the internet.

I also hate when people criticise non-American businesses for not having any diversity, aka black people, in their ads. My country has a mix of different religions, ethnicities and languages and yet it's not diverse enough because everyone looks kinda similar and there aren't any people of African ancestry in ads like what? Of course, it's okay if they're Korean or Japanese though.

No. 888199

We don’t care, your people have created shit tons of corny Tiktoks. I hope you’re ashamed.

No. 888208

I haven't been able to finish a drawing in over a year. I've spent months on some pieces and then I just abandoned them because I did't like them and it's useless to work on something that you know you won't like. I don't know what to do, I've wasted to much time already… I want to be able to finish a drawing and be proud of it, even if it's not perfect. I wanted to be and artist professionally, but this is clearly not working out and it makes me bitter.

No. 888209

I think it goes for all children of narcs but you can easily unlearn that behavior.

No. 888210

Congrats, this is the most retarded post I've seen in a while.

No. 888212

The OnlyFans whores complaining about losing their income are making me sick. The answer is incredibly simple: get a job. Lots of places will hire them despite having spread hole pictures on the internet. People lost their respectable jobs along with their living accommodations and transportations because of the pandemic and made do with what they could. Nothing is stopping these cunts from doing the same other than themselves.

No. 888215

No. 888226

Can’t they just use other porn subscription sites?

No. 888231


No. 888235

OF is changing it's policy due to financial services not wanting anything to do with sites that host unverified pornographic content. Any site that tries to follow OF's old model will run into the same issue.

No. 888239

The actual reason is because of leaked documents showcasing how OF allowed pages that posted illegal content to stay up and profited off of it. The men that run the site are guilty and scared, and willing to sacrifice money because they know their freedom is on the line.

No. 888247

It's because that kind of thinking stems from America where they're not educated properly and live in a bubble and spreads through the internet to other (western) countries. sucks.

No. 888263

Long one lol. My dad is nearing 70, I'm early 30s and reflecting on our lives is maddening. He's getting old and I'm keeping my distance because I don't want to full-on fall out with him and then regret it or feel guilty when he passes. I grew up in the most insanely controlled environment where everything had a set place, nothing could be left out of place and in terms of routine it was like groundhog day. Everyone had to just work around him and give in to the madness that was a man who cannot stand to see even a spoon out of place, cant deal with the slightest noise overheard from another room. He was the man of the house and therefore the boss. I'd come home from school some days to find he'd thrown out my belongings just because he felt like decluttering. My most sentimental items… clutter. They were neatly tucked away in a half empty drawer, still clutter.. nothing in my room was outside of their set drawers….suddenly considered clutter. That and not being able to make a sound whenever he was home was suffocating. I could list off 100 more rules he had that just done exist in normal households.

In my teens I started having panic attacks, got depressed, stopped being able to leave the house, needed meds. I've never been 100 percent since. The depression does lift for periods of time but the anxiety is a daily thing where being outside never stopped feeling daunting to me. Even now as I run my own home and go out everyday. It still lingers.

My dad has made me feel like the weakest person for simply having those issues and needing time off school and some meds when I was much younger. His mental shite goes undiagnosed… he puts everyone else on eggshells and that''s fine? He lives in denial and makes me feel like a freak for my own thing that I bothered to treat. A lifetime of undiagnosed illness is not being 'strong' especially when you've made your wife and kids miserable by being impossible to ever happily live with or now visit.

I dated a guy a few years back. He had anger issues, he was touchy and whenever I hit a nerve he'd never tell me what it was exactly or let me try to fix it. He loved either the silent treatment or screaming his head off. There was no inbetween when he was upset, and he was very often upset. He met me at a time when my mental health was at its best but because he knew I had an ongoing history of mental health struggles… Everything was twisted into me being emotional. Even when I wasn't very reactive to his moods I was somehow the one that is emotional and needs meds. I got used to his freak outs, I reacted less and less every time and hit a point where I could nearly laugh at his attempts to say I was emotional given he screamed and stomped and I basically just waited for him to stop. I stayed calm in his presence so as not to escalate his episodes but my anxiety levels in general were creeping up from having to live with that. Seeing the light with that guy opened my eyes to the dynamic I have with my dad. It was a strange mirror of it in a way and maybe that's why I tolerated it for so long. On some level I still saw it as normal to put up with that from a man. I asked this guy to get an assessment and all hell broke loose at that suggestion kek. Men who deny their mental illnesses and expect you to live your life on eggshells pretending they're not ill or acting unreasonable.. fuck them and their lifelong denial.

No. 888303

I think there is something wrong with me because I literally have no friends. Nobody texts me, I don’t hang out with anyone and I am 20 I’m just really shy and all my old friends don’t really want to talk to me, blow me off, or have straight up ghosted me. I must be an asshole.

No. 888310

I don’t think you’re an asshole anon, it’s just easy for people to get distracted and forget about friends that they don’t see every day. Try reaching out again - I guarantee that most of your friends are happy to talk, they just don’t know that you’re even thinking about them

No. 888316

I hope you're ashamed of this unsaged shitpost yourself

No. 888370

why are even commercials for pads and tampons sexualized

No. 888376

Is this a rhetorical question?

No. 888388

that's awful! what a bastard. I don't keep a paper journal or anything but I do use a text file on my computer to write a kind of diary/brain dump for when I need to get it all out. have you considered doing this? it's nice and safe on your computer

No. 888397

they are? can you give an example

No. 888401

No. 888406

>is fighting for a marginalized group
You sound brainwashed, that doesn't make it fine to be a racesperging derailing autist.

No. 888414

I write on paper now, but I state facts rather than feelings as the incident made me feel that doing so made me crazy/foolish.

No. 888451

>insanely controlled environment
>thrown out my belongings just because he felt like decluttering
>His mental shite goes undiagnosed

Damn, nonna, my mother should have married your father, they would have been the perfect match.
I'm in the same boat, except I'm untreated for anything because my mother would have taken the opportunity to drive me to therapy and that would have killed me in the end. It took me years to understand my family dynamics and how it messed with me. Haven't been living with my parents for over 15 years now, but it's still all there in the back of my mind.
Just don't feel guilty that you are keeping your distance, it's the best thing you can do. I told my mother many times that she should go to therapy but according to her she "can't change", so, if she doesn't try I have to distance myself to find my way towards a healthy and happy life. I'm just angry how much damage has been done.

No. 888453

File: 1629579236946.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, cat.jpg)

I went over to cc to prepare myself for the eventual migration, but I really don't want to. In the few threads I looked into none of them seem to understand sarcasm and the moid defenders are annoying.

No. 888473

CC sucks ass and is 99% populated by troons, don't bother in the first place. I just found out about the site shuttng down, too. I'm kind of sad, but looking at the bigger picture, this can actually be great. I can have a life now, stop refreshing threads/catalogues and living in dark pits of hating cows, hell, maybe i can even pretend to be a normal person. I've been around here long enough so that it's been a real detriment to my social and professional life. This site not existing anymore will be a painful bandaid to rip off, but nothing worth quitting is easy to quit. Basically I just hope to transform back into a normie, since I don't have that many "online" interests. Maybe I feel a little bad for those who haven't been here long enough or those who have been here since 2015, and I'll definitely miss the anons on here, too.

No. 888485

You know there's going to be a lolcow.rage and you'll be there again, posting your hot takes and laughing at costhots

No. 888491

do not tempt me, witch

No. 888511

Growing up as the middle child taught me that the only way anyone will listen to you is if you throw tantrums and act out (at the cost of being percieved as a crazy bitch) and now that I'm away from my family I have to unlearn that behavior so that I'm not abusive to people that I actually care about. Fun stuff!

No. 888515


You are blessedly sheltered to have never been in an abusive relationship.

No. 888519

Who is bpd-chan?

No. 888523

I hate how everything in my personality feels connected to being sexually abused as a kid. I feel like I'm outside looking at other people live their lives, and it happened when I was young enough where I really don't know if I've always been like this or it made me this way. I just feel like I'm watching from inside my body and everything happening is so separate from me. It was like that when I was being abused as a child where I would just think of something else, I felt like I was "rolling my eyes inside my head" to look inside instead of at what was happening, whether it was sexual or emotional/physical. But even now I feel like I do this all the time: when I'm talking to people at work, when I'm with my partner, when I'm with friends, I feel like I'm "turning my eyes" inside so that I can float away.

I wonder what my life would be like if I had never been assaulted and what kind of person I would be. Usually I feel numb but that hurts in a raw, strange way. It's like I feel numb most of the time and emotionally reserved but whenever I see something that triggers my memories, I start crying without being able to fully understand it, just pure physical response.

No. 888524

I love one of my friends but she's the very definition of fake. We were best friends through middle and high school so I feel like I know her better than most people, I believe it stems from insecurity and wanting to get along with everyone but it drives me crazy how she literally entirely switches personalities, mood and sometimes even opinions depending on who she's talking to. Or she'll flat out lie about stuff. Sometimes we meet new people and she acts completely out of character and i think it must be exhausting for her. It's a shame because now that we're not as close anymore, I'm never sure if she's giving me her honest opinion or just wants my approval. or if she really believes certain things or if she just automatically takes the most politically correct/progressive stance without really thinking about it

No. 888551

I'm really scared because I know i'm going to have to leave my abusive bf soon, my life is a living hell but I've never lived by myself before, I've never rented alone. I'm just so scared and exhausted 24/7, we had some amazing times together, he was my first proper relationship but he's an addict, he's abusive and he just isn't a good person. I used to be so fiesty and free spirited but now I feel like a shell, i need out.

No. 888568

Another day another they/them getting oppressed because of their gender like nothing else is happening in the world. Istg them and men act so oppressed for some reason

No. 888578

Living alone is way easier than living with someone else, you don't have to look out for their moods, needs and have all the space for yourself. You can do that and leaving him will bring you back to your free spirited self, just leave him as soon as possible, don't wait any longer.

No. 888581

I fucking hate that my mother is a low-iq piece of shit. She screams at me for things not directly my fault (cats fighting, she's low on money, father complained about something, etc.) and then turns right around and asks me for shit literally minutes later, without a hint of awareness on how retarded this is. The problem is that I have to help her - because she and my father are both old and sick and it doesn't bring me any schadenfreude to think of two old sick people being unable to eat or move heavy objects etc.

It's just such a shitty situation. She's always been a demented person, but for some reason I grew up an empathetic bitch. Ugh, I know I should cut her out of my life, and I mostly have, but I feel terrible knowing that she as a human being might be suffering without help. It just brings me 0 joy.

No. 888583

File: 1629592593464.jpeg (284.29 KB, 584x755, 6AFCAD87-5E6E-4AED-B171-67C447…)

yeah crystal.cafe is definitely ghetto and musty as fuck, just an excuse for the racist anons to go somewhere else where they’re unlikely to get banned for saying shit like this. imageboards are dated and obnoxious and it’s time to move on, just archive all of the cow threads and let it die, let it die, let it die~ it’s time for a new era you crusty neetnonas

No. 888584

lol like this place isn't as racist

No. 888587

CC honestly annoys me with all its obvious LARPing scrotes and the dumbass pick-mes (60% of which are probably CAFEBEEF-tier trannoids and "fembois"). It could be nice if it wasn't for the mods being lax with their bullshit. At least those types actually get banned here.
Seriously, someone reread that screenshot and try to say, with a straight face, that a woman wrote it and picked that image. Totally not some ugly-ass male in his 30s-40s thinking "What do women post? Cat pics? Trying to fit in and maybe redpill some lasses incognito."
"Shan't", lmao.

No. 888588

>imageboards are outdated because people hate niggers :(
cry more
i'll take my ban ty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888589

At least cc has an active male hate thread.

No. 888590

Males aren't "people", sorry.

No. 888591

There are only like three posts on there what the fuck? All copies of threads from lc

No. 888592

neither are niggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888595

Males are the only niggers. Reroll your life and try again.

No. 888597

File: 1629593715949.png (3.78 KB, 851x58, 2069257.png)

most users there are from lolcow

No. 888601

Yea, they really think lolcow is leagues better but the users in general are still the same shjt

No. 888603

I'm also kind of hesitant about possibly having to move to CC cause of the racebaiting. I've only been there twice, and saw some bait. I know LC has it's fair share of racist farmers (and recently, KF users), but it doesn't even seem like it's a bannable offense on CC unless they just don't redtext bans? idk.

No. 888606

I will never understand the anons on cc sayind they're happy lc might get nuked because then they spend less time here, like, bitch, you just wasting time in another board the fuck

No. 888629

the admin set up a donation link to cover server costs

No. 888636

The male suicide rate is high because they’re discovering that they shouldn’t be alive in the first place.

No. 888659

>tfw someone using my art as their icon
What a boost to my self esteem holy shit and Im gonna draw more stuff!

No. 888663

oh wow good job anon!

No. 888736

oh my god i have been so careful this entire fucking pandemic i have taken everything so seriously and i'm fully vaxxed and still wear a mask and regularly sanitize and everything but was a little lax for the first time since FUCKING MARCH 2020 because my niece just turned 1 year old and i just really missed her and my nephew. so i agreed to be around while they visit because my sister is vaxxed too and i just missed them all. well guess who is congested and has a sore throat and feels like utter shit all of the sudden? ME! i want to fucking cry i'm going to get a rapid test tomorrow and i will be so depressed if i was dumb enough to get fucking covid after all this time. all i wanted was to hug cute babies. god damn it.

No. 888765

File: 1629608451545.jpg (48.37 KB, 500x427, relevant.jpg)

I've only been using lolcow for 2.5 years and wasn't even an imageboard user before that but I've spent so much time here. I don't have friends irl other than family and I have a ton of mental health issues. therapy is expensive and I only get to see my therapist once a month. it's just really nice to have an anonymous place to vent/ask for advice and bond with other women who get it, even if you bitches sometimes roasted me, I deserved it. I guess I could use crystal cafe but I've been there before and it's ugly and I just… didn't like it, Idk. sorry if I'm being a melodramatic ass bitch, I'm off my meds.

No. 888774

I got banned from CC and I don't even know why

No. 888785

File: 1629610402367.jpg (117.04 KB, 1600x1168, ahh.jpg)

I'm supposed to be accompanying my husband tomorrow to go to his parent's house to make them brunch and visit.
What's bizarre is that we haven't heard from them…at all. His mother has alzheimer's, yet usually she's calling him at odd hours. She'd been particularly upset and confused a few weeks ago when her phone calls got really bad because she decided she no longer wanted to live in her house anymore and didn't recognize her husband. She didn't even remember her own son when she called us, just that his number had been in her address book and that someone from it needed to know to come pick her up and take her away from that place.

Tbh fam I'm a bit spooked. I feel like I'm going to walk in on dead people in the morning. How am I going to handle this???

No. 888797

same im permabanned as of last week and still dont know what happened, only ever posted random benign pics on /media/
the mods are retarded

No. 888818


u don’t owe them anything nonna

No. 888819

File: 1629613109887.jpg (75.86 KB, 581x581, tumblr_c7310561c33cf82a1acab3d…)

It's just one of those days, y'know. There's a consistent mix of good and bad in my life and today the bad just weighs heavier on me than usual. I have work I need to do to keep it from spilling into this next week but I just wanna lie in bed and watch a movie.

No. 888829

Anon, I hope everything good happens to you for being so positive.

No. 888852

My annoying ass mexican neighbors have been screaming in their apartment for the past 2 hours, I politely asked them to be quiet so I could sleep and the guy told me to fuck off so I called the cops for noise complaint and mentioned that I had heard from another neighbor that they were illegal aliens. That should be fun for them!

No. 888897

you did the right thing

No. 888903

Whenever someone does something that makes me angry or upset I go completely silent and pretend they don't exist for however long. I read that apparently this is abusive and it's eventually going to ruin my relationship for example and I know it will but I can't stop. If I tell them what they did upset me, it could make them not like me anymore.

No. 888909

Being a doormat is not good, sure, but abusive? Lol.

No. 888914

It's considered abuse when it's for the purpose of control and manipulation, not a genuine way to cope with to being hurt.

>If I tell them what they did upset me, it could make them not like me anymore

This is some serious nonsense though. Apparently you have to beat yourself up over how you deal with other people wronging you, but they get away with whatever they did wrong because you clearly value them more than they value you. Ignoring someone isn't abusive, but it is an overly passive way to handle issues.

No. 888917

silent treatment absolutely is an abuse tactic, google it.

No. 888937

My parents always gave me the silent treatment when I did something they didn't like. Sometimes it went on for days and sometimes I didn't even knew what I did wrong. You could never know when they were being pissy and when they were everything was kinda shut down and me and my siblings had to cater to them, find out what was wrong and kiss their asses. I hate my parents, I spent my whole childhood and teenage years walking on eggshells and trying not to upset them so I could go on with my everyday life. The worst thing is that they think that they did everything right and that they are god tier parents because they didn't hit us and provided me and my siblings with food and shelter. They think that it would outrageous if we ever dared to criticise their parenting methods and blame me for being bullied and school and not taking myself out of the class and change schools when I was 11 years old and depressed. You could never do anything right. When I talked back, they screamed at me and when I said nothing to wait and save my energy till the bullcrap was over they also screamed at me, mocked me and assumed my feelings and thoughts. The worst thing is that I was always expected to always apologize first no matter what went down. I can detect shifts in peoples mood and when they speak and I am constantly worried that they are upset with me.

No. 888938

I used to give my ex the silent treatment because I didn't want to scare her with my temper and it was one of the contributing factors to our split. It's childish and a horrible thing be on the receiving end of, learn to talk about what's bothering you. If they don't like you because you had a reaction to something they said or did that's on them for not wanting to talk things through like adults. You really gotta stop the silent treatment though, trust me. I feel a lot better now I communicate and don't shut myself down every time I get a bee in my bonnet.

No. 888947

File: 1629627464457.gif (2.92 MB, 498x498, cersei-cersei-lannister.gif)

>friend gets assaulted by his mentally unwell mom
>"that's the last straw, I'm going to get a job and move out"
>offer to help him out, both advice and monetary support if he needed it
>next day his abusive mom apologizes and buys him food
>he goes on like everything is fine now
>literally about to dip back into a website that he was vehemently against before and where some of his old bad friends lurk

So much for "the last straw" eh?

No. 888948

Couldn't you find a better example? Why do you have this screenshot? It's from two years ago. What was the original context? Isolated, anon is rude but hardly racist. Rule 9 forbids threads on race/ethnicity/nationality. I discovered cc a year ago, so I don't know, is rule 9 new? If not, the original poster might have been breaking the rules to sperg about US blacks anyway. If this is the best evidence you've got, well…

I've been banned before (not for racebait) and it was not red texted. So, possibly.

No. 888956

hurricane time

No. 889002

I don't wanna get my scans and check ups done tuesday. I feel good, healthy. Almost like I don't have anything wrong with me. I just want to enjoy this feeling while it lasts. If it weren't for my partner I'd probably skip the damn thing, but I know she'll hunt me down like that cop in Terminator 2 if I try skipping it.

No. 889005

It feels like I’m just having a prolonged “now what” moment when I go on the internet because the only website I still fucked around on was lc. It feels like I have to “grow out” of playing around and wasting time online and I don’t like it. Even with the influx of newfags and lack of integration on all boards, there’s no place like here.
I’m the same. lc was my first imageboard, and I really don’t want to use cc in the future, so I guess it’s also my last.

No. 889011

My ex friend who is a psychology major and is gonna be a therapist keeps on making posts about "BPD" signs of BPD which are literally "you feel emotions stronger than others" or some basic ass shit that literally applies to most mental illnesses. She also believes she has BPD because she has some slight emotional disregulation, dissociative symptoms and used to self harm at 12. I've met people with actual BPD and they are chaos, this bitch does not have BPD and has a bit of PTSD at best. I'm literally more BPD than she is and I still don't believe I have it. She's gonna be one of those counselors that will suggest any female patient with PTSD or slight emotional dysregylation she has BPD, I fucking hate her.

Most people that end up doing the jobs they are doing have nothing to do with their career. They just could pull through academics and be obedient little robots that regurgitate theory without deeper understanding.

No. 889013

I fucking hate how society is organized and how little meritocracy actually exists

No. 889016

>you feel emotions stronger than others
I hate when people say that about BPD. How do I know how other people feel their emotions? Most therapists are fucking robots. They could cut the cost by just emailing you excerpts of the DSM or fucking wikipedia. I know there's good ones out there and I've had some that have genuinely gave me life changing advice but the difference is that they didn't prioritise my comfort. They made a point of telling me I was being a shithead and that's what got me to stop being a shithead. Most therapists now just say "yeah, uh huh, mm, ok" and then give you the same advice a "live, laugh, love" housewife would.

No. 889026

I told this bitch that the "science" of psychology and psychiatry are not put in practice very well. In the sense diagnosis criteria is all over the place and you can basically diagnose an abused person with 60 percent of the dsm 5 mental illnesses considering how bad diagnosis criteria is. I think each mental illness should have a grade of severity and a "chore" characteristic for it to be diagnosed. We live in a society where literally everyone could be diagnosed with ADHD, BPD or depression, so what's the point of even having them labeled as illnesses if the bar of diagnosis is so low. She just acted like I was unknowleadgable and just kept flexing her aquired social status of going through psychology school.

I hate how women that literally don't even have BPD are being suggested they have it. The diagnosis criteria should be harsher. If you self harm, have dissociation and other symptoms you might just experience the aftermath of abuse. I think the "chore" principal characteristic of BPD is being very afraid of abandonment and overall a very chaotic and abusive individual, I've met people with actual BPD and they are uncomparable to the snowflakes that think they have it because their emotions are not liniar and because they have 3 self harm scars from when they were 13. I've helped myself reading DBT and CBT more than therapists ever helped me lmao as fucking pretentious as that may sound it is the truth. When I went to psychologists they regurgitated the same shit and kept trying to inoculate in my brain that I do not love myself because of abuse and that I need to learn loving myself. And I kept going against it because it was simply untrue, I had always loved myself and even if I was abused I still do. And because I refused to accept it I was actually hating myself they acted as if my "BPD" made me resistent to treatment just because I didn't accept the shit they were trying to brainwash me with. Like bitch I fucking love myself, why are you telling me useless shit.

I love myself and I don't even have persistent BPD symptoms and never have had them. If I had to go through injustice and abuse and I have a resentiment towards how the world works it does not mean "I hate myself", it just means I have justified feelings towards the world. I had self harmed myself at one point (when I was very young) and I do have a tad bit of "emotional disssregulation" and I am argumentative but that's not a fucking mental illness. If life gave me a shitty deck it's my fault??? Because I am mentally ill? No, life just gave me a shitty deck and I struggle with it, not because I have some internalized self hatred and evilness, but only because dealing with a hard life can be harsh.

No. 889028

My boyfriend texted me earlier and said his mother seemed to have had a small stroke so they were gonna drive her to the hospital.
He hasn't given me any updates yet and I just really hope she's ok.

No. 889030

BPD is just used to shut women up a lot of the time. I was accused of being a 'BPD bitch' when I got upset about my ex emotionally cheating. He called me paranoid and actually started going through the list of symptoms with me to prove to me how crazy I'm being.

Which is extremely funny because he was the one making me crazy, everyone else I know including my parents will confirm that I am extremely patient, calm and predictable with routines bordering on autism, I am literally that one guy who only listens to Linkin Park's In The End because he doesn't like any other songs, he was just really good at riling me up and making me feel like I'm going insane.

No. 889031

anyway, I think that pharmaceutical companies are also influencing psychology/psychiatry and they want everyone to be on their meds or pay big bucks for therapy. You cannot tell me a person that has no will to live, cannot shower or even eat has the same illness as a person that is completely functional and just feels empty sometimes because they expected to be famous or they expected life to be this fun amazing ride. Or that a slightly awkward person with unusual personality dynamics that is overall functional and can form bonds is on the spectrum just like some autist that thinks they can have sex with furniture and they can barely talk with others. When I was in middle school this girl was very obviously autistic and everyone made fun of her and she was quite disfunctional and now some of the stacies that bullied her are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and they are more functional than "normal" people and they just love flaunting their diagnosis in everyone's faces.

I do believe in the concept of psychology or psychiatry, but the way it is applied is fucking horrible and nonsensical and it makes actual mentally ill people and normal people suffer more. Also, we live in a barbaric careless society where we have to pay a stranger to listen to us and give us empathy and advice. Come to me bitch I will listen to all your issues and call you out on your imagined issues and be harsh and loving at the same time. I know what it means to be alone and unguided. Ruthless society.

I have depresshun too I have depresshun too I have depresshun too me too me too me too. You can get out of bed? You can go to work ? You can clean yourself and complete basic life tasks? You feel the occasional emptiness because your life does not reach your expectations? No bitch you're just human you dont need prozac

No. 889036

Gaaaaaasp, so glad to be back inside. The city stinks unbearably today. I mean, it always stinks, but today the stench is especially bad and strong. I miss when I was a smoker and didn't notice a thing. I was so blissfully unaware of such olfactory assault.
And why the fuck are half of garbage disposal bins on the street open? Close the fucking lid you lazy asses, do you like inhaling all that rotten shit

No. 889039

BPD is a funny thing, most people diagnosed with that don't actually have it.
I have visible self-harm scars. Once I went to a festival and there was a guy, seeing my scars. He came to me and his start to the conversation was "Oh, you have BPD, too?!" and I was so annoyed with that that I just said something like "Yes" and went away. Self-harm for most people is just BPD and I'm so tired of it. The time I started self-harming, everyone around me that went to a therapist got the diagnosis BPD, most of them were underage, but it ruined their lives, because they started acting like the textbook and at that time got told that BPD is untreatable. There was also a documentation on TV once where the psychiatrist had a, according to him, BPD patient. He was like "I only have to see their left arm and know if they have BPD or not". That the girl was just fucked up because of abuse, an unhealthy family and seemed like she had depression, no, she must have BPD. And left arm? It seems that he didn't know that the body has more skin than on the left arm.
Sometimes it appears that BPD is the new "hysteria" for women and I hate it. I'm so annoyed by the self-harm = BPD people, yes, I have self-harmed, no, I don't have BPD, it might be depression, it might be trauma from bullying, I don't know, never saw a therapist because I don't want to be labeled with a wrong diagnosis.

No. 889046

>Most people that end up doing the jobs they are doing have nothing to do with their career. They just could pull through academics and be obedient little robots that regurgitate theory without deeper understanding.

Exactly that. I studied (never finished, because no robot) a subject where I would have to take classes with the psychology students and the people there, no way I would want to be treated by them. They were upper class people with so many prejudices, it wasn't even funny anymore. There once was even a "discussion" that people being poor don't want it any other way and that it's just their fault that they are poor. And on the other hand, there were recommended books we should read written in English (not the native language) and they would ask if it was necessary, because they couldn't read English well enough to understand academic texts in English. Damn, I wish I would have grown up being rich.

No. 889058

File: 1629639308157.jpeg (162.12 KB, 736x736, 48364065-70E8-40EA-8728-C4C351…)

Sometimes it’s so weird looking at the corny fake love and positivity anons reply to each other with when I know it’s forced and inauthentic. You both were probably just bickering aggressively about stupid shit no one cares about and then you’re pretending it’s alright, yeah sure you totally “love” me even though I don’t know you. I just wish people on here would stop being so fake. I’m aware it’s all anonymous and all but it makes my teeth tingle like no, stop trying to act buddy buddy with me when you probably called me ugly and fat in another thread because I did not agree with you. That’s the most mindfucked thing of all, they don’t even know if they did hurt you because you are just another number, another anonymous, another nobody behind the screen. You’re just wasting time.

No. 889069

You've managed to express the thing that I hate the most about lolcow. I don't mind the pettyness or the bickering. I'd rather have anons tell me to hang myself than that they love me based on some retarded post I've written. It's too reddity and twitterish along with those stupid reaction gifs that I absolutely loathe.

No. 889079

Nah, I actually like it. Arguments mean nothing here because in the next thread, the same person who called you an insufferable cunt might be the one who consoles you in another thread (or vice versa).
There's no reputation to uphold or destroy (at least not to anyone that matters), and no bad blood. Every post stands on its own merit. That's also how you know the anon being nice actually means it. They have nothing to gain from being kind, they just wanted to briefly share a pleasant interaction with another anonymous person.

No. 889085

This has made me realize that each person can have both likable traits and ones that are worthy of pure hatred. It seems obvious but people are complex. It's helped me be less judgmental and also to be more comfortable in expressing things that before I would have been afraid to in hopes people will extend that same courtesy. Basically I no longer see people as absolutes. They're both good and bad. We all just interact with each other.

No. 889092

I cannot sympathize with this. Grow a fucking pair. Every site I read has nonwhite membership and they write nasty, horrid shit about white women every single day. It's not moderated. Although, say some nasty shit about nonwhites and expect a ban kek. I wish we either had a white only site or one where we can say whatever the fuck we want because woc clearly do. Private discords are even worse. I've larped as a woc to gain access and 99% of the conversation is mocking white women. You are some miserable, bitter bitches.

No. 889095

>yeah sure you totally “love” me even though I don’t know you
are you autistic? When anons say "i love you" it's not meant to be taken literally.

No. 889103

Agree, that's the entire appeal of this place.

No. 889105

hmmm I think most people here are genuine and also you should then question the entire concept of positivity in society. Like most people don't actually care that much about the person they relate to or have empathy for. I dont think people here are not genuine about their positivity though, they have literally nothing to gain off it exactly because it is anonymous. A lot of normies IRL like to shower others with fake empathy exactly because they want that image of positivity associated with them to.make them appear as good peopls

No. 889107

No. 889133

File: 1629647014398.jpeg (82.84 KB, 1242x1069, 5961A290-CC27-41A8-BA13-4E3F6F…)

I don’t even care anymore, I will conform, but if my legs get bruised after shaving, you will have to look at my cuts and my spots from all the old bruises I have. I won’t do any laser treatments to remove the spots, they’re almost like my war scars.

No. 889134

>being forced to waste my entire last day off visiting in-laws at their filthy house while husband annoys me with bad driving and autistic rantings the entire way there
Omggggggg fucking shooooooooot meeeeeee.

No. 889142

I hate when scrotes from KF attempt to covertly post here. They stick out like a sore thumb because of their gurgling retardation and because they spend so much time circlejerking on KF that they can no longer prevent themselves from referencing the same trash site-specific memes every time they open their mouths. Exceptional Jersh A&H Dyn is their wholesome 100% chungus, and it's so embarrassing that they don't notice that everyone avoids them like they're the kid at school who can't stop walking in little circles while giggling to himself.

No. 889154

I think I'm developing a form of psychosis. I've been letting literal tarot cards guide my choices a bit in the past 3 months. I feel quite directionless, but I am also quite disappointed in myself because I had never reached such levels of irrationality

No. 889157

I really wish I knew why I'm getting clogged pores all of a sudden. It happened like 3 weeks after I started retinol and it's been over 2 months since and they're still there. Wat do. I also have had to start wearing makeup daily because I work, maybe that is part of it? But I've worn makeup every day before. I wish I knew what happening to my skin.

No. 889174

There's a black woman who snapped in the most recent TIM thread who said that black women live rent free in white women's heads, and I'm beginning to suspect that the opposite is true. I'm all for talking about the oppression black people face, and how to potentially alleviate/resolve it, but I swear that black women online are more concerned with talking down other women (especially, but definitely not exclusively, white women) than actual feminism or the rights and safety of black people.

No. 889180

>Every site I read has nonwhite membership and they write nasty, horrid shit about white women every single day.
White people do the same thing to non-white people, anon. And talking shit about white people can and will get you banned here, it's still considered racebait.

No. 889183

>the kid at school who can't stop walking in little circles while giggling to himself.
shit that's unironically me

No. 889184

I actually think this is quite cool kek. I wish I could be a little bit more irrational with some stuff and let my feelings or something else decide instead of my brain. Maybe keep the cards for some superficial stuff?

No. 889199

Can we quit this stupid discussion? There's black people who hate on white people for being white. There's white people who hate on black people for being black. And there's black and white people who, even when not among other skincolours, won't hate on others just for their skin. Conclusion? There's bad apples everywhere. What a pointless polarizing discussion.

No. 889200

OT but I've been laughing at this .gif for the past 2 minutes

No. 889202

what gif?

No. 889207

i am alienated from everyone in my life, i had no friends and i don't speak with my family, i have no job to go to and i'm not in school. and i can't even make a post on lolcow.farm without getting a bunch of negative replies. maybe i should just never speak and resign myself to a life of isolation and loneliness.

No. 889209

Not even close, there are no bad apples because all whites people inherently benefit from the years of discrimination and power that their forefathers have accumulated. History is not separated from the state we are in right now, it’s an entire consequence and white people know this. Go away with your dumb centrist “I’m colorblind” bullshit

No. 889212

ily nonna pls never stop speaking

No. 889217

i wish i could be your friend nonny

No. 889219

That doesn’t even compare to an entire culture that resorts to mocking and making fun of black women, this has been going on for fucking years. You have no perspective and rather live in your ignorance like uwu I’m tall and oppressed-chan as to why people are talking shit about white women and it’s not always because of sexism. If you were to ever break out of your euro ignorance and realize the historical significance of how black people were treated and the only thing you can prioritize is that it’s sexism you seriously have an issue. White women have always been complicit in racism and self-interest, feminism was originally only for white women until it became intersectional through the 60s-70s. Do you really blame black people especially black women for venting their frustration of being disadvantaged for ions? Do you really think it’s pleasant telling your people over and over again about these obvious facts and emotions that WE feel and you’re still not getting it? Many people are fucking angry including me. I don’t care how much you call me a nigger, how much you want a pure racial sage space because reaping the consequences of your ancestors is going to hurt oh noes, it’s about time you realize how you’re wrong. If you want a beloved whites-only online space where a bunch of scrotes who have a madonna-whore complex then go to /pol/ and never go back please.

No. 889223

Duh? I know that? My point was that why waste time bothering to express that fake positivity when I don’t know you?

No. 889224

NTAYRT But there's a difference between speaking out about oppression and marginalization of black people, and bitterly seething online about how much you hate white women (or even just nonblack women) specifically, though. It comes across as incredibly misdirected, unless in the context of white women leveraging police or beauty standards against black women.

No. 889226

File: 1629652736233.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 889230

some people are actually just nice, kind, and have empathy/care about others.
if you're this bitter all the time when you post i highly doubt anyone here is going out of their way to be that nice to you anyway.

No. 889233

File: 1629653052570.jpg (54.78 KB, 900x900, 1522692884004.jpg)

I quit caring about what other people think. I think I'm just out of luck constantly when it comes to people. I'm the sort of person with shit luck. I find myself a lot in the Agatha girl, she was just a random inocent wholesome girl that wanted to express herself and maybe make some pocket money, not a hoe, not a pick me. Just an artist. Ironically, she got harassed for being probably one of the most wholesome people on the internet that have ever existed. A female version of reviewbrah. In a sea of fake fame chasing creators you have her a blooming beautiful flower and of course they had to harass her until she quit. They lie about hating whores, they love whores the most, they love whores so much they want every woman to be one and when you are not one they are gonna harass you. Can you not see the world we live in? A world in which as a woman you're more likely to be harassed for being a genuine normal woman because now women expect all women to be unvaluable whore pick mes. They say they hate whores and pick mes but they never go after them, in fact they love them. They love all the sociopathic whores, the more sociopathic you are the more they love you.

No. 889240

Go back to Kiwifarms, scrote

No. 889241

File: 1629653449098.jpg (14.23 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Can you imagine if reviewbrah was a woman?? She would have had to quit because of the hatred and negative feedback. A lot of people would have hated her, would have called her attention obsessed or that she wants people's money for low effort work. Some incel would have found where she lives and stabbed her. There would be hundreds of deepfakes of her on the internet.

They love whores like Belle Delphine and project this inhumane hatred towards normal women and especially skilled women. They want all women to be naked whores on display for them. What sort of liberation from patriarchy is this???? A world where I'm loved more if I become a disposable object for men's pleasure but I am hated if I become a skilled individual for being a woman. The world literally hates women with real skills and women are expected to be commodity. Fuck the world and fuck men and fuck sexual liberation and fuck the pick mes getting naked and dragging women's rights down by 1000 years. They don't realize the damage they are doing for women as a collective.

No. 889242

>There's a difference between speaking out about oppression and marginalization of black people, and bitterly seething online about how much you hate white women (or even just nonblack women) specifically, though
This. All the "fuck (X) bitches" posts are doing a great job making people more racist or numb to the cause. It works exactly like that "you must reblog or else!!!" spergouts. If you want people to care about your issues that don't affect them whatsoever, maybe don't be shitty for no reason unless a specific person did you wrong. I refuse to become anyone's whipping boy just cause they have more opression points. GTFO with that shit. Yes you deserve rights, no. I will not let you spew garbage at me because hIsTorY that we don't even share
>t. europoor

No. 889245

based anon, you are so right

No. 889246

File: 1629653672684.png (6.9 KB, 276x323, 10741217-2A56-4B65-BE7C-36A6E8…)

European education systems must be garbage then.

No. 889250

the gender flip of reviewbrah is so cute though. she's my sweet feral angel

No. 889252

If you think that those are the only european countries, you need to go back to school. Thx for proving my point

No. 889253

even when I’m feeling ‘fine’ I know for certain I’m gonna kms one day. I don’t even want to escape being sad or whatever I just would rather go out suddenly while some people would still notice my absence than as some lonely old bat who never figured life out. It’s just a matter of when.

No. 889254

so cause a some Western European nations colonized Africa, all white people are to blame, Including poles, Acarnanians, Irish e.t.c

No. 889256

File: 1629654436560.png (317.52 KB, 523x328, 4EF8D958-9A33-4E33-B00D-806B7C…)


Cope. This your beautiful culture at work. Why aren’t you embracing it?

No. 889257

If pressumably amerifat op wants me to care, why isn't she fighting for polish women's right to abortion? Some of them are even POC lmfao. All americans think that entire world should coddle them while they don't give the fuck about anyone
>inb4 not amerifat
Ok, the first point still applies

No. 889261

if you keep continuing this Twitter bullshit race infighting I will find you and colonize you and make you my slave and don't worry I don't discriminate. You can be white, black or Asian if you bring twitter bullshit race infighting I will colonize you

No. 889263

Its not meant to blackface and I'm not even European but in the words of the Great Ataturk
>“There are many different cultures but only one civilization — the Western one.”
and its true, without the west women would be subhumans around the world and treated as property, I'm glad my country was colonized and I was ruled by a rational rather then "Islamic" law

No. 889264

You got invaded by Nazi Germany lol. Also, there’s been an alarming rate of anti-immigration/nationalist/alt-right groups and organizations popping up in Poland so how would those beloved POC ever be able to get their abortions if the white polish people around them don’t want them there?(infighting)

No. 889265

Same anon, if I become homeless or get chronic illness or cancer then that's it, sliding into the sewer. Not going to suffer any more than I have to.

No. 889271

>"Maybe using racial injustice as a reason to hate on white and nonblack women specifically is a little misogynistic"
>"N-no, I hate all whiteys! Because…s-slavery, yeah! And blackface!"
Maybe start with your actual woes, instead of pulling them out as a shield for criticism when people call you out. If you don't shit on other women, we don't have beef.

No. 889276

>You got invaded by Nazi Germany lol
Imagine if I said
>Your ancestors were sold and bought as slaves lmfao
Or do you think we wanted to be fucking murdered in concentration camps?
>how would those beloved POC ever be able to get their abortions if the white polish people around them don’t want them there?
So you are unable to care about your fellow women on the other side of the world without your group gaining anything, yet you expect everyone else to do so while you berate them. Ok, thanks for confirming that.
not like WOC aren't living here already and their lives got worse due to the abortion ban(infighting)

No. 889277

This anon is right.

Okay. Now, how are you resolving the effects of history or doing anything to right the ills of society by posting petty insults to white women on the internet? It makes sense when it's a direct response to someone being racist, but whose life is improved when you post "White women are x, y, z" completely unprovoked? You're just spreading agitation and hatred for nothing.
At this point, it's so clear that a lot of people don't even care about discrimination or history. They just use it as a "gotcha" to be vile to others.
And then you'll act surprised when white supremacists take those kinds of posts and use them as "proof" that it's not worth trying to get along, we need to have a race war now, colonization wasn't bad, white people have never done anything bad and are always victims, etc. I'm not even white, I just find this shit dumb. You deliberately poison the well even further and wonder why things don't improve. Why?

No. 889280

File: 1629655462372.gif (307.56 KB, 360x270, E5EE1976-A50A-4414-80B4-14AA56…)

please stop infighting so I can whine about getting ghosted by the weedman

No. 889286

Weedman sounds like a superhero haha. Useless contribution, I know kek

No. 889290

File: 1629655856981.jpeg (293.35 KB, 750x723, 16C3CF1E-45ED-4E30-B834-D9B647…)

I don’t care about women who are complicit in white supremacy and misogyny. Not everything should be viewed through “is this misogynistic?” and rather “maybe this woman is oddly bigoted towards other races and mingles with european nationalists to advance her career and that’s not good because it harms women who aren’t white?” You’re using serious terms and ideas like misogyny to avoid the real elephant in the room that sometimes these women do in fact exist and it it isn’t always sexist to critique these women who use their advantage and privilege as a white woman to advance harmful ideologies. I don’t go on Twitter at all this is just real-life politics and if you can’t handle that then I don’t know, your lost.

No. 889291

I'm one of the spergs but I want to hear your tale, I love trash.

No. 889292


No. 889294

File: 1629655970279.jpg (128.18 KB, 1425x331, Untitled.jpg)

And this is your beautiful culture at work. Are you embracing it? Or are you lucky enough to live with the evil colonisers who outlaw such barbarism? Because we can pick and chose bad bits from everyones culture all fucking day and get nowhere. I think we all need to embrace our anonymity a bit more and knock this idpol shit off. Fuck what the white womens ancestors did, if they're not racist to me and show me basic human decency I don't have a problem with them. Same goes for anyone else of a different culture or race to me.

No. 889295

Wait, when were any anons defending Lana Lokteff?

No. 889296

Who's that?

No. 889297

You know we aren't talking about shitting on actual white supremacists. The problem with women who are white supremacists isn't that they're white women, it's that they're white supremacists.

No. 889298

some of you anons sound actually diagnosably retarded. Get tested

No. 889301

Truly, there's nothing more annoying. Weedmen are so weird. They're like high-strung etsy sellers, why won't you let me help you make money? I wonder if weedmen are the same all around the world, like one big global family who won't respond to your texts

No. 889302

The discussion was about whites and blacks being racist and talking shit about the other on internet spaces you stupid ass

No. 889303

>You’re using serious terms and ideas like misogyny
Said the person laughing at country being ruined by Nazis.
Why do you think all Polish women, probably including me, are racist? Because shitty men ruling our country are? If we had much to say, we would keep abortions lmfao. You will find any reason to hate on others and excuse your lack of empathy. And no, I will not say that no Polish women are racist, because that sadly happens everywhere… you have zero nuance tho and keep moving goalposts so you can feel good with yourself. I recommend you therapy for your deep seated issues.

No. 889307

You’re Polish, I recommend making your food edible.

No. 889309

>European edu system
Europe doesn't have one unified education system anon

No. 889316

there needs to be more weed women in the world. that’s probably what u need anon. come thru nonita i got some fire shit.

No. 889322

NTA, but stop doing this shit. Go after the people who actually deserve the vitriol, there's plenty.

No. 889324

SO glad I ghosted my scrote weed dealer. His shit was never that good and he was always a massive, threatening creep. I saw his 2-page schizo facebook post about how all women who shave are the devil, he deleted it but I saw it. ALSO, he thought he was hot shit, I never wanted to fuck him and found it cringey how he'd answer the door shirtless all the time and say shit like "I don't date customers btw haha sorry" like I don't want your dick you ugly stoner cretin I HAVE A BF. Also, I hated how I'd show up and he'd take forever to answer the door and would sometimes send me on wild good chases for no discernible reason

No. 889327

>all women who shave are the devil
refreshing take

No. 889332

idk smells trustifarian to me

No. 889333

>Blaming women for beauty standards under the patriarchy because they either conform under the threat of oppression or genuinely just prefer to do some things the patriarchy expects of all women
I see you're the retarded sort of radfem, instead of the based kind.

No. 889335

kek there’s no story but he’s been delaying for longer than usual, and what’s worse is I prepaid because I’m a huge retard I’ve known him for a long time and he’s been v chill and honest. I just want to sleep and for my back to stop hurting. I’m just gonna write off the money as paying my stupid tax.

No. 889336

i was joking anons, be calm

No. 889337

samefag, I’m also socially retarded in addition to the regular kind so I have no idea how to find an alternative lmao. I’m kinda tempted to pretend my crohn’s is worse than it is to get a med card.

No. 889341

I meant the dude sounds trustifarian for demanding all women be hairy. but I am simply projecting due to being compared to a chick who dyed her pits pink by a guy I wasn't dating so

No. 889342

Get your med card so you can stop relying on assholes and buy from a dispensary. If you're looking for extreme potency you're not really going to find it there but at least you'll be able to score without risk.

No. 889348

File: 1629658283432.jpeg (8.2 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

I wish people would stop romanticizing Latino parents and their shitty attitudes. "Ha ha Latino parents amirite?" I'm sick of it, it's not funny when you're trapped with a psychotic, delusionally religious bitch or a dangerously angry scrote screaming at you for every single fucking thing and getting physical if you dare to call-out their bullshit, it's hellish. Latinos making light of the situation are pathetic, the fact people here don't have to balls to stand up to boomers or olders it's literally one of the things delaying our progress as a culture.

No. 889351

Im 22 is it too old to learn how to do art? I want to learn how to sing, I've always wanted it. How the fuck do I learn how to sing?

Also, this world be sad af, not even as an artist can you be free. It seems all artists have to pander to an audience and brand and market themselves and have a status quo. Literally being an artist is all about changing yourself, your art and self expression.

No. 889353

Same but with my ethnicity, I've seen the exact same jokes as for Latino parents. I hate when they also say things like "parents should beat up their unruly kids, mine beat my ass everyday and I'm doing fine, I'm not traumatized, pussy" then they show you in so many different ways how mentally ill and dangerously angry they are all the time.

No. 889356

Anon, no, why would it be? Like genuinely try answering why it would be too late to learn art at 22, can you no longer hold a pencil or a brush from age 22 onwards?

No. 889357

Never too old. For anything

No. 889358

While I do think some parents are too easy on their kids nowadays I certainly don't think beating them is the only other alternative, people who say that are usually all kinds of fucked up ironically.

No. 889359

yep. you're too much of an old arthritic hag at 22 to learn anything new. go ahead and bury yourself while you still have the strength.

No. 889362

If your vocal chords and ears still work you can still learn.

No. 889370

i imagine myself in the future of being a psychotic homeless lady who’s finally free of the shitty confines of this shitty world

No. 889374

Not as a career, I don't think so. But you can still learn as a hobby.

No. 889380

>Then they show you in so many different ways how mentally ill and dangerously angry they are all the time
Real shit, i haven't meet a single person who said things like that and wasn't BPD levels of mentally ill. I don't even feel bad for them, they aren't any better than the dipshits that raised them. I'm sick of hearing their bullshit copes, go to the psychiatrist and stop gaslighting yourself and others you asshole.

No. 889385

Thank you.

No. 889387

I really don't know how to feel about this! everyone in my work place are falling for each others and I feel so out of place most of the time. They be flirting and having relationships while i'm all by myself. I envy them so much . am I not pretty or funny enough ? why is no one falling for me ? why do I even care? I feel stupid sometimes. I wish I stay focused on my goals , this won't even matter in a year from now . ugh

No. 889399

I think I will be heartbroken soon. I think I will have to end things with somebody whom I am genuinely in love with. It seems the best step to undertake regarding my own happiness and growth. Currently the pictures of our summer together are being developed and I am heavily contemplating what to do. I have plenty of time to consider this situation and will simply let life occur for the most part. Still, it is something that I find unpleasant to think about. I look forward to the opportunities it might lead to, but lament the sacrifice it might take. Perhaps I am reacting completely incorrectly and he and I will remain together, but my certainty of this has been decreasing the past few days, and finally with some stability that does not leave me returning to obviously exhausting and painful situations. It just isn't as black-and-white as it should be, or I am incapable of seeing it as such. Kind of vague, but it is just so bittersweet… All of these romantic pictures and this great love that blossomed between us, but it might not survive and so I see myself as bearing the responsibility to simply kill it before its decay catches up and obliterates everything surrounding it… And thinking about the heartbreak it would cause him too… It hurts me so… I don't want to cause him any pain, I want to be happy together. But it genuinely probably isn't the right decision to be together. At least not right now… The first week after meeting I had this unshakable impression that it was a "right person, wrong time" type of relationship. Although the "right person" idea is unsteady by now, the overall sentiment has definitely returned. UGHHH

No. 889406

I love him nonnas

No. 889420

Learn to love yourself, anon…

No. 889434

File: 1629667052294.jpg (53.87 KB, 677x631, 8xdLsRXp_Vsoi8GZMI3P6RmMTV8pP-…)

I feel oddly clingy and I hate it. I get like this sometimes and I just shut myself down and go quiet because I don't want to bug my partner but then she picks up on me being quiet and asks what's wrong and instead of admitting that I crave emotional intimacy I say "Nothing!" and start compulsively lifting weights because emotions are silly and fleeting but deez gunz are for life. Fucking hell, why am I so weird with expressing emotional desire? I feel like a coomer because I sure as shit know how to express physical desire when I wanna make love but when I just want a few nice words and a hug? My brain shuts down, I feel weak and pathetic. FML.

No. 889438

this is good. stay out of this workplace romance shit, when things go sour it's gonna turn ugly real fast.

No. 889445

I feel so pathetic for not looking into career or education options more seriously. I work a piss easy dead end day job, I could be replaced with a child intern or an automated message with some sort of machine. I am just so pleased that I never ever have to be on phone duty, I might be stuck here forever - which is not so good.

No. 889446

File: 1629668400910.jpg (24.51 KB, 567x561, ER4zadnUYAAMfHi.jpg)

I've been friends with that one person who had common interests with me + they have been reaching to me when things were getting shitty irl. They were super sweet to me back in time. Around that time they did cut contact with their other friend because they felt like their friend interact with them only when there's nobody else to talk with, feeling 'abandoned and used'. And now I feel like they talk to me only because they've got no one else to talk with, while not genuinely likening me. And I feel so stupid because I've been doodling them stuff to cheer them up and even sent a package as a gift (I used to do this with some other friends). I was in a pretty heavy mood yesterday and really wished I could hug a person, and went like 'hey thanks for always being there' while getting 'wtf'. The other time they said something low-key hurtful and while apologizing because they've noticed, I've got something around 'the more I know the person the more bitchy I might act'. And it fucking hurts because I really did put much effort into that friendship.

No. 889447

M laptop keyboard i all fucked up now, I don' know what o do.

No. 889449

File: 1629668914804.png (34.62 KB, 198x234, 5792.png)

i understand that just about anyone would pick her (outgoing, good at the game) over me (shy, trash at the game) to befriend, but i'm still sad about it.

also kind of sad that the group's warmed up to her so quickly, but i'm still just a person that's sort of "there" sometimes. this always happens, but – idk. it still makes me depressed.

oh well.

time to drink tea and cry about it ( again ) lol

No. 889450

restart the computer

No. 889456

>also kind of sad that the group's warmed up to her so quickly, but i'm still just a person that's sort of "there" sometimes. this always happens, but – idk. it still makes me depressed.
i don't know what you're talking about but this hits home lol

No. 889469

ily anon, i know the struggle.
sometimes you just to carve your own niche, even if its outside of the main group. even just finding one person who gives a shit about talking to you and getting to know you is leagues better than any big group filled with people that you have little in common with (and from my experience of friendship groups based around games, 9/10 times theyre just stupid and drama filled honestly)

No. 889473

This happened to me and it hurt so badly that I autistically stopped being friends with all of them KEK even the ones that were closer to me than her, just for being in the same friend group. She was undeniably better. If younger me had to choose between me and her, she’d be chosen in a heartbeat. She was like an improved fanfiction version of my life from location, age, and height all the way down to our coincidentally shared niche obsessive interests, race, and family history. And when I came back in the summer, I found out she was dating my former best friend/the person I was crushing on while I was still a background character. So naturally I made a playlist, cried, and stopped hanging out again. I thought I’d feel better if they broke up kek, to get distance between her and the group. But they never did.

No. 889478

I just did, but it's not enough. It's like that since a few days ago, whenever it looks like it's working perfectly again at some point some very specific keys will stop working. It's happening more and more often.

Writing this post took way too much time because I had to press the letters "t", "y", "g" and "v" way too often for them to show up.

No. 889479

Why can't making friends just be easy the way it was in elementary school. Why can't I just walk up to someone cool and ask if they want to hang out? It's never that easy, everyone is so awkward, including me. I'm a big goof and I feel like I'm being too energetic and silly for people and lately I've just stopped trying to talk to anyone at all. I'm afraid I'll say something stupid, or be ignored all together which happens a lot at work.
I don't even know who I am anymore because I used to just be myself so unapologetically but now just the thought of being the silly person I was around the people I work with or meet just makes me want to cry.

I feel so nostalgic for the work environment I had 7 years ago, I was so comfortable just being totally myself and everyone was so cool. That was the first and only time I've had an environment like that, where I was surrounded by people who made me feel included and fun. I used to sing and stuff and make people laugh, I used to be the one who brought in candy on random days and would be the one to lend you books and comics and cds. Now I just stand quietly in the background while other people talk and laugh together.

No. 889481

Had my N key die on me today as well. If it's only a few letters that don't work, you can use software to remap them to other keys.

No. 889485

NTA, but I relate wrt meeting someone who is "like you, but better". And I've seen a few similar stories, but none of them was a "success" story. It makes me think we/people like us were meant to live like this from birth.

No. 889489

File: 1629673176735.jpeg (112.81 KB, 750x738, 1603153631219.jpeg)

I keep seeing people having wholesome family day outings today and as someone who only talks to their mom because my deceased father ruined every damn family connection before croaking…shit hurts. I love my mom but it fucks me up to know I can't salvage any of the relationships and they all heard my dad shit talk me ever since I was a young kid, it's too late now and most of them are already very dead too.

No. 889490

Damn a bitch can't be grateful anymore? If anything it's worse when people do it irl or on regular social media because I know people who act positive and nice to cover up what evil people they are. Anons have nothing to gain by acting nice so it feels like a genuine emotional outburst. When I see someone on insta calling another girl a "beautiful queen" on her latest selfie when I know damn well she talks shit about that person all the time, THAT is cringe to me.

No. 889491

Didn't get it all out and I need to scream into this void, I would attend a wedding even as a kid and my dad would tell me to stay out of the photos, there's literally only one "family photo" where I'm in and at some point someone told me it was because I was so "nervous" and "withdrawn" yes my father was a raging alcoholic, might have something to do with that. I have no photographic evidence of ever having a family besides one babyshower that was actually quite nice but it feels so surreal. I sound pathetic, I just straight up am jealous over these cute family photos people post on ig stories today.

No. 889493

This was me in middle school. New girl transferred, instantly befriended everyone, we even shared the same name. She was pretty and smart and good at everything, everyone loved her and she quickly replaced me as the homeroom teacher's darling. She also had money and travelled abroad all the time while I was raised by my grandma and poor.
I hoped we wouldn't go to the same high school but nope! Followed me there too, we ended up in the same class where she mogged me yet again and also told everyone I was a loser in middle school. I never got my fresh start.

No. 889494

File: 1629673642208.jpeg (140.06 KB, 1242x990, A0175817-69AB-47E0-B94A-737CA3…)

I always feel bad for the people that feels left out, but hell, whenever I try to befriend them, they always act disinterested or outright mean and then I stop trying to make them integrate the group.
Socializing sucks.

No. 889497

same, i'm so jealous of my boyfriend's perfect family. they have a big beautiful house, always do family stuff together and even have cute little pet names for each other, while i'm trailer trash and my mom's nickname for me is bitch.

No. 889498

I'm sorry anon, but as a sad bitch I will make us both remember that all families do have issues and tensions but NICKNAMES? Damn that sounds cute, I am jealous.

No. 889500

Same thing for me as well. Even when I'm with a group of people, I often feel lonely amidst all of them.

No. 889518

when you get left out a lot you always wonder if people trying include you have ulterior motives. it also sucks when you KNOW someone is trying to befriend you because you’re being left out and you feel it just confirms what a loser you are. idk what the solution is but I think you’re sweet for trying

No. 889521

File: 1629676400539.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2688, C011D519-BA4D-4A78-9846-8A172F…)

thoughts on this ?

No. 889536

NTA but thank you for sharing this anon, it made me really happy and hopeful, sometimes I need to be reminded that I still have so many things to learn and so much time to do it all! I'm actually tearing up a little bit lol, watching that really brightened my day.

No. 889537

Something snapped in my brain and I just talk back to medical staff while even two weeks ago I would never have spoken up. I have no idea how good of a thing this is but it's bizarre to notice how fast doctors get pissy whenever you correct them or ask them to let you finish speaking as it is your health and you would like to set the record straight, because you say 4 weeks and later on you see the doctor wrote 4 days in the notes, fuck that. 4 years of medical bullshit, I have officially gone insane and talk back, what the fuck are they gonna do, not treat me? Honey I know the law

No. 889541


No. 889547

Good for you anon, firmly pushing back when doctors are being retarded is just a part of effectively advocating for yourself in the medical system. The staff might not like you for it (and may even try to fuck with you in minor ways), but it’s not like they’re going to risk catching a malpractice suit just to get back at you.

No. 889548

People with backburners can really only get away with it with other people who have backburners.

No. 889550

having a proper back burner doesn’t require keeping in contact with them imo i think people just want to stay in touch with their exes because they miss them

No. 889552

Yeah, thank you anon! It was during a call with a very dismissive doctor that it just dawned on me that I can say whatever, nothing derogatory of course but they are just people. Also in my country they can't just go "ew don't like her" and stop treating me, but they kinda did already do a widdle malpractise by not giving me the proper care before a procedure so they're on thin ice as it is and that clearly angered this doctor. It's a very hard road to know when you're being an actual issue and when you're just being a bitch who wants the right treatment, I am not even a hypochondriac but in longhaul treatment for serious stuff so I am not playing at all.

No. 889553

nta She was a youtuber who did asmr videos, she left the internet because /r9k/ scrotes were obsessed with her

No. 889554

My sister is working in town and I'm seeing her in a few days but my anxiety is out of control. Knowing I have to see her is bringing up so many feelings about my past and abuse. I've felt sick and on the verge of tears since she's been in town. I almost want to tell her that I can't see her but she's my baby sister and she's so excited. I know I'd regret it I didn't see her (she lives on the other side of the country) but I'm happier without them in my life but it's not their fault. I feel like such a shitty sister right now.

No. 889570

I have been feeling lonely lately and I think it’s because every interaction I have with people feels very shallow. I want to have real conversations with people but it’s like no one wants to interact with anyone.

I’m not even talking faux super deep “meaning of life” pretentious bullshit. I just want to talk to someone who has an actual opinion or feelings or who is willing to think about things. I will gladly engage in almost any topic, especially ones they are supposedly interested in, but they respond like a fucking NPC.

Either that, or they’re half agreeing with everything you say in fear of offending you over the most inconsequential shit, or on the other end of the spectrum waiting to jump on you for misspeaking so they can twist your words as a gotcha for them to rail against.

No. 889580

Ppl don't discuss anything except fun plans, family, friends, bfs, and school/work irl. Conversations with actual opinions are for life long friends bfs and close family. Don't be autistic.

No. 889581

Family and friends were included in that rant kek

No. 889596

I want to be able to socialize, but it is so hard without medication. I can do everything fine without SSRI besides socialization. I feel so awkward and I start shaking and I feel inferior or like I'm from another world

No. 889599

TBH I have no sympathy for TIFs who encourage other women to troon out, especially T4T lesbians. I love every aspect of the female form, and the concept of fujorotted retards with internalized misogyny and lesbophobia insisting that the unaltered female form is inferior to the TIF form (or even the moid form) is just pathetic to me. The fact that they want specifically other females, but need them to troon out and become their "pretty princes", instead of being open to dating "cis" women (or TIMs, or standard moids), is incredibly telling to me. I can't imagine being so twisted up that I need the women I want to date or fuck to poison themselves to keep myself from breaking down like an iPhone after the new model is released. Anyway, I just want to treat my fellow woman by preparing good food for her, sharing our joys and troubles, giving her gifts, and eating her out and tribbing. HMU if you want a slightly prettier than average retard and you have a fat pussy.

No. 889615

my very married coworker probably wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ so earnestly if he knew it made me feel some kind of way

No. 889634

I'm in love with someone and when I asked the tarot cards about him I literally got "lovers" and I do feel as if we are connected and like he likes me but I'm a complete sperg and I feel like I've said or done things that upset him. I don't know how to get closer to him. i like him so much I literally think he is the love of my life. I cannot even talk to him because of anxiety maybe I should drop benzos to try approaching him or something idk nonnnas I don't want to miss the opportunity to be with the love of my life. I know this sounds almost borderline obsessive love bombing but I'm convinced I have the same soul as this

No. 889637

i caaaaant with this annoying 18-year-old following me around at my job anymore. im DONE training you, go do your own work breh im not trying to hang out

No. 889638

>we ended up in the same class where she mogged me yet again and also told everyone I was a loser in middle school
This shit was fucking painful to read. I’m so sorry anon. She fucking sucks, you’re cooler. It is very middle school behavior on my part. But I can’t convince myself to care enough to believe I shouldn’t react this way. They don’t know this is why I leave, so even when I act immature at least I don’t blatantly look that way either. For me it feels cathartic to let yourself be retardedly upset and unhinged over how you think people perceive you.
I hope not. I’m tired of tapping out of friend groups and trading important relationships for parasocial ones because people unknowingly disappoint me. That was the second time and it was more than enough. The first girl became my best friend, the second one I tried to be friends with her but she didn’t like me. If I was any more schizo I’d believe she conspired all of that shit specifically to get kicks out of me.

No. 889639

It sounds bipolar or BPD. You can try dating him, but please take your meds and cool down on the intensity.

No. 889644

Just found out another friend got top surgery. She is a fujo who will never take testosterone or dress masculine but scream if someone refers to them as she/her. She is autistic and extremely naive and depends on her family to get by even though she's almost 30. Not looking to start any discourse but it's crazy that everyone just went along with this when she's struggling in so many other aspects of her life. This wasn't the solution.

I've always ran with a weirder crowd because I'm a huge sperg and all the "queer" and "cis are boring" shit is getting so prevalent and boring. I need to make some normie friends holy fuck

No. 889650

File: 1629694692618.jpg (59.59 KB, 1280x720, wIcrDoE.jpg)

>tfw it's late but going to sleep means it's over, my weekend is over and there's five days of work all over again

No. 889655

want to eat peanut butter but I always feel like some body watching me and I have no privacy oh whahahah it[ can't be true that they are watching me oh no oh no they say they say they say

No. 889657

I was on testosterone for almost a year.

I have problems with diassociation because of trauma, OCD, and autism. I was sexually abused. No doctors pushed back or helped me understand why I felt how I did. They just agreed with me and gave me HRT.

I came out of the discociative shit a few months ago. I feel like I woke up from a bad dream.

I got my period back about 4 months ago. But lately I can't stop crying. I used to be able to sing like Joni Mitchell and I can't hit my old range at all. I don't like talking to my friends on the phone anymore. I hate hearing myself so much. I never want to talk again. I grow facial hair now. Not that anyone notices but I do. I feel so fucking stupid for fucking myself up like this, and there's no way I can fix my voice, all because I was fucking stupid and let my OCD fixate on made up gender bullshit without realizing what was going on.

I can't talk to anyone about it IRL. I don't know what to do. It feels like I woke up from a self-inflicted nightmare. I don't know why the fuck I did this to myself.

No. 889672

I have a friend I’ve had for a few years that I’ve always had a big brother like relationship with.

Like we talk about sports and respective partners and commented to and from work together. Worked in the same office, so general “work wife” shit.

He asked me for advice about proposing to his girlfriend, like rings and how to go about it.

Attempted to sext me tonight and sent shirtless pics and shit. I told him I’m not ok with it, it’s none of my business if they’re into whatever new age poly shit that’s going on where they live but it isn’t for me && it’s nothing personal.

I just feel gross. I turned him down but something about the whole thing still feels slimy. I told him we could legit talk about ANYTHING else and he kept circling back.

Scrotes gonna scrote

No. 889683

Damn anon, I pretty much had the exact same thing happen a couple years ago. Knew him for years, never hit on me, I was friendly with his gf, etc. Suddenly started complaining about how his gf is going through a lot with school, and he feels “lonely” so of course he tries to sext me. It felt so fucking slimy. Your gf is busy/stressed out and not fucking you, so you just immediately go to your female friends and beg for sex? I know guys complain about the dreaded friendzone all the time, but I’d rather have someone see me as a friend than a potential fuckbuddy to keep around for when they get horny.

No. 889690

File: 1629700212800.jpg (330.59 KB, 698x1280, nessacomfy.jpg)

I absolutely detest how normalized loli pedo shit has gotten. It used to at least be confined to japan, but weebs have spread that shit worldwide. I remember when most western anime fans were still like "lol why would anyone find a flat chest hot", and now you can't escape nya nya imouto garbage, even in mainstream products like nintendo games. The most recent pokemon game had a loli in a tight bikini, and a loli with literal crotch-height cutouts in her skirt. It's so overt that it makes me want to scream. I can't believe western game websites just roll with this shit, but even mentioning it makes everyone treat you like a basket case. Try to say anything about the maybe just a little bit inappropriate five year old in booty shorts and thigh highs and every slobbering redditor will rush at you to explain how acktually you're the sicko for pointing out that the character looks like it was inspired by a musty shoebox full of photos confiscated by the FBI. That's the sickest thing, the fact that these freaks have genuinely deluded themselves into thinking that what they feel is wholesome fatherly love. I hope to god they neck themselves before they have kids.

I was originally going to use a picture of one of the aforementioned mainstream skimpily-dressed lolis to illustrate my point, but posting the image in its original form when legions of scrotes have jacked it to this very picture feels too cursed. I dressed her, but you can use your imagination.

No. 889714

Nessa is flat not loli anon…

No. 889716

I hate anime (and manga) and I always refer to it as Chinese coomer cartoons. "Chinese" because it sends coomers up the wall. Fuck them and their disgusting shit. And that's before we get into the whole pedo thing. I refuse to interact with people with anime avatars.

No. 889722

I'm sorry to break this to you anon, but 'chinese cartoons' is quite literally a 4chan meme created by and for weebs.

No. 889724

I wish I could give you a hug. It may not seem like it right now, but you will heal from this. There is an ever-growing detrans community online, you may find some comfort in seeking out others who are dealing with similar situations.

Best of luck to you, I hope you can soon find peace.

No. 889726

I fucking hate right winger pick me's. They're using their sexuality and boobs to promote the most oppressive doctrine towards women and to pander to men that hate women and think women should be house maid slaves. They're building their entire existence around MEN finding them innocent or attractive
At this point I have more respect for some tattooed thot that does whatever she wants not thinkimg about men and even tho that thot may promote sex work at least she does not promote the idea I should be a house maid slave.

I hate Brittany Venti, she cannot be a rad fem ever. She's made a career off selling her sexuality on Twitch and now she pretends to care about women being abused in the sex work industry when she is actually using the facade of "radical feminism" to shit on them and assert moral superiority for not being a "prostitute" when she actually is a prostitute by definition, all those scrotes that gave her money or attention did so because she traded her sexuality, the only thing is she did not do it on a "porn" platform. She made a video on Venus Angelic pretending to "care" about her. At least Venus is honest about her mental illness, Brittany is very obviously mentally ill and won't even come straight about it.

Most women in media use their sexuality to get ahead and then they pretend the scrotes that give them money like them for their personality and the same women will look down on a girl that sells lingerie pics on OnlyFans like she's this huge cum slut. Most women in media are literally off brand prostitutes and I'm very sad to make this statement but it is true. I saw this other woman that made a following off showing her cleveage make posts about how she never had to be an onlyfans thot to make it lmao like she was all superior. I hope radical feminism never becomes mainstream, if it does it's gonna be used by narcissists that pretend to care about abuse to manipulate public opinion in their favor and use the abuse of victims to get views and support from the community.

Youtube is full of narc grifters that use the abuse, death and misfortune of others to make views in the most inhumane ways… and they get support from braindead consoomers hooked to the thrill of seeing others suffer

No. 889743

> The most recent pokemon game had a loli in a tight bikini, and a loli with literal crotch-height cutouts in her skirt
I just played it and I have no idea which character your talkin about. If the "loli in a tight bikini" is Nessa then she's an adult, just in case you didn't actually play it.

No. 889758

Kek Nessa is literally 21 years old, anon.

No. 889759

File: 1629711150116.jpeg (400.27 KB, 3339x3464, EFB5C338-2952-4E59-ACDD-285146…)

They constantly shit on wine moms, girl bosses and thots, but guess who the vast majority of the female population would rather be friends with? Guess who’s more fun at parties? They can spend the rest of their life scrubbing skid marks out of their husbears boxers, thinking about how desirable they are, while the women they mock travel the world, go to parties and succeed in their careers.

No. 889764

File: 1629711977068.jpeg (68.13 KB, 686x390, 1624309911234.jpeg)

I'm not gonna be a fun wine aunt who parties and has a career but you still won't catch me having kids. All you have to do is listen to the perspective of mothers to realize they get a shit deal thanks to their atrocious husbands, social approval ain't worth the risk.

No. 889775

they love to sperg about how left winger girls were left by their fathers when they are literally looking in a mirror. Most of them wantt to get married so badly and to be loved by scrote because they did not have parental love

No. 889778

My parents house lost power in the hurricane yesterday and it hasn’t come back. Only ten percent of the town lost power but the electric company said the damage is severe

No. 889787

I should be sleeping not sobbing because I hate my ugly fucking face. I wish I knew what it was like to be pretty and to know it and feel good about the way that I look. I've always wanted to do an ootd blog or something but every picture I take of myself just makes me want to an hero myself. How fucking pathetic is that? I have way more reasons to kill myself than thinking I'm not pretty, but here I am, crying like a retard. And this is not about being attractive to others, this is about looking in the mirror and liking what I see, thinking it's worth it to actually dress up and do my hair and make friends with other girls who do normal girly shit. God I hate myself. I hate myself so much. I hate myself so fucking much.

No. 889789

File: 1629716542573.jpeg (312.29 KB, 828x840, 3CB96890-3D48-48E0-A2ED-9213D3…)

i don't have an issue with how feminine my body looks until the subject of wide hips/ass is brought up. then i consider hip surgery/fat transfer/BBL. i feel like having narrow hips and no ass is genuinely ruining my life and mental state, and at the same time i can't even be angry at men because that's just what they're attracted to.

No. 889794

This is something I always see with girls who claim they want a big family. They always come from either broken homes or narc parent homes.

No. 889795

I feel like wanting to get surgery just because you believe thats what man prefer is a horrible idea. Men will literally fuck anyone so you don't have to worry to much about it, i know plenty of girl who don't have big hips or ass and they still have boyfriends. Try to work more on your confidence anon.

What is it that you don't like about your face? You probably don't look ugly it just sounds like you're lonely and have a low confidence.

No. 889797

Seriously bummed out. Had a hang out with friends and everyone ignored me even when I piped up. Eventually when everyone started to leave, I left as well. No one even said goodbye. I'm not going to lie, I did cry a bit. Maybe because I'm a bippie chan, idk. Just felt like shit like why did I show up. It sucks because everyone in the group watches anime and I don't. Why am I here? Is it because I draw good. Lol fml I wish someone wanted to hang w me

No. 889799

Sometimes I love my dreams so much. I have elaborate and recurring universes that are simply so amazing… I am grateful I do not have to put any effort into the creation of these universes and can simply enjoy them as though it is where I truly am present in that moment. Do you think there are other universes and that these places of my dreams are real? Alternatively, do you reckon I could force myself into these dreamworlds before bed? I really just love them so so much

No. 889801

>Try to work more on your confidence anon.
i'll try. honestly it's not an issue of whether or not i could get fucked, i know it's easy to get sex like any other meaningless interaction would be, i just feel like lacking in certain features means that a guy won't actually love me and put me on a pedestal the way guys do to women they love and don't want to lose…

No. 889806

It's too round, my big lips stick out too much, my profile looks like I have some developmental disability or something. I actually have a boyfriend, who says that I'm a ten, and that is just not true. Maybe it really is to him? But I'm like a 5 at best. He is very attractive, he's the only man I've ever been attracted to. The fact that he thinks I'm beautiful is wonderful, I just wish that I could see what he apparently sees. I am lonely in a sense that I wish I had friends, I've never had friends who were into clothes and makeup and hair and stuff, and I feel like I've missed out on some of the best parts of being a young girl, now I'm a full grown woman with no friends and no idea how to go out into the world and find cool people. Even if I did, I would probably be a freak about it, hang out with some cool girl and then go home and cry hysterically about how not only am I ugly but I'm also not cool like this person I'm trying to be friends with and never talk to her again to spare myself embarrassment. I sabotage myself all the time by telling myself how garbage I am. But to be fair about that, I have over 20 years of other people, including my own family, telling me that I am garbage. I don't know how I'm supposed to fix myself, or not hate my dumb face.

No. 889811

Lol, you're exactly like me. I don't have any solution yet, but it might be the case that your jaw is poorly developed. Either you're a mouthbreather or you have an underbite. Either way it is fixable and makes all of the difference. I'm so amazed at how similar we are. Know that you'll get there and you're not a disgusting retard kek. Everything you need is within you and you can easily achieve what you want

No. 889812

I for sure am a mouth breather, I blame my big lips and no one ever telling me that it isn't a good thing to breathe through your mouth. I actually started literally taping my mouth shut at night so I don't sleep with my mouth open.
Thank you for the comforting words, anon, I appreciate you

No. 889813

File: 1629718947091.png (13.57 KB, 500x330, 4d4848fb-ecc8-4a7c-883e-37abe7…)

I just had a phone interview out of the blue and I feel like I fucked up, aaaaa

Was doing the dishes, phone rang, thought it was my mother but when I saw the number I thought they were calling to give me a time and date. Nope. They wanted to hear how my German sounds since it's required for the job. I'm fluent but super rusty and was also nervous and couln't think of things to say.

It was also the company I was looking forward working for the most and has the best pay. Fuck.

No. 889815

Maybe you could like, call them back and speak to them in German right from the get go and let them know that you felt like you didn't preform as well as you would have liked for the interview because you were caught so off guard and would like the chance to give them a better idea of your skill?

No. 889823

That's a good thing. You can look into myofunctional therapy, there are many different ways to solving this problem on your own. I am a mouthbreather too and have already made improvements. Check out Dr Mew, @aise_cemil on Instagram, foundation training, flobility movement. It is all about your entire posture and it will improve your quality of life as a whole. I really wish I could do more for you because I know exactly how you feel. It always gives me faith to know that I can achieve my goals because nothing is set in stone and a lot is dependent on the patterns my subconscious has developed. With dedication and consistency so much can be achieved, and so much that is far more important than being cool like the others or whatever. I would encourage you to maybe see if you can create or seek out situations with your boyfriend that counter the bad experiences you have. I am sure that, just like me, you feel so terrible about yourself because all you can refer back to from your past is people excluding, ridiculing or hurting you. I have a boyfriend now too and he treats me like nobody has ever treated me before. I now feel comfortable being myself around him and have memories that counter the bad memories I have, which makes me know that a different response and reality in which people love, appreciate and respect me is possible. It's all about rewiring your brain!! Try to focus on this fact and see how you can positively influence it. Sorry for the vagueness and incoherence I am somewhat in a hurry but I just want you to really know that hope isn't lost and life is beautiful and especially because you are a part of it

No. 889828

You're the best! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful, and for the recommendations! I'm going to look into them right away. I'm excited to make some positive changes and what you've suggested is already in line with some stuff I've been working on for myself, I really want to improve my posture so that I can have a healthy body as I get older, and have been working on my breathing (I tend to hyperventilate). You really turned my attitude around, anon, thank you, I really needed to be seen like that. You're an angel. Hope the rest of your week is amazing and peaceful.

No. 889854

today was the first day of the last year of my vocational college. I fucking hate being there. Loud genderspecials with dyed hair trying to speak english everywhere, trooner people in my class putting on loud anime music, generally shitty people and i have 8 hours a week with the teacher i hate the most. I can't do this shit

No. 889869

sorry anon im laughing it sounds like purgatory

No. 889870

ayrt, pfft thats okay nonna, im glad you got a laugh out of it! At least one good thing happening today

No. 889881

I’m not sure if I’m having an issue with IBS or some other digestive tract problem but the last couple days my lower abdomen has had a constant pain/burning feeling. I’ve been going to the bathroom as much as I can, it doesn’t hurt to go and it’s clear so I think that rules out a UTI. I ate popcorn a couple times, my mom said she can’t eat that so I think that fucked my shit up

No. 889892

File: 1629725889715.gif (38.26 KB, 259x259, cece.gif)


as for my vent, had a gas leak, got my endochan period so inhaled a bunch of gas struggling to get downstairs, had to bring my friends dad into my messy neet house in shame to fix the gas leak and now im just chilling with a cup of tea debating how far away i can safely light a joint (might just go down to the river or something)
sure do love all u girlos in the vent thread

No. 889895

Fuck anon me too, my tits hurt so maybe it's just PMS but I've been farting nonstop and a couple days ago i had diarrhea, fuck IBS.

No. 889897

can you send me the rest of your popcorn? sounds good

No. 889952

Sitting in the ER right now with an IV in my arm bc I woke up shitting blood and all I can think about is how I’m already fucking up by taking time off my new job of two months. Also calling my boss and having to explain my case of Blood Shits was very mortifying and I weakly offered to come in and work late to make up for the time after they release me. But now it seems like I’m staying for longer than I thought. This might be better for the career thread, but I’m genuinely panicking about having to call my boss again to tell her I’ll be out for the day. It feels irrational, but I wish I just went to work.

No. 889966

Nonna, nothing's more important than your health. Shitting blood can be very dangerous because a rupture in the GI tract can cause sepsis, so you definitely did the right thing by going to the hospital. Take care of yourself, hope you feel better!

No. 889972

I wrote a final note yesterday which means it’s high time I restart SSRIs but my docs psych and GP are all booked a week out. Guess I’ll just wait and try not to alog

No. 889988

File: 1629733601816.jpeg (396.7 KB, 976x709, 958A9F0F-B8B3-45E2-BC9F-B59D96…)

no job is worth more than your health, and if it's actually a good job they really shouldn't complain about a serious medical problem. bring in a doctors note when you feel better, employers do like to see documentation that you were really sick, and anon you Are, there's nothing wrong with that. i hope you feel better!

No. 890015

yeah what really comes as a shock to me is that we always seemed to have such a good level of mutual respect? the worst part is i know he's on a trip away from the girlfriend or fiancee or whatever she is to him now this week.

i feel like i need a shower still, half a day later. so gross.

the worst was getting a "gtg still horny" text to close it out. fucking yuck

No. 890030

Bullying YouTubers who won’t normalize their audio should be encouraged

No. 890031

Thanks anon. I hope you're right. I was in a really bad place last night. I just wish I could have my singing voice back. I came out to some professors and am dreading going back for my final year as a detrans person. My "trans" friends dropped me like hot coal, too.

I have lurked some detrans communities and a lot of them have the same narrative as I do. I look on r/detrans sometimes, but that has been getting bridgaded by people who are still brainwashed by gender woo. It breaks my heart that people still buy into it. It feels like Plato's allegory of the cave. None of the gender shit is real. There is no internal, gendered self or "gendered brain" to conform to.

We're just humans who are either male or female, and everything else is extraneous. Bleh.

No. 890055

I was on T for the same amount of time but this was 7 years ago now. My voice seemed to drop at a rapid rate even in the first few weeks taking it. I skipped that point people make fun of, the 'froggy croaky' gay sounding voice and went straight to sounding like my dad in no time.

Ime after a while you can get some control over it. I can sound female or male at will basically. I never saw a speech therapist or anything, I think just practicing over time to soften it (usually when I'm around women I try harder to sound polite that way) Around men I don't bother. The first few months is the hardest and then you see the effects of your own hormones kicking in.

Hell even some of the body hair I gained is just gone after a few years. Places where I gained a moderate amount of hair now have a sparse amount left for soem reason. So two of the biggest 'permanent' effects that worried me aren't bothering me today. Women who've stayed on the stuff for 3 years or upwards and who're bald pay a hefty price. I think most will be ok if getting out around the one year mark.

No. 890062

Tbf if any scrote did this to me, I’d tell the gf asap.

No. 890079

I feel like shit mentally. I'm not even sure why it's happening now, I thought I was doing better, I guess it's an accumulation of several things at once, like me changing jobs and not being able to get a doctor appointment to get a doctor's note so I can dodge a few days of work until I get my new job, my constant headaches and that horrible pain in my left eye that's happening more and more often, covid in general fucking up my entire life for the next decade, I'm even starting to think more and more often about a guy I knew from uni I absolutely hated for being a condescending little bitch I'm starting to have more and more sex dreams about this guy even though it's been years since I saw him irl. I guess I need to get out and see friends face to face to relax a bit.

No. 890081

One of my uncles did a thing to me as a kid. You can guess. From about 12 onwards I had mental health issues hit me hard and I've been a nervous depressed wreck for alot of the last 2 decades. Wonder why..

I haven't seen that uncle in 13 years now. My dad lives right next to him and so I never visit my dad. The last year or so my dad keeps texting me any time that uncle is in hospital… in and out, in and out. I don't want updates on the health of a man I havent seen in 13 years. I can't even say that because I don't want my dad to add shit up. He is not a supportive person when it comes to emotional stuff. Nothing good would come from telling him. But please shut up about the man, text me when he's finally dead and not just teasing me with a heart condition where he always bounces back and then has my dad nurse him once he gets home.

No. 890090

File: 1629741999586.jpg (41.98 KB, 583x509, 1533804436756.jpg)

Tell us when your uncle dies, I'll celebrate with you.

No. 890103

Thank you anons, I'm glad I went! They referred me to a specialist and my boss seemed understanding, everything worked out alright in the end.

No. 890106

Thank you for the reassurance anon. I'm sorry you went through whatever BS too. I do feel lucky in that I only did a year. No hairline problems. And I don't mind the body hair at all, it's not noticeable cuz I am blonde. Maybe my vocal chords are just irritated from T, and given time I will regain my old range? I can sound female when I talk. Just really, really miss my old vocal range. Singing is important to me & I fucked it up. Anyway, thank you for being kind. This is a strange position to be in

No. 890107

I'm glad you're figuring it out, good luck anon. GI issues can be quite scary

No. 890109

File: 1629744037581.jpg (115.67 KB, 767x958, 7f7997cee0.jpg)

I was making progress feeling okay about my body without really disordered eating. Then I saw pic rel in some other thread and people were making fun of her and calling her huge, and saying its sad she has a huge ass no tits and backrolls. And that's what my body looks like. I didn't eat today and I know I'm being stupid. I'm gonna go eat some toast or something. Idk who this bitch is though LOL

No. 890122

I'm in a deep dark hole. I feel like I'm wading through syrup trying to do anything. I can't get anything done and I'm unemployed, gaining weight, and apathetic to everything

No. 890123

Try to do 1 good thing for yourself today. Take a shower. Brush your teeth in the shower. Wash a few cups. Then try to do more tomrrow. I'm sorry you're going through it.

No. 890128

File: 1629745781201.jpg (99.65 KB, 900x388, 1516159661679.jpg)

Stop thinking about the destiny of humans. Stop thinking about how we're slowly killing ourselves with our greed. Stop thinking about how none of this means anything.

No. 890129

The solution lies in stopping to think that standards apply to you at all, and to stop trying to meet them entirely. The whole push for realistic beauty standards is retarded. Even before you get into the rest of it, different people have different standards and to try to get all of them on the same page is like herding cats. Trying to adhere to this shit while is twists and changes is a recipe for eating disorders, trauma etc.. The only way to win is not to play.

No. 890132

>this bitch
There’s no need to be so rude, anonancia.
But there’s no need to take seriously the nonnies posting their vitriol about some random celebrity, those are probably the bone rattlers mad because the woman in the picture is wearing something different to a sack of potatoes.
Go get your toast, anon, starving yourself only makes weight loss more difficult and horrible.

No. 890139

FUCK ANGER MANAGEMENT! It's absolute fucking horseshit. Some prick at work today, he sees my partner bring me in some lunch, he smiles and says "it's good to be the man in the relationship huh?" and I wanted nothing more in that moment than to punch his fucking lights out, to grind his face into fucking mush. He didn't even realise what he said was insulting, just sat there laughing with his manlet harem while the two women in the room put themselves in front of me because women actually have emotional intelligence and know when someones on edge because a moid opened his trap and vomited out his oh so clever observations of something he will never understand. I told him to shut the fuck up, he's twice divorced so he knows nothing about being a man or relationships and as much my colleagues "yaaasss queen!" me for it. it will NEVER feel as good as punching him because that's what he deserves. Straight men fucking refuse to understand lesbian relationships until they frame it with heterosexual, pornsick dynamics. Fucking "taking the high ground" sucks, this is not high ground this is being a pissbaby loser. Some people in life deserve to get punched, it's the natural state of things - how are they gonna learn if they don't face consequences of their actions? I almost wish I never took anger management classes because it only teaches you to bottle it up again. If I hit that guy I'd be in a lot of trouble but at least I wouldn't feel like I'm gonna snap any moment and become a female Ted Bundy, murdering men solely for having the misfortune of being born male. FUCK.

No. 890141

File: 1629746116539.gif (988.45 KB, 500x375, lauren-bacall-Favim.com-199740…)

If I fail my drivers exam for the 5th time I will have to do the theory exam again, study for it and pay more taxes. Then attempt the driving exam again and who knows if I'll fail once more. It's draining my bank account and my mother's. I feel retarded for being so nervous about it. The first 3 times I wasn't prepared at all and the last time my nerves got in the way… I even cancelled a small visit to my bf's vacation house to do this exam right after telling him I'd rather forget about it for some time and go with him. I want to feel like a young adult already but I truly feel like a pathetic loser teenager despite being 21.

No. 890142

I grew up on the coast, Northeastern Canada. I remember walking to the beach in the winter and there would be ice as far as you can see. The shore where the water usually was looked like a quarry, that's how much ice there would be. Then in the later months, you could walk down and watch the Harp seals. They have their pups out on the ice, then when they're big enough, they come over and lay on the beaches for a bit.

The last few years, there's been less and less ice. No field of ice chunks. A lot of times, you just see all that gray, winter water. Less and less seals, too.

2012 was a bad year for the Harp seals. 2020 was even worse. I don't think I saw a single one on my beach. The ice keeps getting thinner. If it's too slushy, the seals fall through and drown. Plus, the ice flats become less table. Seals are having their pups on the unstable ice flats and they break apart. The seals drown or are crushed between the sheets of drifting ice.

I miss the seals. I keep thinking of them because the weather is getting cooler again.

No. 890143

I agree with you for the most part anon but where do you draw the line between "selling your sexuality" and just streaming? I've always considered streaming as a woman but quickly realized how easy it would be for me to fall into a twitch thot category just by looking conventionally attractive and wearing a tank top. Even if you aren't wearing revealing clothing, men form some weird simp club around you and relegate any mildly attractive woman(and even average ones) into the egirl category.

No. 890151

Isn't this sort of shit unlearned by the time you're 15? How tf has this woman been living for 30 years in society like this.

No. 890153

I know people who are well over 30 years of age and still don't have a driver's licence, don't worry about it

No. 890163

Ayrt, had to dirty delete because I realized twitter TIFs lurk here so she might too. The short answer is that she basically hasn't. She's managed to jump from person to person to mooch off of by spinning lies about some horrible situation she's in, and some of them even kept supporting her when the lies fell apart, but she is so rude and filthy and lazy that they have to kick her out and she finds another person to support her. I think back then people gave her a chance because she was young. More recently, her ex supported her for the past 7 or so years because she told him she was twaumatized and just needed a little help getting on her feet, then he found out that most of what he knew about her was false and she's been bragging about being able to manipulate him into supporting her. Then she claims, him and everyone else she mooched off of (not just the ex but friends, family) was an abuser and that she was only with him because she desperately needed his money to survive, but her ex only made 12 bucks an hour and supported them both, she could get better pay at a fast food joint these days, but she doesn't want to work. The crazy thing is he genuinely bought her insanity because he didn't read her Twitter, and she could have kept mooching indefinitely if she just dropped the troon tactic of demanding he call himself a gay faggot, and didn't overshare online. Her whole identity seems crafted to appeal to Twitter and even they don't give her the attention she's looking for. Won't delete this one because I'm guessing it can apply to about 80% of TIFs.

No. 890166

>The only way to win is not to play.

No. 890170

I laughed at her body because she's a racist, don't know about anyone else.

No. 890177

File: 1629748662771.jpg (20.55 KB, 417x393, IMG-20210427-WA0006.jpg)

>Bf's cat dies suddenly
>His mum and sister are devastated
>My mum has a vet clinic and someone abandoned a pregnant cat there
>The kittens are healthy and my bf's mum and his sister wanna adopt one
>Tell them that she may not be 100% ready and it may be hard to take care of a 3 month old kitten, ask if they could wait until she's like 6 months
>They say it's fine, they can handle a very young kitten
>Kitten gets an upper respiratory infection and his sister isn't home most days to give the cat proper care while she's sick so I offer to take her in until she recovers
>Scared to death the kitten will die and they will think I gave them a sick cat

Reee I don't mind taking care of kittens but this is so nerve wracking. If she dies I'll feel so guilty. I know I didn't give them a sick cat, she was properly vaccinated and had a healthy life until being given away. My mum is a vet ffs and URIs on cats have very low mortality rates but I'm so nervous shit will go wrong and they will hate me.

No. 890188

Thanks, but I keep thinking that after all the money I poured on the coause I should get it as soon as possible. Forgeting about it and postponing it would need a lot of money again because I would have lost practice. I'll try to be patient tho.

No. 890190

She probably did something wrong to be on here and talked about, most lolcow farmers will reach to insult people. The person may have a little bit of tummy but people may call her huge just because of whatever she did. She honestly looks fine, shes not fat at all, clearly has tits, and barely noticeable backrolls that don't really matter lol. Get back to eating what you want anon!

No. 890204

That's Camilla Cabello lol, she didn't do anything she's just a boring singer and people here are mentally ill.

No. 890207

File: 1629749951241.jpg (77.42 KB, 976x549, cc.jpg)

>she didn't do anything

No. 890211

I really dislike women that say that they are feminist and then reinforce patriarchal oppression through their actions with no self awareness and they act as if this magical entity is manipulating them into doing it when most women have enough freedom and financial opportunity to choose not to play into scrotoid fantasy. I get it if you're some third world Philipino woman that is basically forced into prostitution. But if you're a first world country woman you have no excuse for receiving gifts from men, trying to manipulate them into giving you gifts, playing into their girlfriend fantasy or using your looks to make males like you. Those sort of actions if perpetuated by a larger amount of women after a lot of years will backfire for normal sincere women because it will make scrotes more entitled and it will give them the impression that they can use money and gifts to buy women and it will also give them the right to whine that women are manipulative and horrible. A truly liberated and free woman does not accept stuff from scrotes. I hate the thought of "playing men" because it is impossible to do so, if you try to do it, it
always backfires for you and other women as well. You can never "play" scrotes.

Yes, this is true as well. I think the only way to be truthful about it and without fault is by not intentionally using your sexuality. If they simp for you and sexualize you it is because they are shit and because hundreds over thousands of modern women have taught them that women are commodities or that women want to be simped for. If you don't pander to them and do your shit sincerely, it is their fault for treating you like a sexual object.

No. 890244

I’m honestly feeling so gross right now. I went out with some friends and the guy my friends new beau brought was getting me something out of his car and we had literally JUST met. He puts his phone down on the car in front of me and it’s a picture of his dick. I was drunk so I didn’t say anything or make a scene, but I’m so uncomfortable now and I don’t ever want to see that guy again. But I might end up in the future. I told my friend and she told the other guy and he respectfully removed him from our locale. But really I’m so disgusted. Men are so fucking sick.

No. 890260

File: 1629753192335.jpeg (87.69 KB, 600x532, e8c5aceeedf18ea422eb9a7898f9bc…)

There's proof and ongoing investigations of CP along with other illegal content being hosted on OnlyFans. These mad whores keep saying it doesn't exist and is impossible because of OF's "protective measures". A known YouTuber posted borderline cp but sure, it doesn't exist at all. You can give them all the evidence short of sending them real CP and they still argue. All because they want to flash their holes online. I hate this world.

No. 890276

half of these bitches don't even do full nudity, a lot of them just do lewd cosplay/lingerie. yet they call themselves sex workers which is a huge stretch. they will not even be affected and yet they're losing their shit over it.

No. 890278

Vile. I'm so sorry anon. Was he trying to upset you? Come on to you? Just careless? I don't understand why he would do that.

No. 890281

I'm always amazed at how these types manage to find ppl to pay for everything. Does she target momma's boys or something, or is she very pretty?
>her ex supported her for the past 7 or so years because she told him she was twaumatized and just needed a little help getting on her feet
Like damn I'm traumatized too can I get free food and board kek

No. 890287

God I hope scrotes will be kept in check harder once we'll find a new admin.

No. 890288

They learn about real life when they grow old and "ugly" anon. From what I've seen those are the women you need to watch out for the most bc they'll try to sabotage you just for funsies.

No. 890291

Reminds me of the Katherine Harlow thread. Complaining and saying "vanilla people are next" when all she does is beg for money under the guise of financial domination.

No. 890311

She started out with friends of the family. People who have known her since she was a baby. When I talked to them after, they admitted that they believed she was being overdramatic about her circumstances, but they wanted to help her because they care about our family and she seemed very distressed. Only to have her leave dirty underwear, food, and trash all over their home and call them bitches and cunts for asking her to clean up after herself or start applying for jobs. When she burned all of those bridges, she ended up with her ex, the only person she has ever dated, until the new TIM from Twitter. While I don't want to trash her ex because I think it must be hard to invest so much emotionally into a person and find out they lied about everything to you, he is a below average nerdy weeb, so I think he was eager for any female attention and would have been willing to make it work if shit had never hit the fan like it did. I imagine when her time with this new person runs out she will keep looking in the troon dating pool. Probably the smartest decision she's made toward accomplishing their goals because TIMs are desperate for real pussy. While annoyed as hell by her I hope she wakes up before reaching their level of degeneracy like pedophilia and beastiality. She already posts a lot of pornsick shit online tied to her full real name and her troonsona which isn't helping her career opportunities. Maybe she's sabotaging herself on purpose so people will stop telling her to get a job, idk.
>Like damn I'm traumatized too can I get free food and board kek
I think about this every time I hear of a new grift from her. I wish it was that easy for people who genuinely went through the things she larps.

No. 890319

I fucking hate the men that groomed me on the internet since I was like 15 and offered me money and took advantage of the fact that I was desperate, poor, mentally ill,in a third world country and lacked parental guidance. I will never forget honestly. Now I've grown up and I feel more mature and I have more hopes in getting a real job, although sometimes even that seems impossible. Why did I have to go through all forms of abuse from being sexually abused like 4 times in my childhood, to being sexualized and treated like an object to living in abject poverty, to lacking a normal family to being beaten and humiliated like a dog. I think that taking into consideration the levels of abuse I went through and the lack of help I've received I should be addicted to heroin and my body should be covered in deep scars, but I refuse to do that. I also look down on people that barely go through any abuse and find all sorts of justifications to harm themselves and be lazy. I feel the urge to harm myself daily and this powerful internalized anger and feeling of persecution and injustice, but I never act upon it in a manner that could hurt me or others.

I hate this pedo, he made me get naked for him and kept putting money over my head, money that I needed to pay for treatment that I had not received growing up. He confessed that he was attracted to me because I look like a child and act childish, he even got off my CSA. Nobody helped me with nothing ever they always had to abuse me to give me money and then acted as if they were my friends. I told him everything that he has done to me and he just said he was horny, I want to go to his place and cut his head off. There's CP of me on the internet because some autistic pedophile began grooming me at 15 and around 17 I was intoxicated with alcohol and benzos most of the time and I ended up sending him nudes and I'd send nudes in random discord servers and then I would not remember any of it because benzos make you forget everything. There's no justice for people like me. I'm also tired of having to perform for people and acting like I'm like them and not offending them, fuck society. It is so abusive. When you are in need of help you literally get taken advantage of. The only people I've met that went through similar levels of abuse to mine are some girls that are homeless and addicted to drugs and self harm daily and suck cock for 1 dollar. I met them at the mental hospital 6 years ago and 2 of them are already dead and the rest I don't think they will get past 30. Resources are everything, if you lack resources you cannot get out of abuse and suffering and others will use your vulnerability to abuse you more because you are desperate for capital.

No. 890329

Arguing with someone over the legitimacy of Demi Lovato identifying as nb and I want to A-log so bad because they're saying that calling Demi a liar is the same as attacking Chris chan for raping his mum. Not only is that a retarded thing to even bring up during a conversation about Demi Lovato, it doesn't even fit or make sense here, but its equally retarded that they think a man who rapes his own mother is worthy of respect

No. 890344

>she will keep looking in the troon dating pool
Well if she's going to essentialy be a private prostitute then yeah good idea, especially since trannies are usually white dudes in STEM. But I wonder if they'll even accept her because she needs everything to be about her 24/7, and the tranny will want the same, 2 narcs don't really work.

No. 890358

I kinda want to cry right now. I shaved my head like 2 years ago and I regret it so much. A lot of my hair has grown back and I'm grateful that it's so thick and healthy, but I fucking hate dealing with it. I feel like a huge failure for not even really knowing how to put my hair in a protective style. I know if I shave my hair again I'll regret it, but it feels so tempting right now. I felt so confident, amazing, and happy when I was bald (or even when my hair was super short) and it was so convenient, but I want to have hair. Also, sometimes I feel like it will never be the same length that it was before. Why did I do this to myself?

No. 890359

wow this is horrific non. the fact that you came out of the conditions you did with all this foresight and recognizing you needed help. you have conquered the life that was given to you.

No. 890384

I wonder about that too. I hope she doesn't end up harmed because of a spat with a tranny that's providing for her, but the odds are not in her favor at the rate she's going.
I feel this. I kept my hair short for a long time and regretted every time I got it cut because it was never flattering on me. It will be a test of patience, but you can have long hair again. Even though I had to deal with some really bad hair days in the process, I'm glad I grew it back out. Although I would be lying if I said I never feel the urge to cut it, kek. Alternatively, you could have both if you invested in a nice wig.

No. 890389

I'm sorry this happened to you. I hate that pedos take advantage of girls and women and get away with it
>I also look down on people that barely go through any abuse and find all sorts of justifications to harm themselves and be lazy. I feel the urge to harm myself daily and this powerful internalized anger and feeling of persecution and injustice, but I never act upon it in a manner that could hurt me or others.
Good for you I guess, but how others are coping with "any abuse" is none of your business. This isn't olympics.
Disclaimer: I'm mostly referring to the self-harm part, hurting innocent others isn't ok. Hurting any pedos is based tho

No. 890395

I took a piss behind a bus stop because I couldn’t hold it anymore and the cars passing by were looking at me.

Circle K had water problems and CVS doesn’t allow non-employees to use their bathrooms while Christian music blares out the speakers kek

No. 890398

I wish this fucking heatwave would end, can't even take advantage of the summer weather because the moment you step foot outside is like walking into an oven. Can't wear a cute outfit because it will get sweaty within minutes. I wore athletic wear to run errands and it was still too fucking hot. Walk around for more than a few blocks and you risk getting heat exhaustion. It rained yesterday, finally I thought, we'll get some relief from life in this 40 degrees with humidity inferno. But no, it only made it even more humid. Fuck this

No. 890402

not to dab on you but one of the reasons reasons I was pro shaving my hair was because my length pre-shaving was only barely shoulder length. people with long hair who want to shave should SERIOUSLY consider how attached they actually are to the length of their hair.

No. 890408

This! If your hair is butt length and you shave it all off at once you're going to go through some shock, be it as soon as you do it or six months later when you realise it'll take half a decade before you get hair that long again.
Everyone I know that shaved their heads has very mixed feelings about it.

No. 890433

Thank you anon, and yeah I'm considering getting a wig.
>people with long hair who want to shave should SERIOUSLY consider how attached they actually are to the length of their hair.
Uh, what? Idk if my post gave off that impression, but my hair wasn't that long before I shaved it. When it was straightened, it only went past my shoulders (like, around my armpit area I guess). Like I said, I was happy when I was bald.

No. 890443

I don't think that was directed at you nonnie

No. 890459

I am really not sure? I physically recoiled and made an ugly face when I saw it and I put my hand up over my eyes and was like woah why would you do that… it really sent me into this crazy spiral all day wondering why I attract men who act like that. Also yeah I kinda think he was trying to come on to me? I’m a really warm person and decently attractive and outgoing so I think people get too comfy around me especially men. And sometimes I feel like when there’s two people who are “coupling” he other guy always thinks if there’s another girl there he’s gonna get some too. Not sure, really. The good thing about it is that my friends did protect and defend me and I’m sure her beau told him he fucked up, or I hope maybe he did. But yeah. Full moon and big tits make men drooling boors, more so than they already are. Disgusting.

No. 890465

My apologies for misunderstanding if it wasn't then.

No. 890472

Being attracted to men is a curse. They are too alien from us. Men and women compliment each other in many ways, sure, but it is not meant to be.

No. 890480

I understand nona. Men are so cringe I hate that I am attracted to them. I know that I'm straight because I have husbandos and am shamelessly attracted to male musicians, streamers, etc but real life moids are often so embarrassing to be around. Compared to my female friends who I can take anywhere, I always felt kind of embarrassed to be seen in public with my male friends. Maybe I just make cringe male friends, but I have yet to meet a moid irl who I've admired/respected as much as my female friends.

No. 890482

streamers are cringe too tbh

No. 890487

File: 1629768138530.jpeg (126.35 KB, 822x655, EC918285-226E-4E83-8329-2C30AF…)

in what world is this a loli? flat and or thin =/= loli

No. 890491

Omg Milo is sooo small lmao

No. 890500

She's not even flat either kek she's just an athletic looking woman

No. 890505

I loathe how clingy and needy for affectionate I become when tired. I feel like an infant yearning for the comfort of its caregiver. It makes me so desperate too… Also, I am very lenient with physical affection and accept it with pure and platonic intention from others (mostly men), which can be difficult at times, as usually they have ulterior motives. I simply adore being cuddled and held and having my hair played with and my face caressed ahh it makes me become warm and satisfied… It is so embarrassing and silly and it makes me vulnerable. I really need to fix my sleeping schedule, no matter what it takes

No. 890508

that's fair, but at least i don't have to be seen in public with them.

No. 890529

I just saw a video someone made talking about Twitter having a tag for minors to sell nudes of themselves (fucked up), and it showed censored screenshots of the users in the tags. I see the good in calling out the problem, but I can't help but think that a bunch of dumb kids will watch it and decide to do it, or that predators will watch it and search those same tags for obvious reasons. I feel like there must be a better way to report this and try to get something done about it than posting a YouTube rant.
Also, the same guy put out another video literally the next day, complaining about OnlyFans not offering NSFW content anymore. How do these people not understand why there's an epidemic of minors literally exploiting themselves? A lot of them are just copying the adults they see (who also shouldn't be doing those things). It's not coming from nowhere, these are the results of a hypersexual culture.

No. 890537

Men know, they don't care, infact they like it bc it makes life easier for them. Rome fell bc dudes were too busy with their depravity & corrupted society, the same thing is happening rn.

No. 890538

re-saw the cat scene in American Psycho on youtube today, and I was glad the cat got away. However, there was this one retard who kept commenting about how all cats should be killed and it was a shame the kitten got away. Like what the fuck is wrong with you. Do the world a favor and kill yourself. It's always the ugliest inbred moids that say shit like that. Makes me sick.

No. 890555

File: 1629778400558.jpeg (29.99 KB, 325x325, D0547804-68DB-403A-86B3-9195BE…)

What’s with moids being so unhinged?
I had to travel with my brother because we wanted to get the covid vaccine, no issue, right?
We’re both adults, he’s 27 and I’m 26.
So while we were talking with our parents, who are living in another country, i tell them that since we were to be going to our uncles’ house, we would have to take turns doing the chores. I expected sharing the bathroom because that way we wouldn’t bother our uncles too much, so I dared to say
>well, we will have to clean the toilet every two days, so I will clean the toilet on the first turn and then you will have to do it
He went ballistic, screaming like a banshee that he wouldn’t clean toilets and I was like, bitch, what are you going to do when you go live by yourself?? Weren’t you looking for a fucking apartment a year ago saying that you wanted to start going your way??
In the end nobody had to do it because our uncles have a maid that does the cleaning and the most we had to do was do the dishes so it wasn’t a big deal for the manbaby.
Then I was arranging the luggage because we got a bunch of shit, mostly his clothes that were hogging the suitcases, he complained because the bags were too heavy and I told him that it was all his clothes because mine fit perfectly in my cabin suitcase.
He got all pissy because he was like
>yuh dun’t know how to fold clotheS1!1!1!1!1!1
And I just told him “well duh, we always have someone packing for us, you retard” so he was like “wuht ur yu guing tu du whun yu gu lif byu yursulf?!1!1!1!-!1!1!1” like an absolutely unnecessary waste of space, which was fucking annoying.
But the best part was having to travel with his moidfriend, an actual waste of space that lives off these bidenbucks things and some lawsuit he won because he got in a crash, he’s addicted to fortnite and the past, he would only talk about that one time he “beat up some dude while he was drunk” or when “he was talking to this girl and he fucked her in a public bathroom” or my favorite one, when a friend of his harassed a girl on the street and they asked the girl to let them take a picture of her ass because his friend “couldn’t stop looking at her”.
Just another manbaby that would get mad because I didn’t want to let him play with our newly bought switch and that wanted to engage in his Mexican fetish by listening to only Mexican music and talking like a Mexican because his fortnite friends are Mexican, and it was honestly uncomfortable because it was like when a weeb or a koreaboo only wants to talk like a Korean or Japanese person and only wants to do/eat/talk all things Japanese/Korean.
Even his parents, which we met during the trip, are sick of his Mexiboo shit because it’s obnoxious as fuck.
His adoptive father was an special case of unhinged I had the displeasure to meet.
He was constantly mocking the moidfriend’s mother and telling her that she was complaining all of the time and while yes, she was being clearly sensitive about some stuff like the unnecessarily high volume of the music and the high speed of the car, it was for a reason.
We went to the zoo with them and the man was constantly complaining because he was like “I am tiiireeed” “mah hed huuiirts” “I’m huiungreeeryyuuu” oh god I hate him so much i hope she divorces his ass and drops the idiotic manbaby of a child she has so she can live her dreams as a great orthodontist.
Anyways, my brother’s moidfriend was also acting like an extreme child, like he would cling to his mother -which also bothered his stepfather because he himself also wanted to cling to her like a parasite-
And he would talk using a whiny voice when asking for autistic shit or when he got mad because my brother hid the baby Yoda that moidfriend needs to hug to go to sleep.
I feel so sorry for what that woman has to go through.
There was only one (1) uno man in the whole trip that wasn’t fucking insane and I wish we would’ve been able to travel with him, because my brother, as the bpd retard he is, he switches his personality to adjust to what the person he talks to is expecting to hear.
I will sleep for three days, it will be better for me because then I will probably also lose some of the weight I gained out of the sheer stress i had to endure through the whole ass trip, even if we kept on skipping meals for the sake of having enough time to move around and see new stuff.
There’s just so many things that happened during this trip that I don’t know if they could all fit in just one post.

No. 890559

im really sorry this happened to you, anon. i hope you're doing okay and i know that things will get better for you.

No. 890561

I hate men so much it’s unreal

No. 890566

watched my stepdad insult the grocery store baggers for asking him to wear a mask and then rage at me for not "defending" him. can't wait to move out of the state!!

No. 890569

that sounds uncomfortable

No. 890604

Today, I was out in town with my friend. We’re both alternative, and we often get stares or comments, but it’s generally not a big deal. On this occasion, though, we were on public transport, and there were two guys, early or mid 20s, one kind of fat with moobs and the other average. The average one looked at me with a big smile and gestured to his arm in a “cutting” motion. Then, they both started laughing. Again, I’ve had comments, and even some insults, but I’ve never experienced something like that before. I actually do have a history of self-harm, but my whole body was covered, so it’s not like I was showing off any scars.
I could tell the two shits wanted me to be upset, and my friend didn’t say anything, as she usually ignores people. For some reason, I suddenly remembered the time I found out about alt girl porn and the comments from guys who found girls with BPD/daddy issues/self harm scars a turn-on. I said loudly “Yeah? Does that make your little dick hard? Does that yank the old jank?”, and they both looked at me in horror. My friend started laughing, but kept touching my arm to tell me to stop and just ignore them.
One woman jumped in and said that was sexual harassment and there are kids around, then just looked away when I told her what had happened. The two guys started cursing us out, and I cursed back. A bunch of people were staring, and we were very close to getting kicked off for all the arguing, but I didn’t care, as our stop was already close. When we were about to leave, my friend was basically pulling me at this point, but the moobs guy called me a stupid cunt, so I called him a big titty bitch and his friend a failed abortion, threw my half-empty iced coffee in both their direction and just fled while they were yelling. No face, no case.
I talked it out with my friend, and she said she understood me, but I went overboard. We’re still friends and everything, but I felt guilty.
I kind of feel bad for stressing her out b/c she has anxiety problems, but I can’t help but wish I had gone extra hard on the two men, in spite of it all. I’m also just a little mad that she didn’t even try to stick up for me. Idk, AITA?

No. 890607

I think that’s well deserved and good for you but ever since two people in my city got their throats slashed by some guy after defending a woman on public transit I just try to avoid those situations and ignore people like that. You just never know how crazy people might get after getting some blowback and it’s not worth the risk.

No. 890627

You forgot to mention the part where everyone clapped.

No. 890629

Found my rapist’s review for the dickwad attorney that fucked up the Title IX investigation and I wanna die, I hate this piece of shit. He made getting rapist frat boy scum out of trouble his entire shtick and I swear to god if I wasn’t a good, decent member of society I’d be trying to gone girl these freaks.
Please give me the strength not to spam his site with stupid whiny reviews

No. 890636

I’m fucking sick of people being hypocrites. First you shit on a bunch of tiktok thots for dressing in a sailor seifuku and accuse them of sexualizing “asian culture” but then you openly cosplay Kakegurui which is just school girls orgasming over gambling? God. These stupid fake woke people piss me off so much. Just admit you were jealous instead of trying to cancel people because you’re fucking ugly and are unable to get clout any other way.

No. 890683

You’re definitely right. Usually I don’t get triggered this easily, the self-harm thing just set me off

If I made this up, I would’ve said everything I wanted to say, and added in someone actually taking my side and defending me for once, but ok scrote

No. 890744

>sailor seifuku and accuse them of sexualizing “asian culture”
That's fucking absurd. Does that retard think 'asians' invented fucking naval dress and it's part of their traditional culture lmao.

No. 890752

She texted me today that she unexpectedly had the day off and I agreed to see her without giving myself time to think about it. Not gonna lie, it was hard. She updated me on some family stuff I was out of the loop for and that was really overwhelming to hear about. I'm glad I went though. She's so funny and she's so grown up compared to the last time I saw her.

No. 890753

Well you did warn them though didn't you? There's a REASON why you don't adopt kittens that young. It's not your fault if the kitten dies.

No. 890758

idk, our dog hate thread proves opposite unless you thinknthe psycho anons are larping moids

No. 890794

File: 1629800152285.png (475.18 KB, 855x626, screen-shot-2017-06-06-at-1-35…)

Some sperg in the MTF thread calling Sailor Moon "pedoshit" ticked me the fuck off to autistic levels since that series was super important to me as a young girl and has one of the best portrayals of relationships between young girls and their struggles and development, it holds up so well even when watching it as an adult. Instead of constantly trying to one-up other women in your perceived radfemmyness how about hating on men? They're the ones that like legitimately disgusting pedo pandering and rape porn, no need to whine about Sailor Moon's short skirt. Fucking swear some of these people like policing other women more than focusing on how men need to sexualize and fetishize everything women find cute.

No. 890796

I didn't read her comment. But they're cartoons, they didn't dress themselves. The silly body shape and clothing is for male viewers.

No. 890802

My elderly budgie is suddenly acting very weak when he was fine just hours ago, and refuses to eat. I'm going to the vet as soon as their local centre just down my street opens, but I'm scared it's just age getting to him and these will be his final months anyway. You really do feel like they're going to be with you forever, I'm really not ready to let him go yet.

No. 890804

I bet it’s the anime hate sperg, according to them everything coming from japan is evil pedo bait, not able to differentiate. The creator is a woman who was born in 1967, so she got socialized in japan during this time. I don’t know if she herself or her editors chose the final designs, but they’re more classical shoujo than coomer. Yes, the skirts are short, but calling sailor moon pedoshit is such a reach, like why don’t you focus on the real pedoshit, there is enough.

No. 890807

Not her but the person who created the manga and the characters from the manga is a woman and the manga was published in a magazine for little girls. The anime is just an adaptation, which is also targeting little girls. And all the official merchandises is targeting grown women who grew up watching or reading Sailor Moon decades ago. Soon you'll say My Little Pony is some pedophile, zoophile shit when it's just meant to be cutesy for little girls, it's just that there are male fans that aren't the target demographic at all to begin with.

No. 890810

I thinknthe sailor uniform was Naoko's idea, but her editor pitched in to make all the girls wear them (every member of the team was supposed to have a different uniform).
If anyone should be shat on, it's scrotes directing anime who turned Mamoru into abusive douchebag from a genuinely caring bf (his and Usagi's relationship is one of the healthiest in shoujo) to make him more appealing to male viewers and insisted on adding pantu shot and some innuendo

No. 890824

File: 1629804056640.png (Spoiler Image, 566.13 KB, 503x516, Kanna_Anime.png)

it's probably a troon that tries to take out his anger on media for women and he's projecting because he got called out for jacking it off to loli porn. Considering Japanese culture, eveen non loli/ scrote pandering shit can come off as hypersexual or pedo in western culture. Girls there are socialized differently and like different stuff, they love kawaii childish things but it does not mean they're loli pandering or pedo /scrote pandering kek. They're just Japanese average women. Sailor moon characters have super mature proportions too, the ideal of Japanese girls of having westernized long slim legs and short skirts. Just look at how the average Jap woman dresses, they love short cute skirts and it's not because they're pedos or scrote pandering.

Pic related is a pedo pandering character made by pedos for pedos. Stupid fucking troon

No. 890829

I got a new kitten and she is the cutest thing ever so playful and cuddly put whenerver I put her on my lap she keeps sniffing my vegana

No. 890830

I agree with you, but need to add something.
>they love short cute skirts and it's not because they're scrote pandering.
TBH this part is debatable. I'm not saying that women wear clothes simply for pleasure of random creeps eye-raping them, but because of patriarchy it's hard to say
that women wear attractive low-cut stuff just cause they like it. I hope that you catch my drift. It's the same with make-up.

No. 890832

I honestly think It varies nona. I use short skirts and make up cutesy shit and I am a lesbo.

No. 890833

It's usually the people who have never seen Sailor Moon or only know the highly altered US cut version that's a shadow of the original one and even that's being generous. They often also lack the understanding of how in Japan, especially in the 80's during which the manga was conceived, you were supposed to be a modest, silent, pure yamato nadeshiko housewife maiden while something like Sailor Moon was representative of a "vulgar", spirited, radical way of being a girl. The girls or their clothes aren't even sexualized in the anime once and the main character is a lazy, loudmouthed slob, not at all the cutesy waifu men find attractive. It's a completely different interpretation compared to the actually sexualized, fetishized prepubescent girls scrotes masturbate to in moe anime like your pic related and I fucking hate how ignorant people put them in the same category. Sailor Moon is fucking iconic, in addition of letting the girls be the heroines of their own stories and develop friendships with each other it had a healthy lesbian couple and another f/f romance before any other media dared to do show such a thing. Fuck everyone who dares to shit on Sailor Moon and fuck trannies who try to co-opt Makoto as a "trans woman" just because she's tall.

No. 890834

File: 1629805592310.png (233.58 KB, 540x360, tumblr_592077ce0da08269b0993cb…)

I think it's funny how my dad used to give me shit for hanging out with wannabe soundcloud rapper types and being so judgemental when in fact when he was my age (and I was already born at the time) he was the biggest druggie wannabe rock star hanging out with other losers AND now he's dating a cringe 24yo wannabe alt/goth cokehead thot. I honestly feel like I'm the adult in the relationship cause even I make more mature and responsible decisions in my life and I'm still a loser who fails at everything and hasn't achieved shit. I used to be furious that this bitch was using him for his money but he fucking deserves it

No. 890841

There's nothing inherently wrong with makeup or cute clothes, plenty of women legitimately want to dress up to feel nice and pamper themselves, not because they want male attention. The spergiest extremists go for the low punch and screech at individual women for wearing makeup or short skirts when the anti-makeup sentiment should be about women being expected to wear a full face of paint at all times to the point people have a warped view of what a bare-faced woman looks like and don't give women the option of choosing to go without makeup. Not that a single woman wants to put on makeup because she likes the aesthetic and wants to enhance her best features.

No. 890849

>There's nothing inherently wrong with makeup
You are layering pockets of rich douchebag. But that can be said about everything, so it's not so bad unless you go full retard and collect palletes etc. Or say crap like "an eyeliner sharp enough to kill a men" lmfao
>the anti-makeup sentiment should be about women being expected to wear a full face of paint at all times to the point people have a warped view of what a bare-faced woman looks like and don't give women the option of choosing to go without makeup
Agree. I am not saying women shouldn't wear make-up if they want to, because what's the point of depraving yourself for political purity that will not change anything anyway? Having said that, don't think that any action of submitting to female gender roles can be easily brushed off as 'Im just doing this for myself', because the social reality is more complicated than that (ie women say they feel more confident with make-up, but they do get treated better with it, etc.)

No. 890852

you really want it spelled out for you huh? he doesn't want you to be the girl he wants to fuck. he's not attracted to successful, girlboss normies. he's dating the chick he dated 20 years ago. probably the kind your mom was. if she wasn't.. well now you know why he's dating a 24 y/o messy alt thot. sorry to say it, it's gross but necessary

No. 890855

I 100% understand why you'd do this and they deserved to be insulted but if I were you I'd be too worried about being beaten up or stabbed by them. Usually the people who start shit in public transport are unhinged or straight up mentally ill so they don't give a shit if they want to harm you.

No. 890858

>they love kawaii childish things
In Japan it's not because something is cute that it's necessarily childish.

I find your comment about Japanese culture seeming hypersexual or pedo-like to westerners because at the end of the day the difference isn't that amazing. In the West instead of making a shit ton of cartoons with horny character designs or plots we're making a shit ton of live-action teen dramas with fictional middle school or high school students doing drugs, drinking alcohol and having way too much sex with each other like they're grown adults. It's the same shit, just presented differently.

No. 890861

I love reminding people that in PLL Aria was 15 when she met and hooked up Ezra, who was 22 and her teacher. And in the very first episode he makes out with her at her missing friends funeral, a friend who was also 15 and who also hooked up with Ezra. She then goes on to marry her groomer. Awesome.

No. 890868

AAAAAAHHH I have so many phone calls to make.

No. 890870

wtf, this sounds even more absurd than the relationship between the heroine's bff and their teacher in Marmalade Boy.

No. 890876

so fucking tired of moids putting cp here i hope they get all get castrated and die in the most painful ways. i want to cry

No. 890891

While I don't think Sailor Moon is scrote pandering or pedo at all, Japanese people definitely realize the kawaii and burikko shit is childish. And that childishness to them is what sexiness is to western men. Not sure how well I can explain this but I've lived in Japan for a while and they definitely see childishness as sexy and a little girl's innocence as something alluring. A lot of cute and childish things Japanese women do is performance for men just the same western women do it with for example tight sexy clothing.
Pedo shit doesn't just seem normalised, it actually is pretty normalised there and anime and manga doesn't help.

No. 890892

ummmm I was venting about the hypocrisy… didn't really want that spelled out but thanks I guess

No. 890897

File: 1629814774243.jpeg (441.57 KB, 750x705, 60C8F0A2-D4BA-4D24-AB1D-D4C403…)

>”just ignore them lol”
>”we aren’t going to give you compliments lol why are you narcissistic”
>proceeds to shower the next anon with compliments and love and no criticism when the impression of me has already been decided because I didn’t feel like drawing hands or proper feet

is it just me or am I being slightly targeted now? criticism is important but something tells me this is coming from a very bad place where they desperately want me to stop but I’m called delusional or hysterical for picking up on it. it’s so frustrating sometimes

No. 890904

Kanna is fucking ugly

No. 890907

>Fucking swear some of these people like policing other women more than focusing on how men need to sexualize and fetishize everything women find cute

Bingo. This is why women will never be free, some of them weaponize radical feminism to attack other women that they hate like libfems or feel insecure about. Is it really their fault for believing in something different than you? I actually kind of agree with libfems on some stuff and what you said as well, Sailor Moon is cute and iconic in every fucking way and compared to the anime around the time it was airing it was a tame monster-of-the-week show with great female characters.

No. 890908

Anon you can't post in a Rate My Art thread and then say stuff like "I'm not going to learn to draw hands and feet because I'm not a professional" when people point out that your limbs are janked. It's not the "Please give me compliments" thread, it's a thread for legitimate criticism and just because someone tells you that you could use some practice doesn't mean they are trying to tear you down or say you shouldn't be drawing. But if you're not going to put in the effort to learn to draw a part of the human anatomy while still drawing people why are you surprised that people don't find it appealing? Post your doodles to instagram or Twitter if you want people to engage with your low effort content. People in that thread tend to send a lot of love to technically competent people and from what I've seen, they generously deliver criticism in a compliment sandwich (compliment, criticism, compliment) in order to comfort the anon. But when you clearly have a bad or dismissive attitude, in a critique thread, get ready for some snarky replies. No one is targeting you, you're just taking shit too personally.

No. 890911

No. 890917

>(his and Usagi's relationship is one of the healthiest in shoujo)
isn't he a college guy dating a middle schooler tho

No. 890919

you should stick to being a funny bitch instead of posting art cuz I’m kekking

No. 890920

File: 1629817529712.jpg (15.09 KB, 423x293, 1628592336256.jpg)

Honestly sometimes it pisses me off when people itt are having a quite nice conversation and one or two anons come in with obviously bad mood and start shitting on everyone's opinion.
I see some anon post about something non-controversial in good faith and someone will just start shitting on it and infighting completely unprovoked, usually in a very 4chan kind of way (calling people fags, retarded and so on). I've had it happen to me too and it kinda ruins my mood to check in on my post about something totally mundane and find a bunch of insults.
I've seen peaceful threads get so derailed by this, especially if there's another one or two agressive anons to join in on this and it usually isn't even fun to read, it's just dumb sperging.

No. 890927

This is why I don't really take part in radfem-specific spaces and like to keep my occasional pinkpill tirades in Lolcow, no matter how mad you are at scrotes and the society in general it does absolutely no good to be an assblasted sperg refusing cooperation, compromises and perseverance. I agree with female liberation and relate to radical feminism way more than liberal feminism but extremism opens a back door to people with destructive ideas and just like anyone else, radfems aren't safe from it. Some are co-opting radfem beliefs to re-package genuinely homophobic and misogynistic NLOG ideas.

No. 890928

You're such a baby, holy shit.

No. 890930

My name is so embarrassing. My mom made it up and no one pronounces it correctly so having to correct them makes me feel like an idiot when it's not even a real name to begin with. I don't even feel like my name is "me", either, my name is just a weird looking awkward girl.

No. 890932

its not because you didnt feel like drawing proper hands once its because you keep being either rude or venting when someone says something you dont like. Youve done this before

No. 890935

You do realize suffragettes got forcefed raped and killed for our basic rights… Right? Read a history book miss "let's hold hands and ask very nicely for our rights from men".

No. 890938

I wish I could observe you in a lab

No. 890940

Who's talking about "asking nicely for our rights"? Men have nothing to do with women being hostile towards each other and refusing cooperation and understanding. Libfems believe in what they believe because that's how they've been conditioned to, not because they're bad people, it's not something you can fix by screaming rhetoric that makes no sense to someone who hasn't been exposed to radfem ideas.

No. 890942

File: 1629819218460.png (523.61 KB, 842x1250, C9946336-9657-42D6-8DC9-FE3F64…)

goo goo gaga?

No. 890986

Who the fuck is spamming this on all threads

No. 890987

This. There's some debatably female autist that thinks it's progressive to seethe about anime and women who like it all day, they're best ignored. If they really are a woman with those opinions, I bet they shit their pants in pure rage whenever they have to see our board-tan.

No. 890989

File: 1629821856865.jpeg (144.56 KB, 1168x660, F66DBD6C-E03E-44FB-B6E1-CDF74E…)

Back to lgbt hon

No. 890990

I thought your spoilered pic was a wholesome show? Haven't watched it but I was under that impression

No. 890992

Seen the first season, not too wholesome just average scrote watching. I think it’s the fact fans rave about Kanna’s(character in optic) thighs.

No. 890993

Iirc there's elementary schoolers sexually pinning each other to ground and so on.

No. 890997

The loli dragon gets some almost but sort of censored crotch shots, abd there's that giant titted dragon who has some questionable interactions with a shota character.

No. 890998

No. 891000

I wish I had the strength to be like the people that rose above the emotional abuse they got as a child and became successful instead of letting the voice of my mother telling me I’m ugly, fat, stupid and that nobody actually enjoys my presence periodically drag me down

No. 891001

Fucking hell. It was on my backlog but I'll have to remove it. I hate when I'm excited to start a popular show only to find out it isn't actually that great and it's only popular because scrotes coom to a few female characters. It's why I'm wary of predominantly female cast series.

No. 891016

Some men in my periphery, friend of a friend kind of deal, were recently outed as total misogynistic and racist pigs. It makes me want to crawl back into being a friendless neet and it makes me question my male friends who knew them. One said afterwards that he never liked those guys but then why didn't he tell me sooner? They could have actually hurt me, I would have trusted them based on my friend just knowing them since I see him as a good guy who wouldn't have shit friends. Why do men not understand that even if you're innocent you will look equally bad if you stand by and do nothing. Even mean girls will tell you that there's 2 types of evil, those who do evil and those who see evil and do nothing to stop it. I'm just so frustrated, are all men really this gross? Are the ones that seem normal just hiding it from me? Can I trust anyone? I'm so tired

No. 891026

O thought you meant cooperation, compromises and perseverance towards men, never mind

No. 891028

Don't watch the second season then it's 10x worse

No. 891030

>are all men really this gross? Are the ones that seem normal just hiding it from me?
Yes, now stop being naive and stop having male friends. They just want female attention and to fuck. Makes me roll my eyes how many times women give men chances.

No. 891033

I think the true problem is doing things for men, with the scope of getting money or attention from men. Pick me'ismm can be disguised under many forms. You could wear makeup for men to find you attractive or you could wear makeup for yourself, because you actually like that. You could not wear makeup to pander to scrotes and be a right wing pick me, or you could not wear makeup because you want to. I think I'm more distrustful of rad fems from popular spaces because they act like their liberal counterparts and they use the misfortune of women from 3rd world countries as arguments for their doctrine and to argue with people on the internet but they refuse to actually help women. Everything they care about is getting attention from other rad fems and owning the troons, which reminds me of other hypocritical "activists" or people involved with political movements made for opressed people, they're just using those movements for their own gain which is sad and sociopathic in a sense. But I think radical feminism is good in any woman's life in a world where we're literally told to become prostitutes, in a world where we're told that we must accept anything from men, in a world where we must validate the misogynistic psychosis of troons.

No. 891038

The only rightwing trad pickmes I met wore layers of makeup and are insecure to a point where they can't even take out the trash without makeup on

No. 891040

The age difference in manga is like 2 years between them. Another thing anime fucked up.
>The Japanese school year begins around April 1. Because Mamoru's birthday is August 3, he ages to 17 rather early on, however, when he first meets Usagi, he is still 16, while Usagi is confirmed 14 at the start of the series. Usagi's age is confirmed by both Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 (Ami's age is displayed to be "14" as well, and she is in the same school year as Usagi) as well as the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition (2019) of the manga.
>Usagi in comparison ages to 15 by June 30, not long before Mamoru's birthday.

No. 891050

I feel really bad about my opinions of Chloe Grace Moretz, because they're quite shallow and misogynistic. However, I can't help but feel that it is such a shame to see how she developed… She is only 24 but looks and appears much older, when she always had such a fresh and playful, youthful charm. I hate judging women this way, especially when it could happen to me too, so I try not to entertain these thoughts too much. But at the same time I feel like a lot of it has to do with her styling and I guess unfortunate genetics. I just don't know how to feel… She just used to be so so so cute and lovely and now I am not sure what to think… It is so odd considering how young she is…

No. 891052

My mother is unemployed and lives with me, while I and my grandmother are working. The shit that makes me mad is the fact how much I waste money on groceries. And all because my mom is too picky for normal human food. Like, every day she says that she is on a diet so I need to buy all the fancy shit for salads and such, but in the evening she just binges on junk food anyway (which, again, I need to buy). Just today I cooked bulgur with veggies and chicken broth with noodles and lots of meat, but she said that we have nothing to eat. When I pointed at the oven, mom was like "BUT I DONT LIKE THAT! What, you want me to starve?" Lol.
Also she brought a fucking borzoi (guess how much it costed us) and this little fucker eats meat and superduperuckingelite dogfood everyday. Just recently it got "sick" and mom put whole fucking drug store in the poor doggo. Blood tests two times a week, vet checks every so often. So much fucking money wasted on this furry fucker.
Every time me and my grandma try to talk to mother about our finances, she starts crying and states that we hate her and that she us a burden to us.
Also, she refuses to work, like, at all.
Fuck, I don't know what to do. Our finances are thinning every day.

No. 891054

yea but there's also those that dye their hair blonde and try really hard to be virginal and not wear makeup and not be "impure" "sluts" like the other girls

No. 891058

You really should feel bad, you're trash.

No. 891069

My long distance boyfriend moved many many states away from where he's from to live with me a few weeks ago and I can't stop the urge of wanting to end things with him. I feel like I can't because of the fact it's been such a short amount of time he's been here, he barely has any money, and now his support system is far away. I feel terrible but I also feel miserable being with him. I'm a dumb bitch for rushing into things.

No. 891071

File: 1629830003469.png (1.6 MB, 1176x1288, gopog.png)

She was purposely marketed to pander to pedos, so that's to be expected. It's depressing, but her branding always had an expiry date. Hollywood is run by shitty old scrotes.
I feel like Florence Pugh is where she was supposed to be.

No. 891079

It's really simple. A dog may refuse to eat kibble it doesn't like unless it's too hungry and there's nothing else to eat. A human is the same way, if your mother refuses food then she's in too much of a luxurious position. She won't let herself be hungry, survival instinct will kick in and she'll eat what you buy and prepare once she realizes it's that or going to bed hungry. You just need to make sure you or your grandmother won't give in to her whining.

As for the costly dog, how did she pay for the vet? Does she have an income through other means or does she have access to your or your grandmas bank accounts?

No. 891080

Just watched a contractor who's been at my company for less time than me in my department get a promotion to another department.
She wasn't qualified and had no experience for the position whatsoever. She always came in late and left early. Took super long lunches. Worked remote for bullshit reasons.

BUT she did kiss the right asses and the dudes from the department she's going to think she's hot. One even asked her out.

So, take note ladies. Being an attractive social butterfly is what gets you more places than actual qualifications or doing your job ever will. Oh and of course all the external people interviewed who did have the right experience and qualifications absolutely wasted their time.
It's such a joke.

No. 891083

Its true. Qualifications mean very little compared to charms and wit. Plenty of people have lied their way up. C'est la vie!

No. 891086

She looks fine though, she looks like she could be a Mary-Kate and Ashley sister. I'm not seeing an issue with her looks besides a few weird photos, but she's still pretty and doesn't look older then she is at all.

No. 891087

It's cute, but it's wrong.

No. 891088

>grandma that has been one of my best friends my whole life in hospital and likely won’t ever make it out with stage 4 bone cancer
>my only cat ive ever had died last year after a few years of health complications
>bfs mom died in 2019 also of cancer
>dad got laid off months ago and whole family is completely broke with 2 house payments since my dad worked in a different state, mom’s income is around 1/4 of what my dad usually makes
>have severe depression for years because everything in my life is terrible and terrible things keep happening

things are going to keep getting shittier from here, isn’t it? my only family left alive will be my mom and dad and older brother, and my bf only has his brother and sister and they live 12 hours away. i don’t have friends and the only people i have regularly see is my mom, bf and grandma.. so i guess it will just be 3 off us soon and im not ready for it. i have no real reason im still living for, i don’t have any goals in life and no meaningful hobbies, so I am pretty sure one of the worst stages of my life is about to start soon.

No. 891096

File: 1629833026989.png (Spoiler Image, 4.65 MB, 1920x1440, IMG_20210824_212113_e.png)

She was simply a really cute, charming and talented girl whom I looked up to and had high hopes for, but now she is bland and uninteresting. Her latest roles have also simply been so boring, whereas her earlier ones were often iconic. I can't blame her as she just grew up and I hope became her own person. I also feel as though I am giving the impression of a scrote lamenting the maturity of their uwu dream manic perfect loli NLOG pure waifu celeb crush, which I absolutely despise and don't want at all. But I always thought she had a lot of potential and now she seems so irrelevant. She had so much charm and now she has absolutely nothing, it seems. Also her face became so derpy despite maturing? Its just so odd

No. 891098

Anons are way too nice on that thread. Most of what is posted in the rate my art thread would get torn to shreds if it had been posted in the artist salt thread. But then, the redraws anons posted in artist salt before has shown their delusion kek

You got handled with kid gloves and still pitched a bitch fit, pathetic.

No. 891102

>realize i dont have to meet patriarchal beauty standards and should be happy with how i look, and that being desired is nothing
>finally stop hating myself after so many years
>realize im bisexual
>realize i want a gf
>realize no woman will want me because im ugly
>start hating myself again

just let it all end

No. 891105

Hey nonnies. I want to start programming and to be specific I want to learn about website architecture, how to make and run/administrate a website. I'm also interested in the field of programming that pays well. If you can help me with advice or resources thank you.

No. 891106

if nobody would want you because you are ugly then why are there so many ugly people in romantic relationships? And why are there miserable, lonely beautiful people? When it comes to relationships and love, physical appearance is not everything.

No. 891107

Are you fucking kidding me? Have you not seen the monstrosities many lesbians are not only fucking, but marrying? You will find a woman into you, I guarantee that. You just need to give it time. Remember that many lesbians appreciate a woman who dgaf about patriarchal standards.

No. 891108

File: 1629834000771.jpg (12.24 KB, 474x266, th.jpg)

anon pls, how can you say that on a website with a whole thread about this pussy-slaying chadess

No. 891109

Some bis and most lesbians don't care about apperance anon. Just don't be obese and have basic hygiene and style and you'll be sought after.

No. 891110

even obese butches in wrinkled t-shirts and cargo pants find love

No. 891122

Shut up about celebrities, shut up about celebrities, shut up about celebrities. I hate when celebricow anons stray from their containment threads. I hate reading news about celebrities when I open my web browser. What the fuck, why do I care if so-and-so is aging well or poorly, or so-and-so is wearing a bikini and looks good or dumpy, or so-and-so is speaking out against the rumors that don't matter. WHO CARES! I hide that shit constantly and yet somehow these retarded articles and opinions and celebrities faces and bodies always fart their way back into my face yet again because these retard celebrities need everyone's attention all the time. If it was actual cow material, cool, but it's always the most mundane shit and stupid marketing ploys. Non stop fucking marketing and begging for attention as if these people don't have enough money or attention. Shut up about celebrities!

No. 891125

It's because you act like a total cunt unless you get asspats. That thread is a hugbox to begin with and you managed to turn them against you, kek. Enjoy your stagnation and 3/10 art forever or do something about it and start taking criticism to your brain instead of your heart, retard-chan.

No. 891128

I hate when vendors advertise a satin/polyester item as silk. One fabric is breathable, the other isn't, it's a big difference.

No. 891129

File: 1629835098307.jpg (15.76 KB, 367x370, 210817309_223996986252770_2695…)


thank you nonnies. maybe there is hope after all. pic completely unrelated but maybe you will like it

No. 891132

I get irrationally angry (only on the inside) whenever I see girls less pretty than me with a boyfriend, even if their boyfriend is a jerk or ugly or whatever. It also only reinforces that being single is 100% my fault and I have nothing to blame it on except for my stupid autistic behavior. I’m way too fucking old to have never had a bf or even kissed a boy and I’m pretty sure that if through some miracle I met a guy who’s interested in me he’d be put off by my lack of exprience and just wouldn’t understand why I’m such a freak.

No. 891135

File: 1629835276065.jpg (27.9 KB, 690x500, penny-dreadful-season-3-first-…)

How much difference between you and your partner is too much?
I keep worrying about things that won't affect us in like 6+ plus years like the fact that he hates big cities and wants to live in the countryside and im the complete opposite, or that I want pets and he doesn't like them, im a huge fucking stupid relationship perfectionist to the point that I didn't even date because no one met my standards and when I finally seem to have chilled out started being more moderate, got a boyfriend etc, it all comes back and I just feel absolutely deranged now I keep second guessing myself on over if things are a deal breaker or not.

No. 891139

>The same anon that keeps ragespamming about how people "criticise" her generic art ever since she joined lolcow and can't take even kind words without attacking(back from she started bitching at the very beginning)
I don't believe that anyone can be that stupid. Just confess that you are a troll or something.

No. 891141

Not sure if you're seeking advice in the vent thread or just venting since you asked a question. But if your long-term life goals are very different, such as what type of environment you want to live in or whether you want pets, you probably won't be happy together in the long term. Those are things you will notice in your everyday life and if you're unhappy it will start to wear in you. If you have no intentions to marry this person and they're on the same page, then it doesn't really matter, enjoy your time together if you're having fun and be ready to let go when it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

No. 891142

Unironically telling you that you won't be able to change a person even if you wanted to, even though it seems like you know that. Maybe pet situation could change, but definitely not such things as "I hate big cities / don't want to live in one", speaking from experience. Is there anything more? You don't need to think of settling down with every person you meet, really.

No. 891143

Obsession over celebrities is one of the most autistic things about our world. I don’t understand why anyone gives a shit. Oh they played a character in a movie. Ok?? The weird worship where people have a gross pact with their partner that if they had a chance with x celebrity they would be given a pass to fuck them. I unironically see random women in public who are way prettier than the highly esteemed celebs full of Botox.

No. 891166

It's so telling how he ignores me unless I reach out to him. Everything is becoming clearer and clearer. I want to love him but have noticed I don't even feel that attracted to him anymore, I'm just lonely and tired sometimes.

No. 891168

Honestly anon, as long as it's not having or not having a family that you're not in perfect sync on, it's not that big a deal. My husband and I also differed on the city vs country question and found a great middle ground when I explained why I didn't want to live in the middle of nowhere and we've been together 11 years. If it's a great relationship worth saving, just talk about these things over time. Explain your portion and hear his out. People do change their minds in the face of someone they care about talking it through.

No. 891184

>It's because you act like a total cunt unless you get asspats. That thread is a hugbox to begin with and you managed to turn them against you, kek. Enjoy your stagnation and 3/10 art forever or do something about it and start taking criticism to your brain instead of your heart, retard-chan.

I'm howling, you're mad because it isn't a constant flame war in the thread so you now you can't win an arbitrary internet fight. Basically "if you can't be happy, no one can! pick yourself up by the bootstraps!" you're like 20 years old, why are you like this

No. 891217

whoever invented corked wine…. i have no words. had the most stressful day was already all mentally fucked up and fragile and now my hands are broken and i'm crying because i cannot open this fucking shitty faggot wine.

No. 891220

Some sniveling skank dissed my husbando on /g/, it's just so needlessly rude, you don't see me saying mean shit about the freakshows some of you people post. Because I have manners, unlike some people

No. 891223

that ugly italian singer? some shitty youtuber? germ?

No. 891228

Quit obsessing about your husbando, they’ll never notice you because they’re not real or they’re a celebrity. Your husbando isn’t real. Your husbando isn’t real.

No. 891238

Did you try screwing a screw in it and pulling it open with the back of a hammer?

No. 891244

i tried a lot of shit, like legit 45 mins of burning it with fire, hot water, car keys, the whole lot. i did not try a hammer though. i ended up ripping the cork in half whilst trying to pull and twist with some rusty weird pliers and then just gave up and now have half a cork floating in the bottle. luckily no cork pieces are loose so i'm finally winding down with a glass lol. thank you non i'll keep hammer in mind next time

No. 891248

I don't know how much longer I can take this. I'm tired of living in denial and forcing myself to ignore it. I'm sick of crying myself to sleep every night and spending the days trying to fill the void. Im in love with one of my friends and I have been for years. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple years now and he's a wonderful person but the more time goes the more I realize I never got over my friend and I'm not happy being in a relationship with a man. He knowsthis and he frequently asks me if I'm a lesbian. I tell him no but by each time I doubt myself a little more. This friend of mine has me wondering if I'm even romantically attracted to men at all. I've just never felt the way I do with her with anyone else.

I apologize this post is a rambly mess, I'm sleep deprived and english is not my first language.

No. 891250

Stop giving into her demands. if she wants her 'special diet' food, she can get a part time job. Everywhere is hiring. Just stop giving in.

No. 891260

Sounds pretty straightforward to me, although it's true that things often are not so simple in reality; I think you might feel a lot better if you were open about how you feel to both your bf and your friend.

No. 891264

File: 1629844781664.png (7.64 KB, 522x116, 3.png)

don't listen to >>891228 nona ♥

No. 891271

File: 1629845280739.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2134, 03A62CC7-DBB2-4CA2-B9C9-FE6E42…)


YES. Look through the asian fishing / east asian baiting shit on tiktok. These morons have truly reduce Japanese culture to anime, seifuku and kawaii shit. It’s so nauseating to see Asian Americans and other people cancel someone and accuse them of trying to look like they’re Japanese when they’re wearing falsies and circle lenses. Most of them aren’t even Japanese and keep trying to claim shit from Japan as their culture. Americans are obsessed with race and segregating cultures because they don’t want to share it with the “whites” and I’m over it. Then there’s this whole movement of being called “West Asian”? Like why not just call yourself what you are. What is this West Asian shit and why do they get away with being fucking weebs. It’s just so bizarre.

No. 891277


"West Asia" is the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria etc. Absolutely no relation to weeb shit so it makes no sense.

No. 891281

It seems to be the new trend for people who want to be considered Asian but aren’t East Asian. I don’t understand why they can’t just call themselves Turkish or whatever. One of the biggest offenders of this trend is nintendo.grl. She really clings to the “Asian” part.

No. 891319

my first boyfriend was sort of mentally ill and cheated on me but putting aside that, and other incredibly horrendous behaviour like random ghosting and him having meltdowns, there was pretty never a dull moment with him, we always had stuff to talk about and had things in common, and he had a certain "look" that was pretty niche so he was fairly attractive in that regard and had a personal sense of style etc. he also made an effort to actually act like a boyfriend most of the time and show me affection and try to treat me. my second boyfriend (also most recent) was a fat manlet, wore absolute shit like he was literally aesthetically challenged, i gave him a chance because i thought he might be a good guy once i got to know him. he was boring as shit, a semi-decent conversationalist (that's too kind, he was subpar) and did not display any affection at all (because he didn't actually feel much toward me at all). and on top of all that, it sort of felt like he expected ME to impress HIM or something… pretty embarrassing.
none of this really matters, i just find it funny how i have such a bad "track record" of boyfriends (all 2 of them) but i'm grateful both of them lasted <6 months.

No. 891321

I fucked up the technical part of a job interview. Worst is I had 2 more days to do it but I decided to do it today at fucking 10pm when I'm tired as shit. Ugh I'm so stupid.

No. 891354

Every day I feel like my life is reaching a dead end. I was physically and emotionally abused growing up and molested for several years and even though it’s been 10 years but I still can’t get over it, I feel so alone and depressed every time. I think it permanently damaged me because now I can’t talk to anyone or form friendships. I find myself self harming just to make the day go by faster because otherwise I feel so empty. I used to be able to fantasize in my head about a better life but now it’s like my brain is broken and I can’t even daydream, I feel pathetic just trying. I just want to kill myself because after all the stuff that happened to me I feel so disgusting and like it’s impossible to live a happy life now. Why is it that I can be treated like garbage and my abusers all get away to live happy lives? I feel like I’m less than nothing, like it’s okay to abuse me because I’m not even a person. I don’t want to keep living like this.

No. 891359

Not sure who you think you're replying to, but I'm just a rando anon who replied without reading any of the other replies because I knew exactly who this bitch is. Get a grip anon.

No. 891375

I went to the kpop imageboard that is ran by women and I was right! I initially thought "nonna" must have some Korean influence to it and I was right. I think lolcow imported it from there, they use "nonna". Also, women are so wholesome I can't believe the imageboard is so positive and nice, I was expecting it to be like the kpop thread on here. Or maybe they are two faced bitches and they act all nice there and they would come here and show their true thoughts about idols

No. 891395

deadass this is so true latino parents are fucked my mom is exactly how you described

No. 891409

Tbh I hope you get ignored next time you post your art. That thread has nice (and sometimes talented) anons, and you always fuck up the vibe because you act childish when someone gives you constructive criticism (and then complain that no one gives you constructive criticism?). If you really don't care about improving, then just post somewhere else

No. 891410

Yeah I’ll never be a mans first choice. At best I’ll get a guy to settle for me then resent me for the rest of his life.

Are there any real ways to cope with this? Maybe having good guy friends or something? Or just completely avoid males altogether?

No. 891415

Stop worrying about being picked by guys they’re not worth it

No. 891416


I'm so sorry anon. I want to hug you I'm in a very similar place and people are generally so insensitive, they don't understand the extreme consequences of rape, especially CSA. My entire life is destroyed and I will never be happy. Does it at least help that you are not alone? It helps me when I see posts like yours. Because I know that I am not alone.

No. 891417

Dude I am not a lesbian nor does it come natural to me to just turn off the desires that 99% of women have.

No. 891421

Well most likely the man you get won't be your first choice either.

No. 891422

Thank you anon, it does help. It's funny because I can't imagine going to therapy right now, not only due to money but because I can't ever bring myself to talk about CSA with anyone irl, it just makes me feel more disgusting and I want to forget it more than anything, having more people know about it just makes me feel worse. But because of the anonymity it feels safer here, especially knowing I'm not alone. Even if it feels horrible to live like this, it's a comfort that none of us are alone. I'm rooting for you, even if we can't be happy I hope we can both find some peace.

No. 891428

Make more friends and try to focus on hobbies instead of worrying too much. It is normal to worry about men liking you as a straight woman but better to channel it into self-improvement than insecurity, which will just attract men who take advantage of it and make you feel worse. Don't lower your standards just to not be alone because chances are you're not as irredeemable as you think.

No. 891435

File: 1629862297781.jpg (19.47 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1629767453640.jpg)

I finally went to the doctor for my severe menstrual cramps and she recommended I start birth control pills, they've been okay so far but my mood dropped like a stone the second my active pills were done. I find myself getting angry or crying at small things. I've taken all my pills right and never missed any, but now it feels like my "normal" cramps are gone and it's only the sharp shooting ones left now, which I was trying to get rid of. I hate the feeling of writhing in pain and knowing not even medication will fix it… that stopped working a while ago. I'm pretty miserable about it. This is only my first month so maybe I should just stick to it for the next while, I just really hope there will be an end to my pain someday

No. 891444

Yeah idk why ppl are hung up on not getting their first choice. There's tons of people you can be compatable with and spenda happy life with, there is no "the one".

No. 891445

Can you not just keep taking the active pills?

No. 891452

I could try that, I just didn't anticipate I'd be still be having the same pain that I was when I wasn't taking the pills

No. 891455

Never say never. I found love at my fattest, ugliest, and most broken, yet it seems when at my peak–of fitness and attractiveness and put-togetherness in general–that's when I was ironically discarded and hurt the most.
It all has to do with self-esteem, as cliché as that sounds. Telling yourself you don't deserve proper treatment nor good people in your life will most likely manifest itself through your romantic decisions and how you permiss men to treat you. Regardless if you're consciously aware of it or not. I know that was the case for me.

Instead of seeing it as a cope, why not build on other important areas that will ultimately serve you? Absolutely, make friends so you're not obsessing about basing self-worth on romantic love or lack thereof. Develop hobbies and ideas. There's no harm in any of it, and if these things boost you to the point where you can reject and be rejected by men until you find one who gives you what you want, then all the better. Go, fight, win.

No. 891457

I wish I was pretty but I'm fat. I lost over 60lb so far but it's not enough and I wish I never got in that fucking accident and ballooned up while in my wheelchair unable to cook for myself. I wish I was taken seriously when I asked my doctor for blood tests several years ago instead of finding out I have thyroid issues this year from seeing a new doctor. Maybe the weight gain wouldnt have been as much. It's all just excuses in the end, I just wish I never gained so much in the first place.

My husband keeps coddling me and saying I'm beautiful. I wish he wouldn't lie. I hate feeling this way, like I'm not human because of how fat I am.

No. 891465

Contrary to what lolcow spergs about, being fat and attractive aren't mutually exclusive to each other and it sounds like you've done a fair deal to address the weight gain. If you can't trust your husband to be honest with you, then who the hell can you trust about this? I can't think of a single downside in believing your husband when he tells you you're pretty. Have some confidence that your efforts at the very least are putting you closer towards the person you want to be for every day that passes.

No. 891490

>The word Asia originated from the Ancient Greek word Ἀσία, first attributed to Herodotus (about 440 BCE) in reference to Anatolia or to the Persian Empire.
They have the right to call themselves Asians, that's what they are. Plus, the term 'Middle East' is absolutely retarded.

No. 891522

I hate that some family still brings up the fact they once gave me a huge opportunity in a foreign country and I ruined it for myself. Idk what they expected from me. They plucked me from a situation where I had been physically/sexually abused my whole life and thrust me into a school where I didn't speak the language and didn't even have internet to reach out to friends back home. Of course I was overwhelmed and having a hard time. What happened to me was an open secret and I would hear them discussing it amongst themselves but no one tried to talk to me or get me help.

No. 891527

Vent #1: My boobs hurt so fucking much from PMS, it's unreal, couldn't even sleep on my stomach. This is what I imagine implants must feel after insertion. Never having them.

Vent #2: I recently reflected on the general improvement of my social anxiety and realized it's not much of an improvement. I mean I went from being a person who craved human contact but was so nervous that she couldn't speak in public and threw up before any kind of social event to a person who can participate in social events with ease, talk to people, crack jokes and exchange pleasantries but ultimately not really caring about human contact in general (or just afraid to connect with them on a deeper level. I'm not sure).

No. 891537

I broke my favorite, and expensive, headphones during a meltdown and my teeth are killing me right now. Very sad.

No. 891539

Also Vent #3: I got on Upwork to get some extra money and naively thought that as soon as I register, the offers are gonna come flooding in. I sent 5 proposals so far, no answers. Great. I'm an idiot

No. 891557

What general field are you lookong in? I'm not myself a freelancer but I have worked with some in different fields so I might have tips from stuff I talked to them about dependong on the field.

No. 891563

I didn't sleep good and now I have to study whole day, alone. I just want to hole in and play dark souls instead. I don't even feel alive lately.

No. 891567

Translation is my main profile but I'm also open to other stuff (logo design for instance).

A few questions: do you always have to submit an example of your work? Does it increase your chances of being successful? And also how detailed your proposal should be and how formal/informal? I usually wrote a few sentences about my employment in a semicasual manner, maybe I'm doing it wrong? Also, would offering a wider range of services hurt my chances or the opposite, would I attract more clients? I like redesigning websites in Figma as a hobby and I thought I'd include it on my profile but I wonder if translation + UX would be too..much? Idk

No. 891579

File: 1629880239390.jpeg (301.23 KB, 2048x2023, 9016EC2A-A548-4FA1-A2C6-264727…)

I HATE HATE this shit ! John Cho as Spike is one of the worst castings ever. The girl that plays Faye is like maybe 20 kg heavier than she should be , and why is she not wearing the typical Faye attire if the other two are? The guy playing Jet Black is the only one spot on both in looks and costume. And well you can't go wrong with Ein . I hate how Hollywood shits all over these classics with their stupid agenda. (Inb4 Spike is gay and Faye is transitioning )

No. 891580

Whenever me and my family go out, they take a lot of pictures of me and each other etc without posing or warning. And then they send all of them to me. So I have to look at myself standing awkwardly, or chewing, or in the middle of a sentence or making weird faces. It bothers me. I look really bad in them lmao. I know it's all angles etc but if it was supposed to be a nice souvenir of whatever event, it's not. It makes me self-conscious over time. I don't want to insult them or anything, but I gotta figure out a way to ask them to stop or at least give me a heads up. Or just don't send and keep them to themselves.

Major first world problem but I'm annoyed by it. I might be being an asshole but sometimes it just feels like they're making fun of me by doing this (they're 100% not, even if I can't see how they can look at these pics and think they're good enough to keep and show me).

No. 891581

>The guy playing Jet Black is the only one spot on both in looks and costume

No. 891592

Usually I don't feel compelled enough to reply to anon's first world problem vents, but holy shit anon, surely they are taking these photos and sending it to you because you're family and they love you and don't really care if you look bad in photos because they love you anyway? Unless they're posting these on social media you can turn off auto download media in most chat software these days and let them send it regardless, just don't download it on your end and you won't have to look at it and they won't have to feel bad for taking photos of you out of what I assume is love.

No. 891595

File: 1629882217881.jpg (267.76 KB, 632x416, 9620195,Iypn9TPUVJVGkFx4duSuE9…)

I'm a bit sad that they cast someone with a huge sqare jaw for spike. It's one of very few anime where people have pretty destinctive faces and they just go out of their way to ignore it.

No. 891597

File: 1629882276252.png (687.5 KB, 630x630, 9618416_0.png)

>The girl that plays Faye is like maybe 20 kg heavier than she should be
Fuck off with this bone rattling, she's pretty and slim, just on the normal side rather than actress skinny. She does not have 20kg to lose and even if she did, she wouldn't look like Faye. What kind of human has a body like this?

No. 891598

Slim my ass, shes THICC. No fit and voluptuous like Faye. Also her face is very round (she definitely is very pretty tho). I was kidding about losing 20 kg (nice nitpick btw), but maybe at least 5 or so. I mean they knew what they have in their hands, I'm sure that's why she's not wearing Faye's clothes.

True. Also they totally changed the ethnicity lol (nothing wrong with that, I can think of a couple of Asian actors that would be more like Spike in the looks-dept than old ass John Cho)


No. 891600

File: 1629882731101.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, shiroisunanoaquatope_episode6.…)

I'm starting to get all grumpy and mad at the world again because stupid me keep reading bad news I hate this, I want an echo chamber of sane and happy thoughts.

No. 891601

samefag accidentally posted it in the dumbass thread kek

No. 891604

Just butting in to say that no, the actress looks curvy in a good way and not slim at all. I don't care about the Netflix adaptation because I only watched like one episode of Cowboy Bebop long ago but stop talking like an American please.

No. 891609

File: 1629883838051.jpg (10.92 KB, 410x357, tumblr_6a124bcdd4903580eb9d7c9…)

My heart is broken. I'm getting a divorce. My "husband" lied to me about who he was and only ripped off his mask when my building paranoia over the last few months had me tell him I contacted the person he was lying about. I didn't actually contact anyone, but since he believed I had, he on the spot told me everything he lied about. I feel sick. It's a crazy twisted story and I'm spiraling. The last 2 to 3 years of my life have been extremely traumatizing and I can't handle anymore. I Don't know what to do.
I'm tempted to give my Discord because I want to talk to someone over voice chat so badly. Im isolated and have no friends. He was all I had and the man I knew no longer exists.

No. 891610

I'm so sorry, anon. Do you have any family members / friends you can stay with for a few days?

No. 891613

I'm so sorry to hear that anon, if you can't find anybody to talk to my socially retarded ass will be here for you. (you can always make a throwaway discord by the way)

No. 891618

Must resist the urge to either selfharm by neglecting myself and stuffing myself with unhealthy food and shutting myself off from the world or attempting to regain autonomy by meticulously controlling my appearance and starving myself and engaging in degenerate behavior and meaningless sexual endeavours under the guise of self-control and empowerment fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK everything I wish I could log off from the world briefly and just spend all time fixing myself until I was better and healed and normal and not so confused as well as confusing

No. 891619

No. 891620

File: 1629885203848.jpg (350.26 KB, 929x1094, sh9gpp2r8oc31.jpg)

Daniella is a fridge and used to be skinny. Not only is she heavier now, they've shaped her clothes to give the impression of curves. If they wanted her to look like Faye they'd have her skinny and pad out her top half. I'm guessing they know the chubbier look appeals to American audiences. No big deal. It's the face that's important, I think. Daniella and John don't resemble the characters facially and aren't striking enough. I hate Daniella's big lower half square jaw side by side with John's baby face chinlet (and scrawny body). And then Jet is literally black… production looks cheap too. It's a mess.

No. 891622

How do I not engage in selfharm in these moments? How can I do the right thing for myself? My brain is so stupidly wired as of current I can't think straight and can't conceive of a healthy response. I can continue to ruminate and then force myself to dissociate so I can shower and get dressed on autopilot but I will break down again at home and still do something silly

No. 891623

AYRT I've added you nonny my tag ends in #9040 but I don't have a mic on pc and i'm really retarded I'd listen if you would have me though

No. 891630

What did he do exactly? What was he covering up?

No. 891631

File: 1629886730822.gif (268.54 KB, 352x200, 200.gif)

> I don't have a mic
> I'd listen tho teehee

Sus af op, run.


No. 891633

kek I know right? I sent op a photo of my hand just in case, don't worry nonny

No. 891636

So so so tired of rejection. So tired of people telling me I matter and then acting like I don't. I feel ten years old asking my mama why I don't have friends, and she shrugs and says "there are times in your life when you're not meant to." I hate this helpless impotent feeling. I'm used to being treated like an alien loser but why does everyone need to lie and give me false hope? Why can't they just leave me alone. Oh God is this how incels start? Why am I so fragile? Why can't I find my center in myself instead of looking for a better version of myself in other people's eyes? I've been planning my outfit all week as if the right silhouette will make me lovable. I'm so embarrassed that I got my hopes up. This pain is part of the process. I just wish I could control it,or at least see it coming. This is an irrational response. Nothing was lost. I am not worthless. I don't need other people to treat me a certain way to prove I'm a person and not just trash. I'm still me when I'm alone. I'm still okay.

No. 891645

File: 1629888401512.png (37.68 KB, 300x293, demisexual-n-a-person-who-does…)

My former best friend that was claiming to be asexual for about 6 or 7 years (teenage-early twenties), being really obnoxious to the point of spamming group chat with asexual memes and trying to spread 'ace awareness'. She'd be talking about it all the time making fun of us who had partners for it all being dumb and too much drama, sex being disgusting and us being disgusting for having it.
Well she found a boyfriend a year ago and is just a normal hetero girl now, talking about the kind of condoms she uses, about orgasms and so on.
I know her since childhood and I know for sure that she was always attracted to men, she had crushes on male characters in movies, books and anime but had trouble finding one that was attracted to her because of her looks and personality. She used to be kinda shitty to me throughout my early adulthood for not being as unattractive to people and she'd lowkey mock me and act disgusted when I was suggesting I would be open and interested in dating girls. I never dated during that time and felt a lot of shame because of it, she was my best friend and hearing that shit daily affected me.
Now that she's in a hetero relationship with a wannabe-manly kind of man, being a very mundane hetero couple, she's trying to claim she's actually demisexual. She's starting to be obnoxious about it too, claiming how she wants to move overseas because people are too bigoted to understand nuanced sexualities here. I just can't fathom this. It has to be some kind of individuality complex, she can't accept she's a 'boring' hetero and has to be a special snowflake because she doesn't get attention from being 'asexual' anymore. How the fuck is she being discriminated against? How is wanting to fuck someone only once you know them special??
Because I was dating a guy and I was always shut down by her and other people, even though I've had quite a few sexual encounters with women, I've never even openly said anything about being bisexual because I don't feel 'worthy' when I'm not even actively dating a girl. And honestly I don't feel any need because it doesn't affect my life in any way. So somehow her acting obnoxious about being 'discriminated against misunderstood demisexual' makes me even more irritated.

No. 891668

i'm so depressed

No. 891672

you consider this a fridge? maybe you should project your insecurities in a less deluded manner

No. 891676

I have been subjected to struggle sessions for five days straight now. I would kill myself if I didn't believe in hell.

No. 891681

People who think asexuality and demisexuality (etc) is equivalent to being actually gay need to go jump, not being attracted to people is hard but 1. She has a fucking boyfriend now so her suffering is over, so she should shut up about it and 2. Being asexual (etc) bears no other challenges. Nobody will be outcast, beaten, abused etc because they don't fuck. You have every right to be annoyed anon.

t. asexual bitch

No. 891688

Thank you I don't know what the fuck is wrong with some people on here

No. 891689

File: 1629895933861.png (428.62 KB, 540x538, 1537500888253.png)

me too nona

No. 891690

your friend sounds like my friend and if i didn't know that my friend doesn't have a bf, i'd think this is about her. i can absolutely see her become like this if she ever finds a man who is willing to put up with her. my friend is one of those people who wear giant wrinkly ace pride flags from aliexpress as a cape to pride parades and who think that relatives asking about relationships is oppression. she keeps talking about how she's sooo ace but then she constantly crushes on her male coworkers, male anime characters, male actors, etc. sometimes she says one female actress is hot just to even it out but overall she's obsessed with men and, like i said, she's been in love with almost every male coworker at her job. i also know that she is very insecure about her body and to me that explains why she thinks she's ace. she's just a 30 y/o virgin scared of sex because she finds herself ugly.

No. 891692

Quit being butthurt if it didn't bother you you wouldn't have replied.

No. 891694

It's called trolling

No. 891696

I really hate that feeling of stepping out of my escapist behavior to get hit with reality. Why can't I just be completely delusional so that I can face real problems, even if everyone would be cringing? Let that be their problem.

No. 891699

It is so dystopian and bizarre to me that as an eighteen year old girl I get my vagina waxed monthly which should really only be normal for pornstars, and their job shouldn't even exist either. Also, today the woman just decided to wax my butt and back too which is so strange… I didn't even ask for it, it's just back hair!

No. 891703

>It is so dystopian and bizarre to me that as an eighteen year old girl I get my vagina waxed monthly which should really only be normal for pornstars
Then don't?

No. 891706

I don't want to shit on asexuals as I have a hard time being attracted to men too, but if being asexual is a core part of someone's identity, they always have some kind of personality disorder. My childhood friends sister was a huge Ace Awareness advocate, but pretty much everyone around her (including parents) had the sense she must be autistic, so they let her sperg about it. Then she started dating a similiarly disfunctional guy, and said she was "Davidsexual", so she's still basically asexual, except for David. OK. Then David became non-binary, so she was also queer. Now she's a TIF and got diagnosed with schizofrenia in her adult life. It's really sad because she was actually very gifted in natural sciences. Checked her facebook and she also works with kids now and got the mastectomy, what a mess.

No. 891715

It's like your decision?

No. 891718

UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TODAYS MY FIRTS DAY WORKING AGTER BEEIN A NEET FOR LIKE 2 YEARSSSSSSSSSS i feel like throwing up and calling in saying i dont wanna workkkk, i guess i just feel childish cause idk how to act in the job, what to expect n what to do, its also a 10 hours shift n I've never done that shit lmao uguguugugh genuinely regretting this but at the same time I guess this was meant to happen one way or another

No. 891724

Good luck anon! I've been a NEET for almost 2 years and tomorrow will be my first day working as well.

No. 891726

Is it normal for men to talk your ear off about their jobs, even over the most mundane non-events and details?

I hate to sound like a bitch, but I couldn't give two shits about my husband's grocery store job rants. For one thing, it's not my fault that he's a grown ass man still working a taxing customer service job when he can do better. He just doesn't want to find a different job and thinks he's above sitting at a desk all day. Fine, but this is the bed he made so why bitch about having to lay in it? Secondly, there's never anything new he has to say. When I worked at a grocery store 10+ years ago, customers were just as shitty and entitled as they were then than they are now. Except the difference was that it was much easier for the public to bully an inexperienced young woman who had no supervisory powers at all. Why does he think I haven't witnessed firsthand customers abusing returns, or getting pissed that they have to abide by store policies and rules? I don't care anymore. It isn't interesting and I don't feel bad for him.

No. 891727

I'm one year out of high school mods pls no ban, hs goes until 19 here and I STILL have dreams about messing up my finals. It started around half a year before the actual tests took place. This time it was math, even though I didn't even have to write a math exam in reality. I slept a good night times sleep by time, but I'm still so tired because it's so stressful aaaaa

No. 891728

I assume he wants to do the same thing you do right now: vent

No. 891729

Profound insight anon, thank you.

No. 891731

I agree, yet the fact that even the thought of waxing my vagina exists in my mind and that I act upon it at this age is so worrisome… It shouldn't be something a girl thinks of. I'm quite conflicted on the topic myself. It's not easy for me to turn off the objectifying view of myself I have developed throughout my life. And this is the reality for many girls. It just made me think of this when I was at the salon…

No. 891732

You should start to take responsibility on your actions instead of blaming it on "what girls my age think about"

No. 891734

I think it's normal for most, my mom also works a retail job and talks about all the annoying customers, but I guess at least she's a more engaging storyteller than the average man. Cause I also dated men with more "interesting" jobs but I was bored to tears.

No. 891735

It's your own choice, just don't do it. I'm objectifying myself but it's not my fault, woe is me? That's not how that works.

No. 891736

Who are you waxing for? Yourself? Girl just don't do it, it's a waste of money lmao. I mean if you're -really- aching to be hairless down there you could take all the money spent over 5 years at a wax salon and use it to get laser hair removal. I mean if you're gonna go along with these insane standards then at least be smart about them.

No. 891740

I was just talking about the fact that teenage girls do what makes sense really only for pornstars and that somehow this norm has slipped in their minds as a valid way to judge themselves. It's a negative way girls are socialised and it isn't so easy to release yourself from nor is it okay these standards are views as the norm by young girls. I'm not rejecting my autonomy but I am acknowledging the patterns that are ingrained in my mind and how ludicrous they really are. The fact that they even came to be has nothing to do with my current decisions, and that's whatt I was focusing on. Simply the reality that it even exists to be rejected is somewhat depressing. This isn't any new revelation, it's just me expressing my thoughts and feelings.

No. 891743

I think on some level I can understand your line of thought, like it's weird that gendered hair fashion got so far that something like even 13 year old girls starting to shave their legs is something that's barely debated in larger society. But I never really got the feeling that I have to get rid of all my pubic hair, maybe because I'm in Europe.

No. 891747

Samefagging, sorry.
>Who are you waxing for?
I don't know at this point. I just did it once because I wanted to not feel embarrassed wearing a bikini. I feel weird now seeing my pubic hair again. But that is such an odd and unnatural way to perceive oneself and makes sense almost exclusively from a pornographic point of view.

No. 891754

>I just did it once because I wanted to not feel embarrassed wearing a bikini.
Not saying this against you in particular because I've heard this explanation before. I just think it's funny that going out publicly in what's basically a bra and panties for the water isn't the least bit intimidating, but it's the off-chance of someone noticing you have hair where there's supposed to be hair is what's gonna set embarrassment levels over the line.

No. 891755

If you realize it doesn't make any sense, then stop doing that. Don't act like you have zero free will. Is anon an pornstar? Does anyone force her to weekly wax her vulva? Feminist theory isn't an excuse to make a permanent victim out of yourself

No. 891756

She doesn't have to continue doing it considering she has come to all these realisations lmao. Not everything is this deep (although in the mind of a histrionic teenager I guess shaving your pubic hair is the equivalent of some massive existential decision). Either do it, or don't do it.

No. 891761

Learn to read, Jesus Christ. Someone could spell something out for you twice and you still wouldn't get it.

No. 891762

It makes sense to go "why am I doing this very elaborate beauty care", but that is usually followed by the realization that you don't really have to do it. Especially in the case of something so inconsequential as waxing your whole vulva and asscrack, which doesn't really result in daily comments or fights with larger society.

No. 891764

No you're just feeding into her victim complex, and you're probably exactly like that yourself. Sounds like she grew up watching porn anyway…

No. 891765

I think this is the tranny larping again, no actual woman gets their ass and vag waxed without having a clear idea of why. Put your penis down and go outside, buddy.

No. 891770

They're so easy to spot, idk why they even try. Go back to crystal cafe faggot.

No. 891773

For who or what are you waxing your vag for? Your boyfriend? Is he spending money, time and pain on getting his balls waxed weekly?

No. 891774

The point of my post was to underline the absurdity of even getting to that point. The entire situation is odd and vulgar. Whether I do it or not is a decision for me to explore and untangle in my own time. I am not here to explore my own insecurities and choices with the anonymous, so I am also not claiming I make the decision to do it "but it's ok bc I'm a frail uwu victim". I was simply sharing an anecdote from my life which, to me, very well illustrated a wretched element of society. How I process this and mature from it is something for me to discover at my own pace.
Don't be retarded, and what an appalling yet hilariously apt thing to say. That's precisely the issue I was pinpointing; young girls growing up surrounded by pornography, pornography veiled as literally anything else, and the influenced by pornography. Exposure to this is terribly harmful for and abusive towards a child. Nobody is to blame for this but those who expose the child, and no child is to blame for the way they process and grow from its consequences. Your comment isn't the "gotcha" you think it is.
Fuck you. My experiences are real and I made myself vulnerable. Don't you think trannies would revel in the idea of teen girls emulating the pornographic idea of what a woman should look like? I am surprised other women don't understand what I am saying. What a unique flavor of pickmeism… I just don't know who you want to be picked by

No. 891776

I don't even have one, but I definitely would make him pay for it. The hypocrisy of men regarding body hair is one of the worst things…

No. 891781

Idk anything about sending proposals as I just looked at profiles and picked based on that. In that regard I think you have the right idea about keeping it narrow & directed so you're making a couple specialties clear. I would say maybe just to add "flavor" in the sense of being like "I like designs with energy and a harsh edge" or like "i like laid back design that flows". Or replace design with translation and it works also. It doesnt matter what fuffery exactly, just something to make you stand out, something that people can see and be like "oh that's a good fit, I do want a laid back design" or whatever the case may be.

Also, if you're just starting, I would by hook or by crook find a way to get at least one positive review/completed job on your profile so you look more real. Idk how exactly outside of getting a friend/family member to fake hire you - maybe offer to do a small service for free to nonprofits or just until you get some reviews, like offering a "translation sample" free/very cheap until you hve a couple ratings from it, then go back to your intended pricing after. Good luck!!

No. 891782

Come on anons, she's 18, we all grow up being sold the idea of a completely hairless adult woman, this anon is starting to figure things out for herself and maybe has nowhere to really talk about the topic, we should be more understanding. I know I did a lot of things I was "supposed" to do without understanding why, and that takes time to process and unlearn. It is messed up that 18 year olds feel like they need to get brazilian waxes, a lot of choices don't exist in a vacuum.

No. 891783

File: 1629902519412.png (110.19 KB, 599x360, kobeni.png)

I've been feeling like shit for a week now, emotionally and physically. Can't even get myself to workout, all I ever think about is work. I'm tired. I took a day off n I spent half of it laying in bed and complaining about physical pains. Maybe I should go for a walk? I completely forgot what it's like to relax.

No. 891788

Girl, welcome to the rest of your life. I finished hs (and then uni) years ago and I still have dreams about missing finals/ credits

No. 891796

shut the fuck up jesus christ. why are teenagers so annoying and self important. either wax your pussy or don't you dumb cunt it's not some philosophical debate…

No. 891807

I’m hyper emotional right now so I’m freaking about the thought of this site being shut down and I’m unreasonably sad that it’s not Fall yet

No. 891812

Maybe I'm crazy but I swear I've read you post about this before, at least a couple months ago. I remember it being about work gripes from a long term grocery store working SO, and you'd also worked there/at another store in the past. So if that's the case, I think I should ask you to ask yourself if it's just the griping that bothers you, or the overall unambitious nature of it. Like, if he were studying to be a doctor, for example, I think griping is more reasonable obviously because 1. being a doctor is hard, and 2. the gripes would be more interesting. And I think the same would be true if he was in any field with more of a future. Like "ok this griping is annoying but at least we're getting somewhere". Whereas now it just feels like yet another fucking day.

I'm sure if you ask him about futire plans he will get evasive/angry. But you need to resolve for yourself how long you're going to be ok with this if he doesn't change. I don't want you still there 10 years from now and him still bitching in a dead end job, don't waste life like that.

A possible radical action for you is to apply for a job/school somewhere else, and if he's willing to move with you & get a new grocery store job somewhere else, there's hope, and if not, well, bye. This is extreme obviously, but don't get stuck.

No. 891836

Yeah she definitely posted this before lmao, I recall reading it too. It's too specific not the be the same anon.

No. 891838

twitter radfems are a joke, especially the ones with anime profile pictures.

No. 891843

File: 1629907372520.jpg (299.5 KB, 1078x1708, 82838.jpg)

So gutless lmao.

No. 891844

I think every type of twitter "activism" can only be taken as a joke

No. 891847

Lmao I saw someone on here or on cc say they'd do exactly that and it actually happened. I bet this was pre-planned.

No. 891850

What I don't get about this discussion is how they bring in "it's the same as Tumblr!!!", which ime just wasn't true. Tumblr wasn't ever completely associated with porn, it had great nerdy/media communities and smaller platform-native celebrities, and still has those things. Just because men only used it for porn doesn't mean it was ONLY porn.

No. 891853

Why would anyone use onlyfans for non-porn content when so many other platforms for that already exist?

No. 891857

Publicity stunt. They’ll always have the stain on their reputation so they shouldn’t bother promoting to normal people because I’ve seen ads on social media multiple times.

No. 891864

But will all the thots who swore to not use OF anymore suddenly come flooding back to it I wonder..

No. 891884

All these dramatics just because someone called your husbando ugly lol. Bet you're a dangarompafag.

No. 891889

Alright so what about minors uploading explicit content to their website? Wasn't that one of the initial reasons why they planned their ban? Sigh, I was getting so excited over e-thots being in tears over the ban but we really can't have nice things, can we?

No. 891900

I don't have anyone in my life that I really respect the opinions of. Everyone is a pornsick coomer. If not a pornsick coomer, a disgustingly asexual sex averse little SJW. If not an SJW, a completely cringe Joker edgelord. Everyone is horrible.

No. 891902

>If not a pornsick coomer, a disgustingly asexual sex averse little SJW
I'm starting to think it's a you problem

No. 891903

and this is why echo chambers have fucked us all even more.

No. 891907

Probably. What happened was I finally found an art sharing discord that wasn't just filled with nsfw coomer anime shit. I was really enjoying it, except until someone posted a live nude study, completely non-sexual and just a study, and someone else got really upset and emotional saying how nudity triggered them and said being made to draw from nude models in art school felt like sexual assault. Other people chimed in agreeing that it felt "yucky" and that they hated it and wished they could just 'draw what they wanted to'. Maybe it was just that I swung from one extreme to another, but right now I just feel like no one is normal.

No. 891928

You are what they call “impossible”.

No. 891938

Why are you being a retard? It’s fucking weird to compare life drawing to sexual abuse

No. 891951

my life doesn't matter, there is nothing to live for

No. 891962

File: 1629918637865.jpg (657.8 KB, 2048x2048, Eo0HNstUwAEJtnp.jpg)

ofc it matters nonna. Theres always something to live for, pets, friends, maybe you're looking forward to a certain movie coming out, or you can always live out of spite, fuck everyone else

No. 891964

nta but what if you don't have any of those things and hate movies

No. 891968

but imagine, if you die. And then what happens? Is everything just dark? Can you even think? No one knows what happens when you die, and it may be even worse/more boring if you die, than if you keep living is what I think

No. 891969

samefag, my "Can you even think" came off wrong, it was more me saying "What if you lose your ability to think/you lose yourself"

No. 891975

Nta but living out of spite is nice, even if you’re not ~thriving~ or being a #GaslightGatekeepGirlBoss, you can just show everyone that it doesn’t matter how much they want you to disappear, you can stay alive.

No. 891981

Asians don’t even look like the “asianfishing” they are calling out. Unless they put loads of animu inspired makeup, no one looks like a face rashed raccoon.

No. 891994

They do but let's be real here when they're using the (albeit completely legitimate) term they're just attempting to ride the coattails of East Asians and trying to be an exotic race minority in the American identity politics race when "West Asians" like Turkic people are Caucasian and often white passing.

No. 892008

Oh my god not everyone lives in America. Asian is a perfectly valid term to call someone from the Middle East in the UK, this is the term the press uses, this it the term everyone uses. Stop.

No. 892015

>albeit completely legitimate
Then there shouldn't be a discussion about this
>ride the coattails of East Asians

No. 892021

Way to miss the point but whatever

No. 892023

Post a pic of your eyes, I wanna see something

No. 892024

Everything is ephemeral, everything passes. Even the bad. That thought has gotten me through a lot. Also waking up and reminding myself I am not Luna Slater.

No. 892029

that cat is cute asf anon

No. 892031

it really is. Here's the instagram if anyone was wondering https://www.instagram.com/cheese_eggen/

No. 892042

Man idk if I'm just tired as fuck but does anyone else feel like they are a genius stuck in a stupid person's body sometimes?

Like, the thoughts and knowledge are there but anytime you try to speak and act on them it comes out seeming shallow or just not as you intended at all? It feels similar to trying to draw, having that strong vision in your head then when you try to put it onto paper it looks nothing like the clear image you see to yourself. I mean I'm probably just full-on stupid, but at least I know I'm able to articulate myself well in my head I guess kek

No. 892047

I ordered some nice oriental shawl from etsy two weeks ago. It came yesterday but it's not the one I ordered. The one I ordered is apparently sold out, so they won't exchange it.

I'm fucking fuming, I wanted that shawl for months and decided to treat myself now and my disappointment is immeasurable and my mood is fucking ruined.

Also, now I have to deal with sending this thing back to Br*tain.


No. 892048

I get you, i usually try to say the things that just make sense in my head and everyone just stares at me like I’m insane.
Then someone articulates better what I wanted to say and everyone agrees with that person. But at least I got great grades on philosophy so I guess I understand such things.
The thing is that there’s a point in which you start to doubt yourself and tbh, I don’t even know what to do, I mean, maybe I should take some oral comprehension courses or something because I honestly think I’m crazy.
Anyways, maybe it’s something that can be solved, nonnie, you could just need to properly mull over what is going on in your head so you can say what you’re actually thinking about and not just fragments.

No. 892054

I’m so sick of my mom not taking the dog out and guilt tripping me into doing it. She takes him once a day at the most. There’s a fucking heatwave and I’m not supposed to get hot with the medicine I’m on. Fuck

No. 892055

File: 1629929729599.jpg (20.72 KB, 400x432, Mo5Lgso - Imgur.jpg)

Might be a stupid question, but I need you girls to solve a mystery for me.
I'm on my break at work. I work in a food factory, so was wearing a hair net and a dirty apron. Whenever someone drives or walks by, I put up my mask because COVID could really f me up, so I have to be careful. Also, I'm wearing massive headphones.

I sit outside for my breaks, and there's a quiet spot near our trash; not glamourous, but still smells better than the staff room.

I see a van approach the dumpster. The man inside quickly realises it's full and tries the other just past me. I'm keeping an eye out, just in case I need to put on my mask or watch out for the van itself. He stops to throw away his trash, when I see in the corner of my eye he hasn't driven off. I could feel this dude looking at me, so I make a point of looking away.

After a pause, I realise he's walked up to me. I'm sitting on the ground, so he's automatically towering over me. Convo was literally this:
> Hey, do you work here?
> Yes?
> Can I have your number? I want to ask you out.
> No?
> OK, thanks. (leaves)
> …I'm Sorry?
> It's OK.

People sometimes ask me about free doughnuts (that also sucks, don't do that) so was just deeply confused when he said that. Again, my clothes are caked in chocolate and icing, with my face and hair covered, giving off the strongest "just trying to exist" vibe possible.

I've gone through a few possible reasons in my head, because I can't explain why someone would do that to someone covered in crap, sitting next to a dumpster. If it's a prank, how is it funny? Rejection therapy on easy mode? Maybe they thought I needed help, and "a date" was just cover for some trafficked worker reach-out program; these all make more sense than trying hitting on the doughnut dumpster lady.

I then realised how vulnerable I was. I sit in the same spot every day, and finish late at night. It's a wide alley, but a quiet part of the parking lot. It's also a camera blind spot. My BF picks me up every night, and I've only had one creepy incident before. I told him to text me when he was outside tonight just in case.

Ladies, what the fuck?
Also, what the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 892056

Be careful anon. Men are unpredictable. Stay safe

No. 892057

get yourself a weapon and get ready to use force, not worth dying for some stupid ass food service job

No. 892058

He's a moid. A pretty woman looked in his general direction and his smooth brain assumed you were DTF. You are wise to be aware of your vulnerability in this situation. Stay cautious because moids like this are unpredictable and this guy knows where you work now.

No. 892060

Idk what he was throwing away but stay away from him. He could barely even see you and like you said, you were in a vulnerable position and in a blindspot. It’s not a prank. It could be a excuse so he had a reason to not get in “trouble” for using private company facilities (dumpster), or he could be a trafficker himself. It’s good you didn’t give him your number. Don’t go to that spot anymore especially by yourself. You don’t know what he knows and that’s been your solitary routine for a while. Get some self defense and keep a look out at all times. And the next time something like this happens to you, don’t try to look away. Look at them. Get a good look at their plates and make and faces. If you don’t feel safe enough to do that then go back inside the building and look from there. Proactively protect yourself.

No. 892063

My parents came home from shopping and my dad said he wanted to order Dominos today, ok cool whatever. Then as I’m trying to talk to my mom about figuring out potential vacation plans next week he starts bitching like “you need to PRIORITIZE!! stop talking about that and order the pizza” as he sits there. ON HIS PHONE. You fucking stupid bitch, no one’s stopping you from ordering that shit yourself. Fuck these vacation plans. If dad wants to waste his only paid week off for the year sitting at home doing fucking nothing then so be it! I’m not paying for these vacation plans if you’re just going to be an annoying little bitch all the time over stupid shit. God I can’t fucking stand men. I’m not even eating this stupid ass pizza.

No. 892069

He acts like a spoiled 10 year old. Why didn’t he order it himself if he was already on his phone? If he wants to interrupt vacation plans then he shouldn’t go.

No. 892070

My mom is treating me like a whore for not being a virgin because I fucked my boyfriend and she found out due to my stupidity. She is acting like I'm dead to her. It really hurts because I was protected, I have no pregnancy, no STDs, nothing just vanilla consensual sex and I'm over 20. My family isn't even conversative, they're non-hijabi alcohol drinking pork-eating muslims. But sex is such a taboo for them. It hurts that my mother won't love me for who I am and treat me so badly for such a normal thing. She is calling me insane, whore, dirty etc. for wanting sex. It really hurts your own mother berating you like this and I don't know how to get over this feeling even if in my core I like to think I don't care.

No. 892072

Men. They expect even their daughters to mother them.

No. 892073

I hate how when I get drunk I just get sleepy and dizzy. No giddy feelings or happiness. God hates me.

No. 892074

File: 1629931912901.png (115.59 KB, 731x422, Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 3.50…)

idk nonna, sometimes you can live the dream and find the perfect moid and he may still turn out to be an unfeeling piece of shit in the end.

No. 892082

Pork eating Muslims? Like they believe in all that shit but are ok with eating pork? That's so weird, all the moderte Muslims I know, including my own family, just avoid eating pork and sex out of wedlock, and anything else is fair game. Hopefully your mother will get ovze herself soon because having normal protected sex with your bf in your 20s is just so normal.

No. 892083

It's common in Lebanon, I think.

No. 892084

Try mugwort tea. It's easy to forage throughout the northern hemisphere (seriously, it grows as a weed in NYC) and is basically the only thing that helps me. High-quality sage tea might help as well, just be sure not to drink too much of either.

No. 892085

I honestly lose a lot of respect for people who marry in their 20s. It’s a type of stupidity that I have never been able to understand.

No. 892097

Late 20s is generally fine but yeah there is no bigger predictor of divorce than marrying young. Meanwhile scrotes
>reee good trad women who want a lasting relationship must get married and have kids before 25 before they hit the wall and never find someone to marry

No. 892099

i'm 24 and several married couples (people who got married right out of college) I know are already headed for divorce

No. 892111

File: 1629936342651.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2241, 5A13179D-6AF1-48B5-A224-81A7C3…)


Correct. They are trying to lump themselves with East Asia so that they can avoid the flack that others get for being weebs. This girl posts the same shit all these other people get harassed for but they let it slide because she’s “West Asian”. Then there’s a whole new wave of Russian weebs calling themselves Asian because they’re technically on the continent of Asia. It’s clear what they’re trying to do. I don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy things without having to justify it by something so stupid as this.

No. 892113

Or maybe they want to stop using an eurocentric term that doesn't make any sense. One cunt cosplaying as anime shit doesn't mean that all Western Asians give a shit about your chink culture.

No. 892122

Lmfao did I strike a nerve? I have never met anyone from “West Asia” call themselves Asian. They just say they’re Turkish, Sri Lanakan, Kurdish, etc. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because I think co-opting “West Asian” just seems like an attempt to justify their obsession with Japan and South Korea.

No. 892146

File: 1629940766922.png (1.04 MB, 756x1120, fwfw.png)

They're harassing black/African girls for "Asianfishing" now if their eyes are the "wrong" shape (in this case, it's literally the girl's eye shape, even without makeup)
Western hilarity.

No. 892150

The people who do this are white terminally online retards who have never seen an Asian person irl before. It's best to not engage with them at all. I feel bad for the people who are harassed so much that they feel the need to publicly defend themselves. Because the reality is they will accuse anyone wearing thick winged eyeliner as Asianfishing because they think Asians have slits for eyes like in old racist cartoons. It's pure projection of their own racist view of Asian people.

No. 892161

File: 1629942846170.jpeg (524.35 KB, 1032x1089, A34A151A-B811-4B3D-82DD-29D085…)

One of my favorite authors apparently has a secret Twitter account where they complain about troons, kind of wish I could find it to see what they said. Wouldn’t want to namedrop them out of fear the westerners would go after them though

No. 892163

You can't co-opt a term that's yours. Did a West Asian fuck your mom or something? It's such a weird thing to obsess about.

No. 892168

Imagine being so pressed that I find it weird that weebs are calling themselves West Asians so that they’re not like the other weebs.

No. 892172

I can only blame the non-Japanese Asian Americans who are desperate to claim Jfashion, anime, etc. as their culture for starting this trend. The brain rot of zoomers trying to segregate people is what’s fueling the inane backlash a lot of creators are getting online for having a certain eyeshape or wearing winged eyeliner.

No. 892177

Here's the thing, you don't know if they're weebs.

No. 892181

>Posts a weeb calling themselves “West Asian”.
>”You don’t know that they’re weebs”.

No. 892186

Are you retarded? You claimed that everyone who calls themselves West Asians are weebs, not the specific person you posted. Unless you think that girl represents millions of people. What a fucking retard, are you Asian or someone who wishes they were?

Your opinion doesn't even matter anyway, the term ASIA was literally conceived to represent what you call the 'Middle East'. Middle of what? The east. East to what? Stupid bitch.
Even if they were, it's not that big of a deal considering that most people in MENA grow up watching dubbed anime. I remember seeing a video of grown up Arab men singing the opening of a mecha anime.

No. 892191

The topic was literally about weebs that were obsessing over who can and can’t be called out for “sexualizing” asians, retarda. Keep up.
Stop being autistic and get some reading comprehension. The zoo is still 2 stops away if you want to keep chimping out in defense of tiktok weeaboos.

No. 892192

So by your logic Russians are now “Asian” too? You’re the stupid bitch who clearly lacks any kind of reading comprehension. I specifically mentioned weebs in my original post and yet here you are, still getting asschapped that I am not calling people from Turkey Asian. It’s also called “middle east” because it was originally called “near east” versus the “far east” which is east Asia. It’s no different than calling middle America “the midwest”. Pick up a book before you start talking out of your ass, moron. If people were hellbent on not using euro centric terms, then they would drop the whole “asian” umbrella and just call themselves what they are from the country they originated. It’s not fucking hard to understand.

No. 892193

You're the one behaving like a retard, the original post was talking about asian-fishing at the start but went on to bitch about Asians calling themselves Asians.

>hen there’s this whole movement of being called “West Asian”? Like why not just call yourself what you are. What is this West Asian shit and why do they get away with being fucking weebs. It’s just so bizarre.

Can you read, motherfucker?

>It seems to be the new trend for people who want to be considered Asian but aren’t East Asian. I don’t understand why they can’t just call themselves Turkish or whatever.
Can you read this, too?

>I don’t understand why Europeans can’t just call themselves Spanish or whatever instead of claiming they're European, lulz.

Notice how the stupid bitch says that other Asian people claim they are Asian because of East Asians. There's a reason why they're called EAST Asians, there's a couple other places on that continent, retard. Damn this place is getting worse and worse.

No. 892194

Those Russians that are "ASIAN" are called EURASIANS, dumbass. They already have their own term.
> It’s also called “middle east” because it was originally called “near east” versus the “far east” which is east Asia.
Yep, it's a dumb term we should drop. Thanks for proving my point. I said it's eurocentric because the term implies that Europe is the center of the world. Fucking hell this bitch is so slow.

No. 892198

File: 1629946434983.jpeg (43.15 KB, 600x450, 956ADD77-717B-4C83-B3BD-C4C4D0…)

Are you fucking mad that you’re stupid? How are you going to bitch about euro centric words and then continue to fucking use them?

No. 892203

Pick one.

No. 892209

Is this all one anon? Why are you posting like that one spammer (bot?)

No. 892215

I'm in a prison of my own design because I am too cowardly to work for what I desire

No. 892216

Because it’s an autist and probably a scrote, too.

No. 892220

Does our flood detection not work anymore or something

No. 892237

expressibg desire to travel is a red flag in a relationship: at least in a relationship that's supposed to be stable and hopefully long term. i guess it's not a big deal to go travel for longer than a period of like a month, but that should be happening rarely. you plan on us to be travelling together or…? i guess we're breaking up.

No. 892241

"nonita" came from a post in the prayer thread that was in spanish. but also like what are you doing? why are you spamming

No. 892243

File: 1629948024031.jpeg (45.76 KB, 500x500, 0AEA058A-F9CD-431A-83EC-69E82E…)

I didn’t realize complaining about tiktok weebs would make someone sperg so hard. I just wanted to vent about annoying hypocrites and got met with a freak.

No. 892253

Knew someone who wanted to go to Cancun without their gf for a month to “experience” the culture. Never went though because she didn’t want that (which she shouldn’t have to put up with).

No. 892257

How is that a red flag? Wouldn't it be nice to travel with your partner?

No. 892265

Guess anon is insecure their parter will cheat or is just clingy or some shit

No. 892267

I have no fucking idea how to present myself in terms of fashion.

Growing up my wardrobe was conservative because religion (strapless blouses/skirts above the knee were a big no, for example), and even now that I'm 21 I can't use a skimpy short without turning it into a fight with my parents.

I'm confused because I don't know if I just want to use revealing clothing because of the oversexualisation in our culture, and at the same time I feel that if I dress in a more conservative way, I'll never get to truly experiment with who I am, but at the same time my stupid brain don't want men to think of me as a "whore", which is super depressing, but at the same time I don't want to wear revealing clothing just as a juvenile revenge against my upbringing.

Damn, I hate this.

No. 892269

i was super sexual as a late teen but now i’m just. the opposite. dry as a desert. no particular changes in medication or anything. but it’s been like this for 3 years, like once my hormones settled i realized i don’t want (and actively avoid) sexual contact. don’t even masturbate. i don’t know if i’m asexual or hormonally imbalanced or what but it’s annoying as hell

No. 892288

File: 1629956875541.jpg (81.56 KB, 710x1000, 2764jainsf031.jpg)

The first time I ever questioned trans ideology was when a longtime friend of mine, who was deeply sheltered and I suspected of copying my identity before this, started identifying as nb very shortly after I had done the same. By the time she did, I had already phased out of it. I figured that my ID drop was just a healthy exploration of my identity, and that trans was valid, but just "not for me", until she copied me. It forced me to assess what really made people transition, or ID as such. Anyway, I guess she got into trans spaces on tumblr, because she very rapidly got her hair cut short from very long, started dressing in progressively more masculine clothes, picked out a new name, insisted on they/them pronouns, then he/him pronouns, and insisting her mom (who still housed and fed her) was transphobic and evil. This was someone who showed absolutely no signs of dysphoria or gender nonconformity in the over a decade I had known her. Anyway, literally everyone in our friend group from school aside from her and one who became a crazy Republican turned out to be gay as adults, myself included.

No. 892300

Wtf anons my uterus is throbbing after sex for a while. It doesn't hurt but now I am convinced I have cervical cancer. I haven't had a pap smear in years.

No. 892301

Go get a lil schmear, anon that sounds weird

No. 892303

If women weren't conditioned to see themselves as whores if they have sex or if having sex or entering a relationship wasn't a huge risk since there's a good chance of the experience turning to be deadly at worst and very unbeneficial at best to them, coping shit like "asexuals" or "demisexuals" wouldn't exist. All the studies about "asexual oppression" are always tied to misogyny and women being expected to be bangmaids for men.

No. 892307

Asexual isn't about a low libido or lack of desire for sex, it's the lack of sexual attraction to other people.

No. 892315

Kek your picrel is my exact history with gender identity and it's also why I really can't be that mad at girls identifying as FTM or NB as I understand where they're coming from, having been there myself. It's still not the correct way to go and they need to progress on that "troon to cis lesbian" pipeline instead of getting stuck halfway through. Too bad so many who desist being a FTM fall back on nonbinary since it's often regarded as both "female but with a personality" and as a mean to avoid being preyed upon by AGP transbians. Lesbianism is so far fetishized in trans circles that if you're not a beautiful femme talking about how much you like ladycock then you might as well not exist at all. If you're GNC and/or are averse to penis you need to be a "pansexual nonbinary" or "gay trans for trans" or something.

Anyway all of the people that I knew back in high school who were both autistic and gay trooned out when nearing their 30's, only reinforcing the link between neurodivergence and trouble mentalizing gender issues. The straight girls grew up to be handmaidens for them and the non-autistic gays just sort of fucked off to live under the radar.

No. 892320

Okay im super camera shy. A horrible thing in a day and age where people record just about anything now ugh. I hate videos and pictures of myself unless i take them. But today this scrote was videoing people at the store and really focused on me as i was on my way to get ice cream. And the level of inward panic i had was so bad i can't stop thinking about it now. He mentioned about sending a clip to somebody and while i hope it will become a deleted video later, i can't cope with the realisation that it may end up posted the internet!

No. 892323

I'm not from the middle east so I just guessed it was actually a bit more strict there than where my parents come from. I'm going to tell my parents I bet they be shocked. Anyway I hope OP doesn't become insecure or worried over anything because of her parents. Hopefully they'll forget about it soon and will move on. Anon if they start sperging tell them that they willingly eat pork on a regular basis and it's way more haram than having sex out of wedlock with your lonf term bf that you'll probably marry at some point anyway.

No. 892324

>but right now I just feel like no one is normal.

On discords? Yeah

No. 892326

anon, that's basically the same thing.

if someone has no libido they're not going to be attracted to people. by your logic, someone who gets sexually aroused by animals/furries/inanimate objects would be asexual. the "a" in asexual means "anti" so having any kind of sexual attraction/feelings wouldn't make sense.

No. 892329

>the "a" in asexual means "anti"
No it doesn't. "A" as a prefix means without/not. The "-sexual" suffix refers to sexual attraction, as in homosexual or heterosexual. It means without sexual attraction. They can still have solo sexual urges and masturbate, but they aren't attracted to other people, or furries, or inanimate objects.

No. 892331

if it means "not sexual" then having "solo sexual urges" doesn't make sense either. how can they have sexual urges if it's not about anything/anyone? what do they think about when they masturbate?

No. 892334

It doesn't mean "not sexual." It means "no sexual attraction." I'm not asexual but touching yourself feels good and doesn't have to be about anything. They probably just enjoy the experience without imagining something else is happening. I mean I'm straight but I don't think about a man or a penis when I masturbate, it just feels satisfying and you can feel horny for no particular reason other than your libido kicking in.

No. 892335

They don't think of anything, they just jack off and enjoy the pleasure by itself.

No. 892339

>"a" means "not"
>"asexual" doesn't mean "not sexual"

um… okay. I still don't get how someone could feel libido without it being about something but whatever.

No. 892342

Think of it this way: Some people can't or don't enjoy eating, but everyone has to eat.

No. 892343

Business school was a mistake. I hate it here. I hate the assignments, especially the group assignments. I hate everything we learn. I hate the classes. I hate the culture. I hate that I'm stuck here until I find some other school that'll accept me.

No. 892345

> The "-sexual" suffix refers to sexual attraction, as in homosexual or heterosexual.
If you need to imagine something to masturbate that's totally fine but not everyone does. I don't think it's that hard a concept to grasp even if it's not how you personally experience masturbation.

No. 892346

Power through it anon. I graduated last year and it was a massive relief. I hated it too, all my classmates were so basic and we didn't have anything in common.

No. 892349

so you're basically saying that asexual people sometimes want to have orgasms because it feels good. I guess I can get that, but I don't think that counts as libido or sex drive. Idk.

No. 892350

NTA but I literally don't think about anything if I masturbate, I just do it for release.
I think I'd be asexual if I hadn't been exposed to porn and degen internet shit as a young teen and had a hypersexual phase because I wanted to be loved

No. 892357

I hate having such a strained and difficult relationship with my parents, narcissistic mother and absent father. They both make me feel like shit when I see them, but in very different ways. I hate how childish it seems, I want to just get on with them like a normal person but both of them will never admit any fault in anything they've done and just blame the other in their shortcomings, but they make me feel too guilty to cut contact completely

No. 892358

i don’t have the brain energy to read the whole thread that spurred from this but like… i explicitly said i have no sexual feelings, so no i feel no sexual attraction to anybody (and also don’t want to perform sex acts with anybody). i don’t want to have sex or masturbate at all, so i don’t. idk if you were trying to inform me of what i already knew or what, but extremely unhelpful nonna lmao

No. 892360

File: 1629966528856.jpg (47.42 KB, 500x385, 1624547252035.jpg)

I just got fired from another job. Had this one for 2 years and in the last 3 months I kept fucking up big time so now they decided to fire me.

They asked why I kept messing up and tbh, I have no answer, I simply forgot to do shit because I was doing everything while my WFH coworker kept flicking her bean and she needs that shit job more than me. I don't blame her because it's not a difficult job, I should've been able to have handeled it but oh well.

Idk I have so many conflicting emotions, part of me is like fuck them because SERIOUSLY fuck them but also muh money. I don't have anything 100% lined up yet and it's the end of the year when no one is looking for new workers so they additionally fucked me over. At least I got savings and shit.

No. 892390

What the fuck? I'm sorry but masturbation is a sexual act whether you want it to be or not. If you feel the desire the masturbate then you have some kind of a sexual attraction present. Pure asexuality is simply not having any desire for sex, no sexual attraction, no sex drive, the only sex you might have is to please your SO or something. Not "I only feel horny sometimes" or "I was traumatized as a kid so I'm horrified of sex now". The first one is called a low libido and the latter is sex repulsion.

Sex isn't some basic thing you need to live like oxygen, water and food. Unless you're a pornsick scrote.

No. 892425

I was saying that the term asexual might not be the term you were looking for.

No. 892442

As someone with both low libido and sexual repulsion, you're wrong. I'm still sexually attracted to other people. Asexual people are simply not attracted to other people. That doesn't mean they magically stop having the hormone fluctuations and physical feelings that result in or define "being horny". Yes, masturbation is still a sexual act, but that really doesn't matter to the question of "is this person sexually attracted to other people or not". The absense of sexual attraction is literally all the label "asexual" is defining, and it doesn't matter if you personally (or anyone else) can understand the concept of "feeling horny" without needing to be attracted to someone or something. An asexual person can also have low libido/sex drive, and there are probably more of them who do than there are for homo/hetero/bisexual people, but that is not the core defining feature of asexuality, nor is it necessary. I'm sorry if this comes across as crass, but the continued insistence that asexuality and low/no libido are one in the same is ultimately a detriment to further discussion on the nuances of human sexuality. It's frustrating to me, as someone who faces constant scrutiny about my attraction to others because I "don't want to fuck other people sufficiently enough" to still "qualify as attracted to them", and as someone who's seen this rhetoric being used to sexually harass, or even assault, asexual people.
tl;dr asexuality =/= low/no libido, your personal lack of understanding doesn't mean the nuance isn't there

No. 892451

Sorry in advance for the covid sperg, as I'm sure we're all sick of it by now.

Wish the politicians in my country had the balls to tell people that the covid vaccine will eventually be mandatory up until a certain percentage is reached. Now antivaxxers are crying over possibly having to pay for tests (you can't get in anywhere without those or a vaccine where I live) when fall comes around. I don't give a shit about them anymore if it means that we'll have to go another few years like this. While I don't think that people should be forced to take it, it pisses me off that these people apparently don't want to get tested either but then expect to just do whatever they want to even though they could pose a threat to others around them and that's why I don't give a shit about them anymore.

Doctors and nurses are breaking their backs to help people get back on their feet yet most antivaxxers don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and MUH FREEDOM. What fucking freedom? Constant tests and lockdowns like we've had for the past year and a half? That shit won't stop unless most people are vaccinated to the point where tests, vaccine certificates etc. won't be necessary anymore but they obviously are now because most people are still too vulnerable to the virus or more likely to spread it.

No. 892455

Some piece of shit scrote uploaded a picture of a little girl strangling a cat and said it was "from hurtcore". The picture itself wasn't anything illegal (besides the obvious act of violence/cruelty), but knowing what must've come after makes me want to scream and vomit. Poor child, poor cat. I hate this planet. I hate men.

No. 892459

I agree with you, these people want everything to go back to normal but are in total denial that things won't go back to normal unless we do something about it. I'd respect antivax if they were avoid the vaccine while still taking precautions like wearing a mask all the time outside and in public places or ordering food, groceries and just as many things as possible online, but nope, they never respected these rules to begin with. I'm at this point where everytime I see news about how antivaxers get sick with covid and have severe symptoms or even die I actually find this hilarious. Especially if they bothered getting a fake vaccine certificate on top of that. The ones who get sick and act enlightened by saying "I was wrong, the virus is real, get vaccinated don't be like me" piss me off so much, they remind me of former chain smokers or alcoholics who act like not being addicted anymore is such an amazing fit that we should congratulate theme every 5 seconds after ruining things for others around them.

No. 892467

I respect that everyone should be able to keep their bodily integrity when it comes to the vaccine and I’m also fine with those who don’t want the vaccine but comply with everything else but unfortunately most (at least where I live)of them are against any form of covid related precautions.

It's funny when they demand that everyone should be responsible for their own health and how they don’t feel obliged to anyone else. Fine by me, but doctors and nurses are still going to take care of them if they get sick and need a tube to breathe. I would’ve just thrown them into a ditch and let them fend for themselves and I guess I’m a mean bitch for saying that but they really expect to have their cake and eat it too. I just think they should be given the same amount of respect as they give to others. Which is none.

Don't want to contribute? Fine, you'll have to deal with the risks then should you get it, but lucky for them it doesn't work like that here. I'm just sick of the pandemic being prolonged due to those people and it still affecting everybody. Even the ones who are vaccinated can't really go back to how things were pre-covid until most people got the vaccine.

No. 892469

>Don't want to contribute? Fine, you'll have to deal with the risks then should you get it
Doctors and nurses are paid for their job thanks to public health care here, which exists thanks to taxes. Knowing that my taxes is used for these stupid bitches pisses me, I wish they would actually have to pay for everything with their own money straight up. Sure it'll cost them several thousands of euros if they need a ventilator but that's what they want anyway right? It's usually the same idiots who complain about taxes and poor people needing small grants who avoid the vaccine and never want to be tested for anything and always wear their masks under their chin after all.

No. 892470

>Knowing that my taxes is used for these stupid bitches pisses me, I wish they would actually have to pay for everything with their own money straight up.


No. 892475

>older sister had to pay hundreds of euros to get fully vaccinated against HPV, dad was just taken off of ventilation and can barely walk after getting Covid
>retarded pissbabies don't want to take a free vaccine, but they also don't want to get tested daily (free in my country) or wear masks to prevent other uni students from getting their retard illness
>yhyy discrimination, yhyyyyyy personal freedom, why won't you let me attend lectures (also free)?!
You don't deserve anything, die uneducated.

No. 892476

It's funny when men say women ruin everything. They're responsible for over 90% of murders and rapes worldwide, but women ruin everything by….liking a popular tv show or wearing something mainstream? How dare they! Men have no self-awareness

No. 892477

You have to pay for your HPV vax??? I didn't even realize that was a thing because they give it for free to every girl when they get to grade 7 in Canada. Imagine missing that day and then having to pay 600 dollars, jesus. I'm glad your sister is protected at least.

No. 892482

It's free here too, but she was too old to get it by the time it became mandatory for boys and girls.

No. 892511

I have had ANOTHER package stolen. If it doesn't have your name on it don't fucking accept and keep it you pieces of shit.

No. 892515

I think it should be against the law for delivery people to leave your package with a random neighbor. What the fuck is with that lately? I have 0 sympathy for postal workers it makes no sense to leave my package with some rando I've never talked to a block down the road. Fuck them

No. 892519

Men are so narcissistic. If you like something niche they like, they want you to prove all your knowledge. But god forbid you like anything mainstream and you’re a basic bitch.

No. 892520

I found a really good deal for an apartment that's close to my school inexpensive but it's just mere minutes from where my genderspecial ex-friend lives. It feels inevitable that I will encounter her which will be awkward since I outright ignored her due to her being a poor friend during my last conversations with her as well as our ideological differences. I really do not want to live near her but my housing options are limited. Just not sure how to deal with her if I do run into her.

No. 892524

File: 1629986497911.jpg (166.77 KB, 1080x1078, IMG_20210823_092917.jpg)

I made a shitty joke at my first therapist appointment and she didn't laugh. "What's something kind you will do for yourself tonight?" "I won't drink half as much." I don't know why the fuck I'm paying $150 for this shit, is this what they're teaching them? To tell their clients to be KiNd tO yOuRsElF and little quips of "that takes a lot of strength!" or "that's normal and really common to experience anxiety because of -x-!"? This one size fits all therapy model really fucking sucks. Stop treating me with kid gloves and be fuckin direct and cut the performative bullshit. I'm here to apply myself and get shit straight, not fall into a fuckin hugbox. The affirmations feel fucking patronizing rather than a gentle reminder that I'm just having the Human Experience™.

(Just a vent 'nons that I'll communicate with the therapist one way or another. Don't come for me. I committed to staying for at least 5 sessions because like clockwork I'm talking myself out of it and that's a problem. Finding the right therapist is an expensive goddamn trial, ugh.)

No. 892525

I heard that a new born baby girl was found in a plastic bag inside of a trashcan by a garbage collector near my workplace. Thankfully she was found alive, but this news really ruined my mood.

No. 892528

Get your pet fixed, you piec3 of shit.

No. 892529

After reading about the company it was shipped with (Lasership) it's quite possible they tossed it in the road or straight up stole it.

No. 892531

Lasership is so shit it makes my blood boil. I think it's just like the ubereats equivalent of package delivery. Hot fucking garbage and it makes me unreasonably mad when I see Amazon chose to ship something with Lasership lmao. I make them deliver it to a local pick up point so they can't pull the "we tried to deliver but you weren't home!" shit, or even worse, just leaving it outside my apartment building. I can't really blame the workers because I think they're paid shit anyway, but still makes me angry and not want to order things online if I can help it.

No. 892533

I feel you anon in a sense that it's really exhausting to search for a right therapist. The "affirmations" part may feel a little patronizing but it's hard especially in the beginning to get into deeper stuff and find things the client can actually push themselves more with, it usually comes later when the therapist understands you and your problems better so they know how to guide you more safely. Fot what it's worth I think if a therapist laughed at a "I'll imply I have drinking problem as a joke", it would be a bad therapist, especially on the first meeting when they don't really know you.

No. 892535

Sorry if it's obvious, but have you called the company? Sometimes it helps. I'm not living in your country, but I had this sort of situation when I ordered stockings for my Grandma. I was on holiday and saw that the item had a 'delivered' status in the shopping app, so I forgot about it. My Grandma called almost a month later to ask WTF is going on, since she never got the item. I called the delivery company, and it turned out they left the package with a neighbor (they had it in their notes, but didn't inform me or my Grandma). It turned out that the neighbor (that lived 10 steps away, on a lower floor) clearly wanted to keep the items. She got the parcel like 2 weeks ago and unpacked it and then tried to blame it on her husband LMFAO, what an obvious lie.

No. 892537

I feel you anon.
Finding the right therapist can make you go broke…in more than one way. I'm in the south so on top of all that, I have them tossing in their personal religion into my time with them. I really hope you find one that works for you.

No. 892539

Just have your packages sent to a pick up point instead, generally you can only pick things up with an ID card.

No. 892540

Augh, will do. I hate scheduling appointments because I'm a workaholic. We were in a different position than we normally do, usually we prone or doggy style, maybe missionary, but I was doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

No. 892541

Once I stayed home the entire day when a delivery was planned to make sure I'll get the package, and the guy never knocked on my door. He gave the package to the neighbor which is super weird because I live in an apartment, he could have knocked on my door anyway since mine and my neighbor's door are like a few centimeters apart. She gave me my package the next day but knowing that the guy never tried to even contact me once whatsoever made me trust these guys way less than usual so now whenever I order something I ask for the parcel to be dropped off at some shops that are used to receiving and giving packages to people, it's annoying to get out to get my stuff but it's safer.

No. 892542

File: 1629988548067.jpg (26.3 KB, 400x400, tumblr_af0db672b1a5ad64e293602…)

I was streaming and a bunch of moids been telling me how much they want to fuck me. I felt uncomfortable and disgusted even after the end of the stream. I don't even understand how some women can porn-pander to men unironically. I am hiding behind a cutesy, innocent avatar but there's always a way. I feel violated.

No. 892543

This is so relatable anon. I too have never gotten past the first five sessions with a psychologist because going in and talking about my retarded personal history for a whole month while they just sit there and nod feels like a waste of money. Maybe it's my own fault for refusing to do group sessions, idk.

For those who have stuck with psychological treatment long term, what do you guys do during your sessions? Does it eventually move out of the affirmation phase and into actual advice?

No. 892544

I'm just eternally cringing I said that because yeah whups and reacting badly because of that but this was actually a v helpful perspective so genuinely ty.

No. 892545

File: 1629988707025.png (84.76 KB, 1330x567, 240628442_291719282756392_5157…)

I got so upset I made a tierlist. (UPS is shit because they destroyed my computer and never refunded a cent even though I paid for insurance.)

No. 892549

currently on a different more niche imageboard site and the culture there is absolutely atrocious and retarded. but it’s relevant to my interests. i’m hoping i can lead by example in making a lot of posts and gradually change the culture a little bit so it feels more bearable to read. not sure if it will work

No. 892551

Am >>892524 and I saw a psychiatrist regularly for a couple of years. In my experience, yeah, if you're regular enough they tend to get their shit together and really get to know you and have notes, rather than make vague statements suggesting that they DEFINITELY remember your last session with their caseload of 200 other people. Imho you're paying to flesh out a personality and guage their qualifications and whether they're right for you or not before you dive in and commit. Also I'm assuming based on the "haven't stayed more than 5 sessions" comment that you're seeking long term treatment, which is important to note upfront (even if that's mostly the end goal anyway kek.)

But honestly I'm thinking hospital affiliated therapists/psychologists/wtfever is the way to go because some of these people in private practice? WOOF.

No. 892553

File: 1629989502793.gif (4.81 MB, 640x360, dingodile.gif)

I'm crying because of a song again, I wish I could cry for real to make it stop, but I just keep wiping tears away because I don't want my roommates to be concerned about me
That's the problem, a cutesy avatar will make them even worse, if you want to avoid them use a serious tough avatar or goofy animal or something. You know the kind of female videogame characters moids complain about not being hot. Even then you would probably not avoid them, so you should just not pay attention to moids (I know this is easy for me to say).
Really now I wish I was a streamer and had a funny animal avatar… but that would probably attract a different type of autists… I'd make like a female dingodile, I love him

No. 892554

Good tier list anon! Sometimes USPS infuriates the shit out of me too, but they really are better than FedEx and UPS despite all the bureaucracy and shit they go through as an institution.

No. 892561

>I'd respect antivax if they were avoid the vaccine while still taking precautions like wearing a mask all the time outside and in public places or ordering food
Most ppl hesitant about the vaccine do these things, only the minority of retard ppl who fell for the fox channel propaganda think it's not real and refuse to even get covid screenings. I saw ppl hesitant about the vaccine because from what I've seen most of them aren't antivaxxers/covid deniers, but worried about taking a new drug with multiple side effects, and because the "kicking ppl out of school/work if you don't get it" is fucking suspicious and evil.
But it's useful to smear all ppl hesitant about the vaccine as dumb trumpsters who don't know what's good for them.

No. 892566

This, most people I know who are hesitant of vaccine are hesitant of everything, including mingling with people and being maskless.
They're just overly cautious (and still not paranoid) people. They're afraid of both the virus and the vaccine.

No. 892572

>kicking ppl out of school/work if you don't get it" is fucking suspicious and evil
No it's not? If you don't want to get vaccinated or get a daily PCR test, you don't get to study. Sorry! I don't want your nasty virus.

No. 892576

Nta but it IS wrong because it goes against both the right for education and the right to decide over your own medical operations (which taking a vaxx is). Coming from someone who's fully vaxxed.

No. 892581

Your right to refuse ends when you start endangering others. Vaccines are mandatory for children in my country because idiots got an internet connection in the 2000s and then got children they won't vaccinate, and then we got a measles outbreak which hadn't been around since the 1960s. Maybe if you went offline you'd see that most people don't experience any symptoms.

No. 892582

The tests where I am cost $10/day, most ppl don't have $300 to just drop per month. They're literally pricing people out of the testing then kicking them out if they don't get the vaccine. Healthcare workers are straight up required to get the vaccine (though there's been some pushback, they can't afford to fire most of them bc they need them), and so will all federal workers coming this fall. I guess after that all public service people too?

No. 892583

>Healthcare workers are straight up required to get the vaccine (though there's been some pushback, they can't afford to fire most of them bc they need them), and so will all federal workers coming this fall
…Duh? Nurses have to get the hepatitis vaccine too in order to work because they handle urine samples. How is this weird?

No. 892591

Those vaccines took years to test and see long term effects. The ones out now are either new medtech all togeather (pfizer), or shitty with big side effects traditional ones (astrazenica). They've just recently started a study to investigate why women are getting fucked up periods and miscarriages. Shouldn't that have been done before pushing it on everyone? I'm not anti science or some shit I'm anti shitty science.

No. 892599

>up until a certain percentage is reached
Good news for you then, since vaccinated don't need to test anymore and tests are too expensive for your average middle class person in the workforce or education, no one will test anymore. The numbers will look great and poticians and people who love to play the blame game can twist that however they want regardless of how many people are actually infected and spreading (without symptoms if the vaccine does its work).
I'm already tired of all that demonisation going on, many people who aren't vaxxed right now aren't those anti-vaxxers from tv and it's like >>892561 said.

No. 892602

I got the asteazeneca vaccine and all I felt was being a bit more sleepy than normal. Meanwhile all the males that I know felt pain and stupid shit going on. Does this confirm that women are inherently superior to males?

No. 892603

Women get fucked up periods after other, older vaccines too. It's a known side-effect and is on the list of potential side-effects, at least where I live.

No. 892607

that is horrifying. i hope nobody will tell that baby this story when they grow up.

No. 892622

Your choices with the vaccination are possible negative side effects, of which are so rare that most people don't seem to personally know anyone facing longterm effects, or becoming a carrier of a disease that's confirmed to have lasting negative effects on basically everyone who gets it who doesn't die horribly. While I don't think everyone who doesn't want to get it is a Trumptard, or even a Republican, you have to be some level of dense or inconsiderate to not get it. People are literally dying and getting longterm damage to their respiratory systems. We are facing a literal highly contagious plague, and you're worried about the personal, non-contagious side effects of a vaccine that has largely been safely administered, exactly the same as other vaccines. Get your shit together.

No. 892624

>most people don't seem to personally know anyone facing longterm effects
Is less than a year longterm for you?
>or becoming a carrier of a disease
Which you can still be when you're vaccinated.
>that's confirmed to have lasting negative effects on basically everyone who gets it who doesn't die horribly
Where is that confirmed for everyone who doesn't die?

No. 892627

>confirmed to have lasting negative effects on everyone who gets it who doesn't die
Where do you live? I know at least 10 people who got COVID and recovered with no lasting consequences. Meanwhile the elderly women I know who got the vaccine died shortly after…from COVID, of course

No. 892629

>Meanwhile the elderly women I know who got the vaccine died shortly after…from COVID, of course

Were they fully vaccinated though? Even then, dying due to covid despite being fully vaccinated is extremely rare. Most of those who land in hospitals are either unvaccinated or only partially.

No. 892633

Yes. I only care about myself. I don't care about flattening the curve, only my personal health.

No. 892634

Yes, she was fully vaccinated. She passed about about one month after her second dose. Otherwise she was perfectly healthy.

Point being, I know a bunch of people who recovered from COVID no problem, but I don't know anyone who has had lasting side effects.

No. 892638

Good luck not catching Covid, then.

No. 892639

You're selfish for not risking side effects (esp as a woman or already sickly person) so that healthy people can keep staying healthy kek.

No. 892640

>Most ppl hesitant about the vaccine do these things
lol no, not where I live at all. I didn't post about this just to write a fanfic. The people you're describing exist but they're an exception and definitely not the rule from my experience.

These anons forgot that they needed to be vaccinated for other diseases to go to kindergarten and primary school, it's very funny.

No. 892645

>not where I live at
Where do you live?

No. 892652

nta but I live in Canada and the "vaccine hesistant" people are full stop just hardcord antivax people, crying "muh freedom"

No. 892654

France, but I was specifically thinking about my city, I don't know how things are in other cities. Next time I see some shithead demonstrating against the vaccine pass and running to me and REMOVING their mask to yell at me that the vaccine is poison I'll start a fist fight, I don't care anymore. Going downtown is hell on earth too, people joke that the virus isn't real and then remove their masks to sneeze and cough on you and your friends and they awkwardly apologize after that, like bitch who the fuck raised you?

No. 892655

My family are lazy ungrateful pieces of shit. I’ve slaved away too much for these cunts. I used wonder why someone would go through the stress of finding a compatible roommate and pay expensive rent when you can stay at home and split the bills there, but now I realize I’d rather go through that stress than live with the lazy, selfish subhumans I have to call my elder siblings. 2 more years of this shit.

No. 892656

NTA and I’m not vaccinated yet but where do you live that the majority of unvaccinated people aren’t antivaxx? In the US there’s tons of amtimaskers telling people that they will definitely die if they get the covid vaccine.

No. 892660

Not that anon but I have a coworker sick with covid, who is antivax and didn't get the shot. If he dies. I won't even feel bad

No. 892662

Thanks, I won't, I haven't been sick at all. Whatever happened to tons of people being asymptomatic but still contagious? It's like vaxxers want people that don't get it to get sick to teach them a lesson. Sorry but it isn't gonna happen to be you can seethe forever(>>>conspiracy thread)

No. 892666

>where do you live that the majority of unvaccinated people aren’t antivaxx?
Serbia. Here people cannonically and rightfully don't trust the government. But still trust science.

No. 892667

People aren't seething because they want you to die. They're seething because their friends and family members are dying and people like you only care whether you personally are likely to die.

No. 892668

Most people don't even know someone who's died or was effected long-term by covid, at least in my environment. (Am vaxxed and only give a shit about myself too)

No. 892669

Where I am there's a portion of people who are just anti government in general already (in a country with very little political drama they somehow create it anyway? They tend to also be people who don't work, who live on state benefits, bitch about how "tha government is not doing enough" They often fake a disability to get those benefits and spend every last bit of their money on smoking and drinking and have the nerve to then constantly bitch about others not doing enough. Losers on their high horses. Those are the types in my country who are refusing the vaccine and all they want is the pubs to open up again. They think covid is like having a common cold and they resent the closure of bars more than anything else.

Politically we don't even have two very divisive sides but there's always just those lazy 'do more for me' types that seem to cling to the idea of the government always being wrong and always lying to them. It's to the point where it seems paranoid and overly dramatic. It's mostly males, mostly middle age onwards and either permenently single or they've split from a wife who comes in close second on their list of enemies… government is 1, ex wife is 2 lol. Chronically moany old men with egos that don't match up with their life achievements.

Not saying that all non vaxxed people are on par with that, not saying that at all. Especially if people are playing it safe and not just waiting for pubs to open again. That's just the trend I see here in my lil country. The already paranoid bunch of whingers clung to it as an oppurtunity to further claim they could somehow run this country better than others despite them being bums who can't even wash themselves.

That turned into a whole vent about men in my area, but I feel better for getting that out lol.

No. 892674

Yeah, actually, it would be pretty funny if someone who was ~*so concerned about their health*~ caught Covid and got longterm damage or died because they chose not to get the vaccine. It's funny when people do stupid or selfish things and get hit with the consequences. This website was kind of made for laughing at people like that.

No. 892677

Exactly. I'm that anon she was replying to and I don't know anyone that has caught covid. I don't know a friend of a friend, or even a friend of a friend of a friend. So I don't care.

No. 892678

You sound like my brother who said hes not gonna catch covid because god won't let him

No. 892681

Vaccines were compulsory in Serbia until recently and the antivax trend is recent as well. You must be either very young or a retard who listens to Jelena Karleuša for medical advice kek.

No. 892682

And? I know dozens. None of these spoiled white antivaxxers give a shit about them though because they're from refugee families. I'm sure they think it's a good thing that the icky foreign people are dying.

No. 892685

I swear it's always the borderline sociopaths preaching about community and selfishness.

No. 892686

I'm glad I don't know you. We're strangers and I like it that way. Please don't ever remind me you exist.

No. 892689

Ah, yes. The ebil whites are responsible for everything. Go back to Twitter

No. 892694

Why would someone who cares about the greater good give half a shit about someone who intentionally chooses to be selfish or malicious? Sorry, it's retarded to expect people to care about you if you don't care about them. Community goes two ways.

No. 892697

Leči se, bukvalno.

No. 892699

Good for you I guess, I caught covid myself and was sick for 3 months, weighted 35kg until I finally recovered and that was when tests were rare, hospitals all over the planet were overworked and there was a mask shortage so I could only wait until I got better. Even then I thought I was going to die and I'm shocked I don't have long term consequences. My uncle caught it and nearly died, he was in a coma for like 3 days, one of my friends and her family all caught it and she lost three family members in one week from covid because they couldn't breath anymore, another friend told me her parents caught it but they recovered quickly, and I have another friend whose mother caught covid and we don't know how she's doing right now. You're definitely the type who thinks "this only happens to other and will not happen to me" until it's too late. I hope you don't catch the virus but you sound stupid right now.

No. 892701

Because you automatically assume everyone who isn't vaccinated is some people hating monster who can't possibly have any other reason for not wanting to try new med and generalize everyone as the loud minority who is an easier target for your sense of self-righteousness and superiority. No one who actually cares about people wishes death upon them for being vary and doubting.

No. 892703

Ne lazi pa ti niko nece kenjati. Znaci seres a hoces to da profuras k'o gospelo. Pa jbg ne moze

No. 892704

Can you guys please keep this shit in the COVID containment thread, it's there for a reason

No. 892706

That's more or less the profile of antivaxxers in the US too. Low-information, underemployed conspiracy theorists, many of whom are happy to leech off the government's teat given where they're concentrated, feeling a sense of accomplishment for the first time in their mediocre lives because they unveiled a global conspiracy by 'connecting the dots', the dots consisting of Q grifter content and misinterpretations of data and research that they will never have the capacity, let alone skills, to fully understand. You hate to see it!

No. 892707

I think people who don't get vaccinated are complicated people, like literally everyone else. It doesn't change the fact that choosing not to get vaccinated when it's easy and free makes you either stupid or an asshole in that one way, and that it would be appropriately karmatic for such a person to get and suffer from the disease they helped spread. I'm not wishing an unfair or unjust reality on anyone.

No. 892709

As I said, you don't even want to try to understand and just feed your ego and sadism.

No. 892711

Nice cope. It's bold of you to assume everyone telling you how wrong you are is coming from a place of ignorance as opposed to either having been in your shoes or having known someone in your shoes. Empathizing and understanding is easy, until several people die because of repeated lack of action.

No. 892716

I'm not saying it's everyone, I'm talking about you judging from what and how you wrote. Please tell me how someone who wears their mask everywhere, desinfects, stays away from crowds and takes their distance deserves death for being very about the vaccine and it's effects.

No. 892717

Did you have to describe it?

No. 892720

At a basic level I agree but unfortunately these people (in the US at least) are just clogging up ICU beds/ventilators and coming close to death or dying very slowly instead of just dying immediately. Where I live they have been talking about how if you were in need of an ICU bed for non-COVID emergencies the hospital might not be able to treat you properly (or at all) because of how many COVID patients there are. The vast majority of which are not vaccinated, of course. Meanwhile they're begging for the COVID vaccine and lamenting on their deathbeds about how they wish they'd gotten the vaccine. Bleak.

No. 892722

Just woke up from a nap. I was very freaked out/sad and should have at least put it under a spoiler, I'm sorry.

No. 892724

>I am hiding behind a cutesy, innocent avatar
It's like you know nothing about men

No. 892731

My favourite aunt has a terminal brain tumour I got a fucking text message about it from my mother like fuck this is the type of thing you call about. I just want to go visit and see her before I can't before it's the funeral.

No. 892734

I'm not going to coddle your feelings in the face in a life or death situation. Not getting vaccinated results in sickness and death, being hyperbolic about hating willfully unvaccinated people doesn't.

No. 892744

More black and white thinking for your urges.

No. 892751

God I wish all these "get the vak you dumbass!" and "the vak is gonna kill you all!" would shut up and go back to twitter and reddit. It's like a virus has taken over their brain and they're compelled to spew their shit.

No. 892759

As someone with a long history of body dysmorphia and eating disorders I fucking hate how so many threads revolve around nitpicking the cow's body to shreds. It's just not some innocuous banter, constantly calling thin or even ana-chan level, attractive cows fat and ugly while ignoring the horrible things they do is implying that being fat and ugly is the absolute worst thing you could be despite committing outright crimes or being a egoistical madman. Every time there's a cow that has a chance of becoming a wild ride of drama it's always ruined by bone rattling and it's depressing. A cow could torture and kill someone but some psycho anons would still focus only on zooming in on their photos to find acne or circle out stomach rolls or whatever autistic bullshit they pull. I love lolcow and my fellow nonnies but this one thing has to fucking go.

No. 892762

I just wish they'd use the covid thread

No. 892765

Based. It's clear there are a lot of people taking out their own obsessive body issues on other people here, and you must have the patience of a saint to not go off even harder than this. I come here to laugh at and discuss people for being morally reprehensible, and the most I'll comment on a body is self-inflicted damage caused by cosmetic treatments or just flat out oversharing (no one wants to see a hemorrhoid ass on Twitter). Being hairy, fat, flat-chested, or just not in-vogue or whatever (etc) isn't a crime. It's fine and normal.

No. 892766

It's literally a gossip board kek. Just stay on ot/g/m and collapse the whats your opinion on cows threads.

No. 892767

To be fair, the pro-vacc people usually only talk here in response to anti-vacc people seething in here. But, at this point, starting vacc talk in here should result in a short ban. It just turns into slap fights where no one could win.

No. 892770

You're so sweet, anon and I wish you a pleasant week. I hope we can both learn to better speak whats on our minds someday soon!

No. 892779

You come on a gossip forum to moralize?!?!?
You idiot

No. 892794

>muh aphobia and corrective rape
Jesus christ

No. 892796

I can't tell if i'm having an anxiety attack or if something's actually wrong with my body. But fuck, I am scared right now.

No. 892805

I don't think I'd do well if I started dating again. Guys are addicted to their cell phones, following hundreds of girls but they think they'll be the one guy out of dozens in her inbox to get her to like them. They're probably addicted to porn and buy onlyfans content off girls they know. I dealt with this before, even with guys a few years older. They'll date you while still messaging and simping for the other girls they use to pursue. I'm too old for this "competition" with the internet and photoshopped, filtered lives of other people.

No. 892817

File: 1630012277988.jpg (22.76 KB, 360x292, hell.jpg)

>when you think the spicy comic is gonna be great then the artist reveals one of the characters is trans with no prior warning
I've never been so disappointed in my life. It's like she shoehorned it in at the very last second.

No. 892827


No. 892829


No. 892838

File: 1630013068505.jpeg (53.78 KB, 540x520, F88BCFF4-2DC4-4F33-A525-98811A…)

Thank you to the Anon who was spamming this thread. You saved me from seeing shit I don’t ever want to see.

No. 892847

I hate my breasts, I fucking hate them. Not in a FtM trooning out, gonna cut them off kind of way but I just wish they weren't there. Weren't there for men to objectify and grope on the bus. They feel like a fucking curse, I was an early bloomer and my peers immediately labelled me a slut when I was a preteen because I hit fucking puberty. I developed an ED in my teens trying to lose weight to get rid of them and I LOST WEIGHT EVERYWHERE BUT MY FUCKING BREASTS. Even when applying for jobs the interviewers stare at them and one's made inappropriate comments, and what am I gonna do, report them? Not in my misogynistic 3rd world country. I hate them I hate them they have made my life hell.

No. 892850

>shitty third world country
>power outage for 8 hours
>leaves house and goes to a cafe to charge electronics and read book
>group of boys beside me
>texts female gc “bunch of retards beside me”
>guy slides next to me
>”how is the new new iPhone update?”
>never been approached before, thinks he’s being sincere
>”idk my phone looks like this and i dont update it because storage so”
>holds phone up
>guy checks phone, female gc going “i hate retards” “throw a rock at them” “step on the cockroach don’t be scared where does he think he is”
>guy won’t leave me alone, asks me where i live
>i lie
>asks me how old i am
>19, in university
>he’s 17
>asks for instagram
>”i dont have instagram”
>asks for number to chat
>”i dont chat”
>asks me whats wrong with me
>holds up phone, scrolls through, “look i dont hve instagram i dont like to chat”
>keeps pestering me
>i tell him OK, put in a bullshit number, waves bye and leaves
>tell female gc
>”you’re clearly a retard and mentally-handicapped, why didn’t you throw your book at him”

sigh. im disappointed in myself for not being assertive but (i know you will all beat me for this) what was going through my mind is that i dont want to contribute to making another incel in this world. i know, i know, my friends are right. next time i go out alone ill keep a copy of the SCUM manifesto just in case

No. 892855

you’re welcome anon >.< i saw it and wanted to scoop my eyes out oedipus-style, don’t want anyone else to see that shit

No. 892862

bumping this thread, watch out

No. 892863

Anon it's not about moralizing, it's just not fun to nitpick a cow's appearance when they've done worse things besides "looking bad". It's boring and often makes threads shitty because of how much focus is on their appearance instead of their actual cow behavior.

No. 892864

I wonder why men feel the need to post cp here to harrass us. How absolutely pathetic.

No. 892869

I guess it just hurts them to wake up every day and know that they are the inferior gender.

No. 892881

a fucked up sense of "putting women in their place". i unfortunately saw the posts before retreating to this thread, and they seemed to be some kind of bot post. still. fuck men. but don't fuck men if you can help it.

No. 892883

File: 1630013828295.jpg (98.12 KB, 1300x951, wiener-wurstchen-mit-einer-sch…)

No. 892890

Some dum dums were replying in the cp thread and bumped it back to the top. Sage if you're gonna do that please.

No. 892895

tbf if I woke up every day with a flaccid sweaty meat tube between my legs I'd probably be a miserable fuck too

No. 892896

The scrote is bumping his own thread, not the anons

No. 892898

File: 1630014024830.jpg (43.67 KB, 480x480, 0a781b7c66692b75ea32ceac2321bc…)

Bumping because of the CP, scroll carefully

No. 892899

i think i'm having a panic attack

No. 892903

I thought these were made of rice for a second. I would totally eat cute rice animals.

No. 892905

I hope you never look at the side effects for all of the “trustworthy” vaccines you willingly take along with the side effects of birth control. You all sound like morons deciding that THIS is the hill you’ll die on. Before it was that it wasn’t FDA approved and mow it’s “the side effects”. Alright. Unsaged to save nonitas from seeing the CP on the board.

No. 892910

File: 1630014180916.png (1.68 MB, 796x1076, Screenshot_20201125-193449_(1)…)

Keep your breath steady anon, in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly.

No. 892918

File: 1630014261011.jpg (105.51 KB, 540x689, georgynikolsky.jpg)

Anon it'll be okay. Take deep breaths, you're safe. Check out this cool art piece I saved.

No. 892921

when i was young i thought everyone had vaginas, even men. when i first saw a dick i was horrified. i thought it was a hose, like a hose attached to them, just disfigured YUCK

No. 892927

sucks for ur uncle but i would get it and simply live a long healthy life not anyone elses fault ur bloodline is weak

No. 892928

File: 1630014424911.jpg (26.46 KB, 564x564, 68b29c4455fdb9df27162441336988…)

They are super cute pompom animals! But rice animals would be nice as well

No. 892929

File: 1630014425762.jpg (33.95 KB, 800x422, man-slicing-fuet-sausage-olive…)

No. 892930

Where’s the art from? I love it. Very Kate Bush-esque, “the hounds of love are hunting me”!

No. 892937

I had a cute crafts book as a kid which had tutorials for pompoms (alongside other stuff like friendship bracelets) and I'm cursing my uncreative ass for not making stuff like this. I just made standard pompoms and got bored of them. Time to buy wool I guess.

No. 892939

How do you do the ears please i must know

No. 892940

Awww I made little pompom animals in highschool, I even have a little pompom maker.

No. 892941

No. 892942

Sometimes I think about how if moids were the ones who had periods and pregnancies, we would probably already have protection and coddling in-place at workplaces + for their careers. Right now I'm stressing trying to plan out my career path because I have to consider the fact that I might choose to have a child in the future and it could affect my prospects depending on the route I take.

In a way I'm glad we don't live in a world where scrotes can lord one more thing over women and make it all about themselves despite the fact that we're taught to grit our teeth and get on with it. On the other, it depresses me that things have to be like this. Sometimes I feel like a drew the short straw being born a woman.

No. 892946

We can take this to the diy thread on /m/ not to derail this one too much, but there are some yt tutorials on these, also a lot of japanese craft books! I own 2 of them haha

No. 892947

I don’t want to get the vaccine (relax, first world bitches, i live in a shitty country where we dont even have enough vaccines to go around), but my government is making it mandatory to take it in order to go back to uni. this is making me very uncomfortable.

No. 892948

File: 1630014729069.gif (4.99 MB, 340x340, 9ea6abdca3e6501f3b75da80824f5a…)

No. 892949

File: 1630014753242.jpg (73.13 KB, 772x584, hrsey.jpg)

Thank you anon, I liked it too! Check the name of the img file I posted- It's by Georgy Nikolsky. He's one of my favorite illustrators and a lot of his art is centered around cute animals.

No. 892950

Gonna put together a cute image folder for the next time these scrotes throw a tantrum.

No. 892953

File: 1630014885933.jpeg (31.67 KB, 548x559, 64BB6678-C972-4DCE-A8ED-C1119E…)

> Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen

Take the Kate Bush pill.

No. 892958

I think the trash is gone now. Thank fuck. Why can men only think with their penises? Hell, I'll be GLAD when they come out with some sort of realistic sex androids because maybe then men can carry out their sick fantasies with a hunk of metal instead of harming actual women and girls.

No. 892964

I don't get pegging and I'm tired of hearing about it. Everyone is going on about how it's feminist, makes us equal and it's empowering but idk I tried it once, it was horrible because I was worried about hurting the guy, he was acting really weird and I didn't get any pleasure from it? It's not even stimulating for us. Why would an act that's solely pleasuring the guy be feminist and how is it empowering to insert a plastic dildo inside someone's asshole? How is the pegged guy sub and the woman a dom when you're the one servicing him by massaging his prostate?

No. 892967

i thought the pegging hype was mostly a meme

No. 892969

I like the thought of topping but short of me maybe getting to try it with a woman sometime… the reality isn't great. I was worried about literal shit the whole time.

No. 893004

How are you typing this then

No. 893007

>Sometimes I feel like a drew the short straw being born a woman
Why would you want to be a deformed female with half her chromosomes anon? Love urself.

No. 893008

Oh god this is the absolute most disgusting I can imagine. Why the hell would I be interested in your asshole my dear sir? I can 9000% assure you that especially straight guys would have no idea how to wash their asses or adjust their diet properly for that shit. Scrotes don’t get that most females don’t get that turned on by the sight of them shitting a plastic turd back and forth and us having to actually do physical work to make it happen.

No. 893011

I think it’s just pornsick scrotes misunderstanding the idea of a woman being pestered for anal sex telling them to shove a dick up their own asses and seeing how comfortable it makes them feel. We literally can’t win

No. 893013

I kind of get why the meme got popular, like, all porn is made to cater to men, so of course there’s going to be someone penetrating another person, which means anyone watching too much porn will start to think that penetration is the only way to feel good.
And men have their g-spots in their asses, so of course they want it tickled even if they pretend they don’t.
I honestly think it’s retarded because men don’t know how to wipe their asses and they, of course, have no idea of how to clean up and how to fast before doing anal.
I hope it stops being a thing because even as a joke it’s pretty retarded, if not disgusting to even think about.

No. 893017

Whenever I hear anons on here mention pegging or wanting to peg their scrotes, I just internally cringe really badly. How is that enjoyable at all? It's so nasty because you know men probably don't clean their nasty asses. It seems like something only closested troons would be into. I would lose all sexual attraction and respect for someone if they asked me to do this.

No. 893019

Ew, which comic? Marvel or DC?

No. 893022

I was actually worried I was being homophobic for my repulsion over a guy wanting to get pegged. But then I remembered I’m straight and that my ~genital preference~ is valid and stunning. Even actual gay intercourse isn’t as disgusting to me, because 1) I don’t ever have to get exposed to it if I don’t want to, 2) both parties are usually consenting and enjoying it and 3) it has an actual penis penetrating someone, so at least something about it lines with my sexual orientation.

No. 893030

thank you so much anons, it passed and now i'm exhausted. i'll go to sleep
it was a panic attack not a seizure

No. 893035

>Pegging is feminist
>You're homophobic if you don't peg your Nigel
What the fuck kind of hellscape do you people live in where you see takes like this being dropped? Asking so that I can avoid. But in all seriousness I don't find gay sex or anal disgusting in general if you genuinely find if enjoyable for whatever reason but you could never make me peg a man. Never. It's not pleasurable physically and mentally it's deplorable for me as a woman because more often than not it's the scrote in the process of developing autogynephilia and wanting to "take the woman's role to be a hole to be used", it's never about simply the prostate being simulated or whatever cope they want to push for their degeneracy. It's always a gateway drug to trannery. Ask any transwidow ever. All the guys I've met who have admitted to enjoying being pegged are eggs who are one discord server away from trooning out.

No. 893037

Men only oppress us because of our ability to get pregnant, carry a child, and give birth. It's a power that carries the human race, and not being capable of doing it themselves drives them crazy.
Oh, honey. I'm pretty sure she was talking about porn.
Most gay men prefer doing things other than anal from what I've seen. You don't need to know what, but know that most of them are equally concerned with how unproductive and time consuming it is to have anal. It's a bit weird imo to think about gay men, and if you're homophobic or not, when faced with a man in a straight relationship wanting to get pegged. Though, I'll agree with the sentiment that I think straight men who are into anal either way are weird and shady, but gay men being into it aren't. I don't want to hear about anyone having anal, though.

No. 893039

nonitas, how do you become more assertive? i find myself assertive in some occasions, and not in others. i went to a crazy school where kids were taught not to look adults in the eyes out of “respect”, and that women voicing their concerns was a no-no. I find myself assertive in situations where the other party is already aggressive, but when someone’s being nice in this annoying way and in my mind I’m going, “Shut up, retard,” I….can’t verbalise it. It’s weird because I’m considered “intimidating” and “confident” by others, but I can never tell someone being pushy in a nice way to fuck off.

No. 893042

The very odd time I do fancy it and it's something I've done before. If I found a guy happy with it happening once in a blue moon that could suit me.. I don't think those guys exist though. Scrotes are so obsessive and demanding when it comes to sex that I think trying anything new with them is sadly a risk. In the long run they only punish you for being open to sexual acts. You give an inch and in no time they'll be screaming about how you now owe them a mile. That's how they are.

No. 893044

Thank you for putting my thoughts into words better than I could’ve. Especially the agp tendencies / women are fuckholes -parts really emphasize how I feel about this. God I love this website and being able to talk about weird shit like this and actually being understood. Love, homophobe anon

No. 893051

It's funny because I've been called a scrote on here just for asking how pegging is supposed to be pleasurable for women. It sounds gross, pornsick, and just another way to cater to men's fetishes while getting nothing in return.

No. 893053

I think the most important thing is just being aware that there's types of sex that aren't for everyone. If men didn't try and nag women into it then it'd be fine. I don't care if people like giving or taking anal but you need a partner who wants it equally. Not one partner persuading the other to try it.

More men want to be pagged than there are women wanting to do it. Tough luck scrotes

No. 893060

We're in a heat wave and I haven't slept for like 3 days. It doesn't even cool down at night. The houses here are built to trap heat because before climate change we had cold winters and mild summers. Even if I could afford to buy my own AC unit there are no windows in my apartment you can fit one into. I've been using a fan with ice and cuddling up in bed with frozen water bottles in a pillow case. I get so fucking cranky that rich people are sitting comfortably in their air-conditioned mansions while the poors just need to suffer through it. So fucking cranky that a bunch of rich assholes caused this situation in the first place but none of them are going to suffer. They're going to be comfortable while elderly people and construction workers die of heat stroke.

No. 893063

Are you an Eastern Canadian anon?

No. 893066

I get why people don't like pegging, but at the same time it's annoying that they imply no woman could ever enjoy it or get anything from it. It actually feels physically good if you like clit stimulation, and mentally it's hot to be the one topping. If you don't feel like moving, you can let your nigel ride you and get a nice view of his body. It's not really a burden for women like some think it is (unless he's pushing you into doing it) and the guy carries most of the burden since he has to change his diet around and clean up. Even then, he might not cum because it's difficult even with a prostate. Again, it's really not bad unless the woman is forced into it by her soon to be troon bf.

No. 893069

I feel you anon. This summer has been hell especially. I can't wait for fall and winter to come around.

No. 893075

I stubbed one of my middle toes and that shit still hurts right now!! FUCK!!!

No. 893084

Yep. Super excited for hurricane season. If we lose power and can't run the fans or freezer to make ice the apartment might hit legitimately unsafe temps. My roommate is pregnant and I hate everything.

No. 893087

I hate how everyone around me doesn't realize how much being sick with no actual end in sight destroys a bitch. Only a select few know how sick I am and the rest just see that I go to the doctors a lot, but I am not even sure who the hell I even am anymore. I haven't been doing anything the last 3 years besides being sick and hiding it or being sick and downplaying it a bit so it doesn't get too heavy. If I don't die, and I can become something later on, I have 0 idea who the fuck I'm supposed to be because I can't go back. People think I will be the same again, but that bitch is long dead, no matter how cringe it sounds.

No. 893198

>One of my favourite artists that I follow is conducting a NSFW e-zine
>Gets cancelled for transphobia because it's a M/M and F/F zine with only cis characters or some retarded narc shit like that
>Tries to explain herself as wokely as one possibly could but only ends up digging the hole deeper
>Has been grovelling and asking for forgiveness for months now
I've re-peaked like once a week for years now. I absolutely believe the study proving that most trannies have either NPD or BPD.

No. 893200

Every night i have sex with my bf and then when I lie down I feel a pulsing sensation in my stomach. I'm so afraid I have an abdominal aortic rupture. I hate my hypochondriac ass. I wish I knew why I notice all of a sudden.

No. 893204

File: 1630046918769.png (472.59 KB, 660x720, 1580536140364.png)

I am so close to anheroing myself nonnies. I just can't find any reason to live. I am 19, i should be going out with friends, in college, and have a boyfriend but i cannot find happiness in those things. I haven't left my room in two years, there is nowhere to go. I don't feel happy having friends, all the people around my age speak in memes, enjoys media I can't get into and uses social media. I am not interested in going to college because i have no reason to get a job, there is nothing i want to buy and there are no places to go. All the places i was hoping to visit have closed down thanks to COVID (Rip akihabara SEGA building). I just feel so out of place, i can't fit anywhere. All i do is enjoy my hobbies which are gaming and watching anime and movies but since i mostly like older stuff i can't find anyone to talk about it outside of 4chin, which everyday i hate more since it's becoming Reddit but where you can say the nword. I know it's cringy as fuck but i wish i was born 20 years ago, when there were reasons to go out and our entire lifes didn't revolve around the internet.

No. 893206

Are you doing some positions during sex that engage your abs muscles? maybe its that.

No. 893207

If it was an abdominal aortic rupture you'd be dead by now, anon. If it bothers you that much you should go to a gynaecologist but I doubt it's anything out of ordinary.

No. 893218

I’m 21 and I’m pretty much in the same boat as you anon. Everyone my age speaks in tiktok and it drives me crazy. It’s merely impossible to find someone that has a genuine personality or shares similar interests. I really wish I could give better advice than this but please stay here a little longer. Things will get better, the places you’d like to visit will open and one day you will find friends that make you feel at home. You have to stick around to experience those days and moments.

No. 893219

I'm no doctor, but injuring an artery is really bad. If you did you would probably be in pain all of the time, or even dead. It's really easy to focus on the worst case scenario, but you're probably fine. Go get checked out if you can.

No. 893230

File: 1630050088508.jpeg (161.05 KB, 364x427, 17FA0679-A6BA-4A4A-B3C4-3F3D71…)

i bought kaneoya sachiko’s artwork book and it got delivered to the wrong address despite my address being right there on the order and for some reason whoever has it has made no effort to give it back to me which means someone has my full name, address and a book full of male objectification attached to it. i got a refund because i can guarantee if i reordered it then the person who has the first book will get the second book as well because for some reason they couldn’t read my street name despite it not sounding or looking even close to the address it was likely delivered to. life is just pain

No. 893236

I went on an outing with a group of friends years ago, and one of the people there spent more time on his phone than he did talking to us or enjoying his surroundings. It haunts me to this day that a person could literally be surrounded by things to do and people to talk to, and be completely unable to do either.

No. 893238

Tbf I do that sometimes when my social battery empties to mask the lack of my social skills and calm myself down, or when everyone is talking about stuff I have no knowledge/interest in.

No. 893244

>Everyone my age speaks in tiktok
I don't know about speaking in tiktok but I feel like every younger person I know is constantly sending their friends tiktoks and memes. I'm a bit bewildered at the frequency and consistency, like they have no hobbies other than scrolling on their phone and assume other people enjoy it just as much. I actually find most of it funny, I think zoomers have a good sense of humour, but at the same time I'm not a huge fan of constantly reacting to things people send me.

No. 893260

I have a crush on a friend who is semi-famous/public figure locally so he has tons of girls thirsting over him and it drives me nuts to see his female "friends" obviously trying to subtly make him like them, and it's not like I can do anything or blame them because I feel like I'm in the same boat since I have a crush on him. And it feels so pathetic and cringe to be like "I'M totally different, i'd like him even if he wasn't famous". he's the oblivious kind though, it's almost comical that he thinks all these girls are just nice and friendly for no reason. i hate having feelings

No. 893264

He probably just likes having all the girls orbiting him, doubt he's that oblivious. Don't blame him I'd like it too kek. And every single one of them thinks she's special too.

No. 893343

File: 1630069357449.jpg (100.85 KB, 564x564, 023aeb58433aaf32a1eee549c445e2…)

Literally fuck growing up I can't believe I wasted my first years of university trying to be more mature and look more grown up or normie or whatever it's all bullshit I'm only being myself from now on, dressing how I like and doing things I enjoy. I saw a couple they/thems on the bus last night and I got so emotional seeing how, cringe aside, they were so unapologetically themselves with their multicolored hair and stupid little outfits. Not my thing but made me rethink some things I thought I had to accept. It's all so absurd.

No. 893353

I'm in doggy and then we shift to pronebone position because I can stimulate my clitoris by humping it also. Maybe I am stimulating my abs, but I don't feel like it.
To clarify, I mean that I worry about having a dilated abdominal aortic artery. This only happens after sex, though, and I have no mass on my stomach that is pulsing or throbbing. My only risk factors are that my dad who is in his 60s has such a dilation, it is small and slow-growing, though, and I used to smoke. I am considering going in, but at the same time, I hate what a hypochondriac I am.

No. 893368

File: 1630072233543.gif (553.67 KB, 498x282, 161401525188277254787680789070…)

So insurance doesn't cover my nexplanon implant replacement so I'm on my way to the clinic to shell out $400. My tech-inept mom also just asked (harassed) me to buy her a mattress topper for $130. I've been trying to save for fall and Christmas trips so this has been really frustrating. I picked up some extra shifts for that sweet overtime but I guess that'll go towards this shit..

No. 893370

File: 1630072645520.jpeg (78.63 KB, 563x868, 6b1cc32aeacc630c125a6558c15528…)

Why do these sorts of people have no self-awareness?
I saw this on Pinterest, lmao. Whisper is already painfully overdone and everywhere.

No. 893371

Apparently some kid in my country killed herself because she got misgendered, she identified as nb. She had a whole meltdown about it during online class and this got viral on tiktok. I looked it up to see if she really killed herself, nothing came up, so I hope she's still alive. I hate this gender shit and how it vomited it's way into LATAM, but I can't help but feel extremely sad about kids like this.