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File: 1647502229903.png (466.8 KB, 676x791, 1646953419705.png)

No. 1100647

The Elsie Edition.
What ails you, my nonnie?

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No. 1100649

It's so easy to be mean to men but even being mean to women I don't like sticks with me

No. 1100655

THANK YOU for the threadpic. It's beautiful. It's a mood. It's a vibe. Gorgeus art!

No. 1100674

My only confession to my sweet matron sister elsie is that I've always loved you even if we both swore loyalty and devotion to our lord and husband jesus christ. I'll never look at you as any lesser the divine among us, immaculate and powerful. I kneel at your feet, I lower my unworthy self on the floor you walk on for I am not deserving of your beauty. my eyes are only for you, my lips are only for you, my hands and knees are only for you, my entire body is dutiful to you and only you sister elsie. Please step on my neck.

No. 1100692

My confession is that I'm supposed to work this morning and I'll be free this afternoon, but I'll merely pretend to be working for an hour, go to two meetings online for 2h in total, and then I'll turn off my laptop and gtfo.

No. 1100694

god i love this song. i hate that it's so unbelievably hot. no man will know the feeling.

No. 1100706

I call lolcow "LOLCOR" and I call the vent thread "el venti thread" and I call stupid questions thread "el estupid"

No. 1100718

I know it will never happen in a million years but I think a contrapoints detransition gc arc would be based

No. 1100765

I wish I didn't love men like this. Im sure it stems from one of my mental illnesses and unstable attachment. And still, all I want is someone to love me back so I can obsess about him while knowing that in a way, he is mine and therefore I'm not a complete fool.

No. 1100802

Great thread pic

No. 1100904

I'm seriously thinking of killing myself because I'm tired of the bullshit that is my life and dealing with all the problems. I'm not hysterical at the moment, just exhausted to hell and uninterested in whatever's coming up. I would have to fast for 24 hours to even attempt pulling this off, so I cannot make any hasty decisions. Probably will not kill myself, but it's very tempting at the moment. If

No. 1100906

Holy shit do I feel this. I am out of energy, I am out of care, I am out of patience. I don't want to live my life scared and uncomfortable every day. What kind of life is that? My mental clock is running out.

No. 1100938

bump gore

No. 1100957


No. 1100989

Porn is the easiest way to turn me off instantly regardless of how horny I am. Moids are literally retarded when it comes to female anatomy and have no idea what feels good. Why are there so many videos of men rubbing straight on the urethra? I love breast play but even videos that focus on breast play will touch the boob for a few seconds, not even the nipple and then go straight into jackhammering

I blame porn for moids shit tier sex skills nowadays. And they wonder why all women are dry for them

No. 1100997

I find it hilarious that Britfags are so offended by the trolling that goes on in the Celebricow thread

No. 1101002

I've never had a Shamrock Shake

No. 1101026

Have you not brought this retarded shit into enough threads already? Shut up and stop baiting.

No. 1101032

They are the most easily offended country on the internet, they are obsessed with class like Indians but they have 0 self esteem so they always overreact, very humorous

No. 1101064

I did not contribute to the mess in the threads, I was just reading them, but still it's entertaining enough

No. 1101130

File: 1647541380320.png (886.36 KB, 684x1119, Rei_Hino_Miko_-_Manga.png)

even when i was a rabid SJW and TRA on tumblr and identified as demigirl or nonbinary, i never ever ever wanted to transition physically because i thought every troon looked ugly. the acne, the danger hair, the obligatory piercings, the way how weird a chest looks with a binder on - ew. ew, ew, ew. i never said it out loud but i find the trans look deeply repulsive and unattractive. whenever i see people reee about enbies not owing anyone androgyny, i just know that deep down they find the way troons look disgusting too.

No. 1101165

KEK ME TOO NONNIE. I was always lowkey a female supremacist even in my TRA phase. It's good to see the light now.

No. 1101179

File: 1647543333165.jpg (38.27 KB, 749x718, choke_me.jpg)


No. 1101211

>>1101179 Just jerk off

No. 1101250

Few months ago when i got fired i completely shut down for two weeks and ate a whole pot of plain white rice every day. To this day i like to think i was temporarily invaded by the ghost of a starving chinese child and think nothing more of it

No. 1101285

I'm so tired of being a fujoshi. I've even tried turing towards God but I always come crawling back to my degenerate gay anime porn. Which makes me feel even worse. Why can't I enjoy media without thinking about how hot the main guy would be with a dick up his ass? Whenever I read a fanfic or comic I get penis envy and just feel like shit afterwards. I got into it when I was young so I feel like there's no hope for me now.

No. 1101290

Its a porn addiction nonna, it can be cured but with more fucked up stuff you gotta learn to reprogram your mind
Here's how I did it
Id go from periods of not watching porn at all(3 days) then mastrubate to my pre-downloaded vanilla porn once a day for 5 days total, then I'd stop watching for 9 days and repeated the same schedule with 5 days, even when I'd fail, I would still always use the vanilla porn
eventually 9 goes to 12, then to 15, to 20, then to 30, then 40 and finally after 45 I was finally recovered

No. 1101291

File: 1647547917001.jpg (59.04 KB, 376x604, 146c8482426639b848efe3894f0030…)

I want an early 20th century boyfriend so bad it fucking hurts

No. 1101299

File: 1647548355135.jpeg (113.62 KB, 407x547, 1_wQM7Ewi8d_PURldQitOa1Q.jpeg)

Here's the closest you can get nowadays I love how he always dodges questions about him time traveling kek

No. 1101300

Come on this has to be bait with copypasta potential kekek fujo hater is that you?

No. 1101302

File: 1647548684275.webm (19.27 MB, 576x1008, skincare.webm)

This video was mocked in the consoomerism thread but I find it very relaxing. It just puts me in the mindset of coming back of a long day at work and unwinding while doing my skincare routine. It also reminds me of when I was in Japan (even though I know she's chinese)
I really like it.

No. 1101304

lmaoo exactly my thought

No. 1101307

I love him i honestly feel like he's packing. It's always the skinny weird scrotes who are

No. 1101311

I've gone through periods in the past where I'm not into it at all, but it always rears its head back up every few months. I guess I need to actually resist it instead of just giving in. Thanks for the advice, I'll try doing something like that.

No. 1101313

kek, so true. He's like the last surviving member of an extinct species. Bless. his suits are too damn big though

No. 1101328

File: 1647550994721.jpg (128.77 KB, 576x1024, Tumblr_l_187793762985024.jpg)

anon I hate you for making me think of this, he's too pure for that

No. 1101337

I sometimes go to Round 1 alone to waste money on claw machines. I'm a friendless loser.

No. 1101375

He looks so good here, the suit actually fits nice. his suits are baggy to hide his huge print, I just know it

No. 1101381

I like these videos too, anon. And a lot of people hate the fingernail tapping in particular but I actually love it kek, it's a satisfying sound to me and sometimes I catch myself tapping my nails on my sunscreen and moisturizer and stuff now

No. 1101383

File: 1647555083366.jpeg (83.01 KB, 624x793, 734377DE-3C51-42F5-9477-526326…)

this is actually bad okay so today my sister and i went to the gas station because the golf cart’s tires needed air. i had her do the work, but i shouldn’t have because she lost two of the valve stem caps. i’ve been kinda reckless the last few days so i stole the tire caps from someone’s car. and she found the damn caps later, they were in her pocket the entire time…i’m going to hell. do you still love me?

No. 1101405

File: 1647556408145.jpg (18.31 KB, 563x579, b847261e8cb0654219316b729c7c60…)

I hate you. Genuinely and from the bottom of my heart. I have absolutely no empathy for this kind of behaviour. You can still drive without valve stem caps but no, you had to stole someone else that will probably notice the loss much later ( ruining their tires by exposing them to debris and possibly causing malfunction by the way ! ) just because you and you retarded sister didn't have any sens of basic moral. I know it's not a crime or anything really important but it does show your character . You are exactly like those people who never put back their shopping cart. You are the reason why society is failing.

No. 1101414

You gotta find a friend or some moid who is really good at those who will win you plushies. I got a whale shark and two cats from moids

No. 1101416

File: 1647556975057.jpg (421.29 KB, 906x1388, vanka.jpg)

>stealing caps from the tires of an actual vehicle that someone drives
>to put on a golf cart which presumably belongs to your parents
go to jail

No. 1101417

You both sound exactly like the kind of people that should have just been a stain your dads sock, hope this is just a bad troll

No. 1101428

Sometimes I get lucky and I have won quite a few large plushies. I’m definitely not good at i it though and my last visit just got me a tiny plush shark. I mostly just wish I had friends to do stuff with. I also wish I was as skilled as those moids though. I’d probably feel less pathetic spending $20+ playing UFO catchers alone and getting only one tiny plush.

No. 1101436

I say this with a disclaimer and caution but if you're at all interested in rhythm games you can find some friends there. Non tranny girls do exist and are usually friendly and welcoming to other girls but might be hard to find. Beware that the scene is full of moids though

No. 1101437

i have had dreams where i am engaged / romantically linked to various men in our friend group… not my boyfriend.
the other men are way less attractive / attentive. i wish i could rewire my dumbass subconscious. i’ve developed a mild crush on one ugly just because the dream made me feel gorgeous

No. 1101440

One's a golf cart and ones an actual car, come on anon.

No. 1101441

I saw a picture of Lana Del Rey and thought it was that HRH Collection girl. Admittedly, I do have a slight degree of facial blindness

No. 1101489

File: 1647561971190.jpg (20.54 KB, 413x448, 1605201659367.jpg)

Just found out that Dano guy wasn't in Spy Kids

No. 1101497

Not to try and tell you your business but I kept having sex dreams about other people when I was with my ex and I ended up breaking up with him kek.

No. 1101500

I fantasize a lot about meeting one of my online friends and being sexually intimate with him. It would never happen and we really are just friends, but he's so attractive. I almost feel bad fantasizing about him like this because I'm in that phase of a crush where you feel like they're way out of your league so you shouldn't even bother thinking about them like that. I doubt he'd think of me that way or want to meet up, and that didn't bother me before as it was just a stupid crush but I've gotten too deep in it. This sucks

No. 1101507

File: 1647563061298.jpg (79.87 KB, 1125x732, FODTygWWUAIZr3Z.jpg)

One time I read a fanfiction about fucking Ed Sheeran in an elevator. I've always found him unattractive so I'm not sure what possessed me that day No I'm not from the UK

No. 1101531

fucking as in y/n x ed or fucking as in ed out of all fucking people, and in an elevator too (which one of you was in the elevator)

No. 1101535

Y/n x Ed Sheeran smut, where they were having sex in an elevator.

No. 1101540

How long was that elevator ride where you got bored and read fanfic?

No. 1101542

I was at home.

No. 1101544

The fuck

No. 1101549

You sound poor. Stair-taker.

No. 1101551

A fanfic about fucking in one, do you really think anon has an elevator at her house? smh nonners

No. 1101559

Y/N and Ed were having sex in a elevator.
>do you really think anon has an elevator at her house
Who said I don't?

No. 1101562

File: 1647566875400.png (150.57 KB, 812x760, 5088C2D8-81B8-4DE9-AA67-70680A…)

I used to date this guy who showed me music he liked, and I must've had a brain made of cheese because I rarely cared for it. Normally it's based to disregard moids' suggestions of course, but he actually had good taste. Here I am years later enjoying some of the same music realizing that it's what he showed me. Feels like I was mentally a fetus, because now I love some of these bands after running into their stuff again. With some music I have to hear it a few times before it clicks, so maybe that's it. Still it unsettles me to wonder what current things I overlook only to later come around and wonder wtf I'm thinking. I am ashamed to have been such a troglodyte compared to a scrote no less, embarrassing.

No. 1101565

What kind of music? Is it prog rock?

No. 1101566

File: 1647567097057.gif (1.17 MB, 500x281, 5D85616E-4B7F-42CD-A2B3-9CDE0A…)

Get in fam, we need to talk

No. 1101567

No, mostly punk but I guess that's the nature of it, takes some warming up to

No. 1101569

I tried to hang myself today but I'm so weak I freaked out once I lost air.
I wish I had a gun.

No. 1101575

Isn't hanging supposed to be an immediate death?

No. 1101579

File: 1647567923903.jpg (13.35 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 1101581

Nta but i don't think most hangings have that kick the stool from under you moment, more of a door knob and a rope type of deal. My grandpa did hang himself though, maybe there's a good family recipe for it.

No. 1101584

I think the stool thing's the way to do it, to ensure immediate death not because of suffocation over time but because of the snapping of the neck, right? I can't imagine just dangling from a doorknob. I sometimes think about hanging myself someday, but I know I'll just fuck up the knot

No. 1101586

Hanging is only immediate death if you have a 5ft+ drop to break the spinal cord. Anything less and it's like 5 minutes and you die from suffocating/blood loss to brain.

No. 1101588

Yeah for sure that would be the easiest method but looking up my surroundings, that shit would never work. Not that I am hanging myself, funny little hypotheticals nonny

No. 1101600

im going to pray for you nonna and i sincerely hope you find happiness

No. 1101601

Hanging anon here
I used some blocks to stand on but didn't kick them away, if you don't drop far enough it doesn't break your neck so it's not immediate.
It was an involuntary response to get my neck out, but I couldn't bring myself to get back in it.

No. 1101602

Take it as a sign, anon.

No. 1101607

Just stop, maybe something good will happen.

No. 1101615

Babes, I don't know your situation but we're glad you didn't succeed in that. Remember to eat and drink today.

No. 1101616

File: 1647570886929.gif (3.09 MB, 268x334, A928CFA2-9007-47B6-80DE-5AA211…)

Maybe this universe wants you to stick around, it seems like something deep in you does, this probably doesn't help any but I'm just so sorry you are in this miserable place right now

No. 1101618


Thank you for the kind words and hope,You nonnies are so nice.
Life is really fucking me lately. I got my bank account hacked and they took most of my school money and idk how I'm going to recover.

No. 1101621

I've had my bank info leak and lost my money, banks usually give 0 fucks about fighting stuff like that and are insured. It may not be very easy but there's a chance you can get yours back, nonny.

No. 1101625

i'm glad you're still with us nonna, i'm sorry you're dealing with a lot right now. i hope something nice happens for you soon

No. 1101647

That's awful wtf, is there a way to get it back? Well regardless I just really hope life stops being so hard on you and wish you the best.

No. 1101679

File: 1647575925887.jpg (1.33 MB, 2320x1455, pngun.jpg)

I fantasize about somewhat traumatizing events happening that would bring me closer to people around me. A reoccurring thought is the idea of being stranded at my school and being forced to stay the night with everyone in the classroom as a makeshift shelter, huddling up to acquaintances for warmth, instantly turning us into friends. I wouldn't want anything actually bad to happen, just something kind of weird and exciting that would make people bonded to each other. I think what's weirdest about this fantasy is just the fact that the people I'm in class with are barely acquaintances to me and yet I want to be literally cuddling with them in a survival situation. I feel like I'm weird for often looking at my (female) classmates and just wanting to cuddle and hold them so badly, even though I don't know them at all.

I think this stems from me having made my most meaningful friendships in mental hospitals and in rehab, places where I feel the friendship-making process is hyper accelerated by the proximity, vulnerability, and the circumstances. Still not entirely sure because my "fantasy" often includes cuddling or sharing warmth with people which obviously I didn't do in those settings.

No. 1101787

i can relate to this and my past best friendships we bonded over having been bullied for being the quiet nerdy kids. i also imagined trauma bonding, like from a school shooter, that i end up fighting to save someone, or car crashes. i didn't want anyone to get hurt either, i just thought that me being a sperg in a regular situation just wouldn't be enough for people

No. 1101800

holy shit are you me. when jobless all i ate was plain rice and toast because in my sick mind i thought i didn't deserve tasty food without working.

No. 1101828

It's not such a weird fantasy. Humans' survival is really rooted in social interdependence (like those penguins!). It's comforting to think about being close to your peers in a scary situation. And then nice to think about "We survived this together and are now bonded for life."

No. 1101925

I want to post my embarrassing art in the farmer art thread on /m/ but I posted art once and my art style was recognized and that’s completely scared me off from every posting art here again tbh

No. 1101936

All I do in my time off is scroll here, on pintrest, or YouTube. My god I need some other hobbies…

No. 1101971

i really hope you don't go through with anything like this again but remember, you always have time to kill yourself in the future. why not at least try to wait it out to see if things get better? there was a good cracked article about this, about failed suicide attempts, and it's pretty convincing about why you should not, at least if you have any potential improvement for your situation. i suggest you read.

No. 1102031

Lately I've been fantasizing about killing myself to make my boyfriend feel bad about how he treated me. Then I realize that's insane, and I think about cutting myself. Then I realize that's also insane, and I fantasize about piercing my ears because it's less crazy self harm? Then I realize that's insane too, and I go do something to get my mind off of it.

No. 1102035

don't. he won't care. if he mistreated you, he won't care. most abusive men lack guilt or a conscience. it's also just a terrible idea, but just pointing out how fruitless it'd be if the more rational obvious part isn't helping.

No. 1102093

Hurting yourself to spite someone is retarded. He'll only get pleasure you're cutting yourself for him or get a huge ego-boost if you end up killing yourself because of him.

No. 1102099

Sometimes I recognize some anons art but i never comment it on the thread for everyone to see i hate anons who do that shit or people who post accounts and ask is this you? Pure evil imo

No. 1102104

One time a nearby village (current population around 3500) invited Goran Bregovic to hold a concert for the "village day" and I was there because one of my uncles had business in the area and I took a photo with Bregovic after the concert (not even really a fan, I took it for an auntie who wanted to go but couldn't) which I consider the best photo of me ever taken.

No. 1102107

File: 1647600866940.jpg (54.18 KB, 1024x954, c12.jpg)

I could never get behind the #freethenipple movement, is a very dumb reason but my nipples and general breast area is very sensitive, and I don't want scrotes (or anyone) to see them or touch them/ squeeze them, even accidentally. I understand the logic behind it, but it would be very embarrassing for me to expose them

No. 1102114

This is why i support the nipple free movements, in which i want to not have any nipples

No. 1102139

women who carry on about how we shouldnt wear bras always have perfect little boobs. I just smile politely and nod.

No. 1102146

I feel this way too. I still think women should be allowed to be topless in certain scenarios the same as men, but I personally could never do it because I absolutely hate any sort of look, gaze or any form of attention from a man who isn't my boyfriend. I can only imagine that moids would feel the need to ogle or touch like they already do when women are covered up. I despise that feeling and can only empathise with women who aren't eager to let their nips be on show for these reasons. It's infuriating how it has to be this way.

No. 1102147

I actually prefer wearing bras to being braless. I hate how my breasts jiggle when I walk

No. 1102148

It's a stupid idea anyway. Men would only act even more disgusting and entitled being able to freely look at women's bare breasts and nipples and objectify them even more. Something like that could only be done in a female-only community.

No. 1102156

I downloaded genshin impact i’m so ashamed of myself

No. 1102160

In the 90s I would go on vacations to tourist spots in European countries and all the women would be sunbathing topless. Even my own mother. Was so awkward making friends at the pool and all your mums would be topless

No. 1102163

Only be ashamed of yourself if you download a visual novel about anime girls getting raped because you’re into that and you enjoy reading such things.

No. 1102170

Girl what

No. 1102171

There’s some YouTuber who shouts a lot as if YouTubers never did so who did a review of a visual novel about school girls getting locked up in some rape dungeon, and the catch of the game? You can disable or enable the Scat fetish scenes. At least Genshin impact only has shitty character designs.

No. 1102174

No. 1102238

Jesus christ

No. 1102312

huh yeah i guess there's always worse out there

No. 1102506

sometimes i wish that i was arrested for murder or something because im so tired of life and being seen as a dumb mean girl to my family. specfically my sisters. they're both better and prettier then me i would do anything for them to stop existing.

No. 1102729

i think this should be more emphasized for women who have "unattractive" breasts, as they are the ones men feel should be wearing a bra for support/aesthetics. i personally really enjoy not wearing a bra outside as long as my boobs are small enough and my nips covered (this depends on my weight obviously). women shouldn't feel pressured to wear a bra to make their boobs look better, but yeah if people start walking around with prominent nipples and stuff, i think it's just going to end up attracting more male attention. honestly it's not even male or necessarily either, i tend to look at boobs if nips are hard and the boobs are way in your face, it's just a thing i guess. same with like lips or whatever is prominent

No. 1102784

I'm confused, is the free the nipple thing about bras or about being shirtless?

No. 1102792

No. 1102794

So I go through periods of being obsessed/infatuated with people, it usually doesn’t last long, anywhere from a few days to less than a month, my current obsession is this older guy at work, anyways I noticed he left his jacket behind and I rubbed it and sniffed it, I know I’m unhinged and mentally ill, wish I wasn’t.

No. 1102795

Be unhinged all you like but don’t do that again, you might get caught

No. 1102796

While it's nice to get time off work I'm a little sad I won't get to see a certain coworker for a while. He's just my type and every interaction we've had has been so pleasant so far. I want to build on the momentum

No. 1102804

i work at night so no one is ever really around, i would die if someone found out

No. 1102839

>I rubbed it and sniffed it
kek I did the same thing with my therapist's jacket. It smelled nice

No. 1102844

Wait, so is the movement about not wearing bras under your clothes, or going completely topless? The replies to this post vary, and they're very different things.

No. 1102850

My best friend is really into decolonization but, I feel like it's just a stupid larp for insecure people who grew up white washed.

No. 1103025

My best friend "finally" (because literally no one gave a shit) got a boyfriend and he is ugly as sin. I wouldn't say shit if she wasn't a mean girl but how can I stand still while we dunk on someone else's boyfriend while her's just as repulsive.

No. 1103028

if she gossips so much maybe despite her good looks her soul is ugly and she deserves someone just like this

No. 1103030

What does decolonization entail?

No. 1103031

she LOVES gossiping kek, last week our friend came back home for spring break and we were talking and catching up at lunch WHILE she was simultaneously on insta and facebook searching the names of girls we went to high school with to see what kind of dirt she could find kek.

No. 1103041

I'm having a genuine unironic mental breakdown about my religion. I feel ill and I wish I could've remained ignorant. I don't know what to do. I have to talk to someone.

No. 1103047

You sound really young.. She sounds annoying and like a shitty friend, find better. She’s gonna have your “dirt” locked and loaded though so be careful.

No. 1103049

well what did it smell like?

No. 1103052

What's your religion?

No. 1103160

it was really faint, a kind of generic musky male smell, and a bit like firewood. It was nice.

No. 1103252

I enjoy lurking fat activism spaces, not because I agree with them but because it's fascinating to me. Something about how confident they are in their arguments is weirdly refreshing to me. They're one of the most hated activisms/ideologies ever but still persist kek

No. 1103272

I'm not fat either but I love the way fat activism makes moids rage. Women not working their fucking hardest to fit their unreachable beauty standards makers them rage like nothing else.

No. 1103277

NTA i never thought about it like this but your statement is making me love the fat acceptance movement kek, anything men hate is based

No. 1103320

samefag, he left another jacket, this one didn’t smell like anything though :’(

No. 1103459

I used to get obsessed with certain girls back when I was a young teenager. I was really unsure of who I was, was struggling to form my own identity and would instead soft skinwalk these girls. I'd latch onto someone online for months and months at a time, would follow all their social media without them knowing and become utterly obsessed. one girl was from xanga and when I say I wanted to BE her, I really wanted to be her. she was everything I wanted to be. her style, her opinion, the clothes she wore, the music she liked, even the way she typed. I remember printing off a picture of her to take to the hairdresser because I had to have the same haircut as her. I used to recreate her social media pictures and feel so happy when I resembled her. I would obsessively read her xanga posts and imagine what it would be like to live her life, thousands of miles away. I never made any contact with her, never tried to make friends so she never had an inkling this was going on. my family probably thought I was growing into who I was, the clothes I liked, the hairstyles, the music etc but it was all just someone else's identity I was mimicking.

she wasn't the only one, I followed 3 girls in total until I grew out of it when I was arounf 17. mckenzie, summer and katheryn. while I never made contact beyond a quick comment on a picture or a liked post, I really did feel close to them in a weird way, all three of them shared so much of their lives on their xanagas or livejournals. I sometimes wonder how they're all doing in their lives thousands of miles away in another country. I hope they're doing well.

No. 1103479

Me at 11 reading my mom’s quran:

No. 1103489

Post about it here if you need to talk about it but don't think anyone would listen to you irl.

No. 1103502

Do you feel secure, like you have your own identity now? It’s good to hear you grew out of that, I feel like if I wasn’t so lazy and apathetic this is probably something I would do

No. 1103512

Yes for sure but I'm in my early thirties now. I'm much happier this way. I don't have any interest in following anyone else or blindly adopting their opinions. I'm far from secure in every aspect of my life, but who I am, what I like and what I believe in is pretty solid I'm happy to say. How old are you nona? I think it's definitely something that comes with age and experience. Even simple things like giving less and less of a shit about following the crowd, caring what others think or what is perceived as trendy and cool all come with age.

No. 1103518

Anon, don’t be ashamed of this. A lot of teenage girls do this, my personal theory is that girls are broken down at a very vulnerable young age that we tend to think we must be one certain way rather than a multi faceted human being. We think of other girls as archetypes and ideas
>popular girl, sporty, smart, nerd, alternative, etc etc…
Its only natural you’ll be confused and latch on to what someone else is doing

No. 1103573

I’m 24 and have been feeling for a while now that I don’t know who I am. I have things I like and dislike, but no real personality, I almost feel like I’m not a real person. I’m sure I’ll stop caring eventually, but I’m just not there yet.

No. 1103669

trisha paytas is the best at asmr

No. 1103790

File: 1647710929659.jpg (29.96 KB, 563x596, 15e273deb7e6719e50d3042777cc95…)

i thought for years that i was a lesbian but i actually find men hot. they just have to be tall and above average fit (nice pecs that aren't hairy are a must). obviously the average man i see does not meet these criteria so i never felt any attraction to them and just thought 'ew' to myself whenever i saw a man. it's even more embarrassing that those are my criteria for men because i'm a short fatty. what the fuck, man.

No. 1103801

Lmao that happened to me. My type is clearly white cute guy. I live in mexico so I never see men like that irl. And if I see a white guy irl he probably is a retard. I have to resort to online dating.

No. 1103804

this isn't twitter. Integrate.

No. 1103981

Kaya Scodelario came to a restaurant I work at and was incredibly nice and now I feel guilty about putting her in the women you don't find attractive thread.

No. 1103982

Is she prettier in real life?

No. 1103985


No. 1104002

Anon you described a really big struggle from my teenage years and even my early adult years in this post that I didn't really know how to put words to before, thank you. Putting yourself and other women into these archetypes makes it so hard to feel a sense of belonging in your own identity. I'm glad >>1103512 is also doing better now

No. 1104003

She’s saying my post sounded like a twitter caption which is fair, it was intentional on my part though kek

No. 1104010

File: 1647725827286.jpg (969.8 KB, 1018x1500, Kaya-Scodelario.jpg)

No, you were right though. Also kek at her moid.

No. 1104167

She looks the same, but her hair was tied up and she had no makeup on, so I was unsure at first.
Ah yeah, but he seemed nice.

No. 1104343

This is really gory so I'm going to spoiler text but This girl I was friends with in highschool, not super close but we both skipped class to smoke cigarettes in the park across the road accidentally hung herself and died after 8 failed suicide attempts, she was only 15. By accidentally, I mean she knew her mom was coming home in a half hour so she slit her wrists and put her head in a noose but not from any height, her feet could touch the ground. Only, she passed out from the blood loss because her mom was late and snapped her neck and died. She was severely mentally ill and had been abused/raped etc so this felt like her only way out
I'm telling you this because I look back on her and how dire her situation was but when I think about who I was at that age, along with everyone around me we all had so much ahead of us. Some of the people in those circles were also pretty bad but looking at them now they're living happy, fulfilling lives. She tried so many times, but deep down she didn't want to die, and I don't think many of us really do either.

No. 1104348

hope you're somewhere safe now. I understand why you'd want to do it. if it didnt happen, then maybe it's the universe saying it's not your time yet. I'm nowhere near as ballsy as you, I've just tried to overdose time and again. given me brain damage I'm pretty sure. i keep wondering why god, assuming god exists, wont let me die, I assume there must be a purpose for me somewhere, other than to suffer, if I keep surviving the freak things that have happened and I keep forcing on myself. if that's the case, then why do I keep suffering? I ask myself that all the time. I'm sorry you wanted to do this anon, I hope you're able to come down from the block you tried to put yourself on. I cant say life is worth it either

No. 1104376

I have cancer and pretty bad mental issues and I look down upon most of the people who whine about shit, you wouldn't last a day in this shit, love.

No. 1104424

File: 1647763304895.gif (513.41 KB, 498x242, tenor.gif)

I became unreasonably upset & sad a few years ago when an old husbando got a shitty love interest last minute. Literally listening to sad break up songs upset

No. 1104427

I hate other women so much. Like a seething hatred.

No. 1104429

Take a good look at my asscrack, bitch.

No. 1104436

Get help, ily nonny

No. 1104438

Are you going to confess why?

No. 1104455

File: 1647766181889.jpeg (97.92 KB, 640x632, B69C441A-861F-45E5-AA00-2E013D…)

kill yourself then, embarrassing as fuck

No. 1104460

It can be cured nonnie, you actually love them but this world trolls you into thinking it is hatred

No. 1104464

File: 1647766638640.jpg (212.86 KB, 899x1280, 3894uc5348urtr.jpg)

are you going to work on that internalized misogyny or?
twinsies, but I do whine about it

No. 1104466

Kek but honestly that's so cool.

No. 1104484

bump cp below, I confess that I want to kill all pedos

No. 1104489

Kill all men

No. 1104490

File: 1647768561164.jpg (63.14 KB, 694x576, Caravaggio_Judith_1607_-_dispu…)

No. 1104492

Why would I love my competition? Why would I love these whores who so gleefully brag about "stealing my man"? Why would I love these snakes who PLOT, ENDLESSLY? Nah. Ain't never gonna give a fuck about none of you bitches.(pickme a-log)

No. 1104496

You know what anons were right, kys

No. 1104504

File: 1647768790470.jpg (65.43 KB, 500x559, 69br5y.jpg)

AYRT, I agree, but aren't all men to a certain degree pedos anyway? So it works out all the same.

No. 1104511

>Why would I love these whores who so gleefully brag about "stealing my man"?
Not every woman is interested in dating, I'm a permavirgin and hyper autistic, I don't want to "steal" any man to be honest

No. 1104517

Holy shit, is this seriously how autists think. You think that was the egregious part of the post that you had to clear your name?

No. 1104525

Ever thought the problem could be just you?

No. 1104526

Calm down, that post is bait anyway don't take it too seriously, i replied cause I'm bored

No. 1104528

No one cares to steal your ugly nigel anon, if he is willing he will leave you thats his own choice. No one has to “plot”. I’m tired of handmaidens like you who treat men like docile little babies who need guidance and are completely innocent, saying this shit while we are being bumped with cp by the moids you worship so much. Direct your anger at your mayyyynz and please don’t have any children

No. 1104529

You're the one who posted cp, right? Kys moid.

No. 1104530

I honestly can’t even put into words anymore how much I despise men. I wish I was good at science so I could invent a virus that would murder any defective freak with a Y chromosome so we could finally be free of their disgusting existence l.

No. 1104531

no one wants your greasy balding disgusting penis having parasite get over yourself you pick me and do the world a favor and end it. women like you set us back thousands of years.

No. 1104532

Men's sperm should be politicised and not our wombs. More importance on shaming men God bless

No. 1104533

The insecurity runs deep huh.

No. 1104534

Masturbation for men should be illegal since they’re killing so many potential babies when they do it

No. 1104536

Jesus has been deposited into a sock and men act like they aren't murderers.

No. 1104539

imagine if einsteins dad had just masturbated instead, tragic!!!!

No. 1104540

Although with God's massive brain he knew the messiah could not be trusted in the hands of Man. Nigga had to get an angel to teleport the messiah directly into her womb. Men can't be trusted. Abortion is actually a holy invention that gives women their God given right to assess if a baby should be born.

No. 1104541

kek based, as women I think it’s our duty to promote the abortion of male fetuses, it’s the only way to secure a better world

No. 1104542

Satan is a man after all, and abortions happen to avert his menace. Stay vigilant girlies, the devil works through men.

No. 1104543

To the lurking scrotes, seriously Kill yourself you worthless birth defect.

No. 1104561

Who the fuck would want a man, get better

No. 1104562

File: 1647773313593.jpg (95.56 KB, 712x1000, Panagia-Platytera-Icon-Hand-Pa…)

Theotokos has a whole ass portal to another dimension called "chora" in her womb. Haters will say she was privileged, but she's perfect all on her own strength, she's out of this world. Men could never.

No. 1104568

Amazing I love her

Confession: I'm rude to men irl whether they're nice or not and don't smile at them just so they know they're pathetic and not worth my time. I hate to admit but I am an attractive woman imo and it just adds the cherry on top. I used to smile at everyone, men and woman alike but now I'll purposefully drop my smile and look the other way.

No. 1104571

Samefag but I also have stopped using men for anything and I kind of love it. In my libfem phase i would have called myself sexist and rude but now I dont care. I dont need to be nice to men. I owe them nothing.
Sometimes when I'm at the gym too I think about moids and troons chasing me so I don't stop running and it works. I also use their hate to fuel my workouts as I get hotter and they stay mad. I don't want to go out with men and feel asexual.
I also laugh at them and make fun of them blantly when they act retarded and it's hilarious to watch them attempt to justify their sperg.
I honestly went from loving men to hating them all and it's thing that could happen to me. I wish I could post pics of my libfem phase vs now

No. 1104572

Very based and sexy of you

No. 1104577

Nonnas, I know I'm supposed to feel bad for other women and stuff like that, but theres this scrote worshipper that got mad after I called her middle aged divorced boyfriend and loser and started harassing me after that, then later I found out she is been constantly cheated on, beat, apparently got aids from him, and also knocked up. She then turned into a camwhore to maintain him. All I can think is that it serves her right for defending a stupid scrote, and that this should be a cautionary tale for every girl that decides to do the same. I know that girl is still out somewhere saying I "did it cause I was jealous", and I hope she copes harder at her awful decisions. I have 0 sympathy for her, I know I should feel bad about it, but I honestly don't care.

No. 1104584

I hate men but after being shit on and used by men for years I enjoy giving one's I have to see often enough attention that they basically fall over themselves to help me. I had one basically blurt out he loves me the other day in front of another coworker. I'm quite content to never date a man again but to continue to have them all think if they help me and be nice I'll fuck them or whatever. The way married men act towards me makes me never want to get married and when I say give them attention, I ask how their days are and smile at them.

No. 1104590

>woman defends a scrote
>gets beaten, gets aids, cheated on and forced into sex industry
>she deserves(?) it
I hope this is a bait because that woman's life sounds like a nightmare. She's probably in too deep now, she won't be able to find anyone else so she has to stick with him. That's vile.

No. 1104607

Unfortunately it sounds like she was brainwashed by a scrote and you got the shit stick of it. I feel bad for her but I understand where you're coming from because it was probably frightening for you too nonnie. Maybe you could ring into a domestic violence helpline for her? It's sad but these situations are common in DV. When I was a teen, some older male 'friends' (early 20s) tried to convince me to get into sex work for the money, I used to defend them that they had my best interests in mind and wanted me to make money/rich(this was when twitch was getting big on clevage, belle, and onlyfans) until I realized they were grooming me. I think my defensiveness came from fear that they could possibly do that and I was in denial.
Men are trash, making eye contact with a man for a second too long gives them the wrong message, let alone smiling.

No. 1104609

I want to be rude to men but I'm too nice for that. Once I had a guy trying to joke with me that sales haven't started yet when I was looking at a display in front of a semi-expensive department store by myself and I asked him who the fuck he was and told him to fuck off when he started to stutter. He left and I felt bad about it for days kek. I think he expected a completely different reaction given how shocked he was but I've been made fun of for being dirt poor for way too long to handle this kind of shitty small talk. What's your secret?

No. 1104620

Did you miss the part where the woman harassed her? I get what she's saying, even if the woman in question is an abuse victim once she starts hurting other women I lose all sympathy. It just makes me upset because they'd rather get angry at other women rather than their scrote.

No. 1104632

My confession is that I think women who get manipulated by men are beyond dumbasses, men are easily the most stupid, unreliable, idiotic, self-incriminating people on earth I don't understand how the fuck some women still fall for their cheap tricks unless they're already extremely mentally ill or literally retarded
>He brainwashed her!!
Nigga please she's not a kid

No. 1104636

I used to be an ugly, awkward weeaboo who fell over herself to please people. I'm lucky that I wasn't interested in guys or dating as a teen because I would've gotten my heart crushed for sure.

I got a nose job in my mid twenties and my confidence skyrocketed, I started going to parties and then had a heartbreaking realization that men are so much nicer to me now than before. They'll do anything for a crumb of pussy from me and I hate them for it, because the same kinds of guys who give me attention now used to bully me then.

I'm not rude to men because I grew up trying to be extra sweet to everyone to "make up" for the fact that I was an uggo, so many of them see me as easy to talk to and approachable I suppose. This, however, attracts the worst of the worst and I really wish I could just nun it up but there aren't any women's monasteries in my country.

No. 1104650

I like dorian electra‘s music

No. 1104689

I don't think you understand how much continous abuse breaks down people mentally.

No. 1104697

This is bait.

No. 1104715

No. Just because she's rude doesn't mean she deserved all of this.

No. 1104727

She wasn't just rude, but she HARASSED her. Directed her anger towards an innocent woman and harassed her instead of using that anger to better her position in some way. Obviously, she didn't deserve the abuse that originally happened to her, but the fact that she still has the capacity to get mad at women means she isn't some passive innocent angel who couldn't hurt a fly. Do you see what I'm saying? At some point you need to take accountability for the situation and how you react to other people. Obviously the abuse didn't break her down completely because she's getting mad at women but not her dumbass scrote.

No. 1104768

>t. doesn't understand abuse

No. 1104770

Getting mad isn't harassment. Stop expecting a person who got aids and abuse from a man to act rational.

No. 1104779

It doesnt justify her reaction either. Sorry but so many anons will scream “poor women uwu” at abuse victims while ignoring the fact these women will raise daughters and will blame THEM for their rape. These same “innocent” victims raise sons and teach them its ok to rape girls cuz girls are “worthless” to them.

No. 1104783

I dont feel bad for scrote worshippers. These women will eventually make their daughters feel worthless or even pimp them out. Scrote worshipping women shouldnt exist. Theyre so fucking damaging to young girls.

No. 1104793

sorry this is problematic as all hell but i do think vaginas are quite gross and i can't say i blame any man (or even woman lol) for not wanting to put their mouth on one. good thing i'm straight, if i was a lesbian i'd be very single lol

No. 1104795

If you were a lesbian you wouldn't think they were gross kek this is just your sexuality working.

No. 1104796

Not always true, I am straight but I don't find vaginas ugly at all. I even get turned on by seeing one

No. 1104798

I'm straight but I don't find vaginas gross or ugly. Sounds like some self-hating shit, honestly.

No. 1104800

Honestly same. I hate to say it bc "hur hur bagina nasty" is so misogynistic but seriously. I'm straight too unsurprisingly but I can def be turned on by breasts and naked women. Touching a vagina tho… nope. I did try going down on my friend once during a messy drunken threesome many years ago and it smelled like a dusty shelf?? I immediately noped out.

No. 1104802

>I can def be turned on by breasts and naked women. Touching a vagina tho… nope.
This sounds like every pornsick scrote's mentality ever.

No. 1104803

Ok? Sorry for existing kek

No. 1104804

Straight but turned on by pussy? Are you sure about the straight part.

No. 1104806

Can you read?

No. 1104807

honestly though, why are so many men disturbed by vaginas? like, shouldn't they love them? a grown ass man once told me he thought vaginas were scary.

No. 1104809

>Not always true, I am straight but I don't find vaginas ugly at all. I even get turned on by seeing one

No. 1104810

I only desire sex with men, so I'm straight. I just get turned on seeing vaginas, makes me want to put my fingers in or something lol

No. 1104811

kek I feel the same way but about dicks. I really hate the way they move and function, it reminds me too much of maggots

No. 1104813

Kek anon, you can’t say anything here sometimes without being called a scrote

No. 1104816

Femboys are genuinely funny to me. Men are making these male characters and giving them womanly hips and feminine styling and retarded coomer computer chimps go apeshit over it. I love seeing them being brainwashed into thinking that they, unwashed, ugly and skinnyfat NEETs, can put on some stripey socks and wear a pair of woman's shorts and they'll totally look like this anime man that looks just like a woman. It's such a clear sign of terminal online coomerism. It's amusing to watch them post selfies with their shittily applied eyeliner (always a few centimeters away from their actual waterline) and their retarded anime girl but-really-to-hide-male-pattern-baldness overcombed hairstyle. Thank god for covid because then they can put on a mask and hide their disgustingly manly jaws and all they have to do is put up a peace sign like an animu loli trap but they always just look like pathetic mentally ill retards kek.

No. 1104817

why is it okay for straight women to find penis gross but not for straight men to find vaginas gross? even though the latter is usually more gross than the former(gay moid)

No. 1104819

>I only desire sex with men
>I just get turned on seeing vaginas, makes me want to put my fingers in
Anon you're trolling right.

No. 1104821

>even though the latter is usually more gross than the former
hard disagree, most men don't wipe after peeing and often get dick cheese

No. 1104822

What's so hard to get? I only want to have sex with/romance men, my fantasies consist of men, it's just, if I do see a vagina, I am turned on.

No. 1104823

Straight men finding vaginas gross encourages their misogynist behavior. It's the reason that japanese artist got arrested for obscenity for making vagina kayaks as an art project, meanwhile the japanese have penis festivals celebrating, you guessed it, penises.

No. 1104825

I understand you anon!!!

No. 1104826

balls are universally ugly and disgusting

No. 1104827

vaginas also get smegma, and there's also the blood and the fact that they're more prone to infections… sorry but oral on a female is such a turn off, if a guy wanted to do that to me i would dump him

No. 1104829

Finally kek, thanks.
I think they're cute…

No. 1104830

cannot believe how some anons actually agree that vaginas are grosser than dicks when 90% of men don’t even clean their dicks at all in their entire lives

No. 1104831

now youre being too obvious

No. 1104832

What's with all the obvious bait in this thread, is it one anon desperate and bored to start an infight or a moid raid?

No. 1104833

I am curious, when you say you are turned on by vaginas, do you mean only vulva? Or also inside the outer labia and the actual vaginal canal?

No. 1104834

Yeah sure anon wanting to finger vaginas is totally straight behaviour.

No. 1104836

i’d say brain damage but I think at this point you don’t even have a brain

No. 1104837

Can we add the "why would anyone find a vagina appealing they're fucking disgusting, I'd never let a man touch me there ever but penises are so cute" to the list of bait. These anons cannot be serious lmao.

No. 1104838

Anons are just that retarded I think. I have some opinions that would make a bunch of anons rage that are genuine.

No. 1104839

nonna I don't know what to say, I simply disagree heavily, but good for u

No. 1104840

No. 1104841

meh i think semen reeks way more than blood, plus the blood's not always around 24/7

No. 1104842

lmao it’s so off the charts insane and obvious no true vagina owner would be so oblivious and uneducated about their own body come on now

No. 1104843

Because it's pushed by media that vaginas are gross, that women need to shave/wax, use scented products, etc, while men's dicks are fine naturally even though they don't even wipe after pissing and need to be circumsized because they can't even wash their dicks properly. It's just self-hating pickme shit for women to think vaginas are gross, they will grow up eventually.

No. 1104845

You're willfully ignorant then, sorry it hurts your fee fees

No. 1104847

File: 1647790118806.jpeg (87.07 KB, 750x750, CD61A61F-2D26-4191-A4FE-74D664…)

okay, i hope he picks you and you enjoy your orgasm free relationship

No. 1104848

Lmao keep kidding yourself retard

No. 1104849

go back

No. 1104850

i bet youre the anon talking about enjoying anal too constantly kek

No. 1104851

No that is degenerate, sorry anon

No. 1104854

It's not just the retarded opinions themselves that smell of bait, it's the way they're worded in conjunction with the topics. Could also be younger anons.

No. 1104855

Not just the vulva, everything. I think it's a little cute. Like, I want to put my fingers inside and feel or kiss it. Or just cup it to feel the heat.
There is no use convincing you.

No. 1104856

Reminds me of moids who genuinely think vaginas are disgusting/unhygienic, but will turn around and fuck a crossdressing man in the ass. People are wild.

No. 1104858

Make it make sense, truly reeks of male logic.
>vaginas are so nasty
>fucks a literal shit hole
>or likes unwashed phallic things that look straight out of the alien movies

No. 1104860

how is she kidding herself?

No. 1104861

There are billions of people in the world with endless combinations of lifestyles and preferences. It's really not a stretch to believe that a straight woman can think vaginas are unappealing sexually and she enjoys her own body and yes! orgasms too. How is that hard to wrap your mind around. The naysaying anons are so misogynistic tbh. Women have all kinds of opinions, shocking I know.

No. 1104862

When I do that to my girlfriend, are we actually acting straight according to you?

No. 1104863

No. 1104864

While we're at it, women are disgusting and pathetic and unclean while men are superior. Respect my opinion because women have all kinds of opinions and we should accept them all.

No. 1104865

Ngl anon this sounds gay and I'm the anon who said she can be turned on by breasts

No. 1104868

This is libfem logic, how are women who like or are at least comfortable with their vaginas misogynistic? Honestly some women need to be bullied by other women so they can get over themselves like the vagina-hating beckies being made fun of by the comfortable-with-my-sex-organs stacies

No. 1104869

No no anon, my vagina is awesome. It's other vaginas that gross me out. It's literally not hard to understand.

No. 1104871

NAYRT but there’s a difference between accepting every woman’s opinion and proclaiming that women simply can’t have certain opinions/say or do certain things. Loads of anons on this site do it and it’s fucking retarded

No. 1104872

gonna spend all my day laughing at
>if a man offered to go down on me i’d dump him
thank you so much this is gonna get me through my day

No. 1104873

I realized that whenever I left a workplace (as in I resigned or I was fired), that I was more attached to the office space itself (the cleanliness of the workspaces, the work tools like the laptops, headsets, etc) than the people I worked with. Like I spend more time thinking about how the office looked and how it smelled and things like that than the people themselves.

No. 1104874

If a woman thinks vaginas are "ewwww gross" she's a pick-me retard and she WILL be made fun of. Women aren't exempt from criticism just because it hurts your fee-fees.

No. 1104876

Because they are telling other women that they must be men, hate themselves, will never orgasm, like degenerate butt sex, must be bait, etc. etc. etc. because of their opinions and preferences?

No. 1104877

You are so dense. I am saying I only want to fuck and date men. I only think about men in a sexual light. You are not straight because you are into women sexually. Like, I am not thinking "Man, I want a cute girlfriend" I am thinking "Man, I want a cute boyfriend". Do you get it now? Like while typing out >>1104855 I got a little turned on only because I was thinking about it, but I never think about it unless provoked. I just think about wanting a cute guy.

No. 1104878

when your opinions are that retarded it’s entirely deserved, some of you are brain dead and deserve to be shamed

No. 1104879

File: 1647791109453.gif (4.42 MB, 480x270, 1568475464428.gif)

Anon… Me too actually. I don't see myself ever eating out a woman though, but I like vaginas in general.

No. 1104880

You gonna be ok?

No. 1104881

Obviously straight women aren't going to find vagina sexually appealing but anon is saying that she thinks vaginas are gross and dirtier than penises and she wouldn't like if her man wanted to go down on her, BUT she also thinks vaginas are cute and wants to finger one. That's not sexuality, it's just anon being weird about vaginas.

No. 1104883

Where did I fucking say her opinion was exempt from criticism? Anons on this site have a really rigid idea of what “women are like” and any deviation from that is discarded as “not the correct way to be a woman”. It smacks of traditionalist thinking and it’s fucking weird

No. 1104884

nta but i think you’re mixing up two anons

No. 1104885

Oh maybe, it all sounded like the same anon to me.

No. 1104886

nah i don’t think the anon that is straight but wants to finger a vagina and finds them cute or whatever is the same as the autist saying vaginas are dirty and gross and any man who would eat a woman out is gross blah blah

No. 1104887

if you want to finger a vagina or kiss a vulva, you are thinking of women in a sexual light. Vaginas aren't objects, they're a part of a person. You can't separate that, unless you have some paraphilia.

No. 1104889

AYRT Yeahhh I agree that's super weird. Vaginas aren't "dirtier" than penises. And wanting to penetrate a vagina is pretty gay.

No. 1104890

Those were definitely different anons lol.

No. 1104891

The one thinking vaginas are gross is NOT me, ew ew. I'd dump my boyfriend if he didn't give me head. I was just describing that I am straight and think vaginas are cute.

No. 1104892

My apologies anon!

No. 1104894

You're talking about being turned on by women's sexual organs and wanting to do sexual things to them. Then you say you're straight, not bi. Don't you get that it sounds strange?

No. 1104898

My confession is related to this: I hate penises and male brains but i’m cursed with being heterosexual so I often find myself thinking my ideal partner would be a very well passing TIF, like looks male but has no penis and a female brain. I would never actually date a tif though so i’m just going to die alone because I hate men.

No. 1104899

There are women who think vaginas are disgusting, who think women having sex makes them whores, who believe that if a husband hits his wife it's her fault, and so on. Women who shame women in this manner are indeed failures as women.

No. 1104900

Nta but I posted in the stupid questions thread asking if straight women can be turned on by women and masturbate to women and still be straight and I was told that straight women can be memed into finding other women attractive because of the internet and how women's bodies are treated like commodities.

No. 1104902

I know, they're a part of a whole package of a fully-fledged woman. I was focusing on vaginas because that is the topic at hand.
God, I am not repeating myself. I am turned on by women when I am faced with one. Like if I see a woman in a sexual situation I'm like "wow I want to touch her like this or that" but without this, like in general I am only into men, and wanna fuck men. Jesus. If I don't ever see a naked woman, I won't think about it.

No. 1104904

I think a lot of same-sex arousal from heterosexual women comes from projecting their sexual experiences onto another woman then think they’re being aroused by her. I’ve seen straight women talk before about how they watch lesbian porn because it’s the only time they saw a woman being eaten out.

No. 1104908

Samefag; my confession is that I think I'm mostly straight but I will occasionally masturbate to thoughts of women. In fact it's all I really feel like masturbating to right now, anything else disinterests me at the moment. No this isn't bait I'm serious and I wish I could talk to other women who feel the same because it's confusing. I have struggled with my sexuality for years and I'm not a lesbian though I thought I was for a time, and every time I think I'm bisexual I tend to stick to one sex (which was men recently which is why I think I' straight), and now that I think I might be straight I'm getting off to women. The fuck is wrong with me.

No. 1104911

You just sound sorta run-of-the-mill bi whose preferences change from time to time. Bi-cycle, as they call it.

No. 1104913

to be honest i think most women just experience a certain level attraction to other women, maybe it doesn’t manifest sexually all the time and it can just come from how society conditions us to see women as the object of sexual desire i don’t think this is too strange

No. 1104915

So you don't actively pursue women but definitely would pleasure a vagina and enjoy it. Sounds pretty bisexual to me. I don't think you need to be dating both sexes to be considered bisexual.

No. 1104917

>I will occasionally masturbate to thoughts of women
Same for me except I masturbate almost only to thoughts of women instead of just occasionally, I'm straight too. I don't really get it and try not to think about it since I'm a loser virgin either way kek.

No. 1104919

I used to masturbate to lesbian porn when I was young bc penises were scary to me at that time

No. 1104925

i think that's common in a lot of women, most of whom end up with men anyhow. lesbian porn is so shit though.

No. 1104928

My deepest shame is that I used to get turned on by a furry comic (?) back in like, 2002, because real bodies were scary to me. Kek

No. 1104931

>So you don't actively pursue women but definitely would pleasure a vagina and enjoy it.
Yes exactly, like I'd pleasure a woman, I think I'd probably be the more active partner, she could just lay down and relax because when I see women in a sexual setting, I feel like wanting to do things TO her. But no, I'm not bi, I'm straight. I know it's a little weird, but I know myself.

No. 1104932

Samefag omggg I found it. It was called Better Days brb gonna shoot myself

No. 1104933

don't mind if i do

No. 1104934

If it makes you feel better, I used to get off to Moon Over June as a young tween. Unlimited internet access was a mistake.

No. 1104941

you just sound pornsick to me

No. 1104944

Ugh I am reading the "wikifur" (kek) of Better Days and it's killing me. I was very young and didn't know any better
We stand together anon. Idk what Moon Over June is and I don't want to know so I'll take your word for it that it's some degen furry-esque shit
>Unlimited internet access was a mistake
I blame my parents lmao

No. 1104946

emoticons are against the rules nonnie, I hope jannies will spare you Moon Over June was a sex comic about two lesbians (one a porn star and one a man-hating doctor) who are in an open relationship who both get pregnant accidentally. There's a lot of weird sex scenes with REALLY weird sex faces. It was a meme once way back in the day because the faces were insane kek.
I took one look at the Better Days wiki and the artstyle immediately rang alarm bells. I stand with you nona.

No. 1104947

Samefag; for >>1104944

No. 1104948

Perhaps. I don't watch porn, I actively despise it and stay away from porny places. Stopping right here, I'm probably getting annoying to other anons, sorry.

No. 1104950

I accept you for who you are anon. Life is too short!!

No. 1104951

Thanks for looking out! I noticed that too and reposted sans-emote. I was too overwhelmed by disgust lol
And wow… Moon Over June sounds equally debased. At least we didn't get sucked in… r-right, anon?

No. 1104952

I understand you anon i’m straight for the most part but I have a lot of dreams about having sex with women and eating a woman out is certainly something that I want to do eventually to get it out of my system

No. 1104956

Shoot me? Or read the furry comic? Anon pls no… save yourself

No. 1104969

File: 1647794875995.jpg (698.84 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20220320-174349_Chr…)

I googled this comic because it reminded of some random furry comic I recall reading in my childhood (thankfully it was nothing sexual) and not even 5 pages in it is already unbearable lmao.

No. 1104971

>8th grade
>I just let my 8th grade boyfriend fuck my brains out!
Holy fuck. Death immediately.

No. 1104973

What age is 8th grade?

No. 1104974

File: 1647795272689.jpg (40.65 KB, 371x504, moid.jpg)

AYRT, smh I know.. I'm looking at it too. Lord.


No. 1104985

Oh god, I read this when I was young too. Ridiculous right wing incest furfag comic

No. 1104991

File: 1647796144947.gif (68.16 KB, 576x841, 90A85936-E9E6-41C1-A53F-A518F9…)

What the fuck is this

No. 1104992

File: 1647796182404.jpg (23.56 KB, 298x193, bd.jpg)

kek it's so bad

No. 1104994

A retard wrote this and my mind cannot be changed kek what is this.

No. 1104997

File: 1647796502569.png (59.78 KB, 980x363, 2018-08-23-1015-time-out.png)

anyone here ever read Sandra and Woo ?

No. 1104998

File: 1647796598882.gif (63.84 KB, 566x836, 6205D9C6-3496-4878-AB45-A7FCF2…)

>in the name of Susan B Anthony …

No. 1105001

File: 1647796662345.jpg (677.68 KB, 2560x1920, 91g7-la6 rL._RI_.jpg)

I hate how genuinely cute the characters are, what a fucking waste. There is a new Redwall cartoon in the works and I'm terrified of what the furries will do to it. I've managed to completely avoid the fandom up until now because it isn't all that popular, but once the Netflix show comes out I just know that's going to be ruined for me.

No. 1105004

File: 1647796912776.jpg (69.1 KB, 663x280, Screenshot 2022-03-20 102135.j…)

No. 1105006

These little characters are so cute! I remember my brother loved these books when we were kids. Thankfully he is not a furry.

No. 1105013

The books are beautiful! The early 2000s cartoon series was very well done as well and follows the first three books, I recommend watching them if you haven't already and are enjoy cartoons. They have such a unique feeling because of their medieval style. Tim Curry voices a villain in the second season!

No. 1105015

Their lil legs are way too cute. I'll have to check it out!

No. 1105017

File: 1647797448402.gif (75.36 KB, 562x836, 7105C74C-9BCE-4DEA-8381-3DD2A1…)

>black people are hyenas

No. 1105018

File: 1647797541317.jpg (43.05 KB, 500x464, 1640380897966.jpg)

really feel we should have a Furry hate thread at this point, those fuckers deserve it

No. 1105021

kek why don't we?

No. 1105042

i need this as another childhood victim of better days

No. 1105047

Okay i lost it

No. 1105051

No. 1105071

I started working at a suicide line but my goal is to subtly convince moids and trannies to off themselves. I'm just going to be a super cold bitch while on the line and I hope it really does inspire some people to kill themselves. The best part is I can say whatever on the line without it being recorded so I have no chance of being punished.

No. 1105072

File: 1647800359812.png (191.23 KB, 1428x858, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 2.15…)

when i got drunk on paddys day, i sent these really embarassasing angry drunk texts to a guy i was dating for four months, who then stopped seeing me to start seeing his ex again, then we hung out again to catch up, and he kissed me and tried to cheat on her with me. i feel kinda cringe about it but also kinda proud of myself for finally standing up for myself. i blocked him again after these. i dont even care how crazy i look

No. 1105079

I'm proud of you anon. Sure, they do look kinda crazy but I think I understand where you're coming from. Why do you have to hurt and internalize how he humiliated you and he can just walk away feeling good about himself, not having to hear anything about how shitty his behavior is? And honestly, this is not going to be any teaching moment for him or anything but like you've said, you had an opportunity to stand up for yourself. Sometimes a "classy" quiet exit we're always encouraged to do is not what will be the most healthy. If what you did feels liberating, then you did a right thing. Just never unblock him and live your life from now on, free.

No. 1105081

File: 1647800877303.jpeg (115.82 KB, 2048x1124, 4E0D4D39-F58A-47D5-A82E-96160C…)

My bf hasn’t been attentive in the sex department for a while and it’s effected me so much I seriously considered fucking my roommate, I feel bad because my bf is depressed and busy but fuck me I crave male attention.

No. 1105094

Take your meds

No. 1105119

File: 1647802525872.gif (952.32 KB, 224x336, cat_fight.gif)

this is bait

No. 1105120

No. 1105121

proud of you, nonny

No. 1105125

Fucking tell him then

No. 1105128

I have. I wouldn’t act on it I’m just ashamed the thought even came to my head.

No. 1105146

File: 1647805338976.jpg (14.47 KB, 358x278, A_Country_Practice_1981_title_…)

Whenever I'm watching any kind of a show that takes place in a country other than my own, it always makes me want to move there. Like when I watch an English sitcom, I start looking at flats in London and start fantasizing about moving there but then if I watch an Australian one after that suddenly I have this desire to move there. Same thing with vlogs. I'm ridiculous

No. 1105159

I have to hide the MTF thread sometimes because I get so fucking pissed reading some of it. Even just in passing when I'm on the main snow page it pisses me off some of the shit I see.
Shayna thread does this to me as well, when she does something hypocritical or disgusting i'm just like, "nope fuck this identical bullshit"

No. 1105202

Same. Both those threads are seriously anger inducing. The cows are just so ridiculous and gross. That plus the infighting and shit flinging between anons that happens in both those threads really makes my mood drop and is too depressing some days. I think it's good to step away from certain threads from time to time for your own mental health. Especially when it comes to what the trannies are up to, it makes me lose faith in the world when they get to do the most disgusting shit and get away with it. I jut feel irrationally upset and have to nope out and distract myself to feel better.

No. 1105206

File: 1647808758458.jpeg (122.88 KB, 722x926, FOOTYHlaAAMh47U.jpeg)

I want to have sex with him sooooo bad!

No. 1105214

Same anon but who is he

No. 1105222

nta but Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen I believe

No. 1105223

I feel like I'm losing it day by day, I don't know who I am anymore, I don't enjoy doing anything but scrolling online, I'm not looking forward to anything, I'm pushing friends away… Hope it's only momentary and things will get better but with how the world is going I feel like it's just going to get worse.

No. 1105224

The horny thread in /g/ was made for posts like these.

No. 1105354

is this yuuji or natsu

No. 1105429

I just realized I've been using this site pretty much daily for three years and it makes me kind of want to kms.

No. 1105514

I'm feeling the same way nonny, after my cat passed away suddenly a couple months ago I feel like I'm distancing myself from anyone around me. I'm stressed all the time and acting pretty out of character. Can you pinpoint a certain event that kickstarted this? I think that might be a start to put you on a better track.

No. 1105526

I used to work in a call center for a poorly managed corporate building where I would have customers yell at me daily. They often had good reason because of our horrible policies, so I managed to keep calm. One time, however, I was at my breaking point. A guy calls and instantly goes "if you don't fix this now, I'm gonna come down to your office and shit on your desk!" to which I replied "alright I'll make sure to take a picture of it," and hung up. Didn't get fired. No idea if anyone heard or why I chose those words, but from what I gathered he didn't call again.

No. 1105705

i definitely lost braincells and intelligence the last 2 years and i blame it on drugs and isolation. i can't focus on reading anything longer than 30 minutes. i also spend so much money. if i had friends it would fix everything. but here comes the catch 22, if i am so unintelligent and boring now, who would want to be friends with me? fucking hell

No. 1105713

I wish I was a man so that my mother wouldn't think I'm a whore for wanting to go to a gynecologist.

No. 1105729

File: 1647851034688.jpg (48.61 KB, 666x356, Tumblr_l_353734545933652.jpg)

There's something seriously wrong with my brain, nonnies. I pretend online to be male because it's funny and I also sexually harassed all egirls I encountered in the #general. Now the bit goes too far and they start dming me and I'm not sure what part of the flirting was an ironic larp and what not. Like there's one especially that genuiely seems so kind and interesting but idk what to do because we only started talking because I was talking about how I have higher virility and stronger sperm than the simp that was hitting on her. I genuiely was just laughing because typing the most retarded things I can think of in the moment does that.

I even have a husband that I'm happily with - what the fuck is wrong with me. I can't even properly tell him that because he just calls me quirky and to just stop talking to them, if it makes me feel bad. But I can't.

No. 1105730

But if you were a man she would think you're a nonce for wanting to go to one.

No. 1105739

if he was real and i got to meet him i would call him a slut to his face and tell him to cover up

No. 1105742

i'd also call him old and fat

No. 1105743

I've always been like this since puberty (I'm 29) and I've always had my ups and downs, I've lost several friends because I ghosted them during horrible mood swings. I think the second lockdown turned my brain to mush, it's definitely a turning point for my current mental health.

No. 1105755

what discord does to a mf

No. 1105792

If I was a man I wouldn't need to go to one because men never have problems with their reproductive areas, and if they do it's because they cause them to themselves.

No. 1105890

I've been slimming down and being more active and honest to god sorry to trigger anyone but Kate moss was right. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Ive gained so much confidence and feel like I can be an active person and move around without drawing negative attention to myself. Maybe some day I'll be able to go swimming with people outside of my family lol

No. 1105916

I don't even really like men, much less bald ones, but I saw this very attractive bald guy with a beard at the hardware store and I feel betrayed by myself for checking him out. He was tall, vaguely Hispanic-looking, probably mid-30s, and dressed pretty well albeit definitely blue-collar, and from his movements he seemed athletic. I know that guys like that are either happily married or horribly misogynistic creeps, and from prior experience my personality usually ends up confusing them and/or pissing them off, but that does nothing to curb my deranged imaginations.

No. 1105925

This and men are so fucking careless with women's private parts. Shoving their disgusting unwashed hands all around women's urethra and vagina, not washing their dicks for days and demanding raw sex. I don't hook up with men anymore for this reason since all of them seem to have zero issue with giving us UTIs

No. 1105962

>sees people talking about how X person has dead eyes
>"i don't get it, their eyes look pretty normal"
>horrific realization I have dead eyes too
What the fuck should I do nonnas, is this a sign I'm going to off myself?

No. 1105967

ngl I love the feeling of hunger and I'm mad I haven't really felt hungry in a few days. Not even ana-chan but it feels weird to eat while not actually wanting to. Congrats on the weight loss.

No. 1105973

Certain ethnicities naturally have 'dead eyes', especially if you're white/pale and have dark irises or if you have deep-set and/or heavy-lidded eyes. I wouldn't put too much stock into it since Timmy Chlamydia for example looks like an expired trout and people still find him attractive, and I'm sure you're prettier than he is.

No. 1105977

My eyes are both unsettling and dead looking at the same time. They're my favorite feature for that reason. Dead or sad looking eyes can be cute!

No. 1105990

My parents had me in their late 30s and I resent them for it. I was the only child and always felt set back on everything. They were always so slow with everything, couldn't parent well, and when I became a teenager it felt like I was an outcast because they were way too old to relate to me, they were almost 60 when they saw me graduate and now I'm having kids and family of my own I also have to worry about what the fuck to do with them while they're aging

Now I see people in their 40s and 50s having their first kid and it makes me sick to my stomach. Why does no one accept mortality being inevitable anymore? Why would you set yourself up in a situation where you'll have literally teenagers in your 60s or 70s? Why would you force your poor child to be a caregiver for you in their college years? It's already hard enough for college students being forced to work jobs with tons of homework on the side and filler classes. I can't respect anyone who has kids that late it's truly an extremely selfish act

No. 1105997

>Certain ethnicities naturally have 'dead eyes'
This seems like a cope. I'm a WOC and I wanted "dead eyes" as a kid because I thought they were "aesthetic". Never happened, no one ever said I had them (even when insulting me), ended up having to make a pouty face instead lol

No. 1106013

I wish I never needed to sleep.

No. 1106020

Dead eyes occurs in blue eyed white people if anything

No. 1106021

File: 1647887441928.jpg (107.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I would fuck a tranny as long as he's cute, thin, femenine looking, doesn't have fake balloon tits, and isn't misogynistic.(moid)

No. 1106023

oh and good hygene. He has to have a penis too.

No. 1106024

can any of you send examples? i am so very curious about what you're talking about. i never encountered people talking about ''dead eyes' except in the mtf thread kek
mfw i have dead eyes like op

No. 1106025

So he wouldn't be a tranny in the first place kek.(ignore moids)

No. 1106034

Any transgender person is a tranny

No. 1106039

even tho i have a BA in economics i don't understand the first thing when it comes to finances, and buying a home has made me feel like a literal retard. there are so many numbers and industry phrases being thrown around and i dont feel like i can ask questions because you would have to sit me down and explain everything from the absolute ground up

No. 1106062

I have dead eyes too, dark eyes and pale skin combo with deepset eyes. I've had people tell me I look very scary, sad!

No. 1106067

Part of why I can never be close to my family is because of how restrictive they were. Where I draw the line is that my mom looked through my stuff as a 21-24 year old adult and she'd throw out underwear she didn't like (thongs) and any sex toys I bought (I only had 1 at a time, but they would mysteriously disappear). Sometimes I feels tugs on my heart that I should go visit, but then the complaining that I never visit enough or that I don't bring around my partner gnaw on me. She has 4 other kids who are living with her or dote on her. Even if she didn't, I don't have an obligation to visit her. My life was hell being trapped at either home or church as I was homeschooled. I blend in with the average person now, but it was such a journey fraught with frustration and pain. Learning to be this way I am now took time. I want to enjoy my life, not visit and be reminded of the past. She and my dad would take very explicitly about my sex life when I used to go over to my boyfriend's house when I was an adult. This is coming from parents who only worried about protecting their reputation when I explained how I was being molested by a sibling. So, no, you all don't get free access to me.

No. 1106070

I feel for you and hope you're doing better now, anon. At first I thought they still saw you as a child and got scared you'd be taken advantage of by someone and restricted you because of that but the rest makes me think it's other way around. They only care about their reputation.

No. 1106085

What bothered me so much is that it wasn't like I was leaving this stuff in plain sight, my mom would look through my stuff as an adult. It really disturbs me looking back on it. I came from a family where long tank tops that fully covered your chest and butt was considered immodest on me as a 12-14 year old and this is considering the fact that I didn't have a huge bust or anything. I screwed up by admitting I wasn't religious when I was 10, this made them really strict with me as compared to my siblings. Anything I drew or wrote was held against me (we weren't allowed TVs, computer access, or video games, of course) and I got in trouble for once drawing a character with a crop top….I remembered "fixing it" i.e. erasing the line and redrawing the same girl in a suit and including notes about how much better she looked modest because I knew my mom would find it anyway and I didn't want to get in trouble. I hide leaflets of my drawings in existing books that were in different rooms of the house as that was the only way to evade my mom. I oddly don't carry any bitterness towards her, just confusion on how she expected her behavior to mold me. It's weird as hell confiscating your daughter's underwear you don't approve of, like they weren't even sexy thongs, just cotton thongs with waistbands and I was well above the legal age of consent and she knew I had sexual relationships before then.

No. 1106130

This. I had barely anything at 12 and my parents shamed me for wearing a tank top because a waiter looked down my shirt

No. 1106253

File: 1647908353077.jpg (451.42 KB, 988x1810, IMG_20210604_164506.jpg)

I once defended a cow who got kicked out of the Lolita community it was endemic to - initially taking pity upon it and believing her story

learned a valuable lesson when I personally was subject to this bitch's hollow violent threats, over the top tantrums and slowly began to unpick the truth from the massive web of lies she had created

No. 1106268

sometimes i worry that being trans is some sort of being born as and that im gonna reach old age and realize how happier i'd had been if i had trooned out. i remember when i was like 5 telling my mom i wanted to be a boy but i don't remember why and like all throughout middle school and some of highschool i was a fakeboi. i contribute that to fujoshiism but even now i catch myself going "huh?" when i see other people calling me she/girl. but its not like im dysphoric. i hate to sound like im fucking nonbinary but i think i do think of myself first as a person rather then a woman.

No. 1106269

My anachan sister caused me to have an eating disorder because she would compare herself to me all the time. Since shes taller shed brag how shes the same weight as me even though im short as a hobbit. Always grabbing my skin and whatever chub she could grab just to ask me: how are your x so fat? And then when i nearly died from my ED, she was the first to ask me why i take everything she says so seriously. When i started gaining weight back she found it in her right to do it all over again. I would want to wish her ill, but she's rotten inside and out.

No. 1106274

I am so lonely and isolated that I’ve started talking to my stuffed animals like I used to when I was a kid and lonely and scared. I’ve only interacted with my parents in the past 3 years. I haven’t spoken to anyone else. I’m looking at new studies right now to turn into my Wilsons.

No. 1106275

File: 1647911394829.gif (5.95 MB, 640x588, bitch-me-too-the-fuck.gif)

> i do think of myself first as a person rather then a woman.

This is not the unique experience you think it is

No. 1106281

log off twitter and you won't feel that way anymore. dumb pick me

No. 1106284

Stop using social media and sites with unironic tranny memes.

No. 1106295

>i remember when i was like 5 telling my mom i wanted to be a boy
Girl me too and I also remember telling my mom I wanted to be a power ranger, so what? Go outside and maybe slow down on the yaoi.

No. 1106314

>think of myself first as a person rather then a woman
Almost every woman on earth thinks of herself as a person who happens to be female. Why would you ever be thinking of these in your mind as contradictory states. Remember that however you are going around being a woman in the world, that there is no wrong way for you as a female person to be looking or acting like a woman. You do not need to "feel like" or "identify with" being a woman, if you are female, you just are, it's not that deep. Making choices that involve denying reality are always going to be ones that will inevitably lead to UNhappiness. Getting your head out of the gutter that is navel gazing about "gender" is the actual path to happiness

No. 1106411

I think you should re-examine what "woman" means to you, and why you feel at odds with it. No shame, society wants us to internalize all sorts of things on what it means and blame ourselves, but really take it apart
Fucking up your hormones and chopping off your tits won't correct the incongruity in your mind, it'll just leave you in an endless chase for the unattainable, and turn you into an oversensitive, unstable wreck always seeking validation and fighting with people over small things (because they'll set you off like nothing else). For the sake of your own emotional state, you'll be forced to surround yourself primarily with other troons, who may or may not lash out at you, groom you and/or make your life miserable for their own gain. You'll also forever be indebted to the medical industry as you try to deal with side effects and other health issues, like a slave. Even if you "pass" socially, it'll be a constant battle to silence the voice in your mind that knows you're "tricking" people for dopamine, and you'll constantly be on edge about it
Committing yourself to a life of delusion and mutilation of what's not actually broken is not only indicative of self-harm tendencies, it directly feeds into them. I don't recommend it at all

No. 1106429

I shamefully went into friend collector mode the other day at work and was asking for coworkers steam handles after discussing steam vidya. I don't really care to go out of my way and game with them, it's just that I secretly wanted to rub it in a few select people's faces that I'm socializing without them and fulfill this lame and desperate revenge fantasy/delusion I have. And to my well-deserved nonsurprise, no one has added me still ;_;

No. 1106440

I keep getting advertisements related to diabetes on my laptop and phone, and I'm worried this is one of those cases where the targeted ad algorithms can predict your health issues before you do. Like that story about how Target algorithms predicted a girl was pregnant before her parents knew.

No. 1106445

>i do think of myself first as a person rather then a woman
Anon, this is literally normal. The only people who don't think women as people first are a. men and b. troons

No. 1106447

i only think of myself as a woman when i get my period.

No. 1106448

this is very creepy and reminds me how i get obsessed over any uncomfortable feeling in my body, think it must be the most extreme condition, but still wait months to visit the doctor with it, because i am so scared. then it turns out to be almost nothing. then, i worry about it becoming worse as i age, since reading that women's pain gets swept under the rug at the doctors'.

No. 1106456

My fragrance diffuser has a color changing option, and I like to turn it to blue during the night before I go to sleep so I can feel like I'm a mermaid in the ocean

No. 1106459

yeh those things are awesome

No. 1106541

i like making people uncomfortable on purpose

No. 1106548

I exaggerate a lot if itll make others feel bad for me
I tell lies to people I love if it makes a difference
I tell the truth more often than not though
Sometimes I tiptoe my decisions so people can't be upset with me or have no moral basis to be mad despite it being emotionally justifiable
I sound psychotic lol

No. 1106551

Congratulations you are the average person

No. 1106582

I am honestly disappointed at the little advantage we women, as 50% of the population, take when it comes to male genitalia.

Men, unlike us, have external genital organs that are often within arm's reach. However, for some reason that has not yet come to mind, women are too respectful towards male genitals.

It's so easy to just grab their testicles and press hard whenever one of them disobeys you.
And no, before you accuse me of being a degenerate, I do not have a cock and balls torture fetish. It's just way too damn easy for how little women assert dominance.

He did not do the dishes after you spent hours making dinner? Press on their balls.
He made a joke on how hot you looked when you started dating compared to now, years later? Press on their balls.
You catch him looking at porn? Press on their balls, and sink your nails in HARD.

No. 1106587

And then he punches you in reaction? If it's a man I love he wouldn't be watching porn because I wouldn't date a man who watches porn.

No. 1106595

Why would a moid punch you? Ive kicked guys in their dicks before and they never touched me

No. 1106610

Nta but he'd be too gone to hurt you if you did that.

No. 1106615

He wouldn't be able to punch you, he'd be on the ground. My dad is a big guy and I've seen my tiny mom twist his junk during fights and take him down in an instant. My parents are both crazy people, but that's beside the point.

No. 1106618

>why would a mood punch you?
Dumbest question ever. You’re lucky you didn’t get punched

No. 1106629

This. I used to beat men and doing this ends them.

No. 1107052

I like to think of myself as completely asexual. The times when I feel aroused or horny make me very uncomfortable and unreal.

No. 1107061

I was punched by a moid for speaking up against him once i almost died this is such a dumb thing to say if they wouldn’t touch or hurt us none of us would be hating them rn

No. 1107086

I looked at a moid once and he almost vaporized me

No. 1107109

Based but you’ve been very lucky, a lot of them feel very justified in fully hurting you with their strength if you so much as slapped them

No. 1107123

you should read writing from detrans people. medical transition has so many possible side effects and cause extremely painful issues like pelvic organ prolapse. "true trans" is not a meaningful concept. Some people may benefit from transition but there's no telling if you will want to detransition of not in the future, regardless of how severe the dysphoria is.

No. 1107141

Ok I'm actually glad to hear this because I thought I was a really shitty person for this/like the only one

No. 1107183

I hold my poop all day while I am at work or in public places because I cannot deal with American restrooms not having bidets. I love my bidet so much, my queen

No. 1107268

File: 1647984916093.png (360.8 KB, 680x573, 958.png)

I learned about Munchausen from Hadaka Shitsuji

No. 1107390

>it'll just leave you in an endless chase for the unattainable, and turn you into an oversensitive, unstable wreck always seeking validation
sounds like you have a lot of internalized misogyny to unpack ngl

No. 1107393

No. 1107413

It will wash the poop into your vagina and cause infections

No. 1107432

Because I said trooning out does that to you? Weird that you say that, because I'm just saying what I've observed with FtMs kek. Same way MtFs can't ever be women and will forever screech "It's ma'am" and insist you affirm their identity, FtMs know they can't be men, and they do the same kind of shit
It's why being around trannies in general is exhausting tbh. You can't LARP your whole life, you just drag everyone down, sorry

No. 1107466

i've thought about making up an ideal bf to post about in the nigel thread because i'm convinced it'll help me manifest one kek my first and only relationship so far has been abusive and i just want to be happy

No. 1107514

women dissatisfied with status quo who are tired of experiencing sexism are fragile retards with bpd and do not possess the wherewithall to make informed decisions is what it sounds like you are saying. you're probably a scrote kek

No. 1107519

Cutting off your body parts, giving yourself health problems and insisting everybody call you a man isn't an informed or intelligent decision. In fact, it's the opposite and a fuckton of detransitioners will tell you just that, especially those who were encouraged into it from a young age.
If you're trying to claim it is, you're either an actual scrote (likely an incel/transcel), a wannabe scrote, or a groomer. This isn't /tttt/, we don't entertain delusions. You can't escape sexism via self-mutilation. In much the same way, anorexia isn't an "informed decision" to escape hatred of your body or sexualization from men, it's a mental illness

No. 1107541

You sound like a medieval peasant who thinks taking a bath will lead to bad humors seeping into your skin and giving you the plague

No. 1107556

Posted on the vent thread but it'd be better here
I watched a movie last night because an actor I went on a date with was in it and I wanted to see him being cute, though it felt weirdly embarrassing even though I was by myself because I've kissed him and I felt like a little fan girl. He's not in my state at the moment and I can't wait to unhinge his jaw with my pussy when he gets back

No. 1107575

File: 1648012849799.jpg (1.07 MB, 1890x2160, this is my life.jpg)

You know… since 2019, with the whole pandemic and what not, things just keep going downhill. Even before that I could see the deterioration of pretty much everything in general, every aspect in our lives, what we consume, what we do, who we are, everything has degraded significantly. Our quality of life is not good and won't get better. So after a lot of years and constant tragedy I just realised, is a dog eat dog world yes but I've decided to not be one of the dogs. I'm opting out of the eat or get eaten mentality, which I kinda love. Is almost as if I'm nonexistent but at the same time ever present. I exist for myself and myself only, suddenly my enemies disappeared, I was standing alone in a supposed "battlefield", I had no one to fight against. At first I was lost sure, but eventually you make a choice and I chose myself, because that's what matters to me. Since then I've focused on my physical, psychological and emotional health. No longer do I feel the need to justify anything I do to my almost imaginary enemy, because he no longer exists. If don't wanna eat something I don't do it, no explanation needed. If I don't wanna watch something I don't watch. If I wanna do anything, I just go and do it, no need to worry at all. Because I only exist with myself, everyone else is sill a dog and surely will be treated as a dog. But I pay them no mind anymore. I believe this is my key to true happiness, things just pass by and I see if they're worth my time and my health, that's it. A free mind in my free world.

No. 1107580

File: 1648013446919.jpeg (38.96 KB, 409x409, CCF737B4-268A-49A4-8D18-3E3324…)

Beautiful anon. Not long ago I came to the same general conclusion. Let's continue to thrive.

No. 1107600

That's great nona! let's thrive together.

No. 1107624

File: 1648018086116.gif (51.24 KB, 220x220, E98250BD-25D5-4ED5-9DB8-4E7FF2…)

When I was a kid I use to be a piece of shit and start fights with older boys. I took being tough and anti feminine very seriously. I’m lucky they didn’t hurt me too badly but wow i was a fucking retard for doing that. I do kinda admire my fearless schizo energy tho

No. 1107629

Same here, nonny. I did take some damage but did more!

No. 1107646

Every person who has never used a bidet thinks this. I was one of them. Proper bidet toilets shoot the water concentrated enough that the excess just falls back into the toilet, it doesn't dribble into your vag at all.
Portable wands with no water pressure are another story though

No. 1107658

He literally beat me up and was gonna keep going but someone stopped him it wasn’t one punch but ok keep thinking you can one up any moid because one was holding back once

No. 1107698

i might be schizophrenic but i am afraid to inquire diagnosis. i am normie passing but what if they determine that hearing things while sleep deprived is not fit to participate in society. i don't want to become unemployed, my life just barely started. and i heard the meds make you into a retard who will be more reliant on them while intellectually reduced so much that it makes you forget you even need them. that sounds like humiliating suicide with extra steps.

No. 1107702

does schizophrenia run in your family? doesn't it usually manifest when you are a little older?
>hearing things while sleep deprived
isn't this common? what do you hear?

No. 1107706

>hearing things while sleep deprived
Anon, auditory hallucinations when sleep deprived/falling asleep/waking up is extremely common and well documented. It has nothing to do with schizophrenia and every trained mental health professional knows this. You’re fine, go to sleep.

No. 1107709

if that's your only symptom you are not going to get a schizophrenia diagnosis over that. hallucinations suck no matter what though and you should talk to a doctor about ways to help with your insomnia.

No. 1107713

>does schizophrenia run in your family?
yeah and i am at the age where it usually starts. i heard it can happen, and i have shit sleep often. i used to smoke weed too, which gave me psychosis and delusions for a while when i did it multiple times a week, ironically, to help me sleep. that was very bad because i "hung out" with my friends multiple times, which turned out to be me hallucinating them, that i only realized after someone told me. back then i also feared that someone i pissed off in a group was coming to get me. while i knew that was unlikely, i still felt scared and paranoid.
i don't know, i hear/see/feel things the day after having bad sleep. unsure just how bad, i don't really look at the clock while trying to sleep, but i just remember tossing and turning. what i heard were, a few times my name in a crowd, sometimes a coworker said something mean, or my boyfriend some nonsense. i can recognize it is a hallucination by how i feel and how realistic it is.

thanks for replying, to be honest i would try managing it and staying healthy.

No. 1107715

Call it trauma or hormone issues but I do not care about sex, am not interested in sex, and feel no sexual desire anymore. I've been porn free for awhile and masturbate if I absolutely need to maybe once or twice a month. I don't miss it. I was never exactly a nympho before but it feels good to have freed my mind from that sort of thing. Yeah there's probably something wrong with me, but I just don't care enough to fix it. If I never have sex again, that doesn't really bother me. So whatever.

No. 1107747

File: 1648030495218.jpg (219.66 KB, 1000x523, Uroš Predić (1).jpg)

I truly wish I could find someone who appreciates male beauty like I do, not in the Fujos or gay men lust after male bodies, I appreciate the aesthetic more then anything

the oh-natural muscles, the straight or curly hair and the clear skin
Young male beauty is truly unique and great in its own way but I have yet to find a friend who appreciates male beauty the way I do

No. 1107750

I love men beauty in art but irl I would rather gouge my eyes out than have to see all that. Hope you find likeminded anons.

No. 1107761

File: 1648031464248.jpg (80.75 KB, 736x943, cutiecaprio.jpg)

you have found a friend in me.
their thick, swoopy hair. beautiful shoulders and bushy eyebrows. angular faces and builds. i even like their chest and tummy hair and pet my boyfriend's when we cuddle. i like how interesting and well-sculpted their beard and mustache can be.

that said, they squander most of it unless they consciously care about it. in reality evens stars like pic related would look unkempt and all-over-the-place without stylists, because men just can't be arsed to find the style that fits them. unless they are gay or into fashion anyway.

sometimes i imagine giving a makeover to the cute guys at school, transforming them into their full bishounen potential.

No. 1107763

No. 1107764

Anon stop you are just describing me, i love male bodies so much and just the aesthetic of beautiful manly men. I am a bit of a pervert though when it comes to the male body but not in a fujo or fag way, in a woman way which is acceptable. I love looking at men, especially paintings and sculptures, and I love drawing them too, there’s something really special about true male beauty. It’s a shame men in real life are gross and sick in the brain they’re beautiful as a concept but awfully applied to reality. If only they were unable to speak or hold opinions.

No. 1107765

I do appreciate the male body and the aesthetic, but I also lust. A lot of lust mhmmmm

No. 1107769

okay don't make it weird

No. 1107775

What is weird about that?

No. 1107777

File: 1648033031401.jpeg (65.08 KB, 640x562, romeo-and-juliet-shirt-1635244…)

i feel the same towards male beauty, then i interact with a male i don't already know irl and my fantasies are instantly shattered by how unhygienic and ignorant they are. they also all age terribly, i cannot recall ever finding an older male attractive compared to the many beautiful graceful older women out there

picrel is me when i google any actor who was hot when he was young and find current pictures of him looking like an egg with a beer gut

No. 1107778

File: 1648033098516.png (626.15 KB, 600x737, 43dee614961091.5628b3d6cf5d5.p…)

in terms of masc male builds I'm usually interested in very fit but natural bodies, punk rockers, marital artists and combat soldier, for me that's man in his most natural and

No. 1107783

I’m this anon >>1107764 and damn I used to be so in love with Henry Rollins, he was quite literally perfect I love his body and tattoos

No. 1107788

I like the look of a lot of the hardcore punk rockers, they probably smelled but I found their bodies to be beautiful

No. 1107790

okay other then henry rollins, any there any other buff punk rock dudes/bands ?

No. 1107791

If I'm attracted to a guy and find out he's more stupid than me it makes me want him more.

No. 1107793

File: 1648034149535.jpeg (195.39 KB, 1056x1004, 397B7950-061A-4670-AA7A-3D4399…)

true kek which is why it’s better to admire from far away
i’m a huge misfits fan so glenn danzig and doyle wolfgang (picrel)

No. 1107795

File: 1648034261923.jpeg (91.84 KB, 521x893, 1E43E003-946E-4613-8C90-AFC545…)


No. 1107798

I already know about those two, any others ?

No. 1107800

not that i can think of, punk was mostly scrawny dudes

No. 1107820

File: 1648036437170.jpg (109.23 KB, 1200x900, phil-anselmo-pantera-1200x900.…)

depends on the scene, Thrash metal has buff dudes, fans and bands alike
though imo they are often uglier

No. 1107823

my therapist said I have "bipolar eyes" and I was too embarrassed to ask her what she meant, but I can tell it isn't great

No. 1107838

I have no experience with therapists but that doesn't sound like a very professional thing to say, does it

No. 1107842

Mania eyes are a thing but theyre not a real indicator to go off on (((imo)))

No. 1107844

This probably sounds bad but I sorta want my grandma to die. I love her of course but its just shes been deteriorating for awhile. She freaks at anything I say. She's always been sorta sensitive but its just gotten so much worse as she aged. And now she's constantly coughing and sick. She wants to go to the hospital and while most of me wants her to come back part of me hopes she doesn't. I feel so horrible because I really do love her and know I'd miss her. I just hate seeing her like this

No. 1107846

felt the same way about grandpa, he was bed ridden, couldn't speak, in horrible pain and suffering in every existence
I could tell he was just waiting for death

No. 1107850

Necessaryspeed? At least you got some new pics to post now.

No. 1107862

File: 1648043241712.gif (1005.71 KB, 480x202, 112.gif)

TELL US THE ACTOR why don't nonnas ever spill when it comes to these stories?!

No. 1107867

Who are you Trisha paytas? Why can’t you tell us the actor!!!!!

No. 1107868

I thought this was Andrew Garfield at first glance

No. 1107870

In a world were dog eat dog let's be cats.

No. 1107871



You know, i am 100% sure i am attracted to men. Like I’m bi but i prefer men. But then I see straight women talk about men with such enthusiasm I can’t help but wonder if i’m just a comphet case because damn i think men are ugly as shit

No. 1107890

because it's cringe as all hell but I'm the dynasty anon from the stupid questions thread, I don't want to say his name in case it comes back to me in some way

No. 1107907

i wasn't talking about trannies you idiot. i was addressing the way you refer to women, but it seems like you are making that distinction anyway? fucking weird lol. you believe detransitioners are women but you still refer to them as a distinct class to distance them from respectable women. as if detrans are just hysterical broads? but they're distinct from women. but they are also infantile wandering wombs with underdeveloped brains who protest misogyny.

Ok retard at least believe what you say

No. 1107910

to make it clear: it doesn't look like you believe what you actually say you believe.

you call detransitioned women "women" while basically saying theyre suffering from hysteria, when the real reason they are confused is because they want to escape misogyny and believe they can escape misogyny

but you experience absolutely no cognitive dissonance calling someone who you believe is the same class as you a crazy broad

No. 1107915

Holy shit you're Zoe Kazan??

NTA but she never said any of that shit

No. 1107939

this is inspiring I love it

No. 1107961

You should write book nonnie

No. 1107996

You're either very unintelligent, or you're carrying an insane amount of baggage. It's almost like you had some argument with someone long ago, and now whenever you see anyone who sounds a bit like them, even if you have to twist their words or (pretend to) misunderstand them, you start imagining that they're that person and now it's your big chance to reply to them.
I never called anyone a "crazy broad", I described how people act when they perform a self-destructive act under the guise of self-help. It ruins lives, and leaves a person worse for wear. "Respectable women"? "Wandering wombs"? "Hysteria"? What is wrong with you?
>the real reason they are confused is because they want to escape misogyny and believe they can escape misogyny
If you had any understanding (or basic compassion), you wouldn't attempt to simplify all women who transition into a hyper-rationalized "They're simply trying to escape misogyny, it's totally an informed decision" and seethe whenever anyone describes the daily toll it takes to actually transition. Yes, there are grown women and young girls who get groomed into stupid, painful things and end up worse off emotionally, physically and mentally. Acknowledging that isn't some kind of 15th century "Them broads are crazy and hysterical" spiel. You're acting like you truly respect these women, but you clearly don't. It's like you're too embarrassed of the "messy" parts of life, but that's no one's problem but your own
And honestly, I don't understand why you'd believe there's a mutual exclusivity between anything I've said and the (wrong) belief that one can escape misogyny by transitioning. It's a bad decision advertised by the worst aspects of society, and there's no "girlbossing" about it

No. 1108006

Sometimes I report moids and moidbait as gore.

No. 1108026

I absolutely resent myself and think I am the worst while also thinking I am so much better than everyone else.

No. 1108037

I wish Onision would release more books (not counting his shitty "kids" book), simply because watching youtubers tearing them to shreds brings me unspeakable joy

No. 1108059

I think I have antisocial personality disorder from being treated like shit by literally everyone including my parents my whole life and not having anyone to lean on to this day. I don't trust people at all. I definitely at the very least have antisocial tendencies.

I do what I want and say what I'm actually thinking very bluntly and brutally in my private life (not at work). I toy with men and say uncouth things to them. It's incredibly easy for me to hurt people. I am really good at it, like, I can't think of anyone who thinks of meaner things than me. I see certain people, especially men, as pawns. It's freeing to be able to say and do what I want especially since most people are shit, but damn I'm scared I'll make a mistake one day and just trash someone I end up caring about. Sometimes I feel evil, like a twisted screw up. It is much better than being a depressed self loathing kid though like I used to be. Something just flipped in me one day and I did a 180. Instead of being the self loathing loser, I turned into a super mean asshole.

No. 1108060

but what will that achieve other than annoying farmhands?

No. 1108064

It will achieve a faster ban and clean up. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's pretty clear Lolcow is either low on mods or they're all busy with their own stuff.

No. 1108115

I kind of understand it as my past has lead me to be really cautious around people and often push them away. It's really good that you're self aware though, a lot of people aren't. You need to have a strong sense of self. Like, I'm already good enough, people will walk away and betray me sometimes and that doesn't change who I am. I think you're going to have a good future ahead of you, you're already realising what went wrong.(namefag)

No. 1108138

I saw my friend for the last time today and I wish I could have told her how miserable I am even just once. I wanted to tell her that I'm falling apart, that I self-harm, that I still have traumas I replay in my head every night. I wanted someone to know that I'm broken. But all I could do was lie to her face and say that everything's fine and I'm happy for her. I even made up that I have a job somehow instead of being a disgusting depressed neet.

No. 1108194

Honestly would prefer this for myself instead of the paranoid, depressed, unmotivated, avoidant, scared, afraid of conflict with even my own sisters person that I am now. But at least like you I am extremely better than I was years ago. Stay strong nona

No. 1108292

I feel like pure shit right now. A guy used me for sex and I feel like I let it happen. He pretended to like me, did a whole "I'm serious about you" confession. He started acting more distant when I was becoming attached. Things got steamy one night, we didn't go all the way but we both did oral. Eventually, he just stopped texting me. I feel so stupid. I asked him why he used me for sex and he won't respond. I really feel so bad and lost anons. I don't know how to cope. I just feel worthless and like it's all my fault. He was the only guy I've ever really had feelings for locally…I guess I just thought maybe things would work out for once. I'm an idiot.

No. 1108342

Anon being mislead with false promises isn't your fault. Don't feel worthless, you're not that over this one thing. Hope you can regain somr confidence soon.

No. 1108353

if it makes you feel better it's more likely that he's a wishy-washy retard so you dodged a bullet either way.

No. 1108361

I smell my floss after using it. It never smells like anything, but I still do it.

No. 1108386

>you wouldn't attempt to simplify all women who transition into a hyper-rationalized "They're simply trying to escape misogyny, it's totally an informed decision" and seethe whenever anyone describes the daily toll it takes to actually transition
never said any of those things retard. learn to reading comprehension

No. 1108396

nta but the same can be said for you too

No. 1108430

yes never mind the fact that that's the reason detrans often give when they think identification with the patriarchy and dressing like a fat little boy with tits will make them exempt from misogyny. it's simply inflammatory to imply disenfranchised women are all blubbering victims. i don't understand what you can't understand.

No. 1108454

Listening to Josh from KF rant about shit I don't care about is comfy. I barely listen unless it's about a cow I like, but I like his fat ass voice.

No. 1108492


This. Everyone feels this way. Twitards love memeing that all women ~feel like women~ all the time because they're braindead.

Sometimes I even feel more comfortable being referred to as a guy or a dude, but I know that at the end of the day, I am 100% female.

No. 1108500

This is such a weak, sad response, especially after blowing up at me with your own shit reading comprehension and personal baggage about "wandering wombs"

And now you're reducing women to little children while complaining that I'm "calling them blubbering victims"? Remember that thing about "not believing what you claim to believe"? Please think on it anon

No. 1108613

I grew up to realize the only reason I felt unwomanly was because of sexism, lol. I felt insecure sometimes, but I noticed the situations were always like "oh, I'm around women who are somewhat dressed up and I don't even own a lipstick" and realized what this is all about.
I believe that if I had a different personality and was born in the US, I would have "become" a non binary or something like that.

No. 1108636

No. 1108641

i don't understand where her post implied that. tbh i don't understand how this argument started to begin with it's like everyone's creating fanfics

No. 1108642

The one defending troonacy as an "informed decision" is the actual troon kek

No. 1108677

Sometimes I see anons seethe over chubby/ or even curvy-thin women. And i dont know who needs to hear this, but there are men who fucking love bigger women with personality. Ive had very little issues with dating, despite my size. Currently in a relationship of 5 years, very happy with my nigel bf.
I am currently working with a trainer and we eat healthy, but lets face it, im never going to be a size zero. And im still loved and loving, im still going to have a great life.
Idk, sorry if this rant is weird, but what i want to get to- no matter what, please dont make your self image and worth soley on your bmi
Theres a lover out there for you, i promise.

No. 1108700

Thank you this is sweet

No. 1108712

Do you have amazing t&a or just exceptional luck with men? Honestly I want to believe but considering conventionally attractive women have their self esteem systematically destroyed en masse by pornsick scrotes, it's hard to imagine any guy could actually like my (totally average, bit chubby) body or that there's a personality good enough to compensate for it.

No. 1108723

File: 1648089478497.gif (22.14 KB, 220x178, bunny-sad.gif)

I'm literally so jealous of bigger girls/ unconventional attractive girls that just radiate so much positive energy. I knew a girl like this who was bigger but was always bubbly and happy and wore adorable comfy clothes. Her personality was so sweet and she had a long term relationship, she had what I wanted & I secretly really wanted to be like her.

I guess because I equated a lot of my self worth into trying to be attractive to other people (even pandering to moid standards even though I hate them now) that I never truly let myself feel uninhibited and comfortable with my personality. I'm not exactly the skinniest person ever but I do notice how people view me (even my own family) when I am smaller and dress in a more conventual way. Sorry if it sounds condescending I just felt like I never could feel happy about myself unless others liked me

No. 1108725

File: 1648089722915.jpg (108.56 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20220323-214121__01…)

>amazing t&a
That's the thing, all the successful chubby girls have great tits. Men will tolerate quite a lot of fat for big tits. Or even prefer it to a thin woman with small ones. If you're chubby in anything but the perfect way you're fucked

No. 1108727

nonny say more about those comfy clothes, I love hearing peoples clothing

No. 1108729


I do, but i also have bigger arms and belly. I guess i have fortunate fat distribution, but even as a kid i was over weight.
Im a pretty empathetic and social person most the time, and Im pretty weird. It also a bonus that my bf has been overweight previously. So, he gets it and knows Im going at my own pace.
I work out, and eat pretty healthy, but I am plus size . (My reaction to SA as a teen was to over eat so men wouldnt attack me again and it led to chronic binge eating as a punishment)
Im open about this with my partner, and he is very happy with me. (He also isnt a porn dude or on sm so that could be a factor)
I suppose youre right, and i didnt mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just think all women are beautiful and i want them to feel it too, regardless of pressures we face all the time.

No. 1108735

You're talking about men who are heavily brainwashed by obese culture, usually Americans. I always thought this growing up when I grew up around obese people and even developed binge eating disorder because I was convinced chubby with big tits was in and I had pretty big breasts for my body but it was nowhere near as big as the girls I was compared to, I did gain weight but I simply couldn't ever be THAT big or it would take me decades. When I moved and started modelling, including for men's entertainment, it just opened my eyes on how much breast size truly matters to the vast majority of the planet. Girls with A cups will sell out just as much if not more than the girls with big naturals or bolt ons. All it is truly about is ratio and fitness, men will throw their money at hot fit girls who are almost flat chested than they will give a fatty a second glance just because she has large breasts

You also have to counter in the fact that large breasts doesn't automatically equal nice, or else all women would just get fat and never get breast lifts, do chest exercises, get areola reductions, etc, usually when breasts are developed largely due to obesity they developed very saggy, misshapen with very off areola/breast ratio, which is universally attractive. The only people who think "bigger is always better, no matter what" are usually coping chubby girls and guys with fat fetishes or who have a dating history of hambeasts so they just use it cope. They want to convince themselves that fat Susan is the real Stacy because women who look like Alexis Ren will never look at them twice

No. 1108736

I just remember she wore a lot of oversized mom jeans (she said she thrifted a lot) overalls and flowy floral tops. A lot of yellows and bright colors, but they worked for her. My pasty ass still wears mostly black

No. 1108856

I feel like I spend a shameful amount of time ruminating over my past relationships and feeling like my twenties were wasted on the guys I chose. You can't get that time back but now I'm wasting even more of my life by being in a rut over it. I'm keeping everyone at arms length now. I can't trust and I can't stop reliving the past.

I spent the first half of my twenties with a guy who seemed perfect. I thought I was set from there on out. 6 happy years (19 to 25) and we even married shortly before he then pulled the rug out from under me and disappeared without an answer. It was a like a bad dream. I never got answers or closure or spoke to him again. Mystery to me to this day. Why marry me? That part annoys me because divorce takes a long time where I live. And thing is I would've trusted this guy with my my life by that point. Weeks after he left I got serious health news and while in hospital I realised he was on file as my next of kin and I needed to change that.. that fucked me up. How quickly shit changes.

I spent the last 3 years of my twenties in a relationship that admittedly wasn't always great. I shouldve known better but I settled. I tried to mesh our lives better and make it work but I was always the one stuck making changes, taking blame or facing stress to adapt better to him. It was hard work, harder than a relationship should be. After all that effort he had an affair and this other woman is apparently the best thing to ever happen to him. He even expected me to be happy for him. No acknowledgement of my feelings. I wouldn't mind as much if I hadn't been so stressed out trying to make us work. Like just do me the kindness of dumping me if you're 6 months deep into an affair and I'm here unaware and still stressing the fuck out about making us work.

I feel pathetic but those two experiences combined have left me in a state of hopelessness. If other areas of my life were going well I maybe wouldn't dwell on it so much but here I am. Opposite relationships but painfully similar damage. If anything the 'perfect parter' messed me up the most. Someone could come along seeming great, being great for years… and based on past experience I can't even trust that. I can't relax at any point then.

No. 1108867

I'm so sorry to hear all this anon. I was left for another woman by a love-bomber and he went on to marry her immediately. I know it's incredibly painful. It's totally understandable to feel this way after those two, as it took such a big chunk out of your life and energy, so don't feel pathetic. Being blindsided this way can be traumatic, and you deserve much better. I assume you may be in your 30s now? I don't have much experience but I feel like it would be more likely to find someone who is willing to settle down and be serious than someone in their 20s. But I get not wanting to jump into such things regardless. I don't have much to say or advice to give that you probably haven't heard before but I feel for you. I hope that your health issues will get better too.

No. 1108883

Sometimes I feel like a fake lesbian because I never had to come out of the closet to basically anyone, I was always pretty upfront about liking girls even as a kid. I didn't shout it in the rooftops but at home I would mention it just like another kid would say some guy was cute in their class, no one reacted in any way, not even my asshole of a dad. No one gave a fuck? When people share these traumatic or heartfelt coming out stories and then look at me in anticipation, I just have to go "No one gave a fuck, carry on", have I faced nasty idiots? Yes, but that's just anyone gay, no one I cared about has found out and reacted in a way that matters lol.

No. 1108896

nonny i don’t think the fact that the people around you have been accepting makes you any less of a lesbian? a lesbian is your sexual orientation not how much you’ve struggled, i get what you’re trying to say but you shouldn’t let something like that make you feel self conscious or like a “fake” anything

No. 1108908

Yeah I do know that but sometimes,I say some, it's just a mix of feeling bad for others and there's the aspect of my family never really giving a fuck. My family wasn't accepting per se, my mom kinda was but I mean didn't give a fuck in a way that we were always kind of left ignored? This is very off topic, but a good example was that whenever me or my sibling was hospitalized due to whatever, our parents wouldn't visit, only to drop by our stuff and pick up, even when I was a preteen. I don't know how to explain it well, I am grateful I didn't get thrown out or bullied for being gay but at the same time, it still feels odd and makes me feel bad for others/like a pissbaby. Sorry for the wall of text, nonny!

No. 1108920

The blue collar men that I've dated were better in bed and had hotter bodies than the white collar men I've dated. They also paid on dates and helped me with stuff.

No. 1108921

It's true, I will never give up the thighs and ass I have access to

No. 1108938

I'm such a loner that I usually never have to deal with this type of thing but.. a few months ago a guy I was chatting to (and getting along very well with) said goodbye to me at the end of my road and said he'd 'call over some day' he double checked which house I was in and I was floating afterwards because it felt like a whole thing. Like I was being thrown a bone from the universe at long last.

He never did call over to my knowledge. I think I screwed myself over by reminding him that I had construction happening to the outside of my home so I was likely to be spending alot of time not at home anyway… did that sound like I was shaking off the idea? I hate second guessing interactions, especially this long afterwards.

No. 1108941

I'm confused, does he not have your number? Why is coming over randomly the expectation?

Anyway sorry sis but just forget him. Mixed signals are a no, if you're confused it's a no, if a man likes you he will actively try to make it happen no matter what.

No. 1108948

I live in a small village and he's a local guy I got talking to on the train one day. We chatted for hours and had alot in common. Tbh I also give off gay vibes so I'll never know for sure but I think realistically a guy who is interested will risk embarrassment and chase it up. He def didn't.

No. 1108953

This is interesting to read because I feel a similar way but about my teen years lol. I went through a few abusive relationships right up until my early 20s. It's a piece of time I'll never get back. I'm so sorry all that happened to you it sounds painful. Especially a person disappearing on you like that, it's enough to give you major trust issues.

Do you go to a therapist? I'm currently working on opening myself up again after all the distrust built from previous partners. It's a long process but it helps to speak through it with a professional.

No. 1109354

white collar men are so prissy and demanding too, blue collar men don't give two fucks on what you wear or how girly/not girly you are and they don't cry over coffee stains kek

No. 1109360

Me and my SO have an inside running joke about how I'm always cheating on him with black guys and will accidentally make jokes like this in front of other people in public. I almost made a joke about cheating on my husband with black guys here but I had to stop myself since I know I'll be called a scrote kek I need to stop

No. 1109366

Men who obsess over black cocks and other male sexual stuff are usually fags.

No. 1109376

My ex would unironically obsess over it/try to get me to fuck black guys, which is why we joke about it. It's just ridiculous to think some guys are more obsessed with the idea of other men fucking their wives than they would fuck their own wife

No. 1109401

Whose that cow who has a small dick and would make his girlfriend pretend that it was a big black cock or something like that? I remember dying laughing reading it.

No. 1109410

How often are you joking about this to almost slip in public? I would be careful about joking around so much, tbqh, moids can be meme'd into fetishes.

No. 1109457

Oh it's already a fetish for sure. Moids don't normally joke about their wife getting fucked by someone else unless it's their fetish. Anon should stop playing along at least.

No. 1109587

Of course men will prefer conventionally attractive women, you didn't need to write all that to prove this. I think the point is that the ones who don't will prefer the chubby girls with big boobs, as it "compensates" for their fat.

No. 1109643

Are you a moid? Why would a woman entertain a cuckhold fetish even though it makes her uncomfortable? Why would a woman bring up cuckolding in normal settings and joke about it?

No. 1109647

I'm a thin girl and think cubby girls are super cute. It's usually mentally ill moids who mock overweight women but most of my male friends didn't have issues dating or bering attracted to overweight women.

No. 1109890

I've come to the conclusion that my current lifestyle is unsustainable and if I don't want to kill myself I have to change something. Going outside is very scary for me but I need to stop receding into my shell and normiemaxx. I want to get a retail job and attend small shows in my local scene. I want to engage in hobbies. I want to go outside more than once every two months. I want to live. I don't know where to start but I know I'm going to start tomorrow. Even leaving the house once a day and circling round the block and going back to bed will be something. I refuse to let myself wallow in my depression any longer. I will break out of the cage that I've built myself and I won't die by suicide.

No. 1109916

Just want to let you know I'm thinking about and rooting for you anon. I was in a similar situation a few years ago where I was dangerously close to being hikiko and thought about suicide daily. I eventually got a job so I have some obligation now and go outside and enjoy it if it feels nice. Just don't put pressure to do everything you want in a certain amount of time, work on it a little every day. Even if I only get one thing I wanted to do that day done I consider it a successful day.
You can be in a different state of mind, every state of mind is temporary.

No. 1109965

I'm still learning about different gym equipment. I saw a lot of people say they feel like elliptical machine is too easy and they can easily stay on there for an hour. I tried it out today and yesterday and felt like I was dying after 5 minutes. I must be extremely out of shape.

No. 1109977

I met this guy at work and instantly fell in lust. After months of thinking my sex drive was gone, suddenly this hot surfer type dude showed up and I wanted to fuck his brains out. For 72 hours all I could think about was hooking up with him. This intense little mini-crush went away almost as quickly as it came on. Now he just looks like another boring vanilla normie dude to me.

Good to know I’m not asexual, but wtf was that?

No. 1109988

I've gotten like this with a co-worker, even though they were annoying when I actually got to know them. Hormones are one hell of a drug kek

No. 1109990

your ovulation cycle

No. 1110181

Thank you anon. The fact that other people have overcome this is very inspiring and comforting - sometimes things feel so world ending but everything can be overcome. Ily

No. 1110192

I never said it made me uncomfortable and I never entertained anyone's weird cuckold fetish, it's literally just a stupid joke between me and my partner. women are allowed to enjoy offensive humor. Besides men always joke about cheating on their wives, god forbid they have it done to them

No. 1110264

I want a little fluffy white dog with doodoo around her eyes
I need a little fluffy white dog with doodoo around her eyes
I deserve a little fluffy white white dog with doodoo around her eyes

No. 1110293

not a crusty white dog anon noooo

No. 1110300

File: 1648194726759.png (Spoiler Image, 627.4 KB, 886x770, degenerate.PNG)

Are you from Florida nonny?

No. 1110331

they are cute. seethe

No. 1110332

File: 1648196874690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 72.46 KB, 1200x630, 8B3BD694-C3C5-4319-91F8-32B16E…)

No. 1110333

I often go in toy stores as a single childless adult woman and press all the "try me!" buttons on the toys.

No. 1110334

cuter than you.

No. 1110341

sorry about your shit taste in dogs

No. 1110342

Why is the fur around his eyes stained brown?

No. 1110348

File: 1648198408579.jpeg (99.95 KB, 750x1018, BDE4B2C0-A91B-48AC-8E7C-CD2CD6…)

I don't have any social life and it doesn't bug me except on principle. I know I should and I am planning ways to do it but also scared and full of dread. Aside from having logical awareness it will be good for me, I don't want to. At the same time I'm incredibly sad how I've missed out, so my brain rebels in denial, "no!! don't think about that I'm happy like this!!!" the idea of facing the truth is soul crushing, maybe that is the root of it. I spend all my time distracted to escape the pain. Admitting I've wasted and lost so much time makes me want to die. So many other things I'm behind on too I don't know where to begin ever getting on track.

No. 1110349

people who get these dogs tend to not take proper care of them, since a lot of them need allergy medication and such and constant grooming so neglecting that leads to them having the stains around the eyes and mouth

No. 1110380

In my late teens I was genuinely like Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame about twitch e-girls. I was a frequent lurker in their threads on PULL and LSF. I like hated them for acting sluts like and whores and using their bodies for fame and clout. I am now normal and have healed from my internal misogyny/homophobia and accept that in hindsight I was actually just attracted to them. Tbh I still am.

No. 1110398

File: 1648207124374.jpg (23.93 KB, 475x414, 1612315643870.jpg)

Just woke up from a dream where I stalked this random guy and then ambushed him with the intent of kidnapping and holding him captive. Right before I woke up I was holding him by the neck with one hand and and caressing his face with the other. His skin was so soft and he looked so scared. Why was this so hot?

No. 1110402

File: 1648207443869.jpg (31.33 KB, 200x355, IMG_1809.jpg)

Anon, I relate to everything you wrote. I feel ambivalent about people in general (fear of intimacy), sometimes I'm happy that I avoided them for years because this way I avoided painful experiences. But at the same time deep down I know that this contributed to me being immature because experiences things like rejections and breakups are essential, normal parts of human existence. There's unfortunately no easy way to get out of this, only if we force ourselves to go out

No. 1110446

File: 1648211355834.jpg (18.35 KB, 320x320, a9240b011447c51b5a4e4bd9c915ed…)

fuck moids. cp bump

No. 1110464

Noooo i remember looking at the instagrams of girls from my class in swimsuits and tight dresses and was thinking “HA look at these HARLOTS”, and then l o o k i n g
I did not know how to process ‘special feelings’ kek

No. 1110473

File: 1648213520459.jpg (107.1 KB, 736x873, 739d2dfbdba7ba2e932dbffbd28560…)


No. 1110480

I wish people didnt judge weed as the worst. Sometimes I wake up so nauseous from my meds, it works better than any nausea med i ever used.
It also helps with migraines. Not everyone who smokes are lazy or dumb. I dont drink, and Im not into other party favors. I just like to roll a j and relax.

No. 1110487

File: 1648214600687.png (459.56 KB, 595x423, 29e.png)

not that anon and completely unrelated but i keep seeing this card? ive seen it like 5times this year. 3 times in real life (during my tarot readings) and 2 or 3 times in random places/social media/stores

am i losing it? i know tarot is "in" right now but i never see the same cards posted. but in 2022 i keep seeing this damn card

No. 1110591

One of my old husbandos, a character that I was autistically obsessed with to the point of avatarfagging, comes from a game that I hadn't even played back then. I still haven't encountered him in the game to this day. I just watched his cutscenes on YouTube, downloaded all his datamined voice clips, saved game screenshots from other people, and read his wiki article.

No. 1110708

I have diabetic gastroparesis and can't keep food down with out it, my doctor just keeps giving me zofran for it and that shit makes me puke and triggers my migraines
literally wanna kill myself every day because my dad thinks diabetes isn't real and my only options are smoke weed like a loser piece of shit like he says or vomit myself back to 98 pounds
I think people like us have to try to decide to care about ourselves more than other people care about us, doctors included

No. 1110759

I'm gonna come out and admit it, I'm a pillow princess.

No. 1110761

I only wear my nice dresses at home (and special events or heatwaves, that happen about once a year). I love them and they're beautiful and comfortable but I don't like people staring at me so I just dress like a slob (t-shirt and baggy pants) when leaving the house. I just like sitting in the garden reading, listening to music and looking fancy, I don't like every stranger looking at me. I guess it's also that weather is unpredictable where I live and I don't want to cover them up with jackets and cardigans (or worse, haul those around with me all day in case it gets cold or starts raining).

No. 1110764

Based, scrotes get orgasms just from fucking women so they should be working hard to please us. Not the other way. If you are a lesbian or a bisexual mostly into women… I hope your gf is into it!

No. 1110824

File: 1648236798281.jpg (427.79 KB, 2048x1365, merlin_153834159_194d62bd-b1fa…)

The big fuss about the Anna Sorokin is mistifying to me. And the fact that everyone talks about her with admiration is really fucking bizarre

No. 1110859

I was sexually assaulted a few years ago by a housemate and already struggle with my nerves so I packed up and left the house.. went to a psych ward and begged for help as I was shaking and puking all night and half the next day and couldn't stop physically having this reaction. I spent 3 months there and somehow my psychiatrist thought that the incident I was describing was just an argument.. I've no idea how she mistook it like that. By the time I realised the mix up I felt helpless, I'd sound crazy if I had to explain it again and all these weeks later. Other women on the ward told me horror stories about how bad my psych was and I wanted to switch to a different one but it would delay my discharge by a long time.. so I stuck it out. She was stern and I felt like a kid at the principals office during my meetings with her. It was weird. I felt like the woman met me, hated me from the moment she saw me and so she mistook anything I said to her all because she had the power to do that. I felt trapped and powerless. I went in for help and was so fucking desperate to get out because it was everything I did not need.

She wanted to talk to my dad on my day of discharge and she did so in private. My dad said she only had one line to say. "your daughter will never be happy"

What? Well I'm glad someone else witnessed the weirdness. My dad didn't question her, he found her intimidating and he was confused and said nothing. Same, dad, same lol. I'm posting this in confession because I'm aware that people can all too easily assume you're just batshit when you say your psychiatrist was this and that. But she was. And I couldn't do anything. I had to suck up the assault, the confusion, her referring to it as a 'row' and then my dad just rolling over and taking her weird bullshit without saying anthing back either. I get why he didn't but I needed someone to be stronger than me and see what I was dealing with. I've never felt such and overwhelming desire for someone to rush in and save me from a situation. The parallels between how SA makes you feel and how that stay made me feel but for months..it was like torture by design. A perfect system to leave you worse off. Nobody knows what happened to me still.

No. 1110865

Who's he?

No. 1110895

Anon, I'm really really sorry you went through that. Sometimes you may doubt your own words and perspective because you weren't listened to, but you're not crazy or misremembering. The other women at the psych ward seem to understand that it's a bad place, so you're perspective is realistic. And some people can be weird, really shady- and these people will look for positions of power, where they can have access and power over vulnerable people, because they have problems. Really, screw that woman.

It sounds like you need to be heard so you can work through it. Can you tell your mother, a counsellor, someone at church? I think you need to tell a real person about this.

Also, I have never been sexually assaulted but I've taken a few beatings/batterings before. One good way to reclaim your space, your self, is to workout. Nourish your body, look after yourself, get strong. You don't have to, but it's one of the forms of self care that for me have given me a sense of strength and self ownership back. And you definitely deserve health and a feeling of safety in yourself.

I hope you heal from this, may God replenish your spirit in Jesus' name.

No. 1110908

I have a crush on my coworker that I was hoping would go away but it hasn't yet. he is a tall skinny bald guy with glasses which is not usually my type. I've come to the conclusion that it's his voice that makes him so attractive to me. it's not a deep voice, I just don't know how to describe it. but I love hearing him talk and when I imagine him with a different voice I don't think I would be attracted to him. I've thought about him when I masturbated a few times, even though I barely know him at all. how is it that someone's voice alone can make my pussy so wet

No. 1110991

If a dad calls his daughter that, he's the piece of shit

No. 1111017

I keep thinking about the one troon who got bottom surgery and tweeted about the euphoria he got pissing all over his own ass, and anons saying that doesn’t really happen. It happens quite a bit to me tbh. Maybe I’m just sitting on the toilet at an awkward angle but it’s not uncommon for my pee stream to wander.

No. 1111218

Don't worry nona, I believe you. There are plenty of psychiatrists/therapists out there who are complete pieces of shit that only male things worse for people with trauma. I've never encountered one (except for that religious woman in my childhood who refused to treat me anymore because I said I don't believe in God, if that counts) but I've read plenty of stories from other people online and it doesn't sound like bullshit to me that some therapists or psychiatrists are just going to be shit at their job. It also seems to be more common in certain countries. Sorry that happened to you, sounds like she was projecting onto you or you reminded her of someone in her life.

I know it's fucking stupid because it's just a game and fuck whatever scrotes think, but if someone were to recognize me from other places I would feel intense shame for being a "fake fan".

No. 1111228

this happens to me after i shave my pubes

No. 1111233

I was just thinking about the other anon's reaction to that post when I was peeing earlier kek, I think it is somehow shaving related for me as well.

No. 1111251

File: 1648261871107.jpeg (169.04 KB, 734x1200, 3A9ED7EE-674C-49EF-9C9E-55F245…)

I love casually gaslighting people, it’s funny and I like to see how much I can get away with. When people tell me something like “remember when you said this” and I just respond like “No, I never said that?” despite very vividly remembering the fact that yes I did say that, if they keep insisting so do I, I just say stuff like “You’re being crazy right now, maybe you’re confusing me with someone else” and they’ll usually drop it. I get absolutely nothing out of this but it’s just really satisfying. Or when I say something that is clearly a bit insane and they react accordingly but I turn it around and act like they’re the crazy one, it’s just really fun. I do this mostly to men because it’s basically what they do to women all the time. I also make myself out to have a really good memory by remembering really small random details from previous conversations so when I act like I don’t remember a bigger thing I said it makes me seem more credible. It only really got far once when a friend blew up at me because he insisted I was doing it on purpose but the other friend that witnessed ended up siding with me and saying he was the one acting crazy. I don’t even know why I do this i’ve literally done it since I was young like when I was little I would do it to classmates and family members I vividly remember getting other kids in trouble by doing stuff and blaming it on them.

No. 1111255

A friend of mine was like this and it was usually quite obvious and a bit weird when she did it, but she was otherwise a cool person so we kind of let it slide. Not surprised moids don't catch on to this behaviour, though. Good for you, anon.

No. 1111258

I'd love to be your friend and be casually gaslit and start a huge fucking fight with you

No. 1111264

i hope you get the help you need.

No. 1111265

I almost hate you, until you mentioned doing it to mostly men. But if you do it towards women I hate you.

No. 1111268

There is something very, very wrong with you.

No. 1111271

thanks nonny but this made me a little paranoid that people just humor me
This sounds really fun, let’s do it
I don’t like to do it to women honestly and only did it once or twice when someone has really pissed me off which is rare with other women and to be honest I felt really bad after, I love all my girl friends and female family members too much and honestly like I said I mostly do it to men because they’re too stupid to notice and they deserve it.
no u

No. 1111272

love when a single post of mine causes an anon to bitch about me in other threads
im powerful

No. 1111274

kek spill anon what post?

No. 1111277

I think it's the "I would crush mice for money" person from the kinkshaming thread, mad that other people aren't trash kek

No. 1111278

yep just saw it lmao, absolutely degenerate.

No. 1111311

Retroactive jealousy be crazy. Both of his exes are uglier than me and I’m still comparing myself to them in every compartment

No. 1111316

that just means your competitive
you go cow sis

No. 1111317

i think my new guilty pleasure when im angry or having a bad day is to go on 4chan and insult and fuck with scrotes. it feels a lot better than getting bitchy with people here, theres not a regret in sight, and i will never ever feel the need to apologize for what ive said.

No. 1111328

File: 1648267956548.png (157.22 KB, 889x889, 88689ED3-41BB-42D2-BB8D-EA68E0…)

Sometimes I like to go to 4chan and encourage them to just do it. Specially after cp gets posted, the higher those numbers the better.

No. 1111335

i want to do this but setting foot on that cursed site alone will make me homicidal

No. 1111343

Be careful what you allow into your subconscious, anon. Your mind's taking all that shit in and processing it, whether you agree with it or not. That's why I (try to) only let other nonnies rot my brain

No. 1111349

I do this sometimes. I don't start arguments, I just post however the fuck I want and calling people whatever the fuck I want. If they call me redditor, kys fujo, tranny, whatever I just do it even more. Fuck that site and I hope it dies soon, its "culture" died more than a decade ago anyway and it's funny how so many scrotes and unfortunately also pickmes would defend it to the death
I like to agree with other when they tell a pedophile/lolifag "kill yourself".

No. 1111367

I have a fear that I've possibly argued with anons from here over there.

No. 1111385

>I like to agree with other when they tell a pedophile/lolifag "kill yourself".
when i was a teenager i would go on /soc/ and add obvious pedos/misogynists/as well as the few pedo pandering pickmes that would be around and spam them with gore and mutilated penises until i got blocked. probably not the healthiest thing ever but i was fed up with being bullied and groomed by moids online and it wasn't nearly as bad as the shit they did to me

No. 1111390

ive only been going on /fa/ it seems to be much less degenerate than the rest of the site (from what i remember) and a lot of guys post pics of themselves so theres more ammunition, also theres a lot more people vocally against the male degeneracy on that board so it makes me feel less insane. im more likely to be swayed in my opinions by anons here than there so im not super worried about it, if i feel like its becoming a problem ill definitely stop going on there though. thank you for worrying about me nona, i appreciate you.

No. 1111408

I did this too. I'd chat with pedos and ask them if they wanted to see stuff that turns me on, make them promise not to judge and then send them tons of rotten corpses. They'd block you super fast, lmao.

No. 1111464

File: 1648284868084.jpeg (181.53 KB, 767x482, F4730361-CCBC-4794-87FF-9CD632…)

>/fa/ it seems to be much less degenerate than the rest of the site
Sorry to break it to you anon but I decided to check and well…

No. 1111470

Looks like some ESL Brazilian pedoscrote wrote it.

No. 1111477

last time i checked /fa/ it was filled with annoying tripfags, /pol/fags, and coomers calling literal models 'ugly' solely because they didn't have giant tits/ass then proceeding to dump pics of porn models

No. 1111479

Of course, /fa/ is full of homosexuals and the venn diagram of faggot men and pedophiles is a circle

No. 1111488

/fa/ is full of balding manlet fags larping as dickgirls and "straight" men who declare they'd rather fuck a man - ahem trans woman - than a real woman.

No. 1111492

bingo, the thread pic for the pic that screenshot was from was literally a drawing of a little boy in a wig and bra in a meme format saying that that was superior to a real woman.

No. 1111494

I don't know why I still consider myself bisexual at this point, even my straight male coworker thinks Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise is hot and to me he just looks like some guy, and that's for every conventionally attractive man ever.

No. 1111500

I didn't know I was attracted to men until I was 21 and I met my now husband. But honestly nona, women will always be the better choice, you're better off not being into men. Do you find men of the 2D variety tickle your fancy at all?

No. 1111511

Actually the 2D ones are the only kind of man I find attractive kek, I've probably conditioned my brain to husbandos in my teenage years.

No. 1111521

Do channers mind lolifags?

No. 1111538

Okay I have to admit I find him pretty there, too, but I normally wouldn't place too much significance onto which men straight men label as objectively attractive. I feel like they have a few designated choices like the deadpool guy and his 52 lookalikes that are safe to claim as attractive as to not to be seen as the guy that's so insecure in his straightness that he can't stay objective about other men even if he doesn't really think it. Or they repeat it for the meme. Anyways, it's typically always the same plain dirt-blonde as interesting as a loaf of bread actor.

No. 1111546

2D is the best D nonnie

No. 1111698

they are lolifags anon

No. 1111701

some of them pretend to be disgusted by it but i doubt any of them actually are

No. 1111721

I agree, it's just like straight women saying the Kardashians are hot.
Ofc it is.

No. 1111724

i havent used that many boards and i get what you guys are saying but compared to some of the shit ive seen on there its kind of tame when you take into account that people will clown them for that shit, also if youre expecting anything other than pedophile degeneracy in an anachan thread idk what to tell you

No. 1111727

Imagine being as retarded as I

>apply to jobs somewhere i don’t live because I’m trying to get away from my town, my mum’s weird boyfriend, people who know me, my own feelings

>get invited to interview
>can only face to face interview
>but i don’t live there
> oh…im sick can we zoom zoom? UwU
>NIE the lady says
>she clocks me as young by my voice, not a good start, remember to put on the big girl voice and the right accent
>actually will have to work whilst studying for summer university entrance exams, and take five or so days off for them
>do i take a train for one interview? (all day going there and back)
>i could try to book many interviews for the one day
>apply to others jobs and hope they let me zoom
>or do i move there myself and hope my labour job money tides me over until i get work (don’t know if I’ll be able to houseshare whilst ‘unemployed’
>have to have a job before the middle of april

Imagine being me. Ladies, I hope this story made you grateful that you’re not me, to appreciate stability and sensibility, neither of which I have.

No. 1111860

Men find Kardashians hot though. They're overly sexualized with extreme features like men love.

No. 1111907

It’s not about the bagina, it’s who the vagina belongs to. If you’re a lovely person, and you probably are, all of you is lovely. Just stand in front of a mirror and say ‘damn sis nice cooch’. You need to compliment yourself sometimes.

No. 1111911

Some do. I think they just tolerate them because they know the pedos won't leave no matter how much you insult them and tell them to kill themselves. Well, most 4chanoids also believe the lie that "it's just a drawing" so that makes them tolerate lolifags more.
About what, specifically?
For me it's the inverse. I'm afraid of arguing here with someone (a woman) I talked to on 4chan.
Kek that's so specific, how can you even tell?
Yeah, it might not be that healthy, but still a good way to let off some steam and get a bit of revenge on them.

No. 1111913

File: 1648302790528.jpg (18.91 KB, 489x627, E7YbSfXUcAAXx82.jpeg.jpg)

nonnie…. take my heart

No. 1111924

Fr? I love organ trafficking ♥

No. 1112064

File: 1648314503255.gif (1.52 MB, 200x142, C070DEF3-FF36-4301-AE71-88DC49…)

Sometimes my cat starts “scooby doo-n” in place before he launches himself into warp speed, running around the house.
He will drift around a corner into the living room and he looks at me with some crazy eyes.
He wants me to react dramatically, with phrases like
and he loves it. Keeps running around and stopping, so i can react.
He will do this on my worst days of crying and it ends up changing my mood.
Idk, i just wish some nonnies could come over for tea and help the peanut gallery fuel his fast and furious moments.

No. 1112066

Kek this is so cute. Cats have so much personality.

No. 1112072

I go to /fa/ to make fun of men's lack of style, how they think they'll be hot if they starve themselves, how they go on about their preferences in women while crying about no women loves them. I also like seeing how they lust over trannies, it reveals that most pedos and coomers are just gay men who hate women because they can only get aroused to women when she's in pain.

No. 1112077

That's so fucking cute, anon

No. 1112099

I keep a tinder with my instagram link on it purely for rejecting scrotes. If I log onto tinder I get a steady stream of men messaging my insta and then I just call them fat/old/ugly. I act offended they even contacted me, tell them my social media is there for men I swipe on, not for HIM to go around the swipes. I go ham at the old men, call them dirty old perverts. A businessman contacted me the other day bragging about his companies and I laughed at him for being bald. This old scrote contacted me weeks ago and I called him poor and laughed at him until he sent me $500 to "prove he wasn't" then I blocked him. It's like a stress ball for me. I leave my little trap out there and they come right to me.

No. 1112106

>I called him poor and laughed at him until he sent me $500 to "prove he wasn't" then I blocked him.
Absolutely based ily

No. 1112129

kek anon i love you keep up the good work

No. 1112164

File: 1648320057857.png (964.1 KB, 850x878, 1634970368124.png)

i id as "pansexual" only because i've dated a few ftms and i don't want to sell the idea that bisexuality is attraction to two genders rather than to two sexes.

No. 1112173

what's it like dating aidens?

No. 1112176

I'm not attracted to men but I'd date ftms who aren't on hormones or got genital mutilating surgery.

No. 1112177

i have too along with a few female theythems (not a lot of other options where i am, all the regular lesbians + bi women are already taken, sigh) but i still call myself bi and i've never gotten shit from other bisexuals about it. nobody cares as long as you don't expect them do to the same thing

No. 1112208

This is adorable, do you thing you'd be able to record him and post the video here?

No. 1112232

I promise to try, he keeps me on my toes!

No. 1112257

File: 1648324210157.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1017.03 KB, 3024x1933, 60A1AAB7-41E2-4C14-A187-AEFFD3…)

For now he rest… just out of reach… yes..

No. 1112259

He's so big! Big boned kitty.

No. 1112260

so adorable… i think i love him

No. 1112264

What a cute black hole void!

No. 1112283

Most of that belly is loose skin, (that primordial pouch) but he is big, a 16 pounder! He can also stretch pretty far. He likes to go outside in a backpack too (dont panic Its safe).
Actually, with his measurements he wears a medium dog sized harness, kek. Next time we get some sun I’ll share.
Thank you all for the cat love! Cash, aka Cash Money is the best <3 (C.R.E.A.M)

No. 1112297

I want to murder Vaush

No. 1112312

The feeling of pins and needles makes me excruciatingly horny and I don't know why

No. 1112324

File: 1648327027589.png (980.95 KB, 1068x594, Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 1.31…)

In 4th grade I had a crush on a boy in my class and I cried and cried in my room when I heard that he liked another girl.

Today, ~20 years later, I found out that he was arrested for murdering his wife.

No. 1112339

File: 1648327576674.png (284.43 KB, 400x400, D1D39262-CA09-4328-90F3-D517E1…)

Nonnie, I feel you, I almost kept pushing my best friend to date some moid in Uni, everyone in our career was shipping them really hard. Then he got sent to jail in Spain for raping a girl at a party.

No. 1112346

File: 1648327768882.jpg (52.56 KB, 306x357, b06bee8e817ce93ac6947f2762ef58…)

one time i went to see a doctor and i had the last appointment of the day (friday) and then next monday the local newspapers were filled with stories about how that doctor had tried to murder his wife on friday evening and that he had claimed that his work was just so stressful and that something at work on friday - when i had my appointment - was the last straw.

No. 1112350

holy shit nonny im so sorry, im sure hes just lying and trying to put the blame to outside forces just so people pity him tho

No. 1112357

oh i bet his craziness didn't just start on that friday kek. the funny thing is, when my mom and i were in the car after the appointment, she said we're gonna go to a different doctor because his office was full with pics of his wife and his kids (like vacation pics on yachts and shit) and she said men only do that when they're cheaters or psychopaths. guess my mom was right!

No. 1112361

Is it a way to signal to their wives that they're totally into the relationship or a shitty opsec tactic like how some men buy their wives gifts after they cheat?

No. 1112363

god damn your mom is a psychic

No. 1112375

Holy shit nona. Cherish your mom.
I'm curious tho, do you think anything you said that evening could have triggered the bastard enough to finally decided to do it? Or was it entirely a lie of his?

No. 1112378

I've waited for the last 2 weeks to start my thesis writing because I have some kind of serious self-sabotaging tendencies and now I need to churn out these 30 pages in like 2 weeks while I hate the topic I picked because I intentionally arrogantly didn't go for the most common boring topics. I hate myself and I potentially won't be able to graduate and I want to be held bx my mom, why am I like this. I can't even tell anyone

No. 1112390

what is your topic? (be general if you want)

I am writing my dissertation in a similar way, but I'm still tempted to write your thesis because I like doing anyone else's work instead of my own.

No. 1112393

I used to be exactly like this, just reading this gave me flashbacks and that horrible feeling in my chest. you can do it, youve done shit like this before and pulled it off to get to this point

No. 1112398

Library OPACs/websites analyzed from the perspective of user experience, although the way I can manage it.in my head it's gonna be mostly general bullshit about UX and history because I don't actually know what to analyze. I just sort of hated talking to my consultant and gave up after a point.

No. 1112440

i've only dated two, and they were both met in fandom circles, but – it was exactly like dating a woman, except she goes by "he/him" and sometimes talks about troonshit. i just registered them as butch women in my mind.

No. 1112446

my mom said it's to keep up appearances when the man in question is either a cheater or abusive as fuck, so if there's a divorce or a scandal or anything, people are gonna be like "nooo, but he loved his wife and kids so much, didn't you see the pictures of his family in his office???"

you should hear about the shit my stepdad predicts. he makes off handed comments that make no damn sense about people he barely knows and then it turns out to be the truth. one time i talked about a teacher of mine and he said "bet he's an alcoholic" - 2 weeks later we find out said teacher really is an alcoholic. guess my mildly psychic mom attracted a highly psychic man, kek.

i assume he was just lying or something, but two reasons come to mind
a) i was a last minute/squeezed in patient and he had to stay a bit longer to treat me which is annoying ofc but not a reason to kill your wife…
b) he was a dentist and he wanted to treat me for something else and i said i wasn't comfortable with that since i was severely scared of dentists at that time and just getting treated for the one thing i was there for made me sweat through the back of my shirt AND pants while sitting in the chair. he sighed, obviously annoyed, then called his assistant to at least scale my teeth. i didn't see him again after that… maybe he had decided to try and kill his wife once he left the room, kek.

No. 1112452

Young female criminal (more rare) plus being attractive (in terms of criminals at least).

No. 1112453

You can definitely do this. Like the other anon said, you've probably gone through similar trials to get where you are. I wrote a huge chunk of my thesis in the final two weeks thanks to lots of caffeine and a completely fucked eating/sleeping schedule and just told myself that passing with major corrections is still passing.

No. 1112454

Also in the end.I did end up waking up my mom and crying in her arms.

No. 1112459

Thank you, nonnies. I do this all thr time, I was forcibly dragged back to my maturity exams and passed decently, but it's a fucking nightmare. I get the urge to run away every time I get close to accomishing something. My thesis wi suck ass, and I could've prevented this but all I know in my life is crisis management.

No. 1112478

>My thesis wi suck ass, and I could've prevented this but all I know in my life is crisis management
fuck I wish I couldn't relate to this. Good luck!

No. 1112499

late but dont feel bad about that nonny

No. 1112528

File: 1648339075550.gif (2.64 MB, 420x315, averting gaze.gif)

i'm a coomer artist (which makes me a coomer) and i'm sorry nonnas. there is no cure, not even death

No. 1112538

Kek when the fuck did this happen? Is it from one of the gaiden episodes?

Also about your actual confession. Don't worry, at least you're not drawing children or anything bad like that. I hope.
I've drawn a guy being fuck by a talking dog but that was a request that I felt pressured into doing at the time

No. 1112541

File: 1648339624093.jpg (83.91 KB, 1023x686, depositphotos_21614569-stock-p…)

As much as i hate maths i wish i was into them, i really do

No. 1112542

Me too nonny. I want to feel like I'm actually as smart as I think (and everyone around me thinks) I am. Also, I think my life would be easier if I knew math. And it would be very helpful for when I try to learn programming.

No. 1112544

File: 1648340266151.jpeg (61.74 KB, 750x750, F8A6BF6D-EA24-4078-9AB2-39A597…)

nonnie what, elaborate????

No. 1112547

File: 1648340517139.png (4.64 KB, 196x196, 1634860567979.png)

>"drawing children" in referral to cartoon characters
>immediately admits to being a fucking furry
typical kek

No. 1112553

i hate my friends boyfriend so fucking much. he’s on the verge of trooning out (growing his hair out, nail painting, they/them fuckery) and i’m being extra supportive because i can’t fucking wait to see the 6’0 hon destroy himself kek

No. 1112554

floridafag here, i am so tired of everyone fighting over the don’t say gay bill. nobody here gives a fuck. only the faggot GSA kids are bothered by it. why the fuck would anyone be teaching 3rd grade and under about gay love or sex transitions? i’m not homophobic, it truly is something that the parents need to decide on how to teach for themselves until the kid is old enough to get on twitter and turn into a faggot anyway

No. 1112564

hey fellow floridafag I literally haven’t heard any actual floridians irl talk about this shit it’s only the wokies on twitter and such, im actually kind of glad florida is pushing bills like these despite having a deep hatred for our governor and such

No. 1112584

>my mom said it's to keep up appearances when the man in question is either a cheater or abusive as fuck

Your mom is perceptive, good for her. The men who “doth protest too much” have something to hide, always

No. 1112596

Agreed! I’m so glad I grew up in the 90s with parents who just let me be a little kid. In elementary school I remember telling my parents I “wanted to be a boy”. I was a hyper little kid, and what I MEANT at the time was that the boys in my school were encouraged to run around and play outside and have make-believe adventures at recess, so they were more fun to play with! Meanwhile some of the girls would usually sit and talk, and were encouraged by teachers to be polite and sweet and not get dirty on the playground.
I’m so glad my parents didn’t just say “Oh yep, that means she’s a boy, time to transition!”. Kids have little to no concept of sexuality and orientation, they just want to play and whether that means playing dress-up or being sporty, they’re just being kids.

No. 1112616

I love being an autist. Straight up, the social awkwardness and lack of ability to handle life sucks but I'd never give up the fun of listening to nice music at night and having a good time with myself. I'm at the point where I don't even care if people think I'm strange, I always try to be nice so when they write me off for being a bit of a weirdo it doesn't bother me that much anymore. I can have the most fun just sitting in my room, doing whatever the fuck I like, I love my special interests, I love being so in my own head all the time. I do try to adapt at work and shit but honestly if you gave me the choice between being 'normal' and autistic I'd pick autistic any time. I don't feel the need to listen to others, can have so much fun just seeing a lovely movie or listening to a great song, don't feel a constant need for human interaction.. I love never getting tired of my interests. I was ashamed of it for years and wished I was 'normal', but I'm happy I'm able to think differently now. I wouldn't be myself without it! I would not say it's a 'gift', but I'm quite happy to be different than the rest. I love hearing others' perspectives, even if I can't wrap my head around them. I like being able to see things differently, I like how much fun I can have with myself. I did not think I could ever be content with being different, but I really am ♥

No. 1112633

i really like death grips and i feel embarrassed about it. mostly due to the fanbase

No. 1112635

ME TOO it's a very unique musical experiment

No. 1112639

holds ur hand. i instantly tense up whenever i see a DG fan talking about shit online. idk how they got such an insufferable fanbase. i hate it. but i love the music.

No. 1112644

im fukken tired of all the perks I tried nothing everything works for less im worth ive served my bid all fuck life wasn't what it is all fuck life was just a bridge

No. 1112663

>>immediately admits to being a fucking furry
>typical kek
What the fuck, I don't even know what you're talking about. Did you read my post? I said I didn't do it of my own volition but because I felt pressured to do it. It actually made me quit drawing for a while and the drawing I was working on that day hasn't even been finished because of it.

I was streaming a NSFW drawing I had been working on that I really liked, and then a furry (I had no idea) joined the chat and requested that. At first I didn't know what the request was going to be, but since I had never had anyone in chat or viewers, not to mention no one requested or commissioned anything, I was happy. But after I accepted the request, he sent the refs and he wanted some talking dog fucking a guy. I felt like I couldn't reject the request after accepting on-stream, so I did it even though I really didn't want to draw that. Also another fucking furry joined as I was drawing that shit and he kept saying how "hot" it would be if I turned it into guro shit, and I didn't know how to tell him to fuck off since I was trying to be polite (big dumb mistake, I know).
Yes I know it was retarded as fuck to accept a random request without knowing what it was, I know I was pathetic and a coward for not saying no, that was years ago and I'd never do it again. But that's my confession, hence my post.

No. 1112667

I blame Anthony Fantano and /mu/

As long as you draw absolutely hot men that would make moids seethe of unrealistic body standards.

No. 1112678

File: 1648351661914.jpeg (38.06 KB, 720x644, A5735AF8-D805-4FA2-9DA9-4F10ED…)

i kept on stealing silverware from my university’s dining halls and then one day i went to eat lunch and they only had the plastic shit. i only stole, like, maybe SIX utensils but i feel like i may have played a part in the school revoking our silverware privileges. how many hail marys should i recite?

No. 1112685

fellow death grips nonnies when shall we start a support group

No. 1112691

hate that faggot

girls who like death grips and dont want to interact with men club

No. 1112711

You are why nobody can have nice things.

No. 1112769

people accidentally throw away silverware in environments like that all the time and silverware has to be replenished periodically. it wasn't because of you. I find it boggling that going to plastic would be still be cheaper in the long run though. maybe it lets them hire 1 less dishwasher.

No. 1112772

i dont care that he gets occasionally political but he is SUCH an asshole when it comes to music. can someone please explain the fascination? why, out of all the reviewers, is he so revered by these autists? i will never understand. i guess he's kind of fine i guess, he's a nicer person outside of how mean he is about music than most /mu/ autists, but still. who died and made him king?

No. 1112786

burn thru it burn thru it
we aint takin turns to it turns to it
ay ay

No. 1112803


do not fret, i am not that much of a unforgivable degenerate - the worst i draw is monsterfucking and furry shit because capitalism is a death cult


big bara tiddies are my passion

No. 1112815

white boys see a white boy who looks like them and listens to the popular "cool" stuff so they dont have to actually participate and can just parrot his opinions to look cool to whatever group they are trying to impress

thats my tinfoil

No. 1112922

I was at the store and the margarine package said "soft and spreadable" and i said really loud "Damn just like me!" People turned around. I was very embarrassed

No. 1112924

No. 1112936

No. 1112949

File: 1648385576071.jpg (73.89 KB, 900x661, srtdfjkhjl.jpg)

I remember how, when I was in high school, I had no idea what kind of career I wanted and a lot of people around me would tell me I'd be a great teacher because I'm good at explaining and doing research on things I like, and since I was good at English by practicing it a lot during my free time with video games and youtube videos I briefly considered studying to be an English teacher before going to university. There are several reasons why I only barely thought about that and very quickly changed my mind, the more socially acceptable ones were that I was a skinny womanlet back then and I look younger than my age so I was worried about not being taken seriously by students based on how classmates were treating my very young maths teacher in our first year of high school, I wasn't confident I'd be good enough, etc.

Actually, the main reason is that I always hated school and kids, even when I was one, and on top of that, I would have lost my shit if I ever had to deal with special need kids. In high school I was in a prestigious public school and in a selective class so things went kind of well, despite me being surrounded by rich spoiled brats while I was dirt poor, but I managed to get financial aid to get in a private catholic middle school before that thanks to my good grades, and during the three years I spent there I was stuck with two autistic classmates (as in, they were diagnosed and all that shit) with granola parents who would disturb classes even more than the rich kids with their incessent screeches and meltdowns. And since I was the quiet, introverted kid with no friends because all their parents told the kids to avoid me because I'm not white, guess what happened? I was more often than not paired up with the autistic kids during classes to "help" all three of us socialize! They were so fucking annoying I wanted to never go to class again, and on top of that I had some long-term endocrine issues that made me perpetually tired and I had some memory issues for years as well, this made it even harder to focus on lessons. It also taught me all sorts of wrong habits: I had an even harder time socializing with the normal kids my age because of these two never leaving my side, and it was drilled in my head that they're "just different" and not burdens and that I should ALWAYS be nice even if it could bring me only problems. But at least the autistic girl didn't beat me up once and targeted other kids during her meltdowns, so I guess there's that.

tldr; I vaguely considered working as a teacher but my own experience with kids when I was at school, especially having to deal with autistic classmates, made me change my mind very fast. And more generally, I hate autists.

No. 1112951

I want to be your friend.

No. 1112953

File: 1648385701903.gif (1.1 MB, 498x204, 999bd415957cc9c581549e02f0157b…)

Turboautism incoming but I learned to like and appreciate other girls and women by watching Precure, I was a very lonely and depressed girl, had next to zero female role models cause my mom died and everyone bullied me for being fat so I grew up with no friends, be male or female. When I was 16, I started watching Precure and then I wished to have girlfriends to live cools moments and share nice memories with, so I literally started to go outside to make friends and nowadays my life feels more colorful than before, I finally have friends to laugh with and be happy together, I can't believe Precure cured me from my autism I pass as a Stacy so this is the only place were I'll admit this

No. 1112957

I like to go onto this game to dress up as a handsome guy and flirt with the girls. They all always end up friending me after when I need to log off.

No. 1112970

Which game

No. 1112983

That's so endearing

No. 1112988

I remember when I was in first year there was a girl in my dorm who had a whole collection of mugs from the dining hall because she would just walk out with a mug of coffee absentmindedly, somehow nobody even stopped her despite the dining hall usually being pretty strict. I got a talking to for trying to take a piece of pita bread once but this girl is probably set for life on mugs to this day.

No. 1113003

oh this is me, only that we are allowed to take the mugs anywhere as long as we return them. and often the dining halls were closed by the time i got out of class so i had to take the mug home. then i would forget them and tell myself i would return them… fast forward to the pandemic and all the dining halls closing. they eventually reopened and made a post on ig that was like "please bring back our mugs, plates and cutlery!" i had like 10 of those mugs so i went to three different dining halls to return them for fear of being judged.

No. 1113012

>i went to three different dining halls to return them for fear of being judged
Amazing, kek. It's good that you returned them though, anon, I don't know if that other girl ever did

No. 1113034

One confession at a time it's a wholesome game actually

No. 1113051

My ideal man.

Wide shoulders but not too wide.
A small waist.
Strong arms.
Upper body to be athletic and skinny.
Lower body and thighs to be muscular.
To have nice perky butt ( I love men with nice butts)
To have long legs.
To have plump lips and either cute eyes or siren eyes.
To have a straight nose bridge.
To have a oval face with a defined jawline.
To be able to have duality in terms of appereance.
To like perfumes that are floral and dreamy.
To have pretty,clean and healthy nails.
To be hairless on his body.

No. 1113060

manlets… it's over

No. 1113061

>siren eyes
I'm intrigued, tf is that

No. 1113065

Is it bad that I don't even see 5,10 as tall for a guy. I see that average or normal. I typically see people (both men and women) who are over 5,11 as tall.
Its basically mermaid/seductive eyes.

No. 1113069

It's icy blue eyes like limpid tears

No. 1113073

No, I am >>1113051 and for me siren eyes just mean seductive eyes.

No. 1113075

Sorry, I was just making a joke about my immortal, it made me think of that. You should read it, it's a classic https://myimmortalrehost.webs.com/chapters122.htm
Also we have a thread on /g/ for describing how you imagine your perfect partner >>>/g/116931

No. 1113100

Why do i have the feeling that this post triggered some ugly manlet and now he is spamming the gross (literal shit) he jacks off too.
This is why xy will always be defect.

No. 1113102

i do not apologize if this triggered a manlet.

No. 1113130

This reminds me of a guy I knew in uni, he was a manlet but otherwise good looking and charismatic, but at some point he stopped being nice to me and avoided me because he found it hilarious to shit talk my friends and other female classmates for their looks and the way they'd talk and behave. He didn't do it with me and straight up avoided me I'm kinda blunt I would have insulted him, maybe he guessed that I would humiliate him in public. Flashfoward to now, last year I found his twitter account by coincidence where he says he suffers from dysphoria or dysmorphia or whatever and that's why he works out all the time and sees a therapist, to compensate with him being a manlet. This made so much sense because not long before that, former classmates from university told me he sent them pics of his abs or some shit and very awkwardly tried to flirt with them with text messages. I wish manlets could at least try not to project their insecurity on everyone. They could just act normally and not reproduce.

No. 1113206

>bumping scat porn love yall

No. 1113278

I have worked with all men for over half a decade. There are one or two other women at my entire facility, but I never see them because they work in the HR department. I have been sexually harassed and assaulted so frequently that I have snapped. I shower normally, but I no longer put on any deodorant before work only, and especially no scented perfumes or lotions. I smell absolutely fucking rancid on purpose, and when I get home I clean up and put on some perfume, of course. But god damn when I am at work I smell like I’ve never even heard of a shower. I crank the heat so I sweat. (I prefer the heat so this doesn’t bother me.) It doesn’t stop the harassment, unfortunately, but it makes me feel better to force them to endure my stench when they come over to bother me. I just got a whiff of myself when I went to the restroom and almost threw up.

No. 1113280

Anon this is retarded. Just shower and smell good. Stop letting moids have this much power over you

No. 1113283

your post makes absolutely no sense. how does me not wearing deodorant give a man more power over me kek?
>anon… just enjoy the harassment and continue to smell like a sweet fresh girl when men who smell like ass crack come up and sexually harass you!

No. 1113302

You genuinely need help, I'm fucking sorry that scrotes molested you but yeah.
>your post makes absolutely no sense. how does me not wearing deodorant give a man more power over me kek?
The same way centering your entire taste in media around what wouldn't make an imaginary scrote coom does kek

No. 1113305

I don’t know who you are confusing me with? I have never spoken about my taste in media on this website. You sound like a moid or tranny right now, and I usually don’t agree when nonas say that. I think you misread my post or need to dilate.

No. 1113308

I must confess that I'm running a successful tranny scam on instagram using Shayna's pictures. I've surrounded myself with the most insufferable handmaidens that I've known for a few years and they've already been kissing my ass. I use my boyfriend's hands in each photo so it looks like a big, hulking man is actually behind the face. I've gotten over $150 in art supplies donated from "trans allies" accounts and I'm eventually hoping to crowdfund to "get me out of a vaguely dangerous living situation". There are TONS of people running services for giving cash to trans artists, and I've just been using my own art that I intended to take apart/throw out, because pictures of them never made the light of day. They're quality without being connected to me personally kek so it's quite believable. Also people are way more likely to purchase your art if it comes with a tranny sap-story compared to being a married woman who stays at home to do art full-time, whodathunk.

No. 1113309

anon ur a genius. I hope you can continue sucking those handmaidens dry without being caught. Go make that cash

No. 1113315

You are too online, the anon you replied to is doing those things because men have actually harrassed and touched her. She doesn't seem like she feels safe where she works so she's purposefully doing things to prevent future harrassment, stop being such an autist because you're still salty anons called your favorite anime a coomer moid fantasy or whatever the fuck happened.

No. 1113316

This is such a weird larp. Why do you have a boyfriend if you’re married?

No. 1113322

Maybe you could wear a mens deodorant and scent? I use male products and men I've got no interest in have gone out of their way before to tell me that its not sexy to them lol

No. 1113324

thank you anon, I was lost on that one. lmao
that’s a good idea actually, maybe it would do something in their ooga booga brains because this isn’t working either. thanks, anon!

No. 1113336

Common law, sorry. I'm used to referring to it as married but I call him my boyfriend because there hasn't been a ceremony or paperwork. Plus on my personal art account, coming across as married rather than just having a boyfriend for ten years keeps a lot more men from sending creepy messages in my experience.

No. 1113341

God, I really have to spell it out, don't I?
I find it sad that OP cannot enjoy perfume (that she enjoys herself, she wouldn't be using it for someone else) because she wants to repulse scrotes. Seriously, get help for your issues (and work toward changing workspace) if you are smelling like shit to own the scrotes. Tying your hygiene into what men think… what the fuck, you can't tell me it isn't giving scrotes more power. Clearly it's not a healthy viewpoint of yourself.
>It doesn’t stop the harassment, unfortunately, but it makes me feel better to force them to endure my stench when they come over to bother me. I just got a whiff of myself when I went to the restroom and almost threw up.
Anon herself admits that it doesn't even help with the issue.
>stop being such an autist because you're still salty anons called your favorite anime a coomer moid fantasy or whatever the fuck happened
Just laughing at fujo bullshit.

No. 1113355

I have been playing runescape for 19 years. I have never spent a dime of money on it though, just trying to max out f2p and using it as a farming sim and chatroom kek

No. 1113357

>saying you can pass an actual woman's pictures as tranny
>cant even decide if the imaginary character is married or has a bf
Bitch, why are all shaynafags so obsessed? Like girl, get a job, imagine using a mentally ill prostitutes pictures and cosplaying as her for God knows how long just to get money you can earn working in mcdonalds for a day.

No. 1113362

Nta and I never use perfume and also sweat and smell a lot, it never repulsed men. Men have shit smelling abilities, this is the most retarded thing ever, if you want to repulse men, just don't ever make eye contact and ignore their existence. Being ignored is the one thing that makes them most angry and invalidated because they crave attention. Making active effort now to be perceived negatively by men only turns them on more because they live rentfree in your head. I was also assaulted as a child, btw, but this level of obsession isn't healthy and you should get therapy if you live your life depending on how men will perceive you every second you step outside.

No. 1113372

Nta but if you're not married then he's not your husband. It is that black and white.

No. 1113374

Low-ass empathy answers kek

No. 1113375

It's a tranny larping or a retarded shaynafag who's probably also a sex whore who's jealous this fattie earns more than her. No normal person would go through all of this just for 150$

No. 1113378

Bitch I literally was raped when I was 6. She's only letting the trauma rule over her if she lives by it. Do you realize that how much the assaulters probably get off to watching her mentally crumble because of them? Sexual assault is a powerplay, she's only giving them more power by letting their thoughts live in her head rentfree and make her choices for her. They also still assault her, probably because they want to see how far worse they can affect her. Men target weak people, she'll only be targeted more if she doesn't resolve her trauma.

No. 1113395

Why is this a confession?

No. 1113405

I use it for the others in my home after getting off of a shift. I do not smell myself, and I do not wear perfume normally. It is no bother to me or else I wouldn’t be doing it.
this is the biggest lie I’ve ever seen. ignoring men makes them get violent. they cannot cope with stonewalling them whatsoever, and I have had men throw things at my head during a shift. I have never heard of men having a weaker ability to smell, before? sauce on that? they don’t live rent-free in my head, they live rent-free in my space…actively… every day. there is a distinct difference. if you don’t like it, that is awesome, because you don’t have to smell me, they do.
you are actually retarded and I do not believe this is not a moid posting. You act like I’m shitting and crying, when I just go to work without deodorant on. I totally believe a woman who got raped would say “sorry you got molested or whatever, haha” and then sperg about how not wearing deodorant gives men power over me. none of what you just said makes sense, and you failed at convincing me, so come over to my office and enjoy the smell or get a new hobby, scrotumnus
also, anon, they do it because they want to have sex with me. you sound like a psychopath imagining this weird psychological warfare scenario. It is not the same people, I see hundreds of different men a day. they are just horny scrotums, the same as you.

No. 1113452

First ayrt. Based nona, I know what you mean.
May you draw a lot of bara tiddy in the future.

Oh I love Precure. It actually helped me feel better when my depression got really bad a few years ago.
I'm happy for you!

No. 1113476

fyi, not all people that you are replying are the same anons that made past comments.
anyway I see your point better now, your original post sounded (to me) like you were giving up on perfumes and letting scrotes live in your head. I still think that you need any type of help due to what has happened and continues to happen to you and that it would be great if you could gtfo of that office, but I understand that it may not be a possibility if you are working there. NGL your life sounds hellish. I probably wouldn't want to smell like shit if it wasn't deterring scrotes, but you have your reasons

No. 1113480

can you stop blaming others for how they are suffering? not everyone reacts the same and a lot of people have a lot more trauma on top of being raped

No. 1113481

you're literally victim blaming

No. 1113483

I know nona, I just didn’t want to samefag 3 times. I don’t intend to work here forever, I go to college and pay for it via this job, thank you for understanding, I do want out kek. I figured, I was just clarifying for two of the anons, no vitriol! I personally have never particularly cared about stuff like that, it’s just a courtesy for others around me. I think people smell fine just bathing properly and wearing deodorant, usually.

No. 1113487

File: 1648420465091.jpg (95.48 KB, 1024x681, 1645399704578.jpg)

I worry that my group of rl friends is falling appart and there's nothing I can do about it. I tried to avoid the topic with them but it came up when I went to a restaurant on Friday and I'm not the only one who thinks it's slowly happening but I don't want to speculate with any of them because it'll accelerate everything. I always had a bad feeling over one of the girls because she was weirdly passive aggressive when we went together on holidays once and the two girls I've seen at the restaurant made me realize I wasn't imagining things at all and she's getting worse and worse, AND she's actively ignoring or avoiding most of us to hang out with her cosplayer friends and shit talk all of us behind our backs (and failing since, unlike her, we communicate together like grown women). Given all sorts of circumstances I'm also very worried something terrible will happen to one of us, but I can't really predict what and who will be the first to suffer the most. I have really good instinct but I truly hope I'm wrong.

No. 1113500

File: 1648422641775.jpeg (27.17 KB, 240x240, F5C10993-21F1-4463-B0EF-D5E05C…)

I used to think TiM was short for timothy and TiF was short for tiffany and that somehow we called troons that because they’re traditionally masculine/feminine names and it was a way of making fun of them

No. 1113502

Drop that bitch and have many dinners with the friends you communicate with!

No. 1113504

File: 1648423067722.png (174.7 KB, 591x492, 55xn5u.png)

KEK nonnie ily that is so adorably stupid

No. 1113505

If it's any consolation, those are the exact names my bf and me use whenever we talk about trannies as it rolls easier of the tongue than tims and tifs mid-conversation (and you get some plausible deniability).

No. 1113506

No need to drop her, we haven't seen her irl since November because everytime we plan on hanging out she accepts, and then she says at the last minute that she's going to see other people. Once she did that because she wanted to go to a shitty cosplay photoshoot and she said it only one hour before the hour when we were supposed to arrive at a friend's place. Nobody ever tried to accomodate her after that. I have a lot of things I could say about her, actually, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

No. 1113507

My confession is that I still don’t know what either one means, I know it relates to troons

No. 1113509

I always read it as "troon is male/troon is female"

No. 1113514

Trans Identified Male/Female

No. 1113519

File: 1648424085240.png (6.46 MB, 1125x2436, 72BA5DCD-D802-4D99-BF2A-453DE3…)

idk is it because i am no longer a teen with raging hormones but porn just don’t do it for me anymore. I get better orgasms when I just massage down there without even thinking about sex.

No. 1113521

NTA but my confession is that I don't know what "peaking" is or why it's called that. I just know that it's related to being "redpilled" about trans shit

When I looked that up, I thought it was insane that such descriptive terms are considered "TERF language". That's literally what they are, men and women who identify as trans. But we're not allowed to call them by their actual biological sex.

I wish I were you. I can get off with just my imagination and practically never look at real life porn anymore (and when I happen to look at it for some reason, there's barely any physical reaction). But I have never been able to achieve an orgasm using only my hand.

No. 1113533

you are amazing

No. 1113582

No. 1113660

A few days ago, a friend and i were talking about our childhoods and how messed up things that happened to us affect us to this day. I remembered my sister taking nude photos of me when i was in the bath tub at age 7 or 8. She had them developed and showed them to me to mock me. I remember feeling exposed, vulnerable, and most of all disgusting. I just remember feeling so badly about myself even though i didnt understand why it was wrong. I had no concept of porn at that age. I don't think my sister did it for sexual reasons, but for some type of power over me. She used to lock me in closets growing up and gets angry about it to this day if i bring it up and tells me im weird. She's 6 years older than me and im in my early 30s now. Haven't brought up the picture thing to anyone because I never really thought much about it.
I realize that was around the time i started developing negative self-worth and became an easy target for bullying. I have always hated attention drawn on me especially having my picture taken. I think the part that bothers me the most is what if some scrote saw the pictures and developed some for his personal collection? What if other people saw them. Did my sister know better? She was 13 or 14 and this was in 1998 or so. I just dont know what to think or how to feel. I have always had a really bad relationship with my sister and my family has always made me out to be the black sheep, scapegoat, and the fuckup loser of the family. Idk maybe this should have gone in the vent thread, i just wanted to get this off my chest. I have been feeling terrible about life lately and this memory doesnt help at all fuck

No. 1113748

File: 1648434647576.jpeg (40.12 KB, 400x400, 5ACBA4A2-3E69-4981-B534-1DF310…)

I’m not a low empathy psycho but I simply can’t feel bad for trannies who are attacked by men. Maybe they should teach men to be less violent instead of trying to change what a woman is.

No. 1113757

they deserve it kek, they’re constantly wasting their energy on terfs but forget the ones that are actually beating them are other men and not women but they’d rather hate women anyways

No. 1113763

i shot coke yesterday and it was fun but the guy who prepared it for me cooked it first? like spoon and lighter and the times i've shot coke before that wasn't neccesary do any nonnies know why? also there should be a general drug thread

No. 1113828

File: 1648436741745.png (198.08 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20220327-220435~2.p…)

No. 1113855


so it was crack then not pure coke? fuck i love it either way, if any nonnies would be interested in a drug general i would make one. buying flualprazolam tomorrow even though i've heard nothing but extreme bartard stories about it. im so bored i might as well get fucked up

No. 1113876

….what part of crack cocaine do you not understand?

No. 1113879

File: 1648437470333.jpeg (94.66 KB, 512x512, 5540D7C1-3B26-4C1F-BF5D-8AB3F9…)

No, we will not facilitate your drug use. Fucking crackhead

No. 1113903

If you're gonna do coke (or crack in this case kek) or flualprazolam, be VERY careful who you get it from. They're both very commonly cut with fentanyl

No. 1113954

There is a drug general, however you cannot talk about where to purchase, where you're purchasing, selling or whatever.
Just use your common sense.

No. 1113969

Your sisters fucked up, your story unlocked a hidden memory for me too. my sister has pictures of me when i was a child masturbating. She’s 13-14 years older than me. I didn’t have my own room growing up so i used to do it around the house when no one’s around (i also thought no one knew what masturbation was and it was this secret pleasurable thing only i know of so my attempts at hiding were sloppy) i found it on her computer when i was 17 and i didn’t think of it till i found out later that shes an npd chan after i became an adult and she turned on me and it stuck how creepy it is that she had that picture

No. 1113988


i didn't see him put lemon or some other agent in there so was it for sure crack? damn that kinda makes sense cause it was also way less awesome than the other times i've banged coke but i thought it was just cause I was so drunk. n also dw nonnie flualman is a conscious hippie who tests everything

No. 1114019

Gore/porn bump

No. 1114034

sorry for my retard question but why do people even cut things with fent? if it's so potent surely youd get more by selling it by itself & you're killing off customers

No. 1114125

If im ever pregnant with a male im aborting it idgaf ill never birth a moid.

No. 1114126

I can't say for sure if what you did was crack or not, but I can't see any reason why you'd need to light pure cocaine. Normally a crack high is more intense but shorter lived, though I've never done it personally so take what I say with a grain of salt.
Pure cocaine (at least if it's any good) is expensive and fentanyl is cheap. They cut opioids with it because it's very potent, so you don't need as much of the real stuff to get the same effect. Most people don't want to buy fent on its own because of its reputation, though some still do. And it's easier to smuggle because it's smaller and lighter than things like heroin, and because of the crackdown on opioids in the US.

No. 1114129

My bf cracked his phone screen pretty bad so he put his sim card in another phone but left the other one just sitting out when he went to bed. I don't believe he has anything to hide but my nosy self wants to look anyway. I won't though.

No. 1114130

Do it anon

No. 1114132

No. 1114133

I would feel too bad, the last thing he told me before he went to bed was his new phone password in case I need it in an emergency (and he doesn't care about me sharing mine)

No. 1114134

girl stop feeling bad and do it. Hes your boyfriend.

No. 1114136

Besides its not like he has anything to hide right

No. 1114141

I'm not a moid but moids that raped you really made you mentally ill, huh. Telling you to get therapy and not let some men decide how to live your life means I'm retarded? Even though I was raped as a child I'm still retarded and a man because I tried to help you? You really think smelling bad is going to stop men when they specifically target women who take care of themselves less and have lower confidence because they see those women as easier targets?

No. 1114142

I'm drinking and prone to peer pressure. Doing a quick sweep netted me one Alexandra Daddario search but we were recently watching the White Lotus and was wondering where we knew her from and a recent text from a woman he didn't mention but his only response was "watching seinfeld with anon, you?" to which she never responded.

No. 1114143

Samefag, not blaming her but telling her the truth. And if you believe getting harassed by people at work is more serious than getting raped as a child, I have nothing to say. Most women go through what she does and getting support is the way to solve your problems, dwelling on and changing the way you live as far as giving up things you love, going as far as not taking care of your hygiene because of trauma means she needs therapy. It's not her fault they target her, but they'll target her more often if she keeps behaving the same way because men target people with weak psyches when they look for victims to abuse. That's why victims usually get abused multiple times, by letting her delude herself, youll only lead to those men abusing her further and ruining her psychology so she has to think of every little thing she does and how they affect those men.

No. 1114151

Nta but are you sure it’s not possible to improve your situation in any way, shape or form beyond letting your pits get stinky? (Which btw isn’t as big of a deal as people throwing shit at your head in your workplace )

No. 1114153

Because your post is retarded. Men have so much control over you, you decide to stink and not shower. Smelling good or bad wont stop moids from anything so stop being fucking nasty and shower. You do realize women at your work also have to endure your stench? Are you 12? Imagine letting men ruin your hygiene kek

No. 1114154

Did you check his messages?

No. 1114160

No. 1114162

fb, instagram, reddit, and email. It's all just hockey and stuff about his "band."

No. 1114169

File: 1648449006242.jpg (2.01 MB, 1933x1933, tumblr_c0e6b80c0c90dac2176ad51…)

I don't think a 13 year old in '98 would have done that for a sexual reason (unless she had been victimized herself). some people have a razor sharp instinct their whole lives on how to embarrass someone, gain power over them, and make them feel small and like they did wrong. idk what personality disorder that belongs to but watching them 'work' is fascinating and terrifying. I know someone like that as an adult and I thought she hated me, specifically, until I saw others come under her spotlight and realized she would do it to anyone she thought she could. your mention of being made to feel like the black sheep and scapegoat reminds me of a term I learned recently called 'darvo' which stands for deny, attack, reverse victim and offender. maybe look it up if you think it fits you. it fit this chick I'm thinking of to a T.

No. 1114170

>they're throwing stuff at my head
>they do it because they want to have sex with me.
No dumbass. They're doing it because its a powermove. Just like how catcalling or groping is, men do this stuff to show off power and don't ever think of it as a positive thing they do because they feel attraction towards the woman, they're just vile animals who'd do it to anyone.

This is like saying men who rape just wanted to have sex with that woman so bad they couldn't control themselves when in reality it's an animalistic man taking advantage of a poor woman and not giving a damn about her wellbeing while he hurts her.

No. 1114172

Stfu newfag and stop Reddit spacing.

No. 1114174

I'm not wrong, am I? Your only reply is "waa waa newfag!"
Imagine thinking men who are sexist and want to humiliate women want to fuck you because they throw shit at you.

No. 1114178

Of course they want to fuck her you spastic cunt. Men think about nothing else but fucking when they interact with women because they see them as sex objects. The degrading treatment is a symptom of that. All you’re trying to do is flex your baby’s first feminist theory because you’re an annoying as fuck newfag. You show no actual empathy with women or try to get them out of the situation, you just insult them and then spout your fruity Bullshit pseudo intellectual takes. You sound like you came straight from Reddit. You have no right to call people “dumbass” with shit takes like that, even if she does have stinky pits.(spergout)

No. 1114181

Kek. So men who literally threw stuff at her head don't want to abuse her but actually are infatuated with her? Don't minimize mens violent urges and delude yourself into thinking that a woman who gets shit thrown at her head by all men in her department is actually someone all men want to fuck. She's getting abused, this isn't men doing stuff to get attention, they're ridiculing her! Also what does her scent have to do with this? Stop bringing up weird stuff.

No. 1114187

I don’t give a fuck. I just hate the smug way you’re acting. Calling people dumbass for what? If you’re such a radical feminist then help her instead of being sanctimonious and trying to derail the discussion. Also you know you can want to fuck someone without having any respect for their personhood at all? Especially if you’re male. That’s common sense, not “minimising” their actions. How exactly is saying men see her as a sex object suggesting they’re “infatuated”? It’s literally the most degrading thing in the world. You don’t even try to get her to elaborate further, because you aren’t interested in the situation at all. You just want to scream at her for not being a perfect enlightened feminist like you. You need to learn to shut up and ask more questions if you really want to support your fellow woman. Honestly I don’t think you do though, I just think you’re a retarded NLOG.

No. 1114189

come back when youre not a virgin

No. 1114190

File: 1648451822634.jpeg (128.43 KB, 413x395, 5D06C0AF-E342-4579-9E78-4724BF…)

>what does her scent have to do with this?
You didn’t even read the original discussion omg. Spastic.

No. 1114192

You called me spastic cunt and act just as smug though? I'm not a radical feminist, no idea why you brought it up either but anyone who took a look at the clothes women got raped in could tell it's less of a sexual thing and more of a violent torture. I also don't have resources to support a woman through an anonymous imageboard, any idea how I could do that? Do you know what NLOG means? How does me saying she's getting abused anything different than most other anons, aka women, said?
Not a virgin but why is that related?

No. 1114195

Bitch NOBODY said she wasn’t being abused. EVERYBODY told her it was fucked up and she needed to do something about it. YOU came along and called her a dumbass for absolutely nothing. SHUT UP.

No. 1114197

>do you know what NLOG means?
Retarded newfag confirmed.
>waaa I have no resources!
Not being a dick costs absolutely nothing.

No. 1114198

It's dumb to assume the men do that shit because they feel attracted to you, it's excusing their actions like how teachers excuse boys bullying or hurting girls by saying they just want their attention. Men should be hold accountable and women shouldn't think it's a retarded way of men showing their attraction to them when the same men deliberately try to hurt them. It'll only harm her more in the longrun because she's going to think those actions are a sign of attraction and try to make herself more unattractive to avoid them which won't work.

No. 1114200

I don't understand. The argument was about not showering, and now it's about child rape? What the fuck is happening?

No. 1114201

I'm asking you if you know what an nlog means, I'm not saying anything different to what >>1114153 said, for example. How am I not like other girls if my response wasn't much different, that her being attractive or not isn't going to change the abuse she faces? It's not the woman's fault and that's why her changing herself won't stop the abuse. Got it?

No. 1114203

I'm not saying child rape, I'm talking about how young boys hit and throw stuff at girls like the men in OPs office do, both get excused by secretly liking the girl.

No. 1114204

Retards like >>1114192
Trying to derail the discussion.

No. 1114206

Samefag, my bad. Not using deodorant or soap and abuse or something I guess idk I'm sleepy

No. 1114207

Wait you're the one who made the original post, right? Why are you talking about this in third person? Why did you make a post in all caps and then deleted it? Are you ok?

No. 1114208

Don’t blame sleepiness, it’s because you’re a fucking retard.

No. 1114210

Take your pills.

No. 1114211

Sorry for not taking your body odor infight seriously, I will study harder for the lolcow tard olympics next time wish me luck onegai

No. 1114212

All the pills in the world couldn’t make me tolerate you.

No. 1114213

I wasn't even the sleepy anon. You're mentally ill.

No. 1114214

It wasn’t an infight until you came along and derailed about child rape you fucking moron.(infighting)

No. 1114215

Except multiple posts were talking about child rape and molestation and I'm not in your fight to derail it in the first place. You need some sleep too, bitch lmao

No. 1114216

Not any of those anons but… Are you smelly-chan? If not why are you so obsessed with replying to everyone with such aggressive replies?

No. 1114217

(and a xanax)

No. 1114222

what is it with smelly anons lately, is this some scrote with a fetish?

No. 1114223

Was this the OP of the original body odor post?

No. 1114224

Samefag but I've only seen this one. Most users here have mental problems and those very often make people give up hygiene, have there been other smelly anons? It could've been same person.

No. 1114226

File: 1648454122642.jpeg (45.53 KB, 750x441, 1643553143213.jpeg)

>you spastic cunt
here >>1113327

No. 1114227

Thank you anon and I remembered that post only now! It disgusted me so much how they hate soap and it almost sounds sexual too now that I you say it, I'd get some people can be overwhelmed by perfume and deodorant but not washing yourself is absolutely disgusting. Without soap, water alone can't clean dirt and buildup oil.

No. 1114229

It's weird to me that one says that men are more attracted to her that way and love the smell of her pussy, while another says it repels them and she's glad about it

No. 1114230

They also both go into detail about the scent and this one said she uses heat to smell even more intense. It does kind of sound like a scrote writing, especially how much the anon wanted to fight over how the men so desperately want to have sex with her rather than talk about how traumatized she really was. Both posts focus on male sexuality.

No. 1114231

I wish nonnies would stop letting men have this much power of them. Hygiene, clothing, personality, NONE OF THOSE THINGS WILL PREVENT A MOID FROM DOING ANYTHING BAD!
Nonnies PLEASE stop this obsession with moids and dont let them take anything away from you. I hope that anon wakes up and starts showering before work again.

No. 1114232

No. 1114234

For real, where the fuck do they all come from lately.

No. 1114240

Last year there was a bunch of really repetitive posts against soap in ot and then we had endless posts asking about pussy smell in g around the same time. It was alot.

No. 1114242

This is true but see >>1114226 and >>1114230
It's probably a moid considering how obsessed they were about smell and men being attracted to them instead of actual trauma and such.

No. 1114243

And overly detailed posts about shitting and the smell

No. 1114245

Im convinced moids come on lolcow to larp as abused women to blackpill us or just to troll because so many posts here are so fucking weird. Im tired of retarded moids derailling every thread on here with their weird fetishes and fake humblebragging. Ever since the creepshow thing became huge more people are aware of lolcow now so it attracts crazies

No. 1114246

It's annoying too because mods never ban them, even after hours of infighting like we saw in this thread

No. 1114248

I think youre right nonny. She also said she smelled so bad it made her want to throw up but thats not possible imo also describing a sweet scent as a “fresh girl” scent it just gives me the creeps.

No. 1114249

i agree with the scrote theory, reminds me of the post of some anon saying “she” was free bleeding in her bed for days, I feel like it’s either a fetish or men trying to make it seem like this place is full of insane smelly dirty feminist femcels or whatever

No. 1114250

Basically. I also wish moids would stop talking about rape every fucking where on this website im just convinced theyre hoping to trigger rape victims. That anon brought up child rape or some shit and im just over it.
I just wish theyd go away.

No. 1114251

There's been scat spams the last 2 days, maybe that moid is back?

No. 1114252

I slept a full 8 hours and came back and you're still talking about stank?

No. 1114253

wait that's not what those mean?? wtf

No. 1114254

No. 1114255

before i used to believe its because the mods arent active but now i realized there may be a mole/spy among the mods.

I confirmed this after the infighting in the vent thread yesterday because right while the infighting was happening the mods redtexted a post (that wasnt even bad, just off-topic for that thread) but they didnt ban any of the infighters in that thread who were derailing.

Same happened in another thread where two anons were infighting and one of the anons were banned but the other anon who kept on racebaiting and started the infight was not banned until much later by a different mod.

idk these new mods are kinda unprofessional. Some of them are okay but there's that one who acts like a mole amd banns anon based on how she (he?) feels instead of rules being broken (remember what she did to the anons who posted a putin meme?).

No. 1114257

I often wonder if the jannies post on here too and are tempted to ban people they themselves might infight with or dislike? I mean not that I can blame them kek i’d probably do the same

No. 1114258

See >>1113514 for what they mean nonners

No. 1114259

Please also consider that the moids and some ultra infighters easily ban evade. I do wish farmhands would be more generous with redtexts though.

No. 1114260

LMFAO anon im the same. Even in my nb phase i was the one screaming about how enbies dont owe you androgyny because troons are ugly as fuck and so is the trans look kek

No. 1114262

I still think mods post and then ban people who disagree with them and/or their views for retarded reasons. I've had a few instances of infighting where I know I've been reported too but didn't get redtexted or vice versa where I got banned for one day or so but the other baiter didn't and continued on. Mods are retarded and I don't understand why they dont ban the obvious male posters or baiters but ban people whose ideas they dislike.
They even banned >>1114217 after she already shit up the thread screaming that men want to fuck women they harass.

No. 1114268

A farmer told me she introduced her bf to lolcow. Is that common?

No. 1114271

>They even banned >>1114217 after she already shit up the thread screaming that men want to fuck women they harass.
I wasn't part of the argument, I was the sleepy/dumb anon who asked why they were talking about child rape because I was confused. I'm still confused honestly, I think it's strange that the mods banned and redtexted that, but not the people who spent the day infighting/derailing about BO

No. 1114277

It's retarded tbh. They'll either see this site as a femcel site or autistic site or try to troll/gorepost like most men do.

No. 1114279

Was that not the body odor anons post? They redtext the last post.

No. 1114280

I'm the banned anon. I'm saying I'm not the person that was claiming men actually want to fuck you if they harass or abuse you, and I don't get why they weren't banned

No. 1114282

>or autistic site
And they'd be right.

No. 1114284

Wtf? I thought that body odor fetishist anon had finally gotten banned. It really sounds likely that mods are allowing moids to stay or infighting themselves at this point.

No. 1114288

I had the opposite. My now ex bf introduced me. Kinda wish I'd quizzed him about whether he ever actually posted. He used to be an unemployed heavy day drinker before we met so I can imagine him being the type.

No. 1114291

Thats good anon. He has nothing bad

No. 1114292

Eh. How and why would a guy introduce his gf to here? Maybe he was one of the trolls we sometimes have.

No. 1114294

How did he know about lolcow? Was he a kiwifag?

No. 1114298

Begone moids

No. 1114301

Actually based. And that retarded moid is still not banned but >>1114217 got banned because they told the moid to chill. I seriously believe mods are either the ones who are infighting themselves or there's a mole that let's moids stay while banning anyone else.

No. 1114306

I found he had a bunch of accounts on various forums but just general chat and sports ones. He would fight on them sometimes which was likely at the height of his sad solo drinking days. Drink brought out this weird spiteful side of him. Lil while ago I looked up those usernames again and he's gone back and tried to scrub away the trail of drunk posts I saw before. Its not even all gone because of people quoting his tantrums in replies but he tried. God knows how much more of it exists that I didn't come across.

No. 1114346

one of the butthurt moids posted your post in the lolcow caps thread here.

No. 1114348

>everyone I don’t like is a moid
Fuck off and die

No. 1114354

Who are you? Scat-chan? Body odor fetishist? Romanianon? The op in the workplace sexual harassment infight? Why are you so obsessed with this topic to the point you carried it out to 2 whole threads?

No. 1114366

ahh ok. This is too technical for me, I'm afraid, but I know you can do this, anon! I use these resources very often for my research. I would love to see more standardization for the cataloging of manuscripts, incunables, and archives, including the ability to extract cataloguing data in xml or csv format. Are you doing digital humanities work or library science or both?

No. 1114392

My confession is that I know i should break up with him but nonnies its 6am and i havent slept and im just crying. I think of how good our relationship was a year ago and now he stopped making efforts at all. I think he gave up on me. I should let him go. Why is my heart so retarded? I just never wanted the good memories to stop

No. 1114394

Weird. I think im right though.
Youre retarded anon because what I said is true. Moids come in here and larp as women to troll women or trigger them all the time its fucking pathetic and i have no doubt youre a moid. Lucky for you mods dont give a fuck but next time keep your autism to yourself and go back to whatever hellhole you cane from

No. 1114396

i told my abusive, cheating, disgusting cunt of an ex to kill himself and it felt great

No. 1114397

stop replying to them, stop giving them attention, if you reply then they wont stop.
Just report them.
They already shit up two other threads on ot.

No. 1114399

let him go for your own sake nona, please. you know yourself what needs to be done.

No. 1114400

>moids come in here and larp as women!
You’re a fucking schizo(retarded infighting)

No. 1114401

sorry i mean in the things you hate thread. they posted that there not in the caps thread.

No. 1114403

File: 1648463673600.jpeg (67.7 KB, 694x657, 74DD7E5D-076D-4074-8460-616F4F…)

No. 1114415

Get another job

No. 1114421

I eat my breakfast, do the dishes, take a shower, make the bed, play with the cats and come back and you guys are STILL talking about stank???

No. 1114422

All those chores probably worked up a sweat, yes? Go take a shower stinky!

No. 1114426

>>moids come in here and larp as women!
This is not a tinfoil, it literally happens to all female imageboards, are you a man or what?

No. 1114428

Nonnie are you blind? One of them was taking a shower, you goof!

No. 1114429

You realize a moid larping as a woman here is exactly how the whole romanianon thing started, right?

No. 1114430

File: 1648465664736.jpg (76.14 KB, 506x668, tumblr_pornevMPmc1qzp9b7o1_540…)

No. 1114433

He's the man who's been larping as radfem and saying women not showering and shaving is empowering to start infights.

No. 1114434

File: 1648465770756.jpg (36.02 KB, 450x552, soap.jpg)

Don't forget the soap!

No. 1114443

I just checked it out kek thanks for the tip nonny. Im glad other nonnies agreed with him. Im surprised anon isnt banned cuz im pretty sure thats against the rules

No. 1114445

*agreed with me

No. 1114447

File: 1648466288307.jpg (43.87 KB, 450x323, cddb7068f7f97a45b71d139738fc84…)

Come on girlies, time to have a dip in the pond after another day of wearing fineries!

You too. No excuses.

No. 1114449

File: 1648466542050.png (483.26 KB, 736x723, wtffffffff.png)

I love you anon but you need to reread my post >>1114421 I'm trying to tell you I literally just took a shower nonnie why are you treating me like this why anon

No. 1114450

I confess im a very nostalgic person and i know people think its depressing or retarded but its my way of coping. Yes nostalgia is sad but its also very comforting. I love watching old tv shows or movies or listening to old music. It makes me disconnect from this shitty world

No. 1114453

I feel you anon, nostalgia is my favorite feeling, it fuels me

No. 1114456

Sorry Nonnelina, I never scroll back to read old posts because I only look towards the future. The past is in the past.

Now come along to the communal duck shower or I'll start chasing you with a powerwasher until all the stink lines à la Sims stop wafting off you!!!

No. 1114466

I'm the one who brought the sooooaaaap! >>1114434

No. 1114470

File: 1648468024750.jpg (84.4 KB, 685x960, Bella-306318_429619423747956_9…)

I wish I could be a twilight vampire. I want the super strength so badly. I could go out and do what I want because no man could match my strength. I'd also be the hottest version of myself which would be a bonus, and I wouldn't look freaky to the average person so I could still be in society. I'd like the extended lifespan too because I've spent so much of my life depressed so it would make up for lost time.

No. 1114471

Same except i wanna be a tvd vampire. I wanna be able to compell people and turn off my humanity kek

No. 1114488

Based. I literally just want to be Caroline tbh, I love Caroline.

No. 1114499

I’ve been living with a cute male friend and I’d absolutely let him fuck me if he made the first move, but he’s kind of a soyboy and seems content to throw me unsubtle hints and give me lots of random hugs

No. 1114668

File: 1648480823813.jpeg (66.21 KB, 600x338, 101C5774-C231-4467-A38E-94014C…)

An ex from years ago texted me to tell me he was getting married…. And Congrats?(who gave you my new number?) and then said a cryptic “always thought it was going to be you, then I met (wife to be)”.
Ok… man… well congrats? Happy for you…
>Once he shit his pants on the way to work and had to buy a pair from a thrift store, ended up being ladies jeans.
>he tells me the story and i burst out laughing bc its rediculous; gets mad at me
>he was older but not smarter or wiser
>always broke
>attempted real hard to cheat on me with a friend, she ended up calling him out and putting me on speaker phone to hear it
>he says “thats not what i meant”, when it was.
>when i broke up with him (kindly,) he chased after my car
We dated for 6 months
Its been 7 YEARS MY DUDE PLEASE COLLECT YOURSELF and delete my number

No. 1114675

Nonnie, you are powerful

No. 1114678

He's wanted to marry you but settled for the wife to be. Poor woman. Also why do so many men shit themselves and why do so many women keep dating them? I'd fucking broke up the moment I knew his ass was loose probably from faggotory or farting in public. Disgusting.

No. 1114680

I’m attracted to teenage guys i will never act on this

No. 1114682

For my own peace of mind I will be assuming that this is some kind of bait.

No. 1114685

My last ex was a closet fag and you're 100% correct. Trust the method ladies.

No. 1114686

Are we talking 13 or 19? How old are you?

No. 1114688

If you mean 18-20 it's not wrong, just nature. Men will tell women them being into preteen girls is in their nature but women are only allowed to date men 10 years older, so man can satisfy their pedophilic powerfantasy.

No. 1114713

File: 1648482816304.jpeg (95.22 KB, 640x427, 66976D8F-966C-47AB-9DC5-1A95F8…)

>his wife is younger and very boyish
>they moved to San Fran
>he was always a beta bitch trying to be more macho to “show me”
>always making gay jokes, but mad when I would allude to him not being straight
>sex was awful
You know what, maybe he is a fag.
I should have dumped after the second date tbh.

No. 1114717

Tell your friend she's a queen and I love her.

No. 1114721

Why would anyone ever be mad that you laughed at a 'shat my pants' story. What else are you meant to do? Console him? Tell him he's gross?

I trusted a fart a few years ago and thankfully was at home att but I threw out my pjs and weirdly felt the need to tell my bf when he got home. Laughter is the best reaction you can hope for in that situation.

No. 1114743

File: 1648484309058.jpg (31.33 KB, 600x600, pooty.jpg)

So basically I thought 'huh it's been six weeks' so out came the scissors and I started snipping, and then it looked a little uneven at the front and I thought 'oh yeah let's get some layers in here' and then I realised that I looked like Karen in the front and Becky at the back (short bob at the front and long wavy hair at the back) and I thought 'ok let' just make it choppier so it's less obvious' and now I just look BIZARRE.

Should I just cut my hair short now? I really loved having long hair. But my curls are so thick and healthy where it's shorter, and I've already dealt some damage.

No. 1114745

stop projecting your rape fantasy onto me moid, sexual assault isn’t always rape
not wearing deodorant is a non-action, just like not shaving. cope with a rope

No. 1114793

Closer to 19, I’ve noticed that guys age really quick and all the dudes who I went to high school with are becoming really bloated ugly men maybe cause of alcoholism or just not taking care of themselves I’m 21. And yeah even the girls who had kids and drink all the time look way better than all the dudes. Wtf is up with that, I had a 17 year old coworker and he mogged every dude with his physique and cutesy not stubbled and weathered face
Yeah I agree, most men are jerking their dicks off to and early grave, so if anyone should go younger, it’s women, I hate when old men hit on me it just makes me want to stay cougarpilled and keep the ages of men 18-26 up until I’m like 35

No. 1114802

Diff anon but I'm early thirties right now, a few years ago I dated a man ten years my senior and over time the reality of 'the older man' turned me off so much that I started looking at younger men and appreciating youthful looks. I wouldn't date with any real age gap again but to look at they're the best of a bad bunch.

Sad thing is, when I was young I had either a low sex drive or I just wouldn't prioritise my pleasure in bed. Now I have a higher drive and could likely voice myself and get what I want but still, I'm not going to go there.

No. 1114816

I am convinced this is all the same anon who is crying about me in /meta/ and can’t read. I clearly stated I shower like normal. Please god get a grip and go back to trolling cc or something. I haven’t even responded the entire night and you keep going and even going to meta about it.

No. 1114827

NTA but look anon, this is the first time I've gotten involved in this discussion, but if you're being completely honest, seriously stop replying to those people. No one will know it's you when you decide to post about something different, and they will keep replying to each other like schizos, then eventually it'll die down and they might forget about it.
It's not worth it to keep replying.

No. 1114832

This is so cute kek

No. 1114841

sorry to samefag and I’ll shut the fuck up forever about it after this but I just read up and it wasn’t letting me delete my last post to reply to multiple. also I’m glad I didn’t see the fetish posts, and have a wonderful night raped-as-a-baby-larp-chan. please clean your balls.
this happened after denial of sexual advances, anon. you need to go outside and interact with more men, they get violent after you turn them down, that’s kind of their thing. it’s not a big le troll, it’s a “I work a high traffic job where new men come in every day and shoot their shot and then sperg out when I say no” thing. and if you are actually a woman who goes outside you would know that happens to every woman who is young or skinny, not just attractive women. I truly do not give it that much brain space to conspiracy theory about it being a psychological game, I just stopped swiping on deodorant after I showered and now if they want to come hit on me they get a nose full of chili powder pits. not that deep
absolutely based.

No. 1114853

How are you still doing this shit, but posting >>1114217 somehow deserves a 3 day ban? Why are the jannies like this lmao

No. 1114860

because jannies can see the IP logs you fucking retard. I posted a few times then went to bed, the rest of the sperging wasn't me. please let’s mutually shut the fuck up and it will be over with.

No. 1114863

>IP logs
That's irrelevant when I didn't post any of the BS going on in the thread. That's why it's ridiculous. I already shut the fuck up and I'm not even insulting you, I'm just wondering why the actual infight is being dragged on. The anon who said mods are either sabotaging this place or just infight themselves and ban was probably right

No. 1114919

Same. Sometimes I listen to songs I don't really like because I feel like I'll like them in the future, and just having them burnt into my memory like that will ensure that I'll probably like it in a year or three with an added nostalgia buff, which'll give me extra affection to the song.

No. 1114926

I didn't think you became labeled as a cougar until you were like, 40. You're young, there is nothing weird with you going for younger guys.

No. 1114928

Because jannies are biased.

No. 1114946

Men throwing stuff at you isn't sexual harassment. It's simply bullying and harassment alone therefore you neglecting your personal hygiene isn't going to help it. You're a retard for posting about how based it is for you to not wash up and sweat all day so you smell disgusting just to own the moids and cry and scream when people tell you to change your workplace and get support.
It's almost like that one incel rant I read where he deliberately smelled bad to offend women, because only women will be offended by body odor. No man ever smells or complains about anyone's smell, especially if the said person is a woman, who will never smell as bad as a smelly man.

No. 1114970

Did you read her original post? She said the men at her job have sexually harrassed her. Men can sexually harrass you and throw shit at your head, it's not some either or thing.

No. 1114989

Stop talking ahout yourself in third person again, little schizo-chan. You already shit the thread with how you think all men want to fuck you and it's definitely why they're going out of their way to throw shit at you and mock you.

No. 1114991

Considering how the troll/moid is literally bragging about how he is not banned even after starting infights in like four different threads, the janny mole theory is probably true.

No. 1114994

This weekend I was on a party. I drank a lot but enjoyed my time there.
I fucked a guy and that confirmed my bisexuality.
I feel like a slut and a fraud, I don't know why I feel that bad. I liked it and he was gentle but I don't know anymore. There is a space on my mind that tells me that to fuck a guy is dirty and if I do that I am a slut.
FYI he's single and he fucked me right.

No. 1115000

Guess what, weirdo, I'm not the anon you have a retarded grudge against. You're the schizo one for frothing at the mouth because of my inoffensive post, chill the fuck out freak.

No. 1115004

Eat shit scrote

No. 1115007

I don't have a grudge but no one wants to read about smelly scent fetish larping which features a character that all men want to screw. Literally no sexual abuse victim says or flaunts how men are interested in them, any woman who's been targeted knows it's not something men do because they wanna fuck you. It sounds like a moid because of how he's fixated on the sexual attraction and smell descriptions, going as far as calling women flowery and fresh, and you wont change my mind.

No. 1115015

Not even the anon that caused your sperg (not that you'd believe me) but she was defending herself from anons going "just shower retard" when this is the confession thread and she confessed she didn't wear deodorant to work because she works with mostly men who have sexually harrassed and molested her. If you're the anon who got raped at 6 then she was wrong for calling you a moid but you're a retard for not letting shit go and thinking you know 100% of every man's intentions.

No. 1115048

one night stands are just gross in general tbh. You can't bond with a stranger.

No. 1115053

Stop having schizo meltdowns. An "anon" defending OP already shit up 3 threads and told many anons to kill themselves. Sounds very realistic for a woman to drag out her trauma to the whole site and tell other women to kill themselves once they gave her mindful advices like trying to distance herself away from her workplace or get mental help? It's literally a man who's obsessed with sexual side of abuse, quit lying to yourself. All anons in meta and other threads who saw it unfold think the same as me.

No. 1115067

they also have started infights about other topics too, they're the anon who was part of the shaving sperging in the vent thread and they always write some weird posts about muh evil radfems and how good colonialism is kek.

No. 1115068

That wasn't even a meltdown, weirdo. Stop projecting. I wasn't here when whatever infighting happened, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about wrt to the op telling anons to kill themselves, I'm literally just following the infighting in this thread and defending her since she started getting lectured by anons for trying to prevent sexual harrassment and sexual assault since she's apparently experienced it multiple times at her workplace.

No. 1115076

I'm sorry I was too rude, didn't know you didn't see it because it was everywhere. Check out the infighting in, I think, things we hate, meta and other threads. She had a meltdown and told so many anons very very cruel stuff, starting from cunt to telling them to kill themselves in violent ways. I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe someone would get that upset when people tried to help them.
The scent-anon, right? I think it's a very obsessed person larping as a feminist. They've also mocked women here accusing them of being radfems and hated on them while larping as a radfem who hated women that shaved in other threads. The way they obsessively threaten anons of killing themselves and use the same insults makes me think it's the same person too.

No. 1115083

File: 1648503689733.jpeg (80.53 KB, 474x681, 8AA40338-4F88-4F8E-AA97-BCF540…)

I relate to Cameron but I dislike him and the movie’s portrayal of him because I like actually ‘being a Cameron’ .Am I the only one that feels this way?

No. 1115084

I actually like*

No. 1115085

if you don't know whats going on then maybe stay out of it. That anon is very deranged and has started infights in many threads.
i actually think they are trying to copy romanianon when it comes to their sperging about radfems, they try to use the exact phrases that she uses but they are doing a bad job at it.

No. 1115087

this still going on? I have checked out of that conversation 24 hours ago. Wow

No. 1115093

What were the threads the suspected moid poster was posting in? I want to check it out so I don't keep defending a moid. Also sorry for being rude to you nonnie I didn't know what was up.
>mention of anon who shall not be named
Well now this makes me think that it could be steven. also makes me think the gore/scat poster was steven too

No. 1115097

Romanianon is a mentally ill woman who's not bad but has a hatred for radfems and internalized misogyny while the moidposter, who is most likely steven, keeps posting about his weird ass thoughts and fetishes and when anons refuse to indulge, he threatens them in a very masculine and seriously angry way compared to Romani-chans typical edgy unhinged replies.

No. 1115102

It's been hours so I couldn't find all but take a look in meta, the discussion in this thread and this post, >>1114385 where the moidposter blatantly samefags and tells everyone to kill themselves. They've also posted other fetish smell content and a shaving discussion which I don't know how to link. You can maybe search it up? In the end, I believe it's steven because he only got mad after being accused of being a moid and started to type in a fake romani style.

No. 1115110

File: 1648505239110.jpg (63.95 KB, 768x1024, 1daqv5.jpg)

If you guys really think another anon is a moid, why are you still replying to/about them and derailing the thread over it?

No. 1115112

>i actually think they are trying to copy romanianon when it comes to their sperging about radfems, they try to use the exact phrases that she uses but they are doing a bad job at it.
An anon in the past vent thread said the Ukrainian camgirl (Olena) was talking about deodorant or not showering around the same time the argument was going on

No. 1115116

>he threatens them in a very masculine and seriously angry way
The problem is that romanianon does this too, so it's hard to tell if it's her and a moid started to mix into her sperging or if it's all her.
>>1010887 etc.

No. 1115117

That was obviously romani herself.

No. 1115119

That was romanianon I think but it could've been true. Anyways, the anons thinking a woman who was sexually assaulted would be telling anons to kill themselves for offering help are retarded and the reason moids continue to troll here.
I don't think it was her. This one anon used some insults romanianon never used and never lost his compassion like romani does. I honestly feel bad for her because it seems like Steven the faglord is still obsessed with the poor girl.

No. 1115152

you're not dumb for that, it's an intentional double entendre. Officially they mean Trans Identified Male/Female but its pretty funny that the acronym pronounced sound like male and female names.

No. 1115173

dear mother, daughter, and the holy clit.

I still feel guilty for allowing a former coworker to flirt with me while I was engaged (now happily married). I finally looked hot for the first time in my life and a literal model (he's literally walked for NYC fashion week) was giving me attention. I didn't actually entertain it, but I didn't shy away and fantasized a little…

I even had a random sex dream about him last year and I've felt bad ever since. I don't even work with him anymore and he's out of state. But i feel like i did something that would destroy me if my husband did it.

No. 1115229

When I was a kid, my grandma told me that there was medicine inside of glasses and that's how they make people see. I know that's not how it works, but I still imagine that when I wear glasses the medicine is transferring into my eyes.

No. 1115292

I deleted all the sims in a save and have replaced the world with lesbian gothic lolitas

No. 1115305

I am addicted to shitty trashy reverse harem isekai manhua. Especialy the beastman/tribal kind. Theyre so fucking weird and bad and even misogynistic at times but i cant stop

No. 1115348

I like the tacky make-up and true crime videos and don't get the moralfagging people do about how bad it is.

No. 1115350

Whenever i come across a youtuber I love I actually never want then to become popular or grow their channels. I want them to remain small and outside of drama. I’m also super conflicted about recommending them in that youtube female content creator thread on /m/, i feel guilty not sharing them.

No. 1115359

Recommend me some anon, i have a long break today i need to distract myself from my thoughts

No. 1115364

Fair warning that they're all weird as hell but I enjoyed beauty and the beasts, totems realm, and romance in the beast world

No. 1115365

give us the knowledge there's like 20 people on this site

No. 1115368

because it feels like the people doing these videos aren't taking the incidents seriously, like they're just using other women's deaths for views

No. 1115369

I would rather sleep on a chair or the floor than share a bed with someone who is not a significant other.

No. 1115371

File: 1648524567932.jpg (56.19 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot38.jpg)

Anon, thanks for replying, i didnt think anyone would and I'm so sorry i made you remember you went through something similar. If i could hug you i would.
I agree that it was for power and manipulation to humiliate me. She did it a lot in other ways through my teens that i got therapy for and worked through it. Thanks for telling me about "darvo", I can relate to it a lot and it's helping me process this a little better. I always felt like my sister is a narcissist and this sounds a lot like how she's treated me. She admitted to me about 6 years ago that she resented me growing up because i was "smart and everything came so easy to me" which is the biggest fucking lie I've ever heard. One of her ex boyfriends raped me because I'm such an easy target. Man fuck my life lol

No. 1115414

Reading the Celebricows thread the anons that posted about stealing artifacts and not throwing them away literally gave me chills.
I'm atheist, but I do believe in a parallel dimension or another plane where other kinds of entities exist, some of which are evil.

No. 1115454

When I was little I went through a weird phase where I'd lick my family's dining room wicker chairs because the coating on them tasted so bitter that it was uncomfortable to taste so I'd do it all the time because I was a psychopath, clearly. I also went through a phase as a young kid where I would twist my finger in my ear and then suck on the wax. I just gagged typing that out jesus christ what was wrong with me.
ear wax is very bitter btw.

No. 1115461

Anon what the fuck?

No. 1115462

Is it weird if your wardrobe is mostly secondhand clothing from a different era?

No. 1115463

File: 1648530267293.jpg (77.74 KB, 736x718, 5a548e2bab248f5e62e2700fb495dc…)

My earwax tastes good to me maybe your wax just isn't all that nonny

No. 1115464

That probably means you're cool as fuck unless it's mid 2000s clothes

No. 1115467

I remember trying my earwax as a little kid but I thought it was disgusting so I never did it again. I did weirdly like the taste of Play-Doh though. I would also sneak little tastes of all the spices in the kitchen. Just take some onion powder or some shit and shake it into my mouth. My favorite was dipping a napkin into some salad dressing or straight up vinegar and sucking it out. Idk what my problem was lol

No. 1115484

No one will ever convince me that he's fully human.

No. 1115487

its 2000s kek sorry nonny.
I love the cute sassy graphic shirts that were popular in that era and the shirts with rhinestones on them. Theyre so comfy but also slim fitting (so it doesnt make me look frumpy. I also have cute cardigans and tracksuits because theyre comfy asf. And a couple of clothes from the 90s (and a blazer from the 80s)

No. 1115513

Nta and I also love that style. You sound like a tiktoker though.

No. 1115515

File: 1648536458914.jpg (559.48 KB, 2999x2241, N;.jpg)

I got meme'd into wanting a big dicked goth bf, all I can think about these past 2 years is a thin, pale somewhat feminine young man with an alt aesthetic and who has a big dick
I'm not even a size queen but I love the idea of being with a thin alt boy with a monster cock

No. 1115531


No. 1115532

I never went on tiktok. I never got the point of it

No. 1115707

One of my increasingly distant friends has come out as a “trans-girl” and I’m so uncomfortable with it. I was talking to them about how birth control and excessive hormones have done so much damage to my mental health and they just joked about wanting them themselves. It is so infuriating, and you can’t even be honest about your opinion without being called a terf ugh. It’s just becoming increasingly more difficult to be openly feminist.

No. 1115713

I feel like it's such a TIM thing to regularly make conversations about them and shoehorn in their trannyisms when it isn't appropriate.

No. 1115723

Men get off on knowing they're hurting women, never rant or show weakness to a moid because he'll only try to ridicule you like the tranny did. I do sincerely hope the hormones he's taking has those very same effects, though and hope your health is better now.

No. 1115724

consider distancing yourself further from this freak. if they're only going to bring up their selfish fetish bullshit when you're trying to vent about something serious, it's not going to get better.

trust me. i was in your shoes a few years ago. don't let it drag for as long as i did.

No. 1116207

>When I was little I went through a weird phase where I'd lick my family's dining room wicker chairs because the coating on them tasted so bitter that it was uncomfortable to taste
You just brought back my memories of doing this, too. And also licking the doorknob on a really old door, it had like a pebbled texture.

No. 1116427

My real life friends don't know I'm a TERF. They'd drop me instantly if they knew.

No. 1116433

It’s disrespectful to the victims and their families and also tacky as hell. I don’t see why these people couldn’t do the exact same thing but discussing creepypastas and urban legends instead, that’d be probably fun to watch

No. 1116437

Then they aren't good friends nonny. You shouldn't have to reveal you're a terf but maybe start distancing yourself from them and try to find new people to hang out with.

No. 1116467

File: 1648592517656.jpeg (52.6 KB, 640x640, 4F82A004-7D89-4AF8-8AAC-726760…)

This is it. I’d describe today as probably the horniest ever been in my life. Jfc I wish I had a bf though

No. 1116513

File: 1648594561198.jpeg (203.62 KB, 669x632, 2DEA5AB1-E273-4454-AEC5-2C61A5…)

I haven’t eaten anything solid in two days just because I haven’t had the energy to cook and I’ve just been drinking stuff and I thought I was doing pretty good until just now where I pooped my pants but didn’t even feel it come out because it was pure liquid Guess I can cross pooping my pants as an adult off my bucket list

No. 1116543

This is both a confession as well as request for other opinions, I think.
I turned eighteen last year and got my first boyfriend a few months after. I introduced him to my family and such. Obviously I outgrew him quickly and broke up. I also went to another country for a few months and there I found my current boyfriend. He’s actually amazing and I genuinely love him so much. Everything we have is like in romance books. He’s almost perfect, he’s just amazing. I love him so much and I always feel so happy when I am with him. I introduced him to everyone here in this country and told my family back home about him. I truly do love him and care about him. But soon I’m going to travel to another country and there I will stay with a family, including a really hot guy who I had a childhood crush on. Because I don’t want to do LDR and don’t want to put my career on hold for a guy, I’m fine with the prospect of us breaking up. Obviously it will hurt for a bit, but I literally went through everything I did with my past bf and that was true shit, but necessary for personal growth. Besides, if we are meant to be, we will find each other again. Basically, I’m not worried about if I have to break up with my bf or not. I would even like it a little bit so that I can then be single and available to meet cute guys who meet my standards more culturally in the country I’m visiting. However, if this would happen and I would have a cute short romance with the guy I’m visiting, that would mean I’ve had three “boyfriends” (I refuse to have some sort of fling with guy I’m visiting) with less than a month time single in between despite never having a boyfriend before ever in my life. I personally don’t find this a big deal because I know myself and my worth. I think love and sexuality are meant to be experienced. But I worry how this comes across to others. Just wonder if I should maybe not introduce my current boyfriend to my family back home. My boyfriend wants to come to my home country with me where I will be going before continuing on my journey. I would love this but also maybe it’s a bad idea? I’m just very enthusiastic and have a lot of love and want to share it. Just wonder how other anons think about the situation. I’m feeling happy and don’t worry about what will happen, but yes still wanted to confess to this and all (reposted because I wrote something wrong)

No. 1116545

Oh lawd I hope you were home at least. Never shit myself but did shart once after having Panera Bread when I woke up from a nap

No. 1116615

sometimes i seethe when i see pictures of tifs who've had their breasts removed because i wish i could do the same. i don't want to be a man, i just want to be flat chested but even surgeons who do reductions still leave too much there. i feel like i'm going to be disgusted by my body forever

No. 1116764

When I moved into my apartment last year, my internet connection wasn't working even though I had set the modem and everything up correctly. I was so stressed and overwhelmed that day because it was a really, really rough move (for a variety of reasons) and I had a bunch of things coming up that week so I couldn't even catch a break. Anyway, I called my internet provider and the man on the phone asked me how my day was while he was looking up my account information. I told him honestly that I had a pretty rough day and he responded with "aw, I'm sorry to hear that." It sounds really condescending typing it out like that, but I guess it was the way he said it that really comforted me. It sounded very fatherly.

It's been months since that happened, but when I feel miserable and stressed I think about that incident and how I wish I could hear him (or someone else) say that to me again. It's really pathetic and I usually hate being coddled, but that one time it was really nice and it was the fucking customer service guy for my internet provider.

No. 1116780

You should lie to medical staff about being a troon and get it covered by insurance, nona

No. 1116795

don't promote women to destroy their biology because of mental illness by feigning others. what's wrong with you? anon needs help.

No. 1116799

File: 1648616423512.jpeg (31.68 KB, 696x457, C6A0A2A3-0216-431E-BCF3-A21780…)

I finally learned how to wash my vagina properly. Nobody has taught me growing up and I’d wash the wrong areas. It’s embarrassing I know.

No. 1116812

I avoided all health classes in high school so the only class I had on women's health and anatomy was in elementary school. I found out my first year of college while taking a woman's health class that we don't pee from our clits. Feelsbad.

No. 1116838

I wonder if I'm doing it properly. Nobody taught me exactly how to do it, but I think I've figured it out on my own.