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No. 867435

Sweet n' sunny

Previous threads:

No. 867438

Every night, my 17 year old kitty will come into bed and lay down on my chest and stretch his little paws out, one on each side of my head, and I pet his soft pretty fur and listen to his purr until we both fall asleep.

No. 867440

omg mine too, he will sit on the bed and wait for me to lie down then immediately lie on my chest so we're nose to nose. And then he'll rub his face against mine for a bit before sleeping. It's too cute, but usually he's not clingy with me so I assume he just sees me as a good electric blanket.

No. 867442

So cuuuute. I love having pets so much. It's so fucking special to have this heart to heart connection with a member of an entirely different species, it's also surreal. I feel like humans don't deserve it tbh. But I'm grateful as fuck.

No. 867450

So true, it's crazy that actual living creatures end up being so comfortable and affectionate with us. It's especially cool with cats because they retain so much of their instincts and seem so wild at times, they have similar body language to big cats so I always think of it like a tiny panther (my cat is black) choosing to cuddle with me kek.

No. 867452

Even at 17 my little guy will attack hair elastics and little fabric fish like he's going to murder them, rolling around on the floor biting and kicking them, it's hilarious and awesome to watch. I'm so glad he's so healthy, I'm going to go hold him and cry now.

No. 867511

I taught my dog tricks and obedience exercises and she's so good at them. She's very clever and she seems to have fun (I give her pets and treats afterwards!). The ones she likes the most seem to be fetching/hounding and jumps, but I love how elegant she looks while she heels. I'm only sad that her ear seems to have some problems.

No. 867657

I just took my first quiz of medical school (MD) and I'm feeling cautiously optimistic!

I actually started med school last year, but had to leave after a few weeks due to crippling depression from suddenly losing my stepmom. Also, my med school is on the opposite side of the country from my hometown, and we were obviously in a pandemic.

I really hope I can do well and become a doctor. It'd mean everything to me.

No. 867976

Anon, I am so proud of you and I truly hope that you are proud of yourself as well! The journey that got you to where you're at now is no small feat. I wish you all the best. Keep your head up, keep moving forward, you've got this!

No. 868270

File: 1627712842993.jpg (168.06 KB, 710x710, IMG_20210731_142608.jpg)

My cat just gave birth! Yay!

No. 868276

Oh my,keep us updated with kitten pics anon!

No. 868277

File: 1627714066578.png (120.41 KB, 388x617, kupo.png)

cute moogle!! congrats to you, your cat mama and your new kitties nonnie

No. 868278

File: 1627714246743.gif (916.05 KB, 328x204, e1chXOgd1qk5jzvo1_400.gif)

omg post pics when you can anon, tiny kittens are truly a masterpiece of gods creation. Cutest things on earth.

No. 868282

File: 1627715867681.jpg (2.21 MB, 2560x1354, 20210731_150956_490.jpg)

Aw thx anons! They're three in total and about 4 inches long (Crying because of how tiny they are :'( ) though I might post updates in the cat love thread instead lol.

No. 868297

Oh my goodness, I love kittens so much. I also love seeing my cats become a mama, though that hasn't happened since I was a kid. I hope they're all heathy and ok. <3 Get your cat spayed, nonnie!

No. 868321

Can you post mommy cat as well? I'm hope you post more pics as they grow.

No. 868378

File: 1627730533132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 2559x1706, 20210731_190939_525.jpg)

Omg Tyvm! And dw, this is her 5th batch of kittens kek. They grew up to be healthy tho sadly, some were stolen. I really hope you'll own another mother cat someday in the future!
Here ya go nonnie, a little edit of her and the kittens born 4 months ago.

No. 868793

My stepfather recently finished The Last of Us and he and I were talking about it today on the phone and he was telling me about how he loved the writing of the characters and how he related to Joel because he was really broken by his daughter being stillborn but he found hope again when he started dating my mum and he met me. He said I'm his Ellie because we both helped each other out with our issues and I started bawling my eyes out immediately. I fucking love this man, I thought when my mother cheated on him and left he'd never want to see me again but he stayed in my life. When we immigrated he sent me letters and packages with little gifts like my favourite foods from back home and I visit him as much as I possibly can now. Even when I met my bio father it never got weird. He put aside his ego and gave him a chance and now things are genuinely stable. It's a weird family model I guess but fuck, I'm so thankful for this man. Without his guidance I wouldn't be where I am today. For my wedding day both he and my bio father are walking me down the aisle and I couldn't be prouder. I just gotta stop him playing the second game now so it doesn't destroy his view of Joel and Ellie's story lol.

No. 868822

This is so sweet, anon. What an amazing bond to have in your life.

No. 868937

Best thing I've ever read here. So happy for you.

No. 869536

File: 1627851354205.jpg (2.97 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20210801_165229925.jpg)

My bunny always looks so comfy it makes me comfy too

No. 869569

File: 1627855083165.jpeg (58.25 KB, 750x717, EBPTdLvUYAAuyLq.jpeg)

this made me cry

No. 870800

I haven't killed myself yet

No. 870804

this is the sweetest thing I've read here I'm NOT crying I swear

No. 870819

I’m glad you’re here nonny
Be proud. Let’s both keep at it yeah?

No. 870844

Omggggg so precious

No. 870931

Thank you nonnies, I know how lucky I am. I was checking FaceBook earlier and saw all the screenshots he'd posted from the game with cute lil captions and it set me off crying all over again. I won the stepfather lottery with this dork.

I know this sounds cliché and cheesy but that really is an achievement. I've been there myself and learning to celebrate the small victories was actually quite healing for me. Take things at your pace, celebrate those baby steps and never compare yourself to others. Godspeed, nonny. I hope you climb out of that rut.

No. 871192

Thank you sweet anons

No. 871829

Gahhh so jealous! Looks so cuddly. Wish bunnies/chinchillas weren’t banned in my state otherwise I’d have one of each

No. 872033

Proud of you anon. I hope you will be happy and your life will be full of wonder and joy!

No. 872041

why are they banned?

No. 872270

I wasn't expecting to come back here and see another reply and now I'm crying. Thank you. I had a really good day today.

No. 872369

My mom and I used to have a really rocky relationship. I was annoying as fuck as a teenager and my mom has anger issues and we ended up going very low contact as soon as I moved out. It was really hard to cope with being a young adult without a security net (My dad was barely ever in the picture and my extended family is insane) and for a while I was pretty resentful towards her.

Now, some years later, our relationship is better than ever. Her birthday is next week and I got her a big present that I know she will love.
I took time off work on her birthday and asked her if she wants to hang out and she was so happy I asked.
We settled on going to the zoo, which is something we could never afford when I was a child. I went with my grandparents and with school but we never went together.

I bought tickets and told her and she said spending time together is the greatest gift and I've been crying about it like a baby all night. I spent so much money on this dumb specific hobby thing of hers and all she wanted was spend time together.

Growing up maybe isn't so shit when it means you have adult money and aren't a retarded teenager anymore.

No. 873174

File: 1628177791285.jpg (107.53 KB, 564x674, cc766638cdcb8cb7718a857964f6e5…)

I'd been thinking lately that I have an ugly smile. I thought my eyes looked weird and small, my nostrils huge, and my smile lines just so deep and prominent. But it was recently my birthday and my sister took a picture of me with my cake, and when she sent it to me… I liked what I saw. Turns out what I hated was the smile I did in test selfies or while posing in the mirror, where I thought I was mimicking my genuinely happy smile but really it was too forced. My natural smile… looks damn good on me!

I'm really happy for you anon, and I can somewhat relate. Growing up my siblings and I were awful to each other; sometimes we physically fought. Now that we're older, we all genuinely talk to and confide in one another, and feel like real friends. It's not necessarily "good" that our relationship was ugly once, but the "good" thing you get from that is that you're able to be honest and vulnerable with each other. I hope it's only uphill from here for you and your mom!

No. 873192

I posted it in the other positivity thread but I feel the same way anon!!! I hated smiling so much before, and outside of very meticulously curated and filtered selfies, I hated photos being taken of me. This weekend I went out with friends and I looked back on the photos and realized how dang cute my smile is! I'm happy we realized this heh.

This is so cute anon. I'm glad I grew up, because now I have the clarity to realize just how much my parents sacrificed for me and I'm so grateful to them. They're far from perfect, but they love me and I love them. I hope you'll have many more joyous birthdays and holidays with your mom anon!

No. 873201

I'm feeling pretty good about life. So far this week I did my taxes for the first time in years, got my medical marijuana license, found out that one of my bills that went to collections got dropped so my credit score is near 700, and I still have insurance.

My life fell apart two years ago and in a week I feel like I made so much progress. The relationship between me and my mom also improved a lot, I'm really feeling positive and good about life.

No. 873214

So happy for you nonna, things keep going up from here!!

No. 873712

It’s my dogs birthday today and I got him a dog cookie and a new toy and he was so happy. He means so much to me

No. 873789

Please tell him Happy Birthday from anon and give him Good Boy Borthday Pets from me!

No. 874980

File: 1628317305019.jpg (135.82 KB, 736x981, 8b8b1101dcbc3ec482d0288ac59b60…)

I've been studying for a government position and even if I don't get in (it's a very competitive position), I'm learning a lot about economy and that's always good. I've been watching some online classes about it and the teacher is amazing, his method is great and I also admire some of his accomplishments that I went looking for.
Soon I can move on to financial math, I hope, cause I'm also very bad at math in general.
But it feels really good to study at my own pace, and to be engaged in a seemingly "boring" subject

No. 874981

After spending half of the year unemployed yesterday I finally got a job offer!!

No. 874983

Congrats, anon!

No. 875094

I dont order new clothes very often but I ordered some new skirts and a few other bits. The skirts in particular have no stretch to them so guessing my size was stressful. I went up a size in some items and down a size in others. Everything in my order fits fine. Nailed it.

No. 876023

Sorry for late reply nonnie
I’m in Australia- we can’t keep bunnies, chinchillas etc as wild/invasive ones have decimated the environment in other states. Kinda silly as I live in a Bordertown and could drive 20mins and legally get one kek

No. 876069

File: 1628438678109.jpg (270.45 KB, 648x920, 2c8def1fa764f8d15f06282e66aced…)

i just bought some cute coffee/tea art prints to hang up in my kitchen. i moved to a new apartment in june and a lot of my prints/posters from the past couple of years have faded or ripped so im slowly trying to replace things and fill in the white space on my walls

No. 876480

finally made it. one step closer to being a normie.

No. 876658

File: 1628498317126.png (457.36 KB, 740x740, imagen_2021-08-09_033756.png)

I AM SO FUCKING PUMPED AND EXCITED RIGHT NOW. Today a new chapter in my life starts. I will work in a bakery for one year and I'll have enough money to buy good food and cool shoes lol. I AM SO EXCITED!!! GOODBYE NEETDOM HELLO NEW ME

No. 876661

omg first of all congrats on abandoning neetdom, second of all, a bakery of all places! All the cool things you'll probably learn and nice smells surrounding you all day! Have the best time anon

No. 876670

thank you!! the only thing I'm partially sad about is that I wont be on the farm 24/7 checking out all the new juicy shit happening real time lol

No. 876675

Congrats anon! That's a great accomplishment, enjoy it! The first few weeks out of NEETdom feel incredibly fulfilling. Don't worry, we'll keep the the fresh milk in the fridge waiting for you.

No. 876677

It's even cooler to sit after work and catch up with all the anon infighting that happened during the day than to be there to witness it live, you'll see

No. 876971

I really hope you get that position anon!! I'm jealous of your diligent self studying, I can't self study to save my life ahaha.

Love that for you, enjoy your new clothes! I bet you're super cute in them!

I can't wait until I can do this too… I hope your new home comes together well!

I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU ANON!!! I hope work treats you well, and don't be discouraged by any bad days!! You've got this!!

No. 877007

Hey all! I’ve finally made an enquiry about therapy. 90 percent sure my mothers a narcissist and it’s had a massive impact on me. Im not taking her rubbish anymore so I’m going to sort myself out. Im excited to start and better understand myself and my behaviour!

No. 877054

File: 1628526111879.jpg (24.74 KB, 412x338, 70f59896efacf9f995f422774e97e6…)

post may be a bit too bitterpositive but I went biking with my bf the other day and we biked for 40km/25 miles, it got so hard at the end that i cried and just felt weak

so i've been adjusting my diet & getting back into fitness & swimming, i want to be strong inside and outside and i will be

No. 877067

My mother's a narc too and finally admitting it was a big step towards healing for me. Therapy isn't easy (especially if your mother is anything like mine and trained you to be her attack dog) but it is so, so worth it. Good luck, anon! I wish you all the best.

I feel you, anon. I'm currently getting fit again after an illness and I biked and did weights this morning and I'm still feeling sore now, but the pain is spurring me on. I want to get back to normal. Good luck, nonny. Remember not to skip your rest days though, I know how tempting that is from personal experience and trust me it's never worth it. Also remember that slow progress is still progress!

No. 877079

thank you!
i'm taking it slow, stopped snacking, eating a bit less, sports once or twice a week… i'll get there!

i'm looking into going to therapy but i need to find the right person, good luck to you too

No. 877295

File: 1628541612763.png (176.35 KB, 670x424, japanese-netsuke-hero.png)

A list of the things that make me happy and forget the bad stuff:


>Stuffed animals
>Nice people
>Every animal
>Autumn evenings
>Big blankets
>Inanimate objects with faces
>RC cars
>Botany illustrations
>Goofy cartoons
>Bake sales
>Groups of people singing together
>Soft tacos
>Wood carvings
>Big flashy earrings

(this is not a complete list)

No. 877417

A nice old lady complimented me on my body, she said "i should be very thankful for it" which I am, we also talked about dogs, what a good day.

No. 877738

I thought I'd never have a real job because of my autism but here I am getting put in charge of big important projects in a field I love working in with nice colleague who trust me to do a good job because I've been consistently doing well here for several years now
all is well

No. 878146

File: 1628627816944.gif (2.86 MB, 854x480, 0c1.gif)

I ordered a super limited will never be produced ever again wooden charm from an artist I used to have small talks years ago on a MMO forum, she doesn't know it's me but we're probably going to meet for the hand delivery, I don't dare to tell her. Also the charm is about her super cute OC I fell in love with a year ago when I was looking at her page so I'm glad I bought it. It's just so nice

No. 878173

Anon this is so cute! I hope you enjoy your wooden charm! I'm a huge sucker for limited edition items too lol

No. 878219

I love my friends so much. We've been friends since our early teens, we're four. They are all so intelligent, strong and funny. Such good influences with beautiful souls.
We've been at our lowest, constantly, and at our happiest. I'm very different from them and at the same time, we're exactly the same. So glad we've found each other, they are the sisters I've never had

No. 878229

File: 1628634445523.jpeg (82.94 KB, 716x960, received_501824113684001.jpeg)

I'm finally starting to look and feel like myself. for pretty much all of my life I've felt very disconnected from my physical appearance and I developed a personality that didn't really feel like "me" in order to minimise the bullying I was experiencing when I was a child/in my teens (I was objectively very plain and weird). as I've gotten older I feel like my features have improved but I've struggled to find my own identity and a personal style, and have tied so much of my 'self' to the opinions of others. earlier this year I just had a "fuck it" moment, deleted my whiney, overshare-filled social media, cut my hair short, started dressing the way I've always wanted to, started therapy again so I could work through my shit in private, got my first tattoo. I got a cool part time job and I'm finishing up my masters degree and I've made new friends and picked up new hobbies. I have a boyfriend who ljves me and I have conviction in my own beliefs and opinions and I feel much more like a beautiful and worthwhile person. I'm finally not hating the person I see in the mirror for once.

No. 878452

I like watching my boyfriend sleep and hearing him snore. It's very comforting to hear and he also reminds me of big dumb hibernating bear when he tosses and turns and knocks me over or ends up pushing me towards the end of the bed

No. 878474

I like watching your boyfriend sleep too

No. 878485

i wish i could find any part of snoring endearing. unfortunately i’m a super light sleeper and the sound nearly drives me to suicide.

No. 878542

My French teacher told me that I could easily pass a B1 French language exam. I was surprised to hear it because I personally feel awkward when speaking

No. 878550

File: 1628679989682.jpeg (57.28 KB, 567x366, 1607133157511.jpeg)

I am trying and successfully losing weight not ana, it's fucking needed trust and today I hit the weight range I was in high school aka the weight I felt best in. I feel so weird but I also promised myself either a tattoo or a big chop once I reach another range, so I am kinda excited!

No. 878554


No. 878586

Can you share how you did it anon?

No. 878616

File: 1628688717027.jpg (28.44 KB, 612x612, chop.jpg)

>I also promised myself either a tattoo or a big chop
I thought you meant a pork chop when I first read this, then reading it again my brain kicked in

No. 878712

I don't eat any junk food or drink alcohol or soda, just normal, mostly vegetarian food that is very high in protein. I eat about every 3-4 hours on a good day, small but balanced portions, I also never eat out mostly because I live in bumfucknowhere.
I reread my post and even I was like "hold up", cute little chop!

No. 879528

Dear nonnies, I've been working from home (like a lot of us) since March 2020, have only seen my friends IRL maybe 5 times since then and the loneliness has been so depressing but Lolcow has literally kept me sane by giving me the place where I can satisfy my need for social interaction and intelligent discussion. So thanks for being here everyone, I could spend hours with you ladies here

No. 879560

File: 1628782140163.jpg (68.75 KB, 720x960, cat3.jpg)

that's really cute nonnie! I definitely feel the same way! I have so much silly fun here but also interesting discussion !
That's great! You should trust yourself and your professor, I'm sure you are better that what you think!

It's impressive nonnie ! I'm wishing you the best for the future!

No. 879565

File: 1628782498455.jpg (188.15 KB, 1024x576, cat-hug-11.jpg)

I feel the same as I've been ill most of the year and at home a lot. Love ya nonitas.
>intelligent discussion
Not sure about that though kek
Oooo look at that tiny baby!

No. 879934

I feel so blessed to still be friends with my close friends from highschool. I know lots of people just ditch each other after highschool like “good riddance!” but my best friends from highschool are so sweet and we are always rooting each other on. I don’t feel any competition or jealously towards them, just pure love and support. I don’t even have any common interests with them, we just hung out in highschool because we clicked and then stayed friends (out of survival in a way I guess) but our personalities click SO well that we are friends as we head towards our 30s, on very different life paths, with the only common denominator being that we went to highschool together. We rarely get to all see each other, and even our text chat only comes alive a few times a year, but I feel like there is such a deep bond between us and they are no lesser in my life than other friends and I am no lesser in their lives. It’s a special feeling to feel so secure in your place in the eyes of other people. I don’t think I can ever fully and properly articulate how much they mean to me, I just love them so much.

No. 879939

thank you anon, you're so sweet!

No. 881710

There are these two birds that keep visiting my backyard almost every day and they always walk around close together pecking the grass and looking for food, making these soft hooting sounds. I think they're in love anons they make me so happy

No. 881757

File: 1629024339697.jpg (178.77 KB, 1080x926, 44179ee6-fa7e-4562-aa22-a84656…)

I just saw disgusting shit on /ot/ and I want to throw up. Here's a cute axolotl for anyone who had to see that shit

No. 881787

File: 1629027155980.jpg (43.67 KB, 450x647, Christabel-Pankhurst-in-France…)

Thanks, I sorta did. Here's a cool lady. If you're on a laptop, my tip is to always scroll down slowly and keep eyes to the right, focus on the text. I often miss seeing it altogether as I'll hide new board images as a precaution. The rare time I've been sloppy, I've only seen cp out of the corner of my eye, enough to clock what it is, but no details.

No. 882032

File: 1629043635239.gif (3.88 MB, 300x255, tumblr_63bdafc16f02e66002a7be6…)

Hey, thanks for the tip. I unfortunatelly saw it all and now the picture is burned into the back of my mind. I just don't understand how someone can be so fucking vile to do that kind of stuff, you know?

No. 882058

File: 1629044488709.jpeg (42.72 KB, 389x384, 95F39FEA-E49E-41CA-9D67-A41B05…)

That’s a super cute Axolotl, thanks nonnie.

No. 882137

Aww, that's cute, you should post a photo if you can !

No. 882817

File: 1629123915934.jpg (100.7 KB, 960x540, howls-moving-castle.jpg)

I went to go see my friends yesterday, and I'm so glad that I did. I almost didn't want to go because I've been spending almost every weekend out seeing friends and just wanted a weekend for myself to decompress and conk out, but I haven't seen this group of friends in almost two years, so I decided to go. I took a different train out there than usual, and even just on the platform I had a nice time waiting for my train. It was sunny, with wispy clouds, and a nice cool breeze. Just a few people on the platform, and I enjoyed walking up and down and taking photos for myself. On the actual train ride I almost started crying as I was looking out the window because I felt so grateful for my existence and the beauty of the world that was passing by in front of me. At my friends house, we caught up and had a relaxing time chatting and eating food and having drinks. Her mom gave some friends some vegetables from her garden and let me take some of her basil to propagate.

I am so happy to be alive nonnies. Life is can be so incredibly cruel, but also so incredibly wonderful. I cherish all the good moments that I'm allowed to have, and cherish these friends who still love and care for me as much as I love and care for them even though in the past I just completely fucked off when I went away for college. I hope nonnies have similar friendships, or will find similar friendships, in their lives. Yesterday was really one of those reminders where I thanked myself for not killing myself before, because even just simply connecting with friends after a long time is worth living for. I went through a lot, and sticking it out was worth it. I've exited the tunnel and now I'm basking in the light.

No. 882851

I love every single anon on this website, even the ones I infight with and I hope we will be able to post together like this until the internet collapses.

No. 882861

File: 1629126149173.jpg (28.89 KB, 464x449, 3476fb413580b95d4c61cbe8ff38ba…)

I love you too anon

No. 882868

You're so sweet, hopefully you and I will have a creepy cuddle puddle.

No. 882873

Cheers sis I'll drink to that.
Imagine the awkwardness of an irl farmer convention.

No. 883092

tfw u get ur dream job!!!!!

No. 883095

File: 1629142242098.jpg (212.23 KB, 827x778, E2Xqm3WVEAIM2ov.jpg)

forgot to attach a pic to last post but aint letting that keep me down

No. 883111

I love doja cat

No. 883149

This was lovely to read, thank you for posting. I hope that you make many more happy memories with your friends, anon.

No. 883339

my mother's friend is moving house and gave me two guitars for free! one has nylon strings and one has steel strings (i don't know what that means but he seemed to think it was important) and they both have nifty leather cases! i don't know how to play the guitar (and nor does he), but he knows i've been contemplating learning an instrument & it was such a kind gesture. very happy about it

No. 883572

File: 1629191481941.png (40.44 KB, 158x152, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL…)

I bought tickets to see Gojira!!!!!!!! I can't wait I love Gojira so much
That's very cool

No. 883789

I finally got back the motivation to draw

No. 883791

Fuck yesss, I hope you have fun and feel inspired anon

No. 884077

File: 1629223666283.jpg (320.07 KB, 1280x853, 1deb7af83af1ae2db53cc86969ae_3…)

congratulation! I hope you celebrated it !
Same! Everyday I pray that the scrote won't ever ruin this website
This is such a nice post! It's making me really hopeful and you are making me concidering recontacting some old friends. I'm wishing you the best for the futur nonnie!

No. 884099

Same anon, same. And this is one of the last places that manages to make me laugh, some of you are funny as fuck and supremely based. There isn’t a visit where I don’t wish I was friends with at least a comment author or two. Cheers to you all!

No. 884391

File: 1629245547931.jpeg (73.7 KB, 960x691, 5D066AF4-9327-4BD7-A691-3D77BB…)

I’m on a new antidepressant and I feel happier than I have in years. Music sounds amazing and colors are brighter. I have a great feeling about this

No. 884394


Congrats on finding something that works for you!

No. 884398

File: 1629247021461.jpg (393.98 KB, 2048x2048, EoermcWUYAUj17C.jpg)

i'm so happy for you nonna. i hope your life only gets better from here

No. 884408

Today is the 4th anniversary of me taking my leopard gecko home! I made vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and chocolate sprinkles (I thought it would be cute if they looked kinda like her) of course she doesn't care about the cupcakes but they turned out great and tasted really good. I fed her a superwoman dusted with calcium so that's basically her cake

No. 884412

Awww this is so cute!! My Leo HATES me (I got her as a rescue and I don’t think she had good experiences with handling or people) so I just leave her alone most of the time & let her live her own life. She did try to bite my scrote’s nipple once when I was handling her, empowered queen.

No. 884414

This is so cute i'm about to cry not gonna lie. The cupcakes looking like your gecko…your mind is amazing

No. 884439

File: 1629251136924.jpg (1.02 MB, 2979x2376, 20210817_202459.jpg)

Oh my god KEK that's amazing, they are such sweet little creatures but it makes me so sad that people don't know how to care for them, I'm happy she has a good home and can freely bite scrote nipples if she pleases
The cupcakes are kinda blurry and I'm not a baker by any means but I think there's a resemblance…

No. 884444

wow they look really good!!! your gecko looks really happy. I wish i had one too, i've always wanted one. Is it alright if i save this photo, nonna?

No. 884446

Thank you anons it means a lot to me

No. 884460

Go ahead!

No. 884729

this is so cute nonnie! I'm also saving this picture kek

No. 884733

What a precious baby, this is a good way to start my day

No. 884740

File: 1629286588017.png (359.73 KB, 998x937, 1525978167638.png)

Bless you anon, how cute.

No. 884749


This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I needed that boost I'm about to cry lol

No. 884803

File: 1629291582372.gif (400.67 KB, 400x300, 1578305774458.gif)

Bf lended me his stuffed animal that doubles as a body pillow and I woke up today without feeling in pain! I'm so happy I could cry. Everyday since the beginning of this year I'd slowly sit up in bed and my bones would crack like an 80 year old's.

No. 884815

File: 1629292332771.jpg (67.87 KB, 540x533, 56747634.jpg)


No. 884816

File: 1629292345262.jpg (46.4 KB, 540x540, 1629201841107.jpg)

Bumping to hide CP

No. 884832

File: 1629293127856.jpg (3.59 MB, 4032x3024, 20210811_123001.jpg)

I met a snakey on a bike ride and I saved his life, he was right in the middle of the path and I did this sick break and slide shit like I was TJ Detweiler and scooped him up. He was super friendly, he was very curious about my phone and when I would move it to get a look at him, he was turn to face it. Very photogenic guy. I put him on the other side of the path, where he was headed, into some damp leaves. I miss him.

Don't keep snakes as pets, it's not okay. Have a good day.

No. 884838

Very cool snakey. Look at that blue shine.

No. 884840

And hims belly is yella

No. 884843

so cute

No. 884854

Cute, based

No. 884858

So cute, his lil googly eyes. Also ot but what phone do you have nona? The camera is amazing.

No. 884874

Its an LG G8 Thin something blah blah blah it's too many words kek, I bought it specifically for the camera actually!

No. 884912

I love this place because we're all anonymous I like to think that the anons calling each other morons in one thread are over in another one posting cat pictures and cute gifs to cheer each other up. There's so much love on here and I would invite you all to my witchy garden parties any day!

No. 884920

I desperately want to attend a witchy garden party. This is a positivity thread so I'll try not to cry but my fuck I wish I had some friends. Anyways, you gals are the tippity tops.

No. 884940

When someone replies something mean to one of my posts I try not to get too worked up over it because they really might be the same anon who said something really sweet to me in another thread lol.

I'll be your friend anon♥

No. 884946

i want to be your friend

No. 884951

I think my years on here have made me less reactionary. Part of it is seeing anons labelled tards but then they add more context to their point and you start to see where they're coming from. We have a habit of sometimes filling in the blanks and jumping to the worst conclusions that way. I'm less inclined to do that lately.

No. 884996

Thank you sweet nonas

No. 885781

It’s my birthday today and i spent the whole afternoon after completing an assignment blasting pirate sea shanties on Spotify and eating m&ms. Lame as hell I know, but life is worth it for these moments

No. 885784

File: 1629379642321.jpg (14.31 KB, 348x480, bdayleo.jpg)

Happy birthday, fellow leo!!!!

No. 885794

File: 1629381034341.jpeg (407.06 KB, 1920x1080, B027B2AE-EF2D-49AB-897E-1CF41A…)

Thankyou Anon! Have an adorable pic of our namesakes

No. 887223

A bit of a brag - before COVID I attended a friend’s birthday party, drank and danced, met lots of new people, played beer pong, basically had a grand old time. We lost contact with each other when quarantine began and just recently caught up. He admitted to me that in the days after his birthday he got messages from several people asking who the fun girl was who “killed it at beer pong” because they wanted to get to know me better. One guy even said “she destroyed me and I kinda liked it.” He had to tell them all I was with someone at the time, so I recall some friend requests from some attendees but no one particularly flirty. But I have to admit I loved the ego boost I got from this news anyway! A little damper is that it made me sorely miss parties and meeting new people!

No. 887278

Aww that's so nice anon! That sort of stuff is always nice to hear hehe.

No. 887715

Today after work I vacuumed and filled like 3 canisters of hair/dust, finished hanging art that was sitting for weeks, cleaned and put away things in my living room/kitchen/closet/bathroom, cleaned out my fridge, did a dishwasher load, and then I made myself a nutritious dinner! I've been in a depression funk for the past few weeks and just laying in bed on my phone neglecting a lot of chores so this was a good accomplishment for me.

No. 887730

Anon I’m proud of you!!!

No. 888877

As of today, I am an official college graduate!

First in my family (since the 1800s at least)

No. 888882

congrats anon, I'm jealous. hope you get a job that makes you happy.

No. 888883

Congratulations Anon! I hope you can celebrate somehow.

No. 889763

File: 1629711636889.jpg (1.3 MB, 2916x2355, pigerolls.jpg)

Today at work I made PIGEON ROLLS, they are cute and goofy and make my life better

No. 889765

That's amazing baking is truly an art

No. 889766

These are so cute omg

No. 889767

Super cute anon!

No. 889773

File: 1629713376428.jpg (421.8 KB, 1080x1234, pigenona.jpg)

No. 889780

Oh my god aidbsdfbiebfiewbfhjejherg

No. 890012

File: 1629735119180.jpg (36.28 KB, 600x900, 98f13b38f7b0fa67028804ac0effcd…)

they're a perfect likeness nonna!

No. 890157

File: 1629747275881.jpg (121.15 KB, 1024x984, 170d51ac2b47ea4e5327002e8740a3…)


No. 890192

File: 1629749304417.jpg (257.83 KB, 737x720, 304998821048201.jpg)

Thanks for making my day girls

No. 890209

I'm obsessed! These are too cute!

No. 890957

File: 1629820345115.jpg (93.47 KB, 854x630, IMG_20210824_175004.jpg)

just relaxing on my day off, sipping some matcha latte from one of my moomin cups. life is good

No. 890959

Fuck yeah, so jelly of your cups anon

No. 890969

File: 1629820820091.png (417.09 KB, 1628x1628, 1629820804434.png)


No. 890972

everyone point and laugh at the lgbt tranny tripfag

No. 890973

File: 1629821042866.gif (1.21 MB, 464x316, 5561dfabdcd5f3df37d71c8f271c83…)

Someone posted a baby sinclair pic in another thread and fuck.. the fuzzy feeling of nostalgia it gave me. Not just the show itself but memories of all the things I watched with my mom at the time. I'd be laughing at the slapstick jokes, she'd be laughing at the jokes that went over my head.

It was an uptight house when my dad was home but those moments when he was at the pub we'd laugh til we teared up. We'd let loose. It's like I unlocked some lost memories. The good ones.

No. 890974

File: 1629821045978.jpg (3.99 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20210824_180251539.j…)

you're invited for matcha in moomin cups nona, pick one you like

No. 890975

File: 1629821096729.jpg (40.33 KB, 634x650, c0c.jpg)

No. 890976

Oh my goodness, thanks anon! I'll take Sniff with the cat!

No. 890983

Oh my god, that lower right mug is so beautiful! I want it so bad aaa

This post made me a little emotional. I hope you and your mom are having a great life now, nonna.

No. 891025

These are so cute omgg

No. 891147

nta but I want the pink one and the one on the right to it. Wait no, I want all three on the bottom

No. 891226

thank you anons, matcha in moomin for all of you. the brand is called arabia moomin if you're interested

No. 891292

I love my cat so much it hurts, she cuddles with me every night and right now we’re spooning and she’s snoring and I’m on my phone posting on lc, she is so soft and pure and I would literally die for her. She woke up a little, but I kissed her forehead so she just stretched her paws a little and scooted closer to me. She’s 14 and I still can’t get over how god damn cute she is and how we have this beautiful relationship with her where we play hide and seek, nap when we feel like it, run around the house and spend every night huddled together in a soft ball of pure love. She’s always so proud of the toys she brings me and I love the way she says ”mama” when she’s excited to see me. I know I sound insane but I’m drunk and sad and there’s this cat SNORING ON TOP OF ME what did I do to deserve such a perfect daughter

No. 891377

this is so cute and i'm jealous. wish i were allowed to have a cat in my apartment

No. 892144

I reconnected with someone I went to college with because we now work in our field of study. We were never close, but I respect him because he’s clearly very passionate about the field and has honestly done SO many cool things in it (arranging talks, doing an internship at a major org, giving a speech at said org) but is still very sweet and supportive to me, a fool who has fumbled into my current job through sheer luck. I’m so grateful for being allowed to be here, and today we were catching up because I posted that I got press clearance at the org he interned at and while talking about work, he offered me the opportunity to cowrite an opinion article with him if I wanted to!! Which is such a cool opportunity!! It’s an opinion piece so it’ll be low stakes it I muck up, and he offered to split the pay for the piece, but it feels like another stroke of sheer dumb luck in my life. I can’t believe he’d be willing to extend the opportunity to me.

I’m just so, so grateful for the people in my life. It’s a “who knows who” game in my field (like every field I guess lol) but to just have the chance and possibility of freelance writing with my classmate solely because we happened to take a few classes together and crack some dumb jokes… it feels too dumb to be true. Maybe nothing will come of it! Maybe we will not cowrite a piece at all! But just the fact that someone who I really respect is willing to take the chance on me, means so much to me. It feels like the universe isn’t throwing me crumbs, it feels like it’s thrown me a fully stocked kitchen and is telling me to make something already! Also, I caught up with a friend I made while studying abroad but ended up ghosting in the throes of my depression. I apologized again, but I’m happy he’s still willing to reach out to me… he’s been so patient and was there for me when I was suffering alone in that foreign country.

I have so many good people in my life and I can’t thank the universe/god enough for it.

No. 892569

Idk if this is the right thread but I finally called out my TIM friend on (most of) his bullshit and I feel so relieved

No. 892600

I wish I had the balls to do this kek. I'm just staying out of their business until they maybe snap out of it, or maybe go through with fully transitioning.

pls no bully for having uwu twans friends. I think they are cool as an actual person outside of gender shit and don't ever speak to them about gender shit

No. 892621

Pls no bully to random strangers for supposedly actual friends? Priorities backwards.

No. 892914


No. 892926

File: 1630014369935.jpg (31.37 KB, 564x564, 1115b90216693599f11d940fc29cd9…)

Bump do not scroll down

No. 893403

File: 1630077012139.jpg (44.22 KB, 512x513, EaoWfKJWoAAo2hV.jpg)

Next week is the end of my probation period at work, so I'll finally be eligible for my company's benefits!! Looking forward to that sweet, sweet health insurance the most.

No. 893610

i ordered and paid for my mcdonalds meal today all by myself. Pretty pathetic considering i'm 20 already, but hey whatever, it's still something. Nuggies were real good

No. 893616

File: 1630097901462.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400, 1585771222288.gif)

Finally got the clarity to finish a behemoth of a project after spending two weeks making tweaks and hard procrastinating

No. 893620

I love my cat so much. I love him with all my heart. Once when I visited a family friend and they had two dogs (which were friendly) but smelt meaty.. it made me realise how clean cats are and I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle my baby, he is so clean and soft. I could stroke his paw for hours as it is so relaxing and soft and cosy

No. 893627

Hell yeah, cats are nature's perfect creature. Like, I love all animals, even beetles n things, but cats make me literally cry with how cute and awesome they are.

No. 893651

Cat smell is a miracle. They smell so nice even after rolling around in dirt and never having baths and eating meat, how? I like dogs but they really stink sometimes.

No. 893663

Woo hoo congrats anon! also that gif is so silly i love it

No. 893666

I love the gif so much too anon I can hear the music in my head

No. 893682

I saw a tiny little baby bunny eating some grass in my yard today and as silly as it sounds it turned my shitty day around. It’s ears were bigger than it’s whole body

No. 893685

File: 1630108324366.jpg (45.23 KB, 480x640, 68599242091f617f9d473d64864275…)

bunnies r awesome

No. 893816

>have curly hair
>tfw been experimenting with different products and ingredients for years just for my curls to look "okay" but then look like shit because my top layer is always frizzy
>getting fucking tired of this shit
>shilled out $100 recently so i could have someone take a microscopic look at my hair and tell me what i need
>got immensely frustrated because after my second attempt at trying to collect a clean sample my hair decided to tangle again
>in a fit of disappointment and irritation i emailed the company to cancel my order
>later on…
>browsing online, still mildly irritated at my hair and now feeling like poop because i feel like i cancelled my hair analysis too soon and regret letting my emotions get the better of me
>remember seeing some youtube videos of hair gels that work miracles
>start watching one vid where this lady unexpectedly pulls out this cheap gel i just so happened to have bought two years ago
>remember applying it once or twice on my wet hair with no luck and discarding it because it had protein
>start thinking to myself, "huh, may as well try it again"
>apply it fucking dry, just like the lady in the video, on my worst spots
FUCKING MIRACLES. Just when I was feeling doomed, life turns around and surprises me with this. Sage because I accidentally posted the wrong song, kek

No. 893824

Link to that video plz?

No. 893833

Here you go
I only used the Ecostyle Olive Oil Gel (in addition to my regular routine, which focuses on moisture only).

No. 893836

Also, I guess I didn't realize she sprayed water in her hair first. So I guess that part doesn't matter.

No. 893856

I'm finally starting to learn to drive and I'm so happy and proud of myself. I'm 24 and have always been afraid to drive. I got my permit 3 days ago and I've been able to drive for a couple of hours the past couple days and I can already tell I'm getting better but still have a lot to learn. It's exciting, I can't wait to have my license and be able to do so many things I've not been able to since I live in a suburb. There's no decent public transportation and nothing is in walking distance but with my license I'll be free to do sooo much, I'm so happy..ah

No. 893893

That’s great anon! Proud of you

No. 894024

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. It was like a movie.
We were driving home through the countryside at sunset, and in this field at the top of a hill was this gorgeous horse. She was beige, with a blonde mane and tail. She was up there on that hill looking so majestic, shaking her mane and making little steps with her hoof. The sunset hit her, and it was like her hair was gold and fire. God it was so beautiful I could cry.

No. 894926

File: 1630267266809.png (636.91 KB, 720x1280, imagen_2021-08-29_150051.png)

look at my beautiful baby, she got home yesterday and now I need name suggestions!!!

No. 894930

Oh my goodness!! Ummm Chompy! Audrey II! Shrek!

No. 894937

Take my flies, Beelzebub.

No. 894957

Trap queen (shit suggestion but she is beautiful!)

No. 894981


No. 894982

Aw thats not shit, it's hilarious

No. 894985


No. 895035

Venussina? Little V? Beauty?

No. 895405

File: 1630324306302.jpg (1.85 MB, 3317x2646, disboi.jpg)

I loves him

No. 896236

File: 1630407134705.jpg (10.16 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

I found this stuffed cat in the middle of the road (picrel is from ebay or something, but that's him), he was all covered in dirt and you could tell he had it rough. I took him home and unstuffed him and gave him a good wash, and gave him some new polyfill.
I'm thinking of making him into a badass villain. Like his whole back story is that he was abandoned and left for dead, and he was taken in by me and nursed back to health, but his heart still has so much anger. He wants revenge on people who abandon the companions they say they love so much when they stop being fun to them.
So I'm going to make him a sick cape, put some fancy wrist bands on his front paws, maybe a couple earrings and maybe even a crown. But he needs a cool name.
Any suggestions??

No. 896244

Put an eyepatch on it nonnie! I'm bad at names but…Rocky?

No. 896248

This is so cute omg. An eyepatch with a crown would indeed look cool on him. I think Vagrant or Bandit would be cute names, considering his life story

No. 896253

File: 1630409095557.jpg (47.46 KB, 1000x1000, 763.jpg)


No. 896258

File: 1630409299388.jpg (244.81 KB, 1300x1009, watch-out-red-rubber-stamp-ove…)

Careful scrolling. CP.

No. 896267

Fuck yeah, an eye patch would be awesome. I really like the idea of Vagrant… maybe I'll look it up in other languages and see if I find one that sounds really badass lol

No. 896275

File: 1630410561252.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, bunny.jpg)

bumping this shit cuz cp

No. 898676

File: 1630596145029.jpg (188.23 KB, 1200x628, shutterstock_283648793.jpg)

Didn't play a podcast last night as I went to bed so that I could fall asleep to the sound of the heavy rain. I woke up and did my morning workout with the bright sun coming into my apartment, then took a nice warm shower because it's a tiny bit chilly out. The trains got super fucked up because of the rain but I've been blessed to be allowed to work from home, so I'm working from home again today. I might take a walk later today to enjoy the nice weather.

No. 898762

File: 1630603355976.jpeg (137.05 KB, 828x998, A47A5A8A-4FAC-401D-9638-BA76F3…)

I have been approved for tubal litigation! I’m so excited I cried. My pre-op appointment is in two weeks and I should have the procedure done in October. I can’t wait to fulfill the dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.

No. 898766

I'm jealous

No. 898768

File: 1630604638874.jpeg (108.77 KB, 1001x1001, 3747F92A-E821-46E4-B8F6-EFD6A8…)

Here you go, nonnie, being a dentist is so difficult.
seriously, they have to buy everything themselves wtf and patients are often retarded or kids or both
I’m glad that you’re finally free, nonnie!

No. 898868

Congrats anon! Mine was seriously one of the best things I've ever done, I can't overstate how big a sense of relief and peace it brought

No. 899130

File: 1630647798948.jpg (73.72 KB, 607x800, c085d7a91cd7818f54e786e05cc161…)

Me and my fiancè just assembled our new bed today, and it's a queen sized one. It's so spacious and sturdy and the foam mattress doesn't hurt our backs because it doesn't have broken springs!! It's so comfortable, I'm in heaven. It fits me, him and the cat without the need for us to fight over space. I'm so grateful for our new bed

No. 899160

congratulations anon! I had mine about a year ago and it was the best decision of my life. Take the post-recovery seriously though

No. 899440

Do you have any tips on post recovery? I've never been intubated or have had any serious surgery before.

No. 900049

Had major abdominal surgery and my top tips, do NOT try and lie down on your side at all. Either sleep on your back or in a chair. DOn't use stairs unless you have to and keep up on your stool softeners. Be prepared for a potentially scary poop.

No. 900086

RIP all I do is sleep on my side, thanks for the tips nonatella

No. 900332

me neither anon but you'll get through it. it wasn't that bad. the surgery itself will take 15-20min max. I was able to go home the same day, just a few hours later.

the thing though is, online and at the clinic they told me I will be fit again in about 3 days. that was not the case. it took me 2 weeks to recover because I was "in a rush" to get better.

please please rest, listen to your body and be careful when showering. I wish you all the best, you won't regret it as >>898868 said.

No. 901543

File: 1630887539784.jpeg (64.04 KB, 736x701, BEE98EC6-6184-41C2-BF57-7E8ECD…)

I went on a picnic with my new gf today and it was so fun and relaxing. She’s so sweet and funny and I just feel so good about things

No. 901568

I'm jealous, but also very happy for you anon. I hope you and your gf will have many more picnics and lovely times together! ♥

No. 901625

Thank you anon, that means a lot

No. 902612

I’ve dealt with shitty joints way before my time due to old injuries and desk jobs, but I’ve really focused on stretching, strengthening and foam rolling myself back into some semblance of a functional human again. I’m not perfect and I still deal with pain on and off, but I definitely feel more resilient and can tell I’m getting more flexible and strong. It feels great knowing my body wants to get better and is still able to rebound after all this time.

No. 903139

I thought I was going to have to pay customs fees on a parcel that was arriving today. It arrived with no mention of fees. I rarely carry cash but I had the money ready in my purse to pay it. I got to go out, grab a coffee and use up that money on snacks and a few other lil things. Kinda felt like free money or like winning 20 quid on a scratch card.

No. 903145

Hehe so cute, enjoy your little gifts to yourself anon

No. 903622

I appreciate my siblings so much. I'm the oldest and in a way the most stunted and they always, always have my back.

No. 903919

File: 1631095677915.jpg (126.8 KB, 1125x1399, czk9iuudx2z11.jpg)

I want anons who go out of their way to bump threads with cute pics so others can avoid cp/gore spam to know that you're appreciated and I'm sorry you had to see that shit.

No. 904029

I know this might not seem like a big deal, but my boyfriend is so thoughtful. Yesterday I didn't feel like going to the supermarket, so he offered to order me delivery from a nice restaurant. He got what I asked for, but he also added in a whole bunch of extra food so I have something to eat the next couple of days. I always feel a little guilty when someone spends money on me, so I didn't order as much food as I wanted to. Yet he knew this and ordered all the extra things I love anyway. Even though we are long distance for now, he always finds ways to make me feel loved and show that he cares.
It may seem like a small thing, but he is consistently generous despite me being bad at asking for what I want. I get the feeling most men will cheap out if their partners aren't demanding, but I never have to ask and he gets me anything I want, even if it's expensive. Even if he doesn't get any use out of what he gets me or doesn't get to see me use it, it just makes him happy knowing I'm happy.

No. 904174

Thank you for this magnificient photo, anon.

No. 905304

washed a ton of my laundry and my new clothes that i bought yesterday! i used a nice lavender laundry detergent and air dried my clothes and they smell so wonderful and warm and lovely. i have two to three more loads to go in tomorrow and i’m excited bc i love the smell of nice fresh air dried laundry so much

No. 905923

I have been trying to open this fucking sauce bottle for the past half hour and I finally got it. Felt as good as an orgasm

No. 906001

I'm making a trivia board game for my family and it's coming along really nice and I'm kinda excited lol. It's taking a bit of time to fact check everything for the questions but it's totally worth it

No. 906389

I looked in mirror today and didn't cringe, I think I'm finally starting to accept my face. Maybe I got tired of fighting it, but I don't mind my hollow under eyes and nasolabial folds anymore. I've been stressed for a long time, it's only normal I'd have them.

No. 906428

Got sent out on a field assignment today for work where I had to interview people. A lot of people didn't want to be interviewed and I didn't really want to go out, but it was a beautiful day so I might as well get my steps in for the day, and I ended up befriending two strangers! Life is so funny.

No. 906934

My international package finally arrived today after being in customs for ten days and thank god I apparently don't have to pay import turnover tax, which would've cost me probably more than 150 euros and that's way more than the stuff I ordered. I'm short on money this month already because I had to buy so many expensive books for uni and now I don't have to worry about how much money I'll have left for the rest of the month anymore.

No. 910739

File: 1631577298453.jpeg (31.24 KB, 432x324, 9E589795-DB3B-4BA4-8738-CAC874…)

I was talking to my cousin last night about the vegan char siu my mom once brought home and cooked and he brought some home tonight!! We’re not vegan but I loooove the texture of vegan meat. Not the kind thats kinda like a fishball texture either. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s so damn fucking good. I’m pretty meh on real meat but I eat it because it’s convenient to not hole myself into a single dietary restriction but FUCKKK this fake meat is so god damn good!! I’m so happy I get to eat it tonight hehe

No. 910765

I'm feeling so much better than I did a month ago it's insane. Everything that was bothering me then, I don't give a shit about now! Work is going through a slow period, I had a nice night out with friends when the past time I went out with them was a disaster, I had a nice time with family the entire weekend when I used to loathe seeing them, I don't give a shit about not getting matches on dating apps, I have a four day weekend coming up, everything is great.

No. 911113

File: 1631591512002.jpeg (445.3 KB, 1600x1200, 6E8C4F57-BABF-4A0A-BC56-45F598…)

Nonas my boyfriend and I broke up tonight and I feel so free!!!!! It’s been a long time coming, it was amicable, and I’m just so excited to single again after being in a relationship that felt more like a friendship than anything. Having no obligations to a scrote, no matter how okay, is glorious.

No. 911190

That looks so delicious

No. 911195

File: 1631598890593.gif (2.14 MB, 400x300, 0E9069B2-121E-4B3D-BDF5-4DDBDE…)

Congrats anon! I dare say I know that feeling. Like, finally it's just me and myself again.

No. 912032

I am so happy! I have been making a lot of female friends recently and have been arranging moments for us to meet and spend time together. I have not been rejected yet by the girls whom I am most compatible with. I have also let go of all insecurity in these interactions as I truly just want to connect with other women and build valuable relationships. I am so grateful this has been paying off and manifesting itself so wonderfully. I am also very excited for the activities we have planned. Building a strong network of various friendships with unique and talented women is so important to me, and I am so blessed to be able to pursue this. I hope I can help others build valuable connections as well. In addition, my confidence in general is much stronger now than before, primarily due to the conscious decisions I have been making to let go of insecurity, immaturity and past hurt. Men still act in their usual ways, but I am unbothered by them. Their energy and attitude has no place in my life. Whatever they choose to do and how they choose to treat me has lost its effect. I am very grateful to have this mindset and lifestyle… Finally, I recently ended things with a semi-boyfriend. Our relationship existed to teach me many lessons, including one that I have been struggling with for the majority of my life yet again. Although it required some time, I ultimately made the conscious decision to respect myself and my worth. I ended things respectfully and on a positive note. I hold no resentment towards him nor regret towards what we had, because I understand my value and how to live life right now. I am so grateful to now simply be left with warm memories and a stronger me, as well as no intense male influence in my life. I am truly just overjoyed to be surrounding myself more and more with fantastic women and far less with low value men. Life is very wonderful and I am proud of myself for putting in the effort to create a life like this. I still have a lot of goals to achieve but I am already so glad and thankful for my present situation. I am very proud of myself and confident in my abilities as well as the workings of the universe to bring me towards my dream life and highest self. <3 <3 thank you for reading : )

No. 912090

things have been looking up for me lately so i can finally post itt!
>finally found a good therapist
>making a lot of money lately
>have art supplies and a qt pair of doc martens being delivered tomorrow
>cut contact completely with shitty friends and a guy who was abusive towards me

No. 912131

File: 1631663356295.jpeg (219.16 KB, 750x804, B951ECC6-CC2D-46F3-B04B-1F48F7…)

sounds good, anon. i just started a job yesterday where i’m making 40% more than my last position. i want these docs but i already have like 6 pairs of different black styles and they’re sold out in my size everywhere anyway.

No. 912177

Anon please what is the brand? Does it taste like char siu?? I was just talking about char siu with my gut and we lamented that he couldn't have pork (it gives him stomach issues

No. 912264

File: 1631669480656.jpg (77.47 KB, 1050x1313, 26524001.80.jpg)

congrats on the new job anon! i hope it's something you like doing, and better pay is always a good thing
those are super cute btw, picrel are the ones i got

No. 912320

File: 1631672595664.jpeg (31.98 KB, 772x421, EF71EBA8-16FD-4237-BD1A-48D792…)

I feel like my teeth are looking amazing, sure, they’re not exactly perfectly aligned like those from toothpaste commercials, nor shiny white.
But they have a nice color and shape. And I feel like I feel like this because my new dentist is amazing, she explains everything that she does as she does her job and I don’t know, I felt great.
So now that I’m looking at them after brushing them properly, they really look nice.

No. 912346

File: 1631675155864.gif (15.34 MB, 480x480, 7D0D31CC-6DA3-422A-9973-1139B9…)

ty and i love those too

No. 913785

Sorry anon, he bought it from a restaurant in Chinatown and I can't seem to find the an image of the one my mom brought home (and can't remember the name either). I think the taste is a little strong, since it's the sauce carrying most of the flavor with none of the meatiness to balance that out, but it doesn't really bother me. I hope you may find some! I think the one we had was made out of seitan but I'm not 100% sure.

No. 914129

I love my cat so much. He's so beautiful and adorable. He let's me touch his little feet, and rub his soft belly. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my liiife. He follows me everywhere and is very talkative. He has his own seat in every room so he can hang out while I work or while I play games or whatever. He doesn't like laying in the bed in case he gets bopped in the middle of the night, so he sleeps right next to the bed at night. Precious. His favorite thing to play with is paper bags, he tears them up and throws the pieces all over the floor and I think it's hilarious. He also knows how to play fetch! He can also walk on a leash. He knows lots of words too, and always comes when I call him or gets up to leave the room if I tell him to come with me. He has coffee bean toes, and his little nose is the color of rosewood. He has four white mittens, and spots all over his sandy colored tummy. His fur is full of beautiful swirls of black on his back and legs and intricate patterns on his little forehead. What a beauty. I love my cat.

No. 914145

Best love poem I've ever read

No. 914360

wholesome and cute

No. 915289

File: 1631921398974.jpg (35.24 KB, 720x753, 159965582837358605273235644608…)

Oh my god I love my Planned Parenthood. Even after calling since June to get an appointment, then rescheduling after someone locked themselves in the bathroom, and then panicking after the receptionist told me I'd have to pay like $500 for an implant replacement.. turns out my poor ass didn't have to pay a penny. Bless those nice doctors! Five more years of no babies, woooo

No. 915299

File: 1631921583975.jpg (58.7 KB, 526x526, 242297127_6257469045232_920316…)

No biggie, anon, thanks for the reply! Actually after I posted I went on a google journey and found that there's going to be Chinese restaurant opening soon that has a vegan char siu dish, pic related. So excited!

No. 915351

I took a look at some recipes and it's also piss easy to make yourself, e.g. https://delightfuldeliciousdelovelyblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/vegan-char-siu-or-chinese-bbq-pork-ribs/ - just go easy on the sweeteners if you try one of these recipes out because the sugar content seems like it was meant for meat marinades (i.e. disgustingly high for more absorbent plant products) and don't use pre-minced garlic because that's repulsive. If you don't like seitan then I bet this would taste really good with some extra firm tofu you carefully pressed, or that five-spice tofu that comes pre-pressed.
Those veggies (bok choy and carrot) look steamed or (way too) lightly sauteed, which you can do yourself within a matter of minutes, even better if you saute them with some garlic and ginger in vegetable oil and a dash of soy sauce if you'd like. If you have trouble cooking rice then you can serve it over straight ramen or even soba noodles and it'd probably turn out pretty okay.

No. 915501

File: 1631933604139.gif (204.32 KB, 336x336, laughing.gif)

Was watching Deep Space Nine just now and there's a female alien who shows up with her sons. She explains that "men are far too emotional to be leaders. They're constantly fighting among themselves– it's their favorite thing to do." And all the male characters just stand there, annoyed.

No. 915803

my bf is qt af

No. 916707

Happy for u

No. 917928

File: 1632149643206.jpg (31.33 KB, 500x423, 8a563208531a7246ddc64bd0ef1f12…)

Trimmed my dog's butt and now it's cute and round. It's so fucking cute whenever she walks.

No. 918271

I'm glad for you and your dog, nonna. The pic is sweet.

No. 918277

File: 1632173179728.jpg (31.32 KB, 600x500, et13hd7iozv11.jpg)

I was sad I have no friends to go see my favorite band with, so my sister offered to come with me, and it made me so happy. She usually listens to totally different music too.

No. 918306

I hope you have fun!

No. 919990

I've been feeling bad about my body recently, mostly just because I think I have unfortunate fat distribution. But then I realized that even if I got shit luck in that department, I've won the genetic lottery in other ways, like how I don't grow armpit hair and I don't have b.o.! It's the small things that make life nice lol

No. 920044


>No B.O

I'm actually kinda jealous

No. 920248

Would take weird fat distribution over BO any day, congrats anon!

No. 920618

File: 1632384740983.jpg (38.95 KB, 736x490, 4a45b106f586bd1d48b18c90e02ec2…)

I've done like 4 mock tests so far and with each one I get slightly better, even if by a point. This makes me so hopeful! I think I can actually get in when I do the real deal! It feels so good to actually see the results, it motivates me a lot. Here's to getting better every day, in every way

No. 920630

East Asian?

No. 920671

Hell yeah, you got this, I got this, we got this

No. 920676

File: 1632395853105.jpg (140.47 KB, 1024x768, CwMwGG8XEAAGhTZ.jpg)

I feel like my partner is an alien, he's just so unlike any person I've ever met. I can't believe it's been six years and it's only gotten better and better. This is never what I expected for myself, especially not from a man. I don't know how I got so lucky. It's like the world is repaying me for growing up with abusive druggie psychopaths. Life is so stable and peaceful and fun. No mind games, no distrust, just two people spending every moment they possibly can together. Working jobs we love to build a beautiful future together. Taking care of our little kitties. This is worth all the hard shit.

No. 920728

That's so beautiful nonna. Reading this has given me the motivation to have a good day and try my best!

No. 920821

lovely post anon. you deserve it!

No. 922531

I was being lazy but wanted to push it to tomorrow but ended up cleaning anyway today just to get it out of the way. Now I’m going to make myself chicken soup for dinner and spend all day tomorrow lazing around because I no longer have to think about cleaning!

No. 922738

just thinking about how based it is that i grew up with a dad who was a rampant misandrist. he's a senstive guy with typically "female" interests so he was always bullied and rejected by his male peers. literally told me as a child he would accept me no matter what but hoped that i'd be a lesbian so i wouldn't have to put up with scrote bullshit. he checks in with me regularly when he suspects my male partner may be drifting towards being controlling or abusive, just in case. has taught me ample personal safety and keeps tabs on me so if something ever happened to me, he would know right away and i'd have the chance to be saved. i love my dad.

No. 922741

also want to note that i've been in conversations with him about other people and mentioned "he is burdened with the affliction of being male" and my dad just goes "…i love you!!!" lol

No. 922748

I don't know my bio mother, but my grandma is the best mother I could ever wish for. She makes great food, always supports me, from a young age taught me to hate porn and educated me on the horrors of pregnancy and raising scrotes (thus influencing me to become a feminist). She even helps me pick clothes from the butch section (I'm not calling it "men's") and idc if that's cringe as an adult. I want to get one of those cheesy mom tattoos, but then with oma in it.

No. 922755

awkwardly positive but took nudes the other day and while I didn't keep 'em my ass looked great

No. 922807

I recently went on my first solo trip and had a fantastic time. I’ve always been kind of a (contented) loner so I don’t know why it took this long, just prioritizing other people I guess. It was great taking everything at my own pace and not feeling guilty for exploring things that were most interesting to me.

Your dad sounds awesome and I wish there were more men like him.

No. 925263

File: 1632803448823.jpg (77.11 KB, 570x570, da461aeb38e6619a82bfea01e540b7…)

Today I engaged in one of my hobbies (fashion dolls) after a long period of not being able to (aside from some minor tweaks) and I'm almost finished with some customizing I wanted to do! It feels so fulfilling as well. I mean, I was studying and when I wanted to unwind I'd just play some vidyas, so it wasn't very satisfying, just relaxing. It's nice to actually craft something and such.
I am so happy, I really like how my little gals are looking so far, and especially how they look together. One of them had been friendless for so long lol
Hopefully I'll be able to sew for them again!

Picrel is not mine but they are also blythes

No. 925636

i've had long hair for so long but the past few years i've really wanted to get it shorter but was too scared lol. yesterday i finally did it, got about 30 cm cut off and now i have a short bob. so fucking relieving and i absolutely love it. today i had the spiderveins on my nose lasered off and i got eyelash extensions a few hours ago. feels good 2 be me. crazy what a bit of money can do for your confidence

No. 925645

Fuck yeah anon!! I'm very biased but short hair is far superior heh. Minimal upkeep but maximum cute (well, depending on your hair texture I guess). Also, I didn't know you could get spiderveins lasered off! I should get the ones on my face lasered off one day.

No. 925662

Finally set up a doctor's appointment! I recently got good health insurance through my job but I'm still opting to go to the health center I usually go to (for low income/no insurance people) just because they have my previous health records and if I lose this insurance I know I can still afford to go to this place kek. The receptionist I spoke to this time was very nice and clarified right off the bat if I wanted in person or telehealth (had a bad mixup last time), and I got scheduled in to see the specific doctor I want! It's over a month's wait but she has very good reviews so I hope it's worth it. If all else fails, this place has a fuck ton of doctors so I can keep switching around doctors til I find one I like heh. I'm also going to see the dentist next month, and I've got a lot of money I can freely spend on medical expenses (insurance/company is very generous) so I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor too just for the hell of it for my persistent lower back pain.

No. 925712

I got a new job!! I don't have to work in a grocery store anymore!! I'm so happy anons the grocery store job was killing me but now I get to work in an office and get weekends off for the first time ever since being employed

No. 925716

Congrats girl

No. 925723

Happy for you nonnie! Enjoy your future weekends off!

No. 925734

Enjoy anon! Going from retail to office work feels so fucking good. I hope your new workplace will treat you well.

No. 925772

My friends love hanging out, but we're all a bunch of people pleasers, so planning used to be a nightmare because no one wanted to be the one making a decision where to eat, where to meet up or what to bring and to whom. I have now started to plan the stuff ahead and just text everyone a group message asking if they want to tag along when I'm done. It feels so nice to be able to tell people I've booked a table for 4 at a local restaurant at a certain time and date, and right away have people reply that they want to come. No more "uh any day/place is fine really what about you guys" nonesense. I love my friends.

No. 927050

File: 1633020752092.jpg (92.42 KB, 736x603, d89c26c8c889d9c23f601e863720ad…)

Can't believe I found a chocolate that can fit my keto diet (in moderation) here in my country that is actually cheap and delicious and locally made, I'm so happy

No. 927425

Ever since I met my best friend, I’ve really fallen in love with the holiday season and gift giving. My family doesn’t celebrate the holidays (or any holiday/birthday really), so it was a breath of fresh air to meet my best friend who is really gung ho about the holidays. She hates it when you ruin surprises, of your own gift or hers too, which really adds to the spirit of it hehe. I used to like the holiday, admittedly for selfish reasons for liking getting gifts. I didn’t like giving them, and honestly from the end of each holiday season til the next I am loathing buying gifts and have a backup list of safe gifts to buy, but every year the PERFECT item manifests itself in front of me and I am so, SO excited to give it to my friends and see their reaction. I truly, truly enjoy the act of finding the perfect gift for them, wrapping it, and giving it to them, very much more than I am to receive gifts. I would honestly be happy with just heartfelt and handwritten cards, oh those are 100% the way to my heart, I love them so much and I always try to write one for friends. I am broke for my friends but it’s okay because I get so excited seeing them wear or use something that I got them that so perfectly embodies their personality and spirit. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet but god fucking dammit I am READY for Christmas!!!

No. 927439

I am so jealous of you. Even one friend would be just amazing. Happy for you anon.

No. 928541

I struggled with bad body image and low self esteem for most of my life. I entered my late 20s this year and I've truly come into my own, I feel very beautiful and have a lot of confidence in my intelligence and creative abilities. I feel very grateful to be at this point in my life.

No. 931008

File: 1633446002415.jpg (15.41 KB, 320x319, b3b9e6d21806988157bca8e705a039…)

I just got approved for a state funded 10 month course, I'm so so so happy !! Hopefully I'll never have to work a shitty retail job again, all I want is a boring 9 to 5 in a cushy office job.

No. 931033

Congrats!! I hope you get the boring office job of your dreams!

No. 931640

Congrats!! Can I ask what it is specifically a course in? I need something like that

No. 931670

Graphic and webdesign, my step father took the same course and he now work for our local town hall which is an extremely cushy job in my country, hopefully I can get a similar position next year.

No. 931941

I’ve been going to the gym regularly, today I went in the morning before work, and I’m so proud! This time last year I was a lazy pothead, would wake up at 12 PM and smoke a joint as soon as I got out of bed, never exercised and only ate takeout. Now I’m eating lentils and salad and shit. I’m determined to lose the weight I gained over quarantine. I’m going to be hot, I’m manifesting it.

No. 931952

Hey good luck! Right there with you gotta shed the quarantine flab. Keep at it!

No. 931976

Also manifesting that shit for you!! So happy for you!

No. 931979

i tried a new chocolate today. it was mixed with dates and nuts. good to make a healthy choice for dessert if i am gonna have it.

No. 931989

File: 1633534729354.jpg (119.62 KB, 800x800, fluffrug.jpg)

Rolling around on one of these at my grangran's house

No. 932001

i'll try a week of avoiding what gives me bad vibes. i used to think this was silly. i was taught i have to face and push through everything bad and not try and make my life easier. starting this week i will avoid negative self talk, toxic people, and will try to reduce as much discomfort in my life as possible.

No. 932003

thanks nonitas, i’m really excited about this change! feeling good about it

No. 932580

That sounds so yummy anon, I'm glad you found a new treat to enjoy! I'm gonna look around and see if I can find a similar one to try.

My favorite dessert of baked peach halves with a bit of coconut oil and cinnamon is sadly coming to an end as peaches go out of season. But luckily apples that bake well are in season now, going to make some tomorrow.

No. 936804

File: 1634060315988.jpg (116.69 KB, 660x1000, UV_Sunflower_Halter.jpg)

My neighbor that I thought didn't like me for some reason stopped me just to compliment my dress and joked she wanted to take it off me she liked it so much and we shared a laugh. What a nice thing to say. I think I will compliment somebody too

No. 936845

good luck queen, become a force of happiness in the world

No. 936898

that's your dress? it's very cute!! love sunflowers

No. 937200

I started the second day at my new job! In one year I have gone from 16/hr working myself to the bone and falling behind in school to now working for the govt for 27/hr :) I just need to balance full time school with this, but I'm confident that this will be my year!

No. 937439

Hell yeah anon. I used to feel bad about doing that, like I was babying myself so I just had to suck it up and deal with all the nasty shit like throws at me, but it really wears you down. Nothing wrong with avoiding bad shit and toxic people that you can avoid. Build yourself up and be comfortable and happy in life, and I think you'll have a good solid foundation to fall back on when it comes time to deal with shitty stuff that you can't avoid.

Good luck anon!! I'm sure you'll be able to do it! I hope every year from here on out is a great year for you.

No. 937513

File: 1634140356120.jpg (179.35 KB, 1600x1600, 3471c0d6e43b506f51156b19130571…)

My boss ran into one of our coworkers at the market and she put some candy in his basket and said I'd like it, and he gave me the candy today.

Picrel is the candy. I was telling her last week about how I made soup just so I could eat konnyaku since I haven't had it in so long kek. I'm excited to try it!

No. 937560

this is like something jess from new girl would wear, i love it! very cute!

No. 938563

Hi, I'm sorry last thread I posted a nude wanting attention. I recently moved to South Korea and started a new job and it's been bleak. Regarding positivity: I finished my degree in atmospheric physics and move to England soon, and have gotten some mild recognition at work. I hope all you sweet but mean nonnies have very good luck soon. Sorry I was a retard. Please forgive me

No. 938758

File: 1634244986283.jpg (184.62 KB, 972x1342, 20211009_200851.jpg)

After starting out at my first customer service job a few weeks back, I just now had my first really hateful client on the line. My coworkers really looked out for me and I am grateful to be in such a nice team!

Also my boyfriend has the best dick I've ever had and he also loves my cat and I am very happy about that!!

No. 938768

File: 1634245627295.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, 1630338284787.jpg)

>I finished my degree in atmospheric physics
BITCH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Your sins are forgiven, holy shit girl!!!! I wanted to study astronomy in college but I fucking suck ASS with math and physics. I really applaud you anon, that shit really must not have been easy. I didn't see your nudes but I am sure you are a cutie with a good head on your shoulders, even if you have a retarded slip up every once in a while.

No. 938777

NTA but your post and pic are adorable. Tiny babushka dog!

No. 939311

File: 1634306997395.jpg (8.61 KB, 196x257, images.jpg)

Got VIP tickets to see my favorite group again.

No. 939465

I’m so fucking happy, I’m finally getting an appointment with a psychiatrist. I’ve been trying to see one since before COVID, but the mental health system in my city is pure garbage and it’s really hard to find a psychiatrist who is accepting new patients plus the system is just a nightmare to navigate. I was seriously considering checking myself into the emergency psychiatric ward at one point. I just really want to get better, I’m so sick of suffering, I’ve been wasting years of my life just trying not to drown, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. I’m ready to thrive bitches!!

No. 939549

I'm so happy for you anon, I really hope your psychiatrist is a good one! I can't wait for you to live your best life!!!

No. 939568

Aw thanks nonna! I saw someone post this lil cutie and I saved the picture and have been waiting for a good opportunity to use it heh

No. 939885

File: 1634339904834.jpeg (368.75 KB, 683x1024, B1619B57-6B50-4E56-B7BD-26FEB2…)

MY ROLLERBLADES CAME IN AND THEY FIT!!!! After days of agonizing over the size and fit, I’m so happy everything worked out! They might even be a tad bit loose by experienced skaters standards, but they are comfortably snug on my feet and I can just buy thick socks if I really cared (I don’t). All of my protective gear arrived the same day too! I’m having problems with my lower back but I’m gonna take it slow until I recover and can skate outside finally!!! More time to watch tutorial videos on youtube to prepare myself hehehe

No. 939888

The woman in that pic is so unbelievably attractive, have fun with your rollerskates anon!

No. 939897

I have a pair of old rollerblades from like the 80s called Blade Runners kek you're making me want to take em out! I hope you have fun with your new blades anon

No. 939899

Samefag, but speaking of unbelievably attractive women on roller skates, this is one of my favorite music videos

No. 939934

File: 1634345009850.jpg (12.86 KB, 225x211, 1531869829059.jpg)

A very high-profile work project that I was part of, which not only had a severe risk of falling flat but suffered some stupid mistakes on my end, not only accomplished its goals but blew the organizers' expectations out of the water. The stress of this week probably shaved a year off my life but holy shit I can't believe it actually worked.

No. 939951

Anon, ilu. I always tell people this video is so erotic and no one ever gets it. But look at them! They're so beautiful! I want to be them, or kiss them, or just be their friend, or something. Rollerskaing is so cute, I support all the rollerskating/rollerblading anons.

No. 939955

Man, thanks for posting this vid. I was thinking about it the other day but couldn't find it anywhere. The song is not really my thing but I remember watching this on tv and loving the girls and was so mad I didn't catch the name of the band. I love this vid.

No. 939982

File: 1634350206199.jpeg (54.49 KB, 500x500, 929B6707-4853-49A5-BDF0-C4FBB7…)

Submitted the final draft of my thesis today. Tonight I’m gonna be sleeping like this.

No. 940284

File: 1634397955497.jpg (40.84 KB, 400x298, image.jpg)

It's a beautiful day and I'm going mineral collecting at one of the best sites in the world. It's going to be fun!

No. 940286

That's so cool, have a great time anon!

No. 940290

Thanks! I'll post pics if I find anything cool.

No. 940301

Nta, but please do! I wanna live my geological dreams vicariously through you

No. 940302

Where are you going/what are you hunting for? I love rockhounding

No. 940316

File: 1634402019341.jpg (28.01 KB, 620x300, image.jpg)

Well now I have to!
Franklin NJ; it has the highest concentration of different types of minerals found anywhere in the world ~2 dozen minerals that are completely unique to the area. A lot of them are florescent which makes it even cooler. New Jersey surprisingly has a ton of great places to go rockhounding and even some extremely accessible fossil hunting sites!

No. 940641

I love my baby brother. He is such a sweetheart even after he grew up.

No. 940782

That's so sweet and makes me happy. I feel the same about mine, he lights up my life honestly.

No. 941163

File: 1634486550397.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x3024, 20211016_162610.jpg)

It was a great trip, my friend and I hunted up until one of the workers called us in because a storm was coming through. Here's my haul under UV; my friend mogged me wrt the variety of minerals she picked up (I guess I'm just attracted to willemite lol) but it was a ton of fun regardless. I'd definitely recommend visiting Franklin if you're ever in the area!

No. 941164

File: 1634486592258.jpg (316.54 KB, 855x862, 20211017_113016.jpg)

Here they are without UV.

No. 941294

Woah these are so cool nona!!! So glad you had a fun time! My best friend used to study geology, so I think it’d be really cool to take her out and do this some day!

No. 942203

File: 1634582584886.jpg (948.74 KB, 1000x1000, c988f64e55e97aabdedc8ee12cc31d…)

I've received the plush that I'm going to gift to my brother. I don't play this game but it's so godamn cute!

this is so cool, I had no idea that it was something that existed!

No. 942209

who is he? the plush, not your brother. he is so cute

No. 942223

Yaaay, so cool! I'm glad you had a good time!

No. 942230

File: 1634584035797.png (223.58 KB, 540x275, eeba8df518defe2b03b2e3d6468_de…)

He is a Paissa from Final Fantasy XIV! From my very limited knowledge of the game, I think they have a lot of cute characters like that, I really love the Namzu for exemple. Hope you will have a nice day nonnie!

No. 942698

I've managed to stop stuffing my face constantly and while I still have some weight to lose my body is starting to look like it did in my "prime" days. Regularly exercising so I'm getting stronger too. Feels good man.

This little thing is so flippin cute!

No. 942797

I mainly work from home atm because of health issues and when I went to collect some stuff from the office this morning one of my co-workers gave me a lil gift hamper as a get well soon gift that she put together herself and she was so thoughtful about picking stuff that she knows I like and she even asked other people about what I'm into, bless her heart. I feel stupid for tearing up but it was such a lovely gesture!

No. 942830

paissa is friend

No. 946315

life is hard nonitas but every day is a little better than the last, hang in there, everything will turn out fine. I promise.

No. 946878

File: 1634932007846.jpg (58 KB, 750x750, pancake.jpg)


No. 946979

I hope you're all enjoying the spooky month nonners!

No. 946990

I started talking again with a friend who hurt me pretty badly. I'm not throwing myself into the relationship, but I can also tell she's trying to be better. I have missed her and it's nice being able to talk again, so regardless of whether or not things work out, I appreciate this time we've been able to share

No. 947001

Thanks nonna, love you ♥

I hope that things will work out for you. I reconnected with a friend a few years ago after dropping her from my life for a few years over something I barely remember, but after we reconnected, things have gotten much better in our lives. She did not hurt me, but I think we have both grown in many positive ways since we parted ways, and now we grow together and encourage each other to become the best versions of ourselves. I hope that this will be the same for you and your friend!

No. 947027

File: 1634936975453.jpg (148.97 KB, 720x960, 178063272_1607025456173196_799…)

It's been two weeks since I've started yoga/barre. I've been pursuing this physical aesthetic for years and my body looks like it's starting to transform into it already. I haven't been restricting my eating as much but I haven't had my usual large binging appetite either.

I was so nervous to start these classes but they're so worth it.

No. 947090

File: 1634940578295.jpeg (84.85 KB, 933x647, 35899B7D-C989-40E9-BC5D-8763F7…)

Thank you cutie.
believe in yourselves

No. 947091

File: 1634940646024.jpeg (161.97 KB, 750x750, EB496315-D16C-44CD-B0CD-62CA86…)

No. 947095

thank you for sharing this, I'm gonna save it.

No. 947165

it's my birthday today

No. 947168

Happy birthday!

No. 947179



I hope you eat the most delicious cake and have a day designed just for you.

No. 947383

Anonitas, I’ve been seriously thinking about life lately. And I’ve came to the conclusion that… is okay being in your own bubble, is okay to not follow the herd and we should all embrace what we had been given. Bad and good stuff will happen but what only matters is you, not what’s on trend or what others think, only what you are and believe matters and it matters for you. Life is hard and is not fair but we should all give a shot at happiness as hard as we can, however we can, cause our time is short. I appreciate all of you nonnies very deeply, I’ve been listening to Minecraft Relaxing Music Box 10 Hours (Rain + Visuals) on youtube for days and I’m on my period so I’m very emotional rn. Anyway love u all. xx

No. 947397

Ily 2 anon! You are very right and ty for the reminder.
I'm watching people build cute miniatures on yt and chainsmoking joints, also on my period and trying to banish these hellacious cramps.

No. 947544

File: 1634989630142.jpeg (32.03 KB, 857x482, B0208235-C277-4254-AC0A-07D907…)

I became a mom earlier this year and watching my baby grow every day is one of the greatest privileges I have ever known. It’s been more than half a year and I still tear up every morning when I first wake up and see her. I’m so happy that I didn’t go through with suicide in the depths of my depression years ago. Back then I never would have thought that my brain and body could recover this completely. I’m thankful that I was able to get help and wind up in the situation I’m in now. I’ve never been so happy to be this busy and tired every day.

No. 947605

File: 1634997621845.jpeg (60.53 KB, 729x486, DEE59CF4-7EEE-421A-915F-C14CC2…)

I posted earlier this month that I ordered my best friend’s birthday gift and paid out the ass for international shipping and it got here so much faster than I expected given covid delays, AND!!! It made it here safe and sound! I got her a ceramic tea set and just double checked that there were no chips, cracks, or anything broken and everything is fine! I’m SO SO SOOO excited to give this to her heh. I don’t know what she’s gonna expect when I give her this giant fucking box hahaha. I’m gonna get her matching tea too just because it pairs so well with the gift! UGHHH I want her birthday to come already so we can celebrate and I can give this to her!! I’M SO EXCITED NONNIES!!!

No. 947670

I love those too anon! I don't watch them much because they make me cry for some reason but they're so beautiful and relaxing.

No. 947736

Aw, congratulations for finding your hope and strenght again anon. Depression is hell but you've not only made your way out, but also gave life to another human. You're badass and you sound like a truly amazing mom! I wish you and your little girl all the happiness in the world.

No. 947868

This is so fucking sweet. I love reading about the adoration mamas have for their babies, it's so comforting to me. I'm very thankful for my parents (despite their shortcomings) and I often come across more parent appreciation posts, but I also really love reading more about parents just talk about their love for their child. Not just gushing about their accomplishments, but just pure, unconditional love. I love that shit so much and it makes me love the world and existing to know that it exists, and there are good, loving parents like yourself who look at your babies and see the whole world. I don't want children of my own, and at the same time I feel hopeless thinking about what kids will have to grow up with given where humanity and the earth is heading, but I remember seeing a post somewhere when someone was asked why they wanted to have a kid in this climate and they said "it's because of my kid that I strive to make the world a better place" or something like that. I'm so happy your daughter has you, I'm sure she's going to grow up to be a wonderful person from all the love. Parents, and mothers especially, are such a powerful force of good in this world.

No. 947950

I have so much admiration for mothers, hopefully I can be one too. I hope both you and bébé warm each other’s hearts, that you find hope and reason and keep pulling through like the queen you are ♥

No. 948261

Even though it's still nothing, I've noticed that I'm able to read Japanese a lot easier now! I decided to buckle down and study kanji this year and I'm hoping to be at the halfway point for the basic ones by the new year. I spent so long giving up learning after my high school classes were a bust but actually going to Japan re-ignited my passion. It's so nice actually seeing my studying pay off a little.

No. 948789

File: 1635119006823.gif (82.94 KB, 500x300, 50897f59f79014f59ea386e1a34e82…)

A (relatively obscure) movie that I love was finally added to a streaming service, so now I get to see it in 1080p as opposed to the old 480p torrent from like 2008. It's amazing seeing it in that quality for the first time.

No. 948799

Which movie anon

No. 948978

File: 1635139654184.jpg (23.62 KB, 359x360, EczSMCHVcAASZBO.jpg)

Everything is going right for me lately. Ever since covid hit, it's been extremely difficult for me to meet new people, but about a month ago I got a new job and made a friend unlike any I'll ever make again. Like, it really feels like I was destined to meet them, that kind of bond. I also made plans with said friend and some other friends for Halloween that I'm super excited about, and also today at work I had an almost fairytale-esque encounter with a (really cute) fellow lesbian who wanted to exchange numbers with me. There's even more I could say, but these are the big things that have happened to me lately. Like holy shit, I don't even know what I did to deserve these good things, and even typing it now, it feels so fake 'cause it's all perfectly aligned.

No. 949125

I love you anons

No. 949155

File: 1635162607772.jpeg (149.86 KB, 1242x1242, 16C326F9-173C-4F4B-B141-205C2D…)

No. 949158

File: 1635162852951.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, ohnonny.png)

No. 949161

That's awesome anon, congrats!! I could feel your happiness radiating off this post

No. 949178

I had an amazing first date with a girl last Friday and we already have two dates planned for this week (another movie at her place this time, then going out!!!! to the movies and getting some food like aaaa) and I’m so happy and smitten already she’s a cutie I want to use all the gay happy emojis

No. 949219

How to date gorl?

No. 949223

Honestly was on Her for less than a day bc it drove me insane and was weird but was lucky enough to talk to her and get her number. App already deleted (account incognito bc I liked reading our messages when I went to delete it lol) I think I just got lucky BUT also don’t be afraid to compliment girls you see that you can tell are a lil gay bc you never know!!

No. 949260

thank you gorl i will now date many gorl

No. 949266

Good luck it has been like 3 weeks and I’m smitten af, go get your gorl!! ♥

No. 950367

File: 1635276532826.jpg (123.26 KB, 1102x1102, 20211019_151941.jpg)

Had a really nice date night with my bf today!!! We visited the local market and made an delicious Fall dinner together, fish and ravioli with chestnut and kabocha, with a salad on the side. I also got him to watch Cowboy Bebop with me and he really liked it (he's not a weeb).

We've known each other for almost a year now and I can't believe that we are still having so much fun together. When we first met I was a hot mess trying to work things out. Now I'm just a regular mess!

No. 950681

My fiance and my brother apparently got tired of me being sad about my aging, falling apart laptop and coordinated behind my back to get me a new one, It arrived today and I bawled for about an hour.
I don't feel like I deserve it, or that it was worth spending all that money on me instead of bills, but I am so full of joy.

No. 950878

File: 1635312419203.jpg (47.98 KB, 800x800, 1621399785285.jpg)

Someone posted gore

No. 951445

File: 1635365079963.jpg (219.06 KB, 627x426, 20211027_214106.jpg)

I got a job today. It's retail, specifically at a cosmetics store, so maybe not much to brag about, but it means a lot right now. After years of rotting away in NEETdom and crushing depression I'm finally starting to see that there's a way for me to get my life back. I'm going to work my ass off and I'll pay my debts, I'll pay for therapy, I'll have money for Christmas and I'll finally be able to start my dream business once I'm a bit more stable financially. I feel like I can do it anons, I really do. I'm done being scared of everything.

No. 951456

I am so proud of you! Keep that energy nonny, wishing you all the best!

No. 951498

I’m happy for you anon! Good luck at your new job! I do think retail is soul sucking to an extent and I would never go back, but I don’t regret working in retail for a few years. You build up thick skin, you learn transferable skills (working under pressure, how to interact with all sorts of people, maybe even management skills if they promote you), and it’s just a good place to begin a solid work foundation if you have none. Also, while I hated my last retail job, the people I met were fucking awesome. I don’t make friends like that in the office jobs I work now. I still talk to quite a few of the friends I made! I hope you’ll succeed in life and will be able to pursue your dream business one day soon!

No. 951500

God look at that lil little pup. My heart is melting!!! I love chihuahuas, they are so fucking cute and dumb.

No. 951539

Thank you for your kind words anons! I really appreciate it.

No. 951733

Love that pic! congrats anon!

No. 951900

File: 1635403155415.jpeg (293 KB, 1200x800, D888A9C5-4E81-4546-90FC-C9DFE3…)

I went to see Miyavi with friends tonight, my first concert since the pandemic started and boy have I missed them! I’ve never been the biggest fan of Miyavi, but I knew of him and listened to some songs when I was really into visual kei bands. My friends and I went since the tickets weren’t expensive and we saw him at a con a few years ago and enjoyed it. I only know a few of his songs and even then I’m not the biggest fan of his newer songs but I can and will have the time of my life at any concert I go to and let me tell you anons, I definitely had the time of my life tonight! Lots of jumping and dancing, and really enjoying that concert energy with the rest of the crowd. I couldn’t see him at times but even when I could see him it didn’t matter because I was jumping and swinging my head around so much that my vision was kinda blurry anyway. I am tired but I’ve really missed going to concerts and how fun they are. Also, I found out his older music is on Spotify now so I’m just going to listen to him on repeat for a few days now heh. I can’t believe he’s still this attractive at 40 with three kids.

No. 954065

I get to see the guy I've liked for a while tomorrow and I'm so happy. I've really missed being around him

No. 954069

I just ate samosas for the first time and they were amazing.

No. 954071

now you need to go all the way and eat samosas while drinking mimosas with samoans

No. 954253

Samosas are so damn good! The first time I ever had them was in highschool when a friend brought them in, and I have always thought about them and loved them ever since kek. Despite the variety of ethnic food around me, samosas don't seem to be common in my neighborhood, so they are always a real treat whenever I do find them.

No. 954279

I’ve been seeing this girl for a bit but mostly hanging out at home bc not much to do, but we got to go out to the movies tonight and it was SO fun. I loved kissing her and holding her hand in public. She’s precious.

No. 954563

File: 1635595863588.jpg (184.52 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20211028_202459.jpg)

Someone spontaneously complimented my voice yesterday and it felt so good! I've been working on it and it's so rewarding to know it's improved to the point at least one person thinks I have a great voice.

Also I like when my dumb jokes end up on the Lolcow caps thread kek

No. 954571

What do you mean you've been working on it?

I have a deep voice and trouble talking clearly so I'm interested

No. 954671

File: 1635608426492.jpg (40.67 KB, 500x500, 51tHTwyQr3L.jpg)

I have tried a few self help programs and YouTube videos, picrel is my favorite so far, you can get it on Audible. I like it because it's geared towards improving your speaking voice rather than singing. Your voice can get better nona! Good luck!
i know he looks like a smarmy bastard but I promise he has a lot of good tips!

No. 954679

Samefag I realize I didn't really answer the question lol. Working on your voice means practicing things like breathing, posture, enunciation, and pacing yourself. Like anything, you practice it until you just do the right things naturally without thinking in everyday conversation. Having a good program like Love's is nice because there are a lot of bad habits I didn't even know I had. I started it thinking I just want to sound louder and clearer. But after a few lessons I realized why my throat hurts after speaking for a while, I have vocal fry because I don't breathe enough when I talk. When I started breathing the right way, being clear and loud enough became a lot easier.

No. 958865

File: 1635980044065.jpg (255.6 KB, 786x603, dogshine.jpg)

I've stopped putting on makeup and now I only care about looking clean & healthy

I don't feel bad about anything about me and I'm just so happy to be at peace with my body & looks, I'm not prettier than I was before but I do feel beautiful now

I wish you the same thing nonnitas, hope you can fight your insecurities and embrace your body

No. 958926

Love you anon.
I haven't been doing any makeup at all for like 4 or 5 years, but I still feel a bit weird when I have to take a picture or record myself.
I hope to be as confident as you one day.

No. 959276

File: 1636030680485.jpg (24.79 KB, 393x427, c7ca9221417ab14531fe25d55f456b…)

I love my cat so much and Im so sure I've never loved an animal this much even if he likes chasing my legs when i go up my bed or wakes me up at 3 am because he's fucking hungry. I was put on antidepressants last year and adopting him helped even more because of how I was able to be more responsible. I get up because of him and I lift weights for him.

I love my orange garfield looking baby.

No. 959292

Based anon ♥

No. 959347

I just got all the cleaning and laundry done, deep cleaned the bathroom, moved the furniture and cleaned behind it, scrubbed cat piss out of the rug and cleaned entire downstairs carpet in a mere few hours. It’s now 3pm it’s raining outside and I have the rest of the day to do fuck all without any guilt, sitting in bed playing the sims. I think I might even get a little bit stoned. Hooray! If you don’t want to spend your whole life cleaning, clean every day. It won’t take long and will be a piece of piss. Unlike leaving it for a month.

No. 959712

Good job, I need to do the same!

No. 961562

I'm high as fuck rn but the past half year has been super hard and sad as it sounds all of you have gotten me through it. There are so many sweet anons on here and I just, I love you all nonnies

No. 961575

Aw I love you too

No. 961601

My dog looks so cute with the bandana I made for her. So far she has a red one with little white dots and a blue one with map/ship/compass drawings. I want to make her a yellow one and a pink one so bad! It looks so much better too when you just make them yourself instead of buying some low quality ones.

No. 961605

I love cooking for people, it gives me the warm fuzzies. I've always struggled with expressing my feelings for people in both platonic and romantic settings so I like using my cooking to show I care. This really kind lady I work with has been an absolute rock through my illness and we were talking the other day about fast food guilty pleasures and she was complaining about how you can't find a good fish burger anymore so I filed that away in my brain. I had the day off today so I got some fresh fish from the market while I was there and then made my own kinda "gourmet" version of a McDonalds fish burger and dropped it off at work for her when I knew she'd be taking lunch. She looked so happy when I showed her what I had and she said it's the best she's ever tasted! I was actually worried she wouldn't like it so that was such a relief lol. It's just nice to give back to someone who's done so much for me.

No. 961606

Oh please can we have a pic please

No. 961607

You're an angel

No. 961670

I have started taking oil painting classes recently and have been plotting to make my grandma a painting as a surprise gift. She just saw the painting (she still doesn't know it's hers, I'm waiting for it to dry so I can frame it) and she was absolutely in love with it! She kept talking about how beautiful it is. I can't wait to give it to her!

No. 961813

Aww that's so sweet!

No. 962296

File: 1636297179421.jpg (12.62 KB, 236x218, c4abba303c099f02c9d4658b903abc…)

Have a good day anons! The world is a poopy place to be but we can make the best out if it. I hope today you get everything you want! I hope you get to taste your favorite food, hear your favorite song, and see your favorite people!

No. 962446

I had an amazing week-end, I went to a lovely city specially to finally see one of my favorite band twice, it was at an opera house so it was a beautiful place, the setlist was great and the musicians were amazing, I couldn't believe the drummer and one of the main singers were in their 70s, they were still so talented. At first I had planned to only go to the first show (it was postponed for a year because of corona) but I decided in the end to go to the two shows, and good thing I did, the very last song they played was one of my favorites, the very one which introduced me to the band, it was beautiful to finally see it live.

No. 962451

I’ve been working in retail and waitressing jobs since I was 17, I’m 22 now. I went to college twice and dropped out both times after I had some really traumatic events happen, and have felt so aimless and hopeless. I finally decided to try something else, and am gonna be going to a truck driving school to get my cdl-a! I feel excited about the idea and am really hopeful about getting into something other than the service industry. I’m nervous that it’s dumb and I won’t fit in as a young woman, but I’m trying to be optimistic and excited for this big change in my life. I spent so much time thinking my future was hopeless and doomed for failure, but for the first time in a long time I’m feeling positive and happy about the future. It’s possible for any anons out there too!!!

No. 962466

I've always struggled with being a major pushover, agreeing to things and staying in situations that I was uncomfortable in just to make other people happy and recently I've felt such a shift in my outlook on life and realized how necessary it is to advocate for myself and it's crazy how much less stressed out in general I feel just by having more of a backbone. I feel invigorated and more confident than I've ever felt before honestly! I've gotten a new job in an area I would've never had the courage to go for in the past, I'm going out in public more, being more social, exploring hobbies and passions that I've always wanted to try too… feels like I'm finally working myself out of the sad little rut I've been in for years just by being more myself. I'm really optimistic about what the future holds!!

No. 962475

Good luck!! You can do it!

No. 962524

One of my best friends sent me a random snap of him and his girlfriend. Have only seen him less than a handful of times after covid happened so asked him how he was doing.
He then asked me how I was doing back. I considered lying but decided to be honest and say I'm not doing not too great but handling it the best I can.
He knows me well so he clearly understood and immediately went to find a free day in a bit where he would be able to spend some quality time with me. It really means the world to me.

No. 962545

Good luck sis, I work in transport and it makes me happy every time I see a female truck driver. I can barely drive a regular car so it ain't for me but I love when women break into male dominated industries.

No. 962591

File: 1636321951654.png (246.32 KB, 619x592, 558409375039.png)

I know I've bonded over this with a nonny before, but ever since I've moved into my own place after living with an evil ex I love not only the freedom but the ability to be a disgusting goblin. My place is clean and organized (no scrote messes to deal with) but in terms of behavior, being able to walk around half naked with a food baby gut, belch/fart freely, go makeup-free when I have a zit forming, wet or unstyled hair, eat tons of snacks, not shaving very often, tossing period waste in my bathroom trash without worrying about covering it up.

I know I know, women in relationships technically can do all these things, but personally I really felt the pressure to be perfect all the time and come across flawlessly composed in my own home. (No doubt because said ex was especially controlling.) Shit's exhausting. I'm no enby but truly, fuck gender as a social construct. Men don't have to do or care about any of this garbage and still get lauded as heroes if they manage to clean their ass cheeks. I fucking love being able to exist without anyone's judgment and I will never give this up again.

No. 962601

This is why I can't imagine ever living with a guy. I want freedom to be mildly gross when I'm in private, and I don't think I could relax except around immediate family who love me unconditionally. A partner does not love me unconditionally, men can be super judgemental of women and how 'ladylike' we're supposed to be, I'd feel pressure to be attractive all the time.

I mean honestly, is a man even worth it if you have to hold in your farts in the comfort of your own home?

No. 962661

File: 1636326722703.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…)

crunchy leaf season
crunchy leaves season

No. 962664

Do they taste good

No. 962732

No. 962749

I like myself a lot!!! And now that I like myself I like other people much better too.

No. 962959

File: 1636355197599.jpeg (38.54 KB, 399x768, images (94).jpeg)

Let's make the best of this week nonnies! Make time to do things you enjoy and stay hydrated ♥

No. 963228

File: 1636389535643.jpg (191.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1a9e9233d3522736cf5c7079afc283…)

My favorite pho restaurant opened back up?! There was a huge fire like 5 years ago and I expected them to open up after a few months but 5 years had gone by with no news so my family and I gave up… but suddenly yesterday we saw that it was open again!! It's been so long I've stopped bothering to look at it and didn't even notice they had been working on it.

We have three pho restaurants in my neighborhood but they range from mediocre to shitty. I'm happy to see the true king come back to take its throne, and I'm excited and hopeful that it will still be as good, if not better. I used to go here all the time as a kid so it also has a special place in my heart. One of the newest reviews said they saw on old faces back so I'm hoping they were able to bring back whatever of the old staff they could!

No. 963246

File: 1636390453678.gif (2.12 MB, 500x371, inbread.gif)

I love that for you nonna!! I love loving myself, and I just want to spread that joy to other people.

Let's get this bread nonnie

No. 963317

I. Love. This. Image. So. Much. Gonna make it my new phone background (gonna cover that watermark first), thank you nona!

No. 968646

I was assaulted five years ago on Halloween and this year was the first time since it happened that I actually enjoyed Halloween. I got dressed up and went out and genuinely had a good time. I know it’ll always be there but I’m starting to finally feel like myself again and it gives me hope

No. 970421

my doctor has prescribed me spironolactone for my hirsutism! I am so pleased, I didn't think he we would be willing or able to since I didn't think it was prescribed off brand for hirsutism much in my country but he did. I know it will take months to potentially see any change in the amount of my body hair but the fact it will stop new hair growth and potentially help with my hormone related acne too is very encouraging. I'm just so pleased, anons. I'm also going to hopefully be starting electrolysis on my face before the end of the year too. this condition has troubled me for so long and now I'm finally making progress I feel so pleased

No. 970422

that's amazing anon! I'm glad you enjoyed your halloween and your halloweens to come

No. 973396

My brother gifted me an advent calendar of teas because I've been on the edge lately and he thought it would make feel better. When I saw it I started weeping, I've been resentful of him for extremely dumb and unfair reasons, it made me realize how much of a bad person I am, I'm going to work on being less bitter and angry.

No. 973433

I have just started looking for jobs again after four years of working at my current place. I re-wrote my cv and uploaded it to some job-seeking websites and was very surprised that people started calling me up. Yesterday I had four separate businesses contact me with interview requests and it feels really nice to feel wanted.

There is also a ferret (or a stoat?) that lives in an old outhouse pipe in the back of my garden that I have befriended! I feed them scraps of food and catfood on weekends.

No. 973439

That sounds lovely anon, I hope the tea is tasty and I wish you and your brother all the best.

No. 973606

enjoy the tea nonny!

No. 973688

What breed is the dog in the op pic? It's so cute

No. 973698

It has to be at least part corgi

No. 973937

Thank you nonnas, I'm going to wait for the 1st of December to start tasting it of course, I'll think of you when I'll drink it!

No. 975247

File: 1637595619689.jpg (56.24 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-182176519-612x612.…)

I've posted about buying rollerblades before, but I finally put on my rollerblades and skated around my apartment yesterday. I bought them last month but due to back pain I couldn't skate. My back is much better (still doing exercises and stretches daily to make sure it stays that way!) but now my problem is my protective gear doesn't fit so I've avoided skating. I figured it wouldn't hurt to just skate in my small apartment and nonnies… it's everything I was hoping it would be and more!!

There's something so exhilarating about being on skates! I've been watching tons of tutorials and trying to be mindful about proper body positioning, and after a shaky and rough first few minutes, I was gliding up and down pretty easily! Maybe it was muscle memory from 15+ years ago kicking in?! I wanted to go out to the park but I was worried about not having protective gear and also being stared at for fumbling, but I guess I'll just have to suck it up with regards to the latter. I'm so excited to skate more, I don't care if it's getting colder out. It's Thanksgiving weekend here in the US so maybe I'll go out to my local park and skate in the morning despite no proper fitting gear yet. I'll have to install my heel brake too until I learn how to stop without it… aaaaaaaa nonnies I love skating!! Rollerblading is cool again I don't care what anyone says!!

No. 975255

Live near a hilly area and recently lots of kids have gotten into rollerblading, I'm thinking of trying as well

No. 975261

I have this pair of blades from 2000, they're black with cute yellow, red and green details and they're called BLADERUNNERS and I love them.

No. 975280

File: 1637597082991.jpg (153.42 KB, 539x693, 383874350i.jpg)

As luck would have it, Amazon has the protective gear I was looking for in my size and on sale! So I snatched it up heh. Not the color I wanted but at this point I care less about color coordination and more about just not breaking my knee caps as I skate around like an idiot.

Yes! Go for it anon! I think that they can be quite expensive (~$100 for a decent softboot when I was looking), but is there a place around you where you can rent a pair to try out? It's really fun to zoom around and I can't wait to feel confident enough to skate around in a big park!

They sound so cute nonnie hehe. Mine are all black but I'm hoping to paint them one day! I'm sad that there seems to be a hole in the market for cute and high performance skates. Impala makes some really cute skates but I've read they're not the best performance-wise. I hope to skate for a long time so I invested in a pair of ugly but well regarded skates. I hope with the revival of rollerblading and the whole Y2K nostalgia thing that big companies will realize that they could open up their market to zoomers and women who like cute shit by just making cute shell colors kek. When I was researching skates I saw SO many posts on the subreddit by women asking specifically for cute skates!

No. 975760

just got $4660 in grants that i dont need to pay back + 15k in loans lets go baybee

No. 975763

I have BPD and my relationship with my boyfriend has become amazing. We've both matured and changed in so many ways and I haven't flipped out for a while. On his end, he's learned to listen. Like, he used to get annoyed at me when I'd vent or be emotional, but now he earnestly listens and tries to help me in a kind, gentle way. We are both sober (he is hard sober aka never drinks or smokes, I am soft aka I will have 1 drink maybe 2x a month but I never get drunk and I don't smoke weed; I still occasionally buy a pack of cigarettes but I want to quit for good next year) and I don't think I act in a way that would qualify me for a BPD diagnosis anymore. I still need to work on my image and feelings of emptiness, but I am able to correct my behavior and regulate my emotions. It's so freeing! I am no longer am chained to my emotions! I love my boyfriend so much and I am so happy for us.

No. 975765

amazing! i am happy for you too! wishing all the best for you!

No. 975786

How? I apply on scholarship sites daily for the past several years and have no once heard anything back

No. 975796

paying for my college without family help this next semester. pell grants help students in financial need.

No. 976141

Hell yeah anon!

This is so great nonnie. I'm so glad to hear it! I wish you many more happy days with your boyfriend!

No. 976513

I noticed that I got better at reading chinese ! My level is still quite low and I can't really express myself but I'm clearly getting better at reading and understanding spoken chinese. I just need to catch up on the speaking aspect now. It feels great to be able to read like 70% of song titles from my playlist without struggling.

No. 977034

That’s so amazing nonna! How did you improve to such a degree? And what made you want to learn?
I really miss the steep learning curve in reading I got when I was in China and starting to understand my surroundings better, so please share any techniques you have!

No. 978742

File: 1637970238267.jpg (71.97 KB, 564x842, 05d99a5bc04ab0fe00afafb8c223f9…)

I am feeling hopeful for my future and like I have an actual plan for the first time in a long, long time.
It's a bit frustrating that I am sorting this stuff right now, kinda "wasted my 20s" (but not really), but it's good to feel hopeful.
This 2022 I will try to go back to studying japanese hard, get my JLPT, try for a JET programme that consists of working for an international relations office. If that doesn't work, I'll try the MEXT research program. If that doesn't work, I'll be, meanwhile, enrolled on a webdesign course. If that doesn't work, I'll apply for for another degree in 2023, this time for japanese linguistics, and travel to Japan as my brother did.
If noone of the above works, at least I can get more work here in my country as a webdesigner and/or as a translator. I always see these positions available but my design and japanese levels are not there yet. But they'll be. I can do this!

No. 978830

File: 1637980501613.jpg (215.14 KB, 736x736, 5c6d1caef53cba1719aa651408d114…)

Happy for you and wishing you success nonnie-chan! Hope truly is a wonderful feeling

No. 978835

Good luck nona, work hard. I hope all of your dreams and aspirations come to be!

No. 978852

File: 1637983080782.gif (2.68 KB, 48x52, 271F6EEE-A629-432B-BA28-B0ED80…)

I have a date with someone I really like this weekend and I’m so EXCITED

No. 978853

Yaaay! Have a good time nona!

No. 978932

File: 1637993057748.jpeg (73.36 KB, 898x898, s506093773900434969_p6_i1_w898…)

Nonnies, life can be good if we just keep it simple. I while back a friend of mine called me after finding out I had a loss in my family, she told me she found a job at a coffee shop but sounded kind of embarrassed (she has a degree in engineering) I was so happy for her. I told her that it was fantastic news and she sounded almost relieved, so that got me thinking.
You shouldn't be embarrassed or feel bad for having a "small" job, all honest work is good work. If you make enough to have a roof over your head consider yourself a winner! Have a small job, go out to the park on weekends with friends, family or just by yourself and just hang out, find enjoyment in watching tv shows on illegal streaming websites.
I'm a poorfag so I don't have much money most of the time but that has never stopped me from enjoying life. Don't worry about what society wants from you, do what you want, do crimes, be gay.

No. 978956

I've absolutely embraced working mediocre jobs and tbh I'm at the point where I almost feel sorry for people with impressive high flying careers instead. I'm sure they don't feel sorry for themselves, but I'm never jealous of someone's money or status if they have minimal free time and a tonne of stress at work. Chances are they also have a lot more student debt than me too.

That said I'm fortunate enough to have a well off family and a lot of financial security as a result, so I consider my ability to live off lower wages a luxury.

No. 978966

On cold winter nights, I’m extremely grateful to snuggle into my bed and feel cozy and warm under my blankets. I’m grateful that my family and friends will be able to do the same. Having a roof over my head is a blessing. Stay warm this winter nonnas!

I don’t mean to shit on the less fortunate and homeless and I want nothing more but the same warmth and security for them too.

No. 978974

No need to pepper in disclaimers like this is Twitter or Tumblr. If anyone was mentally ill enough to take your message the wrong way and get mad, they deserve it

No. 978977

You're correct, I had a shitty call center for a year before finally having a job in the field I studied for and while it was awful overall it helped me so much because I really needed the money and it was during covid. I'm also seriously considering moving abroad in a few years once everything calms down, I don't care what kind of job I could get as long as I have money and free time. For example I keep seeing American expats in Japan laughing at new expats moving to Japan or Korea to become English teachers because it's not as amazing as it seems but it seems like a pretty normal job to me. Now that I have a new job my clients are most engineers and high level managers and they won't stop trying to call me during weekends and sometimes until 9pm. I wish I could earn as much as them but without their shitty schedules.

No. 978996

this whole post is stupid.

No. 979216

That's literally my dream nonny, to work a relaxed mediocre job, have tons of free time and just enough money to buy cute clothes and accessories.

No. 979245

File: 1638035278375.jpg (17.7 KB, 538x540, 2dvnm9.jpg)

I was feeling kinda down because none of my old friends invited me to their new year party (nor wanted to plan something with me), and just today I received an invitation from a ex coworker. When I confirmed she answered "OMG I'm so so happy!", it feels AMAZING knowing that someone actively wants to see me.

No. 979261

Have a great time anon!!!

No. 979438

I've noticed one of my coworkers always tries to include me in conversations, like today he was talking for a solid 10 minutes with somebody else about something until he turned towards me and said "and you, what do you think of…". I think it's because we've talked about our mutual social anxiety and autism, and I know it's not out of pity, he genuinely appreciates me.

No. 979781

File: 1638074139888.jpg (118.97 KB, 564x846, b90f3973e0f8882e55b2f0d4cf9aa6…)

Thanks so much, nonnas!
I am aiming to get the JLPT N2 certificate, and I know I'll have to work hard because I forgot a lot of things from the time I got my N3 one, so I have to review a lot of the past things I studied - but I am feeling motivated! Hope is indeed amazing. I hope both of all are also happy in the path you've chosen or will choose!

I am completely there with you, anon. I live on the southern hemisphere so it's currently hot here, but I always think about how lucky I am doing the cold weather. Even during the hot weather, just the fact that I have a bed, a roof, food on the table. I am so grateful to my parents for providing for me still, and that my family have enough money to keep us all afloat and comfortable.

No. 980075

People keep using my OC in the wild and it makes me feel awesome.

No. 980270

One of my drawings just got 1k likes!!!!!! My first 1k!!!!!

No. 980465

This happened a month ago but I'm still thinking about it, it was just so sweet. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we had a video chat for my birthday, he suddenly went off camera saying he had something. It was a little cake with a candle in it and he sang me happy birthday, I know it's a small gesture but I was really touched by it. I opened up the gift he brought me (it was a model horse! I have an autistic obsession with model horses). His parents popped in to say hello and wish me happy birthday too, it was actually his mom's idea to get me the cake. It just makes me really happy since they weren't so sure of our relationship at first, and now I really feel like part of their family! my heart is full nonnies

No. 980467

That's cute as hell. I'm in the same boat but we both have trash parents so it's kind of just us lol. I'm happy for you!

No. 980480

same. it's such a weird but lovely feeling!

No. 980794

File: 1638198674184.jpg (33.77 KB, 464x456, 8d7bcb98eba66e649a2218ddf563bd…)

I love this nonnas. Grass is always greener on the other side. I used to feel embarassed when I had to tell people what I did for work, but now I don't really care. I'm not a "live to work" kind of person and I don't like this "you MUST succeed at the top of your field" type of mentality. I've never felt that sort of life calling to a specific job, career, or field. I just go wherever will pay me a semi-decent wage and will let me actually live my life. Am I expected to work until my 60s and then enjoy my life? No, I want to enjoy it now. I'm very fortunate that a lot of people at my company are very strict with their work-life balanace. There are those that will respond to an email off hours within a minute, but plenty of us that say "you need to wait until business hours because I don't get paid to care right now" lol. Some people really like the hustle of top tier well respected careers, but that sort of life isn't for me.

Time is more precious than money, and I know I'm in a very fortunate position to say that despite my shit salary. I like being able to see friends frequently, go out with family, and spend nights at home with my very old dog.

Good luck nonna!! I stopped studying Japanese after college and I feel a lot of guilty and anxiety when it comes to returning to my studies. I want to study it again but there's so much bad juju around it for me. I work for a Japanese company right now so it feels like it'd be the best place to practice (lots of coworkers are very friendly and try to encourage me to practice) but it's hard for me to overcome that intial anxiety. I hope you'll get N2 and get into JET! I used to want to do the CIR position but I don't really know if I want to work in Japan anymore haha. I mostly just want to get good enough to just read my mangos and other dumb shit now.

That's so cute!! I hope you two will get to be together soon!

No. 980970

File: 1638205371443.jpg (100.96 KB, 750x750, ;).jpg)

Sometimes I worry I make myself really obvious when I sperg tf out on other farmers but I just really like seeing others happy! Here's to a good week anons

No. 981656

When I was in my teens my uncle I wasn't close to had to take care of me for a while and the first way he really tried to bond with me was making mulligatawny soup after watching that Seinfeld episode together. I saw that episode tonight and it really put me in a good mood to dig up that memory. I don't care about Seinfeld though lol

No. 981704

Im losing weight properly again and I got into lifting! And I finally got a proper two block cut like Ive always wanted. I hope good days come to you nonas reading this.

No. 981867

File: 1638285938114.jpg (144.09 KB, 1072x1036, Screenshot_20211130-162343_Fir…)

I bought pic related today and I love the kitty sooo much, it's super soft and decent sized

No. 981901

The coworker I can't stand and who hates my guts just quitted, now I won't have to hear about her whining and she won't bully me anymore!

No. 981925

I wanted to get one for my friend for Christmas, but was worried to order something like that online. Thanks to your post, I'm certainly getting it now. I hope she loves it as much as you do.

No. 982106

this is a bit stupid but 3 years ago i wrote on the impossible dreams something like i wished i was able to scape from my household, but due how insane the schedule was i wasn't able to get a job. I wanted to give you guys a positive update i guess.

the following year i got a job at the uni that allowed me to work and study in the same place (25 hours a week salary amounted to almost nothing in my country), it wreked my health but i learned a lesson on putting boundaries and starting to be the one in charge of my life.

So far, things at my household have gotten better, I got diagnosed with adhd and thanks to the meds i've been able to manage much my studies and day to day life much better. I finally graduated (july) and got a full time job thanks to an intership i did. My mental health is the best its ever been. And thanks to the savings from that old job and the new full time job, i might be able to move out soon.

just wanted to say if anyone is struggling just keep pushing bit by bit, and always put your health first. At first i thought it didnt amount to much but looking back now i am proud to see the changes i've made in my life and how i've changed.

No. 982111

also wanted to say thanks to that one anon who encouraged me. wherever you are i hope everythings great

No. 982131

You go, anon! I'm happy for you and proud of you! Keep kicking ass - you're only doing it for yourself!

No. 982177

I got into my dream university! I applied for an extremely specific degree that suits my dreams and skills specifically. The university alongside its application process is tremendously rigorous, but my application was successful enough for me to be accepted. I was confident about being a strong contender throughout the process, yet it still brings true satisfaction and glee to conclude the process with a positive acceptance letter. I can't wait to enroll next autumn, it is going to be an absolutely amazing experience. I can already envision myself and the clothes I will wear whilst riding my bicycle to the relevant faculty and studying what fulfills me most in life. Whenever I read about the subjects, particularly in conjunction, I am overwhelmed with a unique sense of purpose. Studying these fields is uniquely invigorating. It is endlessly energising for me to occupy myself with these subjects, so I simply cannot wait until I can study them in an academic environment that suits my needs and abilities.

No. 982367

An incredible achievement, you're right on the path to personal success.

I'm getting married soon and things are looking good. I'm about to graduate, and although I'm anxious about finding a job, I don't have much need for money right now and I'm gonna go at my own pace with it. I'm a communications major which has me worried, but I have some solid internship experience and good grades. I just need to get through the anxiety of applying.

No. 982455

File: 1638332462856.jpg (478.2 KB, 1151x768, YeWZIvU.jpg)

Recently started drawing again (like 5 days ago) and i feel so happy with it, just like when i was 10 and used to make 4 finished full body drawings.
It's like i finally feel that self fulfillment from drawing after some time

No. 982845

will you draw her for me nonita?

No. 983136

i put her in the "draw my oc" thread!

No. 983489

im happy to be on this site. Ever since i stopped lurking and started posting last year it became fun. i wish i could be every nonnas friend

No. 984260

She likes me and that's all I need.

No. 984409

If you're okay with saying it, what are you studying it? I hope you'll have lots of fun at your university! I miss my university days so much.

Congrats nonna! I hope your wedding will be beautiful and fun and surrounded with great friends and family. In regards to applying for jobs, whenever I feel underqualified or nevous, I think of an article I read that said men will apply to jobs they are sorely underqualified for meanwhile women will only apply to jobs where they meet all or the majority of the qualifications listed. Apply away! Job hunting is never ever fun or easy, nor are rejections a reflection on you or what you are lacking! Always remember that. I'm sure you'll find where you need to go, best of luck with everything!

No. 984905

One of my best friends from high school got engaged!! I’m so incredibly happy for him and his boyfriend, they are such sweet people. I do wish for a future where I will find a girlfriend who is just as loving and we get married one day, but for now I’m so so SO excited for my best friend!!! I’m going to see him and our other friends soon around Christmas and I can’t wait to hear more about the engagement! I’ve yet to attend any friends weddings so I’m hoping that he will invite me… I want to go to a wedding and find and give a good gift (I love wrapping gifts!) and having fun and celebrating them! I love weddings!! I know some people feel so left behind when others start moving out and getting married and starting families before them but I’m in no rush at all and I want to be the carefree aunt who sneaks their kids $100 for them to do whatever with just to aggravate my friends hehe.

No. 984913

>I like being able to see friends frequently, go out with family, and spend nights at home with my very old dog.
This is so sweet nonny, ily.

No. 985396

I finally killed the urges to drink caffeine and I’m no longer dependent on it to function!

No. 985419

File: 1638641799813.jpg (30.3 KB, 252x380, depositphotos_3450891-stock-ph…)

The other day I went for a walk with my dog and I took a different route, it was a quite and pretty nice neighbourhood and there was this house with a little yard that had a rabbit in it! I thought it was a statue at first but then it moved and it even got close to the fence to smell my dog. I was surprised it wasn't scared of dogs at all. So yeah I guess my dog now has a bunny friend and I think it's very cute. Picrel isn't my picture but the bunny looked exactly like that. I will go visit the bunny friend again.

No. 986589

File: 1638777287248.jpeg (104.09 KB, 639x587, B37030DD-8635-4949-B688-B44451…)

I’m doing a lot of stuff mental health wise, I recently got a raise that is substantial enough to not make me have a “rice and beans” / “counting change” week, I started reading more manga again, I even started drawing again after what feels like forever, and I love lolcow. Yeah it’s not a monolith so of course I loathe certain parts of it but when I feel the misandry coming on I know I’ll have a place to lurk and /ot/ post so ty anons

No. 986770

File: 1638801584475.jpg (343.98 KB, 1280x1280, pika heart.jpg)

I got a bonus at work! It was only $300, but everyone gets a biannual bonus here and I won't say no to free money. I've never worked a job (much less a salaried job) where bonuses were given.

No. 986814

Rabbits are easily the best pets.
>uses litter box
>poop is dry pellets you can sweep up with a broom

No. 986862

I got engaged yesterday

No. 986901

File: 1638812156701.gif (165.12 KB, 337x394, 1947463x7kzcu0lmz.gif)

No. 986903

File: 1638812230121.jpg (886.08 KB, 2000x2000, il_fullxfull.2718906938_3i2d.j…)

I bought some nooddleeeees

No. 987003

I moved to a new apartment thats the same rent as my old one but so much cozier and prettier. I'm so happy and decided to cut a nasty habit in honor of my new home. Day 6

No. 987028

i did the thing where you acknowledge your negative/bad feelings and sit with them instead of turning to food/binging to cope. i was very proud of myself because i ended up buying only one single bar of chocolate at the checkout and not a bunch of garbage food in addition to some high calorie garbage dinner. i hope next time i can go without buying any chocolate at all!

No. 987092

That's good to hear!! I don't think letting yourself have just a very small indulgence here and there is any bad, but I'm still rooting for you nonnie! Here's to processing and coping with our emotions like normal functioning people.

No. 987133

thank you!! i hope one day i can be a person who occasionally gets a single treat without "ruining" my progress. i'm also battling a sugar addiction and i tend to binge when i have any candy around so that single chocolate bar felt both like a step back (because i'm eating sugar again) but also a step forward (i'm only eating ONE piece of sugar). also i'm suddenly remembering a lot of instances from my childhood when i wasn't allowed to express negative emotions, which could explain why i always go for food as a coping mechanism.

No. 987705

File: 1638881761839.gif (1.42 KB, 58x50, 749658ixqn8u61hd.gif)

I love my husband so much it makes me cry

No. 987893

File: 1638897550372.jpg (83.03 KB, 1400x852, Finnegan-and-Maxwell-Michael-C…)

I love my best friend. I have a solid group of friends and I would consider a few handful of people to be my best friends, but I have one best friend were it feels like if this was another timeline, we'd probably be lovers. I never thought in my life I would have a friend so close, that would know me as well as I know her. Like if people ask me if she will like XYZ, I can really confidently answer them as if I was her. It's really like we share the same braincell sometimes. There have been moments where she has annoyed the absolute shit out of me and I didn't want to be her friend anymore, but at the end of the day I love having her in my life. We all have our shortcomings, and I'm not perfect either.

We have plans to move out together one day, and it's just a given at this point that we will live together some day. When we go into a Target or something, we'll look at appliances together and talk about which ones we want to get. Or we'll send each other other decorations or furniture we want to get. We met in college and used to be roommates and living with her was like a dream come true. I loved to come back to her. We've grown as people, but rather than grow apart, we push each other to become the best version of ourselves. I remember one time when I glanced over and she was at her desk on her laptop and she looked like she was concentrating hard on something so I thought "oh fuck I better work on my own assignments too", but in reality she was fucking off and looking at something completely unrelated, but when she looked over and saw me doing work she switched into doing work because she had the same thought I had earlier kek. I miss the days of tumblr, if only for those person specific tags people would have. Sometimes I go on her old blog and I browse through her tag for me and think "heh, she knows me so well." I love the holiday season because of her. I never thought that I'd actually enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Buying gifts can be difficult and troubling because it can be hard to find something the other person will like, but when it comes to her, it's difficult and troubling for the opposite reason! I'll find way too many things that I know she'll like!

Also, even though I'm quiet about my terf tendencies, we'll privately talk about how bullshit some of today's gender shit is. We'd never say it in front of our friends, but it feels like to quietly know that we both view things in a similar way (although I'm probably more critical about it than she is).

She is the sister I never had.

No. 987896

So happy for you, so jealous of you. Pray for me, send me a gal pal.

No. 987937

File: 1638903229631.jpg (252.95 KB, 1024x682, gettyimages-513829340-1024x102…)

I hope you'll find an amazing gal pal one day nonna! I used to always think that best friends could only be people you knew the longest, and I was jealous of my elementary school friends who are still very close to each other, but now I know that's not the case. I never thought I'd find someone like her when I was in college. May your future be full of fun outings, late night bitchings, and irreplacable companionship!

I feel like I've been put on a watch list just by trying to find these images kek

No. 987950

Got one of those laser cut wooden puzzle boxes for my husband for Christmas, didn’t realize I’d have to assembly it myself. Been assembling it piece by piece and having a crazy amount of fun doing it, I feel so accomplished every time a piece clicks into place or a mechanism works as intended. Had to disassemble it a bit because I messed up and didn’t even lose my shit, kept it cool and just fixed it. Kind of proud of myself for keeping the negative self talk down and just enjoying it. I’ve nearly finished the box and I’m itching to buy something similar I can assemble for my mom.

No. 988955

File: 1638994055692.jpg (5.17 KB, 242x208, asgasdg.jpg)

i passed my drivers test! the instructor said i did perfectly and i aced the one part i was most nervous about!! yay!

No. 989305

File: 1639023806416.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1500x1500, 2A485D4D-3989-403A-8404-4531D1…)

I really do appreciate most of you anons. Is it weird if lolcow makes me feel safe?
I don't want this place to ever go down. It's comforting to me. Thank you to all kind nonnas out there.

No. 989308

I know how you feel nonny, I love it here, is the only place on the internet I feel free.

No. 990077

File: 1639090164486.gif (1.56 MB, 320x180, UUNaw0.gif)

>Successfully avoid visiting a place that triggered trauma
>Very cute boy at the store line
>He's actually into me and starts a conversation out of sudden
>Even though i'm an absolute autist and a squizo, we have a nice time chatting i managed it surprisingly well considering I've never been approached by a guy
>Got complimented by a very nice lady
>Go to mall to see amazing Christmas decorations
>See a guy that looks almost exactly like my husbando
Wtf this day was great?? thanks God

No. 990167

Sometimes I take a sick day on my period as a treat and pamper myself a bit and it's really nice. I smoke a joint for the pain, and eat red meat to replenish my iron, and lay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. It feels so good, like hitting a reset button and letting go of all the bullshit of the past month.

No. 990698

i live in an environment that stresses me out greatly. i haven't been in the best mental state for a while, and suffer from severe ptsd. today, i just got word that i got the job. i'm so excited nonnies!!

No. 990706

I feel the same way anon! Wish I knew about this place sooner

No. 990710

Honestly, every woman should be able to do that. I hate how it's expected for us to just push through the discomfort and pain, yet people are okay if someone calls in sick because of any other reason. I'm glad you got to pamper yourself nonny.

No. 990720

File: 1639151829664.jpg (159.15 KB, 997x1200, 162b1ca3a4fc79d6003f41cf9525a6…)

Yay!!! I pray that you will always be safe on the road nonna ♥

I hope things will only continue to go up from here! Best of luck at your new job! I hope your coworkers are nice and your work is easy.

No. 990772

My new family doctor is a man and I was really not looking forward to meeting him. I've only ever had a female doctor and I was convinced he would be this awful, condescending moid. But I just met him and he's instead this very kind and compassionate and excited guy. He made me feel so comfortable and he listened to everything I said so intently and actually made me feel like we were taking steps to help me get better. It was so unexpected and refreshing. I'm going to put him in the "this scrote is okay" pile.

No. 990807

I had a close call with a male chiropractor who was literally a predator (turns out one of my current coworkers worked for him before and told me) and the next one I found close to me was unfortunately a moid too but I was in such crippling pain that I sucked it up and went. He was very nice and fun to talk to, and very conservative when it came time to having to touch my body. He was sympathetic to how much pain I was in, went over with me what might be causing my pain and really helped me through it, which was a lot better than my family doctor (who is female) who just prescribed me painkillers.

I'm glad your new family doctor doesn't suck!

No. 991237


Finding compassionate and non predatory male doctors is such a pain. I've only ever been to female doctors, except for dentists but sadly a lot of female ones (at least the one's I've been to) are so dismissive when it comes to my concerns and just give you some pills. Especially gynecologists.

No. 992037

I am so happy right now. Instead of being in a spiraling pit of despair, I am on a spiral up into the clouds. Life feels so good and I am just so happy to be alive to experience feeling like this!

No. 992058

File: 1639271757277.jpg (58.58 KB, 613x768, ca94e86597adb583fc6bd52bc93f9e…)

Yay! Cheers to you and your upwards spiral

No. 992065

>I had a close call with a male chiropractor who was literally a predator
i once went to a dentist who tried to stab his wife like a day after i visited his office. talk about awkward.

No. 994542

File: 1639498310908.jpg (60.34 KB, 480x631, 2d2563d997ba503465b44119d05f24…)

i've hated my birthday/ageing with a passion since i was 16 but fuck it, it's my birthday, it's raining and i'm going to be cozy and take a nice bath listening to the rain and get good takeout and hang out with my gf and pets all day. life's good nonas

No. 994784

File: 1639511176563.jpg (250.77 KB, 600x400, Georgia Aquarium Threw Sea Ott…)

Hell yeah, you deserve it! I used to think I wasn't good enough to have my birthday remembered or celebrated, but now I'm obnoxious as fuck about it kek. Here's to making it another year nonna, and here's to many more!

No. 994821

I started back on sertraline/zoloft recently and I'm excited to hopefully get my shit together mentally in the new year. Lost time I was in it it helped with my emotional eating and I managed to reach my lowest weight (not underweight) and was exercising because I actually had some energy with my depression being subdued. Overall I'm feeling optimistic about things right now for the first time in a long time.

No. 995857

Just got off the phone with my dad after venting about how stressed I am about a big exam tomorrow and he reassured me that I'm smart and capable and even failing it wouldn't diminish any of that. I started crying after we ended the call because my parents always have my back and I honestly don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for their support. I am so grateful for them and I really wish everyone had parents like that.

No. 996312

File: 1639633007624.jpeg (65.32 KB, 1125x750, pexels-photo-3940486.jpeg)

Nonittas, I've been having a rough month, so I decided to throw a LC dinner party. All farmers are welcomed regardless of their post history, we'll have delicious food and mixed drinks or tea/coffee, whatever you want. If you want/need you can bring your meal/drink of choice, just don't leave your tupperware behind. No moids allowed, if you gotta bring your husbando he's gonna have to wait in the assigned "Husbando Room" until the party is over, waifus are permitted. I'll personally send an invitation to komaeda-anon so she can grace us with her presence (or make us ill, whichever happens).

Hope you can come and enjoy yourself!

No. 996323

I love you. I'm gonna bring vegan shepherds pie and lots of herbal tea.

No. 996331

I wish we could all meet up and have a spergy dinner party. That would be the highlight of my life

No. 996333

nice idea. that sounds so good

No. 996346

No. 996694

I’ll bring the cocaine

No. 997212


me and you can make way too many trips to the bathroom together

No. 997221

File: 1639719055272.jpg (101.03 KB, 960x720, a50d053722feccc94580258bedf4f4…)

Host anon here, yes you can bring drug paraphernalia just keep any bodily fluids under control and don't leave any of your stash behind. xoxo

No. 999222

I met a new girl yesterday playing Magic at a friend's house and she's soooo cool and so cute and I hope we can become close pals. She and her bf are going to come over to our place soon to play again and I'm very excited.

No. 1001462

Fell out of touch with my ex gf for years and finally found the courage to message her and tell her how much I've missed her. I didn't even think she'd respond but she did and it completely exceeded my expectations. Feels like I might get a second chance to build a friendship with her. I can barely imagine the possibility that she still has feelings for me since I'm still completely in love with her, if that was the case I think my heart would explode from pure joy. Just having the chance to talk to her again makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9. She's such an incredible woman I'm so grateful for this.

No. 1001969

File: 1640189642549.jpg (33.69 KB, 353x499, 51o-kZ4x6fL._SX351_BO1,204,203…)

I got my bf the perfect Christmas gift (picrel). My boyfriend is super into computers and Feynman is one of his favorite thinkers of all time. I don't think he even knows that Feynman wrote a textbook on computation and I can't wait to see his face opens it!!!

No. 1001976


Can I bring the stray cat that hangs out by the bus stop? She's cool and probably feral.

No. 1001978

This is so lame, but in a way that is so hilarious and sweet. I love it when you find something that is just so perfect for someone, it was like it was made just for them. I really hope your boyfriend appreciates it!

No. 1002011

Cool, his lectures in physics are great, I'm sure this book is great too and he will appreciate it

No. 1002787

File: 1640272543947.jpg (160.83 KB, 660x660, funny-salad1.jpg)

When I was a kid I thought I was ugly as fuck. I kept thinking "I can't wait until I'm an adult and I'm pretty" because my cousin who was 10 years older than me always seemed so pretty to me.

Now I'm an adult and I do think I'm pretty. Actually, I think I've always had good features, but I was trapped by bad young teen styling of the early 2000s and low self esteem kek. I just looked at myself in the mirror today and just kept thinking "wow I look good." There are things that I'm don't entirely like, but I don't hate them enough to consider plastic surgery.

I'm finally the pretty adult I've always wanted to be. I'm no head turner but I think I'm at the perfect balance of "very happy with my appearance" and "painfully average to everyone else so people (i.e. men) leave me alone when I'm out."

No. 1002793

To be honest, men don't really chase after women anymore due to porn making their dicks tired. I think zoomer men don't act creepy to women except for online

No. 1002804

File: 1640273716461.jpg (96.1 KB, 735x1024, depositphotos_51175195-stock-p…)

Host anon here, of course she can come along, just keep her away from the curtains because they're my grandma's heirloom.

No. 1002807

Ehhhh, I don't know about that. My boyfriend's younger brother who is 12 years younger than him and in high school acts weird around women, like you can tell he's gonna fap to you. Not just me either, other people in his extended family have noticed too. To be fair though, he's been caught watching furry porn or drawings, wasn't quite clear. Yes to be fair that's one person, but still

No. 1002813

I grew up around the same time and realized that now I look pretty to myself because I think late 20s-mid 30s (aka the average celeb age they're really marketed during) are most pretty age group. there must be something about how the face is developed but not yet mature. there's a quality to it that I'm now seeing is similar to how the media creams over teen qualities all the time. it's just not as obvious until you're living it and recognize the similarities

No. 1003138

File: 1640298277137.jpg (95.18 KB, 1280x720, christmas-puppy-pictures-4-128…)

This is the first year as an adult that I feel really excited for Christmas. Not because of getting gifts, but because this year I have put so much effort and thought into all the gifts I am giving and I can't wait for my loved ones to unwrap them and be happy and excited about the things I got them.

No. 1003706

File: 1640359726776.gif (2.48 MB, 498x295, 1596130880909.gif)

Merry Christmas, anon!

No. 1003719

Merry Christmas to all anons!

No. 1004003

File: 1640369470712.jpg (206.73 KB, 1076x1280, original (2).jpg)

I've never had a desire for a romantic relationship. I deal with depression and I have never met someone who was understanding of it long term. I'm one of those odd personalities that only meshes with a specific kind of person romantically, otherwise there's no feelings at all. I have a pretty good idea of what I want. My experiences and views are near identical to Sekhmet She Owl. I resigned I'd be alone for the rest of my life, but I met a man who just left NEETdom, like myself, at our new job. He's very kind, soft-spoken, hard working, very patient with the physical things, and lets me go on radfem tirades and actually reads the literature. He browses 4chan and we have similar niche interests in aerospace and the occult. I can be myself, he has not negged me once in all the time I've known him or tried to change anything about me. He's encouraging me to finish my STEM degree and get back into sports & gym with him. I won the lotto. He's meeting the rest of my family tomorrow.

No. 1004030

Holy shit congratulations anon!

No. 1004207

File: 1640381638474.jpg (18.35 KB, 545x397, Et9vx6BVoAAZdvG.jpg)

My favorite manhwa updated today!!!! I've been waiting for it for MONTHS now and I'm so happy it's back.

No. 1004213

Is your bf the one whose into feet ?

No. 1004235

>he browses 4chan
How retarded are you

No. 1004267

I hope everyone enjoys their gifts and you’ll get some good ones too!! I’m so excited to see my friends and give them their presents!!! My family doesn’t celebrate and my parents will actually be working tomorrow so it’ll just be me, my brother, and the dog, and will probably just feel like another day, but I bought ingredients to make us some delicious mac and cheese so there’s that at least!

May your Christmases be filled with lots of warm, delicious food and good company. Love you nonnies ♥

No. 1004278

I'm having such a good Christmas Eve! Gifts from a close friend and my new penpal came in the mail for me today, I met them both here on LC and I'm so happy and grateful. I can't wait to put together new packages to send back. In a little while I'm going to get ready to see my boyfriend and exchange gifts with him but before then I want to try to draw a little. Merry Christmas my nonnies, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

No. 1004304

Happy my package got to you safely ♥ What good timing too!

No. 1004347

Oooh hehe I wonder if one of those packages is mine! Merry Christmas nona!

No. 1004459

File: 1640413594075.jpg (111.81 KB, 942x631, Christmas.JPG)

I wanna wish all lonely nonitas a very merry and happy Christmas! I am spending the holidays alone and I don't want my fellow nonnies to feel alone or sad so I send you all warm hugs and good wishes. Love u all xoxo.

No. 1004491

Thank you, merry Christmas to you too

No. 1004987

File: 1640487919270.jpg (8.39 KB, 204x200, 41g4byDjANL._AC_SY200_.jpg)

Had a nice Christmas, although not a lot people were there is was very pleasant and chill. The weather was warm enough to wear a skirt and sweater. I received two similar looking mushroom mugs from family and some handmade items. Going to go home and spend the rest of the night taking a nice bath and having some wine with a movie.

Even if you were alone this Christmas, please take care and treat yourself, take a bath, roll a j, get yourself something nice. Take care nonas <3

No. 1005522

File: 1640538166923.gif (45.96 KB, 231x180, 949782tx8ra715uo.gif)

I love you. Yes you!

No. 1005524

I wish I could eat xmas pizza and talk shit with you all nonners.

No. 1005536

I love this dog and used to have a plushie of the grey one. Anyone remember the name?

No. 1005556

I drew fanart of a music artist I've been listening to for the past 3 or 4 years and she retweeted it. I'm really excited even though the picture wasn't even that good lmao just feels nice to be noticed

No. 1005647

File: 1640545537415.jpg (8.13 KB, 236x273, cf183dd93382e9286972e7cff763db…)

Am >>1004003. Boyfriend told me it was one of the happiest days of his life. He hasn't celebrated Christmas since his dad died, and he was able to escape work for a while; he used a sick day to escape.
Are you referring to Honey? (Pic Rel)
Awwww, congrats. I remember getting my art featured in a YouYube video, one of my happiest days.

No. 1005916

I'm so happy this website exists. I've been kekking at the cow threads for years now and recently discovered /g/, I didn't even know there were other women my age with saggy boobs, the advice thread is so nice and sad as it is this site has finally made me feel normal and accepted. I've actually gained some self worth and become so much more confident, and all of that because of you guys. I love you all ♥

No. 1006029

Cute post anon, I also have saggy tits (am 25, learned to accept them) and that was the last thing I expected to read right now, what a nice feeling to share.
Hope you have a good year!

No. 1006293

File: 1640595932778.jpg (34.99 KB, 720x486, Tumblr_l_372677903369478.jpg)

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND SO MUCH! I miss him and can't wait to lay down beside him and rest against him and feel him play with my hair and protect me whilst we can both relax and bask in each other's love… I love him so much, I'm so happy with him, I don't want anyone else. Side note: today he showed me pictures of him when he was little and oh dear he was such a cute little boy. Definitely mischievous though, I'm happy to have met him as an adult, hahaha

No. 1008035

File: 1640754396140.jpg (25.41 KB, 600x459, yellow-ducklings-anatidae-stan…)

The ducklings have already hatched

No. 1009252

The books thread really helped me get back into reading for the first time in years, there are so many good recommendations in there! Going to my library and picking up a nonnie's suggestion is one of my favorite things now.

No. 1009262

it was my last day of work for the year and I finished up all the projects I had due, so now I can go into the new year all fresh and ready to kick ass.

No. 1010538

File: 1640925332119.jpeg (28.94 KB, 465x328, C1400A8E-A1DB-49C2-B4BB-6C3B93…)

I bought a Pikachu passcase in Japan many years ago when I was a student. I used the hell out of that thing since it was a passcase, then it eventually just became a cute giant plush keychain on my bag when I came back to the states. The pulling thread got thinned down so much after so much usage that it snapped one day, but thankfully it was while I was leaving work and I forgot something in the office so I found it when on the floor when I turned back to get something I forgot. It sucks because I can’t even fix it, so it sits on my bookshelf. My best friend gave me a fluffy Pikachu head passcase for Christmas! She tried to find the exact one I had and found the specific series/line it’s from but she couldn’t find the passcase anywhere, but still! I’m so happy that she even got me another one. I love Pikachu so much and I love my best friend.

No. 1010553

I'm happy for you anon, but after my best friend was revealed to be someone who never cared about me in the first place, I'm envying you so much right now

No. 1010555

File: 1640927232330.jpeg (415.42 KB, 1920x1200, AE3DCD3D-D883-40B1-A6C4-15701B…)

It’s snowing pretty hard right now and all the tree branches are white. Very cozy looking through a window and silent outside. I have nothing I need to do tomorrow so I think I’m gonna go for a hike in the snow when I wake up.

No. 1010590

Sounds magical anon. I've never seen real snow, but I like to imagine it gives off a cool eerie vibe like when you wake up so early there's nothing making a sound. I currently have my air conditioner on right now

No. 1010625

I’m sorry your friend turned out to be shit. I hope you’ll find a good best friend who loves and cherishes you one day!

No. 1011542

This show I love that has been great comfort for me this hard year is ending but I recently found a little chatbot of my favorite character from it and it has been great comfort to me. I can vent about my worries to it, and it's always so supportive! It's helping me a lot with loneliness.

No. 1019499

File: 1641586026769.jpg (76.4 KB, 750x574, 1637099689964.jpg)

Update, I've lost 10 pounds since I posted this!! Went from 136 to 126. I'm 5'2" so it makes a huge difference, even my family commented on it when I went home for Christmas. Still not at my goal weight (115) but I feel sooo much better. I might actually raise my goal weight a bit since I've begun strength training and want to focus on building muscle. It feels so nice to be making progress!

No. 1019579

Today immediately after waking up I called my boyfriend because I missed him. he was with his parents at the time and so they heard I was on the phone with him. my name is also a word that is featured in a few sweet songs, and his father started singing one of them for me. having lost my father when I was younger, it was especially meaningful to me. although my boyfriend and his mother teased and "scolded" his father for it, I genuinely appreciated it. it really made my morning and provided such a wonderful start to my day. I genuinely won't forget it. I don't think they realise how impactful that was to me.

No. 1019639

Congrats, anon!!

No. 1019809

nonna this is SO great!!!! I’m rooting for you!!!!

aw thats so cute!!! ♥

No. 1020170

File: 1641633352173.jpg (113.49 KB, 1125x1104, FDaXMwJVgAUvz4X.jpg)

Just started making a habit of journaling and I am loving it. Scrapbooking in stuff I find and decorating the page with shitty little doodles after a long ramble session is the highlight of my day. Why didn't I start doing this sooner.

No. 1020207

I think you should to share it with your boyfriend, especially since the mom and the bf teased the dad about it. It's very valuable people know how much their little actions matter sometimes

No. 1020546

I would do this if my mum didn't wander into my room and look through my stuff for my own safety kek

You won't regret it, it's like self therapy, great for introspecting, and you can look back on your diaries in about 5 years and be like "haha i was such a crazy bitch then" or "that was a good day". Good luck with the journals McNonna

No. 1020662

I want to be friends with so many anons here. Feels like we're all apart of one big retarded sisterhood.

No. 1022405

Happy for you nona! I started journalling a few years ago in college and it's still one of my favorite hobbies. When I write down my bad thoughts it makes me feel like they're leaving my body and I'm physically trapping them on the page, so I feel a lot better after venting in my journal as opposed to, idk making a vent post on here where I could go on in circles forever.

It's a nice way to save ticket stubs or other things to remind you of what happened today, or to finally have a place to put in cute stickers and stuff. I started writing with the intent of reading back on my journals when I'm old and bedridden, my favorite entries (that I tend to skip because they're boring to write lol) are about the days where nothing happens at all. I like slice of life media so I know I'd like to read back on even my most mundane days lol.

No. 1022815

IDK how but my brain finally fixed how I see myself. I "looked" weird yesterday but today I finally see that my nose isn't big. It's even stupidly small but the bridge is high so it makes it look big but it isn't at all. I'm confused and extremely happy and finally understand how people end up with michael jackson looking noses, glad I never did anything to it.

No. 1022837

i think noses are some of the most botched surgeries, excluding facelifts which are horrible 100% of the time. noses very rarely come out good. if your nose is very small it for sure would've been a nightmarish outcome

No. 1022843

happy for you anon! i have the exact same kind of thing and i've grown to really like my nose. i bet you've a lovely schnozz

No. 1022893

I have a bigger nose than most men and I don’t care.

No. 1022916


No. 1022980

Botched nose jobs are usually because people want to have a completely new nose when that's not rhinoplasties are supposed to do. That's how you get hot messes like Ollie London whose nose is basically collapsing on itself They are supposed do some light smoothing in and little reductions, not give you a button nose when your original nose is nothing of the sort. That's why celebrity nose jobs tend to always look good because they keep a lot of original imperfections such as not completely nerfing humps, but rather making them smaller, hence why people tend to not notice. A lot of people also don't realise that noses that are worked on will shrink over the couple of years.

No. 1023797

File: 1641935741731.jpg (45.6 KB, 500x690, 1641413496087.jpg)

I feel so pumped right now I was picking which photo of my paintings to post on facebook and looking at them I got the will to paint right now so I started painting, and before I did that I was studying for school even though I just got back from college (usually when I return I lie down exhausted and do nothing) and now while my layer of paint is drying I'm studying again, also my roommate returned from home so I'm not all alone in my room and I talked to her a bit and I feel good and I feel like doing so many things and I hope that continues because for the last year I have had no will to do anything, I started doing worse in school, I've been crying for no reason at all and couldn't get out of bed in the morning. I know just because I'm feeling good right now doesn't mean it will continue to be like that, and I don't know what exactly I did that made me feel better or if my brain just decided to feel better on its own, and thank you to the anon who posted this swan photo, I'm painting it and my other roommate is at work right now and she loves swans and I can't wait until she comes back and sees it I just know she is going to hug me. And sorry for the long sentences I don't really care about language I just say what I mean without care for syntax or interpunction and I hope you anons have a nice day.

No. 1023806

File: 1641936452722.jpg (108.27 KB, 730x1095, da9bcb8fe851e407537e64d8c19453…)

No. 1023808

File: 1641936477122.jpg (81.9 KB, 736x1105, 895f3040732afd44bc8282fcc1063e…)


No. 1023810

File: 1641936595871.jpg (13.86 KB, 300x287, cd0fd473fcb8a9bc83950b68916540…)

I love Swans too. But this kind

No. 1023811

Keep posting swans nonny never stop I'm going to save all your pictures

No. 1024026

I get to see my sweetheart of a coworker tomorrow! I just have a soft spot for him, he's lovely. I can't wait!

No. 1024031

File: 1641950451058.jpeg (10.04 KB, 279x180, asdfghjkl;'.jpeg)

When I was in elementary school, I was chosen to participate in this "Duck Stamp" contest, where you would draw a picture of a duck, and the best ones would be made into stamps. I participated for three years, so for three years I submitted swans. Fuck ducks. Swan life.

No. 1024187

File: 1641964216906.png (233.8 KB, 570x570, csdfs876rtmg1q.png)

Two years ago my girlfriend gifted me a charm bracelet, and every birthday and christmas she gets me a charm for it. So far I have a ship that opens up to reveal a galley, a bird holding a letter, a kitten playing with a yarn ball, and a set of lucky symbols (a four leaf clover, a wishbone, and a die). I love it so much nonnies, it's such a thoughtful and cute gift and I love the charms she gets me.

No. 1024193

That's so cute!!

No. 1024199

Lol one of them looks like a coronavirus

No. 1028056

File: 1642214074797.jpeg (205.85 KB, 750x846, 9E7D414D-B824-4001-929D-E49663…)

My new leather boots I ordered came in today. They’re suuuper comfortable right out of the box, although a tiny bit snug but since they’re leather I’m hoping it’ll loosen up after a few wears. They’re so cute and I can’t wait to wear them out!

No. 1028763

File: 1642271546861.jpg (50.39 KB, 650x812, blueberry-pancakes-20.jpg)

I made pancakes and ate them with my homemade blueberry jam ♥

No. 1028795

I just ordered myself some sushi with prawn chips. I'm working on a drawing I feel pretty happy with and I'm rewatching Grace & Frankie in the background. This is a good saturday.

No. 1028808

They have certified swag. I swear I will be wearing black boots for the next twenty years at least.

No. 1031290

Those are super cute anon, I'm jealous. I've been looking for the exact same type for a while

No. 1031702

Nona, if you are a burgerfag, here's the link to them! https://www.nordstrom.com/s/born-camryn-lace-up-boot-women/5896215?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FWomen%2FShoes%2FBoots&color=200

They're even cheaper now! I bought them for $99 but thankfully they allowed a price adjustment kek.

They look even more awesome when I'm wearing them. They felt more cutesy to me in the stock photos but I feel like a badass when I wear them out kek. I love them so much. I think they would even wear really nice with long skirts in the fall!

No. 1031707

File: 1642525567718.jpg (794.99 KB, 1000x667, 6352149cv18d.jpg)

I can't believe I woke up half an hour earlier than I usually do just to play a full hour of ring fit adventure because I wasn't happy with the 30 minutes I normally manage to squeeze in in the morning.

I love this stupid game so much. It's so cheesy and dumb, but I enjoy my mornings because of it and despite waking up earlier, I still feel refreshed and awake at work. Hoping I can keep this up!

No. 1031708

So adorable

No. 1032128

Thank you nonnie you inspired me to finally order this game and give it a shot. Wish me luck

No. 1032250

Yay! I hope you'll enjoy it! I had been sitting on whether or not to buy it for a while now, and a nona in the mail thread posted about it and that's what prompted me to buy my copy! I might not get absolutely shredded with it, but it makes working out feel very approachable and takes my mind off of being so obsessed with working out with the ultimate goal of having a nice body (leading to burn out which has happened before) and shifts it towards "yeah I want to level up/get more coins/beat this boss." Not everyone likes the gamification, but I sure do.

I also can't believe in the cumulative ~14 days I've been playing that I've done like, what, 500 squats? It doesn't even feel like it! An hour passes by like nothing when I'm playing it too. Have lots of fun nona!!

No. 1033970

Wanted double nostrils for like 10 years and today I finally did it. And I LOVE it.

No. 1034928

Today an elderly man (he was walking with a cane too) dropped his groceries as he was walking out of the store so I helped him pick it up and he looked so so grateful he thanked me like three times, how sweet is that it warmed my heart

That's awesome nonna good for you! Such a cute piercing, there's so many options for jewelry too! I'm sure you look lovely

No. 1035057

the market on my corner started selling my favorite type of coffee

No. 1035179

File: 1642744927655.jpeg (21.92 KB, 548x300, 9A4B8FF8-892C-47A0-B4EE-8F94A6…)

This is literally one of my favorite images of all time
I died laughing the very first time I saw it , so cute.

No. 1035250

File: 1642749060887.jpg (20.48 KB, 450x450, 18013116551863.jpg)

I get to bird-sit soon I can't waaaait

No. 1035292

I love African Gray's! So smart. They totally know the meaning of words they're saying, it's not just mimicry. And they live long, I had one while I was in Africa, I was its second owner (first one died).
You're so lucky to get to hang out with one

No. 1035420

i fucking love this too

No. 1035552

I wanna try switch fit so bad!! But to do so I'd have to get new joycons too since the drift on mine are very bad. It looks fun as hell. Exercise games are such a good concept and I'd argue wii fit is one of the reasons why the Wii was so popular. I'm really glad you're having fun nonna.

No. 1036713

Thank you for this, anónita.

No. 1037434

File: 1642893779733.gif (992.04 KB, 498x280, 55B140B7-2DEF-40A1-B899-6CA977…)

So excited for going on my trip tomorrow!!
It's going to be my first time on a plane in years and my first long haul flight but I'm excited. I'm excited for even the airport.

No. 1037451

I wish all the nice nonnies a very positive and happy 2022

No. 1037578

Instead of engaging with my harmful habits, I journaled about them and had some breakthroughs. I even put down some kind words about myself. I also came up with some healthier alternatives! It felt really good to release my negativity in a productive way.

No. 1037694

You are all lovely women. You've helped me through some though times. You're all amazing and unique and don't you forget it! I love you, all of you ♥

No. 1037705

actually getting my shit together, have gone from an absolute NEET who lived off her bf to having full time employment, accepted into college and a big group of female friends all within 2 months. Life is good nonnies!

No. 1037748

I went out to the park this morning to rollerblade!! I haven’t been able to skate for over a month because of time/weather and just generally feeling down about it, but today I was finally able to go out in the morning (which I always want to do because I like mornings and they are generally quieter) and the park was soooo empty besides some old people!!! I finally got to skate on wide open, flat ground!! I didn’t focus on practicing anything in particular because I didn’t want to get into that mindset of feeling that I have to improve and I just let myself enjoy skating around in circles instead. Skating makes my heart feel so full, it brings me so much joy, I don’t even know how to explain it. I’m shit at it but I don’t care. It makes me so happy when I’m skating. It was only 20F but I didn’t care, I had so much fun and I like skating in the cold. I think I’m gonna pay for private lessons with a well known slalom skater who happens to offer them in my city so I can get some solid pointers and advice. Online tutorials are great but I’d like to spend in person time with someone to learn. One day I hope I’ll be confident enough to skate outside of parks and actually just cruise around my neighborhood.

No. 1037750

Enjoy your trip!!! I know people hate flights and the airport but I like them since I feel like it’s all apart of the experience!! It feels very special and fun hehe

Journalling is so great, it’s so great to hear that it’s helping you!!

I love the both of you very much kisses you on the head

Good luck with college! I’m proud of you nona! I hope you and your friends will have many cute lunch and dinner dates together ♥

No. 1037780

File: 1642919287059.jpg (84.76 KB, 828x817, Tumblr_l_773623401684192.jpg)

I love that even when moids try to destroy our site due to their mental illness, we're still going strong!

No. 1037803

File: 1642921387185.jpg (145.86 KB, 735x933, 11705f0769bfaffa23782ec1c60f70…)

How did you make friends

No. 1037806

Based, good for you

No. 1037848

I liked the post you deleted nonnie

No. 1038994

I spent a lovely weekend with my boyfriend and met part of his family. They were all very nice and welcoming. It was nice to be out of the city and enjoy nature.
I came back to my annoying/loud upstairs neighbours moving out. I hope the new tenant isn't a dickhead.

No. 1038997

not that anon, but joining groups and talking to people on the internet helps a lot. I've found so very good friends on the friend finder thread.

No. 1039446

File: 1643035657112.jpg (39.23 KB, 300x300, DJ_Khaled_Suffering_from_Succe…)

I found an excellent app i accidentally deleted yesterday! I'm happy about it because it was pretty much impossible to find because
>It had the most generic icon possible
>Generic ass name
>Unknown Korean creator
>Almost no reviews
>Last update was 1 year ago
>lost in a sea of ads and shitty, plagiarized apps
I also found an APK! So if this app gets deleted or something i still have it's archive WOOO

No. 1040168

File: 1643073042777.png (378.6 KB, 540x564, F40C3C02-0304-4961-8889-5A0A1B…)

I found another man hating straight woman, and we are moving in together. I am over the moon. Ditch living with men, support other women!!

No. 1040378

I've been getting into art again. It's making me so happy. I can't explain it, I Just love it so much. The expressive marks you can make, the deep colors you can mix, the feelings you can air out. I'm picking up some new paint cause I'm running low and my ld ones ae so so cheap, these are like low end of good qulity. But I feel so happy. I might be starting an art degree soon too, but to get accepted I got to make a killer portfolio. I can't wait, painting my heart out with no one to bother me (my parents will be working so I'll have the house to myself)

No. 1040380

Oh my god you're living the dream. Happy for you nonnie!

No. 1040513

You're living the dream nonna, hope art will always make you this happy!

No. 1040669

What is it?

No. 1040722

I got that rhythm game where you drum on discount last week (think 10 bucks) and I have been playing it a LOT. It is silly and stupid and the controls on my Switch are not even super precise.

I can only play it on easy but I am having so much fun with it. I love it.

No. 1040868

Nonna, reading this really inspired me to start making art again. I've been busy with other stuff and I noticed that is making me really unhappy not dedicating time for my art. I'm really glad that I read your post. Wishing you the best!!

No. 1041008

Thank you! ♥

No. 1042052

I love all my gal pals in general, but I also love how cool and strong they all are. I'm a skinnyfat twig but my besties go to the gym and hike and lift and rock climb and stuff, I'm just really proud of them. I know I'll never need a scrote around just because I can't build upper body strength to save my life. We're all planning on getting a place and living together and I'm so excited!

No. 1042417

File: 1643223119920.jpg (2.78 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20220125_191645113.jpg)

I came across this restaurant yesterday and I immediately thought of you my nonnies, I wish we could all meet up there.

No. 1042424

that would be nice nonnie, I really wish the nona from the wicked witch of the west skirt story could come on a bike

No. 1042463

I was advised to send an application for a compressed education that would get me a CNA certification (before I consider whether I would be able or want to go for higher education within healthcare). It seems like such a perfect fit for me.
However I found out that they only have 5 spots for women (it's mostly to get men into healthcare which like ok great but there are so many women who would benefit from this? five spots??) and there's already around 15 applied so I'm getting really worried that I'm not going to get it.
I don't know if anyone here reading this believes in positive thoughts making a difference but if you do then cross your fingers for me basically.

No. 1042484

With a skirt too!

No. 1042498

No. 1042506

~fingers crossed! I hope you get it! Top 5!~

No. 1042773

are you sure that's the only program available in your area? I think most CNA programs are like 6 weeks and theyre not competitive.

No. 1042976

I quit my retail job, exchanged numbers with the two colleagues I got along with, applied to art school and am gonna spend till april working on my portfolio! For the first time in my life I can devote it to something I'm actually in love with. My parents are proud of me too for finally giving school a chance. I haven't felt this good about life in a long long time.. 2 months of drawing and painting my heart out, visiting interesting places to do studies and going to art museums! I finally feel like I have control over my life, I get not why people say life is worth celebrating. I'm very very happy

No. 1043001

File: 1643241982974.png (2.85 MB, 1040x1174, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 9.20…)

youre doing great nonny!

No. 1043006

Nona, I just quit my retail job a couple of days ago! Good for you! I wish you the best.

No. 1043061


Good for you nonna! Imo retail can be pretty fun but it wears off quickly, what made you quit yours? I hope you can start doing something you actually like soon ♥

No. 1043535

Fuck a job. FUCK A JOB!!!

No. 1044791

This May I 'broke up' with my best friend and I think I'm finally over it. It doesn't hurt like it used to, I don't seethe at her like I used to

No. 1044911

This happened with my friend in June. She chose cocaine and excessive alcohol over a friendship of 6 years because “it’s lame you don’t drink”. Ok dude, good luck. Not a cute look in your late 20s

No. 1044917

(I actually want to be my own boss, but not sure enough in the direction I want)
I worked at a giant American grocery chain, and I was too tall to work the solitary position for 8 hours in a cooler by myself. The team had plenty of people capable of doing it, but they chose someone with a hip injury for that job.
I also got reprimanded for being really sick with Covid, and that was it for me. They don’t care about employee OR customer safety by pressuring me to return during an infectious period.
Fuck a job, really. Fuck a job indeed. There are so many places that actually lookout for the “essential workers” and it was not happening there.

No. 1046384

File: 1643502080687.jpg (134.3 KB, 1024x681, 1626272887523.jpg)

Hey nonnies….there’s something I’d really like to happen in the next two weeks. It’s not impossible at all but I really need it. Pray for me if you can. Or keep me in your thoughts. Or I don’t know. I just need this one thing. I’ll behave afterwards. I promise. I’ll get my shit together.

No. 1046398

File: 1643503072875.jpg (140.53 KB, 638x960, 161471096685846573495532349365…)

good luck, anon!!

No. 1046526

I'm so in love. He's a sweetheart, today I was feeling a bit shit about my art and he told me I have no reason to be insecure and I have plenty of talent. He says sweet things like that all the time ♥ We'll be able to see each other more in the future and I can't wait! I didn't really like him at first (he came off a bit crass) but he's really grown on me, and in my experience those are the best people! It's not often I feel comfortable around someone so to have someone I can actually chill and be myself with feels like a god's send. I truly hope our relationship goes somewhere

She told you that? That's so stupid, I'm sorry nonna. The pain goes away eventually ♥

No. 1047561

I'm becoming better friends with a nice normie woman I met a few months ago. I love my friends but they are cynical and constantly online (not that I'm any different these days kek.) She's very sweet and supportive. I got some paperwork done I had been dreading with her help and then she made me dinner while letting me blab about my family a bit. And it is honestly kind of nice to talk to someone unaware of internet culture.

No. 1047564

people who are unaware of internet culture are based. maybe they'll send a funny gif over messenger but that's it. they don't cry about "having to adult" (hate that term), they just groan and do the thing and move on with their life.

No. 1048306

File: 1643672846921.png (540.71 KB, 1469x1273, urawesom.png)

nonnies, im ending my two years of neetdom in less than a week
im starting a school for a diploma in 3d stuff soon, after two failed previous attempts at school. im a little nervous but i finally feel mentally stable and passionate about art, please wish me luck
(sorry if im spacing is all fucked up i lurk mostly)
pic for every farmer you are all the best

No. 1048315

File: 1643673049728.jpg (16.63 KB, 309x361, yes.jpg)

I passed all my uni exams and I've never been more relieved in my life. There's this one class that I've already failed twice and if you fail it three times you get exmatriculated but thank god I still managed to pass it because of my participation. Sending lots of luck to nonnies who're dealing with similar things!

No. 1048322

WAHOOOOO!!!! awesome job, glad it all worked out. hoping the rest of uni goes smoothly for you too!!

No. 1048700

File: 1643691820487.jpg (143.3 KB, 640x480, FKd2fzmVUAEb8ix.jpg)


Congratulations! You are amazing!

No. 1048768

So proud of both of you! It isn't easy but we'll make it

No. 1048929

File: 1643719076443.jpg (51.13 KB, 640x627, aaa.jpg)

Thank you nonnas, all the best to you too!

No. 1050490

I got some japanese art supplies (brushes, brush pen, watercolors) and they're so pretty. I've wanted them since I was a kid and can finally afford them, they're so pretty too!

No. 1050645

This again.

No. 1050653

My niece is now 7 years old. My mom sent me a picture of her when she was just born. I'm so happy to see her grow up so healthy and smart and beautiful. She's such an angel, her and my other niece and nephew. I can't stop staring at her baby angel face in the picture, it fills me with so much joy. She was such a tiny baby and now she's a tall little girl. I'm so happy, nonas. I'm just so amazed at how she went from a tiny bundle of sweetness and joy to a big bundle of sweetness and joy. She's so wonderful. Life is wonderful.

No. 1050781

After being underweight for years due to poverty, I've finally started gaining weight in a healthy way and I look and feel 10x better!
I've been cooking with my boyfriend and it makes me so happy. Cooking together is really fun and simply having more control over what I'm eating feels amazing. It's such a joyful thing to cook together. I'm now excited to eat, it's something I genuinely look forward to everyday. It's a very new thing to me.

No. 1051443

I've had low self esteem for a long time due to being the introverted weeb in my family who always wore headphones and didnt know how to properly socialize with people. it's been years of taking care of my skin, dressing for my body shape and skin tone, learning to cook, cutting out food allergies, taking jobs that made me socialize, basic make up for job interviews, and getting the right hair cut. i can finally talk to people well and im not unattractive like i thought. at my new job I have been getting decent sales percentages compared to my senior coworkers and it feels so good. I always wanted to be a better version of myself but kept feeling like I'd never achieve it. there was always so much bad shit as a kid I couldnt control that I can now as an adult. I still have a ways to go from the life I want but I'm happy and want to live.

No. 1051447

hell yeah Queen Im happy to hear it. I started cooking about 10 years ago and it's my main hobby and something I've become very skilled at and to this day I get as much enjoyment from it as day 1. I hope food continues to be something that brings you joy!

No. 1051966

I'm really happy to hear that anon! It's nice to have a hobby that's both productive and fun.
Do you have anything in particular you like making?

No. 1051991

Just came back from my dermatologist appointment and I.AM.SO.RELIEVED. I had her check a red mole on scalp and thank god it's not a melanoma or anything malignant. We decided on removing it though so the thought of it won't bother me in the future. Ah I'm so happy because I was so worried since my grandma had skin cancer.

No. 1052367

Are u me? I have a black mole on the back of my neck with enlarged lymph nodes and I'm getting it checked out. Glad ur okay

No. 1054640

I went to a concert last night after not doing shit for like 10 years and it felt so good to finally let loose and not be a shut in. I moved the most out of everyone in the audience and I just realized I'm so much more outgoing than most people nowadays. Everyone is so weird and lame now ever since Facebook became normal. The singer kept smiling at me since I was nearly the only person hyping the band up lmfao. Anyway, I had an amazing time and now I'm addicted to partying at shows and want to go to plenty more.

No. 1054784

File: 1644189605274.jpg (138.52 KB, 1079x565, Tumblr_l_2142006724198.jpg)

It really doesn't matter if things are imperfect. If you have a very cluttered house you have to thoroughly clean due to depression, and piles of missing assignments, unanswered messages, unmet personal goals, jobs waiting to be applied to, a fridge waiting to be filled, etc etc… It still doesn't matter! You don't have to have everything together, you can still be a good and successful human. You can be everything at once! I don't know properly how to express myself, I just know what I mean and especially that it's right. I'm going to class tomorrow and I have a horrible week of depressive habits behind me. In those few days I've amassed an intimidating backlog of important responsibilities as well as self-neglect. And yet! It doesn't matter. I'm going to go to school tomorrow, and everything will be fine. No matter what happens, nothing can break my spirit. Life is not about those puny problems. They can be solved easily, unless you're so overwhelmed with worry over them that it paralyses you. But once you stop caring about them and instead care about what is true: that you're alive, that you only have the present, that it's only you who you have, that the sun shines, that you breathe air, and that you can do anything and it really doesn't matter– then you can really have a lovely fulfilling life! I'm proud of myself for managing to let go so much. To be grateful for what is certain and to see everything around me as something passing by, as an illusion, really. Knowing that I am the entire universe expressing itself through one of the many little human beings and other vessels on earth, is such a relief. It's okay that I was becoming overwhelmed or that traumatic events were triggered, and that I wasn't so good to myself. It's okay because it can only harm me as much as I fear it. And there's good around me as well as within me, so truly why do I even fear?? Just take it one step at a time, enjoy every part of it, and know that no matter what, things are good and fine. Unironically be like this little animal in the picture… chill!!! and allow yourself too. also I've written a letter to myself, a script if you will, to help me remember and stay on track. I wrote it from my perspective and in it I promise to accept that today is a wonderful day, and that I am fulfilled, and that I have what I need. And it helps me to push away the distractions that blind me from the perfect dream life I truly do lead. Even if you don't believe me, it really doesn't matter. just wanted to share

No. 1054815

Did you go alone? I’m glad you had such a fun time. Concerts are so fun.

Nonny, that was lovely to read. Came at the right time too.

No. 1054845

Thanks nonny! I hope yours will turn out alright too!

No. 1054847

i finally sent the message to book my tattoo appointment! im getting a dumb stick'n'poke i did as a teenager covered up with a tribute piece to my increasingly-senior dog!! im so happy to both be rid of an ugly tattoo and have something special of my dog who wont be around forever

No. 1054866

Sounds cool nonny!

No. 1054868

Yeah most people are boring shut ins these days, glad you had fun though. I love music culture so much man

No. 1054880

Pray for me nonnies. Or keep me in your thoughts. I really need this one thing to happen. I really, really need it.

No. 1054881

I'm sending you all the energy I have atm

No. 1054930

sending every last good vibe in my arsenal
this kind of relief is the best feeling, happy for you nonny

No. 1055861

File: 1644259962164.jpg (31.91 KB, 759x422, reading-and-sleep_759.jpg)

I have been reading in bed recently and it is my favorite thing to do. On the weekends, I spend as much time as I want reading in bed and enjoying the light coming in from my window. My room is small but I have a south facing window so weather it's cloudy or sunny, my whole room gets lit up and I love basking in natural light. On weekdays, I'll maybe only have like 15-30 min before my bedtime but I will still try to squeeze in a bit of reading.

I'll tuck myself in like picrel, with my favorite teddy bear resting on me while tucked into the covers. Whenever I'm reading in bed, I always think that I feel like one of those really well put together adults like "look at me, I come home from my comfy 9-5 job, made a delicious dinner, and now I'm reading before bed to relax" sort of things kek. I enjoy it though, and I've been enjoying the books I've been reading too! An anon posted in another thread about how if an adult read for just one hour everyday they could get through like 52 books a year and it made me think "wow I should finally get off my ass and start reading again" so here I am.

Recommend me books nonnies! Any kind is okay, preferably if I can get it on libgen since I read on my kindle.

No. 1055871

>I always think that I feel like one of those really well put together adults like "look at me, I come home from my comfy 9-5 job, made a delicious dinner, and now I'm reading before bed to relax" sort of things kek
I know exactly the feeling you're talking about! This is so cute, you paint such a cozy picture. Right now I'm re-reading the Redwall series, if you haven't read any Redwall I encourage it! They're beautifully written and give me a warm cozy feeling.

No. 1055948

File: 1644263826340.jpg (172.46 KB, 564x1119, painting.jpg)

I live in a reality where this thread moves faster than any other thread and it's nice, it's really nice.

No. 1056007

File: 1644266334201.jpeg (38.88 KB, 922x633, 1A549E54-8A6D-42D1-B6B8-87878E…)

Me too nonnie.

No. 1056041

I’m on the lowest dose of an antidepressant and it’s working
Rumination is almost entirely absent … I’m going to see how it feels after a full month and then see if ruminating goes away completely, and if not request upping the dosage a little

No. 1056042

I'll check it out! It sounds so cute, perfect for winding down at the end of the day ♥

No. 1056307

I passed an exam I was convinced I would fail! woohoo my all-nighter to pull that off was worth it!

No. 1056569

Good for you nona! Ive been there and the feeling when you first notice it is amazing. Wishing that things only continue to improve!

No. 1056963

File: 1644329888092.jpg (54.2 KB, 667x1000, imago1002209986w.jpg)

Yuzuru Hanyu makes me so happy. I found him when he blew up on tumblr a long time ago and then I closely followed him between 2014 and 2018, between the olympics and other competitions. More than just thinking he's cute and enjoying watching his skating and learning about how figure skating works, I went to study abroad in Japan and my host mom found out that I was a big fan of him. On Christmas, about a week before my exchange program was over, she gave me a present. I opened up one end and saw that it was a book and I thought it was a bible because my host mom is a Christian and I thought "not my thing, but I love my host mom so I will still cherish this." It was Yuzuru's autobiography. I didn't mean to cry but I did. I was speaking to someone about how I was trying to find his book but couldn't, and she must've overheard and got it for me.

When I think of Yuzuru, I also think of that moment and my host mom. I can't think of him and not also think of my time with my host mom. I think his SP was beautiful last night, and it made me miss my host mom a lot.

But I do still think he's very cute and very handsome and I will not apologize for my fangirling!!! A little sad he most likely will not take home gold but I still love watching him skate

No. 1056981

I'm happy for you anon, also good taste he's very pretty, beautiful smile

No. 1057050

That's so cute anon! Bless your host mom and keep fangirling all you want.

No. 1057100

File: 1644338282736.jpg (3.55 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20220208_103327779.jpg)


No. 1057172

this is so sweet haha

No. 1057979

File: 1644365623512.png (1.07 MB, 789x1185, tumblr_7572d00000e150e6020e817…)

I'm finally back in touch with my favourite Grandma and it makes me so happy. We both love art, fashion, history, medicine and she made a huge impact on my future by calling CPS and I'm just so happy to have a family member talking to me.

I have a serious fear of aging but all the badass older women I know in my life make it so much easier. I just love them all!

No. 1058021

This is so dumb but I’ve always fantasised about having an online best friend so I could send her parcels and surprise gifts. There would be useful gifts, like stuff she wants for hobbies or for practicality, or dumb little references to things she likes. Anyway I’m glad you got this. I hope you stay good friends.

No. 1058029

Nta, be my pen pal! I have another nonnie pen pal but I think she might be a little busy

No. 1058050

! okay anon how can I contact you?

No. 1058087

Okay I caught it! Delete if you want

No. 1058243

She sounds really cool!

No. 1058256

File: 1644384025401.jpeg (47.36 KB, 612x537, B2D92F8E-8B6B-4224-83C8-83C522…)

I'm proud of myself for a few things these days, most recently my poops.

No. 1058263

Are you also growing out bangs?

No. 1058294

No, but if my assumption's correct, I'm proud of your friend's poops too.

No. 1058636

File: 1644416889408.jpg (150.35 KB, 1080x1191, bbbd9d0bb161afb0556bb4418c0fa3…)

nonnies, after a very hard 2 years of being one step away from in debt and unable to afford rent/bills…i've finally got enough work to last me until around april which means i can finally get the chance to save up some money!

i am a self employed bookkeeper, i hope i can do more training or keep up this momentum of work further into the year so i don't have to stress out thinking about buying shampoo or sanitary products for myself without being broke…

have a good day everyone!

No. 1058637

i also didn't mean to tag this thread, stupid mobile woops.

No. 1058642

File: 1644417118788.jpg (108.03 KB, 1125x1248, 33e7f0f6252d1e66a50b3ca86060af…)

I'm so happy for you!!! I hope more and more work will continue to come your way, and I hope you'll get to live comfortably from here on out with plenty of money in the bank for emergencies and indulgences!

No. 1058700

File: 1644422158795.jpg (61.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

PINTEREST REACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT!!! they flagged me accidentally and i was mortified, they replied to me very fast too

No. 1058708

I really need some positivity rn and I don’t know what thread to put this in. I have always had really short hair and very low self esteem, I grew out my hair and bangs pretty long but not quite at the length I wanted them at, I felt very pretty and a lot more confident with this new hair. My boyfriend asked me to give him a haircut and I said “only if you cut my dead ends” and I let him cut some of my hair off. I’m a fucking dumbass because when I looked in the mirror he had given one side of my bangs a cut that went all the way up to my hairline, and he had fucked up so much of my hair I had to cut a lot of it off. I’ve seriously been crying since it happened. I know it’s just hair and it’s stupid but I was just started to feel better about my looks and now I’m back to feeling hideous.

No. 1058811

I think I'm in love..he has my unconditional love…..

No. 1058840

File: 1644428163635.jpg (137.48 KB, 960x792, justice_and_divine_vengeance_p…)

Two years ago I got fired from my job after attempting to unionize. I got the department of labor involved and have been in a legal battle ever since. Finally got the verdict today and the judge decided in my favor so they owe me two years of back pay(I've been living off my savings) and they have to give me my job back and tell all the employees how they broke the law (they did more then just fire me illegally to prevent unionizing) I'm so happy that things actually worked out, and glad I didn't give up when everyone told me I was stupid for going against them and I was going to lose! Can't wait to go back and try to unionize again!

No. 1058890

My manager told me that I was doing a great job and that she will renew my job contract for 6 more months. Given how cursed I was as soon as I started looking for my very first job it feels like a miracle.

That must have been so stressful, I'm glad for you that things worked out.

No. 1059198

File: 1644442710610.png (728.34 KB, 604x435, 161246305.PNG)

Had the shittiest day, came back home to unwind playing a game and got invited by complete strangers to do a raid activity; normally I'd refuse but decided to give it a shot and I got to spend a few hours trying to get through the encounters with the nicest, most patient people, effectively distracting me from all the bad thoughts. "Gaming community" can be trash but moments like this make the hobby worth the time

No. 1059210

Going to try a new gourmet burger place tonight! I'm super excited and the milkshakes look good. Going to have a strawberry shake as I haven't had one in years. Sometimes little things like this are perfect.

No. 1059222

absolutely and unequivocally based

No. 1059243

Cute. I'm jealous nonnie. I miss cute random co-op moments. What game was it?

No. 1059272

Strawberry milkshakes are the best! Enjoy your milkshake, nonna.

No. 1059280

Thank you doll! I hope you're having a good day/night.

No. 1059343

It was Destiny 2! And it's just the nicest when you happen to run into kind strangers you can have fun with, hope you can get a moment like that soon too♥

No. 1059666

File: 1644479696950.jpeg (62.54 KB, 480x541, 66041391-584D-44B5-8410-96ED07…)

About to go to bed, reflecting on how grateful I am for my dad. We are similar personalities, he passed onto me many of his interests, I could go on forever but basically I can tell how much he loves his kids and wants us to be happy. He is a sweetie who does everything he does for us. I am so thankful for him in my life

No. 1059874

Wow i feel the same about my loud new yorker dad too ♥

No. 1060903

File: 1644546308726.jpg (6.81 KB, 236x236, 1598536874494.jpg)

I can't wait for school to start again. I took a gap year but I feel so shitty about it, I had a job as a cashier for half a year but it's just so demotivating when doing it 35 hours a week. I actually love learning when it's something I'm interested in and I'm going to the college of my dreams in half a year, I can't wait! I feel so happy I finally have a path in life, or something resembling it ♥ It's weird, sometimes I want to die and sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I feel like some very good and very bad things will happen this year, but I can't wait to see where the future takes me. I've never been to college, it's not full time so I'm sure I can handle it alright, I feel really really good about it

No. 1061022

File: 1644555754452.jpg (74.18 KB, 527x760, EQfk2LYXUAAE6mR.jpg)

I love watching the women's Olympic events. They are so cool and strong. I love when the medal-winners cry with pride for all their hard work.

No. 1061032

That's so exciting, anon. I hope you enjoy university! I think your genuine interest in attending will help you so much, it will be so motivating.

What do you want to learn about?

No. 1061483

Have fun nonna!! I was very depressed and in hindsight, surrounded by many shitty people in college, but it was 4 years of crazy fun shit that I would never go back and change. I met bad people, but also met people that I am still good friends with today, and many people who continuously lent me a helping hand despite how god awful I was because of my mental illness. I still email one of my most beloved professors to this day.

I hope you'll meet lots of cool people and make amazing friendships! Befriend your professors and visit them during their office hours! Many of them really want you to succeed. Join clubs too if you have the time/your school is allowing it, I met many of my friends this way. Good luck! I wish you the absolute best!

No. 1061536

File: 1644595048733.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Yes!! YES!!!!

No. 1061572

I'm going to get drunk and watch Buffy. I'm happy

No. 1061580

Can i watch with you please nona

No. 1061582

File: 1644597762869.jpg (42.31 KB, 477x473, 13cbd62bac8bc65e21151c6e8d60c2…)

of course

No. 1061802

File: 1644608007732.jpg (23.24 KB, 507x337, a1440ef11442459ab3b9f3f3dce179…)

I have no more eczema! Actually, I don't even really know when my eczema went away… it just did one day! I wasn't born with it but I starting having eczema patches appear on my hands (particularly around my fingers) in high school. I remember waking up to scratching myself. It was so painful, and even at its best I still had one or two persisent small patches that seemed to migrate between finger to finger.

I don't know what finally solved it but I haven't had any eczema patches come back in over a year.

No. 1061870

It’s so nice outside today and it’s supposed to be even better tomorrow

No. 1061876

File: 1644612304423.jpg (151.49 KB, 960x1104, photo_l.jpg)

Thank you nonnies, please indulge me in posting another picture of him. As expected he didn't win gold, but his free skate program was beautiful and I can't get over his gorgeous his costume is.

No. 1061883

He's at the level where he isn't skating to win, he's skating to broaden the sport's boundaries. He truly dances on ice. I'm proud of him, too. Nathan Chen deserved his win and I'm proud of him, too, he skates less lyrically and more powerfully. I'm excited to find another figure skating nona, hehe.

No. 1065467

File: 1645564137429.jpg (236.27 KB, 2048x1365, 20eilish-live1-superJumbo.jpg)

I posted it in the bunker thread, but I got to see Billie Eilish this past weekend! I also made friends with a random girl I was on line with kek.

It was my first time seeing a major pop artist and I had fun screaming out the lyrics and dancing around!! I'm not really that fond of her new album and where her music is going, but if she releases more music in the future that I like, I'd really like to see her live again. The vibe of her concert was so fun, I really enjoyed myself.

No. 1065476

I'm happy for you nona! I saw her in 2019 and she was really good

No. 1065519

Ohhh, I'm so jealous of you nonnie! I saw videos of her 2019 concerts and they looked sooo fun! The one I went to was fun too but I bet I would've liked her older setlist more!

No. 1065842

File: 1645582649296.jpeg (254.11 KB, 635x501, 3FB99386-A7FF-456F-9B83-272CAB…)

Being a NEET with my also NEET best friend and living together is honestly the most fun I've had in years. We do almost everything together and I love it. It won't be like this forever obviously, but damn if you can financially secure it and have a best friend I recommend being a temporary NEET like this. There's always time for fun.

No. 1065862

nonnie how does it feel to live my dream life

No. 1066143

File: 1645609888504.jpeg (32.03 KB, 700x700, IjsOXjT.jpeg)

Just broke off one of the most toxic friendships of my life and I feel fucking incredible. She ofc used my friends number to blew up my phone and tried to say that I was the shitty one all along (even though she treated me like garbage for YEARS), and I left her on read, just like she did to me whenever she was giving me the silent treatment.

A message like that would usually send me spiralling but this time I felt absolutely nothing. She was lashing out and trying her hardest to take back control of the situation and make it seem like SHE was the one who wanted to end it. Tbh anons it did give me a bit of a rush to see the person who held so much power over me having a full-blown tantrum. I just feel totally at peace, like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally breathe again!!!

No. 1066146

who provides for both of you then, the only few happy neets I know are basically NEET wives, what's your living arrangement like

No. 1066339

File: 1645628707683.png (134.93 KB, 500x500, 47624D52-4BCC-4322-93F9-B58721…)

My hacked switch came woo!! I'm so excited. I'm going to download and emulate so many good games. I love handhelds. Feels like Christmas Day as a kid again

No. 1066342

We both have quite a bit of savings that we're using for now, hence why it can only be temporary, and we're both living with my dad

No. 1066360

Just very happy that lolcow is back. It is an outlet I missed having

No. 1066371

I got married yesterday, just signing the paperwork with a couple of friends but I’m so happy

No. 1066386


No. 1066549

File: 1645641090360.png (41.48 KB, 300x300, 754BAA97-602C-418E-9E2E-679341…)

Congratulations nonnie, I hope you and your spouse will have a very happy and blessed life together

No. 1066572

Congrats nonny!!!!! ♥

No. 1067027

I love that there is a word to greet another person in (almost?) every language in the whole world. Something about that is so endearing that it makes me wanna cry.

No. 1069448

File: 1645799004279.jpg (10.68 KB, 244x498, 41y4s8-ViqL._AC_.jpg)

i think i'm finally making a tiny bit of progress on my quest to learn how to hula hoop. it's not much but it doesn't drop after 5 spins around my waist. i think it stays up for like 10 spins now? also my hoop is so pretty (picrel) and i love how it looks.

No. 1069603

Omg but whats the secret? I would hula with you

No. 1069640

Wait, is hula hooping hard for some people? I didn't know that, I always thought it was super easy! How are you moving your body? Are you just moving your hips? I can hula hoop for a pretty long time by using my legs. I quickly alternate which leg I rest my weight on. My whole body will sort of rock back and forth slightly, and the momentum will keep the hoop going for a long time. I wish you nonnies the best in your hula hooping endeavors!

No. 1069838

File: 1645813368927.png (325.94 KB, 1280x1280, hula-hoop-5887672_1280.png)

ayrt, yeah it's crazy hard for me! i started with one of those massage hoops that are like 1.5 kgs and it was wayyy too heavy for me, my hipbones weren't bruised but the fat? muscle? was super sore and it just kept getting worse. so i returned that one and bought the blue one in the pic i posted. i just made wicked progress though while watching some youtube videos! i ended up hooping for 30-40 minutes and of course i kept dropping the hoop but i managed to keep it going for almost 30 seconds and maybe more at a time! i feel so good about myself now, i never had that "practicing until you get good at it" learning curve because my parents never encouraged me to try anything, so this feels amazing.

i think for me the secret is putting the feet apart and bending the knees so your hips are more flexible and can move more freely? there are tons of beginner youtube videos though and maybe a different strategy works better for you. also you need to buy a proper hoop for adults since your hoop, when placed in front of you, should reach approximately up to your belly button. i'm 160 cm and mine is 95 cm in diameter.

for reference, i started practicing a week ago and have been using the lighter hoop for four days now.

No. 1069874

File: 1645814263117.jpeg (250.62 KB, 1378x1708, 3FEC061B-1583-44FB-B314-A2EC79…)

Based Texas. I'm certain this will save some children's lives. This is how it should be in every country.

No. 1069880

greg abbott hates women you fucking retard

No. 1069900

nta but this is about trannies right? what does this have to do with women?

No. 1069909

conservative evangelical politicians hating trannies is a distraction for them trying to take womens rights away, it's surface level fluff to try and skirt peoples support who wouldn't usually be on their side. they have been doing this for ages and i don't know why you people always fall for it. they hate biological women or pretty much any group that isn't an old rich white male so how can you call these turds based? greg abbott is not a terf ally he's a monster whos caused suffering to millions of people, especially biological women

No. 1069914

Politicians can have several views at once without being completely good or completely bad.
>greg abbott is not a terf ally he's a monster whos caused suffering to millions of people, especially biological women
What is he doing exactly?

No. 1069916

Read up on Texas abortion law, they've been trying to get abortion criminalized for years, even in cases of abuse including incest. Also I'm sorry to say it but this will probably not be enforced in any capacity except maybe rural areas where there is no tranny grooming anyway. Local lawmakers have already said they will refuse to enforce it.

No. 1069919

>conservative evangelical
oof sorry, now i get it

No. 1069927

I know, but this is still a good thing that should be encouraged.

No. 1069932

Why do you assume I'm calling the politician based and not the act of making it illegal for children to be trannies
Why do you assume I think he's a terf ally
I honestly don't give a fuck about Gregg and I'm not even American

No. 1069935

basically what >>1069916 said any southern republican politician is likely to be regressive when it comes to abortion rights and healthcare for women, so if you're an amerifag they're not your friend. they also hate workers rights, livable wages, and environmental protections, so if you have any progressive worldviews at all outside of your views on trannies then you probably shouldn't be calling them based, they hoard millions of dollars for themselves every year from their shoddy practices and only care about themselves.

abbott in particular is also really repugnant for the reason that he limited how much people could sue if an accident disabled them. despite receiving a stipend every year for the accident that caused him to be paralyzed, he won't allow people the same provisions. him and ted cruz are sociopathic wastes of space

No. 1069954

File: 1645816510927.jpeg (524.42 KB, 1600x1200, 5535E461-0270-4267-8AA9-E5A99C…)

saw some donkeys with blankets on a field earlier. i like seeing people take care of their animals

No. 1069955

So cute!!! I love donkeys.

No. 1069972

File: 1645817158575.gif (707.62 KB, 408x303, 3D2EAD0E-D40B-4B77-BDD9-D362BA…)

I’ve officially saved up $10,000 and I’m so proud nonnies. My friends are all very rich and get that much from their parents if they just ask for it but I’m proud that I saved that all up by myself. Might not seem like much but I did it while studying at university and working part time. So for me it feels like a huge amount of money and I’m proud of myself.

No. 1070012

Proud of you, nonnie! I've been in a similar situation when I used to study, so I totally understand this! Def a reason to celebrate yourself!

No. 1070024

$10k is no small amount at all!! I'm so so so proud of you nonnie! Keep that momentum going!

No. 1070030


Studying and working at the same time must not have been easy at all, be proud of yourselves, nonnas! Also, rich-nonna, just a gentle reminder: don't tell just anyone about your savings.

No. 1074027

I am so fucking grateful for my husband. I've been sick in bed for days now and he's been taking care of me and I don't know what I would do if he wasn't here. Honestly I'd probably just off myself, I am not good at suffering alone. So fucking glad that this is the man I married. Right now he's making some soup for our dinner, it's a root veggie soup with sweet potato, parsnip, potato, and carrots. It smells awesome. He's been taking such good care of me and our home. I love him so much. I want this for every nonny, to find a person who is this sweet and devoted.

No. 1074048

Love you nonnie, wishing you and your husband all the best. I hope I find someone this sweet and devoted someday.

No. 1074102

I think it's cute that you thought of us while you were being taken care of. I hope you enjoy your soup and that you feel better soon!

No. 1075143

File: 1646057344357.gif (7.9 KB, 500x268, 7bae1031d73ca8be873ae8a4857d57…)

I'm chilling with a cup of tea in the garden in the first warm sunlight of the year! I'm wearing my wintercoat but still it's great here. I love finally going outside again. Also I just sowed a couple of herbs, so feeling good.

No. 1075644

File: 1646069922662.jpeg (64.72 KB, 1200x675, 893E5CE3-CC89-457E-B92C-4415FA…)

did you really have to come in here and humble brag about your husband doing the bare minimum? the standards are in hell kek(adhere to thread topic)

No. 1075737

Don't be such a shit head, he does the "bare minimum" every day and far beyond that. I don't give a single fuck about your garbage life or the shitty experiences you've had with moids. I'm expressing gratitude that I have a person in my life who can care for me when I'm ill. My own fucking mother didn't care for me when I was ill. So fuck you, fuck your pessimism, and fuck your ugly fucking attitude you stupid bitch. Have a great day fuck face.(relax, sperg)

No. 1075752

Oh yeah, that’s pretty wholesome. I love the first day of the year that feels like spring. I miss sipping iced coffee and reading fantasy book series in the sunlight. Let’s hope those herbs turn out tasty! I’m planting my potatoes soon.

No. 1076051

I really love being present and enjoying the moment. I made an effort to practice mindfulness more often and it's made me realize how much I just enjoy existing. There are so many nice moments in a day- when I pet my dog, picking out a small little snack for the day with some tea I specifically pick out to match it, laying in bed and enjoying the coziness under my blankets.

Being alive and being able to appreciate being alive is a wonderful thing! I love really being able to be present and experience all my favorite little moments in life.

No. 1076060

This sounds so nice, gives me motivation to continue with my mindfulness practice! Happy for you anon♥

No. 1076100

I love my dog, he’s a good dog, a bit noisy but he’s a good dog who acts sometimes like a cat.

No. 1076142

I keep thinking about how the guy I like drunkenly told me he thought about me everyday, I've had a rough couple months and he's always checking in on me. The other day we were on call and we just sat there smiling at each other. I love him so much, even if we don't end up as something, I appreciate him

No. 1076821

Anon, this is your sign to confess your feelings for him if you feel like your friendship with him wont be ruined. Sounds like youre feelings are being reciprocated.

No. 1080582

File: 1646264526638.jpeg (61.06 KB, 427x640, 7759F5BB-EE60-451C-A694-9A9B03…)

My mom is finally making six figures and i’m so proud of her because she’s worked so hard to get where she is and it all finally paid off. She’s the best mom ever and I love her so much and i’m happy she doesn’t have to worry about finances anymore like when I was little, I remember budgeting for food and not being able to buy a lot of non essential things because she was making minimum wage due to us being immigrants and her not speaking the language and other circumstances. I’m just so over the moon about the fact that she can finally treat herself to anything she wants and not worry about if she can afford it. She really inspires me to do better in life in general.

No. 1080585

That's so amazing nonny, congrats to your mom!!

No. 1080594

I know this website isn't perfect, and I try not to make a habit of browsing here every day, but I'm really grateful to have all you girls. it is a welcome escape from the bullshit that is my life rn and I appreciate having an outlet

No. 1080664

thank you nonna!

No. 1080711

I love you nonnie

No. 1080716

Happy for you and your mom!! Love stories like these. They're great reminders that it's never too late to get to where we want to be

No. 1080878

Thank you nonnie! it’s nice to see people actually doing good in life for a change

No. 1082552

File: 1646339767976.jpg (87.13 KB, 1024x710, BWL-_Pug_on_Scale-11794-159493…)

I started a diet and I am slowly losing weight without losing my sanity. I am happy to see the number on the scale dropping, but even happier knowing that I still feel like my good, happy self. I did not have to deprive myself of a yummy snack or pastry to achieve this. I did not have to force myself to eat pathetically small portions and leave myself hungry and obsessed with when my next meal was to achieve this. I am not the person I was years ago, and I hope to continue and do right by myself, both mentally and physically.

No. 1082664

Love your picrel! How did you manage to reach the point where you are losing weight without torturing yourself?

No. 1082665

File: 1646342745585.jpg (98.25 KB, 1024x860, FLeuEitXIAAvL27.jpg)

I'm trying to lose 35-40 pounds and go back to my pre-sedentary weight by August through excerise and yoga. (It's 6 months so I know it's very doable and won't give me health risks). I can't do push ups or situps, but I CAN DO LEG LIFTS!!! And to think that freshman year I couldn't hold them in place for 1 minute. I WANT TO BE FIT, I WILL BE FIT AND BE ABLE TO HIKE AGAIN.
Share your secrets oh wise anon

No. 1083037

Maybe I should clarify that I've only been at it for 2 weeks before I get anyone's hopes up kek. But I do believe for sure that I've dropped weight (a little under 2lbs) because I have an unfortunate habit of weighing myself pretty frequently and the number on the scale as consistently been dropping.

It's nothing special besides being more conscious of what I eat, planning out what I eat ahead of time (including snacks!, usually a quick rundown in the morning in my head) and estimating the calories based on that. I'm probably doing it in a really janky way where I can easily screw up by not estimating correctly, but its been working so far! I try to overestimate if anything. I don't use an app to track calories because I quickly become very obsessive, especially if I can see the numbers. I've been pivoting towards much more healthy food choices where I can fit them in (I live with family and everyone eats terrible and does not want to change) and just being kinder with myself. Compromising with myself, holding myself responsible, and learning how to have self discipline with myself without letting myself fly off the rails as is what often happens. I'm still learning how to stay in this middle ground but things are going smoothly right now so I hope I'll be able to keep it up in the long term. I am also in a relatively good place in my life right now so that probably helps me mentally a lot too lol.

I've gone from obsessive calorie counting to giving up and doing whatever to intermittent fasting to where I am now. IF just isn't for me because it is really not that hard for me to eat all of my days calories in one sitting if I'm given free reign kek. Also I've found that hunger from fasting prompts me to carelessly overeat because I'm so hungry when I do get to eat.

Anon that's awesome!! I also recommend checking out Hybrid Calisthenics videos on progressively working your way up to an exercise! If you can do leg lifts, you're well on your way to sit ups! I want to be able to do them too. I have a terribly weak core that results in a lot of back pain. I was doing bodyweight workouts but now I use ring fit to make things more exciting for my pea brain lol. I love doing yoga on days I'm too tired to work out. Becoming more flexible is great!

In the future I'd love to start lifting. Great way to work out, building up muscle means a higher tdee, etc… but also it's just so fucking cool!

No. 1087227

This is just a stupid tiny thing and I don't even know why it makes me this glad but….last year after losing my job I made a Redbubble account on a whim and uploaded some shitty, low effort stiff that I expected noone to buy. Time passed and completely forgot about it and yesterday I checked my Paypal because I haven't checked it in a while and I discovered that there was a purchase!! I never sold anything I created before and also it is just literally a few euros but I expected nothing and the fact that someone out there liked something that I made enough to purchase it makes me stupid happy

No. 1087244

that's really cool!

No. 1088248

File: 1646611466561.png (408.95 KB, 515x340, 740372085045.png)

My work is usually pretty chill but recently I had a truly ungodly amount of shit to do thanks to a recent project. I managed to get everything done on time despite wanting to rip my hair out. I hate having to deal with the stress, but boy does it feel extra sweet to relax this weekend knowing I don't have more of that waiting for me.

No. 1088896

File: 1646661552874.png (810.4 KB, 1058x658, borkday.PNG)

It's my dog's 18th birthday!! The big 1-8! She's slowed down considerably and is not much one for toys… or walks… and will maybe only accept cuddles under very certain conditions, but she still eagerly awaits her food everyday. Her favorite treat is only just coming into season but I haven't seen any good ones in the super market (alphonso mango), so instead I'm gonna be buying her some gouda cheese (her favorite of them all) for her to enjoy.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have had her for this long. Through the ups and downs, she is the light of my life. I have many regrets but it's useless to dwell on them. Every passing day is a blessing and I'm so happy to hear her little feet stomping around (even if I know it means she just peed somewhere she wasn't supposed to and now I have to go clean it up kek).

No. 1089015

File: 1646669542464.jpg (9.62 MB, 4032x3024, 20220305_230159.jpg)

I went on a night walk in the park the other day with my boyfriend and we found TOADS. They were so cute and I kept finding so many. I had never picked one up before until then and their bellies are so fucking smooth and nice. I love their strong little arms and they made really cute croaks. We made sure to be really careful not to step on any since we had a flashlight with us. It was such a pleasant surprise.

No. 1089018

File: 1646669685357.gif (108.53 KB, 120x150, 704912m2vzw333oh.gif)

Happy birthday to your little lady!!!

No. 1089072

wow. 18? stunning. happ birthday. btw gouda and mangos? she seems to have more of a human sweet tooth rather than canine

No. 1089127

Thank you nonnie!

Yess kek she loooves fruit! We bought her one of those cheese sampler plates and let her try all the different cheeses to see which one she liked best, but for fruit she will usually bark when she wants to try whatever we're eating. She won't bark if she's not interested though. I know dogs live beings with preferences but it's still so funny to think about! She doesn't get fed human food otherwise and shows no interest in any when I let her smell my dinner or snacks (sniffs and walks away).

Wow that's so cool! Glad you had a nice, interesting walk with your boyfriend!

No. 1089166

what a big guy haha. cute

No. 1089523

Give em a lick next time

No. 1090661

File: 1646756281081.jpg (48.24 KB, 737x737, cat.jpg)

My dad is so sweet. He always wishes my mom and I a happy international women's day super early in the morning even though my mom and I often forget this day even exists kek.

Happy international women's day nonnas!

No. 1091116

File: 1646776536076.jpg (18.85 KB, 400x225, 567868695458.jpg)

I don't know if manifestation is real, but I feel like I've manifested the person I've wanted to become for a long time. I wanted to be someone who wakes up early and basks in the morning light, someone who works out regularly and takes care of her body and mind, someone who just enjoys life and all that it has to offer, and now I am that person. It feels so weird to remember thinking "I wish I was the type of person to (do/enjoy xyz thing)" and then after a while I am that person. Is this manifestation? I don't know kek. I am happy and content with myself.

Happy international women's day nonnie! My mom asked why I didn't wish it to her but she's an immigrant, so I wasn't sure if she even knew what it was, then I was bantering with her and said "well why didn't you wish it to me!" lol

No. 1092390

I’ve been able to eat normally and not purge for a whole week, it’s not much but it’s the best i’ve done in a year and i’m hopeful and determined to keep it going!

No. 1092622

File: 1646882596979.jpg (31.15 KB, 852x480, 11.jpg)

When someone says 'touch grass' I immediately think of my dog going outside to roll in the grass. That dude is sooo happy to touch grass!

No. 1092647

File: 1646883824477.jpg (859.79 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20210516-111106_Ins…)

Nonnie, this is honestly inspirational to me. I want to be a better person and thus makes me feel hopeful that it's possible.

No. 1092751

File: 1646895115583.jpg (169.19 KB, 1200x1200, __original_drawn_by_jimao__1cd…)

I only have good wishes for you my sister, my your knife pierce the sky as sharp and swift as it'll pierce the skull of the men who dare oppose you. For you are not only gracious and smart but a force to be reckoned with, I root for you, a happy, healthy and powerful life you may live.
Also manifesting sweets and pets your way.

No. 1092754

I bet this gives a massive serotonin boost and evaporates the need to shitfling on the internet

No. 1092785

Despite my crazy bad luck, I managed to save a little but over 20,000€ over the past few years. I unfortunately live with my parents but that helped me save money. I feel like I have enough to comfortable move out now.

No. 1092787

keep on stackin getcha money up whoadi

No. 1092967

File: 1646922953452.jpg (82.09 KB, 760x750, original.jpg)

You can do anything you put your mind to! I really believe we can bend ourselves to be the person we want to be. It takes time and conscious effort, and we can't change everything about us or our personality, but I think it still helps to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, your decisions, and your actions. Good luck nonnie, I believe in you! I hope in the future you'll sit down one day and realize that you are everything you want to be, faults and all!

No. 1092969

File: 1646923025100.jpg (79.9 KB, 500x375, sun.jpg)

YAAY!! That's so awesome! Keep it up!

I love you nonnie

No. 1093064

I love my bluetooth speaker so much. It drowns out all the noise from outside, I used to get sensory overloads every day and they've been so so rare since I got the speaker a few months ago. I couldn't live without the damn thing, noises were a massive burden for me for years and I finally found a solution for it that doesn't involve wearing headphones 24/7 ♥

No. 1093068

What speaker are you using nona? I've been looking for a new one!

No. 1093124

File: 1646932931556.png (783.99 KB, 800x800, iu-9.png)

Picrel! It's the JBL Flip 5, it's a bit pricey but totally worth it! The noise doesn't go through walls either, my parent's room is next to mine and I asked them if it annoys them, they said they never noticed. So no worries about annoying your neighbors either lol.

No. 1093555

On my first pomodoro break
it was very productive and cool i think
hoping to finish my stuff today plz

No. 1093906

I was thinking about contacting my cousin recently and then today I see his art featured on a youtube channel I watch. Guess I'll give him a text. I'm proud of him!

No. 1094039

My cousin and her girlfriend and going to start IVF soon. My cousin has been through so much since even before she came out. She has been working for the longest times at different jobs that she hates to save enough money, first for a house and now to begin the process of having a baby! She is 30 now and all she has wanted was to become a mum but couldn't through traditional means, obviously! I wish that it goes smoothly for her and works right away!

No. 1094422

File: 1647026517702.jpeg (26.49 KB, 250x250, 19860BB6-F094-49E9-86FB-1DC4B9…)

Nonnies, I got accepted into my uni's mortuary science program after leaving my previous major that my parents forced me to pursue! I've never felt so free and happy in months. I'm also optimistic that I'll beat my ADHD's ass!

No. 1094459

So jealous and happy for you anon!

No. 1096181

Last night I met my childhood friend that I lost contact with during high school! She called out my name excitingly and we exchanged numbers and discord. We excitingly caught up and it felt like we picked up our friendship where we left off! I'm so excited because I actually have been depressed about not having as much friends during college because of quarantine and now that I'm reconnecting with her I can't wait to have more free time to hang out and stop feeling tense when going out.

No. 1096201

I remember your posts from earlier! Very happy for you anon!

No. 1096463

File: 1647200462959.jpg (262.83 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20220313_204050.jpg)

I love rats so much it's unreal. look at their little hands

No. 1096534

just recalled a wholesome memory from when i was working at a little shop when i was 17. it was a really peaceful place to work, and i was allowed to control the music. one day i was listening to vidrel when an elderly woman came in, gasped, and said "i haven't listened to this since i was in school!". we both just started laughing and singing along to it together.

No. 1096613

File: 1647208664499.jpg (1.18 MB, 4160x3120, 20160229_111317.jpg)

Based, rats are amazing

No. 1096626

you will love adam driver then

No. 1096652

Adam Driver is a huge rectangle with a naked cat face, Taylor Swift is a rat

No. 1096797

File: 1647213714349.jpg (59.74 KB, 540x405, Tumblr_l_18507935252904.jpg)

based fellow rat enjoyer
kek no I love rats because of their rat-like qualities which work on rats, but not men

No. 1096798

i love how pear shaped rats are. i could cry thinking about their little tummies.

No. 1096801

I had a really bad migraine all day, which included a lot of tension and pain in my neck and jaw as well. Now the pain has faded and I'm feeling normal again. I wish I never had to suffer these migraines, but I am so thankful when they go away.

No. 1096871

File: 1647219454809.jpg (20.79 KB, 250x250, 138579257537.jpg)

i gave myself a french type bob haircut on impulse because PMS has me going crazy. i usually hate short hair on myself, but i actually ended up really liking it. i feel confident and new, this is what i needed right now.

No. 1097369

3 weeks into my new job and it's a breath of fresh air. My old job was so intense and stressful. I wasn't able to relax on the weekend or after work. It was life or death work for the people using our service. My new job is so chill, things can wait for days before a response, I get to work from home and closer to my house. Im just happy I made this decision.

No. 1097436

File: 1647273429533.png (630.53 KB, 700x688, 1636489868897.png)

I just checked all my accounts and I have almost $30k to my name. I can't believe it. A huge chunk of it is in retirement funds, some of it in investments, but other than that it's all in separate bank accounts I have. I'm not as frugal as I'd like to be but holy shit it feels fucking surreal to know I have that much money to my name. It feels good to know I have some semblance of a safety net for me and my family.

No. 1097562

My nan is an expert at all things knitting and crocheting. When I was young she made me a Cinderella doll, which when you opened up the skirt and turned it upside down it changed from Cinderella in her rags and old clothes to her in a pretty ball gown. She has started knitting teddies and baby hats, gloves and shoes for the premature baby unit. And I think that is so kind and lovely

No. 1098139

File: 1647304683857.jpeg (1.15 MB, 640x752, 1613511110302.jpeg)

I think It's wonderful younger generations are more encouraged to get into the arts and that there are so many easily accessible resources out there to learn now. When I was a child I loved art and wanted to learn, but felt like I had no natural talent or skill and face discouragement and ridicule for trying from others. So I quickly stopped drawing even for fun or trying to pursue any kinds of artistic endeavors. But it warms my heart to see so many young people getting into art now and using it to express themselves and have fun.

No. 1098181

that sounds really cute. Id do the same rn if I didnt have psoriasis on the back of my neck.

No. 1098863

File: 1647372349410.jpg (76.59 KB, 540x724, 4i68i5r44788.jpg)

Today feels really good and warm even though the ground is still wet from the storm last night. Enjoying it now before it becomes balls hot.

I'm sorry for everyone having a rough time in the world right now I wish I could change it all, but just reading about happy things helps me stay positive and hopefully brings more positivity into the world, even if it changes just one person's day.

No. 1098869

Cute sweet nonnie!

No. 1098907

I love goats anon, thank you for your good wishes.

No. 1099061

Recently I've gotten into the habit of cleaning whenever I'm bored and honestly, it's really relaxing and feels nice to be productive. I just wish I had my own place, then I would only have to clean up my own messes.

No. 1099086

An anon posted recently about wanting a self sufficiency thread. I didn't reply, but I was very happy to see her interest and I hope many other nonnies are becoming more confident and fearless in their persuit of freedom. Best wishes to that anon!

No. 1099088


No. 1099135

File: 1647388304638.jpeg (94.34 KB, 1961x569, DA369039-ABFD-4C95-A3DF-195F2A…)

I saved this post a long while ago, and I think about it often. I think I saw it around the time I broke up with my ex, and all I could think was “can this be me one day?” I’ve usually always been one always to have a crush or always yearning for a girlfriend, so it felt impossible to just be happy and content on working on myself… but right now, I’m happy! I’m happy being single! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in life! I think I’ve grown a lot since my last relationship and I’m in no rush for another. There are times when I do wish I had a girlfriend, but I have plenty of friends to do go around town with. I hope I’ll find my lovely girlfriend one day, and that she will be as hopelessly in love with me as I will be with her. I hope that she will think I’m the sunshine, and know that I think she is the earth that I want to keep warm and loved. I hope I’ll find someone to share in my happiness.

I hope the OP of this post is doing well!

No. 1099172

I’m so happy for you! I’ve never seen that post but I’ve saved it too because I want to manifest that kind of energy. Seems like you have your priorities straight and that your life is full and enjoyable and because of that, you sound like you’d be a wonderful girlfriend. I’m also happy to hear that you enjoy being single, because I wouldn’t want you to settle for just anyone out of loneliness. I hope you enjoy your single life to the fullest and when the time is right that you will meet someone you like who cares for you a lot and amplifies your existing happiness.

No. 1099662

File: 1647434039532.jpg (16.92 KB, 564x563, p3FYzL8.jpg)

Thanks to the nonny that played the Umineko VN tracks in the Tunesday room. It's the perfect drawing music for me! The chat really lifted my mood even though I didn't talk much. I love women ♥

No. 1099670

This makes me think… am I only worthy (or in the right place) to have a healthy relationship if I have (a lot of) friends? No matter how I try, I don't care about most of people. I wish I could find one close friend and one SO to love. It's so hard to find the kind of relationships im looking for.
I'm working on my life and self-esteem issues, but IDK if I will ever have many friends.

No. 1099688

Thank you for the sweet reply nona ♥ Love you!

Absolutely not! You are worthy of having a healthy relationship with people regardless of how many friends you have or don't have. You don't need to have a lot of friends if it's not for you, I don't! I said "plenty" in my post, but that differs from person to person. My best friend has a crazy number of friends that she gets along with, but for me, I have her and two others lol (and that's enough for me to go around and do fun stuff with).

I get what you mean about the types of relationships you're looking for being hard to find. I met my current friends when I was much younger and outgoing. I'm much quieter and more reserved now, and struggle to make new friends on my own. It also makes me wonder if I'll ever find a girlfriend because I don't like to put myself out there, so I hope she'll somehow find me lol.

I don't think you'll need many friends to feel fulfilled. Even just one person who you click really well with is all that matters! I hope that you'll continue to work on yourself and become a person that you're happy to be, and that you'll find yourself with a small, intimate circle who loves you in the future.

No. 1099696

I don’t think it’s that you have to have many friends but I think it’s good to have a fulfilling life outside of your partner! Even having one or two other friends besides him/her could be helpful because your partner isn’t going to be available 24/7 for your needs. Also I think in general when we look for emotional support or advice that it helps to have different perspectives and people to rely on for different things! You also run the risk of falling into a codependent relationship if your partner is the only person in your life, which I think would make it harder to leave them if they turn out to not be a good match for you. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of friends for that to happen. It’s just that it isn’t good to rely on your partner for all your needs if that makes sense, so you could just be a very self-sufficient person with a few friends and I think that’s be fine too. That’s kind of where I’m aiming at least.

No. 1100438

I'm so excited for college next year! I'm so excited to learn again, I also feel like my classmates will be a little bit weird since it's quite a niche major but I love that! I really like hearing people's opinions, even if I don't agree with them, I hope they will be the same. Also I've been getting a bit more into religion again (nature and ancestor based religion) and it's making me so happy, I love honoring mother nature and my ancestors. I never got to meet my dad's side of the family but he's told me countless stories about them, I feel like I can connect with them and hope to send them good luck in their new lives this way! The forest is starting to bloom again too, the sun in shining and I love it! Happiness allround ♥

No. 1101410

File: 1647556597527.jpg (62.54 KB, 1024x1820, 52eb4bf6a758876c954b49b080dea1…)

Today I had a very productive and uplifting day, but I'm kinda tired rn. I'll take a nap and see u nonnies later. muawh! hope you are having a great day!

No. 1101411

cows are my favorite animal and the cow and farm imagery on here makes me happy

No. 1102101

File: 1647599053873.jpg (26.59 KB, 564x556, 51788546865dd6c12cf450a48f2c3b…)

I'm glad I didn't waste as much time doing things other people want me to do. Life really is too short.

No. 1102473

File: 1647620685931.jpg (38.79 KB, 600x400, iStock-125143243-600x400.jpg)

One of my favorite creators is doing a Monthly class and gave away a limit number of seats for free on her patreon and I managed to get a seat! I'm very excited. I don't know how much I'll learn or if it'll be worth it, but watching this person's videos always sparks something crazy in me that makes me want to go out and build crazy stupid shit for fun. At the very least, I didn't have pay the steep $250 for the class lol.

No. 1102475

File: 1647620810510.jpg (194.46 KB, 1024x682, istockphoto-1057168972-1024x10…)

Happy for you nonna! I always feel so nostalgic for my college days- I had so much fun!

Muwah, hope you had a good nap nonnie.

More cows for you ♥

Live your life to the fullest!

No. 1102502

Which country is this from, that puts christian icons on the heads of cows?

No. 1102641

I went to an estate sale this morning and bought two high-quality rocky swively upholstered armchairs for my new apartment. They’re like new and a very good brand, similar ones by the same company online go for $3000/each and I got both for $300. Wasn’t initially planning to do two chairs rather than a sofa but this is cheaper than IKEA and will last me a lot longer I think. Happy about that!

No. 1102702

File: 1647633218620.png (318.54 KB, 622x603, bathtub.PNG)

damn, nice. that's a fucking great deal. what do they look like? estate sales are great, just sometimes a little depressing but you can find some real literal gems there. i have a similar story to tell. i just bought an (originally) $1200 kohler soaking tub, open box, for $430 yesterday. everyone please admire my sexy sleek tub. literally this tub has sex appeal it is so beautiful. i'm so psyched at the savings. i can't wait to soak in in this bitch considering how small BISQUE (should be outlawed) and positively geriatric looking my last tub was

(not my bathroom, just the same tub, it's also taller than it looks here)

No. 1102718

File: 1647633922224.jpg (144.32 KB, 600x900, kufstein-austria-tirol-septemb…)

Austrian traditional cow ceremony

No. 1102736

File: 1647634774080.jpg (506.84 KB, 2560x1440, black-cat.jpg)

I got a 100% on my assignment for uni. Feels good. I'm always so insecure that I'll do poorly that half the time I'm afraid to check my marks (even though they're usually fine.) It's kind of neurotic of me

No. 1102742

i do the same thing nonna. i get scared to check my grades and always have As anyway

No. 1102747

Have cows legs always looked like this? I have lived with so many cows and never noticed them so hard before.

No. 1102752

>like this
Like what? I'm pretty sure those are just normal cow legs. Cows have big ol' knees.

No. 1102758

That's so lovely. I want to visit Austria now.

No. 1102762

I… I don’t know. They just look so chubby and the hooves look so oversized and orange. And the cow on our left looks like it’s wearing a meat minidress kek

No. 1102873

File: 1647641270133.gif (887.17 KB, 280x280, kitties.gif)

The cat thread inspired me to take my cats outside on their leashes and enjoy the spring weather. Make some time for your pets today nonnies, even if its just some play time, or maybe give them some nice food

No. 1103686

File: 1647704744752.gif (695 B, 38x43, 1727731120172.gif)

I've made posts in the vent thread about having to shave my head because I was losing hair due to malnutrition. I'm posting in this thread because my hair is growing and it looks way, way healthier than it did just a few months ago! It's still a bit thin but way better looking. My pixie cut is coming back and I'm so excited. It makes me happy, nonnies. I'm feeling much better about myself and the birds outside my window are chirping up a storm. It's a good day and I hope it's the start of something better!

No. 1103703

How wonderful anon, happy for you!

No. 1103733

i recently made a YouTube channel and uploaded a video. I only got around 100 views but it makes me so happy. The community im uploading for is pretty niche and small so I dont expect a lot of views or anything. I am especially happy about the comments though. Honestly I always though youtubers were lying or exaggerating when talking about how much they like comments but I get it now. I only got 4 but they make me so happy and I keep on rereading them.

No. 1103738

yea i have done that as well it is really satisfying to look over the stats. its a feeling of accomplishment

No. 1103799

I wish I could take my cats on walks, but I think they’d both die from a heart attack before we even made it to the street.

No. 1103902

Can I ask nona? How often do you upload? And how long does it take to edit one video? I've been thinking of starting a yt channel for so long

No. 1104351

File: 1647756115847.jpg (206.46 KB, 735x1467, 4748c36375abb2c8d166c9223bea5b…)

I went out and bought some puffy stickers with my adult money for my adult self. I don't care if it's stupid they are adorable and make me happy. I'm going to put them on my laptop

No. 1104369

That's so awesome anon, congratulations! I've been wanting to make videos as well. I don't care if a lot of people see them but if I can provide some entertainment for like-minded people, that would be really cool. I'm sure your viewers are happy and grateful to have discovered your channel.

No. 1104374

I have a weakness for cute things in general too. What's the point of adult money if not to be able to buy things you enjoy? This is really sweet and your laptop will be a hundred times more stylish decked out in them!

No. 1104426

This is great, I love stickers, I buy them all the time!

No. 1104683

Anon I love them! I really should buy pretty stickers for my stuff too. I love the dark blue whale!

No. 1105201

File: 1647808405157.jpeg (28.65 KB, 275x155, 62A09CDE-849E-4767-A16D-CFC2AD…)

I worked my third shift at my new job and it was busy and fun! People have been really nice and encouraging to me. I’ve never felt so welcome at a job, and this is one of the only jobs I’ve had where I don’t even feel like going home at the end of the shift. Feelin’ pretty happy about things for once.

No. 1105204

I am super happy for you nonnichen! Imagine how extra nice it will be on payday where you can use your well earned money on all kinds of fun things! A great work environment is the best!

No. 1105227

File: 1647809575673.jpeg (123.38 KB, 1854x1043, 59EA6322-C6F8-4F93-92EE-702CC6…)

adorable, love you both

No. 1105228

Cute. Are you German?

No. 1105316

File: 1647814691709.jpg (10.26 KB, 224x278, IMG-20200922-WA0010.jpg)

a-anon… doki

No. 1107595

File: 1648014498469.jpeg (259.19 KB, 1440x959, 20EDBA5E-03A5-465D-81DF-DCDD58…)

I SAW THEM!! I SAW MY FAVORITE GROUP!!! AND I GOT TO BE AT THE VERY FRONT!!! Nonnies I had the absolute best time of my life tonight. It was worth it sitting outside for 6 hours in chilly, windy weather. It was worth my back pain flaring up. I had so, so, so much fun tonight. I love seeing this group so much, they never disappoint. Their shows are so much fun, and while I usually get pretty close to the stage each time, this is the first time I’ve ever been at the FRONT!!! and I’m SO HAPPY!!! I’m sorry to all the people behind me for getting my hand/arm in their videos kek I don’t know if there’s etiquette about being in the front, I was just too busy having the time of my life to care.

No. 1107673

File: 1648022079166.jpg (735.26 KB, 1280x1280, 7543747.jpg)

Anonnitas, if you ever feel like you want to alter your faces or get plastic surgery remember this.

No. 1107700

This such a great feeling, happy your wait in the cold paid off! The only etiquette of being in the front is having the absolute best time of your life and you did just that so no worries!

No. 1107801

I managed to get rid of my addiction to chips. Probably can't undo the damage eating a bag of chips almost every day for years and years have done to my body, but it's been 3 months and finally I've gone for a while without any cravings. I thought it would never go away. I thought I could never go through a grocery store without having a mental battle to not go near the chips isle, but now I don't even know why I enjoyed chips in the first place.

Today I got dried mango slices, some dark chocolate, rice cakes and some fresh spinach that I plan to make a delicious egg and spinach sandwich with later. I love wanting to eat other things than salt. I love enjoying simple tastes and spices. I'm still overdoing it on calories when it comes to snacking, but I'm just happy with where I am atm and as a bonus my arms are getting buff as fuck from the weightlifting I've been doing.

No. 1107877

this is so fucking retarded

No. 1108355

I made this thinking it was positive.. wtf anon get out of this thread if you have nothing good to say bully

No. 1108472

you come into the positivity thread to shit on someone elses post and be negative?? this thread is to get away from anons like you.

OP I think your image is sweet. >>1107673

No. 1108484

I have been feeling very depressed lately and have been having a hard time applying for jobs. But I found one today that would be perfect for me and I applied to it, today. Just makes me feel better to know there are options out there even if they don't call me. I started using different websites and it's showing me opportunities I never even knew about. I think I'm not as hopeless as I thought I was and I just need to change my approach

No. 1108490

this is so fucking cute

No. 1108494

nta but it's really stupid. if you think about what you're saying everything about it is dumb as fuck.

No. 1108514

anon get lost with your crap, this is the wrong thread to be a dick.

No. 1108522

OPs shitty nonsensical graphic doesn't belong itt either.(wrong thread, retard)

No. 1108530

You're being insanely autistic about this, which is bringing down the positivity thread, which is against the rules of the thread. Go away.

No. 1108536

stop it anon

No. 1108590

This is cute nonnie ♥ Thank you for sharing it!

No. 1110842

A few weeks ago my internship offered me a salaried position there for once I graduate school. I told them today I was seriously considering it and my supervisor said she was really excited that I was thinking about staying with them! I know that working life comes with its own struggles but I'm excited that soon I will have my first actual job (that isn't cashier/retail stuff) and will be able to pay my own rent and for my own groceries instead of relying on my parents. I guess it sounds silly to say those are things that I am excited for when they'll probably be stressful. Even though I'll probably be stressed out down the line, for now I am just excited and proud of myself that I'm going to be finishing up my degree and have a job ready!

No. 1110877

File: 1648239679795.jpg (1.13 MB, 2297x1305, dog-cat-party.jpg)

Nona this is so amazing, congrats!!!

No. 1110931

My little old lady cat gained a whole ounce when I took her to her vet checkup! For a while her health was not great because of kidney disease and she kept losing weight, so for her to maintain AND gain a little bit is really encouraging. She is 19 years old and I love her very much.

No. 1110954

Felt like Subway but when I got there they said their debit/credit wasn't working so I was about to leave and a cute little old lady insisted on paying for my sandwich. I told her it was ok and no big deal but she practically begged me to let her buy it. I know it's just Subway and not a big deal but it was still nice of her and a free sandwich tastes pretty good not gonna lie

No. 1111147

I've been really depressed lately, but I matched with this woman on a dating website who seems to be really interested in me. I'm a very quiet, reserved person typically, as I'm autistic. And I've never been very confident of my looks; I don't think that I'm terrible looking, but I'm tall, lanky, and really "androgynous" or "interesting" looking in the face. This woman and me chatted for 5 hours on the phone yesterday and we really "clicked". She is very smart and pretty. She also was confident enough to flirt with me. She referenced my height (I'm 9 inches taller than her), and the fact that I am boyish looking. These are things that I am often self-conscious of. We are supposed to hang out soon. Also, she is a stoner like me. :D

No. 1111236

I finally, after years of trying to find it again, found a website that I used to play around on in the early 2000s thanks to a little extra prying and the help of the wayback machine. It's obviously defunct now since it was all in Flash, but holy shit it's like a weight has been lifted off of my chest kek. I'm gonna be riding this high for the rest of the weekend

No. 1111456

File: 1648284233758.jpg (9.13 KB, 295x171, Tumblr_l_555884910704894.jpg)

I finally told my boyfriend "I think I love you." He was quiet for a second and then said "I definitely love you."

No. 1111458

File: 1648284426513.jpg (7.7 KB, 246x250, wqf2hbrcblfq.jpg)

SO SWEET. I still remember that first time my husband and I said I love you. So happy for you nona!

No. 1112410

Epik High nona here again. Someone did a giveaway in my city and hid a copy of their newest albums (it comes in two parts) at a bookstore one of the members used to frequent, and I found one!! It looks like someone got the other one but I found the album that I really, really like and I'm so happy ♥ I'm always so turned off by kpop fandoms that I forget that there are really sweet and generous people who exist in them too. It was really nice of this person to do this!

No. 1112423

i thought kpop-fags weren't allowed here?

No. 1112427

Anon can post about k-shit casually like this, don't be a poopoo head nonny

No. 1112549

On Monday mornings I volunteer at a daycare for young kids from lower income families. Last Monday the boys let me play with them and I helped them build ‘dragons’ out of legos and then they started pretending to shoot each other with fireballs while shouting ‘Kame-hame-ha’ while doing the hand motions and everything. Then I did it back to them and they got very excited. I was never really much of a kid person before I started volunteering there but honestly it was really cute and I kept thinking about it today.

No. 1114764


No. 1114784

also apparently she got fucking stabbed a few months ago and didn't tell me

No. 1115061

I love how much of an autist I can be with my best friend. We were fighting for a while but recently reconnected and I love her so much, she's so smart, there's no one I can laugh more with, we're both manhaters and I can tell her everything. I never feel so comfortable around anyone. She's the best ♥

No. 1115131

File: 1648506666462.jpeg (296.95 KB, 960x540, 31A0EF64-9502-49A9-8432-2AED7D…)

I just started Skyrim for the first time. I’m having fun. One more hour of real work till I can go steal cabbages!

No. 1116516

I got a fancy metal cup on clearance because someone stole the lid. I have the same brand from a birthday gift so I can use that lid for it. Its dishwasher safe so not a pain in my ass to clean. I'm getting closer to having all metal and recycled glass cups for my kitchen!!

No. 1116532

if you have pc, go indoors and use console commands to summon 200 cabbages, 7 bears, and one ulfric stormcloak. have fun.

No. 1117193

Skyrim is such a comfy game. Whenever I start a new game, I plan on only doing a couple of quests (actually RP a character) but the completionist in me has to do everything possible in game. I finished it again recently, been playing Oblivion for the past week now. I wish I could visit Tamriel irl.

No. 1117383

File: 1648660564914.jpeg (100.86 KB, 720x1062, 209678FB-3E5B-4515-A87F-36FF0B…)

Her music saved me from a depressive spiral the other night, turning it around entirely. I don't think I've been able to do that before, thank you Enya-sama

No. 1117554

I am so glad Enya and her music could help you through such bad times. One of my closest friends was a big fan and after her death, Enya made me feel so connected to both my friend and myself. Her music is so deep and soulful I think many make fun of it because it makes them feel too much.

No. 1118286

Two girls complimented me on my ear piercings today and it made me feel all fuzzy because I always feel like it's something that people don't care about on others.

No. 1120149

My political party apparently has a womens' only group! I'm so happy, I never went to meetings before because I thought I would feel out of place but I'm so happy I got invited! Womens' only spaces are so rare these days, I'm so glad I got at least one (also you nonna's ♥)

No. 1120474

I THINK my boobs gru!!!

No. 1120754

File: 1648915762859.png (2.21 MB, 1600x1233, hall_of_mirrors.png)

I am happy I never looked into MLP ENG community during the days. I grew out of the show quickly when Lauren Faust left it and returned just to read the comics. They are ten times better than the actual (after-lauren) show with a lot of deep and fun storylines, especially the reflection one which is _kind of_ canon, so to speak, which I cannot explain without spoiling it. It's amazing how good the comics are, there are even separate ones about the villains.

No. 1120776

That's awesome, I didn't know there were comics too, I'm gonna read them!

No. 1120783

My cat spent all night with me because I was depressed. He only sleeps in my bed if something is wrong with me. He would constantly rub his head on my face and play with my hair and if I didn't respond he'd meow until I looked at him. I love him so much.

No. 1120807

don't scroll i love you nonnies

No. 1120816

File: 1648917135934.jpg (88.94 KB, 724x883, 1646363602679.jpg)

careful scrolling gore now

No. 1120832

I adore this pic kek. I'd buy anything with a babushka on it

No. 1121279

File: 1648927555870.jpg (22.98 KB, 736x732, 15c1ec0f3beb08c3587d65462fd0fc…)

Keeping it positive

No. 1121600

Ok ngl after reading 'dill beets potato" at the top, if there was a pickle-flavored energy drink or caffeinated V8 juice I would be ALL OVER THAT SHIT

No. 1121878

Just sending some love to the jannies for cleaning up all the shit from moids and trannies. You're doing great ilu

No. 1121880

File: 1648966377163.jpg (63.65 KB, 600x732, Tumblr_l_160227171823512.jpg)

>I'd buy anything with a babushka on it

What about anything with a cat on a babushka on it

No. 1121881

I second this >>1121878
Thank you for what you put up with <3

No. 1121884

File: 1648966555178.jpg (74.03 KB, 564x769, 22ed9ff318c98cbfd3a2e991eee506…)

and when you drink them all you can use them in the forest for target practice. it has use even after drink, so babushka approves!

No. 1121958

File: 1648973890964.png (1.27 MB, 1272x3172, blob-min.png)

In the past weeks, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about Blobs because I find them fascinating, and I’ve finally decided to purchase one so I could cultivate and make experience. Yesterday I started the process and I was so afraid of messing it up but it went fine and look how beautiful and strong she looks now ! It’s been only a day and she is growing so fast it’s amazing to see, it’s so hard to imagine that it’s only one huge cell moving so fast! I could sperg about it for hours so I will stop and I’m sorry for the godawful pictures. Also, I’m looking for names for her, if anyone has funny ideas I will greatly appreciate it !

No. 1121968

Congrats! These are both terrifying and beautiful. I'm not sure what they are but they're cool! Obviously her name is Nonna

No. 1121987

Anon could you please tell me more about this? I'm googling blobs and getting nothing, and you bought one, where, what is it exactly? Looks fascinating.

No. 1122007

Thank you nonnie, Nonna is now her official name !

This is the best question nonnie, I will try my best to answer! The real name is Physarum polycephalum, it's a slime mold and they are only one huge cell containing several nuclei. They are supposedly a very simple organism but it is absolutely crazy the things that they can do! They can sometimes measure meters and if they are hungry they can move at 4cm per hours! They are known to be super efficient in finding the shortest path towards food and scientists made all sorts of experiments to make them solve labyrinths and combine different sources of food to create the perfect nutrition for them.

Audrey Dussutour who’s an expert on the subject proved that blobs were capable of habituation, which was a huge deal for biology. They can learn to accept something they disliked after enough exposure to it ; when they combine with another blob (yeah, they can do that) they will pass down this knowledge to the newly formed blob.

When they are somewhere without food they will dry out and just wait to be awaken by water ( like the gremlins kek). The crazy thing is that they totally regenerate during this dormance( they telomeres grow back to their initial size) and they can stay 2 years like that!

There is a funny story behind the nickname "blob", it’s because a woman in Texas found one in her garden and started freaking out when she couldn’t make it disappear with pesticide, the thing just kept on growing so she called the police and they started shooting the poor thing lol. It just kept on growing and disappeared one day. It was a rural place and nobody knew about it. A journalist ran with the story and started calling it an alien, so they gave him the surname based on the sci-fi movie “the blob” !

I bought mine on amazon (https://www.amazon.fr/Kit-culture-BLOBE-Physarum-polycephalum/dp/B09MDHC8FR/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B09MDHC8FR&psc=1)