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File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?

No. 46071

File: 1446907200257.jpg (1.26 MB, 1493x2025, ayari-huarmi-pablo-amaringo.jp…)

Had 2 pot brownies about 3 hours ago. I'd love to try DMT, MDMA and mescaline. Really into psilocybin, too.
I'm getting more and more reclusive so it's really hard to get stuff.

No. 46072

Oh and I tried Salvia and will do it again when I feel ready. Was some experience but I don't regret it.

No. 46074

drugs fuck up your life. Trust me. I have been addicted for around 5 years.
If you dont believe me then you will regret getting into drugs

No. 46076

>What drugs have you done?

>What drugs do you use regularly?

I smoke weed every day. I get drunk on the weekends. When I go to live music I always try to have some sass and acid. I'm basically a hippie.

No. 46082



No. 46085

File: 1446923306623.jpg (201.39 KB, 677x960, weeaboodrugz.jpg)

I've tried E, weed, salvia, K-2 (spice), acid, and molly.

I vape marijuana 2-4 nights a week, mostly for sleep, inspiration, or when I'm playing MtG/video games.

I have issues with dissociating so I avoid anything like K, I may or may not try shrooms someday tho.

care to share your salvia experience? Mine was short as fuck and pretty anticlimactic. I have a friend who smoked salvia and felt that they turned into a spoon in a full bowl of cereal, lmao.

What are you addicted to?

I was just talking to someone yesterday who did tons of drugs in the 70's– he says mescaline is very much a spiritual hallucinogen.

No. 46089

I was addicted to anything i could get my hands on. Mainly the smokable incense , heroin and marijuana.
I still have an addiction. Its something i cant get rid of honestly. I always crave and want to get high. I miss the dopamine rush.
Give me one and ill want more

No. 46097

>What drugs have you done?

Weed, LSD, mushrooms, coke, benzos, opiates.

>What drugs do you use regularly?

Weed, xanax, and adderall. Coke, if I'm partying. I have prescriptions for xanax and adderall, though.

No. 46109

what havent i done? lol
never smoking meth tho

No. 46110

ive not done heroin, but man, it's so nice knowing other people have majorly fucked up with being addicted to incense. like, im petrified about my future. what if i get married and find a man to live for, and i end up dying because of the shit?

No. 46132

I'm not super into drugs. I've smoked weed/dabs, tried MDMA a few times but wasn't fond of it because I was on SSRIs at the time, fucked with DMT, shrooms, xanax, percs, oxy… I think that's it? Now all I really fuck with is weed/dabs and shrooms.

No. 46135

I'm not really into drugs much. These days weed makes me feel like shit and fucks with my anxiety too much.
Done opiates, coke, some random pharms., and dudeweedlmao.
But as far as what I consume regularly it's just nicotine and alcohol (lol).

No. 46155

Coke once (was expensive and decent coke is hard to come by in my area so fuck doing that again)
Mdma (powder) acid, 2cb, shrooms, Ecstasy in tablet form. That weirdly really fucked me up. Not exactly bad, but it was a strange night I would rather not repeat. Powder is good though. That's the only thing I take on the regular as I know where I stand with it.
Recently weed has been awful for me. Makes me very aware of all my failures in life.

No. 46171

I've never done anything super hard. I abuse prescription stimulants, unfortunately. The artificial happiness is all I have anymore. Other than that, have smoked weed many times and hated it. Had benzos, not big on them. I have stretches of binge drinking.

No. 46187

Note that taking MDMA frequently can cause permanent brain damage. It's recommended to wait at least 2-3 months before each use. http://www.rollsafe.org

No. 46193

I've done acid, MDMA, benzos (but I was drunk so I didn't feel anything), shrooms, coca leaves, and DMT.

I loved doing MDMA the last time I did it with my boyfriend. It was such an amazing experience! I think doing ecstacy is kind of wasted by doing it at the club.

Too bad I took way too much and woke up my ex boyfriend's mom by throwing up a lot.

No. 46215

I've done LSD a few times and I liked it, but I didn't have any hallucinations aside from a little bit of warping (rooms getting bigger and smaller and such). It was more of a euphoric/slightly drunk feeling I got from it. Was it actually LSD? Some person told me it was probably ecstasy for something. It was tabs. Maybe I just didn't take enough.

No. 46216

How did you get prescribed both a benzo and a upper at the same time? (Xanax and adderall)

No. 46217

Smoked weed once. Had one cone and I didn't feel anything at all, so I had a second cone about 45 minutes later and I was immediately flat on my ass, half-conscious, throwing up everywhere. I hadn't even had any alcohol at all so I have no idea why it went down like that, but it pretty well turned me off using drugs.

No. 46238

>What drugs have you done?
Weed, nitrous, benzos, DXM, cyclizine
>What drugs do you use regularly?
Nothing at all for the past two years. Not even alcohol or cigarettes. Guys, seriously. If you have ANY mental issues, stop everything right away. I only started recovering once I decided that I needed a constant clear state of mind.

No. 46259

Only pot and shrooms. I use shrooms, I wouldn't say regularly, but once in a blue moon.

No. 46328

I've used morphine a few times just to fall asleep and forget about shit. I wish I still had access to some.

No. 46332

File: 1447139415995.gif (1.54 MB, 357x300, salvia.gif)

blue lotus+ wine+ weed[a tiny bit] is my go-to for an altered state of mind, more wine and lotus if I feel like being sociable or more weed and lotus if I feel like being introspective and artsy.

I also like salvia, but really I have to force myself to do it at high enough doses to dissolve my bodily sense of self

No. 46335

Where do u even get salvia

No. 46347

File: 1447169120589.gif (2.9 MB, 511x512, download.gif)

seeds are legal everywhere if you have the patience to grow plants and water them and all that stuff. I personally like gardening and I dont like smoking stuff so having a live plant that I can take leaves off of to chew/suck is the best option for me.

You can also buy (smokable)dried leaf in most countries pretty cheap from online ethnobotanical distributors.

Concentrates(liqud) are a third option, I like these because you can take them sublubligualy and dont have to smoke, there are also solid concentrates which you can smoke or make a tincture with.
Concentrates however are illegal in a lot of places(especially synthesized salvinioum-alpha) so the deep-web probably is the safest choice for those.

No. 46565

Anyone tried meth? What's it like?

No. 46576

If you live in the US, some states still have it for sale in smoke shops, despite the questionable legality.

No. 46579

File: 1447445977337.jpg (81.69 KB, 500x375, 2538475.jpg)

No. 46580

might come back and share my salvia experience but not right now

No. 46628

yeah because mushrooms are SO ADDICTIVE right

No. 46691

I smoke weed (legally, even) erryday and love that magical opioid feel, but so far I've managed to stick to pills (usually oxy or dilaudid, though I can rarely get my hands on any). I know just about everyone swears that they'll never stick a needle in their arm, so I can only hope I never get to that point, but goddamn, I love the opioid high so much, I honestly don't know how low I'd stoop.

I wish I could enjoy alcohol, but I hate it. I hate my body so much and feel so trapped in it that I've spent a lot my life trying to escape it and/or destroy it in various ways, and I found that constantly being on cold medicine and slightly stoned keeps me removed enough that I can function. I'll readily admit that I take whatever I can get my hands on, booze aside, to self-medicate. I'm well aware that it's not "healthy," but my health is and always has been shit, and I figure there's little chance of me making it to old age anyway, so I've spent the last almost-decade since I turned 18 just doing whatever I can to in order to cope and hold on. I don't do it for fun, to be "social," to party, or whatever. I almost exclusively partake when I'm alone. I'm pretty pathetic and I know it.

I've long wanted to experience DMT especially, but salvia, LSD, mushrooms, ketamine, and 2C-B or something similar are also on my "bucket list." I've just been too lazy to try to procure the materials myself, and, as someone who's spent long periods of time being a shut-in and has pretty much dropped out of society, I don't have any hookups. I'd try cocaine or MDMA if someone offered me some. I'm a poorfag, though, so I prefer shit I can grow or make myself. And, living in a glorious haven where both medical and recreational marijuana are legal, that means I mostly stick to weed.

I'm embarrassed that I smoke as much as I do, but I guess I don't come off as a pothead (thank god), because everyone seems to assume I'm the type of person who would never consume marijuana, or any other drug, for that matter. The downside of that is that no one ever offers me anything because they just assume I'll say no.

No. 46701

It's easy and safe to get all those substances on darknet markets. You might pay a small premium compared to street price, but you can get pretty much anything.

No. 46721

What have I done: marijuana, ecstacy/M, LSD, 25i, shrooms, coke, crack.

What I do regularly: just weed. If it wasn't so impossible to find in my city, I would drop more acid. That was one of the most intense and eye opening experiences of my life, when I did it I felt almost elevated beyond my mind if that makes any sense. I miss it.

No. 47007

File: 1447660241511.jpg (388.66 KB, 1280x1556, pxwoJ8R.jpg)

>what's meth like?
pic related

honestly though, don't get into it. it's crazy addictive, cheap and easy to find, you'll feel alright for a short time then you'll come down like a motherfucker for the next few days and just want to die. it also turns people into violent criminals more than any other drug imo

No. 47037

I've had weed only at the moment, but I really want to try ecstasy. Any anon ever tried it and what were your experiences like?

No. 47072

File: 1447713464620.gif (2.47 MB, 480x360, backawayslowly.gif)

>mfw reading this thread

T-thanks Mom and Dad for discouraging me from drug use

No. 47091

MDMA is great if you can get the real thing! my suggestion is, don't waste it at the club. you should do it with your bf/gf or friends you really trust and want to get closer to.

No. 47092

i want to go to raves like yuka and get high as fuck so i start hallucinating shit
and im very serious

No. 47094

I've done pot few times and I had really terrible reactions to it. The first time I had way too much and I had a massive all-night panic attack. Every time I've tried since then has been similar.

So I really have no interest in trying mushrooms or lsd or whatever, since pot is a mild hallucinogen. Call me a pussy, whatever. It's just not for me, maybe I'm just not ready mentally.

Other than that, I've done and occasionally still do cocaine, which was alright but nothing to write home about. I've done mild opiates which I really liked.

That's about it other than legal stuff. I love alcohol too much. DXM is fun, DPH was the worst experience of my life though I did OD.

No. 47096

Same here with pot. I also had the same reaction (ridiculous paranoia/panic attacks) from Wellbutrin of all things once I upped the dose.

I'd like to try other drugs but I really don't think I could handle it if I ended up in a worse place than I do when smoking. At least I have alcohol.

No. 47149

File: 1447791948834.jpg (111.46 KB, 854x960, c4c.jpg)

hey, >>46085 here, I had that same issue for years– gave me panic attacks, spins, shakes, felt like I was going insane. A lot of it was anxieties I had about myself, my "failures" as >>46155 noted, my relationships and life path, etc.

I'm older now, and have done a LOT of thinking and maturing, tl;dr decided to try it again. Lo and behold, it actually feels nice now. I still get nervous at times since it's illegal, but I can shake it off or just check outside to make myself feel safe.

If you're interested in trying again, I recommend trying to vape it rather than smoke or eat it, that way you're just getting the THC and it's not nearly as powerful. Different strains also have different effects– some will make you more peaceful, some more imaginative, some more energetic. Also, if you're not 100% comfortable with whom and where you are, you'll be more sensitive and it is more likely to become off-putting.

All in all, it's just like anything else you're putting into your body. If you do it, remember you chose to and you have control, just relax and ride it out.

No. 47150

Yeah, my wife wants to try it with me because she's also curious. I figured it's best to do it with someone you don't mind getting touchy/feeling with.

No. 47153

Vaping is much healthier, but not exactly more or less powerful.

Vaping will likely actually increase anxiety and paranoia compared to smoking, not reduce it. THC vaporizes at lower temperatures than CBD and other cannabinoids that counteract THC in many ways and contribute to the body high. THC is what gives you creative and weird ideas and causes anxiety. Vaporizers give you a higher ratio of THC because they're not as hot as actually lighting the weed with fire.

Also, the toxins in cannabis smoke are theorized to contribute to the "stoned" body high by lowering oxygen intake temporarily. For these reasons, vaping will give you more of a mins high, especially at lower temperatures.

It's way more cost efficient and likely way healthier though, so I still recommend it.

No. 47154

But as you mention, strain matters even more. You can smoke a pure sativa and a pure indica and feel like you just took different drugs, because the ratio of THC to everything else can vary widely. Generally, indicas have a lower proportion of THC and will be more relaxing and less likely to cause anxiety, but that's not always true. Some sativas have low THC and some indicas have high THC, in rare cases.

No. 47167

I feel, for me (smoking marijuana) the strain really doesn't matter. When I'm smoking, it all depends on who I'm going to be around during my high. I get really anxious on it. And I have tried a lot of different strains thinking I could feel the difference between them. The only difference I can feel is between indica and sativa. And even then it's just barely.

No. 47195

Hmm, wasn't speaking from a scientific perspective but from one of experience. I am definitely much less anxious when vaporizing than when smoking, regardless of what's inside. But I see what you mean.

No. 47212

Understandable; I wasn't trying to deny your own experience. I've personally had many serious anxiety episodes both when smoking and vaping. I don't think I could confidently say which ones gave me worse anxiety though.

I could also be wrong about it objectively actually causing more anxiety despite the increase in THC ratio. There are many other factors that could go into it. From Googling, it looks like some people report more anxiety from smoking, some report more anxiety from vaping, and some with no noticeable difference. It seems like more people report smoking gives them more anxiety than vaping than the reverse, so it's certainly possible your experience will apply to more people.

Yeah, set and setting matters a lot, like for many other drugs. If you go into it anxious or in a bad mood, you're just going to amplify that.

No. 47217

I'll probably try again soon since it's about to legal here (Canada) but yeah, my first experience was not cool. I had my finger on the "9" on my phone for hours, ready to call 911 becaue I was convinced I was gonna die.
But like, that shit is so much stronger than it used to be too. A ton of THC. At least according to my older stoner friends but who knows.

No. 47230

so bummed out that i have practically 0 chances of getting sativa around here since everyone gets their stuff from some homegrower and those guys grow nothing but indica (doesn't grow so tall)

No. 47246

Any recommendations for anxiety and sleep?

No. 47247

Hash or weed, for some people it increases anxiety problems but I don't think it does for me. You know yourself best so decide for yourself if you think it will or won't, my anxiety is quite bad but I don't think it's due to smoking, I find it helps more than anything. I smoke hash more, it feels better for you compared to smoking weed - you're less lethargic and such and I just generally feel better when I smoke weed, I get paranoid sometimes when I smoke weed but not often. I smoke to help me sleep.

No. 47276

Seconding this anon's answer. If you can't get hash, a few puffs of weed and a melatonin pill will have you asleep in no time and – probably – sleeping like a rock.

I personally recommend avoiding things like Nyquil, as the DXM can worsen or initiate anxiety or panic attacks.

A word of caution though: any drug (including antidepressants, booze, melatonin) can cause you to have some really whack and fucked-up dreams. On the positive side, you can have some amazing ones too. Be careful with the combinations you're making!

No. 47689

I used to grow shrooms and I wish I still could; otherwise if I want to trip I have to put up with my boyfriend's younger brother and his boring ass stories about Coachella.

Adderall is almost perfect though

No. 49213

Growing shrooms was ridiculously easy, I did it too. 10/10 would recommend. They taste gross tho.

No. 49223

I love molly but I suffer too much from the comedowns. It's my favorite drug.

Tried weed and shrooms before

Used to be a hardcore weed smoker, would smoke every single day before school. It made me look ugly and dry eye made it unbearable to wear circle lens, so I just quit altogether bc I want to always look kawaii. Plus I gained weight from munchies and just became a lazy lil shit in general. Not to mention I was so awkward and paranoid, I was so aware of myself and my actions and I can still picture how awkward I was whenever I smoked.

I want to try adderall but I recently moved to a country where it's hard to find drugs and all amphetamines are illegal :\

No. 49230

Ive fucked w/ weed, acid, shrooms, dmt, molly (mdma), vyvanse (prescibed), benzos (prescribed), pain killers, muscle relaxers and did a little meth once.
I smoke weed daily for medical reasons, but i love mixing weed and pills like vyvanse, xanax, opiates ect. I do that on the reg and since i dont like taking My vyvanse everyday (im actually ADD) I just save what ill need for work and use the rest to speed.

I dont trip or roll as much as i use to because of the negative effects its had on my everyday ability to function (i feel like theyve made me so dumb tbh)
Ive completely stopped acid because i just cant handle tripping for so long and my come downs are god fuck awful. Shrooms ill still fuck with and maybe DMT, but other than that ive really chilled with the harder drugs.

No. 49375

Which ones in particular do you think made u dumb?

No. 49377


All of them probably could. Weed is what i usually like becuz cheep and easy to find, and I've noticed my memoryhas went to shit, I've been making more dumb fuck ups.

At the same time I've been getting better grades in school, and I've had easier times repairing computers and learning codes.

so like idk

No. 83976

Smoking pot is a given, but I consume herculean ammounts of the stuff.

I suppose I have to, English weed isn't known for it's potency.

I like acid best of all, it's gentler than liberty caps, the emotional rollercoaster effect isn't so pronounced I find.

Can't stand uppers, coke heads and speed freaks get on my tits.

MDMA can be great if it's not cut with methamphetamine, I think the last lot I had was, it wasn't quite right.

A Salvia dose of X60 potency was the most major trip of my life.

I thought I was dead and I couldn't hear or see anything but molten brass with black chevronss moving up and right into a howling black void like someone had folded over the page corner of reality, and there was nothing behind it.

I briefly believed that I must have been hit by a car because the chevrons made me think of tire-tracks across my brainpan.

No. 83977

Best experience I had with the stuff was also the first.

A friend had some nice product they'd been gifted with, we bombed about a .3 each in rizla papers and set off into the hills with nothing but our good selves and enough water for both of us.

We talked for what seemed like hours lazily clambering from one field to another, getting lost and deciding to simply walk straight through hedges rather than find our way around them.

I remembered nothing of what we'd talked about, but at the time it seemed like all the mysteries of the universe could be unfurled in the hand; all their contents revealed like a flattened paper fortune teller.

Eventually I passed out at the summit of the hill, near some standing stones, and woke up wrapped around my toilet at home.

He'd carried me, semi-conscious two miles across hills and boggy ground and a maze of farmers boundaries, and managed to bundle me into my bathroom without me recalling any of it.

No. 84216

where do people go to find LSD? I've been dying to find the original LSD-25 forever and not some "my friend got it from a friend" tab that could be RC's but nobody cares enough to test it. Like one day I decided "I'm gonna find some acid" and i called my friends who I knew had connects. Everyone can get me weed or someone to buy us alcohol but nobody knows where to find psychedelics. One suggested we drive across the city to a college town, hang around all shady like and then maybe get some connections. then others try to push DXM cause you can go get it yourself. and i'm like well i can also go bump caffeine tablets if i crush them up.

No. 84219

You don't find LSD. LSD finds you.

Seriously, try hanging out with some hippies or nerds, they tend to be the psychedelics people. Protip: the smarter the crowd the better your bet.

No. 84228

There are certain websites on the internet which shall go unnamed in this conversation.

They often change because they are continually shut down, and pop back up again, but any "legitimate" black market site will have peer reviews and comments sections, which will give insignt as to the veracity of the product, though caveat emptor applies strongly, and some vendors pad their comments sections just like Amazon.

These websites facilitate a transaction between buyer and seller by digital currency; Bitcoin being the classic example, but the websites I have used have had a list of digital currencies that they use; these digital currencies are not my specialty, and I am not knowledgeable in their procurement, nor have I needed to be thanks to my pool of friends.

LSD in tab form is easy to send by mail, as it is odourless, and comes on paper, so as to be sent by a conventional nondescript envelope.

This makes it in many ways the ideal mail-order recreational chemical, besides the other obvious complicating factors.

And remember, don't take drugs before you look them up on Erowid, which is a highly valuable resource for both basic pharmacological effects and "trip journals".

And if you don't have a reasonable suspicion of what something is, don't take it at all.

No. 84229

are you talking about The deepweb shivers

No. 84232

I suppose depth is relative.

I mean, Tor isn't exactly a big secret, it's a free user friendly legitimate downloadable application.

That just happens to make it exponentially easier to find and procure illiegal goods and services online.

I am explicitly refraining from endorsing any particular site because A: loose lips sink ships and B: I haven't done it in a while and it's likely all my links are dead.

No. 84241

I hope this is sarcasm

No. 84243

It well may be, such is tha nature of online text communication, uncomplicated by such things as academic inflection marks or too many emoticons.

No. 85975

I've tried molly, coke, mushrooms, lsd, 25i and of course pot. I used to smoke pot almost everyday but it started to make me feel really anxious so I stopped, I never suffered from anxiety before my weed smoking days, I really regret becoming a stoner. I've laid off drugs for the most part these days, though I do coke once in a blue moon.

No. 85994

has anyone ever told you that you type like admin-sama? i want to read a conversation in /meta/ between you two. it would be like watching a gentleman's duel.

No. 86002

my own experiences:
i never touched so much as a single beer, cigarette or ~marihuana~ until i moved away for college.
art school, man. art school.
for the first year, I was pretty good. I got drunk for the first time, which was horrible, and I think I tried cigarettes and weed and didn't like either. I tried robotripping for a little bit and really liked it, but it was very difficult to conceal/function, so eventually I stopped. Tried spice in my sophomore year because I didn't have connections for weed and the head shops in my city hadn't all been busted yet. Eventually, I moved into a hippie co-op in my junior year and turned into a total stoner. (It didn't help that I was dating the community's weed dealer for the next two years. Even since we've broken up, he's still my go-to guy 'cause I get a discount.) That's when I had most regular access to psychedelics. I haven't tried DMT or mescaline, but basically everything else is checked off. I had a fantastic headtrip about a year and a half ago and haven't really had the desire to do it since, though.

Basically, I wasn't really concerned about any of my vices until last year. I briefly dated this guy from a wealthy family and he introduced me to coke and lately, heroin. When he was buying, I would occasionally join in because 'no skin off my nose', right? but he's started asking me to go in half lately, or to buy for 'us' entirely. I like him and heroin is kind of fun for a night, but I'm starting to worry that he's addicted. He's been clean until a couple of months ago, but he's starting to use more often than I'm comfortable with.
Really, coke is my poison of choice, but it's so fucking expensive. Heroin-guy is also the source for that, so I can't really afford to piss him off or cut him out of my life. TBH, I would give up all my drugs (and my right arm, and the soul of my firstborn child) for an Adderall prescription. HOW IS IT that people can find connections for heroin at any fucking gas station in the ghetto after midnight but I can't find a source for some perfectly legal pharmaceuticals?
I could always silk road it, I guess, I just hate waiting on the mail and someone in this city has to have a stupid prescription.

No. 86005

Psilocybin truffles, shocked me OUT of a psychosis, the first time I used it. So well, good stuff.

Weed, didn't like it.

Kratom, small doses when I can't sleep, higher doses when I need a boost. Used it while waiting for proper meds.

All legal btw.

No. 86006

File: 1460480988932.jpg (523.33 KB, 853x638, img210a.jpg)

Also, just for you, lolcow:
I found this pamphlet (printed in 1961) called 'WHAT ABOUT SMOKING? A Brief Common-Sense Discussion' at a local garage sale. It is full of many such amusing anecdotes such as pic related and humorous illustrations. Chapter X, The Menace of Marihuana, is a particular gem.

No. 86010

I've done lsd, shrooms, mdma and I assume 2-cb (got it and thought it was acid, turned out to be something else).
tilidin/tramadol (=pain meds, opioids) is nice too.

I've done weed on a daily basis in my teens, but now it only makes me dissociate much more and gives me anxiety attacks.

No. 86011

>shocked me OUT of a psychosis
how? I'm curious

No. 86035

I've done pot and LSD, don't want anything stronger. I wouldn't say I use shrooms regularily, but around every few months.

No. 86037

I'm not sure, psilocybine kind of 'resets' the brain, so maybe it's like a chemical ECT? But obviously it isn't a permanent solution like ECT, after a while it can come back again. Plus it's unreliable, it really is a big gamble whether it could help, or make you worse.

No. 86117

Personally I find that reading lists of the drugs people have done is boring as shit and doesn't generate much conversation, so I'll ask: what is your favourite combination of drugs?

Twice over the last month I've found myself on a cocktail of weed, xanax, and lsd, and have had a fantastic time. The LSD is the primary high but it also counteracts any drowsiness I get from xanax or weed, and weed seems to enhance the acid trip a bit. The xanax removes any anxiety I might have about a bad trip (it's an actual prescription for anxiety) and gets me in a great mood. Would recommend.

No. 86133

You too? I have a panic attack and feel "locked up" inside no matter what strain I've tried. Sometimes I dissociate. Everyone insists that I'm imagining thing/am crazy. "WEED IS DA BEST ITS MEDICINE"

No. 86138

Do you still feel compelled to smoke it?

No. 86140

File: 1460513912204.jpg (1.13 MB, 1280x1667, whoosh.jpg)

it is boring! whenever the topic comes up in person i find myself wondering if i every really graduated high school and if this is all just a fever dream

lsd is nice, i have heard so many people say this and that would lead to a bad trip but i find that a day alone with acid and some weed and a beer at the end is pure gold.

for some reason i will spontaneously get the shakes when i am smoking mj. sometimes i think i am just imagining them but i can see my hands shaking and it's a little unnerving. i find a beer or two helps. it may be just too much coffee. coffee + a bowl = how i get stuff done; so maybe i just get too tensed up. alcohol is ok, but there's definitely a "tipping point" for myself and for others. you've got to know how to ride the buzz and not drink too much or else the night is done for.

i'm glad it helps with your anxiety! that sounds positively delightful. i was prescribed klonopin (sp?) against my will as a younger person. i absolutely hated it because i was terrified of how it might change my personality, most people think i was stupid and would have loved having the prescription but ironically i associate pills and the like with the utmost of stress and anxiety and they just make me feel sick and give me nightmares. i'm glad they have a positive use for you! funny how things affect people differently

No. 86144

i've done acid, shrooms, weed, moxy and ketamine.

i love combining acid and weed partway through the trip because all of my visuals change into something much softer and natural looking, if that makes sense.

two out of the three times i've done moxy, my trips have been awful. i took it a third time last night and it was actually very enjoyable.

No. 86148

Not so much compelled as pressures into it by friends who swear its amazing and the problem is with me. They seem to think that if I smoke more, it will help. It does not, or hasn't yet.

No. 86149

In my experience stoners are so used to being told straight up lies about the negative effects of weed that they're immune to any criticism of it at all even when valid. That mentality was what led me to dependency issues, I thought smoking every day was harmless when it wasn't. I've only recently substantially cut back and honestly you might need to stop hanging around with them if that's what keeps happening when you're with them.
My friends don't seem to want to cut back at all so I've been seeing them a lot less lately.

No. 86151

Personally I've never been one for drinking much (I think the last time I was drunk was September) which might explain my affinity for weed and other drugs, and I'm also worried about drinking while on benzos and fucking up my liver or just making a fool of myself.

Is the shaking ever present while sober? You could try taking one substance at a time to try and isolate the cause of the shaking if it bothers you, maybe just have a coffee, or just smoke a bowl, and see if/when it pops up?

I get what you mean about changing your personality. If I'm on 1 mg of xanax I can control myself but usually any more in a night and I'm a little more loose lipped about personal issues than I'd like. Also taking them too often makes me wary of dependency so there's a little anxiety added there ironically.
Never taken Klonopin before but from my understanding, it's slower acting and longer lasting which usually doesn't help with mental states if you're on a drug you don't really want to be on. If I sleep on a xanax I don't think I'd even be capable of dreaming lol. Hope you find something that helps you.

No. 86160

I feel you. it's no imagination, I've seen documentaries and some people react this way on thc (with panic/anxiety).
I know that feeling of being locked inside, too, but I have a weird body image/feeling to begin with.

No. 86172

I don't combine anything, when I'm high on shrooms I counteract anxiety by finding sources of light. Yep. light. The sun, lightbulbs, lamps or pretty much anything that gives off light put me at peace. You should try it, see if it works.

The bad thing is, if you spend 4 hours staring at a lamp your eyes will be dry and fucked for ages.

No. 86179

a good combination is shrooms and mdma.
acid + mdma should be good too.

LSD or shrooms are good combined with nature ;)

No. 86180

+ all criticism of it seems like some massive conspiracy against DA EXPANSION OF CONSHASNASS

No. 86181

FUCK MY LIFE I took some truffles in amsterdam last weekend and literally shot into a vortex that culminated in the faceless head of Hilary Clinton smashing against mine so violently I woke back up and I had passed out in the middle of a bar with the whole place looking down at me.

Then I every single thought or perception I've had deconstructed over the next 12 hours (this might be ego death?) and it was like nothing was ever going to make me comfortable or happy again because both those things are psychological constructions and don't really exist.

+ there were kaleidoscopes of faces of all the dead black people that had died in the process of building the white empire in which we exist all over the bathroom walls.

it was so fucking intense, maybe it was because they were synthetic and made in a lab? that idea made me more paranoid i felt so poisoned.

anyone else had experiences like?

No. 86186

File: 1460551267237.jpg (64.21 KB, 460x259, hilz.jpg)

No. 86187

>the faceless head of Hilary Clinton smashing against mine
> there were kaleidoscopes of faces of all the dead black people that had died in the process of building the white empire

Shrooms and Tumblr: A bad combination

No. 86189

yeah literally, I have over 10,000 pointless posts

No. 86191

does anyone know the difference between lab made hallucinogens?

No. 86193

I love weed/hash but I can't really smoke much because it literally makes me stupid. My vocabulary decreases like a motherfucker and it takes me weeks to boot my dumb brain back up after a binge. That and the fact that if i have it i will smoke it. I guess I have an addictive personality. I mean I can and will smoke all day every if i buy some, but then I'll forget about the stuff for like a year. Idk. Other than that I did LSD once, it was funny but I'm not doing it again.

No. 86199

wow that sounds really awful. are you okay now?

I've never had lab psylos but I've had lsd which is also synthetic. there's a difference, but it's important what you occupy yourself with before you're doing drugs.

No. 86207

Yeah I'm fine now. I'm not like the horror stories you hear about where people are like stuck in psychosis for eternity.

Yeah you 100% need to occupy yourself. I shot into a vortex because we were all just sitting around in a circle drinking tea and everything just felt so fucking mundane I felt like I was going to explode.

No. 86209

File: 1460564321176.jpg (77.54 KB, 460x460, prettymuch.jpg)

i'm not one for drinking either tbh it just kind of takes the edge off when i'm hanging out with people. weed is greatly preferred - but yes preserve that liver! i totally understand that line of thinking. i got drunk on my birthday in march and ended up crying on the floor in my friend's bathroom haha. absolutely mortifying, i don't see myself drinking anything else for a long time kek

i found myself shaking just now, no coffee or weed, just really perturbed about something. i usually blame the mj but i think it just may be that pesky anxiety. currently taking some deep breaths, i think i just get wrapped up in my thoughts and forget to breathe haha. but for real apparently breathing is essential

when i was younger i used to get so stressed out i'd have out of body experiences. it was only later in life i learned what they were called so i think it may be something like that, just on a less dramatic scale. i think smoking helps keep me generally calm but it's up to me to manage small scale freakouts

ahh the legendary loose lipped-ness! haha yeah i get you there. it's so thrilling to be relaxed and be able to talk about literally anything without constant self policing, and often it's just really satisfying to be too honest. most people are wrapped up in their own dramas anyhow, don't worry about it too much <3 it's ok to just talk

you seem like such a pleasant human to chill with, drugs or not. i hope your life gets better and better anon

No. 86214

Man. The worst bathroom-walls-turning-into-other-things experience that I've had was when everything turned into cats. apparently this is a common thing.
anon, next time, think about cats instead of the white empire.

No. 86218

Which strain? Dutchii perhaps? That is a fairly new strain that can be quite a heavy experience.

Furthermore, what were you thinking? Taking psilocybin truffles IN A BAR?! You should take them in a familiar, safe place, with someone you can trust.

Also ego death and an existential crisis at the end of your trip are very common. If you would've done it in a hotel room, it would've been less intense.

Next time, stay in a room, alone or with 1 person. Keep it dark, or watch a movie. Or maybe do some in the forest. But don't do it in an environment like a bar ffs.

No. 86241

File: 1460576486388.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264, ldx37Io.jpg)


Yeah the bar wasn't a great place because it made all our social interactions seem unbearably mundane. Movies are dumb so I couldn't have bared that either. It didn't get better back at the hotel room but perhaps it was too late by then.

I'm not sure I want to do them again, it was so horrific. If I did it would have to be in forest like you say, or in a garden on a really sunny day.

No. 86242

Atlantis should be pretty mild usually, it really was the environment then that effed you up.

In a forest or garden would already be a huge improvement, with tripping it's all about the setting. How you are feeling, where you are and who are with you.

The trick with it not getting horrific, is keeping in mind that it will pass. No matter which feelings/thoughts you get, it will pass. You don't have to panic.

No. 86253

File: 1460582815456.jpg (34.24 KB, 400x305, houba_mexiko-1.jpg)

My best trip was after a huge binge on shrooms. I sat around being insanely happy for around an hour (so I'm told, I had no concept of time) then I worshipped a lamp for 4 hours. This ikea lamp was the most beautiful thing in the world to me, I could feel its light enter me like a loving warmth, entering through my skin and then washing over my body in waves like an orgasm of warmth and joy. I didn't feel the time pass by at all, my brain was glitching up with time. I couldn't feel in the present even when I tried. The rim of the lamp seemed to spin around and everything was so bright and colourful. When I closed my eyes I saw intense visions. To be fair I took a heroic dose, didn't even weigh it, just took all the dried ones I had (at least 6 grams at the time?) and a whole bunch of fresh ones.

10/10 would do again. Never do it without a chaperone though. I had my bf at the time looking after me. He was worried I was brain damaged lol, because I was drooling and could barely communicate beyond "The lamp…"

No. 86255

anyone here tried jimsom weed? I've read a lot of fucked up trip stories on erowid.

No. 86256

Jimson, fuck

No. 86289

My last time drunk was a similar experience, too much red wine and I was effectively became a garden ornament for the rest of the party I was at, haven't been too inclined to do it again since then lol.

Can't really offer much advice if your shaking happens when you're sober unfortunately, but at least you know that the drugs you take aren't fucking you up in that particular respect.
I've never had an out of body experience but I'm very interested in the idea of it, although maybe an OBE as a result of stress might not be as fun. I'm curious as to what they're like but I don't think I want to take huge amounts of drugs to trigger one. I'm glad the stress related OBEs stopped for you because it sounds really unnerving.

>it's so thrilling to be relaxed and be able to talk about literally anything without constant self policing, and often it's just really satisfying to be too honest

I get you 100%. It might just be xanax, but I suspect it has something to do with me not feeling comfortable talking about personal stuff at all when sober or just on weed, so much so that it's like opening the floodgates when I take one. I'm hoping at some point my tolerance stops this, or I just run out of personal things to say.

>you seem like such a pleasant human to chill with, drugs or not. i hope your life gets better and better anon

:-) You too, sometimes I forget it's possible to have nice conversations with anons.

No. 86290

I know what you mean. It took a long time for me to admit to myself that I'm slower, less creative, and unproductive when high. I think part of it was because I felt inferior for being so affected by something that other people all over the world seem to be able to do without side effects, and part of it because if I admit the side effects to myself, I admit to myself that I wasted a large part of my life/money doing something so harmful to myself. That, and when I was smoking all the time there wasn't even time for introspection or time to observe how different I am when sober. Obviously this won't apply to everyone, but in my circle of friends that do smoke I've yet to see an exception.

Not to go off on a tangent, but I think I get what is meant by 'weed is a gateway drug'. People smoke weed for the first couple of times, realise it's relatively harmless in spite of what authority figures say about it, and develop a mistrust for what the authorities say about drugs in general and decide to experiment with other drugs or use weed liberally.
I wish weed was more akin to alcohol in terms of public perception (ie safe in moderation, but can easily lead to dependency) just because I think it would lead to less distrust and misinformation about weed and drugs in general.

No. 86322

I've really only been consistently smoking weed. Sometimes I'll eat edibles, but not often.

The worst high I got from weed was when I tried using a bong for the first time. I took too big a hit and spent half the night on the front lawn of my friend's place hallucinating a faceless white cat while trying not to die. Even worse is that when people would talk to me everything started spinning more violently. After I finally came down, I decided to stick with joints and edibles.

The best experience was smoking with my friend. We pretty much spent the night listening to trip hop and reminiscing about our childhood.

I find I get the best rest from it too. I don't have too much of an issue with anxiety if I let myself settle into the high.

I would like to try other drugs. Mainly codeine, xanax, Molly, and maybe PCP and vicodin. Like, the only other thing I've had outside of weed was laughing gas. Which was a nice high, I was calm and happy. The only thing I didn't like was that I ended up with a sore jaw from clenching.

No. 86323

What's the appeal of PCP?

No. 86325

I still haven't learned how to properly smoke weed.

No. 86327

Get someone to smoke a bong but leave the smoke in the chamber for you, then breathe in, hold for 3 seconds, breathe out.

No. 86338

Seems like it would be an interesting high.

See, I like joints for ease of use, at least to me it's easier. That, and it isn't as easy for me to fuck myself over when doing a hit.

No. 86376

Once you know what is happening inside a bong it's not even remotely difficult. I think you've built it up to something it's not in your head, it's simple enough that stoners can do it.

Light the weed, cover the shotty hole with a finger and suck air in from the chamber slowly so that the smoke from the lit weed collects in the chamber. When there's enough smoke in the chamber, or the weed has all been burnt, take your finger off the shotty hole and breath in deeper so that outside air can enter the chamber through the shotty and accompany the smoke into your lungs. Hold and exhale. That's it. The water is just there to cool down the smoke as it passes through the pipe into the chamber and make it less harsh.

Joints waste so much weed I can't smoke them in good conscience when a bong is available.

No. 86377

I think it can initially make you more creative and want to do exciting things. Eventually though when you realise it allows you to mong out for 7 hours in front of the internet it doesn't.

I smoked for two years and then the paranoia just got too much from ConSpiracy documentaries. 'IS MY COLLEGE LEXXCTURER A LIZARD?!!'

No. 86378

Anyone here super into Ketamine? Cuz I am

No. 86380

I had a daily thing with weed for 4 years, now I have a daily thing with dexedrine and never smoke weed. I get a lot more done now.
I compliment the dex with magnesium, nicotine and caffeine.
I still semi-regularly take ecstasy too. I never drink so it's good to have a thing I can be on when I'm partying.
My list of drugs I've done is boring though, a few different trips, a few different benzos, a couple opiates. Nangs.

No. 86381

File: 1460641419581.jpeg (151.85 KB, 1001x667, image.jpeg)

I was once like you. Made everyone else do the Bong work for me till I had to do it myself when I would get a hangover. You just need practice. Alternatively, you can get a vape. I bought this one for my bf and it's a god send.

No. 86382

I've done a day alone on acid and wrapped it up with some beer, best way to end a trip ever. The only thing that was missing was my ability to go outside and not having my partner in crime around.

No. 86393

I could try it again, but my first experience was just terrible.So I'm not sure. Now see, I've actually been interested in getting a vape. Got any suggestions?

No. 86394

>benzos (but I was drunk so I didn't feel anything)

m80 that doesn't make any sense, benzos + booze fucks you up good and proper, what dosage were you doing?

That doesn't sound like acid or ecstasy. LSD doesn't make you hallucinate, per se, more like it means shit warps, but that either sounds like really low dose LSD or some other new/ novel psych.

No. 86396

not the best combo in terms of having a party or any kind of deep realisations, but the highest I've ever been was coming down from mdma, smoking a few joints, a LOT of ketamine and nitrous balloons. I forgot how to speak english for a while.

No. 86398

How into it are you, anon? Watch your bladder.

I spent 3 months a few years ago constantly high. Like I think there wasn't a single 24 hour period I didn't have k in my system, I only stopped because I ran out of money. This was back when it was cheap, plentiful and high quality. I was buying it in bulk off darknet markets, sometimes as little as £10 a gram for good, on weight shit.

A friend told me I was "the most boring person ever" for those 3 months. I definitely don't regret it, it's not like I had anything better to do at the time and I'm down to using it maybe once or twice every few months now.

No. 86403

Only the one pictured. It's the pax ploom 1st gen I think. I didn't research it, my be did & I bought it as a gift. I love it though. Retard proof.

No. 86404

Most people loosely define hallucinate as seeing things that aren't there/actually happening. Like seeing the weird patterns and shit, someone might define that as hallucinating. I know I've "seen" some shit out of the corner of my eye in the dark.

No. 86409

how is being on k

No. 86429

Vapes are good if you need to get high discreetly, other than that you're not getting as much bang for your buck as you do with a bong. I have a vape and compared to a bong, it's like suddenly realising you've been high for the last ten minutes rather than feeling the high hit you, which is my favourite part.
Please don't fork out $250+ because you couldn't figure out how to use a bong.

No one is born knowing how to use a bong, and I've been smoking regularly for years and will still cough every now and then. Watch a slow mo bong rip on youtube to get a conceptual understanding if you need to lol.

No. 86430

Absolutely. Some people might be creative and have that creativity amplified by weed, but if you're not the creative type, weed won't turn you into one, and people that claim to need weed to 'get the creative juices flowing' tend to just have shit ideas that get through the filter because they're too high to care/realise.

It's great if you have nothing to do but browse all day because it makes it fun, but also removes the desire to change that situation in the first place.

No. 86435

Honestly though a vape is more convenient than a bong and I don't buy that you get more bang for your buck. I. Terms of what, your weed or your delivery system? Granted I'm not a huge stoner but honestly, there's no difference. I live in a legal state so we have grade and great delivery systems. I'm a paranoid smoker so I don't like to carry all that equipment around anyway.

No. 86437

Do antidepressants work?

No. 86439

Depends what your situation is. They helped me to stop being suicidal and not be so anxious. But my main problem is adhd so I have comorbidity that clouds that. Regardless, it brought me out of that depression fog and gave me some energy to go about my day (Effexor specifically).

No. 86445

No. 86446

I just want to stop having suicidal thoughts do they work for that?

No. 86453

Try eating less carbs and exercising

No. 86455

So how many carbs is cutting less carbs? I'll try exercising btw thank you. If I can get out of my bed. But perhaps if I cut the carbs out I'll feel good enough to get out of my bed no?

No. 86456

Try eating nothing with overt carbohydrates. You can't avoid them all obviously since even veggies have them, but try for a week to go atkins. You'll be amazed at how energetic you'll feel. It might and probably isn't the solution to your problem (depression due to grief? Illness? ) but it'll help immensely.

No. 86465

In terms of amount of weed used per how high you get, how fast you get high, and how long that high lasts, bongs win in every category. Vaping is a much slower process than even two or three bong hits, which means the high onset is gradual. There are obviously situations where vapes are more beneficial (transporting equipment like you said, smell, etc.) but if you're asking about the best way to get high with friends or by yourself, where being caught isn't an issue, the answer is a bong.

>Granted I'm not a huge stoner but honestly, there's no difference.

You do raise an interesting point actually, I'm speaking from the point of view of someone whose tolerance has stayed more or less consistent over a few years. Someone that doesn't smoke regularly might not notice the difference between vapes and bongs as much, but that said, I wouldn't recommend buying a $250 vape for someone who doesn't smoke regularly.

I have a vape and a glass bong and honestly I regret buying the vape, I'm not in situations where I need to smoke discreetly nearly often enough for it to be a good investment.

No. 86467

Please don't listen to random anons on things like radically changing your diet to alter your mental state, they're not dieticians, people react differently to different diets, and carbs, like everything else, are fine in moderation.
Saying something like 'try eating less carbs' when they don't even know your carb intake to begin with is just fucking stupid, especially when the original question was about antidepressants.

Both diet and antidepressants are something you should be talking about with professionals. Antidepressants give different effects to different people so you shouldn't be discouraged if the first one you try doesn't work, it doesn't mean you're 'incurable'.

No. 86482

File: 1460692764845.png (24.58 KB, 120x120, CIFskEz.png)

I just recently started smoking weed– my friend says if you smoke a cigarette or cigar after you smoke you can get higher? is this true?

I really do like weed like.. damn…it's so nice.. but my lungs can't really take it. I might start investing in larger amounts and make edibles.

No. 86486

It's just headspins, you don't get higher.

No. 86491

There isn't great scientific basis for it in general, but new diets are worth trying and experimenting with. I think some people have varying degrees of blood sugar regulation issues, in which case carb consumption can affect their energy moreso than others.

I personally tend to have more energy if I'm fasting. Paradoxically.

No. 86503

I agree that diets can be beneficial, but when someone asks something like 'do antidepressants work, I just want to stop my suicidal thoughts', 'eat less carbs' is pretty much useless.

No. 86517

Only for severe depression. Other wise it isn't worth the side effects.

With other disorders you can't be on just anti depressants, because then it could make you suicidal. So you would be put on anti depressants + mood stabilizer or anti depressants + anti psychotics etc.

For MILD depression, exercise and lifestyle changes can work, but we're talking about MILD depression then.

No. 86518

Having more energy while fasting, is the high ana-chans feel.

No. 86519

It's less useless than antidepressants. Besides, I also told them to exercise. Exercise has been solidly proven to help with depression, unlike antidepressants.

No. 86520

I feel more energetic when fasting too. I guess it explains why all those skellies are so crazy.

No. 86521

I smoke weed erryday and have tried coke & MDMA. I love MD but I never go out enough to to it regularly and it doesn't work now I'm on antidepressants. I bought two tabs of acid a few months ago and still haven't used them bc I'm a bit scared lol

No. 86522

Exercise has been shown to help with MILD depression, and anti depressants have been shown to help with SEVERE depression.
Not every depression is the same.

No. 86545

I have the opportunity to drop acid for the 3rd time soon but I think I'm gonna pass, just because I'd have to be with someone I can barely stand while sober. :(((((

No. 86550

>just because I'd have to be with someone I can barely stand while sober. :(((((

That sucks but it's a smart decision, you don't want to have a bad trip

No. 86555

Yeah, I stopped wanting to an hero over every little thing. They definitely help, definitely worth it.
You can do all that other shit that's good for your health once you're able to function normally. Just focus on getting out the door to an appointment anon. Hope you feel better.

No. 86578

>Exercise is less useless than antidepressants in terms of treating depression
In case anyone was still thinking about taking mental health advice from this anon, reconsider.

No. 86579

You probably don't even need a trip sitter for your third time unless bad things happened the first 2 times.

No. 86609


Samefag here, and are you me? Thats pretty much exactly what happened to me for like 2 or 3 months. I had a uti for like a week. That was a few years ago and now i only do it on special occasions. Its really fun to mix with mdma… And it calms you down if you get pmma by accident.

No. 86654

Has anyone ever taken concerta?

No. 86655

Yes. It does give you a hyperfocus/concentration boost much like adderall or other stims, but it makes you feel like a complete zombie. No emotions, nothing interests you; if you don't have an activity planned out to conduct you'll feel anxious. The idea of food makes you feel nauseous (can be a good or bad thing, depending on your motives). Sleep deprivation will kick in and make you paranoid if you're not careful. No real purpose for it unless you've got an essay to write in some real crunch time.

No. 86656

Acid is really great. If it's your first time, try a small amount first, pop on some chillwave, maybe go outside if you're in a safe area. It's really lovely stuff. Maybe snag some 5-htp for the comedown (never done it myself but heard good things), or just smoke a few bowls to ease it.

No. 86657

I did two grams of shrooms by myself (my friend said I need 4 grams to truly hallucinate or trip, so I thought I might try 2g. for now), and I felt like a kid again. Just couldn't stop laughing and everything felt lovely but a bit interesting.

No. 86660

I'm prescribed and Dx though. Are you speaking on behalf of someone Dx or someone who buys for recreation/studying? Just took my 1st tab and I feel no difference.

No. 86661


My friend introduced me to Shpongle on my 1st trip. Music is key.

No. 89969

I dropped acid a couple days ago but I don't know if it was LSD or what, exactly. It was cool, pretty visuals and weird thoughts, spent some time freaking myself out by staring in the mirror. It was also the first time I'd heard Dark Side of the Moon and that was really neat. It took a couple hours to start up, and for a while I thought the visual quirks I'd noticed were just because I was tired. 10/10 will do 2 tabs next time

No. 90309

I didn't believe I'd be able to enjoy that band when I first checked them out sober but my brain on shrooms loved them. It was like the music was inside my brain

No. 90338

LSD will not work properly is you are on SSRIs. Same goes for other psys like shrooms.
Also it's potentially dangerous to combine MDMA and SSRIs. It could cause serotonin syndrome.

No. 90591

it's like regular amphetamine only smoother and cleaner feeling, doubly long lasting and with tactile euphoria (similar to a low dose of mdma, you get a kick out of touching shit). it is only slightly more euphoric than regular amphetamine in higher doses imo. the comedown can also be way harsher and the paranoia way more severe.

No. 90625

Yes for mdma (serotonin syndrome is a given), but personally, not for lsd. I've been able to trip just as fine/intensely on an ssnri as I have off of it.

No. 90634

It also highly.HIGHLY. depends how you do it. Orally it's like an adderall. Snorting it's marginally better/euphoric. Smoking is way potent, euphoric, and you get a head rush. I never IV'd it but that's the final way

No. 90665

I did ecstasy the first time yesterday
won't ever do it again… took it orally at 6:30pm and didn't feel the effects until around 10pm but everyone else felt the effects after only 20 minuets
since it wasn't effecting me I did a bump about an hour later then took more orally and then we all went for a walk in the forest. I had so much more fun in the woods just hanging out "sober" than when the high finally kicked in and in hindsight that's probably my fault. when we came back we all did another bump and took 3.5g of mushrooms. I started feeling the effects almost immidiately afterwards, and it hit me like a fucking ton of bricks… I suddenly felt extremely eutrophic relaxed and comfortable and my body became extremely heavy and I couldn't stand at all. I laid on the floor for hours fully conscience listening to my friends but was so out of it I couldn't interact hardly at all and they were all worried about me. around midnight I started to have a panic attack and wanted to go home, so my bf and I decided to drive home and I have NEVER been more fucking terrified in my life. I was sobbing and freaking out the whole time afraid we would be pulled over or kill someone while driving and literally felt like my life was over… I'm absolutely positive that I had/have seratonin syndrome since I stopped taking Zoloft only five days ago. everyone else had a really great time and no one had the effects like I did but this experience is enough to deter me from ever doing it again. I don't want to fuck with anything man made anymore or anything else in the foreseeable future

No. 90725

You should get your information BEFORE you take hard drugs.

My experiences:

MDMA - Best drug out there if pure and used responsibly. Really helped me grow as a person.

Amphetamines - ok-ish, boring since I get Adderall on prescription anyway

Opiates/Opioids - Great but addictive as fuck. Withdrawal isn’t worth it.

Amphetamine and Opiates: Way too good, would not recommend because it ruins you.

Benzos - Same as opiates, though less fun

Weed - boring

Cocaine - Fun if good quality but way too expensive and it makes you do stupid things like alcohol

Any sort of research chemicals - Don't fuck with this shit

Ecstacy Pills - Can be fun if you're close to the Netherlands and have access to drug checking. Would't touch this shit in the US. Though I don't know for what reason anyone would prefer pills over actual mdma crystals except maybe for the fun shapes and colors.

What I’ll never do: Crack & Meth for obvious reasons, psychedelic drugs like LSD or shrooms because I don’t trust my brain.
I’d like to try ketamine in the future.

No. 90738

Why ket and not lsd? I've heard freaky shit about ket. Honesty, I took it during a time that I had depression and was on an ssnri, but I was still depressed, just not suicidal. I've grown so much from that experience and have developed so much self awareness from it. You can always start with a small dose just to feel it. Idk, it's such a great adventure that you experience in chapters. What are you concerned your brain will do?

No. 90796

>>Way too good, would not recommend because it ruins you.

Good reviews/list anon– but tbh the drug itself doesn't ruin you unless you have a pre existing heart condition. As long as you eat, sleep, use vitamin supplements and exercise it's fine. Even the dopamine receptors can be repaired in a few months. People (myself included at one point) try to chase the euphoria high too much and they refuse to eat or sleep. But at that point you either take a tolerance break or smoke meth. I love meth but tweakers are the worst type of people so it's not worth it.

I do agree MDMA is the bomb and the best drug. It's crazy how some people do it every weekend because THAT shit will kill you. lol. Also I'm not big on psychedelics either.

No. 90797

Note that dopamine receptors can come back fairly easily, but serotonin receptors may never repair. So you have to be a lot more careful with MDMA than other drugs.

No. 90802

Shrooms and mdma should be fine. Most things with mdma is fucking great. I think the zoloft just fucked your shit up. 5 days off of it isn't enough imo. Also depends what exactly is in your ecstacy.. Like the other anon said, do your research. Don't be that girl who can't handle their drugs. If you can't handle anxiety don't take drugs. It's impossible to have a bad time with ecstacy if you're doing it right

No. 90806

This is true. The more I read about the long term effects of regular mdma use the more it concerns me for all the stupid people out there who abuse the fuck out of it. Cognitive decline, overheating the brain, shrinking the hippocampus, etc. There are so many benefits to trying it at least once/using it minimally, especially given the studies showing it helps treat people with PTSD.

No. 90807

Yeah. You really have to wait 6 weeks minimum between doses, and ideally 3 months.

No. 90810

yeah I have no doubt in my mind it was the Zoloft that fucked me up so bad. everyone else had a blast and didn't crash and burn like I did. if I ever decide to do it again months from now then I'll definitely take a smaller dose and wait longer before doing a bump for the effects to properly kick in the way they should've. it's shitty my first experience with it was fairly negative since I've only heard great things about it and I really want to experience it the way it's supposed to be and I wont go anywhere that I'll have to drive back home from - that was probably my biggest mistake since I was aware that seratonin syndrome was a probable possibility for me…

No. 90816

It can take several months for your serotonin receptors to get back to baseline after stopping SSRIs like Zoloft, if you've taken them for a while.

No. 90818

Your best bet is to do some research and lay off rec drugs OP.

No. 90828

i love weed and have been sober bcos i had a falling out with my dealer and i have no friends so i can't pick it up another way

feelsbad :/

No. 90845

order some online

it's pretty easy and safe. sometimes expensive, though.

No. 90873

Sure narc….

No. 90909


- ritalin/amphetamine/adderall
- Test. E. in very low doses
- Caffeine

All about that performance enhancement, both mentally & physically

No. 112645

File: 1476588436091.gif (1.1 MB, 339x500, 1474254774575.gif)

I've done acid a few times and weed. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but after smoking enough times with my friends I decided to buy some for myself and it made me sick every time I tried it. Now I'm pretty turned off to the drug as a whole.

LSD changed my life in all honesty. Helped with my depression and my overall attitude towards life. Much less melodramatic now and am super easy going whereas before I used to freak out about the future and worry myself sick over everything. The hallucinations were also cool as fuck obviously, but those didn't teach me anything aside from how subjective reality is which to be fair is kind of a big one.

I'm pretty open to most drugs aside from retard-tier ones like crack and heroin. I'd like to take molly, ketamine, and shrooms the most though

No. 112647

Have you guys actually never had hallucinations on LSD?

I have gotten visuals out the ass on just 110ug

To name a few just from that first trip:
>Some weird shadow lion and his cub were walking around on the roof of my apartment. Clear as day
>a bull popping out of the arch of a building
>cigarette turned into a lizard's tail
>faces on trees and rocks, along with personalities (became best friends with one, I'd come back to check up on him every few hours and shoot the shit with him)
>letters rearranging themselves on signs
>the blocks were numbered while I was playing jenga and the numbers kept changing very quickly
>two smokestacks with cartoon faces smoking cigarettes
>face on a statue sticks his tongue out at me

You get the idea

No. 112654

File: 1476595707645.gif (339.49 KB, 200x186, 1476546490298.gif)

>What drugs have you done?

DPH (benadryl lol), marijuana, LSD, shrooms, DMT, MDMA, alcohol, DXM (robotussin), hydrocodone, lorazepam, xanax, and i did cocaine once but didn't really get too high off it.

>What drugs do you use regularly?

Marijuana daily, alcohol sometimes. Did LSD a few months ago after not having tripped in about two years.

No. 112655

Oh I forgot some, 2CE, 2ct2, spice. I've done those too.

No. 112658

Absolutely none (not even a blunt). I'm socially retarded and have no idea where I could get some even though I've been wanting to try lsd to see if it would have an effect on my depresssion/anxiety.

No. 112659

Tell me about your dmt experience anon

No. 112660

I realise I'm replying to a 6 month old post, but as this thread has been bumped anyway, for anyone reading it through, this is false.

Here's a link
>A review of studies stretching back to 1981 concluded that regular exercise can improve mood in people with mild to moderate depression. It also may play a supporting role in treating severe depression.
>Another study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, divided 156 men and women with depression into three groups. One group took part in an aerobic exercise program, another took the SSRI sertraline (Zoloft), and a third did both. At the 16-week mark, depression had eased in all three groups. About 60%–70% of the people in all three groups could no longer be classed as having major depression. In fact, group scores on two rating scales of depression were essentially the same. This suggests that for those who need or wish to avoid drugs, exercise might be an acceptable substitute for antidepressants.

Exercise really does help. And unless you're diagnosed as severe, you shouldn't assume you are, because it's not that common, and it's next to impossible to say how severe you are, you have no frame of reference really. Even if you are, exercise helps.

No. 112695

File: 1476635037181.jpg (15.52 KB, 479x296, lmao.jpg)

>What drugs have you done?
Trust me, a lot.
What drugs do you use regularly?

No. 112705

File: 1476640048448.gif (656.85 KB, 500x648, 1436270472191.gif)

I smoked it on a sunny day reclining on a lounge chair inside a screened in porch. My friend from the other end of the states gave it to me for free, she sprinkled some on top of a bowl of weed and I hit it wrong, apparently… I didn't quite "break through" to the "other side" but… as I looked at the houses across the street it was as if I saw each individual particle making up everything in my field of view turn into writhing shapes which then flickered upward like smoke or mist while getting smaller and smaller as they disappeared into the blue cloudless sky. I looked to my right where a paisley patterned curtain with a sort of vintage aesthetic was covering the living room window. A second later I returned my gaze to the view across the street, but two of the paisley patterns remained in the bottom right corner of my vision. Except they were made of translucent green and purple energy, the kind that you see against the darkness of the inside of your eyelids. Not only were the paisley beings alive and moving, they emanated a wordless anger which frightened me so greatly that within seconds everything which was abnormal to the sober mind vanished and suddenly my friend was asking me how I liked DMT. I was told my experience only lasted 7 minutes. Wish I had inhaled it correctly. Would recommend the documentary "The Spirit Molecule" if you're really curious about this substance which our brains naturally produce.

No. 112706

Thanks you. Already saw the documentation hence my question :)

No. 112707

No problem. Ah, great! :) I was lucky enough to get some from a friend but I bought 2CE from the darknet once I'm sure you can find DMT somewhere online.

No. 112719

> have used
oxy (only once)

> use regularly

none. i don't have access and don't really know anyone or hang around those crowds anymore (and it's probably better i keep it that way)

i used to really like shrooms and always felt like i had opened my mind i new ways after a trip.

No. 112746

i can see why you would want to try a hallucinogen to help depression/anxiety but please be aware drugs can also make these issues worse. if you do try these drugs, please do it in a place you are comfortable and with people you trust.

No. 112747

thats really fucking trippy. i thought those kinds of hallucinations were just made up on tv by people that have never actually done acid and just assume that's what its like.

for me, the hallucations were like the other anon described - objects around me warping, shapes, colors, patterns moving.

No. 112748

File: 1476651199519.gif (1.99 MB, 490x490, kytten.gif)

I've only had weed and I use it regularly. I do it a few times a week, most of them being only one or two hits off of a pipe and then one night where I go to town. When I do a lot, I tend to get pretty existential in a good way. I get different perspectives on things than I would sober which can be really helpful, but I also often descend into typical stoner amazement ("Oh my god, you guys, us and dogs are different species and we're, like, best friends. That's so amaaaaazing").

Once in a blue moon I'll drink alcohol and smoke a lot of weed. That shit's pretty fun, but most of my friends don't like the combo. I'd be interested to try LSD or MDMA if ever given the opportunity.

No. 112806

I don't know if I ever try DMT. I have much respect for it. But at the same time it's so fascinating.. I like to read Terence Mckenna's experiences too.
2-CE was very funny, buyed it thinking it was acid, but it's totally different. I laughed so much about almost everything, including hallucinations.

No. 112815

i've smoked weed in the past but it is boring/ makes me crazy paranoid so i don't usually smoke anymore. i do mdma with my bf like 2-3 times a year. the last couple times i've started to kind of dislike it, because i can't stop thinking about how i'll never be that happy in real life.

No. 112816

>what drugs have you done?

Weed <- …my love.
molly <- personally, with what mental illnesses I suffer from, this was amazing. The only thing that keeps me from doing this more is the anxiety over drinking too much or too little water.
acid <- twice. not really impressive.
shrooms <- once. made the mistake of overpreparing for this experience and had a bad trip. You really need to be in the right mindset to try shrooms or you're going to get fucked.
DMT <- tried it at 2am in a boat in the middle of the lake. Wasn't impressive and smelled like a shoe store
salvia <- tried it three times. smells so bad and every time I had a bad trip so no thank you.
coke <- once, just to try. I fucking hated it. All it did was get me hyped and anxious and the sensation in my nose was like when you accidentally snort pool water.
Spice <- fuck. this. shit.

>what drugs do you use regularly?

I only smoke pot regularly and I don't drink. My friends say I'm disgustingly responsible with cannabis, as I will force you to wait until you're okay to drive or help sober you up with cold water and cracked black pepper if anyone smokes with me and I will smack extra brownies out of peoples' hands if I know they'll regret it. (my friends are the type to take one and be like "oh? I don't feel anything?" and then once they finish five brownies, it hits them too hard and they end up puking for the rest of our time together.)

No. 112817


doubleposting but funny enough I was the president of my anti-drug club in middle school. top fucking kek.

No. 112828

what kind of mental illness did mdma help you with?
I can relate to the anxiety issue. I loved the trip itself but the come down is so awful.

No. 112831


My depression, my anxiety, and my PTSD.
I knew my shit was still there, but it felt like it had all melted or faded away for a while and I felt something close to happiness? or at the very least, normalcy. It was lovely and I saw why scientists are working on using mdma to treat veterans with PTSD and mental disorders brought on by war.

The comedown was actually quite nice for me. The afterglow was so peaceful. It's even nice just thinking about it lol

and then I later found out that if I could die from drinking too much water/drinking not enough water and I was like "well that's enough of that"

No. 112832

MDMA can be pretty bad for depression though, especially if you consider that using it too often leads directly to a depressive state even in normal people, combined with the increased risk of substance abuse for people with mental illness of any kind, and it's not the smartest combo.

In a therapy setting, sure, but I wouldn't recommend just popping them at home for that reason.

No. 112833


Yeah, that's something else I found out afterwards. I got extremely lucky there. I'd never take it by myself at home frequently, like one would with weed. Only in social settings and it's been like…4-ish years since the last time I took it.

Still, got lucky that my depression didn't get worse. Not many people can say that.

No. 112847

I used to use morphine and I occasionally drink. Love opiates in general but it gets addictive real quick. One of these days I want to get my hands on some shrooms and try acid at least once just for the hell of it. I read that shrooms are supposed to help with depression so that's a bonus.

No. 112868

File: 1476745703473.png (1.4 MB, 757x720, 1.png)

Eh I wasn't looking to try it specifically. My friend just offered it to me. I wouldn't say my experience was bad at all on it. The moment I got scared, there was no longer any reason to be afraid.

2CE on the other hand, I got addicted to for a few months. Ordered in bulk from CanadaRC, it must have been at least a gram. Started out filling gel capsules from Vitamin Shoppe, then moved on to snorting it at least once a week. Ended up in the psych ward, had to drop out of school because they kept me there for a month and it was near finals. Got stuck in the gears of the psych industry for far too long after that.

No. 112894

sorry I mistaked 2ce for something else (psychedelic on blotter like lsd)

>I got addicted for a few months

>got stuck in the gears of the psych industry
how are you now?

No. 112920

File: 1476806624548.png (297.05 KB, 576x566, b816b1523b18fe0b4d056d22abf424…)

I'm no longer on medication or in therapy, getting by on just vaporizing weed. Don't have random crying fits although sometimes I find it hard to sleep. I haven't gone more than one night without sleeping again though, that's when it gets bad. I wasted too many years on big pharma's pills without getting therapy. If you've been diagnosed with a mental illness you may find therapy is all you really need. My psychiatrist told me I'd have to be on mood stabilizers for the rest of my life, and once I stopped taking them without consulting her she said I must not really be bipolar, I must just have Borderline Personality Disorder if I feel better off meds. Joke is the person who actually gave me therapy said I had made too much progress to have borderline, and the Psychiatrist never offered therapy because (DIRECT QUOTE) "it's too much drama to deal with patients' problems". DEALING WITH PROBLEMS IS HARD HERE TAKE THESE DRUGS

No. 112921

File: 1476806764867.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 1476670327634.jpg)

No. 113060

>My psychiatrist told me I'd have to be on mood stabilizers for the rest of my life, and once I stopped taking them without consulting her she said I must not really be bipolar, I must just have Borderline Personality Disorder if I feel better off meds

Kek, this never happened. Bipolar and Borderline aren't similar at all, they don't present the same, they don't have the same symptoms, nothing.

Same with
>Joke is the person who actually gave me therapy said I had made too much progress to have borderline

People with BPD recover just fine if they're willing to do therapy, there's whole styles of therapy dedicated to treating them.

No. 113087


Bipolar and BPD have some overlapping symptoms anon. They are very similar in terms of mood instability, self-injury, suicidal ideation, mood swings, etc. That being said the "reason" for these behaviors is different and is treated differently.

I went to various doctors for many years and also was told at first i was borderline but then was later given a bipolar diagnosis. Once treated all of my "borderline traits" went away, totally new person now.

No. 113088

>Bipolar and BPD have some overlapping symptoms anon. They are very similar in terms of mood instability, self-injury, suicidal ideation, mood swings, etc. That being said the "reason" for these behaviors is different and is treated differently.

But they're not. Like, at all. Episodes of Bipolar (depressive or manic) last at least two weeks. A mood swing for BPD could last an hour, and be changed by someone assuring you that everything is fine.

>I went to various doctors for many years and also was told at first i was borderline but then was later given a bipolar diagnosis. Once treated all of my "borderline traits" went away, totally new person now.

Well, good for you, I'm glad you're doing better.

It doesn't change that Bipolar and BPD aren't at all similar. BPD has no mania present, or inherent depression. And Bipolar doesn't have any of the other features of BPD.

No. 113089

File: 1476983524294.jpg (160.18 KB, 600x628, big_pharma_church.jpg)

If you don't want to believe me, it's your own fault for having such strong preconceived notions about the authority of Psychiatrists and their shit fucking industr- I mean """medical field"""

I am not >>113087

No. 113090

>Bipolar and Borderline have NOTHING in common!!! That's why studies have been conducted to reveal their distinct differences, because it is impossible to confuse one for the other!!!!!

No. 113091


>Episodes of Bipolar (depressive or manic) last at least two weeks.

Not necessarily true. Ultra rapid cycling (cycles lasting a few days) or ultradian (cycles lasting less than a day) are possible. Bipolar isn't always a perfect cycle.

Some people may cycle in a few days , then may have a week long episode later one etc. Some people may have a short 1-3 day hypomanic episode and then have it followed by months long of depressive episode etc.

BPD mood swings are largely triggered by environmental factors, whereas BP is episodic. BP swings can sometimes be triggered by environmental things, but for the most part it just happens on its own.

That being said obvs they are different but they really do have overlapping symptoms or similar ones at least.

No. 113092

>your life never happened

go away /r9k/

No. 113093

What works well for focus/energy so you can write thesis and shit ?

No. 113094


replying to this post and your previous one. I'm glad that you have found a drug that works for you (weed). I do also agree that therapy is something everyone should get if they have mental health issues. I went to professional therapy for many many years and would also "practice" CBT by myself by trying to adjust my thoughts on the daily and completing workbooks.

Obviously taking drugs or doing drugs for mental health is not inherently bad. I am a big advocate for anti-stigmatizing medications. Some people may need them a lot, others may only need them for a little while, and some many not need them at all. Brain chemistry can also change so someone who used to take something like mood stabilizers like you with good results may not need them for life.

Some doctors really do prescribe anything and wrongly, which is not ok. A lot of them are paid by certain companies to recommend or prescribe certain things so it's important to take everything with a grain of salt.

No. 113096

File: 1476985818099.jpg (382.58 KB, 600x622, Birth_Big_Pharma_600.jpg)

Thank you. I had EMDR therapy mainly, I would say that was more helpful in changing my brain chemistry than the mood stabilizers were. On the mood stabilizers I was mainly just numb and/or dissociated until it was time to take my pills again at which point I'd start sobbing without provocation.

I was never told that taking them only for a little while was an option. I was told I needed to be on multiple drugs that had adverse side effects for the rest of my life. It's worse if you're inside a hospital, they can give you drugs against your will without ever telling you what they are. Once I couldn't sleep for three days so my family took me to the ER where they gave me a shot in my arm and suddenly I was no longer in the chair in the ER; I awoke in a gown on a steel slab in a room with no windows. My mom was holding my hand and kept telling me everything would be okay. A nurse escorted her out and I had terrifying hallucinations for an indeterminate period of time until I woke up again in the psych ward. They administered another involuntary injection during my stay and one of the pills they made me take gave me a seizure.

No. 113099

>my self medication is better than these researched medications and treatments because it worked for me and I have a comic!


Yes, that's what I said. That they have nothing in common. Not that they're so different in presentation and symptom that it would be essentially impossible for a trained psychiatrist to mistake them.

>Ultra rapid cycling (cycles lasting a few days) or ultradian (cycles lasting less than a day) are possible.

Do you have a source about these? I always here people talk about them existing, but from my understanding (which isn't perfect of course, I'm not a doctor so if I'm wrong here, please, link me something showing that) a manic or depressive episode must last at least two weeks, and that anything shorter doesn't count as a full episode. Yet (once again, from my understanding, if I'm wrong, links would be appreciated), a diagnosis of Bipolar requires either the presence of a depressive or (hypo)manic episodes. Anything about diagnosis of these being recognised would be appreciated.

I do recognise that Bipolar isn't a perfect cycle though, most of the time people with it are relatively normal, not in the grips of an active episode.

>BPD mood swings are largely triggered by environmental factors, whereas BP is episodic. BP swings can sometimes be triggered by environmental things, but for the most part it just happens on its own.

Nah, BPD mood swings are almost always triggered by something. Whether that be something that actually happened, or something that they assumed happened is a whole different matter though.

>That being said obvs they are different but they really do have overlapping symptoms or similar ones at least.

There's some similarities, sure, but they're really superficial, and any more understanding of either disorder shows that they really aren't at all that related, apart from both including mood fluctuation of some sort.

I appreciate you discussing this though, even if we don't entirely agree.

Come on, you could at least tone down the samefagging a little bit. Not everyone who disagrees with you is /r9k/, and I don't think anything I said suggested I was.

I agree almost completely with this post, though I'd advocate people are hesitant with trying drugs with potential for recreational use to fix their issues, as that leads really easily to addiction.

As far as I know though, the whole "paid off by muh big pharma!" is almost exclusively an American thing. Ads for medications of any sort except for like paracetamol or cough medicine are illegal in my country, for example, and we're relatively well known (Aus).

No. 113100

Apologies, I misread the discussion of BPD and BP episodes as it all being about BPD. I agree completely with that section, BP episodes can be set off by shit, but generally aren't.

No. 113106

File: 1476987761848.jpg (529.14 KB, 2048x2048, sadbernie.jpg)

I don't care about anything you have to say because you literally said that events that occurred in my life never happened. You have NO idea what it's like being admitted to an American mental hospital against your will, what it's like afterwards. Shut the fuck up.

No. 113108

I said that the events in your life never happened because they obviously didn't, retard. No psychiatrist will go "Oh, you got better without medications? Must have been this unrelated disorder, instead of you just simply getting better like people sometimes do for seemingly no reason".

It's kind of hard to play it off as not caring about what I say when you samefagged several responses to me, by the way.

No. 113109

File: 1476990430887.jpg (105.28 KB, 602x709, ccde238fa22d8a8cf07f0ca770aeb6…)


Nothing you say will change what happened. Have you ever even been to the USA?


>If you have bipolar disorder, you may need to take medication indefinitely and possibly for the rest of your life.

First fucking sentence.


It must be nice over there in Australia.

No. 113110

>If you have bipolar disorder, you may need to take medication indefinitely and possibly for the rest of your life.

I never denied this?

I denied this part
>once I stopped taking them without consulting her she said I must not really be bipolar, I must just have Borderline Personality Disorder if I feel better off meds

>Joke is the person who actually gave me therapy said I had made too much progress to have borderline

Because they are completely nonsensical, ignore the basic nature of both disorders, and show that you're talking from an amateur perspective of both what they are, and treatable they are.

No. 113111

File: 1476991709765.jpg (113.69 KB, 960x719, russia.jpg)

>a doctor would never attempt to justify having told you that you would need medication for the rest of your life after being wrong

>a therapist would never tell their patient that their treatment had been successful

Tell me anon, what did Dr. Castellanos actually say to me when I stopped taking meds without consulting her??? :)

No. 113112

>a doctor would never attempt to justify having told you that you would need medication for the rest of your life after being wrong

I really doubt a psychiatrist would go "Oh, you're in a state where you aren't displaying active symptoms? It must have been this almost completely unrelated disorder". You realise that bipolar can go years without active episodes for seemingly no reason, right? And that, as I said, it presents absolutely nothing like BPD?

>a therapist would never tell their patient that their treatment had been successful

That's not what I said at all though. I said a therapist wouldn't go "Oh no, couldn't be BPD, you've gotten better!", because people with BPD are absolutely capable of getting better.

>Tell me anon, what did Dr. Castellanos actually say to me when I stopped taking meds without consulting her???

Wow gee you sure showed me by asking an impossible to answer question for me that doesn't actually support what you're saying or refute what I'm saying.

Hey, while we're at it, what did I eat for dinner last night? If you can't answer, I'm right, just by the way.

No. 113113

File: 1476993162919.jpg (74.6 KB, 640x480, honestpolitician.jpg)


That's not what she said at all. Before I stopped taking the medication, I asked her if I should do it because I was still having symptoms (random dissociation and crying) on the medication. She said that was a bad idea because she had a patient with Bipolar Type I who stopped taking his medication after 20 years of being on it and soon after he stopped the regimen he had a manic episode and pushed his wife in a restaurant.

I asked her if I could stop taking medication after spending 4 years on different combinations, after once having been on so much Latuda that I started having involuntary muscle tremors, and I was still hearing voices, still crying, still having anxiety attacks.

I stopped taking them without consulting anyone. When I told her about it at the next appointment she initially tried to get me to get back on the medication. Then she asked me what my worst manic incident was so I told her about that one time with the gun. She said that she wasn't sure because she didn't know the whole story but it seemed like my problem was actually poor impulse control related to childhood trauma, from what she had seen between me and my family when they used to insist on sitting in during sessions. She said to ask my therapist if I had borderline because that can cause psychosis and mood swings as well.

My therapist did not tell me I could not possibly ever have had borderline, she said I didn't have BPD BECAUSE I had gotten better. See, she's not an MD, so she has no incentive to tell a healthy person that they are sick.

BTW you're lying, you didn't have dinner last night. How does that feel?

No. 113114

>I stopped taking them without consulting anyone. When I told her about it at the next appointment she initially tried to get me to get back on the medication. Then she asked me what my worst manic incident was so I told her about that one time with the gun. She said that she wasn't sure because she didn't know the whole story but it seemed like my problem was actually poor impulse control related to childhood trauma, from what she had seen between me and my family when they used to insist on sitting in during sessions. She said to ask my therapist if I had borderline because that can cause psychosis and mood swings as well.

So, to put it in a more accurate way, you misrepresented your episodes to your psychiatrist, and then bitched when they got it wrong?

That's actually even better than what I said.

And either way, no-one went "Oh, you're better without medication? Must be borderline", like you said, you just explained it more accurately to them and they asked if your therapist had ever asked you about another disorder.

Why lie anon? I get you think that muh big pharma is out to get you, but why intentionally misrepresent your story to try to convince others to do what you think is right? You didn't have Bipolar, and you going around and telling people you did and that weed cured it is just going to hurt people. It's legal in plenty of places. If it helped Bipolar, it would be a recognised treatment in those places for it. It isn't, because it doesn't, and it can be directly harmful for them.

>she said I didn't have BPD BECAUSE I had gotten better.

Which is, like the rest of your story, a load of shit. People with BPD do react to therapy. They react better to some forms than others, but if they're willing to do it, they can improve from basic CBT.

Or are you trying to claim that they're now going you don't have BPD because you just recovered from it without anyone knowing you had it and your doctor was actually trying to trick you into muh big pharma schemes all along?

>BTW you're lying, you didn't have dinner last night. How does that feel?

Feels like the leftovers I just finished were very unfulfilling, what with them not being there and all.

No. 113116

File: 1477000792314.jpg (66.98 KB, 600x374, KeefeM20101107.jpg)

I didn't misrepresent JACK SHIT to ANYONE.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by hospital staff after being admitted for not sleeping for three days. I would say being unable to sleep for three days despite wanting to is a pretty clear sign of mania.

My private Psychiatrist said that if I were truly Bipolar I would have felt better on the medication and that it was impossible for me to be bipolar if I felt I could function without it.

The therapist never said I never had BPD. She said I had improved too much for me to currently have it at this moment in time.

There are studies showing that it can be directly helpful for people with bipolar disorder, actually.

>muh memes


Try having something other than ignorance for dinner.

No. 113118

File: 1477001138662.jpg (67.42 KB, 520x520, 7271028_f520.jpg)

No. 113138

>I didn't misrepresent JACK SHIT to ANYONE.


>I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by hospital staff after being admitted for not sleeping for three days. I would say being unable to sleep for three days despite wanting to is a pretty clear sign of mania.

It's a clear sign of distress, you can't be in a full manic episode within three days though. Maybe you heard them mention Bipolar, but you clearly weren't diagnosed.

>There are studies showing that it can be directly helpful for people with bipolar disorder, actually.

Why don't you link them then? I'd be interested in reading how a substance with potential for recreational use and abuse is at all recommended for someone with a fragile already mental state.

Seriously though, take off the tin foil hat. Big pharma isn't out to get you, you weren't tricked by your doctor or some shit, you just clearly misrepresented what you were going through severely, and they made the wrong choice as a result.

There's literally dozens of studies showing how medications can help people, you sperging out about them doesn't change that.

No. 113140

File: 1477009471645.jpg (289.83 KB, 594x375, usa.jpg)

The hospital gave me papers that said I had bipolar and explained what it was. I don't have them because it was over three years ago.

Me sperging out? What about the confessions of all the people who used to work in this industry? John Virapen is just a 'sperging' lying quack, right?

>Why don't you link them then?

I've been accused of "linking things too often" in arguments a lot. I'm glad you're at least willing to look at these, although it doesn't seem like you looked at my other sources either.




Unfortunately marijuana remains a schedule I drug federally despite the FDA recommending otherwise to the DEA.

Just because medications CAN help people doesn't mean that people SHOULD take them. At the very least doctors shouldn't tell a bipolar person that they will have to be medicated indefinitely for the rest of their lives, I have a UK schizoaffective friend and she said she was on meds for a while but the doctor never told her she'd have to be on them forever. And schizoaffective symptoms are supposedly worse in some aspects.

No. 113142

>The hospital gave me papers that said I had bipolar and explained what it was. I don't have them because it was over three years ago.



This just says they think a bit clearer, not that it helps with the actual symptoms of Bipolar. Neurocognitive impairment isn't the thing someone with Bipolar needs to focus on handling (generally). They need to focus on stopping the cycle of manic and depressive states.


Same as above.


This doesn't really say anything about whether it helps or not, though I do agree with the content that more research could be useful.

My point as to why it's not so helpful is that (ignoring that there's been links drawn to emergence of psychosis), it is by its nature a recreational substance. People with mental health issues are at a far increased risk of substance abuse than the general population, and even if it does make them feel better, the risk for developing a dependence on it to cope with your issues at all, which does lead to tolerance (can't exactly take a t break when you're in crisis), which does lead to situations where you just end up back where you were before at best, with less money. More likely though, you'd also have the symptoms that abuse of cannabis does carry.

It's the same reason why they don't give everyone who has stress benzo's. Sure, they do work, they work exceptionally well at what they're meant to do. But it's way too easy to develop a dependence on them and end up with an addiction to it and not learned anything about how to manage your particular issues.

And until there are studies that show that it does help with the potentially dangerous symptoms of Bipolar, I think it's harmful to tell people not to take medication and just to smoke forever.

You may not have had Bipolar, and in your case, it's great it helped you. But for someone who does, they're going to need more than a joint here or there to recover.

>Just because medications CAN help people doesn't mean that people SHOULD take them.

Agree completely. There's paths that should be followed first. Though I don't really think there's a difference between having to smoke pot forever to be okay and having to take a pill at night to be okay, in both cases you're relying on drug therapy forever.

>t the very least doctors shouldn't tell a bipolar person that they will have to be medicated indefinitely for the rest of their lives, I have a UK schizoaffective friend and she said she was on meds for a while but the doctor never told her she'd have to be on them forever.

I can't talk to this, I've at most had a doctor say it's something that potentially might have to be taken forever, but that to come back in a few months and review how things were going then.

No. 113150

File: 1477016465896.jpg (67.57 KB, 500x500, boat.jpg)

Look, I don't believe I ever said "dude just do weed every day and you'll be fine ayy lmao fam". I just wanted to share my personal experiences because I got asked to elaborate on them.

I personally found LSD to be much more helpful than marijuana in that it allowed me to objectively examine myself without shying away from unpleasant thoughts.

I shared a link to a study done in the UK this year on LSD that indicates that it may have therapeutic potential for treatment resistant depression and PTSD in particular. But I believe it should be schedule II and taken under the care of a trusted therapist, not sold over the counter under any circumstances and always taken in a very controlled environment. I don't think people should "trip" more than once or twice a year.

> Though I don't really think there's a difference between having to smoke pot forever to be okay and having to take a pill at night to be okay, in both cases you're relying on drug therapy forever.

That's true in a sense, except marijuana doesn't have any of the harmful side effects that the drugs I was on have. Latuda, a mood stabilizer that is the only FDA approved drug to treat bipolar depression, changed the way my body processed carbohydrates. I became overweight for my height on the BMI by about 5lbs, so I started taking Topiramate, an anti-seizure medication that causes short term memory loss, for its side effect of weight loss. It is funny to me that you say

>they don't give everyone who has stress benzo's

because my Psychiatrist knew full well about my history of drug use and prescribed me .5mg of Lorazepam for anxiety. It's ironic because I'm the crazy anon hippie druggie poster right? But I have a whole bottle of Lorazepam in a drawer that I don't even want to take because I transcended the need to take it for anxiety and the side effects are fucking horrible anyway. Oh, and I was prescribed Temazepam, another benzo, so I could sleep at night, right? And my mother actually was the one who told me not to take it too often for sleep because she had read online that it could cause serious kidney problems.

Marijuana doesn't hurt your kidneys and intoxicates less than alcohol (multiple Olympic athletes have competed with marijuana in their bloodstream, look up Ross Rebagliati).

Honestly I would advise everyone against smoking ANYTHING every day. If you're going to get potted up on weed every day, cannabis oil or cannabis vaporization are the healthiest ways to do it.

I don't think everyone should do this. But for instance; someone in my family has diabetic neuropathy, and I think maybe if the vote passes in our state this November, patients like him would see a huge improvement, at least in quality of life. Right now he drinks alcohol to be able to fall asleep, except white wine is fucking loaded with sugar. There's research showing marijuana helps with this exact problem: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00781001

The only thing that I would universally recommend to everyone, even if they have never had a diagnosis of a mental illness, is therapy. I can't personally speak to the effectiveness of CBT, but EMDR was really helpful in helping to reprocess trauma for me personally.

It seems like we might actually agree on more things than not.

I just want people to make informed decisions. Question everything. Peace be with you.

No. 113156

>I shared a link to a study done in the UK this year on LSD that indicates that it may have therapeutic potential for treatment resistant depression and PTSD in particular. But I believe it should be schedule II and taken under the care of a trusted therapist, not sold over the counter under any circumstances and always taken in a very controlled environment.

Yep, I agree completely. It seems to have some use as a therapeutic tool, but not just as a cure you take yourself.

>Latuda, a mood stabilizer that is the only FDA approved drug to treat bipolar depression

I've been on it, but from memory, Latuda is primarily an anti-psychotic medication that also seems to help with depression in Bipolar patients. There's lots of meds that help with depression in them, it's just relatively unique because it does both pretty well.

> It's ironic because I'm the crazy anon hippie druggie poster right? But I have a whole bottle of Lorazepam in a drawer that I don't even want to take because I transcended the need to take it for anxiety and the side effects are fucking horrible anyway. Oh, and I was prescribed Temazepam, another benzo, so I could sleep at night, right?

Okay? It still stands that they don't give everyone who's got anxiety benzo's, they're heavily restricted medications.

In my country, alprazolam is one of the absolute hardest medications to get prescribed, to the point where doctors have to go out of their way to get special licensing to be able to give a script for longer than a month of it, and it's controlled by a central office (pharmacy must contact them to make sure the script's been approved). People still get it, but it's rare.

>Marijuana doesn't hurt your kidneys and intoxicates less than alcohol (multiple Olympic athletes have competed with marijuana in their bloodstream, look up Ross Rebagliati).

Intoxicates less than alcohol isn't much of a statement, though I get what you're saying.

Someone who's drank too much can be just as fucked up as some junkie who's nodding.

>Honestly I would advise everyone against smoking ANYTHING every day. If you're going to get potted up on weed every day, cannabis oil or cannabis vaporization are the healthiest ways to do it.

I'd advice against use of anything that's not prescribed every day really. Drugs like that (With recreational usages I mean) should be used when you absolutely need to. To use the example of benzo's again, if you get a script for, say alprazolam for panic disorder, you're not meant to take that whenever you're stressed, or whenever you have a panic attack. It's for when you're in crisis.

Same goes for pot. If you're going to self medicate with something like that, it's incredibly important to realise that addiction does form really easily, and self medication has led fucking heaps of people from just smoking sometimes, to smoking all the time, to taking benzos, and then you're dealing with potential fatal wd's from that.

It's a very fraught path to take, especially when there are non-addictive options that don't have recreational uses.

>The only thing that I would universally recommend to everyone, even if they have never had a diagnosis of a mental illness, is therapy. I can't personally speak to the effectiveness of CBT, but EMDR was really helpful in helping to reprocess trauma for me personally.

Yep, once again, I agree completely. You don't need a mental illness diagnosis to do therapy (and it's honestly next to impossible to diagnose someone without them regularly consulting a therapist), and it should absolutely be your first choice if you're struggling, not medication.

People are too eager to just take a pill and fix everything, and not have to possibly work on themselves, or confront intense things like traumatic events, or changing major parts about how they live day to day.

>It seems like we might actually agree on more things than not.

>I just want people to make informed decisions.

Yep, I agree. My main issue was that it seemed like you were coming across as "I'm Bipolar and weed cured me! Don't take your medications, just smoke week, it's a magic cure". But it doesn't seem that way, and I agree with what you're saying generally.

No. 113157

File: 1477021963203.jpg (37.93 KB, 750x653, dabs.jpg)

Latuda helped with psychosis when it was really bad, but it never really did anything about the depression/crying fits and it had other awful side effects. When I was at the highest dose (120mg when i'm pretty short) I had really intense muscle tremors where I couldn't move because I was twitching so hard.

My psychiatrist told me I couldn't be on regular SSRIs or MAOIs because they had a chance of making me manic.

>If you're going to self medicate with something like that, it's incredibly important to realise that addiction does form really easily, and self medication has led fucking heaps of people from just smoking sometimes, to smoking all the time, to taking benzos, and then you're dealing with potential fatal wd's from that.

I agree that benzos are terrible from both a health stand-point and a recreational high stand-point. But as I said, I have had a full bottle of Lorazepam for months since I stopped taking all prescription meds. I abused it recreationally a few times but I eventually started getting pretty bad nausea when I would only take 1.5mg at most. I don't want to take it even at the prescribed dose anymore. Benzos are terrible.

My first high and my first drug of choice was not marijuana, but benadryl. Fucking benadryl has a recreational use and I got addicted for a short period of time in my childhood, no joke. I'd rather someone my age back then smoke weed than do benadryl. Benadryl was available to me over the counter.

Nah, therapy cured me not weed. Meditation, talk therapy, private mantras, etc. I'm really grateful to have people that love me who pushed me to get therapy.

No. 113158

File: 1477022756315.jpg (75.07 KB, 400x473, quack quack.jpg)

I've done weed, a couple different stims, Benadryl, Dex, and methadone (w/o my consent).

Right now I have a prescription for offbrand Lexapro and Vyvanse. Used to take Wellbutrin, but found I leveled off pretty rapidly on it w/o much energy payoff. The Vyvanse is immensely better but I think I'll be forced to take breaks to keep my body from getting too used to it. I can bear to go to my stressful job and I don't cry anymore, wouldn't want to quit these drugs anytime soon. Sidenote: I tried Adderall from a friend once but coincidentally I got an insane inner ear infection literally the same day so I don't remember experiencing anything significant bc I was sick as a dog.

Before I went on these pills, I self-medicated with weed. When I lived in a blue state weed was a lot easier to obtain and I found myself indulging recreationally at least a week or two continuously every month. It really helped my stress and anxiety during grad school, and helped ease my existential dread. It curved my eating disorder and helped me sleep when I needed to.
Music and animation were wonderful while high.
These days, living in a red state, I never get any weed and my bf is hesitant to help me. So…whatever I guess. It really is my favorite drug though. I'm convinced if I had it I wouldn't need the Lexapro or the stims.

Tbh Dex and Benadryl are probably the most stupid drugs I've ever taken in excess and would never try again. I took such a retarded dose of Benadryl I'm surprised I didn't do major damage. Seriously I probably had in excess of 2000mg within 16 hours. I was seeing spiders, felt "rolling" sensations over my brain, and had strange ticks.

My list of to-trys:
Curious about Salvia but idk.

Would never bother to try coke. Refuse to do meth and most opiod pain killers.

No. 113160

>Latuda helped with psychosis when it was really bad, but it never really did anything about the depression/crying fits and it had other awful side effects. When I was at the highest dose (120mg when i'm pretty short) I had really intense muscle tremors where I couldn't move because I was twitching so hard.

Yeah, didn't help with either for me, just make me dizzy and disoriented. But still, from memory it's primarily an anti-psychotic.

>I agree that benzos are terrible from both a health stand-point and a recreational high stand-point. But as I said, I have had a full bottle of Lorazepam for months since I stopped taking all prescription meds

Yeah, and that might be the case for you, but I'd still say that self medication is a risky path for anyone to go down, because it turns from just sometimes when it's justified to a full blown addiction very quickly, and you don't notice it's happening the whole time, it seems justified.

>My first high and my first drug of choice was not marijuana, but benadryl. Fucking benadryl has a recreational use and I got addicted for a short period of time in my childhood, no joke. I'd rather someone my age back then smoke weed than do benadryl. Benadryl was available to me over the counter.

Yeah, over the counter highs are an issue too, but I don't really think I've heard of many people getting hooked on benadryl or dxm or something.

But yeah, I agree with you about therapy. It's the most important part of any recovery process, and should definitely be used before meds are even thought about, excluding very specific situations (active psychosis or mania for example).

No. 120195

File: 1480958585472.jpg (9.27 KB, 225x225, 1464096311345.jpg)

hash and/or booze usually every weekend. psilocybin shrooms maybe once or twice a year. i want to try coke…

No. 120200

File: 1480962389229.gif (1.72 MB, 400x225, 92xvKzT.gif)

dex is my fuckin life. you got to lay in the dark and listen to music to get the most out of it. i always feel dreamy like im floating in space or like im an alien and my body is my vessel in this strange dimension. it also helps to be thoughtful throughout the day by questioning life and existence

No. 120206

How the fuck do you not itch your eyes off?
My experience with dex was such garbage and it's not like I didn't dig for any research beforehand. I saw posts saying that there might be some itchiness but fuck me if that wasn't an understatement.

I itched myself raw and was basically incapacitated/nauseous for an entire day. Additionally I was so damn high I don't remember a lot of the trip. And I only know that because my high ass decided to record myself because I had no trip sitter, so I found that I said and did shit on video that I don't even remember doing. Freaky shit.

No. 120211

i dont get robo itch but i hear taking benadryl an hour beforehand helps with the itching and nausea so that sounds perfect for you. theres warnings not to take non-drowsy antihistamines (like zyrtec and claritin) with dxm so make sure you dont substitute with those. eating too much or too little before your trip also has a major effect on nausea. try eating some crackers before a trip and stay away from large or greasy meals.

being unable to remember the trip has something to do with an individual's brain chemistry. it's strange but common. out of curiosity, how many mgs did you take? if you're ever willing to try again, maybe take a smaller dose? the lower plateaus are just as worth exploring as the higher ones. dxm is so diverse and effects everyone in a variety of ways but the littlest things will make a big impact.

No. 120212

Weed, mushrooms, LSD, unknown RCs, mdma, mda, amphetamines, coke, probably meth, inhalents (I was a retarded teenager), tramodol, benzos, opiates, and heroin.

I really want to try DMT, but I'm waiting for the right time.

I drink everyday. I trip about once a month. I used to use valium a lot, but i don't need a benzo addiction. i still take molly at shows and clubs frequently. And I don't think anyone here would consider kava root or kratom to be drugs, but I use those a few times a week.

No. 120228

File: 1480981931305.png (285.91 KB, 600x450, 645737858.png)

>smoked hash for the first time

>Take Ecstasy



No. 120245

File: 1480992633329.jpg (7.64 KB, 259x195, consider.jpg)

Drugs are bad for you.

No. 120246

finally someone said it.

No. 120249

does anyone else have experience with migraines/weed? i have migraines where i see a lot of spots and have severe pain and get very confused (don't know who i am/where i am/who others are/have trouble talking/understanding when people talk to me). i've seen a neurologist for 8 years and i've tried sooo many medications but nothing works.

i had 2 edibles while i was having a migraine and it basically numbed the pain and the spots kinda moved to the far left of my vision so i could pretty much go about my day like a normal person. kinda want to look into a medical marijuana card but i'm on my mom's insurance and don't want her freaking out.

No. 120288

b-b-but i want to be like the cool kids

But in all honesty it feels really good after vomiting

No. 120305

Anyone had bad experiences with spice/k2/synthetic? Or whatever they call it in your region. I wouldn't ever touch that stuff but I do spend a lot of time watching youtube videos of people going crazy/acting retarded or like zombies in public on it. I find it fascinating. Also entertaining. There was a bad batch of it not long ago in my town and the "spice zombies" made front page news.

No. 120306

The spice melange?

No. 120308

File: 1481056264507.jpg (82.51 KB, 1000x636, coffee-mug.jpg)


No. 120309

File: 1481056373314.png (45.61 KB, 445x372, image.png)

420 everyday. I wanna try shrooms, but I fall on the schizo umbrella and worried I'll lose connection with reality. :/

No. 120333

File: 1481068858908.jpg (127.01 KB, 746x722, 27MKigZ5nUHNSSaSIOFHFPpPJw6ls9…)

I miss pills so bad. I've done a lot of drugs, but I can't shake how much I crave opiates.

I went to rehab years ago and now only really do them sometimes when the opportunity presents itself, but I know I'd get back addicted to it in a second if I had the money/connects. I'm an alcoholic now and it's just made me fat and I hate that.

I usually smoke weed to help me sleep, chill out at night, but I stopped last month for a job-related drug test I might be getting soon.

No. 120380

i've done spice on two different occasions.

first time when i was 15 in a social setting. i don't remember much of it but i had a good time and nobody was acting weird or crazy. just really amused and zoned out.

second when i was 18 and i did it alone. way less fun and a bit unsettling. personally, it feels like getting too intensely high on weed with some dissociation mixed in.

definitely not something i would intentionally seek out in the future.

No. 120395

I had a couple friends back in high school who were really into it but one time, one of the guys had an insanely bad trip on it where he got sick and was throwing up in the toilet, but he thought he was puking out massive amounts of his own guts and blood and thought it was flooding out of the toilet and starting to fill up the bathroom and drown him and he started screaming like hell. Never heard of anyone else having such a bad experience but I won't go near it because of that and neither will those guys anymore since that incident

No. 120472

File: 1481160312041.jpg (90.97 KB, 800x852, 1478728752547.jpg)


lmao I smoked that shit when I was 18 too

I had brought real cannabis to smoke and my friend had said he'd match my contribution but he had brought a "spice" called "Mr. Nice Guy" instead….

long story short the girl he and I were smoking with became nonverbal and acted extremely strange, throwing dead leaves at herself and rolling on the floor…

we were at school at the time, it was our lunch break and we had gone off campus. we needed to get back before class.

we got her in the car safely, she seemed to calm down. when we got her to the parking lot at school we thought everything was cool but she threw herself on the asphalt and started making animal noises and masturbating so that drew a crowd and we all almost didn't fucking graduate

she had to go to the hospital and apparently almost died or something

but they let us get our diplomas because the spice was legal.

Guess they didn't know I had brought actual cannabis to the park, oops.


No. 120991

Where are you from? Where I live mr. Nice guy is extremely popular, I haven't encountered the name outside of country.
The people I know who smoked this regularly had to be locked up in a closed psychiatric hospital because they became psychotic.

I know a guy who works at the narcotics department at the police, he said this thing is made from tea leaves, soaked in repellent products, dried and then soaked again. I don't remember really the details but I think you can guess this drug is just chemical garbage.

No. 120994

File: 1481642881599.jpg (13.86 KB, 165x115, IMG_1238.JPG)

My ol' art buddy knows I'm super stressed and broke (due to college related shit)
So he was a champ and just gave me a decently big bud, which made me happy as hell cause anxiety yo.
Anyways smoked that shit yesterday and it was the highest ive been since i took my first bong hit (given it was a giant glass bong) Ended up using the little money i had left to buy new underwear cause previously I had been too worried about other finances to allow myself that shit.
Cannabis is forever a best bro letting me get new bras n shit while i listen to my fave tunes.

No. 121038

I've been smoking indica for the past 6 months due to the fact that sativa fucked with my anti psychotic.

Now that I'm no longer on that shit I worked up the courage and got a sativa wax pen. It's like being high for the first time.

Like, what the fuck have I been doing?

No. 121154

This is going to sound dumb as fuck but where do you even get good shit? I want to take lsd, shrooms, anything that'll give me funky hallucinations. I'm fulltime NEET and have no friends so I have no idea how to get things.

No. 121212

well, get some friends for starters. connections really matter. if it gets to where you could actually buy stuff, you never know if a stranger is selling you want you actually want or if its laced.

No. 121224

You can grow shrooms yourself, just buy the spores online for "research" purposes. They even have full kits you can buy.

Or join your local mushroom hunting group. They won't let you keep the trippy ones, but then you'll learn where they are.

No. 121227

File: 1481838606113.jpg (24.91 KB, 640x627, 100fam.jpg)

>Where are you from?

Miami, Florida. I think the popular crazy drug here is called "flakka" now, basically a tweaked version of Mr. Nice Guy or something. People smoke it and strip naked inside banks and shit, kek.

A guilty pleasure of mine is that I enjoy watching videos of people on crazy drugs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r3MT-51jas

No. 121228

dark web yo. delivered straight to your door. do your research on using tor and bitcoin etc.

though it's a good idea to get some friends even just so you have a sitter. maybe post on a psychedelics subreddit and ask for friends and introductions locally (without sounding like a narc if possible)? acid freaks tend to be super nice and open so if you just posted your location and said you want to trip it might work out

No. 121229

I had a really nice time microdosing on LSD and I'd like to try microdosing DMT (besides full-on meet-the-aliens heroic doses).
I'm interested because I'm on sertraline and the side effects are so heavy and I hate it and want to come off. DMT (from what I've briefly read) is seretogenic and seems like it will make the ramping down easier, probably will help with the psychological aspects too. Also way cheaper and easier to obtain than LSD.
Any experiences?

No. 121231

For NEETs, darknet all the way. I suggest heading to reddit and reading up on that through their popular darknet subs

No. 121234

I use pot and heroin regularly, however I'm not addicted to the heroin. My partner and I have managed to balance somewhat regular use with not being addicted, at least not to the point of experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. Blessed.
Pot helps a lot of things and has facilitated sleep for me for the last few years and while I'm still dependent my use is starting to dwindle, I hope.

Should also be going on a ketamine binge soon, mite b fun (of course it will)

No. 121249

>use heroin somewhat regularly
>But I'm not addicted though!

You realise that addicts everywhere say that same shit right? That they control it, they can stop whenever they want, that they're totally different?

Addiction is almost completely mental, not getting withdrawals doesn't mean you aren't hooked.

No. 121257

>uses heroin regularly
>psychological dependence on pot

Bro, stop while you're ahead. Honestly.

No. 121258

just be careful you don't get serotonin syndrome, anon. good luck.

No. 121259

Mixing psychedelics and SSRIs is usually a bad idea. All classic psychedelics are serotonergic. Best case you'll feel almost nothing, worst case you'll get a really bad combination.

No. 121306

I've done weed, lsd, coke, 2CB, ecstasy.

Weed is fine but i don't like the munchies (ana-chan here)
LSD was my fave until it was impossible to get something decent in my city, i didn't want to take the risk.
I hate coke well…perico, it wears off so fast and it gets me in a bad mood.
And definitely love ecstasy to the core of my heart, is the best but sometimes but i get so depressed D: the comedown its the worst.

Want to try snorting some MDMA but i think


is pretty normal to feel nausea or to vomit with x…maybe try to eat well before you take it, every time i feel nauseous is because i haven't eating properly. Or simply you are taking too much.

No. 121308


samefag but omg i love watching those videos too!! in my country there's something "similar" called bazuco but not that crazy.

No. 121310

the mechanism of psychedelics is very different from SSRIs, so they won't treat antidepressant withdrawal (although they might help on a psychological level). and like >>121259 said, SSRIs usually weaken the effects of psychedelics, they effectively desensitize your serotonin receptors. although if you were able to trip on acid before it will probably be fine.

No. 121326

Thanks anon, I did consider that, but I thought that consistently lowering the dose of one drug and microdosing of the other would mean that at the very most, my serotonin level would remain constant.
My long-term goal with this is to normalise my serotonin receptors and not be reliant on such blunt-force meds.
Actually didn't get the opportunity for a full scale trip on acid, but I had what was probably more than a microdose, since everything looked prettier and I experienced slight euphoria. My point is, the reaction seemed normal, so I'm hopeful for this DMT experiment.

No. 121327

I'm super looking forward to my batch of weed honey that's been steeping for a long while now. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of edible for very low, everyday, medicinal doses? Anti-anxiety, sleep troubles etc

No. 121328

Hey anon here's a guide to buying shit off the dark net. Good luck and find yourself a sitter

No. 121333

>I'm fulltime NEET
Kill yourself, parasite

No. 121336

>what drugs have you done
Opiates (prescription pills)
Heroin (Intravenous and snorted)
MDMA (rock & pressed pills)

>what drugs do you use regularly


I've done a lot of "hard" drugs but never really had any addiction problems? I guess I'm just too flakey to even become an addict haha. I always have a blast on Xanax and my DMT experience was one of the most interesting moments of my life. I would say I had a positive experience with almost all of the drugs I've tried except meth, and heroin. Something about opiates make me puke my brains out, I just don't get the hype.

No. 172182

You're probably dosing too heavy if any opiates make you puke, a little bit of nausea is likely, but you shouldn't be throwing up if you're smart about it.

No. 172591

I wish I had the money and a good dealer to smoke weed everyday. :(

No. 173645

There is every chance that the person you're replying to is addicted but the logic you just used to determine that implies that pretty much everyone who uses drugs is addicted to them, which is wrong and dumb.

No. 173646

Can't believe that this thread is still around, but I'm the person you're replying to, and my issue wasn't with people saying exercise is good for depression (I know it is), but with them saying it was more effective than antidepressants.
I'd encourage anyone to exercise whether they were depressed or not

No. 173648

DMT is my ultimate goal, but I'm too chickenshit to fuck around with the dark net and it's impossible to find irl where I am

No. 173675

>tfw have to be nice to people you cant stand because they're your drug source

No. 174286

File: 1483070158232.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x1500, Hometown-Lake.jpg)

Anyone else like to create art while under the influence even if you're just smoking some dope or relaxing with a beer? One trip, on a certain dissociative, I was captivated by psychedelic artwork after depression turned me off from drawing for years and it's gotten me into art again, completely changing my work for the better. Nothing more euphoric than opiates, listening to my favourite tunes, and turning a sketch into a personal masterpiece. It's like I have some sort of creative bone in my body again.

I've also been interested in trip journals and keeping a log of how I feel/what I'm thinking while I'm out of my mind but haven't quite gotten around to buying a journal yet. I saw some cute decorated journals on tumblr and now I really want to get my hands on a bunch of craft stuff so I can personalize it too.

No. 188158

>What drugs have you done?
Marihuana and some strong sleeping pills of a friend of mine. Never again.

>What drugs do you use regularly?

I smoke marihuana (microdoses) maybe two or three times a week if i'm having trouble sleeping or if i'm too anxious. I use for recreational proposes in the weekend because is cheaper than alcohol in my country

I want to try mushrooms 'cause a friend told me is something very similar to marihuana. I also want to try coke, MDMA and acid but i'm a chicken.

No. 188166

I have done everything except ketamine and heroin. I have a high tolerance to stims so I'm trying to take a break

No. 188187

File: 1493158052753.jpeg (55.22 KB, 735x411, 22986377164670463a5a66d6547dab…)

>when you bump the thread to tell people you smoked grass

No. 188389

I've never done any drugs except alcohol (which I love and I would do more of if it didn't make you fat) but I would love to try coke. Is it true cokeheads are usually assholes tho?

No. 188391

Yeah, because coke turns you in to a shitty person? Is this a joke? Don't do coke. I mean do it if you want to. Say goodbye to your cash, health, friends, and dignity though. Just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There are better drugs out there.

No. 188396

Generally, yeah, cokeheads are assholes because they're by definition addicts and the drug can make you really aggressive/full of yourself

I feel like you and I are on an eternal battle over this, "don't do coke"-anon. I've done coke a thousand times, even did it daily for almost a whole year and never got to losing dignity, friends or cash (can't say the same about health, my nose bled constantly). Never got addicted. I like alcohol a hell of a lot more than coke tbh.

No. 188405

I don't want to be a dick but
>did it daily for almost a whole year
>Never got addicted


No. 188406

In a way though I get what they're saying. It's kinda hard to have a hardcore addiction to yayo. It's too expensive and the tolerance goes away so quickly. If you do enough uppers they eventually will just feel like a cup of coffee. They probably just gave up chasing the high. Cuz it's easy to do that. Other shit withdrawals are a bitch

No. 188407

I moved to a new town, and always got my contacts through friends. How on earth I'm I supposed to get some weed and molly here? ;_;

I think I need to use the Onion, but somehow I also want to know someone I can go spontaneous and regularly to.

No. 188409

I've done a literal shit ton of drugs. To the point where people generally don't believe me, so I don't even talk about it except to best friends.

I'd estimate I've done about 60+ different drugs. All the regular street ones minus crack, meth and heroin (but I did do the pharma analogues) and research chemicals out the ass.

I had to stop because I had to get my shit together eventually. Lately I only do dissociatives like ketamine and pcp analogues, sometimes psychedelics…only when I have the time. Work and bills and life really get in the way of fun that's for sure.

No. 188410

I only smoke weed and drink, thats it. Weed does nothing for me, just makes me tired and gives me headaches, which is a shame bc i started smoking hoping it would help my anxiety but it does fuck all I sort of feel like im doing something wrong? The only time it did anything for me was at party when I took like 4 pulls and stared at a disco light for an hour, convinced it was blinking in time with the music. I smoke about once a week or so just socially now. I dont even drink often at all, but if I do its whiskey shots, drinking makes me confident but I hate it, I always end doing embarrassing shit and I hate drinking culture.

I always said I would stay clear of drugs but my anxiety and depression is getting so terrible lately Id love to just take my mind of things even for just half an hour. Where I live booze weed and nos are standard at pretty much all partys, but last weekend I went out with a friend who is into harder stuff, she offered me MD and coke to try and help me of the depressive mood I was in but I turned her down, I kind of wish I had said yes to the coke tho. She thinks Id like ketamine but Ive seen the film party monster and I dont want to end up like that lmao

No. 188415

When I was 16 i smoked for almost a year and a half on and off. When I wasn't on t breaks it would be at least once a day up to three. I kind of blame my boyfriend for pushing me so much since he's a pot head and it's a social thing with all his friends but it was really my decision. From 17-19 (now) I smoke maybe once every two months. I'm so busy I usually don't have time to unwind. Weed started giving me headaches, made my tummy hurt and made me feel super dehydrated and tired even though I drank enough water to piss a waterfall once ever 45 minutes. I used to love it but now all I do is take 4 vape hits and relax late at night.

I still enjoy drinking but again, somehow I can never find the time. I'm bad at chugging as well so if I don't drink fast enough I just fall asleep.

Drinking is pretty fun and makes your bed and peeing feel like heaven but other than that I honestly never think about them much.

I used to rely on weed so much that now I find it easier to be sober. Also weed made me trip out way too much. I'd get too far into concepts and would go down the rabbit hole of my own mind until my boyfriend would snap me out of it.

No. 188422

I read a story about a girl going to her dealer's house alone and the dealer ended up asking her for sex in exchange for drugs. How often does this happen?

No. 188428

>Weed does nothing for me, just makes me tired and gives me headaches, which is a shame bc i started smoking hoping it would help my anxiety but it does fuck all I sort of feel like im doing something wrong?

Maybe try different strains. And make sure you're actually inhaling it.

No. 188454

Why do you even smoke socially if it makes you tired and gives you headaches?

No. 188460

Drugs done?
Ehh my memory is shitty but..
-pretty much all opiods but never touched heroin/fentanyl. Shot up dilaudid several times but shooting up is NOT my thing. And one of my best friends died from shooting up fentanyl so no thanks
-xanax, klonopin, ativan
-cough syrup and corocidin (terrible)
-weed/spice (one time for spice fuck that)
-air duster/whippits (also terrible)
-adderall/focalin, other uppers (no crack or meth or harder shit)
-ambien (why)

As for the one I got addicted to, and the reason for my now shitty memory is Xanax. Idk why. It started back in 2014 when I broke up with my gf of 3 years (first "serious" relationship and she cheated on me with another girl the whole time and I knew but kept taking her back cuz I was naive and she was sooo convincing, promising to change..) and I was so fucking heartbroken I just wanted to die. Friend at the time had a bf that was pushing here, so I got it alll for free. A fucking shit ton of them. I went off the deep end and I don't know how much I was using a day but it basically blanked out a complete 3 months of my life. I became a klepto, had sex I couldn't even remember having with various people, cut my legs into oblivion, basically wanting a slow, drawn out suicide.

I guess it was the fact it made me forget my feelings and completely detached me from having to cope with my emotions. Luckily when I became homeless I got arrested for tripping balls and looking suspicious as fuck at target, talking to trees and imaginary people..and my ass got sent to rehab. (Got news there was a warrant for my arrest there a month in but only spent a night in jail)

Unfortunately it resulted in my developing tics and seizures that have landed me in the hospital several times. I've since kicked the habit for the most part (sometimes rarely using it to sleep) but it sucks because any anxiety I had before had been 1000x worse since I stopped. I don't know why my brain/body wants to return to a "high" you can barely fucking remember and that makes you act dumb as hell.

I'm on probation now so drugs are few and far between now. I just take my adderall, occasionally smoke some weed, and get a little tipsy now and then. Maybe roll on special days but also rare. Anything else is a waste because I've realized I have an addictive as fuck personality and it wastes money that could be used on something…useful.

Idk kinda rambling because it's 4AM but I hope anyone reading this that has chosen drugs to deal with the problems in your life…its just not worth it. I swear. You'll come out of it and realize what a fool you were while taking them and not handling what you are feeling inside. It doesn't make anything better, just way, WAY worse. I'm here as a listening ear and guiding advice if you need help. You're not broken and there is beauty inside you if you choose to seek it out.

No. 188466

Its a social thing with my friends so I might as well, honestly the headaches aren't unbearable or anything just annoying. Plus I have trouble sleeping so I can just go home and go to sleep quickly

No. 188470

I smoke weed daily.

Tried mushrooms. They're nice, but I prefer weed. Would still take them on special occasions.

Tried mdma. Vomited the entire time. The high itself is nice but it's just not worth it when it's getting constantly eclipsed by nausea, never doing it again.

Tried speed. It made me very agitated and angry, it was an extremely unpleasant feeling. Never doing it again, and I cannot understand why people do it.

No. 188481

Yes. Yesterday I went to a party and some friends consumed and they start acting super annoying and agressive. It was so unpleasant to watch that I don't want to try coke. Also, if you start consuming often you get a weird belly fat and crazy eyes.

Sounds like a creepypasta but it can be perfectly true. It depends of the drugs, the quality and price the dealer sells. Expensive strains weed dealers are the chill stoner archetype, very nice and cool. If you want some cheaper and least pure you have to go to some shady places.

No. 190725

i'll be doing LSD for the first time in a few days. i presume the experience will change from person to person but what should i watch out for?

No. 190726


samefagging but out of all the drugs i did i only hated cocaine. it only made me feel wired, cranky and isolated. maybe i used some bad shit but if it's like that all the time i don't get why people use it.

No. 190728

it's easier to handle than shrooms just ride it out and stay hydrated.

No. 190751

I ordered some 1p-LSD and it will arrive soon. I've never did any psychedelics before, just lots of weed for some period of time and I tried MDMA a couple of times. I'm gonna take it alone at my home to try it out. What should I do to make it a good experience? And is 100µg a good dose?

No. 190752

Lol, just saw your post now, I'm >>190751. If you stay at home too do you want to chat over discord or something perhaps?

No. 191330

Are you guys okay?

No. 191366

Fuck I'd love to do that but I'm terrified and I'd probably get busted. If you bitches aren't lying I'm damn jealous.

No. 191381


hello, i'm the first LSD anon. our deal predictably fell thru. waiting for an update, it's still a possibility but without a definite date.

doing acid alone-chan, have a trip sitter with you because that's my plan. never do drugs alone for the first time. it could be wild if we could chat through discord during, but it's a slim chance unfortunately. have a safe fun trip.

No. 191504

I wish I read this sooner. Because I dropped it yesterday. I can share my experience if you want. I didn't had a tripsitter because I don't really have that much friends, but I was chatting with a couple of oversea friends online so they "tripsitted" me in the beginning.

At first I cut off a small edge of the blotter and kept it in my mouth to allergy test it for an hour. Since I didn't feel anything I took the rest of the 100µg. Placed it under my tongue and let it sit there for ~20 minutes. I think around ~40 minutes after taking it I started to feel effects. I felt heavy was sinking into my chair at the PC. (I was still chatting online and looking at "trippy" pictures) Then I looked at an amazing photograph of a waterfall, that looked ultra HD and started to visually "distort". I remember writing into the chat something like "guys I think it's starting" and looked around my rooms and noticed my walls were moving a bit and the lights of the monitor were shifting like those old VHS tapes. So I went to bed and let a playlist running. I could go more into detail if you want but basically: I wrote a huge letter to myself, saying that many things in my life that are giving me a lot of anxiety aren't so bad after all. That I really stopped giving so much of a shit. That everything will be fine and that deeply inside me is something that is bright and glowing and watching me. And that this thing inside me only wants my best.

I then let this kind of music playing, because I sadly ruined a lot of my peaking because the music you find online that is "trippy psy chill" stuff all started to sound super weird to me and I really didn't want to feel a bad mood. Finally I let this here running that I created now for next time https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL3YAGkr6hg4WTbeIeGDfzjVCucGDzHY4 that ends with a super relaxed 24/7 radio station. Oh and that video was amazing, too https://vimeo.com/88829079.

I was really afraid that meeting my "inner self" would be a bad thing. Because I always thought I have a lot of self hatred, social anxiety and depression. But seems like the something that is hurting me is the active part, not the subconcious. I even put huge towels covering all mirrors, because I've heard of people seeing themselves as Monsters and such things. So I was curious, at first I looked at a just my pupils, that were quite big. Then I was amazed, I looked at my face and just thought I look incredibly cute. Like a bug eyed happy hippie. Wearing a colorful hoodie was also beautiful.

Another breakthrough that I had was that I finally got over my Ex, that left me crying in the shower and bed as recent as the day before. I finally thought about that this douchebag was just never worth my time, that it's not his fault. He's just that kind of person, and that's okay. I spend the rest getting super comfy in bed, sometimes standing up and dancing a bit with my plushtoy cat that I was hugging. Drawing a lot and for some reason re-arranging my room to make it more comfortable.

Then I was considering even going out, because the sun was shining, but I was a little bit too anxious for that. Perhaps when I'm more experienced and not alone.

Overall it was an amazing experience. And I can't wait to wait 14 days to try it again :3 I don't want to do this regular but currently I'm not in school or college till summer, and working shitty retail jobs, so I want to do this for a bit till life gets serious. I know this sounds underage, but I'm 21, I just take a bit more time.

Surpringsly I didn't get 100% sober even after like 20 hours. I didn't feel mentally high but it didn't go away completely till I slept. If you have any more questions we can chat on discord or something.

Now the day after I feel a bit blue. I don't know if depression is just coming back or if that will go away after a while. But even though the feeling is gone, I really feel like the conclusion of this all will stay with me.

No. 191524

File: 1495399173905.jpg (1011.32 KB, 900x1127, EPFw2Fk.jpg)

I smoke weed a couple of time a week now that I'm dating my bf and going out more. I can't drink (overheating, headaches, etc.) so weed is my party drug. I've done ecstasy once and acid almost 10? times I would say. Ecstasy just gave me a bad headache when I became thirsty and acid is my favorite drug. Not interested in doing anything else that's not a psychedelic tbh - DMT, shrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, etc Might be getting a shroom connect soon :)

No. 191547

been sober for a few months now so i can pass a drug test to get a better job, homies light one up for me pls

No. 191548

I've done coke a few times but I found it very underwhelming. Sure it's a nice boost but so what? Listening to a great song will give me the same effect really. And the comedown is shit. Speed/E is kind of fun but not worth it either.
Weed makes me panic.
Booze is the only drug I like, I'd love to try a hallucinogen but I'm too afraid of a bad trip considering how I react to weed.

No. 191549

Weird that you can handle cocaine and not weed.

No. 191550

Not quoted anon, but I'm the exact same. Coke just feels like stronger caffeine =, whereas weed is just terrifying.

Weird enough, lsd is fine too

No. 191552

I've never tried any other drugs before, but weed triggers horrible existential dread and paranoia for me. I've tried many strains, but they all have this same effect. And my friends are major potheads who keep trying to get me to smoke and say that I'm overreacting/it's good/ weed is medicine from the earth, etc.

No. 191553

Not hating on weed or anything, but it just annoys me how some people are so deep into "pot culture" that they refuse to acknowledge some people have bad reactions to it. Yes, I know it's a miracle herb for some people, just not me for whatever physiological reason.

No. 191555

I wonder how many other addicts are here? I prefer to smoke weed because it cures a lot of my PTSD and depression symptoms without any downsides but if I don't have that I'm on to alcohol, pain killers, benzos, I've even abused nyquil and benedryl when I was desperate. And if I can't get my hands on any of that I'll just shove food down my throat until I pass out. It's pretty unhealthy.

I really want to try psychedelics. I feel it would be more therapeutic for me but I have no idea where to get it and I don't have any friends to sit trip. How necessary is it to have someone there with you? Anybody have experience buying LSD or other psychedelics on DNM? I would do that but it seems really sketchy. I would hate to die or go crazy or waste my money in general from getting acid that isn't acid.

I agree. Honestly I feel ashamed to call myself a stoner or a regular smoker because then people think I'm lazy or obsessed with weed or think weed is the cure to every disease and ailment and everyone should smoke weed. I can't stand those people myself, but they make me feel like smoking weed is something I shouldn't tell people.

My best friend has ADHD and has the same reactions to coke and weed, maybe it's something like that.

No. 191572

I'm the opposite. I can handle weed but any stimulants or other drugs that cause tachycardia fuck me up bad. Even caffeine causes an panic attack and I feel like I'm going to die and need to be hospitalized.

Doesn't help that that one kid died from caffeine overdose.

Too much THC in it for you and not enough CBD. Weed's psychoactive effects (THC) are much stronger than they were just a decade ago. Some people can handle it and some can't.

No. 191573

They're completely different drugs though, I know weed is considered mild and all but I just react badly to it, and I've tried it a lot.
It just depends on the person and past experiences.

No. 191574


Same… I lose it completely. I enjoy drugs but weed just makes me feel so uncomfortable. I can't explain it.
That's why I don't want to try any hallucinogens. I'm really curious about them too, but if I react this badly to weed (technically a mild hallucinogen) then a bad trip on any stronger drugs is not going to be pretty. Shame.

No. 191619

>Too much THC in it for you and not enough CBD. Weed's psychoactive effects (THC) are much stronger than they were just a decade ago.

Not an Anon you where replying to, but holy shit really​? Got any links on that it'd be interesting.

Do you think the amount of THC in weed increases by year because at 21 I swear I'm getting way more fucked up than when I was 15 or 16. And I've been smoking pretty consistently.

No. 191624


Here are a few. There's more sites that did articles about this but I can't get into them because I have adblock and sites like Forbes wants you to disable it for le money. Just google "Marijuana Potency Levels".

The CBS News video is pretty on point when the guy talks about THC vs CBD levels. Like he said, the medicinal component (CBD) isn't really there anymore in most strains. You can still cop high CBD strains online though if you live in a legal state OR 100% CBD strains in any state if you've got any type of pain and want to try it out. People claim it helps their seizures and joint pain, etc.

No. 191641

I just started smoking weed a month ago (im 23 and never tried it before this year) and its changed my life. I picked up a portable vape (not a vape pen) that is designed for weed and while it was expensive, holy shit.

I take a couple of hits before I get ready for bed and I sleep so well. I dont wake up during the night, and when my alarm goes off I feel so refreshed im able to get right up. A vape means no overwhelming smell which my boyfriend cant stand, and I can just turn it on, take two or three hits, and turn it off.

Im lucky because I live somewhere that weed isnt illegal so i'm able to go in to a dispensary and talk to the employees about what im wanting to get from weed and they give me recommendations.

No. 191642

You can legally buy straight CBD tinctures and oils for consumption in almost every US state. Many people will vape or dab straight CBD oils after hitting flower.

I live in a red southern state and I've never had trouble buying CBD straight from sources, say from Colorado (which I use for pain and anxiety). I assume anyone who complains about weed strains not having enough THC just haven't done enough research to know where they can get CBD extracts online.

Note: Do research where you buy CBD, and don't buy from any company not willing to provide the lab results of their samples.

No. 191643

Whoops, I meant to say weed strains not having enough CBD.

No. 191652


wow anon, thanks for sharing this with me, the whole thing sounds so introspective and beautiful. i'll now go forth armed with the knowledge that if i look inside, i may see beautiful things, just like you.

No. 191797

File: 1495563274411.jpg (136.78 KB, 616x596, smokingfairy.jpg)

I have been regularly (about once a week, usually weekends) smoking weed for a couple of years now. I'm in uni so I take 2-3 week breaks in exam periods because while I haven't noticed any other side effects my short term memory can be kind of impaired the day after.

I have been taking pure mdma once every three months at home with my bf or friends. None of the ridiculously high dosing or cutting with speed you see at parties, just the powder. I have never experienced any negative side effects, a hangover or a harsh comedown. Everything has always been 100% beautiful and I've been doing this for two years. It's probably because of the purity (I've had it tested since you can do that legally and without consequence in my country and it's 99% pure) and the time I leave in between (I really don't want to fry my brain and fuck up my serotonin receptors).

Furthermore I've tried 2CB about 5 times in varying doses, which is nice and apparently very similar to LSD in the doses I've taken. 4FA is a nice replacement for MDMA if my three months aren't over yet. I've tried cocaine, but I didn't really get the hype. Was probably one of the more mediocre drugs I've tried, although oxycodone was very boring too.
Tried ketamine a bunch of times and it's nice. Especially in higher doses it's really something else and makes me more introspective than I'd thought. Plus it actually cures depression for two weeks which is a very nice side effect.

Nitrous oxide is pretty lame when done on it's own but truly shines when done in combination with other substances. Nitrous and weed is already good, nitrous and mdma is amazing, nitrous and 2cB is absolutely orgasmic. Truly hippie crack, "I see the meaning of the universe" tier. (Which is why it's good to not have too much on hand since you'll binge without really noticing.)
I tried LSA and just got extremely sick for almost an entire day. Maybe it was just a bad batch, but I'm not eager to repeat that shit.

Will likely be trying shrooms for the first time in a week, wish me luck farmers!

No. 191835

Have fun!

Shrooms can give a great visual experience (they enhance lights, colours and patterns) which is wasted if you are indoors, so I strongly advise you to go out in nature, or at least out in the yard, or sit on your balcony if you live in a building and not a house (I did that, and the city lights looked magical).

No. 191837

Ive read about ketamine 'curing' depression, Im pretty interested honestly; Ive got to that point where Im just willing to whatever it takes to feel better. Im not sure how to go about it tho, I only smoke weed Ive never done anything more than that so I dont really know if it would be a bad idea… I really know nothing about drugs aside from all the scary stuff from hs health classes

I used to be pretty anti-drug use (for myself, igaf what others chose to do as long as they arnt being dumb about it) but right now im a point where I really dont care about my own morals anymore, I just want to be happy even for a few mintutes at most

No. 191843

This here, ladies, is a sure path to addiction.

Don't do it, any of it. Using drugs as a crutch when you're in a bad spot instead of using them recreationally when you've got yourself together is what makes addicts. It won't heal you, instead it will open up the door to a whole new, worse hell. It will alleviate the depression symptoms in the short run, it will destroy you in the long run.

Please, I beg you, don't even think about it. I am scared for you. I don't know you, but I know one more struggling addict is one more step further from the world me, you, and all of us want to live in.

No. 191853

Try ketamine. Just moderate your use or do it once. Idk what >>191843 is on about because unless you have an addictive personality, its only easy to get addicted to retard drugs like heroin and crack.

Experience that shit. I've used morphine, codeine, and dissociatives for my depression and I'm not suddenly a drug addicted asshole lmao

No. 191864

You may not be drug addicted, but you're definitely an asshole

No. 191870

No. 191877

Cool, if you want to be a lab rat.

But I hope anon values their life more than that.

No. 191879

What's wrong with trying new treatments while furthering scientific research and our understanding of how the drug could help us? If you're depressed and nothing else is working then fuck it, be a lab rat and at the very least you're aiding in valuable scientific/medical research.

No. 191882

Because they're not in the lab. They're not part of a controlled experiment.

Nobody will know or notice the effects, nobody will know or notice their struggle, nobody will know or notice when they die.

No. 191901

I reread what I wrote after I posted it, and I realised I made myself sound a bit a psycho, I totally get what you are saying, but honestly im being pretty overdramatic. If If I do anything I want to do it as safely as possible, which is why I came here to ask first. Thank you a lot of being concerned tho anon

No. 191906

Honestly anon, I think it would be good to try it. Ketamine is not a strong high at all when not in a very high dose. If you start craving it afterwards it would be wise to not do it for a while, but otherwise it's not dangerous.

I think you might be misunderstanding the depression "cure" that ketamine can provide. It isn't in the high of the drug itself and has nothing to do with it. You won't crave another hit or anything to feel less depressed. You can even take such a low dose you'll barely feel it for the effects to be present.
Ketamine high only lasts for an hour. Doesn't have any negative after effects except for a gross taste in your mouth for a few hours tops. The "depression curing" can be present in the weeks after taking.
For me, I never felt "high" or anything like that in the weeks after taking it, but I did notice my depression lessened by quite a bit.

No. 191908

I am not misunderstanding anything.

I'm saying don't play with fire while you live in a coal mine.

No. 191915

Yeah I feel like I didn't explain myself correctly, I dont want to get high and distract myself from whats wrong for like an hour (I know I kind of said that, but I was really just being dramatic tbh) I just want to feel better like, in general and if it works then why not

No. 191934

Holy fucking shit dealer had a new strain of hash and its the most potent shit i have smoked in the last year, I even had to cap my joint cause it was so instant,
Its good to be a l i v e

No. 191935


Bitch I'm high af too, could only take like three pulls from my mini bong

No. 192144

HOLy shit girl i am morning toking on this new strain and its the best ride ever,
Bout to go out and draw so much good shit in this sunny weather, my spine feels like vanilla pudding

No. 192630

How do you fellow weed smoking farmers manage your tolerance?
I live in the Netherlands so weed is legal, potent and not so expensive, but because of a high tolerance I still have to smoke a shitton to get mildly stoned. I've been looking into using agmatine and it does help, but I still need a lot.

No. 192637

I just take breaks

No. 192643

Take a break for like a month. That ought to clear your system.

No. 192674

Take breaks and look into edibles next time you start again. For one person, a half gram to full gram firecracker gets them high af.

No. 192684


Like the others said, take a break when you feel your tolerance is too high. I took a month break for other reasons and it works.

No. 192761


on the contrary, the more i smoke the easier i get high. people in my country believe that that THC builds up in your body after a while and you need just a small amount to "refresh" your high. this sounds like just stoner talk tho, too good to be true.

No. 193147

I've read some stuff on serotonin syndrome and SSRI effectiveness when mixed with other drugs.. But could someone chime in with their own experiences?

I'm really nervous for my boyfriend, he's on sertraline but has smoked weed almost every day for like the past 5 years probably (same as me). Usually a bowl or few bong rips, more on weekends. The sertraline was prescribed rather recently, and I'm wondering if the consistent weed use is making it basically a placebo pill. I know it's hard to judge the effectiveness of antidepressants…

No. 193184

Better to ask a medical professional who specializes in SSRIs.
Better he quit the weed for a while than risk stopping his real medication.

No. 193191

I went to the hospital before because of serotonin syndrome. I was taking sertraline but overdosed on it. you'll know if it happens, it's incredibly disorienting. it almost feels like you're dreaming but you're awake, and for me I was very dizzy and had trouble speaking.

I'm not too sure about mixing weed with sertraline because I never smoked heavily on it. I found I got stoned faster when I was taking it. I think, like drinking, smoking definitely alters the effectiveness of your medication, but SS probably won't sneak up on you, he'd feel it happen if my experience was standard at all.

No. 193192

I have been a chronic pot smoker for about 4 years and the entire time I was on sertraline. It worked the same as it did before I started smoking. I stopped taking the sertraline 6 months ago and still smoke weed everyday and I can feel my depression/anxiety returning.

Basically, I wouldn't worry about the two drugs cancelling each other; in my experience weed didn't effect my antidepressants at all.

No. 193193

smoking weed is not going to give him serotonin syndrome. Besides serotonin syndrome is completely harmless.

No. 193209

! i'm not the person you're replying to but i was just considering this today. i've avoided weed for years since i started sertraline because the meds finally give me a semblance of normalcy and happiness that i would never trade for a high. but this has me interested.

do you mind if i ask what dose of sertraline you were on? (also why you stopped and do you plan on getting back on it, sorry 4 asking 4 blog)

No. 193214

thanks, the descriptions of SS online are all awful!

No. 193223

I was taking 100 mg, but I think I probably could have had a higher dose. I stopped taking it for two reasons. First, my weight was really bothering me and I was having trouble keeping it under control while on meds. I know that's superficial, but I have never been able to lose weight while on SSRIs. (I've lost 15 pounds without any effort since stopping.) Second, I was thinking about starting a family and I don't want to be on sertraline while pregnant.

I have felt my symptoms returning recently, unfortunately. I think I might try something different this time and HOPE it doesn't kill my metabolism like the zoloft. For now I'm trying to go without but I am still taking trazodone, so I'm not totally med-free.

Back to the weed, I think you could probably try smoking again and see how you feel. I have a friend I always smoke with and she is also on SSRIs and they are fairly effective despite her heavy bong habit. Of course everyone reacts differently so I'd make sure to pay extra attention to your symptoms just in case I'm wrong.

sage for blog post

No. 193759


i smoked weed regularly when on fluoxetine, duloxetine and sertraline. when i first started on fluoxetine (prozac), the first time i smoked weed i suddenly felt very hot, anxious and hyperactive, similar to an extacy high but without the happiness-relaxation. i did not experience any adverse effects when i was on the other two. my doctor at the time told me that while what i experienced was not seratonine syndrome, drugs can trigger shit like that when you're on antidepressants. she basically told me "do it but don't overdo it" regarding weed and antidepressants.

the second shrink i saw was a more uptight, conservative type and told me to absolutely abstain from any drug or any amount of alcohol as they would "shock my brain by changing my brain chemistry and negate the effects of the medicine". i followed his advice for a while but then i started smoking again and saw no change in my mood or in the efficacy of the medicine.

only thing i'm for sure about SSRIs and drugs is when you're on SSRIs you can't get a very potent high from extacy-MDMA because their effects clash.

sage for blogging-ish.

No. 195023

File: 1497397211706.png (1.15 MB, 1101x827, 3x01_The_Gang_Finds_a_Dumpster…)

I smoke weed pretty often but I know jack shit about strains, etiquette or anything, just smoke whatever my friends have on hand. Normally all it does is make me hungry and sleepy, usually with a small headache which sucks.
The other day tho I felt actually stoned for the first time ever after smoking with a bunch of randos, I felt majorly sick and headachy already, amplified it by like 200% but I didn't give a shit and everything was fucking hilarious. like a stereotypical stoner in a high school movie. I always thought there was something… wrong? with me but I guess I was just doing the wrong shit this whole time. felt good man

no idea what it was but it tasted pretty strong and I only had two pulls, my tolerance is pretty low lmao.

No. 195135

File: 1497459141324.png (28.35 KB, 610x630, xIspUeNQA2h8rBNhMHAk_sativa-in…)


i'm pretty much like you about weed, i'm about smoking it not writing an essay on it, but i learned that sativa makes you more energetic whereas indica makes you more mellow. maybe pic related will help you identify what you smoked?

also, drinking water while smoking weed helps with the headaches. if you're mixing it with tobacco, that may be what's giving you nausea.

No. 195136

What this anon said. I got massive headaches every time I smoked too, and I finally realized that's because I was using Swishers (because I like the taste.) I don't smoke cigarettes, so the tobacco leaf is definitely what was doing it.

No. 195155

god you are all disgusting

No. 195176

File: 1497488261692.jpg (74.79 KB, 540x582, wheredoigotogetweed.jpg)

Is being prescribed the wrong meds and taking lithium and another drug a thing?
First and only drug I took. The first night was horrifying; I laid in bed feeling like my body was petrified. The whole night my legs would be pressed together and i wouldn't stop bunny kicking the whole night. The internal feeling was like going up in a fast elevator. It felt astral projection. Never again.

No. 195179

cool thanks for the input anon. earth shattering.

the uhh..first part of that confuses me. but im assuming you took a medication you were not prescribed with a medication you were. in which case, having fucked up side effects makes complete sense. what with how medications interact with each other. not to mention if it were the wrong medication and at a dosage that was too high, chances were pretty high you'd experience some weird shit.

im really sorry you went through that. ive been given the wrong meds in hospitals before and had some pretty serious things happen to me. that shit is frightening.

No. 195191

File: 1497518742265.gif (1018.16 KB, 499x374, snufkin.gif)

It's REALLY really common to smoke weed for a long time and not really feel the affects. I swear I smoked for two years with mates or something before I was BTFO one day and suddenly understood what everyone was going on about.

No. 195203

Maybe you guys are not hitting it right. I'm serious. Inhale. Hold in. Exhale. Some people are retarded.

No. 195205

ugh, i've been a regular smoker for about 6 years now (multiple times a day). i smoke like people smoke cigarettes, y'know? i don't feel it anymore, but i can't seem to not smoke. i want to take a t-break but it's hard.

No. 195208

Hide your shit somewhere that's a pain to get and just do like 2-3 days, it's way easier once you just do it and it feels amazing

No. 195214

will 3 days really do anything though? my family is going through a lot right now, so every time i put my bowl down something happens, i get stressed, and i smoke again…

No. 195220

How accessible is this stuff to you? When I start feeling that way I don't buy, and then even when I want some I live in a red state with unreliable dealers, so it makes it more satisfying when I can get some good stuff again.

No. 195222

lmao my dealer is a good friend of mine and super reliable. always good shit, too.

No. 195225

No, it won't. Not enough time for it to be cleared out of your system. 2-3 weeks is more like it. Though you'll build up tolerance again in no time when you start again. Only the first few bowls will hit you hard, after that they'll be back to smoking them like cigs.

But whether or not you find enjoyment in weed is irrelevant, you've got far more pressing issues to sort out, of which weed is a part of. This
>so every time i put my bowl down something happens, i get stressed, and i smoke again
is typical addict denial. Excuses, excuses.
Everyone has serious problems all the time. You have to face them, not run away from them. Or they'll catch up with you with double the force.

Drugs, no matter how benign they seem, are not a crutch. Listen to me. Weed WILL fuck you up if you use it as a tool for escapism. It will fuck you up by making the underlying issues fester.

Sober up. Face reality. Push through it. Then light up a bowl when you're in a good place again. Please. Do what's good for you now, no matter how hard it is. Because this way, you're just making it harder for future you. And the future you is the skin you'll have to live in.

No. 195229

It takes a while to be actually reaaally aware of the high, especially when you're really young and you're learning the difference between intoxication and sobriety.

No. 195251

I appreciate it anon. I've been trying to smoke less when I'm in a negative mood but sometimes it's that crutch, just like you said.

No. 195252

I need to fix myself. I need to bring myself to being a better person, and maybe I need to stop smoking to do it.

No. 195254

File: 1497579307879.jpg (99.65 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nr1fy2wtsS1tc31mqo1_540…)

Me too. It was my first time going to a doctor for my depression and the doctor I had didn't have much experience and assumed i was bipolar even though i mentioned in passing my adopted sister was. She put me on mis prescribed shit for a year before my psychologist told me what she was doing was shutting my body down with all the side effects.

It was horrible but now I know how I feel when on drugs and I did not enjoy it one bit. Not knocking people who do but shit how do people do this recreationally?

No. 195267

Tried ket, coke, 2cb, mushrooms, weed, md, prescription opiates. This isn't fair, why does coke have to be my favorite, why do I have such a weirdly naturally high tolerance to md and weed (it seems), ugh

No. 195510

Went to a music festival last week. Tried acid again for the first time in a year. My two previous trips had been bad, but this one was great! I took about 80-90 ug and sat in the sun all day. Really cleared out my head without any stress. Definitely the kind of trip I was looking for. Also I guess less is more when it comes to acid.

Also I tried dancing on molly for the first time. It was ok but I had to go to the bathroom three times in an hour.

No. 209206

So I help take care of my grandma and they are trying out cannabis oil to help with pain, and my dumb ass gave her three droppers full or medicine thinking it was the correct dose. It's not, they mean three drops fuck me is she in for a trip. Hope this shit doesn't last long, if any one has any advice that would be great.

No. 209257

did she end up getting blasted? i'm genuinely interested in how she reacted to that much medication

No. 209260

It may be THC free. In which case, she shouldn't trip.

No. 209261

Pot, coke, acid, mescaline, ecstasy, mushrooms, basically all the pain killers.
Also salvia, but that doesn't count to me.
I feel like I may be leaving something off but oh well.

The only one I use regularly anymore is pot, and not even as regular as usual because I cut back big time to get a job.

No. 209262

Rarely alcohol and mushrooms, more frequently pot or nitrous oxide, which I believe is classed as a dissociative drug and I think lots of fun, it's like having a long orgasm in some way.

When I have the money, heroin. I prefer to snort it, but if I can only get tar, I'll take that. I don't shoot, I'm afraid of needles and I wouldn't have a clue how to do it.

I'm sure someone will be a jerk about this but heroin makes me feel relaxed and happy. I like myself when I'm on it. I get more talkative and friendly. It's not easy for me to be open, but heroin makes me likeable.

No. 209263


You're retarded

No. 209271


Opium, that is the one I was forgetting… Maybe because it was so forgettable…

No. 209272

File: 1508294668194.jpg (104.49 KB, 950x713, grandmas-look-high.jpg)

Update she was just really, really, and I mean really relaxed and calm the whole day.
She has arthritis and dementia, so she is always in pain/anxiety. The plus side to it was she had no pain all day, but it was way over the dose we have been starting her on.

Also yes THC free

No. 209273

I've only smoke, drank, and smoked weed. I'm waiting until next year when it becomes more easily accessible in California.

No. 209314

Bought opium off the dark net and it was absolute bullshit, didn't do a thing. The seller was reputable and had good ratings too. What a waste.

No. 209347

i've done a fair amount of prescription opiates and benzos, amphetamines, weed, mushrooms, acid, dmt, salvia, sass, spice/k2, nitrous, some testing chemicals on accident…i think that's about it.

i regularly use cannabis in concentrate form, i prefer indica strains. it's just more convenient and plus my tolerance is fucked lol. i've been smoking concentrates everyday for about 5 years now.

i also like to trip 2 or 3 times a year on either shrooms or dmt. shrooms are my favorite

aaaand overall i think my favorite substances are cannabis obviously, morphine and dmt.

No. 209644


I used to do coke in my late teens/early twenties and I really enjoyed it. It basically cured my social anxiety completely. I know it's bad for you and expensive but I honestly had nothing but positive experiences with it. I think about it a lot, but that being said, I don't think I'll ever do it again.

No. 210238

I'm sorry this is so long but I wanna be honest and I have NEVER met someone who's done more drugs than me. this list does not include all the psych meds I've been prescribed over the years, probably about 15-20 at this point. my favorite drugs are mushrooms (which I grew myself for years), DMT (which I extracted myself a few times), and opiates. I was addicted to heroin for 6 years. I've been clean for almost a year and I'm doing really good now. I don't want to go back to my life before. I don't want to deal drugs anymore or do them. I would enjoy doing mushrooms and DMT again before I die though. if you wanna hear some stories let me know.

started doing drugs at 13;

DXM (cough syrup)
caffeine (to get high)
methylphenidate (Concerta AKA Ritalin)
DPH (benadryl)
nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
(from here on I was 18+)
cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)
hydroxyzine (Atarax)
salvinorin A (aka salvia)
clonazepam (Klonopin)
diazepam (Valium)
bk-MDMA (methylone)
psliocin (mushrooms)
4-MMC (mephadrone)
tizanidine (Zanaflex)
oxymorphone (Opana)
troparil (CPT)
alprazolam (Xanax)
crack cocaine
lorazepam (Ativan)
kava kava
metaxalone (Skelaxin)

No. 210239

Jesus christ, anon. The only story I want is why?

No. 210240

I've also done phenobarbital and baclofen. I forgot them somehow

No. 210241

because I didn't know how to deal with trauma from my childhood and dealt with my problems by focusing on doing as many drugs as I possibly could. I wanted to learn something but I just harmed myself. I'm lucky I'm not fucking dead right now

No. 210258

I used to be a pretty prolific drug user - was even a homeless addict at one point - but I’m now clean of everything (don’t even smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol). Have taken:

Marijuana/Hash (in various forms)*
Amphetamines (speed/base)*
Mephedrone (M-KAT)*
NPS (legal highs)

*Was addicted to/reliant on
Now my nose is fucked, heart and bladder are weak AF, and cognitive mental functions suck…

No. 210259

what the fuck is nutmeg a drug

No. 210280

I've heard you can snort it or smoke it, but never actually seen anyone try.

No. 210281

you can't snort it lol. you have to grind it from the actual nut and take a ton of huge tablespoons. not really worth it but I did it when I was like 15 after reading stuff online

No. 210758

i really like smoking weed but i don't know a whole lot about it. where i live it's super illegal so it's sold very hush-hush. we can't ask about the strains because dealers usually don't know what they're selling and the supply is inconsistent; most times you can't buy what you liked a second time and sometimes you can't buy weed period. in your experience, what are some basic things i can look at to identify the different strains? how the most common strains effect the body? i know i should have googled it but i feel like i can trust you guys more.

No. 211044

I started messing around with drugs around age 16. Mostly just molly at raves, and lots of drinking. It wasn't until I was around 25 and I discovered dark net and research chemicals that I got in over my head. Started using a ketamine analog (designer drug) called methoxetamine nearly every day. Accidentally overdosed a few times. Lost my husband b/c he couldn't deal with my shit anymore. I also had (have) a problem with alcohol.

I finally got clean and I've been sober over a year now. Though I do still smoke weed every now and then.

No. 211688

oxycodone, hydromorphone, morphine, heroin. i'm one of those ppl who think everything else pales in comparison. i've been trying to get clean (and stay clean) for a while now but fuck me it's hard.

No. 236903

Take kratom daily (it's pretty mild, tbh, just sucks to quit it), drink alcohol very, very rarely (it gives me a headache no matter how much I drink anymore) and tried weed for the first time today. Weed was a horrible experience. I had 1/4th of a 10mg gummy edible and it made me have a full-blown panic attack, where I was derealizing and disassociating hardcore. It's been well over 12 hours since I took it and I still don't feel 100% normal.

Debating if I should just throw the rest of the edible away and not try weed ever again, or give it another chance in a couple weeks. I do, however, never want to experience anything like that ever again. Seriously felt like my heart was going to explode and I was going to die. Is this normal with your first marijuana experience, or is it because I wasn't in the correct mood?

No. 236907

Weed is just like any other drug, you can’t really predict what your reaction will be. It definitely helps if you’re in the right mindset, but there is no guaranteed way of telling whether that will happen to you again. I smoked weed for 10 years and I had a lot of times where I had heart racing/panic attacks, but it didn’t happen every time. Edibles are a lot stronger than smoking it, so maybe try that instead if you want to give it another go.

No. 236928

just throw it away.

No. 236932

I had a similar experience a few weeks back, I ate a weed brownie, because I'm a stupid fuck, and I died for 12 hours. I was so fucking high and out of my mind. I was walking in circles talking and shaking, and I was home by myself. I puked hard enough to strain my neck muscles. I ended up calling my mom to drive out and sit with me. It took me about a week to feel "normal" again, but now i have anxiety attacks more often, im not sure if its related. I think when it comes to edibles, you gotta have a decent tolerance. I also think that theres just some people who cant tolerate being high. I know i must be one of them, which fucking sucks.

No. 236938

I took LSD once and it was amazing. I wanna try it again but I have no idea where i can get it lol

No. 236944

>1/4th of a 10mg gummy edible
that's a tiny dose and obviously it was intensified by your kratom use. best to not do it again if you are still on kratom but if you ever get off of it (you should) maybe you could try weed again.

No. 236946

>derealizing AND disassociating hardcore
you weren't dissociating nor did you have derealization (which falls under dissociation btw not sure why you added both), it was weed and a light panic attack. you cant even spell the word let alone know what dissociation fully entails.

No. 236958

>Seriously felt like my heart was going to explode and I was going to die.

You had a panic attack and psyched yourself out.

I remember my first marijuana reaction. My ex bf let me smoke hookah where we mixed together with some flavored shish. I was so fucking high it felt like "waves" were rolling on top of my brain. This sensation would roll from the back of my scalp to the front of my forehead. Thoughts rushed into my head but I was so baked I couldn't articulate proper.
Didn't panic though.
Don't ever panic.
Whatever sensation you feel with marijuana it will pass. Nobody just dies from marijuana. With that in mind: Try it again and be ready. Have some comfort snacks lying around, have your favorite show ready to go. Occupy your mind with things so you're not left alone to concentrate entirely on every little breath and sensation in your chest.

No. 237014

It has its reputation for a reason.
I know this post is old as shit but everybody should heed this. Meth can and probably will fuck you up. Bad. I was IVing that shit for a few months and I swear I would've pushed over my own grandmother for a point.

No. 237072

I smoke weed every day, but I want to try shrooms, acid and LSD because I heard that in small doses those can help with depression. Unfortunately everyone I know where I live is only interested in shit like cocaine, E and benzos. I hate living in a state where weedisn't legal but I'm too broke to leave, especially with how much weed I have to smoke to deal with being a broke, lonely loser.

No. 237078

I don't know where else to post this but I am freaking out over a drug test I have to get in 48 hours. Thought I wouldn't be hearing back from this employer for another week or two and had smoked a very small bowl Friday for back pain. Two of my friends told me I'm going to fail the test so all I can think about is what I'm going to do, whether I can convince my friend to give me their urine or I buy some synthetic urine or just hope since I had been abstaining from weed for weeks before Friday and I've been active, well hydrated etc. it'll be out of my system by then.

No. 237090

Can you get your hands on some home tests? If you're pissing hot on a home test you're kinda fucked and need to start looking for someone's urine.

If you had a bit more time on your side I'd say try something like
But it's a stretch, doesn't work for everyone, and it has a lot to do with your fat stores and metabolism. Try drinking a lot of water and exercise but idk if that will do much good.

No. 237092

Samefag but actually if you have a GNC store or some kind of vitamin supply they may have an herbal detox that's similar. Good luck anon…

No. 237105

I did actually take a home test today and it came back negative. When I showed it to one of my coworkers who told me I was fucked she seemed swayed and said then I should be fine.
I'm thinking I'll buy another one tomorrow to test and continue on staying hydrated and eating fibrous foods. I don't know if I could actually sub with synthetic or a friend's without messing it up.
At this point I'm feeling resigned to whatever my fate is because it is my fault for stupidly smoking when I've been interviewing for jobs. Maybe I can drink a lot of water to cause a bad sample and I can retake it.

No. 237110

tried a lot of things and so over it. if someone who uses isn't dirty they're insane and clearly not trying to help themselves and only making everyone around them either ditch them completely or suffer with them in misery. it makes it easier for me to not want to use a thing anymore.

No. 237119

I had to help my boyfriend with this, he ended up borrowing piss from his dad lol. Less body fat you have reduces how long it stays in your system, also it's dependent on how often you smoke. My boyfriend was doing saunas, bike sessions, the gym and he's low body fat and it stayed in him for for a couple of weeks, I got tests online to check

No. 237123

>tfw fat cow
Was he a heavy smoker? I can't imagine why it would still come up in a test if he's so active.

I don't even know how to classify myself. I've almost stopped smoking since the new year, with only doing it once in February and March for pain relief. Before then I was only smoking occasionally as I bought $20 worth to myself and had stopped smoking with friends, so that $20 lasted me from November until now.

No. 237127

He was a heavy smoker but quit, so it was embedded in his system over the number of years.

I'd say from your amounts it wouldn't take long to come out of your system, if I read correctly you took a test that came out negative? you're golden

No. 237185

File: 1522136302163.jpeg (712.93 KB, 1920x2560, F6BAF6FF-28D7-45A7-8D32-DF4DD8…)


Go to any head/smoke shop and get a bottle of detox. Go in and ask for just that, a bottle of detox. If whoever works there acts confused, leave bc he’s an idiot.

You can get bottles of this stuff for $10-15, it’s basically a niacin flush. You’re supposed to get a Gatorade or something and drink two of them after you drink the detox, but I’ve used it twice to pass drug tests for jobs and I’m a pretty dedicated stoner. But you have to follow the instructions and drink all your fluids afterward or you’ll feel like shit. Pic related, they look kind of like sports drinks.

Also, if you live near a dollar tree get some of those THC test strips you pee on, if you rip open the box it has a guide on the inside that explains how urine THC testing works, which is a nice little bonus imo.

No. 237459

oh stop being so condescending you asshole

No. 237463

None. Is it just me?

No. 237558

buy fake pee! smoke shops sell it and it actually works. i’ve used it several times and so have friends.

No. 237609

no it's not just you, you're not special for not doing drugs, but you're better off

No. 237620

Yeah wtf. That's so sad unless you're underage.

No. 237641

Anybody have any cool stories about shit they saw/did when they were high?

No. 237643

Me neither. I just personally don't see the appeal.

No. 237644

File: 1522296313351.jpg (1.26 MB, 1280x1534, tumblr_oxdxr9Ee9D1vs3855o1_128…)

I was on a lot of mushrooms with 2 friends sitting in the woods. We were all about equally high on the same dosage. One friend and I started commenting on a high pitched bug-like drone we were hearing, kind of like the hum of cicadas. Our other friend couldn't hear it at all. All of a sudden, the noise stopped. For fun, we told the noise to start again and to our shock, it did, immediately. For the next while we were freaking out saying "stop" and "go" together and hearing the humming noise obey our commands with perfect timing. Our other friend had no idea what we were talking about.

If it's not some kind of mushroom induced psychokinesis i have no idea wtf it was, unless my friend was just fucking with me of course. But knowing her personally and the way she reacted i don't think she would have. And even if she was lying, I still heard the noise sync up to our commands myself, so weird no matter what.

No. 237645

Oh yeah one more thing, we even tried to purposely say stop and go at irregular intervals, in case we were just hearing a pattern independent of our commands, and it still worked!

No. 237707

File: 1522330608914.jpg (77.73 KB, 1100x1200, creepy.jpg)

did acid with an ex-best friend at their house back in high school. we started tripping real hard around midnight, so we decided to go out for a walk. we walk by her neighbors house and he like, rushes out of his house to be at his mailbox by the time we passed it. we just waved bc we were just being nice and he goes, "kind of late for two girls to be taking a walk, right?" (which set off my creep detector hardcore.)

anyways, i turned to look up at the guy and his face literally looked like a mask (the ones from purge look similar). he was smiling and everything and trying to make conversation and i just kept walking because i was so uncomfortable.

one time on schrooms i thought my cat was a roomba and then got super surprised when he moved. i don't even have a roomba…

No. 237718

That gave me a good laugh haha

Once when I took acid I decided to take a shower, and I became super paranoid ,in a really unrational way, that two of my friends (male and female) were making out or having sex so I didn't dare to go out of the shower, until they came and asked me if I was okay.

I also walked out and stood in the grass, then I starded seeing and feeling slugs crawling up my legs so I ran inside.

No. 237730

Yes it's only you lol

No. 237770

Only marihuana.
Anyone knows how to get mushrooms by the way? I don't live in a place where drugs are legalized, what kind of people should I look for?

No. 237783

You'd have to buy a grow kit online. There's a few spores on clearnet, I'd start with recommendations from reddit in their shroom subreddit or whatever the fuck.

No. 237847

how does it feel when you're high on meth? I wouldn't want to try it, just asking. is it like amphetamines?

No. 237850

can you explain how you 'reset your emotions' on lsd?

No. 238008


Meth is short for Methamphetamine.

No. 238009

File: 1522393471898.jpg (888.77 KB, 1024x1024, 1024px-Drug_Chart_Color.jpg)

No. 238259

File: 1522488335299.jpg (615.44 KB, 1200x1200, a0901283591_10.jpg)

I used to be heavily addicted to booze a year ago, felt like shit all the time and gained a looot of weight which amplified my shame.
What got me to kick it was, hilariously enough, DXM, which I promptly fell in love with. When I used it it almost felt like my mind was being defragmented and my distorted thinking patterns vanished. It made me realise the causes of my depression and anxiety and addiction and how I'd been running from so many things. The first time I dosed was like a twelve hour orgasm. Just wrapped up in bed with an eyemask and comfy headphones listening to vaporwave and exploring the depths of my mind.
The detachment you feel from your own memories is a really fascinating experience. It helped me put a lot of things into perspective.

One time I did some Delsym and a lot of DPH and had a surprising amount of fun. I saw jumping spiders absolutely everywhere and they were dancing along with the music I was listening to, cute af.

No. 243705

What drugs have you done?

Weed, Shrooms, LSD, Xanax, Adderal, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin,

What drugs do you use regularly?
Weed, wine, adderal

I really wanna do ketamine and DMT.

No. 243727

I only did delsium once and I woke up the next morning feeling like my brain had rotted a bit. I kept hallucinating my ex was texting me

No. 252499

i tried blue lotus recently (tried to smoke it with herb) and it had no noticeable effect. do you use resin or dried flowers? red wine?

>>120309 i am also under said umbrella and shrooms have changed my life for the better. have done them a countless amount of times, you shouldnt lose any sense or self or connection with reality unless you take too much. im comfortable at microdoses of 0.2g, up to 3g at the most. intensity varies strain to strain, but as a rule of thumb if i don't want to lose my mind i won't eat over a gram or 2. i have yet to heroic dose so i cannot comment on that. i've struggled with higher doses before but i've also had lovely trips at 3.5+ g, most ppl's relationships with psychs will always be a love-hate one.

>>237850 diff anon but its actually been proven that lsd helps your brain establish new neural pathways. (a quick google search will yield you all the info) this has an emotion-resetting effect. i personally call it "re-wiring your brain" but it all alludes to the same thing. shrooms have the same effect i've found. they don't call it a "trip" for no reason. a psychedelic trip is JUST that. a mental journey, you come out different on the other side.

>>237770 if you want psychedelics, look for smart people/nerds. they are easily accessible over the dark web. you can literally teach yourself via google how to buy them via tor, i did. i wouldn't recommend growing shrooms yourself if you don't have someone who is experienced to show you how. even i won't grow them myself yet, i leave that to those close to me who've perfected their technique. i do get psilocin extract tho & i combine with melted cacao to make awesome synergistic mushie edibles, combining w/ choco i've found lessens the intensity of the nausea you'll get. or i put the extract straight into veggie glycerin capsules - no foul taste @ all.

-weed daily because am ball of nerves

-lsd and psilocibin mushrooms regularly, maybe 3-10 times a year each. i enjoy microdosing more frequently while i go about a normal day. i've even microdosed lsd before work (office job) & it wasn't bad at all. i've taken so many psychedelics over the years that it requires a lot out of me to really "go in" and take a full tab+ or over a gram of shrooms. very mentally strenuous, it's not really a recreational thing anymore so much as an all encapsulating journey. trippies bring me really close to the creator, i grew up an atheist and psychedelics are what led me to believe in "a god" so it's a very personal experience for me now. the main difference i've noticed in the two is the "visuals" and the "presence". for lsd, the visuals you get are more angular, sharp, defined, etc whereas for shrooms the visuals are way more organic, soft shapes and swirls. lsd is a more "extroverted" visual trip, whereas shrooms are a more "introverted" introspective trip, less visuals but way more going on inside your head. when you take shrooms you almost feel the "presence" of the plant. fungi are super interesting and mystical beings, it's been said the spores can survive in space so my running theory is that mushrooms are just basically little aliens. sent from god himself, obvs.

have tried:
-mda (sass) & mdma ("molly"), i enjoy both but they wreak havoc on my skin texture/acne and my mental stability. rebounding is rough with either, i would usually drink vodka to get through the comedown. i prefer mda over mdma because the high is a lot more mellow. you still get in your feels and super "roll-y" but you don't get the intense energy burst like you do with mdma. i'd rather plop and cuddle on this variety of substance as opposed to dance my ass off. i've also come across a LOT of bunk shit.. mephedrone etc. str8 plant fertilizers… ALWAYS test ur shit yal. if you use drugs you need a raegent kit. i used to do this all at clubs and raves, i'd like to get ahold of some soon so i can take it at home with the bf.

-cocaine, is all fun n harmless games at first but it nearly ruined me and it ruis/nearly ruins a LOT of people. i liked coke WAY too much. not even for the effect that it had on me, but for the way it physically smelled. shits addictive on a chemical level, i craved it like a mineral. i used to order mine str8 from the darkweb bc it was the best quality i could find, if you want to try coke DONT BOTHER buying it locally unless you want stepped on rat poisoning. i dont recommend trying it though, it's rly rly expensive and ultimately not worth it. it makes you paranoid, isolated, arrogant, high strung, spatially unaware, SWEATY (with terrible chemical odor), and gave me literal rocks in my skin. not sure if it was just super hard tiny balls of sebum and my cystic acne was FLARING up at the time from it, or if the actual coke crystals were stuck inside and secreting from my pores. i did cocaine on and off for a while, then binged for like 3/4 months straight a couple yrs back. wound up blacking out, & getting a police escort to a hospital and now i wont even touch or look at it. just like it too much. i hate that i like it.

pharms: adderall, vyvanse, xanax, vicodins, codeine, dxm. i dont care for any of them. i used to abuse dxm as a 17yo and would lay awake in bed all night robotripping and hallucinating shit on my ceiling before having to wake up at 6am for high school. now i cant even drink soda or red wines because it smells too much like "cough syrup" lmao.

whippits/nitrous: this shit is wack, avoid balloons/hippie crack. you're just depriving your brain of oxygen and balloon parties honestly get wack n weird. everyone is so whiney and greedy with balloons/$ for balloons. if you want nOs, get a cavity so you can get the good dental grade shit on tap. when they leave you alone in the room with the laughing gas tank to get adjusted, just turn ur ass around sneaky quick and turn up the nitrous a notch or three. they only notice like 15% of the time. :')

i'd really like to try dmt in the near future, and eventually do an ayahuasca/peyote retreat. before i die i'd also like to experience ibogaine, fresh raw opium (smells heeeavenly when smoked), and fresh salvia leaves. i've heard that the plant isn't actually meant to be smoked, and instead chewed raw for the best effect.

also interested in what it feels like to chew a betel nut…..


i've never tried ketamine and i refuse to because i've watched so many other people take it, it's so off-putting. if you're on the schizo umbrella mentioned earlier, this is def one drug you DON'T wanna try. witnessing someone in a k-hole is terrifying. it makes you a hollow vessel. every time i've EVER interacted with someone on k, they've been in distress.. crying, think they're dying etc. i've been at a festival where 2 men on ketamine that were "mutual friends" have hit/harassed me (terrifying experience i wont elaborate unless anyones actually curious)
K is a HUGE epidemic at festivals now. last year at electric forest my neighbors were on it from the time they arrived til the time they left. they were all really whiney, bitchy, and rude to one another while sober. then you'd hear them go quiet and get to sniffing, then they'd just sit there for hours in a flooded tent giggling like idiots.. we had a massive 2 day thunderstorm that year. they were REALLY unprepared and too high to bother fixing their campsite so they ended up sitting around in a wet ass tent for days getting high on k. obnoxious. also you can't even sit at your OWN campsite at these events anymore without random sketchy looking wooks trodding through your personal space whispering about "kitty kitty meow meow i got da kitty yal want any kAY". i'm not exaggerating when i say you will hear this/get asked this no fewer than 35 times a day. these are the same kinds of people who sell decorative spoons for $50, decorative hat pins for $200 etc and then go steal your folding chairs when you're in the venue during the day anyways. idk i have a really sour taste in my mouth with this drug in particular, it's really popular and i do not understand the appeal at ALL. the drug is honestly ruining festivals and outings for me.. if anyone could explain, i'm all ears.

for everyone wondering what meth "feels" like, i couldnt tell you - but i do know a really (surprisingly) attractive & intelligent dude who used to really like to tweak and it landed him in jail several times. he said he used to be hanging out in his house alone, doing meth, and he'd hallucinate/see a living room full of people that he could have full on dialogue and physical interactions with (handshakes etc) even though the house was actually empty. i can only imagine meth makes you feel… just a lil crazy lmao.

No. 252516

LSD and shrooms. I preferred the mushrooms. I'm interested in DMT and salvia, but I have no plans to try them any time soon.

No. 252859

Has anyone ever made eddibles or tea out of truffles/shrooms? Their taste is so horrible to me.

No. 252923

Had 2g of shrooms a few weeks ago, I didn't know that this amount was enough to trip (I take small doses of shrooms everyday to help cure my depression/ADHD). Bad trip happened, worst experience of my life.

No. 252966

You can buy some gelatin capsules off of Amazon

>also you can't even sit at your OWN campsite at these events anymore without random sketchy looking wooks trodding through your personal space whispering about "kitty kitty meow meow i got da kitty yal want any kAY".
That sucks about Electric Forest. I thought it was an awesome festival. I've been to a similar music festival and have never been propositioned to buy drugs or had problems with theft.

I did too much adderall xr (took two pills instead of one 20 mg pill like I usually do). I felt like I was going crazy already and I imagine meth feels like that x100.

I chewed betel nut. I didn't notice anything too interesting. Or I got the non-betel paan. Idk.

No. 253032

I want to try DMT so badly, but I'm too inept to make the social connections to obtain some

No. 253044

>What drugs have you done?
benzos, opiates (except heroin), coke, MDMA, weed, meth by accident once (thought i got molly with a friend, we did as many lines as we would have with molly and we were hallucinating for hours - i still don't know what was real, i was legit fucked up for weeks trying to remember things and discern what was reality).

>What drugs do you use regularly?

benzos every day and opiates like two weeks out of the month so i don't have withdrawals and i can keep my tolerance down under 30mg of oxy to get high, which is pretty good imo. opiates are for my days where i'm depressed because it's the only shit that can make me happy. MDMA or coke if i'm partying, preferably MDMA tho since i'm all about euphoria > fun, if that makes sense. weed fucks me up like nothing else weirdly enough, so i avoid it like the plague. every time i smoke i hallucinate and think i'm in what i always call a 'time bubble' and i wind up disassociating, and the shit's not even laced. my body's weird.

No. 253089

can you recount the trip in detail ?

No. 253112

>if you want psychedelics, look for smart people/nerds. they are easily accessible over the dark web. you can literally teach yourself via google how to buy them via tor, i did

Nayrt but do you have any links to get started with? I’ve been trying to get shrooms for 2 years but everyone where I live only smokes weed or meth or takes Xanax, and I’m hella paranoid about gettin caught trying to buy shrooms online because I barely know what tor even is.

sage bc I’m lame and need an emotional reset/spiritual before my life spirals out of control from not being able to feel anything anymore

No. 253113

I’ve never done real old school MDMA, the x they sell here is all mephedrone or other cut bullshit. I’m looking forward to it because just recently in the US, they’ve begun trials for treating PTSD/treatment resistant anxiety with MDMA, which would be so amazing. Google MDMA and MAPS to learn more, it’s pretty fascinating the positive effect it has on people’s lives.

My favorite drug is shrooms, love the whole experience from beginning to end. Does anyone else here have trouble looking at themselves in the mirror while they're tripping? I can’t handle it at all, lol.

No. 253165

I'm a different person but I have some tips. don't try to buy shrooms online. it's highly illegal and too risky when you can easily cultivate them yourself. look up different techs, try Shroomery.org

all you really need is spore syringes, sterilized substrate bags, a closet, and a few other items like jars, water, and sugar. you can buy sterile substrate bags for mushroom growing legally on a bunch of sites, it will be advertised for edible mushrooms. spore syringes are also legal to buy. South American cubensis is the most common type in my experience.

it's honestly so easy to grow them yourself and it's fun.

No. 253276

File: 1527284051384.png (6.18 KB, 762x472, tumblr_p38xl2MGqe1w7vw0xo1_128…)

Mail guy delievered my pills that day, but when I open up the box, I notice there's three little plastic bags with dry shrooms (1g each) along with the bottle of pills. Sometimes, the girl whom I buy these sends customers these lil gifts. So I have this friend who's really experienced on the shroom, and he believes the shroom is like a living entity; once, I was telling him how the shroom has cured my depression fully, but wasn't really helping much with my adhd, so he goes: "Oh, you know, I once took 2g of shrooms and I was able to concentrate real hard". So I sent a picture of my gift to him, telling him "Look, imma try and take those 2g today!". So I go to the kitchen and eat the 2g (I think that was at 4pm). So I go back to my room and he sent me back a message (after I ate): "Are you really gonna eat those?" and I'm like "yeah, I already ate them" so he goes "oh, well, good trip". I flipped a bit ofc, but I wasn't scared. Anyway, the psychedelic effects start to kick in after around 40 minutes, and I start feeling euphoric and happy. So there's this guy I am (or was) friends with since high school. I've always liked him, but due to my… um, I don't know what's the word. Due to my inability to feel confortable with human touch/sexual interaction, we've never had anything more than friendship. Anyway, I started texting him, because I was feeling an infinite love and I wanted to share that moment with him, so I tried to explain the situation. I know, this was a bad idea. I had no clue how much I craved for him until that moment. Anyway, he was probably thinking I was an irresponsible brat but I didn't care, I just wanted him to understand how much I liked him. The thing is, I didn't use the word "like" because, at that moment, I felt like this was such a weak word to represent my love. So I tried telling him that I felt like our connection was really intense. Ofc he didn't understand shit, also he didn't give a fuck <- I realized how much he didn't care, so I started to get paranoid and then, I felt like my organs were overflowing with sourness, I also felt like there was sourness under my skin and inside my mouth, it was so intense and cruel, at this point I was crying like crazy. Anyway, I told him that I entered a bad trip and I didn't know why, but then he was like "oh, well, I'm sorry to hear that, but I gotta go do [I don't remember what], don't let that bad trip catch ya". So yeah. The rest of the day I kept remembering with vivid visions all of my fucked up childhood, crying in my bed, vulnerable, with no one around to help me. At one point I once again tried messaging him, but yeah, he didn't really care. It was so weird, I could feel like he didn't care, I could feel it under my skin, not only because of his actions. I don't know why, but I really needed him at that moment, I didn't need anyone else, just him, and I felt abandoned. He'd been ignoring me for a couple of months, but everytime he needed me, he would just pretend we were besties like nothing happened. I didn't care because I just wanted to be next to him. You must think he's a cunt (you're not wrong), but his attitude is very prince-like, he doesn't even curse. He's super handsome and intelligent so I have always put him in a pedestal. Anyway, I went to the balcony and lied down, I couldn't stop crying. I tried listening to music, but even happy music had a melancholic undertone, it was truly the weirdest thing. I tried forgiving my dad, because although he ruined my childhood (he was alcoholic), his childhood was as fucked up as mine. I falied though, I wasn't able to truly forgive him at that moment. Anyway, the effects started wearing out, by 11pm I was feeling alright. It's so weird the feeling after the trip, it feels really empty. My friend said it is called "wu wei", like the feeling you get after meditating deeply. He also said that I entered a state of telepathy while I was tripping (lmao), because I entered another reality or smth. He also said that we always have something to learn with a bad trip. I don't know if that's true, but I was right about my friend; the cunt didn't even message me (until today…), not even a "hey, last night was fucking wild are u okay now?", not a hint of worry. I'm sorry about this fucking long text, this has been eating me up inside ever since that day.

No. 254480

Thanks for the reply, but honestly I'm not that smart and would rather just buy them personally. I also live in an apartment with a couple, so it would be kinda hard to hide- my closet is practically a shoe box with no shelves and I leave my door open so my cat can go in and out when I'm not there, and I know my roommates wouldn't be cool with me growing mushrooms in the apartment.

No. 254493

That's why you shouldn't trip on shrooms without a handler.

No. 255354

Meth everyday for the past 2 years. Mostly just smoking it.

No. 255362

holy shit, are you okay?

No. 255369

File: 1527781041110.jpg (435.76 KB, 927x1521, 20180523_014421.jpg)

Aw yeah haha I'm fine. I love the energy and confidence it gives me. I have low self esteem from an abusive mom and ex bf.

The biggest downsides though are the chestpains, headaches I get buying from pornsick tweaker dudes and the irregular periods. So I can't really justify or recommend it. I think my days smoking dope is coming to an end anyway. Thank you for asking.

No. 255374

samefagging to add that prior to doing this drug I kinda knew about how comedowns worked.

Tina comedowns are quite absurd in that you feel as if you wanna die but you refuse to eat. But you're only gonna feel better by eating and drinking water. It's at times almost comparable to that creepy, depressing rabies video where this man keeps trying to drink water but fails.

No. 255405

I've always wanted to try stuff like LSD, MDMA, and shrooms but I was a drug addicted baby (thanks mom) and I'm too scared of the effects these drugs might have on me.

I do smoke weed a few times a year and I've never had any bad experiences.

No. 255426

I wasn't a drug-addicted baby (thanks Mom), but I'm still so scared to try these. Except MDMA. I've done it a couple of times, and it's always been a good experience. Music tickles and I'm very happy.

I've never tried LSD or shrooms (or any other psychedelic, for that matter). I want to, but I've always heard to be careful with them if you have a history of depression or other mental illness, which I do. I'm still terrified of having a bad trip and doing something crazy or just feeling different (in a bad way) for the rest of my life.

I've tried:
- weed
- cocaine
- Xanax & Klonopin
- Lorcet
- Adderall

I think that's it. I used to smoke weed every day, and I think I had a coke problem for a minute. I had kind of a drinking problem too. And at some point, a bit of a Lorcet habit. Then a benzo habit. Now I don't do anything except smoke weed and drink occasionally.

No. 255447

When I was in high school my friends and I took "research chemicals." Of course I took them because I was stupid af. The effects were similar to MDMA, but more intense, any idea what I took anons?

No. 255462

No. 255468

I have done a wide variety and the only " drug" that caused me any problems were Alcohol and legal highs ( UK fag). I have tried pot, Coke, MDMA, Xanax, Diazepam, Clonzepam, Speed, Morphine, Codeine, DHC, Tramadol, benzos and Coke. Booze called me to make stupid choices that I regret, Legal high put me in hospital overnight and was not enjoyable. As I result I do not drink.( unless it is with a meal) Legal High gave me a terrible experience I would never use it again. The rest of the drugs despite building up a hige tolerance I was able to use without any problems. Opiates I was able to quit cold turkey and be back to normal in a week despite using lots of opiates. e.g 900mg of codeine, 40mg Morphine every few hours, I would take fri on mon of work. Have plenty of Immodium, sleeping pills, diaz, fluids, buckets to puke/shit in. put a an old towels and incontinence pad on the bed on top of old blankets. have forms of distraction, a radio, TV, netflix, etc, drink plenty, eating is hard but try and also takes suppliments. Focus on your goals. Take baths several times a day ( not showers). On Tues I would explain that I was not 100% over my gastric flu,would not wear make up, take lots of immodium, so people paid no heed when I had to dive to the toilet or was looking rough, I was mostly send home or asked to go home No one suspected a thing. I never head w/d lasting more than a week. Best thing for opiate WD is to be prepared and not have any plans, including social plans and chores, day 2 and 3 is the hardest. And immodium may not stop it all, it is the days when you are likely to puke up. . If you stay off opiates for a few weeks/ months you lose tolerance. I would never advise anyone to cold turkey benzos, but I did, yes it was difficult but I did not suffer major effects, nor did I develop PAWS or get rebound anxiety, ( I never had anxiety either regular or social in the first place so that maybe why) I did sweat and suffer from insomnia for a week and that was that. I rarely take drugs now, even though I have a bottle of Oramorph, 100's of Codeine and DHC, Trams, xanax, diaz, clonz. The only drug I use know is Ambien no more than 3 times a week. My doctor has NO idea, neither does my family, and most of my friends. In the UK, if you piss postive on a Morphine test they are likely to give you methadone or subs. This a terrible idea, I knew one girl that could only get heroin when she visited certain people, she was not addicted, yet they put her on methadone which caused her to be addicted. I know everyone is different but I do not think the way the UK treats alleged addicts is helpful to them ( but it keeps people in jobs) People have different body chemistry but Methadone and subs will cause strong addiction. My father is also against this, on that note he never suspected me of using drugs on a regular basis, even tho I lived with him. He is a sec 12 GP, meaning her has to work with drug addicts. If I could not WD, there is no way he would have recommended the NHS way for me. Those that are struggling please think carefully about going on ANY drug programmes ESP if you have children or are thinking of having kids. All my medical files say about me, is that when I was a teen I had a bad reaction to a legal high when I was at a party. in B4 someone says nice blog. I am trying to warn you of the risk and realities of drug use and their treatments. I may of got away with WD cold turkey from Benzos, but please do not take my experience as a blanket approach, I was fortunate and I had a back up as I could also go to my dad if I needed to ( I never) I hope people read this and think about what I say. If anyone has any questions let me know.

No. 255469


No. 255500

i've done:

5meo dmt
amphetamines (meth, adderall, vyvanse, etc)
crack cocaine
bunch of benzos
a bunch of other shitty research chemicals
prescription medications like antidepressants & antipsychotics

i get most of my stuff off dnms
haven't really been into drugs as much lately because it was affecting my mental health. been a few months since i've touched anything.
i haven't tried heroin but i doubt i could get uncut heroin even if i tried. i usually avoid opiates because a lot of stuff is cut w/ fent

i would like to try ayahascua

also my favorite drug is meth

No. 255501

percocet molly percocet

No. 274268

File: 1533037853543.gif (385.38 KB, 500x400, 0w7Jnma.gif)

Can y'all share your psychedelic trip stories? I love hearing peoples' experiences and general thoughts about them, it's so interesting. Doesn't matter what kind of psychedelic it was!

No. 274473

I took amsterdam truffles three times with my girlfriend.
First time we were at the beautiful, good smelling shop with a sweet worker girl who seemed like an angel while we were high.
everything was just cool and new but there was this spinning thing on the wall that fucked me up at first but then we “became friends”. We read comics and saw really cool flashing colors and overall it was just very comfy. Later we went to a candy shop and tripped the fuck out. That was fun.

The second time we were home and it was also comfy, we fell in love with ice skaters on youtube and had a super nice conversation with her family. I think that trip changed the way i talk to people forever. It made me more confident in a way..

The third time was my strongest dose so far. I had the worst headache after (anyone know how to avoid that lol) but overall it was very healing and enjoyable. I had strong visuals, especially when i closed my eyes, but there were colors and patterns everywhere and my gf looked like a flouredcent painting. At one point I saw a wall sepparating from its 3d form if that makes sense and behind it was a different dimension of weird lights. We listened to björks biophilia album, and for some reason I started feeling really empathetic for my child self in a very traumatic scene from my past, so I started to cry really hard but I assured my gf that it’s a good, healing cry. She held me and i sobbed for a while.
Later we danced and wordshipped her cat. We were both so full of love, it was crazy sweet.

No. 274508

This is a story of a salvia trip where I abandoned this plane of existence and ran away with the man on the package of chorizo.

I was in Amsterdam with a friend. He bought salvia because he wanted to try it. I told him I'm good, he can have it all. After 20 minutes of watching him struggle with the mechanics of the bong and burning half the salvia with no effects, I got frustrated and decided to step in. 'it's not working', he was crying. 'this isn't salvia', he was crying.

So i said 'give it to me' and proceeded to fuck myself up beyond all recognition in 10 seconds. We were sitting on the floor in an airbnb flat, and the only thing on the coffee table next to us was a package of chorizo. I remember I thought I was on some sort of surprise reality tv show, where the whole room was rotating around me and it was actually a studio full of people. The man on the package of chorizo was speaking to me. 'you see it now, don't you? it's all for you'. 'come with me, I'll show you the secrets of the universe', he beckoned, biting into his chorizo. My body was a book and he was flicking it back and forth, side to side. 'your whole life built up to this moment', the chorizo man was telling me. Around him, impossible geometry was unfolding. 'don't trust your friend, he doesn't want you to know. come with me'. Besides me, my friend was pissing himself watching me drool and failing to grab the package of chorizo from the table.

In the moment I reached it, I sobered up almost immediately. 'what did you see?' my friend asked me. 'you looked like you betrayed me. You had a lot of suspicion and pain in your eyes. What are you doing with that?'.

I keep chorizo man to this day. He is somewhere in a box in my wardrobe.

No. 274522

That's really interesting, anon.
Do you think there was some truth to what the chorizo man was saying about your friend?

No. 274590

I tried acid for the first time the other day. Bought a tab from a coworker and took it after I got home from work at like, 2:30am. With no previous experience with psychedelics and knowing almost nothing about LSD, at first I thought it wasn't working. The coworker messaged me at 4ish i the morning to ask if I was tripping balls, because apparently he gave me a higher dose than he originally claimed, but I wasn't feeling anything but mildly anxious so I told him it wasn't working.

Literally 5 minutes after talking to him the shit kicked in. It staryed with everything auddenly being way more colorful and vivid, then about 20 minutes after that the visuals started, the wiggly lines of color coming off things and when nonmoving objects look like they're "breathing". I think it took about 4 hours to fully take effect, but I don't think I really "tripped balls". He claims he gave me 140, but I have no frame of reference for it so idk.

Overall it was nice. He told me I was gonna be able to "break out of my headspace and experience ego death to deal with whatever problems I was burying", but really I just felt hella alert, like time was flying by, and I didn't feel any more introspective than usual. I was tingly and kept talking really fast, too. The only downside was that by the time it kicked in I was ready for bed, and apparently you cannot sleep on acid because your body is so alert you keep waking up before you can fall asleep. Knowing that, next time I'll wait until a day off or just not do it after work when I'm tired. Maybe next time he gets some I'll ask for one a little stronger, then maybe I'd have something to really report.

No. 274625

Thanks for sharing anon! I used to read erowid trip reports on various substances and Salvia always sounded so crazy like this.

Ime, you really need to take quite a bit of acid to get to ego death. Imo, there are much better substances to achieve this state. The standard 8hr+ acid trip is just impractical and too loooong.

No. 274635

Yeah, but I'm currently stuck in a small, conservative town and nobody here really cares about psychedelics as much as they do shit like xanax, meth and coke. I moved here 3 years ago, I've been able to find decent weed and now the sporadic acid tab, but unless you want meth/coke/bars nobody here has anything. You'd think a bunch of broke bumblefucks surrounded by cow paddies would be itching to sell shrooms, but everyone here salts their fields or feeds their cows that enzyme that prevents the shrooms from growing. I've never lived anywhere that had so few options for recreational drugs, and they're al highly addictive and fuck you up too much to be functional.

Sorry for the mini-rant!

No. 274735

I think there was truth in a lot of what chorizo man said. Perhaps people who aren't able to use a bong just aren't to be trusted with this knowledge. Maybe one day I will be ready to see the true nature of the universe and he will return and guide me.

I read some trip reports as well before doing it, which motivated me to not do any of the salvia initially. I distinctly remember one of the reports saying something along the lines of 'I would rather put my dick in the oven and slam the door repeatedly than do salvia again'. Wasn't that bad though. Just very intense and weird.

No. 275119

File: 1533196332819.jpg (700.2 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_ns4h4pqC431qf2ic8o1_128…)

that doesn't sound much like LSD:/ maybe some other chemical, there's tons of them sold as lsd. Most of them are harmless, i've had some, they often have a lighter headspace which i like

I tripped quite a few times about 2-4 years ago, mostly on my own, it was fun. I was in one of the worse phases of depression and for some reason lsd felt like it could help me… and it did. Gave me a bit better perspective on life and myself (and a brief phase of listening to 70s rock - that's what you get for watching The Yellow Submarine movie high lol).
I tried to trip last summer and fall but had to take a xan both times to kill it bc i was headed for bad trips straight away. I'd have thought that my mentally improved mental health would be an advantage for this drug but apparently not lol. Kinda sad, my past psychedelic use vastly improved my life tbh. So I'm gonna try it again soon lol

No. 275120

sounds like lsd to me. i've done it 20+ times

No. 275121

I read that wrong and thought it said it kicked in after 4 hours, which sounded sus to me combined w the fast talking and light headspace. youre probably right, my bad

No. 275140

Do you guys think that mdma could help with depression/PTSD? I remember to read about it once.
I never tried it and I just want to use it to feel better for a moment, not for parties or whatever.
I think it's obvious to not use it to often tho.

I remember when I used opiates I felt a lot better afterwards because I experienced something good.

Benzos just help for the moment. Weed doesn't help at all. And I really don't want to get a opiate habit.

No. 275173

File: 1533207847980.jpg (1.95 MB, 1874x2048, dea.jpg)

i did both lsd and mdma (separately) while depressed and it helped change myself tbh. like i still had to work on myself of course but it motivatd me more i guess? i usually rolled solo as well so i would feel more free to give in into accepting myself and my faults etc lol… it sounds kinda silly, writing it out.
you can take mdma ~every 3 months fairly safely. tbh at one point i rolled like 5 times in 3 months and tbh wouldnt recommend… i havent done it for 2 years now maybe but i carry a lot of these experiences in myself to this day… just my 2c

No. 275177

I would try mushrooms.

No. 275237

Thanks anon. I try it tommorow with my bf at home.

If my bf is enjoying the mdma I'll ask if we try mushrooms. I don't want to use it on my own

No. 287699

This feels like a really dumb question, but does anyone have advice for finding weed guys? I recently moved to a new city and I don't have friends yet, I haven't started classes yet, and I work in a library where apparently no one smokes. I live in a state where it's legal for medical use, but I don't have my weed card yet either. I used to just buy from my friends or their friends, but now I don't know anyone. I just want to smoke again!

No. 287700

Try tinder?

No. 288404

what's the best drug to lose weight? coke?

No. 288407

I had success with the EC stack (ephedrine and caffeine basically). You can buy ephedrine over the counter too.

No. 288419

do you happen to know a good dosage?

No. 288450

I am pretty average in terms of my BMI and was on 12.5 mg of ephedrine (half a bronkaid pill) and 100 mg of caffeine twice a day. Any more than that would cause serious sleep problems for me. I was exercising and on a diet too and I am pretty sure the stack made a huge difference in losing a lot of weight in just a couple of months.

No. 288481


No. 288483

I tried shrooms a few weeks ago but it went kinda bad. I mean, just before taking it my bf told me that i could have some hallucinations and i got scared because i have only been doing weed and some sleeping pills when i was teenager. so I took a 1.5 gr dose (instead the 3 grams that recommended me) and felt like i was high on weed. Nothing really different, just less sleepier. Any advice?

Grindr it's pretty popular for buying drugs too.

No. 288485

adderall is the best drug BUT it can destroy your life quickly

bluelight is crazy btw. reading it makes me want to stay away from drugs, almost like i'm tripping too lol

umm a "typical" dose is 1/8th of an oz… i think your bf was right! after 30 mins it starts ramping up and a lot of people feel sweaty, energetic, weird etc.

No. 288553

>friends drag you out to party
>it always devolve into mdma/ket/speed rabbit hole
>all I want is some comfy 2CB trips
though it's germany so it's pretty normal, I've been tempted to get my hands on legal LSD analogues though but I have little to no experience with stuff like LSD-25

No. 288571

how do you mean about the adderall?

No. 288585

i wish i had friends who would take me out to mdma parties

i think adderall is fine. just don't take it every day. my life has only improved since i started taking it, but i only take it twice a week at the most.

No. 288644

File: 1535777155008.gif (590.18 KB, 250x105, please.gif)

honestly mdma is the only drug i like and trust anymore.
-no fear
-no paranoia spiraling out of control
-no hallucinations
-no sitting and shivering in the corner like a retard

plus you can still get shit done, like practical chores around the house type shit, all while in a sustained state of delicious bliss. it's not even naive, overly idealistic bliss, it just makes me feel fucking fantastic with no delusions as to why. it's like adderall's nicer, less edgy big sister. and if you take it more than about once a month it doesn't work anymore, so it's like a built in anti-addiction system. i know a lot of people feel awful during the comedown but i haven't had a big problem with it. it does kind of suck to feel the euphoria getting dimmer and dimmer, but i just think of it like getting out of a warm shower on a cold day. it sucks, but you can't stay in there forever anyway. like yeah i wish i lived in a literal paradise where i could feel like that all the time, but i'm just grateful that even if i can only do it once in a blue moon, it's always there to obliterate a rainy day.

No. 288681

>no hallucinations
you can get nice visuals and other side effects if you take enough
problem is that if you start getting visuals on mdma you've taken waaaay too much for your own good

No. 289021

i know people who got too dependent on them quickly, and sometimes you think you're acting normal but talking really crazy and people can tell you're wired

mdma wreaks havoc on your brain, goodbye serotonin receptors

No. 289034

sort of related, but have any of you guys tried ketamine for depression or ketamine infusions, even, for it?

does no one get crazy comedowns from adderall? i'd get so depressed and angry on the comedown. it's so nice while you're high, but fuck, it's torture coming down.

No. 296952

what is a drug thats good for someone with severe dx paranoia? i once tripped on zopiclone and almost jumped out of my window because i couldnt quit hallucinating a shadowed figured in my bf's room.

No. 296962

Any benzo (valium, xanax, ativan, etizolam, etc.) will effectively abort a bad trip. You may still have visuals but there won't be any paranoia. Personally I never take psychedelics without having them around for backup.

No. 296991

I plan to take my gf out to a rave and take mdma there. It's her first time and I don't really remember my own first time, so is there anything I should look out for?

No. 297316

Make sure it's the real deal, and sit her. If she's feeling anxious or whatever, take her out the rave, and bring her home.

No. 297443

Just make sure she hydrates regularly but not too much. The first time I did mdma was at home so it was easier, but I actually set a timer for it.
Besides that obviously make sure it's good stuff and don't give her too much. Try to always keep an eye on her.

No. 297456

Thank you for advice. I'm sure it's the real deal because I took some from the same batch and I don't plan on giving her a big dose since it's her first time and we just want to get a little loose.
I'll be sure to get something to drink and also set a timer, because it would require a certain amount of finesse to make the high hit when I need it to.

No. 341143

Tripping on a tuesday, wish me luck.

No. 341291

you guys ever experience any negative side effects from kratom on your livers?

No. 341301

Nope, you should stop taking kratom

No. 341303

I feel like Kratom is a meme, but ive never tried it

No. 341305


it isn't. it works really well. it's very nice. i tried extracts first and they worked but when i switched to leaf they didn't work for me as i overdid it. things rarely work for me but it works beautifully. it's a high very comparable to tramadol for me, which i love. the anti-depressant effects of tramadol are so understated and it mimics it almost perfectly for me

No. 341361

For me it depends on the dose. I never get any extreme reactions unless I take too much. Exactly the right dose makes me really clearheaded and content and at ease in situations that would normally cause anxiety. Too much though and I feel like shit, sweating, crazy heartbeat, nausea…
I used to take it more often but last week I took some to work and it turned out to be too much and I felt terrible for most of my shift.
Also the constipation isn't too fun as I'm already frequently constipated without taking opioids.

What method do you guys use to take your kratom? I usually stuff it in the largest size capsules I can find in the nearest headshop which ends up being about 8-10 capsules. I can't stand the taste otherwise.

No. 341369

I tried it before it got well known and became illegal for a bit and yes, it is a bit of a meme. It doesnt do shit and tastes awful. Weed is SO much better and I didnt even use weed until after I tried kratom. Weed genuinely helps and changed me as a person.

No. 343264

File: 1545577844238.jpeg (47.19 KB, 628x419, 1468891494010.jpeg)

I do weed weekly. I love it because I have anxiety problems but I HATE that it gives me headache after using it. I keep hydrated but nothing, still feel kinda weird the day after. Any suggestions?

I also did shrooms two times. The first time I wasn't prepared at all. I was in my house with my bf and took 1 gr. After drinking it my bf told me that I maybe can hallucinate and I went kinda bananas because anxiety. He calmed me down and fortunately the dosage was low because I didn't trip at all. Just felt nauseated and sort of letargic, like high but not to quite high. It was strange. I blame on me being nervous and self conscious. Then I smoked some weed and i swear to god it felt soooo good. Apparently smoking a little weed after shrooms get you in the right place if you are having some bad trip. The effect of the shrooms lasted like 4 hours and overlapped with the high of weed.

The second time trying shrooms was the best. Did like 2 grs and know I was mentally prepared. My bf and his friend (who tried shrooms before) were with me and calmed me because I was getting nervous again because of the nausea. The trip was really good, we chatted about personal stuff a lot and very deep conversations. nothing philosophical at all, just our feeling being their purest. It was very weird but shrooms give you that mental and sentimental clarity if you struggle a lot finding what the hell are you feeling. It wasn't a big revelation at all, it just felt pretty natural and chill. It felt great. About the body effects, the nausea didn't stop but was manageable, i ate something and felt better. The colours didn't change but they were vibrating which was ok for me but I get some people can get paranoid. After all, was a good experience. I would do it again but i would like recommendations about controlling the nausea.

If you are a ball of anxiety and want to try shrooms i recommend to doing it with a very small group and with someone who at least tried before and can calm you down. that definitely did a difference for me.

No. 343490

if you're drinking water, it's probably shitty weed. they spray pesticides and whatever they hell they want on those plants, and sometimes i'll get headaches from someone else's weed. try vaping or edibles and see if it goes away?

feeling weird the day after is normal, i read that weed stays in your system for 24 hours so even if you feel sober after waking, there could be a lingering "veil" if you know what i mean

No. 343508

Kratom affects everyone really differently I've noticed.

I used to do opioids and the high from kratom is so similar to me. I don't do it that often because it tastes so gross and doesn't dissolve.

It works better on an empty stomach.

I love they way it makes me feel though, honestly. It's not psychoactive it's more physical and just feels nice. Very good if you have social anxiety or pain.

No. 583639

Has anyone here done kava? I bought some and it seems too good to be true

>benzos lite

>makes you feel comfy and relaxed
>helps sleep
>works quickly (like 5-10 minutes)
>no hangover
>not addictive
>may or may not cause liver damage

Like people can't even agree if it does cause liver damage

No. 583725

Kava didn’t make me feel any different emotionally and I would literally vomit it up after 5 mins after time I took it. It caused me to have very bad stomach cramping as well.

No. 583765

I have a small jar with a lid (used to be a small jar of pesto lol) where I put in a teaspoon and then a shot of super hot water. Close lid and shake shake shake. Open lid and take the shot. That totally dissolves it for me and leaves minimal taste. I'll usually immediately rinse out my mouth with more water after too.

That's nice and everything, I'm glad it has helped you, but weed and kratom are entirely different drugs. Kratom is similar to something like hydrocodone/vicodin or like the other anon mentioned, tramadol. It helps with pain and also it helps people who are getting off harder opiates like heroin. There are tons of stories online of people who've been "changed as a person" (like you) from being able to kick heroin with the help of this substance.

Anyways I just think it's dumb to discount other people's experience because it didn't work for you? Like for example, weed gives me panic attacks and makes my body frozen in fear while my mind races through all my worst anxieties for 45m straight, but I don't go around trashing it because of that since I know it helps some people.

Everyone has different reactions to any given drug.

No. 583777

samefag, also wanted to drop this here to note kratom is well established for the use i mentioned above: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3670991/

No. 583844

That's interesting anon. Just wondering, where did you get it from? I first tried it from the brand Kava Chocolate and then I tried it from another brand I found off of google. I have a pretty sensitive stomach sometimes but Kava doesn't bother me at all.

No. 583850

I got it from a health store in a vitamin pill form

No. 583859

I never wanted to be a barhead, but I think I've basically failed a semester of university (which was supposed to be my last) due to overwhelming email anxiety. I couldn't open my email for days on end and as a result, I think I've failed my classes. Taking kava helped, but it was too little too late.

I thought I had made really big strides in overcoming my anxiety but being stuck at home with coronavirus and not being able to see anyone has really fucked things up. Shit like xanax is a crutch but maybe it could have helped me in the same way that adderall has helped me in the past.

There's actually different kinds of kava available. Noble kava is the best kind with the least amount of health effects but it's rarer/more expensive. There's other kinds that are grown but they're considered more toxic due to worse processing or the kind of plant used. Maybe that could have caused your problems?

No. 583885

I’ve used a lot of drugs in my time, both the established substances and the research chemicals.
I’ve never dealt with addiction because I’ve never let it get that far. I think it’s valuable and important for one to explore their own psyche, and drugs have allowed me to experience many wild ranges of mental activity that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access.

I’m a big advocate for psychedelic usage, because it has helped me tremendously by opening myself up to vulnerability. I’ve since been able to reclaim control of my mental health and am far more empathetic towards others and the planet

No. 583886

Has anyone had experience with phenibut? It’s currently legal & I personally love it. It’s awesome as long as you don’t use it more than once a week or so, the withdrawals from abuse come quickly and are just as bad as coming off Xanax or another benzo

No. 583912

How does it make you feel? Where can it be purchased in the US, if you perhaps know?

No. 583984

It’s mood enhancing, at low doses it’s relaxing and on higher doses it’s energizing and makes you sociable. It’s legal and it’s available on the clearnet so doing a google search should provide a lot of vendor options

No. 584038

get off of it rn. im serious. id type more but my cat is sleeping on my other arm so if you need elaboration later lmk

No. 584052

Why should someone get off of it?

No. 584070

I know 2 people who have gone on it and one of them literally had to go to the emergency room because they were on the verge of killing themselves because out of no where (and this happened to both of the people I know) they started experiencing withdrawal symptoms despite maintaining a dosage. The symptom wasn't suicidal thoughts, they just felt like they were going crazy because no matter what they did the withdrawal symptoms wouldn't go away and they felt out of control. One of them upped their dosage (the one that went to the emergency room) and it didn't get better (or worse strangely) while the other one kept maintaining so that they could eventually get off of it and it didn't work either. I can't remember how they eventually got off of it. The point is it doesn't matter if you're not abusing it, you can risk experiencing withdrawal symptoms even while taking it that are horrific.

No. 584101

>What drugs have you done?
mdma, lsd, coke, weed

What drugs do you use regularly?
mdma at parties and festivals because i hate drinking and lsd every 1-2 months with my pals for a nice enlightening trip

No. 584114

My friend and I really want to try LSD but we're both complete noobs when it comes to drugs. Where can we buy some? Through the dark web? We're in Europe btw

No. 584122

Yes the dnm or ask around for street dealers

No. 584124

The withdrawal symptoms are horrific and can send one to the hospital, but using it no more than once a week will not cause this. Your friends must have been taking it 3 or more time a week for all of that to happen, which is highly unreccomended

No. 584202

weed (daily), shrooms (significant life events, changes, spiritual journeys). i'm supposed to be trying lsd soon with a friend. my bestfriend is a social cokehead and wants to do it together when we finally get to see eachother again but my mom is a crackhead and i'm 99% sure i'm a crackbaby so i don't think i'll risk it.

my partner does mdma and whippets and shit which i tell him not to do but next time i see him and we go out clubbing we'll likely do mdma together just for funsies

No. 584346

tried: weed/shrooms/lsd

regularly use: weed

i do shrooms every few months or when I feel like i'm stuck in a rut but it can be rly hard to acquire them where i'm @. a lot of my sources disappear or dry up. would try growing them (heard it's easy) but I've killed every plant i've ever owned so idk how much faith i have in myself (ya i know they're fungi don't pedant-chan me)

would probably try dmt/ketamine/mdma if I could get my hands on them (and also be assured that they're safe – a lot of stuff cut/pressed w fent and meth where I'm at). too broke 4 coke and i'd probably like it too much for my own good – same w/ stims.

No. 584380

I mostly smoke weed and occasionally take shrooms/lsd
I like molly but it's been awhile, currently I'm taking a sobriety month off everything. However, I recently ran into an issue and I'm wondering if any anons might have some insight.

My bf and roommate have been straight-edge their entire lives. My roommate will drink on occasion and my bf will sometimes smoke weed but that's it for the both of them.

They've both expressed interest in trying LSD with me sometime and I recently had the chance to buy some so I got 20 tabs that I could sit on for months and months so when they decide to try it out I'll have it.

Well I decided to try a tab myself because I was warned they were pretty potent.I took a tab and all was well for the first few hours, but after about two/three hours I got HORRIBLE stomach pain, ending up puking a few times, and then had lower back pain the remainder of the trip and it was not fun.

I've thrown up on acid before but never like that. I don't really want the first time my friends take acid to involve immense pain so I waited a little over a week, cut a tab into about a 1/4 and decided to try again.

Didn't throw up but did have nausea, stomach, and back pain the entire time.

Did I get bunk stuff? Is it just me? I have had back pain in recent weeks from work so maybe I'm just hyper aware of it while tripping?

I don't plan on taking more for quite awhile but when I do I want it to be enjoyable for me and my friends.

Any other anons dealt with this?

No. 584386

Different people react differently to drugs. I vomited from molly each time I took it, I felt like shit while everyone else around me was having a wonderful fantastic ecstatic time. I have accepted it's just not for me, and will never do it again.
I guess it's the same for you and acid.

No. 584389

I've done it many times before and never had this issue though?
Unless my body has suddenly decided it doesn't like it anymore which would be a bummer lol
Thanks for the answer though anon!

No. 584392

anyone ever do coke or ketamine? I've been thinking about trying them

No. 584403

I've done coke three or four times. The last time was a few years ago. I loved the high i got from it. Made everything really vibrant and people seemed friendlier (at least in my experience.) I would do it again after this pandemic is cleared off.

No. 584405

I can't use weed anymore unless it's an edible. Gives me anxiety otherwise.

LSD. Fun as hell, but I abused it too much and I think it did some damage I'm only now recovering from lol, so probably never again.

Mushrooms. I've only done this a few times, not my favorite thing though. Best moment was watching Interstellar.

Vicodin, I took it when I got it, but I don't ever get the urge to do it again. I felt the effects but it's completely non-addicting to me whereas other drugs gave me a slight desire. Same with Xanax, but even on a small dose it acts as a date rape drug; I can't really enjoy the sex/experience since I'm not conscious for it at all.

MDMA, took this almost every week for a summer and I had to stay clean for almost six months for my brain to boot up again! (I was young and ignorant.) The last time I did it, I also ate a little bit of shrooms beforehand and it was very nice, so I'm repeating it years later next week. Hands down my favorite drug and the only one I can say that I'm addicted to.

I'm about to try DMT pretty soon in vape form. I attempted it back in college the old fashioned way but I'm not a smoker so I couldn't get it down.

The high dose probably did it. If you ate food close to drop time, it probably exacerbated things. Had a similar experience with shrooms, a trip or two after that one with the vomit/intense nausea, it's like my body remembers. I'd try to supplement with ginger or tums.

No. 584461

Done both.
Ketamine is awesome and like psychedelics can provide transfereable quality of mind that helps treat thing like addiction, depression or ptsd. But, unlike psychedelics, it can itself be very addictive.

Coke imo is a waste of time and money. I dated a coke dealer for a couple years and got as much as I wanted whenever I wanted in the duration, so obviously I abused it. I still party with coke on the rare occasion, but I don’t really think it’s worth it, plus the day after is murder. rip my nasal cavity.

No. 584471

Be mindful about the quality for both of them. I’ve seen people do shit ketamine and it didn’t look pleasant at all.
To me coke is overrated for how expensive it is (at least in the two countries I’ve lived in). Sure it’s a good feeling but not worth that much money. I have way more intense experiences with pills and acid.

No. 584473

I'm such a loser, I only smoke weed occasionally and I hate getting drunk. Can anyone recommend some stimulants for a newbie that's relatively easy to get?

No. 584489

I do ketamine almost every weekend. I have been doing it since about 2016 (when mxe vanished from the market..) taking 1-3 month long breaks every so often. I found a really solid vendor on darknet after some trial and error with other vendors peddling cut up crap.

>I’ve seen people do shit ketamine and it didn’t look pleasant at all.
Be careful with your dosing. Invest in a mg scale for sure. You can get a decent one for around $20-30 on Amazon. Then check this out: https://erowid.org/chemicals/ketamine/ketamine_dose.shtml
It's a relatively safe drug in terms of overdose - it is like acid in that way. Difficult to OD. But you can def have difficult/traumatic experiences if you take more than you can handle. Good news is that it's an hour trip maximum so you won't be out for long.

If you can find a trip sitter for your first time I would recommend it.

No. 584514

Just quit weed, about 3 weeks clean.
Nothing against it, I just have the worst brain to indulge in it (adhd anxiety & just an obnoxiously addictive personality)
And I'm feeling fine. The weed was great for a while but once the novelty of being high wore off it didnt help me, just made me mentally messy.

Psycadelics are appealing but with my known mental health problems and the fact I have a cousin who's schizophrenic I dont think the risk is worth it… a friend told me they can intensify stuff like that..?

No. 584515

File: 1594778461052.jpg (132.4 KB, 1200x1200, CjRtN-qW0AE1FLy.jpg)

Sage for samefag,

I'm fine NOw but the 1st week was hellish, and I wouldn't have been able to do it if I didnt have my live in boyfriends support and help keeping me away from it, and emotionally.

If you have any depressive or tendencies for suicide suicidal ideation, weed withdrawl is serious. I had some good results tapering down before I went full turkey but I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own.

Booze is next!

No. 584518

I think I'm close to quitting wee again. I indulge far too much with it and it, along with my procrastination is making my anxiety and depression flare up shocking.

I've only done shrooms and acid three times. Two of those times nothing substantial happened but I had a really good trip that left me feeling so much clarity afterwards on shrooms. I was in a pretty bad depression at the time and after that trip I remember something just clicked and I was able to launch myself into actually doing productive steps. I applied for school afterwards and just recently got my masters. I'm actually looking to take some once the pandemic eases, although I don't want to put too much hope on it. Best thing is just to be thinking positive and have someone not on anything supervise the trip so to speak

No. 584536

Have only ever tried weed, but I would love to try shrooms. Does anyone know how to find them without going through a dealer? I live in the midwest and I'd love to go shroom picking, I just don't know how to spot them.

No. 584548

Can't say much about foraging, but looking at the foliage/plant guide of your local woods could help.

You can also try growing them. If you have a green thumb I heard it's relatively easy and the materials are completely legal. Otherwise, I'd try asking your sketchiest/weirdest friend.

No. 584556

The first drug I ever did, even before weed, was perococets that I stole from my parents medicine cabinet when I was 15.
Go America!

No. 584566

weed and xannys if they count. used to be friends with all the stoners who'd comp me their weed, almost never bought my own

my worst experience was mixing two different types of weed, driving on it, and feeling like i was going to kill myself and my friends because i was so manic

i'd like to try some of the more dangerous drugs, like shrooms, cocaine, and lsd. my friend was gonna give me lsd but then he tripped himself and said that he saw "visions of hell", refused to give me some

No. 584570

>What’s you guys fav drugs?
Not judging, I’m always interested because amongst my friends, it’s funny to see how some of them absolutely hate my favs.

Mines are:
- Ket
- Md
- Edibles
- Coke

Although coke is stupidly pricy where I live so I indulge when my friends have some.
I’m ok with weed but it just makes m slow and tired. Absolutely love ket as it makes me dance and feel nice to everyone ahah.

> What are the drugs you hate? The ones you’ll never touch?

Never going to try meth or heroin myself and hopefully it stays that way.

I want to try shrooms but I have a hard time with losing control and tripping in a physical way (seeing, hearing things). Had edibles that were too strong once and didn’t enjoy the crazy trip that ensued.

No. 584594

Weed, alcohol, acid, and adderall when term papers were due. I smoke about once a week. Really want to do shrooms. Feels like we'll never get back to the clubs of pre-COVID times in the US but I might be persuaded to try coke once if the circumstances are right.

No. 584604

I both love and hate coke, it makes you feel great, confident, chatty etc. but it’s so moreish. The more you do the less you sleep, and it makes you behave like a dick sometimes. There is no comedown per se but I’d feel anxious for a good few days after taking it.
MD is my fave, I can literally have a few dabs and feel fucking amazing and not have the worlds worst comedown the next day.
I don’t have the right personality for weed, it just makes me feel paranoid or nauseous.

No. 584759

File: 1594826227851.jpg (112.13 KB, 889x529, Deadly-Toxic-Death-Cap-889x529…)


Godspeed your quitting, anon. My state (cali) has been legal for a couple years, and from anecdotal evidence (me and my cousin quit weed for p much the same reasons) and from what my therapist and a doctor told me, there's more people coming out of the woodwork wanting to quit weed. It's not an easy going chill stoner lifestyle like I thought, being always high and shelling out $$$ has wasted so much of my time.

Buy them anon. the risks of foraging outweigh the cost.

No. 584768

weed often but really bored of it, acid every one or two weeks lately (will be increasing my dosage) i really enjoy it, tried shrooms too but it wasn't a lot,might switch to the instead of acid for a while

No. 584867

Do you have any info about getting started and what to buy?

Yes ma'am will do!

No. 584881

File: 1594846723118.png (8.49 MB, 2816x1771, how to shrooms.png)


Easy as fuck simplified guide: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=25274461&page=0&vc=1#25274461

If you browse around r/shrooms there are other helpful threads about it. iirc you really only need the spores, a container (often lidded jar), and a dark/moist environment. If you read everything thoroughly it's a lot at first but it seems pretty simple, albeit I've never tried.

No. 584882

psilocybes bruise blue and grow in cow shit. don't be dumb–read up on them, do a spore print for safety's sake and double check, but once you've found a patch it's pretty much good for life. if you've got dairy farms around you, you've got cubes all over the place.

No. 585327

Green Kratom > Red Kratom > White Kratom
The white almost feels like nothing to me, Red makes me noddy and green is stimmy which is my preference.
I just wish it didn’t taste like garbage, & I’m too lazy to cap. bleh

No. 585331

Does nutmeg really work? I kinda wanna try it lol

No. 585344

pls don’t

No. 585360

All the ketamine users I've known have been losers. Don't do it. Acid is fun though

No. 585366

Anyone know anything even vaguely similar to mdma? Been doing it frequently but want to try something different

No. 585370

2C-B? Dunno how easy it is to get ahold of, my best friend at the time’s boyfriend was a dealer, this was years ago. Comfy, kind of giggly, closed eye visuals (saw the universe from the outside), gives you a wacky perspective on things (was convinced that I was the centre of the universe lol), somewhat of an aphrodisiac as well, keeps you awake. Not a great comedown, interesting experience though.

No. 585371

>weed lol
>assorted research chemicals
>whipit (once but big yikes)

I really miss LSD but it's impossible for me to do it for the foreseeable future. I do like to still vape weed now and then but I've stopped since the pandemic began.

No. 585374

Fuck this thread triggers me, makes me want to be a dumb thot living life once again. I’m much healthier and better now tho. Farmers that haven’t done drugs ever please don’t start, they really fuck up your mental health.

No. 585384

Just because you have no self conrol doesn't mean that no one else does. Drinking a couple of times per week isn't going to ruin your life.

No. 585409

Just because you’re irresponsible doesn’t mean everyone else is, stfu

No. 585412

This post kids… is exactly why you shouldn't do drugs. Corny mf

No. 585418

Sass is similar but slightly more psychedelic

No. 585419

Hide the thread and never open it.

No. 585429

>Do mushrooms
>expect the trip to match the druggie stereotype, start wondering where I'll feel one with everything and feel more empathetic
>The opposite occurs, all my insecurities strip away and the distinction between myself and the world only becomes stronger and more sharply defined
>Feel more egotistic

Few days later and I still have a massy headache, straight up. I feel a lot less depressed, but I also feel like a dumb retard that can't concentrate.

No. 585430

How the hell do I find drugs around me? I'm new to a military town and have absolutely no friends. I'm under 21 and unable to go to clubs. Been thinking about messaging some random druggy looking people on a Facebook burner, but not so sure that will turn out successful for me.

No. 585431

Mushrooms do the same to me, but I heard it helps to be in a bright environment like a park or something outdoors. (I've only done it inside my house at night lol)

Drink orange juice and eat a lot of fruit, anon.

No. 585436

>what drugs have you done?
weed, mdma, ketamine, LSD, shrooms, kratom

i'm gonna get to try 5mapb and 4-ho-met in the future which i'm excited for

No. 585443

Use the darkweb

No. 585467

don't do that anon lol
1) setup wallet to buy bitcoin on paxful
2) download tor
3) go here

might be against the rules to give you further instructions but you can start by exploring dreaddit!

No. 585481

>what drugs have you done?
weed, lsd, ketamine, mdma, heroin, perks, cocaine, alcohol, shrooms, xanax

>what drugs do you use regularly

nothing anymore, but the internet is kind of like a drug now. I spend all the time I used to be on drugs on the internet now. its sad.

Don't do this lol. They will think you are a narc. Make friends irl and the drugs will come. I started doing drugs when I started hanging out with artsy hippies. But stick to weed or party drugs only, no opiates. And I'm an oldfag so I can't vouch for the darkweb, but it doesn't sound like a good idea. Only get drugs from people you trust.

No. 585485

Anyone in the south of USA want to be a drug buddy?

No. 585613

>I'm an oldfag so I can't vouch for the darkweb, but it doesn't sound like a good idea. Only get drugs from people you trust.

Just my $0.02, but the best marketplaces on the darkweb function just like Amazon or any other ecommerce site. You browse products by rating/number of reviews and leave reviews yourself. It is not uncommon to find long standing vendors who sell products with 10,000+ reviews. As long as you stick to vendors with high trust scores you will be fine in terms of quality.

As for legal risk. As long as you're protecting yourself (vpn, tor, pgp encryption, only buying small recreational quantities) you should be fine. I've had ~100 transactions over the years and only had a few issues like the vendor delaying shipping or the product being slightly underweight. Usually the vendor will make it right so they can get a good review.

Lots of people either may not have the connections irl or just want the privacy of getting it themselves ..because well, your dealer (or someone above them) is probably buying from darknet anyways ..just in much larger and riskier quantities. Plus it is nice to have it delivered right to your door. I'm not knocking going thru irl connections, just wanted to give a vouch for this method.

No. 585636

If you’re gonna order from dnm, domestic vendors are always safest because they don’t have to go through customs.
If you order a drugs and the when the delivery arrives, if they ask you to sign for a package, decline. It’s a trap. You tell them “I didn’t order anything.”
If you get a call from the post office saying you have a package that needs to be picked up, decline. It’s a trap. Just say “I didn’t order anything.” Very simple.
That’s never happened ime and I order most of my shit online cuz I don’t trust dealers in my area, they don’t know shit from shinola.

No. 585638

We talking florida here?

No. 585642

File: 1594996166883.jpeg (149.77 KB, 530x486, 4C52119E-5A34-419D-9BBF-7DFF79…)

Samefag, I highly recommend buying a testing kit because if you’re going to do drugs, do them responsibly. You never know what street dealers are mixing their shit with and these help you know what you’re taking.
I once bought ‘adderal’ from a dealer my friend swore by, came home and tested it only to find the results concluded that it was meth, not adderal. I’ve also been sold molly that tested as a 2c. Dealers can be irresponsible as fuck.

No. 585687

Please stop spreading misinformation.

Using a VPN will not protect you. Tor is not designed to hide your identity and it clearly states that on their website. Tor is deliberately designed to tell people you're using it as a far to counteract cops using it. PGP is useful but only protects some communication and is rendered useless if the site is honeypotted, like most of the big sites have been over the last decade. All convos can be read as soon as they have your key, which they will get.

Your location can be found very easily. Tor is notorious for leaked Ip addresses and your VPN will only save you if you
1. Have it setup right. That includes checking for all leaks.
2. Have a VPN located outside 5-eyes.

Even then, there are risks. The only reason you havent been caught is because a dog hasn't picked up the scent on one of your packages. As soon as they do, they get a warrant. Your package will be delivered normally and then you will be arrested.

OR, the site is already honeypotted and they're waiting to come get you. I've known of several sites that ran honeypotted for nearly a year while the cops just collected info.

They changed their methods a year ago. The fact none of you seem to have read the manual on how postal employees are meant to deal with this (which is available all over the onion network) shows me you dumbasses are gonna be arrested in a few months max.

No. 585694


No, they won’t be. Drugs are what’s called ‘controlled delivery’. If you are asked to sign for or pick up your darknet drugs, decline. Cops can’t bother with and don’t care about busting buyers of recreational amounts. You’re paranoid and spreading bad information.

No. 585712

the post office is in the process of being defunded right now. none of them have the time or the manpower needed to track down all the drugs that get sent through the post, anon.

No. 585713

File: 1595005382393.png (484.75 KB, 720x1049, DED41B04-D976-4ACE-8B54-D0EE6F…)

I can tell you’ve never done any of this before kek.

No. 585717

Thanks so much anon, I really appreciate it!

No. 585721

anon, if your package gets intercepted, theyre arresting the seller, not the buyer. they don't care where it's going to, they care about the source of the package.

No. 585723

Nta but know people who’ve been busted for buying drugs over the Internet because they came down to the post office to pick up their package

No. 585729

Where I live we’re surrounded by datura. It grows everywhere, and every summer kids lose their minds using it to try and get high.

Reading jimsonweed trip reports on erowid is pretty enlightening. There’s a definite lack of fun involved with that shit. It’s weird how most of the people report phantom cigarettes—they think they’re smoking but they aren’t. What part of the brain is the drug tickling so that almost everyone says, ‘yeah, I thought I was smoking’ the whole time?

Like with ketamine, a lot of people report that they see dead kids or deceased relatives. It’s common enough to be noticeable from an anecdotal standpoint. Drugs are pretty weird but also super interesting.

No. 585735

I had a terrible experience with weed, where I ate an edible with an indiscernible amount in it, and proceeded to have a painful racing heart, nausea, and ultimately gave myself disturbing false memories about my childhood. Do you think in general I am just a bad person for weed? Or is it worth trying again in more reasonable doses? I didn't have this anxious or delirious reaction on any other drug.

No. 585742

Most people don't do well with edibles in the first place, honestly…might wanna try just vaping it or hitting some regular ole flower. Edibles can do that to people, where they freak out and have the racing heart and paranoia. I personally like them, but I know MANY people that don't.

No. 585938

Really wish I wasn't working tomorrow. I'd fucking microdose right now. Really wish there was a drug out there wasn't in your system for long ass time.

No. 585973

Anyone ever done IM ket?
It’s fucking glorious, I’d get the vet vial for $20 in my third world country.

No. 586030

Is smoking weed once a week too much? I’m worried I do it too much.

No. 586031

I smoke at least a g a day and it's absolutely too much. My friend use to resolve to only smoking either Friday or Saturday night and he's very productive. You're doing great sweetie

No. 586189

I’d like to hear about the effects. Is ketamine a dissociative?

It’s kind of funny, nitrous oxide aka hippie crack is one, I think. tmi, but doing nitrous used to feel like I was having an orgasm but more like an orgasm that started in the brain. I think it was something to do with lack of oxygen more than the nitrous, but maybe not.

I had a friend who I mostly hung out with only at parties, but when we saw each other we would do tons of nitrous. My mom had got this nice whipped cream tank from Williams-Sonoma and she and I basically claimed it. You could load two canisters at once. I would stash it in my backpack with the canisters in a Xmas stocking to keep them from rattling. Anyhow, we were at this one party that actually sucked but who cares, and she was sitting on the bed hyperventilating and then she inhaled the whole thing and she flopped back and starting shaking. I had never seen anything like it and was panicking, it looked like she was having a seizure or something. Just as I was about to call 911 she came out of it, all smiles. I was freaking out, yelling what the fuck happened to you, I was so scared holy shit and all this.

She was loading the tank again and giggling like crazy. “Fishin’ out? I was fishin’ out? That’s the whole point!” Like a fish out of water, flopping around. I never asked her if this was a thing that lots of people said, or if it was just a phrase her and her friends used. I myself have never fished out, but yeah.

That’s another thing I think is interesting, drug slang between friends. When we were a little too stoned and getting paranoid we used to say we were skizzing, which was short for schizo, inb4 how awful. Does anyone else here do anything like that?

No. 586193

The phantom cigarettes thing sounds like the stuff that happens in the Don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda. I think he smoked datura as part of the process. I also think these books are widely accepted as fiction now but they’re still fun to read.

It’s like the digital elves from robocopping. Which I have not seen kek.

No. 587826

Different Anon chipping in, Keatmine is a disso yeah! It’s like a way more intense nitrous trip lol. It also depends if u get s-ket or r-ket. One is more trippy and makes me more dissociates (I was sitting in my ex room but I thought I was in a spaceship) the other is more like alcohol :-)

In other news I love speed. I am lucky to live in a country were meth isn’t as popular but amphetamine is and damn this shit pops off. Currently on it lol. It’s the least addictive hard drug in my opinion and I love tweaking out on it

No. 588818

Whenever I microdose, my eyes get blurry, anyone else feel this?

No. 588978

there's clearnet research chemical vendors in a number of countries that sell 1p-lsd, which is a prodrug for normal acid and is basically metabolized into the same thing

at least this is how my friend from the internet with a degree in chemistry broke it down for me

anyways it's reasonably priced, the tabs I've tried were significantly stronger than the dnm tabs I've had before which makes me think that the illicit one's I've had up to this point were all underdosed

check with your country if it's banned and whether you've got generic drug laws or not to gauge legality and use your google fu to find out which clearnet sellers are reputable.

No. 589238

yes, that was my first edible experience that you described but i also couldn't walk for about 12 hours. it put me off weed for a long time and i couldn't stomach the smell of it after. Definitely try easing into each dosage, it takes a bit of trial and error.

No. 589637

done ket dozens of time but still struggle differentiating between r and s-type. which one would u say is more dissociative vs. comparable to alcohol? i feel like sometimes i take k that's a lot more stimulating and less "wonky" but still not sure which type it would be

No. 591783

Idk where to post this. I hope its ok here.

I had a kundalini awakening from lsd and then the sudden urge to leave my bf. He is not the right one, is he?

No. 591802

Nope, he isnt

No. 591823


Dump him, sis.

No. 591934

Listen to it. My boyfriend grew into literal Satan and I still stayed

No. 597425

Weird flex but my marijuana plants that I’ve been growing from seeds I collected nugs are growing so beautifully. They’re all almost as tall as I am, and it isn’t even near flowering season so I’m pumped about all of the foliage that’s going to be coming. I’ll probably get a few pounds worth considering the size and amount of plants.
& yes it is legal here

No. 597454

I did edibles for the first time in years and my dumb ass didn't ask how much was in them. I ate this big ass brownie, probably 5x the amount I needed and I had the biggest whitey moment. Legit thought I was gonna die curled in a ball with a bucket because every slight movement I made made me feel like I was gonna projectile vomit. Even thinking was making me feel sick. Most embarrassing part was my bf and his friend was there, I'm so embarrassing aaaaa. I think I'll go another few years without edibles, if not never again.

No. 597457

Edibles are rough. I’m a daily marijuana smoker and I can’t handle the feeling of edibles. When it metabolizes, it might as well be a different substance because the highs aren’t comparable

No. 597471

This. Edibles always make me have to go into manual breathing mode. I start breathing like I’ve just figured out how to.

No. 598322

Anyone have any tips on buying edrugs? I'm lost.

No. 598505

Get tor, google around for darknetstates, get bitcoin, follow this. https://u.cubeupload.com/4VqsOr.png

>Don't buy a stupid amount at once or you will get flagged.

>Never pick up at the post office

No. 598507


No. 598808


Ty based anon

No. 599600

File: 1596890379447.jpg (41.99 KB, 500x544, tumblr_ngpllzaBpP1qz6f9yo1_r1_…)

I want to do 3-fea/2-fea combo at this free party near my city but I'm kinda worried about rolling alone and then having to walk half an hour to a night bus stop in a strange area lol. I want to do it thoooo
Also I'm planning on doing LSD on my birthday. Last time i tripped was a year ago and I thought 200-225 ug is not as impressive to me anymore, so I want to do 300 and realize things lmao

No. 599634

Hope you have a wonderful and insightful bday anon, be safe! Also that image rules

No. 599700

File: 1596908238515.jpeg (87.5 KB, 1400x1400, 66DEE714-EB1C-4B00-BEAE-652C1A…)

I did LSD a couple days ago!! Played Journey the whole time. It was so beautiful and brought me immense joy. Have fun anon!

No. 608719

I'm tripping really bad on acid rn, just want yall to know you are all great love yourselves pls

No. 608768

I love you anon. Breathe and enjoy the beauty

No. 608971

Let us know how your trip went anon <3

No. 620677

ITA. Sorry but you are insane if you think that LE gives one single rat's ass about some random nobody buying recreational quantities to have some fun on the weekend. They have WAY bigger fish to fry (hello opiod epidemic??) and it is a complete waste of government resources and taxpayer money to go after randos like me buying 2g of K on darknet.

If they are going to use sophisticated technology to break through multiple layers of rerouting/encryption, they are going after dealers who make daily trades in thousands of dollars..

No. 628346

God fucking with benzos was the worst decision I’ve made thus far. Tried to do cold turkey like a tard, got the shit withdrawls.
Gonna taper off now to avoid any seizures but I wish I could just flush it all and be done with it

No. 628356

Which benzo are you on. Was prescribed and on Xanax daily for 4-5 years, It took me months to taper off. I had to microtaper and even then the withdrawal was hellish, I guess I was luckier than others have been in my position though(considering the duration I was depending and the amount I had been taking ).

I very, VERY gradually increased the time in between each dose and shaved a tiny bit off of my pills. I was very careful and made sure to take my time and not rush it.

If it becomes so unbearable I’d see if you can get a script for Valium (this is a common method with benzo tapering) or gabapentin.

Best of luck to you, it’s difficult but your brain will heal. I still had post acute withdrawal symptoms (akathisia ) well over a year after I stopped taking it entirely but it had become less unbearable

No. 649473

Am I weird for hating molly and ecstasy? I’ve done each of them once and it was one of the least enjoyable drug experiences I’ve ever had. On molly especially I thought I was going to have a heart attack because I was so hyper fixated on my heartbeat? I’m kind of mad because the people I was with were having a great time seemingly and I just kind of ended up drug sitting them because I felt mostly fine just could feel my heart racing.

No. 649498


Tbh sounds like you didn't dose correctly for your weight and height, or you got some bunk pressie shit. If you are on certain meds it can kill a roll as well.

No. 649517

also had a pretty bad experience with ecstasy. I halved a pill with a friend and he had a great time, but I just felt extremely thirsty and got a headache if I wasn't drinking water. visually there was a mild ghosting effect but that was it.

No. 649520

I vomited each time I took it (twice), bad experiences. Everybody else was having a great time too. So it's obviously just the way I react. Everyone reacts to drugs differently.

No. 658380

I've been smoking marijuana recreationally for about 4 years now. Throughout those 4 years I have done acid a few times, some Adderall, and alcohol. I've been meaning to try shrooms tho. I frequently find mysellf smoking a lot of weed, I just prefer to do things high. I am currently waiting for my high to kick in, (along with my shots from earlier) so I thought I'd scroll through /ot/ while I wait.

No. 658986

I experienced total ego death last week during an lsd trip because I forgot the effect that comes with combining it marijuana & shared two fat bowls with my friend midway thru our trip
Still haven't entirely returned but it's really not such a bad thing

No. 659000

i did mdma last week but it literally didn't have an effect on me, same with cocaine. does this happen to anyone else? i think i have undiagnosed adhd..
i stay stoned though, dab pens are the best

No. 659005

are you on antidepressants? if so that will completely block the effects of mdma, could be the same for antipsychotics/other meds but it depends on which ones.

No. 659111

This is from years ago but my mom is on meth, i found out when I was 14, it seems like she is bipolar because of meth. One day she'll be happy and the funnest person to be around, the next she's screaming at us about stealing shit/using her. I don't like how she uses but me and my sisters just accept it at this point. A little OT but I never realized how common meth was til I turned 20. I was taught as a kid that it's a scary drug and stuff like that but seeing relatives and adults I've known since childhood, people who don't seem like ~druggies~ made me feel weird. I'm quite scared for her and annoyed. I know addiction is a disease or whatever and I need to have empathy but days when she's coming down are so annoying. She threw a fit over syrup the other day ffs. She also has this weird tic that the drugs gave her where she picks at her teeth and two have fallen out. Her hair is falling out. She looks scrawny and emaciated but somehow bloated too. I hate to say it but I look at my mom and I just.., i don't wanna become that. I love her but she is so flakey and seems weak minded. I hope she makes the choice to quit

I've smoked weed and maybe I did it wrong or it was just weak, but it had no effects on me. I have also done cough syrup when i was a dumbass teen because poorfag. It made me almost shit myself and see swirlies in the ceiling. The Alice in wonderland thing, i felt like I was the size of the bathtub when I was in the bathroom, and i walked out into the living room and felt claustrophobic, the walls were at my sides and the ceiling cavingin.. Everything was so oblong. It only lasted for like 5 hours. 6/10. Cough syrup is nasty and I thought the effects would be more intense. I would never do drugs again except maybe weed because it is too expensive, and risky.

No. 659112

Samefag, weed made me look at my reflection and see how crooked my face was. And also I never realized how ugly my friends were lol. It made me sleep good too. I guess weed is alright. But it's definitely up the alley of some life channging reality distorting psychedelics

No. 659122

i don't want to derail the thread but you are not wrong for being upset / annoyed with your mom or feeling disappointed at the choices she has made. this can coexist with your empathy for her, i hope no one guilt trips you into feeling like you aren't allowed to hold her accountable for her choices or behaviours or feel resentment or sadness, disappointment, hurt, anger etc at the way her addiction affects you and your sisters (and the rest of your family, if they're affected by it as well).
this is also my mom's drug of choice, and she goes into terrifying violent psychosis. living with her has been like living inside of a schizophrenic horror movie. which is not to divert the subject onto myself, just letting you know you are far from alone, because living with this can feel very isolating sometimes.
i hope you and your sisters are taking care of yourselves, and that you all have a backup plan or a couch to surf on for a few days if shit really hits the fan. your feelings are entirely understandable and healthy, and your mixed feelings towards your mother do not negate your love or compassion for her.
i'm sure you know all of this, but i feel the need to say it anyways because a lot of resources and support groups for children / loved ones of addicts really hammer home forgiveness (and rhetoric that is often misappropriated to evade accountability or as a blanket excuse for the addict's actions)

No. 659808

I've used 3MMC, GHB, coke, mdma/ecstasy, ketamine, shroom, lsd, spice, 3mmc and weed
And I've never had any good experience with psychedelicd/weed. If you don't feel like it works good for you, trust yourself and stop trying. 3mmc and GHB are really good for freaky partying and coke never done anything good for me, I hardly get a kick out of it, it's a waste of money if you aren't in a city where they sell fine dope. I kinda feel sad but not really sad that my most magnificent nights have been spent under the influence but that's life it be what it be.

No. 659812

I forgot : NEVER TRY SPICE WTF IS THAT SHIT IVE NEVER SMTH THAT HARD MY HEAD WAS SCREAMING IN MY HEAD FOR HOURS!! My friend accidentally filmed the garden when it hitted and I still have that video of me balling my eyes out and crying like a bitch :-(

No. 659957

"synthetic weed" aka a mix of unregulated chemicals to mimic a high. that can do some real damage and it's not even enjoyable, got banned in my country years ago now

No. 669533

Not a recreational user but maybe could get some insight?
do you think ketamine is likely to fuck up your brain? Im one of those on it for depression and have actually seen improvement big time, but worry a lot. like theres not enough research. I guess I should look at actual addicts who mainly complain about bladder problems which isnt a worry in this case. Though I've heard about brain cells in rats or something. Im not sure if its my overactive anxiety or should I really be backing off asap, even if have no addictive tendencies and never go beyond whats prescribed. I dont think its affected my functioning negatively, I'm rather isolated, socially awkward already which has made me inept in ways that do improve when I get out. I think that will solve itself if covid stuff eases. But sometimes I worry anyway, its hard to tell because Ive always fumbled for words when I speak lol. Will ask my doctor also but want outside opinions from people. Trying to figure out how the dosing compares to peoples effects from other use confuses me, but I do a nasal spray lol. 2 times a week at most as prescribed. Conveying the exact amount is whats hard to translate, its 8-10sprays of 10mg each? I struggle with measurements sorry

No. 669594

I love ketamine but it really didn’t do much for my depression

No. 670610

Do you take SNRIs (a class of antidepressant)? They stop coke working because they occupy the same neuroreceptors.

Wasted a wad of cash before checking this out on erowid and realising why I was feeling like Charlie Sheen banging 7g rocks and feeling fuck all while everyone else's faces were going numb.

No. 671249

File: 1605050111727.jpeg (132.67 KB, 700x628, 1567959253472.jpeg)

did some speed saturday morning since we had some laying around, then did mdma two days in a row. really bad idea in practice, but somehow im feeling fine still. it was really weird, the second day i started rolling and about 30 minutes later it was entirely gone. i made the mistake of dipping some more times after it went, it never came back. im quite young, 23, so im experimenting before ill get too caught up in life with everything to ever dedicate a weekend to stuff like this.
normally i feel the tuesday blues just like you usually do, saturday night roll, sunday monday fine and then tuesday im emotional etc (but only if i go hard, like above 300 or so, which i only did once so far) but today i just felt a bit unmotivated.
maybe its because i took some l-tryptophane which is a seratoin precursor so maybe thats the reason why.

No. 671251

is brain damage from cocaine and molly a meme or an actual thing? I used both when I was a teenager and I always wonder if it stunted my brain or fried my dopamine receptors in my brain or something. I dont use any drugs anymore.

No. 671305

I don't know about them, my friend ended up with a bunch of amyloid plaques in her brain supposedly from doing too much speed all through high school.

Other than that, you can restore your brain a bit if you don't replace drugs with something else, but I have noticed even in people who didn't do drugs that feeling less intense excitement about life is just part of getting older. So some of it never comes back.

The l-trypto helps to a point but I reckon it's better to take good breaks between to get the best quality feels or eventually every roll is kinda disappointing, after a while it actually feels worse than being sober. Punctuating big weekends with a health kick makes it better again.

No. 671458

File: 1605081410610.jpg (4.83 MB, 7500x2994, 1597082627211.jpg)

you are so right, honestly normally im autistic about the whole every 3 month brain neurotoxicity prevention gap but that weekend i just decided to turn my brain off. i wont be doing it ever again thats for sure.
unless you did molly like every weekend for many months, no. the true effects unfold if you take it so regularly that you barely feel the effects while rolling, and feel like a miserable bastard off drugs. taking MDMA too much is neurotoxic.
and im pretty sure that the most damage from coke is to your heart muscle and to your mucus membrane in your nose and not the brain
do you sleep well? if you have damaged your brain with mdma you should also have trouble sleeping, as one of the two neurotransmitters it releases is seratonin (contentness/sleepiness)
also keep in mind that in life you are not always supposed to be happy, dopamine is a reward hormone (normally) that gets released just enough for us to crave more. your brain isnt broken if you are always or mostly in a neutral state, but if you do feel down a lot id recommend you to try to get to the bottom of it.

No. 671488

anyone else got hppd from their drug use? i did psychedelics on and off for about a year, no more than twice every couple months and now i have very bad visual snow, trails, audio hallucinations and other affects. i wish someone told me this might happen cause DAMN my mental health has never been worse cause of this shit.

No. 672379

my bf got mild mppd from weed sideeffects, but i havent gotten anything yet.
if it cheers you up, it seems to fade with time.

No. 672761

File: 1605213508712.png (566.93 KB, 780x551, 1429805933490.png)

>mom is okay with me self-medicating with THC despite her being a fundie Christian retard
>therapist/psych duo yelled at me for experiencing positive results with THC after forcing ineffective drugs down my throat and starting to push benzos to alleviate the negative symptoms of SSRIs

really makes me think :DDD

No. 672793

Sell the benzos for street $$$$
Probby solved.

No. 672834

Ive done psychs 5 or 6 times in the past year and I’ve had 2 instances of what I suspect is hppd, one was after getting my navel pierced and going to a yoga class that day (kek wouldnt recommend) but the pain had me tripping in class and it wasn’t just your typical swimming vision from pain. Another time I was at work and the long wall in my store started to breathe, I just started walking faster and tried not to look at it until it went away. After this I asked my friends about it and even ones who have done less psychs have said they’ve had very mild flashbacks.

No. 673202

Is it true you can legally online order a grow kit, and shroom spores? I'd like to use them for dissociation but don't have anyone irl I could get them from.

No. 673281

i stopped going to that quack 5 years ago

No. 673289

It depends on your country's laws. In mine, you can buy and grow spores/fresh shrooms, but once you dry them out for consumption, it is deemed illegal.

No. 673822

I’m so drunk please make it stop idk I feel so numb I’m scared I feel sleepy I .:.:::::::;

Please help me I don’t think I’m spamming…..

No. 674066

anon…did she die?
hope you feel better now. drink some water

No. 674127

Yeah I’m alive, with a huge headache

No. 674601

File: 1605466135593.jpeg (209.49 KB, 1280x551, A465F786-4E5E-4CF5-9B9C-C37F40…)

I’ve been smoking weed a lot more after quitting for half a year. I missed it. My anxious behavior was definitely the result of my past environment more than the weed itself. Feels good to get blasted and work remotely.

No. 674794

File: 1605480135221.jpg (14.48 KB, 720x399, FB_IMG_1605355302505.jpg)

I took some Molly and now I regret it, any advice on how to sail through this kinda smoothly.

No. 674799

Is there drugs that help bad headaches?

No. 674824

Jealous haven't been able to get my hands on some good mdma for awhile. Put on some music and pop in a movie, rolling while watching something comforting will take your mind off the drug. Try out some documentaries, if that doesn't work what usually works for me is music and a video game for distraction. Don't freak out, if it's an option make sure you can call medical care if adverse effects begin.

No. 674830

I was actually gonna post back here and say all is good, I'm under my blankie listening to The Garden so I'm having a good time. Thanks anyway anon and have a good night!

No. 674840


No. 674869

The Garden like Wyatt and Fletcher Shears Garden? If so then excellent taste anon

No. 674879

No. 675534

File: 1605561780098.png (435.96 KB, 531x335, 479706740.PNG)

I have no idea how to source anymore after moving, and craigslist is retarded. What do I do, anons?

No. 677279

just bought by first cart/battery !! i cant wait for finals to be over

No. 691132

So I finally ordered some ketamine from the dnm after hearing it so hyped up from friends who also partake in mind altering activities recreationally & I gotta say, it's kind of disappointing.
The experience was incredibly boring to me & there was no real introspective aspect. my dosage was relatively low to average tho, so I haven't witnessed the mythical k-hole that is so commonly mentioned
The best way to describe the high was like an indica cocaine, kek.

No. 691161

Ket is the most patrician drug ever, but it could be an acquired taste too, up your dosage lol

No. 691188

I figured my dosage had something to do with the disappointment, but idk. Will try again with a big girl dose & report back my results

No. 712897

My spores arrive today. Blue meanie and golden teacher to start. I'll update you all and let you know how to growing process ends up!

I am a bit excited, I've never done anything for educational purposes like this before.

No. 712912

How’d you get a spore print for educational purposes?

No. 712913

I went to the subreddit where they trade/sell spores for educational purposes. And ordered some! /r/sporetrading

No. 713028

I had really good weed for 2 weeks there, then bought some perfumed shit that gave me a headache and I paid over premium for it. Tomorrow I'm getting good stuff again and I am so excited!! I'm going to apply to so many jobs tonight and email recruiters and then tomorrow, I'm going to get so fucked up homies!! No one will hear from me for days unless they are offering me job prospects!

No. 720515

anyone have a good plug in toronto?(do not source illegal substances)

No. 720543

I wish my nerdy D&D friends were open to try psychedelics with me

No. 721306

Heh, some of the nerds I hang out with were talking about their hilarious heroin stories a week back. I mentioned DXM and my experiences of it and they immediately switched tune.
"Jesus, anon, that shit's dangerous!"
But waking up covered in heroin vomit ain't? The double-standard is real.

No. 746904

Hey nonny are you still here? How's your grow going? What method are you using? I've been doing research trying to gear up to grow some golden teacher as well and seems like the PF Tek method is the easiest/most common. But I think I'd prefer to use a print rather than a syringe. Curious to know what you're trying.

No. 747683

Call me crazy but I've ordered some salvia extract. I'm going to try 'quidding it' (chewing the plant to get the salvinorin to absorb in the mouth-tissue), which should be a more relaxed experience.

No. 747735

I've never had Sally D, but have always been pretty curious, would love to hear what you think of it after trying anon

I know this post is old but I don't get why people who do harder drugs seem so rattled by DXM, my friend who abuses benzos constantly lectured me for trying DXM once. I don't think DXM is really worth doing though, so maybe it's a risk vs reward thing to them if they also find it lame

No. 748694

Reminds me of one guy who did lsd, alcohol, weed, ketamine (little bit) and benzos in the same night. Then when I told I had K holed he called me crazy lmao.

No. 787256

dxm is not worth imo, it made me feel like a swamp monster

No. 787267

4/20 tomorrow! is anyone actually doing something? i have work and get out kinda late. but as soon as im home im going to eat edibles and order trash food. its going to be stressful at work but at least im going to have fun afterwards.

No. 787272

No solid plans for 4/20, but I am tripping today in honor of Bicycle Day!

No. 813054

Please help me farmers

I took cocaine last weekend with a trusted friend for the first time. I had a little alcohol (not an amount that would have made me drunk on it’s own). I really liked it and ended up super tired but pulled an all nighter cause I couldn’t sleep. It took me at least three days to recuperate sleep wise.

I swear that since the my heartbeat hasn’t been the same sinceI took cocaine. I feel like I’ve run ten minutes ago all the time. It’s beating at 80 BPM and I have no idea if it’s quicker than it used to be.

Is it possible to fuck up your heart using coke only one time? I can’t find any info, and I am a bit of an hypochondriac so I could be imagining it all.

No. 813071

I don't think doing coke once can fuck up your heart, prolonged use yeah

No. 814232


nta but I successfully grew golden teachers for the first time last year and have been trying again since April with grow bags but I'm not having the same luck. Ugh. I know that many long time growers are against grow bags but its so hard to reduce contamination esp when you don't wanna invest in a still-air kit, so I'm sticking with my grow bags for now (worked great last year!)

From my knowledge prints colonize faster which is always better because it reduces the chance of contamination. I've only used syringes so far because its much easier to just clean them off really well and stick it in but thats just me. Have fun! Its such a fun little hobby. I don't even really plan to trip much I just wanna give them away to friends.

No. 815188

Does anyone else really love dxm? You can buy pure powder easily so you dont have to drink syrup. I probably have brain damage from doing it so often. I reccomend it to anyone who has panic attacks or existential crises on drugs. It really mutes your fears and allows you to explore it. The body feel sucks during the come up, but it adds to the dissociative experience later. 10/10

No. 815263

I think you're just experiencing some sort of reverse placebo effect, anon. I did fuck my heart up on coke but it took me years. If your problems do persist I would go to a doctor on the (very low) chance that you have an underlying problem that coke exaggerated. But it sounds to me like you might just be a bit panicked about it, with it being your first time. Good luck, nonny.

No. 815344

>What drugs have you done?

-Weed. I fucking hate it on its own. All I do is lay down and blabber shit, reminds me of the time I was on antidepressants ages ago and was just there numb and dumb. I do love mixing it with other shit though.
-Molly/ecstasy. Eurofag so pills are good quality and it's easier for me to calculate the dosage. I love it, mixed with weed it can become very trippy and I'm one of those weirdos who loves creepy visuals. Comedowns are really bad and I feel negative for a couple days, but it's the easiest for me to get. I do it like every 2-3 months.
-Acid. My absolute favorite, soft and kind visuals, introspective and it just makes me feel good all day. I call the feeling "chill euphoria". Mixing it with weed gives stronger visuals, but like lowering the FPS on my eyes kek. The creepiest thing I did while on acid was talking to death itself but I wasn't seeing it, just knew it was there and we were chattering like buddies.
I never mix anything with alcohol, tried it a few times and my body rejects it all the way and end up throwing up. My worst experience was a molly/alcohol mix where I apparentely overdosed and couldn't stop puking. It was weird, like I couldn't get off the ride but I was still having fun with all the crazy hallucinations. Solved with a cold shower and then I fell asleep like a baby.
I did try shrooms once but it was a very very low dose so the only effect they had was making me giggle at everything. My bf took a normal dose that night and he spent a couple hours bawling his eyes out, then hallucinating, then calling all his friends and family to tell them he loved them. He's been more positive and energetic since, so next week I'm gonna try them for good too kek.

No. 815349

Don't worry anon my normal heart rate is about 80 or even 90 bpm. Maybe if you have a blood pressure meter with a memory function you could see what your heart beat rate was before.

No. 845383

I used to rail adderall, molly/xtc, and I have tried coke a few times. I have a scar in my nostril that I think could be from using drugs, but i honestly don’t think I used that much.
Idk ladies, how much drugs would it take to scar your nostril? Do any of you have this as well?

No. 887507

any nonnies high right now?
doing a speed/weed night

No. 887558

I reserve mdma for concerts, but not going to concerts any time soon. And I like making music on acid, but I don't like how I have to be high almost all day. Any nonnies ever roll at home? Think it could be fun to do creative activities while on it? I thought it might be fun to try making music while rolling on a half dose… I don't think I could see my screen if I took a normal dose kek. But I'm worried I'll just be jittery and sweaty and want to dance. I used to like making music in edibles too but the past few times I tried it, it was kind of meh and I ended up just playing video games instead.

No. 887596

blow sucks
i wish there was a drug everyone always did that made them stfu instead
no, no amount of drugs is going to make me want to sit and listen to you all recount your entire sexual histories over one another until 5:30 in the morning
id rather give myself a concussion

No. 887680

i just did almost a whole weed

No. 887724

I do lsd every once in a blue moon and I love tripping alone. Last time I made a really cool portrait with just pipe cleaners lol and I'm not really an artsy person. I say go for it!

No. 895083

Rewarding myself and might take mdma at a big party innawoods. Can I trust myself to be on it around guy I have crush on? I'm in a committed relationship and have basically done it before at a v low dose and it was fine since I don't get horny on it, but for some reason I'm anxious maybe it's just because I haven't really seen many humans in a while

No. 895089

i only ever did mdma at home with friends, i'd love to experience a rave/party but that doesn't happen where i live. and i'm not sure if i'm going to be doing drugs again. i can recommend mdma at home though. i'd be dancing around but not all the time. i tried to draw once and it was a fun experience. i pressed so hard with the pencil that the paper was all dented on the backside kek so it was different than drawing sober but the drawing was good and something different from what i'll usually do

No. 895091

samefag, i meant to tag >>887558

No. 895101

>>What drugs have you done?
MDMA: can 100% recommend if taken responsibly, meaning get actual MDMA, not pills, measure it out carefully, pick the dosage according to your body weight, do it with people you trust, eat beforehand, stay hydrated, only take more once and only several hours after the first dose. helps me connect with people, though the positive effects wear off after a couple of months/weeks and not every trip is equally successful.

cocaine: no idea what people see in it. awful. makes me feel more aloof and isolated.

lsd: I've always been extremely scared of psychedelics since even weed makes me a bit paranoid. This year I finally experimented with low dose acid. it was great. very different from what I expected, but also exactly what I expected if that makes sense. the most positive effect was that for a while it made my days feel longer… as in, I could get more done in a certain timeframe. Time wouldn't just run by.

>>What drugs do you use regularly?

Vyvanse. Do not recommend. It'll probably end up frying my brain, but I have ADD and being completely disorganized isn't great for my health either.

No. 895129

>What drugs have you done?
Weed, benzos, tramadol, fentanyl (once and boring), dmt (incredible, 100/10), lsd, 2c, cocaine (shit), glorious ketamine, shrooms, boring party drugs like e.

Experimented a lot in my 20s and learned i don't like uppers, and lost a lot of memories and brain cells from my benzos/opiates period.

What drugs do you use regularly?
Weed only, and hallucinogens twice a year. Would do ketamine to death but is impossible to get in my country without stealing from a vet

I regret and miss benzos the most, weird times.

No. 895137

>eat beforehand
i've been told by mdma enthusiast friends that you shouldn't eat all day if you take mdma in the evening, because you'll spew. is that only a thing with the pills then?

No. 895158

File: 1630286277227.png (1.24 MB, 1882x1276, 6789.png)

(reposting because I wanted to add a few things)

The pills are definitely worse. In the past years they contained way too much MDMA (as well as other substances) for average-sized women. However, pure MDMA isn't easy on the stomach either even in sensible amounts.

If you have a sensitive stomach and eat nothing at all you end up retching stomach acid and whatever liquids you drank instead. At least that's my experience. Not eating all day sounds like a recipe for dehydration to me. Are your friends male?

As a woman you should expect a heavy physical impact within the first hour. Especially if you're small. That's when having people you trust by your side is key. You might feel drowsy, sweaty and sick, but it's fine and will be over soon, plus it's nothing like feeling sick from alcohol. A big part of it is psychological and if you have a friend who gets you a coke and tells you that it'll be okay it'll be fine 9 out of 10 times (the other time you'll lie down for 30 minutes and after that it'll be fine, too.)

Just to avoid misunderstandings: I don't mean eat right before taking it, more like have a healthy balanced meal 3 to 4 hours before you start rolling. Better for your system to consume some nutrients beforehand since you're not going to eat much for the next 8-24 hours. If you want to avoid throwing up at all costs, put the MDMA into enteric-coated pills. The effects start at the dopamine receptors in the small intestine anyway. No need to irritate your stomach.

Taking it on an empty stomach has the upside that there's no delay and no surprise with regard to when it will hit you.

No. 895193

ntayrt but throwing up while rolling is so weird, at least for me, because it's the only time in my life that puking haven't felt miserable. one time i just couldn't stop puking so i was just sitting in the couch with a bucket and kept telling my friends not to worry because i was feeling great. would have been a great anti drug ad if i had it on video, kek

No. 895238

Don't. You will be very affectionate and will likely do things you regret, even if it's just flirting.

No. 895856

Exact same thing happened to me, that's why I wrote "it's nothing like feeling sick from alcohol" kek.

To me, the biggest difference between alcohol and MDMA is that I've never done things I regret on MDMA, though MDMA also never makes me overly affectionate, just less autistic while alcohol increases both affection and autism (don't combine MDMA with alcohol).

No. 905361

Anons who are more versed in shrooms here, any type recommendation? So far I've only tried mckennas and don't get me wrong, they're fucking great but way too strong for my damn body. The first hour they put me into an almost vegetable state where the only thing I can do is stare at clouds or grass or trees and trip the hell out of eveything. I want something milder which would let me move around or think stuff besides "omg everything is so beautiful now I understand artists". I've looked into thai or golden teacher but dunno, any thoughts?

No. 905528

man you're lucky. Puking always feels way worse for me on mdma to the point its keeping me off it again.

are you doing something to prepare yourself beforehand?

No. 905559

i smoke weed nearly every day for pain relief but the only other drug i've done was shrooms when i was in like 7th grade because some old guy from tumblr mailed me them for free, not sure how nothing bad happened to me there lmao
i also used to take my bf's xanax during anxiety attacks but i don't consider that recreational drug use

i'm 23 now i do plan on eventually doing shrooms again and lsd eventually, i don't feel comfortable venturing out of psychedelics and weed because i have an extremely addictive personality and i won't take any chances with that shit.

No. 905599

Honestly the type isn't going to make as much difference as the dosage. If last time was too intense, just take less next time.
That being said, I've had good experiences with Golden Teacher shrooms and found them a bit more manageable than mckennas.

No. 905964

Thanks nonna, it's not the dosage because I had both small and large doses (grew my own at home and the first kit lasted me months even sharing with friends) and the kick is the same, the only difference I noticed it how long it lasts. Gonna try Golden Teacher next.
Don't worry about psychedelics being phisically addictive, they're not. And they usually put such a strain on your mind you don't want to take them for a good while after a trip.

No. 1199077

File: 1653671437401.png (333.16 KB, 538x398, C5B7897A-59B2-4CEB-B0B3-104165…)

Reviving this to ask if 5g is too much of a dose of psilocybin to take. I've been told it's "the shamanistic way" but that sounds like a retarded LARP. I'm 88 lbs for example (no im not ana im just retarded) and I feel like 5g is a bit overkill. I've also never done shrooms before. Wouldn't 2g be enough, or 3g? I want to cure my depression and autistic tendencies, thank you.

No. 1199106

I miss oxy & norco. I miss dxm. Jesus Christ.

No. 1199108

Wtf If it’s your first time then take 2g to start. You can always take more but you can’t take less. Especially if it’s not an actual shamanic thing where there’s a lot of prepping involved with a shaman present. Don’t go into a psychedelic experience expecting to cure anything. You are there for a ride of the shroom’s choosing. Imparting your will upon it when you little experience is recipe for a bad time.

No. 1199116

Noonie what. I don't into drugs much but even I know you don't take a massive shamanistic dose of something your first time trying it. Especially with something like shrooms that can go badly. Please use google and your brain in combination.

No. 1199127

The first time I did shrooms I took around that much, and the following few times were between .8g-3.5g, didn't notice much of a difference aside from intensity of the visuals and physical hallucinations like both of my legs becoming a mermaid tail. They suck though. Gave weird anxiety and minor psychosis for months afterwards. Not worth it

No. 1199137

I did use my brain but I wanted to double check because the person (my sister's boyfriend, yes a moid, go figure) said that 5g makes no difference on different body sizes which makes no sense to me. The shamanistic shit he said made me cringe, he isn't a shaman nor has he ever met one I don't think. He's just a tard. Anyway I mostly wanted to ask to get others' opinions because maybe he will not shame me into taking 5g then. He's the one who thinks it'll cure me. Yes he's retarded, but I also want to try shrooms at least once in my life anyway.
Thanks for the advice!

No. 1199147


as a general rule, moids are stupid and should always be doubted.

No. 1199205

My boyfriend ordered Penis Envy shrooms and he received them today. Tomorrow we're gonna trip together. Last time we did them, we had been dating for 2 months. I kicked him out mid trip cause his face looked like a scary mask and it freaked me out. I spent most of my trip petting one of my cat. He appeared to me has a moon god. He had a halo around his head. It was actually very cute.

No. 1199243

Aww little angel cat.

No. 1199268

Every single drug on earth interacts with body mass for effect. That scrote sounds terminally retarded and he probably just wanted for you to be in a vulnerable position to take advantage somehow.

No. 1199322

>couple does shrooms together
>omg must be scrotes plot against her
lol wtf? have you not met college couples? it's pretty normal for couples to do drugs together. not even that anon but your paranoia and vigilante syndrome is headache-inducing

No. 1199339

NTA but trying reading? It's not her boyfriend, it's her sister's boyfriend who is a retard and sussy as fuck for telling a 88lbs non-user girl to take massive amount of drugs, to cure her depression and autism, for some reason.

No. 1199370

What a cute experience nona, please update on your upcoming trip too.
>ordered Penis Envy shrooms and he received them today.
The hell do you live where you're able to legally order these via mail? We have to order spores and grow them ourselves in the US

No. 1199474

I am in Canada, there's a grey line when it comes to shrooms. They are technically illegal, but the law is not enforced. I order them from British Colombia. If any other nona from Canada are looking for a website with good weed and shrooms with good deals this is the website I use https://cannasweets.shop/

I took a bunch of photos of my cat during my trip and I could see the halo on the photos too. I felt kinda dumb when I looked back at them the next day and they were just very shitty cat pictures.

No. 1199499

Kek I’ve done the same thing anon. I also tried to write down the profound wisdom gifted upon me. The next day all I had was disjointed sentences and autocorrect words in my note app. I should just use voice memo next time. I don’t understand how people could paint or write while tripping.

No. 1199513

True but if we ever did shrooms my sister would obviously be there.

No. 1199532

That reminds me, I did some psychedelic three times that I have no clue what it is but it was the greatest trips I have ever had. All I know is that it was a small white pill and they called it the God Pill. The guy that sold it to me was living in this hippy commune that would always have big parties over the weekends. I brought a date once and we took one pill each. When we got back to his place, his roomates said that we were speaking non sense the whole time but we understood each other perfectly.

No. 1199593

File: 1653686865795.jpg (74.9 KB, 827x1005, tumblr_324fbffaff51cbe1e32be84…)

Don't infight and tell us more about your trips pls.

No. 1199650

I'm really not an expert but it sounds kind of like ecstasy

No. 1199677

It was a psychedelic. My friend that lived there and took it a bunch of times doesn't know what it is either, he'd like to know too. The guy that sold it didn't want to tell me what the molecule was. I am pretty sure he made them himself. The only effect that it had that I can describe with words is that, like a lot of psychedelics do, everything around me was melting. I have done, shroom, acid and lsd and it wasn't the same kind of high.
I have been sober with friends that were on ecstasy and every thing they said made sense. They were just very annoying and touchy, as E does. I also have done ecstasy many times and I know how it feels.

No. 1199699

I like shrooms has anyone taken them and just started laughing maniacally? I scared my bf

No. 1199706

Interesting, thanks for sharing! Maybe I should book a bnb or something and order ahead.
>they were just very shitty cat pictures.
Psh you were just missing the proper enlightened state of mind kek

No. 1199769

I've had laugh attacks that felt so good while on shrooms. Almost like a spirit momentarily possessing me.

No. 1199834

Do you guys ever have anxiety about doing something embarrassing on drugs like taking your clothes off or peeing yourself? How would you deal with that?

No. 1199901

I've done a wide variety and although I share this anxiety, it has never occured. I guess my advice is stay way from pcp kek

No. 1199905

Alcohol, tobacco and weed (obviously), tramadol, codeine and o-dsmt, all rc benzo's (plus some pharma ones), 2f-ketamine, o-pce, 3-meo-pcp, 6-apb, 1p-lsd, 4-ho-mipt, 2c-c I've tried. I know I sound like all of your moms but don't get into it too much, don't make it a daily thing. I have been addicted to benzo's, opiods and alcohol since I was 16-17 (2 years) and I can feel myself become dumber by the day. Psychedelics are 100 percent worth it though, you get a completely different perspective on the world.

No. 1199914

shrooms, weed, lsd, mdma, ritalin, vyvanse, oxycontin, morphine, codeine, cocaine, dxm, kratom, xanax, ativan. and now i just smoke pot and drink. how boring.

the only drugs i like (opiods and benzos) are the only ones i can't do because i would destroy my life so fast lmao. the only drug i want to try and haven't is ketamine.

No. 1199937

Yes lol, I honestly love the overwhelming laughter from lsd or shrooms. Last time I did shrooms with a couple of friends & we went camping. One of them asked "do you think trees have thoughts?" While we're all tripping & my other friend and I laughed so hard we cried for like 20min because we both thought he meant "thots" as in are some trees trap bitches lol. Laughed so hard and loud our laughter echoed off the lake & it was like 3am at that point, the other campers probably thought we were absolute nutbags. We also danced with glow sticks to 2000s techno & a car turned their headlights off so they could watch us, then ultralight beam came on & we all cried lol. What a great damn night that was!

What makes it so hard to talk on psychedelics sometimes? Like your tongue & vocal chords both forget how to work, anyone know what I mean?

No. 1199947

Kek I love the LSD hysteria. I’ve never had an issue talking but using my phone is impossible. I can’t text or even look at my phone.

No. 1199979

Penis envy anon reporting here, I am ESL so sorry if some things are worded weirdly. To anyone that has never been in that state, this will seem very deranged and will probably make no sense, you have to live this to truly understand what I just experienced.
I ended up taking 4g alone tonight. It was the first time that I had this kind of trip. I went into total primate state. This is a state that you only want to be in if you are alone or with someone you trust and can have absolutely NO shame around. I would be embarassed for life if someone saw honestly. At the beginning I just put on some music and saw the usual kaleidoscopic shapes. Eventually my mind just broke. I finally accepted the light (which was the led from my tv screen). I just went wild. I stripped down naked, only kept my underwear cause I am on my period. I started chasing one of my cats around as if I was a predator. I was chanting "Papou papou where are you Papou" (papou is my cat's nickname). That chant reoccured many time during my trip kek. My nose started to be runny and my mind told me that I was an animal. So I covered myself with my snot instead of just blowing my nose (cause that's what humans do). I was walking on all four, laughing like a hyena. I could feel that my cat loved being able to play with me when I accepted that I too was an animal. I truly felt like I was on the same plane of existence as my cat. I had no human emotions, I was pure animal. He was running around with his cat raised up high and purring the whole time. We were
both cats just chasing each others around.
Eventuallyy my brain told me that I was a human not an animal, I could feel myself becoming sober like. Then I had to accepted the light again. I learnt that I could be a human and an animal at same time. That both states can exist together.
This is when I started self reflecting on my life, I slipped into my animal state a few times and I could feel the human state battling against it. I guess that my brain was trying to tell me that there can be a balance in the emotions I can feel (I am a bpd chan). That feeling nothing (animal) and feeling too much (human) can have a middle ground if that makes sense.
I started crying while cradling my cat. I told myself that in life I had to become like a crayfish. I honestly can't explain that part it all made sense at that point. Then I accepted that my cat was a crayfish too and in the end we are both the same even if he is an animal and I a human we are both crayfishes, That we are only atoms yada yada fucking cliché stuff. When I accepted and learned everything I could truly accept the light this time. I was no longer into my primal state. I could feel my body covered in snot, I started feeling shameful and disgusting. I took a shower and went into bed. The come down was like the beginning, just felt blissful and saw some nice shapes. I wish I had the words to describe everything I felt and did. There is no words. This is a fraction of was I did and thought and felt. It was a very insightful trip. At the end I had the thought that if a troon experiences this kind of trip and is still a troon, then it is purely for the coom. I listened to Sunn O))) & Boris' Fried Eagle Mind for most of that trip and it really shaped the whole thing. I want to relive this alone in the woods. I live in an apartment with paper thin walls so my neighbors hearing me was always in the back of my mind the whole time. Also, my boyfriend texted me during my trip and I replied that I was an animal and that animals can't type kek

No. 1200011

I'm crying nona this is hilarious. Not saying that to diminish your experience it's just so far away from the everyday human experience (which is the point). It's very wholesome you connect with your cats so much when you trip. Do you feel like you're going to retain any of the thoughts and feelings you experienced now that things are back to normal? You said you started to feel shameful and disgusting about all the snot and acting animalistic, so I'm curious if you feel like you can still connect with that more primal part of yourself or if it is harder now that it's passed.

No. 1200403

When I was typing this I could only think about how dumb this made me look like kek
I have been in a depressive phase lately and I feel that it helped a little. I like when I can think about my insecurities and things I hate about my life without the anxiety that usually comes with it.
I am sadly 100% human now.

No. 1200412

I feel like I just do this shit regularly when I'm home alone and bored, minus the naked thing. The acting like a feral animal really speaks to me, I've always loved doing that when I was home alone.
I like the text part, kek. Man I used to fantasize about having friends/girlfriends to act feral with at night in the woods, in a field, running on all fours and being animals. I bet that's what girls who were accused of witches would do when they were caught dancing in the forests at night, just acting wild and free.

No. 1200517

I was bummed to be on my period at first cause I started just after I ate the shrooms. During my trip it made me feel more connected to my animal side in a way. A part of me wanted to free bleed and cover myself with my blood, but even in my fucked up state I knew that the cleaning part wouldn't be fun the next day.
You have no idea about how I wanted to go run in the woods. I kept telling myself that animals don't belong in city cages and that you have to be free in the wild. I have been wanting to live the city for a while and go live in the country so I guess it manifested in that way. Now that I slept and can look back at my trip with a true sober mind it was so wild and fun. I felt like a kid again, just having fun with the simplest things. I wish this could be the real me, no shame just letting go of everything and live. I tend to overthink everything, stop myself from doing the things that I enjoy because I care too much about what others think of me. I'm kinda bummed that it wasn't a life changing experience like some people get. I can feel a little more clear minded but I am still a depressed anxious mess. I will retry it again in a few months. If I had a driver license, I'd rent a cabin in the wood and just go wild there.

No. 1200520

This makes me want to trip. The best trip I had was when my dog was my tripping partner and he never left my side, even when I broke through this plain of existence and became a ghost. We were rutting about too lol

No. 1200569

This resonates with me, I used to run on all fours in a field as a child with friends. And even as a teenager… I still want to try this though, but I want to be in a park maybe, tripping in the sun

No. 1200895

I hate that cops crack down so hard on online drug markets and discussion forums. I want to try mescaline, but it's all retards and scammers now. The knowledgeable ethical traders are invisible or disappeared.

I really wish I could go back in time to like 2017 or so and order a load of drugs for the future, I didn't expect glowies to be this effective at making the drug market unprofessional and unreliable.

No. 1200900

For reference I also want to stock up on 4-AcO-DMT and LSD before they make them illegal for absolutely no reason.

It sucks so much, you could buy 100% pure chemicals from real companies that operate openly and legally, now you buy some mystery chemical from 80IQ Albanians.
Clap clap, great success glowies, you made the world a better place.

No. 1201143

Can't you just grow a san pedro cactus at home? They are legal in most places and easy to prepare

No. 1201265

true. they crack down real hard on everything to do with analogues and drugs in general online but leave the white supremacist groups threatening to openly kill people and act like they have no clue where to find or prevent their actions.

No. 1201521


No. 1203021

File: 1653937216867.jpg (153.21 KB, 850x1102, Tumblr_l_151599163199977.jpg)

Rolled with my fiance on Friday night, usually I like to go full retard and dose like 200-300mg when we do MDMA but we chilled with only 100mg and no re-ups
It was amazing, we connected on different levels than in previous rolls and weren't too bonked to recall the night. Playing instruments together, snuggling and laughing. I always forget how connecting Molly can be, can't wait to roll again (after a lengthy period of time ofc)

No. 1204029

Why are stimulants so fucking great. I'm happy I have the restraint to only use amph like every 2 weeks but jeez if I didn't have self control it would be treacherous

No. 1204065

Took some vyvanse today. Gonna do some pure Molly this weekend along with a shroom chocolate bar. Debating doing an ayahuasca retreat for my bday this year

No. 1204138

Regularly use weed, adderall and LSD, have tried shrooms, ketamine, and kratom before but didn't like them. Acid is wonderful, I've never had a bad trip, I love going on a hike while tripping and doing some deep introspective brain cleaning. I usually end with optimism and plans. Shrooms however… I had a bad trip, was sitting outside in my garden just fucking melting into a blob of fear and dread while the plants taunted me. Plus my body screaming "you're dying from eating poison" and retching the whole time (even with a full day fast) did not help. I spent the comedown smoking weed and petting my cat (he was my guardian during the trip, we had a nice chat), and that was pleasant but mostly because I was glad the trip was ending kek.
I have some shrooms left but I'm in no hurry to use them. My friends are all really into coke right now, but their addict behavior is a big deterrent against trying it lol. I'm super interested in DXM, and MDMA if I can ever get my hands on them

No. 1204195

A shrooms chocolate bar? Where does one find something like that?

Also can any anons help me out with a question I have. I've been tapering off antidepressants (the SSRI paxil) for months but am still taking a low-ish dose (7.5 mg). Will it be impossible/dangerous for me to trip? Or can I just skip a day of the SSRI and still have a good experience on psychedelics?

No. 1204280

I personally never had major issue with serotonin syndrome when I was taking antidepressant and occasionally doing drugs. There was one instance where I was on a huge dose of prozac and took drugs, I forgot what it was exactly, but I did get some symptoms like overheating, anxiety, and jitters, but it calmed down after two hours or so. So from then I always stopped taking my meds at least 3 days before before doing something big like psychedelic or MDMA.
I would also quit antipsychotic a week before because I find it diminishes psychedelics a lot (not recommended if you're a schizo of course, I only took it for mood swings when I was misdiagnosed with bipolar.)

No. 1204288

Do you know about how much shrooms you ate nonny? I wonder if it was the amount or just a bad reaction in general. Also what strain?

No. 1204307

File: 1654027789610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1170x1973, FDE066C1-41F3-4D78-B6FE-560AE3…)

Not sure where you live but at least on burger Amazon, you can buy DXM in form of gel caps. This specific brand contains no acetaminophen or guaifenesin or other shit that makes most over the counter brands of DXM dangerous to take in large doses.

No. 1204315

those robotablets are insane. have you tried them?

No. 1204328

I smoke weed daily, I do shrooms sometimes weekly, I used to take anti-epileptics and benzodiazepines, when I was in high school I did DXM a few times but it wasn’t anything special. I also took acid once but it had no effect on me

No. 1204333

I fucking love them kek my friend and I are both lightweight so one bottle goes a long way too.

No. 1204347

i'm glad they work for you. idk why they fuck my shit up so hard. i tried taking like 100mg of them and threw up so hard and couldn't keep them down, whereas with like, cheap dxm gel caps i can keep down (but am still nauseous at first, nowhere near as nauseous as on the robotablets). just a horrible experience so i have the whole bottle just sitting on my shelf. do you take less than 100mg or so?

No. 1204375

I’m 110lbs and 250-300mg is enough to blast me off. I’ve only reached the upper limit of second plateau so to speak, I’ve never tried getting more fucked up than that. I read that those ones are freebase so they do hit harder. I’d throw up too, I pretty much expected to throw up on the come up.

No. 1204387

> I used to take anti-epileptics
as someone with epilepsy, why would you take meds that prevent seizures for rec use? I really don't understand people like you. Why don't you just use snort coke or do drugs that aren't for people with illnesses?

No. 1204388

I've done a bunch of drugs but since I've quit smoking weed I haven't touched it. Except for some MDMA once at a party, which was alright but not really my thing.

I feel too old to drop acid again, or do any psychedelics in general. My life is so good and stable now that it seems risky to fuck that up. I feel so boring though, compared to my old self. It's as if my brain has been drained of creative juices, childlike imagination.

Is this just what becoming old is like?

No. 1204406

Without any snark, if you only had creative juices flowing whilst on something, you never really had any juice in the first place.

No. 1204409


I don't think psychedelics will fuck your life up nonny. Being a habitual user of anything to a point where it's become a distraction will cause damage. I've never found acid, shrooms, other kinds of psyches to be addictive in ways even weed can become. It's really meant for it's own experience and can be good or bad depending on how your life is at the time.

I use to do a cocktail of drugs all the time, whatever I could find to a point where it became more destructive then productive. No one should rely on drugs for creative energy, which I did. I never needed them as a teenager but I definitely fell into the rabbit hole of feeling like I did.

I'd say an occasional acid trip on a vacation or even a micro-dose of shrooms in tea won't cause any terrible harm to your lifestyle. If you don't feel the need to do it every weekend and just once in a blue moon, whose it hurting really?

No. 1204412

NTA I want to someday do a psychedelic but I am on zoloft and getting off of it would take way longer than a week unless I want to suffer severe side effects and then take a psychedelic which would probably just awaken demons inside me. Are SSRIs and a psychedelic a dangerous combo?

No. 1204415

There's no reason to be a bitch. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be used.
I'm sure you have selective memory goggles on regarding your old self who probably at many points wished for the kind of stability you have now. You probably just haven't had time to dedicate to more folly, creative pursuits.

No. 1204417

I thought this too

No. 1204422

That's not really what I mean, I gave incomplete information.

It's just that using the drugs sort of squeezed those juices out of me to the point where they are now gone because I took away the drugs. Like I used them all up from going at 500% instead of just my regular rate before I ever did anything. I also tried to get on SSRI's for half a year and that killed my soul. Wish I could reverse that.

But it could also just be good old growing up. I have become a lot more conservative lately, care more about my career, am surrounded by more mature (and boring) people. I'm 25 now. Feel reborn into adulthood now.

I speak of being creative but that was all in my mind anyway, my way of thinking, my speech, the way I could introduce people to perspectives they wouldn't have seen on their own in 100 years. Creative in social interactions and thought. I never had the energy to continue my creative projects until I had any actual output.

Now I just feel boring and basic. Even my quick wit I seem to have lost. Like my mind is calcifying.

No. 1204434

> Like my mind is calcifying.
maybe that is simply the result of doing drugs kek

No. 1204443

if it helps i was mostly retarded regarding creativity, always, no matter my age and no matter whether or not i took drugs. you're not too old to take a trip once in a while.

No. 1204444

If you can't be off your meds for a few days without losing it then you probably shouldn't anon. SSRI and psychedelic put you at risk for serotonin syndrome, which ranges from mild discomfort to deadly. This is not medical advise of course, but zoloft half life is quite short, it would leave your body in about 5 days. If someone isn't taking a max dosage, they could maybe stop taking their meds and trip on the fifth day where the level of antidepressant is almost gone but before withdrawal is in full swing.

No. 1204454

I don't know if it's a zoloft thing or a me thing but I get awful demonic horrible withdrawal symptoms even just two days after not taking it.

No. 1204457

Other druggies become ugly hippie tattoo raver stoners, I became boring and conservative. Not sure if it's even the drugs anymore.

I get 4-5hrs of sleep most nights since I quit smoking weed daily 2 years ago. Maybe that's just it and I'm looking too deep into it.

No. 1204461

Yeah I'd say focus on your well being nona, don't base your decision around the possibility of dropping acid some day

No. 1204582

I took 3 grams, no idea about the strain unfortunately. My friends who took them with me had a great time with almost no physical effects on the same dose so maybe my body just hates shrooms kek
oh shit thanks nonny

No. 1204838

Nerd alert

No. 1243722

Used to brag about how acid did little to nothing to me and last weekend I got slapped hard but loved it.
>At music festival, camping in the woods
>Happy because 2 days earlier I finally met my online crush and he was all giddy to see me as well
>Set was ok, setting was eh considering I was surrounded by drunk campers but I was with friends so I went for it
>Take half a tab, the usual mild tripping and feeling dizzy, take 1/4 more, no improvement. Take another half a tab and share half a j with one of my friends
>I kid you not, I blinked and saw in the back of my head the Star Trek warp animation
>Lay on the grass to look at the clouds, believe I'm seeing them through the eyes of all the people watching those clouds in that moment
>Believe I can see whatever someone else is seeing if I train hard enough, try to see what my crush is seeing
>Right before the trip he texted me he was going to sleep for a while, see only a dark hotel room then nothing
>Suddenly start feeling LOVE as I never felt it before
>See myself holding a baby with him (I'm staunch childfree but in that moment it was the most beautiful thing in the world)
>Eyes switch to kaleidoscope mode, fuck now everything I see I see 6fold
>Fuck I need to go to the toilet, ask my friends to take me there because I thought they were sober, couldn't understand why I was the one guiding them back (thank fucking god I'm good with directions)
>Lay on the grass again, see my thoughts as a bunch of wires, would take one wire out of the bunch and it turned into a fractal, learned all about where that thought came from, solved whatever issue I had with it then found its place like it was some mental cleansing (this was in a span of seconds)
>Randomly got horny but didn't even flinch
>I could feel everything all at once, it was so intense but so calm at the same time
>At some point I gave up on keeping track of the time and thought "maybe that's it, maybe I'm dead" but a voice in my mind scolded me because I haven't fulfilled my life purpose yet
>According to that voice my purpose in life is to control time
>Keep staring at clouds, they shape into zodiac signs and Leo and Gemini bow to Libra (I'm not either)
>After fucking 5 hours I finally start coming down, tell my friends "whoa I was so lucky you guys were sober, I was into fucking hyperspace"
>"What are you talking about anon, we were as high as you"
And that's why I ain't doing acid at parties or festivals ever again. We were lucky our tent neighbours were happy drunk hippies and not some kind of creepy jerks or god knows what could've happened. It was like a very very strong shroooms dose but I hero dosed a couple times and it still wasn't intense. I enjoyed every second of it though.
Deleted and reposted because ESL rambling, dunno if it's more readable now but eh

No. 1244048

that sounds like it was so much fun!! I've had that intense LOVE during a trip before too and it's so overwhelming and wonderful

No. 1345590

Does anyone have experience with how strong DMT smells when you vape it and how long the scent lingers?

No. 1345598

yes my husband tried out a DMT vape, it smells exactly like mothballs and it's pretty strong. did not last long, but my house has good ventilation. it's really stinky, i hated it.

No. 1345643

>with the bf
>drinking some nasty shroom tea that tastes like rotten peanuts and old people ass
>he’s asks what we should watch
>we settle on Bojack Horseman
>it’s when he’s having a mental break on a drug bender dating that actress from the show.
This is the worst thing to watch while tripping balls
>the scene where he chokes her and the camera guys are like “oh no… keep rolling”
>I start laughing maniacally
>I’m scared but I find it so funny
>laughing so hard I’m crying
>my bf gets scared
>we turn off the tv and put on some tunes
>ffw 1 hr later
>our pregnant cat has bad shits right by her litterbox
> I start laughing even more.
>my bf cleans it up
>he’s retching
>stifling my laughter
>he tells me to feed the cats while he goes to throw up
>I feed them, he comes back
>”anon wtf why did you feed her so much ?”
I keep on laughing so much it scared my bf and he avoids me

No. 1345644

has anyone tried muscimol?

No. 1345649

File: 1663720470914.jpeg (555.44 KB, 907x875, 5F644E92-D5F4-4AA2-B5F3-418F00…)

Samefag overfilled my cat bowls like this

No. 1345650

she deserves it

No. 1345701

omg nona I did the same on my shroom trip, I kept forgetting if I had fed the cat so I fed him like 4 times over the night

No. 1345712

i want to try shrooms but i live in my parent's house and I think it might break the popsicle stick holding up my will to not become a homicidal maniac in daily life. Also I have no friends so no one could watch me and i have a giant clump of mineral arsonic in my room, which i feel could be limiting factors. Should I do it?

No. 1345718

I wanna try too so i’d like to have anons answer you. Sort of same situation for me, i live with parents and have no friends but i heard so many good things about taking a trip. Where do you even get shrooms at though ?

No. 1346041


I'm a neet and I do low doses at night when everyone is asleep. In my opinion even low doses are beneficial and give you a part of the experience. You also might get nauseated and have to throw up so be careful. That was a source of anxiety for me. I would never do a high dose in this environment. I just stay in my room and never had issues with privacy.

No. 1346362

I wouldn't recommend it in those situations unless you do a low dose (a gram or less) at night when your families are sleeping like the other anon suggested, but even then you won't have a full on psychedelic experience. I suggest waiting til you have a better environment to try them, the first experience is very important because it can turn you off shrooms forever if it goes wrong. Don't forget your mindset, if you are depressed or unstable or have a family history of mental illness, be safe rather than sorry and avoid shrooms. Nobody likes hearing this advice but as someone who has been tripping for years you want to stay in the safe lane because the mental agony you can experience is unfathomable lol. If you do find a better environment to trip in AND are happy/healthy for the most part then absolutely try them when you're ready, shrooms are the best but don't fuck around with them. For a first trip I personally suggest 1.5 grams, no more. You'll hear some drug drugfags telling you to do a medium to heavy dose (3.5 and up) to just jump into it but ignore them, they're egotripping faggots

No. 1346370

Dumb and would never do again: Acid, shrooms, dmt, whippets, hookah
I just stick to weed and alcohol, they mix well with my brain chemistry I don't get anxious or weird like some people do. I don't plan on trying anything harder like coke because I just don't see the point

No. 1346413

Like >>1346362 says doing it alone with 1.5g should be fine. I agree you shouldn't do it if you're mentally ill, unless you have really good grounding skills.

lsd can be fun when you smoke weed to curb the anxiety but the comedowns that make you too anxious and introspective almost make it not worth dropping.

No. 1346544

I had a shroom hook up but I got ghosted. I'm sad. I wish it wasn't so hard to get where I live and I knew more druggies to sell them. Growing is out of the question where I live too. I can't wait for it to be fully legalized

No. 1346587

File: 1663784351068.jpg (Spoiler Image,715.4 KB, 2048x1365, 31TB-DADYLONGLEGS-superJumbo.j…)

I was bored and took a bunch of diphenhydramine last night, it was pretty bad. I heard screams and people talking in my bathroom, and there were clusters of spiders like pic all over my ceiling. Needed to puke but I was terrified of the people in my bathroom. Not even the worst shroom trips I've taken have felt that "real" or terrifying. I ended up passing out and woke up with a killer hangover. Would not recommend.

No. 1346616

Tbf you terfs harsh peoples vibes, Im surprised any of you can find drugs

No. 1346794

Fuck off back to Twitter your neovag stinks

No. 1346806

go away and dont forget to plan your future 41%

No. 1346824

File: 1663798212369.jpg (337.25 KB, 1028x992, Screenshot_20220920_194603.jpg)

No. 1346830

Can you forage them where you are? You obviously have to be very careful in ingesting wild mushrooms in case you get the wrong ones but there are be region-specific guides online. In my region I've seen them on bushwalks and there's a spore test to verify them, then they can be dried in a dessicator and chopped up for consumption.

No. 1347014

are any other nonnies here who have epilepsy and have taken psychedelics? I'm not going to risk it but I'm curious to know if you had a safe trip and what it was like. mine is late-onset and I'm annoyed that i never tried it out while i could.

No. 1347209

That's helpful, thanks anon!
I guess I'll maybe try after my housemates go to sleep with a window cracked. I really don't feel like being grilled about why the house smells like mothballs.

No. 1348067

Well my terf ass just heard back and it's happening and I'm gonna have a great time so fuck off back to twitter
Not a lot of farms around here, I heard you have to forage in manure? Wish I wasn't such a germaphobe kek. I should check out some region specific guides though to see if it is possible, thanks nonnie

No. 1379827

File: 1666208146081.jpg (62.62 KB, 750x632, 89368680_195512998448925_53275…)

nonnies what advice do you have for a first shroom trip? should i draw or just watch something that i know I'll enjoy? I worry that doing art might make me existential since I'm a career artist. I plan on microdosing to test the strength of my shrooms before taking a full dose. ive read about the shroom tea and dark chocolate trick, wondering if smoking weed might help if I get sick during the trip tho? I have a very high weed tolerance but idk how the two interact, am nervous.

No. 1379948

After extensive research and planning I've decided to try myristicin aka nutmeg this Friday.
Will do one nut and a half at first, just to be safe. Most people recommend 2 but I'm not experienced with psychedelics and I know it's hard on the liver. Will probably weigh it after blending to see if it amounts to 20g (recommended minmum dose). It sucks there aren't many resources on meg, but I was lucky to find an over 300 page thread on it in my native language. Most of people compare it to weed, say it's not worth it etc. Others focus on the psychedelic effects, I don't think I'll get to experience much of them at such a small dose but I'm okay with it. I think the reason so many people have bad trips on meg is because they do no research nor prep and are just looking to get fucked up for cheap (usually in desperation too). Also most likely have shitty diets too, what you eat and drink is probably the most crucial here.
My strategy:
>mix the meg with a flavored protein pudding (easier on the stomach and people say it goes well with diary)
>do light exercise to get my blood flowing and relax
>prepare ginger tea for naseua, green tea, black tea and coffee for caffeine (myristicin lowers heart pressure, mine is already naturally low so I need to be careful)
>prepare isotonic drinks for dehydration
>have food ready in case of gastro
>make a song playlist and choose at least one movie to watch
On top of that I've been eating easily digestable foods for the past few days to avoid common stomach issues and to make it easier for my liver. Been eating foods with a lot of probiotics and not drinking alcohol. Heart pressure is the only thing I'm worried about tbh.

No. 1379968

I remember kids doing that. If you want to have psychedelic experience why don’t you just try LSD, ketamine or shrooms? Genuinely wondering

No. 1379972

check out Erowid if you never have nona

No. 1379975

I’ve been to the tiny archipelago where nutmeg comes from and all the locals will warn you not to eat too much of it because it will mess you up, and not in a good way. Apparently it’s a pretty miserable trip.

No. 1379994

Well, for one I'm genuinely curious because of how 'unique' it is I suppose. Takes 4-8 hours to kick in and lasts up to 72 hours (most often 48 though). People who liked it praised it for being very unique as well, it was an interesting rabbit hole. As for getting a different psychedelic, well, right now I'm not able to and the guy Ik isn't very reliable. Tbf I think I might have jumped on this because of how hooked I got reading about it and researching how to prepare. I've been really stressed out by life recently and it was fun to make all the plans. It's also niche and my pretentious tendencies might have jumped out. The more I think about it the more I feel like I just want to be unconscious for two days so I don't have to deal with my emotions tbh
Thank you anon, already checked it out. Wasn't convinced before I found the other thread though.
Yeah, it's very long and tiring for the body since you pretty much have to poison yourself for it work.

No. 1379998

for real anon if you want to trip balls so bad just hang out at your local 7/11 with the windows down smoking a 305 and someone will eventually come up to you and offer to sell you a dmt cart

No. 1380006

File: 1666216683423.jpg (568.92 KB, 645x456, nutmeg4lyfe.jpg)

First time? It's an uncomfortable experience for some. I personally enjoy a cheeky bit of the meg, but the dry mouth and sensitivity to sensations can be a bit much for some. Your planning is sensible, I wish I'd thought out my first time better than that.
My best trip starter with two nutmeg nuts, some oranges, and lots of cheese on toast. Fatty/dairy foods apparently help with absorption, it goes well. Milk is a good idea too. Honestly, you have your strategy down perfect, down to the exercise, the coffee, and the food. You probably already know this, as you planned so sensibly, I may even address you as the Empress Meg, however, these are things I wish I'd known
>Don't do it on a busy day.
You may find yourself disoriented, losing your train of thought, and paranoid around crowds of people. Sensations are vivid. This can either make it a great or a terrible trip, so make sure you have nothing to do.
>Nature will look beautiful
Seriously, get some time outside
>Don't sleep after taking nutmeg
You should take it at the start of the day. It will feel like a terrible hangover, and mess up your trip, if you take it before going to bed.
>Stay hydrated but don't overdo it
>Don't do this more than once every two weeks
For me I only do it once a month, it's a special treat
>Music is going to sound great. The breeze feels incredible. And you really want to chill out.
It can be really enjoyable, I'm excited for you! Report back.

No. 1380007

the first time i tried it i was retarded and smoked store-bought nutmeg spice out of a bong kek

No. 1380010

Lmao I wish I could have seen this with my own eyes. How do you do it now? I still crush it with my teeth, then wash it down with milk, and it is uncomfy and tastes bad. Small price to get to megtown though.
Forgot to add- the walls may breathe, you may see sparkles, and you may feel incredibly h0rny you'll be ok though

No. 1380012

Can someone edit this to say walnuts

No. 1380044

the week after I first took MDMA I felt amazing but then I started a new job and became depressed.
1 month later I took it again, felt just as good but the week after I felt anxious and depressed.

Are comedowns real or do they just depend on how safe you are while doing it (no overheating, overexerting yourself)? Does your normal mood factor in a lot? Is it all about getting the right vitamins, antioxidants and exercise?

Or was 1 month just too little waiting time?

No. 1380047

MDMA definitely has after effects like that sometimes. I like to take a 5-HTP at the start and end of rolling to try and avert that

No. 1380062

mdma is basically the same deal you get with meth, you get your brain's feel-good chemicals shot up to 100x what can ever be naturally achieved, and then you might get an afterglow, and after that everything feels like shit in comparison. no amount of vitamins or exercise or meditation really changes that. not saying its terrible to do once in a while (if you're not prone to addiction) but if it causes issues or you find yourself craving it all the time you gotta give it up. i've seen so many friend end up in bad places bcus they partied like they were immortal and their brains took all of the damage from it

No. 1380073

Is it better to take a whole nutmeg or nutmeg powder?
Comedowns are definitely a part of MDMA. Although, I've only had a bad comedown once, so I don't really know what causes it. I'd recommend not doing it every month because that can lessen the high.

No. 1380076

File: 1666219801811.jpeg (86.96 KB, 645x456, 16A2FE3B-7D5C-4E79-83FB-079456…)

No. 1380096

I choose whole nutmeg. The potency of the nut is based on how oily the nut is, and, supposedly, whole nuts are oilier than powder. You can crush the oily nuts yourself though, before consuming.
girl were you on nutmeg whilst you made this edit

No. 1380110

Ok brb on my way to get whole nutmegs.

No. 1380187

File: 1666227075969.png (515.24 KB, 645x456, WALNUTS.png)

there you go

yours made me too angry

No. 1380201

>yours made me too angry

No. 1380207

IK this is late, but do not do DPH. It can destroy you. It also has a very peculiar tendency to be addictive. People who do it regularly end up with cognitive declines and heart problems at a very early age. For your own sake nonnie, and for anyone else reading, don't do it.

No. 1380221

Shrooms are great!! They're a more natural trip than acid and I think you'll have a fun time. Just be mindful of how you're feeling and don't fight things, so if you wanna draw go for it! Adventure Time is my go to show when I trip bc it just makes sense in my brain (but I go for the later seasons where characters are a little more fleshed out). My first time I did shrooms, the high came in waves. Every time I thought I was getting sober something would pull me back into the high but I accepted it and loved it.
Microdosing might not result in much, depending on how much you do. For a first time 2g is more than a good amount and if you feel comfortable you can always take another gram later on.
Any sort of chocolate will do I highly recommend it, even if it's like a Reese's peanut butter cup. Its so far the only thing that I've experienced that hasn't made my stomach sick and make me vomit (felt kind of like a fire in the pit of my stomach where I breathed through it until upchucking lol). Smoking is a fantastic pairing for shrooms and can even make you feel like you've elevated yourself.
You'll do wonderfully! Don't forget to prep some snacks and maybe gatorade for yourself since I would highly advise against attempting to cook. Also looking at your phone is gonna be a funky experience so if you have a playlist you can throw on real quick with some good vibes you'll be alright. Just make things as easy as possible for yourself before tripping since you never know how it might impair you. If you can though, nature is fan-fucking-tastic while tripping and if you can get outside I 100% recommend.

Other than that, happy tripping anon!♥ Report back to us and share how it went

No. 1380251

Thanks. I saved both of them anyway. I plan on printing this one out though. Your work will be seen by many eyes. Remember, an artist need not be present to make a lasting impression.

No. 1380280

Nonnie nonnie nonnie I am getting my shrooms soon but I just got put on prescription meds and I'm bummed I won't have a clean experience now. I don't think I should have any bad interactions but I fear things won't be as potent, or perhaps amplified in a bad way. But it seems shrooms are fairly safe with most prescription drugs?

No. 1380629

File: 1666277195978.jpg (10.35 KB, 236x268, ab7b91f0d5f61f1afa0d5732d15650…)

this is fantastic advice, thank you nonni! i feel much more mentally prepared for my trip now, i will try to go with the flow and just enjoy it. i have a feeling I'm going to set everything up and then once I come up I'll just pet my felt animal poster for hours kek but its good to be ready for anything! I will share how it goes soon, tysm

No. 1380639

My sister in Christ, why are you printing out jpegs of a walnut related meme?

No. 1380648

Mission accomplished

No. 1380702

Maybe she loves walnuts

No. 1380738

Thank you nona, will do! Do you have any music recs? I'm thinking shoegaze but I'm considering something more upbeat so I don't get too sleepy.

No. 1380939

Instrumental music like acoustic or classical (Debussy, Vivaldi) will sound great. Sunbeam Sound Machine and The Holydrug Couple are pretty good to chill out to. What kind of shoe gaze do you like? I’m just getting into the genre

No. 1381038

Holy shit Sunbeam Sound Machine sounds incredible, thanks for the rec! As for shoegaze, I go for Cocteau Twins if I want something very dreamy and dissociative, My Bloody Valentine for a more grimey rock sound, Slowdive is kind of inbetween imo and I like them very much. Disintegration by The Cure is a pretty shoegazey albumand they influenced the genre so I'll put it out there too. Not the most obscure choices but oh well kek

No. 1381116

Hehe I am glad you like Sunbeam Sound Machine! I really enjoyed The Cocteau Twins, I never heard of them but they're incredibly soft. I heard of My Bloody Valentine from last time I got arrested and the police officer recommended it, Soon is awesome. But Slowdive? Now that's good. Damn I need to hit up /m/ for more shoegaze. I have a lot to get into now. Thanks fam.

No. 1382774

File: 1666431679776.jpg (30.02 KB, 540x418, 2bfd3a0b605acfcb37f17de9275773…)

Trip report
>8AM Ingested two (one was a little small) crushed nuts with pudding (added cinammon for better taste)
>9AM I'm convinced it's just placebo effect but I feel very energetic and my movements are very fast. I work out for an hour without feeling tired and clean my flat. Another thing I notice is that I don't feel cold despite the low temperature when I go outside.
>11AM to 1PM I feel very relaxed and slowly become more lethargic.
>2PM I'm feeling sleepy and it's hard to focus. I conclude the amount I've had must have not been enough because of the smaller nut. I have one more, this time I chew it in my mouth. The taste is good.
>3PM Cottonmouth. Drinking a sports drink helps a lot. My vision gets blurry from time time, I foam at the mouth a little bit. I feel like after having a few drinks. Food tastes really good, when I had some grapes they tasted heavenly but I think it might be the nutmeg aftertaste complimenting the flavor kek
>10PM All the effects seem to be gone, I'm left with a moderate headache.
>Next day I feel nothing aside from a slight headache.
Well. Like for many before me nutmeg didn't work. Either the amount I've had was too small or it's one of those times where it doesn't work the first time. I experienced minimal discomfort and overall don't feel physically ill. Interestingly enough, my eyes didn't get bloodshot like they did in other people's reports.
I will definitely try it out again just to see if it works the second time.I've read reports about reverse tolerance build up regarding meg, so I'm hoping for better results next time. Not sooner than a few a weeks from now though.

No. 1382883

I did three, it was the perfect amount. It’s just good for relaxing. Drinking a lot helps with headaches. Also, potentiators, black pepper, turmeric, that kind of stuff. And yeah food does become great. I ate a tuna pasta bake so good I wanted to cry lol

No. 1382909

>What drugs have you done?
Weed, ecstasy, LSD, coke, mushrooms
>what drugs do you do regularly?
I take a tiny edible now and again. I only dabbled in the other drugs for a very brief period in my life, I was a little lost. If I come across mushrooms again I will do those in an instant. Absolutely love those little bastards. Fortunately I haven't done enough drugs to cause serious damage. Alcohol however… Definitely drank way too much. Proud to have come out of that. Pretty sure I've done some damage from alcohol abuse.

No. 1382938

File: 1666446576335.jpg (323.01 KB, 1174x624, 8b2fa6eab4bb5ccb37ad479e6ad305…)

I want to try amanita muscaria and although I could go to the woods and look for some myself I wouldn't have anywhere to dry them because of my family. Is it safe to buy them online? Where I live there are many people selling already dried mushrooms for a reasonable price (ofc writing it's not supposed to be ingested in the description lol). What do you think nonnies?

No. 1382983

samefag Nvm I bought them anyway. Found a reliable site and ordered 10g of caps dried in 70 degrees Celsius.

No. 1383038

>What drugs have you done?
Weed, Acid, Shrooms, Coke, MDMA, Xanax, Ketamine, Kratom, Kava, Adderall. I think that's it.
>What drugs do you use regularly?
Just weed and time to time I'll use shrooms. I did kava a few nights ago and its pretty comfy. I wish I could do coke every night or like Adderall or something because I really need a good pick me up..

No. 1386651

Was gonna ask in Stupid questions, but this thread is a little more appropriate imo.
I just started Bupropion (Wellbutrin) I have only been taking it for a little under two weeks. I finally got some gel tabs and I am not sure if I should stop taking the Wellbutrin for like a day before I drop it and then how long do I wait to go back on it? I don’t wanna have a seizure or anything or have a bad trip, but on another hand, I need my Bupropion, it really helps with my anxiety. Are there any nonas who have some input? I lurked on Reddit and got some mixed reviews, should I flat out ask my doctor?

No. 1386657

Just tookcan anbien. My body was tired an lay down quietly, eyes closed, comfy but my mind kept having thoughts, I can' unwind

The pill is hitti g hard rn so ikk check out

Sisters in checking out, it's getting hats

No. 1395281

Late reply but you should be fine as long as you are only taking Wellbutrin. Stay away from stimulants if anything, but psychedelics should be fine. Wellbutrin lowers seizure threshold but that's only really a concern for multiple drugs interacting, esp uppers (ie. Wellbutrin + lithium + coke + MDMA or something)

No. 1395336

Damn this thread is so old now. I remember it

No. 1395345

I'm debating making a "high" thread much like the "drunk" and "stoney baloney" thread. Do nonas want a place to post while tripping and partying? Or are there not that many of us

No. 1395349

Idk man…I feel bad for anyone at a party so lame that they're posting on the farms instead

No. 1395369

File: 1667365392768.gif (19.74 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mairikBjXH1rfjowdo1_500…)

Partying is a state of mind, you can party on the farms. That said I was thinking moreso a place to shitpost while high or dump drawings or something. But I know not that many nonas here are into that so idk

No. 1395525

do it nonny, I love shitposting fucked up

No. 1396173

File: 1667428961472.jpeg (56.47 KB, 636x448, D64DDE62-3B2B-4857-8E79-B6759F…)

planning to take lsd this weekend. i’ve dropped acid a couple times before, always taking like 200-250ug but i’ve never had that “ego death“ experience. thinking of taking a higher dose, i’ll be safe and have my friend with me in case the trip goes wrong. anyone have any experience with higher dosages? i just wanna meet some aliens man

No. 1396184

> I’ll be safe
lol ok