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No. 248328

The good, the bad, the ugly. Share your experiences here, what are the best apps to use, your success stories, cringeist interactions, horror, etc.

Previously >>>/g/82463

No. 248329

Going to repost my post from last thread:

I want to join an app to scope out the local lesbian scene in my area to see how truly hellish it is but I don't really want to put myself on profile until I see what it is really like. How would I be able to see without commiting a full account first? Also what would I do if genderspecials start asking me questions?

No. 248330

people make accounts with no personal info at all all the time. On apps like HER and Tinder at least you can still swipe through profiles without sharing anything about yourself

No. 248357

I'm thinking of giving OLD a go again. What are anons thoughts on hinge as opposed to tinder? I always tried tinder previously because a) more men, statistically more likely to meet a decent one through numbers alone and b) I want a normie and it's the normiest app. But I hear hinge is better for proper relationships, I just worry that it's mostly gonna be desperate ugly guys who can't hack the competition on tinder.

No. 248602

idk what it is, but for where i live hinge has way more attractive men on it..

No. 248610

I didn't find it an upgrade at all. I've looked at guys in my area a couple times and there are still a good amount of men from fucking years back (and I'm not at all in a small city). So much for being the app that gets people off apps. I think OKCupid is probably the most decent out of all of them. At least you can make it filter men who give blatantly terrible/incompatible answers on their questionnaires.

No. 248625

My experience: Haven't used Tinder in a year, but then redownloaded it this weekend when I visited a friend and was curious to know what the men looked like in her city (they weren't cute at all). Now that I'm back home, I thought I might as well take a look since it's been so long. Main issue is that I barely have any pictures of myself anymore so all of the pictures on my profile are from when I was in college (which I graduated almost two years ago). It's not like I'll be catfishing since I doubt I'll end up meeting anyone off this app in person anyway. Also the only men I've found cute so far are the ones who are younger than me which is concerning kek.

No. 248641

for real the only decent looking guys seem to be all the young zoomers. i feel creepy cause im almost 10 years older than them but the men on apps that are like 25+ all look like they hit the fucking wall already

No. 248645

what app has non-normie men (say, introverts but not of the boring marvel sperg type) and weirdos? if they are not dangerous, going for a coffee with them is fun lmfao

No. 248648

Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I don't know if it's because of the wall or if it's because men just decide to lose all sense of personality/style once they enter their mid 20s or if it's a gen Z thing. Zoomer men are probably awful in their own way, but they're more likely to dress nicely/interesting and be less boring on their profile.

I also connected my Spotify just to see what my top artists were, cringed horribly and disconnected my Spotify only to see that my top artists are still showing up on my profile. Fuck this is going to be so horrible and embarrassing.

No. 248708

>Zoomer men and personality
Pick one.

No. 249016

I have to also agree with anon >>248610 about Okcupid. So far the only guys that I've been on date with on dating apps have mainly been on Okcupid with one being from Tinder. I hardly get any matches on Bumble and I kept forgetting to create an account on Hinge.

I also recommend staying far away from Badoo, too many weird randos matches with me and send me messages before I can even see their profiles. I tried it out of curiousity and I regretted it.

No. 249025

No. 249084

File: 1647073857727.jpeg (76.82 KB, 1125x322, 93B4B88D-EAE7-4ECE-BA77-2CF3C4…)

Am I being too picky if I consider these teams a red flag? Never had a good experience with a Raiders/Dodger combo fan

No. 249271

Does anyone else struggle with writing about themselves on apps? Maybe it’s because I’m BPD but I never know what to put in terms of hobbies/interests or how to answer things like the bio questions on Hinge. Sometimes going on apps only makes me feel more blank and empty.

No. 249272

lol where the fuck are you using okcupid that it isn't all weebs and polyshits

No. 249284

yes. if hes from CA its normal to like those teams…

No. 249285

>give the typical short, marvel-loving normie programming nerd a chance
>he messages back quickly at first and is polite
>have one engaged text conversation total before he goes "hehe you must like me a lot" (not particularly, just bored)
>gets cocky and stops responding
>Suddenly tries to get me to come over 2 weeks later

Why are men so retarded.

No. 249287

Not an app, but soc on 4chan. Besides the degenerates that post low-effort contacts for sex, it houses other image board users and it's normally a given that they're on the introverted/non-normie side. Course there's some obvious creeps and legit weirdos on there, but they're usually pretty easy to spot. The archives also help to weed out the undesirables if you search for post history featuring their contact info, files, etc. The main issue is that you won't be able to get a selfie of the guy right off the bat (esp a genuine one), but me personally I prefer building up to that with at least a week of convo. It builds a little bit of trust and makes for a fun reveal.

No. 249289

Oh, and obviously there's ways to make sure you're not being catfished (like video chatting, reverse image searching, etc). Doxxing is another concern, which is why I'm really really picky and thorough with doing background checks on archives and making sure I don't divulge too much personal info too soon.

No. 249310

Had a similar experience a couple years back, short tech loving guy with pics of him next to a marvel statue. I had just moved to a tiny new town and knew nobody here. He mostly just looked non threatening so I gave him a chance. He went from being amazed that a woman actually messaged him to getting so lazy with responses after one day. I was leading the convo and he talked about himself without flipping the questions back on me. He wasn't interesting enough for it to make sense that he talked about himself so much. He made a couple comments that I think were attempts at seeming confident? They didn't land and I noped out. I've spotted him a few times since then irl. Always shopping with his mother. Never with anyone else. Small town boy who has never left home. Why did I even…

Any time I've gone near a guy that ticks those three cursed boxes (short, tech, marvel) they've been the kind to tell you you're their first date in years.. then they make you pay for your coffee separately to theirs and want date number 2 to be at your house. They certainly don't help themselves get out of their dating rut. I've been dealing with low confidence at the times when I attempted to date down… it's never gone well. Might as well aim higher if the 'grateful nerd' stereotype is a myth and most of them are as rude and cocky as anything now.

No. 249318

Are we shilling 4chan as a means of online dating now? I knew there were plenty of desperates on here dating 4chan moids but I didn't think we'd go full on retard mode recommending it.

Ladies don't go there for any contacts, it's full of misogynistic scrotes. Even if he appears to be a ""good"" one on the surface, he's still exposed to women-hate rhetoric on the daily basis. When that happens it's inevitable it's normalized to him in some capacity. As a woman you're only putting yourself in a bad position by contacting moids off /soc/. Don't be retarded and just go on normie dating apps.

No. 249322

my believe in farmers tanked when i realized most of the girls are are vying for the attention of 4chan posters and think they're totally using them or whatever.

No. 249376

>He went from being amazed that a woman actually messaged him to getting so lazy with responses after one day.

Yep, that's my experience to a T. "give short kings a chance" "hes nice who cares if hes a little overweight/weird" leads to the worst type of entitlement and they are the complete douchebag that they claim only "chad" can be. I wonder if they ever regret their little power plays after being fucking rude for no reason and then I just ghost them.

No. 249403

redownloaded an app I used forever ago last night and instantly deleted it
all the men were hideous, I genuinely got angry looking at their ugly selfies and coomer/soy boy/marvelfag bios, 99% of male population is ugly, I'm still upset and would rather die lonely than go on a date with one of them jfc

No. 249626

I feel like I got so lucky with a cute guy I met on Okcupid a few months ago. He's only a few years younger than me and we have been on a few dates so far, I hope he ask me out.
To be honest I do match with a lot of weebs which goes nowhere. The previous date I did get from Okcupid was more like a normal nerd guy who has seen one anime. The guy I mentioned above is an anime fan but he's more of a shy awkward nerd. I rarely ever found poly stuff on my Okcupid.

No. 249667

I met a dude from there once, he was very serious-minded about Christian history and medieval history in general. Then one day he asks if he wants me to hear him sing Disney songs. Never unfriended someone so fast in my life.

No. 249734

Daily reminder that “chad” is a cope incels made up to represent their ideal selves and lifestyle. An nice attractive man is a nice attractive man. Every man has the propensity to be a monster and you won’t know until you check if he’s a monster so don’t judge a book by its cover in any direction.

No. 249763

I met my bf off this and tbf he is not a 4channer at all, just a bored normie who decided to use the site after hearing about it in media during pandemic when people were stuck online and couldn’t go out. Definitely use friend finder threads but you’ll still bump into coomers and mentally ill moids.
I’m very grateful to have him, he is the opposite of a 4ch moid, kind and considerate, respectful, beautiful (he looks like a crossbreed between Clint Eastwood and Timothy Chalamet), polite, dresses well (by my standards, he dresses vintage and posh which looks good to me), and he comes from old money too so he has all sorts of antiques and interesting historical knowledge, also reads poetry, enjoys literature and loves classical music. Very smart boy as well, knows in-depth knowledge about politics, geography, history, philosophy - can have all sorts of deep discussions with him. He’s always learning and feeding his big brain. I think that’s what I love most about him. And he’s incredibly hardworking and disciplined, hardly uses the internet because he’s always keeping busy. I’m a loser in comparison to him lol but my god I love him so much and this has turned into a rant I’m so sorry lol
Also I didn’t get scammed or anything. I live with him now and met his family. I still feel very much an outsider because I didn’t go to prestigious schools or met important political figures. Hoping that they don’t look down on me and think he’s settled, which they probably DO think lol - there had been some dramatics when we first started dating but they’ve accepted me now because I make him incredibly happy

No. 249766

Nona…. is this fucking real I want this to happen to me too

No. 249767

Yes! It's a one in a million chance, I just so happened to be the only person who added his GIANT bio blurb (it was very verbose and deeply detailed, which indicated he wasn't trolling or looking for nudes) in the soc friend finder thread. He seemed nonthreatening and interesting so I thought I'd give it a go. I was very lonely and looking for online friends so I was on a soc adding spree at the time, adding a bunch of randoms who didn't look like they were creepy, but once I added him, I stopped because I didn't feel lonely anymore! He could actually carry a conversation and we wrote very long paragraphs to each other everyday. We also watched movies and tv shows online (he isn't a gamer). We were long distance for 6 months due to covid.

No. 249776

Why are all the women on bumble either obese or worse, Virgos

No. 249777

Lmaooooo virgos are a trip. Idk man, at least the fatties are not catfishhing you.
I once met with a man for a date and he was using a photo more than 5 years old. I didn't even recognize him on the date- told him
I was saving that seat. That was fucking awkward and 20 minutes later i circled back to the fact it was fucked he used the old photos.
He got angry and rude and I walked away.
He proceeded to yell at me across the parking lot and blew up my phone for 4 hours straight until I blocked him (way back, like 10? Years ago?)

No. 249781

File: 1647362171655.jpeg (47.71 KB, 380x380, 9E99BAA9-7D33-4E66-A29C-176912…)

I met my bf through KF and we’re set to get married soon. Granted, I’ve always kinda had a crush on him and would get excited if he liked my posts etc. I was surprised when he dm’d me on discord. Wouldn’t recommend finding anyone on KF though kek.

No. 249788

Aww! That's so cute nonny! Are you nervous for your wedding?

No. 249793

File: 1647365337232.jpg (56.05 KB, 674x448, Tumblr_l_665832777112334.jpg)

What r ur usernames?

No. 249795

well. good luck with that.

No. 249796

File: 1647366179154.jpeg (85.09 KB, 1200x757, 8032C53D-B7FF-486B-8ABF-9C8C08…)

No, not really. I always knew we’d get married the moment when I felt he was a safe person. We’ve been together 4 years this July.
Sorry girl I can’t give that info out. We’re not trying to get the most coveted KF achievement lol.

No. 249812

All of these last few posts make me sick.
How would one even form a crush on a forum user? This larp is too weak.

No. 249813

This is retarded. Imagine meeting a man thru a site filled with fags and women hating virgin incels.

No. 249817

>How would one even form a crush on a forum user?
nta but it has happened to multiple times (not on kf). I never contacted any of them though kek

No. 249819

Ironically this kind of makes sense since most people on KF are using a pseudonym and therefore saying whatever they want, unfiltered, so I guess meeting someone on a gossip forum and knowing their politically incorrect side first (as opposed to a performance in person or a dating app) would be decent for vetting kek. Is he even attractive or at least average looking, out of curiosity?

No. 249821

I didn't meet my ex from there but he did lurk and post on there quite a lot. When our relationship was getting rocky he asked for relationship advice there and after he dumped me he doxxed my username on one of those weird sex thread.

No. 249834

there are retards who are actually falling for this weak scrote bait.

No. 249848

I got reminded once again there's a reason why /g/ is dubbed de/g/enerate…

No. 249957

It's weird and hard to explain but I always felt a connection??
No it's real, all of our friends know about where we met except the parents. We're long distance too but have met multiple times. I'm moving there this spring though.

No. 249967

Back to your hellhole fagg/ot/

No. 250025

>he comes from old money too so he has all sorts of antiques and interesting historical knowledge
God fucking damn it so does my family, god damn you anon

No. 250100

Isn't this thread about struggles with finding dates? why are we even talking about stupid bait/not bait stuff others are putting about their relationships.

No. 250424

Why should it be? The OP says to share anything Online Dating, nothing about struggling with it exclusively.

No. 250428

i also have a bf of higher status than me as well. my bf is a normie type of nerd (not a 4channer) and probably never used image boards. i got lucky because i met him irl through a college course. he wanted to date someone smarter than him but he knows a lot of guys who would purposefully try for the opposite. be careful to all my single nonnies out there, apparently guys seeking out dumber women is common bc it's an ego thing but imo it's really worrying if you think about how many women get stuck in abusive situations and are reliant upon a male partner.

No. 250793

I met my ex through there by his friend who is a soc user. My ex was instead a reddit user which is arguably worse imo. However, I rather not go on soc again to find a relationship, especially a serious one.
I am happy with being single, but nonnies I am SUPER jelly! Like how is it possible?? Of course all the guys I would be into are taken, but I am happy you found guys who made you happy! Good wishes!

I rather be single as I feel that most guys cannot catch up to me in conversation, ambitions, goals, etc., and the few guys I like… I get rejected because I get super nervous or eager so it never works out. It does not help that I am picky, but I rather die alone than settle.

No. 250819

Keep that mentality nonny, never settle for anything less than what matches your ideal or goes above your expectations! But it also helps to put yourself out there, even dating apps. They’re exhaustive and what not but there are diamonds in the rough, it’s just a matter of right time, right place so it feels like fate. That’s what happened to me and I’m so happy I never settled and waited for the right one! I don’t believe that “love finds you” - it can’t find you if you are holed up in your room and never reach out and give it that opportunity to find you, so yeah, definitely do whatever you’re comfortable with to help that person find you, whether that be dating apps, in-person events, or the internet

No. 251019

Ayart and I do put myself out there on a whole bunch of apps. And if I have no interest then I am not afraid of telling guys that as well. I also ask them if they are interested in going out again to gauge interest. I am not afraid to voice my wants because it makes me feel more in control and I worry less about if a guy likes me or not. I am not going to waste my own time and attention on a guy with no interest in me.

I am still hopeful in finding love with a kind, and caring man who takes care of himself and respects me with similar interests and values.

No. 251026

when you connect your spotify to tinder, does it show your all time top artists or most played recently? and does it update as you listen more? i used to listen to some pretty embarrassing stuff so i wanna know

No. 254208

I went on a dating app for the first time since connecting with someone back in December last year, mainly to just check out the people there. The first decent match I get the guy talks about how great having a fwb is. I hate how guys around my age (early mid 20s) are mainly just interested in fwb.

Is having a fuck friend better than having a relationship?

No. 254216

i know a lot of women who inadvertently traumatised themselves trying to do casual hookups or no strings attached sex. i don't think it's realistic.

No. 254218

I wonder if now that I'm in my 30s could I realistically handle hook up culture. The guy would have to meet certain credentials imo I might as well put that energy into finding a stable man.

No. 254285

>Is having a fuck friend better than having a relationship?
why? so the guy can still use you as an emotional dumpster without actually having to give anything back? >>254216 is right, fwb are so stressfull for women, don't bother.

No. 254322

I know now that I'm in my 30s I have no time for that sort of bullshit

No. 254568

I prefer OKC for the ability to be more descriptive with prompts, but the more decent men are on Hinge. Bumble is filled with himbos. I've been wanting to find an app for women, but everything is just oversaturated with men, even Her. Most of the likes I get are from degenerate troons.

No. 254614

I'm in my mid 20s and I also have no time for that either. so many of my friends either are getting married or had partners for 5+ years
yeah definitely can't do that, it's too emotionally draining especially if someone ends up getting feelings or feel like they are supposed to be exclusive with the fwb

No. 254696

File: 1649300477021.jpeg (87.15 KB, 750x934, bea12243-52fe-45a3-bd84-12122c…)

What kind of pics do you like best on dating apps? I want to set up an account but I have no good pics of myself recently. I never really take selfies and I don't have any interesting pics of me doing anything except like graduation pictures from like 2019… I would like to show myself actually doing things in my photos instead of just selfies bc I feel like that would attract people who would be interested in what I was doing rather than just looks if that makes sense
I could unironically have fishing photos like scrotes since I do that kek

No. 255904

ot but he has a big, smelly looking head like my bf as a teenager. yick

No. 256661

Have any bi women or lesbians tried Lex?

No. 256672

It's kind of pointless because there are no pictures. also, the colors are painfully bright.

No. 256678

Yea, ended up finding the same women like on all the other apps lol

No. 256684

Men literally swipe right on everything. It's okay if your photos aren't professional grade or even human.

No. 256704

I tried the FWB because I too thought maybe I should try it as most men don’t seem to want anything serious and let me tell you, unless I’m just extremely unlucky, it’s a scam of giving men what they want with very little in return and they will treat you like shit for it and feel 0 guilt as their excuse is they didn’t lead you on. After the deed is done they will distance themselves and be less friendly, and because of conveyor belt of women on dating apps men are spoiled for choice you become a pump and dump and there is no reason to really do it again with you on to the next. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were just honest and used the term “one night stand”, friends with benefits is so misleading as they usually cut the friendship off as soon as things get intimate.

I’m a little bitter because I feel regardless of what path you choose - looking for friendship, relationships, fwb, the end result is going to be the same dealing with cumbrain moids.

No. 256987

That's it I'm putting it in my dating profile that anyone even considering growing a mullet or moustache should not go out with me. Hands down ugliest male trend. I'm so mad that it's getting even more popular. Otherwise attractive men are turning themselves into ugly sewer rats with their disgusting mullets and pedo staches.

No. 257148

File: 1650293479511.jpg (567.88 KB, 1000x1000, il_fullxfull.1627079086_ovy0.j…)

I'm going to stealth some subliminal cows into my dating profile somehow. If i ever meet any of you nonnies in the wild use the word 'anonitas' and then we'll both know we're farmers

No. 257213

Fuck, I'd love to accidentally start talking to another farmer. Not sure how many bongs there are here though or what our preferred apps are.

No. 257230

men match with me and on the rare chance they do message me, it is with a simple “hello/hi/good morning” etc. i message basically the same thing back but with a little more personality, yet still matching their energy. i am trying to be as pleasant as possible yet they don’t even message me back after that, what am i doing wrong? are men on tinder just not real?
i’m looking for someone to date seriously and start a relationship with but i can’t even get anyone to message me further than the first message. :/

No. 257257

Aw anon, you're not doing anything wrong. Tinder is just shit and shit begets shit men, unfortunately. Other than that, what I think what's happening here is that they swiped right on a bunch of other women and decided they were more "interesting, which really just means that they were sexual from the get go (easier to get laid). Tinder is not a great app to look for serious relationships, sadly. Hinge sucks ass but it's slightly better than Tinder.

No. 257375

thank you for affirming my belief that nothing is wrong with me :)
i do admit that my profile probably makes me look a little intellectually intimidating to men just looking for girls dtf. which i guess i am fine missing out on them since i don’t even engage in casual sex. i’ll try hinge in my area and hope i have some better luck!(:))

No. 258093

Maybe some of us might have a better chance at dating apps that are more niche? I tried bumble and tinder but I had no luck developing feelings for any one I had dates with. I installed one of those MBTI dating and friend apps about 8 months ago and I was just thinking I would use it to shit post and troll people, but I ended up meeting my bf of 7 months there.

Only issue with niche dating apps is that if you live in a smaller town your chances of finding someone who lives in the same city as you or nearby quite low.

No. 258472

Yes, and it's mostly a "queer" app, so you’ll mostly just find genderhairs, and the fact it doesn't require photos makes me wary (although most of the profiles I looked at do have a selfie). I live in a conservative area and the posts at the nearby city has kinky polycule nonbinaries posting ads. Ironically, I think I found one of my former classmates on there, and she was posting ads basically begging for "a monogamous cis lesbian", and it made me feel bad for her because this sure as hell isn't the place to find one. And she wasn't all that cute, so I didn't bother messaging.

No. 258932

File: 1650924119072.png (120.78 KB, 412x759, v.png)

>sign up to lex
>it's all picrel

I hate Hinge and Bumble though so where do I go from here?

No. 258935

God she's so boring, I'd rather go on a date with a dude who has fishing pictures than this kind of person.

No. 258944

I found someone on there who called herself "radfem" and "traditional", but she was a pro-troon transhumanist xenofeminist who expects butches to act like men and I was so fucking disappointed. Like that's actual catfishing, I really felt duped.

No. 259017


literally cannot use Lex for this reason. everyone is either a male or a 37 year old woman calling herself a “genderqueer kiddo”

No. 259044


oh god

No. 259231

All the typical advice is bullshit imo. All I want to see are solo shots with different angles and lighting. "Hobby" pics are stupid, and so are group pics. Mirror selfies are fine. I swipe left on any profile that looks too "slick".
I also swipe left at any hint of negativity. It's a turnoff whether or not it's applicable.

No. 259279

made an account for the exclusive purposes of troonspotting and shitposting and already i have seen at least three straight men. what a joke

No. 260086

lex has a cool concept but it is tenderqueer/tumblr bait

No. 260438

Well nonnies, I managed to meet a non weird man on one of the most degenerate dating apps out there. Feeld is the dating app for kinky people and I made an account in moderate desperation browsing for softer (more submissive) men who looked masculine. A diamond in the rough sure, but sometimes I browse out of curiosity. Last time I checked it out it was full of fedora-wearing or spiritual or generally degenerate men but the profiles were good for a laugh.

Though I ended up chatting to this relatively normie guy who was told about this app through a friend and we went on a pretty good date tonight. He's very offline, a little older. I spoke fairly openly about sex given the context of how we met and he seems just… normal? Which I really like, it exceeded my expectations of the particular type I was looking for.
Surely there's something wrong with him, but given I'm not looking for anything too serious at the moment he seems like a nice person to chill out with, fuck relentlessly, listen to music and chat over wine. It's early to say obviously, but it's overall nice to feel respected and treated well on a first date, on top of them being interesting and hearing you out, let alone from an app like Feeld.

No. 260454

File: 1651423615355.png (3.41 MB, 1568x2164, men.png)

Also I've compiled just some random profiles from the app to show you all what a true range of men (I have it set to women too but they're all the same type of alt poly coloured hair overweight women you'd expect) but here, enjoy

No. 260501

Have a question: Should you ask people if they have any fetishes off the bat? Seems like a really forward question, but I'd rather know if someone is into disgusting shit before I sink time into them. Would they keep the weird stuff a secret for a while first or enthusiastically share it because they finally get to talk about it? I don't care if it's pretty tame I just don't want to discover my partner has a burping feeding baby dragon diaper fetish months into seeing them kek

No. 260505

I'm certain I have met my soulmate off OKC, which is way too fucking weird how it all came to be. I didn't even believe in the concept of soulmates until he found me and I really didn't think I would find him online.
The key is really to put majority of your long term interests down, even a little of the controversial ones you have. Do not try to market yourself for outgoings or overly friendly, it's boring and you're basically just putting on a facade. They're gonna like you for your genuine self.
The sensation you feel of slowly realizing you have found The One is so unreal. I hope other anons can experience this, it's really special.

No. 260512

it's not weird to have a "what are you into" conversation and you can use that to segue into fetishes specifically. i'd personally just go ahead and get the hard nos out of the way instead of trying to pull it out of them, though.

No. 260815

Online dating has never worked out for me. I seem to only attract ugly gamer guys and now that I hide my geeky side on OLD I don’t really get matches but I also live in a small town which doesn’t help either. I’m giving up on OLD. Some people find their soulmates unfortunately I’m not one of them :/

No. 260840

File: 1651546155799.jpeg (642.83 KB, 1119x1906, 3F6CA4BD-5424-46FC-800B-29497B…)

Disgusting. The first thing my profile says is no single fathers.

No. 260905

He's almost bragging about trying to get laid instead of taking care of his kids.

No. 260908

Never trust single fathers, not even the ones who just have one kid and have full custody. They're still scrotes, they're not caring, they are probably neglecting the kid and dumping it at his mother's house.

No. 261069

I tend to ask after the first few dates like when you're having a conversation about sex and turn ons/turn offs

No. 261071

Yeah I don't believe it for a second that he doesn't have no baby mama drama. like why would he be looking for another women when he already had 4 kids with 4 different women

No. 261180

His profile also said he got kicked out of Knott’s Scary Farm.
Wish I had asked him why but I was so disgusted about the 4 baby mommas I blocked him immediately.

Bet he thought he was a cool tough guy and assaulted a performer.

No. 261300

File: 1651702003523.jpg (123.65 KB, 827x1125, image.jpg)

Maybe we need a dating apps cringe thread

No. 261318

File: 1651705890688.jpeg (39.44 KB, 495x391, IqW6spO.jpeg)

No. 261320

i really want to see what this guy looks like tbh

No. 261338

Unfortunately it's a screenshot I took a while ago and only just found again but I have to assume he looked like some unremarkable form of soy wojak

No. 261423

All this proves is that men are racist and generally ugly

No. 261581

File: 1651807370263.jpg (226.7 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20220328-191835.jpg)

Seggsy time

No. 261582

Imagine creating and ruining 4 different households. Men get off so easy.

No. 261589

>denied a thirsty ho which makes me totally superior
>but also i would totally BE a thirsty ho bcuz it's so much easier for them to get rich

No. 261590

This is the dating app cringe thread.
>The good, the bad, the ugly.
99% of scrotes on OLD are bottom of the barrel, so most things here are "ugly."

No. 261591

This just screams one of those men who has a weird obsession with the scenario of them rejecting women, what a red flag

No. 261606

maybe i'm retarded but i can't figure out what the numbers are supposed to mean. what does the % stand for? also kek at the 'insufficient data' for asian women rating asian men.

No. 262527

How often should you update your pictures? What if you don't have any interesting new pictures, because you haven't done much interesting stuff recently?

No. 262533

you're supposed to update them? god damn i'm retarded when it comes to this stuff

No. 262534

well I assume you can't use too old pictures from years ago, because we all change and age. I guess you should also update them after massive weight loss or weight gain. But I don't know what the "rules" are of this exactly.

No. 262539

How do you know you're ready to date? I really want a relationship and even kids some day but after my last failed relationship with a gaslighter, I just never seem to be ready to date again. I always download Tinder and OkCupid just to not feel attracted to anyone and delete the app after a week. I feel fucking hopeless. I'm 27 btw.

No. 263146

Maybe once every few months to a year, it depends on how much of an impression you're trying to make.

A guy who I met on Okcupid, as well as matched with me on tinder too, uses photos from back when he was a university student with all his friends, he's currently 27. In his dating app profile he looked like a tipsy mess and was clean shaven. I went on a date with him last year and he looks quite different than his profile. He has a beard, mustache and he gained a bit of weight but he looks kinda better than his profile.

No. 263955

Misogynists are everywhere men are. Do you really think tindr and bars are misogynist-free lol?

NTA but this is correct nonnie! Unfiltered talking let's you really know who someone is.
I get frustrated with empty profiles and the performance acts people do in person.
It's better to get as much information as soon as possible.
Especially because you can talk for someone for months or years without them ever opening up too.

No. 264402

File: 1652726202202.jpg (33.15 KB, 502x508, Tumblr_l_356199479335941.jpg)

How retarded and delusional should i get before i go and try bumble premium just for travel mode to find my overseas crush. Also kinda wanna try ldr lol

No. 264403

Nonny, don't pay for premium.. You can download apps that let you spoof your location for free

No. 264412

Even if you are ready to date I think it’s normal to immediately stop feeling that way when you see the scum on OLD. Just meet people normally through interest groups, events, hobbies. The biggest thing I can say regarding the issue with trust is to do the inner work with yourself to acknowledge the red flags you missed in your last relationship so you have the confidence and awareness to drop someone new who starts displaying them. Can’t get stuck in a bad situation again if you don’t let it progress to that point. It might sound a little autistic but I find it helpful to take small notes on people/journal sometimes. After a date note the things you did, how you felt. Anything they did that made you feel “off,” weird or contradicted what they said earlier? Move on, you have the evidence staring you in the face. Healthy people will not set off those alarm bells. Sometimes you might still feel nervous due to your history but you will be able to see there was no conflict between their words and actions if they’re a decent person.

No. 264484

Should i just use a VPN for this?

No. 264960

ldrs suck balls anon, don't even bother. they don't last 99 percent of the time.

No. 264996

Being early 30s what age should I range for?
I just wanna grab a drink, flirt and maybe kiss. Is 27 too young?

No. 265019

I think 27 is fine. Anyone over 25 is okay for up to early 30s.

No. 265286

I am also early 30s, my range was 27 to 36. The few men that I had dates with that were 27 or 28 ended up being too immature and felt like we had nothing in common for my taste though. I don't know if it's because there's such a big difference mentally with people that were born after and before 1994.

No. 265453

>match with guy
>asks me if I can make pancakes
>thinking it's some setup, make my answer related to one of his images
>says I should start practicing making a perfect pancake
>repeats it
>posts a bunch of crylaughing emojis
>ignore him
>get notification he sent something a few hours later but he unmatched me by the time I noticed
…what the hell? Is this the new hot misogynistic meme I'm not getting?

No. 265465

moids are extremely stupid and will say nonsensical and retarded things for no reason, then drop it/pretend they didn't say it to avoid embarrassment, even if it means blocking you. A moid saw my blood pressure once and claimed it was high when it was actually very low (99/60), I corrected him and told him it was low and he blocked me kek

No. 265809

guys do you filter your pictures? I'm a self admitted ugly woman, with a wide face, big pores, big nose, bad skin with discoloration and I'm fat. I don't want to even POSE because I want men to know what they are getting into. Like if they are attracted to me, then I want them to know how I look in real life.
What sites are best for women like me? I've asked for a site for Ugly women to find dates but so far all I've gotten was Reddit and… I want to meet people in my area. I hate taking pictures, I'm very shy and weird.
Thank you Nonnies if anyone responds.

No. 265812

Kek. I'm the one of those who replied and I thought you were joking. Ok so, don't use filters buut do a light makeup look and always take pictures using flattering lightening. Maybe do your hair and get a cute outfit, take some pictures outside with a friend or something.
Most people won't notice your skin issues so don't worry about that, just present yourself the way youll look on the date.

No. 265821

and this is weird, but How can I get on a dating site that will make it hard for just anyone to go on my profile? I have a fear of my family finding out i'm on a dating site. I don't want to post pictures but at the same time, I know I won't get any attention unless I do. Whats the best sites to limit in a way WHO can view my profile/pictures?

No. 265873

How do I make it explicitly clear that I do not want messages from couples looking for third wheels if I set up my profile seeking women? I haven't seen what the scene is yet in my area but I already know the horror stories and I'm honestly dreading seeing them pop up… Should I just insult their bf/husband if they are on their profile kek

No. 265875

File: 1653343589360.png (85.09 KB, 429x452, u6.png)

I thought Lex was a dating app

No. 266304

Decided to go on a date with a guy from h*nge after talking to him for about two weeks. I noticed that he deleted the app 3 days prior to us meeting which was a bit suspicious. But he looked really cute on his photos and generally had good vibes from his texts. He came to visit me from another city and we planned to have drinks somewhere. We decided to meet up in the evening at the train station.The guy eventually arrived 30 minutes too late while I was waiting outside. He arrives finally and while I recognised him, he looked absolutely nothing like his pictures. He had horrible acne, was a lot skinnier and looked much older. I was genuinely grossed out by the way he looked and was too stunned to speak for a moment. I also noticed an obnoxiously large hickey on his neck which distracted me most of the date as well. During the walk to the restaurant I was a bit overwhelmed figuring out that I just got catfished but I decided to pull through since I felt too awkward to leave.

He eventually talked mostly about a lot of niche and autistic topics surrounding politics and globalisation. I decided to not drink any alcohol since I felt very uncomfortable in his presence but he was very adamant about me having a drink and I eventually gave in just to get him to fuck off. After 3 hours of aspergian torture I decided to cut him off and just tell him that it was time to go. During our walk back to the station he decided to ask me how he thought our date went. I was too uncomfortable to admit that it was the most painful experience I had in my life so far, especially since he was about 6’4 and we were walking alone at night with no one around. I decide to tell him that I thought it went ‘fairly well’. He then proceeded to get noticeably upset and asked me to tell him what I meant by ‘fairly’. I was a bit taken aback as he kept on sperging about how ‘fairly’ just meant that I was trying to sugarcoat how bad I thought it went. I argued with him for a little while but figured it wouldn’t be worth it and we had arrived at the station anyways. I told him goodbye and during my busride blocked him immediately.

No. 266779

I downloaded Hinge recently just for fun. I didn’t know they had that feature that recommends ‘compatible’ people with you, but I got my first recommendation today. I thought he was fine and we had some similar interests (rare for me to find on a dating app) so I matched him answering one of his prompts and he messaged me shortly after. I saw half and hour later he also liked my friend’s Hinge profile and left her a pretty lengthy comment (like a paragraph basically). Is this a red flag or am I overly paranoid? I just wonder if he is this involved with every girl’s profile and if that means he’s really desperate (and thus creepy). also said he really liked My Bloody Valentine so

No. 266789

That sounds a bit silly to me anon. Of course if he’s on a dating app he is going to be matching with and messaging other women, that’s the whole point. It would be a red flag if he sent your friend some gross low effort pickup line or bombarded her with messages, but writing a paragraph (that is presumably related to her interests) doesn’t sound desperate to me.

No. 266820

kek anon it's a dating app, you're not married. On a dating app you can't put all your eggs into one basket before you've even met once.

No. 266825

Everytime I see these threads I feel quite satisfied because I met my boyfriend on t*nder and it was literally love at first sight. We both had super basic profiles and decided to just meet up the day after chatting. It was an actual dream date and I feel like I have found my soulmate. He feels the same way and it is just absolute bliss.

No. 266826


No. 266827

No. 266869

Also, him matching with your friend doesn’t mean he matches with every girl. It’s really probable that if you are his type, other women in your social circle would be too.

No. 266872

I'm very disconnected from the lesbian community, but my biggest fear is accidentally matching with multiple who know each other and getting a reputation as a fuckboy/girl? even though I've done jackshit for +4 years.

No. 266874

probably because of "t*nder", there is literally no point in censoring words on lolcow anyway.

No. 266878

Censoring haram words that way like, may Allah forgive me for saying this, twtter, predates twtterfags doing it

No. 266879

and it's still unfunny and pointless to do on lolcow

No. 266884

No. 266977

File: 1653875485039.jpg (129.25 KB, 950x720, 20220129_195106.jpg)

I tried tinder for the first time that app is so messy. Why are they so upfront about their bdsm kinks

No. 266979

Hope this is the right place to ask, but who would you anons personally be open to dating out of the following? Personally I'd be open to any of them under the right circumstances except MTFs and conservatives, but that's probably because I'm lonely and my standards are low.


>Conservative/republican/right wing
>Woke (not extreme)
>Bi moid
>"nonbinary" woman

No. 266983

Totally fine with vegans as long as they don't try to convert me (I'd like to go vegetarian but no further).

Not sure what woke entails so I'm a little suspicious of that one. If you mean they're politically left-leaning but not a psycho about it, that's not a deal-breaker.

Would heavily consider dating an FTM or bi male if I really thought we could be happy together.

The rest are unappealing.

No. 266992

If I had to chose then conservative. Everything else is a cow.

No. 266993

Hard no

>Conservative/republican/right wing

Depends on how hard they lean into politics, I have some family that lean republican that are alright, but I'm not listening to Fox news or political podcast all day

>Woke (not extreme)

Again it depends on how much they lean into it, I'm not listening to how every little thing is 'problematic'


Possibly if they weren't crazy or tried to convert me, I also own animals that eat other animals so idk if that could work

>Bi moid

No moids


I don't want to deal with gender bullshit…

>"nonbinary" woman

I could possibly see this one working, if they were chill about it and not overly sensitive about gendie issues. I've know some nb people who are cool with being called whatever, they just see themselves as neutral I guess

No. 266999

The vegan. Everything else I'd have to be about to be homeless levels of desperation to date.

No. 267001

Woke (since it's not extreme) and I can handle vegan since I'm vegetarian. I've experienced attraction towards nonbinary women before, but I don't think I could actually ever be in a relationship with one.

No. 267017

If they're not too annoying, sure
>Conservative/republican/right wing
Nope, I matched with one before, she immediately started being misogynistic about the other women on the app. I can handle weird pronouns, I can handle some trans stuff, but I can't handle old school misogyny and calling other women harlots and making violent sexual jokes about women. Another one wanted to become a cop and I can't stand for that. That's also just a hotbed of misogyny and making fun of rape victims.
I'm vegan, so would actually be a plus in my eyes.
Yeah that's fine
I don't like dick
>Bi moid
I don't like dick
>"nonbinary" woman
Yeah fine

No. 267084

Vegan and bi

No. 267291

File: 1654014451953.jpg (1.56 MB, 4096x2304, pt2022_05_31_18_23_30.jpg)

Not the worst bio but imagine wanting to date a guy who has a lot of female friends he got to know on tinder. And somehow the way he says he likes loyal curvy cute women and under that he talks about dogs is dehumanising to me.
Every single Slovakian guy I've met or interacted with has been full of neuroticism and red flags, what the hell happens during their upbringing, is it that traumatic? Kek

No. 267293

This profile is such a good example of ok-at-first-glance but then you see all of these subtle red flags

No. 267294

Hard no. I don't wanna get syphilis no thank you. And the drama.
>Conservative/republican/right wing
No. They're insufferable and I wanna work and not be a housemaid who has many children.
>Woke (not extreme)
Yes if not extreme. I could peak them anyway.
Yes. No problem.
Harn no. Fetishists.
>Bi moid
I used to date one, I guess it would depend on how gay he'd act or how out he'd been. If he would only have faint attraction and wasn't likely to cheat, okay. If he dated men before, no because he'd probably cheat. Gays are easy.
>"nonbinary" woman
Probably. Again I think I could peak her.

No. 267297

He is comparing women to dogs, no wonder is ex tried to kill him kek

No. 267303

I'd have to be about to be homeless levels of desperate to date any of these but the vegan. Vegans can be OK.

No. 267311

the london business school being the biggest one

No. 267479

I wrote this days ago but don’t seem to have posted it, weird.
>Woke (not extreme)
Realistically only this one, it’s also a dealbreaker. For the rest of them (00:55—00:58 vidrel).

No. 268994

File: 1654697105368.jpg (245.07 KB, 3840x2160, 20220608_090324.jpg)

I've been playing "spot the personality disorder".

I find that in my experience "sarcasm" really means "disrespect".

No. 268997

Ewww this is so gross. statements starting with “you have to” are red flag central

No. 269016

Nta but what’s wrong with London Buissiness school?

No. 269018

File: 1654705926029.jpg (51.88 KB, 589x350, Screenshot_20220608-113126_One…)

Found another one.

No. 269021

this one is a reference to the office though, he is not psycho just really normie kek

No. 269029

So normie to quote the office is also a red flag imo. Either they don't have a personality or they're pretending not to have one.

No. 269038

Take your meds

No. 269039

being a business major that's what's wrong

No. 269232

File: 1654789391241.jpg (36.18 KB, 798x644, EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)

>watch netflix with me and touch my butt and buy my pizza

No. 269233

God it's so obvious most people on this website are over 30

No. 269234

Most people are minors actually

No. 269235

Sadly no, there are way too many obnxious underage twitter users around too.

No. 269238

It's either 30+ or 15, no in between

No. 269240

That's because it's summer and minors from tiktok or twitter came here.

No. 269340

File: 1654811805157.jpg (31.44 KB, 500x620, c4bb8967be24b85ac05088c5c69c20…)

I checked the HER app and all my new likes are from AGP's. I literally have the terf signal "vagitarian". Fuck off please.

No. 269645

Gonna meet someone off an app tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but my life is so stagnant so I thought I'd try to meet new people as a way to shake it up. The last date I went on was last summer, so I guess it's been long enough that I can try again. If he ends up being a spergy loser I'll at least have a nice story to tell you nonas.

No. 269647

good luck anon, be safe and make sure you share your location with one of your friends just in case

No. 269649

File: 1654920265887.jpg (55.37 KB, 565x360, 1228228.jpg)

What does this mean

No. 269653

He says he'll treat you like he's absolutely desperate and as if you're the first woman ever to show him any kind of attention, but he totally has options brvh

No. 269684

Somehow my brain completely skipped the tiny "dating me is like" part and I thought I'm having an aneurysm trying to decipher the meaning

No. 269768

This happens every time
>match with interesting woman
>oh she has some really cool hobbies
>ask her what she does/what she wants to do
>"Oh I'm training to be in the police/army/navy"
No, I can't do it. I get they get into it with good intentions, but I know what the environment is like, it's literally serving and protecting patriarchy. The ones who get into it with good intentions either have to join in with the misogyny or don't last. I also don't want to get literally policed in a relationship.

No. 269892

Update: it actually went pretty well! We had a lot to talk about and I think it was honestly the best date I've ever been on. Not that we did anything spectacular but I really felt like we had a lot of similar opinions on things and similar interests which is really rare for me to find. He messaged me after the date and gave me his number and I haven't had time to reply yet. I'm not really sure where to go from here since this is the first time I've actually liked someone I've been on a date with. I guess I don't want to be super forward with him since it was only the first date but I also don't want him to think I'm not interested in him. I hate thinking about this kind of stuff because I'm such a turbovirgin about everything and it's kind of embarrassing at my age…

No. 269902

What the fuck? Polica are literally protecting vulnerable groups. I wouldn't feel safe going out if police officers weren't around.

No. 269910

>police protecting vulnerable groups
They could do fuckall for me when I was abused by my father. They also take a gender neutral approach and go "both sides" in DV disputes. They also accuse gay couples of provocation for walking hand-in-hand when they get bashed. They also have chat groups where they swap CP and bestiality porn. Any of their colleagues who complain about it, end up getting fired. There was a documentary recently about how everyone makes dark rape jokes about victims and the female cops are pressured to go along with it and happily do so. They're the ultimate NLOGs. Women are discouraged from reporting rapes, victim blamed, if a woman defends herself she's the one who is going to get arrested not the man, some women get raped and murdered by cops. It's a very tribalistic environment not unlike the military and I've noticed that female cops tend to cover up for their male counterparts and I don't want to fucking deal with that shit. I wouldn't want a cop in my life constantly watching me, it's about as retarded as dating a glowie and with my job I could actually be in opposition to the police at times, so that would cause conflict in the relationship for sure due to aforementioned tribalistic shit. No not because I want to represent violent men, but because I don't agree with evicting old ladies, bullying rape victims and generally supporting the patriarchal state apparatus. They enforce the shitty laws I critique and hate. I don't feel safe around them at all.

No. 269922

Aren't the male ones also showing way higher rates of DV than other occupational groups?

No. 269928

Yup. I just can't date someone someone who has comradery with such scrotes. I can't unsee that documentary. Women or anyone really who tries to improve shit or is critical gets fired. So if they fit in, it's a bad sign. Peak NLOGism/handmaidenry.

No. 270360

File: 1655254874677.jpg (56.43 KB, 622x416, Screenshot_20220614-184406_One…)

Polyfags are always so hostile. And ugly.

No. 270686

Just found out today that my friend who's from the UK is in an ldr with someone from the US. He's planning on flying over to see her in a few months, have no clue how long they known each other. All I can do is wish him luck.

The last friend I knew who had a ldr relationship never even got to see the person after 5 years of dating. And he was pretty broke, just like my other friend.

No. 270705

Fuck no
>Conservative/republican/right wing
>Woke (not extreme)
>Bi moid
>"nonbinary" woman
No, I'm not calling anyone a "they"
I would feel retarded talking to people about "them"
40% of them

No. 270708

>Conservative/republican/right wing
>Woke (not extreme)
if he's gc and not annoying maybe otherwise no
ugh preferably not but if i reaaaally liked him sure
no, i'm straight
ew no
>Bi moid
depends how bi. like if he's effeminate or has ever taken it up the ass no
>"nonbinary" woman
no, i'm straight

No. 270713

hard no
>Conservative/republican/right wing
hard no
>Woke (not extreme)
depends on what you mean by "extreme" and also what cause they're particularly woke about
if not too preachy I could go for one
only if not on T, still has breasts (excluding mastectomies for actual medical reasons) and not too deep into gender shit
hard no
>Bi moid
in theory ok, if not actually sexy, in real life usually tranny chasers and/or anal freaks and/or otherwise gigacoomers so I'd lean towards no, but only a soft no
>"nonbinary" woman
same as FTM, they're basically the same except nonbonereees are less likely to actually go through the mutilation, also obviously much less likely to be the "male brained tru transsexual type" and can probably more easily be peaked with solid arguments that debunk TRA logic

No. 270714

fuck no and this easily the worst option. if i'm not the one special person to someone and vice-versa, what's the point. they're also literally never not obnoxious no matter how much they might insist otherwise.
>conservative/right wing
the furthest i'd go in that direction is someone with some edgy/anti-woke views. full on conservative, no.
this is very vague and could mean a lot of things. pronouns in the bio sex posi trans friendly Male Feminist? fuck no. a guy who just maybe sort of cringily talks about punching billionaires and whatnot? sure.
sure, easily the best option here
no. nobody transitioning looks attractive/don't care for gender bullshit.
no. nobody transitioning looks attractive/don't care for gender bullshit.
>bi moid
probably not. recently talked to one on tinder and could only see him as a gay man. they also tend to be extra annoying about muh erasure and evul straight women who don't want to fuck them + want open relationships to ~explore~
>"nonbinary" woman
no, i'm straight + tend to get annoyed by these types even platonically

No. 270744

I'm bi and
absolutely not
>Conservative/republican/right wing
fox news conservative no but generally it depends
>Woke (not extreme)
also depends
sure, if they were okay with me having eggs/dairy around them
>Bi moid
I have dated a bi moid, but it wasn't something we really discussed a lot, I wouldn't date a man who constantly told me about his gay fantasies though
>"nonbinary" woman

No. 270753

Maybe but leaning towards no
>Conservative/republican/right wing
Depends how right wing
Whoever says no, why?
Im a lesbian
If they pass and have all the surgeries, then maybe
>Bi moid
Again, lesbian
>"nonbinary" woman
Sure, I accidentally had a crush on one so

No. 270754

Depends how “woke”

No. 270761

mtfs who date women are straight men with sissy/lesbian/transformation fetishes

No. 270799

>If they pass and have all the surgeries, then maybe
You don't know what neovaginas are like, do you?

No. 270803

i can't tell if i'm such a sperglord that i ruin every conversation or if it's just fucking impossible to get people on these apps to actually talk/give anything more than a few words reply that drives the conversation into a dead end

No. 270808

>Why say no to Vegan
Maybe I'm unlucky but every vegan I've met has food issues and a superiority/purity complex. And having a drastically different diet from a partner means one of us has to drastically compromise most of the time or we eat seperate meals.

No. 270815

>Whoever says no, why?
If it's for health/weight loss then fine. But anyone mentioning it in their dating profile is doing it because it's a big part of their identity. Which usually means they are doing it for idealogical reasons, which I don't agree with. I don't need to hear about how pigs are smarter than dogs and cows feel pain. Idgaf cheese and chicken tastes good and I'll keep eating it as long as I live, farm animals be damned.

No. 270863

I started speaking to a man from app who seems very promising, but I am absolutely terrified that he’ll troon out. It’s on my mind nonstop whenever I look at apps. How many of these men have “egg memes” saved, or might suddenly decide he likes to make dresses go so spinny? I once dated a moid who skinwalked me after we broke up, so I’m incredibly wary and concerned that any man who writes to me is only writing to be because he wants to live vicariously through me at best and wear my skin and pretend to be me at worst. Any other nonnies share this fear? How does it affect who you speak to?

No. 270906

That's pretty neurotic. Just don't date fags. And maybe see a therapist.

No. 270938

Am I the only one who thinks bi moid is easily the best option here? I lean more towards women myself but all the other options are either likely difficult or people you can't be fully honest with

No. 270952

Ex wanted to be and I am not accepting that shit.
>Conservative/republican/right wing
I cannot handle dealing with the amount of misogyny they will spout and even think of. Absolutely no.
>Woke (not extreme)
If they are not extreme that is fine, as long as they respect my views.
I am massive carnivore so it will not work out…
No, I want a man who is born male.
Never. I am sorry for my bi and lesbian nonnies who have to put up with this shit.
>Bi moid
Ex wanted to be a selfish bi and have it both ways with men and women, I am not putting up with this anymore in men.
>"nonbinary" women
No because I like men. As for nonbinary men, I feel as if they more insufferable (and less attractive) than enby women.

Nonny, I dated a bi moid. Literally asked me if he can have sex with men to fulfill his desire and make him feel sexually complete and that because I was saving myself sexually for the right time. It was never enough to be with me, I knew it, and foolishly accepted it at the time. I will respect their sexuality, but I am not taking that risk again as I am afraid the next bi man I date wants to be a selfish bi and will make me feel inferior for being a woman who cannot fully fulfill their desire for a man.
All the options are difficult, but I think it is good to put to perspective what you and others find more difficult or dealable.

No. 271047

File: 1655664517235.jpeg (164 KB, 827x977, B0E806D7-B1D4-4C2D-9311-D2774A…)

I keep Lex on my phone for posts like this

No. 271048

File: 1655664588911.jpeg (146.35 KB, 828x868, 4DD91790-FD73-47E2-94EB-B0CB71…)

Another from someone else

No. 271051

my long-term Nigel is bi, only mentioned it as it came up in conversation a while after I met him. as long as a man doesnt make it a part of his lifestyle or personality I dont give a shit - chances are the fact someone is saying it at all to women on dating apps is a red flag. Highly doubt it would be out of "oh I just dont want you to dislike me for it" bullshit that they usually pull. I would vote for avoid the bi moids but not because they are bi, the fact hes telling you means hell probably want to shag other men eventually. If he doesnt make a deal out of it and just tells you later on because its just another thing to know about him, I wouldnt see any issue with that. Some men are monogamous by nature, none of them are going to advertise that they like other partners if they arent thinking along those lines

No. 271062

Fuck no, petri dish
>Conservative/republican/right wing
No to conservative and right wing, can't talk on the republican thing since I'm not American and managed to avoid learning the meaning of that word ever since the first elections I witnessed back in 2012 and I refuse to break that streak.
>Woke (not extreme)
Depends on what kind of woke.
Sure. I'm unintentionally eating mostly vegan anyways, I wouldn't mind a last push or anything like that to actually pull through with it.
Not applicable, but no out of principle.
>Bi moid
I guess as long as he doesn't want me to stick anything up his ass
>"nonbinary" woman
Not applicable

No. 271067

My bf is bi but tbh bi men are all just degenerate coomers, bf included. It's best to avoid them.
He is also "polyamorous" of course.

No. 271071

why are you still with him then

No. 271077

my bf says he's "bicurious" but he's really just into trannies. i know, red flag, but i doubt he would actually fuck one. i think it's just a fantasy

No. 271081

I'm unattractive and autistic and finally found someone I'm attracted to, get along with, who reciprocates my feelings. Not gonna let one flaw ruin it. Most moids are degenerate coomers anyway.

No. 271116

Dating apps make me want to move because most of the men are ugly were I live. There's a very real fatigue of swiping left on an endless carousel of shit

No. 271129

I know a man like this who loves MTFs but swears he's straight. I'm bi myself so watching that kind of denial is funny and a little sad.

No. 271150

I've been dabbling back in dating apps again and I hate it. I don't even want a relationship, I'm moreso looking for a friends with benefits situation. But every scrote just seems to fuck off once they've gotten what they want from me. It feels like I can't have any sexual agency, men will always hold power here. I chat to each one on the first date and clearly describe I'm just after an ongoing casual thing, someone who wants to have fun but isn't looking for anything serious. Also that I don't like one night stands. I know it's stupid of me to expect that they'd see me after sleeping with me, but I also don't understand what goes through a moids head when an attractive, sexually veracious woman is essentially presenting them with the opportunity of consistent, no strings attached sex. Why would you turn that down? Why would you stop texting a woman who has told you she thinks you're hot and wants to sleep with you on occasion?
I've been ghosted twice now, after two seemingly ok dates. I slept with them both because I'm fucking horny and just want to have fun with someone, but then feel gross days after when they just completely go silent on me. I realise this is partially my fault, but it's not even that I'm all invested in them? It's the fact that I want consistency without emotional commitment because a relationship doesn't interest me right now. I just want sex, and my vibrator just doesn't compare to the touch of a human. One night stands are terrible given you don't know each other's bodies yet, wouldn't these stupid scrotes want to sleep with a woman more than once? Boggles my mind that even just finding a regular lay is so hard in this day and age.

Years ago this never happened to me, I could meet someone and engage in a casual, ongoing relationship so easily. Things would peter out eventually, but we'd at least see each other every so often, connect sexually, have a bit of fun and stopped hanging out for other reasons. I swear the dating scope has completely shifted in a mere 10 years, and scrotes are only getting worse.

No. 271161

>"why do men fuck off once they got what they wanted from me"
>i want a casual nsa thing but i don't do ons
you cannot possibly be this retarded

No. 271172

NTA but I know of more people who did "friends with benefits" thing than "one night stand" types so it's not THAT retarded to expect; maybe not on dating apps though, idk.
Also it's bound to get messy eventually at some point

No. 271222

No. 271230

>>264996 how brainwashed are you to be afraid of younger, more attractive men? That’s a grown ass male that probably has a stable job and mortgage payments by now. You don’t need to be a miserable slave to a geriatric viagra addict, you know? It’s not like you’re going to beat and abuse a man that’s in his physical peak, you couldn’t even if you tried. The “dating younger is creepy” rule is for scrotes that have built-in rape organs, not you. Grow up

No. 271334

I refuse to date a man older than 30. They just look like shit by then

No. 271335

Anyone else swearing off dating apps? After a few bad experiences + a relationship from a dating app, I can't bring myself to use them anymore. I lose the will to live swiping through all the pathetic males.

It's meeting normally irl from now on, idc if that means I'll be single for a long time or forever.

No. 271364

I haven't used them for about 3 years since having some awful experiences. My friends still use them and some have long term bfs from them but I'd rather be single forever than have to return to them

No. 271368

>Conservative/republican/right wing
>Woke (not extreme)
Depends, I've fixed handmaidens before.
Yes, most lesbians in my city are vegan or vegetarian anyway.
Soft no. Some just wanna do pronouns and don't dabble in the rest, but they're rare.
I'm a lesbian so no, never.
>Bi moid
See above.
>"nonbinary" woman
Maybe, if it looks like I can fix her. She'd have to be really beautiful or interesting for me to bother though.

>"Oh I'm training to be in the police/army/navy"
Hard no. Fuck cops and soldiers.

No. 271372

Straight woman, so this applies to moids



>Conservative/republican/right wing

Maybe, as long as not extreme or hateful of people

>Woke (not extreme)



Absolutely not, somehow all my exes have been vegan/vegetarian and they all tried to convert me. I just want to eat my meals in peace without someone giving me a dirty look, trying to make me feel guilty, or asking me to watch Dominion with them. They always struggle to find food and try to make me eat their shitty tofu chicken when we go out instead of the real thing. Then they dump me when I don't convert even though they say they're fine with it. Yes I'm mad. In males veganism is pathetic too.





>Bi moid


>"nonbinary" woman


No. 271390

>Why would you stop texting a woman who has told you she thinks you're hot and wants to sleep with you on occasion?
I'm convinced men are mentally crippled and the thrill of fucking a new chick overshadows any logical thinking they might entertain. Which they won't anyway, they're men and having a high bodycount is a huge flex for them. I'm sorry you had bad experiences.

Nice retarded opinion you have there. Seriously though, what's retarded about not wanting a serious long term relationship but still craving intimacy and sex? One would prefer a trusted partner for that sort of deal, not some rando, right?

No. 271422

>what's retarded about expecting to find a consistent intimate relationship without it being serious or involving any emotional entanglement
underage pls go. it's retards like you that end up writing thinkpieces about how casual dating/hookup culture made them feel used and treated like shit by men. something no one could see coming.

No. 271423

>conservative/right wing
>not hateful of people
pick one and only one, vegan ptsd sperg

No. 271428

Drama, STD risk since there's almost always at least one bi manwhore in these equations, hard no
>Conservative/republican/right wing and Woke (not extreme)
Depends on how open they are to discussing and actually explaining how they arrive at their beliefs and if their beliefs allow them to have a baseline of respect towards me and how I conduct my life. I never fully recovered from my euphoric fedora tipper days and enjoy casually debating people too much. I can fix him/her yada yada
Sure if it's for non-ideological reasons. I think the vast majority of animals produced for food are unethically treated, but I think there exist ethical ways to care for animals that ultimately end up as food and I feel like a lot of vegans don't agree with that (otherwise they would eat animal products in which the animals were ethically treated). If the person is dedicated enough to commit to a vegan diet, then I think they believe strongly enough about animal welfare that they might resent my views over time. Also, eating out instantly becomes a pain in the ass with vegans.
I've peaked too hard and can't imagine myself entertaining their mental illness unless they were non-op (not just pre-op) and a personal 10/10. Only for a one night stand or a short-term fwb thing though. I'm too autistic to keep the charade up for long.
>Bi moid
Despite being bi myself, I don't fucking trust bi moids to be monogamous when they say they will be. I'm sure there's good ones around, but I've been burned too many times to entertain the possibility anymore.
>"nonbinary" woman
If she was otherwise really great, then I would maybe try my hand at fixing her.

I feel bad for agreeing with this since I understand wanting the type of situation the original anon wants, but what was she expecting? Especially if she's as hot as she says she is, then not only did those moids get to empty their balls but their egos probably got inflated enough to continue trying their luck with other women

No. 271468



No theyre always an ugly looking couple. Don't want to get into whatever issue they got going
>Conservative/republican/right wing
>Woke (not extreme)
Maybe. But I'll be constantly annoyed by them. I don't see a longterm future with these
Sure. Just as long as they don't try to change my lifestyle. I love eating chicken and beef
Maybe. I want the normal ones not the aidens.
>Bi moid
>"nonbinary" woman
Yes. I've been that nonbinary woman so I can safely say that these women will grow out of that phase and just be that lesbian/bisexual woman who's GNC

No. 271521

The kind of thing anon describes is bound to lead to some complicated emotions eventually. And if it somehow doesn't lead to emotions, don't be surprised that the man is treating you like trash. Men barely care about the women they claim to love, let alone the women they have nsa sex with. I'm not saying it's right or good but you gotta get fucking real.

No. 271585

I get what you're trying to say but you're missing the point. Op isn't crying and having her heart broken by these men, she's perplexed that they don't have basic human decency to part ways properly instead of going silent. Read the post, she said it herself she didn't have problems getting exactly what she wanted in the past and no one was emotionally hurt in the end. It bothers me you're trying to paint her as some young bimbo who 'had it coming'.
>I swear the dating scope has completely shifted in a mere 10 years, and scrotes are only getting worse.
Her own conclusion and I fucking agree.

No. 271694

Original OP and thank you for understanding my perspective. I agree that I don't think it's much to expect an arrangement that's casual while still being fun/respectful.

kek, I figured I'd get this sort of response. It might be hard to understand for you, but some women do want regular intimacy but may not be interested in dating. What else am I supposed to do? Fall to celibacy? And I don't want to go through a string of one night stands with average moids who play the numbers game. Hookup culture is a disease and I don't want to be a part of it. I'm not here to fuck men for validation, I want to get off for me. It's a frustrating situation to be in, but one I'm stuck with nonetheless.

>Especially if she's as hot as she says she is
Lol. I only mentioned that because I know I'm not ugly. I'm slim, I look after myself, I dress well, decent facial structure, etc. You're right though, it's infuriating knowing I've inflated a man's ego because IIIII wanted to get off, that's probably the part that pisses me off the most. I feel like that's inevitable in this sort of quest, like I can't escape the thought of men just using me for a quick pump and dump when I'M the one looking for sexual satisfaction. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my sexuality, my body and my overall self and I want to be able to explore that casually with someone I trust but doesn't expect things to eventuate anywhere. Moids, however, are all retarded and the other anon is right in that for many of them it's just a numbers game, quantity over quality, etc.

No. 271720

No, life sucks enough without jealousy
>Conservative/republican/right wing
Potentially, but our conservaties are a bit different from american style republicans.
>Woke (not extreme)
I would
No, life sucks enough without having to hear about the ethics of my burger
No, I'm straight
No, life sucks enough without needing to pretend a bloke can be a woman. Also they look ugly.
>Bi moid
Potentially, but the few bi dudes I've talked to considered their sexual attraction a free card for cheating, as long as it was with a man (while dating women)
>"nonbinary" woman (or man)
No, life sucks enough without living with someone self-hating

No. 271826

Why not find a friend to have a fwb rather than dating apps with randos? Even though I'm looking for a long term relationship I had so many guy friends wanting a fwb with me. I even met a friend of a friend on a dating app and he wrote a paragraph to me on why a fwb is better than a relationships (which really put me off going on dating apps again)

No. 271850

I have a couple prospects for that but they don't seem all that viable. Mostly because I don't feel any chemistry with either of them and one has gotten fat lol.

>I even met a friend of a friend on a dating app and he wrote a paragraph to me on why a fwb is better than a relationships

This is so funny and it would turn me off apps for good.

No. 271941

Where do you find normal masculine guys to date when you live in a super liberal area? I like kind of artistic/intellectual types but every guy like that ends up being nonbinary, polyamorous, or hyper woke pussy. I feel like I should just give up trying to meet anyone sometimes.

No. 272373

Pro athletes should be avoided by default, correct? Or does it depend?

No. 272374

Cyclists are okay, as long as they don't dope or talk favorably of it. In fact don't date ANY athlete that endorses doping. Full-contact sports athletes should be avoided too.

No. 272393

males with any fame should be avoided

No. 272400

>Full-contact sports athletes should be avoided too.
In my limited experience martial artists are some of the sanest moids I've met. But MMA bros/boxers are always abusive and scrotey. Maybe all that head trauma loosens their brains.

No. 272456

I’m not on dating apps but I’ve got a question. Is there a benefit to dating men who are your equal or above or is that just bullshit to instill patriarchal values? Nowadays so many women date down not only in terms of looks but also in education/salary these days. I’ve only dated “down” and every time I swear the guy is like trying to pull me down with him. I refuse to do it anymore.
Are relationships with attractive, smart accomplished men any better or? And how do I go about dating one? Ik these men are sparse, should I get on dating apps? I remember the consensus last time I used one was guys telling me “you’re so genuinely nice it’s shocking” like they were feeling bad for me thinking the apps are for dating because apparently all men on there just use them for hookups. Also I’ve never been on an OLD date I usually just delete the apps before solid plans happen.

No. 272475

I have a date on Thursday with a guy I've been talking to for over a week. I really like him. I've met other guys off the app so I know the routine but I really want to make a good impression and I intentionally don't put up posed or flattering photos and we've sent a few snaps of each other but again me not dressed up or posed intentionally so I think I'm better looking in person. I'm not even contemplating I won't like him because I think he's out of my league and he's very family orientated and my family is very broken and embarrassing.

No. 272488

Anon fuck that, don't tell yourself he's out of your league. He's planned a date with you so clearly he's interested somewhat. I want you to tell yourself right now that you know your worth and you will not let yourself sabotage everything you've worked hard for to undermine and commit indirect self-harm like this.

Good luck with your date, let us know how it goes.

No. 272495

>Are relationships with attractive, smart accomplished men any better or?


Watch some Chloe_ vids on YouTube

No. 272826

He's gorgeous IRL!! And we're so similar and our date ran on for more than 5 hours and we've plans on Sunday. I think he could be my boyfriend lmao

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