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File: 1416648644623.jpg (11.41 KB, 480x360, minxy-wiki-id.jpg)

No. 4423

Hey /pt/, I feel like you guys may be able to shine the light on this particular thing?

So if anyone knows MissHannahMinx, that big boobed youtuber who taught japanese, apparently she has been missing for a year….

things that are known:

1. That movie SlayBelles she was supposedly filming in was supposed to be released November 1st. The director of the film has already taken on other projects and the other actors have not mentioned one iota about it.

2. Apparently shes married according to a facebook profile but its private and no one has screenshots or proof that her private profile has said that. Looking at her minxyandjinxy facebook profile it seems like there is implication that the profile itself is fake.

3. Onision apparently has said that her phone has been disconnected.

4. /b/ looked for her possible address and found out she might live in a really bad part of brooklyn but nothing else, (they chickened out on calling her or finding out)

5. She might have had a website that is completely blank now.

If she was pregnant or getting married there would definitely be a sign of life somewhere from her, a tweet is literally no time at all to have been made, or a facebook post on her official page.
Lets say she did get married and her spouse wanted her to quit youtube? It seems very unconventional to stop posting with no mention of leaving right?
But her youtube stats apparently say she was active five weeks ago, which makes no sense, and apparently she is making videos private now?

My theory is that something may have happened to her maybe not death, but it is really weird that she wont just shut her youtube page down, or say something on facebook.

I wish IMDB had a list that showed who made the Slay Belles page, because something tells me that film was never actually a thing and Miss Minx was filmed as a lie.

No. 4424

I want to believe she is alive, and since there is no missing persons report on her i'm sure she is. And her friends haven't come out and spoken publicly of her disappearance (aside from Onision)

Its almost dark to think that she is somewhere out there quietly deleting videos or making them private, knowing that people are worried sick about her.

And if her spouse is forcing her to remove her videos, why not do it in a foul swoop? Also what kind of person expects someone like Hannah Minx to give up her youtube persona after marriage?

I just think that all the rumors that are flying around aren't helping the situation.

Anyway /pt/ this news makes me really sad, seems like/b/ can't find anything real and if she did die I think her friends or family would have said something about it somehow.

No. 4425

I think someone would delete her channel/videos if she were dead or someone wanted her to stop making the videos/having the channel at all. The fact that they are still up shows that she's probably still alive…she makes money from her channel. She may come back and make a video explaining everything and get a lot of views/money for that.

Anyway, she's like 26 or something now. I am sure she just decided she didn't want to be an internet weeb anymore and wanted to drop the persona and instead of doing a farewell, she just left it there to rot. Maybe she got stressed out and just wanted to walk away from it. People leave things different ways.

No. 4426

She indeed was pregnant and was due in August, she already got her baby.

Her private FB is:

No. 4427

Her husband's fb is Lasse Osterhagen btw.

No. 4428

What about The Devil's Carnival? The second one is coming out soon is she in it?

So weird of her to just up and quit it of nowhere though I understand if it's to protect her child.

No. 4429

I think she was only in one. Besides that movie is shit in the finest form.

No. 4430

Ew, this girl. It's been years. My friends kept asking how I felt about her (because apparently being asian means you need an opinion on every single weeb) and her videos should speak for themselves.

No. 4431


>foul swoop

Fell swoop* Anon

No. 4432

File: 1416686129020.jpg (88.4 KB, 720x960, 1388690073456.jpg)

She's married to this guy. I forget what his name is, but apparently he's really rich and they live in a mansion. He owns some company or some shit. I literally don't remember jack shit as far as details go except that he's really rich. This was from a /cgl/ thread like last year.

No. 4433

He looks like every white guy you see in Brooklyn with their tight ass jeans ruining neighborhoods with their gentrification. I wouldn't be surprised if she married a rich guy and did nothing all day, pretty girls have it made.

No. 4434

See but things don't add up, because she was supposed to be in a new movie that didn't even get released….

thanks anon

I want more proof that this is a real fb page than some locked profile with a cruddy photo.
How can people say that any info on that page is real without screenshotting it?

No. 4435

>I want more

Calm your shit, this isn't something easy to find information on. I just tried going through the archives of /cgl/ where I had found that picture with her husband and it's gone. I'll try /b/, /r9k/, and /jp/. They all beat off to her enough.

No. 4436

Found nothing.

No. 4437

I really do hope she's okay. I actually found her entertaining in the strangest way.

No. 4438

Sorry if I sounded kind of demanding, I didn't mean to. I meant that i've looked through archives of different sites, looked at youtubers dedicated to finding out if shes alive, checked comments in onison's vids, and other youtubers as well. Checked her twitter replies….
You don't have to do any of that, I just meant that i've been hearing all of that and none of it comes from a credible piece of proof…
They keep saying her personal facebook page but no one has a screenshot to back up their bull? I just feel like its easy to discredit those assumptions

No. 4439

Maybe she had some health issue and needed to step away without addressing it? Especially if she is/was pregnant recently.

Sometimes stuff like that can happen really suddenly and internet stuff isn't like a job where you (or someone you know) just calls in sick. If she were dead I have to think it would be addressed at some point.

Hope she's okay, her videos are stupid but she's oddly endearing.

No. 4440

Meant to add, or her baby/some relative had some sudden health issue.

No. 4441


Yeah it could be a health issue, I definitely think its weird that she was active 5 weeks ago but didn't post anything….
If she has enough strength to log onto youtube, I'd expect a tweet or something…

I don't think anyone like her deserves anything bad to happen to them, I wonder if maybe she had a miscarriage or something..

I guess I could see it that she wouldn't be the kind of youtuber to share a lot of her personal life, I think Minxy is her persona and she doesn't go off character too often…

But still, I think its bizzare that her phone is disconnected..

No. 4442

Couldn't it just be that she's busy with her new baby? Why specifically does her baby have to have died?

I admit that it's weird that she hasn't tweeted at all but I've had internet friends to do similar things. They go away on holiday for "just the summer" and disappear for 3-5 years. Sometimes if you quit something for a short time you realise how unimportant it really is and don't go back quickly.

No. 4443

I'm friends with a lot of jvloggers who know her personally, from what they said to me is she's fine just moved on from the online world. Apparently the internet was just a negative part of her life and was starting to just get overwhelming.

No. 4444

Well glad to know she's not hurt or dead or anything.

No. 4445

See but even Givemeabreakman claimed that she emailed him and told him she was fine w/ baby but didn't show any proof
I think even jvloggers have been spreading what they've heard…

I just make assumptions, i'm sure i'm wrong, but I would have expected her to have shed her persona if she was determined to, and would have said something about her marriage or baby (she wouldn't have to show proof, just a word or two about it)

I think its strange that she had all these projects lined up but suddenly they do not exist, she does not exist, her facebook photo is a crappy blown up photo of her and there are no screencaps of messages or anything to say shes actually alive and well

No. 4446

She was an irritating Weeaboo and a doughy gut. I seriously don't see why anyone cares if she's gone. Good riddance. We need less people in the world like her.

No. 4447

I don't really understand why it matters whether or not she told people about it. If what >>4443 said is true, why would she? If everything was negative and overwhelming, why even mention that she moved on? Just let her move on.

>she does not exist

yeah she does, but her persona doesn't. let it die.

No. 4448

Just google the name of that accountand you will find quite a bunch of public posts on pages of other vloggers, some of her friends and photos of her being private at parties where she got linked with this account, that should be enough proof.

No. 4449

We should talk about him too, Idk anyone who is crazier than this guy. More interesting that this chick.

She isnt dead, she just is not posting videos. Not everyone makes a dramatic video like Leda did about not being on youtube anymore. Most people just stop. She doesnt have to address her life situation publicly if she doesnt want to.

No. 4450

Oh man i hate that guy so much. One time a friend and i got into Twitter beef with him for being a racist and sexist bastard and playing it off as comedy. His cray-cray fans are even worse. I don't get how it is funny to talk about suïcidal and depressed people like they are weak emo trash. Those people have issues and telling them they better stop selfharming and start committing suïcide isnt comedy.

No. 4451


He is top lolcow material. Thrives for attention, abusive, manipulative, lying, baiting teenage girls, forcing them into marriage etc etc

No. 4452

Any updates? I didn't find much at this link but anyone on her Friends list should be able to find more: https://www.facebook.com/search/513844919/photos-of

No. 4453

If she miscarried of had any incident during her pregnancy it would explain why she'd focus on her private life and hide away for a while.

No. 4454

Good riddance, this dumb weeaboo was annoying anyway

No. 4455

We should make a thread about him

No. 4456

Maybe try looking first? >>29193

No. 4457

File: 1427471718546.png (Spoiler Image, 886.02 KB, 1085x819, 131313131.png)

surprised you don't have this posted

No. 4458

Her nipples are revolting.

No. 4459

they'd be cute if she had smaller and perkier breasts

No. 4460

What's up with her knees?

No. 4461

No. 4462

her tits are all saggy and gross but she still got a rich husband. wtf

No. 4463

Her tits are quite perky for their size. Anyway her husband seems like a piece of shit. y u jelly?

No. 4464

before she was a weeaboo she was frenchaboo, before that skater culture

No. 4465

The posts I've read on here and disturbing. How could people out there be so fucking desensitized to a fragile situation like this. The girl has been missing for so long now… Those nude pics posted of her … She was fucked up not only on the knees but her face too . Look at her face , she is terrified and is being forced to smile… I hope she's ok…

No. 4466

Weren't these photos from before she disappeared to prove that she has nudes out?

No. 4467

Retard. Why would you bump a dead thread if you're so concerned?

No. 4468

She looks ruff here

No. 4469

File: 1429595049659.png (534.19 KB, 908x572, hzQC2tg.png)

No. 4470

File: 1429595081615.jpg (19.33 KB, 424x144, 2myns77.jpg)

No. 4471

File: 1429595171487.png (28.26 KB, 458x310, biy4THd.png)

No. 4472

File: 1429595580067.jpg (62.5 KB, 960x936, 11134000_10206133006981916_338…)


No. 4473

Thats kind of messed she didn't tell any of her online friends that was distancing herself from the internet. Why would you make people worry like this when you just wanted to move on with your life? No one would have faulted her for that.

No. 4474

Any other pics or husbands name,something leading as to why just the up and poof?

No. 4475

No. 4476

how cute, you think these people consider others to be their friends

No. 4477

I swear, the vast majority of people replying to this post are assholes.
Hannah Minx disappeared.
Okay? Okay.

No. 4478

Her husband is Lasse Osterhagen and everything else was already explained.

No. 4479

I dont know guys, it seems kind of fishy that someone who was enjoying the limelight would randomly let some rich guy not let her post something on her own facebook

No. 4480

She is was too busy with her pregnancy/now baby probably.

No. 4481

Wasn't she doing videos less and less? She likely just lost interest, got busy with other things and stopped posting.

No. 4482

Where are the original photos ?
I remember there was a video too

No. 4483


No. 4484

File: 1433474543497.jpg (77.27 KB, 500x458, 14313042144801_f.jpg)

This picture
Was taken from Niagara Falls on the Canadian side not in West Virginia as claimed on the picture. https://goo.gl/maps/32Ti6

No. 4485

So he killed her…

I knew it!

No. 4486


Her privated Twitter. Does she still use it or is it dead like Facebook?

No. 4487

i think it was a bit mean to just scare Onision like that, i know he is a huge lolcow and kind of an asshole. but he seemed legitimately worried about her, she could have just answered the phone to let him know and she could have even asked for him to remove the video, then people wouldnt be searching for her. and it's weird how on IMDB the director for Slay Belles was makinf a movie called "killing hannah"

No. 4488

because big tits

No. 4489

onision would have made such a big deal about how hannah was only talking to him, let's be real here. if you're going to kill your internet persona the best thing to do is ignore all contact

No. 4490

Oh wow. Forgot she existed. Glad to see her posted here though since she annoyed the hell out of me. She's everything I hate in a female personality on YouTube. Tits hanging out, mediocre content at best, and the personality of cardboard.

No. 4491

Where'd she go?

No. 4492

Are you fucking kidding me

No. 4493

File: 1451998006616.jpg (100.59 KB, 720x960, 11074002_10153049664520345_409…)

This picture of her was posted about 6 months ago by the people who are filming Slay Belles.

No. 4494

File: 1451998080798.jpg (122.8 KB, 667x667, 11377371_10153016516965345_733…)

She seems to have lost weight and her face looks less "tired".

No. 4495

Slay Belles never hit the IGG goal, and there hasn't been any more recent photos of her since then.

No. 4496

Thing with IGG is that you don't have to make goal to keep the money. Did people get refunds since a product isn't being produced?

No. 4497

Shes so cute, and dem tits

No. 4498

it seems like the movie was practically done
if they really wanted to they could have finished it
i think the director is just lazy

No. 4499

I think Onision had/has a massive crush on her but I don't think she was into that.

No. 4500

Back when I stumbled onto her channel, she had a side channel where she uploaded videos of her smoking clove cigarettes in a fetish-kind of way. I think the channel is gone now… anyone have anything from that era?

No. 4501

Hannah has too much self-esteem and is too smart to date Gerg (even if she wasn't wife and mother-ed).

No. 4502

I think the channel was called La Minxette or something like that?
Anyways, I googled it and this was all I could find - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhngrx_4-am-smoking-the-last-clove_webcam
there's actually a ton of them in the related videos section

No. 4503


They look fine to me. More to suck and hold on.

No. 4504

Sweet Girl but her tits/nipples are superfugly :x

No. 4505


No. 4506

Perhaps something happened in her relationship and she might be out on the streets or something, unless she was rich before she married that guy?

No. 4507

File: 1469241888160.jpeg (54.17 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

Aight, story time. Three months ago I go into the hospital for a bad appendix. I get admitted to my room, and the nurse puts on my wristband. The next morning I'm wheeled into OR intake, and the nurse is going over things. She finds out that I am not who is on my wristband. I look, Hannah Somelongforeignname. Birthday, Halloween 1988. Halloween birthday filed to memory.

Later on, im sure I saw a black haired, thin girl with stark blue eyes. I say I'm sure, because I don't know if I can completely trust my memory of what all I saw.

However! There at the hospital I Facebook search Hannah Osterhagen. I don't know this girl from anyone else on the planet, but I at least wanna check her out and see if she's single. I remember the page being a dead end with nothing on it. I remember feeling disappointed to not find anything.

Fast forward to a couple days ago. I'm looking over my hospital bills and they look screwed up. So I wanna find the girl and ask her if hers was too. I remember I have her name, so I look her dead page back up. This time I notice @jinxy.and.minxy so I google that and find out who she really is, or at least was.

At this point I don't know if I'm crazy, and this is all a figment of my imagination, but I honestly don't know this person and I don't know why I have her name. I've posted my story to friends, on another page for her, and now on a chan.

I'm not gonna give out more details here in public like this, but I'll keep the page open in case anyone wants to help me find her.

No. 4508

Wtf is this post? Noones posted in this thread for 5 months and now you're using it as Craigslist?

No. 4509


It's indexed in Google fuckwit. If you don't like it talk to your fucking admin

No. 4510

If you read the whole fucking thread, you'd learn that she's no longer around online, and if there was some way of privately contacting her when she may not want to be found, you wouldn't get it here as doxxing isn't allowed.

You sound creepy and desperate as fuck, dude.

No. 4511


We care about rules here guys, don't go breaking any!

Step off asswipe. I guess y'all suckers don't wanna find her. and I guess if someone did it would be breaking the rules to say. Take your self righteousness, ball it in your fist, squeeze real tight, turn it sideways and shove it directly up your ass.

No. 4512

Go away Onision

No. 4513

Wow, cucklord… Is that you??

No. 4514

>but I at least wanna check her out and see if she's single

jesus christ, what? you get someone's name on your wristband mixed up with someone and your first thought "is she single?"

i bet you have a closet full of fedoras

No. 4515

Noone here is gonna buy your "hospital hazy dream girl" story to help you connect with her.

Congrats in skeeving up an old thread though, it's rare that this happens.

No. 4516


Hi Oni!!! Don't you have underaged threesomes to go to and monthly alimony to pay? Remember Onion, it's the law!

No. 4517

File: 1469298286482.jpg (35.27 KB, 354x363, NO.jpg)

Cucky, is that you?!

No. 4518

Jesus man, you sound like a huge fucking creep. What the fuck is wrong with you? You sound like a skeevy stalker. Gross.

No. 4519

Maybe we should also be looking into the disappearance of the cuck' ex-wife(Skye Tantaga) since we're in the missing interwebz people topic.

No. 4520

Go to onision thread if you want to talk about onision. This boob-being is long gone and if you don't have any new information about her then this thread should go and die . Shoo shoo.

No. 4521

Nb4 she's part of a sex traffic

No. 4522


go to bed, onision

No. 4523

Wait, I thought her disappearance was resolved, why is this thread still up?

No. 5646


No. 5756

Ive seen her and she looked happy . She was a very nice person and very kind to me . It took me a while to recognize her who I've just met. I'm not sure I think she is married. If not then I definitely would. LoL
Best of luck to her

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