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File: 1587014040857.jpg (294.7 KB, 1280x1030, cow-1544320_1280.jpg)

No. 14594

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
Do not use this thread to infight and instigate pointless arguments.

No. 14595

I’ve posted here before to complain about the ‘hi scrote/hi tranny’ derailing - I just wanted to say I notice the increase of moderation on this, and I think it improved the problem a lot. Thanks!

No. 14596

Could someone take a look at the current pro ana thread?
There‘s a cow shitting up the thread with her woe is me-pity party and a bunch of people triggering even more of it by interacting with her.

No. 14597

File: 1587049965111.jpg (59.94 KB, 500x375, janny.jpg)

>she's a janitor
>on a lolcow imageboard
>she does it for free
>this is what she does during quarantine

No. 14599

If by "improve" you mean we now have obvious trannies and men posting then yeah sure, it "improved" the problem. Don't forget to dialate, hun!

No. 14600

The art thread is a mess

No. 14602

I mean if you think that’s true why would moderating ‘hi scrote/hi tranny’ be the reason for it? It’s not like saying ‘hi scrote’ used to stop them being able to post or anything it just derails conversation, just report them if anyone’s actually breaking a rule?

No. 14603

File: 1587207944342.jpeg (51.26 KB, 652x228, 86F965DB-D175-4C86-826B-847FF0…)


Vicky’s back, and now she’s convinced lolcow can be charged with manslaughter for… what? Posting a picture of a girl who apparently attempted suicide AFTER Vicky commented on it? Idk.

Can we get her posts verified?

No. 14604

What is this in reference to?

No. 14607

would mods be willing to temporarily lock or at least autosage the lilith levisis thread?
someone keeps derailing and it does not appear as though they plan on stopping. the milk has been dry for weeks aside from one of her friends posting in-thread and that anon getting repeatedly banned. it's really annoying.

No. 14608

who the fuck even reads that thread. just hide it.

No. 14609

anon you replied to

i started following her because of heroingranola.. it's interesting to see how everyone she's [holli] associated with ends up turning into a drug addicted criminal.
but god, 75% (at least) of the people who post there are completely insufferable.

No. 14610

what was the chat.lolcow.farm thing about yesterday lol
Links to /cream and /manure were briefly added as well. Old website copy or what?

No. 14611

Please lock or autosage Alicia's thread in /snow/, it's her sneaking in under tons of socks and redditors complaining.

No. 14612

if i get banned one more time i swear im putting down my dog.

No. 14613

What was the ban? Can you share a screenshot and block out the IP so we can see if its bs? A lot of anons have been sharing because of confusion with rules. You could always try appealing.

No. 14614

What kind of dog?

No. 14615

the ban was appropriate, i just don't want the rules to be applied to me

a female rottweiler

No. 14616

No. 14617

I stan

No. 14618

Testing to see if I am still banned.

No. 14619

Lmao I'd hate to be a farmhand and have to wade through 700+ posts of spam in /m/, koreaboos are stupid as hell.

No. 14620

I just got someone elses ban from like 2019, i'm on Opera, I just started using Opera with a VPN so I don't know if I just lucked out or what.
It was a ban for race bait

No. 14621

We recommend not using banned proxies like Opera VPN if you'd prefer to not get randomly banned.

No. 14622

oh okay thanks, I'll go back to my chrome browser

No. 14623

File: 1587571560016.jpg (70.86 KB, 1080x287, Screenshot_20200422-090012_Sam…)

The banned vendetta-chan is back up hopping in the nicole thread. Necro'd then posted nitpicking and ended hi cow. Can we please get this shit thread locked and force these anons back to the thot thread? There is nothing about this nicole davis girl at all that has anything with milk in the thread anyway . Its just nitpick and still vendetta. The same person bumps it every few days with photos trying to bait nitpicking and say its milk. Every 10 posts feels like its 'hi cow'. >>>/w/89520

No. 14624

Good call locking up the kpop thread, the sudden surge of twitterfags was so weird and out of control. I wonder if there was actually a huge number of new posters, or if it was a bunch of samefags posting in there all day long

No. 14625

The vast majority appeared to be new, with a handful of the frequent spergs mixed in. It'll remain locked until we discuss what to do with it next with Admin-sama.

No. 14626

already reported bitching bleeding into the idol spam thread.

No. 14627

Thank you, oh my god. The thread shit the second after the merge I was wondering when you all would shut it all down.

No. 14629

File: 1587595302227.png (339.68 KB, 1267x557, vendettachan.png)

So vendetta chan got banned for the 'hi cow' and then proceeded to admit to posting old photos with the debunked already nose job 'milk' and is doing the same M/O of forgetting the captions and deleting the posts and reposting after spamming. This anon is so fucking annoying. I understand not liking this chick but this level of stupid with begging for nitpicking to be milk in so embarrassing in the thread at this point.

No. 14630

I dont know if the mods can tell but they do this every time they get banned multiple times without arguing about it. They go on a photo drop.

No. 14632

its funny how nicole chan anons flood meta the second some1 says anything about nicole isnt there something better to do than constantly hovering over nicole's thread mass reporting and reeing on meta?

No. 14633

How would you know there are mass reports unless its you who keeps getting banned?

No. 14634

Can someone please come get that kisame schizo who is shitting up /snow/

No. 14636

You guys might want to get onto dealing with the sperg faster because now they are posting gross unspoilered hentai.

No. 14637

File: 1587686689326.jpeg (442.87 KB, 1242x2075, 57EDA9B2-7CDF-44D2-8A7D-F666A1…)

Got another ban for “ban evading” even though it’s not my post, again. I’ve never even been banned to begin with, nor have I posted in onion threads since 2019. I know it’s just the stupid IP-cycling that’s giving me someone else’s ban, again. But it still butthurts my fee-fees and rustles muh jimmies. I need a hug.

No. 14638

you seem like someone who get banned. t b h.

No. 14639

So what’s up with the Alicia / jixypixy thread? It’s a huge confusing mess, it seems like she is bumping her own thread with nonsense daily. At least she only posts in her own thread, hilariously enough. Do we just let her go and not report her posts or…?

No. 14640

Why are IPs from Opera VPN banned?

No. 14641

because ham-chan used them all

No. 14642

same with hola free it seems.

No. 14643

If this happens more than once to you i doubt its cycling and you wanting to blane it on that. I see an increase in anons complaining that its not their IP

No. 14644

There seems to be people posting screenshots of people from twitter or tumblr and then telling them they were posted here? This has happened twice is the dumbass shit thread the past couple of days. Idk if anything can be done or if this actually breaks any rules but drawing K-pop twitter stans and random tumblr users here seems like a bad idea

No. 14645

It’s the 5th time since 2015, so not that deep. Most of the posts are from threads I don’t use. A bunch of anons had it happen to them about a year or 2 ago and it was discussed in meta. One said it was due to “the IP’s being recycled”. So everyone was like …kay?

1 ban was for a post saying “I’m 13”. 1 ban for a post saying “as a male”. 1 ban for “hi cow!”. And 1 ban which was meant for a cow who was obviously selfposting and ban evading in the onion threads. Now this one.

I didn’t write any of the posts, nor am I underage, male, onision cowfriend, etc.

No. 14646

That's cowtipping isn't it?

No. 14647

do you really remember this random stuff since 2015 until now?

No. 14648


Can mods do something about this thread, I've been trying to read more about this cow but the namefagging, doxing and weird posts are annoying. I have already reported some of the posts.

No. 14649


No. 14650

Can you guys bring back K-pop critical?
The Twitter stans should be gone and I love being able to discuss kpop with no bias.

No. 14651

kpop critical was filled with covert twitter stans anyway. that thread has been pure cancer for a long time

No. 14652

Damn, I guess that’s that…why can’t the twitter kids behave

No. 14653

K-pop critical was just the PULL of K-pop general. Instead of discussing actual issues with the industry and the bizarre behavior of the stars people were more interested in nitpicking every k-pop artist they didn't stan and calling them either ugly fatties or faggots. It was cancer.

No. 14654

this is going to be a stupid question but now that it's redtexted, is using 'nonny' going to get me banned? i only post once or twice a week so it doesn't matter if i get a short ban, i'd just like to know so i don't use it again.

No. 14655

Nonny has been redtexted for ages and I've used it multiple times without getting banned. Using a redtexted word isn't necessarily going to warrant you a ban.

No. 14656

Are pink pilled/ man hate threads currently banned right now?
I’m having some difficulty finding the new thread.

No. 14657

again, from your screenshot it seems like the ban is for you and you sound unhinged as fuck so you probably shouldn't post here anyway.

No. 14658

now you know damn well..

No. 14659

Seriously. Theres always an anon in here saying they constantly get banned under not their IP. Idk, it seems really really farfetched to say that this anons IP has been mistaken that many times. IPs arentimited in number. I swear more and more banned anons claim its not them.

No. 14660

Not that anon but why would they post old ass bans if it wasn't from IP cycling?? The one she posted is over a year old.

No. 14661

It was from February of this year? The mods have said a million times that using banned proxys or VPN's will get you banned due to IP cycling so why do people keep doing it and posting it here

No. 14662

Its the same anon though which is weird. Why so many?

No. 14663

>The one she posted is over a year old.
it's only 2 months old, anon. she probably just got unbanned recently and is trying to claim it wasn't for her so they won't use her post history.

No. 14665

File: 1587764812261.jpeg (965.94 KB, 1204x1729, 9050D4CE-5C5D-4141-BCD6-C6FC5B…)

Yo anons chill out, it really isn’t that deep. I’m not “unhinged” for complaining about something, don’t be over dramatic. It’s not my post. I haven’t posted in the onion threads since like early 2019. I was gone from Dec-March, so i couldn’t have posted it. You can even check old meta threads if you don’t believe me. I’ve posted the same complaint before with screenshots.

>tell someone where the fuck they can go like a backseat mod

>respond just to be a dick
>complain about a complaint post
>in a complaint thread
>buy a new tinfoil hat

This whole shit doesn’t even matter bc when I got the ban, it had already expired. It didn’t do anything. I just posted to see if any1 else had it happen, like last time, shit calm down.

I’ve never used a VPN on this site, ever.

Not a year old. This February. But thank you, I really didn’t think it was such a big deal when I posted this. It’s not like I’m the first anon to say this.

*reposted bc dropped pic (pic from 1 yr ago)

No. 14667

File: 1587765235304.png (116.82 KB, 1052x600, imaging.png)

I thought the typing style and everything seemed the same as well as the sperging out. Dude, are you the Nicole sperg? No wonder you keep complaining about bans if that is the case. Same typing style and speging in paragraph form.

No. 14668

….Nicole sperg? …..what Nicole? What are you talking about? I’ve been gone from this site for months, idk what your talking about? Link? I don’t get why ppl are jumping to vague assumptions.

And idk about your pic, but I reposted bc I forgot to include the sc

No. 14669

nta but are you the same anon that comes in here and spergs about the nicole nitpicking all the time? theyre cringe and embarassing but so are you

No. 14670

The mods seem to follow through with the bans to the nitpicker and that's kind of what this thread is for.

No. 14671

I'm sure I wasn't the only one but on my laptop I'm still having trouble loading images that are spoilered. The Spoiler image doesn't even load, it's a box. I click it and the image is VERY dull. Mobile does not do this.

No. 14672


My laptop seems to be loading all of those fine. Try deleting the site cookies maybe an double checking your internet connect since I know cell connection sometimes works better. Also double check you don't have it already on hide by accident.

No. 14673

Shit! The cookie thing worked. Thank you. I thought it was weird because this has never happened before unless my internet connection was bad but today it wasn't.

No. 14674

Yeah no prob. I actually had a similar issue with my friend's computer a few days ago, not from lolcow, but another site, which is the only reason why I know.

No. 14675

>that's kind of what this thread is for

TFW you lowkey use the thread to accuse random anons of nitpicking nicole bc “they type in paragraphs!!1” (reaching hard af) but can’t even spell “sperging” correctly kek.

No. 14680

What the fuck is up with the constant racebaiting and moralfag spergery in /ot/? Did someone cowtip again and now we have an influx of little Twitter shits everywhere? It's so OTT and stupid that it feels like bait at this point but the amount of work they put into their text walls feels too much of an effort for a simple baiter.

No. 14681

What moralfagging? What racebait?
Man admin gives you people the little finger and you take the whole hand.

No. 14682

i agree anon. i feel the past two weeks, /ot/ has been really hostile. seems like a lot more anons sperging and taking offense to shit/calling people out

No. 14684

I have to agree too and getting mad at being called out makes no sense. We get their argument of this being a shitty gossip site sounds like that makes lolcow a free for all, but dude, we do have some semblance of organization and it's been all kinds of out of whack across the site since this all started, a little bit back in December, but probably because kids were out. Now we have actual cowtippers sending people here through twitter and shit, people posting spoiled milk or fake milk, the neccessant racebaiting and what feels like raids at times and when they get banned they complain that this is just a gossip forum and we take this too seriously. Its like.. The site has rules.

No. 14685

There are no radfems and oldfags to keep the "woke" Twitter community away anymore. They've been run off the site. LC is now a trans, kpop, sjw safespace uwu#

No. 14686

No. 14687

File: 1587917231460.jpeg (283.71 KB, 744x904, 9E10A1DC-F603-4465-B4F4-8CC373…)

>short exchange in disagreement with post saying it’s female psychology to be obsessive stalker
>le pp sperg le infighting
>filed 2 days after the fact
Bruh just say it’s personal at this point

No. 14689

This! Saw one twitnewfag yell at anons just for writing 3-4+ sentence posts (even receipts/transcripts), misusing the word “sperg” like crazy. Acting like we have twitter character limits here. Another racebaiting twitnewfag triggered over a farmer saying “chill nigga”. Autismo’s posting tweets saying “look at this new site I just found omg come in here! Teaaaaa! You can post whatever u want! [ten emojis]” They treat LC like it’s social media. Cowtipping, not saging, namefagging, not reading rules, shitting up threads to sperg, over-using lame memes to death, OT convos like we’re a chat room, being offended over board culture, being general faggots, driving farmers and oldfags off, etc.

It’s like a bunch of high school SJWs stumbled upon an uncontacted isolted Amazonian tribe, thirsty and hungry. The tribe allows them to stay the night as guests. Gives them fresh ass milk and snacks. Then the next morning the SJWs say “you can’t wear animal skin thongs and smoke tabacco. you have to dye your hair blue and not speak your native language anymore, if you do we will sperg out. Oh and we gonna break all your rules and complain when you uphold them in your own community and kick us out. Hope you don’t mind us posting the gps coordinations on woke Twitter to invite all of our friends to move down here! This is our tribe now too! [pushes tribe elders off cliff] why don’t you like us?! It’s just an ancient tribe! Ugh!”

They need an orientation course on site culture and rules, a containment thread, and/or tranquilizer darts.

No. 14690

I liked and miss pp too but that was just asking for derailing.

No. 14691

this might be the cringiest analogy i ever read, holy shit.

No. 14692

lolcow has had a very different vibe lately…very twitter-esque. normcore almost

No. 14693

what's the usual vibe

No. 14694

it's because of covid.

No. 14695

It's not that deep, it's just a stupid imageboard and yes anyone can post here.

No. 14696

you should get an australian farmhand

No. 14697

Technically no, males and underage girls can’t post here and this site can’t be directly linked from other certain sites/message boards.

Prob mix of this and underage girls becoming more into social media drama ie: teen shade room. Not to mention them linking the egirl thread on twitter a million times.

No. 14698

What's normcore?

No. 14699

a tumblr term for normalfag. i don't understand why people criticizing the shitty corona influx are also pretty new/unwanted demographics.

No. 14700

I don't think so anon. Im an oldfag and I see a lot of us trying to actually not call these newfags out but it is frustrating because they canderail for days before a mod steps in and by then the trheads are trashed. This is why so many of us barely come here anymore and why its run rampant my tumblrtards and kpop sjw twitterers.

No. 14701

There's just so many of them because there's nothing better for them to do when they're quarantined. The summer of hellfire.

No. 14702

Hellfire of kpop, deaming nitpicking milk when called out on it, vendetta postings, trash threads being made, thinking this is drama when it isn't.. just ugh. There is going to be so much low-budget posting. Im going to hate it. I wish I wasn't unemployed right now because I have nothing else to do right now too.

No. 14703

that's kind of what i meant. that the only people bitching are also the issue. it's just early summer as far as i am concerned.

No. 14704

There's a person (or more) trolling people in an attempt to regulate the place, and it's cringe. I've been here for 2 years and it wasn't like that.

No. 14705

Why post in the thread if you're not going to be precise with your complaint? What are the farmhands supposed to do?

No. 14706

I've really lost faith in staff now, mod decisions have become retarded. A week ago I was banned for posting a public court record of Raven's. This is not dox. Another user put it back up straight away anyway, and there it sits just fine. Sort your shit out, it's gotten embarrassing and really inconsistent here.

No. 14707

Can you share a post of the ban page by chance and then relink to the thread post that was reuploaded?

No. 14708

Gross CP thread in /g

No. 14709

Please delete cp in /pt/.
I reported.

No. 14710

Reported the CP in both /pt/ and /g/. Delete it please.

No. 14711

now it's nazi shit, woohoo

No. 14713

is it just me or is the discord link invalid?

No. 14714

Looks like you were right, the link will be updated.
We have one or two.

No. 14715

would the mods please consider locking or at least autosaging the Alicia Day thread on /snow/? she’s not that milky and the majority of the thread is obviously self posts. i really don’t think we should encourage her or give her the attention she clearly craves.

No. 14716

Some anon is infighing in the Jill thread for 9 hours now.

No. 14717

seconding this

No. 14719

3rding kek. Make alicias thread go away plz, it’s just a cesspool

No. 14720

can we get a little more regulation on the miranda constable thread? there's anons who keep annoyingly referring to her as a "pedo" because she said she believes the koran 100%, which includes mohammed and the childbride crap. it's not even tinfoil or anything, just annoying shitposting that reads like a samefag signature. if pedo accusations are banned in the moo thread when moo literally admitted to reading loli/underage porn, it should be banned in the miranda thread.

No. 14723

Someone is spamming random pictures in the pull-thread in ot.

No. 14726

Did you really need to go into a fit of rage over fucking up your hair, did you need attention so badly? Stop self posting >>>/ot/549245 fuck off and go back to PULL. Oh and fuck your orange patchy haircut.

No. 14731

Pls learn to cross link. Otherwise it’s good.

No. 14733

I will come and see you later, dumb bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 14734

What's up with the sudden influx of people who proudly state that they're underage? I saw 3 today (already banned but nevertheless)

Also, the situation with kpop twitter fags will never change as long as there's a general kpop thread plus one to spam idols pictures. You either have to lock it again (both threads this time) or you could go back to kpop critical…

No. 14735

what makes you think changing the name to critical will help though? it still had the same twitterfag stans, but now they feel more comfortable outing themselves. kpc had constant fights of "reeee you're a stan because you dont think this idol looks like a goblin", racebaiting, complaining about south east asia for some reason? same autism, different name. I miss the anti kpop threads but those users left long ago when kpc gradually got taken over by twitterfags

No. 14736

Third, I wanted to learn more about this cow and the thread seems like a cesspool of mentally ill transplants from god knows where.

No. 14737

I agree (fourth). She deserves an autosage for being such an attention whore in her own threads.
She's terribly boring unfortunately.

No. 14738

1. Lockdown gives kids more vacant time to be browsing the internet
2. Kids from twitter were led here by cowtipping
3. K-pop thread was purged momentarily so they started leaking over to other threads
Twitterfags have been trashing the place in the recent weeks and think their retarded woke discourse will fly over here and then go into fits of rage when nonnies tell them to put a sock in it.

No. 14739

Unban the AI anon.

No. 14740

No. Stay banned forever. Why are you coming here requesting someone else get unbanned. Ban evading much?

No. 14741

Are you genuinely retarded?

No. 14742

ntayrt but I don't know why they were banned either. I was interested in the thread

No. 14743

probably because they've been ban evading for weeks now and spamming their AI shit in unrelated threads with no context

No. 14744

weeks? i thought it was only today. where are the posts at

No. 14745

they got deleted pretty quickly but they've been spamming the closeted celebrity thread for a while now. just look for replies that don't link back to a comment in there

No. 14746

Re-open the thread dude. That was a super lame move, even for you.

No. 14748

>In Mexico, Germany, Austria the law recognizes that it is basic human nature to escape and hence the act of escaping itself is not a crime.

No. 14749

They spammed AI generated faces in several threads, we don't believe it was the same spammer from yesterday in the PULL thread.
Yesterday's spammer is copy pasting random posts and adding spam to it or other random edgy content to declare they're having a mental breakdown.
Autosaged for attention seeking.

No. 14750

i have some intel for you but the discord link is broken?

No. 14751

well you could just tell me off instead of banning me without explaining why…

No. 14752

Discord invite, it will be updated on the top of the page later.

No. 14753

thanks for running this website and putting time and effort into it, admin. i'm glad it exists even though it probably gave me irreversible brain damage

No. 14754


Dunno how this website works but I used to regularly get bans that weren't mine on 4chan before they separated out the blue boards. The blue boards are all I used (hobbies/ adv) but I would get bans for racebaiting and posting gore on /pol/ and /b/

Admittedly I'm a phoneposter, is that a big problem? Aren't most chan posters phoneposters nowadays? Maybe IP or range bans aren't the way to go anymore

No. 14755

There is more than just 2 those two ways of banning. They even device ban people which in turn flips the entire site.

No. 14756

the OP who was squawking about her bans only posted one ban that seemed like it was clearly for her. usually these kinds of bans are for raid related shitposting and not innocuous slightly derailing thread content.

No. 14757

The ratfems are at it again in the confession thread.

No. 14758

Racebaiting in unpopular opinion thread

Also I love how the second the kpop thread is open people talk about black people again.

Rent free

No. 14759

Good for them.

No. 14760

There is too much sperging about trannys in every thread in OT, even when it’s not remotely relevant to the topic of the thread and always results in multiple anons replying derailing things further

No. 14761

Bitch, literally where. The only consistent sperging I see about anything on this website is the BPD shit. I swear /ot/ loves to talk about BPDfags for some god-forsaken reason.

No. 14762

Also, I know it's probably hard to keep up with the COVID retardation going on(godspeed, mods) but there are a lot of obviously underaged posters right now. Most likely to reply with "I'm 18" when asked if they're underaged. Christ.

No. 14763

whenever someone brings this up you always come straight to lie and say it isn't happening when it is in literally every thread, every day and this isn't even a debatable thing just search tranny or troon or tif or whatever you people say in literally any ot thread, even if you just look at posts made within the last 24 hours it is a ridiculous amount.

No other group would be allowed to just constantly go on and on like this, you have containment threads, a whole containment board and it still happens. It is annoying to see any group (munchies, anachans, robots) constantly post repetitive baity things and this is no different but for some reason is being treated as such and just allowed to go on constantly

No. 14764


Go back to AsherahGarden or whatever the fuck it is now

No. 14765

Anon, I have never sperged about trannies or troons on this website, I just think you guys are beating a dead horse. The threads are already gone and /meta/ is always the same repetitive shit debate about the radfem boogey men.

No. 14766

>you have containment threads, a whole containment board

nta but these have been gone quite a while now anon

No. 14767

if meta is always the complaining about the same thing thats because the admins and mods have failed to address the problem people aren't just doing it for fun

AsherahGarden is their containment board and it's still there

No. 14768

No. 14769

No. 14770

Their issue is the simple fact that anons are using the word tranny, troon and tif and for mysterious reasons it bothers them so very much that they have to complain every single thread despite (or maybe because) their demands already got catered to before, in hopes staff will bend over once again and ban anyone who uses those words this time. They went from blaming radfems/pp/gc for absolutely anything to crying about anons calling them a scrot or tranny to now crying about anons even mentioning trannies, all without ever fucking pointing out which exact posts they are talking about. Go figure.

No. 14771

Yeah, these types will never be satisfied.

No. 14772

It’s not just mentioning trannies but it’s the fact that it’s so often and repetitive and inserted into irrelevant topics. Your logic is stupid like you could use this for any of the past problems the site has had with specific segments of the user base, you could just as easily say ‘oh what’s the problem with anachans why are you angry at them simply mentioning the word fat’ or whatever the problem is when something happens to the extent that it becomes repetitive, derailing and annoying to the majority of users.

Also again with the usual immature paranoia, ‘mysterious reasons everyone who disagrees with me must be an undercover tranny’ bit - it’s not a mysterious reason I’ve said the reason, that it’s excessive and derailing. It is not my job to link the hundreds of posts in each thread, like I’ve said you can search these terms (which is solely why I brought them up as you can clearly see if you read my post in context, not because the words itself bothers me but because it makes it easier to locate the posts I’m talking about if you’re genuinely so curious) and see for yourself or you can just let the mods look into it and allow people to post their complaints in meta without immediately having to jump in demand proof and implying they must be trans as if I owe you a random poster anything

No. 14773

I won't lie I do post about a lot of trans stuff mainly because its getting so big and I have so many interaction with them IRL and online. I will calm it down. I miss 2X.

No. 14775

Why are the farmhands just flat out deleting so many posts lately? like some of them I don't think were even trolls

No. 14776

it's easier for them to delete everything than actually do their job

No. 14778

Can anyone do something about the infighting in the lesbian thread. People are crying because they aren't being "inclusive" enough. The lesbian thread was completely quiet until know, now people are trying to start debates instead of talking about relationships. I'm starting to think people want the thread pulled, especially with people crying about "tranny/troon" shit when I have yet to see it in /ot/ myself.

No. 14779

Also, retarded kpop fags made THREE new threads

Please, just ban kpop altogether

No. 14780

As if, the farmhands are on our side kek

No. 14781

Continuously avatarfagging and ban evading to post AI generated faces will be treated as spam and deleted.
The thread won't be pulled because a few anons are infighting.
Bans don't work like this at all. You can phonepost if you like but it may result in a cycled IP. There is no penalty against using TOR or a VPN unless it's being abused. If you are having issues for whatever reason you can always appeal the ban because I can see if it was recursive or inherited.
Crystal.cafe and asherahsgarden.net are other alternative communities if you feel that something is lacking here. Support your fellow women-based imageboards.
Contrary to popular belief, the k-pop threads were merged because there were too many. They still attract a good amount of twitterfags who exclusively use the site just for kpop and continuously ban evade. For now I would encourage anons to report obvious newfaggotry.

Since summer is approaching it would be a good time to have a townhall to discuss things as a community, last time I had a flu so we just ended up having hellweek scheduled. I would like for as many anons to be able to come so date or time suggestions would be helpful. We can discuss summerfags and other persisting issues showcased in this thread.

No. 14784

Not going to engage further in this, because it would just go in circles like every other thread so far with them repeating the same thing next thread anyway regardless of what others say.

>repetitive and inserted into irrelevant topics

Not my post, but this >>14761 . It has been said already a thousand of times by different people and every time the answer is "believe me it's just everywhere, you're just lying" yet you persistently deny linking one or two example posts of what you're talking about. Why is this so hard to do that if it's such a huge issue? Nevermind it would help farmhands tackle specific posts so they actually know what you're talking about and don't just ban people for vaguely mentioning troons. Or you know, just using the report function if they actually break rules.
>you could use this for any of the past problems the site has had with specific segments of the user base, you could just as easily say ‘oh what’s the problem with anachans why are you angry at them simply mentioning the word fat’
Idk, there is a lot of weight discussion, diet discussion and talking about eating disorders on /ot/ and endless posts of calling average sized cows hamplanets, yet I don't see you sperging about that here. I also don't remember anyone still going on and on about seeing anas everywhere months after the time their thread got closed and accusing any post about weight to be from anas.
>when something happens to the extent that it becomes repetitive, derailing and annoying to the majority of users.
The absolute irony and lack of self-awareness. Also I'm sure the Supernatural Powers thread would be delighted to hear about your ability to read every anon's mind and speak for them. Or you could go on keep ignoring the polls outing you as a loud minority.
>that it’s excessive and derailing. It is not my job to link the hundreds of posts in each thread, like I’ve said you can search these terms
That's weird, because I did and the results don't show what you claim.
>Unpopular Opinion Thread(219 posts): Tranny: 3 posts - two of them from anons who are complaining about radfems and brought trannys up in the first place ; Troon: 0 ; TiF: 0
>Vent Thread(1037 posts): Tranny: 9 - all discussing a new game involving a trans character ; Troon: 8 - with 5 about the game and 3 isolated vents involving them ; TiF: 1 - anon venting about one in her friend group
>Dumbass Shit Thread(1209 posts): Tranny: 3 ; Troon: 3 ; TiF: 0
>Confession Thread(936 posts): Tranny: 2 ; Troon: 4 ; TiF: 0
>Stupid Questions Thread(1028 posts): Tranny: 1 ; Troon: 1 ; TiF: 0
>Annoying Thread Thread(575 posts): Tranny: 2 ; Troon: 0 ; TiF: 0
Honestly you are in no place to call anyone paranoid and then get ridiculously defensive when someone dares to ask for one example to back up your claims. None of the posts I saw were bait, derailing or excessive in any way and were on topic. And I'm sick and tired of newfags trying to turn lolcow into crystal cafe 2.0 but sprinkled with an extra portion of twitter and underage. Honestly the only good thing about this is that AG is slightly more active but at some point enough is just enough.

No. 14785

did you really delete all the kpop threads

No. 14786

I'm not a newfag and have no desire to 'turn lolcow into crystal cafe', what I want is for some element of the original board culture to be retained, which I don't feel has been effectively done.

Again, my original point stands in that it is not my job to find and link posts to satisfy some random anon, I have mentioned it here as I think it's a problem the mods can look into it and agree or disagree, I do report it whenever rules are broken. People are allowed to make complaints in the complaints thread.

People likely don't complain about ana's months and months after the issue as they probably don't view that that as having been a persistent issue in the way the radfem sperging has. If you feel differently about the ana issue feel free to complain about it here and dont forget to post some examples!

I don't know what poll you're talking about other than the recent one that was dismissed as having had the results manipulated in some way? If there have been other polls, I was not aware and I'm sure many other users were not either.

If you search other obvious terms 'trannies', 'trans', 'ftm', 'tim', these numbers are significantly higher - but like I said it's also that these posts result in a lot of responses because they are deraily and baity, if you include all the derailing responses to those posts, the numbers obviously go up further.

I called you paranoid for implying I am trans based off nothing, which is paranoid. Me not linking posts to some random user isn't defensive and wouldn't make me calling you paranoid hypocritical in anyway.

If you think none of the posts were bait, derailing, or excessive then great, that's your opinion. I disagree. I'm happy to hear about AG, hopefully you will actually go there now ♥

No. 14787

shut the fuck up assholes my post will go unnoticed again

No. 14788

What is interesting is that over there they talk about how much they hate this site but instead of just going to their containment haven they shit up the board. Some of us don't want to talk about men all the time, there are much more interesting things to discuss like anons larping about superpowers, actual hobbies, careers, coding, vents.

No. 14789

exactly that's all I'm saying

No. 14790

the sex workers are pulling a radfem in the confession thread(15 year old spamchan)

No. 14791

>everyone who disagrees with the idea of sending some random girl you don't know's sex worker page to their mom for literally no reason is a sex worker

No. 14792

you're literally whining because we're not feminist enough for you. i already told you this, go back to twitter.(15 year old spamchan)

No. 14793

The problem isn't radfems, it's all of you accusing each other of being radfem when none of you clearly are. You're just saying shit that is current to try to make yourself seem right, you know the mods are cracking down on feminism so you use that as an excuse for infighting. Not everyone is some evil feminist or some r9k pick me.

No. 14794

>Not everyone is some evil feminist or some r9k pick me.
>Go back to r9k radfembot
exactly my point. you would understand if you read the conversation but you obviously don't care, you'd rather be offended at everything. what a sad existence

No. 14795

Sorry forgot to put NTA. I was referring to both of you since she called you a radfembot and you said she's a twitter feminist. Neither of you seem feminist to me, more like you're just accusing each other in the hopes the mods will take your side since radfems aren't welcome.

No. 14796

>Neither of you seem feminist to me
i never claimed to be a feminist
>you're just accusing each other
well, bait is against the rules

i don't really care for the radfem vs troons thing if that's what you're thinking, i'm just sick of the white knights and twitterfags roaming around /ot/ now

No. 14797

It's a boogey man term at this point. Anons really don't get the irony of accusing people of being radfems while simultaneously being angry at being called trannies.

Really don't want to encourage this trend of banning everything because two anons are triggered. Like some anon above really wants to ban Kpop and thinks if they complain enough like the PP and GC threads, it'll happen. Semi-related but I genuinely believe imageboards thrive on limited moderation/censorship, once we start policing everything according to the group that screeches loudly enough, might as well go to Reddit.

No. 14798

I don't see what I have said that seems unfeminist and I didn't say anything about the post being against any rules for mods to even be involved to 'take my side', I think people are allowed to respond to the confessions posted in that thread? There were posts supporting her above mine that no one cared about but when I responded originally they immediately came here to say the 'sex workers are pulling a radfem', it's like any opinion that goes against the usual pornsick males, tranny, whores script there is a problem with. And I didn't think it was a 'twitter' feminist thing to think it isn't a good thing to send some random girls sex worker profile to their parents I thought it was just like a normal person thing I guess not.

No. 14799

it's not an issue to respond to the confessions made in the thread, but don't continue in an argument, debate, whatever it is. post your opinion if you really feel the need to and move on. be the bigger person. it's constant infighting and it really shits up the thread.

No. 14800

They posted here about 'sex workers pulling a radfem' when I had only posted my original comment and it's just annoying sometimes that if you post anything other than the accepted talking points you get a bunch of hateful responses that you're then not allowed to respond to bc I think it stifles discussion or diverse opinions but either way you're still probably right and I agree with you

No. 14802

>You do not care about women at all
i mean, what kind of response did you expect. then you blindly called everyone radfems and r9kbots to top it all off. you seem too emotional to be here anyways, why are you so pissed that some random sw is being referred to as a whore

you obviously didn't want a 'dicussion and diverse opinions' lmao, you were trying to instigate a fight. if you did, you wouldn't be namecalling people because we're not being uwu positive and validating your shitty life choices

No. 14804

why does everyone get so butthurt about anonymous posts? we are all anon. no one wins the discussion and you're definitely not going to change anyone's viewpoint. continuing to insult another anon derails and shits up the thread. imo both posters are at fault for continuing on the topic.

i would love an /ot/ hellweek for infighting and anons sperging at each other for their vent, confession, or dumbass shit.

No. 14805

agreed. i was one of the first anons who brought up the issue of radfem spergs many many months ago and i now regret it. those threads never shoulda been merged nor banned, it was fine just being contained.

No. 14806

Most people know how to report infighting and ana-chan bullshit instead of starting a 50-post long reply chain about how "you're ruining the board reeee". I suggest you do the same. This shit always happens like this, a recent example from one of the /ot/ threads was that someone deliberately baited people with "I don't hate trannies and pronoun spergs are annoying!!!" post and then went into a fucking war with anons who disagreed with them. Even when someone in the mental disorders thread vented about their bpd tranny friend requiring constant validation for their gender, making the mention of their trans status essential to the story, someone claimed that it's a PP sperg making stuff up to shit talk trans people. If you're so bothered by people having bad experiences with nutty troons then don't engage and bait like this.

While people made "hi scrote/tranny"ing a bannable offense how about also banning "hi radfem" because you can't even call out an insane person's delusions without people having a tantrum over muh ratfems ruining the site. You don't have to be a PP poster to think trannies are crazy or that maleposters are annoying.

This. Radfem is now being used as a catch-all term for people you don't agree with because you know mods will ban the subject matter. It's happened so many times, a new thing becomes a bannable topic and infighting anons start abusing the fuck out of it to win an internet argument.
>mods pls ban the radfem derailing in thread x for the offense of hurting my feelings!!!!!

No. 14807

NTA but
>Even when someone in the mental disorders thread vented about their bpd tranny friend requiring constant validation for their gender, making the mention of their trans status essential to the story
Is this not allowed anymore? Would this be considered a bait post even without the OP engaging in infighting?

No. 14808

It's normal to insult every category under the Sun on this site and imageboards in general but "sex workers" are immune to criticism? I don't understand.

No. 14809

Why is Venus in /w/ still?

No. 14810

Agreed, and I also noticed many lesbian-bashing posts lately, both on /ot/ and now in the lesbian thread.

No. 14811

Sex workers have never been immune to criticism here. Sounds like your post was the issue. You can be right and an asshole who no one likes at the same time.

No. 14812

Because she belongs there, where else would she belong?

No. 14813

I didn't post anything, I was just observing the discourse.

No. 14814

Is there a reason why sometimes meta on my phone and mac turns into a downloadable link instead of sending me to /meta/?

No. 14815

Thank you for doing all this. I was curious and checked a few threads and found the same.

No. 14816


No. 14817

Careful, or you'll get an 5everban.

No. 14818

It wasn't even contained back then. Things are better now but I think some anons are obviously trolling or stirring the pot because summer and rona.

No. 14819

I just read through some reports and appeals, to clarify, "hi cow" is against the rules. "Hi troon" is similar and is being banned, there's no reason for "hi radfem" to not fall under the same umbrella. It goes both ways.

No. 14820

thank you!

No. 14821

File: 1588886908988.jpg (198.79 KB, 791x795, Q3m60mT.jpg)

No. 14822

Meh, seems inaccurate. Reddit seems more of a centrist site that doesn't tolerate most extremists, so extremists think the reddit staff "work" for the other side when their board gets deleted.
Anonymous imageboards are the only type of website that let rightwing authoritarians exist without censorship in any real numbers.

No. 14824

Can you guys ban the retard on youngcynical's thread that is obviously her and keeps needlessly bumping the thread with 4chan lingo arguments that go nowhere.

No. 14825

have no idea who she is checked the thread out, its just some faggot complaining about her body and anons defending her? or getting mad that theyre calling her ugly or fat?

No. 14826

So calling someone a troon and whatnot is bankable? Not just 'hi troon' but calling someone a troon because of something? It's so derailing and literally causes infighting all the time and that's the only reason the anons want to be able to use it.

No. 14827

seething because it hits too close to home?

No. 14828


My complaint its that there's a handful of posts that are obviously her in both sides of the argument because of writing style and lingo.


>do me a favor and neck yourself
>not a newfag, i just don't feel like doing it. punish me mommy


>ah yes the two body types, ana and hamplanet. kys fattie, no one will ever love you, it's over.

Look at her twitter for 3 seconds and you can tell its the same person.

No. 14829

dude. do you really think. that she's the only one. who types like this. dude. come on.

No. 14830


Im not that stupid but suspiciously enough the person who types just like her keeps bumping up the thread when its dead and going to page 2 soooooo

No. 14831

1. i replied to a 3h old post
2. it's not just me who posted that shit earlier
3. you derailed a whole ass thread because some bitch called a tiktok incel fat
4. you're retarted
5. how are you not still banned for white knighting this bad
6. suck me my penis you stupid cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 14832


Oh so it was just an incel scrot! Thx for outing yourself.

No. 14833

you're welcum. brb ip jumping so i can wreck your shit some more kek

No. 14834

dont be a faggot nig nog, plenty of anons type like that. too many twitterfags invaded lolcow

No. 14835

>tfw you get banned for saying suck me my penis, a very common expression in your home country
god bless koshitzkan

hey wuss poppin b(maleposting)

No. 14836

>Might as well go to Reddit
This anon. There's a reason we come to an anonymous site, we don't want an autistic echo chamber and insta bans for not subscribing to the popular opinion.

No. 14837

>Admin-sama please ban the GC people, they're just causing infighting and infecting other threads!
>Admin-sama! Ban the radfem spergs, they're literally choking the board to death with infighting!
>Get rid of the PP thread right now! There's nothing but infighting in there!
>Admin-sama, could we also ban the word "troon"? I-it's o-only used for infighting!
I think someone predicted this shit just a few months ago. The envelope gets pushed further and further.

No. 14838

Don't forget "Please remove the no men rule!" and "Nuke /ot/ and maybe /g/, all to get rid of them radfems of course" while also claiming r9k raids were only a short-term problem and don't exist anymore when robots namedrop lolcow literally every day on their board by now and seeth about it. Hell I wouldn't even be half as butthurt about this if they wouldn't have the nerve to say this obvious agenda is for the board culture and for "a bigger variety of opinions" and fully taking advantage of admins desire to do a decent job and listen to complains. And I'm using "they" as in mostly one person who has been making over the top drastic demands and claims in at least half of the last thread and in this thread. I'm not saying there are no anons who agreed with some of their posts, but the difference is that those anons are at least much more reasonable. For example I'd be totally up for >>14788 and bump and create more hobby-related threads on /ot/ instead of the more vent-y ones but trying to censor anons for mentioning the frustrating men/tranners in their life is simply not a good take. /sperg

Further mentions is probably not good since this thread is not for infights and pointless arguments yadda yadda and I wont say anything more but I wanted that to get out there.

No. 14839

Awkward because I think the no men rule is obnoxious, but I'm not that anon. I actually agree with you kek.

No. 14840

I was banned for calling someone a radfem but agree with it being ban-able because it leads to derailing - but at the same time this should have been clarified somewhere first, people aren’t mind readers, anons call each other lib-fems or twitter sjws or whatever all the time so it’s hard to know where the actual line is

No. 14841

> robots namedrop lolcow literally every day on their board by now and seeth about it

do you not see how having banned men politicises the board in a way that will further attract weird extremist types including robots. All the things that were annoying regarding posts robots made would still be banned offences for other reasons regardless of the male rule. I don’t really care about this rule but it’s annoying people act like there’s always some secret agenda instead of just a genuine suggestion, everyone who disagrees with you is not always acting in bad faith.

No. 14842

File: 1588932851329.gif (454.37 KB, 342x294, love you.gif)

i haven't posted here in like 5 years but i for one am glad the website is still alive and kicking and continues to make the endless legion of boring virginal manlet white men from online places like /r9k/ seethe with their perpetual desire to invade women's spaces / make everything about themselves [when things are about them 23.9/7 in the real world already]

when i was destroying r9k in 2012 by being an insufferable tripfag, that was good, excellent, great, tubular, now lolcow.farm can continue holding the torch by being a bastion of a women's-only-chan-space and epicly pwn the moids

keep up the good work admin [if the admin is still the same person who banned me for a minute to give me a secret message in the form of a ban message because i knew something i wasn't supposed to post]

No. 14843

>Awkward because I think the no men rule is obnoxious

Why though. /g/ wouldn't even work if it was full of men all the time. Thank god that they get banned now.

No. 14844

Post the secret message again then, admins are changed 10000 times

No. 14845

Aren't you the former BO of /girltalk/ on 8ch that was outed as a tranny?

No. 14846

>by being a bastion of a women's-only-chan-space
too bad this isn't true anymore.

No. 14847

File: 1588951209504.jpg (38.02 KB, 519x536, 1586377762467.jpg)

Scrotes have always been banned

No. 14848

hey i'm a 'male' as well so you don't have to pretend around me(ban evading )

No. 14849

I know. Anons are crazy to suggest LC should roll out the welcoming mat to robots.

No. 14850

Hi swami. It's been a long time. Are you taking questions?

No. 14851

No. 14852

Ban swami

No. 14853

yeah ban that fucking tranny

No. 14854

nevermind ban me instead im kinda tired ngl need a quick nap do it doi tit

No. 14856

it's p boring, the original owner of the site was / is? good friends with a popular youtuber who i was friends with but whom i haven't interacted with in a while due to being off social media / twitter nowadays [i could probably join her discord and hit her up though] and the owner didn't want people to know they were friends i guess, and let that known to me by deleting my post and giving me a 1 minute ban with a special message

i was friends / acquaintances with hotwheels and was one of the first adopters of 8chan along with owning /fem/ [a board that was supposed to be only for women] but two problems occurred: i was a boring 'anti-feminist' / 'anti sjw' enlightened centrist back then instead of my much better pro-feminism, pro-leftism politics nowadays, so i was reluctant to do it for free on the board and ban incels [before they were called incels,] / r9k posters / pol posters, 'beta males', etc, and two, i was at the point i think where i didn't really give a shit about chan culture or posting anymore so i stopped caring about the board, as i started posting the most on 4chan's /r9k/ when i was a popular trip from like 2011 to 2013 [when i was 14 to 15? 16? years old] and 8chan from like 2014-2016 [when i was 16 / 17 to 19 years old]

/girltalk/ and uhhhh /tradfem/ were made by a board named /baphomet/ who failed to dox me like a dozen times, and it led to one of the global moderators and owners of kiwifarms, null, getting de-global modded by hotwheels because he put out a bitcoin? crypto? bounty on me on /baphomet/ to get me doxed. because null was also a very large lolcow, he was using global mod powers to scrape the IP addresses of people who would make fun of him, and i think use them to coordinate doxings against people, so that led to him getting de-modded too

i remember his really pathetic apology message in the 'board owner' PM section where he was forced to apologize to me by hotwheels and stuff, and i only wish i could've screenshotted it back then to post nowadays because apparently kiwifarms is a big thing now or something


idunno, /g/ seems like a pretty healthy space for women and the gossiping / cattiness seen on stuff like /pt/ is very particularly done in a way that only cis & trans women could have perpetuated it, as men are very boring and autistic with how they go about their 'drama' and whatever


uh based


idk what this means but lmao banned





No. 14858

lmao we know ian was friends with shoe0nhead

No. 14860

idk who ian is but ya that was the ''''secret''''

why was the original owner a dude [i am assuming ian was a dude] and why has the website changed owners so much in the past 5 years?


if you keep ban evading harder maybe you'll be wanted more eventually

No. 14861

are you done blogposting yet troon?

No. 14862


No. 14863

File: 1588969930347.png (707.76 KB, 851x692, 35f54344164be8771fa9912410f161…)

This you faggot?

No. 14864

I remember when people said that "PP spergs" are just delusional thinking that there are false flaggers and trannies lurking around and caping for themselves. First ham-chan gets revealed and now fucking swami outed himself openly and starts blogposting about his life like he was on the Tonight Show. For fucks sake give me a break already.

No. 14865


you wasted your whole life on imageboards for this

No. 14866

pp spergs are still delusional, even a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 14867

like 6 years ago when i was 17 ya, i'm nearing my 5th year of hrt in a few days and [fortunately] look much hotter / actually like a woman. i think legally trans women should be barred from the internet until they're at least in their 2nd or more year of hrt
idk what any of this means because i'm not autistic and boring but this seems like it's pretty autistic and boring
i'm a nurse now w/ a great social life along with being in a committed long term relationship, and i think i have done pretty well to amend my wasted time on the *chans [which rot your brains and are an immensely pathetic waste of your time]

getting offline is probably the best thing you can do for your life, idk how the internet is even legal to be on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 14868

File: 1588970436992.png (103.63 KB, 1834x362, Screenshot_2020-05-08 r9k - P…)

>/pt/ is very particularly done in a way that only cis & trans women could have perpetuated it, as men are very boring and autistic with how they go about their 'drama' and whatever
Spoiler, you are a boring pathetic man. look at you holding onto some pathetic sekrit about OG admin being a thirsty shoe0nhead orbiter loser just like you.

No. 14870

File: 1588970660896.png (88.47 KB, 1525x562, Screenshot_2020-05-08 r9k - P…)

kek he's been larping as nurse for a minute

No. 14871

Jesus, the quality of this site and the trash that inhabits it becomes worse every day.

At this point you'd have to ban over two-thirds of your userbase to undo the cancer.

No. 14872

Please do something about the current unsaged, newfag troon posting across all boards.

No. 14873

This ratchet man in a dress legitimately thought he was all slick coming here flaunting about how "he knows the super secret admin drama" when literally everyone who wasn't born yesterday knows about Ian putting up lolcow to be a honeypot for shoeonhead. Even bragging about pissing off null when it's probably the easiest fucking thing to do in the world and there isn't a cow alive who hasn't had beef with that piece of autism.

Get out swami, you're literally the male equivalent of spoony.

No. 14874

Can we please have another Hellweek? TBH you guys should do it once a month because this shit is getting bad.

No. 14878

lmao, this is the site admin deserves

No. 14880

lol not me, but i'll take the years for them so they may continue :)(:))

No. 14885

Major cowtipper situation in the Amanda Bret thread on /snow/. Anon claims she/he contacted the family and sent them a lolcow link.

No. 14886

were you friends with someone who went by the name ophelia?

No. 14900


No. 14901


No. 14903

Can somebody take a look on the newest venus thread? The newfags shit everything up and it's unreadable.

No. 14904

So in the confession thread on ot what counts as "commentary"? Because I just went there and there's a ton of comments that aren't confessions or are you only banning disagreeing "commentary" there?

No. 14905

I agree, it should be put on autosage, we can't report every single post.

No. 14907

At this point, I don't understand why Venus even has a thread on this site if it's so full of people defending her. It is causing a lot of infighting for people who come to her thread to a laugh at her.. because she is a cow and she is featured on lolcow.

No. 14908

Having different opinions doesn't make everyone a WK. Threads are made for discussion, not getting mad and derailing about how much you think she is a pedo because of a meme everyone knows. Not everything posted in the thread needs to be a constant teardown and drag but that also doesn't mean that if they are't doing that they are WKing because you don't agree.

No. 14909

that thread is a mess, now someone is writing a novel anout some girl that kinda maybe is like penus lmao wtf

No. 14911

a mod is needed to clear up the spam in /g/, i've been reporting it

No. 14914

There was a massive spamfest that lasted throughout the evening, this individual exploited TOR to do so. Due to the overwhelming amoung of newfags and bored spammers we've decided to ban TORposting for the time being. Apologies to any well behaved TOR posters, but it's easier on the moderation team since we can't be awake 24 hours of the day in case there's any more gore and scat posted. Anons are still free and able to use VPNs, hopefully the corona hysteria will subside in a few weeks. A big thank you to all the anons reporting spam and obvious newfaggotry,

Edit: a link will be posted here 1 hour before the townhall

No. 14915

can we get rid of the hellweek banner? it was over a month ago

No. 14916

Thank you admin!

No. 14917

Why are mods banning people from just making fun of racist anons on ot? Wasn't the issue supposed to be race baiting?
Why is it bad to call out someone saying they want to be racist and not being criticized for it?

At least put 'taking the bait' or something as the reason for the ban.

Meanwhile mods leave red text shitposts on the kpop thread.

Great standards, not biased at all.

No. 14919

A mod is very much needed for Marilyn Manson thread. One of his victims came to the thread and we are experiencing a little bit of a clusterfuck.
Thank you

No. 14920

Been trying to get voice verified on the discord for hours now when there’s 100+ people online, I need a mod please

No. 14921

Did you @ the mods on the server or DM personally? They wont just come to you in the chats.

No. 14922

I can only see the #sex-relationships channel but can’t see any of the messages, can’t write anything, can’t @ any mods so I can’t let anyone know I’m waiting, which I definitely tried to see if I could let anyone know I wanted to be verified. When I click on the server I’m basically stuck with no way to contact anyone

No. 14923

Did you @ the channel to get posting privileges in the whole discord? Read pins

No. 14924

oh wow my bad. i forget the bot when you first join the discord DM'd me and that's how you get verified and get any access. thank you anyway lol

No. 14925

Can the mods do something about constant 'YOURE A WK' derailing in the fucking threads when people are just trying to discuss and not defend topics? This screeching is so fucking tiresome. Its like there is an influx of people demanding only dragging of cows and you're not allowed to be biased or disagree with anything they say.

No. 14926

Added question: Can we report these as derailing when the whole post is just sperging out about how you are bad for not agreeing and you're a WK and how dare you not think the same as me posts? Its like you cant have an actual discussion about any cows anymore because the newfags here would rather fly off the rails with shitty tinfoil and nitpicking photos for nonexistent milk just to bump threads. If you call them out they screech 'WK WK WK'.

No. 14927

Many people come here to drag cows. Sure you can "discuss" them but cows don't end up here for no reason. If you keep posting stuff that paints a cow in a positive light, you should probably expect pushback.

No. 14928

Theres a difference between painting them in a positive light and praising them and then having a different opinion and view on something that isn't tinfoiling into nonsense about nitpicked bullshit and getting and getting mad when someone doesn't agree and they derail with posts demanding you're a whiteknight. The threads are littered with unsaged 'youre just a wk because you don't agree with my deep tinfoil and saying that xyz is pedo because of this minuscule detail'.

Its not actual productive to the thread.

No. 14930

Can the Luna Sobieski thread in /snow/ be autosaged? I feel it's all self-posts. She has no milk and has been caught self-posting before. The thread seems to have a non-saged post when it hits page 2 or 3 the past few days.

No. 14931

Yes seriously, I've been following this thread since the start and it's full of the same people posting at each other and it's insanely hard to follow because nothing of substance is actually being posted. It's full of samefags I swear. Can't tell if it's lindsay and the other person just posting at each other but it's cancerous as fuck.

No. 14932

If this is regarding the confessions thread then read the OP.

No. 14933

A mod needs to come and tell these dumbasses top stop demanding Venus is a pedo and pedo pandering? Saying an adult with facetune looks like a 2-year-old. Holy shit the derailing is ridiculous! Also now we have some fucktard uploading gore >>>/w/93091

No. 14934

There's been a lot of race baiting in the kpop thread for the past week now and I've tired reporting some but it's just too much. It's the weird kboos arguing about black people and how only Asians can be uwu idols again and that conversation always goes left very quickly

No. 14935

Admin should just delete the Venus thread altogether, it's been sad and pathetic for years on end. Let the cow out of its misery.

No. 14936

Can we report any posts only posting to say 'whiteknight' when no one agrees with them or when they're bullshit gets called out and contradicted by other posts in the thread or proof from other sources? It's so derailing and they get mad when their tinfoiling is shut down and then they scream WK because of it. Is this something mods even care about as it involves thread quality?

No. 14937

File: 1589487679046.jpeg (132.41 KB, 750x926, C9EB2590-57FA-4820-B084-EF2D2F…)

It’s not hi troon jesus christ it just sounds like troon logic to wanna be harassed
Your vendetta is fucking pathetic

No. 14938

Sounds like this was warranted. Look at your comment even. You are baiting.

No. 14939

Baiting whom?? If I said it was femcel logic no one would bat an eye. No one batted an eye at this comment even. Just become a tranny hug box already.

No. 14940

You completely sound like you are trying to infight by baiting with insults. Its 3 days. Just wait it out. Your comment alone here makes sense you'd get a flag.

No. 14941

Also from >>14940 it'll probably get extended now because you are outting yourself ban evading.

No. 14942

Ok bootlicker obviously you have reading comprehension disability because I’m only banned from one board. Anyway I’m waiting for these alleged racebait and male genocide posts I’ve been accused of making.

No. 14943

can we warn newfags who post an unrelated image to either try to be attention catching or because they think they have to? i know it's not avatarfagging but it calls attention to them.

No. 14944

You mean when they drop an unrelated photo for the 'ha' of it with commentary in hopes that the images stays up even though is has nothing to do with the topic? I've seen so many people throw images up as reactions over and over with minuscule commentary added to it to make it pass. It is annoying because then you have to scroll past all this bullshit.

No. 14945

yes, that's exactly what i mean.

No. 14946

I'm seconding this too then. This isn't a chatroom where people need to see a pictured idea of how you feel about something. Comparing photos I think is fine, but it's as bad as people spamming 'no fun allowed' signage when they get told to stfu for derailing and tinfoiling off the face of the earth or when they get banned.

No. 14947

I second this, I also feel like people infighting about whitenighting would happen less if there was slightly more enforcement against people posting non-cows who barely have any milk here. I feel like because these people are not really that cowish there’s a larger portion of people who are inclined to defend them whereas back when most of the people posted here were actually cows there was less infighting over whitenighting

No. 14948

The nitpicking to create milk with these cows is crazy too. We have so many threads in /w/ and /snow/ that feature one cow specifically when all they do can be thrown into a photoshop thread or a cringe thread. Its like the people who took that Venus shopped out all her wrinkles and suddenly people are screaming she's trying to appeal to pedophiles. Venus is a bad example as she deserves a thread, though. But that's the type of nitpicking and then making 30 posts on top of it about how this is edited. No shit it's edited

No. 14949

I totally agree, I think people are just posting any public figure they want to discuss even if they aren’t cowish in anyway and then nitpicking the most mundane things - you cant even report it because it would be essentially every post.

No. 14950

And they add just enough to skip by the report by putting in something actually related to the topic even if 90% of the post has nothing to do with it. The anons think we don't know what they are doing, but they make it very obvious, but I don't know if the admins care or if this is just too stupid to care about. In general I think this degrades threads and should be reported under 'spam' or 'nitpicking vendetta' and should be redtexted more often to show what posts like these fall under to make it clear that its honestly shitposting with 10% thrown in to be relevant.

No. 14951

The previous racebaiting and pp sperging isn't apart of the current "hi cow"/ "hi troon" ban, it was noted in your ban history. So you should know better than "hi troon" since you've gotten similar bans before.
It is true you're only banned from /ot/ for anons wondering.
There are thread guidelines in the rules page. If you disagree with a thread it's effective to report it as opposed to infighting in the thread.

No. 14952

I know it's a meme at this point, but the Kpop threads lured way more Twitterfags here than PP/GC ever did.

Also I'm sick of seeing smug little Kpop chodes with stupid haircuts on the homepage.

No. 14953

This is completely normal image board culture?

No. 14954

Yes but lc is basically Twitter 2.0 at this point and the twitterfags don't like imageboard culture so it must go!

No. 14955

apparently reaction images are now a foreign concept

No. 14956

Not saying they should or shouldn't be but reaction images or 'low quality images' have been against the rules since day one, I think posting them used to actually get you banned back in the early days if I remember correctly. It isn't a new thing because of twitter users.

No. 14957

Some newfag is necroing an old GC thread in /ot/. Pretty sure they're also samefagging.

No. 14958

no, retard, using reaction images isn't the problem.

No. 14959

Seriously. It's the spamming of them in some threads where a reaction image to your 'LOL what a bitch this whore deserves this' posts that go along with it every 10 or so. Especially if you disagree with the one anon who wants to reee the fuck out and drop these without adding any value to the thread as if this were some chatroom. No one is saying you can't use reaction images. Anons are saying the spam of them without any value just to infight or bait or dictate how you feel just to post it and clutter up a thread is the issue.

No. 14960

lc isn't that deep.

No. 14961

You're not in the right threads where it turns into a sperg fest between two anons literally replying nothing to each other besides insults and kek with shitty reaction images to go with it.

No. 14962

>isn't that deep
it's not deep enough to have shitposters and trolls???

No. 14963

Do you not know how imageboards work

No. 14964

you obviously don't. image boards ban that kind of spammy attention grabbing shit. also i'm pretty sure on lolcow using an image negates sage and bumps the thread anyway still (though i could be wrong).

No. 14965

This isn't like 4chan where you need to add an image to how you feel at all times without adding any contribution to a thread.

No. 14966

is /s allowed? it's very reddity

No. 14967

no it doesn’t so you really don’t know what you’re talking about kek

No. 14968

lmao, do you? the backend of this hasn't been updated in years. that used to and still may be the default.

No. 14969

NTA but current admin updated a lot of things when they came onboard, IIRC. eg. /PT/ was stuck in infinite auto-sage prior with some gimmicky coding that was annoying for them to fix, or some shit. I don't really remember the details

unrelated, but what the fuck is with all the retards sperging 'twitterfags!' lately? (for the record, I've never used twitter or anything other than chan-based image boards for online chatting, to be blunt, so I'm a bit out of the loop there)

No. 14970

Because so many cows have been cowtipped by linking them to their threads on Twitter and K-pop spergs can't fucking stop sharing screenshots of their thread on their twitter profile we've gotten a surge of spergy newfag twitter users who haven't integrated to the board culture, i.e. twitterfags. They're usually a 2020 rehash of tumblrinas who migrated to twitter after tumblr went tits up.

No. 14971

I think anon's point is it's standard for image boards to have images negate sage initially so >>14967 is really outing themselves rn.

No. 14972

>outing themselves
how though? this hasn't been the case for lc in years

No. 14973

They mean being a newfag

No. 14974

i get that but don't see how it's that obvious an out

No. 14975

Is this website still run by a TRA who won't let us criticize trannies, but is fine with general cis-man hate?

No. 14976

Because it derails way more than man hate and you idiots only use those terms to insult others who don't agree with you most of the time. So yeah, hopefully.

No. 14977

You mean like how the term TERF and radfem gets thrown around?

Great to see that lolcow, a primarily female-oriented space, is going to get completely overrun by men pretending to be women.

No. 14978

dude shut up you have an imageboard of your own

No. 14979

I rest my case, lol.

No. 14980

doesnt everyone get tired of having this discussion on a weekly basis?

No. 14981

That's when their bans are up probably.

No. 14982

Lmao my sides

I'm waiting for the admin labeled posts showing both sides are samefag. Please let it be true

No. 14983

Why would it be the case

No. 14984

Anon, assumes that there can't be other oldfags who feel this way.

No. 14985

There has been a lot of MH spergs lately in /g/ and /ot/

No. 14986

I don't care about this topic what-so-ever, it'd just be fucking hilarious to turn out like that.

No. 14987

Tbh it did happen before, and it was a radfem pretending to be a scrote lmao

No. 14988

Why is it that every time someone posts a long dump of pics, the number of posts in the front page gets smaller?

No. 14989

Don't start with this awkward false-flagging shit again. At this point everyone knows that there are people intentionally stirring shit on /meta/ with the "admin is a troon!!!11" baiting to force all criticism of trannies out off the site because of muh evil terves infighting and derailing.

No. 14990

lmao that's comedic gold. outted samefagging has to be my favorite kind of mini-cow

No. 14991

It wasn't even radfem pretending to be a scrote, iirc it was ham-chan pretending to be a radfem and a scrote sperging out at each other.

No. 14992

The plot …….. Thickens

(I'll see myself out)

No. 14994

i appreciate your pun, ma'am

i think it happened more than once

No. 14995

White knights are arguing that discussion of the Wachowskis in the celebcow thread is gender critical shit when the freaks are bonafide beef and milky as shit.

No. 14996

Bring pink pill back

No. 14997

radfem or false flagger, shut the fuck up

No. 14998

Can a mod please kick out the Gender-crit from the Celebcow thread? They're shitting it up by bring in stale milk over the Wachowskis when the original post that started their tirade was new milk on Musk/Grimes.

No. 14999


Stop white knighting the BDSM freaks.

No. 15000

How is it gendercrit when they are posting about celebrities being cows? Then being trans is just part of it because they are dating some BDSM queen. It's not like the content is just haha they're troons!

No. 15001

That’s not what’s being discussed in the thread though and the only cowish things that have been brought up would only seem milky to you if you’re gender critical so it’s probably better they’re discussed somewhere specifically for gender critical discussion because people are just bringing up years old milk and sperging about trans people, the posts almost exclusively are ‘haha they’re troons’ and it’s repetitive and derailing and always leads to infighting

No. 15002

Nigga what, Larry is a huge fucking cow and his trans status is a big part of it. He essentially started living out his sissyfication fantasy irl that a BDSM queen introduced him to. He forces extremely cringey troon commentary into his work such as his self-insert in sense8 being caped for by a ~strong black wommyn~ against the ~evil lesbian terves~ complete with a sex scene of her fucking the tranny with a rainbow strapon. Everything about him is an insane AGP having delusions and any person who has a brain cell left realizes it's not GC sperging to laugh at him for it. The discussion was initiated by laughing at his fetish lifestyle and blatant racism and then some butthurt anon starts having a spergout about muh GC discussion derailing. Cope.

No. 15003

Someone being trans, being into bdsm, being an ‘AGP’, terfs ect are topics that are only interesting and cowish to gender critical people, especially when these are extremely old topics that are being dragged up, it’s not new celebrity gossip which is what the thread is actually used for, it’s people posting years old ‘milk’ and then going on a gender critical rant about it that is completely irrelevant to the thread, what I’m saying if the topic is only going to seem milky to someone interested in gender critical politics (if you have to use terms like TERF and AGP to describe it that’s probably a pretty good sign) then it would be better suited to a thread specifically regarding gender critical topics because that’s what it is

No. 15004

NTAYRT. Those guys aren't interesting/milky to you? Thats all par for the course to you? Wild.

No. 15005

>porn addicted cumbrain sissyfication trannies are not milky to anyone but GC spergs
>it's not relevant even though the tranny brothers are constantly creating new content to masturbate over
Anon what the fuck are you on

No. 15006

Because trooning is co-morbid with a lot of personality disorders and paraphilias, a lot of troons happen to be cows for reasons that go beyond their gender identity. You can laugh at troon cows without being GC. Just look at Kiwifarms lol.

No. 15007

Are you fucking serious? The Wachowskis are a joke in every movie circlejerk due to being freaks that want to shove their BDSM sissy fetish in everything they make, the producers had to step in for them to not add trans bdsm shit to the first matrix.

Its not a GC topic, im not GC, everyone laughed and/or was pissed at that Sense8 transbian fiasco, same will happen with the new Matrix.

No. 15008

It's textbook cow behavior and was in the tabloids in the 90s.

No. 15009

Ok but this is what I’m saying it’s not the 90’s, that was thirty years ago. All kinds of things were tabloid news in the 90’s that aren’t interesting how. The problem more is that the posts are old milk. I don’t care about someone posting about trans people who are cows at all but if them being trans is ‘a big part of what makes them a cow’ like the person I was responding to said then that isn’t in itself really milk or interesting outside of gc circles

No. 15010

Just drop it already. Celeb cows are being discussed in the celebcows thread, they happen to be trans and huge creeps, they're still producing content. Scroll down or hide the thread if it bothers you so much that they're being discussed.

No. 15011

Could the mods fucking ban this numbskull already. This is ridiculous, the Wachowskis are universally recognized as coomer nutcases and their obsessive pornsickness is the fucking reason they trooned out to begin with, they're still creating shitty content so they're clearly relevant. How the fuck do you come to /meta/ to cry about derailing when you start picking up a fight in the thread yourself just because your personal values were hurt and then try to come up with bullshit excuses about how a-actually i-it's just because t-they're not m-m-milky!!

No. 15012

pull users are trashing the in /w/ UK weeb thread. Its been off topic for hours, with debating among themselves if or if not mikan is wking herself. to the point their begging for Ip doxing. I get that they like cow tipping there but its annoying.

No. 15013

It should be a bannable offense to claim that someone's samefagging instead of just reporting

No. 15015

File: 1590160977009.png (58.67 KB, 780x1023, townhall.png)

Poll results from today's townhall. The next hellweek is scheduled for the week of June 14th. Changes for the updated server were voted on and anons gave their preferences for the themes I would prioritize porting over the next few weeks.

No. 15016

did i miss something or was the townhall banner up for only a few hours? would've attended if i'd known about it

No. 15017

i missed this too, but i'm glad with the poll results. i think the /sno/w/ re-merger is a welcome change. /w/ only has a few active threads on it and there was a ton of grey areas.

No. 15018

Didn't know there was going to be a town hall, guessing a lot of users didn't know since the voting turnout was so small. Are people really wanting a captcha to post? Is there some context I'm missing because I can't imagine anyone would actually be in favor of that.

No. 15019

someone was spamming nsfw pics twice this week

No. 15020

If there's going to be a captcha, please add one without JS

No. 15021

It was up a day or two. I think people got so used to the hellweek banner that they didn't even notice it changed to that.

No. 15022

Can we ban the same spammer that keeps shitting up clare buley's thread?

No. 15023

I agree

No. 15024

What's the deal with the frivolous and incorrect bans in the dolly mattel thread? There seem to be newfags among the farmhands

No. 15025

there's a white knight sperging in shoe0nhead's thread and an incel sperging in the femcel thread

No. 15026


No. 15027

People taking moid bait in lilith levisis thread

No. 15028

>not even 20 votes
Why are polls not open to general populace?

No. 15029

to prevent random people coming in and voting. townhall was there and it was poorly advertised but it's the best way to do it. if you want to vote you have to register to vote and you do that by just clicking a link and going to a town hall

No. 15030

If registering to vote is so easy why limited it to some tiny window of town hall? Not everyone is in american time zone. I don’t see how that is going to prevent outsiders and repeated votes anyway.

No. 15031

i'm not in american time zone either, the announcement is for gmt so that's redundant. you missed it, just be there next time and show commitment if you want it changed so bad

No. 15032

So when will yall ban the lowercase samefag that spergs up every single thread?

No. 15033

there are at least 2 different people

No. 15034

cp in /g/

No. 15035

It's still up, wtf mods?

No. 15036

File: 1590366611664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.02 KB, 750x433, 0FE31709-9AD4-401A-B7A3-EA1642…)

There’s a suspicious Brittany Venti whiteknight in the shoeonhead thread. No farmer would defend goblina this much, it’s most certainly Venti

No. 15037

i dunno, it's saged, it's probably just bait

No. 15038

Something need to be done about the Lilith Levisis thread. It's hands down one of the worst threads of this site and it a breeding ground of coomers.

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