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No. 90146

We have a husbando and waifu thread, also a ship thread, but what about characters you absolutely despise?

No. 90152

File: 1589927419231.png (525.31 KB, 1000x556, pogw4d5bohlz3mr3uf02.png)

Ill start,

Chloe Price from life is strange, she's a spoiled little shit who blames everyone but her for the problems in her life, a toxic friend to max even bordering on abusive considering all the manipulative shit she pulls, she ruined the whole game for me.

LiS would've been so much better if it had "routes" and we could hang out with anyone else aside from Chloe.

No. 90158

File: 1589928014313.jpg (52.89 KB, 800x450, final-fantasy-7-remake-roche-1…)

get your 3rd class ass out of my way you fucking idiot

No. 90160

im ready to throw hands when someone posts my faves

No. 90166

I cannot fucking stand Chloe. She's clearly supposed to be reminiscent of that badass, troubled older girl that you looked up to or crushed on when you were younger and instead she just reminds me of that annoying girl in my sophomore year shop class who used to shoplift from the Dollar Store and wear tails to school. It's too bad, I always go back to LiS for nostalgia purposes and just wind up irritated during any prolonged Chloe-related sections.

No. 90169

File: 1589929497647.jpg (323.16 KB, 350x568, 9gW3q5c.jpg)

Bless the anon who made this thread.

I got recomended Elfen Lied a few years ago, and goddammit I hated Lucy so much. I get that while she is without her memories is meant to be cute but it got annoying so fast. And her whole backstory didn't make her any more likeable.

She just killed the protagonist family out of the blue and many years later she just goes "Oh, I'm sowwy I killed youw famiwy, let's kiss UwU". I just hate when people say that the kids that killed her dog deserved to die and they are the most awful characters on the series when Lucy is far worse but she is all UwU did nothing wrong.

No. 90174


Exactly the same for me, im so nostalgic for the school segments of LiS where you interact with Kate, Victoria, Nathan and Warren, but after ep 2 the game just shoves Chloe down your throat and she gets even more annoying.

No. 90178

File: 1589933216734.png (4.88 KB, 214x270, Gamzee_Makara.png)

It's been almost a decade since I was in this fandom, bit when I think of characters I hate, this is the first one to come to mind. He's a lame 2edgy4me character that all the 12 year olds and stoners obsessed over. Literally has no personality besides "stoner" and "homicidal maniac." Like the comic had so many decent characters, why did retards keep picking shitclown as their favorite.

No. 90180

File: 1589933762906.jpg (68.68 KB, 1280x720, bitch ass motherfucker.jpg)

bitch ass motherfucker

No. 90181

File: 1589933868218.jpg (31.02 KB, 500x353, b8bef05ad75631bdef5f7a1570771d…)

This thread might as well have been made for this little twat.

Here's the thing: Tumblrinas hate him because he sexually harasses people. But I hate him because he has literally no redeeming qualities and is generally useless. A character being whiny or perverted is one thing, but if they have literally no other qualities, it's a fucking problem. His English voice is like nails on a chalkboard. He's completely selfish– he isn't becoming a hero to protect people like everyone else is. He's just wants to be a hero to get women. The show constantly calls Bakugou out for his selfish motivation to become a hero, (as it should) but no one bats at eye at how selfish Mineta is. I also just hate his design. It doesn't gel at all with the other characters. His only purpose is comic relief, but he's not funny, so he's just a waste of time.

No. 90183

i find it refreshing that most or some heroes have selfish desire rather than wanting to help people since I find it realistic, in a way. There's already an abundant amount of characters being introduced in mha but i dont get why he's there when he doesn't contribute to the show other than being bashed left and right by everyone else. he's not funny, i think he's just to get hated. he's not hated in a good way but utterly disgusted and revolted by many

No. 90184

So are you trying to make the point that you don't hate the fact he sexually harasses people?
Lol for real tho, I hate him too, I get it that shonen needs it's comic relief but characters like Aoyama would do just fine, this this is just bad.
Also how tf he made it to the 1-A class with his waste of a quirk while for example quirk-copying dude from 1-B didn't? U.A. high school is a joke

No. 90187

File: 1589935272156.png (450.16 KB, 1136x640, 6921d491df86cb8400977cbcbefce5…)

i don't see his appeal and his song was cringey. at least miyano mamuro was his seiyuu? but i like he doesn't have a lot of screen time. he probably loves himself more than his own wife, idk.

No. 90189

File: 1589935571521.png (805.64 KB, 1366x718, 0ceea5ecdae971979a7f06e9112c47…)

Agreed. Also, I really hated Christophe.

No. 90190

my theory is that he was the beacon to all edgelord 13 yr old fans who think that becoming a BDSM clown can be an actual life goal (seriously, have you seen the godawfully weird fan art?)

i cant decide which i hate more: this fucker or the laryngitis sounding twits who think mimicking the sound of a suffocating gerbil constitutes a decent voice for the dragon lawyer character

No. 90191

oh, while i don't hate christophe. i want to know your reasons, anon. I'm curious.

No. 90195

Something about his design bothers me. I know he's supposed to be this sexual, pretty boy character but I would really prefer either the lashes OR the beard. It looks so off to me, lol.

No. 90198

ah, cool. I understand, lol.

No. 90199

File: 1589936698021.jpg (89.49 KB, 1280x720, nico.jpg)

The nico nico nii thing is obnoxious and her character is unlikable.

No. 90201

everyone in love live first season (or whatever you call it) is unlikable.

No. 90213

You're not wrong.

No. 90218

File: 1589940742093.jpg (117.37 KB, 1920x1090, Jungle_Moon_162.jpg)

I don't even care about what her fans say, but she's literally the reason SU went to shit, either because of her unnecessarily chaotic personality or because she's the only thing the series cares about as if there's no plot to focus on. I don't hate her because she has """flaws""", I hate her because she's useless, selfish and an overall dumbass with anger issues who is nothing but a living plot device plus it makes no sense that everyone in the series (excepting Steven) seems to react so mildly towards her actions.

No. 90220

File: 1589941233134.jpeg (116.72 KB, 600x720, FD0BCF26-162D-4463-B36C-38D44B…)

I have a love/hate relationship with this bitch, it's mostly hate though

Eren is funny to talk about freedom this freedom that when he absolutely refuses to see things from another perspective except from his only

No. 90221

Also sorry but

I am still so fucking salty that he had the NERVE to say to Armin that he's a traitor because he ate Bert and "Bert is fucking with his mind" but then we have THIS HOMEBOY here who has like 3-4 titans in himself like fuck you Eren

No. 90227

File: 1589942806427.jpg (36.47 KB, 500x500, de92cc86930e6068565e30951559aa…)

No. 90237


ponytail eren is def top 3 hot AOT guys for me

No. 90238

That is also true

No. 90239

Chloe price was such a dissapontmentfor me bc I tought we would get a badass bucth but we only got a whiny little prick who wanted everyone to feel sorry for her. Also her step father wasnt even that bad

No. 90240

File: 1589945217931.png (245.99 KB, 300x434, BTCG-Griffith_Holding_Sabre-OI…)

I hope this piece of shit die in the most painful way possible. I've never felt such strong hatred towards any character besides him.

No. 90241

File: 1589945286856.jpg (185.89 KB, 640x882, TzxIi2mU98iYEcbgrSPPyxX1UN0sjt…)

They all should burn tbh

No. 90242

Even tho its shitty that david slapped her she was literally using illegal drugs in his wife’s home, Associating with criminals, disrespecting both him and her mother, all while living off their money.
And prior to that David’s only crimes against Chloe were marrying her mom and having a stereotypical macho guy personality (she was just pissed that her mom moved on but she didn’t) and trying to impose rules in his house since Joyce is kind of a doormat to Chloe.

No. 90298

File: 1589947782811.jpg (10.65 KB, 300x196, f2e76720251b3c69d49d1bec5891d7…)

I've decided to rewatch the series and I'm pretty sure I'll always hate her.

No. 90312

David wasn't justified in slapping her but she was a grown adult when it happened, Chloe Defenders act like it's child abuse when she's literally a grown adult, living in his house for free, breaking all his rules, and refusing to work or go to school, all while racking up debt. She literally goads him into it by mocking his ptsd.

No. 90320

File: 1589950784366.png (488.54 KB, 789x702, moonslut.png)

I have literally never hated a character like I hate them.

I don't mind selfish characters and I don't mind stupid characters. But to be both so incredibly selfish AND willfully ignorant/stupid? To throw away everyone & everything in your past for mindless hedonism? I absolutely fucking loathe this fucking cunt. I hope this bitch gets thrown in the fucking gem grinder, I hate how they've NEVER had to suffer

No. 90333

File: 1589954034955.jpg (54.52 KB, 535x330, Emma_Peter_Season_6.jpg)

never going to understand why manny didn't toss her bitch ass to the curb

No. 90335

File: 1589954267709.png (308.76 KB, 500x500, EVdA369UMAAFAKb.png)

Jessie in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

I hated almost every time she talked in the game. The constant "fun & quirky" shtick gets old so quick and makes most of her lines completely obnoxious (it doesn't help that her voice is the same as Futaba from Persona 5).

& then you're meant to feel sad when she dies but it's literally her inability to just shut up that gets her killed.

No. 90336

File: 1589955615207.png (81.9 KB, 200x227, 98285875-6C2C-4B30-B3F8-1E31C2…)

this ugly fuckface. such a typical edgelord with no semblance of an interesting backstory or personality, I cannot believe how many people consider a character this boring to be "good" lmao

No. 90343

FINALLY SOMEBODY THAT GETS IT! and they used to be such a better character too

No. 90345

File: 1589958624928.jpg (665.56 KB, 2000x2963, 5a100d9d578916fd9f10a146873315…)

i hated dawn summers. she's so annoying.

this was the first character i thought of when i saw this post as well. everyone i know who played the game loved her and i don't get it.

No. 90347

File: 1589959269568.jpg (394.28 KB, 1270x1560, Sayaka_magical_outfit_1.jpg)

i love both of these shit lords. suzaku adds depth to the story and it makes the ending even more satisfying.
izaya is an irredeemable piece of shit but i still really love him.

no man is worth selling your sell for though. especially when she doesnt even bother telling him she loves him. her character arc frustrated me even though it made for a good tragic story because i can imagine someone irl pulling the dumb shit she did.

No. 90348

File: 1589960361323.jpg (22.57 KB, 300x450, bakugou.jpg)

I hate this little shit. The fact that the fandom loves him because he is edgy, tsundere or whatever makes me hate him even more. He was coddled and treated like a special genius snowflake his whole life, there's no history of trauma or abuse any other reason to justify him being the shit bully he is.

He's just that entitled and the show doesn't hold him accountable for his actions nearly enough. Him facing the fact that he isn't that special should be a lot more humbling, but he is still just an one dimensional prick.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can't enjoy asshole characters, I just prefer the ones that have layers and decent development.

No. 90349

Okay, I love Izaya but the photo you attached is so fucking funny.

No. 90350

File: 1589960602403.jpg (72.42 KB, 734x406, so mad.jpg)

i feel like you'll love the #anti bakugou tag on tumblr lol the majority of the fandom loves him but there are also legit hateblogs dedicated to him

No. 90352

Thanks anon, I'm checking the tag out, some of these rants are too funny lol

No. 90353

Sayaka pissed me off so much. That's all I have to say for it.

Those hateblogs are fucking nuts with the lengths they go with hating a fictional character, especially when they start attacking everyone who actually likes the character for whatever retarded woke reason they came up with. Just say you don't like the character and that's it, there's no need to make up some bullshit debate about ethics and moral around it

No. 90354

File: 1589961577944.jpg (43.18 KB, 500x354, calmdown.jpg)

I hate Bakugou but I wouldn't go as far as writing a whole essay about it. It's funny to me how people can get so pissy over a cartoon character

No. 90356

File: 1589961996585.png (311.27 KB, 1280x720, 6b77dcd2-6bb9-4eeb-b09f-9a45fa…)

Back when I was into reading and watching any sort of shit, I started reading SAO light novel when ALO arc got fully released, and God, I still despise this Mary Sue-looking fanservice character bitch.

She is nothing but a stupid fanservice character who appears to have fallen in love with MC, her own cousin, and would always be fucking whining about it like a spoiled brat because he doesn't love her back. During whole book she would always be screeching his name and making sure she's there, all uwu i love u onii-chan.
Terrible character with terribly generic design. I don't know how can people even like her? She was also insufferable in anime, too.

Name is Leafa / Suguha.

No. 90358

File: 1589962689174.png (185.22 KB, 340x340, Shiemi_PP.png)

This fucking bitch from Blue Exorcist. I remember how much she annoyed me when I first watched it so many years ago and I still get annoyed when I look at her face. She's so fucking useless. I hate those cutesy dumb female characters who have no personality except for being the MC's good looking love interest and she's the epitome of it. [insert her dumb fucking whiny almost-hentai voice in here] "R-Rin!" Like no please go kill yourself Shiemi you dumb useless bitch. You are a bimbo. A dumb one. A retarded one. Bimbo. B i m b o. They honestly should've left her crippled up in that garden when they first met her and not turn her into one of the main cast. Should've maybe smashed her feet with hammers too. I hate this dumb bitch. Literally contributes absolutely nothing to the story line except for being Rin's pretty cocksleeve. Go die Shiemi.

I sound like those Bakugou hate blogs but I really needed to get the anger from 15 year old me out.

No. 90359

File: 1589962766966.jpg (58.94 KB, 640x828, ae233f2aa9f53a0b3f7d85593cc001…)

this 'sensitive' fuckboy

No. 90360

File: 1589962853448.jpg (37.89 KB, 450x417, whore.jpg)

I hate Takumi so fucking much that it's been over 10 years since I read the last volume of Nana and I still randomly think about how much of a disgusting whore he was. I wish Yazawa will finally end the manga some day so we can see how Hachi divorced him.

>he probably loves himself more than his own wife, idk.
This dude has a tramp stamp, I already surprised he has a fiancée/wife in the first place. I think his appeal is that he's so cringey and so embarrassing to look at that he goes back to being kinda likable in a way. I don't like him but I think he has hilarious scenes. Otabek deserved the bronze medal way more than JJ though.

No. 90361

File: 1589963081446.png (299.71 KB, 655x442, 2442.png)

These two mentally ill bitches ruined every single thing

No. 90362

File: 1589963187971.png (Spoiler Image, 33.19 KB, 303x303, sg-p5r-kasumi-yoshizawa-charac…)

Agree, I have characters that I absolutely loathe, even seeing them pisses me off. But actually going into some super deep depth overanalyzing everything there is to the character and attacking their fans for being ~problematic~ is fucking bonkers. Like I don't really even care about MHA and I'm only using this as an example because it was brought up but I'm guessing Bakugo's shitty behavior is played for the overblown cartoony comedic value and to create contrast between him and Deku's personality, not to portray some super duper deep abusive tangled web of underlying personality disorders. It's not a real person you can conduct a psychological analysis on to begin with.

To contribute to the thread, I can't actually come up with a character that I actively hate to the point I'd be invested enough to bring it up, but in general I can't stand characters that get pampered by the story, never have to face consequences, always get played as the victim and the other characters around them constantly use their energy to gush about how great and amazing they are, especially when they're not the main character who's likely doing something to deserve such treatment. Their story always features a lazily written deus ex machina move that's supposed to render them "important to the story". Their only character flaw centers around them doing something awful and the instant resolve being everyone gathering around to pat them on the back. 5 times out of 5 it's a waifu marysue the writer obviously either had the hots for or alternatively self-inserted into, and wanted to shoehorn into the story no matter how awkward it turns out to be. Actually you know what, pic related.

No. 90367

>pic related
I haven't finished P5 vanilla and don't want to play P5R in particular. But from spoilers I've read and seen I know at best I won't care about her.

I don't why anytime Atlus releases a remaster or remake of their SMT games, they almost ALWAYS add a cutesy fanservice poster girl with her own shoehorned storyline where all the main characters seem to care so much for her and she wants to fuck you, the main character. The exceptions where these new characters are actually ok are when they added Dante to SMT Nocturne and Raidou in the Maniax edition of SMT3, and when they decided to make SMT4 Apocalypse a proper sequel and Nanashi/Akira the main character instead of just making a deluxe edition of SMT4 with a badly shoehorned fanservice version of Akira. And maybe Rin in Catherine Fullbody but I haven't played that one yet and I don't want to spoil it for you guys.

No. 90370

honestly, if he doesn't have his jj song i would've dislike him less cause i got second hand embarrassment when hearing it for the first time. that, and his tattoo. true. otabek deserves better.

No. 90371

All scenes with her are fucking embarrassing and make me cringe due to how badly written she is and one of the most blatant examples of waifu pandering. It's no surprise that all the male fans are soiling their pants over her because she's so ~tender and sweet~ when she's like all the blandest Disney Princesses put into a blender with a slapped on low-effort tragic back story to make her ~deep~.

I don't hate her or anything, I'm just mad at how bad the writing on her is and what a wasted potential her character was. It's like they were forced to add a new waifu and out of spite they tried to make her as annoying as possible.

I also forgot to mention that literally her only flaw introduced up until the very last moments of the game is that "she's too perfect and everyone is jealous of her". God damn.

No. 90372

File: 1589964277160.jpeg (31.86 KB, 256x320, 822CD1F1-7785-468D-9314-A71B22…)

Mary Sue, watching the movie was like watching a really bad Wattpad fanfic.

No. 90374

File: 1589964538282.png (306.75 KB, 722x871, Marie.png)

>I'm just mad at how bad the writing on her is and what a wasted potential her character was
That's kinda how I felt over Marie in P4G except she didn't even have that much potential in the first place because her story is exactly Teddie's story except way less subtle and interesting since she barely interacts with the rest of the cast. And she looks horrible, literally bootleg Nana, which is weird because Soejima is usually good at drawing fashionable characters.

No. 90378

Atlus forgot how to make new characters so they took the design off Persona 3 Portable main char… So stupid. They could have just made a P3P remake instead of giving us a clone for fanservice.

No. 90386

believe me anon I kept all his ugly ass face pics because his lizard man expressions are the only thing I find to be amusing about him; otherwise he's just an overrated uninteresting garbage can, and not in a good way. the only redeeming part of izaya IS his sheer design ugliness

No. 90391

Never watched Durarara but his design is really the ugliest

No. 90392

File: 1589971275667.jpeg (34.72 KB, 400x400, F753AE4A-00F5-4BC1-953F-19E998…)

This stupid bitch made the show unwatchable

No. 90395

You are not alone. Few into the manga I was high key pissed at this waste of place as a main character. They don’t make Shojo stories like they used to.

No. 90396

File: 1589971871923.jpg (36.69 KB, 500x254, tumblr_p8614hbsPU1sun11co2_500…)

Dude Shinsou (mind control kid) should be in 1-A instead of purple diaper tard. I love his story– that he desperately wants to be a good person and a hero despite having a villainous quirk. Also his thing with Aizawa is really sweet.

I used to hate Bakugou. But he really takes his lumps later on in the story. I personally really like jerkass characters that learn to be better people. His arc is clearly about him learning to be less arrogant. Pic related is a good indicator that he's growing and learning.

No. 90400

I haven't finished P5R but jfc
I was hoping they wouldn't make her a Mary Sue but as far as I know she's already one. I'm trying really hard to like her but I just can't. They had to make her special in any way, she even gets her own scene in the fucking opening of the game while you can't see any of your other teammates, which is a pity because I really loved persona 5 for the characters and she's made to outshine them all. She's perfect, everyone either loves or is jealous of her, her awakening happens separately and of course it resembles a magical girl transformation, she doesn't join your team because gYmNAstiCs, her opinion are different because she's special.
And she's just a mixture of all the other female characters so she has no clear role in the story. Even design-whise she's just a copy of the protagonist, down to the color her design is based off of.
I'm enjoying the way they expanded the character interactions and added cool things to do, even the other new characters are nice, but she fits horribly into the story.
Alright rant over.

No. 90401

File: 1589972541464.png (20.74 KB, 343x512, unnamed.png)

He's so fucking overrated. I didn't originally hate him, but the fanbase made me hate him.

Also Death By Glamour is better than Megalovania.

No. 90415

They really don’t. I wanted to cry with the anime/manga but just couldn’t because she was absolutely awful and didn’t deserve either of the guys or her friends and tbh Suwa deserved much better. Also the friendship between suwa and naruse was far more interesting and moving then her romance with naruse.

No. 90418

File: 1589976339362.jpg (96.41 KB, 500x500, rin.jpg)

this faggot. sorry you suck at swimming bitch

No. 90419

File: 1589976449396.png (591.95 KB, 458x669, c7321a35f4832a15c0c56241dfb8c1…)

I hate Cullen. By Inquisition he's convinced himself that he's become a better person and atoned for his past but he hasn't and I hate that the narrative acts like he has.

fucking agreed, fuck this piece of shit.

No. 90426

File: 1589977300632.jpg (175.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Oh god if only they had switched Samson's and Cullen's roles, it wouldve fit their personalities such much better, but Cullenites were thristy since origins and EA has to make buck.

No. 90430

Sephiroth. Not going to post his smug face. OK his theme song is cool but otherwise, what an overrated villain.

No. 90435

>>90418 he has gotten better in s2, less of a douche. although sousuke immediately replaced him with the same "grr haru i hate you, gonna beat you in swimming" attitude. idk they keep bringing characters to size up with haru in each season though. However I only watched season 1 and 2 so my opinion doesn't stand much ground and I have only watched a few clips from the other seasons as well.

I kinda understand to have some sort of antagonist to battle haru with swimming like to spice it up with the drama on the sport but like… can't there be any conflict?

No. 90441

he was asshole for no reason. asking the only person that cared about him (nitori) to train with him after almost hitting him and beings rude to him since beginning won't do shit

No. 90442

Had she been the female MC I would have considered buying the game. Nothing will ever top P3P on the basis of this.

No. 90443

nta. but i agree and nitori is my fave character and to think he was treated like shet from someone he looked up to in terms of skill was frustrating to watch. i really want rin to suffer from that, and the simple apology from the end of s1 didn't do anything after the things he had done not only to nitori but to the iwatobi gang.

No. 90448

Why? This is from Orange, right? I read the manga. She is stupidly wallflower at the beginning but she gets better.

No. 90457

She really doesn’t, she was super boring and plain and literally contributed nothing to the story and was extremely selfish. The story would’ve been the same or probably better without her she really didn’t affect it, and it seemed like everything weirdly revolved around her even though she did absolutely nothing, she put no effort into anything and literally did the most selfish shit throughout the whole thing by constantly going against the letters simply to make herself feel better. Also the other characters did so much more than her yet got thrown to the side for us to see her whine. Honestly I could go on for days about what a terrible protagonist she was.

No. 90462

Yeah, it's not like she experiences a real fall from grace to counter the setup of her being the perfect honor student receiving special treatment from everyone. Everyone just rushes to kiss her booboos and protect her. Kasumi caused her problems all by herself yet she continues to get rewarded and that makes her stick out like a sore thumb. You could remove her from the story in Royal completely and literally nothing would change. She's that useless.

No. 90467

File: 1589984210353.jpg (24.36 KB, 350x490, naoka-ueno-65428.jpg)

Absolute trash can of a character. Trash in the anime and garbage in the manga. The moment she put her hands on someone else she was irredeemable to me. And the manga preaches forgiveness so everyone just conveniently forgets what a raging cunt she was. Not to mention the countless youtube bullshit essays that try to analyze her and make excuses. Nah, she's trash.

No. 90473

ah yeah edgy rageturd evolved into edgier rageturd.

Honestly I hate eren too but i find him hilarious. He's such a pathetic tryhard who takes himself too seriously which makes it funny to watch despite the series being pretty much shit at this point with the exception of some few characters. I have this tinfoil isayama is self aware to a point and doesn't really take eren seriously neither. at this point im just following to see the fandom meltdown when EH gets confirmation

No. 90474

File: 1589984728651.png (871.23 KB, 847x1547, KawaiTemplate.png)

While I completely agree with you, Ueno is awful, I hated Kawai more.

Ueno is shit but at least she admits she is shit. Kawai plays the victim when she's just as bad as Ueno.

No. 90475

do you guys only watch anime or

No. 90478

Well, the OP pic and everything about the thread description just kinda suggests that it's anime only

No. 90482

both girls were responsible for the bullying.I agree with Kawai was more at fault though. She has more authority since she's representative of the class which she has more power against her classmates, only stays quiet and turns away from Ueno or anyone else bullying Shoko because she doesn't want her friends to be in trouble or smth like that. Honestly, i really wanted to be emotional for the manga and the movie but some people are shet from the beginning until the end that it only left me with annoyance and a headache. I don't see why everyone became buddies when they literally pointing fingers on whose to blame on Shoko getting bullied.

No. 90483

File: 1589985640427.jpg (18.64 KB, 400x400, rachel.jpg)

Rachel Amber from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.
She was NOTHING I imagined her to be. She was manipulative, childish and very annoying. She was just too one dimensional. I hated BtS and she was the main reason behind it.

No. 90484

Honestly all love live charas are quite bad. Aqours are even worse.

No. 90488

File: 1589985964177.png (100.73 KB, 304x392, RoseDefault.png)

I literally hate everything about this bitch and if I could have one wish I'd have her presence eradicated from the world forever. If you like her, we can never be friends. She pisses me off that much. Ugly design, awful personality, a walking mary sue plothole who only exists because the producer wanted his waifu forcibly included in the game. I feel personally offended by her existence and the only solace I have is that everyone else hates her too.

No. 90490

File: 1589986317253.png (1.16 MB, 1280x1821, thisfuckingbitch.png)

No. 90494

File: 1589986637383.png (198.77 KB, 360x450, Img_re4_ashleygraham_rosto.png)

So useless

No. 90497

File: 1589986685647.jpg (714.75 KB, 608x900, Kigi.Ajimi.full.1931966.jpg)

This bitch.
Her personality, the way she talks that you can't understand shit, ending sentence with "DaVinci". And that fucking spinning Vitruvian Man DICK in a kids show… It's hard to watch that anime because of her, thanks God no one in anime takes her seriously.
Thanks God for Hibiki and her hate for sentence enders, it made all that situations hilarious.
Also fuck that Dorothy hoe too.

I remember when I was a kid I hated that Aoyama bitch from Tokyo Mew Mew.
Also that main trio from Attack on Titan….

No. 90500

File: 1589986879588.jpg (21.32 KB, 512x288, dac4a20e5352c5fbec3cfe1bef93d0…)

This fucker ruined the anime for me

No. 90501

File: 1589986901174.png (Spoiler Image, 108.75 KB, 227x310, it's been 6 years and i'm stil…)

This crazy murderous tranny piece of shit. Pre-manga adaptation when fans could theorize her character and her motives and it all seemed really mysterious and interesting, then the manga came out and revealed how much of a garbage can she/he actually was. I still cringe when i remember how bad the episode 8 manga adaptation fucked up by trying to get us to feel sowwy for them, a troon who planned to terrorize and murder-suicide their entire family (children and cleaning staff who cared for her included) and fantasized by writing fanfics about it, all because s/he had an gender identity crisis. Only to have her ass completely handled by based Kyrie in the end How can you fuck up a reveal this much? Literally all the fan wanking teenagers came up with years prior were better than this shit. Way to completely ruin all the built up of the other 7 novels for Beatrice's character too. (Of course I remember tumblr creaming their pants when all of this came out though).

Fuck, I hate the manga so much and ryukishi's pretentious jk rowling-styled interviews so much as well. It was the final nail to the coffin for this series, and it completely killed the little credibility the WTC franchise had left and all for some american tumblrina bucks. Rip in fucking pieces umineko.

(Oh I soilered the picture in case any of you are halfway of or still care about this trainwreck. Get ready to get disappointed to hell and back though).

No. 90502

Anon are you me?, I was waiting for someone to post her, I always knew she was the worst but people were just defending her and she looked so out-of-place on the anime's final sequence with everyone being all happy and friends with her, like wtf that's fucked up.

No. 90506

fuck ueno, fuck ueno so much.

I give the merit to the mangaka for depicting such a shitty human being so realistically though; people like ueno do exist and this felt so horribly accurate. Her character really does what she's supposed to perfectly, we all fucking hated her after all. She was cow tier at times which only made it more hilarious.

fuck kawai too. Both were such cunts.

That was the point of this manga anon. It wasn't supposed to be emotive, it was supposed to be realistic, and it nailed it imo. I enjoyed it a lot out of how close it hit home at times.

No. 90508

I migth get shit on by this but I think the entire cast of HnK is airheaded, apathetic and imensely dumb with some exceptions.

No. 90509


Kyrie is peak pick-me cuckqueen. She was the fucking worst, and Rudolf was just fucking trash.
The character you hate fantasized about it, but in the end they did nothing but give rope for the family to hang itself. Seriously, imagine defending Kyrie and shitting on the autistic kid.
And if you think the only thing about them is gender issues you should read the manga again (or don't).

No. 90510

File: 1589989188601.jpeg (17.74 KB, 340x384, 78B9C4FB-7BBB-40B7-A95D-486FA7…)

She was the sole reason shit went wrong in my opinion. If she was more trusting of mei everyone would’ve survived.

No. 90511

don't forget to spoil…

No. 90512

God she was awful and whenever it's brought up how awful she was someone pops up with "Well yeah she's bad but Kawai was worse". Like no she really wasn't and every time I see that stupid defense it just makes me hate Ueno more. I think she just gets a less heat because she's supposed to be a love interest.

No. 90513

File: 1589989870883.jpeg (21.46 KB, 738x415, 0004E2DD-2189-452D-AF87-578D8F…)

No. 90514

>muh AutIStIC KiD
Jesus christ back to whatever anitwitter circlejerk you came from with you, it's been years, I didn't think I'd find someone to wk this little shit even in the current year on lc of all places but I keep forgetting you uminecucks are truly an obsessive, autistic bunch. Get over the fact already people people are allowed to dislike your fictional badly written mass murderer shitty waifu after 6 years. And sorry to break it to you but the manga towards the end became over cringy over dramatized trash, specially her spin off. God it was fucking ridiculous.

Oh and learn 2 sage, your twitter new faggotry is clearly showing. I can't believe I can't even vent about a crazy fictional tranny on lolcow without having to deal with these fucking autists jfc.

No. 90518

File: 1589991110755.png (36.31 KB, 254x971, Himiko_Toga_Full_Body_manga.pn…)

i can't stand this "tehee blood is so cute uwu yandere gf~" bitch and the people who are into her or GOD FORBID kin her are way worse

No. 90523

File: 1589992501408.jpeg (19.9 KB, 287x640, C869D4E4-B149-4F82-990F-9BC419…)

Team ki ending with a yo.

No. 90524

File: 1589992611581.png (4.83 MB, 2386x4584, YoRHa_No.2_Type_B.png)

I hate 2b and the nier series, it's not 2b's fault it's the cumbrain fans

No. 90526

So you hate her because you wanted Inuyasha to end with second girl? Or is there somwthing else? She was annoying, i'll give you that

No. 90532

Team ki ending with a yo as well, but I didn't hate kagome. She was ok imo. The ship war was a little bit dumb tho.

No. 90554

that design tho

No. 90598

File: 1589997733607.jpeg (64.67 KB, 480x481, 4345351F-9BC2-46F9-B3B3-BD7C1F…)

I hate the way he looks, the way he talks just fucking everything he does is sooooo annoying. Fucking shounen tier bland anime MC.

Lmao I knew someone was gonna bring her up. We get it you hate yourself, get your shit together stupid bitch! Also being that into a man is a sin.

No. 90678

Same. He looks like he’s going to shit himself all the time.

Btw could you all please add series and character names to your posts?

No. 90690

File: 1590002956740.jpg (23.18 KB, 225x350, f5aa47f7f343ec7c74f79b375d779f…)

A lot of side characters felt more likeable than him through the whole manga, shame he's the MC.
Oz from Pandora Hearts

>>90513 My god he was such a sniveling coward I was close to dropping the whole show but I stayed for Ritsuko and Misato.

No. 90692

File: 1590003707821.jpg (14.15 KB, 250x300, 28541.jpg)

This guy. I tried several times to play Kara no Shoujo, but I can't care about this useless dumb shit. Maybe I'm trying to see him as a character when he is just a blank slate for self-inserts, but holy shit, the least they could do is make him good at this job.

No. 90710

File: 1590005275471.jpeg (637.83 KB, 828x981, D540A1C7-DEBD-4886-8C05-0317C6…)

Almost every Danganronpa character, honestly. All horribly written.

No. 90725

File: 1590006172888.jpeg (38.27 KB, 600x337, EE986EB4-D783-477B-8C86-5C6984…)

I absolutely hated the shit out of these guys in fairy tail. They were a stupid pointless addition and the episodes with them are the worst.

No. 90731

File: 1590006732114.jpeg (25.11 KB, 340x191, 30F1CF84-75D4-4BF2-B0A2-6C7371…)

Ive never hated a char more

fuck u, stupid character design useless ass

No. 90745

my neighbors

No. 90750

I agree it was just so out of place. I would've liked the ending a hell of a lot more if she got some sort of karma handed to her. But nope, literally no accountability for her actions.

I honestly was trying to pick which one to post. I should've just posted them both but imo beating the shit out of a deaf girl is top tier trash above all trash.

No. 90754

File: 1590011001657.jpg (70.26 KB, 1000x563, diarmuidanime.jpg)

this bitch right here

No. 90755

fuck your stupid opinion i'd let this bitch cuck me any day

No. 90757

that's your problem you fucking cuck he always gon die like a dog like any other lancer and he deserves it

No. 90763

File: 1590015348583.jpg (61.98 KB, 780x437, worst.jpg)

they completely ruined the main questline for me. both of them are so fucking annoying and spergy and have 0 charisma

No. 90764

File: 1590015482734.png (76.06 KB, 326x219, 59JmCfu.png)

I didn't like her in the OG, and I absolutely can't stand her qUiRkY girl, flower Jesus shtick in the Remake. Hope this hoe stays dead

No. 90765

| don't forget to spoil… |

No. 90770

File: 1590017097784.jpg (89.67 KB, 1000x667, tumblr_p2iqto9r5w1vwr11wo1_128…)

I ironically liked Rachel more than Chloe, she was obviously manipulative from her actions on her first game but it feels more like she's trying to be cunning and on top of everyone to make her goals come true than just a whiny attention whore.
Like alot of LiS is devoted to Chloe and Max figuring that Rachel wasn't a very good person and technically was cheating on Chloe (with Frank, possibly Nathan and Jefferson too) even if they didn't have a solid out there relationship, I like her because she's obviously unapologetically fucked up.

No. 90771

File: 1590017157908.jpg (1.97 MB, 2560x2560, 4-695_deco.jpg)

These two and everyone who uses them

No. 90775

File: 1590018175726.png (89.89 KB, 512x512, 10DAC274-60FF-4D81-B10B-BCF12E…)

the definition of a weak ass pussy male character with no redeeming traits. the most stale p5 character, not even makoto outranks how shitty he is

No. 90777

uh, i like those two but cool i guess. tho, i don't really dig deep with the controls and stories but spamming and smashing the keys since i was a kid who had a psp back then. why tho? almost everyone in the community seem to like eddy and to an extent christy. altho, harada took them off the roster in tekken 7 since he doesnt like the fighting style or so i heard.

No. 90779

I honestly believe people only like and defend her because they think she's hot. If she had an uglier design, people would hate her so much more than they do now. Same thing with Bakugo, who I also hate, lmao. >>90348

No. 90787

Yoo, same. Takumi is literal garbage. He mentally manipulated, isolated and gaslight Hachi from Nana and (best boy) Nobu. He is too garbage

No. 90789

Mineta literally objectifies and sexually harasses his classmates. He has zero redeeming qualities. I'm so sick of Japan's 'seku hara is so funny' bullshit.

No. 90793


She was the creators pet so she was never going to be in the wrong despite how often she was. Realistically a person like Emma would have stuck to her guns when Manny wanted an abortion, call her names, tell her how wrong she is constantly. There's now way she'd pull a "MaNnY'S bOdY!" The show runners are extremely leftist and are trying to get that message across. what better character to use than the hippie protester.

When Manny flashed peter and he sent the photos to everyone in school and Emma turned on her just like that? Damn Emma is an awful friend. I don't care she took Manny in after she got kicked out, that was the show runner's again making sure Emma comes across saintly.

The time she sabotaged Chris and Liberty because "If He dates Liberty that makes me uncool if he'll date a loser!" Funny how when they graduate they try to play it up as Emma and liberty where so close lol when It was Liberty's birthday and Manny suggested the party, Liberty basically said "we have barley spoken in the past year." that would Include Emma because those two were almost always together at that point.

Also, Craig Manning was a shitty character who only got so many story lines because he was attractive.

No. 90801

The game's creator seems pretty cumbrained himself tbh. Plus he encouraged nsfw fanart of 2B at one point.

No. 90821

File: 1590028409677.jpg (62 KB, 495x640, Winry_profile.jpg)

No. 90825

File: 1590029106246.png (394.57 KB, 671x377, 0C85EF3F-A433-4D03-9BE3-C246C7…)

Talk shit get hit bitch

No. 90828

If two new players play against each other, whoever picks eddy or christie has an advantage because both of those characters have any easy way to start chains and juggles. They also have a lot of low kicks and afaik not many characters have low punishers so it's frustrating.
Playing against them usually requires a different playstyle compared to other characters which is pretty annoying.

No. 90836

File: 1590031304558.jpeg (54.25 KB, 1080x1080, 504BFA61-A72D-44A2-BF17-6D1816…)

I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this one but I honestly can’t stand this pocket sized emo piece of garbage.

No. 90837

File: 1590031897423.jpg (88.96 KB, 800x1000, Stranger-Things-Jonathan-Byers…)

I don't necessarily hate him, I just think he's way less sympathetic and likeable than Steve, even though Steve is supposed to be the jock bully and Jonathan is the underdog outsider. He gets better in seasons two and three, but in season one Jonathan is kind of a prick. Like the part where he rips into Nancy's parents' loveless marriage and implies that's what will happen if she stays with Steve was fucked up and sounded like something a Nice Guy or incel would say. That was honestly worse than the bad things Steve did in my opinion.

Also Charlie Heaton just looks creepy. He doesn't look like a teenager, he looks like a thirty year old who does heroin.

No. 90838

ah, i understand.

No. 90840

File: 1590032148215.jpg (22.62 KB, 300x460, tamao-tamamura-11586.jpg)

why was she there

No. 90842

I was waiting for someone to post her. She wasn't terrible in the manga, but the anime really brought out the obnoxious snotty teenager in her. I tried to like her but her inability to not be self-centered and haughty made me hate her. I also had a friend back in middle/ high school who idolized her and went out of her way to act like her. As a surprise to no one, the ex-friend treated everyone like dirt and acted like a princess dealing with "peasants".

The "osuwari" shit was unfunny after the 1st time, and this is coming from 14 year old obnoxious weeb me from back in the day who thought that the "spork and waffle" brand of comedy was ingenious.

No. 90843

I'll never understand how creators think that putting characters in a show that give everyone else intense secondhand embarrassment is pure "comedy" gold.

No. 90844

File: 1590033899059.png (219.22 KB, 360x450, FB97911E-C78F-43BE-BDF7-E4A752…)

He disgusts me.

No. 90846

It really felt like JJ got shoved in at last minute just to have another rival character. He's trashy as fuck with his tramp stamp and whole thing about how he's a king, but his official profile says he's a Super Good Christian Boy(tm) and doesn't even want to have icky sex until after marriage.

Oh thank god. A lot of my female friends like her because FeMaLe EmPoWeRmEnT, but every scene with her made me super uncomfortable with the way she blatantly keeps telling Cloud that she wants to bang him and gets way too touchy. If their genders were reversed, everyone would hate her for being a fucking creep.

No. 90847

can a weeb explain to me whats going on in this pic

No. 90849

well, tbh, i'm not surprised. a narcissist for the lord, jk. i dont see the point of him being a rival when the only one so riled up about him was yurio who doesn't even see him as a rival but more like annoyance.

No. 90851

File: 1590035254293.png (7.35 KB, 193x261, download.png)

post season 3 Patrick

No. 90854

More like post season 3 any character

No. 90856

This is exactly what I was going to say kek

No. 90857

File: 1590036158128.png (333.04 KB, 346x487, nunally.png)

how can you not say the most obvious one tho?? bitch just open your eyes youre not actually blind

No. 90859


Well he’s a 25 yo that does cocaine so close enough.

No. 90860

Maybe it's method acting lmao. You star in a show set in the eighties so you do a bunch of coke for the authentic eighties experience kek. Also holy shit he's only twenty five? Goddamn the drugs are really aging him.

No. 90863

File: 1590037053529.png (172 KB, 600x338, bitch ass lloyd.png)

she sucks too. cAnT oPeN hEr EyEs DuE tO tRaUma. might as well add in this clown while we're at it.

No. 90869

File: 1590038593984.png (426.41 KB, 484x409, FU BITCH.png)

I don't usually dislike characters to the point I hate them but GOD THIS BITCH.I get she was deliberately made like this but it was unbearable and totally unecessary at timeshonestly I wasn't even upset when she was killed, she finally stopped being a drag

No. 90872

File: 1590040548282.jpg (4.45 MB, 2000x2002, 454159420_ed-westwick-zoom-e36…)

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.
this motherfucker was absolutely horrendous, and that's not even the reason i hate him. the majority of the characters in gossip girl were objectively narcissistic assholes since they're all rich pricks from the upper east side of new york city, but THIS mf got to be an abusive, disgusting, rude dickhole the entire series and people completely ignored it and thought he was so cute and that him and blair were such couple goals, despite how terrible he was to her. i hate discussing gossip girl with most people because they usually end up gushing over this guy. the writers tried to redeem him with his tragic storyline near the end of the series but no matter what i couldn't get over his nastiness throughout the entirety of the series. doesn't help that i'm fairly positive the actual actor was accused of sexual assault or smth, so it doesn't look like his character was too hard for him to act.

No. 90877

File: 1590041849602.jpg (44.34 KB, 340x512, Celia_wearing_yellow_shorts.jp…)

Celia Foote from the movie was far better than the one in the book. Maybe because I had watched the movie multiple times before I bought the book and only read it last month.

She was such a disappointment, sure there was (barely) a character development but it always trumps at how boringly crazy she was, her hatred at a dying, old tree that symbolizes something in her past that she couldn't let go but never stated in the book, her obsession with the telephone, especially Hilly, and the wasted potential of an actual friendship with Minny that the movie did so well (it was also a waste that she didn't learn how to cook or bake despite her initial attempts in the first half of her character introduction to the story). I didn't like how the lie on hiring Minny was long, even worse that it got longer and was a mess until almost to the end. Also her fighting against a naked, homeless man that was masturbating all around her house was such a wtf moment, sure it did show that she's capable fighting against a man but it was a… uh, disappointment, in my opinion. Also the meal scene from the movie was the better scene in actually letting Minny know that she wasn't going to be fired cause it shows how Celia valued Minny as a person and friend, learning from her and enabling the teachings to become a better person than what is written in the book.

Honestly, I think Johnny just choice her just to get out of a relationship with Hilly, someone who doesn't know about her and people from Jackson. I don't even see why he'd be so in love with her.

I'll just stick with Jessica Chastain and her performance.

No. 90880

Yeah, there's that thing with Hachi and by itself it was pretty fucking horrible in the first place but then he's like "Leila is like a little sister to me! :)" and he has sex with her to manipulate her into staying with his band. Fucking evil piece of shit. If I ever meet someone like this guy irl and he starts this shit with any woman I'm close to, either friends or family, I'll beat his ass.

No. 90884

File: 1590044535752.png (5.08 MB, 1280x1162, ths .png)


Nah Kikyo was worse. She could have just an heroed and fuck off back to hell or wherever she came from. Yes, Kagome was a total cuck and a pushover but at least she always wanted Inuyasha's happiness , even if it meant him staying with that zombie.

No. 90886

File: 1590045966405.jpeg (114.67 KB, 1280x2064, 66FB6480-26AE-4050-B163-4748E1…)

i find most steins gate side characters annoying. why was this motherfucker there? why was faris? they were obnoxious and one-dimensional and their personalities didn't work with the overall tone of the show. complete waste of screen time, both of them.

couldn't agree more, there isn't a single one i don't hate.

No. 90888

your opinion about kikyo is wrong and gay.

No. 90889


No. 90893

File: 1590048090667.png (744.6 KB, 613x986, 6B17834A-94B8-4D12-8C02-C788CE…)

Insufferable bitch. I hated her from the first moment to the last, and makes me hate every woman who identifies with her.

No. 90895

This fucker deserves the worst. He was such a fucking piece of shit. Absolutely the worst character in the entire manga.

No. 90897

File: 1590048985166.png (772.48 KB, 1502x1981, 5faede4e-f2f2-47ba-9924-066526…)

Recently ive been rereading Nana after 10 years. Back when I was little, I loved Hachi a lot while having a crush on Osaki, but now I can't seem to like Hachi at all; she is too annoying and naive, feels like as if she is Bridget Jones at the beginning of the manga. Could barely keep reading only because of her which sucks.

No. 90898

File: 1590049222988.jpeg (8.11 KB, 225x225, ftb.jpeg)

Hate this bitch.

Hate that I got sucked into watching this dumb-ass show and ended up liking it. I hate it.

No. 90900

Honestly? I dislike everyone in that show. It feels tumblr-y and even the way the characters look is very uncanny valley to me.

No. 90901

I kinda too but I think Luka is a sweet boi.

No. 90902

Me too, I had a mod that lets you slap her, it was the best. How dare she berate my dear Alistair. I like her hair though

No. 90903

i tried watching it but couldn't get past episode 1 because marionette gives me secondhand embarrassment

No. 90904

I feel so vindicated by this video.

I think if I read nana for the first time now instead of as a 16 year old I'd hate her too.

No. 90906

YES such a stupid bitch, if he was less of a stupid bitch none of ff7 would have happened. boo hoo your mom is a weird alien get tf over it baby.

would love it if he ate my pussy tho.

No. 90909

It gets worse.
There is almost zero character development, ie if something important happens in one episode between the two main characters, the next episode doesn't talk about it , it's like it never happened!
Tbh I think it is solely the fault of the creator, who is the typical neckbeard and based Marinette on what he thinks a teenager uwu girl is like.

No. 90911

ugh YES I hate this cunt. honestly I was so relieved when I first watched twin peaks in high school and realized everyone fucking hates james. he's the worst.

No. 90916

I personally not hate anyone in this show because we all have flaws, but I know I wouldn't be able to stand being around Robin IRL because of her "not like the other girls" mentality that was shown in a bunch of episodes.

HIMYM still remains to be my comfy-to-watch and favorite sitcom, all thanks to Lily and Marshall. Marshall's actor actually writes book for children and one of the books is getting TV series! And Ted's actor is doing nice stuff in music with his childhood friend.

No. 90917

He also got kind of ugly post season 1, so he lost his one decent quality and was just an abusive, rapey, narcissistic manlet with daddy-issues. I stopped watching after season 3 because I just hated every character at that point.

No. 90925

I thought the show's creator was a woman? Also, I was let down that they change the show from 2D to 3D, it turns me off besides Marionette's character and other characters that was a bit cringy to continue with the show. The pv was the reason i was captivated to watch the show as well.

No. 90927

I love Aerith to death(lol) or to be more precise I love my idealized version of her. I know exactly what you mean by her being a bit cringey in the remake, even I could barely stand her in the last cinematic minutes of the game.

100% agree, that "get help" comment made my day. Such a shame they made her thirsty and unsufferable.

No. 90941

do you mean Aerith talking about destiny and so on? I would blame it on the horrible script rather than on characters. Red XIII got hit by this shit as well.
Other than that I don't find anything cringey about her. She's the heart of the game tbh

No. 90958

File: 1590069167014.jpg (63.99 KB, 535x536, 0b101c9ed7fe3a7f789b990fd49dc9…)

I regret SO fucking much going on his route, i don't care if i'm a pussy: this fucker, this absolute prick almost made me cry from how rude and cynical he was for no good reason other than being a pretentious, useless, low self-esteem WEEB, wtf? He really triggered awful memories that i really wanted to forget. I mean, it's realistic, some weebs act insufferable and arrogant just because they watch Evangelion or some ~*deep and realistic*~ rape hentai but why the fuck someone would make this an otome love interest?. I hate how unless you were just like him/liked exactly what he liked he would get toxic, judgmental, assume shit, and call you names, it was so distressing, i get he's the type of otome character that is hard to win but…damn it was necessary to being THAT rude? Ugh. Such a pity, i thought he would be a shy, kinda cold/distant but sweet nerdy guy but NOPE i guess, he was "shy" tho but just because he was deeply self-aware of how low-value and unremarkable he is. "Y'know i actually hate myself because my brothers are cooler and i'm such a weeb and- :'(((" BOOOO HOO Cry me a river, asshole. His brothers should bully him more often, he deserves it. I just wanted to see some anime/play games with you bitch you lucky you handsome, because you're INSUFFERABLE and a LITTLE SHIT. My english is awful but i needed to vent, sorry.

No. 90972

File: 1590071430679.jpg (28.18 KB, 600x450, Db04lpOXkAAAwVc.jpg)

My contribution. He's creepy, gross and he didn't deserve Cassie's affection and I'm glad she didn't even name drop him during the last season.

Thank you. I don't even outright hate him, he's just so overrated it's annoying. He's also a lowkey Gary Stu.

No. 90973

File: 1590071541417.jpg (24.13 KB, 225x350, 46644.jpg)

She really was lucky Takazu (or anyone, really) gave a fuck about her ass. Everytime she disappeared everyone was happier but then she came back and BOOM all went to shit. And no, her dad being sleazy and distant wasn't a good reason to be such a bitch. It was also uncomfortable how everyone had to cuddle her 24/7 just because she was THAT unstable and useless, bitch didn't even knew how to cook a mf rice. There are abusive women out there but she really does have a scrote vibe to her, if she tried to start shit like the raging ape she is i wouldn't even hesitate to beat her 4'8" ass. Imagine being this pressed over being a midget.

No. 90975

Im sorry but it is insanely funny to me that people have opinions on seasons of spongbob like this, like I get it cause even as a kid I noticed some newer episodes weren’t as good but it’s funny to me that people know the seasons

No. 90977

Same, anon, I hate her. Anime wasn't good neither

No. 90979

I hated this anime at times because all I could think about was how the protagonist was too good for her. He was such a sweet guy and she treated him like garbage.

No. 90980

File: 1590072774974.jpg (15.61 KB, 700x422, webANXbullser.jpg)

I can't even watch ads from this series. I don't understand how he gets to be with beautiful women, he's average at best and his constant smirk is very annoying and uneasy.
Oof wtf Im glad you mentioned him anon, I hate this type of characters so fucking much and they're everywhere for some reason, how they even get popular? His gaze gives me the chills.

No. 90983

File: 1590073847376.jpg (141.67 KB, 1280x720, Pearl-is-cool.jpg)

rolls eyes
She has done so many awful shit it would take my hours to finish this post, a total pushover at best, a crazy, psychotic bitch at worst. (Bismuth, honey, please love yourself, she literally helped a Diamond to start and continue a senseless war where millions died included your friends, you deserve better than this)

No. 90988

YES. I was going to post Kagome when the thread was first posted, but felt it would start an animu war..

No. 90994

He made the show almost unbearable to watch. He's even worse than Donna.

No. 90996

Yooo, is this Sid from Skins?

No. 90997

File: 1590077207175.jpg (34.66 KB, 400x256, tomura6_28sw.jpg)

I think he's a poorly written villain and annoying as shit, hate it when he's on screen.

Agreed. Her chara design is pretty bland and she has nothing going for her besides the crazy personality. Does this author even know how to create a good villainess

No. 91001

It upsets me bc they were my favorite up until they became a thot

No. 91003

Nico was my best boy and I’m still upset over everything zera and jaibo did to him and the others

No. 91006

God i hated his weeb ass from the get go, not only because he’s the ugliest but because he’s such a snob. He’s literally the worst out of all the brothers, i get why you chose his route but like why.

No. 91007

Me too wtf they literally stole a club that wasn't theirs to begin with and led everyone to their death. I would've been nth times more satisfied if Zera and Jaibo were the ones to die, not all of the boys

No. 91010

File: 1590079601584.jpeg (133.61 KB, 500x500, B309BD23-567B-453B-8459-22E261…)

The only remotely good villains BNHA has are Overhaul, Twice and Dabi imo

No. 91011

File: 1590079893006.png (1.17 MB, 1510x1886, 3AA9A805-1ECD-4B2D-98D2-9B12B5…)

This might get me some hate, but I can’t keep quiet.
I don’t hate her, but god, I can’t stand Miku. English producers don’t know how to properly use her vocals, so her English songs sound bad usually. Hell, anytime I hear her voice it’s just nails on a chalkboard screeching. I get that she’s Miku and the “face” of vocaloid, but god, does she have to be used for every song people make and not even even good in them?

No. 91013

File: 1590080127406.png (98.25 KB, 340x190, REM.png)

I mean, fuck this shitty show and it's entire cast, but fuck this bitch in particular because I'm still seeing her horrible design everywhere even after the hype for the anime has died.

God I hate how ani twitter tries to sell Umineko as a VN with good trans reprensentashun uwu just because of them, when it's so fucking obvious they had a messed up childhood and he was raised as a woman because his genitals were damaged during a fall. Also, snapping up just because Battler forgot something is fucking dumb, dude was like 10 when it happened and he got caught in his mom's death and dad's second wedding, which affected him deeply. Proof #38503 that troons are the most selfish people lol

No. 91017

Do you remember what the mod name was, anon? I'd love to get it

No. 91018

how dare you.

No. 91020

File: 1590081250163.jpg (377.17 KB, 2560x1440, 1489943.jpg)

literally the most stale and one-dimensional girl in the entire series. we get it, you're so quirky because you're heartless. it's even worse when there's so many other interesting characters. of course all of the cumbrains say she's their waifu kek

No. 91022

File: 1590081428394.jpg (157.8 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nuue5jdPFq1rz6w0do2_500…)

Hard disagree. I think that Pearl is flawed in a very believable way. Good characters don't have to be good people. Amethyst on the other hand sucks ass. She's annoying and I hate her weird cat lips. At least Pearl was in a really unhealthy relationship and that's why she's a bad person. Amethyst is just a diva.

Sadie is the worst character in SU. The show wastes so much screentime on this whiny boring bitch and it makes me want to scream. It seems like every time something important happens in the plot, we have to interrupt the story for an episode about fucking Sadie and her boring teenager problems.

No. 91025

She sometimes slaps you back though but I don't mind

No. 91027

File: 1590082346916.jpeg (28.03 KB, 300x460, 1538A926-214D-48B8-B548-0F040B…)

Fuck this guy, he was the most boring character in the entire anime. Honestly they should remove all the male characters from this anime, specially this fucker he is so boring and bland and is supposed to be one of the main characters but is so forgettable and stupid.

No. 91029

Honestly I don't know why he's there, he doesn't do anything and it's weird and feels out of place. I felt like the writer originally made the black-haired chick the protagonist but then the execs were like "Noooooo, we need a male self insert to appeal to the neckbeards!"

No. 91030

File: 1590082899027.jpg (46.53 KB, 496x453, goodriddance.jpg)

i hate every character as well as the show itself and how it gave that sperg wil weaton attention

the scene where she cries like a little bitch for ryuuji was the best part of the entire anime. god i wish he ended up with minori instead

No. 91034

File: 1590083223671.jpg (57.69 KB, 564x930, urh.jpg)

i can't stan her and her stupid fans

No. 91035

File: 1590083333840.jpg (25.89 KB, 350x490, him.jpg)

I know I'm gonna get flake for this but I disliked his whole mini arc meltdown about how Ed isn't his 'real' brother and his memories are fabricated. I know he's like, 13, but Jesus it was such an idiot plot. Imagine being manipulated by some random villain into hating your only family member who would die for you.

No. 91039

yeah, BBT is annoying af. It always bugged me that despite being nerds immersed in their interests and science and all this stuff, main characters are too concerned with stereotypical masculinity and bully each other for lack of it. The depiction of 'nerds' with 'niche interests' is lazy and cliched. And I don't get why they had to make an obviously asexual Sheldon heterosexual and in typical hetero relationships. I don't care about his sexuality, but it just doesn't make any sense.

No. 91043

File: 1590084560075.jpg (63.27 KB, 600x800, Harvey-Kinkle-Chilling-Adventu…)

I shiver in hatred in every scene with him, what a whiny bitch.
Sabrina's ftm friend is also fairly annoying but still better than fucking Harvey

No. 91045

All of the male characters were disgusting creepy perverts, and all the female characters were enablers. It's a show about nerds written by boomer normies who just want to bully the same people they did twenty years ago in high school. Everything about this show repulses me and I wish I could personally kick everyone involved in making it in the dick.

No. 91046

Yes. He's an annoying pos

No. 91066

OT but i love her fit, i might try and recreate it for a decent irl fit. one shoulder shirts and wrap skirts have been trendy too so i wouldn't get weird looks for this outfit if i seriously wore it out lol

No. 91087

she's a sanctimonious little cunt, and obviously the writers favorite. There is no reason for her to be involved in the last fight with Azula

No. 91117


Dude, Pearl almost killed Steven two times and kinda raped Garnet and thinks a literal Dictator is waifu material, I hate Sadie too but we need to acknowledge the fact that both are really fucked up individuals (Sadie trapped Steven and Lars on an island for really weird reasons)

No. 91122

100% agree. I wish less people would use her. I wouldn't mind if Rin became the face of vocaloid. Even though her design is less iconic, her voice is so much nicer. I want more of Luka. Fuck.

No. 91136

File: 1590091185934.jpg (22.77 KB, 512x405, fbefb339a630853088c9b3a316e0c8…)

of all of those annoying, arrogant, sleazy characters, this absolute mf takes the cake, I haven't seen his series because just getting into it for 5 minutes was cringe enough, but this prick told a little girl she would go to hell and he's still hailed as a demon with a good side uwu. Everytime I see ads of his show I can't stand how he's shown as this ~hot and evil~ guy, no fuck you, you're hideous and cringe.

No. 91145

Thank you. Sakura is 100x more nuanced than WaifuMcBait here.

No. 91164

File: 1590093322916.jpg (8.78 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Pic related was the original incel.

No. 91166

he's hot i'd jump on him with no clothes on if i saw him walking down the street

No. 91188

File: 1590096089443.jpeg (7.49 KB, 228x221, 1589041109180.jpeg)

i hate this dude

No. 91198

Like I get that hinata is waifubait extraordinaire but get your act together anon

No. 91208

File: 1590098633867.jpg (8.44 KB, 225x225, MikasaAckerman.jpg)

This bitch. One of the biggest Mary Sues I've ever seen in anime. She's just somehow naturally gifted as the perfect survey corp for absolutely no fucking reason other than the fact that "stronk asian waifu uwu", no wonder coomers love her

Also has the personality of a brick and her constant obsession with her brother is borderline incestuous, absolutely disgusting.

No. 91212

I can't even decide on the SNK character I hate the most because they're all fucking awful and unlikable. Mikasa especially though was just sick, like holy shit this obsessive, robotic psychopath is supposed to be seen as perfect waifu material. Damn.

No. 91215

100% agree. From the get go it was obvious the ulterior motive of her character is to serve as a shameless waifu for her hapless scrote fans coz she's sofucking strong and perfect and mindlessly into her ultimate husbando eren whom the scrotes are supposed to use as a surrogate to make the waifu fantasy even more compelling. Her character is so wooden and purposeless.

No. 91219

She is a soulless husk of a person who lacks her own agency. I don't care that this is later covered in the plot, but no one can deny the original purpose of her character is waifu bait for the absolute lowest common denominator. Comes as no shock redditors love her.

No. 91223

I find the whole hafu backstory so cringe for some reason. It makes no sense at all

No. 91224

This needed to be said. Thank you.

No. 91225

Hafu? More waifu points

No. 91228

File: 1590100865590.jpg (194.91 KB, 911x1139, Maeve_Wiley_Season_1_Portrait.…)

I don't even know why I watched this retardo woke show but I hate this cunt and Otis too.

No. 91230

I knew someone was gonna post her. Literally could feel it.
Mikasa has been so incredibly annoying to me since episode one. Her character literally consists of screaming Eren's name 24/7, being overly protective of him to the point where it gets so fucking annoying for the viewer and being one of the strong soldiers of the Survey Cops. That's it. I get that Eren is the host of her Ackerman insticts, but Levi wasn't even this annoying with Erwin.

She literally cannot think for herself. In the recent chapters, Armin was even yelling at her for mentioning Eren in the middle of the shitshow that's going on, lmao. She also has zero proper personality except for being some kid from a clan whose parents were murdered and now she's endlessly in love with the guy who rescued her. I wish they would've made Annie one of the main characters or something, she's a goddess compared to this doormat of a character.
It makes me kinda sad, because I would've loved to have her as one of my favorite characters in SNK but she's just so… annoying. I cannot even name a personality trait of hers that isn't Eren related.

The waifu bait is also true. I forgot which season it was, but they favor her so much in the anime that there is a shot where they even put detail into drawing her crotch/cameltoe while she was flying in the air.

>constant obsession with her brother

They're not related the slightest bit. Just "adoptive siblings", I guess. Still makes her obsession with Eren annoying as fuck tho.

No. 91232

She is not integral to the plot at all. You can take her out and the plot will advance more or less the same

No. 91235

Same. I only liked her in Before the Storm… and despised Rachel instead. It seems that when you're a LiS protagonist you just have to have a toxic friend-crush.

No. 91236

File: 1590101907695.jpg (147.12 KB, 1078x1339, 8e12c0622fd3e5b9ec78ff13fc08a9…)

This fucking bitch. Steve rogers is my most hated character since the civil War movie. I disliked him beforehand but that really did it kek. I can't stand his entitlement and condescending behavior. Even when he says nothing it's clear he thinks he is the best/knows best for whatever needs to be done ugh. Endgame was a disaster but that would be too long to explain.

Honorable mention :
Nicholas Scratch from Netflix sabrina (Harvey best boy)
Bakugou from BNHA
Anri from durarara
The entire cast of bakemonogatari

No. 91238

Tbh all three of the main characters sucked ass, especially Eren and Mikasa. AOT is the perfect example of wasting perfectly good worldbuilding on garbage main characters. All of the side characters were WAY more entertaining, but no they have to focus on this generic childhood friend mmf trio.

No. 91239

Bucky was worse for me but yeah i cannot stand Captain Privilege.

No. 91242

File: 1590102241575.jpg (21.95 KB, 400x400, jim.jpg)

He's condescending and a bully.

No. 91243

File: 1590102282909.jpeg (201.88 KB, 500x500, 37751113-14A1-47BC-9ECF-B6BCF1…)

Yet another generic edgelord who does little in story to redeem himself. Even when he does work together with Dazai and Atsushi he's still an intolerable prick. His eyebrowless design makes him even more punchable.

No. 91244

Amin is an annoying asshat who's supposed to be smart just cuz the author says so. Throughout the show his intellect is never convincing demonstrated. Yet we're all supposed to believe he was worth saving over the battle tested erwin. And how he's supposed to be the most important member of the survey corps.

As for eren uaghhh. He's probably the strongest character of the three main ones but it isnt saying much. He's good at losing his temper and being angry, yet it was revealed in part 2 he was the mastermind of fate all along. Idk… Should've been foreshadowed better

No. 91245

File: 1590102543829.jpg (44.88 KB, 720x407, 6456.jpg)

BSD anon made me remember how I cannot stand this Edgelord

Honestly I wish they would've given him eyebrows

No. 91247

File: 1590102769456.jpg (28.72 KB, 264x376, Vinland_Saga_volume_01_cover.j…)

Nah, also the worldbuilding sucks, along with the story. The author just can't write.

Every fucking one in Vinland Saga but Askeladd who more or less is okay-ish.
Absolutely garbage manga 3/10 I will never read a "historical" shonen never again.

No. 91248

I'm aware they're not related but I'd still consider it incest. They were raised together as family. Imagine falling in love with your little step brother. Yuck

No. 91250

His entire character arc is redundant. Ends up with everything he ever wanted after regaining absolutely everything he lost despite what he lost defined him as a character. He had zero character development and was always on the side of right as every single big decision he made was the ultimate, morally right one…

No. 91254

wew, askeladd is my favorite character of the manga and anime. I became hesitant to know theres going to be a female love interest though, i always do whenever it's shounen or seinen related mangas. Cause, the female is one dimensional bland or the likes, in a way that's too annoying to root for them. So my dislike as of right now out of the series is Gudrid. I do like her ambition in wanting to be a sailor even when it's seen to be a man's job. I do understand making up accuracies here and there since Gudrid is the actual wife irl of Thorfinn. Still… I can't digest on throwing in romance, I'd be fine if she was someone Thorfinn could be friends with.

No. 91258

File: 1590104565667.jpeg (38.36 KB, 270x270, 7F3EC3F5-7381-4697-B8AE-B23987…)

fuck you big smoke
you… you’ve gone too far.

No. 91261

Cracks me up in the cutscene after we gun him down, CJ talks down to Smoke about how he ain't gangsta due to his reliance on body armor yet my CJ was wearing fat stacks of body armor

No. 91282

Bad person =\= bad character. Also Pearls are almost always in love with their masters. Volleyball loved PD too, even after she was literally assaulted by her.

I don't care whether or not Sadie has done bad things. I dislike her because she's boring. You need to get over this "this character did something wrong so they must be poorly written 11!!!1" Tumblrina shit.

No. 91284

dwight was racist and sexist so who gives a shit


No. 91294

>b-b-b-but bad person =\= bad character anon!!

Who the fuch cares? She's still shit lmao. Aside of being generally unlikeable and a massive salty bitch, Pearl has next to no personality outside crying/going batshit over rose/PD. She's plain, predictable and everything about her revolves around someone else. She wasn't her own character and will never be no matter how much that mf series tries, Pearl is just one of Rebbeca Sugar self-inserts and she has the deep of a puddle.

Amethyst doesn't exist as a character and Sadie is plain and batshit, but Pearl was incredibly insufferable as she was both a terrible person and ALSO badly written and boring while being pushed literally everywhere on the series, god lord.

(But for real, cut that "Bad person =\= bad character" BS, this thread is for characters you hate, either for how badly written they are or their personality, Shinji and Ueno were realistically written yet they got posted because…you know…people still hate them)

No. 91305

File: 1590127694792.jpg (122.33 KB, 1280x720, Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Edelg…)

Edelgard and her horrible fans. So sick of people acting like she's some sort of socialist revolutionary who's more enlightened than every other character in the game.

No. 91306

>implying that watching that 14 y.o boy wet dream of a show means you're not a dumb cumbrain.

No. 91307


No. 91309

File: 1590130817703.jpg (21.85 KB, 246x411, hqdefault.jpg)

Not necessarily hate her, but I got quite annoyed whenever she appeared on-screen.

No. 91310

File: 1590130826359.jpg (107.46 KB, 620x420, legacies-cast-season-1-photos.…)

Everyone in this picture except for Alaric and MG.
But I especially hate Hope for being a Mary Sue fan fiction esque character. When I first watched it I didn't even realized this show was a Vampire Diaries spin off and was just some show that was originally a wattpad story.

No. 91315

I don't dislike Edelgard, I just she's a disappointing villain. Did you read the Nintendo Dream interview where the developers talk about 3H? It's obvious that the most important dude had great ideas that would have made Edelgard super cool such as the crests giving specific powers to people so Edelgard would have had the same time travel powers as Byleth and Edelgard being THE rival/villain but other developers argued with him to make her a kawaii waifu who did nothing wrong uwu so the end result is the unholy fusion of both ideas.

Her American fans are fucking obnoxious though, it's a miracle they didn't make me completely hate her.

No. 91319

In my head I always read her name as "edgelord."

No. 91333

File: 1590142635885.png (283.52 KB, 446x1037, Momo_Yaoyorozu_Hero_Costume_An…)

No. 91339

I dislike her design for obvious reasons, but why do you hate her, anon?

No. 91342

NTA but she was so incredibly annoying when she was teamed up with Todoroki and kept whining and complaining instead of properly working with him

Her outfit is waifu bait at its finest but her quirk is creation so it also kinda makes sense for her to show a lot of skin

No. 91344

File: 1590143699139.jpg (81.8 KB, 820x745, C31D6BB8-CFF3-48D7-A4E4-40EA14…)

Obnoxious stupid spastic interrupting every scenes that nobody would stand IRL. I hated Kill la Kill, and at least 80% of my hatred came from her and her dumbass family.

No. 91349

i feel she could've been a better character but instead became a bait for unnecessary almost-to-ecchi scenes. she has leadership skills, smart as hell, and her quirk is powerful. but people mostly remembers her for her clothes (which is understandable) and the popular ships she's in. i get that mha has a lot of characters but i wanted to see more of her due to the fact she's in the same class with the main characters.

I feel like a lot of girls in mha could've been better characters but the creator doesn't want to or doesn't how to and opted to make them easy waifu materials (which there's nothing wrong about it to an extent). especially her.

>>91342 im fine when she teamed up with todoroki considering he has more experience in the field and that got her insecure since she mostly relies on theories and mental strategies. she's book smart in conclusion.

No. 91352

File: 1590145277081.jpg (23.18 KB, 474x274, wll2THq.jpg)

thanks for reminding me of this show.

pic related. if you like her you're probably just using her as your self insert vehicle because you're creaming your panties over mr eyebrows.

No. 91354

File: 1590146139913.jpg (54.21 KB, 565x720, 2c5dae5f43c2f5d4513316b18edde5…)

yo wtf, Al is the sweetest and purest boi. He's so pure it obviously didn't take long for him to get brainwashed.

Anyways, THIS bitch and every other new character from the "new" Eva movies, also that new girl working at Nerv, cant even remember her name but I think she had pink hair? Why was she even created.

No. 91367

File: 1590148200868.jpg (409.17 KB, 1079x1920, 789d2c0e-d2c9-4f80-aa98-3141ca…)

Overrated "wet dream"-chan that was made for sadboy incels.

Her fans by far are the worst.

No. 91370

I find her a lot more bearable if you consider the routes as being critical of one another. Dimitri lets his emotions blind him to everything going on politically and his arc is mostly focused on just re-gaining personal bonds, Edelgard thinks she's above that but lets her personal trauma dictate her supposedly enlightened political decisions and destroy some personal bonds, Claude sees the bigger picture but lets that interfere with his personal life and how he views others…

I actually thought that's what the devs were intending since different scopes/levels of understanding of the overall story in each route are a common thing in these sorts of games. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit.

No. 91372

Competely agree. Yes I know she was supposed to 'critique' the character trope she was but I still don't like her character or her fans.

No. 91375

>I actually thought that's what the devs were intending
Actually yes and no. Depends on which developers we're talking about exactly because apparently during the whole time they were developing the game there were some diverging opinions on how the main characters and the major plot points should be. And that's not even getting into how the investors had to tell the developers (either KOEI or Intsys) to hurry up twice so they could release the game on time, so basically they had some good ideas, some bad ideas, and terrible execution except maybe for AM, it felt more polished than the others since it was more character driven than the others, which focused on nonsensical lore. Like, the story seems good at first until you think about it a bit more. Then you notice it's at least as stupid as FE Fates' story. Here's the interview for whoever is interested. Obviously, there are spoilers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14euDrU97pz2WWOaHx2eJebRyLJUuu34L/view

No. 91400

Ayanami created that character trope.

No. 91419

File: 1590157190808.jpeg (96.92 KB, 1280x709, 284CBF29-CEDD-4AF2-B9CC-C11C65…)

Everyone pictured.

No. 91428

that's the entire main cast, anon. I havent watched the show and I don't have the desire to do so but I'm still curious as to why you hate all of them.

No. 91438

Seriously? I've always heard from evafags that she was created to kinda critique the stoic blank moe type of anime girls that are so popular.

No. 91440

How dare you.

No. 91442

Ouran is one of the few well written harem type shows. Gonna be a hard disagree. Even haru is a great main female lead.

(I can maybe understand the hate for Honey though)

No. 91443

I think it's more that Rei was based on moe fagile female characters who metaphorically suck the self-insert's dick and is cute, pure and innocent, and then all her more unique traits were copied by other writers/mangaka, like her being super stoic and soft-spoken but not in a cutesy shy way, or her not being an actual human being yet gaining human feelings thanks to the self-insert (like the alien girl in the Haruhi Suzumiya novels and anime or Aigis in P3)

I think Anno complained that his plan to show how creepy it was that Rei was acting like a turbo doormat to the point of being worrying before becoming more "independent" backfired, but then again she turned into a fanservice character just like Asuka and even Kaworu soon after the anime and movie were released because $$$$ so who knows what he thinks now.

No. 91446

I'm just tired of still having to see it all over. I've had enough.

No. 91447

I don’t even have a reason tbh that’s the worst part I watched this entire show and just hated all of the characters, they’re annoying and insufferable. Kyoya was the only one i started liking and the incest twins had their good moments sometimes but i still hated them. My hate for them isn’t justifiable it’s just pure human instinct throughout this entire show my fight or flight reflects were kicked into high gear, but I am a masochist and finished it.
Sorry, anon.
Haru was so bland and boring, I really disliked her but still imo Tamaki doesn’t deserve her, she’s better than that. I will agree it’s one of the better harem anime’s but that isn’t saying much.

No. 91449

How old are you? The entire manga/anime thing is a "make fun of" shoujo tropes.

This. I dont want to sound old but its pretty obvious some of the people commenting ITT were born in the 00`s

No. 91451

That's…literally one of the best romcom animes that never gets old. I think you misunderstood the whole point.

No. 91455

>salty asukafags

No. 91456

>This. I dont want to sound old but its pretty obvious some of the people commenting ITT were born in the 00`s
It really does sound like that. Like >>91443 mentioned Anno's plan to show how unrealistic and creepy Rei's perfect doll waifu character is backfired completely because it ended up creating the dandere waifu archetype. You have to watch NGE while keeping in mind that it was created in 1995 and most of the writing was based on Anno's nihilistic views. Saying that Rei is a stupid pandering waifubait character sounds ignorant to me, the Rebuild movies are cash grabs for sure but the original anime was barely finished due to financial issues. Rei and Asuka didn't become waifu icons until the 2000's when NGE gained its cult status.

No. 91475

This reasoning makes you sound like an typical underage todorokifag lol

No. 91485

Bruh I'm not obliged to like characters and I don't even like Todoroki

No. 91503

Honestly Rei means so much to me as a character showcasing the dangers of being a girl/woman in a patriarchy. I feel that if all someone gets from her is 'shit moebait uwu' they are missing out what she's all about.
Her whole life is fucking tragic. She's been objectified since her birth and once she found her real self, it was still all for nothing. Because all she had were the men in her life. My mentally ill self also hardcore relates to her struggles with self and connecting to others.
I wish I could explain it better, I have so many feelings about her..
I find it so hard to hate anyone from NGE (at least from thr main characters). They are all suffering so much. I wouldn't want to spend time with Asuka, but at the same time I feel a lot of compassion toward her.
The only character that I could maybe hate is Mari for being a merchandise bait, but I don't care enough about Rebuilds to have strong emotions about her.

No. 91506

File: 1590172383997.png (42.59 KB, 904x2072, Connie_(Steven_Universe).png)

i feel like she is a mary sue somehow, in the first season when she was a kid she was the nerdy kid with no friends, that was ok, then she got into the gems war and somehow rebecca has the idea of making her a warrior? and then at the end in Steven universe Future, she is the one that call out the others because she is the only one That gets Steven, she si just too "good" i don't like her, at lasher design is cute.

No. 91507

Most of what circulates on the English speaking interwebs regarding what Anno supposedly said about Eva is pulled straight from the asses of weebs playing a game of telephone without being able to check the Japanese sources, or who aren't aware of Anno's full body of work for that matter. The man loves his sexy animu girls in skimpy clothing which is exactly what Asuka and Rei are. Most of his work isn't even that serious. While Eva is, they still had time for close-ups of Misato's ass and for Asuka to talk about her boobs like the written-by-middle-aged-men-teenage-girl that she is. Saying the show critises waifuism is reaching.

No. 91508

File: 1590172671646.png (545.25 KB, 860x939, edgy victim.png)

I also hate teen Steven, i get the idea of Steven Future but lord did they fuck steven to the point where he become just nasty to every body

No. 91513

God yes. I hated that ending. She was barely in the epilogue. Had zero idea what he was -really- going through and suddenly here she comes with the bullshit speech. I really wish they hadn’t ended up a couple. They should have kept them friends or something.

No. 91539

File: 1590184867670.jpg (49.18 KB, 298x492, b8886faee9649ce8acfeec83dbcfa9…)

this fucking simp

No. 91559

Steven Universe never makes sense and everything happens for the sake of drama so I bet Steven wouldn't have behaved like this if the show was actually decently written, everyone on the show act like sane, normal people then become absolute psychos out of the blue for shock factor (Or completely ignore what happens around them)

No. 91567

File: 1590192828566.jpg (12.93 KB, 480x360, average rei stan.jpg)


I don't hate Rei, I just hate the type of people who like her. She's like Sans where she's a meh character that was completely ruined by fans. I normally try not to let other people ruin things for me, but Jesus Christ Rei's fans are the worst.

No. 91593

Asukafags are more annoying from what I've seen, at least on other imageboards. All they do is shitpost non-stop and talk about wanting to fuck asuka with some MAGA memes thrown in. Some of the other waifufags in Eva threads at least try to hold a conversation.

No. 91595

>liked all the main characters when I watched Eva on TV as a kid
>liked the show a lot in general
>now hates all the Eva fanboys, whether they're Reifags, Asukafags or whatever

No. 91646

she's the biggest Bitch in the manga so far, especially recently

No. 91652

File: 1590229050864.jpg (51.48 KB, 767x714, e33af1ce4bbec129c00b59b1abb058…)

i started watching inuyasha couple weeks ago and i really hate this dude

No. 91658

File: 1590232884655.jpeg (39.76 KB, 350x490, 0CBA92E6-B2B4-4F6A-B0D6-1BC5E5…)

Why is this bitch everyone’s “waifu”? Shes a psychopath and honestly fucking intolerable, she literally has 0 redeeming qualities, and is one of the most annoying characters in the entire anime. Also her design is fucking ugly.

No. 91662

anon, i almost posted about her but stopped myself cause I know im gonna be writing an essay just for her. i read the manga than the anime and even continued with the other two mangas that were directed from the main story or not (cause i was an edgy teen back then), and u took the words out of my words, in the simplest form. God, i wish yukiteru just killed her. I don't know why she deus ex machina from the last chapter and magically appear out of nowhere despite the fact yukiteru won the race and became god himself. Most of the characters in mirai nikki is trash, i only tolerated akise aru.

i wish she stayed dead. or forgotten by the majority of people in the anime community cause there's already enough trash characters being praised, as waifus, by many.

No. 91669

Her love is loyal and unconditional.

No. 91673

nah, it isn't unconditional considering she'd kill anyone who would get close to yukiteru. it's basically love me and no one else or i'll kill them. Sure, she's loyal but it doesn't mean it's a good trait either. she's the typical yandere, some even say she's the face of that dere type.

No. 91689

I don't see how that makes her love any less unconditional.
Because it is as you said:
>love me and no one else or i'll kill them
Its not:
>love me and no one else or i'll love you less
I don't see how her loyalty isn't a good trait either.
There is great appeal in being loved with such unflinching intensity so consistently, that is what makes her popular and why her big shortcomings are being forgiven.

No. 91692

I apologize for phrasing like that when it should've been that it's not that she's conditioning herself and it's not like she'll love Yukiteru any less. Instead, she's putting a condition on to Yukiteru who is forcibly being isolated from society to be with her.
>love me and no one else or I'll kill the people who would consider you as a friend, even an acquaintance.

I get the appeal of being loved by someone who would undoubtedly never cheat on you or look for someone else. But she's basically hurting (even abusing) Yukiteru emotionally, mentally and socially with how she acts in the series. Yukiteru is always scared of her until almost to the end when he resigned himself in acceptance that he'll never be free from her and this game and sees her as this savior since if it weren't for her he would've died long ago. Even when he became god, he seeks for her and going stockholm syndrome due to the fact he pities her and wants her with him cause he's basically dying from loneliness and doesn't know what to do with the life he won.

I shouldn't made this long but people sees Yuno in a rose tinted glasses and admire the determination she has for the one she loves.

No. 91699

Anon trust me no one wants to be loved like that, it’s honestly not love it’s obsession, she’s in love with the idea of him and having total control over every aspect of his life. He can’t even talk to other people or show affection or she will kill them, how is that appealing?Like >>91692 said, her “love” is abusive. She’s manipulative and controlling there is nothing “cute” about that. I’d rather be unloved than have someone who allows no one to get close to me and pretty much wants to use me as a point of obsession controlling every aspect of my life. That is more horrifying than appealing. Also are we forgetting she killed a bunch of people?

No. 91701

File: 1590243860800.jpg (326.29 KB, 1920x2560, b9e2b367ec3cdd3db683803f36e40b…)

I always hated him and Robin, but especially him since he's the biggest rapist piece of shit ever. I think I watched the whole show back in the day with hate in the back burner but nowadays you can REALLY tell how shitty all the characters are and how sexist the comedy is.

Like I seriously downloaded season 1 and it took me like 5 minutes to delete it completely because it was "woman are dumb sluts" jokes nonstop from him. I forgot how much the show revolves around this fuck and I'm just so happy comedy is moving past the type of humor that Friends and HMYM had. Will never re watch either again.

No. 91702

File: 1590244013440.jpg (50.13 KB, 500x597, 5a48b0068d86c1d8983df60f32a6e6…)

Telling her to fuck off was SO good.

No. 91704

>she’s in love with the idea of him
Isn't all love like that?
>He can’t even talk to other people or show affection
Why would he want to do that if he already has Yuno?
>She’s manipulative and controlling
That wouldn't be an issue if Yuki would love her equally back, so than Yuno wouldn't have a reason to get jealous.
>she killed a bunch of people
In the name of love. Hot af.

No. 91705

Same. I really wanted to like her, especially after Eren drifts apart from the group so I was hoping that she would finally become her own person, but no. She somehow became even shittier. I really disliked how mean and weird she was to the dying girl who idolized her.

No. 91706

Sorry anon, but you're delusional

No. 91707

File: 1590245828906.jpg (39.33 KB, 480x480, branstark.jpg)

I was hoping someone would just wheel him off a cliff by the end of it.

Honourable mentions to Bronn and Pod who were not funny or charming in any way.

No. 91708

This looks like Holly Conrad.

No. 91712

I see how someone with poor taste might think that. Passion must be an alien concept for you.

No. 91713

File: 1590247838105.jpg (37.88 KB, 334x454, soobill.jpg)

I hate them both. Sookie constantly made the dumbest decisions and Bill was a mopey, rapey piece of shit who never really faced any consequences for his garbage actions.

No. 91715

File: 1590248292534.jpg (29.89 KB, 350x491, makoto-itou-5122.jpg)

Everyone is unbearable but especially him.

No. 91723

Isn't that the whole point? I remember Japanese twitter posting memes about how much of an asshole he was and how much he deserved what happens to him in December when the whole anime got broadcast on TV for Christmas Eve and a bunch of Japanese people binge watched it.

No. 91736

he made the game and anime fun lmfao
I really disliked Setsuna, the token kuudere loli waifu uwu

No. 91738

Please seek help.

No. 91740

we get it you are IRL yandere stop being so cringy i literally had to grimace so hard

No. 91775

File: 1590261236707.png (293.78 KB, 612x519, 54.png)

No. 91780

File: 1590263353125.jpg (29.49 KB, 322x451, anthy-himemiya-4362.jpg)

Leave my Utena alone, you bitch.

No. 91783

>watching Utena and ending up hating Anthy when Akio is right there

No. 91785

Wow, missing the entire point of Utena entirely. Utena is basically a glorified fake boi at best. she's trash

No. 91790

I thought hating Akio was a given
Care to enlighten me?

No. 91812

Are you 12 anon? A troll? Are you really trying to defend what's obviously a shitty, stereotypical character wrote to appeal to japanese incels and edgy little girls?
Imagine talking about an abusive relationship and saying that it's the victim's fault if the abuser is a controlling piece of shit and thinking that killing for love is hOt AF!1!!

No. 91816

NTA but if you watched the entire show and came out of it genuinely hating Anthy (especially if you also think Utena was perfect) I think you are beyond any help tbh

No. 91818

amen to this anon, yanderes overall are fucking trash

No. 91822

What do you mean by "defend a character"? Do fictional characters need defending? There will always be people that like things that you don't like, mature thing to do would be to just get over it. I don't get how someone could remain blind to such deep felt romance and call it "abusive", Yuki did love Yuno in the end despite the killings.

No. 91828


Yandere kanojo desu senpai koroshitai kurai daisuki~~ uwuwuwu

Bet you never even killed anyone for love, poser

No. 91848

Does the Royal edgelord even have fans? Bsd is badly written fujobait, the main character is a cardboard cut out of a basic tragic mc to go w him.

No. 91908


Haha really? I didn't mind Chloe that much in the first life is strange game, but i absolutely hated her in before the storm. What a rude, disrespectful bitch. I felt sorry for everyone that had to put up with her whiny teenage bullshit. If the creators thought they were making a sympathetic character they were dead wrong

No. 91914

File: 1590308358271.jpeg (18.6 KB, 326x360, A0F6FB3C-D251-4F81-BF8F-375203…)

Do I have to explain?

No. 91915

not to me, couldn't stand past epi 1. there's something about her that i don't like even when i understand that she was supposed to be an arrogant character from the beginning.

No. 91916

File: 1590310183637.jpeg (30.41 KB, 409x474, 43F88A56-7E29-4B74-9DC4-849520…)

admittedly a bsdfag here chiming in to say that he’s definitely up on the list of most popular. he’s a sadboy edgelord which people either love or hate.

No. 91932

File: 1590314678551.png (202.88 KB, 820x879, 169-1695016_lucy-heartfilia-lu…)

almost everyone on the show but she's the worst.

No. 91954

File: 1590320133708.jpg (71.76 KB, 1024x768, inuyashiki.jpg)

yes i hated this little shit. this show made me cry soooo much because grandpa was the most tragic character. the ending was so depressing but its obvious it was rushed because the manga wasnt successful so the mangaka had to abruptly end it.
i wish they had given grandpa a just ending.

No. 91956

nta, but the fact this dude had managed to gain a support system (his gf and her grandma) at the end pisses me off. Wished he was the one who sacrificed himself to destroy the meteor and not grandpa. He still has a family to go home to, and a dog. But i did enjoy that that the dude killed his dad though. The dad left his him and his mom who couldn't comprehend the fact that her husband chose someone else and ended up mentally unstable.

i forgot this guy's name and also grandpa's.

No. 91960

lmao i forgot their names too. thats why i called the old man grandpa.
i remember all the edgelords on /a/ cheering on the bad dude when he murdered all the reporters.
that show was bonkers. I hate grandpa's family they were so mean and ungrateful to him. the dog was the only one who loved and appreciated him. the first episode literally had me crying because of how mean everyone was to grandpa. i think his character was supposed to only be 50 but he looked 80.

the trump cameo was funny too tho.

No. 91963

meh, edgelords never change. And yeah they were rude, especially the daughter and mom. they were ungrateful the fact the house, that grandpa managed to finance by himself, was too small when it was literally the perfect size for the family. But even then, he still supported his daughter in pursuing her dream to be a mangaka. She only realized the she loves him at the end of the series when he was going to sacrifice himself to save the planet. Fuck, only grandpa truly loved the dog. Who would give the dog love the same way grandpa has for the doggo. What? I really though his wife married him when he was already late in 30s or 40s thats why he was so old in the series. I never thought he was still in his 50s but I guess with lack of familial love and support and getting berated from his workplace daily could stress him and apparently managed to give him a fuckton of aging. Poor guy.

Besides the op song, the trump cameo was one of the reasons why i watched the show in the first place.

No. 91969

the grandpa's name is inuyashiki and the evil dude is hiro btw

i completely agree, i hated hiro so much because he was so confusing and just a plain edgelord. he went from
>killing people ruthlessly
>being suddenly nice and curing people with cancer because of the girl he met
>back to being a massive edgelord again

the OP and ED are so nice to listen to, the ED always makes me wanna cry because of what happend to inuyashiki lol

No. 91988

File: 1590335970279.jpg (19.83 KB, 360x450, 39393855.jpg)

In that same vein, I want to talk about Devilman. In the original manga, the U.S. president fucking dies on-screen (not the actual one, just some generic old dude in a suit.) In Crybaby, they went out of their way to put the actual president in there, but then didn't kill him? Why not?! It's not like Japanese people have a very high opinion of him. Talk about blue-balling.

I guess they were afraid of litigation, maybe? But don't make him a real person, then. Just have him be a generic guy like he was in the manga. Idk, this is autistic, but I just thought I would mention it lmao.

No. 92015

The new devilman was funded by netflix which is an American company maybe they didn’t want to deal with the backlash from the good old boys in the us if they killed him.

No. 92102

File: 1590366848009.jpg (186.92 KB, 1033x455, 20200525_022414.jpg)

Chainsaw Man. How can main guy be so unlikable? Author was trying to do so many things with him that he just became bland and annoying as fuck. This manga is weirdly sexual so I don't like most of the characters anyway.

No. 92108

It would be incredibly insensitive to do that on an anime funded and hosted by an American company.

No. 92109

I'm so annoyed that gamzee sucks so much. I love indigo and capricorn and his horns look rad but… he is one of the worst characters in that comic.

No. 92123

Honestly, I was wondering how long it would've taken for someone to mention her in this thread.

No. 92206

File: 1590420855931.jpeg (29.97 KB, 494x621, 31DD73EB-D4A7-4D98-BDBD-7A3DA7…)

My son needs to study!

No. 92210

how dare you, meet me outside because I will fight for my girl

No. 92214

File: 1590424896006.jpeg (50.49 KB, 400x556, A6402E63-B06F-46A5-9475-1AA3C6…)

Misogynistic pig and a terrible father.

No. 92216

Brag, it's true. ChiChi has always been a useless crap-shoot, even in Dragon Ball. The moment the Frieza saga starts, she's non-existent.

Bulma is best girl, hands down.

No. 92225

File: 1590429051572.jpg (51.69 KB, 698x694, 9324589238457.jpg)

>mfw i can't even defend him because you're right

No. 92248

(insert every yandere character in every show/media in here because as soon as i find out a character has a yandere trait, i get annoyed)

No. 92257

Hard agree. I can’t understand how some people has him as favourite Jojo

No. 92291

>Honourable mentions to Bronn and Pod who were not funny or charming in any way.

Look at this clown over here acting like quipping about fucking whores and having a dick every 2 seconds isn't comedic gold

No. 92300

TBH Goku is a terrible father so I guess they deserve eachother

No. 92310

He calls his mother 'bitch', doesn't he? He's absolute trash.

No. 92316

It's well known that Goku is a retard and unfit to do anything besides eat, train, and fight to protect.

ChiChi is just a shitty insignificant character.

No. 92323

Bronn was extra gross because his grossness was so glorified. Littlefinger didn't disgust me as much as he did because at least the show didn't act like being a creep and murdering your wife is quirky when it was lf. It's annoying that asoiaf had a cast of interesting female characters to work with, but then untalented hack writers gradually took the wheel and let their sexism run free on the backs of those characters.

No. 92324

tbh his mom pisses me off too, she enables him and does absolutely nothing to discipline him when she sees him treating people/herself like garbage.

No. 92332

You gotta admit it's a great character though, the type you love to hate.

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