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File: 1594223630960.png (201.72 KB, 720x419, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.5…)

No. 1003989

Thread to discuss the many faces of instagram incel right wing "Irony" community.
Filled with Incels who are usually to ugly to pander to women so they doxx or harrass them.
Common faces include: quirkyegirl, berserk___________, anarcho.incelism.v15 (although .v15 will eventually change), tfosing, shidoger, nocapongbruhh, juice.wrldv3 and noose.maniac(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1003993

File: 1594223839797.png (14.69 KB, 303x64, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.5…)

Firstly, @quirkyegirl. He constantly harrases Bianca Devins and her family and makes fun of people who defend her (pic related) and doxxes women just trying to have a good time

No. 1003997

File: 1594224082232.png (165.92 KB, 617x479, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.0…)

Secondly, shidoger. He doxxed some little girl for saying "kill all men" as a joke, (pic related) Which shows how much of an fragile incel he is, and also put yung cynical's house on google maps, and harrased her while she was having a breakdown on live. He is also openly transphobic.

No. 1003999

I also have a face picture of his that got leaked, but I need to find it.

No. 1004003

File: 1594224285838.png (225.4 KB, 336x421, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.0…)

Next, we have noose.maniac. He constantly harrases Bianca Devin's family, (pic related) and constantly posts about her. I also have his leaked face pic, But I need to find it

No. 1004007

File: 1594224464533.png (342.54 KB, 534x535, D597C247-4CA7-4B42-8918-758404…)


pic related, it’s you

No. 1004008

Nextly, we have @anarcho.incelism.v15. His page is so horrid that I won't show any screenshots. He posts babies getting shat on, mass shootings and more

No. 1004010

Next we have nocapongbruhh, who along with shidoger, harrased a friend of mine @10ksunny in a gc and posts cp.

No. 1004021

File: 1594225007633.jpg (134.83 KB, 828x1792, 19198 390804 490309.jpg)

I forgot about this, he doxxed some 13 year old girl for being pansexual, along with harrasing multiple rape victims (yung cynical, some furry, and a girl on tiktok, this one) and bragged about it.

No. 1004029

File: 1594225380759.png (123.29 KB, 747x448, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.2…)

Next we have @berserk___________ who harrases, doxxes and hacks "irony" girls for fun, pic related

No. 1004030

god, those normalfags from instagram who fuse with chan culture are the biggest attentionwhoring cancer I've ever seen

No. 1004033

Oh no. Oh the humanity

No. 1004035

Any evidence that these retards are right-wing? Just look like standard shock-jock racist homophobic channers. No political views…

No. 1004038

Lmao this nigga said I constantly post about her I barely remember who she is. Virgin stuck on lolcow for the rest of his life

No. 1004039

anarcho.incelism.v15 constantly posts about his political views, and i remember either kong.mp4 or shidoger commented about michelle obama being a mtf transgender and was spewing alt right conspiracies

No. 1004042

Fuck off

No. 1004044

File: 1594225872134.jpeg (27.67 KB, 498x400, 686D5C97-2BC5-4D67-9BFF-646B3B…)

Idk about #killallmen but #killallincels is something I can stand behind. Sorry for edgelord bullshit but Jesus Christ

No. 1004056

Noose also “leaked” a 16 year old girls nudes, doxxed her and harassed her to the point of her deleting her account

No. 1004059

File: 1594226364276.png (428.47 KB, 937x604, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.3…)

I'm not a virgin and you constantly post about her, pic related, this was legit three weeks ago, with the shidoger kid

No. 1004061

An entire whopping 3 weeks ago. I didn’t even post that. It was my admin. I told him to take it down, but he said he couldn’t.

No. 1004065

Stop pretending, I have your face.

No. 1004241

I know who you are. We aren’t incels, you’re just mad that we made fun of you in a group char lmao.

No. 1004244

Op here back again, will add the others in a bit.

No. 1004250

Oh right, if you’re friends with 10ksunny doesn’t that mean you were accomplice to bullying an autistic kid? Why are you acting like you’re all high and mighty? You’re just as bad.

No. 1004253

File: 1594249259126.jpg (8.4 KB, 480x360, lil gune.jpg)

Yeah that was the reason we were mean to her. She manipulated a special needs kid (pic related) by tricking him into thinking he's her boyfriend just to promote herself.

No. 1004266

File: 1594251197540.jpg (84.32 KB, 500x373, 2vamdlif.jpg)

cool mods unlocked this thread. Thanks! noose.maniac etc are pathetic incel virgins. noose.maniac especially is so sensitive it's hilarious. He's constantly reporting mean comments left on his page. I saw a pic of him a while ago and he had a serious acne problem. Exactly what you'd expect from a dumb edgelord.

The fact he's in here SO QUICK defending himself kek

No. 1004269

??? What are you talking about?? sunny didnt do that…

No. 1004270

he's 22 years old…

No. 1004275

…who hurt you, op?

No. 1004276

Nobody, this was a highly requested thread from a previous one

No. 1004277

And hes still autistic

No. 1004278

File: 1594252299460.png (381.89 KB, 930x594, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 7.49…)

Alright, next one. Tfosing is another incel like noose and shidoger who doxxes women because mysoginy=funny apparently!! He doxxed some meme page that was standing up for women's rights and abortion (pic related) :/. More in a bit, see ya

No. 1004280

Yes she did lmao

No. 1004281

sunny and him know its just a joke… shes being his "daughter" not gf btw… and they know its just a rp thing…

No. 1004283

I don’t know how to dox lol. I dont understand why you cant just dm me on instagram instead of creating some false narrative.

No. 1004284

He doesnt know its a joke but keep defending someone who abuses autistic people :3

No. 1004286

No. 1004288

thats besides the point, dm sunny, she'll explain it.

No. 1004289

File: 1594252709108.jpg (19.32 KB, 384x383, FB_IMG_1591315817407.jpg)

>no one sages

This thread will be a dumpster fire. All these immature little boys are going to flood here. Obviously have already.

No. 1004290

She blocked me before I can ask her why she’s doing it, but it’s ok keep defending a person who bullys autistic kids

No. 1004293


No. 1004300

r u seriously showing his post as evidence??? the rape apologist mysoginistic transphobic doxxing piece of shit? great, extremely good idea /s

No. 1004305

i agree anon but the fact they're so pressed about it being here is great.

No. 1004310

From where? Where did you all come from?
You're obviously not from LC, none of you (if there is more than one of you) are saging, you're all doxing them which is against the rules, this isn't even milk.
What the fuck is going on on /snow/.

No. 1004315

can you take your newfaggotry elsewhere? This is an offshoot from Shayna's thread. It got invaded by incels. Try to keep up.

No. 1004319

actually, cynicals thread, but yeah.

No. 1004323

File: 1594253995312.png (3.13 KB, 833x39, dua.png)

fuck off with the demanding answers

No. 1004325

opps meant to tag >>1004310

No. 1004331

you guys are so fucking retarded. making a whole thread about some edgy teenagers' instagram accounts, and you cant even do that right.
and yet you call me the newfag.

No. 1004333

your post was dumb anon, move the fuck on.

Where's that noose.maniac pic

No. 1004337

Next we have juice.wrldv3 He's an right wing racist and posts videos empowering racist shooters such as the columbine shooters. Another fucked up incel page irony.gate posted his face, and irony.gate is, id say one of the worst here. Im gonna have a lot of fun talking about him.

No. 1004339

Lmao bro you’re reaching. Just admit that you’re doing this because you’re trying to get close to 10ksunny. Its ok. We won’t judge.

No. 1004341

i dont need to lmfao. im an irl with her, so u can kiss my ass.

No. 1004342

and the incel shooter elliot rodgers.

No. 1004344

You’re not an irl with her. Lol.

No. 1004346

i am xoxo no incels allowed in 2020.

No. 1004350

File: 1594255136805.png (7.09 KB, 87x522, unsaged shitposting.PNG)

yeah definitely an offshoot of the shayna threads and not a bunch of stupid egirls vendetta posting

No. 1004351

You don’t know her you’re just her simp carrying out her vendetta.

No. 1004353

File: 1594255235016.jpeg (70.02 KB, 749x733, F22C31E7-C167-4808-9F92-D8B0F8…)

This is such a huge mess of a thread.

No. 1004356


No. 1004360

ngl, it is funny

No. 1004362

noose.maniac so panicked about this thread existing he's spamming gore all over here and momokuns thread. Maybe you shouldn't have spent the last year harassing Bianca Devin's 12 year old sister you fucking creep.

No. 1004365

where is the gore?

No. 1004367

It’s >>1004352
The retard uploaded it as a png instead of jpeg so nobody can even see it

No. 1004368

What gore? I’ve seen much worst on here
you gotta sage your post, retard
You’re shitting up the thread

No. 1004375

>>1004266 You're taking all of this stuff out of context,10ksunny was tricking an autistic guy into thinking that she loved him only for clout, an uncommon feat with egirls on ig for some fucked up reason. It was with a guy called 'Lil Gune'.

No. 1004378

SEE >>1004281 AND GTFO

No. 1004379

>>1003989 So you know that sunny intentionally fucked up an autistic person's view on love, but it's ok because you can make stuff up about shidoger and nocapongbruh online about them being incels even though you have no proof of it.

No. 1004381

umm,, i cited a lot of proof

No. 1004382

You cited posts from an ironic meme page. Congrats. You should be an attorney.

No. 1004384

>>1004375 ? Wow. Replace gf with 'daughter'. Still is pretty sick to see that she used him for clout knowing that he was autistic. You should see some of the screenshots of the dms with girls like her with him. Its fucked up. So dont give shit to Shidoger or Nocapongbruh for cussing her out in a gc lmao.

No. 1004386

You cited posts from an ironic meme page. Congrats. You should be an attorney.

No. 1004387


No. 1004389

>>1004381 And the proof you got was that they doxed a girl who lied about being raped and 10ksunny (I talked about this) who really
deserved to be 'bullied' in a gc. I dont like Anarcho Incelism at all but his name is satirical and so is all the other political stuff posted by IRONY pages.

No. 1004392


Calling it irony when they do think like braindead incels and doxx underage girls is kinda redundant lol

No. 1004393

>>1004387 are you serious? Citing information from a page in a community name IRONY. Nothing they post is serious. How are you that retarded that you dont realise they dont mean what they say?

No. 1004395

>>1004392 How are they incels? Please enlighten me.

No. 1004396

Why are you talking as if there 33 years old doxxing some little kid? They both deserved to be bullied. One lied about rape and the other bullies autistic kids. It doesn’t sound so good when it’s so blatant hm?

No. 1004398

i saw young cynical have a breakdown on live because shidoger and other irony pages kept posting her adress and parents phone #'s. she was crying and worried about her little brother

No. 1004399

Young cynical's brother is 14 and autistic lmfao

No. 1004401


>don't mean what they say

>doxx and harass underage teenage girls

>also potentially groom them for nudes
>harass a murder victim's family

sure bby deny being a raging misogynists all you want


They are TEENAGERS, how a 16 year old bullying a grown man is a big deal?

No. 1004404

You’re trying so hard to defend her hm. Makes me think that it’s you, 10ksunny, who made this thread. She bullied an autistic grown man. Noose.maniac made a joke on a perfectly stable girl’s live, thats called being edgy and dumb, not harassment. No one cares about this thread except for you.

No. 1004405

>>1004401 Are you fr rn? Most of these irony pages are like 15 and so are the people they dox. Also the people they dox dont tend to be the nicest people. I feel like a broken record rn but really you cant defend sunny or the bitch who lied about rape.

No. 1004407

File: 1594257797395.jpeg (49.18 KB, 500x500, 42FC66BD-D155-4002-8A82-A940ED…)

>grown man
He isn’t 22 btw

No. 1004409

Exactly just dumbass kids being dumbass kids

No. 1004410

the irony fandom is dying, shit up lolcow if you're a true retard

No. 1004412

LMAO why are all these edgy retards fucking pissing themselves all of a sudden? Learn to take a taste of your own medicine for once.

No. 1004413

Manipulating autistic children isnt ok

No. 1004414

yeah bro hahaa i loooovee when autistic children are manipulated into thinking they have to pay child support to some random egirl because the egirl wants money lool so funny innnit?

No. 1004416

Yes it is, get off imageboards if you think B-BOOLYING THE TISTICS is so bad kek

No. 1004418

how are we grooming them for nudes lmfao

No. 1004421

So you think it's perfectly ok to harass autistic people online for shoutouts

No. 1004422

We don’t do anything anonymously because were not scared lol. Im pretty sure the only reason you’re making this on lolcow is because you think people will give a shit about your annoying friend and because you’re scared to show us your real account

No. 1004423

You're on the wrong site kek

No. 1004424

"Yep extorting autistic children for money is fine? but harrasing m'lady? that's a yikes buddy"

No. 1004427

>>1004423 LMFAO so you get sad when we doxed a fucked up girl who extorted money and shoutouts out of an autistic guy but you must defend mlady! Shut the fuck up lmfao.

No. 1004428

Lmao budget cut version of 4chan

No. 1004430

I don't know which girl you're talking about but you're on lolcow. This isn't instagram. You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1004432

“We don’t do shit anonymously” KEK. You’re running fucking meme pages. It’s not your personal account. If you’re so proud of the shit you post and have no fear whatsoever, why not do it under your real name where your classmates and school can see huh?

No. 1004433

Then I guess this whole thread should be deleted because it was made by some 16 year old whos mad about getting caught bullying an autistic kid

No. 1004436

I'm talking about sunny, and I dont give a fuck about your awful dead fucking website.

No. 1004439

The way we post we have a constant presence, eg, @iguser123 is a facist but on here you make a post completely anonymously idek if I've been arguing with the same dude or like 12 different niggas.

No. 1004440

Lmao this nigga still saying kek. Difference between this website and instagram is that I can be tracked from my page to my irl page this is anonymous lmao. And it’s obvious op is solely using it because she’s scared. She’s never used this website before.

No. 1004443

I'll elaborate more, you can know that on ig that a user is a fascist or a bad person based on what they post or comment or talk about in dms or gcs but on here you are completely anonymous and a different tag for each post, so I have no clue about who you are because I cant see any of your past posts.

No. 1004444

gore isn't about what you personally have seen, slow-chan.

shut the fuck up.


it's kiling me they are trying to get this thread locked again by derailing because they're terrified on a platform without their following. They all report so fast if you say something mean to them on their pages but then they're happy to go bully fucking 12-year-olds whos sister was just murdered? Get fucked you disgusting edgelords. Seethe.

This website still uses kek. Leave incel.

No. 1004445

You still haven’t explained why it’s OK for that friend of yours to manipulate an autistic child for financial gain.

No. 1004446

I dont report people. I can’t tell if you’re op or not but if you are, why not dm us before creating a thread trying to make us look bad. If I wanted to get this thread locked I would’ve done it a long time ago lol.

No. 1004447

Lmao how are we tryna get this thread locked, were all posting this on our stories and laughing at you retards stuck in 2012.

No. 1004448

what friend of mine? I only become aware of these retards because of the shit they posted about/on Liv Devins page. I have no idea who Sunny is and I don't give a shit about your instagram drama, retard.

No. 1004450

Lmfao r u really this retarded? You're being as blind as stevie wonder bruh, do u see the problem with egirls extorting autistic children for money? Noose was being retarded by saying that shit to biancas sister but that is really fucked

No. 1004451

Sorry i thought you was OP.

No. 1004452

LMAO Sure bro. That bianca shit was almost a month ago. You’re probably her annoying friend or her herself. What’s your instagram pussy.

No. 1004453

You seem a bit slow seeing as your agreeing with a reply which was previously debunked but I'll catch you up to speed, The girl (sunny) bullied and beraded an Autistic person online for money and followers, sickening. You cant justify it and it's clear that your falling back on what your saying. Dm me on instagram @37oatmeal.

No. 1004454

Literally wtf are you autists talking about. Most of the people on LC have issues with you losers because of yungcyncial and the shit posted in her thread. Most people here don't know who the fuck sunny is.

No one cares, incel.

I don't care if it was a month ago you fucking sped. You bullied a 12 year old girl to look edgy on fucking instagram. You are a loser. This is your cumupence. Seethe you little bitch.

Also lmao @ gimmie ur insta grow the fuck up.

No. 1004456

It’s not about the time that’s passed. I know damn well that you’re not here because of what I said to Liv. You’re a goon. And you’re a loser. “This is your comeuppance nyah” Lmao. Fucking loser. Quit acting like you’re better than people when you use a second rate 4chan.

No. 1004457

L asf. “M’lady who extrorts autistic for money is funny but you cannot make Bianca joke”(emojis)

No. 1004459

File: 1594260079403.png (197.42 KB, 444x780, big mad kek.png)

big mad lol

No. 1004461

Can mods ban the insta fags already? As funny as it is to see them pretend like they have any morals, it’s getting boring. They keep repeating the same shit that got mentioned once to avoid their own shitty actions and derail the thread.

No. 1004462

Imagine spending all day shitting all over murder victims familes and disabled people then reeeeing because people try to do the same to you. Males are so fragile. Bless.

No. 1004463

We aren’t the ones shitting on disabled people…

No. 1004464

Cry about it on instagram you useless scrote.

No. 1004465

OP here, they mentioned my name over 10 times here and they still haven’t noticed it’s me… Did noose say other shit on his story about me, I got him blocked

No. 1004466

File: 1594260521229.gif (106.33 KB, 450x338, braco.net.gif)

No. 1004467

How much y’all wanna bet this kid can’t even order food irl without stuttering and shitting his pants? Instagram mfers wanna act tough so bad lmfaoooooo

No. 1004469

Nigga you use lolcow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1004472

Oh fuck off. Y’all make fun of worse shit every single day. Don’t act like a saint. Nobody here is defending whatever the fuck happened to the autistic guy. Stop twisting the argument.

No. 1004473

True but we dont bully autistic kids

No. 1004474

We already know it’s you and we’re emailing your school.

No. 1004475

why would u bully each other?

No. 1004476

You're just racist, homophobic raging misogynists that like to target girls aged 16 and under with threats and manipulation into giving you nudes, all from the safety of your anonymous instagram accounts.

But when you're the target shit yourself.

No. 1004479

Who’s shitting themselves lmao. Why would anyone be scared of some irrelevant thread.

No. 1004480

>Nobody here is defending whatever the fuck happened to the autistic guy.
r u sure bout that

No. 1004483

if you have any more arguments defending the girl extorting autistic children holla at me @shidoger i bet u wont now that anonymity is gone pussies

No. 1004486

Lmao no defense so attacks guy who isn’t even apart of the situation

No. 1004488

its 37 being the jokestar and posting himself

No. 1004489

Lol nah just tagged op

No. 1004491

where r u getting us trying to get nudes from?💀 we dox people for doing fucked up shit, not get there nudes. my nigga u trippin

No. 1004494

What does noose.maniac look like? I wanna see his pizza face I’ve hated him since he got popular.

No. 1004495

They would if they had a pathetic meme page like you dumb fuck. Nobody is gonna dm you on their personal account so you can doxx them when your incel ass can’t argue back.

No. 1004497


No. 1004499

Lmao stop impersonating. I just talked with her she said she hasn’t been on because she can only talk through computer. Plus she types differently

No. 1004500

You’re fuming

No. 1004502

What did the Devins family do to you incels?

No. 1004503

Dm me I’ll show you>>1004501
Lmao Im mexican

No. 1004504

You say we cant argue back yet all your arguement is calling us incels and ignoring what were saying(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1004505

Ask noose, not us.

No. 1004507

yeah that def isnt sunny or op

No. 1004510

whoops meant to tag >>1004499

No. 1004512

File: 1594262332424.png (26.7 KB, 1806x676, dnetm.png)

No. 1004513

This thread isn't meant for you to explain yourselves. It's meant for us to discuss your retardation.

We do not give a shit about your side of the story, let me make that very clear. The more you try and explain yourself, the more pathetic you fucking look and the more attention you'll bring to the thread, and the more we will call you retards.

No. 1004514

Yea yea, whatever helps you sleep at night retard

No. 1004515

Kinda hope kiwi farms discusses this ugly big nosed faggot and doxxed him so his schoolmates can see how gross he is online

No. 1004518

Being outted is the most terrifying thing to these kids. It's why they spend all their time doxxing everyone else. Thing is most of us don't run edgelord accounts like they do so it's not a big deal if it happens.

No. 1004520

How are they even doxing each other? It's simple to avoid being doxed but they insist on posting face for attention/trying to make friends which is begging for dox kek

No. 1004523

yeah, people posting pictures of themselves on fucking instagram are begging to be doxed. Retard.

No. 1004525

File: 1594263116533.jpg (122.08 KB, 1280x720, to a wall.jpg)

No. 1004526

File: 1594263162949.png (11.68 KB, 390x470, 1592459029894.png)

No. 1004527

Imagine being so ugly that you're legit mad at people good looking enough to post their pictures on social media.

No. 1004528

>everyone who posts pictures on social media is good looking

No. 1004530

Compared to incels that dox people for doing it? yeah, they're good looking kek

No. 1004531

This is the dumbest fucking thread full of 15 year olds with terminal cancer

No. 1004532

File: 1594263381797.jpeg (125.07 KB, 750x1334, B737E87D-DFDD-4B65-A11B-019C25…)

The pic got taken down but this is a visual recreation of how he looks

No. 1004541

Wow so edgy and cool you’re totally not a retard compensating with “dark humor” you can make fun of her and harass her family but when a girl on lolcow calls you ugly, you get defensive

No. 1004543

We upset him, now he's posting pictures of dead girls through tears. Kek at the thought of his heart jumping as his mom walks past his door when he has gore on his screen

No. 1004544

Not really doing us any justice here :/

No. 1004545

You gotta love how they start sperging once you out them.
These are the so ~kind~ meme page admins that were acting like angels an hour ago for defending an autistic kid.

No. 1004548

lmao they're so mad that a bunch of girls are making fun of them and they can't just dox us and get their little goons to threaten to rape us.

No. 1004551

Kek, for most of us dox wouldn't even be a big deal because we don't sperg about rape and have pictures of dead people on our accounts. I feel like most people who threaten others with dox are projecting their worst fear onto everyone else

No. 1004552

File: 1594264752503.png (141.44 KB, 282x328, brandonclrk.png)

This is the ugly, blading scrote they all look up to kek. That fucking hair no wonder Bianca didn't want him. He couldn't even grow hair correctly at 23.

Absolutely. Their moms finding out what they do on the phone plan she pays for is their worst nightmare.

No. 1004553

File: 1594264784748.jpeg (164.57 KB, 750x1216, 9FB68064-C8AC-40B5-8728-ED21CF…)

Shidoger is unfunny as fuck and only has a few follower no wonder he selfposts and leeched off fatcynical’s infamy

No. 1004554

File: 1594264869284.png (3.55 KB, 118x86, Screenshot from 2020-07-09 04-…)

SHIDOGER, the person who talked shit about you posted an uncropped screenshot exposing their icon before deleting it

No. 1004555

That’s not even me and mods will delete that in like 4 seconds kek

No. 1004556

Also incels: murder women but can't cut past the dermis

No. 1004557

Why would mods delete it? It's common practice here to expose people who leave in their pfps.

No. 1004558

apparently he got his shit kicked in in prison, too lmao

No. 1004559

this thread is cringe, sage pls

No. 1004560

Well I’m not scared of some “irony” incels that’s on my non personal account

No. 1004561

you are literally the only one not saging

No. 1004563


No. 1004566

You sound upset

No. 1004568

The thread would be dead af if we weren't here. And we disprove the things about shidoger and nocap yet you keep arguing even though we agree with eachother. Quirkyegirl is deleted since 3 weeks ago, I haven't seen juice post about politics or being an Incel ever. I mean noose is proving your point so I'll give you all that and Incelism is fucked in the head. We were just clearing things up.

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