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File: 1572710596073.jpg (3.23 MB, 2881x1920, 1568040843157.jpg)

No. 887859

Myah Alanna Scavo is a 21 year old wannabe musician and youtuber/instagrammer. She’s bratty, selfish, and a tryhard edgelord whilst being overly sensitive and incapable of taking criticism.

>spoiled rotten by her parents, brags about how much money they dumped into her, like her failed music career and nose job at 16

>giant victim complex, is always whining about how other people screw her over and take advantage of how “nice” she is
>has a tumblr under her real name, reposts graphic porn, loli and other hentai shit, and photos of actual children between the porn, likes uwu DDLG aesthetics
>gained most of her YouTube following not because of her music, but because she cashed in on the Tana Mongeau controversy
>obsessed with lording her superiority over others on IMVU, then quit and swapped IMVU for Second Life
>moved to Maryland after her mom got remarried and took over the entire top floor of the new house to be solely her room despite having step-siblings
>attempted to attend college but dropped out quickly, according to her due to her health issues that doctors couldn’t diagnose
>was told that she shouldn’t drink or get fake nails because it would aggravate her health problems, but proceeded to drink and get tacky claws nonstop anyway
>made a video sharing her experience with an abusive ex-boyfriend (Anthony), then later got back with him and got mad at fans who were concerned, and then went through a messy breakup again anyway
>became boy-crazy, would not shut up about how she was hooking up with ‘hot college athletes’ and how thirsty/desperate she was for a boyfriend
>got into a relationship with another guy (Scott), who made a video about what a daddy dom he is, literally all they would do was get drunk and fuck
>break up with Scott, he later gets arrested for jumping a high school boy and putting him in critical condition (she says he was arrested for murder to exaggerate)
>got into a relationship with another wannabe soundcloud rapper guy (Alex), broke up within a month and cried about it publicly on insta, then got back together with him and got furious at anybody who told her he was using her for clout, and then broke up again because he cheated

She’s known for quickly deleting things so archive milk when possible.

Newest development is that she’s now moving to LA with a bunch of her friends to try and finally kickstart her nonexistent music career, and has already begun to burn bridges with her friends after they realize how narcissistic she is.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myahalanna/
Finsta/spam account: https://www.instagram.com/xoxomyah/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/myahalanna
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/myahalanna

No. 887861

Link to the first thread >>482064 since I forgot to include it in the OP.

No. 887909

File: 1572717797414.jpeg (601.13 KB, 1125x1856, 7F74ED30-17A2-4B05-BDF8-9885E4…)

Is she holed up in her Air BnB playing second life while in LA? Kind of pathetic, at least Ava went out and partied.

No. 887911

Lol wowww… sad. With all her cOnNeCtIoNs and followers she still can't find shit to do in LA. Guess she should've brought her mother after all.

No. 887981

File: 1572723543506.png (144.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191102-143258.png)

She's unfollowed anncy and some others, followed Blair white?

No. 887982

anncy now follows both of avas accounts

No. 888018

File: 1572727066064.jpeg (563.5 KB, 1125x1219, 6FA68117-28A1-4453-9A17-2A198C…)


No. 888058


lmfao there's a trend here

No. 888140

That’s really funny because Ava and Sianna went to a party that Paris Hilton and Madison Beer were at. I’m sure Myah lowkey regrets being shitty to her friends on the trip because she could have met two of her idols.

No. 888298

File: 1572763244284.png (86.38 KB, 750x688, IMG_7722.PNG)

No. 888303

damn i wonder how bad that bitch smells

No. 888305

first Anthony says shes musty now ava said she dont shower or brush her teeth

No. 888312

she deleted "The Craze" I think she might move back in with her mommy

No. 888377

Oh my fucking god, 3 comments with no milk, sage your fucking shit you goddamn mongoloid

No. 888386

File: 1572794923927.png (16.64 KB, 246x197, myah.png)

chill out

No. 888488

File: 1572822174295.png (331.92 KB, 750x1334, 9E889F5B-6F13-41FB-8D4F-94809A…)


No. 888489

File: 1572822341105.png (293.07 KB, 750x1334, 728858F8-6BA7-4ADB-8A44-DD3827…)


No. 888504

>Most importantly I learned white people from jersey are bigoted homophobic & racist
First of all lol it's Jersey. Second of all damn she called Myah tf out lmaooooo

No. 888505

Who’s Jason?

No. 888509

File: 1572826287129.jpg (210.75 KB, 444x857, 20191103_160725.jpg)

Somehow her ass looks as stupid as she acts. Didn't know that was possible

Also just realized that OP pic is mine eee I'm famous too now Myah, watch out

No. 888510

Old friend of Myahs. They had a channel together (therealdeals). Guess they had a falling out?

No. 888516

Found this vid, best friends apparently
Probably got tired of her constantly using the words faggot and nigger given that he's bi and biracial

No. 888520

What a nitpick who cares about some capitalization.. she got her point across

No. 888522

File: 1572828669871.png (552.68 KB, 883x604, myah new friend.PNG)

Myah's got a new "friend" again

No. 888531

Myah doesn’t follow her on IG, so maybe not. I think it was a clout grab before she went home.

No. 888537

My point was that Jersey is a shithole. Apologies for any confusion.

No. 888540

File: 1572832422705.png (66.94 KB, 720x311, Screenshot_2019-11-03-17-53-25…)

Well then

No. 888545

She does anon if you check myahs following tab

No. 888573

i love all the tea theyre spillin about myahs racist ass

No. 888590

File: 1572848444560.png (631.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7736.PNG)

No. 888591

File: 1572848546602.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7737.PNG)

There we go with the victim complex again

No. 888592

File: 1572848641676.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7738.PNG)

No. 888593

does anybody know what happened to her other old friends other than jason like eric alona tristan and parker? i used to follow her years ago and am trying to catch up

No. 888597

i didnt know her mom got remarried i thought they were just dating also how many step siblings does she have?

No. 888603

her mom works or maybe worked at bww
1/2(don't post family)

No. 888604

File: 1572857295886.png (1014.29 KB, 1306x357, bwww.png)

uniform matches hers

No. 888613

>Eric moved to WA and they lost touch
>idk about Alona or Tristan
>Parker got tired of Myah controlling and slut-shaming her

No. 888639

Her mom quit BBW when she moved to Maryland to live with her now-husband.

No. 888640

ooooooh okay

No. 888641

File: 1572873439884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.51 KB, 1080x1193, 20191104_141710.jpg)

this is so disgusting

No. 889079

File: 1572920045231.jpg (364.02 KB, 1600x1280, ZomboDroid 04112019181423.jpg)

No. 889778

File: 1573056362445.png (424.24 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20191106-075810.png)

No. 890012

File: 1573095358783.png (4.67 MB, 1242x2208, 11E4F713-22D6-4A6E-B10E-235F40…)

Can we start an official count of the people she’s said this same shit about over the course of 2019?

No. 891751

What happened to myah and hunter? are they still friends?

No. 894092

File: 1573864145700.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, FC0E186D-2B1E-474C-ACB2-8F4FE4…)

Apparently working on new music but won’t release her song Princeton yet. Surprised she’s still even trying.

No. 894951

File: 1574092869063.jpg (411.28 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20191118-075743.jpg)

Think her thighs are shooped? Also KEK at the comment and Myah's response

No. 894952

File: 1574093043563.jpg (345.9 KB, 768x752, 20191118_080209.jpg)

The big hands pic the commenter was referring to. She's probably too petite for those whore nails if she's truthful about her height. That's what's making it look like she has big manly witch hands.

No. 894983

Kek this is why everyone thinks she’s a tranny. She has a weird squidward-esque nose (even after her nose job) and man hands, and really not a lot of hip when she’s not angled correctly. I think it secretly eats away at her that she constantly gets the “are you a boy” question.

No. 894992

I didn't know that was a thing with her lollll
Do you have time to grab any caps?

If this is true it's crazy that Myah doesn't work.

No. 894994

She has a video mentioning it, her friend jokingly asking her because it’s a running thing. I think she deletes the comments asking, a quick skim, I didn’t see any.

No. 895002

Thanks for looking and linking the vid! God I started watching it and she's so fucking annoying and pretentious

No. 895005

File: 1574098715718.png (1.9 MB, 1125x2436, 88B1CE92-56C6-4330-8B4B-439C66…)

Apparently people on IMVU are leaking nudes.

No. 895041

People still use that? Some damn ass boomer got her mediocre nudes.

No. 895167

File: 1574128072246.jpg (2.94 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20191118_174522373.j…)

Her surgeon fucked up her nose holes. They're pointy

No. 895350

No. 895415

Tbh I’ll take some

No. 895965

Literally thought left pic had shopped nostrils but.. nope! She’s got slitty Voldemort nose syndrome

No. 897118

saged for slightly stale milk but aancy uploaded an LA vlog that features both ava and sienna but cut out myah lmao

No. 897173

File: 1574580857844.png (5.22 MB, 1125x2436, 150B14A1-0A5C-4F57-89A8-E927F4…)

is there a thread for ava? and her dressing up as a “slutty indian?” like anyone with. half a brain knows that’s not okay.

No. 897995

I got more of a retarded turkey vibe from this.

No. 898056

File: 1574765284508.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, D62B7127-E844-4EC1-A87E-5861F1…)

She outed herself as being an npc. Bitch is toxic as fuck, I find it funny that she thinks everyone else around her is the problem.

No. 898115

For sure Ava is the type who would look upwards during a rainstorm and drown.

No. 898712

File: 1574908826621.jpeg (75.13 KB, 708x164, 6462D36F-AC33-432F-8CA9-6D9030…)

lol, sure myah.

No. 898848

She gotta bf

No. 898933

probs also clout chasing bc he makes music too and just graduated from high school this year. she is 21 and he is probably 18-19

No. 898943

who is it?

No. 899054

File: 1574998145998.jpeg (274.43 KB, 1124x1856, A47C1BAC-7AB9-4B4B-93D5-64DE58…)

No. 899712

Wow, She literally can’t even be single for a few months. This won’t last long.

No. 899716

Surprised Myah would dip so low as to date skmeone with such a gasp low follower count! She must be getting deperate

No. 899941

File: 1575175988548.jpg (472.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191130-235140_Ins…)

Lmao this is iconic

No. 900134

So Myah & Kelsey aren’t friends anymore again. They aren’t following each other anymore at all on instagram. Wonder what happened because I thought that friendship was so important to her.

No. 900152

File: 1575226836448.png (894.05 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20191201-185918.png)

Maybe, these screenshots are about myah

No. 900153

File: 1575226871864.png (615.11 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20191201-185921.png)

Part 2

No. 900156

File: 1575226975319.png (611.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20191201-185928.png)

Part 3

No. 900159

Definitely sounds like she's describing Myah!

No. 900160

I knew it!

No. 900219


It was only a matter of time. However, I don’t think that their friendship ending is going to change Myah at all. She’ll never find anyone to keep around for long because she’ll never own up to it. And everyone, like Ava, Kelsey Sianna, Jay, or any other friend that left her have said the exact same thing, she’s just a toxic & narcissistic, non-showering, rich brat.

No. 900222

What’s with narcs and bad hygiene

No. 900225

I mean, it makes sense as to why her hair is always looking greasy and unkempt. Especially when it used to be green. Disgusting.

No. 900228

if you are the best you don't feel like showering like dirty peasants below you.

No. 900445

literally four of her playlists on youtube are solely comprised of privated videos. it’s hilarious

No. 901949

File: 1575532092200.png (6.14 MB, 1125x2436, 2A0BD94D-6724-4556-91C6-40EE33…)

for spending “hundreds of dollars” on nails each time they are always pretty ugly.

No. 902756

File: 1575677337717.jpeg (117.98 KB, 750x470, 8C08F092-EA1A-41B9-AF17-6A58AE…)

I remember that Myah was supposed to collab on a song with some producer named MIME, but it never happened. I bet this tweet is about her, since it’s been confirmed she doesn’t shower.

No. 902760

Apparently she is now on Cameo charging $7 for a 40 sec clip

No. 902764

File: 1575678351221.jpeg (408.71 KB, 750x1142, 01EEA955-D1C9-4753-9F5F-0EF42E…)

Why would anyone willingly give her money for a bullshit clip?

No. 903613

I'm just thankful she realizes she isn't worth like 50 dollars for a min.

No. 903614

File: 1575873725169.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, 808A1D8A-A987-492E-9673-59E35B…)

Samefag but who is she to talk shit about kids doing that? It’s better than what she did, getting drunk all the time spewing bullshit on YouTube. Cheap eBay wigs look better than her greasy thin ass hair. There are a thousand different thinks these kids could be doing that are worse than making some videos for fun.

No. 903663


Do you guys have any theories on why she doesn’t shower? I just assumed it was because of her skin allergy condition

No. 903698

I doubt it's even that legit. She probably doesn't think the world can handle her lack of input for the 20 minutes it would take her to wash her hair.

No. 903704

>She probably doesn't think the world can handle her lack of input for the 20 minutes it would take her to wash her hair.
Lmfao anon

No. 903963

File: 1575953264199.png (820.31 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191209-223715.png)

I'm genuinely curious, didn't Myah drop out of college due to her skin condition and she was all upset about it? But somehow can fly to LA and party often despite that condition? If she can do all that, why can't she go back to school? Even if she had to drop out because of her health, Raritan offers online courses as do most colleges. There's no excuse except her simply not wanting to go back. I also love how much shade Ava throws regularly. I wish she would spill what happened

No. 904084

The irony of this vapid troll judging someone's character…
But that is a sick burn regardless

No. 904167

Wouldn't surprise me if Myah uses her condition as an excuse for her laziness.She has terrible hygiene and drinks frequently yet she doesn't think that it affects her flare ups in any way but apparently college would be the death of her lol

Myah stop bullshitting and just admit that all you want to be is a trophy wife

No. 904271

File: 1576023363731.jpeg (278.95 KB, 749x960, D258E605-18FF-4030-A3C8-55EAE5…)

Take a shot every time Myah makes a post with a long caption about “bad friends” or anyone she thinks is beneath her. (1/2)

No. 904272

File: 1576023386656.jpeg (364.29 KB, 750x869, 44A70E61-9EEC-4F21-8AB2-C80AA4…)

No. 904297

Take another for every comment kissing her ass under all of those captions. She was on live talking about the same shit and someone asked her to start focusing on herself. She got upset.

No. 904360

What else did she talk about? Anything with music or her and Kels?

No. 904410

File: 1576055802642.jpg (660.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191211-131427_Ins…)

Ofc the princess cant just drink her own drink! She has to drink everyone else's too!!!

No. 904417

This is about that jessy Taylor girl

No. 904699

File: 1576133258610.png (8.4 MB, 1125x2436, BF8AFD10-9B3A-4DBA-969A-8122B3…)

Tfw you smooth the fuck out of your face and photoshop your ass but you still like a mtf.

No. 904754

I know you’re prob just saying it to get to her but you can stop using “looking trans” as a way to shame appearance bc it’s goofy and says more about you than it does abt her lmao

No. 904798

welcome to lolcow

No. 904830

she’s on numerous occasions called herself “tranny” but okay *She looks traditionally masculine.

No. 904862

she complained yet again about people not being good for her, how someone has fucked her over yet again. she also said something along the lines of she’d rather die then work at a real job.

No. 904880

Those nails are tragic

No. 905064

File: 1576215794466.jpg (62.67 KB, 474x362, 20170714_151212.jpg)

No. 906156

File: 1576481347276.jpg (824.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191216-112851_Ins…)

Oh no keep your stanky ass away

No. 906158

Does her stepdad ever get tired of being a human GoFundMe?

No. 906160

probably lmfao she really needs to focus on showering all those pics she posts of her all hugged up on ppl ooof I feel bad for them

No. 906215

You mean her mom right? Her stepdad hates her & also thinks she should get a job.

No. 906219

I thought it was her actual dad that got tired of her shit not her stepdad? Like that's why she doesn't stay with him in nj anymore?

No. 906252

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s both. Considering that both her step-siblings moved out of that house as well.

No. 906583

its kind of sad how her whole family hates her and her mom is delusional

No. 906586

File: 1576570294823.jpg (244.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191217-121111_Ins…)

LMFAO sure nyah sure

No. 906591


lmaaoo "powerful".It won't be hard for her next bf to step up because she has set the bar for herself so low already

No. 906624


No. 906661


calm it on the whippits myah geez this WK isn’t even coherent

No. 906671

Reporting uuuu

No. 906673

ew lol

No. 906678

take your meds.

No. 906695


not sure if that's a troll or if someone can be really that stupid

No. 906703

File: 1576603199968.png (Spoiler Image, 3.24 MB, 1125x2436, 357B89F0-4C76-440C-883E-2C13C5…)

I could see why she wants to have daddy pay for a new nose job. This one looks so botched. Like how does that look natural to anyone?

No. 906705

This sounds like something a delusional headass Myah would say.

No. 906751

How can a nose be small but also so meatball-like

No. 906874

Ok who the hell told Myah about this thread?

No. 906877

not as much power as billie eilish xd

No. 906901

This is an instagram storyfilter. Makes nose thin and top lip larger

No. 907024

She’s known about them since a couple days after it was created and regularly checks on it even though the first thread had long periods of time that it was absolutely dead

No. 907028

File: 1576681099391.jpeg (365.11 KB, 1125x1313, 18166843-4E7C-4C6B-B738-F86B04…)

This pose looks familiar.

No. 907029

File: 1576681121160.jpeg (508.84 KB, 1125x1469, 1F74654F-2A42-41F8-AB7E-E9CAC0…)

No. 907030

File: 1576681142425.jpeg (538.39 KB, 1124x1383, 2C210D1E-C7D9-4AE1-9F7E-F19C49…)

No. 907040

How can they stand being all up on her when she is known to not shower and has to get botox injections because she sweats so mucn

No. 907100

She looks insane and clingy

No. 907118

He doesn't look like he'd notice that or too much else, honestly.

No. 907125


soooo..how long until he jumps ship?Any guesses?

I give him a month or two.

No. 907335

File: 1576724989433.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x2434, 19-12-18-21-05-28-718_deco.jpg)

The caption on that post. Didn't her old Tumblr have like really gross brother/sister sexual reposts or something?

No. 907410

She literally sticks her feet in her different boyfriends faces and thinks it’s cute on snap. It’s ville.
She says she surrounds herself with “the best” when literally one ex locked her in a closet, one is in jail, and the other cheated twice. Yeah grade A men. Let’s see what this 19 yr old boy does.

No. 907418

Why did Anthony lock her in his basment?

No. 907602

iirc, he got mad that she was posting certain things on social media so he took her phone, locked her in the basement and started deleting stuff from her accounts. she had to break the door down because she was scared he would start breaking stuff in her house.

No. 907623


Wtf and after all that she still was/is in contact with him even after their breakup.

No. 908971

when, if ever, is this bitch gonna get a fucking wake up call? honestly, i've been watching myah's train wreck of a "life" just so i can see her hit rock bottom and finally realize what a weird ass self-absorbed narcissist she is. that bitch is definitely mentally ill, or at the very least has some sort of personality disorder, because no normal human being behaves or treats people the way she does.
as far as the tik tok bs goes… she'll be on there sometime next year. just watch the walking contradiction do as she does best.

(sorry if there is anything wrong in this. this is like my second time posting on here.)

No. 908983

File: 1577096835324.jpeg (83.88 KB, 378x283, 55B5EA16-B30D-4CCC-B131-0926F6…)

I find this so odd??? A lot of musicians aren’t dicks, I also find it ironic considering who she is lmao. Her personality is hot garbage, self centered, only cares about herself, and will absolutely walk all over her friends. She’s terrible I hate that she acts like she’s above everyone else and refuses to even consider changing herself. She acts like she’s this perfect person and EVERYONE ELSE in the entire world is the problem.

Oh by the way, Scott is out of jail now.

No. 909122

That explains why her own music is so bland and uninspired. Retard.

No. 909190

Meanwhile she use to be a Lil Peep & Yung Lean clout chaser and supported Post Malone way back when he started up

No. 909250

File: 1577146824059.png (7.53 MB, 1125x2436, 4F978989-E4E4-4B66-B314-8A6E3D…)

God. The absolute ugliest sense of style. Does she no realize how ugly they make her talon chicken hands look?

No. 909252

File: 1577147145260.png (5.39 MB, 1125x2436, 2B7A2E54-5C53-4F47-8930-A0E836…)

“new fo la!! :3 mwa”

No. 909487

Why is Scott out of jail?

No. 909658

She literally comes on this thread to see what people are saying about her even knowing its gonna be negative. Class A narcissism. She doesn't care what kind of attention she's getting as long as she knows she's getting attention. Yiiiiikes.

No. 909662

No because she has no sense of good taste

No. 909996

Is there proof of her lurking?

No. 910484

File: 1577412430205.jpeg (605.3 KB, 750x1095, 311C389E-F65D-45BE-9D13-805DA8…)

I really can’t wait till this trainwreck unfolds

No. 910494

Does she really have a full size trash can in her room?

No. 910578

Is her ass naturally that big?

No. 910607

it’s the position. anyone who sits like that can have an ass. if she stands straight it all disappears. she does the thot poses on purpose.

No. 910611

Is that a piano in her room? Christ. Talk about spoiled and vapid.

That top is from Ross tho, lol.
Saged useless info.

No. 910618

Dirty ass socks lmfao

No. 910622

I wonder how myah treats her mom I mean look at how she treats her friends

No. 910625

…it’s literally just a musical instrument you sperg

No. 910633


Can't wait for her to cry how everyone in LA is fake and vapid and how she's the only smart and compassionate one lol

I give her 1 week before she contemplates moving back to her moms.This girl can't do anything on her own to save her life

No. 910684

Not everyone has a $13,000 piano in their bedroom. "Just an instrument" would be if she had crusty panties draped over a trombone or something.

No. 910695

Have any of you seen the Ryan Reynolds movie, “Just Friends”? Anna Faris plays a psycho wannabe musical artist that makes me think of Myah.

No. 910817

This is such a nitpick, she plays it. And she’s had it since her old house, when it was in the living room. her mom moved in with a new guy, there probably wasn’t much room for it anywhere else in the already established home.

No. 910876

Her lower half would look like a wisdom tooth when standing so I think it's just the pose.

No. 910898

File: 1577535798261.png (36.66 KB, 403x462, Untitled.png)

Deep Denial 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 911278

File: 1577632512897.jpeg (50.08 KB, 750x437, 72594BCD-CFD2-468B-95B9-499F52…)

Yeah well I heard you don’t shower Myah, you dirty bitch x

No. 912475

yea and now she is dick riding baby goth for some of her non existent clout… literally every post bg makes she's in the comments

No. 912503

post caps faggot this is an imageboard

No. 913342

File: 1578103921372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.88 KB, 322x480, 81906222_586270251919156_36071…)

Is Myah a furry now?

No. 913458

File: 1578120414200.png (78.17 KB, 624x741, IMG_7759.PNG)

posting one now

No. 913479

No you’re just autistic and can’t read a joke

No. 913554

Shut up Myah(hi cow)

No. 913870

File: 1578209012887.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.7 KB, 491x1133, BAA04EBA-5FAF-4821-9D1C-330B77…)

she is just so ordinary looking. nothing really unique looking to her or her singing. another wanna be paris hilton bourgeoisie wannabe. she isn’t going to get far in LA without an ass or tits. Should of asked daddy to buy her at least one of those things.

No. 914022

I think her and her father are on bad terms right now, which is why whenever she goes back to Jersey she’s not posting from that mirrored room at her fathers place.

No. 914055

File: 1578267108539.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 0233D96C-6E60-4A9F-B771-0FD92D…)

Just deal with the fact that a 12 year old likely said they fucked ur mom and move on u weak ass bitch.

No. 914170

shes obviously never played league then lol

No. 914305

Her mom is literally grooming her into developing alcoholism (check her mom's insta last recent pic) copious amounts of liquor(this is an imageboard)

No. 914315

lmao she wouldn't survive on late 00's xbox live

No. 914324

How bout you post it. Imageboard

No. 914485

Nobody knows her moms Instagram post the fucking pic

No. 914571

File: 1578358552329.jpeg (421.94 KB, 1125x1864, AF253C50-9D66-48EC-9721-3359BC…)

No. 914641

File: 1578363616520.jpg (387.01 KB, 800x988, 20200106_181250.jpg)

Her mom's ig is nuts it's no wonder Myah's head is so far up her own ass.
Also how is Myah supposed to survive and build a career in LA and network when she doesn't even have the sense to choose good friends.
I mean I guess LA might jive with her since Myah is so extremely shallow in who she chooses to befriend but she also gets sooooo butthurt when they inevitably DiSsApOiNt her. She's gonna need a thicker skin and better instincts.

No. 914692

File: 1578371432603.jpeg (104.68 KB, 686x436, A3001B6B-0EA9-4AE1-8C17-DE7B64…)

No. 914694


sage for tinfoil but I think she plans on trying to latch on and ride the coat tails of some artists already in LA… I predict upcoming milk between her and baby goth or I guess I'm at least hoping for it kek

No. 914727

bg lives in vegas so that’ll be hard for her. but there’s loads of other industry plants she’ll try to latch on to

No. 914735

Yikes Myah's mom is just as cringy and edgy as her.The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 914759

File: 1578402650255.png (8.76 MB, 1125x2436, 7B8BE405-0256-4C53-BC9A-575450…)

jesus christ

No. 914760

Sorry but what's wrong with this pic?

No. 914775

this has already been posted, newfag

No. 914851

The only thing I’ll give myah props for is the fact that she looked waaay better with the green hair. Rn her hair is ratty and brOKEN. everyone thinks they can pull off blonde now but it looks shit if you can’t keep it nice and not crackheady and splitting.

No. 914859

File: 1578426782097.png (977.56 KB, 1040x496, sumtink smells.png)

she reallly has downgraded.

No. 915018

My bad. I thought she still had her place in LA too. Do you know why she moved to Vegas? Bc I don't.
But honestly I don't think anyone else besides bg will give myah the time of day. Everyone knows how myah is. Too many people have exposed her for being dirty and hard to work with. Kek.

No. 915161

Besides that,Myah is a nobody so she won't be able to ride someone else's coattail for too long.

No one is going to give her exposure or hook her up with a decent producer if she can't offer something in return.

No. 915493

All artists are nobodies until they're somebody but I have to agree she has absolutely nothing to offer anyone. A lot of producers accept sexual favors tho maybe a route she can take.

Sage for no milk

No. 915919

not sure. i only know what she posts on her stories, and it just seems she has a nice house and always talks about how she wants her kids to have good futures. she typically keeps to herself though, or so it seems. and the friends she does have are generally unproblematic.

No. 916752

File: 1578801793506.jpeg (40.47 KB, 750x357, 6457DDAC-66F7-4652-BDF5-E5E31E…)

…ha ha

No. 917612

File: 1578949051529.jpeg (327.34 KB, 1125x1368, 6218F9E7-6841-4266-935B-A14BA8…)

Myahs mom is constantly exposing her. The greasy fucking hair, how hard is it to take a shower when you do nothing all day.

No. 917922

File: 1578982439830.jpeg (93.45 KB, 750x548, 3D306B93-D824-4F66-8676-C7D9EF…)

What I didn’t know is that her boyfriend moved to LA with her. How long do y’all think it’ll last till he’s on a plane ride back to NJ?

No. 917965

Lol couldn't even be bothered to shower for her mom's birthday

It'll probably be the other way around.He's gonna stay in LA and chase clout and girls,while Myah flies back home to mommy because she doesn't know how to adult.

I don't think it'll be too long though.They've been together for maybe 2 months and are already moving in with each other.Pretty sure they'll find something (cough Myah being filthy cough)to argue over soon enough.Doesn't help that she's a insufferable narc either.

No. 919021

File: 1579171355861.jpg (222.97 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200116_144218_088.jpg)

Posting pics of herself in a bathroom she knows shell never shower/wash her hands in

No. 919326

I don't agree at all. I find the people she is/was involved with very problematic. Like the guys who run the production label she was signed to, Darryl and Igor. Darryl came at one of his female artists, Starfire (which actually was juicewrld's ex) with a knife and stole her belongings… but the thing is, bg was okay with all of this stuff Darryl was doing to other artist's until she found out he stole some of her own label advance money. Oh & being friends with Lil Xan and Myah doesn't look that great either imo. Also someone in one of the soundclout threads knew her and her baby daddy before her "fame" and posted dms with him and he didnt have the greatest things to say about her abandoning them to be a SoundCloud rapper. Kek. I just find her whole narrative to be fake and inauthentic which sucks bc I want to like her. I really do.

Sage for unrelated sperg about baby goth and no Myah milk

No. 919946

File: 1579311908434.png (5.21 MB, 1125x2436, AD37F9E9-2365-44B6-BA49-39DC37…)

Her talon chicken hands don’t stop. I wonder though how long daddy’s money is going to last in LA. Prices aren’t the same as east coast money. She’s going to need to start doing real media work instead of siting on psn all day making bad edits.

No. 919947

Also where did her debilitating illness go? The one that “forced” her to quit school but obviously wasn’t bad enough for her to move states?

No. 919954

My guess is that she was lying. Because she doesn’t have any hygiene and had bedbugs, that’s why she was breaking out. And she quit school because she has zero work ethic, but didn’t want to come across as lazy or dirty to her fans, so she made up this lie that covers both problems: a magical incurable disease that no doctor could figure out

No. 920044

i think she lied about her mysterious physical illness. not armchairing but with her inability to hold relationships, long incoherent rants, and not showering, she probably has an illness of the mental variety.

No. 920061

Another thing that rings alarm bells for me regarding her ~mYsTeRiOuS iLLnEsS~ is how inconsistent she is about what sets it off.

She says she gets skin flare-ups and thus can't go outside in broad daylight (even though there are tons of pictures and videos of her outside online) and claims it's somewhat diet related and that she can't have yeast or whatever,yet she's out here eating shitty food constantly and drinking to no end.Sometimes however she says it has got nothing to do with hygiene or food.So what is it?Has she ever mentioned what exactly she was diagnosed with?

I think she just has some sort of eczema /possibly mild immune issue but just exaggerates it to avoid having to act and do things like an adult.She has to let everyone know what a special princess she is.

No. 920338

File: 1579412251883.png (1.16 MB, 1125x2436, E8638721-1DFD-4107-A33F-2EFCE4…)

If it was a real disease she wouldn’t move to one of the dirtiest cities in the country. She reminds me of those fake illness people on Afflicted.

No. 920347

if you prefer the lip filler cakeface on the left to the gorgeous natural girl on the right you have some issues

No. 920367

File: 1579418872695.jpeg (472.54 KB, 1125x1843, 529AB5A0-550F-48A6-ACDE-5AD3D3…)

Not exactly milk but I took a glance at her most recent video again (the one where she basically says she self reflected a lot and the Ava friend group was sooo immature and toxic) and a lot of the comments are calling her out, including the top comment.

No. 920368

File: 1579418922757.jpeg (120.95 KB, 1125x517, 9E6242AE-5D4F-48A9-940E-2AC163…)

No. 920383

I new myah from imvu back in the day. i became somewhat friends with her, she followed me on twitter, we were always chatting on imvu in a group, and we ever talked on dm a couple times as well. i was a “fan” I guess you could say of her yt vids and some of her music was ok. I first discovered her through her onision response video and then i watched all of her over videos. the more she talked about herself, the more we all got to know her and her personal life/drama/opinions. one thing that really struck out to me that she claimed she was a trump supporter and had been supporting him for years, even wearing the infamous hate and displaying stickers in her videos.
when i made my second imvu acc, i decided to add myah and see if she was online and join the chat room. she added me back, i was quite surprised she did. i wasn’t a ‘noob’ or anything, i’ve been playing the game for yeeeears and i still do occasionally. we talked in chat rooms with other girls, mainly involving herself in a lot of drama and getting fired up, chucking in racist insults as well as just acting like a basic try hard. she was taking things out of proportion and it was just so childish to see, even though i was 16 at the time. she eventually unfollowed me and deleted her imvu. but i’m glad i’m not caught up in all that negativity anymore.

No. 920876

Literally nobody gives a single fuck

No. 921055

File: 1579561007805.png (Spoiler Image, 4.93 MB, 1125x2436, 11497321-DABE-49A6-BF14-74817B…)

Yes a great choice of friends. Sav, this new girl, wears dreads and thinks saying the N word is cute. Sav is so obsessed with her online image, but it always comes of as a nasty attitude bitch.

No. 921175

Okay, but does anyone know why Myah posted all about a music video she was going to release with some guy she did a song with and..never did. She posted clips and previews and idk if she came out w an

*i believe the song is called real one

No. 921195

File: 1579581728045.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 5CD8F8CF-DF76-4609-9093-F7DA44…)

there was a video, it was just her and the guy she collabed with dancing awkwardly in a room with red or pink lighting, and the song is still on spotify, not sure if the video is still up.

No. 921448

Knowing how she hated & deleted her ‘Cash’ music video right after it was released (and wasting her parents money), I wouldn’t be surprised if she decided that she didn’t like the mv for ‘Real One’ and didn’t post the full video. (The video on her channel is just a teaser)

No. 921521

She did the same thing with the foreign music video. Hyped it up for weeks then decided she hated it?

No. 922183

File: 1579753669800.jpeg (108.15 KB, 717x1084, 981B30DF-612E-4EF3-964F-FFB97F…)

Choose a better fkin role model if ur gonna copy someone’s entire look lmfao.

No. 922184

File: 1579753706913.jpeg (206.21 KB, 750x1104, 9F22BE1D-C6C8-421C-94B5-E28303…)


No. 922218

File: 1579757080162.png (3.93 MB, 1125x2436, 7760115E-B876-4429-B8E8-6CF4CF…)

Speaking of copying, this chick copies Myah’s entire aesthetic down to the poses and captions

No. 922220

File: 1579757172998.png (669.85 KB, 1125x2436, 85516D46-6288-4FC3-8C77-540CA8…)

No. 922348

File: 1579784141023.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, AAC88C92-B833-479B-BFCC-980031…)

Using her parents money for a second nose job, it seems.

No. 922364

the fact shes hanging with sav who is known for being a fraud and classic fake insta thot garbage just really shows shes really clinging on to anyone in la rn lol. im waiting to see how this “friendship” pans out

No. 922538

File: 1579813332011.png (5.6 MB, 1125x2436, 84579FAC-A746-4001-BAE8-BC518A…)

Do you think she’ll be satisfied or will she nitpick until she ends up like Michael Jackson?

No. 922544

She's not going to stop until she's financially cut off.
You just know she's going to need some LA lips to balance out the new nose.

No. 922703

File: 1579824276336.jpg (1.2 MB, 1762x2560, 20-01-23-18-04-07-346_deco.jpg)

Barely been a week and mommy already went to visit her

No. 922734

The video was soooo bad I could see why she took it down

No. 922738

her mum is there to look after her while she’s recovering from surgery.. y’all are just looking for reasons to hate at this point huh. sad.

No. 922895

you know where you are right

No. 923046

Help her recover from a nose job? …a nose job isn't some intense surgery where you need someone to look after you. That's just an excuse for her to go visit

No. 923087


Isn't this b4byphina aka the girl who used to copy Sara (b4by.jpg)?

No. 923153

why the fuck are people acting like someone’s mother visiting them is milk? find something of actual value to nitpick jesus

No. 923341

I was about to say that I really hope this rhinoplasty works out for her.. It’s one of the riskiest plastic surgeries because there’s so little skin tissue to work with. Myah is problematic as fuck, but I’d hate to see another young person lose themselves (or literally their nose) because of their insecurities

No. 923588

I feel like her nose is gonna look so bad considering how it looked before but who knows

No. 924482

I'm p sure she'll get boob implants next to complete her e-thot look.

No. 924500

michael jackson headass

No. 924557

She needs an ass too but I guess it’s whatever daddy can pay for first.

No. 924929

She is kek. I was just thinking about this cow today, her selfposts on pull were so autistic. Glad I checked this thread.

No. 924933

Also what about her ferret Goo? She just decided to leave her w mom? That’s kinda shitty caregiving.

No. 924946

that poor animal is probably glad it’s away from her

No. 924959

I heard they're illegal in cali I could be wrong tho

No. 924970

File: 1580221796785.jpeg (264.69 KB, 750x758, C6BE57BE-EB9C-494A-AEAF-B5E3B7…)

good job, brainlet

No. 925096

Still shitty to up and leave a higher maintenance pet with someone who already has a bunch of animals and works.

No. 925098

File: 1580247519761.jpeg (147.96 KB, 750x1190, 0C166E96-03C4-4CEE-9898-1FDCD6…)

Anyone notice how she always likes her own pics on her other accounts.

No. 925119

come the fuck on, newfag. learn to sage and find some real fucking milk. so she’s shitty for leaving the ferret, but also would be shitty for taking it with her? make up your fucking mind.

No. 925585

Learn to not be so triggered over nothing and to not defend a cow. It’s shitty to leave it.

No. 925719

hee hee

No. 925811

Excuse my idiocy, but is that her new nose??? Or is it edited?

The eyes and lips yeah, but she just had a nose job and she's already editing it?

No. 925812

It's an old pic her new nose is still healing

No. 925815

File: 1580383424455.jpg (263.33 KB, 1059x1308, my.jpg)

What did she actually move to Cali for?Her music "career"?

And A+ budgeting on her part.She'd rather spend daddy's money on her second nosejob than on getting at least a bed frame.I'm not surprised though.She doesn't seem to have developed mentally past the age of 16.

No. 925935

File: 1580411444800.jpg (1.01 MB, 1242x1805, IMG_0586.jpg)

and her nose appears to look exactly the same

No. 925991

what a waste of money

No. 926219

Imo it looks almost the exact same, but shrunk just enough to throw off her facial symmetry. If you ask me it looks worse than before kek

No. 926306

I remember her saying in a live stream a long time ago that this second procedure is free because the surgeon didn’t want to do it when she was 16, and wouldn’t heal correctly because she was still a teen and developing so he offered to redo it for her since she claims to have breathing problems.

No. 926310

File: 1580484976692.jpeg (1.25 MB, 4002x4002, 85675D97-2CBD-4EE6-A951-BA6D88…)

didnt know myah had lip fillers?

No. 926313

I wouldn't put it past her to get fillers but I don't think she has them (yet). You can clearly see she's overlined the fuck out of her lips on the right.

No. 926319

it takes like a year for the actual final results to show up though doesn’t it? plastic surgery doesn’t heal overnight or even in just a couple weeks. rhinoplasty is insanely invasive and comes with a lot of swelling and bruising from what i’ve seen on the old google.

No. 926351

she says she doesnt have them. tbh i believe her, first off in a lot of her stories where she doesnt wear makeup her lips look "normal", even on pictures they arent huge. plus she made videos on how she edits her pictures and she does quite a lot of editing.
also ^^

No. 926362

Didn't she say in past videos she just wanted it straightened cause it was slightly crooked?

No. 926559

Ayrt, this is true although an even more shrunken nose isn't exactly what she needs kek.

No. 926582

I think she wanted to get it fixed because her nostrils are uneven and she's so obsessed with symmetry or something.She mentioned it in a few videos.

No. 926625

File: 1580543007863.jpeg (318.76 KB, 1125x1334, D9E7C10C-6E7A-4015-AC4A-039AEE…)

Queen future house wife

No. 926632

File: 1580545800489.jpg (652.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200201-122649_Ins…)

Her nose looks weird but like anon said it takes a long time to see the final results

No. 926655

is the filter a bit face-altering? If not, her nose looks horrendous. Like the typical tiny nosejob with nostrils so pinched she'll need to re-done it because of breathing problems

No. 926691

yeah it shrinks the hell out of your nose and plumps your lips up and adds some sparkly shit and blush. i just tested it. if you click the name of the filter on her story and tap “try it” you’ll see how drastic it is

No. 926906

for people who know nothing about nose jobs, after u get the cast off and all that, the nose is really swollen so it can tend to look bigger than it was before the surgery. in about 6 months to a year is when we will all truly see her new nose so don't judge too quickly!!

No. 927333

She’s an “adult” yet can’t even type correctly. She’s literally stuck with a 16-year-old’s mentality.

No. 927383

File: 1580673538442.jpeg (312.41 KB, 1242x1970, E41F7B19-A606-4B2B-91F4-3597FD…)

It’s really sad how much she hates herself. I bet she can’t look at a photo of herself currently either without a filter or facetune. Pitiful.

No. 927460

if you don’t cook regularly for yourself by the time you’re 21, there’s really no hope for you. That’s a hill I’m willing to die on.

No. 927522

Still was an unnecessary procedure that will most likely not satisfy her bc she is OCD narcissistic.

No. 927672

File: 1580740768850.png (5.72 MB, 1125x2436, F8D949A8-91C3-4B06-8CDA-70BEC3…)

Of course she is.

No. 927916

In her new vid about her nose job she says that she’s a sperm donor baby and doesn’t know her birth father? Is there something I missed or has she mentioned this before? I literally never heard her mention that

No. 927930


She has never said that before. She’s probably just saying she had a sperm donor bc her dad finally cut her off a while back and they got into it or some shit.

No. 927931

Just so she can “delete/private” it in a few months like all her other Tana/Onision videos?

No. 927934

Yup. She’s gotta exploit the YT drama/issues to get more viewers while she can

No. 927974

Her and Sean already broke up lmao

No. 927975

She’s on yt live already looking for a new man!

No. 927987

Wow can uuu stop plz lol grow up with Myah she’s amazing and adorable kisssessss uglies

No. 928009

are you people even okay? like yes, there are things that you don’t know about her because you don’t fucking know her. why does that have to be explained? she has talked about it on her patreon so no she isn’t lying about that, maybe if you weren’t so pathetically blatant in your efforts to go out of your way looking for reasons to hate a 21 year old girl you wouldn’t assume such a nasty thing in the first place. i’m a fan of myah, i acknowledge she isn’t perfect and isn’t exempt of criticism but this is probably one of the most pathetic things i’ve ever seen, and boy does that say a lot.

No. 928010

Wow they broke up?? Shocking

No. 928011

I wonder if shell move back to nj since they broke up lol

No. 928021

You idiot, she’s explicitly talked about knowing her sicilian father. Myah is a habitual liar and we have the right to question it. Don’t lurk around lolcow if you don’t want to see criticism of her

No. 928091

She says in her video she would have rather died than not get a nose job

No. 928102

I cant wait for reality to hit her in the fucking face. Shes so spoiled

No. 928115

They still follow each other though? What did she say in her live?

No. 928130

File: 1580841125557.png (7.74 MB, 1242x2208, 0C54ADE5-9EE9-41B8-B163-338FAB…)

Pretty sure he cheated on her. At the very least, she’s under the impression that he cheated.

No. 928155

Wouldn't be surprised if he did.Sucks if she got cheated on but she always manages to pick bottom of the barrel men.

No. 928211

Every guy she dated “cheats” on her. It seems to me she’s the problem if every guy cheats on her. Or it’s in her own head because she’s so insecure.

No. 928336

File: 1580867823377.jpeg (144.43 KB, 750x722, 6D055953-7C2A-4E09-8D4F-4CA28A…)

Well, this also explains a lot.

No. 928337

File: 1580867946646.jpeg (77.65 KB, 1120x1070, 736D36EA-BC3A-4084-A538-971756…)

Any proof of this? She still follows him and has photos of him up, which is very uncharacteristic of her breakups.

No. 928346

Imagine being proud of that.

No. 928353

Bro who cares if the swellings gonna go down when she'll have no nose left by that point smh

No. 928534

File: 1580935534687.jpeg (654.05 KB, 750x1190, 9055BB15-A1C9-4714-8DEC-181076…)

Haven’t showered once the whole time too, I presume.

No. 928620

File: 1580947762801.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.38 KB, 320x257, 3F749100-2768-4BCF-8409-D56B8C…)


I was a close friend of Myah’s. I have a lot to say. I can confirm the sperm doner baby comment, that’s not a lie. I didn’t know that wasn’t public info but she’s talked to me about it. I can also confirm the lack of showering, and I quote: “I haven’t washed my ass in 3 weeks and boys will still eat my ass.” I thought it was funny that info leaked because that wasn’t me. But She’s made it apparent. Her reasoning is because she’s a “scumbag.” Ok.

Ah, where do I begin? Yikes. She keeps her “loyal” friends around out of fear, constantly reiterating this theme that you can’t call her “intense” or anything that isn’t “the most amazing QUEEN on the planet.” or you’re her #1 enemy and a HORRIBLE PERSON. Lol. There’s deff a lot worse things than being called intense but for some reason that ruffled her.

She blackmails people. She has FOLDERS of blackmail on people including recorded phone calls (don’t trust her, she will record it on her laptop) and unedited vs edited pics of everyone. She would always show me pictures of her supposed best friends and show me how much they edited their pictures. I never trusted her but I believed in her and thought she had a good heart deep down. Spoiler: she doesn’t.

She says the hard r n-word a LOT like just to be “funny.” Whether it’s in person or texts. I never knew how to react. I always laughed in complete shock.. I never knew how to confront her about her racism because it felt like I would be attacked verbally and maybe physically? I always just … laughed along. And that’s where I was so so wrong. I accept this fault on my part. But you also have to realize the kinds of people she attracts: I was weak and didn’t know not to confront people. I had no boundaries, I was codependent, a people pleaser. I grew up with this, it almost seemed normal to me even though I hated this behavior growing up. She scared me but i kept her as a friend because she was “there for me” a few times when I needed her. But so what? Anyone can pretend to care if there’s a personal gain or motive behind it. In her case it was to have a loyal flying monkey at her disposal whenever she needed backup. She’ll prob know who’s writing this, I’m sure she will see.

It is very obvious to me that she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I was unaware of it before because I didn’t know what it was. Now I fully understand that she is actually hurting society and we have to see this for what it is so we can ALL grow. She used to get very violent when she drank, and always victimized herself too. I never understood her reasons for being upset and I’m a highly empathetic and logical person, but because she was there for me seldom few times, I felt like I should be there for her. I felt like I owed her something. She would make plans with me and then disappear. If I was busy she’d just not answer. That was all fine till she decided I couldn’t be her friend for a bit because I didn’t ask her how she’s doing 24/7. She never cared when I was happy. It seemed like she always wanted me to be vulnerable so I could continue to pretend to believe in her nonsense. I confused her sensitivity of criticism with hypersensitivity, which completely separates a narcissist from a highly sensitive person. Both might seem the same at first glance.

I watched her treat her boyfriends with so much disrespect and control. She needed to know who they were with what they were doing etc. then accuse them of cheating when they never did. She needed male attention 24/7 and was obsessed with tinder, always sending me pictures of weird looking or cringe dudes. It was kinda weird.

She looks at others as accessories to herself. She saw me for my likes, but she made it seem like she saw me for ME at first. She made me feel heard, relatable, etc. Love bombing, a narcissist’s first technique to see if they can Hoover you in to their manipulation. She doesn’t see humans as HUMANS, that’s why she always claims to not understand emotions and claims how they’re “not on the same level.” She’ll say things like “I need a pretty blonde friend” but what about just a good friend?!!? It’s obvious it’s all to feed her shallow existence.

Her ex Alex the DJ was super kind and I actually really liked him. Scott was a tool bag though. Lol. I watched her surround herself with shit people all the time and always asked myself what was I doing there. I guess that grandiose lifestyle seemed larger than life. She seemed larger than life. I fell for it while knowing deep down this was wrong. Very wrong.

When I realized she was a narcissist, I felt like the movie The Wizard of Oz, when they pull the great curtain to reveal THE ALMIGHTY - uhhh lame ass dude. It’s disappointing. I Never gave her a goodbye as it’s pointless to let a narcissist know how you’re feeling, they will always prey on that AND use it against you. My advice for you guys that like Myah, look up to better people. Look up to people for more than just hair, outfits, makeup, and being so ~funny and cool~ and that’s it. You don’t know someone through YouTube. Look up to people who don’t bully others. Look up to people who are willing to face themselves and accept responsibility for actions cause I know none of us are perfect. Look up to REAL ass people. These thots on Instagram bring no substance to you, you will forget them one day. Looks aren’t forever, they come and go. I can assure you in the years I’ve known this girl, I haven’t learned anything other than how to be a glorified narcissistic vapid thot.

“She” is an illusion and I hope people choose to see that. I bought into that illusion, in fact I helped perpetuate it by publicly defending her so many times. But pay attention: she’s scared. Notice how angry she gets when people point out where she is in the wrong. She preaches anti-shaming and against vilifying famous people and celebs because she wants to embed that thought in your head that it’s WRONG to share your abuse stories or speak out against her. She wants to brainwash you into her narrative. She wants to scare people from recording her live streams because she always slips up. Just like when she said the n word and then blames Scott immediately lol.

She wants people to say “preach! I know how you feel Myah!” Don’t do that. That’s all she’s been told her whole life by her mom and that’s why she is this way. You have to tell your kid they are wrong. You have to teach them empathy and put value into that instead of the latest handbag ~~~She is an evil girl, and it’s right there on her IG bio. (Maybe? Maybe it changed? Idk?) But take her hint. A narc will always give themselves away eventually. Ironic that she’s making a vid about onision, girl you’re right there behind him.

Last thing I want to point out is that if you think she’s capable of change, you know nothing of narcissism. She will be vapid to her core till the day she dies, because she is completely stuck in her tunnel mindset taught to her from early childhood that she is THE most important thing in the universe. That she is above everyone and that she should always manipulate to get the things she wants. We cannot change her, and we cannot break her to suddenly look at herself. She is physically, mentally, and emotionally INCAPABLE of doing that. All her self reflections are based off of her deluded reality. She’s going to be the one living with that. She is the one who is actually jealous of others because we all understand this cool thing called empathy. And she never will. She can only try to emulate what that’s like.

Sincerely, a former friend

No. 928633


^^^ here is a vid that might help y’all stay away from nasty people like her lol

And here’s some videos to watch after that will make more sense now


No. 928637

Damn, I really did not know she had a lolcow and this thread about her and she has 2!! Tea.
Anyways I used to play Second Life way back. I haven't been on there for quite some time but I have encountered her on the game with her group of friends, it was never good experience. Typically behavior of "Im smart and hot" her friends on Second Life hyping her up. She was so rude and there's tones of videos of the kind of people she hangs out with on Second Life. People doxxing each other as well as just toxic behavior in general getting into people's personal life and being associated with someone who spread nudes from an underage girl back in the day.. She sure knows how to pick her friends. There is a reason she made the Sansar video and is trying to hype Sansar most of her second life friends are banned from breaking the ToS and generally doing shitty things.

No. 928656

File: 1580951439376.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, FF351D50-1452-4F49-9233-221DC3…)

This is the fake shit I’m taking about as well. She pretended to be friends with hunter at that time while asking him for his SoundCloud info, so that we could laugh at his music. I ain’t gonna lie. His music was BAD. It did make me laugh many times. But I definitely wouldn’t go as far as to pretend to be someone’s friend so I could laugh at them. That’s really mean. I felt bad about it. Very comfortable usage with the n-word too. She also made fun of babygoth ALL the time but comments on all her pictures and pretends to be her friend. I saw shit like this constantly but never called her out. Lemme see if I can get a screenshot

No. 928660

File: 1580952011060.png (18.66 KB, 693x233, boyd.png)

Also to give more info on who she interacts with in Second Life his name is Boyd and he literally has so much crap about him on the internet just search Boyd Doghouse on youtube or google. He did admit to spreading a girls nudes who was 17 at the time but validated it because he covered the private parts up?!?! Very gross and disgusting to be associated with a guy like him.

No. 928681

Three weeks? Disgusting.
She is truly disturbed . I’m glad you got Away from her though.

No. 928683

File: 1580955204261.png (1.66 MB, 1242x2208, 18EA80E7-1F10-48C8-B2AA-893D87…)

Pathetic how she constantly wants to infantilize herself

No. 928696

You gave us like zero info we didn't already know. Scott talked about the blackmailing. You say she has unedited photos of her best friends but you don't name which ones. You didn't give us any info about her resteraunt owning dad or anything about her siblings. We already know she's a narcissist. You didn't give us any deets on the Megan fallout/reunion, the Kelsey drama, the ava and co drama, all her old friends like Jason or cvntlee. Everything you said was either vague, speculation, or stuff that has already been talked about.

No. 928697

Also no deets on her whale looking xoxo gang…why does she relate so hard to an 8th(?) grader?

No. 928723

It’s weird bc I kinda liked scott at the time for some reason, he was just different than all her other boyfriends

No. 928727

Why the actual fuck wouldn't you Sage this waste of bytes

No. 928759

File: 1580969705207.jpg (329.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200206-101532_Ins…)

She also made comments on her pictures limited Lmao

No. 928781

Okay Kelsey just give us more screenshots cause at this point it’s obvious it’s you and we need the real details. We need proof of her behavior so that other people (potentially fans) can find this thread and be deterred from looking up to her. The first screenshot you posted was good.

(ps I’m really sorry you had to go through everything with her but I’m glad you escaped what I see as emotional abuse)

No. 928783

For context other anons, Kelsey posted this video a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to share it here because she obviously doesn’t want this random internet attention, but since she’s here and she’s made it known, she starts talking about how she was best friends with a narc and is clearly talking about Myah.

No. 928834

Idk I don't see Kelsey saying "vapid Thot". She's burned so many people over the years, literally everyone she's ever known other than Kyle and Emily. I'm p sure she even unfollowed Keaton for a bit a while back.

No. 928889

Maybe its Ava then?

No. 928892

whoever it is seems a little too eloquent to be Ava tbh

No. 928897

File: 1581011610212.jpeg (171.72 KB, 750x929, DAEDE9AB-A641-47B5-BD1F-695559…)

Hey guys I reached out to Jason and this is what he replied.

No. 928898

File: 1581011657360.jpeg (141.13 KB, 750x597, A8D3F0D0-497A-48FA-9025-477C9D…)

No. 928905

She also outed him before he was out I'm pretty sure. I wouldn't contact her ex friends though I'm sure they're in a tough spot with all the blackmail she has. Might be tinfoil but my guess on why Ava never spilled all the deets on her is because in one of her "craze" vids Myahs mentioned filming Ava giving some dude head. So she probably is scared of that leaking.

No. 928941

File: 1581020546417.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, D2A63490-4BC4-46A4-85DF-AF2F9E…)

This makes me annoyed for some reason like. She does the bare minimum and people suck her toes… It’s literally just pasta and sauce, Myah…

No. 929002

The post really goes word for word with Kelsey’s video though,
Assuming this isn’t just some random.

No. 929009

File: 1581030543654.png (24.59 KB, 1030x326, image 11.png)


No. 929034

congratulations on bothering a stranger and making them bring up uncomfortable memories only to deliver absolutely no fucking milk. was this seriously worth it to you? we already know myah’s a god awful friend but there was no need for you to post this kid’s personal shit like that.

No. 929072

Can you elaborate on her getting “violent” when drunk? Glad you got away from her.

No. 929090

saged but are we sure it isn’t one of her other original Cali friends or maybe a way older one? there’s no way this is ava

No. 929096

This video is hilarious. It’s basically her roasting herself.
There’s one point we’re she criticizes him for his racism and it’s impossible not to laugh at her dumbass. She’s oblivious

No. 929104

Just because you say saved doesn’t mean it is

No. 929141

wasnt this hoe a trump supporter

No. 929173

File: 1581059276863.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1568, C80CA02B-2B6A-4BF6-A188-B4883E…)

No. 929179

good god she looks like james charles here..

No. 929204

File: 1581069918564.png (893.86 KB, 750x1334, 7156C3B5-2A02-4567-95E6-195E68…)

But Myah babes didn’t u say the N word on a live stream?? hypocrisy luv

No. 929205

I forgot to sage the above post sry lol pls don’t shout at me

No. 929471

File: 1581123664759.jpeg (286.02 KB, 1125x1969, 21DB4475-70C4-4FA6-AEA2-042C0F…)

Alright, tea from Ava y’all. I know I’m gonna get banned for cow tipping but she specifically told me to post this on her behalf.

No. 929472

File: 1581123695673.jpeg (440.87 KB, 1125x1991, 8A4CEC5B-53DC-4AC7-99DF-108280…)

No. 929474

File: 1581123820059.jpeg (387.47 KB, 1125x1832, 44FD7A87-F167-4E5D-B5B0-3FB1E3…)

No. 929475

File: 1581123932067.jpeg (316.31 KB, 1125x1989, 1318D6A9-8268-4891-A5C5-C72A3D…)

No. 929477

File: 1581124030073.jpeg (287.91 KB, 1125x1819, 72344E0B-6FF1-4536-A074-FC3069…)

No. 929480

File: 1581124198867.jpeg (210.1 KB, 1125x1524, E2A7B911-7EAB-4B86-AF33-F821A5…)

No. 929481

File: 1581124356611.jpeg (352.3 KB, 1125x2202, 41AB1D0F-420A-4220-824B-E5282F…)

No. 929482

File: 1581124481732.jpeg (231.59 KB, 1125x1495, ADDCAA3E-D230-41C2-9745-F2185F…)

No. 929483

File: 1581124597800.jpeg (110.29 KB, 1125x924, 0ED4590E-594E-4519-99F1-BF016E…)

No. 929490

Lmao absorbed her male siblings, Myah was evil even in utero. Those dms were a really good read though, she’s insane and I’m glad Ava went into specific details

No. 929507

I'm still reading the exposé but this bitch has a life coach?
Myah's drunk mom must really be able to work some magic.

No. 929520

File: 1581129952080.jpeg (374.14 KB, 746x1040, 7A7944E6-2DB9-4FE2-BE47-9C86E3…)

Way back when myah and Ava had their falling off.
Also wtf why u dming exfriends who clearly want nothing to do with her???

No. 929534

File: 1581131040134.jpeg (112.74 KB, 1125x963, 7D8CE368-8C17-4D01-95CF-DB61B5…)

Hey, she spilled and specifically asked me to post it here

No. 929537

Oh no not that I meant the one with Jason

No. 929548

I’m not the person who DM’d Jason and I don’t know why someone would do that, I didn’t really know who Jason was beyond him linking with Ava I think? Right after Ava got out from myah.

No. 929583

File: 1581143280287.jpg (730.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200208-102829_Ins…)


No. 929616

No. 929629

Read "showed" as " showered". Had some brief hope for a second

No. 929722

Her cystic acne (aka her skin condition) is probably a bi product of her not showering. I wonder if she ever put two and two together in her big brain

No. 929725

And it’s fucking hilarious how going to college makes her skin flare up but using a disgusting amount of self tanner doesn’t

No. 929726

Anon I don't like her but she doesn't have acne. It's pretty obvious that it was dry/irritated surface level skin when she showed it and not giant lumps. But yeah, not showering/drinking booze all the time probably isn't great for it

No. 930002

The other day she did a livestream on her yt channel an said she won't let her bfs watch porn. You think that's how all her exs "cheat" on her? She's so psycho I'm pretty sure she said she found his pornhub account or some shit. Sorry I didn't record it or anything but jesus.

No. 930012

What reason did she give for not letting them watch porn? I wonder if she’s aware of her insecurities or if she just makes some bs excuses

No. 930361

some girls find it as cheating, bc they are so insecure.

also just watched two mins of her onision video and had to stop bc of the terrible audio. if she wants to be a “successful creator” why in the hell would she post that. she has literally all the time in the world to refilm. but why am i surprised? she never puts 100% into anything. her fit pics are literally just the same musty white tube top and basketball shorts.

No. 930438

Hey it’s me!!! Honestly she fucking never delivers. It’s quite frustrating to be giving her $5 a month and not getting anything from it.(newfag)

No. 930630

then stop paying her to be a spoiled cunt. and put 'sage' in the email tab for replies that aren't milk.

No. 930660

do NOT put your actual email on this site and do not write anything in the name field.

No. 930838

File: 1581430682367.jpeg (135.43 KB, 1081x1330, E9BBA4C7-9233-476C-896C-A4447D…)

this is how I imagine Myah looks like while she’s reading this thread lmao

No. 931164

File: 1581468291523.png (21.02 KB, 1295x287, bed bugs.png)

Saw this comment in her recent video
When did she have a bed bug problem?

No. 931243

she said she got it while at a party

No. 931254

She had a big bed problem as soon as she mood to Maryland before partying. She would also record on her snap different types of bugs in here room. But for some reason at her dads she brought the bugs bugs also. Bc she don’t shower nor wash clothess!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 931255

She had them since Maryland

No. 931264

Lmfao if her boyfriend was satisfied what need would he even have for porn

No. 931409

scrotes are retarded, why are you pretending they’re logical creatures who would never do anything to shit on women? the amount of pickmes in this thread caping for the porn industry which would literally pay to watch you get raped is fucking retarded.

No. 931836


Anncy Twinkle uploaded a vlog with Ava and I think they are talking about Myah towards the end @ 11:02

They say they were living in a "horror house" while in LA and going through a lot.

No. 931851

I used to talk to Myah for a bit before she dated Alex. I met her at a frat party. I thought she was dope, I didn't know who she was. She was completely wasted and so was I. I learned that she was a social influencer as I talked to her more that night. I made out with her and got her Snapchat. She invited me and another guy friend over, because one of her girlfriends needed someone to hang with too. While her friend got rawdogged by mine, Myah tried to hook up with me. I hooked up with her, stupidly. She began to blow my phone up all the time, always asking me what I was doing and who I was with. She thought I was really wanting a relationship, lmao. In my opinion, she was just a hookup. She's totally ignorant and throws herself at any guy. She's not even worth it, she has no skills in the bedroom. Everything people have said about her behavior is spot on, she's a crazy ass bitch.(male)

No. 931880

I’m glad someone finally said this.. I didn’t know how to nicely

I’d never chase away good milk but recently there has been a lot of posts from people who claim they knew Myah. None of you have shared things we didn’t already know or assume. Not calling you all bullshitters but this is an image board, post credibility if you have it

No. 931891

I agree. ^ If you dont have proof, don't post the story.

No. 931894

You can also see Alex in the video around @ 4:15. Is he with Ava now?

No. 931924

Bruh college is literally hs 2.0 unless you are studying serious shit which is only like 5 percent of students, this bitch is annoying too

No. 931950

Exactly, like it was pretty funny when ant leaked that she cries when they fucked. "She was boring" is not milky at all.

No. 931952

speaking of which, did anyone ever save that pic he leaked of her with no makeup that she was so pressed by?

No. 931956

I was wondering the same thing

No. 931960

If you read the screenshots of a convo with Ava, Ava confirmed that she was seeing/sleeping with Alex.

No. 931971

File: 1581661315187.png (3.76 MB, 1125x2436, 01E2C561-27DA-4B61-8571-4D5F5B…)

I can’t imagine all the grime and filth under her nails. She probably doesn’t wash her hands either if she doesn’t shower. All that cat food she had been making on snap.

No. 931976

Just finished watching her live
> basically denies telling people shes schizo when someone called her out on it
> mad when you bring up Ava or bring up narc personality disorder
> she’s living the single life and can’t release Princeton

No. 932041

File: 1581691462052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 603.15 KB, 828x1211, EB048EC2-ED5F-4E4E-B486-9B3CD9…)

actual old irl of myahs here that drops by every once in awhile. here ya go!

No. 932057

I don't know how to post on these threads, I just drop in here out of curiosity so don't come for me but I'm really just wondering if Myah is aware that every person she comes into close contact with ALL have nothing but extremely negative things to say about her. The lack of self-awareness this chick has is insurmountable. Like at what fkn point do you finally STOP and go "okay, it can't be literally everyone else's fault that I can't maintain any friendships or relationships. Maybe I should look at myself." Does not exist in Myah's world. And anyone who subjects her to any criticism with the way she conducts herself are "weird." No honey, you're the one who decided you wanted to be a social media "influencer" and put your business out there for everyone to see. It's not our fault your life is such a sad mess, sorry. Get some therapy please.

No. 932112

Lmao niceeee
I don't think thats the one though, I remember she showed it on a live for a moment, it was taken by someone else further back in a washroom. The lighting was really bad

No. 932114

Why can't she release it? I thought she had everything all lined up and ready to drop… Another lie from a compulsive liar I guess.

No. 932220

She did not give an explanation why she just stated it won't be released.

No. 932337

File: 1581741065252.jpeg (335.96 KB, 1125x1406, D3EFB840-8680-4019-BEBD-44DD1B…)


No. 932338

File: 1581741273691.jpeg (278.33 KB, 1125x1138, 089DDE30-B5EA-4118-B673-008812…)

I couldn’t imagine being “successful” like she says and living somewhere for almost more than a month and having no furniture or decorations or even a bed frame. I guess when you’re a shut in you don’t really need much and it inevitably be easier to pack when she goes home to mom.

No. 932473

File: 1581789620708.jpeg (405.49 KB, 1122x2208, 553CA960-F9A2-4476-9416-6F96DF…)

Her explicitly saying she was schizo was in the days before this thread, but she continued to perpetuate it ( with 0 understanding of what schiz is) for a while after, I assume until people pointed out that that’s not what the mental illness looks like

No. 932685

File: 1581829827250.jpeg (346.31 KB, 1242x2208, DF0249A0-F950-4E7C-AB6F-1DDE61…)

Maybe get a table to eat on before you get PC set up?

No. 932773

Lmaao she won't even make a proper trophy wife.At least they know how to cook,clean and eat at a table yet she expects some rich,intelligent guy to put a ring on her finger.Good luck,even her trashy ex-boyfriends are running from her crazy ass and those don't seem to have high standards to begin with.


Sry for replying to a comment that's 3 days old,but Ava mentions that she sleeps with Alex @ 7:30.Ouch.

No. 932790

File: 1581875587375.png (6.4 MB, 1125x2436, 612B17E8-78AB-49C9-A63B-65D463…)

As a note on the ava and alex situation maybe that didn’t end well either.

No. 932802

Well both seem to have shitty personalities,so it's no surprise.Ava is hella dumb for expecting loyalty out of a dude who was only down to hook up with her anyway.

No. 933014

File: 1581932349284.jpeg (88.45 KB, 640x1136, A579376B-744C-4482-9F25-FD442A…)

Does anyone understand why she wants her stage name to be this xoxomyah bullshit? What was wrong with her original name… xoxomyah sounds childish. Why would anyone take that name seriously?

No. 933037

She probably wants to have an eDgY name like all of these soundcloud rappers.She's aware that her music career isn't going anywhere,so she's trying to reinvent her brand.

No. 933077

she was talking about the xoxo thing on her live stream yesterday (i think it was?). its a clique thing she has with other girls on sl//imvu n the way she describes it its a mean girls group who just attack whoever critiques them. they have a rep for being bitches. theyre meant to be “close af everyone decides” group but she says she makes the final decisions and the others follow and if even one person in the group doesnt vibe with another they just kick them out. she also acted like people “copied” xoxo as if online groups werent a thing before her. baso just a group of myahs cronies that do her bidding

No. 933085

The way she talked about this group thing was so cringy though.Total high school behavior.God forbid someone is friends with someone she doesn't like.She says she values honesty and loyalty yet she has no issue keeping people like Roman around who talked shit behind her back and she even admitted to knowing that.Well,trash will always attract trash.

No. 933087

The xoxo group in SL are so cringe a majority of the people on that platform don’t like them. Young females feeling entitled and flat out rude and superiority complex. You’re playing SL just like everyone else… Before myah was on SL they were plenty of other groups just like hers…

No. 933095

File: 1581956465599.png (390.58 KB, 735x425, j.png)

she used her grease to curl her hair

No. 933100

That look doesn't suit her at all IMO. She looks like a trashy washed up socal wine mom.
Anyway, it's really embarrassing that she tries to keep up this high school mean girl act. Love that she criticizes everyone else for being immature when she hasn't grown mentally past 14. And on fucking Second Life of all places. She needs to get a damn job.

No. 933427

File: 1582051141259.png (4.21 MB, 1125x2436, 766D77DD-7E39-4CD4-A2F7-3C18A3…)

wow! amazing! congrats! keep up the quality content!

No. 933619

In the new video she definitely is under some substance(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 933631

My bet is coke. I'm getting second hand jitters just watching the video.

No. 933982

File: 1582166824164.png (795.23 KB, 1125x2436, 031F9DAC-EF05-47C8-8041-1D8896…)

No. 934064

> Like at what fkn point do you finally STOP and go "okay, it can't be literally everyone else's fault that I can't maintain any friendships or relationships. Maybe I should look at myself." Does not exist in Myah's world.
ot but is there a name for this? its so common among cows. npd? a symptom of depression? or is it just low iq?

No. 934505

not to armchair but i'm fairly certain that's a symptom of npd

No. 934551

Oh yeah,she's a narc for sure.She never admits when she's wrong,it's always everybody else.

No. 934562

myah just complained in a recent live about “looking too young for her age” despite the fact that she’s turning 22. 22 is the YOUNGEST i would place her as. she looks so bad for her age and she’s barely in her twenties. what is she even talking about?

No. 934579

What she gets for having bad hygiene and being an alcoholic since she was 18.

No. 934605

She looked like a whole mess on her recent live.Is she on uppers?She's all over the place recently.Also,when will she realize that the whole nosebleed-look is cringy and weird?

No. 934632

Ethots really have a problem accepting their physical age, it's like an epidemic or some shit

No. 934739

For anons who didn't see the live she kept "joking" about going on love Island and having everyone thinking "who's that 12 y/o". She made that comment probably 20 times.

Also featured:
>Apparently she wouldn't be comfortable being in a bikini despite the fact shes posted pics in one and shows off her ass every time she's desperate for likes
>Sean couldn't find a job and she had to do her own thing so she broke it off but they're still amicable since he took the breakup well
>Talked about shooting a mv but ignored all questions about Princeton
>Got asked about a lot of ex friends like ava et al and actually didn't baby rage on people asking, just said they're no longer in her life
>Lied and said she went to college for 3 years
>She's in the best place EVAR and is the happiest EVAR
>Is still a republican because apparently to her conservative means structured

No. 935316

File: 1582378793208.jpg (131.95 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20200223-003838__01…)

Causal nose bleed or the effects of a botched surgery?

No. 935564

love how mommy and daddy paid for a fancy dr diamond nose job just for it to look the exact same if not worse. kek

No. 935565

Her mom and grandma paid for the first procedure. The surgeon did the second procedure for free because it was “revision surgery” and didn’t heal properly the first time.

No. 935923

File: 1582483379314.jpeg (394.61 KB, 1079x2337, 29B920B3-3DF4-450D-AC36-F1A625…)

Sage for being old, before I knew of lolcow, but I think this picture shows of her frat boy bouncing very well. I really depicts how fucking off she is.

No. 936040

That kind of behavior sure makes guys go "yeah A+ wife material" lol.You can see the crazy right away.

IT's just some dumb makeup look that she does from time to time.

No. 936062

girl people are still in college/dorms eating ramen noodles trying to survive life at 21 sit your ass down

No. 936117

File: 1582512198578.jpeg (417.43 KB, 1122x1951, 94D9196C-4EDF-4383-9B13-8A0EEC…)

Anyone else find it fucking weird Myahs hanging out with a 16year old?

No. 936119

File: 1582512341948.jpeg (483.21 KB, 1125x1768, 8DCCC138-6CF1-4803-A0D5-13DEC7…)

17* year old, still weird. (Reposting because I cropped out the date)

No. 936140

Yeah, considering she said in one of her Youtube videos or a live stream when she was like 20 saying she finds it weird to hang out with people under 18 y/o. I remember this specifically bc I found it weird she was friends with that Emily girl who was in eighth grade at the time.

No. 936211

File: 1582524200162.jpeg (183.77 KB, 1124x1433, 33A31D09-2ECF-4498-B3EA-15C371…)

also she keeps wearing the same body shaper as an outfit. She did a whole grwm for a fupa look.

No. 936251

What's her excuse for not being able to cook then?She does fuck all all day and has zero responsibilities.

No. 936318

My guess is that she doesn’t know how to do laundry yet. So she keeps rewearing the same thing.

No. 936326

With the whole Corona virus thing going around,I wouldn't be surprised if she still didn't bother to wash her hands regularly.

No. 936412

Yes and no since has the mentality of a 16-year-old. And that's being generous.
Myah is basically 21 going on 40 (in the face/styling), with 16-year-old tendencies for drama and a way over-inflated ego (because Mommy said I'm speshul).

No. 936516

If all you do is watch tlc and play video games all day AND you can’t cook for yourself, there really is no hope for you. Stop trying to defend a cow.

No. 936682

Anon you summed up Alanna better than any of us ever could

No. 936849

File: 1582641330977.png (1011.78 KB, 750x1334, 87BE1273-DE19-4A83-89D0-B76EB9…)

Is this a filter? Bc my god it’s scary
Sage bc no milk just a question

No. 936977

no anon, this is clearly her actual unedited face.

No. 937054

File: 1582676891521.jpeg (47.61 KB, 729x446, CE32D607-E5B8-4E1B-B5FF-017675…)

I have no words. She’s gotta be on something

No. 937323

I’m 21 in college and I cooked before college. You have to be pretty underdeveloped in life skills to not know basics by then. Even then following basic recipes isn’t rocket science if you have common sense. idk how you could defend the plate of actual plate cat food she makes and calls a meal.

No. 937622

File: 1582771256813.png (6.79 MB, 1125x2436, 20AF15FF-8E56-415F-AA73-180103…)

Flexing money she really doesn’t have. Spend $10k on customizing your car but a mattress on the floor of your apartment? Laughable.
Also, it doesn’t look like the Audi her daddy bought her, can anyone make out what it is? It looks like the back of a Prius to me lmfao but I pray she’s not stupid enough to trick out a low quality car.

No. 937682

It’s a Prius hybrid

No. 937691

Yeah, she's just lazy and entitled. Not even Myah is that mentally challenged. She just collects people with the assumption they can do everything for her, until they get sick of it and run for the hills.

She's living the absolute dream kek. At least her Michael Jackson inspired revision surgery was free?

No. 937740

File: 1582798098789.png (644.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8037.PNG)

Oops she's mad. She also whines about a "broken promise" because she did not get her Audi wrapped in pink for her 20th birthday. Good god.

Honestly this is her karma for how she always used to make fun of poor people lol.

No. 937763

on that real adult shit? are you really going to say that when youre dressed like this?

No. 937766

real adults would complain about it being another “broken promise,” bc 10k is a lot to drop on a car for a working mother or daddy money. They literally moved you to LA an apartment bigger than a shoebox. They probably had to sign the lease too bc i doubt she has any credit history. Every i think about how absolutely delusional to reality she is. Some people would been happy just having a car at all. Was just a plain audi not good enough?

No. 937767


No. 937981

File: 1582841526395.jpeg (219.42 KB, 1124x1175, 8EE287B1-3AE9-450A-9578-2B3E2E…)

Pays $10k for a wrap but still taking money from her moms pocket. Her mom literally works at bdubs and she takes some of her money, I really can’t.

No. 937985

File: 1582841707054.jpeg (114.75 KB, 1125x583, 5613B3D2-B3D3-4BE0-ADAF-CA8041…)

Also, buying the LV of car wraps is a stupid fucking investment. Buy the LV of CARS. I mean damn she said eco friendly, for $15k more she could have bought a Tesla. $10k on a wrap is not something ANY responsible adult would do if they’re still living in a furnitureless apartment.

No. 938139

File: 1582857826545.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 01FDDC12-C6ED-466B-8B5C-0F38C0…)

I wonder how she accepts being this fucking stupid

No. 938157

File: 1582860581908.jpeg (184.29 KB, 1242x789, DFD6345A-668F-4F90-8804-487B42…)

This comment was also funny to me. I wonder when she’s going to realize she does look 12, she looks old and tired

No. 938175

File: 1582863236452.gif (3.41 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Hah. It's like she actually thinks she's in the same league as those harpies.

And no idea anon, I like to think she was born this way and that her mother just exacerbated it with shitty parenting

No. 938210

I think Myah used to be pretty normal and maybe a little bit eccentric and narcissistic, but it seems like she’s finally becoming a real cow now

No. 938298

*does not look 12

No. 938508

File: 1582925698849.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4096x2048, 2E1C5C6D-1AEE-419F-8587-F17F6E…)

her style did a complete 180 in 2018

No. 938579

I get second hand embarassment just from reaading that.Her mom completely failed when it comes to raising her.

No. 938757

damn she still was an annoying edgelord back then, but at least she had a distinct & somewhat interesting look and personality. now she's just another vapid bimbo.

No. 938762

File: 1582953182963.png (4.16 MB, 1125x2436, 4983DC36-0844-49D7-8C1F-09C951…)

You’ve been sitting on the floor for two months myah bc you have no job or apparently furniture. Your bed is on the floor, you’re always on the dirty probably never cleaned floor. Can have more bed bugs again to keep you company. The only difference now is you can narcissistically take shitty week old dirty underwear selfies.

No. 938774

Geez, getting fucking flabby. All that money on vinyl wrapping a Prius but cant do some pushups in your empty house, princess bingo wings?

No. 938776

File: 1582955944090.jpeg (29.88 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg)

Agree. Her new bimbo aesthetic is so overdone and underwhelming. Her half assed kawaii phase inspired by Belle Delphine was somehow better.

Aside from all the things you stated…can she seriously not conceptualize everyone can see what she's doing? Even the positioning of her dirty undies is an indication. Pretty good aunt fan impersonation Alanna, kek.

No. 938840

File: 1582976182255.jpeg (545.67 KB, 2048x2048, BFC0B31B-66A2-4839-9803-58197B…)

bitch really is starting to get rotund

No. 938872


Are you guys okay? She looks fine and everyone’s weight fluctuates. Stop projecting your body issues. Please take care of yourselves <3

I was really hoping her moving out would at least encourage financial responsibility. I can’t conceptualize spending $10,000 on that. The people she is comparing herself to are billionaires. They have money to waste on nonsensical materialism

That money could go towards furniture an emergency fund. She could still make her car cute with some seat/steering covers, decals, and dashboard decor for much less $$(<3)

No. 938882

there are cows who get their bodies picked apart for less and you chose THIS girl out of all people to defend? and please learn to sage for fucks sake

No. 938908

Oh fuck off lol, I’m just making sure fellow anons are okay. There are so many credible things to criticize other than an angled body pic. This isn’t the anachan board

No. 938912

In making the body comparison, I’m not a tool lmao. Between hs to college I gained 10-15lbs, it naturally happens for people. In Myah’s case, all she did throughout 2019 was drink copiously, play video games/watch shows/YT, and drink more at parties. The whole “take care or ur body lov urself uwu” bullshit doesn’t work in her case

No. 939000

File: 1583017023843.jpg (209.05 KB, 655x1105, 20200229_145232.jpg)

her nose looks worse than before
wtf is this face
wtf are those reptilian ass nostrils

kek it's like her outer appearance is shifting to match her inner snake now that she's in LA

No. 939051

>I was really hoping her moving out would at least encourage financial responsibility. I can’t conceptualize spending $10,000 on that.

Don't worry, her mom has her covered.
One thing is that even if her mom was the Buffalo Wild Wings server of the year with the highest average tips, $10k is a lot to drop on a fucking car wrap, nevermind Myah having all living expenses covered in Los Angeles of all cities.

No. 939110

I smell a cancerous twitterfag, begone… or at least integrate. Next time don't bump the thread with your armchair psychology ya autist.

Called it. Anon's kept sperging that it was ~still healing~ but the thing is, if it looked pinched as fuck whilst swollen, it's definitely going to look even worse when healed.

No. 939114

File: 1583032573582.jpeg (32.04 KB, 349x391, EE08ADAC-5D3E-4B63-B01A-AF61CC…)

No. 939144

imo her actual nose is ok but >>939000 is right, her nostrils are fucking horrifying. literally looks like the letter P.

No. 939176

lookin like an airpod

No. 939260

File: 1583064852314.png (910.26 KB, 750x1334, 78C515CB-01E3-47D1-B240-77357A…)

She’s never gonna release Princeton lol

No. 939523

File: 1583112880871.jpeg (121.35 KB, 750x1334, FB6CD0DB-28E0-421C-8EFF-58AF67…)

Sorry for asking this cause I’m kinda new to the Myah drama and who Myah really is but is Myah bisexual? Or at least claims to bi because I just saw an old twitter post of her kissing this girl?

No. 939544

she’s dated a few girls in the past so yes. i’m sure anons will try and say she’s pretending for attention but at the end of the day nobody can know for sure, and eating pussy is eating pussy.

No. 939555

She used to date girls but in one video she said something like “I don’t want to date another bitch again” when discussing her bisexuality so I don’t think she’s into dating girls anymore. Who knows

No. 939690

kek @ the girl looking just like her. peak narc

No. 939781

She would make any “girlfriend” that she had dye their hair green to match hers. Did this to Lily (shown in picture), Parker, Mesara, and someone else.

No. 939886

File: 1583179072724.png (4.11 MB, 1125x2436, E2BECD2F-21D5-496D-A266-53420F…)

From her xoxomyah accounts story, already moving on to the next fuckboy?

No. 939964

File: 1583188622961.jpeg (276.26 KB, 946x2048, 0C10E00B-47E1-4992-B122-6FCC98…)

Myah is hanging out with another 16 year old. She went to this kids house. Getting the ss of the snap message of him asking for names for the gate, but this is who she was messaging.

No. 939978

File: 1583189210653.jpeg (225.98 KB, 1242x2208, 66F370B6-B708-4A6E-9EEC-C22CAB…)


No. 939982

File: 1583189423722.jpeg (421.94 KB, 1210x2024, 03345B6A-D04D-4904-AB75-C4294D…)

Myah back at it with commenting cringe shit on her current friends’ posts

No. 940403

It's the same reason older men date young girls, they're not developed enough to realize when they're being mistreated. Anyone with a backbone gets sick of her shit.

No. 940795

File: 1583327958114.jpeg (48.31 KB, 155x275, A0F9AFF6-1562-4A11-9AA0-CC54DB…)

Does anyone have this live?

No. 940803

File: 1583330127727.jpeg (443.79 KB, 2048x2048, F7688E84-CE01-4E4E-A39D-BC3FD1…)

Why is she getting uglier? This hot pink to orange ombré hair bullshit is so bad. Curls aren’t for her. It just looks like a wig at this point. And the self tan? She’s orange. Her hair and skin tone just don’t go together. She barely wears makeup anymore which makes her look like a rat, and I swear she wears the same 3 cringey dirty outfits now. She used to look so much better.

No. 941058

Anyone hear about cvntlee lately ??(namefag)

No. 941059

Honestly her nose before was cute and she actually served a lot of nice looks. But now she just looks so different like she had a major glow down. I think she should dye her hair brown

No. 941213

Nah, I definitely disagree. Her nose was botched from the start but passable. Now it looks crazy. I really hope, for her sake, that it’s just swelling from healing that’s making it look this bad but I guess time will tell.

No. 941252

File: 1583398523872.jpeg (510.25 KB, 750x1170, 4DDEF4FD-E220-4D1F-B79B-94D7FE…)


No. 941264

File: 1583405323449.jpeg (17.17 KB, 439x335, images (8).jpeg)

She's one revision away from a Jackson-tier nose job

No. 941689

Have you guys seen avas recent tiktok exposing myah?

No. 941701

Are you talking about the one where she’s exposing her narc mother? Pretty sure that had nothing to do with Myah. Avas said a few times that her mother is a narcissist which makes sense why she befriended someone like Myah, but the tik tok wasn’t about Myah

No. 941753

No. 942198

File: 1583552550361.jpeg (459.88 KB, 1125x1406, 6B5DA37B-571A-465E-B592-A835DA…)

Why does it look like the seats aren’t even leather? Her priorities are hilarious as fuck

No. 942336

What an ugly car LOL she should have begged her mommy and grandma to buy her a Tesla Instead

No. 942339

File: 1583589148708.jpeg (162.71 KB, 661x1175, E09150A3-DE0B-4A64-82B8-3828FF…)

The girl on the left is @lilysegesman, she’s 19. I assume they’re drinking here knowing myahs love for alcoholism.

Didn’t myah write a huge post about looking after minors and protecting them from bad decisions the other day? Like I know it’s only drinking but it’s kind of contradictory of her (nothing new for myah lol)

No. 942350

I get that the legal drinking age in the u.s is 21 anon..but someone who is 19y isn’t considered a ‘minor’

No. 942358

It's LA so this will be stolen or vandalized so quickly.
Mom might want to pick up a few extra shifts.

No. 942483

It's no surprise that she's still hanging out with teens if you consider that she mentally hasn't grown past that age yet.

No. 942510

Is this Lily girl 19 or 17?
>>936117 >>936119 say 17, but her instagram bio says 19. Honestly, I don't think a 21 year old hanging out with a 19 year old is that weird, that's still within a college age group. Hanging out with high schoolers as a college dropout is embarrassing and pathetic, though.

No. 942552

I’m sure it said a different age on her bio a few weeks back???

No. 942926

File: 1583720044543.jpeg (77.15 KB, 750x872, AF5B02F6-D2C4-4B5A-9729-52E38F…)

I’m pretty sure since Ava is aware of it a lot of people associated with myah are aware

No. 942996

File: 1583755155869.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 42797ABE-479A-4196-978C-21457D…)

Looks like she has nothing better to do than to hang out with 16-19 year olds

No. 943399

That guy's not recoiling in fear enough. This candid is pretty frightening.

No. 943536

lol myah is literally psychotic and a liar, when i was friends with her (not very close friends) on imvu she called the guy i was dating at the time a faggot, which personally idc if you use the word faggot but to try and use it as an insult all because somebody didn't pay to have the guest_ removed from their username on imvu literally proves you have a dent in your skull lol. (i have the screenshot somewhere and i'll have to find it).

im not innocent, i used to be a really edgy toxic internet troll who would say the hard er n word 24/7 like it was nothing just to be funny. she would act like she never said that word and would try and come at me for saying it. when i was in a rabb.it call with her and a few others one time, she said "nigga" and then said "none of you better be recording me, i don't like being exposed". she can't sit here and say shit about how she doesn't like the n word and attack others for saying it when she literally says it herself kek. like wtf?

we stopped being friends because she just got too toxic for me, and i was realizing i should stop idolizing a dumb bitch. i then ran into her again on second life a few months ago and she had this girl that was a huge fan and paid for her patreon just to talk to her and the xoxo girls, my groupies became friends with her groupies etc. and when we were chilling and i told her fan why i didn't like her (because she asked me lol) she tried telling myah i was talking shit for no reason blah blah blah… had the clique try to attack me whatever.. then bullied her fan right infront of me, they recorded a voice memo of the girl doing karaoke in a discord call to one of myah's songs and played it over voice in sl (when the fan wasnt around) to me making fun of her and then told me "if you tell her were doing this there'll be problems". myah then continued to attack my friend over some shit she was doing in her personal life/time that wasnt even bad, tried making herself seem way better than everyone.

for the people who were talking about her child porn tumblr or whatever it was, i do feel like she has some type of children fetish or anything to do with kids under the age of like 16/17. kinda like pedophilia? idk it's weird af. i came online on imvu one time and she invited me into the chat with her and her friend at the time was like 14/15 and myah was about 19? almost 20? and was asking this girl if she liked big dicks and shit like that, and then tried asking me too (i was about 17). she would also try to shit on me for my online relationship at the time even though she dated a guy on imvu (who hacked her account and deleted her shop + changed her username).

if you go watch a video on her old collab channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvbzedFCYBM) she was talking about self harm and how people who have food on the table and roof over their head shouldn't be hurting themselves and have no reason to etc… myah sweetie, i know people who come from wealthy families who hurt themselves because their bodies are so numb from being depressed and shit they need that to feel something, anything. it's a mental illness, they don't choose to be that way. yes, it's sad, but if you literally don't have any of that shit then you cannot speak on it. it takes medical help to better yourself and to get yourself away from that shit. everyone is different and people react differently to everything.

next is her skin condition, acting like it's fucking skin cancer and that she's fucking dying and how it's so "mysterious". i showed my mom and she said it most likely looks like psoriasis. not showering and eating shitty foods/drinking will cause it to become worse, also picking the skin flakes off (she admitted to doing so and picked it off in one of her grwm videos which is now deleted). claiming that she cant go to college because of her rare disease yet parties and shit 24/7 when she's supposed to "stay inside". she can easily do online college too.

you can already tell she doesn't shower, i know this can be caused by being really depressed to the point where you cannot physically get up to do anything and are so unmotivated. i was like that when i was 15/16. but clearly she's motivated enough to get up and party 24/7 and travel from state to state. myah, if you can get yourself up to do your makeup to go party and fuck college frat athlete boys and travel, you can most certainly get yourself up to get in the fucking shower and also brush your teeth.

if you have never cooked any type of meal in your life for yourself after the age of like 14 maybe 15 years old you are lazy as fuck and cannot simply do anything on your own. i refuse to believe you'll be on your own for much longer, and your mom admitting to not cooking ever a day in her life and she's 50 realllllyyyy says something.

idc if you use the word retard or retarded, but for you to be so mean to your supporters and call them names like that is disgusting because you would literally be nothing without them. THEY made you famous, THEY give you the money you have, THEY defend you and you literally treat them like garbage. you also claim not to give a fuck but try to doxx anybody who has a negative opinion about you. you sit on sansar and second life every second of the day. you're 21 years old and never worked, whatever career you claim to have isn't a fucking job, it's a hobby that clearly isn't getting anywhere because of the way you act. you surround yourself with problematic people and you treat the actual good people like shit and chase them away then try to play victim. you were fine in like 2016/17 but after that you became a literal trainwreck.

myah, you need serious help. if second life, imvu and sansar got shut down and your wifi got taken away you would literally be nothing and your internet alter ego would vanish. i'm from new jersey too and i can confirm most white females from here are fucking dirty and trashy. you're one of them.

try to attack me now like you always do when you get exposed xoxo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 943563

jfc no way I'm reading all this shit. Read the rules before you post next time, Jessica

No. 943605

You said what we already know but I can expand on her behavior on second life.
I used to hang out on the same sim as her a year ago.
She hangs out with boyd doghouse (basically a pedo) A hardcore druggie his name is nacho who screams on mic about his drug and alcohol abuse.
Also Dreams who is a female who actually cut herself and posted it on her discord server for everyone to see.
So far that’s all I know about some of her friend groups.
As for the xoxo group it’s mostly just mean girls you have a superiority complex cuz they are so young. Most of her friend group have some mental shit going on. She’s always recording on SL so she can use shit agaiSnt you and has record of people she’s met. She’s fucking pyscho

No. 943663

Tldr Jessica Miller, sage goes in the e-mail field

No. 943834

okay i came here from ava snap story and my mind is blown. i found myah thru ava and thought she was cute to followed and my mind is blown from reading all this shit. i’m so hung up on the pedo thing like she is truly a pedophile!! who knew at such a young age .. we need to hear more about this dog house pedo guy she hangs with on sl. anyone know more ? this shit needs to get exposed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 943840

I can rest easy (and everyone should) knowing that she’s never gonna go anywhere with her career. And if by some miracle she does, all this stuff is gonna come out and bite her in the ass. It already has and she’s a nobody. With her attitude, she doesn’t have an ounce of grace or wisdom to apologize or handle the level of criticism that will come with “fame”.

No. 943845

What ever happened between Myah and Erika Royal + Lily?? Probably got tired of her shit as well lol(namefag)

No. 943850

what’s this alex guys instagram ??
and anyone notice she deleted the pink car post lol

No. 943875

for the love of god read the rules

No. 943880

Sorry lmao That was literally my first comment on this site. I didn’t know this whole thread even existed

No. 943883

And yet you still haven’t read the rules.

No. 943888

Chill. it’s funny how everyone else can post other names, even pictures of them. yet here you are, up my ass !

No. 943889

File: 1583894571669.jpeg (96.36 KB, 1125x583, FDF15777-A4FA-42D1-82FB-43E051…)

Myahs new car video summarized:

>begins by addressing “the elephant in the room”, says designer shit and luxury items aren’t important in life

>says her Audi was gifted to her but “the person who gifted it to her” (her dad Vito) constantly dangled it over her head so she had to buy her own car
>says she loved that car and it was her home when she had no home (aka when she was driving to NJ to fuck random frat boys who wouldn’t let her spend the night)
>says that she didn’t like any other cars she drove and didn’t wanna spend $20k on a car she didn’t love
>goes on to contradict the designer shit doesnt matter thing by saying she went to west coast and spent $10k because “if you’re shopping for a bag, you can get a Louis or you can go to Walmart and get a $10 bag”
>is very clearly defensive and feels insecure that she couldn’t afford a nicer car
>says she might put an anime girl on the side of it

Hilariously captions saying her dad had control over the car with “sad story”
Bitch he paid for the car and the insurance, with her drinking habit I’m sure he didn’t want her to catch a DUI.

No. 943971

Read the rules or leave. What's with all the namefags/newfags shitting up threads lately?

No. 943977

kinda random, but does anyone know if myah is still in contact with kelsey (@kelseylemus) ? they made a ‘bestie’ tag ages ago which, once again, was deleted or privated. and are megan and myah still friends or gone back to their bull shit frenemy stuff where they stop talking then get back into contact

No. 943982

A) learn to sage
B) read the thread, Kelsey literally made a long post and Ava later confirmed it was Kelsey who posted here.

No. 943990

lmfaoo idk what the rules are and this is the first time on this site tbh so idk how to sage or whatever flag my comment if it's a problem(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 943993

if you dont know the rules then idk… maybe like, read them?

No. 943997

i just came here to comment idk where the rules are i didnt even know there were rules for a shit thread, like i said report my comment

No. 944001

Just leave? If you're not willing to try to integrate or read the rules, just stop posting and go instead of shitting up the thread

No. 944005

Why is there even an email field if you’re not supposed to put your email. Shit makes no sense

No. 944006

Anybody else see that myah has deleted a majority of her music from Spotify, youtube, iTunes, etc
Like why even put shit out if you’re just gonna delete it later? Makes no fucking sense

No. 944013

it's so you can sage you tard, here, just for you https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 944044

When myah reuploads controlled chaos in 2020 just to change the album cover…I’m sure you didn’t have to literally take it down and upload it again. just change the cover image lmao

No. 944056

lol chill the fuck out this thread really weigh heavy on u lol reporting on someone’s life for over a year straight stalking someone you claim to hate lol ya we are the retards .. yikes.

No. 944067

she removed most of the original songs on the album and replaced them with one from the second album and a couple of the singles she did in between. but yeah it's retarded.

No. 944139

File: 1583945180723.png (332.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200311-114141~2.p…)

She's following the guy from her Princeton song again, after she went on live and was so greatful to Kyle for telling her that situation wasn't healthy

No. 944148

File: 1583948240099.png (624.49 KB, 559x519, MY.png)

LMAO still no bedframe but a least she's got a vanity now.Priorities.

No. 944404

File: 1583981153458.jpeg (157.65 KB, 750x816, 73B244FB-B2A1-4E35-9A0F-5DD20D…)

>”prioritizing babes”
I get getting a car, but 1) Spending 10k for a custom wrap is really that much more important than getting furniture for your apartment? 2) Nicole’s really proud of that? Parenting of the month.

Also a thought, knowing that Myah is an unclean person, do you think she’ll take precautions for Coronavirus?

No. 944423

I can’t imagine how her mom is funding her life with Buffalo Wild Wings checks. It’s also bizarre that I’m her new video she says she “found a way” to afford a car… i always had a feeling that her “wealth” is fake and she’s secretly sitting on a shit ton a debt and loans in combination with her parents helping her. But who knows.

No. 944447

File: 1583992128951.jpeg (269.08 KB, 1094x1570, B7E30C9F-220B-419B-97F0-9B3436…)

I believe Myahs mom completely relies on her boyfriends income and uses the bww check for supplementing Myahs lifestyle. She could also be sitting on $200k+ if they finally sold the house in NJ. Really pathetic that Myah takes money from her mom and has 0 accomplishments to show from her moms support. Congrats Nicole, you raised a borderline alcoholic attention whore.

No. 944464

Last I heard they were renting it out and on Nicole’s insta she was trying to get ppl to contact her abt staying in it

No. 944493

I feel bad for the rest of Nicole’s kids. Obviously Myah is her favourite and if I were one of her siblings seeing my mother constantly post about how my sister is so amazing and talented etc I would be a little concerned lol

No. 944502

Myah is an only-child. Those other kids are her boyfriends’ kids.

No. 944666

Well that at least explains her entitlement and poor spending habits a bit.If she weren't an only child,she would've been put in her place a few times.

Supportive parents are great,but thanks to her mom Myah will be/is completely useless as an adult.Can't wait to see her mom support her lazy ass even once she hits her 30's lol.

No. 944880

ohhh right

No. 944907

Is this page turning to crap bc of Ava wtf

No. 944908

She basically touched herself in franks Ralph’s wtf u call it in LA lmfao girl is sad af and the orange hair is a turn off

No. 944911

HOW DID ABA AND MYAH EVEN MEET?’ She said hated Leo’s then is friends with Ava… I’m so confused on that friendship and Ava is a weird ass as well. Both stupid in the head(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 944942

Put sage in the fucking email field if you have nothing to contribute. This page is turning to crap because of people like you.

No. 945108

File: 1584132232336.jpeg (87.68 KB, 750x1334, F4ED325B-2C28-4A4E-88B2-D289F9…)

Lol no

No. 945112

File: 1584132369319.png (821.99 KB, 750x1334, 082F7D83-4BC4-41B8-B636-FEB51B…)

Lol her mom bought her soap she’ll literally never use LMAO

No. 945226

i mean… at least she looked interesting back then

No. 945315

File: 1584178497436.jpeg (533.69 KB, 750x1283, B29B8539-DFA0-4322-BD51-7ACC72…)

She’s not foolin anyone with this shitty facetuned pic

No. 945394

Lol her nose seems to be the biggest enemy in her life

No. 945664

Lol she did NOT start the e-girl trend she’s delusional

No. 945725

if she made an onlyfans 95% of her financial problems would be solved

No. 945726

File: 1584250568366.jpeg (309.9 KB, 828x1038, 41153D5D-CE6D-4058-A435-E3DCF6…)


No. 945753

File: 1584252693834.png (9.06 MB, 1125x2436, 2D88FF38-A12D-4BB6-923E-08234D…)

besides the obnoxious photoshop in this recent, can we talk about the tacky tripod FOR IPHONE SELFIES. literally the back of the phone had a nice higher quality camera and she bought a tripod to look at herself some more. Buy a nice camera w a view finder if you’re that narcissistic.

No. 945756

File: 1584253031161.jpeg (332.4 KB, 1818x1818, DDEB1184-D3FF-4372-BD90-F2E518…)

yikes, fried hair and all.

No. 945807

I feel like she’s going to try to clout chase off of Blaire like she did with Belle Delphine. I hope they never collab.

No. 946306

File: 1584390021924.jpeg (207.19 KB, 1280x960, 9807B4BE-8DBF-4082-BCE3-66288D…)


No. 946307

File: 1584390189738.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3088x2320, BB85471C-B6B6-49BC-9D33-41BB01…)

No. 946309

She looks so filthy here wtf sage bc no milk just a nitpick

No. 946313


She looks like her mom here.

No. 946326

File: 1584393050593.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-205650.png)

So self sufficient.

(It's mostly vodka)

No. 946332

File: 1584393382488.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-205623.png)

Momma paying for her nails too?
And why is her face almost as orange as her hair? Kek

Sage for nitpick.

No. 946370

Lmao where is this from? it actually looks like her skin has been neglected

No. 946415

I'm so confused…like isnt she supposed to be like a singer or something? What does this bitch actually /DO/ besides being mommas lil parasite.

No. 946482

File: 1584435378294.png (492.54 KB, 750x1334, 27799A28-E80A-48AF-AC75-B59A43…)

Is this her 8th grade friend?

No. 946494

LMFAO THIS IS PATHETIC…I imagine the girl is a sophomore in high school at this point but wow, Myah, hanging out with minors is all you do now a days.

No. 946548

I could be wrong but that could possibly be one of the xoxo girls from Second Life.

No. 946582

Yeah the 8th grader I think

No. 946598

For someone who likes to make fun of others looks she sure is hanging out with the most dog looking people.

No. 946611

A narcissist would hang out with anybody who’s willing to enable and idolize them. She doesn’t have “friends”, she has rotational acquaintances, at least until they see through her shit or she moves onto someone else.

No. 946616

None of the xoxo girls are in middle school.

No. 946623

>calling them the xoxo girls

No. 946669

well thats all i know them as

No. 946754

She was like 13 when they met but that was a few years ago she must be at least 15 now.

No. 946921

File: 1584521914184.png (842.54 KB, 750x1334, 5EC24E3E-6DDA-4C7C-8C2B-84D2BD…)

Why does she make the most ugliest faces thinking they look cute ??

No. 947014

p sure her new song is called spring break, it’s on tik tok sounds

No. 947036

>spring break on tiktok
wow that sounds so cerebral and philosphical
Myah truly is a misunderstood intellectual

No. 947100

Wow what happened to those 10 songs with music videos and all that other shit lmao this bitch is so annoying

No. 947138

New?She initially wanted to release it back when she also recorded Princeton.Hasn't it been over a year?

No. 947190

It really feels like someone involved in the mixing/mastering of the tracks hasn't been paid so Myah's shit-tier karaoke is on hold.

No. 947371

File: 1584605721624.png (3.01 MB, 1125x2436, A56D9FD1-CDDE-4A92-B52A-9672BE…)

Isn’t this the other 16/17 year old she hangs out with?

No. 947462

File: 1584637658681.jpeg (692.27 KB, 739x1084, 2F3B9094-CD4E-4A44-9A43-C2EFD2…)

Yep that one anon was right her song is called spring break confirmed by her haggard mother

No. 947504

her tryhard ~kawaii~ aesthetic is ugly as fuck. damn. peak artistry is putting your slutty anime avatar on all your song covers amirite

No. 947621

Yes, she’s giving alcohol to underage kids. Which I guess isn’t terrible, but it’s still pretty cringey she can’t hang out with people her own age.

No. 947624

File: 1584663366211.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x2031, A477DF7E-522A-4B45-996B-B3C8B4…)

Spring break?! Bitch you are not in school. Myahs been on a perpetual spring break. Her behavior and the fact that she hangs around young people makes me think she has Peter Pan syndrome. She has to convince herself she’s young so her immature behavior is passable

No. 947629

dude isn't she 21? that's just legal to drink in the US right?
why do famers think once you don't have -teen attached to your age you're basically old and dead? jesus christ what a nitpick
I'd be pointing out the tackyness of wearing the mask and being all uwu corona chan while people are dying but "21 AND ENJOYING SPRING BREAK UGH" aint it

No. 947704

The problem isn’t that she’s acting 21, she’s acting like she’s 15/16.
Hanging out with minors, obsessively insisting that she looks 12 years old and having a song named spring break as she’s hanging out with high schoolers that are actually on spring break is sus and weird

No. 947733

Lots of anons were starting their lives in their early twenties trying to become stable and independent. Not spoiled and tethered to mommys money and doing nothing like myah. So it just feels weird that she should seems to be back sliding and not hanging out with good examples or even a few years older.

No. 947744

Isn't providing alcohol to minors illegal tho?

No. 947748

the fact she isnt self quarantining even though she lives in LA rlly shows how selfish she is of ppl around her. yikes.

No. 948020

File: 1584749602458.png (111.99 KB, 750x930, IMG_8109.PNG)

Lmfaoooooo wtf is this picture ??

No. 948122

nitpick but her ass is really pointy

No. 948227

File: 1584814574641.jpeg (967.44 KB, 1242x2016, 69F27EEB-F60E-4EF0-BC8A-DB6B44…)

This shit is so tacky and embarrassing. I wonder how she doesn’t realize how terrible her taste is. You’d think as someone who is pretending to be rich and better than everyone else, she’s at least try a little

No. 948678

File: 1584914338297.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20200322-214631~2.p…)

Again with the dirty grubby socks.

No. 948679

File: 1584914358468.jpeg (77.81 KB, 750x364, 9081A17D-C92D-4306-9378-B62D93…)

so blaire is the new belle delphine, huh

No. 948683

File: 1584914576118.png (273.37 KB, 601x654, Screenshot_20200322-214631~4.p…)

Lacking basic hygiene skills.

No. 948764

File: 1584934984745.jpeg (36.52 KB, 563x545, images (1).jpeg)

Myah Alanna's aesthetic is that awful James Franco movie "Spring Breakers" and I'm not fucking here for it kek.

No. 948773

Does anyone know why Myah removed XIX from Spotify?

No. 948800


Must be nice being teacher's pet and rich girl…

No. 948839

What then fuck is her nose

No. 948840

File: 1584979081499.jpg (837.46 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200323_095535_com…)

No. 948886

Nitpick but she needs to stop painting her eyebrows so black and thick especially when her hair is light because it actually makes her look like a man. Stop shaving the tails off and painting straight black lines on your face. It’s not that hard to match your natural color and fill them in without going crazy.

No. 948911

File: 1584994872163.jpeg (382.79 KB, 1242x2057, B3A4090F-18B9-4FE3-A64D-C70451…)

Her nose is beyond jacked up. It’s so pinched and her slit nostrils are way worse now. I really hope she’s making it look worse with filters and editing because if this is how it looks irl, that’s tragic.

No. 949046

She took down XIX and the original version of Controlled Chaos because she wasn’t happy with how they were released and said on YouTube Live that she associates some of the songs with bad memories. She rereleased Controlled Chaos with some different mixing but without the songs Expedition and For the Record and added one song, Lessons, from XIX and two other singles from like 2018.

No. 949074

File: 1585040768443.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1774, FB0B038F-57E9-4F8C-9189-E80E59…)

It almost seems like she is an underdeveloped npc charter that cycles the same tube top outfit but in different colors. where’s the creativity myah? this is getting bland.

No. 949078

I hope that blood is part of the filter, because that's definitely not the first time.

No. 949131

The fake blood is often a part of her makeup. It’s tacky but I guess she hasn’t realized that yet

No. 949175

Myah’s entire aesthetic is tacky

No. 949354

I never thought I'd say this but thank god… she was really giving me the impression her nose job went even worse than we thought

No. 949890

File: 1585214977329.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 89582F35-8147-44F2-807C-AC0E88…)

She’s wearing a mask here but do we really think she’s actually following quarantine rules? Obviously not, already breaking isolation by hanging out with her minor friends

No. 950142

File: 1585282223534.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2208, 19E46E8C-07A4-4915-A185-6A2CB9…)

What is she going on about now

No. 950143

File: 1585282256020.png (1.52 MB, 1242x2208, 18263CB2-E8F2-4312-9BAC-06B6D6…)

No. 950144

File: 1585282290566.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208, D83B109C-19BC-4A1E-B723-4DD319…)

No. 950145

I just realized it’s probably about Ava licking that toilet seat for on tiktok lmao

No. 950152

File: 1585285265133.jpeg (442.55 KB, 750x1147, D1F4860C-9517-4789-A744-EBA11D…)

I’m no fan of Ava but she got a record deal doing stupid shit like that.
And her skinny legend song is all over tiktok… myah isn’t even close to getting any recognition since she’s “better and more than the music industry”

No. 950154

File: 1585285545664.jpeg (412.66 KB, 552x972, FBE12009-3595-4CC3-9700-D23127…)

jesus, she looks like shit. crazy what facetune can do for a 45 year old wine mom

No. 950322

File: 1585355953309.jpg (111.58 KB, 493x1677, mbhubbyvhjhgv.jpg)

For real. Especially next to her fetus friends who look young and fresh still. I feel like the strip of photos encompasses Myah's pushy, rude, ugly, self-centered personality perfectly. And it's creepy that her mom's nickname for Myah is 'mommie' or whatever. They have a creepy relationship.

No. 950344

The oompa loompa spray tans don't suit her at all. Wish she'd just stay pale, she looked so much prettier with her natural skin color and green hair.
And yeah, I never understood why her mom called her "mommie". Weird as fuck.

No. 950362

File: 1585362248171.png (3.52 MB, 1125x2436, 9D9EB12B-EAE0-4722-8005-79D186…)

Holy shit. She doesn’t practice social distancing and her ass is not only immunocompromised but she has asthma? No words for how few brain cells this bitch possesses.

No. 950369

And the fact that she decided to move to a city with such bad air quality, when she has asthma…. genius level IQ

No. 950428

Yeah but she could totally bump into Lil Xan one day so it works out.

No. 951130

File: 1585538136676.jpg (847.13 KB, 2400x1179, inCollage_20200329_200443380.j…)

She has a stinky diaper butt

>moves to Los Angeles, capital of shit air quality in the USA
>hAs AnYoNe ElSeS aStHmA bEeN bAd?
She's too old to have her head so far up her ass. Jesus

No. 951166

File: 1585546676777.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, 4623A91E-F071-46AE-A84C-499847…)

These are from the other day but she’s such a shit friend to film her “friends” like this and post it.

No. 951293

Wait but why is the 9th grader in the same bathroom with adult lol

No. 951350

I saw that. What the fuck. Those girls know what Myah really thinks of the way they look. What a cunt and a bully; the girl on the toilet looks really embarrassed.

No. 953483

File: 1585882435771.jpeg (769.31 KB, 1242x1366, E63CC64B-6AD4-4585-A243-646F5C…)

Lol yeah we are aware that’s all you do myah

No. 954875

her dad is subscribed to some channels like surviving bpd relationship break up and more that focus on similar topics.
just wondering if that's about nicole or somebody new

No. 954877

File: 1586133208321.png (168.52 KB, 720x934, IMG_20200406_012835.png)

>>954875(Don't involve family)

No. 954928

Does anyone know why she said her dad was a sperm donor? Is this her biological fathers yt? I'm confused.

Also wouldn't be surprised if both Myah and her mom have BPD.

No. 955039

Just to clarify: Vito is not her biological dad. He & Nicole got married years ago, but because he is impotent, they decided to get a sperm donor. They raised Myah up as if Vito is her dad, but on her 16th birthday (same year she got her 1st nosejob), her parents got divorced & revealed to her she’s a sperm donor baby. Nobody knows who the donor is.

No. 955184

Can testify to this was an irl of hers. Vito is really amazing and as far as anything goes is her dad 100%- just not biologically. I remember her mom talking about the physical aspects of the donor and him being “the perfect specimen.” I don’t think they have any access to who he is though although it doesn’t really matter his name.

No. 955252

>the perfect specimen
Kek if her sperm donor was the perfect specimen why did Myah get a nose job before she was even fully grown? I assumed her natural nose was because of her Italian side but if Vito isn't even her bio dad then… that's just really unfortunate.
Also, anon, since you knew her IRL I'm curious to know if you have any milk about her relationship with her dad. What happened with the money situation and him cutting her off? He took the Audi back too? If he's a good guy you don't have to bring too much of his personal info on this thread, but I'm super curious about how Myah treats him.

No. 955439

I know we’re not supposed to involve family but damn it’s really sad seeing those two subscriptions put together. Imagine watching your kid turn into the monster your ex was, and still supporting them because you love them, even though there’s nothing you can do because you’re out of the picture.
It was discussed in the first thread how her and her mom likely share the diagnosis. Her mom’s entire IG is dedicated to Myah’s photoshopping and music. It all comes off as super narcissistic.

No. 955757

File: 1586319182210.jpg (606.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200408-125444.jpg)

Kinda ot but this bitches lack of personality as lead her to copy one of the least endearing things about Myah… her retarded nose bleeds.(offtopic)

No. 955814

Ot Never thought id see here posted here but this girl has a strange history of skin walking lol

No. 955910

i dont think its myah who has bpd but maybe her mum? im not a professional but due to being diagnosed with it ive done my research and i have met a lot of people who have it and ive never met someone who thinks they are the shit as much as myah she screams npd if anything (not saying she has the disorder but shes defo just a general narc of a person). as well, the way she goes through her friends and boyfriends hints it too. bpd has it so we are absolutely petrified about being abandoned but myah kinda just immediately ditches friends soon as they pipe up to her. how shes all “ive never been dumped” as well it seems she does it because she wants to keep up an appearance as a bad bitch while also establishing some kind of superiority over ex friends and pals (reiterating she “never settles for less”). the bpd maybe might explain why her mum babies and kisses her arse so much though as we can be very nurturing. wouldnt be surprised if it fuelled myahs narc ways tho.(armchairing)

No. 956041

This is also major tinfoil, but it might be about vitos girlfriend? Maybe unlikely, but because he was with Nicole (who probs has npd or bpd) , it likely that he’s a codependent person. Codependent people are the prey for narcs and other personality disorders.(rule 3)

No. 956785

File: 1586530493479.png (876.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200409-225719.png)

Wonder if Myah will be mad at Blaire for listening to Ava

No. 956839

She probably is lol

No. 956868

File: 1586548048325.png (204.57 KB, 315x281, dsa.png)

wtf is wrong with her face? is it the eyelashes?? also her roots good god not anything important just a nitick and question(nitpicking)

No. 956993

File: 1586569300404.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20200410-160523.png)

Your favorite pic of yourself? Just turned a year old? What the fuck? Who does this? The narcissism is off the charts

No. 957003

honestly what's RIGHT with her face, anon?

No. 957006

What exactly are you referring to? She's sneezing or smth right? I guess even with that in mind, she does look strange… stiff? I wonder if she got something injected

No. 957097

no this is a screen shot from her singing video

No. 957206

having shitty roots is kind of the standard for everyone right now, anon. it’s actually a good thing she’s not running out to get her roots bleached every 2 weeks during a pandemic. her laziness is actually helpful to society for once kek

No. 957297

the bitmojis on her ig stories make me suicidal

No. 957897

coming from someone who used to be friends with this girl + witnessed her shitting on girls who weren't 'skinny', i find it very funny that she's surrounding herself with bigger girls in her latest video? is this her way of feeling better about herself or?

No. 958174

Lol I remember the IMVU video and saying the word “fat” randomly putting a negative spin behind the word. Remember she posted raving that she’s below 110 pounds?

No. 958342

I was with her once and she said "look at the disgusting fat people down at the pool" lol never heard someone speak so harshly about bigger ppl

No. 958469

File: 1586841599188.jpeg (186.56 KB, 750x1080, 82DC4AAE-4E8A-4541-A061-612C09…)

I saved but I thought this was funny cuz Ava recently got verified on insta.

No. 958680

File: 1586885663068.jpeg (353.26 KB, 750x1164, 701CCBAE-9E15-4FFE-972B-FFE4C4…)

No. 958703


I wish one of them would just tell us what happened lol

No. 958714

File: 1586889497848.png (587.59 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200413-213145.png)


No. 958776


No. 959053

Both are lolcows, kek. Imagine thinking her autistic ass posting this makes her exempt? Quit vague posting ya basic bitch and gain some self awareness.

No. 959334

File: 1586972649675.png (733.88 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20200414-120916.png)

She really thinks she's that cute. Huh

No. 959597

There are literal screenshots from Ava in this thread saying what happened

No. 959730

yo i just found this thread and the past few years i thought i was the only one who knew how retarded this bitch is. i knew her for a while back in 2016-2017 or so and saw sm drama however im not going to be too specific because i was a cringey young teen and she legit keeps blackmail on everyone lmao.

i met her around the time she was with ant, who btw is a drugdealer from upstate new york who was facebook "famous" at the time, his current snap is ionlycryblood he deadass just does drug deals all day lmaoooo. he has a kid with some crackhead but hes never with the child, just occasionally posts pics of her and says he misses her.

after she broke up with ant there was some dumbass beef between her and his rebound named lily (@lilithariana), a few months later after lily broke up with him, they somehow started "dating", they swore up and down they were dating for reals but it was just for the lolz and to be iCoNiC and they wanted to match hair colors.

they broke up and my mutual friend told me myah turned lily into an alcoholic which isnt a surprise, m & l stopped talking then mutual told me a few months later they became friends again and myah convinced lily she had schizophrenia and lily made an entire video about her mental illness. cant find it anymore. i think after she stopped talking to myah she realized she didnt actually have it because myah doesnt actually fucking have it either. she had a pic of her and myah posted on her ig when i first found it but i just checked and it isnt there anymore either. guess myah scared her away again.

myah used to sit on skype and literally just yell about autistic niggers and insult everyone and do this fucking cackle laugh that was so annoying. so many people came and went from her friend group because she just accused everyone of being jealous of her copying her. it literally happened every day. she was on skype and imvu legitimately 24/7, she did not fucking sleep, she would just sit there starting drama and making autism jokes all day and night. this is something so fucking nitpicky but it was cringey: she literally had an animation for her imvu avatar she would use when she was drunk so everyone knew and she looked cool. she fucking went off on me one day for having green hair on my avi saying i was copying her. she really thinks she invents every style/brand she takes on for the moment. its fucking psychotic.

No. 959807

damn did anyone screen record i missed it

No. 959940

Thank you I saw those, but that is still pretty vague. For example, why did she kick sophia out? If there wasn’t any justified reason.. why didn’t the other girls defend her then? I’m also curious about anncy’s role in all of that. The whole situation was just really strange and I bet the only reason other girls aren’t saying anything is because they are afraid of whatever Myah blackmailed them with

No. 959959

^ She didn’t actually kick Sophia out, myah tried to convince her that she was an issue so instead of dealing with myah anymore she literally booked a flight home during the conversation. I think the other girls didn’t say anything because they weren’t there and didn’t want to deal with myah the rest of the trip either. I don’t blame her hearing this shit about myah I wouldnt have even lasted until then

No. 960051


Thank you!! Why even bother inviting her in the first place, you know? I’m sure most of the girls had to plan and save for their ticket weeks/months in advance. That’s so manipulative and inconsiderate… but at least Sophia left before it got even worse in that hell house. Good for her

No. 960942

Is she as anti drug as she acts publicly? She seems to date a lot of dealers for someone who's so against it

No. 961461

File: 1587263612966.jpeg (394.79 KB, 1125x1905, 72FBD73E-A597-4814-84BF-B5E2CE…)

Casually dropping that everyone is toxic, but her again. Also cute fun fresh wearing a durag.

No. 962901

I saged because this is sorta old news but danie vanity the BOTD main singer is a popular subject right now. Didn’t Myah consider him an aesthetic….. or something along the line of inspiration?

No. 963031

I'm not that anon but I know she showed ava taking acid in her video she did with her, I don't remember what the video was called but it was some series she said she wanted to make or something. She was laughing about it, she didn't seem too against it.

No. 963307

was it the craze?

No. 963310

File: 1587547054105.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, D7C20772-DCDB-4C80-B52D-0227C5…)

Why tf does she look like Michael Jackson’ here wtf

No. 963342

Yea, it was the craze I'm pretty sure.

No. 963421

File: 1587566214552.png (527.51 KB, 828x1792, EAA907B0-DB06-4BD7-8480-276540…)

post and deleted on snapchat. Is this her ex anthony trying to text her ?

No. 963600

Yeah it probably is. He’s been liking her Instagram pics recently

No. 963604

File: 1587586123178.png (539.55 KB, 750x1334, 7077A76C-3902-4BEA-A203-93968F…)

Sorry for DP. Kind of off topic but related to the above screenshot. Anthony still reads these threads.

No. 963707

File: 1587593571743.png (314.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200422-171152~2.p…)

Lmao quarantine is getting to her. Boys keep coming back into her life because she lets them

What's ants @?

No. 963710

No. 964382

Wow she's really desperate if she keeps letting these idiots back into her life

No. 964413

This is extra funny because Alex slept with Ava for a bit.

No. 964444

Anyone watched her “gameplay” videos? All she does is insult her friend and fucking fail miserably at the games she’s apparantly sooo good at.
Couldn’t even hate watch the entire thing.

No. 964453

It was also really fucking boring, she didn't even talk (unless I missed it I just skimmed through the whole thing). Like literally no one wants to watch a shit compilation of a game with some shitty music over it. If she talked maybe it wouldn't be nearly as bad, but idek why she bothered posting that. She probably just needs some quick money.

No. 964523

His Instagram is @scvmbaag

No. 964612

File: 1587729761749.jpeg (152.27 KB, 750x1202, 8AD9F05B-20D5-47D3-B644-D72F34…)

Looks like she has another man? (This was on her moms ig pic of Myah)

No. 964613

File: 1587729790740.jpeg (155.05 KB, 750x1047, 5A0B2CED-89A0-4698-BA79-5F0B1D…)

No. 964767

No, Matt and Myah are just friends from their high school days. And he helps her with her music sometimes.

No. 964954

It literally says he’s a manager? He has been a part of her producing music for a while now. He introduced her to Sean. Even with the following screenshot your claim is completely baseless

No. 965011

I didn’t know he was her manager and I saw her mom refer to him as BF so I misinterpreted. My bad

No. 965345

File: 1587864951882.jpg (41.59 KB, 382x630, Capture.JPG)


No. 966108

I can’t explain why, but Myah really reminds me of no neck Ed from 90 day fiancé. Just gives me those vibes you know

No. 966354

LMFAO I was thinking the same thing anon

No. 966777

File: 1588187404279.png (93.4 KB, 1323x820, boyd.png)

Myah sure knows how to pick friends. I thought she left IMVU because it was toxic?
Second Life isn't a better option lol.

No. 966880

File: 1588204870705.jpeg (101.53 KB, 810x875, 1A8A6618-2352-46CA-8B13-C640F7…)

aww she follows Ant again . he follows her too

No. 967021

just me that wasnt vibing with her thinking the roman guy doing the shitty high key racist asian impression was something cute to open the video with?

No. 967029

I wasn’t vibing with the whole video for the most part I think most of it is taken out of context I’m pretty sure myah gives the same energy back to the people screaming on SL.
If she isn’t giving the same energy back then why does she hang out with people like that?

No. 967153

Just watch her desperate self get back with him and then complain once again that he treated her like trash.
I don't condone abuse but she's even more of an idiot if she lets him back into her life.I wouldn't even follow such a pos back if I were in her position.

No. 967166

if she doesnt give the same energy when the cameras arent rolling the only reason i could think she hangs with them is the same reason she was hanging with the two girls that stayed at her apartment. just being their friend to make herself look better? the way she was talking n acting around them all in the video kinda made it feel like “all the people i hang with on here a crazy lol not me listen to how quiet i am im not like these people”

No. 967286

I think she’s just as crazy. I mean her melt downs on Instagram live are kind of funny

No. 967330

File: 1588287004876.jpg (188.13 KB, 720x1330, 20200430_184729.jpg)

I just drop in here on occasion so don't come for me but could this be about Myah? If so, its like.. okay, apparently yall are just toxic af to each other so why do they still keep fucking with one another? Idk, just figured I'd drop the screenshot in case anybody here missed it. Figured it might be about her considering these two idiots are following one another on IG again.

No. 967366

no, she just followed him. highly highly doubt it’s ant. it can’t be. also genuinely think she’s done with him romantically this time.

No. 968255

File: 1588463723739.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200502_230353050.j…)

Looks like a completely different ass tho.

No. 968565

File: 1588537472421.png (22.92 KB, 393x255, everyone has a problem.png)

Literally most people have come out on this thread about her nasty behavior on SL and her superiority complex with her group of xoxo girls.
A large majority have a problem with her but it can't be her fault right?

No. 969414

She EXTREMELY passive aggressive. Its almost like shes mad at Ava Louise for meeting her idols and gaining 'popularity' but doesn't want to give up her fake facade of being chill and forgiving, so shes like "VALIDATION FROM STRANGERS IS SO STUpID!" Like she changed her content from story times to really shitty gaming content, so her subs don't want to see it, and she loses views. "LoSiNg ClOut RaNt, I dOnt cArE bRo, FaMe Is ThE dEvIl."

No. 969434

File: 1588698566377.png (505.46 KB, 1210x736, thotgonnacomplainwhenpussycant…)

The reason she is doing so poorly on youtube is because she changed her content. She went from GRWMs and Story times to (Which made her have views and subs), shitty poorly made gaming videos. Her old audience has little interest in that content. She does so good when she has a GRWM or something like that. But now, since she lost clout, she's spinning it to be, she doesn't need fame or people who have fame didn't get love from their mommy and daddy.(Also i think her dad disowned her or something, can't remember, but she wasn't on good terms with her father.) She just seems so 'fake' and icky. Something about her seems so manufactured and dirty, I'm assuming she's not that smart so she can't keep the act of being this forgiving chill person, up for long, and the people around her notice it and ditch her. Also may be the reason why she can't keep a man either.

No. 969444

This is the biggest kek. Her only job/attainable goal for the last three years has been to sing, which requires negative intelligence, yet she still can’t get her singing career off the ground. If she only made her own singing videos, which were popular, instead of having to wait years on end for someone to shittily mix her music, she wouldn’t have to worry about clout. Instead all she does is cycle through popular alt insta celebs to clout chase and thirst over in the comments. Go back to the library myah with your intelligent friends

No. 969487

Something about her just seems off. I don't know, if she is lacking emotional intelligence, maturity, or what?? She can't have lasting meaningful relationships, can't hold a career in music, doesn't have a very good social media presence, and when every this is brought up to her she only really responds with "Im not in it for the fame." or "I dont need validation." She tries to come off humble, but she honestly just seems so self centered.

If you haven't succeeded in the one thing you were suppose to work toward since you were 6, then honey, I don't think they are gonna take you now, after all the shit she has done since. I doubt any reputable music company will take her knowing she's said the n-word and gave a shit apology.

No. 969754

She lacks all kinds of intelligence

No. 970352

Update: The unfollowed each other already. That was quick

No. 970806

has anyone actually got a copy of the video where Myah actually said the n-word? As the only video that i have found is currently private and i haven't found anymore re-uploads.

No. 970864

It’s in that “Why I Don’t Like Myah Alanna” video

No. 970875

I miss Green hair myah green hair myah who had substance. Who was interesting this myah just makes me sad.(namefag)

No. 971225

i wish she shared more on social media and on youtube videos :/ people really pushed her away from doing that. i still feel like she’s cool- even better bc she’s always improving herself. she doesn’t share as much as she used to. sad

No. 971339

>even better bc she’s always improving herself

She's a shut-in who doesn't bathe, work or go to school. How is this an improvement?

No. 971350

Myah is honestly a legbeard at this point. The only difference is that she is skinny.

No. 971394

Also in "Myah Alanna: A Shady Compilation" at the end.

I have the OG video that was privated saved on my computer lol.

No. 971660

File: 1589076511545.jpeg (73.63 KB, 340x317, ACF4DD6A-DC90-4643-ABA8-26C3B9…)

Why did she do this to her nose :(

No. 971689

File: 1589078453077.jpeg (353.57 KB, 899x1124, 83529796-C945-4002-A09D-EA6719…)

Her feed was so much better or at least interesting a few years ago, it was tryhard but the green made her look ethereal and beautiful. Now her hair usually looks fried and all her new insta photos look heavily edited/blurred and just off.

No. 971708

it’s really easy for people to make the same comment other people have so that it seems more believable. i think she does shower lol but we all don’t know her personally so we all don’t know. she’s working on her dream and she’s also really young. were no better than her and she’s no better than us.(continuous whiteknighting)

No. 971711

I never really believed the shower thing either.. I’m supposed to believe ALL her friends and exes were kk cool and comfortable being around or fucking someone that’s unhygenic and smells? She does look rough sometimes though lol

No. 971747

This is when she felt more authentic and seemed to genuinely want to have conversations. Now she can barely hide her narcissism. Like I bet in her upcoming new vid about why she hates tiktok she’s going to make some argument as to why it has degraded society and thus she won’t feed into it. I’m so sick of these NEET bitches thinking they have transcended reality. Ya some areas of tiktok have cringey tryhard kids but a lot of college students/adults use it as a way to chill and waste time. Her input will only be to show how she’s above all of us, but doesn’t see her being racist in every video game she plays as degenerate behavior.

No. 971863

Funny thing is she’s already made fun of tiktok before. She also use to have musically. Kek this bitch is a walking contradiction.

No. 971892

Ah, when she could actually breathe. Refreshing.

No. 972089

File: 1589160970794.png (495.95 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20200511-023150~2.p…)


Nailed it.

No. 972095

she doesn't have 14 minutes of thought in her head so this video really must be a stretch

No. 972203

I wonder why all her ex’s and ex friends said she smells bad then like ant and Ava maybe she showers every couple of days bc if you look at her pics her hair is always greasy or fried and unkempt even the pics on her moms insta if she cared about her hygiene her hair would at least look better than how it normally does same with her clothes that one pic anon posted of her socks was just ridiculous lol but anyway she also gets Botox injections in her armpits bc she smells so maybe she smells bad or maybe she doesn’t who knows
Sage bc nitpick

No. 972300

Myah just looks nasty. Like she looks like she smells like body odor. Her hair is EXTREMELY damaged and dry. She looks like she curls it often to give it volume because it is so thin and damages. She could correct this by just doing deep conditions and not frying it constantly, but she won't because she doesn't wash or care enough to. I always remember pretty much everyone she talks to says she stinks.

No. 972318

She's honestly looking like voldermort more and more every day. Soon that bitch isn't even going to have a nose, just two fucking holes like a snake, so she can match her personality.

No. 972501

People tend to attack what no one else can dispute. It’s not like any of us could check if she showers daily or smell her lol. Kelsey said that Myah told her guys still eat her ass when she hasn’t washed it for days. I don’t think she’d lie about that. But she was still friends with her after Myah told her that. Like why would you associate with someone who doesn’t wash their ass???

No. 972682

That made me fucking laugh

No. 972683

I imagine she's not NASTY, but I can believe she will go like 3-4 days not showering.

No. 972723

that livehive or teaspilt that used to upload her livestreams just made another video on myah, i wonder how long it will be before it gets removed as this can't be good for her image.

No. 972796

Lmao what image?Can't wait to watch ger go live and complain about the video yet claim that she's sooooo not bothered

No. 973253

She calls her “audience “ smelly. Is it me but why would Ava or Kelsey day she doesn’t shower. Yes she prob got leg hair removal laser but girl please shower. She was so pretty with green hair and now it’s fried bc of iron damaged and wears the same dirty booty shorts. She’s wise in her words but not in showers . Ava looks like she needs a shower also she looks dirty

No. 973585

What the fuck are you going on about? “Wise with her words”?? Myah is a brain dead whore.

No. 973662

Literally lmao, some people think that using big words makes you intelligent. Half the shit she says doesn’t even make sense if you actually pick apart what she’s saying. She can’t string together a decent fucking argument for anything, she’s just condescending if you disagree with her and calls you a fag or a weirdo if you try to disagree with her. An intellectual person listens and tries to see the other persons perspective. Myah only knows her own perspective because her mommy raised her to be a selfish little twat who contributes nothing to society but tries to fool everyone into thinking she’s the next fucking Gandhi or something lmfao

No. 973671

Why the fuck does she keep teasing new music? Is there a real reason for this or is it just to gain attention? It is mad annoying.

No. 973684

To try and maintain the “relevancy” she thinks she has. It’s a trend with her, she’ll tease new music every couple of weeks or months when she feels like people aren’t paying attention to her, but she’ll never actually release any of it because that’s too much work for Myah. She’d rather spend hours editing shitty fallout gameplay vids and secondlife clips consisting of cringe edgelords screaming like morons.

Her priorities are seriously messed the fuck up, much like her nose :)))(integrate)

No. 973689

Anyone know who Alex is? What does he look like, because I think I remember him. So apparently Ava cucked myah out of a man. So I guess add “cuck” to the list.

No. 973719

read the rules before posting. alex and ava’s involvement has already been discussed multiple times in the last few threads. just ctrl+f and look for their names

No. 973775

genuinely curious as to why you follow her? why would you want to be angry all the time

No. 973805

Too much work for her wow, I believe it though. It is such a shame though, like her music is by no means anything super unique. However she does have a decent voice and if she worked on herself she has the potential to have some sort of career. At this point though I would assume somewhat all hope is lost.

No. 973857

still didn't read the rules

No. 974027

we meet on imvu, everything likes was a dream movie like clueless or somethingshitlikedis.
She laugh about people has no $$ in da game + she says the 'n' word alot, fucking smol ass white(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 974155

the people who make these kinds of videos need to be exterminated. the intro, the background music, the jeffree spam…

No. 974411

Why do rules matter when everyone is in here just to talk shit?(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 974491

Why is she lying about not ever wanting fame? And how her mom "raised her to not be materialistic". Anyone that has been watching her from a while back have heard her say her mother used to bring her a small present every single day after school (after her parents divorce). Or how she gloats about being raised in Burberry, gloats about all the brands she has. I mean you just have to listen to her lyrics, she sings about wanting fame and money.

sage because we all know this shit

No. 974492

edit, was referring to her "losing clout" rant video

No. 974523

Myah is honestly a dumb cunt who thinks she’s morally superior than others but it’s actually an excuse to cover her shitty music career and failing relationships.

No. 974553

I think she does that to compensate for the lack of fame and notoriety she expected to have

No. 975015

look at her guested broadcasts on her YouNow profile (xoxomyah) from last night. she must’ve been wasted or something. she even used the term “sped” several times, which is pretty offensive and just not funny. ew

No. 975024

She’s so fucking weird lol. She’s spent half her life in virtual realities and now she doesn’t know how to interact or socialize with people normally

Any time someone insulted her she was like “Do you know who I am??? I have 400k Instagram followers!!!” But she doesn’t care about the numbers, right?

No. 975080

Has she expressed any frustration at all that the quarantine has disrupted her MuSiC cArEeR? Isn't that why she moved to LA?
Why doesn't she just mix her own music? She spends enough time on her computer to learn that shit… especially as an ~*intellectual*~

No. 975089

This is as much as she’s said about it. Her inconsistency is probably part of the reason she lost viewers and listeners. She’s been promising music videos and single releases for the past two years. I can understand why music videos would be delayed. But so many other artists have dropped webcam or iphone videos during this quarantine. It’s kind of sad that she hasn’t made connections with people who could help her out. Isn’t that why she moved to LA?

No. 975091

File: 1589666926373.png (416.62 KB, 750x1334, B13D40F9-7EA4-4703-9A69-9081EF…)

No. 975104

Why doesn't she just release the music?? It might even help her "career". I just don't understand her.

No. 975170

Let's leave the quality of her music aside and consider she has to promote it in some way.
Her personality is rancid and she isn't clever. Not only does she suck at promo, she repels potential collaborators.

No. 975176

I feel like the music career charade is just an excuse for Myah to continue to be given computers/stuff/cars/nails/apartment in los angeles/car wraps (???). And it's an excuse for her mother to continue creepily doting on her and babying the fuck out of her long past an appropriate age.
I'd bet a million cuckbucks she demanded her car be wrapped bc it's not a ~~luxury car~~ so she had to "compromise". Her dad probably wants to an hero at this point , both she and her mom are brain dead morons with their heads extremely far into their own asses.
Like… she can record her vocals and send it off to a producer or whatever but the quarantine is a convenient excuse for her to do the exact same thing she's been doing for years- nothing; holing up in her filth and playing stupid virtual reality manipulative popularity contest social games… Quite the fucking psychopath her mother molded her into.

No. 975209

File: 1589687911219.jpeg (969.14 KB, 2048x2048, 327A2AA0-A029-4DBF-B52E-751813…)

I edited Myah’s nose (on the right) and this is what it looks like next to the original. She would probably cry if she saw how far her nose actually is from being normal/cute.(fanart)

No. 975211

Now all you are doing is giving her ideas to edit her nose smaller in all her pics

No. 975214

you couldn’t rightfully breathe through those small holes. not that her shot isn’t botched but stop

No. 975235

You can spot her nose is botched from a mile away, nostrils that triangular are a dead giveaway… Kek at all the anons putting that shit down to healing, when in reality the swelling was actually an improvement. There's no fixing this trainwreck I don't know what she was thinking

No. 975372

How does a doctor fuck it up so bad? Did they get reshaped like that? or does shifting the septum do that?

No. 975531

I believe it's to do with the multiple nose jobs although I've seen it immediately in unnies who've gone for crazy proportions from the get go. Her nose becomes more and more tort with each surgery creating the triangular shape. There's simply not enough tissue to go around is how I understand it.

No. 976255

Her nose looked fine before. -_- like I understand getting one, but multiple? Idk. And why is she having out with "biggee" girls when apparently in the past she has been rude to those who are bigger??(-_-)

No. 976699

Myah is the collective mass of cum found in the shower drain of a fraternity house.

No. 977667

Been a long time lurker here. I liked myah at first when she had green hair but she’s such a loser now. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a straight up alcoholic by now. All she does all damn day is drink and game. Shame she doesn’t have parents who care to get the girl into a rehab or something.(namefagging)

No. 977701

If you have actually lurked
You would know to not fucking namefag and sage your non-contribution jfc

No. 977780

File: 1590177050859.jpeg (96.81 KB, 750x418, B52D86A9-81E1-4178-A244-78131B…)

chill.. lol

Sawthis comment on her recent vid. Would it really kill Myah to swallow her pride, follow Ally back on insta, and send her a dm? Does she understand how networking works? Isn’t this what she went to LA for?

Maybe she thinks she’s above her cause Ally does onlyfans

No. 977883

File: 1590189828720.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, B76BB7EC-C76C-44DB-8B8B-006AB8…)

When r u not filming urself ranting though Myah?

No. 977913

i’m excited for it!

No. 978016

She was visibly drunk and talking in circles ahaha. Did anyone make sense of what she said?

No. 978616

File: 1590357502575.png (11.81 MB, 4032x2543, 91C5433B-1246-4102-A5E0-D270E6…)

imagine dating this person lmfao myah is so pathetic being on and off w this jackass for so long

No. 978711

what a piece of trash this guy is

No. 978775

File: 1590391895091.jpeg (827.26 KB, 1125x1318, 8CF2A09E-387D-4151-A74D-191DC9…)

This my first time ever postin on here so sorry if I’m doing this wrong but what the actual fuck is she wearing on her legs. Either she’s got sweat pants on pulled down below her ass or she has some big ass boots on. Really felt like this should be brought up(newfag)

No. 978798

ran into this bitch on secondlife, I was just chilling making friends and she got hyper triggered the moment she logged in, started attacking my virtual avatar (lmao) and asked her cronies to jump in with their own braindead insults. I didn't know who she was but she said she was "famous" and that I should know. LOL. after harassing me for no reason and trying to get her simps to shit on me, she was found crying in the middle of fuckin nowhere about how people are bullying her and how she can't catch a break. this girl needs to get some bipolar meds.

No. 978805

Hrs so fucking ugly inside and out

No. 979048

She literally fights people on these virtual games and then leaves the area to cry to her friends. Lol
Relying on validation from virtual games big yikes.

No. 979279

Can people even have a career when there's this much terrible shit about them (her personality and ..talent.. aside) ? like does she think her life is going to get any better when youre this fucked … doesn't believe in karma but trust me she doesn't fuck with you either myah

No. 979285

Is that a fucking fedora?
Kek such a sad, attention-seeking little boy

No. 979290

I dont think so. Looks like a sun hat or bucket hat rolled up. It is a trump hat though so you're not wrong

No. 979391


she did this on imvu too. most of it being for people “copying” her (having virtual green hair usually), she needs help for real.

No. 979612

File: 1590540720156.jpeg (138.61 KB, 749x731, 3234A7AE-EC76-4A8F-A45E-66A0CD…)

This is her lmao

No. 979617

Her original nose looks so much better than it does now. She shouldn’t have gotten it botched in the first place

No. 979643

>>979612 Even her meatball nose was voldemort-like how unfortunate to be that shallow and also ugly

No. 979653

She was a bf named Aaron, he was from other country, what appened?

No. 979654

i meet, Aaron and myah since imvu, they playing second life too, what appened? he seems kind

No. 979730

No. 979749

Damn really I hear him say the n word with hard r doesn’t seem so friendly to me.

No. 979926

It looks like she pulled her pants down to twerk for the video.. how embarasssing.

Someone here asked why Myah was friends with Abby. I think it was out of convenience. Her bf broke up with her and left L.A. Myah needed someone else to take pics of her and get drunk with. I feel like Abby is that friend she laughs at and not with if you get what I mean. Myah is self centered and image focused. She’d pick these skinny, blonde white girls over Abby any day

Did Myah have three nosejobs?? I’m so sure I’ve seen pictures of her younger and her nose was rounder and bigger

No. 979948

File: 1590605355694.png (372.3 KB, 750x1334, ABB35BA8-7477-4BE9-A01B-43CFFD…)

copy and paste from her tumblr. I figured this would be easier to read than screenshots. But I’m posting one for validity.


tw: incoherent, possibly proof of illiteracy

important - myah

hello tumblr <3 i want to take some time to write out some thoughts that ive had for years now; about this website and my journey on it.

i have had several tumblr accounts. xoxomyah is not my first. i have been using tumblr since i was in middle school, i believe. i have always used tumblr as a coping mechanism for my ongoing OCD issues. it makes me feel better when i spend long amounts of time, organizing things by color and aesthetic. in my head, pinks and blues, all things girly and angelic, and dont forget strange fit nicely together ( according to my brain cells. ) things reminding me of myself, making me smile, that are precious, that are weird… i’ve learned all those things together on one page sometimes doesnt come across in the best way. i never thought that what i would reblog would be offending or hurting ANYONE. it has been years since i have seen any criticism of my blog… but that doesnt mean i am not hurt that i, at some point, hurt someone else with my tumblr page ( not on purpose of course. ) i never would want to privately or openly offend those who follow me with any of my actions- and its a nightmare of mine to know that at one point or another, i have. i didnt think i was crossing lines because in my head, i didnt see it that way. i didnt realize what people could have been taking away from the odd mix on my page. not everything in life and online has to be sexually charged. ive always been open about how im not that kind of person… ive admitted on numerous occasions that i struggle with sexual intimacy. all of it simply grosses me out and i have a hard time with it in my personal, real life… so people thinking that my blog personally is a sexual fantasy for me blows my fucking mind. then again, not everyone knows that i have considered myself an A-sexual for nearly 22 years. i dont expect everyone to just know that firsthand, so i have to be the one to behave accordingly and give off the correct impression of who i actually am. i just resonate with strange and girly things… as i am too, strange and girly……… i guess to most people, an old man pissing through his panties is a sexual thing; whereas i thought it was interesting in a bizarre way. ive never found old men attractive they literally terrify me. just because i reblog one doesnt mean im trying to pipe him. please dont think thats what i want. ive never even had a sugar daddy before because the thought of older men perving on me scares me. not to mention i do have a petite frame, a fact about myself that is hard to accept because how others treat me for it. i feel like its creepy for old men to find me attractive when i am small, and the way that most men talk to me about my shape makes me uncomfortable and sad. that is a story for a different day. also to note that i rebog petite ladies because i myself AM ONE. i just want to feel comfortable in my skin but its hard when the world makes me feel like im gross because im small; or makes me feel weird when i try to hype up other women who are petite like myself. its a touchy subject.

but back to the weirdo shit i would reblog, i often found myself laughing at my posts, not EVER being into them inappropriately. not to shame anyone who WOULD find an old man pissing hot, but that is not for me. i will stick to my semi emo thug daddies or d1 athletes. even when i would reblog a literal vagina, i still didnt see it as “hot” in a sexual way. i found beauty in it and i liked the aesthetic which might sound SOOOO FAGGAYYEEEE but i swear on my life i am being serious. i feel like people throwing that im some mega perve in my face says more about how they think, rather than how i think. honestly, when im comfortable with someone ( which i NEVER EVER EVER HAVE BEEN ) in an intimate way, i am open to some different kinds of things; but that has zero to do with my literal public as fuck tumblr page. my tumblr aesthetic consists of pretty sweet little earth angel xx yet weirdcore pinky and bluey color organization. i loved 2000s culture and princesses and little angelz and cute anime girls saying weird as fuck shit.. i still have the same vibe, i am just more respectful and understanding now… more than i was before when i was accidentally being ignorant. ignorant, meaning lacking information. i never thought i was doing anything wrong. why on earth would i publicly ( or privately obviously ) do fucked up shit on a popular platform where people who i know and love follow me on; attached to my literal government name?!?! …………..

not to mention, by all my mutuals and shit suggested by tumblr, i was seeing disgusting-ness every time i was on here ( specifically from gore pages ) … and because i wasnt reblogging the literal death and real life harm to people that i saw on the site, i didnt think my blog was offensive. i found THAT shit offensive, which im sure gore blogs could argue it too is a form of coping. there are many eyebrow-raising posts on tumblr. alot of young adults / teens come on here to work through traumas and shit. i expect websites to regulate their users / posts; which is why i was down for the NSFW ban ( being that it would eliminate breeding grounds for creatures from hell ) because tumblr should be a trustworthy, safe platform. i know that ban made alot of users mad- but how could they be when tumblr was doing it to safe lives. its not good to see graphic as fuck content all the time. that shit fucks you up even when you think it aint.

im not one to give much of a fuck if i offend people, but i DO care if i am hurting my supporters. i will repeat myself once more, i simply never saw any of my posts as offensive because I PERSONALLY didnt think of reblogging things in an offensive way; or in an inappropriate way. i was just trying to express myself and assist my OCD agitations. but looking back, i can see where some of the things i reposted could have been looked at in a way that i just didnt see it. i never wanted to hurt anyone, truly, and im so sorry if i did. i didnt think my blog was even important to anyone aside from me. so please, from the bottom of my heart, know i meant no harm and im not a nasty fuck. id like to say my blog is tasteful now a days. i wish i could take back reblogging anything that made someone think less of me.

i am also distraught at reading the absolute foul ims i get from sick men on here. i thought that after the NSFW ban, these losers would leave me and my mutuals alone. because of them i stopped reading messages. i also took into consideration that these sick fucks are looking at my page, what i reblog, and E W i dont want them getting off to what i post or even associating me with anything sexual at all that makes me feel like i need a decontamination shower session at a hospital. it is heartbreaking knowing what kind of filth is lurking on this website. i wish they would all be taken away. this world has true evils living among it.

i remember one time i reblogged a picture of justin bieber and usher in the studio off of a tumblr page where it didnt show the original caption posted with the photo and it was LITERALLY THE WORST THINGS ANYONE COULD EVER SAY and i had NO IDEA until AFTER I REBLOGGED IT!!! the caption stayed attached to the picture and showed up in the tumblr feed, but not on my page. i literally just thought i was reblogging justin bieber and usher my fucking luck the post said the craze. after that day i knew i needed to be WAYYYYYYYYY more attentive to what goes on, here on tumblr. it IS a sketch ass site and not everyone is on here innocently. that post literally TO THIS DAY HURTS MY HEAD and i WISH i knew who had written that caption ( which probably was a joke to them but wasnt funny at all to me ) it made me look like a SCUMBAG and i want to cry at the thought of it. sometimes i do cry when i think that people would EVER think thats something ID FUCKING SAY OR SUPPORT. a fucking nightmare. i havent touched on this topic because it is RIDICULOUS but i want those who do remember that shit to know how i feel; because how i feel is not how people are assuming i feel. i tend to not give attention to “scandals” but i mean this one haunts me in my sleep and i try to laugh about it but it literally makes me cry. theres no way i can laugh about it at all. it was such an L and embarrassment. there are things i can count on one hand that i have done wrong and they all make me feel like i am worthless. but i have to remember my fuck ups werent intentional… and i am no longer a person who would allow that kind of mistake to happen. i think my actions show my growth and attempts at being the best person i can possibly be, day by day.

i hope my tumblr within the past year or so, maybe more, shows that i am not trying to be a cockhold. with every reblog, i think about who will see it, and how it will be perceived. my worst nightmare is people getting the wrong impression of me, or hurting those who respect and love me. it is my fault that i was naive to this site. me being like 17/18 at the time doesnt excuse me for being slow. yall know my goal is to grow and mature constantly, and id like to stick to doing that. this post makes me feel like im working towards a better and more clearer me. these thoughts plague me at some fucked up ass hours of the night. i hope yall can forgive me. and to those who do follow me, thank you!

No. 979959

File: 1590606315978.jpg (86.85 KB, 1079x159, Screenshot_20200527-150532_Sam…)

I couldnt even finish this rant. Stroke yourself harder and fuck more senior citizens. No1curr

No. 979960

She’s asexual yet openly & proudly talks about screwing hella frat bois?

No. 979982

It's not that deep Myah. She's too old to be balls deep in this petty internet bullshit, god damn. Do something with yourself ffs

No. 980215

this girl adamantly claims she has no mental illnesses/disorders in her videos but blatanly says she has OCD here…

also does she have some sort of team behind her telling her to apologize? is it her life coach? cause her giving an actually attempt at a "genuine apology" is very unlike her.

No. 980493

i remember when she was live and she was saying how often she would have sex w scott. she like “ 2-3 days is fine, but if it’s like a week w no sex, yeah, no.” something along those lines.

No. 980639

File: 1590725361571.png (Spoiler Image, 662.6 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20200529-050040~2.p…)

Wonder if she didn't realize what this said when she reposted this too. Kek.

No. 980785

File: 1590766181120.jpg (158.03 KB, 1080x1102, 20200530_013013.jpg)

No. 980958

File: 1590792563367.jpg (27.15 KB, 300x512, 65281.9.jpg)

This is so embarrassing

No. 981697

idk about y’all but the fact that myah isn’t using her platform to talk about blm + her use of the n word in the past doesn’t sit right with me.

No. 981851

File: 1590981446689.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 75863225-0966-4CFB-92D0-AF0E36…)

This is all she said. Which really isn’t much

No. 981891

File: 1590989576794.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, AE06B0AF-1AB1-4924-B07A-A9AC11…)

Bitch shut the fuck up

No. 982549

File: 1591128994485.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 145AB55A-DEB4-4BCA-9DF4-9A5FB8…)

Good god this is scary

No. 982583

Myah, no one cares about your birthday. People are literally dying

No. 982590

Random. But I HATE her eyebrows. Why doesn't she arch them?? Omg(Nitpick)

No. 982591

She can post about her birthday, the world doesn't revolve around tragedy. I could say the same to you, why are you sitting on Lolcow when people are literally dying?

No. 982748

right lol. she listed like twice about it. and posted way more about BLM. like what lmao

No. 983778

>>982590 not everyone needs to arch their brows that look is kinda overused

No. 983952

File: 1591420180416.jpeg (200.52 KB, 750x1092, B271A7D5-9539-41DA-818C-00B99F…)

Did I miss something? Is this her new SoundCloud drug using boyfriend? For someone who talks about ‘growing as a person’ she stays the same.

No. 983956

she posted herself smoking a blunt so i guess being anti drug herself went out the window

No. 984119

Yeah she’s such a hypocrite.

No. 984125

she doesn’t smoke lol

No. 984210

yeah looking like a neanderthal is the new wave for sure (update googled neanderthal and they have better brows)

No. 984501

myah doesn't smoke. you can clearly see that's her friend lmao

No. 984513


Where the fuck did all you simps come from y'all pathetic. Quit sniffing her ass

No. 984519

bruh myah and her friend don't even look alike. all u had to do was look properly to see it's not her

No. 984532

there was one of her smoking and one of her friend smoking are you guys ok lol

No. 984659

if yall got the pics of her then show it cause i only saw her friend

No. 984785

damn pointing out facts means that we’re sniffing her ass… interesting.

No. 984791

She literally bragged about not smoking all the damn time, if it was her she probably started cause she's in cali. I wish the person who mentioned it posted caps.

No. 985775

File: 1591835801599.jpeg (182.76 KB, 721x838, 63AB5458-65BE-4215-9A0E-D0DA6F…)

Her nose sure is…….interesting

No. 985794

sage for no milk but i wonder if she still considers herself a conservative trump supporter after recent events & living in the liberal capital of the world

No. 986129

File: 1591908079097.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4096x2048, B07420B5-6EA3-4E8A-9980-4F6C57…)

i wonder why she feels the need to pull her nose down and push out her lips in almost every new photo. it just makes her nose look way smaller than it already is, her face is more flattering when it’s relaxed

No. 986159

> 'new photos'
> green hair

No. 986253

Bc her face looks more relaxed on the left and in older photos but her nose is pulled down on the right

No. 986395


there's a difference between trashing braindead thots and picking on trivial shit like arched brows or smoking weed. don't be fuckin incel. makes the whole thread look pathetic as fuck.

myah is a dumb cunt who thinks she's s0 w0ke. instead of incel shit, how about focusing on how she cried to mommy over comments that said her career was over; and how mommy came to the rescue with comments like "stop talking about my daughter". L-O-L.

now stop with the fuckin shit about eyebrows and noses y'all never seen a human in real life or fuckin what. wait til her nose falls off from all the surgeries and coke.(sperg)

No. 986424

The photo with green hair is pre-rhinoplasty. What you're pointing out is her botched nose job. She had a cute button nose to begin with, it makes me cackle to think about how she ruined it completely.

No. 986433

To be fair they're both post-rhinoplasty. In the green hair pic, you can see her tiny nostrils from the first botched procedure.

No. 986438

why she do a nose job? her nose was fineeee

No. 986453

The picture on the left is post nose job. Same with the picture on the right

No. 986520

Doesn't she have a "team"? And who is her producer? Why doesn't she just get soemone to release her music, since she doesn't? Does she not know how she is going to lose fans if she keeps the bullshit ass teasing music thing?

No. 986681

She deleted and unfollowed abi I guess she screwed that friendship up as well. Won’t be long till she goes back to mommy’s house bc her friends realized who she really is

No. 986728

that’s literally so sad. i feel like abi was a genuine friend in her circle as well but i guess it is what it is

No. 986917

Abi was clearly a place holder until she could get younger, hotter, skinnier friends. Next she's going to try and drive a wedge inbetween Lilly and Corinna, I guarantee it. They might get wise to her but they're young and naive seeming, so I doubt it.

No. 986952

Sad, but true. Their “friendship” was entirely out of convenience. Myah’s bf broke up with her as soon as they moved to L.A. She needed someone to follow her around and take pics of her.

If was obvious how bad Abi wanted Myah to like her. She posted clips of her badly lip syncing to spring break a few times. Abi should have known Myah wasn’t a real friend after she posted a video of her on the toilet for thousands of people to see and laugh at

No. 986960

OMG the video of her on the toilet! Just awful :/

No. 986962

No. 987020

She posted a video of that girl on the toilet. It was on her snapchat and Instagram. I don't have it. Someone on here might.
Basically it was that girl, and I don't know their names but one was on the toilet and another one was just stantind there. Myah walked in and recorded it then recorded her face then walked out. -_- You couldn't see anything, but to me it was still disrespectful and something a real friend wouldn't do.

No. 987033

we don’t know them personally, so that means we don’t know their friendship. they could have not cared about it. they could have not even asked her to delete it. we literally don’t know lol.

No. 987039

There's a cap of it here >>951166

No. 987043

anon, wtf? lol

Why would anyone be okay with an audience of 20k+ people watching them take a dump with a high school student (idk if that kid graduated) in the bathroom with them. It’s fucking weird and inappropriate. It’s especially hypocritical considering Myah was crying about a pic someone took of her in the bathroom and spread around

No. 987083

im the same way lol. there a lot of people who wouldn’t like that, and a lot of people who don’t give a fuck about it. just be logical about it. not everyone is gonna care about shit like that. we’re not in their lives.

No. 987102

Would you stop.

No. 987112

nice argument.

No. 987224

whats abi’s @?

No. 987306


No. 987316

Tbh I really feel bad for the girls she has been "friends" with lately. They are obviously naieve, and they were taken advantage of.

No. 987429

>>985794 lol anon as if myah cares about anyone but herself

No. 987502

File: 1592186213531.jpg (132.12 KB, 1080x608, 20200614_195556.jpg)

This is just sad

No. 987866

myahs mom treats her like she's an actual tard…why would anyone call their 21 year old daughter a princess

No. 987885

File: 1592262197850.png (971.04 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20200615-234741~2.p…)

Good on you Abi. I hope she saw her tumblr posts and gave Myah the reality check she needs.

No. 987916

Wait myah’s current bf is underaged? How is that sure??

No. 987922

File: 1592267034421.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1125x1945, 89BFB7FC-E1A1-4C41-8D14-66C130…)

I think anon was referring to her tumblr posts.

But you’re right, looks like she got some new arm candy

No. 988021

File: 1592289609937.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, B1F863A7-EEE2-4002-AADA-933564…)


No. 988033

Birds of a lying feather flock together.

No. 988149

File: 1592324849839.png (542.69 KB, 1242x2688, D0908C00-D46C-41BC-A202-E85981…)

No. 988150

File: 1592324886003.jpeg (277.01 KB, 1242x2688, 50A87B2D-7963-4A13-8EE9-E79F5C…)

No. 988152

File: 1592325035685.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2688, A92DB9B0-2616-4D90-9B80-60FEE7…)

No. 988159

abi come here and spill, you know you want to

No. 988203

Lol she will probably come on here. Most of her "friends" have. Dont blame them either, why not.

No. 988205

Lmao honestly Ant is based.

No. 988330

File: 1592398375054.jpeg (462.58 KB, 1242x1040, 5FAEBEFB-8D6F-4860-8FE6-AD54F6…)

Good morning to everyone except racists and pedos

No. 988502

No, Myah, it was not "beast" for Madison to lie about what procedures she got done. Take several seats, Madison has definitely had more than just filler. I'd say she also had a brow lift and possibly a nose job as well.

No. 988507

File: 1592426140885.png (263.13 KB, 576x275, Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 1.33…)

Her eyebrows slant downwards in the left photo and she didn't have much space between her brows and eyes but in the right photo they are much higher up. That doesn't just happen because of puberty. Sorry but you can't convince me that she didn't AT LEAST get lip fillers and a brow lift. I guess you can say her nose looks different because of contouring but I'm still iffy about it.

No. 988636

where is that snapchat screenshot from?

No. 988656


What the fuck that's actually a new low for her. Ive literally never seen anyone so two faced

No. 988658

Now that Belle's back how long until Myah goes back to clout chasing off her insta

No. 989040

File: 1592506011092.jpeg (116.61 KB, 750x561, 16203A06-3108-4F31-B798-6429E1…)

Abi is following Ava’s finsta

No. 989049

it's a very subtle change, so I don't think she got a full-on surgical brow lift. it's more likely that she achieved this effect with botox

No. 989327

File: 1592534007166.png (46.02 KB, 376x700, Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 7.25…)

Maybe if Myah spent more of her time and energy on music or youtube she wouldn't be so bothered by everyone and wouldn't have to rely on her mother's buffalo wild wings check. Like seriously, why doesn't she do something more useful and productive for herself? If I were her, I'd be producing tons of youtube content and writing songs like crazy.

No. 989343

As of right now Abigail just vibing unbothered

No. 989385

>Ion hate a single soul
Jesus, kids are butchering the English language more than leet did back in the day.

No. 989396

I use some slang words myself but I despise the word "ion." It just looks and sounds wrong.

No. 989494

She dropped out of kindergarten or whatever so she probably doesn't even realize it's slang.

No. 989705

I'm an idiot who paid for myahs patreon. I was hoping that she would have content on there. Like I knew she wouldn't but I wanted to give her a chance. Wow -_- notbing was on there. Like fine sure, ignore everyone but ignore and not provide content for those who actually pay to see stuff from you??

No. 989734

does she still have that discord?

No. 989752

Is that screen shot recent?? She just posted on her story that she no longer supports trump.(subjectfag)

No. 989758

File: 1592609292721.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2688, D747404F-7749-4BD5-8D3E-0ACF97…)

No. 989764

She’s denounced her support for trump out of convenience. And also recently admitted that she’s still Vite for him.. She still recently brags about the Ivanka Trump boots she owns and has said “the most persecuted person in America is a white conservative man”. -abi because im not a pussy and will call out racists

No. 989765

File: 1592609617090.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1242x2688, 4F4587A2-64FA-492E-ADA3-BD5CDC…)

No. 989766

File: 1592609650143.png (1.75 MB, 1242x2688, 4FEF837B-2604-4EC3-9441-6DE385…)

No. 989767

File: 1592609767206.png (1.62 MB, 1242x2688, 90E3F46D-6F81-4050-8F7F-8B3CB0…)

No. 989769

File: 1592609802350.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2688, 85031247-2524-42BA-9C9A-0D8DBE…)

No. 989770

on an important note black lives matter, abolish ice, defend the police, trans lives matter.

No. 989771

Shut up tranny

No. 989799

She’s popping off on insta live now saying that what she posts on her stories is how she feels

No. 989800

My god my head hurt from trying to figure out what she was trying to spell

No. 989803

she literally said "They are people dying" nothing has changed.

No. 989814

She's basically yelling about how "I can say whatever word I want" and about the screenshots posted here and the comments are all fucking roasting her and her mom is in there

No. 989829

And then she called up a friend kristen to back her up in live who's like yeah myah ur so smart yeah u have so much growth

No. 989838

File: 1592618242190.jpeg (629.88 KB, 1242x2688, E1BE4495-B565-4DAC-9B70-2F650C…)

No. 989868

When her friend was talking about the importance of BLM myah looked like she was about to fall asleep lol she does not care

No. 989873

For a girl with such "big dick energy" she sure needs everyone to be so "nice" to her

I can't believe i missed that
Like the text convo screenshots or the snap ones? What were people saying?

No. 989889

File: 1592623579244.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2688, 6421C2F0-62D5-4BCF-8A84-649C35…)

No. 989893

yeah, she was called out for that as well on the live but ignored it as usual

No. 989903

She’s a trust fund baby that’s how she’s paying her rent(subjectfag)

No. 989910

Relatable if it wasn't the walking contradiction that is Myah

No. 989913

i’m for real getting an aneurysm. she saying one thing on her social media but i’m seeing completely different shit in here.

No. 989915

Imagine not knowing the word is "deluded" and calling someone else stupid

No. 989919

File: 1592630703262.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, C7D6C87E-6B6C-4440-A0C6-240132…)

No. 989944

she loves abi. she just wants the best for her even without her as a friend.

No. 989953

yes, Myah Alanna Scavo is just so giving and kind and not an uneducated drunk who can barely use Postmates without help

No. 989956

Does anyone have this live she went on?!

No. 989959

She saved it on her insta Tv.

No. 989960

I could only watch 8 to 10 minutes of her live and be thoroughly upset. Imagine being the same age as someone who doesn’t have her own thoughts and Keeps blaming her environment for the way that she speaks! She’s so fucking dumb it’s insane!

No. 989961

It’s on her Instagram TV

No. 989962

Her making excuses about the way that she talks by blaming her environment and growing up in video game culture is a joke. If this is the way you’ve always fucking talked then maybe you should fucking do some soul-searching and fix the toxicity…

No. 990010

She does have the discord but I did not get acess to it. So -_- but prob lame anyway. I just wanted to hear her music tbj, which I know is just like pop shit but tbh I like shitty pop music

No. 990021

Yes she loves her so much that she hangs around with people who clearly do not care about minorities and are racist knowing that thinks the way she does.

No. 990024

Oh definitely. I still remember the video of her saying the N word. And the live of her saying she basically doesn't care. "Freedom of speech" bs. I wouldn't call her racist, but I would call her someone who is obviously not around people of color. Meaning, she doesn't understand how offensive that word is. So, ignorance.(newfaggotry)

No. 990047

shut up karli. Didn't she and her friend group online treat you like shit initially. You're clearly not getting the point,

No. 990193

File: 1592685903162.jpeg (104.7 KB, 747x751, 19DEC354-6AA8-48CF-96B0-D41A90…)

She looks like a rat

No. 990351

late but this is an imageboard anon

No. 990353

karli?? lol. don’t even pretend to hate her when you know you like her. hence you’re spreading hate about her on an anon forum. cmon now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 990370

Looks like her minions are defending her behavior again in this thread

No. 990373

This thread is pathetic. Put her broke, uncreative, broke ass on autosage. She’s not worth theses bumps.

No. 990374

Racist too, forgot to add that

No. 990375

i’m drunk, sorry mods. dont hate me.

No. 990403

File: 1592711592479.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20200529-042730~2.p…)

No. 990409

it would benefit you to read this

No. 990459

File: 1592723136405.jpg (209.98 KB, 720x705, 20200621_000417.jpg)

Why did she think this pic looked good?(newfag)

No. 992091

She took down the Instagram TV of her justifying her use of racist and homophobic slurs does anyone have it saved?

No. 994149

File: 1593047695962.png (40.51 KB, 1132x759, 1592700231183.png)

7,000+ subscribers lost from youtube since August
nearly 30,000 followers lost from instagram since August

Daddy stopped funding her in August and her career never took off ):

No. 994192

File: 1593052398941.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200625_032303351.j…)


No. 994261

how is it creepy

No. 994634

R u having a laugh?

No. 994650

File: 1593075095478.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3999x2999, AA8E2BC6-B077-4A03-BDD0-0BEA35…)

No. 994652

File: 1593075149344.jpeg (1.84 MB, 3999x2999, 50489E31-EB51-443E-B37F-DBBB34…)

No. 995001


I'm going to assume you're old with a questionable internet connection. Every basic thot wears fast fashion that looks the same. Every basic thot takes selfies from that angle. Every basic thot dyes their hair shittily at home and posts Yung/lil anybody lyrics in their captions.

No. 995035

Are you the same 12 year old in this thread namefagging and selfposting stupid insta egirls theyre all the fucking same just stop. You could at least censor their @ so it doesnt look like a selfpost but no one cares. >>922184

No. 995524

literally who cares about a random girl she has nothing to do with myah solid chance thats her posting these to make it seem like she still has people that like her or her questionable posts

No. 995532

What the fuck are you on about? They both look like the generic wannabe egirl. There's nothing special about either of them other than the fact that the pink haired one is hellbent on making herself look terrible with the makeup application.

No. 995537

File: 1593131613209.jpeg (367.79 KB, 1242x499, 69CCD26E-29D8-4FFF-90AA-5BDDF1…)

Alex liking a dm Ava sent him back in February, that he read back in February when they were a thing, she has him blocked on everything else. He’s talking to myah again too. Does she want intel on Ava , maybe more subject matter for the song she wrote about her or is Alex just crazy

No. 995847

File: 1593144658326.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, C2027824-186C-4E87-BA3B-9A07DA…)

she can cover it in her fake shitty blood all she likes we can still see the “he-she” very well myah who the fuck reminisces over a board with a slur on it lol

No. 996515

File: 1593209832397.png (4.88 MB, 828x1792, 895EB61E-516B-40D1-B927-21FB14…)


No. 996535

Thinking that someone would consider he-she to be a slur is hilarious

No. 996612

I get that this idiot says the stuff Myah thinks but god, he looks like he counts with his fingers and still hasn't been able to count over three.

No. 996658

Myah once said on a live that she will always have love for Ant. They met each other at a young age, they both fucked up. It’s not a surprise they’re still friends.

No. 996838

New to this never posted on here just lurked but are myah and Ant back together? I seen he just now posted a pic of him and her on his story all close but they both shit talk each other then go to say their friends again? Anyone know what’s up?

No. 996839

File: 1593236346684.png (2.09 MB, 1125x2436, DE5DAFDF-0386-4210-804A-41EC1C…)

This picture

No. 997115

sry is ‘scumbag’ ant? and who took these caps?

No. 997291

File: 1593293988741.jpeg (478.99 KB, 1124x1869, 13C0CC5A-A117-4D7F-8345-D83152…)

Got to love a bunch of people not following quarantine guideline even though they are so close to NY, the epicenter.

No. 997353

Seeing Anthony & Alex in the same room is kinda funny

No. 997636

myah is such a fucking clown lol always on about not being a racist,, over empathetic etc etc yet with ant AGAIN even tho he acts like an edgy 12yo trumptard.

No. 997652

They’re not dating anon they just “hang out” LMAOOOO prob fuck buddies but idk how anyone could fuck her if she doesn’t shower

No. 997873

File: 1593362123109.jpeg (42.85 KB, 633x327, F27E15C6-517B-4507-9A30-5BC1A3…)

he-she is actually a slur aimed towards trans women pls educate yourself.

also her manager is trying silence ava over exposing myahs racism lmao

No. 997882

Which Buffalo Wild Wings coworker did Drunk Mom convince to manage her little princess?

No. 997934

Yeah, who is her manager? I asked that before and no one knew??

No. 998018

who gives a shit ab trannies. as far as im concerned, he-she is the perfect descriptor.

No. 998057

You know what website you’re on, right? No one cares about troons here.

And lol at her mom making threats

No. 998280

it’s either just her life coach considering his ig bio, or the music deal she’s allegedly about to sign. not sure how music deal works but they could be involved, not sure.

No. 998431

Whose her life coaches ig?

No. 998535

sorry my bad didnt forgot only insecure women (and maybe cliche mean gays) use this website id understand why seeing someone who use present as a guy be a better looking women than you could cause you to act think like this. would of at least thought it would humbled your transphobic ass but oh well lost cause.

anyway, as for the manager, i don't know? maybe its meant to be her life coach? he always seems really involved.(go dilate)

No. 998545

Clearly we should modify our language for not even %1 of the population, completely disregard the concept of context for the sake of your personal sense of psudomorality, and probable superiority complex. You sound like great fun to be around, please "educate" yourself on what website you're posting on.

>Go dilate

Big KEK, ty based farmhand.

No. 998564

shut up

No. 998679

Is this English?

No. 1000004

she didn’t make it in LA and moved back to Somerville NJ(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1000116

Wait so what about the apt? Are Myah and him on speaking terms then? How did she move to NJ when her moms in Maryland?

No. 1000183

Any Proof?

No. 1000401

as someone who knows myah from IMVU, damn. she really is the epitome of a spoiled brat that doesnt know how the world works at all. shes been teasing and not releasing any music, shes unable to get a good team full of people that support her despite her parents giving her insanely huge budgets, im talking hundereds of thousands of dollars down the drain for a team that "wouldnt accomodate her wishes" like what? why not just hire a small group of independent people, makeup artists, some soundcloud people that would edit, some random IG girls to be in the videos? they have wasted so much money on her, and she isnt making any at all back. and when she didnt get the car she wanted from a man she isnt even related to she sperged and left the city. its truly pathetic. also "muh mystery illness". its called having a bad diet and drinking too much alcohol. also people point out here generally that she rarely showers, i think its because she used to dye her hair green and you are not supposed to wash it too often or it washes out quickly. she needs to realize she can still wash her body while not washing her hair.
i remember her getting involved in any drama she possibly could, her mom isnt helping with the constant babying and paying for every whim she has. imagine dropping 10 grand on some shitty plastic wrap on a shitty car.
also she is definitely a narc, maybe not mental illness tier but if your mom ignores your siblings for you all your life, and you cant do her wrong, you are bound to get fucked in the head. what she describes as loyalty is never disagreeing with her. if a person repells every single person they have ever been friends with and cant even stay in a casual relationship, chances are they are the problem. but she will most likely never realize that.
sage for no milk and sperg but ive wanted to write this out for a while.

No. 1001003

File: 1593696802676.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, B32DABB0-615B-4F87-ABBF-4297F1…)

‘Tick Tock’

No. 1001174

she’s not moving back you idiots she’s just visiting because it’s been about a year

No. 1001202

Are you an IMVU fan, her life coach or a Buffalo Wild Wings server?

No. 1001206

File: 1593725390545.jpeg (175.71 KB, 828x718, E883E84F-E8D4-46D1-81D0-DFBCBF…)

cow crossover… thats about number 5 now?

No. 1001227

this entire thing is just ran by ava louise’s botched ass

No. 1001241

Your idol can't even wash her own hair.

No. 1001372

This has been a thing since before they became friends kek

No. 1001754

>>1001227 is literally Myah

No. 1001801

>>928660 >>943834 >>943605

boyd dog house commented about someone named nacho whoposted this on another sl video w boyds comments


complete pedo gross

No. 1001872

i don’t think myah and her ex alex are dating again but i think they def fucked lol. just guessing bc of her youtube lives+ tumblr

No. 1001957

is she friends with him?

No. 1002101

File: 1593875339928.jpeg (122.64 KB, 750x275, 51FC77A7-4585-46C6-9CF6-99498E…)

lol this blog didn’t really offer milk but this guy is praising her as a Youtube Sensation.

No. 1002112

stop self promoting some dead blog post.

No. 1002283

File: 1593909654598.png (333.42 KB, 1284x788, 4e8a9b7878e238e82c7b00c7fd75c3…)

the only person calling that post self promoting would be someone associated with myah or myah herself

nacho just announced he's writing another blog post dedicated to myah's pedophilic posts today

the blog about boyd is filled with proof hes an actual legit pedophile

No. 1002288

File: 1593909859302.png (Spoiler Image, 455.32 KB, 479x588, c6433a1078757154cf10e6ea3c0e1f…)

No. 1002291

hes posting all this in www.thug.tv all day its a public discord

No. 1002293

File: 1593910143552.png (131.21 KB, 767x569, 0730e604b9775674ab88e3a764a85c…)

skip all the juicy stuff proving boyd's a pedo right to the part where nacho was friends with myah bc nacho about to out myah for everything he learned while bein her friend ur obviously someone associate dwith myah

No. 1002294

myah n her friends in here attemtping damage control lol too late

No. 1002296


nacho was close friends with myah online they played sl n cod 2gether but he just said he's done in his discord n writing a blog about her being a pedo like boyd

No. 1002297


she tried to breathe new life into her dead youtube channel by posting nacho having a mental breakdownm he stayed close to her to dig up dirt i think

No. 1002299

i think if nacho was in here self promoting n he already wrote nearly 2k words about myah hed be in a rush to release it lol im eager to read it personally

No. 1002300

hes already updated the post about boyd like 100 times its not as old as the post date he updates it frequently when he learns new information

No. 1002317

File: 1593912586317.png (18.86 KB, 466x164, 84845e0930007cb19395f9387e78ef…)

people reacting

No. 1002360

what server is this?

No. 1002410

File: 1593931334329.png (374.96 KB, 591x595, c060cfb4fb479fa9e47715dd4090fa…)

No. 1002414

The literal only "celebrity" that reads her hater's shitposts. Is that because they have substance?

No. 1002415

Tell Ava I wanna lick her toilet.

No. 1002416

At least the bitch brushes her teeth.

No. 1002418

No. 1002441

File: 1593943079164.jpeg (201.5 KB, 749x1047, 75397137-96E3-4093-BE81-3F820B…)


No. 1002445

No. 1002498

All of her ig posts have been set to limited so no one can leave comments. Hiding something Myah?

Wonder if Blaire White knows - calling out J* and Shane Dawson recently yet still friends with this creep?

No. 1002501

$20 for whiteclaw? She really is super broke

No. 1002554


No. 1002556

Amongst limiting her posts are comments from "HarriHoudini" who is blogged about by Nacho in "Grumpy Old Pedos"

"HarriHoudini" is the person who runs "The Russell Coba Show" on YouTube. He is the one who has published most the videos of Myah interacting with Boyd Doghouse.

HarriHoudini and Boyd Doghouse have both been caught grooming, threatening, blackmailing minors and worse.


This entire post is about Boyd & Harri's pedophilic trespasses on a game named Second Life for the last 10+ years.

But Myah thinks they're both cute.

No. 1002557

File: 1593969593773.png (458.83 KB, 814x591, limited.png)

No. 1002562

Harrison has only attempted to record Myah talking to Boyd to prove that Myah talks to pedophiles because Harrison himself is a pedophile. Boyd only contacted Myah's father because she was talking to Harrison and Boyd informed Myah's father she was talking to a pedophile.

They are both guilty.
They have both been calling one another pedophiles for literally over ten years.

No. 1002563

There is undeniable proof that they ARE BOTH pedophiles and it is all covered on Nacho's blog FOR A REASON.

No. 1002578

I know Harrison and have for nearly half a decade. This is insane seeing him here.

Anyway, Harrison is fucking insane. He lives with his Mother in a trailer and was arrested a few years back for chasing his sister down the street threatening to rape her. He got charged with making "terroist threats" because all the neighbors could hear. Harrison is a pedophile. I know this first hand. He attempted to groom me and my friends.

Boyd is also a pedophile but he's smarter than Harrison. He sends money to young girls often. His blog is here:

Nacho isn't a pedo but just a loser who spends all his time online on SL and tinychat. He used to date this horse looking girl called Cheche who was married irl.

I'm telling you right now, NOTHING GOOD comes from interacting with these pedos. I have more info if you guys want. I had to dox Harrison once to get him to leave a 14 year old irl alone because he was making her cam with him or saying he would tell her parents she was talking to men online. She came to me crying so hard saying he kept showing her his dick and she didn't know how to stop it all because she had super strict parents.

Also boyd got obsessed by a girl years ago an Britbong (the retarded streamer) ended up losing his virginity to her irl kek

I can't believe they're being posted here

No. 1002579

Also please dont be tricked into thinking nacho cares about pedophilia. He has been friends with Boyd/Harrison for years but recently there's been some drama in discord. This is revenge.

No. 1002581

I'm Nacho

There hasn't been any drama ;)

I've been playing Call of Duty with Myah in recent weeks. I JUST FOUND THIS LULCOW POST. THAT'S WHAT TRIGGERED ME WRITING THE BLOG, THANK YOU.

Is an associate of Myah attempting to discredit me. Get fucked, Myah's going down.

No. 1002584




No. 1002585

I'm Nacho

There hasn't been any drama ;)

I've been playing Call of Duty with Myah in recent weeks. I JUST FOUND THIS LULCOW POST. THAT'S WHAT TRIGGERED ME WRITING THE BLOG, THANK YOU.

Is an associate of Myah attempting to discredit me. Get fucked, Myah's going down.

I'm not even in Myah's discord and she's not in mine so that is CLEARLY fake news.

No. 1002586

You still fucking old married women on SL? You were in Boyd's "gang" for ages, Nacho. You had no issue with the pedo shit when you were talking to that tranny on SL and Boyd was helping you hide it from Cheche. I'm sure you're loving this because you've always wanted this kinda attention.

Harrison arrest: https://www.pressreader.com/usa/rome-news-tribune/20120113/283420598501443

No. 1002590

More fake news


Maybe you should read the fine print where I explicitly state I only remained associated with Boyd and Harrison to gather content for this blog post and publicly expose them.

It's pretty important to note I literally was around either one of them ONLY in public hubs on Second Life.

No. 1002592

Why bring up me fucking women?
You jealous of how much pussy I get or something?
Why you think Myah was begging me for White Claw?


I'm daddy, bitch
Old married women want me because my massive hunk of junk puts their husbands to shame. Get fucked.

No. 1002595

You spent a decade gathering intel for a blogpost? You hung out with pedos for a decade for this payoff?

You're an alcoholic with no job. This is how Nacho is known by everyone else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey1jjBKMBu0

Also you had a tinychat room they were both on constantly. You used to invite them directly because you would do group chats to say the room was open and include both of them.

You're supported pedos but now wanna act like you care.

No. 1002597

People weren't allowed on camera in my TinyChat room without showing their face on camera, which Boyd and Harrison did not do. They both were repeatedly banned and evaded the ban, I'm a computer programmer and game developer. If I had no job, why was Myah begging me for money?

No. 1002599

You're mad I just royally fucked Myah, HAHA

No. 1002600

You CANNOT discredit the facts I have posted by posting videos of me having mental meltdowns over females that were instigating it for attention online, sorry. Myah is one of these females.

No. 1002604

But you're not because MsAlchemy, the tranny you fucked, and Cheche both said you used to work in machanics or some shit but got fired. That's when you started your tinychat/website etc and was trying to become a streamer.

You're a sickly skinny, drugged out, alcoholic mess up. You're 30 now and still live with your Mom. I'm fine with you outing myah, harrison and boyd. They all deserve it. But you acting like some saint in here is a fucking job. You need help.

No. 1002606

Aubrey was blackmailed by Boyd into endlessly harassing me for entertainment. She admitted to giving him too much information early on in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FozbMOV-Nzc

Maybe you should watch the video where Boyd attempted to convince me to consume a bunch of drugs and shoot myself because Aubrey was out on a date.

Aubrey wasn't on a date, she was in a private call with Boyd telling him what to say.

A few years back, Boyd influenced a friend of mine to hang himself because "he liked trannies" and his girlfriend had broken up with him because of it.

They try to make people kill themselves for entertainment, get the facts straight idiot.

No. 1002607

I am openly bisexual, I've never had an affair with any transexuals on Second Life and I have literal no idea who MsAlchemy is.

I wouldn't be ashamed to admit I was in a relationship IN ANY form with a transexual, so please, try again.


No. 1002608

The hottest transexual on Second Life is Julia, Julia has recently asked for different angles of my cock and new pics. Considering I didn't settle for the hottest tranny on the game (who has been into me for some time) I highly doubt I had an affair with any other shemale that I don't remember. lmaaaaaaaaao

It's also no secret I prefer women.

No. 1002610

I'm also not 30, I'm 28.

No. 1002611

ur so ugly. But it's easy to see Boyd has been defending you since at least 2017. There's even a post here: http://parktownprogress.blogspot.com/2016/06/mongini-crime-family-in-steep-decline.html
about your retarded little second life gang kek

you better not be talking about tristan. You didn't even know him dude. Keep his name out of your mouth. He didn't hang himself because of Boyd, he did it because of RL issues. You were one of the asshole who shopped his face onto lynched balck men. Drop dead you ugly attention whore.

No. 1002613

My TinyChat was started back around 2010.

I literally just bought http://notshow.biz/ and http://thug.tv/ this year and have been streaming video games ONLY AS OF recently.

Not only are you a stalker, but it'd be nice if you'd get your facts straight. I guess when you're relentlessly trying to discredit someone and you've got nothing to discredit them with, you've gotta reach and make things up, aye?

No. 1002615

File: 1593973890002.png (381.69 KB, 453x600, ugly.png)

that's fine, I'm peacing out. You've shown your ass in these replies kek. You'll be made up with Boyd in a week and in his discord again, like you were a few weeks ago.

No. 1002618

You photoshopped his face onto a lycnhed black man and sent it to his parents. Drop dead Nacho. You didn't know him and he hated you. You are a nasty fucking asshole and it's catching up to you

No. 1002626

This isn't proof of anything. Tristan hated all of you retards but none of you mattered enough to contribute to his death. Also he didn't date anyone for a year leading up to his death.

Thanks for not denying to lynching photoshop. You sick freak.

No. 1002629

Kinda hilarious people like pr1ncessbri still follow myah on intsa then preach they hate racists.