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File: 1591128269673.jpg (790.39 KB, 3072x2025, YRPaf8N.jpg)

No. 982539

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition

Old thread bio updated

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underaged, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella
> Has assistant (sockpuppet? ) named Jude who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuseand stalking towards young girls
> long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by his ex
> torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image
> Long term on/off relationship? with Lindsay Usich, 35 y/o NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other woman he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans

No significant social media links; except the official @MarilynManson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @LindsayUsichOfficial, comments disabled

Discussed in First Thread:

>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by many including ERW, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, Ashley Morgan,

>Harassment and death threats from Manson and/or orbiters including ex assistant Judd and anonymous 'online troops'
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and Mom Hope Harvey harassing and talking shit about/to Manson fans
>Also discussion of just who is controlling who in the Manson/Lindsay relationship
>Mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for >> 951424

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from whacko liars, maybe from genuine victims of the Manson Sleaze Wagon
>Lindsay concentrates all efforts into sharing updates from blissful Covid cohabitation, inc lots of plants, cats, other sickly stuff but most importantly - usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, in which Manson refers to Lindsay as his 'fiancé'
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the 'engagement' happened about six years ago
>It's decided once and for all that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although, entertaining. Made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she selfposts and encourages orbiters to post
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light
>Mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps, we thank her
>still waiting for the 666fearless full story
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned - Zheani has dirt on Manson, but who knows what
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry and others
>Talk of superfan turned superhater, Tiziana Collins aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for >>958209

Discussed in Third Thread:
> receipts Lindsay fought with ex side chick Viktoria (Twitter: LaPetitMort_), made public Viktoria's personal information via her Twitter
> receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Marilyn Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour)
> extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR and desperate attempts to build a career for a 35 y.o. NEET at a last minute
> Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried)
> Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when literally not a single anon had been talking about her
> receipts Manson sent legal threats to LKB, receipts of LKB and Jessicka Adams claiming Manson had sex with underage girls
> receipts Lindsay was grooming girls for Manson
> a ss of LKB saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults
> even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above
> proof of MM staff molesting female fans and abusing their position
> fearless666 aka Michelle abuse case fully revealed, some anons questioned her credibility
> more evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews
> proofs that Marilyn Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs
> poor fake and full of shit PR moves

>>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for >>969968

You are welcome to contribute!

No. 982541

Thank you to the amazing photoshop anon we have here for the pic!

No. 982543

You’re welcome. Not as sophisticated as the others as I did it on my phone, but I think it pretty much covers everything.

No. 982544

Samefag, meant to say good update on the thread info.

No. 982545

thank you! your pic inspired me, would have done nothing without it.

No. 982550

I was reading through the summaries for each thread, and when did we have proof of Manson fucking underage girls? And I don't think he ever talked about liking them on stage either, did he? Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 982552

receipts of LKB and Jessicka Adams claiming Manson had sex with underage girls

don't know about
> he ever talked about liking them on stage

No. 982676

I remember reading this article a while ago about him touring with Taylor Momsen. I can't find it now, but it said something about him feeling her up on stage. He admitted that he had and said something along the lines of, "Who better to tour with than someone who just turned eighteen." There's concert footage of them on stage together on YouTube where he kissed her and grabbed one of her tits.

No. 982716

He said something along the lines of "oh I never do drugs and I never have sex with underage girls. I would never" but in a weird sarcastic tone.

No. 982717

No. 982738

I’m sorry I know we’re trying to put a moratorium on Madelyn but can we just talk about what an absolute fucking maga meltdown she’s having about the protests right now, and how she STILL has to tie it to Lindsay in some way. She keeps bringing up Taylor Swift, and you know it’s only because Lindsay constantly talks about her love for TS (which is its own brand of lolz)
I wonder how she feels about her monster and his BLM post

No. 982743

It seems like he's almost proud of it. Maybe he sees that as an accomplishment, that so many young girls still want him and he has the position of power to do whatever he wants with them.

No. 982751

Watch this if you have absolutely nothing better to do. He seems wasted through the whole interview.

No. 982795

Who in their right mind would think that’s an accomplishment being a sick pedo who is has sex with children committing statutory rape and will eventually go to prison?

No. 982841

Personally, I don't think he'll go to prison for anything he's done, unless Evan or Esme name him as their abusers. I'm sure he could find a good lawyer either way and get a short prison sentence or pay his way out of it. A lot of people, fans especially, aren't going to believe that he's guilty. He's got a powerful position.

No. 982844

Hey moron, LKB was being discussed, insulted and having misinformation spread about her on the threads, which is why she came on to clarify information. She responded to questions then left because people were bullying and victim blaming her.

No. 982847

File: 1591210975439.jpg (1.62 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200603_200115198.jpg)

"literally not a single anon had been talking about her"

No. 982850

Even if they name him, he won't go to prison bc the SOL has run out.

No. 982851

Who said he's in his right mind lmao

No. 982856

I agree, he’ll hopefully be going away for a long time. His day of reckoning has to be coming. There is just way too much that has happened.

No. 982867

File: 1591214278000.jpeg (210.24 KB, 794x1494, 7BD84C95-72CF-412F-A2BC-835313…)

I’m sure it’s an ego stroke for him to think he’s untouchable. Just like I’m sure this evil sick fuck once thought too.

No. 982868

lol, okay, she was barely discussed, does that matter?
she came and started milking herself.
whatever, let's not repeat that mistake and start a shitstorm anew.

No. 982878

Can I ask a question? It seems that people here generally agree MM is abusive and a piece of shit, yet why is it that all victims have been disbelieved, insulted and shut down when they try to contribute milk? It seems anons want victims to go silent.

No. 982881

Yup! You hit the nail on the head!
They want to silence the victims. I was literally thinking and going to say almost the same thing.

No. 982883

Also agree anon.
The third thread was taken over by teenage fangirls salty that their idol is psychotic serial abuser and can’t handle the truth.
So much gaslighting and excuses going on.

No. 982885

I think every single one wants Evan/Esmé to name him.
If you are talking about LKB, I think the only problem anons had with her is that she came to a gossip website to moralfag and keep repeating things nobody asked her about. That's how the previous thread got cancerous and contaminated with autism.

No. 982890

To be fair, I think anyone would be traumatized and pissed off if you discovered a forum full of strangers calling you an escort, a groupie, a liar, insane, etc. After being abused. Just saying, maybe cut people some slack after they've basically been dragged into the mud. No one would react positively to being bullied, would they?

No. 982891

Exactly my point. Intelligent, rational thinking people don’t think that way; and would never think something so disgusting is something to be proud of. Hence, why he needs to be locked up with the key thrown away.

No. 982918

LMAO, I was gonna post the same thing. Almost wish she'd go back to "muh monster, look at muh lingerie, I bought it for you even though you don't even follow me and we don't even know each other but I bought it for you and you're MUH SOULMATE" posts cause her political posts are 500% worse. Literally shows that she always led a protected life and never experienced discrimination in any way. She clearly doesn't give a shit about George Floyd. She only complains about protestors, lol. Madelyn, delete your account, you'd do the world a favour. Perhaps you could hide in Trump's bunker with him seeing as you love him so much. Maybe he's your new soulmate and monster lololololol

No. 982945

Omg does erotomania transfer? I can’t wait until she starts her tweetstorm about that witch Melania keeping Trump and her apart, when their twin souls were formed in the same hellfire and bound together for eternity or some shit.
Does anyone remember Lindsays mom tweeting about how Madelyn showed up and sat outside MM’s house in her car on Lindsay’s birthday? There’s gotta be a screenshot of that somewhere.

No. 982967

How does she even know where he lives, lol? No one has access to her Twitter because it's private, with no followers. I can understand her being older and not understanding how the internet works, but if she understands how to tweet, why does she not seem to know that people aren't seeing anything she writes?

No. 982986

Hope Harvey’s (defininghope) Twitter used to be public, she went private about two (?) months ago.

I don’t recall her tweeting that about Madelyn but I wouldn’t be surprised. It came up in a previous thread but her story is she went to his concert when she was 18, moved to California soon after to live near him, and has been stalking him since.

I’m also 95% sure Madelyn is behind Mansonisinnocent. A delusional Trump loving fangirl is leading the defense for Manson on IG, it doesn’t inspire hope. Lol

No. 983006

Ah did anyone take caps? I just went to her if right now and there’s nothing super milky.

Tbh I know a few people like her and they have the reaction that they because the protests are disrupting their ability to do what they want, when they want without judgement. She can’t take crappy Lindsay style polaroids and post them while shopping online for vampire lingerie without being called insensitive and whack.

No. 983008

Why did she go private? It's not like anyone was paying attention to her page anyway.

No. 983121

It's not hard to find out where he lives. His house has red stairs. Not sure if I'm allowed to publish his address here.

No. 983123

She has done that quite a few times now.
But I think it's connected with Manson this time. Maybe his lawyer reached out to her because she's been tweeting personal information.

Manson's lawyer also reached out to Ashley Walters who's now liking his posts again so it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 983253

What personal information had she been tweeting? About their marriage? If he didn't want people to know he married her, he shouldn't have done it. He should've been smart enough to know that it would get out eventually, along with everything he's done over the years.

No. 983258

Yes, I saw that tweet, but she deleted it. Madelyn would be the very definition of what an actual stalker IS.
I also remember last year on the MMNews page someone went under an account called ‘no name’ and told Madelyn’s cats and devils account to stop texting Manson. Those comments are now deleted. But apparently Madelyn was texting him and he wouldn’t reply back, and she would keep obsessively texting him till I guess he responded.

He goes behind her back around telling other people she’s a stalker, then why the fuck hasn’t he gone and press criminal charges on her pathetic ass?! I can probably tell you why. But instead he makes false allegations on someone else. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth of the real situation.

No. 983270

So many fake accounts orbit the MMNews account, wtf?

I remember thinking the same when Lexa Vonn pressed charges against him.
So many fans posted/asked why doesn’t Manson counter with a deframation charge and most likely the real answer is because there’s legitimacy to their claims. I recall Lexa tweeting something like, “He’s too lazy to get off the couch to care” and it kinda makes sense.

No. 983283

I thought he did… well, he definitely cared enough to get off his lazy ass for this person.

No. 983285

AFAIK, Manson’s attorney only made a statement denying it after the charges were dropped. Manson didn’t sue or legally counter.


No. 983301

Is he purposely being an idiot? Because unlike the Lexa thing, there’s absolutely ZERO legitimacy to his bullshit claims.

No. 983316

File: 1591300676774.jpeg (221.26 KB, 828x1328, 9F0808D6-D4C8-480A-BEB2-615A7D…)

Here are some caps of that account.

No. 983317

File: 1591300715731.jpeg (278.27 KB, 828x1331, EA16EF67-85F3-48C4-847C-2919BE…)

No. 983321

File: 1591300877619.jpeg (227.31 KB, 828x1313, DF8C9024-FB2E-46B8-ABDC-6B3638…)

No. 983322

File: 1591301273475.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1080x2838, 1A796E27-594D-47A7-A1E0-9F62FC…)

Those screens were also posted in the first thread and generally debunked that “no name” is not Lindsay because she would be incriminating herself for blackmailing him.

Who is Manson making false allegations against?

No. 983331

I think their talking about the eyelet person in the last thread. Another one of his victims.

No. 983373

I thought we already debunked the @eyelet.black situation? She's fake, right? He never responded on his public account, and @masi__da never messaged her either. Even if the account she claimed was messaging her really was, there's a fair chance it was a sockpuppet.

No. 983379

Why are we ruling out the fact that @__noname666_ could be Lindsay? Maybe she wanted everyone to know that she's got shit on Manson, and they won't be splitting up anytime soon.

Honestly, I don't even know why she stays. If she's got the chance to get out of the abuse when he decides he doesn't want her anymore, why doesn't she leave? It's really pathetic.

As far as Madelyn, I don't understand why he won't file charges against her for stalking. He's got the proof, what with her sitting outside of his house and texting him non-stop. He should've just changed his number, lol.

I'm assuming she doesn't see other men because she thinks she's in a relationship with Manson. I think that probably worsens her mental health, in the long run. It's a scientific fact that if you keep yourself isolated for long enough, you'll drive yourself mad.

No. 983383

I don’t think eyelet was debunked, I thought it was fairly established Manson was passing her DM’s around.

No. 983393

Because it makes zero sense for Lindsay, even under a fake account, to incriminate herself. She gets enough hate, why would she admit that to Madelyn? It’s more likely it’s a fan stirring the pot.

No. 983406

It might be a fan. I could be wrong. Lindsay had been running a few hate accounts against herself though, and to me, the way the person that runs that account types is similar to Lindsay's leaked DMs.

No. 983409

Which hate accounts?

No. 983410

Couldn’t be a fan. How did they know about her texting him?

>As far as Madelyn, I don't understand why he won't file charges against her for stalking. He's got the proof, what with her sitting outside of his house and texting him non-stop. He should've just changed his number, lol.

Exactly. Or he didn’t have to bother replying back and could’ve just blocked her number. Or simply just told her to fuck off.
But why doesn’t he do this? Why did he bother to respond if he’s telling everyone behind her back she’s this stalker?
Because, he’s liar and obviously still talking to her and responding to her.

No. 983413

I just reread the screens twice, where does noname666 refer to Madelyn texting him?
Maybe I’m blind, sorry.

No. 983420

File: 1591313893236.jpeg (249.67 KB, 827x1283, 77A020BA-1959-401A-981F-C043BC…)

They deleted the comments. They used to be on this post.

No. 983422

Tinfoil, but it might be Madelyn herself under noname666 just to create dirt on Lindsay.

There’s been absolutely zero evidence that Madelyn and Manson dated.

No. 983439

Ok if that’s the case, as the other anons said… why hasn’t he filed charges on her?

>Tinfoil, but it might be Madelyn herself under noname666 just to create dirt on Lindsay.

No way. The writing style is completely different, and she is too fucking stupid to concoct something like that.

No. 983448

I can’t speak for Manson but my guess is he’s drunken, lazy idiot who probably likes the attention.
We also don’t know what moves Manson made against her.
And on the off chance Madelyn was a pump and dump, he obviously doesn’t want to be publicly associated with her.

No. 983451

I wouldn't say she was too stupid, exactly. I don't think she's dumb. I know that we spend a lot of time of here talking shit about Madelyn, but she has some serious mental problems that make her believe that he's in love with her. It's really not her fault that she thinks that.

Anyway, I'd put my money on @__noname666_ being either Lindsay or Manson. I'm not hopping on the bandwagon and trying to accuse random accounts of being fake, but it makes sense. Who else would know she was texting him? Unless they got it from Hope's Twitter, which I think is unlikely because no one really pays attention to it, except for us.

Maybe Madelyn really does have something going on with him… Or he enjoys the stalking, and that's why he hasn't reported her to the police, lol.

No. 983453

But does anyone actually have a receipt of noname666 referring to Madelyn texting him? Because so far it’s speculative.
Lots of people pay attention to Hope’s twitter, she used to harass fans. Not to mention the whole mama bear shit.

Noname666 very well could be Lindsay or Manson, but I don’t personally see how (allegedly) referring to a text means Madelyn and Manson dated, it probably means Madelyn found his number and stalked him that way too.

No. 983455

You might be right. She could've just stalked him that way. But why did he not report her to the police or change his number when she wouldn't stop? It doesn't add up.

No. 983458

Maybe he did, we don’t know. Manson could have a restraining order on her, it’s not like Madelyn would broadcast that.

No. 983491

Nope. Again, if that was the case and he had a restraining order she would certainly not have have created another fake account (mansonisinnocent) AND on top of that, follow him with it.

>But does anyone actually have a receipt of noname666 referring to Madelyn texting him?

Idk, but just about everyone on that post saw it. And she saw it for sure because she was replying to the comments on her fake accounts.

No. 983497

So hypothetically speaking, Madelyn has been dating Manson since 2013, at the age of 18, with no photos, texts, ANYTHING to show for it but is totally legit because Manson hasn’t pressed charges?

If that’s the case, Manson dates a racist, right wing, obsessive Trump lover who runs his own Mansonisinnocent account.

Either scenario doesn’t look good for him.

No. 983500

We don't really know. We can't ever be sure unless Madelyn and Manson both say it happened. None of it adds up enough to draw our own conclusion.

No. 983501

File: 1591324895920.jpg (118.52 KB, 340x487, Polish_20200604_213827301.jpg)

No. 983502

She's extremely annoying with it. I mean people have a right to have political views but she has a lot of views for someone who doesnt lives in an old apartment and spends all day taking low resolution photos in nothing but panties.

She did a q&a a few weeks ago and I asked her what she does for a living and she never responded lol.

No. 983510

She’s said in other q&a’s that she “dabbles in interior design and visuals” or some mess but she for sure doesn’t actually have a job. I also think it’s super weird that she lives in the same city as her sister but never interacts with her…ever. I wonder if she’s just too cray for her sister to deal with but also according to Madelyn MM has even met her sister.

Also re: Lindsay. She had an entire life before MM that we know nothing about because she’s not famous. Some of those hate accounts could be people from her past. I can think of a few girls I went to high school with that if they suddenly were dating some B-list rock star and had their own hashtag it’d be hard to resist lol

Her mom was super obsessed with Madelyn for a while though, I wish she wasn’t private now. Her entire Twitter was either talking about M&L, tweeting vaguely about Madelyn, or talking so much shit about that fan Natasha. The amount of energy that she spent on Madelyn def makes me think that she did actually have something going on with MM at some point.

No. 983518

There's no evidence that they had a fling, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Madelyn might be telling the truth, but that doesn't excuse her stalking problem.

What can Natasha? Another side chick?

No. 983522

> I went to high school with that if they suddenly were dating some B-list rock star and had their own hashtag it’d be hard to resist lol

I’d say he’s more like a D-list rockstar.

No. 983531

Noooooo she’s just a fan that always made Lindsay and Ashley fan sites and Hope was OBSESSED with her. She would say really nasty things about her calling her a stalker, making fun of her being white trash and ugly and all kinds of high school girl shit for a woman in her 60s. The best part is she would accuse Natasha of “stealing” photos but was the one who was leaking photos herself before Lindsay came back to insta.

No. 983582


I’m gonna have to also agree about that account being Lindsay or Manson.
Who else could know about her texting him? But doesn’t make sense that she just found his number and texted him, because he seemed to know who it was and responded to her.


That's really weird because there was an anon in the last thread who posted similar comments about the “he doesn’t care about you” stuff just like that noname666 did.

No. 983588

I think the "He doesn't care about you." comments were just a coincidence. If Lindsay would've found this thread, I think she would've announced herself. As for Manson, I doubt he's even coherent enough to comment here. But that's only if that account belongs to one of them.

No. 983589

Again, absolutely NO screens on this alleged reference to texts except the word of Madelyn and friends.

No. 983595

File: 1591340260980.jpeg (89.32 KB, 828x599, B588A467-BC73-40E8-80B3-AD1EB5…)

So? There was no screens about the Hope tweets , and no one said anything about that.

And I’m not her friend. I was just a witness to the comments of what was going on in that post.

Here is another person that was also responding to what was going on.

No. 983596

Which Hope tweets?

And without an actual receipt it’s difficult to determine anything. Was Lindsay complaining of stalking? I doubt that noname666 posted caps of their texts, it appears she was only referencing them.

No. 983598


>Does anyone remember Lindsays mom tweeting about how Madelyn showed up and sat outside MM’s house in her car on Lindsay’s birthday? There’s gotta be a screenshot of that somewhere.

This one. That’s also what that noname666 was commenting about on the post along with Madelyn texting Manson and her being a stalker.

No. 983601

Both Hope and noname666 acknowledge Madelyn. That account also knew Madelyn’s fake account was ‘catsanddevils’ and called her out.
Madelyn is a true stalker, yet Manson doesn’t file charges on her.
So it’s either one of these 2 things: a) he still talks to her and has something going on, or b) like the anon said, she’s a ‘pump and dump’ and doesn’t want to be publicly associated with her whatsoever.

No. 983602

Maybe that account is Hope? I've only seen screens of her tweets because I started watching the drama after she went private, but it does look a bit similar to how she writes. I understand that she might not know much about how the internet works, being in her 60's, but if she knew how to create a 1st Instagram account, why wouldn't she know how to make a 2nd?

No. 983611

I don’t understand why Lindsay, under a fake, would reveal to Madelyn, her biggest enemy, incriminating info on blackmailing Manson that Madelyn could/did use against her.

Based on the rest of their messages to Madelyn >>983322 which accused her of stalking and told her to move on, I would assume any reference to texts would be in the same vein.

I mean, even if she’s a pump and dump, she appears quite unstable and I can understand why he doesn’t want to be publicly tied to her.

No. 983632

She hinted at blackmailing him with all kinds of evidence, for what she didn't say. Then she hinted at Lindsay and Manson getting married for quite a while. She also harassed a lot of people on there so it was basically only a matter of time until someone in Manson's camp said something.

No. 983633

File: 1591348372797.jpeg (116 KB, 750x1334, D210CEDE-2EDD-41C1-B32A-8F527B…)

Here's Ashley Morgan talking about Ashley Walters. Sorry, I forgot to add it.

No. 983695

Poor girl, abused and now forced to play nice. I wish her well.

No. 983702

She insinuated sexual coercion. So basically he raped her(?)

No. 983715

File: 1591371394430.jpeg (307.97 KB, 2036x996, 5DE30DB6-A715-4FAC-A82A-D9A8DD…)

Yes, Ashley Walters used to be Manson’s assistant.

No. 983763

Funny story. Madelyn sent a message to a friend of mine attacking her for posting about the protests and making her feel bad. My friend told me Madelyn is a trust fund kid and a nutcase. So there’s the answer of what she does for a living. LA really is a small world.

No. 983772

I don’t understand why her family doesn’t intervene and get her her help. Her parents pay all her expenses while she does nothing but stalk Manson.

She’s come on these threads multiple times to fabricate evidence to be known as Manson’s stalker side chick he’s too ashamed to acknowledge?

Too much time on her hands, not enough help.

No. 983777

File: 1591384939165.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 4EED1215-36E0-477D-865C-1C47F0…)

In this story she posted she says Manson wouldn’t kiss her in front of her parents. But her parents are for sure conservative Christians and I’m trying to imagine a world where they’re not freaked out by their at the time 19 yr old daughter with a 44 yr old Manson. Did this really even happen? Did she make up ENTIRE encounters with him? Isn’t her sister freaked out by how ill Madelyn is? It’s crazy to me no one is helping her.

No. 983781

I'm not saying that Madelyn is telling the truth, but maybe Manson is that way with some girls, at least in the beginning. I guess that's part of his grooming technique, pretending to be sweet and shy so they won't suspect that he's abusive.

No. 983789

With any kind of addiction- you can’t help someone unless they want to be helped. The fantasy love story she has created is an addiction that consumes her. She’s in denial. Her family is probably fed up or believes all of her bullshit. “Oh mom and dad! I just sold another dress on Depop and darling monster and I are having absinthe on our balcony watching the Hollywood sunset discussing all the witches and snakes trying to ruin our everlasting devotion to one another!”

She fits all the boxes for histrionic personality disorder. Specifically considers relationships closer than they are, talks dramatically and preoccupation with her physical appearance. She believes that he is waiting for her and just biding time with Lindsay. That’s pure delusion. She has lied about being with someone and showing no evidence so why believe anything she says? The relationship makes no worldly sense especially since they both have completely opposite belief systems.

No. 983796

The only interaction I’ll believe Madelyn has with manson was a meet-in-great or maybe they talked a little online before he lost interest, maybe he banged her once but no way they had any relationship. She has NO evidence, not even text messages.

No. 983846

I don’t get why he doesn’t want to publicly associate with her when he’s publicly associated himself with some really unsavory types like Lilith. And Lindsay, who is just as equally as vapid as Madelyn. Makes no sense.

No. 983859

Does anyone follow the justiceforhimm account?? I am dying to see what the hell they could possibly be posting in defense of him.

No. 983988

File: 1591432634819.jpeg (125.36 KB, 740x896, FD8FF95A-EE89-47CA-A51D-CE8557…)

Inside his home

No. 983990

Do you think he smokes cigars here?

No. 983991

Probably all kinds of stuff lmao

No. 983995

Seems too much for him. I don't think it's from his house.

No. 984006

No. 984009

Yeah, it actually is. The couch was seen in photos and videos many times. The painting above it is by Gottfried Helnwein whom he worked with in the early 2000s.

No. 984015

Samefag, but definitely his house. Check out the photos from this article:

No. 984023

Ooops, would have never thought, really. Thank you!
How did anon get to take the pic?

No. 984026

Samefag but wtf they are happily living in that house now? Lol
I remember it now. It's the same house in which he fucked millions of groupies. Anon posted a photo of Jordan Arentz in a bathroom, definitely from that house.
And it's where he fucked Clare and her friend, and, as it appears, Gabriella.
Omg. The best place for their honeymoon. Lindsay must be haunted by so many happy memories. Now I understand what she means when she talks about looking at polaroids and remembering their love story with Manson. lol

No. 984027

Who knows, Manson, Lindsay, or a guest must have leaked it somewhere.

No. 984039

In a recent article he said he was staying in a rental because he was redoing his whole house, I doubt it still looks like that. Another phase of the great let’s make it look like I’m normal and happy scheme of 2019.

No. 984169

A scheme for sure. How does he even think that’s gonna work? He doesn’t think people can see right through it? He can’t erase his filthy past.

No. 984174

I wonder if its pedophilia Lindsay has on him and that’s what she’s blackmailing him with. If she is trying to blackmail him with a serious crime, it would actually be impossible for her to go forward with it because she would also be incriminating herself because that would make her an accomplice by withholding information of a crime.

No. 984184

Pedophilia is a serious crime. The prison sentence for statuatory rape is 8-20 years(?). If she's withholding information on him fucking underage girls, that still incriminates her.

No. 984385

That’s funny he’s talking about his character in prison. Looks like he’s going to live out that role in real life. Lmao

No. 984421

I don't think he'll go to jail for any of this. He's a celebrity. He'll pay his way out of it or get a good lawyer. The sentence for statuatory rape aren't very long, anyway. He'll probably keep taking advantage of young girls until he kicks the bucket.

No. 984430

I’m sure his ego would like to think that, but nobody cares if he’s a celebrity. They go to prison all the time.

No. 984434

California recently extended the statue of limitations for sexual assault against minors. If one of his underage victims presses charges, they might still have time.

No. 984436

I think it’s bullshit she’s actually blackmailing him. She’s human garbage like him. Because only a woman like that would even stay with a pedophile (if that’s what she has on him). It’s sickening and makes my skin crawl.
And it seems as though they both scheme. She obviously knows about what he does.

No. 984440

Maybe before the me too movement celebrities were getting away with it. But not no more.

No. 984461

I think there was another incident where he was accused of rape, but the statue of limitations had ran out, so the case was declined by the D.A.. Maybe this time around one of his victims will speak up about it sooner. I'd be surprised if one of them did, though. They're all still relatively young. I doubt that they understand that it was wrong for him to sleep with them while they were underage.

No. 984478

File: 1591524065510.jpeg (291.59 KB, 2048x1538, 0C548860-905C-4613-8636-48FAEC…)

I think it's her mother who blackmails Manson for money, Lindsay is collateral damage and probably partly manipulated by her mother… and Manson.
I had a conversation with someone who runs a Manson fan account about Lindsay. Can't guarantee that everything is true.

No. 984481

File: 1591524627614.jpeg (152.29 KB, 750x570, AC8C77E6-1665-42C8-AB02-3B7FF3…)


Interesting thing to say about Lindsay. Guess she knows exactly how criminal he is.

No. 984497

what a vile turd. Can't believe he has ~feminist~ fangirls.

No. 984521

Thank you so much!
Does Lindsay still care about Madelyn? In 2020? Kek, that girl definitely was fucked by mm.
Her parents want him to marry her? Her father is known to hate him. Does she really gossip about her and Manson private life with fan accounts?
I think she's full of shit, she talked so much bullshit to a Russian fan account.

No. 984553

Wait, they run a Lindsay fan account and they’re taking shit about Lindsay? That’s messed up.

No. 984565

It was a Manson fan account. They were talking about Lindsay.

No. 984585

Literally everything he’s said about her in interviews has been gross. It honestly makes me a little sad she doesn’t have more self-worth. I’d be horrified if my boyfriend talked about me the way he talks about her.

No. 984589

Maybe it's because she's a far right Trump supporting bigot? Most of his exes,groupies, and side chicks are pretty liberal or open minded. Madelyn is so pretentious it's embarrassing. She legit think she's some deep, well rounded, highly intelligent individual, yet blindly follows Trump of all ppl. If I were him, I wouldn't associate w/ her either publically. Bet she's extra triggred he posted in support of BLM. She's been having a maga meltdown for a week.

No. 984598

File: 1591560148449.jpeg (402.92 KB, 1564x1333, 0B359FB8-26BE-4006-895A-53A2A3…)

Yep, he didn’t want Lindsay around for his interview. Doubt it’s specifically Lindsay but how he treats his partners in general.


No. 984624

Why was she downstairs anyway? Just to be seen?

No. 984705

You would think so, right? And yes, it is sad there’s women in this world that are like that and have no self-worth or self-respect… that rather than using their intellect, they would settle and be willing to do anything to be with a man just because he has money or fame. But that only just goes to show how trash she is and women like that are.

No. 984722

As far as politics go I despise both the far-left and far-right.

And YES - she’s very pretentious and a BORE. No wonder Manson has to go using other people.
She literally has nothing else going for her but making hundreds of posts about how in love Manson is with her.
For someone who claims to know him so well actually knows fuck all. She’s far from being intelligent… someone really needs to knock something over her head. She once said he never had sex with groupies. And if Lindsay is doing all this crap… he would’ve been with her, not dozens of other women (and possibly other men) since 2013.

No. 984724

I doubt there’s any blackmailing going on, because he’s been with other people. It seems to me like him and Lindsay are both scheming people.

No. 984737

I don't think Manson's been with other men. He's said that he's sucked other men's dicks before, but that was "for business", whatever the fuck that means. He's obviously obsessed with women. There's not one article I've read where he hasn't said something perverted. An interviewer asked him if he was bisexual once, and he said no. He could've been lying, though. There were those banned Instagram ads, but that could've been for shock value. I don't know. Unless he actually states that he likes men, which I doubt he'll do, we won't know. He actually seems homophobic, especially on Graham Norton. For someone who supposedly stands up for the gays, he really seems to have a problem with them.

No. 984740

Politics aside, Madelyn’s posted some pretty racist shit concerning the protests rather she realizes it or not.

Bottom line is unless hard evidence is presented there’s no rational way she’s legit. If she has to fake evidence at all (bullshit Polaroid, etc.) there’s no reason to believe any of her claims.

The fact that she runs Mansonisinnocent is concerning af if she freely fakes evidence here and is mentally ill. Some of his idiot fans actually believe her bullshit.

No. 984742

She is not even posting that much.There is literally not one picture of the two of them together on her profile.Just his hands and cats. But she is liking almost every single picture of him from fan accounts every single day. A teenager doesn't have that enthusiasm for Instagram.
Curious to see how they happily ever after gonna look like after quarantine. So far she got two stories on his IG account, not even a post in 10 years.

No. 984749

I doubt she's got anything to do other than IG. She's got no known friends, other than the friendships she's forced with Manson's connections. It's pathetic.

No. 984759

I think it’s hilarious how delusional and self obsessed she is. She is low key racist and tries to sound intelligent but it’s obvious how uneducated she is. Imagine being her age and doing nothing with your life. She is sitting on her phone all day bitching on Twitter and posting lingerie selfies while her parents fill up her bank account. She has no redeeming qualities.

She is probably the most insecure human being that’s stalking an overweight, narcissistic, abusive, drug addict. If he wasn’t Marilyn Manson she wouldn’t go near him.

She is envious of the side chicks who went on tour with him and have photos with him. I don’t believe she ever met him. She is mentally unwell and will most likely waste the rest of her life.

No. 984760

Wheres the photo of his hands

No. 984767

They're all over her Instagram page, in her story mostly.

No. 984780

I was talking about Lindsay - she posts stories on her IG of MM arms and their cats. I don't know anything about Madelyn except from what I've read here.
Also, I don't think parents support Lindsay, Manson obviously does that.Btw, number of bots on her IG keeps growing. It's all just very wierd.

No. 984866

Thats the thing. If anyone was close to as Madelyn put it"making the witch do her final dissapearing act" aka making Lindsay stop messing with Manson for good, it would have been Gabrielle at the time. When he and Lindsay were broken up for good that year, he was publically claiming Gabbi, posted her on his instagram and tagged her, and flew her on tour w/ him. If Gabrielle hadn't taken the initiative to talk to Clare (Lilith), things would have kept progressing with him trying to hide /down play all the other girls he was seeing behind back.
This was so long ago, but I remember some leaked messages where Gabi said Manson tried to down play the other girls (Lilth and Jordan) as crazy groupie fangirls and didn't want Gabrielle to break up w/ him.
There was a point where Lindsay was done, and he didn't claim or aknowledge Madelyn. She wasn't even on the list of sidechicks Gabrielle found out about.

I do think they smashed and he was maybe interested in her (physically she matches his preferences alot), but once he found out how unintelligent she was he noped the fuck out.

And where she claims he met her parents. I have an extremely hard time believing a far right, conservative Christian family, would be thrilled to have their fresh out of HS daughter (whose not even attempting to go to college btw) bring home an alchoholic, coked out, washed up 44 year old antichrist super star. That legit makes 0 sense.

No. 984881

Sorry to be crude, but anyone with a vagina is probably his type.

No. 984901

Not to mention. He and Gabrielle got matching tattoos and she met his father several times. One time being his “AK-47” birthday in 2016. She was with Cage’s girlfriend and they took a bunch of photos. Manson painted her and vice versa. I think he was enamored with her and the fact that she was actually talented. She and Lindsay ended up meeting and hanging out with Manson together. I think a lot happened between them that didn’t make it to social media. Unfortunately she experienced a lot of harassment more than the other women and I think it ruined the experience for her.

I think she has a dark past and found comfort in his work but realized what a vile human being he was. She realized he was playing her and confronted the other girls through messages and then immediately ended it. She had enough self-respect to realize that he was not who he claimed to be. Madelyn was always envious her and called her mentally unstable. She was obviously projecting. I believe she was behind a lot of the hate accounts attacking her. Probably realized he would never post her or introduce her to his closest friends. I’d hate myself too Madelyn.

No. 984905

It doesn’t make any sense but why would we believe someone who has provided no evidence and continues to self post on here. Continues to post fabricated lies on her Instagram. Posts about her soulmate who doesn’t follow her and she doesn’t follow him? But claims it’s because they’re in a private relationship. That sure sounds special. We all wish we were you Madelyn. Sits on Twitter all day bitching about Lindsay. Calls herself an artist because she post photos of an artist that he likes. Posts a blurry photo on here claiming it’s a photo of them. Buys the same Devon Rex breed that he has. She is a conservative Trump supporter yet stalks someone who has a completely opposite belief system. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

No. 984914

I really don't think it's her fault. She clearly has some serious mental problems. He might've pumped and dumped her, but that still doesn't justify her stalking. I'd put my money on her being histrionic or erotomanic. He fucked her once, and now she thinks they're soulmates.

No. 984915

True although the whole Lola Blanc thing is kinda similar right? I don’t remember seeing any pics of them together or him talking about her or posting pics of her, yet apparently love bombed her and told her he loved her and they were soul mates and all of that. It sounds like that’s just his m.o. and he does that to every girl and then drops them, but oops one of them is an erotomanic nut job who then became obsessed with him and believes all these outside forces are keeping them apart. Madelyn is his karma.

No. 984916

But if Madelyn is legit, why would she have to fake evidence at all? Or feel the need to prove herself on here.

Nothing about her story adds up. She attended his concert in 2013 and claims they’ve been in a relationship since.

The likely scenario as to why Manson hasn’t pressed charges or filed a restraining order is because she runs his defense account (Mansonisinnocent, which benefits him) and she might turn on him if he made a legal move.

No. 984918

Are there any photos or something?
Of Gabriella and Lindsay together? If Lindsay did make friends with her, it's hilarious.
Photos of Gabriella and Cage?
How do you know Gabriella talked to Clare?
Which tattoos? That moth?

>have an extremely hard time believing a far right, conservative Christian family, would be thrilled to have their fresh out of HS daughter (whose not even attempting to go to college btw) bring home an alchoholic, coked out, washed up 44 year old antichrist super star. That legit makes 0 sense.

I thought it was Lindsay who was saying her parents wanted m to marry her.
Too much new information without receipts.

No. 984920

It was supposedly Lindsay who told a fan her parents want her to marry Manson.

Madelyn claimed Manson met her parents.

No. 984921

There's a screenshot of a tweet of one person that has seen Lola and manson together in the previous threads. So there's a least a witness. On the other hand Lola isn't a psycho and Madelyn is.

No. 984923

I see now, got lost. Thx!

No. 984926

If Lola lied about dating Manson she’d be called out pretty quickly and damage her reputation. She said in an interview they dated briefly.


For example, Seraphim Ward claimed to be engaged to Manson and he sued her deframation.


No. 984931

File: 1591655170597.jpeg (200.04 KB, 978x1348, E850BBC8-19E9-4F86-89A6-911F24…)

Interesting, Seraphim Ward used to date Stephen Bier and and denied ever claiming she and Manson were engaged.
She countered: “I have been harassed by Manson and his camp for months now taunting me and my career, because there was a phone conversation that I had with Manson and Tony on the day of the scandal where Marilyn Manson revealed that he had lost his house because of Pogo after the lawsuit they had in 2007 … he went on raving about a lot of things that I had no idea I was not suppose to repeat. No one told me that, that was a private conversation.”


No. 984947

Wow, Manson is a fucking idiot falsely accusing someone like that.

No. 984955

Manson also liked a few of Lola's pics and I believe they were following eachother at somepoint. With Madelyn there's legit nothing tying her to him. There is proof they have mutual acquaintances (for Manson its ppl he's friends with or worked with for years but not for Madelyn)but this can support the stalking claim. She's in LA leaving a Mom&Daddy funded NEET life so she has all the free time and money to weasel her way into his circle.

Although not a stalker, this is legit how Lexus Amanda got w/ Manson (as well as all the other metalcore singers she messed w/back in her cow days, Lexus is a former moo moo whose milk long dried up). Lexus worked her way into Mansons inner circle for years. She was a fan of his, but she's wasn't near crazy like Madelyn is. Atleast Lexus got jobs after her sugar daddies told her to kick rocks.

Basically Lexus social climbed her way to Manson. Madelyn is trying to stalk her way to him after a rejection.

No. 984957

File: 1591659178846.jpeg (216.68 KB, 749x798, 9713BCAB-C3B7-42A6-A718-40475C…)

Wtf, her cats got killed?

No. 985019

Seraphim Ward is cringe, with Pogo, also cringe, bought a house with Ditas ring money and rubbed Manson's nose in it, attempted to steal his ideas, they're just a couple of creeps who wouldn't stop tormenting him. God knows how hard life is there. They feel they have to take action to protect themselves. Killing is wrong. Go into a quiet room and tell God you're sorry. Faith is good. Trust God's Judgement, pray, surrender your enemies into His hands. He will make it better if you draw near to Him. please

No. 985021

Lmao wut

No. 985027

File: 1591671693077.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200608-230032.png)


No. 985031

>they're just a couple of creeps who wouldn't stop tormenting him

Sounds like the opposite is true. Death threats from fans, a house break-in (?), Manson harassing editors if she told her side, an apparent bullshit lawsuit from Manson.

No. 985157

Well he posted a photo wearing a wedding ring I guess someone should go check and see if Madelyn is ok. She’s said for YEARS he would never marry L.

Also the Seraphim thing makes what ERW has said make sense. If she’s seen him be so litigious and go to those lengths of harassment I can understand why she wouldn’t name him.

No. 985164

The wedding band and tagging Lindsay.. his caption was weird though, imo. “The price of darkness” Like he’s throwing shade?

Evan also said he has connections to gangs and fears for her life if she named him. I can see batshit fans harassing her for the rest of her life if she did even if Manson didn’t follow through with his threats, I understand why she’s afraid.

No. 985171

File: 1591717066636.jpg (131.29 KB, 607x1080, yX8TWq1.jpg)

A new thread, nice!

I am very late to the party but I finally got the receipts why Lindsay unfollowed the Russian fan account we discussed in the third thread. Sorry for being this slow.

nta, just catching up with the thread but lol dude.
> No one would react positively to being bullied, would they?
this is a gossip forum. if you say gossiping = bullying, idk. We are all bulling Manson here lol.

yep, the caption is a huge shade if they did get married. He had to marry her or she would report him or stop being his alibi or whatever she has on him would be revealed to police or the press.
Idk how she tolerates that.

>The wedding band

he has a collection of rings, why do you think they finally married?
I mean, I would be glad if they actually did. Because if Manson had a thing with Madelyn (I personally believe he did briefly fuck her), she's gonna get nuts and give us milk I hope!

No. 985173

File: 1591717225774.jpg (16.04 KB, 236x178, q7uzjEI.jpg)

samefag but I am just glad anons are not the only people who notice that.

No. 985176

File: 1591717558619.jpeg (175.22 KB, 1536x1585, B97D6F1B-0D94-4137-AD42-A3097B…)

Thanks for the receipt, anon!

>he has a collection of rings, why do you think they finally married?

The ring looks wedding band-ish and they’ve been hinting at marriage for a while now. Maybe we’re wrong, but it’s bound to happen soon anyway.

>I personally believe he did briefly fuck her

May I ask why? Just curious why the people who believe Madelyn do so, she’s provided zero evidence.

No. 985182

you are welcome!

what's also weird to me is that today is the day his book with Perou has been officially released, and it should be around noon rn in LA. Is he gonna post about the book or what?
And today is JD's birthday. JD is his bro. Wtf man? Where are the wishes?

>May I ask why?

ofc, I hope you wouldn't mind if I answer a bit later, not in a Leo Tolstoy mode rn.

No. 985197

He recently posted about his book and tagged JD today. Maybe he’ll post something separate for his birthday.

Lindsay is ridiculous, is she so desperate for friends she talks to fan accounts?

If the best her new husband is willing to do to announce their marriage is post a vague ring pic and throw shade, wtf? Maybe he was forced into it, idk, but he’s being cryptic about it so far and it doesn’t seem to match Lindsay’s enthusiasm.

Employees/side chicks having NDA’s, threats, harassing editors, frivolous lawsuits, and now marrying Lindsay - he’s def controlling public info about himself and probably hiding illegal activity.

No. 985198

Well in that interview she did recently they mentioned she was in quarantine with her “soon to be husband” and hashtagged “quarantinewedding” plus on the 15th she posted that story with all the flowers and Polaroids with the date so it definitely looked wedding related, so it seems really likely they’re married. Plus all the makeup he’s wearing in that pic I’d imagine it was their wedding day? Surely he’s not doing a full face to just sit in his house and quarantine lol.

As far as believing Madelyn goes it’s not so much that she seems credible as it is that I’d believe Manson would fuck…literally anyone.

No. 985199

I think it's absolutely hilarious that she won't even follow anyone who "insults" him, when she probably sits in their house all day getting the hell beat out of her by the same man.

No. 985202

Maybe someone should ask her upfront if her and Manson are married. I'm sure she'd have no trouble spilling the beans.

No. 985205

File: 1591722913117.jpeg (153.53 KB, 737x1131, 4EF9A06A-E9BD-4F82-BA5C-71F19E…)

Haha thanks anon. Finally a cap worth looking at this thread for. The Russian fan really fucked it with that one. So funny.

His latest post is a typo, surely? At least, I hope it is. Or is it a reference to one of his hilarious puns, so often found in his 6th form poetry lyrics.

No. 985209

>His latest post is a typo, surely?

A typo that’s gone unchecked for 7 hours? Doubt it.

No. 985261


>Employees/side chicks having NDA’s, threats, harassing editors, frivolous lawsuits, and now marrying Lindsay - he’s def controlling public info about himself and probably hiding illegal activity.

He can’t control everything- his illegal activities are gonna come out. It’s just the calm before the storm.

No. 985263

File: 1591731727114.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 97BF2C64-B0FA-4257-8283-9825DF…)

Incidentally LK Bell claims Judd is harassing her again…

No. 985265

File: 1591731848705.png (654.89 KB, 750x1334, 922AABE7-1FEB-4976-8814-235EEA…)

Could be Judd/Manson…or could be one of his nutjob fans.

No. 985272

File: 1591732569915.jpeg (137.41 KB, 647x912, 0839804B-AAC7-4149-B3B9-F8BFCB…)

More on Judd/Manson allegedly harassing KL Bell…as in, now. Someone is signing her up for multiple subscription accounts.

Am living for this rn since KLB was such a twat when she came on here

No. 985274

Judd directly harassed her in the past though. Manson and his camp are obviously capable of anything to keep victims quiet. See the above examples.

You condone harassment? LKB should not have come on here but she doesn’t deserve that.

No. 985281

She should just go to police.
What the fuck is wrong with Judd? Why Louise? Is it because she is the only one who can press Manson?

>Am living for this rn since KLB was such a twat when she came on here

omg anon. Louise was annoying here but what she experienced with these POS is terrible.

No. 985287

She posted that she did file a police report.

No. 985289

for a different abuse case, nope?

No. 985291

File: 1591735024630.jpeg (249.08 KB, 1800x620, 8FBF0382-6D18-4FAA-8AC8-126E6E…)

They’re targeting LKB and 666fearless. Both claimed that Judd harassed them.

And just to be clear, LKB did not ask Manson for money. He offered it. LKB even sent it back when Judd was rude but Manson insisted on sending it again.

No. 985292

File: 1591735401816.jpg (400.4 KB, 1080x2107, 20200609_214217.jpg)

She posted about reporting to police and also said he made porn accounts and submitted a job application to a sex toy company.

No. 985293

Lmao, @ “666jobles”. Fearless is a nasty bitch.

No. 985294

Interesting. So Manson insisted her to take money but he didn't plan obviously to help her to move to Los Angeles as he promised. All his actions were about to make her accept the money and not to help her to move to Los Angeles. Why? I think it would be weird if he would help a young pretty woman to move to Los Angeles. On the other hand why was he insisting on her accepting the money?

No. 985296

666fearless spoke out against Manson for letting Judd and Lindsay use his phone to harass people.

Whoever is behind lkbellfart/666jobless is clearly unhinged.

Reread her statement, she claimed Manson offered to help her with a job in LA, insisted she take his $500 to buy her first edition art.
It sounds like he was just telling her what she wanted to hear before dropping her.

No. 985299

I really hope Louise and fearless do something with Judd\MM. Even though fearless is shady and prolly was manipulated a lot, nobody deserves being treated like that. Isn't fearless a lawyer?

No. 985300

I've read her posts. She told he promised her to help to move to Los Angeles but he didn't plan to do it obviously. He did promise to buy her artwork to fund her start up project but since his assistant was rude lkb didn't want to accept money then Manson insisted her to do it.

No. 985301

File: 1591736567742.jpeg (147.54 KB, 828x1217, DE18D837-FC85-4435-B0E5-BCF42A…)

That’s funny because anons were saying in the last thread that MM is running fake porn accounts… and someone subscribed her to this.

No. 985305

>she claimed Manson offered to help her with a job in LA, insisted she take his $500 to buy her first edition art.

Well at least he was offering to pay for her art and he didn’t just steal from her.

No. 985306

666fearless is a lawyer, yes. I hope someone charges him already, how many more women before Manson and his sleazy lot go to prison.

No. 985318

Is she sure it's Judd though? The reason I say this is because Louise has a pending rape case against her
ex boyfriend. She said she found out from his ex that he grimmy so I would think he would be the first suspect since the case is recent. Its in her twitter history. I would actually consider that guy first if I were her

No. 985319

I don't get it. Her ex had anal with her without her consent - it's a rape. Absolutely agreed. Manson grabbed her wrists, gripped them tighter as she struggled - not a rape. Suddenly. Is she sure?

No. 985321

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but ‘Louise Keay Bell’s Fart’, lol.

It seems stuff like this has been happening to the victims.

No. 985322

Is it was LKB’s ex, why would they target 666fearless too?

No. 985323

LKB never claimed Manson raped her.

No. 985324

I know. That's why I'm wondering. I would consider it as a rape.

No. 985326

I believe LKB used the term sexual assault and I would agree with that. He gave her alcohol, grabbed her wrists and was rough without consent, Lindsay joined in.. to top it off, she said it was her first sexual experience too.

No. 985327

Yes that's what I'm thinking. It doesn't sound like a consensual sex at all. Maybe lkb is confused tho. The whole story sounds to me like a brutal rape. Sorry.

No. 985332

Maybe the “price of darkness” he’s speaking of is having to marry someone so that they can’t be forced to testify against you about all of the crazy stuff you’ve done

No. 985357

The anon above is probably right about the caption. I've got no idea why he keeps incriminating himself, whether it be off handed comments in interviews or "cryptic" Instagram captions. Maybe it was directed at Lindsay, just to let her know that he's only marrying her to keep his past hidden. If there's a trial, I don't think they'll stay married long after she testifies. That's the only reason they were married anyway. I doubt that they'll even announce it, especially him.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were Manson who created the LKB parody account. He's been accused of having fake accounts before, and it's obvious that he harasses his exes…

No. 985366

His sleazy lot includes palliatian.elixir who is also following mansonisinnocent which means he is still talking to Madelyn.

No. 985372

>As far as believing Madelyn goes it’s not so much that she seems credible as it is that I’d believe Manson would fuck…literally anyone.
I think it’s quite obvious he has no standards when you look at Lilith, Lindsay, that one Asian, etc.
And that he’s a pedo, into incest and beastiality.

No. 985378

Where have you heard he's into incest? Or bestiality? Seriously, I wanna know. And what Asian chick did he fuck? I don't remember her…

No. 985387

There was a pic on the last thread of him with an Asian. It was apparently a photo that got leaked on fan pages. He met her online and hooked up with her.
And there were anons that said something about beastiality and him having porn accounts. If he is, those accounts make sick posts about incest.

No. 985389

Its fucking sad how he parades Lindsay around like she is something to be proud. I thought even his best friend Johnny Depp can’t stand her, and he actually has her tagged with him, lol.

No. 985391

I don't think a lot of people know how she really is though, other than how she treats fans. Unless someone frequents this thread, they probably don't see the messages with fan accounts or hear about how she helps him abuse girls. She seems genuinely interested in photography, from an outside prospective, and she's pretty enough.

No. 985399

If she’s helping him to use and abuse girls, she’s fucking ugly inside and out.
And they probably never actually broke up because when they claimed to be broken up she was still ALWAYS around being seen with him. That’s fucked up.

No. 985428

The lkbellfart and 666jobless accounts appear to have been taken down. Good.

No. 985433

File: 1591756077567.jpeg (483.73 KB, 2048x2048, 0D59E08F-5B13-49C9-95B7-0519CF…)

No. 985437

File: 1591756564031.jpeg (164.13 KB, 1497x598, 416046F3-3D32-4CAE-93F6-8DA2B4…)

From the previous thread.
I believe it was Dawn who accused palliatian.elixir of being fake, Manson having porn accounts, and talking to this woman online. It might be true, idk, but that’s where it started.

No. 985440

How do you know who said it? It’s all confusing, I don’t know who said what.

No. 985442

Reread the third thread, it followed her screens and posts about fakes. Dawn also previously posted about the Asian woman on her missdangerx account.

No. 985448

Why are we still discussing Dawn? I thought we all agreed that she's just a crazy chick that thinks he's behind several accounts.

That Asian woman looks a bit too old for his taste. Maybe she was just another fan that got a picture with him and posted it on IG. I don't think anything Dawn's said has been credible.

As far as @palliation.elixir, I don't know if the pictures on that account are theirs or not. There are no receipts of them doing anything "shady", either. I don't understand how that account could be connected to Manson. The woman that apparently owns it is, as another anon said, "too homely looking" and too old for him to be interested. The only way I could see that account having anything to do with Manson is if it were one of his or Judd's sockpuppets.

After Lindsay's gone, and I'm sure eventually, she will be, I bet he doesn't have another girlfriend over 25.

No. 985452

>Why are we still discussing Dawn?

I agree, but to be fair why are we still discussing Madelyn, as well. Both are clearly mentally ill with bogus proof.

No. 985454

How long until "Foolish Witch. Hexes Spells and Potion will only go so far. True love destroys all evil my monster" post from Madelyn. She's probably not having a good week

No. 985457

File: 1591760661834.jpeg (121.06 KB, 828x758, 1EE21ADC-4E8D-4793-BE9B-1A920F…)

I don’t see it.

No. 985458

She deleted it a couple months ago.

No. 985467

and nowadays Russian fan account gets unfollowed for making a joke about his weight.

No. 985472

File: 1591762914295.jpeg (350.31 KB, 1089x1810, 51F21890-C529-4489-8C56-0840AF…)

Lindsay also blocked manson_chin_evolution. She must hate these threads. Lmao

No. 985476

He’s a sick and depraved freak. He might be into autistic homelies, grannies, and trannies, too.
With all these victims speaking out, it looks like his “girlfriend” is gonna be when Big Bubba makes him his bitch in prison.

No. 985483

File: 1591767505821.png (563.9 KB, 720x645, Screenshot_20200609-222953~2.p…)

I went through the @blood15honey account, and I didn't see the any pictures of Manson and that Asian woman together, but I did find this one. Is that Madelyn? I can't really tell if it's her or not because the face is a bit blurred. Judging by his looks, it's from 2012-2014(?).

Why is there an "edit profile" option in that screen? Is Dawn back? The lack of saging and crazy splurging had gotten better. I thought she left…

No. 985485

If he says she's abusing him, then why does she stand up for him so much, lol? I doubt that she's the controlling one. Maybe she tried to be, but not now. She probably fawns over him all day while he drinks and talks to girls.

No. 985492

File: 1591769417921.jpeg (222.08 KB, 827x1184, 3556332E-C5A7-433C-908D-2F072A…)

I found the post, it’s still there.

>Is that Madelyn? I can't really tell if it's her or not because the face is a bit blurred. Judging by his looks, it's from 2012-2014(?).

Idk, it’s a little hard to tell, but that looks like it could be her,

No. 985493

File: 1591770059114.jpeg (260.82 KB, 1711x1087, 0DFF6F85-0127-4807-8F34-3DE3EC…)

If that photo is from 2012-ish, I doubt it, Madelyn looked like this during that time.

No. 985495

I don't know when that photo was actually taken. It was just an guess. I could've been wrong. The point is, if that was from a different time, it could've been her. I mean, I'm not hell-bent on trying to prove that they were together at one point or anything, but if they were it would really prove why Madelyn's so batshit about him. If I were Manson though, I wouldn't have wanted to associate myself with her, either.

No. 985498

Manson toured with Alice Cooper (far left in the pic) in 2013, so your timeline was accurate.

No. 985501


How do people know this is actually a recent photo? This looks something she took 5-7 years ago, his face is completely aged and bloated at this point.

No. 985503

Good point, but it’s never been seen before and Manson is no stranger to facetune.

It’s likely they’re already married, Lindsay dropped hella hints.

No. 985504

Because of tattoos on his hands.But yeah, filters are used because he is probably even fatter since we last saw him in public before quarantine. Lindsay sad in that interview that she spent time cooking for her partner so weight gain is expected. He can't leave the love nest if she fattened him up-JK, but true.

No. 985505

File: 1591774248719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.03 KB, 828x1155, 677D5975-0C99-48F5-890E-7F636A…)

He has seriously fucked up fetishes and she’s involved with some kind of porn, so who knows, maybe she is. This chick is weird.

No. 985507

At this point, I think he'd fuck anything with a hole. No one wants him anymore, other than Lindsay, for whatever reason. Was that post directed to Manson? I know a lot of his fangirls have a sort of gothic pin-up look. Maybe she's just a fan trying to get in his pants?

No. 985508

What fetishes? Other than the feet/pantyhose thing?

No. 985509

Well, there’s “baby Manson time” for starters.

No. 985510

File: 1591776049801.png (554.84 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_20200610-025415~2.p…)

From @palliation.elixir's account. I don't know if it's connected to Manson or not, but I'm guessing it's about ERW.

No. 985511

File: 1591776087932.png (101.05 KB, 720x649, Screenshot_20200610-025419~2.p…)


No. 985512

File: 1591776235733.png (589.24 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20200610-025511~2.p…)


No. 985513

File: 1591776327153.png (483.64 KB, 720x1005, Screenshot_20200610-025528~2.p…)


No. 985514

Yes, she’s active in the “Manson is innocent” bunch.

No. 985521


I would really love to be a fly on the wall during annual checkups. I feel like he’s overdue for some beetus or sciatica.

No. 985525

That was the cringyestt shit. I can’t even that he actually talked like that.

He made an illegal snuff film.

He wrote in his book about what he did with groupies.

Short/little girl fetish



Sweaty and dirty feet

And if that’s his porn… that’s some nasty stuff he’s into.

No. 985526

>He made an illegal snuff film.

Are you referring to the film, Groupie?

No. 985529

Lolita, Alice in wonderland, cute socks with high heels, maybe enemas (he talked something on it, about shooting liquids up his ass in an interview after talking he had to get enemas a lot as a kid), def into bdsm (see Esme's testimony and her posts), torture devices like violent wand. Maybe more.

No. 985532

There were several disturbing videos in the previous threads where he was supposedly hitting erw in one of them

No. 985533

There’s nothing wrong with having fetishes, the problem is if it’s non-consensual, which sounds like it was in many cases with his victims.

If they’re referring to Groupie, there’s no way someone actually died. Twiggy and Pogo were also in the film, they would be implicated too. It’s fucked up and disturbing, but calling it a snuff is stretching it.

Yes, and Manson is a fucking abusive psycho for recording it but she obviously hasn’t died.

No. 985541

That girl, like Madelyn, has some serious mental issues.

No. 985544

Where’s the proof he’s into short women ?

No. 985546

Seriously lol??? Also why doesn't he get a neck lift already or injections if he's so insecure about having no neck

No. 985621

File: 1591807499508.jpeg (150.86 KB, 750x1334, 472C4AA8-08AA-4681-B97D-B9404C…)

I’m glad she and 666fearless reported it.

No. 985627

File: 1591808595827.jpeg (599.97 KB, 1800x1304, FE26DD59-EDC0-48AC-86FD-73B5BF…)

Concerning Judd harassing LKB.

No. 985637

Sage for derail can anyone explain to why so many of these chicks get so obsessed with him? Like I get being flattering if a famous celebrity approached you but all these girls literally become obsessed with maintaining/cultivating their relationship with him for YEARS. He’s literally a hideous old man who isn’t particularly unique or special at this point, just another washed up edgy genxer.

No. 985640

not a girl, I think it's magic, bad karma, Putin, Trump, mental struggling, idk.

No. 985647

Why hasn’t he been arrested yet for all of this? He’s a vile, narcissistic, abusive asshole. He clearly is emotionally stunted and leaves a trail of chaos everywhere he goes. The whole “patron saint of misfits and weirdos” shtick is done. He has hurt countless people and will continue to do so. He could care less about making art. He snorts his day away and is too wasted to even recognize himself. The veil has been lifted and he is a tormented, sick person. He and Lindsay get off on fucking with people. That marriage is a sham. He has so many skeletons in his closet and Lindsay has Stockholm syndrome. They both deserve each other honestly.

No. 985648

A lot of women have trouble leaving their abusers. He's got charisma. He can lure them in, get them to do what he says. They become accustomed to it, in a way, and when it stops, it's all they know. Whether he's handsome or not is a matter of opinion.

No. 985649

What's the deal with @palliation.elixir and some porn scheme? How is that connected to Manson?

No. 985650

Which chicks?
I don’t think it’s obsessive behavior speaking out against harassment and abuse. They have to live with it while he goes scott free.


No. 985656

>I personally believe he did briefly fuck her May I ask why? Just curious why the people who believe Madelyn do so, she’s provided zero evidence.
Finally Leo Tolstoy mode time.
First of all I don't understand why anons are so quick to discard Madelyn because she is nuts, a NEET, stupid, with conflicting beliefs, whatever. He fucked complete junkies, idiots and much more less attractive stupid NEETs who are probably more insane that Madelyn (Lindsay, for example).

Firstly, let's look at some factual evidence:
> she has a pic of Lily White.
She could take the pic in two cases:
1. She went to his house = > definitely was fucked
2. She went to his tour bus = > 99,999% she was fucked
They were together for at least one evening.
And I don't think the pic was stolen.

> she had a few very old (2013-2014) photos of her being in his favourite restaurant

I do not believe she faked them back in 2013, she just had no reasons to do so because nobody was calling her out at that time. So we can say that he took her to Chato for one evening for sure.

Secondly, some logic:
>Sorry to be crude, but anyone with a vagina is probably his type.

> Lindsay has been mocking at Madelyn for how many years? her mom was reacting to her Instagram or Twitter for how many years? Why are they so fixated?

As far as I understood from the first threads Viktoria was outed by Lindsay, Lindsay's mom was harassing Viktoria via her fakes. Idk I was not watching the drama closely but it looks like stalkers would have never learnt about Viktoria if it hadn't been for Lindsay and her dumb mom. Don't you see similarities? They give Madelyn too much credit and there must be a reason why. Titti was a crazy fan too, she followed Manson everywhere. Did Lindsay complain about her to fan accounts? Did her mom create fakes to harass Titti or post shit to her? Don't remember anything like that. And you wouldn't actually want to react to every single crazy fan girl.

> Correct me if I am wrong but Madelyn was brought to the eye of Lindsay and Manson fans by stalkers. The same stalkers who posted about Gabriella and Clare and Emma Sagriff. And probably Courtlyn, idk.

Did they lie? Nope. These four had a fling with Manson. Why would they post about Madelyn? They must have had some solid proof. Manson had a fling with Madelyn, the problem is that we don't know how long it lasted.

>From the first thread I got it that Lindsay was very quick to threaten with "their team" if she didn't like something or somebody.

No threats or actual actions against Madelyn so far. Probably because she has dirt on Lindsay or Manson. For some reason it's not to Lindsay's benefit to threaten or to do something with Madelyn rn, she can only whine to Manson fans in dms. (but let's not forget she talked shit in Madelyn's dms years ago; just like she invaded Teale Coco's dms I believe)

> Manson boasts he is affiliated with some criminal authorities.

And yet he lets a crazy fan girl harass him and park in front of his house. Wut? Really? he doesn't do anything about her because she is a great toy to play with Lindsay's nerves. Anybody remembers how he liked or did something with Courtlyn Cannon to make "Lindsay extra sad"? You see, that's how it works for him. It's pure entertainment.

> Manson has a big ego

Madelyn worships him and is ready to justify anything he does. This is the best thing he could ever get from a creature with vagina. I even think he fucks her once in a year when he's bored with Lindsay and is too lazy to get a fresh girl (sorry for being rude). That's how she still believes he would be with her one day.

I remember I wanted to write something else but I forgot what, sorry.
And sorry for mistakes too.

Okay, I remember now, I wanted to write why Madelyn has no evidence but a pic of his cat and some pics from a restaurant. Since the Tolstoy mode is now off, I don't want to write a lot, I'd say she just wants to be not like other girls (Clare, Gabriella) who leaked their shit. She wants to prove she's the one.

>I think it's her mother who blackmails Manson for money, Lindsay is collateral damage
catching up with the thread. I have a question. Why does her mom need money? Lindsay's father is a lawyer, I don't know much about how they live in the US but I heard lawyers earn a lot, and her dad has his own company. Why do they need to trade their daughter's life for money? Yep, they have a spare one (Ashley) lol, just kidding, but why? Too much shit to deal with.
It makes me want to know if Lindsay's mom is still married to Lindsay's father. She would need fin support only in case her husband doesn't support her. He would not support her only if he is divorced and has a new family, most likely with kids.
In my country information if somebody is married or divorced is public. You only need to know the birth date, full name and, in some cases, the administration building address where, you think, the person of your interest registered their marriage or divorce.
What's in the US? Isn't it public information?

No. 985658


Dawn -

She doxxed herself >>985457 so it’s her. She’s been claiming under fakes for at least a year, if not longer, that Manson is behind s8n and runs porn accounts. She also claimed Manson stole his book title from her, as discussed in the previous thread. She refers to him as a “sick scumbag” and “devil worshiper” and calls his side chicks and victims “whores” and “stupid bitches.” She doesn’t seem to have sympathy for them so I don’t understand her motive.

When pressed for hard evidence or details, she always claims “later” and “you’ll see” and refers to a legal situation.

Dawn, if you have a legitimate case against Manson, it doesn’t help others and yourself to make wild accusations without proof. >>985366 >>985372 >>985525
It only confuses matters and makes you look less credible.

If you don’t know what evidence is needed to press charges, I recommend consulting the police if you haven’t done so already.

I apologize if you’re victim somehow, and Manson and Judd clearly have fakes, but don’t muddle the situation with unchecked speculation.

No. 985659

He is extremely manipulative and he knows how to read people and get inside their heads. He lovebombs then gaslights and then discards and then reaches out again. He is in so much pain and he gets satisfaction inflicting it on others. He can blame his childhood or his failed marriage. The culprit of everything in his life thats falling apart is because of him and his wrongdoings. He is a textbook narcissist. They are empty souls and they enjoy emotionally scarring others. I can’t imagine the women that he’s dated that are still recovering from what he has done. It’s crystal clear something is deeply wrong with him inside. He will never be satisfied in this lifetime and will continue trying to fill a void using people until the next shiny toy comes along. I think men and women became enchanted with him because of his columbine interview. They were captivated with someone who came across as a sensitive and well spoken person but that was all a façade.

No. 985672

File: 1591817072064.jpg (482.99 KB, 1080x1855, 7X2jN60.jpg)

Mansonisabusive new stories.

No. 985675

File: 1591817309925.jpg (362.08 KB, 2006x1073, TRGWIN2.jpg)

I also found this. I'd want to know if that chick Kristen was a groupie bc she was just 15 in 1998. I remember she followed the tour in 2009 too.

No. 985679

I’m the op I was referring to people like Madelyn, Lindsay, Dawn, Lilith , Pallid elixir ect. Who either claim no abuse or have only had minimal contact with him.

In terms of Madelyn having a picture of lily white that’s probably a photo is her own cat, she bought a Devon Rex and generally skin walks Manson’s life.

No. 985681

No that pic is way too old. She only recently bought a devon after going nuts accusing Lindsay of copying her which is lol

No. 985733

No. 985741

Which pic is it? Some of the pics are diff tabby cat she had for year that she jacked up the contrast on.

No. 985745

File: 1591830524911.jpeg (777.95 KB, 1730x1047, F154D3E4-13D1-47F9-A2F9-B085F4…)

Fake news?

No. 985748

File: 1591831462324.jpeg (688.46 KB, 750x1071, 978A7C3F-638B-45D5-A1A8-BC63F0…)

It’s definitely Lily…now whether or not she actually took this pic is a whole nother story

No. 985749

She posted it in 2016 btw

No. 985757

I think I read an article like that a while ago, last year sometime, when I was following the drama. I don't think she's pregnant. The only way I think she could get pregnant would be if they had a sperm donor or she cheated on him. At his age and with his lifestyle, I'd be surprised if he could even get it up. Anyway, can you imagine what their baby would look like, lol?

No. 985763

I don't think anything from that website is credible. There were other articles that said his nude photos were leaked and that he and Lindsay were spotted shopping for an engagement ring, with no pictures to prove it. I think that "baby bump" was probably just quarantine weight gain. Knowing Manson's history, he'd probably make her have an abortion if she actually pregnant. Their relationship is extremely dysfunctional. That's not a good environment for a kid to grow up in. Little girls shouldn't be around him, even if they are his own.

No. 985769

There used to be an account called mansons chin and Manson blocked them. It was almost a meme between fans back then.

Having a picture of his cat doesn't mean shit. Someone could've sent it to her, etc. No valid proof of her actually knowing him, lmao.

And for the love of god, y'all are turning into dawn. This psycho palliation chick is just a random psycho. Why the hell would you think Manson is behind that account?! Dawn style.

Also sage your shit.

No. 985773

File: 1591835286952.jpeg (49.71 KB, 500x333, 6CEF3168-C36E-4498-9D1D-1AC4D6…)

Dude this is not the same cat. It’s the same breed but different facial anatomy, This cat has a significant shortened nose with a prominent brow ridge and the expected brown eye “Boogers” that flat faced animals have. Lily white wasn’t flat faced, doesn’t have short nose or brow ridge. Sorry for catfagging lol but this is one of Madelyn’s delusions

No. 985774

File: 1591835783278.jpg (4.3 KB, 194x146, lilypic.jpg)

Another picture of Lily White. Maybe she just hadn't had her eye-boogers cleaned out in a while. All animals do that if they have allergies, flat-faced or not. The pictures do look really similar. If Madelyn did fake a picture of Lily White, that's just a whole other level of pathetic.

No. 985777

Honestly someone get Madelyn help haha, she keeps sperging about blm. Whatever happened to her "my monster" sperging? Perhaps she's realised that he may have married someone that isn't called Madelyn Grimes?

Or has she started loving Trump and calling him her blonde tyrant pretending they've been happily in love since before she was even born? We will never know but she sure seems obsessed with Trump atm

No. 985778

I wouldn’t put it past Madelyn to fake a photo. She faked a Polaroid of them on the last thread. She is an eromatic nutjob.

No. 985780

Haha it sounds like she has some misplaced anger. She will never get help because she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her.

She definitely has a hard on for Trump. Her entire persona is so conflicting and cringey. Even her bio. Like who describes themselves like that?

No. 985781


Okay, but I still feel Lily’s nose appears much less shorter and the ridge much more shallow then the cat in that photo. I wouldn’t have noticed or paid attention to it if she wasn’t know to be cray cray. Also why would she have only one photo of lily and not him? I do believe they met/interacted but only briefly and maybe on a tour, I refuse to believe she made it even as far as his house. She would have texts or emails, even Clare has receipts and she barely knows how to speak English.

No. 985782

File: 1591836510299.jpeg (109.26 KB, 750x979, F291C5A7-89D9-469C-9502-E01058…)

It’s definitely the same cat one is just an older picture. Look I definitely think this girl is nuts but I do wonder if she was going so far as to fake pictures of lily if she wouldn’t show other signs of being THAT fucking delusional. I think mostly like others have said, they fucked a few times, he got bored, she kept on believing all the things he told her and is too naive to see differently.

MOSTLY because there are so many other women who described his love bombing the same way. Him telling them they’re his soul mates and all that shit. The rest of them were just smarter than her.

No. 985796

File: 1591838954498.png (593.34 KB, 750x1334, AA68DBE7-F3BA-4E5E-BFF9-B84E73…)

Well according to one of her mom’s fake insta profiles he too busy for kids lol

No. 985806

How do you know that's one of her mom's? That account hasn't been mentioned on any of the other threads, at least not that I can remember.

No. 985815

I just found out that Lilith Levisis is only 19. If she fucked him when he was 46 (5 years ago), like she said on IG, she was still underage.

No. 985819

File: 1591841876755.png (711.14 KB, 750x1334, 51C98E63-DA85-4724-A6CE-8DB861…)

Her fakes were so easy to spot. They always had 50 in the name and usually the same photos and she’d just comment on pics that her daughter was tagged in all day

No. 985820

She’s definitely not 19. Where did you find that out from? Her insta stories?

No. 985821

File: 1591842610244.png (47.14 KB, 686x430, Screenshot_20200610-212721~2.p…)

No, I don't follow her on Instagram, so I can't see her stories. I read that in the article above and somewhere on the her thread a while ago. You might be right. Does anyone really know how old she is?

No. 985823

She is 22-23. That article is old

No. 985831

File: 1591843695660.jpeg (132.89 KB, 1429x334, FAB5E7B9-3DAB-445C-8A65-31BE80…)

Samefag, but Lilith Levisis is 22 and dated Manson in 2016, making her 18. Some anons claimed she hinted at dating him earlier then that though.

No. 985839

Just because she posted it doesn't mean she took it. Fans post found photos of the cats all the time. That could be anyones photo

No. 985849

They definitely were on tour in 2015. Check internet girl insta, she posted the video of them on stage.
But lilith definitely dated him in 2015, I remember it very well. He dropped her in early 2016.

No. 985860

>>985733 at least someone finally took an interest and covered the story lol. The funniest thing is that in their age and 10 years together, there shouldn't be any speculation or guessing games. If everything was normal, they would post their picture together with capture we are engaged, married, whatever. He never once wrote I love you on social media, she did under the last picture on his IG, but he didn't wrote love you too. It's like he's only playing along with the whole thing, like whatever, I'll marry you if you insist.

No. 985877

A definite must read: guess who's the famous movie director and community photographer who chose not to post her photo of Manson on her own account?

No. 985881

What? Lol. The most ridiculous thing I've read about her.

No. 985887

I don't know if he's capable of loving someone. Maybe Dita, but after that it was all down hill.

No. 985888

Why did she not post the photo on her own account? Her schedule for posting is a bit like Manson's, except she fills up her story.

No. 985893

Old and fake.

No. 985894

Lmao community photographer as in her cats and flowers? Did I miss her blockbuster film?

No. 985905

He wrote her once he loves her in 2011 on her Facebook. But you're right, anon. I want to add he used to call her a pig on her insta lol.

No. 985906

I think he paid them to publish that.

Remember when Manson was so furious that ozzy canceled the tour he didn't even show up to Ozzy's record release party although Dita did? He basically hit two birds with one stone by paying for that article.

No. 985915

I just looked through her Facebook. There aren't a lot of posts to begin with, but mostly it's just the usual "stay positive" bullshit. She hasn't been on since 2015. I didn't see anything from or related to him. She lists herself as a "public figure", lol.

No. 985916

File: 1591868214933.jpeg (230.16 KB, 750x1195, C4B375E6-B74A-44A3-9BEB-BEEEE1…)

This event is what I was talking about.
Dita even went to another party after that, Manson didn't show up at all, although he was in town.

No. 985917

No. 985918

Kinda shows that Manson has zero respect for Lindsay.
I don't think that rumor is true though.

No. 985927

He's probably mad he can't get any more groupies, lol.

No. 985938

He called her a pig publicly?! She really has no self respect.
Anyway, if he praises her publicly soon then we will know they read this threads. I mean, she does because she doesn't do anything except spending time online, he may wanna know only highlights because he is to lazy to care or to wasted to understand. Can't wait till he starts touring again.

No. 985943

I can't wait to see his new lyrics. It always documents his abusive behavior. See kill4me, blood honey, etc. Always.
The man is too dumb to hide his edginess.

No. 985954

He probably thinks it's admirable that he has so much power over young girls and has the position to hit them, like most abusers. Everytime he posts on IG, the captions almost always incriminate him.

I don't think Lindsay's found the thread. IG and taking care of Manson probably consume most of her time. She probably would've started posting here by now, and the know-how to use this site has gotten a bit better. It would be obvious if there was someone new here.

No. 985955

No. 985960

No. 985963

File: 1591882767263.jpg (122.26 KB, 1135x231, 123WhSb.jpg)

see the pic related.
(tbh I, and I think many, would appreciate if you posted caps, not links, it's uncomfortable to open a link with such naming)
that tumblr has been posted 2 or 3 times already.

No. 985966

File: 1591883040411.jpg (169.32 KB, 875x562, gFRtQxd.jpg)

and a bitm more about these tracks.
it's from http://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/Tony_F._Wiggins

No. 985975

Interesting how the abused are portrayed as having fun. It blurs the line between abused and abuser and the crime isn't as obvious upon first sight.
Kinda how Manson talks about his own behavior in interviews if that makes sense.

No. 985976

Samefag, but back in the day, when Manson and Tony were still using those makeshift BDSM devices on groupies, in his autobiography, it said one of the girls got knocked out during one of their sessions, and Tony just left because he was scared he'd be held responsible for her death. Apparently, they did some pretty fucked up stuff, more than we knew about.

No. 986041

File: 1591897614267.jpeg (359.57 KB, 1687x1098, E1F49E7D-364A-4BB7-8F1F-DC60DC…)

If Clare dated and went on tour with him in 2015, she was 17. She turned 20 in November 2017.

No. 986045

How do you know it's her birthday and not just the date she uploaded it?
I mean I'm sure he had sex with underage girls but

No. 986052

Even if that’s not her exact DOB, it’s sketch. She was born in 1997 to turn 20 in 2017 and dated him July 2015.

No. 986080

Props to good investigation. Although I’m not surprised.

Looking forward to the day he is arrested and someone in prison makes him their bitch. Wishful thinking.

No. 986081

Well they may start dating in January 2015 since Clare stated he promised to put her in his video "Mephistopheles of Los Angeles" or even in december 2014 if she was talking of him saying she spent Christmas with her older boyfriend and her mother threatened to call to the police. Her mom also argued Clare on the phone for dating 46 years old man while Clare was going to high school yet, Manson was 46 in 2014 and early 2015.

No. 986082

Lol anon, I think Manson is too old and swollen anyone in a prison to want to have him as their bitch. I heard rumours he was a bitch of Trent Reznor tho and that's how he made his way to music industry.

No. 986106

File: 1591904772302.jpeg (224.91 KB, 974x1800, 4930B2B3-A05F-499A-B202-B64687…)

“Famous movie director” and still going strong with the bots. Click on any of those accounts, similar pictures and low followers. She must think people are idiots.

No. 986130

Definitely him. That can't be a coincidence.

No. 986152

File: 1591910461072.jpeg (732.01 KB, 1800x1602, F1DFE845-C922-404D-9FF5-3F4336…)

Mephistopheles of Los Angeles video was made March, 2015. Very little chance she was 18 yet and it sounds like it was sexual early on.

No. 986189

How sick! It seems he is, and after seeing this… I think that porn account could very well be his.

I really doubt they care.You know what they do to pedophiles in prison.

That is gross!
And “cum kiss” CRINGE! Who talks like that?! I thought Manson is just sooo well-spoken.

No. 986190

OH YEAH I just can’t wait to see those lyrics either.

No. 986196

File: 1591917696678.jpeg (326.85 KB, 1522x1040, 9CDC1D12-ADE8-463F-9779-180C52…)

Wtf, why didn’t her mother call the police.

No. 986199

I know that’s fucked up! She can still can file charges on him.

No. 986204

File: 1591918793565.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.22 KB, 828x1082, 1C3F4009-EA59-4A82-8CF6-C0C4DB…)

No. 986224

I've actually had a few brief interactions with that account. I started following them after they were mentioned here, and they DMed me. The way that they type doesn't really match up to Manson's. I'm sure he could disguise it, but why would he when he thinks no one knows it's him? They always message back around 11:00 in the morning or a bit later and that's almost the only time. It takes about a day to get a response. That would be 9:00am in California time, which would be his bedtime. I can't really tell if it's him or not. Maybe I could get some pictures, if he's using his real one, and find out.

No. 986246

I wanted to message that account but I can’t access twitter. It’s just so weird that anon posted those lyrics, and then I looked at that account and that was posted there.

How do you know his bedtime? He can just message before he goes to sleep. His sleep schedule could also be different. I read in an article he said that when he has to work he goes to bed early and wakes up at like 1 or 3 am to work because those are the hours when he feels creative or something. Then in another interview from a few years ago he said he would stay in a different house because when he worked he needed to be on a normal schedule and would wake up at 7 am.

No. 986248

Here’s the interview he talks about it.

No. 986257

That account posts vanilla bi porn.
The ‘barely legal’ shtick is gross but unfortunately very common in the porn industry.

If Manson is behind that account, which I doubt without proof, he wouldn’t be doing anything illegal by simply running a porn account unless he was soliciting minors or something.

There’s nothing wrong with porn itself.

No. 986272

I'm just guessing what his bedtime is. If he got up at 1:00am, then he would go back to bed about twelve hours later. I know he can't only message before he goes to bed, but he's probably working on his "art" most of the night. Anyway, I doubt it's him. Obviously, he probably does have fakes, but we've got no proof that @cheeksngeeks is him.

No. 986298

That’s vanilla? It looks disturbing. Especially the little boy dad and son thing- that’s sick! And then those lyrics talk about a boy and his smaller cousin (fucking incest!) Then at the end of the lyrics about the ‘man’ and the ‘boy’.
And some of that gay porn on there is a lot like that. I don’t know but seems awfully suspicious.

No. 986311

I don’t see bdsm, I would personally consider it vanilla. The “little boy” is 18 years old, if he wasn’t they would be in deep shit for child pornography.
I don’t know what lyrics you’re talking about but why you would automatically assume that means Manson is behind that account.

No. 986312

That picture of Lily might've been a screenshot of one of the videos on @xpsd_13's account on IG:

I guess she really is that pathetic.

No. 986323

I’m on team Madelyn is completely full of shit but the couch looks different in the photo vs the video.

No. 986326

File: 1591935337248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.74 KB, 828x882, B8B33920-82F4-4F35-86C6-A1EB20…)

This anon posted these lyrics.

I consider an 18 year old to be a little boy. It’s just creepy and gross. And I did see that account tweeting at a 16 year old… which is now weirdly suspended.

No. 986331

The angles are totally different. Most likely scenario is he sent her that picture while he was stringing her along but ghosting her at the same time and she posted it to piss off Lindsay. She posted it the same year as the whole “pig” debacle and I’d bet anything M sent it to Madelyn knowing she’d post it to get a rise out of L. Just like how he said he liked a picture of Courtlynn to make L extra sad. There was a lot of social media stupidity at that time with all three of them.

No. 986332

That pic doesn’t look like it’s from the video, that cat is on a different couch.

No. 986357

File: 1591941827119.jpeg (92.97 KB, 828x941, 0E7C6A51-E1B4-419D-8484-F5B5EF…)

So here’s a little story time….

Last year on Valentines when MarilynMansonNews made those Greece posts I stirred up some shit in the comments by saying Lindsay is really his fiancée and some other things.
Well, about a week later after that, he sent me a message saying he wanted to reach out and know about the V-Day thing. So I responded and told him it didn’t matter because he has a girlfriend (or rather I should’ve said fiancé) etc., etc. And this how he replied in his typical assholish condescending way like a piece of shit.
The “thank you” was also the same asshole response he gave me from another message from 2 years prior when I called him a “piece of shit”.

No. 986363

I'm a little confused. How are we supposed to believe that Manson has your private number? Did he ever send a message stating that he was Manson? And if you insist on staying on the thread, maybe you should start typing "Dawn" in the name box so we know it's you and don't confuse you with other anons that have possibly useful information.

No. 986366

Dawn, why don’t you understand the concept of proof.

There’s no header on that DM that shows the name of marilynmansonnews. And you would need to show that whole conversation.

At this point I’m convinced you’re either:
a. intentionally fucking with us.
b. Schizophrenic
c. A religious nut with a vendetta against him.

No. 986367

File: 1591944426690.jpg (914.9 KB, 1920x1920, Polish_20200612_014508326.jpg)

All taken from @marilynmansonnews. It's always the fans that document his bad behavior.

No. 986368

That’s interesting because I never said who I was. What would make you think I’m her? Just curious. Also, why would he have to state who he is in a text?

No. 986370

Because Dawn repeatedly mentioned marilynmansonnews in the previous thread.

No. 986371

and is a really creepy weird painting to have where you receive guests lol

No. 986372

He would've needed to say who he was because that's one of the only forms of proof that we could get. If you're not Dawn, who are you? And how do you know Manson?

No. 986373

Dawn also posted similar bullshit evidence in the previous thread and already tried to pass herself off someone else.

No. 986375

Is that you, palliatian.elixir?

No. 986376

That's not evidence, that's just a collage of a few posts by @marilynmansonnews related to his relationship with Lindsay. It's obvious that Dawn is still here, but maybe you should be a bit more careful when you're pointing fingers…

No. 986378

She doxxed herself while pretending to be someone else. >>985457

The screens she’s posted so far:
Follow a similar pattern to the screens she posted in the third thread and are the same accounts she previously mentioned.

I’m not trying to be rude, but how is posting vague screens that show no proof of her claims constructive or helpful. She’s intentionally derailing the thread.

No. 986383

File: 1591948126232.jpeg (277.62 KB, 813x1251, 0FABCA3E-A035-41A6-8548-8BB9DE…)

I’m guessing this is the post she‘s referring to.(constant samefagging)

No. 986385

This looks hella fake.

No. 986386

Lindsay looks like a high-class hooker. Well, she basically is..

No. 986402

I don’t think it could be fake, it has a time stamp on it from a year ago. And the text was close to around the same time of those Greece posts.>>986383

No. 986404

I thought maybe you recognized the text and that’s why you were so quick to know. When I read that, Madelyn popped in my head because she was always commenting on @marilynmansonnews.

No. 986439

He said he wanted to talk to you about the post? And you said “no point you have a gf” and then he said “wow that hit me like a ton of bricks”? What? Not only did you not include the name of the person texting you but this conversation actually makes no sense. Please repost with the name.

No. 986508

First off, why would Manson be interested in Dawn? She's a conservative, middle-aged woman. Even if he did briefly talk to her, he was probably just fucking with her. And why would he have her number? She claimed that he talked to her through a Facebook group at first. That is his typing style, but according to her, he was "disguising it". Dawn needs to go back and explain from the beginning, and then maybe it would sound at least a little credible.

No. 986523

File: 1591989631707.jpeg (72.95 KB, 1503x250, 87FBC94B-CFC6-41AF-84D6-E63EEA…)

Agree, and she should stop trying to pretend being someone else. >>986368

From the previous thread, this is the most credible scrap of info I could find on her.

No. 986600

File: 1592002014708.png (123.71 KB, 393x775, Polish_20200612_174655579.png)

From this article, in 2009:

Think there's any truth to it?

No. 986609

First of all, I don’t think she’s ever said anything like that. Where are you getting that info about her? Did I miss something? Because from looking at her IG I don’t know what you’re talking about and I haven’t seen publicly that she’s posted based on what you said.

No. 986611

It’s also quite presumptuous of you to think someone like her would even be interested in Manson, Lol.

No. 986614

I think there is.2009 was the year he had a mental breakdown, he said it himself in some interviews. He even went to rehab but his dad got him out, he said that also
I do believe they refused to supply him with drugs because they feared he could did and everybody would lose money.

No. 986625

In the last thread, she posted screens of "Manson" talking in a Facebook group and a few of his posts. There's nothing that I've seen on her private IG (@dawn.marie.r) where she named him.

No. 986632

I never said that she was interested in him. But if she wasn't, why would she blame him for being behind "fake accounts"? Did she just pick a random celebrity to obsess over? She has no reason or proof to believe that she's had any mutual interaction with him.

No. 986634

Ok, but where are getting that info about her being conservative and stuff? What makes you so sure she doesn’t have proof? Do you know her or something? There’s hundreds of celebrities to choose from, why MM of all people?

No. 986639

I lurked her FB before she deleted it and she made references to being a Christian and claimed Manson was attacking Christians under fake accounts. That doesn’t mean she’s conservative but that’s the general vibe I got.

No. 986646

If she has proof, then she should share it. Her story isn't believable.

No. 986658

But who would be sending her a text msg about what she posted on the MMNews page tho? How did they know it was her?

No. 986665

It’s the most generic text in the world that doesn’t mention that account at all, plus it makes zero sense. There’s no proof that text is from anyone/about anything.

No. 986669

We know that Dawn is still on the forum and sees everything we post here. If she had proof, she would've posted it by now. She hasn't had any real-life interactions with him, so I doubt she's signed an NDA. She could talk if she wanted to, but there's nothing for her to talk about. It's just a bunch of bullshit.

No. 986715

Yes it seems we may both have a mutual person in common. I became suspicious of this friend of mine after a few things, so I did a check on him, and when I looked him up it came up that one his relatives had the last name “Warner”. Also he had an alias that came up by the name “Francis”. Manson would know all about that name.

No. 986717

No we never met person and I would tell him to stick an NDA up his ass.

No. 986721

Fearless always referred to Manson as her "friend". I honestly can't tell who's who anymore. Please stop posting your bullshit here. It's ridiculous. If you have proof, post it. If you don't, get the fuck off the thread. Why would Manson know something about the name "Francis"?

No. 986723

I’m not talking about Manson, I’m talking about my friend who is related to him. The name Francis is a middle name that came up as his alias. Which Manson would know because he knows him. And there’s whole inside story about that name.

No. 986725

If I was going to obsess over a celebrity don’t you think I would choose someone better than a disgusting pedophile misogynistic douchebag man whore that has sick porn/sex and drug addictions?

Also if you were stalking my private FB you would know I fucking can’t stand celebrities and Hollywood.

No. 986729

I never said that I was stalking your private IG profile. The anon that posted that comment wasn't OP. Why do you base your delusions on Manson? You've got no reason to believe that account is him, unless he directly told you that it was him. If he did, post screens. None of your stories are credible.

It honestly sounds like you just saw this thread and decided to pretend to know him. I'm sorry if he has victimized you in any way, but you've got to look at this from an outside perspective. You don't sound believable. I don't even know what all you've said so far because you're so inconsistent in your story. How did he go from being behind a Facebook account to texting you? What was the accounts name anyway?

No. 986745

I don’t think this is a delusion >>972268.
I don’t think all the texts and messages I got are delusions.

My stories aren’t inconsistent. I didn’t say he only had a fake account on FB (the Mark Peak) one I posted about. I said he had fakes all over social media which is how he got my number and texted me. And he sure seemed to know I was on the MarilynMansonNews page.

No. 986749

And how is that relevant exactly? You can't prove any of the stuff you're saying.

No. 986755

Because there are hundreds of those Manson pages on IG, which mind you - I had no knowledge that MarilynMansonNews had any relation or connection to him, and you’re trying to tell me out of all of them he just happened to know it was me under fake accounts commenting on that particular one? Hmm….

No. 986793

Ffs this bs again. Please no.

No. 986804

So why can’t you post proof?

No. 986815

Someone ban this nutcase pls, she makes this thread unbearable

No. 986826

Post real proofs that what you say is true because nobody believes you.

No. 986853

I highly doubt that MMNews has any kind of connection to him.
She just seemed to be a hardcore fan. She's not that passionate about her account anymore anyway.

No. 986862

And Lindsay was threatening with IP-addresses all the time, probably bc Manson did so or still does.
As Evan said, he's familiar with spyware and hacking.

No. 986884

Dawn, you’ve now taken over two threads to make it about you. Please stop.

Even if there’s a shred of truth to your claims, your credibility is gone.

Your track record so far:
Stolen book title - Highly unlikely.
S8n - Disproved. There’s a pic of the guy who runs it.
Jesus account (?) - No proof.
CheeksNGeeks- No proof.
MMNews - Fake evidence/no proof.

You’ve made your points, please move on.

No. 987014

File: 1592087016493.jpeg (153.36 KB, 828x891, 6EF1B28C-694A-4FFF-ACBE-6AD0C7…)

Now Manson is signing me up for subscriptions! Calling me at 6 in the morning!!! And I know why it’s specifically for an “auto” subscription. That’s real funny.

No. 987037

Umm this is actually a spam call where they try to convince you that you’ve subscribed to something so that you call to cancel, they ask for your cc # then steal money from you. No one signs you up for this. Seriously you need help and this thread is not it.

No. 987038

Dawn, has no one told you that you shouldn't click on spam emails? As if Marilyn fucking Manson would waste his time messing with a random hoe he never even met in real life. What for? And why? You've still not explained, lol. Take your meds and calm down, you sound like an actual lunatic, the fuck.

No. 987041

That’s disgusting. Like another anon said, she can still press charges. but most likely she wont because she’s a junkie and he might have paid her off. Makes me wonder if Lindsay is really some kind of a cover to him being a pedo, because obviously associating with kids isn’t good for image or career to the public and that’s why it was doing bad for so long.
But neither was Lindsay doing any good for all those years around, so doesn’t make any sense why after all those years, in the year 2020 he suddenly tries to portray her in this false light on Instagram.

No. 987042

Not defending Manson, but as far as I know she was the one tagging him in pics of her in lingerie and shit. She wanted it. She got it. And according to Lilith herself she STILL feels a huge amount of love for him and he was never mean to her, lmao. (But her brain is so fried she forgot the post where she was like "uwu, he lied to me sob"

And no, that does not make him a pedo cause in some if not most European countries it's totally legal to shag a 16 year old no matter how old the dude is. Yea, I know that's not the case in the States. Just saying.

Manson is trash and girls and women need to run as fast as they can instead of getting involved with him. But Lilith was a fangirl and she got what she wanted. No difference to a regular m&g shag, except for the fact that maybe they met up like 6 times instead of just once.

No. 987045


Clare was living with her mom in Kentucky during hs, she has also mentioned having an “older” boyfriend during that time period that def was not manson

No. 987050

Palliatian.elixir is that you? You shady bitch. I KNOW you are on here because I saw you post about this site. I think you need meds more than me with all your multiple personalities.(hi cow)

No. 987051

Clare dated another 46 year old?

No. 987052

No he would be considered a predator/pedo to the majority of society. And in European countries, like Italy, it’s only okay if it’s a 5 year difference.

No. 987055

File: 1592096828766.jpeg (740.3 KB, 2048x2048, 24DE297B-E873-4672-92C7-1A0FE4…)

Here’s another to add to that list.

No. 987059

How does that have anything to do with Dawn or Manson? It all started going downhill after the 2nd thread. At this point, it's just a bunch of nutjobs pretending to know Manson.

No. 987081

That’s his account. Even Nikki Sixx knows about it and follows it.

No. 987092

Link the account? I searched for it and couldn't find it. Why do you think that account is Manson? He obviously does have fakes, most celebrities probably do for privacy reasons, but that doesn't mean every suspicious account is him.

With that being said, I do think this one actually sounds a bit believable. He's always been obsessed with the Bible. That posts at the bottom about anal sex really drives the point home. Just because Nikki Sixx follows that account doesn't mean it's him, though. Neither do the other things. He'd have to admit it for it to be completely accepted, but I do agree that it could be him.

No. 987101

She lived in new york at that time. I remember it from her old Instagram.

No. 987114


Yup, it is… it’s 100% his.


No. 987123

No. 987126

That article was on @s8n. The account being discussed now and that on are completely different.

No. 987133

File: 1592110770711.jpeg (542.17 KB, 750x1143, 6877006E-851D-4FC6-9875-62A94E…)


Idk how old he was but she mentioned having any “older” boyfriend in high school which was in Kentucky, there was an tumblr still up back in day from when she interned at university of Kentucky art museum in HS. She moved to nyc when she was 18 for university. If their relationship started in nyc she was 18+. I think at this point she is so messed up from long term drug use and being around career junkies she just lies all the time about stuff to make herself seem more ~edgey~ with older men and crazy behavior and such.

No. 987134

File: 1592110878219.jpeg (113.3 KB, 750x494, 0C174E62-6A12-4764-BD80-94E10D…)

My apologies, I do realize this is a really stupid piece of information, but I figured I’d add it for shits and giggles. There’s an interview where he states his dislike for pizza.


I saw it ages ago, back when I was a fan of Mansons, and forgot about it, but looking at the Satan Twitter account where there’s a post about “sadistic pizza addicts” just reminded me. Figured I’d add that not very useful piece of info because anon said the post about anal sounded kinda like Manson (I agree).

No. 987141

Good find. That tweet and what he said in the interview about pizza really sounds like him.

No. 987156

If you look through the tweets, there are a few that mention pizza in a positive way. But there are also all these posts about eating pussy (and ass) and fisting. It was mentioned that he's into fisting, right? And Jenna Jameson said something about him eating her out in her autobiography. That doesn't mean it's him, but…

No. 987162

Idk when exactly she moved in NYC but she was 17 yet. This screen shows only that she used to live in Kentucky in 2014 I think. She posted in her stories that she dated a 46 years old man and she posted a video with her mother phone call.

No. 987164

There are receipts in this and previous threads of Jessicka Addams, Courtney Love and LKB claiming he was fucking 14 - 15 years old girls which is illegal even in Europe.

No. 987170

Jessicka deleted that post after Twiggy was fired. Most of the things she said we're probably true, but I don't think she had any actual proof of it. I think it was just a ploy to make Manson get rid of Twiggy.

No. 987171

File: 1592121281547.jpeg (264.95 KB, 1800x1800, 7CC4C023-AF88-442E-9EBB-6EBB4C…)

Agreed, it’s weird. There is no definitive proof and probably never will be. There’s the one tweet saying “I can’t decide if I wanna fuck you or kill you.” Sound reminiscent of some of his song lyrics or simply something he’d say. On the other hand there are things such as “I’ll start following people the day there isn’t someone on Twitter complaining about my son @realDonaldTrump.” Which I can’t decide if that is meant as an insult or not. Sorry for the rambling, please don’t kill me. I just thought it’s interesting, that some things sound very much him. I’d agree that there is not much to prove for it. I’ll stop talking about this now.

No. 987172

She said Manson was the reason she had to go to rehab the first time. I remember how she just vanished in the middle of that drama.

No. 987173

Why not? Manson was the only one who was 46 at the time.

No. 987175

Because I distinctly remember that she said she didn’t have friends so she spent all her time with an “older boyfriend” doing acid and other drugs, that was clearly not manson but prob some local burnout loser living with his mom.

I do not believe she was living in nyc when was 17. Why? She is way too dumb to skip a grade or get early admission.

No. 987328

File: 1592161739811.jpeg (484.11 KB, 1574x1613, 60E2DF5C-DDE5-40E3-98AF-894375…)

This recently came up on Reddit, lots of people commented about shitty Manson shows.

No. 987335

That's the 2nd time it's been mentioned that he pisses in cat litter. Are there no bathrooms backstage? Or is he just too lazy to go find one? I think that goes back to the "kitty girl" story. Maybe it was for someone to sit in so he could piss on them. That doesn't make it sound any better, but…

Honestly, I'm not surprised that his live shows are shit. He's got a raging drinking problem and he's getting older. He doesn't seem passionate about music anymore, anyway. In an interview a while ago, he even said that he only started a band to get girls. His entire life revolves around women.

No. 987364

File: 1592169241137.jpeg (325.96 KB, 2048x2048, B31B3020-D623-4634-B816-83B8FB…)

It definitely does, especially all the tweets about drinking and Rick and Morty. I also found it interesting he tweeted at that Jesus account.

No. 987368

If one day someone makes a film about him, it could be titled "Manson, or the 120 days of Sodom".

The depraved things and the abuses that the victims of that film have suffered make me think of what Manson does in his life. Disgusting.

No. 987417

File: 1592176797457.jpeg (214.19 KB, 750x478, 4807D36D-055B-4B22-9E76-463BD8…)

A post liked by the Satan account does line up with Manson’s little respect towards Women.
That is interesting. On the other hand, it looks like his management/Lindsey now run his Instagram account. Yet whoever runs this Satan Twitter account seems to release relatively coherent tweets at least once a day. So either it’s not Manson running the Twitter account or he’s stopped caring about his Instagram.

No. 987450

The person who runs that account has posted pics of himself and said he’s not Manson why are we still talking about this

No. 987452

This is a different account >>987055 that was the s8n one.

No. 987458

It’s probably both him and/or his management running his IG. His last post looks like he posted it.

No. 987492

I don't know how we even got to the point of thinking Manson is behind that account. It does seem likely though.

Was the Twitter account still posting while Manson's management/Lindsay had taken over his account? If he was too shit-faced to post on IG, he shouldn't have been able to post on Twitter either.

No. 987500

File: 1592186068626.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 7C2AFF63-B977-4B2F-822F-1BE322…)

Wow she’s selling her work now

No. 987505

It looks like he didn’t tweet on that account on the days when his book and Black Lives Matter was posted to his Instagram.

No. 987511

I wish you knew how insane you looked to all the rest of us.

No. 987512

$5000+ for a print? I don’t see that happening.

No. 987514

Yeah deny deny deny. You’re so obvious. Get the fuck off my FB.

No. 987518

You and Manson texted for months? How do you have his number?

Why is it always “stupid bitch” and “whore” when referring to other women in his life?

What do you hope happens? You win a settlement or..??

Ask @satan__ to post a live video to settle it.

No. 987522

Yeah I love how every woman is a whore but she’s convinced Manson is fucking with her because she’s a Christian

No. 987527

I doubt the Satan account posts a live video, especially if it actually is Manson, just because some crazy lady accusing him of being a celebrity asks him to. Maybe one of us should DM him and see if we get a response.

No. 987530

File: 1592196293462.png (509.17 KB, 750x1334, 83BB7C58-3C65-4902-9E94-B42A3C…)

Uh oh you guys, trouble in soul mate paradise? Marilynmansonnews posted about what MM is doing in quarantine and Madelyn liked the “who cares” comment with her fake account. Can’t believe she’s made no mention of his marriage and how “the truth will come to light” and all that shit.

No. 987534

File: 1592197358229.jpeg (314.46 KB, 828x1666, 31A5BE70-DD34-4993-84F2-7FE46C…)

Because I gave him my #.
It has nothing to do with him. I have always called any woman that’s a whore or a stupid bitch - a whore or stupid bitch. And that Asian woman got nasty with me, so yeah, she’s a stupid bitch.

No. 987537

File: 1592197821889.jpeg (162.55 KB, 721x1374, 0A9D7402-79B3-4BE3-8B08-AA25DF…)

According to Madelyn, apparently Manson has only dated her. Lmao
I mean, Lilith was a groupie but Manson pursued her and she posted freaking videos from inside his house.

No. 987539

How’d she even find that post to leave that comment?? What a cuckoo.

No. 987541

How did you give him your number? Why did the Asian woman become nasty to you? Show that screen. Did she confirm she dated Manson?

No. 987543

Lmao girl that's the premise of "queen of the damned". Anne rice is like training wheels for goths what are you even doing.

No. 987555

File: 1592199738131.jpeg (87.17 KB, 750x992, 289B0762-F4AC-4FCF-A44F-3C60CC…)

Madelyns moms FB page…interesting who she’s following

No. 987557

Those prices are unrealistically high lol.

I should design a free lightroom preset for the blue ish flower photo and then post the info on one of her photos lmao

No. 987563

Do they really believe somebody will buy it?

No. 987566

Maybe she hopes her bots will. Lmao

No. 987567

She stalks all his alleged side chicks and tried to prove that she's the only one he's ever been with.

Maybe her mother only followed him to satisfy Madelyn. I doubt that she'd let her daughter continue doing what's she's been up to without getting her some mental help if she knew, though. Madelyn could've really had a fling with him. We don't know for sure.

Are you kidding? That's one of the most hilarious exchanges I've ever read. Two middle-aged people are discussing whether or not Jesus was a vampire. The further I get into this thread the dumber Manson starts to look. I can't believe he'd actually fall for that.

Also, why the fuck did you give him your number? You're just egging him on. You complain that he won't fuck off and leave you alone, but you gave him your number?

"Our souls were binded together in Heaven, and we were meant to be together forever. However, I believe this was a mistake after all. I'll always love you, my soulmate, my monster."

Seriously, I doubt she's over him. She'll probably keep up the charade until he or she kicks the bucket. He's told her to fuck off before, right?

Maybe she's trying to save up some money before M kicks her out and cuts her off again, lol.

No. 987568

File: 1592202986140.jpeg (335.41 KB, 1701x1539, C68E949A-3A61-44D1-BB0E-B6234E…)

Madelyn’s sister seems pretty sane and she posted this a few weeks after ERW started telling the details of her assault that reeeeeally made it look like it was Manson.

As nuts as Madelyn is I really think they had a thing and he just didn’t bargain for how incredibly crazy she was going to be.

No. 987569

If they had a thing tho, according to Madelyn’s dates they met at his concert when she was 18. In other words, another teen groupie.

No. 987570

…But it's obvious that it was true. Other women who've dated him have released abuse stories. Some have even named him.

No. 987571

What the fuck are you talking about? You must be some boring ass that doesn’t have a sense of humor.
At least he actually sounded coherent and articulate for a change instead of gay ass shit like “baby time Manson”.

That was over year ago when I didn’t know anything and just figuring out his bullshit.

No. 987572

Answer this please: >>987541

No. 987573

Yes completely.
She moved to LA at 19 to be with him, think of how gullible and naive you are at that age.

And I’m not suggesting it’s not true. I definitely think it’s true I was only pointing out Madelyns sister saying what she said makes it seem like she’s met this person. In the very least I don’t see her defending someone her sister made up knowing.

No. 987578

Was it mentioned here before that Salò is one of his favorite movies?

No. 987580

Well, she is a famous movie director now so selling prints is just a side hustle.

No. 987584

No, it's not that I don't have a sense of humor. It's just that you're batshit, and I have absolutely no clue when you're joking or not.

No. 987585

It hasn't been mentioned here before, but honestly, it's not that surprising.

No. 987588

Well, she did try to sell prints of him on Tumblr a few years ago already bc he told her to.. guess it didn't work.

No. 987589

File: 1592210288958.jpeg (90.55 KB, 750x1179, 1676AA86-BF06-4AE2-B134-BD5552…)

So how expensive do you think it is if one has to contact them for the price lmao

No. 987597

Lmao this is literally printed on watercolor paper? She can’t even developed her photos she just scans them directly into a computer? What is the point of using digital camera at all then lol just use photoshop to make the image look vintage

No. 987598

File: 1592214183331.jpg (58.98 KB, 540x533, wNzkFmU.jpg)

>Well, she is a famous movie director now so selling prints is just a side hustle.
I laugh so hard at this. Thank you anon.

>how expensive
all jokes aside I think there will be people who'd love to buy a picture of HIM. however, she tried selling her photos of him many years ago, idk if somebody fell for it.

> a high-class hooker. Well, she basically is..
I hope you'll like the photo, dude.
inb4 you ask me, it was posted by Lindsay many years ago, and deleted shortly after fans started drawing parallels lol

No. 987605

Curious if Madelyn got an enema as his groupie lmao.

No. 987612

Or her "shooting liquids up his ass" or whatever he referred to his enema fetish. Truly sweet&romantic.

No. 987625

>bc he told her to
why do you think he asked her to sell her photography?
I remember she tried selling them right after they broke up.

No. 987654

File: 1592228111056.jpeg (69.8 KB, 750x378, 41F11374-FCD4-442B-BE27-4E9E4D…)

I think Manson might’ve love/hated Britney Spears

No. 987656

File: 1592228190491.jpeg (192.49 KB, 750x1204, 7EF6972F-3523-4671-B0C5-174106…)

The article I reading ^^^^

No. 987666

Another favorite movie of his is A Serbian Film. He likes showing it to girls on first dates to gauge their tolerance.

No. 987672

Yes, along with August Underground, Snuff 102 and The Bunny Game.

No. 987684

File: 1592234614161.jpeg (133.83 KB, 1536x454, E9DE1708-01FA-4FA5-B240-6E8376…)

Manson is also a big fan of Michael Jackson. He’s brought him up in interviews several times.


No. 987687

The pic was posted in june 2016. Lindsay was completely off the rails back then, posted a pic of herself kissing Alison Mosshart of The Kills, a mirror selfie in which she was topless and so on.
I'm pretty sure the hooker picture was up until she deleted her account in early 2017.

No. 987688

Sounds to me like he just made fun of Paris Jackson bc he has no empathy.

No. 987690

I heard he wanted her to become his friend. Weird bc she was only 15 and he was in his 40s. He was a friend with 16 yo Ana Lou Castoldi tho.

No. 987691

nah, I remember it was deleted in like 3-4 hours. Idk, you might be right but I remember it this way.
her online presence was always a mess, I think now they finally hired some people, not really skilled though.

No. 987692

He suggested it so she'd have something to do. And to earn money of course. Same thing he told Louise, only that Louise didn't paint him.

No. 987694

Maybe after his "tribute" backfired lol

No. 987695

The topless pic was definitely deleted less than two hours later, not sure about the hooker pic tho

No. 987696

I mean you speak as if you heard him tell her to do that. so far only assumptions as I can see.

don't want to get bitchy but how do you know?
I googled "marilyn manson"+"Snuff 102" and it gives zero results that would prove your words. I tried other movies too, nothing for August Underground, The Bunny Game. A tweet alluding to A Serbian Film, but not a single interview that says it's his favourite. Sorry in advance if I am wrong.
I do believe Manson watched them bc some of them def served the inspiration for his music videos but saying something like
>He likes showing it to girls on first dates to gauge their tolerance.
kinda makes me want to ask you about your source.

No. 987708

He liked A Serbian Film on Twitter long ago, I only know this. As for the other films ask on the Provider Module forum, this is where the discussion started.

No. 987732

File: 1592242442572.jpeg (540.71 KB, 2048x1538, 55FBCF38-D97D-414C-97EA-03EAD9…)

What i got from mansonisabusive.
Apparently amie harwick knew that lindsay tried to sell photographs of manson + other stuff.

No. 987747

Manson is trash.
Lindsay is trash.
Her parents, her mom and her dad, they are trash. I wouldn't believe anything about blackmail coming from crazy fans or Madelyn, but I don't think Amie Harwick had reasons to lie.
Ashley Usich-Iha is trash. Her fg brand shop cete is trash too because they build their audience through abusive retards like manson and lindsay.
Dita is trash for covering his ass.
Madelyn is trash for supporting his bullshit.
fearless666 is trash for helping him and supporting him for a while.
everybody who's close to him and supports this shit is trash.

No. 987754

I know that there's so much valuable information in those texts, but honestly, the funniest thing to me is that he can't get it up.

He's said in interviews he fucks 5+ times a day, and Lindsay said something similar to that in leaked DMs. It must be a pride thing.

Everything he does revolves around having sex with as many women as possible. It doesn't make sense for him not to be able to get hard. Amie Harwick should've known, though. They dated, right?

No. 987756

She said not a lot of sex, not completely incapable of having sex tho.

No. 987758

100% agree.
Don’t forget Rose McGowan, as well.

No. 987759

He’s gotta be taking viagra or something.
The more I read about him and L’s relationship the more I feel like aaaaall these other girls have just been a part of some abusive sadistic game they play with each other. Like they’re just that couple that likes drama, likes to break up and get back together, he fucks a bunch of girls to make her mad, then they get back together and he talks shit about all of them so she can feel good again.

No. 987762

File: 1592245542308.jpg (639.64 KB, 1080x1942, JCFbZXy.jpg)

Rose advocated a convicted pedophile. She's not credible. She also had to know what Manson did to underage girls on tour (see Courtney Love screenshot above).
Screen is via mansonisabusive.

No. 987767

Agreed. People are so enchanted with fame that they forget Manson is a real person who does bad things and hurts people. People in his life who let him get away with it just want the benefits he brings and to be associated with him. Anyone who supports him is under his spell and is fucking delusional.

Lindsay is a master manipulator who has stockholm syndrome and nothing else going for her in her life except the fact that she’s married to him. Madelyn is a erotomanic stalker who will follow his every move until the day she dies. It’s funny- Madelyn and Lindsay actually have a lot in common. Both NEETS with no talent or redeeming qualities who sponge off other people for money since they are entitled leeches. All of these Hollywood people chasing fame are toxic af.

No. 987773

Rose was only ever out for herself. She was upset because she was one of Weinstein's victims, understandably, but for the other people in Hollywood and real life that have been sexually or otherwise abused, it's not her problem, and she doesn't have to worry about it.

Anyway, she was in a cult growing up, and I'm sure that had a significant impact on her mental health.

No. 987774

I think somehow some of them might've been part of a game, like when Manson fucked Teale Coco to make Lindsay "extra sad", but in the end, she's just a toy like the rest of them. The only reason he hasn't gotten rid of her yet is because she's got dirt on him, that I'm sure will eventually be released. She'll always find a way to claw her way back into his life until he kicks the bucket.

No. 987822

That doesn’t really add up to me. This dude has been accused of HEINOUS stuff by exes and random people, and no one seems to give a single shit. What could she possibly have on him that would lead to him marrying her after 10 years? Especially considering they’ve broken up before and he’s said in interviews that he was single. Why wouldn’t she release all this damaging info then? If it’s just for money she could’ve settled something with him and then went out and found a…better mildly famous guy to latch onto. I call bullshit on the blackmail rumor. I think they’re just two fucked up people who thrive off an equally fucked up relationship.

No. 987828

Nta,could it be it was her parents who got tired of that mess and demanded stability?

No. 987831

She clearly have something serious against him. Maybe something that has to do with the murder of someone besides having sex with minors and abusing the people around him. He's connected to gangs right? Maybe he got someone killed. Just a guess.

No. 987832

I doubt they care that much. They’re not together and her mom would always tweet about going against convention and all that, plus the mom always seemed super into the drama and often participated in it even more than Lindsey.

No. 987838

So her parents are not together? Do you know for how long? Does her father keep in touch with her or wtf he's doing. Her mom is nuts, I wonder if her dad is no better.


This so fucked up. Her family supported her.

No. 987840

No idea I just know that she mentioned having a good relationship with her ex-husband who is a lawyer in a tweet or something a while back. Think they’ve been divorced a really long time.

No. 987891

I mean, I don't doubt that Manson has the emotional instability to kill someone, but if he did do something like that, I think it would've come out by now. He brags about the shit he does online and "hides" things in his IG captions. It wouldn't be hard to pin something to him with how bad he is at covering up evidence.

I think she's got something on him about him fucking underage girls. If she came forward with that, reported it to the police and everything, he might get a little jail time. I'm sure he could get a good lawyer and get out of it, though.

No. 987897

File: 1592264448358.png (447.73 KB, 750x1334, 7609E100-F91B-4656-97FB-79546C…)

I dunno I mean this is the text between him and his friend fearless and it seems whatever the “this” is is too nonchalant to be something seriously sinister that you’d just casually text about with a friend

No. 987947

I’d like to see all the catsanddevils caps. Who has access?

No. 987952

Do you mean 666fearless? Second thread.

No. 987991

Eep it turns out Madelyn no longer lives in LA but is still pretending to. The nuttiness is worse than we thought.

No. 987993

Lol anon where did you find this out? Where DOES she live? In her parents basement?

No. 987996

File: 1592284197420.jpeg (535.24 KB, 1716x1681, EE66FB8E-A5DA-4D13-9B48-AED15B…)

Totally at her parents house
If you look her up it lists her as living in LA but also NC, but if you look up the LA apartment it says it was on the market in aug 2018 but she was posting pics in that apartment years before that. Then on her Depop it says “I ship from LA but use my parents NC address” which lol ok. And in her Depop pics she posted today that window is clearly one from her parents house, and not at all like the window from the LA apt (posted)

No. 988001

File: 1592285122885.jpeg (166.43 KB, 921x1241, 2EC4442A-4B52-4A24-9014-67CBB6…)

Posted on Reddit today - not very milky but kinda strange. Lindsay didn’t want guys on the bus?

No. 988002

Please don't make fun of me but I actually purchased a pair of shoes from her depop a while ago. I live in North Carolina and was expecting the shipping to take at least a week from LA but it got to me within a few days which made me think she's probably there but she was still tagging "miracle mile, California" as her Instagram photo location

No. 988006

Don't buy from her shop! She leads people to believe that she scouts
around LA for vintage and that all the items were hand chosen out of LA thrift stores but that's just not true.

Half the items are from the 2000s and from her local NC Goodwill. We DM'd for two hours about this particular pair of pumps, I asked her where she got them and she said she couldn't remember and started listing all these high end thrift stores in LA but when I got the shoes they had a Goodwill sticker on the bottom. She made it seem like the shoes were purchased new by someone, worn once and spent time in a celebs closet and then was softly donated to a high end vintage store. Those shoes smelled like feet and I had to get the bottoms/soles redone.

No. 988007

Don't buy from her shop! She leads people to believe that she scouts
around LA for vintage and that all the items were hand chosen out of LA thrift stores but that's just not true.

Half the items are from the 2000s and from her local NC Goodwill. We DM'd for two hours about this particular pair of pumps, I asked her where she got them and she said she couldn't remember and started listing all these high end thrift stores in LA but when I got the shoes they had a Goodwill sticker on the bottom. She made it seem like the shoes were purchased new by someone, worn once and spent time in a celebs closet and then was softly donated to a high end vintage store. Those shoes smelled like feet and I had to get the bottoms/soles redone.

And then a few weeks later she asked me for a review of her shop but I felt like I couldn't accurately review it because I was probably the only person that purchased anything so I lied and said the shoes were a gift for someone else.

No. 988008

This poor girl man. Why lie?? Like ok shit didn’t work out for you in LA and you moved back home, no big. If you don’t want to don’t say anything about it at all, but posting pics for the last 2 years tagging LA when you don’t live there is next level.

No. 988010

I don't know who her parents are or what she does for a living but I'm pretty sure she DOES NOT make her own money. I don't think she has friends or a job either. I would even go as far as to say that Lindsay probably has more of a job than she does. Even if Lindsay isn't necessarily producing good art or making money, she can at least claim she's a practicing artist. With Madelyn she can't even claim that much…

The textbook story of a wealthy teenager going to LA using their parents money hoping to attach herself to some rockstar or famous person. Except Madelyn failed and is probably home in NC now with her parents. For her sake I hope she's at least enrolled in community college or beauty school

No. 988012

Last October so October 2019 on Madelyn's sisters page she took a picture with Madelyn at the Caroline classic fair which is a fair that happens in my state in Winston-Salem NC.

The sister seems to live and work in LA and there's been recent photos of her in LA. Her sister knows a lot of makeup artists/creatives in LA.

I see nothing that suggests that Madelyn works in LA, or still lives there. She tags miracle mile Los Angeles but that can be some weird nod to Mansons Coma white song.

She might not live with her parents but the kind of apartment she has would cost an arm and leg in LA. There is no way someone is fishing her out probably 2500 a month for some vintage old Hollywood apartment. I'm guessing her current spot is probably something vintage in North Carolina which would be a LOT cheaper.

No. 988013

LKB said she helped him assault her. I definitely wouldn't put it past her. Manson probably just doesn't play with other men. He's a huge homophobe.

Maybe they're trying to finally get her some mental help. I doubt it, but why else would they cut the cord on her like that?

No. 988014

Right! Probably because this whole Manson thing. She wants people to think she's in LA. She might of been in LA in 2016 but I see nothing showing she's still in LA. Just like the person above posted, the last time that apartment was on the market was in 2018. She probably moved back a few years ago now…

No nights out

No friend selfies

She posts random photos from ok photoshoots

Such a strange thing to be secretive about.

Is anyone familiar with Manson's US tour dates? When's the last time he was in North Carolina?

No. 988015

The photos she posts of her apartment are old from her apt in LA that was listed at $2000 in 2018 after she obviously moved out of it. It was probably a little cheaper when she moved in in 2014.
The pics she posts now on her Depop are obviously in her parents house, and she even posted a pic of her bathroom sink which is the same as in the listing photos of her parents house.
They probably helped pay her rent for a while, and then got tired of it and made her move home.

No. 988016

I couldn't find any exact tour dates for NC, but the last time was was there was around 2018, I think.

No. 988017

Yeah I saw August 2018 in NC

No. 988019

File: 1592288659445.jpeg (545.72 KB, 1800x1389, 9E7B3002-A62B-4B69-A88D-B31D8F…)

Lol he was there Aug 1 2018. Guess where Madelyn was July 28 2018? Look at the house in the background.
Literally the same day she posted a picture and tagged it LA

No. 988032

Male fans aren't as easily manipulated as female fans. Lindsay wanted girls on the bus who do whatever they say.

No. 988034

Well, Lindsay being his accomplice could actually go to jail. She has no money, she isn't famous and she couldn't afford a good lawyer. Her father probably isn't practicing anymore and would be furious if it came out. It would be equivalent to suicide.
Maybe that's how Manson controls her now? She's in too deep.

No. 988036

Madelyn is bat shit. I checked her tweets from around summer 2018, when the apartment would have been put in the market and she would have moved.

The last time she tweeted about Manson was in June 2018, and goes completely silent until Nov. 2018. And in Nov its ramblings about "not being too late to restart" and "no matter where you go"

So if they were a thing (which I doubt) Manson told her to kick rocks 2 years ago, Her parents stopped funding her stalking Manson escapades, or Manson actually has a restraining order on her.

No. 988055

File: 1592301632196.png (254.71 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20200616-045749~2.p…)

It looks like she finally understood that he wasn't coming back.

No. 988057


I really doubt it. She has shown repeatedly that her one and only life goal is to be Mrs Marilyn Manson. She also probably lets him treat like crap in ways which no normal person will probably do as evidenced from some of the leaked dr ami texts. She isn’t someone he would embarrassed to be seen in public with like Lilith or Gabriella, she isn’t completely delusional like Madelyn, and probably to some extent reflects aspects of him own immature, elitist, self absorbed personality back at him in a way he finds very gratifying. They probably independently sucked as people before they ever met each but after meeting just vibed and amplified it in each other which makes her the perfect sidekick for him even as he continues to search for his perfect idealized Dita clone which doesn’t exist

No. 988137

Lindsay’s pre-Manson livejournal was posted in the first thread and she came across as mentally unstable, depressed, has poor hygiene, selfish, and obsessed with sex.
Some of Manson’s other women have outright said Lindsay is crazy.
My guess is Manson stays with her because she’s easily manipulated and doesn’t have a life outside of him. He can treat her like shit and cheat but she stays because she’s not mentally stable enough to leave.

No. 988162


Something about Madelyn sitting around in her parents house ACROSS THE COUNTRY taking Lingerie photos all day long trying to lure Marilyn Manson via her ig while Lindsay runs his accounts is everything

I seriously feel bad for her. Like it would of almost been better if she could move out of LA to another city in California.

The stalking was financially bad enough she had to leave the state and move home lmao.

No. 988163

It makes me wonder if after the incident where she showed up at their house on Lindsey’s birthday she got herself a restraining order and HAD to leave

No. 988189

I’m sorry, what? She showed up?
Did I miss the caps?

No. 988196

No one posted it, maybe someone has the caps? But the mom tweeted about multiple times years ago. How she showed up and sat outside in her parked car and caused a whole thing.

No. 988200

She never posted anything like that.
Madelyn parking in front of his house was brought by some 666 account discussed earlier in the thread, yet there was nothing about Lindsay's bd.

I have a continuous feeling somebody is sitting on a pile of caps or, basically, knows more than posts and, when called out, just referes to the things we can no longer access.
No offence to anon who wrote >>988163 I might be wrong or too suspicious (because of Dawn, sorry)
but it's just the impression.

No. 988202

She definitely tweeted it. It was a post that said something like “showing up at someone’s house and sitting outside in your parked car isn’t true love, it’s stalking” and then another one said
“Us: we’re getting ready for a bday in here go away!
You: play Misty for me, my monster” which is reference to a stalker movie. I remember it SO we’ll because it was so next level batshit to me. I MIGHT have a cap somewhere I’ll check in a bit.

No. 988204

thank you! really sorry for being that much suspicious, his bat shit fake accusers made me this way, pardon me anon.

No. 988207

Lol does anyone else have this many weirdo people in their orbit like him? He has legit accusers, then he has the ones like Dawn. I bet you anything HE’S Dawn and pretends to be a loon so the real accusers are less likely to be believed lmao

No. 988218


Nah that's not about Manson. It's in reference to a friend that died. She posted an Instagram story the same time as these tweets about someone close to her that died. Plus she was still tweeting about Manson in April 2020.

No. 988224

I don't think he's Dawn. There are pictures of her on her IG. I do agree, though. The crazy ones make the real ones less believable.

No. 988226

You know, I’m glad you wrote that because I felt too crazy saying it. Lmao I also suspected Dawn was him, or at least a batshit fan intentionally trying to make these threads less credible. No one can be that outlandishly stupid.

True, but if Manson is threatened by her lawyer dad I assume whatever she has against him is illegal. I’m sure Lindsay witnessed all kinds of illegal activity.

No. 988228

It was about her dog dying

No. 988232

Fearless and Manson talk about crazy shit like that all the time, I'm sure. It's probably not that big of a deal to him

No. 988234

I don't understand why she broke up with him shortly after they got together in 2010 tho

No. 988235

I don't think it is "they broke up", I think it is always "he blew her off".

No. 988237

I doubt she broke up with him, if you remember he got back together with Evan in 2010 and I’m pretty sure that’s the year he proposed to her too

No. 988266

File: 1592344222511.jpeg (23.96 KB, 828x183, C0575208-5F09-44D2-B016-4BF145…)

I would have never thought to look at the dates she tweeted about MM. Very observant. That’s interesting because in the last thread that account Dawn is saying that’s a fake of MM commented on her post Nov. 2018. And she was saying it was about Madelyn. I’m just saying the dates line up.

No. 988272

Evan tried to kill herself in late summer 2010. He went on a date with Lindsay in August 2010.
Later that year everyone on provider module talked about how lindsay broke up with him bc someone who knew manson said so on myspace.

No. 988277

If Lindsay left him in 2010, it’s probably because she wasn’t in deep yet. 10 years later after abuse and his bullshit it doesn’t seem like she hasn’t in her anymore.

No. 988280

File: 1592387040473.png (42.22 KB, 1880x656, Screenshot (18).png)

No. 988281

idk where you see "Lindsay broke up with him" in >>988280
Manson was changing girls like nothing in 2009-2010.
I don't remember in which thread but somebody posted a timelime with his gfs in 2010, it was more like he used to text and get girls to his house or a party for a night.
Lindsay was living in NY, the only way she could stay in LA was Manson paying for her stay at a hotel or apartment or she stayed in his house. I don't think her parents sponsored their relationshop (omg if it's even relationship) at this early stage. I think he'd blow her off every on and off he got bored and wanted another girl.
I think the only time when she actually tried to leave him was when the broke up letter happened, I don't remember the year. 2015?

No. 988340

Maybe read their conversation again. It says right there in the screenshot that Manson's friend told them that Lindsay and Manson split and she went back to NY a "long time ago".

No. 988348

Nothing about that looks like she broke up with him. It looks like he ended it and she had to go back to nyc to live with her sister.

No. 988352

In Lindsay’s story she says she first flew out to LA to see him in early April 2010, which means she met even before then. So he was technically still with Evan, maybe he dropped L after the suicide attempt.

No. 988355

Also let’s stop calling it “the breakup letter” because that never happened. She sent him a text that made it sound like she was fed up with his bullshit, then he printed it out and read it onstage like an asshole

No. 988357

I doubt he cared about Evan or her suicide attempt.
Lindsay and Manson first met in 2009. Probably late 2009. She once hashtagged a pic of them together with that year.

No. 988464

File: 1592421658298.jpg (309.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200617-121516_Chr…)


So I follow Madelyn on Twitter and she posted this photo in January. I thought it was strange because it wasn't her normal selfie style, I thought it was weird that she posted a low resolution photo of herself sitting in a car, but didnt think anything off it.

I found the tweet a few hours ago and it was posted in January 5th 2020 (look at the tweet date at the bottom)

She posted this ON HIS BIRTHDAY.

I'm starting to think maybe she was outside his house or attempted to contact him?

No. 988470

I think her parents stopped funding her life because it was clear she was highly unstable doing nothing productive with herself. I really doubt manson would take a restraining order out on her or any crazy female fan unless they were legit threatening to kill him, he enjoys the attention way too much.

No. 988471

It’s possible. If anon can find the screens of Lindsay’s mom posting about Madelyn doing the same on Lindsay’s birthday it would help confirm.

I think Manson banged her once at his concert when she was 18 and has tried ever since to make it appear that they have a relationship. It would also help explain her obsession with him.

Idk if Manson has a restraining order on her but she runs Mansonisinnocent and that benefits him. She could turn on him if he somehow made it clear she’s just a stalker but if they actually banged once when she was 18 the line gets a bit murky.

On a side note, does anyone know who’s behind @diamondsandpollen? It is an actual person or another Madelyn account?

No. 988478

File: 1592423466293.jpeg (254 KB, 828x1593, 4C23249A-64CF-4E22-95FC-859BA3…)

Her favorited items on Etsy…If this doesn’t scream obsessed, stalker fangirl I don’t know what does.

No. 988485

I believe Madelyn is behind the diamondsandpollen account. Who else would post photos of her and tag #MarilynManson?

We already know she’s behind mansonisinnocent, catsanddevils, baudelairethedevon, her personal page and probably a handful more. She has way too much free time on her hands. Although it must get boring being a freeloader in NC.

No. 988497

Not that I’d put it past her but that would be the ultimate in crazy because of how much diamondsandpollen talks to Madelyns regular account.

Also wondering who is behind “justiceforhimm”

No. 988511

I also strongly suspect Madelyn is behind @justiceforhimm, as well. Mansonisinnocent follows the him too movement and always tags #himtoo.
The him too movement is also associated with republicans (read it on wiki) and we all know how much Madelyn loves Trump. lol

No. 988526

Does anyone follow the @justiceforhimm account?

No. 988533

File: 1592427805295.jpeg (103.05 KB, 1087x932, 5027CE9A-5362-468D-A1A0-A44AAC…)

Also curious. That account has a low follow count and doesn’t seem friendly to strangers sending a request. Kind of odd if they’re trying to defend him.

No. 988613

I understand people have the right to gossip about whoever they want but I really think the mods should remove Madelyn's address. I know addresses are public domain and can be found with just a simple Google search but if it's truly not her house and it's her parents' home we should assume her parents don't want weirdos knowing where to locate them.

No. 988617

Her address was covered.

No. 988634

File: 1592436068666.jpeg (163.26 KB, 750x1079, 81191C8C-C8EA-4A82-B991-18EB9E…)

Found it. It wasn’t a tweet it was on insta. Cap is from Jan 8 2018 so year it was near his bday

No. 988651

Was laughing when some anon said he'd sister sounded sane. Madelyn's entire family is mental seeing as her mom likes/follows Marilyn Manson on Facebook. Her sister is obviously batshit too cause she basically defended Manson. Where's your proof girl? Just tryna make your sis look less mental aren't ya Morgan?

Madelyn lying about living in LA is hilarious. Hope Manson got a restraining order on her cause she's so unstable it's funny lol

No. 988652

Samefag *her sister

No. 988654

Lmao, Hope is so far gone I can't take her seriously anymore, but this post is definitely about Madelyn which makes me laugh. I really wonder how Manson feels about Madelyn. He's probably like "oh fuck no" every time someone mentions her or he sees her creeping around outside his house once again, hahaha.

No. 988657

File: 1592438740082.jpeg (374.88 KB, 721x561, 0589704B-E507-4438-9634-C26C71…)

Also this. Hard to believe Madelyn wasn’t actually in the mix for how much L and her mom interacted with her.

No. 988678

I like to know how in her or Manson’s retarded head thinks meeting a rockstar at a concert is “fate”? Anyone could meet one if they wanted.

No. 988679


I am the only one who is weirded out by how similar the family dynamic is to Lindsay’s? I know she skinwalks both Lindsay and Manson, but her family too lmao I can’t

No. 988684

Who posted it first?
I mean, if Madelyn is next level stalking them, spreading lies, and invading their privacy I can see why Lindsay and Hope called her out on it. Note that Manson didn’t stop Hope from posting that or defend Madelyn.

No. 988691

Do we know for sure they met at a concert? I was always wondering how they met.

No. 988699

File: 1592442232140.jpeg (267.46 KB, 1429x859, A3A42CC4-C4F8-4473-B8AD-1FFF4B…)

From the second thread.

No. 988701

File: 1592442274536.jpeg (469.26 KB, 1800x1067, D9949013-7EF9-44BF-87D8-85F4A4…)

Some more of Madelyns ramblings. I do think it’s interesting though that Amie brought up how he’d trash girls he was with to other girls, and it seems like he probably trashed Lindsay to Madelyn to manipulate her, but she took that way too far and decided Lindsay was witch trying to control him lol

No. 988702

File: 1592442283537.jpeg (215.01 KB, 828x1431, BF608C47-F9B8-43E9-9FA2-59D98D…)

It’s definitely odd she went silent for all those months, because she posted consistently, and then started with those posts again. It seems something happened with her and Manson, then he got back in contact with her in Nov., and has been since. Hence, mansonisinnocent
and justforhim, and palliatian.elixir following her on all her accounts.

No. 988707

Impossible to prove without caps but if I remember correctly she was still tweeting a bunch, then went private, then public and had deleted a bunch of tweets during that time.
Also I think July 2018 is when it seems like she moved back to NC so it makes sense something happened.

No. 988709

Madelyn is almost certainly behind mansonisinnocent (definitely) and justforhim (likely) so she’s following her own accounts.

No. 988710

No I mean palliatian.elixir follows those accounts, who I know for a fact is someone on Manson’s “team”. Which they said he is still talking to Madelyn.

No. 988715

BINGO! That’s exactly what Manson’s MO is… he talks shit behind their backs . And he continues talking shit about Lindsay on the justiceforhim account right along Madelyn.

No. 988718

Wait, do you have screens?

No. 988721

Nope, unfortunately, at the time I didn’t think to take screens. I tried reporting that account many times to get it taken down. I saw what was on that account before they went private. That’s why they changed the name and went private because I called them out. I just know palliatian follows that account, which means he doesn’t bother to stop what Madelyn does.

No. 988723

Sorry I have a really hard time believing the palliation account is in any way related to him. Proof?

No. 988733

That’s fine. You don’t have to believe it now. But it is - and it’s a fake, which means he would know about the justiceforhim account. Therefore, condoning the hate on Lindsay. so he could continuing lying, manipulating and showing off for that pathetic Madelyn.

No. 988773


Okay I'm 100% sure this is projecting tho. Her own daughter has displayed the exact same crazy behaviors as Madelyn and is just as cracked out and weird. The only difference between the two is she got there first and Manson gave Lindsay the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he nexted Madelyn so fast and wants nothing to do with her because she reminded him so much of Lindsay and her didn't want a second Lindsay in his life, one is more then enough.

No. 988774

But…has she? I’m not a fan, but if I’m being honest I haven’t seen much evidence that Lindsay is nuts. I’ve seen caps of her defending herself against people who harassed her and made fun of her online, and then I see her hanging onto this relationship that seems super unhealthy (or at least did in the past) but nothing that makes her seem like the monster people try to make her out to be. That all seems like it came from Madelyn spinning that “manipulative witch” narrative and fans that decided to hate on MM’s new gf.
The only way I can see her being terrible is if HE has actually done everything he’s been accused of, and she knows it’s true. But let’s be real, he probably lies to her constantly.

No. 988785

File: 1592455439656.jpeg (640.37 KB, 1800x1541, 68E0475E-5D0C-4329-A21D-C89E9F…)

Lindsay’s harassed other women in his life (Teale Coco), was in general a bitch to people, engaged in LKB’s assault, and is apparently blackmailing Manson. She has to be well aware of Manson’s bullshit or she wouldn’t have anything to blackmail him with. Does that make her insane? Idk, but it certainly makes her look equally guilty.

No. 988786

There were fans saying that she'd harassed them online and punched fangirls in the face at shows. There were a few caps in previous threads, if you go back and look.

She probably does know about a lot of the things he does. She can use it as leverage if he tries to break it off with her again. I do think that he abuses her, but she's no better for keeping what he does a secret.

I think she probably has some mental problems. Maybe just an underdeveloped personality. She really has nothing else going for her, except being Mrs. Manson. There's nowhere else for her to go, and taking low-quality photographs isn't going to pay the bills. Hope obviously isn't a good mother, and she seems supportive of their relationship. It's hard not to feel sorry for her.

No. 988788

I thought @lindsay.ashley.you was just a fan account? She always tags #lindsayusichisbeautiful and promises follow-backs. That's so pathetic.

No. 988793

Nope, that was Lindsay. There’s tons more screens from that account in the second thread.

No. 988797

Yea I was going to say Lindsay is no saint. Teale was just on the same Photoshoot set as Manson. She legit didn't want or thirst over him like that but Lindsay was calling her names and harassing her. Teale tweeted something along the lines of " I don't want your man, he hit on me, come get your man."

Lindsay also punched fangirls (Manson was all over/flirting with) at shows, and I believe she sat on his lap at a M&G and wouldn't let fans shake his hand.

I get Mansons fans are extra, but all this tea about Manson, the sidechicks etc started with disgruntled fangirls who heard this stuff about Lindsay. This is why I take mansonisabusive w/ a grain of salt because I think the person behind it had Lindsay expose account way back when.

mansonisabusive, mansonisinnocent, justiceforhim, the Lindsay&Madelyn drama is all a cringe circus. But the milk hasn't gone bad so this is why I'm here.

No. 988800

My guess is that he has a team of people that set up accounts for him. I noticed that palliatian is one of the accounts that always seems to target specifically at the people who speak out about him. It doesn’t make any sense if that was just some random fan that they would feel the need to do that. And that account is also weirdly obsessed with Evan and so worried about what she posts.

No. 988813

I doubt he's in touch with Madelyn. She's just a stalker.

No. 988815

What? The person who runs that elixir account is one of those batshit 14 year olds. Just look at how they write.

No. 988816

Lindsay's always been part of the problem, so why not talk about her?

No. 988840

I guess some people really are retarded- check out the likes as well.
I have no words.

No. 988842

No doubt this is a real fan page with no bots.

No. 988897

File: 1592490593616.jpeg (318.56 KB, 1307x1337, 3BFBCC5C-052A-46D5-A11B-A8160A…)

Lindsay had about 35k followers before the bots. Are they really trying to pass off that she gets an average of 1800 new follows a day? Lol Manson doesn’t even get that many per day.

I guess he’s ok with her being a fraud, he liked that post.

No. 988931

Why is she unfollowing so many people though?

No. 988950

Instagram randomly deletes bots.

No. 988951

But she’s never followed bots

No. 988957

Sorry, thought you meant the 916 that unfollowed her. Duh. No idea why she’s unfollowing people.

No. 988966

Her daily average is unfollowing 2 people, 60 is the total for the month.

No. 988976

On june 6 she unfollowed 19 ppl

No. 989005

She spends more time on social media then the average teenager. Its like they are all she has besides Manson. It was like that before quarantine. This bot followers are just embarrassing and I find it hard to believe Manson liked the picture on fan account himself so it really could be true she runs his IG account from time to time.

No. 989019

>I find it hard to believe Manson liked the picture on fan account himself

Why tho? He has to be well aware of her bots, you’d have to be blind not to. Not to mention she’s suddenly a “famous movie director” lmao >>985877

I think he’s trying to make something out of her now that they’re engaged, possibly already married.

No. 989030

Because those bots are too ridiculous to like, I mean, it would be logical if he posted their picture together on his IG already, or something.
They are trying to make something out of her last minute. The only question is whose stupid idea was that? Is she craving some kind of visibility outside his aura or his narcissism can't handle marrying ordinary girl after all high profile relationships he had?
She is a socialite with hobbies, at best and any reasonable person would be fine with that but then we wouldn't have anything to laugh at so it is better they keep going with this imaginary career things.
She posted that my love picture and two other pictures on her IG. Wonder how the selling is going?

No. 989059

File: 1592509254480.jpeg (492.7 KB, 1044x2013, 60E00A1E-B895-4BEF-84FD-213D4B…)

Right… Madelyn is just some stalker and isn’t still talking to Manson… yet somehow a few days later she is making posts, repeating verbatim something I said in a private DM about “conspiracies”. Sure.

No. 989064

Oh my god someone please ban Dawn forever she’s so boring

No. 989066

That screen doesn’t show shit. No name on the DM and wtf does that have to do with Manson or Madelyn?

“There’s definitely life on other planets. I’m evidence of that. I was sent here on a mission.” LMAO

No. 989093

I just explained it. I was telling that account about conspiracies, then she’s posting about it on the mansonisinnocent account. How does it not show anything? Can you not see it?

No. 989099

Yeah ban me just because you don’t like what I say and speak the truth. You’re probably a fucking liberal because that’s what they do. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the right to ban someone. Ever heard of freedom speech?

No. 989106

UGH that’s not what I really meant! I was joking and speaking figuratively. ' .

No. 989113

>Agee, Dawn needs to be banned

Nooo!!! Contrary to popular opinion, I like reading her craziness!!!

No. 989127

You speak zero truths, only insanity that goes unproved. I’m sorry, who exactly are you talking to in that cap? Are you talking TO Madelyn? Either you don’t know how caps work, or you’re a lunatic. I think you probably need help because these seem like unfounded delusions.

No. 989133

Oh damn! MM is caught red-handed! If that’s really Madelyn’s account, which everyone seems to think it’s definitely hers.

No. 989143

Madelyn thinks there’s a huge conspiracy against Manson because he’s an alien who brought the pandemic?
I kinda like that theory better. lmao

No. 989144

Am I not reading this correctly? The grey text is FROM the person who posted the cap, so the text in grey saying “I’m an alien” is FROM Dawn who is talking to? Madelyn? I’m not even sure who she’s suggesting she’s speaking to.
Then a few days later this mansonisinnocent account posts about a conspiracy theory and this is supposed to be connected how?
Dawn are you suggesting that you invented both the word and concept of “conspiracy”?

No. 989152

How is that a delusion? I mean really, you people need to stop being ignorant and loosely throwing that word around that you don’t know the actual meaning of. Are you not reading the same message? That’s obviously a real fucking message.
And no it’s not Madelyn. It’s a fake account of someone that started messaging me July 2018. So no, it’s definitely not Madelyn because I never heard of her back then.
So I like someone to explain to me how
Madelyn is suddenly posting about “conspiracies” on her page a few days later after I was talking about conspiracies pertaining to Manson’s BS from an account that started messaging me from almost 2 years ago?

No. 989160

Well considering that page is dedicated to proving that people are out to get Manson via lies and deceit- which is what a conspiracy is- maybe that’s why?

No. 989162

File: 1592517155010.jpeg (977.15 KB, 750x1193, D6F141C3-A90E-4D01-81CE-76774A…)

Here’s a few things that have been tagged #conspiracy
Are…these all Manson too??

No. 989165

File: 1592517286519.jpeg (30.45 KB, 360x270, E3037D11-F962-41A3-9333-C634A9…)

No. 989195

Lol Madelyn I know you’re reading this can you come set this girl straight

No. 989252

What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with a tag. She literally repeated what I said in a DM to some person, and then started posting about “conspiracies". Are you not reading the dates?

No. 989265

I have to say that is very weird you were telling someone that there’s a conspiracy against you and she changed her page just a few days after that and began talking about conspiracies against Manson. And then she somehow knew and posted about Manson’s online behavior changing. It sounds to me like he’s talking to her.

No. 989290

File: 1592529182666.jpeg (629.82 KB, 2048x2048, 738C6898-962F-4F9C-861E-A026BC…)

The person on that account is obviously fraudulent and disguises how they type. Screens of them on their computer and how they really write, using impeccable grammar.

No. 989296

But they’re comments have always been well written. Not to mention she posts a video of herself talking, think you guys are reaching a little on this one.

No. 989300

File: 1592530044885.gif (3.12 MB, 638x382, 5A249DDB-CFC0-473E-AC31-9C934B…)

Dawn, whatever happened to your big legal case that prevented you from discussing details?

No. 989375

Not true.

Manson does "like" his fan accounts on IG. Lindsay does as well… I always got the impression Lindsay was liking fan stuff from his account to maintain engagement with fans. I can't see him giving his info to a random fan club president so it's most likely Lindsay handling that.

He's in his 50s and back in his early days people sent ACTUAL fan mail via postal service.

No. 989376

Majority of his fan interaction/fan art is probably done online now.

No. 989381

I actually meant the content of her comments about Manson. She's a lunatic.

No. 989384

But you've seen Evan's testimony right? He's not that unfamiliar with technological stuff and Bella Thorne basically revealed that he has/had at least one fake account on ig - marlinmanson_private or something.
It's not that unlikely that he does it himself.

No. 989398

He's a creepy dude and has admitted to creeping on women he's interest in online so he probably does have private accounts but I highly doubt he's wasting his time stalking random fans.

No. 989407

File: 1592561791683.png (724.04 KB, 750x1334, 6175C10F-674E-496D-BD47-F7EEEE…)

Can we talk about how desperate Manson was to make Bella his next victim?
Posted by mansonisabusive.

No. 989492

I don't think he's trying to get with her lol. He clearly wants to work with her and I could understand why, she's one of the "bigger" actors right now. She's interesting… I would want to work and meet Bella Thorne too tbh. The girl is fascinating, she started on Disney based on her current persona you would never even know she was a Disney star lol.

No. 989496

I don’t think he discriminates between fans or otherwise. He’s hooked up with and abused fans several times - Clare Buley, Lexus Amanda, Jordan Arentz, LKB, etc.

Offering to photograph/video seems to be his typical pick-up line. He tweeted Bella and Amie Harwick referred to Bella, as well.

No. 989498

People have to stop trying to make things look bad.

This reads as someone trying to be friendly to someone he wants to work with. She's a young girl…She's 22. It's safe to assume one would use a softer tone when speaking with someone so young.

Nothing in those messages reads as creepy or desperate. If anything it shows he might of been confused why she wasnt responding and seems outside of mainstream celeb news stories.

Someone was threatening to blackmail her with nude photos and grown women were sitting there on national TV slut shaming her, telling the world this 22 (probably 18,19,20,21) year old girl deserved to be blackmailed and exploited.

A very loving and fatherly/big brother tone. I'm around Bella's age and I don't think I would've interpreted any of those messages as creepy or predatory and I'm sure he's learned his lesson about dating a teenage public figure

No. 989500

File: 1592580869704.jpeg (94.4 KB, 571x796, 5537EB46-1BFE-4CFE-99D5-449B90…)

It seems they dated tho?

No. 989502

She was blackmailed and had her nudes released. She was probably spiraling thinking her career was over or something.

If anyone could teach her about moving forward from career shattering controversy, I would consider him a valid candidate.

He cheated on his hot wife and fucked someones head at a concert.

No. 989524

Why does everyone harass Madelyn?

- The more I look into her specific situation, the more I start realizing the evidence that this woman has ties to him is limited. There's zero evidence pointing that she's even talking about him on Twitter. She posts on his birthday but that could be a coincidence.

- Those screenshots could be fabricated. You can easily make up ig conversation screenshots.

- Who was she even talking to in these screenshots? Who was on the receiving end of these messages?

- Why would she openly talk about her personal life with strangers? In these screenshots she's writing out long answers, answering questions that were never formally asked as if the person is trying to get as much detail into the screenshot as possible. Why would she willingly offer so much info to strangers?

- She was featured in this photo art show at a gallery he frequents, is their a possibility he met her, developed a FRIENDSHIP and possibly liked her photos on Ig?

- How did she get tied to the situation. How did people find her?

- Could it of been a friendship? And that's why she has photos of Lily?

It just seems like she could be talking about a different man, have somewhat of a friendship resulting to some public social media interactions with him and someone incorrectly put 2 and 2 together and created a whole narrative

No. 989525

Offering to put her in his video was his pick up line for Clare too. >>986152

No. 989529

Which screenshots? Foxy Feminists? They were talking to Mansonisabusive.

>How did she get tied to the situation. How did people find her?

Madelyn inserted herself into the situation by fabricating evidence multiple times to make it look like they have a relationship and showing up at Manson’s house on his birthday. Not to mention she claimed Manson met her parents.

No. 989545

Maybe look through the previous threads, idk.
All your questions were already discussed.

No. 989595

File: 1592592760241.jpg (726 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200619-204734.jpg)

Madelyn should seriously start posting 'my monster' stories again cause whenever she posts about anything else her stupidity really shows. Newsflash; the masks are to protect others and not yourself.

And…is she walking her cats or what.

No. 989606

I read all the other threads in real time… it was never discussed.

You can easily fake Instagram messages.

This girl is getting her name slandered and she's getting harassed and no one even has undeniable proof that they were anything but friends. The only "proof" you guys have:
* she posted a photo of lily (which could mean they have a friendship)

* She posts cryptic tweets and everyone assumes she's talking about him and not another man.

* Screenshots that could be fabricated.

* She was featured in a photography show that Twiggy and one of the bands drummers attended.

On Instagram she said he saved her from being drugged at a party, this could be grounds for a friendship.

If you ask me, it seems like some jealous child fangirl somehow linked them together on social media assuming they were romantically involved and then started fabricating messages to support the false narrative they're trying to push.

It seems like some jealous little girl did some deep creeping online, saw Madelyn and her possible connection to Manson and then started the harassment campaign.

I understand that she clearly interacts with fan accounts but based on what I see, it seems like those fan accounts are the ones approaching her and tagging her.

There's literally zero proof that she's running those other accounts.

Lindsay's mom interacted with her but that was AFTER Madelyn was exposed. I was around back in 2016 and her and Courtlyn were the main girls getting the most hate because of their POSSIBLE ties. Lindsay's mom probably didn't even know what was real and what was rumor.

Looks like some fan girl is pissed that she has a friendship and because of that, they're lying on her and urging people to harass her.

No. 989607

Lmao you're clearly new here. That's Manson's typical grooming technique; ask the girl for a shoot/video shoot and bomb her with attention. It's quite obvious that he doesn't actually give a shit about what's going on in her life, he just wants to get her in a room with. A photoshoot with two old guys and a young girl? Soooo professional.
He always picks the unstable ones.

No. 989608

Only that the screenshot is at least a year old.

No. 989614

I think Gabriella got a lot of hate. Madelyn was never interesting even for stalkers.
Courtlyn's POSSIBLE ties to Manson is lol.

No. 989615

Is that Madelyn’s narrative now, that they were just friends now that Manson is probably married? Lmao

Who is she referring to then? And why does she harass and stalk his other women?

She clearly tried to push they’ve been in a relationship in the previous threads.

Madelyn posts lingerie pics on her IG in an Alice in Wonderland theme and Egon Schiele, artists Manson clearly likes.

She tagas herself and diamondsandpollen on Mansonisinnocent.

And sage your bullshit.

No. 989616

File: 1592595323634.jpeg (263.28 KB, 1800x1207, 3A06F976-A2D4-43BD-B0AB-AA4A50…)

Madelyn harassing Bella about her book.

No. 989620

Manson saved Madelyn from being drugged at a party???? LMAO he probably was the one who drugged her, if they ever even hung out. There's an article in which Manson states that he drugged a woman..

No. 989621

File: 1592596265606.png (1019.23 KB, 750x1334, C132AC94-3694-4776-BED6-B4AD57…)

Old but telling.

No. 989624

Madelyn appeared on marilynmansonisbeatiful (now diamondsandpollen) from her real account. You can still find her comments, check the comments to their oldest post.

No. 989629

Where did he say that?

No. 989630

File: 1592597544601.jpeg (355.26 KB, 1527x801, BF8B8390-51C9-4CCB-A704-E1564A…)

Yep, Madelyn’s been blaming Lindsay for years.

No. 989635

Are you fuckin retarded? Or…?

Someone liking the same things does not automatically mean they're romantically involved with eachother. Hitler and I are both fans of unique mustaches so we're definitely fucking right?

What sense does that fuckin make… lol

No. 989639


Right there >>989621

No. 989642

You're all SOOOOO pathetic. How embarrassing for you…

Imagine being so obsessed with someone and obsessed about their sex life/personal life to the point where you feel its appropriate to harass girls he's been involved with.

Sweetie, he did not choose you. Whatever relationship he had with those girls is THEIR business. You're not his girlfriend and he probably doesnt even know you exist.

You're harassing these girls for what reason? Because they had a relationship or encounter with him?

You're so jealous you're spending hours a day scrolling through 5 year old screenshots trying to piece together details about SOMEONE ELSE'S sex life. I even scrolled past a comment that commented on him not using condoms while having sex, who the fuck cares who he jizzes inside? These threads are so creepy and weird. Just cringe. All of it…

You guys are even going as far as determining how he feels about his wife, whom he dated for 10 years prior. He obviously likes her if they dated for 10 years and they eventually got married.

Have any of you considered that he doesn't talk about Lindsay and other women in his personal life because of you sick individuals harassing them online?

If you're such big fans, do you really think he's happy about the fact that you're inserting yourself in his business and harassing his wife?

"He's never on social media"

Yeah I fuckin wonder why…. Weirdos

No. 989644

I don't think @diamondsandpollen is wrong, though. Yes, obviously he is abusive. Multiple girlfriends have gave evidence proving that he is. But Lindsay does try to control him, too, and the way that she is with fans… Truly, they deserve each other.

No. 989647

You guys are basically harassing this Madelyn chick because she hasn't "proven herself"

Even if she's real, she's not obligated to disclose details of her personal life with you lmao.

You're all on here calling her crazy and a liar because she's not telling you guys details about her personal life and what may or may not have happened.

Just because you're fans doesn't mean you're entitled to every aspect of his life. That is their business.

No. 989649

She just happens to like Alice In Wonderland, Egon Schiele, has a pic of Lilly White, runs Mansonisinnocent, harasses his other women, and posts about Manson meeting her parents.. because they’re just friends? lmao That makes zero sense.

Are you claiming whoever posted in the previous threads the bullshit evidence (bullshit Polaroid, loose connection at an art gallery, etc) to try to prove that they were a couple was just some fangirl? Why would someone try to prove they dated when the majority see her as a stalker? Why would Madelyn perpetuate that myth by not debunking it?

No. 989650

I think its extremely bold to make assumptions about someone you've never met.

These people don't even know you exist. How do you feel qualified enough to make assumptions like that about THEIR relationship

No. 989651

She doesn't have to debunk anything. How entitled do you have to be to assume that someone has to explain themselves to you? It's her life.

No. 989652

If you don't like the thread or what we discuss here, then why the fuck are you here? We're not fans, were collecting information about his abuse, which includes aspects of his sex life.

You could be right. He might love Lindsay, and there may be no story there at all, but he has abused women in the past and made/liked hate posts directed toward her. Some weird fan coming on here and derailing the thread isn't gonna stop us from talking about it.

No. 989653

Because she actively lies and fakes evidence of them dating. She also runs Mansonisinnocent. A delusional stalker is his main defense on IG.

No. 989655

It’s a gossip site, get the fuck over yourself.

No. 989657

There's gossip and then there's obsession. This is obsession.

You're all embarrassing and you could do better tbh…

No. 989659

You seem more obsessed with defending Manson and Madelyn.

No. 989665

Well, that's better than being oddly obsessed with random peoples sex life while claiming you dislike them. Ew.

No. 989667

His sex life includes multiple rapes. So yes, we discuss it.

No. 989673

It does not lmao. It includes a bunch of groupies that claimed rape once they realized they had sex with this old dude without financial benefit

No. 989682

Take your fangirl shit elsewhere. I’m sorry you’re salty that your idol is a psychotic abuser.

They’re all lying, huh? Multiple women with similar stories are only out for money.. no ones getting rich calling out abuse.
Many of these women have shown proof of their abuse. Evan was a groupie? Esme?
And even if his victims were groupies, they don’t deserve to be abused.

No. 989687

These threads have gone to shit…everyone posts and reposts the same screenshots over and over.

Nothing new is happening with him and I think that's all the excitement we're going to get. With his father dying and him getting engaged, getting seriously injured onstage, [before corona] I genuinely think this guy was going to do his Ozzy tour and then retire for a few years.

The only reason you guys have all these screenshots is because he obviously lost his mind between the years 2015 and 2017. He was basically incoherent on stage and acting like he was on some heavy drugs and I imagine the only reason you all have these screenshots is because he was sloppy.

There will be no new milk.

Liliths friends posted snapchats in his home, almost all the girls released screenshots of conversations with him, there was dick video released [not sure where it is now but it does exist] and one of his groupies used his name to promote her movie. I don't think he's going to be sloppy like that again.

No. 989690

Lol! Fangirl!? I'm not the one building a timeline of all the women he's fucked.

Half the women that accused him frequent these threads. Louise? Dawn?

You guys get annoyed when these two women comment on this thread but you somehow believe their rape stories?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 989691

>There will be no new milk.

Are you psychic or something, how do you know there won’t be new milk? We’ll keep discussing whatever the fuck we want.

No. 989692

I wouldnt believe anything Evan has to say.

She basically TURNS INTO her boyfriends. There's some weird psychology going on there that I dont even think Freud would touch.

No. 989693

Less crazy than Madelyn for sure tho.

No. 989749

File: 1592608534958.jpeg (95.1 KB, 750x1182, 4E2A66D0-EB1B-40BE-9AC6-34729C…)

I think Manson might have a private SoundCloud

No. 989750

File: 1592608608565.jpeg (39.26 KB, 750x366, C8084C86-6402-4A66-885C-8FB060…)

More pics for possible proof

No. 989759

Maybe, weird that Daisy commented on it if that’s really Daisy.
He’s entitled to private accounts, it’s what he does under them that would be possibly creepy.

No. 989778

Madelyn is trash. That had to be her, or someone associated with her, because let’s face it, who else would defend her bullshit like that.
She tried to throw doubt on the screens, gaslight us for discussing his abuse and behaviour, claims all his victims are lying, and wants to derail/silence this thread.
All because she’s obsessed with a man who doesn’t seem to give a shit about her? That’s next level.

No. 989827

The profile picture of that SoundCloud account does kind of resemble Manson. He's not that dumb, so of course he's not going to post his face there, but it could be his silhouette. That, and the fact that Daisy commented on one of his tracks, does make it seem suspicious. Maybe he's not doing anything incriminating, though, even though he most likely is. You can't DM on SoundCloud, right? I don't see how he could do anything bad on there, unless it's through comments.

No. 989834

Lmao even people that know him, know about the fucked up shit he does online.

>He’s entitled to private accounts, it’s what he does under them that would be possibly creepy.

One of which includes him soliciting and making sexual comments to underaged kids on these accounts.

No. 989863

Total trash. But that’s what MM surrounds himself with. She’s repulsive trying to gaslight, defend, and lie for that sick fuck.

She seems to think what she posts on @mansonisinnoccent isn’t “gossip” and it’s factual. Who the fuck does she think she is? The judge and jury to decide that he’s innocent and his victims are lying? I don’t think so. Therefore, it’s just her opinion, which makes it gossip. She’s such a brain dead bitch who acts so full of herself. Anyone who thinks she could be credible for anything probably has the IQ equivalent to a kakapo.

No. 989900

Lol wtf? She dressed like dita when she was with manson b/c EVERY girl he dates he tries to mold into Dita sooner or later.

I agree tbh there isn’t going to be significant milk anytime soon because of coronavirus, huge international tours with large amounts of people are gonna be the absolute last thing to come back, maybe not even until 2022. For manson, he seems to meet a LOT of these girls at meet and greets and touring, or thru the music industry. I don’t doubt for a second he has already gotten tired of Lindsay all the time and would love to cheat on her but the opportunity isn’t there.

Since he makes pretty much all his money on touring it will be interesting to see what will happen if/when his money starts to run out and he has to choose between drugs or Lindsay’s lip injections.

No. 989939

In 2018 he was still talking abusive shit.
In 2019 he didn't give ANY interviews and in 2020 he just gave one that was printed in Italian, I wonder why?

No. 989941

Maybe she just isn't the most confident person in the world and tries to do what they like? Did that ever occur to you?
Manson picked her for a reason in 2006; because she was easy to manipulate.
Constant abuse changes you, so of course she would fall into old patterns and adapt her style to the looks of her partners to make herself more likable, just like her abuser taught her.
Education is key, dear.

No. 989951

File: 1592641009199.jpeg (325.89 KB, 1723x880, 497E3CC6-5B2A-4598-9208-95AC7A…)

Wtf are you even talking about, Madelyn herself claimed she’s been with Manson since 2013.
Her friend @diamondsandpollen (if hat’s not another Madelyn sock puppet) listed Madelyn along with all of Manson’s other supposed exes, claiming they’ve dated since 2013 which correlates with Madelyn’s claim.
It sounds like Madelyn’s trying to back pedal now that he’s married and can no longer continue her delusion.

No. 989981

Could we just stop posting in response to Madelyn's obvious wk?

And what do you mean we have no milk! Lindsay is working on a line of her-sweet-10-years-relationship-memories based perfume with marissa zapas. I failed to save her stories tho.
Wanna smell what's it like to be locked in basement?

No. 989982

Where was the Italian interview?

If Madelyn truly believed they were in a relationship, then she wouldn't change her mind now, unless she's angry at him for marrying her. She was having these delusions for 7 years, if she "met him" in 2013, and she just suddenly decides to stop? That doesn't sound right.

He's got a networth of $25 million dollars. It would be hard to spend that much money in 2 years (or more), until he tours again. Cocaine and liquor are an expensive habit to keep, though, and we all know he's gonna choose that over keeping Lindsay pretty. I bet they get divorced once quarantine/his trial is over.

No. 989984

No. 989985

Net worth is based on all your assets such a your house, all his weird nazi shit, the values of his royalties should he choose to sell them ect. His actual bank account, am I sure, is much much less then that, maybe a few million if even that.

No. 990031


The Antichrist in the Vatican

Marilyn Manson at an audience with His Holiness John Malkovich. Paolo Sorrentino imagined it for the episode of 'The New Pope' which promises to be already a cult. We met The Reverend in LA: work on the set of the series, the next album, the relationship with the fans. And parallel life as a painter. See the watercolors he gave us exclusively.

December 2019, little is missing at the end of the decade. Christmas is near, everything seems to be going well, the usual endless queues on the 10 East, the usual punk-goth-nirvana rockers with Dr. Martens on their feet, a fifteen homeless camped under the bridge of the 405, inevitable hipster in Venice Beach armed with Caramel Brulee Latte ($ 8 per glass), all forming a mixture of brackish and American Dream. I stop at my taco truck, throw on two beers at 7-Eleven, arrive home. The eye immediately goes to the answering machine that has survived the millennium. There is a message. Clear, direct and in Italian. "We want you to interview Marilyn Manson for us." So far everything is ok, even if I start laughing like crazy knowing - I met MM eight years ago at the Chateau Marmont, his favorite hotel, where he offered me a glass of absinthe - that to meet him we will have to sweat the classic seven shirts . Marilyn Manson is a man who does not get up, who is not operational, who does not exist before five in the afternoon. I call his manager and, within five to six days, we manage to arrange an appointment at the Mama Shelter Hotel in Hollywood. 19 and 30.

The day comes and we have suffered a problem. It is eight o'clock and still nobody is seen. Eight and a half nada, zero, nothing. At nine a message arrives: "Would you mind meeting him at the Sound Factory?" Interdicted and incredulous, I re-read those words. It really says Sound Factory. The legendary recording studio where, between the 1960s and the mid-1980s, Marvin Gaye, Ringo Starr, Oingo Boingo, even Brian Wilson and Flying Burrito Brothers tried, played and recorded, among others. I rush. An assistant from Manson welcomes me and leads me through a tunnel, then takes me behind a stage where I am pushed onto… Cyndi Lauper! He is there with Marilyn Manson, Belinda Carlisle and Henry Rollins for rehearsals for a charity concert for the LGBTQ community.

Sorry, but Girls Just Want to Have Funfa part of my DNA, and the fact that you remain there impaled with your eyes fixed on its interpreter does not escape Cyndi, who with a perfect Queens New York accent gives me a few minutes of youthful mental masturbation , while I extend the sleeve of her shirt… that she signs me! In that same instant, I hear a deep, hoarse, baritone and elegant voice at the same time that I am apostrophe across the room: "Motherfucker, come here!" It's him, The Reverend, sitting in a completely red room, red wallpaper, coral red faux leather sofas, red velvet table, surrounded by heavy cardinal red cinema curtains, but he completely and eternally dressed in black, boots, pants, shirt, sweater, coat, eyeshadow and hair. Without getting up, he invites me to sit next to him. Mystic, sborone, intelligent, with a few more tattoos, but otherwise identical to eight years ago, he has not aged at all.

The next few minutes of talk will be a mixture of cultural illuminations, as well as metal head lightning that touch subjects such as, in no particular order: Federico Fellini, his Third Day of a Seven Day Binge, the Eurythmics, Baudelaire's The Flowers of Evil , Edgar Allan Poe, his favorite albums among (The Pale Emperor), Macbeth, Buñuel and his Andalusian dog, the Sick Puppies, Cicciolina, and then drugs, vodka, secrets, French neorealism versus Italian neorealism, manias, the tour … But I'm here to talk to him about music and, above all, about his participation in The New Pope, the original Sky - HBO- CANAL + series created and directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, produced by The Apartment and Wildside, part of Fremantle (from 10 January exclusively on Sky Atlantic and Now TV). So let's get started.

Who do you play?
Myself, Marilyn Manson. I am specifically requested by the pope, that is, John Malkovich, who wants to meet me in person. I can't reveal too much, I'm only present in one episode (the fourth, aired on January 17, ed.), It would be nice if they called me back for another season. We shot in Cinecittà, in the studio where Fellini designed all his wonderful films. The copy of the Vatican they recreated was impressive, more true than true. I have seen both and I cannot distinguish the real one from the fake one.

Are you a fan of the show?
Yes, I really admire Sorrentino's work, I like all his films. Paolo treated me like nobody on a set, I learned a lot even just by observing him. Many directors I worked with wanted me to repeat what they had written, but for Paolo the interaction between the actors is more important, he wants the scene to have the rhythm he imagined, his attention to detail is crazy. And then shooting with John Malkovich was an out-of-body experience, at some point we had a deep conversation about the Antichrist, which is then the core of our scene. I don't like acting myself, because I am myself every day. But Malkovich was powerful enough to make me forget that I was acting.

Almost ten years have passed since we last met. What were the biggest changes?
Meanwhile, my cat Lily has died. She was 16, it is still the longest relationship I have ever had with a pussy. My mother died, my father died, I spent a very sad period trying to cope with this emptiness. I'm not complaining, sooner or later it happens to everyone, but you have to make up for it anyway. It's okay if your parents hate them, but I loved them. My father taught me to drive, to be independent, to live. When these things happen, you inevitably think about your mortality, you wonder what life makes sense, if there is an afterlife. All themes that I started to explore for the new album. I have reflected not so much on alternative realities, but on the astral world, on the concept of time, of infinite love. Outwardly you can change as many times as you want, you can look different because you cut your hair or dress in another way, but your love for certain things or people does not change. I can't lie to myself, I would hate myself if I had to pretend to be someone else just to never change. When I go on stage, I am always consistent with what I believe in. Maybe that's why I like acting: because I can lie and pretend to be another person.

What will be on the new album?
This record will be a new starting point for exploring ideas that I have never covered before. After that period of suffering, I realized that I wasn't risen. Simply, I realized that time passes and basically it means nothing. Since the last time I saw you, eight years have passed but it could be eight minutes, the important thing is to continue creating something in this world, without taking anything away from anyone, without taking advantage of others for your interests. Then time doesn't matter. You earned a bonus against the end.

Do you already know when the album will be released?
Soon, this year. I am working with Shooter Jennings, son of the legendary Waylon Jennings. Shooter is a very talented musician, we are very close friends, we spend a lot of time together writing, playing, now we finish each other's sentences. We are creating something different, a gothic album with a Southern taste. Part of me is full of how the world of rock has become, there is no longer the enthusiasm that once existed, the musicians live on company. The other part of me, however, says that it is still possible to change, as I did with Antichrist Superstar: I was pissed and I changed things. With that album I left a mark, otherwise we wouldn't be here talking to you and me. I'm talking about it now because, despite the ups and downs of my career, it was an important record to get me here. Although the conditions are different, much of what I felt then is similar to what I feel today. I'm ready to fight, and this record is giving me the strength to do it. Maybe I should call it Marilyn Manson and that's it, because it represents the path that has brought me here.

And the tour?
I'm out and about with Ozzy Osbourne on No More Tours 2, it's a real honor that he chose me. It is a myth, I am happy that he has recovered and is writing new songs.

What are the sources of inspiration when writing your songs?
I used to read a lot in the past, in the last few years I've started watching more movies and TV series, dark stuff at True Detective. It makes me think about how to find the right balance between music and words. For this I have to thank Trent Reznor, he was the first to discover a talent that I didn't know I had. As a musician, it's not easy to put your ego aside and trust another person. Sometimes, when you are too deep inside your head, it can become a problem. But we're not saving the world: if you don't like something, the worst that can happen is having to start all over again. When I have a song in mind, I write everything on notebooks. I have just finished scanning them all, it was a struggle to catalog them, because my handwriting is chaotic, sometimes very precise but often erratic. Maybe I should consult a team of psychologists to analyze them, I'd like to know what they think.

What is your relationship with fans?
When I do a show, I always arrive three hours earlier, just because I want to meet them. My dream has always been to peek into David Bowie's backstage. I am really surprised that there are still so many fans following me, because the tastes are ephemeral and people are constantly changing, and I am not an easy person. They make me happy, they chose me instead of more popular artists, easier to listen to. We talk a lot, listen to their stories and then, once I say goodbye, I stay alone, I put on make-up, I do my make-up by myself. I reflect on their lives, sometimes they tell me sad and painful stories. I became a musician because I didn't want to have too many interactions with people. Instead I found out that my fans made me a better person, thanks to them I learned to listen, they made me understand who I am. I am not an ordinary person, but I am a real person.

Have you ever met Bowie before?
Once, he complimented me on a tie. He loved ties, he told me he had a huge collection. The rest, top secret.

You are also a painter. Do you consider yourself an artist who combines various mediums?
I've always hated talking about myself as an artist. I have never liked people who consider themselves artists, they just seem to me very pretentious. Maybe we should coin a new word that describes the feeling of being artists. Today I am happy to be able to combine three different worlds such as music, painting and acting. Sometimes they describe me as a rock star who paints. I don't like being classified in this way, I am neither a rock star nor a painter, I am myself, and being myself means to unite various interests. I think the world is falling apart because it is governed by people who have no artistic sense. Maybe they are just arrogant, certainly they are ignorant. The world should be governed by artists, although not all artists would be able to do it, not all of them have the right vision or the necessary talent. For me, creating is important. I know I can't change the world, sometimes I find it hard even to change a pair of pants. But I believe in what I do. I am assembling a collection of my watercolors. It will be a nice big book, heavy like the Bible, dangerous, you could break someone's head. I really like watercolor, I am a great fan of Egon Schiele, I am intrigued by his intense, raw and direct sexuality. I don't know why, but they often ask me how long it took me to make a certain painting. It's a stupid question, sometimes it takes me a minute, but it took years to get so little. All the energy you see is the result of years of study and concentration.

We are joined by Cyndi Lauper, who gently shouts at me: "Get the fuck out! We must try!" Reluctantly, I obey, not before asking and getting a ticket for their concert.

Before you leave, do you want to add something, MM?
Yes: I love pizza and mozzarella, best in the world… (Then, turning to Cyndi) Cyndi, don't put me first on the lineup. I want to be fucking fourth! Did you understand?!

And the two, continuing to fight, move away.

No. 990063

>All themes that I started to explore for the new album. I have reflected not so much on alternative realities, but on the astral world, on the concept of time, of infinite love.

Thanks to the anon for posting this article. This will be useful. And guess where he got those ideas from. Certainly not from his nasty whores. Motherfucking piece of shit.

No. 990065

>the important thing is to continue creating something in this world, without taking anything away from anyone, without taking advantage of others for your interests.

Wait? What? Did he really just say that? He doesn’t take advantage of others?! Are you fucking me?! This asshole just rolls out the fucking lies.

No. 990068

How is that milk? Who the fuck cares what that scamming whore is working on? That’s all her stupid ass could do is make perfume? WOW. So mind blowing.

No. 990074

If Manson wants women he dates to LOOK like DITA… then WHY THE FUCK DID HE CHEAT ON HER WITH A CHILD in the first place?!

Now he’s with a whore lets him cheat. No wonder he married her. But what still doesn’t make sense is why Lindsy freaked out about that Teal Coco if she’s ok with him being with other whores.

No. 990085

Stop calling women whores and go take your meds

No. 990086

Lots of the girls were just groupies, not that there's anything wrong with that. Teale was only hired to do a shoot with him, and I don't think she was a fan. She probably knew that Teale was better than her, and maybe he could've made her his main-chick. That's her only accomplishment.

No. 990111

Who the fuck are you? You don’t even know me, who ever your whore ass is. I don’t need meds.

No. 990113

File: 1592674967551.jpg (120.56 KB, 494x634, vJw4oRH.jpg)

Sorry for bringing up a very old topic but 'Judd is fired' idea is so sketchy and not believable.

I have been checking his account on and off for a long period of time. It was ALWAYS closed! Always! When fearless started posting and accussing him of doing shit he even deleted his account in 2018.
And what do I see now (well, basically when Louise posted)? He OPENED his profile. What's the logic?
Let's see.
1) You harass and do illegal shit against someone
2) You open your profile for a very unclear reason
It's sketchy. It's like you are taking all the blame and distracting attention from someone who's really behind the bs you are believed to be part of.
Would you tolerate strangers coming to your newly opened ig account (especially when you wanna play innocent)? They might harass you in return, be aggressive, etc. It is natural to close every social media account you have in such situation. But he deliberately opened it. Probably because he was paid to, ha?

Now the reason why I was checking his ig in first place.
Manson and Judd do not have a regular 'boss-employee' relationship. They have matching tattoos! Do you fancy that type of relationships with your boss?
For example, another person who Manson has matching tattoos with is Johnny Depp.
There is no way Manson is not responsible for Louise harassment, the point is that he's trying to make Judd accountable for that bs.

No. 990114

Bc Dita actually had some dignity and wasn't okay with him being a cheating drug addict. That's why he replaced her with a teenager who he could turn into whatever he liked. Someone who wouldn't have the strength to fight back.

Lindsay also freaked out about others.

No. 990116

Main chick? What a whore! I can’t even understand why anyone would be in a relationship like that. There’s something seriously mental. These people are sick!!!!!

No. 990117

Judd does his dirty work and is just as fucked up as Manson. Thought that was obvious.

No. 990118

Exactly. It was obvious.
he could keep harassing Louise without opening his ig. My question is what's the logic of opening his ig?
any ideas?

No. 990131

Louise posted about someone signing her up for subscriptions and applying for jobs in her name. Maybe that's why? She said it was Manson or someone around him.

Judd and Manson probably have such a close relationship because they both enjoy abusing women. Judd's only job really is to help him bury what he's done and help him continue to do it.

But why does he keep harassing LKB about something that happened years ago? He doesn't do it to Evan, or I'm sure she would've added that to her testimony, and he seems to have a nice relationship with his other women, especially Rose and Dita.

No. 990172

Judd wasn't around when Manson abused Evan, probably doesn't even know the whole story.

Rose and Dita are both ruthless when it comes to protecting their careers. They'd never turn against Manson in public.

No. 990241

Again if I were LKB I would look into the ex she has pending rape charges against given his history. Most predators try and terrorize their victims into dropping charges via threats/harassment.

As for Dita&Rose. I don't think he was abusive toward Rose. She said in her book the relationship was fine until he started binging on coke. She mot likely knows 0 about the cringe that has been his life the last 10 years.

As for Dita I don't expect her to care or give 2 shits about her ex husbands mistress. Ppl seem to forget Manson was (is) such garbage he dated Evan while still trying to come home and be hubby to Dita. Tbh I think she keep him around just to torture him for lolz. He drank&drugged away all his talent and is stuck messing around with women like Lindsay, Lilith, Magalyn, etc, while Dita still looks good and is living her best life. Maybe she's just that petty (not shaming her, Id prob be this petty lol) cuz lets be real, Manson has been trying to clone Dita for years now. He's probably still holding out hope.

No. 990251

Fearless is being harassed too.

No. 990489

Could be staged to set up Louise. Afaik Michele hasn't reported it yet.

No. 990504

Read the thread, they both reported and got the same harassment. How would LKB's ex know fearless or fly to the US to stalk? Look at the subscriptions, it's all American companies.

So many fans on here who want to create conspiracy theories rather than believe the simple truth.

No. 990508

There is nothing they have in common, putting their connection to Manson and harassment a few years ago aside.
Louise witnessed and experienced things that could put Manson in jail. Even his marriage to Lindsay wouldn't help him because Louise saw she was assaulting girls too. Fearless was posting evidence of MM being a POS up to the moment Judd or Lindsay or Manson stopped harassing her. It's illogical to touch her now.
Fearless has been inconsistent imo. She fought with mansonisabusive, for some reason tried to defend Manson in a conversation with 100% crazy fan. Why? As it was already said here I think at some point she got hoovered back.
in 2018 she kept posting because Judd or Lindsay or Manson was harassing her. Because she knew Manson could influence Judd, make him stop. It's very likely that Judd is still 'employed', does she post anything? Nope.

I am glad if she reported him, I wish I was mistaken but this >>990489 might be close to reality.

No. 990516

Fearless must have you blocked because she currently has over 300 posts documenting her harassment.

"Putting their connection to Manson aside" - you mean… the evidence tying to the only possible culprit?

No. 990520

>Fearless must have you blocked
Lol, nope. I just don't check her account, it has always been closed. Interesting she opened it.
And again she claims that Judd is responsible, she puts only his hashtag. And how did he get her personal information? She should have put #marilynmanson too, you know.

>>"Putting their connection to Manson aside" - you mean… the evidence tying to the only possible culprit?

I mean Louise is an abused fan who spoke about her experience in a closed fb group and on twitter (and her fb) many many years ago even prior to fearless.
Fearless was mistreated by Lindsay, then Manson, then Judd two years ago.
Yes, Manson and harassment is what unites them. Okay, Judd, if he was really fired, could seek revenge against fearless. Fine. Why did he start harassing Louise then? There are years between their cases. He could start sending shit to Clare or Gabriella too, why not?
Louise has been silent about her case with MM for quite a while. Her only mistake was to come to lolcow and milk herself a bit. But even that would be to Judd's benefit IF he was fired and didn't care about wtf happens to Manson anymore. But looks like he cares.
Pardon me if there are mistakes in my timeline, that's how I remember it.

No. 990523

To Louise,

If you're not going to make a formal complaint or seek justice, it's in your best interest to just drop the subject. Seriously, you've derailed the thread a bunch of times already and at this point you're just like Dawn, posting about yourself and starting stuff about yourself.

If anyone is using your name it's most likely a troll and NOT Manson. Whether we like it or not fans make their way to this site and they read what is said.

If your personal safety is being compromised, if you're truly being harassed, it's in your best interest to either press charges formally and get justice about this assault you claimed happened OR allow your name to fade into internet obscurity so you'll have a shot at a real career and you won't have all of this forum nonsense tied to your name via Google search.

No. 990536

She did report to police. And she was bullied off this thread that one time she came here to correct misinformation being spread about her.

No. 990546

I meant the harassment that is going on right now. Louise posted about it, then suddenly Michelle claimed to be harassed by Manson and his sock puppet too but hasn't reported it to the police. It looks like Michele is still on Manson's team and just want to mess with victims.

No. 990549

Learn to read. They both reported. The person who brought up Louise on here doesn't seem to be a native English speaker so it's obviously not her.

No. 990575

Why are you so sure Michele reported Judd? It looks fabricated as fuck. Maybe you should learn how to read since you clearly misunderstood me, no?

No. 990586

Because her profile photo was the case number for awhile. And Louise said she told police in Scotland about it. Two victims, same perpetrator, police in two countries both investigating.

No. 990590

Seems like nothing these women do is correct.

They didn't report to police? Should've reported.

They did report? They're probably lying.

They have no proof. They did post proof? It's probably fake.

They didn't post details of their abuse, they probably weren't abused. They did? Oh they're a clout chaser.

No. 990616

Nah, Michele just has a history of harassing people who try to show everyone how Manson really is and also threatens to expose people who talk about her, but we already covered that.

No. 990620

otherwise I would have posted nothing about fearless or Judd or Louise.

No. 990627

I agree with that somewhat, but there’s evidence she was harassed too. Judd made an IG page mocking her. >>985291

Is there a reason we’re not posting current fearless caps? If her profile is public, she made it public knowledge.

No. 990633

File: 1592754627393.jpeg (754.52 KB, 1625x1677, 30B78C13-70B2-4FB8-B43D-BB212C…)

666fearless caps.

No. 990679

I'm not seeing fearless's account when I try to search for it. Did she go private a while ago and then delete it? Does anyone have a link, if the account is still there?

No. 990681

They could've planned it so Michele can gain Louise's trust and keep on manipulating her. Sick mind games are Manson's specialty.
I mean, what's the point in making 20 half-hearted posts about your alleged bully?

No. 990686

666fearless account: https://instagram.com/666fearless?igshid=1un04qypglo9z

She seems to block lots of people? I used to follow her when she originally posted caps last year, never interacted with her and don’t know her. She removed me along with a bunch other followers at the same time and blocked my account then.

No. 990691

THIS. RIGHT. HERE. That’s the same thing that was done to me with palliatian.elixir. Except I was smart and finally caught that person in a lie. Wake the fuck up Louise! Fearless isn’t your friend. She’s a fake a bitch who acted one way, but then tried lying and defending Manson in messages. She also blocked me. Which means she’s reading and in these threads calling me names and defending that piece of shit,

No. 990702

File: 1592763214569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,251.91 KB, 1063x1492, 09C619BF-4533-4EAD-9E84-508F7C…)

No. 990728

How is posting a cap of an account that shows no connection to Manson helpful? Do you not understand how caps work?

No one is bullying you, you bring this attention on yourself by making accusations without proof.

You seem to be jumping to a few conclusions here, Dawn. You never showed
proof Manson has anything to do with palliatian.elixir or that they harassed you.

If you’re somehow a victim, you’re not helping yourself here.

No. 990772

File: 1592769158640.jpeg (20.81 KB, 815x199, 627F5C6B-0BFC-4EA9-B11E-0FFE10…)

Bullshit. That bitch knew what was going on, that’s why they sent me this… to a # only THAT PERSON had.

No. 990834

File: 1592772905568.jpeg (42.93 KB, 820x839, AECB4D2C-4896-4933-8A5C-F8A780…)

How funny that account deactivated. I bet she was right, b/c that’s definitely suspicious asf.

No. 990886

Oh idk Fearless was being harassed in the same manner. I don't see Lindsay doing this. Manson or Judd yea. If not them the only other person I see deranged enough to do that is Madelyn. Shes got all the free time in the world and is obsessed w/ him.

No. 990912

File: 1592776480074.jpg (152.63 KB, 448x508, Polish_20200621_164732285.jpg)

Screens from when I spoke with @cheeksngeeks. Whoever ran that account didn't seem to type like Manson. They never insinuated anything about sending nudes or being into underage girls. There was another small part that I couldn't fit into the collage where "Manson" said his favorite book was Cujo. Obviously, the information I gave him was false.

No. 991140

These alleged "victims" are so fuckin annoying. They're only coming on her for attention…so they were dumb enough to have sex with him? What the fuck do they want US to do about it? We didn't "rape" them, why are they coming on here derailing our threads with their nonsense…?

Even if people on here do believe them…so? What the fuck do they want us to do about it? Go to the police. They're harassing people on lolcow and we're not even his fans…we already know he's trash. We don't need convincing and NONE OF US posting on here is dumb enough to develop any relationship with this guy. We're not at any risk. We dislike him. They should be spreading their mess to the fans because this "preaching to the choir" thing is so fuckin annoying. And frankly, I don't care about random accounts they think he's using. None of these accounts have any real PROOF. We've said this multiple times and these dumb bitches still come on here with weaker and weaker proof as time goes on. Hurting their credibility as each thread progresses.

HONESTLY… I believed Louise's story. …the first 11 times I was forced to fuckin read it. Same with Dawn. …a few threads later and now I think both of these bitches are lack brain matter. The more they posts about themselves on here, the more annoying they get.

I want a MOD to look into their IP addresses because I've watched this nonsense go down and I'm seeing a pattern:

- 1st. They post their story… again
- 2nd the regular posters respond and have the conversation
- they produce some batshit ass "proof"
- they get called out on it and they start ARGUING with the posters, annoying everyone on the thread
- they start posting about how WE have no LIVES and the fact that WE get into everyone's business
- They get banned for three days…
- They're back! Again! Doing the same thing over but we catch on…
- They get banned again.
- They come back and indirectly talk about themselves as if they're not the ones posting this nonsense. Which is what they're doing now…

So…Dawn? Louise…? Magalyn? Lets cut the shit and stop talking in third person so we can bitch out your raggety asses again and get on with it…

Lets stop the theatrics

No. 991141

And I will admit…I sound angrier than I actually am. But this is soooo retarded and pathetic that I'm starting to feel BAD for these women.

Magalyn? Louise? Dawn? Ladies just move on and do better. I'm getting cringing…

Like each of you have taken an L every three days for the last three weeks. They fuckin found out Magalyn lives at home with her parents… Dawn Marie has been called crazy sooo many times. Louise has her name basically tarnished, whoever looks up her future movies will have a nice little read on here.

Baby girls, give uppppppp. Take the rest of your dignity and goooooo…

I'm serious. The posters on here are dragging you all through THE STREETS by your hair Jesus fuckin christ

No. 991149


Again. Its all cringe no matter whose side of the fence you're on. Out of all the girls who dated/ smashed this dude and regretted it, Gabrielle is the only one who I think handled it well.

I'm not saying these girls shouldn't come forward if he did something to them that's against the law or violated them. But coming here of all places or going to mansonisabusive (who is just as unhinged and obsessive as anyone else involed in this shitshow) ain't it. Most ppl here are just here for the milk.

I believe if these women really feel Manson violated them in anyway, they should look into legal action 100%.

No. 991169

Mostly agree with the exception of Louise and Mansonisabusive.

Dawn is clearly schizophrenic or a troll who should be banned. She makes all his victims look bad.

Madelyn is a narcissist, psychotic bitch who’s posted in third person several times on these threads to plant fake evidence and defend Manson.

Louise tho.. She shouldn’t have posted here but I don’t think she’s come back since the last thread. She’s posted evidence on her twitter of his abuse and I believe her.

Mansonisabusive is probably a fan but I’m glad someone keeps the evidence in one place and I guess someone has to do it.

No. 991181

Yeah my only beef with mansonisabusive is that she started out as an account to basically internet bully Lindsay and talk shit about her and post screenshots of convos with her, then suddenly switched to make it appear like she’s doing good important work “outing” Manson’s abuse, when she has a private profile and still mostly shit talks Lindsay.

I’m dead at “Magalyn” though. Funny that someone felt the need to comment on her page warning her that her name was coming up on this thread as if she didn’t already know. And for whoever was so sure there was no romantic connection suggested by Magalyn go watch her recent stories where she posts about her true love being a Capricorn with a wink.

No. 991196

I think Madelyn, Jordan, Gabriella, Lilith, Lola, Courtlyn are all too good looking for him. He would have to consistently take care of himself to maintain a relationship with a good looking woman. No drugs included. I'm sure drugs wasn't the only thing Dita wanted to change about him, he started getting a little thick…not thicc ;) …full framed lmao.

Not hourglass ;) but fat fuck…I don't understand how he could be so skinny in his younger years but all this guy does is walk onto stage and he's suddenly out of breath about to fuckin pass away on stage.

Back in the day, when he was skinny the stage would be super close to the crowd and if he fell in it would be fine because they could just throw his skinny ass back on stage but now he's so large that they move the crowd at least 8 feet away because him falling on them could lead to life threatening complications like internal bleeding and crushed lungs.

Lindsay is more his speed these days… I think Madelyn is too good looking for him

No. 991198

The guy WAS FREAKISHLY skinny back in the day. I saw him in person back then, probably 2000-2003… And them again in 2005 or 2004.

Extremely tall… Wore those platform shoes and he's already like 6'2 on his own so he was bordering probably 6'5 with the shoes on.

Extremely long arms and legs. Very alien like. I would compare him now to Slenderman. He was Slenderman before Slenderman was a thing. I saw him at a talkshow and he was at the phase were he was with Dita and wearing full on suits with platforms. Unsettling looking dude but in a good way…

Then I saw him in 2016-15 and he was old. Very sad to see

No. 991200


Madelyn Grimes.

No. 991205

Did they seriously move the crowd because of his size? That's hilarious! There was this one post on @marilynmansonmemes_(?) about one of the owners of the account meeting him in person, and they said he was actually pretty normal sized in real life. I don't know, though, lol. I'd say he's pushing maybe 230lbs.

What drugs does he even do anymore? I think he used to do a lot of coke, but I don't really know if his heart can really withstand the effects nowadays.

No. 991213

No it’s referring to Madelyn’s Trump obsession. MAGA-lyn.

No. 991215

Is Manson into short woman?
Fiona apple ,Dita von Teese and rose mcgowan they’re all short woman.

No. 991226


Yea that's my beef w/ mansonisabusive too. And its other things they have switched up on as well. They didnt just bully Lindsay it was alot of the other girls we talk about on here like Gabrielle. Its just shitty they used to engage in harassing girls linked to Manson and now are trying to use them as examples for their cause. That just rubs me the wrong way.

But I agree. That is the one brownie point I give them. That they archieve stuff.

No. 991234

Yeah, but the majority of the screens on her page was already out there for anyone to collect. The tweets, IG posts, some of the DM’s, and interviews are public. It’s not like Mansonisabusive is the only one who knew about Manson’s bullshit, lots of people saw it and I assume that was the victims intentions.

No. 991238

Is that manson’s dick ?
Why are the hands covered up?

No. 991265

I don’t see herpes so probably not.

No. 991269

It's a troll account that was made a day ago (the same day it was screenshotted and posted here) the guy says he's 31…

So no…not Manson… obviously…

No. 991271

It's kind of disturbing that some person took time out of their day to post this random pedophile account on here with the intentions of people thinking it was Manson (knowing that there probably is underage individuals scrolling through that MIGHT think it's him and be willing to engage with the account thinking their sexting their fave artist)

…but ok…I guess.

No. 991275

If it is Manson, the hands are probably covered because of his tattoos, and if a fan or someone like us came across the picture, they'd instantly be able to recognize the tattoos.

I doubt he has herpes or so many people probably wouldn't have sex with him. Most people try to avoid it. My only guess is that he probably has some form of an STD that doesn't show up physically.

He could've been lying about his age to attract younger girls. Lots of them won't go for an old man, even if they do have "Daddy Issues", as it's called.

Remember the video of him masturbating on his IG page? It looks similar in size, from what I can tell. I'm not deadset on proving that Manson's behind that account or anything, but it does seem very likely. After @cheeksngeeks was deleted, it only seemed reasonable for him to create a new account to prey on girls.

No. 991296

Where does she shit-talk Lindsay? I've checked the Lindsay story highlight but there are just pictures of bruises? And since Lindsay abuses his fans as well, doesn't she have a right to talk about her? I don't get it.

No. 991299

What makes mansonisabusive a fan? They risk being harassed by fans. If they aren't already.

No. 991309


Mansonisabusive was originally a Lindsay expose account, and was one of the main ppl who started talking about Manson's side chicks at the time. They eventually changed the name and focus of tbe account. I think this was due in part to them realizing Manson is at fault not Lindsay for alot of drama surrounding him. I definitely think they were a fan of his because they used to consistently blame Lindsay.

No. 991342

There were so many people who made hate accounts about Lindsay. I was around when it started. Alison Cervin if that's even her real name was behind most of them. As far as I know 'mansonisabusive' was 'urarchdandyisanarcissist' first, which is childish, yes, but still doesn't hint at Lindsay.

No. 991344

File: 1592820110791.jpeg (64.39 KB, 750x800, 846E06D2-3D3D-47AA-9027-380C40…)

Just looked,
It’s suspended now

No. 991347

Besides the drugs, maybe he had an eating disorder of some type

No. 992748

Maybe… he does seem obsessive about his appearance

No. 992752

There are multiple interviews/talk shows where you can clearly see him checking himself out in the camera guys producer screen thing.

No. 992758

It's narcissism.

No. 992808

Any recent ones like that? There were a few older ones that I've noticed he did it in, but it seems to have tempered a bit in the newer ones. He's a narcissist, obviously. Even as an old man, he still finds himself attractive. It's surprising that he isn't self-conscious about his chins or all the weight he's put on over the years.

No. 993008

Hi I’m Dawn’s friend. She told me about this site. Someone posted about me in one of the threads and sent me a DM a while ago. I can confirm I know the whole story and know what Dawn has. And she has the nail to nail Marilyn Manson’s coffin. So for anyone shit talking her is only going to look like fools in the end.(no1curr)

No. 993020

Um no you’re not and no she doesn’t

No. 993026

Excuse me? Who are you to tell me I’m not? Because, yes I am. And who are you to even say she doesn’t? Just stfu.

No. 993027

Then tell her to drop this incredible bomb she has on him. She’s been acting a fool for over a year with her conspiracies and crazytown ramblings. But I’d bet money that you ~are~ her.

No. 993034

Hi, I'm "Dawn's friend" I'm Will Smith.

No. 993037

You're probably one of Dawn's personalities.

No. 993038

I think many people were willing to give her a chance here but she kept posting nonsense screens that showed no proof over and over again. If something legit happened to her with Manson she hasn’t expressed it well here.

No. 993040

As much as I would LOVE to see Dawn drop this Manson destroying bomb, common sense tells me she's just a mentally ill person using this website and Instagram fan accounts to lie just for some attention. Unfortunately there are people in the world that need so much attention (Magalyn included) that they feel the need to lie just for some attention. Doesn't matter if the attention is negative or not, they just want to be discussed. Dawn is one of those people.

No. 993146

>If it is Manson, the hands are probably covered because of his tattoos, and if a fan or someone like us came across the picture, they'd instantly be able to recognize the tattoos.

Good eye. I didn’t even notice that. I mean why else if it was just some random person would find it necessary to even cover their hands if they weren’t hiding tattoos?

> He could've been lying about his age to attract younger girls. Lots of them won't go for an old man, even if they do have "Daddy Issues", as it's called.

>Remember the video of him masturbating on his IG page? It looks similar in size, from what I can tell. I'm not deadset on proving that Manson's behind that account or anything, but it does seem very likely. After @cheeksngeeks was deleted, it only seemed reasonable for him to create a new account to prey on girls.


Wow he posted a video on his IG masturbating?!

Wtf? “1-15 yrs?”
I have no words. He was probably trying to get validation from people, thinking they would tell him that’s normal and not incredibly sick. I’m so grossed out.

No. 993165

Is it something regarding these pedo accounts? I really hope so. It needs to get put to an end what he does online. He’s pure evil and sick.(samefagging)

No. 993218

There's no video of him masturbating online lmao. I think that was something Louise started…

No. 993224

I don't think he's only looking for kids. That makes no sense. Anyone doing that online these days is dumb as hell because there ARE predator cops that pose online to try to catch these people who bait children. It's a whole niche on YouTube, it's a whole niche on random mom forums AND the cops do it as well.

Twitter would never allow something like that, of that nature to happen on their platform which is why the account got deleted.

I'm not a pedophile or anything but with my knowledge of the internet Twitter is extremely surface level, baiting would never happen on Twitter. Most creeps go to random chat rooms and do it there. Tweeting out "looking for girls between the ages 1-15" on TWITTER, should be considered trolling.

He hangs out with Johnny Depp, higher up celebs… I feel like if he had a taste for underage girls he would have plenty of people in his life with the resources to provide that in a way that doesn't involve Twitter. They're called pedophile RINGS for a reason, they need help from other pedophiles so they're not making dumb ass mistakes like baiting children on Twitter.

No. 993226

There were stories about him and young girls back in his Florida days. If he's having sex with children I bet he's been doing it for years now. That would be 20+ years of experience being a pedo I doubt he's making rookie mistakes like going on Twitter.

No. 993233

You guys actually think that big ass dick belongs to him? LMAO. You're being too nice to him. A dick that big would've probably made his ex girlfriends more forgiving with the coke issue

No. 993239

Keep taking to yourself, Dawn. It totally makes your insanity credible.

I assure you no one believes her, there’s no need to waste your typing. Just report.

No. 993244


I don’t know. I find it strange the hands were covered… and notice the number “15”.

I think it’s safe to say that Johnny Depp definitely isn’t a pedophile. And unlike MM, he has always dated an adult woman. Like Angelina Jolie… who is the most gorgeous woman alive.
I don’t think Johnny would have anything to do with MM.
Just because he hangs around these high profile celebs doesn’t mean they know every aspect of his life and what he does behind closed doors.

No. 993257

>I find it strange the hands were covered… and notice the number “15”.

To conceal any identifying info which could mean race, birthmarks, tattoos, jewelry, etc while running an illegal pedophile account.

There’s 7.5 billion people in the world, Manson’s not the only creep.

No. 993339

The video is here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ_jkHRB75d/?igshid=1r0qqyircxqhz
It's not that clear, but you should still be able to get a vivid shape and tell what's going on, especially with the sounds.

Even though that account got closed, it's possible that he would've deleted it after he found a "one night stand". That's the main reason he uses those accounts anyway. And any idiot could realize that there probably aren't any kids younger than around 10 on most social media apps.

Where else would he go to find kids nowadays? It's much easier to get caught, especially if you're trying it with girls that young because he's a celebrity and it's harder to get rid of the evidence. Even with his digital footprint, if he deletes his accounts once he's done, no one would really look much into it or suspect him. Why would they?

Johnny's last girlfriend was 25. I'm not accusing him of being a pedophile, but it's obvious that he likes his girls young, too. But I still don't think he'd condone that.

No. 993358

I still highly doubt that Johnny even knows what goes on in Manson's life.

No. 993444

From the looks of Louise story, it sounds like the underage girls are equally using him as well.

Listen I slept myself a whole college fund out of older men. Don't get with old guys unless you know theyll pay you well because then you just slept with a old dude for free and you'll be unhappy like Louise.

Her entire story sounds like someone who was mad he didnt endorse her movie or whatever. The reality is men lie while/and after they cum. Make sure theres actions to match the words BEFORE sex.

No. 993448

This sounds brutal but I'm going to be real here, I don't understand any of Louise's story.

It sounds like a cautionary tale: don't put yourself in situations where there's a power difference, don't seek friendships with clearly unstable people. The "rape" that happened alone, should've been an indicator for her to not continue the friendship…the fact she got out of her "attackers" orbit and managed to continue to get back in it after the alleged attack is utter bullshit and it's honestly infuriating. It's self serving and degrading to women everywhere. She was totally okay with allegedly being violated until the moment he didn't want to be her friend? So we're going to push the narrative that as long as he's your friend afterwards and he gives you stuff, it's totally okay if he violates you or makes you feel uncomfortable. He's totally a rapist and predator but not to her. If anything, Lilith. That situation was fuckin weird, that's the one people should be mentioning…that girl was underage when they first started talking on a FAKE account and clearly on drugs.

It's infuriating to see Dawn and Louise mentioned on here when there are other scenarios that actually happened.

He did these short film movies with Evan where she was getting hit the face and screaming in the background. For Esme, there's actual photography of welts. Hell, Lindsay had a shiner a few years ago and has had self inflicted wounds. Real victims

No. 993451

Lilith is on heroin and was probably on heroin and a bunch of other shit during that time. Her stories probably seem positive because she probably can't even remember them. Her friend leaking those Snapchat videos was probably proof that she was there because the girl was so drugged up half the time and her parents were trying to track her down all the way from the East Coast.

No. 993489

I wonder if Manson actually liked fiona apple for her or for her body??
It seems Manson likes small skinny woman
A lot.

No. 993497

Manson proof

No. 993504

File: 1593002747473.jpeg (193.02 KB, 749x1215, 75B09480-EFA5-486D-9A49-5B9B88…)

Moore Manson proof

No. 993576

Does Manson really like anyone for their personality? There's no doubt that he only liked her because she was pretty. He did say in his autobiography, I can't find the article clipping now, that he wanted to fuck her, but he didn't because she was too pure for him or something along those lines.

No. 993593

Where is the proof in this video that Manson likes short women?

No. 993672

This thread has been cringe for awhile but I’m begging you middle-aged fatties to stop showing yourselves so blatantly.

He likes women that aren’t fat, yeah.

No. 993701

Lmao except he’s a fat ass.

Esme implied he controlled her food. He doesn’t like fat women and was abusive about it.

No. 993716

File: 1593016372263.jpeg (406.93 KB, 1092x1766, 5EBAA8C4-F34F-43E1-8321-78FBD9…)

According to Fiona Apple, it was all an act.
The song Apple of Sodom was inspired by her.. it sounds she didn’t want him.

No. 993801

“I’m going to act like a Satanist..”

How much of his life is just a gimmick for shock value and marketing?

Some people seem to think he’s some kind of spokesman for LaVeyan Satanism but Manson himself said in a reddit AMA that he never considered himself one and the priesthood was a honorary position given him by LaVey because they were friends.


The CoS made it clear they no longer associate with him:
“No. Almost 30 years ago he was given an honorary priesthood for his real world accomplishments at the time. That is not “ordained” nor is it related to anything he might say decades later.”


It seems he based his career on something he doesn’t really believe in.

No. 994006

File: 1593036567238.jpeg (248.17 KB, 750x1286, D8232F0D-DBA9-4AB9-9AAB-A68EAA…)

Eww Marilyn is gross

No. 994095

File: 1593042126247.jpeg (396.37 KB, 1800x1800, 53917751-9C0B-4A08-8DF1-19F3C0…)

Young girls? Jesus Christ.

Manson posted a photo on Instagram of Roman Polanski’s name. Polanski pleaded guilty to drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. Manson is also pictured with Terry Richardson who has had many allegations made against him. Particularly being involved with underage girls or doing/being creepy to other woman at his photoshoots. Just interesting that Manson chooses to associate himself with people like that, predators.

No. 994114

File: 1593044228670.jpg (140.04 KB, 320x687, Polish_20200624_190123114.jpg)

I'm pretty sure these clippings are from the same article posted here: >>994006 It's not really surprising that he's got a thing for choking, either. He also said that if he wasn't a musician, he'd probably be a 3rd grade teacher, take from it what you will, and that he'd set an interviewer on fire before because he didn't like the questions he was being given.

Look at the caption for the first picture. It sounds like he's hinting at having relations with 13 year olds. It only makes sense for him to associate himself with the same degenerate assholes that he is.

No. 994118

I knew he was a pedo. He was caught under his fake account making sexual comments to photos of kids that were like 11-12 yrs. This sick fuck had nothing to say for himself except “so what” and admitted to knowing what they “were”. This is what he does and most likely has other profiles pretending to be underage.
It seems like there might be a pedophile ring. Because it’s weird all these accounts connected to him on twitter are involved with soliciting minors. He could very well be involved in w/ others online in this. And it looks like he does associate himself w/ other sick predators.

No. 994177

Lots of things are coming out about band members involved with abuse and minors being taken advantage of in the tour scene. This is a BIGGER issue than I initially thought. The Alt Press released an article on the many predatory assaults of Austin Carlile (singer from Of Mice and Men), Joshua Woodard, Justin Hills, Kalen Blehm…
I’m so frustrated with law enforcement, media, and Hollywood and that something like this was allowed to go on in plain sight for so long. Law enforcement far too often works against victims instead of with them. But WE can make an example of one of the most prolific of these predators and make other (would-be) predators realize that they aren’t untouchable, no matter how famous they are.

No. 994258

File: 1593057598213.jpeg (823.86 KB, 2048x2048, FBEBE1E4-B6BA-41C3-BB5F-ECFDC9…)

I’m pretty sure this is what “baby time” Manson is. He’s such a sick freak. So fucking gross.

No. 994441

Was the text post at the top something he liked on someone's page? I'm not seeing the connection there. It doesn't show he liked that one in the bottom right screen.

I'm not normalizing his behavior, but lots of men like boobs. Maybe that was a joke, if it was something he liked. I really doubt that's what "baby Manson time" is, with his tendencies to infantilize his girlfriends and his alleged daddy kink. He's suspected to be into piss play ("kitty girl" story), underage girls, bondage/S&M, DDLG, and probably a lot of other things we haven't uncovered yet. It seems he's more of the dominate one in most of his relationships, so it wouldn't really add up for him to take on the role of a little, speaking in the DDLG/DDLB aspect.

He does seem to be preoccupied with breasts, though. In the behind the scenes footage for the Tainted Love music video, he said something about breastfeeding with some of the bunny girls, and in the AMA on Reddit (a few posts above), he was asked the question "Ass or boobs?", To which he responded with something along the lines of, "Im very specific about the kind of breasts I like. It's all about the nipple."

No. 994495

File: 1593069067661.jpeg (127.27 KB, 750x725, 77323230-CC59-4C47-8E02-32D5AA…)

No that’s one of the (alleged) accounts he was pretending to be underage. All these accounts are all connected to each other and doing sick shit on Twitter. Every time that “002archive” account tweeted he would be online within several minutes on his real account on Instagram liking posts, as seen in the screenshots. Or vice versa. He would be on Instagram and then within minutes, be on that account tweeting.

That was a tweet. This is the full version.

No. 994738

Dude… you're literally insane. How is this proof? Two accounts posted around the same time and this is PROOF? That's not even his current profile picture…

Seriously GO AWAY…

No. 994743

There is NO connection here. This person is Dawn.

The OG poster didn't even explain WHY they thought this was him, they just plopped a random account on here and started claiming it was him.

They can't even provide real screenshots, they're taking actual photos of their phone.

No. 994748

Quit trying to plug your weirdo accounts. This account has nothing to do with him. Go attempt to make friends somewhere else

No. 995203

I don’t have twitter. Those are HIS (alleged) weirdo accounts. I’m not posting random accounts. These accounts were all connected back to his Jesus one, which I know for a FACT was his. That’s how I came across them.

I was keeping track. It’s funny how when he tweeted on that Jesus account, then right after he would tweet on that 002archive, then be on his real account on IG. EVERY TIME. Within minutes of each other. Now that stupid IG took that feature away, you can’t check when someone is online.

Then when I was messaging with palliatian.elixir, that “archive” account would tweet things I said to palliatian in private messages.TELL ME HOW THAT HAPPENED?! Palliatian would give me some bullshit telling me that the 002archive is “role playing”. Bull-fucking-shit! That’s sick! And it’s ILLEGAL to be an adult pretending to be underage.

No. 995209

You would like that, wouldn’t you? GO. TO. HELL. Call me insane, I don’t give a shit. But you will not keep me quiet and what these sick fucks do. I know what I know.

No. 995237

It’s probably safe to assume we all want you to leave, you’ve killed the thread with your bullshit. It’s quite obvious you want to pin a pedophile account on him no matter how convoluted and far fetched your ‘evidence’ is. He was behind @rebelsquadreco3 because they posted a dick pic “similar in size” to a dark and blurry Manson post? Ridiculous. Manson is guilty enough of legit shit without false allegations.

Your track record sucks and you’ve failed to prove any of your accusations.

If you insist on carrying on with this, file a police report. That’s the appropriate action if you legit think he’s running pedophile accounts, not post it to a gossip site.
Why continue to aggravate everyone here who’ve made it clear they don’t believe you? Repeating the same lines won’t change that. Unless you like the negative attention.

No. 995275

File: 1593117971619.jpeg (753.73 KB, 2048x2048, 886E2203-9DF1-4504-939D-3A4B39…)

Not sure if anyone else put this together -but I noticed what Manson said in that Italian article is also similar to what palliatian.elixir wrote in regards to alternate universes and “change”.

No. 995290

But you said she’s involved with porn. >>985505

No. 995315

I’m someone else. I didn’t post that about them doing “porn”…it looks like that’s what they were telling whoever wrote that post that’s what they did.

No. 995329

> because they posted a dick pic “similar in size” to a dark and blurry Manson post?

Pretty interesting how that post is now deleted. That sounds like a guilty person trying to hide shit.

No. 995332

Actually, I was the anon that posted about them being similar in size, not Dawn. I understand that it's confusing because she talks to herself all the time, but not everyone who posts something supporting that he's allegedly behind those accounts is her.

No. 995335

I'm pretty sure that's not him… Just because some weirdo with a fanpage writes about monsters doesn't mean that they're connected in any way.

Do you just put a bunch of account names in a hat and the one that you pull out is the next one you're going to accuse of being Manson? It's ridiculous. Post your proof or stop deluding the thread with your bullshit.

No. 995339

Who else but Dawn posted that, no one else is pushing palliatian.elixir. It followed her “sick freak” post and soon after she accused him of having a porn account.


Manson’s post is still there. Not surprised the twitter account is down considering it was illegal.

Then you’re both ridiculous if that’s your only proof.

No. 995940

Manson didn't fuck Fiona Apple bc she didn't want to. That's the only reason. But of course he'd make up some weird excuse.

No. 995941

According to Jason Sutter he doesn't even want overweight people in his band.

No. 995953

File: 1593161111948.png (315.96 KB, 720x1124, Polish_20200626_034101585.png)

Was that where he said it? Sorry for the extra clippings, it was an old collage I found on my phone.

I think his low self-esteem about his weight might manifest itself as him fat-shaming anyone that's even remotely overweight, but that still doesn't excuse it.

No. 995994

Yes, that's the interview!
He says so many crazy things about manson.

No. 995995

File: 1593169302964.jpeg (642.97 KB, 2048x1538, 5BB3AB78-C813-480A-819D-15A255…)

I talk to laura (mansonisabusive) via e-mail again and she seemed to be irritated by louise's dms to her. She attached that collage and honestly, I always believed louise and felt sorry for her, but after I read that conversation I don't know what to believe anymore. Last screenshot is louise sending laura stuff about her abuse to post on laura's page I think.

No. 995997

He baloned after his leg injury and father's death. It must be emotional overeating and immobility combined plus he might have switched from cocaine to just weed and alcohol.
He didn't look this big until 2017, he actually worked out in 2015 to look better in Sons of anarchy.
I wonder how he's gonna look like after quarantine? No recent pics available, except a selfie from that facetime with MGK and he was sitting in the dark covering up his chin as usual.
He is terrible insecure about his body and to lazy to do something about it.I think he feels even worse with skinny Lindsay in the spotlight. He looked drunk AF at Vanity fair party and there is a video of him eating a sandwich the same night.
He could have seen it coming because he saw how his dad looks like, it's genetic but instead of making an effort he lashes out on other people who are kicked out if they say even one word about his weight.

No. 996000

In 2009 he was overweight already.
And I think he controls what Lindsay eats, like he did with Evan and Esmé.

No. 996012

Wow mansonisabusive is really sick for posting that. She really doesn't care about driving victims to suicide.

No. 996022

It's sad mansonisabusive is sharing dms with a stranger via an email just like nothing. I can't relate, I thought she was much better than that. She could have kept it to herself because it doesn't cover MM abuse or anything, it just makes things worse for Louise.
It was pretty obvious Louise is unstable af and she tends to twist things when it comes to her online presence. Her mistake was to post here and whine about the forum on Twitter. She is his victim. Period. Idk why we even need this in the thread. It's only slightly related to Manson. If you think she is a cow and milking herself, well, you know, it's only because she's been through really hard times.

Just give zero fuck about the forum, Louise, and move on, people will always discuss shit and express opinions. Move on, report Manson, deal with Judd, whatever. If you work hard, employers will first look at your portfolio and only then google you if they wish. And who on earth will decide if they should hire someone based on some messages on a gossip forum. C'mon, just stop it, get therapy, and live your life.

No. 996036

Well, I asked her to so it's kinda my fault. I really fucked up bc now Louise is threatening her. How do I delete that comment??

No. 996050

You can't do anything after 30 mins.
Now we know that Louise keeps reading the thread. Okay.

No. 996075

Seems she may have killed herself.

No. 996082

Hopefully no.

No. 996089

These are actually people and we act as if we know everything that happened to them. We don’t. If Louise did actual harm themselves or there is reason to think they will. We should shut up.

No. 996117

You all should really stop talking about the same people all the time just because there is no news on Manson. We are here to discuss and gather little evidence that he is a disgusting human being, but continuing to talk about his victims instead of focusing on the real reason why we are here is not helpful to anyone. I honestly hope that he will be exposed as soon as possible, and let me say that maybe this thread could help if someone decides to talk about it. It is not much that we have here and we cannot be the ones to do justice for the victims, but lately many famous people have been exposed. Maybe soon it will be Manson's turn.

No. 996167

I double that.

Getting back to Manson.
There's been a photobook released by Perou, it has small notes by Manson and Perou about photographs Perou took of MM. Perou said that they had a major fall out during Eat Me Drink Me because of Manson's mental state at the time. I wonder if there are any details. Does anybody have the book or maybe read it?

No. 996210

I can’t find it now but someone posted a pic of the page where Perou talks about the falling out but he didn’t really go into details on the screen I saw. If I recall correctly, Manson didn’t like a photo shoot he did of him and they didn’t talk for a long time.

You can see from this video that text is limited and mostly blurbs, there’s no way Perou would talk negatively about Manson in his own book even if warranted.

No. 996239

Regardless of whether Louise was a victim or not, she's lost credibility because of the way that she acted when she visited this site and her messages with @mansonisabusive. It's obvious that she twists the story to fit her own narrative. I do believe that Manson is an abuser and that he sexually assaults fans, but Louise didn't seem to mind what he did until she realized that he wasn't going to fund her film.

I messaged her a few weeks ago and she said that she didn't read the forum anymore, so I doubt that it matters if we post about her or not.

No. 996257

She lost credibility because she got upset over people saying cruel things? How do you expect abuse victims to act? Sorry, struggling to see the logic here. People seem to be obsessed over the fact she came here one time to defend herself and other victims. Get over it.

No. 996268

I agree that Louise shouldn’t have posted here but she was defending herself. Her issue seems to be that she hates lolcow for the gossip and that Mansonisabusive posted Amie Harwick DM’s here.

I don’t understand why LKB continued her relations with Manson after he assaulted her, but she never called it rape (even tho it sounds like rape, imo), but she said he contacted her and apologized. Manson suggested she sell her art at high prices and offered her $500 for her first edition. When Judd was rude, she sent it back. Manson insisted on sending it again. She posted screens of all that.

Louise is currently being stalked and harassed and went through a recent sexual assault, I can’t blame her if she’s on edge.

No. 996270

It's not that she tried to defend herself, but it was the way that she did it. It's not logical to come onto some forum and argue about what did and didn't happen. One comment would've been understandable, but she wouldn't stop posting. And then she complains that future employers could see this, but she's the one who came here and started it. It's totally unreasonable.

No. 996284

I think the issue was people implying she was a prostitute, getting facts wrong and confusing her current rape case with being about Manson. She tried to correct things, but got hurt by some people insulting her in response and continuing to post wrong info, so she lashed out. Maybe she was having a bad day? Idk.

No. 996487

I think ppl have to remember this is lolcow. Idk wtf she was thinking coming here multiple times to argue w/ ppl. Ppl here have no filter. This isn't PULL. The fast majority of Manson fans don't even know about this shit tbh.

I've seen her tweets. At first I thought it was her ex bf, then after finding out about Fearless being harassed in the same manner,
I thought MM&Jude.

But tbh I think its a deranged MM supporter whose following this. As we saw with the harassment of Lindsay, Lilith and Gabrielle, there are some of his die hard derranged fans followong this. Manson is drugged out and dealing w/ Lindsay, and Judd doesn't even work with him anymore. Its not hard to get her info from google. I think she should continue the legal action and get the IP address. The more she's posting on twitter, the more this person/people is going to harass. I hope whoever is handling her case picks up the pace.

No. 996505

I don’t think we’ll know for sure either way unless one of them posts findings of the police report.

Judd is clearly unhinged and harassed them in the past. Do we know for sure he was fired? It could be a fan, as well. Or Manson himself. Agree that I hope the police are thorough.

No. 996512

Her phone number got posted on Craigslist. Her number isn't posted anywhere. So not a fan doing it. How would fans know all their emails and phone numbers?

No. 996542

This girl is below average looking, why would he get with her?

No. 996564

It’s Dawn’s delusion, who knows.

No. 996596

She does seem a bit like his type, though – dark hair, pale, relatively small looking. But that still doesn't mean that he's screwing her. I'm really starting to think Dawn just sees a new IG page in her feed and decides to accuse them of foul play. I'd put my money on her having some undiagnosed mental disorder. She shows signs of psychosis.

No. 996646

NO I didn’t just “see” them on IG. They saw me post on Manson News and started messaging me. They recognized my fake account by what I was saying in the comments and they befriended me for over a year, and we messaged almost everyday since Dec. 2018.

But I’ll tell you what… I’m going to be finding exactly who this fake bitch is.

No. 996659

File: 1593218943946.jpeg (359.03 KB, 2048x2048, 87F4D5AB-0FF0-4721-B8AC-B23460…)

No. 996665

Dawn, that doesn't make sense – at all. Just because some Twitter account says something like that, and then you get spam calls doesn't mean it's Manson. The Satan account probably isn't even connected to Manson. It could be someone else spam calling you, and for all we know, that picture of your call history could be fake. It's not that hard to use photoshop. Manson doesn't even live in Nevada. I'm sorry if you were in any way one of his victims, but the stuff that you post here doesn't make you sound credible.

No. 996668

It seemed she finally left and you had to bring her up? Wtf.

No. 996707

No shit he doesn’t live in NV. You know there’s apps where you can get burner phone #’s? That Satan account is 100% him.

No. 996741

How do you know that the Satan account is him? Where's your proof? I've never heard of anyone being able to change their location like that. You honestly sound ridiculous. What would Marilyn Manson want to do with you? You need to go take your meds.

No. 996748

File: 1593224011634.jpeg (95.17 KB, 828x1642, 9C5C0908-21D8-4098-9F85-CF2EFF…)


I’m sure this is photoshopped too.

Literally, just after posting I got this. He thinks he’s funny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 996755

I already discussed that about the Satan account. And yes, on those apps you can get a phone # from anywhere in the US or internationally.

No. 996791

That could've easily been faked. Even if it was real, I really doubt that Manson reads this forum or I'm sure he would've made himself known or threated with a lawsuit like the arrogant asshole he is. Even if he was pretending to be an anon, someone would probably notice his typing style. It doesn't mean that it's him just because you got a spam call. Seriously, get help.

No. 996827

In no way am I defending Dawn because she’s clearly batshit and I don’t believe her.
But I highly doubt Manson isn’t aware of these threads. They come up on google and he’s too arrogant to not keep an eye on his reputation. I mean, if he’s threatening editors >>984957 and supposedly has “internet troops” I don’t see how he can’t know about four threads exposing his bullshit.

No. 996843

You need actual counseling.

Why hasn’t this person been ban yet? Posting the most schizophrenic conspiracy theories, claiming Marilyn Manson is CALLING her phone. This thread is the wild west.

No. 996846

She left until anons >>996542 brought her up. Seriously, the sooner we stop taking about her the better. She wants attention, don’t give it to her.

No. 996850

She might be stupid, but at least she's entertaining us while we wait for new milk. I don't think it's really fair to argue with her, though. She clearly does have some serious mental issues if she really believes all of this. I think it'd honestly just be better to ignore her. All it does is egg her on and fill the thread with nonsense.

No. 996853

She didn't leave. She just stopped posting about "fake" accounts for a little while. Her typing style is obvious.

No. 996857

Schizophrenia and false allegations aren’t entertaining, it’s aggravating af and she needs to be banned immediately.

No. 996882


Lol r u that girl? Trying to start the rumor that ur with him? Madelyn 2.0

No. 996901

Manson and Judd work together. Manson always lets others do his dirty work.

No. 997031

I was one of the people who engaged with her early on and told her to stop posting b/c it was gonna make issues for her art career in the long run and she told me to gto… now she wants to present herself as victim. Weirdo

No. 997046

Yeah, victims should just keep quiet. Maybe she'll be quiet now if she's dead.

No. 997128

I think if Louise was found dead I would suspect Manson had her killed. She wrote on Twitter that the police are investigating her story. If all of this is true, things are going really bad for him.

No. 997143

You need counseling. He has my phone # dumb ass. Right someone calls me with a fake # after I posted on here.

No. 997148

Shut the fuck up already with your schizophrenia shit.

Actually I have been banned. What should I be banned for? Who are you motherfuckers to tell me I can’t post? It’s obvious this is a “fan” running this site, that’s why they banned me. And for what? This is a gossip site where people discuss things.

It’s obvious Manson and his “internet troops” are posting in these threads.

No. 997162

That’s why he deleted the accounts I called out. Like his Jesus account. The cheeks and geeks and Mark Peak accounts. Because this all “conspiracies”? No, you’re all idiots.

No. 997164

And has anyone even validated that this Louise person is even real? Not more of Manson’s shady shit?

No. 997167

I really doubt that Manson would kill someone, only because he could be convicted for it. I think Judd does most of the harassment for him. I'm not really sure if he'd murder someone just because his boss told him to, though.

Why do you insist on posting here? There's no proof to back up your claims. Those screens could've easily been faked, and even if they weren't, that probably wasn't Manson. You got a spam call. So what?

None of us are Manson fans. If we were, we wouldn't be on this thread, trying to find "milk". You were banned because you're obnoxious and annoying. No, Manson's "internet troops" aren't posting here either. The only person on this thread that isn't trying to post real milk is you.

No. 997170

That's really ridiculous. She has an IG page with pictures of her and her art, and she posted here. Manson wouldn't go to all that trouble just so he could claim that he's a serial abuser through a sockpuppet account.

No. 997176

Yeah BULLSHIT they’re not. And bullshit you’re not fans… because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be defending him or get so worked up when I call out shit.
That’s the only time I’m annoying. The only people who would want me banned would be him, his goons, or fans.

No. 997196

We’re the fans when you’re the one messaging weirdo accounts thinking it’s Manson, haunt his fan pages and these threads, and post nonsense screens to connect yourself to him? You’re obsessed with him.

No. 997210

What weirdo accounts have I messaged? I was the one being messaged by weirdo accounts, you idiot. That’s how when I started figuring out about Manson and his fake accounts. And then when I was investigating shit I came across Manson News in Nov. 2018.
That’s the only page I ever even commented on.
And then I came on this site to get more information.

No. 997233

File: 1593290047809.jpeg (49.2 KB, 817x280, 711F795D-9360-4597-8578-220D92…)

Tell me why he was talking about that piece of shit Lindsay while cowering on my page on one of his weirdo accounts? Which now appears to be suspiciously deleted.(UNHINGED)

No. 997286


She had plenty of legitimate venues to talk about her story, she came here 100% to be extra and triggered because people were saying mean things about her in the internet… but many people felt bad for her and tried to warn her engaging was just gonna cause this shit to come up on her search results and she responded by telling anons to gtfo, saying her personal moral crusade was more important and she had a right to do whatever she wanted. ..Now in these texts she wants cry about how this stuff now shows up on her search results. Yes, she is a weirdo and/or has some kind of issues with attention seeking behaviors, I don’t know which it is but I hope she gets help for them + her shitty experience with manson.

No. 997301

Seeing as her full name was used on all of the threads, it was already coming up in search results… She was telling mansonisinnocent it was cruel to post other people's private DMs to lolcows and mansonisinnocent went and posted her DMs to be spiteful I guess.

No. 997304


No. 997317

Why do people hate this girl so much, people here act like she murdered your family or something. She posts cute drawings and obviously is going through PTSD at the moment. Stress can make people act out.

No. 997325

How is that unhinged? You’re a fucking moron. You can see he is talking about Lindsay. Who broke up with him and came back in 2010. And then whatever shit happened again between them in 2017. This is shit that actually happened. How is that unhinged? You dumb stupid fuck.

And how come the mods are only putting shit on my posts? It goes to show these threads are being ran by some fucking fan. But when I report something they don’t do anything.

No. 997327

Could we just stop posting about LKB? There's no milk or anything new to her story. When her case gets another plot twist (I have faith in Scottish police), I think somebody will post about it here, so far let the thread be about Manson. If there's not anything new, just don't post.

No. 997331

File: 1593296646554.jpg (344.13 KB, 1080x2097, 20200627_231841.jpg)

Agreed. Just gonna leave this here for the victim blamers- PTSD symptoms.

No. 997335

I don’t comment that much on here, but I have to say that’s pretty condemning. It’s true him and Lindsay broke up and got back together again in 2010. I don’t know what happened in 2017, but he was seen dating other women at the end of 2016.

No. 997348

Besides Madelyn who claims he’s sooooo in love with her… and that palliatian.elixir chick claiming she has something with Manson… As far as I know Lola Blanc was the last known woman he was publicly with, and him going to dinner with some Emily woman at the beginning of 2018.

No. 997374

I don’t hate her. I think it’s only people on Manson’s team who are on here hating her.

No. 997432

Who is Teresa Warner?

No. 997448

No. 997449

Why can't this schizo Dawn be banned once and for all. She's ruining every single thread with her hallucinations.

If she seriously doesn't realize how crazy she sounds she should not be allowed on the internet. Someone lock her up asap. But pls ban her first. I don't even wanna read shit on here anymore cause 99% of all posts is "uh, someone called me 6 times today and that was totally Marilyn Manson"

Makes sense.

No. 997462

That reads like schizophrenic gibberish that mentions the dates 2010/2017 and you assume they’re taking about Lindsay? WTF

You’re super fucking crazy and too stupid to realize false allegations help Manson.

No one believes you because ALL of your screens are circumstantial at best and you ASSUME it’s Manson. You showed no proof otherwise.

You want us to believe you texted Manson for months but showed no proof of that.

Why did you text? Are you claiming you dated him?

How did you give Manson your number?

Why are there no names on any of your DM screens? That’s the point of a screen.

You’re such a copycat desperately trying to look legit. Spam calls aren’t even how they’re being stalked. You ASSUME once again it’s Manson

No. 997470

Asking for a friend.

No. 997482

I dont hate LKB. I like her art but she is cringe, borderline annoying. And I 100% agree she seems more upset that Manson didn't fund her film.

No she doesn't deserve harassment or anything like that. I think it would do her some good to stay off the internet or atleast private her accounts.

No. 997493

Is that person connected to Manson?

No. 997503

No. 997506

Let me guess, Dawn is going to claim they’re related to them.
She already posted this: >>986715

No. 997509

I don’t know that’s why I’m asking. I’m sure people can find out if they are.

No. 997536

I mean they have the same last name, but that doesn’t mean shit. Looking the name Teresa Warner up shows that it’s extremely common. Seems like it would be hard to find anything if all we have is a name.

No. 997557

File: 1593318536175.jpeg (271.98 KB, 828x1135, 1CA44B04-5E38-4F13-BEEB-60CD3D…)


>That reads like schizophrenic gibberish that mentions the dates 2010/2017 and you assume they’re taking about Lindsay? WTF

You must’ve missed the part she posted a screen where he goes into more detail about her. It’s evident this is Lindsay he’s talking about.

No. 997575

So Manson's a believer now? I really doubt that. It does seem like it could be about Lindsay, though, if it was him. That's just about the only account Dawn's accused that I'd take seriously.

No. 997580

No, my opinion still stands. Too chaotic to know what or who they’re referring to.

No. 997648



Louise did it to herself.

I was around the day she posted on here.

I was one of the people that warned her posting on here about herself, in first person would not look good to the outside world that might search her name.

I warned here that the people on this forum arent her friends and that they wont understand "being tricked" by him because we see him as a low human being and can't begin to imagine why anyone would even pursue a friendship with him.

I warned her that while some might be sympathetic others on here will think shes a dumbass and have no issue calling her one.

I warned her this site is probably not the best place for healing and that is posted on here that HAS TO be disputed by her people will most likely send her screenshots to her other social media and that there was no reason she should be patrolling a site like this.

What did she do instead?

Spent the next four weeks arguing with every single person on here until everyone was full on humiliating her to the point of no return. She kept jabbing the beast until it bit her and now she's upset that her name is out there.

We posted her story of the events via screenshot, I dont think we ever asked her to write a full memoir about her life and attack for people to pick apart and slowly debunk.

I really hope if any other survivors pop up that they're smart about their participation on this website. If Louise felt the need to be a whistle blower for her own attack she couldve anonymously posted proof on here in a levelheaded manner. She did not have to come on here and post inconsistent stuff and then ARGUE people for WEEKS because they questioned the inconsistencies.

And worse? Once she realized we debunked her story and that she was equally crazy as the others, she started making comments about us posting on here and supporting assault? Me personally? I don't support ASSAULT or ABUSE, but I definitely don't support liars and people that create drama for their own name either. What a waste of time when we could be helping actual survivors

No. 997650

Adding to my post a little more…

I've been here since the first thread and we've never pulled apart people's stories of abuse. Her screenshots were posted for archive purposes. I think someone questioned why she continued to be friends with him after he was mean to her and she lost her fuckin mind, raced onto him posting her long ass story and then attempted to insult everyone for having questions about a story SHE POSTED on the internet. Claiming it wasn't our business (which is fair…) But if you don't want us talking about it, knowing about it, having questions, making our own opinions like why the fuck would you post it on our thread? For shots and giggles?

Is this some Scottish thing I don't understand? Is there some social que making it okay to post something for public consumption but we're not allowed to have personal commentary about whether you're lying through your teeth or not? Am I missing something here…

No. 997660

I searched Teresa Warner on facebook and found someone who looks a bit like Manson, obviously I'm not sure it's her. Dawn could you give us more information about this person?

No. 997677

She was on here a few hours, not weeks. She came on because people were calling her a prostitute, a groupie and confusing her current rape case with Manson. People really love to exaggerate.

No. 997683

Maybe I got it wrong but mansonisabusive didn't post Louise's dms.
As for Dr Harwick, well, she passed, right? So technically the dms belong to mansonisabusive. And they were kinda enlightening for me personally so I don't mind that she came on here and tried to explain all the drama.

No. 997684

She didn't come back in 2010. They officially started dating then and broke up like three months after. So what you're saying doesn't make sense.

No. 997685

But they didn't get back together in 2010??

No. 997727


I mean that’s the nature of the internet, people are gonna be assholes and pick apart anything they can, she literally came in to argue at the whole site saying it was morally reprehensible b/c it didn’t fit her narrow sjw-based worldview, confusing it with Kiwifarms ect it was straight milky when there was really no need.

No. 997816


See >>997331 for list of PTSD symptoms. It lists angry outbursts and self destructive behavior. Considering all the recent trauma she's been through, it's not farfetched she would lash out.

No. 997974

She came here to clear up the story and to explain what happened. If you’re only here to shit on the victims then please, get off. For the love of God can we please stop talking about this.

No. 997978

Also lets not forget LKB didn't just post here. She posted about this on other SM platiforms, using her regular account w/personal information. And as she did on here , argued with ppl for days. So no this situation isn't lolcow exclusive. Again I don't think she deserves harassment. But as that other person was saying she. She should have just said her peace and left it at that, if ppl chose not to believe her oh well, but many did. Trying to argue w/ ppl and force them to believe her wasn't it.

No. 998003

I don't recall seeing her arguing with anyone on social media. Her Instagram is just art and her twitter is now private, but was just tweets about her experiences and other topics. She hasn't been posting about Manson until she started being harassed recently.

No. 998006

It seems there's an anon on here who won't let this die because they feel personally triggered by LKB and want to start a vendetta against her.

No. 998126

File: 1593386746687.jpeg (84.79 KB, 828x522, 195EA5D2-5AF3-4D4B-A63B-7D8768…)

My mistake. It was hard to understand hi