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File: 1594347329409.png (60.27 KB, 275x228, 1592748928969.png)

No. 581955

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread: >>558174
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Amanda Palmer thread: >>192724
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Last thread Milk:
>Discussion about Doja Cat, Lana Del Ray, and Chrissy Teigen continues
>Grimes now looks like a BTS member. Is still held hostage by Elon
>Azealia Banks claims that she had an affair with Dave Chapelle
>John Boyega gets into Twitter fights
>Broadway star Nick Cordero is battling Covid-19. Has since passed away. Discussion on whether is wife is milking his condition for her benefit or not.
>Hana Kimura, pro wrestler and cast member of Terrace House(a Japanese reality show), commits suicide. The fanbase of Terrace House gets exposed for how critical they are of the cast members and its possible that led to her suicide.
>Billie Eilish posts a tone deaf video about "body shaming" during rioting and mass protesting in the U.S
>Halsey is headed to law school!
>Forbes tell us something that most people already knew: Kylie Jenner is not an actual billionaire.
>Anonymous exposed Naomi Campbell's ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Also there is legal documents that state that both Trump and Epstein raped a 13 year old girl.
>Lea Michele is canceled for being a racist and a bully
>Ariana Grande gains weight. Actually looks good with it.
>Some old milk about Timothee Chamalet spreading chlamydia. Also has a new gf in Eiza González
>Skai Jackson doxxes children for saying "nigga" on social media
>Bunch of male celebrities get Me too'd. Including Chris D'eila Ansel Elgort, , Jeff Ross, Justin Bieber, and Cole Sprouse. Some of the accusations seem legit while others seem like Wattpad fanfiction (pic related).
>The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard saga continues
>Jada Pinkett Smith has an affair, I guess? Also calls out Shane Dawson for sexualizing her 11 year old daughter back in 2011. Shane has an Onision tier has a meltdown.
>Terry Crews needs to log off Twitter
>KANYE FOR PRESIDENT 2020! (Most likely just a publicity stunt)
>Glee actress Naya Rivera goes missing while on a boating trip with her son. Presumed to be dead. Thankfully her son is safe.

No. 581988

I'm admittedly not too familiar with Naya Rivera as a person, but is there any actual substance to back up these theories that she just committed suicide on the lake? It's all too common for people to treat lakes like just big, natural pools that are totally safe if just a bit grimy. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a bit overconfident in her own swimming abilities, especially since it looks like boating is a hobby of hers(?), that this is what happened.

No. 581993

No there is nothing to back these claims. I also doubt she would risk her son's life by leaving him on a boat where he could possibly jump off or possibly stay on overnight which could result in hypothermia. He went swimming and got back on the boat, she didn't. This leads me to believe there was no way she most likely didn't drown from a lack of not being able to swim, but possibly hitting her head on something and passing out. It's all so so horrible.

No. 581995

Ignore that weird sentence. I meant to say there's no way she drowned from not knowing how to swim and that she must have hit her head on the side of the boat or a rock.

No. 581996

I think anons are tinfoiling because it’s more dramatic to say she rented a boat in the middle of the day and committed suicide in front for her son. People underestimate just how deadly water can be all the time, a Kennedy died recently doing the same thing. I hope they find her soon for her family’s sake.

No. 581999

File: 1594354411429.jpeg (356.67 KB, 750x876, F93C5625-39DF-4A45-BEFA-8BE293…)

Naya's parking was pretty caddywumpus, like she was in a hurry

No. 582001

That's got me thinking, what if she wasn't committing suicide, but was under the influence and overestimated her swimming capabilities? It's particularly difficult to swim while drunk even if you can swim well while sober.

No. 582003

Been following all the Nick Cordero news since his leg got amputated. While he was battling COVID I gave Amanda the benefit of the doubt that she was using social media just to cope and keep her spirits up by talking to other people. Now that he's dead, though, it's weird as fuck. Like she has not stopped posting insta stories and resharing others' tributes to Nick.

No. 582016

She probably got a leg cramp and drowned by accident. I'm not buying the suicide tinfoil at all.

No. 582021

File: 1594357289053.png (1.81 MB, 1848x1078, Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.0…)

Not to mention the frequent posts shilling her fitness brand. If your husband dies, you might as well make a buck off it.

No. 582022

more like she was zooted

No. 582023

Jesus Christ I missed that the last time around. And her latest post is an interview with People magazine, lmao.

No. 582026

Been waiting to post this all day.

Possible she intended to commit murder/suicide and changed her mind about the murder part, as for why she would've killed herself and just brought her child along to watch for funsies.

I find it extremely unlikely for someone who knows how to drive a boat to not know their own swimming ability, to not know the water they're in or at least be cautious about unfamiliar waters, to not know getting out of a boat with no one in it is a fucking moronic idea.

I very highly doubt she had any skill in driving boats. This does not mean she didn't have a license (I believe it's required to rent a boat in Cali), but a person familiar with boats would not underestimate the water this much with a small child onboard. So in the case of her not being familiar with boats, why would she choose to go alone, and refuse to wear a lifejacket? Why choose to rent a boat of all things in the first place?

Also, why on earth would she rent a boat just to stick around the shores where quicksand, underwater cliffs, and debris (Refer to prev thread) might be an issue? Out in the middle of the lake, nothing but snapping turtles and the water itself are a risk. And based on some footage, there were other people out on that small lake, less than a mile across. She likely could've swam to shore or been close enough to others for them to notice she was in trouble if she was confident enough to jump out to just swim, and I'm pretty sure the areas plagued by things like "quicksand" and debris are marked as off limits.

There's no way someone who isn't intoxicated, entering the blackout zone, or literally retarded would do this many wrong things in such a short time frame. You don't have to be Einstein to know leaving a 4 year old unattended in a rented boat in the middle of an unfamiliar lake when all you apparently wanted to do was swim is a dumb fucking idea.

This solidifies my theory she was likely drunk and/or upset over something. Just because no one's found a suicide note yet doesn't mean it can't be one. Suicide, or she's really, really goddamn stupid and was absolutely plastered before getting on that boat, and managed to fall out of it.

Now I'm ready for the dogpile, because a Glee star mysteriously drowning in broad daylight is less sus in regards to tinfoil shit than her just killing herself for literally any number of reasons. She's had custody issues with her kid and was arrested for domestic abuse.

No. 582029

>Possible she intended to commit murder/suicide and changed her mind about the murder part, as for why she would've killed herself and just brought her child along to watch for funsies.
I suppose a planned murder is possible, just not likely. A planned suicide is even more unlikely (regardless of no note being left, plenty of suicide victims don't leave notes) because in that case she'd have no reason to bring her child along. If you were planning to drown yourself, why leave something behind as noticeable and suspicious as a boat with your child in it, bringing attention to the area and subsequently letting people know what happened? As a loose analogy, if you were trying to break into a house at night, would you leave your purse hanging on the front door's handle, alerting anyone who sees it that someone's there?

I'm of the belief that she was under the influence (not uncommon for those in Hollywood), wanted to have a simple outing with her son, overestimated her ability to swim and drowned. Unfortunate, but not sinister.

No. 582036

> I'm of the belief that she was under the influence (not uncommon for those in Hollywood), wanted to have a simple outing with her son, overestimated her ability to swim and drowned. Unfortunate, but not sinister.

This is what I think happened. She was probably on something given that fucked up parking job. Overestimated her sobriety and swimming capabilities, only to drown. Very sad either way

No. 582081

The only thing I'm curious about with the whole Naya situation is the fact she apparently left her purse (phone + wallet) inside her car. Unless she didn't want to be distracted from her son, which can make sense for a 3 hour boating trip.

All for the under the influence theory, really. Or just someone who overestimated her own swimming ability because her son had a life jacket and she didn't.

No. 582090

File: 1594374780500.jpg (26.93 KB, 750x362, 107559019_2534208606796720_135…)

TBH why would she take phone and wallet on a boat? You don't really need either, especially if you plan to swim, too much of a risk of soaking / loosing them in the water. For me it's more of a proof she planned to get back to the car.

I'm kinda irrationally annoyed with the conspiracy theory that her last instagram photo description was a quote of eminem song. "Just the two of us" is such a common phrase in english and there are so many songs more popular than eminem's song with this title, it's such an insane reach to think it's a reference to any of them.

No. 582133

She parks like an asshole. Also she probably just was overconfident and messed up. Happens thousands of times a year.

No. 582174

Honestly I wouldnt really say it was planned, it seems pretty impulsive, hence no note, but it'd still be a suicide.

I just can't really get behind the idea that she would choose a boat of all things for a simple outing, plan to rent a small, cheap looking little boat, and also the fact she apparently didnt bring her phone? She could probably buy a new one the same day if it fell in the water, not to mention boats have somewhat waterproof compartments to put things like electronics and jewelry.

No. 582179

File: 1594396181560.jpeg (200.25 KB, 657x1681, EcfuAN9XkAAqOG7.jpeg)

Naya blind item from 2018. I've also read other blind items saying she was working as a "yacht girl" (which allegedly Meghan Markle was too).

No. 582201

My first thought was that her ex husband murdered her but I thought I was being dramatic because I watch too many true crime shows. But I honestly never trust ex husbands especially if he filed a domestic abuse charge (later dropped because he wasn’t even hurt) because they were arguing about custody with her son. I always heard Naya was always considered a little crazy but it was from dudes and guys call any girl crazy for the littlest of things. My heart breaks for her and her son. I feel like it’s too quick to just say suicide especially if her body hasn’t and may never be found. This is so tragic m.

No. 582214

Didn't a Kennedy relative also recently die in a boat ride with her son? It must be the new bizarre way to suicide someone.

No. 582386

Yup. It's almost comical how much bad luck that entire family has.

No. 582405


Buying a new phone is still unpractical as shit, she would lose plenty of things, photos of her kid, contacts, payment information, bank apps, the phone provider chip, even if you have money enough to drop phones in a lake at whim is still a hassle to set up a new one, it makes alot of sense to leave it in the car during a boating trip.

No. 582424

File: 1594428767656.jpg (73.17 KB, 720x463, 20200710_215029.jpg)

OT but speaking of blind items, seriously, how true can these be? I know there were blind items about Weinstein that turned out to be true, has that happened again?

No. 582426

Everyone knows henry cavill is a creep who only fucks underage girls tho

No. 582430

Some of them seem true (like Weinstein) but a lot of them are straight up fanfiction. Idk about that specific one although I heard about Cavill being creepy/preying on underage girls before.

What movie where Cavill/MBB in together?

No. 582433

There's this new film about Sherlock Holmes' sister coming up, she protagonizes it and if I'm not mistaken, he will be Sherlock

No. 582443

File: 1594433220958.png (43.92 KB, 1188x212, press conference.png)

> she apparently left her purse (phone + wallet) inside her car

well apparently not, because the sergeant giving the press conference today said the opposite of what you've claimed. she probably brought her phone with her because it would fry if she left it in a locked vehicle in the sun for hours.

also, in the same press conference, police said that they don't know if her body will ever be recovered. if it's entangled in something, it may never float to the surface.

No. 582445

i believe it, especially with how sexualized she's been by the media

No. 582456

What the fuck? Isn't he old enough to be her dad?

No. 582466

File: 1594435607175.jpg (345.33 KB, 720x1009, 20200710_234608.jpg)

I have no idea what's the age gap between their characters but yeah, why do I feel this film will flop anyways

No. 582469

no one gives a fuck about sherlock holmes, every couple of years they try to make a new series but the last one that got any attention was the benedict cumberbatch one and that was mainly from tumblr fangirls with no taste

No. 582487

She’s playing Sherlock’s sister

No. 582489

why did they make sherlock holmes a chad? isn't he supposed to be a neurotic loser with a heroin addiction?

No. 582492

I'm aware of that. I was commenting on how their age difference seems awfully wide for siblings.

No. 582493

I think it started with the Johnny depp depiction giving him almost superhuman fighting ability and from there it snowballed to Sherlock Holmes being basically Batman

No. 582501

weirdly enough she was written to be 20 years younger than him in the novels (not written by arthur conan doyle, it's like a modern YA spin off series)

No. 582506

File: 1594440698284.jpeg (107.01 KB, 750x437, 7302D2E3-BCD3-43C1-9AE4-314578…)

Some blind items end up being legit but I can't help thinking that Enty occasionally pulls things out of his ass for the hell of it.

This one also seems true. Eek. Cat White 2.0 incoming? Poor Ariana has been exploited by older men since she was in her teens, I can only imagine how fucked up she must be by it.

No. 582513

Have Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande ever been photographed together? I remember reading she had a crush on him waaaaay back but idk if that's relevant or not.

No. 582518

she was a guest on his tv show, kidding, so it can be presumed shes at least acquainted with him now.

No. 582519

Doesn’t Ariana have a boyfriend currently? That real estate agent guy that looks like Pete Davidson?

No. 582521

by relationship they could mean "professional" relationship or "side girl" relationship, who knows. it's ambiguous. either way its access to ariana's circle of fans and friends, most of whom are young women

No. 582524

Oh ok. Didn't know that. Thanks!

I guess I can see it happening. Especially since his ex killed herself because she was exposed to his degeneracy

No. 582526

career revival coupled with the fact that there's an amount of apparent online fandom for his robotnik character from the sonic movie makes me afraid ariana wouldn't be the only one he'd be taking advantage of

the comment section of the enty post has tinfoiling about cult like shit too

No. 582552

File: 1594448535068.jpeg (156.68 KB, 750x530, 1D620DF7-0ECE-40E3-A94E-AB5C9F…)

yanno, you can screenshot

ariana just has the worst luck with men, doesn't she? imagine being free from years of abuse abuse by Dan Schneider only to end up with a string of mostly bad boyfriends and having one of your exes commit suicide

naya seems like a bitch, but one has to remember that at one point, she was dating the guy from glee who got arrested for possession of cp, and it was rumored that he admitted to his gf's that he looked at cp

No. 582563

Did Mac Miller commit suicide? I thought he just OD.

Anyway, weird how Naya is most likely dead too.

No. 582588

File: 1594463481731.png (20.74 KB, 1445x96, car.PNG)

Oops, looking at new information and you're absolutely right. I did a quick search and apparently she had two purses and the phone was in her car. That information makes the situation seem a lot more normal now tbh.

No. 582633

was RDJ one of the himmmms?

No. 582649

Was it not the faggot from glee with the shit mohawk who killed himself after the child porn was found? Mac had an overdose. I don't think ariana offed anyone lol.

No. 582661

Has anyone been following the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial? Both of them are abusive manipulative fucks I'm just confused why this is being released to the public.

No. 582664

Why does everyone think Shawn Mendes is gay?

No. 582683

he sued the sun newspaper in the UK for calling him a "wife-beater" (libel) so now it's all coming back up as both sides enter evidence. It's not going well for Depp as he just had to admit he cut his own tip of the finger off and it wasn't Amber like he claimed.

There's also this he sent to her agent:

>“I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion or what I thought was love for this gold digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market…” he wrote. “I’m so happy she wants to go to fight this out. She will hit the wall hard. And I cannot wait to have this waste of a cum guzzler out of my life. She will hit the wall hard.”

No. 582686

I can't believe his lawyers let him think suing someone was a good idea when he can't keep his story straight for ten minutes straight.

He told the court that Amber pushed him into taking drugs and alcohol and then, less than three questions later, he said he and Amber argued a lot because she didn't like him drinking and taking drugs. He admitted to "accidentally headbutting" her. When they played him a recording of himself on an airplane he claimed he had no memory of it but apparently was lucid enough to remember that he definitely wasn't aggressive.

He doesn't seem like he'd be in a fit state to believably tell you his name, never mind sue somebody.

No. 582702

Who even uses the term "the wall" like that outside of internet autism circles? Is he literally a r/mgtow reader?

No. 582729

He didn't mean it in the same way the internet scrotes do. He meant lose steam. Like when a runner hits a wall, they are exhausted.

No. 582734

Hah! I fucking said in I don't know how many threads back by comparing both Amber and depps statement it was obvious as fuck he cut his own finger. He's such a mess. Lay off the herion depp

No. 582742

Yeah you’re right. I wasn’t claiming Ariana offend anyone. Just commenting on how her ex died and then the ex of her other ex also died.

No. 582750


Imagine being his daughter and knowing this is how your dad views women.

>flappy fish market

Pussy is always good until they don't get it anymore, then suddenly they say it's a stinking, loose mess.

>cum guzzler

Once again, you love it when she's there but when you lose her it's her biggest flaw.

No. 582774

File: 1594496518986.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, mwVPnEI.gif)

What if Naya Rivera isn't in the lake at all. What if she's not really missing? What if she's faked her own death? Swam to the opposite side of the lake, intentionally leaving her son as a witness.

What if Gone Girl, but real life?

No. 582775

Jada talking about how she cheated on Will with August Alsina

No. 582777

File: 1594496777923.jpg (28.76 KB, 385x630, UH4yzrK.jpg)

No. 582781

50 Cent is such a shit-stirrer it's so funny.

No. 582805

File: 1594502181699.jpeg (349.12 KB, 750x906, 6660D4BC-FA0C-4D5B-B979-F92F68…)

Another Ariana/Carrey blind involving cults, this time with Jared Leto?


No. 582806

File: 1594502229470.jpeg (384.86 KB, 750x977, FA35BB40-C8E7-4CC7-A0F6-26DF59…)

No. 582807

File: 1594502314894.jpeg (428.04 KB, 750x1108, AF20CBFE-45B5-4304-94D3-E403F3…)


It's starting to sound a bit fanfic-y and far fetched but it's pretty creepy nonetheless. Considering the rep Leto has among underage girls…

No. 582819

>implying normal women are stank ass whore celebrities
if i were his daughter i'd be all like idc about johnny depp nor this whole thing but i hate it when girls try to take offense when a girl they secretly cape for gets slutshamed. let them kill each other as pos, not as woman vs man.

also naya pls be safe

No. 582820

this video is irky to watch and very cringe.

No. 582822

This isn't so farfetched if you consider Epstein/Maxwell. I-is this another one forming? If Jared Leto weren't on the list, I wouldn't fully buy it. But wasn't he confirmed doing cult shit not long ago? Jim Carrey has also been suspiciously out of the news lately. I haven't heard anything about him.

I guess this one is about it too?
Can I ask what this anon was talking about his ex killing herself because of his degeneracy?

No. 582850

What the fuck did I just watch, I-
What….. is this……….

That said it’s nice to see??? I guess?? If it’s genuine??? (It’s not)

No. 582857

>Can I ask what this anon was talking about his ex killing herself because of his degeneracy?
jims ex, cathriona "cat" white, an irish woman 23 years to his junior, committed suicide in 2015 only a couple weeks after her 30th birthday because he was said to have abused her and gave her std's. in her suicide note she said felt damaged by what he'd done to her. she seemed to legitimately love and care for him too, which makes it worse.

too long to post all the receipts, but this article contains multiple text message exchanges between them, as well as a copy of her suicide note. forewarning: it's fucked up.

and people just conveniently "forgot" about this, I first heard about it on here of all places.


No. 582859


Wasn't her family completely nuts and money-hungry tho? I remember they sued everyone they could for her death and milked it till even the press go sick of them.

No. 582861

Ngl if my daughter married a filthy rich famous husband and then killed herself and wrote on her suicide note that said husband abused her I'd milk that shit too.

No. 582862

Jada so pretty I'd let her cuck me

No. 582864

not at all surprising, girls who get molested end up with warped views of relationships and usually get involved with the worst men when they grow up

it really screws you up for life

No. 582868

File: 1594510835357.png (382.64 KB, 1052x333, 04D28C83-2B6A-4622-BCC1-153B8F…)

yeah but she herself seemed to be far more humbled than them, her suicide note implied she didn't want money, just to admit jim hurt her. i hate to tinfoil but it seems like maybe she might've felt like their relationship was a scapegoat to escape her family?

if you look at her social accounts there were blatant signs she was mentally struggling, this was one of her last posts on instagram. she'd also posted childhood pictures not far before this, which is something else I've also seen suicidal people do

sure their relationship was toxic and it wasn't perfect on her side either, but I can't help but feel she was the one more taken advantage of, especially considering she wasn't a fellow celebrity, and much younger than him

No. 582870

>she'd also posted childhood pictures not far before this, which is something else I've also seen suicidal people do
Interesting, any proof of that pattern?

No. 582876

it's hard to describe. basically suicidal people from what I've seen and read, I don't really have any physical evidence, start showing erratic behavior, reminiscing about their pasts, giving shit away, etc, because of their suicidal feelings. it's as if to say "look at the times when I was happier and better, or look when I was young and naive".

No. 582880


Oh yeah def, I think it boils down to someone from an abusive upbringing ending up in another abusive situation, in some ways I think the poor girl never stood a chance to have a good mental health.

No. 582907

Couldn't watch 6 mins of this fr, this type of celebrity exposure, telling the entire world about your traumas, personal/family/marriage problems is SO weird

No. 582941

the smiths have always been weird, they;ll talk about literally anything if it gets them attention

No. 582942

I've seen that kind of thing before on social media, with the childhood pictures, almost like they're pre-emptively mourning themselves.

No. 582991

File: 1594532370542.jpeg (143.43 KB, 634x810, 2E4FCE23-6E54-4664-874F-1495D3…)

I think even for people who've had trauma in their childhoods it's oddly peaceful and yet saddening to look back at photos depicting how they were prior to their problems developing into a full fledged mental illness. as a child you're often still naive to the evils the world has to offer, and you don't have much responsibility. it seems like preemptive mourning and the suicider coming to peace with the idea of death.

she also mentioned god in her letter, "god can see how much love I have for you", a last reach of affection towards the man who pushed her to her death. whether religious or not, it's always horrible when someone mentions god with the looming intent of suicide. that fully means they've accepted they're set to die.

No. 582992

File: 1594532416409.jpeg (35.83 KB, 634x362, CE0EAA50-F7C0-4B5F-B8D4-CA9B0C…)

No. 582999

Kanye dropped some bars (if you wanna call it that) in the telephone interview with Forbes. Three separate recordings each about a minute long where he rambles about the OJ Simpson verdict as a victory in black American history, something about the death penalty and how we need god, as well as shoutouts to Kris and Rob Jenner

No. 583105

I used to think that for many years, but a friend of mine who happens to be an Oscar winner told me it’s actually Jeff Goldblum.

No. 583150

Occam's razor, anon. That lake is notably dangerous and many people have drowned. No murder, no suicide, just a very unfortunate and tragic accident.
Speaking of which, Naya Rivera's thing fucked me up. I wasn't even a big Glee fan, but the thought of someone disappearing into the water and never coming back, their body possibly stuck into debris with the possibility of never resurfacing again… It's fucked up.

No. 583151

File: 1594562761197.png (798.56 KB, 723x725, Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 16.04…)

Mia Khalifa's got a nose job but I don't see a single difference to be honest.

No. 583161

One of the "hims" what? I'm lost

No. 583179

“himmmms” were, what? Three? Four? People in Hollywood who would supply insider info to the guy who writes Crazy Days and Nights. A bunch of insider info about the pedo scene dropped and it was highly implied that the himmm writing it was Robert Downey Jr. According to the other anon tho, it could have been Goldblum. As always with CDAN, take it with a grain of salt.

No. 583189

can we stop spreading this shit that some male celebrity (probably with skeletons in their closet) are somehow the tattletales on a blog run by a man who lives in his arizona basement?

No. 583196

AZ? sorry? is he not a lawyer

No. 583212

File: 1594574093680.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200712-115512~2.p…)

Trans person I used to watch on Youtube. I know people change but I do recall them being dumber than a sack of bricks while in grade school. Even in the comments there are people asking if the degree is real without a reply which I consider strange due to how active/involved they usually are with their page. Tried looking up the school but not really finding anything. Should be California based if that helps.

No. 583214

does this look like a thread for youtubers to you?

No. 583215

Johluuuuuuu bitch tf, she is so messy i love it. Maybe bring it to ytubers or some ig thread, anon.

No. 583218

> OJ Simpson verdict as a victory in black American history

Kek, where a guy brutally murders his wife after years of abusing her is somehow a “victory.” Kanye is such a misogynist

No. 583252

Wow thank you for this, anon. I had no idea Jim Carrey was that fucked up. He's another celebrity man the media paints as a wonderful human being. They do the same with Tom Hanks lately. Makes me go hmmmm. He's also no stranger to depression, so he should've known better about that kind of stuff and suicide. He obviously didn't care about this woman taking her life more than he cared that it would come out she got 3 STD's from him. Her note is so obviously an abusive type relationship. She was still in love with him and it seemed like nothing she said was the "right" thing, he would just continue to insult him. The only thing he cared about was she deal with papers he gave her. She didn't insult him at all in those texts or anything, just trying to probably deal with a man she fell in love with wasn't anything like everyone said he was, plus already having depression and suicidal thoughts. Poor girl.
With that and Jared Leto, I'm gonna buy that blind item. What a coincidence he has multiple STD's and it's about recruiting girls for sex. Jim Carrey was always made out to be the type of man that was in committed relationships, not one to sleep around. So I find that interesting.

No. 583273

Well I for one never forgot. I read all about this when it first happened and haven't been able to see him the same since. Which sucks because I used to really like him as an actor.

No. 583323

Me too anon, me too. I even had a weird crush on him at one point. Now I just feel repulsed thinking about what he did to his ex, and I will never see him the same. The myth that "funny men can do no wrong" needs to be fucking dispelled.

No. 583348

It was a long time ago but I remember thinking he was sketchy when his daughter was on American Idol and said she worked as a waitress. He could've helped her get a better job since he's rich and famous

No. 583368

It’s sketchy that he doesn’t spoil his kids or use nepotism to get them jobs they’re not qualified for? What??

No. 583393

He could've at least tried to help his daughter enough financially that she didn't have to work as a waitress, not spoil her necessarily.

tbh I didn't even know he had a daughter until I learned about the American Idol thing. She's got a kid too, who was pretty young at the time of her spot on the show.

If you look into how many relationships he's been in, that are confirmed (not even talking about the relationships he's been in that have been rumored or likely non celeb women), he's bounced from woman to woman, and been divorced twice. I think the longest he was with a woman publicly was either his wife's daughter or Jenny McCarthy, the latter who is a total nutter, and that was only for 5? ish years.

No. 583443

He put two of her bad songs on dumb and dumber to so he definitely has played the nepotism card for her. She's not his bio daughter either. Her mom was pregnant when they met.

No. 583448

>she's not his bio daughter
anon I've never even heard this before… if she's not related to him biologically she sure looks a helluva lot like him for no reason

No. 583450

maybe her mom has a type?

No. 583484

File: 1594613159932.jpg (68.7 KB, 807x476, Benjamin-Keough-Elvis-Lisa-Mar…)

Lisa Marie Presley's son (Elvis Presley's grandson) committed suicide.

This is really sad. I always thought Lisa Marie's life was pretty fucked up, especially if you ever read about how fucking creepy the relationship between Elvis and Priscilla Presley (Lisa Marie's mom) was. I think she also has (or had) a drug problem. Her adult daughter is an actress and was actually in Mad Max: Fury Road and she was surprisingly good in it.

No. 583485

I still don’t understand how that makes him “sketchy”. Not trying to cape btw I just don’t see the correlation between his step daughter having a normal job and him being a serial womanizer and emotionally abusive to his girlfriends.

No. 583486

It could be post-op swelling making it hard to see the difference

No. 583509

File: 1594620047266.png (2.89 MB, 1904x982, kelly.png)

Kelly Preston died of breast cancer today. Wonder how John Travolta feels losing first a son then his wife of 28 years.

No. 583520

Ah I feel so bad, I bought all of Jim Carreys awakening bullshit. Anyone knows what's up with that btw?

No. 583538

his quirky little "novel" that just came out? probably a ploy to get PR and lure in more women, tbh

No. 583554

That bish was crazy from the get go. Ok so he gave her the herp…seems like she didnt give a fuck about it until he broke up with her tho right?

That guy from Glee that "killed himself" after they found child porn on him was Naya's ex boyfriend. ive seen people online that are saying that both of them got suicide-d because they knew too much.

Thats super sad. 28 years is a long ass time. wonder if he will finally come out of the closet?

No. 583559

hello unintegrated user. please learn to hide your autistic tendencies better. who the fuck would just be chillin about a herpes diagnosis?

No. 583628

not that anon but herpes really isn't a big deal vast majority of the times. About 80% of sexually active people have it, a lot of them with zero symptoms so they might never know. It's still fucked up Carrey would refuse to admit it's clearly his fault and console her a bit.

No. 583630

True, herpes isn't that bad. I mean, no one even cares about lip herpes, genital herpes isn't much worse. I'd probably rather have herpes on my cooch sometimes than in my face tbh. But it's still a fucked up move not to tell your partner about it, he probably didn't even take all possible measures not to infect her.

No. 583633

He also gave her gonorrhea. But sure, anon, she was totally just crazy and he did nothing wrong.

No. 583644

Are you guys fucking for real? Herpes is a big deal and it’s permanent. I’d kill myself if someone I was in love with gave me it willingly! What kind of shit is this
>80% of sexually active people have it
I mean this is why the sex positivity shit was terrible to begin with. Herpes is a no no

No. 583650

You do know that it usually comes w fever, nausea and hurts? Rubber face bad man, ok

No. 583652

Except it doesn't. The first outbreak, maybe.

No. 583656

>Herpes is a big deal and it’s permanent. I’d kill myself if someone I was in love with gave me it willingly! What kind of shit is this
Anon, statistically speaking, you probably have HPV. A majority of the people on this board probably do because a majority of the global population has some form of the herpes virus. Most people who have a form of the virus didn't come in contact with it through sexual means, but through basic skin-to-skin contact. Children can get HPV from their parents when hugged and kissed on the cheek as a child. Cold sores, the only visual sign of HPV, occur about every 10 years in the average carrier, meaning you can go years and sometimes decades not even knowing you have it.

If someone intended to give it to you, that'd be a different matter, but it's not worth suicide or, in most cases, even worrying about. Just get routine check-ups.

>I mean this is why the sex positivity shit was terrible to begin with

Ah, yes, because various kinds of bacteria, viruses, and sexually-transmitted diseases never occurred in nature long before modern society. It was 21st century sex positivity movements that did that, causing humans to be interested in sexual behavior, whereas we previously must've had no interest in sex. Kek.

No. 583658

Yeah, people were probably much healthier when sex was seen as something dirty and there was no real contraception.

No. 583665

Definitely didn't lead to a shit ton of teenage pregnancies and unsuccessful/fatal abortions, anything like that.

No. 583667

Uh, it does for many and me kek

No. 583668

Stop the STI sperging.

No. 583676

Lmao. Do you really believe that?

No. 583678

That post was sarcastic.

No. 583679

No. 583698

>that bitch was crazy
jim is the one who's tried to garner sympathy by coming out as depressed, the fact that he couldn't console his suicidal, mentally ill girlfriend despite saying he experiences mental health woes himself is the truly horrible, hypocritical part of it.

for everything he preaches? he killed a woman with his callousness and abuse.

No. 583703

Shiiit I did not know about this. I love Riley (his sister), she's a great actress

No. 583710

Johnny Debt continues to be the one of the milkiest celeb cows, year over year.

>“Since Pirates [of the Caribbean] 2 and 3, I had – and this is ludicrous to have to state, it’s quite embarrassing – apparently I had made $650m and when I sacked them, for the right reasons, I had not only lost $650m, but I was $100m in the hole because they [the previous business managers] had not paid the government my taxes for 17 years.”

It doesn’t even matter if Amber actually shit in his bed. Poor Johnny. I hope he learns and doesn’t spiral further with this circus.

No. 583716

What the fuck happened to him? He seemed relatively stable when he was with Vanessa but goes on this extreme downward spiral when they broke up and he married Amber. I know drugs is the obvious answer but it’s still inane to watch.

No. 583723

Maybe milkiest isn’t the right term, because he’s just unwell. Like Kanye, except the Kardashians have learned to keep him on a tight leash in Montana. This financial and domestic mess makes stars like Leo seem stable by comparison.

No. 583736

File: 1594660983623.jpeg (179.47 KB, 750x540, 2A482536-85DA-457F-AA16-422673…)

ah fuck

No. 583740

This is fucking me up

No. 583745

Hopefully this gives her family some closure (if it is her). What happened is tragic but it would have been much sadder if she was never found.

No. 583748

According to TMZ it is her. But I mean it's TMZ so who knows

No. 583759

This. Also somewhat puts an end to the stupid conspiracy theories.

Also she was apparently found on the anniversary of Corey Monteith’s death? That’s fucking creepy.

No. 583789

I don't really feel bad for him and Amber (I mean, drugged millionaires will never have my sympathy) but I'm tired about hearing this dirty laundry aired in public. At the end of this, they won't be working for a while regardless.

No. 583790

TMZ is pretty legit when it comes to celeb news and they have eyes everywhere. Remember they’re the ones who found out Kobe died first.

No. 583809

The ways that fans on Twitter acted throughout this whole search for her was absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I knew people were fucking stupid and crazy, but I saw it in real time. The conspiracy theories, circling pictures of blurry ass photos on the water that the police department had tweeted saying it looked like a body, or continuously tweeting them to “search the land! Around the water!! And calling them racist when they stopped when it got dark, saying they were doing a better job investigating then the experts. And don’t even get me started on the “manifesting” shit and YouTube psychics and praising stupid ass people that went to the lake to search themselves??
Can you even attribute it dumb teenagers when Glee ended 5 years ago?

Anyway super tragic, I feel so deeply for her little boy and her family. The only thing that confuses me is that it was reported about an hour or two before her death that she sent a picture of her son to a family member, but before they said her phone was found in her car.

No. 583823

>Can you even attribute it dumb teenagers when Glee ended 5 years ago?

I think it's just Twitter being Twitter. Say what you will about Glee fans but I think most of them eventually grew up. A few months ago I looked up clips of Will (the teacher character in the show) being creepy and inappropriate with the student characters on YT and a lot of the comments were filled with "I loved this show when I was 12/13 and now I'm in my 20s and I just realizing how cringy it was!"

No. 583864

Everybody on twitter suddenly became a search and rescue expert. The amount of them saying "Why are they calling off the search? The first 24 hours is vital!"

Yeah, on land but not in water. Not to be callous but anybody that goes under in a large body of water has nowhere near that timescale, especially when they're not wearing a lifejacket. When they didn't find her in the first couple of hours, they probably knew she was a goner. It's not like she went missing in the sea and could have washed up somewhere and been stranded.

I've never hated twitter more than in the past few days. The amount of people tweeting conspiracy theories, taking away vital resources from other people by clogging up phone lines and attacking a search and rescue team that made the CORRECT decision not to put anybody else in danger in what they knew was a recovery effort disgusted me. Some of them even got angry that the police in that area were attempting to combat human trafficking because they said it was taking time away from the search. They made it all more difficult for the rescuers and for her family. I hope the twitter fingered nuts all know how stupid, useless and toxic they are.

No. 583866

I don't get why twitter idiots think it's so unbelievable for someone to accidentally drown (especially if drugs/alcohol could have been involved) and instead jump through hoops to try to prove some conspiracy theory. Drowning is actually pretty common as far as unintentional deaths go.

No. 583869


Damn, that's sad to hear. She has been the reason why I went back from time to time to watch the video of "she will be loved" by maroon 5 because I had no idea for a very long time who this woman was but always loved watching her in motion.

No. 583880

File: 1594675313294.jpg (64.12 KB, 827x937, Ec0lqLPUYAEbmuJ.jpg)

No. 583887

Here's the press conference. They still need to do an autopsy and get dental records for 100% certainty, but they're positive it's her.

P.S: I hope I linked the video correctly. Never done it on here before lol

No. 583899

I saw someone tweet the phone number and be last “call this number if you don’t agree how they’re treating the search!” I’m hello, how do you know how they’re treating the search? So many people calling it a “botched” search because they hadn't found her, when she was underwater the entire time, and idiots whining that the updates “didn’t give them any information” like who are you again? A random person on twitter deserves all the private details got it.The toxicity And entitlement was unreal.
I had to laugh when the police department tweeted to not come to the lake because they didn’t want to have to rescue them too, and they were all whining and calling them rude. It saddens me that these are members of society.

No. 583902

you sound extremely pressed. stop being a cunt, it's called a conversation. maybe you've heard of them?

the number of m's referred to, supposedly, the number of guys dropping details. one of them was in the music industry? or said they were? they did tell a pretty detailed story that sounded like it could have been true.

the only time i think CDAN is out of hand is when enty goes off on a pizzagate kick. i like reading conspiracy theories for fun, but it brings out the bedbugs.

there's a 'user' there who usually names names and gets the blinds right on the first try. tricia or trish or something, but they reply correctly and immediately after the post goes up. recently they began to slow it down, it looked pretty obvious.

No. 583906

Did you see the Jim Carrey doc about him making the Man on the Moon, on Netflix? It's basically about him being a fucking prick while he was playing Andy Kaufman and how he took his shitty Method acting too far. He's actually an insane person with a monstrous ego and I have no problem believing that he would fuck with someone's life. At the very end he's blowharding away with the crew and he sort of offhandedly compares himself to Jesus. It wasn't entirely a joke. If you don't hate him, watch the doc. You will.

No. 583911

whaaaaaaat. she was so young. fucking clams, don't want you to go to the fucking doctor. scientology, not even once.

i'm sure he's sad about it because that's the mother of his kid. he's kind of weird, is he gay or bi? he used to date this woman who was old enough to be his mother in the seventies and SHE died of breast cancer too. kind of creepy.

No. 583914

HPV and herpes aren’t the same thing. Herpes is HSV. You need to read up on what you’re trying to preach here because a lot of what you’re saying is incorrect.(stop the herpes sperg)

No. 583949

I'm wondering if he's just going to go deeper into the scientology hole since they like to reel people in during times of grief and hardship

No. 583954

I saw in his statement he thanked the hospital she was receiving treatment at so it seems like she was getting chemo or some sort of treatment. That was my first thought, though. Keep in mind his son died from a seizure which the church notoriously discourages treatment of even though their official stance is that they encourage traditional medical intervention

No. 583961

Herion is one hell of an addiction lol

No. 583998

File: 1594700627621.jpg (24.43 KB, 400x400, ripgrant.jpg)

No. 583999

did you just paste that link in and really think it was ok

No. 584000

This is quite the post but damn RIP. I always thought he was a cutie.

No. 584001

Lmao I dont even want to click it, shit looks like its gonna hijack my phone

Pls dont hate me for laughing at this while the contentiyself is sad

No. 584002

rip didn't realize it was so big my bad guys

No. 584003

what the fuck. MythBusters was a staple in my household during my middle-school years, and my engineer dad loved his robotics. Sorry for the blog, but this one kinda got to me. RIP, Grant.

No. 584006

Jesus. These last 48 hours have been brutal in terms of celebrity deaths. And all of these people were relatively young too, wtf.

RIP. I remember him being pretty funny and dorky on Mythbusters.

No. 584008

What the fuck! I was literally just thinking about this guy the other day!!! First adam savage is outed as a fucking incest rapist, and now this? I'll never be able to watch my fav childhood show again… at least not in the same way. everything sucks.

No. 584011


Online course and bought graduation garb from Amazon


I was just looking at the multiple names of relatively young people, and it's a little odd

No. 584012

This suggests Depp browses and maybe contributes to MRA and incel content online

No. 584013

She seems cursed, like Ashton Kutcher. A lot of unfortunate connected deaths. She also had the maniac shooting people at her concert.

No. 584023

Wait what? I haven’t heard about Adam Savage doing that, link the milk anon I feel lost

No. 584028

File: 1594707083441.png (16.1 KB, 460x162, asr.PNG)

I mean, google is free but okay.
and blahblahblah i know innocent until proven guilty but i don't trust any scrote and the detail about the nickname "raping blob" just feels too real

No. 584029

Got any deets on Ashton? He always seemed like a nice guy.

No. 584030


Apparently his sister accused him of raping her when she was 7 and he was 9. He and his mother deny it, saying she's mentally ill and also looking for money. It seems to be kinda murky.

No. 584033

Well, you know how it goes. Accusers are always "troubled" and "looking for money."
People don't want to believe boys are capable of such things but it happens way more often than people think and we give 'em passes bc "they were just a kid :("…yeah a kid that liked to force his dick into his vulnerable little sister or cousin or neighborhood child

No. 584036

This is random and stupid, but the 'cursed' part made me think of some Youtube comments back then claiming that Ariana herself caused the bomb attack in Manchester, because several years ago she said she was overheard saying that she wishes her fans would all die. Like there were some people who were convinced it was black magic or some shit

No. 584071


>>we give 'em passes bc "they were just a kid :("

Depends on the country. In a lot of countries a 9 year old literally cannot be deemed to have committed a crime.

No. 584084


same anon, he was a cute nerdy man and i wanted him to destroy my vagina

No. 584098


If he abused his sister that young he must have also been abused himself. Makes sense for the mother to deny it, she probably knew both kids were being abused.

No. 584104

That looks fake af. Also the fingers look manly, should've tried some makeup on them.

No. 584115

>If he abused his sister that young he must have also been abused himself.
The notion that many/most rapists/pedos were also victims of sexual abuse themselves is a false, that "cycle of abuse" myth as been proven wrong long time ago. Just think about it: 95% of rapists are male, how could that be possible if victims of abuse turn violent themselves, does this mean that close to all victims are boys/men? Of course not.
This is just an old and poor attempt to humanize monsters.

No. 584117

Why are the most retarded posts always without a source. Even a TMZ source would be enough.

No. 584126

The cycle of abuse is a myth? Since when? The whole concept of psychoanalysis builds on this.

No. 584129

Nta but cycles of abuse aren't as simple as 'get molested, go molest others' it's about having poor coping mechanisms and often becoming a victim yourself over and over again. Where are all the female rape victims that want to molest men back? That's just not what the cycle of abuse is but pedos sure love to pretend it is.

No. 584139

A quick google of international astronomy school shows that it doesn't exist - it refers to a Moroccan school of thinking that dates back to the 90s, not an actual school kek. Plus it's clearly photoshopped

No. 584141

millions of people die every year, how is it odd?

No. 584142

how else would a 9 year old know to sexually abuse his little sister

No. 584153

omg holyshit what!? He was my favorite member of Myth busters and i watched that show for years. This is so sad and scary. It seems aneurysms are really common in japanese men though, which is sad. rip. this is so sudden.

No. 584156

Tbh even if none of it is true and the mother isn't involved, it's likely the sister was abused at some point and no one knew and it led to her being very mentally unstable and stuff
no blogging, but I've known it to happen to a couple of people, it's not out of the realm of possibility
It's ready sad, regardless of the cause

No. 584176

Older siblings can abuse their younger siblings, I've stumbled upon people who've gone through it, not sure where the older sibling would learn the precocious sexual behavior from tho

No. 584201

NTA but he dated Brittany Murphy years before she died. Can’t think of anyone else though.

No. 584220

He had another gf that was stabbed to death hours after he had visited her but I can’t recall the name

No. 584224

i didn't say he didn't abuse her or that it wasn't possible, i said he would have had to learn the behavior from somewhere - likely from someone doing it to him or seeing someone do it to his sister or another friend/family member. especially at the time it happened it's not like a child could have easily stumbled across porn on the internet

No. 584229

I agree, especially considering this happened during the 70s. I don't think kids were browsing porn or /b/ back then. It is still wrong, but like you said that behaviour was most likely learned through experiencing or witnessing abuse themselves. Just pretty tragic all around.

I say most likely, I just don't think a normal child would randomly do something like that. Maybe I'm naive.

No. 584266

Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that. Didn’t he testified at her trail or something?

No. 584281

Just for context, porn wasn't inaccessible in the 70s. A kid his age would have had friends with older brothers/fathers who had porn (literally this is how I first saw bondage porn when I was like 9). Deep Throat got a major theatrical release in 72. There were plenty of other porn magazines in the 70s besides the mostly softcore Playboy. It wasn't uncommon.

It was obviously a different era and porn is definitely more accessible now, but it's conceivable that a kid his age back then would've seen porn somewhere, or that he didn't even need to see it to be an abuser.

No. 584301

I’m a fucking retard

No. 584348

so going off your logic, you put your siblings in bondage and molested them? seeing pornography alone at such a young age is unlikely to cause you to repeatedly rape your younger sibling. the majority of children who are perpetrators of sexual abuse have been abused themselves by at least two different perpetrators. is this his mom or something? kek

No. 584367

at the time he was growing up, the only way he would even have known what sex was is if he himself was molested. you're a fucking disgusting person.

No. 584377

simp harder for a rapist

No. 584378

NTA 9 year old child is hardly a rapist

No. 584379

That's just not true and gtfo simpanon

No. 584384

lol the vendetta girl who canceled the so racist leah michele is gonna get it one of these days i hope, she knew twitter would cancel leah michele really hard. she's pregnant ffs and now an old friend of hers died she's still getting dragged with death threats. Jesus Christ I hate twitter and cancel culture.

Also rip naya

No. 584395

Wow good thing you came in 2 days late to say what's already been said.

No. 584482

File: 1594773662538.jpeg (335.1 KB, 750x888, D5D7BE45-049E-4907-BD91-4307AA…)

Maxwell pleading not guilty. Her bail was also denied. Wonder if she'll end up dead sooner rather than later

No. 584517

Yeah it's disgusting that people were giving her shit for not tweeting about Naya's death. But I can almost guarantee that had she tweeted something, people would've dragged her for being disingenuous like "Wow why are you going to Twitter of all places? You're only pretending to care to save your reputation." There shouldn't be any pressure to tweet about something like that. People just lose all fucking decency on Twitter

No. 584520

If a 9 year old child rapes someone and calls himself "the raping blob", then yes, he absolutely is a rapist

No. 584634

File: 1594804111988.jpeg (590.46 KB, 828x1118, CA42909D-809D-4E4E-9C57-E9E5CF…)


No. 584637


Elon is some kind of time travelling shitlord from the future.

No. 584828

File: 1594838570739.jpg (208.54 KB, 1080x1206, 107824563_2625251737737066_111…)

Megan Thee Stallion got shot https://www.instagram.com/p/CCrBV3vlHvA/

No. 584833

This is weird, wonder what were the motives behind the attack.
Poor Meg, I'm glad she's doing okay with her recovery

No. 584835

Jesus what the fuck?
I’m glad she’s okay though

No. 584837

There is not and the idea she committed suicide makes zero sense with the facts of the incident. It was a tragic accident that should serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of water safety.

No. 584842

File: 1594840328145.png (19.92 KB, 1014x84, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 3.00…)

jeez, did tory lanez shoot her? or did someone else and him having the gun was unrelated? it sounds like maybe someone tried to rob them?
also I looked up an article about it and this made me laugh

No. 584847

File: 1594841206480.png (1.67 MB, 1374x1280, so what is the truth.png)

No. 584879

maybe for whatever reason she didn't wanna snitch on them? are we gonna see a turf war

No. 584884

as soon as I saw Meg was hanging with Kylie I knew some shit was going to go down. I'm not blaming Kylie but i'm just saying.
If I was rich and especially because I'm black, I would'nt be caught dead chilling with the karjenners.

I hope Meg's fine, but her story makes no sense, sounds like she's lying again.

No. 584891

File: 1594849072914.png (37.89 KB, 643x514, elonno.png)

elon musk, bill gates, and a bunch of others just got their twitter accounts hacked lel


No. 584900

File: 1594850509312.jpeg (440.06 KB, 750x978, F0A23D3C-F230-443C-8AC7-A5C83A…)

I can't believe people are falling for such an obvious scam, scammers have raised $50k bitcoin thus far

No. 584906

What's the matter with Kylie/Kardashians?

No. 584908

File: 1594851311752.png (26.56 KB, 582x260, Ec_34hmXoAUlyOc.png)

yeah i want to feel bad but how the fuck do you have bitcoin, know how to use it, and still fall for this shit? now im just sitting back enjoying the show

also they got obama too lol what the fuck

No. 584911

>sounds like she's lying again
When did she lie before?

NYART, but the KarJenner curse and the fact that the Kardashian's have a bad history with befriending/using black people. Jordyn Woods is the most recent example.

This all happened 3 days ago according to Kylie's posts. It's so weird we are JUST hearing about this.
My guess on what happened is,
>people got drunk and partied at Kylie's house
>they left the Kylie's house to go home/go to a different party
>Some drunk dude starts a shootout
>Tory gets involved
>Meg gets shot
>Kylie posts vacation pics on her insta

No. 584933

anyone who believes this shit deserves to have their money taken kek

No. 584938

Imagine being savvy enough to obtain bitcoin but too fucking retarded to identify a nigerian prince tier scam

No. 584957

Honestly i cant blame normies falling for this. Twitter makes a big deal of how legitimate it is, checkmarked accounts being verified "important" people, even the potus uses it as an official avenue of communication (I don't like him but you know what i mean). And so do most politicians now. Now obama, gates and bezos, people you'd think would have TOP security in the world, particularly online, are posting the same message at the same time and it looks coordinated. If only they made a temporary website to collect bank data instead of going for btc, shit wouldve hit the fan

No. 584969

Twitter is twitter, yoy can't be confident you're data is secure in any site you don't own/control. I can't understand anyone who would have bitcoin would be so retarded to fall for this unless they thought the hackers were giving away the actual users money, e.g. somehow the hackers got Bill Gates bitcoin wallet. Wonder if it will affect the price of bitcoins? Now there's some conspiracy fodder.

No. 584978

Currently wondering if the hackers have access to the DMs of the accounts they hacked….will we have a blackmail situation on our hands after this?

No. 585010

That would be golden. Can they hack the rest of the celebrihacks mentioned in this thread, namely the pervs and creeps? Please? Please hack them all, please leak their DMs kek

Also can anons please inform me, since I've never tried to DM one, how often do celebs leave their DM's open to generate potentially juicy interaction lmao

No. 585012

I'd expect media celebrities to possibly have open DM's but not high level politicians, at least not if you are not a blue checkmark yourself

No. 585016

Maybe Musk but I highly doubt Obama, Gates, Biden, and Bezos use their Twitter accounts themselves, let alone DM about anything noteworthy.

No. 585017

Musk's DMs would be milky without a doubt I feel like, god I hope the hackers have more than just a scam in mind and have DMs or other milk

No. 585029

Perhaps not but let's forget what happened to Anthony Weiner. Those you named specifically most likely don't but there are a lot of powerful people who are total dumbasses.

No. 585033


$40k of that is suspected to be the scammers own Bitcoin funds as it was moved in one transaction from a wallet that hadn't been touched since 2018. Y'know like he moved 40k so others would see 40k had been sent to the ~totes legit Bitcoin doubler~ dumb

No. 585035

File: 1594871342340.jpeg (42.4 KB, 828x704, 38uf843.jpeg)

Apparently, Armie Hammer's been cheating on his wife and sexting a Russian fan. Not sure if they're real, but the messages are pretty cringe if so

No. 585043

I knew he was a cringey dom when he liked those BDSM tweets.

Also all doms are cringey.

No. 585102

File: 1594887260553.jpg (970.09 KB, 2110x1859, crazy_crypto_funtimes.jpg)

Just saw this story. I buy/trade btc regularly, though I'm mostly an idiot. Tbh the only one of these tweets that would give me pause would be Musk.

He's impulsive enough and tech-literate enough for this to be believable. He's tweeted a lot about crypto with his trademark ~totally relatable eccentric billionaire~ humor, so this actually seems kind of on point for him.

So yeah I could see how someone would fall for it. Well, at least without the context of these other accounts that make zero sense:

Gates - already has a highly structured charity operation
Apple - corporations never just give away free money
Uber - corporations never just give away free money
Biden - political suicide ("so where's MY money?! there's a pandemic!1")
Bezos - see corporations never just give away free money
Obama - see Biden
Bloomberg - see Biden
Kanye - hmm okay maybe this one makes sense too actually

No. 585147

I really can't believe Nick Cannon didn't get fired from the Masked Singer. Can you imagine if someone had an interview surface spouting "13%/50%" drivel? They would get eviscerated. I hope he gets his ass blown out. There's no way he hasn't diddled a teenager or raped a woman

No. 585217

it's still obviously a scam, why on earth would you need to send money to be given double that back as charity? if some manic rich guy like Elon was really giving out free bitcoin it'd be something like "first hundred people to DM me their bitcoin address gets $1000 each", in fact it wouldn't even be bitcoin it'd just be a paypal transfer since someone who's into bitcoin probably isn't as desperate for money as someone who uses a normie payment method

No. 585247


I can't wait until the Hotep/Black Israelite types find out about white people having Neanderthal DNA. The whole 'savages' thing is just from 30+ year old Farrakhan ranting.

No. 585291

I wonder if this has anything to do with her being broke. It was a major talking point a few weeks ago that her label completely screwed her over, they take like 99% of her revenue so she only has like $15k in the bank despite being one of the biggest female rappers today. Maybe there’s a correlation between that and the shooting and the Kardashians. Either way I’m really glad she’s okay.

No. 585297

I thought he did

Anyway, that whole interview was crazy. I think most people wouldn’t really care if he said “white people suck because of colonialism and genocide they committed” but he had to bring bullshit pseudo science into it. And then he had to blame “DA JOOS” as well. I stopped listening to anything he had to say when he mocked Eminem for raising kids that aren’t biological his when he’s a crazy ass pro lifer. Fuck that dude.

No. 585308

>Nick Cannon having a literal we wuz kangz spergout
2020 just keeps on getting wilder, holy fuck

No. 585321

Wow, the early 2000s just slapped me in the face. Is this man STILL going on about Eminem?

No. 585338

Better yet, this particular spergout towards Eminem was from last year. I wonder if he went down the “whiteys are evil route” because Marshall senapi still won’t notice him

No. 585346

File: 1594934802186.png (85.82 KB, 1628x334, 9327657642.png)

now charlamagne tha god is defending him because jews "have the power" which, lbr, if he had just said "whites have the power" no one would bat an eye

No. 585351

Ironic that they're screeching about racism but both if these men have made racist comments towards black women.

No. 585357

imagine having Farrakhan's dick this far down your throat kek

No. 585359

it's honestly unreal to me how often sexism is excused when it comes from black male celebrities, if you google "charlamagne the god sexist" there are like 20 different incidences

No. 585394

File: 1594944116700.png (161.74 KB, 1198x546, EcQkXYFXsAAa.png)

I don't know if anyone here has heard of Talib Kweli Greene since the 90s, but he's been going off on twitter for the past week against a woman for accusing him of being a colorist
(pic related is what set him off)
Since this began, his wife has locked her twitter account (it's since been unlocked), it's speculated he's been cheating on her with another woman who is now pregnant, and people who are defending Talib have doxxed the woman he's attacking.

No. 585406

File: 1594946428641.jpeg (820.72 KB, 1536x2048, EY-fkfHWoAA8Lgf.jpeg)

He had her doxxed for that? Figures she's actually pretty, too. Probably had him seething.
Talib Kweli is an annoying boomer who looks like he's HIV-positive. Hope his account gets suspended.

No. 585411

Oh yeah I've been following this since it started it's fucking disgusting. He's been harassing her nonstop to the minute. Dude is psychotic it's like he really has nothing better to do than sit around and pick fights with black women yet his cowardly ass won't keep the energy for men as well.

No. 585437

Jesus Christ. The girl didn’t even directly mentioned him and he still decided to harass her. Why are men so fragile?

No. 585477

What a piece of trash. She deserves whatever nasty shit happens to her

No. 585505

I'm surprised nothing has happened to her yet. Maybe with covid the goons are slower than usual. She also says she has some incriminating evidence, presumably to try and convince the courts to give her a lesser sentence, I'm not surprised if she's offed before the evidence is presented to the court

No. 585592

File: 1594989439295.jpeg (248.39 KB, 1125x1371, 7B0047C3-A310-4ED3-9DB2-8F1598…)

No. 585594

I'm really curious to know what kind of relationship they had now.

No. 585598

I hope he gets locked up for her sake. Im genuinely worried for her.

No. 585604

File: 1594992378798.png (127.42 KB, 780x816, Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 9.23…)

I'm really confused by the whole situation, specifically the part where she apparently didn't tell the police that something happened to her as per their statement? Did she say it was an accident?

But it seems to be confirmed that he shot her. Her "people" are saying he wasn't defending her and that he should "count [his] fucking days"


No. 585606

Possibly a Rhianna/Chris Brown type situation again. I hope she breaks it off with him but given how much ~struggle love~ is encouraged and celebrated, I fear she's just gonna go back to him and something worse will happen.

No. 585614

File: 1594993210434.png (507.55 KB, 600x600, Tory-Lanez-Brownstone.png)

Yeah that was my first thought. I hope she speaks out further against him. Unfortunately he's already out on bail.

Also, lmao, dude is 5ft3 what is she doing with him anyway if they were romantically involved?? She could do so much better goddamn

No. 585631

He looks ftm

No. 585657

File: 1594998602679.jpg (167.9 KB, 768x1024, Dq6ucSiUUAEUUiR.jpg)

its always the leprechaun looking ass motherfuckers overcompensating

No. 585675

Lmao this comment right here. I used to go to highschool with Tory before he got big it's really funny how he used to flex back then, too. He hung out with all the kids trying to run with the gangs but everyone who went to our school was suburban working middle class. You're not scaring anyone here.

Something about a nigga being the same height as me while also trying to act hard really tickles me. We are both midgets the only thing I'm scared of is his strong ass dragon breath. I hope with all that money he finally fixed his bad breath but we all know he can't even spell hygiene.

No. 585677

I don't know of this a cliche but I have noticed many rappers, especially the gangster rappers who rap about misogyny, abusing black women and glorify gang violence often tend to be physically unimpresseve

Tupac was a scrawny manlet, Ice cube is skinny fat, Notorious BIG looked like he could barely walk a mile without literally dying from exhaustion and I probably more weigh more then snoop Dogg

No. 585691

Absolutely, it's all compensation. Mos Def, Lil Wayne, Duval, the list goes on. Black men who love harassing and throwing black women under the bus but not having the ability to realize these women they mouth off at reflect onto their mothers, sisters, and daughters. They love to spew misogynoir but point out how often black men cheat on their white wives and enable anti blackness and suddenly black women are all bitter and miserable. Aight.

No. 585698


Lil Wayne is 5' 5" fucking kek. The little bitch talks with a vocal fry and tells Karens he's a gangsta.

If Katie Couric is 5' 4" he is standing on a box in this video.

No. 585702

It's not just height I just have noticed that a lot of gangster rappers tend to be in horrible physical shape, like Snoop Dogg literally looks malnourished

No. 585707

Lil Wayne has literally 3 dreads left on his head from all the drugs he uses with a fuck load of BM issues why he think he's in the position to talk about anyone is beyond me. Take away his rap career and he's your average run of the mill manchild.

No. 585739

File: 1595012537373.jpeg (166.56 KB, 828x1063, FB5660BB-325C-4F21-B40C-F79A05…)

No. 585751

This was discussed on other sites including ONTD. It's been debunked, her name was never even on the alleged epstein log. The date of said log also would've made her young enough to have been one of his victims. qanon faggots have been harassing her for months. She's a bitch of a person, but I don't think she's part of this, and she doesn't deserved to be harassed by them or called a pedophile.

No. 585759

how does that tweet make her seem like a pedophile, if anything it shows that she's repulsed by that show?

No. 585763

File: 1595016063433.png (20.19 KB, 1013x259, pedowood.png)

just checked her socialblade and it seems kinda right. a lot of news publications are reporting on it too(just google "chrissy teigen twitter" and its the first thing that pops up) which is surprising, i thought she was a "media darling" or something.

heres hoping she gets canceled and we never see another shit tweet from her again tbh

No. 585768

She probably deleted the tweets because people are combing through everything of hers right now. Anyone that believes she's some pedo conspiracy plot point is deluded.

No. 585769

probably, but deleting almost 60k tweets? that many "pedo" jokes is kinda sus. maybe im just biased though because i want to see hollywood burn.
also it looks even more suspicious if you delete things instead of just leaving them up and letting people decide for themselves. all she needed to do was make a public statement but she just went full shutdown mode.

No. 585774

people panic when their shit is being combed through and mass delete, nothing really super sus about it. plus she's been in hot water for being over dramatic, she's no stranger to deletion. if anything imo she's too dumb and attention whorish to be part of some "pedo conspiracy" in the first place, assuming said conspiracy even exists. and again, not on the epstein list

a user debunks the fake epstein logs here and goes through the case files to verify

No. 585779

File: 1595018933052.jpeg (117.89 KB, 1024x1011, BF3EB46C-2F30-4EEF-8A08-EB13EC…)

Names crossed off from the list thus far after she searched the court logs:
Tom Hanks (probably not the saint the media paints him as but no confirmed epstein involvement)
Chrissy (feels like someone pulled her out of their ass)
Will Smith (him and his family are crazy so who knows)
Jim Carrey (likely a sleaze and abuser who dates and fucks way younger women, see the ex girlfriend suicide mess, but thus far not proven to be an epstein thumper)
Bill Murray
Wanda Sykes
Robert Downy Jr.
John Legend
Alec Baldwin
Alyssa Rogers
Adam Perry Lang
Anderson Cooper
Ben Affleck
Chelsea Handler

No. 585781


It's scientology level tactics that the trump stans use. She said bad things about their orange god.

What I don't get is why anyone, celebrities included uses social media at this point. Haven't they seen enough people completely fucked thanks to using twitter alone.

No. 585785

if only these people admitted Trump was involved with Epstein and that they allegedly raped a 13 year old girl- oh wait, it doesn't fit their narrative.

the problem is you literally cannot tinfoil about anything without the alt right bandwagoning and trying to say it's a globalist conspiracy and "da jooooos" and so forth. it's not as massive or as worldly as they make it out to be, if anything it's just a bunch of gross men and the women who get roped into their shit thanks to the allure of money and power. which is a problem in almost every industry, but especially in entertainment, it doesn't just happen to movie stars, it happens to journalists too. it's like the right wing completely disregarded the sexual harassment and abuse women had to face at the hands of Fox News executives just so they can scream "FUCK LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD" while their alt right pundits are abusing women just as much as liberal hollywood men they claim to hate so much

No. 585786

eh youre probably right
but why mass delete now? i imagine since the flightlogs were released she was always getting bombarded with schizos, so why the reaction now?

and even if shes not on the epstein list, her tweets can still be seen as ~problematic~, people have been cancelled for less so i dont really see the problem, her giving in instead of just ignoring it just made this thing newsworthy, stoking the flames. kinda hoping this gets her cancelled for good but i doubt it because like you said she wasnt on the logs

No. 585789

They want the attention. Chrissy is pretty much only known for twitter and being married to John Legend.

No. 585790

Cancel culture doesn't work and contrary to the pedo hysteria on twitter real life authorities are focused on actual evidence of pedophilia and trafficking.

No. 585791

People are coming for her kids and saying she abuses them. i fucking hate her bloated face and i think she's a bully, but i don't blame her for being overzealous in this instance. she left the tweets up for years.

on top of that do some of you really think these elite pedos would be dumb enough to just casually tweet out that they're pedos? and only realize it was a bad idea years later?

I look at Jennifer Lawrence and i just don't understand why more celebs don't take that route. then i remember most celebs are narcissists

No. 585798

>cancel culture doesnt work
last time i checked r kelly and oj simpson couldnt get their foothold back in the mainstream, and youre naive to think real life authorities are on top of this constantly, they let a pedophile ring run rampant under their nose for YEARS. they had epstein, had evidence AND LET HIM WALK.
id say it was even a government op but theres currently no proof of this and even that is a little too off the deep end, but not entirely impossible.

at this point anything is possible imo, some nobody celeb from smallville was part of a sex cult and epstein was running around for years so why would it be that hard to believe that any celeb is involved? also for the record no im not alt right i also think trump should be in jail, or at the very least investigated the same as everyone else involved with epstein.

No. 585805

File: 1595021736335.jpg (155.11 KB, 744x682, ct.jpg)

She did post a bit of weird shit, but I don't get why people felt the need to add fake names to the Epstein flight logs.

No. 585808

>on top of that do some of you really think these elite pedos would be dumb enough to just casually tweet out that they're pedos? and only realize it was a bad idea years later?
I don't think Chrissy Teigen is involved in this shit (seems very unlikely), but didn't Ghislaine Maxwell try to avoid getting tracked down by wrapping her phone in tinfoil? Kek

No. 585814

File: 1595022726722.png (12.34 KB, 762x138, ice_screenshot_20200717-235103…)

hmm this may be true.
The girls at exposingsmg also answered a question that jim and ariana did sleep together.

No. 585820

> didn't Ghislaine Maxwell try to avoid getting tracked down by wrapping her phone in tinfoil
I didn’t know this anon, thanks for the laugh. Imagine being public enemy #1 and being this fucking stupid, well done Jizzlane.

No. 585823

Come on anon, R Kelly and OJ are like the only legit examples of cancel culture actually working, and OJ is kind of pre cancel culture so I don’t really know if that counts. Ffs Chris Brown is still pumping out hit after hit, Louis CK is selling out theatres again, Woody Allen still makes movies with big stars, I could go on. Cancel culture really doesn’t work unless it’s a big deal like actual fucking murder in OJ’s case. Most people who get cancelled have a few months at most of being shunned then just slowly slide back into their old position like nothing happened.

No. 585831

Thats not nearly the same as tweeting you're a pedo???? Thats just being dumb and paranoid

No. 585832

I do not understand where she came from and why she got so much notoriety. John Legend is a little dweeb and is he really that much of a name in music? I know he's done features with big artists but can't name a single song of his, he's short as fuck, is he from money and already had a foot in the door with music? Chrissy ran her mouth about that girl that was dating a predator. She's a vile misogynistic bitch and I have no idea how she's a model. She has an ugly little face. The only high fashion shit I've found of her is badly photoshopped swimwear covers, equivalent of like fucking can't even remember the lads mag in the UK, but some shite supermarket rag.

She's been photographed with loads of controversial figures. Was she herself some type of fucking escort she seems the type

No. 585836

File: 1595024800217.png (46.1 KB, 912x244, ontd.png)

what do you guys think? this user is legit unstable so i don't believe anything they say in general.

No. 585838

should have mentioned this is about jim carrey and his ex that killed herself

No. 585851

To be fair, ONTD is very "all conspiracies are alt right trumptards" but they love to blame Russians for anything and everything and consider that perfectly fine.

No. 585852

ONTD users are literally the people who are too damaged and retarded to post on Lipstick Alley. And thats saying a lot.

No. 585877

Ironic considering that Livejournal is owned by Russians
Joh Legend seems like a nice enough guy. I’ll give him some credit in that he spoke against Roman Polanski back in 2009 when most of Hollywood was still sucking his dick. Chrissy seems like a mean girl though.

No. 585880

File: 1595029815820.jpeg (63.12 KB, 600x450, D526AA9D-9332-4D5B-B985-35506B…)

>The mental image of Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande having sex

No. 585889

Funny the reverse holds up too. Terry Crews is in good shape and seems to be a genuinely decent guy. Ciara's husband too.

No. 585896

ONTD would automatically give a pass to Chrissy becausse she is a half Asian woman so she's a poc who can do no wrong

No. 585898

They always claim racism against Asians isnt discussed enough there, but considering the modern version of ONTD is nothing but posts complaining about how offensive everything is, thats obviously not true kek. It was good once upon a time.

No. 585901

you know what they say about lanky guys they have big d

I read that and I backread all the articles regarding her death after seeing it. While I do think her family and the man she married for a green card (the scientlogist) were out for money, i don't think she herself was.

It seemed like she was a mentally ill woman, and she was overly clingy towards Jim. If she was roped into Scientology it was likely she was taken advantage of by multiple people before Jim, and their relationship is what broke. She seemed like she actually cared for him. I don't think she was all in this to ruin him, and the text messages don't seem fabricated. He was a cunt in those texts. It was also very possible she saw him as a way out of Scientology if she were a Scientologist, since it's been said he's rebuked them multiple times.

I feel like either way, she was hanging out with the wrong crowd of people and being taken advantage of by abusive men and her own family. Jim provided the pills that caused her death knowing she had previous suicide attempts. Yes, she was an adult woman, but he should've recognized her instability, if he cared for her, and made sure she didn't attempt to OD. He gaslighted the hell out of her instead. I really do feel horrible for the girl.

There's tinfoil out there that Carrey is more than just depressed, by the way, there's theories he's bipolar or a bpdfag, and relationships with bpdfags don't often end well (read: am bpdfag). Of course there's the possibility with Cat's behavior that she was a bpdfag or bipolarfag too. However… only one of them is still alive with a seemingly unscathed career. The other is six feet under.

No. 585906

The only one who can cancel anybody is the law.

No. 585918

NTA, but for some reason rappers and classic rock artists can't be canceled since the majority of people who consume that genre are men and have an attitude of "that's the lifestyle".

Woody is not going to make movies on the same level he did as before (honestly good, he's becoming senile), fucking look at the flop movie he released last year. Louis is on his own thing, out of the mainstream now. I would say both of those are cancellations, likely the strongest non-legal ones.

No. 585952

I remember people mocking Terry Crews for his views earlier but after the Nick Cannon bullshit, I’m starting to think he has a point

No. 585965

true. ontd thinks it isn't sexism if it's directed at a white woman.
thanks for the research anon. i didn't know he provided the pills, holy shit. i mean yeah it wasn't his responsibility but could you imagine giving pills to someone you cared for knowing they've been suicidal?

It sounds like a mutually toxic relationship but it also seems he had a whole shit load of power more than her. i got such a sad feeling from her texts, like she just so wanted him to care. and he was acting like so many scrotes that are just over it and wanting the woman out of their life because they're not having sex anymore.

of course ontd is caping for him.

tbf i feel like woody canceled himself when he married his child bride. if it was just dylans accusations a whole lot more people wouldnt believe her.

No. 585966

I love lanky guys and I'll admit that I think Jim was cute back in the 90s but the thought of modern Jim Carrey and Ariana having sex makes me want to pour bleach in my eyes

No. 585968

doesn't help that ariana's plastic surgery is looking more and more uncanny. her lip fillers are tragic. she was a pretty girl before surgery, I hate how much she tweaked her face and claims it's all "natural"

No. 585969

I'm not trying to sound creepy but I'm glad I'm not the only one that is really freaked out by this idea. Do you think her tan rubs off on him when they get all sweaty lmao

No. 585970

depends on whether it's the bed fry or spray on kind kek

No. 585975

Has Terry said something about Cannon or what are you talking about specifically? sorry I'm out of the loop

No. 585988

>tbf i feel like woody canceled himself when he married his child bride. if it was just dylans accusations a whole lot more people wouldnt believe her.

agree. also associating himself with epstein proves he has no conscience at the very least. its funny that his filmmaking became worse and worse as he embroiled himself in scandal

No. 585997

File: 1595058725621.jpg (207.5 KB, 1080x1121, IMG_20200718_095205.jpg)

No. 586002

Terry cruz was banging on about how black people protesing racism morphs into black supremacy. I still think Terry Cruz is wrong because it doesn't matter what Nick Cannon thinks, the whole industry is still run by white Jewish men at the end of the day and black people are not in the postion to even enact black supremacy, so it's still dumb.

No. 586034

I agree, she looks very waxy these days. The procedures also made her look much older than her age

No. 586036

File: 1595073662247.jpg (115.89 KB, 1079x1400, 20200718_065418.jpg)

Anybody keeping up with the #FreeBritney events? People are now speculating her 26 year old boyfriend Sam is in on this whole conservatorship deal to keep her down. Basically he instructs her what to do for the public eye and social media. People shared videos of him mouthing the words "kiss me" to her at a red carpet event and another video of him saying "smile" under his breath in an Instagram video. Unsure about the "smile" video but I can assume he's keeping her in check to appeal to the audience/paparazzi.
Sam responded to these tinfoils on Instagram with pic attached.
TikTok videos showcasing: https://twitter.com/pinkcloudie/status/1279760870889918466?s=19
Tbh the guy who made the videos seems like a clout chaser so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

No. 586038

so in shock about this still, rip

No. 586039

She's Mk-ultra and he's her handler. She's broken to the extent that she requires his puppetry to function for the masses.

No. 586045

What the fuck?

No. 586055


No. 586060

File: 1595085423111.jpeg (44.16 KB, 824x251, 6C27B77A-37A5-4175-8AF4-786116…)

No. 586067

File: 1595086490510.jpeg (127.76 KB, 1136x852, EBFBD8E0-F57F-4B3C-A22C-B797BF…)

It's ironic how old her surgery made her look, considering how much she plays up the uwu baby act. I remember thinking she was so cute as cat in victorious, even though it fried her hair.

No. 586072

I seriously thought she was latina for years and the white girl with dyed red hair from that nick show was a different person until looking her up on wikipedia lul.

No. 586087

Just seems if you start fucking with your face in your early 20s sooner rather than later youll get that Kris Jenner big face. I've heard fillers can stretch out the literal skin cells that over time it makes the face bigger but not sure if that's a load of shit but even Kylie Jenner has a big face these days. Kendall Jenner too, her face looks ridiculous these days.

No. 586088

File: 1595092797934.jpg (121.49 KB, 573x573, x.jpg)

A little plastic surgery can look tasteful, but whenever someone re-does their whole face from top to bottom, it shows, and never in a good way.

Has anyone heard of the eyebrow lift surgery? Once I saw it I couldn't unsee it. Her face looks like it's constantly stretched out. I don't know how else to describe it.

No. 586093

Never noticed this before but in this photo, the after makes her look similar to Millie Bobby Brown? I feel like everyone's going to look fucking horrible by the time they're 35, there's no way you can put that much shit in your face and still look human. Nicole Kidman is especially fucked up.

I hate how these trends in plastic surgery make everyone look vaguely alike. She was pretty before, no point in it.

No. 586097

she never should have fucked with her eyes

No. 586122

I hate how plastic people are now too. It makes them look like overblown blowup dolls. Like with men it's usually more subtle but with women they make it so blatant, almost as if to reflect how sexist the industry is. Things like brow lifts and eye surgery are kpop tier, completely unnecessary shit, but I also can't stand overdone lip fillers or chin shaves. So many of these women were beautiful without the surgery beforehand. You don't have to have the perfect brow arch, a button nose, or massive lips to be pretty. I agree that it also makes so many of them look alike.

To some degree with Ariana I feel like she must have some kind of dysmorphia as a result of whatever traumas she's endured during her child acting career (possibly at the hand of Schneider) to be so insecure about her looks. hence her being an anachan too, it extends to both her face and body

No. 586134

File: 1595102610256.jpeg (80.11 KB, 494x500, 460C63C9-339B-440B-9608-AE6633…)

it's like she bought herself a brand new face. disturbing

No. 586138

She looked cuter before. Now she just looks like a generic Kardashian-wannabe instahoe. I hate that beauty has basically turned into trying to make everyone look exactly the same.

No. 586198

fuck i knew him from kimi no todoke, he was so cute. rip :(

No. 586251

Ironically I always thought she was Latina when I used to see her on Victorious because she has such a similar appearance to Dulce Maria, but now she really does look like she's trying to be partially black. It's a shame she looked cute before the new face.

No. 586293

File: 1595127365404.png (74.84 KB, 500x557, ETaOF48U8AAFPeE.png)

who talks about kids and pizza 258,000 times? Do you? Do your friends bring up pizza and shows with kids in them regularly?

No. 586304

This is older milk and I didn't even care at the time, but about Doja Cat's tinychat gang of creeps she met on /soc/, I just watched the videos and I think I actually know one of the guys voices. I've been searching for a while now to see if the guys names were leaked from that vid where she's rolling around in a yellow top, other than the name and face of "fuck off" above her? I def know "loose lady of the night" guy just looking for confirmation

No. 586307

the conspiracy thread is thattaway yanno

No. 586309

the conspiracy tards keep leaking out into other threads lately.

anon i don't know how you sat through those videos. I get so much second hand embarrassment watching her eye fuck herself and pose

No. 586311

Ngl anon it definitely cost me many brain cells and made me physically cringe

No. 586313

the problem with celeb gossip is that it sometimes forays into the pizzagate and conspriacytard shit. muh "all elites are part of the globalist conspiracy" bullshit. nah conspriacyfags, many celebs are assholes to be assholes without needing to be involved in some fantastical, far fetched conspiracy idea.

if conspiracyfags are so desperate to prove celeb x is a pedo, x is a creep, x is conspiracy involved, etc, and call themselves such ~skilled detectives~ then why don't the able ones fucking hack these celebs and leak some milk lmao

No. 586339

File: 1595133944660.jpg (174.29 KB, 720x1329, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Mqki…)

Kaia and Cara were spotted at a BLM protest two days ago.
Also Kelly Clarkson divorce, I remember anon >>569431 mentioned her, but bet didn't know what was going on in her personal life. I wish Kelly well.

No. 586435


I don't like her song much, but can you imagine writing Piece by piece and experiencing that?

No. 586578

Kind of iffy age gap between Cara and Kaia

No. 586711

30 is so young. this is really sad… RIP. Japan has such a huge suicide issue they will never address. I feel bad for anyone especially suffering from mental health issues or depression during the pandemic there.

No. 586722

So Twitter is saying that there’s a song on Spotify called “Zayn did 9/11” $10 bucks says it has something to do with deranged stans

No. 586727

I dislike Kanye as much as anyone else, but I'm seriously wondering if he'll make it to 2021, he is seriously mentally disturbed.

I won't sit there and go, "Why are't the Karjenners doing anything!!!!" because we don't know, however it seems like no one truly cares about him.

It's really sad.

No. 586730

I usually can’t stand Kanye but a part of me feels bad for him. I feel like the Kardashians enable his mental illness and his decision to not take any meds. I know he’s responsible for that too but it’s depressing to watch Kim bend over backwards to defend every action or stupid shit he says. It’s scummy of Kim and Kris to profit off of it and it’s definitely not fair to their children.

No. 586734

I really feel like they'd do anything to have links to black men/culture, I hate to say it but even the Megan shit, has Kylie spoken up about it? Said anything?

It's just like troons who chase "Straight" men, they don't care if the man is crazy, married or about any of the warning signs, they just care about the guy being "Straight" and validation.

It's so transparent what Kylie and Kim want.

No. 586735

and i'm not blaming them for Kanye, I'm just saying, they'll deal with anything if it means being connected to a black man with some street clout.

No. 586780

the fuck is this. kanye is a grown man who can manage himself and chooses not to

No. 586782

azealia banks did this

No. 586785

you are right im just sympathic to seeing someone losing their shit like he is. I'd do the same for the Karjenners even if I despise them.
Watching that conference or whatever the fuck it was really was disturbing, but it's not on anyone but Kanye.
I do still feel he has no one who's looking out for him and/or he's uncontrollable at this point.

I'm not blaming the Karjenners for Kanye, but I do feel how I feel about how much they want to be connected to black men/culture at any cost

No. 586787

I was one of the anons who you replied to. I honestly wasn’t trying to come off as it’s solely their fault and not Kanye’s. At the end of the day, Kanye is a grown man who does what he wants. I think there’s plenty of blame to go around on both sides. I really feel bad for their kids the most though.

No. 586796

i unironically think he's autistic.

No. 586808

File: 1595211431166.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1080, sketch-1595211392597.png)

As far as I know, all of Kaia Gerber's public relationships have had an age gap of 5+ years and she's only 18 - the most famous being Cara Delevingne and Pete Davidson. Taking that, and her mom pushing her into the modeling industry and developing a very obvious ED, along with her brother seeming like a total junkie with face tattoos…that family must be dysfunctional as fuck. Your kids just don't have these kinds of issues for no reason. Weird that people aren't talking about it more

No. 586832

I felt like I was watching a live version of the Bud Dwyer suicide tbh. It legit made me scared in anticipation for something really bad happening while I was watching.

No. 586885

Kaia was constantly hanging out with/living with Cara and Ashley Benson when they were together. Id feel so betrayed and shitty if I were Ashley and as someone else noted that’s a bit of a troubling age gap for an 18 year old. But hey it’s Hollywood.

No. 586899

i always feel like there's double standards when it comes to lesbian age gap relationships, idk how this will turn out though

well kanye is a confirmed bipolarfag. not too far off from autist symptoms there

No. 586900

That household was most likely very dysfunctional.
I liked Cindy but imo, she probably pushed Kaia into the industry and put a lot of pressure and expectations on her.
Cindy was known to be a more curvaceous model instead of the usual stick thin in the 90s so it doesn’t make sense that she would pressure kaia to be thin/emaciated to meet industry standards, but who knows.
I’ve seen a lot of people speculating that Cindy is a narc and it would make sense given how her kids are obviously struggling in their personal lives.

No. 586901

People also always said that the Kardashians ruined Scott and look what he did, left the mother of his children to date a freshly turned
18yo…so don't feel too sorry for a literal cult leader. I can't wait for the next elections to see just how many Muricans vote for him kek

I don't really see Cara as predatory but it's pretty obvious that Kaia's concerning amount of relationships stem from her narc mother. There's an interview in which she deadass said that she's open with her daughter about how skinny you have to be nowadays to have success as a model, basically admitting that she's egging her on to starve herself. I also remember some real gross article from ages ago, when Kaia was just a preteen and Cindy did her first photoshoot with her and said that she's jealous of her daughter's young skinny and cellulite free legs…it was so weird and gross that I could never forget it.

No. 586906

Samefag but I wish Cindy didn’t push kaia into the modeling industry (we don’t know for certain that she did but that’s what I believe). Kaia is a pretty girl , she resembles of Gia Carangi a bit .. with that being said, she isn’t particularly striking and the comparisons to her mother with follow her for the entirety of her modeling career.
That coupled with her ED, make it obvious that the modeling industry is/will be detrimental to her mental well being.
Cindy never gave me narc vibes but with how her daughter turned out it’s a possibility. Any anons know of any signs/behaviors from her that would substantiate this, I haven’t looked into it much.

No. 586914

Yeah she’s cute but pretty normal looking. Her brother was the one that inherited a more Cindyesque and striking look imo but he’s obviously a major dumbass with his stupid face tats and internet meltdowns.

I guess it makes sense to milk the family connections and go into it but i would crumble under the pressure of not being as good as my mom and not having my own identity… not everyone needs to go to college and not everyone needs to be an intellectual but it’s just so boring and predictable.

No. 586926

There was that thing about her nanny taking photos of her tied up and gagged at 7 years old in revealing clothing, so I'm sure there's some pedowood shit going on there.
I think her brother does the tattoo and IG meltdown shit on purpose to make himself unexploitable as a model. If not, it's obvious why he turned out this way regardless.

No. 586929

That’s so fucked up.

No. 586998

this was my exact feeling, i was relieved when it was over b/c i kept waiting to hear like gunshots or screaming. the kanye situation reminds me of amy winehouse, like everyone can tell this person needs serious help, but they're likely going to die anyway so that after the fact everyone can comment on how tragic it was w/o feeling guilty that we all saw this coming & didn't care

No. 587000

I never heard this story, holy shit. These people should be in jail.

No. 587047

File: 1595262712781.jpeg (402.04 KB, 750x1232, B1ECF53A-4274-4E19-BF51-494481…)

Nicki Minaj is pregnant by her sex offender husband

No. 587048

She looks like a literal clown.

No. 587053

i don't get how nicki never got "cancelled", even after she made that awful song with pedo 6ix9ine just after he got out of prison. people got cancelled for associating with celebs who tweeted the n word 8 years ago ffs, why is everyone ok with this bitch

and i know i should call out 6ix9ine too but i assume 90% of his fans are also borderline rapists so he wont get cancelled for the shit he does

No. 587057

File: 1595263647982.jpg (69.51 KB, 940x641, 01.jpg)

Same could be said with people screaming about Islamophobia and how it's a bad thing yadda yadda but then ignoring Lil Nas X's islamophobic tweets from 2 years ago lol

Pic attached was apparently one of his tweets

No. 587058

I guess people really loved her monster verse
But really I think its because she is a pretty iconic female rapper, she'd be hard to cancel. I'm not a barb but they can be pretty diehard.

No. 587081

Stripper heels in her pregnancy announcement.. I'm not surprised.

And yeah she has surounded herself with sex offenders for years, her bro is a convicted pedo and rapist too and that never bothered her. His victim was 11

No. 587103

I feel sorry for all the children of celebrities, but especially for this one

No. 587113

he's right tho

No. 587127


god this child will be 1000% molested by their dad and it's disgusting E W W Nicki the stupid bitch will be acting like she had no idea about anything and how it could happen

No. 587133

I fucking can’t stand her. With her enabling multiple sex offenders and always trying to start shit with almost every other female artist. I honestly hope her kid isn’t a girl.

No. 587149

poetry in motion

No. 587161

it's rumored to be a girl because she ate the pink cotton candy at the end of the trollz video

No. 587290

File: 1595298421388.jpeg (84.39 KB, 827x736, 54DF0DD6-EDAE-4CFF-86FC-80647F…)

I’m worried about him, this is not okay

No. 587297

what the fuck…

No. 587298

File: 1595298927397.png (21.93 KB, 617x179, 1595297587347.png)

Oh boy.

No. 587300

File: 1595299148993.jpg (650.35 KB, 1440x1941, 1595298010503.jpg)

is he talking about shia labeouf im so confused

No. 587302

i guess hes having a manic episode and he doesnt want to get help

No. 587304

I feel like once as year this happens. He goes on a huge rant when he's off his pills, and just tweets for days and days about stuff that makes no sense. I can remember the last one from a year or two ago that everyone on the internet was freaking out about while it was happening. I really worry one of these times its not gonna end well.

No. 587305

File: 1595299552295.png (44.07 KB, 610x319, 1595299383283.png)

No. 587311

Is he schizophrenic? Not a goddamn word of this is coherent to me other than Kim is apparently trying to get him institutionalized?

No. 587313

I do not care what happens to this man

No. 587315

Then talk about something else retard

No. 587322

>Kanye/Kim divorce saga is coming
In all seriousness, Kim sucks but I feel bad that Kanye is throwing the mother of his children under the bus and airing her dirty laundry

No. 587324

I hope kim puts him in an institution somewhere for her and her childrens safety. He doesn't sound far off from killing himself & kids in the name of reuniting them with his mother in heaven or something.

No. 587325

he is bipolar


i don't think he is doing all this on purpose but is worrying that is recurren as >>587304 says

No. 587326

>when he's off his pills
he straight up just refuses to take medication. kim has talked about it before. he's having a manic episode

No. 587327

The fact that he keeps bringing up the fact that he is in Wyoming and Kim and Kris wont contact him is weird. I hope he's not ever alone with the kids, Im sorry to say it. If Kim is smart she will NOT let him have the kids alone in another state. Thats just begging for a parental kidnapping at the least. As someone who has worked for a missing persons agency, I've seen way too many cases like this end up badly.

No. 587328

File: 1595302247513.png (31.41 KB, 656x226, 1595300374501.png)


No. 587331

Kinda seems like maybe Kim kicked him out after he refused to get back on his meds/go to the doctor. So he's holed up in Wyoming and probably being told he cant see his kids. So he's freaking out and Kris is ignoring his calls/attempts to contact her.

No. 587332

He legitimately sounds like a psychotic murderer. When I saw the clip of him sobbing screaming “I almost killed my daughter”, I felt as though he meant recently. Like to get them out of fame. Not from abortion. To me it felt like a completely real confession to wanting to kill his family. I have never felt so sick as to watching Kanye utter what he did. I hope he is away from his family.

No. 587333

Also the posts about telling Kim she cant film their kids or photograph their kids for playboy are really creepy. Almost like he's gearing up to try to get custody. Yesterday at the rally, he mentioned >If Kim divorces me, at least we had North

I know he has mental illness but its still weird. She may have threatened to divorce him and he's going all out now.
Also, he announced today he wanted Jay Z to be his running mate. Jay Z and Beyonce actively try to avoid Kanye and Kim because Kanye is so obsessed with Beyonce. Crazy shit.

No. 587337

They all eventually do. All the pills do is suppress whatever it is that causes the koo koo thinking and schizo tendencies. Then when they feel better they stop taking it and go off again.

No. 587341

> because Kanye is so obsessed with Beyonce. Crazy shit.

Does he have some sort of deranged crush on her? Could explain his infamous spergout during the VMAs in 2009.

No. 587350

File: 1595306155379.png (106.91 KB, 644x362, KKW.png)

tbh i honestly this Kanye situation just feels sad, I don't think Kim is going to divorce him since despite everything she seems to kinda actually like him, The fact that she already came out and said he's having mental health and the whole "kim brought a doctor to lock me up" sounds like actually trying to get him help, most people react very negatively to medical intervention when having episodes like this, his family is probably just worried he's going to hurt himself or worse, someone else, specially his kids.

most people also don't realize the kardashians are the only family he has, kanye was only close to his mom and she died a good while ago, its kinda the kardashian's legal and moral duty to deal with his mental freakouts.

No. 587354

People are speculating its because he talked about how they were going to abort North and she got pissed because he didnt ask her. Would make sense. Thats not something you go to a rally thats gonna be streamed on major news networks and talk about and be theatrical over without consulting with the other person first. ESPECIALLY if you are a man.

No. 587355

I assume they have been letting Kanye's manic episode slide because the Jesus shit was mostly benign and not hurting anyone but talking about that they possibly thought about aborting North (which is a totally valid thing to consider with an unplanned pregnancy) in a political rally was too much, now that little girl will have to suffer with people telling her that her mom wanted to abort her for the rest of their life, its a very valid reason to call for a medical intervention.

It pains me to see people taking Kanye serious and standing by his side when he's obviously very mentally ill and not of sound mind atm.

No. 587358

All the Kardashian kids had no chance. They are going to suffer regardless. But now instead of being constantly reminded that your mom is a porn star, and your dad hates women, she also gets to hear she wasnt wanted. Really upsetting.

No. 587359

Wait, is Kim really doing porn now? I though that was just Kanye crazy talk.

No. 587360


She got famous because her momager leaked her sex tape, before that she was just rich but irrelevant.
Not really actual porn but yknow.

No. 587361

Nah Im just referencing her porn with ray j, aka her only real claim to fame.

No. 587365

I hope Kanye genuinely gets help this time around. I'm pretty sure Kim can have him placed in a mental hospital against his will considering he poses an actual threat to her and their kids (especially North).

Geez I saw her teasing about being pregnant on LSA but didn't think it was true. Hopefully her rapist-murderer husband gets locked up, or they divorce before the baby comes. And this is just after she was bouncing around half nude in that 69 video. Shame.

No. 587390

So… Britney Spears had a mental health break and got locked up immediately, kids taken away, and her rights were transferred to her dad ever since, but Kanye can run for presidency? interesting.

No. 587394

He knows he'll take Dems votes, to help his pal.

No. 587395

For the 1000th time, he is bipolar and clearly manic as hell.

No. 587569

He’s bipolar. some people who have bipolar type 1 go into full blown psychosis in manic phases. He needs to be institutionalized

No. 587829

Wait, is this real? That’s a Terry Davis quote

No. 587935

Why is he directly quoting Terry Davis does he lurk the chans?

No. 587936

so THAT'S who said it first, I knew I had heard it before and felt like I was the one going crazy here. Wtf is going on.

No. 587950

Because men are allowed to be crazy. Especially if they're "geniuses"

No. 587951

No. 587953

whats the situation with dave chapelle flying on his private jet to see kanye? he must've been pretty alarmed, i know he's rich but flying across the country to visit someone that very same day is a lot…

No. 587960

Its very interesting. Remember HIS meltdown? He claimed he had to go into hiding. He claimed he believed in the "buckbreaking" theory, which is that black males in Hollywood are turned gay or made to dress up like women and be effeminized so they are less of a threat.

No. 587967

omfg stop i didn't even know this…i gotta do some reading. i liked chapelle's comedy but never followed him as a person. what a duo

No. 588020

Unpopular opinion but i dont sense that Kanye is in anyway an evil person. All i see is a sad, confused and lonely dude who is severely misguided by his fucky brain and vultures around him

No. 588021

i don't think he's evil. mentally disturbed, sure, and in desperate need of guidance, but not inherently evil. he's also let his ego get to his head, but his history prior to his recent tirades indicates he didnt start off this way

No. 588058

File: 1595405257940.jpeg (486.82 KB, 894x1429, 3EB668C6-46FA-4BF7-BB41-232110…)

Apparently, Kanye first really went off the handle when his mom died from complications of plastic surgery that he bought for her. I think he'll probably get institutionalized sometime this week, not that we'll hear about it (besides him getting quiet for a bit). seems like he's getting more and more detached from reality.
I think if they keep the cult ranch, he probably will never get better.

No. 588066

also she tries to talk like she's black it's cringe

No. 588067

File: 1595407309345.jpg (377.98 KB, 583x448, 20200722_104000.jpg)

>Kris Jung Un
I fucking can't

No. 588070

>I put my life on the line for my children that North's mother would never sell her sex rape
What the fuck?

No. 588080

File: 1595413934194.jpg (38.95 KB, 729x632, Ec-2zvSWkAMf3Jg.jpg)

Pobably no one cares, but Armie Hammer has been cheating on his wife with a fan and the messages got leaked. They are VERY cringy

No. 588081

File: 1595413961212.jpg (41.32 KB, 828x828, Ec-3S6mXgAEE7oc.jpg)

No. 588083

File: 1595414046271.jpg (46.1 KB, 555x497, Ec-2zvRWoAEvU1A.jpg)

I could never stand this guy, I'm glad he got caught

No. 588086

File: 1595414150692.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x497, Ec-6pmOXoAAyZdB.jpg)

he even asked her to sign an NDA

No. 588091

Is there any proof that these are legit?

Honestly I kind of don't want to believe it because I always found him incredibly hot, but at the same time, all males have it in them to be absolutely disgusting when it comes to women and sex.

No. 588092

He calls himself 'daddy', god. And to think I used to find him attraction. What a gross man.

No. 588096

> plug in and hungry for daddy
fucking cringe why are all daddy doms like this

No. 588102


In Russian, she says "That was a really long story. If you are interested why I'm leaking (the screenshots) - I'm really pissed at Liz because of a number of messages, bc Armi wrote me first back then, but apparently I'm at fault here"

No. 588119

Sksksksks he always seemed like a spoiled little prick to me, just like Henry Cavill

No. 588123

I had the same impression, yeah. They both seem to think they are God's gift to humanity

No. 588142

File: 1595422451530.jpeg (56.79 KB, 570x855, 31627321-6CA0-4803-9F85-0EAD17…)

There is evil in Hollywood. I know it would be easier to just say “tinfoil” and go back to petty arguments over certain celebrities appearances, but there is real milk to be discussed here

No. 588151

That mild cringe I feel every time I see someone who clearly learnt about Abramovic performance art through pizzagate and is convinced she's some kind of satanic priestess.

No. 588155

why are the kardashians so obsessed with black people?

No. 588156

File: 1595424325793.jpg (63.91 KB, 730x956, 0ca508d2935822a733d381935617f8…)

nta, found out about her by being Tumblr art hoe, still think she's freaky

No. 588174

File: 1595431030839.png (319.88 KB, 600x1098, NZ9CtRR.png)

No. 588186

File: 1595433172541.jpg (196.71 KB, 720x1560, EdiWnbQWsAAuaJO.jpg)

Kim's Instagram story

No. 588187

File: 1595433225722.jpg (205.47 KB, 720x1560, EdiWrWYX0AAlb5E.jpg)

No. 588208


Honestly, this sounds very genuine to me. About as mature as a kardashian could ever sound tbh

No. 588211

i lost it fucking looool

No. 588217

fuck i feel so bad for not kanye in particular, but people who suffer from bipolar disorder and stuggle with manic delusions and breaks from reality. that shit can hit anyone, rich or poor. and the meds for it aren't great for everyone, theres a reason why so many people skip their meds. there needs to be better treatment options with less side effects imo

No. 588223

Why are people on ONTD so upset at the mere SUGGESTION that Kanye might be a danger to himself or his wife and kids? Why are they so goddamn sanctimonious and obsessed with being more ~all knowing~ than everybody? If Kanye does end up killing himself or his family, the whole community is going to be posting shit like "WE ShouLd HavE Seen tHE Signs!!111". Mental illness does cause some people to be violent. Expressing fear and concern over that is not problematic.

No. 588229

Reminds me so much of my younger brother. People with Bipolar completely refuse any medical, mental, or medicinal help. Out right refuse it and it’s so hard to watch them be completely out of touch, sometimes full hallucinations, and still refusing all help. Kayne is doing the same shit, and posting it to millions all over the internet. That’s probably so hard for Kim to watch. I see people on social media saying to get him help but I wish I could tell those people he is definitely refusing to accept it

No. 588230

Kind of crazy how some people can see this statement and pick it apart to try and say Kim Kardashian is somehow trying to save face? Either she stays silent and does stuff behind the scenes or she makes a public statement and continues to try to get Kanye help. Either way, she'll be picked to pieces.

I get that she's hasn't portrayed herself in the best way but, wow to think she genuinely loves her husband and is trying to get him help? You can only do so much for an adult man who as a result of his mania had been calling you a white supremacist and revealing your family's personal details to the world.

No. 588239

File: 1595438424166.jpg (67.56 KB, 840x472, tumblr_6594a3170b4710b73b75b97…)

I hate her but what a good response, kudos to her for still dealing with him after what he did. How should a mother explain to her child that they thought of aborting her? She will definitely think her parents hate her, that's so heartbreaking. I wouldn't say Kim's a good mom either but sometimes my friend and I hatewatch kuwtk and there wasn't a single moment I remember there Kanye shows affection towards Kim or the kids, he's always annoyed or concentrating/busy because of a concert or his clothes. Conspiracists are on the rise and celebrities selling kids to pedos, getting rid of people by trying to make everybody believe they're crazy are amongst the most popular theories, so he plays right in their hands. That combined with the usual "Kardashians are evil racists and destroy all men they come in contact with" will make many people side with whatever lunatic shit he spews.

That Taylor incident from over a decade ago already showed that he's super impulsive, acts without thinking, does whatever shit he thinks is right. He gets his fans to treat him like a god, he builds ffreaking huts for them, he controlls what his family wears, now he even thinks he can be the president, his crazyness and megalomania obviously knows no boarders, he absolutely could be a danger to himself and everybody around him. https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/kanyes-wyoming-ranch-and-church-vs-rajneeshpuram-cult-in-oregan.3180613/ Thread contains some pics comparing Kanye's ranch in Wyoming to a legit cult.

As a non-Murican I'm only disappointed that him acting out like this likely means we're not gonna get the milk of seeing people unironically vote for a rapper lol

No. 588243

Not to "not all bipolar people" but there are people who do not refuse treatment tf. This is just so frustrating due to him being so far gone and this has been snowballing for so long, he is a grown ass man but this feels like a freakshow at this point. I have no idea about murican systems but cannot he be forced into some 48h hold, or does he have to pose actual physical threat to himself and/or others first for that to happen?

No. 588248

>not all crazies
But Kanye does, see >>587326

No. 588250

He is an adult and can refuse treatment in America. No one can force him unless he is a visible threat to himself or threatening others.

No. 588251

It really depends. Some other famous cases show that there are variables, for instance Amanda Bynes. She was not legally controlled by anyone, and had no kids or anything that were in the way of harm(except her poor puppy she set on fire, but that wasnt considered a crime or threatening behavior at that time as bad as it is), so they really had to wait until they could bring her in on other charges to get her "committed." Britney, on the other hand, had children and she holed herself up with them and was threatening harm, thus it was easy to bring her in and for her father to arrange a conservatorship. Its a lot more difficult to get an adult committed than people think. They basically have to commit a crime or seriously threaten their own safety or the safety of those around them.

No. 588275

File: 1595440305993.jpg (149.64 KB, 1104x645, EdEEdVZX0AQqdZ3.jpg)

That's so true.
>black (former criminal) male gets killed: protests in multiple countries for weeks
>famous black woman get's shot (likely by a black male): the internet is busy making memes about them
The worst thing people say about Tory are 'short'-jokes. Meg is hurt, likely has ptsd or maybe is still in danger, what's so funny about that?

No. 588276

Kanye has love for his kids and Kim most of the time he's on the show. There's been like one or two times he has been engaged at a recording studio or talking with Kourtney.

I think he's into the conspiracies too. Sounded like he was alluding to pedophilia in Hollywood and not wanting his children touched by it. He's wrote about it in his songs before. I don't find it that odd he tends to live away from the reality family house, I mean this is the same guy that smacks paparazzi and compared them to nazis in songs he values his privacy. His dad was a blank panther and he discusses black issues in his songs. When he's manic or whatever his message isn't delivered clearly but I honestly don't think he's going to shot himself or hurt anyone.

Looking forward to his new release on Friday

No. 588277

It's very irritating to see people on Twitter say “oh she's excusing his actions because he's bipolar, being bipolar doesn't excuse his actions, etc.” Of course, it doesn't excuse all his actions but it definitely gives insight into what the fuck he and has family has to deal with. Not all mental disorders are brushes with depression and anxiety, jesus fucking christ.

No. 588282

agreed on his relationship, i think its clear he loves kim and the kids. also, i am glad kim made a statement and stood up for him. i feel really bad whenever i see pics of the media showing him crying and shit like its funny, like >>588277 said bipolar disorder is complicated

bothers me when i see fb moms & dads talking about how kim should dump him and run for the hills as if there is no other option its so fucked up

No. 588284

For some reason, people really seem to fetishize and romanticize mental illness now(the past 15 or so years). Anytime somebody is violent or abusive, its just because they are a bad, shitty person. The mental illness apparently has nothing to do with it aynmore. Centuries of psychological analysis and research now mean fuck all anymore. The way people on ONTD specifically glorify having autistic children but treat the actual autistic people that post on ONTD is foul as fuck. I dont ever get on twitter but its probably the same there. Tumblr was the catalyst and it has leaked everywhere. People want mental illness but they dont know how to act when people are actually mentally ill and the fallout and consequences that come from that.

No. 588288

Let me add that when I say they want mental illness, I mean they want mental illness when they can sexualize it, or project it onto their children so they can get attention, sympathy and special asspats for having an ~imperfect child~.

No. 588297

It's just really annoying that these are all often the same people who are all uwu mental illness isn't a disability destigmatize mental health issues and then turn right around and villainize someone who is clearly having a breakdown. Maybe if you didn't have so many people self diagnosing themselves with bipolar because they think that feeling a little down some days and feeling a little ready to take on the world others means they're manic/depressive.

No. 588311

>I think he's into the conspiracies too. Sounded like he was alluding to pedophilia in Hollywood and not wanting his children touched by it. He's wrote about it in his songs before.

He usually spews a bunch of nonsense but he has a point there. Idk how the Kardashians really are regarding that but they have fucked up boundaries regarding kids and sexuality. Like they were all cool with Kylie dating a 25 year old when underage and Khloe even sperged at Amber Rose when she suggested that it was kinda fucked up. I don’t blame Kanye in that regard.

No. 588315

lmaoooo fuck this crazy manlet

No. 588324

TL;Dr but I remember watching the first few seasons of the show(i know, i am ashamed), and they way they talked to eachother and acted was disturbing as fuck. Particularly Khloe, Rob and Kourtney. Considering what a freakshow their parents are, Im not surprised but even back then I was a little thrown with how Khloe would grab Rob through his clothes. Him posting her ass on instagram and tagging it as women crush wednesday. Khloe replying with "incest is best". Brody filming Kylie dancing on a stripper pole when she was underaged and basically encouraging her to be on "Girls Gone Wild"(Kim was definitely fucking Joe Francis at the time, which made it worse). The Khloe/Rob spooning shit. Kris salivating over Kim being shot for Playboy and then going spread eagle with nothing on but an American flag in front of her kids for Bruce and making sexual jokes the whole time. They're fucking weird but here's the thing. It was all out there. You knew her mom sold her porn tape and promoted it. You knew her mom plants stories in the media, good and bad. Thats literally her job. You chose to think with your dick, for some lackluster pussy, instead of with your brain. Stupid. Dont lay up with someone in that line of exploitative degenerate behavior, and have whole kids with them, and then turn around and spout conspiracies about it.

No. 588437

That's true. On that level, I'm sick of scrotes on Twitter blaming Kim and Kris for Kanye's mental distress. Yeah, they both suck but Kanye is an adult man who has refused to take medication in the past. They can only do so much.

Also ew @ Joe Francis. Didn't Paris Hilton fuck him too? Man, I miss 2000s era celebrity gossip.

No. 588438

This. Didn't he get with her around the time ~Kim breaks the internet~, he fell for their dumb bullshit, probably thought her ass was real or some shit and not some deflated saggy implants or whatever, thought she looked like her heavily edited pics, accidentally got her pregnant, and along with her fucked up family is now regretting it all. I didn't think about this before but you're right anon, I think that has something to do with it.

No. 588442

Joe Francis was never friends with any woman who wouldnt fuck him. That's what kind of guy he was so yes. Any woman you saw hanging out with him, was giving him pussy, dome or ass, no doubt.

No. 588466

You guys don't keep up with the kardashians and it's showing! Kanye has been friends with the family for a whole think he was friends with Kourtney first. Kim was pregnant with North before her divorce with Kris Humphries was finalised, there's also speculation he cheated on Amber Rose with Kim.

I think objectively you can recognise fucked up celebrity culture and that sex sells and thinks it's complete trash Kris used Kims sex tape as platform to launch an empire but you'd think as a father you would have a say in your children not being sexualised like the half sisters of the kardashians.

Even Kris Humphries said on the show he expected Kim to settle down with him and raise a family. His exact words were close to "this isn't going to last long." which honestly I think spurred the resentment Kim had towards him. Your own husband saying you've no value like all the media and press says.

I think Kim and Kanye are well matched. I honestly think Kanye is giving off about the management of the KUWTK empire and trying to show leadership and business accumen if he's serious about the presidency. Fuck knows what goes on in his head but I love the music

No. 588471

Of course they all well matched. That's the point. This superiority complex he has all the sudden where he thinks he's above the Kardashians and their fame hungry, incestuous, hyper sexual behavior is silly. The point is that he knew, he encouraged it. He has written vile disgusting lyrics about women. And now he wants to play pretend Anti porn/Anti abortion/ Anti misogyny for the 4chan incels that might actually be retarded enough to vote for him and think he's genuinely religious and redeemed lmao. He married a "whore". He knew she was a "whore" and that was the appeal for him. He knew her family was fucked up and doing weird shit together. But he wanted to fuck Kim. Men love the idea of fucking and abusing hyper sexual women until after they have daughters then they want to cry about how ~sorry~ they are and how their daughters need to be uWu protected. Same shit TI did. Can give thousands of examples of people, not just in the entertainment industry, but in real life who try that shit. We dont even know how much of what Kanye spouts is mental illness, and how much is just him being a borderline incel who married a lose woman that he cant even get it up for anymore which makes him frustrated and makes him want to settle down with some fantasy trad woman who doesnt even really exist.

No. 588595

File: 1595491124264.jpeg (189.25 KB, 1125x836, 2ADDAB6D-5F7C-4357-AD82-6BE0CC…)

The NXIVM bitches dance near the prison where Keith Reniere is being held because muh prison rights, they also tried to use the blm movement and other moments for their cause.

Nicki Clyne orchestrated this.


No. 588629

>Dont lay up with someone in that line of exploitative degenerate behavior, and have whole kids with them, and then turn around and spout conspiracies about it.
It kind of stops being a conspiracy when it's your own life and how she's treating your/her own kids, anon. I agree it was stupid of him to get involved with her to begin with, though.

No. 588636

This is slightly ot, but have you guys seen the video where Allison Mack is talking to Keith Reniere? It's mind blowing, they discuss vague shit for hours upon hours while both act like they are talking about the secrets of the universe. Allison even burst into tears at one point. I cannot believe how anyone could be brainwashed into following this shit. Also, wasn't Kristin Kreuk also a part of this? Is she being held accountable at all?

No. 588639

No. 588644

>read post from a full day ago
>get too salty to not acknowledge it for some reason, but also don't have a decent dissenting argument
>type "ok" instead of just ignoring it
Stop doing this shit, this isn't Twitter. You're going to make the thread max out sooner than it needs to.

No. 588681

Can we have a different Kardashian-Jenner thread? Recent events got be thinking about that Kardashian curse.

No. 588849

File: 1595524113242.jpg (36.68 KB, 512x512, MBDTF.jpg)

>there's also speculation he cheated on Amber Rose with Kim

what 'speculation' kek, he made an entire concept album about it

No. 588994

>wasn't Kristin Kreuk also a part of this? Is she being held accountable at all?
I heard she got out of there in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s, but she was responsible for recruiting Mack iirc

No. 589278

File: 1595585582081.jpg (84.05 KB, 1167x1062, IMG_20200624_214852.jpg)

No shit anon, that's literally the entire point of her artwork

An edgelord gets famous and rich and suddenly they're real lizard people and not attention whores anymore…

No. 589351

File: 1595596543358.jpeg (529.66 KB, 828x1370, 312B1F7A-2368-4C79-B846-A8A2D2…)

No. 589366

I find them pathetic ever since I saw a video of Harry begging Disney people to hire Meghan tbh.

No. 589372

I don't follow their shenanigans but I don't see the problem with this. Paparazzis taking pictures of your baby boy at your own house, in your private time, so they later sell them and people can say and do whatever they want with them, it's insane.
I know this has been discussed before but being the child of a public figure seems like hell, if I was a celebrity I'd either not have them or quit that lifestyle all together and move somewhere quiet.

No. 589412

Right? How can you live in LA and complain about getting found by paparazzi, if you don't want to get recognised then move somewhere else.

No. 589416

Taylor Swift dropped some new music. New era looks def a lot of less cringey than the ~woke sjw pandering~ she did last time. Never liked her music in the first place but this new stuff is more bearable imo. Thoughts?

No. 589417


another one

No. 589429

Those songs are kinda boring to me and probably won't listen to them again, but can see why people would like them
People shit on Taylor so much but I honestly respect her as a musician/artist, I like that she keeps reinventing herself and you can tell she pours a lot of time and effort into her performances, videos, music and relationship with fans

No. 589445

File: 1595606204784.jpg (136.46 KB, 1459x828, Edqm0mQVAAArf3_.jpg)

All I know is that I love this shot

No. 589470

is she coming out as gay texan or no
because if no, I am not interested in her latest bs

No. 589479

They were living in that secluded area up in Canada but Meghan or both of them, who knows, are insistent on ingratiating themselves in Hollywood.

No. 589521

them moving to LA and complaining about the paparazzi is the same as purposefully leaving your door unlocked and then complaining about your shit being stolen.. it doesn't justify what has been done to you but at the same time you're fucking dumb and just asking for it

I have no sympathy for their situation

No. 589658

Tbf, taking pic via drones does seem a bit much even by paparazzi standards but them moving to L.A when they wanted privacy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

No. 589741

File: 1595655032609.jpeg (142.18 KB, 1241x1259, 8B139C90-7202-466B-ACB5-620F0F…)

Trouble in paradise for Lolcow’s favorite celebrity couple

No. 589744

File: 1595655406570.gif (747.37 KB, 464x328, 54862BBD-9D7E-4B37-9E9A-306F74…)


I’m here for it.

No. 589748

> arguing about pronouns
this must be ironic.

No. 589761

That visit from Kanye did something to him, kek

No. 589765

"pronouns suck lmao"

omggg..bbs…pls stop this…ur turning into a monster,,,ur not the sweet man i married

No. 589779

This is fucking parody levels. I cannot believe it, fucking cackling over here

No. 589811

Grimes goes by they/them pronouns now

No. 589832

This makes me feel like they had a kid together but don't even really know eachother.

No. 589853

File: 1595682003010.png (49.36 KB, 628x652, Screenshot_21.png)

No. 589866

File: 1595683938110.jpg (26.92 KB, 687x309, 829qyqp8db011.jpg)

Elon has been like that before she started dating him so my tinfoil is now that Grimes has secured the bag in the form of child support, she will probably initiate public break up in the name of "social justice".

No. 589868

File: 1595684233735.png (2.72 MB, 1850x916, ahno5imeoqi11.png)

Holy shit, they're the "Pretentious weeb starter pack" personified.
Except more casual.

No. 589871

Wow, I feel called out but IDGAF. Some of this stuff is absolute shit though, some I still need to catch up on. What's this stuff with the red and blue cats?

No. 589873

Same, anon. Came in to say the same thing.

No. 589978

it’s a movie called Night on the Galactic Railroad

No. 590080

Is Grimes the ultimate pick-me? I get o much second hand embaressment off of this.

No. 590101

A lot of the content in that image is gold but w.e.

No. 590176

I honestly don't get pick me vibes from her, Elon is the pick me. He's a 40 something year old man suddenly posting about anime and deez nuts level of memes, I guess to make the kids invest in his stock? No clue

Grimes has always, always been like this. Borderline autism level of just not getting it, deliberate or not, she's never really been in tune with other people. Elon is a loser who saw a hot girl make a joke only smart people like himself can make, and love bombed her into submission. She's written multiple songs about how weird sex with Elon is, that she doesn't really like it, that being with him makes her feel like something's been stolen from her. He makes her not feel like herself in a bad way.

If you read the article, any time Grimes tries to say something, Elon talks over what she's saying, corrects her, belittles her, feels like he has to add an addendum to what she's said. Granted, the interview was intended for him, but he clearly just does not view people around him as equal. He's done this in a lot of public interactions. He doesn't even refer to his son as his son, or by his name, he says "The kid".

Grimes is a lolcow, but don't forget that Elon is a known abuser.

I'm done rambling now. I'm still in shock over the fact that the pregnancy wasn't just a publicity stunt and they made a real human child together. I'm coping.

No. 590200

File: 1595710813590.jpg (65.67 KB, 600x653, grimy.jpg)

> Grimes
> "hot girl"
(with that being said, I want to read that article so bad but there's a paywall)

No. 590209

File: 1595711402839.jpeg (187.3 KB, 1217x903, 2E8D18AB-9984-437E-A73C-3869AB…)

is he coming down from the mania now?

No. 590210

This is the first time I’m hearing that Grimes wrote songs like that about Elon. Can you tell me the names of some of those songs, I’m curious now. I stopped listening to her after Art Angels

No. 590214

That's kind of nice. Too bad he's a dumbass irrespective of his bpd.

No. 590226

It's not a paywall, just put in an email. Not sure if I can really copy/paste the full article
Her skin in this pic still looks better than mine though.

It's all on Miss Anthropocene, which I didn't like too much either.

"So heavy I fell through the earth" is the first song on the album, and specifically about how she hates it when guys cum in her and it kind of makes her dissociate from herself. She kind of expresses that she doesn't like being objectified during sex. Like she explicitly said this about this song. I don't think Elon knows anything about it, he's really disinterested in her music.

"Pretty Dark" is another one where she really simplifies how she views relationships, I've always seen it as "well at least he calls me pretty", but I guess it's debatable.

Some lyrics:

"Wish you were impaled
And injured with love the way I am
You would cry when you saw my tears
The way I cry when I see yours
You can control me"
"Yeah, you own me like you own the world
And if you show me, then I'll be your girl"

Violence is another, which for some reason people insist is actually about climate change, I guess because to them every song on her album has to relate thematically. It's in essence normalizing abuse to herself.

"You can't see what I see, because you feed off hurting me"
"You wanna make me bad, make me bad, and I like it like that"

A lot (most) of her songs are made more ambiguous, or not to be taken literally, but I don't think she writes songs she can't relate to herself.

No. 590228

File: 1595713603547.jpg (150.04 KB, 827x959, EdvpX-9UMAAjRtK.jpg)


what a catch

No. 590232


Did anyone notice the blue "me.To"? oh boy

No. 590240

You think that was on purpose? I don't get it.

No. 590255

He's so disgusting

No. 590258


So how do the King of Mars, his Galactic Princess and their newborn son, X Æ A-Xii, spend a Saturday night holed up in their Los Angeles pad?

A little anime — lately it’s been “Death Note” and “Evangelion.” Lots of late-night debates about the potential and danger of artificial intelligence. And many audiobooks and podcasts, particularly ones about history.

“Right now, we’re going back to Genghis Khan for like the third time, and the Mongols, I guess,” said the Galactic Princess, otherwise known as Grimes, otherwise known as Claire Boucher, otherwise known as “c,” her initial and the symbol for the speed of light.

“You seem to be obsessed with that,” she teased her boyfriend about Genghis Khan.

Grimes, the singer and artist, and Elon Musk, the rocket man and Tesla magnate, have an otherworldly romance. Which works out well since Mr. Musk wants to occupy Mars, in case malevolent robots or an engineered virus threaten Earth, and then die on Mars, just not on impact.
The couple has a baby with the most unusual name, which they shorten to “X.” Mr. Musk said it’s pronounced “just like the letter X. AE is pronounced ‘ash’, as in Old English. A-12 is also pronounced just like it reads. Refers to the Archangel-12 C.I.A. reconnaissance plane.”

At the mention of his status as the prince of the internet, with memes about how he cries in old-school A.O.L. dial-up tones, X begins crying. (From what I could hear, it sounded pretty human.)

“Oh, X," c said sweetly, when the baby wailed. She said she calls her son “Little X,” and Mr. Musk chimed in, “Lil Nas X.” (“Who is actually the greatest memer,’’ Grimes said of the rapper.) Mr. Musk, a digital prankster who loves mixing it up with his fans, has tweeted a picture with a tattoo filter on his son’s face, responding to one admirer, “Never too young for some ink haha.”

I had an hourlong phone interview with Mr. Musk, 49, who has been bouncing around in the Top 10 list of richest Earthlings, and for a few moments he drew in Grimes for a cameo.
His personal life has been as vertiginous as his professional life: married three times, twice to the same woman, Talulah Riley, an actress who played a lethal sexbot on “Westworld.” He has six children. And he had a high-profile romance with Amber Heard, leading to his name being dragged through the sensational London libel trial pitting Ms. Heard against her former husband, Johnny Depp — a legal morass that makes the attenuated “Bleak House” case of “Jarndyce and Jarndyce” seem short and sweet.

“I definitely was not having an affair with Amber while she was married to Johnny, this is totally false,” Mr. Musk said, disputing Mr. Depp’s claim.

About the contention that he had a threesome with Ms. Heard and her friend Cara Delevingne, Mr. Musk said, laughing, “We did not have the threesome, you know. So I think people think these things are generally more salacious than they are.”

He has some advice for Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard: “For the two of them, I would just recommend that they bury the hatchet and move on.”

Asked about Mr. Depp’s deprecation of him as “Mollusk," Mr. Musk chuckled again, saying: “Well, yeah, I hope he recovers from this situation.”

I noted that the actor employed some smack talk worthy of a pirate in a text message to Ms. Heard that was read in court, threatening to slice off a sensitive part of Mr. Musk’s anatomy.
“If Johnny wants a cage fight, just let me know,” Mr. Musk said mischievously, breaking into his famous giggle.

Crazy in Love
Now comes an intriguing romance with Grimes, 32, who when she was pregnant floated in ethereal cyber-goth images by Charlotte Rutherford for a Rolling Stone digital cover. (The story, by Brian Hiatt, described Grimes’s Targaryen blanket and her description of herself and the baby as nocturnal creatures.)

A fan on her Reddit page described her as a hybrid of a fairy, a witch and a cyborg — pretty much Mr. Musk’s dream girl — and she has talked about going through a Wiccan phase in seventh grade.

“Yeah, she’s pretty special, that’s for sure,” Mr. Musk said, with his lilting South African accent. “She’s one of the most unusual people I’ve ever met.”

I wonder how it works with two such exotic birds.

“We’ve had this debate of ‘Are you more crazy than me or am I more crazy than you?’” Mr. Musk said.

Certainly, the titan can be a romantic. He courted Ms. Riley by lavishing her with 500 roses and a gospel choir to serenade her. Visibly distraught over his breakup with Ms. Heard in 2017, he told Neil Strauss in a Rolling Stone cover story: “If I’m not in love, if I’m not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy.” He added that he needed a soul mate because he hates “being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there — and no one on the pillow next to you.”
Grimes and Mr. Musk made their public debut at the Met Gala in 2018, which had a Catholic theme.

“She was wearing a head piece made of Vantablack, the blackest black that anything could be,” he recalled to me. “There was only one person who noticed and that was Stephen Colbert. On the back of my tuxedo jacket — which was sort of like an inverted priest jacket with the jacket being white and the collar being black — I had in big, black, gothic script, “Novus ordo seclorum.” (Often translated as “New secular order,” the maxim on the dollar bill.)

I love how-people-met stories, but this was the wildest one I’d ever heard: Two famous people who thought they were crazy when they were little because there were so many off-the-wall ideas bursting out of their heads somehow found each other.

Mr. Musk, who spent years warning that his friends in Silicon Valley, like Google’s Larry Page, may inadvertently be “summoning the demon” and creating killer robots or an invisible evil A.I. that would wipe out humanity, was about to tweet a pun about a thought experiment called Roko’s Basilisk, about a wicked A.I. who tortures those who didn’t help it become our overlord.

Intending to make a pun about Rococo Basilisk, he was Googling for an image of a basilisk with a rococo flair when he came across a 2015 music video for “Flesh Without Blood,” in which Grimes dresses as a rococo basilisk.

“And then it’s like, whoa, someone’s done a music video of this?” Mr. Musk recalled.

“It wasn’t a joke to me, actually,” Grimes weighed in.
Mr. Musk laughed, agreeing, “Rococo basilisk is no joke!”

“I just thought it sounded prettier than Roko’s Basilisk, like adding a rococo element just elevates it,” she said.

“I would like to make it less terrifying by making fun of it because you just can’t be terrifying if you’re rococo,” he said. “It’s this oddly ornate sort of French 1800s, 1700s, architecture. It’s just like rococo is party flair.”

Grimes, who put a Marie Antoinette spin on her costume for that video, begged to differ. “Rococo is kind of terrifying because it does represent the ultimate sort of like bourgeois-like, elite-like — it’s literally the point of being rococo is like art for the sake of sheer, ornamental and useless as possible. I believe that’s actually like a philosophical aspect of the art form so, I mean. …”

“It’s festive,” he agreed.

“It’s super-festive but there’s a darkness to it,” she continued. “It’s the ultimate sort of bourgeois.”

Her boyfriend bantered back: “I think your use of the term ‘bourgeois’ is fundamentally bourgeois.”

Mr. Musk said that “c has gotten quite worried about A.I. in the last few weeks. I think GPT-3” — the latest A.I. tool that has Silicon Valley buzzing — “has caused her to become quite concerned. And I’m like, ‘Welcome to me circa 10 years ago.’”

They also have Canada in common. Grimes was raised there, and Mr. Musk immigrated there from South Africa at 17. He jokes that if X isn’t the prince of the internet, he can be “the prince of Canada.”
What is it like being a father again at this age?

“I think babies are supercool and really people need to have more babies because, it sounds obvious, but if people don’t have enough babies, humanity will disappear,” he said.

But how does he have any time to spend with his children, given his insane work schedule?

“Well, babies are just eating and pooping machines, you know?” he said. “Right now there’s not much I can do. Grimes has a much bigger role than me right now. When the kid gets older, there will be more of a role for me. I think just doing what I’ve done with my other kids. If I have a trip for Tesla to China, for example, I’ll bring the kids with me and we’ll go see the Great Wall or we took the bullet train from Beijing to Xian and saw the Terracotta Warriors.” He created an online school for his older kids, which he said has “actually worked out pretty well.”

I asked Mr. Musk, who has given money to both Democratic and Republican candidates, if Grimes, who supported Bernie Sanders, had an influence on his recent decision to disencumber himself of his houses, including a quirky one once owned by Gene Wilder.

“Well," he said, “she thinks I should hold on to at least one house.”

So he’s ready to be a homeless billionaire?

Laughing, he mused, “I guess we’ll just rent a place somewhere? And yeah, in some ways, possessions weigh you down. And also, I just have all these houses but nobody is using them. I use them infrequently. In the Bay Area, for example from 2002 to 2017, I never owned a house and I was there half the week so I would either sleep at the factory or in a friend’s spare bedroom or on a couch or in a hotel. I did that for 15 years.” He said he could always crash with his fellow billionaires Mr. Page and Sergey Brin.

“It was actually, in retrospect, kind of good because you end up rotating through friends’ houses and you catch up with them and stay in contact, whereas these days, I have been staying in this strange Gatsby-like house, what I call the haunted mansion, and it’s a bit bleak, to be totally frank,” he said. “The house itself is beautiful but, you know, it’s like Wayne Manor without Alfred.”
He had thought about designing his own “aspirational masterpiece of a house,” but decided that it would take bandwidth away from his work “getting people to Mars and environmental sustainability and accelerating stable energy.”

When I mention the nickname that Kara Swisher, a New York Times tech columnist, has bestowed on him, King of Mars, he slyly gives himself a promotion: “Sure, I mean, emperor, come on.”

Big Dreams; Hates Seams

The billionaire laughs a lot during the interview. He has come out on the other side of two of the most painful, lachrymose years that any entrepreneur could imagine, with self-inflicted wounds and schadenfreude galore.

“I think I’m a little scathed, yeah,” Mr. Musk said, adding: “I mean, basically, there was a period from end of 2017 to about, I guess, the middle of last year, that was excruciating.”

Peter Thiel, who helped build the company that became PayPal with Mr. Musk, told me, “He’s on top of the world. All of the people who have been shorting Tesla stock, who constitute a kind of ‘hate factory’ against the company, have been totally crushed. And that makes him very happy.” (Blowing a raspberry to his hedge fund foes, Mr. Musk produced a sold-out line of Tesla short shorts on his website for $69.420 apiece.)

Mr. Musk is so transparent that he seems heedless at times, in ways that make his investors nervous and his fan boys thrilled.
“The people who love him and the people who hate him are equally irrational,” said Ashlee Vance, Mr. Musk’s biographer. “It reminds me of Steve Jobs. It’s way beyond business or celebrity. It strikes me as religious, more than anything. His fans are acolytes.” (Mr. Musk is also like Mr. Jobs in his obsession with sleek design; he hates seams.)

Critics called him reckless in reopening his Tesla factory in Alameda County, Calif., in early May, after it had been closed since March 23 because of the coronavirus; he dared local officials to arrest him and threatened to move the factory to Texas or Nevada.

But his friends think it’s all part of the ride. They describe his internal narrative as going something like this: “I’m going to take over the world. That’s going to be a super-crazy process. And therefore, if the roller coaster ride isn’t incredibly scary, I’m doing something wrong.” And after Mr. Jobs, boards learned their lesson about pushing out visionaries in favor of gray-haired corporate suits.

Tesla stock has tripled in the last several months. Mr. Musk is the first person in almost a century to come out of nowhere and create a car company with that much volume, showing other plodding car companies how electric cars can be cool, sexy and incredibly efficient.

And with SpaceX, Mr. Musk provided a moment so bold and brimming with American razzmatazz that it lifted us briefly out of our pandemic-induced funk. When his Crew Dragon spacecraft launched two NASA astronauts in May from the legendary Florida pad that once served Apollo missions, it was a reminder of when America was first and fast and made things, coming at a dark time when even masks and ventilators seemed beyond our manufacturing reach and when our government appears so incapable of getting coronavirus under control that the European Union has banned Americans from coming in.
As a boy, Elon loved “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” and now he shoots astronauts into the Milky Way. How did that moment feel? “It’s amazing,” he said. “I mean, I’m sort of seeing everything that’s wrong or could go wrong.”

He has called Jeff Bezos, who has acquired a self-driving start-up and founded the space travel company, Blue Origin, a copycat, tweeting a cat emoji.

“The rate of progress is too slow and the amount of years he has left is not enough, but I’m still glad he’s doing what he’s doing with Blue Origin," Mr. Musk said.

Congress is bringing the four top tech C.E.O.s to Washington next week for an antitrust inquiry. How does Mr. Musk think Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have handled fears about Facebook hurting democracy?

“I am not super-confident,” he said. “I’m, like, not pro-Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook page. SpaceX and Tesla deleted their Facebook pages. SpaceX and Tesla do have an Instagram but I think it’s relatively harmless. So I think Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg still have a lot of work to do to restore public trust in Facebook itself.”

No. 590259


‘Chipmunk Cheeks’
In his spare time, Mr. Musk is working on tunnels that would alleviate urban traffic jams, an idea he dreamed up while stuck in L.A. traffic; spaceports that could catapult you from New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes; a hyperloop that would let you scoot between D.C. and New York in half an hour; a neural net that would be sewn or lasered into brains to fuse us with computers, which would potentially allow us to compete with superintelligent rogue A.I. and could also restore the ability to walk, hear, speak or see; and solar initiatives and lightweight lithium batteries to make mitigating climate change cheaper and more accessible.
“I have lots of ideas, more ideas than I can act upon,” said the man who insists he is an engineer, not a businessman or investor. “I tend to bite off more than I can chew and then just sit there with chipmunk cheeks.”

Indeed, Mr. Musk is a rare product of Silicon Valley who actually enjoys biting and chewing. Many people there, obsessed with living longer, chug Soylent or practice intermittent fasting, like Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter.

“I love going to a restaurant that’s doing something special with food,” Mr. Musk said, “and I think really if you are not appreciating this, then you are not appreciating one of the finest things about living.”

The view of Silicon Valley has grown darker in recent years, as Americans realized that the lords of the cloud who were supposed to improve our lives were carelessly harvesting our data and allowing themselves to be disinformation factories.

Mr. Musk’s peers may mock him for his grandiosity and say that his worldview of good battling evil is just a smart business stance to lure the best people. And he is certainly a grandmaster at marketing and self-promotion. But he also really does want to save the world and make products that bring joy. A few years back, he deserted Silicon Valley for “Silicone Valley,” as he calls L os Angeles.

Mr. Musk was painted as a Luddite, “hysterical” in the estimation of Mr. Zuckerberg, for what his friends called “Elon’s crusade,” his proselytizing that we should figure out safety features for A.I. before it gets smarter than us.
He may not be as fortissimo about it, but he still feels passionately about “the A.I. warning drama game,” as he dryly put it. In the past, talking about A.I. turning on us, he has used the Monty Python line, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

“My assessment about why A.I. is overlooked by very smart people is that very smart people do not think a computer can ever be as smart as they are,” he told me. “And this is hubris and obviously false.”

He adds that working with A.I. at Tesla lets him say with confidence “that we’re headed toward a situation where A.I. is vastly smarter than humans and I think that time frame is less than five years from now. But that doesn’t mean that everything goes to hell in five years. It just means that things get unstable or weird.”

He said his “top concern” is DeepMind, the secretive London A.I. lab run by Demis Hassabis and owned by Google. “Just the nature of the A.I. that they’re building is one that crushes all humans at all games,” he said. “I mean, it’s basically the plotline in ‘War Games.’”

In Rolling Stone, Neil Strauss posited that the billionaire’s vehemence on dangerous A.I. was inspired by his estrangement from his father: “This is the good son’s second chance against the remorseless father he couldn’t change.”

When I ask Mr. Musk about it, he murmured, “Um. Well, I don’t know if it’s daddy issues, to be totally frank. I mean, independent of whether my father — who does have a lot of issues — this is very separate from that. This is just that objectively, things will be weird when the computers are way smarter than humans.”
The hack last week of the Twitter accounts of Mr. Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates and other celebrities in a bitcoin scam reinforced the idea that everyone’s information is at risk.

“Within a few minutes of the post coming up, I immediately got texts from a bunch of people I know, then I immediately called Jack so probably within less than five minutes my account was locked,” Mr. Musk said, referring to Mr. Dorsey.
Move over Mack, it’s the Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric pickup model
Was he concerned that the hack would allow people to see his direct messages?

Chortling, he said. “I’m not that concerned about my DMs being made public. I mean, we can probably cherry pick some section of my DMs that sound bad out of context but overall my DMs mostly consist of swapping memes.”

What was it like for the guy who dabbled in hacking as a teenager and who lives out loud on Twitter with 37 million followers to have his favorite megaphone hijacked?

“Well, I was quite ill,” he said. “I think I had food poisoning or something, so you throw up incredibly violently with food poisoning. So I was kind of ill during a lot of it, the Twitter takeover. But I think it’s good anyway to take a few breaks from Twitter and not be on there 24 hours a day. Twitter can mess with your mind.”
He added: “If you’re going down a negative rabbit hole on Twitter, it can make you miserable, that’s for sure.” (As Mr. Musk learned again when he got sued for defamation, unsuccessfully, for the “pedo guy” tweet by a British cave explorer helping with the rescue of children trapped in a cave in Thailand.)

His shoot-from-the-hip style on Twitter played a prominent role in what he calls the most painful period of his career. Working 120 hours a week to get out his Model 3, including 24 hours on his birthday, and feeling enormous stress from the short sellers he felt were trying to destroy Tesla, he sent out a tweet that he had “funding secured” to take his company private at $420 a share, even though it was premature.

He said he rounded that number up from $419 in part to amuse Grimes — 4/20 is the stoner’s holiday. But it caused more trouble. (Even though he sparked up on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Mr. Musk said he’s not a big pot smoker because it makes you too logy.)

Mr. Musk’s mad energy and tendency to dream big and overpromise were reflected in that tweet, which blew up in his face spectacularly. The S.E.C. fined him and his company $20 million apiece, and he had to forfeit his chairman title for three years.

The scandal hit warp speed when Azealia Banks, the rapper who relishes tangling with celebrities and who happened to be at Mr. Musk’s house then to work on music with Grimes, posted an unflattering Instagram story about what she described as a meltdown inside his house.

Grimes told Rolling Stone that the contretemps was “a sad, dark thing. I just, like, forgive her, and forgiving her is really, really hard.” She recalled that she lost it. “I felt I had caused the downfall of everything I care about and everyone I care about,” she said, adding that Mr. Musk calmed her down by snapping his fingers in front of her face and telling her to snap out of it because “You have to be in a battle right now.”
How did Mr. Musk stop the unraveling?

He poured himself even more into his work, staying on “the front lines with a sword and shield.” The herculean nature of turning Tesla into a well-oiled machine, he said, has not been “well appreciated.”

“The logistics are mind-boggling, trying to deliver 7,000 cars per week in 40 different countries," he said. “There were just a bunch of mistakes that we made in creating the production system."
For many of the coastal elites for whom a Tesla is a status symbol, Mr. Musk’s laissez-faire approach to the pandemic was disappointing, and sounded way too Trumpian. In the spring, when his California factory was shut down, he called stay-at-home orders “fascist” and tweeted, “FREE AMERICA NOW.”

“I think the reality of Covid is that it is dangerous if you’re elderly and have pre-existing conditions,” he said, adding: “It absolutely makes sense to have a lockdown if you’re vulnerable, but I do not think it makes sense to have a lockdown if you’re not vulnerable.” He said he may have had Covid in January and he wears a mask on the factory floor.

The Tesla-loving liberals were horrified again by a May tweet, “Take the red pill," an allusion to the pill Keanu Reeves takes in “The Matrix” that lets him see the truth.
The red-pill image has become linked with the fringe right and men’s rights activism. It blew up when Ivanka Trump retweeted it and said “Taken!” and when Lilly Wachowski, a creator of “The Matrix,” then cursed out both Mr. Musk and Ms. Trump. (Even Grimes’s mother, a Canadian journalist, tweeted her dissatisfaction.)

Mr. Musk said he did not have a political message. “No, it’s just: Accept reality as it is as opposed to what you wish it were.” Of Ivanka, he said, “I think she was interpreting it through more of a political lens then it was intended.”

Mr. Musk sat on business advisory councils for President Trump early in his administration but bounced once Mr. Trump ripped up the Paris climate accord. Still, Mr. Trump was there for Mr. Musk’s rocket launch.

“We did not talk privately, but he did comment to congratulate the SpaceX team,” he said. The president has called Mr. Musk “one of our great geniuses,” likening him to Thomas Edison.

Does he blanch at being clasped in the MAGA embrace?

“I’ll take the compliment," said Mr. Musk, who has also said that the idea of the Space Force is “cool.”

“You know, I’m not sure that everything is so political,” he said. “To be totally frank, you may be interpreting this through a lens where you think everything is totally political because you’re political. But I think the general public does not see everything through a political lens. I would say the amount of thought that the general public puts into politics is quite low. They’re mostly thinking about their day and their direct relationships and their work.”
OK, he might have a point. But what does he think about Biden?

“I just haven’t had much interaction with Biden," he said. “I talked to Obama much more than Biden.” He notes that he was such a fervent Obama supporter that he once waited in line for six hours to shake Obama’s hand when he was running, adding, “the poor guy was so tired at the end of the night.”

Mr. Musk continued, “Obama was great. Biden, I just don’t know. It’s hard to see through the noise. But is he — are all his mental faculties there or not? I can’t quite tell. It would be helpful to see him in a debate scenario or something like that. Does he have his stuff together or not? I can’t tell.”

Despite the fact that he wants someone in the White House who has his stuff together, he encouraged Kanye West’s bid for the presidency.

“I’ve known him for at least 10 years, maybe longer,” he said, noting that while they see each other about once every six months, they text “fairly often.” Mr. West recently tweeted a picture of the pair — both wearing Yeezy sneakers — with Mr. Musk’s Sorayama sculpture of an android woman looking at a one-way mirror. Grimes, who took the picture, is reflected in the frame.

“I’ve done my best to convince him that 2024 would be better than 2020,” Mr. Musk said, so that Mr. West wouldn’t be accused of splitting the Black vote with Mr. Biden.

After a news conference at a campaign event in South Carolina, in which Mr. West sobbed talking about his children, and in a bizarre Twitter thread in which he contended that his life was like the horror movie “Get Out,” Kim Kardashian put out a statement talking about her husband’s struggles with bipolar disorder.
I called Mr. Musk back to see if the two men have talked. He said he reached out to his friend mid-breakdown and they connected on Tuesday.

“When he was about a third of the way through the tweet rampage, just to see if he was doing OK, I sent him a text saying, you know, just checking on you, a lot of people are worried, just wondering if you’re OK," he said. “And he called me back and he actually seemed fine. He video FaceTimed me and he was in Wyoming with a bunch of friends. He seemed fine on the call. But it sounds like things are, you know, not fine. There seem to be a lot of issues.”

Mr. Musk has to go. There’s an earnings call. Tesla’s fortunes are soaring that day and he announces a new Tesla gigafactory in Austin, Texas, promising it will be “an ecological paradise” on the Colorado River with hiking and biking, open to the public. (“Great job!” Mr. Trump tweets. “MADE IN THE USA!” and Mr. Musk lobs back his thanks.)

On the call, he can’t resist “banging the A.I. drum” again, as he puts it, flatly stating about those who can’t imagine that a computer could be smarter than a human: “They’re just way dumber than they think they are.”

But for now, until A.I. makes its move, things are good in Elonworld. And there are a lot of galaxies out there to conquer.
Maureen Dowd: Earlier this month, on the day you found out you were richer than Warren Buffett, you sent him the YouTube clip from “There Will Be Blood” of Daniel Day-Lewis saying, “I Drink Your Milkshake.”
Elon Musk: I did that?! Deny!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the best G.T.A.

I’ve actually never played any of the G.T.A.s. It seemed funny that somebody could play G.T.A. on a Tesla, while stealing a Tesla.

Princess Mononoke is the best Hayao Miyazaki movie.

Yes, agreed.

“i ❤anime” is your most popular tweet.

It’s definitely one of them. I think for a long time the most popular tweet was that I’m going to buy Fortnite and delete it to save these kids from eternal virginity.

You got the idea to trademark Teslaquila while binge-watching “Entourage.”


You have a secret Parler account

I don’t even know what Parler is.

You fear your own fanboys.


You’re still in mourning over Harambe.


Your favorite fictional character is Samwise Gamgee.


Gandalf the Grey was cooler than Gandalf the White.
Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think in some ways he was cooler, but he kind of needed to defeat the Balrog in order to become a better wizard, I guess, and play a bigger role in defeating Sauron. But he was definitely more chill as Gandalf the Grey and had a better sense of humor.

Mars will be gentrified in 20 years and then become really boring and all the cool people will have to move to Jupiter.

Yes, gentrification is arguably the most powerful force in the universe. Even Mordor could not resist gentrification.

The No. 1 Musk family rule is the one from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Don’t panic.” The third rule is “Safety third.” And there is no second rule.

Yes! This is true.

You have a secret Instagram account.

I deleted my Instagram. Technically, I have a secret account. It’s only to see links of things that people send me.

When you were little, your nickname was “Encyclopedia” because you read the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica and Collier’s Encyclopedia.
I had a lot of nicknames. Many of them were not flattering. Usually involving some version of my name, like Muskrat.

You have a group text with the three Emanuel brothers.

That’s actually true, yeah.

Your favorite Roman emperor was Crassus.

Oh, no! And he wasn’t an emperor. He was one of the triumvirate.

Microdosing can be productive.

(Laughs.) I don’t microdose.

Short sellers should wear short shorts.


You like to relax by watching “Property Brothers” and drinking a glass of rosé.

(Bursts out laughing.) Definitely not. I don’t know that show and I prefer red wine over rosé.

Warren Buffett is overrated.

Hahaha. Um, I think he has managed to create a great image for himself as a kindly grandfather, which is maybe overstating the case.
You’re hoping that Donald Trump volunteers for the first neural net.


When Grimes put a piece of her soul up for auction for 10 million, you bought it.

I did not, no.

At the University of Pennsylvania, you rented a 10-bedroom frat house and turned it into a nightclub.

There wasn’t a frat involved. It was just myself and my housemate and a third roommate. We did basically rent big houses and pay for the rent by throwing parties. You had to pay to come to our parties because ours were much better than the frat parties.

Mark Zuckerberg is a sociopath.

(Laughs.) Ah, oh, man. (Laughs some more.) Ehhh, Mark Zuckerberg has some issues, we all have some issues. My concern with Facebook is that he just has absolute control over Facebook with the way the voting shares are structured. And it’s also structured such that the Zuckerberg dynasty will have control over Facebook and his great-grandkids will control the thing. So I think we ought to be careful of creating dynastic wealth in the U.S. Just generally, an aristocracy of wealth is a cause for concern.

It was irritating when Bill Ackman, the hedge fund manager, told CNBC this week that he bought a Tesla and loves it but was going to send you some ideas for improvements.

Well, no. Generally when somebody has ordered a Tesla, the first thing I ask them is what can we do to make it better.

You’d rather be a meme lord than a billionaire.

Probably true. You know, you need resources in order to make life multiplanetary. That’s the reason I’m accumulating resources. But I don’t otherwise care about resources.

No. 590297

thats literally a formatting issue w/ twitter b/c he forgot to put the space after the period

No. 590312

yay!! thank you, kind anon

No. 590359

Ofc Grimes was a berniefag

No. 590362

>Kimye divorce sage now unlikely
Damn. Imagine the milk that would come out of it

No. 590433

>be grimes
>meet billionaire daddy boi
>"i'm not anti-impiralist anymore i didn't know what it meant"
>open sekri twitter
>praise capitalism because too scared to do it on main twiter
>have daddy boys baby
>mom mad on twitter about neglect but idc
>give interviews about space and anime
>was into that shit before but dialing up to 1000
>at this point personality is totally different
>change name to c, because elon likes it
>give baby retarded name because Elon likes a plane
>be publicaly corrected on twitter about it by daddy boy
>be ignored and have to beg daddy boi to call me on twitter
>not a pick me

No. 590511

File: 1595763084171.jpg (58.52 KB, 549x680, Ogbsi0r.jpg)

No. 590513

File: 1595763146387.jpg (77.69 KB, 480x960, 8dotH2i.jpg)

No. 590516

She's looking real Karen-y. This looks like shit, like a dye job from a mall salon in 2008.

No. 590550

File: 1595768406919.jpg (385.97 KB, 1810x2560, Lana-Del-Rey-LMK-155286-big-sc…)


I love lana, but it ain't a look. Blonde never looked good on her imo bc it makes her look very washed out. She also looks very bloated here. Pic related was her best hair color.

No. 590551

wow, she's big

No. 590572

Why the fuck was she at a hair salon without a mask.

No. 590573

IDK what she's doing, she looked great in your pic related. I also liked black hair on her though IDK how it would look now.
She looks like shit recently and I don't get her styling decisions at all. Like why the blonde hair??

No. 590574

wow shes gained quite a bit, is she ok?

No. 590589

She literally looks like a Walmart cashier, like someone’s mom who’d be considered a milf in a rural town. If she looked like this while she was dating that cop they would’ve aesthetic matched, this is sad. She has an album release next week too? She’s lucky she won’t be doing any in person events for the album/book release, oof.

No. 590604

she prob is still dating him, this salon is in Tulsa and isnt the cop from there too?

No. 590605

I love her too, but Jesus, did she fuck up her face with all that plastic surgery. Her lips look absolutely awful in your pic. She wasn't even 30 there, jfc.

MTE, she looks like a white trash single mom in a small town somewhere in the South.

No. 590621

Why is she so bloated, she looks like Lara Flynn Boyle during peak alcoholism

No. 590650

Lana stans will see this and LARP that she looks like an ethereal baby-faced angel doll cherub youthful lolita lost in the hood nymphet swan virgin suicides classic natural beauty marilyn monroe daughter princess sparkle jump rope queen dark trailer park cutie sad baby sugar baby femme fatale old americana harlot starlet.
Looking at this, and remembering her earlier sperg-out about other female artists, I think she was just upset that all the plastic surgery she paid for (and all the effort she put into curating a certain image with her music) won't stop her natural progression into a plain old Karen, and that the same doesn't really apply to some of the contemporaries she mentioned.
It's inescapable, and very unglamorous, but that's just life.

No. 590654

>Lana stans will see this and LARP that she looks like an ethereal baby-faced angel doll cherub youthful lolita lost in the hood nymphet swan virgin suicides classic natural beauty marilyn monroe daughter princess sparkle jump rope queen dark trailer park cutie sad baby sugar baby femme fatale old americana harlot starlet
You wrote all this bs and yet you claim that Lana stans will sperg? You are projecting AF. There are Lana stans ITT and nobody is saying she looks good. Please calm down, she did not even mean to talk shit about your precious Beyonce or Ariana.
Shitty of you to assume that when a woman criticizes something, she is really acting out because she feels old and ugly.

No. 590656

It's called a joke. Unclench, stan-anon. I don't know what you mean by "projecting" since I don't do or say things like that, but check on the Twitter gays if you want proof of her fans coping hard.
>Shitty of you to assume that when a woman criticizes something,
What did she criticize, exactly? She literally attacked a bunch of women for no reason, kept making strange racial remarks ("strong, independent") about them, and somehow thought it'd be a good look to be openly bitter.
I don't even listen to pop music (besides FKA Twigs), I just saw her bullshit for what it was, so chill on the "your precious beyonce and ariana!!".

No. 590658

>You are projecting As Fuck
yas queen! spill the tea! she's telling lies AF!!!!

No. 590662

Is she turning into a tradthot?

No. 590663

>be grimes
>have a lot of different interests relating to the inability to connect with people
>first interview/doc was 70% autisticly talking about space while in college studying neuroscience before dropping out to make music that feels how space feels (vid related)
>art style is directly influenced by manga because autism
>become successful
>meet cool rich guy who i have only one shot with
>he's into me because of a joke i made years ago about artificial intelligence
>because i've always been into that
>new rich guy bf manipulates me and puts me down all the time
>have to change some of my worldviews to appease him, try to compensate with mutual interests
>express in whatever way i can that i'm not happy with this arrangement without tipping him off
>this is somehow the same thing as being a pick-me

totally unrelated side not, they've unfollowed eachother on twitter again

No. 590671

The thing I don't get about Grimes is that she has enough fame on her side to completely body Elon. She could @ him one day and just say the words "stupid faggot", everyone would be living for it.
If she walked away from him, she'd be pretty good. If it's about money, she's already had his child. Nothing about him seems to be worth staying for, and he constantly makes her look like a clown. She'd do so much better with a non-narcissistic, still-attractive, intelligent version of Ezra Miller. Someone to enrich her life and make beautiful, unconventional art with, not live out a cringe compilation.

No. 590675

Can you stop whiteknighting a fucking billionaires gf? She's not going to lick your clit. She's a dumb asshole that dropped her entire political beflief system to please a moid. She's a pick-me and her music mostly sucks.

No. 590680

eh that's kind of just how abuse is, it doesn't make sense to outsiders. i think shes dumb because its publicly available information that he abused his ex wife, she should've known better but i doubt most people would turn him down. i hope she gets away this time, though

Did she hurt your feelings when she stopped being a communist?

No. 590681

File: 1595788469062.jpg (113.77 KB, 1024x1024, Cu-KNl3XYAAN-jH.jpg)

>have to change some of my worldviews to appease him, try to compensate with mutual interests
>express in whatever way i can that i'm not happy with this arrangement without tipping him off
>not a pick-me

No. 590682

Shes dumb becuz shes cute and rich and could have gotten a cute artsy bf but instead settled for some ugly old scrote with a shit personality

No. 590683

its not about her viewpoints and i think u know that. its about the fact she held very clear views and changed them for a scrote. u keep crying abuse but ur proof is some lyrics? fuck outta here

No. 590684

I have trouble really parsing this situation as cut-and-dry abuse, honestly. Abuse is usually meant to blindside you, to some extent. He's kind of a known, unapologetic dick. It's almost more like emotional self-harm on her end or something.

No. 590685

doesn't he work constantly? I feel like he'd be incredibly neglectful (his ex-wife confirmed that) but she would have known that going in. I'm not seeing abuse though.

No. 590687

File: 1595789328033.gif (2.21 MB, 376x364, Uk1LONL.gif)

>at any point in time
Why's it always the people who don't know what communism is calling people ~communists~?

No. 590688

I’m not the person you’re replying to but pick me usually is used to refer to women putting other women down to by contrast gain the attention or approval of insecure men, usually online. Elon’s ex wife has spoke about him being pretty emotionally abusive, plus the way he treats her publicly, plus the way her mum spoke about the relationship but either way I agree it’s not evidence of abuse - but the thing is there’s literally no ‘proof’ of what you’re saying either. You can speculate she changed her views because of him but that’s all it is, speculation. Realistically for all you know she changed her views before she met him and just didn’t make it public at the time, that her views changed and therefore she dated him as oppose to she dated him then her views changed. It’s also possible he genuinely introduced new information to her that changed her world view (even if you disagree with her new world view) this happens in relationships. The point is no one knows for sure, you have no idea she ‘changed her views for a scrote’ as much as the person you’re replying to has no idea about their relationship. What you’re saying is just as parasocial and tinfoily.

No. 590692

Grimes and Musk unfollowed each other on Twitter.

No. 590693


No. 590706

Lmaooo acting like literal 13 year olds

No. 590711

True, but I don't think she was really looking for one, and happening to be at the center of a billionaire's attention isn't really something easy to ignore. She might be rich and successful but she's not billionaire rich and successful

Not just some lyrics, it's a lot of things in combination, but you also don't abuse someone for 10 years and then do a 180 and never take your anger out on another woman again. I also don't think she changed them so much as she stopped being public or confrontational about most of them, not that what I think is fact. In the beginning it's pretty clear Elon was feeding her a fat load of horse shit to get her to change her view on big businesses, specifically his and how he treats his employees. She's recently been going against what his beliefs are, so it's easy to assume this has been an ongoing issue where she's tired of being put down about things she stands for.

I get what you mean, and yeah I do believe her staying with him is her punishing herself. However when the first year/6 months at least is spent with him love bombing you and you doing drugs together non stop while he gives you his truth about how the government doesn't want him to have his money and he's got russians trying to gun him down therefore there's actually nothing wrong with what he does, can you really blame her? Drugs + pity parties leading into her realizing people were right about him but not wanting to prove people right so quickly. Also, I don't think he hits her, I think it's all psychological. Some things you don't realize until it's far too late.

You can call me a tinfoil all you want but I'm not getting how people who hate men are so reluctant to believe one is continuing his pattern of abuse. This has zero relation to whether or not you like her or whether or not you think she bent over backwards on her own free will to try to impress him with her knowledge of black holes or something. She could've made herself a doormat but Elon would still be taking advantage of her.

I still think she fucked up, and she should have known, and now that a baby is involved she should really get the fuck out of there, but that doesn't really mean Elon isn't capable or didn't do what he's done to other women.

That's the joke

I'm not trying to whiteknight her like she isn't cringey or doesn't do or say weird shit for attention, that she's not a cow, I just feel bad for her and don't think she's really done enough to deserve to be in the position she's in. Like, she's not a gold digger, she didn't make up a bunch of stuff to get in his pants, Elon's just fucking weird.

No. 590713


you need to stop dude. grimes isn't going to fuck you. she's a pickme and you've been in this thread since yesterday defending her. She's dumb as fuck. i cant be the only one skipping reading your essays.

healthy, functioning adults

No. 590716

where did you rabid grimes stan come from kek

No. 590775

She's probably coming off hard drugs. Rihanna did the same thing when she quit a load of drugs while back. She's probably feeling healthy.

No. 590795

The Grimes subreddit just banned all talk of musk or her kid, might have something to do with it kek

No. 590811

I'm not the biggest Grimes fan or anything but idk why some (one?) of you made a point of insult the person who is considering Grimes could have been manipulated into unhealthy relationship. You dont want to discuss it, ok, but why be a whiny baby about other people talking? Please move on anon. Live a life.

Kanye apology is sweet, somehow I really hope Kimye stays together, probably because both Kanye and Kim seems like people no one would bet that would have a good longterm functioning relationship and I kinda want them to have that and prove it's possible.

No. 590812

Not every opinion you don't like is an invasion of outsiders. There has always been a big following for Grimes here, and many just hate the space Jesus meme man for whatever reasons. Imo saying Grimes doesn't deserve sympathy because she's a pickme is the same as saying sluts only get what they ask for.

No. 590814

>saying Grimes doesn't deserve sympathy because she's a pickme is the same as saying sluts only get what they ask for
>implying 99% of lolcow is above thinking and saying that

No. 590815

Lmao ya'll are so wild sometimes.

No. 590830

>space Jesus meme man
Kek anon my sides, took me a second

No. 590832

I’ve felt for years like a lot of hate towards grimes is mostly just misogyny, nobody’s perfect and just because someone spouted in their early 20’s (pre fame etc) about communism memes doesn’t mean they feel that way in their 30s.
Also surprised that nobody had pointed out yet that clearly she wanted a baby, there were those texts to Azealia about her desire to be pregnant. She saw those dollar shaped sperms and caught them

No. 590835

>just because someone spouted in their early 20’s (pre fame etc) about communism memes doesn’t mean they feel that way in their 30s.
While this is true, as someone who'd been a fan of hers since 2013 and stopped being a fan around the time of the Miss Anthropocene pre-release antics, I think most people dislike her because of the route she's taken in life since then. How she's chosen (and continues to choose) to behave as a 32-year-old mother is arguably worse than making some slightly-cringey off-handed political statements as a 20-something-year-old hipster artist in college. She strikes me as the kind of person who, while still immature, was more mature for a woman in her 20s at that age than a woman in her 30s now.

No. 590837

I feel like she lost her sense of self post art angels fame, the fact that elon made her change her clothing style and that she basically only hangs around with his friends is just terrifying, her being so clingy to someone as shitty azalea only serves to show how lonely she is around those hollywood big shots, its just sad, grimes is a pretty mentally unstable person judging by the fact that she has been anorexic for almost over a decade now.
I think she’s going through a pretty severe mid life crisis, her beliefs went through the window and now her only identity is elon musk’s cool girl weeb girlfriend and she’s clinging to it, even if its doing her damage.

No. 590838

Fully agree with that. She's talked before about her nearly lifelong struggle with anorexia (and there's evidence online from 2006-2009 as proof, it might still be in her PULL thread) caused by her parents putting her on some weird restrictive diet as a child, and her being in dance classes as a teen. Around 2010-2011 she finally started to gain and was looking healthy, but it seems like that's been lost. Something about her personality and behavior definitely changed post-Art Angels. The girl who made Geidi Primes & Halfaxa and the girl who made Miss Anthropocene don't seem anything alike. (Personal ramble over.)

No. 590841

Nobody cares if Grimes is anachan, she called Azalia Banks fat. Grimes has always been a air headed hippie so it's funny to see you stanning so hard.

No. 590842

You are so boring. If you hate discussions of celebrities so much, go to a different thread.

No. 590843

You're just a stan, shut the fuck up you're the one coming in here to whiteknight any discussion of Grimes because you want to believe she's a victim of Muskrat and not willingly with his dumbass.

No. 590845

you think an anorexic and autistic homeschooled person can ever be fully functional in society lol?

If grimes was a man she would be a chris chan-esque weirdo

>she called azaleia fat

Azalea deserves worse, bitch is racist and xenophic as fuck, actually she’s all the ists and phobics possible.

No. 590848

>she called Azalia Banks fat
>you want to believe she's a victim of Muskrat
…Where did my post say or defend any of that? Not every post about Grimes in this thread was made by one person. You guys seem awfully upset.

No. 590852

File: 1595807737934.jpg (43.84 KB, 500x375, pg8vd8Dosa1ullnt0o1_500.jpg)

>you just want to believe she's a victim of musk!!!1! shut up whiteknight stan!! !
>quotes 3 posts that have nothing to do with elon musk

No. 590853

She deserves an eating disorder over insults posted on Twitter that don't apply to her real life ideology or behaviors (she speaks multiple languages, travels the world, 80% of her fans are gay men, etc), while Grimes shouldn't be held accountable for her behaviors, despite being a grown woman in her 30s, because she was homeschooled, has an ED and is kind of weird (not autistic, by the way)?

No. 590856

File: 1595808096613.jpg (62.92 KB, 590x510, anti-racism queen! we stan!.jp…)

>over insults posted on Twitter that don't apply to her real life ideology or behaviors (she speaks multiple languages, travels the world, 80% of her fans are gay men, etc)
Oh, that's why you're so upset. You're a Banks stan.

No. 590857

File: 1595808158795.jpeg (31.31 KB, 640x426, 394C4639-83D0-442C-AABF-0DF933…)

Can’t believe Azalea stans still exist.

That’s the woman you’re defending.

Grimes has aspergers btw.

No. 590861

I love how no one (presumably just one person who is bizarrely angry about grimes) is actually reading anything they're replying to anymore because they want to assume everyone is against them and they are the only one capable of critical thought.

Anyway, where are we getting "grimes was homeschooled" from. She went to catholic school, lol

Pretty sure azealia is also a grown woman Can't be xenophobic if you speak spanish, girls. Life hack.
How do you know azealia has an ED over being called fat?

No. 590863

Lol my bad, i think i mixed it up with Alice Glass who didn’t finish high school.
The other 2012 tumblr queen.

No. 590870

Big agree on most of this, but she's always been public about how Miss Anthropocene is a concept album about climate change and framing it as a vengeful entity wreaking havoc

No. 590872

I'm not the same anon who was arguing with you (I like Grimes, kek), I just think people who are seething over Azealia Banks in 2020, especially if they're imageboard users, are retarded.
>Grimes has aspergers btw.

No. 590873

I didn't realize grimes fans were a bunch of autistic tards until this thread.

Anyway Grimes is a pick-me

No. 590878

I didn't say either of those things. I do think it'd be kind of a joke if Azealia got impregnated by a fat male lolcow and people rushed to her defense with "She's autistic btw! Basically a child, how dare you" whenever anyone said that was a dumb move, but do you.
Sorry not everyone cares about internet shitposts coming from someone who'd be directly affected by 95% of the same insults they throw at others. Seriously, enough with this fake equality "We're all offended together" shit. It's tired, disingenuous, and instantly dies when you know who's actually behind the screen.
The same way I wouldn't really give a shit if Grimes started shitting on other rich art girls (besides finding it funny and iconic if she actually had some good roasts), I really don't care if a dark-skinned black woman who's either part of the demographic(s), or has her head planted firmly up the ass of the demographics she might talk shit about when she's in a very low mental state (she actually has bipolar disorder and grew up in an extremely abusive household, confirmed, funny that some anons give Grimes the "mental health! her childhood!" card free of charge but not others) says "fuck you nigger faggot punjab immigrant tampico-drinker" on main. Like, lighten the fuck up. Who and what does this affect?
Half of the people who pretend to be mad at her don't actually even care that she called Zayn Malik "punjab" and a "dirty bitch". They just want a chance to play on the social justice warrior box for once.

No. 590880

Well yes and no. I get where they get the idea from when trying to figure out what lyrics really mean, but it being a concept album (which even wikipedia describes as 'loose')is more just about the cover art and some of the aesthetics. None of her songs or lyrics directly relating to it. Even the art for the violence single had nothing to do with global warming or the rest of the album art. If anything it has two meanings. She did however go into detail about so heavy i fell through the earth and did say it was about a guy cumming in her and makes her feel not like herself. That much is legit, unfortunately.
azealia hates gay people, so in your own very intelligent words, shes not going to suck your clit
Can you say this is a coherent, not schizophrenic way? If grimes ever goes on twitter calling people slurs, you might have an argument. God you're retarded.

No. 590881

If you found my post incoherent, that's your problem. Sorry, but some people have more than three brain cells, anon.
>If grimes ever goes on twitter calling people slurs,
This doesn't even make sense in the context of this discussion. Keep up, or just dip out.

No. 590882

azealea is a dumb bitch too. just like you and grimes. keep with the essays

No. 590883

The discussion about Grimes had nothing to do with Banks until someone brought up that Grimes had once called Banks fat. By your own logic, couldn't someone just say
>I don't care that Grimes says "Azealia is fat" on main. Like, lighten the fuck up. Who and what does this affect?
>Half of the people who pretend to be mad at Grimes don't actually even care that she called Azealia "fat". They just want a chance to play on the social justice warrior box for once

Are all Azealia stans just constantly on the verge of a mental-breakdown-induced Twitter rant, or…?

No. 590884

more than one person is replying to you. are you guys pulltards or what

No. 590885

I wasn't offended by Grimes calling her fat, and I wasn't even the person who mentioned it. I just think it's stupid to play these games about "deserving it". Just admit you don't care, and that it doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure even Azealia doesn't care.
Aside from that, my whole thing is that the Grimes stans getting mad ITT when people judge their fave's decisions are dumb.
The "mental breakdown" thing is kind of ironiic here, since I'm not the one who's been in this thread for hours simping for Grimes and writing full-on papers defending her.

No. 590886

>I wasn't even the person who mentioned it.
My post never said or implied that you were the person who did, hence why I said "someone", not "you".

>I'm not the one who's been in this thread for hours simping for Grimes and writing full-on papers defending her.

Again, you're mistaking any post that even marginally disagrees with you as being all written by one person.

No. 590887

You're whining that no one defends Azealia like people are defending Grimes, when they're nowhere near the same level of absurdity. No one would defend Azealia because she wouldn't be able to get a RICH fat lolcow, meaning there would be no incentive at all for getting with him in the first place so yeah it'd be fucking funny. Azealia also isn't sympathetic and has never tried to make herself to be sympathetic, she attacks anything that moves.

Anyway, I also spam slurs on social media to cope. This is a totally normal thing to do, that is on the same level of sympathetic as someone being a pick me, I suppose.

Literally fucking everyone "defending" grimes in this thread has said being with him was a dumb decision that cost her a lot. Keep up.

No. 590889

I didn't say you were the one. I literally could just repost your own words back at you:
>My post never said or implied that you were the person who did, hence why I said "the one", not "you".
Actually, the person who's been accusing people of being the same anon is the Grimes-anon who thinks everyone is an Azealia stan. Kek.

No. 590891

You said:
>The "mental breakdown" thing is kind of ironiic here, since I'm not the one who's been in this thread for hours simping for Grimes and writing full-on papers defending her
This would be "ironic" if the person doing that were me, which it isn't. You choosing to deem it ironic implies that it is me, in your eyes.

No. 590892

File: 1595812208307.png (317.82 KB, 592x493, f.png)

Can the grimes fans hide the thread? Derailing and infighting because you don't like your fav being discussed is really annoying.

This happened when Lana Wachowski was discussed and suddenly you had a bunch of morons screaming that we weren't allowed to ever discuss trannies here anymore even though we were talking about their tweet at Ivanka/Musk.

Grimes has a lot of cow-like behavior and is dating a billionaire who also acts like a moron in public quite often so she's gonna be bought up. If you can't deal with it hide the fucking thread.


Anyway, I thought these two had broken up?? I can't keep up with them.


No. 590894

Since you already admitted you didn't understand my first post, it seems like a waste of time to even read what you posted here.
I'll just repeat another anon's words: Grimes won't suck your clit.
Crying about celebrities using slurs on Twitter like it's the end of the world is pathetic behavior for an imageboard user. Listen to Art Angels and chill out.

No. 590895

It's ironic because both you and that person were Grimes fans. That doesn't imply I think it's you any more than you randomly bringing up the other anon talking about Grimes calling Azealia fat implied you thought it was me. You can't have it both ways.

No. 590896

File: 1595812440191.jpg (97.47 KB, 1177x510, DwPwQDBX4AI-qnF.jpg)

this thread is a shitshow, and you guys are only picking out the OG "grimes stan who still calls her a dumb autistic drug addict" one of every five times you quote someone

But the point is people are acting like Grimes deserves what she's gotten herself into because?? She's annoying? Which is literally the exact same thing as azealia I guess? They brought in a stupid argument.

can the people who don't like grimes to the extent they go feral seeing a mention of her hide the thread?(stan who should hide the thread)

No. 590898

not that anon but the grimes fans started the derailing and youre still going over 24 hours later. go outside.

i dont think he wants to get married or have another kid again he didnt want the first one

No. 590899

Orlando Bloom seems like the type who just wants to fuck around with girlfriends 10+ years younger than him until he gets a heart attack and dies.

No. 590941

this is the most spot on interpretation of orlando i think i've ever seen. bless anon

No. 590946

I swear she’s been like pregnant for 10 million years

No. 590972

Anon please.., He is a nofap dude. I need hope..

No. 591001

I know he's been in some popular media recently and he's dating a popstar, but somehow I don't understand why Orlando Bloom is still…relevant? Or why he is shilled as attractive

No. 591002

if grimes were a man she'd be ariel pink. speaking of which, I miss the days when 'ariel pink calls grimes stupid and retarded' was indie headline news, kek

No. 591123

lmao I thought I was the only one who felt that way

No. 591134

I still think grimes tolerates elon simply because she hopes he'll let her in on all the super secret AI technology and space travel shit, feeding her sci-fi wet dreams just right

No. 591253

File: 1595866388492.jpeg (171.22 KB, 828x568, 23174AF2-BC02-4810-96AB-7B9A73…)

old milk but ellens house got robbed https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/07/24/ellen-degeneres-portia-de-rossi-upgrade-security-home-burglary/

never seen her house until now but its huge… anyway i bet all her staff are secretly happy lol

No. 591285

urgh that pool.

idk i find it funny when celebs get robbed/lose their houses. Miley's house burning down in the cali fires despite her hiring private firefighters was top kek. I just don't feel sorry for them

No. 591296

I hope it was Alexis Neiers.
That pool is horrible.

No. 591302

i agree, but i also can't shake the feeling that at least part of why she's staying with him is because he manipulated/lovebombed her very heavily in the beginning of the relationship, and she's still holding out hope that he's going to have a change of heart and go back to the person he was in the beginning, which will never happen because that person never existed

No. 591532

Megan talked about getting shot for the first time. I found the live really sad to watch honestly you can tell she’s still very traumatised.

No. 591663

File: 1595925552756.png (1.69 MB, 1272x1302, fe.png)

the mother clipping her buds to her earlobe gave me a hearty kek

No. 591719

File: 1595935938395.png (206.33 KB, 736x481, 3.png)

what's with the absolutely ancient right wing memes

No. 591732

Cliffs from this live for anyone who doesn't want to watch, it's pretty short though.

>Says she was shot in both feet.

>Clarifies that she wasn't protecting anybody by not speaking speaking out, she just wasn't ready to talk.
>Megan didn't hit Tory or anyone that was in the car when she got shot
>Talks about her parent's passing and tears up.
>Calls out the men who were making jokes and memes about her getting shot.

I feel really bad for her honestly. I just hope Tory Lanez goes to jail for this. It's crazy how fast men will turn on women when they don't get what they want.

Also can't help but thinks it's funny that so many people are finding ways to blame Kylie for this entire situation, as if Tory isn't a grown ass man. People are saying things like "the KarJenners are evil and have evil energy" as if that made Tory pick up a gun and shot Megan. Always finding ways to blame the woman and avoid making men take accountability for their actions.

No. 591742

i despise the kardashian-jenners but, yeah, no white girl with a fake butt made a piece of shit, trigger happy man shoot her.

regardless, my heart breaks for her. i hope she allows herself a break. she needs to forget about the wigs, makeup, nails and instagram posts for a bit and focus on herself. she's always been a hard worker but she's had so much trauma recently.

No. 591743

Oh god he's so embarrassing

No. 592026

This is really sad. I hope she takes the time to heal. It already seems that she's fucked up from losing her mom, and now this.

No. 592027

The pool is kinda tacky but aside from that, I kinda love the house honestly

No. 592055

he's constantly looking for attention online. That's sad when you're a 20-year-old basement dwelling incel, but doing it as a middle aged father is new level pathetic.

No. 592279

> Woman gains weight
> She's probably coming off hard drugs
Jesus christ anon- I

No. 592280

It's not that far out of a theory, stimulants are a hell of an appetite suppressant and it's not like cokeheads are rare in hollywood.

Of course it's just as likely she's overeating, I'm amazed that celebs don't get fat more often. If I had endless time and money I would struggle to stay away from food, imagine being able to eat out for every meal?? I'd be a fucking whale. The pressure to look good has to be immense to fight that temptation.

No. 592306

>It's not that far out of a theory
agreed, especially for lana who hasn't been secretive about her past drug use.

No. 592485

File: 1596032538394.png (249.52 KB, 360x450, coin.png)

sage bc im super late but FUCK she looks like coin from the hunger games saga

No. 592492

File: 1596033476556.jpg (81.73 KB, 748x738, jodiarias.jpg)

same vibe

No. 592494


god i fucking love julianne moore. shes so unbelievably beautiful

No. 592498

Lana's spoken word poetry
>They say I came from money and I didn't, and I didn't even have love, and it's unfair
>L.A, I sold my life rights for a big check and I'm upset

No. 592501

Oh damn, I KNEW Lana is reminding me of someone but couldn't pinpoint it until now.

No. 592506

>baby I'm a sociopath, sweet serial killer, on a war path cause I love you just a little too much

No. 592513

An excerpt from the Guardian's review of her poetry:

"This is not only exasperating, it’s boring. There’s nothing wrong with artists drawing on their own experiences. Del Rey’s mistake is forgetting that part of being a poet is to tell us about the world, not just focus on herself."


No. 592517

It's weird that they describe her voice as "childlike" in that review, she sounds like the grown woman she is. This part is good, though:
>As a poet, Del Rey is at her best when she is her most surreal, least earnest self.
The same goes for literally everything about her. Great music and persona, but as a person, she seems so grating and lame.

No. 592531

File: 1596039075897.png (60.8 KB, 616x914, 2.png)

saged because not news, but ontd have a post up raging about people following one of the biggest authors on the planet kek

No. 592533

File: 1596039264677.jpg (87.41 KB, 640x974, pktr1rl7oqd51.jpg)

Apparently(?) this is Lana.
This reminds me so much of those horrible edits of Chloe Moretz.

No. 592536

omfg look I love lana's work mostly even though she's transforming into an Alabama trailer park mom but i wish she'd drop this "i was never rich" shit. This is like when she was in her 20s and she gave an interview from a trailer park about how she was homeless LANA NO. Her Dad is very well off, well off enough it allowed her to play musician and her sister to play photographer without them ever having to worry about supporting themselves.

She should be mad she went to LA because she was better on the east coast. But I guess her next era is middle america conspiracy theorists

No. 592537

imagine being this much of a faggot

No. 592540

ONTD are a bunch of sself righteous bitches

I totally agree. I wish people like Lana and Swift would own up to the opportunitie they have been given.

No. 592543

gigi hadid "I did this all by myself" realness

No. 592544

She's been photographed in them denim shorts a few times lately and they look so unflattering in every shot

No. 592548

LMAO imagine caring this much about who some rando celebrity follows. I'm sad for ONTD; it could've gone the other way with regards to troon shit. I remember a thread about Jazz Jennings a couple of years back when there was a significant portion of the comments talking about how he was obviously a gay kid forced into transition by his psycho momager. Sad to see the place is like this nowadays.

No. 592550

Theres a woman who has oriental shorthairs that she posts on instagram and youtube and has never said or done anything controversial or problematic ever. Long story short, someone on tumblr with enough followers to make "viral" posts made a post about her following someone who was "transphobic" or a ~terf~ or something. May have been JK Rowling IDK. She and all the people who follow her apparently attacked this lady, mass reported HER page for transphobia, and filled her messages and comments on her photos with vile shit about how bigoted and horrible of a person she is and how she and her cats should die. ONTD is now giving tumblr energy and Im still in disbelief, smh.

No. 592552

Every twitter unfollow saves one tran lol

No. 592558

These crazy fucks censored her name like it's a slur wow lol

No. 592560

It really kills me, the part where she mentions her ~yes i unfollowed them all~ as if she's pleading for even the slightest attention and woke points and asspats for spending more time than the average human with an actual life would spend worrying about who someone is following.

No. 592563

Wow, imagine hating women this much. Shit like this makes me glad I have an actual life (and a real vagina).

No. 592565

Kinda cult-y and extremely autistic. I don't even give a shit about HP or troon politics but it's pretty crazy. I mean, I don't see this energy for legitimately awful men. Really makes you think…

No. 592566

File: 1596043864463.png (84.75 KB, 951x869, 2.png)

The line "I for one am shocked" and the censoring of J.K Rowling's name made me think this was a joke but this is apparently serious.

They're actually coming at people for following the fucking President on twitter because he's ~problematic~ LMAO. This is amazing. This is exactly why there's such a "fake news" issue. No one is getting their info from the source.

No. 592568

So many men with shitty opinions and large followings online, I don't see the same level of attack aimed at them. I guess only men are free to have good, bad and awful opinions

No. 592573

I can just see her in this outfit getting into a white, lifted truck with a sparkly camo license plate.

No. 592583

I truly believe people who act like this are children and autistic people and for some reason people that aren't that are taking this vocal group of mentally underdeveloped people as consensus and going along with it. It's scary.

No. 592599

File: 1596047192872.jpg (230.92 KB, 1242x1991, 20200729_113507.jpg)

It really is her and she reminded me of TLOU Abby with her wide fucking waist and small tits key. kinda feel bad for her, but I she easily can afford a personal trainer if she wants to.

No. 592604

Can you guys keep your ONTD troon sperging in one of your million containment threads or make a new thread for ONTD cows. This isn’t directly related to J.K. Rowling or any other celeb in any way.

No. 592609

The average British 50yo larger lout is shaped better than this,must be why she's so bitter at the moment.

No. 592610

I'm so happy that people are finally waking up and seeing this retard for who he truly is. I've gotten bad vibes from him for years and felt like nobody agreed with me that he was a narcissistic piece of shit kek

No. 592612

affording a personal trainer doesn't mean shit, you still have to make effort
if i were her i wouldn't, i'd go diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean or Maldives
wonder why don't celebs just chill

shut up

No. 592629

I don't care whether all celebs are perfectly fit and toned or a lil chub but at least wear clothes that fit, if you gain weight put your skinny wardrobe away and buy a size up

No. 592633

was it your thread kek

>TLOU Abby
this truth

I feel like Lana Del Rey is nearing a breakdown or something idk

No. 592645

Hate to break it to you, but JK Rowling will forever be known as the author of Harry Potter and not for her opinions of trans people.

No. 592651

No. 592666

Fuck I thought this was Britney Spears

No. 592670

Is the Guardian also the same magazine that gave her abusive ex husband a platform and "justified" his reasoning for beating her? Or was that the sun?

No. 592672

The Sun

No. 592701

That's stupid; people on wall street have a whole index to tracking Trump's tweets because of the market volatility it causes. How many followers he has has nothing to do with how he does in the polls.

No. 592703

Lana is really into larping her trailer trash persona

Lana's parents were music execs and she went to Fordham lmao

No. 592707

Love how Julianne Moore is gorgeous though and Lana looks like a bloated monster.

Love you, anon

No. 592709

Was this written by a tranny? rofl Either way, JK rowling still gonna be rich for rest of her life, even if she continues to write mediocre Harry Potter spin offs. I love that she's a terf.

No. 592718

She's giving us "delicate", "glamorous" linebacker mother of four, downing beers at the bowling alley in the middle of 1987, breath hot like the Mississippi heat, eyes gleaming bright through her sunglasses like the grease from KFC wrappers, country music on full blast at the truck stop.

No. 592732

Maybe her cop is a feeder

No. 592735

I remember there was a thread about laverene cox blaming straight black women for not dating men who date transwomen or some shit, and there was some pushback on the site, but EVERY single comment was attacked by people screaming for them to be banned and people gladly shitting on women for choosing who they want to sleep with.
I stopped visiting the site after that. So it makes sense. Troons love gossip site, there's even some male gossip forums that have transwomen going on their spearding bullshit.

No. 592768

I was thinking this same thing at first but
>>592599 in this photo she doesn't have a muffin top or anything? She straight up bought these low waist short shorts in her size and thinks she looks good in them lmao.


No. 592772

i saw lana live around 2017, she's always looked like this tbh. the first thing i thought when she got on stage was "damn she thick". She's built very sturdy i guess? I just remember how big her thighs were (not in a flabby way though). Honestly 10/10 would bang

No. 592779

>Das Kapital

No. 592780

File: 1596065017080.jpg (5.28 KB, 198x251, 1321093838002.jpg)

No. 592826

Yeah she always had those big muscular tight, which I really like. but her midsection is just tragic.

No. 592900

File: 1596079227717.jpg (322.32 KB, 1200x1500, 85ab5766181151e9e565175dfc755c…)

She's currently getting flamed on twitter for lying about her age. She claims to be 25 but significant evidence came out showing that she's actually about to turn 30. On top of this, she full on made out with an 11 year old for jonah hill's new movie.

No. 592904

Shes 30 what?!

No. 592905

Honestly I get why she would lie. Hollywood is ageist and people might be reluctant to cast a 29 year old for a high school role even if they look as young as she does. I don’t get why people are so mad about her lying it’s not like it really harms anyone?

No. 592906

>knocks years off her age
This is what actors and models do. If you were convinced, it clearly doesn't matter.

No. 592908

post the proof, im interested.

No. 592910

Ya'll I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be shook about her being 30 not because she lied, but because she was like a 28 year old locking lips with an infant. It being for a movie doesn't make it ok.

No. 592911

who even is this d-lister? this thread is for celebrities

No. 592915

you're mad at her and not jonah hill for directing her to do it?

No. 592916

Ever heard at being mad at two people? No one put a gun to her head to do it. It's called free will.

No. 592918

just seemed like you were putting it all on her

No. 592920

I don’t get it is it supposed to be significantly more bad suddenly now because she’s 29 instead of 25? Or is the anger of the kissing thing unrelated to the age thing

No. 592924

NTA but in my opinion it's two separate things but the fact that she is even older than I thought she was while doing it is kind of just the icing on the cake. Idc about the age thing, I get why she lied. It's just crazy what directors can get away with directing all under the lens of "art and acting". I also says a lot about how desperate some people are to rise to fame that they would be ok with making out with a child.

Also… she's ridiculously pretty, but that's besides the point lol.

No. 592927

Never understood the hype with this chick, seriously

No. 592928

File: 1596083511874.png (998.51 KB, 530x802, dd.png)

She looks really different irl and away from photoshop (Alexa Demie for anyone that doesn't know who this is like me)

I haven't seen the movie but she legit made out with a 11 year old? How do you even bring yourself to do that?

No. 592934

I watched it. They both dress down to their underwear and she's straight up making out with him, and it's suggested that they're about to have sex. It's genuinely disgusting.

No. 592939

>She claims to be 25 but significant evidence came out showing that she's actually about to turn 30
Okay whatever. That's dumb but not the end of the world
>she full on made out with an 11 year old for jonah hill's new movie
Hold up, WHAT?!?

No. 592940

Is it depicted as being wrong or him getting lucky? If so that's extra disgusting showing that like it's a good thing

No. 592942

It's depicted as him being a virgin experiencing both a first kiss and sex for the first time by someone who is older but still underage. It's under the lens of him being nervous but feeling lucky and excited that he's being "taught" how to do these things by an older girl. The whole time they're kissing she's asking him if he's nervous and telling him not to be.

No. 592944

She looks pretty much the same here in comparison to every other picture I've seen of her?

No. 592961

I mean, that's on the director, not her personally.

No. 592963

you need better eyesight kek

No. 592968

So if I payed you 10k to go stick your tongue down a child's throat and you agree to do it, I'm the only one who's in the wrong?

If the director was a woman who asked a grown man to kiss a little girl would you still just blame the director?

No. 592974

Maybe you need to stop being so nit-picky? Ffs I don't even stan her but she looks completely fine in that photo.

No. 592989

Can we get a link to the twitter thread or some article about her lying about her age?

No. 592997

No. 592999

Yeah she's only hyped up by euphoria fangirls. It makes it worse knowing she's nearly 30 playing some cheap baddie stereotype. Her sense of style is forever 21 tier.

No. 593041

Quick question, why are people cancelling her, not the director / writer? Y'all are talking as she could have just walked out, but knowing how the industry is, she probably would never get an acting role ever again. Surprisingly IRL it's not so easy to just sacrifice your dreams to avoid internet outrage.

No. 593042

I'd pretty much completely draw the line at molesting a kid. I don't understand how you think this is an okay "career move".

No. 593046

File: 1596097042618.png (357.03 KB, 1019x646, Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 3.12…)

Not many people have actually watched the movie I guess. It wasn't released in theatres but on Amazon. People who have watched it have criticized Jonah Hill and he refuses to respond to any of it and will avoid answering questions about it.

Funnily enough, if you watch the sex scene and press pause, amazon will tell you which actors are on screen as well as a fact about the movie. When you pause, the fact next to the two of them kissing is that "jonah was hesitant to make little kids swear excessively in the film, but decided it was important as it's realistic" that's the "Fact" he allowed to show on screen.

Also, She knew what she was getting into before she signed the deal. I highly doubt anyone would not hire her because she chose not to make out with a child that one time.

No. 593048

In addition, it's confirmed that he was 11 and she was 28 at the time of filming. If that isn't enough of a reason to be disgusted, spend the 99 cents on renting the movie on Amazon and watch the scene.

If you still aren't sold, that means you have no empathy or care for young boys in the industry and only care about calling out creepy men who prey on girls, rather than creepy people who prey on both girls and boys.

No. 593058

The scene is findable on youtube, the way it's filmed / blacked out makes it very likely they didn't actually kiss but pretended, dialogue is still way worse than actual action.
I'm still gonna stand by my opinion of her refusing being a career killing move, there could be a pressure from her agent and so. And I'm pretty sure no one on set was questioning anything and you know how peer pressure works - even if you think that maybe something is not right, having everyone else assure you it's fine will definitely make you doubt your own judgement.

This said, it definitely makes me wonder why they didnt look for an older actor that looks younger - I'm sure they would find someone! And also how could his parents consent to something like this. Overall I agree 100% that entire concept of this movie is really really gross but I feel it's kinda off to decide to cancel a person that was not a decisive party.

No. 593061

no they were definitely kissing each other, like it's not even up for debate the lighting isn't that dark. I know what video clip you're talking about and it doesn't show the whole scene.

No. 593069

I'll trust you bc I'm not about to support this kind of movie with my money. I know the movie is 2 years old now but it's not like there was less awarenes in 2018 so I'm still baffled how this script was created and everyone was like, yes this is a great idea.

No. 593078

The movie is a blatant rip off of Larry Clarkes 'Kids', which caused way more controversy in its time for being about skater kids getting AIDS and shit.
'Mid90's' was made in 2017 or whatever, i'm sure it was all above board. like another anon said there were shadows conveniently placed etc, i'm not saying it's ok for a 28 year old to mack on a kid but its hardly the biggest offence going on in hollywood rn, the kids parents were probably on set and yeah, who cares really. Instead of spegering 'i'm not gonna give money to this!!!' find it on a free site or the clip is probably on youtube, draw your own conclusions.

No. 593088

It looks to me like she doesn't give a fuck how she looks and just wears comfy shit for her trip to grab necessities.

No. 593114

I agree her hair and clothes are unflattering and she's put on some pounds but she doesn't even look unhealthy, even in the unflattering side shot you can see she's carrying a lot of functional muscle on a sturdy frame >>592599
She's just doing her own personal quarantine shit like anyone else. I'm not even a stan I just don't get how people are looking at normal middle aged woman and seeing Tess Holliday, y'all have body issues

No. 593119

File: 1596108401667.jpg (167.86 KB, 858x1390, lana-del-rey-signs-autographs-…)

it's a big downgrade from how she used to look so no wonder people feel she balooned up more than she actually did. If you remember pic related, it's shocking to see her now. She had a bit of a pudge when filming Tropico but still looked much better than this.

No. 593121

I agree with the rest of your points, but in what world is 35 middle aged?

No. 593122


It's half-way to 70 so it's the early middle. People just drag out middle age for politeness. 70 is fucking old.

No. 593126

File: 1596109436842.jpg (199.68 KB, 707x1252, EdewwvHWkAAedQW.jpg)

In case anyone was, like me, wondering about the evidence of Alexa Demie lying about her age, here is one of the screenshots floating around twitter

>"Alexa Demie, 19 year old designer/founder of MainFrames from Los Angeles"

>March 23, 2010

No. 593127

>According to the Oxford English Dictionary middle age is between about 45 and 65:[2] "The period between early adulthood and old age, usually considered as the years from about 45 to 65." The US Census lists the category middle age from 55 to 65. Merriam-Webster lists middle age from about 45 to 64,[3] while prominent psychologist Erik Erikson saw it starting a little earlier and defines middle adulthood as between 55 and 65. The Collins English Dictionary lists it between the ages of about 40 and 60,[4] and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – the standard diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association – used to define middle age as about 55 to 60, but as of DSM-IV (1994) revised the definition upwards to about 55 to 65.

No. 593131

She just has a very unfortunate body type imo. No personal trainer can help with that.

No. 593135

The Twitter thread is delulu. Even if she did lie about her age, who cares? And why is Alexa Demie blamed for this, when it is actually the film industry that only casts young women and is incredibly focused on female youth and beauty in general? The OP also goes on about how Euphoria is a horrible show because it shows edgy teenagers and nudity, but like >>593078 said, movies like "Kids" have done that in the 90s already. The actors are adults, so who cares if you can see their penises or whatever. Apart from that, Alexa is a great cast for the show, she plays the stereotypical teenage mean girl very well and definitely does not look like she is pushing 30. And she is incredibly beautiful imo.

No. 593157

Have you ever seen anyone questioning if a male musician/celebrity got where he is because his parents? It’s always the female stars who get the heat.
Yeah I know it’s tacky when Lana lies about her rags to riches story. But why we do even demand the authenticity from celebrities? Each of them are products of the marketing system.

No. 593178

I can't blame women who lie about their age in the entertainment industry, as another anon said Hollywood is ageist as fuck. Many actresses and singers do that.
The 11 year old thing, on the other hand…

No. 593253

Your fav is an ugly pedo kek

No. 593256

File: 1596126460491.png (235.99 KB, 710x888, 0dafdd93f2b5cf99695281e06c2d7b…)

I don't really understand why so many are so shocked about this woman being 30, there's no way she passes as a student (she looks pretty similar to Kylie and Kylie looks close to 40…?) But 30 isn't old anyway, why would there be a visible difference between 25 and 30?
I believe that all celebrities lie about their age, it's simply a necessity, especially for women. Until only a short while ago, pedowood got away with having underage girls go nude in movies, no matter how talented and beautfiul an actress might be, male directors and actors will always prefer barely legal girls over them.

>Clemson economists Robert Fleck and Andrew Hanssen analyzed IMDb data on domestically produced films from 1920 to 2011. Their results showed that there’s a sliding scale when it comes to ageism for women in Hollywood. Women in their 20s actually get 80 percent of leading roles; that flips by the time they’re 40 (men then claim 80 percent of those roles). “This is a key thing — women have shorter careers that start earlier,” Fleck told the Washington Post. Women in their 20s are at their peak, while men in their 40s are in their prime, and almost just getting started (think of the Clooneys and Pitts of the world).

>This is how we get those so-true-they’re-sadly-funny consistent pairings of Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Stone, and increasingly older men (which Vulture so handily compiled into charts). Vulture made a similar set of charts to demonstrate how Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, and more famous actors keep getting older, but the women who play opposite them stay the same age, or in some cases get younger. Woody Allen has been making movies about May-December romances for his entire career. It's also why for years, we've seen ludicrous scenarios in which actresses were barely older than the actors who played their children. Angelina Jolie was one year older than Colin Farrell when he played her son in Alexander — one!!!

>At the time of filming Silver Linings Playbook Jennifer Lawrence portrayed a thirty-nine year old widow, but was herself barely old enough to drink legally in the US. Similarly, in Joy Lawrence played a women in her mid-forties, while in American Hustle she played a middle-aged love interest to a nearly forty year old Christian Bale.

>When at 28 years old Olivia Wilde auditioned for the role of Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in Wolf of Wall Street, she was dismissed for being “too old” for the part, despite the fact that she was over a decade younger than Leo. The film’s producers chose to cast 22 year old Margot Robbie for the role instead. Scarlett Johansson was just 19 years old when she played a young married woman opposite 55 year old Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, while Maggie Gyllenhaal was, at 37 years old, turned down for a role because she was deemed “too old to play the lover of a man who was 55.”
>Women over 40 make up 39 percent of the total female adult population in the United States. Ignoring them is like manufacturers choosing to produce shoes up to size 6, or restaurants only serving baby formula. Given the staggering market size, it’s impossible to chalk this industry-wide casting aside of older women to anything other than cruelly sexist beauty standards.

No. 593269

File: 1596127652323.png (117.71 KB, 1200x1500, A9BEFB4F-6A86-4CC4-973D-866250…)

nta but going to post the rest of the charts

didn't realize how young these women were when they "peaked" in their careers, I always viewed them as being older than me because I was considerably younger than them at the time these movies were released

No. 593270

File: 1596127871436.png (115.87 KB, 1200x1500, BE0FE636-4900-4EA7-A2FE-886D16…)

jlaw is an interesting one. they cast her in multiple roles where the female protagonist was intended to be older when she was in her twenties. her character in silver linings playbook was supposed to be an older widowed women. she didn't look the part to play women in their 30s or above either

No. 593320

this shit always makes me so angry and sad. people are always spouting shit like "age is just a number" in reference to +10 yr gap older male younger female relationships…i dont think the understand that this shit is ingrained in the media. i can't imagine having to film romantic/sexual scenes with a 40 year old when im currently in my early twenties. either find older women to play the part or age down the male character. this shit is so tired.

No. 593333

18 year old Scarlett Johansson being paired with 52 year old Bill Murray is the creepiest shit ever

No. 593334

>didn't realize how young these women were when they "peaked" in their careers, I always viewed them as being older than me because I was considerably younger than them at the time these movies were released

same, seeing these charts especially now as I'm almost 30 years old myself is really upsetting. I don't feel old and a concept of women peaking at early 20s is just so wrong.

No. 593341

Silver Linings Playbook was the worst because they clearly referenced to all this shit she's been through in her life and either we's supposed to suspend disbelief and accept that this is baby is what a woman in her thirties looks like, or Bradley Cooper is just predating on this extremely traumatised woman who's barely out of her teens.

No. 593342

I was just thinking about this the other day. Women who are barely 30 are hired to play roles that would be meant for women aged 40+ and they're always coupled with male actors 10+ years older than they are. I'm glad it was an actual statistic thing and not just me being paranoid.

No. 593343

I’m 28. What do people think 30 something year old women look like? They expect us to have a head full of grey hair and wrinkles like we are 100 years old?lmao

No. 593358

File: 1596137275126.png (582.54 KB, 886x804, Screenshot (201).png)

>didn't realize how young these women were when they "peaked" in their careers,
Same, that's so depressing. I'm 24 and still feel super young and inexperienced, but when those A-listers, meaning some of the richest women worldwide were my age they either had to stomach making out with dudes 30 years their senior or deal with the fact that their career is going down already (yet it's mostly male actors who are doing drugs/drinking excessively because life is so hard…)
The worst thing is that media affects our daily lifes too. There's so much pressure on girls to achieve life goals at a much younger age than their male counterparts, people absolutely glorify teenagehood, most women dread turning 25, 30,… and old af males think that they too deserve being with much younger and more beautiful women despite offering nothing, because if actor X on screen does so, why can't he too?!

I absolutely do believe that big actors are influential enough to have a say in who plays their love interest. Bradley Cooper was coupled up with 16 years his junior JLaw twice already, dude clearly just didn't want to act alongside a "gross" actual 39yo.
Same likely goes for this fat fuck too:
>Fifty-year-old Russell Crowe has an opinion on why it becomes so hard for actresses to land good parts as they get older. His theory: It’s all their fault. As Crowe tells Australian Women’s Weekly, “I think you’ll find that the woman who is saying that [the roles have dried up] is the woman who at 40, 45, 48, still wants to play the ingénue, and can’t understand why she’s not being cast as the 21-year-old.”
These 40yo hags shouldn't be so picky, they can just opt to play dear little Russell's grandma with ~2 lines, while he's doing stunts scenes and fucking high schoolers.

No. 593361

i completely understand the fact that she made out with an 11 year old but what i dont get is why this correlates to her lying about her age? whether she was 20, 25, 30, any of those ages is still wrong so why is her lying about being 5 years younger such a huge fucking deal when that twitter thread should only have focused on the child actor matter?

No. 593369

>They expect us to have a head full of grey hair and wrinkles like we are 100 years old?lmao
you just summed up men's thinking perfectly

No. 593390

Jeez. Fuck Hollywood. Had the same thoughts when I was watching The Fifth Element. Why tf were they pairing a NINETEEN year old with an almost 40 year old Bruce Willis? So so so gross.

No. 593424

of course its always the old greasy looking,pug-faced fat men saying this shit.
Just look at him, he looks like he smells of alchohol,sweat and shit.

No. 593425

You bet these disgusting fucks would be seething if the same was told to them.
I'm getting real tired of Hollywood and the media trying to sell me that dried up old ugly men are hot or desirable.

No. 593442

Tbf, that in particular might have to do with director Luc Besson being an ephebophilie. He impregnated and married a 16 year old while in his 30s.

No. 593450

some actually look okay. others look like shit (see Mr. Crowe above) and I have no idea why they're shilled as attractive. then again some of the young men they're shilling these days ain't desirable either. So it's slim pickings

women age better than men periodt

what the hell? I never knew this. that is disgusting

No. 593454

File: 1596147247603.jpg (48.06 KB, 634x310, witchercast.jpg)

I remember I was very bothered when they announced Netflix The Witcher show casting for Yennefer, love interest for Henry Cavill's Geralt, since the actress looks like a teenager and there's 13 years difference between her and Cavill. But then there was this whole talk about Cavill preferring younger women so I wonder if his preference played a role in showrunners selecting someone this youthful looking. She did a good job in this role but it still really bothers me.

No. 593457

Not only that but the character practically has the mind of a child. If you think about it for more than two seconds it is pretty gross.

No. 593460

Pop Culture Detective did a very good video essay exactly on that topic.

No. 593476

Ew. yeah. I thought that too. Fuck.

No. 593529

NTAYRT but the article literally namedrops that video in the second paragraph

No. 593535

Besson met Maïwenn, the mother of that kid, when she was 12. He has always been sketchy as fuck.
There were a bunch of allegations against him just before the broader Me Too movement. One came from Danish model/actor Rie Rasmussen (she was in his film Angel-A) who said he had groomed her from early teens as well, but most of this stuff has vanished from Google from some reason. I can barely find an interview where Maïwenn speaks about him now.

No. 593544

File: 1596160745312.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, ugly men in movies.png)

How they defend this shit.

No. 593588

I always thought it was super weird how old they would cast Jennifer Lawrence… The X-Men and Hunger Games movies were the only movies where she was being cast accurately for her age.

No. 593655

Anya Chalotra is young-looking irl but she's styled very maturely in the show, she easily looks 28-30 as Yennefer so the age gap wasn't that weird imo. Still it would've been nice to see a 30+ year old actress in the role, but seeing the end product I didn't mind that they casted her. What's really disturbing is the fact that Cavill seems to have a thing for Freya Allan who plays Ciri in the show. She's 18 now and she was 16-17 at the time of filming. The character she plays is 12 and the surrogate daughter of Cavill's character. It's been discussed in this thread before but I feel the bile rising in my throat whenever I remember this vid.

No. 593660

Anty on Crazy Days and Nights posted a blind item about them fucking when the show was still in production, Cavill being a notoriously creepy fuck makes me believe its true.

No. 593678

he's so creepy, jesus

No. 593806

Kek, this. Anons are so blinded by their scrote hate the forget women can be disgusting pedos too.

No. 593813

He’s known for dating very young barely legal girls and he has some pedo rumours.

No. 593858

I don’t think it’s scrote hate but more so the actress stans. The twitter thread is full of them. Fucking weird seeing them fight to defend it.

No. 593872

fucking vile and creepy. makes me sick how deeply ingrained this is not just in Hollywood but everywhere else as well.

No. 593889

He doesn't even try to hide it ffs

No. 593891

Henry Cavill himself admits he is like, two steps away from being a vidya hermit. He is basically an undercover incel, the only difference being that he is not average looking. He just has a dull personality. If you watch his instagram lives he is really, really awkward; he has ZERO game and probably has been riding off his looks to get laid. And remember he whined about being afraid to approach women because of the MeToo movement. He’s attracted to teenagers because he is a loser who doesn’t want to meet the expectations of anyone over 20.

No. 593892

I mean objectively but maybe it’s just his creepiness making me see him as unattractive. He looks plain at best to me,

No. 593895

I don’t think she’s a pedo just cared more about money and getting a role than she did about her morals. I don’t think she’s actually out here trying to date and fuck kids.

No. 593900

An anon once said he looks like Gaston and I can't unsee it.

No. 593915

Omg it's true. Disney really dropped the ball on casting him but he probably can't sing for shit

No. 593987

well Emma Watson can't sing for shit either they just autotuned the hell out of her lol guess Cavill wasn't interested in being onscreen with an adult woman

No. 593990

The first 3 seconds had me fucked up. These poor, young girls that feel that they have to do whatever possible to try to build a career before their "expiration date" at 25. This seriously goes to show that looks has nothing to do with it. If you're an incel, it's going to shine through as bright as day; It's truly what's on the inside. Also, be extremely wary of men intimidated by adult women. The ones who go for inexperienced, very young (not even legal sometimes) girls are the ones we need to watch out for.

No. 594014

it's funny you say that because a discord server made up of mostly women i'm in were talking about him and we all said the same, that we get he's jacked and MEANT to be handsome, but we all find him plain. i wonder if the creepiness is just really obvious to women on a level we aren't aware of?

I think he's a males idea of hot and powerful and that gets him cast. He just plays into the male power fantasy.

No. 594091

Why are people coming for Tyra Banks unnecessarily but not Naomi Cuntbell?

No. 594092

I have a vagina and I’m attracted to girls mostly but Henry makes me wet. Are the girls who hallucinate about him being a perverted rapist just legbeard femcels or…?

No. 594093

He has a very masculine face and while that often translates to ‘handsome’ masculine facial traits can also look ‘mean’.

No. 594102

I thought masculine traits just translates to anyone with a vagina that can get attracted to masculinity as hot. Whatever I haven’t even seen his movies but the hate is scrote tier jealousy or tumblrina cancel culture thingy. If the latter y’all should waste your energy in hating other blue eyed dark haired dudes that are actually ugly (shane and his twin brother for instance).

No. 594104

I don't know. Considering Naomi is confirmed to be associated with Epstein's logs I'm not sure why she isn't getting more shit.

No. 594106

Anon are you so horny (and dumb) you can't even think straight? He's obviously into his co-star who's barely legal and everyone who watched the video has noticed it, regardless if they think it's questionable or not. His ex girlfriend was 19 while he was in his mid thirties. No one said he was a rapist, but he goes after (much) younger girls so yes, he's a pervert

No. 594109

Because Tyra said mean stuff about someone else’s fried dead hair or forced girls to die by doing photoshoots in a cold swimming pool.

I don’t even care that much anymore that Naomi is a pedophile like other celebrities but I can’t stand her rotten personality. Why is it a compliment to call a Black girl Naomi? Jeez.

No. 594110

Just don’t call him ugly.

No. 594112

nah hes creepy as fuck and you have tragic taste

No. 594113

why do you keep saying "people who have a vagina" and "i have a vagina" instead of woman? Don't worry, figured it out kek

No. 594116

>tragic taste
One night stand/fantasies is not equal to marrying or even dating anon.

I just don’t understand the hate that’s all. He’s not problematic to me.

No. 594117

I want a cute boy to get all bashful and look at me like freya.

No. 594118

because naomi is more ~*charismatic*~

No. 594120

He is ugly to me, why are you so upset Fellow Vagina Haver?

No. 594121

Upset is a strong word. I just find it petty.

No. 594125

File: 1596234305048.jpg (97.44 KB, 1080x1334, 1d911de8423b34a120856de7da6844…)

Hes not ugly. Hes a snack.

No. 594128

Maybe if he had a vagina i’d whiteknight him/her some more but this is really pathetic and petty anon jesus christ.

No. 594129

He was much better looking when he was younger, ironically. Same with Leo Dicaprio, it must be some sort of karma.

Anyway it's really sad that you're caping for a pedo because you find him hot, when in reality if you're old enough to be on lc you're too old for him.

No. 594131

File: 1596234773247.gif (1.78 MB, 268x268, c59314a96959d72f822fa96717a603…)

I'm nta hes not ugly. Hes just old but he has good Gene's.

No. 594132

That’s obviously not me, the person who doesn’t find him ugly.
I think she meant it sarcastically anyways because that haircut is silly.

No. 594135

what is this from

No. 594136

File: 1596234927688.jpeg (20.01 KB, 227x300, EE468388-282C-4065-96A6-62F8B9…)

Oh you were serious? He looks cute in that gif yeah. However it makes me feel like a pedo to find young henry cute lol.

I never ever ever thought of leonardo dicaprio as attractive, he always looked like an ugly girl to me.

No. 594138

The hottest fucking movie ever (the tudors i think).

No. 594139

Imo he looks gross here but it's ok for men to age so yeah.

No. 594141

I’m on the older side tbh even if people ask me still for my ID when I buy alcohol

No. 594142

>he's not ugly he's a snack
>posts an old photo of him where his features are more boyish and more appealing because he comes off as non threatening.

I don't find him unattractive physically, but his personality mixed with the hulking muses is too intimidating since he comes off as a closet incel that feels entitled to women's time and attention.

LMAO, he looks horrible in this pic, you could've chose countless other photos where he doesn't look like a balding cop trying to hide a beer gut.

No. 594144

Sureeeeee anon he looks terrible.
Maybe y’all young idk.

No. 594152

I wouldn’t brag about my big age if I were you, anon. Henry-chan won’t fuck you if he finds out you’re older than 20.

No. 594153

why can y'all not just accept that people have different tastes in what is attractive, I mean we have people on here who think ben shapiro is hot

No. 594156

Good thing I have only planned to fuck him in my dreams and no more.

Good night my 20 something year old underaged anon.('fellow vagina haver' )

No. 594172

i'd fuck sargon come at me you bitches even i find cavil unattractive though kek

No. 594174

Ok update;
I find him a creep that dates college students (even if he’s imo hot. He should go for me instead).

No. 594175

>20 something

Goodnight granny anon

No. 594178

this is so embarrassing

No. 594202

File: 1596238423417.jpeg (22.27 KB, 555x239, 550DC370-F385-4421-83C2-E55F9E…)

everytime I see the words "twentysome"
and "underage" together I think of this retarded reddit post

No. 594234

File: 1596242749355.jpeg (260.59 KB, 750x831, 3259E8F4-651A-4DFA-BF40-F589A5…)

a few days old, but doja cat has tested positive for coronavirus after saying the virus isnt that bad on ig live a few months earlier.


No. 594240

Literally everyone has downplayed covid. Has everyone forgotten when the WHO said it was no biggie just a flu months back in February? Even CNN had to backtrack on what they said in February. Who cares.

No. 594245

He aged like 25 years in one year when he did healthy diet and exercise and definitely not steroids for that Superman film

No. 594252

February was nearly 6 months ago not "a few" and before the quarantine. She made her comments in March.

(just like you, anon) Doja seems straight up stupid rather than malicious.

No. 594253

No fucking way maybe for 40+ year old women who grew up with her
A snack 10 years ago before he became a perverted incel creeping on young girls

No. 594261

Haven't you ever seen men with neanderthal like faces? Extreme masculinity in facial features can straight up make a person look less intelligent regardless of their actual personality. Think of those really strong browridges and flat foreheads or beady eyes. I think lolcow also has a greater proportion of women who like guys with cuter or softer features. Personally I think he was handsome but I just don't see it any more. He looks really cute here >>594131

I choose to not believe this. Shapiro Kun is a eunuch.

No. 594264

most burgercentric comment ever. just because the us is retarded doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't

No. 594265

*regardless of their actual intelligence

Damn I'm an idiot.

6 months. Jesus Christ. The days are long but this year is short. I can't wait for this pangolin-flu to be a bad memory.

No. 594273

not everyone was quarantined that early, my area didn't start until april.

No. 594293

Doja Cat resides in the U.S, genius

No. 594294

It’s from The Count of Monte Christo

No. 594300

it doesn't matter. other places were quarantining so if you weren't aware this was a serious issue at that point you're the moron.

No. 594406

"Early March" so like two or three weeks after the WHO statement that it's not so bad.

No. 594507

File: 1596299656614.jpg (101.37 KB, 468x797, article-0-124992F0000005DC-233…)

But she used to look like this, doesn't look unfortunate to me

No. 594515

In my opinion she just collects weight in very unfortune places on top of being broad for a woman (as in her bones are) so she looks like shit with even a little bit of excess weight. But she looks fine when she's slender/toned/fit

No. 594602

File: 1596309681127.jpeg (243.43 KB, 1080x1080, 20044EF5-CFF3-4498-9DF5-3CF06A…)

Not really milk but Adele looks completely different these days

No. 594604

You've said it's Adele but even knowing I still struggle to recognize her. Wild.

No. 594606

can't say I like that hairstyle on her

No. 594611

She looks like a vaguely distant cousin now lol.

No. 594627

i cant believe im saying this but she looked better fat.

No. 594633

I agree 100%. Can't pinpoint exactly why that is though. This vaguely reminds me of star Jones's transformation and how strange her proportions looked after the weight loss

No. 594647

She looks like a blonde Weird Al

No. 594650



i think she'd look a lot better with another hairstyle. do you guys think the weight loss/her transformation is solely due to her divorce?

No. 594651

She aged 20 years with the weightloss (and divorce), it happens to the best of us

No. 594661

I don't recognize her but I can't critisize her either. How fucking awful would it be to have your body publicly scrutinized, put in work to meet the public's approval, only for them to turn around and say you look weird now? I'm long recovered from my ED but that sounds like my personal hell

No. 594676

her face was so beautiful, wtf happened? or is it just because she has no make-up?

No. 594682

Hella long torso with thick legs, pretty unfortunate imo. I don't find her hideous or anything, she looks ok, but I don't understand why she is seen as 11/10 by so many.

No. 594686

It's said we all eventually choose between our faces or our butts (although stomach might be more apt in today's ass positive society) - having some fat can hide the natural loss of collagen as we grow older because it fills the skin out, and extreme weight loss is usually stressful on the body not even considering the stress from her divorce. I think she looks like a milf.

No. 594687

her face??? She looks like a tranny

No. 594689

That ramen noodle hair with no bangs is really not a good look for her.

No. 594691

Tbh, the only thing throwing me off is the straight eyebrows.

No. 594693

No she isn't. For a very long time, she was just brushed off as the angry black lady. Models of her status are notorious for being cunts.

No. 594694

This is the only time he has ever looked somewhat attractive.

No. 594697

I agree with other anons she was prettier fat. But she seems so much happier and more confident. So good for her! I hope she did it healthily and is taking care of herself. That's all that matters.

No. 594768

lmao my sides

I think her whole mouth and eye area look really plastic and soulless. Think she's had boatloads of Botox around her eyes so she doesn't smile with them.

And her teeth are big soulless veneers bleh. So fake looking

No. 594770

she'd look a lot better with more flattering hair/eyebrows

having the two different colors might look cute on some, but not most

No. 594771

Although she is doing herself zero (0) favors for wearing that (pretty hideous) white crop-top and low riding jeans combo, I have the same body type and had no idea a long torso + thick legs was unfortunate. Fuck me, man.

No. 594773

Dont take that anon so seriously. Its all in how you carry yourself, where your fat deposits, and the clothes you choose to wear. Not everyone with that body type looks a mess.

No. 594785

I mean having long legs/ being thin has generally been considered ideal idk why that’s post would be so shocking

No. 594794

File: 1596326032303.jpg (20.49 KB, 340x255, lana_del_hay.jpg)

ppl with a long torso & short legs are the human equivalents of shetland ponies.

this is the pony version of lana.

No. 594821

Pretty cute though.

No. 594825

File: 1596327727359.jpeg (84.44 KB, 600x900, F26BF51B-9500-472B-9B6A-8A3C6E…)

I also have a similar body type to Lana and previous anon and I feel a little validated by this

we are all Lil Sebastian in our hearts!

No. 594826

kek, that filename

Still cute, tho.

No. 594841

Tinfoil here, but maybe she's recovering from a drug addiction?

No. 594846

this is so sick. what the fuck. You dont kiss /make out with an 11 year old. You just dont do it..

No. 594848

He's hideous. Men hit the wall so early and expect women to still want them 40+ years old. disgusting and entitled.


These charts make me incredibly sad. They are literally telling women they peak at 30..

No. 595004

That's really her?? Holy shit

No. 595133

File: 1596381116475.jpg (94.72 KB, 600x700, chrissy-teigen-fmily-guy-joke-…)

Sure, a long torso + thick legs combo can look odd depending on how someone carries their weight, the short torso + long thin legs combo isn't exactly all it's cracked up to be either lol

No. 595139

Long torso, short legs > Short torso, long legs

mfw short everything

No. 595161

I feel like she looks very stressed out… I think she was prettier when she was chubby. And these hair make her look like as if shes wearing a wig, based on forehead tbh.

No. 595171

why would you WANT to look bad?

No. 595196

Is her torso to leg ratio really larger than the average person's though? I'm pretty sure the average person doesn't have longer-looking legs in a crop top, lowrise jeans and ballet flats than her in this pic.

No. 595226

Learn to read before replying anon…
Also the issue is that she is nearly 30 and made out with a fucking kid, nothing to do with Euphoria or sexism in the industry, she didn't have a fucking gun to her head, god these inane responses are making me sperg out so fuvking much but making out with a kid is not ok on any level, even if you're being forced i'd rather be thrown out of Pedowood for life than participate in any form of child abuse. Fuck you, fuck her and anyone else who is letting her off just because she's a pretty woman.

No. 595247

this is the worst possible dress in all existence

No. 595250

nayrt but it seems like you’re the one who needs to learn how to read. that anon was talking about the age faking scandal which is completely unrelated to the pedo saga. kissing a kid is wrong whether she’s 24 or 28, anon was just defending her right to lie about her age in youth-obsessed hollywood.

No. 595256

File: 1596389697432.jpeg (100.96 KB, 640x640, SW62mX0_d.jpeg)


No. 595260

I just said that I don't think that it looks bad so obviously I don't want to look bad, you absolute genius.

No. 595279

sorry your body is ugly anon

No. 595418

No. Anytime a woman gains weight, regardless of where or how much people become experts on body types, because everyone fits into a box and some body types are good no matter what and some are bad. Apparently.

No. 595586

What happened to her waist? She doesn't appear to have one

No. 595628

This doesn't even make sense.

No. 597189

i know she's not exactly much older but Anya seems to keep her distance from him irl even in interviews and lmao if this >>593660 is true it makes sense

No. 597422

File: 1596647164438.jpeg (542.28 KB, 750x1021, F1CD6CA5-DA51-4346-AC30-2C6451…)

the feds are at one of the Paul brothers houses. does this have to do with the fact that he threw retarded covid parties for influencers, or something worse?


No. 597453

Something else must be going on. He’s been on the local news a lot for being an annoying son of a bitch, so who knows what kind of crazy shit he was up to.

No. 597455

File: 1596649432725.jpg (21.51 KB, 526x453, 81932919_1013237219055734_6891…)

now this is good drama

No. 597496

He's not really a celebrity in the traditional sense.

No. 597534

File: 1596655667711.jpeg (489.56 KB, 750x872, ABAF00B7-02E6-497C-B266-06BF48…)

feds appear to have seized firearms. I wonder if after he got arrested for looting the authorities became suspicious and started investigating him

also learned that he threw a party last year for rapper Desiigner and multiple underage girls alleged they were assaulted there

No. 597536

File: 1596655804865.jpeg (330.26 KB, 750x839, 83BB3201-CF54-4C52-A6B4-C013F7…)

>FBI confirms and says it's an "ongoing investigation"

bet on drugs, underage girls, or both? gonna say both

No. 597541

>inb4 jake paul was involved in epstein's kiddo cabal

No. 597547

File: 1596656632690.png (1.01 MB, 808x1024, tablemanlet.png)

I actually like how Adele looks skinny, though the OP pic is pretty unflattering also table manlet

No. 597548

dude could be charged for any number of things at this point and it wouldn't surprise me. the paul brothers are chaos incarnate

No. 597555

i feel like it could be anything, he seems like the kind of person to collect all kinds of illegal things just to show that he can break the law thanks to his $$$$. wouldn't be surprised if they found an illegal exotic animal under his bed or something.

No. 597562

I think she looks good but I miss her red hair. I hope she's losing weight in a healthy way not just from stress/her divorce

No. 597566

Would they really need to bring a mini militia for that though?

No. 597568

She’s so hot I really like that 60s look on her

No. 597586

cool hopefully its enough to cancel them cause I'm tired of seeing those assholes tbh

No. 597654

It's the difference between glam beautiful woman and horse girl.

No. 597714

File: 1596673368310.jpeg (324.74 KB, 750x968, 04D5373A-DE36-48FB-8A0C-56DA60…)

they're now saying it's related to looting he did during a george floyd protest… but why would the FBI be involved in a looting case? even if you have thousands of dollars worth of merchandise wouldnt it be jurisdiction for the local police?

No. 597765

File: 1596681830541.jpeg (190.89 KB, 827x739, C1677294-60CB-4139-93C4-22DEAD…)

not really milk but saw this comment on a post related to the whole ellen situation and i had a good laugh so i thought i would share

No. 597770

>she has a good kokoro

No. 597772

File: 1596682762683.jpeg (576.55 KB, 750x1156, CC9F1400-13B7-4523-8D80-023AE7…)

speaking of Ellen, people are roasting her over hot coals. the show has really toxic behind the scenes stuff, not only ellen herself. former Ellen staff said there was a lot of sexual harassment, racism, and other abuses on set. and quite a few were fired for no reason or for doing innocuous things that the network claimed would "hurt ellens image", like one employee creating a gofundme because their expenses for medical costs weren't covered and they weren't able to afford it out of pocket.

>one former employee said they took medical leave for one month to check into a mental health facility for a suicide attempt. but the week they returned to work, they were told their position was being eliminated


No. 597784

she looks pretty here because she's done up with a full face of makeup while the other photo made her look like a christian vegan mommy blogger that writes in depth of her teenage daughter's menstrual cycle.

No. 597796

yessssss…please arrest that annoying twat

No. 597909

The fact that Tekashi69/6ix9ine still has a career is the proof that cancel culture does not work. He pleaded guilty to multiple crimes, including gang violence, participating in raping 13 year old girl and he was abusive to his ex.

And people are kissing his ass for handing few 100$ bills to people. That’s the fucking tackiest PR move in history.

I browse LSA for celebrity news and drama. Yeah I know the people there are crazy but it’s the perfect example how they lick boots of rapist men and are eager to ”cancel” someone for using 4chan or whatever.

No. 597917

so the difference truly is the make up… My question is, has her bare face been this bad even back when she was fat? I realize I've probably never seen her without make-up back then. Maybe she always seemed beautiful only because of make up? I'm shocked how different she looks, it's so sad

No. 597934

The looting was just the reason to get a search warrant and/or arrest. Now they're focusing on more serious matters. It sounds like. I have no idea who this guy is though.

No. 597939

Cancel culture only works if you show you give a shit. Also, minority men are less likely to get hit as hard by cancel culture.

No. 597956

Exactly, it also depends on the audience, I doubt 6ix9ine's fans are the usual woke twitter sjws so they don't give a shit.

No. 597961

If he was a Hispanic woman who snitched and acted like he did she would be canceled and her career over. It's also a gender thing.

No. 598069

Anyone else just sort of remember out of the blue that TSwift dated Tom Hiddleston. That was weird. I think they both got out of it relatively unscathed PR-wise, but Hiddleston probably won't snag a serious leading man role for a couple more years.

To keep this comment timely: What did you all think of Folklore. I like maybe 3 songs and the rest were just ok.

No. 598070

He lost the James Bond role because of that kek

No. 598080

imo it's only a matter of time before he gets killed for snitching on his own gang. he has to do 300 hours of community service which means that he'll probably have to go out in public to finish them. he's already had to move a few months back because he revealed his own location by posting a video on social media of himself outside his home. a neighbour saw him and leaked his address online. he can't keep running and hiding for the rest of his life while bragging about being a snitch. his days are numbered.

No. 598083

File: 1596730004621.jpg (48.09 KB, 660x396, kek.jpg)

forgot to attach this

No. 598098

Tom Hiddleston really isn't a leading man with or without Taylor. He's not very masculine, but he doesn't suit the cute soft geek image either. He's like your awkward English teacher.

No. 598100

that whole PR relationship was such a bad move for him. he's obviously closeted but he didn't need taylor swift to get people talking about him or interested in his love life. why not just hire a regular beard like everyone else?

No. 598121

Weapons were removed from Jake Paul's home
Phillip Defranco did a video

No. 598179

File: 1596732834460.jpg (80.99 KB, 930x615, Screenshot_4.jpg)

this is from a blind item site about her

No. 598199

I find her gross because she's a woke dyke and of course expects everybody to respect her but then she turns around and makes female popstars/actresses uncomfortable af in her show. Constantly bothering them about their love life (because duh of course all straight womens' lifes revolve around is getting the d), having them play retarded "which male celebrity do you prefer?!" games, pestering them until they answer despite them visibly hating it. It's like she clearly sees herself as the big boss in a world dominated by males but she doesn't respect any other females in the entertainment industry (or in general) at all. I'm not a conspiracist but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that she's involved in super shady business. She's also unfunny af, but same goes for all other big murican talk shows.

No. 598214

frank ocean's brother died in a car crash, won't post the pic cuz the car looks destroyed as hell but here's the news https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2020-08-04/frank-oceans-brother-dies-ryan-breaux

No. 598218

She gives off the same vibe as Letterman to me. They don't want their guest to be entertained, they want them to feel uncomfortable

No. 598226

from your fingers to gods ears, anon.

No. 598244

>they want them to feel uncomfortable
This makes me miss the Eric Andre show.

No. 598256

I mean that's a whole new level of uncomfortable but I miss it too lmao

No. 598488

File: 1596762102182.jpg (454.92 KB, 1080x1573, 20200807_030015.jpg)

She looks slightly better here, filter prob. on max

No. 598510

This. It almost seems like a kink for her to shame and humiliate people.

No. 598524

File: 1596767418608.jpeg (158.04 KB, 1080x1350, E55C6B1C-2CA1-4976-9A3B-28404C…)

So ~delicate and fragile~ uwu

No. 598547

I wish she'd drop the dAmAgEd FlOwEr persona

Everyone knows she was whoring herself out to men old enough to be her father with multiple drugs in her system in her 20's for fun, she ain't delicate and fragile she's a crazy party girl and should embrace it

No. 598549

>Everyone knows she was whoring herself out to men old enough to be her father with multiple drugs in her system in her 20's for fun

I dont know that I even believe that tbh. I feel like that was part of her fake persona. I think the truth is more that she's a boring homebody with normie friends who probably doesnt even date much. The epitome of a try hard ~sex obsessed~ nymphet who actually isnt.

No. 598551

Also, her plastic surgery is starting to make her resemble Karen Black, kek.

No. 598560

Now that she's lost the old Americana appeal with weight and genetics that didn't hold up, she's trying to dodge her final form as a truck stop Karen with a really lazy chola/"ghetto girl" cosplay. She wants people to say she's "thicc" instead of what we saw earlier.
After that shitty rant, I just want her to stay in her truth, honestly. Leave "strong women" things to actual "strong women", please. Don't double back now, keep giving us "delicate and glamorous" alcoholic mom at Wal-Mart, lmao.

No. 598567

File: 1596773385665.jpeg (334.72 KB, 584x651, 1590624003194.jpeg)

>a boring homebody with normie friends who probably doesnt even date much. The epitome of a try hard ~sex obsessed~ nymphet who actually isnt.
She's almost like if Ginger Bronson got famous. Even the metamorphosis is similar.
Skinny blond "nymphet" girl, then gaining a lot of weight and going for the "lost in the hood" archetype.

No. 598568

This is definitely "lot lizard chic"

No. 598581

Why did she not keep applying bronzer down her torso. you can see where it stops I’m in hysterics

No. 598596

oh man, ginger was hilarious. hopefully she’ll re-emerge eventually.

No. 598601

I could be mistaken but looks like a tan line, anon

No. 598628

That's a tan

No. 599180

File: 1596837320765.png (484.4 KB, 762x657, lMQsO11.png)

No. 599321

Had to be drugs then. At this point I want TMZ to go to Jake Paul's house themselves and figure out what's in there.

No. 599334

File: 1596848932467.png (384.7 KB, 1108x639, 1.PNG)

>she's trying to dodge her final form as a truck stop Karen with a really lazy chola/"ghetto girl" cosplay
>Skinny blond "nymphet" girl, then gaining a lot of weight and going for the "lost in the hood" archetype.
She's been accused of "appropriating Latino culture" by mainstream news and journalism outlets since her short film Tropico came out in 2013. Where have y'all been?

No. 599387

File: 1596854691322.jpg (56.7 KB, 634x423, 4574EE6300000578-0-image-a-8_1…)

No. 599390

Actually there was a new thing going around on Twitter that it should be Latinx but Latine. Because in Spanish/Latin languages, it wouldn't make sense as a translation

No. 599399

She was 27 in that picture. If her claims like >>598547 are true, it'd would've been long before then because she's been was writing songs about the topic since 2006.

No. 599491

File: 1596872939822.jpg (36.6 KB, 744x274, paul.jpg)

No. 599512

I can believe the porn but Jake Paul of all people being smart enough to deal drugs and survive the experience?