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File: 1675402455250.png (687.3 KB, 1200x813, 90435985.png)

No. 273060

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback (>>187240), artist salt (>>>/ot/1312695), and shitty comics (>>232318).

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No. 273209

File: 1675455056040.jpg (183.92 KB, 732x495, clover_1.jpg)

That artstyle was definitely a choice

No. 273210

File: 1675455088595.jpg (173.63 KB, 800x1280, clover_2.jpg)

No. 273214

Is this the mangaka that tried to show the passage of time by using the same panel like ten times in a row? I think he was posted in the bad art thread before

No. 273218

what's the series even about ?

No. 273222

File: 1675457572262.jpg (141.13 KB, 1280x951, custom_adoptable_for__tennotsu…)


No. 273223

File: 1675457601695.png (Spoiler Image,924.86 KB, 1280x1040, 361.png)

oh no

No. 273276

WHO is the target audience for this?

No. 273285

Wait wait wait what
First is this male or female
Second I thought the balls were part of the dress is it like breasts, fat, ass or testicles?

No. 273293

File: 1675483612313.png (3.17 MB, 1625x2048, 5CF28ECD-BD1C-4A6D-A0C1-17CF32…)

lawrence and adam from saw lmfao

No. 273307

File: 1675502947118.jpg (16.18 KB, 271x228, qbhhrqbw.JPG)

me seeing this shit

No. 273335

File: 1675510666872.jpg (412.99 KB, 1224x2040, IMG_20230204_133706.jpg)

No. 273336

File: 1675512308532.jpg (650.62 KB, 899x1189, 1658487708038.jpg)


No. 273337

The transformers fandom is full of people who draw them with gross huge dick-sucking lips like this. I just don't get it

No. 273339

>>273335 >>273337
Gay, unambiguously black, himbos. They make it worse with those gorilla teeth.

T4T Spamton/Billy is definitely floating like a turd in the depraved cesspit of tumblr. It's sad

No. 273385

I hate what TiFs are trying to do to horror. I didn’t even notice the mastectomy scars at first but that just made it worse.

No. 273389

File: 1675536594805.jpg (192.6 KB, 720x1225, Screenshot_20230111-171547_Ins…)

This made me laugh so bad

No. 273400

Soyjak tiger! So excite!

No. 273457

File: 1675558373792.jpg (497.94 KB, 1391x2048, SAVE_20230204_215148.jpg)

I had trouble picking a piece from this person but here's a popular one. belyarts on twitter

No. 273462

Enid's nose got replaced by a shrimp

No. 273465

Why is everything so weirdly segmented? The clothes look like they're jointed plastic.

No. 273492

Jesus christ, this is NOT HOW CLOTHING FOLDS WORK! It's like they threw their outfits into an industrial washer!

No. 273508

According to the tags, they're boobs? And the character is a guy.

No. 273566

I'm even more confused now kek but thanks for telling me
It has been forever since I checked deviantart so I don't know what type of degenerate fetishes they're into right now but guys with anime girl faces and hip boobs weren't something I predicted they would fap to next, Touche dA.

No. 273600

File: 1675616772560.jpg (62.92 KB, 500x839, Ryuji-Yamazaki.jpg)

What the fuck is that hair? It looks like a massive seashell is on his head.

No. 273603

I mean, I've seen moids irl with seashell hair so it's not a stretch

No. 273609

Why are there so many blond Ryujis

No. 273624

Stereotypical bad boy/delinquent name and having bleached hair is also a stereotypical bad boy/delinquent thing, I guess

No. 273779

File: 1675698249475.jpg (368.88 KB, 1080x1192, germs.jpg)

Jerma fans never cease to amaze me

No. 273786


No. 273803

File: 1675706530203.jpg (811.78 KB, 1432x2048, kof94-artwork-by-shinkiro.jpg)

I'm starting to believe the anon who says people post good art and call it bad, Shit character design has its own thread.
Shinkiro draws hot dudes and cute women imo. The only kek worthy of his drawings is picrel

No. 273804

the art is fine. not every drawn character needs to look attractive. besides lots of men have that hairstyle

No. 273829

File: 1675709189871.jpg (21.32 KB, 229x279, Ryuji-Yamazaki.jpg)

No. 273850

File: 1675710755236.jpg (55.85 KB, 640x800, 038txklmxgq61.jpg)

Same artist, different characters. For the expression to make sense you ought to check Ryuji's gameplay or character he is insane and violent.

No. 273873

>character with a silly expression is now bad art
nonna please

No. 273904

anime fans shitting their pants when the see something that isn't moe

No. 273916

File: 1675736752562.png (487.96 KB, 670x1248, 21763453.png)

featured post on tumblr radar today. artist is not 12 but is in fact a grown man with a full beard and she/her pronouns

No. 273917

File: 1675736780468.png (1.31 MB, 1144x1350, 67876543.png)

No. 273920

File: 1675738570192.jpeg (118.9 KB, 877x1284, C05225A8-C712-4808-9690-E79141…)

The caption for this on twitter was “antagonist for my magic story”

No. 273921

It almost looked halfway decent when it was loading up

No. 273930

Very stupid question, but is that seriously a JK Rowling oc they made to be the villain or am I just jumping to conclusions?

No. 273937

I wanna see the MC. I bet the MC would be an insufferable idealised self-insert as in every goddamn tranny writing I've seen.

No. 273950

literally rent free

No. 273973

>initials are J K R
>fucking rottenschrift
>that description
Rent. Fucking. Free. Also post the mc please kek

No. 273974

lowkey i love her

No. 274003

Huh. For a supposed villain J.K. looks like a nice person, no evil aura with dirty colors and angry expression. %100 the artist loves her and just pretending it's the opposite for Twitter points.

No. 274016

if he really is Ukrainian (definitely diaspora if so) I bet he'd be beaten the shit out of every day "back home" lol

No. 274017

Looks like the lovechild of Dumbledore and McGonagall, ie a kind headmistress you can rely on.

No. 274018

post your work girl

No. 274036

Looks like a nice lady, they didn't even draw her scowling.

No. 274040

I love this idea, she's presented as the "villain" of the story but as the plot progresses it's made clear it's the MC who's in the wrong. You get to follow his deluded and perverted thoughts and actions and hatred towards the righteous woman trying to stop him and his fellow misogynistic men. In the end everyone has turned against him, unrightly so in his own eyes but to the reader/viewer it's abundantly clear that he's a terrible person who needs to be stopped, even those he thought were his own kin have turned against him. The author tells him it doesn't have to be like this, that he can heal and become better but he refuses to listen, he feels he has no other choice, and he 41%

No. 274045

Me too. Somebody please draw a fanart of her.

No. 274049

File: 1675784738538.jpeg (176.83 KB, 828x1352, 591DB295-FC76-42F2-B2A7-297E0F…)

Here’s their self-insert. About what you’d expect from a genderspecial lol

No. 274052

Way to busy, can't focus on any feature.
If she hated JK then why is her villain much better designed then her self insert. unless it's a enemies to lovers story but I digress

No. 274078

They Never hate men in the same capacity as they hate women. You can always clock how immature a girl is by how misogynist she is.

No. 274095

File: 1675795992861.jpg (Spoiler Image,704.66 KB, 850x1311, sample_efa33fea7ff250ea0c1d0b8…)

What am I even looking at

His face triggered my fight or flight lmao

No. 274110

I've wondered why that is. Is there a thread here about the topic?

Looks like two separate bodies wtf?

No. 274124

Therugy propaganda?

No. 274144

File: 1675808593913.jpg (1.45 MB, 1200x4002, Collage Maker-08-Feb-2023-05.2…)

A serial killer's bathtub with dismembered bodies.
She looks way better designed than the MCs

No. 274153

Wow this really was just made by a bitter Harry Potter fan. Also the guy on the bottom with the massive buckteeth seems a little bit like an offensive stereotype. There is absolutely no way this was made by an adult, I'm calling it now.

No. 274173

File: 1675820646816.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.03 KB, 721x1062, 30E6988C-8C0A-4F58-9723-B53BF2…)

Very seductive and inviting.

No. 274174

File: 1675820743943.png (1.35 MB, 1178x1282, bpd.png)

artist is 20

No. 274179

I can smell this image.

No. 274188

I gagged just thinking of the smell. Literally an image you can smell.

No. 274214

File: 1675825977737.jpg (158.81 KB, 1066x750, feudal_lands__kingdom_hearts__…)

yall i am so fucking bummed that sapphirus died. it was truly impressive how she never improved one bit in the many years she was drawing. i'm gonna miss chuckling at her new art and watching her fursona get more and more ridiculous

No. 274219

File: 1675826646456.png (15.03 KB, 550x177, rip.PNG)

Checked out her profile, what an amazing screed of a bio. I love this very respectful comment after her death, kek. What did she die of?

No. 274224

File: 1675827954092.png (3.88 MB, 2788x2572, de06kyp-e96ff26e-fc66-40e7-bcc…)

covid i think? hard to find out for sure without joining her discord server and checking. i tried finding an obituary but her legal name is the same as every old lady on the planet so i wasnt successful

No. 274231

wait did she really die ?

No. 274257

dark skinned character:
>not human apparently
>absent parental figure
Asian character:
>yellow skin and massive buck-teeth
>"teachers pet"
>effeminate pushover
Hmmmmmmm I'm just saying, people have been canceled for less on twitter.

No. 274269

Nona you're just jealous your husbando won't look at you like that just admit it. Jokes aside what is the style the artist was going for anyway; cute? Manly?

I swear I'm not making fun or nitpicking this girl's appearance but Isn't her body too skinny for face or there is some filter magic going on Or is it my eyes

No. 274279

File: 1675854467993.png (379.4 KB, 720x635, Screenshot_20230208-030458-110…)

What's with artists drawing lips that look like a baboon's asshole

No. 274280

This is just Sam Hyde doing one of his shitty pranks

No. 274290

File: 1675859917405.jpg (209.04 KB, 850x1200, sample_e89ee3bfb485e9e33d39677…)

They make drawing faces easier. You cant pay attention to face anatomy when a monkey's anus is present


No. 274291

File: 1675860659041.png (490.25 KB, 720x882, tumblr_462b21acdcbee34b25e0df4…)

This is obvious, but zoomers are so infantilized and can use the I'm a minor/I'm just a baby excuse for any criticism. Social media gives them as many highhorses and crusade of the week that they can hop to in order to sustain moral superiority even whenever the one they were riding on is put down by social media.

They managed to wipe out 50-70 years worth of progress in gender and racial equality with their brand of progressivism in an entire generation. Of course anyone pointing that out gets dismissed as bigots and boomer takes. Sorry for the MATI rant

I'm immature for sure. I expect disgusting fetish trash from all male artists. When a woman posts art like this or fujoshit put downs with barafag worship I'm much angrier.

No. 274295

does this mean something else in US english? i hope so cause yikes

No. 274297

>They managed to wipe out 50-70 years worth of progress in gender and racial equality with their brand of progressivism in an entire generation
I hope you ain't implying zoomers did all that by themselves, we all know what millennials were doing at Tumblr back in the 2010s

No. 274299

Op is probably just a bong. It means nothing in US.

No. 274302

kms imagine proudly telling the world you have headlice…
im sure they just think theyre being punk by saying it, but still

No. 274303

this has to be parody, I can't fucking accept that is real

No. 274305

File: 1675869067676.png (2.73 MB, 1400x2000, jkr.png)

I couldn't resist, her design is cute

No. 274308

File: 1675870462811.webm (203.74 KB, 738x720, smooch.webm)

beautiful nonna

No. 274316

thank youu♥

No. 274317

It's a trendercore-sona which is supposed to be a middle finger to transmed gatekeepers and transphobes. It's Poe's law in full blown effect.

True! Thank you for pointing that out because it wasn't my intent. They took millennial opinion as law and enforce it within their own age group, branches of activism and art circles as unquestionable authority. I don't think these millennial forerunners were prepared for the consequences of calling conventionally pretty, skinny whites and cishets boring either.

No. 274318

No. 274320

How are her eyes so fucking huge? Like it's not the makeup, and there's probably no filter, she legit has huge ass eyes and big upper lid folds.

No. 274323

No. 274324

Her whole face looks off (the terrible makeup doesn't help either), so she probably has filters on. Pretty much every camera app (including the one pre-instaled on your phone) has beauty filters on by default nowadays, it's sick.

No. 274330

>yellowed off-white sweater
>unshaven moustach(genderspeciql edition)
>fading dye
>crappy eyeliner
>looks unwashed
God…why would you post this?

No. 274337


looks like it. her last art posts were October 2021 and her comments on both deviantart and furaffinity are full of condolences. I also noticed that she had "vaccinated by faith of god" at the top of her profile on furaffinity so I'm pretty sure it actually was covid that killed her. such a shame

No. 274346

File: 1675879773441.jpg (32.74 KB, 640x360, rose-640x360.jpg)

Watching too much steven universe

No. 274353

is there any proof, there were a couple of cases where youtubers allegedly "died" but turned out they just wanted to cut them selves off the internet

No. 274355

the only good art in this thread

No. 274356

Besides Timmy's racist caricature vibes I actually like these designs, they have their own charm and I think the main cast would be genuinely lovable/relatable to a teenage audience. Emily seems pretty cool. I wish this wasn't all made out of a pathetic hateboner for JKR. Praying the artist realizes how silly it is and tries to make something genuine out of this

It's really cute !

No. 274361

painful, this makes me wish that the existence of autistic genderspecial freaks would be erased by the next time i'll wake up

No. 274387

Aww, I wish she was my Hogwarts teacher.

No. 274499

>am not gender confused because of my trauma

No. 274514

File: 1675918382853.jpg (127.81 KB, 525x693, armsnew.jpg)

I think this is from a neocities site

No. 274573

File: 1675938336013.webm (285.18 KB, 480x480, cursed.webm)

i hope videos are fine too, this shit always cracks me up

No. 274577

it's the tearzah effect. real ones remember

No. 274607

File: 1675948646998.png (400.98 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2023-02-09-21-15-34…)

i dont care what you ana-chans say, i personally think fat people can be beautiful. but the amount of people kissing up to this mediocre art is unreal.

No. 274610

This is so cute!! Would love it if she became a proper terf meme, the TRA who made it would seethe so badly

No. 274667

I find the art fine (just unpolished), but yeah that amount of people liking a plain sketch is insane

No. 274724

Are you blind?

No. 274741

You really just called puppychan tier anatomy good….

No. 274755

KEK nonita wtf is this

No. 274826

File: 1676015956947.png (400.11 KB, 513x565, image-3.png)

I think this fits

No. 274920

This scares me but I also strangely find it endearing.

No. 274927

Looks like it kek.
I don't like the drawing, but I also dont find it terrible (at least not on the same level as stuff posted here). I think the age of whatever drew it matters too, it just reminds me of the art every 16yo teen on 2015 tumblr made.

No. 274931

Rcdart legs.

No. 274934

File: 1676048483961.jpg (192.46 KB, 1024x1024, yuck.jpg)

Found on twitter linked from a viral tweet.

No. 274935

File: 1676048506121.jpg (215.8 KB, 1024x1024, ew.jpg)

No. 274958

Horror art that is actually horrifying is a rare find. Ugly as sin but strangely beautiful somehow

No. 275033

I don't think that was the artist's intent lol

No. 275035

File: 1676079271265.jpg (167.61 KB, 1300x1400, FolzU__XgAAnm8y.jpg)

this character design looks randomly generated

No. 275036

File: 1676079338771.jpg (125.83 KB, 644x1184, FolzkbHXsAAVzla.jpg)

another from the same person

No. 275037

This must be intentionally bad. It's pretty good.

No. 275041

I kind of like this

No. 275135

Funny that you mentioned it, this person is actually friends with tearzah.

No. 275271

File: 1676184837259.png (231.03 KB, 500x273, unknown.png)

>it/its pronouns

No. 275279

I love this
It’s not great but it’s fine enough. Very average

No. 275288

File: 1676189970580.jpg (40.75 KB, 567x443, starscream.jpg)

Imagine making starscream a "it" although I agree his brain is a inanimate object but come on

No. 275309

File: 1676206129788.png (2.63 MB, 2048x3018, 1674704399348.png)

This artist tried to make the bird lady into a bigoted horrible transphobe, but she's just a TERF queen.

No. 275311

File: 1676206676398.jpeg (733.85 KB, 1363x2048, FowdP6FaIAAffG1.jpeg)

I have no idea where I'm supposed to look on this drawing.

No. 275313

And then some artcopytuber makes a 20 min video how to replicate this popular artist style!(it is beautifully rendered but the anatomy is dogshit and there's no focal point)

No. 275323

TiFs are pickmes even when they're pretending to be moids.

No. 275338

What does "exploring gender" even mean? Wear different clothes? You admit it's a fashion trend?

No. 275342

File: 1676217695753.jpg (141.13 KB, 1115x841, 20230212_165317.jpg)

This is absolutely not bad art, but can someone please explain what the nose circles are supposed to be? It looks so weird and I have no idea what it is, is it a shadow, is it a flat nose tip??? I just can't see what I'm supposed to see

No. 275354

It's the lineart version of nose bridge detail. When it's rendered that's usually a brighter area like nose version of Rembrandt triangle.

No. 275357

I know it's an unfinished piece but the artist still has it in all the finished art too. So it's supposed to be light? seems odd to highlight it by adding black lines around it but I can't see any other explaination so I guess you're right

No. 275358

File: 1676221119802.png (1.24 MB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20230212_105806_Gal…)

It's like when you pose 3D Mannequins the first time. But the cumbrain took it seriously

No. 275377

File: 1676227238034.jpg (652.19 KB, 1200x1702, 1.jpg)

This >>275354 anon is right. Don't know if it helps but maybe the artist was trying to emulate something like Arai Sumiko's style. When it's well executed, it adds charm imo!

No. 275393

File: 1676230965776.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1798, 66090797-E50A-43D6-A88A-961801…)

From the fakeboi thread

No. 275397

I have never watched this anime and I still know who these two are. Fucking gross.

No. 275408

File: 1676233278986.jpg (33.49 KB, 1010x542, 9kvzgd1jqek51.jpg)

No. 275417

File: 1676235047358.jpeg (14.55 KB, 480x368, D2DE5DEA-D894-4EEB-A190-115A7B…)

No. 275418

File: 1676235160170.png (580.38 KB, 900x600, noses.png)

I've always viewed it as a stylized why of defining this plane of the nose on the side even if light isn't shining on it. Just to indicate it somehow

No. 275421

File: 1676235779127.png (820.93 KB, 837x1104, No.png)

Round them up. Every last Pooner, Aiden and He/They/Bun.

It's horribly ugly to begin with, but the artist shot herself in the foot by not indicating she's seated with her hands behind her.

No. 275423

Deku fans are really something else.

No. 275428


They take one of the most selfless, courageous, motivated, determined and highest pain tolerance characters and reverse all of it? He's strong, optimistic and avoids burdening others to the point that he chooses to suffer like a dumbass, but he doesn't do that for martyrdom or praise he does it to protect his friends.

On top of that they would crucify a straight ship for doing the same disgusting adult/minor preg topic.

Just realized he's breastfeeding not kissing…

No. 275431

>the arm scar
if thats what I think it is how did >he even give birth? is it a butt baby?

No. 275433

Is the artist really a transman? This whole premise is so… maternal. Twisted and weird, but maternal nonetheless.

No. 275434

OT there’s a subset of FtMs that are comfortable with pregnancy (despite testosterone having negative effects on a developing fetus). Look up “seahorse dad” if you have a strong stomach.

No. 275440

File: 1676238613376.png (988.38 KB, 2048x1379, 1675700916452.png)

Tumblr user 'dearsunshine' makes the creepy girl who's into self harm trans, more at 11

No. 275441

File: 1676238649094.png (1.04 MB, 2048x1379, 1675700950874.png)

Oh yeah, the jokes just write themselves with this one too.

No. 275445

I don't know how someone can claim to be a man on the inside and still want to get pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed a child. These are the girls who think sweatshirts and shorts are male-exclusive attire and say pink gives them dysphoria. How is motherhood, the crux of the traditional "female role" in every culture on the planet, somehow totally okay with them? Mental.

No. 275462

File: 1676243843784.jpeg (112.25 KB, 744x1074, 9ECB87BE-2DB4-4C14-A1A3-33EA5C…)

Surprisingly, this isn’t supposed to be Board-tan.

No. 275466

File: 1676244241967.jpg (455.7 KB, 1600x1400, ddlc.jpg)

No. 275468

File: 1676244591502.jpg (55.4 KB, 564x685, 1659121104762.jpg)

No. 275469

File: 1676245000078.png (228.39 KB, 907x908, Skrill.png)

Uniquely Female Biological Experience - Female = OK

It's also why FtM will dress way cutesier or sexualized because now they're a special, kawaii, gay femboi rather than a common, vapid, girlie girl.

They also think combining that with he/him and he/they will magically turn gay men on and straight men off.

No. 275473

It's shayna

No. 275521

this is coomer shit, but it has comedic value. I don't think it was intentional which makes it funnier

No. 275523

nta but I didn't know what it was either and this was helpful. thanks nona!

No. 275528

on a different picture with the same proportions they said its the thighs

No. 275534

File: 1676287129861.png (479.86 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_20230213-031814-823…)

200 likes for this piece of crap?!

No. 275536

200 isn't even that much and this is an obvious sketch i don't see the problem

No. 275539

This isn't even bad art what the hell is going on in this thread these days?

No. 275553

All the actual artists got banned or ignored off their platforms by twitterbot spammers like in the picture above.

No. 275581

I don't see anything wrong with it, anon. No diapers or obvious fetishes.

No. 275592

That's just jealousy

No. 275595

File: 1676308382651.jpeg (170.28 KB, 828x935, F51CF372-F75B-454D-BE0B-40318E…)

artstyles like these just immediately scream "fujotroon", tifs go to "dude" movies just to ship the characters kek

No. 275597

File: 1676309112954.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1396, 83A16063-9100-461E-BDFB-04E25E…)

This comic I found on kiwifarms. Is so retarded that I had to share it here too

No. 275598

belongs in the bad short comics thread

No. 275601

Are the rainbows triggering you? This looks cute as hell.

No. 275603

File: 1676312893475.jpg (241.52 KB, 1536x2048, 20230213_120002.jpg)

The Legend of Zelda's Baby Arms

No. 275610

File: 1676313997598.png (7.33 KB, 265x154, images (1).png)

I didnt enlarge the image at first and thought this was referring to Deku's actual scars but then read further and oh god why

No. 275616

File: 1676315598327.jpg (241.9 KB, 1080x2160, fhfhgjfjfjk.jpg)

Not bad per se but these lumps on her elbows and knees look so freaky. I can't tell if this is a fetish or just a weird design choice lmao.

No. 275619

I bet Dr Pimple Popper would be a fan

No. 275625

File: 1676318841670.jpeg (107.59 KB, 800x1037, icp_tour_cwcville.jpeg)

they are here. they have arrived.

No. 275626

Reminds me of the knee tumor fetish guy on Deviantart…

No. 275628

This is so cute and lovely… Your art is beautiful (I hope you are reeking in comission kek) you should send it to JKR I heard she reads every email she gets!

No. 275630

not bad. based actually.

No. 275633

she does read every email she gets? what a queen.

No. 275640

I'm guessing those are elbow/knee pads she's wearing for the sport (volley?) And that it's transparent fabric, but the color choices are so dumb. Just look like big gross pimples

No. 275662

It’s really cute tbh

No. 275664

File: 1676332398897.png (393.79 KB, 720x1280, 15B006D1-7758-4ADF-BF2A-55C4DB…)

No. 275665

File: 1676332530250.png (Spoiler Image,996.71 KB, 720x1280, 8740C03D-85E5-4D08-B44F-F6E2BA…)

No. 275672

File: 1676336501879.png (432.55 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_20230125-101137-619…)

No. 275674

File: 1676339006263.png (1.49 MB, 1500x1547, horses-or-something.png)

i'm cackling.

No. 275677

I don't get how these men can take MLP so seriously but not other media for women.

No. 275686

File: 1676341378127.png (1.07 KB, 126x36, Capture.PNG)

this actually seems to have been drawn by a tif? picrel is from her tumblr

No. 275688

File: 1676341755810.jpg (32.19 KB, 568x284, tumblr_aefe6f8f0b9bc0ecb568bc6…)

Aren't these characters like father and son?

No. 275693

faust catered to bronies it was not just a show for girls anymore lol

No. 275706

it wasn't her choice though, one of the VA's talked about how Bronies made up a significant portion of merchandise purchases and they also organized conventions on their own dime which also helped the show financially and so on one working on the show was allowed to badmouth them

No. 275720

I doubt she created the show with the intention of spawning one of the stinkiest, most autistic and degenerate majority-male fandoms in recent history. I think she just wanted to create a quality show that girls would like without making it as stereotypically girly as other girl shows. She wanted to have a main cast that every kind of girl could relate to and not just get stuck with one protagonist that they had nothing in common with.
Unfortunately that meant that autistic manchildren from 4chan would eventually like it too, since they love children's shows.

No. 275748

Anyone else think there was a suspicious amount of people defending this, it looks just as retarded as everything else on this thread. No better or worse really.

No. 275751

it looks fine, stop with this vendetta posting or shitting up the thread. It's a place for retarded stuff that is actually funny, not just some art you don't like.

No. 275754

File: 1676371747592.jpeg (717.17 KB, 1416x2048, FoY3hKzWIAAe0P-.jpeg)

I, what?

No. 275755

Rent free.

No. 275756

This is some chris chan tier autistic power fantasy kek

No. 275757

Bet the artist sent her white knights

No. 275758

This isn't that bad, it's better than >>275534 tbh.

No. 275762

makima is a terf? cool

No. 275763

the WHAT

No. 275767

stop talking to yourself

No. 275768

File: 1676377676442.png (415.49 KB, 1125x766, 4B6D337F-9F3F-4A4E-A930-9C8AB9…)

No. 275772

File: 1676378658745.png (1.04 MB, 1170x972, 9A46C882-9E74-4178-B778-1D600E…)

What the fuck lol

No. 275774

belongs in the "meet the artist" thread

No. 275775

reminds me of another blackpickme artist who was also into specifically into racist white dudes(porn brainrot and its consequences)

No. 275784

File: 1676382474293.jpeg (248.35 KB, 1107x940, O2nr8d8.jpeg)

>same face
>broken spine
>breasts as large as a woman's head

No. 275786

dear god what is this

No. 275792

Wasn't Bridget groomed to be a girl?

No. 275796

I think that's supposed to be JK.

No. 275805

he's a father figure and mentor, but not deku's actual father. still fucked up tho

No. 275807

I don't the creators gave much thought to his character, Bridget is literally "draw a girl it a boy" character and just there for pedo/trap bait, I honestly never understood why people were so upset of him confirmed to be a troon cause he was always created as a character for male fetishes

No. 275825

File: 1676400022741.jpeg (406.19 KB, 2048x1147, 75236F08-88A6-45A5-904A-3A195A…)

Came across this coomer twitter blue subscriber

No. 275832

sheepdawgieart? I used to be mutuals with her before she went mask off /pol/tard

No. 275839

TiFs have the most basic het girl fantasies ever and think that makes them gay men keke

No. 275846

>most basic het girl fantasies
Uh. I don’t think shotacon mpreg breastfeeding is a basic fantasy.

No. 275853

Nta and not sure if baiting, but considering that Deku there is actually a woman (a trans identifying one), it's not mpreg. Just regular pregnancy fluffy stuff. Deku is also not a shota, and wouldn't be a loli either as a woman because he's around 15-16 y/o.
Now you can argue that the adult nursing is more fucked up, but not that uncommon for straight women. The whole multilation for the trans Deku shit is definitely the most fucked part of the fantasy, though

No. 275867


No. 275872

No. 275876

File: 1676416142572.png (Spoiler Image,401.87 KB, 611x1309, image_2023-02-14_235658800.png)

No. 275885

>fanart of teenage girl impregnated by and breastfeeding her teacher
>”well aktually it’s a a healthy representation of female sexuality”

No. 275895

File: 1676421729167.png (392.41 KB, 893x722, 75A3A090-527F-4450-8869-C5F354…)

I’m tired

No. 275915

File: 1676429236561.png (509.64 KB, 617x620, fead1d0a1f72525da402ea0e7bc439…)

Ok we get it you don't like furfag art, can we move on now and post actual bad art?

No. 275917

File: 1676430735780.png (753.72 KB, 1250x1300, allegedly karkat.png)

People upload some of the worst shit on redbubble. Like who wouldn't want this on a t-shirt?

No. 275919

File: 1676431095387.jpg (60.52 KB, 1080x774, FB_IMG_1676301741024.jpg)

No. 275920

The left one looks like an alligator.

No. 275924

What even is this fetish? Pregnant knees? I'm so confused

No. 275926

The thread is moving along just fine. Now I'm even more convinced there was some kind of brigading since you keep bringing it up.

No. 275940

File: 1676439104110.png (594.74 KB, 653x1034, O.O.png)

Some artists have too much self esteem

No. 275941

I "get" how the artist got there, but no please delete this lmao

No. 275942


No. 275969

She's probably disturbed by the Chelsea smile on the dark haired girl kek

No. 275990

bruh there is something wrong with you

No. 275998

File: 1676468537670.png (8.05 MB, 2003x3368, 21919753-1115-4D14-909F-85611C…)

This artist is such a cow, lol.

No. 276008

I know this is old now but the answer is, many ftm get the meat sausage by taking a chunk off the arm (hence the scar) but choose to keep their vaginas under it, so they end up having some sort of sick frankenstein genitalia where the clit and uretha are connected to the new fake dick, but the vagina is still free and accessible.

No. 276020

iirc gothfield was started by puppychan

No. 276022

That's not even the middle finger

No. 276024

'Cause if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it
If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

No. 276026

These girls must get mad UTIs

No. 276036

File: 1676493574716.png (395.56 KB, 640x640, tazak.png)


No. 276046

Do straight women really…?

No. 276047

Looks like she's been forced to pose for the camera despite having an allergy for roses

No. 276052

Do you blindly listen every degenerate on the internet

No. 276053

Subject matter aside, the graphic design is so bad. The text is illegible and the lines in the background cause eyestrain

No. 276062

File: 1676502780043.jpeg (33.86 KB, 594x516, images (14).jpeg)

yeah and she wouldn't shut up about it and whined when people didn't give her credit for it lol

No. 276066

God I wonder what she’s up to nowadays. I wish she had a dedicated thread here, I hate having to go to Kiwifarms.

No. 276067

Crazy how she demands credit for a generic pornified Garfield design that's probably been done (by moids) a hundred times before

No. 276069

File: 1676504506614.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.8 KB, 444x690, images (15).jpeg)

a lot has happened actually
>she hangs out with an underage fan named green
>green is a porn sick 15 year old who draws degenerate minecraft and milf art
>green asks puppychan for advice to draw degenerate shit and oogles over her nsfw art
>puppy still interacts with him
>dms get leaked
>twitter finally cancels her and call her groomer at every chance
>puppy hides for a couple months only to come back with a reband
>larping as asian in picrel
>gets yelled at by twitter again
>comes and says green actually blackmailed her and how she's the victim

No. 276159

I still love how she tried to claim she wasn't trying to fake being Asian and she wasn't trying to do "engrish," that was just how she talked in real life and she was just not editing herself online anymore guys!!! Kek

No. 276188

This is just a het family fantasy, minus the gender mutilation (the husbando also breast feeding is the only weird thing) Most FtM are just straight women who make their lives harder because of yaoi brainrot kek

No. 276193

File: 1676567950138.png (Spoiler Image,6.93 MB, 2000x2000, a03a9b2da5d4255dab3f9be5511562…)

This level of mental gymnastics and cope shouldn't be necessary. It's beyond depressing

Jumpscare Godzilla prepare yourself

No. 276196

Do you breastfeed your nigel, anon?

No. 276203

Really solid horror art tbh

No. 276209

this isn't bad art

No. 276212

stop trying to defend the weird tif fetish art

No. 276222

File: 1676578692691.png (459.12 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_pkktahO2Rh1xyzzjto1_128…)

>redesigning the literal SHSL Robot to look like a vaguely robotic genderspecial fag

No. 276225

File: 1676579680879.png (316.49 KB, 518x943, Utatane_Piko.png)

Reminds me of this vocaloid kek

No. 276234

the whole point of kiibo is that he's meant to be a normal average boy/self insert character, but just in robot form…. so why would he wear a skirt? sans undertale looking ass

No. 276246

File: 1676585026812.png (14.34 MB, 3000x3873, 105324592_p0.png)

No. 276323

File: 1676598076211.jpg (114.48 KB, 1125x1104, e2b142c9280e697bebe758f0a9df5c…)

Edward scissorlegs

No. 276325

i can't see the goddamn text

No. 276329

At least Utatane is cute, please don't you ever insult him like that again.

No. 276347

File: 1676612981945.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.58 KB, 680x680, FobFwL_aIAAog39.jpg)

Looking at this makes me feel like I'm having a stroke.

No. 276354

File: 1676616898965.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x1219, 2342BFB2-E8D8-484C-8A8D-B304C5…)

I get that they’re going for a specific style but this just hurts my eyes

No. 276408

trashy lisa frank

No. 276429

File: 1676660030891.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, f78.png)

No. 276495

File: 1676671203594.jpg (330.14 KB, 1360x2000, tumblr_93e8b71f64f09d6be0e24c3…)

what the fuck on god's green earth is this anatomy

No. 276515

This is actually so horribly atrocious that I kind of like it. It's nauseating but I can't look away.

No. 276520

File: 1676676926372.jpg (425.27 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_8b27528098ebdb59528d0ef…)

Pepe the Frog looking ass

No. 276524

File: 1676677251539.jpeg (7.04 KB, 167x301, download.jpeg)

Same energy

No. 276565

It's hideous and i feel like i'm going insane when i see so many people defending it lmao

No. 276598

File: 1676706660856.jpg (Spoiler Image,423.43 KB, 2498x2992, EQvLeCqXYAALa1h.jpg)

i saw this, so now you have too.

No. 276604

File: 1676711051294.jpg (53.22 KB, 621x802, wuh.jpg)

Fnaf official art is killing me

No. 276605

File: 1676711073964.jpg (198.55 KB, 1236x1557, CryingChildEncyclopedia.jpg)

No. 276606

File: 1676711209807.png (212.4 KB, 295x370, IMG_20230218_110124.png)

No. 276632

IS the goal for it to actually look like the art you'd get on a pizzeria brochure? Kek

No. 276636

this one destroyed me, I have been laughing for a minute straight

No. 276640

File: 1676720880250.png (379.79 KB, 417x570, image-4.png)

By the op
"Transmasc lesbian" Akiangel

No. 276656

There's something I would never understand.
Even if I never cared nor understood the popularity of Fnaf, saying it's irrelevant or nobody cares about it would be stupid of me. That said, knowing that is such a popular franchise, why they would hire such a amateur artist for the drawings? You would think that they would require someone professional with some background working for others and also pleasant-to-look-at art. But they choose this?
I'm an artfag and I'm completely aware of all the requisites you need, and sometimes they ask a lot even if the studio is practically unknown.
What the fuck happened here? Nepotism?
Sperg over.

No. 276667

>lesbian transmasc
I still don't get this. Are they openly admitting that transmasc are women?

No. 276698

YWNBAL (You Will Never Be A Lesbian)

No. 276699

The "modern definition" of lesbianism according to trannies and their supporters is "anyone who identifies as a non-man and loves other non-men". This includes enbies ofc so this TIF is probably a he/they or something.

No. 276712

Here's OP https://www.instagram.com/cicamicu/?hl=en
P(this is an imageboard)

No. 276720

File: 1676742414183.png (Spoiler Image,583.74 KB, 417x579, ScreenShot8.png)

wtf man

No. 276737

How does she have tits AND zipper scard

No. 276742


softcore art twitter and its consequences

No. 276746

You are insane

No. 276760


No. 276779

Itʼs an ugly low effort furry. Why are there so many furfags ITT?

No. 276789

I think the other one is cutting her boobs off…

No. 276792

File: 1676761480712.jpg (46.59 KB, 540x536, 57860222.jpg)

Oh god, you're right.
Jesus Christ, the fact that some woman was mentally ill enough to romanticize the idea of breasts being sliced off with a sword is so destabilizing. Like the internet has radicalized this dumb Aiden into hating other women that much. Bleak.

No. 276822

File: 1676778301262.jpeg (192.39 KB, 946x2048, 7A426D62-E7DE-4537-A225-7C1947…)

new yaoi phenotype

No. 276826

You can see the violently repressed homosexuality in this girl's drawings

No. 276833

Okane ga nai 2023

No. 276841

I think there's a single person pretending to be multiple people defending this shit. It's undeniably ugly and bad. They get so mad, watch.

No. 276842

File: 1676790277055.jpg (79.76 KB, 720x809, 22215ca1a84876bbf1f132d743833e…)

I'm telling you guys, it's the artist's white knights

No. 276843

says the one pretending to be multiple people

No. 276844

This is so retarded. That “new definition” wasn’t decided upon by actual lesbians. It’s fucked up for outsiders to change the definition of something to include themselves bc they want to feel special. Ick

No. 276853

the art is bland as shit. you sound like you have a personal vendetta against the artist.

No. 276863

Why are you this mad over some mediocre furry oc?

No. 276871

Learn to sage schizo

No. 276911

Jesus Christ, just let it go already. No one is white-knighting Literal Who furfag. The drawing was just too bland and not funny-bad enough for the thread.

No. 276935

Mastectomy mutilation art like this is equivalent to cutting and thinspo, and it's being celebrated and allowed to be posted on mainstream social media, how do girls escape this. I wish this shit was banned, it would slow the collective chronic online illness of this generation.

No. 276936

Technically this IS lesbian art, it's a drawing of two women with their breasts cut off. Feels bad man.

No. 276988

File: 1676865159994.png (483.08 KB, 533x916, Capture.PNG)

genuine question ;

why is this webtoon being shit on so hard on twitter? Sure the 3d model shoes is lazy and the anatomy isn't the best…but there are worse "official" webtoons out there.

did the author do something to elicit all of this??

No. 276990

File: 1676865865865.png (218.01 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_20230219-200320-264…)

No. 276993

File: 1676869438357.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3264x2448, 41FFD7DA-CB5C-4951-B30D-FD5684…)

No. 276996

the sneakers with realistic 3d shading are sending me kek

No. 276998

hate this

No. 277010

File: 1676874764902.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.39 KB, 1493x1363, 20230219_223122.jpg)


No. 277011

salad fingers oc

No. 277047

File: 1676886791362.jpg (62.37 KB, 500x480, tumblr_65ae95fbe502dcd1143c9ec…)

the absolute length of those shins

No. 277048

Same nona, all the chest scar art is sick in the worst possible way. It will be SO embarrassing for all of these artists in the future when they realize they glorified child/teen mutilation of girls

No. 277049

File: 1676887378824.jpg (33.44 KB, 658x438, 20230220_103150.jpg)

No. 277054

who this supposed to be

No. 277056

Built like an anorexic fridge

No. 277060

No. 277066

higgs monaghan. i don't know anything about death stranding, just thought the art was hideous.

No. 277073

lol DS is another one of those games that got co-opted by aidens

No. 277074

Feeling depressed? Just become a prostitute!

No. 277081


No. 277084

You’re right, it really is the same. Reminds me of being an ED teen and drawing myself cutting the fat off my stomach. It’s just another way for girls to hate their bodies and it’s absolutely horrifying.

No. 277096

File: 1676916224249.jpeg (292.12 KB, 1027x1367, F6038C39-2BAC-42DB-88A1-78F331…)

No. 277106

The stickers/patches/pins these people add always look so out of place and unnecessary.

No. 277134

B-But anon! How are we supposed to virtue signal with fictional characters for a gorillion likes on Twitter??

No. 277145

File: 1676929447176.jpg (77.38 KB, 741x1185, 20230220_213405.jpg)

Nonna, you can't be serious. Some more examples including the "love" interest.

No. 277146

File: 1676929497779.jpg (95.57 KB, 597x1292, 20230220_213635.jpg)

No. 277147

File: 1676929562262.jpg (89.93 KB, 837x1138, 20230220_213549.jpg)

I mean, come on.

No. 277162

File: 1676939119199.png (2.65 MB, 1280x1810, 268B07A9-A6B3-4BEA-BD42-779EF3…)

This is meant to be Testament from Guilty Gear, I guess with a very broken leg. I really can’t figure out how the torso is supposed to be positioned.

No. 277163

File: 1676939187310.png (828.4 KB, 1280x1660, 7F3EA7B3-85E8-4F60-B250-A04063…)

the difference between the skinny arms and the fat thighs. i blame tearzah for ever coming up with this body type.

No. 277166

Its certainly ugly and fun to laugh at but no worse that your average early 2000s yaoi, doesn't seem worth whatever twitter drama anon mentioned

No. 277171

because people are bored and will look for random things to point and laugh at (source: youre in lolcow)
uncanny as hell

No. 277172

File: 1676943514684.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 817x1415, 07ED144F-613C-433C-9742-231DE5…)

Fair enough kek but knowing twitter I would imagine they're actually getting upset over it for some reason, not simply having a laugh like us
+ art tax (not sure if it needs it but spoiler just in case)

No. 277177

the molasses slow loading time of current lolcow really adds an element of horror to the reveal of spoilered images as they slowly load in line by line

No. 277179

File: 1676945276431.png (Spoiler Image,861.6 KB, 1000x800, 950B7822-EFA1-4588-A8C5-2A0EDD…)

this is supposed to be casca and farnese from berserk

No. 277185


No. 277188

this feels kinda racist

No. 277195

File: 1676949683672.jpg (755.67 KB, 2000x2000, Tumblr_l_3002805100699714.jpg)

By @heironymus-lex on tumblr. She's a "transboy" who is basically a fat woman in feminine clothing. This thing here is a resident evil character she wants to fuck.

No. 277198

File: 1676950799538.jpg (674.95 KB, 1200x1600, Tumblr_l_3004122765021464.jpg)

Dumb nonbinary bitch ejsmith145 who looks fucking horrendous irl. Somehow has tons of likes and subs despite her shit art.

No. 277200

George W. Bush getting real chonky as of late

No. 277202

Out of all the characters in that game, this was the last one expected to be sexualized (even the fishman)

No. 277206

File: 1676954004574.png (402.96 KB, 2047x1489, 9433E9B8-E434-4CA3-B06A-00F59B…)

This was the first pic on her account and I knew just from this exactly what she looked like. Girls that draw fat characters like this tend to have a specific (unwashed) look kek

No. 277215

im not defending the art…

I agree its bad. Just saying its insane how much this one is being shit one when equally as bad, if not worse comics exist. It's why I asked if the author did anything

No. 277227

File: 1676970359906.jpg (37.91 KB, 500x429, yaoiz.jpg)

kek reminds me of those old school yaoi hands pictures

No. 277234

that comment seems personal kek

No. 277242

File: 1676979285276.jpg (183.25 KB, 1920x1080, 20230220_075957.jpg)

Pedophilia with extra steps

No. 277244

File: 1676980229494.png (90.6 KB, 194x473, 0.png)

No. 277245

File: 1676980473442.png (1.56 MB, 2724x3064, SPOILER_halloween.png)

Art by a she/her ""nonbinary"" TIF I shared a server with a few years ago. She got admin and I quickly stopped posting my art there. No clue how those types can like a game with a canonical nazi and several uses of the word "retard"

No. 277259

File: 1676988729002.jpg (151.62 KB, 900x1274, catalina_and_claude___gta_sa__…)

No. 277263

This makes me appreciate AI art

No. 277272

>looked up the artist
>not a joke
i am dead inside

No. 277273

File: 1676994442934.jpg (47.76 KB, 541x750, oh noOO.jpg)

No. 277275

File: 1676994799173.jpg (246.33 KB, 1280x1225, scary teeth.jpg)

No. 277276

File: 1676994906504.png (548.66 KB, 1867x1440, proportions.png)

No. 277277

hilarious shit

No. 277279

File: 1676996603940.jpeg (112.85 KB, 851x768, A790AA50-DC4B-4C92-A130-C56161…)

No. 277293

"aiden moment"

No. 277310

That's actually kind of cu-nevermind.

No. 277329

File: 1677006302343.jpeg (308.61 KB, 1451x2048, 407C6D38-50A8-4FCE-A63F-52385B…)

What is foreshortening

No. 277330

File: 1677006400374.jpg (390.89 KB, 1550x2048, 845c9ec893c355a6eb41ab675098a5…)

What is the game called?

The drawn wrong examples are so funny. This person is so done. The artistic choice of making her arm cleave the water balloons seems like a specific jab at AI.

No. 277331

No. 277332

File: 1677006958541.png (8.49 MB, 6183x3700, ebfparty2.png)

Epic Battle Fantasy, this specifically is from the 4th game.
If you like old, edgy flash games with minimal story, do 3. If you want it slightly toned down but with a very expansive story, do 5. 4 is a balance of both. 5 has a few jabs at troons and wokeoids, but "tism" is often used instead of "retard."
Here's some more bad art. The greenhair is white in game.

No. 277343

Ok bpd-chan

No. 277391

File: 1677021468331.jpg (91.34 KB, 800x1100, scoliosis-kun.jpg)

Somebody help this man.

No. 277393


No. 277399

File: 1677025503338.png (592.01 KB, 1280x1044, dottedmage-splatoon.png)

I don't know where to start between the proportions or the side mouths.

No. 277415

I love when people try to make cool "woke" redesigns for something like inklings and just make them a thousand times more hideous and hard to look at, Splatoon would not be popular if the characters looked anything like that lmao

No. 277428

bias anime fan
the anatomy sucks

No. 277441

Maybe Commander Tartar had a point after all…

No. 277466

File: 1677039246933.jpeg (107.5 KB, 600x811, A57B4B6C-9D27-48E9-A616-CCF821…)

I'm fucking tired of people in these threads calling things vendetta. If you don't think it's shitty, don't reply. Let the vendetta get no replies and get buried in truly shitty art which you, of course, will provide us with. Move on. Nobody cares if you don't find something shitty we only want to see the next shitty thing. Like picrel. although i was hesitating because in my eyes it"s so bad it's good

No. 277469

File: 1677041213811.jpg (506.3 KB, 2048x1638, Tumblr_l_394615249281547.jpg)

tumblr is full of this

No. 277472

File: 1677041719899.png (352.26 KB, 400x600, ff0af0c8-06ed-4ec0-88ff-04f654…)

step aside

No. 277473

File: 1677042353822.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.11 KB, 574x1020, 3496ECCF-6F98-45AB-BBE8-4EC74D…)

No. 277482

File: 1677045301735.png (148.08 KB, 1000x1000, 307.png)

Kek why is he a goat elf monster thing?

No. 277485

File: 1677047292621.jpg (1.3 MB, 1463x2048, Tumblr_l_547793408758893.jpg)

artist is a nonbinary TIF who self inserts over Ultimate Imposter and draws all the characters like that

No. 277488

File: 1677049934037.jpg (206.91 KB, 1180x1180, SHSL Imposter.jpg)

>self inserts over Ultimate Imposter
KEK what the fuck
for context, the character she's on about is this obese mf from danganronpa

No. 277490

Yep, that specifically being her designs of Sonia x Imposter. She basically makes imposter a girl then insists "they're totally nonbinary guise!"

No. 277500

Even left behind eraser shaving

No. 277507

Sage for derail but i'm a danganronpa fan so i know about that TiF artist who draws shsl imposter. She is a furry and insists that his cheek-lines are "fatphobic!!1!" Shsl imposter fans are specially depraved, they always make him a troon and/or put him in dresses and make him look like a tumblr-user. But this girl self-inserts as him straight up and dresses him all girly because she's a "gnc trans bear", her words not mine. Goes by xe/xyr too. The fandom is shit but the artists take it too far.

No. 277508

Some parts of this are so detailed and spot on like the uniforms & skintones but it's insane. This art was definitely drawn by an adult

No. 277512

You can always tell the artists weight based on how they draw joints kek
>>277485 fat artist can't draw a slim elbow
>>277488 komatsuzaki can't draw fat wrist

No. 277517

You put "sage" in the email field nona

No. 277524

Down's face

No. 277533

kek has she ever explained why she draws them with weird ears

No. 277552

No. 277555

ayrt. Right? It's so good. The eyeshadow. Mccoy's ring

No. 277606

Nightmare fuel

No. 277607

Smells like former Homestuck to me. Its fanbase overlaps a lot with Danganronpa, and there are a ton of retards in the Homestuck fandom who draw characters with weird cow-elf ears and giant weird noses.

No. 277669

File: 1677114888665.png (139.68 KB, 591x574, 1633597188669.png)

What's up with the cheeks?

No. 277672

It's "cute" and "quirky"

No. 277674

I used to draw like this
don't come for me I was 14

No. 277677

File: 1677121363092.jpeg (110.96 KB, 735x993, BC420C4E-BD34-4E0B-8A61-A0272B…)

Shinchan inspired I'm guessing. I wouldn't hate the style if the cheek wasn't at the other side of the planet.

No. 277683

File: 1677123248641.png (357.1 KB, 760x428, proxy-image(2).png)

reminds me of picrel

No. 277689

File: 1677124684935.png (416.67 KB, 1000x1000, image_2023-02-22_195801567.png)

more simply exquisite character design from this le fictionkin mlm transmasc who enjoys larping her alter of an emo anime boy on her private twitter account making keyslam i'm gonna kill myself guys threats when she isn't larping her alters of the entire cast of a shitty rpg maker game.

No. 277715

Looks similart to Angeldust's head fluff. Aw it could have been cute if it were a more toony or anime type proportions, the body type wasn't such an unappealing style of fat, without splotches on the face and wait a goddamn second are those self harm scars on the ears?!?

No. 277749

i like the art lol

No. 277758

File: 1677149366362.jpg (79.84 KB, 894x894, when_you_cant_draw__but_you_ca…)

Trans pride art with bad anatomy

OMG, the art isn't that bad. Stop shitting up the thread with your vendetta bullshit.

No. 277774

File: 1677156231397.jpg (512.27 KB, 1609x2048, j.jpg)

No. 277880

File: 1677182197179.png (1.96 MB, 1000x1250, sonabi.png)

jfc shut up about vendettas. if you find the shit in this thread appealing that's a you problem

No. 277885

File: 1677183204632.jpeg (351.44 KB, 1364x2048, 647A14D8-7DA3-4EFB-9F28-9FAA2A…)

The overall artstyle itself is very basic, there's a thousand they/thems with this style, but this person always draws noses like this and it's so unappealing

No. 277889

Holy shit is that Karl lmao I haven’t seen this shit in over a decade.

No. 277893

File: 1677185335184.jpeg (263.53 KB, 1169x1281, 0E9BF23E-E2A8-43D3-BD50-FC0453…)

The big cheek is pretty common among weebs with mediocre drawing skills, picrel, but thats definitely a more extreme one lol

No. 277991

yeah law of talos had gotten a huge resurgence on tiktok lately lol

No. 277993

i kinda like this and wanna know who the artist is

No. 278021

>Happy Pvicle

No. 278056

File: 1677239697948.png (982.43 KB, 692x657, tailquestdefense.PNG)

Picrel is a perfect example of what bad art is to me, there's just something about it's aesthetic level that is so offputting, the artist clearly has the skill and the will and it must have taken a long time to render and all but it's just … so unappealing it makes me feel sad for them almost

No. 278060

her handle is @quirk_is on twitter and @my-quirk-is-fred on tumblr, go nuts

No. 278118

It's another case of artists focusing on how to render and forgeting about everything else. If it were less rendered and OP learnt how to stylize in cartoon style better, it would look nicer. But they got lost into detailing every single hair.

No. 278234

File: 1677289270067.jpeg (184.51 KB, 864x1296, RCO010_1663847705.jpeg)

The comic has same face syndrome too, the guy at top is the main characters father and the guy she's hugging is her love interest.

No. 278235

File: 1677289345937.png (308.34 KB, 350x877, 96d95c78_50e3_4673_b3d6_367018…)

No. 278236

I’m laughing really hard at this

No. 278242

Kekk the best kind of bad art is the official kind

No. 278282

What the fuck? They had Pixar people working on the visuals for Security Breach, so it's not like they didn't have the money or connections for better artists. Also, while most FNAF fanart is crappy furshit, I'm sure there are some half decent artists in the fanbase. The only reason I can imagine a person this talentless getting hired is nepotism.

No. 278303

File: 1677310024939.jpg (1.96 MB, 1523x2048, Tumblr_l_2989739067196448.jpg)

I feel bad posting this because I think the artist is really young but also… Just look at it…

No. 278328

File: 1677322220643.jpg (216.36 KB, 768x1024, da3isvb-a22badd7-a4ea-40f3-ade…)

I wonder if any of you recognize what this no-effort monstrosity is from…

No. 278331

Alice in Wonderland?

No. 278334

File: 1677323273597.png (2.38 MB, 1566x1380, ddn3ydp-1967a00f-8bde-4a2a-85c…)

The artist lives in Germany, I find it weird that the creator didn't work with someone closer. Her style changes throughout the second comic and looks a bit better.

A little rant but I believe that the creator launched a site where fans can create content and funded some of the fan games (which is why the series has about 9 or so main games) I believe it backfired before and he ended up working with someone who turned out to be a creep.

He's more ugly art from the comic it's funny to see how the fans draw him as a Tumblr sexy man.

No. 278335

Aside from sameface she genuienly has a good grip on stylization but only at specific angles & expressions. What never leaving your comfort zone does to mf

No. 278340

Japanese coomer artists draw this body type constantly

No. 278344

File: 1677327240552.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.62 KB, 351x632, Slipshine.jpg)

The female gaze according to Erika Moen(this is from her shitty "feminist" cartoon porn/rule34 website)

No. 278345

File: 1677327493350.jpg (171.82 KB, 1000x1270, 20230225_141127.jpg)

No. 278349

his abs are just a hotdog bun

No. 278351

Kek he looks like he is mansplaining about penises

No. 278354

File: 1677331912914.png (548.32 KB, 820x608, 58266dfbd6fe923.png)

from the same label

No. 278359

this represents a very specific brand of vomit-inducing tumblresque female coomerism that's very fascinating to me but also painfully cringy and unsexy.

No. 278365

what type is that?

No. 278375

The same kind of coomerism that makes people draw porn of the Simpsons

No. 278377

He has a giant labia majora on his abdomen kek.

No. 278381

Yet another example of artists prioritising nice rendering over actually building skills. What a shame.

No. 278382

kek it looks like a caricature of what men think women like

Wait, Erika Moen owns Slipshine ? Didn't even know that website still existed (and what a mine of ugly art…)

No. 278383

>Way back in 2001, Jackie Lesnick was a comic artist fresh out of college and finding himself in need of actual work. Before settllinh for looking for actual work, Jackie tried making a porn site first.

Erika doesn't own Slipshine, some moid does.

No. 278411

This doesn't look like Erica Moen's art style? Anon, are you just assuming that everything on Slipshine is drawn by Erica? What do you mean by "label"?

No. 278495

This is from a self published porn label, that's shilled as being "feminist" I hate mistakingly assumed Erica Moon owned it but it was someone else

No. 278571

File: 1677397750346.jpeg (189.3 KB, 1411x2005, FpflvipXgAA5eI7.jpeg)

lucinda fan art kek

No. 278578

File: 1677403703896.png (319.56 KB, 497x550, beings.PNG)

No. 278579

File: 1677404099487.jpg (32.35 KB, 355x500, gary-smith-3583045-normal.jpg)

I hate that I immediately recognized this as the rival from Bully. I can't imagine him being a young artist's favorite in this day and age, but I am very amused by the fact that he appears to be someone's favorite.

No. 278582

>I can't imagine him being a young artist's favorite in this day and age
he was an angsty "crazy" edgelord who makes gay jokes in a game whose fanbase is just fujoshis

No. 278599

File: 1677415864437.jpg (415.58 KB, 1280x1381, tumblr_bb6cbaad216b98a4617b177…)

This person has been posting "art" since 2013. Picrel is from last week.

No. 278602

Ayrt he's my favorite bitch
This is true

No. 278864

i envy people who can rendermaxx to hide the dogshit anatomy

No. 278867

lol, no. She left after the first season because Hasbro kept making retarded decisions like making everyone a princess and giving twilight a love interest so they can sell merch to little girls.

No. 278945

File: 1677519384138.png (459.81 KB, 720x980, Screenshot_20230227-093319-738…)

No. 278993

..Y'know, doing drugs doesn't sound that bad anymore.

No. 278995

This reminds me of those dating Sims on DeviantArt made by Pacthesis

No. 279001

File: 1677535494492.jpeg (99.14 KB, 1000x722, F2B26DE1-5342-48FD-9738-828FFC…)

AI ar- I mean Sakimi-chan art

No. 279007

I just skimmed their instagram and LOL

No. 279025

Always baffles me that she has so many people copying her style too

No. 279042

File: 1677557800247.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 4096x3466, Fp1M_wsWIAEpvK2.jpg)

spoilered for bara pokemon fusions that disgust me

No. 279047

kirbyanon would fuck bottom right

No. 279049

I have far better standards then what appears to be the average overweight drag queen at a Californian pride festival.

No. 279078

File: 1677571716525.png (1.14 MB, 638x867, dsfjkkl4jse.PNG)

No. 279086

oh god that is a throwback

No. 279088

laughing at the fact that sakimi could do AI art for the rest of her life and no one would notice

No. 279095

Are they really selling fusions of pre-existing IP characters for $110?? That's even lazier than these fursona OC adopts

No. 279103

I'll always engage in sakimichan slander

No. 279126

this post convinced me to do drugs, anyone has crack?

No. 279127

smash, pass, hard smash, smash, pass(not into beards), hard pass

No. 279166

File: 1677603749873.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 2000x2250, 051B70C6-914D-4BC3-83B6-30D407…)

The foot…

No. 279169

File: 1677603971481.png (1.46 MB, 1327x1326, 5445CB93-E396-4BD9-9C66-4C2077…)

No. 279171

Does this artist have a weird fetish for knee-pits? They have more detail than her vagina kek

No. 279187

I kind of like this one, anatomy and coloring needs to be fixed though

No. 279189

It just looks like someone who’s still learning. I feel like sometimes the stuff posted in this thread is just mediocre instead of downright bad, this is the kind of thing I would have scrolled past without a second thought if I saw it on twitter or tumblr.

No. 279193

File: 1677608387752.jpg (144.84 KB, 920x920, FpSxvrsXgAE4MVh.jpg)

What even is this pose

No. 279203

Whats even the point of making a meet the artist if you aren't going to write anything. At least the ones with 50 pronouns and an essay about dislikes are entertaining

No. 279210

>chinese, japanese and jamaican
are we sure this isn't an oc?
this is clearly someone that has no personality outside of smoking weed

No. 279213

Yeah, it's one of four OCs this artist made for her "lesbian" webcomic. They're all pretty ugly but this one is the worst by far.

No. 279218

File: 1677612907543.jpg (22.34 KB, 514x636, whatthehel.jpg)

Oh god

No. 279235

File: 1677617756628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,625.78 KB, 1125x899, 49C675F8-25E0-48A1-967B-A38F6E…)

No. 279254

File: 1677626870733.png (4.83 MB, 2668x1500, 105708546_p0.png)

Those titties are in two different area codes and idk where her mouth and nose are going either

No. 279255

File: 1677626924567.png (487.67 KB, 1200x900, 105708546_p1.png)

One more lol

No. 279257

File: 1677628239452.jpeg (263.22 KB, 828x847, 99B65570-202B-41F2-82DF-DDA5BD…)

No. 279259

I feel like there is potential but the wonkiness ruins it. If it was a bit more realistic and the features weren't exaggerated (?) I feel like it'd be nice. Like Fluttershy and RD looks pretty normal but everyone else looks a bit uncanny.

No. 279265

They all look like troons

No. 279266

File: 1677632223276.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1523, 07271F7C-E5E5-43DE-A503-0FC39F…)

No. 279268

I feel that a lot of them could have almost looked alright but the proportions make them look too mature for the MLP vibe. Rarity looks like the "yassified" meme and Fluttershy looks like a generic instagram/pinterest model they both have bimbo lips and I hate this way of drawing lips every time I see it. Apple Jack looks the worst, she looks like the Tom Sawyer cartoon.

I notice a lot of western artists try to draw noses one step more realistic than anime by drawing the wings of the nose but they can't make it fit well with the rest of the art style and it looks a bit uncanny. In this case I think just not drawing the wing farther from the viewer would look a bit better

No. 279276

I am searching for something akin to lost media, at wizardchan there used to be an specific poster that was called cartoonfag by other posters but he had no alias, signature or anything as far as I could find, he did extremely poorly drawn porn of weird cartoon characters, I am asuming they were all children or at least looked like them, only some people at wizchan have any pictures saved, could I post censored versions if I manage to find them?

No. 279277

I love this

No. 279278

refer to thread description
>Do not: Post fetish art depicting children

No. 279281

i cant believe she's finally back. i thought she'd be gone for good
funnily fluttershy and rainbow dash is the only one i dislike here lol

No. 279284

Yeah, and that's why I asked if it could be the very censored versions, last time someone posted one picture but I had no idea they were supposed to be kids, they don't even look like people is fucking obscure Calarts shit so I didn't saved it.

No. 279285

>i cant believe she's finally back. i thought she'd be gone for good

No. 279312

File: 1677650568885.jpg (102.91 KB, 519x494, IMG_20230301_135411.jpg)

she's no one special actually. just another tif lesbian i personally follow. she disappeared after posting a comic of her getting her tits chopped and stating that her decision stemmed from trauma and abuse. honestly based on what she wrote i assume she regret pulling through with it. i sadly didn't archive the comic and cant find it anywhere. anyways here's her old power puff girls designs

No. 279313

tbh I kinda like these. They have soul.

No. 279314

File: 1677651183890.jpg (575.29 KB, 526x2042, IMG_20230301_141249.jpg)

same i like some of her stuff. i think they can be cool/cute at times. extremely mid but charming

No. 279324

File: 1677654142912.jpg (Spoiler Image,458.15 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20230301_075124_Gal…)

No. 279342

File: 1677655641452.png (615.28 KB, 694x687, Capture.PNG)

No. 279352

questionable fashion choice and Pinkie's teeth aside I can't see what's wrong with this. Anons knee-jerk react whenever they see art of a group of women who don't look kawaii desu

No. 279356

yeah it's really annoying. i personally hate anime art but i can at very least see the appeal of it. some anons here need to know the difference between technically horrible art and art they personally hate.

No. 279357

what's with the elf ears

No. 279358

File: 1677664800500.png (Spoiler Image,809.91 KB, 1080x1080, 3328467E-CBBC-40B5-BE48-2A826F…)

balls n all

No. 279372

File: 1677674938150.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1080, 1677087318754.png)

I feel like someone should mention that this is a redraw of picrel

No. 279373

Wait she turned out to be tif? I loved her lesbian art if this is the same one I’m thinking of

No. 279434

Oh this one is worse

No. 279435

I hope Nemu is out there somewhere drawing this guy

No. 279495

File: 1677705025788.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1546x1930, 12A0B028-17B3-490C-9052-BBBBA5…)

Sorry for more shitty animu art but the anatomy is killing me

No. 279500

It’s like three different art styles from three different shows were stapled together by an ai.

No. 279502

did oli london finally transition to jap/anese?

No. 279503

man i am super curious about this, is there a way you can upload censored versions to catbox or something?

No. 279612

File: 1677747395975.jpg (32.49 KB, 735x630, 4b9452c9a389b3f9c5e985c148af69…)

The hell are these limbs?

No. 279621

File: 1677752234017.jpg (93.51 KB, 1168x684, sketchs__1_by_ruffyheiko_dadn7…)

This thread is for bad art like picrel, stop shitting it up with decent art that only has a minor flaw

No. 279632

File: 1677756778645.jpg (155.96 KB, 1043x1196, tumblr_77c8873546ef8d78a95bdcf…)

Man is looking like Homelander
Art tax

No. 279637

Minor flaws would be wonky eyes or incorrect perspective on a well done figure. This poor sickly fellow has chicken drumsticks for calves and cotton swabs for forearms.

God no why Rammstein as horses?

No. 279641

It's clearly stylization though…

No. 279645

nta but the style of the drawing's limbs isn't congruent with the other parts of its anatomy

No. 279649

and? still looks like shit.

No. 279652

File: 1677765503071.jpg (602.16 KB, 1336x2048, 85d032da619cc29e47409bf9990877…)

It takes skill, consistency and knowledge to draw an extreme style well. The colors on this are alright, but other than that it's an ugly mess because the artist is amateurish and their style is underdeveloped.

No. 279654

For what it's worth, the artist is putting in the effort. No practice means no improvement.

No. 279677

File: 1677779470233.png (567.18 KB, 1300x1306, 1622993090839.png)

No. 279681

Stop defending the art posted here. Art is subjective, so unless something is an obvious vendetta, leave it alone. Post whatever you think is """actual""" bad art instead if it bothers you so much.

I get the strong impression that some of you are taking it personally when art that's better than yours gets called bad and posted here. Your response in that situation should be to work on improving, not cry about how people's standards are too high.

No. 279687

File: 1677783179280.jpeg (37.71 KB, 500x441, EWgYTR8XkAU-if0.jpeg)

Literally picrel

No. 279698

File: 1677784677937.png (592.79 KB, 961x1075, lwj1PpbaSxQbS86xbGhV5dZSuwIb2t…)

made me kek

No. 279709

>What fucking guy insecure about being too feminine puts on a skirt and feeds into it instead of hitting a gym ?

Sir… My stinky crossdressing brother in Christ…

No. 279758

File: 1677810221528.jpeg (39.41 KB, 300x332, 294D0808-F6DA-4DB2-A5BA-C64EAB…)

No. 279760

Vendetta. This is beautiful.>>279758

No. 279763

Aw, she's cute in a retarded way. Elsie's little sister with down syndrome.

No. 279764

No. 279779

This shit should be in a museum.

No. 279783

File: 1677819295529.jpeg (82.23 KB, 857x1200, Fpz3lEfacAAVokc.jpeg)

No. 279784

No. 279785

Where is this incredible artist now…

No. 279787

Can someone point out the problem with this? I'm retarded and half-asleep.

No. 279789

is this official art? it's not a style I like but it's not …bad? I mean it is bad lol but a lot of people like this shit and the anatomy isn't fucked or anything

No. 279817

File: 1677824703161.png (894.16 KB, 810x1036, pocketrocket_(1).png)

The weird bump by her crotch looks a bit like an unintentional penis in her pants. Made me snort. Plus its just ugly in general

No. 279842

File: 1677839357603.jpeg (332.08 KB, 1170x1266, 90B1CD12-CBA7-4B15-A224-C7C8D7…)

mediocre adult artists getting mad at tiktok children for tracing their art never fails to make me lol
it’s NEVER that deep

No. 279864

File: 1677851903246.jpg (279.46 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20230303-145637_Twi…)

This unironically looks cuter than the crap the OG artist draws kek

No. 279868

File: 1677852367298.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.65 KB, 1280x851, retard.jpg)

Bitch looks like she's got three asses. Moids are completely braindead.

No. 279871

I actually like Buttercup, I hope she is supposed to be a tif here

No. 279876

>I hope she is supposed to be a tif here

No. 279882

I hope this is just a fan cover and not official

No. 279883

Nonna sorry for the late reply but please tell me who is the autor of the art

No. 279884

sorry nonna im retarded i meant "nor supposed"

No. 279887

File: 1677856907522.png (245.29 KB, 598x598, ALFRED PIETRONI on Instagram ‘…)

ntayrt, but looked it up for you - seems to be Alfred Pietroni

glad to know that it was just a mistake and that the artist didn't headcannon something worse than buttercups just being a tif

No. 279888

File: 1677858399279.png (327.17 KB, 768x945, tumart.png)


The post description:
"What if Interview with the Vampire…but in the style of those illustrated romance novel covers?"

Thankfully it's just fanart and not official!

Tracked down the artist and >>279783 seems to be one of her better pieces imo judging by the rest of her works (picrel is old)

No. 279905

File: 1677866482037.jpeg (711.81 KB, 1983x2048, 5FC7212A-43FE-4627-AF2B-F26228…)

No. 279906

They love drawing racist cartoons with green skin don't they

No. 279915

I’m more worried about why her skin looks like cooked turkey

No. 279928

Am I the only one who liked the Skrillex album art? Looking at the artist’s ig it seems like his other work is much uglier

No. 279935

>nor supposed

No. 279956

can appreciate the effort put into the animation but my god the artstyle is hideous

No. 279984

File: 1677914754703.jpg (497.96 KB, 835x1200, faces.jpg)

No. 280032

Is this Baki?

No. 280073

I don't like it either but good for the artist becoming so successful with such a horrendous artsyle. lots of people love it, the story probably helps.

No. 280090

File: 1677967471728.png (1.23 MB, 532x917, jugly.PNG)

No. 280097

Jesus this is so obscenely ugly that the entire comic itself feels like a racist hate crime.

No. 280116

sometimes people are brown

No. 280118

Don't be obtuse, that's not at all how brown skin looks. The saturation and shading makes it look like glazed ham or something.

No. 280123

KEK my friends and I have been laughing nonstop at this for the past few days. Uncanny resemblance to Danny Devito’s Penguin.

No. 280135

File: 1677988395065.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1245, lookslikeshit.png)

Actually makes my eyes hurt

No. 280153

I'm convinced more drawings of people with vitiligo exist than people who actually have it and look like this

No. 280154

File: 1677997266742.jpg (243.02 KB, 1200x835, 1576112626274.jpg)

the art was actually decent at the start, though the mangeka was always bad at proportions

No. 280178

tumblroids are full of shit for claiming they're drawing them for muh representation or whatever. they're drawing them because they think it looks cool.

No. 280187

File: 1678013122763.jpg (188.86 KB, 970x2048, El6wahLW0AANgMq.jpg)

Shinkiro's one of my favorite artists ever but I think the problem with his art is that he draws everyone with the same face, so his work with more unique expressions are odd looking. But this is far from bad art– it's lively, it fits and personally I enjoy it.
(pic not rel to thread, just an example of another one of his pieces with a funny face)

No. 280213

File: 1678025050077.png (394.46 KB, 808x1214, racist_caricature_maker.png)

Make your own racist caricature icon

No. 280218

File: 1678027600386.jpg (98.74 KB, 564x564, Untitled.jpg)

my pet peeve is when bad artists try to do something weird with their art to make it stand out but it ends up looking disgusting

No. 280231

File: 1678033433787.jpg (531.09 KB, 1242x1920, tumblr_0fab30c6984a692a2ad6c87…)

No. 280251

please link i beg of you

No. 280253

File: 1678043177224.jpg (41.28 KB, 392x393, dcjy.JPG)

Nevermind I found it, I love the randomizer https://picrew.me/image_maker/1894920

No. 280271

They only seem to have a very surface-level, pop culture understanding of the condition. For one thing, it affects all ethnicities and skin tones at relatively equal rates, but wokies only draw black people with it for whatever reason. Also, vitiligo is symmetrical, and it typically affects extremities and facial protrusions (like noses and ears) the most. It's not just spread all over the place willy-nilly like a piebald animal. Vitiligo as it's drawn on Twitter and Tumblr reminds me of sparkledogs above all else.

No. 280274

Late, but the only bad thing about this is that the shirt looks like it's painted on. I can tell you're not an artist, because you can't tell the difference between "ugly character design" and "poor artistic skill." This is clearly a really good artist who just drew a guy with an ugly haircut. The hair isn't even rendered poorly, it's just a little too perfect to look organic and realistic. Like there should be some more stray hairs.

But that's a massive nitpick. This artwork is better than literally anything any farmer has ever drawn.

No. 280302

>but the only bad thing about this is that the shirt looks like it's painted on
thats the best part of the drawing, put a bag on his head and he's perfect

No. 280307

File: 1678053792117.png (193.82 KB, 720x720, dfpc4ss-6cffdc8a-449f-4d85-8d3…)

Checked her Deviantart and holy kek

No. 280309

No way this isn't a racist caricature, imagine wanting your name attached to that

No. 280312

it does capture the uglyness of bobs burger

No. 280316

File: 1678056221745.png (121.84 KB, 600x600, poltard.png)

No. 280325

File: 1678060357486.png (114.27 KB, 600x600, 9A0F6CC1-4A31-4C2E-8CE7-458E6A…)

Sorry to add another but god these are so funny, this one gives me troon vibes

No. 280350

File: 1678073249875.jpeg (348.9 KB, 2048x1229, 0E711B54-CEDB-419C-9A77-3515E7…)

No. 280353

God I love Transformers and I love drawing Transformers so much but the western fanbase has some of the worst artists I have ever seen. Easily 70% of them draw male TFs like women with literal hips, tits and eyelashes, like organics/humans or like literal furries or stuff like this. Some also turn them to literal over-weighted black women, or draw them as literal animals but still dare to tag it as TF + with the character names to flood the tags with that shit.
Also fuck those vore teeth. I hate that fetish.

No. 280360

File: 1678076280718.jpg (74.04 KB, 640x480, ena_s11.jpg)

I liked the game, but the artstyle and sprites are so fucking shit lol
Hell there are so many great looking VNs that get "updated" art that are massive downgrades but they didn't think of updating the one VN/game that deserved it when it landed on steam.

The CG artworks from key scenes aren't better btw. The main heroine in particular has such a bad case of kuudere moeblob face that she basically looks like a squirrel or something.

No. 280383

File: 1678081662785.png (255.22 KB, 600x600, B8A46FF2-DDFC-492C-A0B2-7F4DA7…)

love this

No. 280387

i really like this, i miss when anime was so expressive. You sound like the type of person that prefeers the soulless corpo new higurashi sprites over the original oven mittens superior sprites.

No. 280391

File: 1678084883615.jpg (648.79 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20230306_131613_Chr…)

No. 280394

File: 1678085603714.png (998.99 KB, 1080x1171, LucasTheSnowangel.png)

Kek I encountered this in the wild after seeing your post

No. 280398

File: 1678087924621.jpeg (154.5 KB, 1775x672, 46129CFA-6EB6-4F6C-B303-6C911E…)

That's actually how I found it myself kek, there's some good stuff in there

No. 280411

File: 1678089357677.jpeg (44.16 KB, 550x850, 3A0982FD-A0D2-4241-BF30-2F82B5…)

No. 280417

File: 1678090434508.jpg (2.6 MB, 1595x2047, Tumblr_l_520213540725647.jpg)

This isn't that bad on a technical level, but Jesus Christ. I have no words for the audacity someone must have to superimpose troonshit over Leyendecker's work like this. They also just totally annihilated the original's color palette. Why replace with white background of the original with that heinous, distracting navy blue? Why is the tattoo just lazily applied with the text tool? Also it didn't escape my notice that the biological woman in this picture is stripped down to her underwear, but the stunning and brave TiM gets to wear the same dress the woman in the original had.

Again, sorry if this drawing is "too good," for this thread, but this is an insult to an artist whose work I really cherish. I've actually seen the specific painting this references in person.

No. 280421

File: 1678091201290.png (145.78 KB, 600x600, kikomi-bootleg.png)

I tried my best to make Kikomi-chan (pre her life-saving pink gender affirmation hair dye because there was no pink hair option (extremely transphobic!!))

No. 280426

an absolute masterpiece

id love to see how the artist would feel finding out how and who is using her pic crew. i wonder if there's even anyone else but farmers using it

No. 280432

kinda sucks this is one of the best leyendecker inspired pieces i have seen, on a technical level. I will shamely save it to the inspo folder.

No. 280445

I'm sorry but who are these supposed to be

No. 280452

I could’ve sworn the blond one was Sam Smith. Is it not??

No. 280498

File: 1678110468049.jpg (576.15 KB, 1134x1098, bakki art.jpg)

baki's art style has devolved to the point where the character resemble toad-men, what's tragic is that the art style was relatively decent and aesthetic at the start

No. 280502

File: 1678110786150.jpg (998.67 KB, 957x689, baki art cover.jpg)

No. 280513

Holy shit this is tragic

No. 280520

retarded and late but thank you so much nonni

No. 280525

A naked woman on her knees praising a man. Not only did they destroy the illustration with trans crap, they've made it more misogynist than the traditional hetero male/female subject matter it was.

No. 280526

File: 1678120053849.jpeg (121 KB, 479x646, 9DCE217B-0C13-4A63-8A72-0EDA1E…)

Why not just save the original?

No. 280528

isn't that sam smith

No. 280529

Himbofication went too far

No. 280533

File: 1678121580767.jpg (600.36 KB, 1024x768, 135366.jpg)

No it's more about the designs. It's not nearly as bad as most of the stuff posted here, but I think it needed an update.

No. 280547

I think they're just meant to be archetypal kweers, no one in particular.

No. 280582

i do too, i dont see your point. Just because >>280417 has a subject matter you dont like doesnt discredit its artistic merits.

No. 280583

looks cute, i like it

No. 280693

File: 1678151973358.jpg (600.48 KB, 2752x2601, 1678023041539238.jpg)

i dont understand how you can rendermaxx the whole thing then forget the most important part, the face

No. 280712

File: 1678158616724.jpeg (383.06 KB, 2400x3000, CA58736E-41CF-41D7-A029-DD17B4…)

What? I never said it did, nor did I even say I didn’t like it. I am not the anon who posted it here, I just asked why you wouldn’t save the original instead if you personally find it shameful to save this copy, because that’s what you said.
art tax

No. 280726

nta but it's doesn't have any artistic merit in my opinion. it's looks pretty bad, the colors are poorly chosen, bad blending and they copied the layout and straight up traced some of it. something about the people themselves looks copied as well, wouldn't be surprised if they used real people as reference because they can't even think up a face.

No. 280727

oops wrote it's instead of it (twice!) but you get what I mean

No. 280731

File: 1678162503366.jpg (107.79 KB, 500x374, 1676596539155784.jpg)

i think you are being too nitpicky, a bit jealous even. Most of your critique is ''i think they MIGHT have…''. For me it looks pretty damn good for a Leyendecker study, the colors look vibrant, doesn't look muddy, they managed to capture his blocky style pretty well. Just because you dont like troons doesn't mean it's not good art.

No. 280740

recognized this artist because it's not the first time their art has been posted in one of these threads

the cartoon styled faces work well in their steven universe fanart but here it looks disturbing

No. 280742

my sister, it is a mediocre and unoriginal piece. can't understand why you're whiteknighting for it this hard.

No. 280747

> it is a mediocre and unoriginal piece
it's a study of Leyendecker and for a study it's very well done. The artist captured the style very well. If you search the leyendecker tag there are a bunch of studies and most of them are awful at capturing his unique brushwork, this one is the best i have seen so far.

No. 280748

their shading is amazing but the faces are so awful. Reminds me of those foot artists that over-render the feet, but with clothes.

No. 280753

File: 1678168325568.jpeg (191.04 KB, 1128x2048, ECE799EC-EC7A-4E7D-BA4C-17EF92…)

Was posted under a "hit tweet" and all of the replies were shitting on the persons art kek

No. 280815

nta I like the art because it's nostalgic and soulfull but it's not expressive. The face is literally a canvas and the eyes and mouth are stockpieces that are slapped on

No. 280825

Is this trans sonic.exe? Lmao

No. 280838

Kek got a link?

No. 280885

File: 1678204268577.jpg (2.71 MB, 1364x1403, Tumblr_l_9555860914030.jpg)

From tumblr (of course). They're a trouple. You can't make it any more cliché

No. 280904

File: 1678208846516.jpg (871.16 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_2023-03-07-16-23-11…)

I like her art but hate it at the same time
Also kek, I saw he/him in bio and immediately assumed she's a girl, the irony

No. 280915

This doesn't even looks like a drawing, probably a 3d model with shit on top of it

No. 280924

I might be mistaken but this artist draws some Splatoon fanart with the bodies being realistic and the face uncanny like these. Why go all the way to make the clothes good if the face ends up like this? I wonder

No. 280939

File: 1678212505054.jpeg (224.95 KB, 1474x994, 60C8C25C-ACAC-471A-9A64-591A0C…)

really old art by the person behind the unfortunate gendie picrew.

No. 280940

File: 1678212561893.jpeg (336.38 KB, 1036x1189, 83A1BA6B-DA58-4092-8D71-825212…)

her new stuff. in case you needed proof that sucking troon dick actively rots your brain and makes your art worse.

No. 280941

looks like something you'd see in a japanese art futurism magazine from the late 80s but with the subject drawn 30% fatter. i dont hate it tbh

No. 280942

You said she was a radfem before? What happened? You rarely see people jumping the fence that way. Her art before was beautiful, but I think one of the new ones with the animals is pretty cute

No. 280943

You know I actually think this is pretty cool

No. 280944

i think it's simply a case what gets her the most clout considering how many gendies are in the community. so obv she can't shit on troons anymore like she shat on literally everyone else if she wants americans and wokies to give her money. it's a good thing because i doubt the slav radfems need more annoying people.

oh no i forgot dodley trooned out..

No. 280950

Here you go nonna, fair warning the actual post above it is, shockingly, very retarded

No. 280989

I would like it if she wasn’t fat.

No. 280996

this is so sad, it's like she gave up on life

No. 281002

kinda sucks that tifs/gendies nowadays have pretty nice styles. I miss when they all copied steven universe.

No. 281086

I like this a lot actually, looks cool. Only thing throwing me off is that her face looks like selena gomez

No. 281099

Please this better not be elder scrolls related

No. 281101

Kek this is one of my personal cows. Glad to see her featured here.
Nah, it’s from Hades.

No. 281102

I dont know what that is, but at least it's not tes related

No. 281113

File: 1678243282060.jpeg (231.89 KB, 1122x1402, ABDA3A75-174A-4B91-9871-A0E65A…)

No. 281114

peak female performance

No. 281121

No. 281122

Nta but I'm the person who originally posted it, and you're right that they have a decent understanding of his style. I even admitted that I was probably nitpicking and that I mostly just posted it because it's a total insult to the original piece.

You have to admit, it's pretty fucked up to take the work of a gay artist and plaster over it with the iconography of a movement that calls people bigots for being homosexual. Maybe it's not bad art per se, but I hate everything it represents and I wanted to complain about it somewhere. Trannies did the same bullshit in a recent documentary about Leyendecker; none of the contributors or interviewees were illustrators (even though he was a lifelong member of the Society of Illustrators and originals of his hang in their building), but they made damn sure to interview a tranny in the film. They didn't even fucking mention his brother, who was also an artist and who died young of a drug overdose at the peak of Joseph's career. In a documentary about the guy's life! Bizarre.

No. 281164

I'm sad nonnie because all of the female artists with interesting styles have trooned out, at least all of the western ones. The only art girls who are not tifs draw average cute/sexy anime girls and are pick mes pretending they like coomer shit. But it's important to remember being a fakeboi is just a trend and will not last forever. I like tif art, I just wait till all of those girls quietly drop the troon shit once it's not popular anymore.

No. 281166

File: 1678252572889.jpg (881.85 KB, 2048x1755, 20230308.jpg)

No. 281167

File: 1678252602101.jpg (77.22 KB, 872x270, twt.jpg)

It shows

No. 281170

i thought this was gto fanart jesus christ

No. 281173

i remember there was a japanese fujo artist that was openly a radfem but i cant remember the name. But yeah, its a shame they are all victims to the genderspecial disease

No. 281220

File: 1678271125853.jpg (67.06 KB, 640x606, FqAmYzzX0AE98AM.jpg)

No. 281230

Libfems are braindead. Popularizing the idea that being trafficked is empowering is the biggest trick of scrotes.

No. 281233

File: 1678278718570.gif (167.2 KB, 640x480, carl-athf.gif)

Why do libfems draw womens' body hair like Carl from ATHF? You can draw body hair on women and also make it look appealing, this artist made them look like they smell, it looks so offensively bad it almost seems racist

No. 281236

what is this even trying to say? that sex work largely accepted until one colonizing power decided to put a stop to it or that we need more representation of sex workers from colonized countries? Or is it saying the completely opposite that marginalized women are at a higher risk of being sex trafficked?

No. 281239

The only way this slogan would be okay is if it the countries who have a massive sex tourism (trafficking) industry finally decided to wake up and execute all the disgusting sex tourists and local pimps.

No. 281241

from the website's own wiki description
>Our campaign #NoShameJobHere has officially kicked off and we're keen to continue the discussion and movement First Nations Sex Workers before us have fought and worked so hard for. We not only face criminalisation of sex work, we also face the everyday criminalisation of being Blak in society.The goal is to raise awareness to Indigenous (& non Indigenous) people and communities, showcase Indigenous Sex Workers and their stories, build more resources so that we ultimately can create safe and supportive Cultural spaces for Sex Working mob and as all funding for our campaign has been by private donations or out of pocket, we will be accepting public donations to further our campaign work and support Indigenous Sex workers. Funds will be divided up and distributed to: • Public education and Campaign work: organizing teach-ins and workshops, public art campaigns and art commissions, merchandise for fundraising causes, sit-downs with Indigenous associations and community boards.• Cultural safety training and Sex Work education workshops for Indigenous organizations and Sex trade spaces. • The Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group - to directly go back into funding and support for Indigenous Sex Workers. How do we decolonise and destigmatise Indigenous sex work in Australia? Decolonising Sex Work is changing the way we perceive Indigenous Sex work and parting it from imperialistic views. Sex work is generally taboo in Indigenous communities and we need to break the cycle and stop perpetuating the stigma when its affecting our Mob mentally and physically. We need to start humanizing Sex work in all our communities and include Blak Sex Working voices in Indigenous movements. We face criminalisation everyday of our lives from not only being Blak but because of the jobs we choose. We are human just like everyone else. We're Aunties, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Mothers and Fathers. We deserve to be respected by all including our Mob, not isolated. If you can't help financially please help share the link ♡Join our movement as we fight for full decolonisation, destigmatisation and decriminalisation of Sex Work in Australia.

No. 281255

of course it's being run by a male grifter

No. 281269

Maybe it has something to do with sex tourism? Who the fuck knows. It's just virtue signalling.

No. 281292

File: 1678300215773.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.79 KB, 1391x1404, 20230308_102850.jpg)

Water balloons

No. 281308

>mlp fetish porn
bronies should die

No. 281328

Why do they talk like sex work isn't already most prevalent in poor, brown/black, and indigenous communities vs. white upper class karen communities. Poor women are forced into sex work, this is the norm. They don't need destigmatizing, they need opportunities to work a healthy job. We need money funneling into these women's therapy, safety, and health, not the promotion of paid rape. Libfems are a disease.

No. 281380

File: 1678324035153.jpg (481.54 KB, 828x1237, 1678323127424864.jpg)

i know coom is low hanging fruit but this guy has 100k followers

No. 281385

what a waste of nice rendering, the faces looks especially creepy next to the realistic ears
besides the subject matter her hand would fall at her ankle kek

No. 281386

File: 1678327023989.jpg (745.32 KB, 1079x1434, SmartSelect_20230306_014547_Me…)

No. 281396

File: 1678333024523.png (396.94 KB, 1532x1692, D6678324-F397-4B23-9D4C-337E29…)

Never seen someone draw a pony shaped like this

No. 281409

looks like a kawaii paralysis demon

No. 281421

I used to draw smut and I can tell you those numbers are easy but completely useless. You can't really get work with coom or sell merch. Barely anyone bothers funding a nsfw patreon; your only option would be commissions, but I personally wouldn't take any because coomers' requests are utterly disgusting

No. 281423

This art style would be perfect if they drew humans stylized correctly.

Seeing stuff like this is honestly scary, you can get crazy good at one thing, and be blind to something else that's completely destroying your art. Not being able to see your own mistakes is my worst fear, how do you even improve if you can't identify what's wrong?

No. 281429

This is honestly fascinating. who is the artist? I want to see i

No. 281435

> Barely anyone bothers funding a nsfw patreon
you have to be larping, all of the non professional top patreon artists draw nsfw

No. 281442

File: 1678362648156.png (Spoiler Image,2.13 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot0001.png)

Whoever said in a previous thread that indie porn games are a goldmine was absolutely right

No. 281444

File: 1678363733828.png (1.8 MB, 1754x2480, steam girl colour.png)

You two are right in that it's decently painted, the other nonnies should understand that just because a piece is posted here it doesn't necessarily mean it's shit on a technical level. Art may also be bad enough to be posted because it's bizarre or the subject matter is so bad it's offensive, like in that pic. It literally says so in the OP.

Anyway, this dude expects to be paid to do art for indie visual novels, I found him on lemma advertising his masterpieces. Here are some of his greatest hits.

No. 281446

File: 1678363790888.jpg (899.53 KB, 7016x4961, Elaine and cyndaquil against d…)

No. 281447

File: 1678363905388.png (2.44 MB, 4960x3508, ina and mudkip.png)

No. 281450

File: 1678364682203.jpg (362.2 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20230309_151821.jpg)

Always kek when a fakeboi writes her he/him pronounce without stating her troon status, non troon scrotes never play the pronounce game and it's really showing how little those girls know what actual males are like.

No. 281451

File: 1678364955557.jpg (Spoiler Image,609.78 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_2023-03-09-15-19-06…)

Not sure if she is the insane tif that was discussed a while ago, but I always feel bad for this kind of girls. Your average uwu kawaii yaoi tif will just cut her hair short and that's it, but a mentally ill girl like this will clearly go far into the troon cult. Her art is not bad, I just feel really sad about her case, she is clearly mad if you read some of the things she writes under her posts.

No. 281453

Then they say they hate being around cis men too kek. Like okay if you don’t relate to men then why do you identify as wanting to be one, nah you want to be another separate category entirely. The cutesy writing and how these girls draw themselves as Jesse Pinkman is always funny too. I literally would have bet money she’s obsessed with Breaking Bad and yep she has fanart of it on her page.

No. 281454

File: 1678365572941.jpg (2.95 MB, 4961x7016, clour out of space.jpg)

It's because they're not actually interested in being a real man, they just want to be their own ideal of a sensitive boy. I feel bad for them whenever they interact with a misogynistic scrote whose behavior reminds them that they'll never be men, and that real moids are a huge disappointment, yet they still want to be seen as one of them (and possibly have kawaii "gay" sex with them even though moids still see them as female).
Also this one should go in the meet the artist thread.

yeah TIFs into gore and horror are some of the most fucked up psychologically.

No. 281471

>Also this one should go in the meet the artist thread.
Yea you're right nonna, I just forgot this thread exists. Also, I am not sure if this is the tif that was discussed there just with a bit of rebranding or a completely different one.
>yeah TIFs into gore and horror are some of the most fucked up psychologically.
I always thought most tifs pretend to be edgy to imitate scrotes, but this girl feels legit insane

No. 281476

It's so clear that these women hate themselves and have a lot of internalized misogyny. I also feel sorry for them.

No. 281529

File: 1678384629662.png (961.47 KB, 828x1178, average sumo wrestler.png)

>Literally a 14 pack

No. 281534

Out of curiousity I had to check what's the most abs a man can have and it's a 10 pack, and it's ~1%. According to the internet even 12 is possible, but every pic that has that text shows only 10. Anyway, with that out of the way, that pic looks ridiculous. His face looks retarded too. And what's with the hair, almost look AI generated with how inconsistent it is, like the artist couldn't decide if he wanted to give him a buzzcut or long hair (that looks like ribbons just coming out of his head) so he gave him both.

No. 281550

SonOfStarGod on toyhouse, a lot of the art seems to be quite basic however, that was the most amusing one i found but I didn't spend long looking so maybe there's some more gems kek

No. 281577

Imagine writing the girliest shit with cute emojis and all, and then drwing yourself as a greasy, balding scrote. I don't get it and I don't think I ever will.

No. 281592

I would actually love to see more body horror art from women. TiFs are always drawing stuff like this related to their nlog gender feels, but being in a female body IS horrifying by default. You can get pregnant/raped, something grows inside of you against your will, you have to push that huge thing out of a tiny hole that tears open during birth. Even if you never get pregnant, you bleed for an entire week, against your will, every month, for half of your life. Your body is seen as inherently sexual once you grow boobs as a minor. You are guaranteed to experience pain living in a female body no matter what. Men do not understand body horror like women do.

No. 281614

The new face looks like straight up guro shit.

No. 281649

Normie women prefer not to think about it and the women who do think of it are all tifs. But this idea is indeed interesting, I might integrate it into my art somehow, thanks nonnie.

No. 281712

I didn't have a TIF phase and shock art isn't that interesting for me from any demographic. Aside from that, isn't anxiety or even horror about puberty, sex, childbirth, raising kids and menopause universal? I can't say I believe that any of it has been normalized in a genuine way either.

No. 281739

>heart after random words
>nyan face
>loves every animal
she's more feminine than most women

No. 281805

I think you might enjoy Fuyuko Matsui if you don't already know about her.

No. 281829

Have not heard of her, thanks for the rec!

>I can't say I believe that any of it has been normalized in a genuine way either.

It hasn't been. When that horrific birth/death scene happened in the first ep of House of Dragons, it was seen as a tragedy, but pregnancy and birth was never framed as something that shouldn't happen to women, as several female characters go on to get pregnant and probably have extremely painful births (shown offscreen) Same with Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Women can suffer and die during pregnancy and birth, but that's ok because Baby.

Irl, pregnancy is always framed as a celebration. The physical discomfort and pain of the woman doesn't matter, don't talk about it. It's reduced to cutesy food cravings and baby showers. Teen pregnancies are seen as noble for keeping the baby or the girl is a whore, and not the horrific truth of a child giving birth to a child.

Bleeding and pain during het intercourse for the first time is a cute "popping the cherry"

Puberty is the most explored in media, but I only see TiFs bring up the horror of growing breasts, especially ones that are too big for you at 13.

Period pain is women going through hilarious PMS moodswings ha ha

Mothers are seen as evil and uncaring if they express any sadness or regret about having children.

Never seen menopause explored in media, only seen as a joke to make fun of older women.

Overall, the pain women go through is never taken seriously. And women making art about their bodies is categorized as "feminist art" and dismissed as lesser.

No. 281831

File: 1678477852829.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1350, sam.png)

sleep paralysis demons

No. 281842

I'm go glad everyone's dogging on this retarded scrote, his same face syndrome is chronic

No. 281843

File: 1678480765974.jpeg (739.05 KB, 2380x2297, Fq3l2ihagAA5ACd.jpeg)

No. 281846

I don't think this is that bad, but I am tired of seeing this art style. It's extremely common especially with zoomer / tiktok teens.

No. 281851

this is what Ice Spice looks like to me

No. 281858

Kek toyhouse is a goldmine of terrible genderspecial art, I wish there was an easier way to browse by images to find them.

No. 281862

File: 1678490457917.png (127.72 KB, 400x600, 61692829_IX0iVNZeA5ClUW4.png)

some of it is really bad and/or basic and some it radiates pure joy and makes me happy lol

No. 281865

File: 1678491378748.png (861.61 KB, 2600x2800, 58290714_i5Xc3bt04.png)

fascinating chimera from toyhou.se.
someone should end this creature's suffering…

No. 281878

File: 1678502653646.png (Spoiler Image,639.1 KB, 1024x1280, tumblr_nkcspl1UlJ1s98dfto1_128…)

No. 281881

This is literally just pokefusion art?? There's nothing offensive about it it looms better than half of the new poke designs tbh

No. 281951

File: 1678526942018.png (230.83 KB, 502x932, DA3A3BC6-ABF8-4E5E-80CE-EB732D…)

I was gonna joke about the troon dog looking like it's about to beat someone but actually? That's actually pretty accurate lol

No. 281973

File: 1678530979403.png (920.21 KB, 1280x1811, tumblr_b88392c272c870640c7ad5c…)

Giant koala man

No. 281980

Spoiler this please

No. 281992

I considered it, but I legitimately couldn't tell if something sexual was happening or not. Like the characters' faces and body language don't indicate that? Idk.

No. 282016

this is so profoundly autistic kek

No. 282151

File: 1678583078211.jpg (95.95 KB, 628x1024, Fq-Ey4-aQAImA9m.jpg)

Am I stupid, or is her hand totally broken here?

No. 282152

File: 1678583536241.jpg (128.3 KB, 1080x626, LJ9nY5LOKd0.jpg)

No. 282154

That doesn't seem to be the only thing broken in this image.

No. 282165

File: 1678589392723.jpg (261.62 KB, 1080x1364, 313392756_112185454908477_7399…)

No. 282166

wrong thread

No. 282427

File: 1678656748394.jpeg (291.93 KB, 1290x1260, 45A347A4-141D-447B-9E09-33465F…)

I can’t believe this isn’t a caricature

No. 282445

File: 1678663660968.jpeg (190.96 KB, 827x1200, FqsjlOtacAUn_D1.jpeg)

Like a worm alien from Men in Black. The right side looks fine but the left figure is nightmare fuel

That HAS to be someone trolling

No. 282468

File: 1678679219992.jpeg (306.17 KB, 1536x2048, 1F487B67-7397-4943-BAE5-F2E23B…)

At first glance I thought this was fine-ish but then I looked closer at the proportions

No. 283029

File: 1678964204369.jpeg (225.74 KB, 1197x1413, E0pYVUsX0AYu7ZT.jpeg)

It's just ugly monster effer stuff but the short spike arm made me lol

No. 283044

File: 1678974723158.jpg (51.8 KB, 656x735, a369df17c330e41cea84b5fe44402c…)

No. 283052

File: 1678975459330.jpg (131.42 KB, 720x818, Screenshot_20230310-155243_Ins…)

No. 283069

The way Luna's boobs were drawn creeps me out even worse than the John K. eyes and overly detailed ears and hands

Kate's style of eyes are so creepy

No. 283199

Oh hey, this doesn't look that ba-
>zooms in

No. 283205

She always tries to draw a warm expression that somehow ends up looking dead inside and uncanny. Even on pieces that have highlighted/shiny eyes.

Every single time she draws a fictional character it looks like some creepy obese cosplayer instead.

No. 283215

Because they're all her self inserts on one level or another.

No. 283276

Ty for the new wallpaper

No. 283297

This rules actually. I love how they look like inbred chihuahuas.

No. 283301

Why do these 'artists' always give buck teeth to nonwhite characters. Also what's with the small breasts on Luna, also those aren't their uniforms. I thought maybe it's a muggle AU but Luna's holding a wand? Or maybe it's just a stick she found. Hate the noses I don't care if it's a stylistic choice, I want to rip it off of Hermoine's face like a bandaid. The massive fucking eyes on Luna is kind of funny though, I just don't understand why they both need tearbags.

No. 283328

To be fair, Hermione is said to have buck teeth or something like that in the books.

No. 283349

File: 1679028648247.jpeg (343.15 KB, 2002x3137, FrWa1YMagAQZUuO.jpeg)

No. 283350

I feel like before posting itt people need to ask themselves not just
>"is it bad?"
>"is it bad in an interesting way?"

No. 283352

File: 1679029192156.jpeg (143.63 KB, 794x1191, B828562B-1909-4030-9FBB-09AB13…)

No. 283353

File: 1679029671634.jpg (364.66 KB, 1668x2624, FhOYFFnXEBEP9aK.jpg)

TIF artist self inserts trans luffy and zoro

No. 283376

To be fair, Phos is inhuman. All the gems have very thin and lanky bodies.

No. 283377

waow someone learned to draw from lavandertowne

No. 283415

Harry Potter and Powerpuff girls crossover

No. 283537

File: 1679084062280.jpeg (54.66 KB, 618x454, iv5qfnlgr44a1.jpeg)

No. 283576

lupin the third over here

No. 283594

File: 1679093598612.png (331.88 KB, 795x1280, idk the source sorry.png)

No. 283682

Once you see it you'll shit bricks

No. 283710

optical migraine

No. 283860

File: 1679177721699.jpg (702.13 KB, 3264x2448, mission diversion.jpg)

I would like to nominate this one webtoon I found circa 2017. I kept up with it because I was in awe at the clear time and effort the author spent, only for the final result to be what it is. The author is on hiatus as of 2021, but is still active. Excuse the weird dialogue (or not), I'm pretty sure the author is esl.

anyway all the pics here are of the same exact character in ONE chapter. The only thing consistent about the art is that it's inconsistent. The art isn't always bad, just bewilderingly random in quality

No. 283862

File: 1679178039596.jpg (670.98 KB, 3264x2596, mission diversion2.jpg)

a few action shots

No. 283864

Kek, this is my favorite kind of art in this thread

No. 283952

File: 1679193257075.jpg (690.76 KB, 1920x2249, bete-baki-copy.jpg)

No. 283953

saw this on the front page and I thought it was a penis for a sec lol

No. 283972

File: 1679197324892.png (412.16 KB, 746x1200, q1p62598gx2a1.png)

how can you have a daughter and still not be able to draw a teenage girl

No. 283973

Saw this on the homepage and thought it would link me to the mtf thread

No. 283989

talk about unrealistic body standards, what can I do to get calves as big as my head

No. 283991

File: 1679200062406.png (486.6 KB, 2200x1600, 1597876939497.png)

No. 283994

File: 1679202053592.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 2400x3216, 6F0153EB-859C-4EED-B11F-2800A4…)

My sides hurt.

No. 284016

Lol the moid who drew this was embroiled in some twitter drama recently. I couldn't get the whole story but it seems like he was envious of a female coomer who draws hyper porn and wore big old fake titties on her OF. He claimed that she doxxed him then deleted his account after getting caught lying. Autogynophiles are embarrasing.

No. 284098

File: 1679243564150.jpg (254.91 KB, 1280x906, drawings_begin_day_30___202205…)

No. 284099

this is the most generic coom art ive ever seen. literally souless.

No. 284120

looks like when beavis and butthead got high in the desert

No. 284121

Artist needs to take several good deep breaths of chlorine gas and get some sleep

No. 284131

lemme guess, artist is a TiF?

No. 284172

They go so hard to be nlog, but fail to be like men. All they can be are tifs and it instaclocks them lol

No. 284209

KEK it looks exactly like that

No. 284238

File: 1679274811532.png (233.51 KB, 500x500, why.png)

Ladies, you can buy this design

No. 284239

what's bad about this?

No. 284246

This looks cool

No. 284247

File: 1679276799328.jpg (505 KB, 1649x2475, 1679241881744597.jpg)

the fucking eyes, i cant believe Disney did the actress so dirty this almost feels edited to be spiteful kek

No. 284248

The "uglyness" is just a style choice. The art is well excecated.

This is vendettaposting. this isnt my cup of tea either but its cute and okay

No. 284253

>This is vendettaposting. this isnt my cup of tea either but its cute and okay
yes anon i am vendettaposting against the biggest corporation on earth for saying they did the actress dirty for drawing her with actual fish eyes

No. 284255

How the fuck am I supposed to know this is official art I'm not a cringe Disney adult

No. 284256

nta and not a disneyfag but
>i cant believe Disney
>disney logo is literally in the image
you are retarded

No. 284257

Copy pasting a Disney logo onto an image is only allowed by Disney themselves…? Okay.

No. 284258

This doesn't even look official, it looks like default Procreate brushes.

No. 284260

File: 1679281968755.jpg (36.81 KB, 750x648, 1644708912256.jpg)

you are so low IQ it's kinda endearing

No. 284263

File: 1679282840343.png (337.52 KB, 470x619, disneyadult.PNG)

okay mickey mouse ear wearer

No. 284264

I guess that could be what you were doing in a way lol
not to get all celebricows in here but they made her eyes look more standard size/placement in the drawing than the actual actress’ eyes are

No. 284283

File: 1679298064361.jpg (472.83 KB, 2048x1626, tumblr_2f5d08b905b8ff5406b11ef…)

Sorry for making you look at this

No. 284286

I can't stop laughing at this response I love you autist chan I mean it

No. 284288

These are two male characters aren't they

No. 284295

it's never too late to become a fat person nona

No. 284310

I hate that I could recognize them, it's Rick and Morty…

No. 284314

no, luckily, it's not them
it's hetalia, poland and prussia

No. 284340

File: 1679327180060.jpeg (279.04 KB, 2048x1870, 6066FD5C-E02D-4FDA-9A44-62BC5E…)

holy facial anatomy!

No. 284345

You’ve got to be kidding, her eyes are wayyy further apart, and that cartoon is way prettier with big eyes unlike the actress they cast

No. 284346

donkey Kong

No. 284354

She's got the best tattoos though

No. 284357

Her arm looks way too long, like she's a gibbon or something. Maybe instead of being half fish, this Ariel is half monkey.

No. 284359

whoville resident kek

No. 284382

File: 1679343754767.jpeg (72.17 KB, 745x703, 85F699D3-3F26-4477-BA9C-EB26D4…)

No. 284385

Komahina seems like a “typical” yaoi ship at first glance, but they are actually a straight couple.

No. 284422

To be honest I had the same thought as you did, anyone can copypaste a disney logo on their drawing.
Maybe I'm an low IQ nona myself too kek

No. 284424

Komahina SEEMS like a typical "yaoi" ship at first glance, BUT-!!
>tumblr LGHDTV+ bullshit slapped onto fictional characters

No. 284427

>ship between two dudes
>make it straight but in, like, a progressive way
Why not just ship a straight pairing at that point? It's so pervasive, but I honestly do not get this mentality. I never see the reverse(taking a straight couple and making one of them trans so they're now a same-sex pairing), and they always make the newly-female one so hyperfeminine. It's so conservative.

No. 284477

It literally takes a few seconds on google to find it on the official Disney website, so I don't know why the anon is making such a fuss about it being "fake".

No. 284534

File: 1679434635431.jpeg (319.05 KB, 1816x2360, FrT0QC6XgAAGayH.jpeg)

No. 284535

I just knew it was kittydog

No. 284557

File: 1679448908475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.61 KB, 1169x785, 99F1BAA4-3A2B-4AFB-8365-D86FA3…)

No. 284560

No. 284568

File: 1679454700066.jpg (277.9 KB, 1249x2048, 20230321_221137.jpg)


No. 284571

>The Korean twitter artist's tweet is unavailable
What a complete and utter dick. Every time some Eestern artist does this shit I feel it's causing more and more Eastern artists to hate us as a whole. I wouldn't blame them.

No. 284578

The number of eastern artists I've seen nuke their twitters and pixivs because of people like that is absolutely horrid, I miss the good ol days where someone could draw Spongebob characters as anime twinks and it was cringe at worst, now the troons think it's some kind of crime

No. 284598

seeing kittydog's progress is so depressing. it's getting worst each day and it's not even from the lack of trying. it's such a shame to see her capable of making fluid and interesting animation, only for it to look awful from the lack of fundamental drawing skills.

No. 284601

the korean artist one is actually canon tho, patrick is a himbo

No. 284602

File: 1679467021399.gif (248.39 KB, 220x292, who-asked-vk1806.gif)

I'm struggling to understand what the fuck would possess someone to do this to a random artist's post.

No. 284610

The original tweet is still up, for some reason when an OP blocks someone that QRT'd them it displays the og tweet as unavailable on the QRT, but shows up fine if you click on the link.

No. 284613

It's a self-diagnosed "autistic" teenage white girl with 50 genders who calls herself "native" because she's like 1/16th of a tribe she can't even name, lmao. Her TL is full of her picking fights with all sorts of randos over culture war nonsense.

I see people like this and wonder if I was this retarded at sixteen, or if things are getting worse. There was a time when someone who acted like this would've been a lolcow, but now they're everywhere. You have to be uniquely insane the be noteworthy now.

No. 284619

File: 1679471970450.png (5.34 KB, 527x116, YWNBAM.PNG)

She has this on her carrd kek.

No. 284622

File: 1679473256525.png (Spoiler Image,533.71 KB, 635x474, men in black worms R63.png)

it fascinates me when people make such retarded anatomy mistakes, how is it even possible?
be right back gonna re-read junjou romantica

No. 284627

This feels illegal to look at

No. 284630

>"look at MY art"
it looks disgusting, thanks

No. 284635

What is up with these people and being against drawing hot men?

No. 284637

hot men are evil oppressors who won't give them the sexual/romantic attention they want so they are bad and evil. fugly ftm troons are the hot men now and you must agree or you're a bigot

No. 284638

Behold my creation Igor, she haveth the face of a monkey, elbows sharp enough to stab a man, sausage fingers (in case she needs a snack), and the choker from a dead troons corpse

No. 284640

File: 1679481944035.jpg (20.17 KB, 321x322, 20230322_114401.jpg)

The artist keeps shouting fatphobi ma every time someone says it looks like an ogre as if 90% of the fault is this special needs face. No wonder fat people got low self-esteem when artists keep drawing them as ugly as they can kek

No. 284699

File: 1679504828751.png (619.51 KB, 1989x1659, untertale.png)

No. 284700

Alphys looks like roadkill.
Honestly, they all kind of do.

No. 284730


No. 284742

File: 1679514382130.png (2.35 MB, 1612x1696, 22.png)

No. 284744

see nothing wrong with this. you're just mad that they're drawing bri'ish characters with enthically-appropraite features (fucked teeth and evident inbreeding) I actually do like this art style a little bit

No. 284766

is this ib fanart…? i want to unsee it

No. 284767

real question is where is my squidward x squilliam anime twink gijinka yaoi

No. 284823

File: 1679562668823.jpeg (100.25 KB, 567x680, Fqk7sflXoAEISfi.jpeg)

What do Twittards have against butch girls? It's they can't draw a GNC girl without also making her obese and inbred-looking.

Just once I'd like to see a Rainbow Dash that isn't either scrote-tier coomshit or ugly-for-wokeness Tumblrshit. How fucking hard is it to draw a normal girl and give her shorts and rainbow hair? Fuck's sake.

No. 284844

It's cuz she's trans in that drawing

No. 284883

File: 1679596501380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.42 KB, 1240x1748, 01DE2335-A40E-491D-AB50-2F9793…)

No. 284891

Isn't Rainbow Dash supposed to be an athlete

No. 284907

wtf casca is so dark/blended with the bg she's almost invisible. this is hella racist

No. 285438

File: 1679742163403.png (422.97 KB, 1805x2100, T5WlLhm3ffiIGGdezO7WTsUMyZjGu5…)

Will gendies ever get tired of drawing the ugliest shit imaginable?

No. 285444

>As a gay man
NLOGism off the charts lmao why are they all upset at fujos? They're just yelling at a mirror

No. 285946

File: 1679889430419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.28 KB, 1020x660, 66991530-653D-4969-BE2E-8FC910…)

I had to see this, now you do as well

No. 285955

They're posed like two people having penetrative sex, but instead they're just… laying back to back with their legs spread, because I guess the artist couldn't figure out how sex with two vaginas worked. Also why do they have no clitorises?

No. 285966

say sike rn………..

No. 285974

File: 1679917555389.jpg (33.73 KB, 645x363, 1679916986425609.jpg)

thread crossover, both the character design and art are ugly

No. 285978

Is that Frida Kahlo? I hate how every character that comes from Latin America must be the exact same shade of brown, her father was German for fuck's sake.
Damn, these new characters are so eye-bleedingly bad and stand out so much from the original characters, that I thought they were random shitty DeviantArt OCs before doing a reverse search. I can't believe they're official designs. What's with the neon colors?

No. 285979

The old ones are good the new ones look like you'd see at the pride rally

No. 285980

File: 1679921110608.png (370.16 KB, 718x550, Frida and Harriet.png)

>Is that Frida Kahlo?
Yes and the pink haired one is Harriet Tubman, what's wielder is that Frida and Harriet appeared as background in the original Clone High and were far better designed

No. 285987

Even if I still think it's a bit inaccurate, these look so much better and more authentic. The new character designers must be total amateurs. You even see it in Japanese media where big franchises are hiring randos from the internet to design their characters and the difference in quality with old designs is also obvious.

No. 286001

the new style clashes so much with the early 00s look of the original. Also i still have no idea who the ricegum looking ass is supposed to be

No. 286013

Its Confucius

No. 286032

File: 1679941695005.jpg (359.62 KB, 1957x2226, 20230327_202513.jpg)

No. 286053

You know it's bad when it makes the original dangan ronpa art look good

No. 286083

File: 1679974456657.jpg (547.45 KB, 1600x929, be314bfa-2153-41e4-aac0-72ddf7…)

No. 286084

File: 1679974665505.jpg (491.84 KB, 2100x1500, e81a2d5b-9ee9-4f48-862f-bc2912…)

No. 286095

No. 286096

these are cute. apologize

No. 286098

werent these from the schhol shooter

No. 286099

No. 286100

kek (the turtle is a little cute though)

No. 286124

File: 1679996379147.jpg (205.1 KB, 1530x1500, Fif-qoxXkAE9P3m.jpg)

Guess the character

No. 286132

I don't see any tags so I'm hoping it's an OC and not an actual character. https://twitter.com/ScrimpArt/status/1596524646631079937

No. 286145

Token from South Park

No. 286156


No. 286157

lek I'm not ayrt but I hate myself for recognising him so quickly

No. 286195

File: 1680023925318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.83 KB, 850x1110, 17BCF48C-E84A-4F8F-B949-5D8628…)

Spoilered for retarded coomer shit but this is some raita-level anatomy. Check out that spine and that tiny neck. Cynthia deserves better

No. 286223

Ahh, that's a name I'm far too familiar with. Vacoom-sealed water balloon boobs and everything.

No. 286291

File: 1680032649318.jpeg (66.37 KB, 385x545, FFD4679B-A837-406F-8D66-432710…)

Raita art for those curious

No. 286317

god damn this is horrible
ffs what is wrong with men?

No. 286331


Sage for both irrelevance and blogpost but it’s okay I know my autism is showing and I’m fine with that

Usually, I would react with mostly indifference while looking at something like that. But then you said the magical word “Hetalia” and I literally relapsed. I’ve downloaded that pic, I found who the author of it is, and I’m literally planning to draw it in my style. I don’t even ship the two of them (my 14 y/o self is regaining all of the headcanons I made when I was in full hyperfix for Hetalia, and PruPol was a huge no-no), but it’s Hetalia, PLUS it’s with my husbando Prussia/Gilbert in it with an outfit that will be perfect for it according to my fucking headcanons, so I just cannot let it pass.
I know, I’m dumb.
If I had any social media left, I would have asked the permission to the original author, but since it’s literally gonna rot in my sketchbook forever and nothing more, I’m gonna draw it anyways.


No. 286336

I’m not reading all of that nonnie but please get better taste in husbandos I’m begging

No. 286348


I am working on it I promise

There is someone that u would like to recommend me? I have a specific (shitty) type for my anime husbandos but at least they make me happy, I could learning something new from people around me tho

No. 286350

Wtf is this grammar btw

No. 286352

booo anon has an excellent taste in husbandos

No. 286354

2011 called, they want their yumejos back.

No. 286361

stop abusing that poor enter key you sperg

No. 286390

File: 1680064294568.jpeg (87.53 KB, 600x888, D9150E7B-DCA5-4969-88A8-D98F5A…)

Its even worse when you know its supposed to be Reigen from MP100 kek
+ thread tax

No. 286393

File: 1680065996700.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.81 KB, 622x625, whatinthedementedsplashmountai…)

Spoiled for being a TiF's violent power fantasy art

No. 286399

File: 1680071605658.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, dfh7nkq-7ef83f6d-f15f-46fa-b81…)

No. 286403

File: 1680072511627.jpg (384.64 KB, 1280x1849, tumblr_pktt8ezun51xn3wp0o1_128…)

I used to follow this one tif artist who draws the most hideous lapis I've ever seen

No. 286404

File: 1680072571764.jpg (428.27 KB, 1225x1920, tumblr_pajdobw7oR1xn3wp0o2_128…)

Oh wait lapis is a male troon in her AU so this is an accurate representation of an average hon

No. 286405

Coomer to the point where your art starts resembling a picasso with all the disconnected body parts.

No. 286407

the insane fucked up proportions here could make for a cool horror character tbh, the whole "almost human but not quite" type

No. 286411

Kek it's bizzare to see retarded coomer art next to gross tif art. Kinda shows how being permanently online affects men and women

No. 286419

The duality of the terminally online

No. 286422

I have a tinfoil they do it cause they are so tired of moid coomer art so they are trying to draw something that is impossible to sexualize

No. 286427

Unfortunately, I've literally seen TiFs draw porn in that art style, so I don't think it's about avoiding sexualization. I think it's a combination of wanting to have a yooneek style while also wanting to virtue signal about drawing "underrepresented" people, i.e. fatties, hairy women, POC, troons, vitiligo, etc. Thing is, they exaggerate those traits to the point where it feels like a caricature of those people. One of RCDart's many transgressions was drawing the female lead from Book of Life as short and fat with a mustache, hairy arms/legs, and a unibrow. Literally just a caricature of latinas.

The fanbase I'm in is awash with these sorts of ugly-headcanons-on-purpose retards. I've continued to draw the characters as I always have (attractive, not trans, mostly white or Asian) and I've been just waiting for one of those shitty TiF artists to call me on it. It's happened once so far, but I think they're mostly too chickenshit to go after me.

No. 286436

I'll take tif porn over coomer shit. Tif art might be unappealing to look at, but it has something human to it, while coomer art is so deranged and detached from reality characters literally don't resemble people with whose giga dicks bigger than the moid and gigantic water balloon tits female characters have.

No. 286557

Kek nona please post it when you're done I like prupol but gilbert is also my husbando

No. 286565

murdoc from gorillaz looks a bit bluer than i remember

No. 286623


It would be so damn fitting for this thread anyways, I like what I draw but it’s literally 80% flaws and 20% me being too scared of appearing arrogant and delusional to try to attempt any defense for my art. Hope it doesn’t count as self post tho

No. 286651

File: 1680152173683.jpg (52.12 KB, 540x662, tumblr_7d3adc35a43c39a2d112300…)

No. 286655

Just post it in the rate my art thread instead.

No. 286662

File: 1680155648240.png (6.5 MB, 1838x2048, A87A37B9-6AFF-4B44-B4B9-D49800…)

I had to look at the tags to figure out who that was.

No. 286664

it took me so long to realize the weird bump on thier face was their nose.

idk nonna i was able to identify them almost immediately. as far as woke art goes this isn't that bad

No. 286665

monster high? ngl this is kind of cute minus the troonery

No. 286683

Frankie is literally a non binary tif in the new show and is played buy a fakeboi. So I guess this retardation is canon now.

No. 286751

I would be alright with this if it was just their OCs. Why did they have to make the Frankenstein girl so fugly? I swear to Christ, is there some kind of secret law that requires everyone to choose between either drawing women like coomified bimbos or disgusting hairy troons? Why the hell can't people just draw women like normal human beings?

No. 286758

Well moids draw women the way they want them to look like, and normie women accept it and aspire to look like that while autistic/SSA women are trying to suggest something else.

No. 286759

File: 1680246355364.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.98 KB, 785x1600, rNEnUwkVFmY.jpg)

Moids are retarded

No. 286806

I'm uncomfortable

No. 286812

lmao WHAT?? is that her boobs? it looks like an insane tumor-scarf, what is even going on.

No. 286822

File: 1680275500155.jpg (109.11 KB, 930x661, Fseo8vmXwAAYcEw.jpg)

No. 286860

File: 1680295246276.jpeg (90.62 KB, 600x848, 1D67D227-F587-475F-8F84-CEFB1D…)

No. 286879

File: 1680305787832.jpeg (103.48 KB, 1024x1024, 09FEE52F-6D71-436D-8CF5-F8692E…)

Guess the character

No. 286886

The depressed boy from Omori ? Never played the game so idk his name

No. 286888

The Kazakhstani boy from ed edd and eddy

No. 286889

No. 286892

File: 1680311470688.jpeg (134.52 KB, 1170x1090, 8092644F-2460-4240-96FA-F28CB6…)

No. 286893

the sad thing is that i knew who it was bc of konig in the corner. aidens fucking love konig.

No. 286914

something about these political cartoons, they are all so grody and nasty and i'm not even really talking about the caricature aspect

No. 286941

File: 1680340122760.jpeg (477.19 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pvqi6uFzwF1y4ubobo1_128…)

Is this fitting?

No. 286942

>Killua and Gon written on the paper
No fucking way…

No. 286946

is this not AI

No. 286951

This is what my chest looked when i was fat ngl

No. 286958

When I was a kid I actually saw an old woman do this in the shower of a swimming hall

No. 287012

It wasn't tagged as such but my apologies if it is

No. 287013

File: 1680383496332.jpeg (125.29 KB, 1280x957, 6F4036B6-EAC7-4C98-9905-45F528…)

No. 287015

looks like a gender bent version of denji with huge boobs

No. 287023

File: 1680391037901.jpg (29.29 KB, 567x583, Fr_2CidWIAEl0f3.jpg)

Imagine how they'll react when they realize who made the trans flag.

No. 287025

This is so bad kek. But in a "so bad it's good" way

No. 287027

If only they would put that energy towards the actual pedos and rapists that the troon community is full of instead of retarded anime shit

No. 287033

They all say this then turn out to be the biggest pedos themselves kek

No. 287050

I know I read the story before but I can't find it anymore. You got links to it, trying to peak a friend.

No. 287064

i dont think so. i know some artist who draw in a similar manner. always render maxing everything and never bothering to polishing up anatomy because it's their 'art style'

No. 287128

>implying majority of lolicons (troons) aren’t also pedos irl

No. 287152

Leave Suzi Hunter alone

No. 287177

File: 1680492698025.jpg (256.2 KB, 1826x1826, aaaaa.jpg)

characters from FFXIV…

h el p

No. 287178

After seeing so many of these I think I am breaking their code. The hair color and shape is all you need, the rest is free game.

No. 287237

File: 1680531418063.jpg (80.25 KB, 1024x1024, for-transgender-day-of-remembr…)

Everything about this pic is glorious, definition of an armchair revolutionary/badass.

No. 287238

File: 1680533284911.jpg (95.05 KB, 728x546, CdHM2XEUYAA5tNo.jpg)

kek the faces look like the shitty wikihow traced art ones

No. 287249

File: 1680537805657.gif (990.48 KB, 480x250, kek.gif)

I'm high and I'm losing my shit at this picture.

No. 287250

File: 1680537734901.gif (990.48 KB, 480x250, kek.gif)

I'm high and I'm losing my shit at this picture.

No. 287267

File: 1680541072432.jpg (512.81 KB, 1416x2048, FssO8LhaEAE5JuT.jpg)

why dont understand why the furry character have leg hair

No. 287268

she has the same pattern on her arms anon, i think that's just her everywhere hair

No. 287304

Isn’t drawn by the white girl who ships her self insert (who is a black guy for some reason) with elidibus

No. 287345

File: 1680580546171.jpeg (113.9 KB, 674x800, sIyH8.jpeg)

maybe it's a homage?

No. 287361

File: 1680590573382.jpeg (244.79 KB, 1800x2048, 94668502-5E69-4DA0-A2F9-30CB92…)

why are hunterfags like this?

No. 287377

File: 1680593144243.png (36.11 KB, 800x356, medium.png)

No. 287384

they're just so ugly lmao

No. 287386

are they… ponies?

No. 287398

yes. they turned the think tank from fallout into ponies

No. 287422

Gonna use this for my upcoming album cover thanks nonnie

No. 287464

File: 1680640336618.jpg (72.35 KB, 480x600, Standing_proud.jpg)

Same energy

No. 287473

The fluff around the ankles and wrists makes it look like her limbs are actually shaved and that's just her fur growing back…

No. 287495

I could be wrong but this shit was made on a Dungeons and dragons 3d character maker. So the only thing the did was copy paste that retarded flag on the banner

No. 287498

File: 1680657411832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.72 KB, 1024x1015, 31668363-0701-42EC-AF26-F9D563…)

These are 15 year olds btw

No. 287503

Tbh it's less creepy because the art quality is that of a 15 yr old or younger

No. 287540

No fucking way kek. The nerd and snobby kid from Bully. At least they don't have mastectomy scars or something

No. 287542

File: 1680676506433.jpg (16.05 KB, 377x377, tumblr_9c92d173769e93d38dc3bef…)

Willow looks like a hunchbacked little man. Why do they always do this to cute characters?

No. 287596


No. 287666

File: 1680719956089.jpg (76.85 KB, 608x586, 102143747_p0_master1200.jpg)

at this point just draw hetalia???

No. 287684

Why are their heads like that? Are they billiard balls?
At least hetalia could get away with being offensive cause the guys were hot

No. 287687

File: 1680728209010.jpg (135.27 KB, 886x1024, 106485862_p0.jpg)

it's countryhumans
cursed zoomer polandball basically

No. 287693

my tinfoil is that zoomer girls are attracted to countryhumans because they find characters who looks like real humans too intimidating or they have somehow memed themselves into believing that being attracted to hot men is problematic

No. 287696

samefag but notice when zoomers try to do hot art it's either of men who are drawn ugly in the name of diversity or it's vaguely anthropomorphic creatures based off creepypastas, internet memes or whatever it's the streamerbait indie horror game of the month. I know that young people have another perspective of what is seen as attractive but then you see zoomer boys make hot art of conventionally attractive female characters

No. 287702

look on reduxx

No. 287703

File: 1680737633423.jpg (103.41 KB, 1125x1500, what.jpg)

dammit i liked this til i saw it was countryball, the style looks kinda intentionally weird if it wasnt that

i am totally fascinated by this too. i would love to see research on it. moids stay the same but younger women and "trans guys" (aka women) really love weird bobblehead cartoon characters more than ive ever seen before.

No. 287705

I hate that the sexy body got ruined by the dumbass stickman head.

No. 287706

literally zoomer fujos must retvrn to tradition (axis powers germany/italy yaoi)

No. 287711

File: 1680744262349.gif (165.38 KB, 220x165, never-wanna-live-again-never-a…)

No. No more Nazi yaoi. We as a species are above that

No. 287716

File: 1680747057958.png (580.59 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20230405-083543.png)

Some guy post this on my nextdoor feed

No. 287717

nah, Im rooting for Some Guy, I do hope they get the chance to pick up the pencil more often and hopefully improve tho

No. 287725

good for him. fuck you.

No. 287732

am i misremembering or are we not supposed to post obvious beginner art itt

No. 287760

At least when she gets on an airplane, she won't have to bring a neck pillow.

No. 287763

I remember this being discussed somewhere before and the general consensus was that the appeal comes from the exaggerated expressions. It kinda makes sense if you assume they're not attracted to the body but a concept like a literal fucking country

No. 287765

Stuff like this always makes me smile because it's so genuine, rock on Some Guy and keep making that art

No. 287766

Adorably wonky beginner art, hope he keeps it up

No. 287778

File: 1680775605869.jpeg (307.08 KB, 1242x1476, IMG_0100.jpeg)

I’ve posted this artist a while ago but can’t get over how ugly their art is

No. 287780

unironically thought that quote was from a robbie williams song and not gandhi

No. 287781

File: 1680777443132.jpeg (Spoiler Image,506.11 KB, 1242x2108, IMG_0105.jpeg)

Speechless, I couldn’t choose just one. I thought it might be a moid but it’s an actual girl and she has a pinned story about how much she loves her “sweet boy” Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a bitch. Ok enough doom scrolling thru bad art for one night

No. 287794

why do they always love ghostface

No. 287864

Kek I'm sorry for posting it nonnies. I am a mega bitch and you are so nice. Keep rooting for Some Guy and maybe he'll show you his improved Jesus art on his next Mormon mission thing!

No. 287867

I don't think using a yellow fart cloud is a good way to censor someone's pussy

No. 287869

Call me autistic but these creatures are way hotter than the hetalia boys to me lmao

No. 287871

File: 1680806440489.jpg (43.99 KB, 481x650, RETVRN TO SMEXY.jpg)


Sage for schizo but anons you're so right. I think it has to do with how female sexuality is so mocked and villainized by society, these women feel like they can't have a sex drive or feel actual sexual feelings that aren't completely sexless an sanitized. (Yucky, girls don't have those feelings so I HAVE to be a he/they/it kweer MLM!) They have low self esteem and feel like they don't "deserve" an actually attractive partner, or feel like the only type of person who would actually be capable of loving them would be repulsive and deformed.

I think it's a similar reasoning to why yaoi offers so many women an outlet for their sexuality without having to remember how male society treats women sexually. Since they see themselves as ugly for not fitting society's impossible fake idea of a woman, they therefore see themselves in the ugliest male characters of all time. It's sad, I wish I could tell all these young girls that there's nothing wrong with them and that they should respect themselves more.

At least with yaoi the guys were hot. This is just depressing. We need to retvrn but unfortunately these girls are so brain poisoned that I bet they think it's offensive to be attracted to actually attractive males.

No. 287892

Maybe autism is the reason they find it hot too, huh

No. 287898

i mean i'm not into these ballheads myself but prefer similar cartoony looking men simply because they're more visually interesting. i don't think it's that deep.

No. 287901

Is he disabled?

No. 287902

It ain't that deep, anon. They just like how the ball men look like.

No. 287917

no you're right and the ballfags should be euthanized for their autism

No. 287922

You are looking at it from a very defeatist perspective, because while the heads are circular and stickman-ish the bodies are still mostly normal >>287703 like this one. I think it's an autism thing, like when people with those conditions preffer anime styles because the facial expressions are easier to read given how exaggerated they are but taken to a different direction.

No. 287929

I'm not talking about country humans specifically but also sexymen.Horny art created by girls and young women in the recent years has leaned heavy towards unconventional features. The recent years has also seen a huge backlash towards women being attracted to hot men. Whenever a woman calls muscle or a lean body hot she gets dogpilled by men and pickmes who accuse her of body shaming and start talking about how we should normalise dadbod because otherwise we hurt men's feeling. Same thing happens to women who say that don't find bald men attractive. There also are some fandom spaces where women gets called boring and basic for liking conventional bishounens. It's true that there is an appeal in simple cartoon styles, but you don't see men coom to that unless they cater to a small autistic niche. When men get off to simple cartoon styles they put an empathis on cuteness and still give their blorbs features that is considered attractive on women/girls. Men can openly express their attraction to women online so that is going to reflect their art and their coom art . Women can only make coom art without facing backlash if it's a literal stickfigure or the character is unconventional attractive.
this is a really good point too

No. 287990

Yeah they're just attracted to the abstract facial features of the ball men. Maybe from being terminally online and being exposed to cartoon porn or sexualized cartoons at a young age. Each generation of cartoon-attracted teenagers draws the characters more abstract than before, influencing the newer generations. While those girls obviously hate themselves (most girls have low self-esteem, especially at that age) I don't think them being attracted to ball guys is the same as them being attracted to "ugliness". It's weird to equate those two things. I don't think they see those characters as repulsive, they don't seem to purposefully seek ugly male characters, and tbh compared to the type of gross and sweaty ugly-on-purpose characters that Aidens often (proudly) project onto, ball head guys aren't ugly, they're just weird or "cringe" because they have a childish design that looks like a 14-year-old's first dA OC (and that's probably where this trend came from). Attraction to gross characters and attraction to simplistic stick figures are like two opposite extremes. Girls who like ball men get rid of the facial features they deem unnecessary and are attracted solely to the stylized expressions that cartoon characters have. The result is a face that looks more clean and has more space for the eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Whereas ugly character lovers prefer more detail than that.

Like, guy has a perfectly round, paper white head with no ears or hair? These girls don't give a shit, the lack of ears is ignored completely, the only thing they're looking for is an expressive cartoon face (conveys emotions and personality) attached to a conventionally attractive body. You'll notice they always draw the Countryhumans with detailed normal bodies you'd see in any other kind of character and often in attractive clothes. It's kinda like how anime characters at least used to resemble humans of their age before, but adult anime women now have no nose and all look like oversized flat-faced alien toddlers, somehow they're considered sexy and sexualized more than ever in that style, you could say they have been memed into finding increasingly vague and unrealistic human representations attractive. It's also like male characters that have an object for a head but a conventionally attractive male body and clothes, which somehow no one ever questions. It's not that fucking deep lol.

This "they like weird ball people because they have low self-esteem and don't feel worthy of someone who's ACTUALLY attractive" armchair psychoanalysis is directed at the wrong group of zoomers. Aidens who like actually ugly and disgusting characters are more likely to fit that description. And I don't think most of those Countryhuman girls have autism either, but I know retards here just call anyone and everyone an actual autist for being a little weird or awkward despite cringy tastes and behavior being kind of expected in teenagers.

No. 287993

>Women can only make coom art without facing backlash if it's a literal stickfigure or the character is unconventional attractive.
I'm not going to go check, but I bet that a quick search on R34 proves that's bullshit because most r34 drawn by and for women is of conventionally attractive characters while the truly unattractive ones usually are very niche. Some women in certain pickme circles calling the majority of female fan artists boring for liking bishies doesn't suddenly mean the latter are the minority or have stopped drawing hot guys because of it. I mean, even girls who are into the gross type of sexymen like their fictional moids to have hair. You're talking like these girls don't get shamed for their strange tastes also.
An actual widespread problem I've seen is that decent female artists who do NSFW on Twitter are often pickmes (or just want coomer mooney) who make more coomer art for moids than for other women even though it's obvious they want to draw hot guys instead. I've seen artists who started drawing amazing NSFW art of guys, but over time and due to their growing scrote audience they don't draw males anymore, and when they do the males are viewer self-inserts.

No. 288070

File: 1680875418580.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.93 KB, 960x1500, lolwut.jpg)

>decent female artists who do NSFW on Twitter are often pickmes (or just want coomer mooney) who make more coomer art for moids
It makes me so sad. I am not attracted to males and it's so difficult to find decent non-moid NSFW art of women. I fucking hate the porn drawn by scrotes, it is always overwhelmed with male gaze, I mean mostly retarded proportions and ugly fetish outfits, and also, a thing about moid porn, gay or straight, is that the characters feel oily, with too many unnecessary highlights everywhere. And flat identical faces with retarded smile/shy expressions.
The pic is from a female artist I used to like (gram_quartz) (I'm sure it's a woman because I've seen her giga dainty hands in her older posts and pretty earrings). She used to draw amazing Steven Universe art and now she draws generic fetishistic moid art for coomer money.

No. 288071

File: 1680875564590.png (250.94 KB, 1830x1200, EcLBcOfUMAUIPnt.png)

Same non, look at how amazing and sensual her art used to be.

No. 288105

File: 1680881587150.png (Spoiler Image,585.75 KB, 1010x1496, ----.png)

Gave me a good kek

No. 288119

I'm so tired of this specific type of zoomer gyaru drawing, idk why they insist on imitating hentai and fetish art, I wish they'd take inspiration from decogals pixel art or euromach covers or other actually cool looking stuff instead.

No. 288122

File: 1680886307015.png (131.45 KB, 393x529, Alexia_Ashford_official_concep…)

I got excited lol hey fellow GramQuartz fan!

This is an official concept sketch for Resident Evil. It's so unfortunate looking

No. 288123

File: 1680888055012.jpg (418.64 KB, 2400x2000, 103960346_p0.jpg)

inch resting ideas
went through several pages of the countryhumans tag on pixiv and i have no theories as to what causes this phenomenon other than teenagers being cringy (pic related, it's the world health organization and the united nations sharing a moment of intimacy)

No. 288135

Why do they hire such incompetent people to draw in famous games?

No. 288160

File: 1680897760941.jpg (93.81 KB, 640x480, 137673.jpg)

No. 288164

File: 1680898894230.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.2 KB, 1280x720, 99169.jpg)

yep it sucks when you're looking at an artist's whole gallery and you can clearly see how her art, whether straight or lesbian, evolved from sensual poses, expressions, lighting, etc. that she genuinely liked, to being composed entirely of moid gaze elements, depicting gross and degrading porn/hentai sexual acts, etc.

Pic unrelated, maybe I'm nitpicking but look at this guy's arm and the MC's weirdly placed boobs. It's from an otome game called Enkan no Memoria. This is why I don't like most adult otome games, none of the artists seem to know how to draw people having sex and/or make it female gazey so the guys are the focus.

No. 288167

File: 1680901021424.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.77 KB, 1024x576, 115737.jpg)

samefag, here's another badly drawn otome game CG, this time from Ai wa Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteru

he looks emaciated

No. 288178

You’re right and you should say it.

No. 288193

Nope just Mormon

No. 288204

Total chad jesus. Noice.

No. 288262

>hey fellow GramQuartz fan
Hi nonni, I wish I could find an artist who would draw in her older style
I know you brought it up as a bad example but it's still 10000% better than retarded shit moids draw

No. 288295

Out of everything that is fucked up with this, the way the artist did everything in it's power to hide every hand to avoid drawing them is what got to me.

No. 288424

Still holding out hope too. Her 2019-20 was perfect. Do you like muscle art specifically or Jaspis? Also doujins are on nhentai under "Gram" if you haven't seen them and have good adblock

No. 288477

reminds me of rcdart, throwing good anatomy for coom

No. 288478

oddly nostalgic

No. 288539

File: 1681063639119.png (359.45 KB, 1080x1592, ewlol.png)

No. 288567

Isn't it racist to make cat noir black?

No. 288568

What is the context of why she's homophobic?


Idk maybe they think it's similar to Black Panther

No. 288581

File: 1681078206930.jpeg (105.28 KB, 1188x673, 8C4C512D-1A51-4D30-AF20-67459C…)

Happy easter nonies

No. 288585

is this fetish art?

No. 288587

>What is the context of why she's homophobic?
Probably that she gets in the way of the artist's gay(den) OTP

No. 288614

File: 1681083641016.jpg (461.38 KB, 1908x2000, gross.jpg)

the way coomers draw "male characters"

No. 288621

File: 1681088361369.png (852.73 KB, 1778x1313, 10871172-07D3-4723-ABDB-A89BD4…)

“Butch dyke” but it’s just an ugly man. Artist is a TIF “lesbian” and all of her OCs are like this.

No. 288622

File: 1681088485402.jpeg (166.47 KB, 2048x1191, 682CD2F5-26EA-46CD-A7A7-FB1125…)

Different artist, but this one is also a “werewolf” “lesbian” apparently

No. 288624

words mean nothing, men can "feel like" women and look however they want, art imitates life

No. 288631

Kek this is one of my personal cows. Gotta love her blatant lesbophobia.

No. 288639

File: 1681098949876.jpeg (144.45 KB, 1024x1024, 9958DE32-78CF-4D2A-B663-85EC2B…)

I don’t even need to explain this one

No. 288646

It's so disgusting to know that these retards have so completely rotted their minds with porn created by men that they can't conceptualize how a man could be sexually attractive except to copy porn stars and OF thots

No. 288655

File: 1681107048098.jpg (158.87 KB, 1024x1024, lawl cow dot fatm.jpg)

fixed it xd

No. 288656

You guys are missing the point, the fact is these countryhumans are so depersonalized and far from being an actual human because these girls feel like they're incapable of being loved by an actual human or that they don't "deserve" it. There's a correlation between the rise of completely non-passing he/theys and the rise of ballhead/"ugly" character porn and it has everything to do with societal misogyny.

No. 288658

File: 1681107743540.png (124.58 KB, 592x490, Its_Not_That_Deep.png)

No. 288659

from unhinged pickme to unhinged based moid-hating, farmer

No. 288661

>the fact is these countryhumans are so depersonalized and far from being an actual human because these girls feel like they're incapable of being loved by an actual human or that they don't "deserve" it
but then how come monsterfuckers aren't trooning out

No. 288662

I'm genuinely curious, whose the original artist?

No. 288663

File: 1681108589265.jpg (70.97 KB, 736x981, 20230410_013517.jpg)

If you're ever looking for bad art content someone's collected it all nicely in #transartist on twitter
Wtf I love her now

No. 288664

Also Tomoko would fucking never she'd think those people are cringe and that she's above them, because she's full of herself and full of hate.

No. 288669

No offense anon but this drawing is pretty shit. Look at Jasper's fucked up arm and backwards foot.

No. 288672

Or maybe the ballhead characters are just the result of ballhead being a popular character design choice among lazy teenagers who made mediocre comics and animations a few years ago, and the genderspecial thing is not actually related to it. Besides, how do you know those girls who like Countryhumans think these non-human characters are worse than real/conventionally attractive men?

KEK absolutely based

No. 288679

Is it just me or does anyone else find the exaggerated faces of the countryhumans/stick figure characters really unsettling? Especially the supposedly horny ones like >>287703 they seriously creep me out.

No. 288687

I don't find it unsettling, just cringey and sometimes a little bit creepy.

No. 288713

File: 1681117478009.jpg (126.53 KB, 1080x1327, 195938869_823292205241887_4501…)

From Incel to another Incel

Art tax

No. 288722

No. 288724

Wtf am I looking at?

No. 288728


No. 288729

No. 288736

Being italian is just not progressive enough these days jeez

No. 288739

File: 1681122472977.jpeg (69.38 KB, 640x828, nametheproblem.jpeg)

Hating the class that commits 90% of all violent crime against everyone will never be the same as rapist scrotes hating women for rejecting them.

No. 288744

I like it when women draw NSFW art of women, there is something so special about it, something a scrote could never comprehend.

No. 288759

kek how come the JP/UK and Viet/Polish ones don't look Asian at all?

No. 288769

Unless they're the kind that intentionally pander to scrotes, way too many of them unfortunately. Even worse are those who do start out tasteful but end up pandering to scrotes because those bring the big bucks.

No. 288809

File: 1681149620130.gif (1.85 MB, 1604x1566, what.gif)

i wonder these artists ever realize that that sometimes its best not to exaggerate some features so it doesn't look like something you would see in Jim crow and yes the artist is trans and a enby

No. 288837

Holy shit what an improvement

No. 288843

File: 1681161492412.jpeg (184.53 KB, 1556x2048, 205298C1-633A-411B-823E-4E64DD…)

For my leon husbandofags

No. 288844

No. 288848

File: 1681166284849.png (961.89 KB, 804x1137, 2nerdsgoofin.png)

What is it about Leon that attracts degenerate attention from tifs and such? Nebulous babygirlness

No. 288854

File: 1681171440004.jpg (373.96 KB, 2480x2480, 20230410_165713.jpg)

A terribly drawn yanfei from the hit game genshin impact

No. 288857

File: 1681173637347.png (102.88 KB, 598x620, badart.PNG)

Same dude who drew this was tweeting about how "ugly" and "unappealing" the classic comic book art style is, and wondered why it can't be as pleasant to look at compared to the flawless waifus seen in his artwork.

No. 288858

File: 1681173666369.png (113.37 KB, 594x649, whenyouskiparmday.PNG)

No. 288860

There's a rule about not posting beginners, and he openly admits that he has a long way to go. Sounds like you're just mad he doesn't like the same comics as you.

No. 288865

he's an extremely sexy character, duh

No. 288874

well yeah, so why make him fat

No. 288886

File: 1681191564535.jpg (115.57 KB, 899x976, tumblr_4602eaa3ec31549125d8648…)

No. 288896

holy polished turd
IMO if the eyes were normal, you wouldn't even need to change the mouth that much for it to look fine.

No. 288912

the art implies it's a fakeboi with a frankenweiner, yet she calls it a lesbian. pick a struggle

No. 288943

This shit is a racial caricature. And the twitter tards don't see anything wrong with it

No. 288953

let me guess, "her" gf is "afab" and probably "femme" too

No. 288960

File: 1681223735598.jpg (653.33 KB, 3456x2291, albino jinx.jpg)

interesting thing is that they only draw black characters like that and the artist is asian and draws Asians accurately

No. 288961

KEKKKKKKKK i fucking lold at how in this one you can see indents from where the pencil marks have gone through from the previous page, srotoid beginners always handle a pencil like a fucking angry gorilla, never fails to make me laugh

No. 288962

File: 1681224050503.png (382.62 KB, 644x470, eyes.png)

eyeslike picrel

No. 288963

inb4 they get called out for it

No. 288964

who's the artist?
also the way they drew that blue hair is killing me. yeah hair totally works like that