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File: 1555212975876.jpg (236.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ph48uyn8iO1vjlqzdo1_128…)

No. 25707

Previous thread

Post art you find bad or hideous.

No. 25719

File: 1555215618777.jpg (66.99 KB, 720x900, 51718053_302427600331693_16543…)

No. 25781

File: 1555234381074.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.04 KB, 1080x1824, IMG_20190414_063236.jpg)


No. 25782

Is this a baby fetish??

No. 25992

File: 1555301082598.jpeg (100.45 KB, 958x1200, D3MipQDWwAEMZi_.jpeg)

No. 26018

File: 1555314515121.png (449.42 KB, 530x521, D2846A42-1E24-48FB-A9B8-90FDA1…)

No. 26021

does god live in fear of the unholy Pandora's Box he's created unleashing these creatures upon humankind

No. 26024

File: 1555323053639.png (535.54 KB, 596x595, 24a.png)

I think it's a meme/parody pic of the Goofy fanart… it's still hideous but I don't think it was ever meant to be good

No. 26026

File: 1555324425449.jpg (94.65 KB, 640x960, 57154230_2319587661620578_1434…)

No. 26027

File: 1555324457667.jpg (110.54 KB, 907x960, 55927898_1192138634295100_9489…)

No. 26028

File: 1555324515502.jpg (99.38 KB, 640x960, 52011427_2285465348366143_1728…)

No. 26031

A bit weird, but I can respect someone drawing their lion husbando saying encouraging things.

I take that back

No. 26050

File: 1555336233472.png (Spoiler Image,735 KB, 1024x632, the_ring_song_meme_by_theoneaj…)

If you thought that was bad-

No. 26070

File: 1555338837852.png (400.72 KB, 730x1095, __he_s_a_stripper___by_lunatic…)

he's a stripper

No. 26145

i smell fetishism radiating from this image

No. 26151

this is done on a base as well, so they didn't even draw most of it.

No. 26213

No. 26240

File: 1555411382173.jpg (795.13 KB, 3264x2448, 2z1p3l0jmroy.jpg)

this is amazing, thank you for sharing

No. 26243

File: 1555411976282.gif (1.28 MB, 320x176, Jh0udW.gif)

based on pic related "girl, look how fucking orange you look, girl"

this one is really funny, too

No. 26328

Honestly I love it.

Sometimes shitty art is nice.

No. 26621

File: 1555591599750.jpg (Spoiler Image,128.99 KB, 743x1076, as_i_sleep_by_e_ocasio_dd4vpcv…)

My g o l l y

No. 27056

File: 1555714497192.png (91.52 KB, 422x424, Capture488.PNG)

extra note: parts of this image were traced from a dressup game known as Gachaverse/GachaLife

No. 27178

File: 1555775624328.png (267.49 KB, 720x719, 20190420_235211.png)

This maybe a nit pick but the broken hand and unattached legs bother me so fucking much

No. 27339

File: 1555806781966.jpg (87.56 KB, 236x687, 20190421_083237.jpg)

Damn fujos

Trashy in everyway

No. 27342

Please go back to the containment thread for anti-fujo reeing, I'm sick of seeing that autism in here.

No. 27395

File: 1555823361194.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.2 KB, 1229x1561, 123482734.jpg)

Tell fujos to stop shitting up every fandom with their horrible art then.

No. 27401

Who is this anon?

No. 27409

South park character, probably Clyde

No. 27410


No. 27524

As someone who reads yaoi you sound really pressed kek

No. 27846

File: 1555984223606.png (Spoiler Image,334.61 KB, 720x780, 20190423_095045.png)

No. 27869

File: 1555997023617.jpg (115.34 KB, 894x894, crime_fetiche_by_sarahchancand…)

No. 27870

I hate this but I can't stop staring at it

No. 27947

File: 1556037435645.jpg (101.18 KB, 894x894, i_can_t_draw_hand__by_nobunsu-…)

You already had a reference but you still messed it up

No. 27950

File: 1556037843826.png (494.42 KB, 717x1178, 20190424_004207.png)

Some parts of this actually looks decent but the other parts are just….

This is rainbow quartz 2.0 btw

No. 27985

well at least the image name is accurate
"I can't draw hands

No. 28264

File: 1556145560293.png (47.94 KB, 400x400, 4.png)

No. 28340

File: 1556169967938.jpg (75.85 KB, 564x705, um.jpg)

No. 28357

I dont think its that bad

No. 28364

File: 1556189785627.jpg (Spoiler Image,375.27 KB, 1000x1435, Onanist-x-Onanist-2_p01_Eng-1.…)

anything that honey qp produce
their yaoi manga is a crime against humanity and it baffles me how this artist have a lot of orbiter that doesnt barf their brain out every time they scan and traslate this shit
perfect example of severe case of twink face on bara body syndrome and absolutely blind to anatomy, perspective and rendering

No. 28395



No. 28397

File: 1556210857547.jpg (94.56 KB, 1095x730, they_ve_been_gay_through_all_t…)

No. 28448

File: 1556228030748.jpg (519.43 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20190425-173100_Ins…)

everything about this is so tacky. I think the worst part is the bikini top that's there for no reason. Tagged with #tattoodesign because who wouldn't want this on their body?

No. 28477

Her eyes are so far up her face that it looks like a joke.

No. 28624

>>28364 not gonna lie whenever i feel weird and in definite need to sin, i read her works and it works! I always question my actions afterward and in definite need of a taste check as to why im go to her works… but oh well less worse than what hentai can offer

No. 28628

No. 28652

File: 1556296890151.jpg (61.1 KB, 1024x561, before_and_after_lonewolf_in_t…)

He tried to claim 'people improve in differing rates' in the comments

No. 28663


Now that is just sad… He draws regularly too? He probably never studies (anatomy, techniques, how to use the drawing program etc) but just does the same thing over and over

No. 28714

File: 1556309286562.jpg (111.07 KB, 500x712, tumblr_pn77mtsvwn1snin8c_500.j…)

No. 28732

File: 1556316302942.jpg (434.66 KB, 1079x1101, IMG_20190427_1.jpg)

Long faces

No. 28748

The neck…

Why do people feel like the need to make tutorials if they can't draw?

No. 28758

File: 1556329933482.png (1.19 MB, 728x1366, art_trade_with_hyena97_by_soli…)

I checked out her gallery and I wish I hadn't.

No. 28808


they're blind to how bad their art is since yes-men always compliment their shitty content. and if someone points it out, they'd just say that it's a "quick sketch" or "I only worked on it for a few minutes".

No. 28838

To boost their ego

No. 28849

File: 1556360930917.png (528.45 KB, 720x740, 20190426_104159.png)

So obvious that its traced

No. 28863

File: 1556373257165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,14.42 KB, 500x382, images (1).jpeg)

How can you even fuck a literal rock?

No. 29214

File: 1556506399498.jpg (104.67 KB, 887x901, __cs___soft_boys_by_allcapsalo…)

No. 29215

File: 1556506425775.jpg (132.01 KB, 774x1033, __cs___kitten_love_by_allcapsa…)

No. 29217

File: 1556506523944.jpg (133.91 KB, 1024x766, __oc___90s_anime_style___still…)

Ugh the stupid gay rainbow colors are driving me insane. Why do people always do this??

No. 29218

Forgot to add. Its not cute, its stupid and on the nose

No. 29226

File: 1556511003753.jpg (76.38 KB, 752x1062, raven_trap_by_bdoneart_dd5fgpb…)

What. The. Fuck.

No. 29227

File: 1556511078719.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.19 KB, 740x1080, tip_your_waitress_by_bdoneart_…)

The anatomy is so bad its actually funny

Its like two separate people kek

No. 29238

File: 1556518803398.jpg (253.48 KB, 1280x1261, tumblr_inline_pqit6iR8Nn1ufahk…)

No. 29241

Is that my little pony?

No. 29250


Sombra from Overwatch

No. 29251

why is this thread only being kept alive by one anon obsessively combing through the femboy tag on DA now lmao

No. 29264

File: 1556536306620.jpg (396.54 KB, 1078x1066, IMG_20190429_1.jpg)

Someone paid money for this

No. 29266

Hak hak

No. 29267

it looks like the ms paint drawings I used to make when I was 12

No. 29296

Hope they get their money back

No. 29370

File: 1556570517864.jpg (242.87 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20190429-164001_Ins…)

No. 29403

File: 1556579667440.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.34 KB, 850x1242, shittilypaintedsexoffender.jpe…)

Lol at that lower body and random katana.

No. 29409

The arm holding the dick looks so off, like the shading on it is so different than the rest of the body that it looks pasted on

No. 29414

Did someone grab someone else's art and shopped a dick into it?

No. 29416

Sakimichan draws dick out or tits out versions of her own art all the time, this looks especially terrible so could be someone else's work but it's not far off from her own level of shitty.

No. 29417

No not sesshomaru too…

That hand looks like she took it from a pic and slapped it on her art

No. 29545

File: 1556628914114.png (327.3 KB, 1114x540, this kills me.png)

way to ruin the integrity of the character's colour palette/ethnicity

No. 29649

Do you think she might be hiring people to help her with her art? There are ghost writers in the writing world no reason ghostartists cant be a thing. Her older art is a lot better not like she can't do better. Maybe she can't keep up with what she has promised her patreon backers and is using assistants to maintain her output.

No. 29678

File: 1556678810451.jpg (111.69 KB, 780x1024, pentagram_eye_by_shadownendis_…)

No. 29684

File: 1556683531256.png (430.2 KB, 720x563, 20190501_120039.png)

No. 29685

File: 1556683556162.png (443.19 KB, 720x585, 20190501_120220.png)

No. 29686

File: 1556683652451.png (492.45 KB, 720x719, 20190501_120109.png)

No. 29699

File: 1556700389380.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.23 KB, 751x1064, role_reversal_01_16_by_fetishh…)

No. 29700

I'm not sure if I'm disgusted or impressed that artist had the confidence to post this tripe.

No. 29701

dear god, please tell me the phrase on her sweatshirt isn't supposed to be her ulti voice line…..

also i am sick and tired of people drawing mouths like this.

No. 29702

thanks for posting even more (unspoilered) shota sissy porn, really appreciate it.

No. 29704

File: 1556705600172.png (542.07 KB, 692x540, tumblr_pf2p9e6QgQ1vf0xqgo3_128…)

A lot of artists are developing this awful semi-realistic "fix anime" arstyle.
Sage because i uploaded the wrong pic before lol

No. 29705

Is this OC or just traced panels from the manga?

No. 29706

Edited racebent manga panel with extra coloring. I think it counts in this thread, i could be wrong though.

No. 29707

Why can't they just leave Japanese people alone

No. 29735

File: 1556727314561.jpg (97.8 KB, 860x929, cookierun_by_monarch_rks_dd5ua…)

those hands…

No. 29744


Oh my god, they didn't even get the line right??

It's supposed to be "turning out the lights" in Mexican dialect Spanish.

No. 29747


The 'Propaganda is Useless' thing is a meme from Saltyphish, an Overwatch youtuber jsyk.

No. 29766

Isn't she making something like nearly a million per year based off her Patreon, print sales, and con activity? She would have more than enough to pay some poor no-name digital artist to help her out with some art so that has to be what's happening. Based off that ugly picture though, she's probably too greedy to hire someone with better skills though. Her fan base probably is too dumb to care anyways.

No. 29803

File: 1556744065389.jpg (87.36 KB, 1080x1080, 7907af4ac3556aa7ca097e7d3800ea…)

No. 29811

wtf is her nose? The cut in her eyebrow is in the wrong spot. She's even missing her beauty mark ffs

No. 29837


sugar, spice, and an extra chromosome

No. 29838

File: 1556764722428.jpeg (210.09 KB, 2048x2732, Digital art- Yellow Instagram;…)

No. 29849

phone app, perhaps? or just an incompetent preteen?

No. 29908

File: 1556812462760.jpg (31.41 KB, 500x623, tumblr_pqu68hoCCg1y9nxp2o1_500…)

No. 29991

File: 1556865333139.jpg (75.32 KB, 790x1012, sailor_uniform_deku_by_dany_te…)

More bad bnha

No. 30000

File: 1556875883420.png (674.64 KB, 720x805, 20190503_173029.png)

These art tutorials/advice just get worse and worse

Theres just so many stuff that are just wrong i dont wanna type it all out

No. 30021

they need to hold their fuckin horses. no point in being a teacher if all your teaching is bullshit

No. 30037

File: 1556890828123.jpg (544.85 KB, 1079x1069, IMG_20190503_1.jpg)

She looks like a worm

No. 30073

File: 1556903184605.png (880.21 KB, 1280x1781, 89920a54-c090-4022-9037-4a42ff…)

this isn't that bad imo. looks like medieval art of a siren or something. but technically, the teeth are bad

pic related, school shooter fandoms are one of the weirdest escapisms

No. 30075

File: 1556903292692.png (293.98 KB, 381x810, 11c3b324-68c0-4b45-9204-b974a6…)

Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal

No. 30077

File: 1556903480186.jpg (171.59 KB, 1061x1266, 59162dde-1be1-4412-aa97-a84be2…)

No. 30078

File: 1556903556049.jpg (165.55 KB, 756x1227, 5c7668bb-3ce6-42d8-8e75-6e00dc…)

these are all the same artist

No. 30079

File: 1556903632874.png (188.3 KB, 720x626, Screenshot_20190503-190906~2.p…)

No. 30080

File: 1556903923903.png (176.62 KB, 720x904, Screenshot_20190503-191706~2.p…)

someone else

No. 30082

File: 1556904287716.jpg (344.45 KB, 1280x1280, e7012b51-3760-402c-9ea1-e943f4…)

No. 30083

Looks like the scout from TF2

No. 30084

File: 1556904438499.jpg (435.21 KB, 1280x1707, ba5f28b7-2384-47f0-95ba-8e5d7c…)

No. 30085

File: 1556904484470.jpg (349.1 KB, 1280x1707, b7af613d-5a94-4294-a1d1-97cacd…)

last one

No. 30086

That's exactly what tcc on tumblr is.
Btw I saw a few really good drawn pictures, shame the topic is serial killers.

No. 30087

File: 1556904844956.jpg (453.18 KB, 1195x1280, 16420174-2908-4772-af81-768889…)

oh shit, I forgot this gem

yes, some of it is just beginner art or really good art actually. Some of them are genuinely just interested in crime, too. Others want to think about Dahmer's willy and imagine what his favourite toys would be teehee~ whatever floats your boat I guess

No. 30089

File: 1556907616152.png (193.61 KB, 540x660, tumblr_pqxe94Vip21y8r9e9o1_540…)

this is supposed to be John Lennon and Paul Mccartney…..

No. 30091

"I'm gonna give him round glasses and it'll be fine

No. 30129

File: 1556923788409.jpg (79.06 KB, 907x881, power_of_love_by_lopoddity_dcx…)

Looks like she smelled a really bad fart

No. 30147

File: 1556929521944.jpeg (416.89 KB, 1212x1388, 648FECB7-1FB1-4912-AD6C-EB4A43…)

Someone promoted this

No. 30161

No. 30173

South Park seriously attracts the most autistic art.

No. 30189

File: 1556969058597.jpg (676.88 KB, 1049x1074, IMG_20190504_2.jpg)


No. 30309

File: 1557027277049.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.86 KB, 951x2048, FB_IMG_1557026987584.jpg)

No. 30317

This looks kind of cool imo

No. 30318

Is that Andrew Blaze dressed as a Columbine shooter?

No. 30343

it is, I think he did that, not sure though

she has a basketball on her regular-sized head, I refuse to believe otherwise. anime was a mistake

euw lol

No. 30386

lmao is this dingdongtv? Since he joined oneyplays his fandom is 90% thirsty teen girls

No. 30387

the longer i stare the more i see the other mistakes jfc

No. 30393

I looks like they frankendolled loli art with regular hentai art wtf

No. 30419

I just went through the youtube channel of the girl that animated this and apparently they made they are 16.

A grown man hired a 16 year old to make an official music video for him. I'm proud of her, but how could you look at this and say 'I could post this to my thousands of fans'

No. 30428

Some of the timing is off

No. 30444

File: 1557114828764.png (647.69 KB, 600x716, bracelet_girls_by_snowydoe_dau…)

No. 30507

File: 1557147324729.png (627.15 KB, 720x712, 20190504_095727.png)

No. 30508

File: 1557147363297.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.38 KB, 751x1063, commission__oh_behave_by_blunt…)

No. 30570

File: 1557169227968.jpg (77.32 KB, 768x768, qrPn0E2qHu1gG8yq61X3lgdqTOlGiH…)

This is supposed to be Fjorm and Laegjarn from Fire Emblem Heroes.

No. 30593

the leg hair!

No. 30606

File: 1557190150667.png (Spoiler Image,753.64 KB, 960x720, picturemessage_jrtes05q.cvs-1_…)

No. 30681

File: 1557237778093.jpeg (16.5 KB, 556x551, images (1).jpeg)

Prismo fanart…

No. 30688

File: 1557242226488.jpg (20.19 KB, 484x628, FB_IMG_1557226572477.jpg)

No. 30724

I died laughing at this.

No. 30728

Sometimes I see shitty art and say "hey, I know what they were trying to do." but with this I'm just confused.

No. 30742

I laughed too haha it's great

No. 30758

This looks like the monster from THHPII

No. 30760

File: 1557295490011.png (902 KB, 720x959, 20190508_140451.png)

I laughed so hard at how awkward this looks

No. 30761

File: 1557295550012.png (516.13 KB, 720x711, 20190508_140522.png)


No. 30805

I like the character design. Too bad the art is shit.

No. 30810

File: 1557334934520.png (207.54 KB, 720x758, 20190509_010005.png)

An edgier version of blue pearl, plus why does her crotch looks like its suppose to the back view?

No. 30811

The character is actually from a game

No. 30821

File: 1557339414301.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.52 KB, 483x960, FB_IMG_1557311934174.jpg)

Seriously what the fuck

No. 30825

File: 1557344563845.png (Spoiler Image,624.8 KB, 737x956, Asra_portrait.png)

This is the original

No. 30842

File: 1557368348795.png (Spoiler Image,599.81 KB, 1129x653, here..png)

I feel like if I scroll all the way through this guy's gallery I'll get a computer virus or a skeleton will pop out or st

No. 30843

Ew you can see the veins and shit

No. 30844

File: 1557371109831.png (579.84 KB, 718x1112, i_m_a_bad_guy_by_sammy__mu_dd6…)

Omg how is this so bad

Wth is wrong with the other hand??

No. 30913

File: 1557432889618.jpg (444.47 KB, 1079x1005, Screenshot_20190507_1.jpg)

the hair…

No. 30933

File: 1557448167289.jpg (98.44 KB, 938x852, fanart_for_ionoreo_inron_iorn_…)

No. 30934

File: 1557448264044.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.26 KB, 871x917, i_draw_big_pp_by_rottenkamoku_…)



I feel personally violated by just looking at these

No. 30947


She straight up just copypasted a 3d model`s arms. She was never that good by bow she`s not even trying, just coasting for the money to come in

No. 30950

File: 1557465613871.jpg (157.33 KB, 768x946, 20190510_011845.jpg)

The artist is apparently 24

No. 30960

Doesn't deserve to be posted here, I mean it's not a professional art but it's not hideous… pretty cute tbh. Seems like a vendetta

No. 30972

this is straight up shotacon wtf

No. 30978

Eh… Ive seen worse

No. 30985

Yeah definitely

No. 30998

File: 1557509007289.jpg (421.13 KB, 1280x1360, tumblr_oqy5bp0B4i1tpelqio2_128…)

this is a commission apparently

No. 31026

File: 1557523410747.png (Spoiler Image,744.79 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20190510-232023~2.p…)

checked up on my favourite retard on instagram today

No. 31027

File: 1557523487192.png (Spoiler Image,696.85 KB, 720x1016, Screenshot_20190510-232027~2.p…)

No. 31028

File: 1557523606783.png (53.82 KB, 720x374, Screenshot_20190510-232618~2.p…)

No. 31030

File: 1557523791506.png (211.81 KB, 720x760, Screenshot_20190510-232915~2.p…)

No. 31032

File: 1557523954321.png (Spoiler Image,466.75 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_20190510-233122~2.p…)

No. 31042

Didnt know this thread is for porn now…

No. 31044

>>31030 no hyi vittu

No. 31045

sorry, I'll refrain from posting her in the future. I didn't know how much porn was allowed on insta. Shit app

No. 31046

Intentional disproportion. The coloring isn't bad, so the breasts were made that large intentionally. Some body parts could do with some work though.

No. 31054

File: 1557542739630.png (1.63 MB, 1386x1032, .white_rabbit_by_bloodshi-d9el…)

The eyes on this are beyond screwed up

No. 31056


dunning krueger

No. 31181

File: 1557659671517.jpg (162.31 KB, 1089x1474, IMG_20190512_141046_707.jpg)

dat nose

No. 31182

A modern fucking masterpiece.

No. 31202

Looks like a fucking tumor

No. 31210

Rejected sketchbooks are a goldmine of cringe

No. 31211

To be clear she was going for one of the most prestigious art schools with this book

No. 31212

To be clear she was going for one of the most prestigious art schools with this book

No. 31223

Yeah i saw that vid before and the drawings are absolute trash no wonder she didnt get in

No. 31237

File: 1557735715755.jpg (707.91 KB, 1079x1046, IMG_20190513_1.jpg)

The faces… the hands…

No. 31238

whats the message here ?

No. 31265

They are very gay

No. 31271

Is the one on the left supposed to be the EU???

No. 31297

for some reason this reminds me of holly and her sketchbook that got her accepted to an art school when the art was complete garbage

No. 31300


Relationship between Nato & EU

No. 31315

I keep staring at where the compass rose wasn't erased. It's all bad, but that's just lazy.

No. 31338

How does that make sense like do these people reaaally think NATO is like… Europe's puppet? It's more like NATO members (including those in the EU) cover and collaborate in American intervention for their interest, but mostly for America's interest

No. 31348


why would they do this to my girl lottie

No. 31383

File: 1557846826432.png (313.58 KB, 900x900, dd6ukqy-27275d30-d83e-4668-aed…)

No. 31493

Holly was lying lol

No. 31512

File: 1557951525280.jpg (167.92 KB, 800x1200, kagomeee.jpg)

The style is newish, but that fucking leg hair…

No. 31513

Why did they draw Kagome with bear legs? Even if it was about 'realism', most Asian women do not have that level of body hair.

No. 31531

To be fair, by the skin tone it looks like the artist race bent her so the leg hair would be possible lmao

No. 31546

eh, I like it. The leg hair doesn't bother me

No. 31584

forget the leg hair, the face is a real disaster. WTF

No. 31601

File: 1558009414638.jpeg (49.51 KB, 501x611, images (1).jpeg)

This character design looks so out of place considering its a summer camp island oc

No. 31626

Do you…do you think leg hair isn't universal to our entire species or something?

No. 31628

File: 1558031193394.jpg (415.93 KB, 1076x989, IMG_20190516_1.jpg)

A tragedy indeed

No. 31629

Leg hair aside, she only has half a face

No. 31633

>>31601 >>31628

No. 31634

I fucking hate those hands. They look like they got crushed. Christ.
And that neck is just. Ow.

No. 31636

I kin of dig it, you can tell it's an stylistic choice.

No. 31638

File: 1558039726855.png (1.39 MB, 987x657, fucking ugly idols.PNG)

thanks twitter for this horror

No. 31755

Theyre hair looks like wigs

No. 31756

I dunno i just found it on google when i typed summer camp island oc

No. 31796

File: 1558093709446.jpeg (30.26 KB, 352x550, images (2).jpeg)

Why do they have to mix in that uguu anime shit in fucking spongebob

No. 31797

File: 1558094198170.jpg (93.02 KB, 1024x711, mido_x_mujo_by_koumi_senpai_db…)

Trashy "yaoi

No. 31808

File: 1558107426632.jpg (294.01 KB, 678x825, squidward kun.jpg)

This picture just reminded me that picture attached exists

No. 31809

File: 1558108871946.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, gross.jpg)

No. 31829

This reminds me of ‘00 yaoi humor. Nowadays, they’d be black, amputees and trans.

No. 31830

Lmao does Koumi even do anything anymore, said he was going to quit Yandere Sim art then drew the main character getting fucked by a dog smh

No. 31840

this is hilarious

No. 31841

This is a fucking treasure and a relic
Holy fuck

No. 31857

You know the artist?

No. 31879

File: 1558194973013.jpg (182.94 KB, 732x961, CherryShock-365597-Spongebob_H…)

No. 31880

File: 1558195001691.jpeg (57.66 KB, 487x629, images (4).jpeg)

No. 31881

File: 1558195040846.jpeg (14.91 KB, 221x228, images (3).jpeg)

No. 31882

Forgot to add
Ive always been deeply disturbed by baby fetishes

No. 31903

Does that count?

No. 31943

File: 1558244194320.jpg (66.23 KB, 600x750, queen.jpg)

No. 32551

File: 1558361748233.jpg (74.75 KB, 1024x629, foxy_is_naked_by_kandixnecosxn…)

No. 32552

File: 1558361880468.jpg (74.3 KB, 1024x650, foxy_x_chica_vore_by_kandixnec…)

No. 32597

File: 1558402552371.jpg (70.83 KB, 979x816, __crave_it____by_komore_bi_dcf…)

No. 32599

Squashed faces and weird glowing blushes, but otherwise not really hideous? Standard bullshit animu

No. 32627

looks ok

No. 32638

File: 1558449734697.jpg (113.97 KB, 944x846, pentagrin_by_invadergaya_dbb8i…)

Sum pentagrin fanart

No. 32649

File: 1558459830429.png (961.33 KB, 2240x1812, spongb.png)

No. 32652

looks traced

No. 32654

ok but Gary is adorable

No. 32660

This isn't bad. Smells like vendetta, anon

No. 32664

Nta and I disagree. Weird that of all the shit itt this would be the one thing that gets accused of being vendetta.

No. 32676

That's kind of cute.

No. 32704

File: 1558499624076.png (212.92 KB, 500x500, black albino spongebob.png)

uh no
i posted it because of this comment
>Nowadays, they’d be black, amputees and trans.

i just thought it was funny that i found something that fulfilled other anon's comment, on tumblr of course

No. 32706

File: 1558500191555.jpg (221.31 KB, 800x1000, tumblr_prq1aoHV1Q1webipeo1_128…)

No. 32739

File: 1558529231685.jpg (99.56 KB, 1024x700, brother_conichalcites_by_thebs…)

No. 32740

File: 1558529301025.jpg (59.89 KB, 864x925, kyanite_by_toughcreampuff_da33…)

jfc these fugly steven universe ocs

No. 32741

code lyoko oh my

No. 32778

File: 1558554726229.png (2.29 MB, 1279x2048, Screenshot_20190522-145111.png)


No. 32803

File: 1558569073018.png (3.18 MB, 1750x1224, _oh_my____what_do_we_have_here…)

No. 32804

the noses look like a nose from a rat , are they felix and his girlfrined?

No. 32818

shit they do lol, yep it's pewds and his gf

No. 32905

File: 1558670753873.png (490.62 KB, 900x600, dd681gh-c173552e-3450-409c-9a1…)

Another one of those dainties

No. 32910

File: 1558674880894.jpg (88.16 KB, 1057x756, tearex___main_body_reference_b…)

Those closed species things on deviantart always struck me as incredibly stupid. Smash two things together and complain when other people draw that without your permission. Like its a fucking dear with socks. Try and stop me from drawing that and making money off of it. Or a demon with space colors. Really damn creative species there. Or tea pot plus dinosaur. Wtf.

No. 32965

File: 1558721047246.jpg (Spoiler Image,594.49 KB, 2705x3500, 42bb0b7.jpg)

What the actual fuck is this weird dick. Why do people pay for this?

No. 32966

File: 1558721115230.jpeg (99.08 KB, 708x1128, CB92CC16-FA0F-461B-8F27-C2B393…)

No. 32970

Sakimichan's anatomy is horrible. The guy with the black hair's legs are way too small, as are his hands. The way the shoulder is located on the blond character. His nipples would be facing forward in that position, and his junk is too far to the right. Just noticed how long the black haired guy's leg is, sitting under the blond. The wrist and angle of the blond's hand on the other guy is awkward too; the pinky shouldn't be showing, and only part of the ring finger. I get that no one's art is going to be perfect, but this is really bad for someone who nearly mades a new car in payments on Patreon every month. All of her faces look exactly the same too. I get shit anytime I've ever criticized her work.

No. 32978

File: 1558728682446.png (66.75 KB, 200x237, congrats your oc is blue andy …)

No. 32984

File: 1558735959433.jpg (485.42 KB, 644x1425, 20190524_190656.jpg)

I'm with you anon, people always defend her work because they are better than the avarege, but that's bs. I can't remember the last time I saw a drawing she made that people weren't deformed. I understand that at first glance most people don't see the mistakes, but the longer you look at it the more obvious they become. Pic related is how she ALWAYS bends women's back into this fucked up position. The more time passes the more lazy she has become.

No. 32999

Kek. Omg i love you anon

No. 33000

Heh yeah anon, no wonder their community is so damn toxic

Also, is that tea pot dinosaur for real or a joke?

No. 33036

It seems like a joke, but there are so many OCs listed that are being sold for $5 to $50, depending on the artist. It's not too bad, but it was just an example i found of two things smashed together to make some shitty closed species.

No. 33039

File: 1558795163608.png (Spoiler Image,262.7 KB, 720x709, 20190525_223843.png)

No. 33068

This is more subjective, but saki uses the same composition. Sexy guy/gal with bright light behind them.

No. 33230

Is that Holly and ProJared?

No. 33252

File: 1558920726912.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.69 KB, 764x960, FB_IMG_1558920655374.jpg)

How horrifying

No. 33259


Some terrible ship art

No. 33381

File: 1558994185428.jpeg (165.95 KB, 1242x1585, AD9B98C4-A16E-4464-99D5-2C9850…)

No. 33410

Its tiny right ear. Wow.

No. 33424

File: 1559010593407.jpg (157.39 KB, 900x1048, clothes_with_a_meaning_by_choc…)

Also a Mormon, which might explain this.

No. 33425

File: 1559010657048.jpg (95.78 KB, 600x1048, i_am_chocolatesketch_by_chocol…)

No. 33427

File: 1559010754731.jpg (76.07 KB, 600x828, ian_profile_by_chocolatesketch…)

No. 33429

File: 1559010901688.jpg (137.46 KB, 900x1135, meet_madie_the_witch_by_chocol…)

No. 33430

>OrpaHnEd and raised by her gRnaDmother

No. 33431

File: 1559011175473.jpg (29.62 KB, 600x795, kari_profile_by_chocolatesketc…)

No. 33436

oml that typography
GrAPHic deSIgN iS MY pASSIon

No. 33476

I like this one, reminds me of being a 13 y/o weeb. Very nostalgic

No. 33480

This is the only one with mild funny the rest are just boring high school shit anon

No. 33494

These aren't necessarily hideous. The artist doesn't suck at art, just at making OCs. Sure, the art is amateurish, but there is much, much worse that is absolutely hilarious. They aren't even that bad either, they're just part of a phase a lot of writers go through in high school. These don't belong here.

No. 33509

not only that but they're also 9-10 years old. i went to the artist's dA and they haven't been active in years

No. 33688

File: 1559180232196.jpg (60.25 KB, 911x877, mirai_by_domino_cat_dd82ylr-pr…)

That face…

No. 33713

This is amazing

No. 33974

File: 1559393860234.jpg (82.35 KB, 1084x737, ocean_end_by_otacaz_dd7v605-pr…)

No. 33990

Did someone step on him? Because their feet are so pointy they could kill someone.

No. 34056

File: 1559486951755.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.4 KB, 774x1032, 2b_by_tesan_andrey_dd4yxbx-pre…)

No. 34059

File: 1559487194553.png (169.27 KB, 836x955, cc_bust_day_by_jjultimo15-dcsc…)

I dont even understand whats happening

No. 34129

File: 1559514484997.jpg (333.7 KB, 1689x473, sonas_by_jjultimo15-dah1e40.jp…)

Same artist, albeit several years ago. Most of these are mediocre, but the weird textures make my eyes burn.
also, god DAMN that watermark

No. 34153

File: 1559532063776.png (Spoiler Image,33.69 KB, 587x523, images.png)

No. 34154

File: 1559532157071.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.34 KB, 628x488, images (2).jpeg)


Looks like this person also has a foot fetish

No. 34161

File: 1559545371485.jpeg (200.79 KB, 828x1148, EA5D3CCF-9CD5-4A63-A4A5-D7EA91…)

Found this looking for refrigerator magnets on ebay.

No. 34178

mmm beautifel wymyn …. show bob …

No. 34187

these are fucking fantastic

No. 34213

File: 1559602471357.png (Spoiler Image,859.6 KB, 720x992, Screenshot_20190604-004213~2.p…)


No. 34216

File: 1559606047082.jpg (104.69 KB, 796x1004, _oc_colored_sketch_______u_wan…)

that bimbo hour glass figure tho

No. 34224

I dont recognize the character, is that supposed to be a dude?

No. 34225

Seems like that is the case

No. 34228

Yes its a dude, he has a full package

No. 34236

File: 1559641272433.jpeg (76.3 KB, 1049x720, D7iGiJCWkAASuOj.jpeg)

degenerate dA art will always be funny to me
from the bad dA art twitter

No. 34237

File: 1559641355104.jpeg (44.59 KB, 1275x627, D6lrXINWAAAQryM.jpeg)

No. 34240

File: 1559641599465.png (38.48 KB, 900x770, D5R234ZX4AgR93w.png)

just why

No. 34242

lmfao this is reminiscent of the drawing of the guy shitting into a pelicans mouth. I relate to both of them.

No. 34243

File: 1559642647613.jpg (348.57 KB, 1280x1214, tumblr_pnelouoNrW1vgxdv0o2_r1_…)

i laughed at this one so fucking hard

No. 34247

Im so sick of people that keep saying "TRANS RIGHTS" & "GAY RIGHTS" :'O UWU

its so obnoxious

No. 34265

God damn that's supposed to be the Sufferer and the Psionic. That's. Wow.

No. 34345

File: 1559692387466.jpg (38.78 KB, 474x474, f06e3a56c2fef62a48384853a4a26a…)


In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone too far

No. 34356

What is on the yellow one's head, a weird hijab?

No. 34406

File: 1559718046626.png (1 MB, 1534x1312, 1559695722316.png)

The message is nice but both look like monsters

No. 34446

File: 1559744642597.jpg (102.21 KB, 782x1022, 2_4_by_mizu3d_d9vk3os-pre.jpg)

They are brothers.

No. 34447

plz use spoiler. god i hate anybody who unironically ships the characters from that show

No. 34451

BLmatsu is nothing new, osomatsu-san is like one of if not the most popular series for BL shipping/weird kinky doujins in japan. Search osomatsu on pixiv without the adult content filter on and 98% of it will be bl and/or porn.

Why do people have to keep spamming porn ITT?

No. 34504

File: 1559780082952.png (76.7 KB, 792x908, file.png)

No. 34510

When you can only draw portraits

No. 34602

File: 1559850856486.jpg (474.88 KB, 1041x1600, RCO004.jpg)

I've been reading the Dream Daddy comics (don't judge me, I thought the game was very cute for what it's worth) and the quality of art ranges from barely passable (1st issue) to quite good (5th issue), but the 3d issue has to take the cake.
What the fuck is this?

The artists ig is @jarrettwilliams and apparently I've seen his work before in Zim where it wasn't that bad at all.

No. 34683

File: 1559906204459.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.29 KB, 930x860, soda_kitty__censored__by_asymm…)

No. 34684

File: 1559906323038.png (444.35 KB, 1131x707, oreo_and_canela_by_pelusita_fi…)


No. 34685

File: 1559908814043.png (690.46 KB, 1024x832, 1559888489135.png)

No. 34763

i don't get what part of this is supposed to be bad/hideous

No. 34791

i reckon it'd be the gross shotabait shit

No. 34880

File: 1559993552321.png (Spoiler Image,436.39 KB, 600x848, dd8sgph-3d333d51-0de8-490e-88f…)

The concept is nasty and the face is ugly..

No. 34949

File: 1560034922231.jpg (58.58 KB, 644x460, kristen-wiig-awkward-face-e144…)

cows deserve better

No. 34953

Why do degenerates always like their gross cartoon porn so over-rendered?

How is this deformed slimy creature even attractive to anyone? Tragic

No. 34958

File: 1560039292692.gif (776.99 KB, 930x768, the fuck.gif)

can terrible animation count as bad art?
cause I just found this beauty

No. 34960

File: 1560040584208.png (1.83 MB, 1200x865, 1559239751070.png)

God even having this picture makes me feel I am going to be on a list somewhere. Plus looks like they got flattened or something.

No. 34961

The blue hat kid looks like black squidward.

No. 34962

File: 1560041302994.gif (117.02 KB, 540x348, d15.gif)

Raku-chan is that you?

No. 34964

File: 1560042958208.jpg (51.95 KB, 400x676, pride_ych_by_pandadough_dd8hd6…)

I never saw the appeal of overly wide hips like these that have stick torsos

I just find is gross and heavy looking

No. 34965


related: i also dont like when people draw "fat" characters with protruding tummies or large legs only for them to have very slim faces and toothpick necks and arms

No. 34977

Thicc is a meme that should just die.

No. 34985

>tfw that's my real body type

No. 34996

File: 1560069791669.png (289.2 KB, 836x956, fishnet_by_alduingijinka_dd632…)

since we're talking about 'thicc' i found this person on dA and their ENTIRE gallery is this 'femboy' shit

No. 34997

File: 1560069894759.jpg (Spoiler Image,96 KB, 894x894, swimsuit_2_by_alduingijinka_dd…)

this time, with bulge!

No. 35012

Most trashy femboy uwu artist are literally the worst. Just a bunch of Degenerates

No. 35017

File: 1560083590607.jpg (500.27 KB, 847x1200, 70785602_p4_master1200.jpg)

it's not as bad as some of the art itt, but it still made me cringe.

No. 35028

Damn, I guess women can fall for supernormal stimulus.

No. 35033

this looks ok to me…

No. 35076

Source? I like it.

No. 35099

File: 1560118151173.png (260.76 KB, 2089x2879, Capture479.PNG)

based off harley quinn

No. 35133

samefag; saged but update: the legs are semi-traced from a harley quinn poster(sage goes in the email field)

No. 35142

File: 1560146687283.png (639.72 KB, 720x1040, 20190610_140433.png)

Freckles can look cute even beautiful! But these just looks like dirt and that face tho

Ironic how this person states that this is their only oc that showers regularly…kek are you sure doesnt look like it?

No. 35162

What the fuck is this monstrosity? I'm not kidding when I say I don't want to touch them food in front of me right now after seeing this kek

No. 35193

This person draws alot of ugly looking faces

No. 35213

I think they choose or it's in their style to draw ugly people, but I don't know the artist.
I think it looks quite okay and technically good actually, I've seem published comics with similar art, not everything has to be beautiful.

No. 35241

this artist is always on my explore feed and seeing their stuff pains me.

No. 35242

forgot to sage i was in the heat of the moment

No. 35262

File: 1560226076287.jpg (96.08 KB, 1024x576, amour_sucre___kuraixcastiel_by…)

Super weird looking shit

No. 35264

looks trace, the face of the girl looks like one of the girls from higurashi no naku koro ni kai a old edgy anime wint moe girl killing echother, mo wander op made her ok some "sexy psychopath

No. 35337

Lmao edgy My Candy Love fanart? If you expected any less you're kidding yourself, that fandom is 90% 13 year olds

No. 35409

File: 1560335411987.png (234.64 KB, 670x1192, paperhat____black_hat_x_dr__fl…)

This ship

No. 35411

File: 1560335552469.png (368.63 KB, 720x625, 20190612_183109.png)

What the hell is this?? Its like a 10 yr old just got into y A O I and decided to draw some gay UwUs

No. 35422

File: 1560340542254.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.87 KB, 1280x959, okay but why.jpg)

This person really has a thing for OC x serial killer fanart. This is one that's relatively SFW out of their OC x serial killer work, but I spoilered it anyway

No. 35490

Who's the artist?

No. 35614

File: 1560424142825.jpg (237.25 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1559935740299.jpg)

No. 35634

File: 1560429641808.png (1.03 MB, 1064x751, crazy_diamond__palette_challen…)

the purple that was incorporated here looks really ugly and the pose looks awkward af

No. 35635

I dont understand whats happening in this mess

No. 35688

File: 1560461109971.jpeg (519.72 KB, 1298x1003, F528F184-C54D-4B04-AEDE-D274D8…)

I usually think this style is cute but that tiny fucking head is comical.

No. 35693


The tumours on the bottom of her feet lmao

No. 35713

This took me too long to realize this was supposed to be an animu girl and not some neon Picasso rip off.

No. 35719

File: 1560489923182.jpeg (138.91 KB, 752x1062, 64F0F3EA-BC64-4C72-80C4-06D275…)

Where are her entails?

No. 35729

File: 1560493097091.jpeg (14.4 KB, 181x272, A44E043C-B68E-4EBF-8E10-FF72F9…)


No. 35732


I didn't know shad did gay art. I guess it doesn't matter as long as it is pedo

No. 35733

He only does gay stuff if it's pedophilia or trap. He's got this goth trap character trannies/4chan are obsessed with.

I would not be surprised if police have found his art on the hard-drive of convicted pedophiles.

No. 35752

shad you dumbfuck he's jewish

No. 35825

The real question is what fetish is this supposed to be

No. 35827

It's not a fetish piece (at least that's what I believe), she's suppose to be tap dancing.

No. 35857


>character doing something otherwise innocent

>related body parts more detailed than rest of image
>not fetish

if you say so

No. 35889

File: 1560555215733.jpeg (854.11 KB, 750x1186, E5EF0E43-2728-489D-A0F2-E9657D…)

Thanks for making me discover that tap dancing fetish actually fucking exists, anon.

No. 35890

Oh no.

No. 35892

File: 1560557730118.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.82 KB, 774x1032, rosalinda_in_the_big_mushroom_…)

Fetishists will like any kind of crappy art so long as their fetish of choice is drawn.

No. 35955

duh. quality isn't any where near their first priority, theyre all just trying to cum.

No. 35978

File: 1560609283803.jpg (98.04 KB, 500x635, tumblr_o3aamu57qy1qbz0tno5_500…)

No. 35979

File: 1560609344924.jpg (113.85 KB, 500x693, tumblr_o3aamu57qy1qbz0tno1_500…)

No. 35981

I like it. It seems like an style choice and the colors are nice.

No. 36005

File: 1560622928855.jpeg (89.63 KB, 858x931, D4CA31D3-526A-492B-8029-24A314…)

I like finding pictures like this one every once in a while. At first glance they look fine, but then you start to notice some really derpy mistakes hiding underneath a fuckton of “realistic” rendering, so the longer you look, the funnier it gets. It’s like magic eye, but with bad anatomy.

Agreed. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least the artist is skilled at stylization. Or is it the tumblr feminism aspect that makes them bad to you?

No. 36021

File: 1560642413405.jpg (44.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's on model anon.

No. 36026

File: 1560647873802.jpg (151.49 KB, 1018x1440, bird.jpg)

those hands and line art man

No. 36029

Fun fact of the day brightly colored birds are usually male not female. The male birds are brightly colored to attract mates.

No. 36030

Fun fact of the day what the fuck is that left arm

No. 36031

File: 1560650569889.png (148.57 KB, 281x517, dd7abzw-dccc5f4b-e96e-4af9-801…)

Its really aggravating when artists with a high level of skill and rendering fail to see the mistakes of the actual drawing

Like seriously. It look like the hair isnt even attached to the goddamn mishapen head! And god the face proportions

No. 36033

I think it's Kazooie from banjo kazooie and she's canonically a girl

No. 36036

File: 1560652688208.jpg (144.41 KB, 868x1200, D9ERdYCUEAE1Os3.jpg)

I hate porn artists

No. 36045

Did he get hit by a train as a child?

No. 36080


Is there a vagina on her stomach instead of a bellybutton??

No. 36126

File: 1560703924628.jpg (118.11 KB, 1018x1440, cuteboi.jpg)

>>36033 Anon here is right, it is Kazooie and that's why she's so brightly coloured.

Also here's another piece from the same artist.

No. 36158

File: 1560713862634.png (717.27 KB, 760x1066, Screenshot_20190616-212946.png)

I hate how popular these sakimi-chan clones have become. Everyone follows them like sheep.

No. 36159

File: 1560713909569.png (1013.47 KB, 760x1053, Screenshot_20190616-213810.png)

No. 36160

File: 1560713982212.jpg (730.52 KB, 1077x1198, IMG_20190616_1.jpg)

Why does she always draw these long faces

No. 36162

Forget the face. How are those legs connected?

No. 36308

Artist isn't all that bad, to be fair. A little too Disney imo

No. 36310

Nta but they’re bad because they’re boring subject wise and also the bee girl is canonically 13.

No. 36359

>Artist isn't all that bad
anon the person draw a big ass on a 13 year ols girl, also they are fucking borring is the same sakimi-chan anime but "realistic" shit

No. 36405

File: 1560937391962.jpg (409.33 KB, 975x1500, clean.jpg)

This is the official, non-variant cover for an actual Marvel comic book. There are 3' by 2' posters of this.

Everybody except Doreen looks like fucking Mick Jagger, even the women. Good lord, look what they did to Hulkling! This is an atrocity. If you though Liefeld was the worst Marvel had to offer, think again.

If you're an aspiring artist, I want you to look at this and know that the most successful comic company in the U.S. hired this person out of thousands of people.

No. 36423

File: 1560946036449.png (1.91 MB, 1388x1067, cancer vs aids.png)

No. 36435

If you flip it upside down, she look like a spider creepin on the ceiling

No. 36445

Iirc she got the job because of connections

No. 36567

I want to hate this but it has Marlon Bundo in it.

Why does such a pure creature have to be associated with such terrible people. Why.


Also Henderson is an insufferable brat on Twitter in addition to being a horrible artist iirc

No. 36569

My friend sends me the weird art that he finds, but he used to like this person's art. Looks like this art comes from the artist's NSFW Twitter: https://twitter.com/naughtybabs

No. 36581

This is an imageboard. For images.

No. 36595

File: 1561029789879.jpg (72.5 KB, 848x1200, D9cjhG2VUAAxEJN.jpg)

No. 36612

File: 1561034115222.jpg (62.66 KB, 969x825, the_crown_by_audiino_dbyu06n-p…)

jfc this is literally just traced/took a fucking image for the head and did a real shitty job to follow up the rest

omg this is just a prime example of being good at copying images but being shit at actually drawing from imagination. How the hell did this person think that this was good?? KEK

No. 36633

File: 1561040871519.jpg (860.76 KB, 1080x2096, #comicsgate, page 141.jpg)

There was a discussion on KF about her a while ago.

No. 36731

File: 1561075622641.png (411.52 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o9cj3v8yio1ro337fo1_128…)

Those broken crackhead legs

No. 36753

File: 1561081131052.png (461.61 KB, 1460x433, what.PNG)

absolutely love being greeted by pure visual ass when i go on tapas

No. 36758

Is this made by the guy who made that terrible tranny comic?

No. 36761

oh shit, you're right, it is him. i knew that style looked familiar, i just couldn't put my finger on it.

No. 36774

A grown-ass man drew this. My god.

No. 36781

File: 1561092885067.png (672.83 KB, 750x1334, C9CFE259-B884-4B14-864E-AC01F5…)

Artist is like a 30 somthing year old woman. What are these porprtions?

No. 36882

File: 1561152536225.jpg (100.04 KB, 1080x1080, why.jpg)

Why is the mha fandom like this

No. 36893

they either racebend the characters to hell and back, give them endless disabilities and mental illnesses, make everyone out to be lgbt and then pull shit like this and lastly they reee about people hating on them lol

No. 36904

File: 1561164349775.jpg (176.3 KB, 1920x1080, img_20180921_1549511554468068.…)

I actually thought this was Steven Universe fanart at first, holy god. Why is Mirio's hair pink? Why do they have eczema all over their arms? Why are they dressed like twelve year old girls? The fuck?

Pic related is what these characters are supposed to look like, for anons unfamiliar with the show.

No. 36969

File: 1561195609291.png (112.25 KB, 1214x658, sexy_chantency_by_tikiirishy-d…)

This gross wiggly looking thing

No. 36970

File: 1561195702823.jpeg (54.1 KB, 739x415, images (2).jpeg)

It reminds of this spongebob character lmao

No. 36995

File: 1561209553909.png (137.74 KB, 400x453, tumblr_ptheu0ylIv1tzuwvxo3_400…)

okay but why is Rei black

No. 36999

File: 1561212459533.png (166.38 KB, 708x1128, arsonist_annie_by_audiino_dc3b…)

i cant tell if this is a joke or not

No. 37000

File: 1561212547129.jpg (25.72 KB, 894x894, no_ones_gonna_take_my_soul_awa…)


No. 37001

File: 1561212613123.png (107.23 KB, 580x939, dd9fhc4-0938d7a3-3243-4ac0-ab6…)

No. 37004

Actually what I wanna know is what the hell's up with Asuka's left leg lol

No. 37007

File: 1561215591884.jpg (157.65 KB, 501x854, 20190620_181341.jpg)

Small head

No. 37016

since netflix put eva in their platform i'm sure we will get more os this new "japanese people aren't white they are poc aka BLACK

No. 37072

is this projared fanart?

No. 37110

No. 37124

S'not funny.

No. 37158

File: 1561277641664.png (1.56 MB, 1199x838, pukeoncanvas.png)

People bought one of these for real money and I weep every time I think about it.
The eyes in that left one looks like she knows how you die.

No. 37194

File: 1561296121382.jpg (105.94 KB, 682x1024, 1558814567752.jpg)

Look at those Forearms

No. 37224

who is this? i dig it.

No. 37232

File: 1561305915264.jpg (292.94 KB, 1032x1566, 987386d8a65e8ce594bda490c505b6…)

Jesus Christ, those forearms look like tree bark. This is Gerardo Sandoval's art, right?

All the men he draws look like they're fifty regardless of age. Ex: Wiccan (red cape) is seventeen here, but he looks like someone's dad in a Sasuke cosplay. Sandoval also has a yaoi hands issue, but it's not super evident here.

I wouldn't say he's a bad artist. I'm just not a fan of his style and styles like his. I don't like really angular, sketchy styles.

No. 37357

File: 1561332550003.jpg (Spoiler Image,703.57 KB, 1068x1439, FB_IMG_15613325029248852.jpg)

It just gets worse

No. 37372

Ugh… I hate how normalized toddler proportions are.

No. 37374

That broken angkle

also…is that a girl or a boy?….just wanna make sure

No. 37375

File: 1561338346232.jpg (91.35 KB, 736x968, 55b2b33794327ac9f69b10e5c8e61e…)

It looks fine until you notice the hips

No. 37420

Honestly this one isn't all that bad.
The perspective on it could use some work though.

No. 37422

Look closer, anon. Her right leg is growing out of her fucking ribcage.

No. 37425

File: 1561361189955.png (1.03 MB, 720x803, 20190624_152302.png)

That broken spine and ripcage is inexcusable, its like the rips are trying to leave the faggot lmao

No. 37462


No. 37475

File: 1561391779662.png (199.18 KB, 600x800, hell.png)

you ever just

No. 37476

Is that supposed to be kokichi?

No. 37526

File: 1561413925555.jpg (159.79 KB, 835x1200, coolanatomy.jpg)

I swear, these artists just draw around the tits with no regard for anatomy.

No. 37533

shoulder bigger than her fucking head kek

No. 37535

File: 1561418182588.jpg (719.14 KB, 1078x1073, IMG_20190625_1.jpg)


No. 37542

No its suppose to be an oc

No. 37543

File: 1561421535866.png (216.73 KB, 837x750, d9nlylo-c423bdbf-7c30-4fee-87d…)

I dunno how legit this tutorial is but it just looks weird af

No. 37544

its cuz its borderline fetish anon

No. 37593

Looks like art from someone who draws furry porn.

No. 37597

File: 1561445718722.jpg (63.51 KB, 500x300, NECA_ET_DRESS-UP_header.jpg)

what the fuck is that

No. 37623

That thing literally looks like a plastic surgery addict. Who the fuck sees this and thinks it looks good? It's terrifying.

No. 37627

File: 1561462294133.jpg (Spoiler Image,541.22 KB, 1077x1070, IMG_20190625_2.jpg)

Some of his stuff is really good but then he uploads things like this…

No. 37636

File: 1561467111390.jpg (205.42 KB, 628x868, dd9ffvo-b3995eb8-41bf-4b6d-90d…)

Gotta love the tiny guy, derpy eyes and random gay flags

No. 37637


No. 37650

File: 1561471801445.gif (1.62 MB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

I hate when people draw mouths protruding like that, makes me think of that caveman episode of Spongebob

No. 37727

File: 1561502421252.jpeg (308.05 KB, 452x621, 21509E27-8635-4C8D-8844-4952A2…)

1/3 from this ~artist~ on insta

No. 37728

File: 1561502468910.jpeg (439.97 KB, 640x784, DEF742C7-F9BA-4D45-B042-ADA8C6…)


No. 37729

File: 1561502566266.jpeg (145.07 KB, 610x532, 4B41B9EF-F3A5-4A4A-8E60-15144F…)


No. 37766

File: 1561545413893.jpg (45.23 KB, 500x625, 7BeZBPZZ.jpg)

This person has been drawing the same two white men for over 8 years (!!) and has not improved one fucking iota.

Sometimes I see them on twitter complaining that no one likes their art and how they wanna go to conventions but they're sure no one will buy their products like no shit sherlock it's all ugly as hell.

No. 37767


For comparison, that drawing was from 2019 and this one is for 2015.

I don't understand how it's even possible to draw so much for so long and not improve.

No. 37768

File: 1561545490819.jpg (36.26 KB, 500x400, ZJVu30wz.jpg)

No. 37773

These aren't amazing, but they aren't bad either.

I smell a vendetta-chan.

No. 37776

File: 1561556028186.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.63 KB, 1940x412, _cm__gwen_s_gain_from_francine…)

The front page of deviantart is… something else.

No. 37795

Agree, and at least it isn't typical anime style.

No. 37831

File: 1561591535799.png (174.61 KB, 450x550, 1560048475763.png)

Fujoshi drew this and I posted it in the last thread and thought I'd re-post it here.

No. 37833

File: 1561591745322.jpg (333.26 KB, 500x669, 1560048533291.jpg)

What the fuck are these boobs?

No. 37834

No. 37836

File: 1561592005636.jpg (365.84 KB, 800x713, d3g3vp6-0bf85de9-c44f-4181-af6…)

>That poop hair.
Seriously there hair looks like soft turds.

No. 37852

I never want DA to change

No. 37866

File: 1561609440907.jpg (120.14 KB, 720x1110, the_man_next_to_me_is_not_my_j…)

Leave jesus out of this

No. 37874

File: 1561614016278.jpg (88.6 KB, 538x800, 644e1baf9a653b4a29fc72d6f05586…)

Not really terrible but the faces are very off putting

No. 37877

Oh God is this is made by that Russian woman who has fetish foe eunuchs

No. 37882

Yeah that one

I didnt that artist had a thing for that o_o

No. 37884

File: 1561623376414.jpg (312.06 KB, 462x700, Sinnar_Eunuch.jpg)

I dislike her very much,she "reinterprets" real historical instances of Young boys getting mutilated and raped as beautiful and romantic
she never features any female characters but when she does their always obese and secondary

No. 37885

File: 1561623433083.png (41.07 KB, 529x588, Turk_91.png)

And this is what actually happened to eunuchs

No. 37886

Wow that is disgusting

No. 37903

File: 1561634607861.jpg (547.39 KB, 675x900, dd64ula-5dd70301-353c-4f26-99b…)

I looked her up and jeez even when i literally see women but theyre actually men (sometimes with boobs n all)

No. 37905

File: 1561635030677.jpg (313.49 KB, 549x900, dd2vzy1-f2648d35-ce43-4def-886…)

She considers these mostly men
This thing must have a micro dick or something cuz theres literally nothing

No. 37909

what a waste, that looks like a pretty short-haired woman. She could do lesbian art but no, too much mental illness.

No. 37910

Lol when you look at her gallery you might think she does lesbian art but in actuality those are gAY boIS

No. 37916

File: 1561639581571.jpg (478.19 KB, 1000x570, da9yy29-9e537b3a-3ad0-44bb-b4f…)

>This thing must have a micro dick or something cuz theres literally nothing
cuz their is nothing anon like I said she has a bizarre obsession with eunuchs mainly historical but also fictional

No. 37919

Samefag the pic she said in the description that the guy is intersex not an eunuch

No. 37920

Forgot to add

It should be the other around she must be delusional

No. 37927

File: 1561640972244.png (408.01 KB, 591x594, Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 14.08…)

I can't stop staring at the eyebrows.

No. 37930

File: 1561641723170.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.32 KB, 735x886, 58dee3af2643de4d461c38448cc993…)

I know that its probably a joke but that ass and broken back is just–

No. 37931

It's so fucking stupid fsr i can't stop laughing

No. 37938

My mistake anon, the person who drew this isnt the one we were talking about its actually someone that goes by the name "Elveo

No. 37941

Why someone female would romanticize a setting where women are veiled baby machines and eunuchs are erzats women is beyond me.

No. 37943

looks like macy williams

No. 37944

File: 1561648912973.jpg (335.63 KB, 1331x2048, 65567281_642728459537708_78621…)

people saying this style is an "acquired taste

No. 37954

File: 1561652443156.jpg (387.71 KB, 800x591, db87gs7-045c88d1-660b-43ff-94c…)

why would anyone choose to believe this ?

No. 37956

Jesus. If you're writing fiction and want to have a male character that can be pretty and talk about their feelings, just have a(n intact) dude who is pretty and can talk about their feelings. It'll be pretty stupid, but not this blatantly offensive.

No. 37957

File: 1561654068093.png (147.5 KB, 337x480, Radu_cel_Frumos_of_Wallachia_2…)

Radu wasn't even a Eunuch,he was a young man who was raped and molested for years by the ottoman Prince Mehmed but he was never castrated

No. 37978

Yikes, getting serious Rob Liefeld vibes off of this. "Acquired taste" my ass.

No. 38050

No, it's terrible.

The name looks Turkish. Unless it's a turkaboo Russian (that'd be a treat).

No. 38056

I guess your right

No. 38057

File: 1561701731621.png (Spoiler Image,159.19 KB, 720x1111, 20190628_135547.png)

Can someone please validate if her "so called facts about eunuchs" are real? I did do some research and some of her statements are just flat out not true but i did see that castrated men development gets stagnated and develops some feminine features but i dont think to this extent?

No. 38060

File: 1561702212421.png (Spoiler Image,769.77 KB, 720x939, 20190628_135522.png)

The post with the description

No. 38064

Why tf would a castrated man have tits, especially if he's thin? Most men don't produce enough eostrogen to cause that, even if they are castrated. And why tf would cutting your balls off make you taller? If anything, childhood castration would cause boys' height to plateau earlier. I'm no endocrinologist, but I'm also pretty sure chopping your balls off doesn't eliminate all testosterone from a person's system.

Also, I'm not trying to sound SJW-y, but when I google "eunuch" pretty much all the results are Black and Asian men- nothing looks even remotely like what she's drawing. From what I'm reading, most eunuchs seem to be slaves or priests, not bishounen princes(ses?) lmao. It's really gross that this artist is basically glorifying this huge human rights abuse– it's literally a form of childhood genital mutilation.

Given that this artist is Russian and that Russia is really homophobic, I would say that this lady is just a closeted lesbian. It's sad that this shit is more socially acceptable in Russia than being a normal gay person, but w/e.

No. 38070

why is she so obsessed with eunuchs? it's weird as shit.
there were different types of castration ottomans did, mostly they would crash the testicles and keep the penis but sometimes they would do the opposite, and sometimes they would crash both of them. if the eunuch was castrated before puberty they mostly wouldn't develop masculine features. it's understandable that their voices would stay high pitched since testosterone doesn't effect them like it effects normal men. there is no way that they would develop breasts unless ottomans had some secret millenial technology to inject estrogen to eunuchs lmao. the eunuchs that worked in sultan's harem would especially be handpicked amongst the most unattractive ones btw.

No. 38071

Thank you for responding fellow anons lmao

Glad to know that im not the only one that thinks this shit is retarted af and just spreads misinformation the comments in her posts just praises the shit out of these lies some of them even come off as mysogynistic(as much as i hate using that word). She probably just has a fetish for femboys but taken to the extreme

No. 38080

File: 1561715007896.jpg (99.35 KB, 595x920, 47d25bc9821c8151b4222ea25ac0f8…)

Sam Kieth ? I actually like the way he draws women, they look like actual human beings who can have imperfect bodies and still be worthy of respect (which is not common in capeshit).
He's at his best when drawing eerie non-superhero stuff, though, because then he gets more freedom in his colouring and lines and he doesn't do the extreme muscle stuff.

No. 38088

File: 1561718778051.jpg (58.45 KB, 596x379, CixiEunuchs.jpg)

Historically eunuchs were the servants of elite women in various Empires their were also instances of priests and holy men in various cultures who would willingly castrate themselves to remove desire from themselves and attain a closer relationship with God
This is what Eunuchs actually looked like

No. 38092

File: 1561720413752.png (Spoiler Image,269.34 KB, 720x641, 20190628_191000.png)

Now this is retarted

No. 38093

File: 1561720535441.png (Spoiler Image,94.38 KB, 720x621, 20190628_191033.png)

The smugness of her reply…

No. 38094

i think some of them are true, but others are just her fetish speaking lol. eunuchs did grow taller than average because they never went through puberty so their epiphyseal plates (sp?) didnt seal properly so they grew taller than average or something like that. they did have higher voices and i believe they also had no/less body hair than normal men but idk.

also, eunuchs looked like men, like in >>38088
not like the fetish pictures she draws. this is one of the most bizarre fetishes ive seen lol, does this girl have her own thread?

No. 38097

No she doesnt unfortunately but maybe we can talk about her in the general artist thread?

No. 38098

Can someone make a separate thread about her
I feel she's a huge potential cow

No. 38099

File: 1561722248348.jpg (38.73 KB, 422x599, 422px-sebah_pascal_e28093_otto…)

what a Real African Eunuch looked like

No. 38100

File: 1561722306163.jpg (240.89 KB, 500x660, 1535128544695.jpg)

and here's how she draws them

No. 38101


No. 38102

I feel the way too but i dunno how to make a thread

No. 38103

Has she ever chimped?

No. 38104

Is that Jesus?

No. 38108

The Beard is Al-Amin the Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate and the black boy is his "lover" Kauthar

from Wikipedia
>The fact that Al-Amin was known to be sexually attracted to men - specifically male eunuchs - was regarded by contemporaries as a serious character defect.[14] Al-Tabari recorded al-Amin's fondness for eunuchs, his personal extravagance, and an intense irritation when singers sang songs that were not very auspicious - describing how the king fell madly in love with his male slave, Kauthar, whom he had named after a river in paradise.[15]To address the issue of homosexual attraction, his mother (Zubayda), is said to have arranged for slave women to be dressed in masculine clothing in the hope of inducing him to adopt more "conventional morals" and further heirs.

No. 38109

So it's yaoi fanart of historical gay figures.

It's bad enough for someone to be a fujoshi, but perving on dead people with mutilated genitals takes it to a whole new level.

No. 38111

If you go to her da profile look up the top non english comments and translate it, they addressed so many glaring issues about her stuff its amazing

No. 38112

Yea pretty much

No. 38114

Nothing wrong with drawing gay art of gay people but a ruler with his mutilated slave? Not so nice and pretty irl.

No. 38116

Theirs nothing wrong with making gay art of historical fugues that actually existed but the examples she uses were just young boys getting mutilated and raped
see >>37957 and >>37885

No. 38118

are we sure its just one person behind the account though? she uses "we" to refer to herself

No. 38119

Not sure but there is someone that does similar stuff like her that goes by elveo and they know each other

No. 38120

File: 1561725505085.png (375.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190628-203020.png)

Translated the top comment

No. 38121

apparently the account is shared between two sisters(elveo is her sisters own private account)
she mentioned in some of her comments that when they were young they used to draw their own characters but they didn't know what men's genitals looked like so the drew males without any sex organs
they now interpret this as they were actually drawing eunuchs in their youth

No. 38122

File: 1561725760655.png (359.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190628-203027.png)

No. 38124

File: 1561725844983.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.7 KB, 471x750, dbrkvsd-cf862bb2-77d8-4e05-810…)

>One of our very early original characters, whom we created when we were less than 10 years old.
>I decided to draw him exactly as we (esp. my sister) imagined him.
>The god-like ruler from another planet (and even another galaxy), we called him pharaoh Ra. He has young beauty, great wealth and he rules the whole planet, where a highly developed humanoid race dwells. Their culture is high-tech and similar to the fantasy version of ancient Egypt. Pharaoh Ra has a great solar power, by nature he is kind and merciful, but behaves proudly, and sometimes arrogantly.

No. 38129

i made her a thread, sorry if its not the best.


No. 38160

File: 1561731626966.jpg (63.94 KB, 629x860, D-Ai3qcXsAAp75C.jpg)

No. 38273

File: 1561776833376.jpg (84.84 KB, 428x928, DfRz6kTUwAAi70X.jpg)

No. 38299

File: 1561799647229.jpg (28.55 KB, 171x181, 20190629_031201.jpg)

Lmao that looks like Jared from Superjail.

Oh shit, that was a joke. Please tell me that isn't what this actually is.

No. 38318

Not even 24 hrs yet and they decided to shut us down ey?

No. 38342

File: 1561822051471.jpg (214.33 KB, 682x960, 65674932.jpg)

No. 38448

File: 1561856830412.jpeg (150.11 KB, 1228x1736, 480E326C-D13F-44E4-BAFB-5173F0…)

What is anatomy?

No. 38546

File: 1561934400199.png (Spoiler Image,672.45 KB, 800x1200, D4Z9pwmW0AA_NOU.png)

Oh. Wow, that's a long boy.

No. 38582

Fucking centipede

Is that a femboy?

No. 38661

File: 1562002494157.png (284.91 KB, 817x533, ugh.PNG)

Years of learning how it's bad to bully kids with glasses has suddenly been reversed

No. 38711

File: 1562018154418.jpeg (289.09 KB, 2000x2000, D91FB01A-EBAF-4EA3-8DE8-0C3ED6…)

Found this shit on Twitter

No. 38713

This was one of the pics it was in response to by the way

No. 38714

File: 1562018430714.jpeg (187.63 KB, 1700x900, 9BA612D5-7A99-44CC-AF2A-9F6E72…)

This was one of the pics it was in response to by the way

No. 38735

What is it about Danny Phantom that attracts so much tranny art?

No. 38736

How could a robot be transgender? Makes no sense.

No. 38742

tbh every fandom has tranny fanart. Just look up fan art of any mass media and you’re bound to find a few pics of a character donning a pride flag.

No. 38743

Trannies are extremely attached to Danny because they think it has trans subtext.
If you google "danny phantom trans" there's a lot of youtube videos and essays that pop up, trying to confirm he's canon trans from some of the dialogue/reactions he has.
Frankly, there's a lot, but then again, since it's never confirmed, likely not.

No. 38748

look at her expression, even she doesn't know why she's there
that fucking face–without the suit who would even know who tf this is?

No. 38823

He's gonna cut em off cause he's Tranny Phantom

No. 38864

File: 1562119874066.png (530.69 KB, 720x1014, 20190630_113333.png)

Ughh since when?

He looks like a fucking monkey

No. 38870

File: 1562134185444.jpeg (101.76 KB, 1111x719, 4011D21A-2DE9-4056-9486-29FD6A…)

No. 38871


No. 38896

File: 1562163403863.jpg (177.72 KB, 428x786, 20190703_221434.jpg)

>> 6 and 13 year old boys

From another thread actually besides it being creepy af why would a 6 yr old have hips like that?

No. 38938

i didnt think this was THAT bad at first… then i realized the nose was that brown thing, and what i thought was the nose is actually the philtrum. and then i saw the crotch. fml.

No. 38954

For the love of god, just stay in your containment thread. Please don't shit up a third thread with eunuch sperging.

No. 38999

File: 1562221265139.jpeg (157.48 KB, 640x905, F88089DD-1A03-490E-81BB-B5CAF0…)

This made me laugh.

No. 39045

Omfg, them tiddies. They look pasted onto that tiny girl’s strangely muscular chest.

No. 39052

looks like a total drama island character

No. 39053

reminds me of those oldtimey paintings where the painters used men as a models for women kek, history really does repeat itself huh

No. 39100

File: 1562306208519.png (Spoiler Image,441.36 KB, 578x855, D-NvW76U4AAfjWY.png)

>imagine making art this shit

No. 39103

Hentai artists not even once.

No. 39125

File: 1562330353002.jpg (40.37 KB, 945x845, _oc_reference_sheet__gumiya_bl…)


No. 39126

File: 1562330433698.jpg (37.42 KB, 972x823, _fake_anime_screenshot__it_s_a…)


No. 39153

File: 1562340460402.jpg (210.78 KB, 900x684, 1561310488962.jpg)


No. 39162


No. 39220

File: 1562412416399.png (789.53 KB, 1029x1306, 24df935c-447a-4c57-aba2-36dd43…)

Just… no.

No. 39249

File: 1562438302720.png (608.13 KB, 785x485, yes ha.PNG)

No. 39312

What’s wrong w this one?

No. 39325

nta, but from what I can see: the toes are tiny compared to the rest, hand on hip looks awful, hand on sword is meh, and that sword is gonna snap the moment it's used and doesn't match the rest of the character design - doesn't even match the scabbard. Opinion-wise: I hate the nose and eye placement, but at least they blend with the design. The ear, however, is way too flat and stylized compared to the rest, so it's very distracting. The glasses kinda match the style, but could stand to be rendered more fully.

No. 39454

File: 1562611798461.png (356.61 KB, 592x564, 7F81F42B-71CD-4F96-82D7-97AC95…)

Such grace

No. 39515

honestly a lot of it probably stemmed from spite towards its shitty creator being vocally against it

No. 39520

File: 1562665433919.jpeg (43.52 KB, 530x297, ciri.jpeg)

>What’s wrong w this one?
this is who the art is of, are you new to this thread or something?

No. 39536

How is anyone suppose to know that if they didn't see where the art is posted, they don't have even a resemblance.

No. 39540

that's the point. That's the reason it's shitty art.

You can find out who the character is by reverse searching the image, but if you're familiar with the olive-brown skinned, fat, pig-nosed art these retards produce, then you should already assume that the character is a thin, pretty white or Asian woman.

No. 39545

To be fair, without any prior knowledge that it was supposed to be Ciri then it just looks like some generic tumblr OC, though. The poster sould have posted the pic with the character's name somewhere in the post instead of letting the other anons guess who she was.

No. 39578

Hi gatekeeping faggot-san. I've played Witcher 3 and still couldn't clock that fanart as Ciri bc it's extremely unrecognizable. You also acknowledge it is that way but are shitting on anons for not knowing the character with no context. Are you okay?

No. 39615

you didn't put her name or the game that it come from juts a
>Just… no.
come on

No. 39653

I had no clue, sorry

No. 39693

I love the sparkles

No. 39782

File: 1562842070414.jpg (61.62 KB, 916x872, purply_pride_month_by_cehamato…)

No. 40130

The magical DnD sword isn't realistic enough and will snap?? Lol sorry to break this to you but Bilbo's sword wasn't exactly a claymore and no pissbabies nitpick that shit. Can y'all please reach less thanks.

No. 40166

File: 1563084725772.jpg (71.82 KB, 837x955, dno__ap__by_phitheta_ddbg590-p…)

Those fucking mooooobs

No. 40192

Aside from the generic uwu pastel style and the broken spine, this isn't as bad as most other art here. It's not necessarily good, but I'm not sure it's on par with the other art here in terms of badness.

No. 40198

File: 1563103181256.jpg (119.21 KB, 1250x1638, sizzy.jpg)

No. 40205

File: 1563107621512.jpg (174.29 KB, 914x875, forever_by_gomicake_dabpbss-pr…)

Fanart of dollieguts bad ocs

No. 40206

File: 1563107800692.png (Spoiler Image,336.49 KB, 720x719, 20190714_203708.png)

No. 40207

File: 1563107836132.png (Spoiler Image,210.51 KB, 720x713, 20190714_203730.png)

No. 40208

File: 1563107879631.png (Spoiler Image,224.12 KB, 720x710, 20190714_203751.png)

No. 40209

File: 1563107955783.png (Spoiler Image,234.87 KB, 720x687, 20190714_203806.png)

Not sure if these are ocs or part of some fandom

No. 40211

File: 1563108370662.jpg (119.02 KB, 1050x550, 01GUIDE4-facebookJumbo.jpg)

No. 40214

Shit i knew it

No. 40345

I mean, it's kind of gross topic wise but the anatomy and volume look ok.

No. 40461

File: 1563249013169.jpg (127 KB, 1024x1317, bh.jpg)

No. 40489

File: 1563281761752.png (188.75 KB, 966x827, poly_by_baxiiekyuu-dd9r5l7.png)

No. 40490

File: 1563281869401.png (120.23 KB, 966x827, bi_by_baxiiekyuu-dd9r5uz.png)

Lbgt abominations

No. 40509

Nothing says relatable bisexual icon like a robot with huge nipples

No. 40510

No. 40511

File: 1563297566825.jpg (780.05 KB, 1053x778, IMG_20190716_1.jpg)

How is this appealing

No. 40526

Looks alright except for the bulge and holocaust stomach

No. 40544

File: 1563321279596.png (873.35 KB, 1280x1494, tumblr_p42ge7ekcg1ukb5xno1_128…)

Eh i can see the appeal. Looks very Panty & Stocking.

No. 40572

O god i think i saw this artist before ughhh

No. 40574

Still think it looks bad

No. 40652

it's ugly but I kinda dig it. reminds me of graffiti art. you can tell it's stylized on purpose and they didn't just make it look all fucky to hide a lack of skill.

No. 40655

File: 1563372540614.jpg (155.22 KB, 1080x1080, SlcfKZW.jpg)

Found this on Instagram and the art isn't bad when it comes to color palettes, but the anatomy and the faces just make me go "Eeuugh".

No. 40661

What's wrong with this one?

No. 40712

File: 1563397585357.jpg (39.81 KB, 600x800, bad art 1.jpg)

art from a 20 year old man

No. 40716

File: 1563402311420.jpeg (444.4 KB, 682x463, 64BE3476-D339-43A9-8305-9FC58F…)

Not my taste but I wouldn't call it bad, more like a style the artist decided on. Like how BeiBadGirl art is, but pointy

No. 40718


too bold for me but i don´t think it belongs here necessarily.


this is the shittiest part of getting into art when you are above age, beginner art will always look the same regardless but if it was done by a child they get a pass on the ridicule

No. 40731

yeah I wish beginner art wasn’t really included here. but maybe I’m just moralfagging. I just don’t want to deter people from doing something new because they aren’t great at it. sage for no1curr

No. 40760

Age =/= Skills

No. 40792

I am actually all for beginner art made by adults being posted here. Anon probably didn't root around in a private space for that pic. The fact that it's on the internet is proof that they think it's good enough to be fawned over. I've seen a lot of "beginner" artists get super buttmad that their shitty art isn't as recognized. And usually with the over-20 beginner crowd, they've actually been posting for a decade and they just never get better. Previous posts have come back with proof.

No one's making fun of beginners for being beginners. They're making fun of shitty attention-seeking behavior and content subject.

No. 40830

File: 1563494475292.png (70.23 KB, 300x400, title.png)

Photoshop fetish art is always something special.

No. 40841


i also hate posts like >>40716 trying to equate popularity with quality.

No. 40912

File: 1563567146783.jpg (273.46 KB, 709x709, 20190719_160547.jpg)

Jesus Christ, I appreciate the recent love for girls with bigger thighs but when people do stuff like this it looks retarded. The artist said they were trying out different shapes in characters but this doesn't look good at all to me. Definitely not hideous but when a character's hand only takes up a millimeter of space on their legs it looks weird as fuck.

No. 40951

File: 1563607888818.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.24 KB, 555x553, images (3).jpeg)

Its suppose to be stevonnie but i dunno who the blonde kid is

No. 40954

This looks less like a cute stylized piece of artwork and more like someone put a magnifying glass over the lower body and photoshopped it out lmao. Also that forearm/hand is lowkey disgusting, it looks like it has lymphedema like that one meme lady from that talk show

No. 40962

File: 1563619175594.png (337.12 KB, 720x905, 20190720_183407.png)

It just gets worse

No. 40981

Her characters wouldn't look so weird if she wasn't so insistent on giving them oversized legs. Also she should probably learn to shade instead of over-blushing retarded parts of her characters

No. 41006



Your comment deserves a award, no one I know so far has said this

No. 41034

File: 1563713016409.jpg (181.54 KB, 866x1280, ClownfishTwister.jpg)

This Clownfish Twister comic has also used quite strange anatomy design for one of the main characters. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/clownfish-twister/list?title_no=87009&page=1

No. 41049

This one looks awkward and clearly was made for ~body positivity uwu ~ virtue signaling, but I’ll rather have that than this >>41034 gross fetish shit.

Whoever drew this, I hope they get raided by the FBI.

No. 41053


I hate tumblr type art so much, god, that gross texture. The more i mature the more i understand those olderteachers telling us to throw that wanabee animu DA crap in the garbage. This is exactly what they must have felt.

No. 41056

Out of curiosity, I read some chapters. Ew. Gross, fetishy and unfunny. Can't believe some people genuinely like this garbage.

No. 41075

i love this is just fetish masquerade as a gender
/trans comic

No. 41077

>Fetish masquerading.

you just described how i feel about all lgbt media.

No. 41089

This shit looks like it's covered in warts or something lmao

No. 41096

File: 1563777771143.jpg (410.9 KB, 906x1080, daarvfe-38ba9aea-3c4b-4a00-919…)

I was once into Monster High and this 20-something year old manchild kept popping up in all the clubs and tags for it on deviantart. He always badgered me and my friends for artwork and to roleplay. He went on and on about his "love of God" and how he shows it through his art… when all he ever posts is hideous 3D renders of big tiddy Monster High, My Little Pony, and Ever After High characters with guns.

He basically takes the canon designs of characters like Rarity (MLP) and Brier Beauty (EAH), shits a million textures on them, and inserts them into his magic girl/power rangers-esque fan-service story where the girls' boobs grow whenever they level up to angel status. Their tiddies grow for Christ.

No. 41126

and you aren’t gonna drop a link to his da or something

No. 41134

yeah we need it now anon

No. 41144

>Their tiddies grow for Christ.
I'm fucking howling anon

No. 41146

>mfw this shit was published in my country as a paperback edition by a real publishing company
I still don't know how he did it, it perplexes me

No. 41150

File: 1563831413060.jpeg (322.61 KB, 1161x1066, E36C7CEB-3A90-494A-AFD3-8662DD…)

And it was created by… get ready for this y’all… an obvious autogynephile!
Shame it’s all in Finnish, I bet anons at the GC thread would’ve had a field day with this one.

No. 41158

If you're brave and bored enough, I'd suggest reading the descriptions he writes for maximum cringe.

No. 41223

The company is known for publishing comics from girls and women the owners want to fuck, maybe they thought that the author was a girl or maybe they are really desperate for any hole?

No. 41351

File: 1563984341732.png (299.81 KB, 652x582, Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 17.05…)


First page and I'm already dying. What the fuck is this haircut omg…..

No. 41378

File: 1563999102660.jpg (18.49 KB, 275x206, 1539995761292.jpg)


Come on Finland, you used to be metal. What is going on?

No. 41385

Looks like someone has poured grease in their heads.

No. 41420

The layout and dialogue are so bad and messy, I couldn’t stand looking at it and could barely understand what was going on in certain frames.

No. 41434

File: 1564033439259.png (1.22 MB, 1376x890, rubberspine-chan.png)

I was just trying to enjoy some good music and this was used as the video background.. it's so bad I couldn't pay attention to the song.


No. 41686

Little nitpicky imo

No. 41720

Yea that's not too bad. They probably just struggle with poses and perspective

No. 41913

File: 1564353832078.png (2.2 MB, 1599x2048, Screenshot_20190728-174108.png)

No. 41918

the upper half looks okay… and then, the legs. her thighs look like an ass

No. 42053

File: 1564448660574.jpg (504.38 KB, 720x1138, 20190729_195348.jpg)

These faces make me so mad

No. 42083

File: 1564480321137.jpeg (125 KB, 599x604, 620600B8-19DE-4923-9D1D-AA3F53…)

why does Link look like Pippi

No. 42115

File: 1564507165752.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.95 KB, 505x810, tumblr_ph45xqjsKO1qjrb5m_540.j…)

this is suppose to be younger stan from gravity falls…

seriously how can anyone find this sexy??

No. 42143

This is just an awful as fuck art style. It doesnt suit Link or Zelda at all either

No. 42228

File: 1564589178757.gif (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 884x868, cd4.gif)

Gravity Falls has spawned some of the weirdest shit lmao

No. 42267

Ah fuck no

No. 42319


What I find weird is that Dipper has a twin sister in the show. They could've just aged her up if they wanted to draw sexy girl variants, but I guess if it's not troon it's not good enough.

No. 42370

For real

No. 42379

File: 1564712856329.png (521.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0565.PNG)

This chick is so cringe.
She's obsessed with milfs and constantly draws, Rachel York, a broadway actress.
So much that people were telling her she has same-face syndrome.
She's also always whining on her ig stories, can't accept criticism and is constantly offended by everything.

No. 42380

File: 1564713065638.png (579.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0566.PNG)

No. 42381

File: 1564713187425.png (285.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0564.PNG)

Her newest art is of some mf ugly humanize my little ponies

No. 42382

File: 1564713214272.png (454.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0567.PNG)

No. 42383

File: 1564713246375.png (359.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0568.PNG)

No. 42401

File: 1564727402907.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.46 KB, 500x800, 08af8eeee7cb914620ecd4ee16c4d4…)

Looks like badly traced lesbian porn but copy pasted the characters heads

No. 42410

File: 1564732081545.jpg (33.73 KB, 212x212, rachel-york-cabaret-scenes-mag…)

Lmfao the last one is just an edited copy+paste of the first one.

I Googled what this actress actually looks like. These drawings don't even remotely capture her likeness. They make her look like Cher with botched lip injections.

Why do Tumblrina artists always draw the lips too close to the nose like this?

This borders on being a racist charicature kek

No. 42524

File: 1564770198009.png (601.52 KB, 1000x1000, Capture505.png)

No. 42614

these are oddly shadman esque

No. 42657

File: 1564824739703.png (710.92 KB, 720x692, 20190803_172224.png)

Not bad on a technical level but that damn face and that FUCKING NOSE it looks like she had an orgy after sneezing

No. 42673

File: 1564839336129.png (239.89 KB, 783x1020, heartfilia_15_by_rapper1996_dd…)

she looks demented

No. 42679

File: 1564842114407.png (587.7 KB, 641x1000, artfoght2019_13.png)

Only 45$ and a "painting" like this could be yours!


No. 42686


No. 42688

File: 1564852302865.jpeg (626.74 KB, 1219x1545, 2D43891E-1826-4345-90CD-24424F…)

someone i went to hs with made this. a good chunk of her shit is like this; the same ugly, curvy bodies, bimbo lips and muddy coloring.

idk how she managed to get 800+ followers on IG and makes bank at cons while making shit like this

No. 42737

File: 1564895104151.png (634.57 KB, 720x692, alter.png)

Anon you are kinda nitpicking. Aside from her ear being in a totally wrong place, the face is more an attempt to get close to the original character. The nose looks better if the the artist had it dark colored, it's not such bad art.

No. 42757

File: 1564910965367.jpeg (113.96 KB, 751x1063, C84389FD-3461-43F9-9B9C-92D9DF…)

Spot the errors

No. 42758

File: 1564911342592.png (1.58 MB, 752x1063, 04424E16-C297-4766-9B59-894E87…)

Screams internally

No. 42761

How does this even happen? Every other part of the image is so polished

No. 42773

Lmao that's a legit deflated ass

No. 42780

File: 1564934187684.png (303.21 KB, 1133x479, kek.PNG)

you don't say

No. 42781

File: 1564934558960.jpg (66.34 KB, 1280x720, 9UcK8tZ.jpg)

>Missing shoulders (I know they're just too narrow)
>Tits and fabric covering them don't work like that
>Where are her ribs? and why are her missing ribs where the waist starts?
>Sausage Arms
>Deadpool baby hands

No. 42824

I remember seeing this artist around a lot on DeviantART around last year or so. Comparing their art from 2015, they've improved a lot, but only with the visuals, not with anatomy. It seems like they're using colorful visuals to distract the viewers from seeing their shitty anatomy.

No. 42838

File: 1564950991207.png (1.44 MB, 1063x752, CF586E0D-BA4F-4034-A3A1-AEBC9A…)

The artist can’t bother to look up references. The boobs and hands in this pic bother me.

No. 42839

Her hands should be relaxed and angled back, and her legs need to be shorter or her hips wider. Aside from that, this is probably one of the artists better works. My boobs do that laying down if I'm wearing a tight bra, but it looks like she's not wearing one, so they should be rolling to her side.

No. 42840

Forgot to mention, her arm is awkward. It's forming a square at the elbow instead of an angle. Your arm wouldn't be able to rest comfortably at that angle if it's resting next to your ribs like that.

No. 42841

I’ve also noticed her left arm appears to be detached from the rest of her body. The artist does have talent for coloring and painting backgrounds though.

No. 42843

File: 1564952968041.jpeg (31.18 KB, 220x220, A5842AC8-CD8A-4054-9BDA-EA759B…)

The guy on the right though

No. 42849

File: 1564957449836.png (476.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0573.PNG)

I got this ad on Instagram

No. 42893

This should be the next thread pic, js

No. 42924

File: 1564996023474.gif (963.25 KB, 454x284, 9w1e3yQ.gif)

No. 42995

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with this cat’s body and I can’t. It’s like looking at an optical illusion.

No. 43080

File: 1565058442361.png (175.41 KB, 575x326, my goddd.PNG)

No. 43110

anon, i fucking love you for reminding me this show exists. I need to rewatch it.

No. 43116


7 hours???? He got absolutely nothing done in that amount of time. Something like that really shouldn't take you much more than an hour.

No. 43136

File: 1565088932561.png (340.69 KB, 640x356, tumblr_m6x2zqhdWg1r2ug17o1_640…)

No. 43146

File: 1565098902105.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.85 KB, 430x573, IMG_20190806_154049_698.jpg)

No. 43347

>futa ejem i mean trans for woke points
>under age porn

i hate it

No. 43539

File: 1565194396140.jpg (93.08 KB, 1013x789, bea___wha_cha__by_flairnightz_…)

No. 43601

i dont know whats worse,his art or his shitty videos.

No. 43609

wtf is wrong with her nips

No. 43632

File: 1565225737645.png (35.73 KB, 572x473, ahhhh.png)

The desc.
> Waffles has giant lungs, but they're over his ribs by alot, his lungs wasn't being protected so he grew alot of thick skin and fat to protects his lungs, its like his armor in a way, it keeps him warm. This is why his neck is so big
The only downfall from this is that hes very very top heavy, so has a habit of falling over most of the time He's not fat just to be fat
The art isn't bad, but just why?

No. 43697

File: 1565286913431.jpg (704.22 KB, 937x1280, saved.jpg)

a woman drew this

No. 43818

File: 1565366306942.jpg (68.71 KB, 884x903, poor_snow_bill_by_yaminoken_d9…)

No. 43820

File: 1565366394786.jpg (87.89 KB, 753x557, dbhs24b-9173ecab-8e78-4201-be2…)

No. 43830

This is bizarre and I like it. Weird and jarring doesn't mean bad.

No. 43833

when you say a woman do you mean one with a dick

No. 43847

nta but i think of an ugly fat weeb girl when i see these. like confetti club members.

No. 43876

File: 1565398990957.jpg (2.24 MB, 3264x1836, 1564396277395[1].jpg)

No wonder the site is going to shit with "artists" like this drooling moron.

No. 43891

File: 1565418471803.png (241 KB, 570x678, wut.png)

Tumblr is like a bad art faucet

No. 43966

File: 1565466359231.jpeg (506.33 KB, 1241x2032, 171A1137-D33B-48CB-8CC0-86FB78…)

Found a pic that encompasses my rage for modern art

No. 43969

Im scared for the children of this world

No. 43970

>bullshit modern art

Not surprised at all, they eat that shit up there. The worse it is, the more popular it is.

No. 43991

I will never in my entire life understand western artists (use that term loosely) that tan or darken characters who are lighter skinned and have a pre set look. Like, why do it?

No. 43994

Because being white doesnt make you human….. at least thats what they think. The characters drawn there are asian, so are asian people not "poc" enough either?

No. 43998

File: 1565501270370.png (Spoiler Image,416.42 KB, 720x751, 20190811_132801.png)

What is perspective?

Those sausage legs. Its a shame the coloring is good

No. 44001

They think they're being a good poc ally doing that. The mindset is:
>dark-skin people aren't represented in media enough
>so take a canon light-skin character and darken their skin to show how progressive you are and how totes amazing dark skin is

Expect they don't realize that doing that is actually offensive and idiotic, you can't just darken someone's skin and claim it's more politically correct. Some POC have light skin, it's wrong to act like they're more valid with darker skin.

No. 44007

>The characters drawn there are asian, so are asian people not "poc" enough either

If you're lighter than a paper bag, Tumblr doesn't count you as a POC, regardless of your actual ethnicity.

This is part of why there's occasionally animosity between black activists and asian activists.

No. 44008

Is that a man or a woman? im confusion (i mean, it has a vulva but those don't look like breasts)

No. 44009

willing to bet it's a guy with a pussy for reasons only a fujo could come up with.

No. 44020

Its a dude with a wierdly drawn dick

No. 44026

File: 1565535082976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.26 KB, 1965x2000, 09428E34-1DB4-41DB-BAD3-45FAB0…)

Someone paid real money for this too.

No. 44033

Anatomy is terrible but they look happy, it's the least degenerate porn art I've seen here unless they are related or something.

No. 44107

File: 1565564876309.png (Spoiler Image,1020.38 KB, 1020x785, ick.PNG)

i was just trying to find artists to commission on twitter and i found this

No. 44113

Are those balls??

No. 44122

I like the frog eyes and freckles but everything else is pain

No. 44141

The shooting stat really brings the whole piece together

No. 44375

File: 1565702769550.png (370.6 KB, 514x794, Screenshot_2019-08-13-18-23-14…)

What's with her tits? And her legs?

10k people upvoted this on Reddit

No. 44405

holy shit I knew this looked familiar lol. I saw this an hour ago too and was flabbergasted. her tits are completely bizarre

No. 44568

Classic reddit, is not even the worst reddit weebs have upvoted.

>Its a shame the coloring is good

I feel like this happens all the time, awful art with decent looking coloring, then i remember how easy it is to just colorpick from another illustration and copy the rendering to polish yout turds.

No. 44585

>Lots of upboats on Plebbit
Makes sense. Most Redditors have never seen human breasts.

No. 44612

God anime characters look so retarded. This is tacky too, not very cute at all.

No. 44661

File: 1565844356943.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.46 KB, 611x1021, da93wfm-14da2b79-fb20-4e8f-94c…)

Here's Fappers in all her glory!

Lol this dude just asked me to like his art page and I don't know what I did to deserve this.

Forgot to spoiler just in case.

No. 44770


geez girl needs a bra

No. 44771

File: 1565920781468.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.72 KB, 908x881, rainbow_dash_at_the_beach_by_t…)

why are bronies like this

No. 44789

bronies are furries who like anime but don't realize.

No. 44791

File: 1565946023148.jpg (63.59 KB, 894x894, i_have_a_cold_by_ufuwo_dddsn4m…)

this person's oc is literally just a cheap rip off of dollieguts canceruous ocs

No. 44792

File: 1565946072639.jpg (65.32 KB, 894x894, sufferw_by_ufuwo_dddi5z8-pre.j…)

im surprised no one pointed it out yet

No. 44793

File: 1565946120081.jpg (76.46 KB, 894x894, tentaclwes_by_ufuwo_ddc3spw-pr…)

No. 44794

File: 1565946226820.jpg (54.73 KB, 894x894, angel_cake_by_ufuwo_dddf9oi-pr…)

No. 44825


i really can't tell if the artist is venting or if they are trying to make self harm scars an ~aesthetic~

No. 44831

pretty sure its meant to be a kawaii uwu aesthetic

No. 44843


self harm scars are so ugguu かわいい OwO desuuu~~~~~~

No. 44956

File: 1566068804494.png (Spoiler Image,446.58 KB, 701x720, dde8012-5f6343bd-a649-4add-bb8…)

No. 44961

oh god is that one of the girls from senran kagura

No. 44996


idk but this was on the front page of deviantart (of fucking course lmao)

No. 45088

Kieth is an incredibly capable and varied artist but his style is not at all suited for mainstream comics. at the very least, it worked well for The Maxx and complimented the weird, surreal nature of the universe/story. it's still not for everyone, though, which is understandable.

90's comic art is also just weird in general. Liefeld gets too much shit still for his older stuff when he's improved so much over the past decade. his recent work is very, very good.

No. 45173

File: 1566252038154.png (1.29 MB, 876x1423, hjkbhtsxftg_jhjkhjfcgrr.png)


(didnt fully hide my username the first time heh)

No. 45183

my fucking sides kek porn drawn by legit autists is the best

No. 45214


why is the vagina a fucking triangle lmao

No. 45245

i love this

No. 45282

File: 1566320599587.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.89 KB, 995x1200, IMG_20190820_190321.jpg)


No. 45284

Oh god anon, what fetish is this?

No. 45285

This gave me a hearty chuckle.

No. 45286

File: 1566327494292.png (Spoiler Image,845.63 KB, 960x751, ee4bek0tach31.png)

i wonder what sex the artist is

No. 45299


i feel like whoever drew this had/has a sonic oc

No. 45322

Eh, it's not that bad. Like the slight body diversity and how happy and confident they all look.

No. 45327

I mean, be honest. Whatever body diversity there may be, it's very slight. All have big breasts, tiny waist, big hips.

No. 45331

Yeah this isn't hideous, aside from cringy subject matter. Anyone genuinely mad about muh diverse body types in a fucking porn drawing is insane.

No. 45333

>diverse body types

that ain't it, sis.

No. 45334

File: 1566359451355.png (Spoiler Image,798.89 KB, 1020x3152, never_forget_9_11__with_ami_an…)

Her gallery is a freaking goldmine.
If someone blindly told me this was a parody account, I'd honestly believe them. How is she real lol
Deviantart cringe at its best.

>"I always drawn good but not as good as I do currently now!"

>0% improvement achieved

No. 45335

shit accidental spoilerage.

No. 45336

>Whatever body diversity there may be, it's very slight

Learn to read. It's what I fucking said.

No. 45338

Pfft I like how the abs on the far left one looks like Momokun's cool-sculpted flabs. This is what happens when someone doesn't draw from life.

Holy shit, you mean to tell me that a woman drew >>45173? Either "she" is a tranny, or the autism is worse than I thought.

Anyway, there's something indescribably hilarious about Devianart improvement memes with absolutely zero improvent. It's like a modern day Icarus flight, except instead of flying, Icarus has no wings and is laying on the ground flapping his arms while shouting about how great it is that he can fly.

No. 45341

File: 1566365695864.png (1.76 MB, 1019x1267, yumi_yoshimura___full_cosplay_…)

Definitely a female.
She's also a 'cosplayer' and seems to think a cheongsam is the same thing as a kimono and drumsticks are just giant chopsticks.
I have no words.

No. 45349

File: 1566372159277.jpeg (Spoiler Image,167.43 KB, 900x675, 95A43077-EB27-40E3-BD2F-DFF819…)

There’s nothing better than seeing DA pin-up artists fuck up female anatomy.

No. 45351


holy crap, and me thinking most level up's before and after comparisons on fb were weak. I dont want to laugh, its like a nightmare, i dread waking up one day and realizing i am just as dellusional with my work.

On that topic. My favorite (or least?) are the ones were you have in the "before" like a simple but kinda charming beginner drawing and the "After" is some uncanny valley monstrosity with zero design or appeal. Like they chugged some anatomy but it looks very unappealing, over rendered and akward. Wish i had saved examples of what i mean but its such a bummer.

No. 45365

This just looks like disembodied chunks of a person. The legs don't connect the the butt and the butt doesn't connect to her upper back.

Here's what I don't understand: if male artists want boobs and butt in one picture, why not just draw two women facing different directions instead of horribly mangling one woman?

As an artist I find the 99% of nsfw art unappealing because I'm too distracted by the bad anatomy to be turned on. I'm disgusted by all the broken spines, vaginas too high up on the groin, balloon tits, cartoon balls, backwards dicks, and retarded ahegao expressions. Why does it not occur to these people to do some life drawing before they try drawing porn?

No. 45381

File: 1566398080214.jpeg (172.13 KB, 1080x1080, AB34D2F2-9E87-4F4A-B752-3740B2…)

Deku and Bakugo. From the artist - “They're both woc and lesbians die mad about it.”

No. 45382

File: 1566398111033.jpeg (72.96 KB, 1080x709, 23FC7D30-D4A1-4366-9290-DDD47B…)

No. 45388

File: 1566401644043.jpg (138.14 KB, 720x1080, momo_alternative_version_by_zu…)

while we're on the subject of bnha, it's art like this makes me wonder if people seem to forget how old the characters are. this isnt the worst ive seen but this still irritates me.

No. 45390

I like this actually.

No. 45391

is being japanese not enough for being a person of color

No. 45393

They've got her looking old enough to pay her own insurance. But anime in general seems to be half about presenting tweens and young teens as "hot" for waifu merchandise.
Anyway Sakimichan ripoffs are always kind of shitty and boring.

No. 45403

I think the coloring style and character designs are visually interesting and fun to look at, albeit garish, but I hate the concept and subject matter. WHy can't artists with interesting and unique styles actually create art centered around interesting things, instead of just trying to make woke art.

They probably don't really see them as Japanese because white is the usual default for most things, so I think (American) people just automatically see anime characters as white people to begin with, probably because they aren't drawn with obvious slanted eyes. Most Japanese people agree anime characters are all Japanese unless they have blue eyes and blonde hair.

No. 45405

>sakimichan ripoff
>implying sakimi isn't ripoff

also that pic is a 3d model.

No. 45469

Are you sure this isn't a troll? Tumblrinas have no self-awareness, but this is more extreme than anything I've ever seen on Tumblr as far as fucking-up-character-designs-for-woke-points goes.

If it's not a troll, I kind of have to wonder why these artists are pidgeon-holing themselves as fanartists when what they clearly want to be doing is making their own characters.

Yep, it's clearly a 3d model with some photoshop slathered on top. The background in particular looks like a shitty render with filters on it.

Also the fire texture on Todoroki looks straight-up stolen.

No. 45471

It blows my mind that these people can read Japanese names with their own two eyeballs and not register that the characters are Japanese. And when they do acknowledge the characters to be Japanese and therefor "poc", they get hung up on the fact that Japnese people are light, so they make everyone dark and screech, "There are dark Japanese people!1!" Well yeah, there are. But they're like a tea color, not dark brown.

The darkest Japanese character I've seen in anime is Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny. I've seen a couple ganguro characters, but the implication with them is that they're tanned and wearing makeup like irl ganguro girls.

I honestly think that Tumblrinas don't consider Japanese people to be "poc" enough, though they'd probably never admit it.

No. 45480

I’m positive. They are very gung ho about being a ~qpoc~ to where it is their only personality trait and they inject it into everything around them.

No. 45490

I think the worst part about this is ""bakugo""'s nose

Why is it when some artists want to draw someone who's a POC their first idea is to give them an awful nose?

No. 45506

Whos the artist?

No. 45726

confession time, the only reason i really come here is to lurk and make sure no one posts any of my own art
i know that i dont have a big enough following to garner any attention much less negative attention but still

No. 45728

It's okay anon, me too.

No. 45765

I like reading here because it's a good way to find out what mistakes I need to avoid.

No. 45800

Lurking here helps me improve

No. 45808

I’ve had my art posted on lolcow in a fairly negative context before and it really sucked for like a day but I got over it. I believe in your creative journey, though, anon. Study those fundamentals, follow your dreams, ygmi

No. 45809

I’ve had my art posted on lolcow in a fairly negative context before and it really sucked for like a day but I got over it. I believe in your creative journey, though, anon. Study those fundamentals, follow your dreams, ygmi

No. 45810

File: 1566684443255.jpeg (377.08 KB, 828x916, F9B96C41-751E-4236-A458-D2F7C7…)

Fuck, sorry for doubleposting. Here’s a contribution from the Instagram Explore page as penance. These ears are fascinating.

No. 45811

Those are ears? Tbh I thought they were hamster cheeks

No. 45904

Wow, they look like cancer growths

No. 45999

File: 1566770229318.jpg (196.4 KB, 1192x670, retake___smakawa_angel_magical…)


No. 46012

I need sunglasses for this picture, but I still kinda dig it

No. 46095

File: 1566818967595.jpg (622.36 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20190825-191945_Ins…)

That giraffe neck

No. 46104

File: 1566827877953.png (408.58 KB, 852x863, D-MWbFkW4AEFelx.png)

This is supposed to be Sonic from OPM lmao

No. 46107

File: 1566828163065.jpeg (175.35 KB, 1804x1956, ECHKsA_XUAAPKig.jpeg)

Same artist

No. 46108

File: 1566828292222.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.73 KB, 811x676, Ebnetlad----3967090.jpeg)

A bit older, but still the same artist

No. 46112

File: 1566829986452.png (46.39 KB, 250x250, richie_x_eddie__reddie__fanart…)

the ship reddie from it

No. 46113

File: 1566830130223.png (576.33 KB, 730x1095, reddie__because_reddie_is_life…)

The embodiment of the gay stereotype

No. 46298

File: 1566942843569.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.26 KB, 467x700, EC20zwLXoAIyVja.jpg.6f34057201…)

Sakimichan's art continues to be a trainwreck one can't look away from.

No. 46332

Love how you’re describing this drawing as if the character is completely unrecognizable lmao

No. 46395

Yeah it’s not great but you can clearly tell what character it is. Can’t say that for all of the pics posted here.

No. 46414

how come her art is so good when it comes to coloring but so bad in terms of anatomy…

No. 46450

because she knows she can churn out whatever and people will still pay for it

No. 46452

She's the Rob Liefeld of 2019– a crappy artist who makes bank because of brand recognition. They both have terrible anatomy and make many of the same mistakes, particularly when it comes to drawing women.

Also Sakimichan is terrible at drawing cocks. They're always way too high up and protrude from the body at unnatural angles. They often look like FtM phalloplasties.

No. 46456

File: 1567047891063.jpg (Spoiler Image,583.37 KB, 2664x3576, EAFciJ5XUAE_3G2.jpg)

These would be alright if they were their own standalone characters. This just feels like a cringy drawing for the artist to feel woke. Draw lesbians if you want to, but don't steal other people's concepts and act like you're better, you talentless hack.
I made a really cringy meet the artist back in my anti-sjw days, I'm surprised it never ended up here. I can only hope it doesn't come to bite me in the ass some day.

No. 46462

At this point it's more about the brand name than the actual content. All her art is the same… anime-esque characters with bad anatomy, rendered psudo-realistically, surrounded by ethereal light with a pensive expression.

No. 46478

File: 1567058476596.png (825.54 KB, 1280x1808, tumblr_pwxe187Eam1td0qgto1_128…)

Emilie Autumn fanart

No. 46508

File: 1567085114682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.65 KB, 667x685, EDFzNdsXYAIf--p.jpeg.855e3881b…)

Who cares how the bodies fit together as long as there are big boobs somewhere, I guess.

No. 46535


So much in here that doesn't make any fucking sense, it makes me so uncomfortable. It just looks like a terrible photobash.

There's a high chance Sakimi is outsourcing, with her money she probably doesn't even do shit anymore, but then again i don't hold her own art skill in very high regards, might as well be hers.

No. 46578

File: 1567121765780.png (1.58 MB, 2000x1498, sakimi anatomy.png)

Just wanted to drive home how fucking cancer this anatomy is. Jesus wept.

No. 46642

File: 1567141112911.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.7 KB, 480x458, tumblr_owycnc5FEX1t169bjo1_500…)

This is my favorite tumblr blog ever. I thought it belonged here. Even when its vuvuzuelan i think a lot of you can appreciate it nonetheless


The premise is simple, its a showcase of the worst examples of venezuelan political muralism and the funniest botched attempts at bolivarian socialist adoctrination


well, at least its good instructive lol, reminds me of the "gallery abominate" section of Scott Eatons NMA courses.

No. 46645

File: 1567141259539.jpg (69.82 KB, 640x808, tumblr_p67nraAV4m1t169bjo1_640…)


Pictured here, Rafael Lacava. Governor of the state of Carabobo.

No. 46658

Aside from the extra hip joint I love the graceful neck.
Those arms should be even thinner, the character is wearing metal armour on them (!)

No. 46816

File: 1567238200965.jpg (177.31 KB, 1080x1350, 67983943_2446211202266904_3174…)

I like Babs but her art just looks wonkier lately. Is anyone else totally unable to read the fugly font at first glance? I think its supposed to say "trifling thot

No. 46825

Says "tiefling thot".
It's a D&D race that's slightly demonic.

No. 46835

File: 1567264534307.png (1.26 MB, 1246x607, ah ha ha.PNG)

I'm not making fun of the kids, but more so krita just accepts anyone who emails and asks for an interview

No. 46874

File: 1567276622295.png (Spoiler Image,40.82 KB, 1020x840, wtfrisk.png)

I'll never understand why undertale fans are like this.

No. 46935

what i'm looking at anon?

No. 47017

File: 1567339366948.jpg (50.21 KB, 828x965, derek___panty_model_by_clarkjo…)

just so you know you can also buy this in print

who the hell would want this in print format?

No. 47063

File: 1567357944344.png (713.28 KB, 2000x3500, 1086112_M6SVxKcXNCYn7la.png)

No. 47140

Oh, isn’t that a eunuch? Kek

No. 47194

File: 1567405431630.jpeg (319.59 KB, 675x900, 1EBF72A5-B981-4C3A-8444-289CED…)

This was a commision…

No. 47323

Oof imagine paying bucks for this

No. 47327

Behold! The legendary middle arm

No. 47331


wow, an arm growing out of the chest! so sexy amirite fellas?

No. 47415

Who is that artist?

No. 47438

File: 1567496678211.png (1.2 MB, 1058x1341, Screenshot_20190902-143647~2.p…)

I like the painting style, still, hate the nose size.

No. 47445

this is not 'nitpick okay art' or 'post your art vendettas' thread

No. 47466

>>47445 nayrt but that nose is genuinely fucked up, makes it look like she has a huge dent in her face

No. 47692

the rest of this is a shitty anime anatomy mess, anon.

No. 47695

I like this, it's trippy.

No. 47697

File: 1567541271724.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.1 KB, 1210x660, call_me_mama_by_evilfrenzy_ddf…)

if I had to see this, y'all had to as well

Also the caption is just,

"Austin : thanks for changing me princess
Twilight : please call me mama
Austin : uh! … ok … mama
Twilight : (squee)

No. 47708

Just found it on DA’s front page. How the frick does MLP always manage to stay on the front page despite it’s waning popularity?

No. 47715

File: 1567552362344.png (930.66 KB, 1346x667, 1439585686855.png)

This godawful sexist and formless drivel manages to pull in more in a single month, than what most people's families make in a year combined. There are literal starving artists a million times better than this, but TITS.

I want to bash in the head every horny scrote that pays for this crap and perpetuates bimbo surgery and eating disorder culture. Women have noses, jawlines, and ribcages. Some have small tits, narrow hips, etc. I fucking hate this garbage; I wouldn't be mad if her men were nearly as exaggerated as the women. AND WHY DO THE YALL HAVE THE SAME FUCKING TODDLER FACE. I don't care if it's "anime" or "the artists style." It's really not. Every broad on Instagram and on the front page of art websites all look like this. It's a disgusting epidemic and it needs to stop.

sage for spergfest

No. 47730

There are so many other people making crazier money in ways that are stupider than this so the "she doesn't deserve the success" point is moot
Get over it, just close the tab and step away from the computer. We all acknowledge her flaws and how ludicrous the whole thing is but you just sound salty. If most people could earn all that cash without having to make an effort or change things up, you know they would ride it for as long as they could too. If you want to be better than her, go try to be better.

No. 47769

>Loves to create characters
>Most of her work and income comes nsfw fan art of other people's copyrighted characters

No. 47770

I mostly just think it's a waste of talent and bizarre descent into worse and worse anatomy while pandering to autistic scrots, but she did genuinely disturb me the other day when she painted pedo fanservice of two boys who look about 12. https://mobile.twitter.com/SakimiChanArt/status/1167119521498456065
Linking because I don't want to save that shit.

No. 47779

I mean if you could make a shitton of money just from drawing a bunch of animu fanart without much effort wouldn't you? She's super lucky to be able to live off of drawing alone and have a sea of idiots throwing money at her.
At this point though I'm tired of hearing about her, it's always the same exact complaints every time.

I mean if she's already in the shitter might as well pander to troons too

No. 47796


i 100% believe that she is hiring ghost copycat artists to do her posts for her and is not even her own art anymore and haven't been for a while. Screencap this.

She is the Kinkade or our generation, a kitschy popular artist that no longer exists as an individual but a brand name that will keep selling artwork as long as it keeps putting them out, is not even worth getting upset about it, it how it is and its probably a smart move on her part. The broken anatomy is funny as hell and always makes me chuckle though.

No. 47802

Nevermind troons, this is pandering to pedos. Are you not bothered by her suddenly painting sexualized children for drooling scrots? Afaik she has just aged up characters until now.

No. 47817


That's what I meant by already in the shitter.
If she wants to post risky shit then that's on her.

No. 47841

Let's continue this discussion in the salty artist thread in OT.

Do you have any evidence to support your theory? I'm very interested.

No. 48064

File: 1567788621023.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.1 KB, 1063x752, dimitri_and_stan_by_jeysart_dd…)

gotta love that random copy pasted painting of lucifer

No. 48068

why would you selfdrag yourself like this by pasting an actual good piece of art into your shitty computer graphics doodle

No. 48105

No. 48107


Bronies are the well that never stops giving

No. 48135

File: 1567827492525.png (324.84 KB, 1280x1164, tumblr_pthhg8u7NU1xwponao1_128…)

>TFW fakebois decide that canon gay couples are actually straight couples where one of the characters is a delusional girl who wants to chop off her tits.

Tumblr was a mistake.

No. 48267


Please tell me this is fake, I really wanna believe it is

No. 48526

File: 1567977861609.jpeg (168.87 KB, 750x681, B2B0F2CC-23DD-47E7-AA16-DD32D5…)

This person has 55k followers and constantly gets in drama. Idk how people can still like her art.

No. 48540

what drama does she have? you can post it on artsalt drama

No. 48558

This looks like wikihow art.

I actually really love the drawing style, but knowing they're a homo pair that a delusional FtM inserted herself into one of the characters ruins it.

It's not bad, but I fucking hate the uwu art style. 9.9/10 chance the creator is borderline. It's just got that vibe.

No. 48573

File: 1567998641696.jpeg (369.71 KB, 1125x1064, EFE51FE2-8380-4860-9631-0879B3…)

There isn’t a day this persons art isn’t in my explore. All they literally do is take other peoples work and draw it in this eye sore of a style.

No. 48604

ftms are men

No. 48607

no they aren't, they're women. mtfs are men. we aren't supposed to derail about troons outside gc anyways.

No. 48822

No. 48850

learn to integrate pls this is embarrassing, go back to Tumblr or something (oh and sage for fucks sake)

No. 48915

File: 1568110941284.png (248.78 KB, 500x658, tumblr_inline_prd64hZNik1woi2l…)

god damn why do these bad art threads always reek of underage tumblr evacuees who solely come to lolcow to post shitty art now that making blogs dedicated to it is problematic

anyway here's todd howard

No. 48933

File: 1568123203616.jpg (85.69 KB, 932x857, ych_commission_sweet_kiss_by_t…)

that necc is sending me


No. 49002

File: 1568164404196.gif (4.93 MB, 371x209, insta.gif)

ngl with how frequently you post this same gravity falls ship (cause i doubt it's more than one person) it kinda makes me wonder if you unironically like it and post it here to cope with the fact. it is shit art but it's getting really stale anon, post something else lol

No. 49004

File: 1568166394056.png (Spoiler Image,571.19 KB, 760x567, upload_2017-8-4_14-36-51.png)

I am sorry.

No. 49007

no thanks

No. 49014

or maybe the ship is popular with shitty artists? you sound new.

No. 49024

Nta but I agree with anon, its clear that pretty much all that shit is being posted by the same person. Also sage your non contribution before you call someone else new xoxo

No. 49034

File: 1568180169554.png (1.74 MB, 5600x2518, furry autism.png)

Why do furries love overdesigned shit? It's painful to look at.

No. 49037

File: 1568180848205.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 6936x3376, look at its vagina.png)

Sage for doublepost but I just found this on the same artist's deviantart and I just don't get how anyone can jack it to this.

No. 49039

File: 1568181599655.png (Spoiler Image,496.46 KB, 596x597, Screenshot_21.png)

and you sound underage. learn how to sage

No. 49068

Nah i just despise this ship with every fiber of my being lol

if i wanna post shitty billdip art in this thread then i'll do it

No. 49265

File: 1568272023829.jpg (55.35 KB, 564x644, 9442f3ba8b6059038c9f18e5e4d686…)

No. 49268

File: 1568276733040.png (587.93 KB, 950x950, ddg004o-0db3edb9-d4ce-4a6a-b2d…)

rarely do i contribute to this hellpit but i found this needed someone else to look at it but all my friends are asleep
pearl's leg is just jutting out from the back of her knee with no sight of the other thigh. greg looks like he's made of balloons. help me

No. 49271

This artist definitely makes weird fetish art, I'm sure of it.

No. 49286

Comic style colouring with poor shading☑️
Weird proportions ☑️

Strange muscles in men☑️

Absolutely no structure in women ☑️

Def porn

No. 49341

Accurate cartoon pic of Greg, imo.

No. 49381


Why does it look like multiple parts of Greg's body look inflated? like, that's not how fat/muscle works kek.

No. 49416

File: 1568340344461.png (318.11 KB, 1280x1360, tumblr_pub3eqkkgc1rvgxrno1_128…)

the longer i look the more confused i get

No. 49445

File: 1568353992743.png (148.16 KB, 346x349, tumblr_pub3eqkkgc1rvgxrno2_400…)

realized that this was actually supposed to be a redraw of a screenshot and it got physically painful

>"my interpretation of her design is better thats that on that"


No. 49466

File: 1568374290180.png (269.51 KB, 800x1160, tumblr_oirnapoj3H1sp7xzno1_128…)

Technical skills aside the thicc body looks so unfitting with that twinks head

No. 49467

File: 1568374372962.png (115.68 KB, 500x600, tumblr_nue9bjtMCn1sp7xzno2_500…)

What is anatomy

No. 49484


Maybe I’ve grown soft in my years but these just look like average young teen drawings. I don’t think they really need to be posted here. They’re not hideous, just undeveloped and simple.

No. 49496

why do people who wk these kinds of drawings always assume they're from teenagers? usually they're from stupid "my art teacher said anime isn't real art" drop outs.

No. 49562

…and they still look like they were drawn by young teens regardless. I didn’t say not to post them because they were definitely made by teens, I just said they look like it. And it’s boring.

No. 49615

File: 1568430963909.png (495.8 KB, 1280x1417, tumblr_pwl4qmrmSd1ufdilho1_128…)

tiny feet

No. 49894

File: 1568559797758.jpg (137.98 KB, 789x1013, reaction_to_the_sad_life_of_sy…)

this isn't really art but i thought you guys would like it anyway
god i love deviantart collage style reactions to serious events

No. 49927

File: 1568572588548.jpg (29.75 KB, 900x563, game_of_thrones__sam_design_by…)

No. 49929

File: 1568573411287.jpeg (762.13 KB, 1125x1381, EFA94D5E-6FD2-4E7E-84F1-1ED82A…)

No. 49939

File: 1568576068760.jpeg (79.25 KB, 1095x730, 5B8A50E9-C700-4CD5-A150-B9FBEE…)

This is why anime does not translate to real life. Terrifying.

Not sure if that thing is Sam but no worries, I’m not touching it.

No. 49942

9/11 tributes are always something

No. 50677

File: 1568819363874.jpg (231.65 KB, 811x554, d571wgv-9cd7c5d2-d0c9-4a16-82a…)

its loki

No. 50725

File: 1568835805735.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1871, tumblr_px128es4eE1wu7cryo1_128…)

this came across my dash and on GOD the face reminds me of one of the criminals from Thinkin' Things: Sky Island Mysteries. it's terrifying

No. 50793

why had i never seen this masterpiece before

No. 50921

File: 1568919283495.jpeg (300.85 KB, 1214x1604, B7212C32-84D4-4128-BD84-76F803…)

No. 50924

File: 1568920354590.jpeg (437.25 KB, 1228x1724, 89F632A9-8941-4D26-8A14-B379B0…)

Can we start to include the number of likes with these pictures? Bad art is one thing but I especially enjoy bad art with over 1k likes

No. 50970

this one isn't so bad. just looks like a beginner or someone whos still learning. the concept is kinda cool, even if the hair is weirdly lumpy on one side.

No. 51093

is…is that supposed to be Kaworu?

No. 51110

File: 1569005107983.jpg (188.12 KB, 859x1167, IMG_20190920_204308.jpg)

Oh shit oh fuck the longer I stare the scarier it gets

No. 51134

genuine question; what's bad about this? Idk what makes bad art bad and good art good but this doesn't stick out as especially bad like most of this thread

No. 51149

File: 1569019013954.jpeg (38.92 KB, 228x298, 9E11496D-AFB3-441A-9973-CEAEF3…)

The fabric shading is so gross it looks like it’s clinging to them like it’s wet in a very disgusting wrong way. It made me think of a shaved ballsack

No. 51151


The anatomy is absolute garbage among many other things. If you’re mad, don’t selfpost

No. 51171

This one blows my mind, the jackets cruelly look good but wtf is the pink spandex? Fetish?

No. 51195

could you perhaps upload this in a resolution meant for being viewed by people and not ants

No. 51196

File: 1569039629930.jpg (145.08 KB, 916x1199, EE8MaLYUEAAgGrJ.jpg)

ntyrt, here's the original size

No. 51203


damn, the jackets really do look amazing. that texture and rendering is so fucking good and realistic, but then you get to some uncanny valley shit like the pink fabric, the tiny leg on the spinel on the right, the teeth on right spinel..

also what the hell is the hair supposed to be? cos it sure ain't rendered like hair.. also, i just noticed the vein on angry spinel's head… it looks so gross.

No. 51212

File: 1569053436436.jpeg (33.88 KB, 450x600, images (3).jpeg)

Oh god no

No. 51214

Say what you will i think this looks good

and no i am not the one that drew this

No. 51226

it's done by someone who's clearly technically skilled. it's just weirdly rendered. like the decisions made for the textures were weird

No. 51295

I hate it so much, can't pinpoint what exactly, probably the facial expressions and da fuck is with her feet? are these the Steven Universe fursonas of mickey and minnie mouse?. The styles and attitude mixing here don't sit well with me, its like a Pizza with mango and anchovies, it makes me uneasy.

No. 51306

Is that Dontrel?

No. 51362

File: 1569113256388.png (90.22 KB, 599x700, spinel.png)

it apparently is the villain from the steven universe movie

No. 51364

File: 1569113519584.jpg (141.94 KB, 715x709, IMG_20190921_162954.jpg)

this isnt bad

here's some tragic anatomy

No. 51375

File: 1569120380624.png (86.2 KB, 611x679, EFCMZNnU4AEZlE1.png)

No. 51376

that hair shading on the right one reminds me of testicular torsion

No. 51390

File: 1569137469493.jpeg (133.42 KB, 667x1000, EFCECCGWwAEQgWn.jpeg)

Quasimodo the moe. My favorite part was the spergy weeb in the comments that attacked someone for polite pointing out the shit anatomy. He called them autistic for not understanding her "style".

No. 51396


I see, i legit hate the original design too, its fucking awful.

She peddles porn to underage kids, i would not even bother with the comments

No. 51404

File: 1569152694013.jpg (702.94 KB, 1080x1196, 20190922_211359.jpg)

No. 51447

The things some people waste their talents on…

No. 51463

Uncanny valley really hits you when you see where the belly button is in relation to her shoulders my god

No. 51471

File: 1569176629685.jpg (52.79 KB, 640x842, lustpenis32.jpg)


I always think that too when i see bad taste stuff done decently but then again, he probably makes more money with porn commissions that what he would make with regular ones. The art market is pretty shit, specially for people who are just ok but not really that great.

No. 51481

That wasn't a selfpost anon. I don't usually watch this thread but happened to see it while scrolling through media. If the anatomy is indeed off (I wouldn't know) then I'm completely fine with that.

No. 51565

This is why Jesus doesn't visit us anymore.

Also how is all their body hair brown but all the hair on their heads and faces pink/blue? Why do their beards have highlights like they're made out of rubber? Why do those hands look like inflated gloves?

No. 51590

File: 1569211658117.jpg (259.23 KB, 2048x1288, ugly yaoi shit.jpg)

i hat this is so ugly

No. 51591

Tfw you're kissing someone and they burp in your mouth

No. 51724

File: 1569250895925.png (499.11 KB, 1024x768, ADfiLIh.png)

>Why do those hands look like inflated

I believe thats the fetish.

No. 51795

File: 1569266972010.jpg (90.68 KB, 800x1191, oc__cherry_n_nj__not_like_othe…)

No. 51843

Crowley from Good Omens (played by David Tennant)

No. 51852


Looks like Ant from Ant and Dec

No. 51858

File: 1569278901348.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.72 KB, 1000x725, game of thrones wtf.jpg)

Sunset found Dany squatting in the grass groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up, she was shitting brown water. The more she drank the more she shat, but the more she shat the thirstier she grew."

Yes, that's a legit excerpt from A Song of Ice and Fire (game of thrones books) that didn't make it into the show

This artist was inspired by the scene

No. 51867

File: 1569286927609.jpg (66.65 KB, 679x469, pedobait yey.jpg)

more of this one this time is pedobait time!

No. 51880

Art is shit but the concept is kind of cute, ngl.

No. 51894

the art can be a bite better but is not that bad

No. 51901

Lol how is she plump and other girl 'skinny' if they are the exact same size whut. It's like the girls that say they are so ugly and maybe even really are but when they draw themselves they are conventionally attractive but 'quirky'

No. 51917

If this is hypmic fanart it isn't really pedo. Isn't Ramuda like 24 and Jakurai 35?

No. 51919

According to some tumblroids a 24yr old and a 35yr old is pedo because at one point one would have been an adult and the other underage even if this is way before they even met

No. 51939

I think what bothers me the most about this is, like Sakimichan, they all have the same face, and the bodies only vary slightly.

Pink haired dude has slightly bigger pecs, and that's it. They have the same lips, eyebrows, beard, and similar hair cut, nose. Body hair distribution is the same too, even though people have all sorts of hair textures and growth patterns. The only excuse I can think is if they're twin brothers, in which case, yikes, but the artists avatar would say otherwise.

99% sure this is supposed to be humorous and it actually did make me laugh.

No. 52008

well i have no idea what fandome this is so perdon me, but the art looks wird to me it don't even look like a 24 more like 16 that is why i say it look like pedobait

No. 52026

File: 1569363154657.jpeg (225.55 KB, 1071x1133, 265FA252-E261-4154-A319-2CED79…)

No. 52027


Why do people turn characters black but never give them black hair like Afro or curls? It’s the same with the little mermaid

Because black people come with red hair apparenrly

No. 52028

lore Olympus

The story is alright and the art is okay but sometimes it’s very off? I find it mediocre at best tbh

No. 52029

File: 1569363848003.jpeg (116.07 KB, 842x595, 0C1AD3AF-A6FC-4949-92ED-339597…)

No. 52044

There are some interesting shapes, textures, and color there. I wouldn't call it bad by a long shot.

No. 52097

File: 1569389775323.jpg (18.64 KB, 275x350, 392a657659aaaf3a11eb00e21fb18e…)

Lol except they do? Aboriginals have genentic mutation for red hair too.

No. 52098

File: 1569389900938.jpg (34.2 KB, 370x516, BjHLoxeIEAAfQvU.jpg)

Blonde too. These mutations exist in non white people too. Homo sapiens and all.

No. 52127

>tiny percentage of black people have light hair
>still have afro texture
>95% of art of black people have lighter hair and/or silky untextured hair

NTA but don’t be retarded, anon. And learn to sage

No. 52129

artists can draw whathever they want however they want anon, art is nor real life. I'm sure asian girls don't naturally have blue and pink hair either, and yet, anime.

No. 52130

File: 1569416400025.jpg (3.93 MB, 3072x3880, 20190925_204222.jpg)

Saged for mini rant

Not gonna talk about the story but the art itself. All i ever hear about lore olympus are compliments and people gushing about how good the art is. Sure its visually different from other webcomics, the colors and background are gorgeous but when its the characters…

Everything looks so awkward most of the time. The faces, the face placement, OH GOD THE STUPID POSES, people barely slouch here and its wierd seeing all of them doing a straight body pose all the time and them throwing their hands up in the air, THE FUCKING ANATOMY, the thicc melted fingers. Alot of the time characters go off model. Hell youd think the author would put more effort in the art as its probably the most popular comic on webtoon but no. Sure some parts are half decent and nice looking at times but that is the minority, some of them look so bad it looks like she drew them on the spot no initial sketch whatsoever

No. 52148

>people barely slouch here
I'm not excusing the art but they're gods lol

No. 52189

lol so by your logic gods dont slouch?

No. 52244

File: 1569441932051.jpg (53.03 KB, 599x337, USGFI.jpg)

yeah ok

the art looks like pic relate, i guess you can say they try to go for a more cartooney style but even then they fail, it juts looks lazy i don't know how to explan it

No. 52254


I'm getting very sjw vibes, why all that stuff has to have ugly artstyles, like you can be sjw without the ugly faces and tumblr type art

No. 52284

I fucking hate, hate, hate Lore Ollympus’s mediocre art and I feel like I’m being gaslit every time someone talks about how good the art is. Like, nothing about it has any appeal to me at all. It’s all wonky.

No. 52317

File: 1569468547035.png (265.61 KB, 540x720, db3q68m-0ff32415-1c9b-435e-903…)

No. 52319

finally someone gets it

No. 52320

File: 1569470107350.png (56.6 KB, 170x170, American_Dad_season_11.png)


why does Blossom's face look like the guy from American Dad (pic related)

No. 52321

I appreciate the textures and stuff (reminds me of Chowder) but my god all the women look the same 90% of the time.
I imagine all these problems are because she gets new assistants almost every page or 2. And they just go off of Persephone for every woman I bet. I also don't get the need for an assistant when it updates once a week and there's barebones BGs and such.

No. 52339

do you and i have the same eyes because pretty much the only thing that's okay about >>51795 is the shading and even then, some of the highlights almost look random
like it's a cute concept but it's poorly executed and it screams of someone who launched right into attempting to stylize before learning basic anatomy

wigs i guess?
most of the people ive seen do this have been white artists. black artists know how to draw black hair without resorting to wigs/weaves
that being said the color of textured hair can still be lightened. i dont think theres anything wrong with the color, just that the artists never bother learning the texture

everything in squirrel girl looks so… squished. why are the mouths so high. why is the artist afraid of filling an entire face with the face

god youre right but i hate it

No. 52340

File: 1569485459184.jpg (4.18 MB, 2354x3910, 20190926_155633.jpg)

most of the men also look the same bit its most evident with women

I honestly hate how she draws lips on girls tbh it looks bad. Alot of things are inconsistent like persephones height and even hades hair style for gods sake! His hair can change from panels sometimes its slicked back, sometimes its messy wth. I also hate the over exaggerated faces they make for no reason. I agree with the other anon the author jumped into stylized artstyle without learning proper anatomy so everything looks off. Its so amtuerish

No. 52342

File: 1569486048687.jpg (1.83 MB, 3072x2205, 20190926_161821.jpg)

Like this too, this is eros in the same chapter, its WAY different it looks like 2 separate people drew it. Shit consistency

No. 52343

90% of people are straight but I don't see you having a sperg fit about gay art

No. 52349

i wasnt talking about your post when i said that the artist launched into stylization without learning basics, i was talking about this one >>51795. i even replied to the post in the sentence where i said it lol. i dont have any hard opinions about lore olympus

No. 52354

oh well

No. 52389

I've never read it because the art style is so off-putting to me

No. 52509

File: 1569555936721.png (Spoiler Image,581.65 KB, 631x893, d9fmtsj-04f11d57-4819-4754-989…)

No. 52512


too many digital art tutorials, not enough foundation studies

No. 52517

You know this artist? ((I just randomly found this))

No. 52532

Yet another case of great coloring, bad anatomy. This artist definitely has potential, though.

Most of the anatomical issues seem to involve the heads and faces. Noses too long and narrow, eyes too high up, heads too large, etc. This looks like the work of somebody who spent years drawing anime and is trying to get away from it.

No. 52537

File: 1569570616806.png (364.05 KB, 320x530, djgjkfhkmkmghgk.png)

I've actually had a person– in real life– try to defend Henderson's artwork to me. He wasn't an artist, obviously.

Setting aside the lazy coloring and horrid anatomy, a more "silly" style is appropriate for Squirrel Girl. But only Squirrel Girl. It looks absolutely bizarre on the other characters.

Pic related is an image from KF that illustrates just how badly Erica Henderson (the artist) butchered these characters. Songbird looks like Mick Jagger, and Hulkling looks like green Donald Trump.

No. 52572

File: 1569577443703.jpeg (256.03 KB, 1283x2048, 8F00550C-A577-4EDC-ADE6-0B9290…)

What is even going on here

No. 52596

the torso of the man on top must be incredibly small. that isn't even humanly possible lmao

No. 52666

want to pop that nipple like a ripe pimple

No. 52710

File: 1569609909315.png (Spoiler Image,547.75 KB, 769x567, upload_2017-8-4_14-31-45.png)


Not at all, i just meant that this is the kinda stuff that happens when you watch too many digital art tuts about digital painting techniques but haven't bothered enough with foundations.

He/she could improve a lot by doing live drawing and gestures though, maybe cutting back on layers modes and minding the palette more traditionally too. Everyone does wonky ass pieces at some point of another, were you do one thing right but mess up five.

No. 52829

File: 1569669011876.png (Spoiler Image,534.42 KB, 636x900, ddh41gg-e180c2ef-29b2-40d4-896…)

There's some questionable anatomy in his gallery but this one takes the cake

No. 52894

File: 1569709325844.jpg (97.97 KB, 1024x1195, ladyalt69.jpg)

>mfw reading this thread

No. 52913

File: 1569713766003.jpeg (254.47 KB, 900x1200, AB7A99B6-B4B4-4D76-9792-15DAFA…)

>800+ retweets on twitter
>2k+ likes

twitterfags are blind

No. 52920

Thats garnets body type right there

No. 52938

Who is this supposed to be?
Also what's with the ugly piss-coloured flowers things sticking up like dildos? Lmao it's awful, the colouring on this is just bad

No. 52941

Look how long her arms are– it makes her look like an orangutan. She also looks like that one instahoe with lymphoedema that went viral a few years ago. I get finding big hips sexy, but this just looks bizarre.

No. 52942

File: 1569733969465.png (210.77 KB, 854x512, dbp1mhf-a31969ca-7d12-4ab2-b2d…)

No. 52949

File: 1569736481944.jpeg (9.25 KB, 236x179, images.jpeg)


>Posting kids' art isn't cool anon-

>Artist is 20

No. 52968

File: 1569760689306.jpg (357.65 KB, 1280x1573, 1569760639377.jpg)

the powerpuff girls


No. 52972

It's not really bad, only Blossoms face looks kind of wonky.

No. 53013

At least they dont look like fucking men

No. 53029

i actually like this. their faces could use a little tweaking but other than that it’s cute

No. 53030

looks ugly, is the artist samefagging about how it's actually good?

No. 53062

>every anon that has a different opinion than me must be a samefag
Calm your self vendetta-chan

No. 53119

It's not that bad besides them changing their races for woke points, but Blossom's face is really strange

Lmao anon

No. 53247

File: 1569882650499.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.11 KB, 2000x4004, EFvenUQWoAEZCqw.jpg)

i know nsfw art is like a low hanging fruit, but i can get over the tits and vagina of this thing, and yes the artist is a women

No. 53258

nice pun

No. 53282

Who’s the artist? I wanna lurk lmao.

No. 53288

No. 53297

File: 1569919162398.png (1.09 MB, 743x678, bh.png)

No. 53308

I feel like opening this landed me on a watchlist

No. 53351

File: 1569947757811.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.32 KB, 632x680, EFl9NynWwAARGXx.jpg)

>>53247 i got more this time is feel is pedobait but i'm not sure, also she got a callout of this one becase is a problematic oc (or so she says i have not seen a call out post of her so is whatever)
i pos it on spoiler cuz as >>53308

No. 53357

File: 1569949314083.jpeg (134.92 KB, 1175x1758, A6FA5F3F-CEAB-49B7-B81F-871311…)

No. 53372

File: 1569950971296.jpg (567.45 KB, 3507x2913, ECsv58rWwAIQ02H.jpg)

she got a Vaporeon oc wow

No. 53385

that's cute tbh
this would be a cute design if it was not so sexualized. Why.

No. 53390

this one is a commission so of corse it will look better even cute

because she is a nsfw artits and a furry

No. 53416


why do artists always draw horse legs??

No. 53422

>stop staring and do something

Yeah, it'd either run in panic or call the police, or both.

No. 53469

This artist is either a liar, a tranny, or was severely groomed. Maybe all three lol

If a porn account has no pictures of the person's face and makes Slugbox ripoffs, it's a male regardless of what the profile says.

No. 53474

>If a porn account has no pictures of the person's face

Not saying that the artist being a man is not a possibility but what kind of cow attaches their face and dox him/herself on their porn accounts? porn artists usually use alts with pseudonyms, regardless of gender.

No. 53481

File: 1570016021901.png (328.35 KB, 603x432, ouch.PNG)

Imagine stagnating this hard.

No. 53492


i actually like the 2015 one better (that's the second one, right?)

No. 53528

File: 1570035687376.png (715.64 KB, 600x2000, what.png)

By they're both tracing

No. 53536

for what i know of this person she was into guro andn gore before making up vent art so i will say she was maybe groomed, not all nsfw artist are men

No. 53772

File: 1570148287674.png (2.72 MB, 1311x2250, then-and-now.png)

Gonna sage this, but can I just vent for a moment about this random artist's degradation?

She was never very good to begin with tbh, but I find it pretty sad that she's been around since the 2000s and hasn't really improved (despite being in her 30s now).

If you look at her older stuff from the early days right up until the mid-2010s or so, you can see that her artwork (especially the traditional) had so much more soul to it compared to her newer digital art.

Idk what happened here, but it's clearly only gotten much worse. At least her older stuff seemed to have potential. Also it's evident she doesn't know what she's doing because you can tell that she tries to copy from artists who draw her OCs for her.

What I hate most is that her fursona used to be cute, but now it's devolved into a hideous fatass with perpetual tard face.

No. 53796

> learn to integrate

At the risk of being banned, how about you learn how not to be a cunt instead? Just because there are some vocal gender-critical feminists here corrupting the impressionable newfags with their bitter cat-lady rhetoric doesn't mean that everyone else has to conform and be a hateful shitstain.

> inb4 m-muh troons, gb2 tumblr

I'm 100% for calling out delusional fakebois and fujos, but you don't have to lump in the minority who are actually trans in with them. Transmen are men, cope harder.

Sage for OT.(derailing :^) )

No. 54077

bruh who tf drew this??

No. 54078

the art is bad, but isnt the story of an obsessive brony becoming normal and not being fucking horny for horses a good thing?

No. 54106


No. 54107


No. 54166

Yeah, Leslie's has really stagnated or maybe even gotten worse. I used to watch her sometimes when she was gaining traction. Her art wasn't amazing or anything, but it wasn't disgustingly bad. In fact, during her original active time on YT, she was slowly improving even. Anyway, during the hiatus, it seemed like she just kept doodling shitty chibis or occasionally some mediocre trad art. I feel like that's when I saw the decline in it. Hopefully she'll bounce back now she seems to be keeping up with drawing, but dunno. Doesn't seem like she's really trying anything new or different. It's all just front-facing busts. Her art is pretty boring now. The new style is shittier than the old. Old one had some movement and was recognizably her style. Can't really say much about the new one other than the hand seems better, I guess.

No. 54264

File: 1570292572991.png (547.87 KB, 750x638, dd.png)

ntayrt but the artist is racketballs on instagram

No. 54554

File: 1570406397920.jpeg (279.87 KB, 1242x2062, 03845AA7-854A-437E-9BB3-7BC916…)

Saggy butt

No. 54555

File: 1570406450015.jpeg (424.89 KB, 1235x1604, E69AF3B4-1316-466D-89A8-C602C9…)

And a skull with shading, but no definition

No. 54567

that other anon was right, y'all are nitpicky retards

No. 54672

are you the artist? because those shadows make no sense.

No. 54676

Saggy butt seems to be the least of her problems. What's with that waist, hand, wrist, everything really?
Also, putting the world's most unremarkable quote with your name below it like you're some kind of visionary is tacky as fuck.

No. 54692


Its not good, not offensively bad or hideous but i can't understand how stuff like this get so many likes. It boggles my mind.

No. 54693

Right? This account doesn’t even create the images themselves. They just slap their quotes on shit. They must be a friend of this wolfmumma person because it’s usually her art.

No. 54695

File: 1570458159537.jpg (496.13 KB, 2000x3000, EF-XpgLX0AIeEpS.jpg)

No. 54734

Hold on I really like the bird though

No. 54811

File: 1570492760088.jpg (137.39 KB, 652x599, d8ijjo4-c5071916-692c-4c63-9cf…)

Look at this monstrosity. Bad OCs are a goldmine for bad anatomy

No. 56137

File: 1570764526867.jpg (163.71 KB, 1440x1440, EGjzvhgU8AApsDS.jpg)

Look, I usually hate this thread because its so boring, but the twitter bio of the male who posted this says "Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games."

The virginity of this artist is in the boobs.

No. 56138

Christ, her boobs are attached from the collar bones. Wtf

No. 56212

File: 1570794294734.jpg (172.98 KB, 1200x1081, EF5NtIMX0AovaDE.jpg)

same artist drew something worse

No. 56214

File: 1570798596414.jpg (337.67 KB, 1215x717, Janna_Splash_3.jpg)


Riot has hired a lot of deuces, is no surprise. If its a senior, he might have entered there a few years back when Lol wasn't as big and their art standards were more amateurish.

No. 56223

This looks like straight up fetish art lol.

No. 56236

File: 1570805523116.jpeg (76.37 KB, 640x872, 0D9F5278-819C-44F9-B62C-435F97…)

And these indiefag comic writers/artists wonder why no major publisher picks them up and they have to establish their own publishing houses. They always point fingers of the comic industry not being ‘inclusive’ to faggots and trannies… nah your art just isn’t good.

No. 56239

what the hell….from what comic is that?

No. 56246

The website is shit too. Indie artists drive me crazy https://superposecomic.com/

No. 56433

Ao Oni

No. 56662

No. 56836

File: 1570929577613.jpg (367.48 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20191012-211406_Dev…)

long chin

No. 56851

Was about to say that that art style looks like the "learned to draw wolves through look at drawings of wolves on DeviantArt" and then read the image title and saw it was literally a screenshot from DeviantArt

No. 56976

File: 1570984912124.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20190814-171809.png)

This girl went to an art focused high school and got a masters in art and design.

No. 57004

>m-m-masturred in art n dezign!!1!

Who'd believe that shit lol

No. 57014

File: 1570991010924.png (448.62 KB, 674x431, Capture489.png)

No. 57015

She actually did, I know her irl but won't doxx lmao

The art schools in eastern europe are a huge joke aside a few prestige ones, and she didn't make it.

No. 57046


I believe it, my shithole doesn't even have prestigious schools, not a one. Even art made by instructors looks like that abomination.

And there are a lot of pros that work in the art and illustation industry with my nationality but its always the same story, either:

a)never went to any schools and just self taught
b) went to art school, got frustated out by the sheer incompetence and dropped out to self teach
c) Did graduate from art school but on a different country using their parents money.

I don't believe there's a single professional artists from my country that actually graduated in here. Artschool dregrees here are cursed, no one with one ever makes it.

No. 57102

>>53357 This was actually a commission for >>53247 OC (iirc) so those being posted so close together is kinda ironic lol

Late lol but this is https://twitter.com/peachcakie!! I'm mutuals with her and she's honestly pretty great artist imo. I've been following her for years so I can't be trusted that much lmao

No. 57273

File: 1571059509823.png (389.83 KB, 706x790, 20191014_210715.png)

Cringy fujos back at it again

No. 57285

File: 1571060153715.png (438.41 KB, 720x826, 20191014_210740.png)

No. 57512

File: 1571083016548.jpg (66.19 KB, 1042x767, draw_this_again_meme_by_forest…)

The stagnation is real

No. 57529

File: 1571090563535.jpg (72.5 KB, 500x350, tumblr_f8e606c177e5aeaf1df49e4…)

This might be a joke, but I'm putting it here just in case.

No. 57542

i swear to god i've seen this before and i'm preeeeetty damn sure it's unironic, unfortunately

No. 57584

do these people not know that he was a slave owner who raped his slaves and made sure they had no rights when they were freed

No. 57612

File: 1571121916736.png (661.63 KB, 1280x899, tumblr_ow19wjcofm1wajeqwo1_128…)

This was made unironically, they did this with other Hamilton characters as well.

No. 57613

>genderfluid competitive melee player alexander hamilton au
fuck this gay timeline. what is going on.

No. 57614

legally blind track runner competitive gamer troon hamilton, incredible

No. 57621

tbf this isn't about the based on the Thomas Jefferson its based on the Jefferson of Hamilton the Musical.but for whatever the artist decided he needed to be even more diverse

No. 57640

hamilton calls out jefferson for being a slave owner in the musical tho

No. 57680

File: 1571147931893.png (68.43 KB, 400x229, tumblr_pz6ej5501f1vcdf2ko1_400…)

No. 57737

what the actual fuck is this

No. 57749

>>57737 someone's body dysmorphia kicking in

No. 57753

finally some elephantiasis representation

No. 57770

isn't this the art of one of the animator in voltron?

No. 57864

Hamilton's fanbase is the worst

No. 57928

I cackled. It really does feel like that.

No. 58009

what the fuck does eng/lat/spa/fr even mean…..do they know latam is not a country and neither homogeneous right??

i know animators have the myth of being very horny people but, jesus

No. 58100

File: 1571307464791.png (Spoiler Image,480.5 KB, 943x646, whattheactualfuck.png)

Had the misfortune of seeing this sick fuck's art through group deviations. Of course there's a "All characters depicted are 18+" disclaimer in the descriptions