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File: 1500506149996.jpg (64.08 KB, 300x300, TalkingHeadsRemaininLight.jpg)

No. 4532

Just curious of your guys' musical preferences. And mainly looking forward to finding new bands

No. 4533

File: 1500511323565.jpg (2.71 MB, 2748x2736, radiohead.jpg)

Damn OP, starting the thread off with a masterpiece of an album.
Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads is also among my favorites.

Other than that I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd and Radiohead. David Bowie is also always nice.
Sometimes stuff like Kate Bush or even Peter Gabriel really does it for me.

As for more recent artists, I enjoy Tame Impala and Franz Ferdinand.

No. 4534

File: 1500516441462.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x427, varg.jpg)

where my metal meme fiends at

No. 4535

File: 1500521249634.jpg (40.42 KB, 500x500, 51BrkvDtHvL.jpg)

Don't know if I posted this on lolcow already but this one is my favourite album, Colour Green from Sibylle Baier. It's a shame she only did this recording and never tried to sell it.

No. 4536

You should check out Vashti Bunyan and Hako Yamasaki

No. 4537

Vashti is another favourite of mine lol, will check out the other one, thanks!

No. 4538

Speaking in tongues is fantastic. So is A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead. Nice taste anon

No. 4539

What r u into anon

No. 4540

File: 1500557637252.gif (612.53 KB, 480x284, couch.gif)

black, power, thrash, and a little bit of sludge and doom metal. my taste in bands is very sporadic but just a few of my favs are burzum, mayhem, acid bath, gwar, leviathan, helloween, king diamond, danzig, summoning, and demons & wizards.

some non-metal genres i like are dungeon synth, horrorcore and cloud rap (or whatever the fuck these are called), 80s post punk, crust punk, classic rock, psychedelic rock, and hardcore, if anyone gives a shit.

what about u, friend?

No. 4541

Give Mr. Bungle a chance my guys they are pure genius

No. 4542

Nice picks pal. My all time favourite is electric wizard. I also like some prog shit and manily early pink floyd

No. 4543

File: 1500576948474.jpg (112.94 KB, 640x640, Joanna-Newsom-Ys-1478111637-64…)

Ys by Joanna Newsom. Divers is a close second (tbh all her albums are amazing), but she's a genius and I feel so lucky to live at the same time as her.

No. 4544

thank you! i've only listened to like the first 3 songs on dopethrone and really need to check out the rest of electric wizard's discography.


any bands or albums u'd recommend? :)

yesss carousel and squeeze me macaroni are fucking great

No. 4545

I'm a big fan of 70's rock (David Bowie aka God him-self, T-Rex, Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground)
Also, I love Vocaloid producers/Vocalo-P like:
MARETU, Neru, Circus-P, Kikuo (his new album featuring Hanatan is just amazing, please take a look at the song "Hito ga wari/Substitute)
…but I don't care so much about the Vocaloid characters. Actually, i mostly like the "doujin" scene.

No. 4546

File: 1500589357821.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x2000, 677567.jpg)

I listen to pretty much every genre and I like to think it's because I'm "~so cultured and open-minded uwu" but I'm really just indecisive and can't pick which genre I like the most lol. Pic related is what I've been listening to lately.

>Upstream Color Soundtrack - Shane Carruth

>Blade Runner Soundtrack - Vangelis (electronic)
>Scum Fuck Flower Boy - Tyler, the Creator (hip hop)
>In the Mood for Love Soundtrack - Various artists
>The Red Album - Baroness (progressive metal)
>Get to Heaven - Everything Everything (indie pop)
>It Follows Soundtrack - Disasterpeace (electronic)
>Frozen Niagara Falls - Prurient (noise, ambient)
>Visions - Grimes (dream/art pop)

No. 4547

In the court of the crimson king is one of my favourites. I mainly listen to the obvious i.e king crimson, pink floyd, jethro tull

No. 4548

Baroness and Vangelis hell yeah man

No. 4549

File: 1500662836689.png (1.82 MB, 1200x680, Untitled.png)

i listen to a lot of new wave mostly, ranging from the more traditionalish rock sounds like the cars to more poppy new wave artists like duran duran. bowie is one of my all time favorite artists, and in addition to aladdin sane (which i know is like, baby's first bowie album) and low i really love station to station and diamond dogs. oddly enough even though i listen almost exclusively to 80s music, i'm not a huge fan of bowie's 80s albums and mostly prefer his older stuff. they aren't bad but don't have as distinct of a sound with the exception of scary monsters.

occasionally i listen to 60s music too, not anything specific like garage rock but pretty much anything 60s…motown, psychedelic, the girls in the garage movement, etc. if any of you guys like 60s psychedelic rock specifically, you should definitely check out the cambodian psych out movement! really quality stuff

No. 4550

File: 1500663321989.jpg (563.45 KB, 936x1213, David-Bowie-Ziggy-Stardust-sun…)

what's your favorite bowie album anon? iggy pop also has some great songs

No. 4551

This post reeks of pretentious /mu/tant.

No. 4552

I actually don't go on /mu/ much at all. And I get why you'd get the impression that I'm pretentious lol but I don't think I am. I actually really love Kesha and Adele and Ariana Grande lol. I just like finding new stuff to listen to.

No. 4553

mine is the rise and fall of ziggy stardust

No. 4554

I love all of his eras (except for the 80's one)
But if I had to choose:
-The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust (of course)
- Aladin Sane ("Time", "Cracked Actor" and "Lady Grinning Soul" are great)
-Low (inspired by some German electro bands like Nu/all the bass parts are fantastic)

Bowie had so many different style that everyone can love at least one of these.

No. 4555

AKA basic

No. 4556

File: 1500712429618.jpg (85.94 KB, 500x500, Folder.jpg)

Lots of great albums and artists in this thread. I couldn't really name an all-time favorite album or artist, but right now I've been listening to Majesty Crush's Love 15 (pic related) non-stop. It's probably my favorite shoegaze album, along with Pinkyshinyultrablast by Astrobrite. Would recommend both of them to someone who is interested in that genre.

Not that person but seeing the term /mu/tant makes me super nostalgic. I used to browse /mu/ all the time around 2010 but, like most 4chan boards, it went to shit.

No. 4557

File: 1500725535764.jpg (33.83 KB, 380x380, Racine_Carree_Stromae_Cover.jp…)

Any Stromae fans? I find him very innovative and his tunes are very funky. Pic related, Racine Carree is my favorite album of his.

No. 4558

I get nostalgic for /mu/ also. God the people there are such shit now.

No. 4559

you basically mentioned all my favorite tracks of off aladdin sane.

i'm actually reading a book about the making of the album low from the 33 1/3 series and its super interesting! they talk about the more technical aspects of making the album as well as shenanigans bowie got into while making it. its only 100 pages and its a tiny little book, probably half the size of an actual book. worth a read if you really like low!

No. 4560

No. 4561

Stromae is NUT af.

No. 4562

Yes, he makes me happy that I was forced to go to a french immersion school in my childhood.

No. 4563

File: 1500762150835.jpg (22.5 KB, 300x300, unnamed.jpg)

This is my favorite album. I love the atmostpere and i relate to most of the lyrics. He also has a comfortable voice to listen to. It's EDEN - i think you think too much of me

No. 4564

I checked this out and it's fantastic anon, what else r u into

No. 4565

File: 1500775494821.jpg (31.89 KB, 600x600, f1cb5f5be87e620c1c46e9432a7dd8…)

I like LP's Lost on You album, she has such a unique voice and her vocal range is impressive. Not a sour tone there. Another favorite is Infected mushroom - return to the sauce, but that's more psychedelic electro.

No. 4566

Glad to know I'm not the only one. I keep hoping to stumble upon a smaller imageboard that would maybe have the same feeling that /mu/ used to have.

No. 4567

File: 1500849152747.jpg (231.17 KB, 420x420, Martina_bluegod.jpg)

Her career started with Tricky then she went solo after their romantic relationship ended. This is her most recent album from 2008. Her voice is ethereal. Enjoy!

No. 4568

File: 1500852482360.png (122.99 KB, 300x300, IMG_4221.PNG)

Call me edgy but god do I love NIN, and this album specifically

No. 4569

Iy sounds great! Where I could find it?

No. 4570

Got too high and am currently listening to Sufjan Stevens. It's a lot to take in.

No. 4571

>tfw his Planetarium collab with Dessner and Muhly (plus Mcalister, but I don't know him) only has four tour dates and they've already ended
I hate this. I was abroad the last Planetarium and Carrie & Lowell tour and it's probably going to be a while till his next tour. I just want to see him live one day!

Also, this is a great thread. I feel like my musical tastes constantly clash and it's hard for me to narrow down my absolute favorite songs or albums.

No. 4572

NiN is pretty fucking talented. People can't seem to make up their minds if they're edgy or sellouts. Idgaf, I like the music. Also, 90's Trent was pretty hot in a weird goblin way.

No. 4573

My nigg

They're fucking awful now tho since the new wife got involved

No. 4574

File: 1501010030437.jpg (918.2 KB, 2048x2048, BD589717-D526-44D6-A12B-9BCF70…)

Some old faves, lately into doom/stoner rock like ruby the hatchet, the sword etc

No. 4575

good shit mang.

No. 4576

I mostly listen to industrial, ebm, noise, post-punk, deathrock. new wave, punk (all genres except pop punk, especially hardcore and folk), shoe gaze, and hip hop.

Favorite artists are probably:
Einstürzende Neubauten, NON, Current 93, Rowland S Howard, nick cave, black flag, rudimentary peni, siouxsie, pat the bunny, skinny puppy, joy division, the Jesus and marychain, preoccupations, Anasazi, cabaret Voltaire
I like post-punk and crust. Can you recommend good crossover thrash or thrash in general? I like it, but I listen to mostly the punk side of it like dri.
> prurient

No. 4577

File: 1501173129231.jpg (73.5 KB, 318x300, NewOrderPower,Corruption&Lies.…)

ooo good taste anon. what's your favorite siouxsie and the banshees song? also, since you mentioned joy division do you like new order too? i know they're a bit different

No. 4578

gr8 taste anon

No. 4579

Dang. I don't know if I have a favorite Siouxsie song. Juju is my favorite album though. I used to play a lot of Halloween and Spellbound when I used to DJ.

I love New Order. Age of Consent is one of my all time favorite songs to dance to. I'm really glad that they didn't keep the name joy division as their sound changed without Ian's dreary influence.

Do you like Siouxsie and Budgies other project, The Creatures? It's definitely poppier than the banshees. Or have you listened to joy division when they were still punk, Warsaw? Walked in Line and Ice Age are classics.

No. 4580


holy shit i want to be friends with you.

No. 4581

fuck yes, everything everything! are you as hype as i am about a fever dream?
get to heaven is such a good album.

No. 4582

File: 1501661135136.jpg (39.43 KB, 380x255, 26F84C4D-B315-44FB-9BAC-C0D4E5…)

Here are some of my more recent favourite albums

No. 4583

Nick Cave is so fucking gold.

No. 4584

really hard to pick all time faves bc i usually just pick an handful to listen to and rotate em. so i'll just go with what comes to mind in no order:
CORRUPTED, earth, noothgrush, dystopia, saint vitus, sisters of mercy, melvins, kate bush, danzig, misfits, acid king, sleep, today is the day, sarcafago, black sabbath, motörhead, fistula, brainoil

No. 4585

fuck anons on this thread really coming through with great taste. Yes to all of these!
I was expecting everything itt to be just pop chart stuff lmao for once im glad to be proven wrong on this site

Interesting post-punk seems to be popular amongst farmers

No. 4586

>>4585 again, >>4584 you also have great taste

No. 4587

File: 1501763419386.jpg (9.13 KB, 315x315, Dir_En_Grey_Arche_cover.jpg)

i'm obsessed with chelsea wolfe right now. other than her i mostly like rock and vk, like dir en grey, plastic trees, malice mizer, miyavi, king dude, joy division, placebo, that kind of thing. i don't have a favorite album but i've been listening to dir en grey's arche album a lot recently

No. 4588

you have great taste anon!!

No. 4589

why, i haven't heard that name in 10 years….

>melvins, sarcafago, acid king, danzig

No. 4590

ty anon <3

miyavi's new stuff is a bit poppy but it's fun. the day 2 mix album really shows off his guitar skills in a new way.

No. 4591

i can still only imagine him with blue hair from the jibun kakumei video. he was really cute in that. it reminded me of HIM but in japanese.

No. 4592

really love john maus, the magnetic fields, sufjan, and ariel pink (vid related, best ariel song imo ♡♡)

does anyone have any good spotify playlists to link??

No. 4593

>HIM but in Japanese
10 years ago, I would've said that's Atsushi Sakurai, from Buck-Tick. This cover he did of Dakishimetai really reminds me of Ville. Also the mv for Romance.

No. 4594

It would seeem there are only live versions of Love dakishimetai on YT, so if anyone wants, I can upload a studio version that I have saved on a USB somewhere.

No. 4595

I wonder if Ville ever got inspiration from japan. I know he said he has western metal influences from type o negative and stuff but when i hear and see his music videos, they instantly remind me of jrock especially in his younger years where he's wearing makeup and looking quite feminine.

Pleaseee do anon! I've only ever heard it live and will kill to hear the studio version

No. 4596

File: 1501854314102.jpg (17.18 KB, 220x220, 220px-Stereo_Type_A.jpg)

my faves are caravan palace, cibo matto, Gorillaz… anything miho hatori tbh
pic related

No. 4597

File: 1501862475481.jpg (9.42 KB, 236x259, 125e8310d6d7aeb5659ef9f2c1d9d8…)

No. 4598

thanks anon! atsushi's voice is so lovely

No. 4599

Thank you. u the bae <3

No. 4600

so many anons with amazing taste! lately i've been listening to cocteau twins, depeche mode, belle & sebastian, suede, the fall, psychic tv, pavement & guided by voices.

No. 4601

I never thought I'd see Sakurai here. I love Buck-Tick more than any other band <33333333

No. 4602

>belle & sebastian
I love listening to Live at the Barbican, I think that and Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense are two of the best concert recording albums.

No. 4603

File: 1501991213206.jpg (379.53 KB, 920x1530, Muzak.jpg)

I'm all over the goddamn place.

Somebody save my headphones.

No. 4604

File: 1501994384189.jpg (691.02 KB, 892x1406, tastyjams.jpg)

No. 4605

Damn so many good bands in this thread. Is there a discord chat for this? Would love to talk to y'all about music

No. 4606

Hey lolcow, I'm in a sad mood today…I might be breaking up with my bf. I've been listening to Air Supply's All Out of Love and Without You (the Harry Nilsson version). What other sappy songs can I listen to while I cry?

No. 4607

How does one get into Nujabes? His discography seems pretty big.

No. 4608

different anon but i would check out his work on the samurai champloo osts. theyre great gateways to his previous work and other artists similar to him

No. 4609

I listened to The National's albums on repeat when my boyfriend split up with me.

No. 4610

ehh… 69 love songs by the magnetic fields? "I don't want to get over you" is a good one

No. 4611

This band is amazing. Dracula mai husbando.

No. 4612

fuck yeah. really into type O lately.

No. 4613

Yes! he's perfect!

No. 4614

File: 1503757299901.jpg (92.84 KB, 500x500, IMG_2690.JPG)

My absolute favourite. This and everything else Barrett did solo.

No. 4615

I've always been biased towards Carnivore. Always loved Peters work though.

No. 4616

if any of you guys are into this kinda stuff, its good

No. 4617

Took the other day a closer look on ladytron since I really liked some of their songs and god I felt in love with the Album Light&Magic. Love all songs on this album a lot but this one is my fave.


This is a good one!

No. 4618


samefag but Psycho Tropical Berlin by La Femme is pure genius which deserves so much more attention tho. Prob my fave band for a few years now.

No. 4619

yessss! i discovered la femme a few months ago and they're great. +1!

No. 4620

Nobody likes this version of Metallica for some reason :(

No. 4621

File: 1506315144404.jpg (42.45 KB, 500x496, IMG_1820.JPG)

i got into The Brilliant Green around last year. their album Los Angeles is such a great find. it gives off the vibe of around this time of year, late summer/early fall on a lazy late afternoon

No. 4622

>Nobody likes this version of Metallica for some reason :(
Decrease in skill imo. Lack of energy, compare live concerts from back in the day to now (not entirely surprising, this happens to a lot of bands once a member sobers up). Plus they take so long in between albums you generally expect more from them.

I wouldn't say I hate them but its not something I'll tune into generally.

No. 4623

I've been really into this cabaret style of music lately.

No. 4624

It's whiny, but I find it very emotional.

No. 4625


Maybe the low-end album was cathartic to them. I mean, they've lost their bassist and everyone pretty much hated each other during Some Kind of Monster era. Yeah the drums are shit but lyrically St. Anger's pretty good.

No. 4626

Favourite right now, and looking for more like this.

No. 4627

You might like this

No. 4628

I like industrial metal, and some
industrial bands. Here's one song:
Suicide Commando- State of Emergency

No. 4629

Head over heels in love with IAMX and his new album was released last week. It's more experimental and different from his other work but imo he did a great job with it

No. 4630

File: 1506512333045.jpg (11.4 KB, 241x209, download.jpg)


No. 4631

i'm learning french and listening to music helps. catchy french pop :)

No. 4632

Hella Personal Film Festival.

No. 4633

Because why not?

No. 4634

Thank fuck someone's finally posting real music ITT, woot woot

Here's another dope rap song courtesy of my boy F. Dizzle <3

No. 4635


You may like this one too! <3

No. 4636

this is a thread to share music, not to think anyone else's music isn't' 'real' music. you aren't better for listening to hiphop.

No. 4637

Only now I found out that there's a new Purity Ring song. Cool synthpop.

No. 4638

anyone else In Love with A Ghost? kinda weeby cute chill mostly-instrumental idk what to call it, new wave electronica. but so fucking cute, aesthetic is perf visually too, wish there was more.

No. 4639

sage for samefag but this album has the most relatable song titles:

1. i need a cup of coffee and some bread for wake up
2. today i'll try to be happy
3. scrolling tumblr all night
4. everybody dance except me
5. we should eat pizza
6. i think we should break up

No. 4640


I like them. The genre is called chillhop (or jazzhop or lofi hop), and they always have aesthetic images and titles, it's part of the genre, not just exclusive to In Love with a Ghost.

I really like chillhop tbh.

No. 4641

that's the word! i just couldn't think of it (srry this is good smoke music). i listen to quite a bit of this on yt while at work, tbh. i've watched that exact video you linked more than once! i eat plants for a living and idealism are some of my other favorites, also the youtube user aruarian

No. 4642


Oh, nice! Syros made this playlist with only biosphere songs, it's really nice, have you listened to it yet, anon? I really really love "Living the sweet life but it still tastes bitter" @14:42. Pretty relaxing.

No. 4643

oooh i haven't but i will! i'm always down for recs - i strongly prefer fully instrumental stuff, which can make finding new artists kind of hard

No. 4644


Oh, that playlist, including the one I mentioned, have vocals lol I usually like when there are some cute japanese/girly vocals (usually hate dudes singing, hate Jooji stuff tbqh lol I only like medicine out of his work), but this one is mainly vocals-free. I love the first one.

I am kinda anxious right now and haven't accomplished anything today because of it because I could barely leave my bed, I wish I was smoking and listening to chillhop with you, anon lol

No. 4645

listening to it now (just got to the song you rec and i dig it) - i can deal with some light female/mostly wordless vocals, im just not really into hard lyrical stuff. sound bytes can be cool tho - sweven by idealism or save me by i eat plants.

i feel exactly the same way about joji and medicine haha. we have really similar tastes! you just set me up for the whole afternoon

aww anon there's no reason to be anxious! when i feel that way i tell myself, 'i can choose to suffer or choose to make the best of this.' it helps me to think that the anxiety is just some stupid thing going on inside my mind that i'm imposing on myself, and i really do have the power to shut it off if i try hard enough. whatever it is you have to do, you can do it!

No. 4646

80s j-pop is so fucking comfy

No. 4647


Thanks, anon, that's super kind of you <3
I did some breathing exercises and ate and I am feeling a bit better, now.

Glad you enjoyed the mixes!

No. 4648

This was really nice anon. Thanks for posting

No. 4649


I live for this shit.

No. 4650

No. 4651

No. 4652

No. 4653

I love 80s Japanese city pop. Good taste, anon.

No. 4654

Hole - Dying
i was listening to this when i tried to off myself a few years ago. im better now but high on xans and beer and i still love this song

No. 4655

Jazzy mysticism? I've been listening to this and Nuclear War on repeat lately.

No. 4656

yesss. such a good and underrated Hole song. love them, love Courtney. another favorite from that album is "Reasons to Be Beautiful"

No. 4657

Not sure if this is appropriate for this thread but…Tom Petty is gone and I am extremely sad. More sad than I expected I would be.

He wasn't my favorite artist of all time or anything, but his music reminds me of a very specific, confusing, and sad time in my life. It always lifts my spirits but makes me tear up at the same time. I always feel like a fucking asshole being sad over the deaths of artists whose work I love, because I know they have family and friends who are experiencing real loss right now, but I can't help it even if I know it's ridiculous.

RIP Tom.

No. 4658

I love King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's album Sketches of Brunswick East as a whole, but this song has got to be my favorite.

No. 4659

>king gizzard
my man

I still love Nuclear Fusion. It's so good on the ears

No. 4660

Post songs that make you feel better/more tranquil.

No. 4661

An abbreviated version of the original. A good tranquil listen if you're a fan of electronic music.

No. 4662

Despite their vegan propaganda, their music was silly and whimsical

No. 4663

Overjoyed to have found this female rapper, so refreshing, open and frank.

No. 4664

I discovered Aurora the other day and I'm pretty glad I did.

No. 4665

wow that flow is horrible and the lyrics are incredibly vapid as mainstream rappers' lyrics. her voice doesn't sound appealing enough for music either.

No. 4666

File: 1510970156439.jpg (18.32 KB, 300x300, R-382998-1151012075.jpeg.jpg)

my favorite band is definitely Skinny Puppy. but only stuff from before Dwayne died, because IMHO their new music is trash. I think it lost a lot of it's magic when Dwayne died, when Ogre (and Key) lost their young angst, and when they switched to more digital equipment. it makes me really sad but I still fucking LOVE them and think they really did something amazing. I think Ogre has a real talent for writing lyrics. I seriously respect their political and moral views…I have Key on IG and I'm so tempted to send him a message because he doesn't have many followers and I suspect he would easily be able to respond… but I'm just waiting for the perfect thing to come to my mind to tell him or show him or ask him.

I can't really choose a favorite album, but I think it'd be a tie between Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (pictured), and Cleanse Fold and Manipulate. their 80s albums are the best, and their shows from that era are too.

No. 4667

Mono makes this kind of weepy music which I really like lately. The kind of stuff that gets your imagination going.

No. 4668

This song is totally garbage but my roommate and I have been BOPPING to it these past two days

No. 4669

oh my god, is this kitty pryde?! i remember stumbling upon her in 2012 on 8tracks and Okay Cupid was such a bop haha. i forgot all about her, thanks for reminding me

No. 4670

This is great music for writing. Love it.

No. 4671

File: 1512850897097.jpg (240.38 KB, 1920x1080, Qe59OeL.jpg)

I like most genres of music, but lately I've been listening to Beach House, Grimes, Alvvays, and SZA.

I have David Bowie, Bjork, the B52s, Radiohead, Kanye West, Blood Orange, and the Clash on Apple Music, it's fucked up.

No. 4672

>it's fucked up

No, it's not, you have the musical taste of every hipster kid ever. Nothing special or different about it.

No. 4673

omg I forgot about kitty thank you for this

No. 4674

Thanks to you anon I found something new to listen to.
Also thanks to you I've found another singer since she was in my suggestion list.
Really like her voice and style so far.

No. 4675

No. 4676

it's winter, so everyone needs to listen to sufjan stevens now

No. 4677

No. 4678

No. 4679

this song makes me emotional. please listen to it

No. 4680

I have pretty much only been listening to this album for the past week.

No. 4681

I also really love neo-folk like Death in June. this is my favorite song

No. 4682

Let's get in the mood.

No. 4683

No. 4684

No. 4685

No. 4686

i had no idea this existed

No. 4687

obvious choice is obvious, but I don't care, it's genuinely my favourite album.

No. 4688

is currently on my running playlist because it puts me in an aggressive, fighting mood

No. 4689

Is a good song, love it too.

No. 4690

what a coincidence that I stumpled on this song a few days ago too and I didn't even know Kimbra (except for the Gotye song)
I really love this song and checked out her other songs too but they all seem a lot different from this one.

No. 4691

No. 4692

No. 4693

No. 4694

Anyone here listen to Broken-beat? Nu-Jazz? Acid-Jazz? Lounge? Downtempo?

No. 4695

As an example, recently discovered Ruth Koleva. A few of the Bruk heavy weights have remixed her work.

No. 4696

Despite Tumblr constantly memeing it, shit's unironically dank

No. 4697

What a classic :)

(Hope this is how you embed.)

No. 4698

Listing to Gumboot Soup rn, beginner's luck is my jam. Also, Mild High club is my shit, I got so excited to see they did a collab album.

No. 4699

Have this album, got my mum into him, too. Are the rest as good? His videos are great and memorable, as well.

Don't what I'm doing here guys.

No. 4700

File: 1515371805651.jpg (527.55 KB, 1680x1050, 1426136648788.jpg)

Even though it's a common opinion, I think this shit is so fucking good, it beats just about any other album just because of the god tier poetry, sound production and consonant as fuck composition and instrumentation. Wall and Wish you were here are also dank.
Lately I've been listening to FMJ's last three albums a lot because he's also high quality.
inb4 dad rock

No. 4701


Benny makes me happy in general, this is chill as shit.

No. 4702

>inb4 dad rock

Its chill, anon. I get it all the time for listening to Pearl Jam.

No. 4703

what do you think of sorrow? it is my favourite of them

No. 4704

Does anyone else still really enjoy "riot grrrl" music?

No. 4705

i dont anymore but damn, at one point in my life… this was THE shit

No. 4706


Same, anon!

No. 4707

No. 4708

I love cupcakke so much.

No. 4709

No. 4710

File: 1516659492079.jpg (495.13 KB, 1949x980, phexx.jpg)

any other braindance/idm anons here? <3

No. 4711


Yes, saw Aphex Twin live this summer and it was GLORIOUS

No. 4712

Rest In Pubs Mark E Smith

No. 4713


Mark E Smith with Mouse On Mars

[Von Südenfed]

No. 4714

"Always different; always the same."

No. 4715

i can't get enough of this weird hypnotic synth shit

No. 4716

Didn't expect to like her music as much as I did. This shit is fire.

No. 4717

this is a bop and a half

same, her lyrics are so fuckin clever… she's charming tbh

No. 4718

those lyrics stand nowhere to clever

wow man, thanks, this is bomb.
Plastic Love for y'all

No. 4719

clearly you haven't heard "duck duck goose," meme pussy

No. 4720

Le youtube suggestions girl

No. 4721

and? is this like a bad thing now?

also I just noticed >>4718 was already posted before, so something different from le yt suggestions girl: an album I can't get enough of

No. 4722

File: 1517078743909.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1332, 01121B63-64FD-47BA-8411-1DE97E…)

No. 4723

kek I got these as recs on yt too. didn't like. thanks, but no.

No. 4724

File: 1517084334992.png (127.88 KB, 300x300, Massive_Attack_-_Mezzanine.png)

My all time favourite will always be massive attack. I love trip hop from this era but have never found anything that gives me the same feeling as for example karmacoma or inertia creeps. I love the rhythm and sound so much and my YouTube recs never bring me the same. Sigh

I also like Blue Foundation, Portishead and Royksopp.

No. 4725

I love your taste! High five :3

No. 4726

Ahh thank you anon! I don't know anyone who shares such a specific preference. Can you recommend anything along the same lines that you enjoy? <3

No. 4727

with u anon. definitely in my top 5 fav albums. i know this is sacrilegious in the trip hop scene to say but it personally ranks much higher than dummy for me.

No. 4728

Other trip hop anon, here. What about some lovage?

But talking Massive Attack, I sure love that new EP with Young Fathers, Voodoo in my Blood. Gives me shivers.

No. 4729

File: 1517101963874.jpeg (19 KB, 225x225, 19D0AF59-2340-4769-AAF1-BEF8A8…)

Ooof, this fucking album

No. 4730


Have you heard Lamb?

No. 4731

^^^all ye are such babes wtf I post massive attack and instantly find my people
I do love some lamb and lovage and am totally up for anything else ye can recommend. Also I totally prefer mezzanine over dummy, so I feel ya, mezzanon. tbh i would die for that album

No. 4732

Lamb's newish single

No. 4733

im just so hurrtby now lip sign


No. 4734


My lesbian kink anthem ft Princess Nokia

No. 4735

I look like the white version of princess nokia in her tomboy vid. We have the same clothing, the same hairstyle, even the glasses look identical. I wish I had her talent and self confidence.

No. 4736

Sage your weird humble brags

No. 4737

File: 1517859102108.jpg (32.38 KB, 500x500, 2vRFNfl.jpg)

so I keep a dnb playlist and have kinda morphed it into nostalgia (old school happy hardcore/breakbeat) and now all the rec'd songs on spotify are just Gammer remixes. Anybody got any good old school/breakbeat/dnb/hardcore?

No. 4738

I love Destiny soo much!!!! I discovered her music exactly a year ago and I'm still fascinated with her personality, her concept or whatever it is? and also the fact that she embraces her latina heritage and the way she approaches,and talks about NY and the Bronx is so enchanting for me, a foreign who has zero idea of what really is like but somehow I recognize a little bit of my own neighborhood in Medellín in the mix of cultures and stories that lies in such place.

No. 4739

File: 1518055989755.jpg (58.63 KB, 500x500, 6128800.jpg)

had to post used to love them back then, tell me I'm not the only one

No. 4740


No. 4741

I've been obsessed with this song lately.

>tfw no vampire lover

No. 4742

you're not the only one anon. spent my whole summer 2011 listening to king night

No. 4743

Thanks, anon, me too now

No. 4744


I'm just curious what you guys think of the lyrics of this song.

No. 4745

soul wrenching

No. 4746

No. 4747

This rips my heart out every time

No. 4748

I love this album

No. 4749

No. 4750

hey music anons,
anything uplifting and cheery like song related, with a similar music vibe, that you recommend?

No. 4751


a lot of cosmo pykes songs tend to go hand and hand with rex orange county for me, so here you go anon

No. 4752

No. 4753

Catchy stuff :)

No. 4754

try listening to Boy Pablo it also has a similar vibe to Rex and Cosmo Pyke

No. 4755

File: 1523695215146.png (53.6 KB, 300x300, Queens_of_the_Stone_Age_-_…Lik…)

when Villians came out last fall, i just kinda randomly listened to it because i thought the cover art looked cool. it's been a slippery slope since then because i listen to QOTSA almost exclusively now. going to see them in a couple weeks, my first concert ever and i'm so stoked (him kicking that photographer was lame tho)

otherwise i like post-punk, goth/art rock, synthwave, industrial metal, and a lot of 80s pop. music has been a big part of my life since i was young though so i can find something/someone i like in just about every genre

No. 4756

What have you been listening lately?

No. 4757

I've really enjoyed Kali Uchis lately.

I was 15 when Like Clockwork came out and it blew my mind, one of my fave albums and bands ever. I hope to see them in concert one day.

No. 4758

this is a pretty old song (2006 i think?) but i heard it for the first time about a week and a half ago and i am obsessed with it. i'm lowkey going through another indie pop phase like when i was in high school

No. 4759


No. 4760

Have fun! I've seen them twice and it was good.
Rated R and Songs for the Deaf are my fav albums by them

No. 4761

I'm gonna age myself here but Turbonegro's Apocalypse Dudes is still the album I want to rock out to most. I've been listening to it constantly the last few days while running errands and shit, everything gets done with more energy lol

No. 4762

File: 1529745856618.jpg (13.46 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

Very eclectic, but these are the albums I've been listening this month. I couldn't make a collage of more than 10 pics but I've also been listening to Post Malone's beerbongs and bentleys, and Heart's Dreamboat Annie.

(Stupeflip is a French band, mixing rap,punk,electro vibes and every album takes place in a world they created, (baguette fag here))

No. 4763

>carpenter brut
my nigg

No. 4764

Best album, Mike is unbelievable.

No. 4765

Thank you for sharing these, love it.

No. 4766

can someone recommend me some music about vampires or that just seems like vampires would listen to?

I also enjoy weeby japanese halloween music, always looking for more of that.

No. 4767

(samefag) here's a great combo of the two. best song in idolm@ster history.

No. 4768

Good old emo days

No. 4769

Great taste anon! If you like vampire idols Yurika from Aikatsu it's right up your alley

No. 4770

Tommy Heavenly6 or Aural Vampire?

Halloween-y song by Tommy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vHajHqMS4k

No. 4771


op i just wanna say i love you for introducing me to talking heads!

No. 4772

File: 1530396445957.png (582.52 KB, 708x438, gorillaz-2018-1529933027.png)

any gorillaz fans? i just listened to now now. its…alright i guess. i still love humility, but the only other memorable song was magic city imo. more recent album releases by them are so lackluster. the promoted single(s) are usually good, and then the b-sides are so bland and forgettable.

No. 4773

Charli XCX's new shit is so good

No. 4774

It kills me a bit that no one paid attention to her Vroom Vroom EP from a few years back.

No. 4775

the now now was kinda a let down for me. the only album i really liked since DD was Humanz, but even then of the 20 songs i only liked about 6 of them

No. 4776

what the fuck happened to Murdoc?

Is this what becomes of people who eat ears on toast?

No. 4777

that's not murdoc, it's ace from the ppgs. there was a whole thing about it.

No. 4778

My bad, I really haven't been keeping up these past couple of years.

All of this Pornogrind and Onkyo-Kei isn't going to cringe at itself, you know. I'm doing God's work.

No. 4779

Agreed anon! Vroom Vroom is definitely the best Charli XCX track of all time. I really like the stuff she does with AG cook/PC Music crew. I wish she would do more of the stupid bubblegum stuff like paradise and lipgloss rather than the moodier stuff like most of pop 2, but I like that too.

No. 4780

Same and I also liked Fire Flies. I'm a huge GorillaZ fan but I don't think they'll ever release anything close to Plastic Beach, DD again. Loved a few songs from the Humanz album that reminded me of their old style. I'll keep supporting them out of loyalty but for now I just want their old albums in my shelf.

No. 4781

charli xcx is pretty much the best pop star in the game currently, and it kills me that she isn't more popular. she can write hooks for days, has a unique vocal and can pull off anything from bubblegum to trap-pop in a way that puts her contemporaries to shame

No. 4782

i've been enjoying kas product lately.

i love qotsa too. i wish josh homme would kick me in the face.

No. 4783

File: 1532301735303.jpg (17.72 KB, 325x448, mike patton.jpg)

god, i have the hugest crush on young mike patton even though i'm not into men. it's honestly just bc of his talent combined with the fact that i'd never have to actually be with him or fuck him, lol.
have you checked out disco volante and the OU818 demos? disco volante is my favourite mr bungle album of all time and the OU818 demos feature a lot of tracks off california, and iirc a few off the self titled release.
did you know mike patton once retaliated against his fans booing the melvins when they opened for him by taking a laxative, shoving a turkey baster up his asshole, and firing his liquid shit into the crowd? king buzzo is a lot better at telling the story than i am
spoilered for disgusting, but he's a real one for that, for sure
are you a fan of any of his other projects? i'm not hugely into faith no more but angel dust is a masterpiece in my eyes, and i think their sound almost definitely had a huge influence on the nu metal scene.

No. 4784

i just recently discovered the bombay royale and i am obsessed. any other anons randomly come across obscure music like this and fall down the rabbit hole?

No. 4785

Posted anothed Aphex Twin track earlier in the thread but I feel compelled to post this one too, if you guys haven't already heard it. It's a profound piece of ambient music.

No. 4786

Same, tbh. Who wouldn't fall for his "i don't give a flying ape shit about your excuse for music" schtick and his talent is unbelievable. I love him, i want him to spit in my face and piss in my shoe just so he can drink it. (read somewhere he did that once on a stage, not sure if it's true or not but i think it's it possible when it come to him)

I did. The first one i came across was Bungle self-titled when i was a teenager and it took me some years to get to like Disco Volante. It's so raw and not that approachable as the rest of his Bungle work, glad i took the time to get into it. Still, California is my fav - soothes and makes me anxious at the same time.

Omg, have to look it up. Hilarious.

Not so much. I like individual songs from his other projects rather than whole albums. Tomahawk have some good songs so do FNM (angels dust is the best one, without debate and I agree with them influecing the nu metal scene), Peeping Tom is meh and Fantomas is pure madness.

Try to give a listen to the Irony Is a Dead Scene from The Dillinger Escape Plan. It features Mike and it's not so bad imho (Pig Latin got me kinda hooked up on that one), also look up Cardiacs, you might like them if you're fan of Mike's work. A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window is a good start, so is Sign to God.

(also sorry for my english, i know it's shitty)

No. 4787

Sometimes I randomly click on recommended youtube videos while listening to music, most of the time it's some boring stuff but sometimes I come across brilliant bands. It's so fun to find like a hidden gem amongst the rubble.

How do you like to listen to music? By genres, bands, albums, songs? I listen to music by bands, by this I mean I have a handful of bands that I absolutely love and I listen almost exclusively to their songs. It's not because I am some exclusionist, it's because I don't want to waste my time listening to music that I don't absolutely love. So I just stick to what I know best.

No. 4788

reviving this thread with a motherfucking great song

No. 4789

No. 4790

wow what a waste of money

No. 4791

I'm posting Christmas music, sorry everyone.

No. 4792

No. 4793

2007 dev hynes.

No. 4794

Yes, I loved this video so much when it came out!

I return, here's a meme edit that I've had stuck in my head for about 3 months now

No. 4795

>this motherfucking song

I'm so in love with synthwave even though it gets repetitive after some time
I'm a total sucker for Carpenter Brut too. I'm French but have never been to any of his concerts, even tho he does many in smaller towns it's always too far ugh.

No. 4796

>>4795 sorry for doubleposting)

my most listened to songs atm are :

Glass Animals - Life Itself
Carpenter Brut - the whole of his Trilogy + Leather Teeth
Scorpions - Someone to Touch ; Rythm of Love ; Passion Rules the Game
Dire Straits - Telegraph Road
Zombie Hyperdrive - Red Eyes ; Ghost Blade ; Citadel
Dance With the Dead - >>4795 ; Get Out
The Smashing Pumpkins - The Everlasting Gaze ; Knights of Malta ; Monuments
Priest - History in Black
The Buggles - Lenny ; We Can Fly From Here
Audioslave - Wide Awake
My Chemical Romance - Surrender the Night (not ashamed lmao)
Billy Corgan - Zowie ; The Spaniards
Sports - Panama
Pink Floyd - Marooned
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
Beastie Boys - So What'Cha Want
Powerwolf - Prayer in the Dark ; Demons are a Girl's Best Friend
Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines
Frank Zappa - Broken Hearts are for Assholes
Tokyo - Tokyo
Beach Fossils - Sugar
Mustasch - Hound from Hell

I'd absolutely love to see what your most played songs have been recently ! plz share

No. 4797

thank you for this anon! i laughed heartily.
Here's another indie christmas song from the 00s.

No. 4798

No. 4799

File: 1545644805282.jpg (23.99 KB, 270x270, 270px-Nin-pretty_hate_machine.…)

I mainly listen to EBM/aggrotech/electro-idustrial.

My faves are Nine Inch Nails, Agonoize, Acylum, Ayria, Icon of Coil, Zeromencer, Oomph!, Skinny Puppy, Das Ich, Celldweller, Jesus on Extasy, Kidneythieves, Aesthetic Perfection, God Module, The Retrosic and Depeche Mode tho not all their albums fit.

Also some post-punk like Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Flowers For Agatha and My Dad Is Dead.

As you can figure out from this easily, I'm a goth. But I feel so ashamed of my musical tastes since they're not exactly gothic, they almost all are industrial. It was a huge divide thing between goths and rivetheads and now I'm a person who identifies with goth first and I mostly listen to industrial so I feel like I'm not a "true goth"/
There were always a ton of elitists in the subculture and it gets to me so bad. I personally think that gothic and industrial are a huge same pool, but it still gets to me that I'm not that incredible real life vampire uber-goth.

My ultimate guilty pleasure and my favourite album to this day is A Fewer You Can't Sweat out by Panic! At The Disco. I also unironically listen to Ke$ha sometimes.

No. 4800

also a fan of nine inch nails. seeing the pretty hate machine album cover here made me happy

No. 4801

No. 4802

No. 4803

No. 4804

No. 4805

File: 1545999626747.png (813.46 KB, 716x535, aaaaaaa.png)

Seeing so many beloved artists on here!! Here's a few of my favorite albums, I can never pick one lmao. I like everything from indie rock to IDM to black metal BUT I'm a huuuge sucker for experimental/avant-garde and drone specifically so any recs are welcome <3

No. 4806

dunno if its avantgarde enough for you but these guys are pretty recent and they were a really fun band to see live. totally bizarre

No. 4807

too bad i cant post more than one embed here tbh

these guys used to tour with polvo and sun city girls and the like. found em cuz SCGs guitarist said they were the tightest live band he had ever played with (high praise, considering)

thinkin fellers union local 282

i like em because every album, and even from song to song, is totally different and surprising. if you hate one song, try the next one

No. 4808


new (for me) band that i just got shilled. the emo kinda vox might be a turn off for some, but i think he actually has a pretty voice and does some interesting melodies, especially given the underlying.

the compositions themselves and musicianship really reminds me of if trout mask was done in the 90s. good balance of tech, melody, noise, and twinkle-star guitar parts

No. 4809

My boyfriend loves Chinese Stars. Here's another Eric Paul band.

No. 4810

yea arab on radar is sweet a heck too.
tho i prefer the guitar work of the chinese stars myself. it hardly even sounds like a guitar

but both of them have that super dance-y and fun vibe thats really lacking in modern rock music. they were fun as hell to see live bc everyone actually danced and had a good time. recently every time i have to go to/play a show, its just a bunch of people trying not to spill their beers, with their phones up in the air recording it. doesnt matter that their phones will record the worst possible version of it, they do it so they can post it on their soc media to let everyone know how exciting their life is. blegh.

theres no "edge" to guitar-based music anymore, its just a tradition now. some of the popular bands (at least near me) are even technically "good", but they lack any sort of edge/intensity/fun. no wonder no one gives a hoot about rock music anymore. so sterile

heres an electronic act ive been listening to a lot en lieu of exciting rock music. as dumb as it is a lot of the time, the interesting stuff is coming from the underground synthwave stuff rn imo. its just too bad theres hardly any "scene" for it in the traditional sense. it mostly exists as an internet phenomena

No. 4811

2006/2007 is calling again

No. 4812

sounds like a "grown up" version of msi but less interesting and fun.

No. 4813

pill me

No. 4814

No One Ever Tells You by The Crystals (1963)

*When you're a little girl, the future looks so bright
No one ever tells you that it hurts to live
And things don't always have to turn out right
No one ever tells you 'bout love and how it can make you cry
No one ever tells you how your heart can break
When someone that you love tells you goodbye
And when the pain begins and the teardrops start to burn
No one ever tells you how it hurts to live
No one tells you you just live and learn*

No. 4815

u should already know. if u dont, im sorry 4 u

No. 4816

but you can feel sorry for me while simultaneously pilling me

No. 4817

too bad he didnt land that deal with reprise

No. 4818

excellent tune anon! I am obsessed with 60s sadgirl music - my favourite girl group song along this depressing line is Only to other people. Painfully relatable

No. 4819

Thank you for the rec! Itayrt and I want to look more into it. The melancholy and straught up sadness is in stark contrast with what I picture these old girl groups to be.

No. 4820

Thank you anons for sharing these songs~ I'm really enjoying them.

No. 4821

do any of you listen to yung lean or bladee? im heavily into both, but find it hard to find similar artists.

No. 4822

File: 1546172820940.gif (933.68 KB, 350x197, 985a1824-126d-45a9-8d06-1c86c6…)

No. 4823

Thanks anons! I have a big playlist of different sad/pathetic girl group songs I'd love to share but I can't figure out a way to share it anonymously.

This is another relatable favourite though it's a lot more upbeat and stupid.

No. 4824

I love this! Man I wish you could share that playlist, too! Oh well, ty for these 2 anon~

No. 4825

You could post a screenshot of the tracklist with any identifying info blacked out.

No. 4826

What have everyone's favorite songs of 2018 been?

No. 4827


I was listening to Fever this morning. I dunno why, but I go back to that album every now and again. it's their best work and nothing they have released has been as good.

No. 4828

This and Love Lies by Khalid x Normani. Also Big City Blues by Lil Peep…

No. 4829

No. 4830

I'm in love with clarence clarity
I think if you like glass animals you'll enjoy CC

No. 4831

Maybe you can just list out the tracks by name with no links? I'd love to hear more of what you got but I get wanting to stay anonymous.

OT but I've been thinking about making a playlist thread where we can share lists and possibly contribute to others. What would you guys think?

No. 4832

I love listening to Cocteau Twins during the winter months, makes me feel comfy and happy.

No. 4833

yeah i do
check out danger incorporated, shinigami and corbin

No. 4834

forgot to add that corbin doesnt have the autotune style

No. 4835

Graveyard Queen
Zombie Ghost Train

Lost my baby on a moonless night
Our dreams were shattered of our teenage lives
Her severed head sittin' on my knee
The words she spoke now haunting me

I love you, babe and I've been thinkin' all night
You're arms around me in a bed satin white
I wanna give it all to you
Show my love is really true
Time is right, my cherry's ripe

In the morgue my baby lying naked no distress
Her frozen body crying, "take me from this place."
Took my only girl from this lonely world
To the graveyard she became…

My graveyard queen she's cold and mighty lean
She's got that morbid sheen
Yeah, she's my graveyard queen
My baby is a graveyard queen

Took my only girl from this lonely world
To the graveyard she became…

At dark in the graveyard night
I made my girl my queen
Lovers at last a final gasp
A coffin set the scene
Took my lonely life
With a carving knife
To die beside my haunted dream

My graveyard queen she's cold and mighty lean
She's got that morbid sheen
Yeah, she's my graveyard queen
My baby is a graveyard queen

My graveyard queen she's cold and mighty lean
She's got that morbid sheen
Yeah, she's my graveyard queen
My baby is a graveyard queen
Graveyard queen, graveyard queen, graveyard queen, graveyard queen

No. 4836

I'm not even a Beyonce fan but this song kicks

No. 4837

No. 4838

You too can have this 32 track mix for 5$ (on iTunes no less) so convenient right real high quality Calyx mix for ya

No. 4839

File: 1547430745017.gif (3.42 MB, 300x300, medium.gif)

if you like hip hop, rock or electronic peep my favourites playlist >https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxc54gNdLYwhPD366WTovxhtclrbEPJBe
i hope you find something you like. feel free to recc me something too.

No. 4840

I love old school/alt hip hop and Labcabincalifornia is my favorite albums from the Pharcyde. Of course it was panned by critics and I think it was the last album they released for reasons. I’ve been thinking about buying a CD just to keep because I find it meaningful. I love collecting rare or unusual art.

No. 4841

The Regrettes-Come Through

Lydia has amazing stage presence and their songs are all super cute and have good messages about girlhood and sel-esteem. Little too teeny-bopper for me but it's totally intentional and really well executed. Excited to see where they go from here.

No. 4842

File: 1548531077614.jpg (14.37 KB, 251x242, 1544574150212.jpg)

>2011 /mu/core

No. 4843

yeah i watch anthony fantano, keep scrollin

No. 4844

I found them through my YouTube recommended, was bored and decided to listen and was pleasantly surprised at how fun their songs are. I still can't believe Lydia is freshly 18, she's incredibly talented.

No. 4845

Nta but that's so embarassing

No. 4846

Yeah she's been at it since she was like 8. She's a natural on stage. Their songs are so cool. I sent a link to my 12-year-old niece lol

No. 4847

i am aware dg and fantano fans are unfunny 16 y/o boys, let me live :(

No. 4848

I don't see what's "embarrassing" about watching some guy talk about his music opinions. It's no different from reading some random review on RYM or something.

No. 4849

No. 4850

No. 4851

No. 4852

No. 4853

Still I can't help this pervasive purposelessness
drifting inside of me
When I can't talk I can't hear I can't talk I can't hear I can't talk I can't hear
I can't move from this bed

I sing to me: don't
don't give up now
In the end you can only
beget what you give to yourself


No. 4854

I wish I could share the entire album because it's all so good.

No. 4855

Lizzo was my summer anthem!

No. 4856

I have a crush on Hurula and I'm obsessed with this song atm

No. 4857

I'm hoping someone can help me find a song. It's about eyes and the music video has drawings or animations of big eyes alongside the band in a big white studio. It's from like a 60s band or something.

No. 4858

RIP Mark Hollis

No. 4859

No. 4860

This is the only song I could think of, it’s not a music video but an album cover so idk.

No. 10592

No. 10594

I wanna dance with someone to this song…
Hope you enjoy anons

No. 10663


Robert Smith should shave his head in tribute.

No. 11932

No. 12776

this song is classic. can't go wrong with mellow fellow

No. 13199

god i love guitar wolf

No. 20254

Bumping with some sad hipster music

No. 20614

The best cover I could find of Manifesto by Chilly Gonzales. Very cozy.

No. 21780

Just discovered this track today, thought I'd share in the off-chance someone else will enjoy it.

No. 22118

No. 22119

No. 22127

honestly love folk punk and punk in general

No. 22162

aw damn! the english beat is easily one of my favorite new wave bands

No. 22166

Ex-yugo new wave. So many good bands

No. 22282

I just really love cupcakke.

No. 22292

No. 22299

This album is one of my all time faves, Swedish punk.

No. 23424

Why do you hate meeeeeee

No. 23425

i went to the rock and roll hall of fame (after the induction) this weekend. they were playing this song at the entrance and i got such intense nostalgia. cant believe i forgot how good this album is

No. 23428

sage for samefagging semi OT, they also played this and had a good handful of siouxie and the banshees related stuff on display in the punk exhibit which made me super happy. its a pretty cool place to visit if you happen to be in the area

No. 23469

No. 23523

No. 23530

ughh, i would seriously give an arm and a leg to see her in concert someday…
anyways, here’s something completely different.

No. 24477

RIP wowaka (producer of songs like two-faced lovers, world's end dance hall, rolling girl, unhappy refrain, etc.)

whats up with iconic vocaloid Ps dying young?

No. 24561

>>24477 if you mean them leaving vocaloid its because the fandom is dying, slowly, and most Ps are producers who don't have access to singers and are experimenting with their resources before deciding to pursue their "original" dream or smth that's what everyone says but if you mean actual death…then Idk, health problems and mental illness?

Rip powapowa P and Samfree tooo

No. 24570

My heart. Wowaka was one of my top -P of all time. His band is heartbroken as weel.

No. 24667

Actually many P’s leave because their songs are credited to “Hatsune Miku” instead of themselves.

No. 24867

File: 1554866350134.jpeg (77.24 KB, 750x766, BF862455-E08F-4A46-90D3-DE850F…)

I’m trying to make a playlist with sensual ‘songs that make you feel sexy’ similar to pic related any ladies got some suggestions?
>inb4 basic taste

No. 24877

I suggest anything by Puma Blue

No. 24878

No. 24904

its a really nice song but not quite the vibe im going for thanks for the suggestion!

No. 24923

Nta but you might like Sabrina Claudio's songs then. They're all quite sensual and sexy. My personal favorites are "stand still" and this.

No. 24924

And here's something more upbeat

No. 25007

both of these artists are perfect!! thank you anon

No. 25122

You're welcome! Glad you liked them.

No. 27842

Cozy core

No. 28945

Indeed…what a legend.

I've never heard such beautiful songs as well as bangers and his voice is ultra cool.

No. 28999

Wow, this is amazing, thanks for sharing. Talk Talk is one of those bands that's been on my radar forever and I don't know why I didn't give them a proper listen til now. Listening to this whole album atm!

No. 30442

No. 31538

No. 31541

I like a bunch of different shit but probably 3/4ths of it is Japanese and half of that I find through my habit of digging around for the most obscure shit I can find.
some artists, on that note: Kengo iuchi(yt related), hanatarash, pitiful pip puppet, chie mukai, Fo0d, number girl, midori.

No. 31561

She's so damn lovable, I can't stand it.

No. 31594

No. 31595

this song (and the whole album) has a perfect vibe to me

No. 31609

монеточка slays. this is my fav but папочка прости is a close second!

No. 31610

No. 31624

Ugh I know right? Love her and her music

No. 31771

No. 31810

gen x shit is such a big mood for me, my parents have such good shit on vinyl little do they know imma steal it all lol

No. 31811

Songs you associate with friends who've disappeared? Yes.

[i love it when this thread gets bumped ty all for recc'ing good songs]

No. 31812

No. 31846

No. 31849

excellent taste anon. song for a future generation is the most underrated b-52's song.

speaking of gen x music, missing persons are one of my favorite bands of that generation. dale bozzio had the coolest stage outfits

No. 31853

File: 1558152957611.jpg (130.84 KB, 1200x1200, cigarettes.jpg)

Cigarettes After Sex. Lie down on your bed, put that shit on.

Favorite songs include:
Opera house

No. 31861

No. 31862

Underrated post.

No. 31863

anyone know any music similar to this? I tried listening to their other music but nothing's quite the same as this song

No. 31865

eh… these aren't super duper similar but sort of in the same vein?
sleep - slowdive
blue light - mazzy star
mary of silence - mazzy star
birthday - the sugar cubes
little trouble girl - sonic youth
zoal, face dancer - grimes
and this too https://youtu.be/uWFTyamEZrU

No. 31970

Her voice is so mature and beautiful. I don't know who she is tho

No. 31971

these recs are great thank you!

No. 32685

I can't stop listening to this one…

No. 32687

I haven't seen the game they made this for, but this song is so good.

No. 32790

I love this!

No. 33458

I love finding new favorite jams on Spotify's Late Night Vibes playlist.

No. 33601

Love Horsebeach!
They just released a new mv. Ryan is such a cutie uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

No. 33605

I fucking LOVE Men I Trust. They have a new album coming out later this year and I can't wait!

This song has become one of my all time favourites

No. 33652

This was the first song I found of them, I instantly fell in love with their sound!

I really love how this song sounds, its almost dystopian or something

No. 33653

I assume everyone here already knows Kate Bush but that's not gonna stop me

No. 33654

No. 33655

No. 33774

Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird's daughter Mina Mazy has died. He posted this song she recorded.

No. 33815

love me some kate bush

No. 33816

sage for samefag, currently obsessed with a japanese punk band called otoboke beaver. theyre named after a love hotel that was down the street from their high school

No. 34907

this is so sad. I haven't keep with Tricky or Martina for while and I feel very sorry for them

No. 37134

One of my favorite albums of all time. Highly recommended if you're into avant garde, prog rock, things like that.

No. 37135

No. 37136

No. 37137

One more by Weyes Blood because she's absolutely phenomenal

No. 37502

thanks anon, this song made my day

this is really nice, too

No. 37591

No. 38349

can any farmers recommend artists who have a similar sound to death grips' instrumentals? most websites i've found recommend related artists based off of shared experimental hip hop roots, but i'm more into the aggressive-sounding electronic aspect of death grips' sound so all the reccs i've found dont really do it for me.

also yea you can roast me for liking death grips.

No. 38400

How about clipping.?

No. 38453

Have any of you guys heard of Wolf Alice? You're a Germ, Silk, and Your Love's Whore are my favorites by them

No. 38504

"Aggressive sounding electronics" sounds like industrial or noise to me. Try the Ant Zen label.

No. 38818

some of Health's early stuff might fit that description

No. 38948

listen to machine girl! i think you’ll really like them, super aggressive electronic and all that crazy shit but w/out the rap influence that death grips has

No. 38950

NTA but I fucking love Health's later stuff (Get Color onwards), what else would I love?
I find Crystal Castles/Alice Glass the closest, but I need more

No. 38962

Aurora's new masterpiece

No. 38985

machine girl, daughters, clipping., also try 100gecs
i highly recommend 'you won't get what you want' by daughters
oh and you might want to check out 'haru to shura by harunemuri

mr kitty, crim3s, white ring, xiuxiu, sidewalks and skeletons, kap kambino
oh and daughters as well

No. 39205

Anyone have any Spotify playlist recommendations? Noir and Late Night Vibes are two of my absolute favorites.

No. 39292

Any recs for music like Purity Ring? YouTube sidebar says Grimes, Tycho, and Chvrches, but the first one felt too "tumblr" (if that makes sense) and the other two are good but lack the earthy/witchy elements.

No. 39297

File: 1562485581647.jpg (895.59 KB, 809x2995, Screenshot_20190707-024358_Spo…)

Here's what Spotify suggests. Personally, I like Grimes, but only songs with this one specific sound she does (World Princess Part II, Flesh Without Blood, Pretty Dark, etc.)

No. 39298

File: 1562485603736.jpg (578.52 KB, 809x2044, Screenshot_20190707-024414_Spo…)

Some more.

No. 39308

Balam Acab, tbh early grimes, oOoOO and pogo. you’re prolly not looking for darker stuff like witch house but I got more of that

No. 39310

like the other anon said, cults are similar to purity ring but unique enough to where they dont sound exactly a like

No. 39339

You can't. Only Purity Ring sounds like Purity Ring. All these "similar" recs are so shitty, tumblr and twee. Let's just hope PR goes through with releasing that 3rd album.

No. 40065


>friends who've disappeared

Like Janet Weiss just weeks before the new album is released and they go on tour?

St Vincent produced the new album, and now they are practically clones. She wouldn't let them write songs in minor keys! Their new sound isn't worthy of Janet's skill. She looks like she'd rather be anywhere else in this video.


No. 40099

Comfy rnb

No. 40386

yes! the story of fishman is such a cute song too

No. 40420

I've been Wendy
Living with the Lost Boys
Youth spent as a deckhand on the convoy
Moved every night to prove we were something
Got confused if it was from or to that we were running
I've seen Gibraltar
I've seen the Taj Mahal
Soweto, Hagia Sophia
Chefchaouen paints their walls blue
I've played to full rooms
I've played the fool too
Burning through the bottoms of a pair of new boots
Cut my hair, tape my tits down
A woman on her own must be from out of town
Funny, you don't know the concessions that you're making
Until you catalog 'em
And by then they're many and you're battle-hardened
Heat makes liquid of the asphalt
Keepsakes and parking tickets on the dashboard
I'm here to file my report as the vixen of the wolf pack
Tell Patient Zero he can have his rib back
You can count my ribs
Wanna know what class I'm in
Count my
You can count my ribs
You can't be too broke to break
As a woman always something left to take
So you shouldn't try to stay too late or talk to strangers
Look too long, go too far out of range 'cause
Angels can't watch everybody all the time
Stay close, hems low, safe inside
That formula works if you can live it
But it works by putting half the world off limits
You can count my ribs
Wanna know what class I'm in
Count my
You can count my ribs, my
We don't say, "Go out and be brave"
Nah, we say "Be careful, stay safe"
In any given instance, that don't hurt
But it sinks in like stilettos in soft earth
Like the big win is not a day without an incident
I beg to differ with it
I think a woman's worth
I think that she deserves
A better line of work
Than motherfucking vigilance
Don't give me vigilance
By definition you can't make a difference
If the big ambition
Is simply standing sentry to your innocence
That's not a way to live
That can't be what a woman is
That gives her nothing to aspire to
What that is
What that is
Is just a life of running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills (you can count my)
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills (you can count my ribs)
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills
We're running fire drills

No. 40471

Dessa is incredible. Her genre is not my cup of tea at all, but her lyrics are so good they make up for it tenfold.
Seamstress might be my favourite song by her. I know it's intended to be about her lover, but it reminds me of my dad and our terrible relationship.
I would pick my favourite lyric, but it's literally this entire piece:

well I'm putting you
out of my misery,
we ain't got much, but
we've got history
it was a mercy kill, nah
it was a suicide, nah
it was an accident, nah
well at least I tried

with soft dugs and a seam ripper
tough love and tape measure
stitching up boys is different that way
you fix a bird, you buy a cage
you fix a man and
you fix a man and
and he flies away

when I ran out of thread I couldn't let go
but that's not sewing that's
that's just poking holes
and it's a strange breed
a different kind of creature looks for love
through the eye of a needle
but the creed of the seamstress is
that you're pretty in pieces

No. 40498

i found religion in a dirty bathroom stall
in the back of a liquor store
in that mini mall,
you found religion
when you realized you could fall
now you say that you've come far enough
to give me a call

No. 40505

新居昭乃 (Akino Arai) - 願い事 (Negai Goto)

I really wish i could find a better quality version of this online or on youtube


No. 40513

a mood

No. 40524

I feel the exact same way about her. She's so incredible.

No. 40539

Oh my god, I love Emilie Autumn. Ive been a fan of her since 2010. Wasn't super impressed with her newer album but I love Opheliac. There's really nothing like it.

No. 40740

File: 1563422014769.jpeg (294.65 KB, 1200x1113, 44DBABA3-22AE-4A0F-ACD2-840E19…)

Currently obsessed with Ursa Minor album by Nana Grizol and Neutral Milk Hotel’s Aeroplane Over the Sea. I can’t help but listen to both of these albums on repeat. I love the guitar + horn combo and songs rich in lyrics. Does anyone know any bands/songs/musicians/music similar to these?

No. 40744

check out Hospice by the Antlers

No. 40762

Hell, nonnie, I was going to recommend that. It might be one of my all-time favourite albums and I listen to it obsessively when I am sad. Makes me cry every time at around Atrophy and until the very end. It's the only really "solid" album I know, there's not a single bad song and everything is so complementary and fits the theme so well.

No. 40766

iron & wine, been obsessed since twilight (yes twi-fag), i can't get grass widows out of my head.

No. 40785

Same, I love Hospice and relate to the record so much. I wish I liked the rest of the discography as much, but I mostly like some songs of each album. Maybe someday they will grow on me. Putting the Dog to Sleep and Palace are amazing tho.

No. 40814

I don't like The Antlers at all besides Hospice. The only other song of theirs I listen to is Doppelganger.
But Hospice is genuinely a masterpiece. I spent like a third of my life in hospitals so it hits really hard.

No. 40819

Wow, thanks for making me less alone in being a Hospice-fan only (more or less). I want to love all of the records but somehow I can't.
I am so sorry about your health. I hope you are better now and can enjoy life out of hospital.
BTW I am currently reading the Sylvia book by Leonard Michaels and while I am sure that the narrator will make me want to bash his head in sooner rather than later, it's interesting when you can find passages that seem to be the inspiration behind certain lyrics of Hospice. I would recommend it for that reason if you like to see what inspired artists whose work you hold dear.

BTW, OP (if you are still here) >>40740: I remembered two other albums that people recommended to me based on my Hospice love. Those didn't work for me (because I am super picky and I never like the bands that are supposed to be like the other thing I enjoy), but you might also like:
>There Will Be Fireworks - The Dark, dark bright (too peaceful for me, but love The River out of it)
>The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no longer Afraid to Die - probably anything, but Harmlessness is considered their best AFAIK.
I enjoy it, though not as much as I wish I could. Please at least listen to the Diana the Hunter song and read on it, as it's about a modern feminist hero.

No. 40826

Oh man Hospice made me cry at work cuz of the masterful blend of sound and lyrics. Thanks for a wonderful suggestion and inputs, anons! I added it to my Spotify favorites.

I’ll give these a listen to, thanks! I’m a music junkie and spend like 5 hours of my day jamming out to music. Any other suggestions would be great. I like indie and obscure stuff like Close Lobsters — under London skies and their other song, Wanderer Epic Part I and II From Plato to Nato to Wander All Alone. I recommend them highly to anyone who reads this (particularly the latter!)

No. 41007

former twi-fag here. Shamefully, Stephenie Meyer was the person who got me into Weezer because she had a few of their songs on her twilight playlists. I remember The World Has Turned and Left Me Here and Say It Ain't So were on them. This was in like 2007. I did know a few of their songs at that point but I only really got into the blue album through her. Pinkerton might be my favourite album ever.
I also got into The Mountain Goats through John Green around that time which might be equally as shameful.

On Avery Island and the Ferris Wheel on Fire EP are more NMH releases that are well worth your time.
I'd also actually recommend The Mountain Goats to you anon! Good albums to start with would be All Hail West Texas and The Sunset Tree. I got into them because I knew John Green liked them, and he also liked NMH so I trusted his judgement.

No. 41033

i got into paramore because of that twilight and since then it has just been evolving into the mess my music taste is today,

No. 41058


That suddenly gave me cringy flashbacks. For a time i was also super into HIM and this one song by the rasmus


Puts me into a weird mindscape to listen to it again.

No. 41059

HIM was great. No shame in that.

No. 41097


Oh sure, but it is exactly the type of music that makes me regress to the shittiest mental places. I didn´t had the happiest time as a teenager, everything that takes me back to that momment in my life is cringe inducing, its not actually about the band, i am actually sorry i have such negativity attached to all the music i listened back then.

I was also huge into Nightwish , Within Temptation, Epica and the likes, basically, faux goth melodic metal stuff was so my jam when i was 17.

No. 41105

Ah, that's unfortunate, anon. I'm sorry.

No. 41779

Thanks for the recommendations, anon! Sucks that NMH and Jeff Mangum don't release new music. They have such a unique sound that can't be replicated. I might listen to the other Elephant 6 bands to see if there's anything else similar.

No. 41876

You know we kick it like every day

No. 42233

i recently watched 2015 doc about her when it was aired on tv at night and maybe that i'm feeling broken recently and don't know what to listen made me start listening to her's music… i love her voice, i love singers with deep voices overall

No. 42324

No. 42343

I watched the doc a few weeks ago and basically had to find back to black album to listen to over again. She had such a great and sorrowful voice. It's really awful how she was used by her father and boyfriend/husband.

No. 42459

No. 42464

Seefeel are playing the US for the first time.

No. 42467

No. 42482

No. 42526

No. 42534

No. 42615

I know I'm a sad old weeb but fuck, the simple and clean remix goes just as hard as it did in 2003.

No. 42659

No. 42820

really regretting not seeing echo and the bunnymen when they had a concert near me.

No. 42857

It's one of the most iconic video game songs of all time, regardless of nostalgia. Utada's performance is so passionate and bittersweet, it easily stands with the best pop music from that era.

No. 42889

I agree, however I always liked her song Automatic more.

No. 42957

there's a concert film of her most recent tour on netflix that I almost didn't hear about, and it's great.

No. 42962

ngl she sounds like ass live for the most part. and she's not very good at switching her voice from japanese to english, the accent is weird and she sings through her nose. it really pissed me off.

No. 42976

oh my god i cannot stop listening to this album

No. 42978

traveling will always be my favorite. its just such a comfy song. and the video is so unabashedly 2000s jpop i love it

No. 43009

thanks for posting anon, this is pretty great

No. 43042

Nothing smoother.

No. 43043

No. 43059

Great track from an underappreciated synthpop album.

No. 43164

i feel like it's my life's purpose to spread this album lol
brilliant lyrics, performance and production imo

No. 43639

Uncle Al dindu nuffin wrong

No. 43649

I love me some alternative and was pissed I never listened to the entirety of this album.
This song relates to my life as a whole right now. I tried to kill myself and was in so much pain. Since getting out of hospital I've been thinking about how much energy I exert into the universe and if the return is painful or pleasurable.

No. 43668


Keep finding pleasure in music, anon.

No. 43670

The new plaid album.

No. 43671


So beautiful it hurts to listen.

No. 43674

I just like that car song…

No. 43928

I never realized that Basement Jaxx sampled this song so heavily. Gary Numan is tits.

No. 44223


And he's currently on tour!


No. 44320


No. 44516

I was listening to plaid when I found Lillee Jean's endless grid of gifs. They go together frighteningly well.


No. 44560

old grey whistle test is the best live music show oat love it!

No. 44617

Holy shit that is so unsettling. It reminds me of a DIY version of the Window Licker video by Aphex Twin

No. 44634

for the ones who like post-punk/darkwave,one of my fav newer bands

No. 44656

funny they call this post punk or darkwave when this is obviously pure 80's synthwave!

No. 44689

the call themselves "a darkwave band with a reworked 80's sound".their newest album is more disco influenced,but their songs overall are on the darker side.no matter what you classify them though,they are a pretty good band

No. 44717

i just listened to this weyes blood album and i cried. best album of 2019 omg.

No. 45084

I had no idea they put out a new album, thanks anon. I love their darker sound like in song related but I'm diggin the disco influence a lot too.

Love love love Weyes Blood! Titanic Rising is definitely up there for my AOTY. I saw them live a few months ago and it was perfect. Natalie Mering is a goddess.

No. 45085

I had no idea they put out a new album, thanks anon. I love their darker sound like in song related but I'm diggin the disco influence a lot too.

Love love love Weyes Blood! Titanic Rising is definitely up there for my AOTY. I saw them live a few months ago and it was perfect. Natalie Mering is a goddess.

No. 45086

No. 45266

No. 45387

friendly fires just released a new album. i love it so much, glad they're keeping their funky-pop sound

No. 45745

Thanks for the album rec!

Here's a favorite I repeated for three midnights.

No. 45876

any more stuff like this?

No. 46406

No. 46419

No. 46692

File: 1567183785083.jpg (218.37 KB, 1080x1047, ToolFI.jpg)

Anyone got to the new Tool album yet?
I actually think it's their best album. Yes, really. Intermissions are a joke, but the actual tracks are incredible. Each and every one is incredible in it's own regard and I can probably listen to each one for hours, but there's a whole album of them. I think Pneuma and Invincible are my favourite though.
Do you think it was worth 13 years of waiting? Were you even waiting?
I honestly thought I would kill myself before they ever release new music, haha.

No. 46699

I like it but for me Opiate and Undertow are the best, I love how edgy and powerful they are

No. 46906

such a beautiful album. seems so nihilistic at times but still holding on for hope

No. 46907

really? i thought it was lana's worst album yet.

No. 46910

music is subjective. what don't you like about it?
bartender can go away tho

No. 46912

i just felt like the life was being sucked out of me when i listening to it. it was soo boring. it's like lana lost all of her charm on this album. the only songs i liked were mariner's apartment complex and doin time.

No. 46914

interesting. i wonder if you like trap beats and stuff like lust for life which critics and fans agree is her worst album lol
i think this album is about letting the melody of her voice carry you through lyrics (which are her best they've ever been imo)

No. 46915

i don't care about lyrics if the music is bland and the way she's singing sounds like she's bored out of her mind.

No. 47183

I somehow fell down a rabbit hole on YT.
I don't typically listen to this artist or RnB in general, but this is such a soothing track, and the contrasting edgy lyrics appeal to my inner emo kid.

No. 47876

thank you for posting this, I'm now in love

No. 49097

No. 49103

It's been YEARS since I heard this song and I listened to the original mix (heard this one first on the radio). The original song sucks so hard I don't think I could listen to anything else other than this one

No. 49104

No. 49105

No. 49146

No. 49669

>i just felt like the life was being sucked out of me when i listening to it. it was soo boring.
>music is bland and the way she's singing sounds like she's bored out of her mind

That's exactly how I feel about Honeymoon. Do you like that one, anon?

No. 49935

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