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File: 1507880900403.jpg (209.09 KB, 1280x886, 1507744951368.jpg)

No. 208764

Previous thread: >>180901

Post art you find bad or hideous

No. 208832

File: 1507903696551.gif (368.55 KB, 540x810, tumblr_oxqiw5SBfw1tglo1xo1_540…)

No. 208833

File: 1507903770816.png (126.42 KB, 744x1052, tumblr_oxpvleYTov1qgo727o1_128…)

No. 208834

File: 1507903800036.png (624.78 KB, 1000x1150, tumblr_oxqmqvlOki1r1obcmo1_128…)

No. 208836

File: 1507903891577.gif (110.74 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_oxq24ncR6o1wn4okeo1_128…)

No. 208837

File: 1507903908757.png (474.14 KB, 867x595, tumblr_oxq24ncR6o1wn4okeo2_128…)

No. 208839

File: 1507903987138.png (419.56 KB, 1280x971, tumblr_oxq3xaW7kK1vdrlvgo1_128…)

No. 208841

File: 1507904111674.jpg (551.29 KB, 1280x1785, tumblr_oxq6knsd0L1w43raso1_128…)

No. 208845

File: 1507904506937.png (173.13 KB, 842x935, tumblr_oxony9IOB21uva9bho1_128…)

No. 208846

File: 1507904561011.png (126.84 KB, 720x1202, tumblr_oxonvavqNo1vyhf6bo1_128…)

No. 208848

File: 1507904729627.png (193.45 KB, 514x706, tumblr_oxbp2j6sZc1w97vh8o1_540…)

No. 208849

File: 1507904824971.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.98 KB, 1280x1809, tumblr_oxrme2TNzn1w946vjo1_128…)

No. 208863

Please tell me: What is this supposed to be?

No. 208885

File: 1507916728172.png (88.91 KB, 300x300, goat.png)

No. 208931

File: 1507922861182.jpeg (85.14 KB, 640x823, 0F26262D-5327-4F7F-BD0C-9410E2…)

god I wish this bitch would keep her ugly art out of the ace attorney and bnha tags. They suffer enough

No. 208938

File: 1507932650755.png (1.13 MB, 1280x1280, e707d9c8-8ebe-4570-9464-a42c00…)

the majority of the art itt isn't that bad tbh, just really mediocre and tumblr-y.

the one in the op is fucked tho.

No. 208963

Ayyy, I honestly thought it's a turd on a fish tail at first.

No. 208971

I thought the cheeks were eyes

No. 208984


Some of them probably posting pics by artists they're having drama with, idk

No. 208985

File: 1507956282636.png (1.31 MB, 1280x2370, 243a0b54ace56023805b42223be61c…)

ain't technically bad but i have a personal deep hatred for this kind of art style. looks so fucking obnoxious.

No. 208989

this is just an art promt meme people just send them requests to draw using number/letter combos
its just meant to be simple and memey with the final drawing being more complex.
tbh i like this simple style though and drawing things with prompts though so i might be biased

No. 208991

i know in the last thread there was all this debate about stylized art or whatever but honestly i think this is pretty cute. yeah it's got a fat black mermaid and is very ~tumblr~ and is just like..shapes but idk i think it looks very simple and cute. also it reminds me of the cover of a children's fiction novel i read when i was young

No. 208992


HALLOWEEN, I'm I right?

No. 208996

I agree. It's common and I'm tired of seeing it.

No. 209007

File: 1507990036961.jpg (162.16 KB, 599x1280, tumblr_oxonzeqnlZ1wxtzv6o1_128…)

Nope, just art I find in bad taste in the "popular" or "most recent" art tag of tumblr.

No. 209031

Is also really easy to copy so is the preferred style for shit artists
Potato face, soft unthreatening shapes for the body, round expressive eyes that all look the same on every character.

No. 209037

File: 1508025650101.png (65.15 KB, 500x422, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 209038

File: 1508025858325.png (131.45 KB, 500x313, 5489025 _c2c4deb140ce68ae5c2d5…)

No. 209057

File: 1508041629265.png (192.51 KB, 600x416, Sinny_x_Edge.png)

No. 209068

File: 1508082786439.jpg (43.58 KB, 520x325, MAl1YlU.jpg)

It's referencing Clannad m8

No. 209069

File: 1508083297624.jpg (46.3 KB, 500x313, digfn.jpg)

nonono, don't be hatin on clannad.

it's a direct parody of this picture from kanon. KEY has terrible art and animation in all regards tho though, so i can see where the confusion comes from.

No. 209076

Spoiler this ugly shit, I'm triggered.

No. 209084

Right is kanon, left is kamichama karin

No. 209105

They're all bug eyed looking aliens either way.

No. 209111

File: 1508163081484.jpg (74.25 KB, 564x675, 5034e8f515622f02169759ac94c1fe…)

No. 209112

File: 1508163098045.jpg (77.59 KB, 540x652, 6daa4b11f797150aaee5814be68f26…)

No. 209113

File: 1508163112589.jpg (74.46 KB, 564x597, 13ec9a36fdbc343d5418ad2d632b83…)

No. 209114

Flame Princess is supposed to be a cutie. Why must they be so insecure that they uglify characters by making them fatter/big nosed/…?

No. 209115

Is that supposed to be a port wine birthmark? Why???

No. 209116


ngl these are pretty cute

No. 209118

>>209112 they seem to get an ego boost from it. Like if people complement a chunky character it means they are complementing there own overweight body. Though I don't understand the white artists making a character much to dark or completely change their race. It seems like an insult to the actual character like "you were not good enough, so let me change you into a completely new character that no one would recognize"
I wouldn't be able to know who any of these characters are on there own.

No. 209126

Ok but can we talk about the YouTube song meme stuff? All of it is bad..

No. 209129


are big noses ugly though

No. 209130

same fagging because that fire princess does have a conventionally attractive face even though she has a hooked and "big and ugly" nose (aside from that face viewed from front that has something wrong going on with it)

No. 209147

i dont think these are that bad

No. 209158


get your eyes checked

No. 209160


>they seem to get an ego boost from it. Like if people complement a chunky character it means they are complementing there own overweight body

while these artists so do this, they also can't even draw their own bodies accurately for the most part. they always draw these other characters as 'Hollywood fat' with a flat stomach and curves "in the right places". no overhanging belly, multiple rolls, flat ass, cankles, double chins, etc. For fat artists who want more representation of themselves, maybe they should take their own advice and draw themselves accurately.

No. 209164


yeah I agree with you, they are drawn well

No. 209166

they're drawn well, but I think the person who posted these here didn't like the content of it

No. 209167

But when they do make a realistically fat woman the result is fucking vomitive. They can't win, that's so sad.

No. 209168

File: 1508200457446.png (281.64 KB, 1024x768, 31052e03-2cbc-4bb7-abc5-7fe29b…)

I found this in the vent art tag on Tumblr a few days ago.

No. 209170

It's not like they purposefully made her nose bigger b/c afaik the characters aren't drawn with noses

I like it

No. 209173

now this is the content I'm here for

No. 209214

is that a sweat stain?

No. 209287

File: 1508314899139.png (284.97 KB, 900x950, flash_by_acidrips-db0sibi.png)

the fucking face. plus the artist acts like an egomaniac + edgy shit

No. 209288

File: 1508315189202.jpg (99.15 KB, 1024x454, progresses_by_lucadarkshadow-d…)

This is my worst nightmare, 11 years and barely any improvement

No. 209295

File: 1508323839327.jpg (70.61 KB, 600x800, 22686769_499801253710784_76207…)

she will never improve her art due to all this praise from her c grade youtuber boyfriend's dumbass fans

No. 209299

the hand isnt too bad but the rest of it is just awful.. especially that face

No. 209303

Is this the same may as maydraws? I like her art, she is pretty darn talented.

No. 209317

File: 1508357283489.jpg (76.05 KB, 1024x731, peepflation_by_marijvuana-dblv…)

Dear god, this dude really needs a reality check wtf.

And ew @ the fact that he praises peep, bleh.

No. 209333

Reminds me of the ugly Sims 4 custom content that's pastel with vitiligo and birthmarks. Super snowflake, but nothing wrong with their skill

No. 209337

No. 209342

File: 1508383795377.jpg (70.99 KB, 940x418, duhhh.jpg)

ya'll better stop praising it now cuz this is what they actually look like

No. 209343

File: 1508385286724.png (461.59 KB, 720x1280, sketch-1508385023916.png)

my boyfriend made it better

No. 209344

I agree they are talented but this looks nothing like the character. the faces need work tho

No. 209350

No. 209352

>I've literally never heard of redrawing abstracted characters in another style
Wow. Also I forgot how nice Nat's art is.

No. 209365

>I'm totally not the artist who is butthurt for being criticized

No. 209366

different anon but there was nothing wrong with the adventure time pics you posted, except the marceline and sjw crap so stfu with your obvious vendetta crap

No. 209368

File: 1508420475842.png (2.79 MB, 1000x973, kinktober__13___medical_play_b…)

this was called kinktober medical play..
this is meant to be a sexual/kinky pic?? why??

No. 209409

Eroguro is a thing you know.

No. 209416

File: 1508444121821.jpg (270.71 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171019_160147.jpg)

No. 209417

File: 1508444183192.png (907.26 KB, 1440x1953, Screenshot_20171016-061753~2.p…)

Some people shouldn't draw, period.

No. 209467

Her lips remind me of those weird puckered anuses you see in Hentai.

No. 209477

File: 1508501504013.png (349.99 KB, 800x640, dominic_s_birthday_png_readyyy…)

this persons entire gallery is hideous

No. 209482

This is actually neither hideous or bad, just weird eroguro shit.
sage for no contribution

No. 209523

i have 20/20 vision

No. 209540

Concept is kind of weird but this art is actually good.

No. 209541


No. 209640

I thought this was an older Sailor Chibimoon at first.

No. 209761

File: 1508905061236.png (653.52 KB, 1280x835, tumblr_oyay45qHEQ1vy3etyo1_128…)

No. 209762

File: 1508905543803.png (19.64 KB, 296x574, tumblr_oyak40hzTF1s4e1ugo1_400…)

No. 209763

File: 1508905580800.png (555.31 KB, 640x630, tumblr_oyd0ymmfRh1uf9xlvo2_128…)

No. 209764

File: 1508905587328.png (51.61 KB, 528x587, tumblr_oyd0ymmfRh1uf9xlvo1_540…)

No. 209765

File: 1508905709372.jpg (123.81 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_oycyck41pP1wcb7lvo1_128…)

this is supposed to be pennywise…

No. 209766

File: 1508905818646.png (486.76 KB, 1280x713, tumblr_oyd31ph4RZ1sy1aveo1_128…)

No. 209767

File: 1508905890806.png (369.67 KB, 800x1280, tumblr_oyd2zft8My1vvs15fo1_128…)

those hands

No. 209768

File: 1508905977019.jpg (77.61 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_oyd2sxy2w31uyyvp7o1_128…)

No. 209769

File: 1508906013489.png (212.56 KB, 1280x1626, tumblr_oyd2qnS4l51ujymtwo1_128…)

No. 209771

File: 1508906134707.png (356.34 KB, 1200x1600, tumblr_oyd2g4dvDb1sb4z6ho1_128…)

No. 209772

File: 1508906244092.png (717.97 KB, 1024x1318, tumblr_oy1mmhqLQJ1v0i2qyo1_128…)

No. 209773

File: 1508906543757.jpg (279.3 KB, 1280x990, tumblr_owjrcjn1Rz1v738o5o3_128…)

this is supposed to be fred and daphne from scooby doo

No. 209775

File: 1508906599357.jpg (92.65 KB, 1067x800, Scooby-Doo-Where-Are-You-Hassl…)

No. 209776

File: 1508906791933.png (573.06 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oycu33sFky1v3166ho1_128…)

No. 209777

File: 1508906975755.png (476.18 KB, 1250x1300, tumblr_oyd0byrX1c1uh0wzxo1_128…)

idk what's worse, the pea sized head or the blinding neon colours…

No. 209782

Counter suggestion-the fucking nose

No. 209816

I've noticed a lot of people drawing those weird animal crossing-esque noses lately.

No. 209839

are there any artists that it would be considered cheating to post here? like baylee jae or something
cause technically most of her shit can go here

No. 209856

Those dots all over his body.

No. 209860

is this supposed to be markiplier or jack septiceye, i legit can’t tell

No. 209876

File: 1508975386657.png (Spoiler Image,179.66 KB, 682x780, 8b9ebce7-2fd6-4816-bdfb-c87bd3…)

Had a hearty shuckle about that butt cheek and wanted to share

No. 209877

File: 1508976479437.jpg (53.99 KB, 339x341, urgh2.jpg)

Aside from the fact that I've never seen this body shape, ever, that face is fucked

No. 209879

Rcdart probably

No. 209885

I've seen way worse tbh

No. 209941

well it has a weird resemblance with moo

No. 209942

that dick is disgusting though

No. 210027

File: 1509118520889.png (1.2 MB, 1280x1656, UNHOLY.png)

i'm sorry

No. 210036

You should be

No. 210041

File: 1509131285895.jpeg (178.8 KB, 640x1005, EE9B9CF8-3E8B-47F4-A582-9FA629…)

There is this dude in my discord group who draws like everytime and barely makes any improvement through all these months. It’s hideous

No. 210042

File: 1509131378753.jpeg (203.85 KB, 640x1004, B5C5BD47-8962-4161-A4FE-DFD8D2…)

What I also hate that these kind of 16 year old people always want attention every minute and think they’re the best at their art

No. 210043

File: 1509131560092.jpeg (138.79 KB, 589x736, 760D1319-9CC3-4C15-A030-6274D1…)

No. 210049

its not good but its not on-par with most of the stuff on here, i dont wanna cry vendetta but this honestly kinda feels like one

No. 210059

File: 1509155077266.jpg (132.79 KB, 457x698, oo.jpg)


No. 210062

At least it's creative? What's your beef anon

No. 210078

File: 1509171214071.png (657.99 KB, 1280x1360, tumblr_oyirutbgmj1w1u8kvo1_128…)

No. 210079

File: 1509171289058.jpg (55.51 KB, 889x1197, tumblr_oyirlwxQPw1ul9h7zo1_128…)

No. 210080

File: 1509171305083.png (142.6 KB, 1080x765, tumblr_oyirluD4NW1w7lt8ro1_128…)

No. 210081

File: 1509171408276.png (414.87 KB, 732x1500, tumblr_oyel9wj4rH1w2865ko1_128…)

No. 210082

File: 1509171456278.png (443.62 KB, 1280x1121, tumblr_oy1mmd1CpI1vszehjo1_128…)

No. 210083

File: 1509171497823.png (1.27 MB, 1280x1847, tumblr_oyipw5hjrw1vzzcfxo1_128…)

No. 210084

File: 1509171646610.jpg (181.24 KB, 1280x1210, tumblr_oyipkngRHx1uqzzpqo1_128…)

What is with artists and drawing characters ears as circles with T's in them? Or just doing a bean for a mouth? Or just a straight up triangle for the nose? And what is with their phobia of hands? And don't even get me started on colour theory, christ.

No. 210085

File: 1509171687683.png (698.23 KB, 1247x1920, tumblr_oyimspiIf11w239n1o1_128…)

No. 210086

File: 1509171733299.png (620.47 KB, 1280x575, tumblr_oyin2q7rmS1v43601o1_128…)

No. 210088

File: 1509172229372.png (592.23 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oyiqijPuAI1wd4u2mo1_128…)

No. 210089

File: 1509172260227.png (77.6 KB, 322x553, tumblr_oyio95VLAE1vylo2bo1_400…)

No. 210090

File: 1509172414974.png (633.57 KB, 1280x1408, tumblr_oyisnfbAzl1w2gvuho2_128…)

No. 210092

Ooh this is nice. Kinda looks like Totty from Osomatsu-san though. Now I'm hoping it's not.

No. 210093

Not the same anon but
>multiple eyes
Are you edgy or are you new to deviantart OCs ?

No. 210095

this looks fine. it's like an edgy cat boy line sticker.

again, a lot of these look fine. not good, but not hideous or bad. just shitty and passable.

No. 210108

why are the eyebrows up so goddamn high?? a shame too since the colors aren't bad.

No. 210150

This isnt too bad imo.

No. 210264

same person that posted the pics. That’s what I meant. The drawings look like horrible neon oc’s from past DeviantArt. This kid actually believes he is fucking talented but nobody ever says something positive about his art in discord

No. 210312

I thought those were hair falling over the flower crown

No. 210352

The eyes tho.

No. 210354

Fuck me too. I thought the eyebrows were covered by the bangs.

No. 210548

File: 1509580854574.jpg (28.59 KB, 540x648, stop.jpg)

Nothing is fucking safe, I swear to god. Pennywise doesn't deserve this.

No. 210603

File: 1509648235912.jpg (47.38 KB, 800x498, duckthingy.jpg)


No. 210617

oh my god anon i nearly suffocated from laughing
I needed 10 seconds to realize what the left image had to do with the duck but when I realized it I spit on my monitor from laughing
jesus top cocksucking tapdancing fucking christ of kek

No. 210622

File: 1509660495189.jpg (29.75 KB, 711x460, featuredimage-pennywise.jpg)

How can anyone find this fucking clown sexy? Or scary?

No. 210646

File: 1509674599814.png (122.47 KB, 446x750, tumblr_oythexV1G41qgfyofo1_500…)

No. 210648

File: 1509675065615.png (788.28 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oyqwrfsS691s4z5roo1_128…)

I have no words…

No. 210649

File: 1509675280167.jpg (244.44 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_ox251tMe351wuanlyo1_128…)

Now THIS is truly horrifying.

No. 210650

File: 1509675401079.jpeg (229.4 KB, 611x611, 03F0981B-B373-49F3-950A-725392…)

No. 210651

File: 1509675589215.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.94 KB, 500x657, tumblr_oxjgfkVG6s1wrf61so1_500…)

I want to puke, why are people like this??

No. 210658

You have no idea how good this type of shit sells.

No. 210685

Jesus, poor Laurens looks like he caught the pox

No. 210725

File: 1509754068182.png (37.48 KB, 513x561, 6464.png)

Don't look up "two cents" then unless you want to go fucking blind.

Pic related is a really tame example

No. 210861

i wish id saved all the fucked up pennywise art i saw on tumblr for this thread now. penny wise and the chilkdren from it are REALLY popular on tumblr… honestly its creepier seeing adults talking about wanting to fuck the child actors than all this weird art though

No. 210873

Is that Markiplier?

No. 210888

File: 1509885803221.jpeg (19.53 KB, 400x224, EF1DD670-217A-48F3-8C8A-D88A24…)

seriously. idc if people wanna sexualize a murderous pandimensional demon clown, but the obsession tumblr has with the stranger things/IT kids is creepy as fuck. finn wolfhard is 14 fucking years old and you have these cunts on tumblr drooling over him and gay shipping him with the other characters. “n-no i ship the fictional characters it doesn’t count” nah, you’re still a fucking pedo.

sorry for ot but the casual rampant pedophilia really rustles my jimmies.

No. 210890

ikr? idk why so many on tumblr are treating this as normal except that they are the same age sometimes? but i usually see adults drawing/writing the nsfw stuff..
honestly they need a thread on snow at this point

No. 211001

I think it's mostly a case of shipper's ideas of what's okay and what's not in fantasy/reality dissolving thanks to their extreme obsession with shipping and fandom.

They had half of a case with the shotacon shit because it was just cartoons/drawings, but their stupid excuses fall flat when the characters are portrayed by IRL children. Not older teens or adults playing teens, but legit children. These bitches need reality checks.

No. 211005

That is some spot on shading, nice coloring, and crisp lines. But my god, the drawing itself is terrible.

No. 211007

Creepy/weird facial expressions are total crap, but idk I really like the coloring and line work in this one.

No. 211095

File: 1510198268830.png (884.16 KB, 1280x1328, tumblr_oz4mmiF3Ap1w0mk82o1_128…)

No. 211108

….what the fuck is that

No. 211128


No. 211139

This artist (I can't remember their name but I've seen a bunch of their porn and one or two comics by them) has a really hot brown chick with beefy tits and their art could be better but I personally like it.
I wouldn't insult this because it looks like a 10 year old drew it and they probably don't know better yet.
I would not have been able to tell this was PB because she isn't some fashionista, she's a nerd-girl and all her outfits kind of reflect that.

No. 211207

File: 1510332020140.png (1.38 MB, 746x741, chrome_2017-11-10_19-03-42.png)

I'm not the only one who fined this dude's art ugly as fuck, right?

No. 211221

A lot of these drawings are actually pretty good. Deviation from the norm & one’s own take on characters are some of my favorite styles. I wish I had a more unusual art style myself.

No. 211229

your definitely not alone anon this is so ugly and kind of fetishy

No. 211231

What's fetishy about it?

No. 211238

File: 1510418369957.png (547.43 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_oytlq68z2a1v61x8ro1_128…)

has science gone too far?

No. 211244

>top surgery scars
>pointing to the arm

No. 211247

Well drawn and colored, but jfc those description

No. 211255

How can your pronouns be they/them but you're also a lesbian??

No. 211256


No. 211325

File: 1510504953702.png (198.58 KB, 501x562, 1509822682412.png)

found this crap in a thread on 4chan

No. 211499

as a lesbian shit like this makes me want to d i e

No. 211526

Why would a lesbian get top surgery

No. 211544


It's so fucked up how that community fetishizes top surgery scars.

No. 211547

No. 211624

is that supposed to be aigis on the left?

No. 211672

File: 1510831126425.jpg (61.09 KB, 464x458, IMG_0358.JPG)

No. 211682

what the shit is wrong with you

No. 211702

File: 1510857750475.jpg (725.49 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_owhd4qQ0Of1r6a1vco1_128…)

it wouldn't be a bad art thread without love live.

No. 211703

File: 1510858398755.png (446.77 KB, 1280x514, tumblr_onssy4x2t81u8h99yo1_r1_…)


No. 211705

File: 1510859076391.png (571.71 KB, 1280x905, why.png)

These people always draw Nozomi and Eli the same exact way: Nozomi is drawn as a fat Asian girl (sometimes black) with a huge pig nose because her chest is big, and Eli is drawn as very muscular with a dorito chin and a long nose because…she's Russian? I dunno.

No. 211720

At least no one is morbidly obese with vitiligo in this one

No. 211821

It looks like Tom Preston if he was a girl.

No. 211839

I hate how much they butcher these two and I don't even like the ship.

No. 211841

File: 1510957880943.jpg (135.7 KB, 1125x1200, DFzQsCKUAAADAsj.jpg)

The artist made Yuri Plisetsky from YOI *~trans~*.

I like the coloring, but that's about it. What the fuck happened to his knuckles and nose?

No. 211863

File: 1510981454472.png (534.63 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_ozlfjecRYY1wec966o1_128…)

No. 211864

File: 1510981531945.png (242.6 KB, 500x700, tumblr_ozle3smLHk1u157i6o1_500…)

No. 211865

File: 1510981636777.png (12.72 KB, 571x943, tumblr_ozli82b8BI1vz5mr4o1_128…)

Those hands.

No. 211866

File: 1510981690742.jpg (260.54 KB, 1200x1248, tumblr_ozlfjejZac1r8glo1o1_128…)

No. 211867

File: 1510981839347.png (707.59 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ozj371POM51r0uck5o2_128…)

No. 211868

File: 1510982009739.png (458.03 KB, 600x1085, tumblr_ozj7kx4YgZ1qhaszdo1_128…)

No. 211869

File: 1510982076965.png (178.26 KB, 786x850, tumblr_ozjhig5FfA1ryhuh6o1_128…)

No. 211870

File: 1510982261911.png (178.51 KB, 878x1010, tumblr_ozjguq3QqB1wc2py0o1_128…)

No. 211871

File: 1510982407088.png (172.32 KB, 757x1280, tumblr_ozli6qpvu71sdx62ho1_128…)

What is with tumblr artists, especially the edgelords, and epileptic neon colours?

No. 211873

File: 1510983584742.png (701.13 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_oj66u9R3Fd1s03uf9o1_128…)

Scooby Doo, what happened to you?

No. 211880

File: 1510987935841.png (125.16 KB, 200x318, Sprite_10.png)

How…is this bad? It's literally what the character looks like

No. 211885

Not gonna lie, this is pretty cute. Kinda like Dangan Ronpa-esque version.
Except why the fuck is Velma black?

No. 211886

>Except why the fuck is Velma black?
All of them would now fail the paper bag test and you're seriously asking that? lol

No. 211893

The most generic Tumblr style is Dangan Ronpa-esque? What

No. 211912

anon, they're ALL black

No. 212085

File: 1511144244596.png (3.77 MB, 2000x2588, 47E93587-F2E2-48B2-AD1A-4E1488…)


No. 212090

>what a beautiful duwang

No. 212092

I'll just let you know that the artist is kin with Josuke

No. 212094

File: 1511154600974.png (841.8 KB, 1280x853, 1424496324287.png)

No. 212110

doea this artist specialize in furry art? this looks like tumblr furry jotaro was granted a wish to be human for a day, but he got fucked over by the genie

No. 212120

I like how his one cheekbone is super gaunt while the other one looks like it wants to escape from the rest of his face.

No. 212136

File: 1511190986567.png (1.06 MB, 1131x636, 2017-11-20 (2).png)

Yep, he does
Screenshot from his deviantart

No. 212148

File: 1511201011705.png (285.83 KB, 540x516, ew.png)

while we're still talking about jjba…

No. 212212

oh no fucking way, is that erina??

No. 212222

I thought I'd never have to see a tentabulge again

No. 212223

fucking awful

No. 212251

This doesn’t remind me at all on danganronpa - Are you blind anon ?

No. 212378

No. 212584

File: 1511456135669.png (650.69 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oui81aZUCu1sjc0y4o1_128…)

No. 212585

OT, but that fucking pedo teacher in p5 made me so uncomfortable. Sad that it's pretty tame compared to some of the other weird pedo-y stuff in the game…

No. 212589

File: 1511461030676.jpeg (222.32 KB, 1536x2048, 21E8BA83-A448-413F-91AD-0E5FBC…)

This was a suggestion by her girlfriend but….why…..why would you draw this
It’s not even bad it’s just…..gross
And I normally like her art

No. 212593

i mean, it's getting to be a pretty common kink. this looks okay.

No. 212603


this is a kink piece? What is the kink portrayed? Self-harm?

No. 212604

Peeing yourself? Seems to go a bit high up to be pee, though.

No. 212605

Yeah, wetting/omo

No. 212629

File: 1511494079771.png (Spoiler Image,194.54 KB, 1440x1438, pxMAv0m.png)

honestly I'd rather pee fetishists than the ddlg shit on tumblr, ik this isnt a drawing, but in some drawings they'll literally try to draw actual children that are obviously meant to be 3-6 yrs old and claim it's just a childlike adult and claim its not roleplay child sexual abuse

No. 212675

Some kinks just go way to far
I’m normally ok with what anyone is into but…. just some kinks
Anyone here about a rape fetish…..just some kinks are meant to be kept private and never shared

No. 212692

File: 1511572868441.png (204.17 KB, 500x406, 6C0E453B-DD49-48B6-8673-06CB9D…)

these are supposed to be kagepro characters apparently

No. 212715

honestly this is pretty cute, they'd make good OCs instead of racebent (ew) characters imo. Velma's adorable & so is Fred

No. 212812

To be honest, aside from the generic Tumblr style, I think this is pretty cute. My only qualms are that Hiyori (I think that's supposed to be her, anyway) has breasts despite being a kid, and that Shintaro's a fatass. Not to mention that Konoha doesn't really look like himself…

No. 212831

File: 1511715759252.png (699.7 KB, 884x712, wWnTjGY.png)

Not even "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" is safe.

No. 212857

File: 1511730023849.png (62.38 KB, 936x1458, tumblr_p01j40hKSX1wna30fo1_128…)

This is meant to be Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club

No. 212858

File: 1511730381389.png (190.52 KB, 350x465, sayori.png)

This has to be a fucking troll fanart because I refuse to believe that even the worst fucking Tumblrina would try to pass that thing as Sayori

it's even missing her signature bow and being quirky in her depression phase wear fucking christ

No. 212882

File: 1511750245975.jpeg (83.65 KB, 640x518, 2A78C25C-F08F-48F1-AC98-8CB358…)

I’m scared of the face

No. 212883

File: 1511750382361.png (2.2 MB, 1280x1894, kisskisskillme.png)

Why make fan art about a show full of good looking people only to make them ugly?

No. 212886

File: 1511750879545.jpg (226.8 KB, 1280x1291, tumblr_ozfim3khTf1wvh389o1_128…)

Why is the western fan base so bad? Has Osomatsu san not suffered enough?

No. 212924

because they like to self insert and know no attractive person wants their ugly ass

No. 212953

i know it's been a week, but who the hell is this suppose to be? i'm SO lost

sage for being unsure, but who tf is it??

No. 213002

>leg hair
These are not considered attractive traits. Even as an art style it's way too distracting and ugly.

No. 213014

Erina lol

No. 213049

File: 1511848636388.png (139.33 KB, 400x400, tumblr_oz7gb0563F1v75gyzo1_400…)

That's supposed to be Steven Stone and Wallace from Pokémon.

No. 213071

File: 1511879567940.jpg (111.19 KB, 500x613, tumblr_os0mlc0I4j1vmnpwno1_500…)

No. 213082

this is so much cringe

No. 213101

Edsworld??I cant tell what this is supposed to be

No. 213185

File: 1511923669895.jpeg (490.47 KB, 1232x1243, 206A02DE-4603-4D13-9078-AD424C…)


No. 213275

That bulge though

No. 213887

File: 1512169234655.png (1.11 MB, 3000x2110, tumblr_static_8ib0gx1z7r0g8coo…)

The eyes have an uncanny valley aspect to them…

No. 213890

File: 1512170124863.png (75.76 KB, 500x470, tumblr_ozssu3EKtW1v91ygoo1_500…)

This artist's ask blog is an absolute goldmine of horribly hideous Osomatsu-san art, mostly featuring Todomatsu Matsuno.
They also have an overly obsessive attitude towards this character in general.

No. 213892

File: 1512170292031.png (91.14 KB, 500x337, tumblr_inline_ozotq5Xl6t1szzs2…)

They'd rather copy from the show completely than to learn the actual fundamentals of art. Even when confronted that their art isn't good, they completely ignore it no matter how much critique you give them.
Honestly a lolcow.

No. 213894

File: 1512170572093.png (129.83 KB, 500x477, tumblr_inline_ozdqmxS4jv1szzs2…)

They're basically padded behind their multitude of followers, to this day I don't know why they have so many, and asspatters/white knighters. And they won't improve.
Their unhealthy obsession with this character is actually kinda creepy.

No. 213895

Forgive me for the multiple eyesores I just REALLY dislike this artist…and they kinda creep me out tbh
I don't know why they have so many "fans" when their artwork never improves and has been this way for years.

No. 213898

File: 1512171476235.png (125.64 KB, 500x352, tumblr_p02a7dulCx1ttcl2yo2_500…)

A 23 year old college graduate.

The Osomatsu-san tag, with a little digging, is gold.

No. 214273

File: 1512302264932.png (101.78 KB, 500x605, where is half of her body.png)

this would be so much more better if she had an actual body

No. 214423

File: 1512377079070.png (838.13 KB, 635x839, Udklip.PNG)

Shared by the official Black Butler fb page…

No. 214448

This is one of the ugliest pieces of shit I've ever seen
Some people need to learn that just because they are ugly af, it doesn't mean it's ok to make everyone ugly

No. 214571

File: 1512481541268.png (509.21 KB, 900x900, photo.png)

No. 214572

File: 1512481552114.jpg (95.86 KB, 736x552, 53c18b56118522bab323a9eea6c3e1…)

No. 214573

File: 1512481571425.png (347.53 KB, 1024x768, eae3c21a5525efd76a3587d035255b…)

No. 214574

File: 1512482475920.png (193.05 KB, 1000x1000, i_m_s_h_i_t____vent____by_doqc…)

No. 214591

File: 1512491904753.png (285.1 KB, 1024x900, corrupted_bendystraw_pic_by_re…)

fujo shit

No. 214609

Holy shit, how long has it been since they were relevant again??

No. 214646

File: 1512506274894.png (854.42 KB, 1000x1000, 07DF1966-43A8-43EA-A08E-C39180…)

This art style is so hideous

No. 214666

File: 1512514903770.png (818.9 KB, 1482x842, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.59…)

No. 214682

how stupid do you have to be to not know how to take a screenshot? it just screams child with no friends (so does the art)

No. 214699

File: 1512523232959.jpeg (78.91 KB, 525x600, 28199314-2B70-4AC4-8A5F-6FD91F…)

here’s some more of their art for you since i can tell you’re a fan

No. 214734

File: 1512531256163.jpg (94.94 KB, 1280x720, terroru.jpg)

I have the biggest issue with e-celebs who can't draw very well being praised for their art yet not getting criticism. They don't see any reason to improve because their audience has the same artistic skill as they do so they never point anything out. Pic related, she's an alright person but her art is mediocre af

No. 214759

File: 1512539062007.png (128.8 KB, 734x1300, tumblr_ov6p9e625C1vahus0o2_128…)


No. 215200

Is this Danganronpa v3? Damn.

No. 215247

Yes, is it. But for some reason, i'm more concerned of their clothing choices, i mean, it feels like they want to hide some anatomical mistakes or just something off.

No. 215337

File: 1512823654951.png (131.45 KB, 400x409, tumblr_ot7zvgrUiv1w7yoqwo1_400…)

No. 215347

File: 1512830744377.jpg (354.52 KB, 1076x945, Screenshot_20171209-154447.jpg)

Saw this on Twitter.

No. 215367

this kinda reminds me of the madoka magica witches

No. 215496

This is actually pretty cool tbh
But then again I enjoy eerie drawings and agreeing with anon above it does remind me of the witches
And I loved the witches

No. 215500

yeah this is pretty ok but the colourings super muddy and once you look at it closely you can see loads of blank spaces.
souls isnt too bad but the poses dont really make any sense or like.. do anything for the image

No. 215547

that's pretty cool actually

No. 215548

i kind of love this actually, my only gripe about it is that the coloring is kinda smudgy lookin and the palette's not rly great, in my head this sort of anatomy style looks cool as shit with much more vivid colors but i guess it makes more sense here bc Spooky vibes or some shit

No. 216183

File: 1513215655404.png (30.03 KB, 540x680, Disgusting.png)

I'm triggered

No. 216184

File: 1513215700556.gif (53.82 KB, 503x507, theson.gif)

What it's supposed to look like

No. 216192

File: 1513220197737.jpg (53.4 KB, 900x630, BART SEES ALL.jpg)

After all the times Bart had been attacked by Sideshow Bob, Homer and Marge had been worried for their sons life. This had to stop! They had contacted the police in Springfield many times and had hoped they would arrest Sideshow Bob for good, but according to the Law, it wasn`t possible without a reason. The only way they had to protect Bart now was to send him away to a fosterfamily away from Springfield and Sideshow Bob. It was devestating to get a suggestion like this from the police, but it was the best thing to do… They had been in contact with the family and they seemed nice. But this was hard for Homer and Marge to send their special little guy away to a fosterfamily. They wanted to move away with him, but Homers job was in Springfield, and Lisas school and the rest of their family. He would come home 1 week a month.

The day they had got to know this, Bart had walked by Homer and Marges bedroom door to ask where his baseballcap was when he heard his mother cry, he stopped and began to hear:

Marge: "We can`t do this to him, Homer. He is our little boy and special little guy!"
Homer: "I don`t want to do this either, but it is for his own safety. If he stayes in Springfield he could be killed by Sideshow Bob.!"
Marge: "That would be horrible" You are right, Homer. Though he is moving away from us, we will have him 1 week a month, we will not loose him forever in a way."
Homer: "He will be fine, honey and we will see him again!" He smiled to Marge and hugged her thight. "Bart will understand. We must tell him in tomorrow."

Bart stood there in shock! Give him away?! Didn`t they want him anymore? Wasn`t Sideshow Bob in jail? He backed away from his parents door and ran into his room.

No. 216217

File: 1513245015888.png (206.41 KB, 292x289, 123859732854.PNG)

If you're around 30 years old and this is the best thing you can draw you REALLY need to up your game.

No. 216222

I kinda actually wanna know what the name of this artist is tbh.

No. 216238

Hahaha when fanart and fanfiction collide it always makes for great entertainment.

No. 216240

definitely seems like a vendetta–the art is nice as is the watercolor techniques.

No. 216242

nta, but it's digital so it's gonna look good. pretty doesn't mean good.

No. 216246

still seems like a vendetta, it's not up to tier to be in a bad art thread.

No. 216247

File: 1513275565666.png (1.49 MB, 1840x1086, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.3…)

No. 216272

File: 1513279183849.png (1.48 MB, 1887x1266, 1512199562280.png)

>the art is nice as is the watercolor techniques
Roses are ok, but the face is all kinds of wrong, shading is muddy and concept is just plain boring. I'd honestly take some of the tumblr tier art over shit like this.

No. 216283

Now THIS is the good shit.

No. 216290

>205 pages
Fuck, I've never noticed. Also, I still don't understand how you can draw literally hundreds of variations of the same thing without progressing or evolving. I wonder how many iterations it took till he said "this is it–the drawing I'll draw forever".

No. 216448

File: 1513315471802.png (95.54 KB, 1158x689, russia_helped_donald_trump_get…)

>how you can draw literally hundreds of variations of the same thing without progressing or evolving
He's one sick fella.

No. 216494

Why do they always give them emo hair?

No. 216533

this is one bizarre fetish

No. 216535

I've seen worse. Does anyone have the one of the tied up rat becoming cheese or whatever?

No. 216536

File: 1513341663812.jpg (131.82 KB, 774x1032, lnE6c2V.jpg)

No. 216556

>>212882 deadass thought the one on the left was an amputee with saggy boobs

No. 216559

File: 1513356780511.jpeg (65.1 KB, 640x640, 71BCA19C-78D0-4050-A211-3CA864…)

found on the ddlc tag on tumblr …

No. 216662

This is cute, nose is a bit too big though and the hair is off, otherwise not bad but doesn't seem to give room to Yuri's actual personality.

No. 216773

Some people start later at art and just have a lower skill level. Don't shit on people over their age, that shit kind of irks me. Like, would you say the same thing if a 60 year old grandma was learning art and had made this?

No. 217258

File: 1513478851428.png (31.31 KB, 500x500, shinny_shin_shin_by_febur-dbms…)

well then

No. 217319

File: 1513493259285.png (294 KB, 640x576, 8C4AE9C5-0547-4BD4-9088-3F0EB3…)

No. 217320

Is this supposed to look like a violent altercation or…?

No. 217326

yo i actually really like this one

No. 217328

This is vitiligo …
It's some rare skin condition that tumblr reveres and loves to slap on pale skinned anime characters for the sake of "representation".
Not only that but they love to always make attractive skinny characters the same doughy muffintop with obligatory self harm scars or freckles everywhere.

No. 217333

lets em claim diversity while still being able to draw traditionally pretty people with western features and be immediately immune from social justice criticisms about traditionally attractive western features

No. 217429

Anon, she's pretty inconsistent in her portrait paintings. She's been painting for the past few years and her best works were from last year. Tbh I was expecting her to improve but for some reason her paintings become more loose in a bad and messy way and her faces become more disproportionate. Either way, I hope she'd improve since she paints a lot now and I guess she's trying to make a career out of it.

No. 217465

File: 1513537956519.jpg (72.75 KB, 640x640, IMG_1766.JPG)

No. 217636

File: 1513555171029.png (261.39 KB, 500x488, tumblr_ozyh70R60k1wxrnmco1_500…)

I wouldn't mind this but the actual character is the first rival from Yandere Simulator, and I'm sure she's not black either

No. 217640

Not bad art imo, looks like an accurate MtF Aladdin to me

No. 217657

Sorry anon I only saw people retweeting it so I didn't look at the user since I personally think it's ugly (definetly the choice of colour is the reason why)
Anyways maybe try to reverse google search it? If it pops up on my twitter again I shall post here once again.

No. 217682

It bothers me how her pigtails aren't following gravity.

No. 217693

Oh no what did they do to yuri :(. She's supposed to look shy and edgy what is this?

No. 217696

the drawing itself is actually cute, but why ppl have that weird thing with drawing black characters with a orange-ish hair tone?? it looks very unappealing to the eyes.

No. 217723

i-s that
oh my god

No. 217751

File: 1513584885694.png (1.22 MB, 1074x1078, crap.png)

No. 217757

wtf did they do to them!?

No. 217760

Poor velma's gonna die from exhaustion from all the door chases

No. 217762

>making the smart, nerdy character asian

No. 217763

didnt even realize thats why her eyes where weird till you said it

No. 217764

File: 1513594843851.png (977.73 KB, 1691x549, chrome_2017-12-18_13-59-41.png)

>Velma's a fatty
>Fred has weird skin cancer moles
>Daphne unrecognizable
At least Shaggy looks fine and Skooby is still a dog.

No. 217765

is this some new fetish??

No. 217795

ya, knee tits is a really popular kink rn

No. 217813

Good old deviantart, always a treasure trove of oddities.

No. 217839

Thought Daphne's credit cards were condoms at first kek. As if the artist might be implying something.

No. 217942

The fuck is this chicken run ass Jasmine

No. 217943

>Enter deviantart
>browse by Newest
>No thread needed

No. 217944

File: 1513641633628.jpeg (86.39 KB, 970x1200, F4D3B268-320C-4DD7-9258-846FB4…)

Mobile lag, didn’t attach

No. 217960

File: 1513647423621.png (Spoiler Image,2.38 MB, 3840x2160, wegoriginals.png)

No. 218009

It looks like it came from a really bad WikiHow article

No. 218089

File: 1513717683323.png (535.57 KB, 1280x1087, 4ec.png)

"Headcanoning a la tumblr."

No. 218090

Kek I thought the exact same thing.

No. 218091

I hate how badly they've ruined this show for me.

No. 218099

Same,I'm just dissapointed how tumblrinas turn a good show into cesspool of headcanons.

No. 218103

Eh, to be fair both Daron and her staff on the show have been letting the show fall to shit anyway with incessant lolsorandum, plot holes abound, and fanfic-tier episodes. The show is basically "who can we pair star and marco with to satisfy our self inserting 30 year old selves XXDDD" now.

No. 218115

My thoughts exactly. I stopped to watch the show after season 1.

No. 218203

No joke but from the first episode I started watching, I immediately went
"I really hope they don't pair Star and Marco together. They probably will but I will hope"
Now here we are.
I fucking hate it.

No. 218206

The character she's based on has floating twintails.
I thought her nose was her mouth until I zoomed it, drawing gets 99% when you do that

No. 218317

File: 1513850768151.jpg (364.61 KB, 980x639, tumblr_n828brE8k71tg0mqlo1_128…)

Stumbled upon this comic today, almost every female character looks like a man with boobs.


No. 218318

File: 1513851467604.jpg (214.7 KB, 940x618, MeatandBone.jpg)

No. 218336

these look cool anon

No. 218341

The cards look okay-ish, but that guy looks absolutely hideous

No. 218345

I hope you're joking.

That's a woman, anon.

No. 218347

Is that junji itos fashion model?

No. 218364

No. 218380

File: 1513897527049.jpg (914.98 KB, 3050x2300, IMG_20171221_210323.jpg)

No. 218382

Is this fanart?

No. 218383


yes, les miserables

No. 218436

File: 1513916754596.jpg (37.54 KB, 692x444, iJoG4Ks.jpg)

No. 218477

The lips look like they're on top of the face rather than blending it, quite unsettling.

Could be a lot nicer with some fine tuning.

No. 218518

No. 218535

Sorry, I think this is great.

No. 218799

File: 1514161895227.jpg (17.65 KB, 300x595, 1529428.jpg)

No. 218837

File: 1514215080341.png (472.96 KB, 1000x1500, illust_62210742_20171224_21294…)

Why do tumblr artist insist on posting this shit on pixiv?

No. 218838

File: 1514215211152.png (376.92 KB, 776x823, illust_62210742_20171224_21282…)

No. 218839

because they're weebs. "if i post my art on nihon-jin website, i'll be a mangaka too :3c"

No. 218975

Who drew this? The art looks vaguely familiar

No. 219031

Political compass.

No. 219433

File: 1514438346518.png (195.65 KB, 724x826, E0F53732-1DC0-41EE-934A-FDA3DD…)

No. 219579

like every sjw artist, they draw the villain white bc for them, white people are bad.

No. 219580

Things (such as face) are wonky but this is eyebleach after seeing the other stuff

No. 219749

File: 1514568668140.png (812.76 KB, 1280x826, tumblr_p05oniQpz41rwq5vko1_128…)

No. 219878

File: 1514670694074.jpg (130.14 KB, 540x764, ohgottneeee.jpg)

these two are supposed to be tomoyo and meiling from cardcaptor sakura. tomoyo's gay!!! so she obviously HAS to hate the heteros!!!!

No. 219879

File: 1514670773368.png (7.41 KB, 508x105, caption.png)


whoops forgot to post the caption

No. 219890

stardew valley?

No. 219900


Its so ugly to look at, i'm puzzled. i mean, i like the faces (i love me some ugly cartoons) but they don't fit at all with the kawaii shit they're trying to pull. it just look disconnected and weird and i'm grossed out looking at it. the dress in partiular… is that the cutest you could draw it? either make kawaii style shit or make western cartoon shit, this mixup is just mind boggling. the artist could probably make good stuff if they weren't just trying to shove disjointed tumblr shit to this. its just… bad and wasted potential. i hate it, thanks.

pretty sure that's tongue in cheek, i follow lesbian blogs and twitters that post that sarcastically anon… but not trying to start shit with you itt, just saying that it isn't uncommon or serious in the community

No. 220031

File: 1514798018242.png (594.41 KB, 1280x959, tumblr_p0pydbW4Sv1u6fyb9o1_128…)

im crying.

its half robot laurens and he looks like if you left a woman with lip fillers and a futuristic face prosthetic after a battle with necrosis in the desert for a few days.

bitch looks dry as fuck

No. 220237

wonky proportions but definitely not bad compared to anything itt

No. 220803

File: 1515141386280.jpg (980.83 KB, 1280x1920, ew.jpg)

No. 220848

I don't know why I thought this was a Jojo thing at first, I've never even read/watched that franchise

No. 220861

I thought so too, there's something very jojo-y about it

No. 220865

File: 1515187037511.png (65.62 KB, 975x819, improvement.png)

No. 220866

Somehow, it got worse

No. 220867

why does symmetra look like New York lmao

No. 220894

congratulations they just went from generic style to bad generic style

No. 220904

File: 1515228141483.png (2.31 MB, 1132x1920, 1280.png)

More tumblr tier art that is ~validating~
Here's your checklist..
-Obligatory damaged characters with self harm scars
-Forcing trans headcanons and generic moralistically preachy transgender narratives ~feels~ in a game which had none
-Draws a slender character fat with ugly leg hair to make women feel better for caring so little about their physical appearance and health with body rolls, cellulite, the works
-Racebend Japanese characters black with whole body freckles for your diversity
-Forgo entirely heterosexual attraction between two opposite sex characters for the sake of blasting the gay pride bullhorn

No. 220987

Why do they always make Nanami so ugly and fat?

No. 221009

File: 1515287821243.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x646, tumblr_inline_p25jm8DOAu1s8hus…)

This might be the ugliest shit I've seen in my life

No. 221011

File: 1515288297882.png (210.29 KB, 480x544, canon nanami.png)

Yeah. This is what she actually looks like and the above picture is how they draw her.
I theorize the reason why they draw her ugly is because even though they mistakenly believe themselves to be trans or ~nonbinary~, deep down they still have envy that another woman who isn't them is attractive and beautiful and gets lots of male attention.
This is all disguised in drawing her ugly to make their fellow fat, ugly female friends feel better about not losing weight or shaving their leg hair.
Or it could just be misogyny because when they lived as female, other women shamed them for not taking care of their appearance and they felt jealousy over other girls being pretty so this is their "revenge".

No. 221012

wait no, hold up, finn as in john boyega?

No. 221013

Are those fucking titties or man boobs?

No. 221039

File: 1515303031241.jpeg (31.61 KB, 500x462, 6D8283AA-9827-4216-A53B-797466…)

The sequel

No. 221066

kek they somehow managed to make adam driver even uglier

No. 221072

tbh i can see komaeda having a problem with self harm because of all the shit hes gone through, but why hinata? the only real problem he has is that he has no talent
i hate how nearly every tumblr artist ive seen has made nanami into an ugly fat third-wheel to their komahina fantasies. does nobody remember how hinata was very obviously disturbed by komaeda? and how he and nanami had obvious romantic undertones? but they all shove that under the rug for their ~~representation~~
on that note, why are so many people considering komaeda to be good gay rep? he tried to kill six people for no good reason, and was a general weirdo for a majority of the game
sage for video game sperging

No. 221089

lmaooo the mouth. amazing how clueless some ppl are

No. 221204

File: 1515349749849.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0875.PNG)


People are finally roasting them on twitter snd Tumblr
About damn time…..their art is horrible

No. 221210

File: 1515350713918.png (67.77 KB, 376x430, 49e7a0ce-7519-4fc9-8697-c08057…)

would anyone like to see their old art? it's pretty drastic

No. 221221

Post it all please

No. 221238

Maybe I have shit taste but I kinda dig this, it's not pretty but it looks interesting.

No. 221249

File: 1515360949125.png (29.25 KB, 234x278, 52336d3e-deb6-4fcd-8718-e3ad67…)

here you go!

No. 221250

File: 1515362479570.jpg (88.73 KB, 1280x720, jailbreak.jpg)

Jailbreak was a slightly tan but light-skinned princess Emoji in the movie. Why is she black here? Is she wearing blackface? kek

No. 221251

Ah, good ol rcdart. She's fucking awful and so pretentious. Most artists tend to improve the longer they draw, but Rory has devolved somehow. She's an awful artist and an awful human being.

No. 221252

To Rory all men are actually trans so she draws all of them with breasts. She has a disgusting trans fetish and got into a lot of hot water about it a while back.

No. 221254

File: 1515363897043.png (177.33 KB, 541x257, 2018-01-07_232422.png)

What the fuck? How do you go from that to >>221210 ?

Saw pic related while looking up this artist though and had a good kek

No. 221257

lmao she got dogpiled by fellow SJWs for problematic art

No. 221258

if you think this is bad you should see what she posts on her nsfw art blog https://rtitties.tumblr.com/

No. 221259

do you need a tumblr account to see her blog?

No. 221262

File: 1515366906039.png (Spoiler Image,343.8 KB, 1280x1293, ewww.png)

apparently this character was meant to be a female to male (with no sex change so you knoooow their trans) trans male

No. 221263

goddamn, it needs a spoiler.

looking thru her twitter pics, she clearly is very good at drawing, which makes this even sadder. CalArt should pay her to not mention their name

No. 221264

I think I discussed with this person once on tumblr and she attacked me for pointing out that she draws nanami fat. I think it‘s also one of those people who drew love live in complete race change .. do you perhaps have the link to the art / artist ?

No. 221285

WOW what a complete waste of something that would otherwise be kind of stylistically interesting. Why is Robert Downey Jr. an actual hobbit.

No. 221292

File: 1515377417476.png (1.05 MB, 1139x1730, what did this girl do to you.p…)

I think she also reblogs rule63 genderswap fanart of Hinata and Komaeda and constantly tags it as her trans headcanon despite the original intentions of the artists are to depict them as two women in a relationship together lol.
Sasuga these guys who only care about ~representaion~ when it affects what they identify as but could give not a single toss about anyone else lower on the oppression points than them.
She also believes that Hinata having any sort of normal male body issue is secret ~evidence~ that he canonically feels dysphoria when he sees his.. titties in the morning shower.
I've honestly had trouble finding trans hc dangan ronpa fanarts on tumblr who are as insular and pathetic as she is.

No. 221294

I can also give you her URL, searched her ll tag and I can't find any racebending.
I know we all have many things to say to her but try not to go too hard less she shuts down her blog or makes it private so we lose access to this goldmine.

No. 221354

File: 1515415738646.jpg (47.97 KB, 604x460, photo_2018-01-08_02-56-07.jpg)


No. 221364

Why would someone draw this. Why would you not spoiler this. Why does this exist.

No. 221383

This is true art, haters won't understand.

No. 221495

i love this

No. 221762

File: 1515546478544.jpeg (211.49 KB, 1280x640, 7EA0942D-EC8D-466A-B988-5F969A…)

There is this huge rant going on but I think people on tumblr just can‘t let character be how they are honestly…

What if I drew a black character white ?
I bet those who defend the artist would attack you immediately

No. 221768

Yeah this is ugly as fuck and insulting to the characters, wish I wasn't a pussy and could make a tweet about it myself.

No. 221770

Is this ironic? A parody? Drawing a bunch of Japanese girls this ugly seems mildly racist, which is very ironic.

No. 221781

File: 1515600123462.jpg (454.43 KB, 699x1028, 8fe5d653705b4315.jpg)

>mah racism
>draws the embodiment of asian stereotypes

No. 221882

File: 1515641590072.jpg (25.95 KB, 960x540, eyb0ss.jpg)

>>221762 For some reason, Natsuki reminds me a lot to Pink Guy.

No. 223252

File: 1515699399637.png (909.9 KB, 1280x941, tumblr_oxtldxqCK81r6a1vco1_128…)

art improvement

not as bad as some other things itt but still

No. 223261

2014 looks so much better tbh (even with that arm)

No. 223282

Actually the 2017 is very cute, but i feel the lips are very odd. Also, It would look cuter if the shading isn't blurry and isn't grey (a good color would be orange or pink i guess)

No. 223283

God this pisses me off, nearly everything save maybe the anatomy was better in the 2014 image. In the 'improved' one the colors are duller, the shading is too blurry, and they drew a cute character like Mami as ugly and obese.

No. 223286

I believe that there is a way to draw idealized fat characters which are attractive. Hence, idealized and not call fat characters thicc when they're just fat. Calling fat characters thicc is just being afraid to admit you are fat.
It just feels weird to portray Mami as a BBW for no reason, seemingly.
When it comes to "interpreting" fan characters an artist doesn't even own as basically individualized to the point where they hardly resemble their original form and are basically self-inserts, I believe this is to done for their own mental health.
A fan character who is beautiful, slender, pretty and beloved worldwide is popular. These characters are probably made, designed and written by a team of roughly 100 people who have had previous experience in knowing what shit sells.
Your original character self insert who is a BBW, or a tubby transboy with cringe fashion sense, is not popular.
But a character you like is.
If you see them as an extension of yourself and your own personality, then any fanart even if it isn't drawn as what you project is you, is seen as a work of love for you.
This is why we get stupid "interpretations" like this. It is a cry for attention from a lonely person.

No. 223291

Before and after Tumblr

No. 223296

File: 1515735571733.png (118.17 KB, 512x477, 2_deez_nutz_by_miilkmaiid-dbzl…)

Why are there so many ass kissers in these threads? "aw this art isnt bad ". "ooh I've seen worse " 70% of the art in here isn't anatomically wrong, the reason why people post it is because it isn't aesthetically pleasing. A big part of drawing is making your art nice to look at.

No. 223297

of course it's for attention. these people who only draw this shit fan art are too creatively bankrupt to make OC and crave attention anyways and know their drawings wouldn't get praise if they weren't muslim black trans sailormoon or something.

No. 223298

File: 1515736097467.jpg (263.25 KB, 1024x1428, love_is_love_by_fabianartist-d…)

let me introduce you to my little friend fabianartist

No. 223299

art is subjective, it might just be possible that people have different opinions!

No. 223373

I swear Gorillaz has some of the worst fan art I’ve seen, they deserve better.

No. 223697

File: 1515872077808.jpeg (60.17 KB, 640x891, 0B8029E4-48D5-4731-A6C4-62399A…)


No. 223716

File: 1515876091478.png (107.98 KB, 512x512, 5994dada1c215.png)

all the SU character design is so shitty

No. 223999

File: 1515950457259.jpeg (147.8 KB, 1242x755, E91D0410-B6DA-4992-8E74-18E016…)

Here’s something that upset me a lot today.

No. 224008

File: 1515956129819.png (174.37 KB, 640x640, 19905E11-62EC-4040-B803-C11FA2…)

As usual

No. 224028

Every Japanese person has brown skin, don't you know? Thank you Tumblr, for showing us to not draw Japanese people within their own standards of beauty, that would be racist and just dreadful. Let us all become brown. Let us all bathe in self-tanner as a protest to all the world's awful, oppressive standards. Especially you, Japanese people.
Thank you, tumblr.
And kek at those lesbian flag shirts.

No. 224037

File: 1515966230482.jpg (1.09 MB, 3780x2126, evolution.jpg)

reminded me of this

No. 224040

Lol, and I just so happened to have started reading through Pop Team Epic this morning. Nothing is sacred.

No. 224042

"Aesthetically pleasing" is highly subjective, anon. Unless it's shit like >>221762, there is probably at least one person that doesn't hate it.

No. 224084

File: 1515984793075.jpeg (125.88 KB, 640x707, D4D216B5-A0E7-48AD-8B43-6924D7…)

Human cuphead and bendy
Bendy is so fucking ugly oh my god

No. 224146

File: 1516017110779.png (660.31 KB, 1280x1840, tumblr_p1an7q5rHm1ubfsvvo1_128…)

ugh…. that face. How does anyone find this acceptable?

No. 224161

the idea that popuko and pipimi are human, let alone not asexual, let alone lesbian is maddening.

No. 224167

tbh the original character design itself I find awful, never mind this bullshit.

No. 224171

yea, that's the point though. pte is like if shitposting was a show/manga, which is why the fan art is so weird.

No. 224266

File: 1516057626376.png (656.7 KB, 900x1096, plus_size_sailor_moon_by_mitsu…)

No. 224267

File: 1516057643570.jpg (20.97 KB, 400x270, JvLIp.jpg)

No. 224269

No. 224276

This isn't bad or hideous at all lol.

No. 224278

This is amazing

No. 224304

When will people terrible at using a medium opt for the cheaper product instead of wasting their parents money?

No. 224348

>implying this isn't a masterpiece

No. 224491

File: 1516152568807.png (352.08 KB, 1024x791, but why.png)

I see your cringe and raise you this piece

No. 224493

File: 1516152808501.jpg (2.01 MB, 2560x2560, ew.jpg.jpg)

No. 224514

whats the deal with velma almost always being fat/chubby in these redesigns?

No. 224515

Because Tumblrinas "relate" to her the most because they're such clumsy, quirky nrrds so she's gotta reflect how they look behind their monitors. Neckbeards have also had a habit of drawing Velma a little heavier than she actually is because men don't realize how an oversized sweater fits.

No. 224526

Great. The only female is overweight and dark-skinned with a skin rash/acne and a hearing aid while Daphne is trans but thin, white and stereotypically pretty. Even Tumblr tards can’t stop shitting on black cis-women.

No. 224597

So these flags mean what exactly?

No. 224605

Gay, Pansexual, Lesbian/Trans, and Bisexual
I wouldn't be surprised if they happened to add a flag for Scooby tbh

No. 224625

>daphne is a transbian
gross. i wish someone would take these kids' internet away

No. 224956

I don't actually hate these, I feel like they could improve and have something interesting there.

No. 225070

Is scooby otherkin

No. 225085

>formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance

No. 225116

Somehow they are all different races yet have the same nose lol

No. 225389

Hmm they all have different noses - do you have eyes?

No. 225400

Nice. Make Shaggy Indian and give him acne. Well done.

No. 225424

File: 1516685552530.png (15.2 KB, 302x282, savehim.png)

are you blind anon this is a true masterpiece

wtf is this

No. 225672

File: 1516804682232.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1894.PNG)

No. 225673

File: 1516804729573.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1895.PNG)

No. 225674

File: 1516804762955.png (77.28 KB, 616x822, IMG_1896.PNG)

No. 225679

how are these, in any way, like the other bad art in this thread??

No. 225691

that left foot is a right foot …

No. 225704

I think this one is fine but just not some peoples preference.

No. 225722

File: 1516820263267.jpg (250 KB, 1200x898, d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.jpg)

These really come down to style preference.

I actually like this pic, but I like some "bad" art.

No. 225723

File: 1516820438639.jpg (196.28 KB, 1280x1128, tumblr_o841mbZH4l1uj8pgfo1_128…)

some actual bad art

No. 225734

File: 1516821903447.jpg (160.72 KB, 1280x457, 1445634505908.jpg)

No. 225735

File: 1516821931952.jpg (136.9 KB, 900x452, 1445639723943.jpg)

No. 225736

File: 1516821962353.png (102.17 KB, 400x343, 1461695938663.png)

No. 225738

File: 1516821982399.jpg (395.61 KB, 960x1280, 1482959230276.jpg)

No. 225739

File: 1516822037499.jpg (30.81 KB, 480x480, 1506072597383.jpg)

No. 225740

File: 1516822051931.png (131.11 KB, 540x271, a16f7e165309e5d3d3a09e669dcde8…)

No. 225741

File: 1516822077676.png (594 KB, 1280x570, another disgusting sjw tumblr …)

No. 225742

File: 1516822120431.png (1.07 MB, 1280x901, ee5.png)

No. 225743

I actually don't dislike this style but it took me forever to figure out what they were from.
(tip its a video game)

No. 225744

File: 1516822212828.jpg (9.06 KB, 290x174, images.jpg)

No. 225745

File: 1516822237438.png (648.8 KB, 1280x851, tumblr_olsfebU6661uknmveo1_128…)

No. 225746

File: 1516822273089.jpg (125.78 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_owr65rZzu01uyl2zno1_128…)

No. 225760

is homestuck a video game?

No. 225763

No. 225773

there is some charm to this

No. 225774

>5th grade flashbacks intensify

No. 225776

I actually think this is adorable.

Surprised they didn't give Scooby some sort of a shitty LGBT flag.

No. 225780

File: 1516828570607.png (95.95 KB, 294x558, 80c4d653-db88-4694-80fb-592afe…)

No. 225786

I never understood the deal with making the whitest pony with blue eyes the brownest human. And lol at making her fat, she would never allow herself to get fat.

No. 225815

It’s shayna/dumdolly/babybimbobullshit

No. 225816

I-Is this a joke?????

No. 225817

Nah, its sonic and the gang.

No. 225822

honestly my only problem with this is that i can't see shadow as a black dude. shadow screams edgy white 14 year old to me.

No. 225949

These aren't bad at all imo, although I don't know what the second one is supposed to be from.

No. 225952

>the smart one is asian
>the athletic one is black
such progressiveness

No. 225956

…it's sonic.

No. 225960

File: 1516900902804.jpg (351.23 KB, 692x1339, 050314.jpg)

I was busting my ass trying to figure what they were from until other anons outed it. Amy is like the only one I can buy and Knuckles to some extent but the rest of them are extremely unrecognizable.

nevertheless making Shadow black just makes me think of pic related

No. 225961

I bet a white girl drew this.

No. 225963

File: 1516901784825.png (146.48 KB, 1024x413, why.png)

No. 225964

File: 1516901815456.png (305.65 KB, 1024x654, wtf is this.png)

No. 225965

File: 1516901999385.jpg (50.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

pic related?

No. 225971

Haha holy shit. I can see it if I know, but that would not have been my first guess.

No. 226138

can't decide if this person is real

No. 226149

Christ on a fucking cracker.

No. 226158

the eyes are freaky as hell but in a weird way i like it too

it really irritates me seeing these artists who have great drawing skills but choose to waste it on garbage like this. are these sort of things a grab for cheap attention?

No. 226160

File: 1517007887772.png (517.9 KB, 820x923, jkmn.png)

i unironically enjoy art like this. they have a nostalgia factor that i love.

No. 226175

God, same. It's beautiful.

No. 226401

>making the gun-wielding black hedgehog actually black
(One step forward two steps back)

No. 227095

If these were all OCs i would find this character line up very cute and cartoony.

But the fact that it's fanart makes it try-hard and obnoxious. I consider making fanart like this a form of virtue signaling

No. 227359

tbh i think this is kinda cute. anybody know who the artist is?

No. 227388

File: 1517712192970.jpg (485.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-204131.jpg)

I legit can't stop laughing

No. 227389

>kaiden is black
>but shepard still has his regular, vanilla face despite the fact that his appearance is 100% customizable.
i don't even know anymore man.

No. 227391

File: 1517716706050.jpg (43.39 KB, 300x293, 037.jpg)

Can't unsee.

No. 227398

File: 1517722044632.jpg (32.41 KB, 480x480, 23824050_143955703033982_11759…)

No. 227407

File: 1517735848584.jpg (118.29 KB, 894x894, _fanart__logan_paul_by_perry20…)

Oh shit I didn't realise this was trying to be shephard. I was too busy laughing at how hilarious the facial expressions are.

No. 227423

File: 1517753288139.jpg (877.55 KB, 1920x1080, 7Sp5KWz.jpg)

>all that hair

yeah, he wishes lmfao

No. 227435

Tip: Images saved from deviantart often have the artist in the file name, next time check for that.

No. 227459

I thought this drawing came from Wikihow

No. 227464

Oh my god LOL

Wish there was more shit like this itt. It’s uncanny.

No. 227479

File: 1517769697388.png (456.75 KB, 907x1507, 98adf0b8-3d8a-42d7-b5db-0d9aa0…)

I'll post a couple

No. 227480

File: 1517769751370.png (Spoiler Image,588.92 KB, 1280x1674, 6c394934-79c9-444e-993f-66df81…)

i call this one the broken tiddy

No. 227585

File: 1517812650267.jpg (174.33 KB, 512x715, kylo_ren_x_rey__just_kiss_alre…)

kylo ren/rey fanfic art is a goldmine

No. 227586

File: 1517812670078.png (157.35 KB, 647x865, rey_and_kylo_ren_by_caseypurr-…)

No. 227587

File: 1517812888383.jpg (76.76 KB, 1024x768, 5ed7c275036705e78d8f5e5405b7e8…)

No. 227626

File: 1517838820635.jpg (122.35 KB, 774x1032, onionfart.jpg)

Onion fanart is hilarious. Dumping some hilariously bad ones.

No. 227627

File: 1517838893634.png (134.67 KB, 584x451, onision__by_chocolatefunk-d98p…)

No. 227628

File: 1517839006384.jpg (130.95 KB, 900x764, like_a_slug_by_boboblanket.jpg)

No. 227635

I didn't even the read the file name and I knew already it was onion, and I don't even know jack shit about him, imagine being that unfortunate looking that people automatically recognize you in the shitiest of fanart.

No. 227651

probably the creepy spidery eyelashes

No. 227775

he got them dick-suckin lips

No. 227791

File: 1517930692861.jpeg (122.85 KB, 808x1018, 9A57734F-DF84-4806-97AD-F86EE9…)


No. 227792

come on anon, this is great momokun fanart!

No. 227891

Looks like someone drew over a bad yaoi comic.

No. 228112

File: 1518143119059.png (627.23 KB, 779x828, c4bb29d71c021cb65aef36fc639645…)


No. 228269


No. 228408

This is so clearly traced but still so bad.

No. 228656

is that prompto and ignis? hooo boy

No. 228915

I really really like this artstyle! Does anyone know who the artist is?

No. 228922

>starts drawing with copics first
>doesn't get cheap markers to try to out is this a medium she likes and gain some experience in it
>doesn't look up basic tutorials for it

Looking at her videos, her "critiques" are comedy gold.

All of the people she is critiquing are way better than her, it's so weird.

No. 228933

File: 1518616386458.jpg (46.49 KB, 716x720, FB_IMG_1518616025841.jpg)

My personnal cow
Thinks she's an artist, has a patreon
Is upset when she gets no likes
I dont get it because sometimes she draws nice stuff (maybe traced?)
Sjw as fuck, hates cis hetero white people while being cis hetero white person

No. 228940

File: 1518623594953.jpeg (99.13 KB, 750x998, 86930B88-8F7F-402F-816A-759EB3…)

>those weird donkey/mule ears???
>That tacky shirt design.

It’s like these people want under-represented characters in art to look bad. That make them look a ridiculous/strange as possible.

No. 228947

you're not gonna mention her fucking frog hands with 4 fingers???

No. 228964

oh no, and the face is actually really cute too. what a shame.

No. 228976

The obese and suffering from achondroplasia leopard is kinda cute but who would pay money for that?

No. 229015

File: 1518677221164.png (2.58 MB, 1280x1874, tumblr_p3rhdyVlhN1up3s0ro1_128…)

This is supposed to be ardyn izunia from ffxv……

No. 229016

File: 1518677289172.png (Spoiler Image,434.42 KB, 500x732, tumblr_inline_p3rhbpU87p1tpn7u…)

NSFW version fucking hell ohmygod

No. 229019

File: 1518678684698.jpg (83.82 KB, 1000x800, image.jpg)

why i'm sure anyone would love a valentine card feat some rando's furry oc

No. 229062

I actually like this one, it's cute

No. 229067

you're right holy shit

No. 229174

File: 1518743429145.jpeg (93.77 KB, 649x833, ECA0D7CF-3B02-44E8-9DF0-B836BF…)

No. 229343

File: 1518829192431.jpg (119.49 KB, 388x2056, this_is_actually_homosexual_by…)

i don't know why, but this type of eye style makes me angry

No. 229464

File: 1518900070681.jpg (86.83 KB, 707x1131, commission_madadh_by_gizmodian…)

This reminds me of my favourite cringe artist!

No. 229466

File: 1518900142052.jpg (161.97 KB, 900x1200, grace_by_gizmodian.jpg)

more amazing art

No. 229469

It looks like a rejected character from Gothic

No. 229659

File: 1518967761682.png (65.33 KB, 1000x1000, 88e98b79-c178-41a5-abe7-296baf…)

Why does the Ace Attorney fandom attract so many of these kinds of "progressive artists"?

No. 229669

File: 1518973090966.png (1.05 MB, 900x792, fruits_basket__yuki_x_machi_by…)

No. 229670

File: 1518973145760.jpeg (9.68 KB, 201x251, images.jpeg)

No. 229681

Awww anon this is clearly a kid. We all drew this shite when we were young.

No. 229693

The face gets me everytime though, every few years I go back to her art to chuckle. Just, how?

No. 229697

File: 1518984280961.jpeg (163.23 KB, 749x1022, 53D530B7-6CD8-4D8D-876E-19B8BC…)

i can‘t stand this weird niche of instagram artists with over 500k followers who can’t draw at all but post these „tutorials“ like the one in the picture. The anatomy is so horrible and wrong it actually makes me angry cause I keep seeing this stuff EVERYWHERE. I‘m all for improving but if you‘re trying to teach others while your art looks like.. that.. maybe just don‘t do it.

No. 229987

File: 1519082653557.png (454.93 KB, 939x666, tutorial very helpful.png)

I especially love how the tutorial/advice basically amounts to "draw better"

No. 230025

…what is the point of this? It's not like is a post about how to pose to look fit…

No. 230084

looks quite a lot like a scam/spam sort of page with bot followers etc. - on the posts have like 2100 comments, the first 2000 of them are bots just writing Cat Car Carpet Card Case on and on. You don't hear or see "Aaria Baid" because she's probably a couple of guys in China or India. Probably this crap is the the Elsa Spiderman of instagram

No. 230384

File: 1519238926289.jpg (371.5 KB, 783x1100, pALEH.jpg)

No. 230385

wrong pic, I don't know how that got there

No. 230777

File: 1519411965335.jpg (200.79 KB, 800x960, 6ab74a81-ec0b-4a68-ba59-f20051…)

>Castiel from Supernatural

No. 230942

File: 1519565274585.jpg (Spoiler Image,541.66 KB, 1754x1239, 1519554753536.jpg)

No. 231004

File: 1519599775417.jpeg (22.66 KB, 640x455, CA0AF7C0-1D50-4F8E-A301-C3DB36…)

No. 231020

>that pen sensitivity

No. 231046

what i like about this one is that it's impossible for me to tell what the artist's personal political views are. it's just fully misanthropic across the board but i'm not sure if that was even their attention

No. 231060

File: 1519621008641.jpg (408.71 KB, 1600x1600, zevran__fenris__t__complicated…)

the faces kill me

No. 231072

You know what? I somehow feel aroused looking at this.

No. 231087

Everything about this is such a try hard attempt to outrage.

No. 231104

the nipples are the most genuinely offensive thing about this piece to me. they look like literal breakfast sausage links that have been compressed so tightly by the packaging that they've become angular/square

it's disgusting and all i can think about is someone biting into them like square vienna sausages

No. 231336

File: 1519689637522.jpeg (616.53 KB, 1037x1081, EEC97CC7-62F2-4437-B0A3-DF5CB2…)

Hella ugly to me. What are your thoughts?

No. 231337

wtf is this meant to even be?

No. 231339

File: 1519689898573.jpg (54.9 KB, 600x600, photo.jpg)

zevran looks like fucking esteban

No. 231340

An ‘Ireland OC’

No. 231342


I won't say this is the worst thing I've ever seen, but I sure won't say it's good either.

The most offensive part of it is the random scribble flag stuck over a photo. It would be acceptable if it weren't for that background and sad excuse for a flag.

No. 231344

Agreed, their art can be better but I just found this funny because of the wonky eyes

No. 231360

One day I will own this chanboard

No. 231393

dude in the middle looks like benedict cumberbatch

No. 231411

File: 1519737040544.png (97.93 KB, 750x726, IMG_1985.PNG)

No. 231420

File: 1519742262403.png (1.36 MB, 1100x1450, TXwqZhf.png)

No. 231437

this is so cursed that i feel like i will die if i don't resend it to 10 other people

No. 231453

File: 1519764846045.png (426.31 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ne0k2bB0Ku1tbubkro1_128…)

guess who

No. 231480

tumblrfied sailor mercury?

No. 231496

ding ding ding!

No. 231497

File: 1519781909924.jpeg (6.85 KB, 225x225, A568B23B-93CD-467D-9A37-4E4D36…)

No. 231498

I really dislike it when people shade with warm blues. It looks like she’s got a light up her skirt or something.

No. 231553

Why are her knees so hairy? It's like all the hair on her legs just pooled in that one place, the only place that doesn't grow much hair.

No. 231554

I'm jealous of people who can make things incredibly terrifying without even trying.
I have issues with actually TRYING to draw horror – I wish I had these skills.

No. 231562

I don't think that's supposed to be hair KEK but now I can't unsee it.

No. 231615

File: 1519858420236.png (468.77 KB, 1114x1336, snip_snip_by_omnomnom6-db2kugb…)

what is anatomy?

No. 231623

…What the hell are those boobs?

No. 231820

This is great art, not bad/hideous at all

No. 231872

the hell is wrong with his mouth?

No. 231890

lmao it looks like plainey

No. 231903

File: 1520024906016.png (260.92 KB, 600x700, tumblr_okprlqGoBR1u3c01mo1_128…)

Not even the N Girls from Love Live are safe

No. 231904

File: 1520024954381.jpg (59.25 KB, 426x599, 426px-Coco_smile_n260_t.jpg)

The actual character

No. 231975

File: 1520077250192.png (106.89 KB, 875x913, meaty_whack_by_pentagrin-dbtvi…)

No. 232065

oh god, Pentagrin. I really want to like her since she seems like a nice person and can give some good advice, but geez does she need to take figure drawing lessons and even out that weird style of hers. It's so 2008 deviantart that it hurts, especially since it seems like her concepts are so at odds with it (like the metal music stuff and all the historical lore behind everything).

No. 232068

File: 1520136616693.png (52.24 KB, 400x253, building_1_by_solarsands-db343…)

this whole clique of deviantart/oc ranters or whatever is filled with people who can't draw, or, at least in pentagrin's case, has potential but what they're pulling out isn't really that great.
I guess the best artist out of all of them (as far as i know, i don't want to deal with these people) is solar sands, but he doesn't post his art often (at least on deviantart)
pic is his most recent, which was from almost a year ago. thoughts?

No. 232104


my sides have left the orbit. I don't know do I love Esteban Zevran or fat black animu waifu more.

No. 232136

File: 1520188724615.jpg (95.5 KB, 871x1199, DVkCAszU8AA7Y35.jpg)

No. 232143

Unless I'm missing something their
OC's are just redesigns of Black Butler characters.

No. 232157

This style reminds me of futa porn for some reason.

No. 232158

Didn't she make like 3 videos complaining about people saying that? I mean, I don't watch Black Butler, but I can see the resemblance.
The fact that their designs look straight out of an anime when they're supposed to be in reference to an old Faustian story should be a warning sign for her that maybe she needs to redesign her OC's.

No. 232218

File: 1520245878915.png (990.34 KB, 746x746, Capture.PNG)

So recently I checked Instagram and saw this sponsored post (I was supposed to screencap this but IG refreshed itself and now I can't find it anymore). I'll never understand users who go through the trouble of paying to have their work seen. Even worse if their content is that bad. I wish Instagram didn't fuck itself up so I wouldn't have to see shit posts like these.

No. 232221

File: 1520246374673.png (654.04 KB, 748x742, Capture.PNG)

If that guy wants to make a living out of art, he should stop using anime as a crutch and practice more.

Also I hope I'm not going a bit too far here by posting his work, but hey, he threw money to Instagram for the post to be shown by who knows how many people.

No. 232386

File: 1520332231646.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1920, game.png)

Furries being very confusing as usual.

No. 232404

A lot of artist make a lot of money by not being so mediocre. Art is dependent on the artist being self critical.

No. 232426

Is this Yumeno Himiko? The body is not too bad (excluding the perspective on her hands), but the face looks really super-deformed and out of place.

No. 232581

Why does danganronpa always get such shit art. I've RARELY seen any good art.
>triggered to hell and back because I love these games to death

No. 232685

File: 1520477558241.jpg (226.3 KB, 1125x1406, adampeach.jpg)

What is with Peach's face

No. 232688

Getting real tired of these Peach x Bowser jokes
Also Adam always had an ugly as fuck art style, he's really gotten stale these last few years

No. 232689

File: 1520482397303.jpeg (253.99 KB, 499x1150, D8D02A50-4C15-4E65-A1A9-F735A6…)

the patron saint of /r/comedycemetary

No. 232694

thought the nipples would be part of the joke somehow but nope they're just…casually like that

No. 232698

Feel like posting Adam Ellis is cheating

No. 232705

I feel like this artist needs therapy of some kind.
1)Bad joke
2)Bad art
3)Nipples are??
4)Doesn't even make sense as a plotline, who eats sausages in the hot tub

No. 232710

File: 1520495690517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.42 KB, 1008x504, ABB1D943-DA88-464D-8BAE-DE887D…)

This one is a lot worse..

No. 232713

He look like he's having a stroke. Also does he have a weird nipple fetish?

No. 232729

>artist takes a break from masturbating to make comics about people masturbating

Seems healthy

No. 232731

File: 1520513220810.jpeg (197.36 KB, 750x810, 9073DB3D-EADC-4E02-BB9E-445E92…)

No. 232732

this is pretty cool imo

No. 232748

No. 232835

What a masterpiece.

No. 232836

That's a very hot doodle of a black lesbian.
Not Marceline at all though.

No. 232837

No. 232838


No. 232841

I kind of like this one, reminds me of As told by Ginger's art style.

No. 232933

File: 1520616195739.png (151.66 KB, 750x1099, IMG_2025.PNG)


No. 232934

Literally none of you can draw.(no1curr)

No. 232945

File: 1520619551405.jpeg (76.99 KB, 640x400, EE8C260C-B965-4B64-8C79-47D097…)

Why do y’all keep doing this to Scooby Doo

No. 233028

how can someone draw something like this and actually be serious about it?

No. 233149

File: 1520712814182.jpg (91.68 KB, 894x894, help.jpg)

I was looking at pictures of Hani for the plastic surgery thread and found

No. 233154

Can you guess how I know this artist has deep insecurities related to acne and their big nose? Also laughing how they snatched Griffith from Berserk and made him a part of the mystery gang.

No. 233159

File: 1520714905703.jpeg (85.71 KB, 959x1198, upload_2017-6-25_16-52-59.jpeg)

Honestly, this person's art isn't the worst but it's pretty damn ugly. Their style used to be a weird Steven Universe/Rick and Morty hybrid.

No. 233177

>that pretty, simple rendering on a caricature
Why? Also, wouldn't have clocked that for Hani at all.

No. 233210


I would really like this if I didn't know it was supposed to be Hani. I mean, it's cool as a caricature, but looks nothing like the subject?? If anything, I'd guess a beak nosed mouth breather girl.

No. 233229

>what is a caricature
Not everything has to be animu style honey.

No. 233281

File: 1520775374967.jpg (275.6 KB, 949x1200, DWBzSG1WsAAktL5.jpg)

No idea why, but Danganronpa has always attracted THOSE people.

No. 233405

File: 1520827937935.png (160.71 KB, 540x737, niceproportions.png)

The Sonico tag always has some good'uns.

No. 233520

File: 1520896677892.png (1.26 MB, 720x891, IMG_20180313_000825.png)

Just had this on my dashboard..Tuxedo looks okay but what the fuck is this Usagi

No. 233522

So weird that the painting technique is so good but the style and proportion is so bad. Makes me feel strange looking at it.

No. 233528

even it's not really that good tbh.

No. 233536

Fat Squid Sonico?

No. 233599

Yep - Splatoon fans are absolute trash and most of them do terrible fan art or OCs

No. 233610

call me weird, but i like this. it reminds me of the caricature style you get at theme parks

No. 234759

File: 1521355472396.jpg (106.44 KB, 1501x901, Asui-Tsuyu.jpg)

No. 237034

File: 1522091440737.jpeg (111.25 KB, 640x640, 71393F7C-ED81-4149-A09D-10E8CC…)

No. 237086

So they made D.Va hairy, ugly, retarded and disabled - Brigitte fat and also looks mentally challenged. I understand people wanting characters to relate to them to make them feel better about theirselves however this kinda stuff takes the biscuit, can't be doing battles when they look like they have no brain cells.

No. 237097

They also seem to feed into old stereotypes buff = lesbian (zarya, fareeha and now Brigitte) hella lame imo

No. 237106

File: 1522109253045.png (259.04 KB, 1000x884, bad.png)

Why do artists love to draw Hunk so goddamn ugly

No. 237107

File: 1522109477495.png (455.8 KB, 1280x1422, looks just like him.png)

No. 237135

File: 1522116962599.png (78.47 KB, 480x480, Hunk4.png)

that looks pretty close to the source material, the only difference is it's a gender bend.
it's fine.

No. 237151

But that's the thing. It's not a genderbend…

No. 237160

well… it fooled me. sorry

No. 237941

File: 1522363547876.png (89.13 KB, 284x474, yikes.png)

guess the age of the person who drew this

No. 237947

No. 238007

why does this look strangely similar to a pikachu OC i drew in middle school?

No. 238056

File: 1522417758472.jpg (284.73 KB, 500x445, ca6zmzG.jpg)

Guess it takes a certain level of creativity to turn this into a pikachu … :)

No. 239028

File: 1522773052889.png (1.1 MB, 1080x804, 20180403_172953.png)

This horrific shit.

No. 239029

File: 1522773086785.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1091, 20180403_173009.png)

And again.

No. 240704

Nope, 17.

No. 240860

File: 1523237417507.jpg (208.11 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5073.JPG)

I'm on mobile so sorry in advance if my post gets fucked up somehow, but here's something I found in the One Piece fanart tag.

No. 240862

File: 1523238269765.jpg (78.05 KB, 540x540, yikes3.0.jpg)

what if I told you these were meant to be real people

No. 240863

File: 1523238308066.png (1.06 MB, 1280x728, yikes2.0.png)

also these aren't furries, apparently the artist just thinks people look like this

No. 240896

File: 1523257611617.png (1.97 MB, 900x1376, tumblr_osq0tgTT0o1u64o4qo1_128…)

>it wasn't his time Ryan
>diamond sword

Oh God, no.
Achievement Hunter fanart can be so good. And so, so, so bad. I don't know what is it about those fans that there's such a divide.
Picture shows what it can actually look like, but your pic is just… hideous. They look disfigured.

No. 240897

Because MiNoRiTiEs and pOliTICal CoRRectNEss, anon. They can't be gay, they also have to be trans and black. Nonbinary if possible.

No. 240900

File: 1523259218764.jpeg (367.57 KB, 750x1074, BB53D68E-7852-42B9-970C-FB9ACE…)

Bonus: they have a video on how ugly “Tumblr style” is.

No. 240901

File: 1523259283452.jpeg (723.5 KB, 750x1011, 7E6D0948-E961-407C-8B8A-316B85…)

No. 240905


what the actual fuck is that

No. 240906


The irony


This looks like they just drew a body onto the drawing of the head

No. 240965

how do you get this far in a drawing and not go ‘wow, this looks wrong’ ??

No. 240977

literally looks like a shark.

No. 240980

Isn't this just shitty art drawn by teenagers? They'll probably improve over time.

No. 240996

isn't that most of this thread though? what's your point

No. 241008

File: 1523305072906.jpeg (750.31 KB, 750x1190, 28994624-E160-4BF4-84CE-221827…)


Pentagrin claims to be a “film and animation student.” Also been on deviant art for 6 years so doubt she’s a teen. Probably early twenties.

This piece was from 2013.

No. 241024

File: 1523312611800.jpeg (Spoiler Image,139.86 KB, 1000x1449, F334D178-C568-4F18-9210-9AA256…)

No. 241047

Dear Lord that vag/ass anatomy, has this person ever seen a woman naked before?

No. 241051

it's crazy that the upper body anatomy is fine, pretty decent actually. How do you take the time to add little fat folds under the arms and boobs for realism and then throw a black asterisk a mile away from a lipless line. they probably used a reference for the rest of the bodies but thought they should just freehand the genitals despite apparently being a male virgin who played hookie during middle school health class

No. 241053

The legs are drawn so badly it looks like there are two leg amputees and an unshown person in the bottom corner.

No. 241054

They probably copied the upper half from a porno or hentai manga and tried to do the rest themselves.

No. 241079

>hentai artists
>seen women naked before
Good one

No. 241095

If it's been five years between that picture and this one >>240901 what the FUCK has she been doing? You can improve massively in five years if you keep practicing.

No. 241255

Is this Sakimichan or a knock off?

No. 243773

File: 1524148365414.png (327.23 KB, 500x684, tumblr_p62e37avxm1uzzd6ko1_500…)

No. 243774

File: 1524148535719.png (319.44 KB, 1209x1223, tumblr_p3dk4dBAkt1uzzd6ko1_128…)

No. 243775

File: 1524148713757.png (Spoiler Image,520.76 KB, 1280x1416, tumblr_p2qmrq3okA1uzzd6ko1_128…)

No. 243777

What did osomatsu san do to deserve this

No. 243779

Omorashi is oddly popular amongst fujos, I used to like it when I was one too. What's up with that?

No. 243790

Made me lol

No. 243796

I'm 100% sure it has to do with the voice actors being really popular among fujoshi and voicing characters in BL. So their fans saw that they were about to voice the main characters in Osomatsu-san and decided to watch it and make inappropriate or staight up fucked up fanarts and fanfics.

No. 243802

File: 1524153765176.png (192.44 KB, 1145x1121, tumblr_p5zbyfTgrr1uzzd6ko1_128…)

This was the same person who shat on sakimichan, lmao

No. 243805


… That has nothing to do with pissing fetish, anon lmao

I reckon you read it as "Osomatsu"?

No. 243807

Lol not osomatsu, omorashi. like, the piss holding kink.

No. 243809

I'm thinking if you're gonna do incest you might as well go even further and grosser.

No. 243812

File: 1524155813609.gif (1.73 MB, 500x205, 2bbcd5d25035d1509b099961f7a3f4…)

Fujio Akatsuka is turning in his grave…

No. 243820

File: 1524158292266.png (205.22 KB, 541x188, 1454717173759.png)

Wait I did read it as Osomatsu, my bad lol. In that case I think some of these artists are just trying to be as edgy and gross as possible more than anything else.

No. 244143

File: 1524280478404.jpg (512.81 KB, 1128x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

Does this count? i brought some bootleg movies the other day, I've been laughing my ass off at the art styles in it all day

No. 244159

File: 1524287641241.jpg (30.03 KB, 500x341, _p5r7vrLCGp1ubnj9b_500.jpg)

When will it end, why does the western fandom insist on making everyone suffer

Also, I've seen people bring up why they force so many gross fetishes on the matsus is because they consider the matsus to be gross NEETS anyways
I didn't know omorashi was popular with fujos tho, it's pretty repulsive same with the vomiting fetish

No. 244218

Bootleg movies are the best

No. 244220

I am a huge Dingo fan. Thank you for posting, bless u anon

No. 244223

So am I!
This one is my favorite ( a Dingo Pictures ""original"")

No. 244233

Ahaha shit, I bought that fake Pocahontas Movie on VCD back in like 2001. Didn't think it was still out there.

Is it? I don't see it that often.

No. 244686

File: 1524504978367.jpeg (202.55 KB, 750x1061, 4D20612B-94A1-4D6F-A059-5E61C2…)

This shit by a local vegan 20-something-year-old dad in my city. I can’t help by think that the girl (modeled after his BM) has the facial expression of a titan from AoT.

No. 244688

File: 1524505319010.jpeg (188.77 KB, 750x1032, 4ED080E5-AD58-4AEA-83B0-646FE0…)

Wtf is this… why is her head shaped like that

No. 244689

File: 1524505426178.jpeg (212.18 KB, 750x1162, A3E43951-F990-4BC4-AD3E-49347A…)

Samefag but these captions are just too hilarious and so nauseatingly self-indulgent.

No. 244700

not sure if I like the pussy rainbow and quartz dick more

She looks like a neanderthal.

No. 244707

File: 1524509541149.png (446.71 KB, 540x456, whatthefuckareeyelashes.png)


No. 244723

File: 1524520745210.png (99.85 KB, 244x310, wut.png)

No. 244774

she has a left hand on her right arm kek

No. 244785

File: 1524544591661.jpg (33.87 KB, 600x633, FJ9Ea_d.jpg)

No. 245090

File: 1524616996028.png (334.51 KB, 500x406, linkinbart.png)

No bad fanart thread is complete without it.

No. 245112

WTF is this

No. 245353

This is one of my all time favorites, thank you anon. Does anyone know the story behind it?

No. 245390


Using Google image search the earliest post I could find was from February 23, 2011.


No. 245457

File: 1524717320901.jpeg (444.02 KB, 750x730, 92F9D771-D106-4FAA-B720-A020C8…)

This ugly art style makes the face look like a bug.

No. 245458

Straight culture is being stupid, gross, and tmi at all at once.

No. 245476

File: 1524726593376.jpg (209.75 KB, 1280x1848, CSyj3Uk.jpg)

How does someone spend years of their life learning to draw to come up with this

No. 245480


No. 245481


No. 245485

I have an irrational hatred of those fucking SU lips.
like where is your philtrum bitch.

No. 245568

Is this moon over june or whatever? Lol

No. 245675

File: 1524796809168.jpg (154.92 KB, 1200x965, Dbop2MZX4AE1atP.jpg)

I'm really getting super tired of overly unique western art style takes on Japanese characters

No. 245693

File: 1524800399694.jpg (61.02 KB, 736x704, 3cb2b4c034464d3a55fbcd3d3ecc01…)

Poor Scooby-Doo

No. 245709


I actually quite like the art style on this one, and I think they made Velma look real cute, but what in gods name if wrong with the dog lmao. Does it have autism or something? You can tell the artist doesn't have practise in drawing dogs

No. 245711

Looks like an obese pitbull, I'm not surprised…

No. 245724

File: 1524807920407.jpg (117.12 KB, 620x362, rpe-l-zephyr-0228-2.jpg)


haha yeah that's why I posted the pic. The art style isn't awful, but poor Scooby-Doo is. Its so clear she just used the cartoon as reference, instead of an actual picture of a Great Dane, the breed Scooby is supposed to be. So its a weird caricature of a caricature.

No. 245758

I think the point is that it's ~racebent~ scooby-doo, so scooby is breedbent. although for the life of me I cant tell which breed that's supposed to be

No. 245770

He looks like some sort of pittbull? or some sort of similar breed.

No. 245787

File: 1524840881655.png (260.2 KB, 1029x936, IMG_2794.PNG)

Anyone here Golden Kamuy? The woobification is strong with this one

No. 245789

Watch anime and checked some of manga.
Please tell me there are some with Tsurumi, I just want to see it.

No. 245791

File: 1524841201972.png (240.02 KB, 1270x829, IMG_2797.PNG)

Not even sure what's happening
Honestly these are pretty bearable

No. 245792

File: 1524841886884.jpeg (326.52 KB, 800x1100, Garku.jpeg)

Decided to search some bad DB art and got… this abomination

>>Soo many abs

No. 245842

The croissant arms, mangina, tiny head and tiny feet. What's going on…

No. 245843

One gigantic mistake, anon.

No. 245845


This looks like a parody of a kid's drawing. Like when you are 8 and don't know how muscles work, so you just draw a cloud man. Wouldn't take it too seriously.

This is kinda cute, albeit tumblr.

This is okay. I am guessing they went with the fur color instead of trying to make it look like Haida is black or such.

Is this fanart or OCs? it's so ugly

No. 245849

File: 1524852597327.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.81 KB, 1024x663, the_blow_kiss_battle__by_milky…)

Just your regular DA fetish nightmare shudder

No. 245852

The arms look like braided turds.

No. 245856

me looking at ugly art of my fav characters

No. 245907

I love this tbh

No. 245955

Just…what… What the fuck is this?

No. 246023

File: 1524931355497.jpeg (25.01 KB, 512x288, images (15).jpeg)

Tumblr, but in comic form

No. 246077

File: 1524950263481.jpg (Spoiler Image,940.72 KB, 2833x1000, badass_goku_3d_by_jk200-d4jhs0…)

I love the 3d version

No. 246103

This is both cursed and extremely blessed.

No. 246255

File: 1525026789576.png (922.05 KB, 724x1002, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 2.32…)

god this comic is so hideously cringy its an obvious tumblr self insert with a fat mexican girl who has three hot guys fall in love with her at once

No. 246262

File: 1525027861347.jpg (928.14 KB, 1440x2446, 20180430_041947.jpg)

Lmao, she's considered "healthy" in the comic too

No. 246265

Morbidly obese and healthy are mutually exclusive

At least she added it's great she's exercising I guess

Also, I only got to chapter 9 in this comic before I had to jump ship, so I appreciate any anons who post the highlights.

No. 246270


That bottom picture is actually a really nice style. Too bad the story sucks, and the top panel is really bad.

No. 246271

File: 1525030915001.jpg (997.41 KB, 1244x1907, 20180430_050830.jpg)

No. 246275

File: 1525031966285.jpg (840.27 KB, 1172x2037, 20180430_052541.jpg)

Who's up for a game of guess how old the artist is?

No. 246279

either 17 or 19?

No. 246282

If there was a figurine of this I'd buy it.

No. 246296

File: 1525038611671.png (26.21 KB, 226x532, IMG_2798.PNG)

I think this is the same artist judging by the vaguely osomatsu art style

No. 246298

No. 246449

File: 1525073149598.jpeg (396.1 KB, 750x1203, 70CE4F87-DAFB-4E8C-B1D7-43138B…)


The moment a popular guy falls in love with her

No. 246450

File: 1525073216998.jpeg (347.42 KB, 750x1141, 5031BDEC-1637-40C1-9319-623385…)

No. 246506

File: 1525092612133.jpg (817.64 KB, 1439x2692, Screenshot_20180430-221935_Chr…)

No. 246567

source? I need a good laugh tbh

No. 246636

File: 1525124243295.jpg (45.99 KB, 719x960, chief.jpg)

I'm going to one-up you. This is by a 24-year-old.

No. 246639

File: 1525124790466.png (1.04 MB, 1053x1081, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 246652

File: 1525133367678.jpeg (605.18 KB, 750x1145, 5E086BC5-BE2E-4616-B4EA-10DBFA…)


Big Jo!
The “plot” is great, everyone falls in love with the fat chick cause that’s totally realistic. The artwork has some really great moments of fuckery as well.

No. 246672

What in the ever loving fuck, please tell me this is made by multiple artists…It's completely incongruous.

No. 246686


Just the one artist. And this kek worthy trailer. She’s been working on it since 2016 which explains why the style is so inconsistent. I do like it in some panels but in others it’s just absurd

No. 246693


???? please tell me this is the author trying to pass themselves off as a fan reading this shit

No. 246695

IIRC there's one artist (author) doing the lines and another doing the colouring
Saged because I'm not sure

No. 246696

File: 1525161420312.jpeg (77.76 KB, 709x1200, DPEi-SHWsAAXiqb.jpeg)

No. 246723

I hate it when people make their blatant self-insert super tsundere over their love interest. Obviously the love interest is your dream man, stop acting like you wouldn't want him at first.

Also, what popular jock kids wear their hair like that???

No. 246724

File: 1525174600493.png (209.19 KB, 293x544, 9834FEJ383.png)

Somehow the more detailed part are way uglier.

No. 246761

Those vagineyes will haunt my nightmares.

No. 246762

The lips are even worse than the eyes.

No. 246763

File: 1525181814948.png (519.84 KB, 500x600, avg.png)

Oddly enough, the creator of Big Jo isn't even fat. Not small, but also far from as large as she draws Joan. She's also white.

Is she just pandering?

Huh, at least self-indulgence would have been honest.

No. 246768

I think she's pandering big time.

No. 246772

I dont know if im surprised she is an average white girl self inserting as a brown fat girl because that sounds very tumblr-esque

No. 246775

Maybe she's a former fatty

No. 246796

>dat double chin and ham core
>not fat
I think you meant to say she's not obese.
The author looks fat, not chubby, overweight.

No. 246799

File: 1525189262923.jpeg (458.05 KB, 750x928, D5151D96-0E3D-482B-86E7-2EB0EE…)


Yeah but her name is Julia. Not a stretch to get to Jo from that. She’s also Hispanic. I’m positive Jo is an author insert character

No. 246863

I didn't read the whole thing because yawn, but I think at some point she mentions she was fat when she was younger (probably not as fat as her character but definitely overweight) and mention an encounter with a bully.

So it's probably half pandering, half the author wishing she was such a kewl kid who ends up with hotties falling over themselves for her personnality and cute face despite her weight.

I wouldn't even mind it because it seems to be a response to the trope of nerdy guys in fiction who end up with the popular girl, but it's not even believable because
a) the character looks ugly even when she's supposed to look cute ??
b) her personality is crappy and she's just mean or oblivious to people's feelings. She doesn't even seem to care about people but only their looks.

No. 246898

it kinda reminds me of the anime 'kiss him, not me'. all these hot guys fall for one girl who used to be fat (except one who was friends with her before the weight loss) but a walmart version.

No. 246900

not really. that anime was about her being a fucking fujoshit. it's just another shitty otome harem with a boring self-insert for her and other tumblrs since regular otoge mcs are too triggering and skinny.

No. 246904

Can we talk about how her English teacher is supposed to be Tom Hiddleston

No. 246914

Can we talk about the awkward crotch shot?

I rage read the entire thing yesterday. The one thing I did think was cute and funny was everyone having their own fairies, though by the time the school play turned up it was getting a bit much.
it was also weird how there was sooooo much gratuitous fanservice content of every major male character.

No. 246920

File: 1525233158531.png (922.85 KB, 775x761, bigjo.png)


Its cause shes a fangirl of him.


Its also weird how all the male love interests have the exact same body, complete with abs, but its a "body positive" comic. Even the short, chubby kid "glows up" and looks like the other love interests now. I think the only redeemable ending would be for her to get with another fatty.

No. 246923


>body positivity is only for wimmin!!!

like there's that chubby kid tom steals the photo of of who has actually made progress losing weight and will understand where jo's coming from and he's just never brought up again

No. 246990

Thanks anon, I started reading it and it's a fucking eyesore
Jo is mean but it's ok bc she's a fat pmary sue uwu go body acceptance uwu uwu

No. 246996

File: 1525272730809.jpeg (282.68 KB, 750x1021, B48FF07A-D4CA-45D6-AFB9-8C8212…)

This shit was on my explore page..

No. 247001

File: 1525274616979.jpg (362.05 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180503-005228_Gal…)

No. 247623

File: 1525460049629.jpg (207.89 KB, 865x1280, tumblr_og9nitVawo1vrq6y4o1_128…)

Why is this a thing. Why is there so much fanart shipping Morty with his grandfather. I feel sick.

No. 247682

Because people are sick

No. 247690

Just goes to show that fujos will ship anything so long as it involves two male characters.

No. 247717

I had the displeasure of being in a discord with them and basically everyone orbited the SHIT out of them. And previous anon is correct; he's the typical 'alternative' lil peep worshipping, psuedo deep, edgy, narcissistic cunt. He was e-begging in the discord because he was 'homeless', trying to get people to give him PayPal money for jack shit. Not only that, he kept posting his shit art (and complaining about how shit it was/ rightfully so) but it was obviously a grab for attention because he was hugboxed by bunch of minors 24/7. I don't have caps but his journals exude his narcissism better than I can explain.

No. 247719

Nevermind everything's deleted. Sorry, anons. I have no receipts.

No. 247729

>there's that chubby kid tom steals the photo of of who has actually made progress losing weight


>Its also weird how all the male love interests have the exact same body, complete with abs, but its a "body positive" comic.

Hahahah good thing I quit after reading chapter 2, when jock tells fat MC that she could lose weight and she's like "lose weight??? why don't poor people stop being poor and bad people stop being bad???"
I just couldn't continue after this.

No. 247766

File: 1525535149555.png (71.17 KB, 376x576, my_heart_is_for_both__jkp_by_t…)

No. 248222


what am i looking at please explain

No. 248246

I need more things like this in my life

No. 248275

File: 1525780536031.jpg (112.52 KB, 885x902, at__lilly_bat_by_fairyaurora-d…)

WHile is not terrible, this girl never got out of her comfort zone.
I've followed her for years, she hasn't improved a bit, just check her gallery.

No. 248282

File: 1525784822858.png (25.62 KB, 269x225, current_id_for_kae_chan_by_the…)

she's my favourite bad artist, she's amazing

>28 years old

>art is genuinely terrible and looks like a child made it whether she draws over a base or not
>has a self-insert who is a princess and a sailor scout
>pairs her up with a different character every few weeks or so, declaring them to be her TRUE LUV 4EVA FOR REAL THIS TIME GUYS
>usually deletes all "art" of her imaginary boyfs when they fall out of favour
>past victims include goku, gary smith from bully (who is fifteen years old), the guy from blue's clues and her actual irl husband
>currently lusting after jerome from gotham and fucking pennywise
>stans hard for michael jackson, who was NOT a pedo!!!!!!1111

No. 248300

What confuses me in this thread is why do they turn asian characters black? Was one minority not poc enough for them?

No. 248382

They don't consider Asians to be POC.

No. 248478

They do, just not nips lol. I love tumblr.

No. 248482

File: 1525827647363.png (678.19 KB, 910x1200, heythisaintsoba-ohmygod.png)

No. 248483

If their anatomy wasn’t so fucked, that wouldn’t be so bad. As it is, why are their arms thicker than their thighs? I just wanna take liquify to the whole thing

No. 248484

This would look fine if you crop out everything below the hips. It isn't too far off from how the anatomy looks in the show.

No. 248487

File: 1525829206804.png (405.18 KB, 1024x623, miami_morty.png)

Have you seen Miami Morty fanart?

No. 248493

Not actually bad. Disturbing and kind of what the fuck-y, but the anatomy isn't too far off (except for that tiny fucking neck, wut)

No. 248498

You can upload it in the new thread for fixing art

No. 248504

this makes me sad because it would've looked amazing if their proportions were correct.

This is why you sketch out the form of the body before putting clothes on.

No. 248517

Name of show? What are they supposed to look like?

No. 248526

houseki no kuni

No. 248586

File: 1525889622785.gif (1.89 MB, 500x650, 883.gif)

they look just as weird in the show, honestly. outside of diamond's man arms/shoulders, it's accurate.

No. 248789

File: 1525973022784.png (134.04 KB, 350x262, animation.png)

God I wish I could imbed tumblr videos but this horrid animation. http://frickerdoodle.tumblr.com/post/168895161978/heres-my-shot-for-tazanimated-i-just

No. 248805

Why did this person spend so much time adding all those useless movements that don't really make sense with what the character is saying, and yet none of it looks fluid at all? Why not make a few good expressions/movements and make sure they're really smooth, instead of a million that are choppy and don't work? Did Vivziepop animate this?

No. 248848

I did some research about the artist who drew this and well, they draw pretty well.
I don't know if this one looks pretty odd because they tried to do that weird HnK anatomy or simply they had a bad art day or something.

No. 248851

File: 1526005661864.png (337.74 KB, 480x750, tumblr_p67yi3ixSk1uds8kfo1_500…)

kuzudong often draws arms thicker than thighs. But you're right, usually they do some nice pieces so its a bit funky when they mess up so badly without realizing it.

No. 248906

probs because they used some random hades clip and just copied the fbf animation instead of actually making it work with the weird, stiff flash style they were using.

No. 248910

Watching that character's face slide around on her head is hilarious

No. 248953

I wanna die sometimes

No. 249090

File: 1526144306851.png (443.18 KB, 910x780, asdv342.png)


There, fixed it

No. 249110

these are actually kind of repulsive

and the first one's supposed to be a male?

No. 249137

No? They're obviously both girls.

No. 249289

It's such a simple fix yet it looks 10x better w/o the lower half…

No. 249370

In the anime these gem things have the upper body of a man and the lower body of a woman but they don't have genitalia becuz they're literally just conscience human shaped rocks? I was thinking maybe that's why the fanart artist exaggerated the arms because of how they were designed, still pretty grim…

No. 250239

File: 1526508644823.jpg (232.84 KB, 595x587, U5Rzid3.jpg)

This person's style just annoys me so much

No. 250240

File: 1526508725789.jpg (217.11 KB, 591x454, oR5jg5o.jpg)

Bonus uwu nazi oc because of course they have one

No. 250274

File: 1526523200062.jpg (516.68 KB, 1870x800, b7b.jpg)

Houseki no kuni
Is a nice manga and the show is also very well animated, but is very stylized
At least there are no fat gems.

No. 250287

what the hell who is this person and why do they have a nazi oc

No. 250378

File: 1526554091538.jpg (434.53 KB, 595x448, lKge1Z9.jpg)

They go by Uraniumgarden on IG and their main oc (showed in >>250239) has the same last name as Markiplier. They way they draw faces and bodies and hands… it's just too much.

Attached is their cast of OCs. Notice the myriad of special snowflake names and the one with vitiligo. I thought this ~uwu skin decease~ tumblr trend died out, but I guess I was wrong. (Also I was mistaken, the nazi isn't theirs its fanart of another person's oc. Still though…)

No. 250527

Moacir is just Adam from YMS…

No. 250626

File: 1526626449324.jpg (893.15 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20180518-025224_Ins…)

>93.1k followers on instagram
It's not the absolute worst, but I still can't help but think "how?"

No. 250628

sadly enough, followers on Instagram or pretty much any social media site don't mean anything anymore. There are instagram accounts that I find that have tens of thousands of followers and just make stick figures for every fandom under the sun.
It's 90% luck and 10% trickery like following to get people to follow you and then and unfollowing after (I get like 10 of those every day).

No. 250631

If I was 'a cute guy' and a girl turned up to a date in fucking cat thigh highs I would turn around and walk out.

No. 250632

I think I would notice the lime green bob first.

No. 250705

>some cuteness but still sexy :3
Do people who wear cat thighs really think they're "sexy"??
Over here only little girls wear them
alongside those cat ear headbands and other kawaii glittery stuff, any grown ass woman who wears them are known for being unbalanced.

No. 250710

File: 1526662593736.jpg (938.94 KB, 1080x1080, 27892014_318579561997405_16924…)

I see this chick on my explore page sometimes and her art is SO ugly and sloppy. Her Asian OC in particular is always a mess.

No. 250715

I don't mind this piece in particular. At least she doesn't put all her ocs in pride flag shirts. If there's milk in the description or tags, please include it in a screenshot rather than just the art and some opinion you have.

No. 250723

File: 1526668989601.jpg (429.93 KB, 444x587, tShCELR.jpg)

Stumbled upon this person the other day. Their art is riddled with horrific anatomy and boring colors. Not much improvement over the years either.

No. 250724

File: 1526669037679.jpg (264.64 KB, 464x592, es6p0P0.jpg)

Lots of bad painting skills, horrible colors and edgy imagery kek

No. 250730

File: 1526671160825.jpeg (35.42 KB, 452x217, BBF3E961-8E6F-4F7E-A8F2-3FB943…)

I’d take a pride shirt over whatever is happening to this guy’s nose. And there doesn’t need to be milk to be posted here. Just bad art

No. 250885

File: 1526749036819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,216.13 KB, 1400x1292, 2D25E0D8-0B79-4580-B08F-2EE955…)

shadbase out does himself once again

No. 251112

File: 1526789609293.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.3 KB, 633x901, 1526787910119.jpg)

No. 251114

File: 1526789854044.gif (Spoiler Image,645.36 KB, 631x544, 1526725414891.gif)

No. 251120

did this bitch insert her hands inside her boobs or was the artist too lazy to figure out how lifting up boobs like that works?

No. 251402

File: 1526848521553.jpeg (19.91 KB, 250x145, 9E27FC55-71CC-4339-9ED8-C96731…)

tumblr kept recommending this artist to me. they obviously can draw but the way they stylize is so jarring to me

No. 251408

File: 1526849249695.png (2.06 MB, 1334x750, 3F37F6F2-D8BB-4D4E-AF40-19AC60…)

sorry pic for ants

No. 251412

>they obviously can draw
Based on? That’s pretty bad, style aside. Does their other work show their skills more?

No. 251425

File: 1526850865279.jpeg (205.05 KB, 348x1875, 8A458673-6ADA-4AD6-8F91-51A6EA…)

No. 251438

File: 1526852746304.jpg (49.71 KB, 400x364, tumblr_p90k3j3ieB1w1x4d0o1_400…)

Link… no..

No. 251463

The backpack and hair looks great imo. The faces and coloring on the other hand… Why does dude on the left have a giant jowel tumor on his jaw? Why do they have tiny potato faces? Ngl it reminds me of Gorillaprutt's art, except they know how to break the rules instead of seemingly just drawing anime with tiny eyes.

No. 251509

yeah he's really good, just googled his name

No. 251524

File: 1526864028323.png (3.57 MB, 2560x3120, 1526704565099.png)

Someone posted this find on /ic/
Man, someone had lots of falling outs over the years, huh?

No. 251526

File: 1526864464022.png (146.15 KB, 500x753, 1526790489233.png)

>Bitches about people drawing raunchy stuff with underage characters and calls them pedos
>She ships her self insert with a 15 year old character from bha
>Threatens the creator of the manga with said self insert

No. 251655

File: 1526899258239.png (1.81 MB, 900x1223, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 251657

File: 1526899486534.png (Spoiler Image,3.1 MB, 1104x1233, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 251658

File: 1526899570274.png (2.46 MB, 1340x980, Screenshot_5.png)

No. 251661

File: 1526900382689.png (384.64 KB, 380x537, S.1.png)

No. 251739

Damn, I'm horny now.

No. 251793

a surprise to absolutely no one

No. 251833

I saw the post yesterday and i love how she pretends to make a joke to Anti-SJWs, like, people actually don't make fun of SJW/Tumblr art style, they make fun of the people who draw in this style.

Why? Because they act like they know everything, like they know what is the "best" for their favorite franchises, treating like shit artists who put actual effort, meanwhile they try to gain brownie points with ~representation and diversity~ because they don't want to improve and hear criticism.
But in the end, they act like a bunch of spoiled brats.
Seriously why wishing the death to Horikoshi?? He was the one who did her dear husbando, right?
In skill-wise, her art isn't that bad, i mean, her original art can be enjoyable, but when we talk about fanart…..ummm, i get that people can draw as they wish, but is hard to guess which character is without read the tags, the art style is not excuse for it.

No. 252051

File: 1526985080104.jpg (42.04 KB, 1008x768, tumblr_o642hg9mec1qabjdso1_128…)

No. 252116

looks like a character you'd make while fucking around with the facial settings on dark souls

No. 252294

File: 1527035582830.jpg (195.08 KB, 1199x841, DaTaVmjVQAAfYYU.jpg)

Like two months ago or so Horikoshi made a twitter sketch of the girls posing in swimsuits to celebrate the start of the 3rd season.
Japan was okay but how did the western fans react??????
Now illustrated on this reply to the original post with the drawing:

So yeah
Fandom Hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 252296

File: 1527035852169.jpg (133.03 KB, 1080x946, DaYvFBiXcAAbfrE.jpg)

Oh and then there where the Thiccfags whining that the anime omitted the small amount of flab horikoshi drew on a manga chapter cover

No. 252298

I don’t think piece is ugly?

No. 252305

no the art is fine, it's the reaction by the western fanbase (ie. white girls aged 15-25) the outrage demographic.

No. 252313

File: 1527041792613.jpg (371.58 KB, 1280x1782, tumblr_p8smbkVAD21qfm9h6o5_r1_…)

>"couple is nonbinary!"
> makes them as ugly as possible

No. 252330

If they weren't ugly, it would be an inaccurate representation on nb people.

No. 252332

So, tumblrinas got mad over a sketch of girls wearing swimsuits? Sorry but i think tumblr have a weird complex if they complain about this.
Even, i wonder if they go to the beach or even outside….

No. 252333

No. 252336

File: 1527048850354.jpeg (63.98 KB, 530x636, 27F5B343-4667-4446-8EE6-9DC6D7…)

This is the ugly/bad art thread, yo.

Istebrak’s students have some pretty rough work. I get they’re learning but I don’t feel like her methods are working

No. 252341

File: 1527049661787.png (Spoiler Image,632.36 KB, 528x744, Capture.PNG)

what is anatomy

No. 252357

this looks more realistic than most bodies here, than again I might just be saying that because it looks similar to mine just not as muscley

No. 252359

yeah idk why op posted it here but the drama is still funny.

ofc. They always have to project themselves into it.
Also what is that under the tits? Is it meant to be scars? It looks like tape.

No. 252360

File: 1527053453264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,26.87 KB, 274x380, E9347DDE-C9F1-4A98-B905-7EBCAF…)

No that Anon, but no. It’s baaad

No. 252370

i would say it's more stylised than bad

No. 252385

Yeah to clarify I posted it because the ribcage/upper body is ridiculously small compared to the massive thick/wide lower body. Like skinny, nearly pre pubescent on top and then extremely well-developed curvacious woman on the bottom. The shading and form arent bad but the proportions overall are hilarious, like how does she not fall over

No. 252391

You guys see the fit she had over Devilman Crybaby lol

No. 252402

File: 1527066260508.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.93 KB, 908x561, 7EA2577C-856D-40C0-AA0B-E3E640…)

Visual aid. Her top half just doesn’t make any sense.

No. 252405

The ribs are sloppy but that's about it
She isn't extremely unpropotional or anything, she just looks like a thin pear-shaped woman, and it's still anime so anime bodies aren't necessarily supposed to have realistic propotions because these propotions are still more realistic than what a lot of artists draw

No. 252407

ofc it's not going to look like a real woman, it's stylised anime body, it's not that bad

No. 252467

>but but but it’s just the styyyyleeee
That excuse doesn’t go down well here. Cause it’s a shit excuse for ugly work. You could say the same thing about the awful SJW art work of ugly people, cause yeah technically it’s their “style.” It’s still bad. Style doesn’t excuse you from broken anatomy and unappealing drawings.

No. 252476

Why do sjws flock around shounen anime? They're made with young men in mind, so of course they're not gonna be sensitive to your special needs as western sjw.

No. 252486

I like it. Only thing I don't like is the shape of the tummy fat. It looks appealing design-wise and the colors are nice.

No. 252600

File: 1527104230292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,796.65 KB, 750x1031, 5C2BD3C7-9FF9-4F82-8A25-F40B6D…)

She literally has a pre-puberty chest. Her torso is all fucked up. Not original anon but here is more of the artist’s work. Nightmare fuel on the left. The failed foreshortening makes him looks so deformed and his face is inexplicitly left like a creepy featureless mask, I guess so the guys jacking it to it can pretend it’s them?

No. 252605

I envy the time you've saved not looking at anime porn. Jokes aside, I don't find this artist to have a bad style or lack of skills. There's worse out there, dig deeper.

No. 252658

That’s not how his how this thread works. This isn’t “only the very very worst”

No. 252698

lmao we get it anon you jack off to loli porn

No. 253008

who cares about the bad anatomy the drawing is just an ugly fetish mess.

No. 253552

File: 1527376809929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,401.67 KB, 936x1200, CFC99BB8-F189-41F9-ADC6-1CCC86…)

No. 253603

>pre-puberty chest

>loli porn

not trying to defend the art but small breasts exist, anons. the anatomy is a hot mess, but it doesn't look like a child in any way, it just looks like a thicc pear shaped girl.

No. 253625

No because I don't know the artist, elaborate don't vague.

No. 253648

File: 1527384317553.png (81.68 KB, 774x1032, suzuya_x_hayate_by_shiningsnow…)

thought this person was a troll because of their art and cringy additude but nope. They are 100% serious https://shiningsnowflake721.deviantart.com/gallery/

No. 253651

I deeply regret un-spoilering that

No. 253653

File: 1527386393770.jpeg (301.42 KB, 1492x1788, 8D594377-2E45-4AB7-9773-017E39…)

This. This fucking artist. U G H

No. 253659

File: 1527387897443.png (293.16 KB, 794x370, dsd.png)

No. 253662

File: 1527388459117.jpg (97.86 KB, 512x619, OzhuLsf.jpg)

God I hate this comic. Can't believe it's featured on Webtoon

>Jo doesn't take crap from no one. Being fat as a teenager isn't easy, even when you know you're awesome. Watch as the clever Joan Rodriguez deals with school, bullies and all those people trying to change her.

It's so SJW it hurts.

No. 253670

File: 1527392919261.jpg (118.32 KB, 1024x768, suga_x_jungkook_fight_scene_by…)

This was supposed to be Jungkook and Suga hugging

No. 253673

looks like mike myers lol

No. 253684

Been waiting for someone to post her. Shes so wild with her self insert/kin of Raven that she constantly makes her fat

No. 253687

File: 1527401736638.jpeg (106 KB, 714x1200, 9B7D2C8D-BE34-4550-B8CA-97ADAA…)

No. 253693

File: 1527403066558.png (417.69 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-25-13-55-26…)

No. 253696

File: 1527404837841.png (233.47 KB, 639x2041, delusionalhambeast.png)

nah she's "curvy"

No. 253699

File: 1527405241223.jpeg (301.52 KB, 791x1200, A5151DE7-ECC0-428B-9B0B-3407C1…)

Yep that’s what they mean when they say “curvy.” And the source material is just…?

Attached reference of Raven for those who aren’t into comics

No. 253702

is it against rules to post her tumblr? i used to visit her page via pan-pizza years ago just to get a kick out of her raven kin shit

No. 253738

File: 1527422936050.png (234.35 KB, 483x904, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 253835

File: 1527437089500.png (981.56 KB, 800x1110, bad_guy_taehyung_au_by_moonmis…)

No. 253869

Not to mention that everyone and their mother is some form of gay (and I think even big Jo is supposed to be trans?). And then the icing on the cake being one of the actually adult looking guy characters going out with a character that looks like a 13 year old. Tons of weird pedo vibes with that whole thing and they made it an entire side comic for like 3 weeks.

No. 253969

File: 1527453144391.jpeg (326.07 KB, 750x1061, 3154384B-3518-4309-B939-4D9C4E…)

Wow bad art is the least of her problems

No. 254084

File: 1527476018759.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1080, garbage.jpg)

Randomly saw this person (@vancebasilio) on my instagram explore page and was appalled to see they have almost 20k followers. Their art style is atrocious and their comics (primarily Harry Potter related) are cringey and nonsensical. Everything about their account just infuriated me

No. 254092

Hahah I’d follow them because it’s so bad it’s swung back around to entertaining

No. 254149

I really hope those wonked up proportions are on purpose.

No. 254399

File: 1527542645935.jpg (60.02 KB, 640x711, sailor meem.jpg)

No. 254408

this is absolutely a parody work

No. 254430

This is fucking terrifying

No. 254449

The dark one looks like Hoggle. And the light one has some weird shaped skull.

No. 254450

… they have some sort of skin disease?

No. 254484

does anyone here know ANY girls who look like this? because they look like middle aged munchkin men to me. tfw these tumblr artists try to fight unrealistic expectations for women but they end up drawing characters worse looking than even below average women irl

No. 254686

File: 1527611569509.jpeg (88.1 KB, 640x777, 1C2438CB-2E59-433B-9C81-6D0A85…)

this person is like 20 years old have they never seen a real person before

No. 254945

Why the eye bags though?? Why would the artist consider big noses and dark eye bags attractive features? My jimmies are rustled.

No. 254974

File: 1527638169319.jpg (130.81 KB, 864x960, IMG_20180529_195605.jpg)

No. 254978

nevermind Ed's face, wtf is going on with scar's dick why is it right under his belly button

No. 255010


He looks like an oompa loompa that got plastic surgery kek

No. 255015

>tfw you can tell they look up to Pigeon666 a lot but aren't focusing enough on their fundies to take advantage of it

No. 255017


Lmao it's like right attached to his stomach. I don't understand what's stopping these people from looking up real human bodies and learning how to draw certain parts correctly. It seems very lazy to me

No. 255085

>I know nothing about human anatomy other than what I've seen in BL manga

No. 255461

File: 1527838513288.jpg (43.65 KB, 540x540, ewwwwww.jpg)

No. 255485

It's almost an OK drawing but hoooooly shit the mouth and the nose???????

No. 255489

Before I saw which post this was quoting I thought it would be Lion King fanart and I'm relieved and disappointed at the same time

No. 255509

Looks like they based it off of King Crimson’s first album

No. 255640

File: 1527900583880.jpg (193.81 KB, 1000x1000, 19c5ecb989bc23038e83f765194382…)

No. 255940

File: 1528035082862.jpg (24.46 KB, 540x448, img.jpg)

No. 255954

File: 1528041989693.png (279.17 KB, 619x498, 8f0da2f9-dc34-49c5-aa3f-6ceffa…)

No. 256072

Lmao is that Connor from Detroit?

No. 256183

File: 1528126265063.jpg (241.08 KB, 900x1200, IMG_6332.JPG)

No. 256219

File: 1528136528850.jpeg (429.39 KB, 750x914, FD89EE4F-F226-462F-9DF8-8E655F…)

She really wants to open commissions…

No. 256281

File: 1528154263125.jpg (164.35 KB, 900x735, dahmerbundygein.jpg)

This is awful and not just because of the shitty art

No. 256616

File: 1528250320447.jpg (141.93 KB, 543x883, moonie.jpg)


No. 256623


I thought this was Shayna for a sec.

No. 256624


Are they dancing in front of menstrual pads?

No. 256638

Lol same

No. 256728

File: 1528294737884.png (585.08 KB, 600x800, Mv3cVdi.png)

Direct from the cesspool of toyhou.se. This person's art activated my sympathetic nervous system. Fun fact, they recently complained about other people deleting or not uploading their art from character galleries…. can't imagine how someone could do that….

No. 256729

File: 1528294854687.png (268.54 KB, 536x810, cumM2Z5.png)

Said complaint. Just for fun.

No. 256736

three hundred bucks!?

No. 256766

File: 1528305037521.png (650.35 KB, 1280x1882, 766a5467-c485-4ae5-97c2-c981ac…)

If there's one thing I can't stand about tumblr artists, it's the use of random patterns or hearts slapped onto shit instead of actually shading the drawing like a normal person. It makes it look even more ugly imo.

No. 256767

Everything about that upsets me.

No. 256794

I need a name I'm begging you

No. 256869

No. 256970

File: 1528387635678.png (242.95 KB, 500x648, tumblr_ox12bciEC41tp4518o2_500…)

found this lovely gem

No. 256971

File: 1528387755066.jpg (10.07 KB, 204x247, Abbey.jpg)

heres what the character looks like

No. 256974

File: 1528388481317.png (356.2 KB, 1345x1807, val.png)

I joined a chat group for the Outlast games and the fanart on there is just hilariously bad. This is Val from Outlast 2.

No. 256975

File: 1528388671781.png (719.24 KB, 600x800, happy_weed_day_by_beefypepe-dc…)

Holy shit I'm having the time of my life

No. 256980

I refuse to believe this isn't some sort of parody.

No. 256986

Someone put a lot of effort into this. That alone makes me laugh and cry.

No. 257043

ewww why

No. 257154


I thought Val was a woman…?

No. 257159

File: 1528431300054.png (389.71 KB, 1280x1267, tumblr_p8zvdleV0f1vw7kc1o1_128…)

I don't give a fuck about Phoenix Wright and I'm offended
>those faces
>those feet

No. 257168

i used to get offended by these tumblrinas redrawing anime but once you realize their self esteem is really that low it's just funny and sad.

No. 257171

At least this person has actual talent unlike most of this thread.

No. 257181

File: 1528440303935.png (Spoiler Image,659.5 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-03-09-44-10…)

No. 257182

File: 1528440363715.png (Spoiler Image,371.93 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-03-10-23-02…)

No. 257184

I don't get the fat Maya, but this is kind of cute in a Nickelodeon cartoon sorta way.

No. 257217

there's honestly not a lot wrong with this, its just a cute cartoony style. i don't see a problem.

No. 257250

File: 1528466546472.png (151.84 KB, 622x1058, 8014391_BwxB6a2T8X4AlLX.png)

Found this on toyhouse, the artist says it's an OC?

No. 257253

File: 1528467496666.jpg (37.56 KB, 540x300, tumblr_p9zta7Vn251qh4vd2o7_540…)

No. 257254

File: 1528467753340.png (270.72 KB, 1024x450, cow_yoga_by_ikrines-dbvi14d.pn…)

"cow yoga"

No. 257258

File: 1528468305666.png (21.92 KB, 250x279, tumblr_p9u57gtgW51wxee42o1_250…)

Some character from Diabolik Lovers

No. 257261

File: 1528468762789.png (59.23 KB, 540x315, tumblr_p9kfy7QZ3P1v6pkv3o1_540…)

No. 257262

File: 1528469085673.jpg (90.33 KB, 527x810, tumblr_p9e72pKDjJ1vlpsoco1_540…)

No. 257264

File: 1528469239516.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.51 KB, 540x743, tumblr_p06x8laXQo1vlpsoco2_540…)

No. 257265

this isn't even bad???

No. 257266


I thought the nose looks quite weird

No. 257272

Her nose looks like that in the show, right? That's where her gem is.

No. 257287

I honestly can find nothing wrong with this. Vendetta-chan?

No. 257289

NSFW images need to be spoilered.

No. 257326

Does her thumb look fucked in the show too?

No. 257327

they don't have fingernails in the show…
you're just trying to find a way to make it bad. it's a good piece, moving on.

No. 257328

File: 1528482737690.jpeg (192.43 KB, 1200x800, DE93F58A-06BA-4E2D-9988-234839…)

I’m not the anon who posted it and I dont watch the show. It was a genuine question. I find the art of the show fairly ugly on its own tbh. I don’t get why they’re all so chubby and stumpy except that one gem.

No. 257335

File: 1528485052772.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.54 KB, 800x579, bed_sharing_3_by_disneyfan_01.…)

No. 257336

File: 1528485087890.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.68 KB, 786x1017, scars_of_a_cyborg_page_28_by_d…)

No. 257360

File: 1528491157481.jpg (672 KB, 1052x1338, Screenshot_20180608-165014.jpg)

Why do all edgy artists give their characters red knees, elbows and hairy legs? Are they projecting?

No. 257361

those tears make me want to vom

No. 257451

File: 1528505645915.jpg (1020.88 KB, 1600x1003, Sin título-3.jpg)

Not 100% sure this belongs in here, but does somebody follow/know Tokimekiwaku? I've been a huge fan of her since 2012/13 maybe? I was in love with her artstyle, even though she clearly struggled a bit with anatomy. But now I don't know how to feel anymore, lmao. I still like her art (she has drawings more decent than what I posted tbh; but I chose pic related as an example to show the difference between the same characters though time) but christ, some of her latest drawings are a bit hard to look at.

Pic for reference; left is her old style, right is her current style.

No. 257478

Samefag but I just noticed I didn't change the filename, lmao. What a loser.

No. 257480

Besides the obnoxiously bright colors and iffy linework, I like the art style on the right, maybe even a little more than the one on the left.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this. It's quite cute imo actually. The person was (hopefully) going for a jokey scenario and I think it works quite well with their cartoony style. But hey, what do I know

No. 257564

I used to love Toki's work. But now I can't get over those weird arthritic hands and that strangely proportioned chibi art style. I mean it's not terrible, but definitely not my cup of tea these days.

No. 257644

File: 1528571970764.jpg (98.44 KB, 880x1318, tumblr_ntn27jEyLX1qa53wno2_128…)

I swear all Sailor Moon fanart looks like this

No. 257659

File: 1528573915159.jpg (112.24 KB, 1024x906, tumblr_oyr4zjQ2MQ1qe0fm3o1_128…)

I thought I was alone. I used to love Toki's art, but it all seems to have come tumbling down around 2017/2018.
It's like all their characters were squished and flattened to fit in with a more generic cartoony "Tumblr style" over time. It makes me sad, their work was always so cute.
If someone told me in 2012/2013 that they'd be pushing out pic related in the future, I'm not sure what I'd say.

No. 257661

File: 1528574328568.jpeg (255.1 KB, 640x938, F3F1087C-9318-426C-A507-F9B61C…)

can someone recognize what this is even? It reminds me of these filthy artists who throw up on canvas claiming its art

No. 257681

Idk but somebody send her help that girl looks traumatized

No. 257693

God so much is wrong with the right. The black haired character looks like she has a tumor, the coloring outside the lines, the scratchy line quality (obviously intentional but still crap), the shapeless legs, the awkward posing, the triangle shoulders and hands, and on and on.
The left is so much better, it’s shocking

No. 257719

How does someone get worse at art over time? The left is so much better. Unless she spent a long time on the left one and 4.5 minutes on the right one

No. 257733

File: 1528588618758.jpg (867.73 KB, 1280x804, 9Uvy6oG.jpg)

before tumblr and after tumblr

No. 257735

File: 1528589165295.png (1.2 MB, 1280x915, tumblr_p95sgmiWJd1w6skzno2_r1_…)

I actually like some of his art these days, although most is still pretty tumblr-y.

No. 257737


No. 257787

its not

that was the guys actual style

just look up floredoodler

No. 257797

File: 1528613144038.jpeg (83.3 KB, 736x584, 4EF9BF58-9956-4C8E-AEE6-4445B4…)

Good god. I swear this is satire. I pray. I beg. Oh my.

No. 257879

File: 1528628683137.png (910.34 KB, 1049x1206, wtf.png)

people are fucked up to ship shit like this…

No. 257885

File: 1528629211102.png (879.77 KB, 823x1101, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 257886

File: 1528629247660.png (1.25 MB, 900x1091, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 257888

File: 1528629413300.jpg (695.14 KB, 1700x1500, mozart fanart.jpg)

No. 257916

I think it’s just powerpuffgirl style

No. 257963

File: 1528656222252.jpg (196.75 KB, 774x1032, art_trade_mei_by_shaboomi_bara…)

Poor markers

No. 257964

File: 1528656306860.png (439.97 KB, 514x632, rysunek_6_by_sthenastia-dcd54m…)

No. 257966

File: 1528656661482.jpeg (74.47 KB, 1024x577, BA2B2A1E-F2CE-4B78-9BF0-7324FC…)

In what world? This is the PPG original style

No. 257981

File: 1528660768324.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.11 KB, 776x1030, mettapants_trash_by_allisuu-da…)

my fucking eyes!!!!!!

No. 257985

wow just when i thought i couldn't hate undertale any more than i already did

No. 257998

File: 1528663221616.jpg (60.07 KB, 635x439, Disgust.jpg)

it's too early for such bright, noisy and clashy colours

No. 258004

Do you know that feeling when you look directly at the Sun or a strong source of light… that's what happened to my eyes after seeing that

No. 258069

i actually kind of like the saturated coloring style

No. 258263

File: 1528692087954.jpg (557.59 KB, 1052x1336, Screenshot_20180611-004048.jpg)

No. 258329

trans with garfield eyes

No. 258339

is this someone's self insert with fucking long john silver??? kek

No. 258344

File: 1528709783836.jpg (42.3 KB, 586x597, Marina_s_real_flaws_by_DisneyF…)

Yeah. Disneyfan01 was quite the cow. She wrote long Kingdom Hearts rip off about said self-insert (Marina). Check out her ED page and Kiwifarms thread for more info. There is also a pretty informative BadWebcomics review.
Here's her reply pic to people pointing out her mary sue is too perfect. She's so virginal and yet all men want to fuck/rape her, including Captain Hook. Lmfao

No. 258352

File: 1528716396721.jpg (89.58 KB, 878x910, yeagar on deviantart and youtu…)

this girls drawings are usually really fugly

No. 258539

File: 1528755597409.jpg (301.55 KB, 1280x988, tumblr_ox3keeuUEr1trb6jdo1_128…)

why does tumblr like to fuck with love live so damn much

No. 258556

>literally layers of cringe

No. 258572

Apparently, this is the same person who did that ugly Osomatsu-san fanart a couple of threads back where he made them all Mexican or some shit. It'd be cool if he started doing more stuff like the picture you posted since that looks a lot nicer.

No. 258574

Search up Bleedman and you'll understand where this shit comes from.

No. 258578

File: 1528765989391.jpg (194.18 KB, 1920x1080, lpfxxnt.jpg)

…Is changing the race of Japanese characters not considered racist by tumblr standards? Ok. I don't get it but ok. Why did 99% of this artist's effort go into giving each character a "unique" nose?

I watched this show (wouldn't recommend) and it was a gag that Yohane weighed more than Hanamaru and Ruby put together. Tfw the artist didn't even grant hambeast duty to appropriate characters

No. 258612

File: 1528777296240.jpg (156.64 KB, 750x735, 1528773986295.jpg)

i saw it so u have to as well

No. 258615

Is this supposed to be Stanford Pines?

No. 258618

i have no idea

No. 258627

I'm kind of into this in like, an intentionally-ugly western cartoon style. It's kind of fun.
Not like >>258539 where you can tell the artist was just drawing them in a different style for "diversity points"

No. 258635

this looks oddly familiar. who did this?

No. 258690

File: 1528802310092.jpg (310.09 KB, 1111x833, 1528508779227.jpg)

No. 258693

i think its fucking sniper from tf2

No. 258704

Fucking kek anon, that's a lot more frightening than Pennywise.

No. 258846

File: 1528848242386.png (Spoiler Image,352.68 KB, 472x586, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 5.03.…)

Eye-bleed Instagram edition

No. 258861

File: 1528853838179.png (299.5 KB, 721x721, 9d402be2-ee6c-42dd-8893-0a9a43…)

I don't remember Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh being a malnourished black man?

No. 258931

File: 1528877200085.png (675.89 KB, 1143x1920, tum.png)

Velma's expression….why

No. 258942

I swear putting spoiler tags on the posts in these threads just makes them even worse. I was not ready for that. Nasty surprises, spoiling people's days and nights.

No. 258955

I kind of like it. There's something captivating in ugliness and I like the art style overall.

Would frame it and hang it in my dining room/10

No. 258956


Jeeeesus Christ this is legitimately nauseating. How can someone look at this after drawing and think hmm this looks pretty good. Literally nothing about this is nice in the least. That fucking belly button is enough to make me gag.

No. 258957


Why does black, curly-haired yugi have an evil expression on his face? Really makes you think

No. 259085


In season 0 Yami could be really fucked up, so it’s probably based on that version of him.

No. 259182


No. 259264

Are you shitting me? I haven't checked out that artist for a long time but holy fuck this is just sad…