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File: 1653812591325.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1467, 520B8FEA-D2AF-4DA9-9E5C-5B9E70…)

No. 209753

Post bad art. Bad wonky anatomy, ugly design, retarded faces, coomer trash – it all goes here. Please keep degenerate fetish art to a minimum, though, it can get excessive at times.

>No loli, shota, or any kind of fetish art depicting children

>No art made by beginners, regardless of their age
>No vendetta posting
>Spoiler any NSFW (pornographic, fetish, gore) content
>Sage when going off-topic

No. 209756

File: 1653813180782.jpg (595.63 KB, 1584x1624, 97a0bc2d7593f7de58463d25924cda…)

No. 209757

feeling like that Rin lately

No. 209758

prev thread link >>>/m/186753

No. 209760

File: 1653814278946.jpg (561.46 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20220529-162739_Ins…)

there's so many things wrong with this drawing but the face is so awkward

No. 209763

The face looks flat and not detailed at all compared to the body, it looks so stupid. And why is her tail is growing out from between her asscheeks

No. 209775

File: 1653823263581.jpeg (820.49 KB, 603x1064, B0E14E56-EC3B-420C-BE7B-A27B39…)

Happy upcoming pride month I guess

No. 209776

is that sherlock fanart? my sides

No. 209777

god that's ugly kek

No. 209779

this is so perverted and gross
KEK is that supposed to be Sherlock and Watson? Watson doesn't look like that, why do these weirdos always put so much detail into the bulges

No. 209784

True to life then

No. 209786

The pupil's are too small.

No. 209788

File: 1653828338056.jpeg (418.33 KB, 750x585, 933E6D0F-A6CC-4AC7-BDD4-E04776…)

probably satire but…..

No. 209789

Man I miss the time when this was considered peak cringe. I't almost endearing lol

No. 209794

File: 1653831507380.jpeg (59.08 KB, 680x478, 622BD697-6E09-4A55-874C-238BA0…)

I think it’s a parody of the Jefferson one. This one also

No. 209795

File: 1653831523589.jpeg (123.67 KB, 900x1200, AB1D0870-259C-4794-A416-F9F6BD…)

I don’t care if it’s a style choice, the way this girl draws eyes is abysmal

No. 209796

File: 1653831577538.jpeg (397.71 KB, 2048x1612, E9BD2C9B-CFFE-41C4-8C44-AF3917…)

No. 209797

I already cant wait to June to be over

No. 209799

Yea, and it hasn’t even started yet…

No. 209800

I thought this was super cute until I saw the giant thighs

No. 209802

File: 1653834413198.jpeg (83.63 KB, 680x478, 46E0C275-5FF7-4A5A-A64A-5D8C11…)

Please, this thread is making me nostalgic. Posting him just for old times sake.

No. 209804

This should be spoilered

No. 209816

File: 1653839491705.jpg (148.14 KB, 600x900, Boys57CovA.jpg)

People don't shit on American comics illustrations enough

No. 209818

oh my, I can only imagine the groundbreaking and thought-provoking plot this one has…

No. 209819

kek i watched season 1 of the TV show and i'm glad they didn't include a black baby storyline

No. 209822

why does sherlock look like he was forced to be there kek

No. 209826

I can't believe people still read American comics. They're always filled with bad art and even worse plot points.

No. 209828

File: 1653842996681.png (659.56 KB, 1260x1478, 8181F644-0C43-43A9-9400-A63E45…)

Glad there’s a new thread, the other one crashed every time I opened it kek

No. 209830

File: 1653843402222.jpeg (611.63 KB, 1920x2560, F32279C7-7877-47F8-8BD7-45DDBA…)

Something just looks so off about the proportions

No. 209832

File: 1653843511726.png (714.43 KB, 1002x513, nazifurry.png)

What on God's green earth is this shit

No. 209833

File: 1653843553527.jpg (74.24 KB, 600x337, ss_9a48772fc922066db8d4ccd4f26…)

No. 209840

File: 1653844144016.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.51 KB, 800x565, m81esqpldmb31.jpg)

Of course, nona, how could I ever forget about this artist?

No. 209858

>b-but neonazis are a minority in a furry community!!!

No. 209863

File: 1653848635140.jpg (2.44 MB, 3000x4000, FTKnZ_vagAAYd2u.jpg)

I would be willing to get a headwound just to erase this from my memories. while not the worst I have seen, this is a reminder to not browse twitter and reddit

No. 209865

File: 1653848997529.jpg (Spoiler Image,523.38 KB, 1920x2724, offensive.jpg)

coomer art will never not be disturbing to look at

No. 209867

Holy shit, the longer you look at it… the shoulder, the hand, everything

No. 209868

That style is called Mob face. Men jerk off to that

No. 209869

Men jerk off to anything. They would jerk off to a pile of laundry that vaguely resembles a pair of breasts

No. 209875

Her eyebrows look like they were made on paint kek

No. 209876

File: 1653851899424.jpeg (297.89 KB, 2048x1097, 12894F7A-D024-49DA-9816-AAA3F0…)

What the fuck is going on with the girl on the right’s tits? Moeblob coomers are the worst.

No. 209880

File: 1653852186725.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.64 KB, 1280x889, orville.jpg)

No. 209883

File: 1653852503650.jpeg (338.06 KB, 828x1553, B2AB447A-1FA6-4B3D-8A8E-E027F4…)

No. 209884

File: 1653852556499.jpeg (140.73 KB, 826x925, 39CF6615-7E99-43E9-B460-7627C6…)

Why is his chin drawn like that

No. 209885

File: 1653852637180.jpeg (182.95 KB, 827x655, 9DC50A99-532E-43ED-AE02-BAC071…)

Big head kek

No. 209886

File: 1653852933070.png (908.94 KB, 1020x1102, moba.png)

Have you heard of the museum of bad art

No. 209887

Stfu this site is actually good

No. 209888

File: 1653853244726.png (1.14 MB, 983x553, 6E99EB1D-786F-4F6C-9D5C-31889F…)

No. 209911

File: 1653856621198.jpg (159.21 KB, 880x982, yasified.jpg)

I hate this yassified childs book art style, reminds me of when someone adds too much detail to a smiley face

No. 209912

File: 1653856724541.jpg (751.73 KB, 1280x1568, 262147443.jpg)

The tits make no sense. It's like they're popping out of nowhere
They need to see a dermatologist to treat that rosacea

No. 209919

File: 1653858319075.jpg (46.16 KB, 600x600, Yor.Briar.600.3662359.jpg)

sakimichan on steroid

No. 209936

File: 1653861556115.jpeg (133.35 KB, 827x804, 9C3C30C9-C760-492D-9B9E-0B1C2D…)

kek she looks retarded

No. 209937

The boob shading is so fucked it looks like she has 3 of them

No. 209938


No. 209943

File: 1653862433504.jpg (65.22 KB, 441x600, 8184a8fc7a491183c58f7fb672abeb…)

The expectation x reality meme

No. 209950

File: 1653863010495.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.13 KB, 765x1002, grOuF20.jpg)


Same artist from the last thread. She complains that it's 'sexual assault' when her followers comment sexual things about her drawings.

No. 209952

File: 1653863697249.png (1.35 MB, 883x1421, per ha aps.png)

tapas is a gold mine

No. 209954

File: 1653863938628.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1376, wig.png)

I'm obsessed

No. 209957

File: 1653865659378.png (694.73 KB, 938x542, Screenshot 2022-05-29 7.00.50 …)

Amazing, thank you anon

No. 209958

File: 1653865830602.png (720.08 KB, 900x445, Screenshot 2022-05-29 7.10.01 …)

No. 209972


No. 209983

File: 1653871477653.jpg (212.62 KB, 846x829, 1653845511583.jpg)

a gift from the webtoon thread

No. 209988

no because realistically none of the pieces on the website is necessarily bad, just weird as fuck. i really hate the new wave of blindly hating any art that doesn’t look like naked romanesque/greek men that likely fucked a little boy or pretentious european realism. there’s more to art than just boring technical skill

No. 209989

I remember following this guy over ten years ago and one time he drew a very cute picture of my characters (not fetishy or anything, just stylized) just because I asked, it was a sweet gesture. He just seems like a chill guy who is content drawing his fatties and doing his thing

No. 209995

File: 1653875557156.jpg (137.88 KB, 1191x1090, 65.jpg)

This gay South Park art might be a bit funny if it was meant to be ironic

No. 210028

File: 1653882704431.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.67 KB, 2048x2048, DE098D62-94B7-4FA3-8D84-8DA0DD…)

This style would have been cute if the artist wasn’t a coomer

No. 210030

File: 1653882971334.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1187, 399916EB-EEB2-426A-8BEB-015EED…)

Is this Lore Olympus? Can’t believe that shit is still ongoing. It seems like something that came out of 2014 tumblr.

No. 210034

no it wouldn't have

No. 210043

Kek the faces look like some weird fish

No. 210057

File: 1653892985411.jpg (1.6 MB, 1601x1067, 4398bb4b9c28073741ebb1585c3a5b…)

does it count as bad art if it's a horny collage of a character from a movie with ugly art?

No. 210061

>horny collage
please be joking

No. 210066

>fanart of a disgusting coomer doujin
that’s already bad enough but those eyebrows are killing me

No. 210072

File: 1653898850801.jpg (226.46 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20220530-023024__01…)

Nothing super wrong with the art itself (besides the hands kek) but…top surgery scars on a character from ancient Greek mythology is just sending me. And I thought people transing fictional characters were bad lol

No. 210078

I love greek mythology and I hate how those circles are full of this kind of shit kek

No. 210085

>horny collage
WHAT. You can't just say that and not give context of who and why, nonna. Is there some secret community of people wanting to fuck the lemur from Madagascar, or is this just ironic shitposting? I NEED TO KNOW.

No. 210089

this reads like a great shitpost omg

No. 210101

Everything beside the top surgery scars looks good until you get to the hand

No. 210123

kek it looks like they used a ref until the arm/hand

No. 210190

Kek at the design on the scar

No. 210196

its from a roleplay account of someone who wants the lemur thing to be fucked and abused

No. 210199

File: 1653931706362.jpg (27.04 KB, 234x471, d8930741689b17bb927f2a74f84caa…)

I don't know what this pose is supposed to convey

No. 210243

File: 1653943733625.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.31 KB, 2048x1877, 104BB50F-FAF5-4430-A2AD-E07E0C…)

content warning: furry troon art

No. 210244

File: 1653943759789.jpeg (201.42 KB, 1017x786, 9C912E3C-8CB5-440A-BAE3-107655…)

No. 210246

I thought this was Matt Furie art and I was about to yell at you

No. 210248

“Sexy” but also trying to bend those noodles to fit in the vogue cover.

No. 210253

Are these airplane furries?

No. 210260

To be honest the creators of that show made that lemur specifically to be fucked and abused

No. 210262

sakimichan and her clones have a talent at making any character they draw soulless

No. 210271

File: 1653950616180.jpeg (67.9 KB, 817x1000, 44314398-08F4-4A53-9077-88A08E…)

No. 210276

File: 1653953393027.png (2.31 MB, 4300x2000, thing_beast.png)

No. 210277

Transformation fetish art is always palpably autistic. I can feel the tism radiating from this image.

No. 210279

No. 210280

God there’s a tumblr artist who does those kind of floral scar designs but her art is otherwise detailed and interesting and quite nice to look at. But jesus it’d be so much better without the TiF stuff. I don’t really want to post her art since I think it isn’t bad, I’m just tired of trans stuff put in every little thing and ruining an otherwise nice image.

No. 210281

This was the only post I saw and I thought this discussion was going to be about zoboomafoo, I’m relieved it wasn’t

No. 210283

If it wasn't for the obvious fetish this would read like some 60s comic book plot kek

No. 210289

File: 1653955375565.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.91 KB, 1415x1000, 9304EA4F-168B-451F-950B-5D191D…)

29.7k followers and it’s all shit like this

No. 210291

File: 1653956372784.jpg (109.21 KB, 1280x720, 1631631915.werewolfvincent_fur…)

Saging because idk if picrel even counts as art but there's a shitload of plane/furry stuff out there. I love it when two forms of autism cross over like this.

No. 210292

tbh I can see the appeal in turning an airplane into a furry, just not sexual appeal

No. 210293

men who like futa are closeted faggots. they are so obsessed with penis but can't bear the thought of it be attached to a man so they try to draw a woman around it. so fucking gay lol

No. 210294

File: 1653957108536.png (553.41 KB, 900x760, Screen-Shot-2019-12-19-at-2.53…)

I gotta say, this is so fucking funny to me, they look like picrel. I wonder in what circumstances exactly was the old plane shot down kek

No. 210295

File: 1653957140006.jpeg (211.99 KB, 905x1200, 589CE518-0F94-4C29-B893-91EAF5…)

Why do so many artists with good rendering skills waste their talent in soulless coomer art?

No. 210302

cuz it gives them easy views, sadly

No. 210314

File: 1653961150832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,588.43 KB, 1430x2048, A20689A0-2C51-484A-AF44-F403F9…)

but why tho

No. 210316

Just when I thought I had transformation fetish autism figured out, they throw me a curveball

No. 210325

why is she wearing two bikini bottoms?

No. 210326

I'm digging the weird pespective

No. 210327

Fat merman aiden with green infected nipples and green unhealed tit scars rolls its obese body happily across mounds of shit.

No. 210328

File: 1653963192929.jpg (164.47 KB, 1436x2023, 20220530_201155.jpg)

I just wish she'd google the female body before drawing.
There's a lot of references out there

No. 210330

i saw bikini bottoms being sold with another set attached. i have no idea what this fetish is or why it's popular but it looks so stupid.

No. 210332

Shaped like some kind of insect

No. 210333

It was a trend with Japanese girls.

No. 210334

its so funny when they do those cutesy little designs over the masectomy scars. like could you be a more feminine woman…

No. 210335

My theory is that futa draws in male autists because they cant get off on a woman's pleasure because it doesn't have obvious visual signifiers (to them, because theyre retarded). Mainstream porn tries to fix this with the porn moan but I also think that because male autists (men generally) have extremely limited empathy they are just unable to relate to a woman's sexual pleasure without visual cues that remind them of themselves. Futa solves the problem. You have the signifiers of a sexual object (ass, boobs) as well as the signifiers of sexual pleasure (erect cock, cum). I think that men generally are distrubed by vaginas, but normal heterosexuality incorporates this disturbance as a part of sexual pleasure. Imo futafags aren't homosexual, they're more like agp pseudobisexuals and have similar extremely disturbed and stunted views of sex.

No. 210336

anon, straight men are not disturbed by vaginas. it's a good theory but futafags are 100% all closeted and somehow their art is gayer than two men fucking.

No. 210341

File: 1653970107096.png (Spoiler Image,26.91 KB, 871x1160, 186917D4-1030-43D3-B8BC-365DCE…)

I can’t believe it’s not puppychan

No. 210344

File: 1653971460432.jpeg (Spoiler Image,248.63 KB, 1125x1839, 2B1BE0DE-EB19-4269-B9F7-749FC5…)

Yes this is supposed to be unironic

No. 210347

Who are they supposed to be? And what's worse about this than any other badly drawn doodle porn?

No. 210348

no idea, probably ocs. not as bad as anything else on this thread but the artist is a shotacon fakeboi i happened to stumble upon on tumblr.

No. 210358

All men are homosexual to an extent, but futafags are just gay or bisexual. You can't be THAT obsessed with cock without liking cock.

No. 210359

This rules actually

No. 210361

>what's worse about this than any other doodle porn
Do you not see how this looks pedophilic as fuck

No. 210382

Anyone can sign up for twitter but it takes the truly retarded to stay there

No. 210439

File: 1654001466836.jpeg (343.87 KB, 1000x1292, 42CB8878-7F01-45E0-BCFE-C09C78…)

No. 210440

She has a deviated septum

No. 210441

i laughed out loud

No. 210452

who? the artstyle looks really familiar but the one i know is a lolicon and dropped the whole fakeboi thing

No. 210468

Kek she looks like she’s stuck in a conversation with a person who is annoying and refuses to shut up ,and she’s wincing at you across the room to signal for help

No. 210484

I can smell this picture.

No. 210520

honey-mutt on tumblr. i’m not sure who’s the lolicon you’re talking about.

No. 210583

File: 1654038887886.jpeg (254.69 KB, 2048x1536, 587D5AAD-4236-43EE-A06D-93581A…)

the autism scale broke

No. 210589

Srsly what is it about sonic that attracts autists to it? I know a lot of theymbie asexual furry autists in my class who were die hard sonic fans and yes they were obese with poor hygiene also (but rich as well smfh)

No. 210593

it’s a furry video game do the math. also troons love using popular anime mascots as their propaganda spokesperson (e.g. hatsune miku)

No. 210661

There’s a lot of really baffling shit going on here, but what gets to me the most is how they changed the nose in the final render to be a straight up piggy snout for some reason

No. 210665

File: 1654084252828.jpeg (115.24 KB, 828x866, 9CE7A292-7AC9-4123-903C-FA8F46…)


No. 210667

File: 1654085123579.jpg (90.36 KB, 540x360, tumblr radar.jpg)

This was on Tumblr radar this morning. Somebody on Tumblr staff must've gotten their dick sucked by this artist, because I can't think of any other reason why a drawing this shite would be featured.

The creator is 24, by the way.

No. 210691

The art, design, and composition are great. But the subject matter is omega cringe

No. 210709

You ever see art that just makes you feel itchy? Idk I can’t explain it.

No. 210716

File: 1654094896641.jpg (865.13 KB, 3241x4096, 20220513_100711.jpg)

this has potential but the face is just so ugly and the legs look broken

No. 210752

File: 1654104180155.png (Spoiler Image,3.78 MB, 4230x1590, 1614970613.bendzz_walkies1__re…)

fuck everything about this.

No. 210760

I hate this for the obvious reasons, but I also hate how her clothes just randomly shrink until they disappear. Like pile them on the floor or something, idk. I know I'm trying to force some logic onto nonsensical scrotery, but they should at least put in some effort if they're going to curse the internet with more terrible furry art.

No. 210787

This one made me laugh out loud what the fuck is this

No. 210796

Isn’t that the girl from genshin or whatever. Why is she drawn like a racist caricature.

No. 210811

File: 1654114526737.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.29 KB, 999x1500, E2zooikWUAQbEaI.jpg)

Well… since it's Pride Month, here's a art prompt list for a game that got screwed over by Squeenix.

No. 210819

File: 1654116375762.jpeg (Spoiler Image,515.85 KB, 1638x2048, FD6CB7B4-2313-45FB-BC54-BA7D49…)

I can’t stop laughing holy shit

No. 210830

Nha, it's stiff
It just looks like a generic beginner's art

No. 210854

Wait there’s a legitimate fandom for this? I didn’t play it but I watched some LPs and reviews just to laugh and it was one of the saddest games I’ve ever seen. Pretty funny unintentionally though.

No. 210856

File: 1654125223282.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1393x1566, 627C5B63-47CC-412C-841F-E58C66…)

Is this supposed to be the Hades version of Aphrodite? Troons wish. Spoilered since she’s canonically naked.

No. 210932

File: 1654154907025.jpg (252.43 KB, 1362x1338, FULxUjBVUAAC8Vg.jpg)

Not even Howl is safe

No. 210950

I've seen troons unironically headcanon that she's trans

No. 210955

It’s so tragic to see pretty art that just gets ruined by being nasty glorification of mutilation like this

No. 210996

File: 1654185020588.png (Spoiler Image,1.95 MB, 1526x1526, permanent means forever.png)

Hope tattoos count. Had the misfortune of seeing this today.

No. 210997

WHY, why would anyone want to do this???

No. 211001

at least it barely looks like him

No. 211002

File: 1654186279899.png (268 KB, 638x361, 1640873819712.png)

this is based, why is this here?

No. 211004

Someone fucking gets it. Bardonic for life.

No. 211005

There's a bad tattoo thread actually

No. 211009

File: 1654187685772.jpeg (306.58 KB, 827x1066, 5E2F8495-8633-4DEF-B920-E8D5FB…)

How does this have 6k likes

No. 211014

The art is shit but I thought it was funny

No. 211020

People get tats like this thinking they’re funny and ironic not realizing they’re now a joke for the rest of their lives or at least until they get a cover up.

No. 211046

File: 1654191695715.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.19 KB, 828x1037, 7788BEE9-8FD9-4912-9637-804F95…)


No. 211051

File: 1654193479461.jpg (319.88 KB, 1280x1840, kaworu_nagisa_from_evangelion_…)

No. 211060

to save anyone else the regret of clicking, the tattoo is bugs bunny having sex with bambi.

No. 211061

File: 1654195931148.jpeg (697.31 KB, 1170x1707, D4DCA699-C433-4D24-A6EB-4D02BF…)

the moobs i’m losing it

No. 211063

AGP Sonic steals Amy's clothes and tells her they can be together but only if she calls herself a lesbian

No. 211083

I wouldn’t accept to do this on anyone even if I was getting paid 500 dollars per hour, this is vile.

No. 211095

kek nonnie

No. 211127

File: 1654214452886.jpg (283.43 KB, 776x1280, 1646159032.lcc12345_20220301_1…)

No. 211143

>no neck
>bolt-on tits on a wide torso
>no hips
>outfit idea stolen from natal female in his life (Amy)
>no effort on changing anything else appearance wise
Finally, accurate troon representation kek

No. 211157

File: 1654225071989.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20220603-090452_Ins…)

i love this guys art but i wish he took the time out to get his proportions right

No. 211190

nonnie i'm fucking crying at this

No. 211193

Can you guys point out what’s wrong with this art ? I don’t doubt it’s technically bad but I can’t tell what it is ?

No. 211196

I don’t know why but I like it

No. 211211

I don't mind this. It's pretty funky and the perspective is almost correct.

To be so cumbrained moids really don't know where vaginas actually are, do they?

No. 211214

File: 1654240724610.jpg (Spoiler Image,504.5 KB, 2172x3862, 20220603_151657.jpg)

No. 211233

File: 1654250906012.jpeg (316.24 KB, 750x1105, 4afad40b-f091-4ce0-b650-524843…)

His chin…

No. 211238

how dare you.

No. 211239

He can open cans

No. 211270

aside from the coomer shit why the fuck does all of their art look disgusting?

No. 211280

File: 1654262708399.png (94.73 KB, 300x300, doritos-profile_image-4328d019…)

No. 211340

ms. marvel's superpower is that her body parts can grow to different sizes.
They're ugly. And what's with your question marks?

No. 211342

>And what's with your question marks?
NTA but anon is probably French, the French tend to put spaces before question and exclamation marks.

No. 211354

you dont need drawing skills to make a funny little comic, just look at all those wojak memes

No. 211464

It's still bad art though, hence why it's in the thread lol

No. 211471

File: 1654321483349.jpeg (123.25 KB, 500x707, 7F56B908-9BBB-4410-9D0E-925CEF…)

No. 211472

Come on nonnie this is obviously good art

No. 211491

File: 1654325360012.jpeg (93.64 KB, 600x466, 06C401EE-1289-4FBF-868B-18E898…)

Reminds me of Hieronymus Bosch for some reason.

No. 211573

File: 1654358498546.jpeg (110.46 KB, 896x672, 568AB0EA-0A6A-41B0-83F2-BAC681…)

This is an adult, btw

No. 211585

I mean autism is written right there, what do you expect

No. 211600

File: 1654363376394.png (142.96 KB, 441x670, PixelID__Yummy_Version_by_Prod…)

what's this from ? i see Isaac2022 but nothing came up.
so sad, i used to love these artist stats in deviantart times (pic related) and now only cringe qweer people do them.

No. 211612

>hires bodybuilders to 'double-team' her.
Man you never could've guessed this was written by a scrote!

No. 211621

File: 1654367105243.png (1.4 MB, 613x861, valkcrus.PNG)

Friendly reminder that people paid money for this

No. 211630

This isn't bad enough to warrant being posted here

No. 211634

File: 1654368983295.jpeg (174.92 KB, 828x815, 9AD05D9F-7A5E-44AE-8BEB-36F46E…)

Someone didn't flip their canvas

No. 211635

Omg I used to be scared of this exact image as a little kid

No. 211670

File: 1654372348166.jpg (133.69 KB, 1200x700, 1522254737.cobaltraccoon_eggse…)

never before have i seen an image that so perfectly evokes the feeling of having a nightmare. and that's BEFORE you realize it's transformation fetish shit.

No. 211671

The weirdcore motherfuckers would go crazy for this because of the ugly colors and weird grass texture.

No. 211672

Honestly it's not that bad imo

No. 211673

File: 1654373419548.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.24 KB, 827x1026, AFC60E60-CBA0-4AB0-8AC7-3B85D7…)

Art from a personal cow of mine. Would love to post her selfies on here but I’ll save them for the ftm thread kek

No. 211679

She looks like an ape

No. 211701

gotta love it when kinksters uwu-fy their depravity

No. 211706

This is so horrid and I don't know what half those items are

No. 211714

File: 1654376879666.jpeg (858.98 KB, 2048x2044, 4DB83FDE-B90C-44A3-9D90-EF9F78…)

This person’s art always rubbed me off the wrong way. It’s so obnoxious. To no one’s surprise it turned out to be a troon.

No. 211716

>the 'smell marks' on all the anal shit

No. 211724

It's an MtF? That style would've made me guess it was an Aiden

No. 211732

Me too, at least he passes as a woman one way

No. 211762

why do they always draw like that

No. 211763

The nipples on upper right are frightening me.

No. 211788

File: 1654387305785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.54 KB, 2048x788, DA72D116-75DD-4246-9B70-2D8B72…)

Nintendo needs to stop making Pokémon games

No. 211798

I thought that was osmosis jones just randomly inserted in the middle kek. This art is fucking horrendous though, that larger grey cat (idk it's name) has their dick backwards.

No. 211805

At first I thought the "banana cream kitten" was coming out of the egg and throwing a pie at the other cat. Either way this is kind of endearing compared to all the vile coomer shit itt lol

No. 211815

I think the "cat" is suppsoed to be Hisuian Sneasel kek

No. 211866

File: 1654402327379.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1075, 3F6CAFE7-C1BD-4D46-8287-8E3E73…)

I can’t get over that pencil neck and dorito chin

No. 211869

i’m so tired of the flavor of the week male faggot comic or tv show that straight women and aidens fawn over. where the fuck are the lesbians at?

No. 211904

I think they are vibration lines

No. 211916

File: 1654424558755.jpg (378.26 KB, 720x1029, 0605-131256_Chrome.jpg)

Does cosplay count as art? Sorry, I really needed you gals to see this

No. 211935

Of course it was a Russian kek

No. 211969

File: 1654447545013.jpg (194.42 KB, 1638x2048, RCDartlookinass.jpg)

Makes me wonder if this is RCDart on an alt account

No. 211970

this looks like someones oc traced over rcdart as a joke, come on now.

No. 211971

>dislikes: myself
I can see that.

No. 211972

File: 1654447784953.png (414.77 KB, 553x629, onepiss.png)

We don't need to see everything at once.

No. 211974

ew is that from porn?

No. 211978

This is joke art anon.

Those T-rex arms, kek.

No. 211983

No but the artist is worshipped in the manga community and has drawn hentai in the past too

No. 212002

I finally understand what it means when a drawing was made one-handed

No. 212009

I wonder how virgin Boichi is because holy shit does Nami look wonky.

No. 212010

This artist is boichi. He drew sun-ken rock and dr. stone. He is literally so incapable of drawing women normally that he draws children like this even when he tries not to. he’s hailed for his art because we live in a bleak world full of bleak people

No. 212017

Holy shit, the fivehead on the right one…

No. 212021

File: 1654457793773.jpg (156.3 KB, 1463x2048, merc_tu.jpg)


No. 212025

It's just an inkling, they have that kind of porportion

No. 212027

I can’t stop looking at it this is incredibly fucked.
I remember reading sun-ken rock ages ago and thought the art was nice. How can someone be so good at drawing men but totally shit the bed when it comes to female bodies? He’s probably one of those permavirgins who believe women are a mysterious different species kek

No. 212028

File: 1654458619947.png (127.98 KB, 731x1024, img.png)

This kind of proportions?

No. 212032

Vendetta. She looks cute.

No. 212036

File: 1654460776393.png (473.21 KB, 1463x2048, inkingredline.png)


it's proportioned fairly evenly, that's just how inklings look, dude

No. 212037

you've outlined the hands wrong, because there you've outlined the palm its actually the fingers nonna. and even then the arms look so weird lol
>proportioned fairly evenly

No. 212046

Regardless it’s not even that bad. Seeing it did not offend my eyes, it’s kind of cute and there is way worse. Looks like a normal little sketch with some color.

No. 212051

File: 1654464279861.jpg (175.54 KB, 935x855, 1603721143244.jpg)

No. 212053

Love it when there's a proud signature

No. 212054

KEKKK I'm loosing my shit

No. 212055

This isn't bad
Chins ooough

No. 212066

I think it only says crying Deku?

No. 212072

File: 1654467371160.jpg (119.29 KB, 583x1451, EJG46fyXYAc_HED.jpeg.jpg)

It's almost laughable how strange the women he draws look. I like that the men are handsome, but he's generally overhyped for sure. Normies will see detailed linework and hatching and lose their minds

No. 212093

File: 1654472783342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,457.77 KB, 2048x2010, 6B65252C-82C6-4B80-983F-E18B86…)

as they used to say back then, “what is anatomy”

No. 212097

How can anyone find that giant lard ass "hot" is beyond me

No. 212099

They probably copied the Tawawa coomer but I’m not surprised, they all redraw the same shit

No. 212107

File: 1654478036716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,518.81 KB, 2048x1567, C8B1C976-09DD-4C1C-A287-EA9CF3…)

This guy got paid to draw this

No. 212109

delete 4 chan.

No. 212113

File: 1654480106535.png (236.81 KB, 652x990, Aoba_Chika_03.png)

From the Madoka Magica mobile game.

No. 212114

It looks like it was ai generated

No. 212137

This is pretty tame considering what others pay to have drawn. Looks like joke art at best

No. 212140

>looks like joke art
i wish i could say so but the artist has a fetish for drawing peter griffin in hentai scenes. i’m serious.

No. 212149

I love how his eyes look kind of asian

No. 212151

>nyehehehe yukiko minase this feels so good!

Post moar sounds funny

No. 212152

took me a while to understand what's going on the left arm–

No. 212173

File: 1654500668642.jpeg (235.85 KB, 827x1034, 1520F8EC-2899-4C19-9FEA-36AB83…)

No. 212182

war flashbacks to bad 2000s yaoi

No. 212185

I'm more offended by the dodge/burn shading than I am by the subject matter honestly

No. 212233

File: 1654527294838.jpeg (88.13 KB, 600x849, 0294D9B4-DB9B-4D29-8E1A-7736D7…)

What the fuck is this shit

No. 212234

File: 1654527580945.jpg (27.44 KB, 433x433, 0f03f45e60b4f5dcdfeefe677ba8fb…)

No. 212238

I can hear this picture

No. 212245

Yooo is that Trump?

No. 212263

File: 1654536589198.jpg (366.17 KB, 2524x1514, FUbUOueVUAE49cB.jpg)

somehow this persons art manifested itself onto my timeline and now i have to show you pic. it seems more like some 'tism more so than a fetish

No. 212264

File: 1654537272716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.33 KB, 442x578, 3BB57FBF-DDF3-4BBB-B024-0F1465…)

This was drawn completely unironicly btw

No. 212269

File: 1654540134157.jpeg (372.15 KB, 750x809, A736FAC1-892D-4F9C-900D-2FF378…)


No. 212270

File: 1654540517819.jpg (602.98 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20220606-193243_Tum…)

A he/him paid money to put this on my tumblr dashboard and it only had one note

No. 212274

What's so bad about this? It looks fine.

No. 212276

I know it’s change of perspective but it looks so weird or am I wrong

No. 212278

The way that I thought this was chris from total drama island

No. 212283

Homunculus proportions

No. 212289

diaper ass

No. 212291

Looks like a troon kek

No. 212292

File: 1654544667702.jpg (Spoiler Image,569.67 KB, 1048x1051, Screenshot_20220606-144302_Ins…)

Am I retarded or is the other foot fucked up

No. 212294

The foot is bad enough to almost distract from that monstrosity of an upper body

No. 212296

File: 1654547309319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,510.45 KB, 2048x1507, 4AA64AEB-D29C-4DF5-9141-CC68FE…)

Holy shit this is so grotesque. There’s something genuinely wrong with coomers.

No. 212297

Aren’t all of these characters like 16 years old too, what the fuck

No. 212300

idc at least it isn’t lolicon. there’s a line between cp and characters that look visually mature.

No. 212302

No. 212305

kek i’m not talking about real teens. i’m just saying anime characters are stylized enough that most of the time you can’t tell whether their 14 or 24. moids with schoolgirl fetishes are gross though.

No. 212307

File: 1654548874949.jpeg (396.02 KB, 1686x1962, B6C48C79-21D5-4842-9635-0109F8…)

Why are his pecs rendered like boobs

No. 212308

I'd say it's quite obvious why.

No. 212309

trans headcanons are a plague to fanart

No. 212312

Looks like a cute butch lol

No. 212314

Where are those bunny ears attached? They're so far off, it's like on the back of her head. This shit is so ridiculously ugly.

No. 212315

Yeah, but you know damn well the artist didn't mean to portray that.

No. 212332

Yeah but a girl can dream / straight up imagine

No. 212334

File: 1654558628351.jpeg (603.9 KB, 1351x2048, AD36C31C-BEBE-48EC-A7AA-E0FBB0…)

This would be good if you took out the girl at the front, wtf

No. 212337

A lot of fakebois would be cute as butch it’s a shame really

No. 212338

It would look amazing if you removed all of the girls and kept the text.

No. 212342

I never got the whole slime/naga monster girl fetish myself tbh.

No. 212348

File: 1654562590556.jpg (245.19 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20220607-081537_Ins…)

i love looking at tutorials and immediately telling their art is generic and bad

No. 212349

File: 1654562635023.jpg (696.41 KB, 809x1345, Screenshot_20220607-083333_Ins…)

No. 212354

I've seen several tutorials on hands when I used to use Instagram and I don't understand separating the pinky from the rest of the fingers. Hands do not naturally do that and it's such an awkward thing to do with your hands, I can't imagine doing that for any reason. Isn't that what Barbie doll hands look like? It's just kinda shitty like at least have a tutorial where the hands are making a real and common gesture.

No. 212355

Can't stop thinking about this

No. 212364

File: 1654566606451.jpeg (478.92 KB, 1280x1629, EFBBA45B-B93A-4440-9300-EEC6C7…)

not my boys

No. 212375

File: 1654568837578.jpg (97.46 KB, 1024x576, f9e5f9d8043f20ab781a4835e26a3f…)

To be fair, that's how the centaur girl looks in the show. Also I came across this picture and apparently in-universe there's a whole subgroup of this sentient race that's main purpose is producing milk and be good at raising babies. Wonderful.

Also to be fair, the show is harem trash.

No. 212376

File: 1654569022441.jpeg (162.85 KB, 1377x2048, 7CA9F1BD-EB01-4EEF-B119-0F09F7…)

No. 212377

this is beautiful

No. 212379

based, this don't belong in here

No. 212381

File: 1654577151575.jpg (601.43 KB, 1776x2048, FTNWNduX0AAfqDJ.jpg)

artist claims to be 23 different fictional characters "irl" as well as being a tv-headed robot "irl"

No. 212382

File: 1654577626967.jpg (205.72 KB, 1080x1207, FL43LFkWQAMurKG.jpg)

she also makes the occasional edgelord "vent piece" about her "source memories". 99.9% sure that she's faking it, tiny chance that she needs to be submitted to a psych ward absolutely fucking immediately

No. 212388

this made my shitty day better lmao thank you nonna

No. 212452

Not only bad and generic but obviously traced. Kek, the audacity of some beg tracer doing “tutorials”

No. 212455

File: 1654607500502.jpg (298.05 KB, 2048x1710, FUmN0VoXsAImt8p.jpg)

this is so good

No. 212474

File: 1654616798665.jpg (47.27 KB, 480x640, download (30).jpg)

Is this Boris Johnson?

No. 212483

now THIS is art!

No. 212503

File: 1654625664152.jpeg (247.43 KB, 1245x1471, D41F2609-4B66-4B47-85E3-EC89C0…)

What does this even mean.

No. 212505

some do not wear the right size of thigh-high stockings i guess

No. 212514

The example doesn’t even make sense because thigh highs shouldn’t be stretched to the max so they reach the asscheeks, at that point just wear a pantyhose or crotch less pantyhose.

No. 212516

File: 1654627510002.jpeg (53.93 KB, 680x492, 2C9E4DBC-27A5-4BA0-9904-634C0A…)

It sounds like the art version of this, like they imagined someone making a tutorial for how to draw thigh highs without the muffin top and then they got so mad at this imaginary incorrect tutorial they had to draw a correction kek

No. 212520

Actual talent, wow. Not bad at all.

No. 212531

looks like art for a shitty mobile strategy game.

No. 212532

File: 1654633793023.jpeg (Spoiler Image,199.78 KB, 1381x2048, 02369888-3F31-46C0-A698-2E5419…)

Ignoring the obvious that face is hideous

No. 212533

is this satire or some weirdcore animecore whatevercore fuckshit?

No. 212535

File: 1654634347961.png (1.16 MB, 889x666, Screenshot 2022-06-07 133819.p…)

never mind, checked their account, yes it is indeed weirdcore animecore whatevercore fuckshit. i hate this genre of art so much it's unreal

No. 212549

I get how it's ugly, but I kinda like the stylized faces, they're cute.

No. 212564

Ignoring that the manga/anime are coomer bait, do the colors look kind of muddy to others or is it just me? Looks strange with the bright blue bg.

No. 212565

File: 1654646273058.png (550.97 KB, 742x722, 4636382s89f.png)

why is there a nutsack on her chest…

No. 212573

those are her chestnuts of course

No. 212576

No. 212578

I love you

No. 212592

File: 1654658228579.jpeg (51.38 KB, 400x430, images (22).jpeg)

Don't forget this panel

No. 212633

File: 1654677401981.png (Spoiler Image,435.69 KB, 372x550, dcoo7g8-d0c49c40-32f0-408b-a61…)

No. 212635

it looks as if she’s about to transform into some eldritch abomination

No. 212659

Shit is so weird. I had not heard of him or the manga mentioned ITT and had to look him up. His anatomy is so shit and he has a weird style but his lineart looks so nice. How do people get to this point? I feel like so many mangaka have good aspects to their work but just fuck anatomy up for the sake of “stylization” and it is often frightening.

No. 212661

Idk what it is but I’m afraid of it.

No. 212676

It’s just porn addiction and misogyny, nona. Boichi has a wife. He’s not some typical hentai addicted perma-virgin incel. Artists with that level of skill are obviously capable of drawing women normally, they just don’t respect them enough to.

No. 212688

Ughhh scrotes are so brain fried.

No. 212785

This is fucking amazing

No. 212814

File: 1654720780411.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.4 KB, 1831x2560, 1DBE1559-6CF4-4B44-84AC-27E772…)

I can’t stop laughing help

No. 212831

File: 1654723046884.jpg (45.93 KB, 783x1020, alyssa_loyd_info_by_alyssaloyd…)

This is, APPARENTELY, an OC for Helluva Boss.

Full Name: Alyssa Nicole Loyd

Alias: Alyssa the Noble Nephalem, Babydoll (Angel Dust), Spunky (Striker), Tiny Little Woman (Asmodeus), Buddy (Thrash, Raph, & Grimlock), Wild Tiger (Catra, & Kipo), Little Bitch (Verosika), Missy (Wally Wackford), Bestie (Zeo, Blitzo) Sweetie Baby (Millie)

Species: Human, Angel/Demon Hybrid

Gender: Female

Personality: Easy going, Smart, Adventurous, Free spirited, Adaptable, Communicative, Progressive, Bravery, Happy, Enthusiastic, Aggressive, Self Respect

Allies: Zeo (Best Friend), Helldeath (Best Friend), Blitzo (Best Friend), Angel Dust (Best Friend), Catra (close friend), Kipo (close friend), Moxxie, Millie, Loona (close friend), Octavia (close friend), Stolas (close friend/mentor), Vortex (sometimes), Charlie Morningstar, Vaggie, Alastor, Husk, Niffty, Cherri Bomb, Sallie May, Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Drift, Loki (staff), Luz, Amity, Eda, King, Lilith, Willow, Gus, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, Marcy Wu, Sprig Plantar, Polly Plantar, Hop Pop Plantar, Grime, Adora, Bow, Glimmer, Benson, Troy, Dahlia, Asher, Dave, Wolf, Mandu, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow (frenemy), Vector, Espio, Charmy, Silver, Blaze, Leo (2012), Raph (2012), Mikey (2012), Donnie, Raph (2018), Leo (2018), Mikey (2018), Donnie (2018), April (2012), Casey Jones (2012), April (2018), Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Tom, Ponyhead, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr Krabs (one-sided), Jack, Zillion, Kayla, Spam, Vanexa, Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Antonio

Enemies: Verosika (arch-rival), Striker, Asmodeus, Fizzarolli (one-sided), Macaque, Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Fracture, Quillfire, Clampdown, Rattlesnake Jake, Sir Pentious, Infinite, Stella (rival), Dr. Nefarious, Skulker, Starscream, Scaramouche, Demongo, Jack o Lantern, Nos4a2, Him

Weapons/Powers/Abilities: Elemental Manipulation, Resurrection, Regenerative Healing Factor, Healing, Nephalem Physiology, Wing Manifestation, Weapon Summoning, Enhanced smell, Vision, Enhanced Strength, Prehensile Tail, Telekinesis

Relationship: Sallie May (girlfriend), Cherri Bomb (girlfriend)

Sexuality: Polysexual

Likes: Cherri Bomb & Sallie May, Hanging out with her best friends, teaching some weaponry with Moxxie & Helldeath, drinking Coke Zero, Sushi, Cooking, Charlie idea, being helpful, Listening all of music, Dogs, exercising, discovering things, animals, sweets, being awesome, LGBT, being tomboyish, haircuts, meats, Stylish Occult (similar Hot Topic), researching, being fun, celebrating birthdays, learning about powers

Dislikes: homophobic, racist, friends in danger, being called tiny, called weak, being girly, called little bitch, insulting Charlie, confusion, Squidward, Mr Krabs greedy, being lonely or alone

No. 212839

seems like a parody. If it isn't, I still find some joy that there are still 13 year olds out there making OCs out of bases

No. 212845

This looks like a kid using a base, doesn't really count if it's by a kid and a beginner. Makes me nostalgic for old 2007 DeviantArt when I was in middle school lol it's cute because this could be their gateway to starting to actually draw and hopefully get better with time

No. 212850

Well, sadly… it's legit.

Imagine your friends and enemies are not only in VivziePop's related works, but rather, some Netflix shows (one of them being that goddamn She-Ra reboot), Nicktoons characters, the Transformers, some Disney Channel cartoons and so on.

No. 212856

I wish I could laugh but I only feel disgust.

No. 212872

Anon how old are you?

No. 212875

I was talking about that OC.

No. 212877

>Heavyweight is dark skinned


No. 212878

i think anon is implying that knowing who those characters are is underage behaviour, as is caring about random kids’ deviantart ocs (im assuming it’s a kid?)

also why would you want to be enemies with starscream, he’s fucking awesome

No. 212879

Apparently, I checked OP's dA account.

She's literally 21 years old and born on Dec. 15. You literally can't make this shit up.

No. 212880

File: 1654740150111.jpg (404.35 KB, 1920x1415, alyssa_loyd_info_by_alyssaloyd…)

Here's another ref of that shitty OC.

No. 212882

How did you find her?

No. 212884

so much potential but aside from colors and shading everything in it is fucked up, even the hand holding the skull LOL.

No. 212892

I LOVE THIS IDC! It reminds me of being ten years old and making shitty Monster High OCs. I'm glad that the shitty deviantart base mary sue self-insert OC community is alive and well.

No. 212893

On DeviantART.

No. 212895

If the problem is her age, why didn't you mention that first, instead of the combination of shows that she inserts her OC into, as if that were her biggest crime?
>Imagine your friends and enemies are not only in VivziePop's related works, but rather, some Netflix shows (one of them being that goddamn She-Ra reboot), Nicktoons characters, the Transformers, some Disney Channel cartoons and so on.
This makes you sound underage/autistic as fuck and you're also obviously a newfag.

This person is obviously autistic.
Like, legit autistic, it says so on her profile.
She's also a beginner artist, all she does is use bases and post MS Paint edits, and it says on her profile that she joined the site a year ago.
At most you could say her child-like behavior is cringe or that her obsession with gendershit is dumb.
I'm guessing this is vendetta by another dA autist.

No. 212897

Vendetta? This is charming in a lame cringe teenager way

No. 212963

File: 1654780065901.png (8.67 MB, 2114x2011, pride_month_redraw__hazbin_hot…)

this is so difficult to look at

No. 213074

File: 1654797680382.jpeg (116.15 KB, 1114x1200, uh.jpeg)

Kim Wexler fanart kek

No. 213077

This has some charm to me, I kinda like it. All I see wrong with it is the size, and distance her ear is away from her face. They just need to shorten that space in between her eye, hairline, and ear. Everything else I think is appealing.

No. 213107

right? they would have a cool anime style if they fix the proportions

No. 213164

File: 1654822982234.png (1.03 MB, 768x1024, yumi_by_melopockett_df70qb5.pn…)

No. 213295

File: 1654887272224.png (Spoiler Image,157.42 KB, 900x672, 9D311A51-ADCF-4BC6-A6A2-34E2E5…)

I don’t know who these characters are but wtf

No. 213297

File: 1654888837979.jpg (69.81 KB, 572x936, uk3mc93q4kr71.jpg)

I don't mind the art I just can't believe it's not Ed Elric

No. 213302

File: 1654892878106.jpeg (578.13 KB, 1284x1277, EB2C0868-32DF-4213-A037-7C3779…)

i work in the auto industry and wanted to share this hideous corporate abomination with you all

No. 213305

Is this official? Why has tumblr taken over the world?

No. 213306

Thank you for reminding me to never buy a german car.

No. 213307

It is indeed official

No. 213321

car pollution is so kawaii and stunning! :3

No. 213326

File: 1654901180356.jpeg (146.97 KB, 1920x1080, C4D62496-A7D3-4715-8A74-81F662…)

wtf is up with netflix’s new castlevania series. couldn’t they have gotten a better shot for a promo?

No. 213329

the last season of the old series they did was complete garbage so it's no surprise they're only continuing the downward spiral. disappointing nonetheless. alucard deserved better.

No. 213331

I wonder what the writers have against Simon. They're skipping right over him and going straight to Richter. Also the animation is definitely going to be worse since Netflix is killing it's animated dept

No. 213332

File: 1654903848179.jpeg (974.16 KB, 2000x3000, F51B5E42-7EB0-4D79-8403-F211B4…)

you’re right. picrel looks like a how-to-draw manga artbook cover.
my guess is that they’re trying to lead up to sotn (unlikely since it would probably get canceled after one season kek)

No. 213335

This could've looked so good if it weren't so obviously rushed

No. 213337

What is this awful style of corporate human called? I always see it drawn and feel like there is a name for it but can’t remember.

No. 213349

It's called Alegria and it was designed to be cheap and easy to produce. /pol/fags called it the "globohomo" style and now everyone calls it that too.

No. 213350

>now everyone calls it that too
no one besides 4chan calls it that

No. 213354

IRL no one calls it any different than "corporate style" or just "flat illustration"

No. 213369

File: 1654914871908.jpeg (443.04 KB, 2048x1285, 6CAEDF2B-17D4-4465-A1BD-577048…)

No. 213370

Should've been BLMW

No. 213371

Miku Ehrmantraut? Cute

No. 213384

This is really fucking funny to me for some reason. People get off on literally any weird ass shit

No. 213387

Why are you posting good shit in this thread?

No. 213388

This is rendered so well but why do these always have the same face

No. 213428

This is some fun shit, it doesn't belong here.

No. 213434

File: 1654953798992.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471.01 KB, 842x878, 40F9D2B6-D990-4E8A-811B-113041…)

this was drawn by a woman btw. some artists i follow, follow this account for some reason

No. 213436

File: 1654954575772.jpg (119.84 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 213439

anon just say you’re jealous of the artist and move on. it’s ugly but all art has room to improve

No. 213441

don't normally browse the art threads but I think this is quite cute

No. 213452

The only jarring issue I see is the ear connecting to the chin like that, but it’s still quite pretty.

No. 213457

Elven Dorito

No. 213482

me too kek. this shit is fucking polluting the art community so much on ig i wanna fucking quit

No. 213589

File: 1655006636825.jpeg (452.64 KB, 827x1169, 0354FF91-D93F-4917-BBA5-128546…)

Didn’t know what the hell I was looking at until I realized it was her sleeve / arm

No. 213606

i was like "this is actually pretty cute" and then scrolled down, i wish scrotes were as good at anatomy as they are rendering

No. 213612

>Just say you’re jealous
>it’s ugly

No. 213622

File: 1655022054002.jpg (421.28 KB, 680x1310, FU_DSJOaMAUNTAp.jpg)

This shit has 19k likes. A fucking loli with inflated boobs and tiny arms.

No. 213624

19k? god.
she's got tiny hands too. anatomy who

No. 213634

Can someone post the character the op pic was supposed to be based on again, I need a laugh.

No. 213649

What's wrong with this ? The face is so boring it's annoying sure, but the anatomy seems good to me despite the coomer proportions

No. 213655

It's a character from Wizardess Heart.

No. 213662

LMAO it's supposed to be pattinson, holy shit

No. 213691

I can’t stand when coomer artists give all their characters that onlyfans e-thot face. The nose is so tiny it’s weird.

No. 213706

I'm sitting here and look where my elbow ends and I can't stop laughing, it's like the arm was moved in there way later and somehow they missed the 100%, kek.

No. 213715

File: 1655062244808.png (1.39 MB, 1280x1055, 6754DBB7-F2F2-44E4-8674-E3C4A1…)

a coomer design that haunted my eyes today

No. 213722

What kind of stupid pose is that? It's laughable how the artist is trying to go for a creepy concept and tacky porn at the same time.

No. 213852

File: 1655105728751.jpeg (344.08 KB, 1329x2048, 50563718-2AEC-4A0B-9B73-147A1D…)

It gets worse the longer you look

No. 213870

File: 1655116758264.png (2.65 MB, 1474x1496, screen.png)

Heckin' chonker

No. 213880

Don't be sorry, it's bad!
Aside from the anatomy this would be really nice

No. 213892

Kek it just gave me memories of being in middle school in the early 2000s and carrying around a binder filled with anime and manga printouts. This definitely would have been in there.

No. 213894

I agree on that Mononoke one, I like how it’s rendered but jesus. Why do people think women need to always be showing both sides of their body at the same time.

No. 213901

The nose looks like a pimple and the mouth looks like a prolapsed anus.

No. 213907

File: 1655130742032.jpg (864.76 KB, 2481x3136, 08f0vbsk7w071.jpg)

No. 213908

That makes a lot of sense. I was staring at >>213837 wondering how it was simultaneously bad and on-model. Also the shading style is very 1992, like someone was used to shading with colored pencils and only recently started learning digital art.

No. 213910

Idk i think this is kinda cute in its own way

No. 213915

She looks like a dwarf with long legs

No. 213920

Yeah honestly I don’t even hate the art because it makes me very nostalgic, but the weird photoshop bgs are. Something.

No. 213937

Miku looks like someone wanted to put her in a fnf mod, Rin is just high

No. 213941

First one is probably because of the face, idk about the second one

No. 213984

Jesus Christ I need un-see juice

No. 213998

There are tears in my eyes kek

No. 214029

File: 1655156912652.jpeg (192.85 KB, 827x804, 73CA0562-E82C-4E78-8A0B-F196C9…)

MY GOD that’s a tiny head

No. 214032

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this artist Korean?
Tiny arm

No. 214035

All it needs is a little toning down with the arched back. Move the head forward (or the body backwards) a little and you’re good to go

No. 214099

File: 1655185814951.jpg (590.28 KB, 2048x1676, Untitled.jpg)

the moid fantasy of a NEET girl, whose room looks no different from a coomer who lives on 4chan, is very funny to me

No. 214115

dialogue doesn't even make sense.

No. 214225

i mean it IS the bedroom i wanted in middle school

No. 214241

I can't help but laugh at this. Scrotes really have no idea what women are interested in. This moid at least used his brain a little; males just know a lot of girls like Miku, but everyone likes Miku, it's not some uniquely feminine interest or anything. In fact, Miku is a popular waifu among males. It'd be interesting to see a troon draw a woman in a way that isn't male-gazey, in her room with a lot of shoujo that isn't magical girls, otome and BL posters and merch instead. But they'll never do that because such things don't appeal to their male coomer mind unlike Miku or magical girl shoujo.

No. 214250

Sad thing is that you know that there are pickmes larping that

No. 214254

They would probably feel jealous if they imagined the girl hugging a handsome husbando pillow.

No. 214293

File: 1655235805541.jpeg (189.44 KB, 1046x1200, 72BBB54A-496E-406F-A80F-0DACAE…)

Wow anon i could never put a word to why I hated this kind of art but you summed it up perfectly

pic related got 21,000 likes on Twitter

No. 214296

File: 1655236637142.jpeg (Spoiler Image,418.98 KB, 2048x1622, AD0C3BC0-51C5-4741-B142-CF1B24…)

Why is my favorite artist friends with this person jfc(porn)

No. 214306

Scoliosis-chan, we love representation uwu

No. 214313

I took me a while to get what this was. Disappointed but not surprised. Could we keep well-drawn coomershit to a minimum? They all look the same anyway.

No. 214337

Looks almost like her torso is floating away kek

No. 214341

File: 1655246294987.jpeg (67.38 KB, 720x720, 283992929383i2o3.jpeg)

Hell is real

No. 214349

File: 1655247806336.jpg (132.33 KB, 1200x987, FMshLa-VkAQLqx0.jpg)

is the artist a moid?

No. 214353

File: 1655247910878.jpg (354.37 KB, 2048x1308, FUQm707acAA3xH-.jpg)

also why is this kind of art so trendy on twitter rn

No. 214357

Of course it is. Males fetishize mental illness in women. It's probably an AGP projecting into a cute mentally ill anime girl too.
I've never seen a woman draw this "genre" before.

No. 214361

File: 1655249043019.jpeg (830.17 KB, 1242x1982, E1A30407-F383-49D7-9F2F-986291…)

Not sure if those are her tits or her back snapped in half

No. 214371

me trying to smuggle my pet torpedo into the movie theater

No. 214420

I've always hated this shit and I've never known why. It just annoys me because it feels so unrelatable, like it's what a man thinks an awkward NEET girl would act like, as in she has all the undesirable traits of a male NEET/the artist, but is still cute and sweet and perfect and childlike all the time.

No. 214485

nooooo not him! Apart from the troon shit, his body looks like a bloated sausage. Looks like someone can’t draw muscular bodies lol also wtf are these tiny t-rex arms

No. 214489

This had to be done on purpose as a joke, there's no way the artist looked at this and thought it actually looks good

Kek nonnie

No. 214620

File: 1655309419940.jpeg (Spoiler Image,877.75 KB, 1080x1389, 54CB9AFA-470D-4651-80F4-929AC4…)

I’m scared

No. 214631

oh shit they gonna shoot us for eavesdropping on their gymnastics

No. 214633

Looks like they're trying to emulate the Lupin III art style, the girls always had long ass legs. This is more of a stylistic choice tbh

No. 214698

Gonna spider walk towards me then kill me. Jfc.

No. 214710

anorectal violence

No. 214714

not to be that nonnie but the pillow shading is the most offensive thing going on here

No. 214717

File: 1655335875640.jpeg (Spoiler Image,441.83 KB, 1444x2048, 3329B8EB-12E6-4AF9-80F7-25C094…)

Trying to be nice and say this person would make a good horror artist (with the unsettling proportions and muddy pallete) but instead she chooses to draw the most hideous troon porn

No. 214726

Oh my god, same nona. I really enjoy the stylization and colors this artist uses but had to ultimately unfollow because of the subject matter. So unfortunate

No. 214731

No. 214743

it's jsut a piss poor attempt at copying egon schiele, not an original style at all

No. 214761

tbh egon schiele was a awful artist too but i’m not gonna derail here

No. 214765

File: 1655351757090.png (Spoiler Image,95.61 KB, 540x727, C801AF96-5BAF-475E-9E47-62CD06…)

horrible art i just came across

No. 214790

File: 1655363019699.png (1.78 MB, 1200x1560, tumblr_5964d8248b2de3822a6d4c6…)

That's one of sirartwork's shitposts. He's actually a pretty good artist with industry experience, he just draws intentionally bad things like that as a joke.

Picrel is a non-shitpost drawing from him.

No. 214801

Why do fakeboys always draw themselves with wide shoulders, narrow ass hips and sharp features when in reality they look like potatoes? Are they that delusional?

No. 214881

File: 1655401029575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.08 KB, 1081x1551, 0C60A6AB-BCC3-475A-B6F3-EBAC3E…)

Saw this one on a reddit art sub. Idk wtf is going on with her boobs.

No. 214885

File: 1655401513294.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x1702, 11B8D2CF-0C6D-49B9-82B4-D7D49E…)

Does it seem wonky to anyone else, especially the nose area? I realize this isn’t horrendous but it still unsettled me.

No. 214890

Her right nostril is caving in and her eyes don’t match. They’re looking into different directions. Her skull would have to have two different shaped eye sockets. She’s also missing her jaw, her face is too short.

No. 214896

>Males fetishize mental illness in women
But why? Of all things, why mental illness? What could even be attractive about someone who can't even properly function.

No. 214900

File: 1655406825011.jpg (294.44 KB, 960x1200, tumblr_ac2485db1u2bc1.jpg)

I hate the way the mouth and teeth are drawn

It's easier to take advantage of someone who's mentally vulnerable

No. 214901

The main person who started the trend is a woman

No. 214904

This. A lot of men go after women who are mentally ill and have low self-esteem. I knew of a man once who specifically went after younger women with EDs because they were easy for him to manipulate. Men are fucked up creatures.

No. 214905

I can't understand what's bad about this tbh. It's ugly imo but not technically bad.

No. 214913

File: 1655409075244.jpeg (11.11 KB, 208x242, 9761B988-7D4E-42AA-AED9-6B1A39…)

All I see is this. Maybe I’m just hungry lol

No. 214914

File: 1655409176677.jpeg (49.62 KB, 502x727, F770576E-35CC-4160-85B4-13EFB2…)

It looks like someone smashed her head in

No. 214938

File: 1655421879487.png (Spoiler Image,845.21 KB, 1274x1920, tumblr_5fb5bebea3c911b5ebb8366…)

No. 214945

Ew, this looks gross. And wtf is that prosthesis? Couldn’t she (I assume this was done by some ftm aiden) look for a reference?

No. 214946

File: 1655422924383.png (14.76 MB, 5900x5700, deowt3s-580b5b77-2ab3-41d1-b59…)

No. 214947

Are those supposed to be children? The proportions are weird. They look like grown women who were shrunk down.

No. 214948

Looks like when you do the swap face filter with your 12 year old sister

No. 214949

It looks like it was drawn by a scrote who either is parodying pride fanart or actually supports pedophilia as a "sexuality". Look at the pedo symbols

No. 214950

File: 1655427533051.jpg (156.02 KB, 910x878, sophie_and_pedro_quetzal_lgbtq…)

It was absolutely an autistic pedo scrote, he steals art and traces it too kek

No. 214951

unironically want that vest on the lady on the left tbh

No. 214954

This "art" makes me extremely uncomfortable. The art theft and tracing isn't even that big of an issue when the subject matter is infinitely worse
And how does that change the fact that the "genre" is popular with weeb males? Who are you talking about anyway

No. 214961

>your name is just Latina

I'm getting parody vibes

No. 214962

File: 1655431952000.png (91.94 KB, 326x326, Capture.PNG)

Nona this guy is unfortunately serious kek, I found his page because he tags all of his shit with every show and movie under the sun

No. 214976

File: 1655436923085.jpg (672.85 KB, 2048x2000, Tumblr_l_1723730572898009.jpg)

What makes this even worse is that the guy on the right's whole thing is that he continuously cheats on his wife and is extremely disloyal and a scumbag, and his son on the left heavily resents him for it.
This artist is obsessed with the guy on the right and also likes thinking of him as an asexual trasngender man for some reason even though he's nothing like that in canon. I don't get it.

No. 214980

Wait, are they father and son? Who the fuck are these?

No. 214987

KEK is this Nightvale fanart?

No. 214992

File: 1655445100999.png (Spoiler Image,473.53 KB, 1280x1270, 9358290842958.png)

Sometimes when I'm feeling masochistic I browse ofmd fanart on tumblr and feel glad that I'm not spending my time drawing cringe old men like little chibi animu bois.

No. 214993

Most likely meant to be a parody but the dude is such a sperg he cannot even do parody right.

No. 214994

they’re from umineko and trannies shill on Beatrice

No. 215018

File: 1655450930533.png (603.7 KB, 1242x1327, 92706.png)

The guy who drew this is 20 btw

No. 215019

Adults can still be beginners. Imo this doesn't really belong here

No. 215041

Is this from kiwifarms?

No. 215045

He's been drawing for years
Nah, a server I'm in

No. 215051

File: 1655461361162.jpg (89.36 KB, 777x1080, 80245422_p0_Q_bit_Vol.07_SUNDA…)

Wow, I'm surprised this artist is still around. Some of his old art is pretty cool (pic rel).

No. 215118

File: 1655478925282.jpeg (178.22 KB, 827x678, 9F5AD7B2-572D-4640-ABBF-530C73…)

No. 215120

W-what? Why is it not a mermaid? I mean it's got no tail so it's apparent it's not?

No. 215123

Yeah, I've never seen a mermaid with two right feet.

No. 215145

Gotta make em cute somehow lol

No. 215181

I'm not a fan of the ridiculous tits. I think even then you could tell his art would eventually end up like this >>214620

No. 215182

Isn’t he a hentai artist? Also this is one of his recent pieces. I’ve seen his art on doujin archive sites (inb4 someone calls me a coomer I just like documenting early fanworks) and he’s been active since late 90s/early 00s. It’s only since he got into One Piece that his anatomy got wonky kek.

No. 215213

This illustration of Robin is a cover to an erodoujin the artist did which was archived in 2009 (you probably know where to check).

Wish I didn't know that but I was a turbo autist (coomer) as a teenager.

(Saging for derail)

No. 215297

File: 1655517332310.jpeg (320.84 KB, 1858x2015, 6F1E4AEE-A89A-4F7C-AA36-2D320D…)

No. 215305

File: 1655522487184.jpg (213.01 KB, 934x855, pedro_noche_de_cita_con_kazer_…)

I find it fascinating how male autists are always so much worse than autistic women like >>212880
While the women usually just have some childish interests, such as making cringy but innocent cartoon OCs, the males' brains become rotten with gross fetishes and borderline illegal pornography to the point that all their interests and identity revolve around porn (and when they make OCs like this dude, it's all extremely sexual).
After wasting some braincells reading through the comments on his profile and "art", I'm still not sure what he was trying to say here. He definitely gets off to cartoon children as he has admitted several times, but on the other hand, he seems to be equating radical feminists with real-life pedophiles in that pic, constantly talks about "the patriarchy" and "marginalized groups", and one of his OC villains is a misogynistic pedo. Maybe he hates "SJWs" but still supports (or pretends to support) gay people and trannies (and gets off to pedophilia and incest). Either way, it's a disgusting coomer scrote on the verge of trooning out if he didn't already.
This guy's whole account is an autismfest including everyone who interacts with him, kek.

The retard meant "trans Latina". The character's name is Pedro, and apparently he used to be a "femboy" but now he's "trans".

No. 215309

What the actual fuck. Chris chan levels of insane. Thanks for doing the dirty work, nona kek

No. 215318

File: 1655529496548.png (159.94 KB, 1017x706, Screenshot 2022-06-17 221703.p…)

I hate the "cute moe anime girl drawn in ms paint who has depression saying something funny and relatable !! :3" section of internet art with a burning passion

No. 215319

I used the wrong brush in the example and missed one of the key things, the aliasing, but still, you get the point

No. 215329

File: 1655534630551.jpg (1.03 MB, 2048x2662, Tumblr_l_6061730986780.jpg)

No. 215359

Thanks for reading my summary lol. There's more that I decided not to include in my post because I thought it would get too OT or the post would be too big. Maybe I should've said it after all.
For example, he accuses every other pornsick male who calls him out for stealing art of being jealous or racist/homophobic/classist. And the best part, he claims to be friends with Shadman and admires Butch Hartman and Chris fucking Chan (and seems to think he will be as famous as them).

No. 215377

File: 1655570713609.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.9 KB, 604x596, zoe_and_kazer_fetichista_by_th…)

I wish i could read Spanish to see what his unhinged rants consist of kek. The discrepancy between the quality of even his traditional art is insane, he draws shit like this then traces something that shows signs of anatomy knowledge. He's not even trying to be slick

No. 215386

File: 1655575235016.jpg (78.23 KB, 438x960, 1655567338278.jpg)

No. 215393

i cant believe i’m saying this but the background is very calming and nicely done

aaaand then there’s airplane furries

No. 215399

File: 1655579207237.jpg (157.87 KB, 586x759, Untitled.jpg)

… ?

No. 215409

moids really tell on themselves. they really think women have these horrific fetishes

No. 215410

oh that’s glub. his bara fetish art been posted a few times here. tbh i think the weird anime style is kinda endearing.
male degeneracy knows no end.

No. 215411

ig im just shocked it has 5k likes, it's giving 2003 deviantart and i hate it

No. 215415

Oh my fucking god, is the humanized version of the characters from that shitty CGI PacMan show from a few years back

No. 215416

Eldritch horror tier anatomy. What the actual fuck am I even looking at. Imagine being attracted to something that looks this bad. Imagine drawing this on purpose. Moids are psychotic.

No. 215421

So many of them have a twisted idea of what human anatomy looks like. Or are attracted to deformed representations of humans. It's insane.

No. 215434

File: 1655602746664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,398.33 KB, 2000x2000, D7DFDB59-4F8B-4FCA-9069-B042AF…)

Saw this posted in the FTM thread but I feel like it belongs here too

No. 215438

File: 1655604672615.jpg (Spoiler Image,633.09 KB, 2825x2155, FPb8yBjXwAE4mca.jpg)

No. 215439

File: 1655605057998.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.37 KB, 1000x1200, E3R5Bs7VcA4GTJI.jpg)

Bara is truly a goldmine for the bizarre.

No. 215442

His obsession sexualized cartoon kids is so disgusting ew
>I wish i could read Spanish to see what his unhinged rants consist of kek.
The enormous walls of text are mostly him sperging about his shitty OCs, or 80s/90s cartoons.
>The discrepancy between the quality of even his traditional art is insane
I think it's hilarious how his only friend seems to think he's "working with another artist" instead of tracing or stealing art like anyone else can see kek

No. 215465

me trying to sneak two organic cantaloupes out of whole foods

No. 215466

MIB aliens with cantaloupes stuffed in bras.

No. 215526

File: 1655655241014.png (977.99 KB, 2048x1174, 3997608C-7D32-4A04-8ECE-5EAE6D…)

the winx club redesign tag on tumblr is a goldmine

No. 215549

Help why does tecna look like an agp programmer troon

No. 215552

File: 1655659805093.jpg (45.41 KB, 459x645, pedosymbols.jpg)

Okay but the buttons on the 2nd to left character are all known pedo pride symbols

No. 215564

>known pedo pride symbols
>pedo pride
say it isn't so?!

No. 215565

less pride and more dogwhistle to signal to fellow pedos

No. 215593

we know

No. 215646

the flora one has to be racially motivated I stg kek

No. 215648

File: 1655680641601.jpeg (272.32 KB, 1280x1580, tumblr_2968ad6518b13f8272cf172…)

Apparently this is supposed to be Remus Sanders

No. 215649

File: 1655680724586.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, tumblr_b12151018d88ce5cde8f58d…)

And here's someones Southpark self-insert that somehow looks more offensive than any 4chan caricature I've ever seen

No. 215653

I didn't even look at the flags, just the art style, and I knew an FTM drew this kek

No. 215655

I like how girly her handwriting is kek sometimes it be the little things

No. 215666

a sneak peek into the male psyche

No. 215667

File: 1655687156714.jpeg (900.45 KB, 1170x1390, 1137BF43-0931-440A-B387-0644E1…)

No. 215669

Okay, but this is hilarious.

No. 215671

Yes it is, look at that foreshortening
90% of male attention just goes to rendering boobs. everything else is an afterthought

No. 215680

Could be funnier, missed opportunity for a lot of jokes honestly.

No. 215690

Why are people posting obvious troll art here? istg

No. 215700

her handwriting is better than mine

No. 215742

samefag but people always say that flora is most likely latina and then this person proceeded to make a fat ogre instead

No. 215749

Musa's eyes are on different latitudes

No. 215860

File: 1655754843599.jpg (652.82 KB, 1024x768, Tumblr_l_81622380088672.jpg)

No. 215866

as someone who has been into slasher movies since the 90s i've grown to hate this resurgence of aidens drawing weirdass ugly "headcanon" versions of these characters where they become trans and gay and softe uwu bois. get the fuck out

No. 215872

what makes you think two hairy beards is supposed to be “uwu wholesome cinnamon bun”

No. 215891

Something real gay about this one

No. 215904

File: 1655771911214.jpg (586.63 KB, 1055x1330, Picsart_22-06-20_20-38-06-427.…)

No. 215908

I saw this on my feed and i was gonna post it kek. It’s sad how much internalized misogyny is oozing out of this.

No. 215911

I swear, aidens draw the worst are you’ll ever see in the world

No. 216001


No. 216005

What is it with mediocre digital artists and over-rendering the absolute shit out of everything? She looks like she's running a fever from her badly-infected lip injections, and everything other than the face looks like an ice cream sculpture.

No. 216012

I know what you mean they’ve overtaken the horror community. I always liked horror fans and cons because it was a slightly older, chiller crowd but now I don’t know if I’d want to go. I’m tired of seeing cutesy fakeboi art of slashers and saw characters.

No. 216013

Just scrolling past this and seeing it out of the corner of my eye I saw nothing wrong but upon opening it it was like a jump scare. My favorite part is the hand.

No. 216016

File: 1655828223950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.38 KB, 1300x2048, E7E6CD19-FB79-4CD5-890C-BE5B2C…)

does sex ed even exist anymore

No. 216020

Whoever drew this needs to be lobotomized and chemically castrated before he rapes a child

No. 216022

File: 1655829740065.jpg (134.77 KB, 828x1166, FVsmTGsWAAAa_Ng.jpg)

No. 216026

Gross. I hope for the sake of my own sanity that those are fake accounts. Imagine commenting on a pic like this under your real name. Moids have no shame

No. 216031

Even if they were just trying to be quirky and make fun of the artist this is so fucking gross. The way scrotes talk so casually about porn

No. 216050

Wouldn't be that bad if the facial features were correctly proportioned. The lower part of the face is so high up, and her under-eyes are too puffy and big.

No. 216051

Is she giving birth in her chest?

No. 216054

File: 1655836996630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.74 KB, 1450x2048, ED9BBA15-E8BE-4CBE-AD18-2AA52A…)

I can’t stop laughing what is this

No. 216057

Gross, why the fuck?

No. 216058

this makes no sense!!

No. 216062

Her boobs are monstrously big, and so long, yet somehow her hair is long enough to get caught underneath them? The guy's cock is so thin compared to his body too. What the hell.

No. 216072

I wish i could get rid of all the mommyfags

No. 216156

File: 1655871275598.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.01 KB, 720x1152, F01A8F2B-8BCF-4376-B596-B458B4…)

i took this a while ago and it's still fucking ludicrous lmao

No. 216166

File: 1655873733527.jpg (227.85 KB, 820x960, 2960013-wtf.jpg)

The art was so close to being good…

No. 216171

Ahahahahah that's fucking retarded
coomer scrotes ruin everything they touch

No. 216173

Sadly this is true to the anime and is why I couldn't stand watching it.

No. 216175

It's like she's got a second torso from which a boob-butt protudes.

people like this got the confidence to post this garbage every day while I have a panic attack whenever I spot an anatomy mistake in my art. I guess at least this gives me some extra courage.

No. 216199

File: 1655895543197.jpg (547.27 KB, 1920x2386, humberto-cunha-noi-color2.jpg)

la creatura

No. 216200

kek why did the artist place her mouth in her cheek?

No. 216208

File: 1655897680042.gif (357.86 KB, 500x281, wtf.gif)

kek I thought it was a joke at first but she really is smuggling some cantaloupes under there. Coomers need to be put in camps fr

No. 216210

File: 1655899345625.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.34 KB, 1280x640, episode_engine_cg_r_81_11_6_4_…)

warning: SHITTY PORN
>magical girl game on android
>has a censored version
>ok, how bad is the uncensored version
>pic related
Dear god this is the shittiest hentai pose I have ever seen. The other game art goes into absolutely degenerate fetishes and has ugly bastards, gross.

No. 216215

Can't coomers see how ridiculous this looks? The foreshortening on the arm also looks like shit.

No. 216218

Another piece that improves my confidence in my own art kek.
If this retard could make it, so can you, nonnas!

No. 216282

It gets harder and harder every day to rationalize my attraction to men when I know that this is what they jerk off to

No. 216283

Looking at this made my breasts hurt.

No. 216285

Are you really that impressed by one-point perspective? The colors are hideous and there are several perspective mistakes.

No. 216289

lol it looks like lain

No. 216492

File: 1656015859979.png (36.44 KB, 160x160, ae636b72-2a3e-4c2b-b082-dc1098…)


And this is why Instagram does not allow porn… nor even artistic nudity, of all things.

No. 216562

File: 1656052077495.png (Spoiler Image,600.57 KB, 720x1303, Screenshot_20220623-232228-369…)

Looks like shitty furry fetish art. Disgusting.

No. 216596

This person definitely has a lot of child followers and yet. She has the body of a fucking wasp

No. 216609

Art itself aside why would she give a fuck if children are following her? It's not a creator's responsibility to baby someone elses kids

No. 216629

partially-nsfw artist here. it’s not “babying” but having basic decency. i block anyone under 18 from following me (although this gets difficult if you’re a popular artist, usually for hardcore stuff you have to set up a paywall on somewhere like patreon)

No. 216635

As if minors can't easily bypass age restriction by putting a different birth date on social media or simply clicking "yes" when adult websites ask if they are over 18. It's impossible to control what strangers are consuming. Children aren't supposed to have unsupervised access to the internet. It's the parents problem if they're doing it.

No. 216637

i agree that it’s parents’ fault for not monitoring their kids. still i try taking precautions when it comes to access. there’s already enough pornsick teens as it is, i don’t want to make any new ones.

No. 216641

based, just because the parents have the responsibility of protecting their kids doesn’t mean society also doesn’t play a role in protecting children. the people who think it should only be parents are probably like the police who stood outside for 45 minutes while an incel was achieving the high score

No. 216660

The hell are you on anon, are you really comparing a drawing of a furry ass to a school massacre? You're taking it way too far.
Ultimately we don't know if she's blocking minors or not, maybe she actually does. Still, the art is only mildly explicit but it's not porn, unfortunately children will see sexualized characters even in cartoons meant for them, it's possible to have a sex scene and partial nudity in a PG-13 movie. Many most popular music videos will show more suggestive visuals with no prior warnings or age limits. I'm surprised people really expect this level of micromanaging from anyone online.

No. 216679

This. Like I know it's not my responsibility, but I still don't want to take part in it so I will take as many precautions as I can.

No. 216689

File: 1656111556994.jpeg (172.2 KB, 827x763, 6798A0D1-00E6-4C5A-803E-2F49B8…)

Half assed sketch of vague-cat fakebois with a gradient slapped over it = profit

No. 216701

Sheila Jeffreys was right

No. 216715

fuck i feel so bad for lesbians

No. 216752

what do you mean exactly?

No. 216756

File: 1656128318061.jpg (336.53 KB, 1120x2916, FQc1VBoaUAEfXEJ.jpg)


No. 216764

File: 1656130771326.jpeg (670.08 KB, 1170x1026, B9B650A2-6F35-4E25-9563-1B4412…)

No. 216767

File: 1656132885744.jpg (298.27 KB, 1080x1505, Picsart_22-06-25_00-52-56-817.…)

No. 216770

File: 1656133709697.jpg (825.07 KB, 4096x2304, FV9zYZ3WYAcGh5J.jpg)

broken torso

No. 216777

This isn't bad art.
A design you dislike doesn't make it bad art.

No. 216780

I really like this character design especially the ears and eyes but the oily rendering and ugly clothes ruins it

The character is cute. The colors and hair are really good too but the clothes are way too busy and random

No. 216810

Uuuh why are fujos so dumb and gross ?(4. Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here.)

No. 216829

nayrt but

>pisspoor color choices

>typical 3D coomer design

It’s shit, just like all the other vtuber designs.

No. 216834

NTA but it’s kind of hideous. It’s too overly maximalist, lots of elements can be taken away like they unnecessary golden adornments on her unrealistic anime boob chest and shoes, throw the ugly neons and clashing rainbow pastels out of the window if she isn’t a magical girl, the outfit isn’t functional and doesn’t define or look like anything. Another thing about character design is that it’s supposed to tell you a surface-level description of your character and the only thing I’m getting is that a 13-year old deviantart user from 2010 who read a “how to draw anime!” book their parents bought at barnes and noble made her design asian original OC. Anon you don’t always have to be nice all the time it’s ugly kek

No. 216839

This anime looked so interesting, I don't get why they made such a retarded design in a mystery anime of all things

No. 216842

I hate vtubers just because they’re all so similar and boring. The designs are generic and mostly uninspired (though some of them are at least more cohesive than others). Vtubers truly are such a product of anime coomerism.

No. 216846

The worst thing is that Pako is not even a coomer artist, I think (and hope) the idea for this design came from whoever was in charge of this anime (or LN, videogame or whatever it was).

No. 216847

Why is his dick moving left and right?
>Uuuh why are fujos so dumb and gross ?
Nice try, retard, but it's not just fujos. Women who draw porn, in general, copy scrote porn visual tropes a lot. It's not our fault that all our lives we've been bombarded with violent, gross misogynistic porn.

No. 216851

I honestly kinda like it. But for a community that regularly commissions artists for promo art, vtubers insist on getting overly detailed designs that I'm sure most artists find a huge pain to draw.

No. 216854

Come on, it says in the OP, "ugly design". Don't be nitpicky.

No. 216875

File: 1656171944275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.82 KB, 600x954, 6A53C3D8-A698-4833-85C2-ED2D89…)

Fujos are a unique breed. This faggot women is so stupid thinking this is hot.

No. 216881

That’s troon art nonnie leave us normie fujos in peace

No. 216883

Who's the artist?

Fujos don't like tits on men though, this is some disgusting trap shit.

No. 216886

You can just tell the artist kept zooming in on specific parts and forgot to take the overall proportions into account

No. 216917

I don’t think this is badly drawn but good skills with bad ideas can be an exception. My god, are fujos deprave with their gay men . No way is this shit enjoyable idk how they are flicking to something so painful.(4. Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here.)

No. 216919


Reminds me of photo manipulations I saw of Supernatural dudes with anal prolapses and bees stinging the prolapse… It's been years and it is permanently etched into my mind

No. 216923

File: 1656184827516.jpeg (881.47 KB, 852x1200, 98751710_p0_master1200.jpeg)

I sense a poor attempt at a scrotum infiltration… Stop sperging about muh depraved fujos and "faggot women" and go back.

No. 216924

why have you been actively seeking this content out in the first place, esl-kun? if you just want to sperg about fujos being hitler faggot women you can do it back on cuckchan.

No. 216925

File: 1656185043671.jpeg (535.71 KB, 849x1200, 99299001_p0_master1200.jpeg)

Another one that made me lol. Pixiv truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 216926

probably one of the moids from the roe v wade thread, there was a fujo radfem in there making them mald like crazy.

No. 216927

this style is cool, if only they drew a different subject matter

No. 216928

pick one

No. 216930

No. 216931

You seem to spend a suspiciously large amount of time looking for these and saving them

No. 216932

File: 1656185732837.jpeg (446.96 KB, 849x1200, 98178344_p0_master1200.jpeg)

>there was a fujo radfem in there making them mald like crazy.
kek hope she has a wonderful day

No. 216935

why? it's very easy to be both. aidens and their nonexistent self awareness ree about normal fujos for "fetishizing gay men," and they make real prostate owners seethe even harder. every fujo on this board hates trannies just as much as the next anon.

and for the record, >>216810 is the art of an authentic gay scrote not a fujo

No. 216936

It's kinda cute

No. 216942

I see yaoi proportions are still alive and kicking

No. 216944

File: 1656187649976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.12 KB, 600x835, 455E0275-6932-446C-86A3-85EF58…)

The face looks like a duck and the privates are so grotesque looking. fujos never fail being dumb at art.

No. 216946

>het shit obviously drawn by a male
please rope now

No. 216947

Why are you looking at gross scrote pics like that and why are you sharing it. I wish people would chill with sharing scrote porn drawings as basically all of it is shit art.

No. 216949

Where’s the fujo? Isn’t is some het tomboy fetish shit?

No. 216950

OT but radical feminism isn’t solely about hating trannies. There’s a lot of gender crits who are libfems.

No. 216958

I think anon thought it was some cuntboy or FtM type of porn? I don't know the artist, but by the way it's drawn it's more likely to be tomboy porn tho.

No. 216960

Stop replying to obvious bait anons.

No. 216976

TBH anyone who posts porn crap from now on should be ignored.

No. 216977

File: 1656194862599.jpeg (258.76 KB, 1609x2048, C9D5545A-13DA-407B-B17E-6C3CD5…)

There are so many things wrong with this

No. 216979

>thigh gap in that pose

i think i know why these retards draw it this way. they have literally never seen a real live woman standing, so they think all women stand in that way they do for instagram where they stick their butt out and turn their thighs in to give themselves a gap. ive seen coomers draw women LAYING DOWN with a thigh gap. it looks so fucking stupid.

No. 216981

objectifying men is based. fuck off.

No. 216982

>generic animu girl doing a normal pose and wearing normal clothes
Can you retards stop throwing around random buzzwords when you don't know the meaning of them?

No. 216985

>normal clothes
She's wearing a see-through miniskirt kek. It's obviously meant to be a sexy looking outfit and the artist primarily draws ecchi, so it's not inaccurate to say it's a coomer design. Moids can never hide their porn addictions when they try to design characters

No. 216989

genuinely dont understand how anyone likes vtuber designs. they all just remind me of a dollmaker with 5000000 options and someone hit the "random" button

No. 216992

Ignore it. He's trying to instigate more infighting over fujos, this time by posting art drawn by pornsick men.

No. 216995

File: 1656201728284.png (486.46 KB, 720x665, Screenshot_20220623-231431-678…)

Here's this awful design by angelbunnyy_/_bratbunny_/1800dustbunny,
No wonder she has to heavily reference off of others, kek.

No. 217002

i think anon was implying that most radfems are lesbians who don’t care about yaoi aka me

No. 217003

bi radfems exist

No. 217006

File: 1656203479466.png (259.97 KB, 800x800, D38636C7-4EBF-4658-B211-22A0EA…)

Drawn by kiwi farms user Saffronette. The deranged furry girl who’s fucking a white guy who abuses his kids.

No. 217007

File: 1656203594025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.82 KB, 2048x2048, C3440BD7-B09E-44CD-AEC3-AF8295…)

troon garfield gijinka. what a time to be alive.

No. 217009

File: 1656205296331.jpg (12.73 KB, 559x560, 4yq5f6wo93751.jpg)

>the roid clit poking out

No. 217010

i never really understood the appeal of bright eye-bleeding designs furries use. theyre just so painful to look at.

No. 217012

File: 1656206212801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,355.65 KB, 560x420, FFF00A29-6F16-4289-BDDF-EFDA1F…)

None of this is realistic and fujos keep wasting their potential drawing dumb crap like this. Must be self-reference me thinks y’all should go to the doctor if your breasts looks like that.(derailing )

No. 217014

>none of this is realistic
>must be self-reference
Make up your mind. Also, how do you know this is made by a woman?

No. 217016

These threads need stricter rules

No. 217018

men are infamously bad at clocking eachother

No. 217020

honestly I'd enjoy this person's stuff if it they had worked around the mega-exaggerated downs looking faces

No. 217028

File: 1656211972386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.25 KB, 600x847, 259C7F63-6D97-4F86-A6C4-8D23F4…)

It’s the year 2022 and bitches out here are drawing yaoi like it’s the 2000’s

No. 217029

don't reply to the fujo-hater

No. 217030

dorito chin

No. 217046

File: 1656220140557.png (Spoiler Image,712.8 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220625-220210.png)

Eww not the knot shit you see from dorotero, Gross.

No. 217054

ehhh i think this belongs more in the bad designs thread than this one

No. 217055

why does she have lips like lois griffin

No. 217059

Never seen a dick like that in my life?

No. 217063

I think this is not meant to be a human penis since he's a furry? Either way ew.

No. 217069

It's supposed to be dog dick, which feels wrong to me.

No. 217073

File: 1656241219599.jpg (92.19 KB, 800x594, 155.jpg)

I found a horror VN CG where I don't understand what's happening. It's like the dude's dick exploded inside the girl? Not going to post because gore, the VN is literally called Gore Screaming Show and is full of shit tier anatomy. Pic related is killing my sides.

No. 217074

File: 1656241445834.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.76 KB, 800x594, 320.jpg)

La creatura…

No. 217075

That's just fucked up, previous furryshit I've had the misfortune of seeing featured human dicks and shit. This is straight up bestiality

No. 217081

So disgusted by this "cervix penetration" trend, because it was so obviously conceived by virgin moids who don't know shit about women. You can't penetrate the cervix during sex because of how the uterus is angled, and it would be incredibly painful if you could. The cervix contracting is what makes periods and child birth painful, why the fuck would anyone want that during sex?

No. 217082

I saw the CG and immediately knew it was from Gore Screaming Show.
Yeah this company (Black Cyc) made a lot of VNs with shit art. I'd post a few examples that are worse than this >>217074
In general, a lot of eroge has a similar art style and it makes everything look shitty and gross. I don't know how scrotes get off to it

No. 217083

Are they the source of that confusing VN image that gets reposted on 4chan as a meme? It's not a NSFW CG but a girl is show from the back naked and the anatomy is completely fucked, I can't find it.

No. 217100

File: 1656256097132.png (1.97 MB, 1280x960, clannad.png)

I hate the entire mid-2000s eroge look, with the bug eyes and overly glossiness. Clannad has better art than that, but still…

(I remember people absolutely adoring Clannad back in the day. I just don't see how a harem anime can be that deep tho.)

No. 217107

File: 1656257969250.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.78 KB, 640x480, yamino148.jpg)

This artist sucks ass, his name is Ueda Metawo and I'm pretty sure it's the same one who did >>217073 and >>217074
This is from Yami no Koe and the anatomy in a lot of the CGs is retarded

No idea which pic you're talking about but it sounds like it's from a VN lol.

>I remember people absolutely adoring Clannad back in the day
It's because of the anime. TBF I've heard that Key didn't really want to make eroge but they had to put sex scenes in their games for them to sell, so the sex scenes are few, largely irrelevant and skippable. It sounds to me like Clannad and some of their other works are more like pure love romance stories than porn. But I've never read or watched any of them either, so I'm not sure.

No. 217108

They get off on the extreme obscenity and suffering. Moids have no concern for anyone's pleasure or pain, just their own.

No. 217109

File: 1656259987046.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.52 KB, 800x600, mindead044.jpg)

>this is what moids think an attractive male looks like

No. 217112

this one is so abstract, what the fuck is going on

No. 217116

kek he looks like some weird old corpse

No. 217117

File: 1656261303544.gif (Spoiler Image,270.97 KB, 800x600, 1589684945596.gif)


No. 217118

File: 1656261350684.jpg (35.03 KB, 468x718, 1431146870800.jpg)

No. 217121

File: 1656261631572.jpg (65.36 KB, 640x479, 1442374483086.jpg)

No. 217124

dorotero is a woman

No. 217126

No. 217143

File: 1656264744906.jpg (623.54 KB, 1200x900, girl_in_''''''paradise''''''.j…)

Ah yes, I remember this
Holy shit, it's a real visual novel. https://vndb.org/v678
I didn't think it could be serious art. I thought it was just a parody or something.
kek, exactly. In other CGs the men literally look like corpses (I think there are zombies in some scenes but I'm not talking about those)
Scrotes rarely know how to draw hot men even when they try, it's like they forget that men also have nipples lmao

No. 217151

File: 1656265096186.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.85 KB, 600x888, 96C96AF5-81AB-4C46-AE57-9F1CD7…)

The face is so stupid

No. 217155

I remember that… It was on LiveJournal right? The art and rendering were good, very realistic, but they ALWAYS had prolapses. I think the artists username was woods something

No. 217158

File: 1656265647623.jpg (377.79 KB, 2048x2048, 20210924_112229.jpg)

NTA but I've seen such stuff plenty of time on pixiv in the art tags targeted at women, to my great displeasure. I block them and sometimes post the dumb shit like pic related over here.

No. 217159

File: 1656265735796.jpeg (Spoiler Image,432.84 KB, 440x620, F1A4E919-3D7B-4178-B287-E44059…)

Yikes. For the special kind of fujos.

No. 217163

dorotero is FTM lol

No. 217167

Well, not to tinfoil, but yesterday paki-chan had a huge fujo hatred spergout in the twitter hate thread on /ot/.

No. 217170

Eeh I don’t hate fujos. I just dor like fujos that can’t draw shit right. I post bad art that is the rules allows and I’m not inviting war. It opinion and I’m a good farmer sow sow.

No. 217172

Tbh the art style in this one looks very typical of a woman who draws stuff for women. But given that this looks like a scrote self-insert + ugly bastard shit I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some moids drawing this trash and tagging them with fumuke or joseimuke.

No. 217183

File: 1656267556716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1240x1754, 4B20AAEA-A7C0-4E2C-8477-875A0F…)

Looks like slug(don’t post porn in /m/)

No. 217185

File: 1656268339760.gif (1.58 MB, 268x151, tumblr_99c35dc917121a7ca12c209…)

>scrote who thinks any gay art that isn't bara is drawn by a stinky foid starts spamming thread and bitching about fujos in broken english
>gets called a retard
>mods ban
>comes back, does same thing
>gets called a retard
>mods ban
>comes back, does same thing
>gets called a retard
>"I’m not inviting war. It opinion and I’m a good farmer sow sow."
If he isnt just straight up baiting maybe he's a "bob and vagne" trying to redirect attention from the the retardedly drawn scrote porn involving women

No. 217186

File: 1656268366966.jpeg (22.17 KB, 250x229, 0A3AC1B3-2000-451C-AC7A-DB5875…)

This is so close to blackface if the lips were a little more red

No. 217193

File: 1656268691191.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.86 KB, 640x480, yamino125.jpg)

the retarded yaranaika-like face and the weird angle. i can't
(reposted cause i forgot to spoiler kek)
holy shit wtf
this looks like a typical racist caricature found in anime lmaoo
>If he isnt just straight up baiting
>maybe he's a "bob and vagne" trying to redirect attention from the the retardedly drawn scrote porn involving women
it's hard to tell these two apart, but sometimes I do wonder if the latter isn't just pretending to be retarded and doesn't actually exist. men are annoying pests like that

No. 217197

eh that one could have been drawn by a woman who's into degrading guys as much as possible by making them fuck repulsive male otakus, its not unheard of.

No. 217200

Yeah, I have seen that on my feed and frankly I hate that moid inspired trend.

No. 217202

Love that stuff

No. 217205


the implication that platonically touching or standing near the average male otaku alone is one of the most degrading scenarios these female artists can imagine is what makes it for me kek

No. 217214

Noooo not to Floyd! Pick someone like Vil that would be way worse for him

That's a good way to look at the topic. It made my whole day better

No. 217223

>Pick someone like Vil that would be way worse for him
kek true

No. 217230

Vil would throw up before even getting close to that thing kek.

No. 217278

File: 1656288899784.png (924.18 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20220626-170118-621…)

I hate how she draws their guts hanging out

No. 217279

File: 1656289236717.png (23.4 KB, 800x451, rppr-the-rake-1655297528.png)

No. 217286

She really gave up on the tan girl. Her hands are so fucked up and her gut just looks like a two-dimensional flap of flesh that barely looks connected to her in any way.

No. 217299

File: 1656293087288.jpg (81.33 KB, 439x310, euclid25.jpg)

This is some non Euclidean shit.

No. 217305

this is taking me out

No. 217306

mythagowoods, of ASS BEES fame

No. 217308

Anyone have the red line for this?

No. 217311

File: 1656297003272.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.14 KB, 1235x1546, 20220626_192909.jpg)

More art by clownstongue

No. 217312

File: 1656297428382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.11 KB, 1323x890, A317E81A-30C4-4621-B3F2-9E0072…)

Quit the fujo-hate and let’s go back to making fun of moid art. They should be legally allowed to break your hands with hammers if you draw shit like this.

No. 217314

File: 1656298015450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,492.79 KB, 1045x1478, 49905652-117B-4A31-848F-F92D0A…)

I think moids should be lobotomized, all of them.

No. 217316

I found out about this fetish a few years ago and I was glad I forgot about it until now. gonna kms

No. 217318

God I was about to say this
Imo it's a kind of guro fetish

There's nothing that is especially bad about this one, unless I'm missing something. It just looks like regular big tit/ass coomer art but that's it

No. 217320

That’s just it it’s reg, unfunny, boring big tit/ass coomer art. Nobody is trying anymore.

No. 217322

File: 1656301946814.jpeg (291.45 KB, 2048x2048, FC442230-5408-45DE-BB8F-03935F…)

kek they even look their sexes

No. 217323

forgive my naivete but what the fuck is this fetish supposed to be, turning women into penises?

No. 217326

It's called Queen's Stallion and it apparently originated from that comic anon posted. It's kind of transformation and hyper fetish built into one. So girls turn into horny horse monsters with giant lips, boobs, and usually has a penis too. It looks retarded as fuck and idk how anyone can find that shit arousing

No. 217327

NTA but are you sure it started because of that comic? Pretty sure that has been a thing on Pixiv for years and it came from scrotes with their rotten degenerate mind fetishizing even the objectively stupid, gross, extreme "vacuum" horse-like POV faces that are drawn in hentai when anime girls are giving a bj.
I know because I had the misfortune of stumbling upon one such artist on Pixiv (whose gallery was nothing but that kind of shit) one day, and he drew characters from a lot of different franchises like "blowjob horses".
The twisted mind of scrotes knows no limit.

No. 217338

i thought it was called "dorse"?

No. 217339

NTA but yes. Before they knew what it's actually called in Japanese, 4chan moids used to call it "/d/orse"

No. 217353

I mean the comic is called Queen's Stallion and that's what I thought it was known as. Since it's kind of an extreme angle on the blowjob anteater face and combining a bunch of other gross shit I think it caught on quickly

No. 217364

Anon that originally posted the "dorse" I had no idea it was such a big thing, guess I should count myself lucky this was my first exposure to it. Interesting to learn a bit about it, I have to wonder what happened to cause scrotes to find something so repulsive arousing. Exaggerated human features I can objectively understand but stuff like this truly feels alien.

No. 217390

kek this hurts my brain

No. 217423

nonnie delete this the genshinfags will come for you

No. 217426

When I checked yesterday I found that it's actually called that because the first time someone came up with that shit it was a couple of Queen's Blade characters. He also tagged it with "hoping for a series" so I assume he was hoping someone else would make a manga and it happened (so the doujinshi was named after the tag, not the other way around). I wish I didn't have this information though. I ended up seeing other fucked up shit.

It's the anti-fujo retard, don't reply to him.

No. 217428

File: 1656350712297.jpeg (421.94 KB, 1180x820, 92EDF08B-7DC4-4A60-9E3B-C82206…)

I don’t even hate fujos…I hate bad degenerate fujo art there is difference so I not understand why such a untrue name for me it not true expect pic related it bad but funny(bait)

No. 217436

Wow you're not ESL you're like ETL or maybe even EFL

No. 217439

Stop replying to the bait. Anyway, it's obvious that he's just pretending to be retarded. His broken English just makes his bait more obvious. Although I'm also suspecting that it's actually Paki-chan judging by some of her latest spergouts on /ot/.

No. 217443

File: 1656357893674.jpeg (3.96 MB, 2048x2048, 402F016C-5774-4C8C-8444-0341CB…)

This style is so gross. I thought a western drew this but no just some jp artist with shit skills.

No. 217444

You gotta know the basics before you start messing with them, otherwise you make shit like this

No. 217447

File: 1656360042707.jpg (14.84 KB, 215x448, Complete-gibbon-resized - 2022…)

Why does Josuke have the arm length of a fucking gibbon kekkk

No. 217452

Oh god don't tell me Japanese artists are starting to be influenced by genderspecial Twitter art

No. 217455

File: 1656362388310.jpeg (97.47 KB, 828x748, 23A52ECC-22B5-4CC2-9DF6-5B44F8…)

does anyone out there even relate to this shit

No. 217457

trannies. that's them but instead of being a crudely drawn animecore girl it's an adam lanza lookalike with a devastating ponytail.

No. 217458


No. 217461

File: 1656364520752.png (16.68 KB, 526x720, Dancing_base_by_pokemonloveme8…)

No. 217464

File: 1656365382028.jpeg (194.79 KB, 826x964, 2BB44A17-9536-489F-ACFF-BCCC40…)

He actually looks retarded I’m dying

No. 217477

File: 1656370771332.jpeg (178.54 KB, 827x571, 0AD84824-30EA-41CC-AFA7-F5D552…)

what’s with the “:P” expression that everyone is drawing nowadays

No. 217483

i blame owlhouse

No. 217485

I actually laughed out loud at this one. Tragic.

No. 217486

I wouldn’t hate this but his eyes are two totally different shapes, it doesn’t look like one is squinting which I assume is how it’s supposed to come across. No clue who the character is but I feel bad for him.

No. 217487

Are those supposed to be tongues or their teeth?

No. 217499

File: 1656377434333.jpg (102.53 KB, 1080x607, FS5sTPtWIAAjUWj.jpg)

the puffy hamster cheeks are ugly as hell

No. 217500

File: 1656377481236.jpg (330.23 KB, 1062x957, FTp9iGBVsAA275F.jpg)


that coupled with the dorito chin, i dont get it

No. 217504

Anime bulimia cheeks.

No. 217516

File: 1656385764023.jpeg (138.24 KB, 1080x1296, 85FDE0DF-DE34-413B-A0C8-DF6001…)

troll art but i just had to share

No. 217518


No. 217523

File: 1656388664263.jpg (70.93 KB, 680x478, 57c.jpg)

it's based on the infamous miku binder jefferson drawing, which was entirely unironic

No. 217525

the typos make this 100% better

No. 217530

File: 1656392237435.jpg (173.43 KB, 1000x1200, FVo-DB3WYAA30Uy.jpg)


i love that we always return to miku binder thomas jefferson in this thread

No. 217535

it was a cultural reset

No. 217538

File: 1656396383566.jpeg (Spoiler Image,211.23 KB, 600x800, A5006D07-88ED-4854-B541-75A82E…)

I’m scared and I don’t want to be alone

No. 217541

We need to just start killing men on sight

No. 217553

File: 1656406527090.jpg (479.76 KB, 2048x2048, 20220628_105340.jpg)

If you're tracing some parts just trace a male base too, no shame in that. But this noodle result is hilarious

No. 217554

Compared to the abominations posted ITT this is quaint and endearing.

No. 217556

I mean, the thread doesn't just have to be all gross porn art, I miss when people just posted silly looking stuff too

No. 217579

How can this possibly be unironic? It's so bad it has to be a parody

No. 217590

Hamilton fans in the late 2010s literally were like that

No. 217602

Ah, that explains it all, thank you

No. 217603

It’s really was. Does anyone actually know what happened to the miku binder jefferson artist? Did she go into hiding?

No. 217619

File: 1656434349269.jpeg (289.95 KB, 2048x1542, 9F1F85E1-B809-4D4E-9F20-EBAB6B…)

KEK not Snoopy being trans and gay

No. 217621

God, all tomboys now are TIFs, super speshul TIMs, or enbies. Sad world.

No. 217624

Normal women don't look or act like that and if they do they must either have been born men or wish they were men!

No. 217625

artist is umbrony/kingdededeleted and yeah, pretty much. her accounts are still up and there was a shit ton of drama that you can still read up on.

No. 217641

NAYRT but holy shit the "miku binder thomas jefferson" even has a Fanlore article kek

No. 217660

File: 1656442974384.jpg (432.12 KB, 842x1191, debnuet-0b076b0c-f9d0-4d26-adf…)

No. 217676

There’s skill here but it’s overshadowed by the atrocious anatomy

No. 217709

Is there a name for this genre? I can't get enough

No. 217711

File: 1656461206932.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1377x1406, E9FAC8C3-3036-4614-AD92-CBC150…)

No. 217712

File: 1656461234007.jpeg (857.28 KB, 1428x1556, 7D050583-5B4F-4A02-BF41-F79FBF…)

No. 217713

File: 1656461301192.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 1470x1558, 08755243-9D5B-4848-96C4-C587D1…)

His art is so weird and bad

No. 217714


No. 217732

anna slatz looking good

No. 217738

Who are these supposed to be?

No. 217741

File: 1656475457280.jpeg (132.26 KB, 805x1280, F2C33A34-E26D-4F2E-BDF1-D20DBF…)


No. 217742

why is snoopy trans? that's not how it works that's not it. how the fuck would that work. oh my god. how the fuck can a DOG be TRANS. dogs dont have gender, they cannot be trans. why the fuck did that person made snoopy trans? my male dog sometimes pees like a female is he trens???? does he have dysphoria????

No. 217746

damn meg griffin aint looking too good these days

No. 217768

My old high school friends look like this now

No. 217871

I wonder why so many TIF artists can be really good at drawing animals like cats, but as soon as they try to draw a person, all their anatomy skills go down the drain and the people end up looking either like weird furry hybrids or fat Tumblr blobs.

No. 217872

It's likely related to their own massive body issues.

No. 217882

>weird furry hybrids
I think it's common knowledge that furries in general can't draw people.
>fat Tumblr blobs
because Tumblr art often tries to normalize "ugliness" (features that people consider ugly), but also they can't draw for shit, so their attempts at it are complete eyesores.

No. 217908

I feel like it just depends on what media they were into growing up. The ones who were really into animal-oriented things tend to be better at that since they probably have drawn it since childhood. I’ve seen some fakebois be good at human art but they always have to add in chest scars or a monster clit.

No. 218007

File: 1656553411075.jpeg (316.19 KB, 1395x1680, 92882673-32E4-44E8-88FA-C08A62…)


No. 218008

She looks like a grey old woman with saggy tits and an anime face.

No. 218014

mfw boku no pico

No. 218044

Kek, now this is ART right there !

No. 218045

snoopy is actually a human who has dogphoria and is a dogkin, pronouns are good/boy

No. 218050

File: 1656582033558.jpg (394.74 KB, 1769x2048, 34337221_1024991904326354_4600…)

this is an artist i knew from dA back in the day that has moved to different platforms now. she is currently in her late 20's/early 30's and while this art is from 2018, she was always drawing like this. the worst thing is that she has STUDIED art but from the time i was following her, the progress has been minimal. it's not her full time job from what i can tell but STILL.

No. 218052

Not everyone has to continue improving, especially if it's just a hobby. Yeah, this art is not good but so is the grind mentality.

No. 218056

i don't disagree but she somewhat promotes herself as an artist and asks for commissions so it isn't like she is totally a hobbyist. and she hadn't improved much even after she graduated from whatever art school she went at. i didn't mean to be malicious i just wonder how someone i knew from 14 years ago has improved so little even after supposed art training.

No. 218061

She reminds me of several artists I've seen or known who make mediocre art and don't want to improve, but then complain about people not wanting to commission them while also having high demands like expecting people to wait several months for them to finish their work. It's always so telling from the way they draw!

No. 218064

File: 1656589578967.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.16 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20220630-172810_Ins…)

No. 218069

some people really just dont have the eye for good art. Or at the very least, hyper analyze other people's art. It takes a lot of effort to understand and apply what makes certain art so charming in the first place. It's one thing to practice, it's a whole new other to do it efficiently
funnily I've seen people like this get multiple commissions and it baffles me. Admittingly it gives me bit of a confidence boost lol

No. 218083

no i agree theres something quite sweet and earnest about it

No. 218087

as this goes on it reads more and more like a sbahj comic thanks nonny kek

No. 218098

File: 1656609696350.jpeg (215.63 KB, 1042x1500, D5C977D0-A374-46BF-B082-DD6EEC…)

I no not like this

No. 218099

File: 1656609801353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,121.81 KB, 600x776, 522432F0-928C-46B4-9602-A69BB4…)

No. 218101

Can you stop posting your personal porn collection already. No one but you wants to see that shit

No. 218106

Always the gross tranny porn

No. 218111

This is the type of quality bad art this thread was lacking, thank u nonas

No. 218133

File: 1656617227827.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.91 KB, 600x855, D5BFFF18-AE59-4967-A66F-A8FCBD…)

Why do they look like elephants? Shame thot it was cute but no elephants(stop spamming weird porn)

No. 218161

>Please keep degenerate fetish art to a minimum.

No. 218163

File: 1656622378659.jpg (1020.58 KB, 989x824, Tumblr_l_40756776952794.jpg)

No. 218166

Plus they always have the phone filenames so it’s obviously the same person

No. 218168

Mfw browsing this thread

No. 218169

One hand has only 4 fingers

No. 218194

File: 1656629773769.png (Spoiler Image,590.74 KB, 720x1126, Screenshot_20220630-155304~2.p…)

I don't know about this one

No. 218207

File: 1656632939220.png (359 KB, 445x416, Mrs._Toad.png)

is that the frog from thumbelina . . . ?

No. 218209

What are they trying to go with this? Is it fetish art? I’m too scared to check myself

No. 218213

It's a frog tangled up with her tongue. I'm not sure if it's fetish art or not. So I spoilered it just in case.

I don't think so.

No. 218319

File: 1656683264281.jpg (129.63 KB, 800x999, jedog_by_stupiedidiot_df7czjj-…)

No. 218321

File: 1656683991767.jpg (313.62 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20220701-215512_Ins…)

i find drawings like these lowkey endearingly tbh. They're in that state where not exactly sure of what they want so they sorta just throw everything they know together. Still hilarious to look at tho

No. 218323

Doesn’t look like what you described. Its an angel with modern clothes and a red string around his finger. Very simple and kind of has some story. The lighting is good but the face is ugly and weird. I’ve seen worse ones where they really throw everything like you said

No. 218330

it's fanart for a minecraft youtuber and their smp. When I say throw everything together, I was refering to the art style not the subject matter.

No. 218339

File: 1656687602454.jpg (30.75 KB, 720x665, FB_IMG_1656687390553.jpg)

i used to think it was cute but this mentally ill hikineet y2k anime twitter artstyle's getting fucking old

No. 218342

Kinda dig this ngl

No. 218350

this absolutely slaps anon just ignore the furry shit

No. 218361

File: 1656695226413.jpg (1.07 MB, 768x1024, Tumblr_l_597151806053152.jpg)

No. 218363


No. 218372

they couldn’t even be bothered to make the posters look like they actually belonged to the room, i’m cackling so hard

No. 218373

I feel blessed.

No. 218376

I love this persons art lmao, a cow himself. He has me blocked on instagram though

No. 218380

This just makes me really sad, it reminds me of the sad reality of TIFs

No. 218397

This has to be satire

No. 218402

>a cow himself
I refuse to believe someone drew this un ironically and it's not just a this pic goes hard type meme kek

No. 218417

File: 1656715107181.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 2896x1784, 20220702_063753.jpg)

No. 218432

ignoring the freak in the middle the posters are cool

No. 218436

ben sharpio

No. 218459

File: 1656731329952.jpeg (402.54 KB, 1638x2048, E63550A1-1B8B-4977-945A-EAAB5E…)

I like the rendering but the retarded edgy eyes ruin it tbh

No. 218462

yeah, it makes it a completely different character imo

No. 218472

File: 1656734446909.gif (2.72 MB, 498x337, metalocslypse.gif)

Reminds me of Rockso and the girl clowns in his music video.

No. 218482

Isn’t this the same artist who drew Riddler shotacon?

No. 218486

File: 1656739038498.jpeg (117.29 KB, 675x900, 3EF0DE67-7095-457D-9805-B6096A…)

I hate how something looks innocent still feels coomish

No. 218489

bc of the focus on the breast outline and the butt meat under the skirt
male brainrot

No. 218490

twitter artist try not to ruin a meme challenge

No. 218508

Lopsided boob representation

No. 218509

File: 1656747624217.jpg (304.15 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20220702-153820_Ins…)

No. 218512

File: 1656748947845.jpg (369.51 KB, 1434x2048, FWpQ9k0VEAAlo1b.jpg)

another instance of this artist having good rendering skills but god awful hideous deformed faces
like how did they look at this image and think
"yeah that looks good and totally not uncanny at all"

No. 218513

^^ also i just noticed the hand rendering on his right hand, yikes

No. 218523

File: 1656758872447.jpg (Spoiler Image,438.38 KB, 1078x1019, Screenshot_20220702-184711_Ins…)

i hate the fandom of this show sm

No. 218530

Kek wtf, it's an old man's body with a little boy's face. So uncanny.

No. 218534

Is that flippy from happy tree friends?

No. 218558

it’s called knowing the fundamentals but still not knowing how to stylize

No. 218600

this is cute amen

No. 218633

I kinda like it

No. 218637

review brah?

No. 218646

No. 218654

Nonna this is the BAD art thread. I can only see a masterpiece.

No. 218659

File: 1656788122290.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.96 KB, 1218x1280, FT-jPwgVEAAZ8Ol.jpeg)

Pro ana MLP art… (nothing gory, spoilering just in case)

No. 218672

KEK this is so bizarre, what does the bib and spoon of the cutie mark means?

No. 218677

>severe psychological disorder
>weird kink
that tracks

No. 218703

File: 1656800961534.jpeg (281.8 KB, 828x1036, DDEA9B0B-232D-4FE8-A265-B5700D…)

Something about those hips

No. 218704

I did laugh out loud

No. 218705

Maybe the fact that some ana-chans eat baby food?

No. 218721

Anons I have a question about bad art… etiquette. I hear you should post art as often as possible to gain an audience, but I can usually only create something every 1 to 2 weeks. I'm thinking of filling the gaps with edited sketches (for example using the face sketch of a full body piece and testing out colors/shading that's different from the final piece). But will people be annoyed if they see I'm reusing parts of other drawings as new posts? I'm willing to do it to increase the possibility of exposure, but I'm worried it will make people not want to follow me.

No. 218722

Pretty sure the artist is a woman and this is joke art or something. She does furry v*re comics mainly

No. 218724

Total GILF kek

No. 218727

Use the Art Salt thread in /ot/ for advice


No. 218729

File: 1656813624688.webm (Spoiler Image,3.15 MB, 1920x1080, Squish Squish Squish Years Lat…)

bad animations count right?? I found this atrocity and you can immediately tell it's some gross fetish shit. It's not explicit but still really weird.

No. 218730

File: 1656813858728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.33 KB, 740x414, images (84).jpeg)

ig it all boils down to personal taste. I dont like this style and I really hate how they translate him to 3d. The mouth placement made me feel the need to share it since it reminded me of this

No. 218733

Didn't this man father four kids?

I need a smoke

No. 218739

File: 1656817182730.jpeg (600.18 KB, 828x903, E43B833A-C3DB-4F3C-8EAC-63D31E…)

No. 218745

Is this… Game Grumps?

No. 218754

File: 1656820112652.jpg (55.79 KB, 631x612, IMG_20200205_053131.jpg)


Look at how they massacred Frankie…

No. 218767

Kek, Frankie is not Frankie anymore, she's her new label now "They/Them".

No. 218777

File: 1656832964646.jpg (534.78 KB, 2600x2600, 20220703_021726.jpg)

Audibly "eugh"d when I expanded the preview

No. 218780

File: 1656833712151.jpg (Spoiler Image,350.6 KB, 1492x1976, 20220703_021731.jpg)

Spoilered for one of the most grotesque art styles in yaoi I've ever seen(don't post nsfw in /m/)

No. 218783

It's not because it's joke art or drawn by a woman that it's not shitty, I saw it on an ana-chan account so somebody is taking it seriously.
Go back to Twitter.

No. 218784

File: 1656834824776.gif (20.28 KB, 337x361, tumblr_p9qzq16hsA1vn1dy1o1_128…)

i hate the fact that i know that this is from a 60s hanna barbera cartoon

No. 218798

that nose looks like a big black hole in the middle of her head. absolutely awful character design

No. 218832

File: 1656851832133.jpg (366.85 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20220703-202904_Ins…)

No. 218833

File: 1656851871199.jpg (493.55 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20220703-203236_Ins…)

No. 218837

File: 1656851919191.jpg (87.68 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20220703-203700_Ins…)

No. 218843

File: 1656852087020.jpg (79.62 KB, 250x350, 8a0759df349a.jpg)

No. 218856

I thought it was quite nice until I saw the hand, that is a bit retarded lol

I need a blur like that on my cleavage irl

No. 218864

This design is one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen.

No. 218865

That arm and hand are all kinds of fucked up. Looks like the elbow is facing us.

No. 218887

File: 1656864470069.jpg (Spoiler Image,285.76 KB, 1080x895, IMG_20220703_180606.jpg)

Please stop

No. 218888

These are Himeru and Tatsumi from ensemble stars and that's from a female japanese artist, lol

No. 218890

i NEED the context of this

No. 218891

Sam draw copy cat

No. 218899

>"we have ace attorney clown at home"
>the clown at home:

No. 218903

File: 1656870104333.jpg (604.71 KB, 1400x1625, 20220703_194000.jpg)

Is it ok if I nitpick awful balloon tits here?

No. 218916

File: 1656877205910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,279.99 KB, 2048x2024, 230A91DF-3A4C-40D9-8BAC-1B8616…)


No. 218925

File: 1656881110630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.92 KB, 525x738, ADB0677A-CABE-4647-9252-CFB345…)

No. 218933

So butthurt damn

No. 218935

File: 1656882494929.png (277.35 KB, 450x676, F2C8F954-6B4C-4DA7-813D-8F7C70…)

Finding a cute character to draw for artfight among the sea of young TIF art is being a pain in the ass.

No. 218937

File: 1656882641835.jpg (340.54 KB, 1020x1080, ks--7MDTBwE.jpg)

that image is a ship drawing but with ~kawaii edginess~.
i discovered this person way back then on deviantart back in 2008 or something (she favorited some of my stamps) and i was intrigued, the cringe kinda intrigue (im probably sure yall know who she is but i wont name here because im a softie fag who is concerened about her mental state which isnt very great, reading her blog posts on vk before she left that site for good, and also the war this year)
she does fanarts of western cartoons (nickelodeon, cartoon network, jetix, old obscure cartoons) AND anime, most of her stuff isnt so bad but some do stand out, she draws male cartoon characters either crossdressed or ship art. she also writes fanfics.
i dont know, shes weird and that shit is cringe but it isnt rage inducing to me unlike the scrotes artists online.

No. 218939

File: 1656882762994.gif (Spoiler Image,145 KB, 645x430, Imp7.gif)

more ship art (nsfw)

No. 218940

File: 1656882834639.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1810, pKz1ei2akz0.jpg)

No. 218943

Kek I'm doing artfight too, Ive definitely seen some questionable shit

No. 218944

File: 1656885725933.png (295.25 KB, 1000x1400, 9og1fDcaLLYzIqNsKrZhHRk4zW9P80…)

Oh boy tell me about it. Let me show you some awful ones

>Delfin is my hottest oc, 5'4 and genderqueer as hell. They're fat and covered in acne scars and pockmarks, and their confidence is unwavering and unstoppable.

>They know they're gorgeous and powerful, and will make sure you know as well.
>They're a sex worker who combines therapy training with their work to leverage a power dynamic- they like taking control of the situations to take apart people and rebuild them better, healthier, and with the tools to be good people.

No. 218945

File: 1656886137425.jpeg (66.94 KB, 1000x1400, kroRR4i3t0llUNGFBtQpKOP5CpFw6K…)

Another one from the same person. This one gives me terrible flashbacks to that one person who drew disabled children. If you know you know.

No. 218947

KEK that description and the sex worker/therapy thing? Someone tell them that saying an uggo character is hot doesn’t make it so.

No. 218949

Is this supposed to be a fat hairy woman or a fat manlet with moobs

No. 218950

What's this one's bio

No. 218951

File: 1656887242042.png (1.69 MB, 886x969, 7B6rgy1HGjE7biwz5pyH764qrVrv8F…)

It's honestly appalling how all these people have the same artstyle and affinity ambiguously brown dumpy queerios
It's pretty long and not as funny as the other one but here's the profile if anyone wants to see some terrible character design https://artfight.net/~MTT86

No. 218953

File: 1656887399335.png (2.83 MB, 1685x1600, 0fboX9uTZLOpOvSf0gN0WafGPZ5Qw8…)

From another person
>she/they genderqueer man

No. 218956

File: 1656887991407.jpeg (518.01 KB, 1638x2048, tumblr_8113fa7c59c7dd5e7603c4a…)

This made me kek. Also plus for unnecessary mastectomy scars

No. 218976

File: 1656890956601.jpeg (244.54 KB, 750x979, 35E505E0-B06C-4A71-A592-D133DF…)

my homie pacha

No. 218977

Then just ignore it holy shit, you’re just as autistic as the people who draw that crap lmao

No. 218978

I meant sam does art copycat. whoops

No. 218979

Just say that you're mad because anon insulted your art style, anon.

No. 218984

I had to google the polyamory flag. I thought it was Mathgender.

No. 218986

I hate that I know.

No. 218987

Why are the shoes on backwards?

No. 218988

I thought it was a retarded fanmade country or some shit like that.

No. 218990

I barely draw kek, I’m talking about the anons who actively search this shit out. Stop stressing about it and just draw your own shit, giving it more attention will beget it more attention

No. 218991

If you actually read the post you'll see that anon said she was looking for nice art and kept coming across ugly stuff.

No. 218997

File: 1656894927739.jpg (1.54 MB, 3476x2928, FWxKoq0UUAEu_vJ.jpg)

It's not bad technically but this stylization is sooo unappealing

No. 218999

File: 1656895202620.jpeg (290.07 KB, 750x1083, 6337046A-42CD-4871-BACC-2A3015…)


No. 219000

omfg i hate this. it's that thing where an artist is skilled but they try to do some hyperstylization shit and it just looks awful

No. 219003

This art style always comes back to Thomas Jefferson

No. 219004

Gee I wonder what this character's sexuality is.

No. 219009

>>219004 was meant for >>218935

No. 219014

Fuck, why Millia?

No. 219019

This reminds of that weird horsefication fetish that was posted a few days ago

No. 219020

kek the artist is a schizo kinnie troon who claims millia is his spiritual wife. wish he would tweet something besides his hideous art, he would be thread-worthy.

No. 219022

it looks just like her tho

No. 219023

File: 1656904412970.jpg (44.86 KB, 539x873, FB_IMG_1656902390804.jpg)

a friend sent me this and i thought of this thread kek. i think even when stylizing you should still try make shit look natural. the one on the right looks like she was snapped in half

No. 219026

kakyoin really let himself go huh

No. 219027

the hair looks really nice but jfc the face is so fugly

No. 219029

There’s literally nothing appealing about the one on the right. It’s not even good stylization. These people should not be giving advice.

No. 219037

Males are almost aware of the fact that their sexuality is completely fucked.

No. 219039

File: 1656908791298.jpeg (57.07 KB, 437x666, 7FDC41D7-AC0C-44E8-8A81-531592…)

i know this is a month old but the pose looked really familiar

No. 219041

they're not that similar honestly

No. 219042

Leaning on a staff/sword isn’t an uncommon pose. Unless they were posted a short time after I wouldn’t say it’s plagiarism.

No. 219047

Kek, why is Mikan always the muslim?

No. 219054

This is actually depressing and somewhat accurate if you think about the motivations and thought processes behind some women who troon out. It's gross to look at, but it's the ugly truth

No. 219059

I want to have sex with the heavenly fox.

No. 219082

File: 1656928487176.jpg (44.64 KB, 400x600, 1c66ee0a-684e-48be-8f1a-390f11…)

Saw this on tapas

No. 219084

Fakeboi artstyle
yup, fakeboi

No. 219085

File: 1656929899855.jpg (447.34 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20220704-180820_Dev…)

not sure if you can remember this guy. But i really cant with their anatomy–

No. 219086

File: 1656929923178.jpg (419.48 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20220704-181315_Dev…)

No. 219088

I fucking hate that sidemouth thing they draw so much, you have no idea

No. 219119

a girl with two boyfriends. you can always tell the gay content drawn by straight girls, one of the boys will be the girly self-insert twink

No. 219151

what fucking thread do you think youre in you tard

No. 219158

>butt meat

No. 219159

When you learn basic anatomy with clamp

No. 219209

File: 1656962377191.png (859.06 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20220704-151839~2.p…)

No. 219236

I’m not understanding how the shirt works

No. 219351

File: 1657006643084.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1788, Bokkuro_Balling..png)

No. 219355

This is truly bad art to me, when obviously skilled artists make terrible decisions without realizing it. This isn't cute or quirky, it's simply just ugly.


No. 219380

I want to know what the QR code is

No. 219381

i actually sent it without noticing it lol. It's just a code to their twitter account

No. 219383

They always seem to make the shy anxious ones the token muslimah, like Fluttershy

No. 219420

Why am I only just now realising that this is a faceswap?

No. 219429

File: 1657052309782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.81 KB, 827x1055, 94EDEF55-ACE1-4E16-9A5C-845992…)

bros been drawing like this for years now kek. looks like something id draw as an angsty 12 year old tbh

No. 219446

File: 1657055414068.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.15 KB, 800x453, 396ed80425350ba65918f3c5367df5…)

She's used for so much fanservice though

No. 219471

File: 1657063153565.jpeg (877.66 KB, 1170x1673, DD9329AE-3641-4320-B992-882D9D…)


No. 219472

Is Danganronpa really like this? Disgusting

No. 219474

File: 1657064490731.jpeg (345.87 KB, 1724x2048, 1872C3A5-2E70-4F10-A844-5E87D3…)

Looks like an attempt at stylized realism but her face looks weird and way off perspective

No. 219476

The ear is too high but if not for that I'd say it's fine

No. 219477

File: 1657065285821.jpg (180.51 KB, 1024x575, download.jpg)

OT but yeah it has lots of moments like that.

No. 219480

No wonder girls who play this troon out

No. 219489

nta but KEK it's so fucking true it hurts

No. 219509

File: 1657077310807.png (Spoiler Image,84.2 KB, 601x453, YNMTPSwr1g6yQgyG2CkINgK8LHHELp…)

what in the jesus fuck is this

No. 219603


No. 219645

File: 1657123716722.png (413.56 KB, 600x359, A6BD5AAC-7226-4D81-9544-DFB289…)

What is nonnies’ opinion on the over exceeding amount of details (compared to the size the art is supposed to be published in) that the art is just unreadable?

No. 219689

File: 1657129922482.jpeg (151.43 KB, 827x1150, ED8961AD-E5F9-41CE-A939-97D73F…)

I hate this stylization

No. 219695

She has flippers

No. 219696

Is this some AU where everyone is a frog??

No. 219699

Surely he's not trolling? Some trolls are pathetic enough to keep it up for literal years

No. 219703

File: 1657131124513.jpeg (558.48 KB, 2048x1402, 10925EA9-6260-4786-94A3-4166ED…)

bruh why does jojo always get the worst fanartists

No. 219704

They’re not quite there yet but there’s potential for good art.

No. 219719

This piece is very cool and ambitious imo. It's just hermes' fist that sticks out.

No. 219727

I always thought JoJo went hand-in-hand with bad fanart

No. 219732

File: 1657140947516.jpeg (710.11 KB, 1261x1522, 7A943C74-B9E3-40F6-A702-F810DE…)

rcdart’s sister from another mister?

No. 219733

yeah, looks like her face and head are at different angles

No. 219737

I mean Rohan’s an unbearable narcissist so this makes sense.

No. 219747

pretty sure she's just a retarded autist. her entire gallery is filled with shitty drawings and spergery.

No. 219756

This isn’t even that bad. I predict they’ll improve and just gain attention in the fandom tbh.

No. 219811

File: 1657165264704.png (Spoiler Image,661.61 KB, 794x964, gvmvhkm.PNG)

this is drawn by a woman?

No. 219882

File: 1657185484187.jpg (735.86 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20220707-171723_Dev…)

il them but drawing expressions really isn't their thing–

No. 219888

i don't understand your question. but image attach is an eyesore. There's too much going on, and not enough clarity

No. 219896

This doesn't look that bad? It's pretty amateurish (especially for a tutorial) and the laughing expression completely fails, but I don't think it belongs in this thread.

No. 219897

File: 1657194592801.jpg (284.57 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20220707-143907__01…)

This makes me feel physical pain

No. 219898

Aside from the anatomical mistakes I almost kind of like the style. Is is made by a tif?

No. 219906

File: 1657199502351.jpg (320.65 KB, 2048x1536, 81FvbJetXyL._RI_.jpg)

Giving me Angela Anaconda flashbacks

No. 219968

they’re so close to being amazing at rendering lmao it’s still super charming

No. 219975

I find it hard to believe someone would be able to render the nose like that and then do a "my first attempt at digital art"-tier job with everything else. This person's art is so confusing in general. Most likely an overpaint in this way or another but I still would LOVE to see the process

No. 219988

This is really creepy and ugly, but I like it. It's like one of these psychedelic artsy shitpost

No. 220015

this person would make really good book covers for a child's bookseries. like ruby redfort or nancy drew

No. 220023

It's so ugly it's charming, and it has a lot of character. This is what those lazy zoomer Tumblr artists think they're doing. The problem is, to break the rules and to have an style, you need to do the basics frist. This person has clearly a good grasp on digital art, that is why they can make this fuckery work in a way.

No. 220025

Odd combination of conflicting opinions on this art

No. 220029

Lol I do weirdly like it, gives me fashion sketch vibes

But this one doesn't work so well, she looks like a troll

No. 220040

Nona the faces are clearly real photos tweaked on Photoshop. The things actually drawn by the artist look like ass.

No. 220049

this looks like a shitty manip lol

No. 220076

i thought the laughing one was extremely upset crying

No. 220097

File: 1657282703146.jpeg (200.45 KB, 649x974, 80DE56DD-8667-4791-8A6A-8F5237…)

Why does she look like a man?

No. 220102

Same I kind of get why it was posted, some of the expressions really aren’t working for what they’re supposed to be.

No. 220107

File: 1657288838575.png (1.91 MB, 2257x1732, dustin.PNG)

At this point I just think this is hilarious, not bad; wanted to share with you anons since I posted the nancy one

No. 220109

I literally have no idea what emotion this is invoking in me and how to react to this

No. 220110

Kek. When you look at it it feels like you’re having a stroke.

No. 220117

File: 1657291366893.jpeg (369.26 KB, 828x636, 29DED2F2-B9F8-4A22-8BE1-978F34…)

Dunno if this is the right place to put but considering this is a “self portrait” and yet looks nothing like the person I would argue it’s bad. Lol. Why do a self portrait if you obviously hate the way you look.

No. 220142

That's just an example of having face app installed in your eyes.

No. 220147

Almost everyone paints an ideal version of themselves when they make a selfportrait, big mistake to ever compare it side by side lmao

No. 220220

She doesn’t? I agree that the artist drew her brow ridge too deep though.

No. 220273

File: 1657333521208.jpg (406.43 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20220709-102447_Dev…)

No. 220274

She has the nose of a rabbit also kek at how her glasses would not be able to cover her eyes

No. 220283

File: 1657339289843.jpg (61.03 KB, 640x472, baf67aef435c2b98539f159d84872b…)

No. 220284

File: 1657339325331.jpg (52.03 KB, 640x474, 9fa8499774bbdaf62e66f150b1532a…)

No. 220285

File: 1657339362508.jpg (59.66 KB, 640x477, bea1b0de9700fe5de4eabda056d809…)

No. 220286

ironic because rainbowdash is a canon terf

No. 220287

the flag shit is kinda cringe but this isn't really bad art

No. 220289

this unironically feels completely accurate, ramona would be an annoying they/them for sure. don't tell me the motivation behind fighting her female ex wouldn't be her being a terf for not respecting xir pronouns or some shit

No. 220307

File: 1657346543534.png (1.11 MB, 1500x1600, SomeWeirdShit.png)

Does anyone here know Alduin Gijinka? I found out about her from a video a few years back where she was ranting on someone's deviantart oc and being really bitchy. She was acting so high and mighty about it, and I looked her up after all this time to find that she draws nothing but fat/huge assed versions of characters. And complaining that no one wants to commission her. Gee I wonder why. Pic is of her self insert character with a fat Dio.

No. 220309

File: 1657346965868.jpg (70.8 KB, 720x873, BigAssAlien.jpg)

Samefag but I just remembered she used to draw this weird pale alien oc who inexplicable has a giant ass… like she used to draw almost nothing but him and shipping him with some video game character. When I found her gallery back then it was so absurd to see so many pics of just this white invader zim lookin dude with a planet for a butt, while she was acting like she was the authority on right/wrong character designs

No. 220313

File: 1657347571348.jpg (102.4 KB, 1024x1024, RainbowVomit.jpg)

Okay almost done but this is the character she was freaking out about lol
It's definitely an edgy eyesore, but imo still better than drawing fatass fetish art

No. 220314

File: 1657347709006.png (58.94 KB, 708x482, Bitchy.png)

And finally here she is being a bitch in the comments

Okay I'm done sperging. I know it's old but when I was going through her gallery it just irritated me and I needed to soothe myself thanks for listening

No. 220319

God there are so many layers to the cringe here. The weird moobs, the donuts, the girl's outfit, the bondage… eugh. Even if this wasn't porn, it would be gross.

No. 220322

>Woman is athletic
>"Omg she must secretly have a penis."
>Woman is smart
>"Omg she must secretly have a penis."
Somehow this is considered progressive.

No. 220326

File: 1657354325505.jpg (206.36 KB, 1174x1843, cf968bd141c3003edf04a1382a21f1…)

Supposed to be Marshal from Animal Crossing but drawn him as an "uwu soft femboy with thicc thighs." The additional hair is just unnecessary which straight up looks like a girl. Most of all the dislocated wrench hips looks so retarded. What is anatomy. Draw a girl call it a boy. Boys don't have child birthing hips like that. I always fucking hate straight moid artists and trap/femboy fags that pretty much crap out soulless and tasteless waifu shit and also never drawn actual men unless it's a self-insert.

No. 220327

Why is AJ the only accurate one? Got to say I laughed at making Fluttershy a muslim but what is with the orc-like fang? Or scar? Also I don't know why but pinkie pie's design feels racist

No. 220336

How? I need to see this.

No. 220341

Boris and Carrie fanart.

No. 220342

Nooo I just got him in my village, cannot unsee

No. 220366

File: 1657380130814.jpg (348.15 KB, 1405x2005, 04011354790.jpg)

I don't want to be like the yaoi sperg, but I find this cover art hilarious for its topic, so I wanted to share it for its strangeness even if it's not a bad drawing. It's a cover art for an Initial D yaoi doujin novel where the brothers Keisuke and Ryosuke are(I'm guessing) nazi soldiers, for some reason.
Wait, I think that's that girl that made a rant on sonic93 after she made an unhinged video about being a Silver the hedgehog fangirl.

No. 220367

Always with the hijab Fluttershy. Where did that start?

No. 220374

because all Muslim women are meek, innocent, and docile, didn't you know?? just like all smart and athletic "women" have a penis (but still like bio women because actual vagina-obsessed cis lesbians are gross!)

after scrubbing off all the cringe flags it's easy to see that these sjw kids are just as regressive as their conservative parents.

No. 220377

This is insane

No. 220401

Japan loves its fascist military aesthetics I guess
Although this was many years ago, I remember a controversy on Tumblr around a human version of Fluttershy that was native American. So that was problematic, but not depicting the shy and submissive girl as a Muslim woman?

No. 220418

iirc the Native human Fluttershy controversy was mostly about one art where her skin was literally red and her outfit was inaccurate and stereotypical, not the Native Fluttershy headcanon in itself

No. 220438

sports bra and a separate gun holster

No. 220476

File: 1657428788932.jpeg (24.52 KB, 280x700, images - 2022-07-10T125225.706…)

i didn't use tumblr but out of curiosity is this it?

No. 220477

File: 1657428822021.jpg (1.91 MB, 1667x2500, Chibi_avatar.jpg)

No. 220490

Yes, that's the one i meant. Tbf I had forgotten what it looked like.

No. 220493

Zami brings back memories… So much drama around her

No. 220546

File: 1657449720171.png (626.69 KB, 1054x756, caamie_crpped_but_newer_imatr.…)

No. 220551

File: 1657458485245.png (Spoiler Image,366.36 KB, 1296x1199, IMG_0240.png)

No. 220553

File: 1657458643078.png (Spoiler Image,184.87 KB, 736x981, Untitled6_20220709132530.png)

jeff the killer

No. 220560

File: 1657464020113.png (523.86 KB, 545x700, redrawanon.png)

reminds me of this

No. 220562

I was going to say this isn’t that bad based on the thumbnail but then I enlarged it and saw how messy it was.

No. 220588

Actually terrifying

No. 220594

this style is so ugly omfg

No. 220623

File: 1657475750150.jpg (545.1 KB, 1051x1046, Tumblr_l_3472779946630.jpg)

I don't know if this belongs here.
Not even little big planet is safe from nonbinary paws/pawself Uwu

No. 220632

tbh this is what Dustin looks like

No. 220634

I’m getting this tattood

No. 220646

kek nona. that poor kid

No. 220654

File: 1657481602239.jpeg (381.25 KB, 1564x1566, 127D3AA9-EEC1-417B-82FF-67F610…)

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a ftm or mtf

No. 220658

I think It’s a mtf cos it looks to me like it’s wearing a stuffed bra over moobs. Why would a ftm get top surgery just to stuff their bra?

No. 220659

You’ll be surprised at the amount of ftmtfs on twitter. There’s a subculture of fakeboi drag queens who get their tits chopped off only to wear padded bras.

No. 220670

I think it's an FtM "cross-dressing" because accurately depicting MtFs as fat, ugly, hairy beasts is "transphobic"

No. 220675

File: 1657483904603.jpeg (205.09 KB, 1536x2048, DB97031C-D25C-43FE-A972-31B873…)

old milk but why

No. 220690

Ewww no

No. 220706

File: 1657501309151.jpg (466.98 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20220710-212845_Dev…)

No. 220717

the microaggression of making the “black” woman as manly as possible

No. 220718

File: 1657508436042.jpg (45.19 KB, 512x307, 1524999-znmy-Q3Dj69ydy3Y.jpg)

No. 220719

File: 1657508547351.png (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1427x2048, 2D95B208-FA3B-4B13-97C9-039794…)

No. 220721

Her back muscles do not make sense at all, let alone the giraffe neck.

No. 220724

It'd honestly be better if it weren't for these bobblehead-ass proportions.

No. 220725

File: 1657510964233.jpg (54.72 KB, 900x1200, stop_me__by_cosmixarisgalaxy_d…)

No. 220726

dildo shaped

No. 220729

saw this cropped on the tl and was into it until i clicked on the full image. why does this artist do one werid fucky thing in there art kek

No. 220744

File: 1657517328829.jpeg (260.8 KB, 828x1206, 1CF5A9B9-951E-474F-8E7C-76F1F8…)

Tit chop via boat propellor….creative I guess?

No. 220799

File: 1657541145806.jpeg (80.96 KB, 275x270, kldsfklsdgjlkdsgh.jpeg)

Reposted from another thread, this artist's art in general. Yes that's a troon

No. 220805

is this an alpaca humanization what is happening here

No. 220835

This looks fine to me. Reminds me of an adult cartoon from the early 2000s. It's clearly taking the piss out of trannies with this too

No. 220846

This one got me a little lmao

No. 220931

>gives tranny thong and tries to make them look like a mcbling era pornstar

is this benthelooney?

No. 220932


The Nutshack? South Park? Superjail!?

No. 220945

Judging by the neck, hair and hooves, yes

No. 220981

File: 1657572546876.jpg (193.79 KB, 1172x2048, IMG_20220711_154437.jpg)

Pantsu-rippers art style is too ugly for coomer porn

No. 221001

Ew. He should stick to making shitty memes.

No. 221023

wtf are those legs

No. 221035

It looks like someone severed He-man's head and sewed an armless furry's torso onto his neck stump. And you can tell it's supposed to be cute because of her facial expressions, but the proportions and anatomy totally ruin whatever personality they were trying to give her.

Also, it kind of looks like this person drew this normally, then used a high-fidelity image trace in Illustrator or something. Bizarre, but kind of cool.

No. 221041

I follow this artist and really enjoy their work. It's a shame they decided to make this their main mascot.

No. 221195

Her legs look like candles.

No. 221208

File: 1657651145254.jpeg (413.42 KB, 1638x2048, FXePxCTVUAAjvRP.jpeg)

No. 221210

Yaoi hands?

No. 221211

justice for eunpyon! her anatomy's a little wonky but her art is good

No. 221212

none of the interesting colors she used in the skin are present in the hair. this doesn't deserve to be in this thread though there's nothing horrible that stands out