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File: 1494971472576.png (561.97 KB, 800x914, 1494913379113.png)

No. 18232

Bratty Tumblr pastel artist.
>special snowflake who gets extremely salty when people do anything less than kiss her ass when it comes to her 100% ORIGINAL DO NOT STEAL art
>very possessive about her generic Tumblr art style, accuses other people of copying her and sics her army of fans on them
>copied this very same art style from other people and has unapologetically ripped off entire OCs and character designs
>has 908249829482 OCs with Tumblr pronouns and edgy back stories
>romanticizes self-harm, sexual abuse, pedophilia, etc for her pastel goth ~*dolly*~ aesthetic
>suicide-baits and crytypes when people in her inner circle do/say things she doesn't like
>abuses her cats for fun
Tumblr: http://tearzah.tumblr.com/
Personal Tumblr (feat. heavily edited selfies): http://dollclaws.tumblr.com/
OC circlejerk Tumblr: http://ashkinoshita.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dollieguts/
Deviantart: http://dollieguts.deviantart.com/?rnrd=202882
Receipts/Callout posts here (some of the grievances are a bit stupid because she primarily involves herself with other Tumblrinas):

No. 18233

File: 1494971657044.jpeg (75.34 KB, 1080x1080, 17437731_1648128982157495_4120…)

>Respect me and my self-insert's pronouns!!!

No. 18234

File: 1494971818615.png (254.87 KB, 1242x1769, 1494948881964.png)

No. 18235

>Do they both have vaginas or are just fat?

No. 18236

File: 1494972104884.png (436.18 KB, 1389x748, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.0…)

No. 18237

File: 1494972178321.png (80.15 KB, 642x424, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.0…)

>I will have a mental breakdown if you compare my generic OC to any other character

No. 18238

File: 1494972336348.png (146.47 KB, 627x647, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.0…)

No. 18239

Idk if she deserves a whole thread but god all these girls who have "DON'T COPY MY ART" and other stupid shit in their descriptions annoy the hell out of me. Not only does all their art look exactly the same anyway but they clearly out themselves as knowing nothing about art if they really think copying/ taking reference from other artists is not how most famous artists developed their talents.

No. 18240

All of her art is basically her generic OC. Anything else she draws that isn't Ash, they're just commissions for people.

She's obsess with her OC.

Proof? Look into her dA

No. 18241

I was always annoyed by tearzah's style and 3edgy4me OCs. Her character's backstories remind me of something a 13 year old fujoshit would have made back in 2007 on deviantArt.

But I can see how it's popular among the tumblr and deviantart crowd.

>abuses her cats for fun

Are there any receipts for this? I've read about everything else she did except for that.

No. 18242

File: 1494973595469.jpeg (45.94 KB, 480x480, tumblr_ohajx3YlCd1vm31e4o2_500…)

Here's a screencap from the tearzahs blog, which is mostly stuff from people she's had personal beef from collected/reposted.

No. 18243

File: 1494973803865.png (201.53 KB, 969x607, Capture.PNG)


Heres one from the hazraet insta account

No. 18244

No. 18245

>"dont ask me about weight loss i have an eating disorder"
>constantly posts own weight loss pictures

anyways i love this. I've always been a bigger fan of reading about people with huge ego problems and bad edgy art styles (100 generic OCs is hilarious) than I have of bigger lolcows, so thanks OP

No. 18246

File: 1494974260597.png (862.33 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_obedzuGFPP1qe347jo2_128…)

She's still pretty fat, too.

No. 18247

>They later appropriated parts of my art style themselves, without saying a single word about it. They just…did it. Using this style and making their main abusive character look eerily similar to my own character who is also abusive (but is not interpreted so…highly as their own OC.) They made me feel like my characters were nothing, these characters I poured my trauma and personality into. Like a part of myself was just…taken.. My art style had lost any unique feel to me. When I first found out about this, I broke down and went into a depression. Feeling like my main OC, who is like a child to me, who is like me, was stripped of anything that felt unique, special. It took a long time for me to get out of this depression, and I still feel some of it today, every day. Every time I draw.

Everyone involved in this shit needs to step away from the computer.

No. 18248


They all sound just as intolerable as her, to be honest. There are no victims, everyone's just a fucking child.

No. 18249


That's terrible and I hope it isn't true.


Yeah, it's stupid. They all interact in the same bubble so of course they're all going to be influenced by one another. Being annoyed by someone copying you is one thing but wanting to kill yourself because of it is dumb as hell, lol.

No. 18250

;) doesn't change the fact she's still a shitty person.

No. 18251


archive of her old nsfw art/oc blog, lewddoll

anyways i'm so fucking glad there's finally a thread for her. she's nasty and pathetic

No. 18252

Wow. The art used for this thread is some steaming hot garbage. Are the character's eyes literally too long for their face? Even if that is makeup the character is wearing, it is still terrible.

No. 18253

Sweet Jesus this is delicious to read. People who sperg out about muh OCs are the best cows.

Redraw anons, this is the best way to rustle their jimmies.

No. 18254

File: 1494979397794.png (Spoiler Image,182.74 KB, 500x500, tumblr_odcgg4Yzz71vdw7deo1_500…)

I could've gone my whole life without seeing this shit lmao

No. 18255

It took me a while to realize that the oc was… yeah. That hair is confusing me so much right now. So is it a layer of giant bangs or is it a big mass of hair with some bangs sticking out?

No. 18256

Why not just redraw it and make it as bland and colorless as possible? No sparkles or flair. And then send it to her and tell her you fixed it for her?

No. 18257

could also just make your own recolor OC
she's so easily triggered, anything we do would get a reaction

No. 18258

ana-chan pls

Anyway faedoll's a cringeworthy edgelord who thinks abuse is kawaii, but those are a dime a dozen, sadly. I wonder if she's actually had psychotic episodes like she claims or if that's just self-diagnosed.

No. 18259

She's also self-diagnosed herself with autism.

No. 18260

No. 18261

No. 18262

That's actually someone from the callout post, not Tearzah. Everyone in her circle takes OCs way too seriously.

No. 18263

almost all their characters look the fucking same. same shitty eyes, same retarded fluffy hair. they're nearly indistinguishable.

No. 18264

why is his dick the shape of a hershey's kiss? has she never seen a dick before?

No. 18265

Outside of yaoi probably not

No. 18266

I've always notice that most part of the time she has a weird way of writing/speaking, always cause me curiosity . Is she from another country or it's something else that cause this?

No. 18267

even yaoi understands what a hard dick looks like, damn. im gonna imagine the dude is workin with that one time charms' bf overpumped his soft dick and it turned into shai hulud

No. 18268

I'm fucking cackling! Seriously though it looks like when you squeeze a long balloon or smth

No. 18269

File: 1494998584921.jpg (10 KB, 247x247, 11.jpg)

haha oh wow, i used to follow this girl in my young and impressionable tumblr years and i always admired her somewhat but i noticed she was a real cunt to most of her fans so i never attempted to make contact. cool to see i was right with that hunch, and also that her art is exactly the fucking same as it was in 2013

No. 18270

is there a link to her new nsfw tumblr?

No. 18271

No. 18272


sage for samefagging but there's a twitter with a lot more awful content. i need to go cleanse myself after looking at this garbage

No. 18273

wait that thing is a girl???? I thought it's her precious boipucci OC

why is she so obsessed with sex and stuff? how old is she?

No. 18274

File: 1495000278403.png (48.57 KB, 885x420, Capture.PNG)


And this is the result. She's so butthurt. The comment didn't even say her OC looked like Melanie tho? like wtf?

EVeryone's kissing her ass in the comment section saying "I totally understand you! "

No. 18275

File: 1495000339863.png (28.59 KB, 736x204, tearzahage.png)

No. 18276

File: 1495000775720.png (40.64 KB, 875x245, Capture.PNG)

>your characters appear very original
>your ocs are original

totally. Ripping off from other artists and whines when someone "steals" her "original designs"

No. 18277

at this point shes just asking to be trolled.
brb making my own totally original ocs

No. 18278

I think what annoys me the most about this chick is that unlike holly, she does actually have a minutae of technical ability. Her character's spines aren't broken half the time, she has a basic grasp of foreshortening, she can draw relaxed poses instead of weird stiff block people and feet that aren't triangle wedges with toes- But she uses this knowledge in such a shit tier style. It's incredibly generic, there's nothing special or memorable about it at all. And her attitude shows that she has no interest in changing the way she does things in order to become a little more interesting. Holly's art is bad, this girl's art is just lame.

No. 18279

nah, shes same tier. just more styalized and more experienced using digital tools to get cleaner desults.

No. 18280


LOL she deleted the tweets.

No. 18281

holly has a decent understanding of color theory

both of them haven't improved in years lol

No. 18282

She's not any more skilled than Holly, she just uses pastel colors and sparkly effects to trick people into thinking that.

No. 18283

I thought that she and that PetitPasserine girl or whatever her name is were the same person for a while lol.

No. 18284

File: 1495028619030.png (582.77 KB, 800x933, sadde_by_dollieguts-daw72y2.pn…)

Her fetish for disproportionately large thighs is kind of grotesque.

No. 18285

Lmao hershey kiss dick
I had a good chuckle

No. 18286

Did she intentionally give her OC filariasis in the thighs?

No. 18287


Yeah, I think her drawings are better than Holly's - proportion and anatomy wise, she seems to know better, even tho she chooses to make those ugly yuge eyes, but the colors are boring as shit. Holly's coloring is miles better, even though her art is stiff as fuck.

They should team up and make the shittiest OCs of the West.

No. 18288

File: 1495029136032.png (324.52 KB, 800x914, owo_whats_this__by_dollieguts-…)

She is just too high-test for us, anon.

No. 18289

Jesus christ. I took drawing classes in college and one of my teachers, an older man who was known to put down his students, would probably curse her out over this.
The weird thing is the rest of the design is… okay, for the style she is aiming for, and then she ruined it by going: THIGHS THO!
Oh baby what is you doing?

No. 18290

I didn't even know that was a fucking dick. I couldn't tell what I was looking at ffs

No. 18291

File: 1495032162085.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 18292

I'm gonna do this

No. 18293

No. 18294

This chicks shit looks exactly like petitepasserine's shit. They seem to be just as snowflakey as her too.

No. 18295

I'm pretty sure that's her gf

No. 18296

Let me break it down for you:
Doesn't talk much, but when they do, they take forever to get a sentence out there.

No. 18297

File: 1495037235215.png (414.3 KB, 986x1205, tumblr_ol9wybnhwA1r57dygo1_128…)

Nah, nich0lael is petitepasserine's gf, not this chick.
They all do draw within the same kawaii uguu aesthetic, but I think nich0lael is more skilled (pic related).

No. 18298

Bruises and abuse are so kawaii uwu

No. 18299

Imo both of their art is generic but at least it's not offensive to the eyes.
passerine is snowflakey as hell but she seems a lot more mentally sound than tearzah to me.

No. 18300

I've never heard of her until today. Anyone want to fill me in about nich0lael and petitepasserine?

No. 18301

Well her style it much more appealing, I can actually see why people like it

No. 18302

File: 1495058563775.png (2.31 MB, 1280x1855, bouquet_by_digitallyimpaired-d…)

Its ironic cause tearzah got into drama for ripping off digitallyimpaired's eye style a few years ago.

Obviously the reason she is so afraid to have her "artstyle" and OC´s "stolen" is cause she is already stealing from everyone else but with worse execution.

No. 18303

There was a thread about petitepasserine, should be in the catalog, has a summary of her bullshit

No. 18304

She draws terrible-looking eyes. They're creepy as fuck. Also kek at every single one of her OCs having completely random mixed ethnicities bc muh diversity.

No. 18305


found this post, pretty obvious she's copying as i've seen that other oc before and it's a pretty blatant theft of design, not to mention she suddenly changed the colors? shady

No. 18306

I had a friend that was her ex. He was abused by Tearzah and when they broke up all of Tearzah's friends hated my friend and even turned some of his mutual friends with Tearzah against him. Tearzah is scum.

No. 18307


No. 18308

That kind of behaviour is just so stupid and petty. I mean, really. Two sides exist to every story.
What if people found out you lied to them, Tearzah?

No. 18309

Probably use suicide-bait

No. 18310

Could you elaborate on the abuse?

No. 18311

droopy eyes are the least original thing ever both are shit artists

No. 18312

File: 1495245214394.png (106.21 KB, 1242x606, IMG_4434.PNG)

No. 18313

does the body look traced to anyone else? i don't draw so i don't know

No. 18314

It looks 'traced', but not an actual tracing of another drawing or photo. If you don't normally do clean line art, your line work will look like a 'tracing' of your underdrawing.

No. 18315

Damn does this cunt has no sense of dignity

No. 18316

File: 1495310056836.jpg (267.8 KB, 1600x2048, IMG_4426.JPG)

Whats with those fucking thighs

No. 18317

Looks like a radish

No. 18318

art style so generic i originally thought this was someone else at first

No. 18319

that's like a 120 lbs girl with thighs that each weigh 200 lbs..

No. 18320

Is this supposed to be a double amputee?

No. 18321

with the pose too, it looks like vicky shingles' shopped 'proof' of how tiny her waist is

No. 18322

File: 1495364711483.png (311.62 KB, 1242x2087, IMG_4443.PNG)

>don't copy my "original" design or else I will block you!!!!

No. 18323

>my illness is not your cute OC quirk

squints at her OC

No. 18324

And yet when she steals Rini's (I think that's her name) designs, she goes silent

No. 18325

File: 1495380447708.png (559.28 KB, 1000x1142, 1617096_yKKv0p3hf05UWup.png)

Pic is such a blatant attempt at copying petitepasserine's already unoriginal style.

Also I love how her OCs are all a mishmash of various ethnicites bc ~inclusiveness~, yet a lot of them have incorrect names because she can't be arsed to do research beyond just slapping on random labels.

No. 18326

I've seen children's books about shapes more exciting than this

No. 18327

i thought this was petitepasserine's drawing when i saw it.

No. 18328

Rini? As in Riniuu? As in the riniuu from dA and Tumblr who traced artworks?

No. 18329

I'm surprised Muri And Friends even like her because of how much she glorifies pedophilia. She's written before that Ash has the body of a 4-year-old while being a SEX WORKER, and has drawn porn of this before.

That whole friend group frequently calls out people who draw CP, but no one dares say anything about their precious Tea because she's so popular. I wish someone in that group would actually have the balls to say something than some fringe twitter/tumblr account.

No. 18330

Muri's main OC (which she even claimed it was a self-insert of her) is a 20-ish girl who is in a relationship with a +40yo man who treat her like a pet.
Muri's OC is a retard and act autistic because it's cute but she claims that it's wrong to ship OCs in het relationships and that any non-femdom ship is a bad ship but always does it with this OC.

Everything Tearzah does, Muri does, claiming everyone is copying her non-existent Tumblr style (as if she invented sparkly eyes) but at least, Tearzah refrains herself to not make any brown OCs submissive to a random sadistic white one with small breasts since she's lowkey fatphobic.

No. 18331

File: 1496008620105.png (966.13 KB, 1000x1142, 2177365_SWPQ9loDSkdY9cC.png)

adding to the bad thighs

No. 18332

iirc she's officially diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia and she's said that repeatedly making identical ocs is probably that repetitive behavior thing autistic kids do

i mean, it does explain a lot of her behavior so lmfao

off the top of my head pp is your standard uguu pastel i'm-so-inclusive tumblrite. she and nich are white as hell but think they can lecture people on diversity while also being lowkey racist and blocking people who point it out. despite being aggressively femdom uwu!! lesbians uwu!!!!!! they're yaoi machines and do all sorts of underage and imcestuoud shit (they have prostitute ocs who are 12) despite preaching about how problematic those things are. like tea, they love abuse and mental illness and shitting on anyone who doesn't agree with them, nich just acts nicer in public

i've also seen a lot of pp, nich, and some chick called babyfrills(same deal as pp/nich, except bf goes "stop bullying a minor!!!" when people point out she's being a shit) run smear campaigns against people they don't like. they're pretty smart about it too, since they all have big followings people take their word as gospel and attack whoever they're sicced on. they just like power-tripping and their followers jerking them off

anyway all of them are pals with tea so birds of a feather, i guess

No. 18333

Actually on her instagram she posted it being """diagnosed""" but it actually says she was tested for it and they couldnt find anything. I'll try and find the picture for it

No. 18334

ive been waiting for someone to make this thread for months. thanks op <3

No. 18335

If she calls herself an artist she might want to take a good look in an anatomy book. Everything is so off that it's off putting

No. 18336

File: 1496139084175.png (316.55 KB, 1242x1744, IMG_4485.PNG)

Looks like someone got triggered

No. 18337

has someone sent her a link to this thread?

No. 18338

File: 1496204671844.jpg (12.2 KB, 300x378, the fonz.jpg)

Oh jesus. Hello, my blog was the one last linked regarding the callout. (nagitashinjiro) I want to say, I agree somewhat with the "you should just go away from the computer" sentiment, and I definitely should've worded my reply better. I really wanted to, but by the time I thought of better wording it was already reblogged a good bit. This whole situation is less about how "you stole from my oc donut steel" and more about the importance of these characters to these people. OCs can hold traits of the person who created them, much like how Tearzah "explains" about their OCs. My own OCs have a lot of myself in them as well, as well as things I've experienced. Blah blah, that whole mantra. Anyway, it's more of taking things from characters that have MUCH more meaning to the person who made them than just "they look pretty," and Tearzah pasting that stolen feature onto their new 248503845845978th OC, who they'll draw once and forget about. Except when they put it on Ash. Then people praise them for their stolen features. Segway into…

..My friend (who actually DID have shit taken from her characters, which is far more severe than my experience. Tearzah also was worse with them.) also replied along with someone else as well who had similar experiences like that. They worded their reply MUCH better. My post is by far the most … small? easily ignore-able? reply TO that callout, but it was more of a problem with..Tearzah essentially using me since 2011/2012, when I was pretty much a kid.

TL;DR: Do not take my reply to that callout that seriously, but take the others seriously. They were used/abused far more than I was. Some with actual PTSD from their experience with Tearzah. While I do have SEVERE paranoia (among other things) and overall will never be happy with my only talent ever again after this whole thing, it's far from the worst thing Tearzah's done to a person. While I may not care much now, that I've dropped the bitch like a sack full of shit, I am still incredibly pissed off about how they treated my friend. (Took basically everything unique from my friend's favourite OC, put all those things onto Ash, then turned around and said "don't copy Ash." and acted bitchy to my friend when she confronted them.)

Either way, I'm willing to forgive anything Tearzah did to me, but only to me. I cannot forgive them for what they've done to everyone else.

No. 18339

Fuck this is long, I'm so sorry.

No. 18340

I'm powerleveling here, I'm one of the people who were "immortalized" in her OCs. I didn't know they were a actual horrible person.

No. 18341

Which one, may I ask?

No. 18342

I poorly worded that, excuse that I'm literally Stupid.
They tweeted something like "if you're mean to me you will be immortalized in my ocs forever"

Unlike them I can actually Stop being a lolcow, because I don't have a huge following.

I digress, its not about me, I'm a target for "farming" as well, so.. [shrug]

No. 18343

I feel this. no bs, this is so meaningless I'm relieved I wised up and realized it.

No. 18344

Understandable, the problem is that there's really been no apology from Tearzah after all this time. They just ignore it, or quietly change a character's design completely like what happened with that Princess OC they made.

Again, though, after so long of them being stubborn to never own up to what they did, what really can you do?

In the end I don't think there's really anything this drama will do. Even though I was the person who wrote that horribly written block from >>18247 while I was in a panic, I can see how stupid all of this is.

All one can do is just hope for the people irreversibly hurt by Tearzah, hope they can heal at least. I mean, you can't heal PTSD completely but I hope they can at least get help. Some of the people I've seen (and talked to) seem to be getting a bit better.

On a more hilarious note…You see the people who are kin with Tearzah's OCs? Mainly on Instagram?

No. 18345

Yeah they come off as very self-righteous to me?

And I feel like they have a cult of personality going on, at their ~OC circle~ but that may be projecting, if anyone smarter than me can validate it, please do

No. 18346

anyone who takes OCs seriously is autism

No. 18347

Could have been articulated better? but? You Are Right.

No. 18348

Anyway, even though i'm the lolcalf featured in their OCs, my feeling about them was right? I had unsettling feeling about them the moment I found out about them. My feeling was right, they really are awful people.

No. 18349

File: 1496212130325.jpg (58.48 KB, 474x548, 4c9d93ab500799f33d076214c4c41e…)

> Some with actual PTSD from their experience with Tearzah.

Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

No. 18350

Not saying its All a Joke or its a Lie.. but I got a chuckle out of that >>18349

No. 18351

you should really walk away from the computer and make some irl friends

No. 18352

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt even if i look dumb…? but did he know Tearzah irl or was this all Only Online

No. 18353

Make irl friends how though? It isn't that easy or simple. Imagine making a character for a movie or book and all the work put into it. Is a big deal.

No. 18354

There's people that are 'kin' with her shitty OCs?
I shake my head at dumb shit like animals, but that just makes me cringe

No. 18355

ACTUAL PTSD from "cyber bullying"

god tumblr is retarded

No. 18356


Minor Stress from dealing with her but ptsd? I don't believe that. And you wouldn't want to deal with your abuser anyway if they caused that much hardship

No. 18357

this cant be healthy

No. 18358

This isn't the thread for it anyway, the thread got derailled. I hate being rude but like. You already contributed your experience to the thread

No. 18359

I found this too, through a google search.


No. 18360


A petition?
I mean , I don't like her but making a petition for her to apologize?? That's so extra.

No. 18361

No. 18362

I'm immortalized in some of their OCs "Forever" now and I don't feel like its in that case of the Princess OC, where it was a one time thing.

I don't understand the appeal of having Tards in your Public Story, is that what you want to read about in other stories? It feels more like forced cringe humor than actually Good Writing

tldr; got "immortalized" in their OCs, I don't get cringe humor, enjoy your cringe humor

Apologies for my poor articulation, I'm a dumbass.

No. 18363

wtf is with the cat abuse shit though? fucking hell did she really do that?

No. 18364

Sources /say/ Tearzah did. There's no solid evidence. But I would believe word of mouth though that Tearzah harmed their cat. Wouldn't put it past them

No. 18365

Tearzah overreacted to me because I said I had schizophrenia. Btw. the tweets are deleted but they said something like "Why do people think delusions are the only symptoms of schizophrenia" or something similar to that. I don't know them or ever talking to them so it must have been word of mouth.

Whatever. its all meaningless drama honestly, I don't think calling Tearzah out will mean anything because they're not actually toxic people

No. 18366

Same person. my lolcalf antics were told to Tearzah [evidently] and they literally "sperged out" about what I did on their twitter and deleted all of the tweets.

I didn't think my actions will have this fall out, I have been seeing more people mocking them on twitter after all.

tldr; Tearzah found out about me, overreacted to my lolcow antics, and put the final nail in their coffin I [presume] prompted a lolcow thread

No. 18367

Tearzah comes off as annoying and a Joke to me. She's not that big of a Lolcow in my opinion

No. 18368

This thread seems dead but it also feels like Tearzah makes themselves a victim on purpose? Isn't Ash their self insert and Bailey their abuser? And lmao they're saying Ash has stockholm syndrome and I said something about stockholm syndrome while I was having one of my Stupid overreacting episodes.

No. 18369

she says her art is like her illness?? but ash is basically a sex slave like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18370

File: 1496724178420.png (121.64 KB, 1242x1802, IMG_4516.PNG)

Anyone notice how her commissions are halfassed and/or simple.

No. 18371

She has different styles for different price points, if I remember correctly. That's the cheapest style. Her normal style is more expensive

No. 18372

File: 1496736665346.png (254.06 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4517.PNG)


I searched up her commission prices. I'm guessing the person who commissioned her paid $20 for a lineless chibi.

$20 for trash tbh.

No. 18373

sage goes in the email field; leave name and subject blank. lurk more and also figure out how to write a coherent thought.

No. 18374

File: 1496763051039.png (295.85 KB, 500x375, original design do not steal.p…)


No. 18375


No. 18376

Yikes lmao.. I regret thiz so much. I kinda wish I never found about this. Regretting having eyes. I one hundred agree that the people involved need to chill and get away from the computer.

The cat abuse concerns me though, I can't think of a simple solution to that.

No. 18377

You need to be 18 or older to browse or post.

No. 18378

Found their regression blog and I'm fucking confused, are they rping as ash or some shit


No. 18379

Going by the about saying "icon credit goes to tearzah!", I'm guessing this is a different person who is RPing as Ash.
If it is actually Tearzah, though, I have to ask why the fuck she (a legal adult who draws porn and has multiple F-list accounts) is claiming to be 13, lmao.

No. 18380

>no NSFW/18+
if this isnt tearzah, how the fuck did they get so involved with their OCs when 90% of her works are creepy-ass fetish shit? Isn't this entire OC basically a fetish itself anyway

No. 18381


I snorted, not even being annoymous could save me the embarrassment. For real though. The second hand embarrassment from tearzah is so in bad I regret knowing about her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18382

oy vey…

No. 18383

Kids see a lot of things they technically shouldn't be seeing on the internet, anon.

No. 18384

I mean why are they saying "no NSFW" when they're bound to have seen so much of tearzah's shit and rp as a literal fetish OC

No. 18385

In Dollclaws' about it says they/them and gay. Not trying to be disrespectful, but how can you be nonbinary and gay, what does that even mean? Also have seen them call themself asexual yet they draw a lot of NSFW.

It's amazing how quickly they spit out drawings and they aren't half bad. Kind of sketchy how whever they get caught for something, they just erase everything to
cover up tracks and never acknowledge it.

No. 18386

can tearzah even comprehend how thigh gaps work?

No. 18387


No. 18388

>john egbert

No. 18389

why does she draw her eyes like that? wtf

No. 18390

the cool thing about art is you can draw however you want. its called stylized art. they have a shit ton of commissions so obviously some people like it.

No. 18391

Shut up tearzah, nobody likes your art.

No. 18392

>skill, training and quality mean nothing; any given thing is above all criticism as long as it's marketable to some audience

No. 18393

No Milk Here

No. 18394

File: 1497858607027.png (542.09 KB, 800x914, 1486289309201.png)

More "art".

No. 18395

File: 1497861607124.png (113.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-19-11-28-39…)

So by this it seems you can't have a oc with black curly hair or anything else that ash has couz then your "stealing" even tho she doesn't own shit and any of it

No. 18396

Christ, could you imagine what this thing's fucking skull would look like? That head (among other things) is absolutely freakish.

No. 18397

File: 1497996323921.png (699.05 KB, 857x1200, 7564.png)

I really hate how popular this stupid art style is
These pictures were drawn by four different people. 2 of them are fanart of tearzah's character, and 2 of them are 'original characters' lol shit all looks the same

No. 18398

god this is fucking with my brain, they all looking the damn same

No. 18399

File: 1498028497847.png (291.11 KB, 720x822, IMG_20170621_095723.png)

The person who posted this
For the character in left corner up (the one who's a monster doll) yeah that ain't a copy it just a little bit looks the same
And you do know that a person can't own a art style sooo im not stealing and drawing in anyone's else "style"

No. 18400

That is literally just her crap OC, monster arms and all in her crap style.

No. 18401

Why are you being dumb enough trying to defend your ugly art style here

No. 18402

why even defend the fact you stole an unoriginal OC in the first place? You can't be more creative?

No. 18403

lol are you serious? your character is even called Asha vs tearzah's Ash
I dislike tearzah but yeah that's a pretty shameless rip off

No. 18404

aww yes fresh delivery of milk

No. 18405

show us more of your stuff senpai, I love looking at shitty OCs

No. 18406

File: 1498083871885.png (650.36 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_4645.PNG)

>that ain't a copy it just a little bit looks the same

"A little bit"

It literally looks like ash with the monster arms, hair, and body type. Why deny it?

>a person can't own a art style

At least make your own art style? Ever thought about that? Maybe you're just too lazy to create one due to your uncreative mind. Most artists are popular for their unique style from colors to styles. Then there's you, unoriginal with your shit and trying to defend yourself.

No. 18407

File: 1498086873445.png (287 KB, 1500x460, 847rz.png)

here's their 'gallery' if you dare
looks like people have been calling them out there too lol

No. 18408

>im not a fan of tearzah so i dont really want something similar but it ended like that
Sure, Jan.
Normally I'd be defending this just because I can't stand Tearzah's autism over being "copied" (in spite of the fact that she copied other artists), but this is probably the most blatant case of actual copying I've ever seen.

No. 18409

It's such an obvious copy too. The hair, the eyes, doll joints, monster arms, the body type, the style, the shading, the color theme, even the text on the shirt. It's absolutely laughable that this person is trying to say it's not an exact copy. It's so stupid I want to think it's just a troll, but apparently people are actually this dumb? I mean, come on, the character's name is even "Asha" in comparison to "Ash".

I do enjoy that they somehow found this thread as soon as their shit copy art was posted here though. And that they don't know how to reply, tried to namefag, screenshot a comment literally just a few before them. What an absolute tool.

No. 18410

yeah it was really weird how fast they tried to defend themselves here, especially since their name wasn't even mentioned
maybe they were a regular on this thread already? since they mentioned not liking tearzah

No. 18411

Who are the other artists and which is fan art? They all look freakily identical

No. 18412

The right side was drawn by tearzah. The left side are fanarts

No. 18413


All of those are fan arts. The last drawing is drawn by someone called kittywolfxxx on dA.

No. 18414

Wow… i couldn't tell. Thanks for telling me tho.

No. 18415

>there's a piece titled "thicc child"
what the fuck is wrong with these kids man

No. 18416

More people calling her out on her page now, it's fun to watch.

Her lack of punctuation is very consistent. I wonder if she posted in this thread too.

No. 18417

Other than that one comment ofc

No. 18418

She's probably the one who made the thread lol.

No. 18419

I'm cackling. Which one of you is "Penis Replier"

No. 18420

File: 1498161021287.png (197.62 KB, 980x618, Untitled.png)

totally not ash gais

No. 18421

those legs look so fuckin gross

No. 18422

This wach-chan seems to be a capable cow.

No. 18423

hhhh omg people what is your point out of making these comments off of my art and oc lol

No. 18424

Probably because you seem to be just as much of a cow and it makes you look dumber coming here to defend yourself when you're just as bad

No. 18425

It offends me to think that you sit on your ass and pump out other people's ideas and artwork. Your level of brain function to believe that you created such an ugly design without being spoonfed the image must be laughable. I hope you have difficulty sleeping at night knowing that your contributions to the world are null and your artwork will never matter to anybody except negatively.

No. 18426

you do realize that no one would've even made specific comments about you or your 'original' character if you didn't come here to defend yourself, right?

No. 18427

Lets not forget the fact that you claim you are not of fan of Dollie but you're constantly on their page. Must be really hard to copy a style exactly.
Like dude, you even got the eye shadow the exact same color and got those thick brows.

You can put on your big girl pants and say that your page is fan art. Then no one can say shit.

No. 18428

nah im good thank you ima be sleeping pretty good couz tbh im having a laugh out of this
and its your all opinion like think what you want of me just couz some people out of the many others doesnt mean ima change couz i didnt do anything wrong but ay if you wanna think i steal and copy go on i dont mind it isnt harming me in any way shape or form really you just think saying this will change my mind the fact is nope

No. 18429

You are copying and you do feel guilty. That's why you jumped here to defend yourself so quickly. You're just huffy because your page is going to be filled with people calling you out on your BS. But maybe that's why you copied Dollie, so at least you can get some attention for your shit art

No. 18430

Wach-chan thread when

No. 18431

File: 1498170038677.jpg (41.14 KB, 604x455, 1497998501366.jpg)

holy shit this is embarrassing

No. 18432

File: 1498170141779.jpg (35.64 KB, 400x300, contest_entery___madness___spe…)

Guys you need to browse their gallery, it's hilarious. The shift in art style is so clear to when she started following Dollie around half a year ago. This is their art style before they started to copy

No. 18433

File: 1498170197432.png (179.42 KB, 400x784, 3_3_c_entery___too_much_danty_…)

No. 18434

wach-chan please tell us how old you are, I don't want to bully a 12 year old

No. 18435

A 12 year old shouldn't even be on this site

No. 18436

File: 1498170794678.png (16.23 KB, 485x75, Screenshot (284).png)

No. 18437

Well she doesn't seem to know jack shit about board culture and can't even reply to posts, so I assume she only found this thread because she obsessively googles tearzah every night or something? lol

No. 18438

elephantiasis is totemo kawaii

No. 18439

Might just be a mentally under developed weeb. That and they seem to be in every fandom every autist is in.

No. 18440

File: 1498171376005.png (531.92 KB, 1024x571, recolor_me_adopts_2__6_10_open…)

is it legal to sell avatars as adopts made on recolor.me?

No. 18441

prob last comment for some time
im 12 oki tnx and sorry too late im on this site already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18442

wait what you actually are 12 years old?? lmao

No. 18443

yikes, your parents must suck

No. 18444

Dunno if they are actually 12 or just saying it because the anon asked. But it does explain the level of stupid

No. 18445

If that was actually their Instagram here >>18420 they had in their story they were drunk so either attempt at being edgy or an adult who's didn't seem to age

No. 18446

I want to go back to the time where 12 year olds drew their shitty Naruto OCs, not weird sparkly sexual abuse victim dolls

No. 18447

Lmao the age requirement for dA is 13, people have been banned for being underage b8

No. 18448

Nah, I made the thread. I don't know why so many people and underagefags from "that side" of dA and Tumblr found it (unless one of Tearzah's friends linked this thread to her or posted about it in a group chat or something). Could be Google results, but still weird.

No. 18449

wach-chan is fucking obsessed with tearzah im not even kidding. they've viewed their blog god knows how many times along with their profile and google searches despite 'hating them', it's sad. i think they just didn't get enough attention as a child or something

No. 18450


Seeing how they drew before it seems more likely they found Tearzah's simple sparkle style easy to copy from. They stole the OC because they realized their own OC's sucked and won zero contests.

No. 18451

How do you know they've viewed Tearzah's blog so many times?

No. 18452

File: 1498177172573.png (353.54 KB, 2176x1212, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.1…)

Not that anon but I saw this
not sure how exactly this works

No. 18453

File: 1498177526951.png (Spoiler Image,871.24 KB, 798x990, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.2…)

man that's pretty fucked up for a 12 year old

No. 18454

I'm very sure that deviantart person (guroko) is the same person as >>18449. Where are all these Tumblrites coming on?

No. 18455

I guess it's inevitable for a thread about OC autists to attract OC autists. I'm just surprised they found this thread so quickly, lolcow is not a big site

No. 18456

Do you think its a coincidence that her OC Ash kinda looks like the deerhoof girl?

No. 18457

File: 1498194426694.png (404.28 KB, 1237x2136, IMG_4659.PNG)

You've deny that you have stolen someone's OC and style. Its even more suspicious that you're blocking someone/people who hadn't done anything wrong.

You're more of a cow than tearzah.

No. 18458

the meatguts person also seems autistic, they probably post here too

No. 18459

wach chan blocked penis replier lmao

No. 18460

yes, bc kiko looks like every other basic white girl on tumblr

No. 18461

https://www.instagram.com/p/BVkVI-pD3TB/?hl=en Op, Instagram username is different. Can someone else post this picture it is not letting me?

No. 18462

File: 1498242564235.png (407.34 KB, 933x556, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 6.27…)

>posing for references
You could also just Google "contortionist poses", but go off, I guess.

No. 18463

No. 18464

File: 1498243751419.png (2.06 MB, 1580x1820, tearzahvsreality.png)

her representation of herself vs. what she actually looks like

No. 18465

she's honestly really pretty but yeah that looks… nothing like her

No. 18466

chin and eye color. other than that it looks like ash with different hair

No. 18467

She's a nice looking kid, just needs to stop drawing garbage and poorly portioned anatomy. Hopefully she'll grow out of this garbage.

No. 18468

File: 1498250076392.jpeg (41.46 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o7xzymzyDT1r8vap9o1_500…)

>she's honestly really pretty
Only with bangs, in carefully angled/edited selfies with good lighting and her teeth hidden.

No. 18469

tearzah is an adult, iirc.

No. 18470

File: 1498250235785.jpeg (274.05 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nu3z3pZEb11qe347jo2_128…)

Here's another. Saging for possible spam.

No. 18471

LOL yeah her teeth honestly are kinda fucked but she's not ugly, just needs some braces tbh

No. 18472


lol whatever tearzah

No. 18473

File: 1498250300049.jpeg (92.91 KB, 408x640, tumblr_nqx6hzE9Hw1qe347jo1_500…)

One more

No. 18474

How old again?

No. 18475

i want to say 22. definitely older than 20. can't find/remember the original source, sadly.

No. 18476

good fucking lord

No. 18477


December 16, 1996. She's 20, turning 21 this year.

No. 18478

Holy shit where did you find these?

No. 18479

>she's not ugly

Lmao with or without filters?
Don't let the filters fool you kid.

No. 18480

Sage but
since we found out she's legal can an anon make a proper thread about her?

No. 18481

File: 1498313171585.jpg (487.14 KB, 1514x1094, original.jpg)

It's kinda funny because some of the people yelling at this kid for copying are copycats themselves, either when it comes to character design or art style.

No. 18482


I don't see how the ones on the right are copying, especially the bottom right.

No. 18483

had to unfollow her from everything after this thread lol
she sounds terrifying to be with
how did my 13yr old ass love her so much back then

No. 18484


she thinks she's a fucking god, she puts herself and her art on this high pedestal, then gets triggered at the slight similarity

No. 18485

her nsfw blog might as well not exist, it's all just censored bait so ppl can pay her on patreon
could've put that in ur main blog smh…

No. 18486

Does she have a piss fetish? She sure tweets about it a lot

No. 18487


No. 18488

i question why there is no ed article

No. 18489

just do a search of her feed, some of the hits are 'piss' used in different contexts, but a lot of them aren't


No. 18490

File: 1498472534962.png (242.69 KB, 1242x1888, IMG_4713.PNG)

No. 18491

what the fuck is this even real
her kinks are showing
and boy are they fucked up

No. 18492

I don't even understand how she has a fan base. She's so fucking rude when she responds to people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18493


so much for that, guess she's a literal autist

No. 18494


All of these (except for the top and bottom left I suppose) aren't really copies? Its a pretty general anime art style if you ask me

No. 18495

No. 18496


Really similar account drew a fucking used condom complete with talking sperm all over a little girl.

No. 18497

Someone actually took time and effort to draw that

No. 18498

I'm so sick of this "abused dollie" aesthetic/drawing style. The worst part is, they can get away with romanticizing child rape and serious mental issues (which reminds me, all of these "living dolls" are all self-diagnosed with PTSD and autism) because they can play it off as "vent art".
These are the very same girls who call out people on Tumblr and calling them pedos because they like a fictional character that they don't. I'm so sick of that entire aesthetic.

No. 18499

And did you see the tags? Soft, vintage, pastel, creepy cute.

Thereinagoth , what's up with you drawing jizz dripping out of a child's mouth? You should be ashamed of yourself. No way this can pass as vent art, it's just demented. Hope this appears in the search results when you look her up

No. 18500

A while a back there was alot of drama over reinagoth stealing tearzahs art, however tearzah and reinagoth seem to be in good terms now; tearzah made a post about how she sees reinagoth working on her own artstyle and also making it very clear to not attack reinagoth. BUt one of the biggest problems with reinagoth was how much she romantisized pedophelia, which was later somewhat 'excused' do to the rules being different in her country and her being 13.

No. 18501

I probably typed way more than i need to but oh well.
Theres alot of shit that comes off alarming with her and frankly im a bit concerned for reinagoth herself

No. 18502

pretty sure tearzah is just being nice to her. if tearzah were stern with reinagoth, tumblr would cry abuse and act like tearzah is treating this poor baby minor

No. 18503

*hurting, not treating

sage for being a dumb fuck

No. 18504

her art is quite good for a 13 year old, but stuff she draws is pretty fucked up

No. 18505


I find it hard to believe that she's 13

No. 18506

File: 1500902054432.png (171.07 KB, 653x745, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.11…)

Another one to add to the pile.

No. 18507

ever notice how way back when she first started, and catshops on deviantart came around… her style started morphing into catshops?

No. 18508

>that vendetta

only legitimate deets please. catshops started spreading that rumor once tearzah started getting more popular, and it's obvious enough given uh catshops art started looking like tearzah's art once they became friends on tumblr, not the other way around. catshops has characters based on tearzahs characters made after tearzah posted hers

sage because i hate to sound like i'm defending tearzah, it's just annoying as fuck to see catshops and her high school friends whine about how tearzah made it big and their tearzah ripoff styles didn't jfc

No. 18509

didn't catshops and her friends get grounded by their parents once for crusading against tea on tumblr? top kek

No. 18510

Could you not namefag.

No. 18511

>using subjects

No. 18512

No. 18513

You're linking a tweet posted in 2015.
Where's the fresh milk? Jeez, don't bump a thread for no reason.

No. 18514

I posted some mindless garbage before, I'm a lolcow myself and got immortalized in their ocs. The "Bailey saves Ash's nudes and uses it as blackmail" is probably me. But I have been immortalized in other VNs by -relevant- people so it's no big deal for me, it's something to talk about it so. But it doesn't matter to me, I love being relevant. My (no bs apologies) for being stupid.

I thought it was weird, the whole ordeal left me thinking I need a more… vanilla internet experience? Tearzah said something like "if you talk at me then you'll be Immortalized in my ocs" which I think is wasting their time.

Tldr;I'm a infamous lolcow too, so. If you want to believe me it's your choice.

No. 18515

what the fuck are you even going on about

No. 18516

Sorry for the rambling, I mean, Bailey is based off of me and Tearzah got inspiration from him off me, or at least what I said to my ex, I admit I was a creep as well but. Yikes the whole situation was cringey now that I think about it.

Tldr;My ex told Tearzah everything I said to him, and then Tearzah says it's now a OC Fact of Ash and Bailey

No. 18517

So that's my situation with Tearzah, I feel bad thinking about and now realize it was a hot mess, unfortunate choices were made. I don't resent my ex for involving me in it and feeding Tearzah a steady stream of what I was saying while I was dating him, I do feel a shiver of fear thinking about what happened. I won't share the name of the ex though, but the situation I talked about caused Dollieguts to ~be relevant to the max~ hope this makes sense, I'm not namedropping my ex though. I'm probably not a victim though because it was a problem when I actually documented how I was involved with Dollieguts.

My apologies for the rambling, hope it makes sense,

Tldr;when I was dating my internet bf, he told Tearzah everything I told him, Tearzah then used those/said they were "Bailey and Ash facts" (I told him I wanted children and Tearzah then immediately posted "Bailey has Told Tearzah he wants children with them"

I typed a lot more than I need to but I hope it makes sense,

No. 18518

Anyway it's pointless and I wasted time with Dollieguts, i feel like I played myself for contributing to this, and getting myself invested in this because I actually feel my head caving in thinking about what happened but whatever,

Kind of ruined my own advice because my mentality is "it's only a problem if you think about it but"

Tldr; that's my situation, I was going to stay slient and forget about it forever but here it is. As I mentioned before I'm actually a lolcow myself and the receipts floating around on twitter are mine, so.(learn 2 sage)

No. 18519

I typed a lot more than you need to, but anyway "Bailey saves Ashs nudes to blackmail her" comes from me, some idiot out there saved my entire online history. Dollieguts got ahold of it And now uses it as a Oc fact.

Keep in mind I'm a infamous lolcow too, but not to the level of Chris Chan. I love the relevancy though so.(no one cares)

No. 18520

i wonder if tearzah has only become as popular as she has is because she draws so often?

No. 18521

File: 1508407402049.png (206.44 KB, 600x667, new_girl_by_dollieguts-dbadlh5…)

another new oc of hers.. how many does she have now?

No. 18522

File: 1508407477633.png (17.95 KB, 657x235, new girl.PNG)

No. 18523


everything she draws is exactly the same, wtf is the point of having "characters"?

also, making every single human you draw into a character is the epitome of an amateur/immature artist from what i saw on the internetz for years.

No. 18524

gg Tearzah is now dating some tumblrite who ‘kins’ with Bailey aka rapist OC

No. 18525

Is there any milk on this Reina/Tearzah thing or on Reina herself? I'm surprised there's not much information about this here on lolcow

No. 18526

File: 1509797537292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.85 KB, 640x640, BCB52158-03E8-44BA-AB9F-B8F98B…)

unsure if we should start a seperate Reina thread. yeah, Reina got into some shit for copying Faedoll’s style and so on so forth.

nowadays Reina is under fire for drawing CP of her 6 year old oc with Rottenginma’s 26 year old oc.
there’s a whole lot to that story, including Reina sending underwear sniffing pics to Ginma (Ginma is turning 19 in Jan.)
however, rules say we can’t talk about under 18s and Reina turned 14 in Sept. (both Reina and Ginma lied saying Reina is turning 15 but Ginma snitched during their fallout and told everyone Reina’s real age)

No. 18527

my apologies for posting the same thing over and over again but my ex fed info to Tearzah and based Bailey off of me, I said something like "I want to have children with you" to my then-online bf and she posted it as a Bailey Fact.

No. 18528

Same person here, its all Petty Drama so who cares. but it Grinds my Gears and its all meaningless but I still come here to post the same thing.

Sage for my sperging I suppose(learn 2 sage)

No. 18529

the reason no one is replying to you spamming the thread is because no one cares, stop posting

reina actively copies tearzah's style and has traced several of tearzah's pictures before, the cp thing has been an issue for a long time but >414904 summarized the gist of it

my question is why tearzah follows/likes/retweets art from people who copy their style and ocs when they hate people copying their style and ocs exactly? it just enables it in the end.
reina's 6 y/o and ginma's 29 y/o are clearly ash and bailey copies with an exaggerated age difference for some reason, but it's not like they're the only ones doing that. tearzah enabling all these especially copycat creepers makes me raise my eyebrow at tearzah as much as the rest of these clowns

No. 18530

honestly it makes me wonder how these kids online can ever consider it even remotely ok to suggest or draw such a huge age difference. seriously a six year old? and isnt ash meant to be a teen but look like a kid too? why do teens think this is ok?? like?

No. 18531

samefag but in the last 2 days tearzah ha made 12 adoptables in batches of 3 and sold them all at $25ea and they have all sold out. anyone know why shes suddenly trying to make some cash? is it that she realized she could? its kinda odd shes made and sold so many so quickly

No. 18532

File: 1510770111119.png (25.07 KB, 131x123, tumblr_ovw05pTSRk1ubfrulo1_250…)

I was going to make a thread about Reina, but considering she is only 14, that's out of the question.

No. 18533

it might be because her comms have slowed down. she says she doesn't like spending money so she might just be doing it because the window of opportunity is there

No. 18534

sage for samefagging but i think ash is an adult? tearzah is just obsessed with them having dwarfism or something

everyone else though, yeah i've got nothing

No. 18535

According to the toyhouse profile for Ash, she's 21 and 4'6" (137 cm). Tiny but taller than the average person with dwarfism (4'0")

No. 18536

Yeah to be honest I think and Feel like all of them are Clowns, but keep doing you I guess. But whatever its none of my business. [sage for Sperging I suppose,]

No. 18537

File: 1511409804628.png (1.49 MB, 2048x1536, 99D9F470-804F-45E2-9015-F32B9D…)

Idk why but the one she replied to in the middle really pisses me off for some reason

No. 18538

I meant the one at the top

No. 18539

Tbh I think she's a Clown as well as the Other OC… Big Fans, but I AGREE with you on her… hating men? Its Weird and I don't understand.
Sage for me Rambling, I'm dumb.

No. 18540

She might dislike heterosexuals too
There’s some evidence but I’m not sure

No. 18541

I just get crazy feminist vibes from her when she posts stuff like this

No. 18542

lol i wonder if teas new gf even knows how abusive they are

No. 18543

Tbh. Wondering that too, sage for me saying the same thing. There’s a lot to say, they could be just ignoring it, or they haven’t been informed. On the subject what happened to her ex? Sage for rambling

No. 18544

oh guess tea's gf is just as abusive! they have apparently cheated on their previous partner and are have tried to flirt with minors as an adult.

No. 18545

sauce that their gf is an abuser https://officialbaileylovellcallout.tumblr.com

No. 18546

Sage for personal blogging
Yikes I felt a pang of fear reading that,

No. 18547

No. 18548

File: 1511983656505.png (105.86 KB, 829x146, what the fuck.png)

>they had sex to chicken little

No. 18549

This is amazing.

No. 18550

Also. Why are these people so fucking dramatic about the stupidest things? Is that just what being young in today's world is like?

No. 18551

Is this tearzah and her gf?

No. 18552

File: 1511994626880.png (77.2 KB, 504x283, 2017-11-29 (2).png)


apparently not. sorry about the picture quality

referring to the fact that the person who said this was 15 at the time, I can imagine that losing your virginity, especially if your partner was an adult, can stress someone that age out. But getting a panic attack over zootopia and chicken little is a bit much.

No. 18553

File: 1512331259512.png (270.14 KB, 719x1129, 20171203_195650.png)

Their fans are just stupid too, I don't believe tearzah owns black speech bubbles with white text so why are they bitching about some autistic kids Rick and morty comic?

No. 18554

the fuck? how can you copyright white text in a black speech bubble what the fuck does that even mean?
this is some of the dumbest shit i've ever seen

No. 18555

This is veering too close to personal territory for me, but apparently Tearzah's gf visited her irl? but they only knew each other for a little bit? If anyone has more info on this it would help.
Tldr; her gf came to visit her irl, but I think its weird because.. its so soon?

No. 18556

what's up with this thread attracting all these OC cows

No. 18557

File: 1512796945269.png (748.08 KB, 1536x2048, 6FB2DB08-6A8F-4FA9-BF86-0D81F2…)

I’m pretty sure someone else actually came up with this on her ask account and sent it to her
She didn’t give them credit
Idk if it could be considered that bad though

No. 18558

File: 1512797218457.jpeg (111.05 KB, 1536x559, 0E4AA948-6295-458B-8181-21F6D4…)

This one I remember seeing when I used to like her
Before I found out who she really was

No. 18559

It's because the art style is so literally easy to replicate. No need to learn complex anatomy or have to make sure anything is symmetrical, literally the head is 50% hair so you don't have to worry about fucking up the head either

No. 18560

their gf has visited them before, this is their second time seeing eachother
iirc, they're living together now (or, at the very least their gf is staying a long time)

No. 18561

Sage for being dumb because I think I phrased it poorly
But didn't they meet on tumblr first? which means they were randos to each other? it comes off as weird to me but maybe its just me thinking it, they kind of Rushed their Relationship if they met on tumblr first and didn't know each other irl

No. 18562

I agree with you, she's a horrible person now I know… all the bad stuff she's done.

No. 18563

>>18555 her girlfriend is "kin" with her oc bailey, and tearzah considers herself ash. theyve been dating since august after knowing each other for around a month. i knew her gf before and had her on discord but she was a piece of shit so i dropped her.

No. 18564

Thanks for shedding more light on the situation, [I was right after all, they did Rush into meeting Each Other Irl]

No. 18565

Also, commenting to acknowledge that you knew Tearzah's GF on discord.

No. 18566

Sage for personal blogging and off topic, but is it normal to visit your never met ldr… so soon?

No. 18567

I don't think it's super common, but it kind of makes sense since they live… kind of close together? I'm not sure. Them both living in the same country in my mind.

They both claim to have bpd as well, so they're probably clingy/got attached to eachother fast. Bailey was also clearly obsessed with Tearzah before Tea even knew who they were, which might add to it to I guess.

I didn't know Tea considered themself Ash, I always thought Ash was more of a representation of how they want to be. (Who would want to be weird, depressed and psychotic though??)

No. 18568

I'm an idiot

both living in the same country is close in my mind*
which might add to it too*

No. 18569

Kin dating to simplify it

No. 18570

most relationships met online go down in Flames I'm surprised they're still together

No. 18571

Sage, but I think Bailey having sex with minors is something that should be… hidden? Not shown to everyone. It’s too personal

No. 18572

Sage but she had her birthday with her GF
jeez they're moving quickly

No. 18573

FrANKly I think its pretty weird that they're that close after meeting each other…? Like it would be weird if they weren't together anymore [sage]

No. 18574

You didn't sage bitch

No. 18575

File: 1513697120944.png (1.05 MB, 3000x3500, 5773128_E2T9C48DLRiaEx7.png)

What's the white shit under/between the eyes, where the blush is supposed to be? She's so sloppy with commissions that she just left that in or what?

No. 18576

I’m assuming it was unfinished colouring/she forgot to “fix it”

No. 18577

She really seems so rushed with her commissions, like she couldn't be assed to care about the people paying her. This honestly looks like one of her better ones, which is just sad.

No. 18578

>>18577 And she’s still getting business, and getting paid

No. 18579

Hey guys, sage goes in the email field.

No. 18580

anyone else notice how she mirror everything on the head instead of actually drawing it

No. 18581

Yah, it's kind of annoying

No. 18582

File: 1513777170822.jpg (100.54 KB, 1200x770, C7hZyIDUwAA5L5-.jpg)

No. 18583

Yeah idk
It’s pretty strange
Probably a kink

No. 18584

File: 1513870016074.jpg (66.5 KB, 500x333, waterboarding-demo-uc-berkeley…)

Waterboarding is a form of torture, they're probably just fooling around.

No. 18585

Ik it’s torture
But some people are pretty strange

No. 18586

Sage; apparently Tearzah and her Gf Bailey visited Ash's family for Christmas, I wonder if they know how they met? [sage also for my own personal comments; we had a short minor despute but I'm still regularly checking her social media for something that happened Almost a year ago, I'm one of the people she immortalized in her OCs]

No. 18587

Sage for personal blogging my petty grudge with her, apparently she lost her mom/doesn't have one? I felt a pang of sorrow. I feel kind of bad now for being furious/declaring her as a enemy now that I know this

No. 18588

Can we talk about how Tearzah deleted that post with her diagnosis because they were outed for lying about being autistic and having bpd

No. 18589

How were they outed?

No. 18590

Tearzah despises their mother, for what reason, I don’t know but I didn’t think they lost their mother?

No. 18591

File: 1514833325970.jpeg (129 KB, 1450x1206, image.jpeg)

I found this. It's from awhile ago but I think it still stands. >>18590

No. 18592

File: 1514833400507.jpeg (501.39 KB, 1389x1944, image.jpeg)

No. 18593

Fuck the post was deleted a long time ago so it's pretty hard to find it but Tearzah posted a pic of their diagnosis sheet on their personal instagram and people outed them for not having autism/bpd. They said that they would get a diagnosis for autism after people got on their ass about it but in the case of their "bpd"??? It's not possible because schizophrenics medically can not be diagnosed with bpd for multiple factors lol. But they keep claiming that they have bpd anyway and even once spoke on behalf of the bpd community.

No. 18594

sage for bumpin a old thread, but apparently their twitter acc got banned?/suspended?

No. 18595

File: 1516899885404.png (982.29 KB, 956x1064, 32424832981.png)

what the fuuckk is her boob doing???

No. 18596

Oh jeez

No. 18597

Her cutlet is trying to escape.

No. 18598

Idk but she kept getting questions about it and was apparently really pissed people were so interested in her boobs.

No. 18599

She was padding in the picture obviously. But I personally think her flat chest better suits her multi-gender pronouns.

No. 18600

I used to follow her on insta because I liked the colors she used, but I really hated the fact that she makes self-harm a part of her aesthetic. Like, what's the point? You can make a good character without having their arms and legs full of ugly cuts.

No. 18601

These weirdos on tumblr were making angsty self harm art of rick sanchez & the purple boy from osomatsu san. It's how they stand out from the boring vanilla artists. She's not just an ordinary pastel doll….. She's a pastel doll with mental illness!! ITS NOT GLORIFICATION THOUGH SHUT UP!!

No. 18602

I’m a bit late in answering this, but. tearzah romanctizng incest comes form Bailey having a crush on his big sister (no one provided a source for it but I’m assuming it was this)

No. 18603

I don't think tearzah deserves a whole page because she hasn't done anything except be like every artist on tumblr. I feel like tearzah has grown up a lot because she does not start drama with other people or really flip her shit if someone makes a comment about her art style or characters like she used to. Really I think the only concerning thing she has done is get in a relationship with someone who is "proven" to be abusive. Within six months of being in a relationship they have moved in with each other. I feel like they are still in the honeymoon stage and once it's over they will fall apart since both of them are mentally ill.


No. 18604

I agree with what you said about Bailey and Tearzah moving in together too quickly

No. 18605

she's getting married to her gf now after only 8 months

No. 18606

only six

No. 18607

Can someone provide a source for this? And sage for saying what I already said but I anyone who says they’re rushing their rship I agree with

No. 18608

tearzah said theyve been dating for half a year

No. 18609

on the main blog^

No. 18610

I just saw all the posts on their main blog and saw what happened, tbh I don’t think they have done anything… noteworthy as if late?

No. 18611

im not surprised since i think tea and bailey go as far as waterboarding but im curious about them getting married
does anyone have an image of it

No. 18612

A image of them announcing their engagement? No,

No. 18613

yeah i wanted to see it as proof, not like the people on here would lie about that but i have to agree wuth the other anons on here that they are going too far too fast, its only been 6 months

No. 18614

File: 1518162495747.jpeg (257.52 KB, 1242x770, 69EAF28C-6036-470B-9737-628055…)

It’s all over both of their blogs confirming their engagement

No. 18615

Sage for repeating myself but I don’t think Tearzah is doing anything Super Noteworthty lately, but what’s weird to me is that apparently Tearzahs gf is getting married to Tear while they have another partner who’s pregnant

No. 18616

Damn, really? Deets?

No. 18617

Ngl I have no idea what kind of mindset tearzah is in thinking they're gonna marry someone who has impulses of killing them. Like I've seen many stories where people who think like that usually go through with it. There's also other signs like abusing animals or lots of manipulation. Tbh I think they're both manipulative but I haven't seen proof of any abuse to animals or humans (besides the horrendous hickeys, showing off of cuts bruises and scars, and blood). Then they're both like we don't glorify that stuff but the relationship is pretty much the same as Ash and Bailey. Tearzah being Ash and Bailey being Bailey of course. Any bets on how long the relationship lasts before it starts falling apart?

No. 18618

Yeah, they both claim to not be like Tea's OCs but it's so obvious that's the only reason they're even together. And after going thru all the engagement posts, I can't find any sort of original thing about it? Just questions from anons - how did this even coming about and is it for real or are they just seriously trolling?

On another note, when was it that Tea started becoming so chill with people doing stuff with her OCs (RPing them, tracing them, copying her style, etc.)?

No. 18619

I think it’s in Tearzahs gfs callout post, she already has a partner whose pregnant and now she’s marrying Tearzah (note and disclaimer here; I don’t know if her other partner is still pregnant, and I don’t know how to differentiate Tearzahs gf from Tearzahs oc Bailey because apparently they’re using the same name or alias)

No. 18620

File: 1518208004891.png (46.16 KB, 1483x395, Screenshot_2018-02-09-23-23-10…)

the very first post on this thread says she is overly possessive about her art but apparently she doesn't even care

No. 18621

Probably cause their art is so damn generic while also appealing to the aesthetics that they get a shit ton of people copying them. Its been a thing going on for years. But what can you do when your style is easy to emulate. Also they are pretty lazy with their own work and even commissions. So it only makes it that much easy for beggining artists to steal that style since theres barely any effort.

No. 18622

Do you have sources showing that this is real? Otherwise it may just be something someone invented. Just because someone wrote it in a post doesn't mean it is true.

No. 18623

So many people copy her artstyle that it would be impossible to control, there are a lot of tearzah clones on instagram/toyhouse/deviantart etc so I guess she just stopped caring at some point to not let it stress her?

No. 18624

No. 18625

this is just about tracing, not about having a pregnant partner.

No. 18626

sorry my bad, must have not seen it correctly

No. 18627

File: 1518371504434.png (347.17 KB, 976x448, Untitled.png)

tearzah fan starter pack:

- callout accounts on instagram dedicated to people 'copying' their style or an artist drawing a pose that is only somewhat similar to tearzahs (because tearzah owns everything am I right)
- kin account (usually with elliott or ash) dedicated to talking about pointless shit that no one gives two shits about
- autistic as fuck, tries to act all 'pwecious and innocent uwu' but are the most socially deprived and pathetic people that all act the fucking same. pretty much attention whores looking for sympathy and are obviously an ancestor of the typical tumblrina.
- ironically 'copies' tearzah themselves, from mannerisms to art work, but it's okay when they do it as it's 'coping'
- treats tearzah like an object

from what i've seen the majority of the accounts they ''call out'' are friends with tearzah and they don't even care about what they are doing, but who else wants validation and approval points for sending death threats to 13 year old artists on the internet?

No. 18628

Why do they complain about people 'stealing' Tearzah's work yet they constantly repost their work?

No. 18629

I could see where >>18620 got confused cause you didnt specify what you needed proof on. I also would’ve assumed you meant about tearzah not caring about their generic style too and not bailey having a pregnant ex.

Agreed. But I have to say, if theyre aren’t objectifying tearzah, then they act like tearzah is god. Not sure if theres a cult following of tearzah. Wouldn’t be surprising though. And its funny cause no one really has to copy tearzah’s style, but if anyone dares to use: speech bubbles, fluffy hair, pastels, etc. you’ll end up eventually hearing someone say “omg you’re copying tearzah”.

No. 18630

File: 1518420118863.png (135.29 KB, 816x979, human_girls_by_aradiasprite-d5…)

I actually followed them for years in the past and liked their old art (pic related) but now their art is so bland and stiff and it's honestly just really sad.

Anyway, it's just so bizarre that they're dating (and now engaged to, i guess) somebody who literally identifies as their own abusive oc and still claims that they're not romanticizing abuse lol

No. 18631

lolololol sure she doesnt care she gets at ppl all the time for tracing or even slightly copying her art. shes probably just trying to make herself look good or smth like that.

No. 18632

personally, i think both of them are equally bad. not every single artist on tumblr is like this. not all the artists go after ppl the way she does. i hear she still does it too. she even stalks her victims so :///

No. 18633

hi! just because she has a mental illness doesnt excuse her glorifying abuse! thats exactly what shes doin bud!

No. 18634

Suppose I should've put a /s even though I thought it was clear enough I was being sarcastic
also learn to sage

No. 18635

Can someone dox Tearzahs gf pregnant partner? Or give more info? Is she keeping the baby?

No. 18636

what is wrong with you

No. 18637

File: 1518682806182.png (130.46 KB, 750x1334, 9FAD5E62-2FCC-48FD-B21A-EE4105…)

“Respect my pronouns” lol um you just called you and bailey girls despite wanting to be called they and it respectively. Better wording, they could’ve said date-friend of lover or something. And they wonder why people assume calling them a she. They just used it themselves.
Saged for not being important, just some hypocrisy at its finest from the flake.

No. 18638

File: 1518683046837.jpeg (101.35 KB, 750x804, F358676A-3F9A-4AE7-9929-16255E…)

What do you guys think of this? I can’t tell if this actually real or not. But I swear if this is that would prove that they are even more flakey and more of a reason to be on snow. Although I have heard of uncommon names so I can’t say this is fake cause I have no proof.

No. 18639

File: 1518683460413.jpeg (181.66 KB, 750x1334, 691D4EBB-A93E-4A20-9985-4338D4…)

Alright, same anon from the last post. I saw this on kiwifarms (which sucks, lolcow is better in my opinion) and this caught my eye. I thought tearzah used their ocs (mainly ash) to project their disorders and illnesses onto them for “coping” but I’ve never heard of them being abused. What the shit. The only abuse I’ve heard was they did try to tell their followers to avoid their victims, as they were their abusers, definetly not tearzah abusing them. If there is proof though I’d kinda be shocked honestly.

No. 18640

She has talked about this before on Twitter. She's a victim of CSA and has been in otherwise abusive relationships.

No. 18641

Oh really? I had no idea. I’ve never heard anything about that since before tearzah’s fallout on tumblr. I’ve heard them mention it, just their illnesses

No. 18642

I never post on forums like this but I've met her in real life and her real legal name is absolutely Tearzah. She's definitely a strange and sometimes troubled person, but the amount of hate she gets online is definitely uncalled for…

She's autistic and very intelligent. I'm very shocked and a bit saddened to hear about the abusive relationship she's in. It seems quite out of character of her as in the past she's been level-headed and responsible when it comes to her real-world relationships, no matter what she was doing online. I hope she is not truly letting her online persona allow a real-life abusive person into her life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18643


No. 18644

Lol m’kay anon. Anyone could just say their name is ___ and there’d be people believing it. I doubt tearzah really showed proof to it. I wouldn’t take that as a for sure answer. Also white knight much? Good job being pastured.
If tearzah got in the relation ship with bailey because they kin with ash and bailey, you shouldn’t be surprised that they would try to act like the ocs and stay stuck in that fantasy.
Are you right in the head?

No. 18645

Forgot to sage. Fuck

No. 18646

Hahaha, it's her isn't it? it really wouldnt surprise me, trying to make herself look better by pretending to be a friend of hers, hilarious.

No. 18647

Ah shit i forgot to sage too

No. 18648

tearzah couldnt change how they type if they tried, itd be funny though

No. 18649

File: 1519963131061.jpeg (138.97 KB, 1307x787, image.jpeg)

No. 18650

File: 1519963325432.jpeg (101.02 KB, 1318x673, image.jpeg)

No. 18651



Lol I wonder if Tearzah read your posts and posted this on purpose.
Get wrecked you morons. There's even obituaries of her grandparents with her full name listed but I didn't want tk link them because that might be considered doxing.

Also no, I'm not Tearzah, but I guess you'll just ban me again for defending a lol.cow

No. 18652

Alright so >>18638 is debunked. But im pretty sure tearzah found themself on her because of >>504792’s post. Talk about a try hard. Its a shame they get so much people kissing their unoriginal ass. And fyi, the only one getting wrecked here is tearzah. Im pretty sure other anon posted that pic just to see if was real or not. Like many posts here say, tearzah is a snow flake. Thats why they have a thread here.

Just thought of a thing. Why does tearzah’s ocs remind me of an edgier and more bdsm version of twilight lol.

No. 18653

No. 18654

how did you even find her grandparents obituraies

No. 18655

yo im 520546 and nvm lol i did a google search and now i know her full name and adress (?) and the names of her relatives though i dont know what to do with this information… oh the wonders of the internet.

No. 18656

Idk why but she’s still my favorite artist
Like I think she’s a douche honestly but for some reason I can’t bring myself to….hate her
It’s probably just because of how much I like the art

No. 18657

Sadly I think thats why they have a large following. Everyone follows them for their art and I think that they think it validates some of the shit they do. Like if you look at those callout acounts on instagram. Most of them are kin win with tearzah’s ocs and/or think of tearzah as their senpai or even god. Those callout accounts call other artists out despite their lovely senpai tearzah doing the same shit. I see a lot of tea fans posting comments on other posts saying “your art looks like 120mg’s”, even on tearzah’s victims that she harassed have to hear that. I actually saw that on one of the victims posts. The art styles arent even similar so wtf. Honestly I dont mind if tearzah had a large following if they apologize for what they did and to those they’ve harassed. But they havent and they keep getting more followers because uwuuuu kawaii guro pastel aesthetic art. So many of their newer fans have no clue of the shit tearzah’s done. I see those kinda fans kiss their ass and believe senpai did nothing wrong. Another thing that kinda infuriates me is that tearzah’s art is very basic and tumblry. Anything they draw is easy to copy and they (and their copiers) get more attention than some really original art styles I’ve seen. Well shit, sorry for writing this as long as it is. It wasn't intentional but man tearzah gets on my nerves.

No. 18658

File: 1520512063840.jpeg (108.69 KB, 1536x589, BAB83FEE-FFE1-419B-8F42-DE656F…)

Dude wtf does this mean

No. 18659

Like memories of past lives? Idk

No. 18660

Yeah, I feel like her art is mediocre and looking a few years back there hasn't really been a ton of improvement. Which, I mean, a lot of artists find something that works and gains them popularity and just remain stagnant after that. The one thing I do kind of admire about the world she's created is how everything seems really tied together. I don't know how she keeps track of so many OCs, but somehow it works.

No. 18661

I feel like tearzah and baileys relationship will end in shambles
They weren't dating for even a year and met online
They both seem to be mentally unstable aswell

No. 18662

File: 1522197257069.png (33.59 KB, 575x103, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.32…)

not to mention that bailey is literally freeloading off of teas father for who knows how long, apparently theyre both making plans to live together

No. 18663

File: 1522551743294.png (3.97 MB, 1536x2048, D746F699-A647-47BA-813F-9E5D70…)

Her dads car crashed and now she needs money because of all the money she used on bailey

No. 18664

Just by counting commissions up within a month from Tearzah’s social media (not including Redbubble, Patreon, Adoptables, other donations), Tea rakes in near enough to what I would say is $600+ in a month. Where does that all go.

No. 18665

>>18663 i wouldnt be surprised if they found those images somewhere on the internet and used those to rake in money

No. 18666

File: 1522795944891.png (1002.83 KB, 750x1334, AFDC4DB6-224E-41D2-96A1-2642EE…)

Her self harm before

No. 18667

File: 1522795968009.png (831.24 KB, 750x1334, 98766FE2-25A2-44B5-8FAD-F4CE8F…)

Her self harm now

No. 18668

File: 1522796033672.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, D9171DBF-155C-4D58-B40E-E018C9…)

Not even a year and she’s completely destroyed her legs. What the actual fuck is she doing?

Girl needs professional help.

No. 18669

I used to have her as an inspiration and adore her OCs w.o really knowing them. After a while i realized how sick she is in relation to her ocs and other people.

No. 18670

She wants to be her OC so bad. That’s so disturbing.

No. 18671

what on earth happened between 2017 and 2018 that caused her to fuck up her legs that badly??

No. 18672


I’m sure it’s her abusive new partner. No doubt into that sick shit.

No. 18673

File: 1523217485013.png (300.76 KB, 480x603, Capture _2018-04-08-15-55-58.p…)

Jfc those are fresh. She needs help.

No. 18674

File: 1523226662837.png (837.55 KB, 1312x933, idiot.png)

>why would you fetishise and encourage something as disgusting as this

if you hate people fetishizing self harm so much maybe you should stop fetishizing and romanticizing self harm in literally every fucking selfie and drawing. posting a selfie of you and your fresh cuts with a "cute" caption like "i cope by falling off my sink" makes you look not only like an attention seeker, but a complete hypocrite. you are actively contributing to people romanticizing self harm because you draw it so "cutesy". they have the nerve to tag that kind of art with #pastel and #kawaii. it makes me really sick

both them and bailey have selfies where you can see that they both have fresh cuts. do these people sit around and cut themselves together?? super romantic huh?

No. 18675

like i understand not wanting to have to hide your scars but posting filtered pictures of your legs dead-center taking up the whole frame is extremely fucking avoidable! dont take pictures of your fucked up legs and post them on instagram!

No. 18676

if putting on your cutest skirt and stockings to ~artistically~ contrast with the cuts isn't romanticizing idk what the fuck is. Few things motivate and influence sad tumblr teen girls than aesthetic pics. if you did market research to find out what tactic would be most likely to make young girls find self harm appealing, it would probably be to take aesthetic soft creepy cute artsy pics of it

No. 18677

jesus christ these are actually some bad cuts
is she okay? i wouldnt think someone would go this far for the damaged doll oc aesthetic. wtf is happening to her?

No. 18678

im kind of suspicious that she seems to have cut herself more in the time right around when bailey came to live with her?? where was that sauce about bailey fantasizing about hurting her or something?

No. 18679

File: 1523271034848.png (10.77 KB, 544x230, screencap.PNG)

Is this what you were talking about? There's also a post that I'm too lazy to find of them saying they're going to 'ruin' Tea (in a sexual context)

No. 18680

File: 1523297505282.jpeg (32.76 KB, 640x338, 85EE3CDD-BFBE-4D3F-BAC5-F7BF45…)

“Bailey, honey, I’m not feeling too good today.”
“then cut ur legs or something idk”

No. 18681

File: 1523301358390.png (869.06 KB, 1409x932, HMMM.png)

i wouldnt be surprised… have you seen what bailey does to her? im no stranger to hickeys and bruises from sexual things but these are very extreme and it seems like bailey is being overly rough with her, biting her to the point she has a giant bruise and sucking on her neck until it bleeds

No. 18682

why are you calling bailey she he's a obvious dude

No. 18683

nah baileys birth name is female plus she says she’s dfab

No. 18684

are you sure? everything about her appearance and behavior screams typical tumblr mtf

No. 18685

Receipts, anon?

No. 18686

Bailey has a deep masculine voice. I don't think they're dfab

No. 18687

File: 1523317054517.png (69.61 KB, 537x595, baileyscreens.png)

bailey is female, but also apparently intersex, and also nb. they were definitely born with female chromosomes.

they explained that their voice is low because they took testosterone, probably to be more "nonbinary", but i cant find that receipt.

tearzah has also said before that they are only attracted to women (no source again sorry) so if theyre dating bailey they must be female

No. 18688

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I'm pretty sure Bailey ain't intersex. For some godforsaken reasons the enbies on tumblr LOVE to pretend they're intersex to """legitimize""" their ~identity~. Also the "I'm intersex i have both [a penis and a vagina] uwu" just screams liar to me. Intersex females don't have penises, that's the whole damn point of intersex surgery at birth and intersex determination if sex, which is another whole subject. Intersex females can have cliteromegaly, which is a whole other thing. also the "uwu".
tld;dr : $10 this bitch is lying and thinking futa is an intersex condition

No. 18689

of* sex, good lord
also saging here and above for absolute sperging

No. 18690

they're referring to the clit as a homologue, likely it's induced/acquired cliteromegaly, because babies with ambiguous genitalia aren't assigned a sex without coercion.

an intersex condition becomes very apparent at puberty, so there's literally no need to take hormones unless you have hypogonadism. trans intersex people exist (read eugenides) but this, like everything else that comes out of bailey and tea's mouth, is a huge crock of shit, intentionally left vague, that they want you to believe is true.

No. 18691

I've never seen a higher concentrate of autismos then the ones in the tearzah fandom. It must be dumb luck that Tea and Bailey are both schizos, autistic, have bpd, and otherkin the same thing. Adding intersex on top of that makes her seem 2 diverse 2 be true.

No. 18692

Sage 4 no sauce or caps but
Lest we forget that Bailey claims to be an orphan AND to be a quarter (or half, I don’t remember) Japanese. She literally is living some Tumblr pastel goth fantasy life.

No. 18693

bailey thought they were trans and were on hormones for a while

No. 18694

>>18674 ty!! ive been trying to get ppl to notice they post selfies with FRESH cuts as well as have the cuts on every single pic of ash! they have said that they hate doing it and wish they didnt do it anymore, yet continue cuting and showing it off. idk i personally think tearzah is just trying to make themself seem more likeable but… theyre making it so obvious with what they really fetishize.

No. 18695

(Sage for mini rant)
OMG I’m really enjoying all this fresh shit of tea and their gf. With all this evidence, they cannot deny that they really want to be Ash and Bailey. Tbh its really irritated me that Tearzah continually fetishizes and romanticizes the abuse. Its bad enough with their art, the photos of their kinks just makes it so much worse. Im tired of seeing their nasty ass self harm posts on any media I use. No I dont intentionally look it up, its those damn tags. Self harm isnt fucking kawaii, aesthetic or whatever. I’m tired of seeing those horrendous cuts. They look horrible and I’m sure it hurts like hell. (Note to those who do cut, I don’t bash on all who cut, tearzah and bailey are an exception)

No. 18696

File: 1523431035693.jpeg (62.13 KB, 640x323, 5E92C95F-3615-4CF5-8262-85445E…)

Starting to think Bailey deserves a thread too. What kind of cow tries to cut her arm off to be the “real life Komaeda”?

No. 18697

I don't think Bailey needs a personal thread and can be contained here, but god these kids need help.

No. 18698

Well hey, if bailey does cut off their arm then its just gonna be that much harder to “end” Tearzah. Btw I don’t think bailey should have their own thread. Drama about them only started up when they got in a relationship with Tearzah. And its only continuing.

No. 18699

lolcows like bailey are a dime a dozen on tumblr. it just happens that she's dating someone popular. all her shit would have gone under the radar if she wasnt dating tea

No. 18700

File: 1523512132610.jpeg (68.48 KB, 750x686, B54E5DD0-A43C-4B40-B66C-1AA9AC…)

>not killing your gf in their sleep = love

who would have thought ???

No. 18701

is this scrawny flake actually saying they murdered someone LOL

No. 18702

jfc aren't they a little to old to be this edgy

No. 18703

Probably some small animal or some shit…I mean if we become so mad to believe what bailey says she sure as hell sounds like a sociopath and those tend to start with killing animals. Either that or she just really tries so hard to look like a sociopath™.

No. 18704

File: 1523547784321.png (50.22 KB, 540x95, A9C82A8C-59B3-4AC3-BA1F-F3053A…)

Milk taken from good ol’ Tunglr but milk is milk. This is a message from Bailey’s ex who was 15 when they had sex with Bailey who was 18. There’s mention of pregnancy scare, which could either mean Bailey was almost impregnated or the anon ex was. The ex’s sex isn’t specified anywhere so they may be a male who nearly impregnated pedo Bailey, unless Bailey’s claim to have a penis is true. This gets kind of tinfoil-ish but an anon here speculated that Bailey is MtF, could explain the ridiculously masculine voice for someone who only spent 1 year on T. Either way, some kid nearly got Bailey preggo/impreggo by Bailey, allegedly.

No. 18705

Are there photos of the scar or bailey in general? For an image board thread this one has little to no photos of it's subjects.

No. 18706

File: 1523568351646.png (1.09 MB, 1421x1137, baileyscars.png)

here you go. id say baileys legs are even more disgusting than teas. those scars are so puffy cause bailey quote "cut too deep". also pictured is baileys komaeda scar lmao

No. 18707

if thats true that just puts her and tearzah in the same alleged boat of abusing animals lel

No. 18708

File: 1523570269425.jpeg (157.52 KB, 750x426, 207AF56D-92EA-4DA1-8133-2F7B27…)

No. 18709

fucking kek’d at Bailey’s “trying to hide my penis” sitting position. starting to believe less that Bailey is AFAB.

No. 18710

What a lovely and mentally healthy couple.

No. 18711

Yeah while your tin-foiling is valid and you have a good point, I'm going to take it with a grain of salt when it comes from someone who is triggered by the movie Chicken Little.

No. 18712


I don't know which is which but the blonde one looks like they could be male.
Also >>18710 ditto. Two nerds who want attention and found a shortcut (no pun intended) in how to get it.

People like that need to be starved of attention so they stop engaging in harmful activity.

No. 18713


"really bad pregnancy scare" means period was two days late, for people like that.

triggered by Zootopia and Chicken little! Watching either of those movies on a date which leads to sex!

No. 18714

File: 1523574586757.jpeg (123.58 KB, 1265x1203, image.jpeg)

Bailey is afab and they look and sound masculine because they went on hormones for a year. The 'penis" they're trying to hide could just be an inlarged clit and that's why they consider themselves Intersex. And I also doubt tea would date anyone with a penis.

No. 18715

File: 1523575819734.png (231.88 KB, 448x524, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.25…)

fug lol

this is pretty much the only photo in which bailey shows their chest, i can see a bra of some sorts and maybe some small boobs under their shirt so if they are female they just happen to be incredibly masculine. but those crotch shots look a bit bulgey to me.

No. 18716

File: 1523575983790.png (351.89 KB, 509x579, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.32…)

should have included this before i posted, sorry. heres another photo that shows their chest better.

No. 18717

Yeah, chest is there but damn no hips at all? Probably result of the T, though I also wonder how come Bailey is like 6ft-6ft1 (stated herself). Again, sorry for the tinfoil + no sauce but it’s just quite weird for someone AFAB to be so tall and I’ve heard T won’t make you any taller.

No. 18718

lmao she's obviously not that tall, anon.

No. 18719

Bailey looks very much so like an early stage mtf. I have a hard time believing that she is actually intersex though.

My best guess would be that she was assigned male at birth, doesn't want to identify as a cis-male though, so started transitioning to female, resulting in the very small breasts. But then decided she/he wanted to be a sadist prince, but still not cis, and made up the intersex story and wrote off the masculine features and voice as "using T".

No. 18720

File: 1523578016185.png (484.65 KB, 1044x565, tall.png)

actually, i think bailey is around 6 ft. we know for sure that tea is 5'2 and the height difference adds up.

No. 18721

Bodyshape is masculine, >>18719
Anon's theory adds up.

No. 18722

not even she looks 5'6 at most.

No. 18723

seems plausible. not hard to believe they'd rather lie and say they're afab than admit that they're actually a man. if that's true, they're also lying about their birth name being sarah.

No. 18724

I mean, being a cismale is probably the most undesirable thing on tumblr, not very ~special~. Makes sense why he/she would lie about being intersex, when he/she is really just a halfassed tranny? The height, bodytype, etc. all point to Bailey being biologically male too. There's nothing particularly feminine about them and she/he looks like a dorky emo boy with bad hair and a training bra.

Also, going to agree with anon that the positioning of the legs here definitely seem like Baily is trying to keep a dick tucked back. Also that weird bulge doesn't read as labia rather than a pulled back penis.

No. 18725

I mean, you can lie about your height on your license/ID.

No. 18726

File: 1523583232467.png (100.45 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_p6waj1XGSL1xnjqs8o1_128…)

im starting to think these two literally have no idea what abuse really is (this screenshot is from bailey's blog). like the callout posts are out there and they clearly show that both tearzah and bailey are shit ppl.

No. 18727

spot on.

intersex people are infertile, so this (if legit) would confirm that they're not telling the truth.

seems tinfoil-y tbh, one would come into a similar body type after several years on estrogen, bailey's a brick as a result of their body type and the changes t brought about (weight gain/muscle mass)

No. 18728

thats a something, in the discord it says someone

No. 18729

File: 1523601120145.jpeg (56.78 KB, 499x342, 4146C0C5-9FA8-4B47-ADC0-41AEE8…)

No. 18730

File: 1523616563365.png (19.07 KB, 557x422, hmmmmmmm.PNG)

No. 18731

Probably to sound more edgy.

No. 18732


Brb gonna kms.

No. 18733

Samefag, forgot
> c:

No. 18734

File: 1523639583688.jpeg (224.23 KB, 750x661, 3077BB4F-FD9E-4CBD-A91E-26BC76…)

>trans masculine

they hate men so much but they wanted to be one but not really

No. 18735

File: 1523645416180.png (47.61 KB, 443x291, 781746F3-FFAA-480E-8A93-905EAF…)

Again, don’t really want to be using Tumblurgh as sauce but this is on such a level of stupidity that is so authentically Bailey. Bailey cheats on her partners by having “QPPs”, a term coined by flakes meaning “queer platonic partner” that they use as a get out of jail free card for having another partner. The only reason I mention it is because on a lower level, Bailey reminds me of Onisisisision; the fakeboi/nb waifu, bringing other people into the relationship, the laughable hair, the epic “I’m a sociopath don’t test me!1!1!1” attitude. Makes me kek thinking about it, Bailey youtube channel when?

No. 18736

File: 1523649262028.png (15.45 KB, 546x435, wrow.PNG)

>february, be getting ready to settle at gf's house
>get asked about what job you're gonna be getting or if you're even gonna get one; or if you're just gonna sit your ass all day on your gf's couch and play ducks and drakes with her father's money
>get really A N G E R Y and reply "how am i supposed to have a job im not even settled here you PRETENTIOUS FUCK"
>2 months pass, everything's settled down
>get asked about the job again
>"uuuuuuh whats. whts a job lol"

this ugly bitch was never planning to work in the first place. how surprising.

No. 18737

t does minimize your hips big time and baileys voice sounds right for a year on it but they went on it on a whim so no surprise that they were transtrending

No. 18738

File: 1523658430088.jpeg (286.16 KB, 750x713, DDA0546B-AC0F-4CF8-B32F-E58E6B…)

I actually feel kind of bad for tea. As shitty and generic as her art is people do buy it, and it seems as if she’s spending a lot of her earnings on baileys freeloading with no mention of bailey contributing.

No. 18739

Honestly, I don't really get Bailey's appeal, even. Tea is frumpy, but she's kind of cute whereas Bailey is straight up lumpy and hideous. Then on top of it, how clearly abusive Bailey is to Tea, and clearly freeloading too. Tea could definitely do better, at least.

No. 18740

Call me judgmental or whatever but if my partner said they seriously consider murdering me in my sleep every night I'd get a restraining order ASAP. Imagine staying with them and even defending that shit and letting them leech off of you financially.

These people are a damn mess and need extensive therapy.

No. 18741

someone with an abuse fetish has to have a gf that fits the part kek

i agree that tea is passable, but baileys just on a whole lower league. I can sense that her hair feels like crunchy doritos from all that bleaching.

No. 18742

File: 1523709823201.png (25.49 KB, 528x408, 834976834.PNG)

of course they're transtrending. you can't go on goddamn hormone therapy to "be more androgyne"

No. 18743

and now "it" regrets having gone on testosterone too, no wonder! testosterone has irreversible effects on the body. hormones are definitely not the way to go for someone who wants to appear androgynous. not to mention bailey doesn't even look "androgynous" she looks ambiguous. in a misshapen and an ugly way.

No. 18744

that's what androgynous means you moron

No. 18745

to be fair, androgyny is defined as having both sex characteristics. Ambiguity in regards to genders is more like not being able to tell or decipher between them. But let’s not argue semantics and just agree that Bailey is very unattractive

No. 18746

no you dumb fuck, ambiguous ≠ androgynous. it's usually POSSIBLE to tell an androgynous person's sex but here we are trying to to figure out if bailey's an afab intersex who has went on t for a year like she says she is, or if she's a mtf who is trying to legitimize her "enby" identity and honestly it looks like it could be both because she is so goddamn ambiguous and unattractive
and >>18745 yeah exactly lmfao

No. 18747

Androgyny is usually used to refer to someone who's so attractive you can't tell the gender, e.g. a very handsome man with great facial features+ hair, or a woman with an elegant body and good bone structure.

a half-assed mtf(?) like Bailey is ambiguous

No. 18748

quit infighting

No. 18749

Lmao what's this hostility?

the mtf theory holds little water, and bailey has a chunky-ass menopausal nugget body from the t and an apple shaped body pre-t. probably at 5'9-5'11.

people pretend to be amab all the time on the blue website, only so conveniently amidst insane metadrama. surely they would love for y'all to believe theyre mtf, something of an age old get-out-of-jail free card by virtue of them being more oppressed than any of the other komaeda kins on tumblr, who are suddenly so afraid of stepping out of line by criticizing them in any way.

look to softcisphobia or perhaps the other freak who fabricated an identity using her baby brother's photos/took nudes with an obvious plastic baby doll hand over her crotch. their followers guzzle that shit up as no matter how they run their mouth at others on their blog, despite the gaping glaring inconsistencies of their claims, the undercut defense squad will without question rush to their aid like they're a damsel tied to the tracks of the train. only they tied themselves to the train tracks in a fit because they were removed from their narcissistic supply for ten seconds.

so i don't think bailey being mtf holds much if any plausibility, and the intersex parts debatable.

No. 18750

File: 1523744260900.jpeg (60.64 KB, 640x429, 68BA96F6-DAE1-4C2C-AE83-57F51B…)

This ask made me laugh so fucking hard, I doubt Tearzah’s answer is sarcastic as she’s said before she is strictly monogamous. How beautiful it would be if this “we’re getting engaged after 7 months from meeting in a Discord” ended in Tearzah getting cucked hard by Transmaeda.

No. 18751

>dating app to find friends

yeah okay dude. you forgetting that bailey is polyamorous and has been shown to date other people behind her previous partners back?

No. 18752

File: 1523749883324.jpg (13.88 KB, 552x539, a79.jpg)

>the other freak who fabricated an identity using her baby brother's photos/took nudes with an obvious plastic baby doll hand over her crotch

No. 18753

File: 1523750386557.jpeg (109.83 KB, 768x1024, 313CA420-C590-4D10-928D-2C203D…)

saw this on Twitter. someone made her fanart of that one cut selfie that she half-assedly censored with stickers. what the hell is wrong with people

No. 18754

genuinely surprised "yandere bitch club" doesn't already have a thread on here

No. 18755

File: 1523754225870.jpeg (28.62 KB, 640x143, 3C3F22C8-1145-4534-B705-8A836E…)

Don’t think I would put it past Bailey to be one of those TCC fangirl fags, especially with the “teehee I’ve killed b4” attitude.

No. 18756

Aren't they dead? No more milk = No thread needed.

No. 18757

Has anyone else notice that ever since she started to date bailey I haven’t seen her talk to her other friends as much
Like the only person she talks about is bailey majority of the time

No. 18758

she already seems like the type that has no friends. guess that happens when all you want to talk about is your ocs.

No. 18759

Yes, her friends feel shut out since the arrival of Bailey and as far as I know, none of them like Bailey nor feel like Tearzah is safe in the same house as her.

No. 18760

Okay sage but I am fucking fascinated by this thread. I love when tumblr freaks get threads. There's something magical about the weirdos that flock there and get swept up in the dumb ass culture. Like how Tearzah is "doll-kin" and "angel-kin" and how the Bailey is "kin" with Tearzah's 2 edgy 4 me oc. And how they brag about the dumbest and lamest shit. Like how Bailey claims to have killed someone (L M A O) and has urges to kill Tearzah. Instant """dangerous, mentally-ill, tough boy""" brownie points lmfao.

But really, This thread and Soren's are like my favorites. Though nothing comes close to the hilariously pathetic saga that was Soren's several threads.

No. 18761

I mean, there are plenty of people that only talk about their shitty OCs especially on tumblr, that shouldn't be the problem.

No. 18762

It is when you do shit like what tearzah and bailey are doing.:
1) Shitty ocs (Like every oc they own)
2) Shitty People (the 2edgy4me couple)
3) Trying to be your ocs (kinning shit ocs)
4) Abuse because “aesthetics” (so kawaii)
No abuse isnt kawaii. Bailey and tearzah are shit in general. Thats why theres a thread.

No. 18763

sage for samefagging but I completely agree, you don’t see this shit irl it’s like being at a circus. I just wish they were
more milky.

No. 18764

I kind of suspected something like that
Do u think bailey is possibly forcing tearzah to talk mostly to her
Or is tearzah just obsessed with bailey
Either way I hope this couple goes down in flames cause it’s toxic

No. 18765

I'm not sure if you're expanding upon what I said or misinterpreted my post and thought I was defending her, but yeah, points 2-4 are most likely the reason why she has no friends rather than 1 on its own.

No. 18766

Oh I didn’t think you were defending her I just wanted to know your opinion on why you think she’s cutting people out and focusing more on bailey rather than her friends

No. 18767

Bailey is a man, man. Taking testosterone at some point in the past doesn't turn somebody into a full male-presenting person for the rest of eternity. Chris Chan passes better.

No. 18768

>I thought hr wasn't polyester
Gave me a good chuckle

No. 18769

you seem to fundamentally reject the idea that a female could be capable of being a violently abusive person

take your loxapine, tinfoil hat-chan. clearly you need it more than tearzah.

No. 18770

Holy fuck, I thought I was the only person who remembered those psychos. That was probably my favorite Tumblr drama because of how ridiculous it was.

No. 18771

File: 1523823932652.png (377.75 KB, 750x1334, D7913095-C548-44BD-B394-6AF995…)

this is fucked
But it’s even more fucked because this is tumblr

No. 18772

Of course women can be abusive and otherwise horrible people. Doesn't change the fact that Bailey is a dude. He has no female characteristics beyond long hair.

No. 18773

Do you have any links about it? Sounds juicy.

No. 18774

Sometimes I just search "callout" on Tumblr just to get a dose of fuckery. The people on this site are their own special breed of wild.

No. 18775

That’s a good idea

No. 18776

Wouldn't be surprised that Tearzah is obsessed with Bailey enough to cut others out of their life. Considering that they seem to enjoy people who obsessed over them and in return obsess over those people.

No. 18777

Same could be said about KF and… This place.

No. 18778

Oh man I want a thread for random callouts

No. 18779

File: 1523843156550.png (170.53 KB, 640x1136, FA6693EF-8736-43CE-954E-F76EF3…)

>tfw your troon gf is incompetent

No. 18780

Bailey and Tearzah remind me of a newage tumblr version of Joji/Eerie (Dolliguts or whatever).

No. 18781

i wonder if tearzah/bailey ever check this thread, or if anyone has ever showed it to them. not sure if that would ruin or increase the fun.

No. 18782

It would definitely increase the fun lol.

No. 18783

Oops, I meant elfgutz/gutterface. Dolliguts is Tearzah, though the fact they've had similar alias also just makes me realize how similar they are.

No. 18784

Make this a reality

No. 18785

No i didnt think you were defending. Ik many people who talk about their ocs but tearzah is way to obsessed with them.

No. 18786

Oh yeah they check this im sure. There was a post i saw where tearzah was flexing her commission money with a quote of something along the lines of “i felt like being a bitch” i think it may have been pointed to her thread. Also theres a post with very similar writing to tearzah’s on here. Idk if those were really her or not, but even if shes not lurking on here, her ass kissing cult fans would tell her about it.

No. 18787

File: 1523859829963.jpeg (387.82 KB, 1276x1654, 7AC2D321-8B1C-48F7-9240-BBD6D9…)

(Me again) heres the instagram version

No. 18788

File: 1523860132706.png (9.12 MB, 1668x2224, 0282FD7D-632D-480C-91A9-C2DD6E…)

(Twitter version) theres more people who seem to dislike your art than like though, and many of your new followers may not know of your past drama or how shitty you are. Theyd stop following you real quick.

No. 18789

considering that was just two months ago, I wonder where that money went? Does she really need to cry “commission me I need money for my dad”? I know it was wasted on Bailey-chan but on what, she still looks like the rejected troon MtF son of an Italian mechanic who was relying on his son to carry on the family business but instead he wanted to study “graphic design”.

No. 18790

File: 1523901536524.jpg (185.49 KB, 812x1280, tumblr_p7ahwmXVtf1qmm77po1_128…)

Posting two interesting thing from Bailey today. Is Bailey and/or Tea munchie?

No. 18791

File: 1523901579927.jpg (156.73 KB, 1242x928, tumblr_p7ahwmXVtf1qmm77po2_128…)

No. 18792

She looks so much like Lainey in that picture.
And who would find that picture bitchy? Wasn't she going on about how she needed money for her dad's accident and couldn't move out because she's unemployed?

No. 18793

>White person with narrow eyes and piggy nose
>"I'm Asian"
I get that being white isn't very ~tumblr aesthetic~, but seriously why does this always happen. She doesn't even try to play it off like she's only a quarter or half which would at least be slightly more believable.

From what little I can make out, it's Tearzah's name on some of the bottles. They are probably anti depressants and the like. She probably just keeps all the old empties for her sick, abused dolly tumblr aesthetic.

No. 18794

>im asian

I don't know a single person who would call themselves "asian"
she's either shitposting or lying

No. 18795

dear old Orphan Bailey claims to be somewhat Japanese, will lurk for sauce but it was in response to an ask at the beginning of the year.

No. 18796

Interesting. My first thought is yes it could be possible, but these days so many weebs claim to be hafu it's ridiculous.

No. 18797

File: 1523907050588.jpeg (84.39 KB, 1098x423, D1E1DB8F-5BE9-49FB-AC46-6022F3…)

Geez, Bailey, how come your mom made you half Jap AND Komaeda kin?

No. 18798

File: 1523908114863.png (114.72 KB, 292x658, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 3.46…)

sounds like something a tea apologist would say

No. 18799

File: 1523908353777.jpeg (24.21 KB, 126x280, CB7C0ECA-5D74-49F1-A04F-B7590E…)

No. 18800

Fucking horse face

No. 18801

transmaeda im gonna fucking piss myself

No. 18802

This is fucking spooky as fuck. Definitley looks like someone that would have an uwu trans feminine fuck doll oc. Imagine sitting on the school bus with her and having no spot to sit but beside her and then she pulls out a binder filled with drawings of her oc getting pounded in the ass and goes "Wanna see my characters?"

No. 18803

what's the milk on elfgutz? i remember seeing em on ig a couple years ago but i didn't suspect they were flakey

No. 18804

File: 1523911643051.png (307.52 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mnjd0re5031qz4rg…)

No. 18805

File: 1523912099267.jpeg (250.72 KB, 720x1278, E58D24D8-4EBC-4F71-9138-4B1072…)

Sauce for the epic orphan tragic backstory that we’ll all be hearing about when this chick decides to choke out a couple of toddlers in a Sanrio shop for the aesthetic

No. 18806

everything bailey says about themselves sounds like either tumblr aesthetic or kin memory bullshit lmao

No. 18807

while you were out partying i studied the blade

No. 18808

File: 1523912711962.png (44.72 KB, 490x381, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.03…)

why does everyone on tumblr dot com feel the need to parade their mental illnesses on their "about" page

there's nothing cute about being an aspie

No. 18809

"this user has borderline personality disorder" in a cute pastel pink uwuserbox.
holy shit.

No. 18810

Last time I checked, Fleazah self dx’d with autism and will straight up say “i’m autistic” in defense of herself, being an aspie is news to me.

No. 18811

you're correct.

No. 18812

I bet she’s transracial or some shit that’s stupid

No. 18813

aspies are autistic. aspie is just an archaic term for high functioning autist, she's just trying to be extra special.

No. 18814

It gets on my fucking nerves how these tumblr cunts treat mental illness as something that makes you cool and interesting with people self diagnosing themselves left and right
Mental illness is not fucking fun my cousin doesn’t even remember who I am because of her schizophrenia getting so bad
She’s lost so many memories and pretty much who she was
So from what I have seen mental illness is not cute and asethetic it’s terrible and heartbreaking not a cute quirk

No. 18815

she should use that money to fix her teeth

No. 18816

had a close relative who committed suicide as a result of schizophrenia. it traumatized our family. there is absolutely nothing cute, cool, or quirky about it. tea is lucky that her condition is mild. it’s not a fucking aesthetic and putting it in a cute pink box as if it is is really nasty

No. 18817

I heard that they supposedly got diagnosed with autism?? Idk if it's true though. Also they said on tumblr that they self diagnose with bpd

No. 18818

from what I remember, the evidence was inconclusive that tea was autistic. With 250+ ocs tho I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 18819

Nah man. Theres was papers she posted once of stuff she’s diagnosed woth but nothing mentioned autism or the newly announced asburgers. She’s just dumb and uses it for excuses. Example: has like 200 ocs but obsessively draws one repeatedly

No. 18820

Lol i spelt Aspergers wrong. But yeah, she’d self diagnose herself for that because again, excuse but i also forgot to mention all the attention she gets from it.

No. 18821

This dipshit didnt even answer the other question but yes like we all already know (since tea herself said she pays for bailey) bailey is freeloading

No. 18822

So Bailey is a German/Japanese, intersex, orphan? Yeah, that all sounds legit.

No. 18823

Bailey sounds like an “original character do not steal” with that typical tragic past
(Lol thats every oc tearzah has though)

No. 18824

File: 1523986854117.jpeg (47.28 KB, 640x173, 598ED385-35BD-47EB-82E9-B948FB…)

Transmaeda gets mad that people on discord were warning Tearzah that she was contemplating murdering her in her sleep.

No. 18825

>I want to brutally rip my girlfriend's throat out in her sleep and I could do it so easily!!!!

fucking idiot

No. 18826

File: 1524008003889.png (56.67 KB, 1360x630, lmaoooo.png)

hey tearzah has a statcounter on their blog and i personally find that really fucking creepy. basically, they can see the ip addresses of anyone who comes onto their blog.

No. 18827

yeah, and so do a lot of people on tumblr, at least in the ~sjw~ spaces lmao

No. 18828

That’s not really unusual at all though. Many people do.

No. 18829

when I used to have a tumblr I had the same stat counter (unless she has a diff one) but it doesn't display IP addresses. It kinda just shows what state people are in while viewing the blog

No. 18830

yeah i used to have one too because of ex friends and it would display ip addresses as well. im using the one they are using. i only know that because of the code they used tho…

No. 18831

File: 1524013136911.jpeg (75.61 KB, 750x550, 420752FE-DE33-4A3E-9B80-9D033C…)

….is it though
Or is it just a weeb term

No. 18832

All of Tearzah's art fetishizes mental illness too though?

No. 18833

Agreed. Tearzah fetishizes everything. And i would technically consider bailey a yandere, or even a yangire. As for tearzah, idfk.

No. 18834

yanderes should only exist in fiction. psychotic/obsessive behavior irl should not be excused. unless you're talking about OC bailey because in that case, you would be correct, but yandere ocs are bad and bailey is edgy lel

also >>18832 tru lmao. she's such a hypocrite. i love how 80% of the time tearzah ignores the question entirely to damage control.

No. 18835

Im talking about oc bailey. But teawzah and baiwey wanna be wike the ocs. I don’t condone them or anything they do now or had done in the past. 2edgy4me

No. 18836

all of the ocs have fetishized illnesses, and in a poorly researched, stereotypical way too. tea sure is one to talk lmao

No. 18837

File: 1524019300098.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 2500x3333, FADAC490-AA7F-4CA5-850B-16987E…)

This reminds me too of something I read (can’t remember if its here or on kiwi) of how they make their ocs. Names dont match ethnicities, random races and illnesses because of inclusiveness. Its not hard to look up names from any country. And I dont think anyone of her characters dont have a mental illness. Im sure I could check toyhou.se but im sure if its not mentioned thatn she forgot to put it there. The worst abominations of ocs are the asians (because pretty much all of them are yellow faced, racist much?) and the vilitigo characters. I remember hearing people with this condition dont enjoy having it because its usually made fun of but now tumblrinas love it! Anyone remember sherbert? People got upset cause tearzah made them looklike a cow (which is an offensive term for people who have vitiligo)

No. 18838

File: 1524027520756.jpg (58.22 KB, 480x480, tumblr_ohajx3YlCd1vm31e4o3_500…)

tearzah is known for slapping random ethnicities and mental illnesses on her ocs for the sake of diversity and being unique. but since her shit is so poorly researched, and all her ocs look like they were made in under 10 minutes with how same-facey they are, it just comes out looking like tokenism.
basically: "i dont actually care enough to research a culture/ethnicity i know nothing about out of interest and honouring diversity among humans, i just want it to look like i do to get headpats from other tumblerites for drawing a fat, black, mixed race, asian, mentally-ill otherkin nonbinary with they/them pronouns."

remember when she gave her asian oc yellow skin?

>tfw you try so hard to be inclusive that you end up being racist

No. 18839

File: 1524032198047.png (27.15 KB, 585x183, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.14…)

I remember seein a dolly username in a screenshot somewhere on a sc, wouldnt put it past that thing for abuser her until she fled

No. 18840

Idk why its so hard to look this shit through, like if she could detail out tragic edgy abominations of characters then you’d think she’d at least try to do research. Also if she really wanted to be inclusive she’d actually have to do research. Very much racist. Also same face but different ethnicities, Cherry and Arata (chacter show in that pic you posted) have the exact same face. Eyes, nose, mouth, jaw and even hair. The only differences are the color palettes and Cherry has pointed ears.

“Did u kill them or smthing” fUCK
But in all seriousness, now I’m curious abut this Avery Dolly person. Hope we see more shit soon. Tearzah fans kiss too much ass so I can’t really see them dropping out of the chat.

No. 18841

have you guys noticed how she gives tons of her ocs drug addictions willy nilly for literally no reason?

No. 18842

File: 1524074796847.jpeg (68.79 KB, 640x783, 168DAC81-CDBD-48D5-A558-48A297…)

It’s mostly opiods, I guess using a fancy word made her feel more progressive over the fact that she’s giving her seemingly physically unscarred OCs drug addictions. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see a pwetty bruised troon pastel dolly with meth mouth?

No. 18843

>>18841 >>558942
Pretty sure heavy drug use makes you age faster and you dont start looking as good as you used to. But aesthetics over reality, just a tearzah thing.
Starting to actually thing tearzah could be or could become a munchie. I dont think bailey would though. Im not sure.

No. 18844

apparently the first time tearzah got drunk was with bailey on her birthday, so i don't think tearzah takes any kind of drugs aside from her prescriptions.

anyone abusing opioids wouldnt look as cutesy as half her ocs lmao its clearly just a shitty character trait she knows nothing about to try and make her characters seem deep

No. 18845

File: 1524079942214.jpeg (150.14 KB, 640x825, 85EE86F2-11F7-4D40-B5D8-151F3C…)

Imagine being too obsessed with your UwU DDLG aesthetic to tell someone “No, don’t make a child prosititute you absolute fucking bum”. Epic pedobait style.

No. 18846

“I cant say for sure” basically saying yeah you should be fine, but doesnt use the word yandere? Am I missing something here? I’m not a cop but minor prostitution is worse than just being obsessive and manipulative. Pretty sure people who go to prison for anything against children (especially sexually) are big tergets by the rest of the prision. Okay tearzah.

No. 18847

File: 1524090928109.png (489.74 KB, 700x560, E06785D6-FDCB-4026-A802-B95A70…)

Idk how I missed this, but i think out of all drugs, hser perscriptions would be abused. And not only a shitty character trait but they all have to meet aethestic goals, so no druggie face. 1 character who looks like he may have done drugs is Alice.
Description says he’s sickly looking possibly from malnurishment. ‘Shaved eyebrows in the name of god’ alright then.

No. 18848

Someone like Tearzah who's drawn ash's baby penis would say underage sex work is okay.

No. 18849

check out my gay awyan wick sanchez wecolouw uwu hes inclusive bc hes gay an chwistian an does hewoine

No. 18850

(tinfoil) also as a mentally ill who used to like shit that tear puts out, i'd put money that bailey being around isn't the influence for tear's worsening self harm. im almost certain it's because she feels inclined to because there's nothing about her that's "interesting" aside from mental illness, and her only choice is to keep getting worse like the art she's been drawing for years. though it is likely the ratkins are fetishistically cutting themselves together. tears poor fucking dad lol.

No. 18851

I’d say its more of bailey makes the cutting worse (seeing those fresh deep cuts on tearzah). Tea cut before but not that bad. Thats just my opinion, I’ve never cut myself. I probably have no say nor is people cutting themselves my buisness but thats my 2 cents.

No. 18852

i have, and as the kind of person who indulged in that behavior and creating 2edgy4u ocs, at most it's a mixture. bailey just looks stupid as shit and stuck in 2013, not actually some kind of psychopath like they think they are as an excuse to be pathetic. especially considering how much tear likes to show off her cuts. she thinks they make her unique.

No. 18853

File: 1524100385378.jpeg (56.06 KB, 750x411, E1397AF7-89F5-495E-9B81-889114…)

Doesn’t popee repeatedly kill kedamono in the show though
Like not exactly irl couple goals

No. 18854

What is this from? I never heard of these characters.

No. 18855

that made me fucking sick. why would you even have make an oc like that in the first place? aww cute pedophilia and csa r just soooo cutesie pastel aesthetic amiright?

No. 18856

alice is literally the only straight oc tearzah has. coincidentally he's also homophobic. leave it to tea to pull some obnoxious tumblr sjw shit like that

No. 18857

never seen it myself but its a series on youtube called poppee the performer

No. 18858

Also alice is obsessed with someone at least less than half his age. Creepy homophobic pervert obsessed woth a young lady; fantastic.

Totally; tearzah has done nothing wrong, we’re just picking on this poor precious snowflake.
(Im being extremely sarcastic)
Seeing this kinda shit makes me wanna poor bleach in my eyes and mouth

Ah okay. I was really confused.

No. 18859

I did some digging in the discord when I was in it, turns out the Avery Dolly person was friends i guess with Bailey and pretty much just a punching for "it"

No. 18860

off topic and i apologize but
i used to be a fan of tea until controversy stirred up a couple months ago and receipts were pulled up. originally, i was a defender and blocked any haters or callout accounts. then one day i opened my eyes and realized i was a fucking moron.
before that i was a fucking idiot and after seeing teas art, thought "tee hee self harm is a cute aesthetic" and starting cutting, which then escalated into an actual problem for me. its been years and im still struggling with this bullshit. fuck tear.
call me an autist or whatever, but jesus fuck i hate tearzah.

No. 18861

Assuming this is true, this is perfect evidence why people like Tea and Bailey are pieces of shit. If something someone (i.e they) post online consistently causes consistent harm to others, that person posting either WANTS to cause harm or doesn't care. They're an abuser by proxy, to anyone who is a "fan", because guess what, fans are influenced by who they admire.

I hope you are able to drop the habit and I'm sorry you were influenced by these shitheads, Anon. There are lots of cool, non-abusive people online to look up to so I hope you have found better inspirations or will do!

No. 18862

File: 1524141584664.jpeg (38.15 KB, 750x456, 984671BE-73EB-4CD1-B46E-225688…)

Not to mention Tearzah will shit herself if she’s misgendered or whatever but is completely fine with her gf calling them lesbians or she calling her and bailey girlfriends

No. 18863

Anon, Tea is an idiot and her self harm art is shit, but if you start cutting after seeing an ~aesthetic~ pic on tumblr then that's your own fault.

No. 18864

nayrt but I think that's part of the problem with all of this. People who are easily influenced by that kind of thing see it and see that people want to be like tea and think it's cool or w/e, which can lead to real issues.

No. 18865

If they are so easily influenced, they have a real issue to begin with that is much more severe than cutting

No. 18866

"Tearzah made me cut!!" is still as ridiculous as saying that listening to Marilyn Manson made someone shoot up a school. Like the other anon said, those people have other issues.

No. 18867

File: 1524153141436.jpeg (149.4 KB, 640x833, 9EA89A96-1905-4A1A-9279-153862…)

Kek’d hard thinking about Bailey’s crackly manchild voice holding back tears while saying this

No. 18868

Im so sorry for you. I used to be a mutual of tearzah too but when they had a falling out with catshops (whom I’m closer to of the 2) I left them. Don’t feel too bad, we all hate tearzah.

Fucking finally someone else understands! I was thinking, if they dont wanna be called she/her then why do they call themselves lesbians. Thank you.

>>18864 >>559931 >>18865 >>559991
Ik how easily people get influenced but no one should really cut themselves because a drawing or whatever. Thats not a valid excuse to cut yourself.

This whole thing made me laugh.
1. That insult
2. Shitty weak comeback
3. Your comment to the comeback made this even better

No. 18869

File: 1524163443958.jpeg (47.41 KB, 640x339, E4477A1C-09A8-40C9-BD56-B836EB…)

Well, guys…

No. 18870

some of teas fans are as young as 11. kids are extremely impressionable, and if they see tea appropriating self harm and getting attention for it, it may influence them to self-harm for the same attention. i would expect older fans of tearzah to realize how stupid that is, but it does go to show that teas behavior is harmful.

No. 18871

baileys not a danger to anybody but herself. she's just really fucking edgy.

No. 18872

So did they self-diagnose that lol

No. 18873

I am a follower of Tearzah, I do not really care about what has been said about her/them on this thread, etc, etc, whatever, not here to defend them.

But, I'm really happy that Bailey is starting to get shit on, because Bailey is a shitfaced crock of garbage lmao. I'm pretty sure he/she is influencing Tearzah in the most negative way and if anything, I think Bailey is worse than Tearzah.

And apparently Bailey is homicidal, as brought up by past posts. Can we start a petition to throw he/she in prison please? lmao. Bailey's a danger to society, and apparently he/she has DID. I don't understand why Tearzah wants to be around the pigface, probably because she's super obsessed and attached to Bailey. Their relationship just seems so unhealthy and gross to me.

Also, interesting thing about the Avery person. Bet Bailey abused them out of the Discord or whatever.

(Sorry for the repost, I forgot to leave the namefield blank. I'm 560132.)

No. 18874


Probably, don't think Bailey is smart enough to see a professional.

No. 18875

Has anyone considered applying to join Tea's OC discord? Not to cowtip, but just to see if any more milk would be available. I don't think I'm the kind of person who would be accepted or I would because I'm sure it will be interesting.

No. 18876

I'll repeat what I said earlier, bailey is stuck in 2013 & is heinously edgy to give themselves an excuse to be a hot pile of rotting garbage.
Tearzah is an adult & I guarantee the moment the inevitable falling out takes place tear is going to be screaming about how every bad thing she did while with bailey was because of bailey.
Tear cuts herself because she wants to and is with bailey because she wants to further her image of uwu broken dollie so soft.. so fragile.. ever1 who touches me is bad 4 me…

Also in response to the discussion earlier of people cutting themselves "because" of tearzah, you guys can't really argue about romanticization and then say it has no effect on people. Though fully blaming tearzah seems like a way to remove responsibility. Most of her fans are like 14 and actual victims of abuse, seeing that shit over and over does on a level normalize the behavior.

No. 18877

> Most of her fans are like 14 and actual victims of abuse, seeing that shit over and over does on a level normalize the behavior.

I'm >>18864 and that's what I kind of meant. Like yeah you can call young teens stupid for doing it all you want but it's not a secret that they can be idiots. It's not good to make self-harm an aesthetic thing for obvious reasons, and of course it's not like Tearzah is the only person who does that since tumblr eats that "aesthetic" up. At least >>18860 realized their problem and is working towards getting over now. Now if more of them would do that…

No. 18878

Tearzah is just as bad in my opinion. They're both manipulating and abusive. This sounds like your excuse behavior from one person but going after another person for the same behavior. Not to sound rude but you sound like an asskissing neutral tea fan.

Sure fam, i’ll try to join the discord. I’ll try to find some milk. I hate tearzah and bailey but its not hard to act like her fans.

No. 18879


One of the trademarks of being a kid is being easily influenced.

Some of you guys really over-estimate young people. Kids are fucking dumb. Bailey is an adult. Adults are responsible for how they influence minors. This is a basic thing, guys.

If you have a majority preteen fan base, then you can be criticized for sending a self-harm fucked up message.

No. 18880

Sage for samefagging, but I would really appreciate seeing this. I’d likely do it myself, but I don’t meet the gatekeep criteria you need for the “application” you have to send in for the Discord server. If anyone is willing, plz do. It’s just hilarious that Peezah and Fregley think they’re such monumental personalities that you have to APPLY to even join their elite Discord and rub elbows (or slit wrists) with them.

No. 18881

>>18875 >>560157
Im >>18878 and I forgot that she only accepts mutuals. I have her blocked on twitter and I think she blocked my instagram. I’m kinda not in the mood to kiss her ass that much. I can make another account but it would take a while before I could make her a mutual.

No. 18882

sage goes in the email field friend, also i'm >>18875 (samefagging is something different from what you're thinking)

No. 18883

I realised I forgot to actually sage after hitting send, currently preparing my physical form for it’s decent into the void once I throw myself in

No. 18884

Criticism? Absolutely. It's still fucked up. I'm the person who posted >>18863 though and I wasn't trying to imply that those kinds of posts have zero effect, but they don't make you self-harm. People are still responsible for their own actions.

No. 18885

tf are those ears

No. 18886

'parently they have a fictive of sans undertale. also a fictive of gaster (i think thats his name). either way, i call total bullshit. my best friend lives with actual, serious, diagnosed DID and i try my best to support her. through all of it, ive learned how to smell a fake, tumblr-based system from a mile away. considering the fact that DID develops from the most severe types of csa you could imagine, this is a pretty low blow. even for bailey lol

No. 18887

File: 1524171559450.png (7.2 KB, 523x122, jj.PNG)

orrrr just homophobic people are like that but hehehe those nasty evil hetties uwu!
i mean how are you gonna preach about how one can't choose their sexuality if you're gonna treat heterosexuals like shit just for being straight? because, again, if i remember correctly, people cant change their sexuality.

No. 18888

having an undertale kin should be in the DSM for a diagnosis of autism

No. 18889

she also kins with rick sanchez.

No. 18890

claiming one as an alter should be a criminal offense lmao

No. 18891

tate langdon too. haven't you heard? kinning with abusers and psychopaths is cute and cool!

No. 18892

File: 1524175377582.jpeg (75.41 KB, 1285x615, image.jpeg)

Bailey graduated high school and is jobless freeloading off of tearzah and her dad. I think tearzah worked temporary a couple months ago but now only makes money off of commissions

No. 18893

Tearzah, a person who fetishizes physical abuse and mental illness, wants to become a nurse?

I worry for her future patients.

No. 18894

I hope to god she has to go through a psych eval before she's employed anywhere she has access to drugs and needles. Stick to stocking thrift stores & quit wasting daddy's money.

No. 18895

It took one search and I found out she goes to Daytona State. I think it's literally on her LinkedIn?

No. 18896

>complaining about racism on a board where almost everyone is a racist
That might not be very effective, anon.

No. 18897

Speak for yourself, please.

No. 18898

I mean, she does use her real name online, and it's a very uncommon name. If her future employers try to google her, wouldn't everything show up?

Just imagine how Bailey would try to use her access to things… and people? Would Bailey try to live out her fantasies of violence via Tearzah's access to vulnerable people?

No. 18899

File: 1524179208348.png (22.67 KB, 640x364, what is going on.png)

i didnt think id be posting to smth like this lol but tearzah recently stole an oc from me and sold it. i made a few posts abt it and the person who bought the oc eventually came across the posts and finally asked tearzah for a refund, as well as changed the oc so it would look less like my own. but the screenshot here are anons i have gotten… on a blog i recently abandoned. mind you, this is the only blog tearzah knows abt thats mine. so tearzah got all pissed because i called them out on their shit and sent these anons. ofc, im not positive these are from them, but the posts have been up for abt a month so why would i only get these anons now lol.

No. 18900

i love how the anons defending tearzah in the ask are misgendering her. sorry you got ripped off, but unfortunately it's something she does a lot.
>>18893 i've literally never heard her talking about nursing aside from that one ask. i wonder if she's doing it to further live out her medical ~aesthetic~.

No. 18901

File: 1524181784120.jpeg (177.44 KB, 1280x1024, F7EEA2FE-C361-4E7D-AEBD-F2678B…)

Anyone else wonder why tearzah seems to make so much content with bailey and ash when apparently ash is in a relationship with another oc of tearzah

No. 18902

Bc Bailey x Ash is more abusive and she gets off on that?

No. 18903

Do you have any pictures of the oc vs the ripoff oc?

No. 18904

Self insert OC. Except Ash is everything she wants to be, not what she actually is.

No. 18905

Ash is probably 10x more interesting than tearzah even if there edgy

No. 18906

Yall mentioning how Tearzah doesnt talk as much to her friends because of Bailey reminds me of one of said friends attacking me full speed one time just because I dared to mention a "creepy cute artist who apparently romanticizes abuse with their drawings". There's tons of those out there tbh(yeah ok a lot are Tearzah copycats but still). God, that was so fucking surreal. Sent me like a novel about me not understanding what abuse Tearzah went through by all the trolls and such.

No. 18907

people calling tearzah out for her shit is not "abuse". tearzah labels anyone that has ever wronged her as abusive.

No. 18908

File: 1524201590727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.28 KB, 750x961, 7B762FB6-25D5-4E58-9F7C-DF84EC…)

remember when bailey posted this with no self harm warnings? smh what is wrong with her

No. 18909

Emotional abuse is still abuse

No. 18910

File: 1524202224903.png (275.9 KB, 759x738, HEWWO part 2.png)

yeah right. ngl, i was heavily inspired by tearzah for a while which is why right looks like a total rip off of tearzahs art lol but its the closest i can find to looking like the rip off oc. and yes, i have changed my style since i found out how tearzah really is. like literally all they did was change a few things then put her as an adoptable. i seriously thought it was just me at first but i showed my friends and literally all of them asked if it was fanart of my oc.

No. 18911

Then that makes Tearzah and Bailey huge abusers of multiple people.

No. 18912

I can see it. Theres many simularities. I could help you try to shift your style if you want. I think ik your user since i looked up the recent stuff on tearzah from tumblr.

Indeed. If you read the old tumblr links (up in the thread description) theres shit about tearzah being emotional abusive. Gaslighting and such. Baileys abuse is still somewhat decent about stuff that happened before tearzah. 2 untrustworthy fucks.

No. 18913

Yeah, I mean…I'm not saying either as I haven't really delved into the subject that much so I cannot fully check what is true and what's not but yeah.
I literally just mentioned that there was "someone" with that aesthetics that I've heard is troublesome and I get this kinda backlash already. Doesn't even make me want to think about those who were actually abused by Tearzah/Bailey how much shit they are getting.
I even got confirmation by others in the same chat that they couldn't even pinpoint my statement to Tearzah like wtf.
Not sure what that said friend who attacked me is doing now or if they still associate with Tea but on the occasion that I see their art anywhere(as they were an artist too) it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

No. 18914

She will never actually become a nurse let alone get accepted into a program with the shit she’s posted online lol

No. 18915

They’d find out about her cuts, bruises, hickeys, and nose bleed issue eventually and tell her to get out. Of course giving her fair warnings and keepinga closer eye on her. But with as much as tearzah copying, stealing and starting drama shits gonna go down. If she ever made it into nursing she’d never make it long. Cant forget about those meds! Im sure no ones gonna wanna babysit this cow. Imagine if she stopped taking her meds (schizophrenia and bpd anyone?).

No. 18916

FUCK I WAS THE ONE TO SEND THAT ASK LMFAOOOOOO if you go to transmaeda's blog and look at the posts from december 2017, people sent a lot of asks criticizing this ask that i shamelessly sent. i thought it wouldnt be a problem to ask since bailey has said "im intersex i have a both dick and a vagina uwu" and i wanted to piss her off
>>18892 i think she goes to daytona state college? i just googled her full name (tearzah hayes) and thats what came up :0

No. 18917

>>18908 she gotta get that sweet attention and validation

No. 18918

File: 1524210831772.png (51.49 KB, 1139x684, f.PNG)

what is it w/ tea and making every single oc gay followed by assigning them completely random ethnicities in an attempt to be Woke and Inclusive? it's a lil ridiculous.

on a different note, i'm real pissed off about that one anon further up's issue with tearzah ripping their design for their shitty $25 adoptables. tea doesn't work and boasts about just how much they draw, so they shouldn't have any issues designing their own damn characters. one of my biggest fears as an artist is having someone like my oc's design enough to completely rip it off. i can't imagine how much it sucks to have it happen by an artist as big and popular as tearzah.

No. 18919

**the tags too. god, imagine romanticizing mental illnesses this much.

No. 18920

How does that work?

No. 18921

File: 1524212671937.png (50.71 KB, 1117x566, why are you like this.png)

You should see ash's page

No. 18922

I ask myself this everyday

No. 18923

If someone get into their discord server they could see what happened with the avery person

No. 18924

File: 1524236467718.jpg (326.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180420-110011_Dis…)

No. 18925

File: 1524237511331.jpg (431.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180420-111610_Dis…)

I regret this already

No. 18926

It bet it's for the aesthetic lmao.

No. 18927

Just be careful bc they will probably find you out at some point.

No. 18928

From what I see i guess this avery person just up and left one day, probably finally got tired of all this nonsense in this server

No. 18929

“nutted in them” The idea that Fregley could ever penatrate Tea with a swollen baby carrot clit is absolutely hysterical, unless the MtF tinfoil hat goes back on.

No. 18930

it's actually possible to penetrate with a vagina if your clit is large enough. obviously clits dont have holes like dicks so she couldnt have "nutted". but enough about that because thinking about edgymaeda and pissprincess having sex is making me nauseous

No. 18931

You mean "nuttied"

No. 18932

File: 1524241960587.png (7.78 KB, 510x159, Untitled.png)

bretty sure tearzah is lurking

No. 18933

she either won't shut it down or will only make a new server
she craves constant attention so bad that isolating herself out of fear of forum weirdos screencapping her shit might as well be a death sentence

No. 18934

god tearzah and their gf are idiots.. granted the applications state you must be 17+, there are probably 17 y/os in this server yet at the same time these are still minors. tearzah sure is a freak huh.

No. 18935

literally just claudia wolf

No. 18936

I’m gonna vomit. The idea of bailey scissoring her un-clit w/ teas furburger is disgusting and nobody wants to hear that

No. 18937

eugh gross.

No. 18938

I didn’t need to hear that man

No. 18939

File: 1524273309947.jpeg (120.71 KB, 750x781, D284360E-5518-4F97-8913-77032E…)

She made a fucking server for DOLLKIN ONLY
Also why is it 16 and up thats a weird age to start at why not 18 and up

No. 18940

Probably because her and Bailey have some borderline pedo tendencies, and 16 is technically legal in some places? Given the shit they talk about >>18925 it should be 18+.

No. 18941

Not a weird age, it's the same as lolcow's minimum age for thread subjects (which I don't really get either but w/e)

No. 18942

There have been call out posts for Bailey and it trying to fuck minors in such a creepy way

No. 18943

probably because normal functioning adults rarely call themselves shit like "dollkin"

No. 18944

File: 1524392293671.png (3.29 MB, 1932x1260, hgdfkghkjdf.png)

well, looks like Pignose can't get enough of that Crookteeth neck

speaking of crooked teeth, have y'all noticed that tea could be using her money to fix her teeth but she chooses to spend it all for transmaeda instead? she's pretty committed to someone who wants to slit her throat in her sleep

No. 18945

>wearing makeup in the bathtub
>taking bathtub selfies

No. 18946

I don't mean to derail, but what's wrong with having leg hair when it's that thin and hard to see?

No. 18947

Does she have dermatillomania or something? Her cheeks look like she's picking.

NYART, but: nothing. Some people will still complain about it.

No. 18948

File: 1524425238385.jpeg (158.16 KB, 750x698, 87EDD467-F2A7-4053-B01A-F89938…)

One more thing I find repulsive about not only bailey but tumblr itself is that it screams about not conforming to gender roles but any time someone wants to cross dress is twansphobic it pisses me off so much

No. 18949

right like i thought gendew woles didnt mattew uwu lmao

No. 18950

lol she do got a pig nose.

No. 18951

pig nose is bailey dumbo

No. 18952

hey im 562070 and i just wanted to let u know i was talking about bailey actually! since bailey has a pignose and she apparently cant stop sucking on teas neck to the point it bleeds

No. 18953

you aint gotta specify who you are but srry for mistaking who you were talking about fren

No. 18954

File: 1524432405599.png (202.19 KB, 477x594, hairy.png)

I wouldnt say it's "thin and hard to see". Not to nitpick her character, I just think leg hair on any individual is undesirable and it only makes me find her even more unattractive.

No. 18955

it clearly is super thin, I think you're nitpicking.

No. 18956

>>18954 >>562598
I wouldnt say thin but also not thick, her leg hair is noticable just not on specific parts of her legs.

>>18951 >>562070
Tearzah and bailey are both pig nosed, its just that tearzahs teeth looks like a namn train wreck as well. Also those god awful hickeys and all that face picking. Tearzah is so ugly.

No. 18957

theyre both pretty piggynosed

No. 18958

sounds like something a person with hairy legs would say lol

No. 18959

Lol that was pretty funny

No. 18960

it was. what's your point?

No. 18961

File: 1524500142004.jpeg (183.4 KB, 640x715, 9CAB581D-405C-44C4-8717-4380B1…)

Crossdressing? Transphobic. Actively discouraging Transgender men to transition and saying “anyone” who wants to is a “fucking idiot”? Fine! Also, approach Bailey about this and she denies saying it, she claims she said “I’m a fucking idiot for taking it”.

No. 18962

I don’t understand the point. Hairy legs aren’t a character flaw. Anon can shave whenever they want. This is the stupidest thing to nitpick.

No. 18963

Hairy legs aren’t a character flaw, but having a “horse face” and “piggy nose” is? Same shit. Everyone here is critical of Bailey and tearzahs appearance. It was a joke to begin with.

No. 18964

I thought I heard somewhere that you can go in to get your voice box changed to be higher/lower pitch. Idk but I think people should look into stuff like that if they aren’t happy with what they have. But yet again, this is bailey and they’re freeloading. If they can’t get a job, then I guess its “irreversible” since I doubt Tearzah and her dad will be willing to pay for that.

No. 18965

Yeah we’re critical. I’m sure some of the comments about their appearances were jokes. Others probably serious. But the one thing to remember is that their looks isnt the reason Tearzah has a thread. Its her behavior and Bailey’s too. I don’t mind the bashing on looks but I think their appearances wont change how they are to others.

No. 18966

baileys blatant hypocrisy is hilarious. she constantly virtue signals for trans people but then says shit like this. maybe if she had done any fucking research she would know the irreversible effects of taking T. this is why people shouldn't fuck around with hormones until they're a responsible adult to avoid making lifelong mistakes such as bailey has. T is a great idea for genuine transgender men wanting to cope with their dysphoria. bailey is the only idiot here

No. 18967

that's vocal training, but you can't permanantly lower the pitch of a voice, only speaking style/mannerisms

No. 18968

Voice feminization surgery definitely exists, and it's surprisingly good.

No. 18969

Thank you, I knew there was a way to adjust voices, seems like its something suggested to someone who is transitioning genders. At least from what I’ve heard.

I think the vocal training could work before and after the voicebox sugery. To help for transitioning. I heard the ways to change a voice to make it deeper is more complicated then giving it a higher pitch though. I’m no doctor so I can’t say how its all done and what not.

No. 18970

Leak Bailey's Discord.

No. 18971

File: 1524642818273.jpeg (117.24 KB, 640x980, 64E4BF64-AD77-48E3-8F3F-29DA71…)

Bailey bruises Teas forehead

No. 18972

File: 1524642869464.jpeg (101.23 KB, 634x996, 1896B28A-A873-4C0D-846C-333055…)

No. 18973

A paper plate wouldn't cause a bruise of any kind though. Sounds like the typical "she fell down the stairs" excuse when a woman is being abused in a relationship.

No. 18974

Or Bailey just tries to be edgy again and Tearzah just hit her head on a door or god knows what while Bailey just sat on her ass and hasn't anything to do with it.

No. 18975

>>18971 >>565044
This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard

No. 18976


guys i think they're joking around. bailey did that thing where people use caps to indicate mock seriousness.

No. 18977

Not a self-post, I was trying to find something on tumblr regarding tea and this blog came up. Looks like it's still active. Is it anyone's here?


No. 18978

Not me but I used to have her old twitter handle. It was Tearzah or Tearzahs, idr.
If it’s still up one of you should snag it.

No. 18979

File: 1524697049372.jpeg (133.73 KB, 473x415, 59BB52B8-BE50-4374-8C2E-0D1FCB…)

Obviously no one here is Tearzah’s numero uno biggest buttmunch fan but I can’t take this seriously when these “victims” are potentially on the same cow level as Tearzah. Fucking PTSD and “qpp”/“queer platonic partner”, throw in an “i’m shaking right now” and if I didn’t know better I would have thought Transmaeda wrote this

No. 18980

Anon I could understand why they’d be shaking. Tearzah is an ass and she’ll go after them. And then when your ass kissing fans hear that tearzahs been “abused” and “harassed”, then you see her devoted fans threatening people who don’t deserve it. I can agree some of the people who were harassed may be over reacting, but Tearzah does try to twist shit around and tell people that she’s being harassed (by the people who were harassed by her). I’ve seen her do it before.

No. 18981

File: 1524710122515.jpeg (57.73 KB, 536x274, 83B43811-3BE8-4E0B-8097-9C1316…)

I decided to check and tears favorites on toyhouse are actually still full of orbpals characters

No. 18982

File: 1524711702577.png (230.28 KB, 659x372, teawzuhh.png)

She favorited her own oc too of course, kek

No. 18983

On toyhou.se you have to fave your character so it gets into your user profiles featured section. try again.

No. 18984

hi tea!

No. 18985

I'm not that person but I'm the one who posted 565844 and I was thinking the same thing so it's probably just someone who also uses the site

No. 18986

No. 18987

cool tl;dr

No. 18988

Hey I’m one of the people helping out of tearzah’s/bailey’s thread on kiwi farms! It would be great if anyone helped out! The more we have about tea on different sites, then people will know her shit and stop kissing her ass. The site isn’t hard to use btw. But besides her new thread, she’s been mentioned before on other threads.

No. 18989

lol, stop trying to reach so much

No. 18990

shut up, tearzah

No. 18991

you're an honest retard if you're going to call everyone who knows how to use a website "tearzah"

No. 18992

I mean >>18983 is right, as much as I don’t want to vouch for Fleazah that’s just how that website works so it’s not really that milky, just a nitpick

No. 18993

File: 1524821846368.png (3.61 KB, 274x123, ajfkngjknfa.png)

Please tell me the OC discord ended up being closed

No. 18994

It did

No. 18995

Are you sure they didn’t just kick us out for suspicion and leave it up?

No. 18996

Yeah that kinda suspicious

No. 18997

yeah tearzah is for sure lurking here if she's going to close the oc discord like that. especially with how long it was up before we got screenshots from it.

No. 18998

Her nose looks like a fucking ripe pimple

No. 18999

Her dox is on kiwi farms

No. 19000

you could be doxing pedophiles or something but you idiots choose to dox artists for drawing "sjw art" lmao

No. 19001

>you idiots
Who? Do you not know the difference between here and KF?
Also, Tearzah is basically a pedophile by Tumblr (ie your home) standards, so

No. 19002

Do you have comprehension skills? At all? At least one person in this thread has brought up doxxing.
what the fuck makes tearzah "basically" a pedophile? Look i dont like her either but christ, what a fucking reach lad

No. 19003

Just checked KF. No Tea dox, but details from Bailey's call out post on them flirting with a 14 year old and sending them nudes, and fucking a 15 year old at 18.
So, we should be doxxing Bailey, the person Tea "loves" and is financially supporting, I guess, according to you, lmao.

No. 19004

Nvm, found it. Oh, well. She supports pedophiles.

No. 19005

i dont think there was any point in doxxing her. feelsbad for her father tho. oh well!

No. 19006

I don't give a shit about bailey, I just don't think tearzah and tearzahs dad deserve it

No. 19007

hopefully nobodys insane enough to do anything dangerous to them.

No. 19008

Why wouldn't someone who knowingly supports a pedo deserve it? Sucks for her parents, I guess.

No. 19009

Look I fucking hate bailey but I dont blame tea for being in denial about Bailey's pedophilic past with the amount of fake screenshots that have been made about tea.
ex: someone making a fake screenshot of tea saying she supports trump, lol

No. 19010

Let's not forget that it was implied by a few earlier that bailey is abusive

No. 19011

Putting someone’s name, Tearzah’s first and last name is not a dox. Maybe if we found her address then yes that would be a dox. But we aren’t trolls. What benefit would we even get from doxxing Tearzah and Bailey. As much as I don’t like them, it’s disrespectful and I see no benefits for anyone for doxxing Tearza h.

That cat abuse may be fake too. Cats, like many other animals, run and hide from anything they fear. They wouldn’t keep coming back. But her cats hang around her often, so if she was abusing them then they wouldn’t be around so much. And if she were to catch them then they'd attack her in defense. And we all know how Tearzah loves to post her cuts and bruises so I’m sure if she got a cat stratch, then she’d show it. And her dad would notice too, if he didn’t then idk what to say.

No. 19012

I agree, but someone released tearzahs address in kiwifarms, so it's out there if it's the real one

No. 19013

If I remember correctly the account that originally said that deleted their account shortly after admitting that that never had anything to back it up.

No. 19014

I’ll tell you something. I use kiwifarms. I haven’t seen any doxx of her address. I guess it it were there for a tiny bit before it was deleted. But kiwifarms accepts doxxing, just not trolling. I’ve seen 2 cases where someone got doxxed (not tearzah related) and they don’t care unless you plan to troll them, then you get ridiculed. If anyone has screenshots of the doxx before it was deleted, that’d be great. You can cover the address but if it shows the name. Idk, I never heard anyone mention doxxing Tearzah there.

No. 19015

No. 19016

>>19012 >>568098
Im >>19011 and >>19014. Sorry for being stupid I barely even skimmed the post. I read through it and honestly theres way more than enough info.

No. 19017

its alright. personally i think kiwifarms is so disorganized its easy to skim over things. but that is definitely her address, if you look at it from google maps the mailbox and roof match up from that photo she posted on insta. i kinda hope it gets deleted

No. 19018

I honestly thought it was stuff I already saw so I didn’t really look at it. But yeah I agree, its way disorganized and theres no win for anyone for this doxx. The person I feel bad for the most is her dad, its not his fault his daughter is infamous for her shit.

No. 19019

i wonder if dadzah is at all aware of what tea does online. i mean all it would take is a google search of her first name.

No. 19020

File: 1524948614103.png (5.26 KB, 326x130, hm.PNG)

wonder what the demon may be

No. 19021

I didnt think she’d ever get doxed, there’s nothing to gain from that

No. 19022


No. 19023

kiwifarms will p much systematically dox cows and their family even when it doesn't bring any milk

dunno why

No. 19024

ofc there isn't but leave it to kf

No. 19025

File: 1524963201883.png (Spoiler Image,294.01 KB, 620x709, UD1uzlMMzta_UwQ0mv8gKkBUY3BTm3…)

g u y s

No. 19026

Lmaooo. Reminder that the person who drew this talked about how BDSM is totally abuse uwu. Also
>those heavily idealized versions of Tearzah and Bailey
They fucking wish.

No. 19027

right like i saw on kf how she said consensual choking was a no-no and when i saw that on patreon, i knew i had to feast this blessing of a thread upon it

No. 19028

gotta include every scar in there too !!
whats a tea drawing without self harm romanticism, am i right?

No. 19029

Half of tumblr uses statcounter this isnt milk and its not like it ties an ip/location with a person unless said person is retarded and does a self doxx

No. 19030

there are trans women that are drag queens its a performance not an identity for people that are supposed to be morally superior in regards to the lgbt they sure dont know shit about anything about it

No. 19031

if you have teas patreon, i'd love to see more of her shitty NSFW on here.

No. 19032

is it possible for me to upload multiple pics in one reply?

No. 19033

its best to try and compile them all in one document, then upload as a single image.

No. 19034


No. 19035

alright im gonna make a doc of everything from like, late 2017 up to this point give me a sec

No. 19036

you're the best. i hope this is juicy!

No. 19037

Bless You

No. 19038

almost done. adding the dates each one was posted!

No. 19039

File: 1524977149955.gif (69.2 KB, 202x200, 200.gif)

No. 19040

File: 1524977744184.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 3814x4000, Collage.jpg)

if the quality is too bad i'll try again!

No. 19041

would it be possible to upload these as a group to imgur or something?

No. 19042

also…looks like tearzah forgot to draw all the self arm in the Egg Pic

No. 19043

i could try. is the file i uploaded hard to see for you?

No. 19044

oh my god that one of ash just chillin with eggs coming out her pussy like its nbd

No. 19045

no! i can see it pretty decently i just like seeing tearzahs pictures close up because she does all her shit so fast theres usually a bunch of mini fuck ups i like to find close up

No. 19046

I Don't Want To Admit I Have A Cunt Boy Fetish: A Compilation

considering she knows about this thread she could probably report/challenge the uploads. the pic seems fine to me

No. 19047

Honestly, what's even going on in this photo? Seems like Tea's encouraging Baileys edgy fantasies of murdering her.

No. 19048

The quality is good. Now I need bleach for my eyes. These are so gross. The eggs especially.

No. 19049

OF COURSE there's a pic where Bailey also gets it on with Ash and Elliots father, OF FUCKING COURSE.
Just waiting for Fakeley to do the even grosser things that Bailey does. Then again…there's already the piss, the waterboarding and the "violent urges uwu".

No. 19050

it's both their edgy fantasies. i wish people in this thread would stop painting tea as a helpless victim to baileys madness or smth like she doesn't want to be perceived as some poor tortured soul

No. 19051

the eye one and egg one were the most disturbing for me, no doubt

No. 19052

ash: getting dicked by every other oc in teas universe

No. 19053

Does it bother anyone that tea draws a cleavage line for ash despite them being nearly flat chested?

No. 19054

uh oh. would she actually be able to get it taken down? it would be disappointing considering i put more effort into that than she puts into half her works :/

No. 19055

yeah. also the nipple placement. it really chaps my khakis.

No. 19056

i think op meant if it was uploaded to imgur

No. 19057

it's especially weird considering how "dysphoric" tearzah is about her own weird boobs. makes me wonder why shed give her self-insert more prominent tits when she claims she wants to be completely flat-chested.

No. 19058

if they were completely flat it'd just look like a normal boys chest and not like a 12 year old girls chest :/ its important to her character that she doesnt look like an adult in any shape way or form

No. 19059

you guys are scarily right though

No. 19060

Good point, actually. Since she drew herself and Bailey with flatter chests than ash. Tearzah can’t possibly think size A breasts have cleavage, theres barely any breast to begin with. And the nipples are so weird.

But Tearzah could just make small shading under the tiny tits to show that ash isnt flat chested. Theres no way that cleavage should exist.

No. 19061

to go along with the weird nipple thing, why are they so fucking shiny??

No. 19062

the same reason the foreskin is shiny duh

No. 19063

Because muh kawaii desu aesthetics

No. 19064

Why isn't there a nice list of all those copycats out there already?
I realize, after trying to make one, there's just too many out there, jeez.

No. 19065

Some of those are obvious copies, but others are reaching, to be honest. Didn't know Tearzah invented fluffy hair and angels, kek. Extra ironic since Tearzah copied multiple people's art styles as well.

No. 19066

I think this is great tbh. There may be a lot of copiers, but they can be part of the problem. Idk, but this is good to see. And it even has links!
About elliberriii they are a minor and she starts copying and tracing so much that she even tries to act like those she’s stealing from. Even if thats more of reina’s problem than tearzah’s, elli still copies tearzah too.

No. 19067

Yeah, theres many obvious ones but some aren’t too obvious. Reina’s style has been drifting away from tearzah’s and she’s been trying to clear up her past problems and drama. I mean, you could keep her on the list but I think others are more noteworthy.

No. 19068

gunna have to agree with this. definitely a misuse of the word copycat

No. 19069

File: 1524984580583.png (26.58 KB, 512x181, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 2.46…)

It kinda pisses me off that tearzah tags posts that are clearly jokes with trigger warnings like "ddlg implied" and "suicide baiting".
>also bailey joking about suicide baiting with tea when tea is notorious for doing it herself

No. 19070

yeah tearzah.. is a pedophile… its not just because she has "sjw" art she draws actual pedophilia. ash may be 20, or whatever, but have you seen how fucking childish the thing looks? not only that but she supports a pedophile as well.

No. 19071

hey op you have my old toyhouse on there. get it straight.

No. 19072

You think I give a shit to go through everything again? Yall changing names all the time, this is sisyphos work so I gave up. Take it or leave it, Mr Anon who think I gonna guess which one of them you actually are.

No. 19073

lol that was the joke

No. 19074

Learn to sage if you're gonna shit/selfpost cunt

No. 19075

why are you mad i made a joke abt not having my right toyhouse link. whats funny is you think i wanted you to. its an actual joke. learn to take jokes fool.

No. 19076

learn to love yourself and stop trolling, jeez

No. 19077

thats what im sayin tho ://

No. 19078

Also on what >>19065 said, a fair few parts of the list seems like you were trying to grab at a random extra couple of artists to make yourself seem more
credible. Yes, Tearzah copiers are a plague but if you also want to accuse Tearzah of copying- don’t act like she invented art. Are these really COPYcats, or just your own personal cows? Bulking up the list with people you claim are “tearzah without lineart” and etc., only to find they’re vaguely similar is actually a really Tearzah thing to do since she’s notorious for sicing her fans on people who “uwu steal her art style”. Maybe condense your list, you seem like you’re sperging between the lines.

No. 19079

Is that you again candy-claws

No. 19080

Holy fuck… is Tea gonna deport her patreon too now that there is a mole in there?? lmfao this is amazing, this thread just gets better every day

No. 19081

You're just as autistic as Tearzah and her little cult on Instagram. I presume you're fictionkin and slice your arms to "cope" as well?

No. 19082

yeah that was me! not exactly sure what you mean by again tho.
i… actually have to agree with this. granted i was smacked on there for drawing someone kicking someone else in the crotch cause apparently thats Tearzah Copyright, but… there are some where i just dont even see it.

No. 19083

how bout u sage, bud.

No. 19084

she might block me from it or smth since her patreon is full of other kiss ass art mutuals so it would be easy to spot my throwaway acc

No. 19085

File: 1525022416021.jpeg (197.73 KB, 1597x317, 5F9EDA68-BE4F-4167-B622-1138FA…)

Guys, tearzah’s mom found kiwifarms. Kinda feel bad since she has a new family of kids to take care of (and she’s never involved with tearzah) but I think someone may have contacted at least Tearzah’s mom through the doxx.

No. 19086

i seriously wonder why tearzah hasnt said anything about herself being doxxed and shit yet? bet she's breaking down and falling off of her sink or something

No. 19087

Tearzah might not even know. I’m curious how out of everyone in the doxx, her own mother found out before her. And nah, shes probably gonna cut up the other side of her stomach and blame the workd for her mistakes. If she wasn’t a cow she wouldn’t have all these problems.

No. 19088

After reading her mom's response I feel kinda bad for her. Her mom really doesn't give a shit about her, does she?

No. 19089

highly doubtful it's actually tearzahs mom, unless some dumbass decided to message the lady on her facebook to warn her of the doxx.

No. 19090

That is tearzah's actual mom. I know someone who gave tearzah the links to this site and kiwifarms and reported kiwifarms to the fbi for the doxx.

No. 19091

Does your dad work at Microsoft too?

No. 19092


???? I don't see how that correlates to the information I am providing.

No. 19093

Do you mind showing some proof? If you can?

No. 19094

They're mocking you. Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 19095

That's impossible, I'm Tearzah's mom.

No. 19096

>>19090 >>569450
>prove it
I feel like this is a lie. Why would you say thats Tearzah’s mom if you're her mom. And if you excluded yourself from tearzah, then how would you know if someone contacted her about the doxx. You never cared so why would you now?

No. 19097

I meant to put >>19095

No. 19098

you're all aspies incapable of detecting sarcasm

No. 19099

like if owned

No. 19100

File: 1525044044859.jpeg (29.79 KB, 600x909, d63.jpeg)

Well, does he work at Microsoft or not? BTW my dad works for the FBI so I can ask him if he received any reports about Tearzah's dox.

And this is an image board, if you have screencaps, post it. Don't bait us with milk. And besides, I doubt Tearzah's mom posted on KF. She just left a comment on here saying that it's not her. >>19095


Consequences will never be the same….

No. 19101

unrelated but if you guys want to get on tearzah's patreon, empty cards work wonders ;)
thats how i got in to get the awful porn

No. 19102

And explain the situation.


Like that’s gonna do anything.

No. 19103

if you show us a picture of tearzah crying we will believe that

No. 19104

Well well would you look at that, Tearzah’s “dad” comment suddenly disappeared

No. 19105

File: 1525044920389.png (106.62 KB, 800x449, Z7OKAJd.png)

Sent me a screenshot of their ask to her, but not sure if they have the other asks.

No. 19106

File: 1525044970912.png (5.55 KB, 530x51, boye.png)

no balls! heres the deleted post.

No. 19107

This thread is such a fucking wreck

No. 19108

No one in my family works at Microsoft.

No. 19109

God it just goes right over your head doesn’t it.

No. 19110

Listen, if we can stay on topic that would be great. This thread is a mess.

No. 19111

Tearzah just retweeted one of her drawings just now so she’s still online

No. 19112

File: 1525047136403.png (72.58 KB, 509x493, alco.png)

not sure if this has to do with anything but i think so?

No. 19113

First of all yes I seen kiwi farms site just like any other site that has Tearzah's name on it, I'm her damn mother. All you gotta do is Google her name and all this shit comes up, I've followed this story almost since it started BECAUSE SHE IS MY CHILD!!! What I don't appreciate is my personal info all thrown up over some shit I have absolutely nothing to do with. I mean damn really your throwimg up my marriage license and domestic abuse info!!!? Really!!?? I lived that shit already I don't need it plastered all over sites. Your putting up personal info about her also. You guys dislike her so much you have pages upon pages of her so posting her address you think is cool? That's seriously fucked up. Also don't ever say I don't care about Tearzah I love her with every damn thing in me but I don't have to prove shit to anyone. I don't agree with none of this shit you guys claim abuse but yet your posting antagonizing things on a daily basis, no end to it, how long do you think a person can take before they flip shit!!? You just dragging shit up, does nobody here have their own life to live? I also make it a point to keep extra tabs because of this new bitch living with her, that is just one serious issue…. Of you don't like her stop associating yourself with her, some of you keep commenting about she is still doing this so many years later as you are still following this drama for years… Damn just leave her the fuck alone, don't assume you know anything and stop posting my info online again we all know that's not allowed, and screen shots are awesome

No. 19114

Tbh you sound like a troll. Whe know your name is Lesanne Keeler, so why not put that instead. Also tearzah mentioned hating you since you were never in her life, so why do you give a shit now? Is it to save your own ass? Fyi no one wanted Tearzah to be doxxed, the guy who doxxed your info with Tearzah did that on their free time. And maybe Tearzah wouldn’t have have threads here and on kiwifarms if she wasn’t such a brat. Harassing people for years, thats what Tearzah is up to. Didn’t you divorced her father because of that? Abuse? Your daughter is doing the same shit but thats okay? Maybe if you care for your daughter so much then you can tell her to grow the fuck up, apologize to all she’s harassed, stop causing drama and get your damn daughter some help. If you really cared about her then you’d help her wouldn’t you? Cause thats what parents who actually care would do.

No. 19115

Obvious troll is obvious.

No. 19116

File: 1525054824258.jpg (868.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180429-221839_Chr…)

Are you serious? The hell if I didn't put my damn name as Lesanne stop reaching…. It clearly states my damn name

No. 19117

Omfg… Lmfao don't tell me how I feel or if I care, it's not your damn life live yours STOP POSTING MY INFO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19118

Anyone could, your point?

This is Tearzah we're talking about, people following her are as batshit insane as she is.

No. 19119

She's not Tearzah's mom. I'M Tearzah's actual mom. Don't believe that troll's lies.

It feels like a lot of people in this thread are instagram kids with a vendetta for Tearzah and they're now using the dox as a way to get attention. It makes no sense for Tearzah's mom to start shitposting on lolcow and kiwifarms, especially since she doesn't even have a relationship with her daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if this thread gets put on autosage. Reminds me a lot of the Anisa threads, just needs more tinfoiling and nitpicking.

No. 19120

I honestly believe that this is her mother, i remember a very long while back tearzah has mentioned that her mother stalked her insta so its not that far fetched that her mother would look up her up and keep up with her drama
If you do care about your daughter tearzah then why havent you confronted her about her online behavior or the damage she is doing to herself, or even bring it up to her father who is currently taking care of her and bailey

No. 19121

File: 1525055534298.jpg (30.59 KB, 512x384, addtext_com_MjIzMDU3NDQyNTk.jp…)

No. 19122

Tumblr: Not Even Once

No. 19123

Imagine seeing your kid do the most disgusting online and not even attempt to talk to her about it

No. 19124

Yeah even if I wasn’t grossed out the self harm would be incredibly alarming. If it were my kid I’d be so worried.

No. 19125

No. 19126

Apparently Bailey is the one who nuked the Oc server

No. 19127

File: 1525202929910.png (144.21 KB, 1071x1060, 20180501_222536.png)


No. 19128

git fucked

No. 19129

no u
srsly the thread here and at KF is suddenly infested with tards, what’s the problem.

No. 19130

Probably tearzah’s dumbass whiteknights are in the thread pretending to not be on her side for info. Or trolls

No. 19131

^ or both

No. 19132

Yeah, it makes sense. Not sure why >>18983 was so god damn aggressive about it… unless they're Tearzah of course.

No. 19133

probably tearzah's cult from instagram, they're a bunch of otherkin that cut themselves to pictures of ash in awkward sexual positions and claim it's 'relatable'

No. 19134

Glad I’m not the only one seeing the fanbase as a Cult. They act like Tearzah is their fucking god or some shit.

No. 19135

whoop guys, based of tea's reblogs today, she's taken a liking to nicole dollanganger; known pedo, reblogger of cp, romanticizer of csa and other abuse, etc. and tea acts like she's sooo advanced for pretending like csa and pedophilia are disgusting topics not to be asked about (involving her cute abuse and pedo oc aspects, ofc)

No. 19136

Damn this is great! I have a feeling that we’re going to have more tea drama here shortly

No. 19137

I meant tearzah liking nicole. I’m sure some of her fans know of nicole’s shit and will bash tearzah for for liking her.

No. 19138

are you actually going to post sources or continue to be triggered and pull shit out of your ass?

No. 19139

Hasn't she always been interested in Nicole Dollanger? I thought I've seen reblogs in the past or even her talking about her?

No. 19140

File: 1525490487816.jpeg (357.78 KB, 2048x1593, 49581EC7-64EC-4C7F-AE42-1E5566…)


No. 19141

File: 1525490590219.jpeg (434.39 KB, 2048x1792, BA6431BB-B2CD-45BB-9EE3-B892D1…)

Commission part 2
>I think Tearzah only put extra effort into these drawings because it’s of her oc and this person commissions her so much

No. 19142

I don't understand the anatomy here at all…

No. 19143

It’s ok most of her anatomy is nonexistent in all her “art”

No. 19144

Is this some amputee fetish shit? Where are her limbs? Why is there an arm coming out of her head?

No. 19145

fucking landwhale finally goes back to the ocean

No. 19146

fuck lmao

No. 19147

Ah, this OC drowns to death in Tear’s “story”.
Drowning is so dolly aesthetic now, kiddies.

No. 19148

I think that’s a foot? Which means maybe her feet are behind her head?

No. 19149

>>19140 >>574101
I don't get what these kids find so hot about the weird contortionist poses Tearzah draws. There are so many people who commission Tearzah to either draw their own ocs or Tearzah's ocs to do some weird-ass contortionist pose.

No. 19150

its usually just sudriennei who commissions the funky contortion ones

No. 19151

File: 1525884569428.png (8.59 KB, 567x146, bruh.PNG)

Tea, sweetie, i don't think this is something you can be "impulsive" about….

No. 19152

File: 1525884656018.png (17.01 KB, 568x220, lmao.PNG)

Also, fucking kek'd at this. Bailey is hardly anything of a woman lmaooo

No. 19153

cool last-minute attempt to make their relationship seem real. too bad the rushed marriage proposal completely invalidated it and made them look like immature tools with no foresight into the future

No. 19154

File: 1525972078999.jpeg (160.52 KB, 630x573, DDF6EB01-43FB-4406-86CA-502119…)

Fat kek at Chodemaeda’s receding hairline. Is it result of the XY chromosome or the bleaching? We just won’t know.

No. 19155

She looks high

No. 19156

File: 1526400885296.jpeg (58.87 KB, 375x750, 35005012-84C2-482A-911B-BE14DF…)

I don’t even know what to say about this

No. 19157

really ironic comic because Ash is physically no stronger than a 4 y/o

No. 19158

"dich pic" can't even fucking spell on a simplistic 2 minutes comic….

No. 19159

File: 1526491754199.png (9.68 KB, 552x394, 2F1621E8-095F-4611-B965-9F7889…)

>I don’t care. Not at all. Nope, totally do not care.

No. 19160

File: 1526511405031.png (579.97 KB, 1314x743, F4421A8B-05BE-4783-968E-4BBDBE…)

Looks like someone officially changed their name, not sure why the blurred face though. We all already saw bailey’s face

No. 19161

File: 1526511491470.jpeg (372.99 KB, 1168x1188, AB3FA343-4BF0-4DFF-A932-27314B…)

>tfw you can’t lie about being over 6’

>tfw when you have internet and can look shit up but you choose to be a lazy mother fucker

No. 19162

It's just a poorly written K, anon.

No. 19163

Wonderful trips btw

No. 19164

Bailey just got doxxed. His real name is David Caleb Balaski.

No. 19165

looks like >>18719 called it, good job!

No. 19166

yall are creepy good at sherlocking these hoes

No. 19167

This is me again. So Bailey is only half way lying about being an orphan. His mother died in 2001 but his dad’s okay I’m assuming. Bailey used to go by the nickname Jinx. So he is a male at birth. II’m doubting the sexchange but I think the found a way to say F on his ID. Maybe he’s claimg female so he can be trans and him and tearzah can be lesbians.

No. 19168

File: 1526534023056.jpg (35.1 KB, 540x540, 11229565_891029817625693_59225…)

Pre HRT Bailey

No. 19169

Samefag but here's an old(?) Facebook with more pics, and she refers to herself as David in some places on there


No. 19170

It's funny because the anons after me ended up convincing me that I was wrong.

Looks exactly the same tbh. Just slightly less fucked up looking hair. Starting to doubt Bailey ever took hormones and just has some soy titties or something.

No. 19171

I think he actually took estrogen and felt ashamed to say he is indeed a white chiset male. His family has really white names, seeing his facial features too, he’s lying about being japanese. His dad’s name is David and his mom’s name is Elaine. I wonder what his family thinks of him.

No. 19172

kek imagine looking like this much of an incelous soyboy. he's the epitome of transbian culture. that faint autogynesmile was an omen.

No. 19173

Bulaski is a very polish last name. His father also has blue eyes and blonde hair. How very Japanese. Isn't Bailey's eyes a lighter color too? They definitely do not look brown or black.

No. 19174

Its balaski. His mother’s last name is Cummings. I do think he has light eyes

No. 19175

File: 1526607780352.png (10.09 KB, 336x311, mmvmskkskd.png)

Looks like Bailey's been asking for nudes behind Tearzah's back.

No. 19176

Was this on the dollkin discord?

No. 19177

File: 1526614910276.png (12.96 KB, 353x327, D340B683-97C6-4B5E-9651-CC332D…)

Its the oc discord

No. 19178

File: 1526802157854.png (5.62 KB, 508x133, bbbb.PNG)

for some reason i don't believe that's how it went down anymore….. just good ol' hetero sex. (well not exactly because estrogen might have left bayweed with a shrimp dick.)

No. 19179

File: 1526802779958.png (12.1 KB, 632x174, hmm.PNG)

let me guess why.. because you blubbered and whined like a 4 year old (and maybe even threatened to hurt yourself!) to have your father allow your "girl"friend of 2 months to live with you, when he said no you caused even more of a scene and your dad had to say okay to it…

No. 19180

I could see this being the exact situation. And it’s perfectly resonable for dad to say no, 2 months is like nothing when you meet someone online. Maybe if it was 2 years but its Tearzah here. She has a lot of complex issues so acting like a spoiled princess and its not that surprising (she’s also the only “kid” in her house). I bet bailey told his dad to fuck off and just ran away like the edgelord he is.

>shrimp dick
You explained that perfectly. I’m sure Tearzah loves his tictac dick cause she draws most characters with really small dicks.

No. 19181

File: 1526831356004.png (4.74 KB, 546x147, ayyeaaa.PNG)

>bailey starts to get asks about having lied about his sex, says people "believe everything they see"

well i mean, Yeah i do you retard, what else am i supposed to believe? what i hear? LOL it's amazing he's still trying to cover it up. what dedication.

>>19180 "I bet bailey told his dad to fuck off and just ran away like the edgelord he is." SDGKJSDGKJFDGHDF yeah probably, i bet when his dad tries to get in contact with him he just yells "FUCK YOU DAD" into his phone in his crackly manchild voice and hangs up

oh man. tearzah is a different story, supposedly shes a lesbian but she is attracted to and fucks bailey, who has a dingdong. i really wonder if she has always known, or was it a "surprise" to her when bailey moved in with her? either way im sure she still id's as a lesbian to be able to say she "hates men" and make homophobic straight ocs freely or something like that.

No. 19182

I hated bailey ever since I first heard about him. His always been suspicious to me. Not surprised he’s biologically male, I believe that more than his ever-changing stories of being a female who took testosterone to be androgynous but can’t explain how he “nutted” inside of Tearzah if he really did have a vagina.

He could’ve at least said the doxx is a lie, and that the info is wrong, then his “fans” could’ve believed him better but he chooses to except it as it is. He has to deal with all the consequences either way, even if he doesn’t want to. As bad as it sounds for him, if he told everyone the truth in the first place, and say that he was going to take estrogen and possibly become a trans girl, it would’ve been better in the long run.

>“FUCK YOU DAD” sounds spot on lol.

That last part is actually intriguing though. Who even knows. But either way, Tearzah will never admit she’s a a white girl in a straight relationship. She could say she’s bi but then that leaves bailey in the dust about being a white chiset male in a straight relationship. So the lies continue.

No. 19183

File: 1526833232684.jpeg (30.05 KB, 911x209, 444A4E64-E549-4259-A761-E9DEF6…)

No you’re just fucking retarded

btw i didn’t anonymously send this, i just thought it was a sight to see though

No. 19184

File: 1526833480213.jpeg (56.02 KB, 880x332, 97CE98C4-4DF3-4DE2-AD68-887BE9…)

So is she not gonna change? Thank god Tearzah didn’t go to school for arts because she’d get so much shit for this. I can recreate her drawings pretty easily and quickly with minimal effort, her art isn’t masterpieces and she should quit acting like she’s better than everyone else. She should also not give anyone advice, ever.

No. 19185

File: 1526854418408.png (17.59 KB, 526x414, C7D51812-7B40-407B-BD08-0E1FAD…)

More about bailey on the oc discord, this is with he same person who bailey wanted nudes from
>part 1

No. 19186

File: 1526854439292.png (42.71 KB, 1113x470, A21A6F54-C29E-4110-9728-D4BD9C…)

>part 2

No. 19187

what else are we suppose to believe? we're going to make up our own hypothesis's when bailey keeps being so fucking cryptic about everything.

i'm sure tearzah made up some whiny plea that having bailey around would alleviate the symptoms of her mental illness. we have reasons to believe that tearzahs dad is clueless to what's really going on, because i guarantee you- if he knew of even half the shit tea and bailey post online he would not let him stay under his roof. either that or he just doesn't give a shit about her enough to make decisions on her behalf.

tearzah may have been aware of baileys dingdong before he moved in, but because he >identifies as nonbinary the lesbian thing is still valid in her mind.

No. 19188

File: 1526927833877.png (150.28 KB, 810x683, A2E8ADC5-CCF3-455E-8A90-64896F…)

Why is this funny

No. 19189

File: 1527426230197.png (309.79 KB, 600x800, shit.png)

someone on kiwifarms pointed out that ash's hair is shaped like a football and someone else made this edit. oh my god.

No. 19190

File: 1527440764636.png (414.78 KB, 507x724, lol.PNG)

Like how after her face kept getting bashed with all the pimples and all she yesterday made this post. I'm probs reaching but this is kinda awfully suspicious this gets posted with that caption….

No. 19191

"i see you kiwifarms! HA! i took care of my skin! now you got nothing on me! take that losers!!!"

No. 19192

Seeing that her acne was on the side if the face she’s hiding she really “cleaned up her face”.

Ash’s true form

No. 19193

File: 1528612050226.jpeg (68.86 KB, 1238x154, 90A8CFB0-E159-424C-B694-4EA1F1…)

nothing new but mfw i saw this


>dislikes: hypocrites, thieves, people trying to be japanese

>tearzah: is a hypocrite, is a thief, fiance tries to claim to be japanese

No. 19194

File: 1529373203451.png (355.56 KB, 640x711, image.png)

I can't be fucked to make a kiwi farm so I'm just going to put this here.
I swear tearzah has drawn this 100 times before it's just slightly different

No. 19195

the fact she is always putting self harm scars on EVERY character she draws really puts a sour taste in my mouth. it's almost like glorifying it, trying to make it look really "cute/edgy" is gross

No. 19196

I don't think it's a shocker to anyone that she draws the exact same thing over and over again. She's been doing that for the past several years now.

No. 19197

It never occurred to me until it was brought up in the kf thread, but she really does look like she’s high or drunk in a lot of selfies.
With her talk of drunk commission drawings I wonder how many drunk selfies she takes?

No. 19198

I really wish she wouldn't use autism as an excuse for everything. It makes people w autism look bad.

No. 19199

new person copying tearzah!
check em out
https://www.deviantart.com/skylafoxy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19200

This is so obviously some little kid, but you can tell that's not going to stop Tearzah's psycho fans from attacking them and tearing them a new asshole for "stealing" (ignoring that Tearzah herself copied her own art style and OCs from others, lmao).

No. 19201

File: 1529774630288.png (66.56 KB, 1024x768, sprite1.png)

No. 19202

feel sorry for this new person

No. 19203

so is bailey a male pretending to be a female to male for what?

No. 19204

Bailey was born male, is pretending to be born female and to cover up his male past he first lied and said he was intersex and then claimed to be “female to male” and pretended he regretted the transition (which never happened) and decided to “stay” a female.

No. 19205

do you guys think bailey came up with this story about being an intersex 'female' when he met tea? because she's a 'lesbian'. because he still looked a lot like a man in those photos from 2017 on his facebook

No. 19206


having a hearty kek at all those very cocksure anons calling people dumb or schizo upthread just because they said David looks very MtF.

No. 19207

absolutely. The doxx was god’s gift to us who believed the MtF theory.

No. 19208

>>18749 here, initially i was convinced some were using this to further their agenda, but i totally believe it now that bavid has been doxxed. buying that he is 6'1 was laughable though.

likely, he has clinical micropenis, but i wouldn't want to continue to entertain intersex conditions, assuming they both read this thread. that's throwing a bone that could potentially support a theory that those pitiful tubular dirtypillows are anything but remnants of past child obesity

No. 19209

No. 19210

Her copycats are a dime a dozen why are you posting these unless it’s a self post or vendetta

No. 19211

I think the milk has run dry for this one, anybody have anything?

No. 19212

File: 1532675216036.jpeg (346.25 KB, 1536x2048, 9CF02DF8-F03C-471A-B030-D8A555…)

She chopped her hair off

No. 19213

they kinda look nice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19214

File: 1534091546143.jpg (Spoiler Image,222.4 KB, 800x353, WBmIAK2.jpg)

Because I'm too lazy to make an account on Kiwi Farms I'm posting this here instead.

Decided to try and "fix" one of her drawings too. That being from the hair size, the over use of pink and some anatomy flaws.

I'm not the best artist so ya'know it's not the best.

No. 19215

1. There's a thread for fixing bad art.
2. It looks worse than the original.

No. 19216

It looks fine other than the fact that you made the shoulders bigger too. The shoulders would probably be the right size with a smaller head.

No. 19217

Should we start a Kittywolf thread? I’ve noticed he’s been getting “inspired” by more people recently

No. 19218

Yeah it would be interesting

No. 19219

Where did Bailey’s tumblr go?

No. 19220

he just changed back to his old url.


No. 19221

imo it looks better. you at least made ash look less like a child.

No. 19222

No. 19223

File: 1537121250255.jpeg (275.11 KB, 1988x990, image.jpeg)

No. 19224

Yeah you can tell I'm new here, accidental post thinking the reply button worked differently!

I'm here to tell about my interaction with Bailey and how creepy he can really be (Don't worry KF, once I remember my password I'll add to the cluster fuck of a thread on them both)

Where do I begin, let's start with me being really delusional and thinking I was kin with Ash. Tumblr people can get to the impressionable super super fast and I can admit. I was acting like a retard. I asked him for his(that's what he went by, claiming to be trans male?? But he only changed his identity to be with tea XDD!!!) discord account and we quickly began talking, we hadn't even known eachother for a day and he was grossly trying to ask me, on call, about being in a poly relationship with me and my partner. It was aggressive and I tried to just shrug it off, and he kept asking. He asked how old I was, and I told him I was 17 at the time! He was fairly aggressive when I said I needed to get offline because I needed to sleep, and quickly bought me a videogame off of steam. Now, you wonder what he uses his money for? Obviously not the best things!!

I tried to stay friends and support him and tea, though… Let me tell you he was not happy with me talking one on one with tea and would actually threaten me about little things. I joined the closed RP server, and watched the whole "I could kill tea in her sleep" thing go down and I was freaked out and left.

I'm glad I took the rose colored glasses off, I used to be so obsessed with her stuff. Makes me feel shame now. Thank you for putting this stuff out here for others to see. Really

No. 19225

Hi Bailey!

No. 19226

you really didn't sage to hi [cow] in this thread?

No. 19227

you're still as retarded, move on

No. 19228

And so are you, necro-ing a thread to reply to a two month old post.

No. 19229

This thread is amazing, I have never in my life seen so much genuine concentrated autism and underaged blogposting. You guys are too much!

No. 19230


No. 19231

Wtf even is this thread, I scrolled through nothing but fucking garbage. (underage trolls, horrific selfies of acned beasts and more terrible artists.)

No. 19232


yeah this thread is mostly shit tbh
theres better stuff in the kf thread but its also filled with countless pointless posts

No. 19233


You really come here looking for threads that aren't pathetic instead of trying to pick up some entertaining stuff among all the garbage.

No. 43481

No. 68617

Saging because no milk, but what's the deal with her voice? I'm aware that she claims it's her "autism" but in some videos she speaks perfectly fine and normal (which she says came from "speech therapy" lol ok) but in others her "robotic autism voice" sounds like an allistic person voice acting as stereotypically robotic as possible. There's very little inbetween.

It's too perfectly "melodious" as a robot vs what someone with an autism-related speech impediment actually sounds like. It feels incredibly fake and a mockery of what other autistic people have to go through.

No. 71092

Some person who had an unpleasant experience with Tearzah in the past made a video exposing them with the dirty laundry they found on here and Kiwi Farms. The person doesn't have a lot of subscribers, but considering the fact that some of Tearzah's fans are commenting on it and agreeing with them it's only a matter a time before she finds out and throws a bitch fit.

No. 72741


No. 72773

glad people are calling her out in the comments, she is so unbelievably full of shit lmfao. she claims to have suffered from this life-long but there is an incredible amount of evidence from only months ago proving otherwise still up on her channel??

No. 73047


God I wanna punch this bitch in the face for being so retarded. But yea, at least people are calling her out. The only people that believe her are the abominations obsessed with anime culture.

No. 77768

so uhh i follow that tearzah bitch since 2018 i think? her "art", that definitely doesnt't romanticize/fetishize self harm popped on my Explore page on instagram quite often.

i almost wanted to show her youtube, but someone has done that before, i see.
how her voice is suddenly changing? last summer or so she spoke monotonous and boring and now she speaks confidently?? what happenend?
http://archive.is/EZQe3 her tumblr, right now (hell yeah, finally some neon colors!!)
and she has a website now… tearzah.com

No. 77771

i'm the same person as 77768, just wanted to make a separate post,
because i have some theories about tea's and bailey's "relationship".
tearzah does know that bailey is male and i believe they both would hide it from the internet and make up lies, because of… whatever, maybe because tearzah stated to the internet she'd be only into girls… idk why they'd make up a such a lie.
bailey is abusing her for sure. i wouldn't be surprised if tearzah would like that, like in a masochistic way (also that 'paper' plate thing)
i think they are more or less pretending that they are in The Perfect relationship (which we see here, they are not)
maybe Tearzah craves Bailey's abusive behavior, i would't be surprised.

anywAYS i love the fact that there is even a lolcow page about her (besides a kiwifarm and another page which name i forgot!!

may this bitch keep on turning off comments on her posts on instagram because of her ""anxiety"" aka. the fear of being harrassed

No. 77784

No. 77792

bailey had a callout post back in 2018 and cheated on tearzah multiple times? he had gotten one of his "partners" pregnant.

it was through tearzah's nsfw blog? unless someone else claimed the url. https://holyfetish.tumblr.com/post/173522427067/callout-post-for-officialbaileylovell#notes

i tried looking for comments relating to bailey and the pregnancy but found nothing here.

No. 77825

what's the whole ass They Them nonbinary lesbian type shit??????
you are a girl and at the same time… not????? make up your mind
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/d3FGjPxrSPw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> what the fuck is this bullshit
god, i want both of them to die asap

No. 77828

>>77792 yuuuuup
someone else owns the url holyfetish.tumblr.com now.

because tearzah might have changed the url of her nsfe side blog so someone else could use it

No. 77829

baileys tumblurgh right now

No. 77833

No. 77836

No. 77837

No. 77870

this is an imageboard… also sage newfag

No. 77958

??? READ the rules maybe
also it says Tearzah E. Hayes?
E? Elias?

No. 85042

I hope you all will read this thoroughly and not let negative emotions get the best of you to the point where you miss the point.

And sorry for any spelling errors; I feel like I need to get this out:

So I have followed tea for a bit of time and only ever heard of the things they’ve done several days ago…

To be honest, much of the “evidence” everyone gathered in this thread is either:

- outdated
- hear-say
- blown way out of proportion or a lot of insinuations (and knit-picking, too)


- people being shitheads to tea and their fans. Seriously, some of y’all call the fans stupid when they’re oblivious to the situation, you weenie heads..

In all seriousness, this is kinda why people aren’t really believing any of this. But this is lolcow, and we’re talkin’ tumblr and twitter here, so I’m not surprised.

While yes, I agree there may be some fishy things about this person and their s/so and they’ve probably done some fuckshit, they’re a possibility the people making these claims are lying. People who stay “neutral” do so because they don’t want to jump to conclusions; they want the truth. You can’t act like sheep and blindly believe everything someone says because IF YOU DO, you RISK being WRONG and may have contributed to the attempt of ruining someone life. That’s bad! Really bad. VERY, very bad.

I really hope you all can actually not use vague screenshots and write a paragraph about “I heArD ThAt tea diD tHis sO It MUST bE tRuE” or use a screen shot of people chatting about them as proof that “THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT! KILL THEM! KILL THEM!” or “I hAvE tHat ConDItiOn aNd tHaT dOesn’T HaPpen tO Me, sO YOUR experience is INVALID!”

I’ll end off by saying this:

The only things I can pretty believe is the manipulation and their bratty behavior. It’s a fucky wucky for sure, not matter whether they have mental problems or not, and that’s why I’ve distance myself from them, but none of these are super recent, and the only way these can be used as super valid pieces of evidence of their current behavior is if we have proof of them still doing these things and behaving this way.

Ngl, I would very much want to believe all the claims if they actually did happened, but so far, I can only believe so much.(necro)

No. 85044

I’m the same person as 85042 and I seriously just saw that someone tried to “fix” one of tea’s old work. I… really just face-palmed myself. Many of you guys approached this all.. wrong…

No. 85047

>unsaged wk
>wall of text
>you… you weenie heads!
>fucky wucky
kek. The tism is sure is strong in this one.

No. 85049


Ah yes, the tism.


Because everything said in my comment automatically equates to having ASD.

I’m assuming you just refused to see where I’m coming from. Again, not surprised..

No. 85060

I feel like your post would be better with an accent, what accent should I imagine while reading it?

Generally as a rule anyone who goes to lolcow standing up for a cow(s) is wasting their time. People are (considered) lolcows for a reason, they don't actually gaf about their "fans" beyond a possible paypacket. And usually they are morally dubious, liars or scammers (or worse in the case of people on /pt). That's just a general rule for this website. So be aware of who you might be sticking up for.

No. 85063


Okay, okay, I get it.

My comment came off as white-knighting. I sounded like a whiny baby who didn’t want to cuss, and like the almost adult that I am, I will humbly apologize for my comment coming off that way. But I’m not trying to defend Tea. I know it looked like that, but I was referring to many of the hear-say comments in this thread. I was trying to say they may not be the best form of evidence, because have the capability of lying. I should have presented it better.

I know Tea was being manipulative and had bratty behavior and I STATED that in my original comment (hopefully, you may have read it all). I’ve stopped supporting them because of that, but I’m having trouble believing everything else because I just see a lot of cropped images of texts and such in which I don’t know who’s the op or much of the context, which may not be good when making a claim.

My comment pretty much wasn’t clear, and I apologize for that. I don’t support tea and I’m being honest, but parts of this thread I simply couldn’t fathom so I cannot fully decide which side I should be on.

And I just felt a bit silly when writing it, hence the weird gibberish five-year-old swears. I do that, sometimes.

But yes, I’m aware this is a lolcow thread where people make fun of bad people. so again, I apologize for coming off as a super sensitive white knight. I could better have to explain my thinking if you’d like me to

No. 85064


Also I don’t know if you were the same person who made the tism comment or not

No. 85066


At first I was irritated seeing a stale thread bumped by a wk, but then I read your wall of text and had a good laugh, so thanks for that.
>You weenie heads

So, do you actually have autism or are you just 8? You really came here trying to be taken seriously, and then use terminology like that? Yikes.

Nobody cares enough about your personal opinion about month-old (And some year-old) posts in a dead thread to warrant you necro-ing it to screech at everyone about how it's all hearsay.

>like the almost adult I am

How old are you exactly?

No. 85068


Y’know what? Fine. You’re right. Fuck it.

Autistic? Who knows. Doesn’t stop you from drinking your own piss.

Age? Again, who knows. Doesn’t stop you from sniffing your own shit.

No. 85069

Christ, please leave and go throw your teenaged temper tantrum somewhere else.

And for the love of god, sage. No one cares.

No. 85083

Anon from tagged post (not the other ones) I suggest reading some other threads on this board to give you an idea of how it works here. Also the rules page. Like I said, people have threads for a reason and it's not because people here like being meenie weenies for no purpose. You either swallow the fake image a cow presents, or take it with a pinch of salt/investigate their claims.

No. 85085

File: 1583235061852.jpeg (264.28 KB, 750x1069, 05A8561C-82F6-4478-8995-FB3216…)



ok I’ll be honest with you. I was trolling. I didn’t mean any of it. I just found this long ass comment somewhere on a tumblr account (I think the op deleted it) and me my friend wanted a laugh. I wanted to post it all here to get a reaction because in truth, we were bored.

Tea is literal scum, though. This thread deserves to exist.(cringe)

No. 85088

Convenient that you have no evidence of the "butthurt fan" comment, only this conversation discussing it.

No. 85089

This is all so stupid.

No. 85090

File: 1583242596542.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

It's the "retarded on purpose" meme in action

No. 85093


This goes to the retard who thought that writing that wall of text was a good idea: I refuse to believe you actually did this out of boredom. You are very much on tea’s side, first of all. Second, you lack self-awareness because you aren’t aware that you’re being a hypocrite right now. And third, who pretends to be retarded for the hell of it? You really do need help. Get lost.

No. 85137

Actual autistic middle schooler.

Please get a life

No. 87022

File: 1584992420753.jpeg (200.02 KB, 825x751, 63593232-E48D-422F-ADD6-15C107…)


No. 87203

File: 1585172317554.jpg (89.65 KB, 788x1014, i_m_your_doll_by_dollieguts_dd…)

I'm a newfag I guess, but what are y'all thoughts on Tea's newer art

No. 87242

Her Oc's are getting fatter and fatter