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File: 1682013286101.png (1.18 MB, 1999x640, vomitemoji.png)

No. 291015

I'll start…

1. person of gender art. beside the obvious gender shit, they all have horrible stylization. very derived from cal-arts. the eyes and faces are ugly

2. procreate-core. i dont care what le heckin brush pack you downloaded, it all has this very generic obvious "texturing" that is not in any way interesting. instead of learning to add depth to art they rely on brushes that just repeat the same texture over and over. subjects are usually boring normie tier pretty girl and boring moths and leaves. once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

3. woman of gender who can render really well. coloring and body anatomy is really well done but the faces are usually styled badly, they always do the huge eyes with pointy eyelashes and huge noses. usually a fujo and draws her husbando OCs. faces ruin an otherwise really well done piece.

No. 291018

nona there's the artist salt thread on /ot/ and the bad art thread here…

No. 291021

i dont care about the drama of literal who's stealing commission money in the art salt and posting this in bad art would be called vendettaposting

No. 291031

1. All gender special art
2. Moid coomer art
3. BL/shoujo manga with bizarre anatomy

No. 291036

It's not really an art style but I hate when the male characters are essentially genderless and the female ones have ass and hips for days.

No. 291039

>pretty girl art that has that obvious "made in procreate" look but especially the ones that are drawn by men
>shape language character design that animation professors love

No. 291040

File: 1682016890411.jpeg (223.09 KB, 959x1178, 61EE7514-745F-42F1-A918-30345E…)

Most superhero comic art is pretty fucking ugly.

No. 291041

>shape language character design that animation professors love
Mind explaining this one? I don’t know much about animation so I’m not sure what kind of designs you mean nona.

No. 291043

File: 1682017446070.jpg (72.88 KB, 1024x857, shape_language_by_kittykazoo_d…)

here is an example. its the way characters are formed by shape to give them distinction. usually in animation the designs like clothes, hair and face are simple so you use shape to distinguish them

No. 291044

File: 1682017515559.jpg (116.8 KB, 1409x854, Stefano_Camelli_Week1.jpg)

another example

No. 291053

File: 1682017899631.jpg (10.93 KB, 236x294, botox kun.jpg)

I hate the overblown filler filled lips on korean manwha.

No. 291054

File: 1682017923153.png (375.45 KB, 502x496, 3b3baca7f9b4364ca4b1a848519540…)

shape language character design that animation professors love
Yes! I hate it too, it's always so one the nose too. Unless you are making something for super small kid, you should never use it imo. It feels like I'm being baby talked when I see a character from adult animation being designed as "a square because he is strong and reliable". On the same note, I really don't like faces like picrel

No. 291057

Oooh this kind of thing
I think it works for stuff like fosters home for imaginary friends, but I don’t think the designs are super appealing

No. 291062

Yes, I hate the overdone lips too!! Especially on images where the rest of the art isn't that detailed. I wanna blame koolean (YouTuber artist) for this trend, kek.

No. 291063

>It feels like I'm being baby talked when I see a character from adult animation being designed as "a square because he is strong and reliable"
I think it's ok if it's subtle enough, tbh. Or when the whole cast is supposed to be cartoony/heavily stylized for comedic effect

No. 291065

This didn't have to be a thread, you could've just posted this as a topic on the hideous art thread

No. 291069

An art style you personally dislike automatically doesn't make it technically bad art.

No. 291108

File: 1682028735065.jpg (587.43 KB, 2048x2048, pixar-elemental-movie.jpg)

Ignoring the blandness of the designs themselves, the textures of these characters looks awful to me for some reason, the characters in Soul and inside out had a fuzziness to them I didn't mind but these look really uncanny & blurry to me it's hard to look at. Pixar has really dropped the ball on the ball when it comes to the way their movies look now I feel like this just the sake of a tech demo

No. 291133

this can't be official art of this pixar movie. looks like some bootleg movie from the 00s.

No. 291137

File: 1682033428633.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.48 KB, 656x1000, what.jpg)

can i shit on specific artists? because sakimichan's art style is not only boring as hell but I have no clue who's paying her to continue making this shit.

No. 291138

File: 1682033531126.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.21 KB, 1000x667, huh.jpg)

it looks like ai art but a real human being spent hours drawing this.

No. 291156

File: 1682045505034.jpg (245.48 KB, 847x1166, 1681645207144.jpg)

This specific ultra deformed 90's anime art style is particularly ugly to me.

No. 291158

Same, and also the long faces and weird eyes. Idk the proportions are fucked. Sometimes I see fan art of anime characters and it's obvious the artist is Korean lol

No. 291170

This would've been better as 2D animation

No. 291171

i meant this post oops

No. 291172

That's how I feel about a lot of current mainstream CGI movies. Like Hotel Transylvania

No. 291183

I know it's always controversial when people bring it up, but fucking Vivziepop and anyone that imitates her. The thing is, I can understand breaking some rules of character design to make something unique, art is subjective and sometimes to make something more appealing you have to think outside the box. But with Vivziepop, I feel like every single thing looks fucked up. There is no structure, everything looks like it was flat ironed and squished, outfits are bland and corny. All of the characters have the same long, eerie proportions and the few that don't look like any 13 year old's fursona from deviantart over a decade ago. I like exaggerated expressions but married with the lack of structure, everyone just looks sociopathic, and not in a cool way, in a "child making creepypasta fanart" way. I cannot fucking stand her art and yes I am jealous of how successful her work is, but I also feel bad for artists with actual honed skills who struggle to get their work off the ground (the art in Lackadaisy comic is god tier and it took how long to get one amateur pilot?) I hate artists who ignore fundamentals because their ego is all in their ~style~ and they refuse to put in the work to genuinely improve.

No. 291187

I love disney but there really is something not as appealing about 3D as with 2D. I guess it's just the uncanny valley effect of turning something simplified into 3D and making it hyper realistic

No. 291188

In general this kind of design just looks ugly and deformed to me, I really agree with >>291054
>It feels like I'm being baby talked when I see a character from adult animation being designed as "a square because he is strong and reliable".

No. 291190

I hate it when the female characters have a wrist-thin waist and massive hips like the fire girl. There's something so coomery about it to me. Male characters rarely have sexualized features highlighted in the same way, the female ones are always conventionally pretty while only the males get to be funny goofs.

On the other hand, gender art trying to subverge beauty norms is always so freaking disgustingly ugly that I'd rather have the coomer art because at least it doesn't make my eyes bleed.

No. 291197

File: 1682068217985.jpg (152.38 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BNmFmMzUxMzMtMTk0MC00ZTZkLW…)

the lips are hideous

No. 291203

Me too!! I particularly hate that one style people (used to?) do where they put really strong highlights on the lips of every character to make it look like lip gloss, it looks gross to me.
I actually think a bit of detail on the lips can look good, but I fucking hate when they make every character look like bimbos.

I'm peeved by the opposite, which is when artists that exclusively draw women 95% of the time and have a very defined style ie same face syndrome finally draw a guy and he's not drawn in the style at all. Samdoesarts is the obvious example but Ilya Kushinov also has that. The artist that made me most mad at this was msrbutterd, who has an extremely specific way of drawing girls' faces but the one time I saw her drawing a guy he was draw in a completely different way (and he was standing right next to a girl).
It's not even the same face that nags me, because I assume they do it on purpose for the style recognition, but it looks so jarring and low effort to just put a completely realistic guy right next to an anime blob.

No. 291217

File: 1682074548206.jpeg (83.08 KB, 1080x1080, ddg9krz-6420deb4-db88-4c85-a23…)

god I hate Elsa and Anna's profiles, there's just something in them so vomit-inducing to me, they don't look like people they just straight up look like bugs, and their mother is their identical twin too! I hate their giant ass heads, eyes, the way that their nose bridges don't exist and the nose itself is some weird ass stub in the lower part of the face, their almost non-existent chins. I really don't understand how frozen got to be so popular with such disgusting art style and of course all the male characters in it look more or less like stylised humans and not fucking praying mantis. sorry for sperg out.

No. 291218

I completely agree nona. They look like lollipops with bug eyes. The difference between the male and same-face female characters is actually offensive.

No. 291221

File: 1682076305125.jpg (297.22 KB, 1600x1200, 100_6551.JPG)

My first thought was dogs

No. 291222

They look like tiktok e-girls, and i feel like you can really blame disney for this new female beauty standard. The modern sexual dimorphism seen in animation and cartoons is unironically even more extreme rather than it was in older animated movies, just look at aurora in sleeping beauty for instance, she had more mature features. Or megara, pocahontas, even mulan their features resemble actual women despite being cartoonified. But who the fuck looks like elsa irl other than tiktok girls with one hundred of filters and actual children?? The women must always have a babyface while the male characters get a chad jaw and a huge nose. Even by looking at early disney princes, their features weren't that exaggerated either

No. 291224

File: 1682076673789.jpg (1.05 MB, 4096x5461, sexual dimorphism.jpg)

sa example of how the sexual dimorphism became more exaggerated

No. 291225

It was already so exaggerated, look at their waists in the first pic. Disney really didn't need to go further.

No. 291226

I know, but it really became worse with time and at least they made an attempt to make the princes look attractive now every male love interest looks hulky

No. 291233

boring coomer shit

No. 291236

Also telepurte is a big cow himself cries over OF girls and Is a overall incel

No. 291237

File: 1682083223985.png (26.56 KB, 652x406, Screenshot_49.png)

I'm not surprised. his shit reeks of porn sickness

No. 291248

File: 1682089544793.jpg (64.77 KB, 900x900, bf35ccf67b88f1184bb68afcc8dc99…)

It like if you pushed a finger against the bridge of their noses they would completely cave in. They inbred their art style so much, Disney women need to be intubated for breathing problems kek

No. 291250

I hate the art trend of making the male love interest unattractive and giving them dad-bods. Just because we don't want roided up freaks doesn't mean we all want to settle on an average guy just because he's "nice"

No. 291253

Major nitpick but I hate how the water characters hair is flowing up in the opposite direction of water.

No. 291265

File: 1682095949088.jpeg (93.1 KB, 1280x720, 33392C34-30EA-48C6-9087-320FEB…)

Kek this is absolutely ghastly even the Twitter toilet parody looks better than this

No. 291275

she's wearing a dress and he's wearing a shirt, is he just sticking his hands into his thighs? i hate when male cartoon characters don't wear pants for some reason, it's so common

No. 291315

I don't trust men who like shoujo

No. 291393

File: 1682156856602.jpg (181.33 KB, 1024x768, 1024-by-768-477328-20070426040…)

This is a harem anime, not shoujo.

No. 291394

I don't trust men who like bishoujo

No. 291396

I've made several of the bad art thread OPs and I think this topic is fair game for its own thread. Plus an anon can dislike an art style without finding the actual art piece bad on a technical level, the same way someone can dislike a certain type of food even if it's prepared well.

No. 291428

File: 1682183180643.jpeg (26.93 KB, 600x600, 96AFEC2D-E6EC-4E47-80EC-51F0F1…)

I will always love saber marionette, it’s such a silly story, and the style isn’t that bad, it’s just super deformed. It’s charming, I also love Lime’s sped outfit, when I was a kid I used to think she was the girl version of a super hero like Superman, wearing her underwear outside of her pants.

No. 291443

File: 1682189212023.jpg (404.67 KB, 1346x2048, FkuDhGlVQAElXsb.jpg)

mgong520. i actually love her style it's just that her fat ocs really disgust me

No. 291447

I'm guessing you don't know her alt acc … that fatty is a cunt boy. Chinese artist are weird

No. 291448

And has drawn literal pedo shit so.. also don't open if you don't want to see a toddler(why would you post this?? deleted file)

No. 291456

I hate her fatass oc too so much.

No. 291464

I happened to see this fanmade realistic version before the actual pixar trailer and the execution looks so much more interesting than whatever pixar did

No. 291465

Nta but can you link it? I follow her (I hate her fat oc too) but I'm curious about her spergy side. Cuntboys are so odd, if you're into vaginas then just draw a woman. And he's fat too ffs why would you make a fatass OC.

No. 291467

I understand ( it was really gross sorry ). This is posted on her twitter I dunno about linking the alt(it has more shit like this and her written work is more disgusting)here since this got deleted

No. 291471

File: 1682196213720.jpg (393.36 KB, 1123x1665, 403112.jpg)

That yellow bandana is iconic.

No. 291539

File: 1682223661012.jpeg (164.4 KB, 828x1182, 50A82282-D5C1-4A30-9975-2A9DFA…)

picrel is from an artist that has illustrated a lot of ASoIaF stuff and i can't stand it. not bad art per se but it's just tacky and soulless. too bland and generic and everyone has a face like an instagrammer slathered in makeup

No. 291560

That face is so fucking ugly.

No. 291561

File: 1682230259566.png (291.6 KB, 852x458, 1681464469230.png)

an art-style that somehow posses the worst aspects of 2d and 3d animation.

No. 291616

Her fat oc actually looks great. Idk, I love some fat guys if they actually look pretty. But making him a cuntboy is such a letdown. Good job alienating both normies who hate fats and us fat appreciatiors.

No. 291619

>ffs why would you make a fatass OC.
bc she has a fat fetish, obviously? That's not her only fat OC, she also made a fat woman OC.
Thank you for being brave enough to say that outside the shameful fetish thread kek, same. I didn't see any genitals on that guy in her alt account but that's disappointing if true. I also didn't see any pedo shit. But if she actually draws that kind of gross stuff it would explain why looking at all the pics of him with the little girl on both her accounts felt like walking on a minefield.

No. 291627

>I love some fat guys if they actually look pretty
That's the thing though, fat guys are never pretty. Fat men shouldn't even exist, they're meant to be fit because they gain muscle more easily. I'm sorry you have this nasty fetish nona. And she has a "fat" woman oc but of course she doesn't draw her like an actual fat woman, just a woman with huge tits and ass and a skinny neck.

I didn't see, was the picture actual pedo shit? I was already suspicious because she seems to draw the toddler together with the fat man and half-naked normal men but idk.

No. 291634

File: 1682258736265.jpg (128.86 KB, 1024x768, 204404.jpg)

For you.

No. 291656

File: 1682270068031.gif (189.37 KB, 220x274, bgc-bad.gif)

>I love some fat guys

No. 291710

File: 1682289897305.jpg (193.8 KB, 1440x1440, 272973484_135422132295731_4771…)

I wouldn't dislike her art so much if it didn't look almost exactly the same as it did in 2017. its not as bad in this pic but the wide-ass mouths with bright red lips she always draws piss me off and I've seen 14 year olds with a better eye for rendering + anatomy than her.
sorry for being a salty bitch, I just don't understand how this type of art can garner over 200k followers and 50k likes per post lol

No. 291711

File: 1682290406457.png (185.93 KB, 849x892, Untitled.png)

anyone who draws a male character like this, unless the character is a jojo, is a ftm

No. 291721

Do we have a Telepurte thread by any chance? I'd love to read about his escapades with these OF girls but am not willing to look at his Twitter or whatever accounts.

No. 291728

File: 1682300116043.jpeg (63.74 KB, 1010x672, FB8CB937-93BA-44A0-A33C-F259F4…)

This is exactly what I wanted to post ITT. Something about the characters’ features in Turning Red and the other new Pixar animated movies with the 3D beanmouths are so grotesque to me. It’s the same feeling I got when I watched that godawful GrubHub commercial

No. 291729

It is that cal arts style in 3d and it is god awful. All the characters look the same!! Same head shape eyes. Its boring and lame.

No. 291747

These new CG Kroger ads are worse than the Grubhub ones to me. Vomit inducing.

Don’t tell me that’s supposed to be Leon…

No. 291791

I thought I hated the same face disney girls but these are so much worse.

No. 291793

File: 1682324284876.png (273.01 KB, 1136x1102, 606d1acd4f02ddba5dcd8dd2563835…)

I can't stand the new mlp style, the ponies look like humanoid dogs

No. 291799

>Kroger ads
Yes oh my god. The hideous animation combined with the "hello fellow kids" humor is so grating.

No. 291801

Agreed. Also there's too much orange, lavender, and teal, so the ponies aren't as varied visually as they were in previous generations. The two lavender ones look more like sisters than the actual sisters do, it's weird.

That said, I do really love the hooves and feathering around them. In g1, the Big Brother ponies had it and I thought it was cute.

No. 291819

cant believe this is real, looks like ps2 water rendering without any of the charm
ngl i kind of like this artstyle, brings me back to a simplier time. ill take this over flat, featureless contemporary moeshit any day
weirds me out so much how you can see her individual eyebrow hairs and little moles and shit but her ear is just completely featureless and flat…
the colourscheme is dogshit too

No. 291822

This style is really bad and amature. Take off the glossy sparkly filter and the coloring is flat and the line art is really inconsistent and ugly especially on the hair

No. 291832

They added a fucking SCROTE PONY to the gang. I’m at the end of my ropes

No. 291857

>weirds me out so much how you can see her individual eyebrow hairs and little moles and shit but her ear is just completely featureless and flat
Thank you for pointing this out, I never saw it like this but that's exactly the problem!

No. 291885

File: 1682384755385.png (46.55 KB, 409x897, deiedmn-eb5d04d1-1fc4-42fb-b25…)

I always felt like the designs in hazbin were too cluttered, imo. It makes it hard to tell what the cartoon wants your eyes to be on. Also I never realized that picrel was a spider.

No. 291892

His earlier designs were more spider-like. Not sure what happened.

No. 291895

Not defending it, but generations one and four both had a token scrote in the form of Spike. Boy ponies were also supporting characters in My Little Pony Tales, and had two of their own lines: Big Brother Ponies and Mountain Boy Ponies. Of course, those were a lot cuter than the hideous boy ponies from G5, who both have retarded looking short manes. Are gender stereotypes so rigid now that male horses can't even have long manes like 90% horses in real life do?

No. 291932

File: 1682405107619.jpg (965.21 KB, 2400x2400, 2400x2400sr.jpg)

>single-handly ruins anime artstyle forever
SAO is the worst shit that ever happened to anime. It's the calarts of anime and i doubt we will ever recover from its consequences. Even the most detailed modern anime still has that SAO influence of no shadows, barely any highlights, everyone having the same face, generic as fuck designs, ''grounded'' animation stripped of any personality, overly saturated colors, everyone looking like a background character. Ugly as shit.

No. 291937

Makes Turning Red, the Grubhub commercial and Elemental look good in comparison just by the fact none of the characters look like mandela catalog creatures.

No. 291941

File: 1682405479482.jpg (33.73 KB, 645x363, 1679916986425609.jpg)

Oh and lastly the new Clone High reboot artstyle. Dunno why they had to ''round'' the characters and make them so bright, it's a fucking adult show let the characters have some fucking edge in their design.

No. 291947

I thought you couldn't get worse than gen 4 but my god they're so, so ugly. They look like characters from a cheap, soulless Disney+ show. Compared to them the Lauren Faust ponies have a ton of personality and I want to apologize to her for ever thinking they look terrible.

No. 291958

it would've been a cute film if it weren't for the fact that its artsyle is one of the most ugliest thing ive seen on a big animation company. i know the movie was supposed to be in production and release mid-2010s where the calart style was popular but like they shouldn't bother marketing this today and quietly release like disney did with strange world.

No. 291967

File: 1682410860715.jpg (123.36 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault-1039811.jpg)

>It's the calarts of anime
Based. Seeing this style unironically triggers me, all the girls who are supposed to be adults or late teens look like they're 12 but with big tits, everyone has that ugly dumpy sameface, flat as fuck features and forgettable designs. In Japan liking Sword Art Online gets you branded as a retard with no taste yet studios still keep pushing out dog shit series adapting its style and aesthetics because it's so cheap and easy. Picrel it's literally the same face copypasted on both a male and female character.

No. 291974

all anime looks the same to me, what's a good anime art style?

No. 291975

>Not defending it, but generations one and four both had a token scrote in the form of Spike
Spike was a literal baby dragon though, and including a male pony means he is automatically going to be the love interest of one them which is already annoying

No. 291987

File: 1682412191759.jpg (304.45 KB, 1072x1251, recordoflodoss.jpg)

pic rel is gorgeous and it annoys me that fantasy anime went from dnd/frazetta/dark fantasy inspired to shit like sao

No. 291992

for dark fantasy i agree but for my usual light hearted shows i much prefer a simpler style

No. 291998

File: 1682413212450.jpg (115.75 KB, 800x800, Hisone_main_sitook.jpg)

Dragon Pilot is super cute! Sadly it has a weird rep because the dragon/airplanes eat their pilot and vomit them out to work…weird ass concept…but the characters are so cute

No. 291999

File: 1682413349561.jpg (129.57 KB, 640x905, cc0fb1fe7e6b2cbc479b1834a67712…)

yeah thats a matter of subjective taste. I personally hate the colorful jrpg artstyle that most isekais and fantasy anime have and it saddens me that there are only 2 good fantasy anime, Loddos and Slayers.

No. 292004

File: 1682414696824.jpg (61.58 KB, 511x512, fc73c2911c432506fd19a90de31327…)

coomer anime south park esque looking ugly loli shit

No. 292026

they legit look retarded what the fuck

No. 292038

literaly looks like lolibait. Any kind of moeshit now makes me nauseous and I assume there must be a pedo behind it.

No. 292045

you can draw little girls and make them look cute and normal like nichijou and lucky star but coomers always do this thing where they overly define the girls body under her clothes and give her mounds. Even on an aesthetics level it looks visually gross if you aren't attracted to that

No. 292046

This is utterly repulsive and I feel like any person with a working brain would be repulsed by this fetishistic portrayal of young girls. In a way I'm thankful that coomers have developed their own coomer style of art specific to their disgusting kind so I can take one look at something like this and block whoever posted it and whoever put it on my social media feed.

No. 292047

>coomers always do this thing where they overly define the girls body under her clothes and give her mounds
This plus making parts of the body shiny for no reason.

No. 292059

File: 1682441206282.jpeg (288.65 KB, 2160x1207, 58AFD4F1-6309-4109-86A0-CD4BAA…)

Reminded me of Made in Abyss.

No. 292061

>weirds me out so much how you can see her individual eyebrow hairs and little moles and shit but her ear is just completely featureless and flat
This is something that I really hate in current disney productions. They want the characters to have super exagerated blobby proportions but they still insist on adding uncanny ammounts of detail to the texture or to specific parts of the face, like how the mc in Strange World has a cartoony literal potato nose but the for some reason they also gave him nasolabial folds, or how in Luca they have extremely detailed skin texture but sometimes the mouth is literally just a black circular hole on the face.

No. 292063

I used to love anime style as a teenager but now I fucking hate it so much. I will only watch an anime if the style is very good (with shading, good animation and all that shit) or experimental, otherwise I don't bother with that trash. How can coomers even jack off to this cardboard retarded-looking thing?

Notice how the boy toddlers don't have that hentai pimple blush. You can tell it's a fetish because they only put it on the little girls.

No. 292071

they look like elsa and anna as ponies

No. 292075

File: 1682446690650.png (617.56 KB, 1471x1543, shitra.png)

I hate the she-ra style so fucking much. The artstyle is jarring but it also feels so unpolished despite everyone hyping it up as the best thing ever in animation since Shrek 2. The art are so amateurish, they cannot even bother to flip the fucking canvas to check WHY their art looks so wonky. You know, an art tip that even a 14yo drawing fnaf yaoi fanart can understand.

No. 292079

File: 1682448487591.png (1.06 MB, 1600x900, She-Ra-Jan-2023-Show-Image.png)

>Notice how the boy toddlers don't have that hentai pimple blush. You can tell it's a fetish because they only put it on the little girls.
I just checked the image again and wtf you're right. Even the girls far away that you can barely see have it but none of the boys eeeew

This is more about character design but I always tought her short + open skirt thing combo looked so bad. There are so many choices that would had looked better:
>don't have the skirt thing
>skirt thing but with longer pants
>actual normal closed skirt but with short shorts underneat (not noticeable in most scenes) so you can have her jump around without worriying about panty shots
The flowiness of the cloth has some visual interest to it but the shorts combo is just fugly

No. 292096

>How can coomers even jack off to this cardboard retarded-looking thing?
Kek. When I hit my early 20s, I realized jerking off to anime is literally no different than someone jerking off to mlp. Nothing about anime even remotely resembles humans.

No. 292113

the clothes is something i despise about nu-shera too, they all feel like skin-tight suits. They have 0 volume or form, some are even super non-sensical like that fat purple girl with a random pattern design. Dunno how you manage to make something even more soulless looking than a glorified toy commercial.

No. 292166

File: 1682468985086.png (4.12 MB, 1080x2952, animation_style.png)

>all anime looks the same to me
sorry for being annoying but this comment hurts so much as an animation lover kek, there is tons of beautiful and interesting animes out there (picrel is just some of my favs art direction)
>what's a good anime art style?
Hard question but anything that actually serves the director's intentions, which is very different from what most anime is today ( fast and easy style that serves the economic interest of huge studios ). Japanese animation is varied but you have to dig a tiny bit, most of the great stuff are in short films unfortunately!

I hate this so much

No. 292173

Another thing they do is give little girl characters the personality of an adult which is also shown in their facial expressions or the clothes they wear. And one thing I really despise that can also be seen in older characters with generic coomer designs, for example >>291967 is the huge gap between the mouth and the tiny dot of a nose they have. The nose is way too high and the mouth is way too low. They look like retarded little goblins or something but with the blush and everything else going on, it's supposed to be "sexy". Fucking disgusting

No. 292217

I really like the first one and the last one, what animes are they from?

No. 292218

Tekkonkinkreet and Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

No. 292219

Tekkonkinkreet and Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

No. 292220

Tekkonkinkreet and Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

No. 292221

Kek thanks nonnie, I will check those!

No. 292303

Please link her alt acc

No. 292310

I absolutely love the cute moeshit style, however I cannot stand the way they act and talk in those animes in 99% of cases so I still can't watch it. I want moe made by women for women but most of them are catering directly to men

No. 292311

The clothes remind me of those blogs that redesign revealing outfits of female characters in that most of the time, they still end up looking ugly and tacky just in a different way. She-ra’s remake outfit doesn’t look appealing to me. I agree that it would have been better to just have the shorts without the frill or a regular skirt or skort-type thing. Whatever they did just looks stupid.

No. 292359

Fucking Loish.

No. 292366

Fucking cyarine

No. 292367

I also hate the designs of the new characters. Firstly, you can tell by the colors that they’re the new ones. Secondly, they did Harriet Tubman and Confucius so dirty. You can’t recognize them at all and they wouldn’t look like that.

No. 292369

Fucking Lavendertowne

No. 292370

Fucking samdoesarts

No. 292373

File: 1682538039938.jpg (426.87 KB, 1320x1826, wp-content-2.jpg)

I have never seen this cartoon but the way they made the mouths on this poster irks me. It's the worse version of the dreamworks smirk. The characters pout and don't-pout at the same time it's weird to look at

No. 292390

File: 1682541561001.png (382.2 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20230426-133309.png)

So many examples I could post here from Webtoon, a lot of uncanny looking poses cobbled together from traced models and pasted on SketchUp backgrounds. There must be tons of fiverr artists cranking out gradient tool backgrounds with tons of sparkles and effects, another artists does the bubbles and text, and another artist colors the flats as fast as possible.

This is from "My Mobster Boyfriend" , I hate how lifeless all the poses are and the lack of stylized proportion other than huge butts/bulges/boobs.

No. 292393


THANK you. I really hate the Harriet Tubman and Confucius designs, they look like they're straight out of Total Drama Island

No. 292394

File: 1682542137864.jpg (54.76 KB, 600x722, 10gxkt5.jpg)

Looks like pic rel.

No. 292395

Webtoons really mess up every type of sexuality, both in the way characters look and in their relationship dynamics.

No. 292396

THAT'S WHAT IT REMINDED ME OF! thank you anon for reminding me

No. 292399

File: 1682543711475.png (1.51 MB, 1231x1034, 1673377121312.png)

>these are all different cartoons

No. 292404

What I hate the most about this art style (other than the way they move) is the huge fucking eyes

No. 292405

Honestly, I agree, and there super small pupils make it weirder, IMO.

No. 292412

File: 1682548631152.jpg (309.67 KB, 2028x1141, bigmouth.jpg)

Pretty much the adult cartoon art style but Big Mouth is no doubt ugly as sin. Rick and Morty and Inside Job gets a pass since their animations are pretty fluid and have some better character designs.

No. 292414

File: 1682548978397.jpg (106.25 KB, 600x913, FgWK5LtaYAASHVQ.jpg)

I don't even know what to call this style. Genderblobcore? There's a specific style that late 20s/early 30s TIFs with edgy fetishes all seem to use.

No. 292419

I know what you mean. Genderblobcore is good.
Like "Tumblrcore" or "Depressed Art Student".

No. 292422

I call it Matt Groening Syndrome
it gives me the creeps. However I have seen some other artists do the spiky lashes thing and I love it, I don't know why. Does seem to be a signifier of looking at too much fetish art though, like you can just tell…. If I ever see a children's picture book in this style my eyes are gonna pop out of my head.

No. 292429

I think it kinda worked in the Simpsons because the eyes actually matched the rest of their bodies in how cartoony they were. But in these shitty adult cartoons they have much more realistic bodies or body proportions compared to The Simpsons.
I actually think the culprit here is Family Guy for badly imitating that art style first.

No. 292447

Is that Mike Stoklasa?

No. 292472

why did they yassify leon?

No. 292481

what bothers me most about this artstyle is how the hands are drawn

No. 292484

What's wrong with the way the hands look in that pic? I mean, I hate sausage fingers in the average TIF drawing, but in that pic they're actually not that badly drawn.

No. 292488

Nothing demonstrates the ridiculousness of the female character's pose better than trying to recreate it yourself in front of a mirror. Turns out it's actually uncomfortable to try to get you boobs and ass in the picture at the same time if you happen to have a normal spine.

No. 292504

File: 1682598372507.jpg (34.83 KB, 640x480, 1582424526801.jpg)

watch hidamari sketch its made by a woman and has crazy shaft direction and SAKUGA

No. 292506

File: 1682598565701.png (11.33 KB, 200x248, 200px-Poochie.png)

all of the new designs in the clone high reboot are just poochie. At first i though it was a self aware parody but then the trailer dropped and all of the new charas acted like tiktok zoomers.

No. 292513

File: 1682602049351.jpg (99.7 KB, 720x1280, 9607ac4d5335275ea69634badd2d3a…)

>skirt thing but with longer pants
Funnily enough she gets a powered-up form at some point that's pants with a butt-cape and it's still a little janky, but it's so much better looking than the bike shorts.

No. 292514

Even worse than loish are all the copycats she inspired that copy her painting style with even less to say yet still have hundreds of thousands of followers

No. 292530

ayrt. Yes.

No. 292534

I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking this. My brother who is also into anime like me though he's more of a "casual" wherein he mainly only watches mainstream anime and he was a huge SAO fan and never understood my lack of not being into the art style or any other anime that takes inspiration from it. To him he thinks it looks gorgeous but to me, it looks bland and uninspired. It probably helps that I'm an artist while he isn't but still, it's so validating to see that others can see how soul-less an bland art styles like this really are.

No. 292535

I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking this. My brother who is also into anime like me though he's more of a "casual" wherein he mainly only watches mainstream anime and he was a huge SAO fan and never understood my lack of not being into the art style or any other anime that takes inspiration from it. To him he thinks it looks gorgeous but to me, it looks bland and uninspired. It probably helps that I'm an artist while he isn't but still, it's so validating to see that others can see how soul-less an bland art styles like this really are.

No. 292537

I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking this. My brother who is also into anime like me though he's more of a "casual" wherein he mainly only watches mainstream anime and he was a huge SAO fan and never understood my lack of not being into the art style or any other anime that takes inspiration from it. To him he thinks it looks gorgeous but to me, it looks bland and uninspired. It probably helps that I'm an artist while he isn't but still, it's so validating to see that others can see how soul-less an bland art styles like this really are.

No. 292561

File: 1682622327490.png (184.44 KB, 421x350, Illustration5.png)

i wonder if these designers give it more than a micro second of though when designing clothes. These are the same people that complain about boob armor being goofy(it is) but then give their characters whatever the fuck this shit is, what is it? why are the shoulder plates connected to the chest? that's miles more annoying to walk on than boob armor. I cannot imagine trying to turn that shitty design into a cosplay. it looks so uncomfortable. Also the leg things, is it supposed to be boots? then why are the pants inside the boots? the original shera design made more sense.

No. 292572

That's Disney?! From the thumbnail I thought it was one of those C-tier studios and pump out subpar films. How the mighty have fallen

No. 292576

You're thinking about it way more than the actual paid designers did.

No. 292578

I can't stand these red spots on their faces. Looks like dermatitis.

No. 292582

I thought it was box art for some kind of toy or kid's product you can buy at like the Dollar Store

No. 292584

I hate the art style of this show and have never watched it but overall this one outfit isn't bad imo and I'd take it any day over boob armor

No. 292596

at least boob armor is still armor i dont know what that crap is supposed to be. I assume its armor because they lazily added shine to it, but why is it attached to the chest pattern, that's not armor?

No. 292601

ayrt I should have clarified that the hands a drawn well but I personally don't find them appealing. I guess it's a mix of the thick lineart and how many edges the lineart has that makes me dislike it. It doesn't bother me anywhere else but it's so obvious on the hands. It's a stylization choice and to be fair towards the artist it works but I just don't like it

No. 292603

File: 1682634573837.png (Spoiler Image,502.05 KB, 1215x1500, ew.png)

western twitter porn artist. They always draw the characters so fucking glossy and shiny and the proportions are beyond fucked up, they make anime girls look normal in comparison. This guy and gloss are specially disgusting.

No. 292611

i'm pretty sures Disney has been making low quality 3d shows for little children for some time now

No. 292623

>I used to love anime style as a teenager but now I fucking hate it so much.
Me too. It sucks that a lot of anime/manga that genuinely has gorgeous art doesn't appeal to me in anyway, my small list of weeb shit i actually enjoy were created by artists who aren't the most skilled, but are really good at showing expression and steer as far away from uwu loli shit as possible. For me, my greatest sin is actually preferring a lot of capeshit art over anime and honestly most capeshit art thrives when it's in black and white. I've always prayed for the day that they just ditch colour tbh.

No. 292626

File: 1682646744700.jpg (4.69 KB, 307x164, fewrwr.jpg)

what if that assflap gets caught on something

No. 292633

They're called coattails, anon.

No. 292646

coom art is easy to make fun of but I do hate the particular way western r34 artist draws proportions. I hate the way the draw body fat it almost looks comical. I cant understand why anyone would get turn on by that

No. 292707

File: 1682679452827.jpg (38.08 KB, 592x518, 1682342395415831.jpg)

when zoomers try to make an ARG or creepy pasta about something they didnt grow up with so it just ends up sticking out like a sore thumb as something fake and gay. This and the gay puppet fake lost media shit come to mind. I am so fucking tired of seeing this shit on my youtube feed.

No. 292712

File: 1682682774117.jpg (967.58 KB, 1200x10128, MTXX_PT20230428_135004329.jpg)

Another webtoon post but for some reason Maybe Meant To Be makes me feel an ick when I read it. It's in some way coomer but I can't put a finger on how. It's a romance manga that's obviously mostly meant for women going by the story but the way that artist draws the girl smug and blushing all the time reminds me of Shadman. Even though the story is for women the artstyle is for coomers somehow, but not in an obvious way. Maybe it's just me. Also making the guy super jacked but ugly as fuck is not exactly an equal fanservice they probably think they're giving us.

No. 292713

honestly, this is moid gaze as fuck

No. 292714

>though the story is for women the artstyle is for coomers somehow, but not in an obvious way
nah I get you nonna. could be the fact that she looks underage also the facial expressions are very male fantasy tbh

No. 292715

File: 1682684676223.jpg (61.31 KB, 728x455, anime-monogatari-series-mayoi-…)

I used to feel insane being the only person who noticed that weird pimple blush on anime characters. Its like no one talks about how ugly the generic anime artstyle is. I wish people talked about it half as much as calarts sometimes.

No. 292718

I think they are too colorful. It clashes with the muted colors of the original gang

No. 292721

yeah i agree

No. 292725

I agree too

No. 292726

thats my problem with most webtoons. The female characters looks very coom baity even if the story is targeted women. I once read a webtoon bl that spend a lot of time showing a naked woman which defeats the purpose of a bl.
Also all the male characters in webtoons are ugly no exception. They always have disgusting thick necks and board shoulders. It doesn't help that most webtoons also use a really bland flat colouring. Everything about webtoons looks so soulless I can't wait til it becomes a dead trend and people move on to something new

No. 292728

I don't mind the webtoon trend because I like having something short and easy to access to randomly read but the amount of trash on there is very high. Even the webtoons I like aren't objectively very good. Most of the better ones that are already completed that were actually good quality-wise also become locked behind the daily pass shit which means they're not accessible for a reread. I don't get the system.

No. 292747

I hate how manhwa moids are so triangular shaped, all their lines are so… stiff I guess, their eyes are too wide, the top of their heads is too short, etc.

No. 292748

File: 1682695470201.jpg (Spoiler Image,348.93 KB, 1600x1035, 1682665790700006.jpg)

john k. He ruined western animation forever with his ugly as shit artstyle.

No. 292756

this style always made me cringe because it makes women out to be these ditzy and stupid yet sexy and half naked caricatures

No. 292788

File: 1682702086686.jpg (125.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Simply gross.

No. 292789

Well he's a pedophile so ofcourse he would draw women like that

No. 292798

Had enlarged the image before it loaded and wasn’t anticipating the jacked moid in the final panel and nearly died laughing. Who is this for? They both look so out of place next to each other it’s comical, it looks like some kind of comedy piece where he’s a bumbling idiot servant to her sinister straight man act. She lures men in with a sharp eyed teehee and he attempts to bash them over the head but always ends up taking out a wall or something, she keeps him around because even if he falls asleep standing sometimes the intimidation factor is worth it.

No. 292804

His other cartoons are really, really gross, so it shows in EEnE. I like it, though
Fucking amen to that. I hate the way most anime looks, mostly anime aimed at moids (so most of it). People think it looks good because they're so used to seeing it everywhere. It's shilled as attractive. When you think about it, the huge, highly detailed bug eyes and unnaturally clear, neotenous faces paired with those realistic bodies, not to mention all the retarded little details like the pimple-blush… It ends up looking really creepy and inhuman.

No. 292809

he draws them so ridiculously like he hates women. kind of like robert crumb in a way

No. 292826

robert crumb is a weirdo but i gotta give it to him that he draws women that would filter even the most coomer of men lmao

No. 292830

To be fair, he probably does hate women.

It would be cool to have more animated adaptations of comics, especially for older audiences, but many marvel fans would be less inclined to see it because of animation's association with children (ironic considering that the 'live action' movies are 90% cgi). I dislike a lot of things about anime, but I do wish that comics animated adaptations were more common. I'm at least happy that the internet has allowed for artists and animators to show their works to the world.

Also, any recs?

No. 292831

i love john k's art style and wish he wasn't a horrible abusive groomer

No. 292844

He's a pedophile groomer (if not rapist), his drawings look like distilled mental illness

No. 292847

File: 1682726658691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.95 KB, 377x470, 0FAD048D-8E14-411E-960E-60A881…)

Jesus Christ this man’s art is disgusting. And this isn’t even the racist shit he did.

No. 292848

For animations for capeshit, honestly i am incredibly biased towards dc mainly because they don't really use outside writers and artists when making their shows, it people who know the characters incredibly well. On a side note, that's why i personally don't really like live action capeshit aside from the daredevil tv show and the boys. For recommendations, i really enjoy the orginal batman the animated series and justice league unlimited. Superman the animated series is good, Lois Lane is the best character. It doesn't measure up to the other shows because i feel like they were worried about superman being too op rather than writing more mundane wholesome stories i personally favour of the character. For the animated movies, under the red hood is my most favourite. I also liked batman/superman public enemies. Tbh the animated movies are very hit or miss and i am not too fond of how they don't really take a chance of featuring anybody outside batman, which is why i personally love justice league unlimited for focusing on the less popular characters who often had the best plot lines. Amazon is also coming out with a batfamily animated show soon, i hope it good.

No. 292849

i find him fascinating, i cannot believe he hasnt died of aids or some STD yet.

No. 292852

i think the artist might just be a woman into women. it doesn't read as moidgaze to me.

No. 292855

Top kek no fashion game from that era would look this fugly. ARGs peaked with Alantutorial and there hasn't been a non-autistic, non-gay one since. The people who are super into ARGs are basically the internet version of theater kids.

No. 292883

alantutorial is peak but there have been plenty of other interesting args like the multitude of other stuff by WMC-adjacent artists, petscop (bad story but absolutely wonderful work making a fake game and a fake lets play) and local58

No. 292885

File: 1682742659691.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.8 KB, 723x458, Untitled.jpg)

this is his worst imo
backstory is a bunch of mental patients rape and force a nurse into slave labor and beat her face into a hole for fucking
yeah i hope he dies a horrible slow death

No. 292901

File: 1682751943479.png (81.14 KB, 621x342, rey45.png)

You fail at imitating the anime style and make the characters look disturbing in the process. Awful.

No. 292902

Anyway, Cartoon Network had the ugliest looking properties since forever.

No. 292903

local 58 isn't an ARG.

No. 292905

Really dumb take.

No. 292906

No. 292920

File: 1682754833589.jpg (135.57 KB, 680x1000, MV5BMjliODdkOGEtYTcxMi00Mzg3LW…)

Wrong cartoon

No. 292935

>lines are so… stiff
webtoons lack any kind of dynamics in their art. You can easily see that they are tracing off from a shitty 3d program

No. 292947

File: 1682769265308.png (1.74 MB, 2000x594, PPG OG.png)

>fail at imitating the anime style
silence filthy weeb, dont speak unless you know what you are talking about. PPG wasnt imitating anime, it was based off old hannah barbera cartoons.

No. 292950

Does anyone have more examples? I love lineless textured art that like illustrations from little golden books (and have always wanted to experiment with that style) but hate a lot of art clearly inspired by it and idk why. I think I’m just sick of normie pretty girl shit. The illustration in OP looks like it would be on a coffee mug that says #girlboss on it or something lol

No. 292957

Now you know how it feels when people shit on things you like lol

No. 292958


thank you nonna for this

No. 292959

People shit on things we like all the time. At least they give an actual reason and not something they pulled out of their ass though.

No. 292967

Don't have a pic (and don't know if I should put it in the character designs we hate thread) but I absolutely hate Splatoon's art style. Whatever compels people to have the urge to want to fuck those gremlins, I'll never understand.

No. 292975

it's because they look like children to pedos

No. 292980

Yep, still mad.
Whatever have you expected from a thread named
>Art Styles You Hate

Give me a break. Fragile like a snowflake.

No. 292985

art kinda sucks but story's cool and a bit funny from time to time.

No. 293016

it was neat considering it was made waaaaay before every single western cartoon was made by weebs and had anime references. The opening is awesome too.

No. 293041

It's very tongue-in-cheek (I think? I'm ESL, so sorry if I'm misusing the word) and based on western stereotypes of anime at the time when watching anime wasn't as normalized as it is now. It's a parody, it's meant to look silly. Every western cartoon that tries and fails to be animesque these days is an extremely lazy attempt to "pay homage", be artsy with subpar animation quality (Steven Universe lol) and pander to otaku with quick reference gags that are mildly amusing at best.

No. 293148

File: 1682813398740.png (3.79 MB, 2450x1750, alldifferentartistsbtw.png)

I'm so glad the "lofi aesthetic cozy sticker shop" style isn't trendy anymore. It's like Alegria for zoomers.

No. 293155

i might get killed for saying this but, speaking of western cartoons imitating anime, i dislike the styles of shows like teen titans and avatar the last airbender. (i guess totally spies would fit here too) it always bored me to tears somehow, like it was missing something. and when they did the old anime gags like sweat drops and large yelling heads, it made me cringe even though i was a weeb kid when these shows came out. at least ATLA had some good action sequences sometimes though, i guess.

No. 293157

I like it, but that's because I avoid places where this is popular so it's still fresh for me. I might be able to make a quick buck selling stickers like these here kek
I like Teen Titans and I love the designs but I agree, it just feels like a cheap imitation. It doesn't have the amount of detail actual anime had at the time. It's extremely American (well in the case of Totally Spies it was French). The visual anime gags are especially cringeworthy now that I'm older too.

No. 293161

File: 1682817611517.jpeg (331.17 KB, 2048x2048, 50C1125D-4554-450D-8089-2F2031…)

Theres an illustrator group im in and this person has been posting these creepy ass samefaced creatures for months, something about the shiny eyes and weirdly lit skin makes me want to claw my eyes out

No. 293163

yes it is

No. 293185

How does a drawing manage to be so good and so bad at the same time? I'm almost impressed.

No. 293186

Same. So sick of seeing a gajillion different, completely identical artists drawing this type of crap. And none of them actually know how to render glass or water (even in a cartoony way), either. It's just throwing a bunch of generic kawaii shit together in some kind of transparent container and calling it a day. Bonus points if it's in an isometric style.

No. 293191

Crumb is literally the most overrated scrote on earth. All of my male professors in college shilled him so hard. I straight up told one of them at one point that the only reason men his age like the guy is because his art is the first time they saw boobs and they're blinded by nostalgia. Art Spiegelman was the best artist in the comix movement, because he actually had shit to say– real commentary about the art industry, society, trauma, etc. That's why Maus is a modern classic, while everything Crumb's done has aged like milk.

Pisses me off that Crumb's daughter has a nepobaby career, too. Her shithead father doesn't even deserve a career, let alone someone whose only credential is being unfortunate enough to share half of his DNA. Wife's a creepy handmaiden, too. Whole damn family is a waste of oxygen.

No. 293205

>I straight up told one of them at one point that the only reason men his age like the guy is because his art is the first time they saw boobs and they're blinded by nostalgia.

No. 293212

Tbh a lot of his “hot girl” style was jacked from his ex GF Lynne Naylor.

No. 293252

Nostalgia keeps this for me. It’s ugly but comforting.

No. 293253

File: 1682856513936.png (493.95 KB, 445x576, fghjk.png)

nta, just went to look at it because I was curious, you are right but also for some reasons it looks so much better and less pornish in her style, I can't explain it.

No. 293257

I get it because it's so overdone, but I still love them lmao I'm a sucker for silly little art with sparkles

No. 293265

it's because she is a woman so her art is less malegaze. Besides, John K is a literal pedophile so it'd make sense his art of girls is so disgustingly pornographic.
Degenerate moids love to take women's art styles and make highly sexualized copies of them. Moe/lolicon style literally comes from shoujo style, an art style developed mostly by women, and targeted at girls. Pedo moids took that, Ghibli's and Tezuka's art styles, all very cute and relatively innocent art, and turned it sexual, and that's what you're seeing now in 90% of all anime these days, with all those underage high school anime girls that are everywhere.

Sorry to sperg so much about it but I truly hate moeshit and all moid coomer art. You can really tell a lot from just a male artist's style.

No. 293271

I absolutely fucking hate moeshit too and appreciate your rant. It’s such a huge red flag for me when a man is into that shit. For a long time I thought I hated anime because of how prolific that style is but nope I just hate cutesy moidgazey moe garbage

No. 293272

Ayrt, >>293265 is right it’s just a porn-y distortion of her style but it took him a while to get there. Their stuff in the 80s is nearly indistinguishable from one another, he rode her coattails so fucking hard.
If you like Lynne’s stuff you might also want to check out her late husband Chris Reccardi’s work, his girls are also stylized and “sexy” without being Spumco-gross. John was also influenced by his art and supposedly pushed him down a flight of stairs when he found out he was with Lynne, lol. Im so embarrassed to admit I ever looked up to JK but his blog was so formative to me when I was learning how to draw as a teen.

No. 293275

i am always shocked when people say EEE looks gross to them, never got that vibe. it's one of the funniest cartoons i can remember watching. actually clever and entertaining like spongebob

No. 293298

Something about it feels ai generated, especially with how the skirt interacts with the girl's legs.

No. 293305

File: 1682878963013.jpeg (32.76 KB, 354x500, IMG_4236.jpeg)

God damn words cannot express how much I hate this type of art style. I partially blame Aiko Watanabe, the coomest of the coomer lolicon artists. He is responsible for the horrid designs of the new Higurashi and many more ugly anime girls

No. 293316

File: 1682881165508.jpg (70.42 KB, 787x579, Untitled.jpg)

same here anons. i am genuinely baffled when people are like "OMG SOOOO CUTE" to some anime girl like it's a kitten or a puppy. they aren't cute at all to me, they're obnoxious and honestly skeeve me out the moment i see them bc i assume there are lots of men jerking off to them

No. 293381

File: 1682896087548.png (304.96 KB, 1366x768, 1_HFxPVApXIFz18zBexp__fg.png)

Made in abyss is by far the worst offender imo. I don't really hate any type of art but something about this grossed me out so deeply the first time I looked at it, that I absolutely 100% KNEW for a fact that the guy who made it was a massive creep before I even got into the plot. I don't feel like saving any examples of the abundant pedoshit from that show / manga to my device to post here but trust me, they are incredibly easy to find.
I'm not sure what exactly makes these particular moeblobs so sinister but I know of multiple people who've had the exact same reaction as me.

No. 293391

>but something about this grossed me out so deeply the first time I looked at it, that I absolutely 100% KNEW for a fact that the guy who made it was a massive creep before I even got into the plot
It's funny how so many people have this feeling that something is off about moe art when they're first exposed to it, yet we're all told we're crazy for bringing it up in weeb communities.
I remember when I used to browse /vp/ seeing a thread about some female(?) Japanese artist that those moids worship because she "perfected cutelewd art". She drew a lot of pokegirl art in a very cute but also very sexualized way. Like "teehee I'm so cute and small and innocent uwu fuck me daddy/oniichan". That "cutelewd" shit is exactly what moeshit is about.

No. 293393

The creep is into real ones too and wanted to adopt a kid in real life.

No. 293395

File: 1682900534599.jpg (343.21 KB, 2654x1726, bratz.jpg)

Their faces are so fucking ugly

No. 293396

get tha fuck out

No. 293403

no she is right

No. 293407

>”with a face like that”
It’s a fucking circle with two glossy anime eyes and a dot for a mouth
I don’t get the appeal either anon. This shit isn’t cute, it’s creepy as fuck

No. 293409

she's right nona i'm sorry. Still stupefied that these took off at all.

No. 293411

Agreed, bee sting ass lips

No. 293413

File: 1682906493484.png (66.13 KB, 681x720, 1608230407039.png)

Still not over that his K1 looks like a girl.

No. 293415

File: 1682906858719.gif (2.15 MB, 500x500, 11046734_55dcc.gif)

Stay jelly.

No. 293421

Based and passion-for-the-fashion pilled

No. 293433

yeah, shoes look weird too

No. 293434

He is an amazing draftsman. It's just a shame he wasted that skill on a lot of coomer, apebrained crap. Wasn't there some comic where he claims that drawing all that coomer shit is the only thing keeping him from being a pedophile?

No. 293445

Hate the art style, but the fashions go hard ngl. I can easily imagine these designs looking really nice in a different art style.

No. 293458

File: 1682933496733.png (474.3 KB, 862x557, 69154f_e818279beaf54b029157ae5…)

I hate that puppet creepypasta too. Fucking hate the faggot puppet. The art IS pretty cute and captures the muppet style. But I'm pretty sure the artist is a TIF and draws the characters stimming kek. Zoomers and horror Youtubers that are starved for something good think a couple spooky pngs and a frog singing audio is groundbreaking horror. Honestly no different than older 2010's creepypastas that were shit but had characters kids wanted to draw. Amazing how the internet never changes.

No. 293461

they look like homunculi kek

No. 293464

I actually wanted to like this ARG but these zoomers seem to miss the mark when it comes to what’s actually creepy especially with “lost media” stories. Subtlety and mystery is creepier than just using the same old grimdark tropes. It just feels like an edgy muppet AU

No. 293468

I actually wanted to like this ARG but these zoomers seem to miss the mark when it comes to what’s actually creepy especially with “lost media” stories. Subtlety and mystery is creepier than just using the same old grimdark tropes. It just feels like an edgy muppet AU

No. 293474

Is that supposed to be a male? I hate how coomers draw "thicc" characters, it's so grotesque and bizarre, even more so on supposed male characters.

No. 293475

and of course yet again the girl has the hentai pimple blush and the boy does not

No. 293479

this looks like someone requested AI to make a fusion of coomer and wikihow art.

No. 293481

people started drawing porn of that damn puppet day one
supposedly it made the creator have a mental breakdown
after seeing the shit it became i am a little glad it seemed to kill their interest in continuing

No. 293482

They gave the toddler breasts..

No. 293494

Apparently they're not actually toddlers but 11 year olds… still says a lot about this art style that it's so hard to tell.

No. 293502

>supposedly it made the creator have a mental breakdown

No. 293503

I'm tired of seeing this fucking puppet everywhere, it looks so coomery its obvious a tif drew it, ugh

No. 293505

I just got this recommended to me on youtube and the videos are almost hilariously bad lmao. Actually giggled when I got hit with the first traumacore jumpscare kek.
I definitely thought that too. The point is that it's supposed to pretend to be a classic flash game, why would you give it such an extreme "2022 mspaint nicotine anime girl" artstyle? World's least immersive ARG
Also, the traumacore/weirdcore stuff felt really cheap because there were creepy flash games and it would had been way more interesting if she had taken some influence from that instead.
>something they didnt grow up with
I don't think it's that, because zoomers did grow up with flash games. I think it's more a "muh personal style" and not wanting to do artstyle studies thing and honestly I think this particular artist might just still be a bit bad at drawing and not have the art skills for what she was triying to do

No. 293507

Same, I've had a lot of female friends who've had the "aww so cute" response to pedobait anime girls. I wish I could ignore that these characters were made to appeal to sex offenders and just see a cute kid being silly, but I cannot and they creep me out big time.

No. 293508

File: 1682952686440.png (7.3 KB, 984x123, nonnysdream.png)

What if someone made an ARG creepypasta based on this

No. 293521

File: 1682957215385.png (1.17 MB, 1380x826, dsfsdf.png)

i refuse to believe the author is over 18 years old, the artstyle reeks of 14yo to me.
> I think it's more a "muh personal style" and not wanting to do artstyle studies thing
i agree with this. The fake puppet show always gets praised for ''capturing the 60s style'' but i feel people only say that because, like the author, their only knowledge of 60s culture is Austin Powers or other 2000's+ media slightly inspired by it. It looks too cluttered and tumbler-esque to be something from the 60s, which had a very limited budget, alongside the limited technology of the time. Pic rel is a puppet show from the 60s/70s. I feel like designs like these could be spookier, because they look more innocent. But internet artists cannot make anything they dont want to fuck, so she had to draw the gay puppet as a tumblr sexy man.

No. 293525

Late reply but local58 isn't an alternate reality GAME, it's just an alternate reality video project thing. It's just art.

No. 293574

Not to wk the tumblr spooky puppets, but your example is a stopmotion show, welcome home is supposed to be a sesame street type hand puppet show (there's even one character that is pretty much just Bert). I think with welcome home there was at least a bit of an attempt to get the Sesame street vibe, whereas Lacey doesn't even feel like that.

No. 293582

You’re right but like the other anon said they look way too polished and high budget and familiar looking to be effectively creepy. It’s possible to do “off brand muppet” in a way that’s actually unnerving, just look at any Christian kids show from the 80s

No. 293585

The first time I saw that puppet man I instantly knew it was modern because it was incredibly unsubtle about having every stereotype of the era. The character was so over-designed.

No. 293594

i was comparing it to the magic round about because it has that ''70s'' color palette and vibes the author was going for. The 70s muppets look undistinguishable from modern muppets

No. 293666

File: 1683037585629.jpg (463.77 KB, 3195x2400, 20230502_072310-COLLAGE.jpg)

I looked up the puppet arg thing (called Welcome Home). I also hate this art style, it's the Tumblr/Twitter version of "my dream school is CalArts." It's so obviously modern and I can't imagine anyone being fooled that this is a "lost nostalgic show." Rainbow puke everywhere.

No. 293668

lmao these straight up just look like some tumblr tards gay fujo sesame street ocs

No. 293669

>It's so obviously modern and I can't imagine anyone being fooled that this is a "lost nostalgic show."

No. 293676

there is also a trans big bird. They cannot keep their autism for themselves for a second.

No. 293682

I looked up the puppet tranny bird and it's a trans lesbian??? Kek fucking what??? The autism is so fucking overpowering.

No. 293756

People say the blue haired main puppet looks like it was designed on purpose to be a tumblr sexyman but the mailman to me has way more "tumblr husbandu" vibes. He looks like he was designed by somebody that draws those baloon titted himbo memes.

Lmao what's the source for that? Did the artist make some lame drawing of it holding a troon flag?
It's actually funny how obsessed gendies are with slapping flags on everything under the sun lmao

No. 293763

File: 1683067710640.jpg (197.29 KB, 1400x1120, FapmMahUIAA6TsK.jpg)

Damn, I'm supposed to be believe this is some totally creepy lost puppet show from the 70s when the artist draws stuff like this? The fuck is this crap.

No. 293781

File: 1683075327689.jpg (412.19 KB, 1653x2047, what.jpg)

so my info might be wrong, idk what's even happening here
maybe the twittard was lying if >>293763 this ugly shit exists

No. 293783

File: 1683075392047.png (10.86 KB, 513x233, Untitled.png)

old cap before tweet was deleted

No. 293784

LMAO i literally unspoilered the pic and thought "this looks like ai art" and then i saw your reply. it literally does KEK

No. 293787

File: 1683076987812.png (23.71 KB, 308x301, 1681078482101.png)

She got mad because people were drawing porn of her husbando basically.

No. 293789

kekk imagine being a coomer tumblrina making a sexyman husbando OC and expecting none of the other coomer tumblr TIFs to draw porn of him.

No. 293790

It's honestly kind of hilarious, I know a lot of husbandofags/yumejos (whatever you wanna call em) people are like this but I think especially in this case it's 'no one can look at my puppet husband like that aside from meeee!'

No. 293792

If you're a husbandofag of any kind you have to accept the fact that you'll never be the only one unless your husbando is your own OC that you keep to yourself. And if you're a creator who shares her work with the world, you have to accept the fact that people will create fanworks of it, including porn and merch. This TIF should've seen it coming when she published her OCs on the internet instead of expecting everyone to not draw fanart of her characters. Characters that were made to appeal to a certain kind of person.

No. 293795

idg why she apparently got mad that she got a fanbase and people assumed the site was an ARG? if you want to keep something all to yourself then dont share it

No. 293798

They want to have their cake and eat it to, tons of adoration from tumblrinas but they also expect everyone to follow their stupidly specific guidelines on their OCs, which is obviously never gonna happen.

No. 293805

i got recommended a video of a 12yo with a gachalife avatar pleading people not to draw porn of the gay muppet. It's so stupid, zoomie creators dont have guts anymore, that's why everything they make is so bleak and lame.

No. 293826

File: 1683082691831.jpg (98.27 KB, 540x561, 20230502_215804.jpg)

I'm not someone who is big into anime, I pretty much only like old shit. Even then I dont watch it frequently. I don't have much recommendations but I seriously loved how mononoke looked when I first saw it. I personally think the ugliness of the characters is so refreshing to see and gives the anime a "charm" so to speak. It's a supernatural anime though so don't expect anything light hearted.
The ghost ship arc is my favorite arc just bc the ship is so over the top and flashy.

No. 293914

Idk I kind of get why she’d be salty that fans are profiting off of her work before she is but the ridiculous pearl clutching zoomers freaking out about muppet porn are fucking embarrassing especially when as others have said these character designs give such TIF coomer vibes. Wouldn’t be shocked if the creator has a whole stash of her own porn of them.
Please link if you find it again, sounds hilarious

No. 294345

I read a fan scanlation/rip through an aggregator manhwa site and the moid(?) Translation note thirsting for the female protagonist was so annoying.

No. 294505

Not really a art style but I'm tired of seeing nail polish (mostly the black nail polish) on characters that are not the type to wear nail polish

No. 294511

I hate scrotes being open about cooming to things that were made by/for women, I've seen them do the same thing with Sadistic Beauty. They're so fucking annoying

No. 294749

File: 1683485135849.jpg (1.76 MB, 3149x4443, 442412.jpg)

The Deen designs were perfection to me. Why did they have to hire somebody else to redo them?

No. 294914

the female payback is fujoshis ruining every straight male series by turning all the men into gay lovers

No. 294947

File: 1683560014619.jpg (180.32 KB, 1080x1346, tumblr_2def57be11bc3c2a3b0935b…)

I hate cartoony styles where people are drawn with realistic proportions. This stuff looks traced (though it probably wasn't).

No. 295030

fujos singlehandly ruined the sport anime genre for moids lmao

No. 295048

they have that generic instagram full makeup face. hate it

No. 295254

i'm not into fat people but i also don't get the disgust for the oc, the picture looks so normal to me?? is there something fishy about the design that i'm not catching up on or is it just becase it's a fat dude? lol

No. 295786

Just fat hate. A lot of anons sperg on multiple boards about hating men who are fat because they find it disgusting.
I guess they could also be disgusted by a male oc having a vagina, but it is primarily disgust for fat people.

No. 296130

File: 1684020691462.png (680.12 KB, 1198x630, little-mermaid-flounder.png)

Not exactly an art style but… why. They took away all his charm. I don't love him I want to kill and eat him.

No. 296136

not a sliver of life in those eyes kek

No. 296187

What was stopping them from going the space jam/who framed Rodger rabbit route?

No. 296195

the $5 budget

No. 296220

It's a fat dude (ugly), it's a cuntboy and he's also drawn near the loli character very often.

No. 296227

File: 1684048154768.png (1.79 MB, 2048x1152, higurashi-mei-night-pool-kazuh…)

Yeah Keiichi looks horrible in Akio Watanabe's art style. He looks like a douchebag.

No. 296232

fat moids ARE disgusting
this is so depressing, it’s the lion king remake all over again

No. 296256

File: 1684055614468.jpeg (270.64 KB, 1600x1131, 59BFDFBD-2986-4A88-9423-951962…)

hetalia old art style is so fugly. their skin legit looks like boiled shrimp and its so shiny and hideous. i have no idea what they were thinking when animating. also baby americas face in this image kekekek

No. 296269

File: 1684056309150.png (795.03 KB, 877x629, komugi.png)

I've always wondered, is aiko a woman or a moid? aiko is typically a name for women but there are exceptions of course. Some of the design have a cute and nice attention to detail (which moids lack considerably) also the pen name "poyoyon rock" is a little ambiguous.

No. 296282

his name is akio not aiko

No. 296312

File: 1684072007314.jpeg (77.35 KB, 591x901, FvCnzJ0WcAEOiil.jpeg)

it's a pet peeve of mine and nit-picky for sure, but i am so fucking tired of seeing cat mouths on characters that are portrayed as mischievous or morally ambiguous. just draw a normal mouth! god!

No. 296344

The most likely answer is that disney would never put that amount of effort into inserting creativity into a 'live action' remake

No. 296346

File: 1684083763167.jpg (136.01 KB, 1280x720, 230427162710-01-disney-little-…)

At least the design for Sebastian is slightly better. I think the attempt at a smile works better here. Still looks uncanny kek

No. 296348

A lot of anime draw male protagonists in a way that feels girlish? Not in a nice bishonen way, but more like a 'I came here to draw hot anime girls then I just remembered I need to design a male protagonist' sort of way. Maybe this is just me saying that the designs of men in anime are an afterthought lol.

No. 296388

This is exactly it, scrotes who do anime porn have no idea how to draw males without making them look like either:
>plain, flat moeblob girls with brown hair, darker skin, no eyelashes, and a dick
>grotesque inhuman monsters

No. 296443

File: 1684112438799.jpg (144.98 KB, 960x1070, 1681926657833086.jpg)

modern anime looks so glossy and over-saturated.

No. 296444

File: 1684112489510.jpg (653.33 KB, 3456x2291, 1681223735598.jpg)

this guy's faces….why

No. 296450

Truth. And it's not just anime, it's animation in general. Unless you make an active effort to digitally replicate the textures and effects that were natural to traditional animation, digital 2D animation is so plastic and artificial looking (it depends on the art style too, sometimes the cleanness and smoothness of digital really fits a style)

No. 296461

File: 1684118532685.jpg (33.48 KB, 1024x589, pain.jpg)

the "webgen" style sucks. it always features paper-thin lines and tryhard animation. if you ever wondered what was up with that one Naruto vs. Pain episode, you can blame webgen.
other examples include Bocchi the Rock, every Shingo Yamashita opening (the guy responsible for picrel), and that pedo Onimai show.

No. 296467

these overly shiny styles always makes characters look like they're one second away from slipping and sliding kek

No. 296470

I am actually trying to draw in this style, i love it. But i get it, its difficult to go from the stiff anime powerpoint style to more fluid animation, so it can look tacky if its an abrupt change, it has to stay consistent like in LWA and FLCL

No. 296490

They're so good at rendering too, makes you think they choose to draw oddly for attention or something

No. 296504

I don't want all modern animation to try to replicate old animation but the second picture looks so much better. If modern animation would turn down the colours a little bit then it would look so much better. I know this is about anime but I have also noticed that in modern simpsons they are using brighter and less warm colors compared to the old episodes

No. 296511

I'm kinda interested in the differences between those two. I'd describe the top one as bright and washed out. The bottom has richer, deeper, and more saturated colors. It looks darker and has a distinct texture to it. The bottom one definitely stands out more to me and looks more sophisticated. Nice picture, anon.

No. 296512

You should post this timeless classic alongside.

No. 296513

File: 1684149853814.png (943.62 KB, 580x882, himaruya-hidekazu-illustration…)

I think it's because the fact that Himaruya had very weird art style, since the start. He got better later, but demage was done. But all the girls who later tried to imitate the anime style… We finally escaped the hell.

No. 296520

i remember the time where almost every weeb artist in poland tried to ape his style due to popularity of hetalia. i wonder if it was a case among other eastern euro weebs

No. 296550

i agree, some shows benefit from modern hardward(i love the new tmnt) but most look awful

No. 296618

File: 1684170617320.jpeg (56.28 KB, 400x570, 083354D3-28CE-4627-B87D-0F8CFA…)

I actually like Hima’s art (the colors are pretty) but the older stuff from the deen anime looks pretty damn hideous.

No. 296637

I'm really bothered by how long the legs and small the heads in picrel are…

No. 296641

File: 1684180377531.png (212.87 KB, 1200x675, fate-stay-night-saber.png)

I've tought about this too for a big while nonny. Your example is really great because you can really tell the values just mesh into each other also kek at handle of the wand (not even the whole wand) being the focal point because it's so mush more saturated that everything else in the image lmao did the scene actually call for that or did they really make it super saturated on accident?
I also specifically hate the look a lot of modern anime has where the post production effects are way too noticeable. It makes it look extremely synthetic to me.
Never seen it, but something about the fate series anime looks particularly bad to me (maybe it's the gradients in the eyes but I'm not sure)

No. 296642

NTA but I fucking hate the gradients they're adding everywhere in anime and promo art because studios are too fucking cheap to allow animators to add more aesthetically pleasant lighting manually. Everything now looks so cheap and lazy, it's unfortunate. I enjoy looking at the lines in hand drawn animation, these post production effects make it nearly impossible to appreciate it.

No. 296644

Hima's artstyle is that kind of artstyle that can be done by only one person. Otherwise it would look bad.

No. 296646

Rosel-D/Cioccolato Dorima was a pretty good copycat though

No. 296654

honestly I really like the look of this. It has soul and is interesting to look at. It doesn't fit something like Naruto though but if this style was used for a more surreal and artsy anime then it would be more fitting

No. 296670

oh so it is definitely male

No. 297325

File: 1684508995347.png (201.91 KB, 895x597, sharknosedfucker.PNG)

This motherfucking manga's style. Not only does it attract a bunch of autistic genderspecials and manchildren, it also looks hideous to me. Something about the detailed and muscular bodies together with the super quare and overly stylized anime faces is jarring. The exaggerated expressions make every character look insufferable too. Even in this image, the fucker has a pointy ass holeless nose, huuge eyes but the gums and teeth are detailed? Usually his body is also detailed and muscular which is also kinda weird because this is a kid.

No. 297380

File: 1684524055857.jpg (28.76 KB, 250x394, Primer_atuendo_casual_de_Juno_…)

The anatomy (particularly the facial anatomy) in Beastars infuriates me in a way that can't be described using words.

No. 297413

They're all so fucking ugly kek. The worst one for me is the rabbit with the tiny beady eyes while all the other characters have "normal" eyes. The fully human anatomy with the animal heads has always been one of my pet peeves too (it's not only in Beastars). I thought mangakas had to be good at drawing.

No. 297414

File: 1684530084513.jpeg (67.39 KB, 602x394, 37223613-25A3-4FE4-943C-236D7F…)

>I thought mangakas had to be good at drawing

No. 297420

I don't mind her style, because I think it works for the story.

No. 297457

File: 1684557320846.jpg (34.55 KB, 395x395, 163838949_187351826486398_1295…)

Modern moe anime art styles aggravate me

No. 297461

this is such a retarded example since OPM started as an online webcomic by a non-artist and it managed to thrive despite its lack of artistic skills. It has merit to it, like Zun.

No. 297463

I fucking hate the anime muzzle so much.
It's even worse when you remember that these characters are supposed to be sexually appealing. What the fuck.

No. 297465

File: 1684560670034.jpeg (236.96 KB, 791x1200, 8E267F45-E586-4599-BB66-76D38E…)

Exactly because of that you can just notice how you don’t need to be some artistic savant to make a manga. It may be in a webcomic format but it’s still a manga.
As long as someone likes the story, it doesn’t matter if the art is shit.

No. 297466

>"It's even worse when you remember that these characters are supposed to be sexually appealing."
>Picrel has nine girls in it. Five obviously are children.
This is why I despise the path of modern anime that pedo coomer moids have set up. It's not far fetched to think whoever draws this made the same face as the glasses guy when drawing the girls.

No. 297467

nah, still makes no sense. OPM started as an indie comic then got picked up by a huge manga editoral and got a complete revamp art-wise. The guy from shingeki got rejected from SJ because of his shit art and it would have never been as popular without the anime boost, because the art was really filtering.

No. 297471

File: 1684566025064.png (32.3 KB, 334x465, Comparison-of-wolf-body-size-t…)

I like to believe that the characters in Beastars are just humans in furry suits. Fucking Zootopia seemed to have a better grasp on animal biology, At the end of the day, the carnivore vs. herbivore divide is the main focus even though it doesn't really make sense. For example, there are plenty of small carnivores who scavenge, and some herbivores are actually massive and aggressive, like deer compared to wolves

No. 297476

i think they had an entire chapter about that though from a perspective of an elephant who is treated as dangerous/as carnivore even though he is a herbivore

No. 297490

File: 1684571022533.jpg (76.65 KB, 500x383, zoobortion.jpg)

Whenever I see a Beastars scan I think it's the Zootopia abortion comic.

No. 297492

File: 1684571800669.png (408.34 KB, 816x730, Kemono.png)

The series isn't meant to be realistic regarding each animal's real life counterpart, The animals in Beastars are Kemono, humanoid animal-headed fantasy creatures that originated from Japanese puppet theater and have now become popular elements in manga and anime. They were traditionally used to tell cautionary tales, and in this series, suspension of disbelief is vital to fully enjoy the story. The narrative doesn't got to great lengths to explain the rules of its world, instead of relying on familiar cliches rather than science.
Most people don't know deer can be quite large, rabbits have claws, and alpacas can defend themselves from wild dogs with powerful kicks. While these facts may be interesting, they are not relevant to the story being told in Beastars.

No. 297494

Never understood beastars appeal. I tried reading it before it became an anime and it was just a furry soap opera. The wolf girl was really cute, and the ''whats wrong with discrimination?'' panel out of context always makes me laugh.

No. 297759

File: 1684683627688.jpeg (277.8 KB, 1167x2063, 2B90301E-B005-4F8F-A008-524DC9…)

They aren’t satisfied until the pretty boys are as uggo as they are. Also these "inclusive" styles often end up coming back around and feeling racist

No. 297761

File: 1684684369029.jpg (94.74 KB, 742x1590, asunnydisposish.jpg)

basically picrel.

No. 297764

bottom just looks white tbh.

No. 297765

bottom just looks white tbh.

No. 297768

The first one looks like she's suffering from jaundice but I don't see the problem with the eyes.

No. 297778

File: 1684689179357.jpg (95.63 KB, 536x800, utamaro004_main_new.jpg)

til that picrel is a racist caricature

No. 297782

The only thing that seems racist about the top one is the simpsons skinton and the fact that the eyes are so upturned. There ARE actual, real asian people with small eyes… not every east asian is an uguu kpop idol.

No. 297794

AoT is a good example of how much the artist improved overtime

No. 297864

i remember someone posting a picture of the artist and she looked like the top picture, so she's projecting

No. 297929

So this artist expects ALL East Asians to be drawn like that? Even though if you put a Japanese persons face next to a Koreans there’s still notable differences? So not woke kek and I used to see this image posted everywhere just because it called the top portrayal wrong, even though the “correct” bottom one is racist in its own ways.

No. 298869

you think any artist is putting in that kind of effort? Would you expect this artists to make the distinction between Serbians and Swedes An Sardinians?

No. 298870

I only agree with the skin colour part, more eye diversity is fine

No. 298887

oh my god, not the soul sucking eyes. This artist chooses to draw ugly on purpose….

No. 298916

File: 1685166410999.jpeg (56.9 KB, 410x612, images.jpeg)

While the artist is right about the yellow skintone (no one has that in real life unless their sick lmao), they need to realize that small eyes like above are actually real and can be seen on people, hell look at old Japanese paintings and the way they depicted their eyes.

Not sure if the artist is a clueless "ally" or just a self-hating Asian. To say that depicting eye shapes like those are somehow "racist" is like saying that people naturally born with them are somehow "defected" and should be fixed immediately. This type of thinking is literally what's fueling the double-eyelid surgery craze in East Asia tbh.

It's not that small eyes are racist–were these features exaggerated to mock Asians (particularly East Asians) in the past? Yes. But to say that small, slanty, "ugly" eyes shouldn't be depicted at all is just plain retarded. If anything, they should just be depicted well, normally.

No. 298926

File: 1685172098450.jpg (371.9 KB, 1915x1084, B5E0E611-2EF8-4952-979A-52C2BC…)

Give her a break, her dad is the author of Baki

No. 298927

I have yellow aka olive undertone skin and know a lot of people who naturally have it, though I think it's mostly common in middle east instead of east Asia.
That's literally so weird. There are asian people with the first eyeshape, imagine having those eyes and seeing this comic, kek. This feels like a white artist who found out he's %3 Korean via those gen tests trying to be woke. Doesn't most asian art pieces also feature a wide variety of eyeshapes?

No. 298936

I honestly really like how Beastars looks kinda janky, cause it keeps it from looking like standard furshit to me lol.

No. 298955

Writing wacky-ass storylines must run in the blood.

No. 298965

File: 1685185679536.jpg (223.6 KB, 1724x1168, ETR_tG7XsAIAmvp.jpg)

No. 298967

No. 298974

check the dates the bishie art is newer than the uggo art also i can't stand the stumble in the uggo art what an odd detail to draw
Yeah it can look racist when you make the eyes super upturned but there isn't anything racist about drawing small or narrow eyes. The eyes on >>297778 aren't as upturned and they have a different shape instead of just being two lines with pupils in them.
But the artist is still wrong though saying that everything else than disney bug eyes is racist is super fucked up
>It's not that small eyes are racist–were these features exaggerated to mock Asians (particularly East Asians) in the past? Yes. But to say that small, slanty, "ugly" eyes shouldn't be depicted at all is just plain retarded. If anything, they should just be depicted well, normally
the racist caricatures in the past is probably why so many has a strong kneejerk reaction to any art that features smaller eyes

No. 298985

File: 1685194070771.png (55.57 KB, 598x508, Screenshot.png)

NTA but the ugly art is the newer one. Bishie is a reply on the original post because someone asked to see the original.
(Person who asked said that they prefer the old version btw kek)

No. 299011

my mistake. I guess I was in denial since the bishie one looked so much better lol. Character design aside the new one looks busy. what a downgradeand why would you add stumble?

No. 299130

I feel that she was triying to evolve out of generic animu style but she doesn't know how to make characters cute in a realistic style.
Their hair is crazy, though. Did she not realise that adding so many loose chunks of hair makes them look disheveled as heck? Someone give these guys a hairbrush.

No. 299247

Kek you got me. This is so much worse now.

No. 299365

File: 1685333090614.png (1.04 MB, 975x1510, Screenshot_20230528-183155~2.p…)

I don't like this same face e-thotification of Sailor Moon and other female characters. Even if it's drawn by women it's just so sexualized and basic, dark lipstick, heavy eyelashes, and porny poses.

No. 299366

File: 1685332998370.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20230528-183155.png)

I don't like this same face e-thotification of Sailor Moon and other female characters. Even if it's drawn by women it's just so sexualized and basic, dark lipstick, heavy eyelashes, and porny poses.

No. 299367

File: 1685332932109.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20230528-183155.png)

I don't like this same face e-thotification of Sailor Moon and other female characters. Even if it's drawn by women it's just so sexualized and basic, dark lipstick, heavy eyelashes, and porny poses.

No. 299415

Your picrel is especially shitty too, like they could AT LEAST have tried to give them slightly different styles. It looks so boring and sterile.

No. 299436

File: 1685378415360.jpg (192.26 KB, 549x1440, IMG_20230529_193557.jpg)

Hot take as fuck but I'm sick of these pretty boys that all look the same regardless of fandom. I know all anime art looks similar but these faces specifically have been getting on my nerves
I don't remember it being this bad until kpop/webtoons fans appeared and started drawing every single fave like this, even on women.

No. 299437

File: 1685379083598.jpg (100.75 KB, 900x1003, E8q4ushVIAE9eKO.jpg)

holy shit same. It's impossible to find good male artists. They all either draw dorito faced alien boys or go the other way to draw ugly tumblresque shit like >>297759
your example specially bothers me because of how detailed everything is compared to the face. pic rel looks much better even though its still a dorito faced anime boy.

No. 299443

Her art used to be better. Now she cuts corners to make more money.

No. 299457

My queen Foo, she always draws the cutest/hottest boys.
I did come across few good artists on Twitter/pixiv but the styles like >>299436 are drowning them to the point it flows results and stopped recommending the good styles because these are easier to make jfc

No. 299469

File: 1685393375087.png (338.3 KB, 1836x832, Screenshot 2023-05-29 163612.p…)

dae like to edit out gender from people's art. i don't even have to like the art. sometimes i just feel like detrannyfying shit

No. 299481

Fucking finally, someone (else) said it.
I really wanted beautiful art of beautiful anime men to thrive about 8 years ago. But then it degenerated into the male equivalent of ultra deformed moe uguu anime girls with no nose and overly "clean" faces that creep me the fuck out when they're attached to a hyperrendered body. Especially when the heat is tiny like in your pic (kek just look at that neck. It can also be the opposite with a pencil neck that looks like it'll break)
Did bishonen artists forget how to draw a head or something? Why are we going back to dorito-shaped jaws?

No. 299499

Made in abyss had a cool story and art style until the artist started being a pervert. Very disappointing.

No. 299501

File: 1685408341915.jpg (174.19 KB, 1080x1658, cro9s8hoplf71.jpg)

Why the female characters never given noses? Im not saying they need giant snozzers or whatever, but the lack of a nose even from the front makes them look uncanny. It looks even worse from the side. The little blonde girl is the worst one here. Seriously the difference between the artstyles of new and old anime reminds me of pugs.

No. 299527

File: 1685413583258.jpeg (92.71 KB, 1319x600, FBB0A7E8-2133-4F10-B3C7-DAFC16…)

This announcement reminded me of the irrationally strong loathing of everything about this art style I had when the show aired kek

No. 299580

Lmao the girl looks like she's from a completely different show.

No. 299588

I like it.

There was a lot of joking about 'moe police' when they show aired.

No. 299632

No nose/small nose is similar to children's feature
Men watch these animes the most
Do the math

No. 299672

modern anime girls being pugs is a hilarious thought

It's not just anime though, ALL cartoons have gotten simpler and more featureless. The nose is the most redundant feature for facial expressions so it had to go first

No. 299673

i'd be down for a thread of just that tbh, just edits detransing everything as a form of catharticism

No. 299690

File: 1685537717023.jpg (458.68 KB, 1155x2306, F4Vpgk5rx61.jpg)

Whatever this is.

No. 299705

Why do some of them look like different styles? Is this just weird caricaturizations of presidents? Some of them look really gross.

No. 299707

Why do all of them look AI generated? I would say they look CGI but AI generated seems to be more fitting.

No. 299709

why does George H. look like a blushing anime girl

No. 299730

and dubya looks like a muppet…

No. 299822

They are all ai generated.

No. 299926

You took the words out of my mouth. I literally thought "Dubya looks like a muppet"

No. 302292

File: 1686772689741.jpg (1.27 MB, 540x15153, 685047e6310b87c7905ef09c060a16…)

This image summarizes a lot of my feelings about the way how modern anime women and modern anime in general are drawn. Too much oversaturization and bright colors, samey faces.

Idk, I actually like ones art style. I think hes genuinely a good artist

No. 302300

>modern anime
>like half of these shows are from the mid 2000s
Retarded post, it’s fine if you prefer 80s art style but don’t cherry pick stuff half of which is old as fuck and then say ‘ALL MODERN ANIME GIRLS LOOK LIKE THIS’

No. 302303

the post is cherry-picked as these types of posts often are, but their opinions aren't wrong. mainstream anime has homogenized over the past 30 years from a general animation medium covering lots of styles and topics to a massive marketing vehicle pandering to a specific consumer (18-45 year old males) and the modern plasticky, toyetic, fetishistic designs reflect that. since the 80's there's definitely a lot more degen designs like "literal 12 year old with E cups" like the post outlined. i think a lot of the changes in anime are because of the consumer market combined with digital tools making art in general have a lack of depth and texture to it. compare any old animation cel from a random 80s or 90s show to a fram from something made nowadays and you can see the loss of handmade, human texure.

No. 302308

Oh, this is the post where someone added a screenshot of Golden Boy and claimed its female character designs were made for women. What a joke.

Anime has been filled with pedo character designs since the 70s/80s, the only difference between then and now is that anime is mainstream in the west. Other anon is right that the post is misleading and cherry-picked.

No. 302343

Yeah, anime has always had degen stuff but the way everything has slowly devolved into moeblobs is a meme for a reason. There was also just a lot less outright pedo shit. It's insufferable how this argument gets repeated over and over, there's always some reddit-tier 'well ackshually' that brings up how 80's/90's anime wasn't totally pure and chaste either. While the other anon's example was cherrypicked she's still right.

No. 302345

This has some good points but its hard to take it seriously when there are several skimpily dressed/sexualized underage girls in the "good old anime" sections. Anime has always been full of pedos and fetishization of young girls, regardless of art style.

No. 302352

Judging by one of the most recent anime in that screenshot being SAO, I'd say it's because that post was made about 10+ years ago.
Even then they were right about anime deteriorating
Not OP but even though those kinds of coomer designs already existed then, they became more and more blatant, fetishistic and openly degen, and most importantly, more common in anime as the decades passed. Now, even most adult female characters resemble children, when at least in the 80s they looked somewhat mature.
Anime wasn't perfect back then by any means, but it's definitely much worse now.

No. 302353

File: 1686797438653.png (3.15 MB, 3220x2916, art styles.png)

I realize everyone's said this already but:
-Person of gender/fujo shit.
-Generic pretty girl Instagram artist with overly inflated lips, upturned nose, and angel skull.
-The artstyle that every modern 3D movie does for women, especially Disney films now. Just extremely tired.
-Low hanging fruit special mention is corporate memphis homunculus people of course kek

No. 302355

do you think people will be nostalgic for corporate art in like 2040 and it'll have an 'ironic' revival, that would be so fucking funny

No. 302356

Holy shit I can see it now. Just mass amounts of yaoi proportioned rainbow people OCs on tumblr with #2020core in the tags

No. 302361

i doubt so. People miss 00s DA sparkledogs because they miss the good old days before tumblr-nose creatures invaded every art space.

No. 302362

It’s been discussed before but the current bean-head style of animation is insufferable. Pixar dropped a trailer for Elio yesterday and the human characters are so damn ugly

No. 302370

Why does the Disney girl style feel so… pedophilic? Must be the face proportions (tiny upturned nose, round cheeks, huge eyes, generally child-like proportions) as well as the fact that most of the time they look like they're wearing makeup.

No. 302375

I'm not discounting that as the case, but I also think it's important to remember that the main consumers of disney princesses are little girls who usually get more attatched to characters that look younger as well. Having been a nanny, a tutor, and having a baby niece, Elsa is like crack for girls aged 1-6.
Is it weird, creepy, and overall an insult to art for disney executives to keep pushing out same-face baby looking women and overwriting their old princess designs with it? Absolutely yes. Is it extremely effective in getting literal babies to pay attention to their content and make their parents keep buying new merch, tickets, and disney+ subscriptions? Absolutely yes.

No. 302377

its most noticeable when u look at snow white or sleeping beauty to a lesser extent because u can see how much more stylized and childlike the new design is compared to the more fully-grown look in their original movies.
this shit had already started ages ago tho. compare the look of the original ariel to sleeping beauty, im pretty sure both characters are explicitly 16 but you would never guess that if they appeared in the same film

No. 302379

To some degree it's the cultural shift towards worshipping youth culture. Teens before couldn't wait to grow up and wanted to appear older and mature, now adults look at what teens are doing and let them set the trends

No. 302400

File: 1686826629566.jpg (932.29 KB, 2880x2880, 20230615_175734.jpg)

Not an art style but I really hate when they do this expression. Not only it looks edgy in a tacky way it also look super porn-y

No. 302423

This reminds me of the "fujocore" aesthetic and people being unironically nostalgic for 2000's yaoi fandom shit.

No. 302428

you're not wrong, it's definitely from/influenced by porn

No. 302438

File: 1686848950592.jpg (79.31 KB, 425x596, DMetNwZVAAAz0KJ.jpg)

I'm going to get stoned.

No. 302442

agreed. all of the men she draws look like TiF groomers kek

No. 302444

Isn't it the reverse? Some nerdy TIFs actively achieve to look like that? I like her art style a lot but I hate that she draws ugly furry women instead of actual women sometimes. I don't care if it's just for symbolism or to make her illustrations more scary and unnerving or whatever.

No. 302446

I will throw the first stone.

No. 302448

your right and you should say it.

No. 302453

the ugly furry women are one of the best parts of her art, shit taste. it's the whole point.

No. 302455

She's the only female gaze artists that draws cute boys with a meaning, it's not for everyone but i respect her for that.

No. 302456

i would like her work if she actually drew cute males. im sick of women cooming over ratboys because they're slightly androgynous. maybe I just prefer trueblooded bishies and not this crusty inbetween aesthetic that makes men look like they smell like axe spray and piss in beer cans, idk.

No. 302458

I like some of her pieces but you're right. She has several male characters too but they're all very samefacey, I can't tell them apart because it's the usual depressed and smelly-looking boy with eyebags and disheveled clothes.

No. 302459

It's ok to have shit taste anon

No. 302462

She is drawing the same guy dumbass.

No. 302465

Tbh I really like her "flat" and more cartoony drawings, but can't stand her painting style. Everyone looks red and wet like a boiled lobster

No. 302467

NTA sometimes there are a couple guys who are different (like that one with the different eye shape or the blond one) but otherwise, yeah. It's just the same nameless guy put in different roles each illustration.

No. 302468

>depressed and smelly-looking boy with eyebags and disheveled clothes.
my fetish

No. 302506

I think I'm too clueless and gay because when I first found her art I was enamored by her furry women illustrations and projected on her rat boy instead of objectifying him lol. Personally I love her artstyle, in particular the way she uses color.

No. 302514

File: 1686873104292.png (907.89 KB, 600x759, inconvenient_man.png)

bishie artists are dime a dozen, let her draw her ratboys. It's a nice change of peace to see men be pathetic and abused

No. 302517

i'm bi so her art is a fucking treasure trove

No. 302518

This art style is still gross. It's not like bishie artists don't draw bishies being abused. This is an "artstyles you hate" thread. Not the "defend gross artstyles" thread.

No. 302519

not everyone is into generic bishie shit

No. 302520

I don't even like bishie but you clearly like fictional TIF ratboys.

No. 302521

What artists draw bishies being abused? (It doesn't count if its BL, but even then I doubt there are many)

No. 302522

tif wished they could look like kaneoya's heroin addict ocs

No. 302523

I'm not a bishie connoisseur but I've definetly seen some abusive yume art on the fujo imageboard. It tends to be mixed with the bl tho

No. 302524

nta but she's obviously talking out of her ass because she hates kaneoya's art. Finding female gaze art that's not bishie shit is extremely rare, that's why kaneoya is so popular amongst yume circles. There are two type of female gaze artists, generic bishie artists and Kaneoya. So it's understandble why she's so 'overrated', there is no other artist like her.

No. 302529

File: 1686877004018.jpg (116.63 KB, 823x1000, 20230615_193814.jpg)

BL not count? The women who want to see men raped and abused are always fujos to some degree. Even the ones that draw m/f, such as hiero0301 who dropped it early on to draw BL torture porn instead. It's so common in fujo works that abuse and rape are prevalent in many of babby's first BL mangos. Femdom is forced unless you create a world where all your women are massive furry werewolf creatures and all your men are helpless virgin damsels. This kind of content is generally frowned upon by yumes.

No. 302531

File: 1686877298194.jpg (1.2 MB, 770x897, 20230615_200038.jpg)

Samefag to highlight SAC's based obsession with virginity

No. 302532

Exactly, there need to be more artists like her.

No. 302536

No, it does not count.

No. 302537

> This kind of content is generally frowned upon by yumes.
you dont know what you are speaking about please shut up

No. 302539

Can we please not start this infight in another thread? Some fujos like this stuff, others don't, let's leave it at that.

No. 302542

Then you're stuck with the extreme niche of [fujo art except the seme is r63]

No. 302544

The entire point was that there is no one else like Sachiko, retard.

No. 302546

That was a somewhat genuine recommendation for other art that has the same vibe, anon! Calm down

No. 302550

can we just let some people hate sachiko's art lmao this is the thread for it

No. 302566

File: 1686892731386.jpg (32.87 KB, 338x450, globalvillagecoffeehouse.jpg)

people are already nostalgic for it, well the precursor of it. but i think what makes me nostalgic for this is the places you would find these sorts of drawings. remember seeing this sort of clipart in libraries and cafes. the colors feel like a old dream you suddenly remember having.

No. 302573

people are allowed to disagree with other people

No. 302592

i like her nasty japanese will graham ass dudes ngl but the popularity of her work especially amongst tiffies has definitely contributed heavily to the "little goblim man" epidemic in digital art which i fucking hate outside of her work. also sometimes she makes stylistic choices that are really fugly to me like the shiny hotdog fingers in your picrel

No. 302615

This is not the thread. This is not a debate thread.

No. 302620

>Femdom is forced unless you create a world where all your women are massive furry werewolf creatures and all your men are helpless virgin damsels.
Okay but the bottom in BL art is often exactly that: a helpless virgin damsel who looks like a little boy. Picrel too looks like a teenager, which personally grosses me out when I'm looking for sexy art. So no, not every woman is into generic bishies.

No. 302629

Conceptually I like made in abyss. (Nature survival and catalogue of fauna and flora) like 7Seeds. However the show has fucking child molester vision toggled on constantly lingering too long on the kids. I’ve asked my friend to watch it too and she couldn’t watch either citing the same complaints. There are YouTube videos defending this drivel as being necessary. I hope the artist necks and so do defensive his fans, in Minecraft.

No. 302640

I loved this style. Wish we could go back. There was a local cafe that had a logo in this style that I always went to. It looked more soulful and pleasing than the crap we have now

No. 302674

I see how the way she shades and colors skin in that style could be off-putting but honestly that's what I like about it. It contributes to the atmosphere of her sick world.
I too like that older style, I wonder if Alegria being so soulless is caused by it being digital art, or if there are other big differences. When you look at Alegria style you'll notice it's much more simple and empty than this >>302566 despite both having abstract looking human cartoons

No. 302694

Yes, in 2043 on future Twitter corporate memphis parodies will be the big meme for at least 2 hours.
OT derail but I say 2 hours because compared to even a couple years ago the lifespan of memes has significantly shortened. Everyone is always online and everyone wants to go viral and corporations want to seem like real people that memes just get chewed up and spat out in a matter of days. I can’t believe i’m missing the era where a cat meme could last for years without everyone getting sick of it.

No. 302699

File: 1686972424971.jpg (794.11 KB, 1832x2480, a.jpg)

seeing stupid fangs like this makes me instantly annoyed

No. 302700

why tf do tumblr girls love fangs so much?

No. 302701

File: 1686972484900.jpg (77.73 KB, 800x600, torean_encounter_by_jennadelle…)

I wouldn't say I hate Jennadelle's art (old and new one), but you can see how many people she has influenced and some of them are either ripoff or copycats.

No. 302713

Hey that's an unfair assumption, some also look like pseudo-female characters and are forced to get pregnant and give birth.

No. 302714

File: 1686977951126.jpg (24.93 KB, 512x431, _forwho__.jpg)

holy GOD you took me back

No. 302719

I like how they had the arrow to indicate that Peter was pushing Miguel's cheek upwards because they couldn't actually properly convey it.

No. 302733

nta but if I had to guess it's influenced by those japanese artist who like that yaeba teeth

No. 302793

Odd that you guys are choosing to die on this hill. The art is nice, and fangs are hot. Simple as

No. 302794

NTA but this is the "Artsyles you hate" thread,not the "Bad art thread". We are here to be petty about art, whenever it is good or not.

No. 302795

this artstyle and fangs are a sure indicator of aidenism

No. 302796

this artstyle and fangs are a sure indicator of aidenism

No. 302800

File: 1687020291015.jpg (54.43 KB, 1079x610, Miguel_fangs.jpg)

It's not an artstyle though, he literally has those fangs, its part of his design. Shouldn't it be posted in the bad character design thread if you hate vampire fangs?

No. 302801

I guess she just picked a random art to complain about people giving emphasis on fangs

No. 302802

File: 1687021938786.jpeg (125.17 KB, 1125x1663, DEF1F8FF-FC3A-41E2-92CE-77DC27…)

Those are the fangs he has though. As a vampirefag I get it though, some interpretations of fangs just look too silly for my tastes.

No. 302803

File: 1687022170534.jpg (519.19 KB, 2048x1666, ok.jpg)

idk capeshit but yeah it looks like the typical twitter user cartoony fangs thing i see all the time

No. 302805

Nta and maybe I'm retarded, but these just look like regular fangs to me. I genuinely don't get the "aiden" and "twitter" association over something so simple. It's like when nonnas start hating regular common things just because a tranny liked it.

No. 302806

File: 1687022910946.png (89.45 KB, 548x976, comm_d_zetallis-onifix-2.png)

I have tons of art of her and it inspires me quite a lot! But the copycats/redraw artists are too notorious. Granted, she's not an original artist but it seems she opened a door for these kind of art.

I have learned something funny about vampire teeth: Technically vampire bats have their fangs like Nosferatu, but in a human they don't look like a menace. So since we are both predators and prey, we need seeing fangs like the other vampires to feel "fear" they can hurt us since they resembles more a predator. TMYK.

No. 302809

there is definitely an art style where you can tell a genderspecial did it, like >>292414 , unnecessary fangs just happen to show up often in it. if the character canonically has fangs then whatever but it's just one of those things, like pronounced bottom eyelashes on male characters, that signals an aiden probably drew it.

No. 302855

File: 1687042286535.png (61.78 KB, 1280x898, tumblr_4643edd8d1e012f6e063789…)

That specific weeb wannabe-4channer r9k art style like picrel, it's so cheesy and the artists that make them are insufferable.

No. 302858

File: 1687042984491.jpg (906.69 KB, 2550x3300, CloneWarsPoster.jpg)

I really don't like Genndy Tartakovsky's art style, I thought the Clone Wars cartoon was a parody just because of it, it never suited Star Wars imo.

No. 302872

i feel like girls get groomed into drawing like this.

No. 302886

File: 1687061278412.png (4.61 MB, 1350x1800, Art-of-Kaneoya-Sachiko-189.png)

I think I understand where she's coming from: it's a desire to physically dominate a male body and be the active partner without conforming to any male fantasy like female domination or a mommy kink. I don't necessarily like it but I get it

No. 302887

There was a Pizza Hut in my town that had this art everywhere in the early-mid 2000s, I remember being a kid then and staring up at them, not understanding the style but finding them visually interesting. I miss those times. People are right about it looking like Microsoft Clip Art tho, kek.

No. 302889

This is a very cool reading of this kind of art and I think you’re right. It definitely connects easily with the wider psychology behind women’s monster fetishes and the idea of women being drawn to outcast and strangely shaped creatures as a form of relating to them and thereby being freed from their own bodily shame and pressures.

No. 302892

Its like the inverse of usual fujoism, where a "pseudo-male" uke takes the role of the woman in all but pronouns, now you have women taking not the role not of a seme but as a non-human force to covet for the male body on your own terms.

No. 302899

The men in Sachiko's art should be no less "pseudo-male" in your eyes than the average uke. They are like various uke stereotypes. It's usual fujoism but the seme is replaced by a dog creature, what makes it unique. It seems like you've based your entire idea of fujoism off the Boyfriends webcomic and yume Aidens from the ftm thread in /snow/, not off norms.

No. 302901

That anon has a very recognizable typing style and she's been talking about pseudo-males pseudo-females and fujos with her very tranny-like thinking in several threads. She can talk about her tif fetish all she likes but I wish she would do it in her containment threads and not sperg literally everywhere about le fujos and pseudo-females and pronouns.

No. 302905

>It's usual fujoism
NTA but no, fujoism and the dynamics in Sachiko's art are both a form of female gaze where a male is in a submissive position. Fujoism is not the default, it's the most popular way women objectify men, but definitely not the default way. The dog in that pic is female as signaled by the bow it's wearing, I think all the dominant characters in all Kaneoya's art are female.
And also what that anon said makes more sense than what you're saying about "pseudo-females". In yaoi there are two males but one usually looks and is treated a bit like a woman due to having the submissive role (it varies of course, I don't believe ukes are as feminine as that anon says so don't cry about it). In Kaneoya's art, there is unmistakably one female and one male, and the usual roles are clearly inverted, it's a more explicit subversion than in yaoi.
I can't stand this kind of art either, it's part of why I can't browse the /img/ board on cc

No. 302906

File: 1687072502388.jpg (3.35 KB, 100x102, 415101509.jpg)

You misunderstood every word of my post

No. 302911

This is literally what I was trying to say as well.

No. 302919

What does Sachiko's art have to do with fujoism if it's f/m? Please don't tell me some of you are so braindead tradtards you think that anything but sumbissive uwu feminine woman x big burly dominant masculine man is fujoism. And anon >>302886 is right btw.

No. 302920

That really annoyed me too. Fujo means something specific, it's not a catch-all for female gaze art.

No. 302923

My point was that what I consider Sachiko art to be the exact opposite of typical (but of course not all) yaoi, i.e. instead of a male form being feminized the female form is in a position of power over the unchanged male form without any sort of usual male fetishization(The Dominatrix fantasy of some moids)

No. 302931

>the unchanged male form
The male is still pretty feminine though? Smaller built, no muscles, pretty face features, submissive role and sexualized positions/contexts (I hate associating femininity with submissiveness and sexyness but they're traditionally associated so sorry about that).

Aand I hate how you're calling men with feminine qualities or submissive men "pseudo-females" or "pseudo-males". It's like any man that's not a big roided muscle ape is automatically assuming a woman's role.

No. 302934

What are you even trying to say? How is a submissive man supposed to look then if any form of submission or sexualization is too feminine for you? In her artworks they are still hairy and obviously male, their bodies are very masculine despite being skinny and their clothes are as well, what that anon is referring to is most likely older yaoi where the bottom is so feminine that he doesn't even read as male anymore on first glance. I've seen cases of this before, but not in recent years so it feels to me like it has died out almost entirely in terms of BL. Now I only ever see characters like that in moidmade femboy porn

No. 302936

I'm just saying that by "pseudo-male" anon's standards the male characters in Sachiko's art are still pretty feminine. Tbh I don't get the distinction and why male characters are pseudo-males if they're feminine but I guess it means what you said. She must be a bit ignorant because as you said the typical "uke" characters now don't look that different from the men in Sachiko's art (that's why some people associate it with fujo stuff, the styles and sexualization are very similar).

No. 302940

she is right though.

No. 302946

Well neither you nor that anon have shown any accompanying images of the standards you're talking about, so you're literally just assuming what she could have meant. Which I know I'm also doing, but the term "pseudo-male" in that context can not mean a character who is cis male and looks it. But reading her post again makes me think that she also just meant a shift in viewpoint. The overly feminine yaoi bottoms from older works can be seen as the target for a female reader to project onto/self insert, while in Sachiko's art it feels more like you're supposed to see yourself in the dominant role, which isn't even another man anymore. In both cases you don't have to project onto an actual woman, the difference are the roles you take as viewer which is probably what she meant with the inversion of fujoism

No. 302958

Nta but why encourage posting images like that, further derailing the thread? If it's that serious, go find them yourself, look to the fujo thread even.

>The overly feminine yaoi bottoms from older works can be seen as the target for a female reader to project onto/self insert

'Older works' and tifs aren't usual like that anon claims. "Pseudo-male" anon is obsessed with painting fujoism as a tranny fetish thing and refusing to see the similarities much of it, particularly of modern BL, bears with this theme in Sachiko's art likely explaining the popularity it gained with female trannies (and fujos) another anon pointed out despite them usually not caring for heterosexual content. Her men fit anon's criteria for "pseudo-males": submissive and weak even if visibly male, objectified even if not exactly conventionally sexy, an unrealistic air of innocence that makes their female creator obvious, yet the key difference here seems to be the sex in the dominant position. Unless a female is involved, anon will perceive any man in a submissive position as a pseudo-male. It's a potential indicator of autism. It's okay to like it more as well as to not like m/m, your taste is your own, but the comparison still stands.

No. 302960

This entire discussion really just boils down to Sachiko being compared to yaoi because her art is female gaze and features sub men. Like, that's it. I get what anon meant by "inversion of fujoism", but it's based on broad superficial, aspects of her art. And it's not like she creates her art with the intention of subverting yaoi or something, so what's the point? It feels like the commentary is only relevant if someone suggests BL as an alternative to Sachiko, something only an idiot would do anyway.

No. 302963

No one cares if you think that though. Take it to the fujocoomer thread if you want to sperg about your hate for bishie men (or pseudo-males).
Actually I wonder how that anon views same sex relationships now. Are butch lesbians pseudo-females or pseudo-males? Are faggots pseudo-females too, since in real life they feminize themselves as much as possible?

No. 302966

Not the "pseudo-female" sperg, but you don't know if the reason she calls ukes that is just because they're weak and in a position of submissiveness (if you actually read her posts you'll see there are more reasons than that). You're just assuming that's why, and that's why you keep linking Kaneoya's art with fujoism when her art is literally femdom, not about making men gay for each other which is what being a fujo is about. Kaneoya's work is for women who like cute men being dominated without women being objectified, it appeals to some fujos but that doesn't mean every person who likes it is one.
>Unless a female is involved, anon will perceive any man in a submissive position as a *pseudo-female
Well, yeah, because in yaoi there are two men, they're the same sex but still one of them has to take the role of "woman" (since a lot of yaoi is made by straight women so it's not a portrayal of realistic gay male relationships). And it's even more obvious when the bottom is not just physically weaker, younger, feminine and smaller, but also has personality traits that are stereotypically feminine, or even takes on traditionally feminine roles like cooking and cleaning, not to mention ABO shit that is full of metaphors giving ukes the social role women have irl. I don't agree with her generalizations of yaoi saying all ukes are like that (it's a rare thing these days and even back then, there weren't that many housewife type ukes) but I can see where she's coming from. Now, is she obsessed with this to an annoying degree and blowing things out of proportion? Yes, she is. Now please stop bringing attention to her and defending yaoi so much when there's no need, you could've just ignored her from the beginning you know, instead of replying to her and complaining later that other people agree with her.
>And it's not like she creates her art with the intention of subverting yaoi or something
No, but she's obviously trying to subvert heterosexual dynamics. In yaoi, men are being objectified from a female perspective, but actual women are usually taken out of the equation entirely, while this artist includes them and explicitly gives them power over a man. I think that's the only comparison to be drawn between these two genres.
>It feels like the commentary is only relevant if someone suggests BL as an alternative to Sachiko
Funnily enough I bet a lot of women felt relieved to find that art like this existed after forcing themselves to consume yaoi.

No. 302974

>defending yaoi so much
I don't think anyone here is defending yaoi? Some people are just pointing out that her sperging is annoying and autistic.
Also you're saying that yaoi men are pseudo-males because they're weak and take on traditionally feminine roles, but then Sachiko's males aren't even if they're also weaker (women have power over them so it's subverted) and if you knew her art you'd see that they often act and look feminine as well (also not all of her art is femdom, plenty of her illustrations feature the males only and I guess that's why a lot of fujos like it). So I guess males are pseudo-males only if there's another male involved kek.

>it's not a portrayal of realistic gay male relationships)

This is derailing but maybe they're not realistic in terms of depth (men aren't as romantic as women) and looks but as for roles? I don't think you've met real gay men and couples kek.

No. 302978

File: 1687107851859.jpg (41.99 KB, 736x552, 62de59126d9e5b2a72f7ab306ba08d…)

That Memphis shit but 3D

No. 302982

>So I guess males are pseudo-males only if there's another male involved kek.
Yes. It's a term that only makes sense in yaoi where both are supposed to be cis men but one is depicted as basically a woman with a dick. It oftentimes happens when the writer has more experience with het romance or is projecting. But it's clear that you just haven't seen those kinds of pairings, it used to be very common and isn't anymore but the stereotype is still stuck in people's minds.

No. 302989

Nitpick but
>Cis men
You can just say men, we know this isn't about TiFs

No. 303000

There's a subset of quasi-trad "Radfem" anons here who think straight women are traitors and that all women should either be lesbians or volcels. They think that any expression of sexual attraction towards men is "pickme" behavior or "coomerism." They think husbando anons are pornbrained, they think fujoshis are all future TiFs no exceptions, and they think that women into femdom are pickmes. To them, lust is a male emotion, therefore in order to be good feminists, women must rid themselves of lust. They're fucking psychotic and they desperately need to go outside. At the end of the day, they just hate to see other women having fun and expressing their sexuality.(derailing and offtopic)

No. 303002

unironically do think more women should practice celibacy irl (why would you fuck someone who watches porn, has 100% fapped to porn that resembled you, probably doesn't wash his hands when he finishes pissing, probably thinks casual misogynistic jokes are hilarious, will call you a slur if you piss him off, and a hundred other things males do on the regular) but i don't care about what people do with fiction. it is not real.

>cis men
you are completely retarded(derailing)

No. 303007

The female equivalent of men who use busts of greek philosophers as their profile pictures and can't go 5 seconds without shitting on muh modern women. Aka true and honest femcels.

No. 303009

real life people are actual people and not symbols like fictional characters are. hope this help you fucking sperg. t. a gnc lesbian who agrees that lot of yaoi couples are basically acting as heterosexual couples.

No. 303010

like i bet you all agree that people saying shit like "well this character might look and act like a 5-year-old child in every single way but she is actually a 3000 year old demon and thus is actually an adult and thus giving her DDDD boobs is justified and not fucking creepy" is fucking ridiculous. lot of the ukes look and act like females, they are there to act out stereotypical female roles of relationships, the semes treat them like females, and since they are basically lines on paper and not actual real people with actual real genitals that's basically what they are in the end. pseudo-females. you start sperging about homophobia but as a gay person this is is especially weird to me like the heterosexual dynamics are so damn obvious.

No. 303012

>ummm guise i'm ackshully totally a gnc lesbian and uhhh men are ackshully women because i…said so?? omg why don't y'all get it.
go back

No. 303016

I meant in fiction too, retard. If a woman writes about lesbians and one of them is more masculine, is she a "pseudo-male"? Since the women in Sachiko's art are big, furry and strong are they meant to be men in all but pronouns? Are gnc women characters in media pseudo-males? After all they often don't take on the feminine role to act and look feminine, so they must be men with female pronouns.
The real reason the males act "feminine" in yaoi and other female-made media is because they're men written by women, so they project their experiences and thoughts onto them, but they're still meant to be males (except they're generally prettier by women's standards). This "pseudo-male" and "pseudo-female" shit reeks of tranny and it sounds like you're unable to see a relationship without looking at it through traditional heterosexual roles and self-inserter lenses.

>You enjoying a beautiful "feminine" man in fiction is literally the same as pedophiles calling a child an adult to justify themselves
Kek you've made this retarded argument before. Again, there's the fujocoomer thread in /ot/ for your schizo tranny "pseudo-female" theories.

No. 303021

Why is it so hard to understand why women like non-masculine, cute, pretty men. They even like it irl too, K-pop is so popular now.

No. 303023

>lot of the ukes look and act like females, they are there to act out stereotypical female roles of relationships, the semes treat them like females
That just sounds like the same kind of arguement when people try to insist troons are real women

No. 303026

God if I had known posting a Kaneoya drawing would have lead to an umpteenth debate about fujo and yaoi shit I would have kept my mouth shut, all this sterile sperging over me thinking her moids look retarded.

No. 303027

Yeah, that's what you deserve for not liking Sachiko.

No. 303029

File: 1687128583992.jpg (35.06 KB, 670x402, Untitled.jpg)

No. 303032

OT but I wish they'd ban discussion of fujoshis outside of designated containment threads (the fujo thread in /m/, the anti-fujo thread in /ot/, and maybe the TiF thread in /snow/). I'm so fucking sick of hearing it, and none of the people who perpetuate the fight are going to change each other's minds on the issue. I'm baffled by the fact that it manages to be such a touchy subject. It's just stupid Japanese cartoons about weirdly drawn guys making out, like it's so inane. It's like starting an endless spergout about escalators or something.

No. 303043

First off it's "pseudo-females", second, this
>Also you're saying that yaoi men are pseudo-males because they're weak and take on traditionally feminine roles
is not my argument, I'm just explaining the sperg's point even if I don't agree with it 100%. This is why I meant by "defending yaoi", why would you focus on that little part and ignore everything else I said? It's like you need to argue against any analysis or comment people make of it even if it's in passing like in her first post. This happened because you couldn't damn ignore the sperg and just want to argue with her. Like you said, take it to the fujocoomer thread.

No. 303046

The mustache and the red colors/greasy rendering are so fucking ugly

No. 303050

Nta, I was the one you accused of doing that hours ago. I quit replying because I don't agree with you, the sperg, or your interpretation of the sperg and don't care anymore, plus the anon you're replying to is saying the jist what I would've if I did. You're talking to multiple people.

And the sperg used the term "pseudo-males" specifically, take that stupid technicality debate up with them.

No. 303053

Can the anti-fujo spergs just get banned already at this point?

Same. I always got "groomed in discord" vibes from these girls.

No. 303054

i knew a girl who had zero female friends and only hung out online with males. she was "obsessed" with anime girl hentai and trying to project herself as a channer e-girl while always being jealous/resentful of other girls. it was so pathetic.

No. 303057

Nta but disagreeing with your criticism of something isn't necessarily the same as defending it. They might just disagree with your particular angle.
You dislike seme/uke because of some weird, social justice pedantry that requires hyper-analyzing women's sexualities. I dislike it because it's a boring, overdone trope that makes the characters feel wooden. I can criticize you for being overly neurotic about meaningless anime bullshit while also agreeing that the thing you're criticizing sucks.

No. 303058

File: 1687143460894.jpg (1.48 MB, 2160x3840, 20230619_095625.jpg)

I can't understand the appeal of these

>Bland character designs you can barely tell apart and make you wonder if it's all just spin-off from each other but drawn by a different artists

>Ridiculous, overcomplicated clothes to compensate the blandness and as a clumsy attempt to give an air of "luxury." Everything is vaguely 18th–20th century Europe lumped together.
>Abuse of assets, texture, and everything that can oversaturate the cover because more is better. Everything have to look sparkly and shiny with luminosity layer overworking. My eyes can barely follow everything.
>Underneath those elements the cover are super boring, just two people or more sitting or standing together

No. 303060

File: 1687146275422.jpg (1.91 MB, 5380x3027, methode_times_prod_web_bin_375…)

I hate this art style. It's busy and cluttered and combined with the thin lineart, it has an "icky" vibe. It's like looking at a hoard but it's the cartoon version.

No. 303061

The character designs here are like the manga equivalent to logos for metal bands, where they've gotten complicated to the point where they no longer resemble anything except a pile of patterns and shapes.

No. 303066

File: 1687149096410.jpg (109.54 KB, 640x640, jesus christt.jpg)

I tried getting into these, but, god i can't stand the art style. It's to the point that despite being a pretty huge yumefag I can't fathom being attracted to the male leads (who always look like either picrel OR picrel with blond hair and blue eyes). Never have I ever been more aware that they're just lines on paper. Not to mention the stories themselves are pretty bland and repetitive as well. weirdly enough jp stuff works for me

No. 303068

File: 1687154512641.png (420.57 KB, 735x407, E5l09DrWYAEbQda.png)

An 8 in 1! These are avatars for a tranny loving Youtuber.

No. 303069

File: 1687154743710.png (205.96 KB, 652x990, Suzuka.Sakuya.full.2831512.png)

This character in Magia Record. She looks like a blow up doll.

No. 303071

I want to punch her in the face

No. 303073

It doesn't help that there is one user autistically obsessed with the subject and can't stop sperging about it. Her typing style and cat reaction images always give her away.

No. 303075

File: 1687157840295.jpeg (181.21 KB, 2048x1676, 655BB513-AC4D-4876-999D-F95953…)

i hate yukiko snail and all her clones so much. it's the same "haha look at miku smoking weed egirl so funni" every time someone draws shit like this. she doesn't really draw things like this anymore and she's pandering to coomers now but i can't stand her clones either

i swear these artists are all a hivemind

No. 303084

>cat reaction images
Oh I know who it is

No. 303086

Yeah, it got pretty boring.

No. 303088

Kek she's still among us

No. 303098

>>303066 Seriously they all look like the same character in different timelines/drawn by multiple artists. Same! I can't put my finger on it but I feel the same. I also find how JP guys written are (often) more charming and human, those manhwa guys mostly are just cardboard collections of tropes or straight out psycopaths who simp for FL.

No. 303107

File: 1687175524680.jpg (105.43 KB, 640x930, Arnold_Schwarzenegger_1974.jpg)

i get it lesbians all must have a certain hivemind my sweet "recently peaked former TRA" polilez retard

>so they project their experiences and thoughts onto them, but they're still meant to be male
exactly, these are painfully heterosexual stories that even if the characters are "meant to be" males they practically are females.

>Kek you've made this retarded argument before. Again, there's the fujocoomer thread in /ot/ for your schizo tranny "pseudo-female" theories.

i've personally never posted this before you schizo paranoid. perhaps many people can come to the same conclusion.

also just you actually realize what i am saying, my point wasn't "yaoi = pedophilia" but it was "drawing a thing that looks exactly like X and then saying it is Y is ridiculous and people understand that for example in situations where characters that look like literal children are said to be adults. people who realize this acting as if this train of thought doesn't make any sense when you say that a character that is drawn and acts the stereotypical role of a woman is practically a woman is ridiculous. you are being wilfully obtuse"

like do you idiots actually know what i am talking about? >>303021 and "we just enjoy pretty men in fiction", that isn't the point you idiots. the point isn't women liking pretty boys. the point isn't that it isn't allowed for women to like pretty boys. the point is, that even if it markets itself as gay media with gay characters, many yaoi stories are not actually that, they are basically heterosexual stories for heterosexual people, the characters practically act as heterosexual couples. that is the point. not that you can't enjoy it or whatever, you are so hysterical about your tastes and any slight criticism towards it that you blow out of propotion what people are actually saying and act as if i have personally murdered your favorite yaoi artist or whatever.

never, ever have i said you are wrong for liking things you retarded dumbasses.


>If a woman writes about lesbians and one of them is more masculine, is she a "pseudo-male"?

actually yeah in many instances i have thought that so called ""butch lesbian" characters basically look like men, they are just males with she-pronouns. and i'm not talking about likt character having a short hair and wearing pants, i am talking about characters being literally drawn like pic related and the artist saying that they are butch lesbians uwu. especially when characters who look like this are being paired with small dainty girls it's obviously painfully heterosexual. genuinely not exaggerating here, if you find a character that looks like this hot you are not a dyke. die mad about it.

No. 303108

File: 1687175836782.jpg (451.79 KB, 1498x2048, Fu-_wqAaMAIxZTM.jpg)

>she's pandering to coomers now

Can confirm, I knew a coomer scrote who used to send her art to me all the time. Her art is just coomer art thinly veiled as ironic meme art. Used to be kind of cute and endearing, but the charm wore off pretty quickly.

No. 303110

this website makes me hate lesbians

No. 303113

Your right and should be allowed to say.

No. 303114

>that a character that is drawn and acts the stereotypical role of a woman is practically a woman is ridiculous
Yeah, they act stereotypically female by wipping out their dicks and fucking each other in the ass and bust their prostates, as women often tend to do.
Also what's your point? Women liking pretty men are actually lesbians? Women reading yaoi are actually reading het romance? Why should we care?

No. 303115

>pic related and the artist saying that they are butch lesbians uwu
What do you read/watch that character designs like that are even mildly common? Honest question.

No. 303116

Samefag, are women into corny hetero romance stories where the man is kind, beautiful and respectful actually lesbians too? Since men don't act or look like that in real life. Can women write men at all? They will always project onto them and basically write a female instead.

No. 303118

File: 1687181860907.png (295.35 KB, 1500x1350, D-7LxKAXoAEw3Z3.png)

Nta but you need to relax. It's obvious that you just haven't seen any yaoi where the bottom is very feminized, like in Rouge (can't think of anything else off the top of my head) or the way mookie draws Kenma.

Also nta but anons love to shit on uretnik for example for supposedly drawing butches too masculine but those conversations are just as braindead because it always ends with saying that butches have to still look feminine in some way to essentially count as women. They always say that the shoulders are too broad and muscles and jaws too big, but if there's a visible chest in the image it's suddenly fine.

No. 303132

>Abuse of assets and texture.

Jesus I hate that I get that this webtoons are on a tight schedule for episode releases… but shit they don't even bother making it subtle.

No. 303156

that polilez comment was the mark of a pure polilez radfem tard that will grow out of it in the next 5 years max. but most of the real ones here are also annoying and gross, sorry not sorry.

No. 303157

File: 1687193529686.jpg (25.49 KB, 636x502, hljashd.jpg)

fujoshit are homophobes, who would have thought! kek

how do you like my drawing of an eagle honnies(infighting)

No. 303159

>Also what's your point? Women liking pretty men are actually lesbians? Women reading yaoi are actually reading het romance? Why should we care?
yeah and i literally just spelled it all out in that very post you are replying you fucking moron. i have no other point than what i just said, you are just a hysterical fujo with some sort of complex who will lose your shit every time someone has any little media commentary on your favorite genre. it literally is nothing but an observation you dumbass.(infighting)

No. 303164

am I supposed to be ashamed? you can't even experience it since you're only faking.

>hateboner against fujos and pretty boys
>lesbo grooming attempts
…is this the tranny? it's the tranny isn't it(infighting)

No. 303190

File: 1687195590627.jpg (164.63 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_static_love_live-group-…)

back on topic plz
can't be the only one who finds the love live style disgusting

No. 303199

eeew spoiler that shit

No. 303205

>lesbo grooming attempts
do tell me dear homophobe, what the fuck are you talking about?

also, hateboner for pretty boys? WHERE? where have i ever said that pretty boys or liking them is wrong, you HYSTERICAL schizo? like i said, some of you fujos are so HYSTERICAL and defensive about your tastes that even midlest commentary about it makes you think i am the evil lesbo dyke coming and stealing it away from you when i never said anything about liking it being wrong.

do you understand? do you understand the words you are reading? do you understand that saying that "some yaoi couples basically work as heterosexual couples" doesn't mean "liking yaoi is wrong, liking pretty boys is wrong, you must turn into lesbian"

do you understand how words work? do you smoke meth? what is wrong with you?(infighting)

No. 303207

Strongly agree. I hate the moeblob same face shit, and Love Live is a pinnacle of that style, but it's basically everywhere now like a cancer. I miss the way female anime characters were drawn in the early 90s.

No. 303208

I see you do not have an answer to my question.

No. 303209

what, abput are designs like that common or not? yeah they might not be common and be just some onlne twitter thing but them not being common doesn't stop me from having an opinion on them; what????? kek

No. 303210

sorry about typos i am eating ice cream. if you're the other anon just scroll down a little

No. 303211

>Samefagging to make it look like fujos hate lesbians and vice versa
Oh my god, stop trying to add fake stakes to your retarded argument. The only place I have ever seen lesbians and (non-TiF) fujoshis fight is here. Most fujos and lesbians don't give a fuck about each other. It's never been about bigotry, it's about shaming each over retarded cartoons. People are sick to fucking death of endless fujoshi discourse, give it a damn rest already you turbo-autist.

No. 303217

You're completely in your right to seeth over a couple of irrelevant randoms on twitter as if that had anything to what was being discussed, I cannot stop you.

No. 303219

>Samefagging to make it look like fujos hate lesbians and vice versa
oh shut the fuck up, just accept that some of your brethen are homophobic and petty assholes who will resort to that if you dare to say anything about their favorite cartoons.

and you can call me the turbo-autist but just reminding you all that from my pov this thread went like this:

>someone says some male characters in yaoi stories are basically like pseudo-females

>me: "i agree"
>anons: have instant paranoid fixations of me being a tranny, some legendary fujohater anon, discriminator of pretty boys and pretty boy lovers, a man, whatever
>me: i do not hate pretty boys nor no i say you shouldn't like it, i am just saying some yaoi couples act like heterosexual couples
>nonnies: throw tantrums and have instant paranoid fixations of me being a tranny, some legendary fujohater anon, discriminator of pretty boys and pretty boy lovers, a man, a 5D infight chess player creating discord between lesbians and fujos, a man, etc

me: yeah i think some so called female characters are basically male characters now that you ask

you all are taking this shit way more seriously than i am

No. 303223

The older I get the less I can stand moeblobs. They're literally not cute, they look like retarded baby aliens that I feel the need to deport to their home planet.

No. 303226

Jfc stop assuming everyone who disagrees with you likes yaoi. I'm just tired of you and like three other people shitting up countless threads with the same infight over and over.

No. 303231

Actually, it was more like
>Thread about art styles you dislike
>Anon posts about not liking Sachiko
>Some retard is like "omg fujos like this kind of stuff," even though the art itself isn't yaoi
>The word "fujo" summons the sperg who writes essays about how yaoi men are basically women
>Sperg derails the thread with fujoshis discourse like "she" always does

No. 303236

stop derailing about fujoshis and infighting about the dynamics of it.

No. 303245

File: 1687199261126.jpeg (39.04 KB, 500x300, 0774304B-3A24-472B-B525-D6B169…)

I’m sorry, I just can’t get into shojo stuff like this cause of the style. My friend gave me the first volume of this manga a birthday present when I was like 13 but like I just can’t find guys in this style to be handsome and the girl just looks weird to me. The dorito chins and face style are just not for me. I’m sorry Crystal.

No. 303280

Genshit and other genshitoids

No. 303293

Scrolling through the new designs that got spammed in that thread earlier and trying not to bust out laughing in public. It all looks like AI.

No. 303301

My kid brother and sister play Genshin and I just don't get it, every character looks the same and generic as hell.

No. 303302

fucking exactly nona i was gonna post this as it's been my biggest pet hate since like 2021 when it started being replicated by every shitty phone artist and their grandma.

No. 303324

Strong agree, though these days this art style is more common in Korean stuff than in Japanese art. I hate the way the wide mouth looks with the super narrow chin/jaw. I also dislike when anime girls' eyes are too far apart.

No. 303464

File: 1687262154033.png (1.31 MB, 1320x743, 1920_x_1080_1_.png)

i hate the western anime look, specially this shit
yeah that's fucking autistic as shit. Hating things just because they are associated with someone you dislike is newfag/twitterfag behaviour. Its sad how many times ''its liked by tifs/tims'' is thrown around here like a gotcha. I once got called a tif for saying i liked breaking bad.

No. 303466

I hate this show so much.

No. 303467

but all the tifs are on twitter. sorry you like something associated with aidens. it's not a personal insult toward you. just sucks when they take over the fandom of something.

No. 303469

male levels of coping ''traps arent gay because they look like grills'' ok faggot(stop)

No. 303482

Relax already

No. 303484

is there a fandom that isn't TIF-majority (without being blatant scrote-pandering coomshit) left anymore nowadays?

No. 303486

Nope, they infiltrate every community because transgenderism is the trend right now. Even extremely girly shit like lolita, knitting, otome, doll collecting, you will find them in the mainstream social media communities.

No. 303740

File: 1687358915342.jpg (213.4 KB, 1200x675, 40285220bd7ba44265b5848a529f92…)

Very offputting.

No. 303749

DeviantArt style

No. 303766

File: 1687364883684.png (309.43 KB, 512x512, dd46xml-8db0874f-4b05-4aeb-8cf…)

I hate Adachi's sameface. It's worse that Hiraiface - at least Hirai gives them different hair colours.

No. 303767

File: 1687365009403.jpg (20.58 KB, 225x350, 29708l.jpg)

Also that uncanny valley effect every adaptation has to fix.

No. 303781

kek you are retarded(let it go)

No. 303828

File: 1687376071612.jpeg (113.15 KB, 828x920, F22CFFA2-F378-4DA3-8419-8151F3…)

I posted about this in the bad comic thread but fuck has his art style deteriorated from an already not-good style

No. 303831

File: 1687376314822.png (153.11 KB, 540x735, unicorn warriors eternal.PNG)

Have you seen his latest show? The animation really unsettles me. It's inspired by 20th century art style but moves in a modern way so it's just uncanny

No. 303848

Wait, I just watched a clip from that show and it's not what I assumed at first so forgive me for the unrelated rant about tweening that I posted kek.
The way the camera moves and the timing in the animations is kind of unfitting, yeah. It feels like it's taking itself waaay too seriously what with the (I guess you could call it) immature art style that looks too goofy to be this serious and edgy.

No. 303971

File: 1687414829718.png (60.12 KB, 640x855, IMG_0859.png)

Whatever this ugly tumblr comic style is. The mouths are so gross with the fakeboi fangs and that stupid anime shit where they have a chunk cut out of the lip.

No. 304010

I’m so tired of the “haha they’re dead” jokes. I get it, dumb rich people spent the money to do this but it’s still a shame that lives are being lost.

Could you even imagine if someone said this about a trans person dying during elective surgery? They’d be up in arms.

No. 304052

File: 1687445167008.jpeg (97.94 KB, 960x960, 3472076B-8391-426C-9396-294B46…)

I recognize the skill in this “silhouette and shape heavy art style” but it just looks the corporate version of visdev industry. Bleh.

No. 304081

Yet TRAs will gleefully shit on dead people they don’t like. Remember when Magdalen Burns died from her brain cancer? Sorry to get OT it just annoys me how the primary people I see celebrating deaths of people they don’t like are TRAs but they freak the fuck out at any mild criticism.

No. 304085

>fakeboi fangs
nonie that's the vore fangs, they're a vorefag

No. 304094

The limbless torsos are so "baby's first comic" and I hate it when artists completely remove the space between the mouth and the nose ugh

This is very ot but tumblr has been going on such a LARPy ass edgelord tirade with the submarine thing these days. Their self important speeches about how it is essential for the revolution for them to make weird villainous declarations about how they should die as painfully as possible and nobody is allowed to say they're weird for it are so petty.
This reminds me of that shoplifting artist from twitter that got bullied for making comics where the punchline was that she(? don't recall if it was a troon or not) was jaded and nasty.

No. 304096

So? Just let her draw the big eyes, you guys have more anger for her than literal online pedos

No. 304098

Fujos are objectively annoying and should be mocked for it. You have more in common with a 4channer than a normal woman. Never forget that Fujo freak(continued autism)

No. 304099

you know whats more annoying and worthy of ridicule? infighting with a 4 day old post

>You have more in common with a 4channer than a normal woman

this applies to every lolcow user btw

No. 304203

So? A retard is still a retard and fujos acting like they are starving Yemeni kids being bombed for for mild criticism of their nasty fetish is retarded(infighting)

No. 304216

You’re 100% right. “They died during surgery that was supposed to save their life!!!”

No. 304224

It's so easy to replicate and zoomers and trannies eat it up because it's quirky.

No. 304246

I would laugh at both tbh

No. 304306

File: 1687544882818.jpg (183.59 KB, 1422x800, BfrKzwDwVQnzPZP-1600x900-noPad…)

This kind of blobs with no defined facial features other than eyebrows, eyes and mouth. It's even worse when it's porn, everyone who gets off to this shit should be locked in an asylum.

No. 304312

File: 1687548387685.png (9.34 KB, 275x246, 1657243061950.png)

>Gets b& for infighting
>Ban expires
>Immediately resumes infighting

No. 304326

Another thing ruined by reddit and facebook normies.

No. 304374

Why did so many artists start drawing glued-on looking shape noses like five years ago? It reminds me of a Sesame Street puppet.

This looks like it's from 00s Newgrounds

No. 304586

File: 1687666674287.jpg (102.92 KB, 900x1600, 5a7a11fbf0281b835975ba1e061e61…)

The circle tool head style reminds me of that ybf guy from that one visual novel. I think his name is Peter

No. 304589

File: 1687667014850.png (341.19 KB, 1280x690, tumblr_9af624508f755cce1feab77…)

Speaking of art styles you hate, I hate the way the people are drawn in this game in general.

No. 304597

Might be due to Animal Crossing getting so big during the lockdowns

No. 304606

File: 1687677372132.jpg (206.97 KB, 1077x579, 75864754.jpg)

I hate these kitchy tiktok youtube short spray paint planet and stencil generic moon with trees and black silhouette paintings and the similar stuff so much

No. 304607

I used to think these were so cool when I was 9 kek

No. 304732

Some say the carnivore herbivore dynamic in Beastars is meant to be analogous to human men and women.

No. 304934

File: 1687819372005.jpeg (94.26 KB, 828x1027, 0DB21E19-1985-4D88-B224-DE074B…)

I’m honestly shocked that she’s still making comics when they all look like this and have looked like this for nearly a decade now. None of them are funny, none are “cute”.

No. 304935

Fuck I didn’t mean to sage, I wanted everyone to see my opinion (even if it’s bad)

No. 304939

these dime-a-dozen "omg me
n my nigel are sooo quirky and funny and unique but also #relatable" comics are super popular with normos. so i guess there's no point in putting much effort in them since they get clicks anyway

No. 304949

those people are retarded, and so is the mangaka's attempt at themes

No. 305023

"Wholesome" comics that say nothing is my kryptonite, I hate them with a passion and even more so when it's a real couple drawing themselves as the raging narcs they are

No. 305053

You can just say the one dude who draws himself super muscular and his wife super hot.

No. 305055

File: 1687865919663.jpg (286.48 KB, 1080x1080, this_shit.jpg)

I actually wasn't referring to that one because I don't even consider that one to be an attempt at being wholesome with how bad it is kek. His just comes off as bragging about how great he is. Most of the ones I think of are super cutesy-wootsey and made by women like picrel

No. 305073

nah there's a whhole-ass genre of "quirky wholsesome straight couple" low-effort webcomics
see: >>>/m/304934
each of these has a different author

No. 305075

Oh no my bad, I meant in response to anons comment of the artists drawing themselves as attractive. I know there’s TONS of those shitty comics though, all with the same “quirkiness”

No. 305093

Stuff like this makes me so ashamed to be a millennial.

No. 305215

File: 1687932171999.jpg (77.84 KB, 850x478, cicada.jpg)

I hate this type of coloring where the characters have white spots all over them. It makes them looks greazy and nasty.

No. 305228

The couple that has kids and does a bunch of gross fart/shit/piss joke comics?
Was going to post this same one, I hate this fucking style. They’re both dumpy af irl

No. 305634


every single guy that has this art style is without fail a pretentious fuckboy

No. 305727

I think the reason they are so sparkly in this picture is because of the lightning…

No. 305822

yeah, i get what the nonny is trying to say but that choice of image is pretty bad kek those are just particle effects

No. 305938

File: 1688221816746.jpg (133.51 KB, 735x743, 38d7f65298de051d1bf017e1f024a8…)

Whatever this is

No. 305939

oh wow i hate it

No. 305971

It's a variant of Tumblr Nose.

No. 306058

File: 1688239723970.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.62 KB, 828x806, IMG_1578.jpeg)

twee instagram mental health art like in picrel

No. 306065

I've got one more! Men commit about 98% of violent crimes.

No. 306178

I refuse to believe this isn't some sort of parody. Just look at the first panel holy shit.

No. 307206

File: 1688766703341.jpg (109.71 KB, 630x630, Girl-Gang-Sailor-Moon.jpg)

God yes, I absolutely loathe this trend of "modernizing" Sailor Moon wearing uglyass edgy clothes. Most of this art done by people who aren't even fans of the story, and don't know the girl's personalities and just see Usagi as an icon to project onto, like Miku has become.

The best thing about Sailor Moon was how they would defeat evil with things like kindness and love. And then these lame artists draw the girls holding bats and weapons and being nlogs

No. 307280

I don’t care about the modern clothes but I roll my eyes whenever they portray “modern” Usagi as fat.

No. 307318

File: 1688815668565.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 1874x1545, tttr5L.png)

Gay moid furries are the most annoying breed of faggot and their art always has the worst proportions. They're everyfuckingwhere in art circles too so that only makes things worse

No. 307352

Moods are attracted to hgh gut… Disgusting.

No. 307525

File: 1688905088203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,386 KB, 2048x2048, 89A64FAD-0D36-4E60-8EE1-DE6180…)

This lip biting expression that western artists seem to think is peak Hotness and Pleasure

No. 307596

Is the full one titchop ftm shit?

No. 307599

Not even sure why he decided to draw a female character and not give her a massive bulge.

No. 307601

Fucking same. I cringe every time I see it. But tbf I hate it in real life too.

No. 307602

i miss when the tumblr artstyles was pure unfiltered unskilled trash, now they have the skill to actually decent but decide to draw ugly shit instead

No. 307604

File: 1688947615266.jpg (112.81 KB, 1024x768, sm4-1.jpg)

>But my women power!
Then seek for a female character that do use weapons!

> I roll my eyes whenever they portray “modern” Usagi as fat.
If they even knew the anime, Usagi's nightmare is being fat and is a gag. She even was pissed off at Luna for drawing her fat. I still remember those "draw in my style" Sailor Moon and Usagi was tiny and fat.

No. 307622

File: 1688955961411.png (172.74 KB, 428x388, 000181828281.PNG)

I think the artists took this sketch and ran with it. Even when Naoko never bothered making her fat at any point kek

No. 307624

File: 1688956717193.jpg (86.55 KB, 1030x641, Esh3gNhVcAAHuSh.jpg)

I wouldn't blame her.

No. 307626

I think she probably meant “chubby” as in “skinny fat”. Idk.

No. 307642

File: 1688962253776.jpg (70.5 KB, 420x560, Untitled.jpg)

most likely. "chubby" in japan in the 90s would just be "not rail-thin"

No. 307650

File: 1688967517228.jpeg (474.47 KB, 1443x1348, 4CFF9E43-D8B6-41F4-848F-1446E4…)

I looked up the original and it’s literally "a teeny bit fat"

No. 307660

I watched prob half of this show and I get what y'all mean about the framing, animation and style having a certain vibe. didn't really bother me but fuck if the main lady didn't (Miranda? Melinda?). the faux-fleischer style is incredibly, incredibly ugly in Genndy's style

No. 307668

>they were able to read all the shitty handwriting except for choi
Idk it feels like they did it on purpose.

No. 307780

I liked the style of Samurai Jack and fucking loved Primal but this show was such a disappointment. The story and interactions are a whole own can of worms but I hated the artstyle too. The characters had whole different artstyles and it didn't work. I also think that feMC in particular is ugly as hell. I loved her old self though but we barely saw her.

That aside I literally cannot watch most cartoons and anime for how ugly they are. The look is one of the main reasons for why I am not touching a show and I hate moe blobs, flat colors, filter shit, cartoon characters with frog eyes and spaghetti legs and ugly abstract shit like I genuinely believe that Adventure Time is a good series, but I couldn't stomach it for how it looked.

No. 307804

pls tell me ur joking this literally looks like korean hentai

No. 307809

File: 1689029692294.png (1.95 MB, 748x939, sailor stinky.PNG)

Shit like this has negatively influenced anime obsessed males. This is the type of shit that a tranny would put on the back of his "battle vest" kek.

I hate any crossover/re-imaging of popular characters. I remember a girl won first place at a cosplay contest for her crossover of princess serenity/zelda cosplay and couldn't believe it. I think their efforts of being imaginative is incredibly lazy.

No. 307817

damn that art is depressing, making them generic instathots is so shitty. they lose all personality. this could be any shitty us comic

No. 308012

The heavy makeup look is so gross on them.

No. 308056

File: 1689133463494.png (477.43 KB, 660x608, edgy moon.PNG)

This is been a trend for the longest time and it's so tired. I used to be a fan of this artist's edgy sailor moon series, even though she's got major same face problems, but it got old real fast

No. 308173

File: 1689183304861.jpg (54.01 KB, 640x480, 1139687.jpg)

>make the more feminine characters tomboy and draw the tomboy character as feminine.

No. 308237

She's supposed to be some kind of Betty Boop lookalike I think? But the angry dreamworks-y thick eyebrows on her looked weird. For me though the floating monk Pinnochio lookalike guy was probably the ugliest one to watch move when he spoke

No. 308890

File: 1689606637964.png (494.03 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20230717-170450.png)

It's not offensively bad or anything, but it's sad to see a dynamic and charming artstyle devovle into stiff glossy kpop trash.
Thought that maybe the two pics got mixed up, but no, the one on the right is more recent.

No. 308891

I'm not a fujohater but I swear to Christ that ship is cursed(like actually cursed) and will cause the downfall to anyone who engages with it.

No. 308896

the kurse of klance

No. 308986

Is this the ship that made shipping in general the moralfagging hellscape we live in today

No. 308996

They're all over My Adventures With Superman Tweets (which is already a cursed fandom) acting like they have PTSD from Voltron any time they see Mir reuse a Voltron design (which is often).
And as someone who actually liked VLD, warts and all, I hate it. I hate that anyone who engaged in that fandom is associated with these crybullies. I just stayed in my corner, damn it.

No. 309000

>They're all over My Adventures With Superman Tweets (which is already a cursed fandom) acting like they have PTSD from Voltron any time they see Mir reuse a Voltron design (which is often).
That actually sounds hilarious, I don't have twitter account so could you post some examples.

No. 309018

Definitely some of the most unhinged shippers I've ever seen. Klance was like a cult. Although it often feels like Steddie is the new Klance in terms of how batshit insane and puritanical the shippers are.

No. 309027

File: 1689666208016.jpg (1.21 MB, 623x9825, klancercancer.jpg)

This is just from one thread. A couple are positive, some just observe or criticize Mir, and some act like typical histrionic Klancers. They are perpetually stuck in 2018.
It really is just Zarkon though, I agree.

No. 309032

so are the klance shippers seeing lois and clark as a gay ship?

No. 309035

they contributed a lot to the current moralfagging shipping climate but they're not the ones that actually started it. apparently it was the spn fandom with wincest that brought this drama and other early 2010s shows that had "toxic" ships

No. 309038

No, but they are calling Lois a "Klance baby". I've seen someone call Lois and Clark Shance (Shiro/Lance) though. It's pretty cringe.

No. 309040

what is it with fujos and mpreg

No. 309041

how dare people call out incest shipping and porn addiction, such moralfagging should not be allowed.

No. 309044

girl they're fictional FICTIONAL, scrotes can jack off to lannister incest and there's no drama but once a woman does it they are harrassed. also sheith, the main target of moralfaggotry, weren't even siblings they just had an age gap

No. 309048

You know this happens with normal ships too right? Plus they say that because it's the same creators and the character does look like a mash of other older characters. It's cringy but it has nothing to do with fujos or mpreg.

No. 309054

Who's the artist anon I don't care I need to see Kaeya porn I'm not picky and that artstyle is good enough for me

No. 309055

don't call it moralfaggotry then, that's what TIFs and TIMs call it.
maybe, but two males can't have a baby together.

No. 309070

can you explain why? it just seems like two generic anime boys, what's there to moralfag about?

No. 309071

>maybe, but two males can't have a baby together.
wtf nonna you should apply for a noble prize of science for this discovery

No. 309075

File: 1689687158817.jpg (57.29 KB, 750x932, f029c9ab2224a585ce77362be55b0f…)

nta but Klance shippers were very "insistent" about their ship, more so then even regular fujos. One infamous example was there was a group tour for Voltron fans in the studio and where one of the attendants essentially took photos that were meant for future episodes and attempted to blackmail the studio. she threatened to leak these photos unless Klance became canon. The intensity and willful delusion of klance shippers led to arguments with seemingly the entire internet, as well as real-life harassment of the voice actors and creators. The backlash against them resulted in the first major anti-fujo backlash online, and this pattern has been repeated with other fujo ships since then.

No. 309082

I need to explain a bit better what the harassment was about. So when voltron first aired both klance and sheith got popular at the same time, but klancers (who were mostly TIFs and bihets btw) felt threatened because shiro's va shipped sheith and it seemed like the show was going to push that ship more. So they started moralfagging with arguments why sheith couldn't happen and why other fans should be against it "sheith are brothers so it's incest", "sheith have an age-gap so it's pedo", "keith is a minor", "shiro is the space dad you can't ship him with his son". Basically if you shipped sheith you were a horrible human being and a moral failure. Every voice actor who showed any hint of support was called a pedo, a yaoi freak, an incest lover or a fetishizer fujoshi. Bex who is pidge va is a jewish lesbian and they claimed she fetishizes gays for liking sheith kek. It got so bad to the point you couldn't even post sheith fanart in your own fandom bubble without being attacked by klancers. A weird thing about klance and its fans in general is that it revolves solely around lance. They behave more like husbandofags who would do anything to defend lance's honour and they would shit on keith all the time, which made no sense to me cause if you hate keith so much then why are you shipping him with lance?? I think keith was just the "safe" option and they liked the red-blue aesthetic too much to drop it, and deep down even if they hailed lance as their "bi king" they didn't want to see him with a girl. That's why it's hard to call them actual fujos because like 80% of them were just extremely jealous and possesive lance husbandofags and keith was the character they projected on.
The irony is that the anti-fujo backlash was started by them, thinking that they are punishing the bad "straight white women" who love problematic ships but in the end people turned against klance and lance lol.

No. 309083

Sorry it was meant for >>309070

No. 309084

And in the end after that horrible series finale klancers moved on to other fandoms but they never got over the klance vs sheith wars. Seeing any ship with two brothers be it real brothers, step brothers or just a brother figure will result in a huge meltdown. Yes sheith were never brothers, but they can't find any other reason why that ship is "bad" so the only explanation must be incest!

No. 309097

unironically thinking of downloading the anime and applying this kind of filter on every episode so i can watch without it hurting my eyes. i have no idea how to apply filters like that on a video tho lol

No. 309106

Didn't you know? Only women can like incest and have a porn addiction. Only men's brains are negatively affected by it.

No. 309155

Unfortunately, VLD came out at the height of social justice on Tumblr. You have two generically "pretty" boys like Lance andKeith, doing the whole red/blue rivalry thing, and it was like cartnip to the most braindead of fujos. The other big ship was Shiro and Keith. Now in canon, there is an age gap between Shiro and Keith. At the beginning of the series, Shiro is 25 or so and Keith is 17 or maybe 18 at most. Through space fuckery, Keith is 21 by the end of the show, while the other characters only age maybe a year. Also, Keith is orphaned when his father dies in the series as a pre-teen, so he is "raised" by Shiro. In canon, he mentions Shiro is like a brother to him multiple times.
This is where the "social justice" angle comes into. One guy (Keith) being shipped with two different guys made Klancers butthurt, and they began to use social justice talking points to shit on Sheith (a ship that I don't like either, and I also find many of its fans annoying, but nowhere near Klance tier). They'd prattle on about how one ship had a dark skinned guy and a light skin guy, which is better than two light skin dudes. But, the most prominent one, by far, is the "age gap" discourse and the "imcest" discourse. If you want to sit there and argue those points, I won't stop you,but the most important part is Klancers were doing this very blatantly because they didn't like the popularity of the other ship. The "social justice" angle, like they usually are, was fake as fuck.
Oh boy, this again. I was there for the whole shows run, active in the fandom, saw all the "discourse" and your facts are wrong. I don't know if you got it from some clickbait story, or from /co/tards who hate VLD and like regurgitating shit or what, but I'll break this down.
A fan who ran a Tumblr page had gone to Korea, and was granted a tour of Studio Mir. From what I remember, I don't think she even had a shipping preference. While touring the studio, she took pics, possibly with the studios permission. She posted these pics online basically with a positive intent "This is Mirs studio, isn't it neat?" What she didn't realize (or so claims, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here) is that it had season three spoiler material scattered on various desks, along side character sheets from other projects (Lego Elves). Among the leaks, were some Galra character designs, namely Lotor and his female generals, some ships designs, layouts, etc. This spread like wildfire and got reposted on TUmblr and Twitter. When Mir realized, they asked for the materials to be taken down. The OP photographer released a post on her Tumblr saying so as well, deleting her postings, and surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of fans complied and deleted it off their social medias.
Except for this one entitled 14 year old Klance fan with very few followers, who directly posted under Mir's thread saying 'I won't do it until you make Klance canon". Even in this annoying fandom, people were quick to jump on this retard, and they deleted their literal who account. Too late though for drama whores and clickbait articles, who took it and blew it all up.
This, however, actually does correctly hit on a lot of the shit the VAs faced. Also, more drama not Klance related, but Bex began trooning while working on this show. You can literally see her begin to lose her mind in interviews.
Also, a few She-Ra employees were outed as Klancers. One even got a Lance drawing from Joaquim Dos Santos (the co-showrunner) himself, and then later would get so salty about th show, she like Tweets talking about how Lauren Montgomerys (the other co-showrunner) wrists should be broken (its always the women they go after).
Klancefags "abandoned" VLD for She-Ra after season six, and got their wisk with Catradora, a ship that had two girls raised together in an orphanage as sisters. le ironic Palpatine face.

No. 309156

I apologize for my typos. I really need to put my keyboard in a better spot.

No. 309161

File: 1689714004564.jpg (29.12 KB, 512x331, fa5c60d995b36749771382ee458c63…)

I'd add onto what everyone else already explained that Klance vs. Sheith was also kind of a generational clash between fujos. "Old fujos" (maybe 25< back then) had spent their teens shipping guys in mecha anime (or other genres) knowing they'd never get a canonical gay ending and were pretty grateful for any gay-teasing from the showrunners, and also didn't care much for the squickier implications of Sheith, 'cause well… fujos. While as others said most of the "baby fujos" were either on their first blue-red ship or just straight up gayden husbandofags who were obsessed with Lance "winning", and somehow thought that their social media presence would literally influence how the show ended. So the two "groups" had no chance of settling their differences since their online behaviour was completely different, Sheithfags never got what the moralfagging and demands for canon gay stuff was about while Klancefags were scared they got "gay baited".

No. 309162

File: 1689714401033.jpg (610.91 KB, 1395x2480, D4STjNNWkAAlxa_.jpg)

>and somehow thought that their social media presence would literally influence how the show ended.
I still see, to this day, the occasional "release the real season eight, with Klance" on the official Voltron social media. Combined with the usual "omg this show is giving me PTSD flashbacks", "y'all did Allura dirty", "y'all queerbaited" and "Lotor did nothing wrong" posts.
So glad I mostly stuck to the villain side of the fandom.

No. 309182

Old post I know, but I'm not sure about Crumb, I think he's more into adult women, but I can absolutely see art being his outlet to stop him from harassing women. He likes piggyback rides. He manages to be the least fucked up of his brothers, which isn't saying much. The Crumb documentary from the 90s focuses on him and his family, and his eldest brother, Charles was the one who got Robert into art. Charles was always fixated with drawing comic strips with young boys in them, and in the documentary he talks about taking medication "to kill his urges". As per Wikipedia: "As Charles entered adulthood, he began showing signs of mental illness. He later said that he had "homosexual pedophiliac tendencies". According to his own testimony, Charles Crumb never succumbed to his urges, and remained determined not to." Charles necked himself in the early 90s. The youngest brother, Maxon, also does art, in a more abstract way. He has a history of sexually assaulting women in public, in department stores, things like that. He openly talked about it in the documentary.
An entire family of moid perverts.

No. 309203

i can't believe i just spent 10 minutes of life learning about the least important and porn brained series of events to ever take place in human history

No. 309204

But nothing about this is pornbrained? This is just kids, trannies and fujos arguing based on tumblr code of social justice

No. 309213

Off topic but as someone who never touched that show and just watched the drama from the sidelines I always thought that the blue one was Keith and that the red one was Lance, and that the blue one was the protagonist. Finding out it's the opposite is giving me such whiplash he does not look like a children cartoon's main character

No. 309214

Ignore her nona, she thinks everything about fandom cringe is about fujos and "porn addiction".

No. 309219

File: 1689751374193.png (1.34 MB, 723x1042, 1662688939950.png)

This was the panel I was referring to. I'm not sure what's up with him writing this because like you said, it always seemed like he was most interested in adult women. Could just be him raging about censorship and giving a really poor example. Out of curiosity, I looked up what Maxon is up to these days and I'm surprised he hasn't kicked the bucket considering his odd habits and decrepit living conditions.

No. 309227

>Let me fantasies about doing horrible things or I'll do those horrible things?
How about neither. Entitled retard terrorists want us to negotiate with them when they can just be gotten rid of. Pedos and rapists don't deserve to live.

No. 309237

File: 1689764999649.png (358.69 KB, 731x567, asdfghjklkjhgfdsa.png)

It's funny how kaeluc is technically the 1:1 successor of klance in terms of the characters' appearances and the ship dynamic itself and yet kaeluc also has all the exact issues that klancers used to persecute sheith shippers for like 'pseudo-incest' (whatever the hell that means kek)

No. 309317

Sheith and Klacne are both shit ships. I'm glad no one won

No. 309329

This is Chris Chan telling Megan he'd rape her if he didn't draw himself fingering her level shit. Or, even better, this is the Berserk guy drawing that page justifying lolicon in Japan, saying it prevents men from raping women. I saw that recently while reading though a couple of anime threads here. So glad i never bothered with his shitty rape anime/manga that moids love so much.
Same with Catradora, which Klancers love.
Absolutely based and correct.

No. 309366

File: 1689790187945.jpg (1.16 MB, 2598x3464, 9q92z2n6tsf81.jpg)

Speaking of Genshin, I hate this new gacha art style so much. Everything is too shiny and their faces have no defining characteristics outside of color palette differences. This post could double in the bad character design thread too, but I think it's the art style they're going for that's selling every single character short. They all look rail thin and have the same sharp eye, sharp chin, no lip face. Every male character's bodytype is the same no matter how hard the fans examine the models. There are no micro-pixels of differences between their ass sizes, there is no difference between their "boob" sizes, and there is no difference between any of their heights. They all are generic modern day anime ikemen. And Baizhu is fucking ugly.
The only difference in modern shipping vs. older shipping is that people back then genuinely believed their pairing had a chance of making it. No one nowadays believes kaeluc would happen (at least if they were smart lol), but they just hope for scenes or hints to feed into the shipping part of their brain. I think arguing over pairings that won't ever be confirmed is really dumb.

No. 309370

Sage(?) but I couldn’t agree more. However, as an ex-player who barely escaped the game itself and is still, 2 years later, addicted to the lore and husbandos, I get a kick out of seeing fanartists and fanfics alter their canon appearances and personalities to be interesting and unique in a way that the canon itself could never satisfy. It’s a cruel feedback loop. Help!

No. 309381

I can see why that would see appealing to someone who's only used to ugly artstyles. It's not ugly, it's just boring. Same thing if you compare it to some other gacha games that have actual gameplay and aren't coomer bait because all the characters look like they belong in the same franchise, while you have games like FEH or FGO where most of the characters and their alts are done by different artists based on their popularity and status in the video game industry or on twitter/pixiv. I stopped playing FEH long ago but my husbandos were often drawn by very incompetent artists or had ugly alts while other characters looked pretty good.

No. 309391

honestly don't mind cookie-cutter character design in waifu/husbando games. It's boring and uninspired but these games are very pandering so it comes with the territory. But the art style in genshin is so soulless I don't feel anything looking at it. I guess it's the shininess that gives me that feeling. I also hate the super thin lines

No. 309393

They really look like shit, especially Zhongli. Those faces and hair styles piss me off to no end. The designs are already bad and this art style does them no favors.

No. 309399

ayrt I completely get it. I tapped out after Kazuha was announced but I still get fanart on my Twitter timeline all the time. It's a bad case of fanart catfishing me into thinking I should get back into the game, but then I see their actual models and, you know.
True. If anything at all, it's pretty consistent in it's art style and quality of art that they post for events. I think the art style just isn't eye catching nor unique so I get sick of seeing people rave about how hot character x or y is when it just looks like typical fantasy anime to me. I'm personally biased to the art style of Granblue for a gacha game, and I think FEH sometimes looked okay, but I get why someone would stick with easily consumable generic mobage style.

No. 309407

I agree 100% and that's why after reading Touch, I'll never read another Adachi. The weird thing is he can clearly draw other faces/body types because the side characters can be pretty varied, but the main characters are always difficult to tell apart. To be fair, Rumiko has the exact same problem and she's his God after all.

No. 309415

Jesus Christ, this discussion just gave me the wildest flashbacks and I'm embarrassed to say I was part of that shit show. To be fair I was 16 and (more) retarded, but I have no idea what the fuck were the 26-year-old klancers smoking back then.

No. 309498

File: 1689821607052.jpg (690.02 KB, 1422x1478, FbBvMS9VsAEKTRc.jpg)

Regular Bara art is already shit but the Fujo/TIF bara art somehow fundamentally even worse.

No. 309505

File: 1689823334326.png (1.71 MB, 1680x1350, ugly.png)

mastectomy scars on bodies ftms can't attain aside, this is way better than real bara. your example lacks the grotesque pornification of these disgusting fat ass characters and it doesn't have what I can only describe as the human character equivalent of furry sameface bara is known for, possibly because barafags and furfags have that massive overlap. women are fundamentally better artists than men.

No. 309506

File: 1689823502623.png (1.61 MB, 3040x2153, ugly2.png)

samefag, seriously what is up with barafags and this stupid fucking bear from yokai watch face

No. 309515

I agree with this anon. Women draw muscular men so much better than men do. Gay male art is always immediately identifiable by the fucked up ugly inflated muscles. It doesn't even look like muscle tissue. It looks like the whole body is literally filled with fluid, giving it a vaguely muscular shape. Whole body edema.

No. 309520

File: 1689829575701.jpg (64.94 KB, 910x986, E8XbEyFWUAMkPip.jpg)

both are awful, just in different ways.

No. 309521

This shit is hideous regardless of who draws it

No. 309538

i hate female bara artists, at least male barafags draw them disgustingly fake to the point they feel like male bimbos, but female bara artists always draw them like dumpy ol moids. I really hate when female artists draw ugly/old/fat men, stop encouraging those fuckers.

No. 309573

Since sexswap/genderbend is not allowed in fandom anymore unless you make it trans, we have artists drawing giant tits on men. The desire to turn men into women is still there, but you can't do it anymore so we get these abominations.

No. 309626

File: 1689871575739.jpg (165.86 KB, 750x1624, n5Z9IGTIxgD9wu6iDUY51683321831…)

Your post reminded me of how much I have grown to hate Korean manhwa art styles. Even if I come across a decent story (which is rare enough), but pretty much all Korean manhwas employ the same cheap art style that prioritizes the "attractiveness" of the characters but also trying to make it as quickly as possible, and it ends up being the art style equivalent of fast food - samey faces, samey bodies, and an emphasis on expensive branded clothing.

No. 309650

I feel like I remember this from old bad art threads. Are you seriously still seething about this cookierun shit?

No. 309653

Those artists are cowards, I've never stopped genderbending characters.

No. 309658

Is this fucking tified shahnameh? ….stay away from shahnemeh you mentally ill people

No. 310095

Didn’t keep up with this show but it’s amazing how its ship drama became the basic formula for “ship discourse” for so many other fandoms. I remember this shit happening with DUCKTALES characters a few years later, lol with the same level of crazy.

No. 310120

Tbf this kind of thing is clearly copied from moid porn art. So women only draw these balloon-tittied abominations when they're copying male artists.

No. 310248

My thoughts too. It stinks of TiFs or nonbinary women who hate their own tits copying moid art and putting tits on men. How very kweer of them.

No. 310342

File: 1690185759375.jpg (188.82 KB, 1200x675, adventuretime5.jpg)

Always hated this show's artsyle, especially the noodle arms and the retarded mouths, it makes it looks incredibly obnoxious.

No. 310364

You're insane. Minus the scars I'd smash the mf on the left, easy

No. 310365

How was your relationship with your father?

No. 310369

top 2 questions to never ask a husbandofag

No. 310512

I could never get into this show because of eye-searingly ugly it is. The color scheme makes it look like something for toddlers.

No. 310518

File: 1690256136220.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.91 KB, 1124x1377, cktru1pd7gg81.jpg)

Before seeing this cartoon, the art style did threw me off at first and thought it looked bland, simple and very different from the usual cartoons I've seen but after getting into it, it was pretty charming, unique and quirky. They can pull off some funny exaggerated facial expressions and grotesque moments. At least it doesn't involve with the bean shape face.

>incredibly obnoxious

That because Adventure Time was around the "LOLZ so randum! xD" time.

>The color scheme makes it look like something for toddlers.
It's a frickin cartoon aimed at little kids and teenagers.

No. 311667

File: 1690707914970.jpg (290.69 KB, 900x1110, F1bVk1vBMl5Ba.jpg)

No. 311898

File: 1690786856647.jpeg (66.29 KB, 700x629, dc7jLKEzi.jpeg)

Ugh… big anime eyes?

No. 311904

Already posted >>292399

No. 312879

File: 1691187868327.jpeg (152.01 KB, 600x900, C719D6C4-A5A0-4B5D-A944-B8F43B…)

I hate coomermoid character designs so much

No. 312893

hate how it looks still or frame by frame, but find it toally bearable if not nice in motion.
cant watch it on tvs because of the colourcheme kek, have to watch it on shitty streaming sites on my laptop with the warmth turned way up and then it actually looks nice imo. also it is for straight up middle schoolers, or at least s1-6~ certainly were. started getting a weird tone shift around s5-6 but i liked the new direction.
ot but really very unsure about how the fionna and cake spin off will be handled, even the distant lands stuff was 90% boring and tired to me and the trailer/synopsis that has been released does not sound super promising. seems like theyve got specifically stunted millenial/zoomer adults in mind as target audience

No. 312896

>coochie and boobs out
>shoulders and arms fully covered
Never understood this when it comes to Japan

No. 312905

Having your labia majora flapping in the wind is fine, but we better not see your elbows, you hussy!

No. 313057

>I really don't like faces like picrel
Del Toro called them "emoji faces" in his last interview and I couldn't agree more and I hate emoji anyway.
>[If] I see a character raising his fucking eyebrow, or crossing his arms, having a sassy pose — oh, I hate that shit.

No. 313059

File: 1691281572075.jpg (236.26 KB, 1200x675, Ruby-Gillman-Friend-Group.jpg)

This artstyle is just so ugly to me. I am usually fine with beanmouth, but it just looks so horrible here.

No. 313063

i love this cartoon and it literally affected how i am today i'm not even exaggerating

No. 313076

I hate how each and every character has close-together eyes.

No. 313077

I just realized these are like an animated version of those tinyhead stock images every tech and news website uses

No. 313109

This is a perfect example of a bad art style for me because if this was 2D I wouldn't be half as grossed out by it. The 3D makes it look way worse, especially keeping the hair hyper realistic, the emo guy in the back looks like he's wearing a terrible greasy wig, the fuzzy knitted sweater on the smooth blobby skin looks so itchy

No. 313141

File: 1691329678400.jpg (523.48 KB, 3000x2284, F2thzTsWUAI6OwO.jpg)

Western cartoons now all have these hideous character designs. I just can't understand how audience can like them. As a kid I hated ugly toons.

No. 313144

If the colors weren't as muddy it wouldn't be too bad. Never had an aversion to ugly art, but ugly colors are a stone's toss too far and all the bad palettes have that dark autumn colorway with random pure saturated accents thrown in.

No. 313174

Tbf it's just a concept art, no?

No. 313254

It could've even worked in 3D if they took a route similar to puss in boots or the new TMNT and made it look sketchy. The hyperealism makes them look creepy.

No. 313261

Kroger has tainted this style if it wasn't already cursed by the gods before

No. 313292

>As a kid I hated ugly toons.
Me too! I never got why they made certain cartoons so ugly looking, because it sure didn't appeal to real kids like me like they claimed. Maybe they only test-showed them to boys who like more "gross" things and are less interested in people or something

No. 313308

Rugrats was the most popular cartoon when I was a kid, and I refused to watch it because it was so fucking ugly. There's a reason why Sailor Moon appealed to me so much. I do think western producers think making a cartoon pretty means that it's ~feminine~ and thus wouldn't appeal to little boys.

No. 313336

File: 1691430573881.jpg (416.34 KB, 1920x1080, Rugrats-rugrats-42942651-1920-…)

How could this become popular?

No. 313344

The creator (Arlene Klasky) studio participated in the creation of the Simpsons. she was also a hippie mom who believed in free range parenting and her disjointed views on feminism which is why it was recommended as a modern progressive family show and it caught on.

No. 313355

File: 1691439421744.jpg (262.36 KB, 1600x900, gallery-1452526731-81705-2.jpg)

The Rugrats are pretty hideous but they don't got shit on Ginger's ugly level.

No. 313360

I actually really miss the Klasky-Csupo designs, as a kid it just "felt" wacky and weird and 90s and I loved it. Everything is too clean, perfect and sterile looking now with CGI-everything for kids these days

No. 313361

>Rugrats was the most popular cartoon when I was a kid, and I refused to watch it because it was so fucking ugly.
I did this with a lot of cartoons as well, and we didn't even have youtube or streaming options back then. I'd just go play with my toys instead of watching something ugly lmfao sometimes the art style would be mostly fine but it had too many "gross" jokes like fart jokes, eating their own snot, "realistic" gross body shots (like hairy dirty feet) and so on and that was enough for me to never want to see those shows ever again.
Even as a parent I wouldn't want to buy toys of an ugly cartoon for my kids, everyone else in the house has to look at that thing too.

No. 313362

samefagging from >>313361 but I also hate the squeaky clean 3D look of modern cartoons I've seen, but I think those were literal toddler shows so I'll give them a pass

No. 313363

I hate everything about this show, from the art style to the story and writing and the way it handles its characters and to the writers being retarded woke tumblrfags. The only good things to come out from it were the marceline mini series and her and bubblegum princess being girlfriends. And the genderbendered fanfiction episodes by the ice king were actually charming and better than the original show. If it looked gorgeous and had a girl protagonist and was sort of a magical girl knight fantasy show who saves princes and fights an evil queen with her cat side kick it would've been 100000x better.

No. 313366

Lance isn't even that cute, Keith has a better design/looks better. And I never even watched the show. Why do these husbandofags have the worst taste ever in men.

No. 313369

Not only are they shipping two girls who were raised as sisters, they're also shipping a human with an alien(?) Cat girl. It's disgusting.

No. 313388

Who is legitimately moralfagging over a human being shipped with an alien kek

No. 313405

Off-topic but Marceline/Princess Bubblegum were the best couple. Nothing like Pearl's toxic relationships (I love Pearl, she deserved better) or the trainwreck that was Catadora. Korra/Asami were ok, but felt way too rushed, I didn't buy their romance at all.

No. 313417

File: 1691460325883.jpg (514.76 KB, 1264x914, Untitled.jpg)

not a particular style really but if i see a male artist who draws nothing but generic pretty female characters all i can think is "what a fucking faggot"

does that even make sense?

No. 313429

No. 313480

I used to love AT initially, but it started to feel "off" for a while. The final straw for me was the episode centred around Finn literally curing his depression by kissing/making out with as many princesses as possible. He had a flower arm at this point and a female bee who was attracted to the flower helped him get girls as a wingman. Even though the usual expression is "birds and bees" it was clearly hinted at an allegory for sex with the bee and flower, and the first princess was literally named after an std, "crab princess" like ewww
I just read the episode summary just to check I didn't misunderstand it, and it said the bee literally calls herself a "virgin queen bee" as well what the heck

No. 313484

I thought they did that to make shows look more unique, as a reaction to the limitations and sameness of 80's cartoons.

No. 313485

it's definetly very early 2010s ugly cartoon style but also brings nostalgia for me

No. 313490

i really liked the ARG but god the artstyle for lacey sticks out like a sore thumb. i get they were going for a 2000s deviantart look but it fails tremendously , looks so zoomie

No. 313511

File: 1691490838356.png (266.19 KB, 661x825, ideal.PNG)

Kek I thought that was Shen's current art for a moment

No. 313555

File: 1691512027312.jpg (148.41 KB, 1280x720, 154526756855.jpg)

Styles that try to mimic anime but fail at it. If I didn't know better, I could be fooled into thinking that Teen Titans or The Boodocks are Japanese series. But shows like Voltron or She-ra are so obviously Western, there's something off-putting about these shows styles.

No. 313558

Illustrations made by males are so soulless that they might as well be confused with AI

No. 313563

File: 1691514566613.jpg (54.4 KB, 500x375, MV5BMzA0NTY2OTkxM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

oh god, there's so many ugly kids' cartoons, I never got the appeal when I was a kid. I particularly hated this one, Jacob Two-two

No. 313621

Breezy, right? That's the episode that made me quit the show as a kid. The season long buildup of strange romantic tension was too offputting to me back then.

No. 313628

Lumpy space princess rape Finn in that episode

No. 313630

i've always really loved ugly cartoons where the characters are ugly in unique ways (so not most modern shows like big mouth where they all look the same) never seen this one though so idk. i hope they make more.

No. 313654

File: 1691559601586.jpg (304.99 KB, 1614x1913, Untitled.jpg)

>fat blocky nose
>teeth that look like one big chunk of enamel
>pronounced bottom eyelashes
>tongue unnecessarily stuck out

signs i know the artist is a TIF who grew up reblogging yaoi on tumblr

No. 313662

File: 1691563954051.jpg (291.72 KB, 1860x2048, 20230809_015302.jpg)

The artist is just some argentinian girl with a sad dilf fetish who also draws hetshit. I think her stuff is pretty cool.

No. 313666

to me voltron actually looks very korean, not western. it has that obvious studio mir vibe

No. 313685

>Breezy, right? That's the episode that made me quit the show as a kid.
Yes, that's the one. Can't believe I'm not the only one who started hating the show from that episode lmao it was SO uncomfortable to watch and I was a teen at the time. After the SU creators revealed they drew sexy time drawings of the characters at the office (and Rebecca Sugar famously worked on AT before that) I can't help but feel the AT team really did have strange perversions expressed in this and other episodes

No. 313688

I really want to like this "anime mimicry" style but I just don't and I have no idea why, I wish I could pinpoint what it is that's so off-putting to me

No. 313718

that's cool, she's talented, but i'm just saying that one particular piece reminds me of a certain type of artist

No. 313744

File: 1691603332480.jpg (44.72 KB, 563x434, dbda6720b3ded2eab8c85b29716b98…)

idk what this is but i hate it

No. 313745

Jacob two two was the shit wyo

No. 313751

I hate this style. I dislike how detailed the faces are but the bodies are always rdcart blobs with 0 muscle or anatomy definition even though they draw ''buff men''. They just end up looking like bloated corpses that were left on water for too long. Their art is always super unpolished and i swear every single of these artists stagnates.

No. 313754

Gwen looks like she got lost on her way to whoville.

No. 313759

Although I think it is very technically good art and the rendering is beautiful, I don't really like Sam Yang's art. I think a lot of it is to 'samey' for me, and there's not a lot of diversity in the characters. I would rather it be less perfect and more diverse/interesting to look at. Of course I'm just nitpicking. Also, a lot of the faces remind me too much of modern 3D animation studio faces for women, if that makes sense? I'm just kind of tired of this style.

No. 313761

john k should be publicly executed for his crimes

No. 313813

File: 1691638637783.png (6.21 MB, 2937x1441, sy.PNG)

Yeah, this is nauseatingly repetitive and generic

No. 313814


Ah yes samdoesart. Didn't twitter tards called him out for drawing the same female face over and over again and yet he's capable to draw diffrent looking males?

No. 313829

It's kinda gross tbh because not only is he drawing the same thing over and over again, he's clearly drawing the type of woman he personally finds attractive, and she looks about 14.

No. 313848

So many artists do extremely exaggerated facial expressions like that with the pupils slammed up against the sides of the eyes it makes my head hurt looking at it. It’s so amateur, it hides the lack of ability to draw a character making an expression while staying on-model.

No. 313896

God, I hate this trend that seemingly every major animated 3D movie studio follows—extremely cartoonist designs mixed with hyperrealistic rendering. It looks so weird and uncanny, and I hate how these studios are so obsessed with "perfecting" the 3D look as much as possible.

No. 313897

Looks like he's trying to mimic John K.. Automatic yuck.

No. 313975

I wish I could draw males this good. It's really hard to make men beautiful without turning them into boobless girls or weird plastic looking dolls.

No. 314017

that doesnt look good though, its pretty repulsive

No. 314116

File: 1691766198946.jpg (404.63 KB, 1600x2500, FuhCBpvWcAAcLbx.jpg)

Whatever this is called and is plaguing modern book covers.

No. 314119

corporate art on book covers, ewww

No. 314126

File: 1691771770946.png (842.64 KB, 1079x1695, Screenshot_20230811-092317.png)

Different anom here, Breezy made me lose faith in Adventure Time so much that I stopped watching for almost a year and then later went back to catch up. It was an episode entirely directed, written, storyboarded, and approved by men.
For anyone who wasn't aware this is an episode about a BEE sexually assaulting Finn and his "flower" while Finn keeps making out with every princess including LSP and is extremely sexual/hormonal and depressed.
Reading the episode synopsis is sickening https://adventuretime.fandom.com/wiki/Breezy

No. 314132

Yeah, I’m not sure what the other anons are talking about because this art style isn’t really bad—but! It isn’t our opinion, this is the “art styles you hate”, and not everyone has the same taste yadda yadda

No. 314133

Corporate Memphis feels dystopian, not trying to be dramatic. It's so sanitized and clean. Like a passive aggressive :) This is what AI art would look like if it wasn't fed stolen art from humans.

No. 314180

File: 1691793669270.png (137.28 KB, 495x510, -kawaii-food-3-32643023-495-51…)

I wouldn't call it "ugly" but the art style must've took inspiration from kawaii objects, food, etc. which is alright

No. 314204

wtf never saw this ep, but that sounds so uncomfortable and majorly out of character.

No. 314214

I think anons need a better term for generic flat illustration style rather than labeling everything as corporate memphis.

No. 314245

they're literally in two different artstyles kek

No. 314251

More importantly, who would want to read a romance novel about a fat enby looking white guy and black neckbeard hipster?

No. 314383

Well what would you call it then? It all looks like the same soulless shit. The feeling you get when looking at these flat microsoft word clip-arts is the same.

No. 315322

File: 1692206614485.jpg (269.01 KB, 1280x623, FuaJDh8X0AEOCd5.jpg)

how did book covers get so bad in the first place?

No. 315328

It reminds me of corporate art you would see when using anything from google. At least this cover doesn't have a huge, ugly logo that's part of the cover and not a sticker and that says "ADAPTED BY NETFLIX" or "CLASSIC EDITION 2€".

No. 315333

I'm OG breezy hater anon and I feel so validated that other anons were put off by the very same episode. I never told my adventure time loving friends at the time because I knew they'd think I was being ridiculous. But I really found the episode so gross it ruined the entire show for me. Sexual assault bee still haunts me, Finn being a dick and making out with all those princesses to make himself feel better made me see him as a gross fuckboy, but the show framed it as something good and like he deserved sympathy for it.

No. 315787

File: 1692371854304.png (846.71 KB, 1080x1050, 1692367003156.png)

this type of style, i dont know how to describe it but i despise it. Specially the porn, it's so unappealing

No. 316252

Fag male fetishist TiF style

No. 316461

its this specific style of body that artists draw that they consider a 'milf' when its just huge balloon tits and those anime "wrinkles" aka little lines on the face

No. 316462

File: 1692602127878.jpg (130.53 KB, 867x900, 3.jpg)

No. 316646

Is the mod even reading the OPs of threads before she bans people? This is ridiculous.

No. 316683

>no sage
>no image
>just a string of slurs like they’re 14 and posting on /b/
>tHiS iS rIdiCuLoUs

No. 316684

>newfag thinks you have to sage in /m/
at least summer's nearly over

No. 316688

I guess male is a slur yeah
And fetishist
And TiF
You’re a retard btw

No. 316703

nta but only newfags refuse to sage unless they're under the threat of a mod making them go sit in the corner, fuck off

No. 316713

>only newfags refuse to sage
It’s not just newfags, you don’t need to sage outside of the cow boards. I don’t know why some anons get so worked up over it, did your jannie application get rejected?

No. 316714

Only newfags think you have to sage every post in /ot/, /m/, and /g/. It's just a choice not an obligation.

No. 316747

>>no sage
There is no need to sage on /m/ - it's not against the rules, newfag.

>no image

Like 95% of posts in this thread?

>just a string of slurs like they’re 14 and posting on /b/
Welcome to chans and fuck off for good. Maybe Twitter is a better place for you. Seriously, fuck off.

No. 316749

Read the rules ffs. After that, fuck off.

No. 316763

>t. never touched an imageboard besides finding lolcow during the pandemic

lrn2read, only newfags never do it as long as they won't get banned for it. op didn't get banned for not sageing either, he presumably got banned because he's been baiting with posts like that for months. his posts always get banned and redtexted, case clothed move on.(pointless infighting)

No. 316769

Stop making shit up and leave already. Go ruin some other thread, summer kid.(pointless infighting)

No. 316770

what a fucking newfag holy shit(pointless infighting)

No. 316813

the style alone doesn't seem that bad to me. it's kind of cringe to draw what is clearly a woman and then say it's a man, like those are female hips

No. 316845

Yeah… yandere was a mistake

No. 316866

I hate it too, it's the retarded faces she draws I think. Not to mention coomer proportions

No. 316888

whyare the arms so skinny

No. 316904

File: 1692776640028.png (7.23 KB, 578x30, 461677811.png)

Wonder when it'll come out that this guy is a sex pest

No. 317332

File: 1692903576969.jpg (1.53 MB, 3000x3700, ugly fucking zoomer style.jpg)

Holy shit, this hideous fucking artstyle. I hate it so much. All these terminally online aidens have adopted this exact style, it's like a disgusting mix of south park and higurashi. I hate the ugly square mouths / squiggly blush / line noses. It's like a venn diagram of each of these elements usually. I dub it the Twitter zoomer style.

No. 317368

not sure if I see any South Park influence. I thought of this style as more of a lazy anime style for people who are also in semi denial about liking anime. Eye and head shape mostly scream anime/manga style. Nose are all (lazy) attempts at somewhat realistic and sometimes stereotypically 'ethnic' noses or western cartoon styles. Mouth is a mixture of anime and cartoon.

No. 317371

half of these would be okay if they deleted the nose

No. 317376

File: 1692915591620.png (23.69 KB, 150x113, cm.png)

nta but south park characters expressions are inspired by emoticons and this style is trying to emulate y2k anime internet nostalgia so there is also a emoticon-ness to this style specially the way mouth are drawn. Lots of south park fans draws like that too

No. 317377

File: 1692915798881.jpg (125.58 KB, 1138x693, ZUaxL1pSpbVgz.jpg)

man what do modern cartoons have against pointy edges on characters

No. 317394

modern design as a whole seems to be avoiding pointy edges now idk why

No. 317395

PPG 2016 was a mistake

No. 317399

you're telling me that moid was sexually assaulted by a bee
What a world we live in

No. 317413

They simplified his whole design and made it uglier but gave him two strikes of white hair for no fucking reason

No. 317416

File: 1692934959982.png (159.2 KB, 500x326, Zhg9gaI.png)

its so true, I also want to add the style that imitates that of daria and clone high or any other cartoon from 2000
It reminds me of this image and the "tumblr style" from a few years ago, really all these gendy artists are so lazy that they imitate each other

No. 317419

File: 1692935691344.png (644.89 KB, 1049x582, Screenshot 2023-08-24 205718.p…)

this fucking shit

No. 317424

It's fascinating to me how gringos have the nerve to potray hispanics like small goblins with moustaches and unibrowns and then get offended when hispanics call them out for that. When i was a kid i used to watch 'denver the last dinosaur', and it had an hispanic main character that used to speak in broken spanish and was some cool skater dude, as far as i remember he was treated as a main character and not a token too. I cannot believe an 80s show had less offensive representation than a modern show made by ''hispanics''. Hell, Walt Disney used to visit latam often looking for new talent and the second Mickey Mouse short is about Gaucho Mickey(Argentinian cowboy), Disney also made ''los tres caballeros'' which is something south americans fucking adore.

No. 317433

Fittingly they also butchered his character, where as before he was portrayed as loving father who did literally everything around the house, in the reboot he was just a standard bumbling dad.

No. 317468

it was created specifically to be inoffensive and quick to produce. Why NOT call it corporate memphis?

No. 317478

File: 1692948752217.jpg (52.76 KB, 350x300, denver_the_last_dinosaur.jpg)

>denver the last dinosaur
Thanks reminding me of that show. I hardly remember it, but I liked dinosaurs as a kid.

No. 317517

Glad to see I'm not the only anon who dropped AT after this shit episode! It was such an uncomfortable watch

No. 317530

>It's fascinating to me how gringos have the nerve to potray hispanics like small goblins with moustaches and unibrowns and then get offended when hispanics call them out for that.
I mean you're right but I thought the creator of this show was of mexican descent though

No. 317534

That's a really big pool to lump together. Tbh these seem a lot more diverse than you take it. In fact, some here can actually work if more detail was put in.

Again I also don't see the South Park influence. This does scream 2000 "learning how to draw anime" but not SP.

No. 317535

He was also kind of a bumbling dad in the original PPG. I've never seen the reboot though so I'm presuming they gave him the Dumb Father treatment most cartoons have?

No. 317536

Adventure Time and its consequences.

No. 317558

>the hispanic guy
why he kinda…

No. 317599

Yeah it’s like post-“NOT anime and totally not Disney style” style, where everyone who liked anime ~2010 was told art schools didn’t like anime so they tried to evolve past it but the only other thing they knew was Disney character concept art. I feel like zoomers decided the way to make their art “unique” and different from that style is to make it less detailed and use hideous muddied colors.

No. 317608

yeah she's a chicano, but pretty much all hispanics just see chicanos as gringos anyways.
kek, i used to have a massive crush on him and the glasses guy when i was a kid. It might have also activated my fujo neurons.

No. 317825

This is the first time I've seen a hispanic american character in a cartoon with a unibrow that isn't Frida Kahlo. I've seen other cartoon characters that aren't Latin American with a unibrow, too. The art style of that whole show is ugly but I think you're exaggerating. God forbid one character out of a huge cast has an ugly trait

No. 317826

>south park characters expressions are inspired by emoticons
I thought it was the other way round

No. 317944

File: 1693080053168.png (24.36 KB, 764x427, HAR12_BoneStructure.png)

>man what do modern cartoons have against pointy edges on characters
It's because of the way we animate low budget show. You mostly use pupet style animation in ToonBoom nowadays to create shows. It's much easier to animate the joints when they are round with this technic! This style of animation is the reason why most modern shows look extremely stiff with super similar character design (like this >>311667) as well as very limited camera movement!

No. 317945

Nta but all characters in that show are ugly af

No. 318014

File: 1693120565398.png (432.74 KB, 1087x266, 5855434347722702.png)

nonna, can you read? All of these could fit into a pretty strict venn diagram, everything at LEAST shares two major similarities. Retarded square/line nose, Epic face 2000s anime disjointed mouth and squiggle blush. I'm sorry you draw in this fugly style and feel like you have to defend it.

No. 318024

im honestly more bothered by the thin lines

No. 318099

every hivemill webcomic ever. lmao so true

No. 318138

You just know that the artists make tiktoks of themselves wearing troon flags and crying while dancing to vidrel.

No. 318160

File: 1693193599593.jpg (136.92 KB, 540x650, tumblr_fa96931afcd121aa68aeaef…)

I call it, "TiFs who never learned to draw mouths and who tried (and failed) to stop drawing in anime style."

That's exactly what I was about to say. I'm more incensed by the lack of line weight variation than by weirdly rounded everything is.

No. 318165

File: 1693195886155.jpg (269.76 KB, 675x940, FwHEHRyXsAEfGSP~2.jpg)

Idk what category this style falls into, but it's so off-putting. When an artist draws giant anime eyes, but a bulbous "realistic" nose, and the roundness of the limbs resembles western cartoons. It's like they internalized the notion that "real artists" don't draw anime, and to make it not-anime you must add in non-anime features, so the stylization is just this horrible mish-mash. This seems to be a millennial art style, don't see zoomers ever draw like this.

No. 318166

Not every instance of giant eyes is anime nonnie. Disney has been doing for a long time.

No. 318172

File: 1693199393419.jpg (252.48 KB, 432x432, 57def80825c4cdeb030f3ccd_20160…)

Is this by Nattosoup/Becca Hillburn? I was just thinking about her yesterday

No. 318176

she used to be a frequent topic of these threads. What is she up to nowadays?

No. 318179

File: 1693209070705.png (835.29 KB, 1121x700, capture.png)

looked her up and she's still uploading and posting frequently, you almost have to admire her persistence.

No. 318211

troon john was the last fucking straw for me. hideous

No. 318267

this is just >>317332 but with more skill
the eyes are clearly more influenced by anime than Disney.

No. 318556

File: 1693400847879.jpeg (544.04 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_mujct37cFK1r88lcmo2_128…)

i despise this style

No. 318557

File: 1693400974591.jpeg (224.46 KB, 1280x724, tumblr_my6l50prDE1r88lcmo1_r1_…)

No. 318582

>nonnie having a defensive tantrum people don't agree with her
Jesus, I didn't know you'd throw a bitch fit

No. 318585

…Is that Rugrats?

No. 318591

calm down retard, it's been 3 days

No. 318600

Kind of looks like design you would see in those online games for kids

No. 318645

Your the one who got defensive kek

No. 318731

you have to be over 18 to post

No. 319063

is there more? feels like I've seen this artist somewhere before

No. 319072

File: 1693645348932.jpg (26.93 KB, 460x469, FB_IMG_1693268705668.jpg)

My sister sent me this and it reminded me of some of the discussions in this thread

No. 319129

File: 1693669968484.jpg (184.32 KB, 1280x1280, 6df702a830bebc2f6587d0d7e230b0…)

I hate the Disney female profile, why are the lips attached to the nose and jutting out so much, the jaw looks gigantic. The girls who work at Disney or copy Disney style all draw profiles exactly like this.

No. 319130

File: 1693670186270.png (435.29 KB, 985x1847, 38b3b7ae48b147e8f04f4ede5a3ab7…)

Another example

No. 319143

File: 1693677805309.jpeg (342.04 KB, 1200x900, 1A71F7C1-A4D0-4BC5-8693-02149C…)

Can’t stand how ugly the designs of these ducks are. I feel like character designers think that if a movie is a comedy the animals can’t be cute, they have to be these hideous CGI monstrosities with emoji faces. Animals can be cute AND funny. Older animators understood this. Tom and Jerry, Tweety Bird, a lot of Disney characters are cute and can still pull of slapstick comedy. When I was a kid there were so many comedy movies, like Madagascar, I refused to watch because they made the animals look so ugly. Norm of the north is another infamously ugly CGI animal. So repulsive to me. I think kids would like cute animals in their comedy movies.

No. 319147

love that theyre all gendered too. the female duck has eyelashes and a smaller bill. even the fucking baby female duck has this while the male child duck has the "masculine" features. its fucking psychotic.

No. 319397

File: 1693784162263.jpg (66.23 KB, 1280x600, MV5BMTFlMDE2MmQtYWIwNS00YjQzLT…)

>When I was a kid there were so many comedy movies, like Madagascar
And yet Madagascar was a huge hit. Just because you vomit at the sight of a goofy cartoon lion it doesn't mean all children hate it. It also doesn't mean it's psychological torture, grow up. Plus those older animations often got goofy instead of cute, you just think it was cute because that's your personal preference.
Though I agree that the ducks in your pic are shitty, but that's just because of the fucktarded eyes and eyebrows that every single 3D animated cartoon goes for these days, it's obnoxious as fuck.

You wanna talk about truly ugly designs? Check out this uncanny valley-ass fucker from the same movie. When are animation studios going to learn that this kind of design NEVER works in 3D, especially if they have realistic rendering? Now THIS is traumatizing.

No. 319400

File: 1693785403143.jpg (492.43 KB, 875x276, mallards.jpg)

Yep, as if it wasn't enough to give both the parents and the children the male and female colors, they have to add the tiny nose/mouth and mascara bullshit in there somehow. It's even stupider because technically, juveniles (like the 'teen son' I'm assuming) do not look like miniature male adults, which is something that the character designers could've learned from 5 minutes of googling, pic related.
I don't think children would've gotten confused about the sex of the smaller ducks upon watching the movie if the ducks were designed a bit more accurately, they probably would've learned something new instead. Finding Nemo taught us a lot of stuff about sea life, pretty sure Illumination could get away with not having retarded gendered designs for once.

No. 319479

File: 1693809357705.jpg (329.11 KB, 1641x1730, 6.jpg)

theres something lazy about these bratzdoll adjacent styles

No. 319486

>When I was a kid there were so many comedy movies, like Madagascar, I refused to watch because they made the animals look so ugly.
I feel like this is almost entirely ignored in the kids movies area but a lot of kids don't actually like "goofy ugly" animals/characters. But any criticism of it is basically always met with "it's not for you, you silly adult, it's for the KIDS". Well I had the same exact opinion as a kid, it's just that no one ever asked me about it then. I think the only kids who like that sort of character, for example Olaf from frozen (because I persoanlly find him hideous), are toddlers who like literally anything because they have no real taste yet.

No. 319488

One thing that pisses me off with animated animals in movies is that the animators can't fathom a world in which the female is the larger and stronger one. Ducks in particular follow the "male bigger" pattern but A LOT of birds do not, in particular birds of prey where the female is typically bigger. Same with a lot of fish, whales, bugs, amphibians and a surprising amount of mammals. Yet I never ever see that reflected, and instead you get a dainty weak female with eyelashes and bigger male every time no matter that species it is. (also fuck eyebrows on animals, can people please for the love of god stop putting eyebrows on otherwise anatomically accurate animals)

No. 319491

God I hate Olaf and every other ugly Pixar buck tooth character like Mater from Cars and the thing from Soul. They need to stop.

No. 319492

She's really incapable of improvement. I miss her threads.

No. 319496

why are her boobs red

No. 319503

Why is this artist suddenly getting posted in every thread

No. 319511

I feel so bad for her because she always rants about how she doesn't get interaction or views on her art or how to draw stuff despite doing it for decades while newer artists blow up faster but it's literally due to her style. Nobody wants to draw like a milennial how to draw manga book, it's so dated.

No. 319533

they're blushing too

No. 319535

File: 1693842201652.png (1.29 MB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20230904-114046-278…)

She'd be a lot more successful if she stopped drawing ugly humans and her ugly self-insert OC and stuck to flowers and nature instead, which she's not terrible at. Her adhd/autism doesn't allow her to let go though, no different from the dozens of autistic artists online drawing their hyperfixations for years with zero improvement.

No. 319599

Top right is beautiful if you pretend the character isn't there.

No. 319611

hentai blush highlight is the first thing that comes to mind

No. 319619

In a way I kinda respect her. She hungers for fame, tirelessly pursuing her dreams, never giving up despite everything. Its honestly kinda awe-inspiring

No. 319624

File: 1693850599983.jpg (110.5 KB, 600x826, Baylee-Jae - Hobbyist, Filmogr…)

I did not recognize that as Becca's art for some reason, I completely thought it was Bailey Jae

No. 319637

Yeah look at bee movie, for some reason the beehive is patriarchal in that movie which is the exact opposite of reality.

No. 319638

File: 1693855249072.png (1.76 MB, 1398x1052, kinga.png)

Not sure if anyone recognizes this artist but she used to be pretty popular on tumblr and youtube (she made that awful 'butter lover' animated short with her gayboi pokemon gijinka ocs) and her art style has always irked the fuck out of me.

No. 319645

Checking out her tumblr because I wanted to see more of these characters from her short and getting hit with so much degen porn was crazy. I wonder if her style even improved in the meantime

No. 319649

Yeah I had to go onto her old abandoned sfw tumblr to find most of the pics. I didn't know she did vore and even scat fetish porn until later on after years of not checking her blog. What the fuck man

No. 319676

I don't even remember how I found her porn blog back then before the sfw one, now it seems difficult to get to. The latest art I can find is from April 2019, it's kind of sad that she abandoned her projects

No. 319719

Having followed her previous threads, I don’t feel that bad for Becca tbh. The video she had posted a while back where she was bitching about the person behind her at a con selling slightly suggestive stuff really turned me off to feeling any kind of sympathy towards her. Also, for all her whining about not getting attention to her work, she doesn’t make the attempt to actually branch out and do things other than just “kid lit” stuff. Like another anon said, if she just painted flowers or something and omits the ugly as sin OCs, maybe she’d finally find her footing with another audience.

No. 319760

this design works perfectly for the kind of guy it's parodying. The douche hipster cook with an overexpensive barbecue restaurant in LA

No. 319834

She has that same "how to draw manga" millennial style that Becca has. Baylee is a successful youtuber selling her art, not a successful artist. There are a lot of that type in the youtube art community.

No. 319839

File: 1693930687344.jpg (87.67 KB, 800x800, Bay08_800x.jpg)

tbf Baylee Jae realized and mostly dropped the human art in favor of cottagecore animals and non human motifs which has been working better for her.

I think they both have a problem many 80s babies have (and some early 90s like Baylee) which is not being able to let go of this "Japanimation" style, 80s/90s boomer anime mixed with their own art western artstyle like it was popular to do back then (Becca's noses remind me of the fat guy from Megas XLR).

Artists in Japan are encouraged, for better or for worse, to update their style every decade to the current trends. You will not find much work if you're still drawing like you live in the Heisei era (which is how you get the artist from Slayers using AI to generate generic moeblob 2020s anime shit). Most older western artists are in comparison stubborn and unwilling to adapt their style to reflect current trends like BJ did. Holly Brown also comes to mind with this eternal pseudo manga style.

No. 319896

>(which is how you get the artist from Slayers using AI to generate generic moeblob 2020s anime shit).
wait, what?

No. 319991

File: 1694019505178.jpg (75.26 KB, 834x392, forum.jpg)

No. 320030

File: 1694033343028.png (1.05 MB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20230906-164813-156…)

He didn't use AI, but what a downgrade. Proof that you don't need to conform to modern trends if you have an established fanbase that loves your style.

No. 320032

File: 1694034621256.jpg (44.07 KB, 612x612, 7180fb8b9c8a708db23f2b3b775fb6…)

Nta, but Jesus Christ. I hate when artfags sperg about "soul" but how on earth did this guy manage to drain all the personality of his style this badly? The SAO-fication of animanga really destroyed all creativity.

No. 320041

Didn't he go tranny as well?

No. 320058

both of these styles are uninspired and generic. the both reflect what was popular at their time

No. 320072

nothing looked like Slayers, and if it did, it’s because Slayers set the standard.

No. 320103

File: 1694088067058.jpg (1.76 MB, 2894x4093, ENQjxCBU0AAnBw6.jpg)

People are quick to accuse other of AI use, but tracing has been a thing since forever. Anybody with a bit of talent can pull it off, especially when you trace from a super-generic style that's everywhere.

No. 320111

The guy with red and blue hair has 4 fingers in one hand and 5 in the other.

No. 320201

Jesus Christ what the fuck did she do to Akira. Look how she massacred my boy.

No. 320202

One of many reasons that movie sucks and deserves to be a meme. Very few bees are male, and males typically just mate with the queen and are banished from the hive when winter comes. Worker bees are all non-reproducing females, and the "highest ranking" workers are the ones that forage for food.

No. 320223

Maybe unrelated but the people accusing him of using AI and then faking the video showing off all of his progress layers don't realize how retarded that sounds.

Not even actual AI users that try and pass it off as their own would ever put that much effort into faking a timelapse or layers. At the MOST they fake a sketch and then call it a day.

No. 320429

And thick eyelashes is a manly feature yet they keep pasting them on female characters…even on the animals.

No. 323565

Those mouse people are gross and that specific mouth/jaw style drives me crazy. It’s like the mouth is just pasted on. Do these people actually think this shit looks good?

No. 327113

File: 1697311874330.png (717.09 KB, 1024x576, b13a8a0394dbd5a1f9a22ef35751ce…)

Why is this getting a series?why must everything look like a cheap Vivziepop copy?

No. 327123

The artist making this has been drawing in that style since the early 2010s. It's not a vivziepop thing but the edgier tumblr artists in general, they all draw in a similar way

No. 327175

I can understand why people think it was AI, especially the coloring style, but it's really not that weird for artists to be able to use multiple styles, especially ones that have been in the industry for 30+ years. There are a lot of illustrators with unique styles that have done commercial work for other series where you would have no idea they worked on it because they knew exactly how to work with the style of the project instead of pasting their own style onto it.

No. 327382

File: 1697408040143.jpeg (171.33 KB, 640x640, b2290f6f_f095_458d_86fd_e396a4…)

South Park art style but more uglier

No. 327873

File: 1697574740358.png (3.42 MB, 2048x2048, 1697574485325.png)

Yeah, the Disney forehead/lips/eyelash profile proportions have also merged with Steven Universe lips/ baddie lip filler lips. Does this character feel somehow racist to anyone else? I'm too afraid to ask anyone I know or else I will be called racist but this looks almost minstrel (American minstrel shows in case someone doesn't know the phrase).

No. 327876

I know this is hate thread but I saw this on the front page and thought it was pretty, what is the source?

No. 327877

New Webtoon called Dagger to the Heart. Really high effort full color Webtoon with 10 chapters so far.

No. 327881

File: 1697576684897.jpg (1.27 MB, 1242x1334, IMG_7462-2.jpg)

>high effort full color Webtoon
It looks likes she been abusing botox because her facial expression does not change one bit. Along with the fact that her lips looks like it's permenantly stuck in a pursed way like a duck and I doubt that they'll ever draw her very expressively as her lips are stuck as it seems like she has lumps underneath her upper lips as her teeth will always show thanks to lip fillers

No. 327901

meh it reminds me of bratz and winx club's artstyle, so it makes me nostalgic

No. 327913

As a black African women with other black African female friends, her bone structure and lips are very common within particular regions. I can’t explain it but you’re less likely to find an African American with such strong facial features which is why it may seem like a caricature at first but I know many beautiful , for example, Ghanaian women with this type of face. Hope this helped.

No. 327990

it's only racist in america

No. 328087

I'm black too nonna and I like it as well! But I can see why people wouldn't, because I have to be honest that it is very disney kek.

No. 328318

I hate visible eyebrows on cartoon/animated animals with a passion. Something like Donald Duck where it's just a ridge is fine, but actual drawn on eyebrows piss me off

No. 328330

File: 1697711598707.jpeg (113.79 KB, 600x800, 99828360-FA59-442C-BC6B-18E0C8…)


No. 328331

ayrt, you posted the ONE exception kek that is a good movie

No. 328332

I like Spirit too, but his eyebrows make me sick lmao

No. 328338

nah this is really pretty

No. 328834

This horse has learned how to style his brows using his hooves, very impressive.

No. 329390

I hope this bombs harder than Norm of the North.I don't see why anyone would literally waste their money on this ugly soulless garbage.

No. 329392

File: 1698025620673.jpg (784.25 KB, 2048x3138, c656ac6a470f869aef348519506cfd…)

I don't read comics anymore but I need to mention this:Scott J Campbell or similar to his art style.I think it's quite funny how he only knows how to draw one female face and body while he draws diverse male bodies & faces.his art style has aged terribly same with Rob Liefeld.

No. 329398

File: 1698027818257.png (2.52 MB, 1115x1409, WallyLoveYou.png)

I'll never understand anyone who would be attracted to this ugly retarded looking Cheeto puff,I'm guessing it's an autism thing.

No. 329418

you know it's liefeld when the feet are all hidden or in the air or its women inexplicably tippy-toes

No. 329498

File: 1698071343215.jpg (77.62 KB, 800x1075, CaptainAmericaRobLiefeld.jpg)

Had to google rob's art to see what bad about it, and I don't blame you for hating it.

No. 329502

File: 1698073778857.png (259.56 KB, 330x806, Banner1lowrez.png)

I hate Jon Kricfalusi's art style so much it was hard just searching it up to post it in this thread without getting disgusted, i don't get how it got as popular as it did his art is trash and so is he.

No. 329514

All the low effort semi-realistic digital paintings of IG models with same-face syndrome. There are so many out there. And it’s funny to see them try something new and fail so miserably because they’re only capable of tracing and coloring a woman’s face.

No. 329516

File: 1698078176973.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1290x2451, D8735803-8B77-4EDD-8B7F-15E797…)

Laura Rubin (La___aura on IG) is one and she just does same-face women from the bust up. And 80% of the person is covered in solid black with a white background. She attempted a full body image (picrel) and it’s clear she’s never taken an art class or studied anatomy. I stg the woman just traces and uses brushes to carry her career around.

No. 329517

I preferred when spooky month was an one-time gag than an actual series that Pelo does every year on Halloween. The fandom is very patient, though, I have to admit.

No. 329521

I personally like this art style

No. 329533

File: 1698080398292.jpeg (224.59 KB, 640x650, IMG_8995.jpeg)

Artists like 04119_snail make me feel unreasonablely furious

No. 329570

I tried to see night mind's video to see if i actually like this arg but I kept closing the video after 15 mins the cringe is unbearable.
The art is good I guess but it's the obvious gender driven style bothers me

No. 329578

File: 1698089908729.png (1.05 MB, 1296x773, 327598325.png)

He was only ever successful because a soulless corporation (Nickelodeon) had him on a leash babysitting him and his work. When he was given creative freedom with Comedy Central, he ruined his own fucking series and was clueless to what made it successful in the first place.

Picrel is a popular animator/artist I hate follow for his ugly art and who takes strong inspiration from John's style- Especially when drawing female characters as a pair of inflated tits and ass. Only coomers enjoy this stylization and I wouldn't be surprised if years later he is exposed for something degenerate like John either.

No. 329580

File: 1698090739482.jpg (241.43 KB, 1079x1144, Screenshot_20231023_154922_You…)

And this artist apparently bought into the meme of feeling bad for males because of the "muh compliment" pity party. So on top of being a coomer, he's one of those.

No. 329740