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File: 1668669115184.png (407.74 KB, 640x727, 0579bw0blg0a1.png)

No. 255702

last one hit bump limit

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback (>>187240), artist salt (>>>/ot/1312695), and shitty comics (>>232318).

Previous threads (after /m/ wipe):
>>186753 #1
>>209753 #2
>>223288 #3
>>239761 #4

No. 255704

File: 1668669293124.png (687.3 KB, 1200x813, 90435985.png)

God damn it anon I literally just finished the thread pic I was working on. You couldn't wait five more minutes?

No. 255708

op pic is one of the many gems I've found while spelunking the twisted wonderland subreddit, a cornucopia of fugly ocs, self inserts, and a hearty amount of autism and gender headcanons. breaks my heart to see my waifus massacred but at the same time something about the sea of terribad yumejoshi art makes me feel vindicated.

you took too long!

No. 255721

Op pic is making me internally scream lmfao what the actual fuck

No. 255723

Sleep paralysis demon

No. 255724

op pic is comically terrible so it fits, but I love this edit nona kek hope you get the next thread

No. 255729

This was so much better

No. 255786

OP pic is so weird. I like a lot of the smaller details but I am genuinely frightened.

No. 255888

Imagining this thing standing next to anyone in the cast is hilarious. What action is this pose meant to portray?

No. 255890

Why do bad artists have such a tendency to draw OCs?
I know that there are SOME OCs that are well drawn, but they are so fucking rare the vast majority of them will always be the ugliest art I ever see, both regarding design and actual drawing style.
I would say it's younger people since kids are more likely to create OCs they self-insert into but I am not sure. The whole internet feels like it's filled by 8 year olds but then the worst people are in their mid twenties or something.

No. 255891

File: 1668733741495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.4 KB, 828x1028, tumblr_773a31ae6ee773dc1d558c2…)

Spoilered just in case. But what am I even looking at????

No. 255900

Yeah, it's good and bad at the same time. Dem yaoi hands. It looks like some guro fake deep "symbolism".

No. 255901

you'd think they're all kids but like you said you check the profile and turns out it's a millennial old enough to have their own kid in the very age range you expected them to be based on their art skill level. it'd be cool if they at least had the decency to keep their deformed ocs to themselves; no one on earth wants to see that shit.

No. 255933

is this devilman fan art

No. 255964

I honestly don't have a problem with newbies/eternal hobbyists making bad oc art for fun, they know they're bad but just want to have fun creating something and I'm all for that. What I hate are the more advanced artists who are pandering to every social justice cause they can think of to feel high and mighty in their saviour complex. The her/xe/they mixed korean african american trans adhd gay vitiligo ocs

No. 255977

Devilman fanart by a 2000s yaoi artist

No. 255993

This makes me so mad because the rendering is genuinely gorgeous and the composition and concepts are very nice. But the you have those proportions… with the hands a little smaller it would have been a good piece.

No. 256045

File: 1668791468261.jpeg (230.69 KB, 1336x2048, 584FDA15-1B30-4CA6-9D4A-31F35E…)

The art isn’t that bad but

No. 256052

File: 1668793311192.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1848x2285, 51738416_pmFrqQ9OM.png)

No. 256056

I hate that too. Luckily I only saw this with not-so-good US artists, not the really talented ones or artists from elsewhere. Not sure why. But it's always sad when a great artist stops doing fanart and draws something else instead so I can relate. Maybe it's the fandoms I am in or something that have less people be into that stuff (again unless they are shitty to begin with in which case I understand why they make fat xir art instead since it gives more clicks than bad fanart).

No. 256059

File: 1668799462164.png (1.9 MB, 945x1080, 52ebd40a237803e08ef87c7fc702b4…)

I just saw cinnamontoastken in the unconventional attraction thread and it reminded me of his ugly ass tattoos

No. 256072

File: 1668802976359.jpeg (239.06 KB, 828x1081, DE9DC89A-CEEC-43E6-A1AE-468707…)

i can't place why but the meer existence of this person's artstyle makes me unreasonably irritable

No. 256076

Holy SHIT I did not know he had those, glad I stopped watching his cringy ass already

No. 256099

Love the face of the white hair dude. This could be really good if they only understood how to draw bodies

No. 256105

File: 1668807613236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.41 KB, 1136x1136, 8388596E-0388-46A2-A7A2-8C714C…)

Sorry I can’t be him

No. 256111

File: 1668810366031.jpg (324.24 KB, 2048x2048, 20221118_222545.jpg)

No. 256116

File: 1668813196494.png (516.72 KB, 1266x955, 1668813151224.png)

No. 256121

i like this. it's charming. The stylization is clearly deliberate.

No. 256127

Agree, it’s cute and it’s refreshing to see a character style that’s not identical to 500 other projects.

No. 256133

File: 1668815738344.jpg (203.03 KB, 1080x1079, 313349278_791846568575158_5290…)

No. 256138

Kek and here I thought it was a prime example, especially the character (version?) on the right. Looks like a goldfish and struck me as a joke at first.

No. 256145

File: 1668824333205.jpg (69.02 KB, 800x450, The-Big-Snit-scrabble.jpg)

idk i guess it boils down to personal preference. I find ugly scribbly cartoons really endearing. picrel

No. 256165

I honestly forgot his existence since middle school. Those shit tattoos pretty much sums up his commentary style.

No. 256167

Does this person work at pixar? I swear every pixar artist has this similar super stylized blob art style (on their personal work ofc). Which isn't bad but it's interesting.

No. 256170

File: 1668831049920.jpg (243.02 KB, 1200x835, 1576112626274.jpg)

The entire baki series is filled with the most worst art you can imagine

No. 256171

File: 1668831071876.jpg (388.52 KB, 1233x1199, 1591179650780.jpg)

No. 256174

File: 1668831320707.jpg (281.43 KB, 601x973, main-qimg-5e6a6cbc08904bcdc907…)

No. 256175

How does anyone take this seriously?

No. 256177

File: 1668831562235.jpg (189.29 KB, 1426x1440, 186c3d2562.jpg)

and last one

No. 256209

File: 1668849860370.png (193.28 KB, 1035x381, rcd.png)

Now THIS is what I consider to be the actual "Cal Arts style" where the overemphasis on shape language turns all of the characters into amorphous blobs. Picrel is a totally different artist (RCDart, believe or not) and it looks like it was drawn by the same damn person.

Cal-Arts just churns out the kind of generic, corporate-friendly artists Disney likes to hire to work on their generic, China-friendly movies. There's a reason Pixar films aren't as good as they used to be. If you really want to go to California for art school, apply to ArtCenter instead.

Anons, this looks like concept art from literally every character animator's student thesis film from the last fifteen years, at least in Burgerland. Make these drawings vectors in Illustrator and you literally have the kind of corporate art they use for news articles and Google doodles.

No. 256211

when will you guys realize that generic doesn't immediately mean bad? I personally think anime is annoying and generic but you don't see me screeching at people for enjoying it.

No. 256233

I fucking hate the face of the second guy from the left in the pic you posted. It's such an ugly and weird shape. Why is the mouth line going outside? Why is the nose so high up and gigantic?

No. 256244

its true, i think you should start doing that

No. 256246

you're right nonna, i should become the change i wish to see the world.
Dear anime fans, your bug eyed aliens are uncanny and ugly as shit.

No. 256254

Did he not think that the character will be forward facing at any point of the movie

No. 256257

This style is interesting, but only if one person had it. It seems that all the animator types have this style. I wonder what these artists natural style would look like if they weren't so influenced by art school and their job

No. 256260


Lmao all she did was add eyelashes, recolor and slightly modify Family Guy's character Brian

Edit: I'm not defending anime or even talking about it. The problem with these generic designs is that they don't have any personality. They aren't expressive, the poses have no body language and the ones that do feature expressions are vague. It's more bland than oatmeal. Could you see a single one of these character as a main character? There's nothing marketable and marketability is all that matters to most companies.

It looks like she just modified the Gorilla villager design from Animal Crossing and threw in a couple of even MORE lazy ass designs to give the impression of character development

No. 256264

ugh same. all the zoomer furries draw in this style for some reason.

No. 256272

It’s so awkward since he has kids too. Like I would have been so embarrassed growing up if my dad had these.

No. 256288

it's spelled mere kek

No. 256338

File: 1668897578884.jpeg (552.12 KB, 2048x1536, 28A894C4-458E-49F8-A70F-BC1D84…)

Guess the characters

No. 256341

KomaHina or KawoShin?

No. 256347

dave and karkat

No. 256348

Thought it was tif rose and tif kanaya kek

No. 256355

File: 1668901525936.jpeg (314.37 KB, 1676x2048, 9CB1C79D-5D39-4875-BF41-2B37F7…)

The proportions are pissing me off

No. 256357

File: 1668902599253.jpeg (69.13 KB, 1200x720, 86080803-7988-4450-A163-056822…)

No. 256362

They look like orangutans.

No. 256370

>making one of the girly girl characters a tif just because she's canonically flatchested
I want to alog.

No. 256371

Where is this from? Cannot reverse search this.
I am just interested in how many likes such a thing would get.

No. 256381

File: 1668911490333.jpeg (60.66 KB, 1080x1374, received_659135892507779.jpeg)

No. 256418

No. 256458

He's having a good time

No. 256465


No. 256473

File: 1668953076767.jpg (112.54 KB, 640x600, tumblr_aaac648d1b80e564408eb83…)

I just can't get over those fucking faces.

No. 256477

File: 1668955932510.png (1.64 MB, 1738x978, KFooG4.png)

I got bored last night and played a random indie Otome game. It's actually pretty cute even with the cringe genderspecial shit in it, but holy fuck the art style is the ugliest tumblr garbage ever. Why are western VN devs allergic to just drawing in a normal anime style? Who (above the age of 13) is attracted to characters who look like this?

No. 256502

I have a soft spot for artists who draw soft romantic pictures with the ugliest fucking dudes imaginable. It gives off nemu energies, without the creep aspect.

No. 256504

Oh I enjoy them too. But goddamn those faces are so far removed from what Michael and Trevor actually look like, and Trevor appears to be suffering from jaundice. I would never guess it was them had I not recognised the hand tattoo, the clothing and the setting.

No. 256505

Really hate the huge eyebrows plastered over the hair.

No. 256507

File: 1668965436708.jpg (285.9 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_374adb7f63c20e63e777401…)

Kek nonna you inspired me to share my favourite GTAV artist. Their art is hilarious

No. 256508

File: 1668965590183.jpg (60.08 KB, 640x400, tumblr_ae526786439c5569d9292ef…)

No. 256509

she made them look like old asian shopkeepers

No. 256514

File: 1668966259322.jpg (539.35 KB, 1597x1148, Untitled.jpg)


No. 256520

where did you get and who made this

No. 256540

File: 1668972236625.png (1.51 MB, 1738x978, XPAgAX.png)

Every single character in the game has the huge black brows. Bonus pic of the he/they tranny character

No. 256572

Goddamn, GTA V has some dogshit fan artists. When it first came out there were genuinely good artists out there like loseranthems and even though I don't ship Trikey I enjoyed the genuinely decent art. Now it's either gratuitous smut, fakeboi Trevor and Michael (don't even get me started kek), or just plain dogsshit. The fandom is also overrun with pseudo-kinnies who totally relate to a pair of mass murdering boomer moids. Off the top of my head I can think of three who are FTM and go by the name Trevor and one fakeboi who is claims to be so mentally ill she gets her and Michael's "memories" (shitty headcanons) mixed up. I just lurk from afar now for the keks as the fandom is so damn milky.

KEK, I thought the same thing. Racebent rival grocery store owners AU maybe?

No. 256586

me: can we get hetalia england?
mom: we have hetalia england at home
hetalia england at home:

No. 256618

AYRT and same, I've been lurking since around 2015 and the absolute state of the tag in 2022 kek. The Trevor kinnies are dime-a-dozen but I haven't heard of the Michael fakeboi, what's her URL?

Extremely OT but I don't understand the yassified fanart a la Skoptsy either. I'm not afraid to admit that Trevor being lowkey ugly and disgusting is why I wanna fuck him, why would you take that away?

No. 256626

File: 1668989576679.jpeg (799.94 KB, 1784x2048, 7F22D936-0AAE-4F17-BD03-7B0B5F…)

I would think this is based but the artist headcanons him as a tif so here

No. 256629


No. 256634

The artist being a tif is cringe, but the art itself is pretty average and unremarkable. Not really a fit for this thread imo.

No. 256664

I hate this VN and I wish people I know would stop recommending it to me

No. 256665

delete this

No. 256683

It's horrible and even cringe, I hate that trend tif themby of drawing male characters and adding all the shit "kawai hello kitty pink" was fun until they turn the character into a troon

No. 256691

File: 1669014890448.png (459.6 KB, 680x456, a0d781e9331c2f5a615df5c1eba7d9…)

God that one gets recommended so often in the handmaiden part of the western otome community. It looks like absolute dog shit. Here's a screencap of another successfully crowdfunded otome game

No. 256693

File: 1669017573652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 715.42 KB, 720x1560, ke5qi3o46xr61.jpg)

Ah yes, the classic ass-and-back-and-boobs-and-thighs-and-feet-and-face-all-in-view pose.

No. 256705


No. 256710

>Looks like a goldfish and struck me as a joke at first.
I mean they're humanized orcas, right? I personally enjoy them but I also get how the concept wouldn't come across when plenty of artists draw their regular human OCs with the same blobby snouts and giant teeth. Maybe if the artist had put a standard human in the concept art to compare them to.

No. 256802

File: 1669067830578.jpg (58.28 KB, 722x167, and i'm the fucking pope.jpg)

AYRT, I keep thinking about making a new GTA V blog when I get around to another 100% playthrough, but one look at the tag got me thinking otherwise, kek. The Michael fakeboi is theotherdesanta, semi-notorious in the early days of the fandom for starting flame wars and hating on Amanda for getting in the way of her husbandos fucking. I tried finding the post about her having Michael's "memories" but she posts so much shit about GTA V and how autism is totes a superpower where she can get sooo into character that I just gave up out of sheer frustration, kek. Picrel is a true story though, everyone on the bus clapped when she revealed that she was not in fact Ned Luke. I hate the yassified art too, let them be gross! Same with the softboi shit. I do not want any of the characters to get better, I want them to wallow in misery ad nauseam. I just don't get why you'd get super into fucked up characters like the GTA protags and then post about how they're actually delicate little flowers inside.

No. 256806

File: 1669068579794.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1672x4096, 58815756789645.jpg)

Context: the creator has a strange fantasy where she reincarnates as ted bundy's pet sheep in heaven because of divine forgiveness and his victims go to hell because they didn't understand him and he is actually free from all sin like jesus 2.0 because the creator made a sin cleaning blood ritual dedicated to ted bundy's soul in 2021.
Personally I think this is like the most extreme case of pickmeism I've ever come across, this is the absolute peak. You can't go further than this

No. 256807

File: 1669068627420.jpg (240.84 KB, 1125x734, 19846346783.jpg)

anotha one

No. 256808

spoiler that shit wtf

No. 256809

OOF. actual weapons grade autism.

No. 256813

where is this from?

No. 256814

i want to go back to the yaoi hands and anime girls with broken backs please

No. 256815

>When it first came out there were genuinely good artists out there […] Now it's either gratuitous smut, fakeboi Trevor and Michael (don't even get me started kek), or just plain dogsshit.
What the fuck this happened in my fandoms too?? How?
Did something happen years ago that drove all talented fanartists away? I only joined one of my fandoms BECAUSE of the great art that mesmerized me so much that I read the entire series and saved thousands of pics, now there are maybe three people (god bless them) that are still there or two new Chinese fans with god-tier art and everything else is fucking shit. The series gets a lot, the fandom is active, but the art is all shit.

And this is only one of the three fandoms I am complaining about. Same issue with the others.

No. 256818

This artstyle is objectively awful and terribly generic, it feels almost like self-parody

No. 256821

All this over some criminal? schizophrenia

No. 256822

not joking, the OP is most likely suffering from schizophrenia

No. 256825

this is just an edgy troll

No. 256831

This is milky. I require more information.

No. 256870

File: 1669077626253.png (1.64 MB, 1400x1550, 61D87480-7CB2-4797-B809-7C54D8…)

No. 256889

No. 256925

This is so good. I love the weird proportions.

No. 256928

I'm crying, were they trying to foreshorten the torso? Holy shit

No. 256935

Which game is this? Reverse image search isn't giving me anything.

No. 256938

this is ben from fucking lpotl isn’t it

No. 256941

"I wish I knew how to quit (drawing) you"

No. 256943

File: 1669087458092.jpeg (758.65 KB, 1098x1274, 3C130CF2-101F-4F83-8FA6-C46C49…)

wtf is this pedo shit

No. 256977

Whenever I see poses like this, I wonder why the hell they didn't just draw a second girl or a mirror if they wanted tits and ass at the same time that badly. I guess maybe those options take too much effort.

This isn't art, anon. Also, don't we already have a hybristophile thread somewhere?

No. 257006

File: 1669111266374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 480.94 KB, 2048x1536, 5743676821278.jpg)

Her twitter handle is brokenbecquerel. Clicking at her interactions or following list leads you to a whole milk reserve of crazy hybristophiles, the most notable ones being Adam Lanza-fuckers. I'm honestly kind of amazed at how these people have never been "milked" so far since they've been around on twitter for almost three years.

Another good addition to the thread would be the "Adam Lanza dress-up simulator" that was made by one of the schizophrenic trannies of the community, which you can find in the link below:
(I can't archive the game currently but I feel like he might delete it any minute for schizo tranny reasons. If you have the means to do it and you're interested, I recommend you download right now)
Picrel is also an art piece of his, he's currently banned from twitter for rule violation but I managed to save it from before. Warning, gore

I decided to post it here since there is no "bad poetry" thread, the hybristo thread is pretty dead too. Her ultimate goal seems to be making something "artistic", that's why I posted it here

Unfortunately she is not trolling. 70percent of her posts are obscure ted bundy quotes and her feeling ted bundy's soul watching over her as she does menial shit like eating cereal or using the photocopier, the other 30percent are jesus pictures from google images

No. 257007

Fascinating, this belongs to a contemporary art gallery

No. 257009

He told his tattooist to do whatever he wanted and he made the peach and mario piece, so at least he didn't ask for it. i guess. i'd divorce a man if he got anything like this tattooed for any reason

No. 257032

KEK trikey shippers are the most retarted tumblr users and I used to be into that ship back in my gtav days

I'm begging for an anon to make a fandom cringe thread because shit like this is SO milky and I need to vent about my own experiences that have put me off from even looking up the tumblr tag of whatever media I'm currently into

No. 257034

There's a thread here >>>/ot/1376950

No. 257042

Idc if the story may be good the art is actually repelling. no one can convince me that the author is not some kind of mega autist with a weird muscle fetish its just grotesque.
seconding this its easily one of the best threads one here but it has been barren since the last fujo debate infighting session.

No. 257162

we should make this a series

No. 257204

File: 1669173022546.jpg (164.9 KB, 540x540, tumblr_657184b084eab447c0252f4…)

No. 257212

This brokenbecquerel person is far too coherent to actually be schizophrenic. She’s bored and has no friends and is larping. I used to do similar dumb edgy shit online when I was a friendless loser.

No. 257234

File: 1669183729123.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 2173x4400, 1666977454603828.png)

Trap/femboy fags are replusive

No. 257254

File: 1669190897984.jpg (285.28 KB, 1430x800, MAQ0AX7dizqmZju.jpg)

on the opposite end of moid trap faggotry, when a fujo artist feminize/ukeize's a male character so much that its basically rule63 but still insist is male

No. 257256

File: 1669191007920.jpg (341.29 KB, 1532x1602, 1632932838758.jpg)

related guess the character

No. 257259

I genuinely enjoyed her art before she became a trans mlm, it was nice seeing a female mexican artist who said she was lesbian. Her current versions of jotakak are both transmen so in a roundabout way she 360d back into drawing lesbian art lol

No. 257263

doesn't she claim their supposed to be femboys rather then TIFs

No. 257265

File: 1669194272771.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1200, trapfemboyvrigins_and_chadbish…)

What you posted looks pretty but disappointing when male characters are drawn off-model as if the artist doesn't appreciate or can't grasp the beauty of men. It's really common with twink/bishounen characters especially ones that have crossdressed once like Link and Cloud. Wished coomer moids would keep their filthy hands off from shitting out yassified sissies art of them.

Kakyoin. Not a hint of muscles left.

No. 257267

File: 1669195183318.jpg (214.21 KB, 1071x1089, 20221123_102011.jpg)

No. 257286


No. 257288

Not a anti-fujo sperg, but it's not like BL is any better with regards to this, like both male and female weebs have difficulty in drawing hot guys that actually resemble human male's

No. 257309

the thread pic scares me, is he supposed to a dwarf or a cripple???

No. 257323

No. 257329

Yes to which one?

No. 257339

I actually like this… Who is the artist?

It's a shame they aren't OCs. The art style itself is cute, but the colors, characters and skin conditions are terrible

I think the problem is that women and female characters are now only approved of as gendies and lesbian = bad! So lesbians who use fujo surrogates are in a triple bind.

>>257265 >>257234
It's safe to say men ruin everything. Y chromosome and Y chromosome enviers have created a dark age for art that may not be possible to recover from in our lifetime.

No. 257441

why do they always draw them with woman hips? irl 'traps' always look like ghouls

No. 257451

I hope all Bridget fans die

No. 257523

File: 1669289361468.jpg (349.41 KB, 1080x1717, what.jpg)

found this on one of the suggested accs on instagram. what in god's name

No. 257538

Seeing what gendies did to my favorite childhood franchise is heartbreaking, I'm so sorry Draculaura

No. 257547

I mean it's kinda based, making a monster girl actually look like a monster

No. 257552

No body cares that she looks like a bat its just uneeded for them to make her fat too

No. 257554

She looks cool tbh.
I don't think the artist made her look fat, it's just the way her head is shaped to make her look more like a bat.

No. 257555

You didn't specify and I don't have anachan-brain that is so triggered by fatties kek. The new Draculaura is a bit fat tho canonically

No. 257560

reverse image search brought up this artist: https://twitter.com/nori31291404

No. 257563

She looks like a pig

No. 257570

Being in the Jojo and Transformers fandom + some games makes me incapable of expressing how tired of this shit I am and how common it is. It makes me wonder why they are attracted to these characters in the first place if they desire them to be different.

Maybe it's done due to a lack of skills (I knew many who were incapable of drawing males) or it's done on purpose because they cannot relate to them otherwise or because of some gender politics I don't know.

Seems like many fans cannot just love a hot adonis-shaped god without turning him into a frail girl with hips, tits and skinny body.

No. 257572

some of it is pure lack of skill and unwillingness to step outside ones comfort zone, and some of its just a rehash of seme/uke dynamics with a different coat of paint, only this time somehow even more sexist. in particular, that kakyoin image gives me really bad wish vibes (that one thinly veiled jotakak doujin CLAMP did)

No. 257577

File: 1669307049010.jpg (318.97 KB, 939x900, tumblr_b7fa7564f659363f89eb72f…)

Speaking of TF, I just remembered that one artist who drew an AU where Starscrem was a high-school student and Megatron was a gym teacher who sexually assaulted Starscream kek. Some people are just deranged like that. I wasn't able to find this one pic in particular, but still here is some freakshow for your viewing pleasure.

No. 257579

>Monster high
>Childhood franchise
Jfc I feel old

No. 257580

Yeah whenever I see a feminized Kakyoin I can't stop thinking of that damned egg doujinshi kek
But yeah the whole seme/uke dynamic is probably partially causing this.

I see so much art of guys who are big badass cops or warriors turned into insecure X-legged maidens. The whole pose is framed as feminine wall-flower so I think sometimes it's not only a lack of skill but some active desire to turn one of the guys into a generic otome MC (but male, somehow).
lol you mean kokokosir IIRC! Honestly I liked their art, especially Megatron's face. They were one of the better western artists IMO at least they stuck to the canon look, think this Megatron with tits is an exception.

No. 257584

Ugly as fuck and it looks more like a pig bc they made her obese

No. 257600

New Draculara is petite, has an hourglass (or pear) figure with thick thighs idg how that's fat or unrealistic. I say this without disrespect to the original MH aesthetic, but all of the doll companies are overhauling designs and taking advantage of millennial moms and inflation.

I still don't see how it's rescuing a character or making them somehow unique to give them no waist, no tits and more rolls than Thanksgiving Dinner.

But oh my! What a quirky wittle, scrunkly wunkly, not like other designs pigbat! uwu

No. 257614

megatron's big naturals

No. 257687

>They were one of the better western artists
I'm pretty sure she's russian. and yes she's drawn a lot of weird questionable fetish-y stuff which is why i try to avoid her. skill-wise the art pretty good tho

No. 257760

File: 1669356429097.jpeg (332.28 KB, 1792x2048, 7C8639BD-FDD6-4C9D-95F8-8DC6A1…)

I am going to kill myself

No. 257772

chill anachan, go eat something

No. 257804

For some reason, out of everything, the face is what really got me.

No. 257812

File: 1669383411612.jpg (180.34 KB, 1524x884, lol.jpg)

A VTM group I'm in is a gold mine of male autism, so many moids posting novels about their coomer OCs

No. 257824

>>257812 girl on the left's has no feet

No. 257825

File: 1669389136484.jpg (468.11 KB, 2560x1440, ffxiv_dx11_bf4F2oNBlt.jpg)

>>257760 Please, don't tell me it's him

No. 257847

File: 1669393331966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.92 KB, 2048x1352, 9A0015CE-F282-4AB0-AE4A-D0E224…)

Yes I’m sorry

No. 257848

File: 1669393440872.jpg (127.74 KB, 715x795, Screenshot_20221125-211411_Ins…)

Remember kids good rendering doesn't hide your dogshit anatomy

No. 257850

spoiler that shit!!!

No. 257865

this is really pretty

No. 257873

I genuinely hate when they make Link into some sort of pseudofemale. Its always characters popular with women too. I feel it's part coomerism part revenge

No. 257877

File: 1669398434805.jpeg (109.27 KB, 790x900, FiV6H50agAArF62.jpeg)

Cease and desist!

No. 257881

Vendetta. The anatomy isn't perfect, but the art isn't bad.

No. 257885

At first glance this is cute but why do I feel like it’s from porn.

No. 257896

I like it.

No. 257899

This one is fine. Vendetta
Yeah im hoping this isn't what I think it is

No. 257903

Thankfully it isn't. The costume is part of a theme challenge, but the dogs were too creepy and uncanny to ignore and the buck tooth looks stupid

No. 257904

Never said it was bad only said the anatomy was…. ?

No. 257906

>posts art on the bad art thread
>i didn't say it was bad

No. 257908

I thought maybe artists came here so they'd have a keen eye of mistakes but guess I was wrong . The artwork has some stellar rendering but from the anatomy and the perspective the whole illustration seems rigid . So …yeah

No. 257920

compared to the other art itt it's not bad lol, but you're not wrong. >>257848 her spine doesn't exist? or curves off to the left in an impossible way. I don't even know. Thrust of the hips is opposite in the reflection, plus her arm position isn't mirrored it's almost like it's flipped or something (wonder if they used some model to flip her and got confused??) Like, it looks cool but something is fucked up.

No. 257947

The anatomy is fine, the only issue is the pose doesn't look the same in the mirror and outside. It's not easy drawing reflections, so it's not that bad of a mistake.

No. 257960

ntayrt but they definitely messed up her back in a major way

No. 258061

the arms are good but those hands are incredibly rough. i probably wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't in the bad art thread though.

No. 258227

File: 1669504943108.png (318.27 KB, 368x515, 31A75360-F0CB-49ED-B06E-8E0384…)

Take another look

No. 258228

i dont see it

No. 258229

this is from castlevania isn't it lol

No. 258240

He looks like Jungkook

No. 258247

Not that anon and never heard of that guy but yeah I wondered if the pic was posted because of the guy that looks like some k-pop person because it doesn't seem to fit in. The art itself is good imo though.

No. 258251

I miss Kokokosir…

No. 258257

File: 1669509013628.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1280x1422, tumblr_p9cxg0bgmf1vplkgeo1_r1_…)

The easiest way in this world to find horrible ugly as shit art is to google "redraw" and "favorite scene". It seems like "redraw" was some sort of dogwhistle for "uglifying something because I think it's not woke enough".
Spoiler because ugliness with Sailor Moon characters as victims.

Based me too. Most of the Transformer artists I love right now are Chinese because they stick to the designs and canon comic style. In the west it's popular to feminize or tumblr'fy them at the moment or to draw them as fat blobs which isn't what I am looking for, as a fan of the canon series.

No. 258259

File: 1669509475440.jpg (941.74 KB, 1000x1311, Tepes_Family_-_01.jpg)

This is from the castlevania anime but they replaced dracula with a kpop star?

No. 258260

File: 1669509616823.jpg (651.06 KB, 1698x2063, IMG_8765.jpg)

I don't mind feminizing that much since it can be on model for characters like Starscream, Vos, Rodimus (especially in Sakamoto art), etc but I get what you mean.

No. 258261

Lol, this is some mediocre photoshop. The artist took concept art of an anime and plastered their idol. It's fine and honestly forgettable. Not sure why it's in the bad art thread.

No. 258263

This is genuinely disgusting. Why did they gave chibiusa smallpox.

No. 258264

Oh yeah I am totally fine if it's twinky but on-model. Technically the Starscream from Till all are One you posted looks a bit like fancy woman too, but what annoys me are thick hips and thighs that look fat and organic and a bloated round chest that makes it look like tits.

Maybe I was just unlucky and it isn't as common as I think it is though. I agree the sentiment of your pic lol. I like Starscream as well, but my true passion are the heavy buff bot men.
Not sure why but an overabundance of freckles or skin issues is very common for "woke art", for the lack of a better term.
I am sometimes debating about whether this is actually genuine art they love or if it's some elaborate trolling to piss fans off because they know nobody has the guts to criticize it otherwise there will be an outcall.

No. 258286

I'd actually love to see more pretty girl art with girls with "imperfections" like dark circles and too many freckles and bulbous noses. Why do they have to draw unconventional features so fucking ugly

No. 258291

File: 1669515729509.jpeg (842.74 KB, 3496x1960, ABADA302-22EC-4A2D-B7E1-B8FD7D…)

Kek reminded me of this one western FE fanartist who insists Yuri is a “WOC transbian”

No. 258292

This is a very good point.
Why do they never draw unconventional designs without making it ugly? Skinny girls with hooked noses, eye circles, scars/wounds, heavy but good looking women, masculine women all that. It's always ugly I hate it.

No. 258294

File: 1669516442697.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 371.72 KB, 1121x2048, D6B29098-222E-47E1-A20A-F6B290…)

I mean I admire the skill but do people actually get off to these things…

No. 258296


No. 258297

This is why I will never open comms. Imagine being forced to draw this instead of a hot husbando.

No. 258298

oh my god what the fuck? what's wrong with their noses

No. 258302

Realtalk what's the REAL reason for art like this?

Everybody that ever drew anything knows that people draw things they love. Characters they consider pretty or hot, landscapes or building they consider beautiful, historical scenes they consider interesting. But do these people consider this shit hot? I doubt it. I have yet to see ONE fan online who husbando'ed or waifu'ed such a creature. If you look at what people love you will always see some handsome 2D men, actors or bishoujo.
So why?

No. 258304

I don't know but when i see stuff like that I'm inclined to think like this: >>258264
>debating about whether this is actually genuine art they love or if it's some elaborate trolling to piss fans off because they know nobody has the guts to criticize it otherwise there will be an outcall.

No. 258333

why would you put a commission here? not like the artist has any choice. anyway it's a cool pic for all the grotesque detail despite the stupid hentai tits

No. 258334

>why would you put a commission here? not like the artist has any choice
i hate when commissioners show up to your house with a gun and force you to draw hentai titties

No. 258336

from the art style alone I can tell this "artist" is/was a brony, amazing

No. 258337

File: 1669536049810.jpeg (53.51 KB, 487x630, images (1).jpeg)

No. 258344

i am so sorry. not into it myself but have a few friends who are diehard fans. it seems like one of those series that unfortunately attracts a lot of crusty moids.

No. 258353

jfc its hard NOT to do better than the original scott pilgrim artstyle but somehow this person managed to fuck it up. they look like dnd halflings with eczema

No. 258541

File: 1669585684354.png (2.95 MB, 2668x1560, 1.png)

This artist's ocs two years ago and today (excuse my shitty ms paint edit lol)

No. 258650

why do they always make black/brown people look like racial caricatures

No. 258688

her old oc was just julian devorak she was probably in her arcana phase

No. 258753

How do artists get guilt tripped so hard that they apologize for their own characters! They're so ugly now that it's offensive.

No. 258769

South Park Stan

No. 258780

Late but this bothers me too. I love seeing little flawed aspects of characters but it can definitely be done in a tasteful way. Seems like some of these people just slap on a bunch of typically undesirable traits that they don’t even know how to draw or render and call it a day.

No. 258781

kek it really is just him isn’t it

No. 258799

File: 1669652446083.png (447.23 KB, 1080x1350, 7tbq0gol.png)

guess the character

No. 258801

Marco Diaz? Mirabel?

No. 258802

Why do fakebois always have the most disgusting looking art?

No. 258805

Dan VS.?

No. 258806

I love it when tif aren't delusional about their female body
These hips don't lie

No. 258807

File: 1669652881602.png (294.18 KB, 944x476, o5atkvzfu4v61.png)


No. 258877

NLOGs that go fakeboi route just become NLOTIFs

No. 258941

>bisexual man from pseudo-Scotland or whatever the fuck Faerghus is supposed to be
>WOC transbian
How does one even arrive at this conclusion? It's a shame, her art looks pretty good.

No. 258946

File: 1669674927429.jpeg (85.12 KB, 640x454, 558F9EA1-9BF7-4ED8-99B5-B2B592…)

these are drawings of Gerard Way apparently

No. 258947

thought that was the dad from moral orel

No. 258973

why the long face

No. 259044

File: 1669716584497.png (330.92 KB, 640x454, Untitled.png)

Could be a great artstyle if they gave the forehead some space to breathe.

No. 259046

Wow. What an improvement!

No. 259051

File: 1669717991434.jpg (2.49 MB, 2535x4096, FJiseyIakAAeOa4.jpg)

Probably not fair posting this here because I am not even sure if it's good or bad, but over-rendered images are very popular online and I am not sure why or why every talented artist feels the need to go down that route at some point.

I legit think it would look three times better if you reduced the coloring- and lighting layers from like 400 down to 10.

No. 259053

I love this, sorry

No. 259056

Yes, I hate those
Especially funny when the initial anatomy, proportions and stylization is flawed to say the least - but who cares, render it to death

No. 259061

The chromatic aberration is obviously there to hide the bad linework and messy coloring. I always hate chromatic aberration because I can't focus on the details, like here it's so hard to see the food and whatever jewelry they have on.

No. 259062

I don’t think op art is shitty
That’s literally just how proportions of people with dwarfism looks like
And it’s obviously a fantasy race

No. 259063

This reminds me. I sadly don't find it anymore, but there was an artist who showed a WIP that was a legit 10/10. It was a white-haired pale girl in the snow and the dark blue shadow made her stand out in the white and otherwise soft landscape while the lighting made her white hair glow in the sun.

It was fucking beautiful and atmospheric, you could feel the winter and the lonely girl just looking at it.
But then the artist self-sabotaged and added a ton of unneeded rendering that turned the shadow multicolored and even glowing at certain parts and slapped so many layers onto it that the lighting and the girl herself were almost invisible thanks to the abundance of glowy patterns, tons of colored layers upon other colored layers and whatever else you can consider rendering. The shadow disappeared almost completely. What was first some shading her body has caused was now but fragments among colorful shit.

It might be an unpopular opinion since the majority likes it, but I feel like they are often destroying their own art. Save the pics when they are 70% done and you have a better artwork.

No. 259065

I’m shocked nobody’s mentioned that the Baki artist is the Beastars artist’s dad. Weren’t anons were discussing her funky art in a previous thread? kek

No. 259075

>no one can convince me that the author is not some kind of mega autist with a weird muscle fetish its just grotesque
actually its well known that the author is a masssive coomer, in his own autobiographical manga(That has not yet been translated) we see way to many depictions of him masturbating


No. 259092

Yeah, this is the digital equivalent of overworking/muddying a traditional painting.

No. 259102

I was going to say this too.

No. 259137

He wouldn't look out of place as a DnD or similar fantasy series character, but TW is perfumed pretty boys so no matter what he would get negative attention from bishonen fans. The style is charming in a rough edged roguish way.

No. 259161

nta, but I think if you’re going to be drawing a character with intentionally unusual proportions, you have to be really careful with the rest of your anatomy or it’ll just come out looking like it’s all a mistake. Like how the bend on his right leg means that if he were to extend it, it’d be much longer than his left leg. And how his right arm doesn’t seem to have an elbow, but just smoothly curves like a tentacle with a hand on it.

No. 259173

File: 1669752142298.png (1.1 MB, 843x1031, feelingcutedaddy.png)

No. 259177

is there a name for this art style?

I wonder how much time artists spend on a picture like this. looks like it could be done in 15 hours, but the unnecessary details make it take a whole month. I would like to watch a progress time-lapse of artwork similar to this one. how do you keep track of the layers? it looks like a manifested migraine.

No. 259260

this is straight up fetish art

No. 259274

File: 1669771421192.jpg (55.17 KB, 1024x601, snow_dog_monster_by_andrewgeor…)

No. 259285

Looks like my late dog…

No. 259288

File: 1669774126151.png (85.41 KB, 500x541, tumblr_2f423cfaab69a6ad0e13025…)


No. 259290

I'm sorry for your loss nona

No. 259294


No. 259297

File: 1669775969184.png (537.02 KB, 842x588, D_8BZR6XYAAUjDU.png)

Dirk and Dave from Homestuck, right? I feel like I've seen this artist's stuff on Tumblr or something before.

I'd like this more if these were just OCs, and also if stylization between the head and body matched more on the left one. Dave is so OOC there that he really might as well just be an OC.

No. 259368

Home Movies + Deltarune?

No. 259382

File: 1669796848055.png (1.01 MB, 1028x1021, Untitled46678865435.png)

They drew him looking like he took a creamy shart

No. 259392

File: 1669802311110.png (895.11 KB, 719x1200, 1668732023685.png)

baki is just a very gay and retarded series and that's the appeal for a lot people, when I found out this wasn't an edited page I lost my shit

No. 259410

lmfao why??? will context even make this less confusing???

No. 259418

File: 1669807094142.png (980.62 KB, 764x1200, 1668731578635.png)

again its gay and retarded and makes no sense, picrel is a 15 year old boy and a main character in the story, he just looks like this and its never explained or dwelled upon

No. 259425

File: 1669809101085.jpg (81.12 KB, 850x1403, sample-cded8d64a924f708ed6c03b…)

May be nitpic but I really, really hate the way the face is drawn here with those relatively adult body proportions

No. 259427

I hate seeing natural body hair be used for fugly SJ shit. We're already mocked and scorned if we dare even show at least a centimeter of our body hair in the world, and seeing art like these just makes me more ashamed of something that's supposed to grown on my body anyway.

Jfc I just want to see art with female body hair that doesn't devolve to pandering and isn't hideous.

No. 259432

File: 1669809684122.jpg (70.9 KB, 387x258, Disloyal_man_with_his_girlfrie…)

Reminds me of picrel kek.

No. 259441

>why fujoshis just don't draw rule 63,
Because they don't want to sexualize female characters or they don't want to be associated with male coomers

No. 259451

File: 1669813760857.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 149.43 KB, 1565x1874, FiWzXkwWQAAePM4.jpeg)

Unfortunately the pic was removed so I couldn't save it so I used the cached thumbnail and reverse image searched it

had to dig through some gross porn but did manage to find a picture that wasn't ant-sized

Original message:


>I just don't understand why fujoshis just don't draw rule 63, why do they need to "warp" a male character's body to make it resemble a voluptuous female body

No. 259453

File: 1669813860280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.28 KB, 1564x1869, ss_2482f9beb481fb40fb4daf8684e…)

why can't fujoshis just don't draw rule 63, why do they "warp" a male character's body to the point it resembles a voluptuous woman's body
this is literally a man's head on a woman's body, are you really gonna claim this is in anyway a male human being

No. 259455

i like the art, source?

No. 259457

a friend on discord shared it with me, I don't know the original artist

No. 259465

this kind of art is so hilarious to me. i love unrealistic proportions for male characters in porn but yeah this is like repressed lesbianism or smth

No. 259469

No shit, Sherlock.

No. 259482

File: 1669822564400.png (8.24 KB, 354x263, dbrpo6g-4d20fe35-a3b8-4e6f-ae1…)

dogboy hitler

No. 259485

File: 1669823118801.png (467.35 KB, 835x1200, 1637060835526.png)

some of my favorite bits(which also have all have bad art)

No. 259487

File: 1669823226106.png (333.81 KB, 640x480, 1644364822072.png)

No. 259494

File: 1669823480166.png (785.51 KB, 853x646, 1640210379087.png)

No. 259501

Is this some kind of shitpost art? It's just this old rcdart drawing with a realistic style.

No. 259502

File: 1669826435672.png (566.41 KB, 1080x1059, shetheyuwuhands.png)

No. 259517

The giant pecs thing is very common in bara, which is typically drawn by men. I'm pretty sure that's where it started, and it eventually bled over into yaoi.

I'm not certain why people are so into this sort of thing, but if I were to guess, I'd say that it probably operates on the same logic as futa, but instead of a female body with a dick, it's a male body with big boobs. There's also the whole supernormal stimuli thing, where people take a trait that's attractive in real life (in this case muscles) and exaggerate it beyond logic.

No. 259532

File: 1669834511704.jpg (112.23 KB, 720x796, Screenshot_20221130-104953_Ins…)

…..what happened… cyarine was one of my favourite artist but now most of her stuff consists of broken anatomy and same face syndrome… atleast her older art had personality

No. 259533

File: 1669834705795.jpg (165.63 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_20221130-105023_Ins…)

Is that leg NOT broken??? How does such a skilled artist deimprove so much ?

No. 259535

Who cares? the reason why no one cares about her progression is because she makes art that’s equivalent to fast-fashion fast food ran retard brains to sustain her lifestyle. Anyways I noticed her legs are way skinnier than before, might be going through a subtle anachan phase or just being a typical autist with their food pickiness kek

No. 259651

cyarine was never good, and she's less good now because she doesn't have to try anymore. she always drew boring, mcdonalds-Loish instagirls, what was so remarkable about that?

No. 259698

Threadpic looks worse every time I see it

No. 259730

She was quite popular back in the day guess that clouded my judgement glasses of her art . But like nonna said it does look like fast food art .

No. 259738

You may be right but it's alright to like that kind of art too. If you like it you like it.

No. 259784

File: 1669905486939.jpg (148.38 KB, 1044x1149, Fi2H2kMVQAAlv-v.jpg)

This is supposed to be Aemond and luke

No. 259787

File: 1669907096597.jpg (280.92 KB, 640x480, miku no.jpg)

An old pic, but someone broke Miku's spine.

No. 259816

Did they trace from Wikihow? This looks so awkward

No. 259839

This feels too boring and mild for this thread tbh or else I’ve just seen too many worse things.

No. 259852

Sure, it's basic beginner level. The hands and engorged head made me laugh tho

No. 259887

File: 1669933166723.jpeg (346.54 KB, 1409x2048, 19357116-5BDB-4099-A7E4-34C5BB…)

Found this on twitter. Good rendering and background, but what jumps out to me is the poorly executed anatomy of the thighs and pelvis, as well as her left hand. Clearly effort was put into the rendering that should have first been prioritized for the anatomy. Foundations are more important than simply being stylish.

No. 259890

>"We're coming for you, Bowser!"
>Facing away from him

No. 259895

on first glance i was gonna say this isnt too bad, but yeah the anatomy is really bugging me. also what are those things on her shoulders? is that meant to be her flesh spilling out of cutouts or are they like… pauldrons…?

No. 259896

It almost looks like she has no crotch and her legs are one

No. 259901

File: 1669938453519.jpg (115.43 KB, 500x410, 1669933284918041.jpg)

This is bad in an endearing way

No. 259911

wasn't this manga one of the first shounens to get fujo fans?

No. 259915

It's kind of scary how blind some artists are to their own bad stylizations, no matter how pro they are. Makes me wonder what dumbass mistakes I'm making kek

No. 259916

Her thighs look like how hentai artists draw vulvas

No. 259919

How does something like this even happen?
explains a lot

No. 259921

File: 1669947389033.gif (130.65 KB, 500x479, tumblr_8520303608c408133b8dd0c…)

Not a fujo and don't know the series but I agree it's endearing, it's like sailor moon y chromosome edition

No. 259958

Your description made me actually laugh out loud!

No. 260024

Think they’re pauldrons but now that you said that I can’t unsee it.

No. 260077

File: 1670010653248.jpg (417.43 KB, 1597x1777, tumblr_3dad1b3ae60d74868710c0a…)

Guess the characters anons…

No. 260079

oh no it's danganronpa…

No. 260080

my first thought was harry potter…

No. 260086

Yup, gotta be one of the most repulsive "redesigns" i ever saw lol

No. 260096

Girl on the right looks like a burn victim. And I'm not just saying this because of those weird red rashes(?). Her face genuinely looks like it was melted away and then poorly reconstructed.

No. 260099

>less good now because she doesn't have to try anymore
I notice this so often. It's just another one of the many downsides of everybody trying to make money with their art. As soon as they do or have enough followers to sell shit or get funds on kofi/patreon they don't bother drawing good art or improving anymore. They just shit out some generic stuff because it will suffice.

No. 260101

I hate that so many artists draw women with 0 hips. They just make their upper tights fat and think it was the same as long as the silhouette looks somewhat feminine but the hips are actual bones not fat and they are above the legs.
I see this in manga and anime too all the fucking time and it always pisses me off (probably because I think that hips are hotter than tits but often ignored).

No. 260133

File: 1670023585466.jpg (109.85 KB, 400x600, boot-leg-pant-400.jpg)

i dont think anyone has any idea what wide hips mean anymore because of media. Like if i showed you this woman almost no one would know she has wide hips because people now correlate thick upper thighs or round hips with having wide hips.

No. 260134

Yes exactly. Pic related is exactly what I consider pretty and attractive but it's getting so rare these daysy.
It probably doesn't help that anime are either fetishizing lolis who aren't fully developed yet or ara ara mommys with giant boobs and thighs.

No. 260135

i sincerely hope that komaedafag doesn't see this image

No. 260136

File: 1670025286052.jpg (374.2 KB, 1000x1440, 15-o.jpg)

Not sure if this fits but I started reading the Houseki no Kuni manga recently because I liked the anime and my god is it hard to follow in this medium. I wouldn't call it technically bad but I dont think I could parse half of the early chapters without watching the anime first. Goldmine for ridiculous anatomy too.

No. 260137

File: 1670025796780.jpg (303.92 KB, 2000x2400, FimTDHBXoAIZAB5.jpg)

I hate how digital art has made so many people stop sketching for themselves to get better and improve anatomy and perspectives because everybody jumps right to the coloring and upper layers before drawing proper proportions before.

No. 260139

File: 1670025819454.png (699.34 KB, 1142x768, autism.png)

No. 260153

This is amateurish, sure, but wholesome and based. I really like this.

No. 260154

Cute and I wish i was her, so inspired by my husbando

No. 260158

Holy shit that’s drawn by my personal cow. He’s a Mexican tranny who claims to be spiritually married to Millia Rage.

No. 260165

LIIINK her art is so cute

No. 260169

This is why I'm hoping for another season to finally come out

No. 260170

why is luke a woman

No. 260172

I don't think the art is bad enough to fit to the thread, it's just the self-insert OC shit that's cringe shit but this isn't art related. The art is surely amateurish but that's something else than bad. Bad art for me are literal trainwrecks or pretentious pieces that look like ass.

No. 260173

It looks like shit

No. 260174

it fits. from the op:
>incompetent technique
>bizarre, autistic subject matter

No. 260176

I'm so confused…yeah the rendering and shading is good but that doesn't mean jackshit with…whatever the fuck is wrong with this creature. I'm losing it at the failed foreshortening of the fingers.

No. 260180

File: 1670042381123.jpg (4.13 MB, 2264x3400, 56706019.jpg)

I work at a library and have to stare at this book with tif/fujo art on the cover every single day. I know it's not terribly bad per se, but seeing this art style physically printed onto a book is jarring. I do everything I can to avoid displaying this one. it's such an eyesore in real life on a shelf.

No. 260184

Knockoff shinji and kaworu look worse the more you look at it.

No. 260185

kek I thought the exact same thing, before reading the post I thought it was cover art for some kawoshin wattpad fic

No. 260188

that's just him as his wife, he's still a 15 year old boy

No. 260198

File: 1670055173008.jpg (299.29 KB, 1690x2441, Tumblr_l_4739097514755485.jpg)

Them hips

No. 260200

Yet another TiF who managed to self-publish her shitty yaoi fanfiction.

No. 260234

>yeah the rendering and shading is good
Not at all, it's dirty and just as much as the drawing, it's very anatomically incorrect. Only thing to applaud here is daring composition

No. 260238

Why does the character on the right remind me of holly brown's oc kek

No. 260252

I blame Heartstopper. I can't believe this is an actual published cover!! Also makes me want to end myself, this artist got their shitty fujo art published while quality artists are out here struggling, feels real bad man

No. 260265

Is it actually BL or is there some hidden trans shit in there?
I wouldn't wonder if some people called themselves trans for no other reason than to get such opportunities because they always get screentime and proposals if the just talk loud enough about being trans.

No. 260266

File: 1670088102240.jpeg (50.81 KB, 500x333, bioImage.jpeg)

shockingly, the author is a fat bald moid. when I first saw this book I looked everywhere to see if the author was trans, but it's just some nerdy web developer guy who has to have some kind of fetish. all of his recent books are fan fic with some kind of LGBT storyline and a piccrew looking cover.

No. 260268

It's both. The mc is a nonverbal autistic, cross dressing boy named Skylar who gets bullied for wearing skirts to school. How this got published is beyond me.

No. 260269

I agree nona. I like the concept and enjoyed the anime, but when I decided to read the manga I couldn’t understand what was going on half the time.

No. 260271

I can’t even hate self-insert shippers. I find them cute and endearing and if it makes them happy, whatever. It’s better than seeing ship wars and sjw hc art.

No. 260283

is he also a midget

No. 260299

File: 1670094187838.jpg (1.3 MB, 3298x4096, kekyoko.jpg)

No. 260313

Is this supposed to be Clark Kent and Kara Denvers? I hope it’s not an official artist - comic companies love hiring low-talents

No. 260316

File: 1670097095830.jpeg (261.37 KB, 1700x1700, 08E52145-1857-4E02-8C15-D128BF…)

Guess the character

No. 260317

Either it's jojo or lupin

No. 260318

probably can't guess the character, but its a masculine cocky male character ?

No. 260319

Besides being obviously traced them bug eyes are looking anywhere but my eyes

No. 260322

scar from lion king

No. 260323


No. 260352

I searched for the original and wtf, literally impossible to guess this
Zack Fair from FF7 lol

No. 260353

someone from What We Do in the Shadows or whatever that gay vampire show is called

No. 260354

File: 1670106237352.jpg (203.13 KB, 938x1600, c2662102bca141ad01237827258805…)

>Zack Fair from FF7 lol
Why not just make your own OC if it's that different

No. 260359

if this were meant to be unsettling id love it, but as it is… no
more importantly i never thought id see an anime girl in a chelsea shirt lmao christ

No. 260361

My guess was another Golden Kamuy character. The eyes are terrifying and with a psycho grin too

No. 260374

Kind of looks like a Hartley Hooligan if I’m being honest.

No. 260378

Lmao the only thing similar to the character is that they both have black hair.. and that's it, they couldn't even keep his retarded hair style

No. 260669

Only the good die young

No. 260671

Because they want the clicks. That's the reason for almost all the shitty and vastly off-model fanart you see.

No. 260678

File: 1670188015895.jpg (568.66 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_psb2jn6lpN1u2be98o1_128…)

art like this is so weird to me. the kind that's extremely detailed andyet your eyes cant focus on anything

No. 260706

File: 1670192240363.jpeg (66.46 KB, 1080x1106, received_537318634942637.jpeg)

No. 260804

File: 1670202369003.jpg (72.48 KB, 719x656, 20221204_190433.jpg)


No. 260829

Oh damn an arm sausage scar, I think it's the first time I'm seeing one on a piece of troon art.

No. 260908

What does that mean tho?

No. 260909

I think a kid probably drew this . It's cute in a …ugly way

No. 260910

Tube of skin to resemble a penis surgery

No. 260930

the hearts look like flies buzzing around it. appropriate

No. 260937

File: 1670249110148.jpg (27.22 KB, 501x552, 1565714372464.jpg)

Is that Marie Cuttlefish, member of the hit popstar duet known as Squid Sisters, from the famous online multiplayer turf-team squid-action game Splatoon 3

No. 260941

pics that make you speculate about the artist's own teeth

No. 260947

File: 1670253627809.png (266.37 KB, 646x592, 75.png)

its the usual "draw a girl and call it a boy" fujo brain rot manifestation

No. 261083

File: 1670279833983.jpeg (180.05 KB, 828x946, 5CF7097A-DA80-40A0-8803-DC5754…)


No. 261088

File: 1670282053790.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.01 KB, 1602x2048, EF74F4E1-22CA-4BD1-8AC1-954D2C…)

How does that even work…?

No. 261142

how is this bad? besides the abs being incorrect it looks ok to me

No. 261148

Her ass is fusing together

No. 261149

File: 1670292901499.jpg (61.87 KB, 350x525, Unrnvfcvcgi21.jpg)

Jay Sherman… is that you?

No. 261158

The fucking arm dude lol. It looks like a malnourished limb

No. 261160

it honestly just looks like they traced

No. 261161

Nitpick. The anatomy isn't warped or fetish cringe. This art doesn't belong here

No. 261184

Shit anatomy and probably traced. Not the worst offender but it belongs here. I'd rather see this type of shitty art than fetish shit

No. 261185

File: 1670304386570.jpeg (361.2 KB, 828x1302, 08E1BC43-DA98-493F-AC0D-0541AA…)

No. 261188

It somehow looks more like a cameltoe than a penis bulge.

No. 261193

legit thought this was rob liefeld from the thumbnail

No. 261194

File: 1670306489380.jpeg (323.34 KB, 1336x828, D9D5B482-E316-4C36-8C23-B0F2A0…)

I feel like this artist is gonna be the next rcdart

No. 261199

At first I thought the right one was from Steven Universe, then realized it was from Sonic

No. 261207

File: 1670314155816.jpeg (915.31 KB, 2048x2048, 8C9F2581-3EDF-440F-85A7-9E158F…)

No. 261212

Wouldn't homura turning ftm be homophobic? (Like unless it were a guy) Like the show is openly gay ? Or is madoka one too

No. 261224

I hate how the newest sexualization of girls is cutting their breasts of

No. 261227

my first thought kek honestly if not for the style the design is kind of accurate to the average 20 year olds i see

No. 261253

This artist draws the worst faces ever

No. 261256

My girl Rouge doesn't deserve tbis slander.

No. 261278

File: 1670333095524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.67 KB, 1080x1350, 317635411_468769272032890_4300…)

Thank you for saying it! Picrel it's still reducing women to body parts and the focus is STILL on breasts and genitals even in non-porn.

No. 261280

File: 1670333432246.png (1.05 MB, 816x940, 27841510673.png)

Eye searing ugly

No. 261285

No. 261302

I was just about to post this

No. 261309

File: 1670347067250.jpg (5.47 KB, 248x204, images.jpeg.jpg)

No. 261310

madoka is one too she has a mustache kek

No. 261311

File: 1670348078265.jpg (56.12 KB, 1024x731, 2798e73e2aab2a42bc7b443b7444fa…)

No. 261314

No. 261316

isn't this person the one who try to kill himself bc he drew this exact shit before?

No. 261320

Anyone have any entertaining or interesting art cows they follow or otherwise keep up with? Can be a personal cow or more well known one

No. 261323

I know a bunch but they're all good artists so probably not fit for this thread

No. 261324


No. 261325

File: 1670351176819.jpeg (146.46 KB, 1286x2000, 85A0FD3E-5131-4920-BB7E-114D54…)

Me and who

No. 261330

I was under the impression that it's a TiF. Looking back again it's probably an aiden lol. Sorry nonna I'm stupid

No. 261335

I know one. Shes did some Gatsby fan comics that I liked but man she is a wreck. Changes her username constantly so I'm not sure what's her name now . Shes a commie living in the us while simultaneously supporting…uh… y'know that thing. I like seeing her crazy rambles on my ig

No. 261336

thats the same thing

No. 261340

I think you might want to go to the art salt thread, this is not the thread for that

No. 261342

Tim art
Tif art

No. 261344

File: 1670354657404.jpg (371.72 KB, 1065x1080, IMG_20221206_141923.jpg)

No. 261347

File: 1670355234368.jpg (16.96 KB, 238x284, IMG_20221206_142915.jpg)

jfc, for a moment I thought its eyes were eyebrows and the flags on its cheeks were eyes

No. 261358

File: 1670359240761.jpg (13.21 KB, 128x128, 1611248827391.jpg)

I was about to say I like this until I saw Homura's chest

No. 261360

The black haired girl looks dead inside

No. 261388

Of course he chose the most sexualized character in the series to project onto

No. 261391

kek the troon who drew this was threatening suicide and claiming she can't draw well anymore thanks of "all the meds" she had to take because of the "haters" who criticized this dumb shit

No. 261401

File: 1670369997529.jpeg (262.09 KB, 2048x1862, E2F36736-B7AC-4E79-9397-56E6E8…)

the tiny skull/forehead space irked me too much. They have microcephaly.

It’s so easy to fix, too…

No. 261405

I'm so sick of chromatic aberration

No. 261424

File: 1670378389273.png (2.64 MB, 2048x1862, 61540FF9-3FA1-4036-BCF8-6BF802…)

it was bugging me too much. I couldn’t find peace.

No. 261438

What's the point of this shit? I am a fujo myself and that shit is everywhere and it makes me mad. You cannot even recognize the characters anymore, is this transwashing or something?

No. 261443

File: 1670382562458.jpeg (205.06 KB, 1800x1385, 31C41726-219D-41F8-BB3F-C870CF…)

No. 261444

wrong thread, this is art

No. 261445

this is beautiful

No. 261449

brain rot and desire to femininize the uke(whose based on an actual underage child)

No. 261470

What does this have to do with fujos, that's purely tranny protocol

No. 261476

you know what I meant, fujos have a tendency to "feminize" the designated uke to resembling a pseudofemale, this has always been the case

No. 261477

File: 1670396997656.jpeg (456.47 KB, 1463x1778, 65420E99-4778-4813-8FA1-4FBD99…)

Tears in my eyes right now

No. 261485

Looks like a fever dream/nightmare

No. 261489

Don't show the Gorokoko anon this

If you are the Gorokoko anon I'm so sorry

No. 261504

Wrong if any of them would be tanned it'd be Airi because she has Mexican heritage as shown by her flawless pronunciation of "que será será" in viva happy.

No. 261547

Still not great but it looks much better. I wish people would play around with facial proportions more to figure out what actually looks good but I guess they just copy the same other shitty styles they see from their friends.

No. 261581

shit ship so deserve

No. 261590

File: 1670431202981.png (282.81 KB, 811x559, 1591806848848.png)

I agree with the message but I hate the actual artist's style

No. 261603

Same. I don't know why it's always these weird artstyles. I sometimes feel like western artists are so damn afraid of making their art only look remotely anime that they resort to the worst subtypes of nickelodeon cartoons and calarts to keep "their" style, not realising that all western art looks exactly like that.

No. 261604

No. 261605

And she fucked it up somehow. The large cartooney face with huge simplistic eyes clash very badly with realistic hands (she even bothered to detail the wrinkles).

No. 261607

I can't tell if the dude has zippertits scars or if it's just shitty shading.

No. 261718

File: 1670449753081.jpeg (536.31 KB, 1280x1069, D0023A3F-96DF-4FD9-88FD-231475…)

trying to scare genshinfags off this forum

No. 261722

When you're so scared of making your art look even a little bit anime-inspired so you end up drawing like hotdiggedydemon kek

No. 261783

>based edna not there to support an attempted murderer and apparent coomer

Best female Simpsons character now and always

No. 261918

File: 1670516521450.jpg (254.11 KB, 1748x1583, Ek-BxelVMAAcSeP.jpg)

Young women today really are on a mission to pretend that every single fictional male they fancy is actually a mutilated woman.

No. 261945

Nooooo not Zag

No. 261967

File: 1670529761386.png (747.06 KB, 656x660, Screenshot (45).png)

The rendering is good but something about the head looks so….off to me. I can't figure out what it is exactly, maybe the super flat top of the head or the jawline being too forward

No. 261975

File: 1670531388573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1332x1864, FBBD95E0-D512-4591-B4C3-6DEE96…)

Why? Why is the girl’s head like that?

No. 261978

Judging by the shitty mouth she might be a vorefag too.
I hate it because it could actually be decent art without that mouth and the tranny shit.

I don't even get why fantasy characters have to have scars. If you headcanon them as trans why not at least doing it in a less cringe way and imagine that they simply changed their gender with magic?

No. 261979

I'm always unsure if these types of art belong here or the art salt thread. I'm an art major so I tend to be hyper critical (I literally do art critiques all the time so it's just wired in my brain) when looking at art while nonas here would be applauding the most basic art (which isn't bad). From first glance the jaw seems fine to me? But the mushroom haircut is jarring to look at (unless it's suppose to represent an existing character?) The coartoonish ears look so misplaced compared the level of detail on other parts. Forshortening and angle on right forearm is a bit awkward but other than that it's a decent piece.

No. 261980

Is tit chop scars the new tumblr red nose art gimmick for self hating women?

No. 261981

Damn that's like a forethousandhead

No. 261992

>his butt
Wow, just wow

No. 262035

File: 1670551092307.jpeg (269.1 KB, 1884x1838, B34B4244-1D61-4C32-84F1-3604D6…)

The male libido is an enigma

No. 262046

The fucking fingers

No. 262051

He's got them ryukishi07 paws

No. 262053

File: 1670557971739.png (94.03 KB, 334x199, head.png)

Yes, the head is fucked up. the ear and eye are too close together, almost like the neck/jaw/back of head were drawn at one angle, and the nose/eyes/mouth were drawn at another. I know this isn't the redline thread, but it's really hard to explain this without some kind of visual, but basically the eye and nose don't follow the curvature of the head, either.

The coloring and gesture are excellent, so I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt and assume that the weirdly-shaped head was maybe an attempt to give the character a more distinct silhouette, or maybe even just avoid some kind of tangent. It's also the sort of thing that happens when you stare at a drawing too long without flipping the canvas.

No. 262054

i think it was on purpose to make the head less stiff to be honest, your redline is anatomically correct but it loses that fluidity the original has.

No. 262058

Yeah, that's a better way to put what I was trying to say in the second part of my reply. Like I can see what the original anon took issue with, but at the same time it really feels like an intentional stylistic choice that emphasizes the silhouette of the character.

Intentional stylization (when competent artists like the whoever drew the wolf guy do it, not teenagers on Tumblr who draw anime fanart) is where it becomes even more of a matter of opinion than art is to begin with.

No. 262079

Is this shit digital? (I've been looking for digital watercolor brushes that aren't ass lol)

No. 262097

Please spoiler that. It feels loli fetishism

No. 262112

The micropenis Korean haircut…

No. 262132

File: 1670584333879.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1080x1108, ewchrist.png)

No. 262150

I love the mushroom haircut tho, it's such a bold choice in a dramatic painting to give him such a silly haircut kek

No. 262151

I like catgirls as much as your average weeb but I can't stand this sort of half mix of facial features. Gives me uncanny valley shivers

No. 262157

File: 1670593072937.png (554.41 KB, 746x746, coom.png)

Bastien Vives is a french artist who's pretty talented, he sadly wastes his talent on degenerate misogynistic art. He's a huge coomer obsessed with massive boobs.

No. 262160

File: 1670593289658.png (Spoiler Image, 440.44 KB, 747x751, coompedo.png)

>Why did the parents gave you money ?
>Because I'm the oldest
>That's unfair you're only six month older than us … Stop bragging

No. 262162

he's average at best

No. 262163

File: 1670594191490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.17 KB, 980x459, 1156974-petit3.jpg)

Don't forget "petit Paul", a comic about a child with a huge dick
He's a coomer and a pedo

No. 262164

The ear placement was bothering me and I couldn't figure out why earlier. Now I see it. Honestly your quick redraw makes the piece better without losing the 'stylization'.

No. 262167

Thanks for your explanation, yeah I think the issue is that the head looks like each feature was drawn from a different angle. I don't think you have to sacrifice anatomy for stylization. You can break anatomy in certain instances but you have to do it subtly and strategically so it doesn't read as uncanny or broken.

No. 262173

No. 262178

he's not even that good tbh. his lineart is basic and the stories suck. im glad he got some backlash for petit paul but it's a shame it didn't end his career

No. 262181

File: 1670602896314.jpg (213.88 KB, 500x505, f393841b67-2142-0fa5-a25c-38bf…)

Unsure if it will give you the same effect, but this is the watercolor brush I use the most, it looks pretty nice and the way it works is similar to using actual watercolors in real life.

I haven't used it much, but this one can work too if you prefer to paint color blocks and then blend with a watercolor effect

Giving your brushes an outline (I think it's even called watercolor outline in CSP?) can do the trick for certain stuff. That artist probably used more than one brush like most artists though, remember there isn't a single brush that works for everything.

No. 262196

File: 1670607748304.png (Spoiler Image, 272.25 KB, 440x579, i392L5L.png)

holy shit LMFAO

No. 262198

File: 1670607923347.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.91 KB, 837x869, AC99912F-60B9-48E7-9A19-327839…)

No. 262208

oh i know this artist she's super talented and her rendering is amazing, but yeah her humans are usually shaped kinda weirdly. definetly a stylistic choice, but personally i can't say i'm a fan of it

No. 262225

Wouldn't say he's "talented" per say but French comic artists tend to be wack anyways … for example… jérémie périn . I like the lastman animated series but some of his art is…gross

No. 262253

File: 1670616275672.jpeg (419.12 KB, 2048x2020, 1FD6C241-D62A-4FD8-8F72-6FF220…)

Self portrait From Reddit, the artist posted this as a progress over few years. Clearly succumbed to instagram trends and it somehow makes me sad. All what was unique and personal about her art just gone. And it’s not good also.

No. 262258


I remember this artist, I kinda like his work a few years ago, I think he had a blog??? I just googled his name so I could see more of his work and apparently he's being accused of promoting incest and child porn. He said disgusting things in interviews, honestly, you can't pretend to be a sane person while drawing this kind of things.

No. 262380

File: 1670631807527.jpeg (207.82 KB, 828x822, 341D38EF-B067-4DAC-A18D-A304EE…)


No. 262388

Dem lips

No. 262411

Are you high? They look the same only this time the upgraded one is in 1080p

No. 262430

File: 1670653216816.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1004.34 KB, 1213x1847, C2BD09E1-A00B-4852-9B33-C48675…)


No. 262439

File: 1670655380029.png (3.32 KB, 128x176, vqcwk6k5p8n51.png)

christ it looks like they put the oldschool ms paint spray can over her mouth for the steam effect.
and the beads of sweat straight up just resemble pockmarks. awful.

No. 262468

Poor syphilis chan
Man coom jap artist have some hilarious anatomy kek

No. 262476

This just looks like normal anime art to me.

No. 262508

File: 1670679489138.png (1.56 MB, 1077x2032, ok.jpeg.png)

Is this ugly or is it just me? Then again, I guess considering the show the fanart comes from, maybe it's suppose to look ugly

No. 262510

i like it for the ugliness tbh

No. 262515

File: 1670680715438.png (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 1080x2369, balloonlookinass.png)

When gay men draw men

No. 262518

Wouldn't say this is bad art since the show has a ugly artstyle too .

No. 262519

He's the same as the coombrained artist who draw women like sex dolls .

No. 262533

>Gay man draws men with tits, snatched waist and child bearing hips

what does it mean

No. 262574

Yeah I don’t mind when art is stylized in an ugly way to fit with ugly source media.

No. 262721

File: 1670737022355.jpg (166.69 KB, 1284x2282, trce.jpg)

>unique talent of turning a photo into a painting
its literally just traced drawing

No. 262723

nonna please tell me the name I'm begging on my hands and knees

No. 262734

Do gay men like huge tits too? Maybe he's bisexual

No. 262835

File: 1670784758350.jpg (63.05 KB, 400x504, tumblr_cf43f2a31c190f6d665e1e5…)

No. 262838

File: 1670784898467.jpg (110.95 KB, 720x528, Screenshot_20221211-004242_You…)

This youtuber posts some obnoxious thumbnails… but this takes the cake …

No. 262852

It looks like a face

No. 262881

File: 1670795298167.png (390.17 KB, 800x1050, 8867BF7F-2DAA-4740-8FD6-FF62CD…)

No. 262887

File: 1670796259211.png (6.01 MB, 2718x1624, worst kind of youtuber.PNG)

I don't think the art is objectively bad for a youtube thumbnail but I'm sure the content itself is awful.

No. 262889

You're right, the colors are vomit-inducing.
Coom artists need to leave Peach alone!
It's so sad when artists do this. Left is amateur but cute, and right is just every disney thot ever.

No. 262894

lay off the pizza old man

No. 262895

Jesus Christ, even as a liberal I think this person seems insufferable. Also the art style is Tumblr-tier cancer.

No. 262896

Her boob literally looks like a second right arm, anon…

No. 262897

Is this ethan online? Did he rebrand or something? I used to watch him a while ago, now i just think he's annoying

No. 262900

>as a liberal

No. 262906

do not you dare derail the shitty art thread by political sperging

No. 262922

You're right, that's who it reminded me of! I knew I've seen that hairstyle before. I looked up his channel and his main just has thumbnails with photos of him. But then I went to his side channel and yup, you're are correct nonna. I got the annoying feeling from him before too so I'm not surprised.

No. 262932

File: 1670808971422.jpeg (156.44 KB, 689x660, 89C75F64-D181-4322-A162-91740E…)

Guess the characters

No. 262933

It's Sam and Max, isn't it

No. 262942

On shit I thought it was a weird dog at first.

No. 262970

i dont know anything about the game/show(?) why does it attract so many tifs?

No. 263066

File: 1670869797185.jpg (190.78 KB, 1077x1210, 20221212_122654.jpg)

Bold of him to start charging his followers to look at his poorly drawn porn.

No. 263071

What is it with coomers and Kobeni? If I see another "sloppy blowjob devil" joke I will seethe. Why aren't these porn addicts ashamed of themselves?

No. 263072

File: 1670871010531.jpg (115.55 KB, 736x736, c70d008bd4c238ac33fca266708da6…)

It's because she's a shitty Moe through helplessness character that basically has an ahegao face

No. 263073

His perspective illustrations are so interesting, it's such a shame he wastes his talent drawing this type of crap nowadays.
Men enjoy female characters who are losers, either because they relate to them or because they're sadistic (or both). But CSM in general attracts coomers, not only Kobeni.

No. 263090

God yeah, I fucking hate his current art, it's so trashy and boring. His illustration style was really interesting at some point, but now it's nothing but flat, ugly coomshit. Sad to see an artist degrade like that, but moids gonna moid

No. 263099

Who’s the artist? Never heard of him.

No. 263105

Puppychan tier

No. 263120

Pantsu ripper

No. 263122

he's a sperg too, I remember reading him sperg on ic because someone commissioned him for the cover of a song and he didnt like the song, such an autist. He's also super stuck up his own ass.

No. 263124

>Pantsu ripper
And you’re surprised he’s a degen

No. 263149

of course he's an /ic/ scrote

No. 263163

File: 1670906690255.jpeg (112.07 KB, 595x812, 77957D27-61C7-4AE8-A828-31F041…)

Which one of you drew this

No. 263168

did he ate the penguin

No. 263169


No. 263179

Kek this is amazing

No. 263181

File: 1670912362825.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.67 KB, 848x1200, 53452B5B-0192-490B-B920-17663F…)

This is actually skilled but wtf is going on between the legs…

No. 263182

not "the penguin", The Penguin. You know, the guy from Batman

No. 263183

File: 1670912601314.jpg (196.43 KB, 1054x1501, Fg5xPpRXoAEPO9S.jpeg.jpg)

One of thier newer art

I used to like thier art too anon

No. 263184

idk anon look at the troon pins in this pic >>263183

No. 263185

i dont understand these people obsession with the y2k, they would have been bullied into suicide back then

No. 263186

nice fem!Kakyoin and Jotaro

No. 263187

This is good actually

No. 263189

And they have the audacity to mock how straight women draw men. Even the worst yaoi hands fails are nothing compared to this. Vomit-inducing

No. 263191

I discovered his art through astrophysics music … shame he has devolved into a coom artist ..

No. 263196

No. 263233

It looks bad. You're on the bad art thread nonny.

No. 263236

File: 1670944616448.jpeg (336.51 KB, 1470x604, 6F40B4F0-385A-4EDA-8CF9-8D857E…)

This shit is so fucking ugly I can’t believe this artist is popular

No. 263238

I'm worried for the creator's mental health

No. 263250

Is this from the creator of Rugrats?

No. 263269

I almost thought this was fart festish art but God its way worse… let me guess… the artist is a rap fan

No. 263278

muh unique style

No. 263282

File: 1670958258128.jpeg (305.79 KB, 827x1393, F2290372-3439-4679-8FDD-1E39A0…)

>you look like your art

No. 263283

Not today, crap-chan

No. 263298

trans aphrodite? really? kek

No. 263309

This kind of art activates my fight or flight mode. Cool girl NLOGs who are an absolute nightmare once you get to know them better.

No. 263338

is that artist known to be an nlog or are you just assuming that?

No. 263340

File: 1670975810469.jpg (108.59 KB, 648x1080, 1670975441980.jpg)

No. 263349

File: 1670978765556.png (3.81 MB, 2048x2048, 849482342.png)

A little fix

No. 263368

File: 1670986514407.jpg (688.82 KB, 2048x1613, tumblr_a938ea9fc3ba45c27aee0a1…)

this isn't that bad but there's something really uncanny valley about this

No. 263370

that's still a 13 yr old with her titties out tho

No. 263376

fr just draw a shirt on her

No. 263377

File: 1670988253949.jpeg (684.94 KB, 1800x1906, EFC0FDE9-107F-438E-BC1A-AF6950…)

I’m sure this “artist” been posted before but dear god

No. 263379

Oh, she has. Wish she could get her own thread

No. 263383

as much as i like hades, that game honestly attracts a lot of troons. so this isn't surprising to me lol.

No. 263417

File: 1671003108654.jpeg (212.92 KB, 750x782, 0141502F-9717-4DDE-9524-ABE90F…)

this may be super nitpicky but the small toddler anime head is jarring compared to her adult frame, god I fucking hate anime so much

No. 263422

File: 1671006502746.png (124.29 KB, 860x797, 252-2528112_miss-fortune-skull…)

anime is known for making the heads too big if anything, the game this character is from for example
you're just seeing it wrong because of the puff on the sleeve

No. 263445

File: 1671014016320.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1581, tumblr_8030ad91e8e7b773e64f4dc…)

Katetorias posting time?

No. 263469

A non verbal autist would not be dressing like that kek

No. 263472

That's not anime though, it's a western game and you can tell by the style. If anything it just shows a westerner's projections about anime.

No. 263476

That’s funny, because I think a nonverbal autist WOULD dress like that

No. 263479

Could've covered homura up too tho. He(If you've genderbended her) still is a 13yr old

No. 263485

Legitimately. Kids these days have no clue.

No. 263486

Oh god, you know the new female MC of Hades 2 stands no chance. We can’t have anything.

No. 263500

It's annoying, but just ignore the dumb troonery.

No. 263522

File: 1671041017117.png (209.54 KB, 680x639, 1670185708246.png)

Saw this under the quote retweets from the hazbin hotel twitter account.

No. 263525

Which hazbin is this

No. 263579

File: 1671052008441.jpeg (320.92 KB, 1563x2048, BDFC2F20-792E-47B1-BC10-54AEDD…)

Nitpick but wtf is that hairline

No. 263587

That's a twohead

No. 263592

i don't think not being able to talk has anything to do with how you dress

No. 263599

probably they've never dealt with a forehead without bangs. it's a bad animu artist problem.

No. 263604

unrelated to the forehead but why do i see so much art of piss drunk semi-naked animu girls these days? is this a new fetish? creepy

No. 263613

Hmm this Daria reboot looks like shit

No. 263617

Why is her hand folded like a piece of paper

No. 263643

I blame chainsaw man

No. 263648

File: 1671066734501.jpeg (26.31 KB, 236x332, 27A0211D-F67E-44FB-BDD1-4A6BF7…)

what the fuck is going on with her boobs and why are they sitting like that on her chest? woman’s boobs kind of slump and separate like picrel when leaning. looks like someone stuck a tire pump in a yaoi boy’s chest and kept pumping kek

No. 263696

this what i imagine the consequences of AI will be, mediocre artists being really tryhard about their artstyle

No. 263707

Why? Because coomers hate how real women's boobs sit and move. To them the boobs in your pic would be saggy and small. They want balloon tits that stay inflated in any position, but are somehow soft like a water balloon or a pillow at the same time. Also why is the belt so fucking thick?

No. 263735

The way moids think is so weird. Women are so beautiful when just reclining and their bodies are doing what they’re naturally meant to do. I will never understand, but coomer men stay losing.

No. 263793

File: 1671129283967.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 4096x2302, 202909450.jpg)

I know this is not /that/ bad in terms of skill but I had to post it simply because the subject matter is actually fucking offensive. We got one butch character with a flat chest in pokemon and look what deranged coomers do to her

No. 263818

This pasty white drawing the most ugly grotesque looking brown women and getting popular for it kek

No. 263820

They look at women's breasts the way they look at their own dicks, the bigger the better. They also all seem to be under the false belief that women judge other women based on the size of their breasts, or all women wish for huge balloon tits themselves. In short, men are retarded.

No. 263834

Moids and coomers can't appreciate handsome androgynous girls and/or guys without drawing them off-model and more feminine because they don't look submissive and breedable enough to them. It's absolutely distasteful and offensive. This also goes to drawing chubby plus size female characters more slimmer.

No. 263896

File: 1671156196723.png (837.43 KB, 1080x1227, my-newest-twst-oc-based-off-of…)

Found the prequel of OP art

No. 263928

File: 1671166092639.jpeg (29.12 KB, 400x534, ECC97144-D7C1-4910-98CC-EA4592…)

No. 263929

I know it's infuriating but it's better not to give them any attention and instead continue drawing and enjoying on-model fanart. Coomer moids who destroy characters like this are always going to exist, balloon tits coomer fanart is sadly always going to be made, the best we can do is turn them into a very tiny invisible minority and not give them any attention

No. 263947

File: 1671173801817.png (4.48 MB, 2048x2048, 480C1EA9-CED7-4C85-97C4-EBA0AB…)

No. 263950

Well it matches his anthro form so…. although I wouldn't like to be woken with a nightmare in front of me

No. 263953

Yeah I actually get mental damage from seeing shit like this done to a GNC female character, I'm not kidding. It's part of why I'm a fujo, I just can't handle this being done to women because it hits too close to home and makes me depressed.

No. 263997

I hate moids. She doesn’t have those and she would never wear that.

No. 264006

File: 1671204645327.jpg (563.53 KB, 1436x1777, 319357469_1099859514051448_609…)

I hate whatever's going on with her lower eyelashes

No. 264009

i can dismiss the lashes as a stylistic choice but the anatomy here is fucked. wtf is going on with her shoulder? why the randomly giant ear?

No. 264010

Agree. It's disgusting. Men think tomboy amd gnc women are just hiding giant breats and curves when most are extremely uncomfortable with it.

No. 264018

His feet are not even the right way

No. 264019

retarded moids draw pokemon like this too, moids are always moiding

No. 264033

I’m so tired of this lash trend. I have a friend who draws characters like that and I just smile and tell her it’s nice so her feelings don’t get hurt. Eventually people will move onto something else I hope.

No. 264121

Late reply, but I remember that thread. That was insufferable to read.
what's even going on here

No. 264188

File: 1671289529654.jpg (129.2 KB, 827x997, Deku bunny.jpg)

what level of brain rot leads to this?

No. 264229

File: 1671296780087.jpeg (139.15 KB, 750x998, 7E1D3545-4FD6-497E-A003-3A42EB…)

Low hanging fruit but I just hate how webtoons draw FL with stupid proportions

No. 264230

File: 1671296804466.jpeg (793.65 KB, 750x1238, D64986E0-19FB-4849-A897-1BE0BF…)

No. 264231

File: 1671296864525.jpeg (937.68 KB, 750x1083, D6DBA347-819D-492C-AFBB-CDEF47…)

I know it’s not nearly as gross as most of the fetish art out there but it just feels so coomerish for something aimed at young women

No. 264250


No. 264265

File: 1671303221585.jpg (469.29 KB, 1200x1425, Tumblr_l_15623764763933.jpg)

This is supposed to be Toji from JJK "fixed" aka no abs and a fatty according to the "artist"

No. 264276

furfaggotry i guess

No. 264298

There's nothing wrong with inspiring young women to be beautiful. We live in an ugly world, so anyone who tries to be pretty and beautiful is making the world a better place to live in. Which makes me laugh at >>263793 because even if it's coomer stuff you can clearly see female beauty in the fanart version while the original art looks like a typical soyboy. The original design is anti-woman and appeals only to male homosexuals who are into twinks.

I'm just tired of pretending to be okay with low standards for everyone and everything.

No. 264299

Whoa the original character looks great, what is her name?

No. 264300

What the fuck did you expect? It's porn. It will always appeal to fantasy and this one isn't even that bad. Even if the character is androgynous and flat chested, all women have boobs, yes they're a little too big in the fanart but no woman's chest is naturally as flat as the left, it looks unnatural like she's wearing a binder or really tight sports bra, underneath clothes even the flattest chested women have some sort of fat tissue that protrudes.

No. 264302

File: 1671307652046.jpg (3.12 MB, 4323x3056, Gardner_face.jpg)

every single one of these facial expressions

No. 264303

average mha fan

No. 264304

Why are you defending that moid shit? And yes flat chested women exist.

No. 264307

Cause I think it looks better than the left? I know small chested women exist. I am one. However I still have breasts like all women do. No woman's chest is as flat as the one on the left without wearing some sort of binder or restrictive sports bra. Even if one has mosquito bite tits there's still some puffy breast tissue there and it's never as flat as a man's.

No. 264308

butches are hotter. go back

No. 264315

Low standards? Because my boobs aren’t the size of my head?

No. 264316

This. Smells like scrote in here tbh.

No. 264318

>There's nothing wrong with inspiring young women to be beautiful
inspire to what? to get a boob job? are you a fucking moid, women already have to deal with crazy beauty standards, no reason to put that shit in escapist fiction
>No woman's chest is as flat as the one on the left without wearing some sort of binder or restrictive sports bra
no that's literally how a larger shirt looks on a flat chested woman who wears a sports bra, don't try to speak for all of us. yes, real flat chested women do exist. and how does the right one with insane proportions and a retarded corset looks better than the left one where she's wearing comfy clothes?

No. 264320

just new in, flat chested women do not exist

No. 264322

you need to stop worrying about the women you will never earn the attention of and instead learn how to clean your penis properly, get a physical labor job, enlist, etcetera. terminally online limp wrists such as yourself have no room to throw the term soyboy around.

if this somehow isn't a male larping as a tradthot, pass that first part on to your discord groomer bf and go to therapy.

No. 264324

You may not like it, but this is what top physical condition looks like

No. 264356

Lol dad bod turned into holy shit his face is horrifying!

No. 264373

Typical "anti sjw" male "argument". "Everything is ugly and below my standards and I can't coom to it waaahhh." Gtfo.

No. 264374

Been a while since ive seen such a obvious male post kek

No. 264381

Actual flat chested woman here, I'm talking no curvature at all. We exist and would like to be represented without coomers constantly ruining good character designs.

No. 264412

File: 1671324030636.jpg (47.87 KB, 500x691, IMG_20221217_193523.jpg)

No. 264422

Tbh the first one does look weird. It's rare to see a woman with that flat of a chest irl without having had like, breast cancer surgery or, like the other anon said, wearing a binder or multiple sports bras, and her entire upper body is shaped like an upside down triangle, very male-like and uncanny. I couldn't even tell it was supposed to be a woman until I read the rest of the post. Yes, the second art is coomshit, but the first one is bad too. I hate when "female character designs" just look like 5/10 forgettable moids and everyone applauds it. Idk, the whole "create a character design that looks exactly like a man/woman but call it the opposite sex" shtick gets old for me really quickly. Sorry, but I like female characters to look female. No, that doesn't mean have huge boobs or an hourglass waist or anything, but just to have a realistic female body shape.
>inb4 scrote, male, coomer reee etc.
Kekk this looks like AI art
Is that supposed to be a skirt or fur??

No. 264426

This is very odd considering how she's wearing a fairly loose top. I've had a friend that cut a similar figure when wearing similar, 0 binder. I also have a similar shape and I do weight lift. Ironically both designs are extremely unrealistic anyway for very different reasons…and some of you seem insecure in the idea that women can look good without having, uh, certain proportions or trying hard. It's just having insane standards for how women should look, be honest.
Case in point; men have naturally more luscious lashes than women. What people consider the most feminine these days is often a façade because it's based in the artificial and performative. It's like what that one disguise expert said about how it's extremely easy to make a woman look like a man, but nearly impossible to make a man look like a woman.

No. 264433

Moids will turn GNC female characters into >>263793 this, and gendies will trans her into a FtM.
Everyone hates unfeminine women.

No. 264435

I love when lashlets post this

No. 264436

File: 1671334301045.jpg (197.09 KB, 900x1423, rika by appendagechild.jpg)

Rika from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

No. 264437

At least get the meme right. It’s “at peak performance”.

No. 264442

This is such a fucking boring panel layout as well

No. 264446

Actually I have luscious lashes and get a lot of compliments on them…not that I'm proud of them, my eyes are extremely ugly otherwise. Plus the eyelashes constantly shed and get into my eyes. So, all suffering, 0 beauty.

No. 264447

I've seen this before it's so stupid that it's funny

No. 264448

I don't have the words to describe how funny this is. Why do MHA girlies make Deku pregnant so often kek

No. 264450

Literally could not be more autistic

No. 264451

cause the uke functions as a female in all but name and pronouns

No. 264463

File: 1671356629879.jpg (784.4 KB, 1143x1144, rika.jpg)

No? Just because the artwork doesn't have that shitty anime boob shadow means she has no boobs.
And if the reverse triangle upsets you so much it seems they barely kept it in game anyway. I actually imagine anons will still think she's too feminine because of her long hair.

No. 264466

what was the point in outlining her body? she still looks flat as a board

No. 264482

Thank you. I'm in love.

No. 264484

>Idk, the whole "create a character design that looks exactly like a man/woman but call it the opposite sex" shtick gets old for me really quickly
They didn't draw her "exactly like a man", she still has big eyes and youthful features and long hair, she's androgynous at most. If she were a boy instead, he'd be just as androgynous. The only reason you think she looks "like a man" is because she's wearing a baggy shirt and the designer committed the horrible crime of drawing an adult flat-chested woman for once, I assure you if she wore more traditionally girly clothes you wouldn't be screeching about "muh draw a boy call it a girl" even if she were still flat-chested. Not to mention, it's a fucking cartoon, how can you tell when an androgynous character "looks female" or not based solely on one drawing? Even in real life, androgynous people exist. If you saw the actual male characters in the game you'd see that she doesn't look anywhere near as masculine as any of them (except for the literal femboy character).
>Sorry, but I like female characters to look female. No, that doesn't mean have huge boobs or an hourglass waist or anything, but just to have a realistic female body shape.
Her body shape isn't particularly "non-female", it's literally just a baggy shirt and skinny body. What you're saying is basically that you want all female characters to be designed with the same curvy shape (otherwise I don't get this hate for non-curvy designs), when you should know damn well that in real life, women can have all sorts of body shapes, including broad shoulders and flat chest, and that still doesn't mean they look like men because there are many other ways to tell. It's probably the first time that a female Pokemon character that's not a toddler lacks a super curvy body shape, I don't see the man-looking girl epidemic you're talking about.

No. 264495

How funny we are not talking about real women but fictional character designs where you can add anything and call it whatever you want. Sorry for your favorite character to have a severe case of "draw a boy call it a girl" same level of coomer bait femboy

No. 264496

File: 1671375333237.png (497.44 KB, 799x680, kashima.png)

nta but Rika looks exactly like every other gnc anime/manga "lesbian". She's the spitting image of a japanese butch lesbian stereotype, with the exception that she's slightly MORE feminine because she has long hair and is short comapred to other characters. The west butch is usually more chubby/muscular and "manly", but in Japan they are slender and look like "pretty boys".

No. 264497

>calling an androgynous, clothed female design comerish
NTA, but you really must be baiting.

No. 264501

File: 1671376567734.jpg (231.36 KB, 1080x1099, Picsart_22-12-18_10-14-18-469.…)

No. 264517

This is literally my body type

No. 264523

But how anon? You don't exist, apparently!

No. 264525

Next time someone a moid whines about how women totally can't be small-chested, report them.

No. 264527

This is literally my body type

No. 264529

File: 1671385952417.png (1.48 MB, 1200x893, F066DDEE-75C2-4346-92C9-295AC6…)

I can’t tell if this foreshortening looks weird or if it’s just me.

No. 264530

It looks pretty good.

No. 264542

It's look pretty cool . I think it's the uncanny valley that's weird but overall beautiful especially that hair rendering

No. 264543

Okay, thanks. I agree the rendering is very lovely. Foreshortening is just one of those things I’ve had a hard time understanding and this one seemed weird but it might just be that I haven’t studied it enough. I guess I shouldn’t have posted it ITT.

No. 264548

But how anon? You can't use those shrunken hands, apparently!

No. 264563

File: 1671392819802.jpg (347.77 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_20221218_143830.jpg)

This person is an absolute goldmine dekuwus for anyone brave enough to step into that particular circle of hell

No. 264568

Oh god, not Hamtaro.

No. 264572

tumblr sexywoman

No. 264577

File: 1671399640286.png (77.41 KB, 230x179, crop.PNG)

his mouth skin looks so body-horror-like

No. 264582

american comic artists get worse every time i see them.

No. 264583

she's so hot.

No. 264592

File: 1671404142943.jpg (25.76 KB, 200x200, elastic-man.jpg)

No. 264606

No. 264623

Unironically, yeah

No. 264650

File: 1671425997735.jpeg (115.09 KB, 848x1200, FiNR648VsAElFgb.jpeg)

Good example of her in fanart to cleanse the palate.

Nonas can you rec some more androgynous women in Japanese or Korean media? Especially mature designs and lesbian love stories. Ymir, Haruka and Hanji are who I know of and like. >>264496

No. 264656

is this supposed to be an insult? i never know if calling something "tumblr sexyman/woman" is supposed to be rude

No. 264657

There's already a thread for that, nonnie >>210346

No. 264658

File: 1671429729225.png (357.73 KB, 567x355, ohno.png)

No. 264659

Thank you!

Same it's only been used as an insult and shaming when I've seen it.

No. 264660

Lingerie is sexy, hourglass figure not required. For someone to wear something atypical for her or against stereotype and find out she likes it is such a hot theme too

No. 264662

Wearing coomer outfits when you're butch is not hot at all. To me it feels like when moids tell lesbians to taste dick so they can get "fixed" by it.

No. 264663

ah yes the tomboy is secretly feminine trope, sure i haven't heard of that one before

No. 264689

I experience white rage every time moids decide to coom over GNC butch characters like this, like the absolute genetically flawed pussies they are they can't even sexualize them as they are but instead have to stuff them in sexy frilly malepandering lingerie with big tits like it a bimbofication machine. It's all about the degrading and ownership for them because even as a grown man they have the taste of a 12-year old boy, not true appreciation of a masculine woman because that shit makes them scared.

No. 264693

What? It's a cartoon, obviously it's not realistic. You can't apply real life proportions to it. There's no point in saying "b-but muh triangle shape it's unrealistic" when it's a bunch of lines on a paper that don't have the detail and depth of a real life body. She has one of the coolest female designs I've seen in years making her the right kind of butch and androgynous instead of a recycled undercut + thighs + leather jacket design we've seen too many times by now. People here have an absolutely fucked perception of what counts as female to them and how a female body can look and be portrayed as, it only makes sense that a baggy top and skinny pants would create a masculine silhouette especially for a thin and tall frame.

>If she were a boy instead, he'd be just as androgynous.
This. If it was a male character with the exact same design people would be whining their asses off about it being too feminine and "looking like a girl". You can never win.

No. 264696

File: 1671457230617.jpeg (57.01 KB, 680x611, Fj0peeeXoAEeYLW.jpeg)

"Transmasc Tankgirl"

No. 264716

They’ve massacred my girl

No. 264719

File: 1671463540996.jpeg (259.35 KB, 828x806, 4F1D15AD-46EE-44FE-91B5-671659…)

How do they all have sameface

No. 264721

what the fuck is this fanart of??? Leather face????

No. 264722

maybe, he did have a daughter after all kek

No. 264727

is this by that fujotroon who drew fat transmasc dean winchester

No. 264728

I vaguely remember fanart of Supernatural in this style posted here, is it Supernatural? >>264719

No. 264732

File: 1671467081072.png (2.29 MB, 584x3406, clickbaitcowboy.png)

The tweet ( https://twitter.com/cowboyclickbait/status/1578269792498507776 ) is captioned with "Oc stuff" but their OCs look exactly like their Supernatural fanart

No. 264733

They look like they didn't get enough iodine growing up.

No. 264761

No. 264775


No. 264791

File: 1671478359951.jpg (153.52 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_8051e7d59929f7957fe7b06…)

coomer shit is a dime a dozen but im forced to see this scrote on tumblr far too much and the anatomy pisses me off everytime. this is the tamest piece usually its these poorly drawn funko pop girls with massive tits

No. 264794

Thought this was a wojak at first

No. 264810

You can use ”their” when you don’t know if the person you are talking about is male or female

No. 264829

She draws FtM fanart. How could you not tell she was a TiF.

No. 264847

What a waste, this art would look hot if they weren't obese uglies. Her colors and anatomy are very good.

No. 264855

this one ignited actual rage within me

No. 264959

File: 1671820119928.png (227.21 KB, 437x779, 1671486051164557.png)


No. 264961

File: 1671821116054.jpeg (3.73 MB, 1748x2828, EAD1B8D7-B6C8-4BD3-878C-B8EE3F…)

What the fuck is wrong with her face

No. 264974

File: 1671899776406.jpg (418.89 KB, 1920x1200, kiryi-fatui.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with HIS face

No. 264977

Are we sure this isn't AI generated somehow? It almost looks AI made to me…

No. 264978

Nah, the artist has Artstation and Deviantart, i just hope it's a minor and hopefully they get better in time.
I'll never forget this frogmouche tho.

No. 264980

It looks like some parts are traced. Why did they not draw a nose?

No. 264981

Does all of this artists work have this kind of face? kek

No. 264991

File: 1671939584180.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 2480x3620, IMG_20221224_222959.jpg)

This looks like actual raw chicken.. this artist (vyragami) has always drawn so hideously and just badly photobashes their backgrounds. I look at their (has to be a moid but not sure) twitter from to time to see what new horror has been created. Spoiler for raw chicken in a bikini.

No. 264992

File: 1671943293864.jpeg (300.23 KB, 849x1200, 82A3EF37-74D5-4033-A609-FE6F2E…)

Some unfortunate tangents going on here

No. 265010

File: 1672000706730.jpg (129.23 KB, 899x541, dcivqgp-e75ea81c-c6f0-4ef2-977…)

"Pencil sketch", totally not a filtered, low-res screencap.

No. 265013

Just looks like the shit that comes out of school printers

No. 265015

File: 1672005328051.jpg (107.33 KB, 800x600, dcivqdf-c9fb67a9-2826-4f63-ac1…)

You're probably right.

No. 265025

File: 1672031089500.jpg (181.59 KB, 750x1204, tql1fpbeau6a1.jpg)

No. 265039

I went through his entire gallery and tbh I'm starting to believe it's legit; there are some older works on which he spent less time and the accuracy is on point still while pencilstrokes are actually visible. IDK, i think such autism is not improbable

No. 265042

So this person just draws midgets? That's their thing?

No. 265066

File: 1672113886561.jpg (337.05 KB, 800x996, Tumblr_l_24481832060666.jpg)

The craftsmanship is incredible, but the face is so retarded looking. The weird nose and side-mouth makes it look like she has the Downs.

I'm also not fond of the pillow shading, where all of the shadows and highlights are just slivers on the edges of objects. It makes everything look flat, particularly cylindrical objects like her arm.

No. 265115


No. 265123

File: 1672158363876.png (1.42 MB, 799x1304, A236F5C1-202C-462F-A844-E3B00B…)

From madoka manga spin-off Oriko

No. 265141

File: 1672167303775.png (307.8 KB, 899x541, obi wan screencap edited.png)

For comparison, here's the same screencap edited by me.

No. 265145

This convinced me the art OP posted is in fact a pencil render, I feel dumb to have doubted it. When it's an actual screenshot, even if filtered, there's a noticeable difference.

No. 265153

idk in the picture >>265015 here you can see pixel jaggies on the right side by pencils and some by the right side of his face. It looks printed.

No. 265157

File: 1672181546829.gif (575.06 KB, 899x541, obigif.gif)

Look at the original screen >>265141 provided, all these "printing mistakes" are there too, just autistically replicated; but when you overlay these two there are a lot of micro differences that would never be there if it was just a print. Shape of the nostrils, some hair in the beard, fingers just a bit longer, the more you look the more you'll see

No. 265158

the spin offs were so terrible

No. 265161

File: 1672183171009.jpg (211.73 KB, 640x356, same.jpg)

No. 265162

If you have no observation skills then sure

No. 265165

File: 1672185125872.jpg (157.86 KB, 1001x855, 00074-obi-wan1.jpg)

Have it your way.

1. The original image is slightly bulged, suggesting it's actually a photo of a screencap and not a scan.

2. The fingers look longer because they are slightly lower in the original image likely because it's a slightly later screencap. Regardless, both images are similar enough that the comparisons are valid.

3. The difference between the nostrils is due to a combination of the lighting, the bulge as discussed in #1, and the resolution of the original image.

4. For further comparison, here's an actual sketch that someone else did from the same scene.

No. 265172

I'm glad I can introduce you to the term of hyperrealism in art, you would not believe how much can be achieved with just pencils, paper and strong observation skills; ridiculous to bring up someones rough pencil study as, idk, a proof it's impossible to render better or whatever lol
Anyway I'll not fight you on this anymore, don't want to get banned

No. 265173

Smelling a coomer moid with this one.

No. 265176

File: 1672193597509.jpg (503.23 KB, 1137x885, dt-horz.jpg)

I'm actually aware of hyperrealism, and it really is amazing the level of detail those artists put in their work. I don't believe this is a case of hyperrealism. Simply put, I think this person is faking it. Of course, I could be wrong, but considering this person consistently uploads low-quality pictures of their "drawings" and has disabled comments on all of their art, I don't think that's the case.

No. 265177

I’m gonna start putting filters on a bunch of photographs and claim I drew them and am just a hyper realism artiste lol

No. 265183

I agree with this anon

>disabled comments
They have comments enabled on their deviantart posts

Also the following is from their profile:
>"Realism / Hyper-realism is my style of choice and as detail work is my artistic happy place, the more details the better and that works out just fine for me"
>"I've been doing art for 30 years now"

Apparently that Daenerys piece took them 105 hours
They also include a huge write up about their process including the colors they used for each post

Considering the lengthy blocks of text accompanying each post and the amount of artwork they've uploaded, this person seems genuine

No. 265185

I love this manga but god the art is so shit, wish they'd do an OVA series for it in the style of the anime someday.

No. 265188

File: 1672211599490.jpg (258.37 KB, 897x821, dczdcpq-a3b1d5f4-84e8-40b5-8d7…)

Last time I talk about this person because I feel like I've put in way too much time and effort "investigating" their "art".

Picrel is based on this:
It just looks like they edited out the background and printed it out. Please tell me I'm wrong and try to defend this.

No. 265189

It's an "ink drawing", btw, according to them.

No. 265192

why do the black parts of the gloves look like they were done in ms paint? the reds as well.

No. 265214

>Please tell me I'm wrong and try to defend this.
Ayrt, I take back what I said earlier
That's damning evidence and I didn't realize the cartoony artworks weren't his original works

It really doesn't help that this guy has no original art that isn't referenced from something else (photographs, artworks from actual artists)
It also explains why he writes so much in each description for every post, probably has a lot of free time from not actually doing much

How come this guy hasn't been called out yet? Is it a case of him just blocking people and deleting every negative comment? Surely this isn't the first time anyone has been suspicious about him and his "artworks"

No. 265279

There actually are differences between the two images. The easiest places to see it are her shoulder and the necklace, the gap between her neck and hair and the shadow of her ear. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an old man who is good at drawing but shit at using computers, hence the godawful scan quality and mspaint signatures.

No. 265320

These "differences" are there because of the filter and the fact that he most likely printed the image and then took a picture of it (so it gets distorted). Look at >>265188, that's clearly a shitty filter applied to a drawing that's not his, that's not traditional.

No. 265324

File: 1672245466298.jpeg (136.23 KB, 950x1178, FlE-NM5WIAA0Ccr.jpeg)

What a retarded pose.

No. 265429

File: 1672264513825.jpeg (263.06 KB, 828x979, 224BD94C-3812-41C9-82E3-727377…)

No. 265432

Its the characters pose in the manga/anime

No. 265441

post the funny

No. 265444

File: 1672265801851.png (1 MB, 901x733, cprs.PNG)

NTA but i'll save you some scrolling, here it is
Tbh its not bad, especially for this artist, men she's drawing are so grotesque it actually works ok for monsters, she should stick to this direction

No. 265451

Maybe but does she usually have her boobs resting on arm like that?

No. 265517

File: 1672293118077.jpg (47.87 KB, 800x600, week_8_wip__who_is_it_2__by_st…)

No. 265524

Moids really be thinking women use their breasts as resting cushions kek . Yorr has a borderline bandage gear character design anyway so she literally was made to coomed

No. 265525

I think she should do more monster designs this one is legitimately nicely made . Would love to see some orcisk designs from her

No. 265526

File: 1672312130469.jpg (55.84 KB, 592x800, dcblqzg-a2bba694-e6e9-4128-a89…)

This one here look like he cropped a picture and then photoshopped it into the photo. idk, his WIPs are kinda weird, I rarely see people drawing the way he does.
Also, on one pic he has a sheet with pencils strokes on it as if he was trying out colors. But they look like somebody who doesn't know how to hold a pencil correctly tries to draw.

No. 265537

File: 1672317363038.png (524.84 KB, 2075x491, render.PNG)

Actually a lot of people who do these super detailed studies render like this, part by part, instead doing the whole thing progressively. I remember seeing it a lot as a baby on deviantart, thought this is how it should be, and then kept being confused why can't i grasp the likeness of the subject working like that lmao

No. 265605

Anon you can't render a hyper realistic picture like that without some kind of sketch beneath or a grid. Coupled with the fact that the drawing looks like it's been run through a filter and printed, I'd say this guy is faking it.

No. 265610

Most of her "Supernatural" fanart is of an AU she created called "Tylernatural." I've spoken with her briefly before about how she should really just make Tylernatural into its own thing. She's acknowledged that it's really far removed from Supernatural itself. At this point, changing the characters' names wouldn't even be filing the serial numbers off, since the names and some basic horror elements are all it has in common with the original show to begin with.

Aside from the Sylvester Stallone sameface, I think she's genuinely talented. I really like her coloring style. It's refreshing to see someone really technically skilled draw characters that are ugly in a kind of mundane way. I'm so used to seeing really talented people draw Instagram Pretty Girls, while the only people interested in drawing un-pretty characters are Tumblr amateurs copying Steven Universe. There's something fun about seeing an intentionally ugly character rendered really well.

Honestly, I really hope CBC grows out of her troon phase and moves on from fanart. I'd be very curious to see what she eventually does.

No. 265613

File: 1672354739249.jpeg (848.12 KB, 1448x2048, FLbZIv6WUAElj29.jpeg)

This whole fandom is extremely low-hanging fruit, but holy Christ. What are proportions?

No. 265636

File: 1672366481070.jpg (180.1 KB, 566x854, d3kibs8-46c589ff-c554-42d3-93a…)


No. 265652

Why do they make him so fat

No. 265690

I feel nothing but respect for people whose art skills are so lacking yet they are confident enough to undertake the massive challenge drawing a full-ass comic is

No. 265714

File: 1672415887020.jpeg (58.99 KB, 1080x1094, received_896979834809495.jpeg)

No. 265723

File: 1672420730595.jpg (985.98 KB, 2000x2900, yfueb2nnskckw.jpg)

why butcher my wizard wife like this

No. 265724

They used a spell to make her organs disappear KEK

No. 265725

It looks like the drawings made by that shitty comic artist. (forgot his name lol)

No. 265748

Rob Liefeld?

No. 265829

I love how the shittiness of Liefeld's art is so ubiquitous that he can be identified with just the phrase "that one shitty comic book artist."

No. 265833

you do realize that hyperrealism artists dont do graphite drawings on literal printer paper right?

No. 265860

File: 1672473839043.jpg (1.38 MB, 2160x1620, trash.jpg)

No. 265865

you shouldn't announce that ur reporting someone. reported

No. 265896

Trash in what terms? The anatomy Is alright the pencil shading is bit off but its overall good . I think some artists are self posting here to get feedback . We have a thread for that .

No. 265921

File: 1672508552646.jpg (554.7 KB, 2048x2048, e.jpg)

Potential nitpick but that arm made me do a double take KEK

No. 265924

Idk what the anons defending this are on about. Unless these was drawn by somebody fifteen or younger, they're shite. The head and body on the first one have two different light sources, and the cast shadow is extremely distracting because for some reason it's the only place the artist used their darkest pencil. She also has a spindly pencil neck, and the eyes look very flat and cartoony.

The second drawing is worse. The dude's hand is way too small, one of his arms is too short, and the feathering on the linework is atrocious.

The last drawing is the least bad of the three, because the light source is consistent. Once again, the hands are too small, especially the one holding the flower. It looks like the artist just forgot to shade the rose at all. The chest/neck area is also way too dark, I think it's supposed to be exposed skin, but the dark values used imply that it's part of the dress somehow? Also, much like the first drawing, the eyes are flat and cartoony.

The drawings suck, but I agree that this seems like a self post.

No. 265927

Announcing that you've reported someone isn't actually a violation of the rules. Reported

No. 265989

I feel like a lot of mediocre art gets posted here which isn't actually worth posting and it's making this thread boring and tedious

No. 266016

It's much harder to find atrocious art than mediocre stuff if you don't know where to look for it. You have to go on art sites without algorithms generally to find that stuff, places like furaffinity or the bottom-most parts of devianart. In our modern overly sanitized world, that stuff is harder to find, for better and for worse.

No. 266027

It was a rando from instagram not self post

And the rest of you should be grateful that there's content kek, because 1) this site is dead and 2) the really bad art is hard to come by like >>266016 said

No. 266028

Maybe it's better if it's slower

No. 266031

I wouldn't say it's hard(even some proartists have some major art flaws we wouldn't have noticed if we weren't introspective)this thread has helped my own art . Pointing out inaccuracies in anatomy and perspectives has helped a ton . So it's a pro and con lol although I like laughing at delusional artists kek

No. 266044

IDK about you anons but when I have nothing to post I just don't post. Taking someones mediocre-but-honest attempts at drawing like >>265860 really seems like vendettaposting and it's just mean for no reason to group them up together with truly powerful and fitting specimens like fat supernatural monstrosities >>264719 or so.

No. 266051

I agree anon I would prefer a slower thread to people posting okay ish art that maybe has a couple things wrong with it. It's just not very interesting or fun and also feels unnecessarily cruel to artists still learning or who may be younger.

There's a difference between an artist who is still learning but you can tell is getting there and some of the pure abominations that are posted here lol. The former isn't that interesting to see.

No. 266165

I try to only post here when I find a drawing that's truly awful or when something wrong with a drawing triggers my 'tism. And even then, I try to keep the latter to a minimum

What kind of bad art do you guys want to see? Because there are many different ways for a piece of art to suck, and some of them are subjective. I personally like when things are so bad it's funny, like >>264188 or >>256870

No. 266190

kek is that onision

No. 266228

File: 1672628057349.jpg (384.13 KB, 720x1425, IMG_20230102_093622.jpg)

i sometime can't believe people meme'd themselves into thinking this looks great.

No. 266571

I guess I just wish to differentiate between "art with some mistakes" like these pencil drawings and "bad art", which yeah, is subjective but that's still fun to discuss as opposed to nitpicking "this artist used two sources of light instead of one". Your examples and this beauty >>266228 are perfect examples of what I like to see here personally

No. 266578

File: 1672662934820.png (12.92 MB, 3010x4312, A372A431-DC2B-4FD5-BFCE-92A0FB…)

I hope her name is Knee-chan

No. 266579

File: 1672663619895.jpg (706.73 KB, 642x402, k4JzEMkKe1.jpg)

la creatura

No. 266612

This is legitimately so confusing. I can’t tell if she’s supposed to be some kind of doll or action figure or if that’s actual human flesh.

No. 266613

I like the robot and how it's rendered but everything else is muddy. I have a hunch that this artist doesn't paint humans very often because her skin tone looks pink.
Also knees

No. 266615

>actual devil

No. 266633

it has that sonichu vibe

No. 266664

I find how hard anons are caping for >>265860 very suspicious. The drawings are crappy in a very generic way, so it feels self-post-y that they were posted here at all. Now there are a bunch of replies defending the drawings. Seems like samefaggotry.

No. 266671

They're 100% nonnies who are at the same skill level so that's why they defend it, in the art salt thread it happens too, they defend their fellow bad artists

No. 266676

File: 1672685835157.jpg (70.29 KB, 1079x936, E5MBpGXWQAo_oNo.jpg)

No. 266679

something bout the weird lil side people makes me kek so hard. I love little blue penis man with the penis plan. also wtf is wrong with her chin, she has like a duck beak on it?

No. 266680

>4,273 likes for this tranny garbage while i get no attention whatsoever for my hard work

I hate being an artist

No. 266715

FALMEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck, that is not my dahlia falmea. It hurts extra because she was the teacher in my life who cared about me the most.

No. 266740

I wasn't defending that one but there are weird posts where people nitpick and it's just not what this thread is for in my opinion

No. 266741

I was more or less talking about stuff like this. while not incredible I don't think it belongs here

No. 266748

File: 1672716212531.jpeg (345.65 KB, 1982x2048, 048308CF-89B8-4F7D-8D5A-A9C8C7…)

Saw this and the longer you look the more fucked it is

No. 266775

Funny how proportions are so messed up yet somehow the hand came out looking ok even though it tends to be something people struggle with the most. Selective observation skills

No. 266777

I think it’s ED brain rot tbh

No. 266788

File: 1672753071005.png (Spoiler Image, 679.05 KB, 793x935, 1672681848358047.png)

On this episode of Do smegoids really?

No. 266791

what is a smegoid ?

No. 266802

Smegma + moid. Aka a scrote

No. 266805

……….I hate moids…

No. 266873

File: 1672781938709.jpeg (128.86 KB, 828x882, 15378403-5F46-4DF2-82C6-AB8F0D…)

this is so hideous and it's not even funny

No. 266877

File: 1672783929867.jpeg (409.27 KB, 1241x1630, 284F00A7-947D-45AC-8304-55F63E…)

the comic is really something

No. 266878

Not funny, hilarious

No. 266881

i love these

No. 266885

File: 1672789215378.jpeg (311.28 KB, 784x1145, 46D31E56-7C7F-4741-A901-044876…)

That’s pretty funny
The CSM manga could qualify for this thread with its continuing drop in quality

No. 266886

Lmao what are these face shapes

No. 266887

File: 1672790861676.jpeg (274.26 KB, 799x1493, DA143AD1-B08E-4AFF-9836-3776BB…)

I know webtoon is low hanging fruit but what the fuck is this

No. 266889

Is it written by Tom King?

No. 266895

File: 1672803007185.jpg (154.2 KB, 904x1200, FlUSxIkWAAE2WNT.jpg)

fem giorno giovanna

No. 266911

is this an elaborate troll? it looks like when animus try to mock yaoi, but unironic

No. 266912

he looks like he's made out of play-doh

No. 266931

File: 1672832397779.png (1.35 MB, 1621x2043, FldQ49JaAAElRiJ.png)

Guess the character

No. 266932

Sam Supernatural? But i'm guessing that only because of the author signature lmao

No. 266937

Before seeing the tattoo I thought it was supposed to be Eren Yeager

No. 266941

I dont know why hes so celebrated. Ive read fire punch which made me only mad(I liked it halfway but the ending was dogshit). I would excuse his writing if it weren't his blatant siscon pedi behaviour. Dunno if he has a sister but if he does its gross he behaves like a little sister on twt.

No. 266957

I honestly like this and find the artstyle pretty. I'm not into horny stuff like this but straight and bi women are allowed to have their harmless fantasies it's nowhere near as grotesque as the stuff moids draw. My guess is the issue here is that it's either a character played by an ugly actor that the artist drew attractive for some reason or it's a character from a kids movie so it's cringe to see horny art of him. My guess is that its bucky barnes but tbh I have no clue

No. 266978

File: 1672864628510.jpg (417.08 KB, 2882x2048, nE2vaS3IfG.jpg)

by the same artist, this time with the actual actor pic, to highlight the level of brainrot and disconnect from reality

No. 266982

File: 1672865858370.jpg (374.56 KB, 2048x1448, 1672762555495438.jpg)

No. 266984

File: 1672866324199.jpg (1.64 MB, 2266x2658, 1804012023.jpg)

No. 266987

Leaked footage of Lurch and sadbby angel Tuna

No. 266989

lol why not just make an oc at that point

No. 266990

Anon, where is it? Where? How could this happen?

No. 266999

>ambiguously brown Wednesday
Because Latin Americans don't have any other skin tone than tan. Woketards are so ignorant and prejudiced.

No. 267011

File: 1672873089717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.87 KB, 750x901, ba4eiqjxo3n91.jpg)

reminds me of picrel KEK

No. 267013

File: 1672874291099.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.47 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_2.jpg)


No. 267023

Forbidden man??

No. 267030

god bless you for posting this my fucking sides

No. 267044

i like this tbh

No. 267086

I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE THAT . This artist has such a nice art style but wastes it on this

No. 267101

I like the style a lot, who is the artist?

No. 267102

File: 1672918832919.jpg (89.88 KB, 542x650, tumblr_mwew6nd0cD1qz6zaro1_640…)

everything looks weird.
the breasts, the cap, the ass peaking under the skirt etc. etc.

No. 267114

is this supposed to be a loli? I can't even tell

No. 267117

What is wrong with that toilet? Why is it split into two pieces separated by the wall?

No. 267150

It looks like the artist drew a collection of separate body parts rather than anything resembling a human. In other words, typical moid behaviour.

No. 267156

Egon Schiele ripoff + fakeboi, bleccch

No. 267171

File: 1672949054677.jpeg (83.25 KB, 729x713, 47F701F6-72D6-4BDD-BA81-7FED17…)

No. 267192

File: 1672959799120.jpg (504.04 KB, 3000x3500, FVt4GdgWUAwvy97.jpg)

How could he do this to my daughteru…

No. 267200

This is so nitpicky, she doesn’t even look that dark.

No. 267206

is that supposed to be kuroo and kenma ??

No. 267217

Yes, unfortunately

No. 267224

File: 1672977028462.png (Spoiler Image, 5.11 MB, 4288x2848, B3E8D942-ABFE-4CE7-97CB-8CA043…)

Bro’s got a lot going through his mind

No. 267227

the drugs are kicking in..

No. 267235

His chin split that guy's head in twain

No. 267258

pics that go hard

No. 267261

His brain is literally try to run away from him . That skull kek

No. 267276

File: 1673016713565.png (76.89 KB, 732x638, Fujoshit.png)

When the dick so good your skull splits in two

No. 267294

This… is a masterpiece noona

No. 267305

I kek’d. Jp fujos built different.

No. 267310

damn what the fuck lmao

No. 267312

File: 1673027689309.png (138.54 KB, 330x338, gay2.png)

why is he doing this

No. 267314

File: 1673028006760.jpg (130.02 KB, 935x935, ishida_mitsunari_2692-21996784…)

Omg that's Sakon and Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara. Clearly Mitsunari's powerful hair split his partner's head in too.

No. 267318

It looks like he's performing some sort of medical examination. Based on his expression, he found an abnormality and isn't sure how to tell the other guy.

No. 267320

File: 1673029180653.jpeg (469.68 KB, 1536x2048, 0EEB15FC-8D75-4A36-9BC1-9C4F22…)

Been holding onto this since the OG site went down. Enjoy.

No. 267321

File: 1673029538227.jpeg (60.79 KB, 613x613, 5F123D31-41F7-4923-B42A-D30ACF…)

It’s meant to be a human version of buffalo bell I’m pretty sure.

No. 267335

File: 1673035956933.jpg (48.06 KB, 735x873, character design is my passion…)

No. 267361

File: 1673039997425.jpeg (326.8 KB, 1280x1593, 76B9811E-4A1B-4F38-AF12-CF8B8F…)

No. 267372

Honestly I love when people draw fucked up looking cats (while trying to make them look good not purposefully ugly), there's something so fun about them

No. 267377

me in her lap

No. 267379

what the hell is this? it looks intentionally bad

No. 267391

File: 1673049399163.jpeg (227.86 KB, 1280x720, F3AC0CA8-A8B2-4CF9-81F1-3A1DF1…)

Medieval cat paintings are hilarious

No. 267393

What if that’s just what cats looked like back then?

No. 267394

It’s from reddit, the op said she found it in a Facebook group about bad charity shop art.

No. 267399

Looks ai

No. 267400

Wait I like this.

No. 267428

Mother I require substaince. Feed me or perish .

No. 267429

I just know this artist is a gender genderqueer demisexual poc artist xie xir but for the love of God how they draw poc makes it look more racist.

No. 267501

It's amazing how often these artists try so hard to be woke and just end up drawing racist caricatures

No. 267691

File: 1673202051805.jpeg (230.73 KB, 1173x2048, 4CB62E5F-84EA-4E3D-A460-0BC0B6…)

Guess the character

No. 267692

i like this tbh

No. 267694

a muscular white male character ?

No. 267708

is that makima

No. 267731

i thought it was of that movie until anon above mentioned makima lmao what

No. 267739

are these the asian jeans every person talks about on /ic/

No. 267740

artists who purposefully shoot themselves on the foot by giving themselves ugly styles never cease to amaze me

No. 267764

File: 1673223045986.jpeg (297.66 KB, 1536x2048, 00E4FB06-BDB6-4B90-B462-ABABAA…)

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen thanks

No. 267836

File: 1673254715735.jpeg (1.95 MB, 2500x2500, zxn5woeiLOsD9O5HS6iDKF4BcS09oS…)

Why do all tifs draw like this?

No. 267837

File: 1673254745015.png (79.25 KB, 450x450, MLnny0S8KVeHnFdq9TU52Ec2AOm2vq…)

No. 267839

File: 1673254851640.png (1.6 MB, 2251x1888, bPFOkIBZKnpBLWSbMhX9ItS95D2Lxq…)

No. 267841

File: 1673254912029.png (4.75 MB, 2224x3569, zPrBuIY2RrcRiqwHQJI3dxvfzu6ml1…)

Mind you, these were all drawn by adults.

No. 267844

File: 1673255155185.jpeg (681.32 KB, 2300x2300, 8tVe9NVqR0Ufq6Ez0YNJJPdLZgGsef…)

the trans tag on artfight is a goldmine that never ends

No. 267850

i never understood why aidens want to become male, but still dress like a girl

No. 267859

because femininity is only cool when men do it duh

No. 267877

Because average girls in girls' clothing are lame and stupid, men in girls' clothes are brave and beautiful and stunning uwu

No. 267886

American vampires are so fucking lame.

No. 267889

File: 1673269534299.jpg (Spoiler Image, 581.71 KB, 1472x2289, grLa3oWIAIhPRt.jpg)

guess the character

No. 267905

File: 1673270936267.gif (107.77 KB, 240x135, PlaintiveFelineAnteater-max-1m…)

No. 267913

That one fire and ice guy from BNHA

No. 267916

correct,why can't they just regular rule63

No. 267921

That's a micropenis isn't it…

No. 267923

its a feminized uke dick, again why can't they just regular rule63

No. 267927

File: 1673276127371.jpeg (490.22 KB, 1920x1080, B0DDF131-6F04-491A-9F2B-09D50C…)

>Hanyuu and Takano in particular

No. 267938

Why not just make an oc. Poor Todoroki

No. 267946

Please tell me these aren't the new spirites for new higarushi

No. 267977

nta but this is just a /jp/ pet project

No. 267980

i confess i like his art but he 1)only draws one body type 2)draws children as if they are adults.

No. 268052

the drawing itself is pretty good tbh

No. 268054

File: 1673291487066.jpg (163.74 KB, 2048x1566, Lola Bunny Space Jam 2 a new l…)

No. 268115

File: 1673305687713.jpg (343.07 KB, 1080x1372, IMG_20221108_050933.jpg)

Troon Rodrigo Alvez looking ass

No. 268122

Wtf are all the flags?

No. 268133

Wow shes from a lot of countries

No. 268146

>orpheus wintermute
>meant to be half russian
>'turned at a young age' but age listed as 21 and has adult appearance
>'the nipples aren't real. they're tattooed </3'
>'boo you whore'

please tell me theres some 11 year old behind this bc i fail to believe a grown adult sat there w their graphics tablet and devised this shit

No. 268149

File: 1673313602437.png (Spoiler Image, 1014.06 KB, 712x993, 67CE49F8-7CCB-4555-ABB0-CA4A40…)

Really dislike how the artist draws this character with exaggerated proportions like the wide hips and pecs that resemble tits along with the uncanny faces, he looks like a woman in an unsexy way.

No. 268175

I think this is cute though a bit extra (too many contrasting florals in the mane, unnecessary claws on wings). Sad about the artist's retardation

No. 268185

Lol I just know that a fujo made this

No. 268192

Femboy fetish

No. 268226

File: 1673361433215.jpg (168.78 KB, 2048x1342, IMG_2.jpg)

No. 268227

File: 1673361581455.jpg (214.19 KB, 2048x1531, IMG_3.jpg)

No. 268229

File: 1673361678556.jpg (181.79 KB, 2048x1464, IMG_4.jpg)

No. 268230

File: 1673361770491.jpg (328.61 KB, 1536x1881, IMG_5.jpg)

No. 268231

Are they ocs or do they belong to a show? If they actually are old folks the art is quite alright

No. 268232

Same anon; the guy is Nick Valentine from fallout 4, the lady is artist's oc, and apparently nonbinary

No. 268243

eh, just because the characters are ugly doesn't mean the art is. there's a lot of skill in these pieces

No. 268252

File: 1673368855421.jpeg (63.65 KB, 400x483, 58AC59EB-9A56-4E7C-9242-78FC13…)

No. 268253

i agree, the art is nice, the characters are just ugly

No. 268254

is this devils candy fanart?
nta but the proportions and colors are so hideous

No. 268257

File: 1673369981654.jpeg (67.6 KB, 1080x1082, received_462362892775779.jpeg)

Apparently someone paid for this

No. 268260

At first glance I thought it was a western picrew.

No. 268261

File: 1673372670869.png (Spoiler Image, 34.31 KB, 137x149, rayman.png)

Rayman looking mf

No. 268284

Idk about cookie run but isn’t the blond supposed to be male? Why does it have tits?

No. 268336

Probably a poor attempt at drawing pecs

No. 268342

Jesus they look like anthropomorphic raisins

No. 268395

File: 1673422205471.jpeg (346.32 KB, 2033x2048, 3B8DBD60-C199-4C77-834F-715C6B…)

26k likes for this shit

No. 268403

how is this bad art?

No. 268405

Is it just my eyes or the feets are blurred? Kek tfw you can't draw feet.

No. 268406

it's obviously a foot fetish joke

No. 268411

anything referencing weezer is bad be default

No. 268416

I know it's a joke but women can't even have feet without some moid cooming over it now

No. 268431

CSM is zoomer Invader Zim, the manga is meh but the fans are so fucking annoying its unbelievable

No. 268432

File: 1673456081351.png (469.35 KB, 857x749, 1f60981a889c68e436419c1e90cb88…)

No. 268437

Those fingers are going to haunt my dreams thanks

No. 268441

"It's just my style!" Girl your style is fucking ugly

No. 268452


How is this bad? Are you upset it got likes? Don't get much attention on your art posts i guess?

No. 268465

You don't have to be an artist to think something is unappealing. Not everyone has some kind of vendetta, no need to project. It's fine if you like it I just think the way it's drawn is lazy and boring to look at (not to mention all the coomer aspects) which in my mind makes for bad art

No. 268474


So you cant even draw? Also what coomer aspects? Theyre just standing and nothings really exposed. Your original post read like a vendetta post. Youre shitting up the thread with, at worst, mediocre boring art. It barely meets any of the requirements to be a post on the thread.

No. 268477

I hope it was just a friend supporting another friend.

No. 268478

File: 1673465956423.png (1.95 MB, 3148x4491, 5263416C-D0F4-4A4F-BB6E-9EFDD1…)

You going off about it instead of just ignoring it is shitting up the thread far more than me posting it did. Here's some of your precious actual bad art to make up for it, hope it meets your standards

No. 268536

Its bad but it's also still bland, dumb cunt

No. 268540

File: 1673477307511.jpeg (462.35 KB, 1078x1859, 6482DE1B-C3D1-429E-8FF0-1DD7D7…)

Stop derailing dumbass post shit if you want the thread to be good. Anways picrel is from weak hero a webtoon on tapas

No. 268541

The flags are dumb but the art and design is really cute

No. 268562

nona these are danganropa-tier poses. they look awkward asf

No. 268563

File: 1673493075834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 944.97 KB, 1475x2048, tumblr_a23f3e31c4080a2d5c19033…)

The minute I saw this, I knew I had to post it here.

No. 268569

File: 1673500665514.jpeg (226.25 KB, 1807x1807, B1B27874-5BE0-4A3B-82FD-3DD30C…)

Not as unskilled as the shit on here but the proportions and faces are killing me

No. 268572

the child is just a tiny adult kek

No. 268577

File: 1673515294755.jpg (52.05 KB, 595x891, IMG-20221018-WA0001.jpg)

No. 268585

The rendering is so good but then that mouth…

No. 268588

File: 1673525946402.png (237.6 KB, 443x805, imagen_2021-12-14_004905.png)

Why do TIFs/Fujoshi's always seem to draw males as pseudo-females, like the waistline, the breasts and curvy body

No. 268593

the anatomy isn't good but he doesn't look girly, gay scrotes draw guys just like this

No. 268617

idk it's not ugly but i honestly think art like this is so tacky and juvenile.

No. 268618

Oh really? Can I ask why you find it juvenile? Just curious, I don't particularly like the piece either (mainly because of the flat head).

No. 268654

File: 1673557113951.jpeg (524.29 KB, 1051x1518, 10D1D6AC-D3A6-4DA9-B812-9C0B40…)

No. 268658

tbf gay moids jacking off to female phenotypes on fictional men doesn't mean these men are jacking to real moid traits, its all coomer hyperstimulus. just means they're turbocoping by drawing men with hips 10 inches wider than 3dp moids, they don't even look like juicer moids with ripped thighs so you can't just say they making muscled man porn

No. 268659

>they don't even look like juicer moids with ripped thighs
with the exception of femboy and futa stuff they do though

No. 268758

File: 1673609212331.jpg (751.84 KB, 1700x2160, e33a32e27757fe46060773e38ea778…)

I don't know what to say
Supposed to be Kaeya from Genshin Impact

No. 268818

File: 1673638028033.jpg (139.98 KB, 540x682, tumblr_e9bfb5c0b4d5478ff7cc4b3…)

imo this art style is ugly

No. 268829

File: 1673640470623.gif (484.06 KB, 1067x1200, IuPhc8BXauEdha1ZTVQDO8UsKdEAHR…)

This made me unbelievably uncomfortable

No. 268840

i like this one, not everything needs to be sexy or gorgeous.
This looks so unsettling…like something that would appear in your nightmares. What was the inspo for this?

No. 268842

I thought Kaeya was a guy??

No. 268843

oh I hate this so so much. my autist friend does this with her hands when she's excited and it's cute when she does it but this looks so wrong. the hands are too low and the unmoving face is so greasy creepy it's like a predator stare.

No. 268844

Well, he clearly is a guy there, he even has yaoi hands.

No. 268848

>What was the inspo for this?
I believe it was someones autistic thembie OC meant for a visual novel or something. I found it on artfight, the never ending source of terrible art

No. 268858

i kinda find it tacky and juvenile too. art that has wolves and dogs and creatures that are drawn super edgy and stuff doesnt really impress me

No. 268862

You retarded faggots never learn do you? What else are they supposed to masturbate to? Men are built like refrigerators with extra chromosomes. There's nothing sexy about a hipless, chestless twig. If they wanted realistic proportions they would masturbate to photos of real men. But they don't because it doesn't arouse them. It's not supposed to be realistic the way cow tits hentai girls aren't meant to be realistic.

No. 268863

randy marsh

No. 268871

I don't know why but their faces reminds me of Angela Anaconda
true. The male body is just not attractive. The only way to make it any form for appealing is by drawing it stylised and even there it's hard to find it attractive. The female body is hot though so I do not see the point to draw women with hentai tits
lol. that was my first thought when i saw it

No. 268873

props to this artist for at least baiting moids on the regular

No. 268880

File: 1673660635429.jpeg (227.21 KB, 1207x2048, 98B743D5-316F-49F8-9EE0-085730…)

god grant me the confidence of a newgrounds coomer

No. 268883

Slightly related, but feel like I keep seeing the newgrounds and newground adjacent types making girl characters that have either big eyebrows or fetish artist over-detailed abs. Wonder what that's about

No. 268891

you know something is truly hideous when it makes you physically shudder

No. 268899

They're trying to depict "stimming," aren't they? Like the artist is some self-diagnosed twat who thinks that autism is just being shy and ~quirky~. God, fuck off. As an autist, I honestly prefer the irreverent way we're viewed in imageboard culture to the creepy infantilization of us that happens on Tumblr and Twitter.

No. 268910

No. 268928

stopped being mutual with this artist few years ago, had no idea they'd regress this much

No. 268932

File: 1673715946817.png (4.81 MB, 1440x2340, 50XgRT0buzq61aImukCYugNt72OcFH…)

Visual vomit

No. 268933

File: 1673715999737.png (724.48 KB, 1382x1116, cCwNCqdPVRB98JgB3jqrfSa8P5YU8I…)

And some very unfortunate stylistic/design choices

No. 268934

File: 1673716078270.jpeg (331.78 KB, 1784x1960, gV22296HoLH6E3UVcdAG4uRQd2sMHQ…)

No. 268936

File: 1673716222607.png (2.08 MB, 2000x2704, oTAQEgCoMsTL7DORfiHFK8IO4PQAK9…)

No. 268939

File: 1673719413507.jpg (358.11 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230114_175749.jpg)

this princess tutu t-shirt design i found on teepublic

what kills me is this would be a cute t-shirt if the art wasn't quite so terrible

No. 268940

of course it's homestuck

No. 268942

KEK was this drawn like that as a joke? holy shit those hands

No. 268943

File: 1673720241522.png (Spoiler Image, 464.56 KB, 512x768, 797D006E-6295-4A2D-B56A-320D96…)

AI artists are a different breed.

No. 268944

I promise you nobody ITT wants to see AIshit

No. 268953

I want to hold their heads in a toilet until they drown

No. 268964

Is this supposed to a zoomer Denzel Crocker?

No. 268968

File: 1673736860472.jpg (518.29 KB, 720x1163, 20230114_175029.jpg)

It's such shit

No. 268974

File: 1673741387592.jpg (811.58 KB, 3033x2450, FiiNHBHVsAAHKu_.jpg)

TIM art if you couldn't tell.

No. 268977

I’m just glad it wasn’t the weird amputee fetishization that I thought it was from the thumbnail.

No. 268978

File: 1673747097140.jpg (888.95 KB, 4096x2843, IMG_20230115_033950.jpg)

Hetalia if it was made by a coomer

No. 268979

File: 1673747479705.jpg (480.17 KB, 3072x3885, IMG_20230115_034721.jpg)

Looking at this makes me want to neck myself

No. 268982

I can see the Y chromosome in the drawing kek. Male violence is always the answer to them.

No. 268983

No. 268984

not gonna lie, i wish i could rendermaxx like this

No. 268985

Are they saying the British empire ending with…the death of Diana?

No. 268988

i assume they're referring to the handover of hong kong.

No. 268989

File: 1673750451649.jpeg (262.04 KB, 581x972, 1673745771583718.jpeg)

Males should not be allowed to pick up a pencil

No. 268990

this is so wrong. I feel like only fujos are allowed to make humanized countries I hate when men who arent hima makes them

No. 269000

File: 1673757674619.jpeg (264.99 KB, 504x639, robesintensifies.jpeg)

>french republic
i am so fucking triggered right now

No. 269005

File: 1673765997061.gif (1.97 MB, 615x413, sides.gif)

kek nonas
btw i love Russian degenerate women artists

No. 269008

Same, i actually want the source of those drawings, i am curios of what other batshit crazy degenerate shit they draw. I am glad my love for nerdy boys doesnt go beyong average looking guy with glasses/braces and messy hair.

No. 269018

considering the war and sanctions going on, and russia being blacklisted from every major and minor online resource and service, I wonder how russian fujos and artists are coping

No. 269025

imagine him doing this to your tits

No. 269026

i actually like this one apart from the coomer thong straps lol. i'd hang out with her

No. 269027

File: 1673799759891.gif (730.46 KB, 344x332, 3699424.gif)

No. 269028

No thanks

I agree, I like the style but the panty straps and the porny tits bring it down.

No. 269029

Cute in a innocent way

No. 269034

give the source already, or post more monstrosities

No. 269081

I actually know female artists who draw this kind of shit unfortunately.

No. 269083

File: 1673824251922.jpeg (291.8 KB, 1351x2048, 34EF21EC-63C3-4F6D-91AA-2737D3…)

no wonder iono always keeps that jacket on

No. 269088

Damn, this is some of the worst anatomy I’ve seen in these threads.

No. 269099

File: 1673839063088.png (517.5 KB, 1212x667, Auntlegs.png)

No. 269104

File: 1673842956573.jpg (201.8 KB, 1280x1396, Tumblr_l_240482695620921.jpg)

I have a lot of questions for this Spamton redesign, but honestly the thing I hate most is those Burch Hartman style legs and feet

No. 269180

waste of decent rendering

No. 269210

File: 1673901862633.png (571.11 KB, 1011x1267, eXQCV5xvQI0GjtYjqlaBZsn4Znbt3t…)

I found it while browsing artfight. weirdoslover is the artist and I actually kinda like her stuff in a strange gross kind of way.

No. 269259


No. 269276

This one somehow gives me nemu vibes

No. 270598

File: 1674116389631.jpg (1.18 MB, 4096x3277, 20230119_021519.jpg)

Country humans make me lose my shit every time.

No. 270600

File: 1674117608039.png (3.39 MB, 2048x2048, t42twe1xymca1.png)

Getting creepy FNaF vibes from this one…

No. 270609

File: 1674123253957.jpg (1.1 MB, 1314x2300, mika pikazo.jpg)

Mika pikazo is one of the most popular artists in japan and i'm not gonna allow myself to be gaslighted that her art is any good. She has no sense of anatomy, look at those sausage fingers and wonky head, no sense of coloring besides making everything ultra saturated, no sense of composition just throw random shit in the background, severe case of sameface even for anime standards, literally everything about her art boils down to "being flashy". You can't even argue that she has original ideas because all she can draw are overdesigned animu girls in harsh colors. She was hired by fire emblem and you can see in engage just how atrocious her character designs are, especially the pepsi cola mcs.

No. 270614

File: 1674129855312.png (3.95 MB, 1314x2300, what.png)

shes absolutely dogshit at it. how is she considered a pro artist?

No. 270621

That art is generic and bland, but you're nitpicking, especially when your own understanding of anatomy clearly isn't very good.

No. 270622

The hands do seem a bit weird but idk the anatomy seems fine otherwise. Really generic as >>270621 saoid though

No. 270623

File: 1674130925912.png (165.21 KB, 800x600, what.png)

nonnie….. THAT anatomy is abysmal

No. 270625

I really do not see it

No. 270634

File: 1674132923334.jpg (2.91 MB, 2048x1633, Tumblr_l_18986306436814.jpg)

No. 270636

File: 1674133793566.jpg (302.53 KB, 2005x1191, mika pikazo2.jpg)

I posted that pic because the hands looked particularly weird but here is a better example of her wonky anatomy
>especially when your own understanding of anatomy clearly isn't very good
You don't need to be an artist to spot weird anatomy. She's supposed to be a pro artist, but she doesn't draw better than your average 18 or 19 yr old who grew up with anime

No. 270639

File: 1674134129307.jpg (507.5 KB, 1500x1500, lam.jpg)

This artist lam has 670k followers and is an even bigger offender. They have some better pieces but here the anatomy is abysmal, very amateurish and rookie artist-like. Again, this is a pro artist hired by magazines and vtuber companies so i'm not "nitpicking" no name artists or beginners. The face looks very weird too

No. 270642

I love how obnoxiously the right one screams "i just learned how to draw dynamic poses". No thought went into making that pose

No. 270643

i fully get why you don't like it but i think it's cool

No. 270645

kek'ing to death, i bet they traced the lower half but forgot to adjust it for size properly

No. 270647

her head looks like lollipop wrapping

No. 270650

me neither and tbh in most cases where the anatomy is only slightly off the red lining thing artfags tend to do is just pointless and annoying.

No. 270651

To me these look like very generic anime images. The designs in the first one are ugly but the anatomy is fine to me

No. 270652

No. 270656

Her anatomy is great, what the fuck are you talking about? I agree on the generic designs and slightly weird hands, but the anatomy is very solid, especially in >>270636. You're clearly misunderstanding the drawing with your redlining too. Literally what are the question marks for? What is "abysmal" exactly?

No. 270663

File: 1674141576193.png (1.21 MB, 1231x1920, 16sO3Ky.png)

take off you ''japanese artist are always good'' glasses and see it clearly ,i agree with noona . mika is very good at promo illustrations but she doesn't know how to do character designs nor anatomy (its clearly the clip studio 3d asset).pigeon666 also has a very colourful style but even though his anatomy is exaggerated, its still on proportion. its clear that many here are beginner artists and dont catch major art mistakes behind the pretty rendering

No. 270666

Aren't you the one who posts those fugly diy anime statues here? You have no place to critize any art kekkk

No. 270667

sculpting and making 2d art are too different things kek

No. 270668

But the stuff you make also looks horrendous

No. 270670

Nah I know that . My sculpting isn't great since I am a beginner. But that doesn't mean I cannot see inaccuracies in 2d art . To get better at sculpting you have to learn more 3d form since it needs to be accurate from any angel .

No. 270671

You own hentai figures, post coomer art and horrible looking images from 2chan, and then bash some perfectly average anime artist

No. 270672

The anatomy is not solid at all what are you talking about? It's very amateurish, she has problems with foreshortening (look at miku's arm) and the blonde guy's pose looks very wonky like he has broken bones. The problem is that she's not a random average artist, she's one of the top dogs in japan and hasn't even learned the fundamentals. Her drawings scream of polished turd

No. 270673

I post in very niche threads … someone's keeping up huh.. this is the bad art thread not mine noona. Keep.seething

No. 270675

>take off you ''japanese artist are always good''
I haven't said that though, have I? I just said that her anatomy is solid. i don't know if she uses assets but the end result is still very good.

The hands in the first picture and the foreshortening on miku's arm are really the only things that look a bit odd. The guy's pose isn't wonky, it's just a dynamic pose. The art's not perfect my any means but you cannot call this "abysmal" and "very amateurish". This shit >>269083 is what you'd call amateurish. And the red lining is still confusing and wrong kek.

No. 270676

You have a very recognizable typing style and post weird coomer pics so of course you stand out

No. 270677

making stylistic choices and not drawing characters as stiff as real people are dont make your art bad. this thread is turning into nonnies finding any reason to shit on good artists youre jealous of

No. 270678

This, I can instantly tell which reply is yours in both threads you've posted in recently. You might want to type less distinctly unless you want to be known wherever you go as the anon who posted a coomer pic from 2chan

No. 270681

And they post their "corrections" which also look wonky or nonsensical as fuck, showing that they themselves can't tell what's actually wrong in the pictures.

No. 270687

File: 1674156293806.jpg (461.53 KB, 4096x546, 1673345254654298.jpg)

This artist wa posted there ealier

No. 270688

NTA and i'm not an artist so i'm probably wrong but isn't the perspective/angling of the body a bit wonky in comparison with the head in >>270609
? Idk, something seems a bit off but I can't put m finger on it.

No. 270689

Where does she post? I want to see the anime statues too kek

No. 270690

Papercraft thread >>267971

No. 270694

File: 1674163221953.jpg (256.79 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20230119_231839.jpg)

That neck

No. 270696

Lmao he badly copied the neck without actually understanding how it works

No. 270767

>coomer pics
>posted one riamu photo
newfags like you are always interesting .lurk on 4chan moids boards less retard

No. 270769

File: 1674211794224.png (2.16 MB, 4096x546, racist_bias_is_showing.png)

This is more effort than this deserves kek but this was such a perfect example and it will never not be funny that these people draw minorities as ugly af caricatures and think they're being inclusive and progressive. See how the light skinned characters overall are tall, slim and have more conventionally attractive bodies. The brown skinned characters overall are short, fat, ugly or "big and beastly".

No. 270770

ntayrt but >>270613 is a weird thing to post around here, especially near the same time cp was being posted

No. 270774

ill clarify this for the last time. i bumped only because it was getting harder to get to certain threads because of the countless raid spam and cp. theres a big distinction posting a generic anime girl (i know some troons dogwhistle her as a trans icon) but saying its on the same level as CP??? twitterfags like you a wrapped sense so stop derailing the thread to chimp over me

No. 270792

File: 1674225137957.jpg (252.11 KB, 1489x1209, Tumblr_l_633302102000638.jpg)

Tumblr kept recommending this awful drawing to me for some reason. They gave poor Pinkie the Downs.

No. 270793

Every time I see this artist, I wonder, why not make whole new OCs at this point? I took me a while to even notice the Mr Burns like character was meant to be Celestia. Also, I know artists make Aoi fat because she likes donuts, but isn't she like a swimming prodigy? Why is she in a wheelchair? With the wheels decorated as donuts in case you forgot she is fat

No. 270804

i like this. it's stupid in a fun way

No. 270809

If this was an OC and not pinky pie I would love it.

No. 270873

funny looking but soulful i like it. she looks more ponylike

No. 270974

I like this. It would make a cute toy as >>270873 said it has a lot of soul

No. 270976

What's Mexico even supposed to be doing here? His pose is confusing

No. 271081

File: 1674353493907.jpg (196.92 KB, 1080x1620, FB_IMG_1674353221837.jpg)

I'm in a "concept art and illustration" facebook group. This was captioned "Lara croft in comic book style"

No. 271082

The firing gun really makes it

No. 271084

why would fujos jack off to this when hetalia fans has given us perfectly good and smexy fanart for years? Hetalia has better character design too, country humans reminds me of those 4chan anons personification it's a meme sexuality
I like this

No. 271088

File: 1674360329972.jpg (1.16 MB, 2160x2700, bleach.jpg)

Same artist

No. 271090

lagoona no… this is the same artist who did the dagan ranpa ones too yes?

No. 271092

Every character she draws looks like a special needs, at least there aren't 3-4 flags for each of them this time.