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File: 1646259325823.png (1.29 MB, 1280x1280, bad art thread.png)

No. 186753

Missed all the ugly so making this until the old /m/ is back. Post bad art. Bad wonky anatomy, ugly design, retarded faces, coomer trash - it all goes here.

Please keep degenerate fetish art to a minimum, though, it can get excessive at times.

No. 186776

File: 1646268275324.png (6.34 MB, 2480x3507, 96433629_p0.png)

This guy's Pixiv is a goldmine, He's been drawing and posting for about 7 years, is a college student, and has barely improved a bit. This is his most recent piece (of shit).
I find it hilarious how much time and effort he puts into every detail except anatomy, it's all polished turds. At times it feels like he's actually just making troll art like the art in Gakuen Handsome.

kek I almost didn't recognize the characters

No. 186777

File: 1646268479750.jpg (830.15 KB, 849x1200, 95899460_p0_master1200.jpg)

Same guy. I think this one looks so good in comparison to all his other stuff because he might've heavily referenced/traced some other anime girl pic. But those ridiculous knees, jesus christ… they remind me of that knee fetish guy kek

No. 186780

File: 1646269290093.jpg (944.06 KB, 849x1200, 86720061_p0_master1200.jpg)

Last one from him (for now?). The face cracked me up… Honestly I'm kinda jealous of all the dedication and effort this autist puts into everything, I have too little patience to make backgrounds like these.

No. 186781

He definitely traced/painted over top of something else. The tiger is so obviously painted over its embarrassing, and despite that he still managed to fuck up the eyes.

No. 186787

File: 1646272140855.png (495.23 KB, 564x385, 876E772F-E780-464B-90DE-08820C…)

No. 186788

File: 1646272223462.png (925.94 KB, 1005x1200, 0510BF28-27FB-4B48-995E-8A6516…)


No. 186791

File: 1646273891708.jpg (1.97 MB, 2048x2922, Tumblr_l_222468122890633.jpg)

No. 186793

File: 1646274326199.jpg (584.6 KB, 2048x1536, FMzTiW6XIAUMCrK.jpg)

I don't know why exactly do I hate this but I do

No. 186794

looks like sonichu

No. 186795

Left one is pepa, but who are supposed to be the other ones? Tf are they doing? I can’t believe anybody ever told them that they can draw.

No. 186803

File: 1646279813508.jpeg (236.04 KB, 1393x2048, FM1-YWpVEAEi6cX.jpeg)

20k+ likes on Twitter

No. 186809

Did she fart?

No. 186813

File: 1646287358221.jpeg (498.17 KB, 1426x2048, 8A245A58-31EF-424F-B30A-C5D110…)

Cases of good rendering but ugly faces. Look at the space between her nose and mouth, and mouth and chin, how can this artist not realize how ugly the mouth area looks?

No. 186814

File: 1646287504956.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2646x1488, 26150D10-85E7-48F9-A793-5876F1…)

Another example, this artist has godlike rendering but their faces are so hideous and deformed. It really ruins a lot of their art

No. 186817

Wtf happened to /m/

No. 186818

I think their art looks fine it's very generic but it doesn't stand out to me. Their rendering is exceptional though

No. 186820

File: 1646298171632.jpeg (995.41 KB, 1168x1188, 35F94227-805A-4AC7-A2A0-70D051…)

Idk it’s really just their faces, like they’re way too short and gremlin like. If they just made it a bit longer it would be fine

No. 186828

>pushing fingers in mouth
gross coomer alert

No. 186836

Not bad, only the blonde looks weird but still like it, can i have the artist name anon please?

No. 186855

File: 1646335252608.jpeg (621.12 KB, 1378x2039, FM2uI4rUUAU6niv.jpeg)

So close…

No. 186857

oh I don't see what's ba- Jesus Christ

No. 186858

they call him "big yaoi hands" kakyoin, on account of his big yaoi hands.

No. 186873

All these characters are old concept art for Pepa

No. 186876

File: 1646344635678.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.44 KB, 433x433, 0f03f45e60b4f5dcdfeefe677ba8fb…)

No. 186878

I know what you mean. The problem is that he draws the faces to look like the pic has been stretched horizontally. What the hell?

No. 186889

File: 1646348372751.jpg (2.95 MB, 3464x2259, Picsart_22-03-03_17-55-20-850.…)

Honestly I think the artist somehow fucked up and stretched the image before uploading, I tried stretching it vertically a bit and the whole drawing makes a lot more sense, if still slightly odd looking

No. 186940

No. 187007

File: 1646384572648.png (11.55 MB, 3456x6121, df11jrl-1e525091-bf01-4ce5-95d…)

Deviantart adoptable artist with pretty nice skills until you get to the faces

No. 187060

File: 1646416467403.png (143.22 KB, 178x280, 5.PNG)

I'm still stalty

No. 187063

>the pussy zipper

what about these feet tho

No. 187065

her head looks like Luna (yes, the fucked up baby Luna)

No. 187101

she's into those adam driver types

No. 187158

Yeah it looks a lot better like that

No. 187199

File: 1646478047970.jpg (351.36 KB, 1041x1600, RCO012.jpg)

How the fuck does this shit get published

No. 187215

And its not even the worst kek
from what I understood it is a lack of control, of communication, people rushing the artists, the artist that makes the sketch and the person who inks it does not understand it and that they have to do everything in ridiculous time limits

No. 187225

My biggest gripe with comics is the digital airbrush coloring mixed with traditional inking, not sure if my wording makes sense but it always looks so crusty.

No. 187241

honestly, western comic art has improved nowadays, though it does look a little generic
but this art style was everywhere in the late 2000's/early 2010's

No. 187260

File: 1646513431312.jpg (112.21 KB, 750x1162, what-goes-where-photo-u1.jpg)

comics are stupid

No. 187265

File: 1646515636225.jpeg (62.91 KB, 564x756, 70A4685F-9A98-433D-ADF6-29FC01…)

This guy has got some great rendering skills and nice color choices, is undeniably talented but chooses to draw creepy coomer art with bad anatomy and children faces.

No. 187266

File: 1646515744013.jpeg (222.16 KB, 896x1373, 8285CEEE-F666-411E-95C6-737C07…)

Another one from this guy

No. 187272

Jesus her body is grotesque I feel bad for her

No. 187274

Males really lack the self-control to create art without their chodes brains taking over kek

No. 187281

is this one of those moids who draw nothing but women? shit is so pathetic

No. 187298

Is it me or the coloring looks bad? Ot looks oddly airbrushed or overblended in some parts

No. 187306

File: 1646530610126.jpeg (798.67 KB, 2480x3480, 18052C03-A4CF-4B72-9A6D-71CEA6…)

The shading… her string thin hair ends… the chin… the cheek…

No. 187308


No. 188195

File: 1646848127809.jpeg (630.53 KB, 1063x1404, 0C1070E3-FFA8-4E24-B959-46E316…)

the anatomy is pissing me off

No. 188245

wth the rendering is awesome, but absolutely disgusting anatomy. Hope this is photobashing and paintover instead of someone with actual skills choosing to do shit like that.

No. 188258

>>187266 why tf is she oozing out of her robussy

No. 188294

File: 1646868246736.jpg (45.38 KB, 665x574, hwat.jpg)

nonny, i'm gonna need you to redline it, because i cant see it - picrel

No. 188296

Nta but he got huge yaoi hands

No. 188337


oh, i kinda see it now? not terrible tho

No. 188338

File: 1646878198439.png (718.7 KB, 567x864, df1f1ql-a37bda55-8583-4b09-92a…)

mmmm i sure do love slanty face

No. 188368

File: 1646889181898.jpeg (640.29 KB, 1448x2048, 7912CFA0-6847-4271-BD18-EA20C6…)

No. 188379

this is photobashed. can barely even call this art

No. 188383

the man faces oh my god kek how do people manage to do this i'm genuinely curious

No. 188408

File: 1646910489775.jpeg (634.1 KB, 1448x2048, 3D71FEA1-19A6-40BE-A068-52CABF…)

Salad fingers

No. 188409

Samefag, just noticed the ridiculous placement of his ears and now it's even better

No. 188434

Mother of nitpicks… I hate to be that anon but this makes you look like a salty bitch who can't draw

No. 188436

Nonni those hands are a sin and I’m not the original poster.

No. 188438

some of these artists in this thread have great rendering but extremely shitty anatomy, what is going??

No. 188439

lmao what the fuck, he really looks like a bishiefied salad fingers

No. 188451

Rendering gets them social media validation. Anatomy is “boring.” Just figure your “style.” I’m pretty sure is part of it.

No. 188456

I like to imagine it's some kind of paralysis demon to justify the wonky anatomy kek.

No. 188471

If those fingers look normal to you I am terrified of what your fingers look like

No. 188541

File: 1646942009623.jpg (326.5 KB, 1280x747, tumblr_411cf5635142efe7e90b491…)

Not bad per say it's the perspective

No. 188542

The guy on the right looks particularly wonky. What are these characters even from? The designs are god awful.

No. 188543

Kek when you pointed out the ears it lost it

No. 188550

File: 1646943570066.jpg (370.04 KB, 1280x864, tumblr_a44bcfe650753ee5f6b5b82…)

It's from Eldarya, the art is really hit or miss between the illustrations. There's some potential here and there

No. 188569

Idk if they use the same artists but they're the same company so i may as well compare. The newer MCL (since college) is terrible, the female bodies are all fantasy porn stars and stiff. I cannot help but compare it to the old artbooks I have, it's sad. That perspective is hilarious though.

No. 188572

File: 1646951251735.jpeg (232.53 KB, 1799x1972, 7CD3F81A-384B-45F6-80D6-C97438…)

No. 188588

Genshin boys are treated so badly, Kaeya didn’t deserve this.

No. 188615

File: 1646968897205.jpg (57.89 KB, 713x472, ep5 Lys.JPG)

I never thought in a million years I'd hear about my candy love on lolcow. I was obsessed with the game as a kid haha. The creator was such a crybaby anytime you critiqued her art.

No. 188617

it's always kaeya. back in 2019 it was always that twink from mdzs now it's him. what about these kind of designs that make all the themlets go apeshit?

No. 188632

The guy on the far left looks like a Grandmaster fire wizard (level 50-59) in Wizard101. Looks like he'd be named Jason Ashblaze.

No. 188719

It's actually a different artist (you might find her name in the wikia team page), but original mycandylove and eldarya are from the same. I personally like the new artist, it's just the colorist that needs to be changed.

No. 188733

Not to be an insufferable coomer but those boobas look very nice and soft, maybe I have a hidden y chromosome that makes me go AWOOGA

This tho???

No. 188736

File: 1647012971818.jpg (472.95 KB, 1600x1200, quality dark horse comics.jpg)

Anyone ever read anything by Dark Horse Comics? The ME ones are a goldmine, holy shit

No. 188737

File: 1647013000386.jpg (164.16 KB, 828x543, quarian by dark horse comics.J…)

No. 188738

File: 1647013171024.jpg (127.09 KB, 1145x602, whyy.JPG)

No. 188927

And you just know a fujo drew it.

No. 189031

File: 1647145094479.jpg (45.69 KB, 563x1030, 40b922745e24bccb42752ff04c3ff3…)

This dude's realism work an overall rendering skills are great but his stylized art is horrendous.

No. 189043

File: 1647155813451.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.64 KB, 1200x1149, a.jpg)

warning, it's horrendous tranny porn

why are aidens so obsessed with putting their untagged shit out into the world and making it as ugly as possible

No. 189044

She looks like she has no bones in her body.

No. 189049

This is so fucking gross, I hate it. Satanic shit. Why are trannies like this? Don’t they know that they’re doing a huge disservice to themselves? Their “art” and other online activities just make them look like dangerous mentally ill perverts.
I don’t know any irl tranny but seeing the stuff they post is enough for me to dislike them.

No. 189069

File: 1647179891841.png (282.2 KB, 500x500, tumblr_70fd751d19b5bf71f7428b8…)

No. 189077

this is the type of criminal that finds martin freeman types attractive. you just already know the artist is an insecure fujo

No. 189133

File: 1647210859781.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.16 KB, 850x717, __original_drawn_by_venusflowe…)

what the fucking hell is this anatomy?

No. 189147

File: 1647216611203.png (121.95 KB, 640x754, tumblr_osbxb95TV11tapa9jo1_640…)

i remember that artist, she used to be a slugbox copycat until one day he blocked her and started crying on tumblr
I think she could draw fine but decides to make everything a melted mass
Old drawing

No. 189167

File: 1647227494465.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.9 KB, 768x1105, RDT_20220313_23112925800502593…)

No. 189169

I think this is kind of funny

No. 189173

File: 1647229666599.jpeg (112.76 KB, 751x1063, E00BC99C-FC27-4A06-A34D-B797EE…)

This is hilarious

No. 189223

File: 1647251842328.jpeg (505.85 KB, 1536x2048, 8E28350C-FF5C-4FFE-8E84-D43075…)

Nonna I’m wheezing. criminal. god.

No. 189669

File: 1647386786398.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.56 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20220315-235249_Ins…)


No. 189697

I literally don't see the sexual appeal of this character

No. 189745

You know how these types are with

No. 189746

With what??

No. 190295

File: 1647598668134.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 755x949, whatthefuuuu.PNG)

Was checking out some shitty clichè korean bl and the art was kinda wonky at times but then I see this motherfucker
And all I'd like to say is please before getting into drawing porn, learn some basic anatomy

No. 190657

File: 1647711007123.jpg (842.83 KB, 1500x1291, FMNSGlrVQAM5Ntv.jpg)

How do you learn to render so well and then just have 0 sense of proportion? Noct's goddamn pinhead gets me every time and the others aren't much better. And the faces are so off, too.

No. 190661

File: 1647712498256.jpg (1.32 MB, 2000x1333, 1621812366694.jpg)

the idea of this being sexy to anyone is pretty astonishing to me

looks traced

No. 190749

eh the poses could use some work and the third guy has a weirdly small wrist or hand

No. 190959

File: 1647815100844.jpg (257.03 KB, 700x1000, 1647778758439_image.jpg)

Kinda funny in a way

No. 191138

I can’t even tell what’s going on

No. 191452

wtf is goin on with her clit, there's a slit opening where the head would be, its making me cringe in pain, not to mention she's directly touching it

No. 191455

I…is that piss or cum she's leaking out?

No. 191554

File: 1648026553080.png (372.94 KB, 640x640, rn25k2r9p6i81.png)

No. 191566

File: 1648038560769.png (Spoiler Image,248.51 KB, 329x679, CD847FE6-7CB2-4829-8120-6AC8D3…)

I can't get over the messed up face. Coomers really will pay for anything.

No. 191609

File: 1648055293302.png (1.22 MB, 1500x1780, 1634732721738.png)

Those things

No. 191667

File: 1648066415627.jpg (267.12 KB, 1384x2048, 20220318_185721.jpg)

the mouths on this disgust me.

No. 191668

The mouths???? What about… everything else

No. 191686

I would be crying too if that thing was holding me

No. 191940

File: 1648162749940.jpg (5.68 MB, 4000x3063, qj183J7f.jpg)

what is that

No. 191944

File: 1648163194040.png (972.25 KB, 646x732, 49595_34054.png)

No. 191945

Did I really not finish my sentence? kek
With fat ugly characters
See: Nemu and every character she likes

No. 191959

File: 1648169171739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.44 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpeg)

Sometimes I think eyes were a mistake

No. 191970

Spending your time on rendering, not enough on anatomy and zero on perspective/foreshortening

No. 191975

I live this type of bad art. Clearly made by a coomer, great focus on the "sexy" parts of the body but zero interest on how they all connect.

No. 192043

File: 1648197309954.jpeg (209.68 KB, 1076x1522, DE3AFAB6-5D3D-4CAC-940B-45AAAE…)

This looks painful

No. 192056

File: 1648199946327.jpg (71.57 KB, 500x400, kill la kill this.jpg)

probably the worst artstyle to come from tumblr


can't believe they did that to my boy seth smh

No. 192104

File: 1648219301375.jpeg (Spoiler Image,388.72 KB, 1503x1469, unsafe_paperpag on twitter.jp…)

Why are TIFs like this, that face is haunting me and I'm genuinely afraid to try and understand the genitals

No. 192107

What. Is… is the other tif’s labia extending like a bunch of tiny and thin tentacles? What kind of nightmare vision is this? Who thought this was hot?

No. 192111

Insane how this style was touted as a way to "desexualize women and represent bodies often not shown" yet when its drawn it's still coomer art most o the time.

No. 192121

I think that's what's happening. I will never forgive homestuck or welcome to nightvale for having fandoms autistically obsess over and design alternative genitals (note, mainly just alien versions of penis) for characters because what the fuck is the meaning of this nasty shit.

No. 192130

File: 1648227817756.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1280x1172, tumblr_d182b3e9af3af6abc52418a…)

No. 192132

File: 1648228246558.png (Spoiler Image,2.6 MB, 1280x1810, tumblr_8e249f3675e9e40ff973660…)

Another sameface coomer who doesn't tag nsfw art of popular children's media characters

No. 192137

Holy shit look at the legs and ass on the black one, she'(?)s been twisted like a pretzel and is just mooning any passerby

No. 192163

girl it's a fucking robot

No. 192357

File: 1648315695883.jpeg (296.99 KB, 858x860, 4B1668D2-B04E-414D-8181-BB4A94…)

Built like a dorito

No. 192359

Why is it that Prowl always manages to attract the most autistic retards in the fandom? Poor thing.

No. 192415

I actually snorted so hard at labia tentacles that my nose hurt. Is the character an alien?

No. 192500

File: 1648357763159.jpg (212.95 KB, 646x1009, wtf.jpg)

i know we arent supposed to post fetish art but i found a gallery of a guy who is obsessed with female prisoners being forced to do labor and being really dirty and covered in their own shit and it's creepy af to me. serial killer vibes

No. 192511

File: 1648362339075.jpg (275.14 KB, 1800x2200, FOzbf8EXMAMC62X.jpg)

the rendering is great but those fingers…

No. 192517

File: 1648365984651.jpg (1.08 MB, 2562x3302, IMG_20220324_202630.jpg)

No. 192522

they’re so fucking wide

No. 192551

Same vibes as the disabled children fetishist from before the board wipe

No. 192553

picasso would be making this art if he were alive today

No. 192559

I can't tell if this fetish is something that came as a result of something that the artist saw when he was a kid (like a cartoon, childhood experience seeing female prisoners etc) or if it's just a poorly-drawn extension of a 'degradation of women' fetish

No. 192569

god i hate those fat tumblr noses and weird eyes so much

No. 192613

File: 1648405550209.jpg (592 KB, 829x1110, wtf.jpg)

this is a "male character" who looks like a female child and has a vagina. but he/him pronouns, guise!!
someone needs to write a thesis on this shit

No. 192618

>for ease of access :)
god I hate this shit

No. 192637

File: 1648413902636.jpg (416.57 KB, 813x970, Tumblr_l_141518331467600.jpg)

No. 192650

A male drew this. Am I wrong?
>draw an underage-looking girl, call it a femboy
It's not surprising that femboy shit always "just so happens" to look like pedo shit.

No. 192654

Id bet money its a fakeboi and they're self inserting onto that character to some degree

No. 192670

No. 192715

File: 1648440153377.jpeg (288.76 KB, 1080x1350, CFDEF2D5-1821-41D5-84BC-E2E645…)

This is so off-putting.

No. 192730

the only thing i hate is the hair texture; her boobs aren't huge, her armor isn't slutty, and her waist looks like it can support herself and not snap in two

No. 193171

File: 1648579920103.jpg (340.73 KB, 1640x2360, 8z5btoqbbdq81.jpg)

>open r/art
>sort by new

No. 193172

File: 1648579942802.jpg (58 KB, 828x804, drz0en7j9dq81.jpg)

No. 193173

File: 1648580044895.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1080, f9qkpa8y8dq81.png)

No. 193174

File: 1648580175035.jpg (508.45 KB, 2421x2387, 7yx4upzfecq81.jpg)

No. 193231

File: 1648595620602.png (Spoiler Image,459.58 KB, 588x561, 678g.png)

when fujo baby fever art meets driverfagging

No. 193246

File: 1648603871769.jpg (26.56 KB, 465x659, dtjossolem811.jpg)

fuck I would be more accepting of mpreg than troon shit

No. 193344

Oh, so you draw shit like this but mpreg is crossing the line?

No. 193377

File: 1648656951833.png (Spoiler Image,529.28 KB, 426x583, foot.PNG)

Sorry for coomer shit but I just saw this how to draw book on a website. What is happening with that foot?

No. 193420

The artstyle reminds me of Archer

No. 193501

File: 1648698314586.png (1.86 MB, 1438x1751, Screenshot_20220331-043838.png)

No. 193503

now this is the good shit

No. 193504

breast foot

No. 193662

File: 1648740121592.jpeg (346.44 KB, 2047x1222, 62A6E451-D6A1-4002-877C-1DE1EB…)

I can’t tell if he’s happy to be killing birds or not

No. 193664

He’s killing timmie’s pigeons, that’s why he’s happy.

No. 193668

Baby's first animu drawing on a tablet, I think it's cute kek.

No. 193671

This character in general doesn't look male at all. So weird.

No. 193769

File: 1648771221271.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.19 KB, 800x1200, IMG_20220331_185825.jpg)

The anatomy kek

No. 193777

What's supposed to be going on here?

No. 193946

File: 1648839005742.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1440x1491, y8ASE0N.png)

Wish I had the confidence of a male coomer artist to charge these prices for this level of work kek

No. 193950

>I don't do mpreg
According to their rules, aren't TIFs supposed to be male? Someone call the transphobe police

No. 193976

my eyes need holy water after looking at this

No. 193984

is pouring water on your vagina supposed to be arousing lmao this is a very confusing drawing

No. 193996

Well, before raising your prices you should find out whether this guy gets any commissions at all kek

No. 194105

>>193976 sorry nonnie, >>193769 used up all of the holy water.

No. 194343

why are they like this?

No. 194371

File: 1648974052739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,716.25 KB, 828x992, AE51A867-72BF-4044-A987-D62680…)

I just don't like the vibe of this guy.

No. 194373

that caption… am i supposed to laugh? what a creep.

No. 194374

Both the art and the caption make him a certified creep.

No. 194376

This reminds me of Neopets art, kinda endearing honestly

>easy acccess
this is literally pedo art and it's not even trying to hide it, holy shit.

No. 194392

File: 1648982394045.jpg (759.84 KB, 701x900, df3sx9-3d654c6b-ef3e-4ec9-a5d5…)

Oh god, this guy. I despise 99.9% of "horror fan" scrotes but this one especially makes my skin crawl. All he ever draws is samefaced big booby girls surrounded by a bunch of gross monsters in sexualized, rapey scenarios (I'm not even exaggerating. Google him, you'll see what I mean) and you can ansolutely tell it's his fetish. The fact he's apparently married with kids worries me. You have to be a closeted megacreep to air out your gross fantasies publicly AND tweet shit like this on top of that.

No. 194394

Do men actually think women have slumber parties like this

No. 194397

File: 1648982935246.jpg (388.14 KB, 538x750, d2v7c7g-071caa85-d7cb-4c9b-94a…)

Samefag and I might be sperging at this point because he decided to pornify a female character that I find cool and interesting (especially by Lovecraft standards) but look at this shit. The reason why she's dressed as a generic porny schoolgirl? Because she was an university student… in the 1930s kek. I swear he saw the words "student" and "good looking" and his coombrain visualized it the only way it knew how. And then slapped a sepia filter on it bc it's supposed to be "old timey". Ugly, low effort, uncreative and fetishistic.

No. 194401

File: 1648984711713.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 828x1531, 61432D3C-F8F5-491C-848E-9BFD6E…)

You're fine anon, he deserves it. I find it extrememly weird he posts photos of his wife and daughter on the same account he posts his fetish-y art on.

No. 194485

File: 1649014083584.png (2.09 MB, 1079x1281, Screenshot_20220403-122706.png)

No words

No. 194488

every time i see that bitch from evangelion i get the urge to mow down swaths of anime convention attendees in my car

No. 194490

oh shit, i remember coming across this person. its a mtf tranny with a bratz doll hoard living out a bimbo lifestyle, didn't look much into it but could be a good potential cow

No. 194498

So happy that my Goddess inspires even nonbelievers to do her job. Bless!

No. 194504

I… kinda like it

No. 194507

It’s endearingly hideous. Kinda reminds me a Dakota Rose’s old art.

No. 194514

File: 1649019212146.jpg (47.12 KB, 550x704, 42cb652f55aa5a9e7fb84a25c60e92…)

Was looking for bad wolf tattoos and boy did I find some

No. 194515

File: 1649019294764.jpeg (47.22 KB, 500x485, coyote-ugly.jpeg)

No. 194516

File: 1649019319057.jpg (57.32 KB, 660x660, 86c61fcd2c392d0799f7c786d2a2ff…)

No. 194517

File: 1649019364033.jpg (31.42 KB, 499x612, fd6debc2e9a6cfa4cd72e7d3ae127e…)

No. 194518


i love all of these, they are so bad <3

No. 194526

File: 1649020068188.jpg (47.75 KB, 640x630, 545.jpg)

Oh I have more

No. 194527

File: 1649020095949.jpeg (5.79 KB, 193x261, images (3).jpeg)

No. 194528

File: 1649020132024.jpg (26.79 KB, 340x604, CudktwT.jpg)

No. 194529

File: 1649020159666.jpg (30.38 KB, 600x600, afe.jpg)

This one is a "lion". Okay I'll stop spamming the thread now

No. 194563

god i feel so bad for his daughter. finding out your dad is a cum brain porn degenerate is the shittest feeling. and her young photos are all over his fetish account. this asshole better pay for her therapy when she gets older

No. 194565

File: 1649030295302.jpeg (113.27 KB, 720x930, 82f2cc58-8a47-4dcd-a80e-a83d4c…)

It isn't technically bad art but it's just extremely funny to me

No. 194571

The tongue being connected to the top of his mouth is making me laugh so much
Keep spamming, I'm making sound effects of them

No. 194580

This is avant garde

No. 194584

This is actually pretty well drawn.

No. 194605

File: 1649047846811.jpeg (231.25 KB, 1409x1250, 10d298d1-fd3e-454d-878c-4fee4a…)

What gets me is how Disney accurate the heads are, like it's official Disney art. I found this one too

No. 194614

I did shit like this years ago, and I mean YEARS ago. But it wasn't traced like this shit, lol

No. 194615

I really wish they'd just fully gijinka'd them instead of the very jarring human body/animal head thing. Imo that only works for the ancient Egyptians

No. 194621

this one is so derpy it's cute

No. 194649

lmfao simba and his glass of wine. faggot. this rules

No. 194755

the old thread had a rule not to post art made by beginners or kids, I think that should go in the OP of the next thread too. this is definitely a kid or a beginner. not here to dunk on 10 year olds or people posting their first attempts at drawing.

No. 194769

File: 1649108799840.png (148.07 KB, 686x419, BCB36643-824E-4BEA-8310-C9D2F7…)

And like it’s not even that bad! There’s way worse art out there like this!

No. 194856

File: 1649136705163.png (990.98 KB, 900x1273, 1C4BB541-1619-4D91-9A72-78E8CA…)

No. 194941

File: 1649170249041.png (214.34 KB, 900x1631, deltwo2-7f328be1-0ba9-40dc-b16…)

This is cracking me up

No. 194959

Have you guys noticed that a lot of noses in art looks like shitty egirl makeup? Overly contoured and overly blushed.

No. 194960

Hunter schafer

No. 194963

No. 194981

damn he looks so stoned in this pic

No. 194997

Front facing vag

No. 195067

File: 1649201979875.png (361.23 KB, 900x766, 06BC894A-C3CF-4780-8937-AFD078…)

This one’s a fakeboi vtuber. Thought it was thematic.

No. 195088

File: 1649207495182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.73 KB, 750x1177, 061AF4AC-59A6-452D-BA4B-8992C1…)

This is the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen fakebois need to be banned from art forever

No. 195090

We need a new bad tattoos thread

No. 195132

File: 1649225012165.png (1.1 MB, 1627x3474, 4fhzonjr0lj51.png)

those legs

No. 195138

File: 1649229147284.png (42.19 KB, 820x511, 33-331917_npc-head-transparent…)

No. 195363

File: 1649287246156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.64 KB, 2400x1398, 1649140219592.jpeg)

This is why m*les should not be allowed to create """art"""

No. 195364

File: 1649287419200.jpeg (Spoiler Image,335.64 KB, 1280x1280, 1645249873476.jpeg)

Another one by the same guy.

No. 195365

Please tell me this isn’t Joker from Persona 5.

No. 195391

Ew wtf I hate everything about this. I don't want boba anymore now

No. 195487

the style is kind of dope but the content matter is so unappealing, its interesting to see how weird of a range he's got

No. 195489

File: 1649325011517.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 828x937, fugo, NaranciaFugo, JOJO (yaoi…)

No. 195499

File: 1649328865148.png (390.79 KB, 544x800, HgjjAsewfkf25285q.png)

No. 195501


this looks like a shitty redesign of Lambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, from a parallel timeline in which Reborn was written 10 years later and has a fandom full of genderspecial kids who try to claim every character as trans.

No. 195559

He was so proud of the fucking boba/booba “wordplay” he put it on the hat too kek

No. 195676

File: 1649383532750.jpeg (95.4 KB, 462x596, FF61AA29-B2BD-446A-818E-849B2F…)

The peace signs look like dicks

No. 195694

I'm an artist and I know I shouldn't care about subject matter, but when I see shit like this and learn that a guy drew it, it makes me feel like all he cares about is hurting women. Or that he has a secret pain fetish and abused all his exes.

No. 195729

I made a bad tattoos thread to not spam this one too much if anyone is interested >>>/m/195725

No. 195786

Ugh same here. Worst part is he apparently has a wife that he includes in his gross porny comics sometimes and he also has a kid on the way. If it's true I'm genuinely concerned because this guy 100% has some mental shit going on.

No. 195881

File: 1649439040610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,211.1 KB, 1700x1160, B0D125FF-AC78-4E7C-994E-B77AB7…)

why does this guy have 71.8k followers

No. 195889

I legit thought those were pikachus kek

No. 195891

waste of skills

No. 195921

you know why

No. 195947

isnt that Racist Uncle?

No. 195954

I hate how normalized pedoshit is. Even if they draw straight shota because they self-insert as the kid "to feel younger and smaller than the woman", isn't that kind of like AGP troons who get off to misogyny and want to become an abused woman?
The way they draw women is also retarded and comical as well, it looks so stupid that you can't help but wonder how so many males started to unironically see it as the hottest shit ever, but that goes without saying.

No. 195976

pretty sure racist uncle draws better than that, but dont quote me on it

No. 196000

File: 1649462802031.jpg (556.05 KB, 2048x2048, DRUMSTICKS.jpg)

No. 196003

File: 1649462895991.jpg (327.33 KB, 2048x2048, oof.jpg)

No. 196007

File: 1649463040569.jpg (600.03 KB, 2048x2048, lmao.jpg)

No. 196012

File: 1649463238468.jpg (416.37 KB, 2048x2048, AHAHAHA.jpg)

No. 196013

File: 1649463303227.jpg (521.08 KB, 2048x2048, this is highway robbery.jpg)

No. 196047

File: 1649476522399.jpeg (674.82 KB, 1125x1386, 04593999-5606-49EA-8B14-29BAFC…)

This is supposedly a male character

No. 196051

I really wonder if anyone has actually commissioned this person… This actually makes me feel better about my art

No. 196053

Ironic that the teacher can't spell "lovely"

No. 196065

File: 1649485800603.jpg (70.38 KB, 275x448, 20220409_142734.jpg)

No. 196068

File: 1649487773161.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 2456x3481, VoreLore.jpg)

Not entirely bad per se, and it seems she's improved since she first started a few years back, but damn the juxtaposition of these intriguing stories with a bunch of fetish fuel inserted into it floors me every single time. This pic in particular is the ending of a ten "page" story, and is arguably the tamest of the bunch.

No. 196070

File: 1649488037974.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 3050x2412, Dedication.jpg)

She also made some sort of cyoa game centered around it recently, mostly by herself it seems. I can't help but wonder if she has some trauma that melded her creative spark to this subject matter or not.

No. 196097

File: 1649497543348.jpg (220.28 KB, 1280x1345, 20220409_114114.jpg)

The art is pretty cute, but I absolutely do not understand the fucked up leaning poses and I assume Buttercups spine has been snapped in half to allow her to twist like that

No. 196110

There is no good reason for why you didn't spoiler this picture.

No. 196126

salad fingers

No. 196203

File: 1649535602467.jpeg (233.38 KB, 1894x2048, 1987B9A9-307C-4C5A-8A3D-B94634…)

if putting troon surgery scars on a sonic character isn’t peak autism i don’t know what is

No. 196205

my fatass thought this was fried chicken

No. 196206

Holy shit, what a waste of talent. Not just for the scars/tranny pandering, but the artist was so interested in a ping the stylization to 11 that it hurts the final product, making some parts really confusing, e.g. the ankle area and quills on sonic.

No. 196207

File: 1649536999316.jpeg (Spoiler Image,675.12 KB, 2048x2002, BEBB3C76-6D07-41DC-BA3B-8194BF…)

I think there should be a mandatory psychosexual survey for twitter artists because what the hell is this.

No. 196210

Who the fuck are these characters? Is this harry potter porn?

No. 196214

Hey nonnie, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my frigid heart, thank you for giving me a reason to kill myself with this shit you posted.

No. 196216

File: 1649540596172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.07 KB, 2048x1799, C4D0D995-2D37-4F8F-9D96-4DF13A…)

Men need to be institutionalized.

No. 196219

I think that's Pidge frmo Voltron

No. 196236

File: 1649552025537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471.35 KB, 1447x2048, 4202F216-3481-4598-BD6A-C72C8D…)

I’m pretty sure top surgery didn’t exist in ancient times.

No. 196240

I like this one, tbh. Isn't that mastectomy a cancer thing rather than a troon thing?

No. 196241

Nope. Artist means to spread “kweer positivity”

No. 196242

>chubby/fat female bodies
>different boob shapes
>body hair
>amputees (top right looks to be a BE/below elbow/transradial amputee)
>masectomy scars
>somehow always the same fucking plump filler-pumped half-parted instagram baddie lips
We're never making it out of this hell.

No. 196250

File: 1649558497929.png (625 KB, 1280x941, 859355_Riliane.png)

No. 196288


No. 196305

Decided against my better judgement to check for myself, it appears to be an OC. Calls her a "monster researcher," but that basically just means "generic monster fuckmeat with a cute face." Also her name's Eclair…geddit, like the confection that's stuffed with cream? Such an original and funny joke that hasn't been exhausted well before the internet's existence.

No. 196381

“monsterfucker” is just code for zoophile at this point

No. 196435

As much as it hurts, I'd rather KHR! stay buried before that ever happened.

No. 196440

Second that, so glad Durarara came out a decade ago when this shit was more contained, imagine the autism/transwashing now?

No. 196463

File: 1649635172078.png (179.54 KB, 512x512, e25b3d125f88aae8f9588c09235b6d…)

Made me remember of this ugly cartoon I hated when I was a kid

No. 196465

shit taste

No. 196474

nah the durarara fandom was autistic as fuck during its peak years and got a revival of tism when the second and third seasons dropped. take it from somebody who was obsessed with an unpopular side character and disliked izaya and shizuo

No. 196517

it was an adorable show

No. 196771

Tableguy oh noooo. He can be competent when he wants to but he makes the worst pornography I have ever seen. He is a blight on /ic/.

No. 196816

File: 1649751097613.jpeg (790.75 KB, 828x1039, AA92E35D-3488-464A-B7F7-9B833F…)

No. 196825

Awww. I know this is terrible, but I find it charming. I think if this artist keeps it up they can achieve better results.

No. 196826

Has a future in horror with proportions like those.

No. 196841

When you watched dozens of rendering tutorials but never opened an anatomy book.

No. 196848

it's not good but if they focus on their anatomy it can slap

No. 196856

love this

No. 196885

Even the rendering looks like shit

No. 197124

File: 1649880602958.jpeg (343.15 KB, 1200x711, 64C01567-6FA6-4DD0-BFBD-DF841E…)

I have no idea how this artist is so popular and has their work shared by Riot Games social media accounts when it is always so cluttered and unappealing.

No. 197127

w….. why is everything covered in what looks like long grain rice??

No. 197130

Someone dropped a paella.

No. 197140

It's like a picturebook for adults, the longer you look the more useless details you can see kek What are the items on top? Are you supposed to find them in this mess or what?

No. 197142

File: 1649889282303.png (2.11 MB, 1200x711, Untitled.png)

Unfortunately yes

No. 197143

The art is cute but my sixth sense tells me the author is a themlet kek

No. 197163

File: 1649896145324.jpg (205.32 KB, 845x800, tumblr_6441464ada0795b4e4cc879…)

So apparently the artist that did the OP pic is still bopping around on tumblr. Picrel is a redraw from around 2020, but they (I have no clue if it's a woman or a trannoid) appear to have left most of the skin condition bullshit behind thankfully, even if their faces are still awful.

No. 197170

>most of the skin condition behind
The art is better, not good, but the people who draw this shit have got to get it through their heads that typical human body hair and freckles/whatever the hell they’re stroll trying to do to chibiusa is way too detailed for a simplified drawing and makes the character look severely diseased

No. 197178

File: 1649905249827.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.65 KB, 1914x2048, 298C26CC-7FB2-46FB-96D2-4B2DB8…)

This is supposed to be Megumi and Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen except Megumi is also a troon with big tits

No. 197189

The longer you look the worse it gets

No. 197198

Words haven’t been invented to express how much I absolutely fucking hate this

No. 197202

sick of seeing fujo art where one of them has massive boobs

No. 197208

exactly, I prefer my yaoi to have male chests

No. 197210

This isn't fujo art, it's tranny porn. Those are actual boobs.

No. 197235

I think it's cute but I'm still surprised that this person gets comissioned by Riot, maybe she has some good connections? The artstyle doesn't seem like a good fit for the target audience

No. 197288

Don't know about any of their other works, but this looks like a typical normie cartoon style and the whole point of this picture is to be busy so you have to find the details as a "game"

No. 197345

tryhard degenerate attempts to draw incest yaoi but it ends up looking like normie het porn

No. 197350

I’m no expert on foreshortening but shouldn’t the bottom guy abdomen be showing? like, the breast to thigh looks so extreme compare to the top dude

No. 197359

Most popular western artists/animators are popular thanks to nepotism, how else do you thing so many degens managed to sneak in while all the decent people get left behind?

No. 197368

This is how teenagers drew in the 2010s

No. 197406

File: 1649971595416.jpg (227.05 KB, 983x1310, 89988170_p0.jpg)

"Casca (Kentaro Miura Tribute)
My attempt at a tribute to Kentaro Miura and Berserk.

Definitely not the best of anything, but I had to do something for the man that influenced so many of my inspirations.

May the brilliant man rest in peace."

No. 197410

Kek kinda looks like Chris Chan when dressing as a troon

No. 197411

File: 1649973555160.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.67 KB, 180x240, 154417__rj_l[1].jpg)

that's Rick James, bitch

No. 197422

I have to wonder the age of this person. The blackwashing of Casca looks like they'd be teenagers but this looks like a 5 year old drew it

No. 197445

>blackwashing casca
If anything they made her lighter. Who cares though, because that looks nothing like Casca, I don't remember Casca ever having that hair, that outfit, old woman eyes, or infinity signs coming out of her throat.

No. 197448

lol well on his Twitter he says he retweets nsfw so no minors allowed, but I guess that wouldn't stop him from being one himself

No. 197533

File: 1650004192479.jpeg (84.62 KB, 568x540, images - 2022-04-15T032938.061…)

It's this version of Casca

No. 197534

I swear I saw a comparison of her old (normal) and new sjw art, how it used to be?

No. 197551

I forgot the scene other anon posted so I thought he was giving her box braids or something kek
Got anymore from him?

No. 197555

File: 1650017743244.jpg (2.42 MB, 3264x1836, EUu47uDUYAA0xxM.jpg)

I think I posted the best one. The funniest thing about this guy is that he's probably an adult lmao. His Twitter seems to be dedicated to posting about his ugly oc's and Tweeting them at other artists hoping they'll draw them. His @ is @ascertabus if you wanna see more

No. 197556

File: 1650018787097.png (141.04 KB, 265x321, midnAAAHHH.PNG)

I suddenly feel less bad about my own permabeg art

No. 197568

So adults can't be beginners and unless they're semi pro level they're not allowed to show their drawings without expecting people making fun of them? Come on.

No. 197597

File: 1650039646892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,186.21 KB, 1448x2048, 2DEFCF77-4B07-46F0-B62B-7F4BEF…)

apparently the person who drew this is an asian woman inb4 it’s a moid catfishing a la tinafate

No. 197607

Nevermind then, I see the resemblance and it's really well done actually.

No. 197757

File: 1650090643943.jpeg (519.03 KB, 2048x2048, 11B7A180-EAA3-4315-80F0-BCF52B…)

You're right, anon. So I went for another example since it's present in many pieces. Here is a single character piece that you still need to give a good stare to to read among all the unnecessary embellishment.
Personally, I don't even find the style cute or appealing at all, strikes me as a bad collage of several Tumblr trends over the years. The bodies in many drawings are broken, like she learned stylization before ever bothering with fundamentals. Some pictures of her webcomic straight up looked like traced photos with a cartoony face slapped on top. She knows how to draw about three different faces and plasters them on every character, to the point that (leaguefaggotry) characters from different species, sex and age have the exact same facial features. I go back to her profile once in a while, like she's my personal artcow, cause it's unbelievable to me Riot has commissioned her repeatedly.
I've wanted to post this art here forever but I was afraid of sounding like a vendettachan since she makes me so angry kek. Something about the mediocrity, being commissioned by Riot Games repeatedly, her being a themlet, making social media art advice posts while the profile is full of unrelated tweets and the multimedia tab is crowded with reaction images (had to scroll forever between drawings) and the obnoxious Tumblr style being universally praised in her replies just ticks all the boxes that make me seethe. Maybe I'm just unhinged

No. 197822

The fabric at her waist looks like a huge ballsack.

No. 197937

It's not an outstanding illustration to start with, but the bokeh completely ruins whatever potential it has. Why would you put a bunch of distracting red blobs around the edge of the canvas when the focal point is supposed to be the woman in there center?

I think this sort of shit is what happens when people learn to paint/render from Patreon artists without learning the actual fundamentals.

No. 198045

You're right, this art is very difficult to look at. Way too much detail on a cartoony drawing, also I guess the way everything is drawn with the exact same amount of focus, like the lines have all the same weight which is bad in any drawing but especially in more stylized stuff.

No. 198161

File: 1650225376003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,483.57 KB, 1829x2048, D929D9B9-436F-4F97-B895-550FC1…)

no comment

No. 198207

I feel like if this were drawn in a style with realistic proportions it would look less busy, the arms and legs being reduced to basic shapes combined with the character's short stature makes them indistinguishable from all the costume shit being piled on

No. 198700

File: 1650348837337.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.22 KB, 2048x1927, omniTHICC.jpg)

is that . . . ? no, it couldn't be . . .

No. 198703

Her pubes being the same gradient as her hair is hilarious, even if she's an anime girl I doubt that it's her natural hair color.

No. 198863

File: 1650393753037.jpeg (603.12 KB, 750x729, 2DC68180-F252-4172-BC67-F9FF13…)

Not really bad but her breasts are inflated like balloons lol..

No. 198864

File: 1650393880492.png (478.12 KB, 864x713, A2941402-63B3-436D-A9D6-2F7F97…)

>blackwashing of Casca

She looks infinitely better as “blackwashed”

No. 198870

The creepy claw holding the teddy bear is great too. Artists who're good at drawing cute faces and rendering but suck at everything else piss me off. Like, you clearly have talent, why won't you put in some effort beyond drawing generic korean PS inpired faces for asspats on twitter?

No. 198873

File: 1650395059663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.64 KB, 1200x675, 878BEC56-CC84-4159-9CBC-CCE7CB…)

WARNING: do not look up op

No. 198907

was this made by a kid?

No. 198989

File: 1650418975156.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1451x2048, 230228B2-166C-4751-9094-6DCEB9…)

Why do her tits look like that

No. 198991

This is hilarious, the girl's face killed me

No. 199000

bad but in the best way

No. 199006

i liked this better when i didn't scroll all the way down to see the her tits

No. 199022

File: 1650444854492.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.74 KB, 1614x2048, 4970CA83-2EFE-40AF-A53D-B16E84…)

Why is her ass crack uncooked chicken

No. 199030


No. 199034

Oh noo, is this not the goth boy (male) anons were mourning. Rip

No. 199052

It is…I knew ugly shitty fanart was going to happen once I saw what they did to him.

No. 199082

File: 1650469588269.jpg (Spoiler Image,489 KB, 1007x1046, Tumblr_l_23774066109352.jpg)

No. 199089

This looks so, so bizarre, congratulations

No. 199122

File: 1650480729877.jpg (53.93 KB, 426x600, actor-angela-anaconda-284819_l…)

Looks like picrel kek

No. 199376

File: 1650571147148.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.93 KB, 1049x2048, BC893268-B5A7-41D5-9F95-AE0BF1…)

are moids ok

No. 199420

Again, I thought they were giving her dreads because she was dark skinned, not realizing it was from the manga

No. 199512

File: 1650634238929.png (160.88 KB, 446x631, 1619488072394.png)

No. 199544

this is modern art what are you talking about

No. 199545

File: 1650644761614.jpg (94.3 KB, 1080x1249, eeb3jg6ckzk41.jpg)

No. 199564

File: 1650652168039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1170x1594, C7A294B0-5E0F-41B0-8B77-52A495…)


No. 199567

no but what's with the osomatsu-san face kek

No. 199593

I thought it was a matsu brother?

No. 199605

ntayrt but yeah that's karamatsu, whew why isn't it spoilered fr

No. 199656


No. 199660

Such a waste of style imo
Also sick of the "she/they" pronoun shit, it doesn't mean anything anymore

No. 199701

File: 1650697238476.jpg (427.48 KB, 2048x1220, FQ9sPWAWQAAo7FF.jpg)

>Oh a cute art piece about pretty boys being intimate, cool!
>The style is interesting too
>The artist makes another piece with the same characters
>One has top surgery scars
>The other is taking a testosteron shot and is wearing a binder

I can't take this shit anymore. If you want to see two women fuck, just draw them as women. If you want to see two men fuck, draw two actual men. If you want to do tranny porn, tag it as tranny porn and fuck off.

No. 199769

cutting off body parts and becoming life long medical patients together is so super kawaii and romantic!! typical slice of life BL nona

No. 199845

wish this was on tumblr so i could rb and tag as #yuri

No. 199968

would be so based if normal women were drawn like this, ie just lazin around chillin with an androgynous swag

No. 200089

File: 1650820389348.jpg (117.35 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

this is supposed to be Sylvain from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

No. 200091

Nah we can't have that, women exist to be sexualized and in order not to be sexualized they have to be drawn with top surgery scars and a male body structure.

No. 200092


nonnita, you have it all wrong!!!

>one lesbian wearing a croptop tanktop just checking her insulin

>the other lesbian, hopeful for her cancer diagnostics, had a lump removed, and is enjoying her tits out while she still has them

No. 200094

I’m begging the ayden who drew this to actually try and understand the anatomy of the photos she’s tracing so she doesn’t do dumb shit like whatever’s going on with the armpit of the girl on the couch

No. 200098

Based and now canon

No. 200107

why do they fetishize mutilating yourself and injecting hormones, how is that sexy, this shit is so baffling and gross and all i can think about when i see photos or drawings of this is the stench of unwashed body odor

No. 200110

This looks like DIO in an alt outfit kek

No. 200112

How does that bra work?

No. 200113

It's a massive cope, they just want to feel validated and like they didn't take extremely shit decisions that led to ruining their bodies over nothing

No. 200196

I’d take whatever this shit is over moid coomer art tbh

No. 200239

File: 1650853170939.jpg (2.96 MB, 1500x1111, Tumblr_l_64772800670282.jpg)

No. 200240

Can’t unsee it

No. 200375

based so true

No. 200727

Kek wtf is happening to their boobs?

No. 201046

File: 1651025515595.png (979.32 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220426-215817-015…)

A crab-merman, okay, sure. But why does his crab body have a separate crab head? Why is he just a human-like parasitic growth on this giant crab? I'm so confused

No. 201052

They left the crabs eyes on, so now the poor guy has crotch-eyes.

No. 201074

File: 1651031345084.jpeg (51.34 KB, 1280x720, 1F500C43-B93D-4CFB-A0B8-CD78B4…)

It’s like a paras but instead of mushrooms it’s half a dude…

No. 201249

File: 1651050248970.jpg (31.42 KB, 556x700, ew.jpg)


No. 201270

When I first saw the head I thought "this is standard brony shit, nothing special" and then I scrolled…

No. 201297

File: 1651057091662.png (300.33 KB, 1280x1021, image_2022-04-27_205756131.png)

the artist didn't intend for this to be creepy

No. 201427

File: 1651071308978.png (176.17 KB, 1649x1111, 1BFEE8DB-583A-467D-852D-C17777…)

coomers are so unfunny

No. 201474

what even is the joke

No. 201479

Well you see,
The game is not fun.
I hope this clears things up.

No. 201572

File: 1651092830284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.65 KB, 600x430, 6C06FA1D-7D17-4955-A7EC-07D662…)

pydiyudie is one of my favorite ffxiv fanartists but her nsfw works on the other hand…

No. 201574

Nta but is that a reference to something? Why is she also holding some ad in her hand, literally what could be a joke about this

No. 201575

I can't even tell what is going on and I'm thankful for that

I think the joke is that the gamer solicited the goth but he won't even touch her because he's playing video games. At the same time, the goth solicited a "pro gamer" but she's disappointed. It makes no sense because how could they have solicited each other? kek. Maybe the artist tried to insert two jokes into one comic so he ruined the first joke.

No. 201576

No. It isn't a reference to anything except moids' obsession with goth women. She is also upset at being misled, as the retard isn't a pro gamer but rather an average gamer. I hope this further cleared nothing up.

No. 201583

Oh, I see, thank you. So there's no real joke at all, just an unfunny situation

No. 201586

Why did I think this was Zelda hentai good lord

No. 201771

File: 1651147688879.jpg (646.82 KB, 2048x1289, Tumblr_l_921462091629790.jpg)

this chick does the omori cast so dirty with this ugly-ass art style

No. 201772

Maybe I'm biased because I hate omocat's art, but I actually really like the ones on the right. The coloring is beautiful, for one– the pink girl specifically is a huge improvement on the original cyan and magenta. The hair is very overworked and cluttered (the Hetalia curl on the blue girl is dated as hell and unnecessary, as is the cowlick on the blonde one) but that's my only gripe. I like how the eyes and eyebrows are varied. The characters have way more personality on the right as well.

No. 201774

Honestly I agree. I feel like this artist needs to simplify their style a little so it looks less cluttered. I wouldn't call it bad art at all, especially as the colouring is so pretty. Definitely more interesting to look at than the left.

No. 201775

I think aubrey came out very cool, the others didn't really go with the vibe.

No. 201780

This feels really vendetta-y. Yeah, the art style’s too overdetailed, but that doesn’t really make it bad art

No. 201785

they improved the ugly, boring omori style.

No. 201792

Idk I think it’s an interesting take. I don’t really mind the style, kind of nice to look at.

No. 201807

this didn't go the way you thought it would huh

No. 201853

File: 1651163752336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.97 KB, 1920x1080, 7A1411A2-F6E9-4D14-A02D-06419F…)

indie porn games are a goldmine

No. 201872

Uh there is a very clear joke and I'm really shocked none of you get it or think it's unfunny. It's making fun of the whole goth tiddy gf obsession and it shows her disappointment that he's an autistic, stuck up, low value man. It's parody and hyperbole because why would this attractive woman actually seek out a man like him, and she's facing the reality of what dating one is like. If you think it was about his gaming ability you're way off the mark. This is obviously making fun of low value men thinking they have a shot at this kind of woman. If anything this comic sends a good message.

No. 201878

Troon art
I don't know the game but I don't think this style matches with it's themes. Also bad western anime art.

No. 201879

>uh there is a very clear joke
>comment is unreadable

No. 201920

I still don't get it, why does her boobs say 1-800 MOMY? He's got a flyer of her with that phone number on it so is she a prostitute he hired or something, who else hands out headshots like this? And then she has one of a pro gamer bf with "call now" on the back so is he also a prostitute and they called each other? Why would a gamer and an e-girl be dating using flyers, wouldn't they just use a dating app or social media or something instead of calling an 800 number? What kind of boomer tier shit is that? And why is his game not fun? How is that a punchline? It's a retarded unfunny comic.

No. 202060

So did the artist do your mom? These are pretty decent except the hair is really distracting minus pink girl and short brown hair dude.

No. 202082

Sorry nona but you are autistic. The comic is about how both of them catfished each other looking for their idealised, coomer brained idea of a partner (mommy goth gf, jacked pro gamer bf). The flyers are just a shorthand to show that.

No. 202112

File: 1651230783016.jpeg (Spoiler Image,285.83 KB, 850x597, 4E2082AF-6793-4F28-9329-578E1E…)


No. 202114

Just stan Dio. Damn.

No. 202116

File: 1651231177706.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2376, FD1B0C25-E3FF-4793-90ED-233A17…)

No. 202118

Jesus christ their torsos look like bathroom walls

No. 202127

The longer I look at this the funnier it gets lmao

No. 202139

Kek this is the literal definition of sped

No. 202140

This HAS to be a joke please tell me it's a joke

No. 202154

Yeah I got that, but that's literally not funny at all? Just like drawing a comic about buying a mixer but it being a different color

No. 202163

is… this… Hetalia??

No. 202171

Germany’s dick is as thick as the guys arm holding on to his hips.

No. 202173

This is old as fuck, I remember seeing it in like 2011 in /y/ humor threads

No. 202188

No you don't get it, it's spelled momy instead of mommy.

No. 202191

why did i have to see hetalia hentai in the year of our lady 2022

No. 202216

At least have some good hetalia hentai >>>/g/259650

No. 202238

hetalia sisters not like this….

No. 202256

No. 202336

Nona I think we all get the joke, it's just executed very poorly.

No. 202459

File: 1651336076275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.83 KB, 1239x2011, 9AB00A55-F1CB-4EE5-BA7D-EC27E8…)

good god

No. 202461

Those giant uneven nipples though

No. 202462

there's so much wrong with this image kek I hate it

No. 202467

Why is he looking so bashful when he knows he's got such a massive monstrous cock

No. 202481

File: 1651338840432.png (Spoiler Image,220.58 KB, 359x572, ghgf.PNG)

Not horrifying but still kinda funny

No. 202482

Kek she looks like a vase or something

No. 202507

That’s supposed to be good? With that face?

No. 202509

I tried to put my arms beneath my boobs like that to see if I could mimic the pose and I just couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so bizarre.

No. 202518

Bitch has actual moose knuckle

No. 202528

File: 1651348115194.jpg (1.07 MB, 750x1238, IMG_1868.png.jpg)


No. 202529

Wtf is this abomination jfc

No. 202533

Looks Ai generated

No. 202548

File: 1651352975886.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.86 KB, 1500x1125, 29DBF3D3-15FB-4F40-8D52-EF655C…)

the artstyle is too cutesy for my taste but not bad. the subject matter on the other hand… derailing but op admitted to jerking off to that book where troons rape and murder women

No. 202549

Disgrossting and completely cursed

No. 202556

A book? What?

No. 202564

No. 202570

File: 1651360817264.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.66 KB, 827x1169, why.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 202571

please take this down i didn’t give permission to post my selfies on other sites

No. 202577

File: 1651361634197.png (1.23 MB, 764x764, 8CD765FA-FCEF-4B72-9B8C-F74BD4…)


No. 202579

File: 1651361678633.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.75 KB, 600x677, miki.jpg)

Oh, I'm sorry, but I think it's too late to delete now. You have pretty hair though.

No. 202585

File: 1651361979515.jpg (Spoiler Image,161 KB, 800x1232, commission_for_strangerataru_b…)

Ok I'm done

No. 202586

The most offensive part to me is the use of harsh black in an otherwise pastel image

No. 202665

This is exactly why we don’t talk about Bruno.

No. 202705

File: 1651422318579.jpeg (215.03 KB, 740x1068, F9EED7A2-CB6F-40EF-94F3-E2953C…)

Does anyone else look at certain art and just… know that the artist is stinky. Like you stink. You are unkempt and stinky.

The second slide, as you might have guessed, is the MeMeMe anime girl.

No. 202753

More like wtf is happening to their whole bodies
How do people find this good? Seems like the artist wants everything to be the focus at the same time, the bright colors hurt my eyes and the expressions are stupid and annoying. The original characters look boring, but in a charming way. The style reminds me of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

No. 202757

File: 1651428719417.jpeg (868.98 KB, 750x893, 62DD9E76-CBCB-4634-9F25-627AA0…)

Jesus this has to be the worst stylistic choice I’ve ever seen. Like the artist obviously has the ability to draw but make all the characters look like emaciated 110-year olds.

No. 202773

Eh, it's just generic bad begginer art. I like her pose and character design. I suppose it isn't an OC and the pose is copied from somewhere else, though, considering the artist's " skills "
Oh yeah, japanese women are totally known for having these proportions. The point of this character is literally to be an escapist fantasy for the otaku MC of the music video anyway.

No. 202776

File: 1651430641343.jpg (147.56 KB, 1080x1340, Untitled.jpg)


i read once that every line you draw on a 2d character's face adds 5-10 years of age. people should be really mindful of this

anyway, here's some fanart of that yandere boyfriend game or whatever it is. i find people drawing dramatic edgelord fanart that includes bobbleheaded stick figures to be extremely funny

No. 202780

Do they think just adding a couple of things like tiny eyes, red sclera and a bunch of wrinkles and face lines is going to achieve realism or normalize natural features that people consider ugly? IDK what age that character/person is supposed to be, but I can say with confidence that no one who is that age looks like that in real life.

>i find people drawing dramatic edgelord fanart that includes bobbleheaded stick figures to be extremely funny
Kek, me too. It's why I love looking and cringing at Countryhumans art.

No. 202786

File: 1651432447095.jpg (208.95 KB, 1080x1142, 277037959_540002527722119_2898…)

I used to go to college with this girl and she had such nice art, still does sometimes, but I can't get over this Dorito body kek

No. 202834

File: 1651440584035.jpg (158.83 KB, 900x1200, IMG_5674.jpg)

Was looking up some fashion ref and came across this. I like the hair but everything else is…

No. 202874

I think this has an interesting cubism look to it, actually. The colors and shapes have my eyes wandering around the image. I like it

Dorito body? What about Dorito face? They look like fish with those dead eyes and hanging mouths

No. 202909

>Legs immediately coming out of the torso
That's too funny.

No. 202928

File: 1651458550268.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.88 KB, 711x1210, E8138157-56AE-4209-ABFC-720C5A…)

3D art prints count as art, right? For the last time my girl tifa isn’t a crackwhore sobs

No. 202935

The anatomy is bad. But I’m pretty sure that’s Megumi’s mother, they have the same haircut. Unless the artist is a idiot and that IS suppose to be Megumi himself…

No. 202991

historically accurate

No. 203043

File: 1651503869518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,498.89 KB, 1857x1973, E49650BC-ECA1-4F37-A8AC-4E977B…)


No. 203044

Is… is this starfire?

No. 203045

it is john bogeya

No. 203056

Is this supposed to be a satirical take on artists who draw moeblob faces on womanly bodies? If so then it’s interesting. Otherwise I worry about OP’s tastes.

No. 203064

no, it's fetish art. cute anime girl head with unrealistic muscular body, there are tons of images like this online

No. 203068

File: 1651514237436.png (38.09 KB, 1200x1000, B86D5918-C1A1-4627-A982-973963…)

Furry troon chasers are the worst

No. 203074

is the girl supposed to be a trap or something

No. 203077

what the fuck is this picture supposed to represent? it's clearly a parody of stan kelly's work but is it supposed to be dunking on "real fans"? what's with the furry? why is the tranny supposed to be a "prize"? i am so confused

No. 203129

File: 1651521353682.jpg (63.04 KB, 540x450, tumblr_b6efdc08ac1c07391da1689…)

The artist is actually dating a TIM irl.
I used to see his work a bunch long ago. It's one of those artist's whose work is supposed to be "just ironic" and not really have an actual message ie a lot of it is "edgy opinions" but under a bunch of irony so people can't tell if he's actually racist/sexist.
He (used to?) has some audience overlap with stonetoss types but I started seeing him get less hyped around after people realised him dating a troon wasn't actually ironic (but I'm not really around those circles so I could be wrong).

No. 203142

File: 1651522035288.jpg (299.21 KB, 1080x1650, 8d3a769777155864999f9395e06fd2…)

Samefag, speaking of edgy comics reminded me of this other guy. The whole point of all his comics is being racist and he can't draw for shit.

No. 203144

I was about to bring him up. I don't think Yolo Swag is a bad artist at all, and I can give Stonetoss credit too even if I don't agree with him. But this dude is awful. Whenever I see his stuff I just think of edgy 13 year old boy on Deviantart

No. 203154

File: 1651522988288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.04 KB, 1903x1996, 67C22BCC-40E3-410D-BA07-144129…)

On the topic of unfunny scrote comics.
Stonetoss may be a nazi wannabe but at least he doesn’t cape for troons.

No. 203158

Idk anon this seems like it's making fun of troons and pointing out that they can't lactate and live off energy drinks. This seems to have a YWNBAW message if anything

No. 203160

This art reminds me of that scrote who draws the mentally challenged leftist black girl with the nazi
His style is repulsive to me for some reason

No. 203162

Unfortunately said artist is a TRA.

No. 203205

I agree with you tbh. Yolo swag's art might not be classic master tier but it has some personality and it pretty much does the job, and same for stonetoss. hedgewik just sucks

I think it's a bit interesting because rightwingers are the ones that larp about muh classical art and how modernist ruined art etc but pretty much none of their cartoonists get even close to that (Alexopoulos has at least some skill tho)

That guy is newgrounds tier, he probably draws trap porn

No. 203293

said guy is actually Columbian, so that makes the whole thing even weirder

No. 203320

No. 203346

(OT) TBH it’s not uncommon for brown men to join the alt-right thinking they would be considered “honorary whites” (just look at Shadman)

No. 203357

File: 1651597825891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,589.95 KB, 1225x1771, 62890682-91E7-4548-B8C7-5EE140…)


No. 203376

this isn't that bad

No. 203379

File: 1651602485697.jpg (149.17 KB, 640x1056, E-WDMVVX0AAXUTy.jpg)

I have thought about posting this every now then but always second guessed cause it was political, but these awful comics inspired me,and for anyone wondering, yes the artist does draw r34 porn of mostly child characters being raped

No. 203381

Is that supposed to be fetish art but… woke? Confusing.

No. 203384

in a technical sense no but the artist likes to pass her bbw fetish as woke representation

No. 203391

File: 1651604311217.jpg (Spoiler Image,650.89 KB, 800x1200, 79ef694d7fe23f671061c122853432…)

This AWAKENED a memory portal in me somehow into this fucking webcomic


No. 203395

File: 1651605361632.png (Spoiler Image,20.06 KB, 476x634, 0B851F23-6951-457A-824A-5A70F2…)

when the chipotle hits

No. 203463

infuriates me that this degenerate has such amazing pixel art skills

No. 203513

File: 1651623977389.gif (1.23 MB, 1280x1727, tumblr_pkp8ftHSFS1vgxdv0o1_r1_…)

>Draws a character doing American Sign Language
>Doesn't bother to draw facial expressions, an important aspect of the sign language.
And even if this person did, the art is still trash.

No. 203595

File: 1651649796104.jpg (142.05 KB, 1000x1200, FR1R4cqVEAIZB2D.jpg)

I know the rendering is excellent but this shit is terrifying to me. Maybe it's the features that are too big? The long fingers?

>amazing pixel art skills
As a pixel artist, it's not that good really.

No. 203603

Yes this artist is obv very skilled, but the choice of colors is weird to me and they appear kind of muddy, so I can never tell whether I like his works or not

No. 203605

there's something uncanny valley about this. the hands are hilariously bad, they clearly spent all their time on learning how to draw a face while ignoring the other parts of the body

No. 203627

The ear is in the wrong place, for one. It's practically growing out of her neck. It should be higher up because her chin is tilted down.

No. 203631

Looks like Shadman but somehow worse. Portraying the Taliban as "Chad" and Afghanistan as stupid or rejecting democracy is something he'd do, too.

No. 203765

File: 1651695374432.jpeg (207.96 KB, 1000x1304, E3CBA682-C5C4-4967-8FDA-DB301F…)

Her head looks like it was copy/pasted from a completely different drawing

No. 203769

that's so bad. it actually reminded me of how ruan jia did something similar - feminine face, masculine body, but he did it well. also not saying muscles = masculine, but there is not softness in her body whatsoever, except for her boobs which just look so out of place. it just looks like a twink with 40 year old's breasts and a animu gorl face. just coomer things i guess

No. 203770

File: 1651696131540.jpeg (1.18 MB, 913x938, F9A7FE61-79CD-4516-BCA0-B2BEC9…)

Was looking for sailor moon stickers for my new laptop and stumbled upon this. Men shouldn’t be allowed to draw.

No. 203796

File: 1651701297889.jpg (101.24 KB, 667x1000, FB_IMG_1651701041934.jpg)

i know Malenia is a tall woman but her torso is so long here kek

No. 203799

I want to find him and hit him with my pitching wedge. These fuckers need to be put down. Need to stop the cycle.

No. 203808

I cannot stand how moids draw Malenia. She is strong and powerful, not soft and tiny

No. 203850

File: 1651710953790.jpeg (515.99 KB, 2048x1195, CFE4E369-738F-49B9-B385-DA00BF…)

(Art not bad but) Thought it was funny about how leftist moids (e.g. Vaush) on the internet love jumping to conclusions but the artist who made this turned out to an aryan pagan trad schizo so i have no idea what point he was trying to prove.

No. 203851

not to mention the absence of rot on the body, just like the lewd cosplays if it werent for the one identifying detail like her helmet i'd just think its a random red haired pinup

No. 203853

File: 1651711555146.jpeg (209.33 KB, 1152x2048, 392B8027-7706-4539-AE5E-AF0E45…)

Hate. I feel like it’d be a cute pose if she didn’t have all the sex shit on her.

I hate men drawing her so much. I hate how they give her enormous tits and curves which she’s so obviously lithe and muscular. They do the same shit to Ranni when she canonically looks like this beneath her clothing.

No. 203870

god why

No. 203931

That tiny arm

No. 203982

The face has no lightning on it, did the artist just give up or what? It looks so out of place.

No. 203993

long lost sisters kek

No. 204164

File: 1651828233155.jpg (224.75 KB, 1421x2048, FRKHSwyaMAA5vnG.jpg)

It's generic coomer art but is it just me or is her arm fucking broken?

I can't wrap my head around it

No. 204166

Shoulder position is way off and should be more towards her back considering the arm position. Looks dislocated.

No. 204180

I'm hyperflexible so my arm actually looks like this but there is definitely something wrong with the perspective in this image

No. 204184

That's the first thing I thought, hypermobile arm seen from a different angle than the rest of the drawing

No. 204213

This is Graman, right? He's such a POS, I follow a lot of history/archaeology accounts on twitter and his use of Celtic & Norse symbols for his 4chan white supremacy is disgusting.

No. 204235

File: 1651856815350.jpeg (811.01 KB, 1750x2048, ECE1D1B7-B369-4D22-805A-2FC0E4…)

troon fortress 2

No. 204238

if you're going to draw boobs on a character you better make their face womanly too. this looks so ugly

No. 204241

File: 1651857747010.jpeg (Spoiler Image,265.66 KB, 1397x2135, 35DFA64F-0B14-4B9A-91D4-BB383F…)

kill me now

No. 204251

File: 1651860808915.jpg (96.75 KB, 850x1202, _malenia_blade_of_miquella_eld…)

Sometimes they don't even bother to draw the helmet. Like what the actual fuck is this? Kek

No. 204252

File: 1651860965633.png (6.16 MB, 2220x6200, dear god why.png)

Imagine giving a video game character extreme gay stereotypes and then your art suddenly going down the same route as RCDart…

No. 204253

Usually torso twist sperging seems nitpicky to me, but holy fuck she looks seriously injured.
Autism overload

No. 204258

Holy shit this is horrendous
There is no room for "stylistic choice" here, this is just blatantly bad anatomy, unless making her spine and hips deformed was the artist's intention

No. 204279

File: 1651871965673.jpeg (587.3 KB, 1603x2048, F7200C24-F588-4D2F-BE6B-540C3E…)

This drawing is ok if you’ve never seen tits in your life

No. 204284

I thought her knees were a sad butt for a moment kek the fuck are those legs

No. 204288

Her knees look like the head of a beluga whale

No. 204290

I cackled

No. 204296

File: 1651880813267.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.23 KB, 1200x844, 54626EE4-6DC3-4202-A4EB-94891A…)

what is anatomy

No. 204297

this is really funny cuz its clearly photo referenced and looks fine at first, but the ridiculous perfectly-centered ass throws it off

No. 204400

File: 1651932225185.jpeg (253.1 KB, 897x1096, 925078F3-C5BB-4627-8378-F2087E…)

No. 204414

The joker makeup is awful. Her eyes are covered in scarlet rot this is insulting lol

No. 204505

File: 1651966322330.jpeg (45.58 KB, 500x500, images (64).jpeg)


No. 204525

File: 1651975244151.jpg (179.25 KB, 1088x1620, wtf.jpg)

how is this even attractive

No. 204539

>How is this attractive
Coomer brainrot favours exaggeration to the point of being grotesque.

No. 204544

File: 1651997238876.jpg (840.14 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20220506-151815_Ins…)

No. 204555

What's going on with her hairline?

No. 204561

File: 1652003286093.png (121.62 KB, 329x781, marnie.png)

That's how the character looks canonically. The massive coomer tits, not so much kek

No. 204571

File: 1652007839472.jpg (57.93 KB, 940x530, gm-deff2540-3376-4555-ac30-19d…)


>some of the most beautiful and unique character designs in a game

>gross coomers immediately draw big ass and tit porn of them

I blame SakimiChan for spawning all these soul-less clones of her lazy ugly art style. They literally all look the same and are just as bad kek

No. 204590

oh god they just mirrored it

No. 204669

there is nothing sexy about her i don't understand coomers, she doesn't even have flesh she's a doll

No. 204710

File: 1652059278584.jpg (1.62 MB, 3071x3543, 15271 - artist_crismoster25 bo…)

No. 204712

the heads are southpark tier

No. 204715

File: 1652062932168.png (436.57 KB, 1000x1000, 13278 - 2020 artist_distancedp…)

No. 204716

File: 1652062997182.png (104.71 KB, 800x800, 4523 - 2022 artist_sl0th ass b…)

No. 204717

File: 1652063028492.png (Spoiler Image,170.26 KB, 360x450, 4036 - 2020 artist_dop artist_…)

No. 204718

This thread just makes me want to kill myself, this is disgusting.

No. 204723

god i love the idea of the loud house but so many of the episodes are gross and fetish like
and it basically brought together this type of crowd along

No. 204728

File: 1652072703762.png (Spoiler Image,759.2 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_20220131-180410-286…)

God, I hate the art style so much

No. 204732

File: 1652073478753.png (Spoiler Image,582.8 KB, 720x1224, Screenshot_20220505-104513~2.p…)

This isn't even country humans related

No. 204737

>realistically proportioned
it's like they think thin women can't have boobs. i hate these retards as much as i hate coomers.

No. 204744

This just looks like genderbend fanart, not troon art to me

No. 204745

File: 1652078659304.jpg (78.01 KB, 850x945, ranni_the_witch.jpg)

Then you seriously underestimate the degeneracy of coomers. All they see is a waifu with a pretty face and that's all they need to start drawing big titty porn of her, regardless of what she actually looks like. Picrel, I legit thought she was holding a pillow at first kek

No. 204754

ew and bump don’t scroll

No. 204793

File: 1652094197433.jpg (Spoiler Image,1008.26 KB, 1080x1348, aaa.jpg)

i sometimes wonder if these type of artist ever get tired of looking at their own art
spoiler cuz it's a real eyesore

No. 204795

File: 1652094373131.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1079x1797, aaaa.jpg)

it sucks cuz i think they could make some really cool art if they weren't more focused on being aesthetic

No. 204816

ofc it's an edgy fakeboi. But yeah, I agree that her drawing skills are good but the extremely bright and limited palette combined with large amount of detail makes it very annoying to look at.

No. 204818

File: 1652099870736.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.82 KB, 1149x1600, Untitled.jpg)

lmao moids are so fucking stupid. this and picrel look absolutely ridiculous, who even finds this attractive. it looks so fucking stupid.

No. 204820

at this point it's obvious they don't even care about their face. all they want is two big sacks of fat

No. 204825

Oh god kek I thought her second pair of hands holding the boobs were weird nipples for a second. Pornified ranni is scary and will hurt me.

No. 204826

Pretty much, seems like every female character gets this treatment regardless of clothing, body type, or personality. Sad that they can’t appreciate any other body shape. I for one am a fan of doll-body Ranni and graceful athletic Malenia. Why moids have to give them the proportions of a bad blow up doll every time I’m not sure.

No. 204845

File: 1652113189469.png (Spoiler Image,366.17 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_20220419-154129~3.p…)

The head doesn't fit the body.
Who even finds this attractive?

No. 204849

File: 1652114045457.jpeg (362.23 KB, 2048x1519, 6F3DEA4F-97BB-4E84-A85C-2273CB…)

sigourney weaver doesn’t deserve this

No. 204851

Legitimately where are her nipples supposed to be? Under her boobs?

No. 204881

File: 1652124451687.png (896.7 KB, 956x791, john.png)

I feel bad for being mean to a random artist but I found this in the wild and I can't get it out of my head kek. I might buy the 25$ phone case but that's only because I can't aford the real thing for 600$.

No. 204885

looks like the retarded instagram baby video filter

No. 204892

So gross wtf?

No. 204917

File: 1652134446158.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.4 KB, 1256x2042, EBD2C7CF-45EB-4DA7-8479-15880C…)

this is supposed to be sigmund freud

No. 204919

I don’t know if he would be rolling in his grave or having a metaphysical boner.

No. 204932

he would like this

No. 204936

File: 1652140901978.jpg (17.47 KB, 320x220, dr-evil-finger-quotes.jpg)

Straight up thought he was doing the Dr. Evil quotes with his fingers

No. 204961

it does represent freud well though

No. 204970


feels real bad

No. 204980

i like the style but the tits and the bulging hips are so fucking weird

No. 205027

File: 1652174555549.jpg (155.5 KB, 634x539, Screenshot_20220510-042222_Fir…)


No. 205084

Nonnie she’s sucking on a pacifier

No. 205140

well i mean, there's alot wrong and weird with it ofc. i just like how its drawn

No. 205148

File: 1652217691299.png (440.08 KB, 435x597, 1650437212351.png)

From CC

No. 205149

File: 1652217724651.png (360.72 KB, 593x434, 1650437250749.png)

No. 205151

File: 1652217834299.jpg (2.47 MB, 3264x2448, 1650500958033.jpg)

No. 205158

Just because it's from CC doesn't make it worth posting in this thread. Let's not make fun of amateurs.

No. 205159

Are you ok?
Amateur art has been posted in all of the bad art threads.

No. 205161

All (or most) bad art threads before the purge asked in description to not post beginner art, because honestly what's the point, so are you ok?

No. 205162

File: 1652221432814.jpg (110.51 KB, 1555x1033, FSbYOhrWUAAR18i.jpg)

ik this is based on the coomer fig of her but she looks grotesque

No. 205166

Why draw a skirt at all if it's just going to look like a rag kek also looks like she only has one boob

No. 205167

This is so confusing, it feels like a drawing made by AI.

No. 205172

this pose would be sexy if any of these coomers knew how to draw correct anatomy that didn't look like melting playdoh

No. 205179

File: 1652228691322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,12.02 KB, 191x263, download (9).jpeg)

just a lil backstory: I was on pinterest when I saw these pictures of girls and thought they were cute and unique. I asked for the name of the artist to go see their other stuff. For very obvious reasons that I'm about to show you, the pictures of these girls on pinterest only showed the head and nothing else. I'm warning you all, you'll need bleach after this. Viewer discretion is advised

No. 205180

Fml it came out low quality

No. 205181

File: 1652228924760.jpeg (319.06 KB, 750x491, 9BD6FB9D-A70C-4F88-8B07-555319…)

lord help me

No. 205182

File: 1652229419729.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.5 KB, 600x728, Screenshot_2022-05-11-01-29-11…)

I hope this one came out clearer.

No. 205186

Alphi didn’t deserve this omg

No. 205188

Why does the black kid get zero cake?
>dark skin
>I'm warning you all, you'll need bleach after this
And what the hell are you trying to say huh?!

No. 205195

fucking kek
I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at this. it's just so fucking stupid and moids are so retarded to draw this kind of shit seriously.
And then the fact that it's just a thumbnail makes it even funnier somehow

please tell me this is the same artist as >>184514 and that there aren't more than 1 people drawing shit like this

No. 205210

Gumball got hips like Boyega.

No. 205213

No. 205229

Making the dad a butch lesbian is pretty based ngl

No. 205316

File: 1652291174969.jpeg (81.38 KB, 1000x800, 961B67B4-402A-4FBC-B792-121E1A…)

Daily reminder

No. 205317

I actually did touch my nose when I first glanced at this. Powerful stuff.

No. 205319

This one made me kek. I am honestly all for people drawing more realistic nose types in art esp if it’s not just that shitty tumblr style that’s trying to make a point of making people ugly on purpose. This though, this is a work of art.

No. 205331

I can't tell if this is sarcasm but the poster meant eye bleach.

No. 205332

Weird, suicidal people seem to draw and color like this. They're always genderspecials or furries, or both.
Not the horse face!

No. 205336

Wtf. Sellen is covered up the entire game in a robe and Ranni is a doll with no anatomy. I hate men so much. and people wonder why more women are becoming non binary or chopping their tits off. they sexualize breasts so much for no reason

No. 205381

File: 1652311260101.jpg (305.97 KB, 1280x1280, Untitled70_3.jpg)

No. 205389

File: 1652313033138.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.82 KB, 1280x2048, EDDB080F-D52E-4878-8D91-5E3654…)

What the hell is going on

No. 205392

File: 1652313268422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,285.54 KB, 1561x1912, 4A890E2B-4BF4-4F8A-9029-7A1917…)

Twitter needs to ban porn asap

No. 205395

>Please keep degenerate fetish art to a minimum, though, it can get excessive at times

No. 205403

File: 1652318382524.jpg (674.76 KB, 1080x1299, 1651827785944.jpg)

No. 205408

Finally some good food

No. 205419

Genuinely can't tell if this is a shitpost or a fetish.

No. 205541

painful flashbacks to that point in time when you're not a complete beginner, but your art practice has only revolved around looking at anime fanart

No. 205574

File: 1652382554681.jpg (169.13 KB, 1280x1364, a_daisy_in_the_spotlight_by_ef…)

No. 205613

File: 1652387892467.jpg (27.27 KB, 460x345, IMG-20220510-WA0040.jpg)


No. 205615

I hate this picture.

No. 205619

File: 1652388542815.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232.61 KB, 2048x1242, F39A87AD-7C40-4468-B604-7C11E7…)

No. 205624

I know the art is disgusting, but that shitty dialogue placement bothers me a lot kek

No. 205629

File: 1652390297741.jpg (85.25 KB, 900x1275, dickeandballs.jpg)

wonderful colors and render
but she is shaped like a cock and some balls

No. 205641

this is giving me 1980s Cabbage patch doll vibes

No. 205650

File: 1652395154585.png (937.44 KB, 958x729, hmmm.PNG)

I thought her boob was missing for a minute in the right picture because it's pointed upwards so high, I hate how people make them so weirdly uneven to show movement, it makes no sense. Also, this guy has super short arms, shorter than her, the foreshortening is so off on the left with the guy holding her head. His hands are completely different sizes.

All I see is picrelated

No. 205653

I cannot believe people pay to see this shit.

No. 205663

File: 1652398197321.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.19 KB, 850x825, sample_47bb7697945c5725e853f78…)

No. 205679

File: 1652408908357.jpeg (Spoiler Image,865.36 KB, 2048x1997, 25BBA238-9057-4D58-B751-D468BF…)

not to be a femcel but how do some women find this shit attractive. i mean the artist is a tif which explains it but i’m fine lusting over patrick bateman like a basic bitch thanks.

No. 205680

>not to be a femcel
Are you that new?

No. 205682

File: 1652410050900.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.3 KB, 828x1169, 6430217B-2AEF-4293-8793-83999B…)

idgaf if its a stylistic choice or not if yo art ugly.. its ugly

No. 205686

Don’t tell me this site has high standards for men when there’s a Paul Dano thirst thread.

No. 205688

Missing the entire point like a newfag.

No. 205691

some lust over the hairy dad bod type so ig thats the appeal for them

No. 205702

But why though…

No. 205718

Coat rack titties

Well if the artist is a TIF, that's probably close to what she herself looks like if she's on T, so she's trying to shill this body type as attractive. It's a cope

No. 205768

kind of tangent but its weird how often i see fat/slob/stuffing fetishes crop up with tifs. lots of eating disorder crossover there too.

No. 205823

File: 1652463791257.jpeg (336.17 KB, 927x1200, 850B2E41-9C42-493A-8429-A49AA0…)

This would be cute if it weren’t for the fact that it’s fat fetish fanart. Get your standards up ladies.

No. 205824

Who are these characters supposed to be?

No. 205827

the duke from resident evil and the artist’s self insert i think. her art is good but her taste in fictional characters not so much.

No. 205829

kek saw her art when RE8 came out. isn't she chubby/fat dating a hambeast of a man too?

No. 205835

File: 1652469573878.png (796.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2022-05-13-20-17-53…)

Forgot the name of the artist but he's so talented yet makes most of the women he paints look like men

No. 205837

File: 1652469862852.jpg (271.08 KB, 881x1224, R.6cd4fedf8aa9a284ef0d2bc6f551…)

Anon she looked like that…

No. 205839

This is Jane Morris btw, Rossetti was obsessed with her and painted her many times.

No. 205860

It is really fat fetish art if the character is morbidly obese in canon? Like that's literally how he looks in the game how else is she supposed to draw him

No. 205884

This is just endearing imo

No. 205894

File: 1652485156185.jpeg (707.82 KB, 750x953, E42DAB3C-7120-4DF2-9C92-B34F60…)

this is supposed to be hasan piker but this looks like chris from total drama island kek

No. 205900

cutesy fanart of a rapist huh

No. 205917

File: 1652494763172.jpg (228.92 KB, 1651x1758, FSJVq5ZaAAEH7rd.jpg orig.jpg)

OK, beautiful art, except that I can't get over the fucking eyes. This artist loves drawing faces like the eyes are melting away from each other and it really ruins the whole piece. He looks severely retarded.

What did that guy do?

No. 205921

He visited a brothel that was later found to be comprised of trafficking victims.

No. 205943

File: 1652523177966.jpg (835.36 KB, 1651x1758, 1hpy4rG.jpg)

It's such an easy fix too, their art would be great if they just shooped them a little closer. Sometimes artists get blind to your own art flaws, maybe they'll improve once they notice.

No. 205949

Why is the cat ear maid vomiting small plastic toys? What makes people draw things like this?

No. 205950

I think he's licking up lucky charms cereal pieces?

No. 205964

nah theres no rocking horse strawberry or cherry lucky charm marshmallows… this weird af

No. 206009

File: 1652549480502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,771.92 KB, 804x1415, D81094A7-4AA1-4473-AF5D-59893B…)

Why is her nose stylized like that? Looks hideous.

No. 206011

Everything about her head is so fucked up really. Like her ear.

No. 206012

I like that she has hip dips at least

No. 206025

What's with the trend of putting an anime head on a semi realistic body? It looks so jarring

No. 206032

File: 1652553979861.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1843x2500, 1B894D5F-BBD9-47E1-88D8-4B3F68…)

Unspoiler at your own risk

No. 206033

The pink tail looks like a prolapse

No. 206037

this would have been cute if you didn't tell me this was hasan pker

No. 206047

File: 1652555928381.jpg (524.52 KB, 1555x1890, ccasino.jpg)

Jerma attracts some of the weirdest artists
You just made the picture infinitely worse

No. 206049

that’s what he deserves for supporting troons tbh

No. 206083

kek Jerma Bogdanoff

No. 206127

File: 1652562262524.jpeg (Spoiler Image,122.69 KB, 692x881, 11B710FA-FE27-4676-A27F-8D657E…)

who out there payin for this shit

No. 206181

Looks like a generic brand vivziepop character

No. 206209

File: 1652570443855.png (341.14 KB, 930x1025, 35CC42A3-6EC6-4C9A-88E0-CB8BBD…)

Guess the character

No. 206215

Bloom from Winx?

No. 206217

Ponyo's dad

Ughhh Starfire?

No. 206219

are those fucking self harm scars??

No. 206221

Wtf is that charlie brown nose

No. 206242

File: 1652576647220.png (720.11 KB, 850x979, unknown_73.png)

Not bad art but damn moids

No. 206246

File: 1652577861264.jpg (2.89 MB, 2048x2896, Tumblr_l_474094924875461.jpg)

No. 206248

Absolutely love how he hasn't even drawn his in-game character saying that, but himself. Like he can fuck that bunch of pixels with his tiny dick. Gooner mentality

No. 206249

This feels… pedophilic

No. 206250

Not only he’s drawing himself looking like a decent looking moid, he’s also a disgusting pedophile, I hope he chops his dick.

No. 206251

I'm guessing because he's s catboy it's like when a pet is chewing something and you try and get it out of their mouth maybe.

No. 206254

Ryne from ffxiv?

No. 206259

Is this Vivec

No. 206269

Correct! I’m still not sure if those are supposed to be self harm scars or fucked up body hair. Hate the trend of twitter/tumblr artists giving characters acne though.

No. 206279

File: 1652589122503.webm (270.68 KB, 720x1280, 280861113_846028203021356_3384…)

man i really hate how social media affects an artists' mentality
their art is good but clearly needs a lot more work

No. 206341

File: 1652621805918.jpg (186.9 KB, 926x1148, FQjUzOLaUAM1UYR.jpg)

The fuck are those proportions? It looks so weird.

No. 206422

File: 1652649444605.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1467, 520B8FEA-D2AF-4DA9-9E5C-5B9E70…)

Sorry for spoonfeed but I see this image used as a reaction image on here and could anyone tell me who this character is supposed to be/who drew it.

No. 206463

File: 1652657000622.png (699.91 KB, 1280x589, tumblr_p8aydoDsRt1vor96ko1_128…)

I was the one who originally posted this and I get so excited every time I see it used as a reaction pic kek. Last time I said it was the character Leon from Wizardess Heart, but I think it might be Hugo from that game. Their Tumblr is leonthecardboardunicorn

No. 206473

This isn't awful, it's actually well drawn.
Find some art that's actually bad, instead of vendetta posting.

No. 206477

“Bad art” doesn’t necessarily have to be lacking in technical skill. What it’s depicting also factors in. Do you have a thing for morbidly obese men too or something?

No. 206481

Nayrt but what? There’s not even anything bad in it. Maybe some people just like the character.

No. 206482

NTA, but unless it's actual fetish art and not just the character as he actually is, there's nothing wrong with it. If you consider it cringe ok, but it's not bad art nor is it retarded fetish art with ridiculous proportions or uglifying a character on purpose. I think the artist actually made him look better there than he does in canon.

No. 206483

Tbh it's not bad art of him there's just no way he'd be able to move like that kek

No. 206484

File: 1652666762654.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.03 KB, 700x619, d2tq3qz-d87c0a46-8848-46e0-a6e…)

Samefag it's more like the concept of being autistically obsessed with drawing the character with your self insert rather than the quality of the art… Reminds me of that woman who always draws herself with that character from Treasure Planet, it's like not technically terribly drawn but the concept is weird

No. 206489

File: 1652669676952.png (Spoiler Image,3.68 MB, 1359x1638, interesting anatomy.PNG)

Not sure where to start with this one

No. 206492

File: 1652670118664.jpeg (384.43 KB, 675x900, 5A5D45EC-9E4E-4322-8986-32CEF3…)

Genderspecials are utterly annoying. At this point just draw a shitty OC.

No. 206493

Wait is that supposed to be Diluc? Goodness gracious

No. 206510

the perspctive of the left pigtails is bothering me so much lol

No. 206511

File: 1652676712017.png (982.71 KB, 1280x989, tumblr_p5s2zhwdhN1vor96ko1_128…)

There are tears streaming down my face anon

No. 206513

File: 1652677624109.jpg (117.78 KB, 800x1067, HD-wallpaper-gorillaz-murdoc.j…)


No. 206525

File: 1652682255375.jpg (485.1 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20220516-142100_Chr…)

what are your thoughts in ddlc and it's fandom??

No. 206526

tbh i think this is lowkey cute and the person who drew this just has a preference (even if said preference sucks kek)

No. 206528

File: 1652683501634.png (Spoiler Image,889.76 KB, 1092x1410, the void stares back.png)

I fucking hate when people draw women with ""inclusive"" body types but still always make everything hyper sexualized and porny. Like do they think it's less misogynistic if the woman they're objectifying is fat and brown? Also here's something horrible I found when browsing specific oc tags on insta

No. 206530

DDLC in the realm of Five Nights at Freddy's for me, but, at least the animatronic angle is unique in that case. They're just anime girls with no character. I think all the 13 year olds into it are seeing something in it other than the game itself. Do they associate it with the good times they've had on Roblox or something? Associating their favorite series with their favorite social interactions is extremely common online now.

No. 206531

i actually really love ddlc and i could write out an entire essay about it
but i think the reason why so many kids like it is the same reason people obsessed over sans
being meta is cool to them

No. 206532

File: 1652684928856.jpg (331.34 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20220516-150747_Chr…)

No. 206534

more like the kids obsessed with yandere simulator and maybe danganronpa

No. 206537

that's a children's drawing from google images, anon

No. 206539

more accuratly it's the drawing from the nephew of who runs the blog, but i found it funny out of context

No. 206690

File: 1652713066132.jpeg (402.54 KB, 1536x2048, B43C1B93-29A1-40C5-BA1D-EEBDD4…)

Sorry to moralfag but these characters are drawn like children it’s kinda weirding me out tbh

No. 206691

nah you're right. is this supposed to be ftm 4'11 fakeboi art?

No. 206692

they look like brothers too lol at least it's not explicit

No. 206800

File: 1652735503079.jpeg (337.8 KB, 1700x1700, 3E7B912C-3C0A-43D7-B132-8C1B2E…)

I think this artist has been posted before, wtf are those faces?

No. 206803

oh come on nona, you can't make fun of this. it even has a little heart and a smiley on top of his name

No. 206815

the curse of bad 2000s anime

No. 206823

yeah your right..
sorry jacob

No. 206824

File: 1652750389001.gif (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 640x596, sans-undertale.gif)

i am so annoyed of how smoothly animated this is

No. 206826

Thank you for not showing the whole thing, how the fuck do skeletons even have asses?

No. 206828

i have no idea. but if you think this is bad, know that there are artist out there depicting him with a dick

No. 206830

File: 1652751355105.png (507.61 KB, 992x1174, hmmmmmmmmm.PNG)

I know, unfortunately. I've seen some shit of them being obese too

No. 206832

Why does this look like Family Guy style? That makes it even worse kek
At least it's usually depicted as a magical glowing dick and not like a physical part of his body.
How can a literal skeleton be fat??

No. 206835

File: 1652752129863.jpg (Spoiler Image,596.91 KB, 1690x2048, 20220306_234022.jpg)

By clownstongue on Twitter

No. 206843

Aside from how obviously disgusting this shit is
>one thigh somehow extended twice it's length
>pointy knee, and flimsy foot, like they're broken
Wow it's like they're blind somehow

No. 206845

i really don't understand the appeal of this fetish. what are they doing with their life…

No. 206847

Um this is the bad art thread so no, it actually has to look bad. Weird art =/= bad art. And it's definitely fucking weird but it's well done. He looks less gross in the fanart than in the game kek

No. 206849

Yeah. That is some um. Interesting anatomy.

No. 206852

File: 1652754095340.png (Spoiler Image,2.5 MB, 1351x1638, alien.PNG)

Interesting touch of jaundice in this one

No. 206858

The coloring is like the only ok thing about this kek.

No. 206862

this is pretty cool if you imagine it as a horror photo and she's some kind of demon masquerading as human

No. 206873

brings me back to a simpler time

No. 206886

File: 1652771666972.jpeg (161.91 KB, 675x900, FKd8W7_WUAEAkyx.jpeg)

Apparently this artist is only 18. He's also autistic, hates feminists, and is TRA, but all of that goes without saying.

I feel legitimately bad for women who have sons. Imagine putting all your energy into raising a child for 18 years just for the internet to swoop in and groom them into… whatever the fuck this guy is. Abort male fetuses.

No. 206895

is this not some fakeboi?

No. 206899

I'm sorry to tell you this anon, but that's clearly a tif. She was obviously groomed into drawing that kind of shit like so many other terminally online girls of her generation.

No. 206903

imagine saying you dislike "hiveminds" while being a tif kek

No. 206904

this is so fucking funny and i dont know why

No. 206907

Female larping as a man detected

No. 206910

Yeah for some reason I had a feeling that the scat art hadn't been drawn by a male.

No. 206928

File: 1652789137963.jpg (30 KB, 540x302, tumblr_a9f27ebc6917233432efb79…)

Damn, normally I'm pretty good at clocking trannies. I guess I have to give her credit for managing to be as disgusting as the average pornsick scrote.

God, her being female paints a much bleaker picture. This girl's parents just stuck a tablet in front of their autistic daughter and had Uncle Internet raise her, and this is the product. It's no wonder she ended up drawing extreme fetish porn for creeps twice her age– those people raised her more than her own damn parents did. It's no wonder this girl chose to saw her tits off when she was exposed to women being horrifically objectified from such a young age.

You know what, I believe "Mikey" when she says she's not as horny as we'd think. Like most women who debase themselves for male validation online, it's not about sex for her. It's about filling the void left by her neglectful parents.

No. 206967

The shark creature is cute

No. 206987

Oh god. This one is gonna either 41% or go through a very intense detransition.

No. 206993

meh i think it’s cute in a weird way

No. 207030

The last two years of her life were spent in isolation because of the pandemic too, the internet did a number on her. I hope she hasn't chopped off her tits yet. Mostly feel sympathy for these women, no matter how disgusting their personalities are.

No. 207041

Isn't that the guy who exploded from overeating in a Monty Python sketch?

No. 207092

>They're just anime girls with no character
t.never played the game

No. 207098

File: 1652832789973.jpeg (348.17 KB, 1722x2048, FACF79BE-0AA0-4D65-A02F-F738CA…)

ugh, never thought I would see this artist again. I remember about two years ago or so she got called out on instagram for drawing underage pony sex, incest, and generally disgusting art.

No. 207099

oh my god who the hell cares, really, this is what you get anons pissed off? out of all the nasty and disgusting shit in this thread but THIS is really drawing the line?

No. 207100

File: 1652833246227.jpeg (985.42 KB, 1400x700, 43A4F109-7C83-4C33-800E-04C706…)

Ohh that’s spooky. I can imagine this popping out of a well

No. 207101

File: 1652833281574.jpeg (752.61 KB, 800x1149, 62330566-B3A5-4F84-8E7A-9E7070…)

This would have been good but furries ruin everything

No. 207102

No. 207104

File: 1652833622920.png (2.45 MB, 2200x2500, 2AFEC601-8E7C-44F5-A887-300EDB…)

the Y chromosome is a disability

No. 207108

No it's a character from Resident Evil Village

Why are her nipples… long?

No. 207117

No one is pissed off we just think trannies are funny

No. 207129

Is this >>207098 not gross to you?

No. 207134

You pick the sfw one but not the scat diaper drawing? I see

No. 207146

They’re both disgusting. I don’t know if you are the artist in question or what but you need to chill.

No. 207152

I will never understand the 'grossly over sized body parts' fetish. People who are into it should be studied like lab rats. I need to know why

No. 207157

anyone has the full version?

No. 207168

She has good skill for being a teenager, wish it didn't have to be this way, girl needs some good help.

No. 207172

a small theory i have is that they just really like the shapes you need to draw for it? Like I draw pin ups not for some gross sexual satisfaction, but because there's a lot of fun shapes and curves i like drawing repeatedly.
Then again i could be giving moids to much credit lol

No. 207179

Oh good lord what the fuck

Holy shit this one is even worse

No. 207186

it looks like these uncanny AI art renderings

No. 207216

File: 1652877175525.jpg (120.06 KB, 1209x1313, android_21__beach_episode__by_…)

No. 207217

File: 1652877295251.jpg (193.42 KB, 1417x1450, nejire_hado_by_florintech_ddjv…)

No. 207263

File: 1652891164222.jpg (170.14 KB, 827x1169, 1645656022733.jpg)

How do fujos exist in this world and still have no idea how a human male chest works, like surely they must have felt a shirtless male chest IRL at some point in their lives

No. 207264

…That's a man?

No. 207265

File: 1652891298738.jpeg (781.54 KB, 1920x1080, 0EFF7221-595F-480F-901D-7576B6…)

recently there has been a surge of big boob men art, probably because of this meme. I fuckign hate it. Pecs look nothing like boobs.

No. 207266

kek that pic is hilarious

No. 207270

I've been seeing this shit everywhere, It's not just big meaty pecs, they look like women's breasts.

Pretty sure those are fake boobs too, kek. So because of this meme, unrealistically big/round man boobs are more popular in yaoi than ever, huh.

No. 207273

File: 1652892171008.jpg (100.31 KB, 634x834, 1651725873940.jpg)

but that's an internet meme, my question is how can they completely ignore reality, other then men with gynecomastia 99.9% of men have flat and hard chests, muscular dudes especially have hard chests

No. 207276

It's not just because of the meme, it's rather that the meme got popular because of the trend that already existed. And I don't see the issue with exaggerating the pecs, who cares what muh irl moids look like? There are men with big pecs and they feel soft when they aren't flexed, so let girls have some fun drawing them in the way they prefer. Just look away kek

No. 207282

I have a muscular bf, a muscular chest isn't soft the way womens breasts are, their soft the way leather is, sure you can grab feel it but its a very noticeably rough texture, so either your a virgin or have only ever had sex with skinny fat or obese men

No. 207283

Nta. You can draw pecs however you want but people are allowed to criticize art styles they find ugly. That's what this whole thread is about

No. 207285

If some fujos have a fetish for 2D mantits that look and work like women's breasts, that's fine, but it's shit anatomy and belongs here.

No. 207299

It's just gynecomastia fetishism under a prettier name kek. Not morally wrong though

No. 207302

taken from another another thread
The "bara tiddy" people and weirdos from Tik Tok who've never touched a muscular man's body, Pecs do not feel like tits, they're not squishy lol

No. 207319

True, but every time it's brought up here or in literally any other thread anons start seething and coping about it and keep going in circles about how real men don't have them and how it's soo unattractive. I personally kind of like it in concept, it's only fair to sexualize and objectify men in a similarly surreal way that women are subjected to all the time. Though those kinds of drawings have also been posted and discussed of course, it's just that huge breasts on female characters have almost become normalized to the point where no one bats an eye at them anymore, while with men it gets a stupid debate about realism going

No. 207329

File: 1652900072425.jpeg (217.99 KB, 1432x1530, 86651F9D-92CC-477F-8635-AB182C…)

Bara artists are a different breed

No. 207330

File: 1652900105565.jpg (20.93 KB, 500x323, 157611262627.jpg)

coping about what though ? unless you've never seen another human male your entire life, most of know thats not male chests are like, unless its a fat guy with mantits

No. 207332

nta but does anyone think the kind of people that are into >>207263 actually care about realism? I get the point >>207319 is trying to make even if it still looks ugly imo

No. 207334

nta but she's claiming that we are allegedly "coping", idk what exactly she think we're coping about either

No. 207339

is adding traits that are more common among women and in some cases exclusively only capable by women really "owning the mooids", its like abo or mpreg, like no matter how hard fujos might try to argue but if a character can get pregnant then they aren't male, they are basically female in all but name, giving a male character so many female biological attributes the character that cease to be male isn't actually sexulizing males in anyway, in fact its the exact opposite and is just seuxlizing womanhood

No. 207350

This, how is giving a male woman tits, a feminized face, and women's clothes to sexualize him any different from scrotes associating submissiveness and humiliation with femininity when they draw traps?

No. 207357

I understand your points, but imo it's just that those female traits are inherently more attractive. Nothing pretty about a regular moid and shit like >>207329 probably wouldn't appeal to many women. And I can't speak for every artist of course, but the ones that I've seen leave it at a big chest and pretty face. These traits in combination with feminine clothing and submissiveness is likely nothing but another symptom of coombrain which is something entirely different than drawing some anime boy with exaggerated pecs.

No. 207360

Not accurate but, still hot

No. 207369

um… no

No. 207377

this trend most likely started with aidens trying to act more like real gays tm who are obsessed with weird unrealistic bara tiddies (they seriously have very weird taste in men) and somehow made its way into mainstream

No. 207414

No. 207432

No. 207434

fujos have no brains or taste

well I've met a few who exaggerate pecs for the sake of "hypersexualizing" (if thats the right word) the male character.

No. 207440

Mikey is a female to male trans man

No. 207441

ok zoophile

No. 207443

Yes, that is what fakeboi means.
I'm the wolf lady though

No. 207445

Fujos are the opposite of coomers. So fujoomers?

No. 207446

Fujos are the rule 63 of coomers nonnie

No. 207457

I'm not into this shit either, don't lump me in with whatever weirdo drew >>207263

Getting really tired of anons constantly steering conversations into arguments about fujoshis. We get it, you hate us. We're not going to change for you, so all you're accomplishing by bringing it up is derailing threads.

No. 207460

File: 1652923741367.jpeg (99.34 KB, 629x554, 7D59D0FC-8F41-4657-B74D-EFE6DE…)

This is supposed to be the riddler. Are fujos ok?

No. 207462

tbf this is obviously a fujo of the aiden variety

No. 207464

File: 1652924707084.jpeg (257.93 KB, 724x613, 922BAB6E-6589-45BE-8332-564CF0…)


No. 207465

They keep doing my man so dirty.

No. 207480

i haven't watched the movie, why are fujos obsessing over him???

No. 207484

>he/him hole
Gonna use that for my fav character. Why do so many people keep prettifying below average actors?

No. 207486

How is it any different when anons shit on coomers? Fujos produce weird and vile stuff for their anime boy just as much as coomers.

No. 207487

Soft boy serial killer

No. 207496

ok fujo

No. 207497

This movie has set riddler fan art back by decades. Every tranny on insta is obsessed with this ugly white boy

No. 207498

some people will thirst over just any stinky old 6/10 man. it repulses me and i'm straight too.

No. 207500

File: 1652932687740.jpg (177.45 KB, 1200x1562, 20220518_170538.jpg)

since the infighting has started again, here's a reminder that aidens are self inserters too and self inserting and autism go hand in hand regardless of gender bullshit. something about them rubs me the wrong way.

No. 207504

I think you have autism too nona

No. 207508

I'm honestly baffled by the appeal of flavor-of-the-week ugly men who keep getting threads here. Adam Driver, Mads Mikkelsen, Jerma, Dano, etc. Reminds me of all the uggos Tumblr used to obsess over. I swear to Christ, some women would stan a guy with toes growing out of his head if he starred in a nerdy IP.

I'm not saying you only have to stand Chads, but how hard is it to pick guys that don't look like someone took waffle irons to their faces?

Technically if the person is obsessed with just one guy, she's a yumejo. Just saying.

No. 207511

I swear they never pick conventionally hot characters or even humans kek. It's always like, random background squid #36 from splatoon or Spyro or some shit. I guess having autism gives you bad taste in husbandos

No. 207521

File: 1652946773783.jpeg (205.94 KB, 640x828, 53EE8202-E599-4A85-A448-20EAEB…)

can confirm, my husbando is random background creacher #36, but i pretend he’s my oc because it’s not like anyone will recognize him.

No. 207522

it's yumejos that like this freak and other uglies

No. 207528

Lolll those legs
But why does Spongebob have that hilariously pained expression

No. 207533

we're freaks in the danofag thread but these fujo aydens really make us look normal by comparison kek

No. 207535

Oh please, a saw the tranny shit and weird fantasies you post in there, you're not better just because you imagine yourself getting fucked by a stinky old man instead of imagining two stinky old men fucking.

No. 207538

why tf is murdoc there

No. 207544

He's just chillin

No. 207545

File: 1652964012335.png (733.03 KB, 1070x630, what the fuck.png)

Holy christ I just looked up this person and… what the fuck. She's not even just shipping herself with Spongebob, she also puts them in this weird demon AU. It's like Devilsponge Crybaby.

This artist is a lot like the weird anime knees one posted at the top of the thread, where I have to give her credit for putting so much effort into backgrounds. The anatomy is crap, though. Spongebob apparently never heard of leg day.

No. 207547

File: 1652964372434.png (50.85 KB, 296x536, tumblr_inline_pcqmmkaClh1ubo66…)

Homestuck fanart is such low hanging fruit at this point. I'm convinced most of the people who draw the characters like that never actually read the comic. Either that, or everybody's having some kind of weird contest to draw the characters as ugly as possible in a bid to out-virtue-signal each other.

Idk how else someone can look at picrel and end up with the bottom right panel of the image you posted.

No. 207557

literally a big chunk of the homestuck fans are just there for shipping and the trolls. If they're brain dead enough to draw crap like that idk why you expect them to read a convoluted time travel story

No. 207569

Please drop the artist anon, I’m obsessed

No. 207596

I love this shit, it's unintentionally hilarious. Would take a hundred of these over scrote fetish art

No. 207612

File: 1652985721118.jpeg (145.62 KB, 1393x2004, A0827553-FB0F-43B5-A582-8AD5E5…)

Wtf it looks like the artist drew a human woman’s body and stuck a furry head on top

No. 207613

File: 1652985933767.jpeg (88.73 KB, 651x1213, Screenshot_20220519-204429~2.j…)

Minus the coomery pose and clothes, that's how the character looks.

No. 207617

I know. Just the realistically proportioned body with the huge furry head is throwing me off.

No. 207626

File: 1652990150386.jpg (905.02 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_837e4d634bd14a3afc41e7b…)

No. 207632

Are these the bara tiddies everyone keeps talking about

No. 207639

is that kurt cobain

No. 207663

oh how i despise this egirl baddie face thats popular, big plump lips small skele nose and the eyes.. it doesnt even look good irl

No. 207665

Is this supposed to be Baki Hanma?

No. 207682

File: 1653005359883.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.6 KB, 600x847, IMG_6008.JPG)


No. 207684

File: 1653005521722.jpg (29 KB, 464x464, EYMXfk7XQAEJ5VV.jpg)

NONA fuckin christ spoiler that

No. 207685

Use a spoiler tag you fucking idiot, no one wants to see this shit.

No. 207688

Naur, I don’t care(ban evasion)

No. 207700

How’d she get all that mozzarella on her?

No. 207709

Why do you even need to ask like that, isn't that exactly what he looks like?

No. 207739

File: 1653036848815.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.24 KB, 894x894, lopunny_painting_by_laalaababa…)

i hate how this is rendered

No. 207740

File: 1653037151388.jpg (424.08 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20220520-165755_Chr…)

No. 207743

coomery aside, i think this looks really neat

No. 207780

File: 1653048734372.jpg (1.7 MB, 1736x2456, IMG_20220520_044050.jpg)

This is not how bodies work, right?

No. 207796

It's honestly inspiring how much effort they put into their weird ships and ocs despite the shit they receive over it online

No. 207798

File: 1653051838729.png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 1280x800, ddg3ryv-9fb3a77a-4ba9-4954-81d…)

forgot to spoiler

No. 207807

That's freakin amazing

No. 207808

gotta admit, it is pretty cool. But i dont understand how you dont just decide to make them your own original characters and disassociate with the source material. And with buff spongebob of all things lol

No. 207811

I wish I had the level of autism she has.

No. 207822

Holy shit I want her to redraw Berserk with only Spongebob characters. Kinda like Bartkira from a few years ago

No. 207825

I mean she's more talented than most of her yume fanartist peers, even the ones with less autistic husbando choices. I'll give her that. Then again on a technical nemu was too.

No. 207833

A true case of Escher girls

I wish I knew the backstory for this art. How did SpongeBob end up like this? The fuck

No. 207856

Is this…Lawrence?

No. 207890

File: 1653076236649.gif (3.62 MB, 480x265, why would you do this to my so…)



No. 207891

No. 207904


nta but lawrence is a romanceable character from a torture-porn vn called boyfriend to death (specifically btd2)

No. 207910

File: 1653084347382.jpeg (351.42 KB, 1170x1324, BEFC1BDD-83E7-4342-8C08-E3E84C…)

to be fair the source material’s art is pretty bad imho

No. 207913

File: 1653084455571.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.45 KB, 2048x1280, E0447E04-91AC-46D0-B44F-E66A17…)

I thought this couldn’t get any worse but then I noticed the bulge

No. 207914

File: 1653084557388.jpeg (Spoiler Image,170.43 KB, 2048x1338, 6A019D9D-2817-455D-BD0A-F0B374…)

deeper into the rabbit hole i go get me out of here

No. 207930

>she has a grimmsnarl plushie
Is it like a requirement for turbo autists who ship themselves with random obscure characters to be obsessed with grimmsnarls? Anyone know about Amaristrawberry and her lover, Leastus the Grimmsnarl? And before that it was Jacques from Spyro. What gives? At least mephiles can draw.

No. 207932

>this looks awful

bitch shut up and just say you’re jealous of the autistic millennial women who draws spongebob junji ito fanart

No. 207934

Nah this is dope. Wish I could get autism for a husbando and get my art to this level

No. 207935

Are you replying to the right anon? I never called it awful. I said the anatomy is bad, which it is. And honestly, "good rendering, bad anatomy" is a pretty common refrain in this thread.

And honestly, some of the body horror stuff doesn't even necessitate that the anatomy be correct, which is why >>207798 is honestly a good piece of art once you get past the Spongebob aspect.

Full disclosure, I've put similar levels of effort into drawings of my own husbando, but I don't ship myself (or a self-insrt OC) with him, kek.

No. 207941

I know right, her art is really admirable I wish I could just construct an entire universe with story and art for whatever I want, husbando or not

No. 207943

Love this artist. Also second pic is fanart of takane’s claymation short shitcom

No. 207944


No. 207952

File: 1653105328520.png (943.18 KB, 1280x772, tumblr_b72c0067edfc696349e418d…)

BTD is…certainly something kek. But her art's gotten pretty good recently

No. 207953

File: 1653105801373.png (168.82 KB, 373x416, ep.png)

thank god she dropped electricpuke, not only were they a shit writer, their art was even worse

No. 207954

File: 1653105941543.png (296.84 KB, 940x808, ep2.png)

the one on the right was made a year after the one on the left. the only thing they learned was shading imo

No. 207955

File: 1653105978497.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.28 KB, 640x480, tumblr_ffa5be8c0ca7bd46d36bafd…)

That's not even the lulziest example

No. 207968

i hate that the only female game designer who's into guro pandering for women has such an ugly art style

No. 208039

File: 1653130709587.jpg (1.75 MB, 2172x3473, 20220521_185742.jpg)

ik caricatures are supposed to be exaggerated and silly but the one with blue eyes is uncanny as hell :'))(:')))

No. 208045

File: 1653131443043.png (129.93 KB, 380x404, original.png)

No. 208081

File: 1653148430046.png (155.92 KB, 1000x1013, cover_4240182942016_r-42037914…)

This is just Gentle Giant

No. 208105

The artist is a troon nonnie. I agree stylized proportions can be interesting if done right but alot of his stuff is just degenerate.

No. 208112

shit taste nonny

No. 208122

File: 1653156023051.jpg (70.22 KB, 894x894, cradled_life_by_mephiles101_dd…)

>The cold darkness was somehow inviting to the young sponge, not caring nor minding it's sinister intention. Chills trickled down his spine and sounds of deep and malice permeating breaths mixed in his ears, yet he stood unphased, as if it meant nothing. He let his life be cradled in this malevolent embrace, and let his soul rest in the hands of the ungodly sin that dwells within him, within them all.
-based on the emotion of despair…


No. 208124

Omfg, queen shit right there. I hope she never stops making this craziness, love the dedication

No. 208129

File: 1653156659747.png (Spoiler Image,598.05 KB, 1412x1706, forgot his name.png)

I tried making his face less infuriating

No. 208130

>Devilsponge Crybaby
>The cold darkness was somehow inviting to the young sponge
I can’t, this is gold.

No. 208152

Don’t care. I like their creepy surreal style and I don’t think what they create is suppose to be jack off material but that’s just me.

No. 208169

No. 208193

Cuz she's based

No. 208199

How is that not wank material??

No. 208201

File: 1653181582069.jpg (Spoiler Image,862.08 KB, 2867x4096, FTOORnRXwAQyffE.jpg)

sjw-ish twitter artist. all shit ass porn is borderline rapey and draws this like they're being held at gunpoint trying to please there moid audience

No. 208204

File: 1653181975029.jpg (Spoiler Image,731.56 KB, 2899x4096, FNdg_QxWUAAY1Sa.jpg)

mind you, they like too brag they're anatomical knowledge

No. 208214

Isn’t this the same artist that got called out for drawing angry birds porn in 2017?

No. 208215

I don’t get any horny vibes from most of their works except a few. I just see it as the artist having fun with body parts while making it look edgy and surreal.

No. 208216

The artist is a tranny, that guarantees that he's an agp coomer. Do you believe that that aggy dude on /snow/ "just has fun" drawing edgy surreal kiddie piss porn too?

No. 208218

The who aggy dude ? Why are so pressed if I like a tranny’s work?

No. 208222

I hear about it everywhere but i have yet to see it, if someone has it, feel free to post it here, kek

No. 208223

Are you male or a tranny yourself?

No. 208224

>Why are so pressed if I like a tranny’s work?
Well A. it's nasty but B. you're also insisting that it isn't coomershit when in fact it clearly is, and the artist being a tranny (formal synonym for "porn addicted freak") is what removes any doubt that it is. That's what's pissing people off.

No. 208225

>Do you believe that that aggy dude on /snow/ "just has fun" drawing edgy surreal kiddie piss porn too?
NTA but holy shit I just read that troon's thread. How can people look at that or even the art posted itt and seriously think it's not meant to be sexual or a fetish?

No. 208226

>Doesn't know about one prominent /snow/ art cow
>Likes tranny art

No. 208227

Ok show one of their drawings that you think isn't coomerish.

No. 208228

I don’t lurk /snow/, I only come for art salt and bad art threads

No. 208230

Well, maybe I’m just too dense and blinded by the cool style shrugs. I just find their work too stylistic to be coom art but if that’s true oh well. It’s something to be that mad about.

No. 208246

Imagine supporting a tranny coomer.

No. 208254

Quit derailing and Sage your shit please.

No. 208255

File: 1653192624382.png (57.91 KB, 1131x302, cc.png)

I kinda feel you nona because, a few years ago, it felt like this was all there was, had a real beggars can't be choosers mentality about it and played it anyway but I'm not here to blogpost

>only female game designer who's into guro pandering for women

Okay THIS you might be half-right about, since while there does turn out to be a lot more gurofag/slasherfag recently put out games/in development games than you'd think (search up the ones in picrel or the male yandere /m/ thread for some examples), almost every one of these devs seems to want to hide their femaleness? The majority are fakebois theythemmies or with she/they in their bio and the artstyles of these supposed-to-be desirable men in 18+ rated games will just tell on the fakebois anyway.

No. 208256

File: 1653192786689.png (399.01 KB, 766x613, frostbiteVN.png)

No. 208257

File: 1653192829416.png (Spoiler Image,630.88 KB, 3147x2827, FR_OPwDVIAAZUo2.png)

This seems like a swing and a miss

No. 208258

File: 1653192921997.jpg (Spoiler Image,428.38 KB, 2364x1896, FRPsHviUUAErI4p.jpg)

No. 208259

File: 1653193057512.jpg (367.95 KB, 2100x1800, FJzfJzJVkAEh1oQ.jpg)

Different game and I'll end the spam with this but some of these genderspecial "so gay" slasherfag girls draw like they're trying to rip off kale matsuba types (look like designs similar to her Sweethearts of 1989 comic or even Game Grumps fanart kek)

No. 208260

>On /m/
Holy newfaggotry

No. 208261

File: 1653193143712.png (Spoiler Image,593.61 KB, 1125x2001, 36270C3E-B33A-461C-BD67-68AF23…)

you sound kinda sus nonnie…i’ll post it anyway for the sake of morbid curiosity (fyi she didn’t draw it but she reblogged it to her old nsfw tumblr)

No. 208263

You are the person with the worst taste in this website, and erzafags exist. I hope you go to coomer hell.
I wonder if coomers with weird art fetish actually found this thread.

No. 208265

I think you’re being overdramatic and it’s not healthy to seethe too much , nonnie

No. 208268

File: 1653194704041.jpeg (906.13 KB, 1170x1470, 3D66C6CA-540B-49B4-AD7D-0206C3…)

Redbubble has its hidden gems. For only $17.48 USD you too can own a mug with a pregnant anime catboy print.

No. 208269

File: 1653195176406.jpg (Spoiler Image,833.67 KB, 3007x4096, FQFhErvWUAADliJ.jpg)

instantly regrets asking for this but, regardless, the levels of unchecked autism in that image is untenable

No. 208270

Poor G'raha he doesn't deserve that

No. 208271

Why are you defending the tranny porn? Wtf.

No. 208272

why does she draw so much piv if she claims to be a lesbian? is she one of those chaser handmaidens (read: futa fetish but make it woke) like puppychan?

No. 208276

Sage should be used when making a post that is not contributing new on topic content.

No. 208277

File: 1653199342603.png (37 KB, 595x280, fr.png)

yeah. i don't think i've seen a single sex act that doesn't involve a cock somewhere kek.

No. 208278

>I only come for art salt
Explains a lot kek one of the most cancerous threads

No. 208293

File: 1653204960468.jpg (242.09 KB, 1080x1350, Ugly.JPG)

No. 208299

>shit taste
Kek, subtle

No. 208304

What did they do to my raha wtf

No. 208312

The artist is either an AGP troon or a straight woman larping as a lesbian. Spicy straight either way, basically. If you have a cock or are into cocks, you are categorically not a lesbian.

No. 208315

File: 1653220629609.jpg (97.95 KB, 731x852, monica.jpg)

I can almost appreciate blackwashed art if they give them actual African hair. This is just anime hair with the ripple tool. How does this look good?

No. 208317

I swear there's only like a handful of female guro enjoyers in the west who don't draw like shit and don't hate themselves

No. 208321

the laundry list of identities kek.
she looks like her hair's wobbling

No. 208341

Oh yeah I'm bringing this one to the office with me

No. 208342

Ok minimod

No. 208343

ok newfag

No. 208344

It looks like it’s afraid lol

No. 208349

The hair is vibrating or something kek

No. 208351


No. 208366

No. 208367

This has all the woke labels kek

No. 208368

i feel legitimate anger when i see lips drawn like this

No. 208376

I don't like hating on fakeboi art much, but holy shit I can't stand these faces. I'm sick of seeing those eyelids everywhere. And they can't draw noses for shit.

No. 208382

you're a fucking idiot

No. 208383

the eyelids, the noses, the lower-lid eyelashes too
all of it makes a putrid aiden stew

No. 208392

Nonnie, not everybody know who that artist and what her work represents so of course anybody would think it’s weird furry art.

No. 208424

these are two different artists nonna. wait til you find out >>207953 >>207954 and >>207955 was made by a tif lmao


nonnie, you did your best, that's all we can ask for

No. 208425

i'll take 30 lmao

No. 208442

if you dont know who she is and are so upset about the art that youre posting it here you are in fact a fucking idiot

No. 208443

File: 1653257301797.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.38 KB, 1400x1200, s.jpg)

more vile tranny porn, this time for pathologic

No. 208452

when fakeboys draw this kind of vile rape shit all I can think of is how obvious they're making it that they trooned out to try and escape the risk of rape and misogynyst violence that is inherent with being a woman. there's some deep psychological shit that bubbles up in this kind of art.

No. 208454

I’m not the one who post it and do you expect everybody to care to check an artist background. You are taking this too personally because someone calls an art you like cringe.

No. 208457

we post random people's art here all the time, without considering the person behind it. why should it matter now

No. 208459

File: 1653263770468.jpg (391.12 KB, 1080x1080, 20220522_150135.jpg)

tiny head

No. 208460

Can’t believe anyone would pay for this shit lmfao

No. 208462

It's nost just the head… Why is he a giraffe?

No. 208464

Said it better than myself. Like, if someone were to post Suehiro Maruo’s art m, are you still gonna call them an idiot for thinking a boy licking a girl’s eyeball who are both underage is creepy.

No. 208469

Tbh the guro art genre has it’s roots in male rape fantasies/voyeurism of violence against women but that’s a discussion for another day

No. 208477

I kinda like it, totally see how it can be unappealing but it's drawn with such a confidence in this deformed stylization I can't help but enjoy it.

No. 208482

i guess some people really like their giraffes

No. 208485

this is the weirdest way i've seen someone try to safely approach "straight sex". also tells me fake bois never draw themselves with other fake bois gangbanging them. weirdly mysogynistic kek

No. 208506


No. 208513

At the end of the day, they're still just straight women.

No. 208518

File: 1653280798304.jpg (304.91 KB, 2172x3862, 20220523_123917.jpg)

same fag, decided to follow their account because i couldn't stop laughing at their giraffes

No. 208519

the art that person posted is not bad or hideous

No. 208520

While the Aggie/ stawbwawymilk drama was going on and creepshowart was still posting videos,
I remember watching a video by some kid saying that it was just vent art.

No. 208521

i agree, the drawing is quite nice.
but i still stand by my point. People here post art to judge the art itself not the person behind it. Even if that judgment is easily tainted by simply being "furry bait"

No. 208522

For just the low price of cheap cheap cheap, you too can have your very own retarded catboy!

No. 208524

NTA but that's not furry bait. At least, not intentionally. You'd know that if you've seen more of her art and not just that one piece.

No. 208533

they would look nice if not for the giraffe neck ashdkajhk

No. 208535

File: 1653287242505.png (Spoiler Image,655.96 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20220519-190346-869…)

Lol, what even is this?
Spoiled since it looks kinda fetishy.

No. 208540

File: 1653289466763.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.79 KB, 830x1280, Best_friends_in_Quarantine_Eng…)

This shit I just found on MyReadingManga. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 208542

File: 1653289695159.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.33 KB, 830x1280, Prancheta-1-Cool-it-William---…)

Does this artist have a fetish for giving men big silicone tits or something? I don't get it. First I thought it was just the exaggerated pecs fetish discussed upthread but they're literally drawn like silicone boobs on women.

No. 208544

File: 1653290677707.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20220523-152143_Ins…)

i think the artist just sucks at drawing lol
his artstyle and coloring is foul

No. 208555

File: 1653296902828.jpg (378.7 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20220523-170717_Dev…)

a horrible way to stylalize a beard

No. 208561

The artist is either a male or an autistic girl.

No. 208563

File: 1653302910992.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.99 KB, 1064x1344, eggsnbacon.jpeg)

Scrotes can't even look at food without thinking of porn.

No. 208574

I'm irrationally angry that he didn't include the beans even though they're a solid third of the source image

No. 208575

I see i'm not the only one who came here to tease fujos
Honestly poking fun at ridiculous fujo art never gets boring. Bad coomer art aimed at males make me feel depressed pretty quick honestly. Probably because they get so much more traction, and are seen as "normal" and mainstream.

No. 208579

Is that… Jerma?

No. 208581

I think the earrings are supposed to be beans

No. 208585

So who the fuck is she? I’m legitimately confused.

No. 208590

Making humanoid egg porn wasn't enough so he also had to make the eggs a furry?

No. 208602

kek to be honest if you're really into eggs of all things it makes sense the person is a furry too

No. 208605

Sachiko Kaneoya

No. 208609

Ty nona. I’m just trying to understand the vitriol over her art being posted.

No. 208610

File: 1653327659009.jpg (111.14 KB, 1004x1200, FTIdbjHaUAAmXgH.jpg)

I don't think the RGB noise filters can hide how off the proportions are

No. 208611

honestly, as much as I like her art her furry shit is nasty

No. 208616

Honestly, if I saw that egg pic I would have thought they looked like breasts. The egg yolk for the nipples is pretty gross.

No. 208618

This is the worst shit I've seen from him yet

No. 208619

Eh it’s just stylization. Not my thing either but obviously not as horrible as the rest of the shit on this thread.

No. 208626

I think it's the angle (looking down from above?) it just looks like the artist used the liquify tool to try and change the perspective but… lmao

No. 208628

Oh god I also saw this shit on MRM
How the fuck do moids get off to this shit?

No. 208638

File: 1653335607868.jpg (615.6 KB, 900x1273, 1652929243803.jpg)

male, barashit is all repulsive and people underestimate the amount of fags who get off to this ridiculous garbage.

No. 208639

File: 1653335672019.jpg (189.24 KB, 800x1504, 800px-Venus_von_Willendorf_01.…)

No. 208642

that's hot

No. 208643

File: 1653336074404.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.11 KB, 620x877, latest-3169700768.jpg)

No. 208649

File: 1653338364439.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.28 KB, 830x1312, Prancheta-6-Cool-it-William---…)

Just look at this shit. Do barafags really get off to nipple-fingering badly drawn men with woman tits?

No. 208652

The eye is sliding off it's face, it's bad art. The artist needs to learn how to draw faces, this isn't decent at all.

No. 208662

why are male and gayden barafags such straggots

No. 208663

The horror of this appearing before me just as I decided to stop procrastinating and finish my first playthrough…

No. 208671


No. 208673

NTA but Pathologic, like the original post said.

No. 208678

File: 1653343995321.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.41 KB, 826x465, IMG_6106.jpg)

Speaking of male boobs

No. 208680

What the fuck and where is this from

No. 208681

nyart but the artist has been mentioned in the transwashed characters thread, and I know for a fact that she draws shit like that and says it's just "tacky erotica" and it's completely consensual. She draws much worse shit and still pulls out the same excuse. She puts the other main male character, who's smaller, kind of a dandy, and is transed left and right by the fandom, through shit fit for a porn actress who has to take coke before filming to avoid feeling any of her crippling physical and emotional pain, and then still pulls the cope that it's completely consensual. Most people who see any of these characters are trans do it so they can put them through sexualized violence, lie that it's some kind of empowering, and then flick it furiously to it. source: I'm in the fandom and her SFW art is well-liked in it, and I have to live every day knowing she draws vile (and also kinda racist because she draws the city white boy be molested by the (already kinda-racist-caricatures in themselves) indigenous people of the game. OH BUT IT'S CONSENSUAL my bad. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

No. 208682

misspelling nayrt* sorry for accidental weeb cat word

No. 208687

File: 1653348328284.jpg (238.62 KB, 1230x945, IMG_1218.jpg)

Since we're on the topic of men drawn with women's tits.

This isn't as bad as what barafags do but I'm pretty sure pecs don't have round swollen nipples lawl

No. 208689

oh boy… where to begin. sweat drops, visible breath clouds, doorknob nips. Do people really think this is sexy?

No. 208690

I guess loving large chests is universal to men no matter their sexuality

No. 208691

Reminds me of that one troon’s fucked up hormone moobs i saw in the mtf thread once kek

No. 208692

Why can't they just draw women then if they're gonna draw literal boobs

No. 208693

I don't hate this one

No. 208694

File: 1653350476647.jpg (87.45 KB, 960x1280, Tumblr_l_5967352187126.jpg)

No. 208699

surprise turn of event, the artist is a woman

No. 208700

his art is usually a hit or miss for me. Sometimes the art is good but his style of coloring doesn't fit the mood and vice versa.
but god this looks horrible

No. 208701

File: 1653353456326.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.75 KB, 750x1000, C7A7D06F-7DFC-460E-9C3E-4B1FFF…)

Is that…

No. 208702

Because they like men duuuuuuh

No. 208703

Yes kek

No. 208707

I agree it’s literally so fucking ugly the only people who like it are feminist mommy bloggers who refuse to lose some weight and think their extra weight makes them a fertility goddess kek

No. 208713

Are you lost?

No. 208718

this is weirdly specific but you're not wrong

No. 208722

Rather than the nipples, I'm more distracted by the middle of the chest and stomach area. If the nipples weren't present I wouldn't have thought that's a torso with how messy the rendering is lol

No. 208737

File: 1653375273960.png (389.63 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_20220523-234806-196…)

That face looks retarded

No. 208763

I really hate this western artstyle it is so ugly with the dumb crooked mouth

No. 208764

His ear is on his cheek

No. 208766

People have forgotten cheekbones exist. Additionally, western artists tend to make the forehead too small.

No. 208767

I hate the abuse of chromatic aberration and noise in art nowadays.

No. 208772


No. 208782

why the long face?

No. 208786

There was a viral post going around some time ago on twitter that suggested adding a 2-3% opacity noise layer and a tiny bit of chromatic aberration as finishing touch and i feel like a lot of people misunderstood that completely kek

No. 208789

File: 1653410496699.jpg (165.61 KB, 585x741, IMG_1224.jpg)

Yeah this artist can't draw faces for shit. And 90% of her shit has filters slapped on them, even the sketches.

No. 208791

Yeah, it was made by someone who couldn't draw well, which is why they gave the "advice". Noise and chromatic aberration hide mistakes well (because you can't see shit), especially when it comes to linework, so of course a lot of beginners overuse it.

No. 208799

I don’t like the face either but this thread is just nitpicking at this point tbh. I do hate the overuse of filters it makes the whole thing feel cheap.

No. 208803

filter's there to hide that crap perspective

No. 208804

I get having a certain style, but even with heavy stylization a lot of people forget that you need to at least know basic anatomy to make it look proportionate.

No. 208867

Anon I’m so sorry to tell you that Pathologic has been appropriated by trannies

No. 208883

File: 1653432920864.png (232.95 KB, 900x360, i407UAQ.png)

This person's art makes me irrationally angry. They look like Big Mouth characters.

No. 208884

File: 1653433174017.png (519.5 KB, 832x900, QXFW0Xw.png)

No. 208885

File: 1653433332709.png (Spoiler Image,876.56 KB, 718x900, 0X11KRP.png)

Good rendering skills wasted on fakeboi titty porn

No. 208891

Never understood why people draw titsucking in that angle, it looks like breastfeeding kek

No. 208902

the noses remind me of Gru lmaooo

No. 208904

This is so ugly it also makes me angry

No. 208912

Is that not the point?

No. 208929

i thought tims were the ones with breastfeeding fetishes

No. 208935

File: 1653457550988.jpg (235.42 KB, 900x1504, Gf2Pkwg.jpg)


No. 208936

File: 1653457644345.png (342.97 KB, 802x658, Av4LXtF.png)

No. 208956

File: 1653465044824.jpg (11.77 KB, 920x500, pepe.jpg)

it has to been on purpose

No. 208965

File: 1653478436993.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1543x900, 8840D585-C127-4405-92D6-680764…)

Coomers know no limit

No. 208966

File: 1653480383936.jpg (25 KB, 289x300, me irl.jpg)


No. 208970

Those look like the western version of these fuck ugly webtoons where the characters have these massive red overendered ""juicy""" lips… We truly are one people on Earth after all.

No. 208989

What do you mean no limit? This looks like any standard coom art.

No. 208992

File: 1653492781626.png (Spoiler Image,177.35 KB, 850x770, image_2022-05-26_013246016.png)

this looks so fucking stupid

No. 208998

Gross pedo vibes.

No. 209006

Why is Miku such a magnet for pedos and bastards with shit taste?

No. 209007

File: 1653502979598.jpg (301.48 KB, 1566x2248, DpQ3QaNWwAAA7TE.jpg)

I couldn't tell if it was satire or not

No. 209012

In the current online climate we live in, never assume anymore. The sad reality.

No. 209019

is this a character from Tenchi Muyo or something like that?

No. 209028

straight women inventing mpreg in star trek fandom is how we got to this point in 2022

No. 209041

File: 1653516892934.png (67.19 KB, 712x900, 94FF738D-A7E9-47DC-94A2-266086…)

Same artist as >>203043 and >>206800 Still looks weird but I’ll give him credit for moving away from those creepy moeblob faces.

No. 209042

File: 1653517045117.jpg (472.34 KB, 640x960, Tumblr_l_62348137433241.jpg)

No. 209043

File: 1653517437565.png (644.13 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_20220525-151023-517…)

No. 209052

File: 1653521062984.jpg (184.85 KB, 828x1229, KvKXPxh.jpg)

No. 209053

This looks like a homunculus or something

No. 209063

File: 1653527804870.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.82 KB, 1471x2048, 20220525_181111.jpg)

Wtf am I even looking at?

Art by papayolky / smokeypapayas

No. 209068

Bruh I thought this was Dan vs fan art

No. 209084

He looks like a Homiez figure

No. 209087

File: 1653539120473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.76 KB, 947x545, E6CCD2C4-8D2D-4F1C-95A9-99C91F…)

This is the most stereotypically straight girl nsfw artist I have ever seen

No. 209096

File: 1653544535244.jpg (520.83 KB, 2896x2896, 20220526_135254.jpg)

theyre so obnoxious to look at lol

No. 209097

Wtf I've never seen this in a webtoon

No. 209101

K-pop lips are a mistake

No. 209112

Honestly love his hair journal but could not take a liking to this one… I think it's creative but the circle for a head and the illusion of a neck.. it looks too weird

No. 209118

File: 1653553621392.gif (285.83 KB, 300x187, 300px-Syncro-Vox_Animation.gif)

What are talking about nonnies the Clutch Cargo anime looks great

No. 209122

you just know this "artist" has a youtube playlist full of junior gymnastics comps. puke

No. 209123

kek anon im dying

No. 209124

Oh my god im having humon flashbacks

No. 209138

Oh god why did you remind me of humon

No. 209147

For the good of society, someone needs to put all the Aidens on a remote island without any internet.

No. 209188

File: 1653594615638.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 3468x2048, 241435DC-8461-4453-8