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File: 1442688937411.jpg (36.18 KB, 512x512, photo.jpg)

No. 183278

Mira thread #2

Discuss anything and everything about our favorite white Japanese.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kanadajin3/
Blogspot: https://kanadajin3.blogspot.com/

No. 183300

That image disgusts and offends me

No. 183309

I would probably off myself if my face was as unfortunate as Mira's.

No. 183393

I thought that was a joke picture, but instead it's real omg.
She looks like was created in Sims 2 or 3.

No. 183406

Is it bad that I actually feel a little sorry for Mira simply because this picture is so unfortunate looking?

Sure, she isn't the nicest of j-vloggers and holy fuck her face is unfortunate anyway, but as this was undoubtedly a purikura picture which is often meant to give the kawaii anime vibe to pictures, this just makes her look like an alien who has suffered a sad head squashing.

No. 183422

One of my friends was talking to me about how white weebs always act like Japan will worship them and treat them like the world's most perfect woman so I showed her Mira's housewife series and she literally fell on the floor laughing at how dumb this shit is.

No. 183464


When you are so ugly than even purikura filters can't fix that shit

No. 183533

File: 1442729906234.png (243.93 KB, 599x508, kek.png)

classic jrcock

No. 183544

LOL. His taste in white women keeps declining.

No. 183548

File: 1442736044944.png (35.39 KB, 1157x414, gWK69Dl.png)

apparently people found her posting about her divorce on Gaijinpot

No. 183560

Probably would have got a quicker reply on Reddit.

No. 183580

Same. I thought someone had made it to make fun of her until I read the comments.

No. 183588


Ok but…is it just me, or has she kind of gotten SLIGHTLY cuter? In her newer videos she doesn't repel me as much as she did in her older ones.

No. 183590

No. 183592

Yeah, she's way cuter in her newer videos. I think volumous hair and gyaru clothes does a lot for her. She should stick to ponytails and nit that flat hair look.
I guess she kind of looks more carefree too, I guess because she feels that PULL isn't as popular anymore, people are slowly forgetting about the drama, and things are kind of going back the way it used to be before she 'blew up'.

No. 183597


It's been a year since all that drama.

I don't think Mira is any cuter at all. She never was cute. It's just the hair that makes her look better. Gyaru style doesn't suit her at all, falsies and big hair… In that Kyabakura video she looked a fucking mess.

No. 183601


Well, she doesn't look good in that (old af) Kyabakura video but that's not what that anon meant by "gyaru style" I think. I believe anon meant how she dresses now, paired with how she is doing her makeup and hair. It's also probably lighting and retouching. But she has made herself look a bit cuter than she used to.

No. 183604


Mmm, I get she's making the effort. But I don't think she's cuter at all. Still Mira, still full of shit probably and her videos are daft.

No. 183823


She's far too inbred to ever be cute.
I wish I knew were such a massive ego came from, surely not vanity. Her face looks like a wax sculpture that's slowly melting.

No. 183849

Same. She is one of the ugliest lolcows I have seen.

No. 183853

How is it possible to have a long face like this? jfc

No. 185704

the title says it all.

>How I uncontrollably BECAME JAPANESE

No. 185705

I honestly did not even notice the broken english in the thumbnail until I posted it. Wow.

No. 185710

lol at that scarf to cover her new pooch. She's really gained weight

No. 185712


I don't care how "japanese" she is, Mira is still a cunt.

No. 185742

this makes me want to go


No. 185743

Why is she talking like that? She has this weird accent thing going on and sounds congested at the same time. It makes it sound like she has a speech problem like she's one of those people who are too lazy to pronounce consonants properly so they just skip over a lot them.

No. 185745

I think it's because she's Canadian.

No. 185746


Canadafag here. she sounds like the average Canuck to me.

No. 185747

At one point in the video somewhere around 2:15 she purposely pronounces disclaimer as "discuraimer".
Pretty sure she's trying to act like she's losing her Canadian accent because she's become so Japanese desu!!

No. 185748


sage for double post, I wanted to add her accent sounds a little like someone who speaks a second language. like, some of the little pronunciations carry over that aren't distinctly Canadian. /sage

No. 185753

File: 1443305885156.jpg (164.82 KB, 1124x650, kek.jpg)

Yep, can't unsee.

No. 185754

She is an uneducated Canadian hick with a mush mouth, that might be why you can't understand half of what shes saying

No. 185781

This video made me fucking cringe. She needs to get outside of Japan, because it's clear that she has such a completely isolated and biased view of the world.
>People carry baskets, they don't really use carts, because they only carry a small amount of groceries and tend to go to the grocery store more often. (Firsthand, I can tell you this isn't true. It is true that I personally tend to shop more often since living here, but I see people with carts everywhere. But whatever, it's an overgeneralization, but not a big deal.)
>You can't just tear the bananas apart here like in America and Canada! (Lol, okay Mira. Japanese are so superior.)
>PEOPLE DON'T THINK WE EAT MEAT HERE FOR SOME REASON! (Really? Maybe if they have a narrow of a worldview as you seem to possess.)
>They also have "Utsura eggs", which is a smaller type of bird egg. (Lol, did you mean "Uzura"? as in, quail?)
>The ice cream aisle is also quite small compared to other countries. (Flagrant overgeneralization.)
>For some reason people think there is NO DAIRY IN JAPAN. (Who thinks that?! Lol)
>Japan is a fresh food country, so they don't have a very big canned food section! (Bullshit. Overgeneralizing.)
>Spam is popular here FOR SOME REASON. (Because people eat it with eggs and rice and because of Spam musubi. It's extremely popular in Hawaii and Japanese tend to love Hawaii.)

I know it might be stupid to nitpick these things, but I hate how arrogant she sounds, as if she is the authority on Japan. I usually watch her videos and take most of what she says with a grain of salt (she can be pretty funny sometimes) but she implies that this is what it is like throughout Japan. She needs to travel outside of Tokyo and frankly, outside of Japan before she can mark herself as an expert of anything.

No. 185783

>You can't just tear the bananas apart here like in America and Canada! (Lol, okay Mira. Japanese are so superior.)

What the fuck? I live in Canada and I would never tear the bananas apart in a grocery store. I had no idea that people did that, that's gross and rude.

No. 185787

Really? She doesn't mean peel it, but if there's a bunch of bananas (let's say 5) and you only want 2, you'll tear 2 off. You've never done that? I don't know why it would be either gross or rude, you don't bruise the bananas and they still have their peel.

No. 185790

Yea, thats what I do…it's pretty normal.

No. 185792

Not same anon, but I always buy my bananas in a bundle already in plastic. Sometimes I see people tear open the plastic to get one or two bananas. It's like $2 or $3 for five of them. Come on now.

No. 185816

If the bunch is wrapped in a bag with a set price then fine, but most places I know also provide bunches that are priced per pound and as someone living by myself I only take a couple bananas so there isn't a chance of them going bad and it'll only be like, 50 cents

No. 185818

>Be watching some India/Jamaican YouTuber
>Mira appears
I have a feeling she commented there because no one believe the Indian chick is Jamaican, and Mira thinks she's Japanese, but unlike Mira, the Indian chick, was actually born and raised there.

No. 185832

i cant breath

No. 185834

Japan is definately not big on fresh food - it is rare to come across store that sells any veggies or fruit at all. She's a moron.

No. 185875

You're the moron. There are tons of supermarkets with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fish. There are even small, privately owned stores that only sell fresh produce. Hell even Lawson 100 has a bit of fresh produce!

No. 185883

Uh, what? My local grocery store in Tokyo has shitloads of fresh produce/meat/fish, and there’s plenty of other nearby stores that do too.

No. 185925


Lol I don't even live in Japan but fucking hell guys, I've seen fresh stuff in vlogs before today!

Makes me giggle how people like Mira think Japan is this unusual magic high human place where its ~~ so speshul ~~

good god

No. 185930


Her skin looks rotten, her outfit is bad and those eyelashes do her no favors.

No. 186000

File: 1443385277844.jpg (26.19 KB, 520x355, 39030_2.jpg)

Does this bitch realize that the reason why "omg!!Japanese peel their grapes!!!" is because the most common type of grapes for sale are different than the green or red variety we commonly get in North America? The grapes harvested in japan have super thick peels that can even be a little bit fuzzy like a peach. And they are bitter as hell. Bitch probably thinks that her taste buds are changing, because the peels on the grapes she ate as a kid had no flavor while the ones in japan are thick and bitter.

No. 186275

You sound like one of those lolcow weebs who think Japan's only source of food is restaurants, cup noodles and pocky aisles.

No. 186278

Oh no, she puts cold on her pain now, peels her grapes and gurgles! So many things she has changed to become a true Japanese. It must be very hard for Mira ://

What no, they have plenty, however it's usually a bit more expensive than in a lot of other places, esp fruits. Unless it's in season then they often have it for cheap. Idk where you're getting this info from but it's wrong.

No. 186886

This must be that one PULL member who insults others for not knowing as much about Japan as her and claims to have lived there while giving faulty info then getting angry when people request proof

No. 187897

File: 1443815073576.png (Spoiler Image,301.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-02-14-30-57…)

Ok, I lurk PULL from time to time, but I haven't gathered the motivation to make a profile and I'm also a bit paranoid about it. Since lolcow appears more anonymous, i'll put it here (this post is more PULL-ish than lolcow-ish, so if you don't generally like PULL content, then don't read).

Anyway, I was reading the Mira thread, and there was a recent/ongoing argument about Mira doing a collaboration w/ another youtuber (I'll put a screen cap). I just wanted to share my theory on Mira's reasonings/motives (which I hope isn't too long) in her general relationships, based off what i'm noticing in this recent collab case of her not showing common courtesy, as well as "Miragate" (as some people call it), more specifically her relationship with and later on betrayal of Sharla.

Putting it simply, I would say because it's all about HER and nobody else can truly at anytime ever come first or even benefit/gain more than she does in a relationship- as long as she can help it anyways. Apparently someone else's gain because of her, is her loss (or at least she feels she is owed), as well as simply allowing someone to gain anything over herself (why shouldn't she always gain?)

I believe she wants to achieve her goals/success by using others to her own benefit, and if she can do w/o giving anything in return, that is ideal. But, eventually, so as not to exist solely as the parasite in every longer-term relationship she builds (and to avoid simply not getting/being able to get into ANY relationships, as they can be very profitable for anyone really and apparently Mira see's this, and to a disturbing extent wants to take advantage of it), she has to give something of herself: like showing gratitude, helpfulness and even giving back emotionally/physically/tangibly- or at least appear to- if only for a little bit. But for her, for whatever reason, apparently that and any relationship/or even situation that doesn't always suit and benefiit her goals/desires is a pointless waste of time. Either out of lonliness, or investment for personal gains, she builds closer relationships than she normally would and would probably do so by choosing the latter approach of keeping up appearances for a little while.

With the other Youtuber (TexaninTokyo I believe he's called), why should she do anything for him in return? That doesn't do anything for her. She got what she wanted out of him, so he doesn't matter anymore to her.

And then there was Sharla. I would assume during this relationship, Mira had to show, at a bare minimum, friendliness towards her, but i'm pretty sure she had to give even more of herself, like i mentioned above, to make the relationship stick and even gain herself a "best friend". But why start this relationship? She doesn't even seem to like people at all, probably as much as they don't like her. I think it was out of a combination of the companionship and ofc wat she stood to gain. Once she is over said person (which is apparently inevitable, maybe because she hates doing for others), she needs to gain something for all that she put in (think of it as she won't miss Sharla, just the time and effort she predicted would be wasted). She will also need to stop 'giving' to them. Now she needs to take as much from them as possible (assuming she hasn't already been doing so out of disgust with any other 'sacrifices' she would have had to make along the way) becuz her investment needs to pay off as much as possible. If you look at who had the most to lose from the whole 'Miragate' incident, it was Sharla (losing a best friend, someone she trusted, having her info leaked, etc., all in exchange for temporary friendship that was probably phony the whole entire time, and apparently not much else), and Mira gained quite a bit from Sharla who basically helped her get her channel off the ground. For the most part, she wouldn't even really have a Youtube career if she hadn't "befriended" Sharla. And all that wouldn't even really cost her anything (aside from time spent, but Sharla obviously put time into their friendship too, so if you compare them it would at least cancel out for Mira). End of the day, Mira gained more from Sharla alone than Sharla did from her alone. I also would say Mira hurt Sharla more than Sharla did her, but I'm not entirely sure why she did so intentionally, other than to get rid of Sharla as competition and boost her own channel further (and probably also out of her own jealous feelings). So I guess for Mira, it was for the best. That's life. And the show goes on.

All I really want to say is because of this selfish nature Mira seems to possess, future relationships aren't looking good for her, especially close ones, if she doesn't fix this major flaw of her's. Random people/aquaintances are easy targets, but the pay-off is typically not as much. It's the people closest to her that will probably stand to lose the most and eventually end up disliking her the most.

Anyways, that's what I see. Hope I wasn't too all over the place.

Link to thread>> https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/13-kanadajin3-videos/?

No. 187904

TexaninTokyo is a girl, you mean StreetEnglishTV.

The thread is really long. You should just link certain posts or screencap. The rest of this is old news. She's a selfish bitch and tries to play innocent. That's why she's even talked about here.

I wonder what the deal is with Rody. They seem to be cool but I wonder if she's going to betray him in the same way.

No. 187906

Nope, my intent wasn't to bring up any knew incidents, just wat I observed. I didn't realize it didn't link right to the page but try not to be lazy and just click the upper link there instead of the lower. There aren't even that many posts yet in the actual thread on this particular incident.

No. 187908

*The link up top should show the screencap I tried to post.

No. 187909

Idk about Rody, but from what I've seen, he seems not that different from her. I guess it'll be the case of who can use the other first. If not, at least he was warned right?

No. 187910

newfag please go

No. 187913

I didn't plan on staying long, but you got my attention (guessing your the same anon). I didn't even expect anyone to respond, especially here, but ok. Gladly taking off now (until later). GN.^~^}

No. 188016

Something is off about Rody. I feel like they are both on the same level of stupid.

No. 188169

File: 1443919514122.png (382.53 KB, 753x500, l8kiuythgfd.thumb.png.1064379a…)

This lovely screenshot posted on PULL. かわいい、でしょう?

No. 188173


quasimodo esmerelda wants her gypsy outfit back

No. 188174

The way she does her makeup does not help her droopy eyes. God she's so fucking clumsy and ugly.

No. 188193


She doesn't apply make up properly nor well. I have better skin than this bitch and why the fuck am I still throwing on foundation.

Mira just doesn't… that video she made also about fashionable shoes in Tokyo. They were all hideous and she has no taste in style or does she know anything about fashion/looks.

No. 188196

File: 1443924982999.gif (383.06 KB, 461x241, m0lote4zJY1qf1m3ro1_r3_500.gif)

No. 188198

Does she only wear eye makeup, with no foundation or even bb cream? Her skin always looks a mess, in addition to that shitty eye makeup and falsies.

No. 188199

can someone link me to the first thread?

No. 188233

Who ever fucked and married her. Needs some standards

No. 188238

It kills me how se thinks she can convince people she's Japanese. She's Canadian, she always will be, what's her obsession with saying she's Japanese?

No. 188283

i'd kill myself if i were her

No. 188290

If rumors are true: TWICE married.

No. 188352

there's still hope for me!!

No. 189138

Ikr. Theres still bope for us

No. 189146


She probably is hitched. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightly how this thing is still in the country.

No. 189148


I keep thinking the same. Most of the time we can never really see her skin and eye make up because she has bangs/hair down while shes out and about. But in a video like this… you'd try making an effort. C'mon Mira. Youtube is paying you for this shit alone, don't be lazy. Try actually looking decent for your "fans".

Her skin is rotten, the eye make up is just… and her teeth overlap.

Why she choose mint green I'll never know.

No. 189163

"The fastest way to get [there] is taking the Disney Resort train line"
That's literally like telling someone the fastest way to get to Anaheim Disney is by taking the monorail… Mira you lazy shit, if you're even going to bother going over how to get there, at least mention the Keiyo line or whatever.

No. 189191

man this just proves anyone can be a pretty famous j-vlogger because all the weebs will flock to you, regardless of how retarded and pointless your videos are

No. 189197

God whoever is dealing with this bitch needs to develop some taste. She looks atrocious. Why on earth would you wear such dramatic eye makeup but not bother with foundation/concealer, it makes you look like a haggard 40 year old cougar.

No. 195450

more of the same.

>the color of your skin has nothing to do with ethnicity.

No. 195452

She's gone on this rant a billion times. She moved to a homogeneous country and is surprised that she's not considered one of them. Most people accept their foreigner status by this point. Why is she so dense?

No. 195456

I get what she is saying, but yeah, Japan is just way too homogeneous to really have anyone believe she is "Japanese" despite her being a citizen or anything.

I don't know why she lets this bother her so much.

No. 195460

She doesn't seem to realize that when other people are saying "Japanese" they mean ethnically, native Japanese. She seems to think that once she gets her Japanese passport her entire Canadianism is erased. She may not be a Canadian citizen at that point, but she's still a Canadian immigrant.

She dumb.

No. 195476


I know anon, I'm bored to fuck of seeing it. I'm bored to fuck of the jvlogging community having to make "I'm a black womanz in japan" and "I want a japanese gf".

It's sad af.

1. If a relationship happens then it happens

2. Stop making everything about race

3. Stop ranting about how Japanese won't luv you because you're foreign

4. Having hafu (I'm mixed myself) kids ain't even that amazing, plus with Mira's looks god help it.

5. Mira shut up no one cares you're Japanese because ~ da law ~ has granted you your nippon wish and that you're good at sushi language

No. 195479

Mira knows what people mean, it was explained to her so many times. She is just in denial and wants all of her white blood erased.
She knows perfectly well what people mean.

She herself said she "rescued" a black family when people spoke to them in English… why the fuck are they black Mira? She herself said they were living in Japan. Doesn't that make that family Japanese?
No it does not, she called them black because that is what they are.

She just doesn't want the same treatment. When people look at her in Japan they think "Oh well she is white"
Just like how Mira goes
"Well that is a black family" or "oh mai god that WHITE high school girl is putting make up on a train! Fucking foreign trash!"

Sorry for ranting, but it seems Mira wants to be the only one who can't be picked out for her race while she rips on everyone else.

No. 195483


Exactly, so basically it's okay to point out the obvious about other foreigners or "Japanese" but when it comes to herself… jesus fucking christ! You can't say anything, she's white so THEREFORE she's JAPANESE! Only whites can be Japanese apparently. Fuck Miss Japan, fuck it. It never happened. Fuck it, she's BLACK, FULL BLACK. Let's forget her mother is actually a Japanese woman. But IT'S OKAY for Mira, Dakota, Taylor, kaka and whoever the fuck else to claim "we Japanese".


She does know her kid is gonna be considered hafu tho? kek

No. 195490


Mira is also hyper aggressive to any other white people living in Japan legally, especially if they are female. You know she has envy issues when she sees she isn't the only white girl in Japan with a visa. To her she is the only none native born white Japanese person. Oh wait nooo our precious snowflake has ancestors in Japan because she lived there for a few years. She no longer has her Canadian family.

To me Mira hates the whole world. Like I can list off all the group of people she said negative things about or seems to hate

White, Americans, Chinese, fat, mentally retarded (irony), Japanese, students, teachers, Koreans, Canadians, Poor people, anime fans, black, all females, other house wives who don't conform to staying in the fucking kitchen, sexually active people, jvloggers, youtube Japan, tourists

Like did I get everything? Or am I missing something else she dislikes.
She is a dripping oozing hate machine

No. 195729

With all her big talk about being legit Japanese!!1 and having lived in Japan for years, her Japanese sure is shitty.

No. 195738

But anon, Mira passed the N2

Surely she's a goddess at Japanese then?
She could become the next Empress

No. 195778


I just watched the video.

She's literally OBSESSED with race and nationality. I think it's sad and pathetic how someone needs to bang on about it so much. Gimmeaflakeman been living there longer than her, more experience, better Japanese and has a hafu kid. He still says "I consider myself American cos it's what I am" like a normal human being and doesn't feel threatened enough to keep saying "I'M JAPANESE!".

I personally think Mira feels mostly threatened by Japanese than she does foreigners tbh.

No. 195811

Internet hate machine!
Lol Asians in the US have been dealing with the same shit. At this point it's no big deal.
Internet fame/infamy is like the worst kind.

No. 195887

mira's stupidity disgusts and offends me

No. 195896

File: 1445631621197.png (680.53 KB, 932x602, miratehgoddess.png)

omg these comments

No. 196964

File: 1445872851857.png (499.83 KB, 724x421, Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.2…)

happy halloween guiz

No. 196969

File: 1445873930474.jpg (73.94 KB, 300x339, 12229707.jpg)

No. 196987

I have actively avoided this girls threads, but I can't hold back anymore. Does she have a syndrome, or some other type of physical disability? I have never seen eyes like that on another person than her.

No. 196989

No. 197017

her teeth are so crooked, jesus.

No. 197021

Even without makeup she's ugly af
ever heard of BRACES?

No. 197027

File: 1445890347089.gif (984.73 KB, 500x258, 21cecm8.gif)


she got some grinch teeth

No. 197029

Even if her teeth were straight she'd still be hideous.
I honestly think there's no hope for her.

No. 197158

Why so angry though…this is literally a meaningless rant bout children she may not even have. And is her Japanese citizenship legit? If so, she's going to have to destroy her Canadian passport and obey immigration rules for Japanese citizens (I.e using visas to travel to Canada/US I believe …)
Does she have an actual career there, or is it just weaboo fantasy land? I think the realities of citizenship will really hit her hard when it comes to things like voting/elections, federal policies etc…but she might be too dense, living as a housewaifu to realize that. Giving up citizenship is kind of a big deal because people don't realize what you're trading when you decide to become a citizen of another country…
Never mind the nationality/ethnicity debate. Lol. mira, your kids will be hafus. Just relax. Have kids for the sake of being a mother not to prove something to the Internet. Don't be a bad mom.
Sry for disjointed rant.

No. 197163

File: 1445915172971.png (1.95 MB, 1280x1358, 1444840534303.png)

Not even Photoshop can save Mira.
Not in my life would i ever thought to hear anyone on this planet call her even remotely cute, she looks like Quasimoto.

No. 197171

Anon, you silly baka. Crooked teeth are totemo kawaii in nippon.

No. 197187

Kinda ironic using that picture, unless you are using it as an illustration.

No. 197201

(not that anon) JonTron is a fattie, but he's cute. Unlike Mira.

No. 197221

she has literal fangs

No. 197272

File: 1445969600366.png (12.73 KB, 641x216, kek.png)

No. 197282

Sadly, I find her videos pretty enjoyable. She is certainly weird looking but tolerable.

No. 197285


Jrcach is srsly one blind old peado fuck

No. 197417

File: 1446020419356.jpg (273.01 KB, 946x369, kanadajin3isperfect.jpg)

top kek

No. 197418

inb4 mira was jrcock all along

No. 197426


>an actual career

No, she's most likely secretly married to some jap. Either her abusive ex she divorced (or 'divorced', who knows) after, what, 2 months of marriage, or she's found a new victim. She works as a waitress now, and waitresses can't get work visas. Neither can Youtubers.

No. 197436

You dont need a visa to travel between us/canada/jp

You need a visa to go to places like russia, china, depending where youre from

Oh im sure shell follow japanese immigration policy…..

No. 197437

I hope she gets deported and banned like Rosaire did. Gaijin trash needs to be dumped.

No. 197438


Plot twist: the guy she married for a visa is actually jrcach

No. 197490

I was thinking that too

No. 197630

During periods of low self esteem and doubt, I comfort myself by saying: "It could be worse. You could look like Mira".

No. 197649

Was there ever a coherent rosarie thread?

No. 197709

No. 197711

No. 197944


Thank you anon! Apparently I cant search for shit.

No. 197962

Anyone seen miras ridiculous video about not teaching her children english? Her japanese is shitty and so is her english, god bless her future child because whatever it is will be speaking broken, butchered miranese

No. 198004

Um yeah we've all seen every video she's done about that.

In this video, Mira admits she has considered suicide.

No. 198115

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't someone request a video on suicide and violence in Japan and she went all apeshit on them?

No. 198123

>putting the rising sun in the noose
pfff classy

No. 198124

Yep, she did

No. 198140

I can't even watch these videos all the way because she keeps switching consonants around and fucking up pronunciation. On purpose too because remember guys, she's 100% Japanese. No other jvloggers do this and you don't forget how to speak your native language that easily.

No. 198146

Hahaha, I noticed that too.

No. 198155


I know, her videos are always on weirdo topics. It's never anything normal.

No. 198165

cringing intensifies

No. 198253

She's ugly as sin but I do envy her hair.

No. 198524

itt: ugly fatties calling mira ugly

I can see the jealousy in the air guys its not even funny

No. 198527

File: 1446345936133.jpg (99.96 KB, 450x375, tumblr_inline_mz7k1yVgqe1rtie3…)

Mmm yeah anon I'm so jelly, I'd kill to look like this

No. 198610

riiight hahahaha

No. 198727

File: 1446402335101.png (660.99 KB, 930x597, kek.png)

>My teeth work fine. I am not ugly

No. 198728

File: 1446402379891.png (608 KB, 862x905, KILLMEPLEASE.png)

No. 198730

that paragraph. what a sperg

No. 199114

File: 1446502143858.gif (1.68 MB, 254x275, 1481.gif)

No. 199115

she isn't even literate in her native language…

No. 199120

not to WK but… what's wrong with the english there?

No. 199237

Just weird sentence structure and kind of sloppy. Like how she got from "fix your teeth" to "my teeth work fine" when the original comment said nothing about how her teeth work, only that they look ugly. But IA that is kind of nitpicky.

No. 199290

She's not fat. But there's no denying she's ugly.

No. 199299

File: 1446525954473.gif (893.31 KB, 237x200, slapslapslap.gif)

She def ain't thin though.

No. 200363

Damn, would it hurt any of this bitches to do a crunch once in their lives? Why are so many cows so flabby?

No. 200369

Because exercise sucks.

No. 200381

This gif looks cute. Mira slapping her belly fat.
Sorry farmers.

No. 200382

I work out, but don't do enough core to get my stomach not super flabby. Any weight i gain goes there, while my arms and legs are toned. It's annoying. Also, girls just gain weight easier in their stomachs and it's harder to upkeep than guys.

No. 200385

She's thin. She just isn't toned.

No. 201602

File: 1446987795238.png (70.8 KB, 625x644, lol.png)

No. 201606

I can't believe she is a native speaker.
I'm not a native English speaker and I don't think I'm near fluent level but I still don't make such basic mistakes.
If she can't master her own native language…that means she's goddamn dumb.

No. 201608

Just the blatant unwillingness to learn or correct herself is dumb. Does she think it makes her look smarter to rant like this >>201602 ? Or what?

No. 201620

That's not thin. Even Dakota is thinner than that. She's not FAT either. Just hella average.

what an idiot. Even Japanese people will be able to see that's not how it's spelled and think she's an idiot. BTW is there actually any browsers that dont have spellcheck? I know FF and Chrome do. Pretty sure even IE has a spellcheck.

No. 201628

The mistake is not that big of a deal and I imagine it could happen to anyone. The problem is that she's being a complete shithead and getting defensive when someone points it out.

No. 201641

Even Internet Explorer has spellcheck

No. 201656

lol youre a fucking idiot if you think dakota is thinner than mira. mira is stick thin, she has hardly any body fat while fatty chan dakota while now slimmer still has thicker legs, thicker arms, thicker stomach, etc than mira. it's just that their body types are different and built differently.

No. 201660


Yeah but anon, even if dakota has weight on. She's still signed up, they'll always edit her and continue to use her anyway. Not much they can do, it's been a few years now and she's living there, working there. I doubt they'll be dropping her anytime soon.

No. 201683

sorry but that sounds like a lame excuse

No. 202285

Old video but

>I don't mean to be mean but I hope you've changed since 2012 but everything you said in the video showed that you have a victim mentality. "It's more embarrassing to say something or scream at him than it is to be molested by a stranger???" WTF, kind of mentality is that? As a foreigner, we tend to speak up for ourselves and I'm surprised you didn't. Also the statement you said "There was no one around to save me". So I guess if things went further you'll just let it be? You need to save yourself and that old, Japanese pervert was not going to fight you if you pushed him off and said "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!" You know what's more embarrassing, the fact that anyone else who might have noticed you being touched (as people do many times) knew that you were a victim and wouldn't say anything and saw you as weak. Be strong, that guy would have cowered and tried to act like he didn't understand you but I promise you the heaviest embarrassment would have been on him. Stand You Fucking Ground! Truth be told, I lived in Japan for 5 years so I do have some insight on their culture and possible reactions to things like this. I'm not saying this as a foreigner, ignorant of the culture. So, react, speak up even in the crowded train. Ganbatte ne!

>kanadajin: Weak people lose their temper. It takes a stronger person to stand their grounds. I rather not be embarrassed. But thank you for the comment.

Holy fuck you weeb bitch. You are literally enabling that old perv to molest you, but you wanna be "true japanese" and not be "embarrassed". How dumb can you get?

Also this is not the only chikan video she made, there is like three of them and each time she talks like she's proud to get molested by a Japanese man. True Japanese desu.

No. 202309

Pretty sure a ~tru japanese woman~ wouldn't openly talk about being publicly molested because it's fucking shameful.
If she's brazen enough to go home and talk into a camera about the whole thing more than once, she could've easily told the old men to fuck off. But she thinks she'll become "more Japanese" if she accepts train groping. Typical.

No. 202311

Are Japanese women that submission? i mean. that's insane to just let some piece of shit touch you on a public train. No thanks… Japan is really fucked up.

No. 202319

Uh, no. Just because they don't wanna talk about it doesn't make them submissive. And honestly, do you even know how chikan works? I've been groped a lot during my years in Japan, and it's not like they grab you and rub you for 5 minutes.

They do it in a very specific way and situations. The "professional" ones do it so well and fast that you have no idea who actually touched you (for example, the best way for them would be to reach under someone's skirt when everyone is leaving/being pushed out of a stuffed train in the morning, because then it's way too hard to turn around since everyone moves so fast.)

Molesting someone on the train happens just for a few seconds. This is another reason why Mira probably hasn't gotten molested, because she says so much shit, about how they wouldn't actually do it.

No. 202332

I always thought she was talking about it like she was really happy and proud of it.

>My First Chikan

Even calling it that makes it seem like she thinks it's some rite of passage as a true Japanese woman to go through this.

She has 4 chikan videos total…I'll post them all here. Resist the urge to pull her wig off her head.

No. 202334

That's so disgusting. I'm not trying to victim blame here, I'm just genuinely curious as to why this happens so much in Japanese society. It's really insane how rampant that kind of behavior is and how so many men find it acceptable.

No. 202335

That one was not about her being groped, but some other girls, but she says IN that video that the girls got up/reacted. Meanwhile one of her commenters said:

>Well in your other video you said that you were groped on a train ride while standing. You also said that you didn't 1) verbally tell him to stop; 2) or grab his hand while it was on your ass and in between your crotch during the entire ride. YOu said that you was not sure why you didn't say anything and that you thought it was the culture in Japan for women to remain silent. You or any person for that matter, should always stick up for yourself. Also don't contradict yourself by talking badly about other women who allow this to happen when you did the same according to your 2011 video. Just saying.

Video related is her second chikan. It's almost as if she did damage control when seeing the negative reactions…

>I hope this is now your reaction after the train Chikan incident. It's great that you had the fight to stand up for yourself because in the other video you said you pretty much just let it happen with minimal effort to resist and when I said to be more assertive in stopping them you replied with comments like I was being a bit ridiculous. smh so which is it? Have you made a decision to protect yourself from now on, even on the train or is this just one if those "yeah man, he's lucky I didn't catch him…" kind of stories. I never meant to be mean to you I just hate it when f'tards try to take advantage of girls, children and other innocent bystanders for their own gain or pleasure regardless of the damage they cause. I'm glad you had a fight in you at least in this situation.

No. 202336

This is the most recent one, it happened earlier this year.

No. 202349

what the hell…
she lost her temper with crying about it in videos afterwards. that's truly weak.

No. 202373

lol scrolling through her videos like
only mira

No. 202390

Four videos on the same subject?

Is… Is she actually proud of the fact someone wants to grope her in public?
If it happened to me I would probably only do one video (with maybe an update on my personal reactions if I get the courage to fight back)

Four videos on this happening to Mira seems a bit… fishy to me. Is she just an easy target? Or is she fabricating the amount of times it has happened to make her seem more desirable?

No. 202392

It's honestly not as "common" as one might think, it's just that there are 13mill people in Japan, and people online love to drink Japanese milk. There are far more molesters in other countries, I'm sure, but who cares since it isn't glorious nippon?

There are countries where women get hung by reporting getting raped.

No. 202394

Getting sentenced to death by hanging, if they report they got raped*

Sorry, my English is shit

No. 202452

Seems like everything wrong with the world is men not being able to fucking control themselves.

No. 202453

Also, just want to add that just because it isn't 'as bad' in Japan doesnt make it not worth reporting or fighting for. Women don't deserve this, no matter where they are from.

No. 202646

>Is… Is she actually proud of the fact someone wants to grope her in public?
she really, really is
if i was in that position i think i would be too embarrassed to tell anybody, i would also try and shove the guy away though.
I find it odd how she is almost bragging about something bad, as if she feels like getting groped proves she is super beautiful or something, when it's just straight up sexual harrasment.

No. 202652

Maybe Mira thinks being sexually harassed IN JAPAN means she is desirable to the NIHONJIN and that makes her TRU JAPANESE.

No. 202654

No. 202720

File: 1447244767783.png (80.38 KB, 625x626, 1427294866194.png)

Or maybe it's women not learning to do for themselves and expecting everyone else to do for them.


Hint: They stopped a 14 year civil war.

No. 202722

Actually, it wasn't bait. How was it? Men should stop groping and sexually assaulting women. Period. They need to control themselves.

No. 202732

File: 1447246071688.png (191.65 KB, 1252x1252, 1414162181941.png)

You believe a societal problem is endemic to gender.

No. 202735


Different anon here. You're saying harassment and rape of women is both genders fault?… ok then.

No. 202740

>>202735 don't try,
>>202720 and >>202732 are the actual bait here

No. 202745

Take the feminist drama back to dumblr pls

No. 202750

I guess we should just ignore them. Are they robots, trolls or both? Oh well, back on topic.

No. 202999

>defending yourself against a molester is weak and embarrassing
>makes video for thousands of people who know her face and name about being molested
okay, Mira.

No. 203051

real feminism is important

No. 203052

you're arguing semantics. It's the fault of the patriarchy, and society.

No. 203465

File: 1447379443361.png (241.6 KB, 406x429, 1390222607776.png)

can you keep your shitty feminist buzzwords on tumblr?
i just want to laugh at how ugly mira is, not listen to some landwhale tell me how men are evil

No. 203466

i don't care if it's important miss tumblrina, it's not related to this thread so keep your feminism crap somewhere else, i am a feminist but i don't push my shit for no reason out of nowhere

No. 203467

i know a boy that was raped by his mother you pile of shit
it's not always men you retard

No. 210485

Still convincing herself she's Japanese. At this point, does she talk about anything else?

No. 210578

rofl calm down

No. 210583


You're a fucking moron. Sometimes you don't need a whole bundle and the stores don't give a shit.

No. 210603

But don't you see it in her face and her superb Japanese and…?! Sooo Japanese.

No. 210615

Nobody really complains about Japanese people being quiet on train you dumb weeb.
She is just trying so hard to be seen as TRUE NIHONJIN

No. 210618

File: 1449222285048.png (410.79 KB, 500x307, enhanced-25041-1448404091-1.pn…)

>"Even though I'm not a citizen YEEEEEEETTTTT"

>"It's not just Japanese culture, it's my culture too!"

>"Just because someone immigrated to Japan does not mean they are not Japanese, or Japanese-like!"

No. 211194

No, rape and sexual assault happen to men and women both.



(several similar cases of this, nothing being done about it)

Men who are sexually abused in youth detention centers are more likely to be abused by female staff.
"This report goes over sexual victimization of youth in juvenile detention centers. The study found that 8.2% of boys were victims of sexual misconduct of the staff, and an additional 2.2% were victims of other inmates. Additionally, of those sexually abused by staff, 89.1% of the perpetrators were women."






"In one of the studies included in the analysis, the CDC found that an estimated 1.3 million women experienced nonconsensual sex, or rape, in the previous year. Notably, nearly the same number of men also reported nonconsensual sex. In comparison to the large number of women who were raped, nearly 1.3 million men were “made to penetrate” someone else. Despite the use of these two different categories, the CDC data reveal that both women and men experienced nonconsensual sex in alarming numbers."



Might want to do your own research before parroting the believe that 99% of rapes are women, or that men make up the majority of rapists. The truth is that rape and sexual abuse is a nongendered crime. It is done by both genders against vulnerable people (people they trust, people who are unconscious) more than anything, and by perpetuating the (false) belief that men don't get raped you are only hurting people and making it more difficult for them to seek help.

Probably a wall of text no one will read… but this is pretty much all I can do to help everyone who's been raped, men or women, boy or girl.

No. 211201

Doesn't she know she will never be seen as Japanese by Japanese people themselves? Japan isn't America or some other immigrant country.

No. 211203

>Replying to old comment
Literally no point, you know very well this topic stirs up drama and off topic discussion, why would you even?

No. 213162

Bitch can't be japanese because she's not asian.
god she's stupid

No. 213164

Both are ugly as fuck

No. 213165

mira looks like a gobblin

No. 213166

Yes. it's not like women can sexually harass, rape, abuse, lie, etc.
nah, it's only men!
jesus christ i hate MRAs but feminazis like you are as bad. please go back to tumblr

No. 213167

>impyling women can't rape other women
please die

No. 213169

feminists are shit and dumb don't try to prove them wrong
i cringed too

No. 213170

How can she still have followers when she's so goddamn cringe-worthy?

No. 213171

Shouldnt this "tip" be applied to everyone in any country? how is this different from the US or canada?

No. 213199

can you guys cut out this dumb rape/feminist vs whatever bullshit this is not what lolcow is for let me drink my milk in peace plz

No. 213371

>I am the most company-driven person!!
trying to harp on her totally Japanese work ethic.

>failed grade 10 science 4 times.

Holy fuck, what an idiot.

No. 213443

People just said that men get raped too. Nobody here is arguing. are you triggered or?

No. 213445

how can you fail science 4 times? wtf???

No. 213447

I'm sorry but her japanese sounds average.
You'd think that because she lives in japan that her japanese is good.
seriously, wtf? nobody says "私をもっと知ろう"?

No. 213448

i remember this dramu

No. 213482

File: 1449983711836.png (810.82 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (532).png)

le if u say DESU enough u become JAPANESE xD maymay

No. 213484

what the FUCK
peels grapes
i'm japanese now!
paints skin black
i'm african american now!
yeah great fucking logic you got there

No. 213486

did she have a stroke? the slurring of speech, and drooping eyes/corners of mouth makes it look like she did.

No. 213490

>and if you get punched in the arm… i don't know why i'm using punched in the arm

No. 213495

I think the droopy eyes are just bad makeup.

You can tell her Japanese is below average by taking a look at her half-assed subtitles. I think she doesn't subtitle exactly what she's saying to kind of hide that she doesn't know how to. Her subtitles are so far off, like in the beginning of this video she writes "実は2回も着ているけど、はじめてきたときの映像が綺麗に映ってない" – girl, what are you talking about?! There are mistakes in most of her Japanese subtitles even though they are so minimal…

No. 213496

>20 seconds in
>literally talking about being transracial unironically
toppest wew lads

No. 213499

>racist views
smh @ this weeb. deny it all you want, but race exists sweetie. bone shape, muscle densities, melanin concentration, genetic predisposition to disease, IQ, etc etc. it's not good or bad, we all have a purpose. we are all perfectly imperfect. it's biology.

that being said, you will never be asian. grow up white girl.

No. 213522

>i ain't ever
this fucking stupid ass hick.

No. 213538

she could have easily made this be a very generic video like 'dont talk shit about people in general' because thats essentially what this is, except specifically dont insult glorious nipponese people

No. 213703

Does she know that in order to be Japanese, you need to be asian first?
dumb bitch

No. 213705

even google translate is better

No. 213707

plus "知ろう" seems very informal and boy-ish.
seriously why does she keep talking like a boy? smh

No. 213709

you can't become japanese.
that's like me a white girl lives in africa
will i become african, according to her?

No. 213732

○○をもっと知ろう is fine when it's about things. 子宮頸がんをもっと知ろう or whatever. But considering she's saying it to an audience, it's rude af.
I wonder where she gets most of her exposure to Japanese from? I learned Japanese with my then-boyfriend, so by copying him I got "male" Japanese, and had to conciously correct that…

No. 213773

Japanese is an ethnicity, not a race. So being "Asian", whatever you mean by that broad term, makes no sense.
But I get it, 98~% of their population is the Yamato people (leaving ~1% of their population to the Ainu who are indigenous to Japan, and the rest is random ethnicities that make up the country.)

Only reason why people wont see Mira as Japanese ever is because Japan is a homogeneous country. Hell, even if you are half Japanese you still struggle to be fully accepted despite being "Japanese".

She's fighting a battle that is out of her control and I don't understand why she cares so damn much. She honestly can't get over it.

sage for some OT shit

No. 213775

I know i'm really fucking late but i just watched her 'housewife in japan' video and wow the conservatism is actually shocking somehow. I don't understand how she's outright dismissing women who want to earn their living???

No. 213781

her new man friend's english is almost as good as hers

No. 213782

true but wouldnt 知りましょう be better? idk it's just more polite and "feminine".
i always hear women use polite forms

No. 213784

meh, I find that okay. nothing wrong with agreeing with traditional values. not everyone is a liberal, you know lol

No. 213786

also, don't act as if "earning your living" is better. you can't work and take care of the children at the same time lmao

No. 213787

oh god

No. 213788

Is fine

No. 213789

actually, it does.
In order to be japanese, you need to be asian.
and Japanese is an ethnicity but asian is a race and japanese people's race is asian.

No. 213790

damn her english sounds so ratchet
who the fuck use "ain't"?

No. 213792

I like how she says she's japanese but her username is kanadajin
will she change it to nihonjin3?

No. 213794

File: 1450052047886.jpg (5.33 KB, 180x127, 180px-MiraTardFace.jpg)

is this quasimodo?

No. 213795

File: 1450052079313.png (92.98 KB, 270x268, 270px-Classyladyfinger.png)

kawaii desu ^____^ #truenihonjindesu

No. 213796

It's grammatically correct, but wouldn't be an appropriate title for this video. It's more like "let's get to know yourself better", and 知ろう, while again not being incorrect, doesn't sound right.

No. 213800

not that anon but would 私のことを知りましょう be okay?

No. 213802


No. 213804


No. 213805

ノーバディ ファッキング ケアス ユー カン
スピーク ジャパニーズ

No. 213806


No. 213807

Peekaboo, found weeaboo

No. 213813

Neither can Mira.

No. 213818


No. 213821

neither can you, if you use particles and say kudasai when trying to insult someone

No. 213836

..But Beyonce is not ugly at all? You sound like a butthurt hambeast of the mayo persuasion tbh

No. 213837

Personal taste anon. I don't think she's ugly but I see prettier black women everyday.

No. 213848

She's confused. She wants to be Japanese so bad and doesn't understand that having a Japanese citizenship is not being Japanese ethnically. She doesn't see race but calls everyone and everything racist kek
>Another gaijin said I'm not shit for teaching English and not having a "normal" job OMMGGG RACIST!

No. 213918

>finding beyoncé ugly means i'm white and fat
i'm not even butthurt. you sound offended that i dont have the same preferance.
both look like shit. beyoncé has horse legs and a manly face. there's MUCH more beautiful black woman than her

No. 213919

you can use particles if you insult someone lol you're saying that anon can't speak japanese just because he used kudasai?

No. 213920

she's very stupid

No. 213921

>mayo persuasion
hi tumblr

No. 213922

she might.
after all, she's a true nihonjin

No. 213928

私のことをもっと知りましょう! would be correct grammatically but still awkward because it's pretentious. It's like "know more about me!!!!". If you look up をもっと知りましょう on Google, you won't find anything talking about people.
ミラについてあなたが知らない/知らなかった5つのこと? Maybe?

No. 214470

File: 1450154354222.jpg (172.62 KB, 1440x810, 1448316189943.jpg)


No. 214471

beyonce is a huge slut and there's honestly way more attractive (and talented) black girls out there, try again tumblr

No. 214486

beyonce looks like a crossbreed between a monkey and a horse. you sound 12 tbh

No. 214509

behold the supremacy of east asian women, 'boos of the world.

No. 214533


Jesus this NippNopp is awful.
It reads like I'm watching an early 2000's seinen anime.

Anon stop trying to learn MoonGo from animu, nobody talks properly in that shit.

No. 214537

But… Don't people say あらあら all the time?! ;_;
It's really transparent if someone learnt the language via anime exactly because of shit like this.

No. 214542

Yikes, that's embarrassing.

No. 214584

Stop derailing. Please feel free to make a thread in /b/ about Beyonce.

No. 214613

> /b/ for beyonce

No. 214890

>do they not realise they're talking about MEEEE?!
>how dare you insult MY culture?!
I really love how she's completely changing definitions so she can claim to be Japanese. You can speak Japanese and act like the perfect meek hausuwaifu and live in the country all you want; you're still white, and you're still Canadian, and no Japanese person is going to consider you Japanese.

Also, is it really so hard for her to enunciate? Hearing, "Kannajisan" is making me want to chew nails.

No. 215074

only old ladies say 'あらあら', your japanese sounds so fucking strange.

No. 215153

She made a video about how she doesn't hate Canada, yeah right, sure she doesn't -.-

No. 215170


"I hate Canada" said KANADAijin lmfao

She's a fucking idiot.

No. 215171


Tbh I agree, I see so many beauty black women in the natural hair pinterest tags and Beyonce is just average in terms of looks. Her body is nice but that's it.

No. 215172

No. 215182

stop derailing anon.

No. 215289

they have tim hortons in america too you dumb cunt

No. 216263

she never shuts up does she

No. 216264

but engrish mistakes are pretty funny sometimes. i want someone to show her one of those engrish compilations so i can see her reaction.

No. 216295

File: 1450725820530.png (101.51 KB, 1686x548, 1450725716.png)

Holy shit, I can't.

No. 216333

>>by integrating into the culture, learning the language and d

That got me the most to be fair.

No. 216812

File: 1450862050311.jpg (35.05 KB, 640x493, IMG_1450.thumb.jpg.7b5f1661c90…)

No. 216813

File: 1450862069316.png (65.94 KB, 471x259, 144952072088523.thumb.png.a30e…)

No. 216816

jesus christ.

No. 216819

LOL no you dumbass. If you didn't live in Japan during the critical years of brain development, then you aren't going to lose your accent or forget English. I love how she tries to push her Canadian pride while simultaneously trying to separate herself from it as much as possible lol.
You could live in a different country for the rest of your adult life and not lose your accent

No. 216828

You know you're an idiot 1) when you think living in Japan a few years means you are Japanese 2)that you expect Japanese things like onsen to exist in other countries as if you had never even stepped outside Japan before nor had lived somewhere else for many many decades of your life and 3) that posting this level of ignorance on Twitter is a good thing to do…

I don't know where she lived during her critical years of brain development, but it didn't help her to develop cognitively in the slightest.

No. 216839

She already talks kind of weird. When I first saw her on Youtube I couldn't even tell she was Canadian. Maybe it's because I don't see many Canadians outside of TV and I don't think I've ever met any Canadians anyway.

So I'm wondering if she just has a weird voice or if she's trying to force herself to sound Japanese and it's not working at all. She's one of those girls that sounds like she always has a cold.

No. 216840


Oh I missed this post somehow.


So I guess she is doing it on purpose. Trying to sound like she lost her Canadian accent. It sounds pretty bad.

No. 216851

I bet in a few Years someone's gonna talk to her in English and she's just gonna blankly stare back and say,"Me no speeku Engrishu"

No. 218111

"Things I like about Canada:
Tim Hortons
"traditional" art
Pow Wows

Why did she pick the really stereotypical (Tim's) and the native/aboriginal items…There's honestly more to Canada than just native culture, although it is a huge part of it, sure. But iirc she's from the city or suburbs, not from any type of rural or prairie region where this is more popular. Also she said she's from Toronto? How about Toronto culture and art, the diversity, the amazing food selection, the night markets and art galleries…
She picked the worst examples imo

No. 218298

Mira does not speak like the average Canadian AT ALL. She isn't even from the countryside either, she's from central Ontario (very populated area) and if anyone has broken English like her, it would be because they dropped out of school in the second grade.

No. 218310

I'm from Toronto and most people here would consider her a hick. I like how she said before she's from Toronto when she can't relate to us at all.

No. 219004

These Housewife in Japan videos are like Sesame Street. She sounds like she's speaking to five year olds.

No. 219165

>45 minutes
Anyone wanna brave this?

No. 219166

Same video (supposedly) but in Japanese.

No. 219173

omg the beginning of this was so fucking cringy "Omg didnt see you there, about to pop this in the microwave but then I remembered I like in glorius japan and not shitty canada where you only use microwaves! haha thats not how we cook HERE! hahaha omg why am I talking like my audience is retarded?"

No. 219182

The contents seem to be pretty much identical, just one is with extremely shitty Japanese. Super boring.

No. 219209

I certainly don't speak Japanese but her Japanese sounds so lazy and slurry.

No. 219226

Her pacing is very unnatural. Like she has memorised a speech and is slurring it out. Her mannerisms whilst talking are quite characteristic of someone trying to recite from memory (the flexing of hands, looking up and away, awkward pausing). I know this because this is exactly what I did when I had speaking assignments in Japanese classes.

Considering the time in which she's been studying the language and is only at this level AND LIVING IN JAPAN just proves that she is lazy as fuck. At least Kota puts an effort into sounding Japanese.

No. 219227

Especially considering the whole "I'm white Japanese you guys" thing she does this is embarrassing. So many mistakes a beginner would make… It would've been better to get some teleprompting software or whatever and just read the text if that had meant less mistakes.

No. 219228

She moved to Toronto at like 16. Before that she did literally live in buttfuck nowhere. One her Draw My Life she explains this. Her town had like 20 people.

No. 219230

Exactly, she probably memorizes it to minimize the risk of people calling her out on how shit her Japanese is. From the grammar she uses I'd say she's still at the intermediate level. Attaining N2 in the JLPT is doable as an intermediate student if you study the test and I believe this is what she did. Once she got that bragging right she no longer felt the need to improve on the language.

No. 219231

I thought she said in the "JLPT" video that she passed N1

No. 219232

Even with that her Japanese level is obviously shit. N2 isn't as hard as people make it out to be, you only need to be 60% correct. I went to Japan on WH for a year, returned and did N2 half a year later and my Japanese was pretty basic.

No. 219234

She states in her JLPT truth video that she has the N2 so that's what I was going off of.

Yeah I've had a look at some practice tests and at my peak study of Japanese it seemed pretty doable and my Japanese was and still is horrible.

No. 220307

File: 1452059193045.jpg (237.67 KB, 900x507, 94d003f178143321b1b4eba688fafd…)


That's because Mira's fanbase may as well be a bunch of five year olds
"Wow! In Japan they don't need to wipe their own butts! The toilet does it! Coool! Guess I wont need to buy any TP for my bung hole"

On another random note. Anyone ever think of Squints from the Sandlot when they see Mira? Except it looks like Mira is ALWAYS making this face and has more fucked up teeth… okay fuck it she looks like Squints had a stroke.

No. 220319


By god that fucking pic

No. 220327

Mira must be master mind if she can read, memorize and perform over half an hour rant in foreign language that she's not even good at. I couldn't do that.

Not even a possibility that those remembering gestures aren't for individual words. Of course it's foe the whole rant.

No. 220424


Holy shit. I thought this was her, then i read the text and remembered the movie.

No. 220450

i was scrolling past really fast and i thought that was grav3yardgirl for a second oh my god

No. 220836

So what private info did Mira leak about Rachel and Jun? I know a J-vlogger who knows Sharla, and she told me that Mira didn't leak Sharla's address but only pictures of her boyfriend (kek)

I find mira dramu to be lulzy from all sides. Mira getting caught was hilarious, but then you realize it was all petty "SHE LEFT A COMMENT SAYING MY VIDEO WAS BAD. SHE SAID BLAHBLAHBLAH IN A COMMENT" high school shit. Rachel trying to sound all somber and professional talking about that is lolzworthy in itself.

No. 220971

Yeah, this basically. Rachel, Victor, and Mira all wound up looking like bratty junior-highschoolers having a big fight over nothing that takes up a week of everyone's energy. I'd already given up on Mira but I stopped watching the other two after that, because I didn't like Junior High the first time I went through it.

No. 220980

Her vocabulary, grammar and pronounciation is really bad. One can rant in bad Japanese for half an hour and be somewhat understandable but really there's a mistake in every second sentence. Not nearly as fluent as she makes herself out to be.

No. 220996

Posted private fb pics of Sharla, revealing she had a boyfriend.

I don't know where she leaked the addresses tbh. but if i remember correctly, I think it might have been to fans at a meet? Like the Tokyo meet with all the youtubers, not online.

I guess that made them see the sockpuppets she had too, which is hilarious and dumb, tbf I'd cut ties with Mira just for that too but not make a big deal out of it like what happened. I mean, PULL was already gathering the info and could have outed her. I thought the drama was funny though, sort of entertaining.

No. 221001

It's petty highschool shit but the lengths Mira did it in are what made it such a big deal imo. Like ok, if she had one account that she shittalked people on it would be fine, but she had tons of dedicated accounts and would continuously update/change shit, like this was an active hobby for her.

Also why is she bringing this up again? It's been three years and she's managed to build up a new following. Why introduce them to the scandal and have potential losses in viewership?

No. 221006

> Mira must be master mind if she can read, memorize and perform over half an hour rant in foreign language that she's not even good at
> not even good at

she's not a master. she's not good at japanese.

its really not hard to rant and babble and still manage to NOT say anything of value, or even make sense. have you heard of donald trump?

No. 221011


I guess I should have put *irony* on that post to make my point more clear.

I don't really care if her Japanese is good or bad. I just found ridiculous that assumption that she had memorized the whole half an hour rant from a script or something because she's doing the hand and eye moves that tell she's trying to remember something. Most likely what she's trying to remember are single words rather than whole script in japanese.

Was I clear enough?

No. 221834

Is Shine Sharla's boyfriend? I really want to see these pics now.

No. 221835

I always thought Shine was gay? But then again, I'm pretty bad at picking up on shit like that.

No. 221844

theres no way shine is her boyfriend. he is 18 or younger and sharla is almost 30.
he said he's not gay in a video but i can see him with girls. literally asexual

No. 221845

*cant see him with girls
dear god he is awkward

No. 221847

I've seen those pictures back when Mira was obviously posting on 4chan. He wasn't ugly, and kind of had a bit of a j-rock inspired fashion. Don't know why Sharla and Mira are so into actively hiding their SO's.

Shine is adorable, but i hate his speech impediment. It makes him sound like a little kid.

No. 221867

It's this east asian thing where if you're a girl you have to hide your s/o or you'll look like a whore or something.

No. 221913

Sharla hides her boyfriend for privacy reasons, she also moves house every few months because apparently she gets stalkers and weirdos see her on the subway and follow her home and hang outside her apartment.

No. 221914

Sharla's bf during this drama was a Korean guy according to Mira and some of her Japanese stalkers on 2chan. They were mad she comes to Japan and dates a Korean.

Mira posted on 2chan that her "She needs a Korean boyfriend because they buy her all her bling" or something that effect

No. 221917


Damn, I feel bad for Sharla. In Japan it's not that rare to be stalked, if you are white young woman. Most of the times those stalkers don't do anything to you but it's still super creepy.
If I was in Sharla's shoes, having a band of stalkers on 2chan, I would probably get too creeped out and quit making videos. She is brave in my point of view.

Also fuck Mira, what an ugly cunt, both outside and inside. The way she proudly talks about getting sexually harassed in public, I bet she loves having stalkers too.

No. 221918

File: 1452741783183.jpg (16.86 KB, 444x89, 008.JPG)

Is she retarded or is she just pretending that she forgot English because she is so ~Nihonnese~ now.

Forget it, she is retarded either way.

No. 221919


How does Sharla get stalkers? Sure she has the white thing going for her but she's always looked pretty tubby to me. Not a land whale or anything, but she's definitely heavier than the average Japanese woman. She also has a really unfeminine voice, from what I understand about Japanese male standards for desirable traits in a woman, she's doesn't fit any of them outside of being an exotic gaijin.

No. 221933

She doesn't only claim to be forgetting English, she also said that she now totally has a Japanese accent instead of a Canadian one. Girl is crazy.

No. 221934

She doesn't only claim to be forgetting English, she also said that she now totally has a Japanese accent instead of a Canadian one. Girl is crazy.

No. 221952

I didn't know about this, I thought the extent of Mira's actions was that she leaked pictures. That's really fucked up.

No. 221984

Like 3 years ago she said she was losing her English language skills. She made a whole video dedicated to it. She is so freaking stupid.

No. 221985

Well last year Mira released Sharla and a bunch of other peoples home addresses with pictures of the outside of their homes. Apparently some of the people involved took legal action. I don't know how to follow up and see how far it went.

No. 221988

It's not about being a beauty queen. She has a large youtube following, and talks about Japanese popular culture, food and experiences. That + being a white gaijin woman is enough for some creeps.

No. 221989


I know what Sharla does on YouTube, and there are plenty of other cute girls (many that she's collaborated with) who also have large followings, and I've yet to hear about any of them having to move constantly due to stalkers.

No. 221990


Unbelievably stupid. Instead of being proud to be able to speak two languages fluently, she is proud how, supposedly, her brain isn't able to know more than one language.
Oh, and that somehow makes her true Japanese as as well. Because Japanese can't into English, innit?
She is literally as dumb as a brick.

No. 221993

…Because they keep their professional and personal life separate? Duh?

Difference here is that we have quasimodo here who made all this information public to us.

No. 222023

I wonder if Mira realizes just how racist she is against Japanese people? Pretending to have an accent and mocking the way a non fluent Japanese person speaks English is against her precious Japan.

Does she still make fun of actual Japanese citizens who go outside of her horrible sterotypes? I remember a few times where she said a few Japanese people where not true Japanese like her because they did something outside of the norm (For her)
"Gasp they do not fold wrapper in crane! Not true Japanese! How dare!"

No. 222130

why are most j-vloggers massive faggots?

No. 222152

File: 1452820222952.jpg (86.06 KB, 1268x705, kk.JPG)

Because they are all painfully boring people, who rely on things like "I live in Japan!" or "My husband is Japanese!" to stay relevant

No. 222155

I found that Myhusbandisjapanese channel to be maximum cringe on the name alone. Like, really? That's all you have going for you- a Japanese husband?

No. 222163

According to an older video, it was the husband himself who named the channel. Unsure if that's true or if he/they claimed that was the truth to make themselves seem less cringeworthy, though.

No. 222180

i assume shes shitting on rachel because everyone in the comments are shitting on her

No. 222192

I don't know how, but Sharla said all this in some interview. I think it was for a website called something Japan. She swears a lot in most of her answers in the interview. She said she moves every three months because stans stalk her and hang around her house. She described a guy following her home and trying to get in her house when she went inside. He knew who she was on YouTube so it's probably all fans opposed to randoms.

I'm ugly as fuck and I've been stalked before by acquaitence of a friend who saw my Facebook. Creeps don't exactly demand beauty queens.

No. 222195

No. 222196

haha only a 2 week exchange, what a fucking pussy.

try 9 months bitch

No. 222197

She must be covered in money if she moves so much. The money you have to spend for each move is astronomical, at least in tokyo, I don't know where she lives, though. Might be different for her.
But I'm planning to move this year since my contract is ending and the moving cost is close to 5.000 USD, only to get a place, think about paying rent later…

No. 222207

she probably just lives in those temporary apartments you guys.

No. 222220

Bitch has watched or read too much chikan hentai or doujin. I can tell from the pixels and from reading quite a few chikan doujins in my time.

This made me horny and even more eager to visit Japan. Wonder how I can make myself an easier target? A short skirt plus aiming for the most crowded times of the day are a given, but there's sure to be other ways to make it more likely… maybe more normal clothes instead of flashy jfash?

Wonder if actual penetration really happens too, or maybe just an actual penis rub against my legs?

Anyway, yeah, she has a fetish too, I'll go see if she has more vids about it now.

No. 222224

File: 1452838002156.jpg (24.19 KB, 485x303, images.jpg)

Don't forget to offer to teach English and you too could end up just like Lindsay Hawker

No. 222227

Are you out of your mind? I want to be fucked in a safe space, with plenty of people around to keep me from being attacked in such a way.

No. 222228

Those men are mentally unstable. If they want more, they are going to follow you home.

No. 222231

The name was a play on a popular Japanese sitcom that was called something like "My Honey is a Foreigner." He claimed he tried to change the name later, and in fact the title is "Rachel and Jun" now, but the ID can't be changed.

Anyway, while I'm not a fan of them, it's not because of that. Bitching about that is a little too SJW-ish. In fact he mentioned his reasons for the name precisely because they were getting shit from SJW assholes who accused her of "exotifying" him and whatever other made-up BS only they can invent. (My answer to them would have been to say "kiss my ass, twice" but whatever.)

No. 222309

Well she basically did she knows there are weaboos that have that fetish and she took advantage of it lol.she's a huge weaboo and you probably see yourself in her.

No. 222320

Mira has to be have some kind mental disability. She looks retarded, sounds retarded, and thinks retarded.

No. 222366

She's inbred.

No. 222374

Ted Bundy was inbred and intelligence wise…came out a lot better than Mira.

No. 222378

Maybe Bundy was only 1st gen inbred and Miranda is third generation inbred.

No. 222383

This actually made me laugh.

No. 222464

File: 1452968086843.png (979.09 KB, 708x646, teefs.png)


Summary for everyone who can't sit through this:

- I don't hate foreigners (she doesn't admit to being one herself but just to helping them with her videos)
- People say mean things about me
- People SAVE pictures of me to discuss them months later!!
- Internet stalking is real!
- Young teens have killed themselves because of youtube bullying!
- Someone I never met said I have created fake accounts to trashtalk my friends and it's not true!!
- That person attacked be deliberately to put down my youtube channel even though they knew that I never did that!
- I was so scared of haters attacking after they saw Rachel's video!
- I thought haters would come to my house to kill me!!! I even hid my face with an umbrella and bought sunglasses to protect my identity
- I was so scared that I thought about killing myself
- My friends ignored my messages because they waited for a public statement from my side about this
- Friends of mine totally knew Rachel would drop this bomb and didn't tell me
- I went to a lawyer to sue her but they say it would take about 6 months to get through and I didn't want to waste more time on this
- All proof was gathered from a hate forum which wants me gone!
- Rachel knows that I didn't do it!
- If Rachel wouldn't just pretend I did it she would've gone to the police instead of making a video about her address being published!
- The hate site has whole pages dedicated to hating me, the evidence Rachel brought is false because
° Why would a GOOD YOUTUBER go to a hatesite?
° The IP-addresses of the hate accounts were from all over the world, none matched
° The hateforum has a whole DICTIONARY about my spelling errors because they read all my posts and comments and thus can recreate my way of writing.
° Not all of the mentioned youtube hate accounts were fake since there was activity on it for about 5 years

- People emailed other J-Vloggers saying that they shouldn't hang out with me
- Other people are scared to start youtube because drama like this could happen to them
- I'll say what I want, I will not apologize for things I didn't do
- I don't care about the haters

No. 222479

Why do people go on a huge rant about "haters" then proceed to say they don't care about them?

No. 222483

I think the point was to highlight that she's left all that drama behind her. She said multiple times that she was very scared because she thought that people would attack her physically but that she feels safer now and that she will continue youtube even though many people believe Rachel that she's a bad person.

No. 222512

Quasimodo really does have a victim complex…

No. 222553

That is pretty funny because Rachel did go to the police and even posted pictures of the report.

No. 222558

She is definitely a narcisist.
Reminds me of Kiki and Onision, it's never their fault and they are the victims even though they constantly do bad shit to other people.

One thing is for sure, Mira will never reach the popularity Sharla and Rachel have.

No. 222622

I can definitely see similarities between Onion and her as well.

All she was talking about in the video over and over again was how scared /she/ was and did never really reflect on how the people she has doxxed must feel.
Also she would repeat all the time how 'that person' (aka Rachel) has to know that she's innocent…

Her only arguments against Rachel's evidence was what it's all rumors/info from PULL, so it's pretty much 50 minutes of trying to make herself the victim.

I wonder if she noticed that she contradicted herself by criticizing Rachel for doing research on PULL when she herself seems to know so well what is being said about her on there.

No. 223737

File: 1453296779743.jpg (99.07 KB, 495x420, gggggg.jpg)

ok bitch

No. 223810

Okay, sure Mira. If someone actually did complain to the store, why the fuck would they tell Mira who it was? Of course the shop keeper is going to keep that anonymous. Such an idiot.

No. 225061

which friend did she cut off? (re: last question)

No. 225109

I think it was in reference to Sharla. Sharla dropped her though so I think she's trying to play the victim again.

Also wow that thumbnail she chose is fucking terrible, datnose

No. 225143

It was probably the best option for a thumbnail for the entire video. In case you haven't noticed her face is kind of deformed all over. I seriously don't understand how this uneducated hick with such a busted face has an ego so big.

No. 225241

That story made little sense. She had a friend, made a new friend, and the old friend didn't like the new friend so she dropped the new friend? I dunno, not sure how that plays into the "lying to Sharla and trying to sabotage her channel" narrative.

Also, why am I not surprised she failed her Canadian driver's test 3 times? "Hard questions" like "which way to turn the wheels when parked on a hill." If that stumped her I can see why she had problem with high school science.

Anyway, +1 for drunk-off-her-ass-Mira. I kind of like this side of her. Hopefully she'll do more drunk-vlogging.

No. 225248

Lol she picked up Japanese from just being in Japan. Is that why it's so shitty?!
Also Japanese licenses are so expensive it's probably cheaper to fly to Canada, get it there and get a Japanese license through it.

No. 225258

I have an American guy friend who married a Japanese woman and lives in the Yohohama suburbs. He speaks Japanese fluently (learned from flirting and seducing Japanese chicks while over there in college haha) and he said despite living there for over 5 years now and having a Japanese wife and Japanese child (not his, from a previous marriage), people still treat him like an outsider. He works in an office, not a sugoi English teacher like Kanadajin-sensei over here, and said his boss demeans him all the time and makes him work longer than his coworkers. Why an American would want to go to Japan and become a stereotypical businessman I have no idea, though his life over here was pretty shitty.

tl;dr fucking half-Japanese half-other races born and living in Japan get shit for not being "true Japanese." This white bitch is delusional.

No. 226867

Lol at Mira's new video throwing shade at Rachel. Also from this video it's clear that she doesn't know Japanese very well, her sentences are very beginner and choppy.

No. 227348


Yeah. I'm not fluent in Japanese by any means but just listening to her talk I can tell how juvenile her Japanese is

No. 228132

File: 1454211274287.jpg (133.99 KB, 1284x805, Untitled.jpg)

Even the YouTube captions dislike her. Mirek antigen is Mira Kanadajin. It was pretty lolzy but it made me think is he drunkenly implying that this guy only spread drama because she wanted him to.

No. 228163

So just what is the extent of her and Rody's relationship? How long has he been "her bitch?"

No. 228190

tbf all jvloggers except Micaela, Mimei, and Sharla are pretty shitty at teh nihongoz.

No. 228870

File: 1454403113141.jpg (100.92 KB, 815x611, mirathenigger.jpg)

No. 228872

Is she literally blackfacing? How has she not been tumblr-murdered by SJWs yet?? TBH I'm amazed they're not already all over her for calling herself Japanese.

No. 228906

Whaaat the fuuuck lmao, what on Earth is this from?

No. 228934

ayy lmao

No. 229054

Maybe this picture hasn't made it to tumblr yet? Tumblr probably realizes that there is something wrong with her and you know how sjw view the disabled.

No. 229065

I know she claimed she masked herself as a black person for a few days, went around Japan and didn't get discriminated.
And that was supposed to be a proof that black people don't get discriminated.

No. 229077

they probably just thought she was some gaijin ganguro.

No. 229085

It was hardly a convincing disguise though. How dumb is she?

No. 229108

Would Jrcock still choose Mira?

No. 229709

No. 229729

>"Nobody warned me this was a bad idea, so I thought it was a great idea!"
kek. I wonder what it's like to have no common sense of your own.

Slightly OT, but does anyone know what the show is that she mentions?

No. 229747

File: 1454546166236.jpg (47.02 KB, 410x300, blackwhite.jpg)

probably black. white. it was on fx in 2006 or so.

No. 229752

Mira, everyone knew you were racist before the whole blackface photo even came to light.

No. 229756

lord almighty

No. 229973

She should just ask black people about they're experiences. I mean it's pretty clear that Japan discriminate against other Asians and none whites more. Even the foreign models are basic whites. She's such an idiot.

No. 230021

Sensitive cunts

No. 230048

Mira pls go

No. 230083


Thing is Rachel and Jun ALREADY covered the "black in Japan" topic. It's ALWAYS the same, black vloggers who are married to Japanese and have kids there have outed their voices through the web anyway. They all say "I'm treated fine as a person but just as a foreigner, that's it."

Mira is making such a fuss. It's annoying because I feel like she's secretly thinking "japan is for white ppl so fu other races".

That's how I see her most of the time.

No. 230273

yeah but Mira doing the whole blackface thing was years before Rachel and Juns video was made

No. 230509

File: 1454634069141.png (27.02 KB, 825x287, brstvfr.png)

Was looking through the comment section and found this gem.

No. 230510

>get acid poured over your face because you defamed Mira

smh fam

No. 230544

Looks like Mira is still creating fake accounts

No. 230580

I mainly just think it's funny that she thought this was no big deal.

No. 230594

OK so this raises the question: does Mira have any fans who aren't completely unhinged?

No. 235087

Why does she flip flop from JAPAN IS THE GREATEST and then put it in a bad light like this.

EnjoKosai isn't even that big a deal in Japan now.

No. 235089

For views most likely lol

No. 235090

when japanese people like mira do it it's different, they are allowed to criticize ~their own people~.

No. 235100


I wish she'd stop trying to work false lashes, they do nothing for her. They don't enhance a shred of cuteness or anything. She just looks like… well. I don't even know.

No. 235150

File: 1455143282823.png (74.49 KB, 1043x460, 111.PNG)


Wow Mira so Japanese

No. 235158

God she's so fucking annoying, that little piece of shit is so punchable

No. 235243

HAHAHAHA OMG she is seriously such an inbred piece of shit

No. 235285

This bitch is delusional as fuck. She will ALWAYS be a gaijin in Japan.

No. 235308

LOL! Bitch you aint Japanese.

No. 235549

Top fucking kek, so a slip of paper means she's not a gaijin anymore? Keep dreaming, Mira.

No. 235823

That was in this video btw, if anyone was wondering.

No. 235905

This is Mira.

No. 236031

Oh damn I didn't know there was an anime of Monster. I gotta go find it.

No. 236059

…what, how could you not know?

No. 236240

Oh you mean the video called "Gaijin Tips #9"? Man, I don't understand how those documentary people could have confused her for a gaijin with outspoken views on her experiences.

No. 236313

>Video is literally called "Gaijin Tips #9"
>Description said "I'm a Canadian girl who moved to Japan"
>B-But I'M not a gaijin! This is for all the OTHER gaijin!
Also, not to get all tumblr here, but Japan's culture of blaming the victims and being passive is probably one of the more ~problematic~ things about it, but Mira probably thinks it's perfectly fine because she's 100% nihonjin and so ~assimilated~.

No. 236839

Tbh if you have a japanese passport, speak the language etcetc then you become sort of "Japanese" right? Like, if you chat with someone online and they ask you where you are from what should you answer? When a Japanese person immigrates to America they are Japanese-American. So then she could be considered Canadian-Japanese. Enlighten me folks!

No. 236856

>>236839 no that's not how it works lol. you don't become ~sort of japanese~. she should say she's from Canada because she is. that's the culture she was raised in. and no when you become a national of a country you become "xx national" not Canadian-Japanese. That's implied if she's born there. also in japan just because you are born there don't even make you japanese in their eyes. even if your grandparents were born in japan but you're not ethnically japanese then you are not japanese in society's eyes.

No. 236858

Well she might be gajin, but if i was chatting with her and asked her where she is from and she would tell me she is from japan id just say cool tbh. If i asked her what her ethnicity is and she would say that she is japanese id laugh at her i guess. I mean i dont think its a big deal tbh.

No. 237098

>>236858 why would she be from tokyo when she lived in canada for 20 years? also, you clearly don't know this idiot because she said there's no such thing as a japanese ethnicity in a video lmao

No. 237119

When random people online ask where I'm from, I just say Japan, because they generally want to know where you are at/where you live. I don't really wanna start saying "I was born and raised in Country, but I live in Japan now."

Of course that's not really what I say if we are having a proper conversation, I just mean in-game etc, if I wanna be vague during quick conversation (like game party matches etc). Idk if that makes any sense. But I wouldn't never say I'm Japanese. Only Mira would do that.

No. 237364

The only way to get a Japanese passport is to be born in Japan as a Japanese citizen. If Mira has kids with a Japanese native they'll have Japanese passports, but hers will still be Canadian.

No. 237399

Wrong. It's not hard at all. It requires giving up your citizenship. I know a family from Bangladesh, and another from Korea who did it.

No. 237432

So if I understand this correctly…if mira marries a white man who was born in japan and they breed together…then their children can say they are japanese? Or would you call them weaboos?

No. 237492


No. 237502

My sides anon. But there are people who go to Japan for business, what would you call their offsprings? White japs?

No. 237505

Not that anon, but they're actually called White Japanese. There are more and more of them, though of course a lot fewer than half Japanese kids.

No. 237650

White + White = White

The kids would just be labelled as white people who just happened to be born on the land of Japan.

Knowing Mira, she'll still find a way to call her kids Japanese both nationally and ethnically.

No. 237651

But what about 30 generations of whites born in japan? Are they japanese enough for you?

No. 237656

You can have a hundred generations of whites born in Japan, but if the parents aren't Japanese, they're still white. You can be nationally Japanese but still ethnically white.

No. 237659

Japanese people are very strict about Japanese identity. If you're white (or half-white) and born in Japan, they still won't call you a Jap.

No. 237695

Who would want that anyway

No. 237742


the whole argument itt is stupid anyways, because it's just using the idea of japan as a country and not as the japanese race.

No. 237750

Look what thread you're posting in anon

No. 239792

this stupid fuck doesnt even know that kanji is just chinese characters and even posted in the comments that she doesnt know a chinese person would learn them lol

No. 239819

Depends on where the Chinese people are located, considering most mainland Chinese only learn the simplified versions. But yea, Mira Kanji Master…

No. 239841


She's a white Japanese, didn't you guys know? Born and bred m8!

No. 239842


Pretty much this.

Japs are strict about their blood. Chinese and Koreans are the same. Won't call you one of them even if you're a kawaii aryan goddessu ~

But it's hilarious. Asians will say you're "mixed" with them and whatever else.

But in BLACK culture, mostly African Americans will say "ur black" even if you're mixed with big ass grey-blue eyes, caramel/olive skin with blonde curls. Yet it's BLACK and apparently looks the same as damn Lupita Nyong'o!

No. 239847

Only African-Americans think this way, and that's because African-American people are mixed too.
Actual Africans don't consider biracial/mixed people black. Just a tip.

No. 239849

It just astounds me how she lives in this fantasy world where she is 100% genuine Japanese just because she lives in Japan.

I used to think that maybe in the back of her mind she knew that living in Japan doesn't make her Japanese. But that seems to not be the case. They'll always see her as a foreigner.

No. 239853

I can vouch for that. Even with an african family name, if you look mixed or white you ain't a sistah.

No. 239864

nah i thought afros only call you black when its convenient for them. otherwise they ostracize you anyway. you never really fit in, white or black
same with kawaii haffus i suppose

No. 239865

> How to LEARN KANJI - The RIGHT way!
aka NOT from gaijin scum

No. 239893

Apparently she's against the 2020 Olympics because it's absolutely terrible that Japan would want to change its street signs to make Tokyo more accessible to foreigners, evict homeless people so that the city looks presentable, and because the government is spending her precious tax dollars on new facilities.

>thinks an event in Japan will turn out the same as one that happened in Canada

>thinks pamphlets will be the solution to everything
>gets up-in-arms about the manji being removed from signs, even though many other countries have already removed it from use as a religious symbol

No. 239899

Someone needs to stop her. She is quite spergy.

No. 239902

she is a fucking idiot, how are people even liking this video, what the hell

No. 239904

Meh, I pretty much agree with a lot of what she says. But the way she presents herself and tries to rope people in with those obnoxious titles annoys the shit out of me. It's like she knows what gets people riled up, and does it in the most obnoxious in your face way. Like she could have easily titled it something like "Opinions on the 2020 olympics" but she's such a fucking drama whore

No. 239914

>But in BLACK culture, mostly African Americans will say "ur black" even if you're mixed with big ass grey-blue eyes, caramel/olive skin with blonde curls.

I take it you're not mixed yourself, because that is hilariously untrue.

No. 239919

Ok, so they already have English announcements in many trains and lots of signs have English as well as Japanese.

Changing the stop symbol isn't bad tbh. You don't need to learn about the road signs before driving in Japan, all you need is a international drivers license (which means you just go ask for one and pay a fee and it lasts for a few years), no tests. Did she really research this at all?

Honestly though, I don't care about the olympics much, but her arguments are pretty dumb. I mean the stuff she's complaining about is mostly about changing things to make Japan more tourist friendly.

And lol pamphlets pls Mira, if people don't research a country before visiting, they're not gonna read a pamphlet about it when having traveled for 10+ hours.

No. 239927

File: 1456164468786.png (98.7 KB, 257x287, uknow.png)

>she is a fucking idiot
>such a fucking drama whore
>quite spergy
thats our girl

No. 239928

cant watch because at work but honestly is she one of those people thats like "stop foreigners from invading japan!" because she wants to be a true special snowflake ?

No. 239932

File: 1456164657344.png (79.21 KB, 773x243, mira.png)

wow mira u so japanese

i dont know how her verbal diarrhea surprises me any more these days, but she's truly the gift that keeps giving.
like STDs.

No. 239938

Is she saying she can't add English subs because it's too hard for her to translate?

Wow, Mira, you even think in Japanese because you're so nihonjin! ^-^

No. 239947

My god I just get so embarrassed every time I read this thread. She makes me feel ashamed to be a gaijin in Japan. I just hope that the Japanese people, if they meet her, will not judge everyone because of her behaviour. Once, I saw her on the subway prayed to the gods that she wouldn't kill me with her stare.

Mira, please try to understand that you will never be Japanese. A permanent residence in Japan is NOT mean the same thing as being Japanese. Stop.

No. 239948

Wow I can't form a normal sentence.

**A permanent residence in Japan does NOT mean the same thing as being Japanese.

No. 239950


Actually, I am. But African Americans will always deem mixed people as black. No matter what. Look at Obama? Halle Berry? It's just how they are.

No. 239951

Why do none of you ever speak about her unfortunate eye make up… the lashes… drunken fucking spiders

No. 239952


She basically doesn't want more foreigners in Japan. Yet it's OKAY if she's there. Kek

No. 239953

Because she wants to be the special gaijin desu

No. 239969

Because they look black. If you're super light-skinned/look very caucasian, you'll be a bit of an outsider as long as it's not convenient, at least that has been my experience.

Anyway, sage for OT.

No. 239986

Seems to be a mixed bag. Because i have white skinned mixed friends who still see themselves as black. And mostly the brown or dark skinned mixed ines sho shout how they arent all black.

No. 240014

well that is all kinds of embarassing

No. 240028

It's funny when she says things like
>the stadiums we built

I mean we all know she's delusional. But she's really delusional. It's not just that she wishes she were one, but she really considers herself no different than Japanese women.

The Nagano Olympics happened in the 90s, for those who don't know. She wasn't even living in Japan at the time and wouldn't move there for over a decade. Hell, she wouldn't even be interested in living there for over a decade. She was a young girl. So she couldn't even say something like "oh they were being built while I was living here, I meant 'we' as a Japanese person living there at the time!" She's just completely placed herself into Japanese history as if she's always belonged.

It's a little fascinating how she has almost completely erased her Canadian background from her memory and only references it in hindsight to brush off the "haha I mean I know I'm actually white, I'm just also Japanese." She just acts like she's been in Japan forever.

Video unrelated to above. Honestly nothing really lulzy in it, I just felt like contributing.

No. 240030

that's your experience
diff anon but from my experience of growing up with a cousin that was albino, people called her black, we call my half white friend black.
The general consensus I have found is that even if you are Racially Ambiguous (like Dwayne Johnson) you are still considered "black", because white people will never consider you white.

but living in Japan, being a citizen does not and will never make you Japanese

No. 240033

mira is the worst kind of ignorant. the kind that doesnt even have an spec of a clue that she could be gasp wrong. the kind you cant even talk to without being met with unintelligble spew that temporarily baffles you before enraging you even more

No. 240034

File: 1456186158089.png (30.24 KB, 305x141, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.08…)

ugh the weebs that white knight her. its vile

No. 240124

>>239947 I saw her at 109 one time and she stared the fuck outta me lmao like bitch sorry for being another foreigner in ~your~ Nipponland lmao bitch is literally fucked in the head

No. 240125

You guys, she's clearly low functioning autistic. Be nice.

No. 240134

I'm a huge fan of fans of a supposedly "nice and wonderful person" cursing at people who don't agree with them. But yeah, Mira's sooo beautiful.

No. 241076

Is it true Mira is part Ojibwe and lived on a reservation near Sault Ste. Marie? Read it on 2ch.

No. 242298

from someone who's actually native american, mira is the farthest from native you could get. straight up i'm almost certain that this bitch's ancestors were from like britain/france/somewhere else in northern europe.

i've never seen someone as white as mira be called native american before, its actually kinda funny. it's like when you hear someone say that their great great grandmother was a cherokee princess. like, yeah ok man, it doesnt work like that.

No. 242306

Of course not a significant amount Native. Mira said she was studying Objibwe language and she comments on Objibwe people youtube videos. I think she even was the anon on 2ch that was the one claiming lineage. I wonder what percentage of First Nation blood qualifies one for membership or reservation rights in Canada. In the U.S., you have very white looking people of scant Native descent with tribe membership or land rights.

No. 242307

*Ojibwe. Sorry.

No. 242569

She said she wanted to learn Ojibwe because it's an extremely rare language and she wants to be speshul and get attention.

This is also why she makes up so many stories on twitter about being a hero and saving people.

Anyway, it was a long time ago in the youtube comments I'm pretty sure but she literally said she wanted to learn it because it's rare.

No. 242606

Every Nation has their own regulations for qualifying to be part of the tribe. Most of the time, it's done by blood percentage– you generally have to have at least 25% of that tribe's heritage to qualify as a member. However, some tribes (like the Cherokee) do it off the Dawes Roll, which says that if you can prove your ancestor was listed on there, you can be part of the tribe. So that's why some white ass people can call themselves Native.

But, like I said, most nations do it by blood quantum. Mira may have some relation to the Ojibwe tribe, but I highly, highly doubt she is actually a member.

No. 242646


Agreed. Mira is as white as they come.

Big fucking sigh

No. 242647


All whiteknights for any weeb or YTber are trash tbh

No. 242648


Yeah, well it's different in the UK anon. We just say "mixed race" and black for actual black people. You can't cancel out one side. Even the half asian/whites here are "mixed race". Americans just group shit into one thing. Doesn't work like that here.

No. 242650


Why does it matter? You see, people get pissed off if mixed people don't identify themselves (why should they?) and then when they do, if it isn't black and they call themselves "mixed" despite them actually being mixed. Why get mad?

You can't get blue and yellow together to make green then still say it's blue. That's fucking ridiculous. But that's just the US one drop rule as per usual.

No. 242651


Oh fun, I'm off to Tokyo in a years time and god help if I run into Mira. I'll stare her down without a care. I can't stand these foreign people over there (or anywhere) who simply think no one else other than them is allowed into the country because they want to be relevant and special. How fucking childish does one get.

No. 243968

mira, hint hint

No. 244001

Doesn't Japan only naturalize people who
1. Were born in Japan
2. Come from at least one Japanese parent
3. If the person was born on Japanese soil but is an orphan

No. 244058

The anti-Mira

No. 244061

File: 1456973023810.png (108.49 KB, 471x323, zSO9BUO.png)

Micaela obv hates mira and i love it lol

No. 244064


No anybody who has permanent residency for a while can be naturalized but you have to show proficiency in Japanese and give up your home nationality. It's good if you're from a shitty country like Fillipines or Bangledesh and have no intentions on returning. But if you're privileged enough to be from US, UK, Canada it's completely retarded to be naturalized. Just get permanent residency and have the best of both worlds.

No. 244065

Nah, they naturalise anyone really. Just need to be in the country long enough and speak basic Japanese.

No. 244066

Oooooh, thanks. For some reason I was under the impression no foreigners could be naturalized.

No. 244081

She replied to that video. In all honesty I was expecting that kind of reply because I watch her videos and I really don't understand what the big deal about her opinions are. She's right everyone has their own choice to make in life. So what if she wants to become Japanese that's what she feels and she's going to do that. Not everyone has to follow in her footsteps.

No. 244089

At least spell Philippines and Bangladesh correctly lol

No. 244110

oh wow she's trying to leech money by overpricing stuff

No. 244124

Oh wow that's ridiculous! Omamori and phone straps are 500 yen

No. 244217


Actually some are pretty expensive, from local temples I have seen some for 10£ The price includes shipping. At least she is not selling cheap used junk.

I think it is kind of cool to see stuff sold from little trips she goes on.

No. 244296

She's actually pretty hot, I just don't like how she stereotypes Japanese people.

No. 244305

File: 1457047961394.gif (984.88 KB, 400x241, wat.gif)

>She's actually pretty hot
>pretty hot

No. 244314

>She's actually pretty hot
You must be ass ugly to have standards that low.

No. 244320

You have the lowest standards I have ever seen on an image board and that's pretty low.

No. 244341

Oh my, Are you for real?

No. 244343

File: 1457058100667.jpg (26.73 KB, 625x626, 796.jpg)

No. 244349

She's not ugly at all
I actually don't expect people on a lolcow form to ever say possitive things about someone…..it comes with the whole processs of posting

No. 244352

Guys on imageboards tend to think Laci Green is hot so idk, I've seen lower.

No. 244356

I like her large, expressive eyes and cute tiny mouth. The way she acts in her videos just adds to her cuteness, I think.

No. 244358

File: 1457060635695.jpg (64.06 KB, 824x547, image.jpg)


>>cute tiny mouth

She has the eyes and mouth of a piranha. You've got to be joking.

No. 244372


Oh common anyone looks like a monster when you screen shot them with their mouths open when they are talking.

No. 244374

She does have a weird face and the fact that she makes her eyes look droopy with makeup is not helping.

No. 244378

Have they ever heard her talk?

No. 244410

That's because their relationships are based on a race fetish.

No. 244421

File: 1457085554362.jpg (10.42 KB, 400x267, aIWR0Vl.jpg)

No. 244423

Can you elaborate? Just because I see people shouting "she only has a fetish for Japanese guys!" or "she just wants a visa!" so often…

No. 244433

Rachel pls go

No. 244440

If I was Rachel I'd probably know why people say that she's only with her husband because she's into Asians? I'm actually interested, because I've seen someone mention it before (Tumblr, probably? lol) and would like to know why.

No. 244453

because people who want to be japanese get a jap bf to feel authentic

No. 244456


cos most of these weebs like kiki, venus, tay, kate, ect ect all want jap bfs because they're their trophy and tick the "kawaii list" box on their pathetic little lists

No. 244457

These are assumptions you guys make though, right? Did she come out saying "I am really into Japanese guys and that's why I started dating my husband"?
Because let's be honest, who gets married to someone and dumps tons of time and energy into a relationship just to "feel authentic"? (No one I hope.)

No. 244463

File: 1457101783422.png (107.18 KB, 833x284, Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.28…)

what is that?

this is the response i could find for the 'becoming japanese'

No. 244464

so true.
a girl in my city has 20k youtube subs and is moving to japan. i bet that subscriber count will up up up once she moves.

literally you dont have to do anything other than live in japan and post about it. anything at all.

tbh i dont get how sharla is still making cringey weeb videos. she has lived there how long now

No. 244470

You'd be surprised to know that there are people out there who only want to marry a Japanese or other Asian person to feel authentic or to "feel more Asian".

But I see it mostly with men, not so much with women. I don't know about Rachel since I don't watch her videos.

No. 244472


Super late, but we still (subconsciously) go by the one drop rule in the US. It's unfortunate because "black blood" is treated as an impurity, but it's hard to dispel 500 years of conditioning. And it's not just Black Americans who feel this way. Almost everybody sees Halle and Obama as full black because they look it and face discrimination as a result. And FYI, not all black Americans claim mix ppl

No. 244480

No the original poster, but thank you for writing this. I see it online where a lot of people say that this is just black thinking, but it a general though process here in the states. My neighbor has a mixed kid and when he's being unruly she uses yells for her to "stop or whip his black ass"…personally I find it annoying. I'm black and have a lot some a couple of my cousins are mixed. And as my uncle (who us white) was always around us I never viewed them as being just black, but as being mixed. I hope this makes sense as I'm typing it from my phone.

No. 244570

Oh my god Sharla is a horrible person for what she did to Mira.

I just watched the video on "dangerous youtubers" by kanadajin. Now it all makes sence. Sharla made a interview saying she moves every 4 months due to stalkers. I call bull shit. Sharla makes videos with a new popular youtuber every other video. It is so obvious she just used kanadajin and then tossed her ass to the gutter.

No. 244574

Eh? Mira is known to shit on other jvloggers and also known for sockpuppeting.
Sharla is hardly a horrible person.

No. 244575

Mira deserves it with all the shit she's done to other Jvloggers. Hard for many people to feel any sort of sympathy towards her.

No. 244576

u are believing mira's nonsense spewing?
this must be mira

No. 244578

It appears that Mira has found the thread. Hi, white weeb!

No. 244692

"Now it all makes SENCE"
Put the spellcheck on when you troll, you Maple syrup-guzzling, poutine-scarfing gaijin cunt.

No. 244781

I actually don't belive that Mira made all those accounts. That's already been proven the account on YouTube used to attack rachel was a dude.

No. 244784

Can you please provide a link to that proof?

No. 244788

This was already pointed out many times


The account is older than Mira has been a YouTuber and way before she met Rachel/Rachel was a YouTuber.

It is not a fake account at all.
It is just some random creepy guy.

No. 244805

I agree that Mira is pretty much guilty for everything, but I hate the way Rachel went about acting all high and mighty "we just wanted to warn everybody about the dangers of Kanadajin3." Bitch please, she was being a cunt and you wanted to get sweet sweet revenge on her quasimodo looking ass

No. 244808

Hi Mira!

Who said she made accounts specifically to attack Rachel? Mira attacked a ton of different youtubers and not just Rachel.

She also posted with her fake accounts on all kinds of videos just to argue with people.

And she's been doing youtube since at least 2009 with a different youtube account (https://www.youtube.com/user/rainbowrants/about) so no, that account is not older than her time on youtube.

No. 244811

You proved absolutely nothing. It's a suspicious, anonymous account with no viewable uploads. Everyone knows Mira had Youtube channels before she started kanadajin3.

No. 244814

She also had a channel with dance covers.

No. 244815

Oh my god is it still up? Does anyone have a link?

No. 244816


Can't stand either of them tbh. Rachel has the boost for having a nip boyfriend and bestied the other weeb jvloggers. Mira is just cringeworthy and spews random shit.

No. 244818

That's not even the account that uploaded the video

No. 244822

Don't worry guys.

Venus will end up pairing up with Sharla, Rachel and Mira probably. Boost up those weeb stats!

No. 245026

No that is the account that apparently was talking trash about all the YouTubers. Not the account that uploaded the video.

No. 245114

File: 1457240269372.jpg (423.92 KB, 888x508, quasimodo.jpg)

No. 245120

Bless you anon

No. 245139

she sounds like an autist the way she speaks japanese

No. 245159

Sorry, it's gone.:'(

No. 245165

File: 1457256822750.png (121.15 KB, 317x312, Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 6.31.…)

No. 245167

Her accents pretty damn heavy. And tf is that ratty lump hanging from the side of her head?

No. 245191

I know, her extensions don't match at all she should have made a bun or something. It looks strange….

No. 245193

She can't finish a sentence without a jumpcut.

No. 245197


Those fake lashes… AGAIN

Dammit Mira stoppit

No. 245218

File: 1457274234893.png (459.41 KB, 565x565, Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 11.21…)

No. 245219

File: 1457274267609.png (300.52 KB, 586x566, Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 11.22…)

No. 245220

File: 1457274302901.png (429.11 KB, 580x582, Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 11.22…)

No. 245224

What in gods name is wrong with his face?

No. 245229

I don't think this girl's face can be helped. She's unfortunate beyond all measure. Just ugly.
I actually feel kind of bad for her. Even PT has hope if she loses weight.

No. 245389

>>245220 lmao "ageha now" bitch u wish. also the chick beside her is a hostess i see her post in the gyaru sales page lmao both ugly af

No. 245411

Ugh, is that that Lola, who is the one always kissing Mira's ass in comments on IG, FB, etc?

No. 245423

Seriously?! An over 40 hostess, not prostitute?
Anyway, can she be any more of a Mira clone? It's so creepy how closely she follows in Mira's footsteps.

No. 245433

I agree. There's no saving Mira because she looks like a gender bent Quasimodo. She's easily the ugliest female lolcow aside from that hairy fat… Thing that's been posted somewhere around these parts.

No. 245626

its sad when purikura cant even fix your ugly

No. 245681

They look identical… holy shit.

No. 246014

>oh common

this is textbook miranese lmao. this and the few likeminded posts before it are literally her. wOw

No. 246025

I'm pretty damn sure that every compliment Mira gets about her being "hot", bashing that Sharla chick and other defenses is Mira herself. You're not fooling anyone, Quasi.

No. 246028

Cute doesn't suit her, just give it up Mira

No. 246029

That's is ridiculous is all Mira's fan saying that Sharla is the only hater. I think she's pretty and I think she's really nice. You can tell a persons personality by watching their videos close enough. She likes to be funny stupid angry sad mad happy. She doesn't hold back in any motion in her video. And she's not afraid to address haters. So I like her.

No. 246056

Jesus Christ, Mira. How in the hell is English your native language?

No. 246073

But, but…she's Japanese, why you said English is her native language, that's disrespectful!! /s

No. 246084

How sad is your life that you have to be your own number 1 fan?

No. 246115

Well you people insult anyone right? I'm not even a native English speaker. I'm from Germany you fool.

No. 246132

k mira

No. 246139

See this is what I'm talking about. She's the queen of sockpuppetry and yet after all these years she STILL can't get it right. Goddamn it Mira put some effort into it!

No. 246146

Whatever you say, Mira. You're not fooling anyone but yourself.

No. 246227

File: 1457431131531.jpg (499.71 KB, 1600x1062, kBxdrwL.jpg)

Usually, faces look better from far away… yikes.

No. 246239

This is honestly the reasoning that every weeaboo has. Holy shit. These are some Pixyteri levels of delusion.

No. 246245

at least pixyteri is kinda likable. mira? not so much.

No. 246371

File: 1457455361649.jpeg (91.33 KB, 750x426, image.jpeg)

Someone called venus angelic a weeaboo on her instagram so in swoops Mira the true japanese to educate the masses!

No. 246376

lololol she's not making sense, as always.

No. 246388

Japan doesn't work like America or Canada. When will someone tell her that one doesn't just "become Japanese"?

No. 246389

Japan isn't fucking Canada, the US or Australia where it is just a nationality and not a race. Mira, you fucking idiot.

No. 246714

I mean, Japanese as an ethnicity but you get my point. Mira dumb.

No. 246789

……wow the level of ignorance in here is disturbing. Japan IS like many counties where you can become a citizen. Japanese people do not think Japanese is a race. I don't know why foreigners think this…. Same goes for China. As China is on the boarder of many countries that have "stereotypically " other colors…. White and Indian…. There's no "race" in China either. A brown Chinese man or white Chinese man are ALL Chinese. Not because of migrating from a white country, they were ALWAYS there. The stereotypical Asian flat face and slant eyed image of an this "asian" race Americans speak of is nothing but a myth.

No. 246798

File: 1457518796700.jpg (13.41 KB, 299x168, image.jpg)

No such thing as Asians…

No. 246801

Anon clearly doesn't know the difference between ethnicity and nationality

No. 246802

I am British because I live in England, I am also Asian because of my parents.

Mira can be a citizen of Japan but is still white, Anon.

No. 246803

I never really believe cows post in their own threads, but this is without a dumb Mira.

Fuck off with your dumb shit, Mira.

You are not Japanese, (in any way) and even if you were, you wouldn't be able to speak on their behalf.

You're as white as they come, so you will never, ever, ever, ever fit in. You can become a citizen, but YOU





And you dumb shit, go educate yourself on human categorization.

No. 246824


Mira, if that is you posting. Your white and your kid is gonna have a funny face with asiany eyes and your rabbit teeth. You can't escape your bad Canadian genetics and announce you're Japanese cos you live in Japan now kek.

No. 246825


I'm so confused… is she referring to Venus again?

Mira, you and Venus are both weeb white girls living in Japan. You both have gotten off with Japanese guys over there and you both still remain WHITE.

NEITHER of you are Asian. There is no "pass" for Asian or hafu. You're just fucking white.

No. 246826

Yup, referring to Venus again. The only real difference is that Venus doesn't hide the fact that she's white despite her being raised as a huge weeaboo. Mira… Oh my god, this cow will insist that she's Japanese until the day she dies. Lmao

Mira, you are horrible at white knighting yourself. This thread could be nominated for /cream/ because she sure as hell is producing it.

No. 246830

Would plastic surgery help Mira or she just a lost cause?

No. 246838


It's spelt 'border'

No. 246850

A face transplant maybe

No. 246854

theyd have to reconstruct her entire skull or the new face would settle and look like her old face. her entire bone structure is a perfect unfixable combination of hideous features. she should donate it to some type of ugly museum when she dies

No. 246879

Everyone here agrees that you can become a citizen but they will never acknowledge or see you as one of them.

If you've ever interacted with Japanese or Chinese people, you'll notice that they tend to have a certain idea about what constitutes Japanese-ness or Chinese-ness. Even a Japanese person who grew up abroad isn't really seen as "true Japanese" by other Japanese people. Sometimes they might praise you with "wow you're so Japanese/Chinese" if you're a foreigner who's really interested in their culture and speaks their language fluently but that's really it.

It's true that you can't "become Japanese" in a sense.

No. 246885

Essentially, the Japanese people who interact with Mira are patronizing her.

No. 246888

She inherited just the worst genes. She has a decent face shape and body at least but her nose, eyes and lips are just awful. Maybe she should consider plastic surgery, I mean if you're this unfortunate looking it's reasonable to get it.

No. 246902

Mira is stupid as fuck. EVERY FUCKIN JAPANESE PERSON I KNOW that has seen her videos thinks she's a fucking moron and I'm 1000% sure people in Japan also think she's a moron. But the fact that she tells Japanese people she's Canadian when they ask shows that she is just doing this shit with non-Japanese people and is a total fucking weeb.

No. 247057

Mira is not trying to be any other skin color than white idiots. She knows very well skin color and nationality/ethnicity are NOT the same thing.

Don't talk for Japanese people. Just like people shouldn't talk for Chinese. I don't know what's with Americans and thinking they know how a country acts towards immigrants. No, Japanese people do not care what skin color you are. If you have Japanese citizenship. You are Japanese. To be Japanese, your skin color has nothing to do with it.

No. 247058

Oh mira…

No. 247059

File: 1457569761186.jpg (17.91 KB, 199x270, sure.jpg)

>Mira is not trying to be any other skin color than white

No. 247063

Jesus christ this is the most embarrassing thing ive seen in a long time

No. 247074

Mira you know we're not all fucking idiots, right?

No. 247087

So this is what Mira does when she's busy with her "job" and youtube.
Pretending to be her own fan and shitposting on her old friends.
What a fucking pathetic person.

No. 247088


Give it a few years and she'll forget she's white too. It seems the nips like to rub off on foreigners over there lol.

No. 247089


Yep. It's true, in most countries tbh.

Look at that Wolverine film where he's in Japan and after he fucks the girl they have a bust up and she says "You wouldn't understand… afterall, you're not Japanese".

No. 247113

"Don't talk for Japanese people."
Take your own advice, 白豚.

No. 247118

With how long you've been sockpuppeting Mira, you really should have learned how to get better at it. Holy fuck.

No. 247144

File: 1457583752212.jpg (22.14 KB, 326x216, xofuZOn.jpg)

Braces would do a lot to improve her mouth and jaw shape. She can not shut her mouth properly and naturally.

No. 247176

she looks like a little pissed daddy's girl kekekekeke

No. 247201

LMAO MIRA POSTING HERE bitch you ain't foolin NOBODY

No. 247251

File: 1457598927688.jpg (56.49 KB, 500x333, LMaBgRe.jpg)

染色体の豊富。。。 Superior Japanese.

No. 247283

Jeez, this poor girl is so ugly it looks like someone photoshopped her face to be too small for her head by half…

No. 247302

No. 247305



No. 247306

Man Mira's writing is really, really easy to detect.

>>Mira is not trying to be any other skin color than white idiots.

Love the meaning of this sentence, due to lack of proper punctuation. kek

No. 247339

>implying we're all ignorant and Americans
You know that some of us are anything other than American and/or live in Japan, right.

No. 247342

Those pictures look like she's trying to model….I thought she wasn't interested in that?

No. 247372

Further proof it's probably Mira. She's always just "blamed America" whenever she wants to rant about the West. It's a Canadian thing.

No. 247576

Mira did that shoot with Paint With Stars Photography. The photographer also did a shoot with Duncan and Mimei. I don't know if Mira asked them of if the photographer asked Mira. But now, Mira's entire shoot on PWS website is gone! Maybe deleted because of the drama?

No. 247680

Why do people find it so hard to believe that white people can be self hating too?

Mira is the definition of self hating and yet people instead try and spin it as if she's some white supremacist.

No. 247683

Mira. I'm a European. Deep down we don't really view immigrants as genuinely as "French" or "German" or "British" as someone whose ancestry has real roots in one of these countries.

For a place like East Asia, orders of magnitude more ethnocentric, it's even more severe in delineation.

The fundamental problem here is that you hate your own roots, subconsciously. Your entire life has been spent trying to pretend you arent a European by blood, you've even gone as far as pretending you are part of one of the primitive hunter gatherer peoples of North America in an effort to deny your ancestry. You clearly don't see being European as something worth being proud of, and to be honest that's pretty fucking sad. That this fixation with finding a surrogate identity for yourself is so pronounced you were prepared to travel halfway around the world, ingratiate yourself with men you know hardly anything about for the purposes of marriage and residency and then deny all links to your ancestry through a series of increasingly ridiculous half truths, lies and misrepresentations about how identity works outside of the comparatively few parts of the world where "propositional identity" is a thing.

You remind me of applemilk, only applemilk actually realised eventually that pretending to be Japanese and hating herself was embarrassing and pathetic, and ended up getting with a decent white guy.

Your myriad of pathologies aren't even worth making fun of at this point. I just feel sorry for you. And I don't mean that pejoratively. If you still have any sense left, get out of that country and go back home before you're shackled with a kid and become like every other white guy or girl married to a local in East Asia I've met, depressed and completely alienated.

No. 247778

Is she just really low IQ or something?

I don't even mean that pejoratively. After watching her videos she seems incredibly stupid, not even in a ditzy way but in a genuinely retarded way.

No. 247789

I have a feeling she's inbred.

No. 247853

She has ADHD.

No. 247854

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD That Interfere with Learning
Several characteristics that are a direct result of having an attention deficit cause serious learning
problems. Most teens with ADD or ADHD have problems in these areas:
1. Inattention/Poor Concentration
 Difficulty listening in class: may daydream, space out, and miss lecture content or
homework assignments
 Lack of attention to detail: makes “careless mistakes” in work; doesn’t notice errors
in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, or changes in signs (+,-, x) or
exponents in math
 Difficulty staying on task and finishing school work; distractible: moves from one
uncompleted task to another; when distracted, has difficulty refocusing on work.
 Lack of awareness of grades: may not know if passing or failing a class.
2. Impulsivity
 Rushes through work: doesn’t read directions; takes shortcuts in written work
(such as doing math in his head); may not read the whole question before giving
an answer; doesn’t double check work (a greater problem among students with ADHD hyperactive/impulsive)
 Difficulty delaying gratification: gives up working for rewards occurring in too
distant future (two weeks to six months or more). (Working for grades requires
delaying gratification for six weeks or more.

Executive Function Deficits That Have a Profound Effect
on School Work
The majority of students with ADD/ADHD also have deficits in the key executive functions listed
below. For more details, see Summary 12 and Section 3.
1. Poor organizational skills
2. Poor working memory
3. Difficulty activating and maintaining alertness
4. Reconstitution (taking issues apart, analyzing the pieces, and combining into a
new whole)
5. Internalizing language
6. Controlling emotions
7. Shifting (from one issue or event to another)
8. Planning and organizing materials and assignments
9. Controlling emotions
10. Planning and organizing materials and assignments
11. Self-monitoring

No. 247855

Common Learning Problems Often Accompanying
Several learning problems, although not directly related to ADD or ADHD, often occur along with
the disorder. If these problems are severe enough, the student will be diagnosed with a Specific Learn-
ing Disability (SLD). The ADD/SLD connection is discussed in more detail in Summary 50.
1. Language Deficits: Several language-processing problems are common among teenagers with ADD
or ADHD. Deficits marked with an asterisk (*) are considered Specific Learning Disabilities.
1.1. Spoken Language* (Oral Expression)
 Talks a lot spontaneously (ADHD), if he can choose the topic.
 Has difficulty responding to questions when he must think and give
organized, concise answers; may talk less or give rambling answers.
 Reluctant to speak in class (ADD) because of slow processing speed and
difficulty organizing ideas; may even be willing to accept failing grade rather
than speak in front of the class.
1.2. Written Language* (Verbal Expression; Input and Output)
 Slow reading and writing; takes longer to complete work, produces less written
 Difficulty writing essays; difficulty organizing ideas and putting them in
proper sequence.
 Difficulty getting ideas out of head and on paper; written test answers,
discussion questions, or essays may be brief.
 Written expression is adversely affected by deficits in key executive skills:
working memory and analysis, sequencing and synthesis.
1.6. Reading Comprehension*
 Can’t remember what is read, then has to read it again; difficulty
understanding and remembering what is read; difficulty with long reading

 Makes errors when reading silently; may skip words, phrases, or lines; may
lose place when reading.
 Difficulty identifying and remembering key facts from reading; linked to
executive functioning deficits (holding key information in working memory).

Language Deficits: Several language-processing problems are common among teenagers with ADD
or ADHD. Deficits marked with an asterisk (*) are considered Specific Learning Disabilities.
1.1. Spoken Language* (Oral Expression)
 Talks a lot spontaneously (ADHD), if he can choose the topic.
 Has difficulty responding to questions when he must think and give
organized, concise answers; may talk less or give rambling answers.
 Reluctant to speak in class (ADD) because of slow processing speed and
difficulty organizing ideas; may even be willing to accept failing grade rather
than speak in front of the class.

No. 247860

Has she started worshipping the buddha/dragons/ho chi minh/confucius/goatee man #398/whoever the fuck those gooks worship over there yet?

seems like the next logical step in weebism.

No. 247986

The prevailing theory is FAS.

No. 248021

Really, anon? Have you ever even seen anyone who has FAS?

What the fuck is the internet's obsession with armchair-diagnosing everyone? Sometimes ugly is just ugly, and stupid is just stupid. Not everyone has some kind of syndrome, and copypasting various Wikipedia articles about mental deficiencies does not make you look any smarter.

No. 248022

I agree with most of this, but she does seem extremely dumb, beyond the usual weeby dumb.

No. 248023

Go back to making フライドポテト, Mira. Customers are waiting.

No. 248026

as someone with ADD, no I really doubt she does. ADD/ADHD =/= stupidity.

No. 248036

Lol. Should have known that this was coming.

I agree that she's a stupid hick who fell off the ugly tree and got hit in the face by every single branch on the way down. I just don't understand the need to slap some kind of label on every single retard you find on the internet. What's the point? It doesn't excuse their behaviour in the slightest; and it makes you look equally as retarded if you say something like FAS which doesn't even make a lick of sense. She does not have a single trait commonly associated with FAS apart from mindblowing stupidity which can be caused by hundreds of other things.

No. 248042

Those horse teeth.

No. 248054

So… how do you explain her uncommon spelling errors, slurred and slow speech, bad reading comprehension, repeated failure in traditional education, manic (online)episodes, odd facial features and wonky-eyed stare if not for a learning disability or some other legitimate neurological/genetic problem? "Just stupid" doesn't cut it. There is definitely something up with the way her brain processes information.

No. 248090

That's why I think she ends up getting taken advantage of by men so easily. It's sort of sick using a retard like this.

No. 248092


It's quite scary how Jrcock thinks she's more attractive than Beyonce. I mean Bey is a bit overrated anyway despite being alriiight. But jesus… that's one blind bastard.

No. 248099

Put your tits back in the freezer, anon, this is a wank board where we do things like armchair diagnose people because we're bored.

As for why people think she has FAS, it's a kind explanation for her train-wreck face. See? We're being nice.

No. 248102

I wonder if Venus will someday make housewaifu videos and Mira will start bitching at her for it kek

cos its her thinggggg

No. 248110

"We" clean.
Dammit, I'm fighting the urge to contact her delusional ass directly.
She's Canadian, she's a Japan obsessed Canadian. I can't stand listening to her accent, English is her first language and this forced accent drives me nuts.

No. 248141

I guess I'm alone in this but I actually like her Housewifu in Japan series. She's not over-extending herself on her knowledge; she's not being a didactic pedant; and she's actually kind of funny. She even looks pretty good in this video. If she stuck to vids like this, and dropped the SuperWeeb "no speako de Eigo" persona, she'd be alright.

No. 248155

It's simple really, she's inbred

No. 248188

Has an actual Japanese person ever told her that she'll never be Japanese? I'd love to see her argue with that.

No. 248191

She looks like she's ready to lube you up and shove that swiffer up your ass

("an important part of nenmatsu no osouji!")

No. 248200

Do any other white people hate weebs just because they make it seem like white people are this desperate group of ass-kissers with no culture of their own?

No. 248202

File: 1457823453847.jpg (46.7 KB, 625x626, DgTTKut.jpg)

No. 248205

it's funny because her username literally translates to 'person from canada/canadian person + honourific"

No. 248212

I'm white, I just feel ashamed of people like Mira. They make the rest of us look like cultureless losers.

Fuck weebs.

No. 248226

File: 1457827853582.png (448.36 KB, 593x587, Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 7.14…)

Why does she even bother acting like a kawaii housewife when she isn't even married?

No. 248245

Because she's constantly trying to change herself and can't decide who she is. She went from bare-foot nature girl hunting frogs in the bush > skanky crass punk girl > pokemon-obsessed gamer and created the 123Japanese site > raver candy kid > gaijin gyaru > tradional, conservative and anti-foreigner Japanese housewife > now, fake SJW with no concern about how other minorities feel. What will she morph into next?

No. 248273


her jvlog friends say she is indeed married

No. 248274

FUCK that scared me

No. 248279

If mira can get some dick with that ugly face of hers so do I.

No. 248304

Fuck, this is scary.
What the hell is this?

No. 248745

File: 1457953531843.png (20.33 KB, 801x165, she ugly.png)

I just found the most amazing comment on her Halloween video. Her stupidity knows no bounds.

This must be why she has such a massive ego. She literally doesn't understand when someone tells her she's ugly as fuck.

No. 248757

Oh my god, holy shit. LMAO!!

No. 248764

I seriously think she is on the Autism spectrum. She constantly misses the point, can't detect sarcasm and/or gives answers that have little to do with the question.

No. 248777

Somewhere she stated that she was an atheist. She also did a video where she explained to all us non-Japanese how unreligious the Japanese really are, despite having adopted two entire religions into their culture.

No. 248798

Oh please anon, no, she's just plain retarded.

No. 248913

that's not how it works.

No. 249193

Actually I'm going to be honest and open. I know Mira very well. She's a wonderful person. Anyone who sits on here and talks trash has nothing better to do with their lives. Same goes for those people on PULL.

No. 249194


No. 249199

How well do you know her? Well enough to trust she's not going to screw you over behind your back, trying to sabotage whatever success you made for yourself, then lie about it when she's caught and instead try to turn it around and make herself the victim?

No. 249205

Thank you for your candor. Are her parents siblings?

No. 249211

Well enough to know she did not do that stuff. That's how well I know her. She did not make fake accounts. You don't know half the story and I am not here to give out personal info and tell it to you. She is a wonderful person to me. Unlike her old "friends" who made up lies about her. It makes me sick that people talk trash about my friend. Being friends with an online personality you are not suppose to read into the internet drama but It's really hard not to. She may not give a shit what people say about her but I do.

When will people realize that she actually is innocent. I have been with her countless times during the "sockpuppit " deal. We used to read PULL together and laugh at it. I know first hand that she did not make those accounts. I also know what kind of people her old "friends" are because I know Mira longer. She tells me everything, I have seen her text messages. It is very clear that she did not do this. It is so sad to watch people call her names. I am tired of it. It has been 2 years. How come Rachel and Sharla walk away free from this? They are the ones who started this! Mira is harmless.

No. 249215

I know you are just trolling, but just in case people are confused, Mira confessed to Sharla about all that. Or at least Gimmeaflakeman said so in a video.

No. 249217

This is either Mira or Lola.
P.S. You are not Japanese.

No. 249219

"When will people realize that she actually is innocent."
When she shows the proof. Duh.

No. 249221

File: 1458057581741.jpg (16.91 KB, 275x98, mirasbadgrammar.JPG)

>>because I know Mira longer
This is Mira, she used the same weird grammar. It should be "I've known Mira longer".

No. 249222

So are you autistic, ADHD or retarded, Mira? Help us solve this mystery!

No. 249224


I don't watch him. I only watch Mira's videos. She has not spoken to Sharla since the incident. She has all of her and Sharlas nasty conversations saved. I have seen them myself. Anyone who says "she has confessed to Sharla" is a cold faced liar. Mira did not do this. It is not a matter of debating about if she did it or not. There is no chance she is hiding it from me or the public. I know for a fact my friend did not do it.

No. 249228

She didn't do it because I said so! I saw evidence, but I won't tell you what it was!

Show proof or gtfo.

No. 249229

So which of these do you guys think this is?
A. Mira
B. Dumbass trying to create milk
C. Actually one of Mira's friends

My bet's on B, since their Eigo is coherent, and the evidence that Mira uses sockpuppets is virtually undeniable.

No. 249230

I was with her when she found out about PULL. When she found out about it there was already people suspecting her of white knighting. There have been times where she would sleep over and we would read the posts and laugh about it. She was right infront of me. So I know she did not do this.

I have been her friend since she moved to Japan before she met Sharla. Sharla used her. These are my opinions and perspective on the situation so I can't get in trouble. Sharla was only interested in making videos with her. I got this idea long before they "fell appart". As soon as Sharla found someone to hang out with who was more popular she canned Mira in the most easy way. She already had haters. There was already rumors on PULL that Mira made fake accounts. Rachel's video did not uncover anything new.

Miras proof? It's in her cell phone. She doesn't want to attack other YouTubers back so she doesn't release those conversations. All her friends have seen it. It's the main reason why she is able to have YouTuber friends that are not afraid of her. I know she didn't do it because I was there and I know her personality very well…. Other people may not but if you were to read those conversations then you would know.

I honestly wish more YouTubers would contact Mira and ask to see her proof. I am not a YouTuber and I never want to be. But I am sure if Mimei were to see those conversations in Miras phone. I am certain she would know Mira is innocent too.

It is one thing for Sharla and Rachel to go around online saying they "have confessions". I know this is a lie because I have seen first hand that she did not do this. Not only that, I, from very personal experience would never believe a single thing that comes out of Sharlas trap.

No. 249244

Bitch it's not a rumor, Mira really did make sockpuppet accounts on PULL. She was not even good at making them. On the very first one she made, she used 123japanese as the activation e-mail, which is a website Mira owns. For another one she asked some other washed up jvlogger to fake a fansign picture for her (without informing her it was to make her lies on a gossip site more believable), but someone actually recognized the girl, kek. On these accounts talked shit about Sharla and implied Rachel only married Jun for visa, which is complete horse shit considering that Rachel does (? Or did, I don't follow her) not live in Japan. Your "friend" is a cunty retard and proof is out there: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/8-kanadajin3-summary-thread-information-only/

Why would Sharla use Mira for videos? Her Japanese is a million times better than Mira's, she's a million times more attractive than Mira and she is the one who gets the most views. Mira is the one who benefitted from their friendship and collaboration, not Sharla.

And lastly, what the fuck??? If you have proof to save your ass, you fucking post it! I know Mira is delusional only leaving the house wearing shades and a face mask thinking she has a horde of fantards who would immediately harass her ex-friends, but hardly anybody would give a shit about anything incriminating she could bring to the table anyways because the evidence is stacked so far against her. It sure is convenient that she had no problem trash talking her friends on PULL, but now she is to concerned for her safety to defend her ass, lol. How noble of her to be that fucking dumb.

On the off chance that you are not Mira: Holy shit are you retarded for buying into this bullshit.

No. 249290

>'I only watch Mira's videos'
And then u think you are prepared to discuss?

No. 249303

>"fell appart"

See, see Mira this is why we know you're lying. My god, if you just turned on spell check you'd be 90% ahead of the game.

Anyway, if you want to clear your name–ah, sure I mean, if your friend Mira wants to clear her name– post the screenshots of the cell phone proof. Otherwise, it's just more of the same. What possible reason would she have for not wanting to clear her name if she's 100% innocent, and has incontrovertible proof that Sharla is the evil one here?

No. 249307

>She may not give a shit what people say about her
Sorry for samefing it here, but I had to address this, too. This is complete bullshit. If she did not care about what people say about her, why did she do that New Year's rant video on how "dangerous" ye olde internet is to poor little her? She's the one who brought up all that crap from 2 years ago, because she knows it's ruining her chances to collab with anyone other than that human dildo Rody. She cares a LOT about what we're saying.

So again, if she really wanted to clear her name, and she has proof, why would she not share it? Hmmmmmm?

No. 249319

Because anon, Mira is such a noble human being that she would not want to incriminate any of the other jvloggers. You see, she is a famous japanese idol with a vast fanbase. She cannot even leave the house without wearing sunglasses and a surgery mask, and has to move every few months for her own safety. If she posted proof of how her former friends attempted to ruin her reputation for no good reason whatsoever, who knows what might happen to them! Some of her crazy fans might mail them a bomb or something. No, Mira is better than that. She'd rather avoid any further drama and complete her metamorphosis into a beautiful japanese butterfly.

Or maybe, you know, she doesn't have any fucking proof whatsoever and thinks if she makes enough sockpuppet accounts claiming that she does and just doesn't want to share it for some stupid reason, people will believe her eventually.

No. 249331

This is 100% Mira. She writes on here every other day something positive about herself or something shitting on Sharla.

She's also writing the same exact things here she's written in comments on her channel a hundred times. And her spelling and grammar is still so fucking retarded.

Let's see how many Mira-isms we can find!

nothing better to do with their lives
She is a wonderful person
she did not do that stuff
It is very clear
How come
infront of me
got this idea
"fell appart"
she canned Mira in the most easy way
There was already rumors
Miras proof
used to read PULL and laugh at it
know Mira longer
cold faced liar
I know her personality very well
if Mimei (…). I am certain
Sharlas trap

Read that list and tell me you didn't just get a horrible vision of Mira's ugly face appearing in your head.

No. 249342

Hey, Mira. How often do you cheat on boyfriends?

No. 249348


It is a rumour.
I was with her when those accounts were defending her. She would laugh and say "these idiots think it is me defending myself" . What do you think she has built a robot to post stuff for her while she is right infront of me?

I know it's hard to believe for a bunch of kids online because talking trash about people is fun to you. Mira is a very straight up person. She never had any issues with any Jvloggers. It was I who started to warn her about Sharla. She's had her doubts about Sharla/ her attitude and well the main part of this; the conversations saved in Mira's phone. Those alone prove she's innocent.

Mira doesn't and never has owned 123japanese.com. Her ex boyfriends friend in Canada owns it and her ex boyfriend built it. Mira helped draw and design the layout for the website. These are the "things I could have told you about if you had asked me" she mentions in her original defense to Rachel. If Rachel would have got off her high horse and asked Mira she would have shown Rachel her phone conversation with Sharla. She would have also told her that that Mira boasted to Sharla about owning that website because the owner was going to give it to Mira after he was finished the contract. But Mira told Sharla about this too soon and it caused the small buisness damage. Mira has to pay for the site if she wants it. How about you ask Sharla "where" Mira released her "personal information" . I am sorry Sharla is flat out lieing. She's the type of person I hope Mira or I or any of her friends comes in contact with. Mira wants nothing with Sharla or Rachel or anyone who promotes drama. If any decent YouTuber would have just asked Mira what happened she would have provided that information. She was so quick to show everyone who she meets. Every one of her friends and YouTube friends knows the truth. Other YouTubers are friends with her and subscribed to her but they never comment. They are afraid of being banished from the "cool" club on YT.

I know first hand the manipulative power of Sharla. She tried to use my identity to attack Mira and make it seem like her own friends are against her.

I guess you are all unaware that Rachel has contacted Mira about this. Since I am not going to divulge personal information about what they said. Why don't you ask Rachel. Tell her to send you a copy of that email.
I have seen it. All I can feel is Rachel is a coward who knows she fucked up but can't admit it because she is in too deep.
It's bad enough what Sharla and Mira's txt message history says about Sharla's true personality. Rachel's message makes me believe that she's no different.

No. 249351

"Mira doesn't and never has owned 123japanese.com."
You know what they mean, asshole. "R" helped her register it and program it, but it was MIRA's content. Hence, it is her site and she had control of it. Funny how she lied and said she was just editor when shit wentdown. If she didn't make a PULL account with that email address, and didn't post that WE JAPANESE shit on Youtube, you are saying it was her ex? Lawl. Try again.

No. 249353

Ok, first of all:
> infront
> lieing

So, if this really isn't Mira, all I want to know is: are you one of her English-language students?

Anyway, here's a summary: the case against Mira has been made completely. You can read the detailed summary on PULL. It starts a whole year earlier with her making a sockpuppet account that accused Rachel of marrying for the visa–the very thing that we believe Mira did. It escalates from there over the Dresslink drama. And Sharla, who shouldn't have even been involved in this spat between R+M, suddenly discovers her "partner" and "friend" who had been trying to sabotage her channel all along (by proposing she tackle controversial topics, etc) had flat-out lied to her about something (what, we don't know, since Sharla never said, but she did say it had been a long-standing lie). The worst of it concludes with the stealing Kat Loves Osaka picture. The sock-puppets on PULL hardly matters in light of all that.

The upshot of all this: Mira's reputation is in the toilet. She can't get anyone to collab with her–she did one video for, who was it, Tokyo Extra?–and it got downvoted to hell. Same with StreetEnglishTV. She hasn't tried since, as far as I can tell.

So this is hurting her "YouTube career." If she has proof, as you keep claiming, that she's the victim here, it's in her best interest to produce it.

If she doesn't produce this exonerating evidence, right now, the evidence we do see is strongly against her. And her rep will stay right in the toilet.

By the way, I'd like to see Mira succeed. She needs to either come clean, or prove herself innocent. She also needs to drop the wapanese act and the know-it-all-ism pandering to weebs. If she did that, she could have a good channel, and would also not be much of a lolcow anymore.

No. 249357

Wow you're awfully knowledgeable about every detail of Mira's life for not being Mira… Mira. gtfo

This is literally the same shit you write all over 2ch under your own name. How on earth do you still think you're fooling people?

You are so obsessed with Rachel and Sharla. lmao Why don't you stop making up rumors about other jvloggers and try working on your own personality?

You know all you had to do back then was apologize and they all said they would have forgiven you and welcomed you back. You brought all this on yourself and then dug your own grave.

No. 249359


But she doesn't have control over that website she didn't make it. It's not her content. *she drew pictures for the old website that are not even on that site
anymore. She may have lied to Sharla about owning the website to look cool. But I have seen their conversations and I know straight up who is the true evil one. You can sit there day in and day out looking at any posts on that website. The second your eyes glaze upon those disgusting filthy horrible conversations she has saved in her phone you know exactly who is innocent and you would know exactly who is guilty.

She's not interested in posting is online because she is not a piece of scum like that girl. I know exactly from my own experience the power of that self centered two faced girl. Even without reading months and months of conversations that will make you want to puke. I have had two experiences /very negative /with that girl.

Mira may not want to fall into the same category of human as her and attack people online. I truly wish she would. It annoys me so much to see that those girls are living it up enjoying their lives prancing around acting like they are such nice people but in reality they are nothing but two-faced liars who took the first chance they did to throw my best friend into a pit of fire. Mira is a nice person she travels all across Japan using her own money to film places. She has no interest in fighting with people and she's a very peaceful person. She is a very true good human being. A person who is send out presents to her fans for free. A person who would lend you money when you're down. A person who is always looking out for others and making sure that everyone is safe. A person who would never in her entire life put someone else through the same bullshit that that Sharla did. It's so sad to see those conversations because you can really see how two-faced it is. I really wish those other YouTubers would've had the decency to mail Mira after this happened. Mira may not be willing to make those conversations public so that subscribers could see them but I know she would show her friends in person. But they never asked for them. It is sad. Who knows which one of them she will toss aside next.

No. 249361

Mira's greatest ambition in life is for a Japanese man to bust a load in her uterus, impregnate her and secure a shotgun marriage.

No. 249364

Her ex said it was her idea and even joked about how long it took for her to create vs his superior programming skills! Can you just stop lying for one day?

No. 249365

Right, they don't even talk about her anymore. I'm pretty sure Mira is the only one who hasn't moved on.
Well all your friend does is lie. This is the internet so none of this will just 'poof' and go away, so you'll just have to get used to it since you have no choice. Nobody is going to even come close to believing Mira, you, or any of her other sock puppets without that evidence you keep speaking of. Until then, ofc we'll keep laughing at her, duh ^o^} (well until it gets boring atleast).

No. 249367


You can keep saying my friend lies all you want I have seen the conversations I sat there with her when this was going on I read the whole thing. You can't fake so phone conversations. I didn't see screenshots I seen them right in front of me holding her phone in my hand. It is very clear that she did not do this it is very clear who may have. You want your stupid proof why don't you ask one of the YouTubers to mail her. Otherwise you're just as much of a scumbag as that too faced girl. I'm glad she has nothing to do with them. I never liked her she was rude to me. As a wonderful life without them and wonderful YouTube friends who are not willing to lie or spread rumors about her. I think it's funny that way things are big you tubers stay with big you tubers in their own little world of people who like to lie and spread rumors about another. It's all a big fake society. A society full of people who use other people for views and then toss them in the garbage when they have the chance to get ahead. I'm glad that Mira stays true to herself and is not afraid to speak her mind about issues even if I don't agree with them. She is certainly nothing close to the monster that you perceive her as. It's so sad that you spend so much time attacking innocent girl when the true culprits run free. It makes me so sick that I am unable to help my friend in any other way then but to tell the truth. I don't want to get my friend in trouble so I'm not going to provide you with any other information. If anyone of you people has the decency of a human being you would look elsewhere for your "stories" because so far you have it all wrong.

No. 249368

>It annoys me so much to see that those girls are living it up enjoying their lives prancing around

There it is. Self-admitted envy. That's all this has ever been about.

I truly feel sorry for any women who thinks Mira is her friend. They'll find out the hard way one day that Mira just can't handle another woman being more successful than her.

No. 249369

*at least

Sry obv samefag

No. 249370

"You want your stupid proof why don't you ask one of the YouTubers to mail her"
What the Hell is this sentence? Lay off the booze.

No. 249374

dis bait

No. 249376

Hi, Lola! It's pretty chilly today. Does your Mira skin suit keep you warm enough?

No. 249416

Mail = message

It's one of those stupid word replacements white girls start doing when they're ~learning Japanese~ like saying 'make' instead of 'makeup'.

Also hi Miranda! I had some poutine fries yesterday at McDonald's and it reminded me of you, kek.

No. 249433

This is so obviously Mira.

Making more sockpuppets is not going to get you out of this. Your compulsion to defend yourself without actually defending yourself is hilarious, especially because you're too dumb to do it right and you keep digging your own grave deeper and deeper. At least have the guts to defend YOURSELF and come on here as YOURSELF. Your army of imaginary friends is just sad.

You did make these sockpuppets. Whether you own the website or are "only" an editor does not matter. Fact is that you are associated with it and have access to the corresponding e-mail address. Kat loves Osaka is also a first hand witness that you are impersonating others to save your own ass. It is a fact that you have made sockpuppets, evidence exists and is out there.

You care so immensely about what a bunch of 17 year-olds say about you on the internet that you had to commit the stupidest mistakes imaginable because your pride was hurt. If you put yourself on the internet, people are going to criticize, especially if you do stupid shit on the internet and are immune to criticism. Instead of doing the reasonable thing of ignoring it or improving your own shitty videos or personality,you had to hide behind imaginary fans and defend yourself because you are so much of a narcissist. You are too ignorant and stupid for a YouTube career. Don't quit your day job darling.

You are not a good person, you are a shit person. With the sockpuppets you made on PULL, you talked shit about your former friends and even spoke about some private information they trusted you with. And why? Because you were trollshielding. You tried to divert the attention from you by throwing your own friends under the bus. You readily fed them to hyenas just to save your own pasty white ass. And it was not even about anything important; you did it because the things mean people said on the internet made you bawww. You did it because of your own inflated ego. You are a fake, two-faced and selfish little brat.

Nobody used you for YouTube videos, you inbred hick. You do not have anything good to contribute. You are the most unintelligent and uneducated person I have ever seen. You are ignorant and cannot grasp the simplest concepts (You will never be japanese, bitch). You are stubborn and do not have any desire to admit you're wrong and improve yourself. Your japanese is broken six ways from Sunday. Your face looks like somebody tried to bash it in with a hammer. Your personality is shit. There is nothing you could be contributing to a collaboration. No information, no knowledge, no superior foreign language skills, no sex appeal, absolutely fucking nothing. They did not ditch you because you were no longer useful, they ditched you because they learned about your sockpuppet shenanigans and were horrified by how much of a two-faced, selfish bitch you are. I know you have trouble understanding shit because of your retardedness, but it is not unreasonable to ditch a friend who randomly betrays others to save their own ass. Nobody wants to be associated with such a person.

Lastly, it is not our fucking job to provide evidence of your innocence. That is your job. You either post it and move on with your life, or you don't post it and have to accept the fact that the evidence is 100% stacked against you and that everybody who has any sense will want to steer clear of you. Nobody is going to believe you if you say you have evidence. You lie. You lie right now by pretending to be an imaginary friend. This does not exactly make you any more credible.

By the way, you should stop lying and making sockpuppets. It requires a certain intelligence that you do not possess.

If you really want to defend your sorry ass, at least do it as yourself. You should tell your "friends" to stop fucking whiteknighting you on the internet because all it will accomplish is nuke what is left of your reputation. Kek.

No. 249438

Oh, I meant the sentence makes no sense because she is telling us that in order to get proof of Mira's innocence, we need to contact the Youtubers who accused her in the first place. Mira logic is so painful.

No. 249450

Hi Rody & Mira, having fun?

No. 249651

Okay, okay, can a mod highlight Mira's posts ? Or should we keep playing spotting Mira for a while ?

In her words, it's getting "rediculous".

Grow up, Mira. And try not to backstab your new friends or you'll have to vlog about being a sad hermit trying to hunt down a japanese husband who provides magical perm res.

Thank god you are not teaching your kids English, because we know it's not your thing.

No. 249663

Thanks, Not-Mira, for confirming that your Canadian ex-bf helped create your old website. It led me to find all sorts of evidence about what a shit girlfriend you were. Do you always go out of your way to destroy a good thing?

No. 249691

What's the milk on this ex-bf drama?

No. 249701

The poor guy was a cuck who was her ticket out of her hick town. They were together for a long time before she moved on to Visa-kun. Mira is fucking lying about not being a weeb before.

No. 249703

Don't do this hinting crap spill the goddamn milk. We can't live suckling at foam.

No. 249704

Links plox?

No. 249717

Look at the domain name servers information. It's the ex's website. Follow the yellow brick road. Lo and behold. He has an entry about HER website and more.
Try to throw him under the bus, Miranda?

No. 249721

This is the worst part of browsing lolcow. Realizing that these blights on humanity have gotten/get way more dick than you.

Also I'm almost willing to give Mira leeway because I'm certain she has a borderline intellectual disability. But then again that doesn't mean you have an excuse for being an awful human.

(Sage for OT)

No. 249725

File: 1458189454429.jpg (117.16 KB, 720x960, 8692_10151412988172217_1266217…)

kek found a picture of this guy

no wonder mira has such a ladyboner for mimei's bf. this guy is like the walmart version of him.

No. 249726

He looks like any number of half-Asian beta geeks I went to language school with

No. 249733

"But, just like before, she was in an even worse state, and fuck did I ever want to take that feeling away from her. And just like the urge to freeze up and mentally fuck off when the wind would blow on a dark and scary night, I pushed through it to try and make sure the girl wouldn't experience that feeling.

I got to spend the night lying in bed, holding a sad little girl curled up in my arms. All I had to do to make her feel better was to be there with her. It worked out for us both, because as usual, there was no place I would rather have been."

Wtf?! Mira's male fanbase in a nutshell. She can keep cheating and lying to them, they will still forgive her. Do Cheetos and Mountain Dew spawn from her vagina?

No. 249739

>Do Cheetos and Mountain Dew spawn from her vagina?

I'm dying omg

No. 249741

"In the months leading up to, and including her moving down to Toronto, she had changed quite a bit. When I met her, she was into punk music, and a little bit of metal. She'd gone to a rave or two, and really enjoyed dancing, but for the time being, she definitely embraced the punk lifestyle.

She had both sides of her nose pierced, and a septum piercing, that she loved, and swore she would never remove - when she died, she told me to make sure no one ever removed it. She had recently removed piercings in her lip, eyebrow, and lost a few in her ear, and has growing her hair back from a bihawk. She wore tights, and patches, and had a syd vicious snarl when she took pictures.

She was pro anarchy, had spent a few weeks living on the streets, and did minor vandalism and trespassing for fun. She'd been in fights, dropped out of school, and hated authority. She had her favourite boots, and had been to plenty of punk, rock, and metal shows.

Throughout the summer, and into the winter, she opened me up a lot to punk music (I was much more into metal and both the heavier and softer side of punk-influenced stuff, but not punk itself). Years later, I was listening to a radio show that had someone from a punk band on it (I don't remember which band, now), and a kid called in and asked how to get other people interested in punk music, and the band suggested that he take his friends to a punk show. And years before I ever heard that, that's what the girl did.

She took me to my first concert (at the same place I saw Chris Liberator, actually): a UK Subs concert. One of the supporting bands had this little girl as a bassist, and I remember seeing her in the crowd a lot (the place was tiny - couldn't have held more than 200 people if it was packed) and thinking she looked so scared and out of place, and I just had this urge to protect her. She was all punked up, of course, but she still looked out of place. But then later that night, she got up on stage, and ripped away on the bass, and I was really surprised. Her body language and playing had the confidence of a carefree bass player in a punk band, but her face still held that scared little girl look.

The bassist really adds no point to the story, so I apologize for bringing that up.

So the concert was actually pretty good, as far as the energeticness went. At one point the mosh pit started moving my way, and I kind of got really anxious. See, I'd wanted to try moshing, but as mentioned before, I was terrified of even trying. So as it got close, I forced my mind to go blank, and I took a step in, got shoved face first towards a pole, and then I was yanked back out.

The girl let go of my shirt, and got up on her toes and yelled over the music into my ear "THAT WAS A MOSH PIT. YOU ALMOST GOT PULLED INTO IT. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL". I just nodded my head and said "thanks". I didn't want to tell her that I had wanted to go into it. This whole night…The whole experience…Was her world. Not just the music, but everything. She was excited to show it to me, and it made my heart melt to have her excitedly pointing at someone's patch and saying "that's a Crass patch, that's my favourite band", or the beaming pride as someone pointed out "yo, fleas and lice!", which she had written on the back of her shirt, or her need to explain things to me, like when one of the bands started their song, screwed up after a few seconds, and restarted. "that happens a lot", she told me.

We didn't really end up going to many concerts, mostly because we were lazy. We did go to a Misfits concert in October (either halloween, or the day before, or something). I actually invited [user=ludamad] to come (he liked punk music), and that was the first and only time I ever met him.

I'll diverge one step further from the main storyline, and mention that Halloween was her favourite day. She loved dressing up, and all that was involved in it. She wanted to put so much work into her costume.

I had never gone trick or treating, or dressed up, or anything, so at the age of 17, I went trick or treating for the first time (for some reason, no one ever asked how old we were. I can't understand why no one thought we looked too old to be trick or treating. [/sarcasm]). At 20, I decided I was too old.

The first year I think I went as an angel, the second I went as Raichu (and she went as Pikachu), and I don't' really remember what I did for the last year. I always hated it SO MUCH, but it made her so very happy, and the candy pay off was HUGE.

But back to the original divergence, about her changing style: by the end of 2007, she had gone full on raver. She had also taken out two of her nose piercings, and kept her prized septum piercing. She was into bright colours, bright hair, and hair extensions. She made almost all of her own stuff, including her hair. She was incredibly good at finding information, and learning DIY stuff when she wanted to. She has ADHD, so it was incredible that she could actually be sucked into learning for hours and hours on end, and then ACTUALLY GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN the next day. But it wasn't just her ADHD that made it impressive - it would be impressive even for a normal person.

I'm going to take a step away from the story again for a second (after just one paragraph), and just say that ADHD isn't some made up disease to try explain away a lazy child (which a concept that also angers me deeply, because it is often spewing from someone with no knowledge about the brain at all, and has no empathy of understanding that the most complex system known to man could have possibly developed in any way other than the exact same way theirs did). Sure, AD(H)D is a blanket term used by many school counselors to try and explain a child's problems in most cases, but it is legit. The basic concept is that the the brain's pleasure centres are often under stimulated by most things, and the requirement for stimulation and novelty overrides the brain's attention centre. Most people's attention centres can be controlled via conscious thought - eg "this is boring as hell, but I might need to know this later", but that's not the case here. Now, back to the story:

She began to abandon most punk stuff, in favour of the raver style. She eventually realized how anarchy won't work, and became a bit more conservative (in the sense that conservative = common sense, as opposed to liberally retarded). I always hated her hair extensions though. At first she made them out of wool, and whenever I would fall asleep holding her (both of our beds were singles, which made it very lovely for cuddling), I'd always ask her to pull her hair to the other side, away from me, so it wouldn't touch me.

At one point, I even made her a website to sell all the raver stuff she made (she only sold a little bit of stuff, though). She had impressed me with her incredible ability to draw and paint, her ability to make videos, her ability to make clothes and stuff (and envision a style in general), and now her ability to learn and use photoshop (I didn't teach her anything) and pick up on HTML.

She stopped listening to punk music, in favour of happy hardcore. Whenever I would be driving, she always hated my music, and I wasn't allowed to listen to it. Instead, I got to listen to her talk - which I loved, by the way - or listen to happy hardcore - which I didn't like nearly as much.

So that's how the girl, who was so excited about the Ramones and Sid Vicious solo CD that I bought her on her first week here after WEMF, transitioned to a raver. A raver who didn't do drugs, I should mentioned. Girls seem to be the only ones who can love dancing if they're not high."

No. 249744

File: 1458195373955.png (103.05 KB, 602x543, mira1.png)

No. 249745

File: 1458195391292.png (84.59 KB, 604x488, mira2.png)

No. 249746

File: 1458195414157.png (119.5 KB, 599x627, mira3.png)

No. 249747

File: 1458195444782.png (48.21 KB, 606x302, mira4.png)

No. 249766

What is all this? Is this an old journal writing from her ex-boyfriend (that weird looking half Asian guy)?

No. 249770

Yes, it is from the website linked in >>249717
The members of that community have public blogs. Mira's ex updated his page until 2014.

No. 249774

I don't know what they saw in her to even date or marry her since she looks like Quasimodo. But now she found her perfect youtube scum-match Rody who is probably her secret husband.

No. 249782

File: 1458204402241.jpeg (563.64 KB, 970x1785, image.jpeg)

This dude is the king of tl;dr but the night he met Mira she tried to an hero with Tylenol of all things.

No. 249783

I remember Mira did talk a bit about her own suicidal tendencies in one of her videos. So at least she wasn't lying about that. ADHD is also comfirmed, but it's weird how never talks about it.

No. 249784

Trying to an hero in someone else's house as a party winds down by overdosing on borrowed Tylenol is next level snowflake shit.

No. 249785

File: 1458206316365.png (212.77 KB, 1636x964, her profile.png)

Apparently she had a profile too, although it looks like she deleted most of her comments.

No. 249786

File: 1458206487644.png (152.5 KB, 1462x990, she did something.png)

And apparently she hasn't changed a single bit.

Now I'm curious what drama she was causing back then.

No. 249788

It's sad that she states she's from Toronto instead of her little hick town cause her english is fuckin atrocious. She's giving Toronto a bad name

No. 249789

File: 1458207168907.png (46.81 KB, 679x283, Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 6.32.…)

No. 249791

Back on PULL 1.0, somebody claiming to know her or aquaintances of Mira said she had been known to make sockpuppets on Canadian forums before. Maybe she got found out and went crazy, like she does now.

No. 249792

File: 1458207562112.png (57.43 KB, 653x399, Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 6.36.…)

lol little weeby mira

No. 249793

This girl should not be allowed to participate in society. Someone take her out to a farm or something and put her in a field where she can't hurt anyone.

No. 249806

(Same poster)
Okay, I found some other comments that Mira was briefly a moderator at 64digits and was not well-liked or fair.

No. 249815

links or pics?

No. 249817

Members repeatedly ranking Miranda(Devotchka/FXS's girlfriend) least favorite user, voted worst site incident:http://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=Cesar&cmd=comments&id=22952>>249815
Comment #16 recalling Mira's epic fail as mod: http://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=Ronnica&cmd=comments&id=268063
Comment #16(again):https://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=BlackDragon&cmd=comments&id=24672&page=1
Mira mentioned in post aboutnot following senior members advice:https://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=PY&cmd=comments&id=262580&page=5
There were a few others, but I lost track of where they were. It was more mentions of her being s disastrous mod and not listening.

No. 249818

No. 250038

I remember when Mira's youtube channel was called RainbowRants, back when she still lived in Canada, and she was complaining all the time, hence why she called it "rants." I also remember seeing the Boyfriend tag video when she showed Visa-kun (the Japanese husband she later dumped) back before she moved to Japan. I regret not saving the video for evidence later since no one seems to have that video or remembers/knows what Visa-kun looks like. I remember what he looked like he had that scruffy 5 o clock shadow samurai look or a Japanese surfer look. I also remember Vias-kun didn't really want to be in the video and also didn't seem to want to even be with Mira I think he called her a "cow" in the video which is ironic because this website is called lolcow. Their relationship seemed forced like Mira forced him (so she could obtain the visa) and he wasn't even into her.

No. 250041

Does anyone think it's possible she told him she was pregnant to get him to marry her? Shotgun marriages are surprisingly common in Japan.

No. 250043

I wouldn't doubt it, I can't think of any other reason he would of agreed to marry her, unless she had some sort of bribe deal for him, but I doubt she had any bribe money to give him. I also remember she was complaining about her mother-in-law in the videos when she first moved to Japan because she and him moved in with his parents. And she did not get along with his mom and fought with her. I doubt blame the mom though she probably could sense that Mira was a liar and forcing herself on her son.

No. 250045

Why did she call herself devotchka? That's Russian for "girl", is Mira ethnically Russian or something?

No. 250048

File: 1458272244101.jpg (67.88 KB, 600x800, BkXKpTcCAAABya2.jpg)

No. 250050

I hope that isn't a real pregnancy photo, because we wouldn't want a spawn of her/ a second Mira.

No. 250052

God help us all

No. 250053

Mira, if you want to be the perfect japanese house waifu, why haven't you popped out a kid yet? That's like the dream of every married japanese woman.

No. 250054

Mira and Rody are trying to conceive a baby nightly but luckily Mira is infertile.

No. 250055

She was a fan of the all-female punk band, The Devotchkas.

No. 250063

What I wouldn't do to see these videos of "early Mira." Damn, damn damn…

No. 250065

File: 1458277322392.png (504.7 KB, 1966x1362, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.5…)

Funny how since this first screen shot, her last login went from being in 2008 to being today, and her info has become about as spartan as one can make it. She totally never comes on here tho guiz.

No. 250067

Oh my god LMAO

What a fucking idiot. Now not only do we have the original screenshot, we also have her edited screenshot.

No. 250070

File: 1458278031796.jpg (20.7 KB, 480x360, H1tDAdW.jpg)

God, that would be an unfortunate, droopy, faced kid.

No. 250073

lmao i remember a video from maybe 2010? mira was complaining about her husband and telling a story about how he was abusive. iirc she then proceeded to search through his bag, but that may have been another one of her videos. either way, the comments were just people calling her "crazy" and "psycho".

No. 250074

Sharla just uploaded a video about her job which is to work with Japanese actors in real movies and I can't help imagine seeing Mira seething behind a computer screen.

Sharla needed Mira for popularity? What a joke lol

No. 250075

Lol. C'mon, Miranda. It doesn't seem like most people care that much about your ex's emo Bibles about you, but more about the bad reputation you earned in that community. I would love to know what you did to turn so many of them against you. Were they all bullies, stalkers and liars too? All we got was confirmation that you were a stubborn, manipulative brat even then. A leopard can't change its spots.

No. 250089

Rody ain't even ugly

No. 250090

If Rody and Mira make a kid it will have Mira's Ice Age Sid face.

No. 250092

Honestly I'd doubt she's with him, because she wants her kid to be as nipponese as possible and Rody is half.

No. 250093

But the full Japanese guy who she was with in the Golden Pavillion pictures comfirmed he was just dating her and broke up with her. She can't be just living there on an invisible visa. And when she seen people were talking about the possibility of Rody being her secret husband on PULL she all of sudden stopped having him in her videos constantly, so she was lurking and seen that and maybe its true since she acted so weird about it. He might be the one providing her a visa.

No. 250094

Also maybe Mira gave up on getting a full Japanese guy and all that matters to her is to stay in Japan and Rody has citizenship. She doesn't love Japanese guys that much if she did she wouldn't of divorced her first husband just because he moved out of Japan, to her staying in Japan is her priority over anything else and that means to her a half guy might be "good enough". After all her ex boyfriend is a hafu, but he didn't have citizenship to Japan so that is why she dumped him. Also she already thinks she is "full Japanese" even though she is full white Canadian hick. And both pretend to be single that way Mira can keep her "unmarried" image even though she does housewife videos. And that way Rody can maintain his single status and keep his female viewers happy.

No. 250104


lmfao thanks Mira for virtually giving everything away

No. 250117

I haven't followed Mira's drama for too long, but you're telling me that she does stupid fuckin housewife videos and she's not even "married"? It's like she never developed a logic center in her brain

No. 250120

She's the same person who covered herself in brown paint, put on a crappy wig and became an expert on anti-black discrimation. ;)

No. 251348

What is up with her English on ebay? It's like she's trying to write engrish to make it more "authentic"…


Japanese OMAMORI

Omamori is a lucky charm that protects you

This omamori is from yamagata, yonezawa area

It has insense inside it and smells like purfume

This omamori is for love, it says love in kanji on outside.

Inside, is a rabbit?? looking cute animal, it says "cat" on the outside

but it looks more like rabbit…or mouse….

Has a bell attatched to it.

You can put this on your cell phone or hang it somewhere in your house

4x3cm big. strap is about 6cm long

No. 251418

Purfume. Bwahaha.

Anon, that's totally it. Also what's with this crazy price for a lucky charm?

No. 251424

Her "fans" you know. Apparently all of her over-priced stickers sold out in an hour after posting her latest video. I bet she sold like one listing of one single sticker sheet, haha. (Maybe three, if I'm feeling nice…)

Mira is kinda boring to me so I don't really follow her, but dang, her latest video is a piece of art. Especially the beginning where she's going cray-cray for some reason.

No. 251538

File: 1458615230557.png (847.31 KB, 1308x780, ExplodingMira.png)

What, you mean when she suddenly glitched? I'm thinking that's her true form.

No. 251547

Not just the crazy prices but where she got alot of the stuff from: Fukushima. Like who wants some contaminated glowing green items that will kill you ;)

No. 251549

And she probably sells Fukushima vegetables on some Japanese website to her foreign fans who live in Japan. Since you can send things like vegetables in the mail if its domestic. She is probably asking 50 dollars for a radish straight from Fukushima.

No. 251568

Never thought I'd say this in a Mira thread, but her hair looks nice here.

No. 251569

And I think it's because she used a hair straightener (you can tell by her bangs, that looks kinda weird).

No. 251574

Sharla just got engaged and Mira has no man still, this is great

No. 251583

It's mostly likely a joke, she says she likes to wear rings on her wedding ring finger so that guys won't bother her, and she has confused people several times on youtube or pictures because she tends to like to tease people with wearing rings on that finger. She has stated that several times. And she doesn't mention to who or when she is getting married, I doubt it. She is just showing some pretty rings she bought. Also she just got a job working with film/movie stuff so she seems to busy atm for thinking about getting married.

No. 251591

This time it's actually not a joke. She has teased about it before. Though she doesn't disclose his ethnicity or anything.

No. 251597

Mira has Rody as her husbando who she pretends they are just having a brother and sister style relationship. Though he is providing her with a visa otherwise Mira would be kicked out of Nippon. No one else can stand Mira except Rody.

No. 251624

sensing secret husband

No. 251628

They're both so ugly

No. 251631

File: 1458652639955.png (288.85 KB, 1644x990, baitobitch.png)

lol, she's so full of shit.
Probably earns either ¥1000 or ¥1500 an hour.

Mira, if you were so "rich" from Youtube, then you wouldn't have to work in a restaurant. YOU BASICALLY JUST SAID THAT YOURSELF.

No. 251633

God, her Japanese is so insanely basic, with an awful accent. Makes me cringe.


No. 251641

What's Mira doing laying on his bed. Also sounds like Rody said "Mira fucks alot," with how he pronounced it, though he said "Mira farts alot."

No. 251645

>and Mira has no man still
>sensing secret husband

still not seeing a man here

No. 251758

Her heavy foreign accent in Japanese makes her fake "I'm forgetting English!" accent even more embarrassing..

No. 251828

Anybody else having trouble accessing her ex bf's blog or website?

No. 251987

File: 1458771066939.jpg (57.87 KB, 640x480, 25gtb1h.jpg)

miranda is annoying because she's a 26 year old attention whore who constantly rejects white men and Japanese men, and refuses to have children.
She's an isolated shit-posting basement dweller in a foreign country where she can't speak the language, I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't so arrogant all the time

No. 251990

>>constantly rejects white men and Japanese men
Implying she gets hit on constantly

No. 251994

File: 1458773348094.jpg (47.99 KB, 450x600, 450px-Hostesmira.jpg)

Hostess gold digging whore, why can't she just stop being such a slut ?

No. 251995

Thank you for noticing that anon, drives me fucking nuts.

No. 252019

She loves Arab men.

No. 252021

some people are better off not procreating anon. not having children is a bizarre thing to get salty about.

No. 252039

I'm surprised any guy would actually pay to spend time with Mira. You couldn't pay me to do so.

No. 252167

When and where is this picture from?

No. 252179

Refuses to have children? She already talks about future non-English speaking JAPANESE children and wrote on twitter a few times about wanting a baby soon. But I think she has ovarian problems or something.

No. 252243

Rody spends time with Mira for free.

No. 252244

That would be great if she has ovary problems. She might never be able to conceive.

No. 252291

File: 1458838513607.jpg (97.42 KB, 960x719, 16jgadx.jpg)

this is her back in the day

No. 252292

File: 1458838580171.jpg (38.18 KB, 604x453, 2u7q9ox.jpg)

and again

No. 252293

File: 1458838723496.jpg (48.82 KB, 604x453, 289zwhz.jpg)

Why do girls do this shit ? They're all slutty and shit, then later they pretend to be innocent. Isn't that what miranda is doing ? She went from piercings and spiked necklace, to pretending she's a good girl in Japan ?

No. 252295

Holy shit those bangs!!! Did she ever take a look in the mirror?

No. 252297

I think it's sort of common. For some reason a lot of girls went from punk rock look to kawaii look when they got older (look at dakota). It could be because it felt good to break rules and not look like everyone else. Then you start craving something different, so you go for the opposite look. You still don't want to look like everyone else, but you want to work with something different. It's only natural. happens to everyone.

Sage bc idk anything about her, I saw these old pics and it caught my eye.

No. 252300

They distract from her face. Hiding shit behind a brighter pile of shit.

No. 252306

Anon, they call it "growing up". People's tastes and attitudes change as they get older. I do not mean to defend Mira, but this is completely normal. I also do not find it surprising that so many people "go kawaii" eventually. Everybody is into Japan these days, but your parents find it weird and don't understand it. It's like being a goth in the 90s.

No. 252307

So she went from Wannabe Punk to Wannabe Japanese? Great!

No. 252318

File: 1458843258478.jpg (46.55 KB, 640x480, bij9sx the stepping stone.jpg)

guy she used as a step stone to get access to Japan

No. 252319

File: 1458843331308.jpg (59.74 KB, 800x450, o59uaf.jpg)

somewhat……. smug

No. 252321

lol the girl beside her kinda looks like Sharla.

OP, where did you get these pictures? They're terrible…

No. 252322

Kota wasn't punk rock, she was scene

No. 252339

File: 1458844361265.png (32.74 KB, 634x269, kndjnmrrg.thumb.png.5b69c3b010…)

2 months?

No. 252346

That's not her stepping stone guy, that's her second husband.

No. 252359

File: 1458847741807.png (209.46 KB, 1353x594, mira_wants_free_food.png.3ba29…)

"ofcourse, free food."

fucking slut. I don't really hate her, she just gets on my nerves.

No. 252416

She went to Japan the first time with Canadian bf, right? His note on his life update 2 blog mentioned Japan and the hospital. Mira said her ex-husband was hospitalized in a comment for texan in tokyo's video…

No. 252422

Someone buys her water, and she has to go online and complain about how it isn't good enough for her. What a fucking ingrate.

No. 252425

That wasn't her ex-husband, that was just an ex-boyfriend, he even confirmed to PULL he was an ex boyfriend and wanted nothing to do with her. I seen her ex-husband back in the days when she was with him and made a boyfriend-tag video and he looked nothing like that guy, he had facial hair and long hair and tan skin, more of an "Exile" hip hop group or hippy laid back looking dude.

No. 252429


"…Like I said, I wanted free food."

- miranda kanadajin3.

what a slut ! she openly admits that she was just using him for free food.

No. 252431

Even though this guy doesn't have his own lolcow thread (though he certainly deserves one) he is one of the ugliest jvloggers along with Mira. He is Mira's match in terms of ugliness. Same with his attitude.

No. 252446

Isn't that the guy who hates japan but still lives there to bitch about it?

And while i'm at it. I don't care about anyone appearance, people are only ugly to me if their personality is.

No. 252451


this guy only plays it up for views though. he's like the Trisha Paytas of jvloggers, stirring up controversy just to be relevant.

No. 252452

He wrote about her as his ex from long ago in 2012, which was either around the time she went to Japan or before she went to Japan, so he's not her first husband.

If he's her husband then of course he's going to get online and say whatever Mira wants him to say to "prove her innocence" just like her ex-friend Kat did. He's not her first husband who was in her videos, he's her second husband. It's the ONLY way she's able to get a visa and stay in Japan since she doesn't qualify for any other visa except a student visa, and she obviously doesn't have one of those.

Her ex friends confirmed that she was married again before they split off. At the time they split off she had only been in Japan two years and started claiming she was single and magically got permanent residence, which is 100% impossible after living in Japan for only two years.

After divorcing her ex-husband she started getting jealous of the attention Sharla got and decided to start hiding her relationships the same way. She also publicly attacked other women for being married to Japanese men and stated many times over that marrying for a visa is disgusting, hence why she would rather tell stupid ass lies instead of letting people know she got married again.

No. 252482

I think he genuinely hates Japan though, he is 40 thats too old to just fake it, he just stays in Japan for 16 years for sex with Rie that's it, he really is a miserable old bastard but he does think ranting on videos will get him more attention but I really think he means it. He doesn't even have many subscribers so I don't think stirring up controversy helps him get more money, just lots of thumbs down on his videos and views on the views, although the amount of views is not that much he cannot make a living on it. That's why I think he really means it since ranting is not paying off that much. Many people use adblocker so viewing his ranting videos doesn't give him much. He has mental issues.

No. 252484


I remember that channel too, it is still up iirc it only has a video "documentary" on KONY

No. 252485


> it's important to understand the food

okay Miranda

No. 252486


nobody confirmed such shit on PULL and acording to kat, this man is her curent husband. Are you Mira?

No. 252526

No I'm not Mira, why are you so hostile? Sheesh calm down. Maybe that guy is her husband but someone on PULL said that he confirmed, maybe that person was mira lying then, because several people claimed he wasn't with her anymore. But I'm not saying that's true its just an observation from other people's word of mouth. However that part about her first husband that brought her to Japan I am certain of because I remember watching her boyfriend tag video when she posted her first husband but no one seems to remember what he looks like since no one saved the video. But I don't know for sure about her second husband so calm down.

No. 252555

File: 1458918873828.jpg (271.77 KB, 860x300, Captura_de_pantalla_2015-10-16…)

she thinks she looks Japanese… just lol

No. 252556

File: 1458918928457.jpg (11.58 KB, 321x321, miranda this is you.jpg)

this is what miranda looks like

No. 252557

File: 1458918965359.png (383.38 KB, 557x417, japanese-schools-uniforms.png)

and this is real Japanese

No. 252558


Still she looks awful anyway.

No. 252560

File: 1458920565849.png (89.47 KB, 845x550, wut.png.fb7af11868d4fd21a3eecd…)

"I don't know the language about britain"

What a retard.
You can't MAKE this shit up.

No. 252561


Brit-fag here

Mira, I can assure you.

You're a fuckin' bell end luv

No. 252562


"I was canadian, I acted canadian, but now I'm different"

>she still says "a-boot" instead of "about" , etc, every time she speaks she has a mega strong canadian accent.

No. 252563

Holy shit I knew she was retarded but this is offensive on a whole different level

No. 252566

File: 1458921735629.jpg (83.39 KB, 1079x1079, oRW4iWy.jpg)

if Mira is actually a white Japanese, then why does she still call herself kanadajin?

No. 252567


your guess is as good as mine

No. 252568


I got so mad at this ant since when she released the video "babbablabla i willnot teach my kids tha englishhgg because in japan they speak japanese wowwww noobz" well lol my kids will learn three languages since my husband is from Japan,I am from Europe and we stay in Asian country that neither of us is a native speaker of. Zannen to her kiddos to have such a wannabe mum (is she really married or trying hard to hide it?) So. I wont be Japanese even if we would move back to Japan,neither will she. Lol she is so delusional… waiting for her to change her name to nihonjinsan because she is so nippojin3 now wow

No. 252575

Plus who would fuck her ew

No. 252583

She just sounds dumber each time she speaks or writes. I am leaning onto the belief of her being an inbred.

No. 252767

Mira has triggered so many people. We need to create a support group.

No. 252769

She has the most non-Japanese eyes ever. Like even the most Caucasian looking person doesn't have eyes like that. She clearly has a genetic disorder esp considering her delusion and lack of language skills.

>Abnormal slanting of the eye may occur with some genetic disorders and syndromes.

>Palpebral slant may not be part of any other defect. However, in some cases, it may be due to:
Down syndrome
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Certain genetic disorders

Conclusion: her mum was an alcoholic.

No. 252796

I bet she probably means the way she dresses or smth. There's no way she believes she looks Japanese physically. She probably wrote that way just to get a reaction from ppl.

At least I'm trying to believe that no one could be that stupid..

No. 252798

I usually roll my eyes when people accuse lolcows of having FAS or whatever, but Mira really does look like something's seriously wrong with her

No. 252801

She has a very weird-looking face. But Japanese are blind when it comes to foreigners and every Caucasian is a bijin there, kek. I doubt they care.

No. 252818

Did she ever publicly state what her syndrome is?

No. 252819

Her dad is/was a drug addict and yet she apparently chose to spend her teen years with HIM over her mom so it's not a stretch to imagine her mom's fucked up and was on some hard shit during pregnancy, too. Her entire family sounds like a cancer to this world.

No. 252841

I'm convinced she is legitimately retarded. Or inbred. It could very well be both with how dumb she is.

>I don't know the language of Britian

Uhh… You do, Mira. You just butcher it so fucking much. People that speak English as a second language do it better than you do.

No. 252857

it is because of "white privilege"

aka what the japanese call "white people fever"

No. 252935

Does she understand that people with parents from a certain culture still raise their kid with aspects of that culture…? No matter how much she prays and wishes, she will never have the same experiences as someone who was raised by Japanese parents

No. 253233

File: 1459166350821.png (59.4 KB, 827x427, retard alert wuuuut.png.33ffef…)

"I have never had someone in real life call me NOT JAPANESE! NEVER WILL BE!!For you to even tell another person they are not Japanese, is sickening."

"…. I used to 'embrase' both, till I went to Canada an realized I am not Canadian."

>meanwhile, she Still says "ah-BOOT" instead of "ABOUT", and generally speaks with an EXTREMELY STRONG Canadian accent, every time she speaks.

She's so retarded. "I am Japanese" . "I am not Canadian".

Are you fucking kidding me? The slut's name is "Kanadajin3". She's 100% white Canadian. There's NOTHING Japanese about her at all. ZERO.

No. 253239

>their idol
Oh my god can she get any more full of herself?

No. 253252

I never read this thread but why the hell is she sooo ugly??? Does she has some kind of illness? I dont get it. Everytime I saw her face on here I thought u guys photoshopped it, but nope xD oh god why

No. 253253

Mira's only problem is being a total weeb.

And why would we photoshop her face? have you even seen her videos on youtube??

No. 253262

Only problem?

ONLY problem??

No. 253265

Your culture doesn't determine your race, Miranda, you fucking lunatic.
I'd love for someone to go around with her picture, asking people on the streets in Japan if the person in the picture looks/is Japanese.
Every single one of them would say no, without a fucking doubt.

No. 253266

I meant it as a way of saying she doesn't have any syndromes or genetic disorders. Not that it's the only problematic thing about her.

No. 253325

I think this is one snowflake that should be encouraged to photoshop themselves, but I think her ugliness is a reason why a lot people are so intrigued with her. Hell, we're all trying to figure out why she looks so strange lol

No. 253352


she'd be doing Adobe After Effects for fucking weeks

No. 253357

she does have some issue though. it's written right there in her facial features. / saged

No. 253386

Or she can just save up money and get face surgery so that she does not have to use after effects.

No. 253387

She needs braces really bad, and a nose job, and surgery for her spaced out sagging eyes.

No. 253390

I don't think she sees herself as a full Japanese, I think she sees it akin to when a foreigner moves to Australia (where I am located) they are called Australian if they have become a citizen despite ethnicity. I think she is too stupid to clarify her point correctly. She wants to be "Japanese" similar to how an Italian immigrant would become an American. She doesn't realize that it's really only colonial countries that see it that way, other countries ESPECIALLY Japan place huge value on ethnicity and race.

No. 253394

No, she flat out says she's ethnically Japanese now, and that means she's pure Japanese because she says there's no such thing as race.

And did you read the comment above somewhere where she told a Korean American that she's more Asian than they are and that they're not actually Asian at all?

No. 253446

File: 1459235677280.jpg (313.29 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Found this on berry vs japan

No. 253450


So, she needs to born again.

No. 253454

Wait, what?

>Korean being LESS Asian than white bumfuck Mira

Explain or post a screencap please.

No. 253455

Not that hard to scroll up a few posts, anon >>252560

No. 253491

She definitly looks like she's inbred.

No. 253736

They way I interpreted Mira's retarded logic is that she thinks a Korean-American who was born and raised in America is less Asian than her because she moved to Japan and is now (in her own mind) 100% Japanese whereas the Korean-American is 100% American (which to her must = white, she really doesn't seem to understand what ethnicity is and thinks it's interchangeable with nationality).

No. 253771

I wish Mira would realize that she will never be Japanese, its frustrating.
She isn't recognizing the type of culture she is living in. When people migrate to America for example.
When people become citizens of America, it makes sense to refer to themselves as Americans. America is a "melting pot" culture. Japan may have other nationalities within their country, but Japanese culture is just that JAPANESE.
She is Canadian, and always will be.

No. 253793

I wish Mira would just stop appearing on the internet. Stop making videos, stop making sock puppets on forums and just disappear. She must be really stupid, because she knows everyone hates her yet she continues to make an online presence and make a fool out of herself. She has unfortunate facial features so you would think she would just want to disappear and go get surgery and delete her youtube. She has to be mentally disabled because she thinks in her mind she is good looking, intelligent and that she needs to have an online presence when she is actually unintelligent and ugly. She always makes appalling comments and keeps making a fool out of herself over and over. By the time she is an old woman/grandma she will have a million face palming memories to look back at through her life that she probably will enjoy with a sick smile since she is twisted in the head.

No. 253809

Bless you anon.

No. 253923

check this link :


This is the truth about Miranda's life in Japan, pretty much.
She's a lonely gaijin western female expat who spends Saturday nights alone, crying into her Ramen bowl

No. 253937


Are you being sarcastic?

I would cite a million other reasons it's difficult for female gaijin to make it in Japan but it's certainly not from lack of men hitting on you, what a stupid article.

Plus she's claiming it's because she's attractive (also not making much sense since she's claiming to go to clubs and bars not just live daily life so it's not exactly just cold approaches she's after), which I wouldn't count on for Mira.

No. 253953

>>253923 lmao this article is hilarious. ive fucked around with many japanese fuckbois in japan but i gotta admit it wasnt tokyo guys that approached me always the kansai men

No. 253981

This poor bitch thinks she's cute, no wonder she's upset. She looks stereotypically tourist white and also old. Of course she's not snagging any men.

Sage for ot

No. 254154

"stereotypically tourist white" wth is that supposed to mean?

Why is there so much bagging on foreign females on this forum? I`m thinking its because its mostly white guys on this website or hateful vendetta females or both.

Also what does this have to do with ugly Miranda? This girl Reannon looks average but Mira is butt ugly.

No. 254191


What? When I was in Japan I used to get hit on/asked out almost on a daily basis. Since when is difficult for a foreigner to date in Japan? Japanese would do anything to get a token gaijin girlfriend

No. 254904

Your vagina yeast could bake 700 scones, cunt.

No. 255665

she is so painfully awkward and stiff in this

No. 255670

Fuck, that video was horrific. kanadajin is fat, ugly, and incredibly stupid, the way she speaks Japanese with that canadian accent and doesn't speak properly. being an attention whore

No. 255725

not fat but otherwise yeah

No. 255770

idk i actually kind of liked this video?

despite her glaring ignorance in so many things, at least she seems dedicated to learn japanese so that she can have kids in japan. even if she is a totally idiot in many ways, at least hopefully she can support her future kids

No. 255774


She won't be supporting any kids she may potentially have given that she's made a declaration to withhold English language education from them because "WERUSTO GA WARUI, NIPPON GA II DESU YO NE XD"

No. 255778

>so that she can have kids in japan
She would be the next Margo let's be real. She would vlog every fucking second of that kid's life by pouring their head with 'you are pure glorious Japanese' and when when it finally hits that kid about how delusional her mom is it's going to destroy them.

No one as idiotic and delusional as Mira should ever have children

No. 255847

lmao AS IF her kids would come to her for help
they'd probably be like "damn my baka gaijin mom wont even teach me english."

No. 255876

> Japan's Population: 126,919,659.

>She can't find a single person to teach her Japanese.

She's not dedicated to learning Japanese at all. She's been living in Japan for 5 years, she doesn't like school and quit, and she hasn't put any effort to learn Japanese.
I doubt that she'll ever have any babies. She's 26, every day she gets fatter and uglier. Japan has the lowest birth rate in the world. + White women in general have low birth rates. She can't spell in English. She can't read, write nor speak Japanese, even after 5 years. She complains about money and visa, working as a hostess whore and restaurant minimum wage, etc.. she's delusional : She's not going to have kids

No. 256021

But she got Rody tho. He probably has cataracts or smth since he's been making videos with Mira's ugly ass. What is he anyway? He's got a European accent goin on.

It's funny how good her English is in Rody's videos btw. To the point where idk if he even understands her sometimes.

No. 256023

The funny thing would be if she is getting a more white looking kid and pretends it's so pure Japanese. That would be hilarious but then… It's possible because… Mira.

No. 256038

I think he's iranian or armenian, he had a video about it

No. 256146

>>256038 p sure he's pakistani and japanese

No. 257436

File: 1460188635316.jpg (14.83 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

delusional level 9000.
she's a weeaboo.


No. 257618

Her accent is really strong.

No. 257620

"japan is not an english speaking country"
excactly why you should teach your kids english if you know it, they will find it soooo useful later in life you dumb whore, trying so hard to be japanese, omg this video was so frustrating

No. 257670

I watched that whole video before writing this, I'm fucking brain dead now. "If my ex who spoke a LITTLE ENGLISH wanted to teach our kids English, why doesn't HE do it? btw I'm not selfish but why do I have to go out of MY way? ME ME ME ME ME" She MUST know she gets so much hate for the "i won't teach my kids English" because she's making it seem like even if they ask for it she'll forbid it. It would be the same if she spoke a different language, people would be telling her she is stupid for not wanting to teach her future children both languages because being multilingual is an awesome skill to have.

No. 257949

English is a required class in public school starting from 5th grade on. Soon they'll change the laws so it's from 3rd grade, and then 1st grade. You don't get to opt out. Get over it bitch lol

No. 258001

She's retarded af. From what i've experienced, there are plenty of people in japan who speak english. It isn't perfect but it'll still be pretty good damn english too.

No. 258363

File: 1460390233367.jpg (14.15 KB, 320x180, mqdefault hoo wa.jpg)

"You should not be aflaid of the police" .

lol. You will never be Japanese. Know your place, gaijin


No. 258374

That expression is priceless.

No. 258392

why does she sound like she has a bag of dicks in her mouth

No. 258399

Lol MTE anon. She looks like an ugly duckling and talks like one too.

No. 259325

Because she's a mushmouth hick that never learned to enunciate.

No. 259328

What the fuuuuuck at her fake accent

No. 259329

Those 4 people who asked her to show her gaijin card were NOT police. She thinks that fake cops don't know how to get a fake badge? They're really common around large areas, especially train stations.

I swear to god she's so fucking stupid.
If they were waiting at a post, they wouldn't be undercover.

I bet Mira cries herself to sleep every night because she's not Japanese enough to not need a gaijin card.

No. 259380

my gaijin card looks nothing like that one .-.

No. 259417

Cool, how bout your credit card? Whats that look like?

No. 259421

Yep what is it? It's not the normal zairyu card

No. 259473

Why are there so many fake cops asking to see gaijin cards?

No. 259503

I'm not implying anything, I'm just saying. Maybe that's the old. Jeez, sensitive much, Mira?

No. 259589

File: 1460586873345.jpeg (35.7 KB, 415x260, image.jpeg)

She's showing the old type, that was used before 2012. It's what they called a gaijin card before switching design and renaming it to resident card.

No. 259735

Oh, you learn something new everyday. I've never been asked to show it. I've seen people being asked for it by policemen in uniforms usually outside of subway stations. I don't know about "secret police" tho, guess she meant "undercover". After 2012 would they had not make them exchange the cards? This would add up to the theory she is actually just boarder hopping.

No. 259747

Please stop namefagging.

No. 259766

>>259747 What's more fag than hiding behind an anon? I thought you guys were cool, you're just a bunch of lamebots. I'll take my hate somewhere else. bye!(we'll miss you very dearly (kill yourself))

No. 259768

File: 1460616246703.png (1.62 MB, 939x603, capture_001_13042016_234254.pn…)

>that's disgusting. mira is like my big sister.

No. 260042

thank you mods.
lurk moar pls

No. 260152

Not sure if tis the lighting or what but she actually looks pretty good here. I mean, the eyebrows are bad and the makeup looks like it's worn off after a day of wear or something, but, yeah, cute. what happened?

No. 260176

File: 1460686516504.jpg (125.91 KB, 778x423, 23478794.jpg)

So this Japanese person suggested that Mira join a matchmaking site to find someone to marry while she's still young and cute, and after her butthurt reply about how she's planning to marry by 29 and that she can find a partner 'naturally' because matchmaking sites are for desperate people, she ends her argument with "I know you all are dying to see videos of my married life, but please be patient"

Seriously, where the fuck does her ego come from?

No. 260179

Have you never used an anonymus image board before little girl?

No. 260207

Are you blind? She looks ugly af.

No. 260524

this kanajin woman has peter pan syndrome. She thinks that she's going to stay young forever - she doesn't realise that she's already a left over woman. She's not young anymore. It's over.
She's 26 years old. In China, they call women like her ugly and disrespectful

No. 260554

Fucking lol at her calling herself 白人 instead of 外人

No. 260716

That's way she's in Japan and not China. I don't care for Mira, but let's be serious if Sere and Kiki can find someone surely Mira can manage to trap herself a man.

No. 260717

No. 260727

"Sere" is a horrific Frankenstein's monster of botched boob jobs and druggy tattoos and Kiki is mad as a sack of squirrels but let's face it, neither of them inspire the primal gut-level "oh god what is that" revulsion of Mira.

No. 260951

File: 1460904441759.jpeg (198.97 KB, 750x920, image.jpeg)

OT but i found mira's twin. So weird

No. 260994

That's mean, anon. She looks a lot less inbred than Mira.

No. 261040

Girl in the background of this video reminds me of mira

No. 261094


I actually thought this was Mira's twin and I was asking myself how was that possible because she looks so much better than Mira and was really confused.

No. 261096

Fucking SJWS

No. 261107

Well it turned out that way with Suzy and Jean. I will admit tho it would be really weird to see Mira and like a wayyyy better version of Mira.

No. 261575

PULL is speculating she might be pregnant. What do you guys think? Look at her last couple of videos (esp. the "what to do in a Japanese restaurant where she shows off her belly button). She's definitely rounding out–her belly, her face, and her boobs are definitely plumper.

Or she could just be getting fat again.

No. 261606

When will you learn? PULL is dumb.

Mira always had a floppy stomach.

No. 261736

Eh, this site is pretty dumb, too. But where else can I go for all that delicious milk.

I see what you're saying about her gut, but her face is definitely getting fatter. Maybe it's all that delicious Japanese housewife cooking she does (and not, say, the copious quantities of alcohol she appears to drink or all the konbini meals she's probably grabbing).

No. 261836

File: 1461113446015.png (208.21 KB, 858x509, Screenshot 2016-04-20 at 9.46.…)


No. 261841

>my doctor told me that I have too much fat
well at least she listens to her doctor. someone should get a doctor to tell her she isn't japanese

No. 261842

>my doctor told me that I have too much fat
well at least she listens to her doctor. someone should get a doctor to tell her she isn't japanese

No. 261889

Thanks, I mean I think you can see why someone might question, from this picture, if she's pregnant. It's not just a "floppy stomach." It's how low she's carrying the weight. Her boobs look bigger, and her face is fuller. It's probably just that outfit–please, Mira, never show us your belly button again. If you do nothing else for us, do this much at least.

No. 262128

I feel like if she were pregnant she'd use it as an opportunity to make a ton of videos. "Pregnant in Japan", "What Pregnant Japanese Women Eat", etc.

No. 262134

Imagine how controversial the videos would be.

And I imagine her first one would be
"Pregnant in JAPAN. DON'T eat SUSHI"

No. 262418

soon she's gonna be 27, 28, then 30 years old. It's gonna be hilariously awkward, watching an ugly fat Canadian woman STILL trying to act cute and claiming she's Japanese, while still refusing to study Japanese because she can't be bothered.

(She said she couldn't pay attention in class, so she quit)

No. 263268

She lost me at Rosetta Stone…

No. 263269

>I can speak and read Japanese fluently

Wow, is that what we're calling fluent these days?

No. 263293


Rosetta Stone is completely useless for beginners, but ngl if you already have the vocab and grammar points under your belt it can really help with syntax placement. Helps with actually speaking too.

No. 263325

The program is shit. You only learn stuff like "This is a pen." "I have a yellow book." And it doesn't get better in further units/lessons. It's like an overpriced equivalent to livemocha, which they've bought out btw.

No. 263338

File: 1461510309471.jpg (307.27 KB, 1631x989, fdsfs.jpg)


True, but nobody actually pays for Rosetta Stone though do they?

No. 263339


No. 263349


Kek my friend saw Mira on the train yesterday

He said she looked really distant and frowny

No. 263377

Sorry, but those sample sentences aren't very good. They're awkward to read. Plus, two of the four sentences shown have minor amendments but are mostly the same thing.
There are resources online (e.g Maggie-sensei.) that provide much better examples.

No. 263435


Anon I wasn't using the screenshot as an example of good Rosetta Stone Japanese. It's a screenshot of the end level content. Just an illustration.

No. 263531

Give your friend our condolences and tell him if he needs it we can pitch in for his eye removal surgery.

No. 263555

I can't fucking handle her fucking fake Japanese-English accent. This girl actually pisses me off so much.

No. 263912

Untested posted a video today saying that Mira pm'd him to take his 2 yr old video down because she felt suicidal and her friends and family were still getting harassed.

No. 263923

Yeah, I call bullshit on the suicidal shit. She's fishing for sympathy

No. 263950

That's..Not how you reply to a post..

No. 263992

Why the fuck would people be harassing her family 2 yrs after all that shit happened. Mira probably is just bored and decided to stir things up a little with a suicide comment.

No. 263998

The internet is a revolving door. I only discovered Mira six months ago. For two of those months I was a fan. Then the infamous HereToStay video showed up in my recommendations.

So I do believe that she's still getting "harassed," but only because new people are just now discovering what a piece of shit Mira is every single day. Not because she has these super dedicated haters that stalk her every move, as her massive ego has led her to believe.

No. 264013

>I was a fan

No. 264024

After witnessing the sockpuppets and Mira drama from the very beginning, and seeing it discussed on several English and Japanese boards, not once in all this time have I seen anyone post her family information or personal identifiers beyond what she publicly posted. No names, addresses, places of employment, schools, nothing. If anyone was contacting and harassing her family, they would have had gone around sharing that basic information by now. You know what I think happened? Her family discovered all the negative posts and videos about her, got upset with her and it caused big arguments and family stress. She wants to get rid of evidence and criticisms as if that will make the problem disappear.

No. 264233

I think she just made it up to make people feel bad for her. She's been playing the victim role ever since she got called out. That also explains why she's sending mass emails to jvloggers now telling them she's going to commit suicide if they don't post videos defending her.

No. 264248

I also recall around the time when she got called out, she was claiming she had info released about her as well but nothing came to light? Maybe to portray herself as a victim as well.

No. 264259

File: 1461770970234.png (64.94 KB, 829x387, Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 12.27…)

No. 264305


Uhm, what the fuck?? I'm so lost.

No. 264310

I knew Mira was up to no good again. Posting mass suicide sympathy pm's to a bunch of jvloggers is so shitty. Mira is such scum smh.

No. 264317

Mira sent a pm to Unrested telling him she was in a really dark place and was thinking of committing suicide. And she asked him to take the video down that he had made two yrs ago about the shitty things Mira got caught doing to other jvloggers. She told him that her friends and family were still getting harassed and to take it down. So Unrested made a video talking about why he took down the Mira video. And the Cicelia wrote a comment video saying she got a pm from Mira similar to Unrested.

No. 264505

Did he move to North Korea? She makes it sound so awful.

No. 264528

Micaela made a proof vid its unlisted she says it will be deleted soon.

No. 264563

Stuff like this makes me think Mira is definitely on the autism spectrum. You guys know if she might have aspergers or something? Like, she's clearly not neurotypical.

No. 264565

Somebody should download this for posterity then if it'll be gone soon.

No. 264645

I know it gets thrown around here too often, by she meets all the criteria for BPD. Seriously. This disorder can be confused with or occur with Autism and ADHD(which she actually has). She is not operating with a neurotypical brain and her repetitive, illogical, self-destructive behavior proves that.

No. 264719

Kanadajins friend has made support video for her. There was also some screenshots from Mira's cellphone. http://s1082.photobucket.com/user/kurenolola/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps2t87h1kl.jpg.html

No. 264741

wtf, how are those screenshots "proof"? The screenshots cut of the names so, it could have been anyone saying that.

No. 264753

Do you mean Borderline? That's ridiculous. The girl is disabled and of course she is not neurotypical. Whatever she's got, she was born with it and it shows in her face shape, nose and teeth, not to mention her lack of reasoning.

No. 264757

File: 1461854984285.png (177.22 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-06-11-21-20-49…)

Isn't she one of those people who made a video supporting kandajin while the drama was going on? I guess she took it down by now but even back then she didn't have any "proof" in her hands. Her comment were hilarious tho

No. 264759

File: 1461855017087.png (181.4 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-06-11-21-21-00…)

No. 264800

I watched Micaela's vid, and I don't get what she said about Kat. Is Kat Mira's messaging bitch and causing drama too?

No. 264803

From what Micaela said, Kat is a mosey drama mongering girl (but who here isn't kek) who stayed friends with both in order to keep up to date with the drama while also fueling the fire by telling the other what they said about each other.

No. 264829

Kat has been doing this since day 1, she joined PULL and went back and forth after Mira came on and pretended to be her, begged for money iirc and then ran away when she got none. She's been in the background fueling hate between Sharla and Mira the entire time in the hopes one day it'll blow up again and she can get her face out there. If it didn't blow up she could pretend to be a good friend and buddy up to either Sharla or Mira to get her face out there as well.

No. 264893

Lola lurks here
She seems like a genuine friend but Mira is not even telling her good/best friend the truth. Lola is getting manipulated by Mira because she saw proof but doesn't realize that it could easily be faked (as stated by many other anons). The names on the screenshots are chopped off, the email could be a sock puppet account by that Kat person (she probably didn't expect it to go online) or whatever and even if it isn't the DJ Osaka guy was trash taking Mira after the drama video happened. No evidence. Many random people made stupid statements about the drama whom nobody gives and never will give a crap about.

No. 264912

No, Lola is as much of a retard as Mira. I mean have you heard her speak?

Ugly sloths gathering together lol

No. 264959

Just as ugly as mira.

No. 264984

File: 1461900434211.png (218.63 KB, 754x1555, mi.png)

Mira melt down in one of Victors new videos. She has already edited the comment. The video was pretty interesting but her comment was better.

No. 265020

No. 265032

Why does Mira suddenly try to talk all hood when she's from bumfuck nowhere Canada? Maybe that's why she had no problem painting herself brown…

No. 265041

File: 1461912801130.jpg (74.23 KB, 531x536, ss (2016-04-28 at 11.52.16).jp…)

Lola(Mira's most vocal supporter) and her husband

No. 265044

I don't even know what this is about but the grammar and spelling are atrocious… is she trying to act like she can't type English to seem more Japanese?

No. 265084

So, Mira claims Rachel and/or Sharla framed her, and sent Micaela "evidence" of it, but refuses to show it to the public?

No. 265088


She could never type English, she's a high-school drop out. However in some of her more recent videos, she's been trying to fake a Japanese accent because "she's so Japanese now"

No. 265089


Yes, using the "logic" of "Sharla is a horrible person and she framed me and I have tons of proof, but if I show it to people then they will thin Sharla is a bad person, so I can't show anyone the proof."

Yeah, that's Mira logic….

No. 265097


Shit like this makes me so salty that PT never made it to glorious Nippon. Clearly there is a gaijin hunter for everyone.

No. 265104

Her real logic is she knows if she shares private info on YouTube she'll get reported and sued. That's the only reason she hasn't done it. Mira's "I'M SUCH A GOOD PERSON LOOK AT ME EVERYONE" act is so transparent it's hilarious.

She's even contradicting herself because she said she showed it to tons of people in person and sent it to other jvloggers like Scott and Micaela, etc.

This is honestly one of her weakest lies yet.

No. 265169

I love how she went form barely being able to write in English to going back to how she typed before. Which is still grade school level of English, but it is way better than what she was doing before.

Also found it funny that after she was exposed a few years ago by Sharla a lot of the hate accounts stopped being active. Mira didn't explain that either.

No. 265191

File: 1461949889346.png (82.19 KB, 819x1032, kureno-screenshot1.png)

There was great comments in Lola's video. Lets hope that Mira see them and start arguing like always when people expose her wrongdoings. That rant in Victor's video was quite hilarious.

No. 265205


Very good point..

No. 266457

I don't understand how Mira hasn't gotten over this shit. It's been what, 4 years? Admittedly she probably sees troll comments bringing it up every video but she can either just stop posting for a while or just block it out.

Continuously trying to bring it up again/trash the established jvloggers (when it is VERY clear whose side the fans and community will take) is just ruining her again. It's sad because she mostly managed to shake off the image she was portrayed as and wasn't getting a majority dislikes in her videos/had gotten a fresh crop of fans over the years and now they're getting sucked into it

No. 266581

It's her only means of getting the spotlight.

Negative attention is better than no attention.

No. 266945

No. 266946

File: 1462453745049.jpg (18.72 KB, 190x316, miratext.jpg)

A load of good info (with screen shots, etc) dumped on PULL:

Here's two choice screen shots. Mira's "proof" of here innocence: (Sharla=gray text, Mira=blue)

No. 266957

File: 1462456104003.jpg (14.71 KB, 195x236, sharla.jpg)


Here's the second screent shot from Sharla's phone (Mira=Gray, Sharla=Blue)

No. 267207


This shit it's too good, I'm reading the PULL link but haven't got to the final yet.

No. 267218

File: 1462497301125.jpg (60.85 KB, 601x204, mmm.jpg)

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA she trying to do damage control

No. 267225

File: 1462499083220.jpg (142.64 KB, 701x480, ss (2016-05-05 at 06.44.08).jp…)

I'm fucking dying the person who met up with Mira drew her with a dorito chin

No. 267307

Can someone tl;dr this? Basically a summary of everything that happened after she was caught sockpuppeting Youtube and PULL.

No. 267328

Mira gets outed to making sock puppets to abuse people, everyone unfriends her. Mira never apologizes, people move on.

Mira is still upset and says she's innocent despite the amount of evidence where she self incriminates herself. Other parties involved in this incident don't care.

Mira wants more attention every year or so she brings it back up.

Someone met Mira in person to see the evidence, evidence actually shows Mira blatantly confessing to everything.

Mira a crazy bitch confirmed.

No. 267363

So sharla is guilty too? Isn't she almost 30? And playing along cause she was scared? Lol

No. 267364

I never doubted Mira was a shit, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sharla is guilty too, to some degree. She just gets away with it because she's less weird than Mira, and a lot more popular.

And yeah why would anyone be scared of Mira? lol..

No. 267385

Have you ever watched the Hills Have Eyes?
Associating with Inbreds never ends well.

No. 267388

The way I see it is Sharla is definitely guilty for being a bystander. I'm sure they gossiped and were bitchy via text about others because what two best friends aren't, but when it started getting more serious and she realized what Mira was doing she became a passive bystander until she broke the friendship.

The texts I saw look like those people that are uncomfortable with a situation but don't want to make it tense? Like if your friend messages you about someone you consider a friend with "Hahahaha omfg did you see what she did today?" and you don't want to cause tensions so you just reply with "Haha yeah" instead?

No. 267420

What does Mira have? NPD?

No. 267427

The way I read it was Sharla was pretending when talking to Mira just to see how far Mira would go with trash talking, and showing Rachael everything that Mira was saying. Dunno what she should feel guilty about.

No. 267430


>While Sharla and Mira trash talked people (the main case being Rachel), Sharla also sent screenshots of those conversations to Rachel and her other friendsletting them know what Mira was saying and asking for advice on how she could end her relationship with Mira without risking anything.

No. 267469

Yea when things were about to blow up. Seems she got out and it blew up in Mira's face. Idk sharla is to old to "play along" and then share screen shots. She's not 13 years old. Shes about 30. She should of just from the Get go stopped mira instead of going along with it until it went "tew far" lol. Then she learned Mira was also talking about her and that ended the friendship officially?

No. 267509

No. 267510

I like how katlovesosaka is now trash talking Mira, what a fat bitch

No. 267524

Perfect thumbnail for that topic tbh

No. 267542

>loves osaka
>loving a giant, concrete, boring-ass city where even the replica castle is shit simply because it's Japanese

Weebs Must Die.

No. 267547

I know someone who was born in Osaka and lived there until college, she then came to the US and she absolutely does not like being Japanese one bit. I don't get why weebs thinks Japan is some infallable country.

No. 267548

Well let's be fair. Tokyo is super clean (Osaka isn't though), and super efficient and super safe. It deserves credit in all of those areas.

My point was specifically about Osaka. It's an ugly, boring city with nothing to do but see a few hastily reconstructed replica historical sites and shop in Dotonbori. I just annoyed with these same fantasists and apologists, those who might say that the dreary skyline of Osaka is one of the world’s greatest or that the view from the window of a shinkansen hurtling between Osaka and Tokyo is one of the top scenic rail experiences. But this phenomenon has been going on for a very long time – one only needs to read some of Basil Hall Chamberlain’s accounts from over a century ago to see how little has changed in this regard. Here's a classic example:

>"…Europe and America evince a singular taste for the marvellous, and find a zest in self-depreciation. Our eighteenth-century ancestors imagined all perfections to be realised in China, thanks to the glowing descriptions then given of that country by the Jesuits. Twentieth-century Europe finds its moral and political Eldorado in distant Japan, a land of fabulous antiquity and incredible virtues. There is no lack of pleasant-mannered persons ready to guide trustful admirers in the right path. Official and semi-official Japanese, whether ambassadors and ministers-resident or peripatetic counts and barons, make it their business to spread a legend so pleasing to the national vanity, so useful as a diplomatic engine. Lectures are delivered, books are written in English, important periodicals are bought up, minute care is lavished on the concealment, the patching-up, and glossing-over of the deep gulf that nevertheless is fixed between East and West. The foreigner cannot refuse the bolus thus artfully forced down his throat. He is not suspicious by nature. How should he imagine that people who make such positive statements about their own country are merely exploiting his credulity? HE has reached a stage of culture where such mythopoeia has become impossible. On the other hand, to control information by consulting original sources lies beyond his capacity."

No. 267549

Anime fam anime.

No. 267566

Because of the Cool Japan-image. Soft power done well (more or less).

No. 267568

>Cool Japan

This has been going on for a long time, see:


I always find it funny how the Japanese will tell you in one breath it's distinctively Japanese to value humility while in the other discussing how some shitty selection of radishes (muh kaiskei cuisine) arranged neatly in a little bowl is some sublimely, uniquely beautiful thing that only ware ware japanese can understand.

Japanese cuisine is the most overrated thing in existence. Bar none.

No. 267591

Damn, Mira's face is so flat and 2D. She looks like she got hit by a cooking pan

No. 267605

I think my favourite thing about this video is how she's shitting on Micaela saying stuff like "This person doesn't even know me in real life and they're being so mean they don't even know me" but then WHY DID YOU MESSAGE HER MIRA? If you 'don't know her' and don't consider her a friend, then you don't send them a suicide message!

Like I know she was playing it up for the video/to get sympathy but holy fuck like that is the easiest lie to take out of this thing.

No. 267609

The comments at 4:03 are from Kelly(Strawberyy Mochi) and Micaela. Mira's zeroing in on them as her next victimv. lol

Hahaha. It might be the lighting. She looks even worse and older here than usual. She may have intended to do so that it would make her look somewhat vulnerable, and people take pity on her.

No. 267625

Dejavu from this video. Oh right because she has like 3 other videos about haters, trash talking people, and pretending to be innocent.

Kat showed up on PULL. I bet everyone is gonna be nice and kiss her fat ass like last time

No. 267678

I seriously don't fucking get why everyone on PULL sucks Kat's ass so much. Every time she shows up on PULL it's to defend herself after some screenshots of her being on Mira's side come out. Tbh it just sounds like she can't decide what side to be on.

No. 267712

File: 1462611212341.jpg (120.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Kat can't make up her mind at all.

No. 267713

File: 1462611269486.jpg (118.94 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267714

File: 1462611373436.jpg (116.71 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267715

File: 1462611457355.jpg (111.39 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267716

File: 1462611516304.jpg (110.2 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267717

File: 1462611565000.jpg (103.02 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267718

File: 1462611643575.jpg (103.41 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267719

File: 1462611701830.jpg (120.26 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 267724

File: 1462613289809.jpg (145.05 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

But Kat blocked Mira. Posted on Twitter that it's photoshopped evidence.

No. 267727

This was when Mira sent Kat all her fake "proof". After that Kat contacted Sharla or Rachel or someone and got the original conversations and Kat realized Mira was just manipulating her again. Mira did the same thing to Unrested and her friends so it's not just Kat. Mira's just a psychopath who thrives on manipulation and playing the victim.