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File: 1466427655015.png (303.25 KB, 560x302, 1466363281034.png)

No. 145728

>>29300 saged

Kim Dao's RACISM IN JAPAN EXPERIENCE video has been deleted by herself, but is still available on >>141548. Some people called her out and told her that the Japanese people who they overheard were talking about their group were actually talking about their own co-workers. Einshine made a parody of it and Kim Dao calls him "a kid who mistook things out of context" on a tweet reply to a viewer. Not sure if there's a fallout between Einshine, Joey Anime Man (the other guy in the parody video) and Sharla because of this.

Taylor announced she has a boyfriend, and anon sperged on her snow thread because of it. Coincidentally the thread got locked like most of the snow threads, but you can still talk about her here.

Mimei celebrated her birthday with her vlogger friends but seemed to have been left out at times because of their fame whoring.

Sharla is trying her hardest to tell everyone she's vegan, and gets easily offended about non-vegan things and comments about her new vegan lifestyle. Oh and she still wears shitty otaku cat shirts.

No. 145732

I used to actually enjoy Sharla's video and even liked her. But lately i'm just annoyed with her.

idk i even get a feeling that she is one of these "poser vegans" the ones only being vegan for the internet but secretly having steak at home. She just doesn't seem like someone with that much self-control. And she went into the "vegan lifestyle" with zero knowledge - remember her first video of being vegan and her not knowing shit. It's also funky how she went from meat eater to vegan from one day to another. Most people who are serious about starting a life changing diet convert slowly, from meat eater to vegetarian and eventually vegan so their body can get used to it.
It seems as if she only does it to be part of the vegan youtube clique.

Aside from her new vegan life i noticed other changes. It's as if she tries to become a second Taylor. She even changes her style more like Taylors- getting rid of the pink in the hair, wearing less flashy clothes in simple colors.
This also reminds me of Mira's messages, in which it was clear that Sharla was talking ill about her "friends" with Mira. She probably did so because she always is a chameleon when it comes to her friends, doing the stuff they do instead of thinking for herself.
I had a friend once, a total hang-on who would do everything i did, basically being a leech.. Sharla totally reminds me of that friend.

No. 145733

File: 1466428996050.jpg (338.16 KB, 1200x1200, ClYYQ_lUgAECqXK.jpg)

sharla has pretty much stopped all activity on her main channel and keeps complaining on twitter "my agency keeps making me do stuff i don't agree with"
her main channel is all full of weeb stuff.
then i look at her vlog channel and its still full of weeb stuff so whats the difference?

No. 145734

biibii getting in on all the action recently.
the next big jvlogger if you ask me!


No. 145736

I just watched her boyfriend video which is a year old. Are they still together??

No. 145737

Wow, he is good looking. I expected an ugly japanese dude

No. 145741

maybe bronwyn doesnt have as many subscribers because her channel is called bronybeauty lmao

No. 145748

No. 145752

iirc she took the pink out because her company was having a photoshoot so it was required of her to take it out.

and i honestly don't see her tossing her weeb clothing out so easily lol.

No. 145778

> my agency wont let me have pink hair
> wahhh they are big meanies

No. 145785

Hahaha im glad this thread is still alive

No. 145795

I cant find the racism in japan vid

No. 145818

She's still trying to be like Taylor though. Did you see her new shopping haul vid? White cap, striped weird dress, flowy girly shirt.

No. 145947

All these vegan jvloggers remind me of kaka

No. 146004

No. 146018

Einshine seems like such a douche for making this video cuz it does seem like those ppl were talking shit

No. 146030

Not about Kim. Her Japanese is apparently so crappy she couldn't tell they weren't actually talking about her.

No. 146034

No. 146035

Why does she look so different here? Her nose and lips are normal looking.

No. 146047

I think she's had work done

No. 146049

She gets lip fillers (which make her look more like a tranny). The only other thing she had was v-line Botox which actually looked good but it wore off and her manjaw is back.

No. 146051

Her old eyebrows suited her better. She looks full on man right now.

No. 146054

In motion and when you hear his voice, he's pretty decent.

No. 146128

File: 1466508032201.jpeg (139.79 KB, 733x974, image.jpeg)

No. 146136

White weebs are gross.

No. 146139

anyone got a working link?

No. 146148

I wonder how she can afford all of the surgeries

No. 146151

File: 1466516958095.jpg (595.78 KB, 1988x1280, tumblr_o7v4h11XWU1r5a4ujo1_128…)

Someone send Sharla one of these lol

I bet she'd down the entire bag after seeing the word "vegan" before realizing that she just poisoned herself.

No. 146154

Works fine for me. Are you getting the Error 521? Just remove the anony.link part and it should work fine.

No. 146155

What the fuck? I feel like that warning should be a lot more prominent.

No. 146159

Wtf that warning should have been in bright red and yellow, on the front of the package jeez.

On another note, don't you think it's a bit excessive to wish "symptoms of cyanide poisining" on her?

No. 146164

wtf why would anyone even eat this

No. 146165

these have cyanide. wtf

No. 146169

The thing is, even if you sent it to her there's still the label of the package.

I guess it's meant to test if she would really eat them or not?

No. 146172

I think what's more fucked up here is that people are actually selling these for others to consume.

No. 146176

Hi anon. I never "wished cyanide poisoning" on her.
Just curious if she would actually fall for it.

Realistically, she probably would but would take it in moderation like it says in the package. I would laugh if she did the added bonus of preaching about it in that case.

No. 146213

File: 1466531850851.jpeg (197 KB, 750x1092, image.jpeg)

Kim and Brony keep pumping out these boring as fuck videos taken from 2 different angles.

No. 146220

They're roommates now, right?

No. 146252

File: 1466537563060.jpg (65.05 KB, 644x362, 9efaeadd-s.jpg)

I was reading up on multiple Japanese forums and it's more likely Kim removed her video because the Japanese people were seriously trolling her stuff(altering her subtitles, calling her kimchi dao, etc) instead of reacting to einshine's video.

No. 146258

This whole vegan (and gluten intolerant) epidemic makes me feel kinda bad for these people. I feel like they're making themselves miss out on quite a bit of the Japanese cuisine since a lot of it includes fish, meat or animal produce.

No. 146264

All of Japanese food has fish in it or dashi I don't know how they find any food because literally everything has some type of seafood and even the seaweed do vegans eat seaweed even kek

No. 146265

I'm guessing that there is some restaurants that do cater towards Japanese people who do happen to be vegan. However, they're probably overpriced 'trendy' places. It's so much easier to just go to Sukiya or somewhere for a delicious 300yen gyuudon.

No. 146271

surely it must get boring going to the same one restaurant?? Even if the food is good try to branch out

No. 146272

Agreed. If it's poisonous to eat more than 8 seeds, that should not be on the market.

No. 146291

If you look at their latest videos they all seem to hit the same couple of restaurants. I'm thinking that now that its getting more trendy, Japanese places that cater to the western population/to Japs that are becoming vegetarian are popping up, but there isn't a huge amount/restaurants don't have a 'vegan/vegetarian' option.

I'm not sure how normal this is in Japan/Tokyo but if you look at the menus wherever they go there is always a section in English/they have English menus, so it is definitely a place catering to westerners in Japan.

No. 146292


which forums?

No. 146295

No. 146296

i agree somewhat but sharla has been then like 8 years now. she's probably had her fill of japanese food
tbh whenever i read expat blogs, the thrill wears off faster than you might think

No. 146297

the trendy vegan places dont even serve typical japanese foods. its just vegan food you can get anywhere

No. 146300

this. It's like when people comment on Taylors video "Why doesn't she do something FUN like visiting temples or going somewhere traditional!?!?"

Because that shit gets old after about a month

No. 146305


True once you've seen it its "aw nice, meh"

No. 146309

There really aren't many places for vegans to eat at, being vegan or vegetarian is seen as rather weird by most Japanese people.
As you said there are some places around where more westerners are (Roppongi), but it's really limiting.

No. 146310

Many places in Tokyo have English menus. It has become much more common than people think. Been to Tokyo many times and you just have to ask or they will sometimes just give it to you to be helpful.

No. 146312

After some time Japanese food isn't that special anymore. I've been here for 6 years, there's no reason for me to actively search out Japanese food.
(There's also a whole branch of Japanese food which is vegetarian, but unfortunately rather bland. 精進料理 Shoujinryouri)

No. 146313

Actually, recently seems like more foreigners hang around Shinjuku (to only Roppongi) and there are more and more western style restaurants in that area now which is quite nice. Was there back in April and this was the case.

No. 146314

Agreed, lived in Japan for 3 years and it DID get old sometimes. But it's nice that there are more and more western style places popping up for more variety.

No. 146316

Kim looked cute with the peachiness of her faded pink hair…I mean, get what you want but it'd look cute more pastel

No. 146326

Shinjuku has had western places since forever, I was talking about vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

No. 146327

I agree with you! She wears so much cutesy pastel liz lisa, the pastel hair makes more sense. The neon is like ???

No. 146328

Ah, my bad thought you were meaning western places in general and had moved the subject a bit since someone else said something similar to what I mentioned. But that makes sense if it starts in Roppongi.

No. 146333

I guess no more ワサビフ for her.

No. 146338

She looks so bad in Liz Lisa… Like a mentally challenged woman wearing a school uniform. And her style is terrible.

No. 146349

anyone older than 22 should not be wearing liz lisa imo it's so fucking cringe

No. 146353

It's sponsored. Taytay also got some treatments sponsored.

No. 146358

>Most people who are serious about starting a life changing diet

It's not a diet, it's a moral stance. The diet of vegans is strict vegetarianism / plant-based diet. That's why a lot of people go vegan overnight. It's not uncommon, and it's because they don't want to live another day purposefully harming animals.

No. 146362

lmao what? Liz Lisa is one of the most mature jfashion brands. It's conservative while still being cute.

Yeah they have their loli style dresses that can get a bit OTT, but a majority of their shirts and seasonal pieces are very normie and wearable.

No. 146364

Liz lisa is more 'mature' than decora or vkei, sure but its still frilly pink and too little-girly

No. 146366

Liz Lisa has both over the top pink frilly shit and pretty good mature wear as well(usually the brown and blue pieces) Their new season line up has toned down the princess look into a more modern cute, even their sister brand Tralala looks more like pre 2014 liz lisa.

I really hate how she decided to do the same hair again, it's not flattering for her at all.

What is Kim Dao even doing in Japan? Is she working full time as a youtuber or is she on a student visa bumming around?

No. 146371

wat??? I never see anyone except foreigners wear that after they leave university. Also, some may wear it when they are older but most girls don't. Japanese girls often "grow out" of brands/fashion styles.

No. 146372

File: 1466562036512.jpg (62.1 KB, 794x416, ss (2016-06-21 at 06.18.02).jp…)

I recently found this jvlogger osharegirl and she seems chill and actually really knowledgeable about Japanese. Her nose is a bit weird but her personality made me overlook it.

No. 146373

If we're talking about fashion standards in Japan, then yes Liz Lisa is not commonly seen often for professional people age 22+

You're certainly right about the "growing out" part, a lot of girls auction off their entire liz lisa collection as a "graduation" set

No. 146378

And that's why it's cringe when I see people wearing it (like Kim)

No. 146381

is this a man

No. 146382

Reminds me a bit of chyna but blonde.

No. 146409


I like her because she doesn't do weab level shit and she's relatively normal. She's just an average young female who lives in Japan and vlogs and does the occasional japan tips. But man does she slap the makeup on.

No. 146414

Yeah her make up is pretty heavy, but she usually removes it toward the end of her vlogs. I give props to people who take off their makeup and wear a bare face to the world. That shit takes a lot of confidence.

No. 146428


Seen plenty of Japanese women wearing LL in Japan still. And they are NOT always younger than 22. If you do it right and make the fashion work for you and not let the fashion dictate for you then I see no problem with it at all. The style in Tokyo is western modern OR more feminine LL but maybe more toned down now for just about any age.

No. 146431

I live near gangnam station, and watching mimei's new Korea vlog made me LOL because she kept going on and on about this guy speaking perfect english 'hitting on her'even though she is married and giving her his business card to be 'friends' when it's so obviously one of those evangelical scam churches that are everywhere here lmfao

No. 146455

Wow Sharla really is a fucking bitch. She is friends with Kim, but friends with Enshine?

Enshine made fun of Kim…if she is really friends with her why would she do that?

Those leaked conversations between Mira and Sharla really do show Sharlas nasty side. She is even still tweeting him now.

No. 146457

File: 1466591400946.png (605.42 KB, 1200x675, sharlainjapan.png)

Sharla in Japan

No. 146459


Is that sharla talking? omg
Who's she talking about?

No. 146460


Oh what?! You never seen the chats?
It was on the Mira lolcow about 2 months ago?? I am almost sure it was Kat herself who posted it. After they were posted Kat was on PULL saying "Mira deleted the posts and was trying to play along with Mira's evil ways so it just looks like she is talking trash". However If you actually read them fully you can see that Sharla is the one starting the conversations.

No. 146461

It's caps from what kanadajin posted showing 'proof' that she was the victim and that Sharla instigated everything.

It's obvious that kanadajin edited the caps to remove her replies, but those are really messages that Sharla sent. The only thing about it that can put Sharla in a decent light is that at this time she was sending Rachel these caps, so you don't know if she was playing up the bitch thing to get kanadajin to admit to shit she did but tbh I'm convinced that that is how Sharla normally talks and she is just as much a gossiping bitch as we are.

No. 146464


It's a matter of what pieces. I've got some Liz Lisa items and they're more casual? I hate their dresses and the overly princessy things.

No. 146465


If Sharla continues being like this and starts lulz she'll soon become a cow too.

No. 146468

Mira can't edit out her own posts all she wants it still doesn't change the fact that Sharla talked trash about Ashiya more than once and not just to Mira but to Micaela and Dochikoko too.

I don't buy the whole "Sharla was being mean to show Rachel" bs once bit. That was only between Rachel and Mira…which was in June wasn't it? The texts from Mira's phone don't just have Sharla tossing Rachel under a bus She also tosses Mimei, Victor, Tokyosam and mostly Ashiya.

No. 146469

File: 1466592831051.png (78.65 KB, 640x960, sharla1.PNG)

No. 146470

File: 1466592846225.png (90.08 KB, 640x960, sharla2.PNG)

No. 146471

File: 1466592859898.png (93.34 KB, 640x960, sharla3.PNG)

No. 146472

File: 1466592876579.png (94.39 KB, 640x960, sharla4.PNG)

No. 146473

File: 1466592888995.png (79.71 KB, 640x960, sharla5.PNG)

No. 146474

File: 1466592900619.png (90.24 KB, 640x960, sharla6.PNG)

No. 146475

File: 1466592915472.png (91.55 KB, 640x960, sharla7.PNG)

No. 146476

Same. I love their pants/basic style outfits, and while I think their dresses are really cute they're definitely only for like, teens or girls that can pull off the young girl look without looking weirdly awkward. But from their shirts and stuff you can really get nice, feminine casualwear.

No. 146477

File: 1466592929720.png (87.93 KB, 640x960, sharla8.PNG)

No. 146478

File: 1466592943122.png (91.05 KB, 640x960, sharla9.PNG)

No. 146479

File: 1466592958305.png (81.23 KB, 640x960, sharla10.PNG)

No. 146480

File: 1466592973991.png (90.05 KB, 640x960, sharla11.PNG)

No. 146481

File: 1466592988168.png (213.6 KB, 640x960, sharlainjapanandmicaela.PNG)

No. 146482

Those are the only ones I saved. If anyone else has saved more please post them here for those who did not see them yet :P

I also thought it would be a good time to mention that Ashiya recently started doing YouTube again after a year break. I wonder if Sharla is angry lmao.

No. 146484

Oh my.. Thank you for posting this! I had no idea Sharla ws a cunt. I never really followed her but I'm kinda shocked.

No. 146486

Oh Kat also uploaded all the conversations between Sharla and Rachel. (Kat is Sharla's little pet)

Honestly to me Sharla just seems like she is someone who is trying to suck up to anyone else faMOUSE. It is why she be-friended Enshine in the first place. She becomes friends with everyone on YouTube, big and small….at least ever since her and Mira fell out.

No. 146488

File: 1466594471480.jpg (32.79 KB, 631x400, sharlaracheldramashit.jpg)

No. 146489

File: 1466594487683.jpg (25.75 KB, 631x400, sharlaandrachelcrap2.jpg)

No. 146491

As much as I want to think that what she is saying about Mira is true…I can't buy it. It sounds to me like a cry for attention and sympathy from Rachel..probably to drive her to make a video. Mira and Sharla were best friends for 3 or 4 years. They even had a video of them naked bathing together. Why would it take Sharla that long for her to suddenly realize her friend was a racist pig and hated her tattoo enough to cover it up with make up.

If Mira was really a shitty friend to her the whole time she wouldn't have posted her whole "OMG I JUST FOUND OUT MY BEST FRIEND LIED TO ME < / 3 ;(" on Twitter.

No. 146493

That's Kat, not Sharla.

No. 146495

No it is Sharla. Check on PULL.
There is a whole PDF of "Sharla's proof". These conversations are between Sharla and Rachel. Katalin is Sharlas real name.

No. 146500

what really? Why is she using the name Sharla everywhere then? That's kind of weird.

No. 146502

Mimei, Sharla and Mira all use fake names I guess.

No. 146504

Sharla's name is real, her middle name is Katalin.

No. 146505

I feel that Mira is loving this thread so much because she can finally post her ~proof about Sharla being a bitch, and samefag about it when this shit is two years old. Move on, cunt. Sharla's fine doing damage for herself on her own. Back to stalking your own thread on PULL.

No. 146506

Whoops, I mean first or middle is Katalin*

sage for my dumb mistake

No. 146508

No. 146509

Miranda Ann Constable

No. 146510

and her last name from here:


From a year ago. She she admits "I've lived in Japan on an off for a total of six years".

Wonder how a year later that number suddenly jumped to "ten years on and off"…

No. 146512

File: 1466597907209.jpg (58.78 KB, 455x515, backstabsharla.jpg)

I honestly wonder how Kim feels about this after the video he made.

No. 146528

Well, she did talk shit about Rachel to Mira way back. She's known to not be trustworthy.

No. 146535

It's not like she can just spin around and say "hahaha we were just playing around guyz luv ya". I mean…. She had already liked all the supportive posts from the other girls standing up for Kim. Sharla was in the video with him making fun of Venus so she knows he is for real when roasting people. Now she is getting all buddy buddy with Enshine up on Twitter again. Guess she suddenly realized that she needs to stay on his good side because he has more subs for her to leech off from.

I find it a little funny that Mira is on a trip in Hokaido but Sharla is now on Twitter saying she wants to take a trip to Hokaido too.

No. 146562


You sure this is Mira? The grammar is too good to be hers lol

No. 146564

At this point Sharla should be getting her own thread over here…

No. 146565

Haha I always knew Sharla was a shit talker

No. 146568

I wonder too.
Before this all happened, I always wondered why people hate Sharla so much, but now I see why. It's so shitty for her to let Kim get all this shit from Shine when she was the reason Kim made the video in the first place.

No. 146569

It was Sharla in the video who was the one telling the others "they are talking bad about us". Now that I think about it more and more it makes me angry

No. 146570

The blue text is all from Mira. The white text is from Sharla. The messages are from Mira's phone. She sent these same pictures/videos of the screen shots to Micaela, Kat and a heap of "other jvloggers".

No. 146576

Just didn't seem that was what was meant in the replies. But if thats the case then yes. Not all are good for more mature women, but if you get the more wearable ones then yeah anyone can wear it its just clothes. A lot of western fashion has some of the more toned down florals or the more normal looking pieces as well so its not that weird.

No. 146579

File: 1466614671148.png (61.6 KB, 842x230, fjuisd7st56r.png)

No. 146581

Id's that both have a point. But yes, we only see about 10 min of their lives a day soon or clips of less time put into 10 min. How can we really judge someone on just that?

No. 146587

So what's Sharla's problem with Ashiya? I used to watch both of their videos missed the drama somehow?

I've always got a weird vibe from Sharla tbh. It wouldn't surprise me if she was posting here all the time.

No. 146592

Wait, sorry about my ignorance but having access to those screens, doesn't that mean one of them posted them?

No. 146604

Most uggo chicks think any male talking to them = hitting on them. If it's an uggo male hitting on them = creeping on them.

No. 146605

Yes I know, that's why I said it, since the blue texts (Mira's) are better written than Sharla's it's just weird

No. 146606

Please. Her videos are like 20 minutes and videos always contain the best of the day and are edited to put everything in the best light possible.

What we're missing out on is them shit talking other jvloggers kek

No. 146610

I'm getting that vibe too.
Also, I still find the proof convos so suspect. The "sharla" texts just really don't match the way she types at all.
They sound well much more "Mira"ish.
Sharla at least is capable of typing coherently.

No. 146626

From what I've read Ashiya was fame hungry and when Sharla and her would hang out, Ashiya would constantly record and Sharla told her to cut it out, to which Ashiya threw a hissy fit.

No. 146627

>can cause symptons of cyanide poisoning

At least they are kosher.

No. 146633

I don't know if it really is Mira posting all those caps or not, but here is the pdf Kat posted about this whole situation:

No. 146674

Mimei feeling conflicted about the "war tour" she went on.
While I agree with some aspects, if you go to any war memorial or tourist group to these old zones, of course they're gunna have tourist stuff. This is what you paid for. I don't get what she was expecting?
Also showing these zones is a celebration of victory or celebrating the hard work these soldiers sacrificed for us so we can live a relatively comfortable life without war? I don't understand, did NZ not have recent wars?

No. 146675

just went there this may and I barely saw anyone in ll!! things have changed so much!! last time I went was 2014 and everyone dressed super cute like a doll but now most girls are more casual..still cute and girly but more of a casual take I guess
(like titty&co/jil by jil stuart)

No. 146676

wait so hes the one in grey? sharla ?

No. 147047

Perfect opportunity for her to shit on Sharla here. And again, that shit is more than a year old and she still couldn't let it go.

No. 147052

I think it really is a cultural thing. Turning war into a tourist attraction is really weird to me too, so I understand why she's feeling conflicted about it.

No. 147065

Yeah but at the same time I feel like she glossed over the actual informational parts? Like in the park there were information placards (plus its a park so you can't really expect much there) and then in the DMZ area there seemed to be a museum. She seemed more upset over the gift shop which I admit was a bit tacky but what place doesn't have a gift shop nowadays. I thought the train station and tunnel were very interesting.

Though I also think what didn't help was the guided tour, it always feels less authentic and fake when you're with a guided tour tbh.

No. 147068

Mira sent them to Kat when Kat was pretending to be her friend to get her proof

No. 147072

No. 147089

She blocks out the IP addresses so you can't get any information on "Mira's location" . If I was Mira then wouldn't it be a different IP address in between? She did go to Sweden in December. They discussed it on PULL after a fan took a picture of them together.

No. 147090

Still not their whole life or whole day. She still has a valid point. It's not just that easy for her either it's for everyone on the internet. We think we know everything in a 12min video (or 20 if you want) but we don't. And so what if they shit talk? Everyone shit talks everyone no matter HOW perfect they are. You're doing it too! kek So whatever.

No. 147108

I agree with her though. Yeah i think people should visit historical war areas but not buy toursits shit or take omgsocute selfies there. Its a place to learn and/or respect those who fought

No. 147115

File: 1466646994150.jpeg (203.38 KB, 957x1197, image.jpeg)

So derp

No. 147118

I wish she didn't wear so much makeup like that. Looks plastic. I like her parts of her videos where she wears no makeup or has just woken up.

No. 147119

It's so sad how badly she has ruined her face.

No. 147123

Did TaylorReally get a nose job

No. 147124

Look at Sharla's video name:
>[Vlog] TOKYO SHOPPING HAUL + Mimei's Birthday Party!
She didn't even put the part about Mimei first, she had to show off about her shopping haul… I feel so bad for Mimei, they're all so self-centered.

No. 147128

TBH I don't feel bad cause Mimei and Duncan seem like too much of homebodies to go out anyways.
Like she seemed grateful but I'm sure if she minded she'd say something

No. 147130

or maybe she just knows what her viewers watch her channel for? that's kind of reaching, anon

No. 147139

She didn't. Her nose hasn't changed at all.

No. 147155

Besides the overdrawn Cupid's bow she looks fine

No. 147170

Sharla had so much beef with mimei I wonder why she is even still friends with her. Maybe it was to get popular. Appear popular even. If her and Mira talked shit, but also her and Micaela talked shit about others together I wonder how many people have witnessed it. I wonder if it is because all these girls are skinny. Sharla has been gaining a lot of weight recently. Ever since hanging out with Taylor she is trying to promote the image of her wanting to change her whole lifestyle into some kind of healthy vegan. I wonder if she feels bad about her weight.

No. 147178

Pretty sure sharla and einshine had sex

No. 147180

I didn't know he would be into old women. Doesn't that make her a pedo?

No. 147181

What beef??? if you're talking about the text caps that was fucking nothing

This thread kind of feels like samefag, the discussions are turning kind of stupid

No. 147182

This looks so bizarre. It's like they never live in the moment.

No. 147183

Sharlas whole haul was a fail, she was obviously channeling taylor but everything just looks so bad on her lmfao that hat did no favors for her face shape

No. 147184

do us all a favor and never use the phrase 'i wonder' again

No. 147194

"Mimei was cool till she starts hanging out with Ashiya" and "Mimei uploaded the video -_-" sounds like beef to me.

No. 147200

Ashiya is fucking beautiful

No. 147201

File: 1466660631143.png (87.75 KB, 640x960, sharla55.PNG)

No. 147202

File: 1466660653156.png (155.74 KB, 640x960, sharla56.PNG)

No. 147203

File: 1466660667215.png (83.03 KB, 640x960, sharla57.PNG)

No. 147205

My Japanese reading is not as good as speaking. Can someone give a good translation?

No. 147206

No. 147208

Mira all up in this thread.

No. 147212

Not Mira you fag.
These leaked photos were leaked a while back. I saved them all incase they got deleted. If you don't like the gold we post get out of the gold mine and go back to PULL.

No. 147214

U must be 12

No. 147215

File: 1466662569888.png (792.28 KB, 1200x675, sharlainjapanlives.png)

No. 147218

If you consider talking shit over text as beef then your life must be the prudest vanilla shit ever

No. 147220

>weird Japanese

That must've been one of Mira's sock puppet accounts

No. 147221

Ok Not!Mira. Whatever.
But you are aware that the caps you posted come directly from Mira herself, right?
To me at least, that makes them about as credible as well…Mira herself (IE: not at all).

No. 147223

The way you type is fucking weird

Fucking stop whoever the fuck you are

No. 147224

This comes from Kat herself. She said that the caps are the ones Mira sent to her. Kat reposted them online for us to see them. She said "Mira deleted her mean replies to make it seem like Sharla was the one talking bad about them all" "Sharla was only talking bad to see how far Mira would go so she could give proof to Rachel so she could make a video".

The problem with this story is Sharla talked trash to Mira about Ashiya to Micaela and dokohoko in a private message too. So that doesn't seem like someone who is trying to fake something just to see "how far Mira will go".

No. 147226

I wonder what Mimei has to say about the messages from Sharla? Does anyone have her on FB? Someone should send her the ones that revolve around her (in private) so we can actually see if she has seen them already or how she feels about this whole situation.

No. 147232

>not your personal army
You fucking do it, genius

You seem to be the only person here with a raging boner about mimei and sharlas relationship

No. 147234

Can Taylor even do anything besides a tiny smile with those fillers? I usually think she looks good but this pic is weird.

No. 147237

I thought she looked cute in this picture, at least compared to other selfies. When she doesn't make those O_O eyes she looks fine, though I still think that lipshape and the eyebag make up look stupid and terrible on her.

No. 147239

>dat potato nose
>dem jigsaw cheeks

Sharla's face is so punchable. It's like you can physically hear the obnoxious. "hurhurhurhur" laughter just by looking at her. Does she ever film herself not at a super high angle?

No. 147245

You take your curtains with you when you move

No. 147246

lol and the same window?

No. 147247

Wow, really going to town in this thread today aren't we Miranda? You can post about Sharla all you want but you're still the number one repulsive shit stain in Japan. <3

No. 147249


My name is Magdalena, not Miranda.

No. 147251

are you sure it isn't cunt

No. 147254

You learned that word from your dad when he was talking about your mommma yes?

No. 147255

Stop trying to de-rail this. Go back to PULL and complain there.

No. 147256

I doubt that in taylor's case since she didn't post a video or anything about it, what is the point in sponsoring if the person doesn't advertise your clinic lol

No. 147297

I think this is self promo, but I bit. And I'm glad I did, because the videos are super cool and unpretentious.

No. 147328

looks like an awkward distant ostrenga relative

No. 147329

randomly found this channel 'the two and a half asians'
have a decent number of subs (300k+) but never heard of them before lol

No. 147331

That dude is mychonny, very popular YouTube Korean. He is not a jvlogger, he's just vlogging his trip to japan with his GF. Not relevant.

No. 147332


Stupid autocorrect

No. 147333

Everyone in this thread is so mean. If you dont like sharla, kim or talyor why the hell do you watch their videos.

No. 147334

Guys, this is thread is about you. Not for you.

No. 147338


No. 147354

Sharla we hate you because you are suck who makes everyone suck up to you with your HELP ME! HELP ME! THE STALKERS! THE BIG BAD MIRA! OMG EVERYONE IS MEAN "Hey Mira stupid Ashiya, lets make fake accounts and make fun of her slut ugly face". BE NICE TO EVERYONE !! OH GOT TO MOVE AGAIN! STALKERS! $$$$

No. 147356

And the classic.
OMG VENUS HAHAHAHA STUPID VENUS!! "Oh my god it's best to stay away from negative people. Kim you are a good friend. Girls for life" HAHA SHINE THATS A FUNNY VIDEO $$$ TRUE DAT BRO. Like like like re-tweet. "Oh Kim just ignore those negative people :( just negative"

No. 147357

Time to go to bed, Miranda Ann.

No. 147359


For the Lulz

No. 147361

Keep your shit one post you sperglord

No. 147383

not suspicious at all

No. 147388

Sharla is a pretty disgusting hypocrite.

No. 147390

Always thought there was something up with Sharla.

And I agree, she does have a punchable face.

On another note, I know someone mentioned before how Sharla always looks/sounds bored on her videos but I honestly think she's doing it on purpose to mimic kota's near-motionless videos and some of Taylor's as well.

I think the mentality she has is that if kawaii zomg moderus are doing it then it will make her seem ~~kawaii~~ too, even though she just comes off as a try-hard in my eyes.

Just thought i'd throw my two cents on that since Sharla appears to act differently when she's recording alone vs. with friends. (If you watch some of her old videos, her mannerisms are DRASTICALLY different from now, as well.)

No. 147393

Yea I used to like her, but I guess she was just being fake…gross.

No. 147395

Honestly, ever since shit hit the fan with Mira, I always found it extremely weird how adamant Sharla was on trying to shit on Mira and how she could just cut ties with her completely in a heart beat.

I mean, weren't they best friends or something? You would think that if Sharla is as nice as she says she is, she would've tried to talk it out with her rather than shitpost about her on PULL or whatever the fuck.

Speaking of that whole fiasco, has anyone checked Kat's channel recently? Because I know she made a video VERY recently concerning the Mira situation from 2 FUCKING YEARS AGO (or was it more? I forget.).

I always kinda found Kat pretty suspicious as well. It feels as though SHE'S the one milking off of the drama and trying to get e-fame off it. (As well as ride the coattails of Sharla's fame and gain pity for her fat ass from the J-Vlogger community).

No. 147399

I think out of all the jvloggers, Kat took it the farthest with Mira. Wasn't she the one who made that petition/funding thing to get Mira deported?

I don't know, it seems pretty excessive. It just makes Kat look desperate or deprived, to be completely honest. But of course, the community over looks that because she's "friends" with Sharla.

In other words, I think its a bit much to want to get someone deported just cause they happened to use a couple snaps of you – not like they're THAT valuable or anything, she shows her face on camera all the time anyway and it's not like she's a minor, granted Mira used them without permission.

I know some people say that Kat's photos were posted by Kat herself and made a fuss about it to make it look like it was Mira's doing when it was just Kat's attention whoring ass, though. But since Mira never addressed the photos, I don't really buy that.

No. 147400

>cut ties with her completely in a heart beat.

If your 'best friend' releases your address to creepy net stalkers would you 'talk it out' ? You sound really naive

>I always kinda found Kat pretty suspicious as well

Fucking everyone dislikes Kat and it's obvious she's a sad woman who is reveling in the only attention she's able to get

>see the daily motion video where she acts so self important

I get it, Sharla isn't the perfect angel but it's starting to get annoying if you're bringing up shit from 2 years ago to start discussions about, there's plenty of content now that you can dissect, stop being fucking lazy

No. 147402

>the community over looks that because she's "friends" with Sharla.
Kat is not friends with ANYBODY

>But since Mira never addressed the photos, I don't really buy that.

Okay it's clear you haven't been caught up with all the drama. Stop posting and read up because your speculation on things that have already been proven and happened is getting fucking annoying.

No. 147407

When you post that many fucking posts with such a short space in between them it makes it clear that it's you Mira, stop shitting up the thread.

No. 147408

Relax, anon. Just bringing up the past because it's really starting to reflect now. Back then when I found Sharla acting kind of strange, I never really minded it until recently when her bitchsona really started to take form.

Also, forgot about the whole stalker thing that went down with Mira. Whoops, my bad.

No. 147410

I made like 2 posts, man.

And not to sound cocky or anything, but i'm sure Mira wouldn't even be able to type as coherently as I do. Lol

No. 147412

Sharla is a bitch, Kat is an leech, and Mira is a psycho. let's move it along, children.

No. 147413

File: 1466709205161.jpg (106.31 KB, 815x404, 1466681712518.thumb.jpg.e7702c…)

new content on old subject

No. 147415

this is why abroad in japan is my favorite jvlogger- no drama.

No. 147464

To be fair, most of them don't have drama. It's only Kat and Mira who keep bringing this up years after it happened by posting all these private messages and screenshots online. So far all the screenshots they released were all from back when the initial fallout happened. None of it's new. It's just Mira still trying to bring down Sharla and Kat still trying to bring down Mira.

I don't give a fuck what happened. Mira is a psycho bitch cunt and Kat is a retarded fuck. Stop bringing up shit from TWO YEARS AGO. How absolutely pathetic are your lives that you're still on here posting shit after two years? No one gives a fuck about your stupid pictures and it just makes you both look worse (if that's even possible). It's almost mind boggling that people this pathetic actually exist. As much as I like to rag on the ~jvloggers~ they're nowhere near as bad as these two fucktards and I almost feel bad for them that Mira and Kat drag their ~community~ down so much.

No. 147476

If she's moving every 3 months it's probably a serviced apartment, they arr rook same. Moving to a real apartment so often would be crazy expensive. You have to pay agent's fee (1/2 to full months rent), deposit (1-2 months), and often gift money (another 1-2 months).

No. 147485


gtfo Sharla

No. 147486

File: 1466727514351.png (25.78 KB, 200x200, 5122637 _55ad528715c95e6a4e247…)

No. 147489

She probably only said it so people would believe it, and stop following her (which happened like once only, most of jpers just think she's fat and annoying).

No. 147492

No. 147506

Her husband is a boxer, so she knows how to trigger him. In the audio of that video, you could hear her mouth words to him, probably to piss him off some more.

No. 147514

If gimmeabreakman Victor can get people going to his house then any of them can. Grace said she had someone follow her home once, and I think I heard some of the bigger Japanese YouTubers ask people not to show up at their homes before. It was probably hajime syacho, and it sounded like it happened to him a lot.

No. 147519

>implying women and men are the same
ohoho u
u baitin so hard

No. 147547

It reminds me of that movie where everything was fake and recorded but the main person didn't know.

No. 147552

Either way, she just moved in with her fiancé, they'll probably settle down there

Who knows

No. 147553

Yeah, it's not the same at all. It's probably a lot more fucking terrifying for a woman when a strange man shows up at her door.

No. 147555

After she tossed Mira into the garbage she went from a spunky girl to a pretty little kawaii guru princess. She uploads videos of kawaii goods because she knows it is what the otakus all like. Then she goes behind their backs and makes fun of people who like K-pop and acts all tough "pff metal plz hahahaha". In her whole interview with Japan times you can really see her nasty personality come out. It is a big cry for attention but none of her fans can actually grasp onto that because she is always with a bunch of pretty girls in her videos.

No. 147557

The thing is that Mira didn't use them without Kat's permission. Kat gave her permission to use it but she says that she didn't know how it was going to be used. I don't buy Kat's story at all. How can you take a picture of yourself that says "I am not Mira" and not understand how that is going to be used later on. In exactly what other way would a picture saying "I am not Mira" be used other than a fake account?? Her original video of her breaking down and crying on camera because her picture was used was just pathetic. Kats reputation was not ruined. Kat's picture was not used to murder people. There is no need to get emotional and then use that to force people to donate money to you to "deport" someone.

No. 147559

Where was her address released. It wasn't. Many people have asked Kat and Sharla where this address was released. Sharla told Rachel that Mira uploaded a picture of Sharla and her Korean boyfriend to 2chan. Kat uploaded this in the "mira report" on PULL. In that report it says nothing about an address. Though Sharla never followed up on the "Mira posted my private address and I am getting death threats" cries from 3 years ago. I think it was nothing but bull shit. Sharla hasn't been moving every 4 months like she claims and I don't think anyone went to her house otherwise she would have called the police.

No. 147560

Where do you think Kat got all those messages between Rachel and Sharla?? Sharla sent them to her. Sharla is using Kat as her own sockpuppet to go on PULL and lolcow to post all these evidence to start more trouble. Mira messaged Micaela in private about suicide yes, but it was her own choice to ignore it and not get involved like she said. She chose to make a video instead. Every single one of these J-vloggers keeps shoving their head right back into something from 2 years ago, while Sharla sits back in her golden chair and watches in the stands.

No. 147562

Appartments don't look the same FFS. She hasn't been moving. Are you Sharla? lol Hi Sharla ^^

No. 147564

Miranda Ann, you fucking clod. Nobody cares about you or Kat here. You sound really bored. Go suck Rody's dick some more.

No. 147567

A good chunk of this thread is just people making "oh hi sharla/mira" jokes.
Stop being a faggot and clogging up the thread and start contributing shit that's actually worth our time.

No. 147569

Mira made up some bogus story about how she needed her picture for help because of a stalker or some shit like that. So Kat technically had an idea where the photo was going and what it was going to be used for, anon.

No. 147572

At this point, Sharla pretty much deserves her own thread lmao what a cow

No. 147575

Read the previous threads you daft illiterate hoe

No. 147576

this thread was getting places but some anon has a raging boner for sharla Mira and kat… Shut the fuck up holy shit

No. 147581

I agree. It's one thing to bring it up in a couple posts but it's another when you try to elaborate on shit from years back.

Mira should just stop looking for help/pity from this community (if she really needed it). She should've done what Ashiya did and layed low for a while, possibly seeking actual professional help in the process because she is not normal.

No. 147588

In other news, it was previously posted that Ashiya is back and she's posted a lot of videos at a rapid pace.

Watching her videos, it's understandable why Mira felt threatened by her, she speaks Japanese so much better than her LOL

No. 147592

I think Ashiya's only good trait is that she doesn't completely butcher the Japanese language like other jvloggers tend to do lol

From what I understand, though, her english is very poor so it's just a matter of her investing more time on one language over the other.

No. 147593

Mira is in this video and look how smooth Ashiya talks and how Mira tries to reply back but does it retardedly lol

She ragged on Ashiya's Japanese so much, projecting so hard

No. 147595

I think she plays it smart by pandering to just Japanese/Russian users. The English side seems polluted with weebs and shit

No. 147605

Her pronunciation is pretty good. Mira's pronunciation is horrible. lol

No. 147607

Mira just looks like a confused raccoon in this video seriously what the fuck is with that eyeliner.

No. 147615

I've never seen Mira looking so ayyyylmao as in this video. She's evolving.

No. 147618

I don't know if anyone is aware of this or of anyone on here reads the 2ch posts. Mira posted her whole story about Ashiya on there. She said she feels terrible that she stopped being friends with Ashiya. Sharla forced her to stop meeting Ashiya completely. Mira even went as far as to make a few videos and posts about the whole story (without mentioning names).

No. 147622

File: 1466765392992.jpg (9.83 KB, 219x265, 7e0.jpg)

can somebody with good moonskills find the posts and translate them?

No. 147661

It's just another one of her blatant lies playing up her pity party and trying to attack Sharla. Ashiya was one of the channels she used to comment on with her fake accounts, remember? She commented directly on Ashiya's channel and said she was ugly or something and then told everyone on PULL that her own Japanese was better than Ashiya's.

Make no mistake, Mira is jealous as fuck of Ashiya. She probably only wants to get on her good side now because all the Japanese people love Ashiya and she wants their approval and views.

No. 147663

Did anybody catch this? I saw this posted on logsoku.

Ito “itoyu” Y 1 日前
Unfortunately, filming in a restaurant could be very rude and annoying
in Japan if you do not ask consent to do it. Youtubers who film in Japan
should be aware of it.

kimdaovlog 1 日前
+Ito “itoyu” Y unfortunately they were talking shit about us as soon
as we walked into the restaurant. When we sat down they started talking
already. And what is wrong with taking photos and filming food? I see
Japanese people do it all the time. We literally did nothing wrong.

No. 147666

Yeah but it was Sharla who was the one in those snaps talking shit about Ashiya, not Mira. We have no solid proof that Mira talked trash about anyone without seeing the full conversations.

No. 147668

I can't speak Japanese and even I can tell how terrible Mira's is, she sounds like she's just saying Japanese words in a Canadian accent. Ashiya's sounds much more natural to me, like she actually mimics the rhythm and intonation of a native speaker. I'd even go so far as to say it sounds better than Sharla's, at least accent wise. Not that my opinion means much on this matter, so w/e.

No. 147669

I wasn't even talking about the conversations. Mira commented on Ashiya's videos and PULL shit talking Ashiya. I remember that specifically from Rachel's video because I remember that Ashiya had already collabed with her and I thought it was extra shitty that she would pretend to be nice to Ashiya in a collab while talking shit about her online.

As for those conversations, we already have proof that Mira deleted her own comments in those and only showed Sharla talking bad about people so I have no doubt she was heavily involved in the shit taking if not instigating it herself. According to Sharla, Mira was the primary shit talker and she only went along with Mira so it would be interesting to see what Mira was saying that she deleted.

Maybe someone should email Sharla and see if she'll release her full side so we have the direct comparisons. If she did nothing wrong I don't see why she wouldn't since it would exonerate her.

No. 147670

I can imagine Sharla's response being "I've delete everything connected to Mira" "It's in the past, I'm not gonna bring up old news" etc etc.

No. 147681

>Maybe someone should email Sharla
How about no
We're not your personal army, Mira.

No. 147690

There's no way that's Mira, fuck off with that.

No. 147692

Agreed. Mira jokes used to be funny once but now it's just overused and retarded. Only PULLtards ever make Mira jokes anymore.

No. 147718

This Sharla-Mira-Ashiya-Kat talk is really boring now. Have some Chris Broad.

No. 147732

File: 1466801520540.jpg (23.38 KB, 400x400, QTNrg4w2_400x400.jpg)

taylors ugly twin?

No. 147734

hm i never got into any of the male jvloggers.
i watched some of victor's stuff but he got to be too much of a pretentious ass.

No. 147751

lol, she looks like God tried to create Taylor with his non-dominant hand

No. 147752

lol, she looks like God tried to create Taylor with his non-dominant hand

No. 147764


Victor got on my tits too he got too ahead of himself

No. 147785

Sharla Shine Joey Bronwyn and Kat hanging out

that must've awkward

No. 147786

sharla is so fucking cringey this is a 30 year old women…. she sounds so dumb when she talks its really hard to sit through

No. 147813

What are the ages of all the vloggers? They seem highschoolish.

No. 147821

Sharla's almost 30, Shine is 19, and I think Joey is 21. Not sure about the others.

No. 147828

Isn't Sharla exactly 30? I remember her responding to Micaela's tweet with something along the lines of "the 30's are definitely better than the 20's". I think it was her birthday a few months ago..

No. 147829


She must be! I didn't realize her 30th birthday already passed…

No. 147848

Yeah but those have not been proved to be Mira. Looking at Sharla's conversations it could have been Sharla who framed her. I have never seen the proof that Mira deleted conversations, can you please post those on here?

No. 147850

Yea I could see that too. Didn't she say "only her and Mira's conversations were deleted". I think it is a little strange why all these conversations only started popin up after Sharla's conversations between her and Micaela (shit talking Ashiya) were leaked. If Mira really hacked Sharla's FB account, then why doesn't she make the IP address public?

I think the PULLtards used this to their advantage to take all the buzz off Sharla. "Mira hacked accounts" "Mira made fake account" "Mira made those conversations". NO, Sharla and Kat are both fucking twats who are being super suspicous and going behind everyones backs talking trash about people and are not being exposed for it. Those conversations clearly show Sharla's nasty side. I wish I could see more. This shit is better than the original "nasty things" Mira was saying on PULL. She sends these conversations to Kat so Kat can go and expose Mira for her. Why can't she do it herself. If Mira took legal action she would go against Kat, since Kat is the one spreading all this for her. That is shitty for Sharla to do to Kat. Kat clearly has some sort of mental problems going on. and she takes advantage of that. Sharla is also being a backstabbing bitch to Kim.

No. 147853

Anyone else think it is a little funny how Shine didn't make fun of Sharla at all in the video? Maybe she knew he was going to make it? Is this her way of getting rid of Kim as a friend?? Kim is gaining a lot of subs so maybe Sharla though this was time to cut her off and stick to the "cool guys" with almost a million. Pathetic.

No. 147862

It's literally in the previous thread and Mira's, stop being fucking stupid no one is going to spoon feed you here

Can all of you faggots stop bringing this thread to Mira in some way? It's shitting up the quality of this thread and frankly no one likes retalking about shit that happened E years ago and is NO LONGER RELEVANT

No. 147864

The conversations between Sharla and Mira are not relevant?

Okay Sharla blows kiss
Don't try to take the heat off you. We can talk about what you want. If you don't want to listen to us investigate you then you don't have to stay here.

No. 147865

FTR Sharla only showed 1 single post that was deleted. "Rachel blocked my fake account". That doesn't take away the posts where Sharla went on about how Ashiya was a stupid Russian hooker. Sharla herself posts the same posts about fake accounts. I want to see the full conversations if all of them have been deleted by Mira.

No. 147869

Bitch ?What's ? Your ? Point

No. 147870

No I'm a legit annoyed anon sick of this thread being led back to Mira. We have new fucking content of Sharla hanging out with two dudes who fucking slammed one of her close friends and acting like a fucking dumb shit with fans who aren't even hers and here you dumbfucks want to discuss "oh MY GOD did she really say those things in a text two years ago??"

No. 147874

> I'm legit annoyed

Cry me a river.
This is a public thread, anon. Get over yourself. If you've got details to share then by all means, share it. We aren't your personal army.

No. 147877

We already covered that multiple times, fag.

No. 147878

I think it's a bit far to think that Sharla knew about Einshine's new video because if she did she'd either promo it or hint about it as if she's actually had some hand in it (possibly to attract Shine's fanbase). As for her relationship with Kim, well, it seems as though things are doing well between them? Maybe Sharla is just feigning ignorance about Shine's video.

No. 147880

Are you a parrot and can't read? Where did I direct anyone to do my bidding? Dont repeat phrases you don't know the meaning to

there's no reason we need to spoonfeed retards asking for evidence that was previously covered thoroughly in previous threads, stop being a lazy cunt and defending other lazy fucks

ctrl+f is a thing

No. 147881

Then maybe stop dictating what we should and shouldn't talk about? Kek.

There's no reason for you to be throwing a hissy fit on the thread either so if you're so bothered by it then you can just tab out lmao

No. 147882

File: 1466841893574.png (15.21 KB, 877x115, ss (2016-06-25 at 12.01.10).pn…)

When you type in jvlogger the suggested term "jvlogger kicked out of japan" comes up. That search led me to this reddit thread that pretty much sums up this entire community

You can read the rest of the comments here:

No. 147883

Lets just ignore the PULLtards. They might go away ^^

No. 147886

This is golden.

No. 147900

File: 1466846021670.jpg (24.78 KB, 704x127, sh.JPG)

Looks like she's finally cut ties with her agency

No. 147902

Why is it only now that she decides to shit on her agency if they were so horrible, by the way? Wasn't she just using her agency as a scapegoat the entire time anyway kek

No. 147908

I was just thinking about this. On Japanese 2ch they have been talking about complaining to her agency about her bad behavior. Japanese agencys are generally very strict when it comes to how their members are viewed publically. Maybe she is acting like she quit but really she got fired.

No. 147909

Speaking of jvloggers and reddit, this thread is pretty hilarious.
> Which Jvlogger do you like to masturbate to?

>if you squint hard enough Jun looks like a cute chick with short hair.

>The one with fetal alcohol syndrome
>Do you think Rachel and Jun swing? Even the weebest of the weeb gotta get tired of J-cock eventually, right?

No. 147912


Speaking of this, the other day I tried searching for topic on 2ch regarding the jvloggers but I couldn't find any orz
In which subforum are they exactly?

No. 147949

It's reeeeeally bad in Japan to speak badly of your current or former company. She knows enough about the culture to know that, so I can say for certain that she got fired/they left her. They probably dropped her because of her dumb vegan shit.

No. 147964


Lol wtf? This really shows how fake Sharla is, she keeps changing herself to make everyone like her.

No. 147973

File: 1466877080399.jpg (87.62 KB, 1148x690, bbb.JPG)

This bitch be tryna sell ugly ass tshirts with publicity of her shop tf

No. 147976

Sunny is cute

No. 147992

I like sunny, anyone who can openly admit to doing plastic surgery is a good person in my book

not digging her hair color though

No. 147993

kinda offtopic but I dont know anything about the youtube business so I may just ask. why exactly do these youtubers need an agency? what do they do for them? since the only thing they do is to upload videos, I quite dont get why they ned an agency for that…

No. 147994

Will Mimei ever get rif of that horrible bangs? They look so gross ew

No. 147995

*get rid of

No. 147997


basically they act as a partner to help the youtube gain revenue through their company's connections , an agent basically

No. 148039


$30 for a plain white tee with a no name brand printed on that anyone could do on paint. Bitch is crazy lol. Modeling isn't making enough money for her?

No. 148123

>Modeling isn't making enough money for her?

Of course not, seen her face?

No. 148141

yeah it kinda seemed like a mismatch of color scheme in the first place…

No. 148152

I'm trying to get caught up here, when we say or refer to "kat" we are not referring to kat as in the one living with einshine but instead the jvlogger "kat loves osaka" right??

No. 148166

This happened after those chats from Mira and her were released. Wasn't Ashiya in the same company? Maybe they fired Sharla for being mean to Ashiya. Ashiya has a very high Japanese audience because her videos are only in Japanese. It is kinda strange how Ashiya just only started uploading too.

No. 148170

Yes, Kat is only refering to Kat loves osaka.

No. 148177

Japanese companys could not give a f u c k about the english comm's petty drama.

It's more likely they were reacting to her small comments about her agency, or the racism video kim dao put out made the jp netizens attack not only Kim, but Sharla as well.

However it is more likely Sharla just quit from her agency since they seemed strict about what content she could put on her channel(thus more uploads on her sharmander account)

No. 148178

She uploads on the Sharmander account beacuse she doesn't have to put subtitles and she can get all the $ from it. It isn't about content it is about time and money.

No. 148191

File: 1466928028467.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160626_005341.jpg)

Some anon mentioned she got a nose job so I decided to check it since I was a bit skeptical cuz she's all about being natural and she once wrote a post on Tumblr about how she loves her nose and all that bullshit… but then it appears that she did and she hasn't mentioned it at all.

No. 148204

It must have been really recent, because her nose is old from a photo 7 weeks ago on Instagram. She looks a lot better now, so good for her. I don't really find her attractive though.

No. 148205

Highly doubt she would just outright quit without having anything backing her up, because of how much she bragged about becoming a ~full time Youtuber~ and quitting her parttime job thanks to her new agency.

No. 148206

So I heard this info from a friend of someone who knows Mira personally. She isn't married.

No. 148207

>>friend of someone who knows Mira personally


No. 148208

It is true. She was at Yoyogi park last night with a bunch of Swedish people with that Pandalovestokyo girl she has been hanging out (Swedish girl).

No. 148211

How would you know though? Did she say it herself? Because then …lol.. of course she would deny it.

Are you by any chance Pandalovestokyo girl? lol. Not like you'd admit that though, since you're supposedly friends with Mira.

No. 148213

I have been pondering if I should post these conversations on PULL or here for about a week now.

No. 148214

File: 1466934420875.jpg (785.35 KB, 985x942, conversationfrommira.JPG)

No. 148215

File: 1466934433686.jpg (152.18 KB, 1459x734, image.JPG)

From the side it looks nice, but from the front it looks really bad imo, it's like her bridge has widened and her nose looks bigger kek

What's more weird for me is how has she recovered sooo fast from the nose job. She kinda hasn't stopped posting. Maybe it was nose remodelling instead? idk

No. 148216

File: 1466934438077.jpg (814.29 KB, 1172x1090, conversationfrommira2.JPG)

No. 148217

File: 1466934451652.jpg (628.37 KB, 1230x942, conversationfrommira3.JPG)

No. 148218

File: 1466934467868.jpg (773.02 KB, 1188x1057, conversationfrommira4.JPG)

No. 148219

File: 1466934479519.jpg (685.64 KB, 1034x994, conversationfrommira5.JPG)

No. 148220

File: 1466934491461.jpg (626.84 KB, 1064x1110, conversationfrommira6.JPG)

No. 148221

File: 1466934505502.jpg (466.13 KB, 1066x1018, conversationfrommira7.JPG)

No. 148222

File: 1466934514178.jpg (726.71 KB, 1386x1018, conversationfrommira8.JPG)

No. 148223

File: 1466934530942.jpg (273.5 KB, 488x514, conversationfrommira9.JPG)

She didn't reply to me after this

No. 148224

FYI It was me who blocked out the last names in black, as she had sent me the pictures just as they are with nothing blacked out at once.

No. 148225

The green lines of edits are the ones that I have put inside to show when I enlarged the images for better viewing.

No. 148228

For the record, info/discussion about Mira should go into the Mira thread unless it relates to another jvlogger

No. 148229

This thread is for Jvloggers in general.
These caps all relate to Mira / Sharla / Rachel / Kat

No. 148230

Then why do we have a Mira thread dipshit

No. 148231

The last part of the chats where Sharla pretends Rachel is sending her a "bitchy picture" is funny because it makes it very obvious Sharla was trying to make Mira angry / hate Rachel more and cause more drama. At the same time, Sharla was busy telling Rachel about how evil Mira was being. This is more than enough to suggest that Rachel had her emotions fiddled with

No. 148232

Maybe it's the lighting and angles? Her nose looks much better on the left, much smaller and less rounded

No. 148233

File: 1466936154793.jpeg (28.32 KB, 247x204, image.jpeg)

No. 148234

omg Sharla really is a bitch. I am going to send these to Rachel. I wonder what she has to say about all of this.

No. 148235

A Japanese blogger by the name Sasaki Asahi has been accumulating drama for some time now. She was a really popular beauty guru in Japan before she went to America to study English.

Japanese netizens heavily criticized her study abroad blogs because she would only hang out with other Japanese people and speak Japanese. She recently came out with another video saying she'll get back to making better videos but if you marathon her videos from when she left Japan until now, she completely changed terribly

No. 148237

I took a peek at this person's blog because I could not understand what you are talking about, her videos are not terrible, she's a relatively normal woman.

This is all off topic bc she's not a jvlogger, she's a japanese beauty guru who is currently visiting America, there's no milk.

No. 148240

She is a Japanese video blogger

Can jvloggers only be foreigners?

No. 148241


lol Rachel appears in the video

No. 148242

And she looks ridiculous. Wonder what the cultural appropiation SJW would say seeing her dressed like that lmao

No. 148243

In this video she apologizes for her lack of updates, if you compare the dislike ratio to before she moved you can see her fans were pissed

No. 148244

Hahah Kat or Sharla went on PULL to complain about us. They made a new account and everything.

No. 148246

According to her posts and stuff, it must've been done around 4 weeks ago, so it's probably still very swollen.

Go away, Mira. Geez.

Link/caps, yo. This is an imageboard.

No. 148247

yes, that's the whole point of the jvlogger thread. Foreign people who currently live in Japan and vlog about it. She is not only a native Japanese person but she isn't even in Japan currently.

but that's not drama, that not milk. Has she posted nudes, started shit with some other bloggers, scammed people, fucked someone else's boyfriend? No? If her only crime is not updating regularly enough then she doesn't deserve to be posted here (which is really stupid, I mean she's hereto study not take constant videos of herself).

No. 148249

Yes but when you get a nose job, you have to wear a plaster in your nose for at least 2-3 weeks, also your eyebags are really yellow and pronounced, it actually looks like someone has punched you. That's why I suspect it was nose remodelling with botox or silicone or w/e, but I'm not really sure since those make your nose bigger not smaller lmao

No. 148250

Okay with your logic Sasaki Asahi's precious videos are open for discussion

Her makeup tutorials are nice, especially her frozen one. I liked when she sang


No. 148253

I just checked, it was in the Mira thread right? They edited the message (not it just read "nyan") just after you posted that lmao

No. 148255

*now it just reads "nyan"

No. 148256

Same anon again, sorry, but did you see what the original message said? I'm curious now

No. 148258

JVlog refers to a community of video bloggers, known as vloggers, that live in Japan. The JVlog community is made up of foreign and Japanese nationals that make videos for YouTube. The JVlog community has many get togethers across Japan throughout the year. The biggest parties being the cherry blossom viewing party, called Hanami, in Tokyo in the early spring, and the yearly get together, also in Tokyo, in late summer or early fall. The Tokyo get togethers bring in over 100 people each year with some guests flying in from as far away as America and Europe just to join in. Other notable get together is the Kansai meet up, usually in early winter, in Kobe.


No. 148264

The PULLtard reuploaded all the pictures to a picture sharing website and complained about the ppl defending Mira

No. 148289

She is actually not nice…. Sort of a failure, really… She used to be all stuck up about making into some American law school, failed to follow through, and just went to get plastic surgery…

Her surgery wasn't even good…. Xiaxue and other shit personality bloggers are open all the time with surgery…

No. 148303

hahaha it was probably Kat or Sharla. They removed their post because the MODS will see their IP. bussssteeeeeeeeed

No. 148314

Bruising from rhinoplasty lasts 7-14 days. She probably took off the plaster for photos. And notice how she posted photos of herself without the nose showing around week 4-5, even used that dog Instagram filter to hide it.

Come on, you said it yourself. Remodeling with injections would not make it smaller. Her nostrils are much smaller as well. Whatever bruises she had left she probably used a tattoo concealer or some shit.

It's easy to hide these things unless you do tons of hangouts weekly.

No. 148330

File: 1466957886834.png (185.69 KB, 269x353, ew.png)

she should sue who ever it was who did her face

No. 148331


I looked at the cached page of the account on pull and the post is still available that way, it read

' One of Mira's lackeys has been spamming our boards this entire week with Sharla hate and Mira praise.
they just left this just a while ago http://m.imgur.com/a/3IzaL '

That was before it was edited to nyan.

No. 148332

File: 1466958014976.png (52.55 KB, 141x177, ew.png)


No. 148333

I will never understand the appeal of fake eyebags, man.

No. 148335

When i first started watching her i just thought she had an underbite
Turns out they just tried to make her chin non existant lol
It looked far better before she got it done

No. 148336

sadly a lot of girls will follow any popular trend no matter how stupid it looks

No. 148344

Are you retarded? Botox does make certain parts smaller

No. 148352

Do you think Kinoshita Yuka had ED?

I used to think so but now I've accepted she probably had a godly metabolism

No. 148360

what ed can she possibly have?? she uploads to frequently for it to be anorexia and her teeth are too decent for her to be bulimic (plus u cant purge out every single calorie can u)

No. 148362

Shut the fuck up and get out of this thread before it gets banned.

No. 148364

ED is not just anorexia and bulimia anon

No. 148477

No. 148478

Shine covers these youtubers:

It really seems like Shine is turning into a more PG filthyfrank, his english sounds a little more bearable too

No. 148484

Damn her chin is fucked up.

No. 148489

I was reading online the other day about why competitive eaters usually appear to be very thin or fit, and it said something along the lines of when you stretch your stomach so much the food doesn't get digested and you end up shitting most of it out whole, so I doesn't really have anything to do with genes or metabolism it's just that the food isn't being processed in the first place.

No. 148496

that sounds painful as hell

No. 148507

Did you change on purpose January to genuary in order to make fun of Mira?

No. 148519

absorbtion of calories happens in the intestine. it has nothing to do with the size of the stomach

No. 148533

PULL user Chloe re-posted the links to http://m.imgur.com/a/3IzaL

hahaha must have originally been Chloe who made the fake account.

No. 148534

No. 148536


No. Just Miranda trying to pretend that she has friends. For some one who says she "doesn't care what the "haterz" think". She spends a lot of time and effort trying to convince them otherwise..

No. 148537

Hi Chloe ^^

No. 148541

I was wondering who this Chloe was talking about on 2chan so I did a little search and this popped up.
Chloe uses the name "Chloe" on 2chan too, instead of anon. Most people on 2chan don't change the anon to their own name unless they want to stand out for some reason. She? has been posting on there about Mira quite often and speaks fluent Japanese and English. Another user pointed out something strange in this post

post number 370 > >

Someone calls her out for using a computer on 2chan to change their ID code multiple times a day. 2chan is not completely anon. Every day your ID changes at least once. This is to prevent samefags. Chloe used this thread to test their account to see if the ID actually changed before they would post.


No. 148543

After Chloe gets busted she tries to defend herself. Explaining that she is a girl so she can't be the other person who speaks in only very manly Japanese.

This explains why she would use "Chloe" as her name. When trying to fake your identity it is most easy to pretend you are the opposite gender. This helps you establish a completely different personality when switching between accounts.

No. 148546

Kim's profile looks terrible in this video, she did not win the genetic lottery and her haircut is not doing her any favors

No. 148572

can somebody sort out rachels eyeliner please jfc

No. 148578

Jun's english improved a lot wow

No. 148615

Man, he sounds way better than I do, and I've spoken English for like 15 years. Fuck that. lol

No. 148618

File: 1467018529145.jpeg (99.64 KB, 855x744, image.jpeg)

Oh Mimei, your mostly cute n shit but please for keks sake buy a matching eyebrow pencil

No. 148635

damn that's an oblong face

No. 148639

Salty nips who would want to hang out with/fuck white people if they were in her position.

No. 148641

Gotta love how Mimei gets salty af when people point out her greasy hair but then chooses to walk around like this

There was som vlog where she was with Joey and she made some comment like "You know some people think I don't wash my hair?lololol" and Joey had the most awkward face and just said "haha wat no way thats so mean"

No. 148642

Not even trying to be a nip worshipping weeb but once you eat japanese sushi i dont know how anyone cold ever go back and eat american sushi willingly. Especially since 90% of restaurants are chinese owned. This video is an abomination… And those fried monstrosities. fuck America man

No. 148668

Gotta agree with you. There just isn't the same taste to American sushi compared to Japanese sushi. I love sushi and whenever I eat I end up feeling disappointed because it just doesn't taste the way I remember it tasting. Meanwhile, everyone around me thinks it tastes awesome and is so fresh. I feel sad.

No. 148672

File: 1467036990044.jpg (237.75 KB, 1120x892, 96Oh9d0.jpg)

I never realised how big her arms are. and those chins kek

No. 148673

Ugh, I totally agree. America/Chinese sushi just doesn't compare.

No. 148674

Omg she looks like a gramz.
Is that really the "trust noone meme" that she posted on twitter 2 years ago when Mira and her stopped being friends? Talk about obsessed.

No. 148679

i don't even know what it is but there's something about her face that is really annoying. She's not ugly or anything just… There's something annoying about her face.. Maybe the length of it? It's kinda like Sharla and her annoying ass voice.

No. 148684

It is her chin.

No. 148692

omg those hipster glasses look stupid on most people but they look really stupid on her

No. 148693

well joey doesnt look the most hygienic either

No. 148694

She looks like jeffery dahmer

No. 148695

And I thought I had a long face. Poor girl.

No. 148696

File: 1467043984871.png (1.92 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-06-27-18-11-00…)

Is she trying to copy taylor with those glasses? No sharla you cant be like taylor the model youre frumpy looking.

No. 148712

Wats with rachel's teeth?

No. 148718

File: 1467048160149.jpg (533.96 KB, 1120x721, sharlart.jpg)

idk couldnt resist

No. 148719

File: 1467048245474.jpg (66.57 KB, 300x425, gurlno.jpg)

No. 148721

This is terrifying.

No. 148722

File: 1467048585856.png (278.02 KB, 640x715, eef.png)


No. 148723

Didn't Kooter wear these glasses first?

No. 148726

I didn't watch the video but Rachel has Invisalign

No. 148730

Sharla trying to still follow trends made for people in their early 20s makes me cringe so hard

No. 148745

people wearing glasses has always been a thing in fashion, stop reaching

No. 148746

Same. Damn

No. 148751

File: 1467054661734.jpg (178.3 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

So Grace is making creepy future baby comics

No. 148753

Yes, but they are literally the same type of oversized round librarian glasses that Kooter bought. Taylor obviously copies her.

This picture is Kota in so many different ways:

It's kind of pathetic.

No. 148764

That's true though

No. 148765

r e a c h i n g

No. 148767

That's a child on Ryosuke's family, not her dream baby.

Anyway, I see her art and storytelling skills have yet to materialise…

No. 148768

*Ryosuke's side of the family

No. 148781

No. 148783

Looking at the photos, historical copying and timeframe it's not reaching.

No. 148794

If that's the case then Ariana Grande is also copying kota by that logic. Wearing a high ponytail isn't OG by anyone's standards. That's reaching…

No. 148804

Okay but is Taylor doing that now? She's completely revamped her style to her own, are those instances of having round glasses your only milk on her?

r e a c h s o m e m o r e

No. 148805

File: 1467071635356.png (573.84 KB, 486x603, AG.png)

I don't think anon is reaching, nothing wrong with using some inspiration.

No. 148807

Idk, looks like she's trying to look like Ariana Grande here. Those lips are pretty cringy.

No. 148812

Who's this bitch copying Kylie?

No. 148814

How old are you?

No. 148824

Reeeaaach for the skkyyyy

No. 148831

Idk what everybodys on about i was talking about how sharla was trying to copy her new bestfriend (glasses, being vegan, even changing her hair). But it just looks a bit desperate i guess. Taylor did start out being a kotacopy though but she probably got tired of it and went for her own style (which imo suits her more). But she is still sticking to some kota ish things like her lips and alway wearing lenses and the fact she morphed her whole face into looking like dakotas shooped pics but she stopped with the dressing and looking like fetus thing

No. 148835

Yeah but why does it have to be only Kota she's copying? Could she not just be taking inspiration from… I don't know, fashion in general? Kota isn't the only person online who does these things as well and I'm sure she wasn't the first. It's popular in today's fashion now for a lot of people. I don't understand the obsession with Taylor copying Kota. Can't these girls just be taking a liking to the same things in fashion because they like it and not be copying specifically? I'm sure a lot of other girls like the same thing but because Kota is in Japan all girls who do their lips a certain way must be copying her.

No. 148836

Not sure I get your statement? How is the anon not reaching? Kota wasn't the first person to ever do her hair like that.

No. 148855

She has clearly always copied Kota. It's not general fashion, it's Kota's fashion that taylor straight up mimics.

No. 148859

Especially the hair. She even cut those ugly himecut sides RIGHT after Kota did. Kota let her bangs grow recently, and ~surprise~, so does Taylor.

No. 148875

Stop samefagging. And maybe learn some new vocab.

No. 148877

This anon mentioned Ariana.
This anon said reaching
I said it's not because the overall image is similar

No. 148878

Got it backwards but whatever you get it.

No. 148879

so butt hurt

No. 148895

hi taylor

No. 148914

That crazy obsessed Taylor fan is going to ruin this thread and move it to manure with their Taylor boner.

Autism chan please do us all a favor and stop shitting up threads.

No. 148959

take a look at taylor's eyes. she's doing kota's "no eye makeup" look too. The lips. the shirt even fits kota's new style.

but whatever, everyone can think what they want. i know what i think.

No. 148962

the Taylor thread was shut down because she doesnt have enough drama behind her. What Taylor's wearing fits in the style she's been doing. The taylor thread went to shit cause salty pieces of shit like you kepts trying to make it a thing seeing as for a solid year her thread was normal conversation til magically one day a few butthurts came in complaining about her cheek fillers every three seconds.

Taylor's eyemake has always been fairly 'natural'? Kota is the one who started copying. Taylor's been wearing her bangs back for months and Kota's obviously been shooping to look more like Taylor (eye shape/size etc). Even Dakota's stupid 'i'm going to wear big stupid turtlenecks' was ripped off from Taylor who was wearing that kind of stuff back in december. It takes like a minute of looking at instagram to really see who's copying who now.

No. 148963

I thinks she sort of made it her own by now maybe? Idk. It wasnt just the clothes, the makeup, the hair, the ps it was also her youtube vids at that time that was exactly like kotas (anybody remember that room tour vid).

Well it doesnt matter has anybody seen the comment section on her new video about clear skin? everybody is complaining about one of the tips she said about putting a lemon sugarscrub on your face.

No. 148968

are you fucking serious? lmfao

No. 148973

>putting a lemon sugarscrub on your face

lemon + sugar? holy shit
she doesn't know shit about skincare yet she makes a "skincare tips" video

No. 148991

shit is abrasive and simply strong for the face

No. 148996

A quote from our admin:
"You can still discuss her in the Jvlogger general thread, but not to an obsessive or extremely nitpicky degree."

>not to an obsessive or extremely nitpicky degree

>her eyeliner is copied from Kota!!!

>she ripped those glasses!!

Taylor anon stop, no one gives a shit

No. 149008

It's annoying that I can't make a simple observation or express an opinion because omg some idiot got the taylor thread locked. That obviously wasn't me. Nor did I say anything about her cheeks.

Her look aside, Taylor's carefully crafted image and faux-sincerity/your-big-sisterness is nauseating. I predict she will do something equally nauseating whenever she finally grows up.

No. 149009

It's annoying that I can't make a simple observation or express an opinion because omg some idiot got the taylor thread locked. That obviously wasn't me. Nor did I say anything about her cheeks.

Her look aside, Taylor's carefully crafted image and faux-sincerity/your-big-sisterness is nauseating. I predict she will do something equally nauseating whenever she finally grows up.

No. 149010

It's annoying that I can't make a simple observation or express an opinion because omg some idiot got the taylor thread locked. That obviously wasn't me. Nor did I say anything about her cheeks.

Her look aside, Taylor's carefully crafted image and faux-sincerity/your-big-sisterness is nauseating. I predict she will do something equally nauseating whenever she finally grows up.

No. 149015

Tell us how you really feel.

No. 149019

You can make simple observations but don't get upset when people say you're overreacting and stupid

No. 149027


>complaining about a vlog youtuber having a 'carefully crafted image'

You mean… every vlog youtuber??? Spoilers that's what works. Show me a youtuber that doesnt put forward some kind of 'persona'. Complaining that a youtuber isnt 'sincere' or that they're too crafted is asinine. I mean tbh that's most popular internet personalities. if you dont like it congrats it isnt for you but that doesnt make it bad. There are plenty of Jvloggers to complain about then actually being terrible and doing laughable things.

No. 149050

File: 1467150962620.gif (850.27 KB, 320x240, inoutxn2vy4eq6.gif)

Know idea Lolcow is full of so many sensitive whiteknights. It's at the point where no anon can criticize anything. Chill out white knights you're killing the thread.

No. 149056

>Know idea
learn to english before posting fucknuts

No. 149067

The only decent jvlogger I'l watch is AbroadinJapan. I'm British, he's British and he seems genuine enough.

Can't stand any of the girls in the jvlogging community tbh.

Used to watch gimmeaflakeman but Victor is just too immature, loud and I don't know… I used to find him bearable but I don't know how his wife puts up with him.

No. 149070

yeah victor kind of annoys me as well. his japanese is unbearable to listen to. just the way he speaks idk just irks me

No. 149072

Surprisingly Victor has actually been really quiet lately.

Hoping this means he's taking parenting more seriously and will drop out of the jvlog shithole

No. 149078

probably gave up after trying to compete with the current unbearable clique

No. 149099

File: 1467165689166.png (132.42 KB, 331x299, bb.png)

oh man the 'i just woke up' look does not suit her

No. 149100

they all go to the same vegan restaurant 3 times in two days jfc

No. 149101

unpopular jvloggers unite lol

No. 149110

She's so unfortunate looking. Even Sharla look like a supermodel next to her

No. 149117

She'd be alright if her nose wasn't so Squidward-y.

No. 149127

File: 1467173113468.png (1.25 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Randomly feeling up her plastic tits on camera. That video was so boring. "Aaaaaawwwwww pokemon name".

No. 149135

She's in that weird spectrum of plastic surgery where she got multiple procedures but didn't address obvious problem areas

No. 149152

oh that boring karaoke session. everyone was just sitting down, awkward as hell.

No. 149166

I just realized why she looks so manly. Huge mouth and nose, but tiny eyes.

No. 149167

File: 1467188079982.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.45 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Hehehe rachels face next to a big juicy dick

No. 149168

She mentioned that Sharla was staying over for "some days". Trouble in paradise? She probably had a fight with her fiance about cats again.

No. 149169

Can you guys imagine hanging out with other jvloggers? It all seems so fake, and then they always take turns recording, so whenever the ones who aren't using the camera are hanging around they're just waiting for their turn to do it. It seems really obnoxious. No way you can have a real friendship when that's all they care about. It sounds so exhausting.

No. 149171

Rachel kinda looks like Snufkin

No. 149172

is this your recommended list? interesting videos you've searched for. :^)

No. 149174

File: 1467189260807.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.06 KB, 378x293, image.jpg)

Rachel looks excited to see a big dick

No. 149175

Hehe thankx anon-san

No. 149176

straight man touches another penis for the first time is my favorite (^___^)

No. 149182

I've hung around vloggers before and they're pretty quiet/reserved when they're not filming themselves. But as soon as the cameras on selfie sticks come out they're fuckin dancing, shouting and singing and OH SO HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME OMG

No. 149208

this recommendation list hahahaha

I can imagine that

No. 149404

you are so obsessed you posted this in the thread in /pt/ too, it's starting to get creepy

No. 149419

Kelly is a fame whore. She made a video about the dangers of YouTube trying to take a stab at Mira's video and ride off the fame of that. She acts like an innocent little girl but she hangs with the snobby gals

No. 149420

That is what it is all about. No real friendships. I am sure these people can't hang out a second without filming. Real friends hang out, not make videos together. They only make videos together because more views = more $. Lazy view = less time spent.

No. 149469

wow thtis thread has really come to shit

No. 149499


The only thing that really connects them Ll is the fact that they believe they are supperior to other girls their age because they get to live a kewl as fuck youtuber life in ze nihonz. If you'd take this away from them they'd just be the most boring human beings out there. Maybe except for Tay sunce she's a model, but the rest: plain ass boring. They literally don't do anything else or have any other passion like sports or reading or what ever.

No. 149503

> they believe they are supperior to other girls their age because they get to live a kewl as fuck youtuber life in ze nihonz
i disagree there.
yea they can be bitchy, do stupid shit on repeat, and are lolworthy but how do they act superior? all they do is talk about food and stupid stuff they do in japan.
just becasue you feel inferior doesnt mean they think they are superior

No. 149537


Just look at Sharla and her newfound Veganism. She's pushing it to be superior because "she cares about animals guys"

She clearly didn't care before.

No. 149559

Well I don't know about you but no one is born vegan. kek so then every vegan person didn't care about animals before they became one by what you just said.

No. 149586

ok but if you are vegan because you have certain morals regarding treatment of animals, OR you are not a vegan because you dont have value the same morals, neither one is superior.
you must be one of those people that feels threatened by all vegans.
ima let you in on a secret, not all vegans are whackadoos like freelee the banana girl

No. 149593

Usually Japanese people that study abroad where there are a lot of other Japanese exchange students stick together. That's what it's like in my city and they barely learn any English by the end of their stay lol

No. 149667

for example UCLA = UC Lots of Asians lol and yea they do band together, speak their native tongue, and dont enhance their english

anyway, taylors new gig

No. 149688

Taylor's kid sister's getting married. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHRuKS5AsYI/

No. 149690

File: 1467342136194.png (88.96 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 149691

File: 1467342364738.jpeg (56.47 KB, 422x491, image.jpeg)

No. 149692

File: 1467342597300.png (83.4 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 149695

NO ONE GIVES A SHIT about your old ass lame screenshots. Kindly just fuck off.

No. 149700

That's Sandra No Sekai's vlog about Hanami in 2014. That's old shit though. Nobody cares. And Sandra is 100x much nicer than Mira will ever be.

No. 149701

FYI that is Sharla whom is talking trash, not Mira.

No. 149702

I know, but it seems she's just posting all these screen shots to shit on Sharla and make herself look innocent. She's just as bad.

No. 149709

I don't think she is guilty at all. I have seen all the conversations but I have yet to see any hard core evidence that Mira was the bad person Sharla claims. These conversations only show Sharla was a person not to be trusted. Sharla fooled Rachel into making that video. All of Sharlas claims in the "Mira report" that Kat leaked for her have been proven wrong.

Mira was in Sweden in December. So she couldn't be the one to log into Sharlas account on Facebook.

Mira didn't have any problem with Sharlas Korean boyfriend or Sharlas tattoos. In the conversation between Mira and Sharla, Sharla herself says that it was a Japanese man who had problem with her tattoo. Sharla told Rachel that Mira tried to cover it up and that a Japanese guy said the tattoo was cool.

Sharla even played with Mira. Mira wanted to mail Rachel to make up for the dresslink fight. Sharla said that Rachel thought Mira hated her, and sent her a "bitchy picture".

But now that we have all of Sharla and Rachel's conversations it is obvious that Sharla never tried to stop Mira and Rachel from fighting at all. Sharla was trying to make Rachel mad at Mira, and Mira mad at Rachel.

That alone is motif to convince the whole J-blogging community that Mira was guilty. Rachel and Kat made the videos. Sharla doesn't look bad at all. If Mira sued for misinformation, it would have been Rachel whom would have took the fall because SHE was the one who made the video.

Kat released the personal conversations, tried to get Miras ex boyfriends information, released his pictures online all because Sharla wanted her to do this. Sharla is controlling everyone to do her evil work.

No. 149710

I don't think she is guilty at all. I have seen all the conversations but I have yet to see any hard core evidence that Mira was the bad person Sharla claims. These conversations only show Sharla was a person not to be trusted. Sharla fooled Rachel into making that video. All of Sharlas claims in the "Mira report" that Kat leaked for her have been proven wrong.

Mira was in Sweden in December. So she couldn't be the one to log into Sharlas account on Facebook.

Mira didn't have any problem with Sharlas Korean boyfriend or Sharlas tattoos. In the conversation between Mira and Sharla, Sharla herself says that it was a Japanese man who had problem with her tattoo. Sharla told Rachel that Mira tried to cover it up and that a Japanese guy said the tattoo was cool.

Sharla even played with Mira. Mira wanted to mail Rachel to make up for the dresslink fight. Sharla said that Rachel thought Mira hated her, and sent her a "bitchy picture".

But now that we have all of Sharla and Rachel's conversations it is obvious that Sharla never tried to stop Mira and Rachel from fighting at all. Sharla was trying to make Rachel mad at Mira, and Mira mad at Rachel.

That alone is motif to convince the whole J-blogging community that Mira was guilty. Rachel and Kat made the videos. Sharla doesn't look bad at all. If Mira sued for misinformation, it would have been Rachel whom would have took the fall because SHE was the one who made the video.

Kat released the personal conversations, tried to get Miras ex boyfriends information, released his pictures online all because Sharla wanted her to do this. Sharla is controlling everyone to do her evil work.

No. 149711


I understand what you are saying, and i guess i must have used the wrong word. What i simply meant is that their japanese life style is all that dfines them. And of course they are showing off i mean who wouldn't? But to me this is really annoying since most of them have nothing else about them except their life in japan. And of course they do, they live there, right? But i found, that their channel became too centered about how amazing their lifes are as opposed to what living there is like. Abroad in Japan is doing a pretty good job with this. He is showing us the country from his POV. And we learn with him. We never see him out and about, quirky at a cute cafe talking about dangan ronpa merch.
But yes, thats where my taste differs from others.
Taylor is cringey imo BUT she is talking a lot about modeling in asia/modeling in general a lot. I find this makes up for a little bit kore variety in her videos than, say, Sharla who does ugly af clothing videos from time to time or takes us with us to the cool depachikas…
Anyway, you have to admit, even when its just a tiny bit: they are pretty full of them selves.. If i were one of em i'd propably be too.

No. 149714

Are you Mira, rody, or that ugly ass bitch Lola (or whatever the fuck her name was)?

No. 149715


Really? She couldn't find a nicer way to title her video?

No. 149716

We should have mini game on this thread of who can post the funniest fucking picture of a creature that looks like Mira just to piss her off.

No. 149720

I agree.
I will never like Mira but it's clear that Sharla isn't innocent. Even if the screenshots are doctored it doesn't change what she has written before. Sharla is two-faced and deserves a lot more shit for what she has done.

No. 149721

After reading these all I wonder who will be her next victim. Kim dao? If I was Kim I would keep Taylor and slowly move away from Sharla or prepare for another meltdown. I wonder what Sharlas excuse for sticking up for Shine after the video?

"Don't worry I hate him too but I can't say anything because he knows all my secrits and will hurt me :( "

"Hey Shine good video, haha we already made one about Venus. Next is Koti :P"

No. 149727

I dont see anything wrong with it

No. 149728

The pressure is on tay!! Will you marry for that visa? Who knows!!!

No. 149732


FUCK OFF with the oldass Sharla-Mira drama. IT'S NOT FUCKING INTERESTING anymore. WE DON'T FUCKING CARE. Stop ruining the thread jfc

No. 149739

Please, not this thing anymore. I just said Sharla's just as bad, but I don't need your history lesson about how innocent Mira is. Just no. Talk about her on /pt instead.

No. 149764

God save the weeb-queen!

No. 149845

don't know why you insist on bringing up irrelevant shit from two fucking years ago, but hey, I'll bite. MIRA IS STILL A PIECE OF SHIT. she entertained sharlas shit behavior instead of ending it, she isn't 'innocent' by any means, you fucking retard, we know that Mira edited those screenshots, we've seen the originals. besides, glancing through your novella shows even you didn't read nor comprehend the screenshots, so please, stop samefagging to agree with yourself.

I remember coming across her channel and thought she was super cringey. didn't she get a node job? her nose seems even wider, as if she got her nose bridge slimmed but said fuck the nostrils. her face overall bothers me even more now, thanks to those ridiculous eye bags.

No. 149851

She's had a nose job, jaw/v-line botox, lip injections, a boob job.. And yet she's still unattractive. I think it's the lips that ruined her. She looked more feminine with her normal lips.

No. 149864

She needs a better nose job, keep up with the jaw Botox, stop lip fillers and smaller eyebrows and then she'd look like a woman.

No. 149865

What? Don't say that because I do think this is relevant! This whole time I thought Mira was the one who created sockpuppets until I saw those posts from Sharla. This proves Mira is innocent and Sharla was never to be trusted. Rachel was tricked!

No. 149871

Biibii didn't have a nose job, her nose bridge has always been narrow like that..but I know she wants a nose job cause I've seen her comment on a lot of other beauty gurus videos about their nose job. I doubt she is done with having more procedures..her face proportions are so strange

No. 149875

File: 1467428268547.png (52.46 KB, 645x575, lolrly.png)

Yes she will.

>I suit Asian men more than Western men because of my image. Western men may find me a bit weird.

>Most of the time, I’m attracted to Asian guys. My ex is Asian too.

Getting to live in a place full of her type, awesome!

No. 149880

File: 1467430789558.jpeg (89.85 KB, 742x740, image.jpeg)

It's not that it's narrow, it's her bottom half that's fucking huge. Those drag shaped lips aren't exactly helping.

No. 149882

File: 1467431040681.jpeg (75.51 KB, 750x733, image.jpeg)

Lips, 2014

No. 149883

I cant tell if that dude is asian or white

No. 149884

she looks so much better like this shaped brows and smaller lips

No. 149889

File: 1467433253532.jpg (23.79 KB, 600x429, no.jpg)

No. 149890

lmao get over it psycho

No. 149891


Hi there Sharla.

No. 149892

no, it isn't relevant. it's halfway through 2016 and this happened around 2013-2014 so please stop attempting to stir the pot with your shit stick.
it does not prove Mira is innocent T all (it just makes her look worse), for example, if you look at sharlas screenshots you can see that Miranda deleted her "haha I made a fake account" text. it's not that hard to read. not replying to you after this, because I cannot believe someone can be so thickheaded.

I just figured out who she reminds me of: vanilla chamu!! she looks like an Asian that's trying to look white…or a Gangnam unnie tbh. not an extreme one obviously, but getting there.

I don't get it, why get the V line surgery if she gets lip fillers? that makes no sense to me at all. wouldn't fuller lips make your chin appear smaller anyway? wait, a sort of memory came to me while typing this. she did it to her wide jaw, right? back near the molars? still, wouldn't fuller lips help with that appearance?

No. 149893

Why are you trying to cover up anything? That could be anything. That is one part that Mira deleted. Sharla has said many times that she needs to make a fake account, She wants Ashiya deported, They should make a hate website and talk bad about girls, She has a fake account but needs more. For all we know Mira could have been talking about another fake account that Sharla told her to make. Mira seems like the type who does what other people tell her to do. Sharla seems to be the one who forced her to do any of that.

No. 149897

She looks more femiine there, now she looks like one of those thai ladyboys.

No. 149898

Sharla lied to Rachel and Mira in those conversations. Anything Rachel knows form Sharla is now a lie. It makes Rachels claims in the video non valid. Sharla cried wolf. "help me Mira is giving my address, my info, hates my bf hates korea! hates china! hates tattoos!!" and cries to the whole Jvlogging community.

It was nothing but a big scam. She is a two faced cunt who doesn't get any shit for this because you keep saying it is old news. It is not old news. These conversations were just released. It makes all the claims from 2 years ago not valid.

Which actually makes me start to wonder if it is true that Mira knew they all knew it wasn't true. She keeps saying that everyone knows it is true but wont admit they are wrong. It is really what it looks like at this point.

The last 2 years people have been looking for more evidence to come forward and it finaly has. It just so happens to prove Sharla was the one who lied.

No. 149900

File: 1467434366487.png (199.78 KB, 284x389, hick.png)

tldr how about no


No. 149901

That's Mira talking in the third person, insisting she is innocent, so don't bother arguing. She's upset that Sharla got out of their friendship "unharmed" so she's trying to get back at her. Whatever happened to "muh privacy", posting private conversations without consent when it's not allowed in Japan.

No. 149904

Lol okay so you are not Sharla. Jee could you pick a better picture of yourself to post it is going to haunt me.

No. 149907

It was Kat who posted all of these originally. She wanted to show people on PULL the stuff that was sent to her. Kat also posted Sharla and Rachels conversations.

No. 149911

I really don't care.

No. 149913

Why do you come here if you don't care to talk about J-vloggers and exposing them for what they do? Really? If you are going to have a topic about J-vloggers in general than all of us have the right to have our say. If you don't like it then you don't have to comment on it. The fact that there are several people in here posting about MiraSharlaRachelKat drama means there are people interested. You think we care that you are not? You are trying to derail this and it actually makes you look like Sharla or one of her friends defending her.

No. 149914

Mira has her own thread on /pt, go shit on that one.

No. 149915


No. 149923

It's crazy to me how she puts so much effort in to her appearance but doesn't realize she's making herself look worse. Even the ash hair clashes so bad with her olive skin.

No. 149930

We care about exposing them just not over Mira related petty bullshit

No. 149943

File: 1467446742544.jpeg (20.45 KB, 511x288, image.jpeg)

No. 149946


fucking kek

No. 149960

File: 1467455060383.png (900.57 KB, 1414x1083, 20160702_182318.png)

> muh revenue

Does she ever stop complaining?

No. 149962

Don't you get to choose your own thumbnail?

No. 149963

why tf would you pick that as your thumbnail

No. 149978

Dang. Another Canadian. What is happening up there?

No. 149981

Always knew ElaineMokk was a weeaboo what with her copious amounts of Japan Make up/Snack hauls. Didn't think she would actually make the move to Japan, though.
When will it end.

No. 149983

> "I'm not trying to be a j-vlogger"
> proceeds to talk about wanting to be more "vloggy" in the future (most likely in japan)


No. 149985

I'm not even surprised after all she's been hanging out with Kim before

No. 149995

Gross tokyo is infested

No. 149997

This girl has the most unfortunate face. She's also the biggest fucking drama whore ever, so this should be interesting

No. 150000


Fucking hell. Is everyone going to move to Japan? It's like a new contest to try and compete who is the most kawaii and ugu foreigner on the market.

No. 150001

ugh not this chick… she lives in my city (toronto)

No. 150002

File: 1467470419453.png (131.44 KB, 413x406, 12342.png)

No. 150004

Wow her nose looks really huge from that angle.

No. 150006

It's like Japan is some kind of vlog mecca. I'm currently an exchange student here, and there is ton of foreign students trying to vlog about Japan.
And it's always same the shit. "Look! A ~*Japanese*~ convenience store! Amazing you guys!" "Shibuya crossing, Pokemon center! Wow Harajuku so crazy!"

Why the fuck do they think they are interesting?

No. 150008

she looks like Robin Williams when he laughed. crazy.

no one cares besides you. go to her thread if you want to talk about boring shit.

No. 150010


Six years ago it wasn't probably much of a thing compared to now where everyone is trying to do the exact same thing and try being some foreign quirk. Unless you started out way back and have gradually built a name for yourself as well as collabing with god knows who and ect people don't give a fuck. Well if you're a certain person or good looking maybe it'll work out. But it's the same thing.

I've yet to see a foreigner who's female do more blogger/vlogger things like girls do in the west. Instead of "omg kawaii pudding!" and I know Taylor R is TRYING to do it. Idk if i'm making sense here…?

Everyone is always doing the same issues about "dating in Japan", "Do Japanese men think Im attractive? Im black so am I pretty here?" and its annoying.

No. 150045

This last two sentences made me laugh so much, so true lol

No. 150083


That idiot Yuta and some other Japanese guy along with a fuck ton of foreigners are making those kinds of videos.

Its tiring.

No. 150085


Plus why the questions? Men will fuck anything regardless of their race of their own

No. 150180

weebs ultimate dream is to taste glorious pixelated dick

No. 150271

>Everyone is always doing the same issues … "Do Japanese men think Im attractive? Im black so am I pretty here?" and its annoying.
because idiot people never stop asking. if you read comments on any video/blog about life in japan, people keep asking "omg will i be ok in japan?" without ever researching for their own damn selves

No. 150273

yup who has the biggest dick contest

not for long ;)

No. 150281

File: 1467551003113.jpg (64.23 KB, 783x429, t.JPG)

do you think she is going back to HK or somewhere else and leave japan?
honestly i would like her more if she did. weebs and wannabes need to see that living in japan isnt the magical solution to get you famous

No. 150282

> "I'm moving to Tokyo by the way =^.^="

Of course, where else would you be? It's not even a huge deal for foreigners to move there anymore. It truly is just an infestation now.

Tokyo was probably the only place she's ever been to in Japan before making the huge leap of moving there because she "felt like she belonged there". (Which sounds like complete bullshit to me considering how she doesn't speak a lick of japanese and is just some stupid gaijin tourist as far as the japanese are concerned)

Why doesn't she just call herself a weeaboo and stop using some shit sob story as an excuse.

No. 150283

True. I feel like Dakota is the one copying Taylor these days and not vice versa. Dakota was also sporting the baseball cap, and Taylor has been wearing those for ages now.

No. 150284

What is her ethnicity?

No. 150287

thai lol

No. 150293

>"felt like she belonged there"
this is the weeb mating call lol

No. 150296

God wtf is wrong with her.
What a horrible image. Why would she show this?!

Viral views.

No. 150306

No one gives a shit if you would like her more. Taylor has videos on her channel explaining why she left HK and the modelling scene there why would she go back now?

Seriously Taylor is one of the least annoying 'Jvloggers' because she doesnt talk about 'living in japan~' every three seconds and she's not constantly doing 'wow look at this JAPANESE thing' even when she went to the Ryokan with her BF it was more of a 'here's the spa I'm at' rather than 'WOW look at how JAPANESE it is kawaii desu wa~'.

No. 150327


Kooter is trying to stay relevant.

She would be better off ganging together with these nomads but then if she did she'd be exposed and it'd take her ages to shoop herself in all the idiot pictures they'd take.

No. 150328


Exactly. Everyone moves to Tokyo now, so what? I mean it's cool and everything but it's not something new. All the weebs on the internet will just end up living there. The next 20 years in Japan will consist of hafu blonde hair slitty eyed babies and they'll wonder why full blood Japanese hate themselves because all the models they adore and crave look like kooter spawns.

No. 150329

No. 150333


After seeing an ex samurai with a black wife in some old ancient ass picture off the internet I think I will fine going to Japan. But seeing how all these weebs get married out there. Clearly it isn't a race thing. People keep making it a race thing.

No. 150334


Yeah I agree Tay is more normal.

No. 150379

New video by Taylor.
The video is fine, but her fashion style is… ugh

No. 150386


I know. All that money and her style sucks ass. Kota all those fans and again, model and her style sucks ass.

No. 150389

I like Taylor's style

No. 150392

same I think it have a lot to do with general style. I like her casual kinda girlish but also tomboy casual wear? It looks super comfy.

No. 150393

Yea i think thats it, i could never wear the short ass shorts but its a nice simple style. Not too flashy or attention drawing.

No. 150406

> liking funny shorts, completely broken jeans and overall dress that looks like a uniform for aunts working in kindergarden

Ok type of video though

No. 150409

She said herself she wasnt sure about the shorts I'm sure she thought the shorts wouldnt stick out that far and would flare more like a skirt, broken jeans are pretty in and yeah I'm not a huge fan of the dress thing but it looks comfy as fuck and like it would get a nice breeze especially in the tokyo humidity

No. 150440

She can't even pronounce Akihabara right kek. In what way could she possibly feel a sense of belonging in a country like Japan? Even gaijins who've lived there for a long time admit to feeling like something of an "alien" to the japanese, what's so special about her?
She really is just a weeaboo lmao

No. 150459

File: 1467614109638.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-04-04-35-01…)

Wasnt this the same place taylor made a vid about with her bf? also that last comment lol

No. 150460

Hakone is very famous/common for weekend trips, so I don't really see anything between the two.

Fucking lol at the comment though.

No. 150469

File: 1467616620155.png (60.37 KB, 217x179, Capture.PNG)

Is it just me, or is unrested running out of ideas lol

No. 150483

File: 1467625226170.gif (954.29 KB, 285x235, mr_chang_senor_chang_laugh_spi…)

No. 150557

Looks like Sharla got her main channel back.


No. 150567

Man, I cant even stand watching her vids these days. Her face freaks me out way to much.

No. 150568

No. 150572

so now she's not in an agency. wouldn't that make her visa invalid (which I suppose is a working visa)? what's she gonna do now to stay in glorious nippon??

No. 150575

It's amazing how different she looks without the shitty makeup and gigantic circle lenses.

It seemed like she was slowly ditching the retarded kawaiiiii shit for something more like normcore-ish (which… at least looked more age appropriate I guess), but nah. Still trying to dress like a 8 year old, just a slightly less frilly one. Hope she doesn't go nuts with the plastic surgery as she ages, that last round of fillers made her look like a sideshow freak.

No. 150591

She'll probably bump up the wedding plans

No. 150605

I used to like a lot of the stuff Taylor wore but she seems to be veering off into slightly behind the times kpop fan territory now, too many baseball caps and slogan/graphic tops. Everything in that video was Chinese eBay seller tier.

No. 150644

her boyfriend is korean so…

No. 150669


Her style is just tacky

No. 150688

Taylors bf is korean?

No. 150784

We don't know that.

No. 150809

sharlas boyfriend is korean we dont know about taylors

No. 150888

Taylors sister is funny looking they dont look related

No. 150894


Doesn't matter anon. He carries azn seed in his man pouch and that's all that Tay needs in order to breed a hafu child for the nip industry.

No. 150895

Jm pretty sure theyre already married (on paper) She wears the ring.
She probably just doesnt say 'my husband' because they didnt have the ceremony

No. 150896

File: 1467720029991.jpeg (109.45 KB, 1081x780, image.jpeg)

Personally i don't mind Taylor. For me, she is the most interessting of the fucking uninteressting bunch of jvloggers. At least she DOES something.

But sweet lord i know the whitknights will rise over this one but how can she not be annoyed by her own hair? Whatever she does there's strands everywhere doing whatever. It is WAY too long and while it is healthy, yes, it looks like shit. I am so sorry. Self made curls look crap on this length and it looks crap straight. If she only had her hair cut to chest length or, which would look super cute: shoulder length. It is beyond me. It just looks crappy, sorry.

No. 150897

File: 1467720064520.jpeg (89.33 KB, 947x760, image.jpeg)

No. 150905

oh my god, if someday I go to Japan I won't see Japanese people, i'll only see weebs and canadians.

No. 150966

I think it's weird that the Canadian J-vloggers are dating non-Japanese or half-Japanese guys despite living in Japan…

- Sharla's husband is Korean

- Taylor has heavily implied that her boyfriend is not Japanese (I think HK)

- Micaela's boyfriend Tatsu is half-Chinese (or Japanese-born Chinese?)

- Mira's likely banging Rody.

No. 150970

who's rody??

No. 150971

I guess japanese luckily don't fall for weebs

No. 151003

So true. I hate looking at out of control long hair. The people who have it think it looks so pretty but in reality they look like the girl from the ring. I wish she would cut at least a foot off, it would look so much nicer.

No. 151011

I think it makes sense, japs are notoriously xenophobic. Foreigners are probably more likely to be open to dating other foreigners.

No. 151039

> Taylor has heavily implied

No. 151043


Lol nah I've seen and know foreigners who are dating/married to Japs. Just depends on the person maybe all these girls are so repulsive it doesn't go right for them

No. 151044

Yes, but I was just pointing out how it wasn't weird that most of them are dating other foreigners. Not that Japanese won't date foreigners at all.

No. 151050


Ah right. Probably just… who they've ended up with I guess?

Also since Venoos kawaii princessu will be coming back to YT soon she'll turn into a Jvloggers anyway. She'll be one of the many others married to a Japanese guy.

We all know Koots is secretly married too so yh

No. 151053


What is Rody anyway? He's ugly as fuck. Jap and what else? So… if Mira and him shack up with a baby… what will it even be?

What kinda name is Rody anyway? Isn't that like some 70s centric mafia shitty name or something you'd name your dog?

No. 151076

No. 151092

I love Taylor's long hair,
Shoulder length is so plain every girl who cannot take decent care of their hair has shoulder length hair already to hide the fact it breaks around that point.

A-line bob or Hip length is the cutest

No. 151098

I agree. I don't like the color, it's so unnatural. And the hair looks super dry. She's probably scared that she'll not stand out anymore if she cuts it.

No. 151099

There's an anon thinking she knows more than us. She makes shit up about Taylor all the time, so without screenshots, I'd just ignore it.

No. 151185

File: 1467768505310.png (215.05 KB, 1202x352, Picture1sas.png.4d91640c77a4d7…)


Here is when she implied he's not Japanese.

No. 151229

File: 1467771038516.gif (1.73 MB, 400x400, 280.gif)

that face when someone tries to spam the thread being too fuck ignorant to realize that long posts are put behind a readmore

No. 151236

File: 1467771620994.jpeg (267.76 KB, 3000x1688, image.jpeg)

That anon needs some help

No. 151457


I just think it's weird that it's all the CANADIAN Jvloggers that are dating half-Japanese/not Japanese people living in Japan.

The Americans Grace and Rachel got their Japanese husbands, and Venus of course. No Canadians with the Japanese husbandos afk

No. 151458

File: 1467779275208.png (36 KB, 320x868, efsdvc.png)

wat's goin on

No. 151459

somebody envies Taylor, that's all

No. 151655

I don't understand the autistic hate this person has for Taylor.

I asked her (Tay) for some advice and she responded so quickly and we had a nice conversation.

Sure her fillers and style are a personal taste but she's really likeable in conversation

No. 151847

if it is the right topic, she will talk to you. But some (harmless) topics are taboo.

No. 151886

I really liked this vlog of her hanging out with another model, no weeb shit or other obnoxious vloggers

No. 151914


Whilst i don't agree that her hair looks dry i do agree that she's props scared to lose her doll-like look (mot doll like as in 'Veenoos Angelicus dolly but rather a norml doll) but it reaaaally looks weird. Espedially when she curls it. Chest length would look so gorgeous!

No. 151921

File: 1467837258635.gif (277.06 KB, 500x281, sakamoto.gif)

that anon be like

No. 151928

why are all these foreign models ugly af

No. 151951

Because Japan has a different beauty standard. Most Asian models who are popular in the west are not really appreciated over here.

No. 151962

It was a bit weird how the Polish model kept saying arigatou and threw in random Japanese words while talking to Taylor in the taxi

No. 151970

Jealous weeb. I like nitpicking Taylor and discussing her but at the end of the day she's beautiful and runs around doing whatever she likes while her rich chink boyfriend bankrolls all her designer shit and expensive lifestyle.

Sponsored kek. No way Taylor wears this eBay shit off camera.

No. 151973

Yeah the only girls I know with ridiculously long hair have it because they have low self esteem so they hide behind it, or they want attention and it makes them feel "special".

No. 151975

Even I used to do that. Being "all hair" makes it easy to hide. People don't notice you as you, so it helps for people who kinda hate themselves. It really ages people too.

No. 152078


I see! But i eon't think tay has low self esteem, does she? I mean idk.. I can't look inside her but she's a model, i guess you need a tiny bit of confidence in this business.

I just wonder why she holds on to this look after all those years. especially this weird "ears sticking out of hair" look. If she wore it shorter she could bring more volume to her hair and hide the ears (in before someone points out that she has protruding ears)

No. 152079


No. 152096

gosh she is so cringeworthy

i see that she keeps ignoring the rhinoplasty issue acting as if her nose is the same as always and blatantly ignoring asks regarding this issue lmao what the fuck

No. 152098

loool, only Kimdao left now.

No. 152100

' This is NOT a sponsored video, '
lol why tf would stylenanda ie biggest fashion store in korea sponsore when they have like ji hyo wear their stuff

lol clearly you have no idea about korean/'kpop' fashion

No. 152101

She is in Korea just for a few days

No. 152103

Taylor mentioned in this video that she's probably going to cut her hair in the future (20:30)
Tbh her long hair is not that bad; it's kind of fluffy and has volume which is quite impressive considering how long it is, but I hate her hair color. A bob haircut would work on her but not chest length hair…it's such a boring haircut.

No. 152105

Surprise surprise
That hair color makes her look dead
And sorry nor sorry, shes so boring

She wont go vegan. Asians love their meat too much. No meal is complete without it.

You missed the point

No. 152117

And Tay everytime the other model spoke in japanese was like 'ye'

No. 152124

I found it a bit strange too but I figured shes just been talking Japanese for so long that the words kinda come naturally to her. I think she mentioned she went to Japan for the first time at age 15 or 16?

No. 152126

She didn't imply he's non japanese at all. She just said she's not sure why people would assume he is. Her choice of words is carefully thought so she doesnt have to give a straight answer

No. 152127

she was cute as fuck lol she was so… peculiar. and charming. i hope tay does more videos with her if only to keep the leechy jvlogger crew away. taylor should just seperate herself from them imo.

No. 152134

> Asians love their meat too much.

Kick it down a notch racist chan

No. 152162



hence why koots doesn't get involved

No. 152165

koots doesnt get involved because in her head she's 'too good' for them. She's always 'too good' for anyone who isnt willing to suck up to her 10000% she cant deal aka why she has no friends.

No. 152171

i hope taylor and alexa become genuine friends. alexa is the perfect vlogging buddy for her. they're both models, alexa has a cat taylor has a dog, alexa is more cutesy taylor is more chill- they complement each other sooo well. and these two can have a much more organic friendship that isn't built on "hey wanna do a video with me for my channel? totally love u uwu!!! <333". these jvlogger friendships are so transparent lol. they only give a shit about leeching off each other for views and subscribers. taylor already has a lot going for her in terms of blogging content/ideas and she has no drama whereas the jvlogger crew i guess has some petty shit going on. this is my inner introvert/loner speaking lmao but tbh taylor gives off those "i'd rather work alone than in a group" vibes anyway. like there's more cons than pros to being friends with sharla and mimei and whatever. shrug.

No. 152172

no please, no more videos with that boring ugly alexa bitch, i almost fell asleep watching the vlog

No. 152174

Would you rather have seen a "crazy JAPANESE pet clothing store!~" video with Sharla in it?

No. 152176

she just acted a little awkward but imo there's potential. she's charming and sweet and seems to like taylor. it was refreshing since alexa is a model too and it actually gave taylor a chance to remind us that she is in fact a model which is her trademark basically. she's not some gaijin with a marriage visa going to pokemon cafes. maybe it would motivate taylor to put more effort into her modeling career? like vlogging with alexa on a day at work or something would be sooo interesting to watch. it's different.

EXACTLY her videos with sharla and mimei were so annoying and fucking stupid all they did was do those youtube challenges which? basically just made her like any other youtuber? and not even a good one lol those videos have no views. i don't think any of her fans give a shit about mimei or sharla taylor is basically doing them the favor. they're ugly and uninteresting. the point of a vlogging buddy is like adding a character to a show like, you want to get to know these people. i didn't know who mimei or sharla were until they started popping up in her videos. and i still don't care. what's there to know? more about their husbands? what it's like to live in NIPPON LAND OF KAWAII like yaaaawn. i'd love to know more about alexa. they can even do videos in poland like the possibilities are endless she's truly a door to a wide variety of content.

No. 152180

do sharla & co. have jobs?

No. 152238

ofc, they are ~full time youtuberzz~

No. 152292

Yes, it's worded so we don't know if he's Japanese or not. But since she didn't mention his ethnicity in the video, plus the "when he's in the country" part of her comment, I think it's safe to assume that he's not. She was guided by Sharla to make her boyfriend video, so Sharla probably told her to be careful not to mention his ethnicity since she got some hate from the Japanese right-wing for dating a Korean.

Also, some of the PULLtards were also saying that when he spoke for like 3 seconds in the video he sounded like he had a Chinese accent. I'm going to assume that he's not Japanese…

No. 152304

Sharla does. Translation/interpretation gigs

No. 152350

if he's chinese i wonder how often she's been in the country then to have actually started a relationship and what not. realistically they've probably been acquainted for years.

No. 152429

Probably from Hong Kong if he's Chinese since she's lived there for a while and, I think, traveled there in the past year or so.

No. 152477

i agree. it just makes sense that he is from HK and she has posted a few things in cantonese recently.

No. 152729

Oh god, I can already hear Sharlas annoying voice.


No. 152994

She's had a grand total of one translating job since she's started YouTube, and it was only a few lines in a movie. She hasn't translated anything else since.

On her Twitter she was bitching about reading an article in Japanese, saying "that's enough Japanese reading for the next year". Wow, much translator.


No. 153004

> An Evening in Tokyo, Japan | KimDao in JAPAN
lmfao at the fucking title. "chek out this JAPAN vlog of me IN JAPAN showing out JAPANESE THINGS in JAPAN!!1one"

No. 153017

How many "Shopping in JAPAN" videos does one person need? I know she's naturally a pretty dull person, but it's like she's not even trying.

No. 153064

Uhh anon you do you realize they have lives off YouTube, too? I doubt she's going to make a video every time she translates an article.

No. 153111


And she went to a vegan restaurant with Sharla and Co. I bet she does go vegan at this point.

No. 153126

Yeah, but this is Sharla we're talking about. She have no life whatsoever.

No. 153152

She doesn't have a job translating articles. Her tweet is talking about how reading a Japanese article was enough Japanese reading for her for the year. If she's saying things like that, I don't think she's translating on a regular basis.

Tl;dr, she is a full-time YouTuber with an occasional side gig (her movie job).

No. 153234

File: 1468124233360.jpg (63.16 KB, 750x598, image.jpg)

Can we talk about how rachels new cat attacked her husband he almost lost his eye it was so bad that he had to go to emergency room n the cat is meowing so loud at night that it keeps up the neighbors n the fucking cat is ugly as shit

No. 153262

Maybe she will realize that feral cat sometimes don't always turn out submissive after a good health runthrough and a safer change of environment.
I don't remember if one of the things they did was to neuter the cat but lemme tell you: I used to have a cat that lived with me, my boyfriend and my roommate who prior to us lived in a neighboring apartment and was left to die practically. The cat was living off of garbage and was doing well once we checked him out, fed him well, etc. Then he took a liking to my boyfriend but attacked me and my room mate. He would also meow constantly which never bothered me but did scare me because whenever he chewed up my legs he drew blood. He left when my room mate left but I feel bad because the cat obviously was messed up.

No. 153266

If a cat attacked my husband and nearly blinded him, that cat would be gone. Some cats are not meant to be pets! Also, if its meowing constantly, it does not want to be there. Why can't they [the neighbors] have the cats removed?

No. 153287

if she "rescued" that cat as an adult from the street that cat is pretty much thinking "thanks for letting me stay here! time for me to go now! no serioUSLY TIME FOR ME TO FUCKING GO NOW LET ME OUT OF HERE." cats born on the street rarely form a bond with a human as kittens and once they pass that they'll never be domesticated. they tolerate human companionship but they truly want to be
#free. feral cats get more issues than dogs raised on the street except you can't train cats. she literally just needs to let it back in the street again in like a nice neighborhood tbh.

No. 153310

From her first video about its health checkup she said it was about 6 months old so it's still just a kitten. My cat was an absolute asshole for the first year and a half we had him before he calmed down. Male cats are worse, too.
She said it already sleeps with her and sits on her lap so I don't think it's having any trouble bonding. It's just a crazy kitten. I think you're being too hasty. You shouldn't throw a pet away after only a week because it's tougher to take care of it than you thought. Any pet needs more time than that to adapt to a new home and be trained.

No. 153313

don't talk if you have no fucking idea on these topics

No. 153347

Calm down..nothing gets anons fired up like pet care lol

No. 153353


I think Sharla may have done something for the new Godzilla movie but I'm not 100% sure, I guess she will talk about it when the movie is premiered at the end of july, in case she did something for it.

As you said, she is full-time youtuber, she even did a video about quiting her previous job to go full-time with youtube.

No. 153387


Not same anon but it's true. You cannot tame feral cats. best thing to do is neuter/spay them and release them back into a nice neighborhood. We tag feral cats who are neutered in nyc.

No. 153494

Surprise, surprise, Sharla did another video about vegan things. Does it piss anyone else off when she talks about how easy it is to be vegan? Of course it is! You lived in fucking Tokyo, and I imagine where she moved isn't too far. Try going out in the countryside where there's no speciality resturants and grocery stores.

No. 153528

I kinda feel like sharla is gonna be one of those vegans that go back to eating meat within a year to two years.

No. 153543

It's actually pretty hard to be vegan/vegetarian in Japan since most of their cuisine requires fish stock or something.

Very recently a boom in new types of foods: vegetarian, vegan, judiciaries have become available. Just two years ago this should would be very hard to find. Most vegans in Japan import shit from other countries to make sure their diet is 100% vegan.

No. 153761

Oh lord… The screeching noise inside my head…

No. 153819


Actually she said in the video is not that difficult to be vegan in Japan.

No. 153821

Something tells me importing food does more damage to animals than the food saves. Vegans are retarded.

No. 153828

… that's why I refuted her remark about "it being easy to be vegan in Japan"…?

Can you not read?

No. 153843


Not true whatsoever. I took in a cat that was previously feral as can be and now it sleeps right next to me. You can tame feral cats if you have the patience to but there are some that you truly can't tame whatsoever. I've tamed other ferals before, it's possible. Shit just takes real dedication.

No. 153868

I used to like Sharla but she is getting progressively more annoying.

She did a video the other day saying that she had some iron deficiency or whatever… She never quite did an update on this. I mean, she is a vlogger. She is selling her life. I don't wanna just hear about Japan and veganism.

Kinda have been liking Taylor R more.

No. 153874

Vegans are stupid. Lets live on the graves of many dead animals and lots of dead rats and bugs for your vegan shit.

No. 153875

Beta asian males cannot stand up to anything

No. 153884


Taylor is doing it right.

In japan but she's balancing her videos… she's more interesting in my opinion and much more friendlier. She's just using Sharlz and Kim for views/subs. Don't blame her because I would and then I'd fuck em off when I have my audience.

No. 153885


But actually on another note anon - imagine if Kiki stayed and lived in Japan? If she married Taku she'd be the same. Vegan, doesn't work and walking around Tokyo talking to fucking cats.

No. 153898

sigh if only that anon didn't spoil the milk and scare off taku

No. 153903

Nothing shouts crippling insecurity like using the word beta kek

No. 153915

>Kinda have been liking Taylor R more
Taylor puts a lot more effort into her videos with the content and editing than all the other ones combined and it shows. How can anyone watch very many of the other jvloggers is mind boggling because their videos are such boring garbage.

No. 153934

To be fair, Taylor is a lot more ~aspirational than the others through virtue of being born into a wealthy family and being more…fortunate genetically. No one wants to watch Sharla do a tour of her dingy apartment or Mimei giving a detailed tutorial of how to get her greasey hair. I agree that they don't really help themselves and are lazy and boring af though.

No. 153937

I sort of wish some people would just go make a Taylor fansite. I find her fake and annoying too. Her "veganism" and ~~gluten intolerance~~ is ridiculous, the former especially given all the nonvegan crap she buys when she feels like it.

No. 153945

Not really though? Taylor obviously just cares more. You can tell Taylor enjoys and cares about putting out good videos because the longer time goes on the more time, care and effort she puts into her videos.

She rarely 'preaches' veganism and she's never claimed to have gluten intolerance she just decided to live gluten free? She's not a nutjob who forces her dog to be vegan and only preaches it in a health sense and I've never heard her talk down on meat eaters or non-vegans.

Thinking someone is 'fake' or 'annoying' is like just your opinion man.

Although tbh you say she's fake and yet her 'character'/'personality' in her videos has not changed one bit even from her old HK videos so if she's fake DAMN she's been the exact same kind of fake as she's been for the past year+. If you wanna talk about style change yeah whatever she was copying Dakota's style but that's what was selling so as a model that's basically her job. She's grown into her own since then so why are you even so mad.

No. 153952


I can't put her and kota in the same box anymore. Taylor has long left the doll shit. I think she used it as a way to enhance her popularity and the Jvloggers lmao.

No. 153966

People really need to stop lumping kota and her together at this point.

Kota looks tired, Taylor at least looks alive

No. 153974


Kooter just plays video games while Tay actually bothers to enhance her career and works out

No. 153996

I feel the only reason taylor is vegan is cuz shes a model n its the only way to make sure she stays skinny forever

No. 153997

It's easier to stay thin on a vegetarian diet though (and occasionally eat fish) since vegan stuff is a lot of carbs and the substitutes for eggs, milk and cheese are usually worse than the actual stuff.

No. 154003

Yea i have seen "soft" vegans…. Soft as in slightly pudgy n i have met fat vegetarians lol

No. 154006

it's because a lot of junk food, like Oreos, are technically vegan, so they pig out on those instead.

No. 154009

Yeah, you can get fat on any bad diet, however when you cut almost everything out from what your body wants, it's easier to get fat. Most vegans are junk vegans. Obviously Taylor seems healthy, but she's few and far between.

I eat eggs every morning with toast and a cup of black coffee and i cant imagine getting rid of eggs, butter, etc. Saging for slight derail

No. 154071

Fucking stop with the vegan diet discussion.

I never heard Taylor say she was doing it for muh animals. I think she's copying Niomi Smart's style of veganism. She even does the gluten free bullshit.

No. 154072

i think taylor does vegan videos and recipes because her fans ask for it. i remember when she first posted her non-vegan food people spammed the comments asking for a vegan alternative. she probs eats the same thing off camera except plus beef or chicken or something. i don't think she's actually talked about being vegan since vegan is a *~lifestyle~* and she just posts vegan recipes? idk.

it's smart/considerate of her as a blogger that she's really dedicated to listening to her fanbase and catering to their requests. it's also interesting how open she seems now? instead of just robot doll tay who made hair tutorials. she's obviously private but it's not trying to tip-toe her way around a fake persona.

No. 154073

i swear she said she had some form of gluten intolerance before in more than one video but maybe i'm remembering wrong

No. 154083

Im pretty sure she said it too. In one of the vegan food haul videos i think

No. 154084

She said she doesnt call herself vegan so people dont freak out if she eats one chocolate or something

No. 154093

Didn't she study nutrition while in Hong Kong? Her videos actually look pretty good and simple to make. I'm not vegan but I'd totally try some of the recipes.

No. 154094

she said that she eats mostly vegan but it's kinda hard as a model when theres food on photoshoots and at jobs that isnt vegan and it's all there is to eat.

she also has said that she is gluten intolerant.

No. 154098

This is a terribly unflattering pic why did she choose this as her video pic? She looks so dumpy

No. 154102

Yup she mentioned being gluten intolerant and PLANTBASED not vegan. She said she would love to be full vegan but with her modelling carer in japan you cant say no if they offer food (considering what happened with kota and the whole kimchi incident in korea it seems like asia are a bit particular about their food). She said she could easily avoid meat cause not many models in japan eat meat but probably not fish.

No. 154104

Sharla is def one of those gorge on oreos vegans which is probably why she has an iron deficiency.
So what do we think is tays bf korean. Is that why she is hiding him

No. 154109

>>154098 she looks like a sack of potatoes in that thumbnail

No. 154112

the whiteknights in this thread

No. 154125

File: 1468298365599.jpg (39.52 KB, 445x651, tumblr_mv28dj8i8j1rcvts1o1_500…)

brush up on your internet lingo, child. whiteknighting is when autists come to the unnecessary defense of their snowflakes queens. just because people are discussing taylor in a way that isn't negative doesn't mean we're whiteknighting her. it's a discussion forum.

No. 154131

yeah it's because she's a nutritionist that i always wanna try out her recipes because you know it's actually really healthy. i remember kiki's vegan bento box recipe with just beets, carrots and white rice or some shit and it's like have fun being anemic. some people make vegan recipes but it can just make you fat or be of 0 nutritional value which is why i've never been interested. dakota is vegan and she's just flabby with no muscle definition and probably has the strength of a 67 year old woman. taylor posts vegan recipes that are really healthy and you don't have to deal with the pretentious vegan whining about people who eat fast food.

i fucking hate her makeup videos though. her makeup skills are shit besides putting concealer on her lips to make the outline neat. the aegyo sal + mascara + a single streak of eyeliner combo makes her face look weird.

No. 154141

Uh, actually…. Kiki's vegan recipe videos were actually pretty good and had a lot of nutrition which she explained. I actually liked her stuff better than taylor's content. Wish she didn't run away and just stuck with youtube.

No. 154145

then she should just say dairy free, egg free and not use the word vegan. the word vegan comes with a lot of connotations and is a lifestyle - not a food label. taylor is just using the word vegan for views and to jump on the bandwagon of other vegan girls like dakota, kaka, kale, etc. it's trendy for her to use veganism to be more popular online - its pretty sad and very fake/insincere

No. 154151

You are mentally ill, did you call your mother today yet?

No. 154165

Aw cute! You learned how to space out your posts to not be an obvious samefag, good for you!

No. 154169

you're the only one being a censor nazi any time someone says something you don't like about sofa king taylor.

you must've been the person who posted this >>153945 lololol

lolcow is not for white knighting.

No. 154173

bitch you literally just posted the same comment 3 times in a row after you deleted your comments the first time after you forgot to remove your name and samefagged

take your crazy pills and take a nip, hoe u tired

No. 154180

u a stupid ho

keep your vagina sandy

No. 154182

… is that not how one makes/finds their own style?

there's literally nothing on Taylor and this is the shit you come up with, lmao, it hasn't even been two weeks and they're already invading.

No. 154184


makes me feel second hand embarrassment for her.

she's walking a fine line of an awkward autist with a camera.

No. 154185

L-Look at Veruca's cheeks, then look at Taylor's…. uncanny.

No. 154187

Try and ignore them. It's just one crazy taylor obsessed weeb named sarah who keeps shitting up the thread. They also spam the board everyday or so with gore/racist shit.

No. 154188

My money is on keeks still being in japan with taku or some other jap.

damn you newfagz that spoilt that milk.

imagine keekz vlogs with a haffu baby HA

No. 154189

Stop replying to yourself.
Admin, lock this shit down.

No. 154191

You know just maybe, maybe.

The jvloggers we discuss in this thread have gotten to such a great level of trolling that they fuck up our threads enough to find more things to like about them.

No. 154192

dyin' hahahah

No. 154193

you won anon, this is gold.

No. 154195

Taylor's videos might be different than the generic Japan vlogs, but I still find them and her boring as shit.

No. 154236

this thread is a reasonable place for days at a time and then we get a random autist spamming it about the way taylor's face looks while using the same autist writing style. we talk about tayor the same way we talk about the other jvloggers ie discussing her video content and speculating on her bf and if negative comments come about it's shit like her supposed veganism or long ugly hair. then along comes autist-chan spamming about her face and replying to themselves back to back within the span of a few hours whilst doing a back and forth on capitalization instead of changing their grammar or spacing out their replies. before disappearing again for days. are you…. really gonna act like you're not obvious. it's not even entertaining. i feel like this person has asianfanfics open in like 3 tabs and has an rpg blog. watch them disappear in september when school starts again lmao.


>jump on the bandwagon of other vegan girls like dakota
>other vegan girls like dakota
>like dakota
no one's given a shit about dakota since 2013 buddy lmao she doesn't even have copycats anymore. her veganism isn't even significant enough for any of her klones to have picked up on. her "vegan lifestyle" is just eating junk food without meat and posting about it once in a blue moon. 0/10 autist-chan.

No. 154237

File: 1468326897922.jpeg (327.35 KB, 1200x1136, image.jpeg)

Ugh seriously thoigh…. She is such a nice person and really okay and everything but this girl knows shit about fashion ans style. I am so sorry but she wears way too many chunky pieces or, when fitted, way too child like stuff. Also she has in mo way the face to wear aviator sunglasses. She would look so cute in black skinnies with elegant flats and a flowy top and maybe a leather jacket on top to dress it down. But she alwys choses the most tragic tops and dresses for herself. Those drsses (pic related) just don't look good on her. The only really cute and fitting outfit i ever saw on her was in her Niagara Falls video (bottom pic) i thought it was really cool and well put together. Also, that girl needs a hair cut. It looks gross, especially when she desperately tries to curl them. It doesn't work with this length.

I am so surprised that a girl working in the fashion industry has so little understanding of what suits her body and character. I mean she's not Suzy Berhow kinda bad but i dare to say she's close.

No. 154247

Hanging around sharla too long kek

No. 154251

I agree the way she sets up her outfits is either a hit or a tragic miss. She has good taste but never knows what to do with the pretty clothes she buys unless it's casual. But…. i hope she doesn't stop dressing kawaii because i love looking at the clothes lol.
She's the only one who can afford cute shit in a way? The alternative is pleb H&M outfits or the tacky taobao kawaii shit. Her style is bad but the clothes themselves are very pretty. She should get some pointers from, you know, the entire literal world of style around her and not dress so tragically as a model.

No. 154253

I have to admit I loved that clowny blue striped dress. I think she could reach a much larger audience if she stepped away from the kawaii thing

No. 154258


She said she's on an entertainment visa that expires every 6 months (3+3), so she has to leave the country every 6 month to renew. I bet she's craving that Japanese spouse cock. Too bad her bf is ~implied~ not Japanese (or he probably is).

No. 154269

Has kimdao done something shitty or she's just here because she's a jblogger?

No. 154270

idk her outfits combines with her super long hair (to hide behind) makes me think she has body dysmorphia.

No. 154271

idk i dont think she cares about japan that much. she just care about her youtube friends and the fame that comes with it

No. 154272

she made a boohoo racism in japan video that got some publicity

No. 154273

Is there an overview of the drama somewhere? Link please??
The only Jvlogs I've watched were by Rachel + Jun, I know something happened with Mira but I don't know what it was and I don't know who any of these other vloggers are either.

No. 154292

Hi, someone linked me to a comment on this thread tonight, and I know I should never read boards like this because they're negative and really awful for insecurity, which I admit I struggle with deeply but I felt like I needed to say a few things and disappear for funsies.

1) All those screen shots Mira leaked make it look like we were "talking shit" or something terrible about Ashiya…

At least in the screenshot my name was in, I just called her out in private, to Sharla, for saying telling me she was a student when all other hints indicated she was married.
Neither of us were ever friends with Ashiya, I was asked to collaborate with her on a sponsored video series I did, and that was because she expressed interest in joining our agency, and my manager wanted to test her out.

It wasn't really backstabbing, it was speculation with a friend, much like you guys do on this anonymous message board, except I had assumed the conversation was going to stay between the two of us.

Unfortunately it didn't, and I feel bad about that, but lesson learned, I guess. I think through this incident we've all kind of learned not to say anything in private you wouldn't be comfortable backing up to the rest of the world…. I dunno. We're only human at the end of the day. No different from you, honestly.

2) People aren't as evil and one-dimensioned as you assume. If it were really easy to look at someone and chalk up their life story at a glance, there would be no fun in getting to KNOW anybody. Once you become a bigger blogger, YouTube is a brand and a business, and the goal shifts from creating what you want, to creating for the majority of the audience. It's an incredibly hard balance and it does drive creators crazy, but YouTube as a platform is shifting, the longevity of videos has decreased, content is getting longer, and more frequent. It's so freaking hard to keep up (and I'm really bad at it.).

I'll give you an example of a musician friend I have on YouTube, he's incredibly creative and talented, but has a hard time getting views on his original content, because nobody knows it, it's incredibly hard to judge if you'll like something or not when you can't assume what it's about beforehand.

However, to maintain his personal career, to drive traffic to his channel and keep the audience fresh and new, he plays cover songs. He HATES playing pop music covers, but he does it because they draw in the hits, and he's good at them. It's the mundane work he puts in so that when he does release an original album he'll have more potential buyers.

When you complain about content being so simplistic, praising Japan, weeby, touching on popular (and overdone) subjects, unfortunately, those are the pandering videos, and they're necessary, to cast a net over new traffic and bring in new subscribers, so when we make the content we're truly proud of, there will be people around to watch and care for that. I know people hate them, and when I make them I feel like I'm making fun of my core audience's intelligence… but content should be easy to follow, even from a first time viewer's perspective, or else you won't grow I guess. I dunno I dunno.

I guess at the end of the day, we gotta do what we gotta do, and you're a big part of what comes along with it (speculation, criticism, etc etc oh well), but we gotta keep grinding on.

3.) The comment about "Canadians not dating Japanese men", it really bothers me that you'd say Tatsu was half Chinese as if it makes him any less Japanese, or like there must be something wrong with me for dating him, instead of a "pure Japanese boy". I mean, I would expect that sort of comment from 2ch, but I always assumed English speakers were more "progressive" than that.

He was born in China, his mother is Chinese, but his nationality is Japanese, he went to a Japanese school and had Japanese education in China. Japanese is his first language, he has a job in a well respected Japanese company, he considers himself Japanese, and it fucking breaks my heart when people discredit him because he's half. (Of course, it happens in Japan too.) The reason why it's easy for us to date, besides the fact that our personalities and hobbies are similar, is because he watched his own mother transition to life in Japan, be discriminated against, and struggle to adapt, and he approaches things that bother or stress me out as a foreigner in Japan with understanding and patience. When it comes to other vloggers and dating, perhaps that's a huge factor for them too. (Purely speculation, I can't speak on behalf of anyone else.)

I have dated Japanese men in the past, some have been so kind and wonderful and sweet, and some have been terrible, and I can say the same with Canadians, but I'm pretty happy with the person I'm with now, and I don't really care if he was born in China or anywhere else in the world… u love who u love mannnn.

Anyway I guess thankfully this thread doesn't really talk too much about me (I'm boring and old and irrelevant I think? That's okay though.) so I know I'm kinda just parachuting in here out of nowhere, like, "um who asked u", but I thought that maybe by at least speaking honestly from my perspective I could help give you some insight into some of the criticism against others as well.

Thanks for reading this sorry it's so long bye.

No. 154293

So are Taylor R. and Sharla best friends?

No. 154298


cut the crap. at least have the decency to admit you are on here all the time instead of lying about somebody~ sending you a link. all you jvloggers love to lurk and talk trash about one another behind their backs but the moment somebody puts you in the spotlight here you are coming off anon and introducing yourselves because somebody~ sent you here. ffs how dumb do you think people are

No. 154299


No. 154301

File: 1468346983945.jpeg (42.49 KB, 547x523, c4ae4c39fe87b40d032b87a280dd1b…)

No. 154303

btw Micaela can't speak English to this fluency level, nice try

No. 154305

>It wasn't really backstabbing, it was speculation with a friend, much like you guys do on this anonymous message board, except I had assumed the conversation was going to stay between the two of us. Unfortunately it didn't, and I feel bad about that, but lesson learned, I guess. I think through this incident we've all kind of learned not to say anything in private you wouldn't be comfortable backing up to the rest of the world…. I dunno. We're only human at the end of the day. No different from you, honestly.

Not sticking up for 'ol Quasimodo, but you've got to love how Mira talking crap about Jvloggers in the old PULL with her sock puppets left you making longs posts about how 'hurt' you are. But when you and Sharla do it, it's "Just a mistake, we are all human guyyyyyys!"

No. 154306

File: 1468347140153.jpg (75.74 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg)


No. 154307

I don't really know much about you outside of the Mira drama, but tbh I had the same feeling. Chatting between friends always gets catty, even when you don't really know the person. I didn't hold it against you or Sharla really, though I admit when I saw Sharla's thing about making fake accounts I wasn't impressed.

The not-dating Japanese thing is just a fucking hilarious trend. Virtually all of the jvloggers who have announced a bf have shown they are not Japanese. We know you guys have dated Japanese men, it's just funny that when you actually meet someone you feel comfortable enough announcing you are dating to your fans 9/10 times they are not Japanese. We're not discrediting them as lesser people, it's just hilarious to see people settle down with non-Japs after moving to Japan for weeb/into Japan related reasons.

No. 154308

Fat older weeb living through a skinnier richer fresher looking old weeb.

No. 154310

> which I admit I struggle with deeply
> for funsies
wow did you graduate troll 101

No. 154311

No. 154312


lol, this.

No. 154331


No. 154332

Stop. Not everyone is going to like Taylor and "insult" her in the same catty beat around the bush way that you do. If you can't handle someone saying things about Taylor that trigger you, go to a fan site where you won't be so OCD and controlling any time someone says something you don't like. Go back to PULL where there are "rules".

"we talk about taylor the same way we talk about the other jvloggers ie discussing her video content and speculating on her bf and if negative comments come about it's shit like her supposed veganism or long ugly hair." LOL you mean "we" and in you same fagging over and over? Just stop.

No. 154333

Looks like an old hag following instagram thread trends lol

No. 154337

File: 1468355104516.jpg (21.65 KB, 340x180, image.jpg)

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha omg hey do u guys really think its her? Lmfaooooo i dont know wat to say

No. 154339

I think it is lol. I think she's been lurking for a while and something triggered her into splerging a bible of excuses and defenses.

No. 154355

I'm gunna need some proof and for ~Micaela~ to post a picture of her post number and the date of when she's posting.

No. 154367


no one talks like this please stop, you're embarassing

No. 154368

>You can still discuss [Taylor] in the Jvlogger general thread, but not to an obsessive or extremely nitpicky degree.

Stop trying to shut down our jvlog thread taylor otaku

No. 154616

Hey micaela i really like the video when ur cat locked u out looooool

No. 154670

said the admin that quit this website - so none of this rules are valid anymore nya nya!

No. 154763

Thats what former admin chan said. New admin chan doesn't give a damn soooo~~~

No. 154844

Why did old admin leave

No. 154848

Probably because he couldn't handle this level of utter insanity, who can blame him

No. 155315

>in Japan!

are they capable of making videos without clickbaiting with Japan

No. 155324

File: 1468453919955.jpg (11.12 KB, 192x262, images.jpg)

Sharla looks like a fatter more homely version of Shailene Woodley

No. 155338

I'm sorry Micaela if you want to play the innocent "people learn" card that's fine. You made a video about this whole Mira drama / sucidal bs, blocking out those important messages she sent you. The full conversations were leaked later on. If you look at the whole story you 3 girls look like bitches who talk shit about people. Sharla and Mira talked shit, you joined in. The difference is that you two? Or maybe just Sharla decided it would be a good chance to convince Rachel to make a video about it.

Kat leaked the conversations between Sharla and Rachel. In those conversations Sharla makes up odd stories of Mira ragging on her for tattoos and complaining about Korean bags. One of our members contacted Mira to get her side of the story. Mira sent that person more conversations between her and Sharla. At the same time Sharla was telling Mira how stupid Rachel was and how she's "also mad at her, so don't contact her", she was mailing Rachel telling her "Mira is so evil save me :(, just wanna be friends with nice people".

That's the biggest coldest two faced move I have ever seen. If you really were a nice girl you would have ignored and not got involved in the Mira mess like you did 2 years later. You had to make comments and videos, go chatting up to strawberry mochi. Like you can play innocent but it doesn't work well.

No. 155344

File: 1468458131610.jpeg (32.74 KB, 399x399, image.jpeg)

Looks like flan (old cgl tripfag, for all you youngins who dont know flan)

No. 155356

rachel looks so bad lately idk what it is

No. 155358

it's called makeup

No. 155389

>One of our members contacted Mira to get her >side of the story. Mira sent that person more >conversations between her and Sharla

Anything Miranduh would have sent would have been edited. That's already been proven, repeatedly..

No. 155392

she is a soul less giinger of course she's uggo

No. 155393

lol at farm hand censoring my text where i can't write "u g lay" "c u n t" or any other insults HA is this p ull?

No. 155405

No. 155457


Jesus Sharla who gives a shit…. God when will her videos ever be relevant???

No. 155522

Wow such Japanese

No. 155555

lol do u even know what dysmorphia is?

No. 155564


I don't know about relevant but the one she did about the sofubi factory was intereting… at least to me.

No. 155590

Okay Sharla get over yourself
You got busted
Anything Mira edited out still shows Sharla is a lieing fuck.
And if you really think that Mira completely made those convos Sharla should upload a video of the actual ones, or sue her for defamatory statements.

No. 155593

How about a drinking game for every time she mentions Japan, Japanese, vegan, oh my god, amazing…

No. 155600

You forgot "(…)soooooo cutttteeeee…"

No. 155602

This seemed like a bizarre video. Also change your hair back you literally look sick in your videos..

No. 155603

Who the hell is this??

No. 155610

she hangs out with the other vloggers

No. 155612

its her freakish new eyebrows and too short bangs which reveal said brows

No. 155625

she bought a drone for vlogging. it costs only $1,300

No. 155628

Her DSLR by itself costs $1200, the Mic is an extra $200, the lenses are approximately $200ish each hell one of the lenses she owns costs more than the drone by itself (though she says she get her lenses second hand in a previous video)

So if anything the Drone is cheap

No. 155629

I remember her video about lighting and she showed her 2 led lights which cost about $900 each. That bitch is loaded and very privileged. The problem is that she will never come across as genuine and relatable as she wants to because she has never been broke like us normal people and never heard her parents worry about paying bills.

No. 155631

…… you realize those things are basically used by all youtubers decent quality youtubers? She's priviledged yes but if you think her setup is great or expensive you really know nothing about youtube or video making. You'll find that anyone who's videos look decent enough have a similar setup. I could understand if she got her entire setup at once but she's built it over the past year calm down.

No. 155640

you should watch her vlog she did with that polish model. the girl was talking about her family bringing home an extra grand or something and Taylor is just sitting there awkwardly like "yeahhhhh wow"

I would kill to be as loaded as her though. Can you imagine how easy and fun her life must be? Wasn't she using her overpriced Kylie Jenner lip kits as paint in one of her video openings?

No. 155641

>she has never been broke like us normal people and never heard her parents worry about paying bills.
That's not normal m8. Most popular youtubers are middle or upper middle class. It's just most youtubers in Japan that are poorfags and tape wrapping paper to their walls.

No. 155645

its funny how she casually mentions getting these expensive things. i know its not like she is obligated to publicize how she paid for them, but honestly shes not modest or anything

No. 155646

agree, like her biggest concerns are "i have to answer emails after going on vacation.. oh and i really missed my dog"

No. 155648

also she (and all the vloggers for that matter) just casually go on vacation all the time
i know sharla and kim were definitely sponsored
but how else do some of them pay for this shit

No. 155655

God i miss kaka someone bring her back

No. 155666

It only costs a couple hundred bucks to go to Korea from Japan, I doubt they are sponsored. Sharla is just a fat old Koreaboo, so she goes to Korea. Besides Canada does she really go anywhere else to travel? And they don't ever leave Seoul, so they aren't spending a lot of money on travelling anywhere when they are in Korea.

Taylor is the only one out of them that actually has any real money. She used to go to Paris and London just to renew her visa. Most people just go to Korea or Taiwan for that shit because it's super cheap.

No. 155678


She could be preg to taco

No. 155680

Dont raise my hopes like that anon its cruel… God i wish i knew wtf is going on.. Wat is kaka and dakota are illuminati sex slaves tho

No. 155725

she was way more interesting to watch and follow
and not just when there was milk

No. 155726


i've been thinking this all along, she and audrey probably both go preggo around the same time and logged off the interwebz so we couldn't watch them get fat lol
maybe tho

No. 155731

kiki come back, you can blame it all on meeeeeeeeeeee

No. 155737

Taylor admitted in her "How I learned Japanese" vlog that her Japanese is bad, and that her drama lines were all rehearsal and memory. Good, we already knew that. I'm happy she said it herself, but I can't help but to think she only did it because she knew we knew she was trying to heavily imply she was uguu fluent. She tries too hard to be ~honest, real and inspiring~. She acts like she's suddenly this huge role model online, and I cringe every time she holds one of her "YOU CAN DO IT" speeches. She might not still copy Kota as obvious as she used to, but I can't pretend she never did.

No. 155747

Yet she clickbait titles it "how i learned japanese" when she is at at most advanced beginner

No. 155748

And we lost kiki because that one anon couldnt keep it in their pants ;(

No. 155778

File: 1468554370641.jpg (606.68 KB, 1879x888, jv.jpg)


She looks like a normal girl with no makeup and flattering camera angles/lighting, jvloggers are usually honest about how they look and don't shy away from showing how they really look.

No. 155787

File: 1468556527812.png (143.4 KB, 1440x491, 20160715_121622.png)

This is just pathetic kek

No. 155793

Well, it looks like TNT is paid by their fans using their comic books and kick starters for income.

No. 155797


Yeah the flight is inexpensive but don't try and tell me they were staying in a cheap ass hotel cuz that is not the case.

She never stays at a cheap hotel.

No. 155798


Damn how mature Sharla looks without her ugly eyeliner. She actually looks according to her age.

No. 155801

someone burn Kim's top

No. 155802

Next to the others she looks cute though. She's kind of a plain, but fairly pretty, 30-something.

No. 155806

Tha pic of the three is from this video, just in case someone want to watch it.


No. 155822


Sharla looks like their older brother with her male facial bone structure + balding square forehead.

No. 155842

File: 1468579089368.jpg (84.12 KB, 1200x800, CnZi_PFUAAAWpt8.jpg)


I think she is more cute (under certain circumstances) than pretty. Pic from today, I thought the Vegan lifestyle was helping here with her weight.

No. 155843

File: 1468579186451.jpg (389.24 KB, 2048x1365, CnZi65QVIAEUkbA.jpg large.jpg)

No. 155845

So does she just use a fisheye lense 24/7 then? Because wow she is really fat

No. 155847

She is fat, but the proportion of that photo seems a bit messed up. Look at the legs/shoes of the guy on the right.

No. 155849

She looks like a Hanson brother

No. 155851

She looks load better and even a bit younger without her liner. The black is a bit harsh on her i think

No. 155853

Lol sharla is the mind of vegan that still eats tons of chips (because vegan!) and the vegan desserts althat are usually higher cal than the original version

No. 155860


God they're short as fuck.

No. 155882

If THAT is fat to you all then there is no hope for anyone in this world and that includes you. Have a nice life being so disappointed by all the fat peoples.

No. 155894

She's fat, but she's not obese. Chill tf out

No. 155896

I restate my point….ya'll need to chill tf out with calling people fat yourselves. She doesn't look fat at all to me.

No. 155899

I literally only lurk, but I'm breaking that to let you know that your view on weight is massively distorted if you think she is not fat. She literally falls in the overweight category. 2 billion people (of 7.4 billion) on the planet are overweight right now. So maybe she is "average." That doesn't disqualify her from being fat though. Look at all that excess on her arms alone… we need to do better as a species ugh

No. 155903

That's not fat in my region of the world.

No. 155905

where do you live?

No. 155914

Sharlz is podgy but not fat fat. Tons of people here in the Uk are her size

She roughly looks a UK 14 on top and 10 at the bottom

No. 155925


fat people being common does not make being a fat person a normal non-fat thing

No. 155928

>Dem crows feet
>neck receding into double chin
>dem dark circles
>wide ass moon face

Can't hide behind Myspace angles anymore dear.

Is she trying to channel Zoella with that stupid two-toned ombre hair? that shit looks good on nobody.

No. 155933

I'm a britfag too and she would definitely be considered fat here. Other people being fat doesn't change that. It's not a big deal that she's fat though tbh. It doesn't make her any worse or any more unlikeable. I don't think it counts as milk and I don't hate on her for it, but there's no point denying it either.

No. 155938

what is considered fat is subjective, move it along ladies

No. 155953


you are only fat if you identify~ with being fat?

No. 155954

>accusing sharla of looking like a man when she is sitting next to Brony
They all look like men in that screenshot which makes Sharla look pretty good by comparison imo

No. 155956

(Phone wont reply idk)

Other britfag yeah but so many girls here are overweight or too thib. Sharla is literally the UK average and a bit over. Barely ever see anyone fit or even the decent weight here on the streets.

No. 155959

File: 1468613868465.jpeg (20.35 KB, 275x183, image.jpeg)


Queue outside of Topshop in London

The average brit girl literally is about sharlas weight or too thin but the too thin ones are usually scallies

No. 155960

File: 1468613980030.jpeg (178.64 KB, 634x802, image.jpeg)

Average brit woman on a night out

(K gonna stop spam Now)

No. 155962

no you stupid fuck can you not read?

holy shit this thread has gone to shit

No. 155964

i dont think she looks like a man tbh
the girl in the middle sends me some tranny vibes though

No. 155968

>that dork on the left

No. 155990

No. 155992

you cunts are so dense

why is it so hard to accept that you are all right in what you think is fat/not fat

why must you fuck over this thread by trying so hard to make someone on the internet think you're right and they're wrong

No. 155997

welcome to lolcow? thought everyone on here had "something" important and right to say about the people they shame. They think their speculations and assumptions are true and fact when some if not most are not.
but isn't that the point of this whole site?

No. 156002


why are you so invested in Sharla not getting called fat, who are you? Sharla? XD

No. 156009


Nah anon, just saying she's more podgy than ham beast.

No. 156028

Hi Mira XD

No. 156038

Sharla is fine, I don't think she is fat at all, I guess chubby is probably the right word. That pic of her is probably not making her any favours, obviously she has a wide hip and thighs, nothing wrong with that, not every woman out there has to look like a top model.

No. 156039

"omg gaiz lookit how fat our noses look"
"we shuld do unibrowsss"
"omg i look chubby"

No. 156052

>Implying it's the mask effect

No. 156105

is far left fukusuke? what the fuck

No. 156122

>Mimei's apartment is hoarder status
>Taylor knows nothing about pokemon. But she made a video about it??

No. 156126


She's trying to gain more views and appeal to weebs.

Mimei looks so old… fucking hell first time I saw her up close was on IG the other day.

No. 156133

>we're at this restaurant because it's veegggaannn
>this is gluten free squeeeeeee
>trying to be a weeb
Taylor has become so much worse. Fucking dropped.

No. 156135

catching rare pokemon in Tokyo? What a clickbait

No. 156188

So.. I know where Taylor lives, and her apartment building is insane. There's a fucking swimming pool, an onsen, a private gym (as seen in some of her videos), a lounge with a bar, a golf/karaoke room, and so on. I'm not gonna post where it is or pictures (since they're reversible) because of that crazy Taylor stalker, but trust me: She's filthy fucking rich, no matter how much she tries to deny it. She does NOT make enough on modeling to live there. Her bedroom looks small, and it kind of is (but it's common). To make more room for living area.

The apartments aren't that large. Average around 50m2, but they're nice. Some apartments are up to like 100m2 though, which is quite large in Japan, and the facilities are amazing. She doesn't have a view so her apartment (studio) is "only" around $2500~3000/mo, but these apartments are up to at least $9000.

You guys can believe me if you want or not. But like I said, I can't post pictures since it might actually put her safety at risk, and lolcow isn't about that. Although I might try to reverse search some of the images in a bit to see if they're clean, then you can compare it yourself.

No. 156194

Her dad is loaded and she lives off his money. This is fine at a young age but she's a grown woman. Teens think she's young because of how stuffed her face is from fillers and how she's acting extra weebly.

No. 156197

Scrolling through these videos and the holier than thou vegan shit is so tiresome now.

The polish model seemed to have a nice accent and a raw story about starting from the bottom and how hard her life is.

>using her overpriced Kylie Jenner lip kits as paint in one of her video openings

Maybe she finally realized that those lip kits are shit.

No. 156204

It's funny seeing Sharla and Mimei jump on the whole ~GLUTEN FREEEEE~ bandwagon now that they is friends with Taylor. Please Sharla and Mimei, enlighten us all on the benefits you personally get from a gluten free diet.

If you aren't going to end up in the hospital for eating regular products with gluten in them, stfo about ~NO GLUTEN GUYYYYYYS!!~

No. 156205

>Maybe she finally realized that those lip kits are shit.

unfortunately no because she is still wearing them in every video

No. 156210

Don't wanna say she's not filthy rich with daddy's money because she obviously is, but 250,000-300,000 a month is not that much. If anyone has a steady income with any job (obviously not a teaching job, and also just being non popular model, a real normal job in a good company), you can pay that easy. Japan pays good.

No. 156212

What do you work as? I have a normal job in Japan and if I paid that much in rent I'd have to eat instant noodles all month.

No. 156216

>an onsen
going to call bullshit on this one

No. 156217

Maybe she means a big bath? Because yea, there probably isn't an onsen lol

No. 156221

That is a lot. Also note she's buying expensive brand name stuff and vegan food diet on top of this.

No. 156232

Idk where you come from but japan does not pay well … Most foreigners need multiple jobs

No. 156238

Maybe? There was a second room with a rectangular bath, looked like it had one of those onsen things where the hot water comes out of. But I checked again, and it says spa room/jaccuzi.

No. 156241

The problem is in the terminology. Only natural hot springs can call themselves onsen, and there aren't many in Tokyo.

No. 156259

Pretty sure restaurant workers hate taylor she makes them carry dog food n clean up dog plate food left over i would quit the job if i had to carry dog dishes fuck that

No. 156266

pretty sure it's stated those restaurants invite owners to bring their pets

No. 156270

The one she went to with Rosie on a chair is right next to a dog groomer/store, and they even have a dog menu. http://cafe.morokobar.com/menu.html

No. 156328

Hey Micaela, I'm the one who made the comment about "Canadian's not dating Japanese", and basically I said that it's "weird" because
>>154307 . You live in Japan, a very ethnically homogenous country. 98% of the men you meet are Japanese. You've settled down with a half-Japanese man. Any value judgement you attach to that is your own. You read A LOT into my initial post that wasn't there.

Yeah, it's probably easier for half-Japanese and other immigrants to identify with your experience. Canada is also an immigrant-friendly country, so I think that's why Canadians are opening to dating any ethnicity.

No. 156363

File: 1468766327841.jpeg (22.88 KB, 238x500, image.thumb.jpeg.a6caa3c456244…)

tripod san in taylors new vid

No. 156366

Interesting, I was really expecting some semi-DILF salary-man looking guy, for some reason.

No. 156374

It wouldn't surprise me if he was ugly as shit, awkward, had digusting teeth and a micro dick. Taylor has a shitty taste in everything and is the type of idiot who dates several leagues under hers and spoiles her gross oportunist boyfriend. If she had a brain and dignity she would have stayed in Hongkong as a hawt tall successful model without creepy cheeks, eyebags and kotacopy lipliner. Never forget this cringy shit http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDYwMjE5MjAw.html?x&from=y7.2-1-89.3.3-1.15-1-1-2-0

No. 156404

He works out often and has broad shoulders. Even if his face is ng, at least he's built af.

No. 156432

Looks like tranny is giving sharla a run for her money for most obvious Taylor copycat

No. 156554

File: 1468792266929.png (213.59 KB, 446x423, Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.47…)

taylor w/ no fillers is like a completely different person

No. 156557

Her cheeks look the same to me. She just doesn't have bangs and did her makeup differently then. That's the only difference I can see. Even when I see comparison photos.

No. 156560

I want to go at her eyebrows with a makeup wipe ughhhhhh they are as thick(?) as her eyes

No. 156565

agreed. If she went less thick on her eyebrows it would look better suited to her face. I know she wants to go for the look thats popular right now, but sometimes girls overdraw it too much and no one says anything to them about it.

No. 156576

File: 1468793155135.jpg (31.89 KB, 500x375, Reese-malcolm-in-the-middle-20…)

No. 156577

File: 1468793111119.jpg (22.71 KB, 480x360, b346142e-bc2c-4ea9-907d-eebdc0…)

can't unsee this family guy gag every time i see her lips

No. 156590

Isn't that her boyfriend?

No. 156594

Most likely. Tripod-san is both her manager Anna, and her boyfriend. Whenever she's with him and he records her, it looks just like her older videos.

No. 156597

She has fillers here.

That explains why she doesn't wanna show his face.

No. 156602

Holy shit I started following Taylor after fillers and was always in awe of her face like how it was 'face goals' and proof some girls can be born looking like how Kota shoops herself to look but wow I've seen pre-filler Taylor before I thought it was an entirely different girl! Blows my mind, now I'm gonna have to search for more befores to compare to now. It makes me feel better knowing everyone has to basically be wealthy and work really hard (diet and exercise, surgery, lots of makeup, good lighting and cameras, angles/posing) to achieve the dolly goals look irl.

No. 156617

do we actually know of any guy that taylor's dated before? i was always under the impression that she kept her love life p. tight under wraps.
tbh i'd expect taylor to have better taste than what you're describing. i think she's pretty canny/astute, at least when it comes to managing her own 'image'. she doesn't have to settle for a gross leech like Charms did, not when i'm sure she has perfectly acceptable guys throwing themselves at her left and right.

No. 156621

Your description of him sounds like the exact opposite of that pic.

No. 156622

Your description of him sounds like the exact opposite of that pic.

No. 156642

File: 1468805813134.jpeg (14.27 KB, 338x225, image.jpeg)

Second. I wonder what that guy does at the gym all the time because it looks like he's never worked out a day in his life and eats nothing but Cheetos. And his body shape is rectangle not broad shouldered at all.

Taylor may be a rich model living an amazing life in Japan but at least I can feel better for one thing that I'm not fucking a dude with the body of a skinnyfat butch lesbian.

No. 156651

Ugh Sharla is becoming insufferable. I can't believe she used to make videos I used to actually enjoy watching. Her latest video was so cringey. As someone who has worked in retail becore too, I can't believe her and Kim were throwing those pokeballs at the plush in the Pokemon Center. I would have been so pissed if I was working there.

No. 156655

there are two people in that reflection. One is clearly a female holding a camera and a purse on her shoulder, shortsleeve white blouse, and blue skirt, and the other reflection is long sleeved white button up shirt, but off at the neck so we see no face.

No. 156657

This is why Japanese people hate gaijin

No. 156658

Did they literally just try on a bunch of stuff and mess the display for a video? Without buying?

No. 156667

this is bad

No. 156669

Outfit 2 was only good one.
I just don't get this weird fascination she has with fringed/frayed denim.
I just wish she'd stick with more bohemian styles and stop wearing such thick makeup.

No. 156671

man, is it just my computer, or is the actual video super low quality and pixelated?

Her outfits are super casual, but I don't see anything wrong with them. I also really like how she edits her videos now, especially this one.

No. 156674

Does anyone know where 2ch is discussing this?

If my American ass is offended by their actions, I can't imagine the rage that the Japanese are unleashing.

No. 156675

File: 1468816868128.jpg (542.55 KB, 1038x844, ss (2016-07-17 at 09.38.13).jp…)

I wonder where Sharla is

No. 156687

Can you imagine how gorgeous she would have looked in the seaside scenes had she decided to go almost bare faced with just a bit of concealer and powder to cover up any dark circles and blemishes? Just imagine her no make up look from her vlogs with those outfits.

No. 156689

And most importantly, without those GODFORSAKEN EYEBAGS. I don't know what irks me more, those things or the weird way she draws her top lip.

No. 156690


The channel is called Sharla in Japan, I think it makes sense she uses the Japan word a lot, but maybe she could use a little more creativity with the titles.

No. 156696

When you think of seaside you don't think fuck ton of make up, so it seems like such a wasted opportunity, given she looks good without it. Especially since for the past year or two she only really has one fucking look. I miss her sakura hairstyle video because the make up there was different.

No. 156742

Her style wasnt that amazing and she didnt show off the outfits really
But honestly this was a beautifully done film

No. 156751

I actually kind of liked this. Maybe because i didnt have to hear sharla and kims annoying voices

No. 156754

I really liked the editing but her face ruins it. Idk man its like uncanny valley with those waxy cheeks. Too bad

No. 156775

> drone $1300
> canon camera $1000
> camera lenses $2000
> vlog camera $800
> being taylor: priceless

No. 156777

she loves them diapers

No. 156778

Holy shit, Rachel had a nose job. I can't post comparison screenshots, but check this out:

New videos/new nose:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofTpDSqN3Ks (still swollen from surgery)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q24Kf6g53ss (most recent)

Old Nose:

No. 156787


I forgot how ugly her old nose was

No. 156790

thats just angles anon.

i doubt she would get a nose job when she refuses to throw away a ghetto broken walmart suitcase and buys ugly thrift store clothes

No. 156796


stop. no magic angles can get your nose down to 1/3 of it's original size and fix the crooked bones.

No. 156800

She is still ugly

No. 156840

You couldn't make a comparison pic you lazy fuck?

No. 156843

File: 1468861586991.png (189.57 KB, 815x400, 65fe2d.thumb.png.0b26e4eadcb59…)

No. 156857

File: 1468864489086.png (368.58 KB, 639x475, tay.png)

lmao just realized she left her chicken cutlets lying out
not that small boobs are a big deal
its just funny

No. 156861

have you never seen or used a strapless bra before?

seriously how much of a prude are you?

No. 156866

anon wasn't being a "prude" pointing out how small her breasts are, chill

No. 156874

Oh shit yes she did. Looks way better tbh, I don't blame her.

No. 156895

with those eyebags she looks like a druggie

No. 156896

pretty sure sharla & co are sponsored by odigo, so that explains how they're able to travel across japan

No. 156897

whoooaaaaaa i thought something else was different about her

good for her i guess, it looks good - although her old nose gave her face more character imo

No. 156899

probably got her fugly eyebrows tattooed there as well

No. 156902


She looks a bit different but I don't think she's any prettier. She reminds me of an elf or a bird.

No. 156908

It looks more like one of those backless stick on bras to me.

No. 156912

Has Taylor ever talked about how awesome she thinks Dakota is? She looks like a copy cat but is there proof that she actually looks up to her?

No. 156913


She talks about them in her video. It's a stick on bra.

They don't really enhance much of anything. They form fit.

Seriously, why are some of you so obsessed with someone who literally has nothing of interest in the way of drama?

"You're so jealous" gets called out way too much on this site, but I really don't see what else this shit could be.

No. 156914


That "doll" look has been around for a while, long before Dakota and it will still be going on after she's finally completely washed up and gone.

I also think a lot of it is just how Taylor looks. She's just lanky and she has really soft features.

I've never seen her talk about Dakota. And the Japanese stuff is probably just because she works there and lives there most of the time. Her look is pretty popular there and she really doesn't seem to be doing it much anyways, seeing as how she is still wearing high waisted shorts and crop tops like a tumblr fashionista or some shit.

No. 156915

File: 1468881393744.jpeg (525.61 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Here you go, your highness

No. 156916

I remember years ago when someone commented she looks "just like dakota", she seemed really proud and accomplished

No. 156917

More than anything she should have fixed those yellow teeth

No. 156922

and after her teeth she needs to sort out her forehead. practically all of the white female vloggers in japan have a giant forehead they try to hide behind bangs and hats.

No. 156927

So what does everyone think this big "bad, stressful decision" Taylor has to make tomorrow is? Announcing she had surgery maybe?

No. 156928


I've never seen that, so maybe she did really like Dakota's look. No clue. So, I don't know.

I only follow her Youtube and watch her videos occasionally because she seems cute enough. So, when I saw her here I was curious to see her drama. But, it legitimately doesn't seem like anyone has shit on her.

No. 156930

File: 1468883910442.png (642.74 KB, 590x556, rj.png)

No. 156932


No drama apart from her fixing her beak. I'll never find the joy in watching Rachel and Jun's videos. They're the most boring and mundane couple ever. I just think they have the followers that they have due to weeb white girls wanting asian boyfriends tbf.

No. 156943

Holy shit

You know what, props to her for taking that jump. The surgeon did a really good job. This might also explain why she and Jun were in America for a long time, and were inactive on their channel.

No. 156944

Taylor obsessed person please go back to pull or at least learn how to quote posts(protip: click the post number)

No. 156946

Agreed. All PULL is is jealous children being catty and nitpicky about every single little thing Taylor wears/does/eats/says and it's old.

No. 156950

I wonder if she'll actually come out and say "Yeah I had a nose job no shame about it!" Or if she'll just skate over it and never mention it. Also will this make her PULL worthy now since skating over plastic surgeries seems to be the only real reason Taylor is PULL worthy.

No. 156951

I'm really hoping she does. Her nose job is wonderful and a lot of people can benefit from knowing the person behind it

No. 156955

Yeah she got a nose job but sorry to sound salty I don't think she looks any prettier. The nose has improved but their channel is still dull and so is she.

sorry not sorry

No. 156972

lol, she caved in and finally got a kawaii, sloping nose. Looks nice though.

No. 156975

still fucking ugly

No. 157007

They didnt bully dakota. If anything they are just throwing shad eat her bevause she refuses to be in the community or acts stuffy and isolated
Sharla is saying "youre a dumb bitch" not TO dakota but mimicking what dakota said (if you even read dakotas message)

No. 157028

No, you're wrong. Sharla said it to Dakota meaning along the lines of "its to be expected because you're a bitch not because it's to because because they're girls"

No. 157031

Dakota said: "they're girls so its to be expected"
Sharla relied saying: Haha, no you're a dumb bitch and that's why it's to be expected.

Doesn't make any sense why you are saying she said it to mimei, unless you're sharla trying to white knight yourself from this embarrassing slip up against your "I'm so nice and accepting! :D" persona

No. 157032

Actually it shows how far these taylor obsessed fans are reaching

No. 157033

and dakota was telling them to leave her alone, so yeah they were bullying her enough to make her tell them to fuck off.

No. 157034

Hi Miranda XD

No. 157035

This is like 4 years ago

how obsessed are you about Taylor and Dakota that you have to go that far to find potential milk

No. 157037

Not white knighting Koots, but she doesn't haved to be in that shitty community if she doesn't want to. None of these ugly jvloggers have room to talk about Kooter's face or personality when they are equally, if not worse, people

No. 157040

I think she didn't want to be associated with them because they could expose her real face if she gets featured in their vlogs.

No. 157041

I think she didn't want to be associate because they're all old, gross and catty weeb bitches.

No. 157042

No. 157043

Standing next to Chubby Weeaboo in Japan or Transvestite-lando would only help her. Just don't get too close to Taylor.

No. 157045

File: 1468895051356.png (180.09 KB, 360x500, 65e3qws.thumb.png.9c1c23dc99ec…)

>following taylor's vlog style
>following taylors stupid fashion
>following taylor's jumprope workout
>following taylor's ~gluten free vegan multivitamin 4 lyfeeee~ diet plan

Poor Sharla, she obviously wants to be skinny and pretty like her new BFF.


No. 157046

Nah, taylor would look like a lanky awkward gaijin weeb next to kota.At least kota is edgier, small and has the right face shape. She is also more assimilated in Japanese society, hence making her less awkward and cringe.
Everyone in the j vlogger group is just a reject of their home country… at least that's how a lot of japanese people see weebs as

No. 157047


is there any backstory as to how they were "bullying" her? iirc, mimei's husbando made like a 3 second clip parodying kota in his top youtubers in Japan video or whatever it was called. is that "bullying"?

No. 157050

File: 1468895745089.png (281.54 KB, 438x500, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.57…)

>"I found this while browsing magazines. Is that…Da…Dakota-chan??"

No. 157051

File: 1468896014317.png (197.07 KB, 627x500, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.57…)

"Eh? OMG! Dakota-chan knows about me?? I'm so happy!! But…did I make her angry? Why why!!! (; ;) RT: @PDRnotPDS "I made dakota-chan angry"

No. 157055


Oh my god she looks even more like a 4 year old boy on the right. Her whole face is off.

No. 157059

Now I hate sharla and mimei even more not because I care about Dakotas feelings but bc it just shows how fake they are I really can't fucking stand them tranny and fat face need to get off their high horses

No. 157060


jcrew love shitting on prettier girls.

No. 157063

lol no way. Maybe it's contract-work related?

Maybe her bf wants to get married/have kids & give up her "career"?

No. 157064

imagine taylor's bf kissing her by sucking those chipmunk cheeks like lychee cups

No. 157071

File: 1468911813373.jpg (237.91 KB, 1200x2400, 3Iuv4tu.jpg)

Tranny-kun trying to get Kota-senpai to notice her and failing. After getting ignored she throws a fit and talks shit about her. Literally behaving like a neckbeard getting rejected and 'friendzoned' which is to be expected by someone who was born an ugly male.

Also can the Taylor stans lay off the whiteknighting? There's almost no milk on anyone at the moment so why should bloated hamster-chan get special treatment? The only one who is jealous of her lanky pufferfish ass are fat ugly bitches aka Sharla.

No. 157075


Oh dear lord those tweets are old as fuck

No. 157077

>why should bloated hamster-chan
>jealous of her lanky pufferfish ass

me thinks you should fix your insecure self

btw how desperate are you that you have to scrape at the bottom of the barrel and bring up tweets from 4 years ago?

Your family and friends must really love you

No. 157098

I think it's because the thing with Dakota-Mimei-Duncan was brought up in Dakota's thread recently, and it was simply brought over here with no context why it's relevant.

No. 157151

File: 1468936524940.jpg (39.45 KB, 419x411, maxresdefault.jpg)

why does she think this thumbnail is a good thumbnail for her video???

No. 157153

we were just talking about it that's why. pay some attention, I didn't bring this up and I didn't know about Mimei and Sharla being cunts so I started looking for tweets from Mimei.

>your friends and family don't like you

what does that have to do with anything? projection much? btw we are all bitchy, don't act all high and mighty

No. 157154

I did some digging through her comments to see if there was anything about her nose and lo and behold.

No. 157155

File: 1468937216506.png (82.05 KB, 840x514, nosejob.png)

No. 157157

oh god EVERYONE claims to have a deviated septum as an excuse for total nose remodeling lmao>>157155

No. 157162

I actually like that she's confident enough to upload this. I'm glad she's getting more comfortable showing herself au natural.

No. 157163


a classic case of "I didn't do it for vanity I swear I loved being ugly"

No. 157166

Of course she did it for vanity. You don't change the shape of your nose unless its for vanity. I believe her when she says she regrets it, though. She really does look different, and not really in a better way. It sounds like she made a hasty decision. I'm curious to see what she'll say about it in a video.

No. 157168


nah, she is just lying about it so her fans will whiteknight her when people start pointing out the bullshit

No. 157169

she's not a nutritionist. She took a few nutrition classes. She spouts pseudoscientific bullshit all the time as justification for her dietary quirks / disordered eating.

No. 157170

If she wanted to lie about it she could have ignored it and deleted the comments like everyone else. Not everything is a lie.

No. 157172


lie about doing it because of her "breathing issues" and lie about liking her old nose and lie about being insecure about the new one.

No. 157174

septoplasty is done on teenagers and fully covered by health insurance because it is a health issue not a cosmetic one. if she had really had breathing issues they would have been sorted out no problem way before her thirties. so, yes, her touching confession about her nose is nothing but blantant lies to avoid coming off as another vain looks obsessed bimbo

No. 157181

You're making a lot of assumptions, anon. Why make up a giant story with three lies instead of ignoring it like all the other vloggers do?

I didn't start posting with the intention of defending her but your facts are wrong, anon. Septoplasty isn't something only performed on teens. Plenty of adults get septoplasty. Marzia is a famous vlogger who got only septoplasty and she's in her 20s. And Rachel isn't in her thirties. If you're going to call people out don't bullshit your way through it.

No. 157185


if you don't like the convo here try being somewhere else? do yoga, take a walk?

No. 157189

How did this response make any sense in your mind? There is no part of this that's related to the post you referenced. Do you have mental processing issues?

Sorry but your facts are wrong. Trying to end the conversation doesn't change that.

No. 157190

I don't think Rachel is lying at all. I've had the same issue with the same symptoms. Thinking I had allergies, being shitty at sports because of shortness of breath despite being skinny. After I found out I had no allergies I went to the doctor and he was surprised that I never noticed that I can't breathe properly.
If Rachel was a liar she would have said that it was necessary to straighten her nose on the outside 'for medical reasons' and the weebs would have probably believed it.

No. 157198

cause she's an attention whore and small kawaii dog being sick + crying in video = pity points and youtube money. on another note, i feel bad for her dog but she's really an attention hungry bitch which kinda irks me. i have a soft spot for dogs, cant help it

No. 157207

File: 1468946477918.png (71.34 KB, 207x186, Capture.PNG)

I don't think she is at all either. Mostly because she actually seemed okay with her nose beforehand.
Personally, I'm really insecure about my nose and if I made videos, I'd make sure that people would only ever see it in good angles/lighting. Rachel has plenty of videos where you can see her nose at unflattering angles, hell, she even has unflattering thumbnails like the one in this pic.

No. 157210


dear anon, those of us who have actual issues with breathing all found out about it in our childhood because: we were sick all the fucking time. you don't get to have a significantly deviated septum and not notice until 20-30+

but keep on living in your alternate universe where all women with large noses like Rachel and Marzia magically start needing "septoplasty" but end up getting a mini nose they totally weren't aiming for to begin with(Not the place to be in your feelings)

No. 157221

Well of clurse she is lying about it. Come on it is expcted of her to give an explanation, aye? I mean people were gonn notice anyway so instead of being flooded by comments she just answers one and is done with it. Logic in my opinion.

She hated her nose, finally had enough money and had it done. No weird ass breathung problems. Thats just bullshit. All youtubers have these excuses when having a nose job done (cutiepiemarzia is a good example) because none of the 13 year olds would accept a "I DID IT BCUZ I WAS UGLY" answer and because it doesn't make up for a good role model if you don't "appreciate your uglyness" or whatever.
They say this shit for their underage audience.

No. 157231

Well you're doing a shit job at it, provide context next time you stupid taylor obsessed cunt.

No. 157232

Marzia absolutely hates her new nose though, always hiding it and shit. I don't think she did it for aesthetical reasons at all

No. 157233

>No one cares
>Not your diary

No. 157234


oh you do, all you large nose liars would love it if we kept quiet so you can get away with your pseudo septoplasty claims

No. 157250

holy projection batman

No. 157319

The only person in need of a nose job is the new member of the jvlog crew Trannywyn

No. 157324

All those bath bombs she gets cause yeast infections

No. 157344

wtf? where are you getting your facts from? I use all the same ones and never had one, they are all organic and natural. Please provide facts and sites to back up, of course then we may believe and no problem. For now though….you cray cray.

No. 157345


Oh crazy taylor fan you and Taylor are two completely different people! Just because your vagina is yeasty doesn't mean hers is.

No. 157347


No. 157350

She probably admitted it only because she browses lolcow and saw this >>156915

There's no denying.

No. 157355

Kind of jumping the gun there anon, pull off your tin foil hat and see the progression of events instead of spouting shit like a madman.

No. 157367

Thought she had a nose job already
She had boobs and lips done at least

No. 157370

Her new nose noticably goes off to the side. It looks like she needs a redo.

No. 157394

And her nostrils are different.

It's hilarious that she says she couldn't breathe before, then goes to shrink her nose to 1/3rd of the original size. It's a kno n fact that a lot of people end up with breathing problems after rhinoplasty.

No. 157406

>It's hilarious that she says she couldn't breathe before, then goes to shrink her nose to 1/3rd of the original size. It's a kno n fact that a lot of people end up with breathing problems after rhinoplasty.

Please don't pull trivia out of your ass and label them as facts, you look like a damn fool

No. 157417

In her video talking about the surgery she said she wanted her nose to be as close to her old one as possible, that's why it's still crooked.

No. 157428

File: 1469001002165.jpg (18.89 KB, 414x162, taytay.JPG)

allahu ackbar taytay!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 157455


you kill me anon

No. 157456

lewl saint taytay so quirky and ~natural~, yass queen slay

No. 157525

Taylor has her own thread, can you shit post there instead?

No. 157554

I've been thinking about possibly snowflakey things about Taylor to play devil's advocate but honestly there are no solid points to label her as one.

One of the main points I see is you hate her if she acts too Japanese but now that she's acting more Western, you're hating on her for not being Japanese while in Japan. Clearly you're just being cunty for the sake of being a cunt.

The jvloggers on the other hand are snowflakes because they constantly fetishize Japan and use the fact that they are gaijin to stand out. Other than being gaijin, they have no notable skills or talent. It's also been proven that this particular posse can't speak Japanese too well.

No. 157571

honestly y´all will find anything to nitpick about. if a jvlogger chooses to marry a japanese person (rachel for instance) she's accused of fetishizing japanese men, but if people like sharla and taylor find non-japanese partners you people will say they're not following through with their weaboo obsession.

No. 157575

I think the main topic isn't about their romantic partners(there are a few anons who do but their reasons are weak and petty looking) but the content they create being ~*~problematic~*~.

Compared that brit dude in Europe to their videos, the brit dude comes off informative with a bit of respect while keeping onto his westernized culture whereas the jvlogger crew claims to already fully understand Japanese culture and show it off in a tactless way.

No. 157636

True. Chris Broad doesn't go: OMG it's awesome OMG it's amazing I want to go back Japan is the best place evaaaaaaaar.
He doesn't need to show off what he drinks at Japan Starbucks if he does go there, for one.

No. 157652

why try

No. 157728

I still can't get over the fact she called her channel Sharmander. It's just such a shit name.

No. 157737

She must have thought she was soo clever

No. 157747

What video is this? I can't find it

No. 157750


iirc someone tweeted that name to her and she was all "omg im totally caling my channel this when I reach __k subs!" then she talked about after reaching a certain amount of subs she should change her channel name to Sharmeleon and then Sharizard.

No. 157752

so lame lmao

No. 157755

wow that is just embarrassing.

No. 157821

i cant believe she is fucking thirty

No. 157878

Her new vegan diet is really working on her, she's lost a noticeable amount of weight on her face

No. 157903


Sharla reminds me of one of those mother who try to be hip and cool…

No. 157910

dont fall for her myspace angles and the editing on the thumbnail

No. 158037

File: 1469152082181.png (68.04 KB, 856x362, ss (2016-07-21 at 06.43.34).pn…)

Found this comment from this video

When an obnoxious weeb is calling a huge group of people annoying, wow

No. 158060


You can't be serious, she looks the same as before, watch her videos or take a looks at some non-manipulated pics.

No. 158061

I noticed that her double chin wasn't as prominent in her recent video but you're right she might be the same weight, who knows.

No. 158114

i fail to see how this is relevant here but ok
if anything i am only entertained by the video and others peoples comments, shitting on china.

sage because has nothing to do with jvloggers sorry anon

No. 158115

No. 158201

Why so mad
Im saying i fail to see how tkyosams comment is relevant? What is the point you are tryingg to make? He is commenting on a video about china and taking about japans xenophobia??

No. 158556

No. 158559

Ah, you must still be 17 or 18 and think there's this magical cut off point where you can't like certain things anymore.

No. 158562

Don't cut yourself on that edge, anon.
Someday, you'll grow up too.

No. 158567

File: 1469297012474.gif (39.23 KB, 275x301, image.gif)

No. 158579

No. 158595

File: 1469302865837.png (183.15 KB, 640x480, UiDtgGW.png)

Vegan Diet

No. 158686

That fat fat girl looks like Sharla

No. 158713


Is that a fair comparision?.

No. 158727

what the fuck is this?

No. 158779

File: 1469372271334.jpg (27.92 KB, 414x355, recordeverything!.JPG)

No. 158780

Yes. Yes you are..

No. 158815

Those are the worst comparison pictures ever! wtf? so stretched out and can't tell anything. Nice try but fail!