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No. 25322

Previous thread

>Sharla revealed her husband's face at last

>Taylor is slowly becoming a pro at clickbait
>Mimei is as miserable as ever
>Bii and Kim Dao are busy staying irrelevant
>and Micaela ~totally doesn't shoop at all!~

No. 25347

sharlas husband is super good looking. why does he married someone like sharla?

No. 25348

Was this the same guy with the chest tattoo? He looks like an idol. Is this legit?

No. 25349

No. 25350

Are you joking?
He's average compared to the actual idols she put in the video. It's super insulting sharla even thinks her husband looks anything like them.

No. 25351

you are mean

No. 25352

File: 1529494021550.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1200x1598, D4E0DA34-DF9A-447D-ADA0-633D0E…)

Are you ok? Do you need something for your yellow fever?

No. 25367

>He's average compared to the actual idols she put in the video.
Honestly, to a non-Koreaboo all of them are rather average lol. His face is too feminine imo (his style is great though), but still way above Taylor's sd

No. 25368

Her husband is a lil bit below average for western standards. In my country he would be considered unattractive but that's because asian men aren't seen as sexy here. In South Korea he is definitely above average. His face is a lil bit off for my taste though. I think they are a cute couple and complement each other.

No. 25384

Western standards? I don't have yellow fever, I'm from Germany and I think he's pretty attractive.

No. 25385

Agreed. I'm not attracted to Asian men, but I think he's attractive objectively. Nice skin, symmetrical features with good proportions.

No. 25386

I don't find him unattractive either just a lil bit weird. We had a few pretty attractive Asian guys in my uni but they had problems finding girlfriends. And those guys were 6'2 tall with model features and muscles. Just because you find him attractive doesn't mean you represent an objective opinion on someone else's attractiveness. It is always subjective. The same is for me, except I tried to analyze the overall perception of Asian men in western countries. And yes I wish the stigma would disappear but as long Hollyweird casts blue eyed dudes as the ultimate sex symbol and Asian men as ugly nerds, nothing will change.

No. 25387

yeah it's Hollywood's fault that hot azns can't get laid. Maybe they're shitty people? Naaaah. It's white people's fault.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25388

Nope they were cool and sweet. Of course there were a few girls who were into them but those were obviously koreaboos/weaboos. Literally with circle lenses, frilly clothes and fake cute personalities. But I guess the hot Asian guys wanted to be single instead and always ran away from them lol

No. 25389

so what was your point about hollywood then? so what, who cares if some of your HoT AsIaNs GuYs didn't get laid? still trying to figure out what you're bitching about when it had nothing to do with the thread at all

No. 25390

You should train your brain then.
I said regardless of how attractive an Asian guy is, he will be considered less desirable in western countries than Caucasian guys. This is mainly because of Hollyweirds poor representation of asian guys. Sharlas husband is therefore mediocre at best in some western countries and attractive in South Korea because he has indeed a good height, clear skin etcetera. Get it now?

No. 25391

>it's hollywood's fault that white girls in white countries prefer white guys
…then why do asian women in asia prefer asian men as well…? Why is that allowed? And who's fault is it?

Maybe you should "train your brain" a bit anon kek

No. 25392

I heard white guys have it easier in Asia than Asian men themselves. Even the ugly ones.

No. 25393

Go cry newfag. It is just an opinion and nobody is nice here

No. 25394

Stop derailing.

No. 25395

File: 1529553698534.jpg (38.96 KB, 450x441, Arashi.jpg)

Never said I found him attractive, anon. He just gives me some early 2000's Japanese idol vibes.

No. 25399

I think its funny that taylors bf is frumpy and gross while shes always put together, while sharlas husband is always dressed well while she frumps around in unflattering oversized clothes.

Also seeing her act like some Korea know it all after living there for like 2 months is cringy. Nobody wants to see a 30 year old woman fawn over korean boyband members 10 years younger than her. She basically killed her channel lmfao

No. 25400

She’s still gaining subscribers.

No. 25401

Taylor is far from being put together. She's like a walking collage of instagram trends. And she's worn her share of unflattering oversized hoodies and overpriced sweatshirts.

No. 25402

File: 1530152387631.jpeg (673.47 KB, 1242x2152, B7E6C452-F126-4250-BA14-6A58DB…)

Texan in Tokyo? More like Tokyo came in Texas! Badum tsss

No. 25412

Did you hear that on /r9k/?

No. 25413

Wtf kind of name is Nelda?

No. 25414

Better question yet, why is it Ryosuke but he signs with Rio?

No. 25415

This, most of her recent vlogs look like a complete downgrade from her Japan vlogs. She insists it's clean there but she still had to explain air pollution days. A lot of locals in her vids are either unfriendly/uncomfortable or uncannily friendly because they know they're being filmed.

Maybe it's just me but I also wonder how stable of a relationship you can have with someone where you both talk to each other in a second language instead of your own. Sharla's learning Korean for her husband but her husband's not learning English for her lmfao. Inb4 he dumps her frumpy ass for whatever else he can get and she ends up either stuck there or attempts to move back to Japan.

No. 25416

File: 1530293856790.png (776.42 KB, 482x1200, Rio_-_1st_edition_-_01.png)

No. 25417

Some people with the name Ryo/Ryosuke use Rio

No. 25418

I thought this post was about Taylor at first and I was in 100% agreement. I don't watch Sharla so I can't say, but Taylor's videos in HK are boring af and borderline cringe. I can't believe, in retrospect, how much better i found her casey neistat ripoff daily vlogging in tokyo, wtf

No. 25419


I think he's kinda cute, but is anybody else getting a "male host" vibes from him .. ?


I can't watch Taylor. I ended up finding out that it wasn't even her filming or ideas I disliked, but rather her mono toned voice and scripted sounding humour. She always sounds so forced when trying to express any type of excitement or personality. ( I also I don't her different or interesting looking, but rather just bland )

No. 25420

Shartla has been ‘learning korean’ for like 4 or 5 years now, and can barely order food kek. They’ll be talking in a mix of shitty japanese and shitty english until they are old and grey.

Its her dead grandmas name. Still feel bad for the kid though. Nelda Mineta sounds like a rare disease.

No. 25421

Her weird man laugh is what did it in for me

No. 25422

File: 1530338343687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 484.93 KB, 1242x1823, A2A0ED22-0FBA-4293-ABF5-458607…)

Look. I understand that it’s wrong for people to touch you no matter what you are wearing. Completely wrong. And it is difficult to be black in Japan. Those high school boys shouldn’t have touched you. But for fuck sake you have to cover your nipples up even a little bit in Japan. I don’t think you have to completely cover up to Japanese standards because in the summer time they don’t sweat, but COME ON.

No. 25423

This girl is so punchable. She’s all over the place. Shes one of those annoying girls who claims shes got every mental problem in the book. Bitch said the reason she whispers in her videos is because she has social anxiety lmfao then why tf you making videos about dick then if you so anxious.

No. 25424

Isn't this the girl who bragged about sleeping with 50 different men in less than a couple months?

She seems pretty crazy and desperate for the attention.

No. 25425

See I thought parts of one of her videos were funny (“they say eat it eat it but it only goes to my molars”), but she seems to do this clothing stuff just to push the boundaries of Japanese people and make them feel uncomfortable.

No. 25426

>claims she has extreme social anxiety
>shows her nipples in public
>brags about banging a new random dude every other day

No. 25427

Don't forget: she's also a law student and thinks she can get a legit career in Japan kek

No. 25428

Sharla has only been living in Korea for what? 3 Months or so? And she's already getting her teeth fixed (which I think was nothing wrong with at all???). I know it's no big deal, people do it all the time but I can't help but wonder if she already starts to crumble under the pressure of how much looks matter in Korea.. and this might just be a first step. From all the kvloggers I watched so far, all of them got plastic surgery sooner or later, usually after living in Korea for some time. Kinda hope for Sharla she doesn't go that route.

No. 25429

Taylor has just gotten too boring for me lately. Her food videos just remind me of EYK. It feels like she likes the food, but is only doing it to get more views and it's the next "logical" step, not because it's something she really wants to make videos on.

No. 25430

> Nelda Mineta sounds like a rare disease.
not to mention she will be hafu and be subject to all kinds of bullying if they go back to Japan

No. 25431

Have you ever even been to Japan? Japanese people 100% do sweat. Why do you think small towels/handkerchiefs are sold absolutely everywhere, and people are constantly mopping sweat off their faces with them? I'd go as far as to say they sweat MORE than foreigners, I've never had sweat dripping literally off my face.

There's really no excuse for wearing this at all, and if she really wore this out in Japan I don't know how she didn't get arrested, considering 1. She's already a black gaijin, perfect police bait, and 2. there was a story a while back about a woman being arrested and charged for stripping down to her underwear in public. This is 100x worse than that.


Oh Lord, I was literally talking to a Japanese guy today at work and he said there's so many lawyers in Japan, that there are absolutely no jobs left, and their average salary literally HALVED and is pretty shit now because there's no demand. Several law schools even CLOSED in the past few years because nobody wants to go to law school now obviously. And that's not even considering her foreigness or blackness

No. 25432

I have been LOL and I was always the sweatiest gaijin there. The handkerchiefs, fans and umbrellas helped but I was still always dripping in the summer. Asians genetically have smaller sweat glands, they don’t sweat as much as other races.

No. 25433

Lmfao its not “the pressure from korean society” its because shitty clinics always sponsor kvloggers for free surgery.

No. 25434

She also bragged about getting into every japanese school she applied to because of her ‘amazing application’, when everyone knows that japanese unis will take any foreign student with a pulse and enough ¥¥¥¥¥ in the bank.

No. 25435

File: 1530392402067.jpg (51.26 KB, 1024x632, 08.jpg)

Sharla's husband kinda looks like Key from SHINee

No. 25436

>calls herself a hoe
>has a patreon to give tips in hoeing
>claims to have anxiety because she is whispering

wth is wrong with her??

No. 25437

No. 25438

Keys eyebrows look fucked in this pic, but I agree

No. 25439

she isn't even traditional black. she appears Guatemalan. she is just calling herself black. she seems to lie about everything. just long list of lies. >>25431
is she even still in japan.

No. 25440

"appears guatemalan" anon get off the I'm not black I'm dominican type shit because this girl and other people like her always get read as black by white and asian people

No. 25441

File: 1530431934979.jpg (14.05 KB, 500x333, effbf76f93f0779189dc34c934114c…)

He looks more like Jeonghan to me, though I think it's just the hair

No. 25445


i tuned into one of her lives a few weeks ago and she was ranting about how men are useless and she doesn't think any person she gets with could be as smart as her. she was also saying shit about how bad capitalism is

No. 25446

Dunning Kruger.
Also what is it about cluster B messes and Japan?

No. 25447


God, not this bitch.

I watched gimmeabreakman's videos on her where she commented on both trying to justify herself before promptly having an argument with Victor about the use of the "n-word" and basically pointing out how he wasn't black enough to use it or some shit.

I can't even begin to talk about how entitled she is. Part of me feels like she's just acting the way she is in Japan for the sake of standing out and getting attention since god knows that being a slut back in America is way too common and basic now.

No. 25448

Its not even that he said it as himself anyways. He just quoted her and now she has to act all high and mighty lmfao

No. 25449

it looks like taylor and elbow-san are engaged

PULL have spent a long time saying he'd never marry her and she was just a sugar baby and she was wasting her time so they must be shitting themselves now.

No. 25450

I think they’ve had a genuine relationship for a while now but it’s PULL

No. 25451

File: 1530647214206.jpeg (907.72 KB, 1242x1125, CEDDA925-BC06-4B3C-8798-6D6BEA…)

Kek @ sharlas body in her friends vid. She always looks so different in other peoples vids compared to her own

No. 25452

I wonder if this will lead to a sperg-chan revival from Kiki.

No. 25453

File: 1530652532207.png (2.48 MB, 1850x1136, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 2.13…)

I feel really bad for her. Elbow-san seems kind of shitty towards Taylor. In her latest videos when she says "Carly had her baby!!" he responds, "Who?"
Clearly she previously talked about her SISTER having a child and he doesn't even know who/what she's talking about.
Every time he's on camera with her the only thing he says is "Babe…" in a disapproving like "come the fuck on" tone, to whatever Taylor is doing (singing in public, dropping something, dancing, literally anything she does).
Even in their engagement video he says "she's so dirty" when Taylor simply dropped a napkin on the ground. Idk it's like listening to a father scold their child, not a boyfriend talking to a girlfriend.

No. 25473

It just seems like humor, anon. They seem to poke fun at each other, it's not just him.

No. 25474

Honestly the “who” thing sounded like a average language barrier thing. If my boyfriend isn’t paying 100% attention to what I’m saying/looking at my mouth he’s not going to catch it and I’ll have to say it again so his brain can quickly translate. I give him a pass because he was driving and sounded happy to hear it

No. 25475

I don't see how that's funny or humorous at all? It seems 100% like he's always scolding her. If anyone spoke to me like that constantly I wouldn't like it.

He can speak English obviously, he speaks a lot in her videos. It's not like he had to translate a word, it was her sister's name.

No. 25476

Anyone else remember when he said that he preferred her weeb style to her current normie-ish look? That struck me as odd.

No. 25477

File: 1530659222587.jpeg (4.36 MB, 2448x1836, FBB2E3CF-D93B-4980-B218-FC48B4…)


Don’t get my hopes up ! My god it’d be like an early Christmas as Taylor is having everything kaka ever wanted.

However, I don’t agree with most of what pull says, besides the fact that Taylor probably did agree to the relationship due to the money and not because she was attracted to him. Honestly I alway found him hideous and boarder line retarded/ face transplanty looking.

No. 25484

File: 1530666147791.gif (2.11 MB, 498x344, 17A86C16-76CB-44A7-AF2E-DCE0B8…)

No. 25488

I really don't think he treats her bad, anons. She finds that stuff humourous and leaves it in. She likes living in HK.

She already said they moved back to HK with the plan to buy a place together, you know it had to be serious with the price of real estate there.

No. 25489

She herself has made fun of this, and encouraged him to do it. Don't clutch your pearls too tight.

No. 25490

The 'babe' thing to me comes off as a insider joke the two have tbh. Or maybe when he started saying it Taylors viewers found it so funny and now they do it on purpose. Like not scripted but being aware.

Some ppl are honestly so exaggerating about his looks. Just because he doesn't look like an asian idol and that's always what people seem to expect. He looks VERY average, that's it. Not ugly, not handsome.

No. 25491

lol right? if he was younger and skinnier people would be all over it.

No. 25492

how old is he again? 40s?

No. 25493


Isnt that the point people are making though? Obviously they would be all over him if he was thinner and younger but he isnt. Honestly he just looks like he needs a better haircut if anything.

Hes not the ugliest man out there for sure, but lets be real, he’s lucky af to snag somebody in Taylors league.

No. 25494


People can call him average, I still think he's ugly af. That doesn't mean I expect people to look like kpop idols ( I don't even listen to kpop or know any bands lol) I'm just pointing out that she only said yes to the first date based on his money ( like he chose her based off of looks only ) She would have probably rejected him if he was a minimum wage worker, anons would have probably said she deserves better rather than calling her lucky if he was broke. Money plays a huge roll in what makes this relationship work. Taylor has always had a eye for luxury and all things beautiful, and has always been surrounded by beautiful people and objects.

Agree, he is lucky because she is def out of his league. No doubt she probably could easily snag a more attractive rich guy, just maybe not another high roller like Tom. He's also lucky in the sense that she is pretty materialistic, but at the end of the day also a good person, unlike other pretty faced girls who'd only use him.

No. 25495

I'm excited if this means a kaka meltdown. Spergchan was an amazing time to be alive. Pity that he's old and looks like austin powers, even if he has coins to spend on the wife.

No. 25496

Princess Taylor is back!

He doesn’t like her cutting her hair either.

No. 25497

I’m chomping at the bit for a full blown engagement video. The hotel they’re staying at is really expensive, that pre engagement dinner wasn’t cheap, and the box looked like it was from Tiffany’s. When the vid comes out I’m sure we’ll be able to hear kakas teeth gnashing around the world. She’ll have to sit through Taylor living the dream engagement, wedding, and getting a fancy customized house in HK.

No. 25498

don’t forget she never has to work again

No. 25500


OH GOD, I hope Tom lets Taylor go fucking NUTS, and have absolutely thy most beautiful mouth dropping wedding, that'll leave Kaka with no teeth left to clench.


She hasn't had to work since the day she met him, anon. Don't forget she had hardly a following when entering Japan, and had constant designer goods, a fancy expensive apartment, taxi rides everyday, eating out at expensive vegan cafes and shopping everyday. She worked like 1-3 gigs per year while in Japan. It was obvious than that he was financially supporting her weeb dream. That was why PULL started speculating sugar daddy, because they never actually knew who or if she was dating. Just that she had a bunch of shit she couldn't afford on a basic catalog model salary.

( It was obvious when it was her paying because she'd shop at cheap places that anyone here would )

No. 25502

Sometimes I feel like certain anons lived in an alternate reality when it comes to Taylor.
>had constant designer goods
No she mostly shopped fast fashion (109 brands, Style Nanda, Zara, ASOS, Forever21 etc). She has some bags that are obviously gifts, plus a couple of Kenzo pieces that she got when she was paid in trade. And Comme des garcones tshirts which are overpriced but not unaffordable.
>taxi rides everyday
Agency pays for that
>eating out at expensive vegan cafes
Cooked more especially during her first year and half
>shopping every day
Not really
>catalogue model
Not according to her book. When she was in Hong Kong she did a lot of editorial (pays shit) and advertising (usually pays ok). She did some high end catalogue (most models do. It's the industry's bread and butter) but it was hardly the only thing she did.
>worked like 1-3 gigs per year
True. Although Maybe more like 4-5 during her first year. But the ones that she did probably paid pretty well.
But you are totally right that she couldn't afford that 2LDK in Minato-ku on the money she was making. Having Tom certainly helped with the basic aspects of comfort.
I guess I'm just in the minority in that I didn't find her initial lifestyle in videos that expensive or luxurious. But then I also don't find her family's lifestyle in Canada to be special.

No. 25503

Samefag to add. Catalogue can pay really well. It's not as glamorous as editorial or doing a campaign but depending on how often and how long you work, you can make bank. You can make more than $2000 dollars a day and thats not even just famous models but regular working commercial girls.

No. 25504


If you worked 3-4 times a year.. Why would your company pay out of pocket for your personal taxi rides ?( Thats what ? 16$ per 3km without traffic) She wasn't going to work. She's not some A lister or royal that'd get everything handed to her. Taylor never walked anywhere.

No. 25505

Anything designer, the now garbaged lolita stuff, business class travel and general lifestyle was bankrolled by her the guy. He owns a beauty company and got her most of the work she ended up with.

Modelling does not pay that much after deductions and is not constant enough. She knew what she was going for with this guy. She has aspirations for expensive things, not class kek

No. 25506

Ffs she was a working model for 7 years before she even met him. But sure he took a time machine and retroactively provided her with all of the work that she had been doing since she was 16 (when she first got signed in Toronto).
Her only jobs that have had anything to do with him were the beautyexchange events. He runs a new media company with a beauty emphasis (like an Ameblo for people who want to show off their new lip gloss). It's not he's the CEO of Lancome.
The reason she even got signed to Satoru was that she had a great book and a good reputation in HK.

No. 25507

that’s what I was saying. them being married secures her situation indefinitely.

No. 25508

Everybody is mentioning kaka, but I bet Mimei is salty af too lol

No. 25509


Almost forget about that sea witch.

Is she still being salty about Taylor ? ( was it actually proven she was ? ) I feel like Mimei hates everyone, thus is salty about everyone. Like I remember she didn't even speak or talk to Dakota and got salty towards her in no time. Everyone doesn't just drop being your friend for no reason. Taylor doesn't seem like the type either.

No. 25510

Isn’t it funny how most people who come into contact with mimei and her annoying boyfriend end up never talking to them again.

But yes, its THEM who are the big fat meanie bullies to poor delicate Mimei

No. 25511

Nobody is arguing with your strawmans anon. The point is she was never independently earning enough for the lifestyle she has.

No. 25512

How is that a strawman? It's the truth. Anon said Tom got her most of her work. That's objectively not true.
>The point is she was never independently earning enough for the lifestyle she has.
And I'm not arguing that she was. As far as I'm concerned those are two separate topics.
1. Did she earn enough for a lavish lifestyle? (No not at all)
2. Did Tom get her most of the jobs during her career? (also no).

No. 25513

Isn't Mimei married for years already? Why would she be salty about Taylor getting married too?

I swear, too many of you here are still kissing her ass. She's a gold digger/sb, and he's old and ugly - anybody who believes otherwise probably has yellow fever.
I saw a short documentary about Russian models in Japan; those girls land multiple jobs a day and still only receive a couple hundred bucks per month. There's no way Taylor ever made enough to support herself. Hell, there are even models doing shoots for big mags like Vogue for free, just for exposure. The small stunts she had are basically just poket money.

No. 25514

I don't really see how not hating her means that people are kissing her ass. I don't see anyone here gushing about her. It's mostly anons who are curious about what's going to happen next and hoping for a sperg-chan renaissance.

No. 25515

Mimei and Duncan openly mocked Taylor for flaunting her boyfriend's money. I don't really see how getting married makes that any less comical to them. They both come from working class families and Taylor was probably the first person in their friend group who is upper middle class. They clearly thought she wasn't genuine and made fun of how she just showed up in Japan one day and was desperately trying to become an influencer/youtuber. Even Taylor now makes fun of her videos and personality from 2-3 years ago.

Duncan literally has entire channels dedicated to mocking generic youtubers, he's more of a counter-culture YTer if anything. So when they made that vlog which was clearly mocking Taylor, I honestly don't know why their friends were surprised? Like as a viewer I expect that from them? Their humor style is bitter and jaded because they both deal with depression. That's common for comedians like Duncan? What comedian isn't depressed and bitter lmao? And Sharla said she was a huge fan of him for years and kept up with his content - was she only saying that to get on his good side so he wouldn't publicly trash her (like he eventually did)?

Idk maybe this is off topic but I just never understood why the conclusion to the drama according to farmers is: "Mimei is unrelatable bc she's sad and just jealous of Taylor who is perfect". Even if people are poor or depressed, they are capable of having thoughts or opinions other than jealousy or envy.

Like I really don't think Mimei is sobbing over a girl she barely knew or never really liked, all because she's getting married.. in a different country.. when she probably has no contact with anyone involved.

No. 25516

File: 1530802442992.png (1.38 MB, 1334x750, 4879E523-7D85-40D9-BC08-D9625F…)

The vid has been uploaded and the rock is huge. Eat your heart out kaka.

No. 25536

She’s always been childish about Taylor’s wealth. I’m not surprised.

No. 25537

They’re just not very funny in general, and I love dry humor. Just bitter at things. Their channels are also boring and unoriginal as well, although not to the extent of Taylor. PDR is on annoying customers 38 if I’m correct. Their personalities are probably a reason why everyone they befriend drops them within a few years.

And no I don’t think Mimei is crying or truly upset. But she has no contact with Taylor or their old friend group, yet still makes fun of her in videos. I liked the old jokes when they were all friends. But now there is clearly bad blood between them and of course most people are going to role their eyes when they see that Mimei still gives a shit about Taylor.

No. 25538

sage for not keeping up but when has mimei recently mentioned or alluded to Taylor? Any links?

No. 25539


I second this >>25538

I'm not the biggest fan of Taylor's ( not a hater either) but I genuinely don't understand why she always has these holy fuck obsessed people like Kaka ( probably some pull tards) and possibly Mimei go ape about her. She's just a really boring bland girl that is spoiled and lucky, not some snotty,rude,malicious or a huge scam/liar.


Thats a big rock, but also kinda think it looks a little bulky and ugly. I kinda expected something cuter with more design than a simple band and giant rock.

No. 25540

Was there ever a definitive reason why Mimei had a falling out with everyone/why everyone dropped her?

No. 25541


No, not as far as I can tell. Both parties stayed very hushed about it. Mimei probably knew if she spoke and trashed them they probably had dirty on her to hit back with. ( Plus a larger following combined )

No. 25542

if anything taylor's done less modelling work since getting with the guy, they met in 2012 and the vast majority of her modelling portfolio is from before about 2013. she wouldn't be able to afford the lavish holidays or the places she lives now but she definitely wasn't a struggling model being funded by a rich guy getting her jobs. the main reason i never thought she was just a sugar baby is that she's kind of annoying, not necessarily in a really bad way. i just thought guys who only want tall, thin, blonde models as a status symbol would prefer someone who acts more like a silent model. taylor seems a bit… dorky? annoying, eager? the kind of person who's endearing if you like them, but not somebody you could put up with if you only wanted them as an accessory

i wonder if she'll try to milk the sharla and taylor thing over this though. when was the last one of them mentioned the other in a video?

No. 25543

Honestly it is safest to go simple with the design. She can very easily swap out the band to something else if she wants to.

No. 25544

I agree with all of this. Even in this video where she shows that clip of her portfolio, it's totally full of tear sheets from editorials and advertising. And that was just the book she left behind in HK.
Also it would seem that Taylor is a hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless).

No. 25545

>Also it would seem that Taylor is a hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless).

No. 25546

File: 1530810825258.png (8.32 MB, 2208x1242, 9C5A0D00-415F-46C3-AFB3-7F6E94…)

“It’s so good I love it” says Mimei lying on Taylor’s floor

No. 25572

File: 1530815724874.png (196.75 KB, 500x522, 0AD29609-972B-4E72-B8FC-7BC8E3…)

Can we all stop bringing up sperg-tard Kaka like she’s going to come back. I miss the good milk too, but face it, we lost the drama years ago, and it’s not coming back.

No. 25573

Why does she always dress like a soccer mom

No. 25574

File: 1530816159353.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x2079, B3BA5B6F-C23C-4943-8AFC-A9C462…)

Honestly if he just got rid of the weird mullet perm, lost a fee lbs, and maybe switched to contacts he wouldnt look so weird.


No. 25575

lmao kiki btfo

No. 25577

jfc what does he do??

No. 25579

CEO and owner of about 2 separate new media companies.
Beautyexchange- one of the most popular beauty/lifestyle blogging platforms in China. Predominantly female and female moderated.
Menclub- sort of the equivalent for men with a bonus dating app.
EIG Limited- Which seems to be the mother company for the other two and focuses on site building.
And it seems that all of them are successful. In short, he's very comfortable.

No. 25581

I laughed at the ring with all that money he gave her that basic tiny ring. Kek

No. 25583

Wtf anon. >>25516 is tiny to you?

No. 25585


anon…that ring is easily over 10k

it makes sense its a "simple" solitaire type, it fits her aesthetic.

No. 25586

No. 25587

Plus we dont know his family history either. There could be more money tied up through inheritance, a bigger family company, etc.

I wonder how long after the wedding they’ll pop out a kid.

No. 25588

thanks sharla
(jk idk if this is true but must be an insider)

No. 25589

Lol. Not an insider at all. Believe it or not all of this is available just googling his name and looking up the companies. And thanks to Pull all of the info is on the first page.

No. 25590

If they do have babies, I wonder if she’ll go down the route of naming them weird names like all small town North American white women do. Names like Lex, Jaxton, Paizley. All her sisters kids have weird names like that too lol

No. 25591

From links posted on other forums, this ring is easily $30,000+. I'd love to know your standards if that's "tiny" and "basic".

No. 25592

Yeah with all the money anons "claims" he has he could've gotten a better ring or something similar to kim k ring size. I thought he would atleast buy it from ritani but it was "tiffanys."

No. 25593

Kim’s rings costs millions of dollars. Are you a child? Because I don’t think you understand how money works.

No. 25594

They're clearly trolling.

No. 25595

Yea and this dude as you guys say is worth millions so? Are you a "pleb" if so then yea this would seem big to "you".

No. 25596

So if someone has a different opinion than you they must be a troll right?

No. 25597

I've been following Taylor for a few years now. At first, I wanted to see ow bad of a train wreck she'd become by copying someone like Dakota. When I saw her pre-Japan days where her actual beauty could be seen, I was surprised quite frankly. I found her so pretty prior to her changing her aesthetic and I couldn't understand why she'd do it.

With time I realized she was trying to gain popularity as well as finding an identity for herself on youtube because she didn't know any other way to sell herself.

I've come to like Taylor more now, she's much more genuine than before. And yet, I can't help but always wonder about Tom. I too have thought to myself that she's out of his league looks wise. However that isn't all their is to a relationship.

Many people can grin and bear through having to be intimate with someone for cash but expecting to have to do so for an unforeseen amount of time would drive someone crazy. Thats why it never felt right to me to accept that Taylor has been with Tom for his money. We don't know what her past boyfriends look like, she might like guys that look like this or she doesn't care about looks at all and finds personality more important.

Also, some people say that Tom only approached Taylor because of her looks and think its fucked up. If thats what made him want to speak with her and get to who if her personality appeals to him as much as her looks, there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people end up falling in love that way, not upon first sight.

No. 25598

No, anon. Your ideas were so ridiculous that I couldn't believe they were real. But if that's what you actually believe continue as you please.

No. 25599

You might want to proofread my statement over because I never mentioned ideas. I'm just in awe at how many anons actually think this is "big" but it's understandable some of you are lower class. Anyway thanks for the laugh kid.(infighting)

No. 25600

Taylor is uneducated, has no job prospect and isn't very interesting. she's 30yo and has the maturity of a teenager. I find it weird when people say that Tom is way out of her league, he's a very successful and smart man. Being an average pretty girl has nothing on what he have to offer.

No. 25601

>she's 30yo and has the maturity of a teenager

I guess it depends on what each person finds to be immature. What is it about her that you find immature?

And while Tom does have cash to offer, what else is there? He seems to be just as boring as she is, and maybe that works for them.

No. 25602

>What is it about her that you find immature?

Not that anon but I watch teenagers on yt who have better content, vocabulary, insights, varieties of interests and critical thinking in their vlogs. Heck even kids have reactions better than Sharla or Taylor's "that was soooo goood" for everything.

Tom is def more intelligent than her and takes care of the bills but I'm sure this is the intended dynamic they both want.

No. 25603

given her herbal medicine and natural birth control history, she could turn out to be a hollistic obsessed, essential oils, pinterest anti-vaxx mom

No. 25604

At least we can know she can’t go anti vax if she ever wants her children to see her family in Canada or travel anywhere outside of HK. But who knows, she might be the type to convince the pediatrician to write off that her kid has “allergies” or an autoimmune disorder in order to avoids vaccination

No. 25605

I totes see her being the type to not feed her healthy kid gluten

No. 25606

>natural birth control history
can you give details? I don't remember her talkig about this at all

No. 25607


I don't think she's that fucking mental. She's been on accutane twice and I truly don't blame her for looking for other ways to treat her skin problems. Whether its herbal or not. Thats that only thing she's treating herbally that I know of. To tie that to her "totes not getting her kids vaccinated" is ridiculous.

The only thing I agree with is she will probably try to push and have them eat vegetarian. However, you have to remember her soon to be hubby isn't vegetarian or into "herbal" "gluten free", so he's likely going to have a say in what happens. I mean, he is paying for everything.

No. 25608

There's a thing I don't get, so I could be missing something. Taylor eats fish/meat now… Wasn't she a vegan when living in Japan??

No. 25609


No, and she made a video about it stating she is on a plant based diet. Enjoying vegan food doesn't make you a vegan, or mean you're claiming to be.

No. 25610

i don't remember which video and there's too many to search through, but around the time she started looking for help for her acne she went on the pill for the first time. her family and some commenters told her that the pill is evil and makes you infertile so she stopped almost immediately and pays for overpriced chinese tea for her acne now. don't get me wrong, birth control pills aren't for everyone and some can have bad side effects for people, but she very quickly accepted that the pill was terrible without much time or research of her own

she was never completely vegan, she called her food vegan a lot but usually said she had a 'plant based' diet, so just mostly vegan. usually that means the things excluded from a vegan diet that are usually still usually considered healthy, like eggs. it's also usually more about health than ethics, since a lot of people would say you can't be vegan but have leather bags

No. 25611

I thought she went off the pill because it made her feel crappy mentally?

No. 25612


Eh, I truly don't think its that big of a deal that she gave up on the pill early. Most nurses I've spoken to are against it ( not so much doctors if they are promoting and making a cut of the sales ) And honestly, at the end of the day its her choice and her body. I don't understand why so many people were making a big deal out of it.

Lets not turn this into PULL though. Nitpicking about what she eats or what medical treatments she chooses or how she lives her boring life. Its not milk and there is no drama.

No. 25613

I find it really odd that she was all into eating only vegan in Japan and after moving back to HK there's no mention of vegan food whatsoever

No. 25614


Because like everything else she does, she was just following a trend. Vegan isn't as popular anymore I guess. Taylor's a trend hopper, and thats the only reason she hopped on the living doll trend when it still had some life left in JP.

No. 25615

She stopped eating vegan while in Japan.

No. 25616

I’ve always thought it was weird that Taylor doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram. It makes it seem like she thinks she’s too famous to focus on anyone besides herself on insta. Even the Kardashians/Jenner’s follow other people

No. 25617

I kinda get it, this way you're safe from allegations that you don't follow someone because you're throwing shade, or you follow a person that's problematic, or "why aren't you following fans!" or shit… She probably has a private insta to follow her friends

No. 25618

I agree, its super common for the people behind famous or even business insta accounts to have one account for posting and one account for scrolling. I know a lot of artists or instagram models who do this, like they are ashamed to let other people know they follow kylie jenner or worldstar

No. 25619

Its kind of necessary in this day and age to do this if you’ve got a large following. We are in the times of people throwing tatrums over somebody following politicians that don’t align with their own views.

No. 25620

There was a time where she followed fans if they posted in her tay tay tag. That was during her kooter clone days then when she moved to her current persona she mass unfollowed everyone.

No. 25621

Does anybody watch Toph (amadofu) on Twitch? He is kind of irritating and his “community” is garbage. He’s clearly in it for the money. He previously said that he had the money he needed to buy a gaming PC for his channel but at the time he was still intending on moving to America so he was waiting until that time. However he decided to stay in Japan and asked his viewers to donate money so he could purchase his PC. One of them was so dumb and donated $500 how can he live with himself when he knows he has the money? Disgusting.

No. 25622

File: 1532957918341.jpg (799.73 KB, 907x582, LbKSSn6.jpg)

so she's in the hospital now?

No. 25623

>back in the hospital again
anyone know why she was in in the first place? has she mentioned health troubles in the past?

No. 25624

I went to look on pull real quick to see if they knew but I don't think they do, I did get to read a bunch of stories about how they were all in the hospital tho lol

No. 25625

Bless their hearts

I don't follow her too closely but I feel this has come out of the blue?

No. 25626

Taylor has her own thread, post her there.

No. 25627

So where is it?
Cant see the fucking thread(use the catalog)

No. 25628

in asia, especially if you have money, they keep you in hospital and give IV even for very minor things so it could be that.

No. 25629

Looks like this might be it, seems to be autosaged >>>/snow/331466

No. 25630

sorry but you sound old. people have finstas that they keep from the public

No. 25631

This is an old video but I feel like I saw more of Korea in Mimei’s 17minute vlog than Sharla has shown the whole time since moving there. Sharla had somehow managed to make Korea seem empty and boring almost.

No. 25632

Rachel’s style is so tacky

No. 25633

If you are young and pretty nearly anything will look good but she is in her 30s and she needs to invest in some quality items. I don't understand how both of them are so cheap and always thrifting because we know they earn a butt load of money from ads. Nothing is wrong with thrifting per se because you can find some gems but all I saw in this videos are literally ugly leftovers. Plus she is stuck in the midst 2000.

No. 25634

What's the milk with rachel? I looked through the last jvlogger thread and didnt see that much on her. I only found out about her through her husband by watching his cooking videos. Didn't know there was more milk behind the scenes.

No. 25635

File: 1534798498951.jpeg (525.61 KB, 1920x2560, 1468881393744.jpeg.1d3ca5ad9a1…)

there's not much milk tbh.

a few years ago kanadajin3 (miranda has a thread in /pt/) harassed her on sockpuppets, got called out, and now she and rachel are not friends.

she got a nosejob two years ago and said it was because she couldn't breathe well.
after the surgeon had given her the perfect nose, she said she was shocked and spent months in regret that she agreed to the rhinoplasty in addition to the (supposed) septoplasty. it was a great procedure though, it's completely changed her face. she looks much more delicate now. she was almost kind of dowdy before?

she's at least open that she had the procedure done, which is more than you can say for some youtubers that get work done and never talk about it, ever.

her style is absolutely tragic and awful but that suits japan because most fashion there is similarly terrible, so…

that's about it.

No. 25636

She had one of the best nose jobs I've seen a while. It looks great, and you wouldn't even think she had one.

No. 25637

i swear to god, i know when speaking japanese your voice goes a little higher and there's intonations but mimei is so fucking cringey. her whole persona is so fucking fake. i don't understand what she's thinking, whether she's trying to be likeable or she's doing this out of spite because some people (me included lol) called her boring. drop the annoying cutesy schtick retard, least you can do is be yourself.

No. 25638

she really overcompensates to sound young and cute like the other jvloggers which is pointless because they've all moved on from that anyway

No. 25639

isn't she almost 30 also? like doesn't she ever watch her videos objectively? this kind of behaviour is so embarrassing. she can stan bts or fucking whichever kpop group she wants but at least check yourself once in a while. i do like her earlier vids so this is a bit frustrating, clicking her videos and expecting some kind of good content but seeing this "making-fun-of-jvloggers-but-not-really-bc-i-have-no-spine" kinda content.

No. 25640

You’d think after 9 years her Japanese wouldn’t be so bad. Her accent is terrible and so unnatural.

No. 25641

She's 31.
She desperately wants to look like a member of kpop girl group these days. It's fucking embarrassing.

No. 25642

I think the weird intonation is her biggest problem. It just doesn't sound "right".

I sometimes watch her husband's videos and whenever mimei is with his friends she's so goddamn awkward…
Skip to 0:43, they only include her out of pity. But I can't help but feel like it's her own fault, she's just not charming at all.

No. 25643

Yikes. That kind of behavior I would expect from a teen/someone in their early 20s, but she also looks super aged with this style. Horse faces do not pull of this look well.

Also wtf is her actual name? It is really cringey that she still calls herself Mimei.

No. 25644

when the cows collide

No. 25645

Daniel has his own thread but wow lmao

He is obsessed with deen

No. 25646

I vaguely remember her name being Josie(?) a few threads ago

No. 25647

why the fuck did sharla comment on his video lmao?

sharla confirmed for constantly searching for her name on youtube

No. 25648

File: 1537072336135.png (10.6 KB, 467x81, wtf sharla.png)

No. 25649

I just worked really hard! Hehe!

No. 25650

File: 1537752040833.jpeg (768.54 KB, 1242x1842, A60A462D-95CA-4549-BA23-4FF156…)

No. 25651

What does she mean with crumbling? I saw her last vlog and everything seemed to be going well for her because she is moving out into a nice apartment. Maybe she has trouble finding a new roommate idk

No. 25652

Did she get fired from Wishtrend? Does anyone know the story behind that? Her shill posts were extra cringe.

No. 25653

Why can't she just visit Japan then? She obviously has money

No. 25654

She has no money because she was saving up to move out from her parents home.

I think she is desperate for some attention. Her channel doesn't grow anymore, it's literally stuck at ~50.000 subs. Her Japan friends have more subs/attention than her and it really helped her then a few years ago when she was with them. I bet she misses the old times.
I think she should make her own thing and let Japan go or she will be miserable forever. I miss the old happy Bii. She has a lot of potential and she could be a very successful youtuber if she would upload more frequently and show different facets of herself and life in general. She is a little bit too vanilla right now. I really loved her when she was with Emily because she was funny and sassy.

No. 25655

File: 1538876033759.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1846, 0D07B359-9A82-4414-97E3-A28EE1…)

No. 25656

Cringe worthy potter-tard

No. 25657

Interesting she gets engaged shortly after Taylor lol

No. 25658

File: 1539011508813.png (306.07 KB, 281x500, IMG_8248.thumb.PNG.f697b2d6af1…)

I think at one point she said that she hated her given name and wanted to go by Mimei.

Morena In Japan recently went home and got a tattoo that says I am God to spite the people who talk about her here and on PULL. She wants to get a face tattoo too, and still thinks she'll be able to find a job in Japan after she graduates.

No. 25659

hope she gets the facetattoo

No. 25660

Sharla is surprisingly likeable in Chris' videos. They have great chemestry, better than her and her husband, from the little snippets we've seen.
I'd actually think they were a couple (or at least, interested in each other) if I didn't knew better.

No. 25661

She's actually kinda cute even in these. Also the way she looks at him js

No. 25662

shes gotten a lot thinner good for her

No. 25663

Over the summer, “Tokyo Lens” Norm was on You wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e (Why Did You Come to Japan), a very popular Japanese TV show. It was a while ago, but I do remember him completely lying about his history in Japan and talking up all of his “skills.” He said he moved to Japan five years ago to become an apprentice to a shamisen master (one of the Yoshida Brothers), when he’s just said he moved to Japan in 2007 in his latest youtube video and according to PULL, worked at an English conversation school for years.

He talked about his videographer career, but strangely never once shared the name of his youtube channel, which would’ve brought in more viewers and subscribers than anything he’s ever done. He never brought up his wife or kid, even though the TV crew visited his home and the show would usually work up the Japanese family angle.

His segment was mainly about how he had a big solo for an important shamisen concert. But his performance was actually for an outdoor fair sparsely attended during the day (I think it was Yasukuni’s Mitama latern festival when the main event is after dark) and it was a group performance where each person had their own little solo. Norm made mistakes because he was too nervous, but it was also obvious that he was just a beginner. He also came off as rude and arrogant in Japanese because of his inability to use polite speech, despite living in Japan for over a decade.

TV show: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/plus/entertainment/entry/2018/017771.html

No. 25664

That entire programme is absolutely ridiculous and I have zero respect for people who live in Japan and still go on it. Like the only people who shouldn't be absolutely ashamed of appearing on there are tourists.

No. 25665

File: 1542470826983.jpg (88.99 KB, 917x594, tay.JPG)

Tay got married yesterday.

No. 25666

File: 1542470909013.jpg (84.68 KB, 916x446, tay2.JPG)

No. 25667

that's what she wore? wow congrats tay you're set now

No. 25668

I'm guessing they'll have the ceremony in Canada.

No. 25669

I'm guessing they'll have the ceremony in Canada.

No. 25670

Wow that was fast! They got engaged in July and got married in November. I think she will get pregnant very soon. Congrats Taytay!

No. 25671

i love the suit but the headpiece makes it look like she's going to a funeral.

No. 25672

Kinda surprised she got married so quickly and informally, but good for her? She always seemed like she wanted a big traditional wedding like her sister had though.

No. 25673

Taylor has her own page guys


No. 25674

What exactly are you complaining about? Tokyo Lens isn't a lolcow. Those type of shows urge the guests to play up one NIPPON BANZAI trait. For example, Solid Gold Aquatics, someone who got mentioned a tad in the petubers thread, got on 'Who Wants to go to Japan,' and she explained they made her act only interested in Japanese goldfish when she really collects all sorts. It's likely the show you mention only had the schedule for that concert in his segment. It's also likely he wanted his family to remain private, and there's nothing wrong with not mentioning a dumb little youtube channel, if he would've even been allowed to.

No. 25675

If you haven't been following his thread on PULL, he's constantly been lying about his work history and life in Japan, harassing and gaslighting other youtubers under different handles, showing up on threads under different handles to defend himself, private messaging strangers to ask them why they unfriended him on IG and an egomaniac in general.

No. 25676

Oh, found the speculation you're talking about. What a shame, his videos are rather boring but I like how informative the ones I pick to watch are. As long as he doesn't bring that rude personality to his channel I'll still probably watch his videos that interest me since they contain good info for locations. There are of course nicer (I hope) J-tubers that do the same thing like Cake with Faces and etc but I like Norm's video quality.

It's a shame that Mimei, who bought a good camera and could've been pumping out the same type of content, became a Kpopboo like the rest and mainly does boring BTS videos with that nice camera.

No. 25677

Its called a thread, newfag.

No. 25678

Bitch stfu and educate yourself, people in Guatemala do not look like this, unless they’re from Izabal or Livingston, close to Belize… you’d be far better off saying she looks From Belize. Smh(necro)

No. 25679

Did Sharla divorce or in the process of getting divorced?

No. 25680

Why do you think that? Any proofs?

No. 25681

Are all vegans this childish? Get over yourself

No. 25682

Yes. Vegans are irritating no matter how 'chill' people say they are.

No. 25683

You're not allowed to be upset when a place serves you something that you morally object to while they expressly said it is cruelty free? Just imagine eating a meal and finding out it contains dog meat or anything else you arbritrarily object to but think it's silly if a vegan doesn't want to eat beef.

No. 25684

Haven't watched the video but my problem with vegans in Japan is that they moved over there and expect everyone to cater or adapt to their needs, but they should know it's hard to request any changes to the menu item in Japan. There are some vegan restaurants, but they're better off cooking for themselves if they're that adamant about it. And it's not like they have an allergy to meat…

No. 25685

This is exactly it. It's irritating that these fucks come to other countries and expect others to adapt to them and not the other way around.

No. 25686

Kek at the bf’s response of “well my chicken was cooked perfect and actually really juicy and delicious” as she was having a vegan “yucky meat” meltdown.

No. 25687

yeah let's go ahead and ignore how entitled you yourself are.

No. 25688

with this attitude of yours nothing in the world would be done or changed lol.
also this whole argument sounds like weebs being angery over people not acting like Japan is some holy ground. How dare they treat it like any other country.
Get over it, it's about time.

No. 25689

Can you just chill? I'm really disgusted at anons behaviours here on lolcow lately. It's just a simple opinion and nothing controversial. Go to Tumblr with your sjw and edgelord shit.

Anon >>25685 just said that she's annoyed that some people don't want to adapt to foreign countries customs which is indeed fucked up if you live in this particular country. As a tourist you don't need to adapt but be polite. That's it. Calm your fucking tits.

No. 25690

Pretty obvious none of you watched the video and are getting triggered for no reason.

1. She's vegetarian, not vegan.

2. She ordered something that was labelled vegan on the menu. She didn't ask the restaurant to make her something special or change anything. She pointed at something on the menu, ordered it, and they brought her the wrong order. She pointed out their mistake and they just lifted the beef patty off and put the vegan one on and ended up leaving random bits of meat in the salad.

3. Vegetarians/vegans are relatively well catered to in Japan because of the Buddhist tradition of shojin ryori. But yeah, these evil gaijin invading glorious nippon with their dumb western ideas are such a problem.

No. 25691

>They moved over there and expect everyone to cater
Firstly, there are many Japanese born vegans. Veganism is not a western concept. Secondly she ordered a meal explicitly from their pre-set vegan menu. You're basically saying "I ordered noodles but got soup, but as I'm in Japan I must respect their culture and eat this item I did not order"
Also some people cannot physically digest meat. You weebs are fucking ridiculous. This is a restaurant giving someone the wrong order, but because its ~in Japan~ its somehow offensive to complain. Fucking weebs man

No. 25692

What are your thoughts about PeachMilkyTea and Kimdao? I found this year to really expose that both of them are not that genuine at all.

Peach - Quitting YouTube to basically gain money and gifts from men through lewds on patronage and Twitch. I find it so strange how Luke just smiles creepily from the corner of her broadcasts as the money racks in from his gf going almost nude in cosplays for $$. Also, am I the only one weirded out that she has Kim take some of her lewd shots? It’s funny how she seems dead or annoyed on Kim’s vlogs, but the second she’s on Twitch, she’s doing questionable poses/things to get her shopping sprees and trips funded.

Kim - She seems to be very fake to me lately…none of her YouTube friendships seem genuine. Especially after she told Sunny she would not be her bridesmaid because she couldn’t do all the work she needed for the wedding. Sunny opens her house to her each year/cooks for her/buys her gifts/takes her out. Sunny even mentioned how Kim rarely replies to her texts when she’s back in Perth. I just think Kim really uses people just for views and a place to stay. Also, the nonstop complaining about saving money each vlog is becoming annoying. I’m not sure if her fiancé gave her a hard time, but I don’t get why she can’t just at least show the new fashions/makeup in Japan/Korea rather than going to the Pokémon store for the 100th time.

No. 25693

Holly shit, Peach is doing lewds? I don’t much read this thread but I saw her name and I’m shocked. I know she used to do makeup reviews and blogs and stuff, and she seemed so uptight in an effort to keep her kawaii princess persona. Lewds seem a far way off from what she used to be.

No. 25694

File: 1545985667705.png (453.68 KB, 804x549, 68790p.PNG)

I was surprised too, I think she started this year.

No. 25695

good for her? She has this "cute" face that goes really well with a certain cosplay uwu style and going even further into lewds and Twitch must make her very good money. As long as she doesn't spread her holes on camera, it's fine for me

No. 25696

Lmao i swear to god why is it that majority of weebs who get popular online have so little going for them they always thot around and pander to the lowest common denominator.
Literally hell will freeze over the day one of these chicks choose a BA over slumming it as a wannabe 'idol' doing progressively more explicit soft core porn until they get uncomfortable and quit or go full on escort/porn. Social embarrassment is apparently worth any and all attention/clicks/views.
It would be such a nice change if one of these women moved because they had actual bussinesses, conferences or anything interesting that isnt a failed attempt at just getting generic brand popular for fifteen minutes through any male pandering window you can find no matter how small.
(Besides it shows that no matter what following they originally had, the female side of their audience means nothing for what you can gain in static one off monetary value from men cause who cares about having a sustainable fanbase when you can whore it out for some neckbeards for a couple of years before you either turn into shayna both in relevancy and income or force yourself to take a shit tier educatiob/job)

No. 25697

Everything is cute and aesthetic. I have no problems with this at all. Peachy should milk those thirsty men as long as she can until they are dry. I don't know if Luke is cool with this but in the end he is her boyfriend and the others can just look at her.

Wasn't she a legit teacher in Northern Ireland a few years ago? I wonder if she will return to her old job and if her sexy pics will have an impact on it since she is working with children…

No. 25698

My thoughts exactly, it's pretty pathetic and sad.

No. 25699

Real businesswomen dont want to be in the spotlight nor do they have the time
Youre seeing whats being broadcasted the most and that will be attentionwhoring losers with no skills and too much free time to be able to parade their boring lives on social media.

No. 25700

I have nothing against girls doing lewds. But, something about Peachmilky just irks me. The way she responds to criticism is very childish and her overall personality just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if anyone else gets that same impression from her?

No. 25701

File: 1546065273231.png (139.53 KB, 1166x566, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.32…)

she is really pandering to the thirsty dudes

No. 25702

File: 1546065325355.jpg (57.56 KB, 934x990, Dvhh9_2XcAItmYj.jpg)

No. 25703

That is so sad. I remember her being this holier-than-thou kawaii sailor moon princess, and she always gave off that air that she’d never do this kind of stuff. I guess her plan to move to japan and become a super famous model never worked out. Hey, at least now she can model for neckbeards on 4chan and twitch. I’m sure she’s making bank.

No. 25704


Is she really happy over her pictures being referred to as fap material by neckbeards? It's even more disgusting it's a loli character.

No. 25705

That’s the impression I got as well from her when I first discovered her. Looking at her responses and her attitude on Twitch, she’s starting to become very arrogant. I wish she would be more careful with the route she’s going though. One of her mods/top followers had really questionable content on his Twitter and has been showering her with very pricey gifts (ex: new camera)

No. 37876

I don't why people like mimei for? I see nothing about her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 37878

A face she got through several plastic surgeries, but go off. Even then she still edits the shit out of herself.
I'm sick of this "ero gravure cosplay model" shit, people can say it doesn't ruin the experience for normal cosplayers but….yes it does, especially when it's so oversaturated like it is now. It's sad.

Sage for sperg

No. 38596

File: 1551673933380.jpg (149.2 KB, 750x937, 45860986.jpg)

Didn't know this is what she's doing. What a shame, I enjoyed her youtube vlogs and her comments always seemed nice. Didn't follow her other social media so I don't know about how she acted there.

I hope a similar girl, Mikan, doesn't go down the gravure cosplay hole. She's also been doing jvlogs. Has gotten into a fashion design school in Japan and knows enough Japanese to take the courses so I'm rooting for her.

No. 38633

I've been wary of Mikan. She's into a lot of weeby bondage shit. I follow her on Instagram so I can see what kinds of posts she likes and it's mainly lewd cosplayers. She follows Belle Daphine too.

No. 38711

File: 1551747691170.jpg (513.36 KB, 1079x847, Screenshot_20190305-115814_Ins…)

Peachmilky had surgery and still looks like this? Rough.(nitpicking)

No. 38804

File: 1551807892072.jpeg (484.65 KB, 791x828, 6C6A60A5-A39E-4335-A264-638F59…)

This girl popped up on my feed so gave her video a try but her face reminds me of one of the female titans and her voice is almost unbearable.

No. 38855

I want to see your face anon

No. 38859

It sounds like he dumped her or cheated but she won't clarify. I can't believe he took her cats too lmfao.

No. 38861

Sharla and her husband broke up. He took the cats, oof.

No. 38864

I already wondered why she kept traveling around and stuff for the last couple months, now we know.
Tbh, from the little snippets that we saw he did dress and look like some fuckboy, they didn't fit together at all.

No. 38867

Is that funny? I feel bad for her

No. 38869

Same. That’s gotta be rough… and why did he take her cats….??

No. 38873

Only Sharla would manage to make living back in Japan sound like a downgrade. Her Korea vlogs were honestly really bad, she tried so hard to make Korea sound like a good place but everything she showed looked so much more ghetto than Japan, plus the smog shit sounded horrendous. And those were just the ""happy"" videos, imagine how bad the outtakes must be.

I don't want to say I saw this coming but I think we all did. He was extremely beta about showing his face on Youtube and probably wanted to drop everything about learning Japanese entirely, which is why he made Sharla move with him and expected her to learn Korean.

In retrospect they weren't married for very long at all and shouldn't have married in the first place lol. Let's see how much worse this can get, although I can't imagine how shit it already is losing Maro after all the money she sunk in him. People are already telling her to just adopt new cats like Maro and Luna were nothing.

It's karma, you bet your ass it is. She went really hard into "guys I'm Korean now uwu look at how awesome Korea is uwu don't you think Korea is better than Japan? uwu" all because of her husband and look where it got her. This is the kind of shit you weigh out before you marry someone.

Her excuse is that "they're more comfortable there, I don't want to disturb them" but her tone sounds more like he either bullied her into leaving them or it's a half-lie and she didn't have the money to move back and take them with her.

No. 38875

*There's also people talking about their own dead pets as though Maro and Luna died too, or saying "well, at least we live close enough to share custody of our pets" as though that's relevant here.

No. 38877

I feel bad for her, in this video she looks and sounds really broken up. And it's obvious she loves those cats, so I can't imagine dealing with a breakup of a seven-year relationship AND losing your two pets.

How long has she been living in Japan now?

No. 38881

She lived in Korea for about a year and has lived in Japan for at least 6 years not counting this time moving back. Again, it's kind of bullshit that she's saying the entire relationship was "7 years" when that's when her youtube channel began. You don't count a relationship from the moment you meet someone, you count it when you are officially boyfriend-girlfriend. It sounds exaggerated for pity.

No. 38882

Or maybe the cats are with him because she's always traveling and can't take care of them? Even when they lived in Japan, it seemed like he was looking after them most of the time.

He had a regular job in his home country and he couldn't rely on his wife's youtube career, either. They communicated in Japanese because neither really spoke each other's native language, but his Japanese was especially limited. Without knowing what happened, it's unfair to blame him for the divorce.

No. 38883

It's sad and it's worse that he kept the cats. Like, ouch.

but she sounds like obnoxious, not wanting to go back to Canada, because it's "too boring for me." Also, 4 ads in a 10 min video? girl..

No. 38884

Not funny. I understand that vloggers are annoyingly self-important little shits, but her relationship of 7 years just failed and that's kind of traumatic for anyone.

It's 2019, use an ad blocker.

No. 38885

yeah, it weirded me out that she felt the need to leave them in Korea. Also, the comment section is cancer with people talking about their dead pets and 'furbabies.'

She should have kept her cats and moved to Japan with them. It's odd to see a dude fighting to keep two cats over his non ex-wife. Was it spite?

No. 38886


I did use one after the fact, but i like to see how many ads they wanna put for a pity video. 4 seems pretty excessive. lol

No. 38888

Huh, you make a really solid point about the cats.
But I'm still convinced by Sharla's emotions that she's not really the one pushing for this divorce. You don't cry over a relationship if you're the one going "I'm ending this, it's not working out". The real reason is still in the air but I'll bet her ex-husband is not nearly as sad about this as she is. She put all her eggs in the Korea basket when it was a really unstable plan to begin with.

>but she sounds like obnoxious, not wanting to go back to Canada, because it's "too boring for me."
That's what I mean lol, gotta be a weeb/keeb about it. I wonder if she's just trying to dodge her family from saying "I told you so".

Again, I'm srsly doubting the 7 years claim. Seems more like the whole time she knew him vs the time they dated steadily. There's a huge difference and the longer and more exaggerated the more pity it fishes up.

No. 38893

I made the later post, not the one about peachy milky. But yikes, something hit to close to home?

I agree, her Korean videos were ridiculously boring. Her Japanese vlogs weren’t the most exciting thing in the world but at least she was more knowledgeable.

No. 38895

You can still be upset even if you're the one ending the relationship. Sometimes you gotta pull the plug on something unhealthy for the benefit of you both, and that's gonna suck, even for the one walking away.

No. 38900

Just as a note, Korea is not a rabies free country. In order to bring her cats back to Japan, she would have had to wait a /minimum/ of 6 months, possibly longer depending on if they weren’t up to date on their correct vaccines/needed their blood sent off for testing outside of Korea. If she wanted to take them sooner, they’d get locked in quarantine at the airport and she’s either have to pay someone to feed them, or travel to the airport daily to do it herself.

Taking pets to Japan is obnoxious, I can see why she chose to leave them, especially if she needed to get out of there even mildly quickly.

No. 38901

With both of these on the table it's probably for the best that he kept them, it's too bad we won't see them anymore.

This is the kind of information that should be in the comments, not "abloobloo, my gf dumped me and I put my dog down last year so I can relate" crap.

No. 38905

Typical Sharla, in a video about divorce and failed marriage says “muh caaaats” is the worst thing to come out of it all.

I say she was a typical weeb who though korea would be all sparkly and hip like those touristy korea towns in tokyo are, but then realized once she moved she would have to fill roles of being somebody’s wife and the role of being a daughter in law is a pretty big deal, so it probably fucked with her. mixed with the fact that she cant speak the language, her videos there were garbage and she wasnt really doing a lot of work in korea/getting out of the house amd relying a lot on him, mixed in with the fact that she was in japan a lot, it was probably a shit situation for her husband too.

No. 38919

My bf bought his ex a pug she cheated and he took the pug to spite her then sold it on the street because he couldn’t bare to look at it but didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of keeping the dog
I feel bad for sharla it was hard watching her(no1curr)

No. 38928

Huh. You got this right anon like months before the news broke. Do you know Sharla personally or was something suspicious to you in some of her videos?

No. 38936

Sage your blogpost, also heads up: Your bf is a dick

No. 38962

I just thought it was strange how she was never in Korea even if her work took her to Japan. She changed her channel's name and made a big deal about the move yet didn't produce any real Korean content during what should've been a honeymoon period. But I expected them to divorce because of Sharla's youtube job and constantly being away while he was taking care of her cats, him having to deal with her followers interest in his personal life when he's not involved in youtube, relying on a third language to communicate that they don't speak fluently, her interest in Korea being superficial, publicly shading her mother in law, and dressing inappropriately for the occasion because she wasn't comfortable with her body. I'm sure he has faults, too, but they didn't seem compatible for many reasons.

No. 38973

>publicly shading her mother in law, and dressing inappropriately for the occasion because she wasn't comfortable with her body
Was this ever discussed here? If not, deets?

No. 38975

Yeah, I wanna know more info about this

No. 39009

just go see her first couple of korean vlogs, she complains nonstop abut it

No. 39024


I don't even know her that well but I called it when I saw her hovering over Broad and giggling at all his sentences like a middle schooler. I thought that she was actually single and it surprised me she was married.

No. 39090

I don't get how they were together for 7 years without being able to deeply communicate? One of her videos with them talking was just so… lacking? Like they literally did not get each other. Of course I can't say for sure if they didn't have some way of deeply communicating but damn. I knew when I saw that it wouldn't end well.

Can't imagine doing it. Conversation (especially deep and meaningful) is so important to me. Maybe it's just me.

No. 39094


They were basically bonding over 'being gaijin' in Japan. Therefore their basic communication was no dilemma I think. Now in Korea Sharla was in a tough position. It's her ex-husbands country where she needed to integrate and learn his language and culture which she obviously failed. Unfortunately she had to decide between her job or being the wife her ex-husband imagined her to be.

No. 39096


Ultimately you don't know what happened though, that's all something you came up with.

No. 39100

File: 1551981158244.png (93 KB, 273x200, 9b3.png)

No. 39107

Ya they never seemed like a good match, think she just liked he resembled a less attractive kpop singer. I always thought they hooked up while she was working on godzilla, she started caring more about her appearance then. You could tell she was unhappy before Korea. Once they moved to the Japan country side together she looked miserable ever since. They didn't seem as financially well off as they were either so that probably didn't help. Figure Korea was the last chance to mend things.

No. 39128

It's really terrible that Sharla couldn't even keep Maro. Maro, as you could tell, was really bonded with Sharla. I hope she gets enough money to get him.

No. 39159

I don't think it's because of not fitting in or even trying to fit in. The parents probably didn't approve from the beginning and it didn't really matter much because they were living in Japan at the time. Now that they moved back the parents probably put some pressure on the dude to come to his senses and stop that act with the foreigner. I don't know anything about their relationship but judging how Korea is so super obsessed with beauty and being skinny… and Sharla not really fitting into that Korean girl trope… the guy probably wasn't even so into it.

I just found it super AWKWARD when she was bawling her eyes out :( and then suddenly it was like "please check out my cats on instagram, like-subscribe to them on youtube :)" like wtf?

No. 39160

It’s not about money it’s about importing animals

An animal from Korea to japan is a fuck ton of work and takes months of certification and tests because Korea doesn’t actively test for rabies so japan would treat her cat like a fucking bomb

No. 39166

Simon and Martina actually did a video on bringing your pets to Japan and I remember it taking well over three months, plus blood/antibodies testing. It's probably easier in the long run to leave them there since hes been with the cats for just as long.

No. 39171

My vet explained it that Korea only requires one combo vac, and if they're indoor cats, rabies is not something they will get. You only get them if you're exporting the animal, and the wait time is 3 months after the shot to take them from Korea.
Korea also does not accept rabies paperwork that was done like 24 months prior or something? My Korean is rough and his English is too, but that's along the lines of it, like >>39160 said.

It's not easy to take pets to Korea but it's easier to take them out.

No. 39172

I don't really know much about other East Asian countries and I dont wanna generalize but from what I've seen Koreans rarely consider the non-Koreans they might date as marriage material. The country is just too homogeneous and the cultural differences too big for them to be accepting of these relationships.

No. 39173

I really hope sharla can get Maro back. Her so called relationship with her husband was a joke, but she really loved Maro and Korea (and Japan tbh) aren’t known to be the best places for pets if they get abandoned, a sleazy guy like that would propbably abandon them because they remind him of his ex.

No. 39215

The divorce is going to be for her best. Also the loss of her cats. She'll finally have to rely on herself and make adult decisions. With that soyboy as husband she'd never be able to grow as a person or get anywhere in life.

No. 39259

Didn't her husband have tattoos and was a hair stylist? His family might not be that traditional. But Korean or not, traditional or not, I don't think there are many in-laws who see youtube as a legitimate career and would approve of someone in their mid-30s still obsessing over Kpop stars. Hopefully Sharla can find someone who shares her hobbies and understands her work, but I think it's really hard for vloggers to date non-vloggers in general, even more than dating someone from a different country or culture.

No. 39290

>His family might not be that traditional
The fact that he didn't speak English tells you more or less about the mindset. Usually open-minded parents are the ones who invest into their kids learning English at some point. It could still be that he simply didn't want to study or something, but… tbh most asians aren't open to the idea of marrying foreigners. While some may even date foreigners most of them still end up marrying an asian because it is easier because parents also don't approve of it.

No. 39325

English language learning is required in the Korean curriculum and doesn't reflect open-mindedness. Japanese, meanwhile, is more controversial and a more conservative family would be far more likely to object to their child moving to Japan and picking up Japanese than honing their English skills which can be key to getting into a top university or landing a position at a prestigious company.

No. 39372

Having a subject in school doesn't really mean anything. So do most if not all Japanese schools but can they speak? No. Parents who make an extra effort to send their kids to additional English classes are going to be more open-minded to the whole foreigner concept. Whether it is studying abroad or interacting with foreigners. This is the case regardless of culture.

No. 39416

It's not just a subject in school. This is about the Korean education system and I'm guessing you don't have any much experience in either Korea or Japan. English is a big part of secondary school and university entrance exams. Parents send their kids to supplemental English classes so their kids can get into the top middle/high schools and universities. Also, fluency in English can help you land a position at a top Korean company. There is no aversion to learning English from traditional or conservative parents. It's a matter of whether parents are invested in giving their kids the most opportunities. In fact, it's the non-traditional parents who are more likely not to send their kids to English and other supplemental classes. And Sharla's husband was living in Japan and learning Japanese. That would be controversial to very conservative parents.

No. 39449

Sharla getting married always felt like, she was trying to fit in or something. And the fact that her and her ex didn’t speak a common language really was a giant red flag. Why did she think moving to Korea and not knowing a lick of the language was a good idea?

No. 39486

it seems like this bitch cares more about her cats than her husband divorcing her lmao (which is obvious, from how she talks about the situation)

No. 39504

I feel like a prick but I don't feel bad at all for her. From what we saw in their videos, the two had zero chemistry. Even Taylor and her sugar daddy can at least have a conversation together. It also just seemed like Sharla had so much growing up to do. The whole situation where she wanted to adopt a sick cat but her ex-husband said no and she did it anyway like wtf? Her moving to Korea but not putting in the effort to learn Korean (Though she never put in the effort for Japanese either given how rudimentary her speech is.) and then shitting on her mother in law. I think there was also a video where her ex thought he broke his nose and she was so nonchalant about it. The guy probably came back to his senses when he went to Korea and found people more able to have meaningful conversations about something other than cats and pokemon.

No. 39507

I was really surprised when she said they were in a relationship for 6 years. When she announced getting married, I thought she was only a month or two into the relationship because all their conversations sounded like they have only met each other recently.

Vid related, the date starts around 5:45 - it doesn't feel like she's already been 4-5 years with him, more like an awkward first date.

No. 39527

Wait so…they've been together for like 7 years and he still didn't manage to learn English?

No. 39576

Now you made me watch her boring video.
I honestly don't know what your problem with their "date" is, they don't talk that much on camera, but from what she does show they sound like a normal couple.

No. 39587

They were living in Japan to study and work in Japanese. Then they moved to Korea. Language priority would be Japanese>Korean>English. Also easier to learn Korean if you know Japanese than it is to learn English from Korean. The ex probably did know some English from school, but Sharla didn't learn Korean despite moving to Korea.

No. 39647

I think the seven year thing is a lie, but have nothing to back it up since I don't like her. They were probably "together" (aka FRIENDS) for the majority of that time.

How the fuck could you not share a language after 7 years if it was a serious relationship? Maybe they were just fuck buddies for a long time or something.

It's stupid and sketchy and I doubt she's learnt her lesson.

No. 39679


>How the fuck could you not share a language after 7 years if it was a serious relationship?

They planned their shared language to be japanese, since they lived in Japan for majority of time. It's similar situation than in, lets say Felix and Marzia, where they don't speak each others languages but speak the language of the country they live in. It's not that weird or rare tbh

No. 39712

The 7 years just can't be true. Either it's been 7 years since they were first introduced, as you said, meaning they maybe hang out from time to time and at some point just started dating.

Did they even live in the same area?

Maybe the guy just agreed to get married to get tax benefits, since he had a real job.

No. 40069

It was revealed on PULL (by Mira) that Sharla was in a relationship with someone. This was at least in 2014? so that's 4+ years. Not really that much of a stretch, and the leak is pretty much proof even if Mira is a huge liar, this was stuff from Sharlas personal facebook.

No. 40227

Sharla seems chummy with her old acquaintances…she was just talking shit about living in Japan the last video?

No. 40258

With JP being their common language I can imagine the amount of deep and meaningful conversations they were able to have at that time. Please.

>so much hard work, only 15 minutes!
yeah, apart from the other 2 guys who had to in come in early and set everything up while she was "going into work" and making several stops around town

and the make believe that TC is trying to sell now, jfc, youtuber experiences of settling down in Japan, which 90% of people who are actually moving to Japan for work can't relate to.

No. 40427

NTAYRT but I'm an English teacher in Korea and even though I teach both curriculum and secondary English classes, if the kids don't want to learn they won't. There's a lot of high school students I speak to that have taken English since 1st grade and can't say anything past "Hello, my name is Subin, nice to meet you"

No. 40450

No one cares where you live or your job, at least sage this blogpost

No. 40931

Some of her coords are so cheap looking and fetishy, and she posted that pic of her in her underwear recently. She’s always seemed kind of creepy and fake to me.

No. 41033

File: 1553367405403.jpg (444.69 KB, 596x895, mikan.jpg)

Not sure why this hasn't been brought up here yet, but Mikan was found out to selling nudes and/or domme services online via CollarSpace.

I found a reddit acct called "Princess_Mikan" as well, but it's deleted.

I've always thought her outfits were sort of cringey, especially for someone who just got into fashion school. It looks like cheap Aliexpress, and it doesn't help when paired with a cosplay wig.

No. 41034

Because its been covered in another thread

No. 41090

which thread is that?

No. 41091

The PULL thread

No. 41104

Huh, didn't know about that. My opinion of her has lowered but at least she doesn't go full cow and is stealthy about this type of stuff. Interesting she is a dom.

No. 41105

She's probably not dom but tried findom because she was told it was easy money as long as she was demanding enough towards her pay piggies.

No. 41818

Lol wtfffff I didn’t know about this. Yeah one time I posted her in the an thread on cgl and they didn’t agree with me. They are super cringey outfits and her captions are so fake and gay.

No. 41819

File: 1553768292867.jpeg (193.28 KB, 750x926, 2FE1A324-878C-4341-84E5-96DAE0…)

Omg hold on, I just checked. I got mikan mixed up with this girl the whole time. They kinda have similar faces and cheap outfits so I was confused.

No. 41829

>and gay
What? Is Mikan gay? If so,are her and Venus a thing?

No. 41835

Her captions are gay, not her lol

No. 41878

File: 1553805360821.png (624.5 KB, 1093x582, screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-1433…)

No. 43977


This girl sure looks like Amina before she gained.

No. 50032

File: 1558588457224.png (365.76 KB, 531x917, bii.png)

Bii's asking people to pay $9 via Patreon to find out what happened while she was in Australia. All this crying makes it seem like she was abused or cheated on. Did anyone even watch this?

No. 50047

Does anyone know what she talks about in the video? I'm almost tempted to pay for it, seems weird not to just put it up on youtube because all her viewers have been waiting for this.

No. 50058

I love all this bullshit youtubers get away with. Paywalling some dramatic experience in your life is so ridiculous she could literally say she was kidnapped for a week and I wouldnt care cause she made people pay MONEY to hear her recount some bullshit story.
Go cry into your injections and korean plastic surgery ffs.

No. 50523

No. 50526

File: 1558667620390.jpeg (266.34 KB, 960x1423, 526C49A0-983E-4D90-80CD-60A7C4…)

No. 50527

Her skin is terrible wow… and her lips lol

No. 50534


The overall gist:
>lost half of income
>upon moving to Australia, bf says he doesn't love her anymore
>emotional abuse: bf would call her an embarrassment and a humiliation, get mad at her cry for crying
>believes bf was jealous of her freelance income/youtube job
>constant cycling of breaking up because neither of them would move out
>certain he cheated on her at least once

I really don't under why her boyfriend let her move in if he didn't even love her anymore. Seems cruel.>>50523

No. 50548

>I really don't under why her boyfriend let her move in if he didn't even love her anymore.

She also said that she tried to break up with him when she was in Japan but he constantly persuaded her not to do. And when she suddenly moved to Australia, he said he didn't love her anymore. Then he wanted them both to move to Canada in order to work on their relationship and themselves but in reality he never intended to work on anything but tricked Bii into leaving Australia alone. Even after she moved countries, he tried to massage her although she never replied to him. Bii blocked him April this year finally. He is very manipulative and controlling like a psychopath. He really broke her…

No. 50553

Broke her enough to make people pay 9$ to watch it lmao

No. 50556

I can't see it anymore. I guess she's lurking here and decided to make the video private. What about the people who paid 9$? She should make it public again for everyone to see. She's still following her ex-boyfriend's manipulative advice to tell nobody about what happened because it would make him look bad plus taking money from your subscribers for drama isn't the best idea.

No. 50620


it's osharegirl.
she got lip fillers…her lips look terrible.
why would you post a zoom in pic of your face like if looking like that…

No. 50631

what an asshole

No. 50799

Ww don't have any evidence she does this now though

No. 50807

I'm not seeing anyone say that she does.
But to play devil's advocate, we don't have any evidence she doesn't.
But we do know that her unqualified overshooped ass was on a "teaching" website with a profile that looked like a dating/escort profile and we also know that's where she met her boyfriend who was still a highschool student at the time.
Plus she has absolutely no problem demanding money from her followers.And she had no moral issues doing findom to fix her schnozz and get her to glorious Nippon, which says a lot about her character.

No. 51767

Lmao. She is also hoping to launch her own fashion boutique from patreon donations instead of going to a bank…she's delusional

No. 51788

In her deleted video she talked about how she lost about $10k because of her ex-bf. She paid for a visa and used it only for a month before she moved back to Canada. This 10k would have been the funding for her shop I guess. On one hand I can understand her struggle and pain but on the other hand I feel like she needed something to happen in her life to wake up. How could she stay with her then bf if he didn't love her anymore and played mind-games all the time? And then she decided to extend her visa even though all this shit happened?? It's pure stupidity imo. But if you're in love, you tend to do stupid things and ignore warning signs. Now she has to grow up and stop selling drama for money.

No. 51789


I thought she deleted the video but she made it private bc it's available again

No. 52590

>>50526 I really do like Jenn, I think the problem is her use overuse of using a heavy foundation and a powder on top of it. It completely dried out her skin making it look terrible. If she put on BB Creams that are Korean – you can find more pale shades from my experience, and use something are for mature skin which has more moisture not because she looks old, and only use a powder under the eyes, the more glowing skin will look better and her skin won't be a dry sponge.

I think the second photo was after ter makeup was wearing off so more of her oil is coming through. The more you powder, the more oils come through due to your skin needing to make even more of it to try and rehydrate it. Her skin issues is due to her skin needing the moisture and her just piling on a tone of drying layers, along with the really unneeded shading powders, her face is already slim, she doesn't need that much makeup on her skin, and more moisturizing stuff she puts on it, the more her skin will calm down.

Glowing skin isn't "oily" looking, it looks moist and not dry. With a moist looking skin, you won't need the contour so much especially adding more "shine" back on the dry AF skin. Skip powders, your skin will thank you.

No. 53408

In her new 'Mexico vlog' she kept referring to Isla de Mujeres as 'Isla Majora' throughout the whole video, it was so annoying. Really Bii? You don't even bother to memorize the name of the place you're staying at? Wow.

No. 61331

Is Tokidoki Travelers boyfriend Arick a transgender?

No. 61389

Dunno but she looks way more manly than he does

No. 75188

File: 1575958289894.jpg (323.66 KB, 1139x443, lmao best friends.jpg)

Sunnydahye and Kim Dao had a falling out and are no longer friends

Kim kept making comments about how she would never put her relationship online(she's made AMA with her fiance before) and people found out she was shading Sunny since she and her new boyfriend Chris Okano were making constant couple video content.

Who knew immature bitches who constantly talk about their besties would have a messy friendship break up

No. 75201

Chris Okano was friends with Sunny and Kim for years apparently and also hang out and made videos with them. He's also part of the J-vlogger community and knows Sharla but he was a very small influencer compared to Kim, Sunny and Sharla. Chris and Sunny began dating earlier this year.

His channel is now called 'Sunny and Chris' kek. He had very few klicks before her like always under 10k. Now he has like 40k - 200k klicks per video and his channel is growing very fast. Of course he's using Sunny for cloud and Kim probably wanted to warn her.

No. 75226


Here is a list of the influencers that work with him. https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/influencers

You're making him sound like he's an unknown up and coming j-vlogger when he's responsible for the success of many of their careers.

No. 75227

Samefag but I just noticed the part where you said Chris is using her for "cloud". I assume you mean "clout". In reality, Chris Okano is her manager. She uses HIM for clout in the most literal sense of the word.

Here's more about the company HE founded, the company that represents Kim: https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/about

No. 75237

Tokyo creative is fucking dying and they kicked Chris out of the company. The company is not profitable and bleeding money and investors are pissed.

Chris seems like a shady guy

No. 75241

They kicked out the founder? Phew it must be a wild ride behind the scenes.

No. 75242

Didn't say anything other than "he founded TOKYO CREATIVE. He's not an up and coming j-vlogger.

The investors might be "pissed" because their business plan isn't making money. You know, the reason most investors came on board.

Unless you have actual sources to back up your claim, you sound like you have nothing on him.

He's just a boring film maker. Not everything is as exciting and juicy as you wish it was.

No. 75243

File: 1576010384883.png (36.62 KB, 789x567, 2515120.png)

lmao? you seem defensive, I'm just adding onto what you said, not correcting it.

Anyways his linkedin is public and said he hasn't worked there for months

also note in his profile he started a new company "HUR" with Sunny as the main subject. He also rebranded his youtube channel as "SUNNY AND CHRIS" dude is creepy obsessive

No. 75264

Yeah I meant 'clout', thx autocorrection.

It doesn't matter if he founded Tokyo Creative because they kicked him out. He always had low clicks on his vids which means he doesn't know how to promote and do marketing the right way although he appeared in Sharla's/Kim's/Sunny's videos. He had to start a new company and renamed his channel. He needs Sunny for clout and it's def not the other way around. An influencer company is nothing without influencers which means he is nothing without Sunny.

No. 76295

"he's responsible for the success of many of their careers"
what the fuck did I just read lmao almost all the people from Tokyo Creative were well-known before he ever touched them, if anything I've seen people cite time and time again that the boring Tokyo Creative shit was the stuff that made them lose interesting in the Jvloggers they used to watch. Okano was a boring nobody until he used the names and clout of the people he convinced to get on board to make himself look like a big time businessman. He's a boring ass clout chasing douchebag who uses his friends' platforms to make a name for himself.

No. 79404

kim had her wedding and sunny didn't come

what happened to BEST FRIENDS LOL

No. 84269

Kim uploaded her wedding and it's the cringiest shit ever considering how much money they spent on everything.

Also they recording audio in a fucking tin can?

No. 84302

Holy fuck, I had to stop the video when they did the Harry Potter themed dance.

No. 86873

File: 1584862731892.jpg (180.04 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20200322-082612_1.j…)

Nothing too milky here but Cathycat calls herself 'Japanese fashion girl living in Japan'.

Does she see a Japanese girl, if she looks into the mirror? Isn't she a nearly 40 year old German woman who struggles to pay rent because she throws her money out for ugly lolita dresses, so she can look like an overgrown toddler?

No. 86878

File: 1584869604282.gif (375.81 KB, 225x183, judge judy2.gif)


I've seen this woman interviewing people in Omotesando(don't remember exactly in front of what store but its in the Softbank/Lush proximity) so many times. She gives me second hand embarrassment, she looks like she is 60 and yet dressing lolita(seriously, she must photoshop the fuck out of her IG pics because she looks MUCH older in person , even with 20 lbs of makeup) .
Seriously, every time I've passed her I've seen the people around us looking at her and grimacing in disgust/second hand embarrassment, tourists and Japanese alike.

No. 86879

She can’t even afford lolita on a regular basis :/

No. 86884

True. A lot of her lolita stuff is from fukubukuro or else she wouldn't be able to afford anything according to herself. I read somewhere that she has 2 Master Degrees. Is this true? I mean she lives in a small apartment, struggles to buy regular lolita and works for a mediocre Youtube channel. This sounds more like an old weaboo who has no perspectives in her own country but prefers to live in Japan because she feels special as a white girl and takes every shitty job to stay in glorious Japan.

No. 86897

I didn't read it as "a Japanese girl who likes fashion", but as "a girl who likes Japanese fashion", though calling anyone over 20yo a girl (or a boy) is fucking weird tbh

No. 86899

I'm not a native speaker, so you could be right. Wouldn't it make more sense to say Japanese fashion lover instead of girl? Besides calling herself a girl, I don't like the way she uses the word Japan. Japanese fashion girl living in Japan. Eating Japanese food in Japan. Pooping in Japanese toilets in Japan. Sharla does it too as some other J-vloggers.

No. 86911

Not wanting to wk but you can simply replace "japanese fashion" with any other hobby, it does make sense. And if she really would have tried to pretend to be native then she wouldn't have added that she's fluent in japanese because that would be a given.

Way too many lolitas are doing that, I get it if you're in your early 20s but not if you're 30+ like her or Fanny Rosie… That's not helping with normies thinking of the fashion as ageplay.

No. 86925

I don't know about her education background but she could easily find a job back in Germany with her language skills alone and not have to worry about rent anymore. But she's obviously choosen the life she wants.

No. 86962

>But she's obviously choosen the life she wants.
I don't really know anything about her except recognizing her from youtube videos, maybe she's a miserable hot mess of a cow idk. But isn't her life pretty good, by white weeb in Japan standards? She doesn't have a basic expat job like teaching, her Japanese is good enough that she can interview randoms on the street, she gets to wear jfash as much as she likes.

Fanny Rosie dresses age appropriately, nobody could confuse her with an age player.

tbh these threads always just reek of people who are jealous of anyone who lives in Japan. Calling yourself a girl isn't milky.

No. 87252

She defends John Leigh so there's that.

No. 87277

Nope she didn't. She's works for a marketing agency in japan and you can hire her to say good things about your company.
When some american convention guy shows up to give her money to promote it, she does so without any background check. She's the only one in her company who speaks english and no one did any background check.
So when Taylor from Scarfing Scars dropped the bomb, japanese where too stupid to read english, and too proud to admit it.
That was her company's fault.

No. 87536

My goodness you whiteknighted pretty fast.

She knew what she was doing and absolutely deserves getting called out for standing behind a known predator. She did not have to support him, she chose to and is 100% accountable.

No. 88299

tl;dw Mikan quit Bunka fashion college because it was too expensive and too much work on top of making youtube videos, was depressed, worried about the low hire rate for foreigners on jobs, got a new apartment with her boyfriend, and plans to get a cat.

Valid problems I guess, but I was hoping she'd not just be another spoiled fashion vlogger and continue to work hard. Also in a comment about adopting a rescue cat she replied she'd need a hypoallergenic cat which usually just means wants an aesthetic breed.

No. 88301

>too much work on top of making youtube videos
So, youtube will be her only job now? She only has 200k subscribers, how is she gonna live off that?

No. 88305

she’s only been dating her boyfriend for like 2 months.. this will be a train wreck kek

No. 88308

2 months? Hasn't she dated Hirokazu for a looong while already or is this a new dude

No. 88314

Soo what’s she doing for a visa if she quit school?

No. 88317

Nah Hirokazu dumped her a while ago. This is some new dude she met barely a month ago and now plans on moving in with him. There's a whole ass PULL thread about her and about how this new guy, Yasu, basically cheated on his ex with Mikan, then when the ex came to PULL to share her side of the story with receipts, Mikan made an instagram post to her thousands of followers about how toxic and manipulative Yasu's ex is and not to believe anything she says. The whole thing is quite milky.

No. 88321

I don't think it's a valid reason, it's a pretty dumb reason especially with how chaotic the world is right now. Staying in school = safe student visa as long as she wasn't failing/not showing up to class before this pandemic shit happened (I couldn't watch the whole video so idk if she said her grades were bad). All of this is going to cause strain on her already sketchy relationship and her mental health. School would've provided stability and secured her a degree, even if her job prospects were low, just stick it out if you're not going to leave the country anytime soon. I don't suspect she is going to hop on the spousal visa train anytime soon, which is what PULL keeps suggesting. But she is making really poor decisions right now so this is bound to be a shit show.

No. 88322

Look forward to when the new Visa ticket cheats on Mikan eventually. Them types never change and will happily fuck around with the next girl in no time. The fact she's with a cheater and actually targeted his ex instead says alot about her sorry ass to begin with.

No. 88323

Really a bad idea to quit uni since she plans to stay in Japan…

No. 88326

Yeah, what kinda of visa is she going to switch to? I'm betting on her leaving Japan within a few months.

No. 88332


Probably pushing for a marriage visa seeing as she moved in already with her new boy.

No. 88362

The "work hard" thing has pretty much always been a facade with her. She wants to look like she works hard but in reality she tries to find the easiest least labor intensive solution always.
She's leaving Bunka because she professors have told her that she sucks. That's it. And it's obvious. Girl has no interested in fashion besides the most tired cosplay taobao 2010 reject stuff.
She decided to go to Bunka because her Japanese was too shit for regular university. She didn't have N2 and there is no way she would have passed the Japanese University exams, so trade school it is, where she only had to memorize certain things for the entrance exam and had someone to help her study. And I guess fashion design sounded more glamorous for her then any other trade school she might have attended. But fashion design is hard and creativity is something that is hard to teach if you're utterly devoid of it (as mikan is).
So she failed and is now-as she frequently does- whining about depression and money (even though previously she bragged that her second year at Bunka was paid already).

No. 88371

Damn, didn't even notice since I barely watch any of her videos. From the thumbnails they looked the same. Clicking on a video I see this new guy is very fluent in English. She changed an older video title to 'with my EX-boyfriend' too. Sucks to know she's lame and toxic. I know the threads pointed out her old borderline sex worker ads and 'English lessons', but that stuff didn't bother me. Let's see if she gets deported.

Is there even any "cute" active jvlogger that isn't a spoiled whore? I like Sharla's videos now that she's been back from the Korea fiasco, that's all I can think of. Every time I find another channel they've been inactive.

No. 88372

Considering I think she's only made one video showing a couple of clothes she's made you're probably right, but was there any proof of her being told she's crap? I figure trade schools would be less strict.

No. 88402

Osharegirl is very active but its more fashion and makeup and not necessarily Japan content

No. 88436

File: 1586589839697.png (205.45 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20200116.png)

I think people on pull mentioned that she had been told that there were no jobs for foreigners who want to work in fashion (in Japan).

But her being told she's crap wouldn't surprise me either, cause she's really bad. Successful designers like Yohji Yamamoto went to Bunka too. Just imagine the skill level of her classmates and she does this shit

No. 88440

wow, that is really bad

No. 88442

I'd be really embarrassed to turn that in.

I feel like she's lying about being in second year, I think she might've failed her first year.

I also designed that kind of dress back when I was a 8 year old drawing magical girls and princesses.

No. 88456

It'd be hilarious if she got a marriage visa, considering the fact she recently made a video about visas and basically trashed foreigners that come here to get married.

No. 88463

Im seriously curious what kind of visa she is planning on getting especially since she plans on getting a pet. What does she plan on doing with the pet if she has to leave? Sounds like an accessory.

No. 88671

She actually films a good number of Japan travel content, thanks.

No. 94970

She didn't get to her second year, she posted a few months ago about being able to afford to pay for her second year but then dropped out because "it was too expensive and there's no jobs for foreigners"

No. 96379

I know plenty of foreigners employed in the Japanese fashion industry….. it is a different game for foreigners (especially foreign women) but as long as you’re fluent in Japanese I don’t think it’s an insurmountable challenge. That said, fashion school is expensive and if she doesn’t want to put in the work to get a degree that will qualify her to get a back breaking, soul sucking job, I dont rly blame her lol

I don’t know how she even got into bunka if her sketches resemble >>88436(necro)

No. 106119

Are you guys interested in making a thread for Mikan now that PULL is dead? Idk if she's milky enough, she got really boring since she quit Bunka, but i'm kinda interesed in seeing how her visa situation turns out.

No. 106121

Just talk about it on the youtuber thread on snow

No. 106152

yes! gonna miss the pull thread

No. 106271

just do it in this thread

No. 106308


Someone do a thread on RuneMigarts

No. 106316

Isnt that the black weeb chick with the ramen wig who was big on tumblr back in the day??

No. 106317

She's still keeping up the entertainment visa facade so now she's just really cringy weaboo. Unless more drama comes out like proof she got a marriage visa I don't think there's much to talk about anymore

No. 106341

Nta but yes. She was the one that ran the weeaboo stories tumblr way back then.

No. 106358

Is Sharla dating Chris Broad (AbroadInJapan)? They appear in each other's vlogs quite often

No. 106383


Isn't he still dating this french girl? It was speculated many times in the past years if sharla dates chris but they always said that it was just a friendship. And aren't both of them living in the northern part of japan?

No. 113515

Him and French girl are no longer together… ended in end of 2018- seems like she has a new BF… him and Sharla hang out a lot on and off camera. They try to hide it though. It’s odd to me that both of their relationships ended around the same time… and they became very close after that,(newfag)

No. 113552


Stop filling the name and email spaces, jalmoza@gmail.com

How do you have that information that they are on and off?
Don't say stuff without proof. Either bring receipts of the milk or gtfo

No. 113555

Judging by their separate videos since returning to Canada and speculation rampant in comments, it seems Simon and Martina may be on a break from their relationship.

No. 113568

Anyone knows whats going on with Mimei and Duncin?

No. 113577

can you be more specific

No. 113599


on her twitter theres a tweet from when they broke that says "Im done with sendai" and that shes too good and talented for sendai, off to tokyo.

No. 113645

It said Hanging out on and off camera … not that they are on and off(newfag)

No. 114068

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that Victor (gimmeabreakman) recently 'accidentally' outed Sharla as a (former) Transman.

No. 114069

what?? can you show where he did this?

No. 114073


No. 114076

No. 114081


"she wanted a penis" "she was transgender" "then she had a boyfriend, I thought she just changed her mind!" "I don't care about sexual preferences"

It's like he is mixing being trans and being a lesbian

No. 114086

Hes talking about Kanadajin you lameo

No. 114087


No He isn't, he is talking about kanadajin's former friend. Did you even watch the clip?

No. 114194

thered a part where he says "when sharla and kanadajin were still friends, this person [enter story about trans person]". it seems like hes not talking about sharla, unless that was a slipup

No. 114204

I wonder who he was talking about. Generally i think it’s bullshit though. Sounds more like he tries to defend himself-if anything comes up from the girls. Like he said with the trolls - he tells them to troll him so they look bad idk if it makes sense

No. 114228


Maybe, but who else 'was' a friend of Mira. Someone that Victor is 'internet friends' with, still likes, still respects etc. That is is a very short list. Combine that with the fact that he casually mentions Sharla, as though he was previously discussing her. Why mention Sharla at all, how was she relevant to the discussion?

No. 114292

You idiots, just look at the comments under his video. Victor talks about tkyosam. I wonder who spreads such dumb shit about Sharla being transgender kek

No. 114370


Sorry, I don't understand the point that you are making. Are you saying it's TkyoHam? I don't think so, he clearly says it is a biological female. Besides, Victor and Sam hate each others guts. Victor clearly still likes and respects this person.

The only people I can think of are Sharla and Micaela, but Micaela and Miranda were never very close.

No. 114374

Around the 39 minute mark, he says "she was good friends with Kanadaijin." I must have missed the part where all of Miranda's friends were fellow YouTubers. Back when she was a bit more normal, she occasionally talked about going out clubbing with other expats; presumably she had more friends than the jvlog community. Victor says he met the person in question at his annual "YouTube party" but I doubt one must be a YouTuber to attend this prestigious event; she might have been Miranda's +1 if this was long enough ago that her and Victor were still civil to each other.

I could listen more to see if he clarifies, but that's all the Victor I can take. It's been years since I've watched him; damn he's aged. Maybe cut down on the drinking, Boggio-san.

No. 114375


Much of that is true, but he Victor says that he (Victor himself) was friends with this 'girl/boy) that they were 'internet friends'. He also clearly has mutual friends with this boy/girl, or he wouldn't have heard that he/she had told people. So it clearly can't be just some rando that went to a party with Miranda and sharla 10 years ago.

No. 114376

I'm "internet friends" with lots of people who don't vlog. Unless he says, "this friend of hers is also a jvlogger," the idea that it must be Sharla or anyone any else we've heard of is a real stretch. In fact, if this person was a jvlogger, I doubt he would have even mentioned Miranda. He would have just said, "this girl who is a fellow jvlogger" because who in their right mind would invoke the name of Miranda if they could avoid it?

It's most likely he met this no-name non-vlogging girl thru Miranda, probably at one of his parties, and became friends with her independently afterwards.

No. 114395

He says it's Mira anyway, at like 42 minutes.
"I feel sorry for your wife to be married to such a drunk who tried to kiss me."

No. 114611


No, these are 2 separate incidents. The allegations are that he got drunk and tried to kiss both girls at different times.

No. 114613

Can you all sage your damn useless conversation?? Nobody cares and you’re not gonna find who he was talking about

No. 114637

Alright calm down.

No. 114936

File: 1601896146104.jpg (169.55 KB, 597x555, bii.jpg)

So yet another Jvlogger started doing lewd stuff. First PeachMilky and now Bii. I guess Bii is very desperate to become a successful influencer bc she's trying for years with different accounts and formats. She has a banging body but her face reminds me of a 40 year old Korean auntie full of plastic surgery. If PeachMilky can do it, Bii can do it too


No. 114938

I'm somehow not surprised by this…? I remember her sympathizing with PeachMilky's decision to sell lewds. Also her Youtube channel is dying so she's gotta do something to bring in cash…I remember her planning to open a clothing business but I guess this is easier lol

No. 114941

what in tarnation is that fucking spooky ass picture??? The amount of shooping makes her look like she's melting

No. 114972

Kek I remember when she used to come off as one of the more balanced jvloggers. Must be hard times.

No. 118954

Rachel and Jun got a fourth cat in their tiny apartment. It's a purebred Siamese stray with one eye and some neuro issues. They give a whole schpiel about how hard it is to rehome cats in Japan, but Rachel obviously wants a special needs purebred cat for views so they don't even say they're trying to find her a home.

Their other three cats are males and I doubt they'll be vlogging the screeching fights that are bound to happen. It's so unfair to this traumatized animal to have to stay there.

I don't watch them, just clicked to see the cat story, and I'm just shocked how a couple that have been together for years still act like they're on an awkward first date. Do they both have the 'tism?

(first time posting video sorry if I do it wrong)

No. 118958

This is such a reach, they put so much time and effort into getting her off the street and making sure she was fed and healthy. If I remember correctly, didn’t her friend direct her to the cat because it looked ill and malnourished? You sound so bitter for no reason. Why complain about someone taking care of a cat that needed taken care of?

No. 118959

Also, Jun is Japanese you dumb cunt. Of course he’s not going to express affection on camera. Rachel is a dork but she respects the way Jun has been conditioned to be private and withholding like every other Japanese person raised in Japan.

No. 118962

>It's a purebred Siamese stray
Are you fucking stupid

Also it IS super hard to rehome cats that were strays, not even only in Japan.
Plus they just bought land, in a few yards they'll be in a huge house. What a nitpick.

No. 118963

PULL army to the defense.

No. 118969

>I said something retarded and autistic and people are making fun of me, it must be PULL!!!

Stop being retarded

No. 118971

>purebred Siamese
Are you retarded? That's not a purebred siamese and based on their cat videos they are doing a great job taking care of her and their other cats.

>Rachel obviously wants a special needs purebred cat for views

>I don't watch them, just clicked to see the cat story
If you don't watch them, how would you know that?

No. 118975

Not sure if it’s in that video or not, but they did say they are looking to rehome her. This is some retard level nitpicking that rivals the sperging you see in Taylor’s thread

No. 118976

Wow why all the excessive upset because your precious Rachel and Jun got one (1) mild crit? Not that anon but calm down, folks.

No. 118978


Watch the video before leaping to your ginger autist queen's defense retards. It's a purebred snow shoe or some shit because it's got the right coloring and a telltale generic issue associated with the breed.

>hurdur purebred can't be stray

It was obviously dumped by previous owners or a shitty breeder. Not all strays are feral and this one definitely isn't because they're not both covered in claw marks.

It's obvious because they could have made a very clear appeal in the video asking local viewers to share and try find her a home.i assume they have a lot of reach and could at least try instead of making a thousand excuses. Just because it's hard doesn't make it impossible.

He's not gonna fuck you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118982

damn another fucking cat?

No. 118983

You probably complain about people who foster as well. Jesus, you guys have the most retarded nitpicks possible. This is a cat that will be rehomed and even if they don't 4 isn't that many, especially in a country that has so many cats. They bought land recently and are going to even have a backyard which is so incredibly rare in Japan.

No. 118985

So you don't watch their videos, but you watched this one video only and suddenly you know everything about them and what they are doing? A lot of people in Japan cannot have pets, even dogs. It's rare to find places that have landlords who let you and a lot of people don't see anything wrong with cats being strays because Japan is covered in them. You know absolutely nothing about the cat, Japan, or how the couple acts and cares for their pets. Just get out of the thread, anon. You sound special as hell.

No. 119012

Exactly. I only watched the videos about the cat because anons whining was suspect and as I thought, they were being ridiculous.

I’m not a fan of theirs, the ‘crit’ was just a seethe.

No. 119193

This situation is different from when sharla bought a broken purebred cat

No. 119376

why do you care so much??

No. 119548

They literally had an entire video dedicated to catching this cat to get it help. She is a stray with an eye injury(blind entirely in one eye). They even say they're looking to rehome her and properly introduced her to the other cats. This is an extreme reach.

No. 119605

I think Rachel is cringy but that cat was probably gonna die in pain if she wasn't crawling around trying to catch it for a week. There's literally no milk here

No. 119759

I think it's nice how they are saving cats but I wonder where they draw the line? There are so many malnourished and injured stray cats in the streets of Japanese cities. You see them every day. They could be busy everyday just catching cats.

No. 119763

Oh ffs stop it. You sound ridiculous. That’s like saying “so and so helped a homeless person but there’s so many homeless people in the streets, why did she pick that homeless person when there’s so many more who need her help?”

No. 119777

What is it about Rachel and Jun that brings the sperging?

No. 119786

probably yellow fever femcels assmad that rachel got the highly prized nippon husbando and lives in the land of the rising sun while they're still spending every night sleeping next to their anime boyfriend pillows

No. 119818

You sound bitter and jealous.

No. 119832

Angry weebs who aren’t desirable to Japanese men and will never live out their nippon fantasy

No. 119922

File: 1605029187032.jpg (506.59 KB, 1500x750, bii-plasticsurgeryagain.jpg)

Bii got a bullhorn lip lift and new lip fillers apparently. I think she should consider to stop messing up her lips. Now she has the constant 'something smells bad' look on her face. Her face moves very unnatural now too.

No. 119924

>literally botched
She ruins her face further every year I look at this thread.

No. 119934


God I miss the all female jvlogger group with Sharla and Tay and all those other girls that I don't remember. I was living for the fake uwu friendship and how the forced each other to make vids together. This was great.

No. 119941

Seeing Mimei spewing acid and self destructing because she couldn't be part of the group was priceless

No. 119942

I'm still dying over Kim Dao being GIRLBOSS and BEST FRIENDS UWU and then having an explosive fall out with Sunny.

No. 119958

File: 1605048712622.jpg (206.76 KB, 1200x1200, ClJJ4l-VAAIRtoY.jpg)

It sounded like they were not accommodating of her chronic lain issue (endometriosis). Not clickbait enough, I guess! I don't like Mimei but I had some compassion for her after I realized that's why she would leave events early or miss them. I think it could have been dealt with more nicely by the others, some of them literally rolled their eyes when they said Mimei wasn't feeling well.

And then there was that birthday party…

No. 119991

Idk who the girl in the front taking the pic is but she straight up looks like beetlejuice lmao

No. 119997

I forgot her name. kek at mimei in the very back. Happy birthday, Mimei!

No. 120017

They were shady towards her and Bii both, weren’t they? Bii for having all the muppet surgeries and to be honest I think they didn’t like Mimei because of her looks as well. She has a standard kiwi personality and she looks like a horse and that wasn’t very kawaii of her.

No. 120040

>and she looks like a horse and that wasn’t very kawaii of her.


No. 120063

I suspected the weeby white girls shaded Bii because she ~looks asian~ & picked up on her sensitive personality

No. 120081

idr her name either(lola maybe?) but I think she used to be a part time model and is now gay

No. 120084

Wait, I thought she was Asian? I just feel bad for her because of her face honestly. I didn’t get that into her stuff I just noticed that there was so much weird fakeness and barely-veiled tension.

No. 120105

Not at all.Iirc Bii was on the Sharla/Taylor side and even got into shit on Twitter with Mimei and Duncan. And she and Taylor met up later in Canada and also Japan.
Mimei was pretty much on her own.And tbh that's because she's utterly insufferable.Don't get me wrong, the others weren't great or anything but Mimei is an asshole.Her interactions with others seem to nearly always end badly because of her perpetual sense of victimhood.
Bii is First Nations

No. 120216

Bii is mixed. I think she said French and Native Canadian.

I always had a soft spot for Mimei bc she was never fake in my opinion. If she didn't like something, she always showed it through emotions or even verbally. So naturally some people think she's insufferable and mean. Still better than fake nice uwu weeb shit.

No. 120286

Mimei is a notorious wet blanket and is easily plagued by jealousy. Her and her husband can give off a very off-putting vibe when they get together, they’re very judgemental of people and envious of those who appear to be doing better than they are

No. 120363

Can you give an example pls?
I know they don't like Taylor and it's not because she's doing better than them or else Mimei wouldn't have met her several times. The attacks started around the time when Taylor acknowledged being fake regarding her vegan lifestyle. She was vegan just for clout and ate meat and fish like gollum behind a cliff when no one was filming. Taylor has no personality and is fake as hell. I would have acted like Duncan and Mimei and shaded the shit out of her too.

No. 120404

Oh, you’re one of those dramatic Taylor haters

No. 120406

You would have trashed someone who thought of you as a friend, publicly to your hundreds of thousands of followers? Wow I feel bad for any friends you might have. Taylor is dumb as a post and self obsessed, but she generally tries to be kind and do well by her friends.There's a reason that literally everyone in the group took her side in the debate.I remember that on Taylor's b-day she really seemed to be trying to specifically make sure Mimei was included. And Mimei turned around and shat on her and whined that she wasn't the center of attention. I'm sorry but people like that are fucking impossible.
Mimei also attacked Kota. She attacked that manga artist. And it seems like she fucked up a bunch of Duncan's other friendships with her toxicity. She got into it with coworkers and again played victim. I'm sorry but she is just such a whiny cluster-b clusterfuck

No. 120426

Unfortunately not, I'm mostly bored of Taylor's thread and the people who hate on her for being pretty and rich but her fakeness is just too much

Kek she attacked Kota?? Did they meet in real life or what happened? Spill the beans

No. 120433

Nothing so dramatic as that. Mimei would never have the guts. No Duncan parodied Kooter in one of his videos back in 2012-13ish. Koots took offense and dmed Duncan asking him not to do it. Duncan gleefully shared it on twitter and Mimei posted an unflattering unshooped pic of her and made fun of her appearance. I mean everyone involved was an asshole so…

No. 120491

File: 1605354626664.jpg (41.28 KB, 624x511, Cnr82K9VUAAfzbv.jpg)

What a selective memory you have. Kota PMed Duncan with a sexist pickme comment about an obvious parody video he made. There wasn't evidence of the jvloggers talking shit on twitter until after Dakota's tweet to Duncan was exposed. Did she think he wouldn't show that to Mimei? Fucking idiot.

"they're girls so it's to be expected"

No. 120492

I'm pretty sure Sharla's "dumb bitch" comment was a reference to some comment Kiki made to one of ze jvloggers after they commented on one of Dakota's videos ("I wish I'd seen this side of you at [some modeling thing]!" or something). Kiki sperged out completely accusing them of being on hate sites and trying to be fake friendly to Dakota.

Ah the good old days.

No. 120510

Sorry I don't have an 8 year old screenshot on hand to post. Wasn't a deliberate whitewashing. Like I said everyone involved here is an asshole. But Kooter was 16 here and Mimei and Duncan were both in their mid 20s. Lame af to start a twitter fight with a teenager.

No. 120542

Oh, man, I forgot how much Sharla used to Wengie herself into a 5 sizes smaller completely different person online.

No. 120548

i'd agree with you, except no one believed her photoshopped ass was 16, and her whole psychotic family was DMCAing original artwork and translations of her tweets and shit. Her family picked tons of fights and threatened to sue people. i don't blame anyone who exposed their intimidation tactics back then, no matter how old that twat was.

No. 120582

Wait what happened with Sunny and Kim? I haven't been paying much attention to either and I guess I missed that.

No. 120598

Wow what a flashback. I suddenly remembered the days of threads with Dakota exposes posted by Charms on cgl. Sad that the two of them never quite matured, while the rest of the jvloggers moved onto other life stages at the least.

No. 120767

unless someone else remembers it better/different, the dumb fight between sharla/tay/others vs Mimei was because Mimei didn't support/like/leave comments on other jvloggers social media. Taxidermied human Bii accidentally let it out on twitter. Mimei just cried about the drama but never explained what happened, and sharla does what she does best and pretended nothing was happening and probably told tay to do the same.

No. 120773

Does anyone have caps of bii letting the cat out of the bag?

No. 120790

Yikes at defending a monstrenga.

Really? Bii is nowadays against drama, negative energy and bans anyone in her twitch chat who doesn't lick her ass. She is such a hypocrite and catty bitch. I loved it when anons asked her in chat if she's trans and she totally flipped out and told people to stop on Twitter kek

No. 120796

>taxidermied human
fucking kek

No. 120800

that girls name is laura. i think she is brazilian? portuguese? raised in uk? idk some 50-shades-of-white thing

No. 120824

Not defending. I clearly said everyone involved is an asshole. Koots isn't excluded from that.But the difference is that everyone here knows Koots is trash. Monstrenga as you rightly said. But Mimei tends to get a pass when she also often acts like a raging cunt.

No. 120888

saging for small potatoes but I find myself not wanting to watch Paolo in Tokyo anymore after he and his Japanese wife named their baby Taiga Wolverine. Sucks because he seemed vaguely sensible and then naming this poor kid something so unfortunate

No. 120920

He's probably trying to grow the next Bretman Rock..

No. 120935

lol I know how you feel anon. He's such a cute baby it seems like a shame to give him such a weird name, but I did wonder if that's just his "stage name" for Youtube because they want to maintain some privacy?

No. 120976

I highly doubt his actual name is wolverine, if it is that’s fucked. Taiga is a pretty common baby name nowadays though because of anime, some people even use taika

No. 121261

unless the big official baby book is for fakesies then this poor kid.

japan is already racist against filipino/half so he has that stacked against him AND they named him the most kirakira nonsense

No. 121262

File: 1605733689128.jpg (98.1 KB, 1200x768, taiga.JPG)

apparently I forgot to attach the screencap

No. 121264

Don't forget, Taiga is just his nickname for the Japanese population only because Wolverine/Wolfy is difficult to pronounce. I honestly cannot believe it either. He's such a cute baby, though. I just hope he doesn't get picked on by his peers when he gets older.

No. 121277

Japanese characters can have way more than 1 meaning. You guys sound retarded to nitpick this

No. 121280

That screencap of the video literally says Wolverine in katakana lol there's no other meaning since it's not in kanji

No. 121300

You can watch it for yourself, but he explains how he convinced his wife to name the kid Taiga Wolverine "Wolfy" and shows off the book, explaining that the kanji is "Taiga" and then Wolverine is clearly written out in katakana beneath.

No. 121310

Paolo in Tokyo always seemed like a stupid yellow fever weeb. I cant stand him and Joey the anime man. Men who name their children after comic book characters are trash.

No. 121337

They even chose the kanji for "Tiger". Like they didn't choose kanji that are read "Taiga", they chose "Tora" (虎) and made it be read as "Taiga". Kirakira af, poor kid.

No. 121361

Ah yes great knowledgeable sensei sama, please direct me to the kanji that reads “wolverine”

Read posts before replying you reactionary retard

No. 122153

does anybody know how the [sharla, tay, bii, kim, etc ] jvlogger clique started? who became friends with who first? how did they all meet?

No. 123099

Here's that parody video. Dakota is at 0:55. What a stupid thing to get upset about, given the shit she used to do online.

No. 123732

Damn Paolo always came off as cringy to me but man he really takes it to a whole new level with his kid's name.(necro)

No. 124836

File: 1607460709807.png (328.15 KB, 425x426, Screenshot_293.png)

why does rachel look mtf

No. 124841

that's a pretty bad photo, it washes out/flattens the geometry of her face entirely. it barely looks like her.

No. 125026

like >>124841 said, the camera flattened her face out but the long philtrum, mismatched hair/eyebrows, and shitty makeup amplifies camera-given mtf properties

No. 125259

>last post three days before
>red texted for necro
Am I missing something here???

No. 125490

Does anyone know what Texan in Tokyo is up to nowadays?

No. 125511

Because she purposely darkened then during the Q/A video. This is a screencap from it. Maybe add context next timr, Anon.

No. 125529

If your post doesn’t have new information, or milk - sage.

No. 125586

I know that, wasn’t my post. Just didn’t understand how it qualifies as necro.

No. 125587

Rachel and Jun stans continue to stalk this thread. Her facial proportions are off because she had a significant nose job early in her Youtube career, her first couple of videos on one of the channels show her real nose.

No. 125589

She also had lip fillers at one point

No. 125598

thank you so much for this. i was so disturbed/confused when i watched one of her vlogs and halfway through she reappeared with a totally different mouth and a super swollen/fucked up face, and she just carried on without acknowledging it?? even though she could barely talk?

this is the vlog in question. at 24 minutes she has one face… at 29 minutes she appears and suddenly has a completely different face. it was jarring af. she should have at least said something lol

No. 125608

Why can’t she stop with all the fillers? She looks like an alien.

No. 125616

somehow the lip lift made her nose look enormous. I mean obviously it's big but that lip lift brings attention to her nose more than before

No. 125861

new boyfriend? or same one who dragged her around korea/australia

bii is like a dollar store taylor wanna be. she cant afford to move around as much as she does, but somehow she does

No. 125930

No they broke up and that's why she's back in Canada. I don't get why a guy would want to date her she looks so botched. Her mouth is horrible.

No. 125976


The nose job robbed her of every interesting aspect her face had before, I wonder if that's the reason for her recent depressions?
too bad she can't get brain surgery to implant some make-up skills
after what, 10 years? of living on yt you'd think someone would figure out how to do more flattering make up
(or even not wearing make up at all would be better at this point, my god what's with that orange and yellow eye infection style)

Bii is so unfortunate looking and getting uglier by the surgery/fillers/whatevs
I don't get why she's a beauty vlogger. at some point people asked if she were a TiM, that made me laugh because it's fucking true

No. 125980

her bf must make decent money to afford those nice condos in Toronto. im sure she's making pennies from youtube. it's so funny to me they thought they were gonna live abroad during the damn pandemic. lol ooookay girl

No. 126015

Omg, I was watching her video and I couldn't decide why her face looked off, but you're right, it's her nose
I wouldn't be surprised if she announced that she's got an OnlyFans and that's why she can afford shit

No. 126124

I want to style her and dress her up so bad. I know she’s picked on for being gangly, dorky, and isn’t a prize or anything but she’s at least got potential. Her hair is beautiful and I love the color as well. And I want to scrub her lips to give them circulation so fucking bad kek.

No. 126443

They wanted to move to Europe during the pandemic… I think it was Greece? Because of Covid they couldn't (oh what surprise) and decided to move to Korea which also didn't happen for the same obvious reasons. Bii is extremely delusional in every aspect of her life. I watched her streams and she's so full of herself. She's begging for money, so she can buy a Nintendo Switch. At the same time she's looking for new furniture with her viewers and shows them her expensive taste because Ikea is beneath her. Plus she's getting plastic surgery worth thousands of dollars to make herself look like a human muppet, then taking lewd pics and trying to sell them on Patreon. Of course nobody is interested.

No. 126962

she sorta does. she posts lewds on patreon, but only has 5 patrons. she's mentioned her boyfriend has a serious corporate job so hes probably pulling 6 figures. she's lucky af that this dude is willing to pay for her thousands-of-dollars surgeries she has like twice a year.

also, she posted a new vlog yesterday and her lips and nose look way way better in it. idk if ive just become desensitized to her face or something though. the dark hair looks so much better than the shit she had before lol

No. 126969

The video is blurry af and that's why she doesn't look bad. I agree dark hair suits her so much better than the ugly blonde she was trying to pull of. Even back then, when she was filming with Kim and Sharla this cheap wig video, people were telling her to color her hair dark. It wouldn't surprise me if she has BDD to be honest.

No. 127226

Mimei and Duncan will have a child, they seem super happy. I hope all goes well considering her health.
They'll really have to work on their spending habits, too.

No. 127234

Tbh, I'm more worried with his issues to do with his own family.
His father walked out on them and the mother had huge control issues so I'm really hoping he went to therapy and won't re-enact those patterns with his kid.

No. 127242

It would do him some good to stop hoarding retarded figures. Does he still work at a convenience store?

No. 127248

Endometriosis can make it hard to conceive, but it should not interfere with the pregnancy. She'll probably even feel relief from the endo pain.

I wish them well. It's possible they've been trying for awhile if endo was interfering with her fertility.

No. 127273

They've been together for quite some time now and seem like a pretty normal couple, plus they won't show the kid, so good for them.

No. 127385

Good for them, not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I've always liked them as a couple since they seem like they really click and have fun together.

No. 127440

same. They seem like a healthy couple and already love their child so much. I'm happy for them

No. 127609

I'm happy for them, they always seemed like the sanest of the J-vloggers to me

No. 127745

Duncan's brother Mikhail(sp?) made a video about the baby news. In the first half, he talked about how his brother cut ties with the family 5-6 years ago and asked Duncan to get in touch with him and Dante again because of the baby and called Duncan cold for quickly cutting ties with other people when they do or say something he doesn't like. Then in the 2nd half, he made fun of Duncan, revealed embarrassing stories about him and criticized him about pretty much everything in a joking way. Then he said Dante would give him 20,000-30,000 yen gift cards every year and asked Duncan for 200,000 yen for new years, 5 years worth of money he didn't get for the years they were estranged, since it'll be too embarrassing for him to ask for new years money once he officially becomes an uncle.

Mimei and Duncan can be overly sensitive and whiny, but I can see why they'd want to keep their distance from the Paine family. Even after the jokes, Mikhail was getting all teary-eyed, but there's no way he'd make that video if he really wanted to make up and meet his niece/nephew… unless he's a complete idiot, which is possible.

I also think there's a lot more to the Paines and the Japanese uncles/cousins vs. Duncan and Mimei story than what's been talked about on their channels. Mikhail kept saying that Duncan doesn't have to forgive the family although there are explanations for their behavior or things he (Duncan) doesn't know/understand, but then he (Mikhail) also said he didn't really understand why Duncan won't speak to them at all anymore.

No. 127811

>Then he said Dante would give him 20,000-30,000 yen gift cards every year and asked Duncan for 200,000 yen for new years, 5 years worth of money he didn't get for the years they were estranged

So Mikhail thinks Duncan is obligated to give him money? Wtf… time to grow up and get a job. Isn't this Mikhail dude already in his 30s?

Also if you try to connect with your etranged family, you should never ever do this in public on the internet. Do this in private. He's a psycho for revealing Duncan's private life and making of him. I understand Mimei and Duncan. May they live a long, happy and healthy life together with their child far away from this toxic family.

No. 127839

The money was probably supposed to be a stupid joke. But he's begged for money from his brothers many times before and wasn't always joking.

No. 127856

My bad, I thought he was dead serious because the whole video is about trying to show Duncan in a bad light who's allegedly an asshole for not staying in contact and supporting his toxic family.

No. 128657

The fact he calculated the exact amount makes it seem more malicious than a joke, fucking insane

No. 128946

Mimei must be happy to one up Taylor in the baby making department

No. 128947

I don't think she cares, she alaways seemed like a genuinely nice person to me unless there was some drama that I'm unaware of

No. 129230

Her beef was more with Sharla, but Mimei could be a total wet blanket. But knowing now the truth about Taylor's money (spreads of porn actresses, underage girls) and how her living alone in Tokyo was all faked, I can understand some of Mimei and Duncan's frustration with Taylor & co and get they weren't just jealous of her money. I'm actually surprised and impressed they didn't spill on Taylor's situation.

No. 129678

she has a chronic illness, which the other women regularly seemed to roll their eyes at. Also, when everyone's content revolves around spending money, and you don't have extra to spend, that's a difficult situation. Some of the jvloggers were so stuck-up and passive-aggressive towards Mimei & Duncan that I excuse whatever bitchiness I noticed on Mimei's part. I think the fakeness and subtle shunning in that clique was far more pronounced behind closed doors.

I don't get a munchie or fishing-for-sympathy vibe from Mimei. I wrote something in a previous thread but in retrospect I can see how her personality and life was affected by her physical pain, and the others couldn't or wouldn't understand that.

I remember that she skipped out on some beach trip and at the time PULL ragged on her. Now, I just assume she was having massive cramps and bleeding, which she couldn't exactly deal with on a beach. Maybe I'm wrong but it's a totally plausible explanation.

idk how long she knew of her endometriosis diagnosis, but she revealed it to viewers around the time of the big jfight. If they chose to make a big deal about her participation or liking IG photos while she was dealing with health issues, that's shitty and would lead to her feeling even more isolated. Meanwhile, Taylor gets fawned over if her designer dog needs surgery.

Again, I make room for her not reacting well or being kind of aspie about some stuff, but the disdain those women had for Mimei was always palpable.

No. 130396

anyone watch Cari Cakes (korea vlogger)?
In her newest video she mentioned a dark time in 2015, is that when shit was happened between her and Rachel & Jun?
It took me by suprise that Cari did that in the first place, but generally I really enjoy her videos and continue to watch them.(imageboard)

No. 130509

wrt Rachel and Jun you're thinking of kanadajin3. Caricakes harrassed a much smaller k-vlogger also named Rachel (you can read it in the /snow/ thread, it happpened on PULL iirc)

No. 130595

in case anyone remembers this girl, an update from HannahInJapana

(20 Week Pregnancy Update and Ultrasound)


No. 130792

I forgot didn’t the Japanese husband leave her?

No. 130887

Yeah I think you mixed up Rachel from Rachel&Jun and Rachel from DearSeoul.

It's really fucked up if you saw the original caps (don't have the saved unfortunately), pics of her home and personal details about her boyfriend and his job that could have gotten him fired. And Cari basically got away with it all, her fans don't care in the slightest and were piling on people who weren't 100% supportive in the comments.

No. 131679

Looks like it. She's not in Japan anymore either.

No. 131982

Kind of wish PULL still existed, they had a concise summary for her

No. 132634

she was literally one of the worst ones, and she exposed Duncan for being equally cringe and angsty just like her, I used to quite like some of his content before the drama. This is the same woman who tried to scam money from people to pay vet bills while she went to kpop concerts as a how old is she? 30 plus?? Bruh
I still can't get over that disgusting hoarder apartment and her greasy sad hair, literally the most insufferable of them all.

No. 133407

Noticed in the last few vids I've seen with Sharla in them she's been hiding her stomach. First noticed it in some of the festive Tokyo Creative vids where her body language came off as unnatural compared to the other women around her. She tied a sweatshirt around her waist and kept her arms wrapped around her middle, looked awkward af that entire scene. Then she covered it with a pillow for another segment where everyone was sitting (nobody else did) she used props from the vid to put in front of her at all times. Most recently was in a video with The anime man, Chris broad and Akidearest and she was conveniently placed at an end of the table where she was hiding half of her body. I remember back when she was married she tweeted out that she hated people doing 'baby bump watch' on her but the last while it's so painfully obvious she's hiding her midsection that it only draws attention to it.

Probably is just her hiding some recent weight gain but if she does this any time her weight fluctuates I'm starting to see why she's been followed by rumours like that. She's sitting next to akidearest in most of the vids too, I mean how fat can you feel next to aki?

No. 135091

some mild milk in this vid: bii claims her swollen and stretched top lip looks this way because she dissolved her lip filler, got older, and does her makeup differently. she's talked about having a nose and boob job, so why the fuck did she choose to lie about having a lip lift??? i'd err on the side of "maybe she didn't have it done" but you can see in previous vlogs where she CLEARLY has a scar underneath her nose, it's visible up against her nostrils, and then there's vlog linked here >>125598. there's no way she DIDN'T have it done

this thread is almost dead tbh so this is the spiciest thing to happen to the ex jvloggers in a while lol

No. 135252

it's dead because these jvloggers don't have any personality or hobbies. they got views from weebs and anime, but most of them don't want to do that anymore. irrelevant gaijins

No. 135259

I’ve noticed this is common with women, actually. It’s a sort of delusion where they think lying about their lips won’t be noticeable or obvious. I’ve seen handfuls of women who’ve inflated their lips claim they got them dissolved because they weren’t happy with them allegedly but it’s obvious they still have them. Women with thread-thin lips do it too. They seem to think it will make people give them more respect somehow?

No. 135310

It's a cope to cover backpedaling, getting fillers and PS while still young ruins your face as you age faster than natural aging ever will. Now, thots who blew their lips and faces up with fillers are dissolving them in fear of ending up looking like Taylor R or some busted old celeb who had way too much PS back in their youth.

>I impulsively got trendy fillers I didn't need to chase a beauty trend

>now that trend is falling out of style bc it only looks good in the beginning when it's fresh and new, so I gotta stop and reverse it before I ruin my face like everyone knew I would
>have to also pretend this is my own choice I made with logic, not just because getting more fillers looks worse as you age and keep getting them and it's not cute on me anymore
>but look!! Nobody can even tell the difference!! (they absolutely can)

No. 135635

But the point is that they aren’t actually getting them dissolved, they’re still getting it done. Peculiar stuff.

No. 138201

Taylor R’s fillers look great though. She looks so young and she’s in her 30’s now but looks way younger than that. Bii should take some notes lmao

No. 138223

Taylor looks like a lollipop and her age, please sage.

No. 138299

also wtf is she talking about at 4:35. she is totally misinterpreting focal length etc

No. 138581

30 isn't that old. If people take care of their skin/health there isn't a remarkable difference in looks from the 20s-30s.

No. 138772

Lmao you’re mad. Sounds like a you problem.

No. 145197

sharla finally got one of her cats back, so the custody saga is over and more low-effort cat vlogs can commence.(imageboard)

No. 145258

I saw that, what the fuck is up with that guy who went to Korea for her? Did she pay for the whole trip or part of it, or what? Seems like a huge imposition for him to go to Korea and be quarantined, et cetera. He seems like a total simp. Every time I watch a live with the two of them she laughing says that they're not dating and tbh, he looks like Ralph Wiggum getting his heart broken.

No. 145643

I know, it's really fucking weird. There's some strong unrequited vibes there. I get that he has like 7 cats, so she maybe thought he was the best one for the job but it still seems like a very intimate ask to ask someone to pick up your cat from your ex husband in another country.
Dude, it's got to be so painful to do this big thing for her and then watch her break her big toe to get to Chad Chris Broad when he's in town.

No. 145649

It’s funny how different people see different things. I remember him kinda laughing and almost seeming grossed out when she confirmed they weren’t dating in one of her vids. It kinda made me wonder if he was gay…? His Instagram is nothing but updates on his hair and few selfies taken with a female friend.

Also, if I was really into traveling, and that had to stop during the pandemic, I could see jumping at the chance… it looks like he spent time with a friend once out of quarantine.

It is kinda weird… but it could also be a funny friendship story, and he was in a unique position as an American since she couldn’t as a Canadian enter South Korea…

No. 145676

It really seemed like he went for the express purpose of getting her cat. For me the big question is did he pay for all that time in the hotel, or did she? Because that answers the question of if he is a unrequited simp OR perhaps just a sassy gay friend who wanted to travel anyway.

and kek at Chad Chris Broad…definitely see the chemistry between him and Sharla.

No. 145691

I always assumed Mark was gay. My gaydar is bad though. I also never detected any sexual tension between Chris and Sharla…I feel like Chris is amused by her but not attracted

No. 145704

File: 1618685491399.jpeg (968.73 KB, 1161x1615, 64DB83E2-C838-4FA2-B991-B4A886…)


Same. I mosty get friendly colleague vibes with the dudes in her vids. I mean, who knows, it’s all a ymmv situation, but I don’t see anything between anyone who pops up in her vids.
Did she say in the vid that she had things set up and planned to travel herself until South Korea placed restrictions on Canadians entering the country? Like, she just transferred the travel reservations to him. It seems like that was implied, but idk!

Also, when I saw this pic posted on his cat Insta I kinda figured this trip was just kind of a funny adventure for him, but also being a good friend…

No. 145724

I do feel a bit bad for him, he didn't seem to have a very fun time in Korea (constant complaining in Sharla's vid)…

No. 146067

Sharla and Chris just moved in together …

No. 146068


No. 146079

Henney, you can’t drop a bomb like that without receipts.

No. 146093

You guys will see soon enough- he left Sendai and they rented a 2nd Apt in her building in morioka- one they will use as office and filming and the other they live in.

No. 146096

…and you know this how?

No. 146098

I just do…. time will be my receipt… but I know that’s not much, but it’s true, they live together and are doing their best to keep that from the public… but because I know that they live together I see the small clues they let slip. Anyway they seem happy, I wish them the best.

No. 146100

Anon just because you ship them doesn’t mean they’re actually gonna get together lol.

Maybe there is another reason aside from her stationery business that she rented another apartment but I don’t think Chris is it.

No. 146103

I don’t ship them lol… I am just telling you what I know for sure….. it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. just dropping the tea that I know. Make of it what you will :)

No. 146139

So, what are the small clues they let slip?

No. 146154

File: 1618971722292.png (127.35 KB, 327x265, Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 8.19…)

whats the beef between emma and chris? after getting clipped on twitch talking shit about how inconsiderate chris is, emma went on to rag on him (for conveniently forgetting her dairy allergy all the time) in the lunchtime share video w/ aki, then appear a little more amiable in the "abroad in a pan" video, and then dedicate a watch-with-me on twitch to talking more shit w/ her viewers. She seems really bitter and over it- trouble in TC paradise?

No. 146155

I agree that there may be another reason for the extra apartment because the stationery business is not that robust. She has a fraction of followers on her nekonekopost ig and hasn't put that much effort into it in the last year. But I still doubt it's a love nest for Chris.

No. 146158

I thought they just kind of ham up that dynamic for jokes but do actually like each other

No. 146167

Emma used the word disrespectful a few times, so it didn't feel hammy but idk

No. 146170

File: 1618989682759.png (1.35 MB, 1752x874, Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 3.20…)

Emma in general has seemed REALLY depressed for the last few months. A lot of attempts at reinvention, self deprecating humor that seems a little more mean-spirited than usual, lots of wistful & bittersweet statements about her past, and she just looks a bit like she stopped taking care of herself. Picrel, she looked like she hadn't showered in a week in this video. I don't know if that is why she's angry with Chris or if its completely unrelated but I've been wondering what's up with her. I think she's getting better now though, she seems more like her old self.

No. 146172

Could you post a link to that clip? I went through Emma's Twitch channel but can't find it. I detected some animosity between her and Chris in other TC videos, I felt like Chris sometimes went overboard with his cheeky comments and might have hurt Emma's feelings (but again, this is just a hunch, I don't have anything to back it up). Chris seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't even notice if he hurt someone's feelings

No. 146174

Samefag. Also, I know all of the White Day videos are supposed to be taken lightly, but Chris really shat on all of them and barely put any effort in the girls gifts

No. 146175

I just find this so hard to believe, lol, they don't look like they have anything in common

No. 146176

Spy-anon, how long has Chris and Sharla been dating?

No. 146180

No. 146184

I didn't detect any bitterness tbh, she just says that she doesn't expect a gift from him, or even if he makes one, it's gonna be low-effort and 'she's okay with him making himself look bad'

No. 146191

This all sounds kinda nitpicky, like these people aren't even cows or milky.
Do you have a crush on Sharla, spy anon? Did she reject you or something?
Tkyoham made videos about both Chris and Sharla recently… can I tinfoil that spy anon is Sam?
What’s your beef with them?

No. 146212

File: 1619015507749.jpg (29.88 KB, 1223x80, Screenshot_12.jpg)

I found several comments on TC videos theorizing that they are together but still no proof. I don't want it to be true, I want Chris for myself lmao. I actually assumed Spy-chan is Emma herself or some other girl from the jvlogger group (or maybe Sharla herself?)

No. 146220

>>146176 they were on and off since April 2019…. but got more serious and stable 2020… moved in together 2021

No. 146221

Lol … nah no crush on Sharla or Chris for that matter. They are together, happy to see it, but I don’t care one way or the other. Just good tea.

No. 146223

Who are you, Spy-chan? And do you have milk on any other Jvloggers?

No. 146350

Lol me too anon, Chris is one of my retarded crushes.

I think spy anon is a guy.. I have no proof but I’m sure of it.

No. 146358


So they started to be a thing when they did the journey across japan?, she was barely divorced at that time.

No. 146371

Lol you need to work on fine tuning that instinct… I am a girl

No. 146372

Well, am not sure if they discovered that they both were developing feelings during journey across Japan or not… Sharla and her husband relationship was struggling in 2018 and I think the time she spent with Chris prior to the Cycle and during accelerated the divorce. I don’t know if they have a physical affair but they probably had an emotional affair… but that is just an observation I don’t have proof. Chris was still very much in a relationship with Lily during that time in 2018, but by Dec of 2018 he broke up with Lily. By March/April 2019 he and Sharla decided to explore their relationship. PS about Lily she moved out of the apartment they shared in Sendai in April 2019, and out of some sort of guilt or whatever Chris let her take all the furniture that he brought to furnish the apartment they shared….down to the sheets, plates, tv, Nintendo switch etc. everything, he only took his clothes, which is funny because she never worked and relied on him financially when they were together.

No. 146404

Reverse psychology works a charm haha, go on anon, tell us who you are!

No. 146556

Learn to integrate and not give yourself away with your excessive use of ellipsis and bad grammar. I don't buy you saying that you don't care in the slightest. Get over it girl, it's been over two years.

No. 146607

Thank you for calling this out because I also thought it was her. They write identically, even ending sentences with a smiley face, and she would have motivation to expose Chris and Sharla. This makes me lean towards the rumors being true. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

No. 146638

Who is it? Kanadajin?

No. 146728

Lily, Chris's ex

No. 146781


Didn't Chris and Quinlan made a video together around Morioka? I thought it was an interesting collaboration because how far they live from each other. Maybe they don't live that far from each other anymore.

No. 146872

Aaahh. And wait, how do we know that? Has she posted here before?

No. 146882

Based on the way she writes here vs Twitter (lilyinjapan), I'm pretty sure it's her. So I'm in the camp of believing everything shared so far. I'm the "finally some good fucking food" meme rn

No. 146902

Lily's first language isn't English and she has an odd way of phrasing things/unusual grammar patterns. If you check her twitter, you'll see the writing style is the same.

Also, the anon knew some pretty intimate details of Chris and Lily's break up. I highly doubt Chris is going around telling people he let Lily take his bedsheets out of guilt. So that makes the anon someone close to Lily or Lily herself (assuming the anon isn't full of shit). I think it's Lily because if you read her twitter she's been pretty unhappy since the breakup and doesn't seem to be fully over it.

No. 146917

same, dude. this is the most information i have ever seen come out about the chris and lily breakup. if chris and sharla are together, i feel like this will make for the most uncomfortable dynamic at TC- now it's all couples and one single person?
can a post-divorce rebound really work when it's intertwined with dynamics like YT viewership? is sharla an opportunist?

No. 146934

If this is true, it helps explain why Emma has been so depressed. Surrounded by couples after her breakup

No. 146999

has emma ever talked about the breakup? the last I saw about the boyfriend was that he was frantically moving to the US before borders closed so he wouldn't be trapped in japan. I'm guessing the split happened shortly after that?

No. 147016

File: 1619327947915.png (1.53 MB, 1556x806, Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 1.17…)

Was she still dating this guy? Always pinged my gaydar hardcore. Looked like a FTM Remi Malek.

No. 147036

I remember her posting an IG story that they broke up around April or May. It should be in Emma's archived pull thread.

Yeah it was that guy. I thought he was her little brother before she said boyfriend.

No. 147039

I always thought he was gay too and using her to stay in Japan either for cheap or for free. They just didn’t match.

No. 147085

I always had the feeling Emma is gay. Idk why

No. 147088

Is Emma problematic? I’ve always really liked her.

No. 147089

Nah, I don't think so. I like her too

No. 147131

What couples are you guys talking about that’s in TC.

No. 147139

I dont think Emma is problematic. Her content is fun and creative. shes a pewdiepie fan, suprised me. i wish her the best!

for the bf. Heres kind of the timeline i saw…
Emma waiting for bf to move to japan (Emma depressed), bf moves to japan (Emma Happy), bf is living with her (Emma and bf seem tense.. his room is super messy), bf visa issues (Emma stressed), finally breakup (Emma seems better, her content becomes better too).
she also just moved to a new apt as shown in her newest vids.

No. 147143

Timeline accurate- seemed like he didn’t really like being on camera and didn’t have a plan. While he was there he got his AAS through an American college in Tokyo but like… that’s not enough to get into an actual JP university and you can’t really work with that. I think that honestly caused the whole thing to dead end . She seemed really ready to pack up his room once he was gone and she started putting out way more content.
Add to that, before he got to JP, she posted a confessional where she mentions questioning her own sexuality- after he left, she posted in her ig stories that she was bi for pride month.

No. 147146

small correction, she's not really pewdiepie fan as much as she's his friend. it's not super public but she and marzia seem pretty close. she was in a ton of the animal crossing content marzia shared last year, like they hung out on each other's islands almost every day. i dont think most people even realize they're friends because marzia's fans don't know emma exists and emma's fans don't really care about pewds/marzia

No. 147183

I'm guessing Sharla+Chris and Aki+Joey?

No. 147190

I like Emma too! I agree her content got better after the break up. I would hope she isn’t depressed because she isn’t taken and can find happiness on her own without having to rely on anyone for it.

I can see how it might affect her, but I always hate it when a youtuber I like suddenly starts putting their SO in every video and the person doesn’t even have a likable personality.

No. 147228

yeah I agree she seemed ready to pack up his room. Im happy for her to be moving into a new place. it can be hard to stay in the place you lived with an ex.

No. 147230

Thats cool that they are friends! I noticed emma has one of marzias furbie monsters lol.

imo she doesnt seem to depressed? She mentioned being excited about being a single girl in a big city. But with covid and generally working remote, it probably gets a bit lonely. Im suprised she doesnt live in a big house with other youtubers, like some single vtubers and streamers tend to.

No. 147319

Joey Is no longer part of Tokyo creative— he is part of BookWalker subsidiary GeeXPlus https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2020/02/03/general/geexplus-brings-anime-youtubers-japan/

No. 147387

oh, I didn't know that. I don't know what other couple anon was referring to then

No. 147513


That article doesn't mention anything about Joey…

No. 147516

File: 1619565191118.jpeg (355.72 KB, 1242x2245, 9B46E265-CE17-42FA-B362-B896B8…)

Well that article was written just prior to his contract with Tokyo Creative expired. His name is listed on GeeXPlus website and not Tokyo Creative website as an influencer. https://www.geexplus.co.jp/
Trash taste podcast is a GeeXPlus production.

No. 147602

That laura girl that used to hang out with the jvlogger squad is legally “partners” with someone at buzzfeed now. Kind of cute

No. 148351

Have you noticed how crappy Sharla’s videos have been? She is doing it with no heart, copies other peoples formats and music. She never post on her Patreon, but is collecting peoples money monthly. She honestly doesn’t have a passion for Japan or travel, she is doing it for a check. I guess she has found her sugar daddy.

No. 148354

Way at the start of her career didn't she have the more popular channel but when her husband started posting videos he just had more talent in every aspect of his life? Like cooking, crafting and cat training? Of course Sharla comes off as boring in comparison. I think she just gave up

No. 148364


i think you're confusing sharla with rachel/jun? Sharla's ex-husband never did any videos, in fact, he pretty much wanted to stay private hence why his face was never shown in her videos.

but yea i think she just gave up, and just doing a more discount watered down version of her safe typical content. She can just barely manage above water at this point because she was one of the first youtubers in japan and so has a loyal viewing fanbase.
But yea, in terms of videos in japan; everything has already been done and it just oversaturated.

No. 148370

Yeah, most everything has been done and Sharla's interests aren't necessarily going to be super popular content. She doesn't live in Tokyo, she's not much of an otaku, she is vegan and doesn't go out to eat much, she has visited a lot of natural beauty sites in Northern Japan already, and she's also not into any particular fashion. I really like Sharla partly because she is pretty 'normal' versus a lot of the more over the top J-vloggers, but it also means her videos can be boring. Lately yeah, they've been more boring than usual. If she is dating Chris Broad I hope that her content improves, because his is always pretty good.

No. 148409

you have smaller channels like heratlas or Sundai love, who are doing well thought out content, without the backing of big you tubers orTokyo creative. Sharla is leaning on others and is in a money grab mode. She puts no efforts in her videos, took a month off so that she could concentrate on getting her cat back? I left her Patreon because she not only post nothing on there, she had some of her discord members constantly raising money and sending her gifts and other free sh*t.

No. 148493


Sharla is fucking boring alas is Rachel and Jun. Chris is too interesting for her ass.

No. 148499

i like Sharla too, but she looks like she doesn't have the passion anymore, she seems bored and it would appear she is better at producing others' content, i remember she mentioned working for a Japanese production company before. her heart is just not in it anymore, she should find a way to transit to producing full-time if she's not interested in vlogging anymore.

No. 148519

I kind of doubt Sharla is dating Chris… at least in a serious relationship…. Chris said on Trash Taste's podcast that he doesn't see himself living in Japan permanently. He just wants to stretch it out a few more years with a few more goal videos to make. Since Sharla's identity is Japan and it seems like she chose Japan over her marriage, not able to hack it in Korea… I doubt she'd make the same mistake twice lol. Unless Sharla doesn't mind living in England if things get serious or Chris changed his mind. But who knows, could just be fwb.

No. 148522


Sharla has said a few times she doesn't want to stay in Japan forever. She wants to move somewhere in Europe next.

No. 148528

I agree with this. I don't think they're dating. I thought there might be some weight to the chris/sharla rumors, but upon further reflection I am going to speculate that Sharla herself (or her discord enablers) might be spreading those rumors. Just a little at a time is enough to get people to go back and watch those videos where they are both featured, or even her new stuff- just to look for hints to the affirmative. That, and brand-loyal longtime viewers subbed to patreon are all thats keeping her afloat.
At this point, I also don't see Sharla moving anywhere else. I think she is in a rut and afraid of trying a new country. She knows japan. She went through the effort of moving her cat to japan. Her professional network is in japan. If she moved out of the country with Chris, she'd be dependent on him like she was on her ex and I would hope she's smart enough to not do that.

No. 148530

Sharla has said over and over again that living in Japan is not even in her 5 years or long term plans. Her dream is to live in Europe or UK in a small cabin and to open a cat shelter or hotel of some sorts. She has stressed that she wants to live in a in English speaking country, that is not hot.. so for her the UK was the natural choice. She wants to visit Japan often but does not want to grow old there. It’s pretty much mirrors Chris’ future plans about Japan, 1/2 in the Uk 1/2 in Japan.

No. 148531

Sharla just said in her Patreon live monthly update that she would never want to become a Japanese citizen because she does not intend to spend the rest of her life in Japan, she wants to move to the UK. Her exact words!

No. 148532


Everyone wants to move to the U.K. and it’ll be a big shock to her. I’m british and it’s isn’t all roses. Shit weather, shit government, expensive, overrun with foreigners who get benefits before you, lack of jobs and it’s going to get worse.

No. 148533

Sounds like Japan!! Lol she has been living away from her home country her whole adult life, I am sure she will count the pros and cons, of moving to whatever place she ultimately picks.

No. 148534

You got some bad opinions there sonny, also live in the UK and:
>Shit weather
Global warming helped us there, in the South it's basically Spring/Summer 15-30c for half the year. A lot worse in Scotland but SE is always good.
> shit government
No comment lol, we'll see if they keep to their latest plan
> expensive
Trains and stuff are expensive but food is cheap, houses are cheap if you live outside of the city (Sharla already does this in Japan iirc)
> overrun with foreigners
Fuck you, Sir.
>who get benefits before you
Benefits are notoriously hard to get in the UK, I promise ESL "foreigners" are not getting benefits before Brits
> lack of jobs
True but mostly due to the pandemic shutting nearly every business, that should change in the coming months. Covid stats are way down and over half the country is vaccinated, the job situation will improve
> and it’s going to get worse.

No. 148540

her 5 year plan? y'all she is 35 and she's done the bulk of her professional career in asia- is it really realistic that she's going to uproot herself at 40?

No. 148542

Come on anon, plenty of people still do things at that age. She'll be 40, not 80. And she's a youtuber, she can do that from anywhere.

No. 148546

Racist people love to hide behind the people are taking our jobs line. Jobs they themselves wouldn’t do, couldn’t do, or would want to get paid way more than the “ESL foreigners” get paid. You revealed your racism, with the ESL line. Foreigners, immigration has way more positive benefit to the UK and to the US the negative. Japan would do well to expand their immigration policy. If they continue along the line that they are now, their economy will collapse, because the shrinking population cannot support the overwhelming elderly population. Many economists have Forecast an increase of shrinking of the Japanese economy if they do not increase and open up for more immigration. But Like you the Japanese government is to racist to open their eyes to see the wonderful benefit of expanding their borders.

No. 148547

Exactly my best friend left a lucrative job and changed field at 40 and moved to Norway to pursue a new chapter and passion in her life. 40 is perfect

No. 148557

would you watch a 40 year old woman do cat vlogs and not go out of the house in rural england?

No. 148559

so we should import a class of people to do the jobs westerners wont do? sounds like you're talking about importing a laborer class. importing people to do dirty labor for you isn't a net benefit to anyone except the wealthy. you've just created another set of people who will soon be asking for better standards and denied them like the westerners who lived in the US and Uk before them. But this isn't the real topic at hand, so.

No. 148561

If you untwist yourself out of the pretzel you made out of that, the clear implication is anyone who has English as a first language will find applying for benefits (or anything) easier, ergo Brits will be first in line. The idea they aren't is nonsense spouted by racists.

No. 148562

I feel like a lot of people would genuinely like that? Cottagecore and fairy styles resurging, plus librarian chic and all those other nerdy things…gardening and flower obsessions. People find cozy, ostensibly boring things comforting to watch.

No. 148566

Again, she doesn’t intend on doing YouTube when she moves. she wants to own a business, a cat hotel or something of that nature.

No. 148575


She already has a small stationary business in Japan. Honestly I can't help to feel like the moment Sharla is out of Japan, her channel will suffer and her patreon too but maybe the small amount of loyal fans she has paying her bills will keep her afloat. She is interesting because she doesn't want to go back to Canada or stay in Japan.

Sharla moving to Europe alone, I don't think she will survive unless he finds a job that is not Youtube. If she moves with a partner whoever that will be, that's another story.

No. 148581

What is your beef with Sharla? Are you the elusive spy anon aka lily?

Why do you keep bumping the thread with these boring assumptions? There’s no milk, they aren’t cows or even snowflakes and are actually still jvloggers.

No. 148598

sharla is a professional translator, and still does work on the side. Shes mentioned it in past vids, will link sauce if I come across it. Idk where yall keep saying she would be dependent with no income. she can keep doing that from anywhere.

No. 148599

She used to say she wanted to start over in a new european country (maybe Germany) and learn a new language again. I wonder why that switched to the UK? Maybe its more intimidating to do, the closer you get to making the move.

No. 148601

Cottage core is absolutely surging! There is also a big wave of girls getting into medival/ren faire themes aswell. Check out, Elin Abrahamsson. I love her channel.

No. 148627

Huh. I don’t recall her ever saying that she wanted to move to Europe… and I have watched her for years.

I do remember her saying that she wanted to learn to speak Hungarian so she could chat with her grandpa in his Native tongue… but I think he might have passed in recent years.

Also, I’m sure she could learn another language quite easily. People who are multi-lingual tend to pick up extra languages easier. On e you get past that second language you brain kinda understands what it has to do to get at least conversational on the third and fourth, lol.

No. 148666

File: 1620164336580.jpg (696.86 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210504_173815.jpg)

source if you want to watch. shes mentioned it in another video but would take a bit for me to figure out which.

No. 148674

Your telling me I am making assumptions, but yet your dumb ass is under the assumption that I’m a lily? LOL This place is to talk about jvloggers and Sharla, I found out something about her and decided to share it, but your response was to attack me? You can choose to believe or not believe it but it’s the truth, they are dating.

No. 148677

yeah, but sharla isn't cottage core? she has 5000 pullover athleisure sweatshirts and doesn't keep houseplants. she only frolics outdoors during autumn leaf picture season and cherry blossom picture season. she's not librarian chic. I'm not saying she won't pivot, but she won't become cottage core.

No. 148706

Pretty sure I didn’t accuse you of being a lily (kek) and I didn’t attack you either, you’ve got no proof of their relationship so I said what I said!
Also Sharla mentioning she’d like to live somewhere in Europe isn’t concrete evidence that she is doing it. I say I’d like to live in Spain all the time but I’m never going to do it!

No. 148728

kek exactly. Chris seems like an intelligent person with diverse interests, I get the feeling he wouldn't be able to take someone like Sharla seriously

No. 148770

You are guessing based of what you may have a “feeling of”, you speak of what you “think” I speak of what I know for sure. They are dating and are living together. Here is a small slip up on their part, that only those who know would notice. Check out Sharla tweet from 3/25 showing off her China collection. Cross reference that with a video from Chris on his second channel, “room tour” 4:50. There are sooo many other clues like that. But I only pick up on them because I know for 100% they are together. But you guys with your silly crush in Chris refuse to look deeply into to the tea I dropped on here. Ungrateful bunch!

No. 148773

Holy shit anon, how did you catch that? I've been convinced

No. 148774

File: 1620239308071.jpg (564.04 KB, 3424x1523, cup.jpg)

No. 148801

What other clues do you have?

No. 148803

Anon, you too are speaking what you “think”and “feel” because you can’t provide the thread with actual evidence. If you really do notice these things then provide the tea rather than just saying “I know for sure”.

They do work together so them having the same cup doesn’t make me think they’re dating.

No. 148818

File: 1620252639715.jpg (357.97 KB, 2763x1043, 13942058.jpg)

In Sharla's recent vlog there's also an office chair in the background which looks like Chris's. She usually has a chair with a completely different design.

No. 148826

Do you work at TC, mysterious milk provider-chan?

No. 148827

Ooh I missed that one. But those same crates in her kitchen are the same crates he used in his fried chicken video, take a look.

No. 148867

Another possibility: Sharla is letting him stay — as a friend — at her apt post-breakup while he tries to find another place. Meanwhil, she is staying in her stationary/guest apartment, which she has been busy setting things up for anyway. Her cats in the bonus apt, too.

No. 148876

Well lots of pullfags are here now and they love speculation more than anything.

No. 148879

I wrote the post she was reacting to and I'm not a pullfag. Chris seems a thousand times more intelligent than Sharla and has more interests than her

No. 148883

Anon, come on, you just think Sharla doesn't deserve Chris. Truth is she is a pretty girl living in Japan that works with Chris and is relatively intelligent and occasionally funny. She exhibits a dry sense of humor once in awhile that he probably finds appealing. I've thought they had chemistry for a long time, as have a lot of people.

No. 148884

Yeah I think they're pretty well suited, personally. About equally attractive, age appropriate, plenty of stuff in common… I like Chris and I think it reflects well on him if he has a gf like her, as opposed to the typical male expat who goes to Japan to marry a trad Japanese schoolgirl waifu or w/e.

No. 148893

What baffles me is how is this even milky? Who cares if they are dating?
They’ve got great chemistry on camera and probably are good friends in real life - why does this mean they’re dating?
Even if Chris is living with her, it could just be as roommates? I’m not disagreeing to be difficult.. I just don’t see why this is a big thing.
Maybe they are together and they have to hide their relationship because of contractual obligations?
Idk all of this is just a huge reach

No. 148894

>professional translator
Trust me anon, that's one of the shittiest job ever, whether it's lit translation with you working for an editorial company or freelance. It's underpaid and sucks. You cannot live out of your translation job alone, most people become teachers or have another job + do translation on the side. I don't know how many languages Sharla speaks, but English and Japanese on their own isn't enough
sage for translation sperging

No. 148919

Right, 2 grown super independent adults in their 30’s who make good money, are going to choose to be roommates, in a tiny and cheap Japanese country side apartment! While they are sharing the tiny 2 bedroom apartment, they also will choose to rent second apartment in that same exact building and use it for work only. Yep that’s it makes all the sense in the world to me, they are not a couple, they are roommates. May I add also, please retire that stupid milky line!

No. 148949

I’m not mad I’m just offering another view on your theories.
What if Chris gave Sharla some of his furniture to look after while he moved?
What if he stays with her regularly for work purposes?
What if he’s filmed content in her apartment?
When you said you knew for sure I thought you were going to post a photo of them together or something.. do you know them personally?

No. 148953

nta, but one anon literally said a few posts ago that Sharla has to do translation work besides Youtube to get by, so the money can't be that good lol. I wonder if Chris does anything at all on the side

No. 148956

Are you kidding anon? Chris makes an insane amount of money between youtube, patreon (over 4000 patreons), sponsorships, TC… He absolutely does not need to do "anything on the side" to get by. Sharla used to do translation work for movies years ago, but she stopped awhile back. She has a smaller channel and patreon compared to Chris, but she is in no means doing poorly. The money they make is good.

No. 148971

Thank you annon for breaking down Chris’ and Sharla’s income for that delusional annon. Chris along at the very least pulls 15k a month between Patreon , YouTube, sponsors and merch. so that’s a no on the they do work on the sides, fantasy! That other Amon is in denial about Chris and Sharla, coming up with all sorts of ridiculous maybes. Stop asking me how I know obviously I can’t say how, I was trying to give some public clues to pick up on. If you want to go on with your fantasy and not believe me, that’s fine but geese come up with some better maybes!

No. 148972

Also maybe anon if anyone bumps into Chris and Sharla in Tokyo, and ask to take a pic. They always request to take the pictures separately and not together. They don’t want people to know they are together and work very hard at keeping the secret from going public. Chris is paranoid and want even hold hand in Tokyo sooooo

No. 148973

Could it be that Sharla is the reason why chris got so chubby again? This dude is ballooning up again.

No. 148981

File: 1620330723277.jpg (136.92 KB, 1124x617, piggiewenttothemarket.jpg)

I'm not that invested in his channel. I didn't even know he had a Patreon and didn't care enough to look up how much he earns on Youtube
I mean, he's been working on that for a while kek

No. 148997

He looks 9 months pregnant lol. He is fat cause of his own bad eating choices not cause of Sharla , lol

No. 149000

Chris posted on twitter a while back how frustrated he was his video wouldn't post. Only for it to turn out to be this video, probably the lowest effort most boring shit he has made in the last few years.
IMO, I dont believe Chris is Sharla's type. Chris seems like a nice dude, goofy. Doesnt seem like Sharlas type.

No. 149006

lol I noticed that Chris is getting chubby again. He's pretty cute when he's slim (watch some of his vlogs from 3-4 years ago) and I hope he loses weight but he said he loves to eat and also his food vlogs get a lot of views.

No. 149010

I don’t think he is cute at all. He has a personality of drywall. He gives me the inconsiderate boyfriend vibe. He is sloppy and wears the same gross outfits, with his belly sticking out. Sharla ex was super skinny and loves fashion. I don’t get it myself. But they seem have a deep connection and are doing everything to make it work. The biggest reason for getting the second Apartment, is because of Chris cat allergies. This way he and the cat can get use to each, while his allergy medication and body get use to the cat without actually living with the cat yet.

No. 149019

All the anons that have a crush on Chris need to have more self-respect. He looks greasy 99% of the time, I'd be surprised if he showered more than once a week. His body proportions are also off, he looks like an irl bobblehead. The only time he's ever looked good was right after journey across japan. He also seems socially awkward.

No. 149023

i don't have a crush on Chris, eww but he did looked good a few years ago when he was slimmer and he had a trimmed beard (sort of like a goatee) and people even said he looked like Robert Downey Jr but over the course of 2-3 years, he has let himself go.

No. 149033


As a british woman Chris is the typical british lad that did college and uni and probably always went to the pub on the weekend with the lads. Said he was going to japan because fuck bothering with an actual career. Saw Akira and Dragon Ball Z as a kid and Japan lured him in that way. Went to Japan and decided I’m british and sarcastic so fuck it I’ll make a video.

He’s literally just the standard british guy. Nothing special. Most of them look like him. Beer belly, aged, sarcastic and miserable. If Chris was American I don’t think he’d get half the views to be honest.

No. 149035


Yknow who was good looking? Reagan In Japan - Chris used to hang with him but Reagan went back to Australia.

He was actually fit and likeable :((:( )

No. 149067

Anon that’s just shallow, is it not okay to like someone because of their personality?

What even is this thread now lol

No. 149077

Serious question:

What did Sharla do to deserve your hatred? She deserves criticism but why does she always get hate for the men she dates? Like she's too ugly and all the men are above her. When Bii revealed her ex-boyfriend in one of her videos, all she got was praise from you that she has good taste although Bii looks like a plastic transgender stuffed human-being and her ex was clearly above her in the looks department.

No. 149088

I don't hate her, she just proved to be a pretty shitty person during the Mimei drama years ago and she's without a doubt intellectually inferior to Chris. Also, I personally find it bizarre for a grown ass person to be irrationally excited at the sight of a gacha vending machine or a Pokemon plushie. That is all.

No. 149091

That’s literally everyone in Japan with the stupid gatcha machines. Japan is the country that normalized grown adults collecting stuff animals. Sharla is boring and the only thing she has going for her is japan. The same could be said about Chris, he is very much one note, Japan. So in many ways, they are perfect for one another, boring! Lol

No. 149093

>he is very much one note, Japan
I respectfully disagree, he has a video about his favourite books and they were on a variety of topics ranging from filmmaking to philosophy. He has many interests. I can't even picture Sharla holding a book. Or if she does read, only cookbooks kek

No. 149098

Ok simp

No. 149123

I think whoever spy chan is (probably lily) is behind the hatred.
I wish I followed these people as much as I used to cause this all feels like it’s 2014 again. Sharla is not what she used to be and Chris was never really a part of the original jvlogger clique - neither of them particularly problematic either. Who gives a crap if they’re in a relationship

No. 149215

What if spy chan is Shiori? I give a crap, honestly. I'm curious to find out if Sharla has finally landed her own paypig, so she can stop pretending to be so enthusiastic about Pikachu and retire. >149123

No. 149221

>Chris, he is very much one note, Japan.
Sorry anon, but they're both Japan vloggers. Like, what do you expect? That they suddenly make videos about Turkish cuisine? People are subscribed to them because they can live vicariously through them - in Japan. Whatever other interests they have are not interesting for their channels' audience in the least.

No. 149226

I considered her as well. I think it's definitely someone from Tokyo Creative who's geeky enough to know about imageboards

No. 149356

I think it’s big foot … while we are taking stupid guess

No. 149362

>>149356 Lol. I’m guessing that it’s either a ghost from the future, a CIA spy… or that one poster from PULL who has been shipping Sharla and Chris for years.

No. 149364

File: 1620591192949.png (100.63 KB, 740x2178, 1618164137783.png)


>Chris, he is very much one note, Japan.

>Sorry anon, but they're both Japan vloggers. Like, what do you expect? That they suddenly make videos about Turkish cuisine? People are subscribed to them because they can live vicariously through them - in Japan. Whatever other interests they have are not interesting for their channels' audience in the least.

No. 149583

So both Chris' and Sharla's last videos were about spending 100 $s on toys. How original

No. 149630

reminds me of when they both did the luxury apartment tour videos and released them within days of each other. yawn

No. 149885

Toooooo funny how Chris almost slipped in his live broadcast about Sharla. “Her amazing …. Face” and him quickly regretting reading a comment that said Chris we know you meant behind!! And then Sharla his one and only MOD laughing about it in the comments. It’s if interest that both Chris and Sharla are each others exclusive MOD for their live streams.

No. 149931

during my stay in Japan in 2019 my friend was doing youtube videos and they mentioned stuff about Sharla and this guy being together, so it's interesting to read all of this now? not trying to prove anything, I just find it interesting!

No. 149973


Not saying they are not together but a guy looking a girl with a big ass and falling from his bike is not what I call proof of dating

No. 149985

I swear there is only one person in here samefagging the same line that Sharla and Chris are dating. Show proof or shut up - you’ve got people interested so spill the tea and stop saying the same crap repeatedly!

No. 150035

I don’t have to show you proof or shut up. I can do what I like. Idiot

No. 150203

Anything on cdawgva?

No. 150269

He’s fetishized gay men before. Also his friend sydney is nothing but a female joey. She watched hentai with her mother and smelled used panties to show that’s she’s “totes a perv lol”. She’s married to gigguk so it’s self explanatory

No. 150271

For reference. She’s been on trash taste before but this is the garbage that she posts and the incels eat it all up.

No. 150299

When did he fetishize gay men?

No. 150371

He had his own huge PULL thread before, surprised no one achieved it.

He used to abuse their fans by forcing them to do free work for him, not only content but even 'pls throw a shout out about me' while claiming they are shit behind the scenes. generally a manipulative weirdo

No. 150470

Most of it was old stuff, he used to LARP as the real life black butler guy and call fans. I think his huge inflated ego has dropped though. Pretty sure he and shibukaho are dating on the down low

No. 150499

File: 1621242660114.jpg (19.26 KB, 267x236, smallpp.jpg)

Bet Taylor is loving it that she made it on a Pewdiepie thumbnail

No. 150522

Not really bothered about Sydnsnap she has her niche, quiet on personal life so that's fine and cdawgva seems to have grown up. Weird nothing was achieved thou

No. 150523

She was posting it on her insta story kek she probably gets wet from it

No. 150526

File: 1621261205883.png (Spoiler Image, 644.04 KB, 1510x738, kimdao man unfaithful.PNG)

Kim's husband follows mainly lewd girls on instagram… well this just shows the theorys they actually dont love each other are true lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 150529

Hi Jessi, was geht?

No. 150542

Yeah I’m strangely sympathetic for sydsnap since leafy and his fans attacked her over cringe shit she did as a teen. Nobody deserves that army of cancer, especially not a retarded cringe weeb

No. 150548

Woher kennst meinen namen 0.0

No. 150549


Huch sieht man meinen namen??

No. 150581

Man sieht dein Profilbild, du Depp

No. 150618

Connor gives me the I say the N word in private vibes

No. 150619

Kim is so insufferably boring and empty-eyed that I almost can’t blame this scrote. Seriously, she is easily the dullest of the j-vlogger types, and that includes Sharla. Kims personality is Harry Potter.

No. 150625

Lmaooo true girlie has like no own personality except harry potter and pokemon…. her videos are sooo freaking boring I just skip through them.

No. 150628

Learn2sage and Learn2integrate. Stop bumping multiple threads.

No. 150649

File: 1621324030685.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1549, F5A4900C-F78A-4CA0-8808-965F4F…)

I didn’t think Kim was bad until she decided to class shame someone for not having a college degree.

Yes Kim you have a 4 year degree, but you talk like an absolutely dumbass. I thought it was just a vocal thing but she repeats herself in text too. How many times do you need to repeat apartment? Use a thesaurus you daft cunt or take a writing course

No. 150650

jesus this is just like she is on the videos, she seriously sounds retarded in so many of her vlogs. "oh my god you guys" and just repeating the same phrases and words over and over. I've got to imagine her viewerbase has been in decline since she hasn't been able to go to Japan. Who would watch this halfwit walk around her apartment?

No. 150654

I remember watching their first couples q&a video and he gave off such a weird vibe, like he didn't want to be there at all

No. 150665

Yup thought the same.

No. 150707

The sketchiest of all the j-vloggers that has a fake goody image is… Tokyo Lens, Norm the sock puppeteer. I have watched his live streams carefully, especially when he pairs with Sharla and if you pay careful attention, he does a poor job hiding his jealousy and his dislike for Chris Broad. He is a snake and attacks his viewers who criticize him , threatening doxing!

No. 150718


dude was weird

i remember way back; someone said when they unfollowed him on ig, he'd send you a message something like "sorry, you unfollowed, hope you come back, etc etc" so he was keeping tabs on people

one time he outed sharla's closeted gay friend on camera

and even though he never talks about them, he actually has a wife (or ex wife?) and a kid. Some thought it was weird he kept them secret

No. 150719

I 100% agree on this….Norm is just yuck

No. 150738

Yeah I have seen him call commenters the worst names, and then quickly deleted it. Norm is so the worst. In my mind I think Chris can’t see how badly jealous norm is of him. Norm uses Chris for clout, and Chris for whatever reason is blind to it, is so obvious. I wonder if he only trust Norm because of Norms long friendship with Sharla. But that last live stream, you can see how annoyed he gets when the commentary are basically about Chris. The truth is a great proportion of his followers are from the crumbs of Chris and Sharla, so he tries his best to be fake nice.

No. 150779

>he outed sharla's closeted gay friend on camera
Details? Which friend was this? And which video?

No. 150799

File: 1621436576864.jpg (816.45 KB, 1638x2048, 20210519_170213.jpg)

How do weebs find them attractive? Kek

No. 150814

Conner I can kind of get - he's tall, cute, and a bit goofy. He streams with Ironmouse (vtuber) often, Im kind of hoping they get together, its fun to watch them together. Joey I find kind of irritating and the other dude I have no opinion on because all the videos I watched with him he was quiet.

No. 150835

It was Greg and it was in one of her Korean videos when Norm came to visit because Greg had already moved there. Sharla left it in the vlog and didn't say anything so it's just as much her being a bad friend as Norm being a shitty person.

No. 150837

connor is not cute tf. all of them are butt ugly.

No. 150847

Wow that's shitty

No. 150854

meh, I think hes cute. agree to disagree

No. 150864

They are all ugly

No. 150877

Connor is cute and funny, but I think if he had an American accent he'd be just another average weeeby guy.

No. 150904

Connor is absolutely the cutest, he seems the most real when he streams too, of what have I've seen, the other two aren't "public" enough to get to know them, they seem to all genuinely get along,I enjoy their podcast :)

No. 150910

>thinking an online persona is genuine representation of oneself and not just trying to be likeable and approachable for the audience to make money out of
most embarrassing behaviour, anon

No. 151019

Bless you, anon. But I get it he is more accessible because he's talking to people more, which IS why people think they like him…but he definitely won't be like that IRL.

No. 151023

seriously? curve your vendetta anon

No. 151025

I can tell that you never looked at his pull threads or know existence of discord with evidence over how shitty of a man he is… sucks

No. 151049

its too bad his thread wasn't archived because there was some damning good evidence.

No. 152437

Was watching TkyoSam lastnight. Dude has a series of vids about what various jvloggers are like. I was mostly interested in hearing about Chris Broad and Sharla and he comes off as jealous and bitch/gossipy but there's some truth hidden in his longish vids too.

TokyoLens is someone I've only watched through sharla or tokyo creative/tokidoki vids etc. I've always got a creep vibe off him. Comment sections under some of these vids had people claiming Norm had replied to their harmless comments with tirades about how worthless they are. How they should be shamed, their mother should be ashamed that they exist. Really over the top chains of response and then he deletes it. Lots of commenters mentioned the exact same 'you're worthless' things and one eventually linked to proof. If it's old news then sorry but first I've heard of it

No. 152605

the thought of norm bitterly commenting "you're worthless" is so funny to me

No. 152635

Does TkyoSam do even the slightest bit of research on the people he discusses? I skimmed his Taylor R video and he:
- said her family moved around a lot internationally before settling back in Canada (conplete fiction)
- doesn't know how old she is
- said she decided in her early 20s to be a model (no)
- said she was actually a fat kid
- described Tom as "a guy who owns a business in Hong Kong"
- gets various stuff wrong about when she got married and where she lived
- said Tom "had to move back to Hong Kong" so she said "marry me"
- doesn't know if she has a tiktok

I'm not gonna make a giant autistic list but it also seems like he watched maybe 4 videos of hers, and didn't pay attention to them. But of course, anyone criticizing Taylor is just jealous because she is so beautiful and rich. (The level of pathetic simping in this video was something I wasn't expecting.) Even if I were an actual fan of Taylor, I'd be annoyed at him just inventing things out of thin air. Which he did every time I skipped ahead in the video. And nah I'm not going to sit through nearly half an hour of his deep analysis of how women online are jus jelly of other women who are prettier and thinner and richer and in glorious Nippon.

So are the rest of his videos about youtubers also some weird blend of fiction and the occasional accurate statement, or are they better?

No. 152646

Doubt he does. He's the guy who's whiteknighting Mira of all people and walks around Tokyo harassing locals by being an obnoxious super weeb despite living there for over a decade.

No. 152651

oh, I had no idea, sorry for my useless post. I just looked him up because of that post earlier.

No. 152735

I binged watched his vids the other night so I've some thoughts. He's sexist, bitchy and jealous, doesn't do much research before opening his mouth and his vids are so low effort. But he knows some of the people he's commenting on, as in he's met them irl so every now and then you get some inside info. He's not afraid to shit on people that he's met. I think he knows collabs won't be in his future like they were in his past. He's burning bridges as he seems to have a complex about the likes of tokyo creative all teaming up and him being some loner outsider that doesn't break into popular groups.

He talked about Sharla not hanging out with many japanese people in general, sticking to other foreigners instead. He had enough sense to figure out that maybe as she arrived in Japan years ago as a blonde and white woman she likely has been harassed by men there. Thats a thing. He understood the safety concerns. But then he himself went on to randomly rate her looks?? There was no need to go there.

He also talked about what gossipy bitches the people on some all female message board are (not here but similar) and I had to laugh because I'd just watched 10 vids of him bitching and gossiping.

The Norm vid was good because if anything the comment section under it had some interesting feedback from people he'd raged at and blocked. And I didn't know norm had a past of harassing people through fake accounts that were proven to be him. All ver dark. The fact that he always rips into a persons entire worth..over badly worded but harmless comments that they left. Nutty

No. 152833

Norm is the worst! I wish more people knew how horrible he is. Watching him suck on clout of Chris while he secretly hates him is something to see

No. 152865

he also sounds like he read some forums years ago and not recently. It's been years since Taylor lived in Japan and even longer since anyone criticised her for taking a taxi (unless he isn't referencing the farms or pull). But kek at him just rewriting ppl's history because he can't be arsed to go check.

Japan must be a trip if looking like Sharla gets you guaranteed street harassment for being exotic. Then again, men are braindead.

No. 152870

I don't get how sharla and chris (and others) can overlook the comment section freakouts he's had. I mean surely word gets around?

Every freakout I've managed to find is him basically dancing around the words 'kill yourself' he's clearly trying to rip rando commenters down to the very core over slight miswording. He's not even responding to actual hate or critisism. He's triggered by bad english. People trying to say a nice thing and mixing up their words. Holy fuck is he sick in the head.

No. 152954

Sharla overlooked him exposing Greg on HER vlog so I’m not surprised she overlooks other bad behavior Norm does. She seems like a ‘well he’s nice to me’ type.

No. 153081

Chris has made some videos about his comment section.. I’m sure they know.

Maybe he’s like that awkward friend no one really likes and they pity him.

No. 153122

As someone who was a huge fan of him literally years ago, my partner and I noticed all of these things after while. Specially the sexism, one time he was eating in a restaurant and there was a girl in the corner doing a mukbang. He said some semi pervy things that could have been taken either way. As pervy or innocent, but seeing it time and time again makes me think he’s a perv. “You can fit so much in her mouth” “she can eat so fast” can’t remember exactly what he said but it was something on those lines.

Now don’t forget I use to be a fan, so I kept cutting him slack ; but after while it was unbearable.

God I cringe at the thought of how religiously I watched him

No. 153224

Are you referring to Norm or Chris?! What we were talking about is Norm being rude and troll like in his comment section. If you are referring to Chris, I could not disagree more, Chris does not read as sexist or crude at all! He has made a point to highlight some of Japan shortcomings in terms of treatment of women, especially in his podcast. Chris keeps a distance between him and the audience, he is a closed book. I just wouldn’t make those conclusions about him, because we as audience, know very little about him. Norm on the other hand pretends to have a fake, oh I am your best friend relationship with his audience, while not sharing the fact that he is a married man with at least 1 child! In the meantime he is attacking the slightest criticism in his comment section. They are very different characters, but I very much side eye why both Chris and Sharla continues to show support for norm

No. 153245

Nta but it's about Tykosam if I'm following right?

I feel like Chris is ok, his on cam (slightly played up) persona rubs some people up the wrong way but I feel like he works hard and for some guy to shit on him while making the most effort vids himself.. it stank of jealousy

Norm always gave me an uneasy feeling. Never knew why but I guess now I know

No. 153273

I remember that episode. It was some giant chicken or ramen episode. I didnt see it like that, but now that you mention it, it could have been taken badly. I think he's been on youtube at least 8 years now? most youtubers lose their charm once they pass the 5 year mark. Or get outted for being shit human beings (look at Cry, jared, holly, etc and other youtubers in the past 2 years)

No. 153364


God I can’t stand Tkyosam

He’s the type of fat grizzly Dorito farting cunt that would search teen on pornhub

No. 153367

Does anyone ever watch Capsulebunny aka Katie? She’s got a YouTube channel

The British weeb who dresses up in bad j fashion and is friends with all the dodgy ass other characters in Tokyo

She was friends with that one girl who got arrested for lying about her visa or something? Asian girl, can’t remember her name and porn star Shani too.

No. 153476

I followed her years back on insta for a while it was pre her modeling days when she was still teaching. I actually recognized her in Shibuya 109 in the summer of 2017, not hard considering at the time she dressed really flashy

No. 153487

Another one I can’t stand is that oriental pearl girl with her snagq tooth

No. 153858

post caps or links if you're going to bring up irrelevant nobodies

No. 153905

Google is free gatekeeper(actual retard)

No. 153910

Ah yes let me google oriental snag tooth to find this jvlogger; you’re so smart nonnie

No. 153932

File: 1622597470181.png (733.23 KB, 552x868, snagq.png)

shit, her YT really is called "oriental pearl"

No. 153934

and here i thought anon was being a cheeky racist lmao

No. 153942

Nope not being cheeky! her stupid videos surpris! a look at me I am white girl who speaks Japanese. Aren’t you impressed?

No. 153982

File: 1622618632333.jpg (497.54 KB, 1077x1734, Screenshot_20210602-161811_Ins…)

Layersofjenn/osharegirl was so much more likeable 2+ years ago. I loved her vlogs and her fashion was so much better imo. Now its all unflattering beige outfits and she tries SO hard to be 'relatable' and over compensating with fake confidence. Had to unsubscribe and unfollow when she moved to Taiwan because suddenly she was an expert when she hasn't even lived there a full year.

I used to like her friend maplesushi too before it became covid content 24/7 for the past year. Just ended up getting burnt out.

No. 154061

Nah, we aren't going to swing on Jenn- I do agree that she was more likeable and more genuinely relateable when she was a part time YT, but I don't see a huge departure in her demeanor despite her now being a full-time YT/kept wife. She makes videos about Taiwan, but she is clearly learning as she goes- she has never claimed to be an expert. The tik toks are her own content and perspective, not matter of fact.
Jenn worked her ass off to make consistent content in Japan and people yawned at it. Last year she was at 11K subs and now she's creeping up on 50 and she deserves it. Her career is finally taking off after years of hard work- Why shouldn't she be confident?
Sorry to be so passionate lmao, I genuinely really like her content and she doesn't seem evil. Maplesushi is whatever, she is so forgettable- but her husband is hot.

No. 154062

I find Oriental pearl more impressive than the other jvloggers. She speaks Mandarin on top of Japanese, I'm glad she's not another jvlogger flopping around in Japan with anime tier Japanese.

No. 154072

haven't watched her stuff in a while, I thought she married a JP dude, how did she wind up in Taiwan?

No. 154074

He was relocated to Taiwan for work apparently

No. 154119


Sure, being able to speak 2 languages is impressive. But unfortunately, she's just arrogant and insufferable. Her only youtube gimmick is just recording peoples reaction to her speaking japanese/chinese. So many foreigners in Japan already speak really well to near fluent japanese, she's not special.

No. 154636

Def agree. The whole aesthic she's adopted is so bizarre to me.

No. 154724

Norm appears in a recent Sharla videos, he's so creepy, he acts single but I'm sure…. I heard he has a family???

No. 154769

Norm has a japanese wife and a hafu kid. He doesn't mention his family other than saying that his wife is working (and earning all the moneys) while he loiters in the sewers of youtube.
He never tried to actually hide is maritial status, he just doesn't talk about it

No. 154771

>Potato nose, looks like she had lots of time in school to read books and study
>real name unknown
>calls herself "Anming". She chose that name at random without any meaning
>first videos are about her speaking chinese in china to chinese people. Gets lots of views
>Moves to japan and lives in a share house with other 8 chinese illegals
>Her japanese is mediocre, maybe N3
>has no manners (american) and makes videos about herself talking to japanese in which she goes up to shop owners and talks 5 minutes about buying an apple.
>shop owner stands next to her "wtf are you going to buy stuff, I have stuff to do"
>she "look at this japanese admiring me speaking her language. I am soooo cool"
>Talks 5 db louder than anyone around her. When she walks down a street she entertains the whole street
>people turn around to look what an obnoxious foreigner yells into a camera
>she "omg jappu are worshipping me, my nihongo so jouzu"
Japan is a country where you are expected and have to be considered about your neighbour or people standing next to you. She has no manners at all, yells around and annoys people with wasting their time.
She thinks people look at her for her amazing japanese when in reality, they don't.

my master thesis on ugly american girl.
Don't click on her youtube videos or your recommendations will be spammed for 3 days with "white guy speaks x language natively"
These videos get million of views and you're not going to get them out of your recommendation feed

No. 154847

He's got such a losery vibe even compared to the rest of the jvloggers. The female jvloggers are pretty harmless weebs, Chris Broad seems pretty fun, and then guys like John Daub seem like dudes who just really love Japan in a wholesome way. Norm always gives me the creeps, something always really off to me when he interacts with these shamisen girls particularly. He comes off like a patriarchal expert who knows more than these touring musicians about their own instruments.

No. 154848

samefag, here's another video where they silently sit in a car next to him while he rambles about shamisen.

No. 154879

Isn't Norm popular for being the only non-japanese person for playing the Shamisen? I remember reading one time he was the apprentice of some famous Shamisen players.

No. 154891

File: 1623077211849.jpg (96.24 KB, 1213x621, Screenshot_9.jpg)

I'm not sure how that plane didn't crash under Chris' weight, man did he balloon up lol

No. 154930

His face looks especially chubby because his facial hair is shaven off. During Journey Across Japan 1 he actually cycled and was in his best shape I think. Except he was extremely sleep deprived, you could tell from the dark circles under his eyes.

No. 154933

Did not know he had a family. Then again he doesn't have to talk about it.

No. 154963

File: 1623112055320.png (514.6 KB, 682x665, aij.png)


His face looks puffy there but tbh he isn't in the worst shape here, at least compared to other years

No. 154999

He was on an episode of Chris Broad's podcast, and it sounded like he basically harrased and stalked the Yoshida Bros. to let him apprentice and study from them. So sounds par for the course for creepy norm

No. 155084

No. 155114

He didn't balloon up. He's talked about his weight alot over the years (and jokes about his fried chciken diet constantly) He fluctuates slightly, like he temporarily lost a lil during the cycle around japan but he's about the same weight here as he's always been.

No. 155172

Joey in a hentai shirt lmao. I like Chris' videos because he actually seems competent compared to the rest of j-youtube only to ruin it by featuring this retard in every other video. Hard pass

No. 155202

He appeared on YOUは何しに日本へ (the show where a camera crew approaches random foreigners at the airport, usually Narita, and follows them around doing stuff) and was taking lessons from Ryoichiro of the Yoshida Brothers. The show hyped him up as Ryoichiro's apprentice in promos and showed him playing with a group of other shamisen students at the Yasukuni festival, but he wasn't very good at that time, messed up his solo, and was maybe like intermediate level at most and that was supposedly after 7-8 years under Ryoichiro. I can't remember the details but the story he gave about how he came to Japan and how long he'd been there was also very different from what he'd been telling people on youtube and I think he also hid his youtube channel from the show, just described himself as a pro photographer and videographer who also films shamisen videos of other players. The show went to his house and you could tell his wife and kid were there behind the scenes but not shown. Usually the show would interview the wife and kids with their foreign dad and hype up the family content, esp if the wife is supporting the husband and allow him to pursue his dreams. The whole thing was very sketchy and you could tell his appearance was completely staged.

I don't think he shows much of his shamisen playing on his channel either. Just small bits, never full performances, which is weird considering how much he brags about himself. Always wondered why he lied and hid so much.

Dunno if other shamisen players know of him, maybe some do just from TV or the Yoshida brothers because he's not a professional player, but he's not famous in Japan even on youtube.


No. 155206

That explains how he was able to get Ryoichiro to teach him when he just started learning.

He likes to mention that he won a prize at the Tsugaru Shamisen World Cup, but that was the judge's special prize for only his category and kind of like a consolation prize, esp for foreigner players for just participating who couldn't place or earn another prize.

No. 155292

Not sure if this was covered here but what did Chris Okano do exactly? They are polite in this video about TC and Okano parting ways, but I feel like he screwed TC over or something? They downsized the company and their paychecks and a couple of people had to leave. Shiori talks about how he "was" a friend. I actually like to watch TC. What happened lol

No. 155304

Someone mentions down in the comments a Radney here had a interview with Chris Abroad where he mentions that Chris O basically just up and go'd on TC and fucked off to Korea without letting anyone know.

No. 155344

Apparently Chris Okano got fired from Tokyo Creative. There was no announcement made when he left because he screwed everyone over. Someone mentions on Reddit he drove TC to the ground. They went bankrupt and some people lost their jobs and visas. They had a fallout and Chris Okano told everyone to just go find an English teaching job or something. They kicked Okano out and then needed to cut down expenses and the remaining staff had to take pay cuts. Chris moved to Korea afterwards.

Chris's comment is pretty discreet but sounds on par with the rest. I believe he (and Sharla as well) mentioned on a seperate occasion he would visit Chris Okano's wedding, don't know anymore where I read this tho…

No. 155425

Sundai Love from ANTM. The animal rescue org is getting harassed because of her video, but if you read the comments, she admits she doesn't think they discriminated against her because she's black and they did contact her back through facebook but she didn't notice.

She's been talking about moving out of Japan soon, she still can't speak/read/write Japanese, she's a travel vlogger and was just in the US or still there. Why is she trying to adopt a cat in Japan right now?

No. 155468


As someone else black I’m kind Adobe with the BLACK IN JAPAN videos. No one gives a fuck if you’re a black American in another country. It’s just annoying.

No. 155505

i think Chris Okano is a son of a famous enka singer too right? he's a trust fund baby pretending that he could run a business but fucked it up. His start up blog/channel didn't make any money and he basically quietly disappeared to Korea without telling anyone (according to chrisabroad).

No. 155508

If you're any type of foreign then you run into issues with things like renting etc. You'll outright get refused on the basis of not being japanese. It's not new and it's more about being just foreign than being one specific race. Comment section has a few white women who're married to japanese men and they couldn't adopt pets either.

Pretty misleading title and thumbnail text if she isn't actually making that claim.

No. 155512

He moved there when he started dating a Kvlogger (Sunnydahye) and they got engaged pretty quick. Sunny and Kim Dao used to be bffs but stopped talking around the same time the two got together.

No. 155515

i know what you mean but i think its more so for black girls who may be interested in traveling outside the country and just want to know what to expect. But it is played out. But i get why people do it.

No. 155555

Except we're not talking about someone with a stable job, who's settled in Japan, doesn't travel or move around all the time, doesn't constantly talk about their health problems and can communicate in Japanese. You can also be refused if you're single or don't have a stable source of income even if you're Japanese. There are legit reasons for her to be turned down unlike some other cases and all you need to do is look at her social media.

The org she's complaining about is run by foreigners and has allowed foreigners to adopt. She said they went through her insta and ignored her, but they responded to her through facebook, which you can tell is their main source of communication if you actually check their site.

She's not even in Japan, so anyone who would've checked her insta, which a responsible org would do to see if she's capable of adopting, would see that so why would they go out of their way to contact her right now, esp when they don't know if or when she's returning? Why is she trying to adopt right now when she's not even in the country and will have to quarantine again after returning? If she's wanted to adopt a cat all of this time, why hasn't she learned at least some Japanese in the 5.5 years she's been living in Japan? She still has to have other people interpret for her for basic stuff.

The rescue org is getting harassed, accused of being racist against black people and being pressured into letting her adopt, when she's never around to take care of her pet and plans to move out of Japan soon. In her pinned comment she clarified it was a miscommunication, that they didn't discriminate against her because of her skin and "i just can’t live with anyone being wrongfully labeled especially because of me" but refuses to take down the video or edit the title or description. I hope she at least has permission from her landlord to have a cat.

No. 155570


But they make everything about race. Almost as if they're trying to find acceptance from everyone else to leave their pit. It's weird.

And most of these black girls are after dating out too because black American men are pricks.

Runemidgarts is a good example. She tried with an asian man then got herself a white man in Japan and they've just had a baby. The way she edits herself just screams self hate.

No. 155575

She broke up with her Asian guy? I’ll be honest I used to hate follow her on tumblr but haven’t checked the site in a year or two. After she moved to Japan she was so into playing up herself as the perfect housewife. Was that with the Asian guy or her new white bf?

No. 155621



She’s married to a Russian military guy hence why they’ve got this fancy accommodation. She’s just had his baby.

She always came across as a self hater. She went to some posh boarding school in NY. I think being around more white and Asians just made her feel like she wasn’t the black that the typical black Americans accept. But she edits herself paler ect so it doesn’t surprise me.

No. 155758

so I guess racism is acceptable here? "they make everything about race?" who says that? oh only racist people!

No. 155759

File: 1623637401888.jpg (585.74 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20210613-222315_Chr…)

You must be over 18 years of age to use this site.

No. 155762

oh I see, racism is acceptable if you are over 18 years old? you are the stupid one if you think that racism is okay.(derailing with racism sperg)

No. 155807

Joey's frequent defense of lolicon and other nasty stuff makes it hard for me to watch videos of anyone who has ever featured him or was even superficially friends with him

No. 156416

Is Connor actually gay? Or is he just baiting with his boyfriend renting and poledancing videos?

No. 156428

i think he's dating shibukaho from the amount of collabs and chemistry they have on camera lol but idk. honestly as long as it isn't another youtuber good for him.

No. 156459

I doubt he's gay, I think he started doing things to "make fun" of himself then he got more views from doing it so he does it all the time. Kaho would eat him alive…

No. 156476

Connor really feels like the least deranged of the three of the Trash Taste guys, I can see him dating Kaho if she was ever into him.

The Trash Taste trio recently posted a hentai doujin review video and it kind of just highlights the reason Joey and Gigguk are so gross and sleazy with their weird boners for incest and lolicon. CDawg is cringe and not as nice as his fangirls think, but at least he isn't jerking it to that shit in his free time. Joey is an ex-Jvlogger and one of the worst so leaving it here since I didn't see anything about them in the catalog, but maybe they could have their own thread?

No. 156508

Please, we need a trash taste thread. If you do make it please link it.

No. 156509

I don’t think have enough drama to warrant their own thread, just keep it in here.

But yeah cdawg is surprisingly the most normie of the group, it’s pretty funny

No. 156511

File: 1624092284022.png (223.08 KB, 700x483, 3d69aa0b9d6c6928170fef5f0d4101…)

>"I don't like Oreimo but Oreimo doujins are hot as fuck"
>Oreimo is loli incest

Petition to cull men

No. 156558

You forgot the part where Gigguk said Metamorphosis of all things was such a turn on and made him question his morality because the sex scenes were so hot (keeping in mind that 100% of the sex scenes are rape or occur while she is drugged, one of them is rape by her father, and one is her as a pregnant woman being assaulted by multiple people who beat her baby out of her and drive her to OD and die).

It feels weird that he and Joey manage to have partners at all, especially Joey considering Aki is well aware he's basically a pedo who made a whole video defending lolicon. Connor being cringe or fanservicey is like, annoying, but good god there is a really obvious reason the other two only have gross incels as fans and Connor actually has female fans and it's not just the Black Butler VA content.

No. 156579

and now their views are immortalised forever in this podcast, hopefully, people will bring this up to them, it is disgusting.

No. 156594

>Oreimo is loli incest

The fuck it isn’t. NGNL would arguably be more that shit

No. 156601

The girl from oreimo is the sister of the main guy isn't she? and isn't she underage?

No. 156606

Ironic cause Joey's number one loli waifu is the girl from NGNL. Idk if I'd call Oreimo loli just cause the main girl is a teen as I don't remember her body type and never watched it, but she is definitely related to the dude. Garnt trying to claim he isn't into incest just into breaking taboos is so stupid. The taboo is literally why most people are into it and it's still gross.

No. 156723

she's still a fatass

No. 156743

No she is not! She is top heavy and short, so weight shows easier on her. Also if you are going to call people fat, post a picture of your fine exceptional physique. Let us judge and praise you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 156745

Shut the fuck up, wk and go read the rules, please.

No. 156746

She has her own thread, go post there!

No. 156754

No cool man. Dont fat shame anyone ever!!(do you know where you are)

No. 156769

The whole vid is a troll advertising a figurine she is coming out with anyway, there is no reason to waste time wking her when she knows she's an average chubby girl and simply doesn't care. If she was self conscious of her body she wouldn't do lewd/sexy cosplays or make these sorts of jokes like the clickbait video title. Agreed this should have gone in her own thread though.

No. 156781

Sundai is staying in the US for 3 months… so she was going to get a rescue cat and just leave it for months… why?

No. 156809

>why hasn't she learned at least some Japanese in the 5.5 years she's been living in Japan?
>5.5 years
…literally how can that happen? How did she survive there for so long?

No. 157051

By using her Japanese-speaking friends take care of everything and not interacting with locals? It's also not hard to live in Tokyo without knowing Japanese. Lots of expats can't speak Japanese.

No. 158503


No. 158679

After years of promoting Morioka and recently even getting a second apartment there, now she's suddenly going to move to a "bigger city in North Japan". Can't help but think the next big reveal is an apartment tour in Sendai. Anon/Lily from before is maybe making sense after all if she is secretly dating Chris. Milk is coming

No. 158685

The Mikan part was interesting. After all this years being in Japan, she can't even order food without help.

No. 158688

Her content is so boring that I wish she'd come out and admit it if she's been seeing chris behind the scenes. Make some couples themed vids. Accompany him as he already travels around alot. Anything lol.

There's only so much 'Look I bought a new bowl/toy for my cat' that you can watch before someones week just seems unworthy of vlogging.

No. 158690

her touching the fabric kind of reminded me of when she once bought those bed sheets and put them on without washing them, gross. Who the fuck does that?

No. 158691

There have been zero database breaches or DDOS attacks.

No. 158692

Word of the content disposition.

No. 158702

On the abroad in Japan podcast Chris was trying to pronounce a Canadian towns name.
He asked "is that right?" And Pete said " I don't know, you're the one who lives…" Pete caught himself and quickly tried to cover it up.

The episode was on March the 14th

No. 158727


That is an interesting find. Somebody else found out the doors of the closets in Sharla's apartment are the same in the backdrop of one of Chris's videos, I believe the one where he talks about his books on his second channel. Proves the same teacup theory too, since he's filming at her place.

No. 158736

I agree, milk is definitely coming. It's been a while since her divorce so it's a good time to do it….. But I still don't see Chris and Sharla working….

No. 158742

I saw on Lily 's instagram stories from a few years ago that she was at the Tokyo creative place.

I wonder if someone from TC told her about Chris and Sharla.

No. 158746

I noticed many of the people that Lily was friends with/Interacted with while she was in a relationship with Chris no longer interact with her.
It's like some shit went down behind the scenes and she was ostracized.
Or Chris/Sharla told everyone to blacklist her.
Maybe that's her motivation for exposing Chris and Sharla.

No. 158749

She went to Korea with Chris and a couple of his friends at the end of June 2018, the same that Chris was in a photo with Sharla on her Instagram.
I wonder if she met Sharla.

No. 158791


Here are some interesting findings:
Lily definately knows Sharla and follows her on twitter. Sharla follows her back. They have interacted in each other's tweets. Chris on the other hand doesn't follow her anymore, she still follows him.

If you scroll way back, Lily always commented on Chris's tweets back then, and shared details/pics of their relationship. Chris doesn't, never really mentions her. Could also be his style of interacting on twitter, but idk he has been more involved with Sharla on twitter…

Also during winter 2018 they break up, around Christmas I believe. She posts her sudden move to Tokyo, saying something like "I'm done with Sendai". Some people comment about the breakup in that post, she doesn't clarify, but it's obvious (she's done with Chris). Summer 2018 is when Sharla breaks up with her then husband and joins Journey Across Japan. (Things bloom?)

Something definately happened, it's not a clean seperation. From the way I see is Lily still has some stuff unresolved for her? Chris moved on. Maybe he dumped her? Then his feelings developed for Sharla? Something happened.

Interestingly Lily tries WAY too hard on twitter to interact with other YTers, like Michaela or Victor, who have friendships with Sharla and Chris. She spams them with comments, it looks onesided. Why does she do this? Who knows.

I feel bad for her, but she has to move on.

No. 158792


Who knows, not impossible. Truth is many people pick sides during a breakup, those people were probably more friends with Chris than Lily.

No. 158799

Could you post the link? I checked out the podcast you mentioned but all they talk about it is pancakes at that time mark

No. 158801


If you're using Apple/spotify it's around the 4:50 mark

No. 158803

Ah got it! thank you. Well I guess then it is true indeed. It's still so weird to me, I don't they suit each other at all

No. 158815

Chris was obviously into Sharla back in 2015.
He was overly nice to her and a bit of a white knight on social media.
Then he found out she was with someone so he decided to date his French fangirl.
During Journey across Japan I guess he found out Sharla and her husband had separated and thought this was his chance to get with her so he dumped Lily.

If he gave her all the furniture and stuff out of the apartment they shared out of guilt, then he probably cheated on her.

No. 158822


Not sure if he gave the furniture out of guilt, but on Lily's room tour video on her channel, you can definately see at least the rug, plant, mirror, couch and plushies are from Chris's place.

No. 158831

Saw the posts on Tokyo lens, I also saw a couple of his angry freakouts in the YouTube comment section.
He is definitely in love with Sharla. That's the reason why he dislikes and is jealous of Chris Broad.
He probably rage faps to her Onsen videos.

No. 158835


That would be sooo f'dup, since Normie is hella married and has a kid. But he is creepy, won't be surprised if he is jealous.

No. 158839

He definitely dumped her, he wanted to get with Sharla.
At the beginning of 2019 she posted on twitter-"2019 started with some pretty bad news for me, so I'm moving to Tokyo for a fresh start".

No. 158841

They probably had an affair during Journey across Japan and then blacklisted her to get her out of the picture and cover themselves.

No. 158843


I think it's pretty obvious he broke up with her, but if there was any cheating involved or he fell out of love with Lily because he fell in love with Sharla, those are the real questions.

I really hope he didn't cheat, but ended the relationship because he developed feelings. Must have sucked super hard for Lily.

What I don't understand is why did Chris remove Lily from all his socials? She obv still follows him.

No. 158858

In this video titled "Never forget you" from Iwate, Sharla appears at 02:44 as Iwate resident. Seems she moved back to Japan in December 2018 right around the time Chris and Lily broke up

No. 158869

He already had feelings for Sharla back in 2015. He admitted it in a YouTube comments section.
Someone asked "Are you trying to date Sharla, Chris?"
And he replied "Who wouldn't!".
You'll have to scroll far down to find the comment.
The feelings came back during the Cycle across Japan.

No. 158875

I doubt he cared much for Lily.
He decided to date his fangirl because the woman he liked was getting married and he didn't want to date Japanese women due to the cultural differences.
He mentioned dating a couple of Japanese women and it not going that well on his podcast.
He probably kept her around as someone to fuck and be his camerawoman/assistant.

No. 158879


Was Lily actually a fangirl?

No. 158895

Yeah she frequently commented on all his social media's and they interacted a lot, they had a friendly, joking banter with each other.
I remember she posted a picture on Instagram in early 2016 before she met Chris for the first time with the comment "I'm off to Japan to meet someone special to me".
For some reason she deleted a bunch of her old pictures so that picture is no longer on her account.

No. 158899

Lily you were dumped, stop self posting with shitty gossip. Get a life, none of what you’re posting is milky.

No. 158906

How do you still know this? Are you Lily? Did Chris really dump you? Tell us lol

No. 158908

In this video about the Journey across Japan there's a clip where Chris slips up while talking to a friend.
He looks off into the distance and avoids making eye contact with Sharla who is filming.

No. 158912

Sharla was there during the trip, that is NOT a secret. He just say "Ellen and I are gonna hit the sack", they all laugh. That's not news or milk, don't shitpost.

No. 158915

Yeah the way he looks at her at the end of the home store video and the Japanese snack bar video.
He's definitely into her.

No. 158919

I still don't know if they are together. Chris said on Trash Taste once that he won't be staying in Japan for much longer, maybe 3 years. What would Sharla do? Yes she's done translating but not successful, tried vlogging in another country Korea, didn't work. She has her stationary thing but is that enough? Japan is Sharla's job…

No. 158946


someone else answered this up above i think, but pretty sure sharla said she doesn't want to live in japan permanently and said she has an interest in the UK….. and chris said he plans to move back to england someday too, or some sort of one foot in and one foot out…. so yea

No. 158987

ok this makes me even more certain they’re dating because sharla said the same shit in her most recent vid. “a few more years in japan” and she’s leaving. they’re definitely planning to “retire” to europe together

No. 158990


JOJ happened after both breakups.

No. 158994

Sharla said a few days ago that she is planning on staying 1 or 2 years in Japan, then she wants to move somewhere in Europe.

No. 159001

…or spill the milk kek. Did he really cheat on you? Did you feel like he just kept you around until he could get close to Sharla? Also, what was he like in bed? Dick size?

No. 159003

Yes Lily, if he was a dick to you do tell. He often criticizes the Japanese cheating problem. If it turns out he is a cheating sob, well that is a stain on his perfect little image. Personally, I would like to know if my idols are fan-exploiting douchebags or not.

His dick is probably average. Maybe on the girthy side, he is a chubby boi after all.

No. 159004

being fat doesn't make a dick bigger,they look smaller because some of the length is covered up by fat. Chris confirmed for stubby dick.

No. 159005

Not bigger not, but fat tissue does deposit near the base of the skin. Source: I am a dude, lost and gained weight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 159007

Yeah wasn't CdawgVA like that? He has asked fans to edit for him in the past, didn't give anything in return. Has game nights with his patreons, doesn't interact with them at all. Douchey.

But let's not derail here. Did Chris cheat on his ex to be with Sharla? Now that's some milk.

No. 159008

Yeah definately planning on retiring to Europe together. I can see Sharla running a cat sanctuary or something there in the long term. As YTers they probably will use the nicer locations and cities to film. They are sitting out the whole COVID situation, and Chris still hasn't peaked yet. He is a good source of income for her as well. But I hope she stays a little more independent now. Not like before how she moved to her Korean husbands country, leaving everything she had, just to break up.

No. 159012

No. 159014

File: 1625558753759.jpg (148.66 KB, 1125x2436, vupscu5e59771.jpg)

kek how can a massively successful international celebrity like Chris Broad be denied the Twitter verification that he obviously deserves?

No. 159015

She posted a pic of them together on Twitter just before he left for the bike trip across Japan and in a post during the trip she referred to him as her boyfriend.
She posted stuff indicating that they were still together up until December 2018.

No. 159024

The fuck? They were clearly still together during the Journey across Japan cycle series.
Anon/Lily mentioned that Chris broke up with Lily in Dec 2018.

Is that you Sharla? I guess that post you responded to hit the nail on the head.

No. 159025

I better hope Sharla knows its JAJ and not JOJ kek

No. 159027

I can actually imagine Sharla hanging out on Lolcow

No. 159030

Many people were speculating that you and Chris were fucking on the cycle across Japan Sharla.
Seems they were right.

So Chris Broad is a cheater then.

No. 159035


lol they 100% lurk here, did on PULL too
quite a few jvloggers have been caught
sharla even went on pull to answer questions when mira got exiled from the group but all those screenshots are lost now

No. 159046

Did she? Wow I didn't know that

No. 159066

I wonder how she answered those questions and if she was truthful.

No. 159069

If Sharla cheated on her ex while they were still married, the ex could actually sue both Sharla and Chris. But why are Sharla and Chris going out of their way to hide their relationship right now years after? They don't have to broadcast it but the secretiveness is weird.

Europe suits her even less than Korea and she won't be able to fall back on teaching English or rely on her foreignness in the UK. She'll need a visa, so she'll have to marry Chris before moving or get some company to sponsor her.

You might be able to find something in kanadajin's lolcow threads. Rachel also made a video about it but it might be gone. I remember there was a lot of skepticism about Sharla's innocence and the way she portrayed herself on PULL.

No. 159086

Single youtubers garner more subs and Chris has gone to great lengths to keep his dating life separate from his work life.

No. 159088


I remember rachel and sharla said they had foolproof evidence it was mira who was sockpuppeting, but they never said they weren't going to show it. When rachel made the video people kinda just ignored that part and got caught up in the excitement and plus with sharla going on pull to answer questions - all the screenshots were on mira's thread before the site shut down though lol.
But the evidence was that mira sel-fincriminated herself, admitting to sharla in text messages it was her sockpuppeting the whole time. So I think it came down to sharla choosing between rachel or mira, and i guess they all didn't trust mira (and sharla answered in pull that mira was sabotaging sharla too), so sharla screens hotted the conversation and showed rachel - and rachel's video was made. But mira and sharla's conversation got released years later.
I think it kinda stumped people as to why rachel never showed mira/sharla's conversation, it was the easiest evidence to prove rachel was right about mira. But I think people figured that it was because Sharla is so protective of her 'sweet girl next door' image, she asked rachel to not show the screenshots because it was sharla talking shit and gossiping.

No. 159089

but they said they weren't going to show it*

No. 159094


My bad on that previous comment, I must have got the dates pretty mixed up lol.

No. 159101

Someone wanted to know what Chris is like in bed and his dick size a couple of posts down from yours, would you care to answer them Sharla?

No. 159102


That anon was me mixing up the dates of filming and airing for *JAJ, sorry nons. Wish Sharla would show up here and sperg though.

No. 159109

Idk why you guys are trying to push a sharla/chris agenda when they have no fucking chemistry together in videos, even in their candid moments from other vloggers.

If I would have to put a crazy tinfoil relationship, I would peg cdawg and chris are having a go. They are very comfortable together

No. 159117

How's the copium, nonny? Salty?

No. 159118

the Paolo guy is married with child and has a bit more subs than Chris

No. 159119

well if she did cheat, could he really sue, for they had already moved out of Japan and were residing in Korea during that time? Also from the bit of pieces she speaks of him, you could tell the decision to end the relationship was her doing, she makes it a point to highlight that he is a good guy and how helpful and kind he was especially while helping her get her cat back.

No. 159120

Lily Chris ex is an interesting case. she seems to really want to get in with the Jvlogger community. She weaseled her way into becoming friends with that retroGaijin twitch streamer. Retro is good friends with Joey and Emma.

No. 159121

File: 1625622627634.png (1.96 MB, 1242x2688, 55138022-AF77-4F94-9A18-344276…)

I mean

No. 159122

nonnie this is a cop out answer

No. 159131

you would rather listen to some schizo posting with credentials "dude trust me"? this chris posting reads "scorned lover attempts revenge" to me

No. 159142

I agree that to me it also seemed like they had no chemistry but the evidence seems to point towards them being relationship so…

No. 159171

Literally what evidence, are we looking at the same thread? All I see is anecdotal text posts with no receipts. The most vendetta anon has done is post YouTube links with “teehee she had a look” at 4:20.

If Chris anon wants to shitpost tinfoil at least sage your shit. I keep checking in on this thread because it being pushed to the front page, and I hope to see drama from jvloggers, but it’s the same retard rubbing one out for this milkless flake.

No. 159177

- Guy in the Abroad in Japan podcast says that Chris should know how Missisauga is pronounced because he lives with a Canadian >>158702
- Chris and Sharla have the exact same cup >>148774
- Sharla has an office chair that looks exactly like the one that appears in Chris' videos >>148818
- the crates that appear in Chris' last binging video appear in Sharla's kitchen >>148827 >>148981

No. 159194

And many many more:
Driving in Chris's car outside of videos in Sendai, the whole White day chocolate gift giving circus with untouched wrapping paper… etc.

No. 159198

>White day chocolate gift giving circus with untouched wrapping paper
What do you mean by this?

No. 159209

On the TC video where Aki, Emma and Sharla make chocolate for Chris, you can see the packages and chocolate of Aki and Emma's are both damaged from shipping. Sharla's one that is wrapped in a pink bag is obviously untouched, the chocolate is in excellent condition, the wrapping has definately been spared from the shaking of any shipping. She just made the chocolate and brought it to his filming room.

No. 159213

I unironically love their chemistry together and the bants. I ship it.

No. 159214

That makes sense

No. 159255

File: 1625674220079.jpeg (113.58 KB, 1080x1441, 82D08F21-BD25-40F4-8B91-E9889C…)

His ex looks like kanadajin lmao

No. 159260

I mean Chris definitely has more chemistry with him than Sharla kek

No. 159261

Did you guys pick up in the Christmas gift exchange wrapping paper slip up. Chris had to ask Sharla what gift are for who. Gifts he supposedly got for others and if you look at her IG pics the wrapping matches her exactly!

No. 159263

I love the trash taste live show slip up by Connor. (Now edited out) Conner talking about going up North to “Chris and Shar… and quickly correcting himself and saying Chris’ couch, when Joey shot him a look lol. So many clues

No. 159264


That bad snaggle tooth and hooded eyes. Jesus Christ. I'll never understand the attraction to these features in Japan.

No. 159266


I legit can't stand any of these bitches

No. 159267

Is this that live stream they did with everyone on Chris's 2nd channel?

Awwww wish they didn't edit it out, wanted to hear that one! But that really settles it for me. They forgot to edit out Pete's slip-up on the podcast, so we have that one gem as well lol

No. 159268

She might not look like a model but I went through her Twitter out of curiosity and she seems like a nice person. She has none of that bitchiness that the original Jvlogger squad (Sharla, Kim, Taylor, etc) had
Which episode was this?

No. 159270

Yeah I read her twitter too, this girl seems hard working, just a little too keen on getting in the J-vloggers club. You can't really hate someone for trying to be part of something lol.. Gotta commend the girl for surviving Japanese work culture as well, I believe shr got harrassed?

No. 159271

Also the way they looked at each other in the TC vid about crazy laws in Japan 3:50-3:55
No friends look at each other like that
They are totally banging

No. 159272

Funny enough, she seems so desperate that retro guy name is also Chris. I saw one of the twitch stream where she did a sex "purity" quiz with him and it was so gross and cringy.

No. 159275


Who cares

Also why did Sharla ever get any popularity? She's so fucking boring.

No. 159276

For the same reason every other j-vlogger: she's in Japan

No. 159277

Simply because: J-vlogging was a new thing back then, she was a novelty. That fanbase transfered through time and she got more ground on YT.

No. 159278


She boring lol

No. 159281

File: 1625678504026.jpeg (949.54 KB, 1125x1794, C3FA4F8B-FBA8-407E-9368-9D6702…)

What the fuck is wrong with this chick LMAO

You’d rather have your weeb delusion dream than to go to your dads funeral? COVID aside, if her visa is so weak that leaving the country would terminate it, what exactly is she doing in Japan? There are plenty of expats that were able to leave the country and return(with strict quarantine). Sounds like illegal kanadajin levels of desperation to me

No. 159282

File: 1625679079177.jpeg (405.3 KB, 1000x658, 60490354-F62A-4A75-9B35-F65B52…)

The way Chris be looking at Connor though

they’ve been collabing together way more than the others. I don’t think the love hotels were a complete meme, Chris has already done extensive videos at the same locations, there’s no reason to go back… unless…?

No. 159284

You can sue your spouse in Korea and adultery was a criminal offense not that long ago where you could serve time in prison. That doesn't explain why they need to hide their relationship now tho if they really are together.

Not really the case with jvloggers. Paolo, Life Where I'm From, Only in Japan are all married. Abroad isn't any better looking than them and his fans should already be familiar with Sharla but ig he and Sharla could have stalkers.

Is Lily the French girl he was dating? He didn't show her face, but the French girl appeared in one of his old videos, the Aokigahara forest maybe, and he said they were on a date so he wasn't as secretive back then.

I can't remember if it was the screenshots with Mira, it mightve been public twitter comments Sharla made to someone else, but I remember people being shocked by her mean girl tone. Everyone is different in private but it was a 180 from her youtube persona, and also made it hard to believe that she was just putting on a show the entire time with Mira, which I think Sharla implied she was doing to get Mira to expose herself. Her association with Mira is sketchy enough but she's also friends with Norm who outted her own friend. >>158831
Now that the Chris and Sharla thing seems real, wonder if Norm is going to start harassing Chris with another one of his sockpuppets.

No. 159285

kek yes. If she moved to Europe she would def lose her followers. Btw, why did she say she considered Hungary one of the countries she'd move to? Like what's wrong with Canada?

No. 159286

Stop trying to derail the obvious, evidence based milk about Sharla and Chris with this attempted milk

No. 159287

kek that would be the ultimate plot twist, Chris ending up cheating on Sharla with Connor in one of their 'getting drunk together' vids haha
>You can sue your spouse in Korea and adultery was a criminal offense not that long ago where you could serve time in prison
Wow. Today I learned

No. 159289

>Aokigahara forest maybe, and he said they were on a date
Imagine going to a place known for mass suicides for a date. So romantic

No. 159293

yeah it seemed somewhat credible until suicide forest, now it's just an ass pull lmao

what's next, you recall they fucked in the hiroshima memorial?

No. 159300

No. 159303

File: 1625686571377.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2688, 68B05DBD-EA00-4CEA-9C8B-0963C5…)

She says that Canada is not exciting for her . Europe she says

No. 159306

You are so quick to call people a liar- LOL it’s literally a video in his channel! A date with a French girl.. aka lily .. she even comments in the comments sections. Honestly do some research and be more open that some here have done their research

No. 159314

No. 159324

File: 1625693362569.jpg (77 KB, 868x652, Screenshot_5.jpg)

…what do you mean? It's literally on Chris' channel

No. 159331

I know right - also in the video she literally joked- worst date ever

No. 159493

this just doesn't make sense to me. she was so interested in japan that she moved there, lived there for ages but always planned to move away sometime because…? aren't all her friends there? plus it's literally her job?
i would have understood moving to korea because her husband is korean, or moving back to her homecountry because parents, family, whatever, but suddenly a completely different continent? what does she expect there? and europe is such a broad term, what is she interested in there exactly?

No. 159524

According to her, she doesn’t want to grow older in a country where English was not wide spread. She does not want to go back to Canada, no for the USA ti much like Canada. Doesn’t like hot weather, so that rules out countries like Austrilia etc. so that leaves Europe most likely UK. She says that she is over japan and doesn’t see herself living there more than 3 years. She was discusted by their treatment of foreigners during covid. It’s funny though that Chris in the other hand just said in his podcast that he is looking for PR for Japan.

No. 159530

People change, their interests and dreams also evolve in time. Sharla has been in Japan for most of her adult life, Europe is easy access once you live there. There is so much to see, I think that's what she probably thinks as well.

No. 159559

Any theories on how/when Sharla and Chris will finally confess to being a couple? I see it playing out like this: Sharla makes the announcement video after they’re engaged, perhaps in the next year. She apologizes for keeping it secret from her loyal viewers, blah blah blah, and explains that they wanted their privacy. Of course she won’t admit to living together all this time. Chris might make a cheeky cameo in the video. And then in the following 6 months to a year is when they’ll make their move to the UK,
and get married pretty soon afterward. That is to say they don’t break up before then. I think Sharla will pretty much follow the same pattern she did with her last relationship.

No. 159582

They will break up when she wants to go public- it will ruin his brand to be in a relationship with the most boring cat lady on YT. His fanbase is mostly single dudes who live vicariously through Chris who is also seemingly a single dude. There's not enough of a crossover between Chris and Sharla's fanbase for it to be a permanently lucrative viewer boost for her, but she probably thinks it is. Even if they really like each other, Chris has put too much work into the buddy bro vibe of the AIJ brand to stop now.
The breakup will probably cause a huge drama spillover because they both do so much work with TC and could lead to the whole thing finally toppling over.

No. 159590

I mean, Japanese culture is difficult to integrate into. As a white person, you're always gonna be treated as an outsider. Also, after living there for most than 10 years, it obviously lost its charm and maybe she wants to feel that high again you feel when you move to an unknown land and everything is new and exciting. What I don't understand is why she said at one point that Hungary or Germany could be possible destinations - not speaking the language, she would be severely at disadvantage (also Hungary is a xenophobic shithole, I have no idea why anyone would want to move there). The UK would make sense but they would have to marry and I just cannot see them do that. Also, I wonder what they'd do career-wise - them living in Japan was their biggest selling point

No. 159604


Probably until they're engaged/married/moving out of japan together. Basically last minute as possible or obviously unavoidable. I imagine after displaying her questionable marriage and divorce on youtube, she doesn't want to go through with that again lol

No. 159609

She doesn't have much of a future career-wise in Japan unless she goes back to school and she doesn't have many Japanese friends. Some of her foreign friends have already left Japan and others may eventually leave. Despite presenting herself as a Japan expert, Sharla never really immersed herself in Japanese culture and has always acted more like an intl exchange student, partly due to the nature of her vlogging and TC job, but a lot of her interest in Japan and Korea was kind of superficial. She has fewer qualifications to work in Europe and she'll be almost 40 by the time she leaves Japan so she can't apply for a working holiday visa but maybe she's working on developing some other skills she can use in a different career.

Hungarian and Japanese share some linguistic similarities, but even though she's lived in Japan for over a decade and has worked as a translator, her Japanese is still not where it should be so it's doubtful she'll pick up German or Hungarian beyond basic conversation. Unless she makes a real effort, she'll end up hanging out with other expats as she did in Japan again and never really assimilate. I'm curious how she'd handle the difference in quality of life.

Klara Blanc クララブラン is a white girl who's assimilated in Japanese culture while still remaining herself. Having a successful career and Japanese friends makes a big difference.

No. 159620


According to her , She Has Hungarian lineage, and has always wanted to live there. But most likely the UK is where she will land, she says. We don’t know what her work qualifications are, or whether she will do well or terrible if she leaves Japan. It’s up to her what she wants to do with her future. She said her future dream, is to open a business that is involved cats- possibly a cat hotel/spa. Going back-and-forth about visas or what types of jobs she qualify for is pointless. These are the plans she has, it’s her future, her life and her finance etc. we only know what she tells us, which is that, she does not want to be in Japan after three years. Perhaps she may change her mind and stay in Japan, perhaps she may go back to Canada, all of it is like our future plan is up in the air. I can only point out what she has said out of her own mouth, the rest is conjecture. She doesn’t seem to be to concern about her future on YouTube. Almost like it’s not her intention for it to continue to be her main source of income.

No. 159621

I don’t think they will ever make it public . Sharla went through a divorce that she had to explain and Chris has become more and more private as he grows in popularity.

No. 159624

You can work in localisation in the UK with a decent knowledge of Japanese. There are loads of Japanese media and games companies with big offices in London. She might have competition with people who speak better than her but it wouldn't be impossible for her to find work by any means. Chris's home town is quite near London I believe.

No. 159630

She wants to open a cat hotel/spa

No. 159639

I'm a super late fag but all this couple discussion reminded me a micaela so I went to check up on her. Her and Tatsu broke up mid 2019. I guess all those anons tinfoiling about her resenting tatsu for his photography success were right.

No. 159644

Her new guy is hot … a gaijin like her

No. 159670

She doesn't speak British English, which could be a problem if localizing means translating to British English which would usually be the case for a company the UK. Companies also have to justify hiring her over a local in order to sponsor her visa and there is competition in London/England with schools with top Japanese and translation programs like SOAS, but if she has a marriage visa, that would make things easier and she could continue to freelance or work remotely through her current agencies in Japan.

Did Simon and Martina ever give details on their divorce or were they just vague?

No. 159682

Pic? I can't be bothered to watch her vlogs

No. 159729

No. 159734

Actually Sharla said in one of her recent videos, don't remember if it was in the video or the comments that if it wasn't because covid and the delay getting her cat, she would have already left Japan. Not sure if that's true or how that mix with her allegedly dating Chris.

Probably that was her idea initially, but their relationship developed further and she changed her mind.

No. 159741

Oh he's really cute! Good for her

No. 159753



He's 'meh' at best lmao

No. 159757

Let it go without trying to figure out her future career! She doesn’t want to stay in Japan, she can leave and figure it out herself.. geeesh anyway her goal is to open a cat Hotel, not translation or YouTube

No. 159759

It’s intesting that her new boyfriend was referring to her as his girlfriend from his IG post back in March of 2019…

No. 159785

c’mon anon, this is an image board

No. 159803

same unsaging anon keeps coming in with "actually x said y" and no caps, schizo af

No. 159825

File: 1625878559446.jpeg (211.55 KB, 1060x1046, 003D323F-4D38-418E-BF86-99B054…)

It’s the matching cups for me - lol

No. 159864

File: 1625902152860.jpg (128.48 KB, 1080x428, 20210710_092103.jpg)

She is moving somewhere "North in Japan" a city "bigger than Morioka" (as said in video), "slightly close to Mark but not enough" (IG comment).

Answer: Sendai

No. 159871

I feel like they are only gonna do the reveal if their Youtube videos are flooded with comments pointing out the telltake signs

No. 159876

And matching curtains haha

No. 159881

fuck i believe now

No. 159898

Chris was also in Akita this week. look for videos from him in the coming months about his trip to Akita

No. 159906

There's no doubt in my mind anymore that they're dating. I can also understand why they're keeping it under wraps for now atleast. Chris is such a likeable persona a lot of girls are gonna be crushed.

No. 159913

I have a hard find imagining chris habing many girl stans lol but to each their own. If I were them I would keep my relationship private as well.

No. 159914

I've always thought his fanbase is female based or at least about 50/50

No. 159923

According to him - his analytics says its mostly a male audience

No. 160002

File: 1625968396273.jpeg (654.45 KB, 1125x1379, CB3F1C3F-C1A2-4187-BE95-21662E…)

Apparently jvloggers have a webtoon? Chris is fat and Joey is Mexican, for some reason???

No. 160006

This is so random, but i'm laughing so hard at the Chris character

No. 160020

come on anon, Sharla would probably announce it because the crossover would be good for her channel and Chris would continue with his well produced bro-y videos with his cast of characters. Maybe occasionally Sharla. I really don't think men who are living vicariously through Chris are going to lose their shit if he has a pretty, occasionally funny (she actually can be kind of sarcastic in the videos she does on other channels - like Chris's) girlfriend. Lots of jvloggers have partners that are known, it isn't like they're idols. There is living vicariously because a guy has fun in Japan, and