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No. 997235

Last thread: #994635

YouTuber and streamer Cryaotic, nicknamed Cry, has been accused of pedophilia and sexual abuse by multiple people after outing himself in a video.
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4E5B0-8q2E https://archive.is/20200622124430/https://youtu.be/H4E5B0-8q2E

Current status as of 6/27/2020 (From heychrisfox):
~18 victims
11 public
3 confirmed privately
It's currently unknown how many were minors.

Cry's social media links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki/featured
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Tumblr: https://cryaotic.tumblr.com/
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/cryaotic

There is a crap load of information surrounding the accusations, so I'm going to link a great megathread that u/TheMistOfThePast created on Reddit.

https://www.reddit.com/r/ChaoticMonki/comments/hef6zr/megathread_cryaotic_accusations/ http://archive.today/2020.06.27-201825/https://www.reddit.com/r/ChaoticMonki/comments/hef6zr/megathread_cryaotic_accusations/

Please remember to sage your posts!(one of the worst thread OPs to date)

No. 997237

glad that they are coming foreword, ik not publicly, maybe because they wanna take it into a legal action, but still good on them.(lurk more)

No. 997241

On the Crybabies discord people were saying that the number is up to 37, not sure how true that is. If it is true that is a LOT of people.

No. 997244

File: 1593290909188.jpg (15.35 KB, 504x303, 1237827.jpg)

A good amount of new screenshots. Surprised none of it's been posted on here yet?

No. 997245

37? Are you in there? Why can't you post screenshots?

No. 997246

Shit op

No. 997247

37??? No fucking way

No. 997248

these have been shared a long time ago.

No. 997249

There was a similar screenshot posted (I believe from a DM conversation with Ocean), but this just came out I'm pretty sure.

No. 997250

File: 1593291236046.png (877.64 KB, 3840x2603, thelatenightshitshow_v3.png)

Updated timeline of events.

CSV data if anyone wants it: https://pastebin.com/UYiJK1hs

No. 997251

File: 1593291351883.jpg (987.16 KB, 810x4580, Screenshot_20200627-165224_Dis…)

Shit sorry here you go, read more now I'm thinking it might have been someone trying to just say shit. Gonna read through more and hopefully find more milk.

No. 997254

Where are these from?

No. 997255

People acting as if these "36 victims" are all underage.

No. 997256

Thanks for the follow-up man. It's easy to jump the gun on this stuff, so thanks for clarifying and posting the screenshot.

No. 997258

Regardless if they're underage, he's in a position of power and manipulating and sexually preying on his fans. It's disgusting, and there's so many of them.

No. 997261

Stop babying grown ass adults, the worst thing he's possibly doing towards other consenting adults is lying how many people he's messing with at the same time

No. 997262

Idk why these people think irt never should have became public because it needed to be imo. Imagine if people were still supporting him plus victims would have never spoken up.

Exactly, it may be legal but it's morally wrong.

No. 997263

OP, where does this "11 public" come from?
You have a screenshot from Chris saying that?

I've only seen these 9 names come up, doesn't add up:


No. 997264

Yes, it's disgusting, but again, it's a nothing burger in the face of court if they aren't minors. I'm really getting annoyed of this shit. People keep saying this over and over and you retards still don't listen.

No. 997265

Fangirls, groupies, they exist.

No. 997272

File: 1593292054285.png (54 KB, 1533x720, crymerch.png)

this happened a few days ago but since i'm the only one here brainletted enough to report it, cry's merchandise store was incinerated. can confirm it was up and running for a couple of days after his video. doubt he took it down himself since the moid has been jacking off in VR chat for the last week & it's still linked on his youtube, though he is still currently listed as a partner on the company website.

No. 997277

Hasn't Cry not had merch for like 2 years or so?

No. 997278

No. 997279

Do we have the transcript from Auri's first stream or should I archive it? I don't want to do doubles and cant remember if I saw it before.

No. 997290

File: 1593293785444.jpeg (349.55 KB, 828x988, 0D50D479-366B-4759-B665-7B136D…)

from auri’s server

No. 997292

Is this the height of the milk lmao Attention starved retards trying to live out 50 shades with some washed up streamer, tragic.

No. 997293

Yeah, that's incredibly abusive behavior on his end

No. 997294

Somebody shared a google doc with the first hour or so 2 threads back I believe. There was a lot of important things said that I feel didn't get enough attention so I think making one for the entire stream would be helpful

No. 997298

yet another reason why that franchise is an affront to healthy relationships and sexuality.

No. 997303


In case that google doc ever gets nuked, here you go: https://pastebin.com/J3epSJnR

No. 997306

File: 1593294924530.png (392.74 KB, 1024x1606, sob meme.png)

No. 997333

fucking kek anon, thank you for this

No. 997360

If the ages i saw are all there is to it,
There is no crime.
In florida, 16 year olds are fair play if you are older than 24 i believe. Or 23, don't remenber.
Because cry never had sex with any of them, Its a 3rd degree felony, witch has a time of 3 years to take charges before you can't anymore.
There was no crime, on a legal sense.

No. 997364


Cry was 25 when Ocean was 16, dude. Even if that wasn't the case, that law is for people who were dating in high school not some desperate pathetic manchild desperate for attention on the internet.

No. 997365


Sage your posts if you're not adding anything new jfc
There's rumors circulating that he has nudes of minors. Obviously not confirmed, but illegal if true.

No. 997368

File: 1593299807458.png (42.41 KB, 1279x276, cplaws.png)


he has had possession of cp if he has exchanged nudes with someone under the age of 18.

No. 997371

My bad forgot to sage.
That law is just what it is.
a 16 year old can consent to a 23 year old.
a 17 to a 24.

The ocean thing happened six years ago. Only an extension could possibly make the charge stick, but cry is a very popular figure. never left the state and etc, so it would hardly happen.
That is also a 3rd degree felony in florida. Of course, it depends on how long would be possible to prove he kept them.

No. 997377


What are you not getting? Consent can be given for sex but not for explicit photos. Educate yourself on laws before spouting them as fact.

No. 997380

Read the whole thing you lazy fucker.
Photos are also a 3rd degree thing in florida.

He only goes to court if it can be proven he kept them after 2017. If he gets rid of them properly, only victim side chatlogs could prove that.

No. 997381

Yes it's like that in Florida idk where ocean lives but if it's outside of Florida that kind of relationship is not legal. Nudes are not legal tho, even if you're in a state where age of consent is 16. Any nudes/porn of a minor is child porn and you can get arrested for that.

No. 997383

Samefag but there was a crime even if he can't be charged of one if, there were pics it was illegal.

No. 997386

I mean, sure.
I am not saying that he is innocent. or what he id is ethical.

I am just saying that i have my doubts if this is actually going to amount to anything other then a slap on wrist for a few months.

Then he gets to make a "I beat Cancel Culture" video just like Projared did.

I guess it will all depend on the photos and if any proof of that going on past 2017 is going to show up.

No. 997397

ocean also lives in florida, see every other thread with them mentioned. even if cry had saved nudes from ocean im sure he nuked the hard drive by now

No. 997406

This op is fucking garbage, never make another thread thanks.

No. 997414


Holy fucking shit there's not even a link to the last thread and they posted this before the last one even had a lock warning? The reddit thread is WAY behind on the finer details.

No. 997417

newfags are out of control, I'm telling ya

Do we have confirmation from Scott/the crew that they will release the deets if Cry doesn't release a video tonight/tomorrow? I wasn't sure if the mentioned they also included reporting him to the police or not with the evidence they have.

No. 997418

No, the countdown was posted by a random. It is not made by the crew.

No. 997419

Only mentioned confirmed of the pigs being involved came from the tweet from Ocean, where one of the reports he made told him to contact them.

Snake on his stream said he will take the list of victims to "The online platforms he has access to" to pressure them into banning him.

Outside of that, nothing confirmed.

No. 997423

God I really hope that bastard will at the very least get banned from twitch. if he is just allowed to walk away and keep streaming I'll be so upset. Would basically make this thing a giant joke

No. 997427


Everyone's just been sort of assuming, but in Jund's statement he said they're not abiding by the countdown anymore so the evidence in his statement might've been what they were going to release?

No. 997429

File: 1593305049661.jpg (104.95 KB, 1079x358, Screenshot_20200627-204306_Twi…)

The closest we've currently got is attached, so if cops are involved, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear much of anything until that's wrapped up.

No. 997441

I still feel like unless we have some bombs like,
He sexting some 12 year old and shit, He will walk like projared did.

No. 997444

Not sure if this is repeated info or not, but here's a audio file of Auri's 1st VOD.

No. 997455

look at the people cry's tried fucking with. he will fuck with and manipulate anything that gives him attention. why are all his victims acting like his niece isn't someone he would mess with?

No. 997461

He's not streaming but lots of people are in Cry's twitch chat roasting him anyway, I guess since this is when he'd usually be doing LN. I hope he's seeing it.

No. 997471

Glad to see Jund and Russ on Arcadum's D&D stream just now with a bunch of others like Strippin, Criken and Woops.

No. 997473

So…Auri is a victim of ERP at age 18?

No. 997477

no? That was Ocean

No. 997480


People treating teenagers like fucking children.

Teens fuck around.
They fuck older people from college. A Lot. Very frequently. Cry was an beta pathetic abusive e-boyfriend? Yes.

But no one is a pedo for getting involved with a consenting 16 year old.

Imagine having 16, not being able to fuck or drink but having a 12gauge on the closet.

No. 997483

Archived a few of the past streams. Figured I'd put them all in one reply for organization purposes. Not saged on purpose so it can be found easier later.

Jund's stream transcript:

Snake's stream transcript:

Russ's stream transcript:

Auri's first stream transcript:

Auri's second stream transcript:

No. 997495


"But no one is a pedo for getting involved with a consenting 16 year old."

that's the actual definition of pedophilia, are you dense? if you are under the age of consent, you can't consent.

No. 997500

16 is the age of consent in half of america.
its the age of consent if the other person is 23 in florida.

Just the fact that states in the US can differ in this shows how stupid it is.

And even if it was 18, that is really stupid. Teenagers have sex and there is no problem with that if they use protection.
Teach them instead of shielding them from reality.

Otherwise they cry and break apart the first slightly bad relationship they get in.

People act like teen are pure angels with no sexuality to develop. Don't hide them from the world. Teach them how the world is an how to protect themselfs.

I can only imagine the shitty parenting some of those people went by to be traumatized by beta whimp Cryian when most victims admitted to not having sexual things happen before being 18.

He needs to be called out for being a toxic piece of shit who flirts with his best friend girlfriend (That turns out, was a slut that cheated on him with her boss.) And for being insecure and toxic as shit to his SOs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 997501

we really dont need to have an argument about whether its okay for teenagers to fuck grown adults every single thread.

No. 997502

teenagers fucking other teenagers is normal, pretending that grown ass adults in their 20s fucking teenagers who are still in school is normal is quite retarded

No. 997510

It has to be said because for some reason militant anons who view the world as black and white see the slightest age gap as literal rape and anyone slightly under 18 is automatically pedo bait, because most people can't separate actual pedophilia from men dating barely legals.

No. 997511

He is 10 years older than Ocean.
Ocean was 16, he was like 25.

You people are fucking disgusting trying to minimize this.

No. 997512

Is he seriously not releasing a video today? Lmao he must be really talking to his lawyer or still busy playing video game or jacking off.

Man this is gonna blow over soon if he keeps this silence. I don’t think any of the victims is pursuing legal actions. Ocean wanted to get some Snapchat chat log but I don’t think he ever mentioned about putting cry behind bars

No. 997513

Guess my parents that are 11 years apart and married for life are sexual deviants now.

even when bellow 18 is consent, some people just insist on the magical number 18 for what ever reason. getting Cryian in jail for being a little older than 23 is just silly. half the college population should be in jail then.

If the genders where reversed no one would give a fuck.

he is still a disgusting piece of shit for fucking red tho.

For what i saw its even debatable if any charges would even stick, giving how long has it ben since then.

No. 997514

if your parents got together when one of them was 15, then yeah, the other one is a fucking predator. not that complicated.

No. 997515

Did your parents get married when one was underage and the other was a full grown man?
Then yes, your parents are sexual deviants and the older one should go into jail for preying on a child.

No. 997516

Did they start dating while your mother was still in highschool and your father could have been graduating with a doctorate? No? Shut the fuck up.

"A little older than 23" two years older? That's a massive difference big guy. He solicited nudes from a minor who was a fan of him. What are you missing?

No. 997519

this is why I love lolcow. These comments being in the span of 3 minutes. I can’t agree more, the pedo anon is acting dense as fuck.

No. 997534

Looks to be just that one ESL dipshit that wanted to die on the hill of defending a sex pest while unnecessarily bumping the thread with no milk.

Strongly agreed.

No. 997538

3 minutes remaining in Florida time, if the limit was in fact Sunday. Place your bets on whether the video is coming out or not.

…or don't, because it would be stupid at this point.

No. 997539

Everyone spot the pedophile!
Teenagers should cry and break apart the first bad relationship they get in. Dumbass

No. 997542

times up

the fucking coward

No. 997545

So… Now will the LNC out him?

No. 997547

I'm going to say nope, but we have a few hours probably until anything happens.

No. 997548

I'd say to give it some time. I'm guessing midday tomorrow, if they're even going to out him with the lawyers and all.

No. 997549

Probably! Because no one wants to be accomplice towards this shithole entirely.

No. 997552

According to Auri’s discord, the twitlonger Scott released WAS the thing they were gonna release on Sunday/Today.

No. 997554

No. 997560

You're fucking with me right? The hell?

No. 997561

I was under the impression they had way more man

No. 997562

Calm down faggot, I said what I said but I didn't excuse anything. Read.

No. 997563


caps?? this is an imageboard, ffs

No. 997564

To be fair, Auri herself didn’t confirm this but i mean just in case, don’t keep your hopes too high for now, folks.

Also: you can sage your posts by putting sage in the email slot(minimodding newfag)

No. 997567

File: 1593319246285.jpeg (185.5 KB, 828x1161, B35B2CB3-B0F9-43E2-AE6B-455F3D…)

calm down, it wasn’t needed but fine, here you go big baby

No. 997568

So who else thinks Ziegs and Cry had a thing going on since she's quite set on covering shit up for him?

No. 997570

it's possible

No. 997573

I would believe it- doesn’t seem like Cry was very picky with who he was seeing

No. 997577

Would definitely explain why cheyenne was so hellbent on being vicious towards ziegs, not that she needed reason to be a fucking bitch to people but it would not be shocking at this point if that was part of it.

No. 997603

The moment you realize LNC did what they did only when they could get fucked by association.

It really gives me the impression they knew all along and just decided to ignore and not talk about it. And because they never talked about it its easy to prove they knew nothing.
Its so fucking weird that they were not prompted to investigate this when they heard he cheated on Chey with a minor.

No. 997607


bruh, it's been proven that the crew, outside of zieggs, did not know ocean was a minor. They only knew ocean was a mod and cry cheated on Chey with them. gtfo cheyfag

No. 997608

They didn't know. Ziegs made sure no one else knew. Ocean CONFIRMED none of them other than Ziegs and Cheyenne knew.
Read the fucking previous threads and sage. Newfags make me want to die.

No. 997609

Who was Cry with around this time?

No. 997610

File: 1593326178414.png (141.76 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200627-233308.png)

No. 997614

What's the source of that?

No. 997619

It's a personal message from my inbox. He was always very vague.

No. 997622

His response was me asking him to open up about his kink chart that he sent me. We talked for a while and then he suddenly stopped. I asked if everything was okay and he said that.

No. 997623

Guess I was too old for him to keep his interest. Darn….

No. 997628

I’m pretty sure he hit on a 40 year old woman too, someone from Auri’s twitch stream commented. Maybe you’re not his type.

No. 997631

I think you're right. I have symmetrical nipples…he must've hated that shit….wish he told me.

No. 997635

A common trend seems to be that Cry likes large women. Maybe it was a compliment that he didn't pursue it.

No. 997637


My only issue was he was asking me for pics, then ghost me, come back and say he was in a relationship or maybe relationship and apologize then ask for pics a week later.
Dude was weird. I ended up just sending him whatever paintings I was working on and stopped sending him nudes when he asked and kept it to short chit chat. We only talked for about a year.

No. 997638

Ocean wasn’t fat, from the picture he posted, maybe he goes for people with shitty self esteem in general.

No. 997639

He even asked for dick sizes from his mods. He’s a fucking weirdo in general, and not the good kind

No. 997642

Gross…I get he goes for vulnerable people. I'm thinking because I acted like a grown ass adult for the most case, he didn't enjoy sticking around all the time lol I'm fine with online flirting. I'm fine with sending nudes. He probably likes to pop that cherry with younger girls. Or anyone who are not fine with being naked.

No. 997645

He’s a manchild who’s stuck in the basement for so long that he’s out of touch with reality. He stopped maturing mentally ever since he’s locked himself up in his grimy room and fapped to CP thinking he’s still 16

No. 997682

jund has confirmed that as far as he knows there was no physical contact with a minor. so theres that.(IMAGEBOARD)

No. 997688

File: 1593338287540.jpeg (127.73 KB, 828x504, 1BF7D5F3-74AD-432C-BD81-A3F15A…)


No. 997706

At least he did not went that far.

No. 997709


First off, that is not a confirmation that he hasn't diddled a kiddie. Jund didn't know a lot of things.

Second off, "at least he didn't X" is pointless to say as it is just an attempt, intentional or not, to lessen the fact that he's been grooming children.

No. 997720

That TwitLonger had barely any evidence of Cry doing something illegal, wtf? More than half of it was Jund covering his and the LNC’s ass for not knowing about the grooming beforehand, and a majority of the screenshots came from recent conversations with adults. The only piece of evidence suggesting criminal activity is the singular screenshot where he knew one of the girls he was talking with was underage. Still creepy as hell, but I was expecting a much larger bombshell.

No. 997722

Well if jund's tweetlonger post was all they had… , I dont think this is going anywhere lol. No more milk guys, he's just gonna let some time pass and everything will go back to normal with the amount of idiotic followers he still has. I dont think anything else will happen.

No. 997726

Any screenshot proof? You should contact Snake or post it out in the open (ie. on Twitter) if you have evidence that you want exposed to an actual audience.

No. 997728

seems like this ordeal is done, no noise from either lnc or cry's side. not even cheyenne is talking anymore. no more milk?

No. 997739

Kek, there was nothing all along. Twitterfags really got fired up about pretty much nothing. You would have tought.

No. 997775

I wouldn't call being a manipulative psycho nothing. I honestly still hope Ocean comes through with something but we will see.

No. 997777

Lunast/Smnius made a statement

No. 997781

File: 1593350732446.jpg (66.02 KB, 1242x385, 542f55dd-2c35-48d7-8abb-490362…)

well this aged poorly

No. 997783

File: 1593351202007.png (28.21 KB, 778x170, Hrbswec.png)

Archived: http://archive.vn/OPTpW

After so many years of people giving him shit for being into feet, who would have thought he actually was into hands.

No. 997786

He keeps telling everyone he's into fucking everything anyways lol

No. 997787

And here I was thinking his pansexuality was just a contrived way of appearing supportive to LGBT. Guess he really would fuck around with anyone.

No. 997789

This checks out, doesn't it? Beanie, Magnta, Maya, Simpite, Lunast, and Auri so far are all artists.

Auri even said he first messaged her after he saw her art in the tag. Must've been an easy way to grab fans too.

No. 997790

Brb chopping off my hands

No. 997791

if you have screenshots please send them to someone

No. 997803

I wish the YouTube dislike button still worked. Even back then I knew people like that were full of shit because Chey was originally just a fan. Some people figured out the math on her age didn't quite work out, but you had tards like this that would silence any and all criticism with "shut up, you're just *~jealous~* of Chey, they're a happy couple why can't YOU be happy for them huh??" and it was obnoxious as hell.

That and clearly people in the community like Ziegs exist and would gaslight shit, as well as people who thought the gap in their age wasn't a red flag.

No. 997805

>when male feminists try to say "friendzoned" without actually saying "friendzoned" like it's a game of Taboo

No. 997836

File: 1593358024964.png (120.16 KB, 785x784, smnius.png)

Some more info from Smnius:

- Confirms they were 16+ when first contact was made
- Cry never asked their age
- "I have reason to believe that there are more victims who have yet to come forward who may be younger."


No. 997849

Interesting, since Lucius here lists their age as currently being 22 on Patreon and I could have sworn they were open about their age back when he was going by Lunast.

No. 997866

Then it all depends on when it happened. If it happened when the ocean stuff went down, they would have also been 16.

No. 997897

Btw in the last thread I saw some anons say in cry’s state of Florida that the age of consent is 16, this is a lie it is 18, it just has the Romeo and Juliet law for 16 year olds and they doesn’t include sexual intercourse, or sexual interactions of any kind. Child porn is illegal (under 18) and grooming a minor via Internet is illegal here too whether he met them or not if he illicited or participated in any sexual misconduct it’s considered grooming a minor via Internet.
If reported by any victim he can be held accountable given proof, even if those victims don’t live in his state, it still applies to him.

No. 997911

Basically the Romeo and Juliet law in Florida only applies to 16-17 year olds that have permission from their parents to date someone 4 years older than them, and doesn’t do sexual stuff. So a 16 year old can be with someone who is 20, while a 17 year old someone who is 21, but that’s only for dating and not sexual acts, it only stops the person from having to register as a sexual offender BUT, they can still receive fines or imprisonment if convicted. Also if accused by more than one victim, they have to register as a sex offender.

No. 997913

Well then, it's a darned shamed everyone is using Twitter, and not the legal system.

No. 997917

They're actively compiling evidence to help with the legal action. Jund's most recent reply on twitter pretty much confirms this.

No. 997919

>fucking red

Is that a thing that actually happened?

It's very confusing since people always use the most vague language possible, but isn't the only sexual relationship he ever had with Chey? And all the other cheating was via boyfriend rp/exchange of pics on the internet.

No. 997920

I get that, but playing detective online < hiring a professional law firm to handle your case.

Sure, there may be costs involved, but at least there's less chances of fuck ups resulting in the evidence being found inadmissible in court.

No. 997927

This is so lame, so they were all just refering to the text message where Cry knew their age? And that was the shocking thing they couldn't come forward with sooner? Holy shit this is pathetic

No. 997928

It’s very concerning that everyone just ran with cry’s claims of the consent being 16 and nobody even took time to even google it, even the main people involved supposedly gathering info didn’t even simply look up the most simplest thing, which was the laws in the state Cry lives in, also for any victim or anyone in general scared to speak out against cry for blackmail, etc, Florida is a 2 party consent state when it comes to recording conversations or uploading, so if you’re worried about that, if he does that it’ll be completely illegal if he didn’t receive consent. All the minors he’s done anything with that was sexually charged or of a luring nature can 100% get him charged with SOMETHING, what he’s done is considered grooming minors via Internet, even him sending a dick pic, porno, even sexual art is considered illegal if sent to a minor.
I question the legitimacy of Jund and the rest claiming it’s being taken up legally, because speaking to any actual professional they’d have looked into the state laws concerning consent, told them it was 18, explained that the Romeo and Juliet law doesn’t apply in this case, and informed about the grooming via Internet and 2 party consent laws. I smell something very very fishy in the air.

No. 997933

I don't think you guys realize how long convicting him of pedophilia or whatever would actually take. Months at the bare minimum if he doesn't admit to anything.

No. 997937

Conviction is essentially the final part, and we don't have any evidence of required steps before that being taken. This is how bad people get away with doing bad things.

No. 997941


There's nothing we've seen yet that's really going to get a conviction. It's been years, so far all the exchange of photos has been with legal adults, and screenshot of DMs isn't exactly rock solid evidence (websites render locally in the browser, literally anyone can change it say anything with minimal effort, no photoshop required.)

Unless there is more, there's no way he's going to get convicted of anything. That being said, the stink of this scandal has already cost him money and business opportunities. It sounds like the entirety of his social life is online, and he's now a pariah. There is some justice in that, but again very unlikely he's going to have legal consequences here.

No. 997943

fucking thank you all the people thinking this shit is legal annoys the fuck out of me. I don't know why people thought the age of consent was 16, all they had to do was google that shit.

No. 997948

File: 1593370340009.png (68.74 KB, 908x710, chrome_2020-06-28_13-50-10.png)

And for everyone who was upset with Auri for profiting off of her victimhood, I'd just like to reiterate that SocialBlade (not sure how reliable that is so take it with a grain of salt) estimates that Cry's youtube channel has made an excess of hundreds to thousands of dollars since he posted his confession video.

If you're upset at victims for being able to make money off of being victims, I hope you have the same attitude towards pedophiles who make money off of being pedophiles.

No. 997952

Its pretty unlikely he'll even see a courtroom but at least he'll most likely lose his entire career and livelihood. Being forced to make 9 an hour at Target sounds pretty great.

No. 997954

File: 1593370705474.png (19.73 KB, 955x114, stream_recording.png)

Up to you to believe it or not, but Cry has said his last two uploads were unmonetized, in which case he made no money.

No. 997955

Ah! Good catch. Must've missed that.
Hopefully he's telling the truth.

No. 997958

Is there anyone in this thread that wasn't mad at Cry? Are you trying to say that both are okay, or neither are?

I don't think Auri went into it expecting to make money, but people started giving it to her, and she accepted their kindness. I don't really see how it's an issue for anyone. I guess maybe it's bad optics for her message?

No. 997964

In the previous thread, yeah. People were tearing into her for accepting the donations.

Bad optics, maybe. But I think that them being donations validates it; she wasnt demanding the money, people were upset that she was visibly struggling with her situation and willfully elected to give her their money. Russ was getting tons of gift subs in his stream, too, as well as at least one sizable private donation which he mentioned, which makes me wonder why no one is taking the same attitude with him.

Not to shit on Russ or anything. If anyone deserves that money right now, it's him.

No. 997968

People are watching his videos on their own, it's not like he's begging for views.
I do mind "victims" cloutchasers making a few bucks off of what is really dubious accusations. It sure makes what they saif really suspicious to say the least.

No. 997972

>People are watching his videos on their own, it's not like he's begging for views.

Doesn't matter. Neither was Auri.
And her claims got proven correct IIRC.

No. 997973

Lol, are you kidding? yes, she very obviously asked for those donations.
>> uwu, thank a lot, that's a lot of money, I was gonna disable the donations but I didn't teehee

No. 997988

Imagine being such a wk for a pedo that you claim to have evidence a victim's fake but then don't post it on the fucking imageboard site you're on. thanks for the valuable contribution newfag kek

No. 997995

God, let's not start the whole auri conversation again, people choose to donate themselves.

No. 997997

> She’s a liar and she needs to return all of those donations.

Anyone who donates to twitch streamers doesn't deserve that money to begin with.

Learn to use this website, or better yet find somewhere to post your unsubstantiated claims, no one cares about your tenuous personal connection to any of this.

No. 998001

Unrelated but does anyone know the source image for MoozyFoozy’s profile pic cause damn.

No. 998005

If you have evidence, post it. No need to ramble on about how huge your dick is for it.

No. 998013

File: 1593375736952.png (366.8 KB, 641x812, pwettypwease.PNG)

>>I'm a victim, buy me stuff

No. 998014

Ugh, Onion boy's victims did the same thing. Here's to hoping no one buys it for her.

No. 998016

It's a pretty damn normal thing for artists to want a screen tablet. Just because someone shares something (probably to have other things to think about than the current issue) doesn't mean shes expecting anyone to buy this for her. Also those bitches are WILDLY EXPENSIVE.

Christ people, relax.

No. 998024

Since cry backpedaled as we knew he would and didn't make the video will Jund and the others leak something? This is getting tiring already

No. 998027

No, the milk has become so stale it's turned into bootleg blue cheese.

No. 998028

>using the victim gravy train for neetbux and donations
>onion fbi saga lite
Just say you excuse her exploiting the situation for financial gain. This is how the court of public opinion works, afterall.

No. 998030

You guys are literally filling up discussing this bullshit.
Unless actual milk comes up shut the fuck up.

No. 998034

just ask nicely bby <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998036

fr two threads have been filled with this useless crap(samefagging)

No. 998038

Fairly certain Cry is hoping to go quiet until this blows over. So see y'all in 5 months so we can remind people he's a dick who has no business with an audience of kids.

No. 998060

My self posting radar hasn't been going off this strong since Kelly Jean white knighted her own threads, damn.

No. 998062

I couldn't help myself to lurk a bit around, and Auri has an OnlyFans under her real name, was last seen a day ago, so I assume she is somehow active there. Very interesting. She also had someone make an IMDB for her, as she is suuuch an actresss uwu
Maybe she really did trick us all along, with her great acting skills

No. 998068

Jesus christ who cares? Jund already checked his logs and said it was real if people wants to give her money no one cares, at least they are not giving it to cry. Stop talking about this girl, you already posted at least 5 times crying about her. Go talk with her and fix your problem with her.

No. 998069

found this old clip on my favorites. LOL


No. 998071

I don't care if people give her money, I just think she might have some milk and I'm here for that. I read through her facebook which the other anon posted about and boy it's wild. She really thought she was in a relationship with Ryan for 4 years, posting fabricated screenshots and scenarios. Then all of her different personas and accounts.. seems milky dude. Def see why she wants a new persona now, cause she was cringe

No. 998075

anyone who follows ziegs found out any new info?

No. 998077

If you were looking through her real account you'd know it's impossible to even see her posts considering they're all friends only. She hasn't even been using fb for four years, weirdo. Go sort out your personal vendetta.

No. 998078

Then make a thread about her? This isn't a Auri thread jesus christ

No. 998080

The Jaques one is open. Nothing to indicate it's fake. The one she has family on is friends only. Guessing the open one was for her "audience" or whatever from when she was streaming/youtubing.

No. 998088

So looks like Cry just isn't posting. See you all in a month - a year when he comes back pretending none of this happened.

No. 998089

The Jaques one is now deleted. Very interesting.

No. 998092

Fuck off with your personal vendetta, no one cares. Shit like this is why we keep needing to make new threads.

No. 998102


I don’t see what this has to do with this thread, retard. What Auri has given has been verified.

So who gives a fuck about any of this? Seriously, are you braindead?

No. 998103

>don't wanna be that guy
>proceeds to fucking go after only 16 year olds via rp sex.

Seriously, how the fuck did this guy kept this shit in for so god damn long?

No. 998105

Ryan is sitting around laughing probably at the fact that he’s playing circles around everyone I mean come on everyone believed him enough that they thought the age of consent in his state was 16 (which it’s not it’s 18) they didn’t even think to look it up or look up the laws. That’s how he was able to sit around and not be worried because not only did it quiet other victims that probably were in the age range of 16 because “oh it’s legal and not much can be done unless you have proof of photos”
Majority of platforms save messages no matter how much you delete or erase or deactivate and if reported to authorities and also contacting those platforms they would give logs and turn it over for investigations, even phone companies keep logs of each numbers owners and previous owners and text logs and dates even when deleted it can be pulled up. Nothing is ever actually deleted forever and if they actually were taking SERIOUS actions into this they’d have known that.
They just want to get the heat off themselves and unfortunately cash in and enjoy the spotlight as the hero’s.
They can’t even control or monitor who is helping them or who is spying on them for Ryan. By next week it’ll go quiet or they’ll drag it on, by the time anyone has the guts to do anything Ryan will have moved, changed his name, and everything and able to live a whole new life with no consequences. As time goes by it’s another day of him saving money, setting up appointments to change his name, finding a new address far away, and changing everything and deleting his accounts and hiding. This could have all gone differently if the people who took charge of this case gathered what they had, did research on the laws, and than got a lawyer or sent it to the FBI or law enforcement with his info. Instead they dragged in on social media to be looked at positively, and attempt to scare Ryan into falling for their fake bait when he was literally bsing and laughing at their whole parade with his own spies reporting back to him. This case if dragged on longer will end up like Onision where everything is so tainted it’ll be useless.

No. 998106

It's kinda amazing, isn't it? Being so creepy for so long without consequences

No. 998110

File: 1593385692030.png (395.78 KB, 828x1440, image0-8.png)

coward hid his play time

No. 998115

LOOOOL probably wants to hide the fact he's jerking off in VR

No. 998124

I think he's hiding any place that shows his activity live, including spotify. I haven't seen him using it in a while.

No. 998137

He’s going to go into full hiding now, honestly I’m almost certain he’s behind a lot of the derailing in a lot of the threads, he can be very vicious from what we’ve seen in screenshots, anything to turn people against each other and keep their eyes off of him. Using his real name instead of cry would be beneficial. Honestly I wouldn’t doubt that he’s done things with girls in person, let’s be honest here all these years of taking advantage of girls online and he hasn’t connected and hooked up with one near him? We can say he’s a basement creep that sits inside all day but let’s be real here, his type wouldn’t be able to be satisfied with just nudes. I don’t believe that all these years he only did things via online.

No. 998142

I wonder how streamers feel when they get auto-hosted by Cry and get the notification (if that's a thing)

No. 998166

>I don't believe that all these years he only did things via online

Seconded this comment; it really does sound like Ryan probably did some gross shit before this all started, cause this level of disconnection is uh pretty fucking pro shit here.

No. 998173

Sooo was the whole thing by the LNC crew about “having a deadline” just an empty threat or…

No. 998176

We already got what was going to be published today a few days ago on Jund's twitter. Other than that they're compiling information and evidence for legal action.

No. 998177

It was made up by anons, the crew never said there was a deadline and I haven't seen any proof they proving otherwise

No. 998185

File: 1593394296530.png (33.3 KB, 239x366, GwWQwFa.png)

He changed his discord picture

No. 998186

File: 1593394797577.png (16.56 KB, 603x134, orllyanon.PNG)

No, they absolutely did have a deadline. They abandoned the deadline when they found out Ryan was going to just blame them and posted it. Hence the twitlonger.

No. 998187

File: 1593394824447.jpeg (228.72 KB, 828x1172, 69D00A70-4617-4FD7-B601-CDBFF0…)


It wasn’t made up by anons but the implication was that it was this weekend… if all they had on him was what has been posted here, I think the bastard might just get away with it.

I’m holding out on them keeping the real evidence to take Ryan down legally.

Though it would be nice to get a drop of milk round here, bit of a drought going on…

No. 998190

Again, do you all expect them to post child porn or something? There’s more than enough evidence that he messed with minors without care. I doubt any victims would want anything super lewd released publicly

No. 998191

File: 1593395947632.png (21.47 KB, 254x337, pic.png)

And again. Seems that his last pfp's artist asked him to change it.

No. 998192


Don’t be ridiculous. Them saying they have evidence of photos exchanged or something that would put him away would be enough tbh. Atm all we’re doing is arguing about the Florida laws of consent.


Classy, Ryan. You had a week to make a proper statement and your first priority is to change a pfp, and he can’t even do that right. This guy…

No. 998193

we all kinda expected something more than just lewd chat logs from 16 year olds that can be easily argued in court (if you have an experienced defense attorney)We expected some actual damning statements that "yeah lewds were switched" and boom. We got him. So you know, actual shit getting done.

No. 998198

never said that. Someone said that the deadline was made up, I corrected them. Also sage your post.

No. 998201


"this weekend" bruh that says "tonight" 4 days ago, you people made up the Saturday deadline yourselves

No. 998207

pretty sure they got the saturday deadline from one of Auri's streams

No. 998215

Makes you wonder how often he goes to Disney World

No. 998216

Auri didn't even do this, jesus.

Looks like all the fallout will result the thread being nothing but Cry, Chey and Banie being the dumb cows they are.

Speaking of, funy that Chey is MIA now that she looks like the dumb fool she is and that all the whiteknights and SJW tards that supported her disseapeared in seconds after that reveal from Jund lmao.

No. 998220

nah they're still around my dude, it's just a bit more lax actually.

No. 998227

The fuck did you just call me?

No. 998236


They are all dumb morons who have done nothing to actually assist towards any of substance.

Cry can't actual have all of his events correctly noted and tried to downplay his abusive tactics and then he tried to hide all of his shit. To the point where he even denied a victim's own fucking existence. He didn't even fucking show his own face as a proof to good faith. All he did was played some cool ass music and then tried to stream as if everything that was okay. And then he started to fuck with them via mind games, knowing damn well they don't have the gumption to actually face his ass. Scummy ass shit.

Chey couldn't accept that no one knew what the fuck was going on, so she literally just started pissing on everyone out of no where. Like people who clearly have no idea what's going on, like Russ of all people. Who bawled into tears out of no where during his own live stream of answering questions on how fucked up his situation was via money. It gets worst because then she wanted to go to Cry, and then said "Do something about this" as if he had the power to change the sea into blood like Moses.

Beanie or however the fuck you say her name; doesn't do herself justice by being supportive of Chey's rain of piss to the rest of the LNC. If anything, I kinda wish she went to Snake first and they could had mix shit all together and a good fucking lawyer and then finally they would taken care of it all.

But now we have a big problem. No one has their stories straight. That's bad for the lawyers and their practice, they can't represent someone who doesn't have a fucking good case if all of the facts are in consistent. That requires some investigation money, money that these streamers all do not always have.

This is a shitshow.

No. 998237

Age of consent in florida is 16 as long as the older party is no older than 23.

No. 998239

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998245

File: 1593401488974.jpeg (214.79 KB, 828x641, ABF5A054-06F2-4407-8CCD-C67CDF…)

Ocean just tweeted. Big yikes

No. 998246

File: 1593401494463.png (41.08 KB, 699x358, firefox_UflJ8CX1AM.png)

No. 998249



No. 998250

If this is true and proof can be extracted, Cry has 0 means to cover his ass on this regard.

No. 998251

Cheyenne is out to try to invalidate everyone but herself why would we want that

No. 998254

Finally some fucking milk

No. 998256

Oh it's true.
trust me.

No. 998258

No. 998259

We got some sunday deadline milk after all, and some genuinely damning milk too

No. 998261

Yep. He is out of here. He's done. We're done. See ya after they finish plowing you Ryan.

No. 998262

Anyone know how Florida law relates to sending but not receiving pics?

No. 998266

I know the limitations of it is pretty much in obscenity level but there's more to it. He knew she was underage while doing it so that's not good.

No. 998269

If it's online it doesn't matter what Floridas laws are. It goes by the whole fucking country. Also I'm pretty sure it's illegal to send porn to minors no matter what the age of consent is sorry if I'm retarded and I'm wrong. Plus the age of consent is 18 in fl the exception is the Romeo and Juliet law which people here really need to look into more.

No. 998271

Not only that, but if there's more than say 2 cases of this happening, he's getting pinned regardless and put on the registry.

No. 998275

File: 1593403619780.png (26.52 KB, 586x239, savedandready.png)

No. 998276

Welp in the end cry did a only fans hm?

No. 998278

File: 1593403925600.jpg (208.16 KB, 1080x859, 20200628_221330.jpg)

No. 998279

I want to believe Ocean so badly. Cry needs to get his pedo ass locked up, but what are the chances this is a bluff to force Cry out of hiding? That can't be it, right?

No. 998288

Wasn't Snake already filling a police report? She's a dumb ass becuase she didn't even use real names of the victims because many of them are still anonymous, making the case most likely get thrown out.

I fucking hate twitter retards.

No. 998289


She implicated Beckens and Angel and didn't even mention Ziegs?? Holy fuck, she didn't even read the megathread

No. 998290

File: 1593404561753.jpg (66.34 KB, 908x662, dumb.JPG)


The retard is an absolute fucking bellend.

No. 998291

You guys ask for too much or cry and chey are trying to annoy the hell out of the victims.

No. 998294

>I know that if you wanted to file a report, you would've called or contacted them yourselves already (and maybe you have, I don't know.)

Then maybe you should had let the fucking professionals actually take care of it

No. 998295

the retard only posted shit for clout, that's why people are pissed. It's a woke retard that isn't doing anything helpful and allowing the victims to come out when they want, now with the shit info she submitted all the the work Snake and the rest give to police might be considered a stupid online brigade or worse, the crew gets wrapped up and punished becasue they are adults, even though they aren't responsible for what Cry has done.

No. 998296

File: 1593404888982.png (554.63 KB, 2048x867, Screenshot_20200628-222733.png)

this idiot hasn't even been paying attention to the situation at all

No. 998299

What a fucking idiot. If they really did keep up with the situation they would know Snake was working on a full list with the victims that ACTUALLY wanted their info shared with the appropriate authorities and Ziegs 100% covered for Cry.

No. 998300

sorry if i’m stupid, but who is this person? is this anyone that’s actually involved in the situation or just a rando that took it upon themselves to jump the gun?

No. 998301


A rando. No one remotely involved.

No. 998304

File: 1593405173726.png (35.04 KB, 585x285, BWkVbtl.png)

Just a rando who jumped the gun. Snake already said that it didn't affect anything.

No. 998306

File: 1593405277047.jpg (48.14 KB, 742x504, attentionbitch.JPG)

For the love of god how can someone be so stupid and inept?


Did all of this for social behavior points on twitter.

No. 998308

File: 1593405484982.jpg (66.74 KB, 760x720, jund.JPG)

Jund speaks

No. 998311

Everyone wants to be a woke Twitter activist but they don't want to actually put the research in to get their facts straight

No. 998313

maybe if the ones involved weren't so secretive about something that blew up for thousands of fans, they wouldn't have shit like this happen. jund can fuck off. he acted like he had explosive things to expose cry and offered nothing to fans and ex-fans who are skeptical

No. 998315

They're being secretive about it because majority of the victims want to remain anonymous. Considering how much they're picked apart here I couldn't possibly fathom why.

No. 998317

are oceans confirmations of everything so far not enough proof that they're working together towards a case?

No. 998318

I don’t think they were trying to be that secretive for their own benefit, but I think it will cause more people to be proactive

No. 998320

Alright guys. Not naming myself but I talked to the individual, explained why what they did was harmful and they understand now, leave them alone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998321

do you want cry to have a heads up on everything they have about him before they do anything? because he reads these damn threads too. the milk isn't more important than justice

No. 998322

>maybe if the ones involved weren't so secretive about something then they wouldn't have shit like this happen

Normally I would agree if Ryan got hurt or a crazy ass fan would just jump in with a shot gun and merc his ass. But this is an ex-fan who doesn't have all of the information, nor even Ryan's own address of residence.

This is in poor taste my guy, Victims have a right to be anonymous. Now the victims are under federal lens or at least some interests are gonna be snooping around and that's a fucking problem because victims are actually pretty embarrassed about sending nudes or doing cyber sex towards a loser who talks in a smooth tone of voice lmao who knew?

No. 998323

An undergrad in California (going for a meme degree), white and director of a 'traditional korean drums' group… if there ever was an ideal candidate for some woke twitter posturing, it was this person.

No. 998324

It wasn't even a police report. It was basically a fucking cybertip

No. 998325

Is that even the right place to report this type of shit? I looked at it and it's for some high level stuff.

No. 998327


Clearly not because they’re still doubling down on taking action on behalf of the victims

No. 998328

The last time someone did this, it made a victim backpedal and private her twitter (Onion saga). Here's to hoping this retard didn't fuck up the milk with Ocean.

No. 998331

linking this fucking thread would've been more informative than whatever random assortment of twitter handles this dumbshit rattled off. Honestly tho by the looks of her I can't imagine whoever she spoke to took her story seriously, they must get their share of nuts phoning in already.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 998332

seems like the whole thing was for attention. even if they gave a tip or whatever, there’s no need to write a whole ass essay about how they did the right thing imo

No. 998334


Half of their Twitlonger was a fucking blogpost. Self-serving bullshit.

Really hope this doesn’t jeopardise the official report Snake is planning to make. What a mess…

No. 998336

Apparently it did not, but that doesn't excuse us from finding a lolcow!! I hope she keeps digging herself deeper in the hole she's in, I really would like to see what else she has for some future milk.

No. 998342

If you're fresh off of twitter read the site rules. No ban appeals are being accepted from this thread.
If anyone actually wants to come forward on their own and post evidence or other information, they can shoot me an email for a tripcode to post in this thread anonymously. If you come here to whiteknight yourself or others you're getting banned, the same goes for deceptive self posting. This is your first and last warning.

No. 998352

The self-righteous prick deleted the twitter post because they didn't like all the negative replies. What an actual fuck-up. Do they even realize that the twitlonger is completely separate?

No. 998401

No. 998404

I hate you

No. 998412

Let's just hope this fuckup doesn't mess with what the guys are actually doing. This has the capacity to ruin the proper legal action they've been taking if the authorities run with it since they gave a very incomplete picture.

No. 998419

no it literally doesn't no harm was done and the more out there this is, the better. the fact that he isn't banned off of all platforms with this so called damming evidence is quite telling as it is.

No. 998423

Thank you Admin-sama

No. 998440

Funny, but the idea of mob justice is so ingrained in our internet life now that the people who knew about this don't lawyer up and take this case legally before actually revealing anything.

Cry should be punished for what he did, but by taking this to Twitter won't do anything. The internet is a child, it has a short attention spam.

No. 998477

Age of consent in Florida is NOT 16, it’s 18, and the Romeo and Juliet law only counts for dating with permission of parents any sexual contact is illegal it just waives the offender having to register as a sexual offender but they can be charged and imprisoned. Also no, if the victim is 17 it counts to 21, not 23, 16/21.
It’s for 4 years age differences where the fuck do you people get 23 from?

No. 998478

Newfag here. English isn’t my #1 language. Couple of questions. If you don’t want to reply, it’s fine, just don’t be a dick.

• Is Auri legitimate? I know Scott "confirmed" that on Twitter but I still feel like she could be easily lying considering she literally made a fucking Discord, Twitch and Twitter account just to promote her own shit alongside this whole drama. And I think it could be quite possible to have the exact same ID on Discord Plus or whatever the fuck it’s called? (Cryaotic #6969)

• Is Ocean transgendered or does Cry miss around with dudes as well?

• Why are they not taking any legal obligations? This is literal pedophilia and not a lot of people give a shit about this whole messed up situation anyway (their tweets get 5k likes, max. This is not something to share so vividly on the internet. Just, y’know, an opinion. I was kinda groomed too by a 35y/o when I was 16 and… other than the embarrassment I still have to endure when I’m around my parents, I don’t think I made 100 tweets about it. ‍♀️ Thanks for reading.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998479


Auri is legitimate. I believe she sent him the Discord ID, and also you can't have the same name and ID as someone on Discord, even with nitro.

Ocean is a transgender man. Cry came out as pansexual a long time ago already, and Snake and Auri have previously confirmed already that some of Cry's victims are male.

Last question I can't answer.

No. 998481

They are taking legal action it's incredibly clear that that is the case.

No. 998485


I see. Thank you.


Where did they say that? I’ve been surfing the entirety of Internet for almost two solid hours, given I was late to this whole drama, and I don’t recall reading anything about taking actions toward this.

And, also one last thing, I’m not sure if this is cancel culture at this point, Cry is apparently a piece of shit from what I’m gathering on Twitter…? But still feel like people are acting as if they all have a say in this. I know, we used to be his fans and all, we have the rights to know everything but I still feel like this is a little too much. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a little too introverted. I kinda want to stay out of all of this. Thanks again.

No. 998486

Completely understand the concerns about the privacy they’re keeping, in all honesty nobody had to even tweet about this stuff to begin with or continuously allude to bombshell info that ended up just being jund and the rest of the crew defending theirselves because Ryan was going to throw them under the bus in a video, the only person that had any actual weight in this is Ocean, they really mean business, this back and forth in discord and Twitter dms and threads is unnecessary, it built up excitement for people to hold on, I understand them wanting to give milk but a lot of the milk was given early before anything solid could genuinely be built from it. Everyone that talked to Ryan and getting answers from him posted him too soon when they could have gotten solid content from him, yeah he’s a dick but without context his messages wouldn’t even be understandable. Everyone is too quick for their 15 minutes of attention that they don’t ask the questions that need to be asked, get them responses that would end him 100%, and stopped him from actually saying anything and he’s probably just gonna run and never post anything at all.
Let’s be honest it would have been great for him to post that video, see what he had to say, what dirty secrets or lies he’d have spewed, and than him getting debunked publicly on his own platform.
But because everyone was so quick to get attention they blew it.
They could have ruined him by taking the video speaking from his own words and destroyed him and they ruined it.

No. 998488

If you want to stay out of all this dont post on this thread, common sense.
“Cancel culture this is too much”
Yeah yeah so is sending your Dick to little girls online but I guess it’s not on the same level as calling someone out about it.

No. 998490

Snake has a link for legal advice and action from someone strongly attached to law on his twitter, Scott has made it a point to say to victims if they want their evidence "used" to contact him, and Ocean is compiling his snapchat logs with him talking about Cry's posting of his penis in image and video format.
They're taking legal action, but legal action isn't exactly something you can publicly talk about constantly.

No. 998491

And again There’s literally threads upon threads on all this, all of these questions would have been answered if you genuinely stopped being lazy and read them instead

No. 998492

Good God. I just, I really hate drama lol. So I’ll come back maybe next week or so to see what’s up. I hope y’all are okay though! Once what I though was the best community ever has turned into ashes of detestation. Thanks Cry.

No. 998494


Oh, I’ve recently stumbled upon this place. The fact that you guys knew about all of this from a year ago is scary.

No. 998496

Sage your shit twitternoob.

Yeah we been knowing about this bullshit for quite a while. It was one of those moments of "it's too good to be true", to be honest Cheyanne was the main indicator that something was fucking weird and fishy.

No. 998498

Those crimes happened a long time ago then?
Doesn't Florida has laws about not being able to press charges after some years for 1st and 2nd degree felony?

No. 998500

Not when it comes to sex crimes with minors. He's gonna burn.

No. 998508

I don't fucking know, and honestly go make a cheyenne thread about it.

No. 998524

Anon, we've known about this for years, like >>998496 said, it was a rumour that started with Chey. We've known about cheating since at least 2015, too. How creepy is that shit now? It was a dam waiting to burst, but we'll see how effective the milk will be in actually punishing him past deplatforming.

No. 998527

File: 1593439799097.png (83.21 KB, 1364x704, 34dfe1f4fe4c3bff7a547562da2cef…)

Statement from Draxr (edited the birthday stream for yt): http://archive.vn/WMf5o

Only thing really interesting is how little sense Cry's latest messages make, seems like he could barely string 2 words together.

No. 998531

Sounds like Cry really was under manic state tbh

No. 998539

If so, he will sooner or later hit the 'Great Wall O' Depression' and might become a danger to himself

Not that I can sympathize with him at this point.

No. 998542

I dont sympathise to him either, but now I think he will most likely at least try killing himself, considering of how much of a fuck up his mind is.

Honestly, even though he is one huge jerk, I hope he wont attempt hurting himself and just get off the internet so he won't be creeping around. Get nice therapy n enjoy real life. Dude's been a NEET virgin for too long. while there's still a tiny chance to somehow manage to fix your life problems, he should take it.

No. 998587

Pretty sure they’re referring to the “16 to 24” law which prevents prosecution against someone aged 18-23 who had “consensual sexual activity” with someone aged 16 or 17. This might have some relevance to Cry and Chey’s relationship, but has nothing to do with the later allegations including Ocean.

No. 998597

this brainlet really thought they were gonna be known as the hero who saved us all from ryan's sexpestery despite being some random ex-fan with nothing to do with the situation or any of the people involved, less than half of the public info, taking a giant shit on the victims' agency, and posting it for clout. wtf is wrong with twittercels

No. 998602

That happens when you entire userbase on the website thinks Vigilantism is the only way to get shit done

No. 998619

not to sound insensitive but what is so traumatizing about getting a dick pic? i mean obviously it's disgusting that he sent it to someone underage, and dick pics are just generally cringe, but when i was 15-16 i've seen porn already and sometimes went on omegle to troll people with my friend and we saw more dicks than we ever wanted to, still wasn't traumatizing tho. cry is definitely trash, i'm not disagreeing with that, but i don't understand why the person who got the pics should be scarred for life even if it was really wrong to send them.(Sending nudes to underage people is illegal in the USA. Don't simp for illegal things, especially if they might be breaking federal laws. see global rule 1.)

No. 998623

it's sexual harassment

No. 998624

it's not just about the dick pics. it's the whole relationship dynamic that's scarring. being manipulated emotionally and sexually is scarring

No. 998626

imagine spending 7 years editing this lazy fuck's streams into something watchable and the only time he graces you with his presence is to explain how he wants his breakdown edited for his predator coming out vid

No. 998629

Yeah but it’s simply not true when it comes to Florida’s case, because it wouldn’t match in the 4 year age difference requirement. It’s 100% illegal in Florida for anyone above 21 (and that’s with a 17 year old) to have sex with a minor, the law only counts for 4 year age differences and 22-23 is over that limit and is illegal which in Cheys case if she did have sex with him at 16-17 and he was 22+ he could go to prison and be put on the sex offender list.

No. 998630

oh okay, that is true. i just saw people on twitter replying to the guy's tweet saying things like 'i'm so sorry you had to go through that' and i thought they were just referring to receiving a dick pic. the whole context is of course awful.

No. 998631

File: 1593452708758.jpg (224.21 KB, 734x474, Untitled.jpg)

He changed his twitter profile pic to a burrito and removed part of his bio. Interesting.

No. 998632


Think the artist asked him to remove their art off his socials?

No. 998636

File: 1593453166785.png (1.08 MB, 1688x2048, Screenshot_20200627-230654.png)

No. 998711

what part of his bio was removed?

No. 998717

File: 1593460210025.png (114.11 KB, 570x541, wayback.png)

Was just the credit to the artist
Though I'm not sure why he wouldn't remove the "dab" while he was at it, considering.

No. 998718


it's from taco bell, out of all things

No. 998728

File: 1593461598819.png (318.94 KB, 696x381, subwayguy.png)

Which is crazy, because lately I'd peg him as more of a subway guy.

No. 998729


>I'd peg him

I'm sure he'd love that… you should message him on discord. kek

No. 998733

But only if you're 16!

No. 998761

bad luck. he doesn't like pegging, but he sure likes girls with dicks.

No. 998829

sage your gay shit

No. 998831

he likes girls with bigger dicks than him which are not hard to find.
Happy? i sage.

No. 998866

What name drop was censored in the bday stream?

No. 998868

His name, Ryan.

No. 998923

Updated on everything so far, but has there been any more information that happen today?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 998926

for fucks sake. if nothing new is posted here, then no. there hasnt been any update.

No. 998928

very doubtfull we will take anything new for awhile… Everything was said and done let's wait to see if snake work will give us anything.

No. 998937

File: 1593483037093.png (37.38 KB, 758x316, Capture.PNG)

No. 998939

File: 1593483106305.jpeg (347.9 KB, 1242x851, E09BE539-A974-4AA9-B1F5-372E0B…)

lol i have no sympathy for angel, especially with how she treated russ

No. 998940

Can we not post the same fucking screenshot 3 times?

No. 998942

my bad was having issues with posting

No. 998951

I hate it how people who fucked around now are starting to say themselves "I HAVE GRIEF" bitch, you're sad because you got caught. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 998959

Good, she should. Cry wasn't the only one that treated Russ like shit, she shares equal blame on that and wouldn't have even been honest had Russ not said anything.

No. 998979

File: 1593491443391.png (767.92 KB, 2048x674, Screenshot_20200629-222836.png)

jesus fucking christ

No. 998980


her twitter is ALREADY gone

No. 998981

shes doing his suicide baiting for him, how efficient.

No. 998982

wow so we must be sensitive to his feelings while he disregards his victims and treats them like pieces of meat?

No. 998987

Her tumblr and Twitter are both nuked.

No. 998988

This just comes off as transparent as fuck emotional blackmail, gg

No. 998991

Is it bad that I.. dont really care? At this point I've sorta just grown numb to it. Also it sounds like cry was regularly suibaiting, which is pretty fucked up behavior on top of an already fucked up pile of shit.

No. 998992

So he holds people emotionally hostage, what a stunning revelation.

I doubt he'll kill himself, but if he does I'm sure we'll get to watch twitter comfort themselves about how their hate mobs are just to keep people honest, and how you can't help people unless they want to help themselves. How could they have known?? >:

No. 998995

Yeah I'm kinda okay to be honest with him doing himself in. Fuckers like him really do a number of fucked up shit and he thinks it's all game? Nah.

No. 998998

File: 1593494206287.png (288.14 KB, 828x1792, image0-9.png)



No. 999000

It’s just looks like she deleted it early because England is in a different time zone.
But really that’s enough for someone to request a wellness check for Cry. I know Ziegs is probably bullshitting, but it’s the logical thing to do in any situation like this.

No. 999001

File: 1593494300348.jpeg (336.83 KB, 828x867, 1DA66B5F-4EE4-469F-8D5D-EBE28D…)

No. 999003

File: 1593494505170.jpeg (346.91 KB, 828x724, 7B9994F0-7BE8-4D0F-80DE-F1EDDF…)

No. 999004

Oh my god, either cry is a massive piece of shit for obviously lying, or Ziegs is being real fucked up and claiming some fucked up shit to cover her ass.

I'm leaning against the first bit, but honestly at this point nothing would surprise me.

No. 999005

sage your shit faggot

No. 999006

at least there's some shit stirring again to stop it from being stale and what happened to Chey, too quiet after being exposed

No. 999009


Voice actor for Ayano from yandere simulator. It's not surprising she's sucking up to Cry considering she supports Yanderedev.

No. 999010

Friend of Cry/streamer who has been on stream multiple times. Also a voice actor but that's irrelevant

No. 999011

File: 1593495409648.png (729.68 KB, 2048x1918, Screenshot_20200629-233600.png)

Blowing it up??? Glad to know Michaela is still on the 'pedophilia isn't that bad' train

No. 999013

How haven't people called her out for her dumbass mindset yet? Never heard of her but this statement alone made my brain hurt.

No. 999014

File: 1593495566621.png (19.33 KB, 274x275, lawl.png)


Of fucking COURSE she does.
Jesus christ.
She also voices that cringey ass VN.

Pic from her site, just so everyone knows this isn't a dox.

No. 999016

File: 1593495892189.png (642.9 KB, 1609x2048, Screenshot_20200629-234415.png)

calling out a predator is cancel culture, apparently

No. 999019

File: 1593496160751.jpeg (324.61 KB, 1125x638, C82D80EE-DFD8-4131-8E6F-43DC69…)


Seems like ziegs is just trying to save her own ass

No. 999021

She's apparently close enough to him to get an immediate message about him not killing himself, probably another person he's having fake sex with.

Wonder if Michaela saw the message where Cry said he is only fucking people online because they have low self esteem.

No. 999028

File: 1593498465347.png (1.2 MB, 828x1792, 824EC737-B124-4478-8FF6-BCD727…)

if crys business isnt her business why is she posting about it?¿ also why is she so aggressive? her tweet underneath this one says she knows of a man you will "sock" you. what¿

No. 999029

File: 1593498608909.png (429.85 KB, 828x1792, DF0A9EA0-0924-4928-8313-C0B082…)

No. 999032

File: 1593498744930.png (742.52 KB, 1511x2048, Screenshot_20200630-002627.png)

No. 999033

"i know of a man who will legitimately fucking sock you"
holy shit what an empty threat

No. 999034

"its none of my business and im not going to comment on it but im commenting on it to say some of the accusations are lies. no i will not say which ones."

jesus christ shut up

No. 999035

She's starting to realize that holy fuck this might be real but she's aggressively denying everything about it. Apparently she probably has a boyfriend or something and she's ready to go down.

No. 999036

File: 1593499038756.png (341.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2020-06-30-08-35-41…)

Auri literally gave video proof I–

No. 999037

"It's none of my business but let me just say that he's not suicidal. No don't vet me for anything else!!!!" Some good milk is being made by these crazy ass supporters.

No. 999038

>Again my opinion not my problem anyway


No. 999039

She's completely ignoring Ocean entirely LOL

Also threatening to block people as if they give a shit

No. 999042

anyone else feels like this one is a bit weird on how much she wants to deny? Like even the fuckbuddy loli artist even admit that Cry had some issues and some shit was a little sus with him.

No. 999043

File: 1593499597352.png (757.33 KB, 1348x2048, Screenshot_20200630-004513.png)

Maybe if you'd stop constantly inserting yourself???

No. 999045

Sage your shit and also for the love of fuck, just show ocean's tweet to her if you really want to.
It's on the cryaotic subreddit.

No. 999047

Just for a year and she didn't pick up anything? Lmao. Aaah. Thread time yeah?

No. 999048

As far as I know, she's only known Cry for just over a year. She wasn't there for most of this shit like the other people were and she's probably just blindly taking Cry's word for it and not doing any research herself.

No. 999049

Grows up? He's been a grown ass man for years now. And who is she to keep someone's hands somewhere? Is she is mother? That seems to be his fetish too so she may as well be.

>I know of a man who will legitimately fucking sock you
Oh god the cringe. Cry's orbiters keep displaying cow behavior. I'm hoping more of them show up so we can have a thread on their obese asses.

>Only the people actually involved know
So in other words, she doesn't. Ocean was involved and would know if Cry is a pedo or not and has said that he essentially is.

If it's not your problem then stop giving your worthless opinion and shut the fuck up, fatass.

No. 999050

File: 1593500142702.png (538.43 KB, 1125x2436, 14DB1663-9220-44F3-A669-F31EB6…)

at this point it’s safe to say she barely knows anything and is just talking out of her ass. just someone else scared to provide any hard proof.

No. 999052

File: 1593500323812.png (767.14 KB, 1840x2048, Screenshot_20200630-005811.png)

destroy her, ocean

No. 999053


honestly ocean has been MVP for this whole thing

No. 999055

File: 1593500611845.png (444.72 KB, 1125x2436, 22A64444-8924-470E-ACC9-CE9593…)

No. 999057

what a shitshow of a human being

No. 999058

What a fucking coincidence once Ocean responds huh

No. 999059

No fucking way lmfao, being punished like a toddler

No. 999060

honestly yeah ocean and the moeka(seems to be some sorta person she's worked with in VA?) girl's comment sure shut her up. They were pretty clear on why she's acting like a fucking cow

orbit way more popular people and get a big head I guess jesus

No. 999067

File: 1593502229693.jpeg (262.22 KB, 737x691, A195DFB7-7706-4907-8389-FE9DBE…)

I really don’t get the logic behind this

No. 999070

The logic is: I'm gonna stick my nose into some shit that doesn't belong to me without reading and I can't admit that I'm wrong about it so hah in your face facts!

No. 999071

puts herself in the situation, continues to post about even after saying she doesn’t care and it isn’t her business, acts like a bitch towards people who are asking her simple questions, and then has to have her boyfriend tweet for her because she’s too emotional over something she started. how stupid. i’m glad she’s gone.

i’m just so confused as to why she even started talking in the first place? she’s not been vocal about the situation up until this point and she only spoke up now to defend against ziegs’ random ass tweet that was almost immediately deleted. something feels weird about this.

No. 999073

> "He does not have a fire arm"

I distinctly remember Cry mentioning he had access to guns in a stream years ago.

No. 999076

He mentioned that he has a magnum at one point like 2 years ago. Either he has since gotten rid of it, or Michaela was just spouting weird bullshit for some reason.

No. 999077

Fem cry was you??? Damn man I remember seeing your art and I was like okay that's weirdly funny.

No. 999078

File: 1593504038767.png (789.78 KB, 1194x1228, Untitled1.png)

kinda have anxiety towards this but I wanted to share my recount as a kid.

No real milk cause I deleted my tumblr years ago, but when I was in highschool I used to draw crycest / cryaotic cringy art. I drew clifford the big red cry, dark!cry and himself, things that would happen in the streams. It was a lot of weird stuff be he always encouraged it when he saw me post in chat. He'd reblog it on tumblr, and comment often, usually something weirdly sexual for me, a teenager. Had a few messages from him because I was in his LNC skype once. I had messaged BStar before bed, saying it was a school night and I hope he and everyone rest well. Then I got a LNC call invite and I was freaked out. But back then, I was beyond excited. It was a good chat, super friendly, but then I talked about how I was lesbian (didn't understand sexuality then but was confused by trauma) and how I would date him even though "I don't like men." He was all giddy, made his voice deep and spoke back to me. Don't remember what he said just how it made my teenage heart feel. We all said our good nights and that was that. Then I messaged him on tumblr, asked what art he wanted, cause I was infatuated with this man. He wanted him and BattleStar drawn as … octopi. I also vaguely remember drawing fem!cry too, it's been ages though. I also remember asking him about sexual art and if he was comfy with it. He said yeah but his "girlfriend didn't like it so he didn't reblog it often."

This is some of the art I could find but the years are way off because they are from way back machine. Just wanted to recount how creepy he was to me and my art at my young age, sorry for nothing solid from him. wish I hadn't deleted.

Seeing all this stuff about cry really brought up some wild memories of him; how friendly and welcoming he was, how he was such a large part of my childhood. And here we are. Whack as fuck. Makes me uncomfortable, and wonder how far he would have gone if we kept talking when I was 15. Freaky as fuck, but I ended up groomed later on in life.(Blog)

No. 999079

File: 1593504064886.jpeg (149.21 KB, 828x795, 46A15589-FDB9-4FE6-A8A9-D33746…)

actually she made a post about it on twitter a while ago. dated 6/21/20. should i post all three slides of pictures or link the tweet itself?

No. 999080


Sorry I deleted, I was freaked out cause I only lurk usually.
But yeah, that was me. he had said something about loving a nice pair of tits.

No. 999087


shit my bad. i’ve been trying to keep as up to date as possible on all of this shit and she just seemed to come out of nowhere for no reason tonight and it confused me. it’s better to just post the screenshots

No. 999091

The lardbag straight up justified cry cheating because chey was a bitch? She made him cheat, he had no other choice, got it. God everyone involved in this cluster is so fucking socially and mentally stunted.

No. 999092

All I can say really is, lol. What a shame if we lose this guy.

"When he was younger" is such a stupid added line when him being younger literally doesn't matter since he was 23. This bitch needs to stop sipping the kool-aid.

No. 999093

File: 1593506024640.jpeg (150.39 KB, 828x739, BB37D7A7-5EEC-4196-8EAE-4B3F26…)

No. 999094

File: 1593506057938.jpeg (122.84 KB, 828x650, 8AE6F10D-971B-4692-BE49-F95837…)

thats all of it. my opinion: garbage statement.

No. 999095

Couldn't break up with her, nah just had to cheat lmao

No. 999100

To be fair she did blackmail him with the whole fucking minors online thing so that she could stick around for a paycheck
At that point they were dating in name but he noped out of the relationship mentally

No. 999101

Is there any proof of that or is it all conjecture?

No. 999102

File: 1593507400442.png (947.93 KB, 828x1792, 1592845042398.png)

No. 999107

3rd paragraph kiddo

No. 999108

Who the hell is this?

No. 999109

Coyotemation. Look through previous threads.

No. 999137

Tbh I wouldn't care about him cheating on Chey, but after finding out that he betrayed Russ (who was a long-time friend) and took advantage of a minor (not sure in what order this went down) I'm 100% down with Ryan getting legally fucked and having his uwu wholesome soft boi reputation dragged down the gutters where it belongs.

No. 999181

File: 1593522647601.png (37.6 KB, 589x359, f739358063f27efdb923388ec42dd1…)

Ah yes I'm sure he'll learn and grow even though he's over 30 and has been grooming minors and brain dead adults for near a decade

No. 999188

It's funny how she is justifying it all by saying chey was an asshole to Ziegs. Coyote fucking knew about the minor (my guess Ocean). Both Ziegs and Coyote knew. For years. Coyote literally admitted to it in a tweet responding to someone…

No. 999213

God this sounds like every other braindead fangirl reply on twitter saying how good he is for acknowledging and how this is a moment of learning and how people need to support him so he can change.
I just assumed it to be mainly how his dumb uwu baka persona resonates with a more naive teenage mind but damn, this is a grown ass woman. Still implying this man doesn't know what he's doing or the consequences of those actions.

Oh oopsie woopsie big fucky wucky wow what a good learning opportunity

No. 999218

this dumbass really ain't even gonna acknowledge that Ocean called her the fuck out is she

No. 999223

Good on Ocean. She really needs to shut the fuck up when she is neither directly involved or a victim like the others.

I remember Cry always actively encouraged fanart of his online persona and so much. It all makes sense now that he's a creep that hits on underage girls.

No. 999242

File: 1593531459141.png (32.16 KB, 586x236, unknown-34.png)


No. 999244


Please, God, tell me she's going to cry "hackerz". please.

Ziegs, I feel like the police shouldve been contacted a LONG time ago.

No. 999247

File: 1593531664692.gif (582.5 KB, 275x143, 8105BFF0-98B6-447B-BBCC-5AA716…)

No. 999252

Shit, she's calling the cyber police.

No. 999256

I don't see how anyone could blame this "peanut gallery" for thinking this shit is funny.

Damn, Ziegs looks different in this video.

No. 999282

To be fair she also said she wasn't allowed to talk about it. Ziegs said the same thing but Ocean called her out but not Coyote so, just a theory here but, maybe Coyote found out after Ocean had been silenced by Ziegs, and so repeated what he'd been told by her.

No. 999304

Cry mentioned on stream once that he has a gun in his house, and more than one victim has alluded to Cry calling them late at night to emotionally guilt them, so I can believe that he would threaten to off himself. That doesn't excuse what Ziegs did and it definitely doesn't excuse her lying about it now.

No. 999311

I remember him on stream talking about how cheap it was to buy shotguns and he even looked up prices after he was playing a game and really liked the shotgun in it
It was a way long time ago, and I don't remember if he actually ordered one but I wouldn't be surprised if he had one or two guns given his fascination.

Not that him having a gun even matters, like, if he's suicidal the dude will find other ways to kill himself even without a gun, guys.

No. 999342

Nah, that I won't agree on. You gotta be pretty fucking dedicated to kill yourself in mostly every other way. Having a gun is basically having it available at the press of a button.

Not that even if he has a gun and would tweet it out himself, I'd believe him at this point. He's clearly an emotional manipuator.

No. 999365

File: 1593539557146.png (342.19 KB, 1440x1178, Screenshot_20200630-115027.png)

No. 999381

well that ip address links to woodbridge township new jersey

No. 999386

can't you get that result from logging in via vpn lol

No. 999391

Of course, and changing the time and date for sake of a screenshot would also be 2 mouseclicks away and very much public knowledge at this point. But the tweet in question did seem pretty uncharacteristic for Ziegs in general. Seems plausible at least that someone's fucking with her. Doesn't excuse everything prior ofc

No. 999395

Chey still a bitch but dang I feel a lot less bad about the Ziegs/Coyote situation now

No. 999399

The ip goes to Merck in Rahway NJ, so yeah almost definitely a VPN.

No. 999432

Coyote yeah, Ziegs not really. There's absolutely no justification for telling a victim of a pedo that they need to be quiet to protect the pedo.

No. 999437

File: 1593542004740.jpg (25.11 KB, 147x275, 1593045519723.jpg)


Except Coyote said she KNEW about the minor. Even if she wasn't allowed to say anything she kept making Chey look like the only bad guy. Chey was an asshole yes, but Coyote knew the truth and still attacked Cheyenne to her very big audience. And here's the reference again in case u missed it from the previous thread

No. 999450


I'm not buying this considering the tweet AND the DM were consistent with her typing & speech patterns

No. 999554

What if that person who came in here to say Cry’s been hacking them is right? Hell, maybe he even hacked Ziegs account! /s But seriously, I can’t imagine why someone would hack Ziegs just to post some guilt tripping bullshit and then deactivate her account? That just seems…odd?

No. 999559

Because the last few threads have been absolute garbage OPs, let's do a BIG recap. If I'm missing anything please add on and maybe the next person who makes a thread will fucking post this and not just a picture of Cry's default pic titled "Cryaotic thread".

Before this all went public:
Jund leaves the LNC stream early one night after Cry flips out on him for not enjoying a SJW furry visual novel.
Cry goes manic on a privated stream

June 17th
TiaBeanie (Previously went by the name Sakunora in the Cryaotic tumblr fandom) posts on Twitter about her experiences with a "Content Creator". Very quickly the content creator is revealed to be Cry himself.

June 20th
Cryoatic (accidentally) admits to grooming underaged girls in a youtube video that no one asked for, probably prompted by Tia's post.
Realizes soon after, he fucked up. Posts a statement on Twitter saying he made it in a manic state, and regrets it. Asks everyone to give him a few days.

After seeing his video, the LNC refuse streaming the show for that night.
In the LNC private Discord chat, Russ confronts Cry about him cheating with Red, and stealing Angel from him and turning her against him. Cry refuses to apologize.

Cheyenne revels about him admitting it on Twitter. Accuses the LNC boys of knowing he cheated on her with a minor. https://archive.vn/NAPjU

Wit posts on Twitter about how they knew Cry was shady and called it two years ago: https://archive.vn/PqWw9

Ocean returns: https://archive.vn/gQRTx

June 21st
Angel posts on Twitter that she has cut ties with Cry.

Jund streams the next day to try and unwind, people ask questions about what is going on.
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/657704387
Transcript: http://archive.md/oRZfF
Important bits:
-Scott knew he had sexual texts with a 16 year old years ago, he confronted Cry about it saying it was creepy and Cry lied to him and told him he stopped.
-Ziegs said in chat none of them knew it continued to happen and thought it was a one off occurrence.
-Scott says Cry has been acting very weird the past few weeks, might be because of new medication he is on or something.
-Scott says Cry did not tell any of them about the video and they all got blind sided by the upload like everyone else.
-Scott knew Cry had got Red to cheat on Russ, but he had let Russ make the decision to stay or not because he felt it wasn't his place.
-Scott says they (The LNC) have removed cry from LNC. He mentions they will probably start a new show without Cry, but they need to work stuff out.

Shortly after Scott starts streaming, Cry posts this statement on Twitter. Proceeds to stay silent for a week (so far) but continues to play games on steam.

Cheyenne continues to lie and attack the LNC, saying they KNEW that Cheyenne was underaged despite her telling them for years that the relationship was legal.
Posts a screenshot of Cry telling her he loved her when she was only 16.

Coyotemation returns, and unprivates the “In The Room” video.

Zieg’s makes a Twitter thread saying she & the crew were aware of creepy messages, but they thought it had stopped after that one occurrence.

June 22nd
Lolcow anon Auri creates a Twitter thread and posts her story & proof.
Too many links to post, her Twitter is still up and also archived here: >>>/snow/991718

Cheyenne and Coyote go into a huge Twitter fight after Coyote unprivates the video.
Cheyenne bullied Coyote into reprivating the “In the Room” video based on it “making her want to kill herself”. Too long to archive all so here is the part in the thread with screencaps:
The BIGGEST milk out of this Twitter fight:
Coyote reveals that she knew Ocean was underaged.
Coyote also reveals that Cheyenne was blackmailing Cry with this information to stay on the stream and get more money.
Shortly after Coyote deleted fucking everything and leaves Twitter.

Snake does his stream to address things from his side.
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/658634134
Transcript: http://archive.md/ULhJb
Important bits:
-Snake knew Cry cheated on Cheyenne, and who it was with because that person was not allowed to return. He did not know details (like age) about said person.
-Snake had read the lolcow threads about Cheyenne and Sage before, but did not read the whole thing and only saw people dogpiling Chey & Sage.
-”I‌ ‌don’t‌ ‌know‌ ‌how‌ ‌explicit‌ ‌I‌ ‌want‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌just‌ ‌because‌ ‌it’s‌ ‌not‌ ‌my‌ ‌story‌ ‌to‌ ‌tell.‌ ‌But‌ ‌I‌ ‌will‌ ‌say‌ ‌that‌ ‌the‌ ‌acts‌ ‌that‌ ‌Cry‌ ‌performed‌ ‌were‌ ‌absolutely‌ ‌illegal.”``
-Cheyenne told the crew that her and Cry dating was legal and they didn’t question it after that.
-He didn’t leave after Cry cheated because “you‌ ‌don’t‌ ‌quit‌ ‌your‌ ‌job‌ ‌because‌ ‌your‌ ‌boss‌ ‌cheats‌ ‌on‌ ‌their‌ ‌significant‌ ‌other.‌ ‌You‌ ‌do‌ ‌your‌ ‌job‌ ‌and‌ ‌you‌ ‌don’t‌ ‌deal‌ ‌with‌ ‌that‌ ‌person.”
-Cry cheated on Cheyenne with Red as well as Ocean
-Snake was given info that the most recent inappropriate activity Cry did was 2 days before he posted his video.

Sage accused Scott Jund of abusing her and then privates her Twitter account. She did not explain ANY info or post any proof.

June 23rd
Cheyenne makes up lies about Jund threatening her, does not post proof “Because steam doesn’t save chat logs” and never mentions it again.

Auri streams to discuss with people. Twitch laters removed the VOD? Only the first hour of the stream is transcripted.

Snake posts on Twitter that he is in contact with someone who can legally help any victims, and offers to connect victims who come forward.

Russ posts a tweet finally addressing Red's cheating. Explains what happened with Angel and what he knew about Cheyenne & Ocean.

Shortly after Russ's tweet, Angel posts a Twitlonger about Russ & that she is sorry for what she's done.

Russ then goes live
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/659764039
Transcript: http://archive.md/ogw6X
Important bits:

June 24th
Ziegs continues to respond to people on Twitter claiming she didn’t know Ocean was underaged.
Ocean proceeds to post proof that not only did Ziegs know Ocean was a child, but Ziegs also told Ocean to stay silent or they would face repercussions.
Ziegs sent Beanie a message saying ALL of the crew knew, Snake shuts this down by posting a Discord chat he had with her a few days ago of her lying to him saying she didn’t know either.

Auri streams for the second time. Cry messaging her during this time.
Transcript: http://archive.md/862CG

Beckens come out and says she is the girl Cry was sending messages to 2 days before releasing his video. Has been in a “flirting” relationship with Cry for the past 11 months.

June 25th
Maizilla comes out against Cry saying she was also groomed (as an adult)

Beckens accuses Auri of faking screenshots (Probably on behalf of Cry.)

Scott posts a big info dump on Cry, including proof from victims that gave the okay for him to publicize this.
Oceans claims ownership of the 1st, 7th, 9th and 13th pictures in Scott’s post.

Snake posts a twitlonger, he will be sending all the info that comes from victims who come forward and contact all the platforms Cry is on.

Chris brings up concerns to Jund stating that Cry is claiming he has no idea who Auri is. Jund asks Auri for proof.
Chris corroborates

Auri provides proof

Magnta says that her a Cry were “Fuckbuddies”

Tori comes forward and says she knows another underaged victim, but they will come out publicly on their own time. She then posts a dm the victim has of Cry talking to her acknowledging their age.

Chris posts more screenshots of Cry being an asshole on Twitter

CinnamonToastKen says he isn’t surprised about this stuff coming out about Cry.

Anon on lolcow posts a screenshot between Cheyenne and Cry, with them colluding to frame the guys for knowing something they did not know.
Cheyenne is actively working with her abuser to try and get innocent people in trouble.

Auri gets doxxed, nopes out.

June 26th
Ocean requests a copy of his data from Snapchat, that contains more incriminating evidence against Cry.

Auri comes back, found out who doxxed her. Was someone she knew irl who is a fan of Crys.

Magnta posts screenshots of her asking Cry about his inappropriate relationships.

Chris confirms there are ~18 people so far.

June 27th
Ziegsden finally responds, on tumblr (Archive is from another tumblr because you have to be logged in to see Zieg’s posts)

No word from Cry even though this was the supposed deadline for him to come forward.

June 28th
Ocean clearly confirms that Cry sent him pictures and video of his penis while knowing Ocean was underaged.

Lucius comes out as another FWB of Cry’s.
Tweet: http://archive.vn/0V1Vx
Twitlonger: http://archive.vn/OPTpW

Some idiot comes out admitting to reporting Cry to authorities when she clearly doesn’t know the full situation, has NOT contacted the victims, and tries to get the hashtags #cryaoticiscancelled and #cryaotic trending
Within a few hours deletes the post.

June 29th
Draxr comes out with a statement

Ziegs unlocks her account for one minutes, posts a tweet saying Cry is suicidal with a shotgun, and then deletes her Twitter and tumblr accounts.

Cringey fat voice actor and known pedo supporter Michaela Law says that Cry is fine and does not own a firearm. She continues posting telling people to fuck off, read a book, and threatens to block them. Claims Auri is a liar. As soon as Ocean responds to her she “freaks out” and her “boyfriend” takes away her phone.
Michaela confirms Cry is okay: http://archive.vn/UIwqb
Random example of her bullshit: http://archive.vn/j2qFt
Ocean’s tweet: http://archive.vn/BadIy
“Boyfriend” steps in: http://archive.vn/Q8Dqp

June 30th
Ziegs returns claiming to have been hacked.

Now waiting for more milk.

Last Snake knew, there were 14 people involved. Last Chris knew, there were 18.
List of confirmed who we know involved romantically/sexually involved with Cry:
Cheyenne (Underaged)
Ocean (Underaged)
TiaBeanie (Underaged)
Auri (Underaged)
Simpite (Underaged)
Luce (Underaged)
Tori’s friend (Underaged)

The people in question:

The predator:
Ryan Terry (Cryaotic) "31 year old groomer"
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/cryaotic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki/featured
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Tumblr: https://cryaotic.tumblr.com/

Former LNC members:
Russ Money
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/russ_money
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Russ_Money

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ScottJund
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScottJund

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/snake
Twitter: https://twitter.com/msf_actual

The actual worst kind of people:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: https://daaes.tumblr.com/

Ziegsden "Cover up the actual child predator so I still have a job" “I don’t get enough credit”
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ziegsden
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ziegsden
(nuked) Twitter: https://twitter.com/ziegsden?lang=en
(nuked) Tumblr: https://ziegsden.tumblr.com/

People who have come forward publically with evidence:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OceanHrvx
tumblr: https://oceanhrvx.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyTiabeanie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bubblegumpompom

Others involved in this mess:
Angel "I'm sof uwu and hungry for clout"
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lovexombie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovexombie
CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/lovexombie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Magnta555
CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.qa/Magnta
Link tree: https://linktr.ee/magnta555

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatifiwasmc

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/beckenss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beckyrallens
NSFW Twitter (FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DON’T CLICK): https://twitter.com/lewdkens?lang=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/torided

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smnius
CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/smnius

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/heychrisfox
Twitter: https://twitter.com/heychrisfox

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmd_8nUYZpd2CUEGx47RAQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coyotemation?lang=en

No. 999574

Thank you for your service anon o7

No. 999583

if there was any remaining doubt that ocean would be going to the police himself, i have him added on snapchat from ages ago when we were closer friends and his most recent post on his story contains a picture of a social distancing sign on the floor at the clearwater police department. i don't want to screenshot the pic for obvious reasons but it seems like cry may actually go to jail yet(This is an imageboard)

No. 999606

anyone have a time stamp for when ken talks about cry in his stream?

No. 999607

It is right in that very post, anon.

No. 999615

Oh, thanks for the Ken link. I was hoping he'd of said something, but must have missed that.

Whoever makes the next thread, if there is one, please don't fucking newfag and miss this. It's long, but I'd rather a long copy-paste than the shit we've been having.

No. 999616

To add on:

Past threads on Cry:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/142402
Thread #2: >>>/snow/193176
Thread #3: >>>/snow/228479
Thread #4: >>>/snow/249310
Thread #5: >>>/snow/272593
Thread #6: >>>/snow/307644
Thread #7: >>>/snow/700379
Thread #8: >>>/snow/991992
Thread #9: >>>/snow/997235

No. 999633

File: 1593551480337.png (2.88 MB, 1228x2048, Screenshot_20200630-151056.png)

From Michaela's twitter. Whose side is she on, exactly??

No. 999646

File: 1593551921197.jpg (497.72 KB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_20200630-171449_Twi…)

so she's singling out Auri… why?

No. 999654

"fake victims coming forward makes real victims less believable. so to counteract this i will tell everyone this victim is fake, for no reason." does this woman hear herself

No. 999656

I might be missing something obvious, but where did Luce say they were involved? There's nothing on their twitter or in previous threads.

No. 999657

The well is pretty much poisoned by now.

gg Cry, you're getting away with it and people are doing the work for you.

No. 999661

Maybe she thinks some stories don't add up. She still might know more than us.

No. 999679

If she knows for a fact that Auri is lying and has even a modicum of proof, she should absolutely forward it to Jund and Snake. But she doesn't and was probably fed bullshit from Cry.

No. 999685

she said multiple times it was "her opinion" that auri was lying, so she doesnt know shit.

No. 999686

Then do her research instead of bitching and moaning and trying to fight with every twitter person in the area.

No. 999692

File: 1593553436004.png (25.14 KB, 590x167, unknown-33.png)

still won't mention Auri or apologize, okay then

No. 999704

Didn't cry also say at some point that he doesn't know Auri? I'm really confused. I thought he tried to talk to her and she blocked him after.

No. 999706

She’s still trying to ride Ryan’s dick that’s all
The only one out of all the girls that called cry out that he has a personal agenda with is Auri because he knows he can scare her by doxxing or revealing her real info with some of the evidence she’d have to provide probably.
She sent her evidence to Jund but the pressure of the public from others will still throw her under the bus, Ryan is using these desperate ugly older women to attack for him to create an illusion of “oh look they’re defending him and they’re women who went through sexual abuse!!! They must be telling the truth about auri lying”
She’s the one who put Ryan on blast during live-streams and his manipulative messages were seen all this while he was trying to manipulate and guilt beckens and probably other women too, so in order to keep them on his side and make them
Believe that no they’re special and he’s talking to only him he set Auri up and made it seem like she faked those messages, faked who she is, etc.
She had the nerve to get in the way of his sweet talking to his harem so she needs to be punished.

No. 999707

File: 1593553788833.png (468.58 KB, 1125x957, image0-15.png)

No. 999711

I'm thinking that was because she's using an alias, and he maybe didn't recognize her by name.

No. 999712


No, he messaged her discord while she was Auri, he knows it's her and just lied to Chris about it

No. 999717

he even called her by name… That's why jund had to edit the video

No. 999723

is she pretending she didnt flat out say auri was lying before? she cant pretend she doesnt know about her suddenly

No. 999724

she's been very annoyingly dancing around it.

No. 999728

Dear anons, it is much harder to git clout by contacting the authorities/ talking to the (formally known as) LNC crew, rather than going on Twitter. We need to understand that.

No. 999733

File: 1593554902504.png (3.58 MB, 828x1792, 00D08D46-CD02-45E0-9108-B06996…)

This is the bitch that’s riding Ryan’s coat tail, you’d expect her to be skinny like her avatar.

No. 999735

File: 1593555017780.jpeg (286.56 KB, 828x695, 66EE68C8-6661-489F-A053-E1C4DB…)

She’s going on stream after ignoring everyone confronting her on claiming Auri is a liar without proof

No. 999737


She's talking about it during her stream, hopefully she won't delete the VOD

No. 999743

"(our) concerns are valid"

"I don't know what's going on"

"I will happily write an apology"


No. 999748

She's about to write an apology to Auri live, should post it on Twitter later.

No. 999752

Man, I know we call clout chasing a LOT here, but this is pretty fucking blatant.

No. 999754

Change of plans, private DM to Auri and public apology later.

This has more twists than pre-season 4 GOT. /s

No. 999761

"My opinion doesn't matter, what matters are the people involved."

So yeah, same as the other shifty ones that came before.

No. 999762

Easier to sell your voice when you pretend to be a hot skinny ugu waifu

No. 999765

Probably because Cry did too. Beckens did as well so my assumption is that he's feeding them a bag of his bullshit to eat and they're gobbling it right up like jealous whores. She sure as fuck keeps ignoring Ocean calling her out, too.

Doubtful, if she did then she wouldn't keep screaming "muh opinion". Neither she nor Beckens have shown any proof but Auri did.

I mean, Cry is an unattractive fatty so it makes sense that the only ones defending him are also unattractive fatties.

No. 999766

"I know about Cry and Chey and told him to stop it"

No. 999770

Who the hell is this third party she keeps mentioning that she had to check Auri's discord ID for?? Who is this reliable??

No. 999771

Seems like Ryan told her stuff about Auri and a bunch of stuff, and also is telling her he never threatened suicide to people.

No. 999773

Didn't she say that she contacted Jund at some point?

No. 999779

Now, she's saying that Jund told her that Auri said that Cry was suicidal.

No. 999780


Ziegs, not Auri.

No. 999790

We got confirmation that a legal team has told Cry to shut up until everything's gotten settled

No. 999794

I don’t believe Ryan actually has a legal team I think that’s what he says to calm his harem of picks me into believing him

No. 999795

Why do these ratchet hoes keep believing every word Ryan says, the dude has been exposed as a pathological liar several times over at this point.

No. 999797

and so have the aforementioned ratchet hoes

No. 999806

who's "we"? what's the source? stop vagueposting like this i stg these threads need better moderation

No. 999807


"We," the audience, the source, Michaela's stream, the thing that people are currently talking about.

No. 999816

screenshot? source?

No. 999819

Don't be lazy.
Just google Michaela wa twitch and you will find it.
She is live right now talking about what what happen.(imageboard)

No. 999820

File: 1593558414530.jpg (303.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200701_000610_com…)

Auri's tapping out

No. 999823

File: 1593558442911.jpg (156.46 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200701_000614_com…)

No. 999826

tl;dr "thanks for the donation money, I'm out"

No. 999827


Bet those charities don't see a thing

No. 999828

Seems incredibly ignorant to think that things are ever going to settle down at this point. Way too many people involved and way too much information yet to come out. If the past few weeks of this haven’t proven it enough, things are far more likely to get worse for him rather than better.

No. 999829

Dude you're on an imageboard you're the one being lazy for not posting it. If it was already posted here then yea that would be laziness on anyone here's part.

No. 999831

her post before this was all about how he is getting away with this.

No. 999836


Next plot twist is that irrelevant Michaela was right all along and Auri's starting to feel the heat

No. 999837


The compulsive liar with a history of making fake accounts hears that information belonging to her has been passed to someone investigating her claims and she is out. I guess she just has a lot of faith in the evidence she left behind.

No. 999838

How is she a compulsive liar exactly?

No. 999839

File: 1593559245540.jpeg (596.65 KB, 1125x1559, DA2D727C-77A5-450B-AAFF-BE4531…)

According to Scott there’s no real reason to doubt Auri. She may have tried to turn this whole thing into a cash grab but I’m leaning more towards believing her than doubting her.

No. 999840

For that to be a thing i can only imagine that things are not going well for the LNC on the legal side of things.
Jund also commented on being stressed over the legality of it all.

No. 999843

man even long before this jund was in a completely miserable state suffering from his "curse". I was legit worried about him this last week, this dude cant catch a break

No. 999845

What's his curse?

No. 999848

jund suffer from some really nasty disease that affects his nose and sometimes causes him to have horrible headaches. He spent almost the last 3 months without stream because of how awful he felt. The worst of all is that no one knows what he have… So i just call it curse LuL

No. 999857

If you’re gonna claim she’s a liar actually show proof
But none of you ever do, it’s just empty slanderous statements

No. 999876

I blame conflict/legal resolution a la Twitter for all this confusion

No. 999877

Auri has already shown proof that she's telling the truth. Despite Jund repeatedly saying that she has, it's the whiteknights and vendetta-chans that won't believe it but also won't back up anything that they're saying. Because Auri made money from it, she's a terrible person, but Russ got money from the situation too and he peaced out. There seems to be a lot of double standards.

It's stressful for everyone who has had to suffer the consequences of Cry's actions. Ocean seems to be the only one not willing to back down which is great cause there's hope that the pedo won't get away with all of it.

No. 999880

Russ got money off of it becuase he lost his fucking job lmao what is that double standards take?

The fucker lost his main source of income for a long period of time and then he noped out because he had an actual reason via mental illness.

I would be a bit distraught and having a fucking anxiety break down if my paycheck just got burnt up because my boss is a pedophile fuck.

No. 999885

The guy even got cucked and had to lower his head to keep his income or go back to the crackhouse that was his parents place.

And even Jaund doubt Auri in the beginning. there is clearly some redflags there.
Even if she is not lying, something about her is clearly off.

No. 999886

man STOP no one cares if auri got money. I bet not even the people who gave her money cares about it. Just stop

No. 999893

not to be a complete asshole but this feels like the third or fourth time she has said “im stepping back” / “im taking a break” etc.

No. 999901


Who cares. She got her pity coin and there's no more milk left from her.

No. 999956

It is. She's been saying it for a week or so now but people are still surprised by it.

This. She hasn't delivered any milk since her first stream. Ocean is the only one delivering milk at this point.

No. 1000158

this got lost in the fray earlier, can you screenshot from desktop?

No. 1000181

If you have a tablet, you can take a picture of your phone screen with the story on so it doesn’t notify them.

No. 1000215

jund has chronic sinus issues that give him frequent migraines and make it hard for him to breathe through his nose at the best of times. i think he's also mentioned having irritable bowel in the past.

No. 1000216

Pretty sure a lot of that is stress induced. Poor guy. His last stream he looked very disheveled.

No. 1000222

Any milk from his or Snakes stream?

No. 1000223

Yeah, and I don't think he's a hypochondriac (which is what Sage said), at least not completely. Hypochondriacs are convinced that they have life threatening illnesses, not just that they feel shitty most of the time and don't know why. He's mentioned that he's fairly obsessive compulsive, and anxiety issues like that can causes physical issues due to the stress. Chronic issues are really hard to diagnosis, and it's probably not something obvious. Anyway, there probably won't be any milk for a while, since any legal proceedings will take time and probably remain private for even longer.
>>1000222 No, they're understandably trying to have normal streams where they don't have to focus on it.

No. 1000315

After reading this I can only imagine how swiftly everything would’ve gone if the victims just grouped together in private, compiled all the stories and evidence and then took legal actions.
But no, everthing has to be on twitter first, what a shame.

No. 1000321

File: 1593600517018.jpg (326.37 KB, 1019x1102, 20200701_034506.jpg)

Michaela issued an awful apology and said she would stop getting involved

No. 1000323

Why the fuck did she get involved in the first place, lmao. What a stupid move.

No. 1000328

"my goal to disprove a claim became lost with the decisions i made" – what does this mean¿ she didnt try to disprove anything she just spouted her opinion. im confused. does she still have this goal? am i misinterpreting it?

No. 1000330

thank fucking god, this was the most meaningless and unnecessary side story we've had to sit through in this whole debacle. when will twitter learn to stop feeding narratives that have nothing to do with the actual scandal? ah, right, never.

No. 1000344


more screenshots from lucius/lunast of conversations from 2015-2016(imageboard)

No. 1000349

File: 1593605972913.png (41.88 KB, 716x209, 6a619a08e64a309b246e25156156d1…)

Archived copy: http://archive.vn/OuU1n
Wow Cry is extremely cringey. I'm shocked this works with any adults

No. 1000359

never understood why anons here simp for russ so hard, sucks he got cucked but you're lying to yourselves if you think he couldn't have found a higher paying job/source of income than a papa john's delivery boy in 6 whole fucking years. staying for another year or so while working on that is understandable, 6 years shows he was a willing cuck because it was easier to NEET his way through life playing video games and letting cry fuck all the girls he liked than it was to get a job

No. 1000362

you ever cringe so hard your entire body turns into a puckered asshole

No. 1000369

This is cringy, but can someone explain why people are coming out with stories like this? The author himself says he was 18+ when this was written, so what is the point? I just caught up with the allegations, most I could find were statements by adults though who talked about having a sexually charged relationship with him.

No. 1000371

I suppose its showing that he's an sex obsessed pest at the very least. This is hardly milk, but it gives credence that he's overly sexual so it's only natural that he turned out to be inappropriate towards multiple people.

No. 1000386

I don't see the specific timeline of this one but by any account it's still very fucked for someone around thirty to creep on someone around 18 especially in an incredibly skewed relationship like fan/e-celeb

Just cause it's not illegal doesn't mean it's not reprehensible

No. 1000410

File: 1593616630489.png (29.5 KB, 688x151, 508qn4G.png)

This is the funniest shit I've read in a while. Thanks anon.

I guess it's to show how much of a creep he was to pretty much everyone. He couldn't keep his e-dick put away for longer than five seconds and that's on a serious effort day. It doesn't seem like anyone was safe from his sexual harassment. The one who he was e-molesting said that they were really uncomfortable with Cry's rp stuff at times.

No. 1000421


According to the same authors statement he made contact with cry when when he was a minor and the flirted back and forth

If THIS is how cry RPs.. makes me wonder whether hes just not coming forth as another underage victims due to lack of evidence, he said something about deleting everything pre2013 over concerns of Crys privacy and 'paranoia', dont know what about but would make sense if he was underage and knew their dialogues were incriminating

Considering they were still a minor in 2013 but is 18+ in 2015, assuming they turned 18 in 2015, thats dangerously close age wise to the other victims

No. 1000424

I actually laughed out loud, imagine Cry the fat fuck standing next to this man, making sexy eyes at him AND THEN YANKING HIS HEAD ON TO HIS FLACCID SAD COCK FOR ALL OF FIVE SECONDS (BREAKING MANDEMS NECK, or maybe it's an Inspector Gadget type Go-Go Neck?), then letting go and smirking like he's a sex god

No. 1000427


No. 1000433

Fuck off

No. 1000493

Yeah, she knew what she was doing. And it's as if Auri needed any more motivation to go silent.
THIS is why people who've been targets of grooming never come out with their stories. Shitheads like her want to scrutinize every little detail and consider her a cash-grabber when she (in my opinion) didn't even do anything to deserve that level of scrutiny.

"Victims will be seen as less believable" my ass. Michaela has become the very thing she was fighting against.

No. 1000607

For the record >>998227 was a joke, I'm nobody relevant.

No. 1000621


To be fair to cry on this, I actually think the guy reciprocated completely. Especially with the fact that he's hiding his messages and only focusing on cry's.

This revealing just comes across as ingenuine to me… Unlike the others we've had so far.

Don't get me wrong though, it does emphasize that that cry is surely a sex addict, and massive cheater.

No. 1000628

We call him a sex addict, but in reality, the dude has been sitting in his basement touching himself. All alone. For over a decade.

He might be physically incapable of having sex because he can't get or stay hard unless he's doing this. Porn addiction turns dicks limp. I wonder if Cheyenne would spill the deets.

No. 1000668

File: 1593640918611.jpeg (87.37 KB, 828x530, EF3016E5-A47B-4A12-A0E5-71984F…)

she’s too busy changing her bio every other day to be able to give us some milk. Which speaking of, Cheyenne and her gf have removed each-others names out of their bios. Y’all think maybe Christine saw Cheyenne working with Cry and noped the hell out of there?

No. 1000686

File: 1593642411404.jpg (260.62 KB, 814x797, 20200701_232402.jpg)


>Inb4 cry face reveal

Give or take a few hundred pounds

No. 1000696

There is a youtube video of a woman that says cry targeted children between 12-14 yo. Did I miss anything? Where did she get that from?

No. 1000701

Don't be surprised that some people will make their videos with lies to be outrageous just to get more views. it's normal. fuck em.

No. 1000712

link the youtube video?

No. 1000719

No. 1000740

Agreed. He does say that 90% of their conversations were roleplaying and that he participated in it. He is trying to frame his encounters with Cry as something negative and wrong (probably out of shame, because RPing like this is cringy), but his story basically says that this was a consensual relationship between two adults. He played along and never brought it up in a negative way. So why exactly should this be on the masterlist?

Even his argument about the screenshot in >>1000410 doesn’t make sense. This is just RPing/porn fic 101. If this reminds him of something bad, he should’ve tried leaving the situation or bringing it up if necessary. It is likely that in this consensual, sexual RPing relationship Cyr did not realize he was overstepping a boundary and it would have been possible to say "This triggers me".

Not saying anything about it and then using a non-issue to cancel him later by blowing it out of proportion is shady. I also think that nonsense like this takes away the spotlight from actual victims.

No. 1000742

The dude never claimed to be a victim, he even says specifically that he does not consider himself a victim. The whole point was to give some insight into how Cry interacted with fan.

No. 1000751

He tries framing the situation in a certain way by randomly inserting his past sexual trauma into it and making weird implications like
> what I thought were "positive", consensual interactions

He does say that he is not a victim, but he sure makes it sound like he is one kek. Imo it does not help the cause and it is very different from being an underaged fan that is being groomed into sexual acts. Denouncing Cry because of him having a consensual, sexual relationship with an adult fan doesn’t make sense.

No. 1000753

He already said that he's not a victim. It doesn't take away from them at all either because it's just one more account of Cry being a cringy e-sex addict.

>Imo it does not help the cause
So what? It's still funny.

No. 1000758

So is he being canceled now because of grooming underage fans or because he is a cringy e-sex addict?

No. 1000761

No. 1000762

He's done fucking both. Jesus, it's like you guys can't take in all information. Cry has groomed underage fans. He's groomed adults. He's obviously a sex addict. He's a serial cheater. He's a compulsive liar. He can be all of these fucking things at once.

No. 1000764

Are you white knighting, or are you just fucking stupid?

No. 1000778

yeah she's a clout chaser. Ignore her.

No. 1000885

Nope anon, apparently he can only be one of those things.

Whiteknighting for who? Cause I said the cringe was funny? Take a nap anon, it's not that serious.

No. 1000886

File: 1593665124671.jpg (320.63 KB, 782x788, 1593536753445.jpg)

>groomed adults

No. 1000894

No. 1000933

This is a joke.
you can't groom an adult.
By 18 you should have the ability to say yes or no and that is it.

No. 1000937

It's called conditioning which is also a form of grooming

No. 1000938

You're seriously overestimating adults.

No. 1000943

>By 18 you should have the ability to say yes or no and that is it.
Implying a 40yo could never manipulate an 18yo via their lack of life experience, financial stability, etc. either implies to me you are only around 18 and a complete dumbass yourself or you are a whole predator. kek

No. 1000948

you guys are so fucking stupid who the fuck cares if hes playing it like hes a victim or not? all it is is another situation where cry was being creepy, consensual or not. you all waste so much fucking time on shit that doesn't matter its why the last thread was so shit

No. 1000949

NTAYRT, but I also would not call the case that was discussed earlier as "adult grooming". Agreeing that adult grooming can be a thing, but it is not what happened in >>1000740 and trying to cancel someone for consensual sexual interactions is just as cringy as those embarrassing roleplaying screenshots. This is in no way adult grooming, but a situation where literally nothing bad happened and the OP could have just said "no" or, even better, could have stopped writing cringy roleplay shit himself.

No. 1000955

>>> tell victim they should have just said no

>>> Wow such hindsight thank you

No. 1000963

it’s because this is a thread full of actual children anon

No. 1000973


OP has stated he has had contact with Cry since the age of 14, I wouldnt personally say his choice to cringe rp with him as an adult was totally free from Crys greasy influence

No. 1000975

File: 1593690909235.jpg (809.51 KB, 809x2158, Screenshot_20200702-124957_Cur…)


Forgot milk

No. 1001000

Fair point: People are fucking dumb. but by 18 years old you are considered to be capable of making your own adult decisions. (Assuming no mental retardation problems, of course)
If you consent to something stupid but legal, that is on you. Don't cry victim for being dumb.
That is not the definition of grooming. grooming is making friends with the familly of/a minor to gain their trust and eventually have illegal sex with them.

If i offer 1k to a 18 old dude for sex and he says
yes, its consensual prostitution.

If i convince some 19 old college kid that i totally love him and not just want a quick lay and he bites, its called being a bitch and a liar.
Not grooming. Or rape.
Don't cry Rape at your bad tinder date.

You can be a sex addict and still not be a rapist or a disgusting pedo. Being overly sexual with a consenting adult is just annoying at best. if not for the other evidence this would be meaningless.

Also, was him a minor when he started? Was he not?
this cow is contradicting herself.

No. 1001006

Are you retarded or just cant read? OP has never claimed to have been groomed or was a victim or 'cry rape/victim' and made abundantly clear things are just for context, holy fuck.

Op was hit on in the same way when he was a minor which carried onto adulthood where he began to reciprocate, thats the important part

No. 1001008

agreeing with other anon that op never claimed to be groomed, but if a celebrity figure has a young audience, makes that audience friendly towards him and his "normal" behaviour, makes them look up to him or do things that make him seem like a higher figure etc then yes it kind of IS grooming for cry to show up to an audience member who finally turned 18 and go "ok now would you like to give me positive sexual attention because i waited therefor nothing wrong with pursuing a fan!" cry shouldnt be having any relations with any fans period, let alone ones who were underaged for the years they viewed him while they werent mature enough to see the influence he had on them.

No. 1001010

I can't really agree to this.
If he never had contact with the person, he cannot be blamed for the person stupidity of wanting to give him attention after they turned 18.

If the groopie is 18+, the groopie is a consensual adult by law.

My confusion is: He puts on his statement that he is not a victim and was not groomed, but by the end off >>1000975 he says they flirted when he was a minor. witch is 100% a crime in florida, by the way.

No. 1001014

How do you not get that explicitly targeting fans, especially young ones, creates an inappropriate power dynamic? If this was just about sex it would be very easy for him to find shitty rp sex anonymously on any of the dozens of forums for that exact thing, but instead he chose to engage with fans in that manner repeatedly because he liked the extra attention he got from them treating him like he was special.

If you're a celebrity, or for the sake of example an e-celebrity like a streamer or something, and some crazy fan is like "omg I love you so much I didn't pay my rent this month so I could donate $1500" you still have a responsibility to be like "Hey, don't fucking do that." Sure they chose to donate but that doesn't mean you have to enable their bad decision, even if it would be totally legal for you to keep the money. It's about morality.

No. 1001019

this is why actual celebrities generally don't date/have sexual contact with their fans. the other person being a fan inherently skews the relationship.

there's a dynamic that makes the fan unlikely to say no to anything, and a good chance that years down the line fan is going to wake up and realise they were starstruck the whole time and only agreed because of that, then boom.

that's why this shit is weird even if the fan is 18+. cry's ~status~ in their heads still affects their likelihood of reciprocating. was it ultimately their decision to reciprocate? yes. but did cry abuse his fans' higher likelihood to agreeing to sexual contact with him because he's a fat basement dweller who normie women and men would never fuck? also yes.

No. 1001022


He says he doesnt 'consider himself a victim', important distinction

Also not sure if relevant, but UK age of consent is 16. Op is from the UK last time I checked, so my guess is he cant claim Crys done anything illegal from his perspective?

No. 1001037

This is just one person's perspective out of, what, the fucking 30 plus fucking fans he had sexual contact with? Can we stop acting like what Cry did was okay?

Also have we forgotten that he HAS sent pictures and videos of his dick to a minor? Jesus christ. Stop focusing on ONE DUDE who was just giving some examples of how Cry acts.

No. 1001038

>>1001022 Iguess.
Countries that have lower consent ages tend to have better sexual education than the US, So its probably that. Kids learn much earlier and much better what and how to avoid, use protection, responsibility,How to not fuck up one time things by getting pregnant. They basically become adults earlier.
OP did not sounded traumatized or hurt by what happened if not by the
"Fuck i flirted with a Pedo" moment and how disappointed everybody is on Cryian.

Your exemple and what happened are not the same.
If someone donate a lot of money to the streamer and tell them that they have no money, Yes, the streamer will tell them not to do that, but most likely keep the money. they have no moral obligation of cover someone else's bad life decisions.

If the groopie goes to fuck the celebrity, All they need to do is say "Are you sure?" If they say yes that is it. You are an adult.

You know what you are doing. stop trying to dodge your responsibility. Fans are not mindless zombies. They know what they are doing. They are fucking adults.
He is also not your boss or any sort of authority. You cannot have a weird power dynamic with someone that has no power over you.

Cry's is an asshole because he is seducing people that ARE NOT capable of knowing what they are doing. even if he is doing like Jund and OP said of just trying to fuck anything that gives him the time of day, that is still resulting on him being sexual towards US minors that do not know the correct end of a condom.

He needs Jail time.

No. 1001047

Ziegs' twitter has disappeared again. Can't wait for the inevitable 'i was hacked' again after she claims to have put 2 factor authentication on everything

No. 1001086

Big disagree that just because you're an adult that there isn't a power dynamic between fan/celeb, in any situation. It's fucking gross for any celebs to go after their fans. You guys are fucking weird.

No. 1001091

Japan law is not a myth.
There is a federal that sets age of consent of 13.
But there is another somewhat vague law that says that doing certain lewd things under 18 is crime.
And some districts have laws that if the parents give the okay to the older party, Its also legal.
that said, most age of consent laws were put in place way before we had a clue about teenage brain development. Age of consent laws are much more linked to religion and culture than anything else.

Hence why the older dates are centered on europe. They have age approximation for the same reasons.

Even on the us, 21 states have age of consent on 16 with no limitations.

If you educate your children right, 16 is a very healthy age. There is no reason to infantilize teenagers.

That said, Cry went for people that barely knew the diference between a condom and a baloon. He deserves what he gets.

No. 1001096

were they that naive? (I'm not trying to excuse cry)

No. 1001107

File: 1593713760147.jpg (256.33 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20200702-131358_Chr…)

This is like the 3rd time she's changed her bio, despite never posting or addressing the fact she was trying to collude with Cry to implicate Russ, Jund and Snake despite Ocean already confirming they didn't know he was underage.

Didn't take you for a coward, Cheyenne. You always ran your mouth before.

No. 1001131

There are always power imbalances between fan relationships and creators. Like anon said above me, the "high" of getting attention from someone like that will make people say yes to things they might not be comfortable with. Add in the fact that when you're a minor you're brain literally isn't developed enough to make good choices and the question isn't "were they that naive?" Its was Cry that naive to believe that they were on the same playing field mentally doing all this as a grown man? He knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew that he could get away with his behavior because they were young and stupid.

When there's thousands of people you can choose from your own age to date why go for your underage fans? Because they're easy to manipulate and probably won't even know what you're doing to them is fucked up until they mature but by then its usually too late.

Adult women are in a whole other playing field than teenagers. Most wouldnt be willing to put up with a sexpest BF and most could see through the red flags of sexual manipulation. Dudes like Cry would rather just take the "easy" route and take advantage of that immaturity and insecurity teen girls have.

No. 1001172

this is the gayest shit i’ve ever read does she have middle schooler syndrome

No. 1001204

"the ghost of the opera" She wishes she was Erik, she's really just Carlotta.

Teenagers having sex with other teenagers is different than a teenager having sex with a fully grown 22+ year old. Let teenagers fuck each other, whatever, but ADULTS should not be fucking them.

No. 1001235

well i guess the milk is pretty much over, disappointing. so long.

No. 1001236


Until Cry uploads a video, pretty much. The legal process is extremely slow an could take months.

No. 1001251

Sex Ed in united stated is as pathetic as any of cry's possible excuses for what he did.
Us treats teens as kids, and it shows when they are way past their age of consent but breakdown and are traumatized for ever at their first bad tinder date.
Or, you know. The prolific teen pregnancy problem. that just does not happen on places with a lower age of consent but much better sex ed.

The point is that you cannot have a power imbalance on someone that does not pay your bills or is not your authority. Any power play resulting of that is consensual and willing. Some people do get off on having sex with their idols but if they are of age, they know what they are doing. They are not brainless.

Cry is despicable for going after people that are not mentally ready to be able to consent, But don't full yourself. it has nothing to do with brain development about that age. Is about sexual education and culture. Compare to other places, US infantilizes teens, making them mature latter.

But if in the us a 17 old is a child in the us, then Cry needs to go to jail for pedofilia. He could have done that with any consensual adult, but he could not hold his dick back and harmed children. this caw needs to go to the slaughter.

No. 1001256

can yall sage ur stupid arguments please, im tried of seeing this thread bumped & thinking there is new shit when in reality its a bunch of retards fighting… this isn't twitter go away

No. 1001281


>hur hur bad sex ed is the reason why this is happening

No; it's because literally creepy ass old men are going after naive kids. Naivety is a byproduct of having kids, it's what makes kids so pure and happy. And just because it's a federal age law of consent, doesn't mean you fucking should do it lmao

What is with these bad takes my guy?

No. 1001339

File: 1593740110923.png (233.43 KB, 828x627, image0-19.png)

it changed again. Stop vague bio tweeting and stay off Twitter, Chey

No. 1001340

File: 1593740342359.png (73.79 KB, 504x303, cry.png)

the fact idolised this man as a little girl sickens me.

No. 1001352

tbf in this case, didn't no one have sex with teenagers? he sent creepy texts, and possibly solicited pictures, but we don't even know that yet

No. 1001353

Ocean already confirmed that pics were exchanged while he was underaged.

No. 1001382

Not even worth taking the time to screen grab it, her new bio is "my fbi agent deadlifts 666"

No. 1001438


She's such an attention whore. No one cares about you, Cheyenne.

No. 1001439

…they said, as they vigorously slammed their F5 key on her profile

No. 1001459

Calm down, retard-chan xoxo

No. 1001519

This might be me oldfagging here, or maybe not, idk how long he kept it up.. But remember how much Cry used to rag on Tobuscus, and how hard he was gloating when those allegations came up against him? And yeah, fuck that guy too, but holy shit imagine virtue signaling so hard about another youtuber being a creep while LITERALLY soliciting nudes and ERPing with MINORS at the same time.
At least the other guy kept it around his age.

What a lowlife scummy piece of shit huh

No. 1001545

And calling it "raising their self-esteem". Just a gross piece of shit my man.

No. 1002000

another victim came forward - someone who knew cry before he was big on YouTube http://archive.today/Gk74I(imageboard)

No. 1002010

No. 1002011

read the rules before posting holy shit

No. 1002013

File: 1593848316591.jpeg (754.98 KB, 828x1000, E121B5AD-D52E-4DBE-9B5B-504E3D…)

No. 1002015

File: 1593848525208.jpeg (444.06 KB, 778x490, 7B301F00-407E-403B-A583-1863BE…)


No. 1002016

File: 1593848693531.jpeg (898.9 KB, 828x847, 2185EEA1-23DC-4BF0-B8C9-5418F8…)


No. 1002017

Interesting that she says he started therapy because of his "lewd behaviour" and not because of anxiety/adhd/childhood drama.
Do we know how Angel supposedly "betrayed" him?

No. 1002018

>call him "Master" when we spoke
He's deranged lmao. And I used to think that he was one of those rare, normal, emotionally stable Youtubers…Does Youtube make everyone a narcissist or what?

No. 1002020

File: 1593850248986.png (1.99 MB, 2048x1918, Screenshot_20200704-020954.png)

No. 1002021

File: 1593850287382.png (2.07 MB, 2017x2048, Screenshot_20200704-021011.png)

No. 1002022

File: 1593850318132.png (2.14 MB, 1979x2048, Screenshot_20200704-021024.png)

No. 1002057

File: 1593863244602.jpg (111.55 KB, 719x412, IMG_20200704_164719.jpg)

No. 1002071

>you cannot have a power imbalance on someone that does not pay your bills or is not your authority

you heard the pedo, lads! pedophilia is only real if the pedo is his victims' parent or teacher lmfao

No. 1002082

File: 1593873020107.jpeg (99.78 KB, 1628x424, 51793B8A-689B-40E1-BE2E-72B3B5…)

posting these here so all the bases are covered: latest victim’s discord conversation with cry

No. 1002083

File: 1593873056171.jpeg (114.53 KB, 420x681, 59D7A01C-AB71-4922-A4EB-4580D8…)

and her reddit conversation with him (1)

No. 1002084

File: 1593873079720.jpeg (143.41 KB, 419x748, CA42189E-5A70-4309-AA4D-0308E4…)


No. 1002087

So she wasn't abused as such (and the ages seem legit), she just regrets the relationship.

…Why did she put all this private shit online again?

No. 1002091

did you read any of what she wrote? she was clearly manipulated by him throughout their relationship and was overly sexual towards her. he literally asked for her to send photos and vids so he could rebuild his porn collection.

No. 1002096

If being awkward/an asshole concerning sexual matters was a crime, every human being from 12 and up would be in jail.

Besides, what he did is, in fact, what some people do in sexual relationships. The man be cringe but, in this case, it's fucking clout chasing again (or just severe immaturity).

No. 1002097

its not about it being a crime or not you absolute dingus

No. 1002099

I think people are just riding the cry hate train at this point. Okay he fucked with your head and now your pisses because you found out you weren't the only one he messed around with. Who cares. Get over it. That's life. You meet asshole. But unless he did something illegal to you, there's really no point to come out and say this. Just seems like an easy way to get back at your ex for breaking your trust.

No. 1002106

File: 1593877518200.png (118.8 KB, 661x508, Screenshot_2020-07-04-08-37-34…)


No. 1002111

but anon, don't you know that no one has to take responsibility for themselves and EVERYONE is a victim, no exceptions? I don't know if some of these are trauma so much as shame and regret for getting played by an ugly fuck whom they once idolized.

No. 1002123


>there's really no point to come out and say this.

This post, if anything, is reinforcing the claims that many have made over the past few weeks.

someone: cryaotic took advantage of me and these people's stories need to be heard and legal actions should be taken.
anons: omg baseless claim, no evidence, show milk or get doxxed cow
victims: step forward to share their stories, provide a bit of milk, standing together to reinforce each others' claims about a gross man using his youtube fame to take advantage of underage girls
you: wow. no point in this post. why even come forward.

honestly, did you even read the screenshots?


Where have any of these victims NOT taken responsibility for themselves? It seems like every other sentence in their stories is "maybe I was young and stupid," "i know now i shouldnt have egged him on/RP'd with him" etc etc.

No. 1002124

There will always be dumb precocious teens trying to hook up with their idols, but my hope is that with all this shit getting spilled these creeps start to think twice and be responsible before engaging with fans. On the downside, I can see this also negatively affecting fan interactivity/bonding with your supporters because in order not to violate that boundary things are going to have to be kept strictly business but it's for the better, honestly.

No. 1002131

You guys can't tell me that some of these people aren't milking this for all it's worth. There are millions of people who get played by people they were involved with. Yeah maybe he was an idol to you but that only reinforces the fact that you wanted to be special. Everyone has their reasons as to why they form certain relationships. He gave you what you wanted which was to feel special and you gave him what he wanted which was sexual favors I guess. Instead of wallowing in your sorrows, maybe you should put your big girl panties on, learn from that experience, and move the fuck on. Everyone has a story. People need to stop taking the spotlight away from actual victims by making it about them. She was one of many fuck buddies. End of story.

No. 1002133

Sometimes it's not so much about the legality of it, though. It's just the scope of how many people he was using all at the same time. He's a sick person that needs help. That's on him.

No. 1002138

countless posters agreed and have proof this is the fucking case. if somebody was trying to tell you that, maybe you should respond to those comments instead of using this thread like twitter to moralfag your opinions on 9 threads of evidence. sure, some people are wallowing in sorrows, but youd be blind to pretend cry hasnt spent this time doing the exact same thing in regards to his own behaviour. to ignore power dynamics in relationships involving public figures is stupid and biased against "actual victims".

No. 1002160

Cry is sick sure. But what he did legally and what he did just to get some ass is two different things. But if you guys want to cancel everyone that hits it and quits it then say goodbye to any human you've ever met. We don't know the extent of these relationships from just one or two screen shots. All I'm saying.

No. 1002161

He didn't just hit it and quit it, he's been lying and manipulating countless of people around him for years to get what he wants, lol. This isn't just a story of some player.

No. 1002163

I guess. But eventually people need to take responsibility of their own actions. You can't just blame everyone. You thought you were in love but he turned out to be a piece of shit. Move on. Be an adult. If you were 15 and he was 22 then fine you have a fair point because age plays a big part in how mentally aware you are, But if you were 22 and he was 22. Like be mad, but don't use this moment just to shit on an ex. But at this point I've said what I've said. Done is done. Some people need to buy journal or get a therapist or talk to someone instead of posting every fucking thing online.

No. 1002165

Therapists are outdated Anon, the last few months have clearly established Twitter and TwitLonger as the new modern methods of mental healing.

FFS, get in with the times boomer /s

No. 1002168

He just also was soliciting minors for sexual things, whether it was sexual roleplay or more. It didn't seem to matter who you were, like others have said, he usually didn't seem to ask age because it didn't matter to him. He just wanted one thing, sex and adoration, and he lied and manipulated to get it. The dude is super fucked up.

No. 1002180

Almost every single victim that has come out throughout this whole process HAS taken responsibility for their part. Nearly all of them have said something akin to “I shouldn’t have encouraged him or sought out his attention”. They have already claimed their part. Cry hasn’t and that’s the issue, that’s why more and more people are adding to the claims.
He has shown a pattern of abuse and manipulation. The victims and other people posting their experiences with him are just affirming that this is who he is and what he does.

No. 1002183

This. This is the whole fucking point. He should be in the hot seat for not just the illegal things that he did but for his blatant power abuse. He never cared about a person's age, as long as they roleplayed with him. He did this shit with pretty much anyone who came into contact with him and didn't give a single damn about the consequences as long as he got his e-sex fix. The stories show that he's fake as hell and each story just reinforces that he uses people to get what he wants. It doesn't have to be a crime to be fucked up. It's been dry as fuck for the past few days, the tiny bit of milk isn't going to hurt it.

No. 1002367

File: 1593920857916.jpeg (462.36 KB, 1125x1289, 27AAA37E-3250-4204-B120-F7CE56…)

No. 1002372

that's a pretty blatant admission of guilt since any lawyer worth their weight would advise that when you were actively trying to engage in slander, so, lmao can't wait to see where this goes. Thanks for the update, anon.

No. 1002373


How much do you want to bet that Ryan paid for her lawyer.

No. 1002375

Or that Ryan is the one who gave her this advice, or told her it came from his “lawyer”.

No. 1002380


inb4 she uses the lawyer to go after the LNC and not Cry for some reason

No. 1002452

No you've got it all wrong guys. She's now answering to a higher authority; clearly she's found Jesus.
And right she is, what better way to collude with a child predator than with the aid of the Catholic church.

No. 1002464


No. 1002469

File: 1593951830826.jpg (181.32 KB, 718x709, IMG_20200705_172326.jpg)

watch out guys

No. 1002471

I doubt she has a lawyer. I think she just means that she’s been told that someone is getting the authorities involved. It was probably Christine who told her to stop.

No. 1002845

File: 1593994076341.jpg (761.68 KB, 810x2975, Screenshot_20200705-200642_Twi…)

Auri: I'm stepping down for a bit guys
Also Auri:

That didn't last all too long.

No. 1002847



Bitch fuck off, not all victims here are sweet angels like you lmao. Read the fucking room. Fuck me Cheyenne even was blackmailing fuckers to be around.

No. 1002866

yea, she took a break for 5 fucking days, stop micromanaging her jesus

No. 1002867


When you take a break; it's normally a month or so. Especially if you're dealing with an abusing manipulative monster like Cryaotic. So no it's not really that rare to get a bit cynical about how long a supposed victim leaving and then come back out of no where.

Especially when the said victim had donations for her QnA stream. So take that as you will from that note.

No. 1002870

There's no guide on how to react to situations like this. Some need time out of the internet to feel better. Some need to keep their schedules as if nothing has happened. Some just need to have a 5 day break.
Not everyone reacts the same. Let her do what makes her feel better on her own way.

No. 1002871

I don't think taking a personal break has any kind of minimum time requirement, dude.

No. 1002872

lmao not even for a week though? K

No. 1002873

Don't worry, she won't be farming donos this time for sure

No. 1002890

Get over your self you dipshit. You don't make the rules for others to follow. The world does not revolve around you or your shitty views. Just fuck off.

No. 1002894

You seem pretty upset that someone is questioning someone's own behavior lmao hope she sees this.

No. 1002904

Upset? Yes, you can say that. Do you expect me to make excuses and tell you that I am not?What kind of a sick fuck are you? I am glad that I was born with empathy and that I am able to sympathize with people. So Fuck off.

No. 1002913

Grab a Snickers (TM) anon

No. 1002916

Wow, Cry and his sex creeps love to micromanage Auri, don’t they. I can’t imagine who else would rather drag her than a pedophile creep and his delusional harem.

No. 1002918

>says she's leaving to get away from the drama
>only leaves for 5 days
>gets called sex creeps if you say anything about it
Make it make sense anon

No. 1002920

hope you get that head pat you are clearly looking for anon

No. 1002928

i can't believe this shit, man. i remember watching cry when i was 12 because he was funny, just when watching pewdiepie, cry, tobuscus, mark, having stupid crushes on them… this is sick. it's just so surreal. good shit cry is being call out for the shit he is.

No. 1002942

I just wish i knew it was that easy to enter his inner circle. It would have ben fun to hangout with LNC once on stream then milk that for life.

No. 1002954

Fuck all the newfags who can't sage for shit.

The problem with Auri's distance is her immediately coming back as a guest to stream with some randoms for donos. As far as I know no confirmed victims are involved, it feels like that FBI report twitter bitch all over again.

No. 1002960

you'd think after people doxxing her on here she would abandon that twitter. wasn't the point of even making it so she wouldn't reveal her personal info. now just seems like she's used it to create a community of some kind with her discord and following. even if her intentions are not to milk donations/following I just feel it's in poor taste considering.

No. 1002968

no confirmed victims? so the ocean logs aren't enough for you lmao?

No. 1002976

I meant no confirmed victims involved with the charity stream, not that there weren't any confirmed victims at all.

No. 1002985

since when did this thread become full of people having the same 3 arguments every day holy shit

No. 1002986

Since this entire situation died out and Cry has begun getting away with it all. There hasn't been any substantial amounts of new milk and there won't be for a few months probably.

No. 1003047

The recent girl in this thread that knew cry before fame kind of confirms that he didn’t just keep things online, it became a physical thing, same with Cheyenne, and Beckens when she admitted she got sexual with him a few days before he exposed himself.
I’m 100% sure there’s plenty of others, he isn’t just satisfied from online sex, it turns into a real thing eventually with some of the people that he builds loyalty with. I don’t think he’s into it just for sex and random hook ups, it’s more like he enjoys the whole act of luring them in, romancing them, contacting them for night time sexting while he’s in relationships, than getting them to do everything and anything he ask for
He’s definitely into moral degeneration. This also explains why he tends to juggle multiple at a time, only a handful take them bait the others eventually get tired and stop replying.

No. 1003056

projecting your fetishes much?

No. 1003107

DAMN do yall have ANYTHING else to do than bump this thread with your bullshit excuses for not liking Auri???

she got some donations, which weren't even of her own accord. so what? if you didnt give her money, you have no place to be upset over it. sit the fuck down.

not to mention, her accusations were proven correct by Jund. why do you guys insist on plugging your ears and screaming "CLOUT CHASER" when its pretty obvious her intention wasn't to make money off of this?

also, like other anons have stated, there's no pre-requisite timeframe for "taking a break". some of you guys would definitely get more out of having 5 days off the internet, moreso than auri could.

No. 1003110

Okay, who cares, we can stop defending her too, Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter. She also doesn't need a team of white knights in here, you guys are annoying.
Both sides of you guys are retards.

No. 1003113

>>1002920 Head pat? What are you? Fucking 10? Grow the fuck up.

I am all up for critiquing people's behaviors but when it comes to this kind of abuse… Let them be. Except Cheyenne. Fuck her

No. 1003118

Can we just stop bringing up Auri unless she gives us actual milk? This is fucking annoying.

No. 1003133

why are you taking it so personally anon?

No. 1003135

sage ur shit u retards stop bumping the fucking thread, go back to twitter to fight over stupid shit

No. 1003141

The only thing I remotely care about with Auri is she tweeted that she'd donate most of that money to a charity related to child abuse or some shit. Did she? And if she didn't, did she delete the tweet or why aren't people on her ass about that? Instead of circling around the same 2 playground arguments.

No. 1003144

yeah, I'd like to know what charity she supposedly donated too, with receipts.

No. 1003162

Speaking of, where was she even getting donations? You can't turn off "donations" in a lot of streaming platforms when you turn them on.

No. 1003170

Yes you can, it was a link to her PayPal below stream.

No. 1003172

are we forgetting she made an entirely new persona to come forward with her story safely?
She was a streamer before this current account shes using, she set up paypal for the sole reason of pity donations.

No. 1003186

Wait, I didn't actually know this. She's a streamer? Why is she accepting donations at all under her Auri pseudonym then? Why is she even creating a community under this name, if she's a streamer with, I'm assuming, a community with her own already? Is she multitasking two streaming communities? What's the goal here with that, then?

That's actually extremely strange.

No. 1003197

I'm not going to doxx her, someone did post her original username in previous threads if you care to look.
TLDR, she had a dead community (i think she deleted her old accounts now) and was trying her best to be a typical streamer, she bought 10k followers to look as if she was somewhat "known".

I understand creating a persona when you're coming forward with sensitive info about yourself, that i'm fine with. I'm not fine with her trying to create a community around an account that should have just been a throw away, as well as to make a brand new twitch account with donation buttons etc.

No. 1003254

next time make sure to read the rules before posting. and this isnt that milky, most of those screenshots were posted here previously.

No. 1003348


Who honestly cares?
I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with Auri, just make a thread on her if you're all so invested in her.

No. 1003671

Anon I don't know how the fuck you got that they physically fucked from that, Beckens lives in California if you did any semblance of research. And people who fuck irl dont message each other on reddit sorry to burst your bubble.

All the pussy Cry gets is entirely online except for the one case of Cheyenne who pretty much forced him to let her visit. The dude is an awkward beta who doesn't like irl interactions and luves his power fantasy through Skype roleplay.

No. 1003881

He's so disconnected. After a good talk about why they stopped talking to each other he starts to ask questions about her home life? Who thinks like this?

No. 1003882


At this point it's more towards the fact of acknowledging that Ryan is a compulsive liar, a cheater, someone who thinks of using people out of no where. People who he never even really face to face met. It's clear that Ryan is a sociopath.

No. 1004015

uh… lots of people? Like, he's an ass, we all know that, but after talking about yourself for a while, it's not unreasonable to ask about the other person's well being?

No. 1004124

Beckens herself said it but go off anon, also apparently just because someone lives in another state it means they’re incapable of ever meeting because an adult having the funds and means to visit another state is so unheard of.

No. 1004187

Whups! You're asking pertinent questions! That means you must be one of Cry's sympathizers, or perhaps just someone who is obsessed with Auri!

No. 1004191

Can you show EXACTLY where she indicated that they fucked irl?

No. 1004533

Sage for being not-really milk, but Pewds mentioned in his recent stream that he’s aware of the Cry drama, but didn’t want to comment coz “right now they’re only allegations”

No. 1004575

Actually he said he didn't know about the drama, heard rumors about allegations that he didn’t look into. Started watching Cry’s video and mocked how vague and dragged it sounds then closed the window coz clearly there’s nothing there.

No. 1004592


Any clips or timestamps?

No. 1004604

No. 1004617

but is it a pertinent question? we already know her story is legit, scott confirmed it. past that, who gives a fuck if she wants to start accepting the money scrotes throw at her? cope or make your own thread

No. 1004620

Pewds silently hitting that "1.25 speed" button 10 seconds in was the funniest shit I've seen him do in years.

No. 1004659


he dipped right before cry glosses over in one breath that he cheated on his girlfriend with an underaged person

No. 1004742

File: 1594310883337.png (139.28 KB, 609x618, friday.png)

Seems Russ will start streaming again tomorrow.


>inb4 anons start complaining 2 weeks isn't a long enough break

No. 1004747

Hi, Auri.(hi cow)

No. 1005268

File: 1594409987971.png (60.42 KB, 742x476, Aantekening 2020-07-10 213908.…)

Snake confirms authorities haven't done anything these past two weeks.


No. 1005283


Official ticket system of twitch, yeah? If so maybe they won't do anything. After all, if they do it could spread to news and cause bad reputation?

No. 1005284

They mean actual police. FBI.

Who cares about Cry's, or Twitch's reputation? Twitch has been banning predators the past week.

No. 1005293


Twitch would care about twitch's reputation.
I just can't see why they wouldn't take action otherwise unless maybe someone high up likes cry.

As for police/fbi. They usually sit on their hands a while before doing anything so that would be expected…

No. 1005337

legal shit will takes months if not longer. As for Twitch, they've already banned a bunch of fairly popular streamers over these accusations, so I dunno why Cry hasn't been.

No. 1005424

I noticed Cry is still using snapchat, and his changed his bitmoji to a smug expression. I wonder if there's some girl still into him.

No. 1005439

His score has moved so he is active, but the bitmoji hasn't changed at all since he created it, I checked from a few screenshots I had of his profile.

No. 1005442

File: 1594445476539.jpg (10.57 KB, 120x122, scarymotherfucker.jpg)

ah weird that it looks the same for you.
I hate his bitmoji.

No. 1005474

>has screenshots
>doesn't post them

C'mon, anon.

No. 1005487

Cry committed suicide. It’s over.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1005490

Wait what?

No. 1005493

a screenshot or a source would be great because there’s nothing on any social media atm

No. 1005494

in his case, that's a pretty long break, since this is his entire income now

No. 1005495

>>1005487 who are you to him and how come you know this?

No. 1005542

how tf you know this for sure? this better not be ziegs trying to bait everyone into thinking Cry’s gonna off himself lmao. Show proof you know this or this is bullshit.

No. 1005546

Does anyone from lnc know whether this is true or not? Are they all silent?

No. 1005548

nobodys said anything. pretty sure this anon is full of shit

No. 1005561

Exactly 2 people in the comments of Crys video assumed he committed suicide so I guess anon got it from there, no confirmation from anyone.

No. 1005719

Doesn't fit his MO. Cry's whole shit spiel is that he wants people to feel sorry for him or at least see that he's a victim of his own mental anguish. But he's at least self-aware to understand that if he dies then the victims would never get their justice and a lot of his shit would had been for naught.

No. 1005721

Honestly, it's pretty unlikely he offed himself. Ziegs was the only lnc member suggesting he was suicidal and we all know how reliable she is. If snapchat anon can prove that they still see his score going up, then it's a pretty safe bet that he's still just hiding.

Show proof or stop baiting. This situation is fucked up enough without someone spreading death rumors.

No. 1005755

File: 1594529642024.jpg (103.28 KB, 1004x1288, IMG_-yzzzbw.jpg)

Not the original anon. First screenshot is from July 8th, second is a few minutes ago.

No. 1006024

It’s clear he won’t be talking or publicly speaking anytime soon.
Honestly if the people involved in this (yes jund and the gang) just simply didn’t drag this online for all this time and just said simple statements and gathered info from the victims without spreading it to multiple parties , it would have been case closed.
It’s very sketchy of him to not only be in contact with people who are obviously supporting Ryan, but also giving them info that he received about each victim so they can go back to him and he can come up with lies and ways to discredit, its even more fucked up that he’s giving their contact info to be questioned by multiple people. This whole “they want to be anonymous “ shit doesn’t work when you’re giving their personal info to the people working against them. It’s like he’s playing both fields.

No. 1006120

What is this incoherent vague bullshit? Can you just say anything concrete like what actually you have a problem with? Cause this just looks like you're desperate to weigh in without saying anything at all.

No. 1006247

rofl yes of course, why don't the feds just read these threads in one night and start busting down doors in the morning?

I'm not quite sure what they were expecting… it's only twitter that froths over and then dissolves instantly the people they deem guilty

it'll be a long time yet, if ever; interviews to conduct, evidence to gather, etc.

No. 1006248

He's referring to the Twitch report system here, dipshit. Twitch has banned other channels for similar shit already so it's weird that Cry's channel is still up.

No. 1006492

File: 1594676592665.png (22.07 KB, 527x218, auri.PNG)

Auri received an email saying that cry killed himself.

to me it just seems a bunch of people trying to convince everyone that cry an hero'd, but idk

No. 1006501

Seems to be the same dude that posted here. I wouldn't even call it a group of people.

No. 1006583

lol @ this samefag commenting here and emailing the same phrase to everyone

also, if he did commit suicide, the world would have one less predator

No. 1006762

lol its probably some stupid troll trying to bait cry into breaking his silence

No. 1006968

Or just some dick trying to upset people.

No. 1007366

Last time that happened we got wailord "i'm not involved in this situation" mcgee coming out to tell everyone Cry was fine, Cry isn't going to do anything himself publicly until he gets away with it or pays everyone who can do something about it off

No. 1007425

anyone who gets upset at the idea of an unremorseful pedo predator committing suicide needs to love themselves more

No. 1007434


Look, I'm not defending him or what he's done… But it is 100% okay for people to have complicated feelings about things. It is normal and okay to feel sad, to feel regret, to even wish none of this had happened so we could continue being ignorant.

It is okay to want to see him face legal consequences without also wishing death on him. It is okay to want to see someone grow into a better person– or at least have the chance to do so. It is okay to NOT want him dead.

Emotions are complicated, and even severely abused people sometimes miss their abusers. Brains just kinda work like that sometimes.

(Fuck, I found out one of my old friends legit psychopath murdered someone, and in after all the horror and sadness, I still "missed" them. Feelings suck sometimes.)

So please, all statements like these do are make the people who might have complex emotions feel bad because they are experiencing complex emotions.

And we're spectators in this – people like Auri are involved, and receiving a message like that is going to make most people feel guilty because they spoke up because they wanted truth and justice, not death.

So I'll say again– Or just some dick specifically trying to upset people.

No. 1007707

He will not kill himself. That's what a coward would do. He will be in court. And the least he can do is to assumes his actions and all the hurt/abuse he inflicted to many people these last years (both to women AND men).

No. 1007743

I wouldn't be surprised if Cry is the one who sent that email. If people think he committed they're more likely to be sympathetic to him and claim 'cancel culture has gone too far'.

No. 1007757

Why she cares? She got her pity money and her free tablet and just left for like… Half a week or two? Lol
It WOULD be a shame for all d the other victims who REALLY struggled to come forward, specially for Ocean who really went through a lot of manipulation by that other felicia Ziegs and all the other victims who struggled to come forward about this.

No. 1007761


Yes me neither. Which is why I posted that above comment.

Cry is mentally ill (I think it's obvious by now). And I realised something looking at his "being turned on by artists" comment (disgusting, btw); that he might have been in denial about the full extend of his abusive behaviour, and it mays only be catching up to him now that it has become public.

With him targetting fanarists for ex; he prays on them and asks for sexual favors, but he also gives them publicity by being "gracious enough" to retweet their art etc. So it's "not so bad" in his head, if he makes them "famous" right? Like a win-win exchange.

…which is even more f* up for the victims, as it makes the abuse more difficult to pinpoint for them (that plus the victimisation and emotional blackmail etc.)

So no Cry. You will not kill yourself. You will live enough to be in court.

No. 1007768


I'm also not kidding with men being victims too. Cry said it himself that he is pansexual. Remember?

I wish they would realize and/or speak up. I guess it is difficult to recognise it, to be a victim. But it doesn't make you weak to be one… In contrary it makes you strong to survive it.

No. 1007811

Kek do you really believe in pansexuality. Everyone call themselves pan just to earn woke points, especially straight women and men. They'd claim they r pan but They'd only show attraction to opposite sex.

No. 1007819

who the fuck cares, but snake already confirmed there were male victims. cry isnt straight.

No. 1007848

One of the victims is trans, basically a trans man, so he could mean he's talking to women who "idenify" as men.
but who knows? Maybe he was e-flirting with trans men and lady boys for all we know.

No. 1007856

>That's something what a coward would do

Assuming that he isn't a coward is a hard fucking stretch.

No. 1007917

File: 1594861862963.jpeg (378.89 KB, 1242x845, 2C8883D5-9863-43D1-804E-C4506A…)

cheyenne tweeted but it isn’t too much of an update

No. 1007986

File: 1594870656697.jpg (256.03 KB, 1536x2048, ENPYs_nU8AE8he5.jpg)


Go figure, for an idiot who is colluding with her abusive ex to frame other people, shutting the fuck up is the smartest thing her crusty ass could've done.

Now if only you took lolcow's advice years ago. The internet has been saved without Cheyenne's constant mewling.

No. 1008017


I can't tell whose side she's on, she flip flops too much

No. 1008094

Imo she’s on no ones side but her own, and maybe a bit on Cry’s side. No doubt she’d still be talking with Cry about how to take down the boys if the “FBI” hadn’t been involved.

No. 1008097

File: 1594895763575.png (232.24 KB, 460x490, 213_-_CtB5PWW.png)

I haven’t watched Cry actively since around 2015 and just found out about all of this recent internet drama a few days ago. I’m not surprised that a dude in his 30’s who’s been surrounded by girls for 10 years has been ousted as a groomer/cheater, but the fact that Cry went out of his way to confirm all of these twitter allegations does surprise me. It blows my mind how this 31 year-old guy thought it was a good idea to confirm groomer allegations made against him when his current fanbase consists(ed) of woke tumblr users, underage girls, and women who still gushed over him after 6-10 years. The man just single-handedly destroyed his entire career lmao.

The former fans are also pretty funny since they gobble up every little accusation and spread it around like it’s fact. What’s even funnier is how so many people are still expecting Cry to be given jail-time after almost a month has passed, including Cheyenne who seems to be spearheading all of this shit (but then again the cunt has always been a loud-mouthed retard from what I can tell, so maybe it’s not that surprising). Even Snake seems to think Cry’s going to be arrested or something, which is weird to me since he’s always struck me as a more grounded-with-reality type of guy. The odds of Cry being taken to court are so slim they’re pretty much non-existent, and even if he was there’s nothing that could really happen to him as he technically didn’t do anything illegal.

So many people act like he literally raped dozens of people, when in actuality everybody was consenting (regret-rape isn’t real). All of these attention-seeking “victims” coming forward adding fuel to the fire are only doing so so they can have their 5 seconds of internet fame, like that Auri girl who’s now streaming on Twitch making bank off of her new support group. Checking Reddit/Twitter daily to witness these fragile women-children have “mental breakdowns” claiming they now have PTSD (or whatever the latest self-diagnosed mental trauma is popular in the Tumblr community atm) is becoming an amusing new hobby for me. Imagine getting that worked up all because some YouTuber/Twitch streamer you’ve never even met/spoken has an imperfect sex-life.

I can’t wait to see the inferno Cry will create when he finally breaks his silence. I hope things will get nice and juicy again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1008098

She looks as unlikeable as she acts. How does she have a gf?? It feels like as if she is cosplaying some soundclout rapper. Jesus christ.

No. 1008101

What do you think you're even doing here?

No. 1008106

I can smell this picture

No. 1008112

Weighing in and enjoying teh lulz

No. 1008119



No one cares about your amusing hobby

No. 1008122

File: 1594900009734.png (749.47 KB, 820x820, 219_-_UeE57ZP.png)

My my my, well isn't somebody butthurt?

No. 1008126

read the rules and stop pushing the thread

No. 1008127

Make me.

No. 1008142

You have such a weird vendetta. She is as much of a victim as the rest of the people, even if you have a hateboner for her lol

No. 1008390

J-just to make sure everyone is REALLY fucking clear on this.

This is not the sort of crime where police lunge in through his bathroom window to arrest him. This is a long slow-ass process and we should not expect anything to happen for ages, from a legal perspective.

I knew a dude who had child porn on his PC and he was notified of the investigation and then mostly got to sit at home while he waited for his court date, which still took like a year to get to.

The legal system fuckin sucks.

Stop acting like it's over and he's gotten away with everything because we've heard nothing.

No. 1008398

Pewds most recent livestream had his watching his "Pewdiepie Funny Moments" video and there's a Cry clip in there, he pauses it IMMEDIATELY and then says "Oh No, oh no we have to skip this now"

Seems he might be updated on the whole thing. His chat got a bit upset since I guess most of them don't know, they were asking why he skipped Cry and he didn't answer

Timestamp at 21:54

If you actually read the thread at all, you would see there's been at least 2 CIS dudes Cry was cyberfucking, so, I dunno anon we can't help you with your reading problem

No. 1008659

Holy shit, I wonder if he's ever kept up with Cry at all? Probably not, but I do remember when they used to stream together years ago.

No. 1008677

I remember in a stream not too long ago he was thinking about doing a collab with Pewds and Jacksepticeye, but he was saying he didnt have Pewds number anymore so idk. I always wondered what happened between them.

No. 1008678

>>1008398 video is saying it is unavailable now, you didn't archive it?

No. 1008695

You have to click and view it on YouTube.
Also sage your posts if you don’t have milk.

No. 1008708

same. i still remember them reading those silly fanfictions with Ken and then suddenly their interactions just— stopped.

i haven't posted here yet, but needless to say this entire situation has been a little complicated to digest. i have a feeling radio silence is all we're going to get for a very long time, on all fronts, but i also don't believe Cry will really ever recover from this, career-wise.

No. 1008754

Sometime last year Cry said he was planning to do something with Pewdiepie (and was clearly very excited about it) but then Pewdiepie bailed on him.

Also in one of Cry's streams during the week or so before he released his shitty attempt at a confession (or possibly during his birthday stream where he had a breakdown) someone asked him about Pewdiepie being problematic and Cry went off about how you don't know a person just from their on-screen persona and how Felix was a good guy and a friend, and he wasn't going to denounce him just to please other people.

Then last week Pewdiepie found out about the Cry shit on stream and started insisting they'd never really been close and it was more like a "coworker" relationship kek

No. 1008783

Big oof

No. 1009224

File: 1595069700527.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.82 KB, 828x978, 70FF5FE7-592B-4CE8-8EA5-89BD3D…)

Creepshow art made a video on Ryan, we can expect in the next few weeks for the rest of the commentary channels to cover this as well.

No. 1009346

Glad its being covered, but there's so many incorrect details in all of these videos. Kind of disheartening.

No. 1009832

File: 1595172783145.png (125.47 KB, 1440x803, Capture _2020-07-19-11-32-00~2…)

In case anyone was curious, he's still active on Snapchat at the least.

No. 1010599


Of course he is. How else is he going to exchange butt pics from Beckens now that she stopped posting to her lewd account?

No. 1010616

His snapchat icon looks so creepy even if its some witcher cosplay

No. 1011253

File: 1595458277380.png (263.21 KB, 1860x677, Subs.PNG)

No. 1011382

love yourself more

No. 1011538

The stats are going to be interesting for sure, but unfortunately they are incomplete. It says below on the site that they will be until the month rolls over.

I still hope for hilarious results.

No. 1011864

Does that mean he lost 54 subs or he only has 54 subs left? Sorry for dumb question.

No. 1012490

File: 1595676966431.png (166.08 KB, 1189x539, WQz9PqH.png)


Not positive, but I'd say that that's subs remaining.

There he go!

No. 1012491

File: 1595677143909.png (37.69 KB, 1170x233, oF5FQB6.png)

This is hilarious. Glad everyone seems to know.

No. 1012633

What helps is that subs eventually expire and people typically resub during the next stream. The more he stays inactive, the less chances of ignorant people giving this ass money.

No. 1012746

I'm surprised it's this drastic, I really hope this is accurate and it's not just going off of chat announcements or something. Because he hasn't streamed for the month of July, so of course they would be low. If this is accurate though, that's actually really awesome.

No. 1013202

Unfortunately it seems to be exactly that:
"All values are based on the real number of subs shared to the chat, and yet the calculation of totals requires approximation.
The Unshared column shows an approximate value of the hidden subs that didn't share their subscription to the chat."

No. 1013292

Thanks auri. Enjoy your tablet. Try not to seat on the pen thingie that comes with it and make another stream accusing the pen to buy a new one,(hi cow)

No. 1013390

Beanie was the one who had a tablet bought for her you weirdo.

No. 1015042

File: 1596169437276.jpeg (178.5 KB, 1125x1281, CDB042D0-1D7A-480E-B1BE-B1DA59…)

update ish i guess

No. 1015046

Wait, her whole "fbi agent" thing was a fucking cybertip? Basically the least amount of effort possible.

No. 1015136

Show of hands for anyone who ever thought Chey would do anything beyond the absolute bare minimum.

Also note that she's ended her vow of silence and started tweeting non-stop, all day again.

We can probably also assume her "higher authority" is just god and not her huge team of lawyers that she obviously didn't hire. How would she even manage to hire lawyers without grifting through her nude snapchats? She hasn't been able to advertise in a month, so finances must be looking rough.

No. 1015137

Not really news but apparently another victim reached out to Auri. I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.


No. 1015159

Cheyenne mentioned in the thread of her tweet that the info was passed over to the feds first. Obviously hasn't lawyered up, but at least she did that.

No. 1015226

File: 1596218510176.jpg (519.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200731-140141_Twi…)

No. 1015258

File: 1596224669813.jpg (242.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200731-154404_Dis…)

Someone added a role to Cry on his discord oop

No. 1018525

Hah. Groomer Gamerino.

No. 1021700

So this is it uh? He's just going to keep quiet?
what a coward. If he's waiting for this to die completely so he can come back then he's even more a scumbag than i thought.

No. 1021742

It's working, isn't it? Name one person besides this thread that's still talking about it.
Give it two more months and he's streaming again, with new mods banning all grooming references.

No. 1021744

Unfortunately we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. A few people who have spoken out have lawyered up, so they'll probably be getting told to stay quiet.
The best outcome is that he never comes back, but unfortunately this is the internet and he somehow still has fans. It will come to no shock when the justice system fails the victims and he carries on as if nothings happened.

No. 1021872


Okay, let me say this really clearly.

Cry is in legal trouble. People have reported Cry for being a bad dude.

Unlike movies and TV shows, people do not tell the cops "this guy is a bad dude." The cops do not say "oh shit," and roll up and arrest him right away, fling him in jail and never let him see the light of day again.

That's not how real life works (baring circumstances of immediate threat). The legal system takes time.

Even if he was arrested, he probably was bailed out. Bail is not a get out of jail free card, it just means you don't have to sit in jail.

But "legal trouble" is not something that is taken care of in 3 weeks. Court cases can and do regularly take months or even years to come to a peak. The legal system is slow. And Covid's probably making that shit slower, TBH.

Movies and TV shows make it seem fast, but it isn't. And nothing about this is a "quick" case. We shouldn't expect anything for months, or even years.

Past that, Cry has probably gotten a laywer who has told him to shut the fuck up. Will he start posting videos again? Fuck, he might, but even if he does: that doesn't mean that he's gotten away scot-free. Cry posting again doesn't mean that the laywers and the law will forget about him. It doesn't work that way.

here is what you should expect right now: Lots of quiet.

There are lots of rules around this sort of thing that basically say "Don't talk to anyone about this" – on both sides of the case.

And at SOME point, we MIGHT hear about a court case. Or we might not. Not everything gets slathered across the news.

But for right now? don't expect anything. The legal system is not fast.

No. 1021882

In other news:

Cry was planned to be a voice actor in a game called Popup Dungeon, which apparently released today. Looks like they replaced him with John de Lancie. Wonder when that happened.

No. 1021988

Why are you writing this like a redditfag? Legal processes take time. Simple and short without any autistic spacing.

No. 1022067


Are you seriously bitching because someone used more words than you like to read? lol

No. 1022088

God, this thread has gotten pathetic.
It's going to be dry for months, if not forever.
Don't expect to hear anything anytime soon, go live your lives.

No. 1026508

blessing in disguise for that team.

Imagine if they went with cry, their project would be in quite the pickle.

No. 1026896

As someone who's just read that, I felt dumber for every word I read. It's oozing r/iamverysmart energy, trying to be verbose and seem insightful while it's painfully obvious they have nothing to say and the core message is half a sentence long.
Scrolling back to it now, the first sentence is actually hilarious, to go on posting nothing but vagueness and repeating references to 'the movies' lmao
Probably shouldn't be too harsh, might be like a teen on the cusp of intellectual maturity. Just maybe try not to sound so authoritive until you're an authority on something

About the VA job, that literally might have been a last minute pivot on their part in light of the drama. Which seems like kind of a win until realizing he probably already got all the recording work done and sent in, in which case he got paid to not be in a game anyway. But at least some people are spared from hearing him and thinking about this shit for some time longer.

No. 1027795

File: 1598218165219.jpg (106.12 KB, 1036x752, angel.JPG)

still silent noise from cry

But… look at who said they said they would never stream again, and is back to streaming?

The funny part is Angel can't brak even a hundred views, before she could break 1K easily due to being a former lover of cry.

Guess she thinks the aftermath is over and everyone will just forget. She, Cry and fans of Cry are still on his side it seems.

No. 1027831

How is Angel on Cry's side lol?

No. 1027832

I'm getting a feeling that there's at least one person here who has a distinctly raging hateboner for any woman who's ever been very close to Cry.
Anything they do besides hide themselves forever from the public eye is shameworthy, no moving on allowed.

No. 1027846

She didn't say she'd never stream again… she said she was going to step away and may or may not come back. She chose to come back. Pretty sure this isn't even her first stream back.

I'm getting that feeling too

No. 1028165

Cry was dropped from Popup Dungeon years ago. He spoke on stream once or twice about it "not working out". Even without this drama, it was probably a good call for them to go with an actual professional.

No. 1028567

I don't know where you're getting your info from, but Angel's streams on her own channel were always like 150-200 viewers, not 1000.
Also, I noticed that she and Russ follow either other on Twitter and have publicly interacted with each other so I guess things are okay with them now.

No. 1028668

Good to know. –and good call on their part: The voice acting that they'd revealed for him was stiff and awkward sounding. John DeLancie's a hell of an upgrade.


No. 1033378


No. 1034667

I know this thread is pretty much dead and we likely won't get any news for a long time if ever.

really wondering how he's paying for everything now that his only source of income is gone.

No. 1035250

If he's even slightly smart he'll probably have savings.

No. 1036164

File: 1599697006756.png (433.07 KB, 1253x2048, Screenshot_20200909-181724.png)

gamerino got banned from twitch

No. 1036172

what the fuck took them so long if this has to do with the drama? Weird.

No. 1036178

legal investigations, probably… due process and all that

No. 1036182

File: 1599698997029.png (48.48 KB, 497x451, unpartnered.png)

He's been unpartnered from twitch entirely.

No. 1036295

File: 1599728833773.png (707.27 KB, 1400x1277, 20200910.png)

No. 1036302

so cry is now banned on twitch

No. 1036323

I apologize for my complete lack of meaningful response but BAHAHAHAHA FINALLY.

No. 1036607

cheyenne tweeting as if she wasn't working with him to set up the rest of the crew to make them look bad lmao

No. 1036812

File: 1599832355386.png (463.73 KB, 1440x2399, Screenshot_20200911-073533.png)

No. 1036816

File: 1599832442017.png (449.03 KB, 1440x2320, Screenshot_20200911-073541.png)

No. 1036817

File: 1599832488562.png (313.27 KB, 1440x1715, Screenshot_20200911-073548.png)

No. 1036818

File: 1599832525263.png (427.05 KB, 1440x2342, Screenshot_20200911-073556.png)

No. 1036832

File: 1599836629874.png (1.09 MB, 1229x2048, Screenshot_20200911-090444.png)

No. 1036834

File: 1599836654239.png (538.99 KB, 2048x846, Screenshot_20200910-213746.png)

No. 1036845

Holy shit is these real? Please tell me cry is this hideous

No. 1036893

Sage your post if you don't have anything to add. Yes, it's him, though it's extremely outdated and he's lost a significant amount of weight since then

No. 1036894

I don't know where you got he lost a significant amount of weight because he absolutely didn't lol he looks pretty much like this still, just shorter hair.

No. 1036983

I don’t even get how they can defend him at this point, let alone feel compelled enough to badmouth someone speaking up. Sick.

No. 1037284

pics or shut up, people who are confirmed to know what he looks like have stated he lost weight

No. 1037301

You can literally say the same shit about the weight loss. Pics or shut up? All we have is a fat picture, assume he is still fat.

No. 1037427

She's a cow who was last in Cry's line of who to fuck after all the minors, gotta take that anger out on someone I guess. She reaks of desperation with all her nsfw posts on @lewdkens, which conveniently ended after Cry's video lmao

No. 1037639

Is Syd one of the girls that was with Cry recently? or what's her paper on all this drama?
I feel bad for Beckens still being manipulated by him.

No. 1037722

She never openly said anything, but she is one of the girls he fucked around with.

No. 1037858

I just feel bad for everyone involved, except for Cry. I know how it is to get snared into someone's manipulative bullshit and then realize it later, no matter how tough that is to get back out or even just see it later. I just hope the people still stuck see what kind of slimy asshole they're still defending is and get their way out too.

No. 1037916

For anyon interested, the other ex-LNC members started a new Podcast with D&D boy Arcadum.


No. 1037981

He fucked around with her AND she's friends with Beckens? Why the fuck are they both defending him lmfao

No. 1038094

They're on the "they consented, it's fine" side of things. There's always gonna be idiots sucking some disgusting pervert's dick over how he's a disgusting pervert, especially one that was popular at one point.

No. 1038203

I don't get why they even feel the need to say shit? If they wanted to support victims going online and talking about how ~great~ of a guy Cry was to them is embarrassing

No. 1038223

Probably to appease Cry's ego, they both still talk to him. I'm sure it pleases daddy Cry to be defended.

No. 1038595

These two, beckens and syd, are so damn selfish. Knowing that Cry has a problem being compulsive sexually towards most people, they're just enabling him by sending him more nudes and masturbating on snapchat, instead of helping him control himself. These dumbasses just don't give a shit about the people he hurt. fuck them. seriously.

No. 1038685

they're hardly attractive themselves so i guess they need to get attention from somewhere lol

No. 1038688

>>1038685 beckens is pretty average, but syd is undeniably attractive, look at her 18+ twitter

No. 1038694

Matter of opinion, they're both pretty gross, syd is just skinny which a lot of people view as "attractive"

No. 1038696

bro u blind?

No. 1038707

Physically attractive or not, they are automatically ugly af when they have shitty attitudes and support predators.
So who gives a shit how they look. They're fucked up in the head.

No. 1038718

learn to sage.

she's not even attractive, she's just skinny with mediocre tits. can't get past the retard lip bite thing either

No. 1038727

"sydvyx" I think, her regular twitter links to it

No. 1038741

Men just see tits. They don't see that behind the Snapchat filter is a pretty homely face of a woman who looks to be about 35.

No. 1038742

File: 1600113911142.jpg (3.89 MB, 1066x2048, jMOqEwT.jpg)

even without makeup and with this glossy "chem peel" stuff she still looks pretty attractive

No. 1038743

Hi Syd lmao

No. 1038745

She looks weird in the way that lady gaga does, but without the sex appeal or talent.

No. 1038749

File: 1600114310754.png (221.29 KB, 302x271, syd.PNG)

No. 1038753

would you like a picture of my dick with date and timestamp as proof I'm not her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038757

Learn to sage

No one wants to see your shrimp dick

No. 1038758

my apologies,
pack it up cry

No. 1038763

ah damn, you got me, I'm definitely cry

it's surprising how controversial a "skinny white girl is atractive" statement is around here

No. 1038764

we're laughing because you're calling her attractive in clearly the wrong place. she's a shit person, no one cares if you simp for her.

No. 1038766

Sage your posts if you're not adding anything useful to the conversation.

You don't have to simp so hard she's not gonna fuck you bro. Her face is freaky, her tits are ok at best, and the rest of her build makes her look like a twelve year old boy.

No. 1038772

she can be both attractive and a shitty person
I was responding to >>1038685 which is a pretty silly comment

aw, really? so saying she's attractive in a very obscure anonymous imageboard that nobody visits, with no identifying personal information whatsoever, will not get her to fuck me? =( guess I didn't think that through very well, huh?
hold on, let me try her onlyfans instead

No. 1038775

this isnt the place to plug your onlyfans sweetie

No. 1038776

File: 1600115813734.jpg (76.06 KB, 851x642, f4a.jpg)

No. 1038777

No. 1038782

what exactly makes me a "scrote"?

No. 1038799

File: 1600117232122.png (8.43 KB, 597x82, reading is hard.PNG)

you can't even bother to read the rules. if youre still going to type about your hurt feefees at least learn to sage and stop announcing your dick and who you find attractive, i promise you no one cares.

No. 1038802

I wasn't announcing it, someone accused me of being this girl. there are only two ways I can prove I'm not her, with my face or my penis. and no way I'm putting my face on the internet for everyone to see.

also, my feefees aren't hurt. all I did was respond to a post calling someone unattractive, saying I disagree. you're the ones who seem to have had your feefees attacked by that.

No. 1038806

Why are men so fucking stupid. Read the rules, learn to sage. No one cares how your fucking penis feels about the skeletor of predator dick-sucking.

No. 1038808

type "sage" in the email field before sending replies.

No one gives a fuck that you're a man lol, you could have just said "im not syd" or just not said anything at all, no one wants to see your dick or your face.

No. 1038815

File: 1600119384192.png (5.37 KB, 715x106, vwCEk4e.png)

this was hilarious

I don't know, this is the most activity this thread has seen in a single day in months, and it all happened because I said some random girl is attractive. if no one cared, no one would have replied(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038817

File: 1600119637173.jpg (80.19 KB, 716x1272, 20200914_164045.jpg)

Deserved. Imagine thinking this is hot? Couldn't be me.

No. 1038822

If she's hot or not is not the point of this thread.
Just shut the fuck up.
Go hate or simp on how she looks somewhere else.

No. 1038823

File: 1600120213859.png (4.8 MB, 1536x2048, yZezZrJ.png)


sure, that one is weird, but just like you can cherry pick some bad ones I can cherry pick some good ones

No. 1038825


No. 1038826

File: 1600120502092.png (458.04 KB, 496x876, auri.PNG)

No. 1038827

She posted like 3 hours ago? What, did she attempt suicide and immediately hop online and tell people? Confusing af.

No. 1038828

people have been emailing her saying that cry killed himself if i remember right, i wouldn't be shocked if someone is trying to do the same here
just have to wait for her response

No. 1038829

“Good ones” kek I don’t follow this thread but whoever this chick is is ugly and scrotes have 0 standards. Nice VPN but fuck off

No. 1038832

she's mentioned a friend living with her, if it isn't someone baiting its most likely them who posted about it
hope shes ok

No. 1038848

the last time she was active was was 2 hours ago in her server (so about an hour before the tweet) talking about how someone pretending to be Cryan tried to add her on snap

No. 1038862

an HOUR is such a quick turn around time from posting, to attempting suicide and being "stabilized" like the tweet mentions, to announcing it everyone??? That seems really strange, honestly.

No. 1038864

This literally places the blame (unintentional or not) for a suicide attempt on the victims that felt comfortable enough to speak to Auri privately. Sure, it's not healthy for her to try to take everything on, but implicating that in a public post is noooot a good look

No. 1038868

It was more an hour and a halfish but even then "stabilized" makes it sound like she went to the hospital? Which if true makes no sense within a 60-80 minute timeline?

No. 1038877

Any type of attempt just doesn't make sense in the time frame. I also just don't understand it being announced, what would have to be, IMMEDIATELY after, if it did happen. A suicide attempt is fucking traumatic. No matter what she tried to do, why would you be like "tell my followers, post haste!!!" when you're still, I'm imagining, processing shit and STILL deep in the emotions of hopelessness and misery that comes with attempting suicide.

It doesn't make sense, at fucking all to me, unless this is an intentional stunt or just a made up thing not from her at all.

No. 1038881

The most likely thing I can see happening is someone stopped her and calmed her down before she did anything too serious and they just kept her at home. But even then like??? To immediately tell someone to blast that out to your followers? I don't want to say it's performative, but it seems a little performative, especially since Auri is so reactionary.

No. 1038884

I don't trust twitter accounts that were just created to announce things like this. I don't get the point of any of this, it's way too strange.

No. 1038894

It'd make sense if she was desperate for validation or felt a sense of obligation towards her fans. Not healthy or attractive towards her character, but it's a possibility.

No. 1038903

File: 1600126338211.png (130.21 KB, 2048x361, Screenshot_20200914-173235.png)

No. 1038916

fucking figures lol

No. 1039147

File: 1600173286199.jpg (697.96 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200915_133540_com…)


From what it looks like, a spam twitter account has posted it.

I do have to wonder if it was a selfpost thing though.

No. 1039229

Yeah imo it reaks of self posting, she was conveniently asleep while this was posted, same as Ziegs being asleep when the cry shotgun tweet was posted.

No. 1039240

It does look that way, but honestly, there's been someone around here (probably cry and company) trying to make victims look bad and turn against them. I'm willing to give her a benefit of a doubt because there's been so much stuff directed at victims around here.

No. 1039252

Are you referring to Ast and Auri, or are there other instances?

No. 1039262

Nah, this is completely different, ziegs claimed to be “hacked” lol

No. 1039266

Not sure if this is the place to post this but I recently managed to break out of cry’s web of lies. I defended him through everything and for some fucking reason I’ve only just now realized how stupid I’ve been.
Beckens and Syd are pure evil. They stopped me from speaking out and because of them I don’t think I’ll ever publicly be able to speak up.
They’ve manipulated so many people into staying quiet, there’s people out there with worse stories than Auri, Beanie or Ocean. I’m saying this here because I’m able to stay anon and they won’t be able to narrow down who I am because there’s so many people.
Cry has sent my nudes to them, and I’m sure he’s done the same to others. They have some of our explicit conversations saved to their phones, as far as i know he’s sent them almost everything. They’ve threatened me with leaking them if I ever speak up about him, and laugh at the victims who had the courage to come forward.
A lot of you have said that you think they’re being manipulated by him, so I just wanted to clear that up. They know the full truth and choose to manipulate and force victims into silence. They are not victims.

No. 1039270

Did you bring this up to Snake / the rest of the LNC? If he's doing that whichever lawyers are involved really need to know.

No. 1039276

File: 1600189468243.png (72.02 KB, 792x527, 20200915190313.png)

Sharing your nudes with third parties without your consent is definitely a crime, even if you don't say anything publicly about it, consider pressing charges.

If he's done this to you, he's probably going to do it to others.

No. 1039314

File: 1600193859663.png (202.83 KB, 609x1094, Screenshot_2020-09-15 Shae Bae…)

Cry asking an underage viewer their bra size back in 2013.


No. 1039320

God, the entire way that's worded is so creepy

No. 1039334

I kinda doubt this is true tbh. This is the stuff I'm talking about though, there's like a bunch of people around here that seem to want to delegitimize any of the actual people involved with Cry.

Sorry, if this is real, you should just go public with it? Like, join up with the other victims or something, but until then this is super unbelievable.

No. 1039460

Holy shit. I remember this. He did it all on stream too. Everything he’s done has so many underlying things to it. It sucks how tainted and fucked Cry has made everything now. He’s so gross.

I would seriously go to Snake/Russ/Scott if you haven’t already. They have been helping as much as they can with a lot of Cry’s victims

No. 1039589

File: 1600222393805.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x3295, Edited_20200915_221248.jpg)

No. 1039631

>> "there’s people out there with worse stories than Auri, Beanie or Ocean."

What do you mean by worse?

No. 1039636

File: 1600228574435.jpg (264.39 KB, 800x800, gud.jpg)

I'm nearly a week late but this is the best news I've heard all year.

Everything that keeps pouring out of this case doesn't surprise me in the least and I'm very thankful for these "I was blind/stupid and completely enabled this behavior" and "I was silenced by others too" posts.

Like, it was an absolutely bizarrely cultish fandom and I'm still weirded out that it took this long, for Cry to openly admit guilt, for people to see that.

No. 1039698

I also want to add that Twitch staff took their sweet time getting around to it but I'm glad they did something at all.

No. 1039732

Very agreed.

I honestly agree that this is mostly true, but i also want to give Beckens and SydKyd the benefit of the doubt.
We can see for sure they're throwing victims under the bus, but I do wonder how deep into the web they are too, you know?

No. 1039737

File: 1600250644976.jpeg (76.88 KB, 1440x656, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

No. 1040410

I don’t understand the point of people trying to say “blank” killed themselves? What did that person gain from even saying that, knowing Auri would say that obviously she didn’t? Or even when people said Cry did? That’s such a weird attempt at trolling.

No. 1040506

I'm guessing they like just getting people worked up, even if momentarily. Probably a power thing.

No. 1043547

I wonder if it's also an invalidating victims thing. Every time it happens there's a period of people feeling like said victims are talking out of both sides of their mouths and/or getting friends involved for publicity.
Also helps intimidate others into not coming forward, knowing the liars will buzz about shit like this like angry hornets. (As if they weren't already aware, having been quiet as long as they have already for probably that and other, similar reasons.)
On top of these gross possibilities (and I'm sure more) comes the concern that someone will actually do something drastic, but after all the outsider troll cries of "wolf" it will go ignored. And in that case, well, mission accomplished.

No. 1044310

Seriously, if this is true, reach out to the former LNC or Ocean. They can all help you. YOU can help the others.
Don't let them have this control over you. Cry will not stop here and he will continue to do this to more and more people if he's allowed to get away with it.

No. 1045453

relating to this comment, it is actually true. beckens and syd seem to be the two main girls of his in which they will somehow retaliate, if possible and in any way, towards anyone who claims to be a victim, know info about cry, or even talk shit on him in public, though that depends if many people saw it or not.

if they can make you look bad, they will. or just talk baseless shit. they are so engrossed in his ways that they are doing anything and everything for him. they think cry is their one and only. it is kind of scary to think what would happen if he just, disappeared, leaving them all alone for themselves. they need help. and a lot of it.

despite that, their actions are unacceptable and disgraceful. disgusting. idiotic. but that is because they are far gone in their own heads. unfortunate. but this is the damage he has done.

No. 1045512

How do they retaliate? All I've really seen is the passive aggressive tweet from Syd that Beckens retweeted about Aest

No. 1045611

Exactly. There's no proof of this. Either show proof or fuck off, this is an imageboard. The most they've done is be snarky about one person and stupidly support cry.

No. 1054183

probably not the place to do this at all, but i used to be friends with cry back in the day. i just found out about all of this yesterday and it's came to a huge shock. i dont have any ties to the lnc or anyone else anymore, i sort of distanced for my mental health and for school.
does anyone know whats going on with him right now? like, has there been any updates on how he's doing? he's done some really gross shit but man, if something's happened to him i dont know what to feel

No. 1057155

I'd love to know too. If anyone knows anyone who might know, that'd be awesome. Although whoever you ask… might get mad that you asked because I guess no one in his inner circle wants to think of him anymore. Understandable.

All I know is Cry was dealing with some legal stuff and isn't allowed to talk about it.
I also looked up that Florida has some particularly heavy punishments regarding "Internet Crimes Against Children", so… he might be in big trouble.
If he's in jail, it might explain why we haven't heard anything. It can take up to 6 months for a trial. So… that'll be January before we're likely to hear anything.
But yeah, I'm worried. I can't help it, despite what he did.

So, yeah. Theories are:
- He's hiding from the world, either out of shame or to keep his mouth shut.
- He's in jail awaiting a trial.
- He's in therapy.
- He's dead.

Yeah, I don't like that last one, nor do I think it's true. But I can't deny that I wonder about it. The dude lost everything because of his behavior, and he's always been fairly emotional, so… yeah…
But I'm sure if that were the case, his ex-friends would still find out and let everyone know, which is why I doubt it.

Hopefully someone has better answers than my theories.

No. 1057346


To that end: please don't message Rus, Jund, Snake, Ocean, etc about it. If they have info to share, the latter three have been pretty transparent. I haven't kept up with Snake, but I still watch Jund frequently, who's said he tries not to think about it, and Russ recently said "don't know, don't care," in relation to someone asking, so… No sense in bothering the LNC and victims/exes. It'll be a Long While until we hear anything again, especially in the Age of CV holding back court dates.

No. 1060291

He's always online on discord and I've seen his points on snapchat going up from time to time. Not dead and not in jail for sure. Just quiet doing whatever, only Beckens knows. Only way to know is to ask her.

No. 1060596

Ah lovely, so he’s probably doing the exact same thing he’s been doing
Guy deserves to rot tbh

No. 1061452

A tripcode has been assigned to a verified source. Please remember to not scare away milk or discourage any future whistleblowers from posting.

No. 1062455

It's been four months since Cryaotics confession video, all he has done is tried to get victims to speak with him not against him. He is not dead but speaking with lawyers to deny accusations and defamation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1062544

He isn't trying to get victims to speak with him and is no longer involved with lawyers so I'm not sure where you got that from.

No. 1063310

Honestly, stop.

Using discord and using snapchat doesn't mean anything except using discord and snapchat. I talk to my family using both.

The fact of the matter is we don't know what he's doing, just that he's not dead and isn't disallowed from internet access.

No. 1068565

I’m gonna say some things, and I’m not saying that Cry never did anything wrong, never hurt anyone, or never did anything illegal. I’m not saying that he’s not a creep, or a selfish asshole with very few boundaries who dipped his digital dick in a few too many pies. I’m not trying to justify his actions in any way. And I’m not saying that the victims are wrong and don’t deserve justice. Although IMO, they’ve had as much as they’re going to get.

What I am asking is to look at things from a different viewpoint. Cry definitely lied and betrayed us. That he didn’t stand up to what his persona represented to us. But I am not going to hate him. We’ll get to why.

Now, this is coming from a different viewpoint. One similar to Magnta, to be honest. I’m a degenerate. I’m poly. I don’t see a lot of issue with sleeping around, however I have some rules that Cry apparently didn’t. Rule #1: Know their age. Adults only. Rule #2: Get consent. If someone is uncomfortable with a direction of things then stop. Rule #3: Be honest. And by that I mean, make sure they know the relationship isn’t exclusive. He seemed to follow those rules with Magnta but not some of the others. However, to be frank, when it comes to the relationships between consenting adults, it’s no one else’s business.

The big issue that everyone has is the underage grooming. And yeah, that’s bad. I do want to know though… how many people knew grooming was a thing 5 years ago? I didn’t. I’m 32. Hell explaining this situation to a friend who’s 26 asked, “What is grooming?” And between the state laws of consent and Romeo and Juliet laws, the only crime Cry actually did was with Ocean. Not excusing his actions, btw. He still broke a law…. 6 years ago. And statutes of limitations means he’s gonna get away with it. But oddly, after Ocean, he became more careful about consent and age. Doesn’t make what he did better, but it means he learned something in that time.

Honestly, I think this entire thing is the reality check he needed. I think it means that the public will be careful with him, and he will, in turn be careful with the public. After all, if you get in his shoes for two seconds… You lost your friends, your favorite platform, 90% of your fanbase, and your simplest means to support yourself and your family… I think, and hope, that he’s learned something from this. Because yeah, he manipulated people. He did so in a way that almost every other man in my life has. I’m not mad. People suck. The difference is that Cry was internet famous, so it’s way easier to tear him down for being a dick. And oh boy, did Twitter jump on that hate train. You Anons too. The internet loves being morally superior, jumping on bandwagons, and tearing people down. There’s way too much hate in the world for me to hate him. I refuse to add to it. I prefer hope.

If someone can get a message to Cry:

If you want your platform back, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. People are going to hate me for saying this, but I recommend you try. Start with that apology video. Make it a long one. Go deep. Do not blame others. Do not claim to have changed or talk like it’s a past self. What you did is your own fault and you need to own it. Tear yourself a-fucking-part. Name your victims, and include Russ in that apology. Keep your audience away from you. Close your DMs. No Discord server. Talk to people in a public forum, and for the love of God, IF you talk to someone privately, know their age.
Like I said, I’m a degenerate. My server is full of other degenerates, and I keep a strict 18+ rule.

But if you try to get your platform back… don’t hide behind a persona. Be honest. Because lying hasn’t gotten you very far. And if you do someone wrong again…. The last of us who have any hope left for you won’t be there next time.

And check your Twitter DMs before you close them. You’ll know which one’s mine, because I’m nicer than most. I’m open to hear your side.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1068588

File: 1603765997556.jpeg (68.6 KB, 622x354, 1C100FB3-1DA6-4BBB-876B-5944AF…)

imagine caring this much about a person who will never notice or give a shit that you exist

No. 1068638

This is so funny, it belongs in the copypasta thread

No. 1068751

You sent a fucking DM to this bastard??? Anon, is there something wrong. Who hurt you?

To defend this absolute bastard who groomed, gaslit and manipulated a handful of not only adults but most importantly MINORS is nuts. I grew up with the bastard and fell off when his act was getting stale–so I don't feel betrayed in the slightest, just appalled.

The thing is, if he had any semblance of ability to show any change he would have done so the SECOND he posted the video–instead he decided to double-down, frame it as a manic episode, take back his apology in a way and figured working with Cheyenne to turn EVERYTHING on his so called friends was the best idea instead of I dunno? Owning up to it?

It's not the fact that he's internet famous that everyone's so up in arms–he really could have been anyone and people would reprimand him for what he's done albeit on a smaller scale.

He USED his internet fame to his selfish advantage in order to feed this power dynamic fetish he most likely has as evidence shows. Because he has an audience, because he had the unlimited access to impressionable people, and he USED it is deplorable and scummy.

I don't know what you think you'll gain from doing this aside from becoming yet another person to feed his ego but you should really think about what negative effects you might incur from this. THINK ANON. THINK.

No. 1068758

File: 1603789726457.png (107.96 KB, 661x617, 28374ujieuqeioqu.png)

Not milk, but a reddit comment that got me thinking.

No. 1068825


this whole post is… quite something! how are you going to admit that you're 32 fucking years old and didn't know what grooming was till you were 27 like that's a normal thing? seek help.

No. 1069570


I agree with you and thank you for saying this, it does seem to be somewhat of an unpopular opinion.

I check on this thread occasionally to see if there are any updates on the situation but it's so exhausting because everyone is so incredibly hateful and mean and disgusting because I guess that's what the internet is. I get that they have a reason to be but I feel like everyone deserves some respect no matter who they are or what they've done.

I think he definitely needed a reality check too and I'm still holding out hope that he'll come out with an apology video and at least try to redeem himself because I really want to believe in him.

No. 1069651

What i find tragically hilarious is that this was all online. He didn't sleep with minors like Ryan Haywood, or live with and physically groom a minor like Onision did. Majority of them, he just flirted until they were of age, and then sexted, with one exception (that we know without a doubt) being Ocean. With how reserved he is, it's doubtful he ever had plans to meet up physically.
He was just a perverted asshole. Like a LOT of men…and a few women.

He's so small fry, yet he seems to get more hate. Like I said, tragically hilarious. Kinda overblown.(no1curr)

No. 1069700

>>He gets more hate then Onision

Stop white knighting and lying.

No. 1069716

Unless you have any info just shut up. No one cares that you feel sympathy for a pedo. This is the wrong place to be saying this.

No. 1069756


When Twitch kicks Cry and partners with Onision, it's not a lie.


Makes this a very one sided forum.

No. 1069925

There is a difference between being poly and cheating.

Most threads here are one sided. No one here is sympathetic to disgusting groomers and pedophiles. I honestly am baffled that there are people who are still willing to watch him, or feel bad for him, or forgive him. I bet they're all scrotes.

No. 1069945


You're the one throwing the insults, pal.
The people here talk righteous talk, but you just can't wait to step on the next person who proves they're actually human people who make mistakes, and not gods that you put on pedestals.

It's not our place to forgive him, but we don't have to hate him for it. Why does being disappointed in someone require so much hostility? Why is hoping someone can grow from this something to be looked down on? And if your answer is another insult, then your opinion doesn't matter.

No. 1069949



pedos don't change. and grooming is not "a mistake". any normal adult will not get sexually involved with a minor.

and learn to sage at least.

No. 1069952

>>we don't have to hate him for it
Who the fuck is we? Feel how you feel about him and sage.
I'm NTA.

Onision has had NUMEROUS people for YEARS making highly viewed videos about how shit he is. He even had Chris fucking Hansen get involved.
Cry did what he did, twitch did what they did and there was some drama before he disappeared. Thats it.
Not years of drama and bullshit. This isn't that dramatic. Fuck Onision and Cry, but people have probably fucking forgotten about all this.

No. 1069969


Give it a rest. You’re not going to achieve anything by doing this. He’s done what he did and his attitude when things went south showed what kind of person he is. He didn’t even manage to make a genuine apology or respect the victims. He’s not going to change simply for people on the internet and he’s not going to change whether people hate on him or not. There’s things he can do to improve but he didn’t do them. He’s not about to start because people give him sympathy or support.

No. 1069972


>I bet they're all scrotes.

Right there ^^

>pedos don't change

Then why did he stop seeing underage girls 6 years ago? That's a pretty large gap after doing it almost nonstop. He went from dick pics and online b-day sex with Ocean to breaking up with Auri because she was underage in under a year. Something changed. You just don't want to see it because you think "once bad, always bad", but life isn't that black and white. Maybe he finally looked at himself in the mirror and felt disgust.

>Any normal adult will not get sexually involved with a minor.

If he were anyone else, most of those relationships would have been fine. I was 17 with a 23 year old bf once, with exactly the same kind of relationships he seems to have had. Maybe that plays into why I don't see it as a huge deal. The only part I didn't have in mine is dating someone who was a minor celebrity.


>Who the fuck is we?

Everyone. There is no reason for this hostility. There's too much of it in the world.


Thank you for being civil. I really appreciate it. I'll stop when I see more of that from the others.

No. 1069979

>He went from dick pics and online b-day sex with Ocean to breaking up with Auri because she was underage in under a year.

Auri broke up with him and he was still manipulating young girls after her.


No one is supporting him anymore besides maybe a few people you could count on one hand.

I understand it must be painful for you but his recent actions have shown he has not changed.
If he's able to take a few years away and come back and prove he's changed, fair enough. But no one has the right to be the judge of that other than his victims and it's not anyone's place who isn't involved in the situation directly to be saying things like this.

No. 1069985


>Auri broke up with him

>“So‌ ‌yeah,‌ ‌I‌ ‌told‌ ‌him‌ ‌my‌ ‌age.‌ ‌And‌ ‌he‌ ‌backed‌ ‌off.‌ ‌And‌ ‌we‌ ‌kinda‌ ‌just,‌ ‌stopped‌ ‌talking‌ ‌

after‌ ‌that.‌ ‌I‌ ‌think‌ ‌we‌ ‌both‌ ‌just‌ ‌truly‌ ‌felt‌ ‌that‌ ‌it‌ ‌wasn’t‌ ‌right‌ ‌to‌ ‌continue‌ ‌what‌ ‌we‌ ‌were‌ ‌
doing.‌ ‌But‌ ‌also‌ ‌I‌ ‌wasn’t‌ ‌super‌ ‌involved‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌community‌ ‌while‌ ‌this‌ ‌was‌ ‌happening.‌ ‌I‌ ‌
kind‌ ‌of‌ ‌just‌ ‌spoke‌ ‌to‌ ‌him.”‌

^^ From her VOD. It's also in her original Tweets that he backed off. I'll admit, they were from before she turned on him, but I have to assume she was telling the truth regardless. This is not something someone should lie about, even to protect someone.

Alright. That's the last of my argument, assuming others won't respond.

You're right. The right to judge is only in the hands of his victims. I just felt a need to say my piece. All this vitriol just makes my blood run cold.

To anyone else who still holds onto hope that he could grow from this, and especially to those who won't say so because of reactions and conversations like these: You're not alone.

I've seen quite a few people who feel the same.
And others can think we're insane or idiots, but our mind is our own. I'd rather be insane with my own opinion than follow a crowd into hell.

There. Done. If anyone responds, I'll assume you enjoy an argument.

No. 1069986

Anon just has a boner for cry. Probably is a fan who “heart breaks” over these allegations, so they have to make excuses for him. Its a way for them to still try and see him like how they did before getting exposed.

No. 1070207

>He didn’t even manage to make a genuine apology or respect the victims.

He was given a chance but chose instead to pass the entire blame onto his now ex-friends. From the evidence and what we've already seen, I don't think he has it in him to actually be genuine. And even if he does manage to make an apology video or apologize solely to the victims–because he plotted to pin the blame on others, I don't think people will believe him anymore.

He dug his own grave and now he has to lie in it. He's not as dangerous to minors as onion or others, but he's a terrible coward who takes no responsibility.

No. 1070689


> I was 17 with a 23 year old bf once, with exactly the same kind of relationships he seems to have had

you're also a victim of grooming and you can't see how dangerous and disgusting it is because you were groomed into thinking it's okay for fully grown men to date teenage girls.
cry being an e celebrity is the nasty cherry on top of why this isn't okay

No. 1071770


My hero!
Thank you for mansplaining my emotions and how I should feel about events in my life own to me. I feel so much better.

(PS: Don't really care whether or not you're a man. It's none of your business.)

No. 1071791



Don't be mad because someone pointed out that you, as a minor, got groomed by an adult. Just because YOU felt a certain way about it doesn't make the relationship any less immoral. Cope.

No. 1071837

"I posted in a public forum about being groomed, why are people telling me I was groomed?"

No. 1071852


cope less, sage more

No. 1071906


I love how you know nothing except our ages at the time. That it didn't matter that I was the legal age of consent. That my parents knew. They didn't like it but didn't stop me. Sexting wasn't even in the dictionary. It doesn't matter how everything happened. That I left him a lot worse off than he left me in the end. All that matters is he was older so of course he was just using me. How could someone actually care with that age gap. Craaazy thoughts.

But no. I'm a "victim".

I feel like that's kinda disrespectful, for a place that is so righteous. Doesn't matter if the victim believes they're not a victim. All that matters is you see them as a victim. I guess fuck them, unless they're pointing a finger.

Also I kinda feel like that kinda thinking completely undermines an older teenagers autonomy. Like "Ooooh, adult, I have to listen to him. Better spread my legs!"

Seriously if being a victim was as easy as you're saying it is, everyone would be one. Honestly it's starting to feel like that sometimes. Especially with how much power victims have to destroy someone, or gain clout. No reason not to claim so, really.

Always believe the victim, right?

No. 1071911

Just say you are a pedo apologist and go.
Sad you got groomed when younger, I was your age and my bf was the same age as yours, they are creeps.

No. 1071918


>They didn't like it but didn't stop me

I wouldn't like it either if my teenage daughter was dating someone six years older than her. Someone being the age of consent and being with an adult may be legal, but it's also immoral.

Back on track, how do you know "when" Cry stopped fooling around with people? Do you know the guy? Are you intimately aware of his personal timeline of events? The last recorded instance of his shit behavior was as close to a week before his video went up, and there are at least 3 people who came forward as victims anonymously to the other victims (Auri, I think). We don't know when the contact happened, how long it lasted, or what it entailed.

So you don't actually know shit about him. Stop advocating for a predator by using your own just as shady experiences as a buffer for his conduct.

No. 1071926

Not you trying to make this thread about yourself.

No. 1071931


Holy fuck.

Did you not see:

>>There. Done. If anyone responds, I'll assume you enjoy an argument.

I tried to stop. You want me to stop? Then STOP RESPONDING.

And you're right. I don't know shit. I'm done arguing. If I did know anything, it would get twisted anyway, so what's the point?

The ONLY reason I posted here in the first place was so other people with similar outlooks would know they're not alone.

I did that. So you guys can go back to shitting on him now I guess.(stop being autismo)

No. 1071932

Sorry you dated a sick fuck anon.

Anyways, Cry still hiding out? Lmao

No. 1071941

K thanks. Bye.

No. 1071958

> The ONLY reason I posted here in the first place was so other people with similar outlooks would know they're not alone.

The only thing you did was prove that you didn't know what child grooming was until you were 30 fucking years old and that you'd rather direct your empathy to a child predator. Girl, bye. Go act the fool in another thread.

No. 1072162

instead of being a waste of space on this thread with dumb useless fights.
Can someone try dig info around? like asking someone that still talks to Cry about his progress?
If not, get out here, stop wasting time and space on the threat, this threat is not about any of you.

No. 1072173


It's a public thread. Cope or make your own.

No. 1072639

File: 1604262511823.png (15.81 KB, 491x136, Screenshot_31.png)

nn no surprise to anyone the creep is continuing to be creepy seems like ryan is dating beckens now

why the fuck is chey even talking to him anymore like wtf this bitch really cant let go

No. 1072656

I'm not really seeing much indication there that she's talking to him. It seems like their social circles have some overlap, so it wouldn't be surprising if stuff like this comes back to her in some way or another whether she wants it to or not.

Given all the recent revelations about him this year I can see it being quite disturbing to hear that your slimeball ex is still somehow managing to rope in new partners or hasn't been kicked to the curb by existing ones.

Right now it might be tough to "let go" when so many people (ourselves included) are so invested in the current situation.

No. 1072747

We're just assuming it's beckens, though, right? Is it confirmed?
That's also fucking nuts he jumped into a relationship like that, but I guess not surprising. There's always some weirdo throwing themselves at creeps.

No. 1072751

File: 1604273214914.png (14.63 KB, 582x106, beckens.PNG)

wonder if its connected

No. 1073105

File: 1604332476648.png (17.42 KB, 177x201, moretocome.png)

Looks like the he's still active, or trying to be. More to come..? What, is he gonna slink back into the spotlight like nothing ever happened? Guess we'll see.

No. 1073165

total disrespect to everyone he’s hurt if he does
Twitch has already banned him, and most of his YouTube audience is gone
What does he have to come back to?

No. 1073173

File: 1604338610288.png (696.82 KB, 1729x2048, Screenshot_20201102-103617.png)

Auri's tweeting about it

No. 1073183


Not quite. Everywhere you look people are simping for the dude, especially on twitter. A quick look through his tags or even the comments on his last video will show that there are still people ready and willing to support him despite the megathread and everything else. Pretty sure if/when he does come back he'll be banking on the support of those people.

No. 1073196

File: 1604340674153.png (706.51 KB, 1657x2048, Screenshot_20201102-111038.png)

From Auri's server

No. 1073201

Besides the one face reveal from CryExposed (or whatever) I know people from other posts said they had photos of him. IF he's really about to make a come back, can the people from the 3rd thread please not bullshit and pull those photos? He paid people to take his photos down but they're there somewhere.

No. 1073207

Ryan's 1005 still lurking here. Why else would he start back up now? He changed his Twitter profile, Jund and Russ tweeted something about being upset. So did Auri- they're all starting to talk about it again. Just as the milk here started to dry up

No. 1073209

I have pictures of him but I'm not sure what good it would do other than sate your curiosity. It would definitely make known who I am to release them since who knows who else he sent them too. Is there a reason to post pictures? Or is it just curiosity?

The one with the sunglasses is him and he DOES look pretty much the same, maybe a tiny bit lighter but still visually the same other than different hair

No. 1073212

> Jund and Russ tweeted something about being upset

Screenshot? I see nothing that even suggests they're upset on their twitter.

No. 1073214

>>1073207 Auri confirmed it was directly related to the pfp change, but Jund was from like 14 hours ago and it's seemingly unrelated

No. 1073219

His face being on the internet seems to be his biggest weakness. Personally, I don’t care to see it but with the way he’s hurt everyone I feel it’s only fair there’s more clapping back. Losing his Discord partnership, voice acting roles and Twitch channel somehow proved to not be enough

No. 1073247

Post them or don't, but don't bait them for attention. Most people still think he is secretly handsome and that will probably make it easier for him to prey on more people.