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File: 1538251487146.png (409.23 KB, 900x900, Cryaotic.png)

No. 700379

Thread to discuss Cryaotic.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne.

>Accusations of pedophilia.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2yrDg7wROzElRGoLQH82A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cryaotic

No. 700381

First time I’ve heard anything bad about him but cheating isn’t milk, can you post any links to pedo accusations or actual milk?

No. 700382

Was wondering when this guy would get a new thread.

No. 700384

As I remember, there was a thread a while back, mainly about his ex girlfriend. I'll try to find it.

No. 700385

No. 700400

>being this new
cry and his gf have been cows on here for a long, long time.


No. 700498

>defending a pathetic OP like this

where's the milk

No. 700534

seconding >>700381, where are the accusations?

No. 700536

A link was already posted by >>700385
Not so much of an accusation, more fact.

No. 700551

Went through that “evidence” but it’s all pretty vague and the chats that were posted seem untrustworthy. Op of the thread that was linked sounds like vendetta-chan and wasn’t able to provide any real “facts” or witnesses to back up the claims. Pretty flimsy evidence imo

No. 700575

I quite like Cry's channel tbh, out of all the lets players he's never changed. Markiplier and his ilk are OTT, when if you compare it to their videos from some years ago they weren't Jacksepticeye is a really good example of this, before he was an average let's player, (tbh, he isn't really good at it to me, he rarely explores the games) now? He's really fuckin over the top and overall just annoying.

A pedo (or ephebophile) is Yamimash, I unsubbed after the accusations as I believed them without proof, lmao. Didn't matter because he admitted to it anyway. Haven't checked on his channel after that, but at the time he was a dude in his 30's living in his mom's basement making lets play videos, had an 18 yo gf (red flag) and unsurprisingly got exposed for having an underage fan (14 at the time) sending him pics of her tits. He claims he didn't know her age, and then proceeded to say something about her big boobs, lmao. He had to make sure all his fans knew he wasn't a pedo, as he's an ephebophile he made sure to tell everyone he isn't a pedo because "pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent kids" then gave the age range that they're attracted to. Nice touch, Yami.

No. 700591

I'm not defending the OP, but you're dumb if you don't know cry is a cow.

No. 700639

Has Cry ever chimped? I feel like "do they chimp" is the best litmus test for whether or not someone is a cow.

I feel like he hasn't, but I'm pretty out of the loop on Cry, so he might actualy have.

No. 700944

Is it just me who doesn't believe the whole cheating thing?
We knew way before they announced their break up that Cry and Cheyenne split.
I feel like maybe when they split in private, Cry ended up having feelings for someone else. But they weren't "publicly" broken up so Cheyenne calls it cheating or some shit.
She's spoke about it twice now. I just don't feel right about it.

No. 700945

cheyenne is known to be a bitch, could be possible

No. 700947

It's pathetic that Cry unfollowed her weeks ago, and she's only JUST unfollowed him after publicly calling him a cheater lmao.

No. 700950

>Has Cry ever chimped? I feel like "do they chimp" is the best litmus test for whether or not someone is a cow.

top kek

No. 701033

They unfollowed each other?
Phf, and they were trying to act like they're still friends.

No. 701041

Mentally ill. Unable to control his emotions. Malignant.
Stay away from him.

No. 701045

Care to expand on that?

No. 701051

wtf is there any pics to prove this shit or is this speculation? Did something happen on last night's stream???

No. 701055

I'm not trying to diss on OP but the discription is the weakest shit I have ever seen.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne.

>Accusations of pedophilia.

I know his girlfriend was shit but she's gone. If you have actual recent proof on Cry himself then I need to see it. Otherwise, I'm going to assume this is vendetta shit (probably Cheyenne starting this thread).

No. 701060

Chey had a girlfriend (who was her friend long before that) almost the instant they broke up. She literally tweets 24/7 about her gf, why is she stirring shit for the millionth time? Thought losing her e-famous bf would kill her thirst for attention but apparently not.

Even if he did cheat on her, a) she was an emotionally abusive cunt and b) they broke up a year ago. No one fucking cares about her anymore.

No. 701073

I wouldn't doubt Cheyenne starting this, honestly.

No. 701079

Honestly, the responses such as

are not even dried milk worthy. Big shit, they unfollowed each other and Cry likes to be passive and professional and say they're on good terms. So what?

No. 701086

Not really milk, but I'm curious. Around December last year, Cheyenne streamed and said something along the lines of "Cry was never a bad boyfriend", but if those screenshots are real and are actually from Ocean herself, it means he would have cheated in 2014.
So why would she say he was never a bad boyfriend if he cheated in 2014?

No. 701117

Cry wasn't the cow, Chey was. All his "milk" was just shit Chey had a hand in.

Now that Chey's no longer relevant, the milk's gone dry. Only two bullet points, really? I smell a vendetta-chan.

No. 701158

read the previous responses, I agree 100% it's probably Chey

No. 701174

If not chey, then probably that ocean chick starting shit again

No. 701365

Old milk that's turned into cheese. Cry was never a cow, his ex Chey was. There's a reason why the threads died out.

No. 703228

lol you guys think that cheyenne started this? she's moved on.

No. 703552

>she's moved on
yeah i just checked, still looking like a crusty chimp but she managed to find herself a dirty looking, but still prettier than her, gf

No. 703592

Stop bumping threads if there’s no milk

No. 704703

if she had moved on, then she wouldn’t have her “cheaters” merch still

No. 704707

Read the rules and usage guide and stop bumping this thread without providing new content.


No. 729592

File: 1541788834788.png (246.85 KB, 1080x1306, No Politics.png)

Since we have a new Cry thread I'm going to go ahead and link some of the older posts about Angel/LoveXombie since she is a person of interest, and as an update from the JonTron drama Cry still let her come back.


The status of their relationship is currently unclear. In the past Angel has expressed they are just friends, although she seems to take no issue with using Cry's streams to boost her own views. She also likes to post a lot of "lol im sad :'( #sorelatable" content typical of a snowflake.

>out of all the lets players he's never changed
Lol no, that's a fat load. He's definitely a Twitch streamer now and doesn't upload youtube LPs like he used to. He even commented about it in the announcement video about cancelling the Vampyr playthrough because he wasn't enjoying it and the videos weren't getting a lot of views.
You can also look back at his older videos and notice that before dating Chey he didn't use so much ghetto slang. Now it's been ingrained into his personality and he doesn't even realize it was from Chey and her ghetto lifestyle. I think his politics also changed over time, whereas years ago he was right-leaning/centrist and sometime around 2012 it became more apparent he started leaning left. He has definitely changed over time and in more ways than one.

In fact, let's look at how his youtube channel's going these days
Looks like his sub count's been on a downward trend for a while now, he's lost 835 subscribers in the past 30 days as of posting this. Surely it wouldn't have anything to do with how his youtube account has become a Twitch stream announcement channel, right?

I honestly don't know what's worse, Cry himself or the cows he seems to attract like flies to honey. I'm inclined to believe the latter, mainly because Cry is good at cleaning up behind himself and keeping his mouth shut in public. Pic related. These should really be "Cryaotic Community" threads or "Cry and Friends General" if anything, but currently there's just not much to go off of. Even this post is scraping the barrel. Maybe someday something will happen but until then Cry's career is a sinking ship. The only reason he's still afloat is because of social connections and loyal fans holding on to the past.

No. 818122

Angel and cry are definitely an item, just wish it wasn't so obvious to the rest of the viewers, very annoying.
But she's not chey and she's a good sport so I'll keep that illusion. For now.

I'm always afraid these love-interests / ruin the dynamic for the audience but I don't think most people see much into it.

Hell if they were to come out now, the audience would clap with approval.

No. 818130

Samefag but He doesn't care much about his youtube channel, and he mentioned this before so he knows his subs are tanking. He said many times that by working on his anxiety and stress he's been learning to take stuff one at a time to deal with it. And he's life isn't sinking. He's got it make and continues to get hundreds subbed to his twitch. And he's gotten more comfortable with his audience, which everyone is happy and more receptive of.

No. 826262

To be honest, dunno if I would call him a pedophile but the fact that he dated Chey when she was still in high school and he was in his twenties seems pretty predatory. And the fact that he cheated with that ocean chick, who was also a minor at the time. Hes definitely a creep.

No. 826264

wow, I was really hoping this thread was necro'd for a purpose. But its just a retard that nobody cares about posting their boring thoughts. do you have friends?

No. 826265

I actually genuinely just found this thread so I wanted to put my two cents in, sorry

No. 826289

can't believe this guy keeps making content, i used to watch him back when pewdiepie made let's plays with him
did we ever get to know how he looks like? chey wasn't that pretty but he used to have a lot of fangirls bc of his voice so..
sage for offtopic

No. 826310

I always wanted to strangle him to death, his voice was so off-putting and extremely fake. He had the personality of cardboard. Didn't expect him to have multiple threads on lolcow. His face was never revealed.

No. 826899

he didn't really, it was all about his ex, cheyenne. the threads were all about her.

No. 828820

is he dating Angel?

No. 839907

File: 1563473228809.png (84.81 KB, 275x206, Cry's face.png)

The first couple Let's Go Pikachu streams pretty much confirmed that they live together/have physical contact IRL.

Cry was such a goddamn fucking creep during those streams
>"Guys can be cute too, damn it!"
>"I'm 30 and I'm cute!"
>getting corrected by his chat over gender politics
>"Tomboys are hot, I love short hair on girls"
>Angel goading him into complimenting long hair bc apparently she has long hair
Also "2019" is an inside reference between him and Angel.

Someone in the chat generically asked if Cry was ever going to get married and have kids and he quite openly said "Yeah sure eventually, whenever Angel feels like it" or something very close to that. He definitely namedropped Angel.
They are not subtle at all and the mods just continue to go "no shipping allowed!"
Normal people don't do this shit, normal people don't go so far as to try to control their audience from playing cupid when it's clear as day they are dating off-stream. It's strange.

I predicted a while back that they would go ahead and date. I was right on the money. It's a testament to the fact Cry is ugly, lazy, and could only ever get a girlfriend if he met/manipulated her online first.

>And he's life isn't sinking. He's got it make and continues to get hundreds subbed to his twitch. And he's gotten more comfortable with his audience, which everyone is happy and more receptive of.
Yeah, because it's the same 60+ group of people that have blindly followed him for years, some of which also have skeletons in the closet and feel safety in numbers in their little hugbox community. Not enough to be cows themselves, but enough to look at Cry's dating history and not even bat an eye.

Imagine if someone actually made a big public callout post highlighting the Ocean/Chey drama and put it next to his current behavior and it picked up wind. It would scare away plenty of his current viewership.

>He said many times that by working on his anxiety and stress

He has every right to have "anxiety" and be stressed when he dated two teenagers as 20+ y/o adult, cheating on one of them with the other about 10 years younger than himself, and has a current audience that strongly buys into policing morals that would go up in flames pretty quickly if they knew about his pedo behavior. It would effectively put the final blow into his internet career.

He would actually have to get a real job instead of playing video games for money, oh no.

This was posted several threads back.

No. 841133

File: 1563644442104.jpg (90.86 KB, 1153x693, cryaotic_cosplay_by_my_smoshy_…)

LOL people were always hyping him up to look like some picrel tumblr gamer boy, if that actually is him than wow i'm surprised he even got cheyenne.

i'm not surprised

No. 841561

Damn you have it out for them, lol. That picture has floated around forever, hard to say if it's him honestly.

Angel definitely doesn't live with him. It seems you can't tell the difference between joking playfully and being sincere. Angel still talks about being in Minnesota on her streams, and Cry is in Florida.

It's obvious that Cry has a crush on her in the very least, but she does seem to dodge it a lot. Hard to say if they're actually together or if he just wants to be.

If they did date, Angel would at least be an improvement on his choices in the past.

No. 841693

File: 1563736206833.jpg (188.61 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20190721-140544_Dis…)

>They are not subtle at all and the mods just continue to go "no shipping allowed!"
>Normal people don't do this shit

Angel posted this in a discord late last year on why the mods are weird about shipping. Worried about posting this because I don't want to give my identity away, but Angel had a lot of issues with Russ, that she went into further after this, but she explained why she isn't around as much.

No. 842173

>It seems you can't tell the difference between joking playfully and being sincere.
Doesn't make the utter lack of self-awareness creepy as shit, and when it's not creepy it's incredibly fake and empty lol. I guess you aren't bothered by a 30 y/o still acting like a quirky pizza sloth myspace teen.

>If they did date, Angel would at least be an improvement on his choices in the past.

That's like saying "dirt is an upgrade from shit"; You're not wrong, but goddamn that's pretty sad for it having to be said in the first place.

Then again, garbage attracts garbage and that's why Cry and Chey dated for as long as they did after all the crap they both pulled, especially on Chey's behalf. I almost want to say Angel should do better if she's even considering reciporicating Cry's awkward stockholm crush.

That's a hilariously immature way to handle it, holy fuck. Instead of directly telling your audience that you aren't comfortable with it, just tiptoe around the fact and make a "no shipping" rule. Yeah, that sounds smart! That could never possibly become a problem should you ever want to date another fellow streamer, or anyone else with an online presence for that matter. Nothing could go wrong!

It's unfair that the mods have been thrown under the bus like that with the hypocritical way the rule has been tossed. Really tasteless. Again, this is not how people who don't do all this "my life is super private but I also want to entertain and be part of the e-celeb web" nonsense deal with these issues.

Either one is small enough to nip it in the bud and have these conversations directly with the people initiating it (be it pulling them aside privately or making a public statement but refusing to give names while reassuring you don't want said individuals getting harrassed by the rest of your audience), or one is a massively popular e-celeb that knows there's always going to be a certain weirdo subculture that's gonna do it anyway even if you make it crystal clear and firmly ask them not to, so you just don't let it bother you at all. The majority of streamers and youtubers fit into the former category, since the latter you can practically count on your hands.

The clarfication is appreciated though, thank you for going out of your way for that post.
Nobody's going to rat you out, it'd be pretty hard to. Besides, do they even look on this corner of the web? Would they even think to without someone weening?

I can't blame Angel for wanting nothing to do with Russ, his laugh has always been incredibly obnoxious and one of the biggest reasons why I never fully latched onto LNC. I'm sure other people are more up-to-date on his baggage than I am.

No. 842190

I've met him a few times, that's not him, sorry. He got out of shape with Chey but that's because she's a soul sucker, he was never on his way to be a contestant for My 600lb Life. He looks like a normal guy, no downsie nose either. Def not a tumblr boy but not that thing.

No. 842198

No. 842211

where did this photo come from and what's the proof that's him? havent been following his drama much but i've been interested in seeing his face for years

No. 842224

It floated around tumblr, some anonymous person made a blog and said it was him. It's hard to say if it is him either way.

No. 842225

Fucking lol. And why should we believe you, random anon coming out of the bushwork proclaiming that you've "met him a few times and he looks TOTALLY NORMAL GUIZ MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE"

Post proof or gtfo

tbh Cry's angsty crybaby behavior has been getting on my nerves for a while now. It was sorta funny in 2011 but after almost ten years him still acting like a "quirky pizza sloth myspace teen" like you said it's getting so old. I was a fan back then when he was posting LPs on youtube and have tried watching his streams a few times but it's just so boring. There's nothing new there.

No. 842415

Yeah I have to agree. He's cringy as hell now. Dodging around issues, avoiding addressing them.. and the way he downplays himself is really obnoxious and sounds like he's trying to get reassurance from his viewers. Isn't he over 30 by now?

No. 842467

hasn't he just recently been getting his life kinda of track? i remember him talking about finally getting on adhd medication on his pokemon platinum stream and how it's improved his life

No. 842468

hasn't he just recently been getting his life kinda of track? i remember him talking about finally getting on adhd medication on his pokemon platinum stream and how it's improved his life

No. 842473

I mean yeah, he's been doing a lot better with getting medicated and working on a lot of things, but there's nothing to talk about unless it's tearing him down for being human, I guess.

There's literally no milk here, folks.

No. 842512

Not that anon, but I agree that it seems like he's always fishing for compliments when he does stuff like that.

So let people talk? Every thread is about talking shit and speculating so I don't see what the problem is? Cry isn't exempt from that.

No. 842597

the person in this thumbnail is hotter than Cry will ever be. I absolutely am convinced the real Cry is a fat neckbeard ginger

No. 842599

Pretty sure he's at least 31 or 32 now

No. 842707

You can easily look this up. He turned 30 in June.

No. 842849

I'm surprised he's managed to keep his face hidden for so long

No. 842888

Sounds like someone is bitter, from Cry's discord?

No. 842889

This, people here obviously have a vendatta

No. 852658

You already posted that much, might as well include any other screenshots and just censor names.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852968

>>839907 >>841133
Now this is a face and name I didn't expect to see again.

>It floated around tumblr, some anonymous person made a blog and said it was him.
While I don't have concrete evidence, I do want to share this.

I was the creator of that blog, and I can tell you that this is 100% Cry.

I did some digging back in 2012-2013 and ended up finding his mom's Facebook profile. That's where I got pictures and screenshots from.
I'm pretty sure that I posted at least one other picture of him at an outdoor wedding ceremony. Again, it has been years and I've forgotten much about it. Anyone here who happened to see the blog at the time might remember that picture and there being more proof posted on there in general.

I ended up regretting my actions and removing the blog. I'm surprised to see that this one picture survived through reblogs, while everything else disappeared when I deactivated the blog.

Reading about some of his actions and behavior the past years is the reason why I'm ok in "exposing" him again and want to confirm that this is him. The thought of him using others' fantasy idea and image of him to his advantage and to manipulate young girls disturbs me. I want to confront them with reality: Cry is not some hot cute stud. Behind the mask is just a normal, overweight, and quite unattractive man.

I'm surprised that nobody else in his life or community has ever come forward to confirm that this is him, not even one of his exes.

No. 853133

the person in the background is cry right? and the person in the center is his mom?

No. 853182

I'm also surprised none of his ex friends exposed his looks. But i think most people can piece together he's a neckbeard from his actions.

No. 853323

No. Cry is the person wearing sunglasses.

No. 853427

oh god LOL.

No. 853587

Well that explains why he's so hellbent on not showing his face. Yikes.

No. 853777

how do you all know it's him?

No. 853778

obviously, people here seem strangely angry at him for no reason, there's literally no drama

No. 853834

No one knows if it's him. No one's come forward because there's no proof. In any case, who fucking cares. This is the oldest milk I've ever seen.

No. 853845

That post is almost a month old, who cares.

No. 855080

File: 1566178690373.jpg (167.01 KB, 1440x1030, IMG_82musy.jpg)

No. 855082

File: 1566178778673.jpg (93.48 KB, 1427x360, Screenshot_20190818-014333.jpg)

i went thru his blog again because i wanted to see if something was still there and the fact that he was in his 20s and… the way he typed and acted was kinda cringe on god

No. 855084

File: 1566178851751.png (34.1 KB, 746x156, 967348ed-5363-4310-8409-70306a…)

No. 855121

Well, what were you looking for? This thread was understandable during the Chey drama but lately it feels like some people are trying to stir up a general dislike towards Cry, but like, why? Not trying to defend anyone, it just sounds like there might be random secret milk or vendetta that nobody is admitting to.

No. 855131

There are multiple people here, though. If they want to talk about him, then what's the problem? There's always a whiteknight trying to gatekeep the thread.

No. 855196

I'm not the same anon but I do think it's strange to talk about stuff that's 5 years old.

No. 855648

not to mention 5 year old musty drama about an online borderline non-entity with very little proof that absolutely noone cares about. Why the fuck yall still talkin about this shit? There's nothing to even talk about

No. 855721

>Why the fuck yall still talkin about this shit?
>says the person who bumps the thread

No. 861904


No. 864766

How can you have vendetta over laughing at someone who sabotaged his own career with drama and mental illness? Seems like the opposite, really.

You're right, his name is relatively obscure now. A lot of streamers and youtubers have risen over Cry in the entertainment industry. Many years ago, if you asked someone to reccommend you some good youtubers to watch Cry's name would'be at least been one of the top ten or twenty. That isn't the case anymore.
In his own words,
>When you're doing youtube, you're sitting there alone with your thoughts and uh, it hasn't been the best place in the thoughts I guess, until I get everything worked out.
He went to Twitch because the Twitch viewership gives him more immediate attention and validation than a sea of youtube comments. It also allows his mods to filter out criticism or negativity more easily.

I agree that his oldest posts are old milk now and not worth looking into beyond seeing them for comparison. Over time Cry shifted from being politically unbiased to mostly left-leaning/politically correct, which turned away viewers that wanted an unbiased entertainer like he used to emphasize as one of his content's features. Cheyenne and Angel are both very politically biased and both had a part to play in that, which is why past threads were geared more specifically as "Cryaotic and friends".

His most recent Cry Talks video is pretty interesting, he directly says "I never got to grow up" (awful mentality btw, lots of pedos use that exact phrase to excuse their bullshit) and "I kind of never stopped just simply being a middle brother, or just like a fucking kid mentally I guess."
Really clarifies all his immature behavior, both past and present.

I'm glad to hear that he's getting therapy and medication, but I also don't think Youtube/Twitch is a good career for him. Maybe as a profitable hobby, but it's pretty mutually agreed upon that his popularity died out when the Let's Play/horror game popularity era died years ago.

His shit is only worth talking about at all because people will always be curious about the "what happened?" and "where are they now" of past celebrities, including e-celebrities. The fact that he is actually seeking self-improvement when in the past he was fine with letting things fester is worth noting.

Maybe he can finally stop being a cow, or at least be downgraded to a personal cow if he keeps acting like he never had sour grapes towards other entertainers that actually put more of themselves out there for their viewers. Pewdiepie is still a sore subject for him lol.

No. 864885

The fact that he is still making a career off of twitch, and the video you linked has thousands upon thousands of positive comments, proves that his career was never "sabotaged" and maybe he's happier with a smaller audience.
He clearly is making enough.

Cheyenne was the cow. She still is a cow with her obsession of her girlfriend and thinking that because she's attractive she's "made it" while still tweeting trashy videos of her girlfriend' 's ass, offering to sell pictures, and talking about doing coke.
I don't know why you keep bringing up Angel, personally. She doesn't seem to do anything worth of note.. Like, ever.

No. 865333

Not politically biased? If you think that he was anything other than a liberal, you're crazy. He didn't talk about politics much, lots of people didn't before Trump, but he was very proudly pansexual and very obviously liberal. You sound like a sad snowflake conservative if you think that matters. Cry has always been all-inclusive.

No. 867812

File: 1568317781442.jpg (353.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190910_114809_com…)

I only just recently came across this thread so I'm sorry if I'm not doing this right, but my friend recently sent me this screenshot of a conversation between herself and Cry. She was 15 at the time, this was the same time frame that he was dating Cheyenne if I'm correct.
She sent me some other screenshots but nothing incriminating.
I've only had one interaction with the guy but he's always had something off about him so I didn't bother continuing to talk to him.

No. 867813

If it happened years ago then it isn't really relevant.

No. 867821

Oh ok. Sorry, ignore me then!

No. 867857

Yeah it might have happened years ago but if he was perving on a 15 year old then there’s potential milk there to discover.

No. 867992

That says Disneyland. He lives in Florida, and they have DisneyWORLD. Also, I don't think he's ever gone by "Cry" on any messenger, at any time.

Fake harder, dude.

No. 868024

Why do people keep necroing this thread when they have no milk

No. 868076

I haven't read this Cryaotic Fan Thread in a minute but even locals mix the two US Disneys up from time to time

No. 868097

I can assure you, this is fake as fuck. Once again, he's never gone by Cry on any messenger. He's never met anyone from the internet with the exception of Cheyenne.

No. 868845

Ah, so you know Ocean then? How is she fairing? Can you give us any more information?

What the fuck do you mean you "assure" that it's fake? We literally have proof that it was real from past threads leaking the same exact conversations years ago. He did share his number with Ocean amd we have the logs for it right here: >>700385

You are clearly a fan of his, that's why you keep defending him with stupid shit like >>864885
And yeah, Angel did make a clown of herself on stream back when she openly admitted that she thinks JonTron is a nazi.

Either you need to show evidence as to why anyone should listen to you and have aby sort of credibility or stop posting ITT immediately. I'm pretty sure you're also the same anon that keeps claiming the obese sunglasses guy isn't Cry but you won't post a real picture of him either, or any other evidence that would prove you know him personally.

You realize once you have someone's phone number you can edit the way you see their profile on your device however you want, right? You are so damn suspicious it's not funny.

No. 868850

NTA but you totally ignored the Disney World bit. This is one of those threads that's made and kept alive just by weird randos who know the cow personally and/or are moderately obsessed. Unfortunate, I was hoping for actual gossip lol.

No. 868916

She said jontron is a racist, which… He is? Why would you defend jontron lol

That isn't ocean. They're saying it's another nondescript friend of theirs. Literally anyone can make a fake phone conversation. I also don't know what the anon talking about locals mixing them is talking about, they literally get DisneyWORLD beaten into them by advertisements in Florida. No one mixes them up.

No. 868936

Hey, I was the one who posted the screenshot and I just thought I'd chip in.

My friend is from the UK and visited Florida fairly frequently, but our nearest Disney is in Paris which I think is called Disneyland? People from the UK get them mixed up ALL the time.
His Skype name was also under Cryaotic but she changed it to Cry.
I know she couldn't make it up as I was in a call with him for a couple minutes, but as I've said that's pretty much the only interaction I've had with him.

I don't know much about the Ocean situation, but from what I'm reading something similar must have happened to them?

The guys a predator, no sugar coating it. Obviously you're all entitled to believe what you want though

No. 868939

Sorry for the double post but the guys destroyed her mental health, I just wanted people to be aware of what type of person he really is.
I'm sorry if that's offended anyone.

No. 868957

Do you have any actual proof? Pictures? Usually when people go places they take pictures.

No. 868971

I know she took quite a lot of pictures, yeah. Not sure if she's comfortable sharing them but I'll ask her.

No. 868980

Can always blur out her face. It's just not believable without proof. We'll be waiting.

No. 868983

File: 1568570313579.png (42.67 KB, 477x876, cryaoticphonecall.png)

phone conversations are just so easy to fake, guys.

No. 869197

that video contradicts everything you are saying. People support him, he admits he has problems, and has moved on. You are bitter because he isn't posting on Youtube. Just grow the fuck up and watch him on twitch.

No. 869241

>contradicts what you're saying
>look, he's finally admitting he's immature and trying to get better
ok stupid

No. 869242

I'm not going to go into it because the JonTron drama veers right into politics and has to do with a pedophile careercow, but it was widely inappropriate of Angel to bring up JonTron on stream when the conversation was "what other youtubers do you watch?" months after the tea went cold. She also said she watches beauty youtubers and the beauty youtube community is also a fucking circus.

No. 869311

Uh, OK? So what if she watches beauty YouTube videos. You're bringing up something she said well over a year ago. She still doesn't do anything, lol. You're quite the little vendetta-chan, aren't you?

I disagree that it was inappropriate to bring up anything during stream. Why is talking about a youtuber inappropriate? Or was it that the opinion stated just made you upset?

Previous posts of yours link to a discussion of youtubers and you brought up the jontron thing then, siting that was a "hill she would die on," yet literally no one cares… Mostly because people agree with it lol

No. 869328

If you are there to do nothing but whiteknight and argue with people who you think are wrong, please leave. No one cares about you.

No. 869361

Could say the same about vendetta-chan. No one's white knighting. I want actual milk.

No. 869996

you are really offended about Johntron huh? You sure you aren't just jealous of Angel being close to Cry?

No. 871065

File: 1569017124738.jpg (145.69 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20190920-170341_Chr…)

I know this is Cheyenne related but she's "selling pics" for a snake and the trashiness scale is off the charts! Anyone want pictures of Cheyenne for money? 😜

No. 876294

Interesting that people still post here from time to time. It feels like there's something they haven't quite let go about the guy yet. Myself included I guess hehe
There are indeed a few possibilities to consider that can explain what we have seen /heard:
- The couple might have been going thru rough patches and that is when cry went and explored new grounds with new people for example with ocean or other girls. Chey wasn't happy about this and somehow they managed to make up. The reason why we can consider this possibility is that it doesn't make sense to use your celebrity name to make romantic contact with other people while you have not publicly broken up with the person you are publicly in a relationship with. It just doesn't make sense because anyone can see what risk of scandal can ensue and has ensued.
.. therefore..It is possible the girls who reported the incidents were hurt and wanted to make a case of it and they had changed his name on their phones for their conversations which made them feel good at the time/ gave them a certain elation understandably, and which they now felt could be used against him
- It is just as possible that C&C didn't want to break up publicly so they kept at it as if they were still together while quietly being able to see new people. As mentioned, it still doesn't make sense why Cry would use his screen name on any of his romantic correspondence at this time.
- yes it might also be possible that he thinks he can deny everything after the fact while still using his name because really he thinks he can get away with anything.. hmm.. he must love drama alot. but I think given how easily stressed the guy seems to be, this is not likely
- Maybe the conversations that people like ocean and others had were just fake or taken out of context?
- On another note, maybe cry is not the age he says he is? He could easily be the same age as Cheyenne we really don't know haha

And on a final note albeit another side note, since Angel has also been mentioned in this thread, I just think it's hard to be close with two people when one obviously really hates the other. And I don't understand why Angel would put cry in a position like that (and cry lets her) while Russ actually seems to be a decent guy

Oh wait one more thought.. if the girl said she went to the amusement park with him and she still maintained close contact with him after that.. either she really fell in love with him.. kudos for the then lovebirds.. or.. he actually isn't as ugly as that picture says he is afterall! Aha!
Or else she was lying!! (You can't have it all folks unless it was true love and if so amen to that!)

Thank you for hearing

No. 876486

Since apparently Angel loves you, as in everyone (other than nazis/johntron), why can't she love Russ?

It is more likely that Angel confessed to Russ but he gently let her down for which she has been bitter ever since……….

..Or maybe Angel doesn't love you/everyone/non-nazis/non-johntrons even though she keeps saying she does…

No. 876557

what are you even talking about? Are you insane?

No. 876674

They are talking about why Angel hates Russ

No. 876714

Russ tried to emotionally manipulate her into a relationship for years. She's talked about it before.

No. 876839

How does someone manipulate you into a relationship? You would have to be pretty weak and cornered for the person to think it would work.
Can you show me where she said this?

No. 876852

I can try to find it, but it was in a discord and not on stream. I guess during the Cheyenne/Sage era he was deliberately not helping her unless she dated him. She also mentioned that whenever she tried to talk to him about problems they had, or about how he treated her, he just threatened to kill himself.

No. 876867

Weren't they friends until ~2yrs ago? They were on cry's video together and tweeting on twitter.
But I think I understand it now -
If a good friend says they're a victim I guess you just gotta roll with it lol
Maybe cry knows what russ can be like so her points may be valid and he's not about to "give up" a friend just because they didn't like another friend of his coz he loves them both. And they're good friends to their friends. Pity whatever shit went down had to go down oh well

No. 876880

I'm not sure how good of friends they are anymore, with Cry canceling TGI and them never streaming together outside LNC/group streams. They don't interact on Twitter anymore either.

No. 876934

So you're saying that if I spend 8 hours on a Saturday with you, in public, we gotta hang out in public on other days as well even tho we can still hang out in private and chat in private, otherwise we're not good friends anymore? Wow
And you said you were going to be busy on Friday nights!

No. 876942

I'm just pointing out they used to hang out quite a bit and now only interact on LNC. That's all. Could be nothing.

No. 876945

while Angel gets to hang out with cry more..?
And Angel doesn't like Russ..?
How come it almost sounds like Russ has become the victim lol

No. 876988

I thought it was a little milky that Cry chose not to show the Rin reveal scene from Catherine: Full Body on stream; Despite the creators constantly saying Rin isn't trans, and even Rin saying he's a boy, some people keep pushing him as trans anyway. It's basically the Chihiro Fujisaki drama 2.0 except the pronouns aren't even much of an argument.

Here's the scene. Keep in mind, the whole game is rated Mature.

Both of the posts above you are tinfoiling and speculation. I think it's been made clear on both sides that unless there's any new major milk with valid evidence the thread will just devolve into bitchy infighting and vendetta accusations.

It's clearly not a stable friend group, especially if what Angel said about Russ is true. Not even LNC will last forever, but that goes without saying.

It'd be great appreciated if you did, if only so people who don't have access to the Discord can see it.

No. 876993

File: 1570359289925.jpg (170.82 KB, 1077x510, Screenshot_20191006-054316_Dis…)

I've found a few instances of her talking about him. It's hard to search through discord if you don't know exactly what you're looking for lol, but here's some.

No. 876995

File: 1570359344440.jpg (272.02 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20191006-054931_Dis…)

No. 876996

File: 1570359374698.jpg (46.01 KB, 1080x231, 20191006_055246.jpg)

No. 877217

So you're saying that someone he brought into his friend circle essentially turned his friends against him and while they talked to him about his actions as a bro, she tells everyone how his friends told him off and how he'd begged her to stay and haven't gotten over her yet
..How has he isolated her as much as she has isolated him?
I don't think he's bad-mouthed her publicly like that
Sorry if I think about this for abit
but wouldn't you excuse yourself politely if you stopped getting along with someone who brought you into their house
rather than stay and become friendlier with their friends to "help" them change? And are you really helping him by calling him out in public like that? With your soft heart?
I'm getting depressed thinking of it lol

No. 877222

This is actually a private discord, not public. He isolated her by telling people he wasn't ok with them hanging out with her anymore, that it upset him. I'm not sure why you're getting so upset about this for him. He's a 33 year old man.

No. 878026

>He says his gf left him because he wasn't over me and has felt like she was too much a pitstop
Fucking moids amirite? Also, I'm not sure I've ever seen "pitstop" used in this context before. Meaning she couldn't take any more of his shit, right? lol That's pretty good.

>I'm sof (uwu) and am unfortunately easily manipulated

I honestly hate when people do this shit, it's not cute.
If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore, bc you've had to have some previous point of reference that made you realize you were being manipulated and can reflect and recognize the symptoms of manipulation for the future. It just seems ridiculous to perpetuate that you are still "easily manipulated" for any reason unless you're playing up the victim card.

It's really lulzy that they're all late 20s/early 30s and still behave like shitty high schoolers. Maybe people were onto something when they said video games will rot your brain.

No. 878046

>If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore
I dunno, abusive relationships/firendships can be hard to escape, even if you know they are abusive. Sometimes it's not as easy as you think!

But the sof uwu thing isn't cute, I agree.

No. 878107


The whole sof uwu facade seems to be falling apart anyway because one of his last streams he kept pausing to type to someone then Angel came in chat and made some angry comments and he ended stream. Just like Cheyenne's Cry. Skype. Now.

No. 878113

except not like that at all since he started the stream saying it was going to be a short one, but damn you guys really be stretching for milk here huh

No. 878235

You're reaching. Considering he stated the stream with "it's going to be a short one, also Angel thinks you guys are cool and wanted me to tell you" and then ended about the time she showed up, I'd say they weren't fighting and that they just had plans.

No. 878312

>If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore

Agreed. She's fishing for attention with the "I'm uwu and innocent" song and dance. She's playing up the victim card a lot in those messages.

It's no secret that Cry's a cuck.

No. 878321

Can someone sum up for me why we hate Angel? I'm not around as much but I've only seen her be nice to people.

No. 879929

What stream was he pausing to type to someone? I know it was a shorter stream but what was the stream title called?

No. 880301


My reasons aren't really milky but I just hate her personality. I've mentioned this further up, but I hate how she never takes anything seriously in story based games like Life is Strange 2. Cry in his youtube prime days was KING of being able to play games while also knowing when to shut up during a scene or take something seriously, but also when to laugh and crack a joke. His playthrough of LiS2 with her is so annoying. She talks in this exaggerated valley girl vocal fry accent when I'm sure in her day to day she doesn't speak it so intensely, and I've noticed Cry has been picking up on her inflections, she mocks everything and everyone and will make a stupid dumb joke during a scene when she could instead like idk, just shut the fuck up and play the game. And it derails Cry too because he goes into tangents and laughs instead of being in the scene.

Like I'm using LIS2 as my prime example but in general she sounds like she's trying too hard to be cool and unaffected girl when it really doesn't suit her. She sounds like a toned down version of Cheyenne who also tried that hard girl who doesn't take anything seriously. And we all know how that turned out. Also personally I find it uncomfortable how during games he'll give her control of his PC because more than once she's assumed control of the mouse and pressed options. Idk it just feels very boundary crossing especially coming from Cry who is constantly on ultra incognito mode.

Like overall I'm glad Cry made up with Angel after that previous fiasco but it just feels like he replaced one bad female influence with another.

No. 880319

No offense but that seems really petty and you just sound jealous

No. 880330

NTA, but how is that petty? I hate youtubers and let players who talk over important scenes in a game.

I used to watch Cry years ago because he uploaded on the regular and played serious games like The cat lady and actually got really into them as he played. His whole dynamic has gone out the window and what made him charming to watch.

No. 880331

It's obvious from the start Rin is a boy/trap. Trans people are wild and I'm not shocked Cry is an idiot who is trying to validate this nonsense.

No. 880358

LIS2 is an awful game and I can't blame either of them for talking over scenes, honestly. That's a terrible example and makes you sound super petty.

No. 880422


WHY on earth would I be jealous? of what? lmao please take your weak rebuttal elsewhere. I answered anon's question about why I dislike Angel, and gave my reasons. I dislike her personality. Everyone watched Youtube Cry for the story based games because he was one of the first chill content creators who didn't yell or scream or make dumb jokes. Literally every compilation that's popular is him taking a game scene seriously. He was a breath of fresh air in an era of pewdiepies and jacksepticeyes and markipliers who thought talking constantly and as loudly as possible was "good" content.

Y'all were HYPED to rip Cheyenne to shreds in the previous threads, don't even try to act superior now with Angel. What, is she above criticism? When he co-plays with her he has zero ability to focus on the story and appreciate what's going on. That was the whole reason we used to watch him. The other half were thirsty fangirls who creamed over his voice and the mystery of his face.

Whether anon thinks LIS2 is awful is not relevant to the discussion that Angel is obnoxious and tryhard.

No. 880535

Cheyenne is/was a grade-A absolute bitch. She belittled everyone around her, constantly put Cry down, refused to let anyone on stream unless she approved of it. She was awful. There was reason to rip her apart.
Angel is nothing like Cheyenne, lol. Your reasoning just sounds like jealousy and your only examples is of them talking over a shitty game and her voice upsets you. It sounds fucking petty.

No. 880650

Angel ripped into him when they played man of medan together over something dumb and ruined that stream. Like a child throwing a tantrum. She also ruined his branding deal stream of unrailed. She responds to a lot of his jokes condescendingly. She puts him down in small ways. Theres a lot more than just talking over a shitty game and her voice. Sure shes nice sometimes. But also really not.

No. 880663

Do you have any clips of this?

No. 880667

Go to the collection on twitch called naughty boi man of medan with angel and it starts at 7 min. She reacted way too far for what it was. And the entire unrailed stream more or less.

No. 880670

The rest of it is little stuff randomly. When either of them are streaming or the chats. Negative comments. Harsh jokes. And just being Disrespectful when he treats her with respect. When it makes people who are watching uncomfortable you know thats a crossed line. Because banter between friends is great and is supposed to be funny and good for people watching too.

No. 880675

Wow, a couple disagreements in all this time is actually pretty good.

No. 880680

These are all recent and its all on streams. She starts it. Public airing dirty laundry is stupid and disrespectful when its their work and livelihood.

No. 880681

Considering how many times Russ or even Jund have derailed streams, this is nothing. Y'all are upset because she's a chick.

No. 880683

He doesnt stream with Russ or Jund outside of Saturday nights anymore though.

No. 880710

Women shouldn't feel negative feelings. She should have internalized feeling upset and definitely not shown any of it. It was unprofessional.

No. 880737

Or anyone who is going to be a guest should not bring drama with them because its disrespectful to the host. Theres a time and a place for fighting. If the guest doesnt like the game then they shouldnt play it. Worse to stay and be mad or silent and make the hosts stream uncomfortable.

No. 880762

So you're saying when she got upset she should have left instead?

No. 880811

Granted, I think unrailed just is one of those games that makes you fight. They had the same reaction when they played it on LNC.

No. 880867

TOLO yelling at Russ?!

WTF did Russ do?

No. 880868

for being close to cry.
that is all. A waste of nothing

No. 880873

If you read it, it was for telling people he didn't want them to hang out with Angel anymore, effectively trying to isolate her.

No. 884852

Irrelevant but out of curiosity I DMed Cheyenne about her and Christine's private Snapchat. 150 bucks a month. Yikes. They overestimate how much people would pay for them.

No. 884879

I can get lesbian porn for free with much more attractive, less skeezy looking girls. That is pretty insane. 150 a MONTH?

No. 885123

Poor Cheyenne fans. That is, if she still has some. She hasn’t streamed in what, a year or two? Left them hanging for a long ass time and still continues knowing people are subbed. And now she’s opening up a private snap that you pay quite a lot for. I use to feel bad for Christine and think she’s probably getting mentally abused by Cheyenne too but with the way she acts on twitter, they are quite the perfect couple.

No. 886916

Jesus Christ it is so obvious when they use their girlfriend status to get pity money and subscribers and dont actually care about streaming. We can only hope the latest continues to fade away too.

No. 887034


He was talking to her you can see his discord if you pause at the right time shes the only one DMing him and right after she comes in making angry face. They prob had plans but she is messaging him and being very demanding essentially telling him to stop his stream, that isnt "just friends" behavior if you ask me

No. 887109

TBF shes been ignoring everytime someone mentions Cry in her chat so it looks like its happening.. Good riddance..

No. 887134

Hopefully hes gotten rid of her for good.

No. 887144

what reason would she ignore everything? They stopped talking/broke up most likely lol

No. 887163

Sounds the most realistically likely. Hes tweeting hes depressed, and every time people talked about him she ignored it. And its the late night crews anniversary but she didnt raid him…. So 10 bucks on this lol. Just pray he wont have anymore trashy personality leeches around. Our entertainment aside, poor fucking guy.

No. 887170

She also doesn't get along with Russ, why would she raid the LNC? You guys assume A TON with NO PRETENSE.

No. 887172

File: 1572563791160.png (20.74 KB, 517x197, cryresponse.png)

He just responded to her on twitter a couple days ago. I see no tweets from him saying he's super depressed. He just posted a video on YouTube, even.

You guys think that maybe a ton of people here just make shit up for literally no reason?

No. 887183

Shes raided lnc a lot of times before so thats not a thing obviously, and hes alone right now too.
Didnt even see this, it looks so passive aggressive and hostile. If theyre arguing it fits right in to the timeline.

No. 887185

It's clearly about Russ. And she raided a different friend of hers, who has a much smaller stream.

No. 887186

Some of this is guesswork duh, but theres a lot to read into. A lot of pettiness and drama from her. End of the day this is a place to gossip, and if Angel was actually an "angel" there would be nothing here.

No. 887188

It's all just assumptions. She even popped into chat while he was streaming and wished him and everyone a Happy Halloween. None of this is good milk and it honestly just comes across as hating her because she's close to Cry.

This place has been dryer and bitter since Cheyenne left. What ever happened to that teen girl that said she had pictures of Cry from him taking her to Disney World?

No. 887191

A leech gotta leech. Wouldnt surprise me if she reads this and is trying to keep up a good face. Wouldnt surprise me if shes one of the posters lol.

No. 887199

She doesn't know of this site, as far as I know. I just have talked to her a bunch and think you guys are being paranoid and bitter. Acting like she's supposed to be a saint just because she's a friend of Cry's. Just think it's stupid, personally, and not milky at all.

No. 887208

Why do I doubt you have talked to her a bunch

No. 887214

Why do I doubt she doesnt know of the site
How convenient for her to show up and be all nice for a few messages and post about it

No. 887244


No. 887267


ah so you're that anon that is ridiculously defensive every time someone talks poorly about uwu princess angel? please either bring receipts or stfu and lurk because arguing with every anon who DARES to criticize her is making YOU look bad and you're clogging up the thread with pointless white knighting. This is lolcow, what are you expecting, we're gonna coddle her if we disagree with her? Some of us dislike her, get over it. You won't get brownie points defending her. And you don't "win" any arguments by saying we're bitter, petty and jealous cause lmao we are not jealous of that shit show or the LNC, please grow up and make better points if you're gonna be participating.

Ahem, that out of the way, I am not surprised Cheyenne is charging a ridiculous amount on snapchat but that's so… tacky. Who is she expecting will shell out that sort of cash on those two? Porn is free. And those two have the personalities of wet mops. Cheyenne, liking X-Files is not a personality trait.

No. 887277

^ lol. Jealous of this juvenile bullshit? Thank you, no.

No. 887627


People who don't like your uwu-chan are not jealous of her, anon. You are delusional. Not liking a certain kind of personality is normal, especially uwu-ones because by the end of the day they cant bring anything but their 'uwu guys am so wholesum'. Geez. Instead of arguing with people and bumping this thread with your whiteknightness, go do something productive or cry to your pwecious guwurl instead.

Anyways, does anyone know hows Russ's ex (Red) doing? I used to love her art but it seems like she dissapeared from social media completely.

No. 887632

she got married and left the internet, that's about all we know.

You guys need to learn to sage for non-milk.

No. 887676

My bad, unclear… >>887277 was agreeing with >>887267 as in all of angels drama is juvenile bullshit and no thank you we are not jealous of it.

No. 887677

What drama?

No. 888300

She went off and got married to some guy she met online last I heard

No. 888331

The thread is so devoid of milk it reads like a bunch of Cry stans reeing about the women the fat cringy fuck surrounds himself with lmao

No. 888564

File: 1572838613552.jpeg (157.59 KB, 750x705, 7036B88B-6FE1-4C6E-A5A6-B61152…)

how much y’all wanna bet Cheyenne didn’t tell Christine shit about what she’s done? Obviously Cry has done some shitty things too (regarding cheating and possibly his insecurities) but Cheyenne is far from a saint.

No. 888661

Abusers don't tell people they abuse other people. Of course she'd want to relate as a victim.
I hope she's changed honestly but she's clearly a liar and desperate for money and attention since her Twitter link is to PayPal and she's charging people 150 dollars a month for people to see her cellulite filled legs wrapped around her girlfriend.

No. 891433

I’m new to lolcow so if this doesn’t post right then my bad

I’ve been lurking on the cryaotic and chey threads for a bit and I just want to pitch in about Angel

The Russ drama between her and him should’ve stayed private but she told a whole discord about how he uses her and caused a scene on Twitter. I love Angel but reading about this I’m starting to think she tries to gain sympathy because she’s uwu soft. Yikes.

No. 891796

Yeah, how dare she tell anyone about being treated poorly by someone. She's clearly using her mistreatment for attention.

No. 891929

I love Angel as well but reading this definitely rubs me the wrong way. I get speaking out against someone who is mistreating you but thinking back to when Cheyenne had been doing this to her, you’d think she would learn to, y’know, stand up for herself? Or at least they all actually deal with the problem like adults and talk so no one is left out or isolated.

No. 891932

Real talk, why are you assuming she didn't talk to him and try to work things out? They were friends for years. And it was stated before the discord was a private discord.

No. 892025

Because why would you feel the need to tell a private discord about your personal life that you are having trouble with a friend if you’ve already dealt with it. I get venting but she has other friends so, it doesn’t make sense to me. And also it looks to be a private fan discord or something, cause how else would this screenshot get out? Unless she has a rogue friend. Still, it rubs me the wrong way and it just seems weird to talk about a close friend when she states all the time how she hates drama.

No. 893042

File: 1573682473688.jpeg (156.85 KB, 750x853, A9D44A8D-469A-4AF3-A8C0-78F364…)

Oop. Someone angry.

No. 893043

File: 1573682595581.jpeg (157.37 KB, 750x870, 59CBBB29-E015-4B08-8CC7-5FB8E5…)

No. 893049

Cry is a fat creep, shocking.

No. 893081

Damn, multiple girls huh? Guess this confirms it, Cry is trash. I actually kinda feel for Cheyenne a bit, she admitted she treated people poorly but was dealing with apparently being begged to "keep his secrets." completely fucked up.

No. 893101

Do we know who he cheated on her with? Ocean? Angel? Did she ever say?

No. 893105

Probably all of the above knowing him. Cheyenne getting pissy and whining about it now while telling someone to move on from the past is ironic, though.

No. 893151

Do we have any examples of him being a pedo? Like has anyone come forward and been like "he was creepy with me"? Not doubting, just wondering since I only found out about this recently. I know there's a girl in his chat who's been very vocal about having a crush on him at like 14/15 (dk how old she is now, and she claims she's not into him anymore) and he acknowledges/talks to her. Think he said it made him uncomfortable. Can't remember if she's a mod or vip or anything though.

With his crazy anxiety about his identity being found out I'd assume he at least wouldn't fuck around with fans like projared etc. The cheating is objectively shitty though.

No. 893172

She said at the beginning of their relationship. So probably Ocean, and not Angel. And most likely Red like someone had said in the thread before.

There’s supposedly people who’ve stated he’s been weird with them, but they say they are afraid to step forward so there isn’t anyone you could name.

No. 893177

What he did was shitty, but saying telling others to move on when she obviously hasn’t herself is laughable. Talking about it with your gf constantly isn’t moving on. And there isn’t anything wrong with that, but don’t lie to make yourself look like the bigger person. Cry was shitty, but she was a horrible and an abusive asshole. She chose to keep his secrets. She was begged, but was not forced. That’s all on her.

No. 893188

"multiple times, from the beginning" does not imply just the beginning.

No. 893208

He had a relationship for a while with Red, from before Cheyenne to during, I believe, but I unfortunately don't have any proof to submit. It was known within some circles that had Ocean in them, though.

No. 893227

Ahh I must’ve read it wrong. But I never said JUST the beginning either. I just have my doubts, despite Cry being a cheater, that he’d go after Angel knowing Russ was really into her. Like, would he really risk fucking up that relationship between him and Russ again? Idk.

No. 893797

File: 1573824199176.jpg (317.81 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20191115-072234_Chr…)

I thought she had said before that they didn't date when she was 16? So I'm not sure if this is about Cry, but it sounds like it was?

No. 893816


Its about him.

No. 893823

No. 893824

File: 1573828862341.jpg (230.87 KB, 699x640, cry.jpg)

No. 893827

This is more about Battlestar being fucking creepy and is old as fuck. Not sure how it's relevant at all.

No. 893842

File: 1573830925824.jpg (425.15 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20191115-091529_Chr…)

Definitely about Cry

No. 893852

this person victim blaming is gross tbh.

Is 2019 the year all these male youtubers who pretended to be wholesome are getting outed for being creeps and predators? Cry, Dan from GG and Jared rofl

No. 893900

off topic but what did Dan from GG do? can you give me a thread

No. 893947

Cheyenne was a horrible abusive cunt and until he broke things off with her she defended that they didnt date until they were 18 and that it was all legal and they were so happy. Of course as soon as it doesnt suit her agenda anymore she turns on him and starts victimizing herself. Abusive manipulation 101

No. 893950

The creepy comments are from Battlestar who was outed as a creep long ago, you need to read things more carefully. Otherwise its the normal calls they used to have. This is very old and completely not relevant.

No. 893954

Just search the catalog.

No. 893959

If she actually had dirt outside of the cheating she would have posted it by now. What a joke. He was a garbage cheater, she was just garbage, and she has nothing else to talk about besides her porn with her gf so she rants about boo hoo poor her.


No. 894158

I mean, granted, she did get attacked randomly again about being a shitty person, which she did agree she was. I think it's significant that she's saying that Cry messed with underage girls, including herself when she was 16.

No. 894240

That's so creepy…
I can't believe I used to like this guy and thought he was genuine.
I truly was a child!

No. 894251

16 and 22 isnt even that weird? lol. Even more so when you consider their very little difference in life experience.

No. 894252

A sophomore in highschool versus someone who could be graduated from college? Lmfao dude, that's definitely weird.

No. 894944

That's a whole 6 year age gap, wym?

Anyway, on the fence on whether she was telling the truth about that or not considering she did try to say they weren't messing around when she was 16 and then changed her story, wouldn't put it past her to try to slander him further.

But I do know people who would cap for whoever they dated that was older than them then once they wake up they tell it how it is.

No. 896268

I have never heard about Cry having a relationship with Red. Are you sure? When was this, right after her and Russ broke up?

No. 896270

When Russ and Red were still together, actually. I don't think Russ knows, but he suspected for sure.

No. 897432

File: 1574641117863.jpeg (22.7 KB, 481x169, 94B5CA3F-DE76-496B-9FFF-1A7ADF…)

okay cheyenne

No. 897537

Actually, since they're in different states it goes by Federal Law, so it's 18 and there are no sweetheart exemptions

No. 900678

Could be that Russ did know about Cry and Red and would make sense why he didn't want Cry around Angel.

No. 902359

The biggest slight against Cry is the age gab thing with Chey, and even then that's only weird by modern standards, perfectly legal. The only other one is that the man cannot stick to a schedule to save his life.

Aside from that, I have never seen any evidence of him doing anything wrong. Chey is and will likely always be a dramamonger. Scott has said as much on his tumblr. Snake has said similar things in passing on his tumblr. Russ was always too much of a clown-fuck to humor that shit on tumblr. Angel as well is probably a clout chaser, in my opinion. She tries too hard and is like a 'soft' Chey. She was originally Russ's friend, so I can see why he might be upset she's trying to jump Cry's bones. So what if Russ was trying to make friends with her so that he could get a girlfriend. IIRC, he knew her prior to the LNC. So what is he to do, go out with a fan? He'd be blasted for that. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. That's a problem with anyone who has a following. Streamers, celebrities, anyone with money or clout has this problem. Hell, HE probably feels used because she was suppose to be his friend. I've stopped by Angel's stream years before for D&D and she's talked about being on medication for things like anxiety and depression. I'm sure she's also a perfectly well-adjusted individual outside of the internet face she keeps up. Just while I'm at it, look up underage people saying all sorts of shit about people even remotely famous. You wanna find it, you will. All that shit as to be taken with a grain of salt. A lot of these kids wrapped up in made-up fantasies because they're crushing on someone they've never met. Maybe some of it's real, but as far as I've seen the shit around Cry in that regard is standard fair, if actually on the tamer side.

I also don't know what's this shit about people saying Cry and Russ don't stream together anymore because they stream together with Scott over on this one professional Dungeon Master's Twitch in one of the games he's doing (you'll just have to forgive me for forgetting the name, he's some 100 viewer Andy when it's not their game). You wanna look for it, look for their names in the titles. Cry has never really streamed together with just Scott or just Snake, and the TGI thing was of course gonna fall apart just like every other project Cry has ever done because the man, again, can't keep a schedule to save his fucking life. I haven't watched Cry's streams outside of clips for ages, and I only know about the D&D thing because I still watch Russ from time to time.

As for what Ryan looks like, out of his own mouth he says he has short hair, a short scruffy beard, he wears glasses but sometimes uses contacts though mostly just wears glasses because he doesn't like touching his eyes, speaking of his eyes he's said they are green (he said this when he was talking about fan art and how he's always depicted with blue eyes), and he's physically average if easily winded due to that gamer stamina. I'm also fairly sure I've never heard him say he's worn anything other than shorts and flip-flops. VRChat sensors says he's 5'7", but he says that's wrong (though he sounded quite embarrassed when he said it).

Honestly, the lot of you just seem like a bunch'a cunts. Not even in the amusing way of trying to get someone to kill themselves. I'd bet pretty money most of you are women. But I can't even watch his shit anymore due to him constantly making excuses for why he won't keep a schedule, but you guys blow this shit so far out of proportion. Sage because this is gay.

No. 902398

Hyperclap, except for the schedule jab. The man just hasn't been the most consistent with starting times. He streams a fuckload though

No. 902402

> I'd bet pretty money most of you are women
Did you forget what website you’re on or are you just some autistic newfag?
> and even then that's only weird by modern standards
Standards change for a reason dumbass. It used to be okay to get with girls as soon as they started their period and as we’ve progressed as a society with new developments in psychology we realise it’s not moral or ethical for men to take advantage of young girls like this. I will never understand why girls wk this man. He’s fat, ugly, unfunny, and quite clearly a creep. There is no reason a 30 year old man should be flirting with girls who haven’t even hit their 20s.

No. 902405

Most relationships through history were roughly same-age. The old dude/young girl relationship was common in the aristocracy, which is why it’s overrepresented in people’s imaginations.

In hunter/gatherer societies of today, the average age of parents having their first child is 19 for mothers, 20 for fathers. That is the most likely representation of prehistoric society as well.

No. 902407

Ok? That doesn’t change the fact that pursuing teenage girls at 30 is not moral or ethical

No. 902442

I'm Jesus fucking Christ, motherfucker. I'm God's chosen gift to you miserable pissants.
>new developments in psychology we realise it’s not moral or ethical for men to take advantage of young girls like this
Quite literally Women's Lib is what did it. It was almost purely the idea of women. Mind you, many of which who now think it's oppressive and was the idea of men. Point is, women are fucking stupid, and since this place is mostly women it's fucking stupid, too. 9/10, bet you're ugly.
>He’s fat, ugly, unfunny, and quite clearly a creep.
Where's the proof? The photo up above has literally never been proven to be him, and I've been here since LITERALLY all the threads made about him. Current speculation by you dumb fuckers is that he's a green-eyed ginger, and his sister is blonde and blue eyes like his mother. The VRChat height description alone is more substantial than fucking anything you mongs have posted. Fuck, if that photo is him, the guy in the back must be a turbo midget.

Go catch a dick, it'll do you some good.(retard)

No. 902817

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this is all a farce. the only ever "drama" you all will get about Cry is due to Chey, Angel, any other person in vicinity of Cry to get his attention, NOT Cry himself.

No. 902847

Cry was a creep for sure, but at least he seems to be trying to change. At least I hope. The best thing he could do would be to admit his faults especially regarding the underage thing but seeing how long it took him to ditch Cheyenne, he’s not gonna do that any time soon. Also speaking, it kinda looks like Cheyenne seems to be showing her true colors to Christine already.

No. 902894

How is Cheyenne showing her Colo rs to Christine?

No. 902950

There's been so many instances of Cry preying on younger girls but go off, I guess. You guys are pathetic.

No. 903235

"The only drama around Cry you see is with everyone around him, it always involves him, but he's a perfect angel!!"

Dude, what the fuck

No. 920459

File: 1579456206539.jpg (592.57 KB, 810x2329, 20200119_114740.jpg)

Cheyenne still talking about how Cry cheated on her, and how she hated the girls he cheated on her with, even though he had a commitment to her and not them…

She was also just before this talking about selling the sex videos that she made for him.

She has been trying really really hard to sell sex videos of her and her girlfriend, too. She's a real trashy piece of work, lol.

No. 920805

Hmm I understand the whole “being able to talk about it” thing but why does she think she needed to be apologized to by the other girls? God forbid those same girls had the thought process as her, wanting to be loved by Cry, right? What I wanna know is if she ever apologized to Angel and Mash.

No. 920813

Highly doubt she ever apologized. She thinks of herself as the victim in all sense of the word. She doesn't think about the people she mistreated at the time at all.

Like you said, the other girls he was cheating on her with could have been going through similar things as she was but even now she says she's angry THEY didn't apologize for ruining her life, not Cry.

No. 920982

Really pushes the idea that she's the problem and making it all about herself. If it wasn't coming from Chey then people would take the allegations more seriously, unfortunately.

No. 921176

File: 1579579332825.png (163.38 KB, 597x444, daaes.PNG)


"or apologize at the very least?"

No. 921191

Oh damn, are you one of the girls that she wants to apologize? Of course she would block you, she WANTS to be the victim, and blame you for it instead of her boyfriend at the time.

No. 921197

I'm someone she had beef with at some point, despite only speaking to her once or twice.

No. 921320

If you don't mind sharing, what kinda beef did you guys have?

No. 921457

She got mad at me for talking to cry despite having no interest in him, lol

No. 921510

File: 1579653048549.jpg (232.59 KB, 1079x906, Screenshot_20200121-182916_Chr…)

Yes, Cheyenne. Your actions were his fault not yours… Did everyone forget how often she derailed the stream with abuse? How she used to attack people in chat? How she almost made someone commit suicide over bullying them? Wasn't her fault, guys.

No. 921523

I don’t think Cry made you a terrible person towards others who had nothing to do it with it. Imagine thinking yourself the victim when the people you bullied off most likely had no idea what was going on between you and your ex besides how you acted towards them.

No. 921532

File: 1579655336060.jpg (355.53 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20200121-190745_Chr…)

No. 921540

File: 1579655912181.png (49.76 KB, 714x342, Screenshot_20200121-164912~2.p…)

rip my bad I meant this tweet

No. 921544

It is. Cry and Red had a relationship when she was with Russ.

No. 921552

lol she deleted that one real quick.

funny how she started all this today by saying if he changed and is a better person, she wasn’t going to tear that down and only talk about what she’s gone through. but now all bets are off i guess because she also said she would spill everything IF she found out someone else got hurt by him.

No. 921557

on the one hand I am living for this "new" milk from cheyenne like fucking finally speak up for once.

on the other hand besides all the abusive moments she had, I just can't shake off how fucking possessive and clingy she was with cry. And now she's done a 180. Make no mistake it's entirely possible she has "matured" and seen the relationship for what it was, fucked up, but she's all "my ex" and "my ex" when she used to act like she owned him. Cheyenne if you had a shitty relationship that sucks but you also have to take ownership of the fucked up stuff you also did yourself.

also damn apparently cry really got it on with ladies despite being so mysterious and cryptic? like I'm not calling her a liar but for a guy who goes to great lengths to preserve privacy he sure likes dipping his dick in risks if it means he might get women lol

No. 921565

Men are idiots who will risk pretty much anything for sex and cry has been pretty open about his over the top interest in sex since day one

No. 921566

It's because his cheating just consisted of sexting and phone sex.

No. 921567


caught up with both christine's and cheyenne's tweets, christine really likes to insert herself into the narrative

chey says she'll blow the lid if he hurts someone so dear god please let some drama unfold. To be totally honest I do believe Chey is telling the truth but I also believe she did really bad things.

According to chey's tweets he was super into roleplay porn and stayed inside all day so I guess most of his cheating happened on the internet

No. 921568

I noticed that too, about Christine. I feel like she's living for this drama, lol.

No. 921577

File: 1579659221343.jpg (268.49 KB, 1079x1095, Screenshot_20200121-200805_Chr…)

Anyone feeling like Cheyenne's reading this?(emoji)

No. 921580


I don't doubt she got tipped off about the threads when they were active.

But when we had pages upon pages of proof of shitty things she said or did and is coming out with her truth it's gonna be hard to immediately turn around and kiss her ass.

Even from day 1 a lot of people felt there was something off about cry or that he was overrated especially by fangirls. He just knows to keep his mouth shut which Cheyenne couldn't. So she got the most heat, and she was very chaotic and vocal in streams or on tumblr.

Still I'd rather support Cheyenne than Angel. Angel comes off faker than Cheyenne right now, and I couldn't stand that Angel-stan anon all over again whiteknighting her.

No. 921581

I don’t think she knows this thread, or the others, exist. Cheyenne would’ve dropped the name already if she did along with Tumblr and the “hate” videos.

No. 921585

I honestly don't get the Angel hate, myself. Do you also hate Naomi and Summer?

No. 921590


I don't know those. I generally don't watch the streams as they happen, honestly haven't watched Cry in months. I spoke about this further up in the thread, I am vocally anti-Angel because she irritates me. If there was one thing I enjoyed with Cry's playthroughs of more serious story driven games is that he knew when to shut up and appreciate the story it's trying to tell but Angel just can't shut up for one fucking second and let a scene play out, she has to insert some dumb joke or make a millionth weed reference. I don't care if he's just playing some random online game but the reason I watched Cry in the first place was because he did story based games justice. But she totally ruins it.

No. 921592

Well lucky for you they don't seem to stream together anymore lol
He's been streaming a ton with Naomi, Summer and Beckens though.

No. 921645

File: 1579664455722.jpg (300.05 KB, 1080x1059, 20200121_213914.jpg)

Anyone else think it's hilarious that immediately after saying all this shit about Cry…. She's trying to sell her girlfriend's sex stuff again? Immediately after trying to become relevant by calling Cry out?

No. 921662

File: 1579665904450.png (65.85 KB, 587x497, hmm.png)

So he was cheating before they even met irl and she knew this, but met up with him and fucked him anyway? Not really sure on the timeline. Still, that seems like a dumb decision on her part. Don't get me wrong, cheating's fucked up, but if you knew about it that early why wouldn't you just dump him and move on?

Her old tumblr is still up and the most recent post from three years ago is her defending their age gap. Funny she hasn't deleted it with how much she hates him now. If she really wants revenge on him leaking his face would probably get more attention than vague tweets implying he's a pedo

No. 921674

File: 1579667326403.jpeg (84.13 KB, 828x435, FCF261D7-BA49-4B70-8494-98A681…)

Something that caught my eye. Weird how she’s saying here she had undiagnosed BPD but, she didn’t mind telling everyone she HAS BPD when she had to write an apology to Ziegs when all that shit went down.

No. 921696

File: 1579670123950.png (58.18 KB, 601x643, chey.PNG)

I love how she went from none of these people apologized!! >>920459 to liking the tweet sympathizing for the 16 year old >>921532 and the image I just posted talking about "manipulating other teenage girls". Her constant flip flopping on hating them for fucking her man to being like "he's the one who did all that to them" is obnoxious.

No. 921711

File: 1579674417947.jpg (385.57 KB, 1080x1285, Screenshot_20200122-002543_Chr…)

She just sounds like a bitter ex now? Like, you just said you 'endured trauma' but you're mad that he wouldn't let you move in with him? (she was really abusive openly though, so that's not really a surprise?)

No. 921723

Why don't ya'll make a Cheyenne thread? You all seem to complain a lot about Cheyenne but the milk isn't about her and neither is this thread.

No. 921724

You do realize that there was like two or three years time between her being 18 and the Ziegs incident right? Plenty of time to have gotten an actual diagnosis by then.

No. 921727

I was meaning at the time. She didn’t get a diagnosis until after they broke up. So yes, she didn’t have one DURING the ziegs incident and used it as an excuse.

No. 921731

Fair enough

No. 921793

Sorry gatekeeper, Cheyenne is relevant to the thread.

No. 921798


to be fair if you were 18, super inexperienced with relationships in general, full of issues because your mother died when you were a kid, and some big youtube man gives you attention, I can see that she didn't have the mental clarity to say "fuck that" and dump him. Unfortunately this resonates with me on an unpleasant level, that feeling of "why did I not do anything back then?" which is a reasonable question, for older experienced people, who don't have personal feelings at risk, and now you're older you feel dumb for going along with it. At the time she probably felt like he was her entire world and the best thing since sliced bread.

The amazing twist is that she actually gave a sort of apology for how she acted back then. She admits she was a terrible person. Cry has vagueposted that same sentiment but it just comes across as "poor nice guy feels self deprecating uwu" and the fans lap it up. He has also never hinted at being a sex-obsessed scumbag towards Chey, and while he did defend her once or twice he never really made any attempt to fix himself either.

christine tho is kinda butting in a bit too much and it leaves a weird taste in my mouth like I get it's social media and it's your "voice" on twitter and nobody is banning you from talking but this is clearly something chey would talk to you about in private so she doesn't need you to step in and be her white knight. idk. Like I get the sentiment she's trying to get across by being supportive but this isn't a real life conversation where you sit next to her and stand up for her, it comes across much less genuine when it's a twitter post you hand typed specifically for everyone to see.

No. 921812

With how Christine was tweeting that if it "blew up" people have to becareful with death threats and stuff, it honestly just looks like she's hoping for the drama to take off. I wouldn't be surprised if she encouraged Cheyenne to talk about it now just because she likes the drama and attention that comes with it.

No. 921846

File: 1579709772646.png (20.23 KB, 590x216, chey.PNG)

if all of this is true I sincerely hope the guy has changed.
i hate that i know how wrong this is but yet i still feel like i support him, i guess that has something to do with watching him since I was a young teen though, who knows
god damn it cry. fix your shit.

No. 921879

If it makes you feel better, it's been 5 years. I'm guessing he HAS changed since then.

No. 921974

tbh Cry hasn't even remotely interacted with any romantic interest in almost five years so I'm pretty sure he's reflected and is trying to improve. He's also been on medicine with therapy and shit so I'm sure he's doing better now, or at least trying to.

No. 921989

predators are predators. they don’t change. why does this fucking loser get a pass but nobody else does? if we’re gonna pretend time erases your pedo tendencies, then r kelly and projared might as well be saints.

No. 922000

Jfc finally someone said it

No. 922004

Cheyenne is relevant only because of the milk she's providing on Cry. She doesn't actively associate with Cry anymore. This isn't the place to bitch and moan about Cheyenne and her girlfriend doing things you don't like. Talk about the milk, or make a new thread.

No. 922008

I don't think he's on the same level as R. KELLY, Jesus.
Fuck off dude, it's still relevant.

No. 922011

Please explain to me how whining about Cheyenne's personality and her girlfriend are in any way relevant to Cry grooming his fans, cheating, and being an all around creep? IDC if you wanna bitch about Cheyenne being unlikeable but this literally isn't the place to do it anymore

No. 922012

this, looks like someone is jealous because of their proximity to cry lol
Oh so literally nothing. Got it, just vendetta shit.
This, Chey has always been an attentionseeker and has always gone after other girls. She needs her own thread because cry and her broke up 5+ years ago and NOW she starts saying shit? Hell most people that follow cry don't even know who the hell she is and previous milk shows that she isn't willing to change and keeps vagueposting like a retard. Say it if it's true Cheyene, Cry did xyz, you have nothing to lose. I don't get what she's doing.

No. 922017


ew grow up why would anyone be jealous of talking to him. he's a sex obsessed 30ish nerd who stays inside all day and plays games for a living while being a financial doormat to his sister and family. The guy has basically cornered himself into being the cash cow, has removed most chances of a normal social life due to his ~privacy~ and he has the mentality of a 12 year old. Are you that Angel-chan anon that called everyone jealous if they disliked her? Are you also 12?

Please come back with a better argument. Cause you sound like you're still in middle school with that "oooh you're just jealous and attention seeking". Go do your homework lol

No. 922021

I find it funny that Cheyenne is tweeting again and all of a sudden there's posts here getting really aggressive and telling us not to talk about Cheyenne lol

No. 922050

Nobody is telling you not to talk about her. We're telling you to MAKE HER A WHOLE THREAD. Talk about her a fuck ton. Just not on CRY'S thread.

No. 922052

I don't see the difference if she's still talking about Cry, it's still relevant. Who cares.

No. 922054

Her personal affairs are not relevant to the milk she's providing on Cry.

No. 922056

Ok Cheyenne, we get it, it hurts your fee fees.

No. 922061

Man you are vapid. Why would I, obviously Cheyenne, encourage people to make an entire threat dedicated to shit talking me, obviously super duper definitely Cheyenne

No. 922062

:v) it hurts my fee fees so badly I want people to make a whole dang thread for me, Cheyenne Avila. In the flesh. The digital flesh. Me. Cheyenne.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 922063

Just saying, she might be able to avoid the other thread but wants to read all the Cry hate lol so gotta get rid of the valid Cheyenne points about how she still sucks

No. 922069

Alright guys lets talk about cry.

Man that fucking guy is an asshole who’s also a cheater and a goddamn pedo.

What else is new.

No. 922071

Alright guys, let's talk about Cheyenne

still a wishy washy, attention seeker who obsesses over her girlfriend

What else is new

No. 922072

Pretty sure everyone reads their own lolcow thread. Or kf or pull. Anybody who says they don't is full of it

No. 922081

You’re assuming I want to talk about cheyenne. There hasn’t been new milk involving them in ages so idk why you all are so high-strung over who gets talked about.

No. 922086

The reason we're using the Cry thread is because she's obviously Cry's ex, her tweets are currently about him and in regards to him being a creep / loser / virgin man child.

No. 923059

It might be worth noting that if he hadn't apologized in some way, Cheyenne wouldn't have stayed on. Im not sure you can argue that he manipulated her to stay on, because it was a relationship that lasted 2+ years with no further cheating incidents reported. Maybe he hid his tracks better, it is possible. Maybe he was worried she would spill his secrets so he made sure she stayed until the relationship ended on her terms. Smart. When it ended, she immediately publicly jumped on to the next person whereas he manages to keep all his baes quietly in a relationship with him for the next, what, 2-3 years now? That takes some skill, I gotta say.

He might still be cheating on people. That is true. And we may never know coz it'll be a whole bunch of he said she said.

Regardless, I think Cheyenne's advice in terms of not to idolize and to value/respect yourself is very valid. I don't think Cry himself can disagree with that because it's the same thing he says these days. Even Angel says these things.

I guess everyone's grown up huh. That's awesome.

Everyone's on their own little amazing journey thru life.

Ok and lastly, I just wanted to share that the world is actually a humungous place. Absolutely ginormous. It's bigger than you and me and Cheyenne and Cry. ~300million trees got burnt down in Australia and a bunch of Koalas died or lost their homes, women still get killed by the Taliban for teaching girls to read and write, whales actually exist imagine that! , and someone is living their best life in France sipping coffee at a small cafe. There's so much to see! Maybe we should get out there and experience it a little.. y'know?

If we're reading this right now, life really ain't that bad lol
have a good year ahead y'all

No. 923243

>I guess everyone's grown up huh. That's awesome.

No. 923659

Cry's complete radio silence on social media kind of makes me think everything Cheyenne said was true, lol

No. 923722

What should he say though? Cheyenne barely got any traction with those tweets, maybe a handful people were upset. I'm not sure what to think honestly.

No. 923760

I didn't expect him to say anything in regards to it, but no stream / art post for 3-4 days seems off brand for him kind of?

No. 923796

its not off brand for him at all wtf lol. he handles drama so terribly, he locks up like a little kid. whether its true or not is irrelevant, he'd react the same way

No. 923843

I assumed he might not even have been aware of it (they both seem the type to block exes on social media) but you're right, the complete radio silence is suspicious as fuck. His saturday stream is due to start in ~30 minutes so guess we'll just have to see if he turns up to defend himself or keeps hiding, but either way it'll be proof he knows what Cheyenne's been saying and is fucked up over it. I can't see him cancelling the stream with no announcement, but there's no way he'd be able to act like everything's normal either.

No. 923891

He seems to not be addressing it on his stream either, but his abscence was suspicious.

No. 923900

Snake still followers her on Twitter, so I don’t doubt he doesn’t know at least that she’s been talking.

No. 923905

I meant the radio silence, not the hiding like a coward bit.

No. 923996

File: 1580026747211.png (1.29 MB, 563x1000, D51D7756-A32D-4180-900C-52FB5A…)

This is my first time ever posting, so hopefully I do this right. I didn’t know he had a thread on here until today.
I didn’t find out about this website up until about a year 1/2 ago and mostly just lurk on TND and onion’s thread. If I would’ve known about this website back in 2014 I might’ve posted this back then, or maybe not because I was still a big fan of his. I don’t watch him too much now, I liked his let’s plays and since he doesn’t do those anymore I kinda forgot about him.
Anyways, like I said, I used to be a fan of his and did some digging and ended up finding this photo on Facebook that I’m pretty sure is of him. I posted on Facebook a blurred version of this that had the Sup guy photoshopped on top of him to “respect” everyone’s privacy (I use respect very loosely because I found the photo in the first place) and posted it with a caption explaining how I found it. The caption is posted below with all my 2014 cringiness.

“I spent countless hours online watching youtube and searching random things just to keep my mind from over thinking. I was already a huge fan of Pewdiepie since 2012 and just discovered a new Youtuber named Cry (Cryaotic). I decided to watch a couple of his series and then got to the point where I would set aside everything else to watch his late night streams. I became obsessed with the angelic voice he had possessed( sorry for the cringe) I felt like he had become an actual friend of mine. A friend I could go to whenever I was feeling down. I was able to last about a month or two with just hearing his voice and imagining what he could possibly look like since he's never shown his face, I tried to force myself to keep imagining him as his Sup Guy persona, but I couldn't take it anymore. My curiosity had taken a hold of me.
Now, anyone who is really close to me or has hung out with me before knows that I have ways of finding things easily like a person's ex's, pictures, posts, etc. My close friends made jokes about me being a grade A professional stalker or that I should join the CIA because of the things I find. Either it could be a talent or a useless skill due to too much time on my hands. But because of this skill, I was able to cure my obsessive curiosity with Mr. Terry's face. You see, I was able to find his actual name easily. He let it slip in an old steam and many people let it spread through the internet like wildfire. So all I had to do was a simple google search and bam! Ryan Terry. Easy enough. But, no matter how much I googled Ryan Terry's face, I was always led to a dead end. I always came up with this model hunk who I knew couldn't be him or some forum saying that no one has seen Cry's face. Luckily, I found out from one forum that he had a younger brother, Nathan. I googled him too, but lost interest as most of the searches seemed like people posing as him. Then, I facebooked him. Oh the wonders of facebook. I did seem to find a kid that could possibly be the brother of the man of mysteries, but I wanted to keep the possibilities open. I decided to take a break on my hunt for the mysterious face and relax for a few weeks and eventually lost interest in searching. I just went back to enjoying his videos like before. Until one day he had a random stream. The new Mario Kart had just come out and he was playing it with his sister, Allie Terry, and until that stream I had no idea he even had a sister. From the chat I had found her name, which Cry and her didn’t seem to mind to keep a secret. The only name they were trying to keep confidential was the sister’s baby girl, who they’d ask the chat to name her and just call her by that or by “baby”. Reading the chat, it seemed like no one ever leaked this little girl’s name and that Cry and his sister did a good job at hiding it. I was so excited about these two new family members of Cry I’ve never heard about that my curiosity once again was sparked. Thus, I headed to facebook. I found many “Allie Terry’s” in my search that could have fit in as his sister that through countless profiles I was about to give up. It was like fate that on the last profile I was on that barely had any pictures that were public and only one video, that I had found the Allie I was looking for. Because I am such a cat lady, I had decided to watch this Allie’s video of her cat trying to eat its food. In the video, Allie is talking to her cat in a funny “demonic” voice saying that it is fat because it is binge eating. You might ask how this video confirms that I had found Cry’s sister and to that I say again, fate. When I had played the video I also had the livestream up playing, so both audios from the videos were playing at the same time. I heard Allie’s “demonic” voice in the cat video first and as soon as it stopped I heard it again in the livestream, that was playing on real time. There was no way to deny it. It was the same voice! I had found the sister through pure luck. So, the stalker that I am, I looked through her facebook (come on, don’t deny you haven’t done it before). There I saw that she was in fact friends with the Nathan Terry I found weeks back. So that confirms him as the brother. But, I had gotten a bit too far and some might find it invasive. I started connecting family members, seeing who was related to whom. I even found out that Allie Terry went to school and knows Allie Wesenberg, who is the new girlfriend (now wife) of the bass player Charles Trippy of We The Kings. Big coincidence huh? I was also able to find the name of the baby or Cry’s niece (I didn’t want to give this out since she’s a minor). So looking through all these facebook profiles, I find an aunt who had a couple of family pictures. In one of the pictures, I find Cry/Allie’s mom and brother among some other faces. But this one face seemed to catch my eye. He was a normal guy, nothing made him stand out in particular, nothing besides his nose. Why his nose? There was about 10-12 people in the picture and out of those people only three had the same noses and basically the same facial features, Cry’s mom (Julie Ann), Cry’s brother Nathan, and that one other guy who I hadn’t seen in any other picture from all the pictures and profiles I had looked through. And because of this nose, I had come to the conclusion that it has to be the one and only Ryan Terry. It might seem a bit crazy or far fetch or I might seem like a complete lunatic and I’m sure someone might say I’m invading his privacy and his family’s, but as soon as I found the picture, that’s when I stopped. I didn’t message any of his family or him or try to add them. I let them be. I just had to satisfy my curiosity. Long story short, I found the face of the man that many fangirls long to see and thus ruined my imaginative form of this mystery man. “

I could be completely wrong and this could just be a random man, or maybe another family member who looks like the sister, brother, and mother. But I was pretty sure of it at the time and just wanted to see what you all thought.
Before posting this I went back and searched their profiles to see if his sister still has that video public, but unfortunately she doesn’t. But she does have pictures of who I believe to be Nathan (obviously older now) in her “featured” pictures. I also don’t know if that twitch stream of cry playing Mario kart with his sister is still up since this was all back in 2014.

No. 924001

I should clarify that I am talking about the guy in the back right wearing green. The boy in the front is Nathan

No. 924018

That isn't Cry, but man that was a trip of a weird story, lol.

No. 924021

2014? Cry would’ve been, what, 23/24? That’s def an older man like an uncle or something. But nice try. Also next time you might wanna at least blur the others faces, especially the minor in the picture.

No. 924046

That ain't him. But that was wild to read.

No. 924051

He looks a little to old to be 24/5.

Appearance-wise Cry has said before that he's fat (and I remember an old photo Cheyenne posted of her in Cry's large t-shirt so that's true). The guy in the photo doesn't look very large from what I can see of him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924125

All these bitches that have fucked with cry and there still isn’t a single pic out of the fat fucks face?

No. 924148

All but one of them were e-fucks only as far as we know.
This is him.

No. 924171

File: 1580066984627.jpeg (216.23 KB, 1200x900, 8869A767-E17E-4E35-AA22-636453…)

I looked back in the old threads. I wouldn’t say the shirt is huge like a dress on her. I could see it fitting the guy

No. 924212

Which guy? The old one from the random family picture because that is definitely not Cry lol

No. 931558

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/549225977 At around 15:43 Cheyenne talks about LNC and Cry, but when you keep watching Christine says "This is friendly shit-talking." and then Cheyenne adds, "We are in better terms now." and then Christine says there was a conversation… So am I taking this the wrong way or did Cry actually talk it out with Cheyenne and maybe even apologized?

No. 931756

Sounds like it

No. 932116

50$ says he saw her tweets, immediately ran to her inbox for "the apology she deserved all along" so she wouldn't defame him anymore.

No. 932939

Maybe. Then again, I don't think anyone actually gave a fuck about what Cheyenne said. He never actually had to address it because no one follows her anymore.

No. 933855

She still has 20k+ followers, there's no way she has her own fan base so they've gotta be cry fans.

No. 934044

Yeah, but look how much engagement she gets. Maybe 10 to like 45 likes? Out if 20k people? I dunno man. I think they're inactive.

No. 934215

yeah, you're right. She could have also paid for them ig?

No. 935816

Hey guys, glad to see this thread is still going well.
I was the anon who posted this message here >>701041

however, I was not in a great mental state back then and proceeding with the police. So I stayed shut.

I was a fan of Cry back in 2017 (I am a woman), a pretty dedicated one at that (chatting on the streams, commenting on his videos, hanging out with other fans and speculating, etc etc.). However, since november 2017 I have been in a pretty messed up situation with him and I don't know how to make it stop.

I'm at the point where I'm running out of options and in light of what Chey recently revealed I've decided to come here. If anyone here is willing to hear the full story. I really need help or at least to warn others.

No. 935819

I'm willing to hear, I'm sure others are too

No. 935833


Well basically he has been stalking, hacking me and spying on me regularly since end of 2017 (as in spying on my camera, reading my emails and my chats, getting into my online accounts, getting my internet history, you name it). He is hinting at very personnal and precise things relating to my life and that's how I came to realise it. Of course it took me a while as I thought it were coincidences at first or me being paranoid, but, trust me, if it concerns you you get to realise it eventually. He is playing mind games and getting an hard on on the situation, thinking he is untouchable.

I have tried messaging him but it leads to nowhere. I have tried everything to solve it on my own but everytime I thought it could calm down on its own, he finds a way to do it again.

At the end of 2018 I went to the police to file a complaint. They were nice but because he never tried to steal money (dude had my freaking paypal at some point) or blackmail me, and the fact I am in europe and he in the US, the complaint couldn't go on.

And if the situation is not enough messed up for you, some of Cry's friends know what's going on, but since they are compromised (read: blackmailed by him) they are too afraid to turn him in.

I am writing this today because I need this to stop and I don't know how. But also because I need to warn you guys. I would be very surprised if I were the only victim. Whatever hacking he is using is very neat, leaves very little trace and I am fearing this could be a "past-time" for him, to spy on some of his fangirls. I've come to this realisation as I read what Chey has recently revealed about his cheating. That and his social impairment, grooming of underage girls and general control freakness, it fits well. So if anyone has any information on this, please tell me.

No. 935837

File: 1582470550381.jpeg (96.77 KB, 529x767, A3C34F0B-5ED8-4FE3-BBF2-626BC6…)

No. 935839

You're fucking insane. Nice fanfiction, though, lol. None of this is true.

No. 935840

The fact that fucking crazies come in here spouting absolute nonsense delegitimizes the actual stuff he did a while ago.

Cry? Hacking?? Are you a fucking idiot? I hate this place lol

No. 935845

Oo, I know someone who had the same delusion. Really messed em up. Anon, if you truly believe this, go buy a mac, or get mental help. In this day and age, no one wants to read your internet history, I'm sorry.

No. 935853

File: 1582475584540.png (1.31 MB, 1523x1135, Screenshot_30.png)


Dude, I wish I had that imagination or patience to larp for years.

Why do you think I shut it for so long or couldn't do anything about it? Of course it sounds crazy. I'm well aware.

The hacking thing, I'm embarrassed to say this, but despite everything I have underdone security wise I still don't know how exactly he is doing it. He doesn't do it by any hard entry in my devices. I have no viruses. He is probably using pre-existing services. But it's very neat nevertheless. I've asked around 5-6 computer scientists or security specialists (either people I know or at the police). Some say it is def. possible as the technology is constantly evolving, some others yes but very difficult. I only have minor signs and speculations. That's it.
As you put it very well I am not that important to justify so heavy means and he is far from being an uber-roxxor hacker (I remember one Unity stream from 2017 and dude was a beginner at programming). I also couldn't believe it at first. Now I am thinking he might have had help or paid someone, and doing this to others as well.

Pic related from my complaint (lol all that black). I can't show more otherwise I utterly doxx myself or where I live.

P.S. I was on a mac

No. 935858

Seek help immediately, anon. You're actually seriously delusional. Good luck with your schizophrenia.

No. 935865


If you are under the impression I am crazy, it means I have been constantly hallucinating since end of 2017. That even though I tried to ignore the whole thing and living as normally as I could for large periods of time, and proceeding with police for months.

If what I think the material he holds on me is true I risk my entire reputation ruined, and doxxing.

Since he knows who I am by now, he can also very well sue me for libel.

Posting here was the last resort from me and that for a reason. I'm risking a lot. I am not joking around.

No. 935867

You're absolutely crazy and make no fucking sense at all. How did you guys meet? Why does he care enough to find a way to go literally FBI on you and access your CAMERA along with your internet history??
Your literally insane.
If you were going to the police and had an actual, real case going you wouldn't be posting to fucking lolcow about it.

Fuck off psycho.

No. 935869

File: 1582477974209.png (123.25 KB, 1100x753, 4EEACB79-492E-4EBD-AABB-765017…)

> it means I have been constantly hallucinating since end of 2017

I mean yeah it sounds like you’ve had paranoid delusions for years. I’m sorry. I hope someone in your life notices and helps you get help bc I doubt you’ll be able to see it but your posts sound super unhinged

No. 935875


Well I do have suppositions on why he targeted me, but these are personnal (jealousy, for one).

You are naive if you think your devices are that secure. Even fricking 4chan could access nudes through icloud in 2015. Technology is constantly evolving and security flaws are constantly being found. You can search on google.

I understand you guys reactions because I had the same one. I liked him and followed him for one year. It is hard to accept.

But I am warning you, his online personnality is a mask. Well no content creator show 100% themselves on the camera and that's normal. But for Cry there is a huge fucking gap.

Do not trust him. If his endeavours with minors is not enough of a warning, at least take that from me.

No. 935876

Sorry, you should really seek help though and stop posting here. You really really are delusional. You've given absolutely no proof and have recited similar delusions that other people have had about other content creators. You're just a sick person.

No. 935878


Link me these delusions then please, I would be interested

No. 935882

Do your own research, it isn't our job to dispell your illusions. You still haven't given any proof. Any correspondence with him? You've said you've talked to him. Why no screenshots? Where is your proof, crazy?

No. 935885


By the way, if anyone here has any information on this or think he/she could have been victim of him, please contact me here:
tia_lolcow (remove space) @protonmail.com

No. 935887


You sound very mad anon. Why is that? I mean I expected questions and disbelief, but no insult at every message when I'm only here to discuss

No. 935889

please seek mental health assistance.

No. 935890

Because it's frustrating when crazies come in here and dilute actual, real shit. You're taking up space with your insanity.

No. 935893


You never got into an actual discussion with me in the first place. "Real shit" you already are talking about a control freak dude obsessed with his reputation who yet grooms underage girls in USA of all place. You think it's that out there he gets an hard on spying on camera. You all sounds very naive when it comes to men.

No. 935896

You haven't provided any sufficient proof that Cry is hacking you. Anyone can file a police report. You said he would mention personal details about you life, so please give an example of this. Also, how would you know if Cry's friends are in on this or what he specifically has access to?

No. 935901

Nta, but I remember years ago when i watched his streams he briefly talked about some lady that kept messaging him and was convinced of the same things the delusional anon was talking about like believing the songs he played related to her life, I don't remember which stream this was though.

No. 935905

I'm currently reading through what's going on but I want to remind you guys that Cry mentioned having a stalker who was deluded into thinking they were actually talking to him. He tweeted about this maybe 2017/2018?

No. 935906

Yeah, you're right. He even posted on twitter with a screenshot of an email she sent him and it was so bonkers. I bet this is the same person.

No. 935910

Would you be able to give us more info or proof? How did you and Cry meet? What kind of blackmail is he holding against you?
Its just hard for me to believe because I myself have been a victim of someone hacking me, I'm from the UK and the guy doing it was in the US. The police were able to pass the information on overseas and something was done about it - so surely it would have been the same sort of case for you.
If you want us to believe you even slightly we're going to need more evidence and information.

No. 935913

Yes I remember the incident you are talking about. It was in july 2017.

Please someone, anyone helps me. I can't get out of there alone.

No. 935919

Look anon, anyone can come in and say a cow is hacking them. If you can't provide proof, then just let this situation go.

No. 935931

you sound unhinged too. relax, bud

No. 935933

How is that crazy compared to someone saying that a internet personality is stalking their webcam and internet history for funsies lol

No. 935934

why would a sane person be this angry over some schizo on the internet?

No. 935937

I'm not angry. What, we can't insult psychos on the internet without in turn being crazy ourselves? Okay, my bad.

No. 936832

Posting one last thing. It's pointless I see it, but I just need to add this.

"Internet personality" I see what you are coming from >>935933, because I once had the same mentality.

You perceive Cry as this inaccessible and superior person you see through a medium and a persona. But it's not Cry the online persona that is doing this to me, it's the man behind who got upset over shit and can't let go.

Content creators are not robots who are stuck 24h/24h to their online presence. They've got their share of "real shit" happening behind doors and between them, are dependent on a faulty medium and their image can easily be destroyed in one second by a scandal. As a fan, you have a lot more power on them than you imagine. (oh, and they all stalk this website too, but that goes without saying)

I was angry at them at the beginning because I couldn't understand why they weren't doing anything. Now I get their struggles better and I forgive them, but I would like them to understand too that I value my privacy like the next person and never asked for that mess in the first place. I can't live like this. I need to move on.

And yes there is also blackmail happening between them in order to keep each other in check. I don't know how it began and who began it but that's the reality today. And now we are all stuck in a loss/loss situation with a big elephant in the room that is not dealt with.

Why do you think Chey waited so much time before speaking up for exemple? Instead of waiting like sitting ducks for the next AW to release her insta story, take a step back and see the bigger picture. You may call me crazy but you sure can't observe for shit.

I'll just leave that here too. I thought it was interesting:

I'm sorry you had to experience this anon, I'm glad you could sort it with the police at least

No. 938090

File: 1582849924011.jpeg (312.15 KB, 828x1312, 3DE1A0B0-DF29-4727-80E3-B11CB1…)

This one?

No. 938091

File: 1582849973518.jpeg (142.87 KB, 828x904, 82C65B51-03B1-401E-8626-430E8B…)

There’s this one too, and Cheyenne replied to this one with someone else messaging her.

No. 940083

This is pretty weird. I became confused earlier today when I noticed that Ocean and Christine had interacted on Twitter. Shortly after, I discovered they'd interacted a few times through Ocean RTing a few of Christine's tweets.

Obviously I thought this was pretty strange with all things considered, but then I noticed that Cheyenne and Christine both follow Ocean.

Surely they know who each other are and it makes me wonder if Cheyenne had any interactions with Ocean after her cheating rant in January, since she complained about Cry's side-pieces not apologising.

No. 940192

you made me check the thread for this shit

No. 940782

Well, trash goes with trash.

No. 942024

If we take anything that cheyenne said as true in relation to her tweets, wouldn't it be likely that ocean was a victim? Christine hasn't done anything trashy other than dating cheyenne either

No. 942179

brb gonna go watch cry's NieR Automata playthrough

No. 942803


No. 942878

Cry is involved, I suppose.

No. 945312

The first thread has pictures of all his family members. The pic being passed around as Ryan had similar features with the family pictures that were posted. Like his mother had the same chin shape as him. His brother had the same nose as him.

No. 946581

Never thought the Cry fandom would cross with targeted individuals. Btw, who are Naomi and Summer, are they friends of the crew or just Cry ?

No. 947115

File: 1584560811607.jpeg (35.77 KB, 680x307, 51FCDFB4-67D8-4AFD-9C8A-771A57…)

Naomi is a streamer/friends of the crew, Summer was firstly a mod/viewer but then I guess turned into one of the mods they also play with.

But also, someone got into a little argument with Cheyenne on twitter, and I think she posted a screenshot from Cry’s apology to her. Not really milk but oh well

No. 962864

I know this thread is dead but is anyone going to talk about Cheyenne and Christine starting an onlyfans? I'm not paying the $7 to check it out (i don't like the taste of vomit)

No. 963028

If anyone ends up paying for it they should drop some stuff in here.
Honestly though who wants to see Cheyenne naked. Butter face, butter body.

No. 963446

I don't think anyone would buy it for Cheyenne, but Christine is honestly pretty fucking attractive. Her taste in people however is not

No. 963542

Can't imagine her being very attractive if she would settle for an ogre like Chey.

No. 964499

if someone drops pics would we still post here or make a new thread?

No. 964833

Just post it here. There's a Cheyenne thread but it was immediately complained about by someone like we're not allowed to talk about her now just because she's irrelevant lol

Unless someone feels like starting a new thread and linking it here.

No. 967269

I subbed out of curiosity a while ago. It's basically just a bunch of pictures of Cheyenne's saggy boobs and Christine smoking.

No. 967642

Should have posted them! But yeah that sounds about right.

No. 969321

This is my first time posting here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.

Cheyenne and Christine recently posted pictures of the sup guy plushie which they are currently drawing all over. Kinda odd that Cheyenne would keep something from her "terrible cheating abusive ex" especially considering how long it has been since the plushie was released and sold.

Honestly, I dont understand why anyone takes what Cheyenne says seriously. We all know how terribly abusive she was/is and how shitty of a person she was to the entire LNC. It's been 5 years and she decides to drop a bunch of random drama, change up the timelines and ages multiple times, while never actually name dropping cry? But oooh she'll like the tweet talking about burning up the sup guy doll and then talk about her girlfriends tits and weed.

Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if all of the drama she posted was an attempt to get more clout. She used Cry for clout before, so why wouldnt she do it again? Jund openly shamed her for it on twitter back then too. Obviously she is using him for attention once more.

Cry has done shitty things in the past, but like previous comments have pointed out he is changing. He is trying to be a better person.

I've been lurking around the cry lolcow for awhile, and from what I've read Ocean is the only possibly credible example of Cry talking to someone who is underage. With the exception of Cheyenne- but even she confirmed on Twitter and in an above screenshot that they didnt start dating until she was 18, and that they stopped talking before that when she was 16. Even though that's sketchy on Cry's part, they didnt start dating until she was 18. Sounds more like a waiting for legality type deal than pedophilia to me, especially considering that there are only 2 examples of it- one of which isnt even fully credible.

tdlr; Cheyenne is attempting to start drama for attention and it is becoming extremely more apparent by her obvious jokes regarding cry as of late. She hasn't changed from the abusive bitch she was before. Cry has and is actually trying to and succeeding with changing from what I have seen so far. If he hadn't, then why tf hasnt there been credible claims in 5+ years?

Much to think about.

No. 969501

Didn't lurk enough.

No. 969849

I'm with you. I mean, he did obviously cheat on her but i don't think he's a pedo or something? But she was really awful OPENLY to everyone so it's very clear their relationship was abusive. He does seem to be doing better now, which is good.

No. 970226

If anyone gives a shit Cheyenne is streaming right now on twitch. Will most likely be boring as fuck though.

cheyennecat is her channel on twitch

No. 970239

She's always boring.

No. 970921

File: 1588957890951.jpg (288.06 KB, 1080x2146, Screenshot_20200508_180739.jpg)

Hey so I'm just gonna drop this here because I'm honestly tired of this man, and if cheyenne still reads these, I'm sorry for posting this if it's something you're not comfortable with
I won't show my initial message to cheyenne because it has some personal stuff, but I was involved with Cry for a little while and although I knew about these threads, I didn't want to believe any of it was real. I messaged Cheyenne a while back because I started feeling insecure, but she pretty much confirmed everything to me,including the whole thing with Red. I messaged her from an alt account because honestly, sometimes this guy scares me and I didnt want her to know who I was in case it went back to him
She asked if I was Beckens, so I can only assume he has something going with her too, will post the second screenshot after this one

No. 970922

File: 1588957943732.jpg (305.77 KB, 1080x2139, Screenshot_20200508_180755.jpg)

No. 970954

never thought beckens might get involved with him like that. wow lmao.

No. 970963

sorry, but are you able to clarify where the milk is in these screenshots? this is literally just a rehash of what we just discussed, with a good post from >>969321

there was a lot of cheating, but if it was with red that is easily something that happened… 5+ years ago? its clear that that isnt something that is current in his life.

theres not really any record of "new" teenagers hes fucking around with and theres still not a single 12-15 year old that has provided evidence. these screenshots are as you said from cheyenne

what was the point of your post?

No. 970975

I guess to rehash the same shit. She thought Cry was involved with Beckens because SonofLiberty, her ex, thought she was involved with him. SOL has been seen commenting all over her tweets, so I'm not surprised he told Cheyenne about it when he was freaking out for no reason.

The other stuff is the same shit that's been said time and time again, like the other anon said, and has been over 5 years since this stuff has happened.

This milk is so curdled.

No. 971637

hi… long time cryaotic subscriber here. was just googling him after rewatching an old playthrough (his content is very nostalgic for me) and i ended up skimming this entire fucking thread.

can someone who isn't a gd misogynist prick (i don't care how much you hate cheyenne or sex work or angel dear god) please tell me what's real and what isn't (according to tweets, real proof, etc) so that i can know whether i should unsub from him so i dont break my fuckin brain.

this should go without saying but if ur a dick or u make stuff up i'm just going to ignore what u say.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 971639

No one cares about what you have to say and what you think faggot

No. 971663


Sorry, anon. You're gonna have to make your own decision from the thread. You're gonna be hard pressed to find someone not awful around here. In the very least I'm lazy.

No. 971712

Lmao full retard moment. Read the thread, no one is going to spoonfeed you.

No. 971819

Here's the facts, to sum it all up. Cry has sexually advanced himself on multiple minors in the past, we don't know if he still does it or not, but I wouldn't doubt it.
We know he has cheated on Cheyenne multiple times with minors, regardless of how shitty a person Cheyenne is, that's still gross. He has also cheated with Red behind Russ' back.
It's completely up to you to decide if you still wish to support him, but based on everything I've found out over the years I just can't.

No. 971827

Some of these are facts and some of it are opinions. Just make your own decisions based on the thread.

No. 971980

Posting another comment here because I think it's important to note.

Since the majority of recent information regarding Cry being a pedo comes from Cheyenne, I think we should take it with a grain of salt. YES he did in fact talk to Cheyenne when she was a minor, but they started dating when she was 18. Yes, he did talk to Ocean when she was a minor, and although thats gross af, it was 5+ years ago.

About the SonOfLiberty stuff, again, we should take it with a grain of salt. He sided with Cheyenne, even though she was a known abuser.

Speaking of which, quick question for those who know more about the topic- did Ocean reveal their relationship before or after Cheyenne and Cry split up? I just find it weird that Cheyenne and Ocean are mutuals on twitter.

Also, even though it's an opinion, I don't think Cry's intentions were predatory, at least not with Cheyenne. If his whole intent was to manipulate a minor for sexual shit, why would he continue dating her after all the shit she pulled? She was literally tearing all of his friendships apart and abusing him- if he was trying to take advantage of her then he did a shit job cause she obviously took advantage of him and used him. In my opinion, I think it was a genuine love, not driven by predatory thoughts. Doesn't make it any less gross, but still, I don't think his true intentions were malicious. Cheating was shitty, but he was in an abusive relationship. That tends to happen when people feel like they arent being loved.

Also like the above comments said, we have no proof of Cry still talking to minors. I also don't think he was ever involved with Beckens. This is some serious curdled milk.

It's not surprising that Cheyenne is attempting to use Cry AGAIN for popularity. Abusive people like that want attention even if it is negative attention. IN the end, Cheyenne was the abuser. She is trying to sugar coat what she did by making Cry seem worse.

No. 972019


Put sage in the email if you are just sharing your opinion or asking questions.

No. 972093

File: 1589161375471.jpg (267.17 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20200510-203658_Chr…)

It's so fucking stupid to me that Cheyenne thinks she has cptsd because her mom died from an overdose. Yeah, that's terrible, but people suffer from cptsd from years of actual abuse.

You don't get cptsd from your mom dying and your boyfriend cheating on you and then you abusing the fuck out of him for 3 years. Get the fuck over yourself.

No. 972768

half of this is an opinion though. the minor accusations didnt appear until cheyenne started spewing it like >>971980 said.

even the red dating stuff is still cheyenne banter, we can just sort of assume it happened but is there proof of any other party saying that it did?

the other unfortunate part of this all is we are saying he talked to these girls as underages, etc, but i have to wonder what the actual dynamic was of them meeting for the first time online. maybe not so much in 2015 did girls lie about their age, but in 2010 pretty much everyone on the internet was young and would say they were much older. i mean, people still do that now i guess

just like, i have to wonder if in the beginning cry even knew they were young? cause he quit talking w/ cheyenne till she was of age. sorta same with ocean right? or am i forgetting something w that

No. 974063

That's a lot of words for trying to justify someone going for kids

No. 974342

she use to be a tumblr user, of course she says she has cptsd.

Cheyenne reminds me of those people
who get way too cocky just because they have a hot gf. With the way she acts, (posting about using shrooms and smoking weed, etc) it’s like she’s a 16 yr old stuck in a 24 yr old’s body.

No. 974511

This exactly. I don't care if people think he's changed to be honest, he still did what he did and has not owned up to it. Sure, to some people it might just be opinion that he did it - but are we forgetting people had literally confessed years ago that he had made them feel uncomfortable and then they were bullied off of tumblr for speaking up about it? Cheyennes accusations add to that. Sure, she might not be super reliable but at least she's publicly came forward and addressed that her attitude wasn't the best.
Also I'm fairly certain we brought up that they were dating before she turned 18 a couple of threads ago, but I might be wrong about that.
Something's still incredibly off about this guy and his fans are just sucking up to him.

No. 974566

lmao why the fuck is everyone white knighting in this thread? The past threads were embarrassing to read through bc of the constant cry defenders. sure the news of him going after younger girls is “old” but that doesn’t make it absolutely irrelevant. he got with multiple younger girls. That’s not an opinion, that’s fact, and there’s proof behind it. If you’re gonna hate on Cheyenne, hate on cry too because he’s just as milky.

No. 974617

He used to be milky. Literally there's nothing recent. Cheyenne is an ongoing dumpster fire.

I'm not defending Cry, I'm just saying this 5 year old milk is boring as fuck.

No. 976014

Is it just me or is cheyenne's "photography" the laziest shit ever? She's the definition of using filters in lieu of talent

No. 977783

Fairly certain Cheyenne's just posted photos of Cry's cum in her on onlyfans. She uploaded a dump of old nudes and they were taken before she had the hand tattoo and her hair was still blonde - idk about anyone else but I find that sort of weird of her to do?

No. 977788

They were absolutely taken while they were still together so you're most likely right. I get posting nudes you took for your ex might feel good but when it's a photo of his jizz inside you and on you? Bit weird to say the slightest.

No. 977955

Spoiler and post?

No. 978066

Post that shit, anon! She is so scum though

No. 978165

ugh my friend does roleplay furry porn with a bunch of guys on her server and her bf is just okay with it, i don't get how people can be into that stuff let alone Cry

No. 978166


there's something wrong with you if you still support a pedo like him

No. 978169

i don't come in this thread but learn to fucking sage bc i don't wanna see this shit bumped at the top. way more juicy shit.

No. 978177

No. 978215

Not sure how all this stuff works but surely if the person subbed to her onlyfans posted her content it could mean legal issues?

No. 978216

Legal issues from who? Lol, there's no issue.

No. 978220

not sure how onlyfans content getting leaked works but couldnt cheyenne like, report it to the cops or some shit?

No. 978224

File: 1590273995466.png (Spoiler Image, 4.85 MB, 1608x1608, onlyfans.png)

Ehh fuck it. Here ya'll go, the pictures that >>977783 mentioned

No. 978251

Wow those are sad tits. People pay money for this shit?

No. 978253

Lol!!! Thank you anon. She really has a butter face AND body. I can't see anyone actually enjoying these.

No. 978312

Thank/fuck you for your service, anon. You got rid of my curiosity but I'm also needing some eye bleach asap.

No. 986289

Anyone watching Crys stream rn? Kinda worried about him

No. 986293

Yeah. Broke my heart when he said he doesn't talk to the crew as much anymore.

No. 986294

Apparently someone gave a big donation? I came in pretty late so I'm not sure exactly what happened but yeah, for a second there I thought he was gonna do a face reveal or something. I'm surprised he's continuing the stream and not like calling his therapist or someone, feels like it'd be better for him to take a break.

No. 986299

I came in late too so I'm not sure what happened but what I did see was.. Intense.
He should definitely call his therapist or something if he's able, he's clearly not in the best mindset right now

No. 986309

just from what i heard (not 100% sure still)
apparently some people was saying he was only streaming because of the money

and cry said that wasnt the case, he wants to make people happy

No. 986321

I hope he's ok, the stuff he mentioned was a lot, I don't blame him, everyone is on edge while some do it for the drama, so I understand it. He's slowly, finally learning to put himself first.

No. 986480

Can someone summarise everything he said? I can't see the VOD

No. 986514

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/648639773 this should work hopefully! its just cut to his ranting

No. 986662

It didn't redirect me properly, but for anyone else it starts around 38 minutes in.

No. 986911

Yeah, I definitely feel bad for someone who fucked his best friends girlfriend and let his friends get verbally abused by his crazy girlfriend. That makes sense. Go ahead and suck his dick while you're at it

No. 987013

I agree, Let's feel bad for the guy who takes advantage of young fans.

No. 987040

imagine not letting someone realize their mistakes and wanting to grow from it. hope y’all never have to deal with someone like this in your family, would suck to have you as a family member and be like this towards them.

No. 987056

Yeah, I also sincerely hope I never have a child predator in my family. He's been shitty for the entire time he's been a public person but I'm sure one fake cry session on stream will fix him.

No. 987084

The guy basically had a mental breakdown on stream, whether you feel bad for him or not it's the only non-Cheyenne thing to get mentioned in this thread in months.

He's clearly still not doing okay no matter how much he talks about how great being "medicated" is for him. During LNC just now he went off at Jund about something stupid (not being interested in a game based on the trailer) and Jund left the call and has not come back.

No. 987185

wah wah wah shut up

No. 987186

This is the Dahvie situation all over again, all the fans sympathizing for someone who has taken advantage of underaged fans for years, it’ll only be a matter of time before he gets exposed in mainstream media the same way. Refuse to feel sorry for someone who takes advantage of children and teens and if someone in my family did the same thing I’d 100% keep my stance the same.
His little breakdown was just to garner sympathy because of the fact more people have been questioning him on his questionable behavior. I’m not surprised if his friends stopped talking to him for the same shit, they don’t want to be associated with someone that does disgusting bullshit like mess with underaged people.

No. 987311

Didn't know he went off at Jund on Late Night. I think we might finally be watching his downfall.

No. 987313

Ngl I feel like his recent twitter posts have been super forced, seems like he's trying to sound woke - but to me it just feels like he's trying to cover up how bad he's doing right now

No. 987319

LMAO this is entirely different from the dahvie situation, creepy yes, but dahvie literally raped a 10 yr old

No. 987334

This exactly
The way he's interacting with minors is still VERY creepy, but he didn't rape someone

No. 987381

Realistically i think he's doing really poorly at home with his sister living with him and him supporting her and her daughter for years and years, and like he said on stream he feels like he hasn't really "started life"

But yeah, he still has done a ton of fucked up shit. Sleeping with Red while she was with Russ. Taking advatage of younger FANS, which is a gross issue, including Cheyenne, since there's a power issue there, not only an age issue. Cheyenne was awful though, and letting her run wild over everyone is a tough situation when she was literally abusive to everyone.

I feel like he's trying at least. I don't think he's faking to be "woke." he said he's struggled with friends saying fucked up things before and he not speaking up about it.

Then again Cry is a person that's dropped the N word before, including recently but it was during a lizzo song so idk

He's a fucking mess imo

No. 987395

Why would him going off on Jund be his downfall? Does Jund actually provide anything? He's generally negative, rarely participates, complains about most games or topics, I don't know how that's relevant.

No. 987397


Did you actually see what happened? Jund said he didn't like a game trailer and Cry ranted about it for like a solid 10 minutes while everyone was like "wtf." Even Snake was confused.

No. 987398

Okay? So? One rant is his downfall? My point still stands, generally Jund is a drag.

No. 987399


Okay how is that relevant to anything though? Cry bullied the shit out of him and pretty much not a single person supported what he was doing. Are you saying he deserved to be bullied?

No. 987400

Jund has said some pretty fucked up shit in the past? I think he can handle one fucking rant.

No. 987401


..and if this thread were about him that would matter. I'm sure he's fine. The point is Cry is unhinged and bullying people under the guise of being a "better person."

Also what did Jund say in the past?

No. 987403

He's gone on rants about how representation for LGBTQ doesn't matter at all because he "literally doesn't care and it literally doesn't matter," He's also dropped N-bombs in the past.

No. 987405


Source for any of that? I think he called Cry "nigga" once like 7 years ago. That's not really anything?

No. 987406

It was during an Apex legends game, sorry, I don't keep the exact videos logged away.

No. 987407


I've never even seen him stream that game. That's a pretty massive accusation without any proof.

No. 987413

Uh, Okay? It was when the game was new, they were talking about a character being non-binary or something, and Jund said he didn't care and it didn't matter. I dont't know what to tell you.

No. 987414

File: 1592176564284.png (600.85 KB, 1440x2846, Screenshot_20200614-191454~2.p…)

Here's screenshots of him saying nigga on twitter, I'm not OP nor do I have the stream clips but this was just from a cursory glance.

No. 987415


"Representation for LGBTQ doesn't matter" is not even on the same planet as not caring about a video game character's sexual orientation.

Anyway, off topic. You're basically saying because he said a thing no one ever reported him as saying however many years ago that he deserved to be bullied by Cry when everyone in the stream thought Cry was being an asshole.

No. 987418

File: 1592176840493.png (956.26 KB, 1440x3011, Screenshot_20200614-191825~2.p…)

Didn't find any mentions of anything LGBT on his twitter but there were a few boring ones where he bitched about being called a faggot and these.

No. 987420

File: 1592176864915.png (673.45 KB, 1440x3011, Screenshot_20200614-191839~2.p…)

No. 987422

File: 1592176986720.png (126.52 KB, 1440x1012, Screenshot_20200614-192157~2.p…)

Aaand heres Cry saying nigga. All from years ago.

No. 987424


I don't really think its fair to make any judgments on Cry for saying nigga once over 6 years ago, especially given the context

No. 987425

No, that's what he said. He said LGBTQ rep didn't matter. Sorry.

No. 987426


That's pretty tame tbh

No. 987427

Does anyone have a clip of him going off at jund last night or a timestamp?

No. 987428


you really gotta provide proofs of that, you cant just randomly say someone said that

No. 987431

No. 987432

Oh god that was - so cringey wtf
Jund wasn't even being negative tbh, he was being fairly lighthearted about it
Jesus christ, Cry

No. 987434

The way he basically put Jund in a corner
''You're confused because you're not used to me expressing myself''
It's a fucking video game, man

No. 987435

Honestly the entire LNC seems fucking garbage at this point

No. 987437

Minus Snake, I'll amend that

No. 987446

Honestly I feel like sometimes you can kind of hear how tired snake is of all this, I hope he moves on to better things

No. 987448


Its probably because he's the only "normal" one. Cry and Russ have emotional and mental issues, and Jund has been sick for what seems like forever.

No. 987470

It was pretty awkward during last night's hour long BLM/racism discussion when Arcadum kept pointing out that Snake wasn't saying anything and he wanted his opinion. The whole thing was pretty uncomfortable though. If I was Snake I wouldn't want to listen to a circlejerk of white guys basically congratulating themselves on not turning out racist.

No. 987487

Jund is literally the cryptkeeper at this point

No. 987520

wow I listened to some of that, and holy shit the cringe was real… physically uncomfortable

No. 987523

Cry sounded so self-righteous and condescending, it was really gross to listen to tbh

No. 987538

No. 987542


I think they were all a lot more immature back then. This is also over half a decade ago.

No. 987550


He was 25. I don’t think immaturity is a good excuse. Plus, from the other tweets it sounds like he still thought it was ok a year ago.

No. 987556


Almost all of those Tweets were also over five years ago. This is back when they both started streaming so naturally it would make sense they would tone down possibly offensive things said over time. I don't even see anything wrong in any of those Tweets.

No. 987653

So as long as they don't say it publicly its fine?

No. 987664

A whole lot of apologizers in this thread, huh.

Jund has been a known edgelord for a long time. Let's not pretend he's baby just because Cry yelled at him.

No. 987680

wonder what snake thinks of all this

No. 987702


Yeah? If you call your friend nigga in private it literally hurts no one.

No. 987714

Still makes you a piece of shit!

No. 987746

Could someone link the BLM discussion? I need to see how cringe this was

No. 987750

Literally how? Who would it hurt if I called a white friend nigga at some point in private in a non-insulting manner?

No. 987792

I understand where you're coming from, and that word in particular is in a weird limbo due to it's reclaimed meaning, use in popular culture, etc.

But the main point is that society has deemed it wrong to say. To continue to use it, despite knowing that it's been used to hurt people, and still hurts people, makes you at best callous and uncaring.

No. 987883


hearing the discussion about the trailer, gonna say I think Cry's had some feelings towards Jund, and this was a tipping point. The argument is exactly like countless arguments I've had with a friend, over shit like this. And the problem was that they did this not just with trailers, but this pessimistic/judgy attitude seeped everywhere and it became excruciating to deal with on a regular basis. And then Jund is like "it's just a trailer, I'm giving my thoughts about the trailer" but it's not about Jund's opinion on the trailer, it's that it's another jenga tile on a huge tower of "just trailers".

I'm just tinfoiling that what happened there was deeper than the trailer itself. It seemed telling that Cry is saying that him discussing/expressing himself is "out of character".

Honestly I think his family is reaching toxic levels of dependency at this point. Everything he's done so far, starting the youtube channel because he wanted to impress an ex, continuing because he has to support not just his mother and brother, but also his sister and her daughter, while the mother was in a string of abusive relationships and has turned Cry into a father role he was honestly never prepared for. And at some point he was supporting Chey as well. He's just done shit for others all his life and now he's stuck in this place or his family can't survive.

I am not surprised he is venting about his sister. I'd resent the hell out of her.

No. 987886


sorry for doubleposting but also he keeps saying he doesn't care about money. I don't think he does, but his family sure does! And he dragged his friends into streams, which means they need money too. Does he even leave the house anymore? And for him to even mention his real name, wow, coming from a guy who used to literally pay websites everywhere to hide himself, I can tell he's getting exhausted.

Hate him or defend him the guy is reaching breaking point. I really think him moving out AND finding some IRL friends that matter will help him. His mother and brother turned him into a father at a young age.

No. 987966

Honestly I've never thought of it that way before but this makes complete sense. Thank you for that, anon.

No. 988082

This is what i was saying before about Jund being generally negative and not adding anything and a lot of people got defensive, lol. I'm sure Cry got tired of it.

No. 988419

He mentioned jane elliott and related it to dinosaurs. Oh my fucking god, no wonder Snake doesn't say shit. And whitesplained Snake when he defended Jund LMAO

No. 988675

Idk if this helps the conversation in any way, but I've thought Cry had cheated for many years, but I was never interested to keep up with the story. Now I see Chey has actually confirmed it.


Coyotemation spilled the tea in 2015 in his "In the Room" comment section (a thread which I think he removed a short while after he posted the comments), and I took screenshots before that just in case this all came to light down the line whoops. From this exchange, I can tell this was honestly free info in their circle. Wouldn't have trusted Chey to keep her personal shit to herself anyway, she probably let everyone and their mommas know what he did.

No. 988685


the fact ur sayin jund deserved to get bullied in front of thousands of people for absolutely nothing is kinda blowin my mind rn

No. 988706


what the fuck is this? is this actually a women's forum? you pickmes are all boo-hooing and sympathizing with a literal predator who's having a public breakdown after he was exposed for the creep he is?

30yo pornsick limp dick manchildren who prey on young girls are not your friends. Get a grip.

No. 988811

I'm not one of those anons, but why are you so mad at people on the internet having different opinions than you on shit that doesn't matter?

No. 988939

These threads have always been fan clubs on lolcow where anything he does is excused.
Sure, he's a bit creepy but ~his voice~!

No. 988997


anon that elephant in the room video and comment section was linked in the very first Cry thread

anon how tf is that bullying, this is a disagreement between two friends online, saying "because you always shit on things" is not bullying lol

you realise this string of cry threads have existed for 4 years now and the accusations of being a predator came up in this thread, right? Coincidentally when Chey had a fit on twitter about him?

like at this point cry AND chey were both equally shitty people who ruined each other. Cry is apparently a creep and cheater, Chey was publicly a bitch to anyone with a pulse. They don't excuse each other, and no amount of "I was different back then uwu" is just gonna erase all the bullshit she did especially when there are 4 years worth of receipts to back it up

Chey could have broken up with him to spare her mental integrity, Cry could have broken up since he's apparently incapable of keeping his peepee in his pants. They both dun goofed, except Chey insists of dragging out her old laundry in public with her gf right behind her egging her on without any indisputable proof of what she's talking about

Like either get over it privately, go to therapy, deal with your shit and move on with your life to start a fresh presence on the internet without him or bring the damn receipts if you're gonna call out someone.

If Cheyenne gets to have her "I've changed, I'm a different person now" moment then so does Cry. And if Cry is still a predator, then Cheyenne is still an asshole. You can't have it both ways YEARS after it's happened. If she came out with all that shit at the time of the breakup I'd be more inclined to take Cheyenne seriously and consider that Cry is a serial cheater who gets off on his anonymity because he's so secret and mysterious he builds up the hype without having to actually do anything

And yeah you know what, sometimes you do dumb shit even if it's obvious. I don't doubt some part of Cheyenne loved Cry and also loved the attention she got from him. I don't blame her for not having the wisdom to dump his ass when it first happened. You learn the hard way. But I am SURE she also knows Cry would 100000% never bring any of this drama up himself so she gets to have a monopoly on the narrative right now knowing he won't show up to debate it

Also this is a fucking gossip thread we're not a jury, it doesn't matter what anyone here believes

No. 989050

Anon caring about the safety of young children online and not having them exposed to literal pedophiles is literally something everyone should care about. It’s not a matter of “opinion” but literally how skewed your moral compass is if you’re happy to defend a literal pedophile.
call me crazy but I believe all pedos should have their dicks cut off

No. 989060

So, this is something I've been thinking about for a while and I wanted to know your guys opinion.
If Cry is truly a predator, I know in previous threads we've all said what we discuss here stays here - but shouldn't we be getting this out to the public? Compiling all the evidence we've gathered over the years and getting it out there for people? Barely anyone knows what he's done and some of his supporters could still be at risk. I feel like someone needs to expose him properly.

No. 989062

Same anon here but I just wanted to add more to what I was saying
People like Onision and like someone else added, Dahvie have all been outed as predators. I can't think of another forum like this that keeps a content creator being a predator to themselves. I feel like we sort of have a responsibility to make him address it at this point?
It disgusts me that he thinks he can go on about redeeming himself and getting therapy, but continues to dodge all of this
People need to see him for how he truly is because for all we know, all of this going to therapy bullshit could very easily be a cover up and whats stopping people who know him (possibly even members of the crew) from speaking up against him- they might think he's getting better and don't want to derail him from that
I'm sorry if that sounds confusing, I confused myself a couple of times there
His audience is very impressionable, so I feel like keeping this hidden isn't a good idea anymore

No. 989098

He had a breakdown because he realised he's 31 and just sits inside playing video games all day. He hasn't been #exposed, I can't even find anyone else talking about the allegations.

Cheyenne's tweets blew over without most his fans even being aware of them. It's pretty likely that the 16yo he had "skype sex" with is Ocean, but she just has a couple vague tumblr posts from 2018 calling him a pos. When she first got discussed in an earlier thread she wouldn't talk but you're welcome to try asking her again if you want to do what >>989060 says to try and publicly cancel him.

The only other person who's claimed to be a victim of Cry is the anon with the french police report earlier in this thread who's convinced he's hacking her laptop.

It's pretty much impossible to convince people he's a predator when no one is coming forward to accuse him, and especially when none of them are showing evidence. Depending on what "skype sex" actually means in this case it might also be difficult to prove he's done anything illegal, since most sexting laws are focused on images. If it was just texting it might not be covered by the law, and if it was video calls there probably isn't evidence. Being a creepy pos to teen girls is unfortunately very hard to prosecute, especially when it happened six to eight years ago. And like >>988939 said, it's even harder when no one wants to believe it because he's uwu stream dad.

Look at what happened a few years back when that girl tried to accuse Markiplier. The harassment she got was insane. It's easier to convince the public that Onision is a predator because he's already a greasy creep. It's harder when it's someone like Cry who's cultivated this chill wholesome sjw vibe, especially with how secretive about his identity he is. No one will believe he's dragging teens to his basement, and his fans will crucify anyone who tries to accuse him.

No. 989107

I know someone who has been in an uncomfortable situation with him regarding the whole skype sex stuff, and she's kept receipts of what he's said to her. I've talked to her about coming out about it a few times and she said she would be willing to but only if someone else who experienced something similar would do it first because she's heard of the amount of harassment people have gotten from it in the past.
It's a very tricky situation because his fanbase is so dedicated to him and refuse to believe anything negative.
If there was any way at all we'd be able to do it though, I'd 100% back the victims up.

No. 989110

File: 1592512563908.png (23.19 KB, 566x187, twitter.PNG)

This is all I could really find of people mentioning it. So it looks like some people are aware, it just isn't as widespread as it should be.

No. 989111

honest question, not aggro: how many of you here are new/only been here recently?

I ask because 3 years ago there was a supposed leak of Ocean and Cry messages, and the imgur links are still up

>>274524 (unsure if linking this way still works, I'll add the link here just in case, too)



direct imgur/gyoza links if you cannot be bothered to click on the links themselves (they do contain context/explanations and other anon speculation though)


I still don't know to this day if they are real or fake. Take everything with a grain of salt

No. 989115

I've been here since those images first surfaced and to be completely honest, i've always thought they were real and still do now.
I know ocean and simple came on the threads saying that they weren't but that could have been to try and cover ocean from any harassment, and simple is cry's friend i think? not sure if he still is but was then, so it's a bit weird for him and ocean to be friends when ocean very publicly disliked cry

No. 989234

how the FUCK does this thread get bumped by autismos/vendetta-chans who dont know how to sage on a monthly basis?

what child predator thing has come out about him recently that shows he has on-going creepy behavior involving minors? why do farmers still insist on NOT posting milk if it is true? twitter screencaps, vods, clips, anything? what """Proof""" do you guys have that you are likening him to the dahvie guy whos actually raped children? is quarantine making you this bored?

and sorry to all the pickme twitter girls who think 1 or 2 allegations from a shitty abusive ex is enough to get lolcow to be your personal army; accusations from cheyenne aren't proof and never will be.

you still have no evidence posted to the thread of him being a child predator, none has ever come up

hi underage b8 twitter anons, can you go back to twitter to seethe?

this infighting gag you two have going here is incredibly lame, as >>987542 said all of this shit is from literal years ago when saying "nigger" on the internet didnt mean you were racially putting someone down and against BLM and whatever the fuck you guys are turning it into. using nigger on the internet still really means nothing especially in video game communities, and honestly, who cares

No. 989241

> Local neckbeard gets red in the face while defending the Jimmy Savile of Twitch(newfag)

No. 989242

People have came out about him being a predator on tumblr years ago plus the whole ocean situation?
calm down and stop defending a nonce, salty balty

No. 989284

The accusations of him being a pedo have been going on since the third thread what the fuck are you on

No. 989378

scrote confirmed

No. 989591

File: 1592591715171.png (18.74 KB, 593x164, Capture11.PNG)

wonder what this ''very important video'' is going to be

No. 989596

I bet you anything it's just about the state of his YouTube or something. Nothing actually 'important'

No. 989610

It's literally just going to be him talking about his big ~mental breakthrough~ and how he feels like he can start making youtube videos again. He said it the other night on stream.

No. 990018

not really milky but I'm pretty sure oceans a dude based off of the pictures he's been posting

No. 990034

He transitioned. Jesus you guys are dumb.

No. 990078

I never said he didn't transition but everyone else here was saying she so I was correcting that.

No. 990128

No. 990129


link to the video.
tdlr; he says he cheated on chey with people who are underage but he didnt know they were underage at the time. he apologizes for it and says he's changed, then links the stream video from his birthday. i'm pretty positive he has changed.

No. 990130

Just saw the video. Highly doubt he didn't know they were underage.

No. 990133

>i'm pretty positive he has changed.

Blind faith is a funny thing.

No. 990142

File: 1592679696860.png (80.44 KB, 644x530, Screenshot (7).png)

I'm really surprised he addressed it. Though, a two second mention out of the entire video feels like brushing it over. Looking at the comments/his twitter most people still aren't even acknowledging it. This is the only reply I saw calling him out.

He's being so vague about it. "cheated on my girlfriend with." "began relations with." I know it's unlikely he actually fucked a minor but if nudes were exchanged and there's evidence that's enough to get him in serious legal trouble. Be interesting to see if he streams tonight since I doubt the rest of LNC will want to be involved in this, but given all the fans talking about how "brave" he is and how much they love him it feels like this could just blow over.

No. 990148

It looks like a few others are calling him out too. I'm disgusted with the way he basically swept it under the rug.

No. 990154

I'm watching the stream clip and it seems like acting to me. It reminds me of his "cry talks" videos. He snaps from serious to joking too quickly for me to take him seriously

No. 990174

I'm surprised this wasn't another Dr Disrespect situation where he ends up losing a ton of support because of it despite 'owning up to it'.

And I hope these people realise that Cheyenne was also 16 when they first started talking too, which he definitely knew about. He probably doesn't see it as a big deal or worth mentioning because of the age of consent laws (that Cheyenne liked to argue about too). I wonder if she'll say anything about this or if Red will be brought up at some point.

No. 990183

I feel like he was being black mailed, I haven't watched yet but it's weird how he decided to speak on this suddenly.
I wonder if some more people will pop up.

No. 990202

i really hope the victims decide to come forward, honestly - as long as they're comfortable to do so
he had so much more explaining to do and absolutely undermined what he did
there's no way at all that he cheated with multiple underage people and didn't know their ages.

No. 990213

so I listened to his apology, as an apology itself he didn't give any details but I was pleased to hear about him saying that he thought he was the protagonist and victim all the time but he was actually not, he was the instigator of paint

I kinda wish ProJared had the same idea, except he buckled down on an "I'm abused" narrative and now posts attention seeking pics on instagram whenever his socials drop

I doubt Cry would have the nerve to actually go out and fuck another person IRL so I'm gonna assume all the cheating happened digitally. Since I am not a person who goes around flirting with strangers or exchanging lewds I don't really know if you can "tell" someone is underaged just by an online presence; on the flipside he does have a lot of younger female fans (just like projared did) and he should have been more vigilant about who he was doing the dirty with (yes of course he shouldn't have been doing them at all)

I don't know anymore if Chey/Cry was being a predator legally or morally. Wasn't he in the clear as far as Florida legality? Or whatever state Chey is from. But morally he was toeing a thin line but Chey seemed just as enthusiastic about it, no doubt because he was a bit important online

No. 990217

He stated in the description it was all online anyways. I doubt he would go public with this if there were a ton of victims that could step forward and out him on more serious charges tbh.

No. 990236


Someone on twitter came forward about the sexual predator allegations. Honestly it's harder to process as every "cheating" and illicit relations were done online and there are some sjw's on twitter urging Cry to "turn himself in."(imageboard)

No. 990239

File: 1592691636306.png (14.44 KB, 582x107, tweet.PNG)

Looks like this person spoke up too

No. 990252

Pretty telling he apparently got back in touch with her a year ago and tried fucking around again. Sure doesn't sound like she got a private apology. Will hopefully shut up the people trying to argue "it happened years ago uwu he's changed".

So, including Cheyenne that's at least two girls that he put on a back burner until they turned 18. Yikes. That's a pattern.

No. 990253


also in those images cry admits to "messing with his best friend's girl"

how come Russ has been so okay with this so far? didn't he know?

No. 990256

I'm curious what the rest of the guys will say about this, if they'll say anything. I can't imagine late night continuing now that Cry is publicly this shitty of a person

No. 990259

This is a bit old, but here is somebody who modded for Cry and is Ocean's friend confirming what we know about his cheating habits and creepy behaviour towards fans.


Additionally, he's also apparently an awful friend and affected this individual's personal relationship quite a bit.


No. 990268

Wait, so all of this cheating was digital? Was he sexting people or pulling a projared and sending / getting innapropriate pics?

There has to be more to this right? That's it? This isn't cool at all but the way you all were talking about it sounded 100x worse than this.

No. 990269

He was sending and receiving nudes from minors

No. 990270

Where did you get that? Did one of the victims say that?

No. 990274

He barely said anything about this whole in the video at all, he was mostly rambling about being true to yourself or some shit. People on Twitter are already calling him out on that.
He really needs to put out another video where it's entirely about this, with full details.

No. 990277


there's never actually been any of proof of that. its a pretty massive accusation and to keep doing it without proof is scummy as shit

No. 990279

This, people have been saying shit for years now and still no proof. This is why I want to believe the victims and I want them to come out with some kind of proof, text messages, SOMETHING. Right now we have nothing but Cry rambling. People above were thinking how can they make the accusations go viral and talked about him saying "nigga" (ffs this isn't tumblr guys). People keep asking for proof, but no one posts here, no one posts online and people keep subtweeting about it, it's getting annoying. Now is people's chance to show proof. But, that hasn't happened yet, and it annoys me.

No. 990281

Note, in the confession video he as posted an link in the description to his breakdown he had on twitch.

Suprised he wasn't trying to hid it or anything.

No. 990282

Read the bio on the YT vid. Also screenshots from previous threads.

No. 990283

There definitely is proof out there since Cry confirmed dating underaged girls online and being very awful to them. If he want to redeem himself at least one bit, he should post all of the available logs for all people to see, of course after getting the consent of the victims (with proof) to make it public first.

No. 990286


sexual text logs and exchanging underage nudes are extremely, extremely different things.

No. 990287

Didn't Chey say that he had skype sex with 16 year olds? They may not have exchanged nudes but I'd say that's pretty much on par with exchanging nudes.

No. 990289

They are, but even if they haven't exhanged anything of a sexual nature, cheating with and leading on underage girls is still a shitty thing to do.

No. 990290

I can't believe this.
The guy has literally admitted to being inappropriate with UNDERAGE FANS - and some of you are still trying to defend him??

No. 990291

If you don't have new information/screenshots and are just stating your opinion or discussing please put sage in the email field to avoid bumping the thread unnecessarily.

He said it was an online relationship and not physical, but that doesn't automatically mean nudes, could have been only explicit messages. That doesn't make it any less disgusting or inappropriate, but we shouldn't spread misinformation just to be sensationalist. Wait for someone actually involved to confirm. There are people on twitter rn calling him an actual physical rapist and exaggerating like that just convinces his fans that everyone must be exaggerating.

Fucking disgusting, it sounds like you just want to read those messages. I agree he should make another video clearly stating what he did and what he's doing now (e.g. if he's going to step back from interacting with fans, remove donations from his twitch etc), but there's no need to further upset victims with something like that.

No. 990294

Old screenshots in older threads and his bio on the YT vid don't mention nudes.

Try again

No. 990296





Three people who were closely associated with him alone are stating their opinions on this shit but yeah, they all colluded to lie. Fucking idiots on here my god.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 990297

it's not even just about what type of sexual content was shared between them; it's that he persistently and more than once chased out a sort of imbalanced friendship between him and a fan, but pulling out when it was convenient

all the threads point to a similar behavior he had: "don't expect me to be there 24/7". He found young girls enamored with him and relished in their time and attention but didn't want to give the same back if it wasn't convenient for him at that time. He used his attention to them like a bargaining chip, even if he was single and they were legal it's still a fucked up thing to do

he got away with fucking over his best friend Russ by sexting/cheating with Red which multiple users have confirmed

he got away with fans because nobody could dare speak up against the guy with an army of thirsty fangirls

I truly think his ego got too big for him at that point since it was the height of his online presence. I think he needed therapy and he needed a better family.

Wasn't it tinfoiled or was it proven that Russ was mad at Cry for "stealing" Angel from him? I vaguely remember something that Angel was Russ' friend and Russ admitted he had a crush on her but she rejected him, and then leaned towards Cry now.

No. 990299

Literally no one here is denying he preyed on teenage girls, just that we don't know if nudes specifically were involved. It's an important distinction because it's the difference between whether he can be arrested for possession of CP or whether he's going to get to continue to be a creepy scumbag.

No. 990300


Not defending sexual text with an underage at all, that shit is nasty, I'm defending the fact everyone here is just so sure he's exchanged nudes with underaged people when there hasn't been a single piece of evidence to support that.

No. 990302

File: 1592700301280.png (236.44 KB, 890x682, milk.png)

No. 990303

Is that why Russ has been so depressed all these past months? His twitter is filled with posts that sound like he's about to commit suicide any second now.

No. 990306

We are complaining becuase you all said NUDES where involved. NOT ONE VICTIM HAS MENTIONED IT.

People are annoyed because by throwing false accusations with some legitimate ones fans will NOT BELIEVE YOU.

No. 990308


why do you care though? What's it to you personally if there are accusations of nudes or no proof or whatever?

Like I get it, but if you aren't Cry talking, then it doesn't matter to you. The point is that he did something shitty more than once

No. 990312

File: 1592701676506.jpg (240.51 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20200621_020724.jpg)

So the crew cares more about making money. Yikes.

No. 990313


Its likely they all knew about this for years so its not like their opinions would suddenly change.

Also I'm pretty sure Snake and Russ solely rely on this for income so yes, I expect they'd err on the side of not being homeless.

No. 990316


anon please drink some tea and lower your salt levels lmao you're arguing in a gossip forum about a dude who sexted minors, get some perspective

Didn't Chey say that he was often roleplaying sexual shit on Skype? I don't think he'd be dumb enough to actually send a picture of his penis or body to a fan. I don't think he's even showed his hand online! Can you imagine the fallout that would happen if he sent his goddamn penis to someone? We can't even agree as a community whether that infamous pic IS Cry or not. I don't think he'd risk showing his dong to some fan. The literal closest to Cry we've gotten are Chey's old nudes with his jizz on her, let that sink in lmao

Just because he used text or voice over mic instead of actual nudes (or at least he didn't send them, maybe only received them) doesn't make it any less scummy.

I wasn't even talking about that shit, I was talking purely from the perspective of treating people around him in a shitty way + treating fans in a shitty way. You totally added that bit yourself, congrats.

No. 990330

Streams been cancelled - but only after everyone was telling him its not the time. The guys so fake.

No. 990331

Well, at least he fucking admitted that his "apology" video was not-on-point at all.

No. 990332


I doubt the crew actually wanted to stream with all of the shit going on which is why I found it weird when he said they all said the show must go on or w.e

No. 990334

Jesus, these tweets are so tone deaf.

No. 990336

File: 1592703324493.jpg (53.92 KB, 723x489, kafjaljafka.JPG)

And just like that, the brigade is out

No. 990343

File: 1592704450119.jpg (56.84 KB, 736x494, 9871947892759.JPG)

"The only way cry can apologize is to surrender himself to the law. "

No. 990344

File: 1592704753272.jpg (101.77 KB, 755x913, 91009088434i3o52i.JPG)

Would what he did be considered grooming?

No. 990345

It would be easier to tell if we had at least some excerpts from any of the DMs Cry had with those girls.

No. 990350


There's pretty much no chance Cry is convicted of anything based on the complete lack of evidence other than sexual text, where it would still have to be proven that the assailant actually knew the victim was underage.

No. 990352


Grooming doesn't need to be from adult to child/young person, it can be between adults too. Grooming essentially means emotionally prepping someone to behave in a way you want, without their conscious consent of that purpose. The act of doing this to someone who isn't aware what you are doing to them is ultimately more harmful than good, is abusive. They may think they are autonomous and aware but as soon as something changes they become distressed, which perpetuates the cycle because they are too worried they'll lose them if they leave

What could be considered grooming is Cry's hot and cold aloof tendencies with the fans. Rewarding them with affection from their senpai, sexting as well, but then on the flip side retreating or becoming distant and turning the blame on them for being clingy. In one of the threads he told the person either break up with their SO or stay with Cry. That sort of ultimatum, if true, is very abusive, considering he wasn't even willing to commit to them in the first place

I don't know if he actually knew that they were all younger, specifically. For all we know the victims were faceless females with anime profile pics and sweet voices, which don't indicate age. Maybe he did know though, maybe they told them about their troubles, or about school, considering a lot of people opened up to him because they thought he'd understand

His extra anonymity was better for him because he de facto never showed himself to anyone; Unlike Projared who willingly shared nudes with his face included, no fan would ever dare trespass Cry's boundary of keeping his face hidden. Therefore nobody would probably ever ask, either. His voice and his words were enough. And considering how easy it is to fake screenshots, any proof that comes out has the burden of being called fake.

No. 990362


Yep, he lucked out on not showing anything about his real life. No one knows definitive facts about him other than:

> his name is Ryan (which is a common name and not unique, giving him an advantage)

> he lives in Florida
> he is chubby/fat/ not a uwu bishi pretty boy (based on what how he has described himself over the years and how he recently cried about praying he never ends up like boogie2988)
>his voice is real and not fake (this is honestly the only lead we might have because he never altered his voice).
The only way we will find out who he is and what he looks like is if one of his closest friends (Russ/Jund/Snake), ex-girlfriend (Chey), or IRL close friends that know what he does online release the deets, but they will never do that. Everything else is speculation. It's amazing really, that in this day and age, he hasn't been outed irl 100%. He's really lucky he got away with it this far.

No. 990376

File: 1592709077545.jpg (78.51 KB, 729x849, 99285029802492.JPG)

Chey's tweets on the matter

No. 990379

File: 1592709143787.jpg (40.19 KB, 728x488, 98959884852.JPG)

No. 990380

File: 1592709189083.jpg (58.05 KB, 749x454, diafioidaaijlelqht.JPG)

No. 990382

File: 1592709260982.jpg (50.08 KB, 712x598, ufgsrbklolusrdtvhj.JPG)

No. 990407

File: 1592712592001.jpg (282.27 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20200621_050749.jpg)

A moment of silence for those who had tattoos. Shame I remember seeing one around a year ago of a sup guy that looked real cute.

No. 990411

My best friend got one last year and now it's the biggest regret of her life lmao
Poor souls

No. 990414

File: 1592713625889.png (26.9 KB, 567x113, tumblr_me9n2aOqj11rw2ghho1_640…)

Amazing how all the old screencaps I have that I thought were funny are actually a glimpse into the hellish future.

No. 990415

getting tattoos of "artists"/creators/media in general is the dumbest shit ever. especially one for a mediocre gaming youtuber who will never acknowledge you (unless you're a teen girl fan of him, of course). i like tons of shit made by bad/flawed ppl, but i wouldnt even think about tatting that on my body even if i didnt know what type of person they were in the first place.

No. 990424

File: 1592716834752.jpeg (183.47 KB, 828x885, 94800A7A-C644-4F9A-80DB-220291…)

lol and somehow she is still a victim. make them all go irrelevant and nonexistent please

No. 990428

I wonder what Angel thinks of all this

No. 990431

she left the discord but is mod still

No. 990433

File: 1592718452257.jpg (168.26 KB, 1083x841, 9788634353.JPG)

Got I can't stand it, she gets away scott free

She most likely knows but is staying silent because Cry made her popular, same with Arcadeum and the mods, Draxr and others close in that circle.

Looks like people are trying to contact the FBI and Florida patrol on Cry now, they want a bin of all possible leaks, screaming groomer, etc. People need to calm the fuck down lmao, I need to see the further detailed video tomorrow, I'm hoping for some more leaks/DMs for everyone to implode. Because if Cry ends up leaving, so does everyone else, Jund, Russ, Snake and others rely on Cry for the LNC stream every week so they won't make it themselves. When they stream by themselves they have a few hundred people. They're fucked by proximity as well, this is what people don't understand.

No. 990434

File: 1592718635395.jpg (229.33 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20200621_065024.jpg)

No. 990435

dont be so quick to lump everyone else in. a lot of people are just finding out today. a lot of people were blindsighted by this. arcadum is an extremely professional stand up guy and his game just ended so hes probably reading about all of this now and figuring out what to do next. some of the mods have already left. this is a huge thing with huge ripple effects that is going to take time for everyone within that sphere of influence to digest and see what to do about.

No. 990438

damn, mods left? I thought they would still defend the fuck outta him. Also, I thought the rest of the crew knew, this is interesting. I knew after his breakdown more milk would come out but I didn't know to this magnitude

No. 990444

Cheyenne said everyone in the crew knew though?

Who’s lying?

No. 990445


Knew what, though? There could be so many more things we don't know about.

No. 990447

File: 1592721094170.jpeg (139.76 KB, 828x800, 15F07A23-D66B-4CC0-BEF4-F5B13B…)

That they knew about Cry messing with underage girls/Red

No. 990449

File: 1592721497217.jpeg (116.25 KB, 750x657, 90CBBE64-ABB1-4798-BC24-627514…)

Honestly, I would’ve expected Jund to brush this off based on his past behavior/character. I know you can’t believe everything online but I feel that he might’ve been one of the crew members who didn’t know all the details and is legitimately blindsided by how bad it is.

No. 990451

File: 1592721893665.jpeg (527.17 KB, 1125x1608, EA7E9D01-7B9E-4EFC-B1DD-A02423…)

Sounds like he wasn’t.

No. 990457


Cheyenne also said some of the crew only knew "vague details" which may be the category Jund fell under.

No. 990460

File: 1592723444916.png (90.46 KB, 602x686, img.png)


Chey's lied about other stuff before, so she probably exaggerated how much they knew. I'm assuming as far as they knew, he didn't do anything with Chey until she was of age (something she has said herself before)
Snake also admitted he did't know anything other than that Cry cheated on Chey until he saw Chey's twitter rants, and then I assume he just found out about the other shit when Cry posted the video.

No. 990472

She's left the discord and unfollowed Cry it seems.

No. 990475


I read this thing that keeps getting reposted as "proof" of something and all I see is "socially manipulative asshole".

With a horde of underage female fans in those days any interaction with them could be worded in a way that makes it sound like he's trying to get in their pants. If he's really waiting for 18 before going FULL asshole, all it takes is a few of them lying before shit goes south.

But hey, you graze up against the 3rd rail of pedo and there goes the career. Trying to hang him over being "emotionally involved with people under the age of 18" (actual tweet). Not romantically, EMOTIONALLY. Fucking hell.

No. 990476


Yeah, say what you will about Cry. But Chey is no saint. She's a fucking lunatic, who mentally and physically abuses people. She treated Cry, Russ, and Jund like shit, and then blamed them for her shitty behaviour. The only person who she didn't have the balls to insult was Snake, and it's because she knew he wouldn't have any of her bullshit.

She also tried exposing Cry a few months ago on these same accounts because she wanted to reboot her Twitch career and because she wasn't selling nudes very well on Twitter. She's an absolute scumbag through-and-through, and hasn't changed an iota.

No. 990477

this drama is unfolding like a milquetoast ProJared

No. 990478

What I find weird is that everyone keeps saying he fucked underage girls. Last I heard it was all digital sex. Are they saying he fucks underage girls because it sounds more serious? Digital or not, it’s fucking disgusting still. But say what it actually was.

No. 990479


Same thing with Angel too. She is all about positivity and wholesomeness. But if you pay attention to anything she does more than two seconds, you realize that she's a super judgmental, edgy, fucked up person who has literally no empathy for anyone who even remotely disagrees with her.

Rumors are out there that she was manipulating Cry for a long time. She'd act all nice to him to get stuff, and the moment he stepped out of line, she'd verbally berate him to get what she wanted. Gross asshole.

No. 990480


It's because Cry was so bad at explaining it. He says the thing about underaged girls in the video, but then had an extra bit in the description to explain again that it was just digital.

No. 990481

Lol what? Do you have any examples of this?

No. 990482


I can't say any of the juicy shit because I have too many morals about sharing DMs. Especially since I gathered those DMs from a third party.

So take everything I'm saying with an entire salt-shaker full of salt. But I'm close to both Cry and some of his other entangling issues, and Angel isn't the Angel she SJW saint she pretends to be.

No. 990486

Lol. Someone is trying to change the subject at hand.

No. 990488


Nah, I have beef with some of the people with the general community because they're vipers. The overarching conversation is fair and people can talk about anything they want.

No. 990490

File: 1592729346031.png (62.48 KB, 740x552, daaes.png)

more tweets from cheyenne about this all

No. 990501

File: 1592730994727.png (112.79 KB, 600x912, img.png)


yawn she's still going on saying they knew things they didn't actually know

No. 990502

How do we know they didn't actually know? At the end of the day none of us know LNC personally and we don't know how far they'd go to save face.
If they're all meant to be so close to Cry and essentially be his only friends outside of all the minors he's groomed, they obviously knew a lot more than they're letting on.

No. 990503

File: 1592731202712.png (112.79 KB, 598x548, img.png)



No. 990506


The Crew and Cry don't really hang out that much. Cry has a very small group of people he hangs out with, and only really hangs out with the rest of the gang on Saturdays. It's been that way for years.

The others have nothing to lose. It's not like they're stay on a sinking ship with Cry. The question is, will they move on independently or not? I assume they will, but who knows.

No. 990514

Russ and Snake definitely rely on the Saturday streams for income so if this all goes under then who knows what they're gonna do. Jund does pull in around the same amount of viewers as Cry for their personal streams, although I'm not sure how much money he actually earns from subs and donations in comparison. I wouldn't be surprised if Jund leaves since he seems miserable all the time and Cry already went off on him last week. Not too sure about Russ and Snake since they both don't earn as much as the other two, but I don't watch their individual streams often so maybe they do earn a decent amount to live on, hopefully someone else knows.

No. 990518

File: 1592734831928.png (60.61 KB, 582x478, 21654513215.png)

How does one girl have so much fecal matter leaking from her mouth? Where does it all come from?

No. 990519

File: 1592735026134.jpg (352.69 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20200621-052144_Chr…)

He even states it had nothing to do about the cheating with an underage person stuff, but about her behavior at the time. Like he was supposed to read hours of posts.

No. 990522

Man what the fuck. This is fucking wild

No. 990524


No. 990526


> Never gonna dox Cry, I have more respect than that.

> Doxxes Cry.

No. 990527

File: 1592735512900.png (112.79 KB, 584x450, img.png)


He was always my favorite LNC member.
Chey is projecting her anger for Cry at Snake right now.

No. 990530

is Russ that desperate for money to continue being friends with a guy who stole his girl aka Red? that shows alot in their so called friendship for LNC. and Cheyenne acting like a naive and innocent victim in this saga makes me cringe. trying to justify the mean things that she did when she could have just left. (i know its hard in mentally abusive relationship but still,she obviously enjoyed being his main girl while it last. anyways why are they acting like they were still teenagers?

No. 990531

Yeah, I feel like it's gotten out of hand. She's wanting to blame literally everyone now and I really feel like Snake doesn't carry blame here. Did anyone else see that post where Sage said that Jund had been actively posting here?

No. 990532

File: 1592736062561.png (19.96 KB, 588x165, z12318513513.png)

Fuck this actual cunt. She's such a hypocrite. Why does anyone even listen to her anymore?

No. 990533

File: 1592736135935.jpg (315.57 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20200621-054107_Chr…)

I'm completely on Snake's side here.

No. 990535

Aww man, I’ve been waiting for the day Snake just finally spoke his mind. He needs to get the hell away from everyone of these crazy fuck and do his own thing.

No. 990537

Yes! So “S” was actually Scott all along?

No. 990538


She's done this since the beginning. High-key manipulative, abusive behavior. It's disgusting, and she does it to everyone around her if she doesn't get her way. She's a total sociopath with zero empathy, while also being the perfect victim that can do no wrong (besides guiding multiple people to suicidal ideation, in public, in front of thousands of people, and then denying it saying she knew anything was wrong.)

Sound familiar?

No. 990539


I'm pretty sure Russ would be homeless without late night so yeah, pretty fucking rough call for him

No. 990540

File: 1592736636873.png (26.75 KB, 585x276, lol.png)


speak of the devil pog

No. 990541


Also sucks for the guy, because he's a content creator who has been crippled by depression. That sucks. I can't imagine having to try to balance a career and also mental illness like that. He deserves major hugs.

No. 990543

File: 1592737048482.png (112.79 KB, 585x138, img.png)




Wonder if Markiplier and Pewdiepie will say anything, I know there are people out there who still wanted them to do collabs.

No. 990545

Didn't Markiplier do some fucked up stuff regarding a friend's suicide or something?

No. 990548

I don’t know why but the sentence of, “Based on what you told us before a stream one night. He cheated. The person was a member of the community. They weren’t allowed to play with us anymore.” bothers me so much than it should. Why the fuck did she involve them in the first place? What the hell were they suppose to do?

No. 990550

Chey I know you still read these posts, pls leave Snake alone out of all of the LNC he is the last person you need to be attacking and this is why it's so hard for people to defend you even though what happened to you was fucked up

No. 990551


"Please help, I am helpless victim, please stop the evil mean man who did the evil mean thing."

Honestly, she should just shut up and let Cry implode on his own. She's not helping at all. Just go have rage-sex with your lame-ass girlfriend, record it for the onlyfans, and call it a day.

No. 990554

File: 1592739471053.jpeg (66.46 KB, 828x511, F84D393E-0DF3-4B29-AE21-253B4F…)

She’s never satisfied. One moment she’s wanting him to admit to everything and the next he’s… ruining her pace of moving on? She realizes she’s not the only victim, right?

Cheyenne, just shut the hell up. You are only making this worse for yourself and gonna cause people not to listen to your story, as well as others.

No. 990555

Chey is really going on the offensive here it's like she's dropped the act she used to have (taking digs at everyone else) and fully attacking them, it's like she somehow blames them for what happened? even though she's said most of them didn't know about it, it looks like she's having a full on breakdown

No. 990556

"i moved on and he brought it back" she's so tactless.

No. 990557


oh god, a prime example of how to lose all the right you had by having a shitty bf:

she caused a public stink WITH HER GIRLFRIEND about how he cheated on her and abused her mentally and how hurt she was from it, she showed bitterness that nobody came up to her for forgiveness (not with that personality they won't), in the beginning of cry's drama she said she finally felt some catharsis

and now she's "moved on and brought it back"? NO CHEY, YOU HAVEN'T MOVED ON! Clearly! If you had you would have been pleased the information is out there but felt a peace of mind that you are better than you were back then. If you had you would not have been running around trying to smear his name publicly until he's forced to speak (not that I am defending Cry here, he's clearly in the wrong)

It's this shit right here that makes me roll my eyes at her. She could have just accepted it, it's not like she's hanging out with LNC anymore anyway. She's away from them with her own life and girlfriend, why not be happy with what you have now instead of digging up the past to be angry again? Jeez.

No. 990558


LOL is she saying she never wanted this to never come out to the public? Or is she just pissed she's not the only one getting attention? Him admitting it from his own mouth to everyone should make her fucking happy he's admitted he abused people.

But no, Chey, you're never happy, even though it's his story, it's the other 2 girls story, hell it's even Russ and Reds story since you keep fucking bringing that up and saying it's all connected. Get over yourself.

It. Is. Not. All. About. You.
The others need this too.

No. 990562

I wish Chey would dox him already. It’s long overdue.

No. 990563

File: 1592740329032.jpeg (135.4 KB, 828x857, A5C81C9A-1D3B-46F2-A88A-76BB28…)

The way she is reacting towards Snake bringing up Shards of Iso is very telling.

Why are you deflecting so hard about that particular situation? It’s like she really doesn’t want people to know about that night. Or take responsibility that she didn’t just bully Ziegs off LNC.

No. 990565


Oh how little you know, young padowan. It was always about her. She is the only one that matters.


She desperately hopes people don't remember how awful she is. But the internet doesn't forget your sins, even if you were the victim.


No. 990587

lol i dont think she hopes for people to forget how mean she is. she doesnt even think that she was being mean in the first place consider how 'innocent' she thinks she is. Delusional

No. 990589

File: 1592745274442.jpg (62.82 KB, 640x1136, 20200621_141404.jpg)


No. 990594

dae remember that they kicked battlestar off of lnc years back for grooming fans?????

No. 990595


I was literally going to mention that LMAO

No. 990596

No. 990625

> "All of the crew recognized from the start that the majority of the viewers just happen to be females; aged 13 - 17."

Well that didn't age well.

No. 990637

Cheyenne is acting self-righteous just like Shiloh, pretending to be the voice for all Onision's victims. She's completely unhinged if she thinks she'll be able to cancel everyone in the LNC, particularly Snake.
Be free Snake, you deserve better than these people.

No. 990648

Honestly with everything thats going on- I think it's common sense to recognise that if any of the guys stay for late night, that's bound to make them horrible people. There's no excuse for it.
However, as said before, if they don't, then that's at least Russ and Snake without most of their income.
Might be time for all of them to try and get real world jobs.

No. 990649

Yeah I just feel bad for Snake, hope he's able to rebound from this.

No. 990650

I believe Russ has a separate job besides late night from what I remember…Albeit, it’s probably not high paying but still better than none.

No. 990663

I also recall Snake being involved with theater, think he mentioned that many years ago. Though I doubt that pays any good.

No. 990665


He used to work for Papa Johns i think but he hasnt for a while. Snake has no other job afaik. Even Jund has been sick and streaming less. They're all pretty fucked

No. 990667

Would it be possible for LNC to continue without Cry? That's the only solution where everyone's demands get met:
1. Cry gets deplatformed
2. LNC continues so the fans still have something to watch
3. Rest of the LNC crew gets to continue and not have their only source of money taken away from them

No. 990670

A lot of people would bail even if Cry gets booted. If mods like Bear apparently knew about all of this for years then I find it hard to believe the rest of LNC weren't aware.

No. 990683

As someone who does musical theatre, unless he lives in new york or something, he won't be able to make it a career

No. 990704

I feel like it can definitely continue without Cry. There are a lot of arguments between him and Jund, not just the most recent one, that make the vibe uncomfortable. I think it would be a better dynamic with just Jund Snake and Russ. Of course they'd lose fans but it might be enough to get by

No. 990707

Yeah, even if they lost more than half of their viewers for their Saturday and Sunday streams, they still be able to pull around 2-3k viewers, which is still livable.

No. 990756

She wants to bring them all down. It's so obvious lmao

No. 990765

I told you fuckers this bitch was a piece of work and wanted to destroy everyone. This is why I don't take anything out of her mouth seriously. Fuck you retards for listening to this bitch. She wants them all to go down. She wants revenge.

No. 990771

I've refrained from posting my opinion anywhere because I know both sides of people are rightfully angry, but some people on Twitter are straight up attacking people so thats why I refrained.
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.
Yes, we know that Cheyenne was 16 when they first started dating, but from the looks of things Beanie was 18 when Cry started pursuing her in that way?
There has admittedly been something off about Cry over the last few weeks, and it's made me nervous. But part of me just can't believe it when people keep calling him a pedo ect. An asshole? Absolutely. But I can't see pedo.
I'll admit, it's absolutely possible that I'm being blinded because of how much I care for him and how much I looked up to him, but if I'm being honest all of this is confusing me and I'm not too sure how to cope with what I'm feeling.

No. 990775

it's because of retarded twitter fags trying to #cancel him and the most evidence I've seen is that "he made me feel good, now I'm sad because he played with my feelings" all, online. No nudes, and everything released as far as DMs is "uw you are cute/i love you/ go to bed" It's gay cringey shit but not enough to get sent to court. Not even Chis Hansen level expose. And now Chey is attacking Snake and Jund and saying they are all gaslighting and trying to bring them to ruin.

If you have a problem, it's with Cry, and she even MADE UP with him and said it isn't a big deal and wanted to put it behind her. Now this.

No. 990777

Nobody is going to post their own nudes. Also nobody wants to admit they sent nudes as a minor. That's a terrifying thing to admit, especially when you're already getting attacked and blamed. And you realize that most people who had skype also had webcams, right?

No. 990780

File: 1592769531764.jpg (88.34 KB, 723x788, 718957905549.JPG)

No. 990781

It is bullshit beyond bullshit that anyone's attacking the other guys though. If the guy lied to so many people then he probably lied to the guys too. They all stopped playing games together outside of LNC a long time ago.

No. 990782

I think that's something that's getting me.
Cry said that he had spoken to Cheyenne multiple times and has apologised. Christine and Cheyenne have also both said that he's apologised, and even uploaded a screenshot of some of his apology, they said that they had a talk on Cheyennes stream.
Where is all of this suddenly coming from?

No. 990783

There were nudes exchanged. Even ignoring my own sources information he straight up admits to cheating on Chey in his video.

He absolutely knew. Maybe not as much as he thought, but he knew something, and that traces back to Chey as well.

No. 990785

What is defined as cheating though?

Talking to another girl while dating is cheating.
Watching porn while dating is cheating.

He said he cheated, but he never said NUDES were involved.
Did he cheat? Yes. But the cheating consist of talking with fans, nothing about getting nudes from them .

No. 990786


lmao what, talking to another girl while dating isn't cheating, the fuck are you on about

No. 990787

File: 1592770047540.jpg (63.09 KB, 715x422, 897198751930.JPG)

No. 990789

I love the logic of anons on here trying to actually debate cry's own words, he said he cheated, he didn't pussyfoot around the word apart from being vague.

I think cry himself knows if what he did is considered cheating or not and it's not up to the cry apologists here to defend him, he doesn't need defending

No. 990790

texting another girl and hitting on them while you are dating is cheating, the fuck are you on about

No. 990791

File: 1592770220272.jpg (70.04 KB, 701x510, 97871895749010.JPG)

God I fucking hate twitter

No. 990793

File: 1592770293156.png (110.67 KB, 598x286, Bean.png)

No. 990794


Simply texting another girl isn't cheating, no. Hitting on them, yes. Which is what he did, and much more.

No. 990797

File: 1592770415396.jpg (75.5 KB, 741x642, 81891789371985.JPG)

You see. I told you all.

Also some retard tried linking this thread hours ago, looks like Chey knew about it and of course probably posted here trying to incriminate everyone.

No. 990800

File: 1592770553772.jpg (66.23 KB, 731x573, 18581805184.JPG)

No. 990801

Cheyenne is the Holly Conrad in this situation, she just won't fucking shut up and put her foot in her mouth

Just let it go Chey. You could improve your mental health tenfold if you just muted or unfollowed and moved on with your life

No. 990802

How dare you say that.

Holly Conrad does not deserved that, Chey is nowhere near what Holly has accomplished.

No. 990804


anon true lmao but she's getting there. Holly is her own league by now, a queen of the pasture

But still, it's true, she had her moment of feeling relieved and heard, and now she just wants to drag everyone down… because stonks? I guess? She's not gaining anything except creating a mob against the others

Like I get it, you feel a surge of adrenaline and excitement now that you have some power back in your hands but you haven't dealt with these people in months, if not years, there is nothing to gain mentally or otherwise by harassing them trying to "worm out" a truth

No. 990808

How? Unlike Holly, she was a lolcow in her own right prior to this. Even she gets her wish and everyone falls down, she's still a cow and will still post nudes and smoke pot on stream while acting stupid on twitter.

Holly just vents and talks like a normal person on twitter. Chey isn't like that

No. 990810

Yoo, is this finally the end of the LNC?

No. 990812

If Chey gets her wish probably.

Before she would shit on and stop fun playthroughs on stream. Now she gets to destroy the entire show by using other victims message and try and twist them to push her own narrative of everyone who was on the stream as evil and guilty.

No. 990816

File: 1592771727226.jpeg (330.32 KB, 750x979, 04D1E4AA-965C-4B73-B1F9-AA31AC…)

chey is deleting her tweets from when she was taking severe jabs at some of the lnc. unsurprising

No. 990817

File: 1592771805487.jpg (49.38 KB, 735x489, 158199015981948.JPG)

It's all a vendetta

You're right, and this statement validates it

No. 990821

that wasnt chey's tweet that got deleted, its some random user who was replying.

No. 990822

File: 1592772043535.jpg (89.61 KB, 719x905, retweet3.JPG)

There she goes

The video wasn't for you Chey, it was for the other girls. So self-centered

No. 990826

File: 1592772315405.jpg (74.68 KB, 747x648, retweets.JPG)

No. 990827

File: 1592772380972.jpg (71.93 KB, 725x776, RT.JPG)

She says she forgives him but is mad that he came out, and now she's mad she's not getting attention? lmao

No. 990829

One minute she wants him to own up to it, the next he has no right to own up to it?
Makes no sense, man.

No. 990830


holly was always a cow, people just didn't care back then, you clearly must be new to holly's antics

she was a cow back in heroes of cosplay when she scammed cancer patients and she was passive aggressive about mass effect fans not choosing her self insert, and she was a cow in the height of her career and she's a cow now

they are both self-victimizing cows

No. 990836

File: 1592773156121.jpg (81.33 KB, 468x682, Chey's girl 1.JPG)

Chey's girlfriend speaks

No. 990839

File: 1592773240007.jpg (81.48 KB, 477x760, Chey's girl 2.JPG)

No. 990840


Guess they finished masturbating each other. She's constantly talking about how it's none of her business, while constantly egging Chey on to take the most extreme opinions.

No. 990841

File: 1592773308396.jpg (31.4 KB, 469x263, Chey's girl 3.JPG)

No. 990842


"They can't provide proof because they're the victim" does not mean declaring themselves a victim is itself proof. Anyone can say anything, using specific language as a woman does not automatically make them default to being right.

You may not usually get it in as so many words, but this is the pushback on "believe women". It's shitty that this actually lets some people get away with things, but if we swing the other way too far cancel culture gets even more out of control.

No one is a "victim" just for getting their feelings hurt.

No. 990844

lol, so fucking 2 faced they are. They acted like they were still friends and it was water under the bridge during her twitch stream.

Thank you! I'm for the victim but this is literally "believe women" meme that makes so many people push back and think this is more #metoo #cancelled garbage. People will believe you and give you support but sooner or later you need to show some kind of evidence and not just take your word for it. This gay shit fucks over and invalidates women with real concerns. I'm sick of it.

No. 990846

File: 1592773684815.jpg (26.29 KB, 748x384, yikes.JPG)

No. 990848

File: 1592773762401.jpg (33.95 KB, 818x442, ocean.JPG)

I wonder what Ocean sent to Chey?

Looks like LNC is a wrap. God do I wish to be a fly on the wall.

No. 990852

File: 1592773831592.jpg (101.59 KB, 833x840, dodger.JPG)

Dodger's take

No. 990854

Agree. Snake needs to move forward and get to a better place. He's always been the better person of the LNC

No. 990856

File: 1592774069915.jpg (92.64 KB, 703x838, ocean 1.JPG)

Looks like Ocean (was he a former mod?) is pissed

No. 990857

Arcadum confirmed the stuff I had been mentioning. Cry is out of both campaigns. Not too surprising, but I couldn't say it last night because I only heard from the source second-hand.

No. 990859

File: 1592774287302.jpg (79.19 KB, 452x936, chey egging on.JPG)

No. 990860

File: 1592774327012.jpg (80.22 KB, 606x810, coyote.JPG)

Didn't know Coyote was a former mod

No. 990861

call this a wild tinfoil theory but I wonder if his breakdown the other day isn't semi related to this confession

hear me out, him confessing this is burning a ton of bridges and basically crumbling everything he built. Which is one thing, but I wonder if deep down he came to resent it because he became dependent on it and so did his family

yes my tinfoil theory is maybe that he had a "fuck this shit" moment and wanted to watch it all burn down so he doesn't have the pressure of being the breadwinner for four people who are mooching off him or the allegations building up

this is giving me hamilton The Reynolds Pamphlet vibes, trying to beat the punch

No. 990862


I don't think he's a former mod. He's old-school in the community though, so I'm not sure.

No. 990863

He used to be very involved in the LNC community, seemed weird when he just decided to distance himself but i just assumed it was because of zieg's stuff with chey

No. 990866


I'm in the same mind. Cry's personality did a complete 180. He was not acting himself. It's like he snapped on his birthday. I was able to speak with him a bit, and it really was like talking to a different person.

No. 990867

I completely agree. His breakdowns have to link up to this.

No. 990868

Huh, I've thought about that too. It's possible he did this, just to go scortched earth so he can finally be "free" from his family. With his breakdown last week I swear it felt like a premonition was going to happen. Who the fuck knows.

No. 990869

I agree but this is what he makes a living from. He'd have to be an absolute idiot

No. 990871

File: 1592774651558.jpg (53.22 KB, 682x534, updates.JPG)

No. 990873

Yeah, with the family situation and everything I don't think he has any savings tbh. Pretty stupid move if he went that road, but then again he isn't known for making smart decisions

No. 990875


Again, if he's suffering from delusions or mania, he might not be in a healthy place to make logical decisions. Again, all tinfoil. It's just a valid concern when someone is very obviously having a midlife crisis.

No. 990876

File: 1592774720643.jpg (140.11 KB, 1115x887, Arcadeum's response.JPG)


Arcadeum's response

No. 990877

i thought about this exactly but wasn't sure how to put it into words. they're definitely linked.

i'm thinking also he was about to be outed by somoene else so he decided to do it himself.

No. 990878

I used to watch the streams a lot around that time and I want to say I recall him having the sword-icon when talking in chat a few times. Was a long time ago though so I could be misremembering.

No. 990880

Dodger is one of the few youtubers i've seen who has been a part of the gaming community for years and years who is genuinely welcoming and inoffensive. I really like her. She's probably giving her takes on this now especially since she has a child.

No. 990881

File: 1592774946249.jpg (57.75 KB, 674x640, 1905931790.JPG)

Jund didn't say LNC is over, for now at least

No. 990882


She also has a long friendship and professional relationship with Cry. So it's really like getting stabbed in the back to her. I feel so bad for Doogs.

No. 990883


Seems valid. If they want to do their own thing, I'd support them. They weren't responsible for Cry being an idiot, no matter how much Chey is gonna pretend it's all their fault.

No. 990884


I don't understand his logic either. If he really wanted to make amends to these under-aged fans, he would have settled it in private. Branding yourself as a cheater and someone who had relationships with teenagers spells out an end in your career.

No. 990887

File: 1592775113038.jpg (53.25 KB, 674x478, give an inch, take a mile.JPG)

they won't just quit

No. 990890


you know someone is new when they don't know ocean…
no, anon, ocean is one of the people cry cheated on Chey with LOL

No. 990891

File: 1592775435669.png (19.75 KB, 594x140, scott.PNG)

No. 990892

I knew that, It just sounded like they where a former mod as well, keep up.

No. 990895


Cry said he's now medicated, and thinking clearly for the first time in ages (quote from when he was yelling at Jund for making fun of the furry game), do you guys think he's actually been getting therapy and they have him on some stuff that's fucking with him?

No. 990896

File: 1592775595971.jpg (69.37 KB, 688x738, jund.JPG)

No. 990898

not to mention that no female presence who knows of him even vaguely would touch him with a ten foot pole after this

imagine getting into a relationship with him and finding out he's got grooming and cheating accusations against him at some point, yikes

or male presence for that matter since he's bisexual, the guy pretty much doused his online presence in gasoline and threw the lit match

good for him, I guess? I don't think Cheyenne will ever be happy no matter how it's done. In private or public, she is clearly still not over it and not even her girlfriend is helping her get over it, her girlfriend is throwing firewood in the fire and being all "poor cheyenne, my poor girlfriend" then tell her and tell yourself to shut up and get therapy, for the love of god

No. 990900

File: 1592775685116.png (125.58 KB, 475x890, twitter.png)

the "in the room" video was unprivated

No. 990901


The problem with the others running LNC, is Cry has all the numbers. All of the subs are on his account. All of the followers.
Think about how many people sub to Cry on Twitch, MOST of them have not seen his video or his confession. They'd have to get him to host them, which isn't a guarantee. They're kind of boned.
They could rebrand, (which they should imo) but they'd have to start a little backwards. Probably their best bet.

No. 990902

he's either lying or the medication is weak/ not doing anything to curb is mania. He's been on a "save the world/super woke" high and didn't realize joking about a furry game is the same IRL prejudice.

He's realized that he's free to say what's on his mind, but he's still immiature, due to lack of IRL experience as to how to control his thoughts and behaviors, as if he's a big manchild that finally realizes he can dress himself so he goes way overboard.

No. 990903

Has Ziegs deleted their twitter or am I being dumb?

No. 990904

wow, wasn't excepting that, nice

yep and that's why even if they keep LNC, who's going to host? everything, the artwork, sayings (leppy), popular emotes, people saving streams (Daxr), etc. is centered around Cry. Everyone else is just part of the backdrop.

No. 990908

It's still there. She recently retweeted Coyote's video tweet, just search her name and her account should come up.

No. 990909

It's ZiegsDen

No. 990910

Oof yeah looks like I'm blocked lmao. Never mind.

No. 990911

File: 1592776478817.jpg (465.2 KB, 809x1754, Screenshot_20200621-165347_Chr…)

No. 990929

glad he released the video, Chey was so annoying she fucked off a lot of good people from the stream.

No. 990931

When did she mention her confession? Because Cry stated in his breakdown a week back that he's sorry to all the people he hurt, which was definitely alluding to this thread and what we had so far.

No. 990933

File: 1592778726602.jpg (84.93 KB, 682x818, idiots.JPG)

Idiots going after Acadeum

No. 990935

LMAO does he have a fedora on in his picture? makes sense

No. 990937

Farmhands are going to have to brace for more people coming to this thread, old links on Cyotoe's video link back to here, and now the videos public.

No. 990938

His breakdown was on June 14th, she posted on June 18th: https://twitter.com/LadyTiabeanie/status/1273428606409035776

No. 990939

File: 1592779108110.png (55.79 KB, 588x580, channel.PNG)

Looks like Cry really isn't going to continue being part of the crew

No. 990942

honestly, people deserve to come clean over their past mistakes and such but my pet peeve is how half-assed his video was and the fact how he didnt add more fuck ups he did. And instead of screeching I DIDN KNOW DEY WERE UNDRAGE he could have just not added that n said he cheated w various people. Idk. I liked his description more than a video itself. Learn2script

No. 990943

File: 1592779426409.png (22.12 KB, 363x242, pronounsinbio.png)


Quasi-off-topic sidenote, I guess judging by their Twitter they're a she now. Things change, I suppose. Good for her.

No. 990947


No. 990957

did cry tell his therapist he was gonna do this lol

No. 990959


From what inside information I have awareness of, no. He just made this decision unilaterally, and talked to his therapist after the backlash occurred.

My big worry is that he hasn't really had a chance to talk to his therapist at all since his mental breakdown. He was feeling super euphoric after that event, so it's possible he didn't understand a problem was occurring.

No. 990960


any therapist worth their salt would strongly advise against going PUBLIC with this kinda stuff because it is peak self-destruction

No. 990961

His self destructive behavior as of late has me worried. Gives me extreme on the edge of taking his life vibes.
Sorry if that's dramatic of me to say, just witnessed this behavior from someone I once knew.

No. 990962

I feel like he will just harm himself even more or commit. It feels way too weird. I agree with theory on blackmailing, but maybe he might just…you know.

No. 990963

I don’t see any path forward for Cry in the public eye. I believe his statements about never mentally maturing, as I’ve experienced that, and I know how it can influence behavior. But that doesn’t actually excuse anything. Everyone has a reason for how they act. If he actually thought that video would go over just fine, then he clearly is not seeing the reality of his situation, and obviously doesn’t undertand the consequences of his actions, which seems in line with his behavior. If that’s the case he shouldn’t be the center of a large fan base, and probably needs serious mental help.
Jund and Snake seem to be doing all they can at the moment. I don’t know how anyone would expect them to career suicide at what they had heard in the past. Whether it’s incomplete information, or allegations online, it just not reasonable. It sounds like Snake supported Chey when he found out about the cheating from her, which seems in line with his character. And it’s been pretty clear for years that Jund and Cry are not really friends, so I wouldn’t expect him to know all of Cry’s secrets, anc certainly wouldn’t expect him to hide them for him. If they say they didn’t know the extent, I don’t think anyone without unrealeased information really has a reason to doubt them.
And I understand Chey’s anger, but this lashing out at the other guys is just misplaced. Maybe she wishes one of them had looked deeper into everything before and done more, but that doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. She could’ve told them everything before and made a huge deal (rightfully) out of everything Cry did. If the guys didn’t do anything then, that would’ve warranted vilifying them, but that’s not what happened.
Hopefully Jund, Russ, and Snake can move on and start something of their own. I think they would be able to make it. I’ve fallen off of late night, but I would actually watch them. They have been the best part for a long time.

No. 990967

jund is streaming and talking about stuff

No. 990968

So Cry didnt tell the crew he was uploading the video, yikes

No. 990969

He needs to hurry the fuck up and make a video and detail this shit.

No. 990970

Scott just confirmed late night is continuing without Cry.

No. 990974

KEK, knowing him, most likely no. If everything stated here is 100% and nudes/pictures etc. were involved he better get ready and lawyer up. But knowing Cry, if faced with jail time, he would most likely take it idk. That's is, if they can find him. His name is too common and no one has a lead on him other than he's in Florida so good luck.

No. 990975

Holy shit Jund is spilling shit about Russ and Cry

No. 990979

File: 1592781516117.jpg (23.51 KB, 500x181, 8979823.JPG)

yo zeigs is in the stream

No. 990981


Jund doesn't give a shit. I feel like he's been vindicated all these years about how people think he's a jerk. He's just honest and no bullshit about everything.

No. 990982

File: 1592781652152.png (774.03 KB, 1763x874, cry.PNG)

No. 990983

Cry just tweeted about posting the video in a manic state.

No. 990984

File: 1592781675906.jpg (66.49 KB, 700x586, 9827983275892.JPG)

He was manic LMAO

Jund said he said NOTHING LMAO

No. 990987

Jund on Twitch states he does not consider Cry a friend and when these allegations first came out he pressed Cry on it but believed Cry when Cry lied to him that it wasn't true.

No. 990988


No. 990989

Jund admits that "there is a signficant mental component to Cry" but also states that that "is not an excuse for what Cry has done".

He also states that even thought "this is all a shit show, this is all entertaining" LOL

No. 990992


No. 990994

Scott on Cry during his stream, some paraphrased due to him talking quick and me missing parts.

"I don't think Cry is capable of doing evil things… Pretty much every single thing he's done wrong is due to insecurities (and ego???), not because he's evil."

"He latches on to anything that gives him attention."

No. 990997

Scott really acting in a shitty way. This stream reeks of him wanting some clout

No. 990998

"I don't think Cry is an evil person. Every shitty think he has done is insecurity, loneliness, ego and just being a pathetic person. I don't think he's gone into a sitaution with a girl with an intent to groom. He latches on to anything that give him attention. And unfortuately that means those that give him the most where younger girls. It's not justifiable in any way but I can understand it, and I am dissapointed in him."

"Me and cry talk about once a week."

"We weren't super close, other than the first year we met."

"He didn't really say anything in the tweet (>>990984), I'm still waiting for more"

"He seems manic"

"Cry is genuinely too supid and beta"

"He's a piece of shit human being but not a pedophile."

"He's a creepy and shit human being, but I don't really feel like he's a pedophile"

"His relationship with Chey was not legal"

"It's not our place to forgive him. …He lied me"

No fucking filter hell yea

No. 990999


I don't know, it seems like he's able to be blunt and honest and it's better. He called him an immature selfish beta and to me that rings more honest than if he said he was an evil pedo

No. 991001

What did Scott say about Russ and Red?

No. 991004

"genuinely too stupid and beta to know what grooming is" is the full quote. Not knowing what he was doing doesn't make it not grooming.

No. 991005

>>991001 He basically said Russ is hanging in there, but he doesn't want to comment for other people.

No. 991006

this is what the thread needed from d1

No. 991007

I missed most of it but came into the stream of him saying it's messed up, sounds like it's confirming everything in these threads so far.

thank you, it's too much for me to write it all so quickly and I don't want my account to get banned for clipping shit like they did with cry's breakdown

No. 991008

Didn't he say the opposite, that his relationship with Chey WAS legal?

No. 991010

It was all true, Cry fucked around with Red and Russ just had to kind of "face it", so he kind of confirmed all of the rumors about it. He also said Russ has "gotten it the worst" out of everyone.

No. 991012

Russ is fucking breaking down, I just know it.

Russ was so close to Cry and was his first online friend. Jesus fucking christ. And from what Jund is saying, he's barely hanging on while Cry is coming down from his manic state.

This is all like a fucking fever dream, like some kind of fucked up timeline.

No. 991014

cant help but feel a bit bad for cry at the shitshow he's created cuz of mania. not excusing anything but holy shit what a bad position to be in.

No. 991015

what happened to red during this time? like it's shitty of cry but it takes 2 to tango. why did red screw around with cry? didn't she just gtfo out of the situation and go off and get married or something? I can't remember anymore

No. 991016

Yeah it's not sitting right with me. Red is just as responsible for the cheating and she just disappeared lmao

No. 991017

How long has Cry had bipolar disorder because I feel like this shit was a development in the last few months. The man's what, 31?

No. 991018

Who knew his breakdown was the beginning of the end. When he said he felt free I thought he was going to say his mind about stupid opinions about whatever he plays on screen and not be an uwu innocent pan boy, like shift his personality to something more like Russ and Tolo. Not fucking this…

All because of mania, he thought he was some kind of hero. He got "too woke" (Jund)

No. 991019

>>991017 He's also been very vocal about his ADD all of a sudden.

No. 991020

No clue, everyone that has watched him for years assumed he just had regular anxiety and depression (based on his words). This was also confirmed by him saying that he took Lexapro in low doses, making it sound like it just wasn't a big deal…

No. 991021

Yea the ADD is new to me. He's REALLY realized he fucked up now.

Look on the bright side, at least his sister and mom won't harrass him for money and he and his family will all need to get a fucking job, unfortunately it won't pay as much, but better than nothing.

No. 991022


I remember him speaking about ADD in his tumblr days because he was massively flaky and either hyperfocused on streaming for hours on end or he'd do nothing, but this was a long damn time ago and he kinda stopped talking about mental stuff

No. 991023

I’d say it’s totally natural to feel bad for him, especially because of the mental health aspect. Not an excuse at all though, plenty of people deal with things like this without doing anything he did. You can feel bad while still recognizing that he’s clearly in the wrong and that he created this situation, and that he shouldn’t be a public figure with a young fan base.

No. 991024

what the fuck is he gonna do from here on out? like what's the protocol, for this next video or whatever? like?

No. 991027

Fucking hell. He thinks this shit is like a video game, is he that autistic?

No. 991028

Bear is in Jund's stream and said he's staying as a mod for the community, not cry.

No. 991032

Jund not jumping to defend Chey in his stream, says in that instance there were shitty people on both sides. Which will piss her off because we all know she wants to be the victim.

No. 991033

Good. Chey is still shit and her behavior today has ruined any chance of the remainder of the crew to give her a second chance. She and her girlfriend should fuck off and stream if they want attention. Some orbiter will like her snaggletooth enough to give her neetbux.

No. 991034

'snake is a very sturdy boy' that warmed my heart

No. 991036

I really hope Snake manages to make a living outside of LNC. He deserves it the most.

No. 991037

Honestly, Russ and Snake definitely do. Russ got a really raw deal, having to choose a pay check over leaving a scumbags group.

No. 991042

I just hate how this fallout is affecting everyone. People are contacting Pewdiepie, Dodger, Tolo, Spoon Krism & Minx, Markiplier and so many others because of this. It's terrible.

You're right, Russ has been getting shit after shit from all of this

I swear to god Cry don't do anything stupid.

No. 991043

File: 1592784622268.jpg (55.42 KB, 474x854, tolo.JPG)

Tolo is just like russ, completely silent and hasn't been saying shit for days, just retweeted Jund's post.

Knowing Tolo, he probably won't stream for the rest of the month or 2 till all of this dies down

No. 991044

Why do people keep mentioning Witwix in the stream? Did something else happen?

No. 991045

File: 1592784722482.png (85.49 KB, 750x843, Minx.png)

Minx has made a response on her twitter about it. I'm not sure about the others.

No. 991047

whos tolo

No. 991048

Sounds like Witwix is abusive, based on what I'm seeing in Jund's stream

No. 991049

too many newfags…

No. 991050

I remember back in an earlier thread Jen accused Witwix of being abusive, but that was around the time that Sage was accusing Jund of being abusive.

Seems odd to me that people are bringing it up now and asking how Jen is. Thought maybe Witwix had said something that I missed.

No. 991051

I'm surprised no one's linked Riskem's response. It's a pretty long thread

No. 991053

He's Jen's ex. See this statement she posted: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9ifn

No. 991059

Fuck this was hard to read. I've always felt so bad for Riskem, the whole LNC always treated him like shit, for no reason whatsoever.

No. 991060

File: 1592785278740.jpg (96.32 KB, 689x849, ziegs.JPG)


What the actual fuck, when she say "we" does she mean the rest of the crew?

No. 991065

Jund has confirmed he was aware of one case as well. I'd assume "we" is the crew + people who were mods at the time.

No. 991066

Ah thank you. I knew I was missing something.

No. 991068

scott said that 'riskem was always in on it' uhh ok

No. 991069

He clarified his statement on that I think after chat told him about Riskem's thoughts.

No. 991073

Yes he did. He basically said he felt bad and didn't realize Riskem was upset by the whole shoot riskem shit. He didn't seem aware of it imo

No. 991074

Jund admits that LNC as the majority for our income, especially for Russ and Snake

No. 991082

Jund tells people that want to support to hold off until they find a way to start a new stream group where all 3 of them can get support instead of just him.

No. 991084

Jund says Chey "is not a good person", but he "won't give her shit for now"

No. 991089

File: 1592787119447.jpg (66.71 KB, 679x643, fuckingbitch.JPG)

No. 991090

File: 1592787296433.jpg (61.57 KB, 687x630, 22o53.JPG)

No. 991091

I hope Jund won't give her attention she desperately craves for. No matter of how things were and are, Chey was and STILL IS a shitty manipulative person.

I don't really like Jund bc it seems like as if he is trying to get shit of clout too by streaming now as if his life depends on it but some things he said were right.

No. 991092

Remember Chey you also played the “I didn’t know” card with Ziegs. She just needs to shut the hell up for now. Obviously more than the things we’ve seen has happened given with how Jund is still calling her a bad person during all of this.

No. 991093

Jund also mentioned that if Chey is ranting online let her be, but if she is lying about things, he will not hesitate to defend himself.

No. 991096

File: 1592787445097.jpg (53.33 KB, 703x669, 1.JPG)

No. 991098

the dumb girl will keep popping back in again to make some stupid remarks for attention. I thought this was about the victims, not about her? Always about MEMEME!

No. 991099

File: 1592787811993.png (48.85 KB, 644x264, Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 21.0…)

Being acknowledged

No. 991100

You mad man/gal come the fuck in here and spill some more shit

No. 991102

Literally made Ziegs almost kill herself while playing "i didnt know" card. Is anyone even going to call her out??

No. 991105

File: 1592788232308.jpg (42.65 KB, 688x516, punk.JPG)

What a fucking punk

No. 991106

> seeking attention without even bringing anything on a table because 2 much of a puss

No. 991108

yep, Chey is now a 100% vindicated uwu princess

give me a fucking break >>991105

No. 991109

ziegs is a fucking victim of chey. she is not at fault.

No. 991110

File: 1592788450404.jpeg (115.17 KB, 828x495, 90EDD803-F4B8-49A2-9307-A0CD13…)

Look who liked it

No. 991111

the lack of self awareness is staggering lol

No. 991112

but people wont see that, they will think Chey is 100% innocent. It's infuriating.

No. 991116

File: 1592788658557.jpg (80.66 KB, 685x638, retards sperging on twitter.JP…)

No. 991119

Even though I won't forgive Cry, but I agree with Pendal. Pata sounds mental as hell and needs a damn break. Embarrassing.

No. 991120

Ugh, Chey completely glossing over her abusive behavior is infuriating, and the worst part is nobody can really call her out on it without being dogpiled on for “discrediting victims.” No doubt she’s a victim, but she also has her extensive list of people she’s emotionally abused. I can’t stand how black and white social media is in these situations.

No. 991121

File: 1592789111320.jpg (36.17 KB, 461x449, lol.JPG)

No. 991122


It's been her gameplan from the beginning. Only reason it didn't work in January is because the people who weren't circlejerking with her immediately called her out for abusive tendencies.

This has been an ongoing problem for awhile too. Lots of the mods jumped ship when Cheyenne made her announcement. They were ready to and just waiting for an excuse, immediately sucking on her dick.

No. 991125

Yep, this is why people kept saying everyone bumping the threads back months ago was becuase of Chey and her goons, she just went out of her way to find the victims to give herself "catharsis". She's always been a fucking rat itching for revenge. I knew she wouldn't stop after Cry broke up with her. She wanted blood. And it shows, she used the victim to come out as a way to make her feel validated and she's gloating online like a madwoman when the other victim is genuinely at peace now. Fucking disgusting.

No. 991142

No. 991144

File: 1592792349020.jpg (37.04 KB, 750x322, 187194.JPG)


Welp there's that.

One and done, tolo style.

No. 991146

File: 1592792419682.jpg (99.9 KB, 759x849, tolo comeback.JPG)

No. 991151

Jesus this is a shit show. I'm scared cry will of himself or something. I dunno but I won't judge him too quickly. I'm pretty sure there's more to this and he's probably very mental unwell. People should wait for his full version before grilling the guy in the pits of internet hell

No. 991152

Right? He needs to hurry the fuck up ffs. This wouldn't have been so bad if he did it one and done, the confusion is making everyone on edge with accusations of whose to blame going out of control.

No. 991153

Cry is lurking arcadum's stream right now

No. 991154

WHAT screenshot now

No. 991155

File: 1592793421758.png (1015.02 KB, 1092x607, crylurking.png)

No. 991159

It's probably why Arcadum isn't talking about the situation and dodging it

No. 991160

how the fuck? I'm watching right now and I don't see it?
Is that active right now? Like is the list everyone in is active right now? How do you do that?

No. 991161

Top right of chat box has a two person icon, click that for the users currently in the chat

No. 991162

got it

No. 991164

Arcadum already talked about the situation in the beginning of the stream, he's moved on from that topic and has been mainly answering questions about dnd for a long time already.

No. 991166

File: 1592793878773.jpg (1.12 MB, 1125x1839, 8b0edd5.jpg)

No. 991167

Witwix is live now talking about tweets from Lorien about 2016.
www.twitch.tv/witwix in case anyone's interested

No. 991172

File: 1592794172351.png (154.62 KB, 921x705, crysshit.png)

No. 991173

Is there a chance he was being blackmailed or something? Otherwise why would he drop this bomb? It was conversations only and maybe some nudes. There's no reason to admit to dating underage girls and shooting yourself in the foot like this with the cancel culture going on on internet he was begging to get cancelled

No. 991174

Did he? I know that one of his editors, Daniel committed suicide and 2 other edtiors who were friends with Daniel (Matt and Ryan of Supermega, formerly Game Grumps editors) ended up leaving afterwards so I wouldn't be too shocked if so

No. 991175

sounds like witwix has receipts to counter her, should be taken to the twitch thread though

No. 991178

File: 1592795282526.jpg (74.41 KB, 1493x622, russ.JPG)

Russ is seen in Witwix's stream right now

No. 991180

This is just my personal opinion.

Cry has recently (in the past two or so years) started getting super political, using his platform to encourage discussions about BLM and such. Before the BLM stuff this month, he had started getting a little more political on streams, usually when Angel was involved. I think this new politicalness, combined with a possible manic episode, guilt, and the fear he'd be outed on terms he didn't like led him to do this. On top of this, I don't think Cry really expected such backlash. I'm guessing he thought that with his audience it would be a majority of people patting him on the head for his "bravery", not be condemning his actions. That or he thought because he was admitting it, he'd not only get some points for being "woke" about himself, but also could do it on his terms.

No. 991184

I think ladytiabeanie's tweets laid it out why he did it. He even told her he was making a video before he did, or at least her tweet said.


No. 991186

“he’s two inches shorter than he said he is and calls me stupid” Scott Jund is an confirmed(?) manlet according to witwix

No. 991188

File: 1592796202593.jpg (77.01 KB, 728x759, 00.JPG)

Chey getting defensive about her behavior. Just another lolcow

No. 991189

File: 1592796257847.jpg (93.92 KB, 723x831, 01.JPG)

No. 991191

File: 1592796310491.jpg (49.96 KB, 746x556, 02.JPG)

No. 991194

File: 1592796704213.jpg (133.85 KB, 1041x786, tolo.JPG)

No. 991197

Tolo mentioned he only talked with Cry only twice in the past year and a half.

No. 991201

File: 1592797667194.jpeg (201.9 KB, 828x1484, 4424DDB2-D992-49D3-ACEA-6AA290…)

Poor Russ man

No. 991202

God it was probably when Cry cheated with Red, it'd be hard to continue to be friends after that… hopefully this can be a new start for him.

No. 991217

File: 1592799988486.jpg (269.89 KB, 1079x873, Screenshot_20200621-212047_Twi…)

The "angel" has spoken up. I get the feeling she doesnt need to use cry anymore now that hes all dried up

No. 991219

Was Cry truly friends with anyone? It seems like he had all of his crew chained to him for purely monetary reasons.

No. 991220

File: 1592800251974.jpg (65.91 KB, 760x590, 04.JPG)

After shitting on the crew she retweets Russ, kek

No. 991221

I'm not sure, I could understand jund saying that but coming from Russ I was shocked because he never gave it off that way. Then again, if my friend lied to me and cheated with my significant other, I would probably have at least a burning sense of anger that would take a while to quell in the public eye.

Snake is silent, and I don't blame him, Cry really seemed to like Snake too so who knows

No. 991231

Yeah I dont know how you can be shocked at Russ saying this, because the man deserves to absolutely despise Cry for what he did, and likely probably does.

No. 991235

if you saw their interactions together on late night for the past years, you wouldn’t have thought anything was amiss until recently. Even the stream after Red had departed, Russ was sad but Cry was comforting him from what I remember. They’ve joked around with each other and been friendly enough. I think that’s why many were surprised to hear him say that. A good act Russ put on, though.

No. 991237

Wow that's quite a lot of shit for a day or so? I was one of Cry's online friends before he started youtube, I'm the same age as him, and I modded for his Twitch for a few years when LNC started.

He didn't know how to handle fame and he honestly shit on a lot of his old friends like myself almost immediately after gaining popularity because just sort of freaked out and isolated himself. He didn't know Russ or Jund when he became famous, he met them during the youtube climb, specifically because Russ and Jund I believe made Amnesia custom maps. And they became his only friends while he shut out all of us who knew him before that from WOW and shit. Some of us modded for him early on, I was a mod for a few years and it was pretty crazy seeing him change.

I do think it's gross that he's sought relationships with underage girls, I always have. It's awkward to hear that there are apparently way more girls than I was aware of, which was just one girl outside of his girlfriend at the time who was Cheyenne who was also underage. Hearing it back then it came across as a really reasonable scenario for both. He got super emotionally invested way before actually asking their ages, and he's got some pretty severe mental issues so he wasn't able to just nope out of it and became stuck between a mental place, where he is unstable enough to try and rationalize dating someone under 18 as long as there are no nudes exchanged, and a legal place, where by god you best have the paperwork because it doesn't matter if you even knew you're looking at 15 years in prison minimum for liking someone. The guy is mentally very unstable though, and I don't think he was ever an active predator. Talking to Cry was almost always like talking to a child.

No. 991239

maybe provide actual proof of being his friend before writing a paragraph defending him grooming children because hes mentally ill. dating 16 year olds isnt self care.

No. 991242

Russ might’ve convinced himself over the years that they were friends, but when he reflected on their friendship in light of this realized no friend would put him through the shit and lies that Cry did.

No. 991243


Oh I'm not defending him at all, I'm just surprised that it's coming up now. He flirted with everyone back then. The guy has been dating whoever will say yes since way before his youtube career is all I was saying.

Also I haven't been his friend in like 7 years so I'm not sure what horse you're shouting that from but that wasn't the point of my post at all.

No. 991244

If this was your best source of income because you're doing something you genuinely enjoy (play video games and crack jokes) and get paid for it, I think a lot of people would swallow their happiness and just do it for a living. Russ and Cry haven't interacted like they used to in years. It's been clear since 2015, and all it takes is rewatching old VODs to see that.
You guys forget this has been a job for them for close to a decade now. It transcends friendships, and those probably died years ago considering the history.

No. 991247

Exactly fucking this. People act like they wouldn't just put up and ignore things if it meant they could make a COMFORTABLE living off of making jokes and playing games.

No. 991248


For sure I definitely would have co-signed my personality away for money. That's just life now.

His friends are literally just collecting a paycheck off his channel for their personalities. It's the same as literally any job.

No. 991253


No. 991254

The sad thing is that the LNC will never hit where they were because they're not friends anymore. Think about it, we focus on Cry's shit, but why did this alleged group of friends never seriously talk to one another about these supposed little bits of information about the guy who is essentially their boss.
According to Jund, everyone heard different things that Cry had done, and if he's to be believed, they may have talked to one another but didn't think anything any of their "friends" said was worth even thinking about?

The LNC is finished, these people won't make it.

No. 991259


LNC has always been a business, from the day it started.

They just tricked themselves into thinking they were friends. That has obviously died over the years.

No. 991260

Lurker here! LNC were friends… it takes just one look back pre-2013 to see that

it fell apart the same way Cry is falling apart now, they never evolved, and Cry took advantage of his friends & community, while at the same time never growing or reflecting on his actions. he's pretty naive, I feel almost bad but at the same time he isolated himself and was never able to change

No. 991261


Why are they still all playing D&D together and planning their own stream together if they don't even like each other?

No. 991262

Money. It's their main form of income.

No. 991264


..they play D&D for free, what?

No. 991266

Maybe they, hear me out, liked D&D? I'm sure it will be nice for them to continue without Cry there.

No. 991270


Geeze you're pretty cynical about their relationships.

No. 991272


Whenever Snake and Jund aren't streaming, they play TTT together. They gain no form or monetary gain from this

No. 991273

Both Jund and Russ have stated they haven't been friends with him in a while. Russ's ex was literally cheating on him with Cry. He blindsided them with a video about getting with minors, effectively ruining the LNC. Who's being cynical?

No. 991276

File: 1592808285365.png (453.11 KB, 502x500, 1592230813849.png)

>suspected this shit coming from a mile away almost a year ago >>839907
>several anons shut me down about it
>soon after I decided "yeah okay, I probably am being the vendetta whore here" and bought into the evidence gaslighting >>868983 since I couldn't prove it one way or the other besides just pulling up old threads
>decided to just move on with my life and very loosely keep tabs on things at the very most

>turns out I was indeed smelling fishy behaviour

I'm not happy that I was right, but I am happy that the truth is finally being brought to light.

I was a young Let's Play fangirl back when Cry first started getting popular in the late 2000's. Without getting too personal, I was groomed by a less popular 22 year-old Let's Player (unrelated to LNC ofc) for a few months while I was just 13-14. My family thankfully intervened before anything really awful happened to me in "our relationship", but yeaes later when I read the Ocean texts via image boards it was almost verbatim the kinds of things that the 22 y/o said to me to flirt with me, and get me to basically sext with him. It hit me like a ton of bricks. That was what convinced me that they were genuine, but obviously an instinct doesn't have weight as evidence.

He is way too damn old to act the way that he does, and I say this as someone nearly a decade younger than him. He really does need to get mental help, badly.

No. 991282


Oh well no shit they aren't friends with Cry. I think they are friends amongst the remaining crew.

No. 991283

File: 1592809754319.jpeg (478.61 KB, 828x1347, 379F0B35-5909-4D07-9D42-4CBA6F…)

No. 991285

I think it's stupid that she thinks that she can be like "yes i was horrible, but it was okay, because i had a reason to" and then continues to be awful.

No. 991286


They left because Mark couldn't separate work and friendship, wasn't related to Daniel


I noticed she was getting distant for a while now, talking and participating less. This just gives her a reason to dip out without it being too obvious imo

No. 991290

this is going down in internet history, we dont even know what he looks like. in 2020 this reads like some arg.

No. 991291

The timing of it is tacky lol. You want to dip before stuff like this happens, not after the fact. Makes one's motives look blatantly selfish.

Angel was always shallow like this btw, like the time she talked about how she "disowned" JT after the Destiny drama, and now Jon has more subscribers and followers than Erin or GG. Karma bliss.

No. 991292

Do you feel the same way about Tolo?

No. 991295

Hello and wtf. New to all of this shit and just… damn. Idk what to feel about this honestly. Thought that only one or two people were at fault here but now idek who isn't fucked up in some way.

No. 991297

No. 991298

File: 1592812490804.png (36.66 KB, 300x300, woody.png)

Posting this just in case Cry somehow finds this thread

No. 991300

Yeah, because they both reacted the same way after the fact to a new situation. I'm just starting to think some of you guys are sexist.
I've also seen a lot of victim-blaming too, but a lot of defending any of the dudes.

No. 991301

holy fucking shit the newfags here stink

No. 991302

No I'm asking because I honestly don't know who you're talking about. Not everyone is in the same circles here. You need to chill out.

No. 991305

His stream was a couple posts up? His tweet was posted here:

I don't understand how you know who everyone else is but not him.

No. 991306

I like to call it "that fresh newfag smell"

No. 991308

Sorry I don't but yeah, he is also shallow by principle. At the same time I don't really remember this guy at all except maybe with Cry hosting his streams or something, so I guess that just makes this all the more pathetic.

Once everyone finds out Milkshake Duck is racist, it becomes trendy to disown him and burn his merch.

No. 991314

File: 1592814930024.png (78.72 KB, 1124x407, IMG_1261.PNG)

No. 991315

Learning new information and changing your opinion on things really makes someone shallow, huh? You're an idiot.

No. 991316

If you watched his stream that was linked above you would've seen him ranting nonstop about it and how it could've been his sister in the very beginning. How the fuck was he shallow? You twitter fags are unbearable.
Jund and the crew are still going to get blamed unfortunately from twitter fags, no matter how much they explained the limited info they got and how their trust in Cry was betrayed.

No. 991319

lol, finding our your friend is a pedo and dipping is "shallow", the absolute state of crybaby faggots

No. 991321

File: 1592815950562.jpg (388.26 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20200622_095146.jpg)

Looks like the Ocean logs were real.

No. 991322

Fucking finally some sauce, and confirmation at that. The more DMs released, the better the evidence and the less he can hid shit in his video.

No. 991323

what the fuck would cry even say in a new video? talk about what he did in a deadpan voice publicly? that is surreal. i imagine he's reaching out to the victims rn asking them wtf he's supposed to do. i can see him trying to do a video where the victims talk about their own experiences but i hardly think they would wanna relive that publicly?? man i wonder how equipped his therapist is to deal w this lmao. it just makes sense for him to shut down operations, deal with stuff on thr backend, leave the internet, and move out. it's already been very tactless from a public pov, even though he thinks he is well meaning in his naivety. like he really needs to see the world, talk to people outside of his context. the internet is rlly no substitute for that.

man. welcome to the post internet age i guess.

No. 991324

File: 1592816385094.png (179.18 KB, 892x584, twitch.png)

This was retweeted by Late Night V2, seems like Twitch is getting involved.

No. 991325

No, this is involving a slew of other accusations that recently came out.

No. 991326

yep, witwix and other outings in the past few days

No. 991327

This information was't "new". Cry's community was toxic as fuck and full of fake positivity and that's why this shit got as bad as it did for so long. It was a giant festering wound being covered with colorful duct tape.

Funny how asshats went from "stfu you Chey-supporter, leave Cry alone you don't have PROOF" to now saying, after people with influence posted the same old receipts, "CRY WTF I've stood by your side for YEARS, you make me SICK!"

Cry is, and has always been, in the wrong here. Strawmanning away from that,
>lol, finding our your friend is a pedo and dipping is "shallow"
just makes you look like a dick. The point here is that those that are really going out of their way to disown him are the ones milking the most out of this. Angel was a clout chaser from the beginning.

The way that Scott and Russ have handled this is much more mature than those spreading even more fake positivity and/or mob pitchforks for personal gain. Twitch is a cutthroat industry, and that's why people cloutchase.

No. 991330

Exactly, Dodger and Outstar have also made statements. Everyone is saying the same thing. This anon is just fucking stupid.

No. 991331

How did angel and tolo milk it you retard they made a few posts because people were out for blood, and canceling anyone who talked to Cry in the past, they literally had no clue. People are going crying to pewdiepie and markiplier for previous collabs with this shit too. If they didn't say anything people would say they're complicit, especially with Chey saying every single person who spoke to Cry knew. It's a lose-lose with you lot. By that reasoning, Russ is milking shit for changing his twitter banner and so is Snake and Jund for going back and forth with literal whos on twitter. Retard.

No. 991333

This bitch really can't read, I said the sauce was a confirmation of everything said in the thread, I didn't say it was new info. Holy shit.

No. 991340

File: 1592819048444.png (240.96 KB, 1990x1249, 1592609278545.png)

Y'all are just intentionally trying to be obtuse at this point, jesus.
Cancel culture is shit, the other streamers and youtubers that are so very loosely connected to Cry shouldn't HAVE to be denouncing him at all. They're not responsible for his actions. Literal (wo)manchildren that can't understand that concept are shitheads.

>especially with Chey saying every single person who spoke to Cry knew

Everything Chey says should be taken with a grain of salt, one would have to be extremely new to this drama to not know that by now. Also Chey is not an all-seeing god so anyone that would assume she's right and then go shoot first and ask questions later is a total dumbass.

No. 991343


This, particularly about Angel. She was a hot mess. She was trying to ride Cry's dick so hard, not just for the fame and the clout, but because she also had this weird crush on him. It's why they were so close.

But then she flipped her shit any time he even remotely talked to any other female. Talking to female mods? She'd scream in his DMs. Talk to another female streamer? Call his phone and argue with him about how lonely she is without him. Ever wonder why sometime mid-stream he either BRB'd for 30 minutes straight, or outright walked out when he had guests on? It's probably because Angel blew a gasket and was emotionally manipulating him to change his mind.

No. 991345

tfw reading this shit after you hung out with cry on stream back in the day and still have him + his friends added on social media

haven't even opened one of his videos in years. shit's bonkers

No. 991346

It feels like people just want people not to talk about it. I have no idea why people are upset that CRY put out a video and people are reacting.
Not everyone's reaction is reasonable or cool, but this all falls on cry.
I don't see why people close to him or who worked with him can't talk about his actions.

Also can you people Sage?

No. 991349

cry has 383k followers rn, wasnt it in the millions a few days back?

No. 991350

Don't think so, he did lose 20k youtube subs yesterday though: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/chaoticmonki

No. 991351

No. 991352

wow this makes me think that Cry doesnt really has a true friend around him.. maybe not all but most of them are 'making use' of him and his 'fame' or for the sake of earning money. not trying to find any excuses for what he did but maybe all the fake people around him who turned a blind eye for his mistakes for so many years and this messed him up and made him treat people like shit too

No. 991353

yeah the fact that it seems like he had no one to talk to before posting this video, like he just went and did it, whereas if he had spoken to anyone they would have told him what a bad idea it is, for those affected and for himself

No. 991354

does anyone know what his follower count was

No. 991359

Literally no one knew the extent of what he did. Stop blaming other people for his actions. The guy had more than enough resources to get professional help earlier than he did.

No. 991360

Still crazy how a small manic episode destroyed his whole streaming career, it's hard to believe it almost a decade long image burned up in flames overnight, just like that.

No. 991361


It's a weird mix of issues. On one hand, he had lots of people who cared about him, and would be there for him if he wanted them to. But he never communicated with any of them, and let those friendships wither on the vine.

At the same time, he also has an extremely close group of friends that he transitioned between. Some of those people were good, but some of those people were shady. Most of them women, and most of them who he had romantic interests in, and who had romantic intentions back.

And those he was most often closest too were a little too close. Some would only compliment him because they were pushovers, others would try to ride his coattails. If they legitimately cared about them, it got mixed up with all these other emotions.

So he came to this place where he was successful, and couldn't trust people because he was worried they were just trying to exploit his fame, while also getting closest to people who weren't able to criticize him and had crushes on him.


He did have resources. He was getting therapy. That doesn't mean it's effective, or that the lessons he's learning in therapy reflect the issues he's dealing with on the ground.

No. 991363

im not blaming anyone. im saying it's kinda a fucked position to be in when you don't have a friend (not a therapist) to be able to talk about your shit with. that's on him.

No. 991364

the manic episode might have been because of a change in medication. jund said as much (obviously all conjecture)

No. 991365

hi there, same anon as 991352. im not trying to blame anyone here. i was just trying to look at it from a different point of view thats all.


exactly. glad someone understand where i was coming from(newfag)

No. 991366


Totally agree. The change was too sudden. I contacted Cry personally, but had no clue how to discuss with him that he didn't seem "okay" over the past week. Then he kinda shit the bed all at once, and anything I could've said instantly became irrelevant.

No. 991368

From what we've heard he only started getting therapy when Chey broke up with him, and he's been getting involved with minors for the past 10 years. That's what I meant by 'earlier'.

No. 991369

yes am the anon w you. and it's entirely possible that most of his friendships were possibly just toxic and tenuous due to perhaps a tendendy to use others as therapists/lie to them/unintentionally emotionally guilt them/whatever. maybe he thought he was taking his shit in his own hands. i don't know. after all, it was a manic episode.

No. 991389

god I wish all you new people would take a moment to read the rules or take in some etiquette and fuckin put sage in the email field if you don't have any new information so you don't bump the thread, please

that being said honestly until we hear Cry's new video where he elaborates we're just going in circles. Chey is shitty and feels a renewed sense of air under her wings and is bathing in the clout of being a victim, which is cool I guess everyone wants to be thought of by others by their lowest point, imagine now the rest of your online career your identity will be "cry's abused minor ex" lol sorry girl you chose that for yourself

red is equally as shitty as cry and for some reason she just dipped out years ago, went off and got married and is now in some obscure lala land living her life

angel is basically chey 2.0 with weed and is insufferable

jund and russ and snake are gonna suffer but maybe due to circumstances people will crowd to their streams for support.

Interesting that those ocean backlogs were real. In that case I assume those skype logs etc were real, from that big post a few threads back.

I do believe Jund when he says it wasn't that he deliberately went after young people, he just craved attention. He called himself a basement dweller in his breakdown stream, I really think his isolation from the world and his anonymity played him in the end: I think that behavior instead of helping him stay safe basically stunted his emotional growth because he became too paranoid to leave. He said he used to visit stores etc in the dead of night if he ever did go out. Other people would take his place in conventions. "I just want to be a cartoon character", he said. I don't think this is just about his appearance anymore; and his comparison to boogie isn't about appearance, it's about boogie being batshit insane. I think he really did just use this as a crutch, escapism, he basically Ready Player One'd himself, which is kind of tragic. He could have grown into a better adjusted adult, taking medication, living alone, having a social life, leaving the goddamn house

No. 991395

File: 1592827985161.jpeg (276.61 KB, 1242x1407, E792A47A-41E2-4ACE-A7E9-7171A3…)

She is acting like a different person
than the one she was yesterday, she went from not wanting to mention Cry to desperately trying to take him down which is understandable. I also love how Cheyenne wants to make this news worldwide but no one really cares for her. Cry, just so you know, you brought this to yourself.

No. 991396


Totally understandable, though. I'd guess because as more and more is unearthed she realizes, much like everyone else, that this is so much deeper than people thought. Like, people -knew- at least a little but, but the doors have swung all open now, things are just pouring out by the minute. She knows she isn't alone. Hell, I'd turn vindictive too.

No. 991404

a gut feeling/curiosity made me byrevisit and follow these lolcow threads a week back, after pretty much being out of touch with cry and lnc for years. it somehow felt like this entire thread would have to build up to something at some point. man. it sure did. i dont know whether ignorance would have been bliss.

No. 991405

I always saw Cry as this chill guy. This is heartbreaking