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No. 249310

Previous: >>228479
Past threads: 193176 & 142402

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cryaotic
Deviantart: http://cryplayfan.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his gf, Cheyenne
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/weskersglasses

On the last thread
>We find out Cry cheated on Cheyenne with an underage girl
>Cheyenne goes MIA
>Angel comes back to Cry's streams after months of avoiding
>Sage accuses Scott of abusing her during their relationship

No. 249315

File: 1486862885787.png (15.58 KB, 551x124, deadinside.png)

Oh yay, new thread! Excellent choice in image, OP.
So, Cry canceled TGI yesterday saying he was "dead inside".. I wonder what will happen for the LNC today.
Maybe Cheyenne broke up with HIM?

No. 249348

File: 1486868010561.png (79.15 KB, 857x718, kaylessnessblog.PNG)

So, here's something that I remembered.

When Cry was getting his gall bladder removed last year, these Tumblr blogs popped up:


They did typical Tumblr shit, but they also seemed to know about Ocean or were friends with her.

If anyone wanted more people to question, these blogs may be a good starting point.

No. 249362

Cry isn't going to be on LNC. Hmmm I wonder if Chey is involved


No. 249376

I definitely think Cheyenne is involved. They've probably been fighting in the least, I won't get my hopes up that they broke up, even though they should.

No. 249380

old news, but does anyone else think it was weird how quickly battlestar was removed from the streams for just flirting with minors, but the cry turned fooled around with an underage girl?

No. 249381

Super old news, and no not really. Battlestar was really aggressive about it, and telling girls they had to give him pictures to get on calls and stuff. We don't know what specifically Cry did, but there were skype conversations posted and stuff of what Battlestar did. Those girls came forward.

No. 249384

Obviously Cry realized his mistakes earlier on compared to Battlestar who was super aggressive. And it just made the crew look bad for having someone that immature be associated with.

I met the guy back in 2014 and he is super delusional. He wanted to get validated by the crew members for being a changed person. Any conversation you'd have with him, he'd some how make it about himself and talk about them pegging him as wrong.

It's old news.

No. 249387

Missed the last thread, can someone TLDR what happened with the underage girl exactly?

No. 249389

Basically someone was talking about Cry cheating on Cheyenne, and an anon named who it was with, Ocean. Since then she's been kinda attention-seeking and kinda confirmed it saying that people are 'bringing up stuff that happened 3 years ago' but it's mostly calmed down now.
No one knows what happened between them but what was said was they didn't meet in person, and that it was just flirting in text.
That girl seems real messed up though and drinks constantly and posts emo lyrics to her tumblr day in and out.

No. 249392

So how do you all feel about a 16 year girls dating 20+ year old men? I personally feel like it's isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Then again the guys are usually only dating them to fuck them.

No. 249396

I mean it's kinda gross because they're not very emotionally mature, and I would hope if you're in your twenties you'd be above that (sadly most aren't)
but I mean it's legal in most of the world. /shrug

No. 249397

16 to 20 is questionable, but not THAT bad. anything 21+ is definitely off. my personal rule is half my age, +7, is the youngest acceptable age.

No. 249398

Makes me kind of weary personally. The gap isn't that big, yeah, but I feel like 16 and 20 are two pretty different stages in life. Usually my first thought is why the older party can't just date someone their age, but eh. Idk.

No. 249400

Meant worried. (Pardon my English.)

No. 249401

It's pretty messed up. At that age such an age gap is always going to mean there's a pretty big power difference between the people involved, which doesn't exactly lead to a healthy relationship.

No. 249402

Let's not beat around the bush, Ocean was 16 and Cry was turning 25. She would have been a junior in high school and Cry would have had a master's if he bothered to go to college. That's weird, no matter how you slice it.

No. 249405

Did they end up dating or having sex or is this just all flirting?

No. 249406

anon says they didn't fuck, but who knows. that could've been ocean throwing us off.

No. 249407

She doesn't have anything to lose so I don't think she would lie about it. She's not even associated with Cry anymore.

No. 249410


No. 249412

probably. just glancing through the kaylessness blog really.

No. 249415

You don't have to delete it when someone disagrees with you. I'm just saying that it's bit of a stretch.

No. 249416

Just flirting, probably way too much. Nothing physical.

No. 249417

I agreed that it was a stretch and that it was rather irrelevant, so I removed it.

No. 249419


I think flirting is fine as long as it doesn't go too far. As in it would be considered to be grooming or sexual.


She seems like she has her mind on her own life goals rather than one involving him.

I personally don't think drinking is bad for her age, especially since we all drink even earlier than that. People have work and life conflicts that lead them to do that kind of stuff. I'm not really one of her supporters but more so thinking on why she does the thing she does?

No. 249421

Does she have any supporters? I feel like she's the only one we've mentioned that doesn't have a white knight army.

No. 249422

Can confirm that Battlestar was a pedo shithead. If anyone remembers DeadPanda he was kicked for the same reason essentially. He sent his dick pic to a 14 year old girl. Unfortunately I've seen the picture, his dick is gross as fuck.

No. 249423

I think she's not really on the radar anymore so that might be why.


I agree drinking isn't that bad, but talking about being blackout drunk every night is a lot.

No. 249424


Warning: incoming diary entry:

IMO: Dating implies that there's some emotion involved. That's different than just fucking.

One my my buddies technically violated stat. rape laws, a few years back. It was kind of disgusting, honestly: They were over the moon for each other, and she was often the instigator in 'sexy teasing.' She made him break it off most of his friendships with other people (of both genders, because he was bi) and generally absorbed all of his time and attention… her family adored him. Generally everything was pretty grand until she decided she was bored/tired/whatever of him, initiated some sexy touching (not sex. They'd never done that) one day, then said to stop (he said it was said 'playfully' and that her 'playful' statements were a common part of their relationship. (ie "nooo, my french fries" or "noooo.. not snuggles!"))… when he didn't stop instantly, she started crying rape, and threatening to go the the police.

Needless to say, he was baffled, and so was everyone who knew the two of them. She vague posted about it on tumblr, til one of his remaining friends sent her an ask about if she was alright… which she took as reason to tell everyone about how he had viciously raped her.

And because, y'know tumblr, everyone who read about it knew he was evil and vile, despite not knowing either of them. (it blew up a little in the circles they frequented.)

Poor guy nearly killed himself about it. I remember waiting up long into the night for news and slowly realizing that my good friend was probably dead.

(ironically, she got into a relationship with a guy who was older than my friend, who's virtual dick she'd been sucking for months.)
(actually, the more I think about this girl, the more she reminds me of Cheyenne: abusive, rude, didn't respect him at all… and hated him making any comments like "she's cute" while she freely made PUBLIC comments about wanting an open relationship.)

So… shit.

I feel like love doesn't really respect ages, and that people come in different maturity levels. Having been a teenage girl once, I absolutely loathed most boys my age because they were immature fucks. But I had a friend who was a few years older who was a great guy and I clicked perfectly with. We didn't date, but the few years made the difference in maturity.

But if you're gonna have a big age difference between your ages, you should be careful not to break any rules…. even if the rules are different in every dang state, it seems.

But really, case by case. but I've seen perfectly legal relationships full of inequalities, abuse and a lack of care. both partners being adults doesn't really fix one person being a fuckhead.

Oh my gosh, I'm angry about this bitch all over again and it's been like 5 or 6 years.(nice blog)

No. 249428

not really seeing why you're posting this, but alright.

No. 249430

I think they were just comparing situations? But it's not entirely relevant.

Sorry about your friend, Anon!

No. 249431

it's….vaguely relevant, I guess. Sucks for your friend? But its never a good idea to be an adult mixed up with minors.

No. 249433

from what I've seen on her social media, she has a steady job and goes to college, which is frankly more than what I did at her age. Who cares if she drinks?

No. 249435

If she isn't an abusive person when she's drunk then who cares? Just let he have fun lol.

No. 249437

the only concern with that is if she's not lying about having depression/ptsd, then she's probably using alcohol to cope.

No. 249438

We'll never really know, none of our business especially if it isn't related to LNC. But that could be it.

No. 249440

Who runs the kaylessness and the statutory rape tumblr accounts? They seem to know quite a bit about Ocean.

No. 249446

Its kind of amusing to me that we keep finding small bits of information on ocean, since there's currently nothing on chey.

No. 249458


DiaryAnon here: Yeah, comparing situations. Never been good at abridging my thoughts. (especially about stuff that bugged me.)

Anyway, I agree that it's not good for adults to be mixed up with minors, but "adult" is a weird things. I mean, the calendar one days says you're not-a-kid anymore, but it can take a long time to feel that. One day, you and a friend are 'the same' but the next, you're 'different'… it's weird.

Anyway again, thanks for the sympathies. He's doing a lot better these days. :) Rough road to get there.

Sorry again for the diary entry ;)

No. 249464

Ocean is streaming with some guy that sounds like he's double her age.

No. 249469

Is it worth noting?

No. 249470

Possibly? It just strikes me as odd.

No. 249473

Can we please not start with the Ocean shit again. It's like beating a dead, dried out cow.

No. 249476

I agree with you sorta, but it's something to talk about while we wait for more milk.

No. 249478

Nothing better to do Ocean?

No. 249479

She's streaming, I doubt she's posting in the thread right now.

No. 249489

We already did that in thread 3 so let's not. Just talk when there's actual milk. If you see other threads, that's what they tend to do. Most of them are dead for a long time and then something new happens.

No. 249494

Alright, so let's move on. Do you think cry and chey will actually break it off finally?

No. 249495

It's been almost 3 months since they've talked on stream so it feels like it might happen. They're likely having a fight.

No. 249497

Honestly it makes the most sense. She's been gone for ages and I can't think of anything else that would make him feel "dead inside."
He passed on LNC but was lurking in chat almost the whole time, too.

No. 249526

You're an idiot. Whatever happened between Ocean and Cry is old news and is no longer relevant. It gets tiring hearing about Ocean over and over again when she's not even a part of anything that has to do with Cry. Derailing isn't going to make milk pop up. It's a brand new thread. Just be patient until something milky happens.

No. 249527

They're probably on the verge of breaking up. Silent treatments that last this long usually result in something nasty happening. Hopefully Angel making a return will chap Cheyenne's anus enough to make her disappear for good.

No. 249546

I figured there was no TGIVG/Late Night because Cheyenne found out about Angel being in recent streams. But whatever is happening with Cry right now, i can tell it's definitely because of Cheyenne. I'm super worried to have my hopes high though.

No. 249602

Even if she does wind up leaving, do you guys think she might come back again given she's "left him twice and taken him back" or whatever? I find it hard to believe she'd just disappear without a word or without trying to wiggle her way back in.

No. 249607

I would bet on her not talking to him at all and avoiding him till like last Friday and then just asking him why he was even trying to talk to her since he had Angel. And then insisting that he is cheating on her with Angel or something and then just cut all contact with him again. Trying to draw him in and make him feel like shit. Just something super manipulative and guilt filled. Feels like a thing she would do.

No. 249625

That is the exact age difference Lainey and Onision had when they first got together. That is not okay in the least, wtf. Cry is fucking disgusting.

No. 249639

I wouldn't be surprised if she pulled this to get rid of her again. I'm sure she isn't happy she's been back on. I'm surprised she hasn't been back herself and I'm starting to think that maybe the other guys actually stood up and had her removed and that's why she's been so 'depressed'

No. 249665

File: 1486923352726.png (55.98 KB, 647x436, ziegs.PNG)

I actually agree to a certain extent. Whatever Ocean's up to, like her drinking habits, isn't relevant and I have no idea why people bring it up.

However, I think talking about her past relationship with Cry is fair game, not because there was a "relationship", but because of what it means that Cry not only cheated, but flirted with someone who was underage. Not only that, but what constitutes as "cheating" for Cheyenne, who was the one that DM'd the anon that brought it up.

When I brought up those blogs, I was interested in finding out what happened because one option was that Cheyenne was probably exaggerating and throwing Ocean under the bus because she didn't like Cry having female friends (Like Ziegs said in pic related). But, from those blogs, it seems that Cry was romantically flirting with not only Ocean, but other underage girls (since the pronouns seem to be plural when those blogs were discussing it).

Sorry if I didn't make my intent clear, but I hope you see where I'm coming from now.

No. 249680

I think that Cry used to flirt with any girl, regardless of age and I don't wholly believe it was romantic at all. I think that Cry had/has a pretty immature outlook on the world and since, when he had first began to gain popularity, he had girls swooning over his voice, he felt like talking in a flirty way would get the people he talked to to like him more.
The blogs posting about him "ruining the lives" of other girls, but they're just "too afraid" to come forward are just drama-seeking blogs. If they were true, there would be proof. It's pretty easy to protect yourself and post logs of what happened. Hell, if it were that serious and true, why wouldn't it be brought to the police? I just don't believe it.

Just my thoughts.

No. 249694

File: 1486926381525.png (36.1 KB, 654x415, cheyflirt1.PNG)

I get that, but I think Cheyenne also understood that distinction between playful flirting and romantic flirting, at least when it was to fans. It just raises the question of what about Cry and Ocean crossed the line for her and other people who knew about the situation.

As for the blogs, you're right in that they probably don't have anything incriminating so they just resorted to shitposting on Tumblr. I'm seriously considering that they were friends of Ocean's, though. At least I know the cryatoic one was.

No. 249695

I agree. Tumblr thinks everything is some great injustice and blows things way out of proportion. The flirting thing is so stupid. What does flirting do? Nothing. There's no harm and if you don't want someone to speak to you, block them. It's that simple. I don't think playful flirting is wrong. For example, I have a friend from college whose 16 year old son actively play flirts with me and there's no harm in that as long as nothing comes from it (even though it's legal in my state). The blogs state that Cheyenne wasn't legal because federally the age of consent is 18 so it's gross, but apparently would be okay with it if they were both in the same state where the age of consent is 16? It doesn't make any sense to me and sounds like they just wanted attention.

No. 249698

I bet the part that crossed the line was either talking about meeting up (I think they both live in Florida?) or they sexted. Cry has mentioned before that he's sent dick pics so he could've sent some to Ocean.

No. 249701

I doubt he sent her a dick pic. I think he was only referring to girlfriends. I do however think maybe they talked about sexual preferences, were too open or even flirted about sex. I think that would definitely cross the line for Cheyenne.
I think the way he mostly flirts with girls is by complimenting them and using pet names. I've heard him call others "boo" and even Angel "honeybun" before. I'm sure that could be viewed as flirting, but he means it harmlessly. Doesn't mean he's right for doing so, especially with younger fans who would see that as much more.

No. 249712

They definitely did more than just flirt. I doubt Chey would have a lasting vendetta against Ocean if nothing happened. And not only do they both live in Fl, they even live in the same city if I'm not mistaken.

No. 249717

I know for a fact that they didn't meet in person, which I've said a ton last thread, but it keeps getting pushed for that MaXiMuM dRaMa. You guys are gonna think what you want to, and though Cry got too personal with Ocean, and feelings may have been more involved, most likely more on her side since Cry is still with Cheyenne, that's all it was. It wasn't right for him to do that, but he isn't the monster some of you farmers try to make him be. He's just dumb and immature.

No. 249720

Wouldn't say going after a 16 year old at age 25 can be categorized as "dumb and immature" more than it is predatory and disgusting.

If you know what all happened between them, spill.

No. 249722

We never said they actually met in person. I specifically said they might've talked about meeting in person and the other anon said that they live in the same city. We were just suggesting the possibility of them talking about it, which Cheyenne would understandably get pissed at.
I think we figured out Ocean was a little bit younger than that (maybe 14 or 15?) or she had literally just turned 16. Normally I don't think it matters but if she wasn't at least 16 it's a bit weird.

No. 249727

She's 19 now, it was 3 years ago, she was 16.

I have several times but no one listens because it's not the answers you guys want. It could be seen as predatory, in a way, except in the world beyond the USA, 16 is a pretty normal age of consent. Even in a lot of areas of the States, it is. Is it gross? Sure. But, a 20 year old dating a 40 year old could be seen as gross too. It could be predatory if he was like "ooh, young girl, let me use my YouTube status to make her sex me." but that's not what happened. He flirts far too much and talked about inappropriate things that time, but cut it off and it doesn't seem like anyone has had problems with him in years.
Cheyenne is the real villian of this story. The things she had said, done and threatened are disgusting.

No. 249731

Even with 16 being a typical age of consent (which its not in Florida, by the way), it still doesn't excuse him for going after her? He was 24-26 at the time, there's no explainable reason for it.

No. 249732

Explain it exactly again then anon.

What has Cheyenne threatened?

No. 249733

I agree Cheyenne is the real villain and are we just going to pretend that she wouldn't cheat on Cry if she got the chance? The way she acts and talks I wouldn't be surprised if she already has or would if she got the chance. She'd probably hold the Ocean thing over his head too like "you cheated on me so you can't get pissed if I do it."
In the last threads we kind of narrowed down that Cheyenne is threatening Cry with something to make him stay with her. The way Coyote has said things, it seems like she's threatening him with exposing his cheating with underage girls. We thought it was exposing his face (which I wouldn't put past her) but Coyote has suggested that that's not really it.

No. 249738

She's an abusive person and has said a lot of fucked up things to keep Cry under her control.
I've honestly only stepped in to speak up when I've seen people say witchhunty things or things that have been way too far from the truth. I've said what I came to correct and since I really would like to keep my anonymity, I'm gonna duck out again and just lurk. I can say, for a lot of things you guys talk about, you are really close to the truth or partially correct.
Keep doing your thing, farmers.

No. 249744

Why are you holding back from putting the full truth out there?

No. 249762

I'm going to dip out until we're done talking about Ocean. I'm so sick of hearing this over and over again. In my opinion we're just beating a dead horse, one filled with alcohol.

No. 249763

Possibly the same reason Ocean refuses as well. The best bet would be is to put this whole bit on the back burner until anything new comes up. Focus on the fresher milk.

No. 249764

Because just like the blogs, they're attention seeking. If there's no photographic proof, then it doesn't mean anything. People can make up anything they wish and people eat it up if it's to their liking.

No. 249781

Not necessarily. I understand why the anon here doesn't want to give away who they are since there seem to be a few people here that are close to or are from the LNC. The blogs are stupid because if something illegal was going on and they had proof, all they had to do was go to the police instead of bitching about it on tumblr. Here, they just sort of guide of us to info. without putting themselves into shit.

No. 249784

This, good lordt the mental gymnastics people are doing right now. I don't care if Cry never met Ocean IRL, the fact that he is a 25 year old man flirting with a 16 year old, even online, crosses a goddamn line.

No. 249787

Can people not think Chey is a bitch while also thinking Cry is a fucking piece of shit as well???

No. 249798

I agree that Cry is a fucking idiot, but I think Cheyenne is a bit worse. She's done worse and doesn't really have any redeeming qualities. Cry is a piece of shit that lets her bully his "friends" but I really don't think the flirting thing is all too bad. Yes, it's creepy and a bit gross but I don't think it's nearly as bad as some of you are thinking. 16 is the age of consent in a lot of areas even in America and all they did was flirt. While he should know better at 25 and as a public figure, Ocean obviously wasn't scarred or anything like that if she can make jokes about the situation. The worst thing that probably happened was Cheyenne threatening her. Really don't think the flirting is the worst thing in the world even if it is kinda creepy

No. 249889

Agreed. Also people seem to forget that the girls have ALSO flirted with him back. It's not like Cry was forcing himself onto them.

No. 249922

jfc, are you serious? its sort of the ADULTS responsibility to know that flirting with a 16 year old while in a relationship is a bad fucking move.

now i remember why i dipped from this thread after the first one, people in here are fucking crazy

No. 249923

No. 249928

Flirting is harmless if it doesn't go beyond.

No. 249931

Flirting is literally nothing. It's not illegal and they could've had sex legally in a few states. Two years doesn't make that big of a difference in maturity. And it's "fucking crazy" to think that a 16 year old doesn't also know better than to flirt with an adult. It's common fucking sense if you aren't legal that you shouldn't go after people that are.

No. 249933

Some times people are attracted to people's maturity levels and that's a giant problem when it comes to age.

But like you said, it's just flirting.

No. 249945

how do you know he didn't go after her and she just reciprocated?
he was someone she admired at that point so she honestly could have just gone with it because of that without really thinking of consequences.

No. 249946

I really doubt he saw her name in chat and was like "that is clearly a young girl, I will advance on her." I'm sure she reached out to him, and he responded and they had conversations. She's still friends with a couple LNC members, guys.

I have no idea why we're still talking about this.

No. 249947

File: 1486941153698.png (48.42 KB, 587x474, sad frog gas'd.png)

You know it genuinely blows my mind that there are fangirls of a guy that literally dated an ogre with a ratchet personality in Cheyenne and flirts with a 16 year old as a 25yo. Cry's gotta be one ugly ass dude especially considering he is famous and well off.

If I, as a guy made a thread on /ot/ about flirting with a 16yo, I'd be called five hundred different names and get handed a ban, but when you are a famous youtuber it becomes the 16yo girls fault.

I can actually understand why Cheyenne's such a fucking bitch if all his fangirls are like this.

No. 249948

I'm pretty sure there's this one person who loves to talk about Ocean so much for some reason. It's quite weird, actually.

No. 249953

I'm saying it's both of their faults. They both were old enough to know better, especially Cry since he's in a relationship. We're not just fangirls trying to justify something Cry did. We're actually thinking it out because yes, Cry is old enough to know better, but so is she. Also, that same age difference is okay in a majority of the United States so I don't think it's as awful as you're thinking even if it is creepy and gross.
We're not even really talking about Ocean? We're talking about the fact that Cry flirts with minors, not just Ocean since Cheyenne was one too when they started dating. Ya'll are the ones bringing her up.

No. 250023


Holy shit, if you complain about Ocean drinking for her age and can't let go of this topic from years ago. You're obviously a young kid that's Tumblr educated.

If there's no concrete evidence then please stop talking about it. We as a thread have agreed upon that!

The only person who'd have this much of a grudge about Ocean would be Cheyenne. So I feel she's trying to manipulate the fucking thread and annoy this girl who hasn't been associated with the CREW FOR YEAARRRSSSS

No. 250036


So, yeah, I do think she like drinks a lot, and maybe she should like, chill…

No. 250052

Hi Ocean.

No. 250055

I think she's streaming currently, not responding in a thread. Don't think she'd be that aggressive in defending herself, either.

No. 250058

Seriously. New thread. new info. ALL of the Ocean shit is on the last thread. lets just leave it there till something new comes up. its that simple really.

No. 250073

File: 1486950109166.png (419.82 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1106.PNG)

"Constant companion"
So yeah, since Cry mentioned that edited streams will be a thing now, they really haven't spent much time together. I know this is already established but this kinda solidifies that.

Also about the laws regarding the age. Since Cry lives in Florida, Cheyenne mentioned the age consent/law for Florida so does that apply for Ocean as well??
((I'm sorry if I'm re-establishing stuff about Ocean again, i don't know American laws so im not sure if it affects her))

Sage for no new Info

No. 250074

File: 1486950182191.png (349.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1107.PNG)


Here's the pic about the law that Cheyenne mentioned

No. 250075

Ocean was 16 and he was 25. They wouldn't fall under that.

No. 250076

I wonder though if her being on twitter means that she won again.

No. 250077

But they didn't fuck or get into a relationship. Do we have to go over this again???

No. 250080

I feel like someone should post a summary of what happened with them again, maybe that'll stop people from asking.

No. 250090

Cry did some kind of flirty/sexy talk as far as we know with a person named Ocean who was a minor at the time and he was with Cheyenne. Cheyenne found out and Ocean vanished from the twitch chat and we finally found out about it and this was 3 years ago. now we see that she is streaming and drinking but people seem to think her drinking is caused by this stuff popping up now after 3 years of secrecy and not possible issues in her life. and people just wont seem to drop the Ocean subject even though we have drove it into the ground clear to china. We really should move past the Ocean issue because it is so dead. Lets please only bring her back up if we get any new info. lets go for the fresher milk.

No. 250113

There you go.

Also notice how Scott didn't reply to Cheyenne birthday tweet? I mean it's probably not as serious as I'm thinking it is, but I thought they were "buddy-buddy" now? He didn't even like the tweet.

No. 250124

I wouldn't consider them buddy buddy. Pretty sure he was only being nice to her because he either got threatened or Sage made him since she was trying to get in good with Cheyenne. Now that Sage is gone he's probably going to go back to openly going against her.

No. 250125

Gods I hope so. His open opposition was the greatest.

No. 250280

So ya’ll think Cry & Cheyenne on the verge of a breakup? I definitely think 2017 is gonna be the year they end it. Personally I’ll be glad when her recent absence from the streams becomes permanent. I always hated how some streamers force their girlfriends onto the viewers. Unless she’s actually friends with everyone else on the crew and has a personality that isn’t completely dead/abhorrent, why fucking bother dude. Like Jund said, she has virtually zero chemistry with any of them. And LOL at her wish to become a “full-time streamer”. She has the charm and charisma of a blobfish and could never have attracted and engaged a fanbase by herself without riding on the coattails of her semi-famous boyfriend. I say good riddance to her constantly negative five-foot-stick-up-the-ass self.

No. 250284

I hope they break up or something changes at least.
I tried watching some of her streams a long time ago when they used to do couples therapy, but she just sounds so negative all the time and shes always calling people names or putting them down. I get that shes trying to say its just how her group of friends are but who could stand that kind of negativity all the time even if its meant to be a joke.
Cry also sounded uninterested anytime he was in her streams and more quiet than usual, most of the time she would just be nagging at him for doing stuff in the game.

She constantly calls him "baby, babe" all the time too, like she needs to remind everyone they're a thing. If they are on the verge of a split she likely won't handle it well…

No. 250308

Cry sounds sad rn

No. 250309

He just said he'd been depressed lately. :( Poor guy.

No. 250310

Keep us posted with updates pls. I'm about to go to sleep

No. 250313


I'll try to – it's pretty late here and starting to zone out a bit.

have a good sleep.

No. 250316

Someone gave him bits of "cry's dick" I believe..

Cry said something like, thanks, though he didn't know that it was sentient, though it would explain why it gets him in trouble sometimes.

No. 250317

Ahem, bits FOR cry's dick.


No. 250321

"Why are you doing a leafy impression?"

"This is my i'm fucking depressed, I want to kill myself impression"

No. 250322


Though he clarified that he was exaggerating in the next breath.

No. 250335

Dude: "how do you handle long distance relationship issues?"

Cry: long pause "A lot of arguments."

No. 250336

Dude: "Do you ever get tired of the 'where's Cheyenne?' questions?"

Cry: "Yes."

No. 250358

kk, tapping out myself when eh started playing nioh.

No. 250426

We kinda knew they were fighting, but I wonder what about? Did he finally stand up to her or is it something else? Hell, the rest of the guys could've finally told Cry to wake the fuck up. Hopefully though, it means they're on the way to a break up. It'd the better for both of them in the long run

No. 250436

If they don't get out of this relationship, I best hope that they keep her off the streams then. It's been pretty damn good without her there. I don't understand what's so complicated with not attending some games you exactly enjoy rather than ruin it for everyone else. You feel me?

No. 250471

I agree he should at least keep her off the show. If you're gonna be in an abusive relationship and are determined not to listen to your friends or see the signs, don't submit your friends, and in this case us the viewers, to her toxic behavior.
But, I feel like Cheyenne won't be happy with not being on the show. They've probably been fighting about just that, especially since Angel has been on consistently now. I feel so sure in that Russ, Jund and Snake had Cheyenne be removed after all the drama with her and Sage, now that Sage is thankfully gone.
I just really hope he wises up and ends it for good if he hasn't already.

No. 250733

File: 1487038274770.png (13.97 KB, 592x109, 213.png)

Cheyenne is probably bitching on him about Angel being back, or maybe they're about to break up.. hmm…

No. 250753


>So ya’ll think Cry & Cheyenne on the verge of a breakup?

If his ending comments to his Resident Evil 7 let's play is any indication, then yes. I mean, yeah, he could've been heavily sarcastic and I'm reaching but it's hard not to sense some truth in his words about how he chose the right decision to let Mia die "so now Ethan has no romantic attachments to tie him down".

No. 250769

Damn. Poor guy. Honestly what makes me really angry about this is that the fans are just gonna see it as "Oh Cheyenne and Cry must be arguing. It's ok couples fight!" But like, in my opinion you shouldn't want to feel like death would be an easier way out. I know that other anon said that Cry said he likes to over exaggerate, but at the same time, you shouldn't really feel that way after fighting with your gf/bf. Sure you're gonna feel tired as hell and worn out, but you know you'll get past it. The way he's acting it's as if he knows they won't get past it and that he'll have to suffer with it forever. Idk if that even made sense lol but I get that vibe

No. 250770

He could be feeling like that, but they've been together for a long while at this point and hasn't acted THIS bad. He's had sad days but not like this.
I feel like they've either ended or are very close to ending.

No. 250831


It can be really hard to even just 'have a fight'…

I had a relationship once that… we lived together, they broke it off, but I thought that they were lying about it (I'm not going to get into it… except to say that it was really kind of reasonable for me to think that they would be lying due to prior statements made.)… I spend weeks in this state of 'broken because I was dumped' and 'hopefully waiting for stuff to be better'… That hope was pretty much the only happiness I had in my life (minus the occasional bone of affection they flung my way that kept me hung up on the idea that they were lying about everything.)

But even convinced we'd get back together… I still felt like dying.

Fighting can be hard. So hard.

Especially if you've got a bitch bitching in your ears and telling you repeatedly how worthless you are.

Especially if you're trying to make it better, but all your eager puppy efforts are scorned.

Gosh but fighting can be hard.

I hope to everything that They're broken up, and they is just… the aftermath flowing and not the dagger being twisted.

No. 251111

File: 1487091695804.png (271.67 KB, 1374x2200, Vday.png)

I thought this was pretty funny.

No. 251137

was about to post this, any thoughts on that? could it finally be?

No. 251200

I would be surprised if they're together after that.

No. 251284

Chey also posted this


It might be a stretch though.

No. 251312

Also in Cry's newest video he put the following in the description:

"Happy Valentine's day you miserable pieces of shit.

Let's drink."

Might be a stretch as well but I am seriously starting to believe(lowkeyhope) he's actually single now?

No. 251317

That girl is 100x better looking than Cheyenne

No. 251422

Please sage your blogposts. Just put sage in the email field.

No. 251476

Is it just me or does he sound drunk as shit in that video?

No. 251509

Cry drinking usually means bad times, so sadly I have my fingers crossed that things ended. Though Cheyennes tweet worries me. She's acting cheery through her tweets, which usually isn't a good sign but fingers crossed still.

No. 251512

I mean she could've pulled a Jund and get in another relationship already.

No. 251523

Maybe she actually broke up with him, to just be a fucking bitch, and is trying to make him upset. Seems like something she would do to Lord over him. We shouldn't get too excited yet.

No. 251541

"This is the best thing to play on Valentine's Day because I don't know what I'm doing with my life"

3 seconds in and I can't tell if he's depressed, drunk, or both

No. 251547

In the description on YouTube it's says
"Happy Valentine's Day you miserable pieces of shit.

Lets drink"

So both would be the best guess.

No. 251551

Havn't watched the video yet, but… I think we call all safely and firmly state that things are not happy in Cry and Cheyenne land.

I mean, it was a pretty good guess before, but.

As for Cheyenne… she seems like the sort who would plaster on a big ass smile to twist in the knife. though her tweet came AFTER Cry's tweet about avoiding twitter.

well, I don't care how it happened, as long as it stays over: That way, Cry can start healing.

No. 251621

Hey, someone came into Jund's stream asking about Cry and Chey today. Now I don't know if it was someone in here but can we not go into the rest of the crew's individual stream and ask them about this shit? No need to bring this shitty drama into their streams when it's not their drama to deal with.

No. 251693

I agree, but I'm sure it wasn't from here. Cry has been very openly depressed and there wasn't any acknowledgement between Cry and Cheyenne for Valentines Day, so it's gonna happen a lot now, I think.

No. 251786

Speaking of Scott though, it seems Jen likes Cheyenne. So I don't know if we'll be getting the ole' Jund back. That is if something hasn't happened to Cry and Cheyenne.

No. 251788

> it seems Jen likes Cheyenne
How do you know? Do they talk a lot?

No. 251790

I'm only assuming, really. She likes her tweets and they follow each other.

No. 251799

Can anyone actually like Cheyenne without being a yesman viewer? I doubt she actually likes her. Sage used to shittalk Cheyenne before she figured out she might be able to use her.

No. 251850

Well I think Cheyenne is an okay person if she doesn't involve herself in a community she hates. I've talked to her and she's funny when she's not negative. But oh man, she's a BIG WHINY BITCH WHEN SHES ON STREAM.

No. 251888

She's only nice when she wants something or when it benefits her.

No. 251897

Dude, it's way more than being a 'big whiny bitch' on stream, she is straight up abusive. She's said some pretty terrible things while just on stream though, so I can only imagine what she says off stream.
She bullied Ziegs to near suicide. She played a part in Angel and Mash being removed from stream as well. She puts down, bullies, throws tantrums, gaslights and so much more.. From what we just see!

I'm not saying she couldn't have a good trait, and be funny. Sure. There had to have been a reason to be brought around in the first place. But that isn't who she actually is, she's shown time and time again. She is fucking awful.

No. 251912

Like I said I think she's fucking awful when she's in a environment where the attention is on her. When she isn't being a cum guzzling attention whore, she's pretty okay. As of late she's been nothing but horrible, the past couple years.

No. 251915

>pretty okay
you sound like a Trump supporter. "Oh yeah, he's totally great when he isn't doing horribly sexist, racist and awful things."

Yeah, that's still a terrible fucking person. Just because they can pretend to be nice to a person every now and then doesn't mean they're alright.

No. 251940

So, do we actually have something here or is it all nothing but pure speculation?

No. 251956


Did Cry, Cheyenne or someone say say "we broke up"? Nope.

But Cry's made several pretty damn obvious hints that he is miserable and potentially single on valentines day.

It's not anything obvious. But it's something that we didn't have yesterday, and is more concrete than an offhanded comment made in a stream around the topic of letting Mia die because of reasons.

No. 251963

>miserable and potentially single on valentines day
could it simply be because they're apart? cheyenne hasn't changed her bio nor her profile pic, and her valentine tweet seemed cheerful enough
don't get me wrong, i'm seriously hoping that's not the case here, but eh, who the fuck knows

No. 252057

If it was just the distance, they would have shown affection for each other at least, like they have every year. They didn't even acknowledge each other this year and Cry had just been super depressed. If they're not broken up, I would wager they're taking a break, but things are clearly not okay.

No. 252068

Honestly most of these threads have been filled with nothing but theories and speculation. There's barely any milk and these people are boring.

No. 252073

I wish they'd just stop dragging shit out and break up already. Crys latest video is 23 minutes of him "learning" German while admitting he's drunk again

At this rate all of his content is just him drinking and sounding miserable and it's beginning to get to my steely farmer heart

No. 252075


door's on your left, don't trip on the way out

if you don't enjoy don't participate, the rest of us want a place where we can discuss and theorise this shit with no issue

No. 252090

Wow, poor guy.

By the way, what do you think about his content lately? I feel like the quality has been horribly dropping over these few years.

He said he's probably gonna quit youtube but recent videos seem to me like he's trying to make a comeback (the RE7 and Detention vids).
Other than that, he kept uploading like 50 parts of 2 hour long FF LPs and his sub count dropped a lot.

Is he at least doing well on twitch?

Also, he said he will quit youtube because he knows he's just a background noise but aren't twitch streams even more of a background noise for people?

I wonder, does he have another job besides youtube/twitch? Because his online career isn't doing the best, is it?

No. 252094


ever since his channel manager fucked the youtubers up some still haven't recovered

dodger's life is strange vids from the first episode and second episode are still not available, jesse cox left his channel and is going solo which I noticed must have been hard for him because I've sent Jesse a couple of friendly emails in the past and he always answered and now he just doesn't, probably doesn't answer anything that isn't work related

even dodger neglected her channel because she was streaming on twitch where she can host sam her bf, sam can also strap in the dooger fame and it's more money also because of subscription fee

generally speaking twitch is where it's at right now with money and that's why they are all focusing their efforts on it

No. 252096

He hasn't talked about another job, if he has one. I think YouTube/twitch is it. But, honestly, the entire LNC crew are full time twitch streamers. I think they make plenty from that, or at least enough to survive without a day job.
I think Twitch is becoming a bigger thing for letsplayers and people enjoy it more because they can interact with the streamer.

No. 252101

I see, that's good to hear because I remember him saying he needed to support his family or something.

I don't visit twitch often and wasn't sure if it as well paid as youtube can be.

No. 252120


Yeah his YouTube quality from days of old is long gone, but if anything interesting pops up I tend to give it a pity watch in my free time.

Being a streamer is probably more suited to him than being a YouTube content creator these days tbh but with that you have a potentially smaller but more loyal fanbase

No. 252242

His Detention series was pretty good, but when he started RE7 he just stopped caring or it hit too close to home with his current conflicts. Just bit of a stretch.

No. 252290

File: 1487199064831.png (46.17 KB, 803x434, what.png)


No. 252294

What video are those comments on?

No. 252295

Seamus? He's dating a girl named Ashley who I don't think has anything to do with this group of people. I'm confused.

No. 252310

Yeah in a stream recently this was actually spoken about! I never knew of this person so i didn't think it was relevant
I can't remember what stream it was but i'll try to find it

No. 252316

Yeah I don't think this person has any idea what they're talking about, lol.

No. 252321

they're not talking about Cheyenne, but another ex

No. 252324

I thought Jacey was before Cheyenne? And that's not what happened with Jacey. Was it before her still? Because that would be so long ago.

No. 252325

Found it finally
Timestamp of when he mentions the ss guy is 8:40, topic starts at 7:50 though

No. 252326

Ohhh, okay, this makes way more sense now.

No. 252336

He did say he had a girlfriend who left him because he wasn't a "real gamer"

And then leaving him a for one makes a lot more sense if he is another let's player.

No. 252341

Gound it. This was 7 years ago:

"I told her I didn't want to buy Modern Warfare 2 because of the dedicated server issue and specifically the no lean 'feature'. She argued with me that it would be worth it but I declined and told her we should just keep playing CoD4.

I woke up this morning to find a text message, it read:

"I'm leaving u for a real gamer"

She even took my extra controller.

No. 252343

So she hung out with Cry irl? I wonder how old she is/was

No. 252344

Well Cry was 20 if this was 7 years ago, so at least there's that.

No. 252346

I don't know how you guys managed to find something even less relevant to talk about after ocean, but Jesus Christ. His girlfriend of 7 years ago doesnt matter, just wait for fresh milk.

No. 252347

It was probably his girlfriend from highschool or something.

No. 252348

We are digging and finding some things to mention while we wait for 'fresh milk'
There is nothing wrong with that, let us talk about whatever we want and butt in if you find it interesting.

No. 252349

Hi Jen

No. 252359

Why Jen, though? I really really doubt Jen cares about us, lol. She's been outside of everything so far.
Maybe Sage just wants us to talk about her and her boring streams or something.

But, they do have a point. A girl leaving Cry 7 years ago doesn't really matter to fuck all now. I do think it's kinda weird that he didn't remember her name if he cared enough to get jealous about her talking to someone else, though, lol. But, it is Cry.

No. 252362

Is this going to be the year Cry leaves Cheyenne and finally hooks up with Sp00n because I am so up for that.

No. 252387


Y'know, I've gotta say, not everyone who says 'this isn't relevant' is one of the topical people. I actually thought to myself that the past few posts were incredible irrelevant as well.


Eh, I can understand this, actually. Names are more important to some people than others. I can't remember the name of my first boyfriend, though I remember him past that. I've met some people who use my name obsessively, and some friends who never call me by name.

Plus, with Cry, there's always the chance that if he mentions them by name, some obsessive fans will track them down somehow and harass them. …I'd consider that a fairly harmless white lie, honestly.

No. 252394

That's true, I didn't consider him glossing over her to protect her, and that makes complete sense.

What, no way. Spoon's girlfriend is great, I'd be pissed if that happened.

No. 252422

Draxr's latest video.

No. 252455

What about it?

No. 252477

They were asking about where the comment came from.

No. 252632

Anyone here watched the stream? Did he say anything relevant to the whole situation?

No. 252847

from what I was able to watch not really. Near the start of stream he just told russ how he's been thinking a lot about things on his mind and that hes been in a really weird headspace lately.

No. 252936

Cry sounded a bit better though once Snake, Russ and Alex started playing with him. It's funny how much happier he sounds with his friends rather than his own gf or whatever she is.

No. 253378

Where is Cry exactly? He hasn't uploaded anything for 2 days and is barely active on twitter…did he mention why that is?

No. 253477

I'd wager it's the crippling depression and sense of impending doom.

No. 253531

Poor guy, here's hoping he's just taking the time to get his shit together.

No. 253679

how's tgivg going?

No. 253687

They're having fun. Nothing really to report beyond Cry being asked about any regrets, and mentioning "The one who got away" when he was younger.
But that's like, barely any milk, so.

No. 253691

has he addressed whether or not they broke up?

No. 253692

No. 253740

Cry's opinion on sexting when Shaytard's infidelity was brought up.

No. 253742

That does heavily imply he's single now, though. You don't usually talk about "the one who got away" if you have someone currently.

No. 253745


Can someone annotate?

No. 253751

Cry: "Dude, he sexted?"
Russ: "Mannn"
Cry: "At least it was just text, it's not as bad as it could have been. It's just words."

So, basically, Cry's views are just that sexting is bad, but not as bad as actually fucking someone. Going along with how he might have cheated on Cheyenne.

No. 253754

It was Russ that said, "It's just words."

No. 253756

Oh, you're right. My bad!

No. 253978

No. 253980

I don't understand why she mentioned this? Like, it wasn't really relevant to that Twitter conversation. Feels like she's still trying to get attention. Let's not give it to her lol

No. 253999

Agreed. She's such an attention whore, has always seem to be. It does make me happy to see she's been hemorrhaging followers though.

No. 254039

He talked for a while in his stream video…. in.. "german" so maybe someone who's super fluent might come along and "translate" for us?

No. 254048

yeah, I just watched it also. I read through the comments and while a lot of people are having immense difficulty translating it the consensus seems to be it was something along the lines of understanding that he can come off cold, and thanking people for being understanding with his headspace lately and trying to cheer him up. And then something about come to the stream if you don't backseat game and that he's not perfect. And then something or other about thanking God even though he's not religious and how he hopes people manage to translate his roundabout way of expressing his feelings.

No. 254085

File: 1487473572294.png (22.11 KB, 797x151, hah.PNG)

Seeing this was great. But yeah, Cry was pretty much apologizing for shit and thanking people for sticking around. I think if Cry and Cheyenne did break-up, he won't be mentioning it for a while or until he feels he's ready to.

No. 254109

File: 1487477190740.png (63.45 KB, 637x552, ....PNG)

are you fucking kidding me

No. 254114

this saddens me.

No. 254118

Could not head bang my desk any fucking harder. Man, I actually got my hopes up this time, it really seemed like it might be IT.
Anyone else think she might have tried to leave him again and just came crawling back so everything is suddenly a-ok with him?

No. 254119

It doesn't mean anything yet.

No. 254121

It doesn't, but it has implications.

No. 254123

her response ("i'm offended by that") sounds playful. i think it's pretty safe to say they're back to normal.

No. 254126

Which in other words: She won again.

No. 254130

I would wait this out again. Things have been way too weird and quiet lately to just brush it all off.

No. 254132

I hope she stays off the streams, I don't care if they're together or not anymore but she brings everything shes in down.

When will they stop trying to include their girlfriends on stream, it didn't work out well with Russ or Jund.

No. 254133

It doesn't inherently spell bad news. Snake and Mash stream together reasonably regularly and it's not a problem.

No. 254134

It might be fine on their own streams I just meant on the late night streams.

No. 254136

Again, not inherently a bad thing, but I agree they shouldn't be permanent members (such as Cheyenne) if for no other reason then because if their is relationship issues going on it affects the whole stream.

No. 254137

Angel's been fine on streams though

No. 254138

I'd comment that there's not Cheyenne in the stream, so…

I really and seriously wouldn't leap to any conclusions. One interaction isn't enough to make a determination of if things have changed or now.

No. 254139

Angel's not a girlfriend and even if she was, she gets along with everyone. Someone like Cheyenne doesn't belong because she's only really on there because of Cry. She doesn't get along well enough with everyone else.

No. 254140

is it just me or does Russ sound pretty quiet now?

No. 254141

Angel isn't Russ' girlfriend though.

Personality wise, having their girlfriends on is liking inviting any other friend on. If they're good people, it's good fun.
The only downside is, as I said, if they're having a domestic, it leaks onto stream.

Cheyenne shouldn't be on stream, not because she's Cry's girlfriend, but because she's a shitty person.

No. 254142

Not sure if he uses push to talk or not, but if he does, pretty hard to play For Honor and use push to talk at the same time.

No. 254143

Maybe he knows his friend is back with a shitty person.
Exactly. It'd be fine if she was a better person and people liked her but she's not and we mostly don't.

No. 254144

>>254140 I was thinking the same thing. And he was cutting cry off while he was asking about the move sets

No. 254146

Snake uses push to talk and he's doing fine. It could just be that Russ knows what's going to happen if Cry and Cheyenne are going back to normal. If Cheyenne gets back on stream, everything is going to be awkward again and Angel, who Russ is friends with and has a lot of fun with, is probably going to get banned again. It's bullshit. Even if Cry is stupid enough to stay with her, she shouldn't be on the streams when she doesn't bring too much to the table and most people don't like her, on stream and off.

No. 254148

I have a sort of theory. Maybe Cry/Cheyenne did break up but Russ is upset that Cry is openly still talking to her. Maybe he's worried that Cheyenne will pull him in again…
Things have been so great without her. I mean, the TGivg stream was great and all they did was talk and hang out. They seemed so happy and relaxed.
If Cheyenne was back around I think things would get really bad again.

No. 254150

it doesn't help that a few people repeatedly ask about cheyenne/pretend to like her

No. 254156

Cool theory, but I don't think they actually broke up. I feel like Cheyenne would've had a very public bitch-fit. I do think that Russ is worried that Cry is going to start bringing Cheyenne around again though. Streams have been so much more fun lately and I don't think he wants that to change just because of Cry psycho girlfriend.

No. 254157

True. They most likely had a huge fight though, considering she hasn't been around, on twitter much, or streaming at all.
It's been great and I'm really worried she's gonna return.

No. 254160

That's what I think too. There was probably just a huge fight or the other guys in the crew could've actually asked/told Cry to get Cheyenne in check after the whole Sage/Mash/Angel thing. It's obvious something happened no matter what though and I hope that means Cry is finally growing the balls to leave her. Even if he doesn't, she needs to stay off streams or just come on every once in a while because she doesn't fit as a regular.

No. 254220

Russ tends to be quiet when there are a lot of people on teamspeak.

No. 254234

Is it possible that Cheyenne is blackmailing Cry about the previously discussed stuff to keep pretending to be together and probably get money, and Cry agreed but at least had the balls to tell her to stay off stream?

No. 254235

Dude, that's a whole new level of reaching

No. 254246

goddamnit, cry
fucking why

No. 254253

I see it as she's seen people asking if something happened between Cry and her so she has to make it seem like there's been nothing wrong with them.

No. 254281

Not really. Coyote has heavily implied before that Cheyenne is basically blackmailing Cry with something to keep him with her in order to keep getting money.

No. 254322

Really? Man that sucks. We're never getting rid of her then, unless Cry fucking grows a pair and either lawyers up or shows his face before she does

No. 254343

We may not have to deal with her if the rest of the crew can't stand her, though. She still wasn't on stream last night.
I don't mind as much if he wants to be in an abusive relationship as long as everyone else doesn't have to deal with it

No. 254777

Streams have been awfully good without her, I really hope she stays the fuck away.

No. 254845

Russ also will keep push to talk on if it's hot and he has his fan on because it's loud as shit. No milk there boyos.

No. 254997

He was abnormally quiet and seemed lessthan enthused pretty much the whole night. There might not be milk, but it's pretty coincidental that he goes from having a blast one night and then being sullen after Cry responded to Cheyenne.

No. 255035

I have a theory that Cheyenne is blackmailing him with the money she raised for his surgery. Well more like guilting him with it. Though i'm sure she used some of it for her trip to visit him.

No. 255041


Surgery can be pretty stupidly ridiculous expensive.

That said, I went and had a look at the gofundme, and it was created by Scott Jund…

Though how much roll she had in helping get the money raised is a good question… but I doubt she was the sole driving force.


I still think people are over reacting a bit to a single twitter exchange, and Russ being a little quiet…. or maybe not. who knows :)

No. 255053

She took 3.3k or something. There was a gofundme but she opted to have people donate to her paypal.

No. 255054

No. 255065

Coyote mentioned blackmail way before that, but I wouldn't be surprised if she just decided to take some of the money for herself.

No. 255077

I know that he did, i meant it as another thing she could use against him. I watched that whole stream. at first it was something to take her mind off the situation and then it turned into raising money for Cry. I don't know I just found it weird. Plus whenever someone hadnt donate in a while, she'd suddenly bring up how much she loves Cry and starting tearing up.

No. 255087

Those were crocodile tears, man. She just uses Cry to get money and it's pathetic. She used him going to the hospital as an excuse to take profit and that's sickening. I'll be glad when she's gone but for now I'm happy with her just staying the hell off the stream.

No. 255088


…I.. wow. That's…

Hang on, now I gotta do some research…

Okay, she did that stream BEFORE the gofundme was created (by what she says on twitter, anyway) so that's not as scummy as I thought.

still, though.

No. 255091

It was already created.

No. 255096

Was it?

That's disgusting. :(

No. 255097

She probably knew that Jund would actually give Cry all the money and she wouldn't be able to steal her golddigger portion.

No. 255142

Was she even on the stream the guys did to help raise the money?? I know they hit the goal before the stream started but I can't remember her being there at all.

No. 255161

Yeah she was because she had flown out and was visiting him during it.

No. 255207

It was not already created but I know that she was told to wait, that they would make an actual gofundme for him, and she didn't and had people donate to her instead because she's a disgusting person.

No. 255309

Ehh I don't know, I'm still pretty much convinced she's just holding the face thing/personal info over his head

No. 255622

Y'know to come degree, I can't realy fault her TOO much for using money to fly out there (depending on how timing etc etc worked) … it's reflexive to wanna be with our friends/loved ones when they're sick… I dunno. It's still gross, though.

very unethical in HOW it was done, if there was already a gofundme planned :(


Probably, rather than money guilt, I agree.

No. 255676

The way i see it is if they had told her to wait, then she should've waited. And if she was out of money so badly, thenw why couldn't she just had a donation goal for her to go see him? She's done that before already. She already knows she would've gotten that money quick. I don't know it just seems weird to me.

No. 255804

Honestly, one thing that just solidified that she views his money as hers was during the first thread. There was an Anon that posted this:
and that really stuck with me. Just before that post there's a screenshot of her saying that the bits they were giving to Cry would 'pay for her trip'

She will always view him as a piggy bank, because that's all she's ever been interested in.

No. 255820

holy shit i totally forgot about that. that's so gross.

No. 255835

If im not mistaken, didn't she also take his old computer when he upgraded? That's like two grand easy.

No. 255884

I don't think so. Although I do think she took a video card of his. And then he's bought her a PS4, an Alienware laptop, some more pc parts, etc. And then brought her with him and his family to Disneyworld.

No. 255928

Ah, the laptop was what i was thinking of then.

No. 256134


Ugh, I just.. yeah, anyone would want to be near someone they care about if they're not feeling well. But, man. Man. Man.

You don't just SAY that the money is going to find your trip out there. keep it quiet. ugh.

No. 256176

Oh that was when he was healthy. She was in chat commenting on the bits he was getting.
When he had his galbladder removed, she said the donations were for his surgery, but used some to fly out there and who knows if he ever saw that money. That was when she had people donating to her PayPal instead of a gofundme.

No. 256211

Was he hosting some charity thing too? or was it just a random 24hr stream?

No. 256237

Jund made the page there wasn't supposed to be a stream

No. 256369

I was talking about the 24hr stream Cry did after the whole gallbladder incident. I was asking if it was a charity stream, because that would make Cheyenne look even worse if she talked about them paying for her trip.

No. 256378

No, It wasn't charity. Just a 24 hour Enderall stream or whatever it's called. Still, people were sending in super supportive messages about how Cry has impacted them and she's just like "wow, x amount of money, that will pay for my stuff"

It was just disgusting.

No. 256458

Cry was flirting pretty heavily with Angel in chat tonight at one point. If he is with Cheyenne, I'd say it would be enough to get her seriously mad, but maybe he did it because they are broken up…

No. 256461

Does Angel have a bf?

No. 256463

I'm pretty positive she's said she's single. 99 percent sure.

No. 256466

Also one more interesting thing to point out during the TGI stream- I am not quite sure exactly how he said it but it was something along the lines:
"_____at least they show you boobies. If you're single I mean they at least give-"
and instead of saying "you" he said
"At least give US boobies."
He included himself in that sentence.
Though it he could have just said it wrong but honestly I hope he didn't.

No. 256480

Gotta say, he did sound particularly cheerful today
That gives me hope

No. 256930

what's her twitter?

No. 256934

No. 256961

thanks, brb stalking the shit out of this

No. 256984

She's single, but she's Russ' friend and he probably has a thing for her. If Cry goes after her that's just mean.

No. 257012

I mean, I think it's fair to say the only thing we know for sure is that he likes Dylan Sprouse more than he likes Cheyenne.

No. 257018

Man, she seems super sweet though.
Hard for us to know if Russ has a thing for her, though. Maybe he doesn't! She's a billion times better than Cheyenne and it would be nice to see him with someone who is sweet

No. 257036

Her dog just recently passed away so I doubt she'd be interested in dating at the moment

No. 257047

I actually never watch their streams and I'm only here for the milk but I watched the Dylan Sprouse one and it was fucking great.

No. 257079

Totally, Cry, Russ and Angel make a hilarious team as they are!

No. 257117

Wait, was Dylan sprouse on a fucking stream?

No. 257120

I feel like this thread should get locked until there's new milk.

Talk willy-nilly on >>>ot

No. 257140

Why? There are threads with less milk like Taylor and Venus. Having discussion stay here is fine.

No. 257143

No. 257289

Link? I'll try to do a proper translation.

No. 257311

https://clips.twitch.tv/cryaotic/UnsightlyPigUnSane I will forever cherish this clip. Basically someone said "Want me to buy Cheyenne and Russ a plane ticket? You sound like you need some loving."

No. 257398

Was there anything else worth noting?

No. 257417

Not that I've seen. Though it seems after that bit, he turned off the text to speech.

No. 257441

More super heavy flirting with Angel, he asked to play footsies with her.

No. 257541

Shiiiiet. I wonder if Chey just doesn't care much about Cry to bother watching his recent streams with Angel.

No. 257620

I honestly think they actually broke up. I'm surprised that Cheyenne hasn't freaked out on social media yet.

No. 257672

Cry said his depression started up again around november. Isn't that around the same time Cheyenne "disappeared" from the streams?

No. 257709

Well, to be fair, he pretty much "flirted" with everyone, Russ and Amaz included.
I wouldn't give that much thought.

No. 257726

Yeah, exactly. It's just Cry's character to flirt with literally everyone. I wouldn't read too much into him and Angel. He interacts with her the same way he interacts with all his friends, it's just now he's ABLE to interact with her because Cheyenne's toxic ass isn't around.

No. 257761

Maybe! Someone asked if she was single in chat and he told that person they'd have to "get in line" so it seemed like a bit more than the same flirting as with everyone else, but I guess it still could be.

No. 257835


It'd be really fucked up if Angel and Cry started dating instead of Russ and Angel. We know how lonely Russ has been since Red and him broke up.

Plus mentioned above, she recently went through a death so I doubt she'd up emotionally to date.

No. 257852

I kind of think it's fucked up that, 1 we ship any real people together… And 2 if she wanted to date Russ, she would date him, considering they've been friends for a while. Lonely or not, he doesn't have dibs on her for knowing her first, nor does she really have to date anyone at all.
So many times I see people putting Angel with other people, just let her live her life.

No. 257867

Angel isnt young enough / trashy enough to be Crys type lol

No. 257872

that's what i'm saying lol.

We shouldn't be shipping anyone.

No. 257873


Eh, I agree and disagree about shipping RL people together. Shipping is alright, what's fucked up is when people get weirdly aggressive and emotionally attached to these ships.

On which note:


It wouldn't be fucked up. It would be two consenting adults doing what consenting adults do. Russ is great and all, but angel has no obligation to get together with him just because he's lonely.

That said.. it was heartening listening to the flirting recently :D

No. 258060

I'd date cry. Russ seems to try too hard for me to be attracted to him.

No. 258068

He tries too hard to be funny? Russ is alright but he isn't much of a looker.

No. 258082

I seriously doubt Cry looks any better tbh. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and all, but he's probably an uggo.

No. 258085

you know it's not all about looks for everyone right?

No. 258090

What does Russ try hard at? I think he's naturally funny.

No. 258099

What part of 'I love the guy' didn't you get?

No. 258113

Doesn't matter if you said you loved the guy. The anon wasn't even talking about looks. All i was saying was that it's unfair to say he's uggo when not everyone thinks about looks. I'm not trying to fight so agree to disagree.

No. 258153

>Russ is alright but he isn't much of a looker
How were they not talking about looks exactly? I simply answered that I love Cry even if I think he's ugly, which implies that beauty isn't the whole point. We're arguing the same thing here, no reason to agree to disagree.

No. 258167

I'm such an idiot i thought you wrote to the anon before that one. My bad.

No. 258174

My thing is, I don't think either of them should date her lol. Angel and Russ probably aren't going to date since they haven't already and it'd be kinda messed up of Cry to date Angel when Russ seems to like her. It's the bro code. You don't do that.

No. 258196

Unless he doesn't care. You're assuming Russ has a thing for her.

No. 258206

Just wanted to say, is it just me or does anyone else think it's weird that Cry has been talking about "The Love Song" a lot lately? That song was made for one of his exes, and I doubt Cheyenne would like him doing that.

No. 258239

True. Even if they're just friends though, I personally don't really want my friends dating since I would be caught in the middle of any argument.
Pretty sure he doesn't exactly care what Cheyenne likes anymore lol. Think he's finally gotten the balls to stand up to her a little bit.

No. 258243

I feel like he's been dropping some serious hints that he's single now.

No. 258324

Off topic: Riskem is so thirsty for that fame tho just saying

No. 258328

How can you tell?

No. 258341

I've felt like I'm the only one who really doesn't like Riskem. I think he's annoying as fuck. It doesn't even seem like the others like him around so much, I feel like he was only brought around for a bit because he was Cheyenne's pet and now it's awkward.

No. 258343

Shit I wasn't paying attention to the stream, what happened?

No. 258348

He was in the streams as soon as they started, wasn't even talking at all. And then as soon as they were talking about bringing people in, he was all "Hey guys :D" as if he had just got there. I'm probably reaching but he does it EVERY time. it's hilarious.

Agreed. I kinda started hating him when he was kissing Cheyennes ass 24/7, but also he just seems annoying. But I think Cheyenne isn't even talking to him or playing games with him either.

No. 258356

He DEFINITELY is just trying to get invited to streams, you're right. He always happens to show up just as they're inviting others.
I don't get it, he's not funny at all. He's just annoying.

No. 258372

Amaz and Riskem sound really similar imo

No. 258376

??? Amaz has a pretty heavy accent. Riskem doesn't.

No. 258387

He's ok, just a regular normie dude who needs to grow the fuck up and probably needs to learn more vocabulary and articulate better.
Then again he's fucking young compared to the rest of the crew.
He needs to chill out like Chey. They're in similar age range that's probably why they got along well.

No. 258389

Streams has been so much better these past weeks. Especially since Chey's been MIA and sightly after cry's initial depressing weeks.

Also chat has been pushing Angel a lot and it's kinda annoying when we barely got chey off. I guess am not ready for another female in the crew since not a lot of them can pull their weight. And Russ can do Angel's job (lel memes) so she doesn't really have a role. Just another Russ 2.0

No. 258417

She's memey, yeah, but I feel like she adds a different dynamic by being just a positive vibe in general.
Also, comparing her to Cheyenne or saying that there shouldn't be females on stream because of Cheyenne is fucking stupid.

No. 258471

No harm done, mate

No. 258472

He's 18 so he's still learning lol.

No. 258474

since when do we excuse peoples age in relation to dumb shit they do?

No. 258482

that's what I believe too, but then why hasn't cheyenne changed her bio/profile pic on twitter? seems weird

No. 258483

of course, she wants any amount of fame she could cling to

No. 258487

My theory is that she's hoping that Cry will take her back, so she hasn't made any indication of the break up at all.

No. 258501

because she can't let people know that or else her only source of income would be gone. that is if they have broken up.

No. 258555

I'm saying he's still a kid, he'll make mistakes and learn from them. Holy shit dude.

No. 258608

So. Cheyenne broke radio silence.
I'm scared.

No. 258620

I think it's because somebody made a short animation of the love song and he was maybe reminded of it?

Either way, yeah, Cheyenne is going to stream tomorrow and she's apparently 'back'

No. 258621

Ugh. I'm surprised if they didn't break up and Cry has been bringing Angel around, flirting like crazy and talking about banging so many people.
We'll have to see what happens, but if they're not broken up, maybe they're taking a break. Hopefully he finishes off that toxic horrible relationship, in the meantime, I hope she doesn't come back to the LNC. Maybe she's still trying to get as much money as she can. Probably was running low.

No. 258638


Was she on the LNC? Or was it just a social media post?

No. 258639

only social media posts, thankfully

No. 258656

Can confirm she wrote this on snapchat too.

No. 258671

Shit. Well, I guess now we just wait then?

No. 258690


Not much else too do. Except hope.

No. 258782

So who's gonna take one for the team and watch her apparent stream tomorrow? lmao

No. 258842

I probably will if she streams past 12 pst.

No. 258900

and here i was, getting my hopes up.

No. 258935

i don't think you should be worried yet. we will have to see if cry even hosts her, and/or retweets her streaming.

No. 258945

She's probably still in the autohosts, especially if she's still modded.

No. 258974

I was just about to say that. I hope another one of his auto-hosts are streaming before her. But then again she'd probably make Cry switch it.

No. 259104

So many fangirls waiting for them to break it off so they can be next in line

No. 259112



So hard to imagine that people might be altruistically involved?

No. 259129

You realize Cheyenne was a fangirl before, right?

No. 259130

I would hope Cry has learned his lessons with going after fangirls.

No. 259159

Tolo did say Cry is/was a fan fucker kek.

No. 259450

didn't you read the thread? we just want him to get away from an abusive relationship (and most of those who want that would like to see him with angel anyway) or at the very least to keep her the fuck away from the streams

No. 259529

> and most of those who want that would like to see him with angel anyway

I wouldn't go that far. Personally, I'd rather see him stay single and work on bettering himself after being in an abusive relationship for so long.

No. 259543


No. 259559

that's why I said most people, I don't count myself among those either

No. 259577

The word "most" is what I'm objecting to. I've seen a few people in the thread say they'd like that, but that's hardly evidence that most of us do.

No. 259584

have you seen the chat these last streams? people were "shipping" her him with either cry or alex whenever she was on

No. 259589

Cry just said in stream replying to someone asking about cheyenne "she's on a spiritual journey finding herself" don't know if that means anything to yall but figured I'd contribute. I don't hear him speak of her much

No. 259590

i hope she finds herself the door out.

No. 259591

Sounds like they split up to me. Cry probably did the deed after how that shit went down with Sage, Angel, and Mash.

No. 259592

He also said something about Jojo and him not watching it anymore because he used to do so with his significant other with whom he broke up and now it would feeld weird. Who was he talking about? I don't think he meant Cheyenne.

No. 259601

He did mention that was quite a long time ago when that happened so that probably wasn't her

No. 259628

She did complain about that during stream too because Cry had read out a message about her and Alex. I feel bad for her, I bet it kinda feels like chat just wants her around to see who she gets paired off with since that's all they talk about.

Definitely sounds like they spilt up. I don't know what else that could mean. He does sound happier lately though. And considering the timeline and how she's been gone since that stuff blew up, I'd say that her part in bullying more girls probably was the last straw this time.

No. 259722

What time does Cheyenne usually stream?
What Cry said earlier just left me thirsty for milk, I need to know shit

No. 259803

Wasn't Cheyenne supposed to stream yesterday?

No. 259807

No it's today, soon probably

No. 259810

Nah I think it's supposed to be today since when she posted that she was gonna stream "tomorrow" it was like 3 am. But who really knows anymore lmao

No. 259849

It's Saturday night
it's about to hit 11PM EST
LNC stream turns on
campfire art shows
first thing you hear is Cheyenne in a Joeysworldtour like fashion say "I'm back"


No. 259851

File: 1488234032369.gif (3.13 MB, 240x196, michael-scott-no.gif)

No. 259871

i think i just had a small but large heart attack from reading this

No. 259872



It took me far too long to realize that it's monday, and it's NOT anywhere near 11pm.

You've taken 10 years off my life. Trigger warnings plz.

(lol please no. … please?)

No. 259874

I felt my soul exit my body. Jesus.

No. 259879

I felt my Jesus exit my heaven.

No. 259897

I'm legit going to laugh so hard if Cheyenne disappears again. How does she even have her sub button still?

No. 259933

Sadly they don't take it away once you have it, unless you violate policy. Nothing about having to stream, unfortunately.

No. 260021

so it's almost 8 and no stream from her thinking emoji

No. 260028

Well it's like the Resident Evil stream thing she talked about and never got to it lol.

No. 260030

No. 260132

RIP Cheyenne

No. 260184

No not RIP. She does not deserve the peace. Maybe RIT. Rest In Torment.

No. 260194

kek, could also be rest in pain

No. 260331

There we go- she's about to stream in about half an hour.

No. 260340

fuck, I won't be able to see it, I've got a chem exam in an about an hour

No. 260343

I'll probably pop in for as much as I can stand, but damn I dunno why she didn't communicate that she couldn't stream yesterday after saying she would. She's super rude to her subs.
No one but Cheyenne matters to Cheyenne

No. 260355

no surprise there, couldn't really expect any better from her
man I really fucking hope I'll be coming back to some good news

No. 260356

man, ive got a chem exam too. hope we dont miss any decent milk.

No. 260369

well, good luck to you friendo, hopefully we won't miss anything important

No. 260378

Chey's back. Maybe

No. 260454

File: 1488307269913.png (17.44 KB, 833x140, crydescription.PNG)

The description in Cry's new video. More hints that he's possibly single or is it a bit of a far stretch?

No. 260463

It seems like a far stretch, just because this is Cry we're talking about, but if put together all the shit he's been saying lately and how he's been acting lately, it just all points to him being single now.

No. 260491

Maybe, but Cheyenne mentioned Cry at the beginning of her stream today. She was discussing her siblings and how they're already married and have kids. She said something like "I'd like to get married by the time I'm 30, but don't tell Cry that." Then someone asked her whether she'd like being the one to propose to him and she said that she could see herself doing that. Then people in the chat were joking about her proposing to him while streaming.

I fell asleep while watching her stream so I'm not sure if she mentioned anything else. I picked it back up but she seems to be focusing on discussing the game right now.

No. 260502

I guess we just have to accept that they're still together after all, huh?

No. 260510

Guess so. As long as she doesn't come around LNC, I couldn't care less. Cry's an idiot though.

No. 260514

I dunno. Stuff doesn't really add up.

I mean.

If Cheyenne ran off on vacation to bermuda, was taking some time away from the internet, had sick family, or was focusing on something or another, why all the vagueness? I mean… I don't think we were told anything? I wanna vaguely remember something about "some time to herself" but that may be me remembering stuff that didn't happen.

But why be so vague? why not "ah, she had real life stuff to focus on for a while" or "she has private RL stuff" or even "she's fine, don't worry."

It feels weird.

Plus Cry's behavior is weird. The super-depression. Then being upbeat and so flirty when he hasn't been able to be that for a long time because of cheyenne.

I dunno.

It doesn't add up. I'm not saying that they are broke up or anything… but I'm not sold on them still being together.

No. 260533

wew lads, shitty chem exam and shitty news as well
only way this day could be worse is if they announced her coming back to the Late Night stream

No. 260535

Today Cheyenne mentioned that she was gone because she was visiting her sister who recently gave birth. She said that she's been spending most of her time with them.

You're right though, there definitely is something up with Cry and Chey. One of them, or both of them, aren't telling the truth.

No. 260537

She mentioned she might start appearing again on LNC.

No. 260540

why must you hurt me so, anon?

No. 260541

If that's the case, then I am more leaning in towards Cry. (again, depression could be seasonal and not have anything to do with his relationship.)
I am going to assume though that he is realizing how unhappy he is in this situation and now all he has to do is see how to break it off.
This phase seems like he's trying to distance himself.


"Might" could imply that it is not a decision for her to make?

No. 260545

I really hope she doesn't…It's been so good with her gone.

I guess all we can do is wait for saturday and see if she actually shows up or not.

No. 260552


Ugh, then why not someone say that? it's not a big secret. Actually it's pretty happy news, over all. So why the secrets? "Busy with family stuff, she's fine, don't worry!" would have saved a lot of questions.

And he got a LOT of questions about it.


Ugh, Here I go blogposting again: Seasonal depression typically has to do with not getting enough sunlight, and not getting enough vitamin D as a result. Speaking from experience, it tends to be a slow creep in and a slow creep out, rather than BOOM! Of course, that's my own experience.

Cry could be a little (I think this is the right one) manic depressive… or maybe there was something wrong that got better. I dunno.

I like the way you think, though.. :D

No. 260561

Oh by "seasonal" i meant temporary.
My bad, I apologize.

On another one; in his newest video he mentioned "conversations" being the key to healthy/good relationships (something he and Cheyenne apparently didn't have for a while)
And then he goes to say how "assumptions" can ruin everything.

Now I could only guess what that's supposed to mean- but that would only be me, ironically, assuming.

No. 260564

You know, now that I think of it, in his last stream, while speaking about relationships, I seem to remember him talking about realizing that no matter how hard you try, if by the end of the day you feel better when you're by youself than you do when you're with your significant other, maybe it's time to break it off for good. It seemed very personal, the way he was talking about it.

No. 260565


Oh, no worries :D I don't think most people know about Seasonal Affective Disorder unless they experience it. :) So no worries.

that said, THAT is a interesting quote…

and, sadly… puts me back in the camp of them still being together. :(


and then, there is my ray of hope shining! :D


No. 260570


That's very interesting! Now I really do think he used the time Cheyenne was away to actually look back on their entire relationship.
He might feel like he is the only one trying to keep it together (something everyone experiences at least once- even in friendship).

The problem with that feeling though, is that as soon as the other person does something as small as simply saying "Hi" first- your train of thought immediately goes back to "Oh I was just imagining things they do care!"

Overall, a very hard train of feelings and thoughts during your day-to-day life & I do think our Cry is experiencing exactly that.

No. 260577


> The problem with that feeling though, is that as soon as the other person does something as small as simply saying "Hi" first- your train of thought immediately goes back to "Oh I was just imagining things they do care!"

Not always. Sometimes the feeling is "Oh, NOW they want my attention." Speaking from experience. :(

it does confuse feelings though. Sometimes, all the apology in the world can't fix what was broken, though.

But I do think Cry has given a lot of thought to things lately, and that's good. Because even if they're not broken up now.. Maybe later, maybe next time, it will be the last straw.

After all… it sounds like the seed of doubt was planted. It might be asleep at the moment. But the next time she starts spewing bullshit, it's gonna fertilize that seed.

wait, that got gross. Sorry.

No. 260587

If shit actually hits the fan with her and the LNC, i'm pretty sure there will be members that will leave. Either Snake or Russ for sure. Jund is too money hungry.

No. 260589

Oh god, thank you for the wonderful mental image.

You make a good point- but it really depends on how hard you're holding onto something, from what perspective are you observing it, or what kind of person you are.

I can't say I 100% know the guy but, from what we've all seen, Cry is not very full of himself.
His perspective to this might be mostly- if not entirely- self-central.
Which is why he would think he is just imagining things while looking at their relationship and where it's headed.
As for the relationship itself, it might not mean much to him- but I personally don't think he would be the one to break it off.
As I said, he does not want to be the reason something doesn't work out.. so instead he'll keep it bottled up until the other party cuts the thread.

In my humble opinion, of course.

No. 260592

So..I've been hanging around these threads for a while, and everyone has opinions and everything, and I know so fucking much. I talk to Cry on quite a regular basis, (via Skype) and I can confirm that you guys are right. He is not happy at all. He's far from it.

I hope it's okay if I don't reveal my identity. Thing's have gotten quite intimate between us in some ways. I would totally be open about this but the thing is, I'm fucking terrified to go public with this information. I don't even know how much I can say.

But I'll still be drifting around here, keeping an eye on this whole thing. You guys deserve to know what's going on and I'm sorry that he isn't more open about this. I'm worried about him.

No. 260594


I'm too jaded to believe these things but to entertain myself,

are our suspicions correct? blink once for yes or twice for no in case the cheymonster sees you

No. 260595

I agree with this. Especially since Angel was brought back, conveniently after Cheyenne disappeared. Worth Cheyenne around, I doubt Angel could come back, I also doubt she'd want to since it looked like from the outside she was very heavily bullied by Cheyenne and Sage.
I kinda feel like if Cheyenne was brought back there might be issues? Unless they happen to solve months of that stuff happening, which I feel like is unlikely.
Or if Russ and Snake are okay with Cheyenne back.

I have no idea, guys. I feel like we're getting two different stories and maybe Cheyenne is just a delusional crazy person? Either way is confusing and I'm curious to see where it goes.

No. 260596

Are you a LNC crew member?

No. 260598

Your suspicions are incredibly close.


No, I'm not.

No. 260601

Does Cry know about this thread?

No. 260602


A part of me wants to say "proof of you're a lying liar who lies."

On the other hand.. I want to believe. xfiles.jpg

Stay safe, Be his friend. It sounds like he needs one.

And I really mean that – when we're lost, we look around for a guide.

I just want him to be happy.

And to know what's going on, but him happy first.

No. 260603


That's a difficult thing to find out about without letting the cats out.

"hey do you know about the lolcow thread?"
"the what?"
"oh, uh….."

No. 260604

>>>>260587 >>260595
We've mentioned this before, but unfortunately as far as we know, the LNC is the main source of income for all of the members. And although all of them are Twitch partners I have no idea if they'd have enough money just on their own numbers (compare the nightly numbers for their individual streams with LNC, LNC gets easily over 5000 every week (usually a lot more) while their individual streams usually get less than 500 (which is still pretty good for Twitch, so it might be enough to financially support them).
But the point is, we don't know their financial situations. They might not be able to pay rent if they leave the LNC, and honestly, that's probably part of the reason why they've stuck around so long and put up with Cheyenne's BS.

No. 260606

gotta say, I don't believe you for a second, but I really do hope what you're saying is true and that he does have someone he can talk to
pls be real

No. 260607


seriously, one of the only times I actually hope it's real because cry really needs a friend, that also isn't from the LNC because it's just one part of the drama

the guy is clearly going through a bad time

No. 260609

Being that I actually know a good deal of information, I don't know if you're telling the truth or just don't have all the information.
You're right that Cry is unhappy with Cheyenne, but that's not the full story, and if you had more of the actual story, I'm not sure why you wouldn't say it if you were willing to give away that randomly.

Just be careful in believing all anons off the bat.

No. 260612

yeah, I wouldn't even mind not knowing what's going on as long as I could be sure that someone is helping get through it but eh, it's really hard to believe

No. 260615

I'm assuming that he does not know about the thread. I tried to bring it up to him casually, simply asked him if he had googled anything relating to himself recently, he said he hadn't.

I'm more than happy to post some sort of evidence that I do in fact talk to him. I could post a screenshot of one of our call durations or something.

No. 260616

do it pls

No. 260617

He knows about it, that anon is a liar.

No. 260618


I think that would not only be welcome, but probably make a great number of us gasp with relief to know he's got a friend. Or piss ourselves with joy.

Or both.

Gasp with piss or something.

No. 260619

No. 260620

Miss Kiwa is that you?

No. 260621

Does he know about these specific threads?

No. 260622

not necessarily. "googling himself lately" doesn't mean "is unaware of these thing"

…he may have known from before. He may have it bookmarked. He may have had the link shared with him, no google involved, etc.

No. 260623

Yeah, I know for a fact he knows about lolcow too.
I think the other anon forgot that there are in fact people in here that know what is happening and just correct misinformation in here.

No. 260624

File: 1488318707621.jpg (73.83 KB, 1080x1130, jack.jpg)

who do I believe?

No. 260625

I know that his mods know, I was sitting through a discord conversation and someone mentioned it. And I was like "WHAT" internally. I didn't want to bring attention to it because majority of the people there are cheyenne and sage supporters.

No. 260626

also drawing attention to a thing:

One of us is "Anonymous M" – they're willing to wear a name tag, such as it is.

No. 260627

Which Discord server? Is it mods only?

No. 260628

It is not.

No. 260631

File: 1488319093061.png (47.44 KB, 1064x704, CAPTURE03.png)

There's your proof.
More personal things are blanked out for obvious reasons.

No. 260632

this can easily be faked.

No. 260633

What other evidence am I supposed to provide?

No. 260634

A vocal clip.

No. 260635

This isn't proof. There have been fake Cry Skype shit before in tumblr and reddit.

No. 260636


It could be, yes.

But it's more proof than we've seen from most people. Too much proof becomes personally identifying.

I'd rather Cry have a friend, than we have proof.

Take what Anon M says with a grain of salt. Like you would anything else anon posted here.

No. 260637

Also, if this happens to not be fake, Cry well know it's you. He does know about this thread.

No. 260638

Well let's say the cry they are talking is real, they can't just unblock those messages. That would be a complete invasion of privacy for him!

No. 260639

Exactly. Thank you.

No. 260642

Why bother with trying to prove to us you're not lying if you're not going to tell us anything else? You could easily just state the truth through "My theory is:" like every other anon here and tell what's actually happening.
That way we'd consider it, Cry wouldn't know it's you, you wouldn't have to reveal anything…come on.

No. 260643

Sorry, but to confirm you know what you're talking about for myself, are Cry and Cheyenne together?

No. 260644

Alright. Clearly there's some salt in here so I'm just going to go back to hovering. I'm glad that a lot of you seem to care about him, though. Thank you guys for that.


No. 260645

Yeah, you're Miss Kiwa

No. 260646

Any proof will be fakeable.


Any screenshot? photoshop.
A voice clip? How many hours… days…. weeks… months?? of Cry talking exist on the internet? How many of us would be able to recognize that this 10 second clip is from 3:25:03 of editing part 12 of game X?

There's no way to present proof, shy of giving away something incredibly personally identifiable.

Just let the girl leak what she feels comfortable leaking. Or making up. Whatever. Grain of salt. Use your brains.

No. 260647

Well, now I know you're lying or are completely and utterly not informed, which doesn't make sense if you were so close to Cry.

No. 260648

Iunno. I think they're telling the truth. ://
if thats the case then im just glad he's talking to someone about it

No. 260649

No Problem! I've been watching the dork for years and would hate to see him crash and burn. I have nothing but love for him <3

No. 260650

and what's your evidence for saying that?

No. 260651

so wait, are YOU saying they're NOT together? how do you know?

No. 260652

Okay I don't mean to come up out of the blue like this, but this is either fake or a really old screenshot. I'm not gonna reveal who I am, I'm not gonna contribute to this in any other way than the way I currently am, but I know for a fact that this is fake because I'm a friend of his.
Here are my reasons.
1.) His location isn't and has never been "United States". He keeps it somewhere overseas, won't say where, so people won't find him on there.
2.) He hasn't used the "Away" status in nearly a year. He's either invisible or Do Not Disturb.
I won't provide proof of this. And again, I won't say who I am or what I know. But I just wanna let you guys know that this anon is fake.

No. 260653

If they weren't still together, and you're posting on this thread then where's your evidence? You just accused someone who I genuinely think is telling the truth but yet you're here all talk and still no evidence. Especially after Cheyenne implied they're still a thing on stream.

No. 260654

I feel like there is this battle of two insider anons fighting over who is actually telling the truth, lmao

No. 260657

Still only believing once we have evidence provided. So far that screenshot is the closest thing we have.

No. 260658

>i know him better than you do!
>you know nothing, bitch!
whatevs, I truly hope one of the two is actually real and is actually helping him out
it'd suck knowing he is completely alone in this

No. 260659

That was more of a personal message to that Anon. I personally know what's been going on. You guys can believe whatever, but that Anon knows that there is someone that knows they're lying.

No. 260660


Thank you for your contribution. It's appreciated to have another perspective.

As I said: Grains of salt.

anyone can say anything and present it as truth.

No. 260662

Y'know I usually never talk on this thread and tonight I dared state my opinions back:

But so much shit happened after I started typing on here that I'm considering on never doing it again oh god.

No. 260663

I guess all we can do is just wait.

No. 260664

Regardless i just want cry to be happy again and for the last couple of weeks late night has been bomb as fuck.

No. 260665


Nah, Speaking for myself, I thought your posts were insightful and welcomed them :)

you didn't start any shit. :)

Relax, and pat the cows. Speak up if you have an opinion <3

No. 260666

WAIT INSIDERS, before you go can either of you answer this?
is cheyenne gonna be back on the Late Night stream?
pls tell me she is not, pls

No. 260667

It's no problem. Please, please take information like that with a grain of salt, like you said. I consider myself a good friend of his and no good friend would ever fucking leak information like that. It's dirty and gross. And as much as I know, I would be an awful friend to let you guys know of anything that is going on.
I wanna see what conclusions you guys draw. If anyone leaks fake info like that again, I'll shut it down, I promise.
And to reiterate, I won't reveal who I am at all at any point in time. I just want you guys to have real facts.
Peace out, homes. xo

No. 260669

If Cheyenne makes Cry happy, then I'm happy.
Personally I've always felt a bit - off about her? I just hope he's not suffering on his own.

No. 260670

first time posting on this thread and damn, a lot has went down since my last visit. I missed chey's stream today. Can anyone tell me if anything interesting happened on there?

No. 260673

WTF is happening with this thread.

Are Cheyenne and Cry a thing, or not? His Valentine's Day tweet was fucking weird. If they are a thing, then he's not happy, plain and simple. People in happy relationships don't warn single people to stay strong on Valentine's Day.
>All single people: Avoid Twitter today. Just do it. Trust me. Be strong.

Regardless of their relationship status, I think everyone can see that he is not happy, which is a shame. I hope he does have friends that he talks to regularly (and that they at least don't participate in the shit-talking on other sites or this one). I feel bad for him.

No. 260674

Girl confirmed.

No. 260675

She's still streaming I think.

No. 260676

Nah, not a girl. Just fruity. xo

No. 260678


well you'll always be fruity anon to me, now. be well if you decide to lurk

No. 260684

>Are Cheyenne and Cry a thing, or not?
Apparently she hinted at them still being together, see
But really, at this point, considering all the shit that just went itt, who the fuck knows anymore

No. 260685

Cheyenne just finished streaming and I don't know, she felt genuine. Which is weird for me to say.

No. 260687

Genuine about what? I really didn't see any difference in her attitude.

No. 260690

I actually really don't know. It was just a weird feeling.

No. 260701

I need to vent for a second here.
Don't get me wrong, I love Cry. Adore him, in fact. He's my favourite YouTuber and all around, (in my personal opinion), an amazing guy. But sometimes I regret being part of this fandom. There's so much negativity, it makes me feel sad.
I know that no fandom is perfect and that there's always going to be drama, but come on…
I'm not really helping myself by constantly coming back to this thread, I know that. But it's too addicting to not come and read every once in a while, y'know?
The problem is, whenever I do that, I'm left feeling sorta empty, which then leads me to think about this shit for hours.
Argh. I hate it.
I respect most of you people in here but, I just don't know how to put into words what I feel.

No. 260704

Sorry to hear that.

If I knew your personal twitter / tumblr or whatever, then I'd be able to give you the clarity that you needed.

It'd make you feel better.

No. 260706


op of the first cry thread here, the negativity is kind of what inspired me to make the thread, because there wasn't a space to be honest with my feelings without inducing fangirl wrath or having to show your url (not that I'm anyone important but still)

I guess the fact that there is a lot of bitterness in here reflects how a lot of fans actually feel but can't express in other platforms. I know what you mean though, it's like reading one of those depressing books that never seem to get better. I miss his videos. Streams are too long for me and I don't find it funny if I'm not live to see it at the time.

I lurk pretty actively, several times a day, and I'm not sure if I'm proud of my "creation" or not. In a way I guess I am since this is the most outspoken area that's not affected by ass kissers, but it also highlights just how shit the situation actually is, when you get post after post or piles of evidence that cry is in a really bad place and needs to get out of it, but probably doesn't know how

No. 260708

My Twitter is @CupcakeIsHeree so do with that what you want I guess.
Kinda dumb to just put on here but I suppose there's always a privatise option if any trolls come along.

No. 260712

Just realised I replied to the wrong comment above. My bad.

No. 260713

I can respect that. In a way, it was a good thing to do for those people who feel the need to discuss this. It just hits hard when I realise that ''hey, maybe he is in a really tough situation that he can't get out of''. I hate it so much.

No. 260717

Not vent!anon here:


I think part of the…. allure? is that we're allowed to be negative. And from what i've seen (I came in ~thread 3… and did a LOT of skimming to TRY and catch up) for the most part, we're not as awful as a lot of people would be, given anonymity. Today's been a pretty decent example: one of the recurring themes is "I want Cry to be okay." and "I want him to get away from someone who is abusive."

So, y'know, it's kinda nice. It's like listening to several other people who have the same 'inner bitch' that I have. It's a bit therapeutic, honestly.

Sometimes, I wish things were a little less anonymous–I feel like I could be friends with some of y'all. But if we were not all wearing our little Cry-anon masks, we couldn't have what's here.

No. 260720

File: 1488323524532.jpg (22.52 KB, 385x385, FeelsBadMan.jpg)

yeah, I know how you feel, I actually find myself checking this thread multiple times a day hoping to finally find something nice for once, some shred of hope about him finally getting out of the situation, but alas, looks like that never happens, huh?

No. 260723

I was going to follow you but, you have someone that's a snitching two face following you. He's on here and he's on cheyenne's side still.

No. 260725

I have hope!

Don't give up hope. There's plenty of hints that say that even if they're still together, they won't stay that way.

No. 260727

Who, exactly? I can block them. I don't want to be affiliated with anyone like that.

No. 260730

No need to answer that, I figured out who you mean. He's officially blocked.

No. 260733

eh I guess that's true
weird thing is, despite cheyenne acting on stream like nothing happened at all, I am now feeling more hopeful about the whole situation than I have in a very long while
let's just hope we're not just deluding ourselves here

No. 260734

My guess would be deadpanda or sonofliberty.

No. 260750

It was one of the two.

No. 260755

I agree with this. I'm more inclined to believe what we see from Cry than what we see/hear from Cheyenne. She could be hard in denial.
Plus, Cry said she was doing some "soul searching" and why would he say that if she was just hanging out with her sister.

No. 260766

Agreed. Plus Cheyenne is great at lying.

No. 260767

I felt the same way anon. Maybe it's because I've never watched one of her streams. She doesn't seem so bad when she's by herself. I guess she just acts like a major bitch when she's with other people.

No. 260772

Easy to act nice when you're just doing it for people who are throwing money at you.
She's incapable of showing anyone else respect.

Also, to add, she could be trying to make Cry look bad if he does/did leave her. "look how nice and genuine I am out of the blue"

No. 260777

Saged cause u don't think I'm contributing anything haha

For the soul searching, I feel like Cheyenne may have been hit by a realization. Sure she's been a bitch but in today's stream, she did seem okay and genuine but I only watched for 20 Minutes cause of a Crim Exam so I'm just basing it on those 20 Minutes. However before, she didn't have people keep her in check because of her harsh demeanour and so she continued how she acted because isn't it funny? Ever since these threads have happened, She took a break whereas the whole red and ziegs situations, people didn't really do much but these threads have been posting actual receipts and close theories about their relationship AND the fact that people that she may know may be talking in this thread. It may have triggered a realization of sorts???

On the other hand, Cry seems to be those open and flirty types whose just really friendly to those he trust and those his friends trust. However due to a certain jealous lady, he couldn't do that and the surpress his actual self and act how she wanted him to be. That takes a lot out of a person especially when your friends criticize you instead of listening and working things out

Idk Cry just seems like myself, a couple months ago

No. 260778

Pardon my writing-

No. 260782

He's starting a steam and I have to go cook dinner! :C

No. 260785

But wouldn't you think she'd act like that with just Cry? As a person who's watched (a very tiring amount) of her streams, I can tell you she's only acting "genuine" because it benefits her.

No. 260788

While I'd love for Cheyenne to have suddenly had a change of heart, I don't think it's going to happen. People like that aren't going to listen to what they've done wrong. If that ever had a chance of happening, the Ziegs incident should've been a bigger wake up call. Cheyenne suddenly acting nice is probably because she knows Cry is finally on the verge of getting rid of her and she wants to hold onto as many delusional fans as possible.

No. 260791

Good, he's a piece of shit.

No. 260792

Sad I'm realising this just now lol.

No. 260794

He's a user, a Sage supporter and Cheyenne supporter. So fuck that.

No. 260795

He DMed me some pretty weird shit. I brushed it off but eh, I get what everyone means when they say that now.

No. 260806

File: 1488328889965.png (23.23 KB, 564x274, Not as relevent.png)

i was going to post this awhile back but people stopped talking about her so i didn't bother. it's not on his bio anymore but you can still see it on this search result.

No. 260810

Oh shit.

No. 260816

man, a dude walks away to watch some movies and comes back to watch the plot go on a rollercoaster.

i'm gonna hold on to the theory that Cry spending time away from Cheyenne made him realise, if only a little, that their relationship is fucked up and that he needs to drop her. like >>260788 said, Cheyenne herself might be realising this and either trying to get him to change his mind or tarnish his reputation post-breakup.

No. 260817


Both of you bring up good points but I didn't mean to say that she's definitely having a change of heart, I'm sorry if I came across like that !! Especially when I only watched 20 Minutes of that stream haha

And even if the realization is only based on her losing the person that gives her fame and money, even if she bullied ziegs and the others, there wasn't much discussion and since her fans stuck up for her, she may have possibly gained the impression that she's safe in the bubble of her fans. Until, like I said, these threads began. Where we tried to go in depth with all those troublesome things she's done, compiled evidence to prove it, brought up many good points in her terrible behaviour, she no longer has that bubble to be in since so far (which is honestly really great if I can be honest here) her fans haven't messed these threads ups and plus, those who seemed to be affiliated with both Cry,her and the LNC, she could be worried that they may say some things that will end up doing a lot of damage…? Because if I'm honest here, I've had two friends who aren't fond of her anymore ever since reading these and they even defended her during the whole ziegs incident–

Sorry for the pointless post-

No. 260841

Just a random little side note but I noticed when chey was streaming cry never hosted her but now since he's streaming she's hosting him. hmm

No. 260856

She's trying to remind people that she's still his girlfriend in the public eye until someone says otherwise. Or it could be auto-host. Idk but I think she's still trying to cling to him in any way until he finally kicks her to the curb.

No. 260869

Solid point. Man I actually used to like chey until I really looked into all this stuff that's been happening

No. 260881

It's really hard for me to understand how anyone could have liked her with how she acted, no offense. She's the most abrasive person I've ever seen, and terrible to everyone.

No. 260887

No offense taken! I just didn't really understand it at the time.

No. 260893

To be honest, I didn't mind her at first either. She annoyed me sometimes with her bitching but I tried to let it go until I heard about the whole Ziegs incident. I only became a fan a few months after she left so I didn't know about that until a while later. After I knew though, it pissed me off. I don't care who she is, no one has the right to act like she does and her apology was the most half-assed thing I've ever seen. I just wish the rest of the fans would see that. Most of them are in the dark anyways since the crew likes to sweep things under the rug.

No. 260898

As a person who use to like Cheyenne as well: my reasoning was "If Cry was in a relationship with her, then there was something to like about her." I always felt odd with her, but I just thought it was a fangirl tendency. Up until the whole conversation went down about how she thought Cry uploading one video a day wasn't impressive, and then her bullying, etc. I feel like a lot of people have made themselves like her just because Cry did. Or they either already had the same personality as her.

No. 260899


> the whole conversation went down about how she thought Cry uploading one video a day wasn't impressive,

Oh gosh, yeah, I saw that one on youtube (thank you beautiful people who upload stream stuff to youtube) … it about broke my heart.

I mean, I think about how I'd feel is someone i cared baout said that to me and it just. :( Devastating. I know Cry's made of sterner stuff than I am… but who the hell says that to someone they care about? :(

No. 260903

That is exactly what I used to think! Until she went too far with all that and I had to reevaluate everything I thought about her because that was just straight up wrong. It isn't her place to try and dictate what HE does with HIS videos. The channel isn't called Cheyenne & Cryaotic it's just Cryaotic, simple as that

No. 260905

She thinks she can do/say whatever she wants. She's said before "I can say that because I have sex with you" or something along those lines and I think that's how she really thinks. And Cry actually takes the time and effort to edit his videos in ways that makes sense or are funny and I think he was proud of how he did videos until she said that.
Not in her mind it isn't. Everything Cry has belongs to her ever since she started dating him.

No. 260913

This is why I will never understand why some people will date a YouTuber purely for their fame instead of the person they are off camera. I mean I can understand some aspect of it but that's gotta be really draining for the person going through this. If they wanted to be famous they should just try doing it on their own instead of leeching off of someone else.

No. 260915

But then again they probably do it because they know they wouldn't make it very far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 260928

I'm willing to believe that she genuinely liked him at the beginning, but as time went on, she loved what he could give her more. She probably would've left him for the whole cheating thing but knew she would lose what he offered so she decided to stick it out. Just my opinion but it makes sense in my head.

No. 260932

Also a valid point

No. 260947

> It isn't her place to try and dictate what HE does with HIS videos.

> She thinks she can do/say whatever she wants. She's said before "I can say that because I have sex with you" or something along those lines and I think that's how she really thinks

I mean, to a tiny tiny degree, if you're in a relationship with someone, you have some room to be 'demanding'… "You're not going out wearing that shirt. It's ratty and gross looking." "Baby, I love you, but could you not burp like that when we're in a restaurant? It's embarrassing…" … and I think "can you please not flirt with other girls? it really bothers me"

but shiiit, everything I see from her is just.. pure lack of respect. "No, I give you sex, so obey me."

For a while, I hoped that they were just, like, teasing. I mean, My husband and I will 'playfully bicker' in public, playing off of "Oh, you know how men/women are" stereotypes… but it's always very clearly teasing (and honestly, it makes the old-lady cashiers at walmart smile, and start talking about their 'lazy husbands' or whatever)… but …

….if they are 'playfully teasing'… 1) They've crossed the line several times with each other and 2) they're basically doing that thing where you're taking your kink out in public and making everyone around you uncomfortable in the process.

That said, I think it's more likely that they ARE teasing (or at least, Chey says "It's not like I mean it.") and don't realize how much they're hurting each other.

Or Chey's hurting him, anyway.

No. 260958

Some of the things she's said and done are clearly not teasing. I can see how it could be perceived like that, but I think most of us have been around enough to see that shit isn't a joke.
He doesn't go at her with the same ferocity. He might have playfully said "you bitch" in the past, but that's the extent.
There are so many videos out there that highlight some serious abusive behavior. She always has to have her way, she puts him down constantly, she gaslights him a bunch. These are the things we can see in public, as well. I'm sure she's worse in private.

No. 260960

Agreed. I kinda wish someone had made a channel consisting only of her streams.

No. 261008

Why would you wish someone such a horrible fate?!

No. 261025

Because ive watched some of her older streams and she's talked some major shit. Especially when her and Jund were pretty much enemies. And then when it was just her and Cry that's when she'd really get frustrated and show her true colors. Idk it would just give us more proof of how she is.

No. 261048

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwaFCN5ue_ZPE6zNIZ2smg This channel has a lot of Cheyenne being awful stuff.

No. 261211

Hey thanks!

No. 261261

So I'm about halfway through Cheyenne's stream, and Cry resubbed to her. Don't know if that is worth noting but it's the most he's acknowledged of her lmao

No. 261276

Couldve just done it automatically, i dont think he did it intentionally lol

No. 261290

It was a resub where you can write some comment with it. I think it was intentional. Also she's apparently gonna stream today again at 9am PST. Lol we'll see.

No. 261340

did he write anything?

No. 261366

He did. She was at a part where it involved kids and he jokingly said "Think of the children!" Or something along those lines. I'm too lazy to check again.

No. 261376


No. 261398

Lmao she's streaming again. And since the auto host was on, it was showing TKBreezy. She just now switched it over to her channel. Wow.

No. 261422

If Cheyenne is on for LNC, then we know it's all over boy. We're doomed

No. 261484

Pls no

No. 261492

I'm going to be so fucking disappointed if she's back on LNC. Seriously, Cry is an idiot for staying with her.

No. 261531

No, not doomed.

Just delayed.

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that he's Been Thinking About Things, and that Stuff Might Change as a result.

Heck, her being on LNC might be the last straw.


Naw. Cry's a sweetheart. And it can be seriously hard to make the decision to end things. Logically, you can understand that, for example, it's a bad relationship, but the heart isn't so understanding.

Nearly every person I've known who's gotten out of an abusive relationship has said something like "But when we're good, everything's great." or "it's only when he gets angry.." or "he's not like that, most of the time." … as well, we're taught that you're supposed to accept our loved ones flaws, not try to change them. just like, even when these people get tired of being abused, they can say things like "I know it's stupid, but I still miss him."

And it really is true.

and to add to it further: From what I recall, Cry lived with a single mother, and had a string of poor to shitty father figures.

Speaking from personal experience, men who have similar backstories tend to have a more difficult time accepting that a woman can be abusive to a man.

And cry knows he's not being abusive, so, what she's doing is probably okay, yeah? She's being strong and independent, and she's not going to take any shit from anyone, and that's pretty attractive, especially in comparison to what he saw his mom do.

(again, please, this is my speaking my own opinions based on 3 young men I've known… and using that knowledge to make guesses about Cry's nature. Not any insider knowledge. Your mileage may vary. Cry's milage may vary.)

So, don't say he's an idiot. He's making a dumb decision, but affairs of the heart are often difficult.

and, I hold to my prior thought – he's had some time to think about things. He's had some time to realize "wow, I feel better about myself when i'm not being constantly abused" and that is really, seriously, one of the first steps.

You can tell someone up and down left and right that they are being abused…. and it won't sink in if they're not ready to hear it–maybe even make them resistant to it, if you keep going on about it. The decision to step away from an abuser often starts from a single step: some moment where they realize "I want happy until you came home" or "I didn't want to come home from work" or something like that. it doesn't tend to spur instant change, but starts some self study and soul searching.

and with 3+ years? (I think?) of soul to search through, it can take a while.

Especially as, I think, Cry's by nature a sweet guy. not the type to want to hurt someone More willing to accept what's offered. But I think.. . at some point… he'll find that line and step paste it.

It's also worth noting that he has several examples going on around him of people breaking up, and it not being the end of the world, etc.

Just give him time. These things need time.

No. 261569

You keep my hopes up anon, thank you for that

No. 261679


Cheyenne mentioning that it's a big possibility that she will be back on Saturday streams. Wanted too clip this yesterday but forgot to

No. 261699

I still think it's so weird. If that were the reason, helping her sister, why didn't she say something on social media? Her sister had a baby last year and it was on twitter. She was gone for a couple weeks then, after the livestreamfails thing happened, and that's why they said she was gone then.

Now, her sister had a baby a month and a half ago and she's said nothing, hasn't been around, has just talked about how depressed she was.. Cry said she was doing "soul searching…"

Honestly, none of it makes sense and I guess we'll just have to see what happens. We're probably just getting the typical LNC "lie to the viewers" stuff.

No. 261747

I really really don't want her back on LNC. Like I know Anon said that Cry is at least taking steps towards realizing shit, but what if she reels him back in? I don't want it to go back to the way it was. With her complaining about a game they are having fun with, her constant annoying competitive-ness, and insults at everyone for no reason. I'm like already dreading Saturday and it's been a long while since that's happened :/

No. 261835

"idk if this is dumb to ask but does anyone know why cry and chey don't talk as much anymore?" - just saw this in Snake's chat lol

No. 261837

Cry and Angel were both hosting Cheyenne's stream today…

No. 261843

Cheyenne could be saying Sage was the cause of the fights? Like somehow convinced Angel Sage had started it now that Sage is gone? Or she caved in on letting Angel back to try and gain favor?

No. 261847

Nah I don't think so. I think Angel is just nice enough to host Cheyenne after her long hiatus.

No. 261855

Autohost is also a thing.

No. 261884

Yeah and I think if you have a channel set to autohost and they go offline and host someone else then your channel autohosts whoever they host. So it's possible Angel has Cry on autohost and he autohosted Cheyenne and Angel's channel ended up autohosting her too.

No. 261911


I'm glad I could help <3

Helps me keep my hopes up too ;)


Honestly, I think she's lying. Or at least… She's only telling part of the truth.

Maybe baby-having coincided with some other event that lead to going MIA/soulsearching for a while.

A convinient excuse to get away from it all for a while.

By the sound of it, she probably didn't say much to anyone about it, or possibly only said something vauge or whatever.

Maybe, after a period of no-communication, cry bothered her until she responded (she's indicated in the past that he can messsage too much) …. so maybe she blew up at him with something like "shut the fuck up and leave me alone" (or something that seems somewhat final, or maybe jsut rude AFK when addressed at someone who's just worried about you, or maybe was trying to tell you something exciting) which started his period of depression….

I dunno.

(I had the wacky thought while writing this that maybe she cheated on him but I've no evidence at all… except… in that clip that other anon just posted, she said that her sister lives nearby. Which means she wasn't, like, 500 miles away from her computer, but was probably pretty dang close to home. …. though that may be me who's been in the position of my LDR-BF-cheating-on-me-with-someone-local-to-him…)

No. 261930

Okay so… Because I am a sucker for Cry's voice: I'm watching wind-down hour 2 where he's doing a jigsaw with someone.

I got a bit of a laugh where cry's talking about how he was a ladies man as a kid.. hit his peak and and "it's just been shit since" … pretty sure he was jsut goofing off, but lol

No. 261941

That was would be autohost for sure, Angel has Cryaotic on her autolist and since Cheyenne was hosted by Cry, she showed up on Angel's.

I know Angel, her and Cheyenne do not get along, Cheyenne was a big part of the bullying that happened a few months ago. She'd never willingly have anything to do with Cheyenne, I don't think.

No. 261953

That's not how autohost works. I host Cry for fun but when he's hosting someone, I'm not hosting anyone on my channel.

No. 261955

That is how autohost works, not sure why it doesn't for you.

No. 261959

Just tried it on another channel I have. If I host someone who is also hosting I get nothing on my channel.

It's like this for a reason, otherwise you would have no control what would appear on your channel.

No. 261960

When you are autohosting someone and they go offline and begin autohosting it continues showing the new stream.
Otherwise I am incredibly confused and somewhat concerned how both myself and my friends have found ourselves hosting people we've never even heard of.

No. 261962

Same with autohosting strangers for me too. I looked at my following and saw that someone I follow/autohost was hosting the person, though. So It definitely will autohost the person your autohost is hosting, for whatever reason.

No. 261968

File: 1488448950553.png (3.67 KB, 359x62, autohost.png)

she probably has this turned on guys

No. 262174

Saturday night is almost here
You guys ready for the return of Chey to LNC?

No. 262177

No, I'm hoping she stays away from LNC from now on. She hasn't mentioned anything about it while streaming today. I'll try and ask her about it towards the end of her stream.

No. 262227

Maybe you shouldn't lol. We don't want her thinking we actually want her back.

No. 262308

Someone had asked her yesterday again, and I know she saw it because she answered the one right below it. The last time she streamed like weeks ago, she said the exact same thing about there being a bigger chance of her being on Late Night again. At this point we just have to have hope that she'll flake again.

No. 262315

You know I saw a lot of people saying that Cheyenne is a "great voice actress" and "her voice acting in Phoenix Wright is amazing" but like, it's really not. The game she was playing right now, and even in RE7 with the notes and stuff, she was just bleh. I dont get it.

No. 262370

They're just sucking up to her. She has the most boring voice and she puts in no effort. It's just her ugly monotone voice reading shit.

No. 262437

I don't even know why she does Phoenix Wright with them. They all get into it and she doesn't even try and complains the whole time (like any other game really). Jund isn't a very good voice actor either but he at least tries or just does a voice modifier.

No. 262438

She used to say how much she hated doing it and how she never looked forward to it. I honestly think she just did it to keep Angel from being there, since they had told her that she could come be on and Cheyenne shut it down on stream that one time.

No. 262439

Here is something I have been wondering. So lets say when all this went down, cry took the side of Angel and Mash. This made Chey mad and probably went off on him which may have ended with her saying she had to "soul search" on their relationship. She goes MIA, cry gets depressed…. Now Cry is getting happy, Chey is back, and she may have told him with all the searching she has decided she wants to stay together.

I'm hoping I am way off but Cry getting happier it seems and her coming back around the same time is weird to me.

No. 262441

I see what you're saying, but Cheyenne didn't go MIA for a while after the whole thing though. I think it's more likely that the crew being on the other side pushed Cry to rethink his relationship. This probably caused some sort of argument that led to "soul searching".

No. 262446

I agree more with this. She could be doing the thing that all abusive partners do, which is come back acting super nice because they've changed "so much" after thinking about things.
Which sucks if he's going with it, which is what it looks like. She's done so many fucked up things, I don't get what's taking Cry so long to realize she's no good.

I'm really really nervous for Saturday, though. I really don't want her to come back to the LNC. If she just isn't around stuff anymore, it'll be much better, but I'm sure she'll never be happy being out of the limelight like that, so I'm sure she'll worm her way back in.
But if the theories are true about the crew being so upset about the drama that happened because of Cheyenne and Sage, I can't imagine her return would go over well unless they talked it out?

I don't really get it.

No. 262454

I totally agree about Cheyenne acting nice. She'll do it to get back good with Cry and eventually go back to how she was just like all abusive partners. Then the cycle will repeat until Cry grows a pair and kicks her to the curb.
I don't think the crew has a choice really in her coming back. Like, Russ and Snake especially were obviously unhappy about the whole DnD thing but nothing came from it because Cry is basically the boss and Cheyenne is his boss. Jund for years has openly disliked her and nothing ever came from that either. The title might say Late Night with Cry and Russ, but Cry has the ultimate power since he has a larger fan base. Views decline on nights he's not there and the others know that. I don't think Cry is the type of person that would ever threaten them with something like that, but I think Cheyenne would. I can imagine her trying to convince Cry to get rid of someone (like Angel) or threatening the crew to get rid of them if they started to "rebel" too much. Not saying it would work, but people have been using fear tactics for centuries to keep people from speaking out.

No. 262468

Disclaimer: I'm someone who strives desperately to give the benefit of the doubt.

IF Cheyenne's soul searching was about her behavior and stuff… and IF she's been promising to 'change so much' etc. (I have my doubts on that last one. If doesn't feel right to me) …. I wanna talk about this:

> She could be doing the thing that all abusive partners do, which is come back acting super nice because they've changed "so much" after thinking about things.

I think it's important to mention that not all abusive partners realize that they're doing that. That it's a manipulation tactic, I mean. She may very well feel, in that moment, that she HAS made a realization and DOES WANT to change and be a better person… the problem lays in maintaining that emotion.

I mean, a couple times a month I decide that I'm sick of being out of shape and decide that I AM going to start doing some aerobics each morning. It can be hard to stick to it. Habits are hard to kick, especially when they're a part of your personality. Seriously: Daily aerobics? Adds one item to your day. you think about it, you do it, you're done. But changing your personality is fucking HARD. It's part of you. It's part of EVERYTHING you do. It's part of how you THINK.

It's always there.

And the 'worst' part is, you can 'get it right' 99% of the time, but EVERYONE notices when you mess up that 1%.

So she could legit be sincere.. But I really doubt that this is exactly what happened. It's a good theory, though. It just doesn't feel right to me.

Maybe it's because I don't think it fits Cheyenne's character to vanish for… what… a month and change without any word… if she's such an attention whore?

I've seen plenty of 'over night' conversions. And those are the ones easily forgotten.

So if she REALLY did spend a month thinking about whatever…. Maybe she's serious.

If any of that is real, hahahaha.

Personally I think we're missing a key page or two of this story. :)

No. 262480

She said she would've every time she gets a time out, but it's never happened. It will never happen.

No. 262484

Things should have changed after she was told she made someone want to kill themselves. They didn't change -so much- that she went on to bully 2 other girls, with backup that time.

She won't change.
Honestly, I think for the best would be for Cry to leave her and to actually distance himself from her. She needs to be away from this kind of environment and heavily work on herself. She won't change if everything around her does not. Her and Cry clearly don't work, there's been signs of that ever since they announced they were dating.

No. 262487

>there's been signs of that ever since they announced they were dating.

Like what?

No. 262490

Publicly bickering, a lot. Cheyenne had a tendency to go after his fans like crazy. I feel like, of course they're going to be annoying, but she had this unhealthy possession over him where she felt the need to berate literally every fan that said anything against her.
When it's like, you're already dating him Cheyenne, they're not going to compromise your relationship with him.
After that it just got worse and worse with her obviously controlling everything in the relationship and the people around them getting more and more uncomfortable and unhappy with her, leading up the the Ziegs incident. We're all aware how it spiralled after that.

No. 262495

Going off the fan thing, she also seems very competitive with them. She was talking about fangirls once and said "Well guess who won, bitches?!" She loves to point out that she's the one dating him and all of her social media is based around their relationship. It's pathetic and like this anon >>262484 said, she doesn't need to be in this environment. It obviously is not healthy and if she really wanted to be with Cry she would work on herself instead of trying to worm her way to getting money/fame. I personally think a breakup would be best for everyone involved.

No. 262506

Cry wives right?

No. 262508


I remember that! It ended up in Draxr's like "best laughs of 2016" or something but i just found it gross. Here's the video if anybody wanted to see it. Go to 1:02:11 since the link isn't letting me post with the timestamp already.

No. 262510

I like how shortly after that Russ refers to them as "Cryaotic Anonymous".

An apt name for us too, but for a different reason.

No. 262512

Cry did cheat on her with a fan, gives her a good reason to be so crazy competitive imo

No. 262514

No it doesn't. You either accept and move on, or you leave the person because you can't trust them.
You don't become a psycho

No. 262515

Was it actual physical cheating or online flirting cheating?

No. 262517

Check thread 3. Short version, we don't know, a lot of confusion and misdirection.

No. 262518

An insider even said that Cry didn't cheat. Just mostly flirting.

No. 262519

Internet flirting could be considered cheating if your relationship is pretty much Internet flirting anyways.

No. 262520

Yeah. But Cheyenne herself said he flirts with everybody. So I wouldn't put it past her to be okay with it, then turn it into something she can make him feel like shit with.

No. 262526

No way she's okay with it. And saying he flirts with everyone sounds like she's just trying to make that person feel like a nobody, which I'm sure is what she was trying to do by saying he wouldn't remember the person the next minute.

No. 262527

You're always posting twice, are you on mobile?

No. 262528

Yeah I have to do everything from mobile unfortunately.

No. 262530

Lol I fuckin beg to disagree. So many people stay with cheaters and the vast majority become more suspicious/jealous, which is justified. Not the right choice in most cases but its human nature.

No. 262551

You guys think we're gonna see Angel on TGI tonight?

No. 262554

I hope so. I'd like to see her stand her ground vs Chey if she comes around.

No. 262570

what time does the stream start? I'm gmt+1, so I need to set an alarm

No. 262610

8pm EST

No. 262714

thanks man

No. 262928

"What's today? Friday? Well I might see you guys tomorrow, I don't know. It depends on my sister." Can we all hope that Cheyenne's sister comes through and helps us out?

No. 262980

yup, angle's on TGI tonight

No. 262999

Cheyenne changed her twitter picture. Hmm.

No. 263004

I hope one day she finds a picture that doesn't make her look disgusting. Seeing something so close to her RL face made me sick to my stomach.

No. 263009

I feel like a dick saying this but the picture forgot her big nose. Other than that, I agree though lol.

No. 263020

I feel like this is a cop out. Before it was a "yeah, I'm coming back!" and now she's not sure if she'll be busy with her sister during late night?
Maybe she isn't allowed to come back and she's just been trying to play it off. I guess we'll see tomorrow though.

No. 263067

I'm guessing the lack of reaction on this thread means sister avila came through?

No. 263068

Its not stream day yet though so we dont know

No. 263302

Welp. It's stream day.

No. 263553

Stream just started and no Chey. However Angel did say Cry was her boss. So maybe we are safe?

No. 263571

Someone apparently signed Cry's email up for a website called AffairAlert. Just found that a little funny.

No. 263572

Where's Jund? He just hosted a tournament so he has no excuse to miss out.

No. 263577

I believe they said that's exactly why he's absent, because he's tired after the tournament.

No. 263587

I think it's weird that Jund will do his own stream every day but the 1 day a week LNC is on he'll be there for a couple hours or not at all.
I hope he isn't getting paid as much as Snake and Russ, because it's every week.

No. 263592

Well he's said multiple times that the reason he leaves early is because he's not mostly nocturnal like the rest of the crew. I understand that because I usually can only stay up like 5 hours of the stream instead of the usual 8. Not showing up is a little different. I think that he could try to show up a little more, but I don't think it's nearly as often as you're implying.

No. 263594

They're having so much fun tonight!!!!!!

No. 263595

Except it is. And I get not being 'nocturnal,' I just hope he isn't being paid the same as them then. If you think of it like a job, should your parttime coworker make as much as you when you're fulltime?
because he's basically just parttime

No. 263596

Heh, the mic echo on Cry makes it sound like they're doing a gig somewhere. They need someone on drums tho

No. 263643

And that's supposed to be Jund. Who was not there.

No. 263651

Cheyenne is supposedly doing a stream Sunday morning so I wonder if she's gonna mention not being on Late Night.

No. 263689

She'll probably just say her sister needed her for the baby in the middle of the night, just on Saturdays though.

No. 263706

It definitely sounds like she's making excuses to pretend that everything is okay with her and Cry. She needed to come up with better lies for that to work.

No. 263876

Apparently she can't stream today

No. 263919

Maybe depressed

No. 264084

Is anyone watching Cry stream? I would but it's 3am and I have college today.
Something might be brought up.

No. 264275

I guess nobody did lol sorry

No. 264276


No. 264341


Aren't you a happy little ray of sunshine?


I didn't, but I'll check it out this afternoon.

No. 264394

Cheyenne mentioned on stream that Cry promised her an Ihop date 3 months after they met on stream.


No. 264395


Gosh that is so graspy desperate sounding. "if anybody stood anybody up, he stood me up"

No. 264399

It really is. She's so negative and bitter about everything.

No. 264418

Brooke from life is strange reminds me of Cheyenne in alot of ways. They're both bitter and negative about everything that doesn't go their way.

No. 264423

Yeah I thought so too. Her old profile pic on twitter really looked like her too.

No. 264463

I can't get over how fake she seemed during the suicide scene with Kate tbh

No. 264467

Was she pretending to care or what?

No. 264478

In my opinion, yeah. I mean it may be her monotone voice (or maybe I'm still bitter over the whole Ziegs thing), but it didn't really seem like she cared all too much.

No. 264506

isn't this when the fan found cry and cheyenne at ihop?

No. 264512

yeah, i believe so.

No. 264542

No. No one actually saw them. They just said that they did for the sake of doing so.

No. 264548

I honestly have a hard time thinking she can feel anything for anyone beyond herself considering how she treats others. She seems like she has no empathy.
I think only recently has she been trying to pretend like she can feel for others. She is fake as fuck.

No. 264597

Looks like Cheyenne's still on good terms with Sage.
Maybe that has something to do with her not being on stream.

No. 264603


No. 264605

I don't think that matters at all, Sage is nothing so associating with nothing isn't a problem.

No. 264610

Cheyenne got an ask about it on tumblr.

No. 264611

No. 264612

>>264610 Was meant to be for >>264603
I'm a mess lmao.

No. 264614

She hasn't. This was from when they had their ihop date.

No. 264616

It also may have something to do with the fact they bullied 2 girls together?
But like >>264605 said, she's a nobody.

No. 264624

but there was another one where they mentioned it on stream.

No. 264628

Yeah I remember that! Cry mentioned that a fan saw them both and was really courteous about the encounter. Not sure if it was in iHop though

No. 264632

Can anyone provide evidence of this?

No. 264648

I'm trying to remember which stream it was.

No. 264654

I dont have evidence but I know it happened as well.

No. 264830

Remember that witwix used to frequent playing with the crew? I guess things changed on Jund started dating Jen. For real though, I think witwix should just replace Jund since he's just never there. He says streaming is his job but he's a whiny baby after a 2-4 hour stream from 9AM-1PM when LNC is way later. He's just trying to milk more money (with for honor everyday) when he knows he gets a default amount of money from the crew. I feel bad they have to deal with this and I feel bad that witwix isn't around anymore

No. 264867

I agree that I'd prefer Witwix over Jund as well. Jund's fine usually but for a while now, he has taken to complaining a lot.. And he isn't on LNC long as it is.
Recently, when he is on he just seems pushy and like he's in a rush to put in time to play one, maybe two games so he can leave asap
He doesn't joke as much and clearly treats it like a job he's not that into.
Plus, I got really grossed out by him supporting Cheyenne just to appease and push Sage ahead as a streamer

No. 264874

I've actually never really liked Jund that much, either. His complaining and negativity tend to bring down the mood (albeit not as much as Cheyenne does).

Not sure if it means much, but they still have Witwix's Blastoise avatar in the firepit in the LNC campfire title card (for lack of a better name for it).

No. 264897

I think that's just from Cry being lazy. He had Tolo's image there for a while too. But, I'm sure he and Witwix are still fine. Cry also never added Angel to the guest list despite her being there as much as or more than most on the list. That could also be due to Cheyenne though.

No. 264996

Personally, I like Jund. I was sort of off-put though when he stopped going at Cheyenne just for Sage but hopefully now that they're not together he's stopped that. There needs to be at least one person on the crew that won't take Cheyenne's bullshit. I think it's weird though that Jund only says he's leaving half the time. Like, he'll just suddenly be gone from the stream.

No. 265002

I used to like him. He just has gone really downhill since he dated Sage. I really do hope he improves because it was amazing when he would call Cheyenne out on some of her more extreme bullshit but I kind of don't see that Jund returning. New Jund blows.

No. 265037


Dude has a multitude of health problems and you're giving him shit for apparently having a splitting headache and skipping one stream out of literally hundreds? How is he even trying to milk money by playing a game? In fact, he just hosted a big tournament and put all donations he received towards the prize pool. Is there some anti-Jund circlejerk I'm missing here?

No. 265040


To be fair Cheyenne's pretty much been gone since they broke up so you can't really give him shit for defending her when there hasn't even been any word from her since. For all we know he could completely shit on her again like the old days if she does something

No. 265048

I think it's that he's acted kinda shady and he doesn't really stay for very long on LNC stuff. Not everyone is gonna be a fan of him, he is an asshole. Some people like that, some don't.
The Jen/Jund/Witwix thing has hit a sore spot with some, I think, too.
I mean even Cheyenne has supporters. I've seen comments on youtube videos and people in chat saying they miss Cheyenne insulting people.
He's just not everyone's cup of tea.

No. 265057


I'm a mod for his stream and he is legit one of the nicest dudes I've met. He doesn't stay long on LNC because he is the only one the crew that isn't completely nocturnal - all the rest of them wake up at like 4pm. What has he done that was shady?

No. 265071

I'm glad he's nice to you, but he did allow Sage to bully 2 girls with Cheyenne, and supported her doing so because it made her happy. The love triangle of Jen/Witwix/Jund is confusing as hell but I guess we don't know much about it, other than since it happened Witwix has been pretty MIA on LNC stuff.
I get that he isn't Nocturnal. I'm sure the crew has it worked out that he makes less than Snake/Russ which is why he pushes for his own streams all the time.

He is an asshole though. He's gone off on twitter about losing maybe 2 or 3 subs because of x or y, which is really unprofessional. Like it was stated before, recently he seems to just be pushing the stream ahead when they're all talking so that he can play a game, maybe two, and leave quick. He'll just pressure the others by saying things like "so are we playing something" "we gotta play something, people are waiting" and just being pushy and awkward in general.

His attitude, in my opinion, has just gone pretty sharply downhill and I can see that I'm at least not the only one who thinks that.

No. 265076

I see what you're saying with the whole letting Sage help Cheyenne bully, but so did the rest of the crew. None of them did anything to stop it. Yeah, Jund should've said something since he was her bf, but none of them did anything but sulk really. And they tried to invite Witwix to something last week (I think? Might've been the week before) and he was sick so he didn't come. I get what you were trying to say though.

No. 265077


First of all, if you have a crazy bitch of a girlfriend like Sage probably was, I'm pretty sure you'd be terrified to not go along with whatever shit came out of her mouth. I'm pretty sure he was just either scared or being a good boyfriend. I know for a fact he didn't like having to do that, as proven by him immediately talking to Angel again after they broke up.

And what does "pushes for his own streams all the time" mean? He's been streaming daily himself pretty much since LNC started with 50 viewers. Are you saying he planned all of this in advance 5 years ago? Come on now.

How is him feeling bad his channel was doing bad making him an asshole? Makes him unprofessional, sure, but how the hell does that make him an asshole? Its like if someone tweeted "got a pay cut at my job, really sucks" would you really go "wow what an asshole!" If so, I think -you- might be an asshole.

He does expedite the streams, which frankly I like. The crew tends to shit around for like 40 minutes occasionally doing absolutely nothing so its good someone pushes them to actually play a game. He never really sounds dickish about it either.

You're free to dislike him an stuff but you kinda sound like a dick yourself.

No. 265079

No, I mean 'pushes for his own streams' just that he doesn't prioritize LNC at all, but instead will stream his own stuff 2 times a day. Which is fine, if that's what you're about, I guess.

It makes you an asshole when you try to guilt your viewers into subbing/staying subbed. He doesn't know why those people unsubbed, maybe they just couldn't afford it. Crying about it on twitter is an asshole move, sorry. He's tweeting about his job TO his customers.
If papa johns all of a sudden started tweeting about how they just didn't sell enough pizza yesterday and 'what the hell guys,' it would be an asshole move, yeah.

I personally like the banter. I come for the banter, not to watch them speedrun through a game. It's boring when they're playing and just making small comments. I love when they discuss, but maybe that's just me.

And yeah, I dislike how he's been acting. If I sound like a dick, then I guess you sound like a blind fan. The dude just has been sucking lately.

No. 265080


I still don't get where he doesn't prioritize Late Night. I think he's missed like 4 out of what, over 400 Late Nights? Yeah he cuts out early but I don't see how that's selfish, the dude just has a normal sleep schedule and can't stay up til 8am regularly. So cynical.

No. 265082

Because the others stay up and prioritize late night. That's all. But I'm sure he's paid less then them so who cares.

No. 265116

Going off of this, there was that TGI stream recently where Russ and Cry went the whole time without playing a game so I'm glad someone is pushing them to actually play games. The banter is good, but I'm guessing most people, myself included, want to see them play games as well.

As for everything else, I haven't heard anyone else in the crew complain about Jund's payment or leaving early except for Cheyenne (if you want to count her as part of the crew). They've been doing this for awhile, so I'm sure money distribution is not a problem with them.

I don't like Jund that much either, but I wouldn't say he is greedy. A little bit of an asshole, sure. He was (don't know if he still is) pretty pushy about his viewpoints, but he also seems to care a lot about the other LNC members and genuinely has fun when playing games with them

No. 265123

Because Russ and Snake don't discuss things openly, we have no idea how they feel about things.
And that TGI was hilarious. Do you mean the vocaroo and Dylan Sprouse one? That was seriously the best, one of the first streams in a while that I wasn't bored at all from start to end. To each their own.

No. 265252

So I've been watching some old LNC streams (to find the one where they talked about the fan seeing Cry and Cheyenne and all), and It's weird seeing the way Russ would react around Cheyenne. Like you could TELL he doesn't like her, yet back then I hadn't noticed.

No. 265278

I never noticed either but I bet re-watching now would be a different experience. It makes sense though. No one in the crew really likes her, but Russ let it go since Cry's his best friend, Snake doesn't really seem confrontational, and Jund was the only one that would openly oppose her (but that still had limits). I really hope she doesn't come back to the streams.

No. 265305

It really was. Re-watching those made me realize how much her attitude effects me. And I agree, I hope she doesn't either. Has anybody been watching her streams? And if so, has she mentioned anything about being back on LNC again?

No. 265314

I've watched a couple recently and I haven't heard anything about it. Hopefully that's good news?

No. 265326

I do remember on some recent (2017) Late night stream where jund did openly say that Chey has no chemistry whatsoever with the crew after Russ mentioning how Chey doesn't really fit in with the LNC.

No. 265328

Actually I remember seeing him comment that on a r/livestreamfails thing with chey, you'd probably find that commend if you dig through his reddit account but thatd take a while probably

No. 265336

No. 265339

No. 265424

Oh hey Sage, I see you've come back.

No. 265499

I am not Sage, in all honesty I hate her with a fucking passion since she's ruin things for my circle of friends.

No. 265507

Sage really did a number on a whole lot of people. She's just as bad as Cheyenne, but she tries to hide it by acting like she's so friendly. I fucking hate her too.

No. 265546

speaking of being just as bad as Cheyenne.. I think she's fed up with the whole "nice image" thing she's been doing. this whole stream i feel like shes back to her old self in a way.

No. 265565

Sage? She used to do the whole nice thing before, then once Jund started to recognize her she started doing the whole bad girl thing. But she's always been horrible at heart. She'll go out of her way to get rid of you, at least indirectly.

No. 265570

I was talking about Cheyenne since she's streaming right now.

No. 265575


Of course she'd pick the two "bullies" of the game.

No. 265715


a person with the empathy radius of a teaspoon is playing a game about friendship and bonds, the irony

No. 265764

It makes sense that (her titles at least) are just focused on lesbians, because I'm sure that's all she can get out of it.

No. 266005

Tolo just mentioned Cheyenne in passing as Cry's girlfriend. Not sure if he would be kept in the immediate loop though if anything was going on.

No. 266009

Maybe he's saying that she could be crys gf but isnt

No. 266042

I doubt anyone in the loop would spill the milk before Cry announced it though. If they did break up.

No. 266133

Friend of mine has been following this thread for a bit now and linked it to me in discord because he knows I watch jen sometimes. I've been watching Jen and witwix for a while now (about 2 years), and recently have been lurking in Cry's because witwix had been on the streams. It was pretty well known around the end of 2015 that witwix cheated on jendenise. Some stuff happened at twitchcon that year and she was pretty visibly depressed and heartbroken. Witwix then sent some rude tweets to guys that apparently flirted with jen publicly that she was newly single and they were assholes. Pissed a bunch of people off. One of the guys was on Main Menu and told some people, and I remember reading stuff he said in my friend's discord. She left him a few months ago and honestly, she seems a lot happier. I don't know too much about Jund but I know he makes her happy, and it's nice to see since she seemed so depressed for the last year. I still watch Witwix because he's pretty funny, but I'm glad those two aren't together anymore. He didn't seem all that great to her, and I would see her bring him food, drinks, and make sure he had things he needed while streaming. I could tell she really invested a lot and cared. Seemed like she put in a lot more in the relationship and he just cared about himself

No. 266235

I guess this solidifies that Cheyenne isn't even in the picture anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M541_6RZaE

No. 266253


Oh geeze. That's an hour and a half long. I don't object to watching Cry for that long, but I can't watch the whole thing right now and I'm thirsty, lol.

No. 266267

He has been hanging out with Angel a lot lately, I'm sure if Cheyenne had a say, that would never happen. I love it.

No. 266270


So…. he did a video with her and that's confirming things? While it definitely seems like something that wouldn't happen in a Cheyenne-filled world, I'd hardly say that it's proof.

Still, nice to see :3

No. 266292

True. I feel like this is leaning towards good things though.
1. Cheyenne hasn't been on LNC for months, despite saying she'll come back.
2. There hasn't been a "Couples Therapy" stream just as long, if not longer.
3. Angel has been around way more lately
4. Most of the crew isn't even friends with Cheyenne on steam
5. Cry has avoided talking about Cheyenne or actively left her out of responses when people mention her.

I feel like they're at least taking a break from one another, which would be good because maybe Cry will see how much better he is without her. Kinda makes all the stuff she was saying about her and Cry recently when she started streaming again seem like she was bluffing when things are clearly not normal

No. 266300

And then there's Cry saying that he hadn't been playing WoW (and we all know how much they played that) as much anymore. Also Cheyenne has been posting snaps on Snapchat and it doesn't look like she's been spending time with him. She'd always give some Indication if she was.

No. 266316

Delusional girl is trying to milk as much as she can before the gang call her out

No. 266321

What was the last TGI stream was on before she was kicked off Cryaotic channel? Mario Party.

It's also Angel's first appearance on Crys actual YouTube channel. Maybe this is his way of saying, he's not dating Cheyenne anymore and he has the ability to do what he wants. It's his channel.

It could be coincidence but man is it close together.

No. 266355

I don't get how people mistake Angel for Cheyenne though. Like there's a HUGE difference in voice. One is bitter 24/7, and the other is actually sounds like they enjoy things.

No. 266398

Even without the attitude change, Angel has a higher pitch. But I guess a lot of people don't watch the streams so they wouldn't know. I had a hard time telling Jund and Russ apart when I first started watching but now I'm like "How? They sound nothing alike?"

No. 266400

Same thing happened to me whenever I heard Riskem and Amaz play Secret Hitler.

No. 266440

One is stupid and the other has an accent.

No. 266701

Yeah, Riskem is actually hard to watch. He sucks Cheyenne's dick to the point of no return too.

No. 266713

It's been better since Cheyenne hasn't been around, but he's a huge Cheyenne Fanboy. An anon earlier had mentioned he only will speak up in chat if he feels like he might be invited by being noticed, so I started paying attention to that more and he definitely does.
Anytime they mention bringing someone in, he'll just appear in chat saying "Hey Guys!" it's pretty sad.
He's not even fun in the games, because it seems like he complicates things for everyone. None of them trust him and he does shitty things that seem to piss off the others.
I don't know why they keep inviting him tbh

No. 266718


Yea you can reddit and find these shit. Jund would come up too as well since he dated Jen when WixJen broke up then she left for Wix again. Crazy shit.

That's why it's nice to see Wix and Jund were (and still are)talking normally when Wix came on LNC streams for few weeks. Plus all these shitfest has been years ago so I'm sure they are both over it.

No. 266726


Seriously. It's so retardedly annoying whenever he pops up. Especially for TTS games. That's why that one time when cry replied to everyone saying invite Riskem for Sercet Hitler with he's going to throw himself out the window if Riskem does join was the highlight for me. Sadly Cry didn't stick to his gun. I guess because then it would be too cruel after saying such savage thing.

But god I hope Riskem grow the fuck up soon and learn to speak better.

No. 266748

He's got his funny moments, but those are rare sadly. I feel as if Risken is gonna be another Battlestar. Except less pervy.

No. 266755

Does anyone know if that whole deal with Riskem's family getting evicted was legit? He had a gofundme, and got a lot of pity dollars from it. The crew didn't really talk about it, or seem to care.
The whole thing seemed fishy. Like, he posted about the eviction, and how he and his family were currently homeless, then by that next week, he said that the courts were ruling in his favor, and that he and his family would have a new home soon.
I'm no lawyer, but doesn't the legal process take a little more time than that? Like the amount of time to schedule a court hearing, find a lawyer, plead both sides, and reach a verdict seems like it would be longer than a week. The whole thing felt like a scam.

No. 266760

>That's why that one time when cry replied to everyone saying invite Riskem for Sercet Hitler with he's going to throw himself out the window if Riskem does join was the highlight for me.

Yeah, I remember that. I was surprised at how much of an onstream burn he gave Riskem.

To me, Riskem sounds like he's stoned all the time. He just sounds disinterested or inattentive when he's onstream. At first it was a little amusing, but now it's more annoying than anything.

No. 266761

Oh dam, I'm not sure about court ruling and the days but what is he going to do with the money now that his family is not losing the house? Keep it? God that's gross. I hope he's better than that and just donate it to charity or something. Make something good for once with his name under it.
And I think the crew usually don't bring downer personal mess into streams. They either say the "not feeling today" or they stay quiet.

I really hope not. I think Riskem has more personality than Bstar, but Bstar was fame hungry af.

No. 266763

And chey was like that the entire time whenever they played Secret Hitler. And I love SH but can't bare to watch most of the vod for it. Good God.

Nah he can't make a reasonable argument to save his fucking life and he fills his sentences with a bunch of "like" "uh" nooooo" and fucking "listen". I know cry does the whole "listen" thing but most of the time he actually has some kind of idea of what he wants to talk about. Unlike Riskem.

No. 266773

Riskem kinda feels like he's the friend of a friend, whom that friend is trying to make friends with everyone else. Like, he's Cheyenne's friend, who everyone puts up with, for the sole reason of being Cheyenne's friend.
Who, she in and of herself is only on stream because she's Cry's "girlfriend".

No. 266792

Just pointing out, Cry uploaded the Shards of Iso videos, all featuring Angel.

No. 266802

the whole battlestar thing is hilarious to me, considering Cry apparently did the exact same shit.

No. 266862

https://youtu.be/oBNRc6-XEVM Found an old video of possible ex?

No. 266865

No. 266868

How the hell is this relevant in any way to anything? This shit is six years old.

No. 266893

Yeah, Jacy's old news. She isn't really worth bringing up.

No. 266913


This video was deeply uncomfortable and cringey. Like damn.

No. 266929

He had that retarded voice thing going on back then

No. 266943

We were all cringey 6 years ago

No. 266985

He had a shite mic and this was when Cry was 21? Eh

No. 266988

So you're saying that if Cry and Chey break up, we won't see Riskem anymore? Or even less? I really hope so. He had a good run but he needs go.

No. 267003

he was parodying tobuscus back then

No. 267004

No real proof for now at atleast, all just speculation

No. 267015

I mean we could only hope, honestly.

No. 267081

I think Riskem was only dropped on because of I think GoldenHawk and Aleks from Cowchop

No. 267273

I have a question. The auto host from twitch, is there an option to make the host switch to a certain person automatically when they stream? Because if not, then it's ridiculously rude for Cheyenne to switch to her stream when it's already hosting someone. Yeah I get wanting viewers, but god forbid you actually earn them and wait your turn.

No. 267352

You can set an order in autohost so if two people on your autohost list are live at the same time autohost will pick the person you put first. Or you can set it to random so it'll just choose whoever's live from your autohost list randomly. But it'll never unhost someone that was autohosted and host someone else when they go live, even if you have them set higher in the autohost priority. If that happens it means someone went in there and unhosted the autohosted channel and hosted a different channel instead.

No. 267360

She justs hosts herself on Cry's stuff, why wouldn't she?

No. 267584

So did anyone watch the TGI stream yet? Head to around 26:45, Cry maybe just confirmed Cheyenne is gone for good?

No. 267602

Wait, where he's talking about his cat? I'm confused.

No. 267663

There's a crazy comment thread in THIS video. I messed up the link before!

No. 267664

Comments disabled.

No. 267668

Oh weird not for me… I even logged out to see if it was just because I was logged in?

No. 267671

The comments aren't disabled for me.

No. 267676

I'm confused. Can anyone maybe clip where he said anything related to this? He was talking about his cat..

No. 267730

That comment thread is the reason why I never said anything about Cheyenne for a while. Like I get it's random to bring up Cheyenne when she isn't in the video, but how are people not allowed to be upset by her? How she's been the past 2 years? And then someone even had the gall to say that Cheyenne didn't make anyone have suicidal thoughts. This comment thread makes me so mad.

No. 267742

People will cling hard to their delusions sometimes. I honestly wonder how they'd react if Cry announced they did actually break up.

No. 267764

I honestly wish that if Cry and Cheyenne ever broke up, that he'd just spill all the abusive shit out that he didn't realize she was doing, or anything. I just want every Cheyenne supporter to feel stupid at this point.

No. 267769

File: 1489276789027.jpg (25.02 KB, 564x317, aknsg.jpg)

When he was taking about a cat, he was LITERALLY talking about a cat, though…
The one on the right, specifically.
What made you guys think he was taking about Cheyenne?

No. 267770

The anon that posted that probably skimmed through the video and just made a wrong assumption.

Where did you get this pic?

No. 267771

Cry posted it on Twitter quite a while ago.

No. 267772


I had it saved somewhere in my computer, but I think he actually posted in on tumblr?

Good thing I name all the pictures containing cats "cats" so it was quite easy to find.

No. 267784

File: 1489278557704.png (165.89 KB, 1080x1012, 20170311_182740.png)

I think it's funny that 2 women, who have bullied other women for being around them, are talking about falling in love with women.

No. 267788

seriously doubting either of them feel any romantic or sexual feelings when it comes to women

No. 267790

I doubt they know what feelings are.

No. 267797

Why do I feel like she was trying to make Cry jealous with that tweet lmfao

No. 267804

Cheyenne has said before that she's pansexual like Cry. Someone asked Cheyenne a while back on Tumblr if Cry being pan makes her worried/jealous around guys and she was like "well I am too so…" So I guess she could actually like a girl but I have a hard time believing that she feels anything towards anyone with how she acts.

No. 267828

I thought someone said Snake didn't have Cheyenne on his friends list on steam?

No. 267835

What's her current name? I didn't see her with a quick glance but I might have just missed it.

No. 267851

It's Ugh, but it's easier to just type on neonzangetsu

No. 267853

Yeah, she's definitely not on there.

No. 267866

File: 1489288599185.png (183.22 KB, 1366x670, Capture32.PNG)

Snake is indeed on her friends.

No. 267869

Thanks, I was just about to post this :) but yeah, he's on her list. I knew Snake wasn't one to just delete his friends girl. He's too nice.

No. 267881

lol, i forgot i have her blocked so i guess she doesnt show up

No. 267883

I was looking for her steam via her user name and I found her instagram. https://www.instagram.com/neonzangetsu/?hl=en

No. 267884

old news, we found it in thread 3

No. 267885

It was already posted on earlier threads

No. 267886

oh sorry, I must've missed it when everyone was going haywire and jumping topics.

No. 267888

File: 1489290849348.png (39.78 KB, 299x387, still on friends list.png)

Can confirm she's still on Snake's list via "ugh"

No. 267889



I know some couples are all okay with this sort of thing.. but could one of the closer 'Chey-watchers' say if this is a "usual" sort of statement she'd make?

Cuz, I mean… I would never make that statement if I had a significant other.

However, I am a totally different personality than Cheyenne is.

Thank God for that.

No. 267890

I mean she's stated that she's wanted to be doubleteamed by 2 dudes before, so I wouldn't say it's out of character.

No. 267905

I'd say its normal for her. Her and Cry have stated things like this before in front of each other on stream.

No. 267942

Off topic kinda: But Cry's got some cry babies as mods

No. 267943

who in particular?

No. 267944

What'd they do?

No. 267947

Beckenss I believe the name was? Well anyway Cry was saying how it was ridiculous how slowmode was 60 seconds, and was telling the mods not to do that. He didn't specifically blame anyone. Beckenss then was like "Yeah cause fuck us right?". Cry then turned off submode and she told everyone she was out. Idk it was just random how they took it so personally.

No. 267949

well she's SOL's gf, no surprises in her being a baby.

No. 267957



I seriously hope someone's just having a shitty day and taking it out on everyone else…. because otherwise: why would you DO that. I mean, you're a mod because cry or someone liked you…. and presummably you liked cry or someone… yeah?

I just.

Ugh, it's been too long of a day for people to behave like children, whining about losing a minor amount of control.

Actually that's really what it reminds me of: The feeling of having a shitty day, and deciding something ("Billy has to do his homework before dinner") only to see someone go against one's royal decree, and then getting irrationally pissed off because how DARE they decide Billy can, infact, do his homework AFTER dinner. you said he HAD to do it before. There's no real difference between the two except that you were annoyed when he asked if he could do it after dinner. HOW DARE.

No. 267961

I saw that too. Like, the mods don't have any right to say what happens. What Cry and the others say goes since, you know, it's their stream. Sounds like someone should get off her high horse. There are plenty of people to replace you with if you don't want to mod or are being a bitch about it.

No. 267968

I feel like it's just SonOfLiberty and Beckenss who are the real suck up/cry babies, though. And that Tmad guy who acts like a mod but isn't one.
I've seen Angel remove chat restrictions a few times, lol.

No. 267974

Who's that guy that's posting his selfies in twitch chat? It's getting kind of annoying

No. 267977

My guess would be V2, kid is such an attention who're.

No. 267979

Whore* goddamn autocorrect lol

No. 267980

Yep, it's Late Night V2. He does that a lot lately, he's a huge attention whore. It's so annoying.

No. 267981

Everyone keeps saying hes cute but he's really… Not, at all. He's below average at best imo

No. 267983

Isn't he physically disabed or something? I think he was begging for donations last month to go see a girl.

No. 267984

i don't think he's disabled, but im not surprised he's begging for donations

No. 267985

Not disabled but yeah, he begged for donations and met his goal.

No. 267986

That's weird that he Was begging for donations to go meet a girlfriend, considering he sends nudes to randos all the time.

No. 267987

I fucking dislike Tmad so much dude holy shit

No. 267988

All the mods do too.

No. 267993

SOL in the chat just said that Rock Band looks fun and he wishes he could play with them. Please no. This stream is so great and I don't need a Cheyenne ass-kisser to join lmao

No. 267995

Beckens is also back.

No. 267996

He's the embodiment of every desperate Late Night Crew fanboy. He's even the leader of his fan club stream version of LNC.

No. 267997

he refers to himself and beckenns as the 'alternative cry and chey' lmao

No. 267998

Liberty is Cheyenne and Beckens is Cry but less funny and more boring.

No. 268002

Wow. It's hilarious how I'm not surprised he does that. That's so cringy.

No. 268010

This is the first i've heard of this

No. 268012

Honestly Beckenss is not the best mod and even her bf too as well. They're like a bunch of teens. She can't handle her cool at all. She's gone rouge a few time before when chat didn't go the way she wanted or slightly pissed her off.
Actually she is shit at modding and her boyfriend isn't any better. I'm so tired of their chat comments.

Actually Tmad is not bad, he definitely acts he is holier than thou with plebs but because plebs ask the stupidest questions a lot "when does stream start" "i dont bother enough to look at stream vids or twitter".
He is a strict mod on Russ's channel and I sometimes wish he was a mod on Cry's channel when he plays any new games cause Cry's mods are so fucking shit at timing people out it's laughable.

I can kinda forgive V2 but dam he needs to chill with his ego.

Yea there was the mod command for donatev2. Why not get a god dam job?

No. 268013

His twitter is connected to the V2 twitter and found this… I don't think he needed the donations…

No. 268014

He's so ugly.

No. 268015

No. 268019

I mean I get those would be stupid questions, but I use to use that as a way to get myself to talk in chat more since I never knew what to say. Idk Tmad just needs to chill. If he ever became a mod for Late Night, he'd get even worse. Though I agree that a lot of Crys mods suck.

No. 268025

I've always been a lurker and recently came out of hiding by just responding to the crew is a good way to start. Most chat have their own clique already. And unless you donate a shit ton of bits no one gives a shit about you.
I don't think Tmad will ever get the sword, he's too ass-tight for Cry's streams and Cry has enough shit mods.

I kind of agree with Tmad getting irritated with time questions though, which they always ask usually 10 minutes before stream. They have been streaming for a long time now and they have never changed their stream time so there is no reason to ask for it.

No. 268027

Well, I do believe people that raid cry and follow cry via raid hype tend to not know. That's probably why some of them ask or on a device that doesn't give them the biography below.

No. 268043

I'm trying to think of some moderators who are pretty chill and nice and could really find a handful of them. Outstar is nice, Angel is nice, I don't know much about Nightmare but he's pretty chill from what I've seen, Simple's been around a WHILE and came back recently and he's pretty cool too. But the bad ones really REALLY do stick out from the good.

No. 268082

I know many people like Angel, but her sexual comments between Cry and Russ make me cringe a little. I know it's alright for females to be horny too but pls not on stream

No. 268097


Double-standard much?

No. 268104

Sexual comments between Cry and Russ? Are you talking about how when she'll join in the conversation when she's there and they talk about sex? Because I don't see anything wrong with her being open about it if they're already talking about it.

No. 268121

I'm ok with Angle going with the flow with the conversation so you should learn to not cringe at such mundane thing. Cry and Russ talk about a lot of MA topics but somehow Angle can't? I guess you don't have a lot of variety type of people in your friend-circle.

What I don't like is chat sucking the fuck out of Angle's dick. Why would the LNC buy Angle a PS4 because she said it jokingly in chat. Then the mods and her spam the chat with that idea but wait, suddenly Angle has a changed of heart to that idea and asking chat to not let that happen.
Angle has a job, she can buy her own console.

And no, I don't hate/dislike Angle, however I do hate mods and chat sucking up on new guest. It's so fucking gross to look at.

No. 268125


Yeah some mods are pretty chill and Angle doesn't really mod. She's just a mod because Cry makes most of his guests a mod.
She sometimes mod when she watches certain Cry's stream.
I wish they complain less when Cry decides to put sub mode off. There are more than 5 mods in chat that have been mods for years and somehow they can't handle 9k viewers? The sudden rush in the beginning is just chat spam "free" so they don't even have to worry much.
They are so whiny when they can't see their own conversation.

No. 268136

I agree about the PS4, but she was asking them to stop. I think chat just does stupid things and doesn't know when to quit. She said that the bits they donated were for the LNC and she didn't want a console.

No. 268144

Angel's been around for almost 2 years I think. Chat is just retarded sometimes (most of the time) she wasn't spamming for a PS4, she did make a joke about bits but when they were donated she said it was a trick and that they are for the LNC. She's always made jokes about people donating to them.

No. 268234

If anyone attended one of Angel's streams not to long ago, the chat did a donation train. I think she asked chat to stop and she started crying.

No. 268235

Love Angel. She just seems like an all around decent human being. Sadly, a breath of fresh air among a lot of her peers.

No. 268657

Wasn't Cheyenne suppose to stream today?

No. 268659

Yeah check her twitter

No. 268824

Modding Cry's chat isn't that hard. I wish I could be there more often but you know, I got a career and life to deal with so I go when I can. It ain't that bad. The bots do most of the chat moderation. We're more like hypemen for the chat so I just try and be positive man. But yeah, modding is a pretty easy gig.

No. 269092

Thank you Nightmare

No. 269110

Mah I don't that that's Nightmare. He sucks up to Cheyenne as well.

No. 269153

I'm really curious which mods are here though. How many mods does he have? Maybe one that sucks up to Cheyenne actually hates her

No. 269180

I'm the only one that I know of as no one else has mentioned this thread at all but that doesn't guarantee anything. And nah, I don't really hate anyone. Obviously I'm better friends with some people than others but I haven't had any really negative experiences.

No. 269205

The people that know keep it a secret just to see what's up. I don't think the couples know. All the big streamers / mods likely don't care about LNC drama so it's up in the air. I have a few ideas on who might know.

And I think I saw someone talk about it publically. I don't know if it was intentional or it was just a coincidence. I forgot their twitter handle but it's one of the Twitch mods.

No. 269432


This is one of the most informative and uninformative posts I have ever seen.

No. 269587

If y'all want I can answer any questions you might have. I don't know how helpful I'll be but I can try.

No. 269660

If you were who you were claiming to be, I'm sure you wouldn't be willing to casually answer questions.

No. 269711

Cheyenne mentioned Cry on her stream. Nothing about them being together or anything, but I mean, it's something? She compared one of her answers on a game to Crys playthrough.

No. 269736

Anyone got a clip of this?

No. 269776

https://clips.twitch.tv/FuriousMoldyLardCoolStoryBro I think this was what Anon was talking about?

No. 269857

Yeah this really doesn't mean anything, though. I'm sure someone mentioned Cry.

No. 269954

I kinda love how there's been people commenting "Cry you seem happier without Cheyenne around" on his Mario Party video. I feel like her going "MIA" for a while made people feel like they can actually speak out about her more.

No. 270161

Sure I would. I don't have anything to hide and I've been watching these threads since the beginning of #3 and figured I'd contribute in someway if it's wanted. If not I'll fuck off back to lurking that's fine.

No. 270189

I'm pretty positive these threads have made rounds to everyone involved in things in some way by now.

No. 270236

I'll bite
Is Cry finally growing the balls to dump her sorry ass?

No. 270245

>>270236 I am not close personal friends with Cry so I can't speak to his ball size but what I'll say is that silence is deafening and no one in the crew is talking about it. Everyone's mood in the past month or so has been way up and it seems like everyone is free and loose right now.

No. 270253

I might as well ask a question too.

Have any of the mods been told not to say anything about Cheyenne? Because I've noticed even they have ignored the "Where's Cheyenne?" questions too.

No. 270317

Not 'told' exactly, there just hasn't been anything said, so there isn't anything to say. Not going to spread around misinformation, but will calm chat if they got out of hand with that stuff.
I'm sure they'll get questions about her for a long time, unless she happens to come back. (hopefully not)

No. 270327

Nope I haven't been told not to say anything. Just like the other person said, it's more of a there's nothing to say at this point so no reason to bring up topics filled with drama. Best keep chat positive and focusing on the game or fun shit. Also I'm not sure who the last responder is. I'd be curious if there was actually another mod here or if it's just someone trolling.

No. 270352

Definitely more than 2 of us here btw, I personally just like to lurk. I've only said one semi-valuable thing in here so far and I intend to keep it like that.

No. 270354

Likewise, I've been lurking but I've only said a handful of things, mostly in thread 3.

No. 270357

Inb4 these threads are literally just mods

No. 270371

to be fair I hope the threads contribute at least in some part to some awareness about how shitty cheyenne's behaviour is, if not to fans then to mods as well (I wouldn't say the lnc group cause I feel they should be smart enough to see it themselves, being part of the team)

No. 270385

File: 1489621100772.png (16.65 KB, 575x100, North.png)

My gut instinct was right to unfollow this dude two weeks ago!

No. 270392

File: 1489621556383.png (114.84 KB, 750x892, IMG_2063.PNG)

Did you see this reply though? Newfound respect for Stranger.

No. 270402

Well, they deleted their comment.

No. 270407

I'm pretty sure they've split. Cheyenne's been posting a lot on snapchat recently and whenever she did in the past, there was always some indication she was talking to Cry. Recently there's been none. She hasn't even been mentioning him on Twitter, which was also a frequent thing for her. It's been forever since couples therapy too.
I think we're good.

No. 270412

If they have split it must be really humiliating to have to change all her social media things.
Just about everything she's on there is mention of her relationship to cry posted publicly as part of her profile.
If they have split its worse becuase its all still there awkwardly, but who knows.

No. 270414

I think she's feeding off ''being his girlfriend''. Let's be real, her supporters are probably only there to kiss up to Cry. If they knew they weren't together anymore, no one would care about her.

No. 270418

All her stuff still says things about Cry. I dunno why she would still have stuff about Cry on it, or still be listed as a member of the LNC if they split.
Unless Cry's protecting her from 'crazy fans' or something, or it's to please her so she doesn't release stuff about Cry and she can keep mooching off his image

No. 270420

I don't see why she should be listed as a member if she's never there any more.

No. 270421

cry isn't really reliable in updating info so that doesn't help. I think when red/ziegs left it took him awhile to update the stream info, and alot of reds art/art with her in it too.

No. 270422

Cry has always been one to avoid drama too. If there's silence about her, I can only assume good things.

No. 270424

Mhmm, feed me more :^)

No. 270425

okay north

No. 270426

True, but she still has stuff about being Cry's "number 1 fan" and Cry hasn't said anything about them being broken up. I feel like she'd be more upset? Unless she has something worked out with him, like I said, so she doesn't leak info on him.

No. 270427

I'm glad you're smart enough to type my name. Good job.

No. 270428

But I'm genuinely concerned about Cry. I feel like Cheyenne would be the type of person to leak private info, especially with what she's caused in the past.
I know that he suffered from depression a lot when he was younger, I don't want him to go through that again, y'know? Never had a conversation with the guy but he seems like one of the most genuine people on YT. I'd hate for stuff to be leaked. I couldn't even imagine how that would make him feel.

No. 270430

>>270428 I think at the end of the day all of us want him to just be okay. I completely agree with you on that, anon. I've been apart of the fandom since 2012. Seeing how toxic it's became overtime bugs the shit out of me.

No. 270441

Definitely agree 100%.

No. 270444

Thought I'd come out of hiding for a quick minute and say he's going to be fine. I'm happy to see that most of you have so much respect towards him. :')

No. 270446

no idea who you are but thank you <33

No. 270447

do you know if they broke up?

No. 270451

>>270447 I don't. There's been radio silence about their relationship recently. No one in the crew is talking about it. Just rest assured he's all good~

No. 270454

There's word going around they did break up but won't say anything about it for a while.

No. 270456

angle is that you?

No. 270457

>>270454 Word going around? By who, exactly? I haven't heard anything of it.

No. 270458

Because not all the mods talk to each other

No. 270459

It definitely sounds like most of this is just shitstirring. Regardless of who is liked and not liked in the community, we should probably remember a couple things.

1) Most of us probably like this community on some level. If you don't, why are you even fretting about it? If you enjoy the community, then let whatever is happening between Cry and Chey happen. You can take sides all you want, and root for their breaking up or support them. But at the end of the day, they need to hash it out on their own time, and what happens to the community as a result is more important than any speculation.

2) Let's not attack the mods or other people in chat. We're all people here. Some people don't get along, and that's fine. But digging into them anonymously on a forum is cowardly at best. If you don't like someone, ignore them or speak to them directly, in private.

Everyone's got an ego and an opinion in this situation, even the people on the sidelines. But focus on the main issue: If this is the community you enjoy/like to be a part of, enjoy it. If you don't like it any more or aren't having a good time, leave. Nobody is stopping you if you're unhappy.

No. 270464

It's not a case of not enjoying the community anymore as it is worrying about Cry.

No. 270467

>>270464 Agreed. I would have left a long time ago because of Cheyenne if I wasn't so paranoid about something like her leaking personal information about Cry.

No. 270468

This exactly. I also don't think there's anything wrong with having a place to talk and discuss things, or even get upset about stuff that's happened.
There's no point in trying to police the board.

No. 270471

If this forum wasn't a thing, how the hell else would we express how we feel?
Tumblr? No thanks. I'd rather not be attacked by Cheyenne stans.
Let us have this as our place to let off some steam.

No. 270474

>>270468 >>270471

Yeah, didn't mean to seem like I was trying to stomp on the whole thread or anything. Discussion is fine, and there can definitely be concern about what Chey might do with regards to Cry's identity.

But at the end of the day, we have no control. So in my view, we just kinda have to hope for the best. It does suck to hear people trying to take digs at people I consider friends.

So I guess tl;dr, it's fine to discuss, but be considerate of people who are being drug into the whole affair without their choosing.

No. 270480

The only people we are really shitting on anymore is just Chey and the people who know what she has done yet still publicly support her.

No. 270481

I don't know if she still hangs around here, but there was a girl who dropped her twitter @ who goes by the name of Cupcake because someone said they had some information to put her at ease. I wonder if she heard from them.

No. 270484

>>270481 I'm still here indeed! I keep this tab open on my laptop and tend to check it whenever a new notification pops up.
Sadly, I haven't received a message or anything from said person. But still, I 'unno, I feel like if someone's willing to talk to a specific person it should be kept private.

No. 270485

so you got nothing back at all?

No. 270487

>>270485 I received a couple of DM's from a few people on here who felt the same way I do but no, nothing of the sort.

No. 270489

could you leave your @ here again please? i know you've posted it before but you seem nice and i could honestly use someone to vent to about all this :/

No. 270490

Sure thing, anon. <3 It's @CupcakeIsHeree
Now that you mention it, if any one of you want someone to just talk to about any of this, feel free to hit me up. I'm not here to take sides in any of this. I just want everyone to be happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 270493

That was me, but i'm still wary because of flapjakku thing. Never know who you can trust anymore.

No. 270494

>>270493 You can 100% trust me. I promise.

No. 270496

cupcake is neutral good <3

No. 270497

>>270496 Of course. I just want whatever makes everyone happy. <3

No. 270500


TBF, that's the kinda thing that can take a while to be "up to' changing, if you're a "cling to the past" sort of person. Depends on HOW they split.

I mean, there's a dif between sad "he dumped me" and angry "That fucker! I"m gonna delete EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM"

I mean, they're still human, give it time to filter through their systems.


Plus, when I go to twitter/tumblr, I don't see my user info and stuff. Maybe I"m using them wrong, haha. Maybe it just slipped through the cracks.

No. 270507


Me too. He's a sweet guy. Like, If I could meet one of my youtubers, it'd probably be him.

That said…

> I know that he suffered from depression a lot when he was younger, I don't want him to go through that again, y'know?

Depression's one of those things you don't really grow out of. It comes nad it goes. He went through a bad patch a coupla weeks ago.

OF course, running theory was maybe that was when he and Cheyenne broke up.

No. 270510


I was one of the people that DM'ed Cupcake – can confirm, is as sweet as her name implies :D

No. 270520

>>270510 Thank you very much~

No. 270597

File: 1489641832611.png (97.53 KB, 614x748, North 2.png)

Loss a lot of respect to these people.

No. 270598

Loss of respect why? Because they say they havent seen what we have or because they are talking about it publicly on Twitter?

No. 270599

Just who's side they're on not.

No. 270600

I'm sorry I am failing to understand. Do you mean you have lost respect for just North then? Or all three parties?

No. 270602

On the usual topic of panning for gold:

Watching Cry's latest video: There are two characters who are bickering lightly. a teacher comes in and says something about how they're getting along, because "Little tiffs like this are evidence that two people get along with each other. Trust me."

Cry said: "That's… not… accurate"

Probably nothing! But then again, who have we seen him bicker most with?

No. 270609

I honestly don't understand how people can defend Cheyenne with how she very publicly treats people and the fact she's bullies so many people over and over again.
So what if she isn't rude to you. You see it happening. It's gross to pretend that's okay.

No. 270642

Exactly, the thing about these people I feel is that they think it won't happen to them.. But with people like Cheyenne it'll be one day you're her best friend but turn on you at the drop of a hat. These people are so volatile and extra.

No. 270664


Speaking from experience… Sometimes it's not "I know she's shitty to everyone else, but not to me, so it's okay" … sometimes it's more… not seeing how shitty someone is because they are nice to you… so you see it all–their behavior towards other people–through rose tinted glasses. Their abuse becomes "just part of their sense of humor" and people getting butthurt about that is people being 'over sensitive' or 'moody' because YOU clearly understood how they meant it. And it doesn't matter if your "friend" was actually being bitter, vindictive, angry and rude, you see it in the best light. Or at least, better than it's meant.

Letting someone into your circle of friends generally means that we reflexively lets them get away with more than we'd accept from a stranger. Pretty sure it's some kind of instinctive pack instinct sort of thing–that keeps us from rocking the boat too much.

What I'm rambling about is… I wouldn't necessarily a greedy or self serving instinct that has people on her side. It's not necessarily ignoring rudeness so much as not seeing it.

Hanlon's razor says "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" or "Don't assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding."

Not to say that some people out there aren't selfish and self serving first and foremost, but…

No. 270815

Again, one of the things frequently left out of this sort of discussion of "should we defend certain people or not" is that it's not a black and white issue. It's not that Chey is objectively bad in every single way ever and has no redeeming qualities, because that's simply not true. Conversely, it's not that Chey hasn't done shitty things in the past, because she has and it was very, very awful.

I obviously don't know who anyone here is. But with regards to those tweets: I know Stranger, Leighabug, and Northbound. We all talk very frequently, and are all friends in the same group. I can't speak for any of them on their opinions, nor would I want to. But we all still hang out and get along, even if opinions conflict.

But again, just because someone may like one person and not another is not the end of the story. Everyone involved is complex and has a range of reasons why they do what they do, including defending people others may see as indefensible.

Everyone has an opinion on the situation, whether they voice it or not. But to simplify those opinions into a fight between right and wrong just isn't the right way to go about it. Especially when a large amount of the people involved are chill, hang out in the same group, and are on speaking terms. There's a lot of grey area in-between every opinion and decision that should be taken into account that is frequently ignored in these discussions.

No. 270822

I understand your side of things. However, clearly there is an issue here. Cheyenne being the center of that issue. She has done a lot of terrible things. She has made a lot of people a victim of her rage, or her jealousy. There's no excuse when it happens time and time again.

Obviously, the best course of action would be to at least remove her from The LNC. She hasn't been on in a while, which is a positive sign, and I really hope that continues. Cry is his own person, and if he wants to date Cheyenne, he has every right to do so.

But, it's the same as if a friend, or in this case someone you enjoy to watch (I mean we've spent so many hours dedicated to watching him, so of course we care,) was with someone abusive. It is upsetting. It makes us frustrated.
Because that's what she is. She is an emotionally abusive person who needs to seek psychiatric help, since she has hurt so many people.

I get that some of your friends, or you "think she's fine" because she's a person, a person who can of course do something nice to others or say something sweet occasionally… But the fact that so many of us, seriously so many, have seen and have a hard time excusing that behavior, says there's a serious problem. The fact that there is so many instances of abuse to talk about, is a problem.

I just hope that it's finally working out.

No. 270857

Y'know I followed chey on twitch for more than a year but this thread really opened my eyes and I unfollowed. I don't care to know what she does anymore.

No. 270872

Did you actually watch her though? I follow a gorillion people but only watch a few.

No. 271070


yah sure but ya know what when there are 4 threads worth of stone-cold evidence in tweets, tumblr posts or even video where chey is a horrible person and they still stick up for that person then I'm sorry but it's on them

friendship or not, rose glasses or not, that's the kind of shit that lets abusers get away with it because "oh they'd never do such a thing"

if this leigha person things stranger is rude when there are piles and piles and piles of evidence that incriminates the very people she supports then I'm sorry but that is sheer dumbassery

No. 271187

Cheyenne's changed pretty much everything - but her facebook timeline cover is still some cryenne fanart.

No. 271188

naah, she still has that 'cry's n.1 fan' thing in her twitter bio

No. 271189

Yeah, but besides that it's all changed.

No. 271193

what else is she on? her twitter/twitch/tumblr are all the same still. They all mention cry as her boyfriend and that she streams with the LNC. Although I think she abandoned her tumblr after the thing with ziegs.

No. 271194

>>271193 She's on instagram, but never posts on there. (found a super old one she had too, pretty amusing to check out).
And she left tumblr after the time that everyone was calling cry a paedophile while he was still in hospital.

No. 271198

Plus, as was stated, a lot of social media doesn't present you with your profile when you log in… so it woudl be really easy to overlook what it says. I mean – I changed my banners and shit for a game giveaway like 2 years ago and still havn't changed it because I never see it.

No. 271219

Did someone hear anything about him going to Twitchcon if Pluto were do to some shit I didn't quite catch in his last editing stream?

No. 271220

>>271219 Cry attending a convention? Highly unlikely.

No. 271226

Yeah that's what I thought too.
I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly since I was falling asleep, so I thought to ask if you guys knew anything about that

No. 271231

he was saying he'd go if twitch did a marathon for lidsville like it's doing for power rangers

No. 271248

Literally nothing has changed.

No. 271285

The person in the front Is his mother the person it in the back is him. He was drunk at the time and let a little information of how he looked liked because some one called him fat, going a long the lines saying " fuck you I'm not even fat- ops!- I mean…" And laughs it off and went on with the rest of the stream. And there was a time when Felix had a podcast with ken men and the guest was cry he said that he does have blue eyes and does not have black hair. The video was broken podcast w/cry. And the other streaming video was I believe: cry crashing Felix live stream.(???) But thats all the information that I know of (sorta) don't know about the woman w/ the sun glasses. I hope this clear things up.. (sorry I know that this was a while ago but I just wanted to say this)

No. 271326

So I did hear correctly, thanks
What are you talking about?

No. 271348


the person is talking about the infamous "leaked" photo that's the dude with the long hair and sunglasses

I don't know what it says about me that I knew what they were talking about lmao

No. 271350

This is the picture in question. >>142459

No. 271354

What the fuck? Who cares about this, why is it randomly being brought up? I'm so confused.

Old news.

No. 271358

No idea, i just linked the picture since it was brought up.

No. 271371

Oh yeah, I remember that.
It's just that it was a bit out of the blue, and that anon was talking about a woman being there in the pic too anyway, so I didn't quite make the connection.

No. 271374

I think some newer people have found the thread and are confused, or something.
Also, this just in, Coyotemation has come out with a hot new animation depicting Cheyenne as the "elephant in the room."

No. 271376

Even if that's the case, I'm still kind of amazed.
I mean, that picture was in the first thread, and hasn't been relevant in ages.
The threads aren't all that easy to find, unless you're looking for them. It's kind of hard for me to believe someone found the first thread and then just skipped to the fourth, without discovering the second and third, so people shouldn't be confused.
The chances are the person who posted that was a very young and emotional person, who felt the need to defend Cry, even though that subject is deader than a metaphorical donkey.
Basically, people be dumb.

Also, don't you guys think that Cheyenne girl is kind of mean? I dunno, maybe it's just me but she seems sort of abusive.

No. 271378

Old news we all know she's a bitch and probably irrelevant now if they really broke up.

No. 271383


No. 271393

dude, you don't say

No. 271412

The mods kind of each have their own little cliques of other mods they talk to, its pretty easy to see.

No. 271448


No. 271460

They were joking again, that animation was old news, as was Crys appearance.

No. 271530

Yeah sorry I know that was old new lol, I feel like such a stalker reading these. -w-;

No. 271532

We have friends that we hang out with on a regular basis. Nothing to do with being a mod. The reason being that the mods have been around for a long time in Cry's streams and have met each other through that for years now. About half of us have met before at Twitch cons and what not. It's not about having a clique it's just hanging out with people we've known for years.

No. 271535

I think they meant different groups among the mods, like a handful of mods being in one little group, another being in a second, third, etc, not like the mods are a clique as a whole.

No. 271540

Yeah, that's exactly what i meant. Sorry my phrasing was a bit off.

No. 271593

I'm so glad everything has come to a stop. With the whole Cheyenne thing. Things have been so much better. I mean not to be rude or anything- it's just been very nice with out her. Ya know? Ive been able to go back to the streams again, and laugh and have a good time.

No. 271597

Ah gotcha, my misunderstanding. Yeah I'd say that's true to a point. We all get along pretty well hence the Late Night Scrubs stream but yeah I hang out with certain mods more than others. Nothing negative against the others that's just who I'm closer with.

No. 271615

This has gotten so off-topic, jfc.

No. 271617

so, i don't know if it's my browser being dumb as shit, but cheyennes twitch channel isn't coming up for me. at all.

No. 271619

Says it's unavailable for me, the whole "time-machine" message.

No. 271621

Isn't working for me either.

No. 271622

Same here, wtf?

No. 271623

No. 271625

Oh. And here I was thinking something great had happened.

No. 271633

Fuck. Sorry for getting your hopes up, guys. :(

No. 271648

File: 1489791658287.png (138.6 KB, 750x1012, IMG_2109.PNG)


No. 271650

You've gotta be fucking kidding me..

No. 271653

Let's hope he doesn't reply.

No. 271666


Weird. I wish I could describe what I"m reading between the lines there. It's… "I wasn't doing this, because of cry" but now she IS doing this? so does that mean Cry's done something different?

On the other hand, I'm not sure how this matters? I mean, she's implying that she couldn't change her name because … because she'd lose followers or…?

I'm actually really confused here. halp.

No. 271668

she probably means she had another account with the right name, but cry only modded her weskersglasses account and that one started to get followers, but now she was able to change the name to cheyennecat from weskerglasses.

No. 271669

It's because Twitch only recently allowed you to change your name haha

No. 271672

If it wasn't obvious that she's just using him before, now we have this. She continues to prove me correct with this. Really disappointing tbh, I wish she would prove me wrong some day.

No. 271736

Angel is on TGI right now

No. 271757

She's been on a ton lately, though!

No. 271760

I know! It's fantastic

No. 271777

Am I the only one wondering where Cheyenne gets her money from? Sure, she must be fine now since she's back to streaming and must be getting a lot of donations..but what about when she disappeared? I guess her dad could have given her money but I feel like that wasn't the case.

No. 271784

she still lives at home, how much money does she need?

No. 271785

Gas money for her car, she got a new phone, new clothes..?

No. 271788

She mentioned that Cry payed for her internet on a stream last year. Wouldn't be surprised if he payed for a new phone too. :/

No. 271789

a little off topic but i remember when the lnc would get around 12k-15k viewers for each saturday stream, but they've been stuck at 8k-9k range, barely reaching 11k, for a while now. i dont know if this has already been discussed but it's been bothering me for a long time and i want to know the main reason why.

No. 271790

>>271789 Probably because of Cheyenne. A lot of people stopped watching because of her.

No. 271796

Exactly this. They were up there and started to seriously decrease when she got more and more awful. It went seriously downhill after Ziegs left mostly because SHE got worse because she discovered she could get away with pretty much everything.

No. 271797

Cry used to be in the top 50 streamers but dropped to a much lower rank :/

No. 271799

File: 1489810495010.png (39.36 KB, 893x395, Capture.PNG)

It's been raising again recently though, which is nice.
Probably because she's been gone.

No. 271801

he used the be #38 but now amaz is #38 lmao

No. 271802

Yeah, he's 57th now.

No. 271807

I really hope whoever it was who said they would DM Cupcake with some info has actually DMed her this time. Must be frustrating waiting. ://

No. 271825

>>271807 if they haven't already they really need to now. I just found out something that she may possibly do that's really taking one for the team /: if the person who said they'll contact her is still here, please contact her as soon as possible?

No. 271828

cupcake is the hero among us all

No. 271830

Jesus, I just found out what she might do too. Damn that girl is brave, much respect if you're currently reading this cupcake girl o7

No. 271831

Are we allowed to know?

No. 271832

>>271831 Unless she announces it, I'd assume not. Putting it on here may cause it to not work?

No. 271834


Different Anon than the last couple here.

If it's what I think she's said, then no. I wish no one had mentioned it– since her name's attached and all.

No. 271835

I haven't talked to her but if she's receiving this much praise from you all then she must come up with something great. <3

No. 271837

>>271834 We shouldn't have to worry about her name being attached if no one publicly announces the direct idea, right?

No. 271838

Exactly what is the point in posting about this and linking her to it if it could lead to a negative outcome?

No. 271839


That would certainly depend on what the idea was, wouldn't it?

No. 271841

>>271838 No one is going to say what it is and no one on here (at least directly) knows about it. Plus there's more to it than people think. I'm a close friend of hers. Don't worry 'bout it peeps.

No. 271858

I'm here but I'm refusing to talk because I know what cupcake is up to. And I already made myself clear earlier

No. 271859

>>271858 just so we're clear, are you the person who said you'd talk to her? Because if you are, and you still haven't - you literally have 0 idea what she's up to.

No. 271860

Beginning to think the person who said they'd contact her wasn't legit.

No. 271864

I've barely been on here today so I have a lot of catching up to do, but if said person isn't going to share any information - that's fine. If they're willing to give it out to someone they're not close to, it's probably not of any importance.
Like I stated earlier, my best interest is in making sure everyone's happy.
So, if they're all talk and they're not actually going to contact me, then let's move on from that. It's whatever.

No. 271865

What is even happening right now?

No. 271866

>>271865 lowdown, I think someone has been baiting cupcake, making her believe they have important information. And they've been bating her for a couple days now, imo, they're faking to make us believe they know something.

No. 271868

totally spoke in first person there lmfao

No. 271869

third, I need sleep wtf

No. 271870

>>271869 Go sleeeeep

No. 271872

I will soon, on a caffeine high right now.

No. 271875

Anyho, if the person stating they want to contact her actually does that, it'd be great. You're kinda putting everyone on edge. I don't think she'd spill whatever you say anyway.

No. 271876

>>271875 Exactly what this anon said~

No. 271881

File: 1489818066568.png (188.98 KB, 1095x141, I guess it's not important.png)

No. 271884

No. 271886

>>271881 Why post that if you're not going to be straight forward? Quit playing around, it's exhausting.

No. 271887


Well, situations reversed, can you say you'd start to feel otherwise?

There's been a lot of people over the threads saying "I totally have info" and… they don't. Or they're lying.

Some people just like causing trouble.

We don't know you, or what your motivations are, y'know?

You could just be here to watch us squirm and hop through hoops to try and get the information. Or maybe you've been busy for a couple days, y'know? WE're not you, we don't know.

No. 271889

Exactly this.

No. 271891

Everyone should ignore this. Let's assume they're baiting us. And move on.

No. 271892

Agreed. This whole thing is super bizarre. I have no idea who this Cupcake person even is?
Or why it's important to get her information or not?

No. 271893

>>271892 Because she has an idea that can't be said. And honestly, this person who keeps claiming they could possibly contact her is giving us all anxiety
She was brave enough to come off of anon.

No. 271894

That is so vague. It seems incredibly irrelevant, and I have no idea why it's being discussed here when it seems like maybe 3 people are involved. This isn't for Private Messages.

No. 271897

>>271894 Bottom line is, whoever the person with the screenshots is needs to quit bitching around and just act upon what they've said. It's not irrelevant. It's hard to understand, but not irrelevant. It all depends on what happens in the somewhat near future.

No. 271898

What's the point in blurring out the thumbnails and file names if that was real info? We'd barely be able to make out anything from the thumbnails. Not real, ignore this.

No. 271899

Just post it

No. 271900

Can we all just drop this subject unless something comes up? I'm exhausted at this point.

No. 271901

There was someone who said, basically "hey I know info I don't wanna share here, gimme your info if you wanna know" … and Cupcake said "Hey, here's my stuff"… then … nothing, as far as we know.

Several of us other people–not brave enough to be non-anon :) –messaged Cupcake, it seems, and have been chatting with her.

And the first person apparently never contacted anyone about anything, but may have info, or may be a troll.

Ultimatly, it ain't no big thing.

But Cupcake has some thoughts about some stuff and some things, and if I were less vague, it would kinda possibly ruin those stuffythings, because she's not-anon.

It's not important. It's not a big deal. It's basically just some little ripples in our pool. Just, there's nothing else swimming around today.

No. 271902

Ok its great that she is going to do something. but there is not need to post about it here if you arent going to say what it is. at this point you are the same as the anon who says they have info.

No. 271903

Eh, I wasn't the one posting it. I just made the mistake of forgetting to ask people to keep it on the down-low. So I apologize for that, especially if it made anyone anxious.

No. 271904


Someone asked who cupcake was over here: >>271892

I was trying to be nice and answer? Single post, summing up everything in a friendly and somewhat concise manner.

I'm sorry if my summary bugged anyone… but I'm just trying to be nice and help out?

No. 271906

No harm done Anon. All of us are a little on edge and exhausted from all the speculation, baiting, and different facts, while not getting anywhere. My apologize for the other anon who got a little snippy.

No. 271907

Honestly its great if you are going to do something. Im just saying that the people who keep saying you have a plan are the same as the anon who said they have info. solely because they say they know of this plan but wont share the details. There is just no need to talk about this plan here if no one is going to share is all. And i am sorry if i did seem snippy as 271906 said. that wasnt my intention

No. 271908


<3 Thanks, and forgiven. You're right in that all of this is pretty exhausting. And, sure enough, the world itself is pretty tiring right now too. There's plenty of reasons to get snippy. Especially when it's so hard to know who is who around here.

But that's part of it's joy, too. I'm tempted to give myself a name around here to make it easier. But I barely notice when people are not anon myself :)


Any plans that may or may not be in mind will probably take a while to come to fruition or may never. Relax and don't worry about anything <3

Anyone watch the stream? anything interesting?

No. 271909

Not really anything note worthy, didn't mention Cheyenne at all as far as I could tell. Could have just blocked it out for all know.

No. 271910

Are they plans involving Cry and Cheyenne? Or just one of them?

No. 271911

Damn, I need to start watching TGI again.

No. 271912

y'know, a random thought I had:

Does twitch automatically update links and stuff?

Because, I'm looking at Cry's channel's info, and the link to her channel directs to 'cheyennecat' and not 'weskersglasses'… which either suggests someone updated the info, or twitch has some kinda.. auto update?

No. 271914

Twitch has never automatically updated anything like that for me, so no, I don't think it does.

No. 271916

All I will say is none of you should speak to either Cry or Cheyenne about this. Neither will answer you, as they have come to an agreement. There's not much I can say but some of you are spot on in that they both went for a bit of soul searching, and they both found what they needed. When they are ready to speak they will, and it feels like that time is coming soon.

No. 271917

>>271916 Witwix?

No. 271918


Hmmmm :(

Well, they were also saying that the namechange thing was new too…

Ooooor… well, who knows. They haven't announced–or commented–about each other for months, maybe they're keeping up appearances or something.

No. 271919

No one said anything about trying to contact either Cry or Cheyenne.

No. 271920


Thank you for your comment! I have no idea if I should believe you or not, but it lines up with a lot of my personal theories on everything–so of course I have to accept this post as truth ;)

Thank you!

(also, no, I wouldn't dream about contacting either of them or talking to them about this. I'd be way too concerned with trying to express in a sentence how much I appreciate Cry :p That's more important than gossip. :) )

No. 271921

I'll come off anon too then~
I'm not important lol but it feels right?

No. 271923

I won't say who I am. I'm just someone who has talked to Cry first-hand about this, as have a very, very small handful of other people. I know what he personally feels he should do, I do not know if he has followed through, nor do I know what Cheyenne plans to do as I haven't talked to her.

I can only speculate what one of you would plan to do with information on this topic. I'm saying no one should speak to them in the case that is indeed the plan.

No. 271924

>>271923 It has nothing to do with talking to them. Don't worry about it.
Thank you for the information.

No. 271925

Seems like this will all come to a close soon bois.

No. 271927

Don't be like that bb, we're all important in one way or another ♡

But aside from that, I don't think anybody has tried to personally contact Cry or Cheyenne

No. 271928

This is good to know, thank you.

No. 271929


""As they've come to an agreement"
That sounds oddly suspicious-

No. 271932

Okay. This is going to be my last time on here for a while, I'm losing sleep over this. It's ridiculous.
But as a little heartfelt goodbye I wanna say thanks to everyone who submitted info that could be important. It's put me at ease, (sometimes scared the shit out of me, but y'know, we're all being pretty much fed with a baby spoon).
And, a huge thank you to Cupcake for being as brave as she is to come off anon, and I feel like everything has been a lot more friendly between us all since she joined the discussion? She made us all realise that in the end, we just want Cry to be okay. And most of us all just want a happy endgame, regardless how that turns out. So yeah, thank you for that booboo, and good luck with whatever it is you got cookin' up. Wish I had the courage to talk to you in person.
Annnnnnnnnd thank you to the creator of these threads. Seriously. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to rant about certain, now, seemingly pointless shit. It's been great. I wish I could have been friends with most of you but, anons a bitch.
Have a good one guys, I hope this all gets worked out soon. <3

No. 271933

wiggles off anon skin, too!


Nah. Coming to an agreement can mean just that.

"This isn't working."
"I agree."

When I broke up with my first long term live-in boyfriend, we had to come to a LOT of agreements about a lot of things.

No. 271934


An agreement in which neither of them will speak on what is going on until they are ready. According to Cry, Cheyenne is ready. It's only a matter of time for him, and the way he's been talking about it lately it could be very soon.

My final words on this matter will be this.
Most, if not all, of you will like what Cry want's to do. The only thing thing we can do at this point is see if he follows through.

No. 271935


Hey, it's good to know when you need to back off from something that's harming you. I'm proud of you ^-^

With anyluck, this will all be over soon and Cry will be okay. … and… I think he will. We all will <3

As for 'pointless shit' … most of us are here because we care about Cry. He's part of our weird little tribe of people. Kept me company a lot of late nights. It's not pointless. It's because we care. The world could do with more caring :)

No. 271936

Take care Anon, thanks for the contribution. Ilybb. <3

No. 271937

I wanna be a cool kid too.

What agreement could they have came to really? I seriously hope it isnt something like she gets to stay in the crew and they are broken up or vice versa she isnt in the crew but is still with Cry bringing him down.

Stay safe.

No. 271938

>>271934 This honestly just made me even more nervous. Why would he need to make a big deal of it? I know he may not be thinking of doing so, but like - you make it seem like he is?

No. 271941


Yeah but she/he just came out of nowhere just suddenly and said that while we were in a different topic
Unless they were only referring to Cupcake and how she obtained the information

No. 271943

I don't want him to leak anything about himself, I'm fearful that he might do that. I like the mystery, as I'm sure many others do, but - again, if he's going to do that, plznoe. I just have a reaaallllyy strange feeling when W implies ''what cry wants to do''. Anyone else?
Literally just a tweet, or a mention on a video description is fine. He doesn't need to make a big deal of it.
I just want everything back to the way it was, when everyone was happy.

No. 271945

The only way I can ever see Cry leaking anything about himself would be to take power away from Chey if he is seriously getting done with her.

No. 271946

Cry is the happiest I have seen him in probably a year. He is very set on doing what he wants to do with this, I don't believe there is much that will shake him in this. He will come out of this being just fine.

He doesn't mean to make a big deal about this but he knows there is a sizable portion of his Twitch viewers that he may upset. I don't know why he deciding to wait on it but I can only imagine it's to be able to clearly articulate what he wants to say when he says it. He wants there to be no misconceptions. There is not much more I can say without things slipping, so I will leave it there. Just no he doesn't mean to make this seem like a big deal, this was just bad wording on my part. I apologize.

Everybody has been getting happier for months. There is talking and laughing during breaks again during Late Night, if that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is.

No. 271947

It's late. Know*

No. 271948


Ther'es not really a way to lowkey do it. they either mention it or they don't. difference comes in if they do it at the beginning of a stream or at the end when everyone's leaving and stuff.

Try not to stress out about it, hun <3 They've been involved with business together and that cna always be tricky to sort out. but it sounds like everything IS sorted out..

In my opinion, what W was talking about is more about Cry gathering up the man-stuff to talk about it. Whenever he does, it's gonna be the center of attention for a while. and it can be HARD to speak about things with your mouth…

especially if you're not 100% sure that it's what you want.

And going back to that whole "abusive partner" thing.. it can be hard to walk away from someone that you have good times with… even if they hurt you.

annnd this post is pointless because W said what I could say way better :)

I'm stepping away to go try and catch a mouse.

No. 271951

Twitch viewers? What about YouTube viewers? Is it going to affect one side but not the other? :/

No. 271954

Thanks for trying to clear things up W. And thanks for the info.

Chey isnt involved in his Youtube that much so its kinda safe to assume it wont. Unless he is upset and it brings down his content

No. 271955

Scampery jerk is laying low.


Speaking as a primarily-youtube-fan until recently: Youtube doesn't really know much about Cheyenne. She rarely, if other, made any appearances on his channel.

and I don't think she actually has a youtube channel herself, so…

whereas, Twitch viewers saw her much more regularly. like, a couple times a week regularly.

No. 271956


That's true. Sorry, I'm not thinking straight. I'm just incredibly nervous.

No. 271959

It's okay to be nervous. :] I think we all are to an extent.

No. 271960


I can answer any question you may be nervous about, so long as it doesn't give away what Cry wants to do. Or what Cheyenne plans to do, as I do not know.

There is no need to feel nervous about anything going on, from my knowledge of this. Granted, things could change if I ever know what Cheyenne wants to do, which I don't think will happen seeing as we don't talk.

No. 271961


Aw, it'll be alright! I promise! go google something cute… I like "Baby Tapir," "snek," "purrito," and "pugs in sweaters" :D

If you want more surreal, slightly disturbing giggles, "fish dog"

No. 271962

What I really want to know, is will what Cry wants to do drastically change anything relating to the channel? I don't really know how to explain how I feel about certain topics.

No. 271963

I'll go google some of that now. xD

No. 271964

You can expect very, very little, if any, change in his content and channel.

No. 271965

On a real note, W - thank you for putting us at ease.

No. 271967

So he's a lot happier. I'm glad. Late Night has been so much fun lately. If you can tell us, how long has he been thinking about doing this?

No. 271970

On a related note, do you know what caused his depression last month around valentine's day? I mean, I can make a pretty solid assumption, but, y'know.


Ooh, another one: If you'd like some hilarious rainbowvomit, 'sparkledog' or 'sparklecat'

No. 271972

We could tell it had been on his mind for a bit, I believe at some point in November is when he really had started thinking. It wasn't until around half way through January that me and him had talked about this for the first time. Then it was on and off from there about the topic.

Yes. Most of the assumptions in this thread have been pretty accurate on why he fell into a depression.

No. 271973

The real conversations on this started in February. It's been a slow burn from there, but it seems like the fuse is at its end pretty soon.

No. 271974

I think I'm going to take example from the anon who left earlier. I think now's a good point to do the same.
I'm glad to know he's doing better, and that things will continue to get better.
It's been real guys, take care of yourselves. I may lurk a little but that's all from me.
Been awesome chatting with some of you. <3

No. 271975

Take care of yourself! <3

No. 271976

Be safe

No. 271977


Be safe smol child, you'll be missed. :')

No. 271978

Anyone else got anything? Or can you say any more W?

No. 271984

I can still say more, though if you have questions make it quick, I'm turning in soon.

No. 271985

Sadly all I could ask for would be just more info. So just go ahead and turn in. You have already said a lot.

No. 271987

Then that's all I can give for the time being, folks. Hopefully I've cleared a couple things up and these threads can stop going in circles, as interesting as that is. Have a good night.

No. 271988

No. 271995

I think i'm going to get off lolcow now. I came here because there was anonymity but now I feel there's too much pressure on saying what I want to say without being caught by the people I now know are on here. It's a real struggle now. I'm sorry, but take care farmers.

No. 271998

If what W says is true and you do want to share stuff then you could wait longer or just share. no one is going to force you and i doubt anyone will do anything to you. Just share what you are comfortable with or dont. no pressure

No. 272016

Another thing is that seeing the people I know on here changes my opinion on them. More so some of them are far more entitled than they let themselves out to be.

No. 272018

Do or say whatever you want and feel comfortable saying. No one here has the right to pressure you is what i was trying to get across.

No. 272019

damn I missed out on all this while I was sleeping, oh well.

I'm glad he was streaming with Dodger, though. How long has it been? too long, tbh. I'll always mourn Dandelion. That's the happiest I'd heard him in a game, like genuinely excited and giddy.

I get that he wants to focus on streaming for financial reasons because Youtube is pretty much useless to him at this point but I do wish he'd get back to more games. There's so many that I think would be amazing for him to play or I'd love to hear his commentary, and I don't always fancy watching a longass stream with random mentions/thanks scattered throughout.

I wanna ask you guys, do you prefer his streams or his Youtube videos? I just want to clarify I live in Europe so I always miss his streams and seeing them later - as opposed to live - bores me because I'm not in the moment.

No. 272021

I enjoy his real Cry Plays videos

No. 272022

Honestly i prefer the streams. Its just him being uncut. Unedited. You only miss the things he misses.

No. 272030


I was a youtube fan first…. but they both have their bonuses:

A long Cry Plays episode might be 30-60 minutes…

But a stream might be a couple hours. On the other hand, the cry plays are much more intimate… but the streams tend to have him more upbeat.

It's pretty equal to me, honestly. Cry is one of my favorite people to turn on and just ambiently absorb while doing other things.

No. 272050

I don't know Who W is because it seems like they don't have the full story since the reason nothing has been said is to protect Cheyenne. Not work up the courage or anything. I doubt Cheyenne is ready to "come forward" with anything since the hold is for her.
Cry is worried about people being upset and attacking her, probably because she's attacked a lot (but she does a lot of attacking herself)

But Cry does know about this board, guys.

No. 272053

People arent just going to start attacking her because she is no longer with Cry if thats what it is. So protect her why? From what new attacks? What could have changed that would make more people attack her?

No. 272054

Unless that's what he believes will happen because she's attacked a lot already and is unliked by the majority on twitch and YouTube…

No. 272062

I just feel that if people on here did attack Chey then we would have heard it from the anons who did it. Thats what happened when people asked Ocean about what she thought about cows. And also i dont remember anyone owning up to the asks "sent" to Sage. If someone said something then i am pretty sure we would have heard some form of bragging on here really.

No. 272068

Not necessarily true, but also we're talking about in the future, when things are announced. Not everyone who hates Cheyenne knows about this site. Most farmers know cow tipping is against the rules so it would be stupid to brag.
Anyways, Sage sent herself those asks.

No. 272073

Since you claim to know what is going on to a degree then could you shed some light at all? Without putting yourself in the crossfire of course?

No. 272074

I definitely prefer his solo streams to his videos.
It's more laid back and I enjoy the games he plays more, and it doesn't feel like a production, it feels like he's just playing the game and having a good time.
I'm talking mostly about his RPG streams, like Xenoblade, FFVII, FFXV, etc.

No. 272077

I mean, most of what is assumed is pretty spot on. You guys aren't blind and can see what had been going on. Cry's just holding off for Cheyenne's sake.