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File: 1483697588800.png (78.22 KB, 300x300, cryaotic-profile_image-717edb1…)

No. 228479

Previous threads: 193176 & 142402

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cryaotic
Deviantart: http://cryplayfan.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his gf, Cheyenne
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/weskersglasses

In the last thread we were discussing the Sage/ Angel/ Cheyenne drama. Also Jund and Sage broke up. Good for him.

No. 228485

It's really not necessary to talk about the girls at this point, none of them are really part of the lnc anymore. When's the last time chey was on a stream?

No. 228486

Scott dodged a bullet with Sage, even though he doesn't know it yet.

Scott and Angel would make a cute couple, but that'll never happen, since she's Russ' friend and I kinda think that Russ hopes she'll become more than just his friend.

No. 228488

There should be a link in the last thread to this one, but there isn't.

No. 228505

I don't think Russ has had a real gf since..Red

No. 228542

but it's here "Previous threads: 193176 & 142402"

No. 228544

Does someone mine going through a mini summary of each thread just so I can have a refresher? I haven't been around.

No. 228566

File: 1483719941025.png (29.69 KB, 584x212, ham.PNG)

I'm a week behind but damn that's sad. You dump a guy on New Years Eve out of nowhere, especially after he went to the trouble to get you Hamilton tickets for the holidays.
He's better off without her.

No. 228629

Basically we went through how Cheyenne (Cry's girlfriend) is very manipulative and seems abusive. Some of us thought that maybe he's only staying with her because she has some sort of dirt on him (most likely cheating based on what Coyotemation has said), the whole age controversy, or the fact that she could ruin his life by putting pictures of his face out to the public. It could however be that he's just insecure and doesn't think he can do better. Also, Cheyenne bullies any girl that gets on stream, especially if she's single. One instance of this is when Ziegs, an old member of the LNC, was bullied enough to feel suicidal and publicly announced this. This caused a half-assed apology from Cheyenne (with her basically using her mental illness as an out and wanting people to feel sorry for her) and Cry basically ignoring the problem to support his gf. Recently, there was an incident with Angel/Mash (Snake's gf) and Cheyenne/Sage (Scott's ex). We don't know what happened for sure, but something happened where Angel was apparently bullied off the stream and is now depressed. This probably happened when they were playing DnD, but it's unsure of how involved Sage was in the bullying. Now, Sage and Jund have broken up and it seems that Cry is hopefully phasing Cheyenne out, as she is now rarely on Late Night and Cry doesn't ever really interact with her/makes excuses for why she's not around. I want to say though, that we're not completely making shit up. In the last thread we had a lot of links/screenshots of evidence of bullying or the LNC hinting/talking about things. You can go to the other threads for these and the second thread had links at the top to some posts from the LNC talking about things like the Ziegs incident.
tl;dr: Cry's abusive-seeming gf is known to bully girls on the LNC and Jund's ex was somehow involved. Cry ignores all issues, but is hopefully trying to get rid of her even though she could ruin his life.

No. 228656

He should just take a friend, damn.

Although to be fair (and definitely not trying to whiteknight Sage), if you don't like someone anymore, there's no point in dragging it out. Yeah it'll ruin your holiday but if you stay with them just to break up immediately after then it just looks like you were using them or being insincere - in this case, Sage would look like she was using Jund for Hamilton tickets just to dump him right after.

There's no "convenient" time to dump someone. Just less convenient than others, like birthdays, holidays, etc.

No. 228664

From the way he worded it, he might not have even wanted to go, she did.

And yeah I'm not saying she should have dragged it down but damn that was probably one of the worst times she could have done it. Like "Alright here comes 2017 so I'm dumping your ass, have fun being single the first day of the new year. kbye"

No. 228710

This is replying to the last thread,
Ive been on multiple streams, and every time the cameras are off its either awkward silence or fighting. One time when i was on Chey started SCREAMING at Cry over something and it basically killed the rest of the stream with no explanation given to the audience. I do have screenshots of the group chat, but it's too risky for me to post.

No. 228756

I understand not wanting to post screenshots, but who was doing most of the fighting and what's it generally about? Was it just Cheyenne/Cry or was it like the whole crew? Is it like that every time they go offline? Sorry for so many questions. I'm just really curious. If you can't answer I totally understand.

No. 228761

I don't know if its like that all the time, but from what I've seen it just gets eerie and quiet on breaks, like theyre forcing themselves to even pretend to enjoy each others company. The time i was speaking of was just chey yelling at cry about something I'm not free to discuss.

No. 228778

I was told by someone close to Angel/Mash that they are forbidden from being on Cry's channel. Even if it isn't LNC. Which is why Angel hasn't been on TGI, the only sellout station they've had since the ban was on Russ' channel, and Cry was forced to leave Iso and it was moved to Snake's channel.
This was entirely Cheyenne's doing. Russ and Snake tried to stop her, but without Cry actually standing up for his friends, they couldn't do anything.

Sage wasn't involved in that stuff directly, but she for sure wanted Angel gone, so I'm sure she worked with Cheyenne for it to happen. Sage resented Angel for guesting on LNC and because people liked her "for no reason."

But yeah, that's why Angel/Mash haven't been on LNC/anything on Cry's channel. Cheyenne forbids it.

No. 228836

Thanks for the answer and that's fucked up.

No. 228858

So is there actually any legit, hardproof drama that happens with this group? Every time I jump into these threads it just seems to be speculation from Chey vague blogging.

No. 228861

There was ZGUnlimited who we could've asked about it since he was friends with Sage since 2014? I don't think anyone messaged him since he was first mentioned.

No. 228875

Anyone could just ask them, honestly. They've talked about things to people before.

But there's nothing wrong with using your reasoning skills with what we have actually seen, if you're not going to take others accounts or ask them on your own.

No. 228877

I somehow doubt any people that frequent that crew will openly admit that Chey manipulates Cry and blackmails him with his info???

No. 229059

He only shows up once and awhile. I have him in my twitch friends and he watches other streams more often.

No. 229096

wow! look at you changing the world! just one step at a time buddy i'm sure you'll make a difference!

No. 229098

J for Jund, perhaps?

No. 229101

Did OP delete their post?

No. 229102

Oh wow, they did. I honestly hope the other person who replied to them screenshot their post. That shit was hilarious.

No. 229108

Anyone know what they said?

No. 229109

something along the lines of, "you gaiz should go outside! you're all pathetic cowards! Do something else with your lives!"

No. 229110

File: 1483780312358.png (34.99 KB, 1843x86, J.png)

No. 229188


or Jheyenne lmao

could be jund although I doubt he'd care enough to actually post in here, unless I'm mistaken in which case this is rad and I'm loving that someone's jimmies may be rustled from the lnc

No. 229192

Probably is jund, its not like he has anything better to do nowadays

No. 229204


Jund's never been stupid though. Why would he clearly label himself in a salty ragepost on an anon thread? Really the only reason you'd ever want to even name yourself is to draw attention to the name. inb4 Sage sabotage

No. 229212

For real though. Jund wouldn't label himself if he DID care enough and I really doubt he does.
Considering Angel and him are following each other now, and she posted about mending bridges, I doubt he'd get pissed on Sage or Cheyenne's behalf. He must have talked to her.

Sounds like the usual fan stuck up Cry's rotund bottom. Wonder why they deleted it though.

No. 229217

Anyone been in Jund's discord recently? There's two newer people I didn't expect to be on there. Cry and Jendenise

No. 229415

Audio from his stream on 01/07/2017 https://clyp.it/nby0uwhw

No. 229418

Probably not the whole story, but that's sad, man.

No. 229419

Who is Jendenise?

No. 229425

Both Jund and Witwix's ex girlfriend.

No. 229447

File: 1483845215173.jpg (110.24 KB, 576x240, gross.jpg)

She is so disgusting. You know she would freak out if Cry wrote something like this about 2 females.

No. 229532


The Crew ignores

It's beautiful.

No. 229573

why would chat even care
unless they just wet over any girl on the internet

No. 229577

People like sucking up to her to get in good with Cry

No. 229578

Chat always tries to suck up to Cry by sucking his horrible girlfriend's dick.
>Cheyenne calls someone a fucking idiot
"Oh Cheyenne, you're so funny!"
>Cheyenne throws a fit because she loses
"Cheyenne, you're too good at games! Nerf Cheyenne!"
>Cheyenne shuts down and ruins a game for one reason or another
"Poor Cheyenne! Everyone be nice to Cheyenne! CHEYENNE IS SO GREAT!"

It's fucking stupid.

No. 229587

I think you're just thinking of SonofLiberty lol.

No. 229589

He's her #1 fan, but unfortunately there's a handful of people who do it.

No. 229590

He's definitely a big ass kisser, but I've seen a lot of people in chat that do it.

No. 229594

Cry's sub icons are fucking cute.. just saying

No. 229599

Angel's in late night chat rn

No. 229600

she left now

No. 229602

I notice she only says hi to Russ and then leaves

No. 229606

Well Cry did allow her to get bullied away/banned by Cheyenne. Cheyenne's not even there now. The whole thing is so weird lol

No. 229610

Is there any tension between the crew tonight?

No. 229649

There hasn't been any real conversing between Jund and Snake, so I think so.

No. 230480

Since Scott and Sage broke up, he and Angel seem to be on good terms again. She even replied to his last tweet. Hopefully things can get back to normal again, even though I don't think Cheyenne would allow her to be on the stream again.

No. 230491

watch Cheyenne start hating and arguing with Scott all over again because of this lol

No. 230492

Chey needa change her twitter pic, it ain't even Christmas anymore

No. 230494

I wouldn't be surprised. I think the only reason he stopped speaking out against her was either because of Sage or maybe Cheyenne threatened to get him kicked like she did Angel. There's no telling what'd she be willing to do.

No. 230502

But would you REALLY want to see an actual picture of her instead?

No. 230566

Wow, cry is such a pussy, it's ridiculous. It makes me lose all respect for him.

No. 230567

Someone from Cry's pussy crew is angry

No. 230662

File: 1484029011739.png (258.26 KB, 1440x1814, lol.png)

I thought this was hilarious.
"You guys are idiots for not knowing the whole story."
"Okay, tell us!"

Jesus Fucking Christ, dude.

No. 230667

Bonus points for "Horse's mouth" lol

No. 230668

This literally makes no sense if she's talking about her break up with Jund. I haven't seen anyone really talking shit about it other than her doing it on a holiday, which in my opinion was a bit mean. I haven't seen her acting as if it was affecting her in any way, while Jund has stated multiple times that he's having a hard time with it. Also, we know that their relationship wasn't that great. Jund stated that he was shitty and didn't know how to be a good boyfriend at first, but was trying to be better. Sage on the other hand has not said anything about their relationship, good or bad. If she wants us to actually be educated, then giving even a little information would help.

No. 230669

Um, she'd rather not shit on him though? so????

But I agree with you. She didn't say anything, didn't act like she cared. She did break up with him. It didn't look like anyone was actually questioning anything.

Maybe she wasn't getting enough attention for it.

No. 230673

I don't hate her, like her, or whatever, but I feel like the only reason she posted that was to get attention. Like I said before, I haven't seen anyone really shitting on the break up or why she did break up with him, so I don't really see why she would post something like that. The only thing I can come up with is if people have messaged her tumblr and she just hasn't responded to them publicly. Still, why even mention that telling her side would be "shitting all over him" if she didn't want us to question things? It doesn't make any sense. This is literally the first thing she's even said about the break up. She's just been posting "Happy New Year's" and any other thing that she would normally post. It seems off to me for some reason.

No. 230674

There is no reason at all to say something like that unless it's for attention.

"You haven't heard my side!"
"Then tell us."

That's attention-seeking.

No. 230675

File: 1484032418925.png (66.5 KB, 619x562, now this is a story all about …)

Okie dokie, same person from before that said Sage had been posting everything she'd normally post. I decided to look through her tumblr to see if anything was out of the ordinary and found this. She tagged it as "yep" at the bottom. No idea if she's implying that it's about Jund but it's a possibility . It could also just her wanting us to feel bad for her. Some people think she found our last thread and a bunch of people were shitting on her so she could just be trying to make herself look better. No idea though. I just like making theories.

No. 230677

I definitely think it's for attention. I'm pretty sure she was here last thread/probably here this thread. Not enough people talking about her, I guess, lol.

No. 230678

That's exactly what I was thinking. Most people don't even mention something like that unless they actually want people to press them into talking about it.
Right? Lol. It seems like she's doing everything to stir the pot when things start to mellow out.

No. 230704

Look up the name Sage & Lakota (her previous tumblr name ) on twitter and you may find something… maybe two somethings….

No. 230707

Okay, I just went on a twitter marathon and couldn't find anything lol. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for. Feel like I'm playing a scavenger hunt with only half the clues.

No. 230709

File: 1484044052256.png (130.89 KB, 232x347, dat eyeliner doh.PNG)

I think I might've found her old twitter lmao. I'm not 100% sure but her old tumblr did say her name was Sage Gray and another comment said her old tumblr was Lakota. It's like 6 years old but still kinda funny if you scroll through the tweets. Whatever scavenger hunt this is was worth it.

No. 230711

No. 230712

It kind of looks like she's subtweeting people in real life?

No. 230713

God, I feel like a stalker but I was just so curious and couldn't stop lol. If it is Sage, there's talk about rehab for SOMETHING, being clean, and being an inpatient.

No. 230714

So she's had three different twitters?

No. 230716

File: 1484046015229.jpg (37.41 KB, 400x400, cayuuuute_024_copeh_400x400.jp…)

The hair is similar to the other twitter she has

No. 230717

That is her.

No. 230718

File: 1484046818406.jpg (272.71 KB, 1920x1080, pjimage.jpg)

I think someone in another thread mentioned that Sage has "had a hard life" or something along those lines and was trying to use it to excuse her possible bullying of Angel. I kinda thought they were making shit up, but these tweets seem real. Even if she did have to go to rehab for whatever reason though, that doesn't excuse her if she played a part in forcing Angel off the stream.

No. 230720

It's kind of hard to fake tweets from years ago, and it kind of shows you one side of Sage's faces.

No. 230726

I wonder if this is what Sage meant when she said people were "snooping into her private life". I wonder if she's scared of people finding out about it.

No. 230732

Read the tweets and see how she reacts to everything. It's very… negative… especially if she doesn't get her way… scary…

No. 230799

I hope she changed, though it kinda doesn't look like it, but she was super aggressive. Talking about ripping people apart and killing them or hurting them. Edge Queen.

No. 230802

File: 1484062591859.png (246.57 KB, 1440x1001, Hmmmm.png)

Saw this. Wonder what that's about! Sage sure does like to ban people from things.

No. 230805

Oh! Sorry to samefag but I wonder if some info on here about things said in Sage's discord were super accurate and she thinks she figured out who's been posting.

No. 230996

cheyenne hasn't even been on the LNC in weeks and it's been great. Don't see why Angel couldn't join streams when chey doesn't even show up

No. 231000

I assume Cry and Cheyenne are still together, so I'm guessing that's why she won't be on/hasn't been on.

No. 231001

Maybe they're trying to see if she disappears completely first because I feel like if they brought in Angel, it'd just summon the four eyed kraken

No. 231054

Probably lol. I bet if they invited Angel to play a game Cheyenne would suddenly show up and be like "oh well I'm here now and we have enough/too many players" or something along those lines.

No. 231068

Hell, if I was Russ I'd just do that shit on stream and invite angle anyway. If I couldn't show how Cheyenne really is to the public then might as well get her to do it to herself.

No. 231117

She kinda did this when they were starting Phoenix Wright and Russ said that he told Angle she could join, and then suddenly Cheyenne couldn't get food/it didn't matter and they started without Angle, lol

No. 231164

I remember that. Cheyenne was bitching about food and suddenly changed her mind as soon as Russ said that he invited Angel. I mean, she's left multiple times during other streams to go get Subway/other food, but she completely abandoned the idea as soon as Angel pops up. Here it is.

No. 231170

2:23 is kinda where it starts, where Cheyenne starts complaining, then Russ brings up Angel.
That was really cold, damn.

No. 231198

It makes me cringe listening to Cheyenne whine about food and then Cry responding to her sounding more like he's talking to his kid than to his girlfriend. And then she starts acting huffy after Angel is mentioned. It's just awkward and uncomfortable. You would think she'd have more consciousness about the fact that they're streaming and she should be acting better than that but she just doesn't.

No. 231231

It annoys me even more because Russ sounded so excited to have his friend on and Cheyenne completely shut it down. And you're right, it definitely sounds like Cry is talking to a child instead of his girlfriend. She's ridiculous.

No. 231277

damn that's really embarrassing. shes acting like a baby on a stream hundreds of people are gonna watch.

No. 231284

Thousands of people really, if you count people that watch the stream and the different youtube channels that upload things. If she acts like that in front of people, I'd hate to see how she acts when they're alone.

No. 231322

We already talked about this pheonix wright thing in the 1st thread

No. 231327


"what the fuck, jeez, fine"

I feel like I am slowly witnessing the breakdown of a man

except there's not been a big crescendo yet and it's like watching paint dry

No. 231334

It's just related to current events.

No. 231362

This game could of went REALLY went but half of it was this fat bitch complaining that she cant get up and cook for herself or go out and buy food. like wtf… this is actually pathetic. She knew what time this was going to start. Go out and get some damn food.

And of course as soon as they mention Angel, the shit goes down. I hate this bitch so much. Cry is actually pathetic

No. 231363

Cry is such a sad sack of shit. Why is he with this witch of a woman?

No. 231366

You can literally tell Russ is upset that Cry isn't trying to do more about it or standing up to her.

No. 231447

"alright we're just going?"
That's so sad. Jesus Christ Cry fucking sucks.

No. 231450

The thing is though, she's literally gone during streams before to get food because I think she lives near a Subway or something. She was just complaining because she couldn't get food because if she did, Angel would be on the stream. She only stayed to spite Angel and that's not okay.
It sucks even more because Russ hardly ever invites his own friends and now one of the people he liked hanging out with is perma-banned because of Cry's psychotic girlfriend.

No. 231451

She lives right next to a subway if I'm not mistaken, she tweeted about a girl that works there complimenting her emo band and twitch shirts or something not too long ago.

No. 231476

Wasn't this also the stream where someone had said something about Cheyenne not doing shit for PW, and she just goes ham on them saying she has a headache and they were "fucking idiots" (to which Liberty gets his dick wet by sucking up to her), and as soon as GTA came on she was all happy and joyful and literally had no sign of a headache?

No. 231540

No. 231551

This is literally the second campaign that they've had to stop because of people dropping. I can understand the first one because couples broke up and I wouldn't want to keep it going either, but this one shouldn't have happened. This was caused most likely by jealousy/bullying that caused Cheyenne/Sage to quit and they forced their boyfriends to quit too. It's painfully obvious that Cheyenne is pissed and jealous that everyone likes Angel and Mash more than her. Plus, Angel's cool (and single I think?) and Cheyenne can't have an actually decent girl anywhere near Cry because he might realize how shitty she is to him. Sage obviously went along with it (although we're kind of divided on how big a part she played in the whole Angel/Mash argument). So of course they had to get their boyfriends to quit, causing Snake to have to do a hell of a lot of maneuvering. It just sucks for him because he put in a lot of work so that he and his friends could have fun and everything just went to shit. Cry needs to stand up to his girlfriend before he loses his friends. What he's doing is not being a "good boyfriend" by doing whatever Cheyenne says, he's just being a bad friend. I hope he wakes up soon.

No. 231609

>It should also be noted (for those of you that like to theory-craft) that this is not a response to surface tensions or any pressing drama.
So I guess Snake had read these threads huh.

No. 231620

I wouldn't be surprised if he had.

No. 231730

It is so sad that another campaign is shut down. I felt like it was just starting to pick up and get good too! It's understandable that he is having a hard time to continue to write for it after everything that happened, though.

It's possible that he has. Honestly, it's possible the entire crew knows about these threads. Sage was OBVIOUSLY here before, so I wouldn't be surprised if word jumped from her to Jund, to Snake, to Mash, to Angel, to Russ.. ect. They probably have all seen it.
I think what he's trying to say is there isn't CURRENT drama with the people involved, so he didn't want anyone to think that.. but after everything that happened, he just doesn't have the energy to keep going.
So fucking sad.
If only Sage and Cheyenne had never come around, so many amazing things would be coming from the rest, I bet.

No. 231792

Without tragedy, how do we know that we are truly bless? But, let's not take for granted with what we have now and keep pushing for a better future! Have a nice night.

No. 231914

And in the tweet she also said "watch out Cry" or something like that which was completely ignored by him lololol she even tagged him

I actually think she's lowkey getting desperate for some kind of reaction from him… Hell, maybe they're not even talking irl

No. 232080

I wonder why they even stay together at this point. They don't stream together anymore, couple's therapy or LNC. Hell, she doesn't even stream on her own, which I think is pretty fucked up to her subs…
She tries to get his attention which he doesn't even reply to, when he used to all the time.

I really really hope they're on their way to breakup land. Everything would be so much better knowing Cheyenne can't snake her way back in.

No. 232085

Anyone else notice that Cry hasn't touched WOW in a long time? Maybe they had some weird falling out (him and chey) and she's using WOW as her way of escapism. And I think that was Cry's before as well, but he uses FFXV instead and you can clearly tell he's bored of it.

No. 232114

Didn't Cry mention a few weeks ago that Cheyenne has been talking to some guy on WOW? I remember that he joked like "I'm not jealous" but maybe something actually happened? Like, he mentioned that he loved playing WOW so idk why he'd stop.

No. 232123

She made a tweet about wanting to get fucked by the actors in Assassins Creed and all Cry replied with was "I understand" and their braindead fans were tweeting shit like "LOL!!!! Relationship goals thoooo!!! I love how u guys r like the chillest couple ever!" Even though there's clearly something going on.

No. 232167

It looks like the crew is in good terms now since they're playing card games together on their off days.

No. 232183

Funny how things are better when Cheyenne is taken out of the picture, and I'm guessing the guys talked out stuff with Scott, like I assume happened with Angel, about Sage.

No. 232187

It's still pretty aggravating how they never really talk about anything that's going on.

No. 232204

Pretty sure they're working things out still but, yknow babysteps.

No. 232442

I think it's fine as long as they eventually resolve the problem i.e., getting rid of Cheyenne once and for all. It's painfully obvious she's the cause of all this unnecessary drama. I swear I'll watch LNC again when that happens (hopefully this year, cross fingers)

No. 232489

True, can only hope they've learned from everything that's happened.

No. 232634

but will they really though? It might be swept under the rug like Ziegs all over again.

No. 232657

They don't really communicate with us, but if we see no Cheyenne and they start bringing Angel back around, that'd be a good indication.
It's too bad it's taken this long for things to happen. Things that never should have been a problem if Cry had a backbone in the beginning.

No. 232722

lul at Cheyennes new twitter picture

No. 232735

She's trying really hard. "Look, we're still getting along! Never mind he doesn't acknowledge me or stream with me and I haven't been on LNC…"

No. 232739

There's a new female (kinda) on TGI right now, OutstarWalker. She's been in mostly the chat. But what's weird is that Outstar is really really good friends with Ziegs..

No. 232760

I just got to the tgi stream but it seemed that he ragequit because chat was saying he was salty. Idk what happened

No. 232883

The last time I checked, it was because of Riskem not paying attention or something so they had to restart for like the 3rd time. But I could be wrong.

No. 234752

Chey said on her solo stream that she might stop by late night tonight

No. 234756

Damn she finally streamed again? Looks like someone was missing that money.

No. 234758

She still hasnt really done anything with her boyfriend as of late

No. 234857

<iframe src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=weskersglasses/WittySalamanderBigBrother&autoplay=false" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

No. 234859

sorry I didn't know how to share a clip of twitch but it basically says how cheyenne was depressed and how she broke up with cry 2 times

No. 234862

well her breaking up with Cry in the past wasn't a secret, she had stated that on tumblr a few times. Too bad she didn't stay gone back then and save everyone a lot of trouble.

Wish she was still depressed!

No. 234945

any sign of chey tonight? or any conflict with the crew?

No. 234950

Not as far as I've seen, but we currently have an awkward moment of them looking for an extra person to join the game and just ignoring chat shouting for Angel, Mash and I even saw Ziegs thrown out there

No. 234951

Actually, Russ was like "the only person I know that likes board games is Angel" and he just got ignored. Cry changed the subject soooo quickly. Cheyenne's not there though so I'd say it's still a good night.

No. 234953

Sure, but then chat kept on resuggesting it. And Angel has now joined chat and again people are saying it in chat and still being ignored.

No. 234956

Wow, that is so fucked up. Russ suggesting her ON STREAM and Cry just actively ignored it over and over and over again. So weird!

No. 234990

Cry seems like hes in a pretty good mood, maybe they broke up finally.

No. 234997

If they did Twitter wouldn't hear the end of Cheyenne's bitching and self pity party though

No. 234998

I think for him to have Cheyenne to leave forever, Angel has to not go on for awhile. I think it'd awaken the demon if she goes on before Cheyenne leaves for good.

No. 235044

i like how someone asked where Ziegs went and a mod (not liberty surprisingly) said she quit to do her own thing. like lol? no bitch she got bullied off.

No. 235080

which mod?

No. 235098

Nightmares88 or something like that

No. 235184

Is there a video of this? That's so bad.

No. 235192

He was playing 90's pop music, so it's muted.

No. 235205

I remember Ziegs. When did she leave and is she doing anything now? At least Minx went solo and seems to be okay.

No. 235216


literally why would she think anyone cares? she's so ugly, i don't want to know if she wants to get fucked.

No. 235331

2014, solo streaming

No. 235413


I mean I could be reaching, but is she meaning for it to sound "past tense"? Like "he WAS never a bad boyfriend" and then the person in chat did the same time making it sound like they broke up. Again, I could be reaching waaaaay to far.

No. 235424


Fffs I wish it were like that, but it does seem like a bit of a stretch. It just sounds like she used past tense because the question was phrased that way (if that makes sense?)

No. 235432

Maybe this strings back to the idea that he cheated on her? Like shes saying he was good before that?

No. 235481

I feel like this is looking at it too deeply. It was a question that was given a shallow answer. I doubt she meant anything beyond it, the same way you answer "I'm good" when a stranger asks how you are.

No. 235589

Anyone else pissed off that Cry doesn't make any good YouTube content anymore? It's literally just been shit posts lately.

No. 235591

when was his content ever good lmao hes boring as fuck and only has a following because 13 year old girls used to get wet over his voice

No. 235600

He still makes let's plays. Compared to Pewdiepie he really hasn't been doing too much shit posting/filthy frank content.

I used to like his content but seeing that he has no back bone and can't defend his friends is a huge turn off.

No. 235620

His voice doesn't even sound that great? Not that he has a bad voice but it's not remarkable enough to be known for. idgi. It's like Markiplier tier for me except Cry sounds more like a faggot.

No. 235628

Unpopuler opinion - I've always liked his content because he wasn't over the top with his let's plays, and he said good stuff and really got you into the story.
But I stopped watching his stuff a while back (except for the TWD stuff bc clementine) because I've noticed it's been lackluster and idk like something's off - which makes sense, now that I've found this thread lol

No. 235641

Why are you here then?

No. 235642

I feel you too my dude.

No. 235660

I don't think she meant anything with that response, but I know for a fact that he cheated on her with one of the mods

No. 235664

That makes sense with how she acts towards the female mods and we already kind of figured that he cheated on her.

No. 235665

Yeah, I'm just confirming since chey told me herself

No. 235679

And why did she tell you this?

Also Cry has said on twitter that he's going to be doing a playthrough soon. Like legit I guess, so there's that.

No. 235704


I think he's referring to Detention (which I'm watching part 1 of right now!)
It feels a little less strained and forced. Sounds like he's actually having fun imo

No. 235728

I actually like the game a lot!
It's been so long since I had a reason to refresh his channel every day for a new upload.
His playthroughs have always been fun to me- especially with games like this one.

No. 235735

When it first happened she was super pissed and probably told a ton of people, i wouldn't even say i was ever close to her but i'd messaged her about something and she vented about it. I can search for screenshots when i get home

No. 235736

Thanks anon

No. 235738

Same, anon, same. I used to watch i'm from 3 or so years ago because his LPs weren't overexaggerated and they were pretty calming tbh. He's changed and it's so sad now.

No. 235778

Does this mean that Cry only leaves his house to cheat on Cheyenne? Honestly, I really want to know what that would've looked like.

Did he meet her at a motel or something.

No. 235780

i would guess it was online? since he doesnt leave his house and his entire relationship is onlin e

No. 235781


Most likely, the cheating was more of an online relationship thing. Maybe she caught their cyber log lmao

No. 235783

the phrase 'caught their cyber log' is so fucking funny to me.

but yeah, i'd imagine it was just through skype or something

No. 235784

i wonder if the girl he cheated with knows about us?

No. 235787


If so, how big is his virtual pp, and why tf did you not seduce him out of this bullshit relationship? Smh girl, work on them homewrecking skills

No. 235788

Who are the people outside of the regular crew members that we know also left?

No. 235793

Anon said it was a mod, so who are the mods that aren't around anymore

No. 235801

He barely cheated on her. It was just some typed sexy talk.

No. 235802

I heard he cheated with someone in 2014 but it was before they both dated. I don't know who the girl is though

No. 235804

They were together in 2014. That's when he cheated

No. 235806

Yeah, it was right before the relationship or when it was really really new or something

No. 235809

I think the person was close to Red? Or was it Raven?

No. 235811

I think it was red, and that makes it a pretty small circle

No. 235820

I think so. I know who it is, but I'm not sure how many people know so I don't want to come out and say it. She's not around anymore.

No. 235821

say it bro been around since 2011

No. 235823

If shes not around it doesnt matter.

No. 235824

This is what the thread is for, lol. Just tell us!

No. 235825

it's not like they are gonna look at this thread anyways

No. 235827

She might already be here so who cares.

No. 235830

Just dox her already, she might have milk

No. 235835

from what I know, it was someone who went by ocean

No. 235836

do you know if she's still around at all?

No. 235837

I don't think so, no.

No. 235838

take in mind this is from Cheyenne. she could have just had a grudge from her being female and in chat, which she seems to have with every female. but, that's what she said way back when.

No. 235839

she still has an active twitter, its @oceannnnnnn. tumblr is linked there i think

No. 235840

File: 1484617292213.png (43.3 KB, 569x226, talking about strippers and sh…)

Well if that's the girl, Cry was talking/flirting around 2014 like everyone is saying

No. 235843

Also Ocean was very close to Red, and we all know how well they got along.

No. 235845

is anyone going to ask her or are we just going to leave it?

No. 235852

u do it

No. 235866

her twitter is private but she has a few asks relating to the crew on tumblr.

No. 235869

What were they about?

No. 235870

Really? Looking in her archive, I think she's only had it for a year or so, and I couldn't find any asks.

No. 235873

if you look in the drop down it brings it to her main.

No. 235878

No. 235880

No. 235882

Something must've when down cause she really does not want to talk about it. Like, at all.

No. 235884

well, like I said, cheyenne said they talked sexy at each other and then i think ocean told her. Cry's still with cheyenne, so, obviously things didn't work out.

No. 235885

i think someone else found out and told chey, it'd be dumb for her to rat on herself.

No. 235888

Unless she got mad at Cry and told Cheyenne to get him in the doghouse. She might not have thought that she'd have too many repercussions.

No. 235889


Or Cry got the guilt bug and fessed up. I could actually see him doing that tbh

No. 235890

does anyone follow her twitter or anything? does she still follow the other crew members?

No. 235893

Or maybe that he'd choose her over Cheyenne

No. 235895

how old is she?

No. 235896

Coyotemation follows her on one of her alt accounts (which is also private), which makes sense considering he was really pissed about the cheating situation.

Since Coyote said that Cry threw his friends under the bus because of his cheating, it seems more likely that Cry fessed up and blamed Ocean for the whole thing.

No. 235898

I had felt that was more throwing Ziegs under the bus because he didn't want people to know he cheated on Cheyenne, because Cheyenne would make that public if he sided with Ziegs.

No. 235899

I think that was the main part of it, but Coyote mentioned here >>213340 that Cry was faced with a "choice". Of course that could've been referring to the Ziegs thing but it also could've been about Ocean. Cry has let too much shit happen just because he cheated. Honestly, I'd cheat too if I was dating someone that is abusive like Cheyenne.

No. 235900

That's just dumb. I'd just leave them. why cheat?
It's funny that there are so many fucked up things Cry has done there's no telling what people are refering to most of the time.

No. 235903

maybe she has some blackmail involving ocean, and thats why he cant leave?

No. 235906

Yeah, you're right, the mature thing would be to grow a pair and break up. Cry doesn't seem capable of doing that for some reason though. Like, is he afraid of her putting his face out there? I could see it. Also, there's that whole thing about how old she really was when they started their relationship. He could get into a lot of trouble if she was underage and I wouldn't doubt it if she had some sort of proof.
Cheating's bad sure, but I hope that's not the reason why he's still with her. I think most of us would understand where he's coming from with how Cheyenne acts. He wouldn't socially take too hard of a hit. I think it has to be something more than that.

No. 235907

Could he actually get in trouble though? They've been dating for a while now and she's very much the legal age now. I don't know how it works but can you retroactively be punished like that?

No. 235909

I believe that an underage person is still underage no matter how long they're still with the person. It's like if a 40 year old was with a 13 year old until she was 19, it's still against the law if someone found out. I could be wrong though. Besides, in my comment I meant more that he'd get in trouble socially. People could brand him as something negative and he could lose a lot of fans, which in turn could affect his youtube/twitch career. He could just be afraid of backlash if the age thing was true.

No. 235910

i meant ocean when i said this, not chey

No. 235913

There's a statute of limitation on statutory rape per state, but that's if it can be proved they had a sexual relationship when she was underage, and if she was below the age of consent wherever they actually did it. I know Nevada age of consent is 16 and the SOL is 4 years but idk where Cry lives. But it'd be a lot of trouble for Chey to go through getting actual concrete evidence and charge him for it.

The real issue, like >>235909 said, is that he could be persecuted online for dating/fucking a girl much younger than him and it would affect his career. And really he should've thought about that before sticking his dick in her, assuming it's true he was doing it before she was 18. For someone who values his privacy so much and whose income relies on how good his reputation online is, he sure is a fuck up. lmao.

No. 235916

They waited like a year before she flew out to see him, so she was definitely legal.

No. 235919

No idea how old Ocean is, but we're pointing out Cheyenne because they've always been secretive about how old she was when they started dating and there's been a bunch of rumors.
Cry lives in Florida, where the age of consent is 18. Cheyenne has never been very forthcoming with her age so we have no idea how old she actually was. Even on her tumblr she has "none of your business" under where her age is or something like that.

No. 235921


Oh god it sounds like her not being very forthcoming about her age is a way for her to almost blackmail him in the future. Like, what if they started dating when she was a month away from 18 or some bullshit, but she doesn't want anyone knowing the technicalities so that she can keep Cry under her thumb bc no one can argue shit if there's no proof. Jesus.

No. 235922

Oh wait, I was wrong. She has "don't worry about it" under her FAQs with "How long have you and Cry been together?" So she's just secretive about how long they've been together, which in turn ties with her age

No. 235923

SOL in Florida is 3 years. But I guess if there's no solid timeline of when they started dating it's hard to say.

But either way it's definitely less about the criminal aspects and more about how Cry would be perceived online if they dated when she was still underage.

No. 235924

File: 1484628448441.png (269.32 KB, 573x626, Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.43…)

I don't know if you guys have seen this before, but this was four years ago, which means she would've been 18 I assume. I think Cheyenne might've tricked Cry into her being 18 not really having a motive at first, then when finding out about him and Ocean, she just started using it against him.

No. 235929

which alt are you talking about?

No. 235933




Looks like Ocean turned 16 in 2014.


Oh no.

No. 235934

File: 1484629489455.png (9.36 KB, 263x201, ocean.PNG)

it looks like she lives in florida, too.

No. 235935

Jesus, Cry liked them young

No. 235938

I still highly doubt they met in person.

No. 235942

File: 1484630051359.png (10.9 KB, 703x99, get 'em coyote.PNG)

Well I think you just won the gold lol. That has to be what Cheyenne is using to blackmail Cry. Coyote has mentioned blackmail, cheating, and in the same comment thread he called her a "gold digger". I think Cheyenne is using the whole cheating with an underage girl thing to blackmail Cry into staying with her. He should've kept his dick in his pants.
Well someone mentioned "sexy talk" so maybe they exchanged nudes? That's kiddy porn on his end and Cry has mentioned before that he's sent nudes. He could've sent some to Ocean and she could've sent some back. Cheyenne could've gotten screenshots for all we know lol. I have no idea.

No. 235951

did you find anything else on her blog about him?

No. 235952

LOL, she deleted the post about being 16.

No. 235953

Holy shit that was fast! Lmao, it's okay, we still have the archived copy.

No. 235954

Woah! She did. Hey Ocean, why don't you just tell us what happened?

No. 235955

So that means that what we were talking about is true. There would be no reason to delete it otherwise.

No. 235956

it could just be that one of the other mods is watching and told her.

No. 235957

Which mods still talk to her though? It's been a couple years now that she's been out of the LNC community it looks like

No. 235958

I agree with this, why delete it if what we're saying is way off. It didn't even do anything since it's archived.

No. 235959

i don't think she had any real falling out with the mods, just the crew, so maybe thats whats going on…

No. 235961

The mods on here have seemed to be supportive in the past, if they are actually mods, why would they be warning Ocean of anything?
What would us finding out about Cry's pervy stuff have to do with her deleting things? I'm so confused why she'd try to hide it

No. 235962

the mods also seemed to not want to reveal her name before this, so maybe now they're trying to control the audience of this?

No. 235964

Maybe Ocean still respects him in some way. Plus, who knows what Cheyenne might've told her. Cheyenne seems like a psycho gf.

No. 235965

No. 235966

one of the mod mentioned earlier that chey had messaged ocean some threat, now we know the reason i guess

No. 235968

wait, really? when did that happen?

No. 235969

Wait, weren't her tweets protected just before? Now she opened them? Interesting.

No. 235970

i dont think they were before, I think that was her alt account

No. 235972

No, they were both protected. She just unlocked them.

No. 235973

Nope, they were definitely private. Both were.
See v-

No. 235975

it was mentioned in the last thread.

No. 235976

Doesn't say it was ocean, but I guess it could be. Then again, it could be so many past female mods lol.

No. 235977

yeah, but we have almost definitive proof now, so it probably is about ocean

No. 235978

File: 1484633785082.png (94.25 KB, 1004x321, homewrecker.PNG)

Can we talk about how this is her twitter banner? lmao She isn't really trying to hide things, especially since she's still talking about it after a few years, like in this post >>235965

No. 235979

she apparently just turned 19 and talks about getting drunk a ton. Cry likes young trashy girls, it seems, lol.

No. 235980

Haha, she also seems super proud of it

No. 235981

pretty sure its a reference to something? that seems far too blunt

No. 235983

No. 235984

Still though, of all the things, why pick that? And she purposely posted the Cry t-shirt picture. I think she just has a different way of mentioning things, kind of how Angel would post quotes about not being a able to speak up about things. It does seem kind of like she's proud lol. Maybe Cry pissed her off

No. 235985

Yeah, it's a lyric, but she still seems trashy. Cry has a type.

No. 235986

File: 1484634462174.jpg (92.1 KB, 575x216, cool.jpg)

No. 235988

Lmao why am I not surprised Cry goes after underage girls. I am almost understanding why Chey is such a harpy now.

No. 235990

almost, but a sane person would just leave their boyfriend then. She definitely is using him. She just treats him like shit, and he lets it happen because of all the shit he's done, and she stays with him because of money and popularity

No. 235991

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!
Way to go, summarizing all of this with just a few sentences.

No. 235993

Yeah, that's why I say almost. But she's definitely going nowhere in life and will be a nobody without the prestige of having Cry's name attached to hers, so here we are - a completely toxic relationship with Cry being too much of a pussy to face his mistakes and Chey lording it over his head but being able to use the guise of "he cheated but I love him and want to work it out!" like some sort of martyr.

No. 235996

im pretty sure shes dropped out of college at this point, too

No. 235999

thats pretty much what i did at that age, i wouldnt necessarily say thats trashy lol

No. 236002

being 19 and calling yourself an 'alcoholic' and drinking constantly isn't cool, and isn't normal, it's pretty gross.

No. 236003

wouldn't say its cool either, but as long as its not the only thing you're focusing on in life its nbd

No. 236004

Hopefully not, it's just every other tweet is about her drinking, or an emo lyric. Just seems trashy.

No. 236005

>>236004 Wow you really like the word trashy

No. 236014

File: 1484637881649.jpg (150.13 KB, 794x430, here.jpg)

Sorry Ocean

No. 236015

lol I was just sayin', homie

No. 236016

Maybe we can piss her off enough to answer

No. 236021

When she posted this, she had one of her friends that she met through the streams with her. I think that was her only reason in posting it bc otherwise I haven't seen anything recent about Cry

No. 236028

let's not tip the cow

No. 236029

File: 1484644874415.png (33.19 KB, 580x215, sage stuff.png)

No. 236076

I like that she's showing her true colors. She's an ugly person.

No. 236094

No. 236099

First day of my spring college semester and I nearly spit my water out in class. That's hilarious. Someone's gone rogue and now there's no way she'd talk (even though I don't really think she was going to anyways).

No. 236101

I don't know why I'm surprised she was already here lol. Why not just tell us? She's not involved with them anymore, and she clearly dislikes Cry…

No. 236102

She might have a reason to stay quiet, just like angel.

No. 236108

I wonder what it could be though. Angel has straight forward said there are people she cares about protecting, which we can assume are Russ and Snake.
Im so curious lol

No. 236113

I mean Cheyenne could sick Cry's fans on her by calling her a homewrecker and all this other shit. Who knows though, she could just not care anymore. It's been a few years. It's weird that she would delete/unprivate things though

No. 236114

All she would really have to do is deny any involvement, though.

No. 236116

True. And what would Cheyenne say? "Back in 2014, this girl flirted with my man!" k

No. 236121

She hasn't done anything, so it'd just make Cheyenne more evil than she already is

No. 236123

Unless chey has proof that they did something or ocean opens up, there's really nothing that could happen.

No. 236128

Does ocean have any other social media we can milk? There might be more about her association with the crew.

No. 236131


Unfortunately most of what she does have seems to be privatised.

No. 236132

found her on steam. She's still friends with Snake and Russ and it links her twitch http://twitch.tv/oceannnnn

I guess check it out before she locks it up

No. 236136

she used to have a steam before that, im not sure what the name on it nowadays is but i might still have it added.

No. 236137

I see Lizardizzle on there, I know he used to be a big part of the community and was someone Cry always picked on in chat but is he ever around anymore?

No. 236140

there's actually quite a few mods on her friends list as well.

No. 236144

Yeah I saw Timeandpatience (don't even know if they're a mod anymore though) and SonofLiberty which was a bit shocking to me given how kiss-ass he is with Cheyenne.

No. 236145

here is her other account.

No. 236147

she's friends with like 15 mods, including coyotemation.

No. 236148



Wow, I guess Cry likes his girls bitchy and crazy

No. 236151

are you saying having two steam accounts makes her crazy?

No. 236152

I wonder how much Cry's family knows about all this

or do they think Chey is a sweet girl or something

No. 236153

chey has said before that she's friends with cry's sister, which now makes me think she's only doing it for intel

No. 236155

I feel like they're not "talk often" friends but more "talk when I'm in town and staying at the house. We'll eat food together" friends.

No. 236156


his sister may have no idea that Chey is a pulsating tumour of crazy underneath her skin

for all she knows it's all peaches and cream

No. 236157

Ocean posted this video to his channel a couple of years ago.

No. 236158

Not really, its more about the vibes she gives off, if that makes any sense.

No. 236159

yeah, that makes more sense lol. she still doesn't seem like the monster chey is

No. 236165

Definitely not as bad as Chey, just definitely gives off those "crazy bitch" vibes lol

No. 236168

i can definitely see that lol.
found her instagram as well, but there isn't anything relevant on there.

No. 236169

I literally opened her Instagram about two hours ago and it was privatized!

No. 236170

i actually followed her on it a couple of months ago, i think she privatizes it on and off. not sure why

No. 236171

Just really weird timing, haha.

No. 236172

ill bet that she'll private it after seeing this

No. 236174

does anyone know her name to find her facebook?

No. 236175

She takes super similar pictures as chey. peace sign in front of the face.

No. 236181

God they're so similar it's creepy. Though imo she looks much better than Chey, not really pretty but waaaay less trashy.

Also I like the milk she gives us and that she obviously does it on purpose. Thanks Ocean!

No. 236182


Confirmed: Cry has a boner for peace signs

No. 236184

Yeah, she's really similar to Cheyenne but definitely prettier.

No. 236189


I mean, she looks like a prepubescent boy…but at least she doesn't look like a poor man's fiona in ogre form.

Tbh, she's kinda cute in a way that I can't fully understand

No. 236193

Yup, thats exactly what she looks like. I'm not sure short hair suits her, she might look more pretty with a longer hairstyle.

No. 236195

scrolled to the bottom of her page like a stalker. can someone tell me if that's her in the bikini with the hair? bc if so, she's actually attractive and goddammit cry

No. 236198

I dont think thats her

No. 236200

Sort of looks like her? Maybe just a chubbier her with hair and makeup?? I can't tell either…

No. 236201

thats not her, theres a tag on it showing that its someone else.

No. 236202

yeah, i'm seeing that now. but still, >>236189 was right. still looks better than queen lazy eye over there

No. 236204

i feel like she'd be one of those people that say they're nonbinary. she kinda balances in the middle, and her voice is pretty low for a girl too.

No. 236205

she posted a couple of pictures of herself on snap the other day, i dont think she looks bad with short hair.

No. 236206

Maybe Cry assumed her gender, she got triggered, then dumped his ass

No. 236216

did you just assume xir gender? triggered.

if cry got dumped by an actual child, that's pathetic on his end.

No. 236218

I don't think they were actually dating for him to be dumped. I think he was just hitting on her a ton or something.

No. 236222

she seems to really not like him if it was just him hitting on her.

No. 236223

Maybe she wanted him to choose her over Cheyenne and he didn't?

No. 236224

people were mentioning him cheated early in the relationship when ocean was around and they were flirting.

No. 236227

What if he tried to play both sides? I think I remember him being super serious about something to do with that in Catherine (could be wrong though, don't quote me on that)

No. 236228

that seems pretty likely. and with how young ocean is, its obvious why he didn't go after her publically.

No. 236229

No. 236230

LMAO. He's saying all this shit even though he cheated on her.

No. 236232

It's even worse knowing that he picked an emotional tryst as the more awful thing to do and that's probably how he cheated. I don't think it's likely that he met at least Ocean in real life.

No. 236233

Dude Catherine was a pretty telling playthrough. I know people change and all, but his answers to the question parts are still really interesting to go back on tbh

No. 236237

During that whole playthrough, I kept noticing that he wouldn't just tell Catherine to fuck off when he's supposed to be with Katherine (in the game). He just kept going with it. That's what could've happened here. Ocean could've started the flirting and he just went with it. I'm just throwing that out there though. He could've totally been the one to initiate it.

No. 236238

obsessively goes through the whole pt to find each question

No. 236240

ocean keeps going online and offline on twitch.

No. 236241

No. 236243

SAME. I'm about to transcribe all this fuckery lmao

No. 236244



"has to be a case by case basis"
Uh huh

No. 236247

was there supposed to be a timestamp? watching the first 3 minutes of that reminded me how bad he is at videogames.

No. 236248

I remember one question about your SO falling for someone else, and he had said he'd been in that situation. Don't remember what choice he made though.

No. 236252

No. 236277

Man, cry is so fucking scummy.

No. 236312

so which theory is more likely, that cry actually fucked ocean or just flirted with her while dating chey?

No. 236313

i think they fucked, considering i havent heard her name in YEARS. she disappeared way to quickly for it to be anything else

No. 236320

and would ocean have been 16 yet when all that went down?

No. 236321

I feel like they just flirted, maybe sent some pictures to each other.

No. 236322

File: 1484699049413.png (44.36 KB, 750x348, IMG_0796.PNG)

Also hey look what's gonna be back.. :/

No. 236323

according to that post, she turned 16 in jan 2014. cry/chey started dating in april 2014, so it could be any time around there.

No. 236326

if she was 16, it's worse legally for cry if they sent each other nudes than if they'd fucked (in florida)

if chey were blackmailing him, this sounds like it'd be the most likely way to do it

No. 236328

unless she has proof or ocean came forward with something, there's really nothing she can do now.

No. 236329

if cry sent a nude to ocean or asked her for one, that'd still be illegal. chey might have screenshots or emails as proof

No. 236330

i doubt she has proof and ocean probably wont say anything

No. 236335

im thinking they at least did something over skype, maybe video calls, cause that would leave actual proof

No. 236336

Same, I don't think they actually fucked and I think they may flirted, maybe talked about fucking, to catch a predator style

No. 236337

Well, Coyote has HEAVILY implied that Cheyenne is blackmailing Cry with something pertaining to cheating thrown in. I really think Cheyenne is crazy enough to keep some sort of proof to keep him tied down.

No. 236338

Cry has such an aversion to his face. Unless it was one sided, there's no way

No. 236339

imagine just the camera zoomed all the way in on his dick.

No. 236343

I really don't want to lmao

No. 236351

coyote basically flat out said that chey is blackmailing him about cheating, and at this point the only person i can think of would be ocean

No. 236389

It's already been established it's Ocean

No. 236406

Ocean is wasted and streaming currently.

No. 236418

Doubt its anything interesting, but eh.

No. 236419

Boring as shit.

No. 236426

well, its over already. hope I didn't miss anything but I doubt it.

No. 236430

jesus, after seeing the stream she could definitely pass for a guy, but shes still better looking than chey.

No. 236433

I agree. She could be genderfluid or something. Cry said he was pan, I guess.

No. 236434

i dont think she is, she has that shes a girl in her tumblr faq.

No. 236436

I don't think it really matters what she is. Cry will fuck anything.

No. 236437

thats already apparent, i mean chey is ugly as shit.

No. 236442

They never ended up streaming. I think Cry knows about this thread, honestly, lol.

No. 236443

i wouldnt doubt it, hes probably scared shitless.

No. 236444

Sort of hope he does, sort of hope he doesn't. Some of the things said were rude as shit and completely uncalled for…but some the other things were completely on point and 107% necessary for him to hear/read.
But dammit Cry if you see this, pls. Get your shit together man. Fuck's sake.

No. 236445

File: 1484713491491.jpg (127.85 KB, 1000x1000, Ocean and Cheyenne.jpg)

Yeah. Ocean might look like a prepubscent boy (and Cry might be into that, who knows?), but she's better.

No. 236446

I agree. I wish he would see this and know that we're actually discussing all this shit because we want him to get his act together. He needs to come clean about whatever the fuck happened and deal with it like an adult.

No. 236447

For real. Obviously people care more about him treating his friends like shit than being dumb and cheating on a clearly abusive and terrible person.
Cheating is shitty. Allowing your terrible girlfriend to bully everyone around you is inexcusable.

No. 236448

Agreed. But in fairness, literally anything is better than 4 week old garbage that's been sitting out in summer rain

No. 236453

File: 1484714787797.png (293.42 KB, 366x540, oceeinsta.PNG)

she's definitely better looking than chey, she may be a cunt at least she's not a literal cow.

No. 236478

Please put that horrific fart of life on the right behind a spoiler.

No. 236482

Is this the only pic of Chey not hidden behind a stupid peace sign? She really is…woof.

No. 236515

She use to have a cam on during her streams as well.

No. 236521

Thank god that's over with.

No. 236523

File: 1484724665470.jpg (609.95 KB, 2048x2048, 8464CB9B-FDDB-43D3-B8B3-28948C…)

Kinda wanted to be an asshole so here <3

No. 236525

lol that bottom right pic always cracks me up.

No. 236526

Jesus fucking Christ. The left column is okay, the right is godawful.

No. 236528

Ugh her eyebrows are so terrible. Then she's got that huge nose.. ugly mole.. and she's got that lovely lazy eye.
She's so fucking hot /s

No. 236529

File: 1484725723459.png (280.18 KB, 482x260, chrek.png)

No. 236530

The attention to detail in this is fucking stunning, im amazed.

No. 236535

Her hair, eyebrows, and expressions are all SO unflattering. Like yeah she has unfortunate features but she's not making the best of them right now.

No. 236537

Hopefully their relationship will all be ogre soon.

No. 236539

It sad cry choose her.

No. 236544

File: 1484729262985.png (427.77 KB, 695x707, chrekncrey.png)

No. 236545

One was illegal and the other is crazy

No. 236569

There's really no point in saying anything intelligent in this thread if you guys ruin it by going after her looks like that. Just sayin.

No. 236574

Do you know where you are?

No. 236590

I don't think they would if she was a better person. Being ugly on the inside translates to the outside because she doesn't have a nice personality to make up for it.

No. 236616

Exactly this. She's an awful fucking person so who cares.

No. 236658

If ocean was 16(?) when all of the cheating went down, how old was Cry then?

No. 236663

Technically, both were probably illegal and definitely crazy

No. 236674

I think it would have made him 23 or 24, so not a very good gap there.

No. 236677

I was thinking 24 or 25, which makes it at least an 8 year gap..

No. 236688

That lipstick looks like straight period blood on her lips

No. 236691

The glasses don't do her any favours, if she had a thinner frame or more delicate glasses she'd look a lot better

but no matter her looks all I see is a manipulative whiny bitch so her appearance is tainted forever anyway

No. 236698

I feel like they deserve each other, he's just as shitty of a person as she is.

No. 236709

Do you have anymore ~high quality~ pictures of chey?

No. 236717

Pls no

No. 236723

No. 236730

Her post right before that is about cheating

No. 236742

She covers her face in most pictures, especially if they're high quality.

No. 236743

I'm guessing she's loving all the attention.

No. 236747

Ill bet that she'll private everything again soon.

No. 236751

Doubt it, if she was an attention whore she wouldve flaunted the 'I fucked cry' card way earlier

No. 236758

File: 1484773033617.jpg (584.92 KB, 2048x2048, 41B3FF84-DE18-4C88-BA1F-E88749…)

Just because you asked for it ~ also I would put a "spoiler" on the picture but I'm dumb and don't know how so my bad.

No. 236761

The top left picture is so fucking bad, holy shit

No. 236765

She wouldn't be nearly as bad if she wasn't such a cunt, stopped pulling stupid faces, and knew how to apply makeup/dress well for her face shape and body. Also, her hair is fried. She needs to stop dying it.
P.S. There's a checkbox in the bottom corner that says "Spoiler Image" if you ever want to use that lol

No. 236767

You just called out literally everything about her lol.

No. 236768

I can't deal with the bottom left. Fucking googly eyed bitch.

No. 236771

Who I'm honestly an idiot for not seeing that checkbox Jesus Christ thank you lmao

No. 236773


No. 236774

Who wants to bet this is Sage trying to cause trouble before she leaves for good?

No. 236776

I remember there being a Draxr video covering that Cheyenne and Snake both have one blind eye.

No. 236777

Sage sending shit to Ocean? Um, what?

No. 236780

I don't think that's likely. Sage wasn't even around for the Ocean thing. She probably has no idea who she is. Even if she does, she probably doesn't really care.

No. 236782

Considering Ocean is friends with everyone in the crew besides Cry and Chey, i don't see why sage would bother messaging her

No. 236790

She's not really photogenic. Like I've seen some streams of hers and, I mean she wasn't that bad. Until of course I remembered her personality but honestly I don't think she's photogenic. I've only seen one decent picture of her, sadly.

No. 236792

Shes not photogenic, and with that personality she's horrific. I guess that probably says something about how Cry looks, if shes the best he can do.

No. 236803

Where are you even getting these?

No. 236814

One is from a "Cryenne" instagram account, and the others were from when I wanted to see Cheyenne without things in her face so i looked on her friends Twitter and found those.

No. 236823


DAT LAZY EYE. Dear lawd. How is Cry even with someone who looks like that? How bad does he look?

No. 236826

Shes gained a ton of weight, in her face at least, since those pics too. Its not surprising to me that hed cheat on that

No. 236859

Bitch won't make her main instagram public because she's too ugly

No. 236874

One of us is gonna have to take one for the team and follow her.

Speaking of ig, Oceans has disappeared.

No. 237110

So like she resurfaced just to give us milk, or did just get lucky and happen to catch her at a good time?

No. 237119

No idea. She reverted the account back to its old name, danmitocean .

No. 237126


No. 237151

Yeah, it has been extremely weird. Erasing this, but unprivating things.. Then reprivating and changing names.. Responding to anons..
She honestly doesn't make sense. Maybe she's just fucked up all the time.

No. 237154

She probably is to be honest. She also seems a lot more active on social media, she just posted on instagram again

No. 237182

Well from personal experiences with her she was always like that, back in 2014 when she was still streaming. She invited viewers to play L4D2 and then got bored before finishing the first part of the campaign and switch to worms and then got bored and switched back to L4D2. Then she said her eyes were tired and she was going to lay down, ends the stream and opens up Counter Strike Global Offensive. So like, she's all around ADHD.

No. 237190

Sounds annoying.

No. 237201

If i remember she actually has ADD.

No. 237288

Did Cry stop his final fantasy streams?

No. 237298

He tweeted he was done with them until DLC: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken/status/820028190051667972

No. 237311

speaking of l4d2, she used to have a video of her playing with snake on her twitch channel, but now that's missing

No. 237315

Oh yeah, I had seen that. What's the point in erasing stuff like that? It makes her seem like she's hiding something, but I watched that clip and it was nothing.

No. 237327

no idea. maybe she doesnt want us knowing she still talks to him?

No. 237334

Well there's a chance it was deleted during the Twitch VOD wipes.

No. 237335

it was up right before we started looking into her stuff.

No. 237366

That clip was old though. Like 2014. And nothing was on it. I dunno, she doesn't make any sense, honestly. Kinda fucked in the head or something.

No. 237370

she probably was just taking everything down in case there was anything hidden around.

No. 237376

it seems like she was trying to hide any mention of her age, as soon as we found it all her shit went public again.

No. 237402

So Cry is drinking, and he only really ever drinks when shit is going on. Plus Cheyenne hasn't tweeted since the "Couples therapy" day. Hmmm…

No. 237438

File: 1484887498999.png (13.63 KB, 564x88, drunkocean.PNG)

unsurprising , but oceans drinking as well

No. 237469

Yeah she's always drunk who cares, lol. Cry drinking is more interesting… I honestly think he knows about us.

No. 237473

i doubt it tbh, there hasn't been any defense for him at all

No. 237478

Just because he's not making it known or actively going out of his way to defend himself doesn't mean he doesn't know. He's been acting pretty depressed. He missed their couple therapy stream and now he's drinking…

No. 237495

Alright peeps, help me understand something. Now I don't believe Cry is all that innocent (obviously) but why are some of you taking Cheyennes word with the cheating thing? Yeah it makes sense. But why believe her? For all we know, Cry could've been flirty and Ocean/Cry exchanged pics. Or Ocean and Cry were just merely talking (maybe being slightly flirty because it was better than talking to bitchface) and Cheyenne didn't like it and tried to ruin Ocean?

No. 237496

Because Coyote also hinted at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSlCsGXwCl4

No. 237501

that's beyond hinting at it. im surprised he's still friends with ocean with how hostile he seems towards cheating tbh

No. 237503


Maybe the enemy of his enemy is his friend ;)

No. 237509

Jesus, all the comments in that are about how awful chey is, and cry still won't leave her, wish ocean would've broken them up for good honestly

No. 237511

All Cry said is "That's not cool". Like, really? Anyone can see how she's not a nice person. I'm glad Coyote doesn't take shit and tells it like it is. I just wish Cry would grow a pair and leave her ass.

No. 237521


Wow. Sounds like Scott is as much as an asshole as the rest of them.

No. 237527

I mean, Jund's always called Sage fat jokingly but I guess she doesn't have thick skin (ironically since she is a bit fat in the lower region)

No. 237529


There's also the far more likely scenario of Sage being batshit. Jund gets salty at the internet sometimes but he generally doesn't seem like a bad guy at all.

No. 237530

Just remember, Sage likes to play victim, ALL THE TIME. So don't believe her 100%

No. 237532

Jund wouldn't be with Sage if he ACTUALLY thought she was fat. He's literally said before that he's shallow and probably wouldn't date a fat chick. Pretty sure he'd just break up with her lol. And like someone else said, she seems to like playing the victim. She's probably wanting more attention now that she doesn't have the LNC getting it for her.

No. 237536


He's also said pretty much nothing bad publicly about the situation other than he was sad while Sage, who dumped him, has said nothing but negative things publicly. Really shows character.

No. 237543

She also went from saying how she cares about him and couldn't do anything to hurt him to posting all this stuff. Jund said that he sucked at being a boyfriend at first because he ignored her and then really worked hard at the relationship…. And Sage has shown to be an attention-seeking liar, who had just been insulting people on Twitter lately. Yeah. I'd take what she says with a grain of salt.

No. 237544

Plus, ironically, the emotional abuse signs she gives are so much of what Cheyenne has done, and she called Cheyenne "nothing but kind", and seemed to have a hand in bullying Angel and Mash…

No. 237571

It's kinda hilarious how no ones been really replying to her post. It's like they know she's just trying hard for attention at this point.

No. 237578

I think they're afraid that Jund will excommunicate them lol

No. 237581

Like no one has even liked or commented on it though lol. She has like no following without her relationship with Jund and it's showing. She's trying so hard to get noticed in some way. It's actually kind of pathetic

No. 237585


From her post it sounds like Jund joked around about shit but it actually hurt her, but then she didn't say it hurt her so he had no idea? I feel like that's kind of on her to let him know she doesn't want to joke about things.

No. 237589

Exactly. I've had friends before that all we do is insult each other, but she'd tell me if she wasn't okay with something and then I wouldn't do it anymore. You can't get upset about something if you don't speak up about it to the person. Calling him out publically is immature and sounds like a cry for attention.

No. 237597

Nah, if you thought she was telling the truth, why would you care? Why would you follow someone you thought abused someone and why would you care whether or not they would ban you?
I think people maybe don't care that she's saying this and that maybe they don't believe her. I noticed she's down like 50 followers at least since they broke up

No. 237598

Sage and some friend of hers were talking about how she's lost followers ever since her and Jund broke up on one of her streams, and were acting kinda pissy. She wants that large following so bad.

No. 237602


Oh shit you ain't jokin'


I feel like she didn't say anything mean publicly until she started realizing "oh wait this has repercussions"

No. 237604

It seems like every girl that's ever been associated to the crew hangs on to any fame possible

No. 237612

Not.. True? Red didn't. Ziegs has been doing her own thing. Sage seems like the only one that's left the circle of the crew that has. Who else?

No. 237615

Raven as well. It seems like it's just Chey and Sage who are that way.

No. 237616

Oh yeah, I forgot about Raven. She also just dipped out of the light. So yeah, just Sage and Chey.

No. 237627

File: 1484944858951.png (772.46 KB, 1440x1447, Screenshot_2017-01-20-15-39-27…)

No. 237628

Ocean, girl, we aren't dragging you. We wish you would've actually broken Cry and Cheyenne up lol. Plus we're curious as fuck about what really happened. Even though, you're confusing and sketchy with all the privating/unprivating and should totally get sober. Sounds like someone else is trying to get attention now lol

No. 237631

Exactly this. You're being shady and weird, but fuck, it's too bad you didn't finish the job.

No. 237635

I was talking to her yesterday about the thread, she's spent like 2 days trying to pin down who leaked her name here but i don't think shes actively watching us. I didn't even realize all of this went down involving her until it got mentioned here

No. 237658

Anon was reluctant in spilling because it seems like they got it from Cheyenne, I guess? Ocean could have denied it but it's great she confirmed it instead. I hope anon has more milk to spill, honestly.

No. 237660

Yeah, but that still leaves the question of who dropped her name here,

No. 237662

I feel like it was Coyotemation. Maybe.

No. 237663

I don't really feel like she confirmed it, it seems like she attempted to hide it and just gave up lol

No. 237664

They just followed each other on their main twitter accounts, I doubt it.

No. 237672

That's so weird. I cant even figure out why she would want to be this shady

No. 237698

File: 1484958501881.png (19.29 KB, 579x106, No Fun Allowed.png)

No. 237708

so glad shes finally moving out- maybe now jund can work on getting over the sads ;-; I watched a few of his streams after she broke up with him and he seemed pretty down naturally, but must've been worse with her still there….

No. 237710

File: 1484961506823.png (100.32 KB, 590x665, Boohoo.png)

People are telling her about actual emotional abuse and I bet she's going to some how still make it about herself.

No. 237718

She'll probably just ignore it because it's not about her. Or she'll respond to it now because it's been mentioned.

No. 237739

Tbh i really don't think sage is here, not anymore at least. We probably lost her when we started the 3rd thread.

No. 237752

Because she doesn't know how to navigate her way through lolcow. I think she found it originally via googling herself.

No. 237759

Nah, I bet someone told her. I bet she knows of this thread too, but who knows.

No. 237825

How long has Cheyenne had "the truth is out there" in her twitter profile? Probably since forever, and I'm just really unobservant.

No. 237828

Its been there for quite a while, i think its an x files reference

No. 237830

Its probably from 2014 ;)

No. 237882

Yeah is been like a year or so, from when she got obsessed with X-Files

No. 237918

File: 1485018530956.png (438.69 KB, 1440x1596, homewreckerr.png)

I guess she's finished with the title of homewrecker lol

No. 237929


Well, looks like she lives in the city where Cry lives aswell, unless he moved.

So there's a good chance they met up irl.

No. 237940

Doubtful. If he's so scared of showing his face, enough for even Coyotemation to say that Cheyenne blackmailing to release images of him being half of what he's scared of, there's no way he met up with a possible, and shortlived, fling. I'd put money down on it being just text and voice comms flirting.

No. 237941

Adding onto this, especially if he's unattractive and from the cryexposed stuff, I'd say that's super likely.

No. 237942

I think the blackmail is more related to the sexual shit with minor(s) than just his face, but eh, who knows

No. 237943

Ocean won't even give out real info about what happened between them, she doesnt seem petty or spiteful enough to leak what he looks like

No. 237946

Maybe. But she also might not have any proof of what he looks like. She's petty enough to post a picture of Cry merchandise, telling someone how dare they bring it around. I feel like we think this is way bigger than it actually is.
If it were more, I feel like it would be a lot bigger and would have hurt more people. I still think he emotionally cheated.

No. 237947

I feel like the merch thing was a joke more than anything. But her posting his face would actually ruin what he has going, she doesn't seem to have a motive to do that

No. 237958

Does the anon who gave us her name have anymore milk? If so, please spill lol

No. 238141

Forreal, if she won't leak it you have to

No. 238158

Leak what? It sounds like Ocean is trying to "figure out who it is," and they were worried in the first place. Why say more? Would we believe it if they did?

No. 238174

Everything is anonymous, and i doubt she'd figure it out anyways. And leak anything about her and Cry, since she's trying so hard to hide what was between them and clearly anon knows.

No. 238200

Even if she did figure it out, she doesnt seem the the confrontational type.

No. 238223

Has Cheyenne been on Late Night at all tonight?

No. 238271

Nope! :)

No. 238278

I don't think it's that unlikely that he met up with Ocean.

Nobody is going to recognize him if he went out with her, because the chance of somebody recognizing both him and her is practically zero.

Plus he goes out with his family and there are people who could recognize them.

Plus he goes out with Chey, to busy ass themeparks no less and everybody can recognize her.

No. 238284

He didn't meet up with her. Sorry to burst your bubble. :/ but you guys will think what you wanna think.

No. 238295

Whatever you say, ocean

No. 238297

File: 1485100945817.jpg (270.3 KB, 1416x1035, Thatwasfast.jpg)

That explains why he and Jen have been in each others' streams so often.

No. 238298


Oh my god Sage, let it goooo, you broke up with him, remember?

Find a new dick you can ride on.

No. 238302

Lmao the salt. "MEEEEEEE!!!!!"

No. 238322

I agree with you, especially since they live in the same city even. Him and chey have only been recognised once over 3 years, and no one would have really known to be looking for ocean.

No. 238362

If this were ocean, wouldn't she know? Lol. We ask for more milk, but only if it fits the kind we want.

Seriously pathetic. She DID break up with him, and it wasn't like he was cheating on her. She came out with all this "he was emotional amusing me!" and then cares if he has moved on.
She's probably bitter he's getting support and no one cares at all about her bullying ass. GL with life Sage.

No. 238366

I doubt anyone besides Ocean and Cry themselves would know if they'd met irl, because that would put both of them in a bad place if it went public.

No. 238368

LMAO. She posts saying she hopes they both end up happy, then throws this type of shade? Damn she definitely hasn't let go yet.

No. 238381

It would be messed up if it were Jen again, though. He and Witwix get along now, I sincerely doubt that would continue if he started dating her… Even if they're broken up, you just don't do that. Idk

No. 238413

I think Jund should think about being single for a while. Constantly jumping into new relationships after a break up isn't healthy or fair to the people he dates. I might be wrong, but I feel like he's jumped so quickly into new relationships after each break up. He went from Raven to Jen to Sage and could possibly be back with Jen. It just doesn't seem healthy.

No. 238423

I feel like anything is healthier than the relationship he was in / the ones hes around.

No. 238424


She didn't get enough out of it, probably hoping it would get her internet fame. Now that they've broken up it's clear that people were only interested in her because she was with Scott.

Damn how bad it must feel to tweet about a relationship that YOU ended and getting 3 sympathy likes.

No. 238426

Were probably the only people who care enough to talk about it to be honest

No. 238434

If this is from what chey told you, then i wouldn't doubt she was lyin Imagine how bad it would sound if her bf was legitimately fucking a minor, before him and chey had ever even met in real life.. I would put money on Cry/Ocean not limiting it to online

Also Oceans location is gone off her twitter after we brought this up

No. 238450

I don't get why she bothers erasing stuff when it's already here.

No. 238471

That's a lie.

No. 238475

Jund stopped following Sage

No. 238485

Seems like a given. Why did he wait so long?

No. 238487

Thought they could be friends I guess but man oh man, did she fuck herself over.

No. 238491

I agree, but how do you know?

No. 238496

lol, okay friend.

No. 238525

Sage isn't following Jen

No. 238527

Yeah they both don't follow each other now. Bet you anything Scott's dating Jen again.

No. 238534

I thought Sage and Jen were tight

No. 238548

Sage was like obsessed with her. its funny actually how both Cheyenne and Sage liked/retweeted things from the women's march, yet they both got two other females kicked off from stream just because people liked them.

No. 238557

I guess they're in support of women who maybe can't take attention away from them.

No. 238568

That tickled me pink.

No. 238584

Scott is dating Jen.

No. 238585

How do you know that

No. 238586

Started dating withun hours of Sage dumping him.

No. 238587

That's so juvenile. Sad I donated to the liar

No. 238589

Wait wait, how do you know though??

No. 238590

I doubt that Sage

No. 238591


Uh any proof of that anon? He seemed super fucking sad up until only a few days ago, that makes no sense.

No. 238592

First hand knowledge. No I'm not Sage.

No. 238594


Sage please stop being so obvious


Responding 5 seconds after that post about donations. I regularly watch Jund. What donations are you even talking about.

No. 238595

Jund does thrive on attention and lives off the pitty donations.

No. 238596

So we have ocean and sage watching this thread now. Hey guys!

No. 238598

Why do you always think its Sage or Cheyenne if someone says things that contradict your theory

No. 238599

You idiots…I'm Jund.

No. 238601

Prove it.

No. 238604

Jund what game are you playing right now?

No. 238606


His profile is public dude, anyone can see it.

No. 238607

well now that your here, can you let us know whats going on with the chey/cry/ocean drama?

No. 238608

What i'm getting at is why is he on here while playing a game

No. 238609

he could be on his phone or have it open in another monitor? i do that most of the time tbh, not that weird

No. 238610

File: 1485137993320.png (131.53 KB, 596x888, Sage stop playing victim.png)

No. 238612

"he's a good person" "I can't believe people donate to him."

If you're Jund, write a message here, can be anything, and tweet it out an hour later. Or something.

No. 238616

He was just worried about scary storms coming his way.. I doubt the first thing on his mind would be a Cry/Cheyenne thread.

No. 238618

If he cared enough, he would've called Sage out on twitter.

No. 238621

All three broke up with him.

No. 238623

No. 238624

Odd that as soon as Jund got dumped he went after Russ girlfriend Angle

No. 238625

I doubt that.

No. 238626

I mean, kinda. Raven cheated on him and idk who broke up with who, Jen went back to Witwix, and then Sage dumped him.

No. 238627

They're not dating and he didn't go after her? From what it looked like, it looked like he apologized to her.

No. 238628

Well obviously that didn't work out. But also obvious he is with Jen. Glad he won't be alone.

No. 238629

Raven cheated? Hmmmm

No. 238630

I doubt witwix is okay with it. I don't think anyone would be if their friend started dating their ex

No. 238631

You guys are so stupid. Of course he apologized to her so he could hook up

No. 238632

Jund was dating Jen when she was still w Witwix the first time around

No. 238633

He needs to be alone right now. It isn't healthy at all to jump into a relationship five minutes after breaking up with someone after a year.

No. 238634

It's more likely he'd go for Jen again in my opinion

No. 238635

It's always been kind of like that though. Jen went from Witwix to Scott and back to Witwix. Now apparently she's back to Scott. Sounds like she has issues too lol

No. 238636

Yeah that makes her sound pretty unbalanced

No. 238639

I wonder if Raven cheated on him for the same reason sage dumped him. Hmmm.

No. 238640

Maybe, but Sage seems like a real bitch herself

No. 238642

Pretty sure she cheated on him because they were long-distance and she'd just started college. Probably why Jund says that he doesn't want to date long-distance anymore unless the girl is willing to move.

No. 238643

Lol Jen just moved out from Witwix in with another friend of hers.. If she moves in with Jund now, that would just be hilarious.

No. 238646


They broke up months ago according to Jen's Twitter.

No. 238649

Yes. And she just moved across country.

No. 238650

Jund has said though that he won't date someone unless one of them is willing to move. So either they're not seriously together or someone is willing to move.

No. 238652

That's what he did in 2014, it aint stopping him now lol

No. 238653

They were planning it back in 2014

No. 238654

I wonder if witwix will be on the LNC anymore. I liked him on there.

No. 238655

They never really let it get between them. Witwix practically stole Jen from Scott the first time and neither of them really cared.

No. 238656

???? Scott stole Jen from Witwix. Witwix and Jen had been dating for years.

No. 238658

File: 1485143716285.png (29.7 KB, 506x360, heartbreak.PNG)

Okay, then they stole from each other. Either way, they don't really give any shits

No. 238659


I don't think anyone stole anyone. Jen and Witwix stopped dating, then she and Scott dated, then she apparently changed her mind or something.

No. 238661

That looks like Scott "gave a shit." I guess we'll see, but usually when someone dated someone for years and then they date a friend, that usually upsets people lol

No. 238662

File: 1485144076372.png (14.65 KB, 504x177, grudges.PNG)

I only said that he didn't give a shit because of this one and another post where he states that Witwix "wasn't the one who fucked [him] over"

No. 238663

>>238658 hilarious!

No. 238664

so ironic. also sad that witwix did things out of "sheer desperation for the woman he loved."
idk man

No. 238665

probably not the full story.

No. 238674

I personally wouldn't believe Sage, but I dunno if I'd believe Jund either… I guess if we heard both sides it would be easier to decide what's more likely real.
Probably won't happen sadly. Would be interesting.

No. 238677

Well as someone that's known Sage for a long time, she's a chronic liar and uses that to get her way. Jund also lies.

No. 238678

File: 1485146338157.png (62.45 KB, 599x459, BOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO.png)

No. 238680

First off, I love what you titled the screenshot lmao. Second, she's literally trying so hard to be noticed. Jund has literally never said anything bad about ANY of his exes. Even when Raven cheated, he asked people not to bully her and called her a good kid. Sage is crying for attention in the most pathetic way ever because no one is taking her bullshit.

No. 238682


Has Jund ever lied about something big we know of?

No. 238684

She couldn't talk about it before? What would he have done? That's stupid.
She just sounds bitter and angry with all this "why are people donating to him :( he's dating someone else already, he emotionally abused me, but he's still a good guy, but he treated me like shit." stuff

No. 238686

Not that I can remember. He's actually known to be TOO honest and has pissed tumblr off plenty of times because he has no problem telling his opinion. No one has ever really accused him of lying

No. 238687

That's true. The only thing I can think of him being shady is him being more supportive of Cheyenne because of Sage trying to work her way up the LNC ladder.

No. 238715

What the fuck was all that shit? Can you please calm down already, Sage?

No. 238725

Not til she makes more money!

No. 238728

Does she think that we're going to donate to her or something? Can she get even more obvious here, is it even possible?
Seriously, what the fuck was that lol

No. 238730

She wasn't meant for this life and she threw all her friends, family and internet friends in the trash for this. I still hate her for it.

No. 238731

Did something else happen..? Are we talking about the tweets?

No. 238734

More behind the scene stuff. She threw us away when she started dating Jund. And only talked to us if she needed to complain about something.

No. 238766

I know both of them irl. Ask away

No. 238767

You guys are so right. Support Scott, trash talk girls, let men abuse women. Are you the family Von Trump?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 238771

Ugh, I dunno, I feel like maybe we've been invaded by Sage again.

No. 238773

Trump is great. Women should respect men. Sage should have been greatful that Scott chose her and should do what he says.

No. 238774

I agree. All the lnc ladies should learn their place. Go Trump!

No. 238775

You fucking puppets. Come to think of it this thread is dedicated to trashing women. Me thinks a certain flughtlesd bird has mommy issues.

No. 238776

Jesus christ.

No. 238782

Okay, we're trash talking the girls because they're the ones that do most of the shit, but we've thrown Cry into the mix too so idek what your argument is. Pretty sure we're all against abuse too seeing as how for three threads we've talked about how abusive Cheyenne is to literally everyone. Plus, we're more likely to support Scott just because Sage is being so obvious with cries for attention. She's so back and forth with what she says and bringing up donations made no sense. It's not like people are just like "oh, you're not with Sage anymore so here's some money". You can't just bring up the topic of abuse because it could gain you some sympathy. If she saw any kind of abuse it should've been during literally any interaction with Cry/Cheyenne or the argument with Angel/Mash, but of course she was on Cheyenne's side so she was most likely the bullying party, not the bullied one. You can't pick and choose what is seen as abusive behavior when it suits you.

No. 238790

"Cheyenne has been nothing but kind" should speak worlds if she can't notice actual abuse. "OH NO, SCOTT CALLED MY ASS FAT, OOOOOOOOH, IT HURTS! I BEING EMOTIONALLY ABUSED, I DEMAND JUSTICE"

No. 238791

I like how there was no support for Sage whatsoever and then suddenly there was a burst of like 6 posts in 3 minutes all supporting "women's rights" out of nowhere.

No. 238792

Eh, I guess it is actually possible to be even more obvious lol

No. 238796

Yeah no. We're trashing shitty women like Chey and Sage, but Mash and Angel are fine.

No. 238800

ocean should be included in the shitty woman group imo

No. 238802

I'm not Sage, but I am her friend. She's actually very happy now and could care less what you weirdos think.

No. 238804

Are your lives so pitifully empty and boring that you dedicate your life to being nosy and hateful gossips. Go out and live. Love people. Or continue to be losers.

No. 238805

Okay, then, bye?

No. 238806

Oh and shave your necks too

No. 238807

Then why do you care?

No. 238808

It's absolutely pathetic how blinded you are to Sage's shitty personality. She treats others like shit them pretends to be the victim. But, I guess the way her friends act speaks volumes.

No. 238809

Because words hurt and obviously you were never taught to be kind. Your a bunch of school shooters

No. 238810

>>238809 lol so true

No. 238812

>could care less what you weirdos think

Implying she does care, if she can care less about it.

No. 238813

You're*, I thought Sage didn't care what us losers think, so, which is it?

No. 238814

Uh, so can some nice farmhand check the IP of our samefag, please? Pretty please?

No. 238815

This is whats wrong with spewing shit and not having to be responsible for your actions. Bye bye children. I'm done wasting my time here. I'm going to do irl stuff.

No. 238816

What do we have to be responsible for? Discussing bad people who do bad things? Don't be a bad person then.

No. 238818

These posts sound so much like another comment on the last thread that came up when we started shit talking Sage. It's kind of pathetic. I don't really care who you are, but we do this for fun. I'm not "dedicating my life to being nosy", just killing time until classes start. We don't just make shit up, we look at things that have some sort of evidence and discuss them. Guess the truth hurts

No. 238820

>>238818 kinda have to agree with them and feel bad for my part in this. I'm dipping too

No. 238821

bye Sage

God she's stupid.

No. 238822

lol. The samefagging is hard with this one

No. 238827


You're all the same fucking person you don't need 7 posts saying you're leaving.

No. 238828

No. 238829

Smart and classy, honestly.

No. 238831

That's what an adult does. Sage is showing how much of a rude child she is.

No. 238864

Can we just drop Sage now? Clearly all she's doing is clinging to whatever fame/attention she can get.

No. 238865

She's definitely trying to get attention, but if there's milk, we discuss it. I don't think we should stop.

No. 238867

I just don't think there's much to milk. She won't be around streams anymore, all she'll do whine and bitch on twitter.

No. 238868

And I personally feel like this is an attempt to manipulate the board. Why care about what's discussed? Just don't participate in the discussions you don't care about.

No. 238870


Everything that's being talked about is relevant and related to the LNC still so that's why. If she stops shitting on someone there and stops talking about it ingeneral, she'll be forgotten. She could stop talking about it on twitter but still on stream if she ever does.

No. 238880

Currently waiting to know if Sage actually moved out. Could be some sick ploy for people to reveal themselves. Because remember, Jund is a whip and Jen and Sage could be working together since they are friends. It's a 1% chance but be careful everyone.

No. 238882

Don't think they'd go that far lol. That would be fucking insane. Faking a break up and shit lmao

No. 238884

So is Jen that raven girl or who is she?

No. 238889

No, they're two different girls. Jen is witwix, then Scott, then witwix's ex. Raven is just the ex that cheated.

No. 238935

The reason ocean deleted all her twitch highlights is because a few of them featured cry, and in them they called each other babe/baby/love frequently. They were from right before him and chey got together, and some of the other crew members were in them.

No. 238944

You okay man? You seem like you're super out to get her.

No. 238955

Who knows with that girl, she's so random.

No. 238963

I feel like some of the stuff she hides is just to tip us off.

No. 238964

I think so, but we'll never know til someone actually asks her.

No. 238966

Someone should just do it already. Or ask one of her friends.

No. 238968

The only person that comes to mind is her ex, kirbykat

No. 238978

Wait, she dated Kirby? When does that fall into the ocean/cry timeline?

No. 238997

lol I thought Kirby was gay my bad

No. 238999

Nah man, he's had a bunch of ex gfs and girls he's flirted with before.

No. 239000


They started dating around June 2014, so a couple of months after Cry and Cheyenne were official.


They later broke up some time around July of the same year because there was "too much drama".


They're still good friends, so I doubt Kirby would be willing to spill anything.

No. 239002

Ive heard her say before on streams that she doesn't like LDR's, so that's probably why they broke up.

No. 239004

Does anybody know who else she was friends with at the time? We could ask them

No. 239016

Does anyone have her Snapchat / know if she posts anything of interest?

No. 239017

Man, it's happening again where we talk about Sage and they throw someone else under the bus.

No. 239021

We know that Ocean impacted Cry/Cheys relationship, and since Chey is the focus of the thread it makes more sense to talk about something pertaining to her.

No. 239036

File: 1485229096563.png (925.76 KB, 604x925, oceandisney.PNG)

i can guarantee im reading too far into this, but did they go to disney together? he also tweeted about being out of the house on the same day, so…

No. 239037

Fair enough.

No. 239045

File: 1485230360335.png (44.08 KB, 605x266, home.PNG)

I mean, I don't really know if this classifies as being out of the house lol. I think he was just making a statement. Still though, they could've gone. It's not like it's too far away to go to for them.

No. 239046

and this is about a month before him and cheyenne started dating as well.

No. 239062

File: 1485233659197.png (94.37 KB, 629x632, oceantwitter.PNG)

Wonder what this is about…

No. 239076

Cheyenne's Snapchat story.

No. 239077

what is it?

No. 239081

I keep telling you guys they didn't meet up in person, but since it doesn't fit the drama you guys want you choose to disbelieve it.

I mean, I call out Ocean because you guys wanted it, but I guess fuck any other information I give, right? lol

I swear. They didn't meet in person. It was an over the internet affair.

No. 239083

a pic of brownies with the caption: "making brownies to watch Grey's Anatomy with. my life is either good or in shambles."

No. 239084


why is that of any note tho?

No. 239085

and how would you know?

No. 239086

it isn't, idk why anon mentioned it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 239088

How did I know about ocean too? I can't prove anything without giving myself away, but I'm just saying, they didn't.

You guys are gonna keep making up theories about it and stuff, which is fine. I just know that they didn't meet.

No. 239089

unless youre ocean, i dont really believe it.

No. 239090

and to add, I'm not trying to protect her, or Cry or anything.. they're both not good people. It's just a lame fact. I wish there were more to it, though!

No. 239091

if youre not trying to protect them, then why not go all out and spill what you have?

No. 239094

I honestly feel like I'm the only anon that believes ya lmao

No. 239095

I'm on this board, I see how much you guys look into people and track everything down… why would I? Why would I put myself out there? I don't need for you to believe me. You can believe what you'd like. I was just giving info.

No. 239099

why does it matter so much if you're out there? are you still friends with ocean, cry, or chey?

No. 239100

I totally get it, plus Cheyenne would probably go on a rampage if she found out someone spilled her and Cry's dirty secret. Better to stay anonymous

No. 239102

This exactly, Cheyenne would lose her mind.

No. 239103

that still leaves the question of how chey found out.

No. 239104

She was told and Cry fessed up.

No. 239106

told by who? ocean?

No. 239109

It's been so long that I can't remember the exact specifics, to tell the truth. Ocean, or a friend of Ocean's? But I don't remember that tbh

No. 239111

she didn't rat on herself, it was someone else.

No. 239115

it could honestly go either way on this, because if it was IRL im sure that no one besides cry chey and ocean would ever know, since she was a minor at the time that'd be bad news for him.

No. 239122

do you speak to Ocean? or chey?

No. 239127

i wouldnt necessarily write off ocean as a bad person, cry was probably someone she looked up to. she was a kid when all of this happened.

No. 239129

she grew up!

No. 239130

yeah, now she did, but she wasn't back then.

No. 239132

doesn't mean she's a bad person now. the only fault I can see with her is that she drinks a lot.

No. 239238

True. If anything, she's a bit of a mess, but she's also young, and I mean, shit, some of us were worse off at that age. Looks like she just got involved in something she didn't want to be involved in?

No. 239244

Exactly. Hell, i think she started talking to the crew when she was like 14?

No. 239307

hey Cheyenne unfollowed Sage on twitter lmao

No. 239310

Actually nevermind I think Sage deleted her Twitter

No. 239318

Someone should just take her twitter handle.

No. 239322

I just tried, was already snagged :/

No. 239332

sageroo is taken, but her twitter handle was sageroo_

No. 239334

thats what i tried.

No. 239335

if she just deleted it, it still exists for either 30 or 60 days, so she'll probably reactivate it.

No. 239342

Seems funny how Cry tends to go "AWOL" whenever Cheyenne streams on tuesdays now LUL

No. 239352

jesus christ, im so glad we don't have to deal with her facecam anymore.

No. 239364

File: 1485300941762.png (137.63 KB, 586x404, umm.PNG)

so when I was trying to grab the sageroo_ account it wouldn't let me because it was already taken, so it finished setting up with a default name (sageroo1). Zieg followed the account almost immediately.

No. 239366

No. 239367

i can reactivate the account if you don't believe me lmao

No. 239368

No. 239370

what would the point be in me faking this?

No. 239375

I assume she tried following her before, and probably followed the wrong person lol.

No. 239379

I don't think Ziegs cares about current affairs

No. 239386

maybe zieg is the one who leaked the info about cry and ocean.

No. 239396

Ocean is streaming some drinking game currently.

No. 239403

Who's she playing with does anyone know? He sounds a bit older than her.

No. 239415

I think she said dustin and shake, not sure who they are.

No. 239428

She's just wasted at this point. Its weird.

No. 239430

Now's a good time to ask her anything!

No. 239432

Who's gonna do it?

No. 239436

well, shes offline now

No. 239437

File: 1485310105458.png (87.33 KB, 268x199, Hosting.png)

Choosing to host her instead of Snake.

No. 239444

I'd wager that Snake/Scott probably aren't as close after all the tension with Sage

No. 239446

Even Cheyenne is hosting Snake…

No. 239456

Did ocean say anything of interest?

No. 239460

Nobody asked, therefore nothing of interest was acquired.

No. 239462

Damn lol, someone should've. we could try her tumblr?

No. 239463

But why though? Like, I feel as if she's drinking more because of us finding out about her and cry. And who knows what Cheyenne might've threatened her with since they've tried so hard to hide everything.

No. 239465

Do we know if Ocean is still friends with Ziegs?

No. 239466

Pretty sure shes only drinking because she's actually crazy

No. 239470


Pretty sure he just added her to his autohost, he doesn't manually host much.

No. 239472

Cheyenne 100% threatened her, I'm just not sure what she threatened her with.

No. 239476

Only thing she could really do is send her Twitch goons after Ocean. But then she would be exposing Cry to everyone who isnt here.

No. 239478

unless she has more info on ocean than we know about

No. 239484

what could chey have possibly threatened her with, though?

No. 239488

This is Chey, we're talking about.
Pretty sure she must've done something to gain some more information about ocean that could ruin her image even more. After all, she did make most female members leave

No. 239501

They are still friends on steam.

No. 239519

I'm surprised you guys haven't tried to ask or trigger Cheyenne by asking stuff.

No. 239602

Sage's Tumblr has been deleted and taken.

No. 239603

No. 239612

File: 1485331335386.png (98.87 KB, 1440x421, ocee.png)

I almost feel bad for her at this point.

No. 239614

She needs to seek help. Being an alcoholic at 19 isn't edgy or cool, it's sad and I don't know why people in her life aren't telling her so.

No. 239616

I mean, she was playing a drinking game, so I'm not surprised shes drunk.

No. 239621

When is she not drunk

No. 239627

Youre not wrong, but she might have a reason for it?

No. 239629

Did anyone add her snapchat when she posted it earlier?

No. 239631

Have a reason to be.. alcoholic? It's a disease. She just needs help.

No. 239639

She drinks a lot but not to the point it's ruining her life, I wouldn't say she's actually an alcoholic

No. 239640

She drinks every single day it seems like. She also has self-identified as an alcoholic.

No. 239641

She definitely drinks every day, I just wouldn't call her a full blown alcoholic.

No. 239642

Drinking every day, drinking and blacking out, drinking to 'feel better' are all huge symptoms of alcoholism. If she isn't an alcoholic now, she's fucking on her way to being one.

No. 239644

Guess we'll see how it plays out, then.

No. 239747

Looks like Ocean is going to do another drunk stream tonight, oh lord.

No. 239807

To be fair, Earthbound is a pretty boring game.

No. 239813

True, but I meant more that she drinks every day, so it's just boring to hear about it lol

No. 239908

she just went live and shes already drinking lol

No. 239975

yeah, she seems pretty buzzed already.

No. 239983

aaand its over

No. 240032

File: 1485403831588.png (29.76 KB, 610x261, oceann.PNG)


No. 240057

I feel like she was saying passive aggressive shit during the stream, and this tweet matches that tone.

No. 240079

I don't get it, why doesn't she say what she wants to say

No. 240169

Cry mentioned Sellout Stream on twitter!!! Does this mean…. Angel is back???????

No. 240213

Somethings holding her back, i think we should just ask at this point.

No. 240346

File: 1485460726780.png (40 KB, 593x306, coyoteocean.PNG)

oh shit.

No. 240348

Lmao people do it irl too, it's not just limited to the internet

No. 240350

they're live now

No. 240358

Lmao. They act like it's so hard to just type in what you wanna say on here. It literally takes seconds.

No. 240360


"depraved of life"

No. 240376

"Can you believe that people gossip????? On the internet???? And it definitely takes more time to do than saying out loud?"

the ode of the salty. What about the people who make money off of this shit? Gossip rags like people and us magazine, not to mention drama youtubers. But the people who check or post on an image board on break or browsing their phone before bed have "no life." Logic.

Why's coyote up ocean's drunk ass now?

No. 240387

I'm pretty sure they're watching the thread as well, they keep saying 'did you see that?' etc. to each other.

No. 240402

What about when Coyote made a whole video to put on YouTube to call out Cheyenne and Cry about the Zeigs situation? Pretty sure that takes more effort than our 10 seconds of typing. Hypocritical if you ask me.

No. 240403

ocean said something about adding "her" to the call, then they quickly ended the stream.

No. 240407

Also the fact that we wouldn't even be talking about Ocean and Cry if it wasn't for Coyote telling people he cheated.

No. 240415


what an ass rly coyote mr. shade cry in public youtube comments

well hey maybe we gossip here about shit we don't know but at least we're not living in that shithole dramafest go enjoy your salty lives

No. 240417

Well it's okay if HE talks about stuff, but no one else. We have no lives for discussing things on the internet, you see.

It's not like we don't actually care about some of these people, but if you're gonna act like a cunt then I guess whatever, you're gonna get talked about

No. 240419

ocean just followed zeigs on twitter

No. 240423

I feel like it's just to get attention now. She complained about it being 3 years ago, which is true.. it's old, but interesting enough to talk about. Not like anything is happening currently.
But she is seriously seeming to grab for attention now. It's so hypocritical.

No. 240427

I don't get why they are subtweeting though? Like I thought they were done with Cry and the crew? It makes no sense other than they like seeing gossip about Cry and Cheyenne?

No. 240429

That's exactly it. They've been done for a long time, but care about a gossip board for whatever reason. I think they just like the attention.

No. 240430

its probably because their names are getting mentioned here. if someone was talking about me, i would check it out.

No. 240431

It's because they were brought up again, so it makes them relevant.

No. 240442

Okay? Why complain about people talking about it, though? Coyote brought it up in the first place. It seems you want people to know and talk about it when you say the things he said, and now "oh, they have no life."

No. 240451

20 bux says at this point theyre just trolling you and youre all falling for it

No. 240452

It's not like our goal here is to ruin Oceans life or something. Some have been pretty rude about her, but still this IS a Cryaotic/Cheyenne thread. But with the way they are reacting, it seems Cheyenne has threatened her pretty god. They seem worried that this will get out to the crew.

No. 240453

*good sorry

No. 240456

assuming the crew doesn't know about the thread, which i'm sure they do.

No. 240457

yeah, i havent really understood why we were being rude to her, she almost made those two break up.

No. 240458

They don't.

No. 240462

They do.

No. 240465

They most definitely do. Whenever someone is being talked about, there's always gonna be someone else who goes and tells that person.

No. 240472

well if they know then boo hoo I feel no pity for them

their public antics and bitter drama created this thread and keeps it afloat so if their jimmies get rustled that's their problem because it's staring them in the face, with no way to block or ban or edit the past

No. 240523

File: 1485482984407.png (250.28 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0980.PNG)

I completely forgot about Cheyenne because this thread just got so immersed with Ocean.
Is there still a ton of friction between her and Cry or is it a completely different matter-?

No. 240526

File: 1485483138855.png (257.47 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0981.PNG)

Sorry for samefagging-
Forgot to merge both pics-

No. 240528

It's definitely felt like they haven't been getting along for a while now. No streaming together, she hasn't been on late night.. I feel like Cheyenne is interacting with her 'fans' for once because she still wants to make money if they break up.

No. 240534

That is, if Cry really has the guts to do that or if she is really done with him.
Cause I mean, she's still defending the fact about him dating her at that age or so when I checked her tumblr-

No. 240537

Yeah, 7 months ago, lol.

No. 240540

Did we every figure out why Ocean still goes out of her way to defend him?

No. 240545

Sorry, I really have no idea how tumblr works so I thought it was recent-
But damn her reasoning skills aren't the best-
How in the world does she have an iron fist over others?

No. 240548

She only does when it comes to LNC, really. She controls Cry, who control's the rest of the crew's money

No. 240552

The fact that they tweeted at the same time saying they are having "IRL problems" is so hilarious. It's obvious they are still having problems.

No. 240599

Booo just break up with that manipulating cow already. Honestly Cry has been walking on egg shells probably since they first started that joke of a relationship. Chey started out as a fan and got lucky, then probably proceeded to drape herself all over him to get her piece of fame. Bragging about having sex with him and bullying the other girls away from LNC since Cry will know what a piece of shit she is in comparison to actual normal girls who don't throw tantrums at 20+ years of age.

I bet $50 that she's gonna throw a hissy fit and get the police involved and claim she got raped and abused for years since Jesus took away her little play toy that is Cry

No. 240603

or she could literally pull ocean into it, since apparently she was 15-16 when all of their stuff went down.

No. 240605

If anything more than flirting happened.

No. 240612

aw man, don't give her ideas guys. I just hope she leaves and that's the end of it but that's just wishful thinking.

No. 240641

Let's move away from Ocean for a bit since there really isn't any milk for her.

No. 240876

I know someone mentioned saying Cry was gonna do another sellout station which usually includes Angel. But sadly he was meaning the sellout star wars streams he's been doing, so there you go to whoever mentioned that!

No. 240883

Yeah, I was about to say. Booooo.

No. 240963

File: 1485565155974.png (15.14 KB, 505x194, Bigger Man.PNG)

I get what Jund is saying, but just by their actions after a break up it's clear to see who is more mature. He's right, shit talking after a break up is petty and Sage doesn't make herself look good by doing it. It makes her look like an attention whore. No matter what really happened, it's stupid to post shit after a break up, especially when she's called someone like Cheyenne "nothing but kind".

No. 240970

But Jund also did that before by revealing that Sage broke up with him on New Years.

No. 240971

Yeah but if he hadn't, chat would've been asking tons of questions about where she was and what not.

No. 240976

No. 241060

I love when Cry fans in the YouTube comments get mad at me for talking with another person about Cheyennes behavior and then tell me "it's not right to talk about her like that" yet who's the one who treats Cry like shit and made some wanna commit suicide? right I'm the asshole here. I don't get how everyone is blinded towards her behavior? Like seriously, I wanna know what reasons they have for liking her personality.

No. 241077

They're probably like 12 and don't understand the concept of abuse and/or they think that supporting her will somehow make Cry like them more. Most of the people that support her only do it because of Cry. It's incredibly stupid.

No. 241089

So true. They're just doing it so Cry will see their youtube name and go "oh wow, this person supported my girlfriend! what a wonderful fan!" but in reality he doesn't give a fuck…
and seems to be distancing himself from her anyways.

They're just stupid kids for sure.

No. 241183

lol at part 2 of his RE7 playthrough where he recaps him saying "I'm the worst boyfriend material"
I know it's a stretch, but I found it funny, considering the circumstances

No. 241251

If you guys are way too scared to ask questions to a person that knows about this place, than I don't know why you even bother discussing about her anymore. It. Should. Not. Matter. At. This. Point.

I'm not going to ask because she never interested me, and people just keep bringing her up.

I already did my part and ask that person earlier with Sage and no one else helped out.

So why even bother when everyone here is too chicken?

Good luck farmers.

No. 241285

I agree with someone like Ocean, but it's impossible with the bigger players (Cry, Cheyenne, Russ, Snake)

No. 241308

I think thats what anon was saying, no one has really asked Ocean anything when she clearly knows about us. Worst case is she doesn't respond.

No. 241314

You seem to know a lot about Ocean for someone who apparently never had an interest in her.

No. 241366

I was never really interested in Ocean anyway to ask her anything. I'm only here to see if Cheyenne ever gets kicked or not. That's it.

No. 241408

First few minutes of the stream and Cry thanks Snake for DnD because he "never realized how much work it takes". Jund voiced my opinion with "how the fuck did you not know that? He had to make whole worlds". Literally he, cheyenne, sage, and jund made it to where all that work was for nothing by ditching the campaign. Not only that, but the work was doubled for a while because he tried to make so many characters work somehow. I'd like for them to eventually finish a campaign since there have been two already that stopped halfway through.

No. 241418

Have we tried to figure out why Cry left the campaign? Because it seemed he was really excited for it.

No. 241420

Pretty sure we've sort of accepted that he and Jund left because of their girlfriends. When Sage/Cheyenne and Angel/Mash got into whatever argument they had, they probably had to leave too because they weren't going to stand up to their girlfriends.

No. 241430

I never said anything about ocean until now. I'm just saying, just ask her.

No. 241452

You seemed to have the same phrasing/attitude as the person who had posted her name, my mistake.

No. 241455

Hard to tell who's who unless we just state it. Though "just ask her" doesn't do much if she won't talk about anything. She seems pretty unavailable.

No. 241476

She hangs out around here clearly, I bet if we didn't just send her stupid 'lol check out these cows' type asks she'd respond.

No. 241477

Do you know her or are you Ocean? You seem really keen for someone to ask her questions, like she's ready to spill if someone just asks.

No. 241479

Neither actually, but seeing her post those types of trolling asks when she's clearly here is just embarrassing at this point. She wouldn't answer them if she wasn't trying to elicit a response, you know?

No. 241480

Considering her and Coyotemation have been shaming this board, I doubt she'd be willing to answer anything.

No. 241482

LMFAO, did they really? Did I miss something?

No. 241483

Actually I really do wanna know if Cheyenne threatened Ocean at all. Especially since Cheyenne was what, 20/19 when Ocean was 16? Wouldn't Cheyenne get in some kind of trouble for threatening anything?

No. 241485

She would get in trouble if Ocean had come forward, but the way Ocean has tried to hide any evidence of her little fling with Cry it makes me think she's protecting them for some reason.

No. 241486

They invited Angel tonight to a game. I guess she has work, so she turned it down, but they actually invited her.

No. 241487

so, I guess it's safe to say Chey is no where to be seen?

No. 241488

Yeah, I would say there's definitely something up with that if they're able to bring Angel around again.

No. 241491

No. 241492

Guess I looked over that. Was there any real milk in that stream or no?

No. 241500

Maybe that's why Cheyenne hasn't been around. Russ probably convinced him to not be such a bitch and to invite whoever he wants.

No. 241509

It's possible! this is recent though, last time they played this Russ suggested Angel on stream and Cry did everything in his power to ignore it and change the subject. This week, it seemed completely different.

Maybe Cry told Cheyenne to finally get lost.

No. 241525

Maybe. She did kinda disappear from social media again, so it's possible as well. Though sadly I don't think it'll be that easy :/

No. 241667

https://lakotabear.tumblr.com/ Yep so she knew all along!

No. 241672

One of us probably took it, i doubt Sage would be ballsy enough for that.

No. 241709

She's gone, of course she would be lol.

No. 241819

I honestly love how Ziegs is in Snakes twitch chat right now talking to them all, and is even a mod. Snake gives no shits and it's beautiful.

No. 241820

I mean, snake clearly dislikes chey, especially after she kicked his gf off. why would he give a fuck what she thinks?

No. 241821

Well, everyone that's left the LNC has basically made sure to mention that Snake is an angel lol. It makes sense that he wouldn't mind keeping in touch with people.

No. 241877

I always look at who's side Snake seems to be on to decide what seems true, honestly.
The fact Snake wasn't friends with Cheyenne and Sage just solidified that they were bad people to me.

No. 241887

But he's still friends with Ocean, and she's kind of awful, sooo…

No. 241889

Kinda? Maybe? She seems super troubled and kinda annoying, but probably not a bad person.

No. 241891

I wouldn't say she's awful. She flirted/whatever the hell else with Cry and drinks a lot. The worst she's really done is be a little shit about this thread. I don't think she's so bad to where someone like Snake would alienate her.

No. 241892

Yeah, Snake seems like he has good judgement in people.

No. 241893

I still don't understand why she's so secretive about what went on with them though??? It just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 241898

Cheyenne probably threatened her with something or Cry could've really pissed her off to point where she doesn't want to help in any way to explain what went on. I don't think the whole "it's been a few years" thing is an excuse. She still posted that one tweet about Cry and is obviously paying attention to this thread so she's clearly still thinking about whatever happened. I don't think she's as awful as the people here seem to think though.

No. 241932

I still think the tweet she posted was a joke above all? I mean, most of her followers are probably old Cry fans to begin with. But if either of them pissed her off, wouldn't it make sense for her to leak info about them then?

No. 241946

don't think cheyenne would have anything to threaten ocean with. probably just doesn't want to talk about it

No. 241953

but she keeps vaguely talking about this thread on her stream/twitter, so I don't think its that she doesn't want to talk. she's hiding something.

No. 241964

The reason is she understand what the purpose of the thread is. If she reveals something like this for no reason without exposing the thread then there'd be a lot of questions.

No. 241971

But she was clearly talking about before? I don't get it.

Again, someone should just ask her something. I don't have a tumblr so I don't think I can.

No. 242216

Sage is shit talking Jund on stream.

No. 242226

Saying what? I'd look myself but I don't want to sit through an hour of silence

No. 242227

How they broke up and sex life and shit like that.

No. 242229

Got a clip?

No. 242230

Just go to the stream. twitch.tv/sageroo/videos/all

No. 242333

No. 242341

I've been watching it a lot and she seems like a HUGE bitch. I don't know how much of it is true. I'm sure some of it is, but honestly she just seems so fake. She's boring and super fake.

I'm sure she'll disappear, which I can't wait for. It's gross to see people suck up to her like how they do Cheyenne.

No. 242344

She's playing victim to gain sympathy dollars while she still can.

No. 242346

Thanks Noodle, you're a hero. But if you have more go and post them! Thank you so much <3

No. 242430

Lol no problem! I will probably post more later but I had to take a break from her stream. I literally cannot stand people (Sage) who say they "want to have a positive impact on people's lives" yet throw out a couple girls because people liked them, and then also talk shit on their ex. If she really did plan on breaking up with Scott a year before, then she should've just done it.

No. 242435

Noodle, is that your main account? I may DM you.

No. 242447

that is my main so yeah go on ahead if you want

No. 242463

So uh, Sage deleted the recent VOD.

No. 242464

I saved it

No. 242466

Mind reposting it?

No. 242467

No. 242470

That's actually pretty funny that she deleted it considering she kept saying how it didn't matter and she could say whatever she wanted cuz jund wouldn't care

No. 242477

I'll upload it later, it's a bit late.

No. 242501

File: 1485844399375.jpg (44.79 KB, 625x554, oceanntwitter.JPG)

Does anyone know what this was about?

No. 242511

completely unrelated to anything we care about, I think. It was a while ago.
Girl is fucking dumb though.

No. 242515

Then don't mention it

No. 242516

ocean's one of those girls who loves being a sloppy mess and never shuts up about being a sloppy mess huh

No. 242520

If you don't have anything to bring to the thread, then don't say anything. We're almost on the fourth one now

No. 242526

Not that anon but god damn, ice your anus. The anon was just answering a curious one. That's it. The end.

No. 242560


Why does she just come off as such a massive bitch

No. 242602

In the second clip, Sage said that she shut down her twitter because she was tired of getting hatemail from fans of Jund and "his little girlfriend" (if i heard that right). Is he really dating Jen now?

No. 242614

He could be, but it could just be the bitter ex talking. For some reason a lot of girls automatically hate any girl that even starts talking to their ex. Sage doesn't have any right to be bitter though, she's the one who ended the relationship.

No. 242617

Was just on Ocean's tumblr and, before I thought to screenshot it, she deleted a post saying that she's having trouble sleeping this week because of "past trauma" being brought up. Could've said that for attention but who knows?

No. 242621

He is dating Jen, yeah. I don't think she got any hate mail at all beyond one girl calling her out for shit talking.
She just wanted sympathy.

No. 242627

Yeah I saw that too, as soon as I went to open it to take a screenshot it was gone.

No. 242633


I love how she complained about people talking shit when she was literally the only one talking shit. Haven't seen Jund say a single mean thing.

No. 242645

What else did it say?

No. 242671

She was saying how her depression has gotten worse this week because of past trauma being brought up, she hasn't been able to sleep and if she does manage to sleep she has nightmares or something along those lines. I think she put something about setting an alarm every 30 minutes to make sure she doesn't sleep long enough to dream. It was all very dramatic. If she actually has depression that sucks but most people online like to self diagnose and are just exaggerating.

No. 242686

Honestly, I dunno if it's related to this, if it's that extreme. I feel like if something like that happened she wouldn't be involved with anyone from LNC stuff. She's friends with Snake and Russ, and if Cry did something so horrible to essentially give her PTSD, why would they stick around?

I think it's unrelated, I also think that's why she deleted it, so we wouldn't assume and try to associate it with Cry.

No. 242715

I'm pretty sure she's talking about this thread not letting things die.

No. 242716

Doubt it

No. 242748

I doubt it to be honest, the way it was written makes it seem like something bigger than drama from a lolcow thread.

No. 242872

File: 1485913758505.png (538.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3141.PNG)

Jen just posted this, looks like she and Scott really are back together. Sage must be pissed as shit at how quick he replaced her but let's be real she was his replacement for Jen in the first place lmaoo

No. 242886

I know Sage had harassed Jen a lot after she started dating Jund. And then Angel and Mash when she wasn't getting enough attention. She deserves being upset. Maybe don't be a bully and spend all your time harassing so many people.

No. 243059

I would normally jump on the Sage hate train, but starting to feel like there is more to the story. As someone who myself was in a relationship with a guy who loved me, when I broke up with him he didn't find a girlfriend the week after. It's not normal to find a new gf that fast unless you didn't love your gf to begin with. Even (as far as we know) Sage hasn't even gotten a new boyfriend yet and she was the one to break it. Even if this wasn't Sage, I would feel like there's more to this story and that I'm objectively happy they broke up because a guy who can just jump ship after claiming he was so sad over the breakup. Yeah something isn't right on Jund's end, I hate to say that because I always thought Sage was in the wrong here, but it's likely they both were. Fuckkk

No. 243063

File: 1485954523647.png (554.26 KB, 805x528, k.png)


imagine being the rebound and then being compared constantly during your relationship to that rebound > reach a breakingpoint > breakup and have fans beat down on your already bruised self-confidence partially because of a bad partner > partner almost immediately hooks up with the girl he's been comparing you with for years….I legit feel bad for sage. i think even the best of us would feel awful in her situation right now. Id call it mental abuse, no sane guy does that to someone they love hopefully sage can move on and jen and scott have a healthier relationship!

No. 243067

Jund really needs to be single for a while. I feel like the last few relationships he's had have been rebounds. He hasn't been truly out of a relationship since they like started the LNC. It's not healthy to constantly have a new relationship lined up when the other one ends.

No. 243100


I'm pretty sure its as simple as they just both didn't really love each other that much. Scott probably wasn't the right guy for Sage, and Sage was probably just a placeholder for Jen.

Just because Jund isn't saying anything doesn't mean he's guilty. In fact, it makes him less suspicious overall because he's taking the high road and not endlessly talking shit about his ex. After all the shit we've seen with Sage, I guarantee he could destroy her with things she's done.

Also it looks like Jund and Jen just started dating, not "immediately after." Then again, none of us were there so idk.

No. 243103


He was single after Raven for like half a year though. After that, there were only two different girls over the course of 3 years.

No. 243109

As a follower of Jund immediately after the breakup you could see in the viewerslist that he was a viewer in Jen's stream every single day, all day. Jen was also confirming she had a boyfriend but she never stated who it was for quite some time before they went "public" just now.

No. 243112


I get what you're saying, but I'm in Cry's stream all the time. Am I dating Cry now? First I saw of Jen mentioning she had a boyfriend was like 6 days ago.

No. 243124

I agree that it isn't healthy to jump from relationship to relationship but I mean, if he still had feelings for Jen, and she's single now, I could see trying to start things right away as opposed to waiting and her possibly entering into a relationship with someone else.
Scott really has taken the high road with Sage on not speaking out on all the shit she's done.

I get that she's being body positive and all that, which is great, but she is pretending like she's got a rocking body when she doesn't. She's skinnyfat at best. But that doesn't really matter. Just feels like she's constantly seeking attention and approval.

No. 243130

I feel like skinnyfat and fucking crazy are the two requirements for women around that stream. Sage is clearly dragging out this break up with Scott for sympathy points.

No. 243177

I remember watching a multi twitch stream way back of Jen and her friend, and Sage would pop into the friend's chat. She'd tried to make the person say her name to make Jen uncomfortable. I witness it happen it before and I guess this friend knew too. So she responded without saying Sage's name.

No. 243308

I do think Jund was a shit boyfriend, I used to watch his streams every day but stopped a few months ago because I got a life but Sage was usually in chat and he would sometimes tease her in a way that was a little mean spirited, like calling her fat while laughing, and she would ask him for attention in stream (which was a little attention whorey but it was probably the only way he noticed) or hint that she wanted comfort because work was shit (she hated her job for a while) but he wouldn't pick up on it at all. She even physically went to him sometimes and he still wouldn't get it. The few times I stopped by in the past few months he seemed more into her and would stop the stream to cook dinner for her and arrange his schedule around what she wanted to do (like that tragic New Years tweet right before she dumped him) but like he said I guess it was a little too late.

It's definitely fucked up for him to have moved on so quick with Jen, for both Sage and him because you really shouldn't jump into relationships like that. He and Sage were together for like two years? You don't move on that quickly unless he lowkey kept on having feelings for Jen.

I don't think she was going to say anything as negative as she did about the breakup until she realized Jund was all over Jen even before Sage moved out. Once she found that out I guess she decided it was time to divulge the sex life and shittiness. I just wish I caught the VOD before she deleted it.

Side note did he like skype Jen when Sage was in the other room? Since before she moved out she said he had a little girlfriend so all I can imagine is Jund fucking around with Jen while Sage could hear them in the next room lmfao.

No. 243343


Idk what streams you were watching but I never saw any of that. In fact, Sage was almost never in his stream.

As for the moving on thing like…Sage dumped Jund. Its not like he broke up with her and immediately went back with his ex. Jen probably contacted him after they broke up and it went from there. Whether its good for him or not is kind of irrelevant. You sort of give up the right to bitch about your ex seeing other people when you dump them, when they're apparently doing much better like you said, on New Years, no less.

No. 243394

This exactly. She dumped him. Who cares if he moved on really quickly. I'm sure he did still have feelings for Jen, and obviously she did for him. I hope this relationship works out better for them, and if not, they learn from the experience.

If he was a dick to her, that was wrong, but she shouldn't have stayed then. Nothing about the relationship says that she was scared to leave, she just chose to stay with someone it seems she didn't particularly care for.

I had gone on Sage's discord a few months before, there was always a lot of drama. She uses people to vent, mostly about not being invited to LNC or Angel getting more attention than her or something. She just isn't nice and seems to use everyone.

I hope they can both move on and grow up a bit tbh

No. 243428

She uses everyone to vent, all the time. Even the people she hates, she vents to and then talks shit behind their backs. That's who she is and i'm glad she's out of everyone's life.

No. 243433

No. 243435

File: 1486002374461.png (6.17 KB, 510x121, ask.png)

No. 243440

"We almost never had sex even though I wanted to!"
"He was shit in bed!"

Sage can't even make up her mind.

No. 243443

She's literally finding any way to talk shit and try to get some sympathy. It's so immature and petty.

No. 243496

Wasn't someone supposed to post the VOD that sage deleted recently?

No. 243530

Sage and Jen look the same to me, just different hair colors. He's into the derpy face type.

No. 243577

No. 243585

Honestly they look really awkward together. Maybe they'll be together for more than a month and they'll look more comfortable, but I don't think they look cute at all together.
I do agree Scott kinda has a type though, lol.

No. 243588


I mean are you judging how they are in a relationship by one random picture? That's kinda stupid.

No. 243592

No, judging how they look together in one picture. Sorry if I triggered your offenses.

No. 243617

Everyone in the crew has a type it seems lmao

No. 243620


Its almost like they're people and all people have different types :O

No. 243630

They're all push overs when they're in a relationship.

No. 243665

Just because Cry and Jund are, doesn't mean they all are

No. 243718



No. 243724

You obviously don't know Snake or Russ.

No. 243730

Listening to Cry's stream now. Jund sounds happier than he has in a long time. Cry sounds like a mix between drunk and sleepy.

No. 243758

Sorry but how are Snake or Russ pushovers then?

No. 243776

I'm a different anon but the reason why people thinking Snake is a softie is because He let a sexual harasser in his discord go instead of banning them. They were making offensive comments to several members and even the mods. And Snake left them with a "warning"

No. 243783

I haven't heard this! Any more to that story?
But they were saying that they were pushovers "in a relationship." Is that somehow relate to Mash or is that just an example of him being a pushover?

any examples for Russ?

No. 243785

I don't know about relationships but that's what I know via seeing it on his discord.

No. 243797

I can kinda see how Snake and Russ are pushovers, but then again they are the ones who pretty much made Cheyenne take a break from the streams when the Ziegs incident happened. Which also a lot of people don't know about oddly.

No. 243801

Yeah, I don't know about relationships but Snake definitely seems like the type to let things go. I remember once during Snake Oil, someone in chat was like "no offense Snake, but it sucks you're black" or something along those lines and Snake brought it up and was like "how is that not offensive?" but Russ was the one that actually said to ban the person. Of course, he did bring it up so he might've done something without Russ even saying something. Who knows though?

No. 243803

Snake can be too nice, but that's so fucked. Definitely worth a ban, shouldn't even had to be thought about.

No. 243807

How do you know that? Are they the reason she's not there now?

No. 243837

I was saying that a lot people don't know about the Ziegs incident surprisingly

No. 243842

I meant how do you know they where the ones who made Cheyenne take a break

No. 243844

So Sage just pretty much admitted she's been at this thread on her recent stream.

No. 243845

time stamp please

No. 243849

No. 243851

holy fuck thats actually hilarious.

No. 243856

Wow, so she for sure brigades here when her fee fees get hurt. She's pretty pathetic.

No. 243862

We're all on here. Including Scott, Snake, Angle, Zgunlimited, etc. Lmao.

No. 243863

Oh really? I'm guessing you're Sage and I don't believe you. You're a very bitter person, how about you try moving on?

No. 243864


No. 243867

File: 1486098697924.png (11.6 KB, 287x74, lol.png)

I mean it didn't stop you from running away and not fixing your mistakes.

No. 243868


Holy shit if that's true how are you so stupid to confirm you've been the only one supporting yourself here in a thread full of people that don't even like you in the first place? Like what goes through your head thinking that is a good idea rofl

No. 243869

I mean if she showed the thread to every Sage supporter, she'd end up losing a lot.

There's a lot of things supporting of her being a horrible person and they consist in the second and third thread.

No. 243874


"No one gave a shit I deleted all my social accounts for tenth time so I'm back because I got no attention."

No. 243896

But wait, why be on here though?

No. 243897

It's interesting to see you kids scramble for information that's been public knowledge for years, and how wrong all of your assumptions are.

No. 243898

OK Sage

No. 243899

Not Sage, but nice try! I think/hope that she's done trying to defend herself here.

No. 243900

Eh, wasn't it obvious before?

No. 243902

To call Angel the devil of course and paint herself as the real angel.

Also for ammo to send herself fake anon asks.

No. 243906

Why not say who you are then?

No. 243909

I've said it previously.

No. 243911

tweet it out

No. 243918

If our assumptions are so wrong, then why is half the gang here? If we are so wrong then why hang out?

Also start standing up to shitty Cheyenne, thanks.

No. 243925

I'm pretty sure this is just Sage being absolutely crazy. That's why they won't prove it's one of them.

No. 243953

Ok Jen, No need to b triggered :) But ur not cute together

No. 243963

tinfoil hat time what if there aren't even any fans here and it's just the crew anonymously bitching to each other without even knowing? :O

No. 243964

Nah, it's just Sage being crazy and pathetic.

No. 243967

That would be hilarious tbh tho lmao

No. 243969

I feel like it almost is just mods and crew now tbh

No. 243976

File: 1486131898257.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, hehehehehe_duck.gif)

what I absolutely love is the attitude of "scrambling for info and all your assumptions are wrong" in this condescending manner like we're idiots or something

as if it's our lives that are a huge dramafest and total joke all over social media and twitch lmao

the attempt to make us seem stupid and ignorant kind of backfires when you consider how fucking pathetic they actually are which is why three threads exist in the first place

like ~oooohhh you think you're so smart but you don't know all the info~ nah bitch you're all dumb as bricks and we don't even need to speculate for that, you provide all the milk yourselves by being rude whiny manipulative gossipy twats

No. 243981

I totally agree. I still think it's Sage being absolutely pathetic. She's proven over and over how fucking dumb she is, though.

No. 243982

And if it is, which I'm pretty sure, we're doing exactly what she wants by not discussing things anymore and just dissolving into "Oh do you think blah blah is here?" who cares.

No. 243983

>>243981. Puppets

No. 243988

You know, every time we happen to talk about Sage things like this always happen. Why not we just not feed Sage with replies and just keep going on about our day and post whatever she doesn't like. This site is literally to find and shit on those people. She obviously has something to hide is she frequents and tries to defend herself. She's calling us pathetic but, she sits here everyday, on her computer and on her phone to see what people say.

Why do you care so much Sage? Move on, you were never really important as you try to make yourself out to be. You are the literal cancer of the community and likely the one to bring the Late Night Crew down. How many friendships do you need to fucking destroy to feel like you're empowered? You know how you became friends with Jen and she backed stabbed you? Well you totally deserve it for trying to harass her and witwix for half a year. You know the reason why Jund didn't care when you guys broke up? Because you didn't have the balls to stand up for yourself and work things out maturely and you had to go through a medium and complain and complain. No one likes you, and if they are people that do and find out about this thread, they'd hate you. Stop using people, stop manipulating them and stop abusing them.

Get out.

No. 243990

Not really, they are cute together.
At least Jen doesn't have that ugly rat face and rat teeth and is probably a much nicer person.

No. 243994

I mean, she's nice to her fans and talks to them when she streams for more than 30 minutes at a time (cough cough sage). And the fact she gets fanart really tells people how much they like her.

No. 243995

Wow, she's disgusting.
It's how she acts, how she talks, her facial expressions - everything seems so… fake? I can't find the right words for it.

No. 243996

The word is just fake.

No. 244025

Yep. Fake, obsessive, pathetic.
She comes here constantly trying to stir up shit, but the other anon is right. Ignore that shit. What a sad existence she must have to frequent an imageboard thing to defend herself because the people on there aren't fooled by your "nice girl" routine.
She's demonstrated over and over how terrible she is. She can't bully us and I'm sure that upsets her so much.

No. 244054

Laughing how Cheyenne says she's a full-time streamer on her twitch page.. bitch when

No. 244163

>>244054 pathetic and so funny you are

No. 244202

You mad?

No. 244241

File: 1486165845187.jpg (325.65 KB, 1600x1600, 1129457887595.jpg)

No. 244259

Ikr? Seems she's only been streaming and giving sob stories so she gets that moolah.

No. 244283

Wait, sob stories? What about?

No. 244289

Oh snap

No. 244302

Beat me to it. Fucking finally Angel is on a stream.

Like about her depression and shit. Yeah I know it's an actual thing for her but idk with the way she uses BPD as an excuse to be an asshole, I don't doubt she uses her depression for sympathy.

No. 244341

Russ seems so happy now.

No. 244355

He definitely does. It's really nice to hear.

No. 244487

Jen and Scott are not cute together, they look awkward. Jen has a massive ratface. More so than Sage. Scott is definitely drawn to the rat-look. Jen got all her viewers from witwix now shes coming for scotts? Could that be it? Everything seems rushed. Jen already left Scott once……. remember????

No. 244488

I don't see it, they look happy and cute.

No. 244542

Relax Sage.

No. 244576


This felt like a Donald Trump tweet.

Jen and Scott are NOT cute together. Jen STOLE VIEWS from Witwix. RUSHED! SAD!

No. 244610

And still no Shane(Cheyenne)… Maybe we are heading towards being finally free of her! That stream seemed really positive and everyone was having fun… Luckily it wasn't even cut short by her like the last time Angel was on and that seems like so long ago now :(
It was a nice change of pace

No. 244617

Ill tell ya, what Scott and sage had was UGE. BIG MOVES. It was GREAT. Nothing like that Jen girl.

I genuinely can't understand how anyone defends Sage besides herself, because even the people that were friends with her have turned.

No. 244655

I'm sure anyone defending Sage at this point is just Sage herself

No. 244662

Chey has bpd? It all makes sense now lmao. Get therapy bitch. Maybe some lithium.

No. 244677

Stole? She's been with the dude for a long time and she earned her own following for having a personality and being funny. Unlike Sage.

No. 244689

Oh sorry, I read this message wrong and you mocking the person in reply, my b.

No. 244853

No. 244863

What is that?

No. 244867


No. 244874

Yeah, I took the plunge, it's Sage's stream from when she was talking about her and Jund's sex life.

No. 244883

Sorry for being so vague with the link and it just took a bit to upload.

No. 244885

so when was the last time Chey was on LNC anyways?
not that i want her there persay

No. 244905

I would guess before she visited him in December(?)

No. 244916

Didn't she also go back early?

No. 244920

I wasn't aware of that if she did, but I'm not surprised.

No. 244943

I remember her saying she left on a Wednesday but then left on a Tuesday so I assume so.

No. 245007

I actually really hate when people say "This is what happens when Cheyenne isn't here" when like the crew are doing something considered weird. It's like, no they are doing shit they actually wanna do instead of having everything her way.

No. 245011

UGH YEAH. This is what happens. They're fun and silly! HOW DARE THEY. They should be miserable!

No. 245051

sonofliberty is such an annoying mod

No. 245062

Nothing new, he's annoying publicly as he is online. Fanboy forever.

No. 245066

lmao what'd he do now?

No. 245071

I just thought his comments about angel being back on stream was annoying. I'm glad shes back but the way he worded it I thought people might bring up why she was gone for so long and sour the mood, but no one really reads chat so nothing happened.

streams have been pretty enjoyable lately with none of the chey drama, I'm glad angel came back too.

No. 245125

who is in the call tonight?

No. 245145

Cry, Russ, Snake, Jund, Pluto, Angel, Alex, V2 and Witwix are there right now.

No. 245391

tell me more about how Jen deserves the viewers she got from witwix hosting her everyday for a year. Fun personality? You clearly have not sen Jen's stream all she complains about is being sick and not feeling well for sympathy then goes on to post attention seeking pictures on social media. TOP KEK. I know because I used to think she was cool back in WOW-days - nayyyyyyy

No. 245392

also nothing i was saying was comparing Jen to Sage..? Yet you did. Makes me assume you are either Scott or Jen defending yourselves on here, taking things personal because the world knows you are a rebound. TOP KEK! This place is infested with the crew and people around them, sad shizzle.

No. 245408

Now thinking about it I think Cheyenne made all the schedules and they were no bueno.

No. 245413

You do realize the two are associated with each other right? Are you living under a rock you uncultured fuck? We're on lolcow, where we make comparisons.

Are you just jealous that Witwix actually hosted Jen? Because I know it's real hard to get out there when Jund never does teehee! That's because your content was shit. I'm saying compare to you sage, anyone can be seen having a great personality and being ENTERTAINING. Why do you think people actually make her fanart? How much fanart have you received without having it commissioned?

Fuck off kid.

No. 245415

Not everyone here is a crew member and actually has this thing called common sense. People watch what they like. I don't agree with dating this quickly and that's a given. But I do think the relationship is much healthier than what Sage and him went through.

If she was a big attention seeker, why the heck would she go off and leave witwix, one of the bigger names on twitch and speed running community? Just tell me that.

Man, it's like her community actually likes her for who she is? She doesn't have to hide it. People posts pictures of themselves all the time on social media, who are you to dictate how to use their outlets? You're the no fun police.

No. 245461

It's optional for them to follow and continue following. They're not held at gunpoint.

At least Jen is growing and not constantly losing followers http://socialblade.com/twitch/user/jendenise/monthly

No. 245661

File: 1486339764815.png (17.06 KB, 544x77, same.png)

Just like joining the Late Night Crew and dating Jund. ":^)"

No. 245715

i couldnt care less since im glad sage is out but i think we should be factual when we can. witwix dumped jen and kicked her out of the house.

No. 245719

No. 245720

No. 245792


Where does it say witwix dumped Jen? I thought Jen dumped witwix especially considering witwix was super depressed for months and Jen seemed fine.

No. 245801

Jen DID dump Witwix.

No. 245865

Ironically enough every time there seems to be a defender on lolcow, Sage happens to be active on twitter lol.

No. 245908

I know, right? If you're gonna defend yourself for being a cunt, be less obvious about it.

Speaking of defending yourself, im surprised chey hasn't chimed on yet.

No. 246046

Probably too busy trying to hold onto Cry while their relationship is obviously falling apart

No. 246105

It's kind of weird they've been dating for what, 2, nearly 3 years? And they've made no effort to move in with each other. Cry could clearly fund her moving in - even though his sister/nephew are there, you'd think being ldr so long they'd want to actually seal the deal. If they wanted to make it work they could.

No. 246107

That's so true. Like, Jund and Sage moved in together and they dated for less time. I feel like both Cry and Cheyenne know deep down that their relationship isn't going anywhere.

No. 246112

Minor detail but Cry has a niece not a nephew

No. 246117

I bet Cheyenne has wanted to move in together and Cry had resisted. Otherwise I'm sure it would have already happened. Cry must know how terrible she is, so it falls back to him being too scared to leave her for any number of reasons.

No. 246121

If Cheyenne was at the stream live when Cry was talking about gay porn she would've ruined the moment

No. 246126

If Cheyenne was at the stream live she would have ruined the stream.

No. 246136

How quick did they move in together?

No. 246192


Wasn't for at least 3-4 months.

No. 246305

Jund just said he has a girlfriend during the current stream.

No. 246307

He just talked about Cheyenne

No. 246309

What'd he say about Cheyenne?

No. 246344

I mean that was already confirmed when Jen announced it on Twitter lol

No. 246356

Hey, I hate this shit. Let's not do this. If you're not going to post with what was said or a clip or a timestamp in the video, just.. Don't. It's so dumb.

No. 246378

Sorry poweroutage. He said that Cheyenne just disappeared and he has no idea where she's been.

No. 246380

Disappeared as in, went no-contact?

No. 246384


No. 246385

shit, I wonder what's up.

No. 246386

I saw that Ocean was in the chat during the latter bit of his stream as well, which was weird.

No. 246399

I mean if she's on here, she could just be checking up?

No. 246402

probably, i wouldn't be surprised since it seems like she lurks around still.

No. 246411

which stream did he talk about cheyenne? I was at work so I missed the RE7 one and most of the current one (nioh)

No. 246412

They meant Jund I think.

No. 246413

It was about jund during his DS3 stream.

No. 246431

lol what if Cheyenne has stopped talking to Jund because of her "loyalty" for Sage

No. 246433

It sounded like she stopped talking to everyone though, not exclusively just Scott.

No. 246476

Ohh. That's really interesting then. I bet half the crew appreciates that lmao

No. 246521

Odd coincidence that she shows up immediately after Cheyenne disappears.

No. 246524

Not really, she checks this site and Jund was taking about stuff. I'm sure she's curious like everyone else.

No. 246543

She was in his stream before anyone here mentioned that he was talking about anything of interest.

No. 246581

Word that you know that. Was she talking or do you search the viewers all the time, lol. Regardless, I don't think Ocean watching streams means anything at all.

No. 246588

Different anon but I saw her name in the list and she talked once or twice, i don't think it means anything lol

No. 246599

It looks like she's trying to be more careful with her wording now lol

No. 246708

File: 1486498594077.png (294.65 KB, 1365x431, twitchlivehosts.png)


No. 246753


You know what autohost is right?

No. 247012

File: 1486530412938.png (141.64 KB, 749x919, IMG_1241.PNG)

I know we've already established that Angels back but the fact that he's acknowledged Angel instead of Cheyenne is amazing to me.

No. 247038

File: 1486532152335.png (46.53 KB, 782x345, Capture.PNG)

This mean anything?

No. 247040

what's the source?

No. 247044

No. 247054

I just think it's funny how she's told people that she won't respond to anons, but is making sure to post them. Also, she won't respond to non-anon people either. When we first brought her up I asked her a question, was as polite as I could possibly be, and even said something along being willing to drop the subject if she asked me to. I don't remember the exact question but she didn't reply. She just wants the attention and I don't even think it's worth talking about her anymore because she clearly has nothing left that she's willing to say.

No. 247061

No. 247063

I sent her a non-anon ask about Cry and she responded to me privately tho

No. 247067

So uh wanna tell us what you asked her and what she said?

No. 247079

You guys aren't gonna like the answer she gave me lol plus I'd feel like an asshole since she took the time to answer me privately, even if it was just a simple answer.

No. 247080

Why do we care? She's not even relevant l

No. 247081

I agree too

No. 247088

Baiting is sin,Anon
You mentioned that you asked her and she replied to you,only to not tell us. Then why mention it in the first place haha

No. 247101

At least tell us what you asked her

No. 247115

I asked what they asked >>247088


No. 247117

She 100% is just seeking attention at this point. She honestly just seems like a piece of shit.

No. 247119

If that's her main goal then don't give it to her and leave her alone? She's not even relevant. Some idiot decided she's worth discussion even though she hasn't done anything with the crew in years.

No. 247123

The only reason she was brought up was because she used to talk dirty to Cry. She seems way fucking crazy though, and she hasn't been brought up for like 7 days. I think she just brought her self up here so she can get attention.


No. 247125

She still talks to russ and snake, and apparently she goes to streams, so that's something

No. 247126

Why the fuck would she want to? If she did, she'd actually reply and respond to asks and private messages you dense fuck. Stop reaching

No. 247128

Okay, Ocean. If you didn't want attention you'd stop posting the anons all together and move on.

No. 247129

Stop sending them to her then

No. 247130

She's probably sending them to herself.

No. 247131

If it seems that way then why give her attention?

No. 247133

she's not sage, i doubt she's that crazy.

No. 247134


No. 247137

seriously like what happened to the main reason of this thread lol

No. 247138

ocean was brought up as a possible reason(??) that cry hasn't left chey yet. then sage happened.

No. 247140

Alright, well let's try to get back to the main issue. Cry and his shitty girlfriend.
Can we go back to discussing her absence? That shit is interesting. Like if she hasn't talked to anyone in ages maybe Cry broke up with her and just hasn't told anyone? Or at least they're like having a massive argument. Maybe they're like "on a break"?

No. 247141

Sage I can understand because she's a relevent tool bag. And Ocean just got brought up out of no where and everyone wants to talk about her with no solid milk!

No. 247142

the anon that originally mentioned her seemed to have milk, but dropped off as soon as they got scared of being found out

No. 247143

It was phantom milk

No. 247144

The only person I can think to have this much of a grudge against Ocean to have anons annoy her with questions is Cheyenne. She just wanted to start a fire and you guys keep fueling it.

No. 247146

This anon? It doesn't seem like they did have any milk. >>247038

No. 247147

Nah there was an anon ages ago that first brought her up.

No. 247148

No. 247151

I think Cheyenne has mentioned before that she's left Cry twice before, so maybe this is the third? I hope it's for good because that is such a toxic relationship. The streams have been so much more fun lately and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

No. 247153

So who is confirmed to know about this thread? I'm thinking Sage, her friends, Ocean and a mod or 2

No. 247154

I can tell you that there are people that enjoy Cheyenne's abusive behavior towards people. I've met them and I'm very disgusted they're even friends or part of the community.

No. 247155

Coyotemation for sure.. so we can also assume Ziegs, honestly.

No. 247156


No. 247157

I'm going to wait for thread 4 so we can have actual mature discussions instead the whole he said she said bullshit. Take care farmers.

No. 247162

The only annoying thing about the streams lately are the people who suck up to her, constantly ask where she is.

No. 247165

Pretty sure those are the people here asking

No. 247167

File: 1486539863691.png (7.83 KB, 405x66, wk.PNG)

and then there's this person lul

No. 247170

Honestly, so true. It sounds like they're all so much happier/having a better time and we don't have to hear Cheyenne's bitching. I'll admit that it was funny at times, but she never knew when to stop. I don't understand the people that keep asking for her.

No. 247171

Not gonna lie. I unconsciously got a kick out of Cheyenne's behavior and actually was looking forward to hear her bitch about everything. I realized I was exactly like her when I was 16. huh

Also Cry picking Zoe over Mia

No. 247175

A teenager acting like a brat is different than an adult acting like one. At times her bitching was definitely funny and a few jabs here and there at the crew were fine, but she never really knew when she took it too far. Like, there's playful/funny complaining and then there's bitchy whining. It just got annoying.

No. 247176

Also just the straight up abusive behaviour isn't really okay. Calling people fucking idiots and throwing a tantrum every single time you didn't get your way… not to mention bullying every other girl away.

No. 247187

Maybe he dumped Cheyenne to bring her back around lol

No. 247194

I find it really hard to believe that Cheyenne wouldn't post anything about it if it were true. Cry is probably just ignoring her and they both just started to flake each other alot.

No. 247200

I agree. People think that Sage is acting crazy after her and Jund's breakup, but I guarantee that Cheyenne is going to be 10x worse when she and Cry eventually break up.

No. 247209

Still sounds like they're on the outs, which is awesome.
Side note, what if he got a lawyer, though? With a legit gag order or something?

No. 247211

It's possible and he definitely has the funds to do it since he pays to make sure there's not much on the internet about his identity, but I don't think it's likely. He doesn't seem like the type to get something like that unless there was a major problem and if he did, I feel like he would've told the crew so we wouldn't have things like Jund saying that Cheyenne went MIA. It's probably closer to something like they had a fight or Cry is trying to slowly fade Cheyenne out so she might not go as ballistic when they break up.

No. 247212

True. But, they've never really communicated with us before so Jund saying she's "MIA" isn't out of the realm of possible excuses.

No. 247228

what's special about the clip?

No. 247230

Just something fun. Reminded me of when people were analyzing his Catherine playthrough

No. 247231

Lol, the characters even resemble chey/ocean

No. 247236

Cry's doing an RE7 editing stream and left in a clip of him having what looks like an existential crisis to "let people worry about my well being" and he also said "no spoilers but when the clip goes up of my choice between Zoe and Mia, check the comment sections."

These aren't word for word by the way.

No. 247611

Cry managed to get himself banned on r/livestream fails for self promoting himself.

No. 247627

That was the funniest thing holy shit. Luckily it was only a 7 day ban.

No. 247628

Haha, true. But only for 7 days. He'll hardly notice.

No. 247677

Seems Cry has been streaming a lot lately though. At least like a couple times a day or so. Kinda shows how much Cheyenne and Cry are spending time together.

No. 247681

Personally, I've missed his editing streams. I bet he quit doing them because of her wanting so much of his time/attention. You know how she is.

….He's raiding right now, isn't he? does Cheyenne raid with him, or? (Sorry, I don't know much about his WoW-ificating.)

No. 247682

I'm not going to lie and it may sound fucked up but I enjoy cry being miserable for a bit. He's making everyone happy by doing these streams and not talking to Cheyenne. There's been so many positive vibes now and it's fucking great. I'm sorry he has to go through that shit but fuck it man. If I get feel happy and excited for a single day of a week, i'm taking it.

No. 247693

Usually she does do raids with them. But Scott said she disappeared, so I imagine she hasn't even been doing those either or doesn't talk with them like normal when she does.

Nah that's understandable. I felt like too many people had gotten into shitty situations with his girlfriend and him not really doing anything about it, so it's almost like karma really.

No. 247773

Sometimes, hurting is good for people. Honestly though, he doesn't seem like he's been hurting.

Probably has some complicated feels, though: It can be hard to give up a relationship–even if it's an awful one.

(also, totally reasonable to value your own happiness over someone else's. Also totally reasonable to take joy in someone else's unhappiness when you know it's good for 'em)

No. 247774

I agree. Even if he's in pain now, once he's away from her for a bit he'll realize how terrible everything was. How he let so many bad things happen, just out of fear of her.

It's for the best, for all involved.

No. 247825

to the comments about jen and witwix, as an "insider" on jen's side i can confirm that witwix broke up with jendenise. It wasn't the first time he broke up with her either and he kicked her out of the house, for the second time. jen cheated on him at twitchcon in 2015, he was super depressed about it, she convinced him to take her back and he did but could never trust her fully ever again, as her friend im glad she's with jund though, they are soooo kawaaaaiiii ^____^/

No. 247830

ew, Everything you said I can't take seriously because of how you ended that.

No. 247842


Did she cheat on him with Jund?

No. 247847

If it were Jund, he would have cheated on Sage too, because they were together that year at twitchcon.

No. 247878

He's streaming while editing right now and talking about Jessica Nigri and how she talked to him and stuff in a very positive light and how she has great tits.
I wonder if that will aggrivate cheyenne's women-near-cry-radius kek

No. 247887

Jen never cheated. Witwix cheated on her the month between pax and twitchcon 2015 though, and multiple times after that. You pretty much said what happened but switched their names.

No. 247904


Not necessarily.

They may not have officially talked about things and ended it.
They could be "spending some time apart".
Maybe they're not appearing on camera together because it's just causing a lot of stress on everyone.
There are some other possibilities like that too.

Not ever relationship ends with a boom and a bang, or even in a single moment.

Not to mention, if they're in any kind of transitional stage, or whatever, he may not be ready to announce it, or whatever. (which is lying, yeah).

It's also possible he did something like lay down an ultimatum: Is she with him, or with his fame? If she's with him, then not being on tw