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File: 1494286972519.jpg (89.98 KB, 768x1024, PwllZxu.jpg)

No. 307644

Previous: >>272593


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his (ex?)gf, Cheyenne:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cheyennecat

On the last thread:
>another debate about cheyenne's age
>cheyenne continues to say that she's still with Cry, no confirmation either way.

No. 307696

Did anyone else find it odd that Cheyenne's +1 for her sister's wedding was Christine?

No. 307700

This is probably one of the most flattering pictures of Cheyenne I think I've ever seen. She actually looks entirely less shrek like than usual.

No. 307703

I didn't want to have to set it as a spoiler for using an awful picture of her, but I didn't want to use the same pic as the last two threads.

side note; Never thought that as a mod I would be making a thread devoted to shit talking cry, but here I am.

No. 307710

It's because her glasses are hiding her lazy eye and half of her face is obscured.
I saw that and wasn't too surprised. On Christine's twitter, they were pretty much cuddling. I'm pretty positive they're dating.
I thought it was weird that Cheyenne liked a tweet someone responded to her with about marrying Cry unless he fucks it up. She's so gross.
Also her friendship with Sage, who must be in need of attention because she's posting pictures of literally just her mediocre tits (and another of her skinny fat no ass body on instagram), is still way fake. They don't know how to interact with each other beyond "look, we clearly like other girls, watch us barely talk to each other, this proves it!"

No. 307712

link to the insta post?

No. 307715

File: 1494292069679.png (Spoiler Image, 964.42 KB, 1080x1066, 20170508_200715.png)

No. 307716

I was going to say the same, and then the nap tweet as well. Sure, I have napped with my best friend, however we shared a two bed apt in college with two other girls and both pairs shared a bed. Difference is, they dont live together, and I never tweeted about napoing with her being "v v v good". They are dating. Or faking. Wouldn't surprise me either way.

Sage for miniblog

No. 307717

Ugh, that was so gross. Glad there was a spoiler on that. Sage literally has no body at all, not even standard curves, and she clearly wanted everyone to see her nips through her bathing suit.

No. 307718

To be fair, the shit talking is less towards Cry himself, and more towards Cheybeast and their "relationship".

No. 307722

you're right, it's still an odd feeling, but i've been past it since about thread 3.
anyways, they're 100% broken up.

No. 307725

I'm of the same mind (that they're done). I support the shit outta Cry and am glad he is sounding so much more chipper lately!

No. 307742

she has a hank hill body lol, but to be fair i don't think those are her nipples showing through, a lot of bikini tops have a seam in the middle like that which makes it look like so

No. 307746

yeah, looking at it closer (disgusting) it looks like just the seam. but still.

No. 307748

Yeah, just a seam. She did talk about how she wished she could show her nipples in the twitter picture, because everyone really needs to see her chest.

No. 307751

long time lurker here,
but why r these threads named after cry if everyone seems to like him (mostly)
is it b/c naming it after chey would b lackluster somehow?

No. 307752

it would gather 0 attention if it was titled "Cheyenne Avila" (since no one knows / cares who she is) as she is nothing more than Cry's girlfriend.

No. 307753

its one thing if u want to show off ur slender physique w/ no curves but she look lika log

No. 307754

Exactly this. She's created her entire online presence around being someone he's "slept with" so it's easier to just label these as Cryaotic.

No. 307757

geez i know this has been said b4 but the way Chey looks must b indicative of the way Cry looks\

and in most relationships the guy is less hot than the girl

No. 307758

this is definitely true about them, I'm sorry to say. His appearance is super underwhelming.

No. 307759

Eh, he also has (from what i've seen) shit self-esteem; he might be thinking cheybeast is the best he could do. She probably already manipulated him into thinking that. I imagine Cry to be a solid average.

Are you a mod or a friend? Or are just referring to the alleged photo that surfaced way back?

No. 307761

I'm not his friend, but I've seen enough photos of him to know he's underwhelming, average is taking it too far.

No. 307765

Where did you see these pictures? Couldn't you just share them here? OTherwise, you're just saying random bullshit.

No. 307766

Cheyenne showed them to me via screen share over Skype a few times, the screenshots would just point her straight to me so I would rather not share. He looks like that one pic that was shared around -100~ pounds. Just average/beta as fuck.

No. 307768

Well, considering they know about these threads, you could argue she's gonna know anyways, so I guess share them?

No. 307769

… Crop the screenshot so it's just the picture of him then? Why even screenshot it or bring it up if you're not going to share it?

No. 307770

he's literally the afore mentioned pictures after he lost weight. I'll search to see if I still have them saved.

No. 307773

File: 1494296774410.jpeg (158.36 KB, 1600x1200, opwilldeliver.jpeg)

edge of my seat.

No. 307775

it'll have to wait until tomorrow night because i'm on a buisiness trip currently, I'll do my best to deliver on this

No. 307777

>average taking it too far
wew if thats not the most mysterious descriptor evr

so hes not hideous but he's plain w/ no nice features?

No. 307780

yeah, a little too much weight but not enough to call him fat anymore, but not thin by any means. super average pale white guy look.

No. 307786

then ill wait patiently 4 those photos business trip anon

but in ur opinion is Chey possibly a lil better looking than Cry?

No. 307788

it's weird to gauge attractiveness as a straight dude. I wouldn't bang her, but I would say if her personality didn't exist that she would be a 6 on a scale of 1-10 and he would be a solid 4.

No. 307791

You think Cheyenne is a 6?? Are you serious? She herself is a 4, maybe 3. She has no shape to her body, a gigantic nose, eyebrows that turn down at a weird sharp angle, a huge jaw with a giant mole… Like, no. Not a 6. 5 is supposed to be "average." Cheyenne is not above average.

No. 307793

I don't think she's a 6 on a regular scale, but I can't rate both of them as 0's, so I gave as relative of a scale as I could.

No. 307798

Alright, then I'll revise it for her to be a 4 and for him to be a 3. They are both below average, better?

No. 307806

Not even that actually, he's just basic as fuck and she's ugly.

No. 307808

Well. At least he has a good personality and isn't a drag in literally everything he does, unlike her, so he's got something going for him. We can't all be lookers, I guess.

No. 307812

… please be legit

No. 307816

He's the same person as the one posted in the first thread, just without the excess weight, nothing too exciting.

No. 307832

I would go w/ a 5

I've seen some seriously ugly ppl my dude

No. 307869

Oh good, someone finally made a new thread.
Thanks! <3


I always thought that picture was likely to just be super awful. I mean… warm day, hair frizzles, sunglasses, obviously not expecting a picture… reminds me of dozens of pictures I have from vacations I've been on.

But yeah, looking forward to pictures.

as fooooor people ratings:

I always thought that it was super weird to rate people with numbers. I mean. Attractiveness is subjective. I got a buddy who hates blondes because of a bad experience. any blonde is automatically not as good. All of us have our quirks and preferences. I mean, the dehumanizing aspect aside, it feels really weird to me to be able to directly line up all the humans into a neatly categorized hierarchy of "this one is better than that one." … especially when stuff like hormone levels, mood, attitude, the day of the week can make SO much difference.

I honestly think people are a bit hard on Cheyenne's face, but I'm also 1) pretty faceblind. 2) …shit, this is gonna sound bad, but: As part of being faceblind, and growing up in a super ethnically diverse area, I actually really am not good at deciphering people's race? But I'm pretty sure she's not-white? The big-nose thing is really common where I grew up, and I've seen some people who's faces are literally like half-nose. so hers seems pretty whatever to me. … not saying people are racist or anything, just that my own standards are different.

What REALLY bugs me in that picture is the little wispy bits of blonde on the side with the dark roots. I dunno, it makes me feel like she's balding there or something.

No. 307894

Cheyenne retweeted something about lowering the difficulty on Tinder.

No. 307944

She's half white and half mexican i believe.

No. 307952

How do you know Cheyenne?

No. 307954

knew her when she was normal, aka when she was like 16, before she joined her first stream.

No. 308009

File: 1494324564352.png (95.09 KB, 275x205, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.0…)

(dis one right?)
reposting here for reference

No. 308014

File: 1494325167870.png (425.01 KB, 435x552, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.1…)

what even happened to Chey? is this even the same person b/c she looks a lot less gross here
> pic from old myspace
link: https://myspace.com/sexii_gurl46953/mixes/classic-my-photos-575256/photo/301650767

No. 308021

That's not the Cheyenne that's dating Cry at all. Although, this cheyenne was a well known "Cheyenne Avila" hater.

No. 308029

oh that explains it, thanks for clearing that up for me anon – i just found this on the first cryaotic thread

No. 308045


I hate to be that person but if it is true then why share the pictures? Cry has been cool af with his fans so the last we can do is let him be the one to decide if or when he wants to show his face no?
And you all are overdramatic with Cry's supposed "ugliness"… so he is probably an average and chubby beta dude, like 90% of let's players. Much surprise wow. I think we shouldn't forget that we tend to be way harsher with people's appearances online. For example I've seen in this thread people criticizing Russ's looks but if I were to see him IRL I would legit find him cute!

No. 308048

Different strokes for different folks on ratings, agreement on looks, etc. I don't really care what Cry looks like, but curiosity is there.

No. 308050

cuz im sick of pussyfooting around this missing puzzle piece
idgaf anymore, i wanna see the person who would put up w/ Chey 4 so long

No. 308052

he doesn't meet a lot of people IRL (like all youtubers) and tried to make the relationship "succeed" because he is too nice and probably likes challenges too much like the good gamer he is. That's my version at least.

No. 308057

(and that doesn't necessarily involves looks, is my point)

No. 308058

To the person who, apparently, is supposed to post pictures of Cry here today:

Can you please rethink it? He haven't done anything bad to deserve something he clearly doesn't want to happen for years. Curiosity will make a lot of people ask for the pics, it's a natural thing, but please consider how many years have passed with him guarding his privacy and appearance - mostly because he's afraid someone may recognize him IRL.

Please, don't ruin it. It's not worth it.

Sincerely, someone from the stream who has no idea how he looks like and has no need to know.

No. 308061

Unfortunately, you're in the wrong place to ask for privacy. Doxxing is encouraged here.

No. 308062

This. This. This.

I get that people think it is low self-esteem/looks that could be the reason he stayed with Chey, but it could be also lots of other motives as I posted above (personality-wise). Staying in abusive/shitty relationships isn't only reserved for "ugly" people everyone.

Also if we see a skype picture or whatever I'm sure at 100% it will be a shitty/low rez picture and so not even representative of what he looks IRL.

Think about it and let Cry be the one to decide how, if or when he shows himself. Don't rob the power out of him please!

(sorry for shitty english)

No. 308063

yeah doxxing of bad people, not Cry :/

No. 308109


It honestly doesn't matter at this point. You can literally look up his address, his full name is known, the mystery is gone. Just because he got any and all pictures of himself removed off google search, he's still a minor celebrity and his privacy is forfeit. I honestly don't understand his aversion to his looks, even if he had been disfigured no one would care.

There were pictures of him found like 4 years ago, and he's just an average guy. I honestly don't get why he never did cam except trying to cash in on that "mystery" money. It's literally all he's known for anymore even though it was leaked years ago before he paid sites off to remove traces of his identity.

No. 308123


It matters simply because he doesn't want it. There are let's players who showed their face after years of anonymity and obviously they want to do it in a way they feel confortable with, like Minx and her youtube video, you can look it up.

I don't understand you people… you are talking since one year about Cry's fucked up relationship, obviously caring about him and his wellbeing. Why now going against his deepest whishes? Do you imagine how terrible Cry will feel when he finds out about this? I remember a post on his tumblr about the doxxing of his address and he was abviously disturbed. Invasion of privacy is not something light ffs!

No. 308125

they're just just scared that their beloved cry is going to be 100x more hideous than anticipated and they won't be able to schlick and try to save him from his wicked gf. the people here are so ridiculously invested in every aspect of this guy's life but if he's ugly then it was just a waste of time, amirite.

No. 308135

Literally no one gave a shit when Minx did her voice reveal. She looked exactly like anyone over 12 though she looked. She sounded fat, she is fat, no one cared.

It's exactly the same with Cry, no one actually CARES what he looks like, it's just annoying at this point to fans that he's still too much of a beta pussy bitch to publicly reveal his face even though his fans have literally made him a millionaire and wouldn't abandon him either way; they're just following basic human nature of wanting to put a voice to a fucking face. Same fucking reason the adults of us get pissed off when he even mentions money and don't get me started on the hospital shit, dude has more money than any of us will individually make in a lifetime he doesn't need shit.

No. 308136

completely untrue. If he's that guy in the sunglasses, but 100 pounds lighter? 100 pounds? That's incredible. He should be proud of that.
I don't care what he looks like. I think he's hilarious and that he cares a lot. It was awful that he was stuck in such an abusive relationship for so long, but I hope he's getting better now.

I'd prefer pictures of him not to be posted because that's what he wants and he should be able to have control over when he wants to reveal himself, like what the previous anon pointed out about minx.
I don't think any of us here really give a fuck what he looks like. We're not tumblr, trying to jump on his dick. It's legit just caring for the person, no matter what he looks like.

No. 308137

the idea of privacy is just an illusion, anon.

No. 308138

Not voice fuck me.

No. 308139

In terms of money, you have no idea how much he has or makes? He splits his twitch money and its not like his YouTube has been jumping in popularity, so that's not really fair.

No. 308141

Considering all the leaks from previous youtubers and having been one myself it's pretty fucking well known what kind of money youtube used to earn people, and he was one of the top channels posting a video every day.

Don't be naive.

No. 308150

Used to be. He also supports his sister, and from what it sounds like, his brother. He's not sitting in a mansion, laughing over a pile of money. You're being naive.

Also, uh? Minor celebrity, so you don't deserve privacy? You created and worked, and were paid, so you don't deserve privacy?

An author writes a story. It's good. It gets popular and the author makes a good amount of money. Collectively, fans all over the world cry out, "you made this thing and we liked it, so you don't deserve privacy!" because that makes so much sense.

No. 308154


Are you dense? My point with Minx's exemple is that if you truly care about Cry (I doubt it judging by your post but you are in this thread so whatever), then you should let him have the control on how he deals with his private info and not spam some shitty low rez and old image that will not be at his advantage at all.

As for the second paragraph, you sure do sound like you know better than him on how he should lead his life :/ you don't know how much he makes, you don't know his personality or how he is going to deal with Chey or whatever (for all we know he might do a face reveal in order to "rob" her of the blackmail situation soon). Stepping in when someone is in a dangerous situation (like an abusive relationship) is necessary, deciding in his stead how he should lead his life/career by doxxing private info is not.

No. 308155


> Staying in abusive/shitty relationships isn't only reserved for "ugly" people everyone.

Especially for someone who is coming from a 'bad' home life as a kid and doesn't have a good example of what a healthy relationship is. …


> he's still a minor celebrity and his privacy is forfeit.

I would not say that this is true. everyone is entitled to their privacy. Just our society generally doesn't accept that. shrug and I don't think he was anticipating what would happen when he uploaded his first thingies to Youtube. I mean, setting aside a dozen or two non-lets players, his first 'cry plays' was posted on in Sept 2010. For scale, Pewdiepie's first video is October 2010… though his first Amnesia video wasn't until December of that year. and even if PDP wasn't the first, he is certainly the biggest, and has been for a lot of his career.

I mean, I hate to be the 'hipster' here, but I've been watching PDP and cry since… late 2011, early 2012? … no one anticipated it becoming as popular as it did.

and his privacy wasn't just about him, it was about his family. As I recall, there were pictures of his little brother also posted, as well as pictures of his mom's house–a house he didn't actually live at.

What I'm saying is, he posted something to youtube, then suddenly people are posting pictures of his pre-teen brother online. Holy shit.

> I honestly don't understand his aversion to his looks, even if he had been disfigured no one would care.

As I pull on my hipster glasses again.. actually people freaked the fuck out about it. People had 'decided' on a universal 'kawaii desu bishounen cry-chan' to draw for fanart, and at the suggestion that it wasn't…. well… I imagine that if my face got leaked and people started shrieking about how ugly that person is, and that couldn't POSSIBLY be me… I, uh, I think my confidence would take a hell of a hit too.

Not to mention, people tend to be super harsh about EVERYONE who's faces are posted online. like, appallingly so. I think it's something about "how is this person so famous? I must deride their appearance however I can so that they don't think they're good, because they suck and I hate them because I could do better, if I felt like it."

No. 308161


>As I pull on my hipster glasses again.. actually people freaked the fuck out about it. People had 'decided' on a universal 'kawaii desu bishounen cry-chan' to draw for fanart, and at the suggestion that it wasn't…. well… I imagine that if my face got leaked and people started shrieking about how ugly that person is, and that couldn't POSSIBLY be me… I, uh, I think my confidence would take a hell of a hit too.

>Not to mention, people tend to be super harsh about EVERYONE who's faces are posted online. like, appallingly so. I think it's something about "how is this person so famous? I must deride their appearance however I can so that they don't think they're good, because they suck and I hate them because I could do better, if I felt like it."

And that's why also we shouldn't encourage leaking his picture if we care about him. In this fashion it's going to 100% damage him no matter how he looks like.

No. 308164

>As I recall, there were pictures of his little brother also posted, as well as pictures of his mom's house–a house he didn't actually live at.

That is a real fear to have going into this stuff. You can't do anything online like that without considering the possibilities. The internet isn't some happy collective, it's anyone and everyone. Privacy online just doesn't exist, and even irl it only exists on a person to person level. People who push this privacy shit are just insecure irl and should consider before they post anything. The reality is that people can't just 'do what they love' or 'think is fun' without other people screwing them over.

No. 308166

You're an incredibly cynical person and a major reason this kinda shit is a problem.

No. 308168


So what is your argument exactly? That since internet allows all kind of behaviours and other people could do it, we might as well do it too, even if we consider ourself part of the fandom and care about him?

Take the higher ground please.

No. 308169

It's not about being cynical, it's just real life.

A youtube channel I watch recently got kicked out of their building because someone watching them send their videos to the property owner of them breaking down a door(that they bought for a skit). They never gave any real indication of what town they were in, just the state, and someone was pathetic enough to doxx them and find out who the property manager was.

No. 308170

I don't really get why the picture thing is so important. People can see him in real life all the time. Losing fans isn't an excuse.

No. 308171

I wasn't saying that, just that it's not surprising and it's stupid to think it is.

No. 308175


It's not surprising I agree with you there. Only I have some dude (or dudette) who might post a shitty skype screenshot soon and so since we have the choice I would prefer to dissuade him/her because it's useless and damaging for Cry which is the very contrary of what we want in these threads. It's what this discussion is about.

No. 308176

>It's not about being cynical, it's just real life.

"other people do it, so fuck it."

No. 308179

yeah who cares

No. 308181


I will reiterate part of my point: When Cry got started, this whole 'let's play' thing was tiny, niche and unpopular. He didn't, and couldn't, anticipate how this was going to blow up. There was no precedent.

It was kind of like saying "I'm gonna draw fanart for this obscure little fandom" then that fandom blowing up in popularity and your piece going viral because of reasons beyond your control.

Anyway, just because some people are assmonkies and are willing to dox people to kick them out of their building doesn't mean that that behavior is okay.

No. 308185


Because choice.

FFS, if I have a scar on my tit I hate, that doesn't give people the right to rip my shirt off to see it just because I let a few select people see it.

Because he doesn't want to become pewdiepie who literally cannot take a vacation without people recognizing him. Because he doesn't want to live in a state of "can I walk out my front door and go get a snickers bar, without getting harassed by fans?" Because he doesn't want his family bothered by people.

No. 308188

your tit isn't your face. you don't have your tits plastered on your passport or ID or drivers license.

No. 308189

lol yall wild he wont be able to grocery shop for the hoards of paparazzi!

No. 308196


great arguments guyz. Wtf I want to see Cry's face now lol

No. 308201

i wanna see how ugly he is now

No. 308211


yeeee boi! cry's biggest secret finally cracked ;))) i can now continue discussing his love life and what he had for breakfast, just for the sake of it.

good job guys.

No. 308214


And yet, despite this, people will still try to see it anyway. Because it was mentioned, once.

People are rude ass animals. If you have 'neat' hair, people will try to touch it. (be it neat in color, texture, length, etc), if your skin is odd, they'll try to grope you.


Hm, didn't mean to suggest that his face would rocket him to that level of popularity, or anything, but for a while, he was a well rising star in the youtube scene.

I actually wonder if he intentionally sabotaged himself..? There was a time when he was doing videos a lot with pewdiepie, markiplier and others… or maybe that coincides with when he got together with Cheyenne.. Hm….

No. 308224


No. 308233

I think it's because of youtube's culture. It became increasingly more toxic over time and probably made him stay away from the spotlight.

I mean if you look at it most youtubers lives are quite unhealthy, what with all the easy money and superficial relations.

No. 308237

they're basically mini hollywood stars.

No. 308248

Not to mention how much an abusive partner can kill your self esteem.

No. 308276


That too.
For example I'm 100% convinced, now seeing Chey's old tweets to pewdiepie that they were quite passive-agressive in nature. Like in a "get off ma man!" kind of passive-agressive, and that as a result Pewds had to walk on eggshells in order to do peace offering to her (like following her on twitter). Last september for exemple she tweeted "I loved that last pewdiepie video!" I checked the date (14 sep) and lo and behold? It's the video where he drinks piss for view, aka the most degrading thing he did on his channel.

My point is, now that she is getting out of the picture and Cry is getting better I don't want it all ruined by the leak of his face…. please people let's do that okay?

No. 308286


>she tweeted "I loved that last pewdiepie video!" I checked the date (14 sep) and lo and behold? It's the video where he drinks piss for view, aka the most degrading thing he did on his channel.

Oh my god. what a fucking bitch. I don't even.

No. 308303

>My point is, now that she is getting out of the picture and Cry is getting better I don't want it all ruined by the leak of his face…. please people let's do that okay?

I agree with this SO much. What if it just kills his confidence and he goes back to her… Then she starts coming around again? Can we not boost up Cheyenne and then shoot ourselves in the foot in terms of shit we enjoy.
Over shit that just doesn't matter.

No. 308309

This is actually kinda fucking hurting to read.
We all agreed that we wanted Cry to be happy..and now what the fuck are some of you doing? We need him to continue getting better. Cry knows about these threads, remember that. If he sees that some lowlife asshole is posting pictures of him, he's going to get worse again.

No. 308313

File: 1494353450068.jpg (43.34 KB, 728x635, 148.jpg)


THIS x 9001

No. 308342

I agree. As much as my curiosity eats away at me and wants to see Cry's face, I don't think doxxing him is the best plan. He's finally getting back to normal and seems to have more fun on streams, so let's not post anything. Even if pictures are posted, I'm sure at least a few people will be like "oh, that can't be him because blah blah blah" and if it really was him, that could hurt. Let's not crush him while he's just started to get back on his feet. Be considerate guys, Jesus.

No. 308442

Cheyenne streamed for only a couple hours with Sage because she wanted to play Outlast 2 later that night (and never showed up. How the fuck is she still partnered?!).
Not sure if this stuff is still relevant, but her moving came up again. Chey basically said it was Cry who didn't want to move in together, especially because he's taking care of his family. She said she doesn't want to live with his family anyway, and I get that.
Though, it's stuff like that that makes me wonder if they really ARE finally broken up. I can't imagine how they can keep this "act" up for so long. I don't know about anyone else, but it's getting pretty annoying at this point that they're both avoiding explaining their relationship status.

No. 308457


Very relevant!

Any chance for some clips/timestamps?

I don't have time or patience to sit through one of cheyenne's streams.

I'm pretty sure they're broken up… just not publically talking about it yet.

NOt sure why, but my runnning theory is that he's hoping that if they're quiet about it for a while, people won't care as much when they finally announce it.

I am also pleased that i'm right about my cry-taking-care-of-his-family-and-not-wanting-to-her-to-move-in-theory.

No. 308459

Cheyenne is a known liar. She lies about so much stuff. I'm pretty sure the fake togetherness is just for her… He doesn't really interact with her or reference her at all.. And when he HAS referenced her, it wasn't even by name.
You can't just look at what Cheyenne says. Also consider the fact she has pictures of her canoodling a new girl and talking about napping with "someone" (very obviously is to make Cry jealous)
That's just no way they're still together, but pretending for Cheyenne's sake seems like something she'd definitely demand.

No. 308460

Lol damn. First off: Yeah it sucks that she's partnered. She really doesn't deserve that. The fact that she didn't even make a tweet last night saying it's canceled, or even today when she's obviously up. Really sucks for her fans.

Second: I agree, it really is getting annoying not knowing fully what their relationship is. Its kinda obvious that Cheyenne is making it last longer than it should. She's the reason they were holding off on saying anything, I think?

No. 308463

Pewdiepie seems like an edgelord but otherwise much less toxic than Cry and Cheyenne combination. And Sean (overly-energetic but seems chill) and Ken and so on. Even Mark. The big gaming scene isn't really that full of drama as far as I know. Commentator and fashion scene is horrible but gamers are still pretty much tame.
So I don't think the toxicity stuff is true at all.

I think Cry wanted a change but didn't realize that his youtube channel would die. He tried to switch to twitch and now he doesn't even have any other choice than to stream. His streams are pretty cool though, it suits him well.

No. 308468

Unfortunately didn't clip any of the stream myself, but if it's still of interest I could put down the times of things she said even though I pretty much summed it up.

No. 308476

I thought someone in thread 4 said that Cheyenne was the one who was ready to announce it, not Cry. I could be wrong, though.
It would be really nice to have W come back and ease our thoughts again, LOL.

No. 308483

I don't think he tried to "switch" to twitch. LNC has been twitching for years, and it makes sense that they stream alone as well.

No. 308485

It's 100% Cheyenne that doesn't want to announce it. You can just tell by how they act too, though.

No. 308504

Yeah there was a couple people who were saying different things about who wanted to say what. But I think Simple confirmed W's words?

No. 308507

It's chey that doesn't want to anounce it. That was innitially the purpose for the winddown video with her

No. 308576


>Pewdiepie seems like an edgelord but otherwise much less toxic than Cry and Cheyenne combination.

Honestly, as a long time PDP watcher, he's honestly not. he's incredibly sarcastic, and not always in a good or understood way. I think a lot of his fans are actually the people he's making fun of, actually. I dunno. I've seen so many people who are so much more edgelordy….

BUt he's actually pretty non toxic, IMO. Cry's pretty chill, minus a few places where he's dumb. cheyenne on the other hand, is a barrel of weird green ooze from an 80's cartoon. Can we get some Captain planet in here?

> And Sean (overly-energetic but seems chill)

Honestly, after Cry, Sean/Jack's my favorite guy to go to for watching a game for the story. He's so chill and so sweet, honestly.

Whoo, sage4blog

No. 308577


I swear that it was Cry who was waiting for something. o_o

No. 308586

you're giving me some vibes.

what do you know, anon?

No. 308595

They're referencing someone in a previous thread, who had said that Cheyenne wanted to announce it, But Cry didn't.
That isn't true, though.
>>308507 is right that the wind-down was supposed to be the announcement, but she pulled out when she found out that was what it was supposed up be for.
What's being said is that she thinks she's going to lose viewership/followers because she's no longer with Cry. There was also an excuse that she would be attacked because they broke up.
It hasn't been announced because of Cheyenne.

No. 308604

If you go back to Thread #4, W did confirm that they made an "agreement" that they'll announce when they're ready, and Cheyenne is but Cry hasn't initiated it yet (the why part was never said). But that was 3-4 months ago, and maybe at this point they both are afraid to say anything right now. I can understand that they might be worried about the fans' reactions and want to wait, though Cheyenne has enough people riding her dick that I think she'd be fine, but people aren't just going to forget about it.

It's ironic she'd be worried about being attacked because she was constantly shit on even while dating Cry and she never hesitated to tell them off.

No. 308611

Just curious, but how do you know she backed out when she found out the wind down video was about their announcement? Like did either of them say that at one point?

No. 308619

I'm a friend, I pop in every now and then, and I know what's been happening. Cry is ready, Cheyenne doesn't want to. It isn't that she isn't ready, I don't speak to her, but she's very clearly dating Christine just probably not in a relationship.
In my personal opinion, she wants to ride the Cry gravy train longer.

No. 308688

Anon, I hope you're real. I want to ask for proof but also I think we shouldn't mess with your ~cover~

If what you're saying is true, I can finally start watching Cry again. Ever since Cheyenne came in the picture, or rather I was made aware of her existence, watching Cry has never been the same. I always get the feel like he's not speaking his mind truthfully and honestly anymore. Cheyenne is such an awful person, I hope she loses everything she gained while she was "Cry's number 1 fan" once this all ends. I want to watch her lose her shit as she becomes irrelevant.

About the alleged face reveal; I'm really not sure. I mean, yeah, there will be idiotic fangirls who might be disappointed and talk shit, but his core fanbase wouldn't mind. It's just a stupid curiosity I have, I probably would forget about it the next day, it's just because it's become such a hush-hush topic.

I do think he deserves his privacy, but saying that he will break if a photo surfaces… Come on. He is a full-grown adult. He might have depressive tendencies and low self-esteem, but after a bit of stress, he would be fine I think. That way he would have got over this big thing that comes up every few months in the fandom from what I've gathered. I think he mostly doesn't want to do a face reveal bc it has become his brand. He might be thinking that he would lose his "unique trait" that's separating him from mainstream gamers.

Eh, I don't think that it would be that big of a deal, I think fans worry about this more than he does. I know he likes his privacy but if something like that happened I don't think he would spiral down into alcoholism and kill himself. We don't need to baby him.

Saged for BS/blog

No. 308705


Pretty much what >>308595 said. Just referencing earlier stuff. I"m no one special. <3

Literally the only thing I have inputted into this thread is a lot of long winded cheery posts. :)

No. 308817

Yep Jackie boy is adorable, i appreciate his carefree vibes

used to love Mark too but I feel stressed when i watch him now for some reason

No. 308820


Carefree Jackaboy! yet really perceptive. Love watching him pick up on foreshadowing and stuff in games that everyone else misses. <3

As for mark… I know what you mean. He's got an oddly raw edge to him. and not always in a good way? I dunno. I havn't had as much time lately as I've wanted to (Every free moment has been devoted to TRYING to catch up on yakuza 0. 24 hours is SO MANY HOURS.)

No. 308890

Cheyenne STILL hasn't said anything about canceling her stream. Damn. Way to really show just how important your fans are.

No. 308939

She hasn't even posted on Instagram or Snapchat, and she does almost daily. She was so adamant on streaming almost every morning when she reappeared, and that happened for maybe a week. I feel bad for her subs and anyone else who's wasted their money on her. Cheyenne doesn't deserve the partnership.

No. 309014

Neither do 90% of partners but there you go?
The majority of partners right now are partnered because they were supported by partners when Amazon bought Twitch, it's literally all networking.

No. 309020


Yeah I agree Felix is quite down to earth and chill which is quite something since he got so big. Mark, I find him a bit manipulative and calculating when it comes to interaction to its fans, so I'm a bit meh. Don't know jack well but he looks very sweet indeed!

My point however is that if you earns your life with youtube, especially as a visible figure, your life and your very being gets mixed in non-stop. You also get rarely a "break" as a visible figure as people will recognise you online AND offline. In this sense I could completely understand Cry's decision to stay prudent with this stuff.

For example, Ken's channel is dying so he is now "whoring" the fuck out of his newborn baby in order to get views + patreon money. This is quite f* up in my opinion and I doubt people like Felix or Cry are blind to what is going on…

No. 309028

Would you that that Cry face is his "newborn" baby in this analogy?

That's how I feel. Not like he hasnt already made millions of dollars off youtube if he even had half conscious investors.

No one actually cares, they just need a reason to keep supporting his "I don't want to get a real job just let me keep living off fame" ass.

No. 309032


Holy shit when will you guys leave Cry face alone for once?? You are always assuming the worst intentions and are bashing someone because he wants a bit of privacy, when you yourself are posting on a FUCKING ANONYMOUS IMAGEBOARD. Jesus christ.

No. 309043

I'm not bashing anyone, and I met him in 2009 when he first started picking up before the face meme even started. Why can one youtuber assume he gets privacy when hundred of others lesser than him don't get the same, especially when he is thousands of time larger than them?

Again, his fucking address and full name is publicly available. Cheyenne has literally shit on him by calling him by his full name on stream, HE HAS LEAKED TWO OF THE THREE PORTIONS OF HIS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON STREAM. The only pretense of privacy he has is from the tens of thousands of dollars he pays to keep private information results off search engines, and somehow you whiteknights receiving none of that keep bottlenecking the reveal, like its some sort of special secret you keep to yourself that no one else gets to have…

No. 309044

I've been enjoying a bit more the content on Cry's channel lately. I just wish he'd stop the twitch fuckery and produced some good background noise content again.

No. 309052


Calling bullshit on your meeting story because considering your retarded argumentation, you must not be older than 15 or just plain trolling.

You have a very weird representation of internet. No it's not some kind of reality TV show where you have to spill every private info when you just want to do something you are passionate about. He doesn't own you shit. And it's precisely because I don't consider his apparence to be a "special secret" that I can't get why you think it is a "goal" to absolutely reveal his face.

No. 309056

so did they break up or what

No. 309057


It's strange that you're so invested in hiding his face. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with him not wanting to do a face reveal, but you seem REALLY mad about the possibility someone might post a picture of him here.

We've all already seen what he looks like (albeit being an old picture) so I'm not sure what the fuss is about.. Who cares if someone posts another picture or not? Why are you even here?

No. 309058


…because I care about him like a lot of people discussing since thread #1?
Why are YOU there?

No. 309060

Not that anon but I don't fucking care about seeing his face. Why are you so invested in showing it like it's so damn important? You're talking about it like it's a conspiracy, it's a bit ridiculous.

No. 309061


To follow the drama because this is lolcow??? I like Cry too, but whiteknighting over his precious face is silly.


Where did I say it was important that it's revealed?

No. 309062


Are we still going on about this? Geeze.


I think a part of the investment that we have in keeping Cry private is that this thread REALLY should be considered the Cheyenne-thread. Because the most milk i've seen for cry is that he should have stood up to his abusive girlfriend more. (which is hard, when you're being abused)

Most of us here LIKE Cry and wish him well. So it feels counter intuitive to be pushing for leaked faces–leaked faces that may only be possible because CHEYENNE leaked them, in fact could even be cheyenne herself here trying to leak them (going off the theory that THIS THREAD was what made him start thinking, and lead to their break up… thus, fitting that THIS THREAD reveal his face, his most widely-hunted secret.)


No. 309064


Probably, but they havn't spoken about it yet. Cry seems WAY happier, and Cheyenne's been talking about moving cross country–not with cry, and has some girl that she's been making smoochie boo faces at.

No. 309067


No. 309070

>Because the most milk I've seen for cry is that he should have stood up to his abusive girlfriend more.

Really? Cuz I'm sure there has been more…

No. 309071

>>309070 yeah like the ocean drama

No. 309074


Hm, I came in ~thread 3 or so. but what I recall of the ocean drama was "He might have done something with ocean, but there's no proof, only rumors, and can we PLEASE STOP dragging her back into this, because it's not relevant"

could be wrong, though!

No. 309076

basically yeah. i mostly think it was people trying to find more milk on cry but idk thats just me

No. 309077


I'm actually amazed by the whiteknight spam in the middle of the fucking night over me posting this. People get really jealous over the few of us that met him before he started valuing theme over his actual self, holy titgrabs batman.

No one is invested in his face.It's a gimmick. The only thing fueling it in actuality is you bitches white-knighting shit in these threads scaring off the people who have shit actually saved and who weren't paid off on the assumption they were idiots by pretending you could tattle on them, you wouldn't even know who to blame in reality would you? Even the prodigy Snake has leaked pictures of Cry before. congrats on feeding the meme without even being paid.

No. 309078

Snake leaked pictures?? What

No. 309079

Tumblr,posts since deleted.

No. 309081

I'm not sure if I can believe that. Why would Snake do that and in what context? Were they pictures "teasing" his face or was it his full-on face?

No. 309083

Accidental leaks of his identity. Just skype pictures way back when Cry used his actual name in skype and no vpns to hide identity.

No. 309084

>>309083 Okay I was pretty upset for a second because I really like Snake and that would be an asshole move. Everyone knows his name and stuff now though but I'm surprised Cry went on Webcam? Are there and archives of it also

No. 309087

Cry nver has ever gone on weebcam under that name, however it was his original skype for years before the lnc formed.

No. 309088


Is it "whiteknighting" to think that leaking his face now is bad timing terribly counterproductive? BTW you are the one who brought up the subject.

Now go to sleep and stop beating a dead horse.

No. 309089

*and terribly

No. 309090

Reading between the lines here, but I THINK that snake's leaking is of cry's real name, and his skype name, not of his face?

No. 309092

Sure, going to bed now. Any posts after this claiming to be me are not me.

No. 309093

Okay one more, snake never meant to leak anything, he's just always been more lax than the others. Looking back it is very obvious.

No. 309097

Holy shit, stop bringing up Ocean. This is thread fucking 6 and NOTHING has come from discussing them ever.

No. 309105

Cry psuedo-fucked her literally one, she's not important.

Cry and chey are still cogether, neither find the relationship to be fulfilling. Cry considers them to be over, chey id clinging.

No. 309106

They're not together. They without a doubt broke up and she's leeching to his fame.

No. 309108

They very literally aren't together. I never said otherwise. They're just pretending, and there is no NDA that I know of, Chey is free to come out ehenever she wants.

No. 309109


Otheranon here, if you are >>309105 then, you seem to have made a typo that has, potentially, obscured the meaning of this post.

No. 309114

I'm drunk, I may have mispelled a shitton, but it's the nly way I think I'll ever be able t speak outside of the fucking corporate Twittier,. It's been a nightmsre since late 2010.

No. 309120

No. 309133

I feel lke my comments here can be connected to my twitter account. My Twitter account is under an NDA not to discuss any communications with relation to the LNC.This dates back to 2009, before the LNC even existed. Therefore I am attemptimg to limit connection to my twitter through vagueities that share common parlance with three other accounts listed under the same NDA. Hi, politics?

No. 309134

Of course Cheyenne can come out and announce they're not together but the literal reason she doesn't want to is because she's worried she won't make as much money. That people will unsubscribe, stop donating, stop coming around.
Which is true. They will.
She has a shit personality and really fucked herself by making everything online about herself be about Cry. No one's going to care about Cry's abusive ex.
What's dumb is she still had enough power over Cry that he lets her pretend so he doesn't have to deal with her.

No. 309138

As far as I'm aware, Cheyenne can publically label their relationship as over whenever she feels like it, I'm actually annoyed by her shit right now.

No. 309142

Uh, yeah. I said that. Why would she though?

No. 309144

She doesn't have any obligation to. That's sort of my entire point.

They aren't together but she's milking his internet fame. Nothing y'all didn't know already but I was hoping you'd read between the fucking lines and not focus on the obvious? Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 309146

I'm so confused because I literally said that twice. Are you the drunk anon? Maybe get some sleep.

No. 309153

Im drunks and I was friends with Cry indirectly in 212. I till still talk to people in the LBC. I am not a mod in his chat.

No. 309154

JFC, could the drunk stupid people stop fucking posting here?

No. 309156

Honestly, I think it's probably Cry's decision not to make it public, he probably doesn't want to deal with everyone's reaction, or maybe he just doesn't want to deal with Cheyenne. Anyone with a brain knows how painful this was for him. But Cheyenne milking the remnants of this relationship on social media is pretty fucking disgusting.

No. 309158

Everthing I know is secondhand through other LNC members. There is not actually much discusssion of Cry's pernonal life, this if 4 years of observation and tibits told to me directley in the form of ranks.

No. 309164

Dear DrunkAnon, we appreciate you wanting to participate, but it's a bit hard to follow what you're trying to say, at points. <3 Maybe come back later? we'd love your information, but between the anonymous nature of this thread, and the lubricating effect of liquor, things are a little slippery to understand at points.

No. 309168

He's choosing not to deal with her, yes. But the whole reason she wanted to delay announcing it was because she wanted to milk his name more. She's delaying her inevitable downfall. They broke up in FEBRUARY.
Cry hasn't announced it because he doesn't want to deal with Cheyenne freaking out and Cheyenne wants to pretend they're still together for as long as possible to still stay relevant. She's still making sub money, regardless if she streams consistently.

No. 309172

I will, all I can foffer for proiof id trhat the anonas claiming to be mods arent and that no one in the lnc had ever shaved anything private with the current modsto my phodeldge. Good guessers but not the actualhappenigs, actual happenings are very legal bullshit no one cares about and it why I am not sharing any images.

No. 309174


This is very interesting, thank you :)

No. 309180

The current cast has never shared anything private with the LNC mods are far as I know. That is me cleaning myself up.
Anyone claiming to be LNC mods do not know anything.
Goodnight and that is all.

No. 309187

File: 1494429660697.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, giphy.gif)

Wrong :) but okay. To assume you know what every other circle knows is just stupid, but you're also incoherently posting on and image board drunk, so whatever I guess.

No. 309194

Dude, pay attention. I'm saying I don't think the announcement has been delayed because that's what Cheyenne wants. I get the impression they haven't been in contact much, and spelling it out for a bunch of people is gonna be kind of a big deal. So he kinda pretends this whole thing doesn't exist because he doesn't want to deal with it. Cheyenne flipping her shit is no longer his problem.

No. 309195

Whtevr you want, puppie. We aren't paid, we have no obligations to them except what we agreed to.

No. 309205

You're wrong, delaying it is what Cheyenne wants.

No. 309210

To sum this all up, they are no longer together and the inevitable knowledge of thos to the general public will come. Ypu all wanted to know if they are still together and they are'nt. That was the point of this thread, along with Cheyenne's overall shittiness.

No. 309216

I was trying to get that across withiout triggering the whoreposters yes.

No. 309221

I'm starting to question your ability to read.
I'm not saying it's not what Cheyenne wants, I'm saying it's not happening BECAUSE Cheyenne wants it. If Cry gave that much of a shit about what Cheyenne wants they'd still be together.

No. 309226

That isn't the drunkanon.. I am she, mu last post before that this was to ">>309187" Mods can confirm if they are willing.

No. 309228

Okay, and I said that a ton too, so we're literally repeating the same shit back and forth. While a drunk person is spouting nonsense.
This is the stupidest fucking shit.

No. 309229

Agreed. Let's leave it at that.

No. 309230


This thread is a total trainwreck. Anyway, Chey is still a bitch. News at 11

No. 309266

Fuckin made me LOL.

No. 309372

So… the skype photos by op are up or nay?

No. 309403


Mystery. Don't think they've come back since then.

No. 309406

they probably just said that to start something. im pretty sure nobody has pics of him

No. 309408

I agree. They said they didn't want Cheyenne to rule them out - yet, I think it'd be pretty obvious who posted the pictures if they actually did.
They didn't at all think through what they were saying, so they haven't returned.

No. 309412

Wouldn't it be rich if it was actually Chey saying it to get us off the topic of her shittiness and beastly appearance?

No. 309436

Man, if only it was that convoluted.

I absolutely still plan on posting them if I find them, especially after last nights white knight raid. My flight got cancelled so I'm still away from my PC, so I haven't gotten a chance to look for them.

No. 309439


I honestly figure Cheyenne pokes her nose in once in a while. it'd be pretty easy to redirect the conversation.

No. 309457

She does.

No. 309462

"I'm desperately trying to find pictures that may fit"

No. 309469

A 5 second google search could yield those results. If I was trying to fake it, I would have done it already.

No. 309476

Could be trying to make it seem real :) You already said you'd be cropping it. I hope when you do post them, you post the entire screenshot. Otherwise it's pointless.

No. 309478

I think it would be fair to crop out self-incriminating evidence, though.

No. 309480

tbh is really easy to crop or edit images now even with an app on a smartphone. so…

No. 309481

If I posted the entire thing that would be showing my name as well as anyone i associate with, so I would be cropping it regardless. I don't really care if anyone believes it or not.

On a note from last thread; the hanky spanky between Cry and Red was real.

No. 309486

Blur your name

No. 309487

Not that I don't believe or do believe, but who would've shared that sort of information about Red and Cry? Pretty sure the person who brought it up the first time said that Russ still didn't know, so I don't think Cry would've risked telling people because of his friendship and idk if Red would've exactly wanted to announce it. Just curious.

No. 309491

That's a good point. It's not like if they did that, it would be public? Why would either of them go around telling people?

No. 309493

Red told just about everyone about it from what I understand, but Chey was the one who told me. It went on for quite a while from what I'm led to believe.

No. 309494

Yeah, sure.

No. 309495

"Hey, everyone knows I'm dating Russ, but guess what, I'm a slut and I'm also skype-fucking Cry!"
Yeah, makes sense.

No. 309497

Question. Are you friends with Cheyenne?

No. 309498

Tbh this seems like a poor attempt to stir shit up.

No. 309499

Nope, not anymore!

I have no reason to make any of this up, I'm just passing info along.

No. 309501

Okay kids, the past has been discussed and is no longer relevant. Thank you, anon, for the confirmation (believed or not). Let's stick to the task at hand. Dry milk is fine, but we gotta farm that fresh milk, okay?

No. 309502

Agreed, like the fact that Cheyenne cancelled her stream without saying literally anything. Anyone that subs to her is getting robbed.

No. 309504

And nothing on Insta or Twitter lately. I don't Snap, so can't say there.

She's taking her subs for a ride and they're too dumb to notice or too attached to her because they are actually attached to the idea of Cry. Which, brings us full circle.

No. 309505

Cheyenne has done that so many times. She obviously doesn't give a fuck about any of her "fans" and basically only sees them as money bags. She really shouldn't be doing that shit though, especially not when it seems like Cry might finally be rid of her within the next few months (hopefully sooner).

No. 309508

I feel like something might've happened between her and cry. maybe he finally said "we need to get this out there" and she's probably trying to ignore him? idk i just feel like something happened for her to just cancel something. just another reason other than she just doesn't care about any of her fans.

No. 309515

I wonder if anyone actually follows Chey and not cry
like if she actually has any fans of her own

No. 309517

I honestly doubt it. I don't think she's ever even tried to get her own fans since her internet life has basically revolved around dating Cry.

No. 309525

I think it's safe to say over 95% of her following came from Cry's.
I used to be a fan of Cry, but I stopped frequenting LNC late-2013 so I never knew about her until he announced them dating in 2014. I eventually unfollowed Cry on Twitter after I stopped watching the crew completely, but did start following Cheyenne because I was one of the many who thought she was nice at first and her harsh jokes were just for show. But now I really only follow her stuff for any drama.

No. 309546

Yeah. I stopped to watch de LNC and some letsplays from Cry because of cheyenne, I remember one time she was talking trash and bitching about Cry's fangirl on tumblr, answering with pretty bad stuff and mocking them. I said "no, bye". Same stuff with Ken and that silicone girl.

No. 309597

File: 1494457083715.png (151.26 KB, 750x1105, IMG_3424.PNG)


No. 309615

I just don't get this pairing!! There's a goldmine of horrible Chey pics on Christine's Twitter though, if any of y'all want to puke in your mouth a little.

No. 309617

File: 1494458096643.jpg (92.19 KB, 1200x900, C_LGUBgUAAAESAP.jpg)

Fuck, I forgot to add the pic.

No. 309642

honestly this one is better than the one cheyenne posted on her twitter

No. 309643


Whiteknighting or not whiteknighting, the point remains that doxxing a guy at the very moment where he is getting his shit together and finally finding the courage to leave the beast after 3 years is not prudent at all. Maybe you are right and it will be nothing (which I hope), just satisfies our curiosity and stays contained on this board only. But we are dealing with image not text, images are spreadable and so it can very well create drama, which can dissuade Cry to announce the breakup soon (as he is waiting atm for things to calm down). Lastly I want to add that if Chey plays pretend and tries her hardest to make Cry jealous it is very probable that she hopes to win him back. As such I find it wayyy safer to leave Cry alone instead of creating potential shitstorm. The ball is in your court, I expressed my point of view enough on this matter.

No. 309647

I almost feel like they are a couple now. That girl must really want the attention if she sought out Cheyenne. Pretty gross!
Man, I Wish Cry would just announce the break up. It's fucking strange at this point.

No. 309648

100% agree with you on that. Leaking these images hold the possibility of damaging him. If that happens, Cheyenne will make her move, convince him she's changed and comfort him. That's how abusive people work. If we want Cry to continue picking himself up and staying as positive as he has been…we can't let these images out. I don't give a damn how curious some of you are.

No. 309649

File: 1494459665297.gif (949.44 KB, 500x254, giphy (1).gif)

just leave.

And I agree, the one on twitter is really weird and get on my nerves. This one is… normal.

No. 309662

I'm with you, anon. It's probably going to happen, though. I think others would rather sate their curiosity, even if it meant empowering Cheyenne.

No. 309665


We are restoring the balance taking away cheyenne's power with those photos though. lol.

C'mon. Is OBVIOUS there isn't any pictures.

No. 309727

No. 309746

alright people have said their thoughts. can i ask that we don't over post with "no don't show his face!" and "yes show his face!" comments? like literally we should be taking what that person said with a grain of salt. the last person who said they had screenshots of any sort (which was apparently a conversation they had with Cheyenne) they ended up not posting it after they said they would and disappeared. let's just wait it out. in the meantime, let's talk about how cheyenne sucks some more, eh? also how she doesn't even care that she wrote on twitter with no explanation to her fans lmao

No. 309759

at this point anyone who's losing money to Chey aka her fans, i don't feel sorry for even if they r just there for cry

No. 309781

File: 1494468231249.jpg (161.59 KB, 640x567, 20170510_205518.jpg)

Just had to post…

Respect privacy level 80%
Curiosity level 20%

Okay… yes…back to Chey is a cunt talk…go

No. 309783

Is there anything interesting going on at Crys stream that we can milk?

No. 309794

He just designed a girl in the game and it like suspiciously like Chey…

No. 309798

No. 309803

File: 1494469534972.png (786.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170510-211204.png)

Complete with glasses. Hoping it's just his 'type' and not a hang-up. Sigh.

No. 309807

Although this one is thin and cute and undoubtedly doesn't spout filth from her mouth, so there's that. He probably just likes glasses. Lol

No. 309808

he always said that his type are redheads.

No. 309810

Really? I have literally never heard him say that, I must not have paid attention.

No. 309811

I think you're thinking of Jund. Unless Cry's is too, but I definitely remember Jund having a thing for redheads

No. 309812

nah, Cry has said it too.

No. 309814

Yes, Cry said it about the redheads. I remember one of those confession's blog on tumblr saying that it was obvious that too pointing out his way to act with Red too. Like… obvious too much.

No. 309815

He likes glasses. This doesn't resemble Chey at all. And this vidya game character has a better personality.

No. 309817

Well, I'm reddish blond and slightly older than him and more than willing than set him straight. Lol. Someone needs to get him back on track. Foul mouthed bitchery makes me cringe. Cry deserves better than this heathen.

No. 309820

And short hair. He said that Videl (from DBZ) is the cause of that. Was around 2015 on his twitter.

No. 309827

Go ahead. He needs a real and healthy relationship. And don't forget to help his friends. All of them are hurt because of that sad emo girl.

No. 309830

'Sad emo girl' my ass. Ha. And I don't know if I'm willing to pimp myself out for a gangbang. Besides, I have long hair. Dang.

No. 309832

"Nobody wants love nowadays"

No. 309833

….I've got glasses, short hair, and its reddish-brown.

I'll make a sacrifice.

No. 309839

I was lurking her twitter.
Gosh, her personality is so rotten and fake.
I know Cry likes spunky girls but comeeee ooooon.
I miss the livestreams with minx and ziegs.

No. 309844

I salute you and nominate you Team Captain. If you need a cheerleader on the sidelines, I'll throw on some obligatory glasses if you need a 2nd.

No. 309863

ehh, i'd say it looked like her if she had a side parting, black hair and glasses. that just looks like no one in particular in my opinion.

No. 309886

I'm not even trying to be a dick, but this is arguably the WORST picture of Chey that I've ever seen,

No. 309903

her hair always looks so greasy and unhealthy.

No. 309913

i don't wanna be a dick either but i kinda wanna share the worst i've seen.

but yeah, i was kinda hoping that haircut of hers would look better but she probably should've kept it the way it was before

No. 309916

File: 1494477102730.png (391.37 KB, 1080x1791, Poorsage.png)

Aw, you guys made Sage sad.

No. 309917

Honestly, she needs to just leave her hair alone so it can repair itself. Constantly dying/bleaching it is ruining it.

No. 309921

Then maybe don't be such a cunt and associate with cunts? We were fine with her until she showed her bitchy side. And she could just ignore these threads if she really didn't have "thick enough skin" to read all this.

No. 309922

"some idiot bullies" lol sage can't use the word bully when she's one herself. the fact that she thinks retweeting things about "being nice to others" is gonna cover up the shit she's done is hilarious. though i personally wouldn't say stuff about her body like others have. i prefer personality shit-talking.

No. 309924

And now we wait the whiteknight army.
Guyys, leave her alone. She's just a girl on the internet, and your harrasing her!!
Or not. lol.

And yeah, her hair is so bad af. But I laugh everytime I see that forehead and eyebrows. I found her amusing.

No. 309925

Same. I don't really like to make fun of looks because it's a cheap shot, but calling out people's bullshit and shitty personalities is fun. Sage tries so hard to play the "good girl" when she's just like Cheyenne. At least Cheyenne has always been an upfront bitch instead of trying to hide it.

No. 309927


LOL delete all the accounts. AGAIN. Please, oh Sage I-don't-want-to-get-attention, please. Do it. We need the drama. Cheyenne is so quiet, do the sacrifice!

No. 309929

oh, please share.

No. 309932

File: 1494478842098.png (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3436.PNG)

god damn

No. 309933

thank you for the spoiler warning, but it still didn't help me from losing my lunch.


No. 309935

not even the angle works. wow.

No. 310231

Oh, finally.
Lolcow been down for anyone else today?

No. 310234

Yup. Conspiracy that we can start: Cry had it taken down to remove pictures that were posted of him


No. 310247

I was actually thinking that lol.
But then I realised it was the whole site that was down and not just this thread. So nah.

No. 310400

Anything to milk from tonights stream?

No. 310504

Not so far, unless I missed something in the 20 min I wasn't watching.

No. 310544

So Cry was on Cr1tikal's podcast

No. 310563

Okay? If you listen to it and find something interesting, link the timestamp. You don't need to link an entire long podcast just because he's in it.
This is supposed to be for milk, not for everything he does under the sun.

No. 310604

It's funny seeing Cheyenne and Sage talk about suicide and depression on her stream. All they know about it is that they can use it for sympathy and possibly for guilty spenders.

No. 310617

Don't know if anyone else saw, but Cry's hosting Cheyenne right now. Could be just an autohost though.

No. 310652

It is auto host. But i feel she still does host her stream even when it's already hosting someone else

No. 310662

Panda/Jazzycat is playing with Cheyenne on her stream right now and every time he talks I literally cringe. I'm gonna try and watch the whole stream just in case something comes up.

No. 310664

She's been streaming for close to three hours now. I just started watching it too.
I don't know if she explained it or not earlier, but I just noticed she took down her $2000 donation goal.

No. 310720

She probably forgot to put it up or something. I doubt she'd take away the goal or something.

No. 310733

Recently Cheyenne has started saying "love you" to chat before she ends the stream which I find really weird (for her, not just in general)

No. 310798

She's kinda been saying that for a while now. Like when she had face cam.

But nothing really happened on her stream other than someone asking in chat about if she's gonna be on LNC soon and her totally ignoring it.

No. 311017

Probably just stretching (and a bit late so you guys probably already saw this) but I FINALLY got time to watch his Walking Dead playthrough. Noticed the description was:
"I'm not dead, yet - I was more in a sort of limbo where I was de-stressing all my woes and problems away.

Proper content should, HOPEFULLY, resume Monday.

I miss u :c "
I'm not saying he's saying I miss u to really anyone/anything but us/proper content, but. Y'know.

No. 311041

That's an extremely far fetch.

No. 311043

Yeah he definitely means just to the viewers lol

No. 311203

So um, Anon with pics, how's that going?

No. 311323

It's not. They were probably just attention seeking.

No. 311327

Agreed. It's been days since they've said ''I'll post them tomorrow''. Just give up on it, guys.

No. 311432


wow. woooow.
It's 2017 and she's like 23 but still has that emo scene hair like nigri? Does she secretly have a 6head or something?

God dam, if you have an ugly face you'd think of other ways to try and improve your appearance by using illusion: make up, better clothing, better hair color and style, suitable glasses. And maybe if she doesn't want to be artificial then perhaps better personality at least. I mean c'mon chey.

No. 311442


Yeah, there were a lot of shit-stirrers trying rake that drama in.

Half of me is happy that anon didn't deliver, and other half is disappointed for letting myself get baited when I know that bs bait smell.

No. 311463

It should be really important to note for you guys, to help you understand better, but…

None of the mods that haven't been a regular on the actual stream have ever seen Cry, some of the regulars have never seen Cry. Most of the LNC didn't know what Cry looked like for years, some of them not even until after Cry and Chey started dating.Friends of the other cast members have never seen Cry.

These people who say "oh I was a friend of a friend and blah blah" never deliver because they either do not know or they got a glance at a fraction of a picture once before and never had the ability to save it. Very few people in Cry's life have copies of a picture of him saved anywhere.

Cry doesn't just go showing people what he looks like without absolute trust in them that they will never reveal it, even if they stop being friends or associating with each other. He is almost obsessively secret about it to the point he literally pays a company to make sure the few pictures of him that used to be online never show up again.

No one ever comes through because the only people who have the pictures are people who would never show them or people who don't care enough or are being convinced not to show them legally.

No. 311469

The whole thing smelled of bullshit from the start. Anon comes in here blabbin about having pics of a guy and starts spouting off shit like "the hanky panky was real"? Come on.

No. 311636

I wonder if Cheyenne is still gonna want Cry to pay for her internet bill even after they are broken up.

No. 311691

missed what they said, screencaps?

No. 311693


Yep and the whole team bought it. kek just like the same thing with previous thread on chey's ex gf.
I don't deny that the possibility of her having an ex especially with how she's responded to social media about her sexuality. But
But there's no proof. No proof and people ate that shit up just because some anon decided the thread was too dry.

>"the hanky panky was real"

Really think Red and cry are the type of people to do such thing to one of their closest friend? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

No. 311694

At this point I don't even know why cry won't balls up and leave her dry.
Why even bother to want some type of association with her when she's such a fucking cow.
And that's when we come full circle with previous thread kek. She must have something on him, or he's still in some type of denial about her to give her some chances.

No. 311749


No. 311792


Because you can still care about someone who treats you terribly. You can still care about someone who's hurt you. You can still care about someone who's bad for you.

Also, something to think about: Cry takes care of his family. He does this, in part, by providing for them and making sure they have a home and, presumably, food, shelter, etc.

This is a totally valid way of showing love… I see it a lot in people who have single parent homes. "I want to provide for my loved ones" … It's often rather sadly misunderstood as being 'materialistic'… but it's a very valid way of showing affection. (shouldn't be the ONLY way, but is still valid!) It shows that one wants to be responsible for them, and care for them.

So, if he's still paying her internet bill–IF– it's probably because he still cares. and that's okay. because the heart takes a while to catch up with the brain. Even in the worst situations.

No. 311871


I agree with you. Speaking of personal experience, you can do a decision based on reason (like breaking up), but emotionally can't help but still care about the ex. I don't think we should be too worried, between her failed attempts to make him jealous and the long-distance thing, it would need a big change of heart to try to rekindle something. (I don't think that Cry was ever fully in the relationship anyway…I mean long distance even after 3 years? That just shows low-investment man).


Yeah and I'm sorry about the big dramatic debate that took place earlier kek. Nevertheless I think it was interesting to talk about the responsibility/possible consequences of what we are doing here. I doubt for example that the anons venting back in thread #1 expected Cry to read it and have his reality check.. even the smallest corners of internet can have a bigger reach that we imagine!

No. 312208

I actually find it really funny how Cheyenne is at a con(?) right now, wearing a WoW Horde shirt.. Didn't she make a stream go down because she was throwing a fit in chat about Cry wanting to go horde and her not wanting to?

No. 312220

Oh my god, I thought the same thing! Both Cry and Russ wanted to go Horde but she lost her shit over it. But, I guess, buy a horde shirt? She makes no sense.

No. 312306

I know it's a small thing but like?? she went through so much trouble to make it known she didn't want to go horde.

No. 312488

She threw so many fit during streams back then when things didn't go according to HER way.

God I want to crawl into a hole thinking about those moments.
I'm glad Russ Jund and Snake were mature enough for her shit tantrums back then. Except for Jund kek; old Jund had no chill.

No. 312573

i've been watching so many past streams (because i know there was many moments we have missed with her) and holy shit i do not know how i went through 8 hours of her whiney shit every saturday back then.

No. 312675

That's one thing I don't get. She was seriously always unpleasant and maybe had 1 good moment every couple months. I don't understand why some people enjoy her?

No. 312732

Probably because they're kissing up to her to be in Cry's good books.

No. 312833

It's kinda awkward how even Cheyennes dad's girlfriend even didn't get along with her. That says a shit ton.

No. 312849

Where are you getting this from?

No. 312909

She practically stated it herself on a LNC stream. I'll post it later when i'm not busy, but basically she said that before she was leaving for florida that they got into an argument and had been for a while, and then when she got back from florida that the girlfriend had moved out completely.

No. 313045

Finally found it. Incase the timestamp doesn't work, its at 28:11

No. 313074

I have hope for chey, maybe too much expectations her, but, hey maybe she'll cool down. I don't expect her to come back after all this, but just a realization on her part as well.

No. 313084

Idk man. I feel like if the Ziegs thing didn't wake her the fuck up then nothing will.

No. 313088

I honestly just keep checking cry's twitter to see if he'll reply to her. But he hasn't once. At this point I'm sure they're done. Side note. Really glad this board exists. It's kept me up to date with everything. You guys are gr8

No. 313095

did anyone pick up on how Russ suggested to just change the podcast mode image (campfire image with cheyenne in the center) completely after Cry said he needed to get it back from his old pc? maybe its nothing but I really hope cry does take this as a chance to change it.

No. 313096

If he does and it doesn't have Cheyenne on it, I'd be so happy. That's like the mark of not coming back as a regular.

No. 313143

When was this?

No. 313211

I don't think it's even needed at this point. Anyone that's been paying attention knows Cheyenne's not coming back.

No. 313221

I don't know, I'm worried butt-kissing artists are still gonna include Cheyenne. Would be amazing, though. God, Cry! Just fucking announce it!

No. 313241

Yeah, I know it's kind of obvious at this point that she's probably gone for good, but changing the image would make it official. And maybe it would keep people from asking for the bitch. Of course, they would probably just start asking why she isn't on the image anymore but whatever. You can't fix stupid.

No. 313246

I saw people asking for Red for like a year after she left. I'm sure the same will happen with Cheyenne.

No. 313274

Doubt it. Cheyenne wasn't nearly as liked as Red was.

No. 313287

Just because she wasn't as well liked doesn't mean there won't be people asking about her constantly. Or why they broke up.

No. 313300

I guess you're right, it's more that I wish there won't be any questions. I can't imagine anyone would want to answer them.

No. 313364

That's..so fucked up. She couldn't even let her god damn father be happy.
Yeah, I understand that it must be hard for her, with her mom being dead and all, but that really pisses me off.

No. 313426

it was from the last saturday stream. I was trying to find a timestamp since it was pretty early into the stream, but parts of the stream are muted and I can't find it atm.

It wasn't a big thing, cry quickly made it into a joke and they got off the topic pretty quick. I just thought it'd be neat if they got rid of it though.

No. 313603

There are fans that like Chey and it's especially annoying recently when they say things like "Call Chey!" or "Cry made Chey!" in the girl make-over minigame from the Yakuza 0 streams.

No. 313851

I didn't even think the girl he made looked anything like Cheyenne. Just because he adds glasses, doesn't mean it's Cheyenne. People are using literally any excuse to bring her up in chat.

No. 313927


Simple solution, mods can finally do some work and ban anyone who asks about Chey or why chey is no longer on LNC or any chey related topic. Ban will definitely shut them up for good. A timed out will only bring them back after sub-mode is off.

No. 313935

I don't know how good of an idea that is though. I mean it's natural that some people will ask, and it's going to be genuine curiosity in some cases so I don't think they should be punished for it. I just wish it dies down fast on its own.

No. 313977

Yeah it'll just have to be annoying for a bit after they announce it.

No. 314114

Just seeing people mention Cry when they reply to Cheyennes tweets annoy the fuck out of me honestly.

No. 314123

Right? I thought it was really stupid when she liked the one talking about Cry and her getting married unless he "messes up." Gross.

No. 314181

totally OT since kiwo related 'cause I'm catching up with Russ's recent stream.
Guess who's there leeching off LNC streams because leech wants to be successful streamer and what's a better way to build it off on someone else's viewers?
Bless him for not inviting her to team speak "I don't talk to kiwo".
I really hope kiwo fucks off somewhere else as in please just stay as casual guest (with your bf) and not in chat. Chat gets gross when you're there.
I feel so greasy whenever I see her in chat. And I'm sure she probably would never pop into jund's stream though kek

Also I don't think it's a good idea to try to be chat's female idol on LNC since that has never worked out so well…

No. 314182

I have to agree with that.

No. 314184

I think it's a good call to tell plebs to get the hint "Cry doesn't want to talk about any chey topic and you will get ban until cry is ready to do so".
Also less spam in chat. Chat gets less annoying and whiny.
They can message mods, if they were banned, after cry has announced his chey issues. Kind of like a timed out but timed for a good reason amount of time. I'm pretty sure those people who might get banned are probably people that don't contribute in chat, don't pay attention, ask retarded questions and spam emotes. Good riddance I'd say.

No. 314191

I have a bit if a different opinion. Cry tends to stream, for me, during times when I"m quite busy–or asleep. I catch him live once every month or two.

I tend to cherry pick what streams I watch hours later. But I do enjoy taking part in his streams when the stars align.

not everyone can be a constantly devoted fan who is aware of every word. and the chat stream runs so fast that unless I catch one of his 4am streams, there's no hope of keeping up.

I'm sure I'm not the only viewer who's like this.

I'd only call for a ban if the number of questions really become disruptive.

No. 314198

Chat gets annoying with questions or can be really fun after stream video where cry and russ kinda dick around until they have settled on a game.
They get extra annoying after sub mode is off.

True, I'm not sure if ban the way to go, maybe 15 minutes timed out? Auto timed for mentioning of any type of chey keyword. Just like poppin kek.

No. 314203

I agree with you completely. I'm not a fan of Kiwo either, I hate when women feel like they have to be Mega Sexual to get attention. It's trashy. When she's not being sexual she's just… Talking so much in chat. Constantly. She's never chill. She's just being for attention and it's so annoying.

I do hope she'll burn out and go away, but enough people in chat like her and ask for her that I doubt that'll happen. Luckily it seems like the LNC isn't super interested in her.

I like OutstarWalker but damn, bringing Kiwo around was the absolute worst.

No. 314230

We can't ban people for talking about Chey in chat unless Cry says so which I highly doubt he would. The rules are there under his stream and those are all we can ban/time people for.

No. 314253

Cheyenne has broken a lot of those rules.. Can we ban her? Kek.

No. 314289

I don't think Outstar's to blame for that one. I'm sure Kiwo wasn't nearly as "enthusiastic" with her as she got when she was invited on the stream.

I do actually like her a lot too. I'd be happy if she became part of the Crew though I don't see that happening any time soon, if ever.

No. 314350

Is Cheyenne's new girlfriend throwing shade at Cry and/or Chey on Twitter? Lol.

No. 314380

No. 314391

No. 314393

Chey was hardcore defending him about that stuff, too. I wonder if she'll sing a different tune when it goes public finally.

No. 314403

Chey hasn't liked any of those Tweets. Hmmm…

No. 314427

I'm not sure it's actually directly related. It may be just coincidental to all the stuff we've talked about. Who knows, though.

No. 314431

Anyone watching Crys solo stream?

No. 314456

Interesting because I'm pretty sure both Russ and Snake have said Cry has barely any pictures of himself, and never takes pictures of himself to the point where they've barely even seen him

No. 314503

I think it's pretty well established at this point that whoever that was sayin they knew Cry and whatnot was full of shit.

No. 314679


I wouldn't be surprised if Christine thinks the Chey/Cry dating was gross bc of the age difference and her ranting about it will make Chey change her tune and be like "yeah!! you're totally right! it IS gross!" like she just switches her opinion based on who she wants to impress and be around

No. 314745

Well, it's not an uncommon opinion but:
a)Christine fucking knows and it's pretty underhanded that she's doing this.
b) I would assume Cheyenne would be mad about this, or at least pretend the tweets aren't there. I don't think she's dumb enough to publically agree. It'll make her look like both a hypocrite and an asshole, and I'm willing to bet people would call her out on it.

No. 314758


Going off my gut here, but nah.

It's not… No one interested in cry is going to be reading her posts. She has 228 followers.

the "only 20" thing makes he feel like sh'es talking about SOMETHING specific, but not Cry and Cheyenne

Also, personally, I'm going to lol. People do not magically become adults between the ages of 18 and 20. I was more mature at 17 than my brother is at 27. There are some life experiences that generally happen between points A and B like… graduating high school and maybe getting a job, or switching to fulltime from part time work or… maybe going to college, which is basically high school, but slightly different.

I'm not saying it's okay to date minors, but being 'over 18' doesn't make you an adult, and doesn't make it 'inappropriate' for you, 18 and a half year of age, to date someone who's 17 and a quarter.

She has a SUPER black and white perspective on this… so maybe she was in an unhealthy relationship as a teenager… but more likely, someone she already doesn't like is dating someone "too young" for them. Classmate maybe? "Ugh, Ricky is such scum. I heard he's dating a girl who's 17." "That predatory asshole"

….but yeah. She's not on anyone's radar, much less Cry's. Too obscure for shade throwin'

No. 314854

Just wondering but who do you people think Kiwo's "boyfriend" is? She's single.

No. 314894

I assumed they meant Criken. I don't think they literally meant boyfriend.

No. 315139

Do you think Crys gonna announce it soon? Since Cheyenne said she was gonna go visit him for his birthday, and if they aren't together.. then that's gonna be hard to pretend.

No. 315147

Ooooh.. this might be how it's forced out. Can't both completely pretend it didn't happen.

No. 315221

Cheyenne tweeted about how she misses kissing… Trying to throw us off about the break up?

No. 315266

But apparently only bc she's been sick recently. Can't kiss her gf. Not Cry related.

No. 315287

If she was trying to throw us off, I'd assume she'd say something like "I miss kissing Cry" or "i miss kissing my boyfriend." like she has in the past. maybe this is their way of slowly mentioning they aren't together anymore?

No. 315323

Everyone on twitter believed it to be about Cry, so…

No. 315348

It'd be pretty easy to believe it's about Cry because of the fact that they live nowhere near each other.
I really hope her "visiting" him on his birthday pushes the announcement up because just imagine how embarrassing it'd be for her to not visit him and then someone finally calls Cheyenne out on her bullshit. I would love to hear her try to lie through that one. A simple "I couldn't afford to" or "he's too busy" would definitely not be believable at this point anymore.

No. 315845

I'm not seeing "everybody" on Twitter believing the kiss thing is in relation to Cry. Only one comment, made 4 hours ago. Am I missing something here, or were they deleted?

No. 315848

Only one person mentioned directly, but half the comments were along the lines of "LDRs suck :("

No. 315857

Ah, okay, fair enough then!

No. 315951

File: 1495155172982.png (162.45 KB, 750x984, IMG_3694.PNG)

This was in Cheyennes likes.

No. 316036


Maybe criticizing the artist but why's the guy's side much worse? Blindfolded and no contacts but two hearts/likes. What are they trying to say.

No. 316040

I'm more concern with the shower

No. 316051


I think it's supposed to be representative of how, because he's in love and only sees her (see the blindfold, as in "blinded by love" and the rose over his eyes like "rose coloured glasses") he has no need for contacts etc. OR, it could be that she has basically alienated him from his social life, hence only two likes, presumably one from him and one from her, but she not feeling the same way, is very active on social media (because she is not blinded by feelings for him) Plus, the lighting also seems like a clue, how he is in the light because his intentions are pure, whereas she hides her face from him, in the shadows, because…well, because she shady af lmao

If that's how the artist meant the message to be… the fucking irony kek

No. 316066

Keep in mind that was my analysis of just the art itself, and not why she liked it. I'm pretty sure she only liked it for the "remember the time when we fell in love" part, because she's dumb as shit and doesn't have the bloody smarts to look past that

No. 316380

it's nice there's symbolism and all but… why in the shower? does that mean anything?

No. 316435

Man, you guys sure are overanalyzing a piece of art she probably looked at for 3 seconds.

No. 316477

Well I mean, the anon did say they were talking about the art and not really why she liked it. I posted it because i figured she liked it because of the "remember the time when we fell in love". i may have been reaching but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 316510

Nah. It makes perfect sense. I don't think you're reaching at all.

No. 316545

Overanalyzing of art anon here! I think the artist picked the shower as the setting for its intimacy. It's a situation where you're naked and vulnerable, without the static of sex, thus you're forced to be honest.

No. 316811

I'm gonna go ahead and say your analysis of the art was spot on. Whether Cheybeast got all that is probably not up for debate. The answer is no.

No. 316950


I also think that the shower is several other things too: it's a place where you're supposed to come clean. Wash away all the dirt of the day, etc.

It's also a place where we often go to be alone. When I was an angsty teen, the shower was one of the only places I knew I could not be bothered for a while.

Showering WITH someone kid of invites them into that intimate place.

I also really liked the analysis of art <3

No. 316962

I get analyzing art is cool, but this is for milk, guys. Let's not fill this thread with stuff that doesn't matter.

No. 316978

So, no TGI and no announcement tonight? Hmmm.

No. 316982

There's a TGI, it's just with Russ. Russ said Cry's at a wedding.

No. 316989

So Cry and Angle are both at weddings tonight and Russ is solo streaming?

No. 317022


(Qute from a Michael Jackson song, nice)
I'm pretty sure she just liked the picture because of the text, though.
Nothing more to it

No. 317046


inb4 wedding is just a cover and Angle is actually there to support Cry in some rough emotional situation.

Far fetched, yeah. But I had imagined Cry would tweet about no stream because he's at a wedding. And it's not like a wedding invitation comes last second either.

No. 317071

His grandma called him on stream to tell him when the wedding is.

No. 317082

I don't think Cry and Angel would be together, lol. I think it's coincidence.

No. 317110

That's far fetched lol. Who uses a wedding as an excuse?

No. 317137



Also, folks: IT's wedding season. It's SO wedding season. There are SO many weddings this time of year.

No. 317174

I know it's far fetched. I was in a weird mood and there didn't seem much going on here either, so an ol' lurker like myself just typed nonsense. Sorry if it was unasked for.

Me neither. I meant like a phone call. Long distance friend(s) trying to reach you and really helping you out kinda stuff. If your best bros can't get through to you, maybe an Angel can lol. But I digress.

No. 317199

In case the time thing didn't work since I'm in my phone, Cry calls his grandma around 21:30 and puts her on speaker for a few seconds when people think he's faking the call.

No. 317349

He puts her on speaker at around 25 minutes

No. 317544

That's a pretty impressive analysis.
Are you an art student by any chance? :]

No. 317561

I think it's hilarious how much Cheyenne and Sage post how much they love other women when they bully every woman that comes around. Sage especially posts so much about being kind to others, or girls supporting other girls. The hypocrisy is crazy.

Edit: typos

No. 317594

It's because they think retweeting a few things about "women are cool!" will make people think of them less as bullies. When in reality it just makes them look not sincere in anyway. It's things like that that make me wish Cry would just expose Cheyenne.

No. 317741

Too bad they weren't Youtubers. I would love to see like a Twitch version of idubbbz's Content Cop and they just get ripped to shreds.

No. 317795

Same. But then again, that would get them more exposure and they don't even deserve "hater" views.

Also I feel like that Christine girl purposely posts bad pictures/videos of Cheyenne on her snapchat.

No. 317799

File: 1495334445108.png (125.93 KB, 1080x685, ok.png)

If it wasn't obvious they were dating before…

No. 317864

I don't know why, but I find it kind of odd that Christine is only 20. I guess she just looks a lot older. How did her and Cheyenne even meet in the first place? She just kind of appeared out of nowhere, so I doubt they've known each other for too long.

No. 317872

Maybe they met on tinder. I think there was a tweet from Cheyenne a while back that suggested she used it.

No. 317875

If i remember, the tweet also suggested she had no luck with it.

No. 317877

Why was she using Tindr if she's supposed to be with Cry?

No. 317880

It wasn't even her tweet. It was like a joke tweet.

No. 317881

File: 1495339473453.png (88.14 KB, 1080x364, Tinder.png)

Are you guys taking about this? Because I don't think that counts. I couldn't find anything about her actually mentioning tinder in her tweets.

No. 317904

I know we said that there's no way Angel could've gone to that wedding with Cry but like.. apparently she's out of town right now. Idk that just seems suspicious to me.

No. 317910

Just a closet artist, thank you though!

But that really is sus. What are the chances they're together though? Do we have any clues that they know each other outside of LNC???

No. 317924

Maybe. Just seems kinda odd she even retweeted that in the first place, given the circumstances I guess. You right though, I'm probably reaching.

No. 317929

Not really. But, I just found it weird how she even said on twitter that she is "a close friend of the person" for the wedding. Then again, it could really be a coincidence. It is wedding season.

No. 317997

Would it matter if she did go to a wedding with him, though? Maybe it was just to support him because Cheyenne's gone, or he asked her to just because.

No. 318159

I really think it's just coincidence that they both went to a wedding on the same night. I mean, think about it: Angel is (somewhat) new to LNC, and I don't personally know Cry but I feel like, because he's so protective of his image, he wouldn't trust someone so easily to see what he looked like.

No. 318228


It's not like it's even that hard to believe of a coincidence. It's actually pretty silly to assume otherwise.

No. 318275

Where does Angel even live?

No. 318295


I don't know, Angel being bullied was the start of the end of Cheyenne. Maybe he has feelings for her. But who knows.

No. 318325

Sometimes you guys push pretty crazy theories. Angel lives in Minnesota, it was just coincedence, you guys.

No. 318361

Why the fuck are we still talking about this? I thought we established long ago it was far fetched.

No. 318541

Probably because at this point, we are just waiting for something to finally happen between Cry and Cheyenne and waiting is boring so we talk about something else until then.

No. 319381

At least she looks older in a pretty and mature way. Unlike someone else.

No. 319499

Cheyenne tweeted a lyric to Arctic Monkey's R U Mine?


And I'd put money on it being directed towards Christine. She's getting so blatant, it's confusing.

No. 319535

Are you saying Cry has potential feelings for Angel? I dunno that would be kinda weird considering the Russ and Angel stuff?

Like the other anon said. Nothing new is really happening so we just talkin' shit.

No. 319538

Was just a fun theory. IDK. Not saying he does. But there isn't really Russ and Angel stuff, it's pretty well known they are just friends.

No. 319565

lol she acts like a teenager

No. 319600

Not sure I understand how that could be directed towards Christine..

No. 319601

Because they're clearly dating. Read the lyrics too? http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/arcticmonkeys/rumine.html

No. 319606

Even if they're just friends, didn't Russ try to hook up with her at one point in their private lives?

I remember a stream where Russ and Angel mentioned a pick-up line he used on her. The chat loved his pick-up line as a comedic one. Didn't score high on romance points however. Don't remember what the line was, though.

No. 319626

That wasn't Russ' pick up line, lol. It was a guy who tried to pick her up. Not Russ. She said it was "the worst pickup line ever used" on her.

No. 320081

What do you mean by "Russ and Angel stuff"?

No. 320117

I think they just meant she's just tied to Russ and everyone assumes it's romantic, but she has stated they are just friends a lot.
She had also posted this at one point:

No. 320119

Also, Cheyenne is/was streaming, for all you wonderful farmers that can stand watching her.

No. 320291

Watching the beginning of Cheyennes VOD and someone asked "what happened to the puzzle video that you were suppose to do with cry?" and she completely ignored it. Yikes.

No. 320470

She also received a text from Christine during the stream and, after she mentioned her, someone asked where Cry was. Which she completely ignored as well and responded to someone who said hey like two comments below that.

No. 320495

This is just getting awkward.

No. 320540

Christine also showed up in the stream.

No. 320768

Can you clip that or something please?

No. 320790

It was in the chat and I'm on my phpme anyways. They were just really obviously flirting.

No. 320856

I once commented in Cheyenne's chat a few weeks back asking when she will stop blackmailing Cry and unshackle him just to frustrate/troll her.

Obviously, she didn't respond. But what I found utterly despicable was that some mod(or sub, didn't pay attention) replied to me saying "No, I am the one blackmailing Cry :D" Everybody else just ignored it as I would expect.

No. 320884

Christine started commenting in chat at around 52:00 and their interaction went on until about 01:02:05.
It seemed like Jack/Jazzycat was really living for it too lmao.

No. 320905

Christine just made a twitch yesterday, too. I think she's really new to Cheyenne.

No. 320911

Alright so after watching that..ugh. It's so freakin' obvious that they're dating. I wish Cry would just expose her already. It's just getting soooo god damn annoying at this point.

No. 320918

Patience, younglings. In time.

No. 320921

We have Cry's birthday at the very least, where she said she was going to fly out there. We'll see what happens when that time comes around.

No. 321370

Pff radio silence is what's gonna happen.

No. 321398

File: 1495730957013.gif (475.99 KB, 500x250, Wink.gif)

I don't know about that. Maybe we'll see something soon…

No. 321415

It seems that this Christine gal is as much tired of this Cry/Cheyenne bs as us. If she is now even on twitch she might be trying to make her own relationship as official/visible as possible.

I feel pity for her though. She really doesn't know what she is getting into with Cheybeast.

Indeed I think these next weeks are going to be very interesting..

No. 321433

here's hoping my dude

No. 322379

File: 1495836896675.png (12.98 KB, 436x99, lolok.PNG)

I find it hilarious that she retweeted this when she emotionally abuses people.

No. 322478

in amazing new Mash AND Angel are on TGI! Does this mean something more or… am I over thinking this…

No. 322481

Is Mash playing with them?

No. 322486

no, theres problems with the servers so she couldnt connect but I believe they will play later
(at least from what I understand)

No. 322489

Holy shit really? That'd be really cool. I see her in chat but haven't heard her talk. But even then, it's been a while since she's been in chat.

Once you retweet a few things about it, you're considered an angel. Who cares if someone had thoughts of suicide because of your own behavior before.

No. 322644

Is it just me or is this the first time the stream has had 10,000 viewers in a long while?

No. 322645

They got hosted like 3 times

No. 322646

I mean, they can sometimes reach that on LNC days. They're also playing a brand new game.

No. 323323

10k should be easy for a youtuber like Cry. It would be great if he made announcement vids for every stream.

Unless it's Esports or big charity speed runs, no pleb Twitch-only money/sub-train begging streamer will ever get 10k views. Nor should they ever deserve it. /rant

No. 323330


Cry talking about dating his fans(jokingly). Something he wouldn't say if Cheyenne was on the stream.

No. 323344

true and now mash and angel are appearing on streams now, so maybe

No. 323352

Lmfao Kiwo is so annoying, someone called her out for lurking in chat and now she won't shut up. She keeps talking about herself omfgg

No. 323354

Can you guys stop? She's actually still a large streamer and a pretty big deal, of course she's going to participate, they all fucking do it. She's not even whoring herself out as much as his other mods do.

Kiwo is fine, dude, find something else to direct your anger at.

No. 323367

Honestly kinda agree. Like, at first i was very wary about her but after watching her solo streams, it made me like her a little bit. Just not drunk tho lol

No. 323460

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I also think Kiwo is annoying. She's new to them, she shouldn't act so attention whorey.

No. 323535

Agreed. This is lolcow. We can say whatever the fuck we want. She's an annoying attention whore.

No. 323552

A theory- Cheyenne is going to say she couldn't visit Cry for his birthday because she's had strep throat for a while now.

No. 323554

I'm confused on how she could have strep so long. She has to be better by now. She said she got hives from the antibiotics, but that goes away with a day or two with benadryl alone, so it seems like an excuse.

No. 323622

Forgive my ignorance, but when is cry's birthday again?

No. 323635

June 11th. Coming up pretty soon, actually. (Had to look that one up. For some reason I always thought it was in July.)

No. 323669

can someone explain to me what happened in the middle of 2014 that spiked the peak of cry's popularity?

No. 323671

Nothing? He's always had a gradual buildup.

No. 323675

I've been watching him for at least six years. Maybe I have shit memory but nothing's slowed him down or increased his popularity per say. I've always thought maybe he doesn't have as many subs as he deserves because of the fact that he has no facecam. It sucks, but people prefer to see who's playing the game most of the time. Personally I couldn't care less though. There's never exactly been a moment for him where a flood of people have came to his channel. As the above anon said, it's always been gradual.

No. 323692


I think Cry's strongest selling point is him being able to create the most immersive game story experience. Unfortunately, Cry doesn't capitalize on that enough by being inconsistent and not always doing games that attract new viewers.

No. 323695

I feel like Cry doesn't actually care about capitalizing, though. I think he just does his thing and hopes that people like it, which I'm personally okay with.

No. 323698

Honestly that's why I like him

No. 324239

Cheyenne retweeted something like "While in stealth press square to kiss your wife."

Then right after apparently Christine tweeted on her account saying "I'm gay and my hands are weak"

So have we confirmed them dating yet? Or?

RT: https://twitter.com/edzitron/status/868900934981566464

Tweet: https://twitter.com/_daaes/status/869059474400530434

No. 324247

They have a whole tweet retween chain going on their as if to confirm it's about eachother. It's either a confirmation or a master bait.


No. 324288

yknow, as a lurker, i had a dream that we wouldn't be reaching and beating multiple dead horses in one of these threads

No. 324299

what the hell else are we suppose to talk about then? do you got some info that we can change to? because like someone else said before, everyone's been quiet and there's been no milk (other than the christine stuff but it doesn't really seem real to me) for us to discuss.

No. 324301

File: 1496050669871.gif (2.72 MB, 300x169, i have no rebuttal and i must …)


you got me there

No. 324352

Does anyone ever recall Cheyenne saying that she hasn't been on LNC because of the "hate" she gets? I've been seeing it in the youtube comments and once on the saturday stream and It's so bullshit

No. 324389

I can assure you they are in the process of starting a relationship, if not dating already. That's 'real' whether or not Cheyenne is using it for attention or to make Cry jealous.

No. 324439

Then "assure" away.

Please chat logs. I say because I know you're just a random person with no evidence.

I know people in the LNC and I don't know anything for certain, never have, so please "assure" away.

No. 324461

I'm not going to do that. It would betray those I talk to. You don't have to believe me. If you can't see they're dating, you're blind, because Cheyenne is putting all her might into making it obvious. Which is kinda stupid because it might look like she cheated on Cry when they announce it and then she just is dating Christine, but that's on her.

No. 324466

I literally don't believe you, because you're full of bullshit.

Yes Chey and Christine are making it obvious, however literally even those in the LNC haven't heard more than that Cry and Chey are on a break. That much is obvious though, to people who stalk them on twitter, or have an IQ higher than 110.

Literally no one who knows anything for certain about Cry and his life would behave how you do. You either post shit or you shut the fuck up like the rest of us who know someone or you make yourself obvious as a bullshitter randomly flaming the pyre.

No. 324477

So go ahead, make some shit up. Because there is literally a full chat of us deciphering the shit Cry says and trying to adjust to working some actual order around it, he literally talks to us maybe twice a month as a group, in sentences. No one ever specifies shit and half of us didn't expect the shit we go through with the main channels autistic spam when we went for it.

No. 324483

You seem to be angry that Cry just doesn't talk to you personally. It will be okay.

No. 324488

And you seem to be just another troll trying to misguide people with false positives.

Sweetie, I'm here now. I waited a very long time to get to this point. No one but Cry's best friends know shit We are aware of generalizations but literally we aren't his friends, and none of the LNCs friends are his friends. Shit he only talks to one of the people on the LNC regularly. He's a very private person and none of us know anything 100%.

No. 324494

Y'all just chill out a bit.

This is an anonymous forum.

Everyone is doubted unless they come in with proof. But there isn't a rule against fibbing.

Now. Both of you don't even seem to be arguing about much– "Body language says that they're together' and "the LNC doesn't know anything" … these are not contradictory thoughts or statements.

So relax a little okay? <3

Everything is alright.

No. 324496

Y'all are being ridiculous, claiming the LNC don't know. Come the fuck on, even if they're not "friends" which I'll allow depending on your definition of the word, they'd be asking questions when their literal coworker dropped off the face of the earth.


No. 324504

This is my first post in this conversation right now.


They might know something about cry and cheyenne, but they might not know much about the details. "I don't want to talk about it right now" or "we'll tell you something when there's something to tell" or "we're taking some time to think about shit for now. Keep quiet about the matter" all equate to about the same.

I'm an adult with an adult job. Believe me when I say that you can totally be in the dark about what the fuck your coworker is supposed to be doing or where they went. It's not a sign of a well or smoothly run company, but it absolutly happens.

No. 324505

The bosses' relationships aren't on the menu, especially because the boss is the actual business… Cry is an avatar. He is a huge derp who leaks shit about himself all the time but it's the same shit as always and his channel is still very much a general thing about himself as an avatar. He's racist but he doesn't express it for instance. That's about as much as we are privvy to.

No. 324508

Haha what? What the fuck are you even saying?

No. 324509

I don't disagree with that, but you'd have and idea of what's going on even if they don't want to talk about it. Plus, this relationship was on the forefront so much, having Cheyenne disappear would raise questions even in the most cold professional climates.

Woah, I think you're misreading things. And as it happens, in most cases people work for their boss, not with them. Working with your boss makes your relationship a lot more personal.

No. 324512

I'm saying that Cry isn't retardd , he's seen this as a business since 2004. No one is actually involved in the inner working of him himself except him, he has been incredibly personal about his core identity if not ideals since then.

You can interpret what you want about him, dude is made up. He's a false identity. He'c the most successful liar on YouTube because he's the one person only maybe 12 people actually know the truth about him.

We are not his friends; Scott, Russ and Snake are not or are barely his friends. It's a fucking business, it has been for years.

No. 324513

2014, rather.

No. 324516

I think they'd disagree with you. You're a super bitter and cynical person.

No. 324518

If so, why do you care to talk about him? And here of all places. Can't imagine someone being interested in talking about someone as fake as you paint him to be, especially to people who like him.

No. 324520

Not to mention, for a fake personality, he couldn't have come up with a more flawed one.

No. 324525

Shit, most youtubers/streamers are actors. the job is to entertain. Very few people are "always on" as they say. Personas are to be expected. That's part of the job. Even if it's just deciding "I shouldn't say this" or "I want to make comments about that"…


> but you'd have and idea of what's going on even if they don't want to talk about it. Plus, this relationship was on the forefront so much, having Cheyenne disappear would raise questions even in the most cold professional climates.

My BOSS was fired a few months back and it's still a mystery why. There are literally a dozen theories as to what happened and I'm STILL not positive who my new boss is. Office politics are fucked up.

No. 324527

If you think they're as organized as an office, you're very much mistaken. They didn't start this as a business. It became one.

No. 324540

Probably because it's a job for me…

It's my job…
My job outside of being a freelance artist which the job of being that affords, is to promote an image. There are dozens of us, nearly hundreds of us. If you don't the companies subcontracted… Oh great…

Literally I'm here and will be here. No one in the "inner circle" knows details about what is happening. I don't know specifics… If you claim otherwise or post something, or else you're bullshitting.. As a true red, white and blue whistleblower I won't give myself away, but jesus christ you fakes could do more if you think he actually just hands out this knowledge like flapjacks. (Hint: He doesn't, no one else does, he's a multi-million dollar business, don't trust people claiming to be friends knowing shit for certain without proof.)

No. 324542

Multi million? Who the fuck are you talking about? You have no idea what the fuck you're saying.

No. 324546


What do you think Cryaotic and his brand hasn't made multiples of millions of dollars in the past 5 years since is picked up? Oh boy just the twitch alone has over 50k subscribers for over 4 months straight but nah no way it's a multi-million dollar business, no. Also it's not like until recently A youtube with literally hundreds of times more daily viewers made significant money…

No. 324550

LOL. What are you even saying!? They get like 8-9k viewers on late night but have 50k subs? Are you a crazy person? Do you not know how anything works? Jesus Christ.

No. 324552

listen i know you really, really wanted some drama to happen in this thread but you're kinda making yourself look like an idiot. just saying.

No. 324556

Just wow.

That's all I have. Keep on believing I can't argue this logic…

No. 324558

Yes, please shut up, because you're so ass backwards it's insane. you clearly have no idea what you're talking about or you're in the wrong thread all together.

No. 324560

I feel like this person is thinking of pewdiepie or some shit?

No. 324561

What the hell is happening?
Are y'all really comparing real life JOBS with social media?
You can say an internet celebrity has a "character" but not all of them do, because sometimes the JOB doesn't require them to.
Cry is not Pewdiepie or Jack or Mark or Ryan Higa with the responsibility to keep the "business" going.
He's a guy who got lucky- probably wouldn't even be noticed if it weren't for his voice people would point out.
Don't make him out to be some kind of genius mastermind moneymaker he isn't.

And the whole "they're not friends it's business"…what kind of sad life are you leading?
They started as a group of friends, and they care for one another as a group of friends would.


No. 324564

Exactly. Fuck. That person has no idea what they're talking about.
I thought the same thing.

No. 324567

There's this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/5rk851/who_has_the_most_subs_on_twitch/
That talks about subs on twitch. They numbers they talk about are for the biggest players on twitch, and are no where near what you're talking about. The LNC isn't anywhere near their amount of viewers alone. You literally are spouting bullshit.

No. 324568

What the fuck did I just come back to? Been gone for two weeks, no new milk, farmers arguing, Christine and Chey still being speculated.

Eh, I guess this thread is pretty dry and I think it's fair to say that Cry and Chey are done, and we are just awaiting an announcement. If that even comes.

No. 324582

Sweetheart, I'm not the one claiming to know Cry here. I'm merely a viewer going off of observation. If anyone is "bullshitting" it's not me.

Also only these two were mine, out of those mentioned: >>324518

>And the whole "they're not friends it's business"…what kind of sad life are you leading?
They started as a group of friends, and they care for one another as a group of friends would.

Amen to that.

No. 324586


No. 324603

What can I say, I have a soft spots for trouble-starting little shits.

No. 324732


Exactly this. Cry has, what, ~30 emote slots right now? That's equivalent to like…maybe 1500-1800 subs, depending on what "tier" sub a person buys now. Not even remotely close to 50k lol

No. 325212

Can you just let him live? He's human and so are you, I doubt you're any less flawed than he is. So shut up and mind your own business.

No. 325237

Woah, woah, woah there tiger. Most, if not all of us, are fans of Cry. It's Cheyenne that we despise! We WANT him to live his life. His best life.

No. 325248

You know I saw this said in Crys twitch chat last night, like almost exactly. Interesting.

But yeah, if you want someone to blame about not treating Cry like a human, I'd say blame Cheyenne. She's treated him like a punching bag and a money bag for far too long.

No. 325704

Cry was just talking on stream about accidentally dying and how would anyone know. "My family doesn't talk to anyone". Wouldn't they talk to Cheyenne if they were still together?

No. 325751

Most of you might mean well and I'm sure you in particular do but this thread attracts a lot of bitter people. I come here from time to time and lurk but there was one post in particular I saw yesterday that really pissed me off. The way you analyze his every word dehumanizes him. He always appears to be doing something wrong that people aren't satisfied with. Why should he be pleasing you in the first place? And yeah, I don't like Cheyenne either, but that's not what this is about. Who he's dating and what he's doing in his free time is, after all, his own decision. Even though a lot of us might not like it. We can all just hope that he'll be able to cope with whatever he's going through and do the right thing for himself.

No. 325763

I get what you're saying, but at the same time, this is really the only place we can have discussions like this. I've seen people do so much worse, like talking about cry and his relationships and his life literally with him right there watching.

No. 325772

You mean on Twitch?

No. 325794

Yes on twitch. That's really where I see most of it.

No. 325820

Like in chat, or are there some clips or something?

No. 325938

Yes, in twitch chat.

No. 325991

people that talk about cry's private life during his streams are literally the cancer of chat; provides nothing to stream, spread false rumors, spams chat, and totally completely so self-centered to do it somewhere that affects cry and chat in a negative way because they don't give a shit and want cry's attention.
Sadly cry is too nice to say anything nor do anything about it.

I also feel really bad for him this year. Literally nothing has gone well for him since 2017 started.
I really hope he feels alright on his birthday since I know birth-days feelings can be really strong due to all the build ups. Ahem sodapoppin/lea ahem.

No. 326011

He'll be alright. I feel like Cry has grown a lot more than people give him credit for, especially in the past few months. It hasn't been smooth sailing, but he's handling it. Perhaps not as well as some would like, but having been in a position where everything that can go to shit does, I'd say he's doing pretty well.

No. 326204

Alright, I was a little curious so did a little bit of searching. Sage doesn't follow Russ, Snake or Scott on Twitter anymore, but she still follows Cry.
Anyone else find that a little odd?

No. 326207

She's fame hungry, so not really. It's just a follow though.

No. 326391

Its not really odd. She picked fights with Russ and Snakes friend/gf. Of course she'd unfollow them, and Scott is a no brainer.

No. 326512

watched the livestream on 27th, thought i heard cheyenne but it was just angel. phew. has there been no mention of cheyenne at all lately in lnc/tgi streams?

No. 326643

Cheyenne is streaming right now and is using her facecam again.

No. 326646

guess she gave up on that spa day from Cry, eh?

No. 326649

she just called herself gay as well.

No. 326653

She said that she was gonna start that when she had gotten her hair done.

But i watched the beginning of the VOD and she's getting a tattoo tomorrow, so i'm assuming she wants the extra money if ya know what i mean.

No. 326660

File: 1496287660264.png (701.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170531-221955.png)

Tuned into her stream out of morbid curiosity and caught this. Bwahahaha.

No. 326661

namelessdweeb is my new hero.

No. 326662

File: 1496287744261.png (890.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170531-222011.png)

And then this. She didn't reply, of course.

No. 326665

namelessdweeb for the win. ♡

No. 326698

Gets her hair done, still looks the same and can barely even see her most of the time.

No. 326718


Still going with this excuse. She was asked why she hasn't been on Late Night.

No. 326726

lol she can keep her fucking saturdays. Plenty of people don't want her around anyway.

No. 326742

what's funny is that they said "it's not the same without you" it's like, yeah it isn't the same. people are fucking having fun for once and aren't held back by her anymore. i seriously don't get how people miss her. i believe there's people who genuinely like her and i do not get it at all.

No. 326966

File: 1496333346412.png (288.89 KB, 1080x1246, but Cheyenne never gaslighted …)

Anyone else think Sage is so full of shit when she goes on and on about whatever she's preaching for the day, recently gaslighting, but then she either does those things herself or tries to be close friends with those that do? I feel like they, Sage & Cheyenne, have to be delusional to be so self-unaware.

No. 327014

What the fuck are we still discussing Sage for? Literally could not be a more irrelevant person to the discussion at this point.

No. 327016

Thought it was interesting due to her ties to Cheyenne. Ignore it if it's irrelevant to you.

No. 327023

Why are you making that big a deal out of it? It's not like there's much else to discuss.

No. 327104

As much as I love talking shit about Sage, I feel like maybe we shouldn't just because that gives her attention and she don't deserve that shit. But then again I can't tell you what not to do. So you do you, boo.

Speaking of though.. I love how Jen seems to get along with them all. I've even seen Angel and her tweet with each other. Plus Jund actually sounds really happy and less of an ass.

No. 327120

Yeah, Jen has seemed real sweet every time I've seen her around. They played Friday the 13th yesterday, Russ and Alex were multistreaming, and Jen was there. Her and Angel were joking a lot with each other. She seems a lot better for Jund.

No. 327552

File: 1496404750330.png (12.26 KB, 469x93, ooo.PNG)

guess who's gonna be on cheyenne's stream soon lmao. kinda interested to see how this will go.

No. 327556

I'm watching the last stream Cry did (Chill stream) and from 0:15 onwards you can see chat is realising that they may have broken up (and saying "no" to the idea of cheyenne joining the game kek). It's getting a bit ridiculous.

Sorry for being potato but will she be playing with Sage? Why is it tagged "late night crew" if it is the case then?

No. 327577

Nah dude, Christine will most likely be joining since she was talking about bringing her on and how she gets legitimately scared at scary games. No idea why she has it on late night crew though. Most likely just to keep up appearences.

No. 327623


Ok thanks. Yeah I also noticed she never changed her offline picture where "couples therapy" is marked in the schedule. She barely does one stream per week now. She is so irresponsible to her subscribers, I hope they drop her ass when the truth comes out…

No. 327645

If this doesn't confirm that Cheyenne and Christine are a thing then I don't know what does.

No. 327756

Watch out, 50k anon will probably show up and tell you how stupid you are for pointing out their fucking obvious relationship.
It's just dumb at this point. I can't think of a reason for their break up not being announced other than blackmail, which was theorized before. Nothing else makes sense unless he's scared of her doing something.

No. 327807

>Nothing else makes sense
How about he doesn't want to deal with the announcement and people losing their shit over it? Cheyenne has no ground to stand on for blackmail, plus I think it's pretty obvious Cry's done letting her have her way.

No. 327830

We don't know what she could have on him, if anything. Regardless, it's just strange now considering how open she is worth that one girl.

No. 327837

Damn. With*

No. 327847

I guess I'm interested to see how Chey and Christine act on stream together. Kind of interested to see what Christine is like in general. Maybe she's just as insufferable as Cheyenne and that's why they're together. Or maybe not. Who knows.

No. 327855

You misunderstand. The reason she wouldn't blackmail him is because Cheyenne isn't that dumb. She is a fame-whore though, and she knows the outcome of her blackmailing Cry is either nothing, or her being found out and getting backlash for it. Neither of those things are appealing to her, I'm sure. Plus if Cry was that much of a beta bitch to let her blackmail him after all of this, surely she'd still be on the Saturday streams or at the very least having back and forth with him on social media.
Instead what does she do? Post about a new relationship to garner attention, when her relationship with Cry has not been announced to have ended. That puts Cry in an awkward position, making him, in her mind at least, more likely to respond in some way (to her or viewers), since from everything we've seen there's radio silence between the two.

No. 328111

Looks like they're starting this pretty soon (Chey tweeted). I wonder if Cheyenne and Christine are playing with a group of people or not.
I've noticed this game is more fun when you're playing with all of your friends and not randos.

No. 328127

File: 1496461900638.png (4.88 KB, 321x52, LOL.PNG)

No. 328129

File: 1496461918819.png (4.04 KB, 314x44, looolll.PNG)

Some of you guys are fuckin brutal.

No. 328130

File: 1496462090326.png (89.77 KB, 252x242, LOOL.PNG)

this is wayyy too close for just friends to be sitting.

No. 328133

pretty sure it's an autohost my dude.

No. 328145

I don't think it's too close for friends, but still, they are totally dating.
Funny enough, I'm pretty positive Hide_the_Bodies is a big Chey supporter. They are just joking.

No. 328146

There were also a few times where she tried to stick her tongue on Cheyenne's face. They definitely aren't just friends. It's very obvious in the way they look at each other too.
A lot of people are asking them to kiss on camera as well, and then the two joked that they'd do it for $500.

No. 328147

They are a genuine Cheyenne fan, so sadly they are only just joking like you said.

No. 328162

Pretty gross joke, since they would totally whore out like that.

No. 328167

This stream is getting pretty annoying to watch in all honesty. Chat won't stop asking Christine questions, especially really sexual ones. (Maybe they're curious I guess since she did announce she was a lesbian.)

No. 328168

I'm sorry but to me it's so hard to see cheyenne be romantically involved with another girl. like it's obvious they are like that, but at the same time cheyenne just doesn't look like she.

No. 328169

File: 1496465902828.png (478.24 KB, 1080x804, 20170602_235516.png)

Cry hosted Chey?? Wonder if this was intentional, bc Christine is there…

No. 328170

Did anyone catch if she said anything when it happened?

No. 328175


What? Lmao damn. Bits person got b8

No. 328181

I could be completely blind but if anything, they really just act like a fling. Cheyenne claims to be pansexual, but I can't see her seriously dating a girl at all. Especially someone younger, like Christine.

No. 328187

File: 1496467150073.png (85.44 KB, 777x749, IMG_4249.PNG)

I like how they treat their relationship like a joke yet cheyenne is sitting there with her hand on her leg

No. 328191

Is Christine trans or just tall and strong jawed?

No. 328193

she's not trans. the picture i took was just bad lol

No. 328206

Lmao what if they are doing this because they'll know we'll talk about it though?


No. 328209

Are you sure her hand isnt on the mouse? I know she had moved it over so Christine could use it earlier.

No. 328216

Jesus Christ, dude. lol

No. 328219

I'm pretty sure it was on her leg in the thumbnail; if I remember correctly they were spectating while that happened and Cheyenne's hand moved up to change who they were watching in the game.

No. 328220

At least this thread finally gets some more milk LOL

No. 328221

File: 1496471831234.png (17.81 KB, 335x182, sure.PNG)

Uhuh sure.

No. 328227

>>327847 she (christine) seems pretty chill tbh she had a lot of fun interacting with the stream chat. a little too bubbly for my taste but seems like they're good friends - maybe more?

No. 328230

Yeah, surprisingly enough I kinda liked her.

No. 328231

Poor her to be tied to cheybeast then. hard to believe a decent person would get involved with her.

No. 328237

Honestly tho. But to me, at the beginning Cheyenne seemed decent to me when she first started LNC. She didn't insult people as much. Maybe a little here and there, but not as much as she did in newer streams. She slowly showed her real self. So that's what I think is going on with her and Christine. She thinks Cheyenne is great and all now, and just playful, but in the future Cheyenne will most likely go back to her abusive/jealous ways.

No. 328242

Oh, very true. Abusive people NEVER start off as abusive off the bat. They have to get comfortable first, wait until the other is in love.

No. 328244

I have to hand it to Christine for standing her ground and calling Chey out at a couple points where she was being an asshole. Cry never does that. Hopefully if they are together, Chris won't let Chey shove her around like Cry.

No. 328245

Yep, exactly. If anything, she's already being manipulated.

No. 328246

God, I hope she comes to her senses and runs as far away as possible ASAP.

No. 328247

I guess. Except Cheyenne hasn't had any time to change or grow. If she's in a relationship with someone already, that's absolutely a rebound. I can't see it working out for very long.

No. 328248

Have you heard of gaslighting? I'm sure Cheyenne isn't above that. People like her don't do normal relationships.

No. 328249

There's been videos of Cheyenne gaslighting Cry. She's done it before and not even that long ago.

No. 328255

Holy shit this is so ridiculous.

So let me sum up: 1) Chey got rightfully dumped by Cry 2) salty Chey tries to make him jealous by using Christine 3) Jealousy not working, Chey tries to make him look cucked by flaunting new relationship and claiming she is gay, while still benefiting the $$ of being linked to LNC and refusing to announce breakup?

This girl was really cancer all the way through. The positive thing though is that he could now announce the breakup on his own without looking the bad guy I guess…

No. 328256


Well, we don't actually know when their relationship started 'ending' and when it was 'over'…. but even more than that…

Change is a weird thing. It happens INSTANTLY and over long times at the same time.

We can resolve to change–just like we decide to quit smoking, or quit drinking. But when can you say you've really quit? When you make the decision? a few weeks later? Must it be years before you can truly say you've quit?

It all does start SOMEWHERE… Journeys, single steps and all that.

I'm not saying I have have a lot of faith in Cheyenne or anything, but… I've had an abusive buddy before. (seriously verbally and emotionally abusive) … after about a decade, they're a pretty good friend now. I didn't speak to them for half of that time, though. But I believe people can change, if they really want to.

The question is… Does Cheyenne really wanna?

No. 328257

Can you give me an example? I haven't been watching most of the streams with Cheyenne in them.

At this point I think Cry is hoping Cheyenne will slowly fade out of everyone's memory, without him having to say anything.

That's the thing really, Cheyenne hasn't been showing any signs of wanting to change.

No. 328258


Did she? Examples? My memory's failing me.


That is an interpretation of things. We don't really know the details.

ANother theory is that: 1) Chey was dumped by Cry. 2) Cry wants to announce it at some point that isn't RIGHT NOW… 3) a long time passes because he hasn't done it yet 4) and here we are now.

Cry reminds me a lot of me sometimes… In his position, I'd have put it off initially, because I didn't want to confront it while the emotions were still raw. Then when I started feeling better about it, started feeling bad because it's been so long, then find a reason to put it off a bit–like centering myself a bit better emotionally and reconnecting myself to the important things, like family and shit. Then I can't because I've feeling moody. Then there's an important event and I don't wanna ruin my mood by talking about this before it. Then I feel bad because it's been a couple months when I only meant for it to be a week or two, so put it off AGAIN because I feel guilty and won't do it right and I want to do it right and not just force it out. But it never really gets easier and I eventually think about it less and less because I feel bad whenever I do, and eventually I start wondering if it's really even necessary because, hey, maybe everyone's forgotten, but I really should do it ANYWAY… but I don't want to, it'll bum me out, so maybe next week.

That said, that's me, and I'm not Cry… so maybe Cry would be totally different on the matter, haha. but…

That's just my 2 cents on what COULD be.

No. 328259


> That's the thing really, Cheyenne hasn't been showing any signs of wanting to change.

Well, I"ll take your word for that one. I haven't been watching her particularly closely. It can be hard to see change, though, if you're looking for evidence of same-ness.

Ugh, I can't believe I'm defending her… if only slightly.

No. 328264


That's a good interpretation anon. Though I think we are underestimating Cry, while he was still a bit moody back in april he was a lot better in may. He also seems to not give a shit about Chey anymore (no mention, nothing). I just don't see why he would be the one to postpone the announcement of the breakup other than not look like the bad guy? Chey has a lot more to lose in the situation (fame, financing, etc.).

Also there was some drunk anon earlier who claimed it was Chey who refused to announce it (>>309144). No way to know if legit but it seemed like a credible explanation imho

No. 328265

As someone who watches cheyennes streams with a complete open mind (not really looking for any way of being able to shit talk her), i can say she hasn't really shown signs of change either. I thought so when she first came back from her being away for those two months or however long. But she eventually went back.

No. 328266

proper reference



No. 328267

11:20 is where the issue happens. She's super upset she didn't get to kill a snail. You can hear her furiously typing to Cry in Skype.
16:15 they start arguing about it. She turns it around on him for being upset at her for her getting upset and tries to make it seem like she was in the right the whole time.

No. 328274

Jesus fuck. Well, I'm glad that's over with.

No. 328275

File: 1496479686631.jpg (463.31 KB, 1073x809, gross.jpg)

Christine sure knows how to take the worst pictures of Cheyenne. She looks huge here. Lazy eye in full effect too.

No. 328278

To be honest, you must have your head shoved real far up Cry's ass if you don't think he was being fucking ridiculous too. Cheyenne actually only pointed out that someone messed up, albeit in the bitchiest and most unhelpful way possible. Cry's whole "defending a man's honor" thing was fucking annoying and unfounded.
They're both children, guys. Let's be real.

No. 328283

I mean if you were dating Cheyenne, you'd probably get stressed out to the point where small shit like that would affect you too. I know I would.

No. 328285

Hold up, Cheyenne started claiming she was right all along, then turning it into blaming someone. Cry's reaction was sheer disbelief at her acting like that. He wasn't the one shrieking about being right all along and trying to convince the other they're an idiot. Might have even worked if she weren't doing it on such a public platform and if Cry was as dumb as she was making him out to be.

No. 328287

But…Technically–and I hate to say this–she WAS right the whole time. She tols them what the video had explained, and then everyone else disregarded it and did it their way anyways, therefore doing it, well, wrong. Just like Chey said, it was a mistake anyone could have made, she never BLAMED him, she just pointed out that he'd fucked up in a bitchy manner.
Seriously, I get that youre fans of his, but he's truly not as flawless as you think.

No. 328300

exactly where does she do what the video says though? They were suppose to all be together, but she actually says "alright one of you go first, because i'm not gonna be the one to fuck it up" and then says "we were suppose to be all together". although it would've been fucked up either way because cry didn't even go towards the snail anyway, he went underwater away from it.

No. 328304

Pfft who said Cry is flawless? Tbh it doesn't matter if she's right. Acting like a little shit negates that.

No. 328305

also no one said cry was flawless. it's the fact that she had overreacted. it's a video game, anyone could mess up, and they could do it again next time.

No. 328313


I actually really disagree. Cry's trying to defuse the situation, hand wave it away "now we know, and it won't happen again" type stuff. but she kept bringing it back up. Then started talking about how she knew the whole time, etc etc etc.

The whole defending a man's honor thing… that was basically cry saying "I'm not going to let you blame him, because tha'ts out of line.

The really sad thing is.. I'm listening to this argument, and they fucking actually really AGREE< but they use different words. She's saying "He fucked it up" and means it like "it was his hand that created the accident." she's not necessarily saying it was done with maliciousness… as in "Tommy bumped into the table, and broke the vase" … Tommy did it. Not out of anger or avarice, but it was Tommy.

…Cry. on the other hand, is saying that he didn't do anything wrong… He's seeing an element of blame placing. To him, saying "Tommy did it" means that Tommy's at fault. Placing blame rather than stating a fact.

It's an interesting perspective difference that says a lot about both of them, in my opinion: Cry wants to smooth it over and move on. No one needs to be singled out, or have fingers pointed at them. Cheyenne wants to acknowledge that the error was committed by an individual. Cry wants to move past the conflict and forget about it, Cheyenne wants to establish the actors involved in a series of actions. In a way, asserting her own innocence.

It's kinda the difference between "It's okay" and "it wasn't me!"

To clarify: I actually think Cheyenne's really bitchy about the whole thing and she does take some sudden right turns in her arguing, but she should have jsut took the damn subtle hint and left it alone. Even if she's not trying to point a finger at someone for ruining her fun, other people clearly wanted it to be left alone.

It actually speaks a lot of her empathy, I think–most people realize by her age that no one wants to be singled out over an accident.

Or she doesn't care.

No. 328317

This. This right here is, to me, a perfect way to explain it.

No. 328322


That's some impressive psychological shit there anon, I completely agree.

I felt very uneasy when watching this clip, if anything it shows her need to gain the upper hand on everybody, very perveted imho.

No. 328323


* very vicious (not a native english speaker there…)

No. 328354

cute as fuck too
like christ what a waste if true I don't know what she sees in Chey

No. 328369

Did anyone else see that person in chat on TGI last night saying that they found a disparaging Reddit page about Cry and they were trying to warn him about it? Then others said, he's using VR and won't see chat, so let him know via email/Reddit. I hoped over to Reddit but couldn't find anything new, although I'm not a Reddit user, and I was really tired.

Sage for having no full info.

No. 328382

The only thing I could find that was recent (6 days ago) was someone referencing some drama stirred up about SeriousGaming but there was no context. The person who posted it had erased their other threads but had said they were accused of starting 'a hate parade over cryaotic' but I think they were referencing hate for SeriousGaming but I have no idea. I couldn't find anything else.
Sage for not being relevant.

No. 328397

Ah, okay. Thanks for that, anon. I guess I should up my Reddit game lul.

So yeah, nothing to see here then, move along!

No. 328763

apparently someone mentioned the lnc in cheyennes stream last night, saying "you need to come back to lnc. like now" and she responded with "you know i would agree with you sometimes, but most of the time, i wouldn't" or something along those lines.

No. 328771

Can't say I'd agree with them either. Except ya know, ever.

No. 328819

Temporary video. Wind down. Jigsaws. Ladies and gentlemen I think an announcement is on its way.

No. 328843

Oh, the temp video said that he was going to be doing more jigsaw wind downs. Here's hoping one is with Cheyenne!

No. 328866

Aw I always miss them… does anybody has the link to the temporary video? He privatised it.

No. 328868

* unlisted it

No. 328869

https://youtu.be/O5Q4IJIED-k late night V2 always puts them in a Playlist, luckily.

No. 328870


thanks <3

No. 328875

File: 1496587484594.png (171.09 KB, 1080x1205, Cheyenne.png)

Why does Cheyenne think we always want to hear about her gross fantasies. No one wants to think about you getting fucked, cheybeast. I feel sexually harassed lol

No. 328964


She wants to make Cry jealous for the 53829758th time? Who knows. I hope he will announce the break-up in the wind-down video too.

No. 329022


Read the thread before posting.

No. 329168

The curtain falls today, fellas. We're gonna get a double announcement, hold onto your horses. I've got juicy insider information; it'll all be spilled soon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 329179

Mmhmmm. I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 329181

hopefully this is W coming back.

No. 329182

wait why do we think there's gonna be an announcement??

No. 329185

I don't think this is W. This seems like those assholes who blew up the other thread with irrelevant shit, but who knows.

No. 329196

Are you sure? Cry's computer is a bit fucked.

No. 329202

He still has his old PC I'm sure.

No. 329205

Because temporary video. Pay attention.

No. 329206

What temporary video? Did I miss something?

No. 329207

Wait… double announcement??

No. 329211

Your fucking laziness I swear… Here

No. 329217

Skipped that video earlier to watch later and totally forgot. My bad.

No. 329270

Only 2hrs and 20min left (EST) left of today. You said it would be today. Clarify.

No. 329274

I would take anything that anyone says in an anonymous thread with a grain of salt tbh

No. 329276

Exactly my point.

No. 329279

Yeah there's no way they're announcing something in a couple hours, especially if they're doing a video to announce it like it's been suggested.

No. 329290

Have a little faith. If it's not today, it'll be tomorrow. Little birdie tells me that there's some relationship news on the horizon.

No. 329293

Relationship news? Are we talking like, Cry and Cheyenne broke up, and then Cheyenne and Christine are together? That wouldn't be surprising.

No. 329311

Sorry not believing anything unless it's W or Simple, or if there's some solid proof.

No. 329312

Why W though? W could be anyone. Simple at least proved he's on here.

No. 329313

I don't even trust W to be honest. Simple is the only person who's verified themselves here.

No. 329314

Simple was the one confirmed W though, and verified themselves.

No. 329315

They didn't confirm W, they confirmed something they said. Anyone could put W as their name, and they couldn't be confirmed. Simple can/has confirmed himself.

No. 329317

(not gonna use a name on here bc i don't wanna be IP banned again lmfao) Yo my dudes, Simp here. I can confirm that I'm not W and do not entirely know who they are, but it makes me happy to see y'all trust me on here. xo

No. 329321

File: 1496634738930.png (13.43 KB, 577x102, simp.png)

And this is the main reason why. They're actually confirmed, and are a mod/friend of Cry's. I wouldn't trust anyone but Simp on here, unless someone else is willing to confirm themselves like this.

No. 329335

Well here's hoping whatever announcement is supposed to happen is good news

No. 329338

shit dude, my b. don't know why i thought you confirmed them.

No. 329431

File: 1496654965022.png (91.11 KB, 1066x464, ohnoes.png)

Did she finally realise that Cry is moving on and she won't be able to ride the gravy train any longer? Lul.

No. 329513

Probably building up to make people feel bad when Cry announces their break up.

No. 329526

Honestly, fuck the people who are going to feel bad. All they're doing right now anyway is supporting an abusive 'relationship'.
Screw the people who don't realise how much of a cunt she is.

No. 329562

Really? I'd say fuck Cheyenne, more so than the people she's trying to manipulate.

No. 329566


Knowing her you are probably right…

No. 329698

Cheyenne's streaming with Christine and Panda again.

No. 329701

I actually really like Christine. Ugh. Why did she have to get involved with Cheybeast?

No. 329709

Someone in chat just asked if she's still going to visit Cry for his birthday, she didn't respond, no one in chat responded to them either.

No. 329711

File: 1496697692163.png (4.75 KB, 309x64, omg.PNG)

Oh my god.

No. 329713

I'm going to assume Jackson = Panda?

No. 329716


No. 329743

Jack/Panda is so obviously jealous about Christine and Cheyenne's relationship. Whether it be friendship or dating.

No. 329744

Well I guess she succeeded in making SOMEONE jealous lol

No. 329747

So Chey is a real lesbian now or is she just assuming that for herself like how a lot of teens (but not all) self-diagnose "depression" and make light of it?

Also, wouldn't be surprised if Cry is gay/bi too seeing how much he giggles at any kind of KappaPride moment in video games recently. Not that I mind.

No. 329749

Well yeah, he's pansexual dude.

No. 329750


No. 329752


If I were a man I would turn gay after Cheyenne too.

Wait. Maybe it was the plan all along? :D

No. 329753

He watches gay porn but skips the porn, or so he says lol.

No. 329754

lmao true.

Both Cheyenne and Cry said they were pansexual.

No. 329766

Not this shit again. It's what he has said himself, alright?

Uh-huh, yep. 100% skips the porn, I'm positive.

No. 329796


Porn is weird.

I like different types of porn at different times. Some types of pornography are serious turn offs despite me being 'into' the sort of thing that they show. (I mean, I like gay male stuff. I fucking hate the slow ups on hairy assholes and stuff.)

Some types of porn as more likely than others to aim towards certain aesthetics and a certain audience. Like Lesbian-porn-for-men-audiences is gross and weird. Lesbian-porn-for-girls is fantastic though.

So, what I'm saying is… Cry can totalyl be as pansexual as he likes and still skip over the porn bits, because he doesn't like the kind of sex-story that they have.

Especially if he's watching awful porn for the stories, and not for the porn parts, he probably has other types of stuff he likes when eh wants to whack it to gaystuff.

No. 329883

File: 1496716025937.png (84.41 KB, 750x792, IMG_4422.PNG)

crosses fingers that cry doesn't reply

No. 329934

He hasn't as far as I know, and it was two hours ago

No. 330203

Anyone else notice the scars below Cheyennes new tattoo on snapchat?
I don't wanna jump to conclusions but- self harm?

No. 330211

I don't follow her on snapchat. Can anyone post it? Plus, I wouldn't be surprised. She acts like a hardcore emo kid.

No. 330213

it's indents from the tape she had around it lol

No. 330215

Nah, man. It was below the tape when she had it on too.

No. 330216

never mind just saw the ones anon was talking about. she's mentioned before that she scars really easily from things like her dog scratching her and all, and that she has never self-harmed.

but she is one to threaten to hurt herself to get what she wants so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 330219


Threatening to hurt ones self isn't the same as actually hurting one's self.

Love, an Anon who's COVERED in accidental kitty scratches, and several scars that look like suicide attempts due to the joy of working in fast food with hot griddles.

No. 330222

wait what? i never said that threatening to hurt yourself is the same thing as hurting yourself. was just stating that that's how she is when it comes to her getting what she wants.

No. 330225


Sorry! I misinterpreted what you meant when you said "she says she's never self armed, but she's threated to" as meaning "so maybe she has"


No. 330228

ahh, nah you're fine. i honestly worded it kinda odd :)

also i have those pictures of her arms and all. should i share them anyway?

No. 330234

No. 330235


<3 a little bit, but I also read too much into it :)

and yes, please share pictures. I'm old and don't know how to snap the instagrams.

No. 330245

You know what I do when I need to save up to move across the country? Get a tattoo. Because those aren't expensive.

Cheyenne's fucking full of it.

Also this >>330211

No. 330246

File: 1496778003715.jpg (453.62 KB, 2048x2048, 1FD1DFA6-C75D-4E36-BD9A-23DE13…)

Here ya guys go~

No. 330272

Pretty sure that looks like self-harm scars. I have very similar ones myself. Doesn't mean she's less of a cunt, though. Mental illness doesn't make it okay to be an abusive fuck.

No. 330276

what a shit tattoo lol

No. 330299

Knowing Chey she probably did it to manipulate someone. "look what you made me do!!"

Such a shitty tattoo. She couldn't have it stylized in some way? Instead of huge impact font wrapped around her fucking forearm? It looks so fucking bad.

No. 330301

Not whiteknighting, cuz fuck Chey, but tattoos are so so subjective. Maybe this really is her aesthetic; harsh and blocky. LUL.

No. 330302

And unimaginative.

No. 330304

True. A super shitty tattoo for a super shitty person. It's almost poetic.

No. 330309

Huh. I had plans to get the same quote tattooed.
Guess I'll have to scrap that idea now.

No. 330319

The quote is fine. The way it looks is real fucking bad. Don't do it like that. But I probably wouldn't get words Cheyenne has tattooed on her body either.

No. 330360

File: 1496792385364.png (232.74 KB, 1080x1126, 20170606_183825.png)

My first thought was Chey tried to hack his account…

No. 330378

Off topic but I wouldn't get words in general. If people staring at your tattoos gets old, imagine when they're trying to read them. I know a girl who covered up a quote she had because she got sick and tired of people trying to read it and asking what it meant.

You're being silly. It's people trying to get passwords and shit from him, he would have that happen. It happens to me and I'm nobody.

No. 330464


I hate to defend, but … it's in blocky impact font because that's the 'right' font. This is a specific fan thing, from the X-Files.

Changing the font would be like getting "harry potter" or "star wars" tattooed on your arm in times new roman, or a loopy cursive script.

It's not pretty, I wouldn't do it, but that's the "right" font for this fan tattoo.

No. 330473

Re: the Instagram post. Maybe. I'm not convinced.

No. 330474

I wasn't saying it's wrong, I was saying it's huge and wrapped around her forearm. It looks gross.

No. 330476

File: 1496799502166.jpg (39.76 KB, 352x550, 910iUYWhaeL._SY550_.jpg)

yeah the font is fine bc it makes it obvious it's in reference to the x-files, but the size and placement is weird

No. 330477

Jesus Christ, no one said it was wrong. It's huge and gross? I feel like there's a way better way to do that tattoo and maybe a better place to put it? Just looks really bad and an awkward place for it?

No. 330489

I personally don't mind the tattoo, mostly because i like simplistic tattoos (thin or blocky), and like the placement because that's where my tattoo is lol. But ya know, everyone's preferences are different.

But anyway, nice to see that one anon who told us they have "juicy info" was a sham.

No. 330493

They always are. They also said the announcement was going to be 2 days ago. Yeah okay.

No. 330574

>>330489 To be fair, my source was a close friend of Chey, so I had assumed it was a valid source. I'm hoping they drop the news soon but I might ahve jumped the gun.

No. 330585

Hey, at least you came back to own up to your eagerness. More than the shitposters from earlier did lol

No. 330588

Wait, close friend of Cheyenne's told you and you're here? Do you like her? Is her 'friend' even a friend? I'm confused on how anyone tied to Cheyenne would participate here unless they also dislike her.

No. 330657

I highly doubt they're her friend or like her if they're on here. Fuck, I even talk to Jackson sometimes (granted he is a shitty person too, of course). But no way in hell would I ever associate with her.

No. 330659

jackson is honestly disgusting, how the hell do you manage?

No. 330664

Honestly? Hoping that he'll spill something. That's the only reason that I stick around. He has a couple times, but nothing that hasn't been talked about in here before.

No. 331061

100% looks like Cheyenne was bullshitting about visiting Cry at this point.

No. 331069

oh shit, his birthday is getting close dudes. like i know it's obvious they aren't together, but like this will literally prove it, especially to her fans and his fans. and it's what i feel like i need to fully except it. if that makes sense.

No. 331074

Same here, dude. Same here.

No. 331103

I don't particularly feel strongly about Chey in any particular way. I've tuned into her stream before, hung out in chat, talked to a few of her friends as well. Pretty ambivalent, don't think good or ill of her. (Except her hair, yeesh.)

I just like drama because I'm a petty little fucker.

No. 331107

No. 331155

Yeah, I can see how easy it is to have a neutral opinion of someone who is so toxic and treats those around her abusively.

No. 331257

In defence of that anon,you don't have to hate someone because they're a cunt. You can recognise they're as such and still not give enough of a shit to view them negatively.

No. 331277


Different anon here…

I dunno. To some degree, someone doing shitty things should cause bad emotions in even unconnected people.

Using 'kicking puppies' as a generic for 'doing mean or reprehensible things' without specifically mentioning offenses…

Someone who kicks puppies should be viewed negatively by everyone around them. After all, the fact that the puppy was not YOUR puppy, doesn't make the kicked puppy less kicked. And one should be wary because even if they don't kick every puppy, your puppy–or kitten, or bearded lizard–could be next.

Of course, the likelihood of Cheyenne being able to kick YOUR puppy (or your mom's puppy, or friend's puppy, or brother's girlfriend's little sister's puppy) is incredibly small… but as a general rule, kicking puppies is a bad thing and we should regard puppy kickers negatively. Because being 'okay' with puppy kicking, as long as it's not YOUR puppy promotes a rather dangerous viewpoint.

That attitude enables puppykickers: after all, if you can kick any puppy you want as long as you pick your victims well, then there's no reason to become a better person and not kick puppies. If you want to kick well connected puppies, you have a problem, but there's no shortage of weak, unconnected, vulnerable puppies who can't fight back.

So we really should view all puppy kicking with negativity, if we'd object to our own personal puppies being kicked. (and really, no one should really be okay with their own puppies being kicked.)

What IS different, however, is that Cheyenne is not personally known by Anon. And you can and will feel differently about someone who is personally distant to you.

After all, if someone who kicks 5 puppies is 3000 miles away and kicks a bunch of strange puppies who you don't know, that's a shame, and it's a bad thing, but it's not like feeling badly for those poor puppies will unkick them, or that hating the kicker will make them stop kicking… But if those 5 puppies are the puppies around you every day, if those are YOUR puppies (or your sister's puppies, or your boyfriend's mother's puppies), then the puppy kicking becomes personal. You will feel much more strongly about the matter. Those were YOUR puppies, and YOUR puppies never deserved kicking, and you can hate the kicker, because they're a real person who has, personally, really affected you and your puppies in a way that the far distant puppykicker in a town you've never heard of could never, personally, affect you.

So… I guess, to wrap it back around to Cheyenne… It's totally okay not to hate her. Hate is a really super strong word, and while we might dislike her and dislike what she does, the actual emotion of 'hate' is a really strong one that is generally reserved for very personal encounters. I 'hate' a lot of people, but if I were writing down a list of people I truly hated… that list would have… I think… 2 or 3 people. And each of those have committed high crimes of puppy kicking that very directly affected me, or a loved one. But there are a lot of people I don't care about. There are a lot of people I dislike. There are a lot of people I find annoying. But that's a different emotion than hate.

It's okay to not feel personally about Cheyenne. She's an internet face. She's kicked puppies, puppies we may care about, but that puppy kicking doesn't actually hurt us. But we should feel negatively towards the act of puppy kicking, even if those are strange, distant puppies we'll never meet ourselves.

No. 331281

I see what you're getting at, but there's a distinction I'd like to make. It's someone's actions vs the actual person. I find Cheyenne's actions to be deplorable. Her "puppy kicking" does indeed affect me, because Cry is my "puppy" in a way. I respect the man greatly (I see the irony between this and my puppy statement btw), and there was a time where I had nothing and no one worthwhile in my life and all I had to look forward to were his videos. I've seen him down and I've seen him happy, I've been there all along. The way Cheyenne treated him made me sad, and really, really fucking angry. But I felt that way not towards Cheyenne. No, Cheyenne I don't give a shit about. I felt that way because this was being done to Cry. I have no feelings to spare for an abusive asshole. I don't care to learn about her enough to form an opinion. I know she's hurt someone I like, and that's all I really need to know.

No. 331308

Couldn't explain it better myself.

No. 331462


mmm. That's fair enough. I've had my 'puppies kicked' enough that I feel strongly about puppy kickers in general. I can't ever imagine kicking a puppy myself, so someone who DOES kick puppies loses my respect… much as, like you, Cry has earned my respect over the years.

I'm pretty sure that this makes you the better person than I am? (being able to, as they say, hate the sin, not the sinner) but I'm old and irritable, and sick of people walking around thinking that they can kick puppies because they feel like it.

Most of all, Cry is best puppy. :)

No. 331465

>I'm pretty sure that this makes you the better person than I am?
Hardly. You're certainly more passionate than I am. That's never not a good thing.

No. 331473

I'm with you. I think those who tend to be harsher with the person and not just the action are maybe more empathetic/passionate about it just from having experienced it themselves.

Sometimes, people make mistakes and we should judge the action more than the person.. but when the person continuously does that terrible action, even after it's been shown to them over and over again how terrible it is, you gotta judge the person. It is so enraging in Cheyenne's case because she had so many times where she could have said to herself "Wait, I'm hurting so many people, what am I doing?" but she didn't care and continues, to this day, to blame everyone around her instead of changing.
Fuck her.

No. 331497


Thanks for that <3 And thanks for making me spend some time thinking about me and how I feel. That's never a bad thing either. :)

That said, there is some benefit is being able to remove passion and be more analytical. I think it's probably the sort of thing that would make one a good judge or lawyer or doctor or something. Myself, I wanted to be a therapist, but realized I'd care too much.


it gets tricky, when there's time involved. sometimes a big external change is what people need to initiate personal change. BUt it takes time to change ones' way of acting. That said, I think it's really hard for someone to be in a relationship and change while in that relationship. I mean, it's easy to stop being lazy and wash the damn laundry… but things like personal interaction is a long slow process.. and a single misstep can send you back months…. and even if you do change, your partner will be watching, closely, and be inclined to see monsters in the shadows, and see the memory of harsher actions. It's not impossible.. but.. it's hard.

I hope she grows up and realizes that the problem is her one day. You can change yourself, after all. But if you expect everyone else to change, you're gonna have problems.

In other news, what's up with Cry's computer stuff? I think I missed some tweets or something.

No. 331499

Could someone give me a TLDR of what's happened on this thread? I haven't been here in a long time and I don't want to be required to read the lolxdrandom comments just to find the real milk.

No. 331507

Don't bother then, nothing has really happened. Just speculation, discussion, and waiting for their official announcement of the break-up while Cheyenne flaunts her new relationship with some girl in the meantime.

No. 331525


Basically, yea, what the other person said:

We're pretty much sure they've broken up. There's been nearly no public interaction between them for a few months. We've had several people saying "I KNOW THE TRUTH" but turned up nothing. we did have one set of leakers that actually confirmed that they were who they said they were… an the info from them was that Cry probably read the thread and did some thinking and broke up with her…. but now we're waiting for an official announcement on their breakup.

Theories range from "she has blackmail" to "He's procrastinating" to "he's delaying to try and minimize the impact on her since he has some very dedicated fans"

Oh and there's some strong evidence that Cheyenne has a girlfriend now… but they could just be really close galpals. Maybe.

Oh and some people think sh'es trying to make Cry jealous with this information, but I don't buy that.

No. 331536

What about that don't you buy exactly? If you don't mind me asking.

No. 331559


Hmmmm… It's hard to say. I could believe that she'd do it, but it doesn't feel right.

Okay, she's got two ways she can go around this:

Privately and publicly.

Privately would be via skype, text message and whatever the cool kids are doing these days. IRC maybe? If she's doing it privately, then that means that they are either chatting regularly (which I doubt as their twitter exchanges have shifted from 'cry posted to/at Cheyenne 99% of the time' to 'cheyenne posts to/at Cheyenne and he replies once' to "cheyenne tweets at him and he doesn't reply" Their last tweet exchange on apr22 and Apr 6th… which was the last time he tweeted to her.. she tweeted to him on Jun 5, may 4th.. commented about him on Apr 25 … sooo I don't think they're communicating regularly, because if they were, there'd be no reason for the tweeting to taper off.) …

If they're chatting regularly, then we can expect that she'd be tucking in mentions to make him jealous through their regular conversation. Except I doubt they are.

If they're not chatting regularly, then any guilt attempts would be really obvious via private message.

So that takes us to public talk. Their only public interaction that we've been seeing is Twitter. Which, I've detailed above. However, she's posting about the girl and what not. So, y'know it could be, however… by posting about a girl she's trying to imply that she's involved with… places it out in a very public place. so, by trying too obviously to make him jealous, she implies that she's cheating on him, since the public word is that they're still together. and that makes her look bad.

So, I don't think that she'd attempt to imply that that she was cheating on him just to make him jealous.

I might be giving her too much credit though… but I do think that the problem is more that he just hasn't dealt with announcing the break up… as detailed here by some mysterious anon: >>328258 and she's continued on with her life, and is just keeping the actual girlfriend bit on the down low.

But I could also be totally wrong and it's all an attempt to make him jealous. :)

No. 331567

I hadn't really thought about it like that, I figured it was an obvious ploy to make him jealous. Good point, thanks.

No. 331586

If she continued on with her life and he's still dealing, I doubt it would be one sided one her side like it seems to be now. She's just been lying about going to see him or being on LNC soon. I think it's Cry minimizing impact.

No. 331744

File: 1496982414309.png (97.96 KB, 529x528, V2 YouTube Money.png)

Remember when V2 had a gofundme page link that would automatically repeat in Cry's chat? It was to see a girl because he apparently didn't have any funds to see her. Mhmm.

No. 331773

I mean, I like V2. But this was kinda weird. I mean if Cry did it all on his own for him, then cool. But idk something just feels off about it all.

No. 331774

The only thing I like about V2 is him posting the streams. Otherwise he's super shady and gross. Like when he constantly was posting selfies.

No. 331808


She did sent him the snapchat where she was being spanked by a male friend though. Cry being a butt man and jealous of her relationship with a male friend (proof has been posted at the very end of thread n 5), it's very obvious she was trying to make him jealous there

No. 331926

File: 1497028843840.png (122.37 KB, 1080x538, Insta.png)

Cheyenne removed that stupid 'I slept with a YouTuber and all I got" line from her Instagram.

No. 331936

It still says she's Cry's number 1 fan on her twitter though.

No. 331945

probably because most of crys fans and whatnot really only check her twitter. that's like her main things that's been linked to her since the beginning.

No. 331947

Does he still do this in chat because I usually duck out if he's on stream! Also he deleted his gofundme

No. 331952


Hm, I'd forgotten about that one. Well, like I said, I might be wrong :D

My first though was "maybe that was before Christine," but also nope!

So who knows. I still don't THINK she is, though.

Still an interesting datapoint, though, as that was May 5th. Christine wandered into the picture around March 29thish. (for us)

This clearly means… … … I have no idea.

The spanking could have been some sort of long standing joke or reference.Some sort of "I like spanking" "You're too much of a wuss to get spanked" "i'll show you wrong" or … something. I have no idea what, but it COULD be some form of something like that. (I dunno… this seems realish: "You're bad for me. I don't need to be in a relationship with you." "yeah you're right. I'm a very bad girl :(" snapchat of spanking
"You are completely missing the point.")

That ALSO said, getting spanked isn't necessarily a "trying to make you jealous" thing–especially as there's a paddle of some sort in use, not just a hand or whatever.

That ALSO said, it does fit a bit into a narative: They twitter chat on april 6th and 22nd. She tweets at him on May 4th (this tweet was SARAH in reply to a cat picture–presumably the cat's name.)… then, on May 5th, spanking video. then… nothing.

So, might have been a "hey you didn't reply to me, so I'mma poke you" or .. .whatever the fuck.

But naw, I think my 'not trying to make him jealous' theory does break down a little in the face of that…. but It could just be coincidence too.

No. 331954


Most people don't update every social media channel at once. So, I wouldn't worry too much about that disparity, except in that it means maybe it'll disappear in other places soon.


No. 331978

File: 1497036801772.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-06-09-15-32-27…)

Hate to burst your bubble, but i dont think she ever had that on her IG. I think it was just tumblr, and its still there.

No. 332001

It was absolutely on IG. It used to it me, for many reasons, but also for the fact she spelled Instagram wrong. "…and all I got was this stupid Isntagram". Is it irony that it says ISNTagram? Doubtful, she's not that smart.

No. 332004

…used to *irk me

No. 332012

Oh shit, you're right, I was actually the person who called out that she had spelled it wrong originally lmfao

No. 332027


It's fine anon. It's not that important anyway, as long as this damn breakup is announced soon :) (pls cry!)

No. 332059

Here it is, for those who are curious what it looked like >>301438

No. 332181

You right. I just hope she disappears soon.

No. 333263

Cheyenne using that Lana Del Rey picture towards Christine on twitter today is kinda funny to me because she use to use that picture ALL the time with Cry.

No. 333325

Okay, I'm calling it. Announcement tonight.

ps. Cheyenne's declaring Christine as the love of her life on twitter

pps. I don't actually know anything, except that shit's getting ominous from my outsider view point.

No. 333329

Christine Daae is from phantom of the opera. Today's Saturday, I seriously doubt the announcement will be tonight. Maybe tomorrow or Monday?

No. 333331

>Christine Daae is from phantom of the opera
Oh well, scratch that then, I apparently can't read.

No. 333380

I'm going to be be seriously surprised if it's not announced within the next week at most-
Cheyenne's claimed she's going to be back on late night, she never came back.
She said she's going to visit Cry for his birthday. His birthday is tomorrow and she's still in Vegas.

I know that some people still do believe they are together, but if Cheyenne and Cry really did make a deal to announce the breakup at a certain point, or if they're going to continue to keep it a secret..I'm honestly sort of offended that Cry would think we're dumb enough to believe it.

No. 333383

Playing devils advocate here. They don't owe us anything. At least Cry doesn't owe us anything. Cheyenne does, though, since she's the one that's been keeping it going, with her statements. Nothing that Cry has done makes it seem like they are still together, other than not saying they aren't.

No. 333388

Cry is gonna break up with her in the next week (or two, at the very most.) He was going to do it earlier via YouTube but since he messed up his computer he couldn't. He's already seeing someone else.

No. 333392

Sure he is.

No. 333395

Because someone who knows him would TOTALLY give out that info. :')

No. 333397

Doubt he'd even do it via YouTube unless it's that wind down thing he does that Cheyenne was supposed to be a guest on. I doubt he's even seeing someone else so early on. It would take time to recover from an abusive relationship.

No. 333399

Pretty sure its already been stated by someone else previously that it'd be a wind down video

No. 333401

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it started in the last thread, where someone saw during a stream that Cry had a puzzle named "Cheyenne" or something. That's how that started. And it'll probably be sooner rather than later according to a temporary video and someone claiming to be close to a friend of Cheyenne's.

No. 333406

Lol, did you get that information from Cheyenne? I know she thinks he wants to announce it because he found someone else, instead of that maybe he's tired of her mooching off his name for 4-5 months, which he only agreed to to be nice and make the transition easier on her.
I don't think she deserves that kindness but whatever.

No. 333433


> I know that some people still do believe they are together, but if Cheyenne and Cry really did make a deal to announce the breakup at a certain point, or if they're going to continue to keep it a secret..I'm honestly sort of offended that Cry would think we're dumb enough to believe it.

You gotta remember. we're "woke". We've gotta whole shit ton of information from lots of different people, spread around and watching from lots of different sources, lots of different people thinking about it and offering their perspective, building on what everyone else is saying.

Your standard fan? Watches streams when they manage to catch them, watches youtube videos. Maybe twitter too, maybe not.

So your average fan, catching one stream out of three, wonders a little about cheyenne, but recalls a few weeks back when cry said something vague about how "she's busy and is doing her own thing" and lets it go.

and near as I can tell… no one's REALLY talking about it, except us. So while most people might go "I wonder what's up with Cheyenne?" they'll just assume that they missed her being around, or not not. They're not seeing the repeated ignoring of questions. They're not seeing the offhanded dismissals again and again. They probably not watch Cheyenne stream, so they're not saying that. They're not watching her at all, because Cry's the one we're all here for. (srs: Cry's got 400K Twitter followers. Cheyenne has 31.8K… )

(completely on the side note: Looking at Socialblade, for the last month, Cheyenne's twitter loses an average of 3 followers a day.. Cry gains an average of 37 a day. All said, it's hardly rats from a ship, but amusing all the same. I can't see long term projections for her, but this seems to have been a trend that started about a month ago…)(anyway, back on topic..)

So, most people just aren't paying attention to the big picture because they don't have any real reason to be. I mean, I am sporadic at getting to watch the LNC streams. To me, it's been ages since I've heard snake on. I assume I've just missed him, though. Not that he and cry ended their friendship or anything.

It's REALLY easy to assume that everything's alright when you're not always around. We're the ones being stalkerish level and scraping together every shread of evidence of everything we have.


Don't be insulted by what Cry seems to be doing. We're the 1%. we're even smaller than that. There are probably only a couple dozen of us that participate in any real conversation here and probably a few hundred rare or non-participants.

Also, I agree with the idea that Cry will do announce things after he gets his computer back– going off of my procrastination/guilt theory, anyway… the last week or two would have been "shucks. I can't, it's terrible. but I'm legitimately off the hook. Not my fault… I'll do it when I have my computer again." … If i had to guess.. probably get a youtube video or two out (if he has his network shit figured out)(and even if not, probably an update video) and probably, a stream or two.


> Cheyenne does, though, since she's the one that's been keeping it going, with her statements.

Eh, I wouldn't place blame too hard–saying 'no' is really hard… ignoring questions while trying not to isolate your viewers means that you have to bullshit out some answers. and if it's been CRY that has said "not yet, wait please" to her, and THATS why she's been putting all this off, it's not fully her fault that she picked a poor delaying method. especially if maybe the plan was for her to be on LNC again for a "so yeah, bye." or a winddown puzzle or whatever.

But that's just one possible view point on this and I think it's important to remember that we will probably never know everything that happened here. Maybe in 3 or 4 years if we get cry talking about it some time, but … not REALLY.

No. 333510

File: 1497129238521.png (49.74 KB, 617x319, fa6d4172facbeef8d86fd33c6f95eb…)

Totally non milk related, but bless this man. <3

(also, conspiracy: Puppies and kitties can make a hard day easier if you're expecting to explain breakups. Also I don't think this is true. But kitties. :) )

No. 333513

I know you said you don't think it's true, but..god damn, you might be right.

No. 333547

A man: Does the bare minimum
You guys: Bless him omg ?

No. 333548

Wait, what's the bare minimum here? They're appreciating a wholesome post for a second, chill.

No. 333549


I mostly just think it's cute as fuck and no one else would understand my daw.

No. 333550

Get over yourself, fucking hell. Amongst all the negativity, we're not allowed to have something positive in here? Smh.

No. 333556

Since when is being a sweetheart the bare minimum when all we talk about is cunts?

No. 333561

F*ck you. If you don't even like Cry, why the heck are you doing here. Get your negative ass attitude out of here. The guy's a sweetheart.

No. 333593

Let it also be said that he tweeted about asking for pet pics in the near future a while back. Maybe this is some coping mechanism and he's been planning to do it somewhere around this time? Could be reaching, but it's a nice thought.

No. 333599

Shit, you're right. I remember that!

This actually might be there year I can sub to Cry again. I've missed those emotes, honestly.

No. 333669

LOL god Youtuber's fans are almost as annoying as they are. I dont care about Cry, I'm just here for the gag of it all.

No. 333670

You know you can curse on the internet, right?

No. 333671

so much edge lol

No. 333691

well i mean, what'd you expect?

No. 333701

So. I'm not gonna ask who you are in the Nerd Pit, but this is a Cry thread. Leave it to Crydrama, don't drag the mods or any users/chatters in. I don't care to know your name, I have a good idea who you are, don't do this again.

No. 333713


Maybe a nice fuzzy critter compilation as a background video for the 'talking about Cheyenne' thing?

I think he's gonna talk about it on youtube. I say this because he can get all of his thoughts out, edit out the places where he gets lost or shares too much, or whatever and turn some long ramble into something more succinct. And this way, it can also be easily referred to whenever someone asks about Cheyenne, so he doesn't have to repeat himself over and over again.

Christ, if this ends up on the website like 12 times, I'm sorry. The farm's been having issues all night and this is my last try to post this shit before I go to bed. I dunno if shit might explode and post 30 times at once in a few minutes.

No. 333795

Listen, we don't care who's here is spy in Discord Cry thread, but we don't need your existence there only for your own benefit to talk more shit about someone in the crew. Let mods be. Don't use them as pets to make more information about somebody/something. It's really fucking low of you to put ANYONE from Cry thread into this.

No. 333829

That seems logical to me. Here's hoping, at least.

No. 333831

LOL! Not that anon but what are you, the drama/whatever police? Omg, I know who u r don't do this again, fucking hilarious.

No. 333844

Not touching ANYONE from Cry thread is request on behalf of the entire server. Be at least a little bit a reasonable people. We wanna have a good time of talking to each other. Not being uncomfortable of feeling that you gonna use us and our words for your own talks.

No. 333862

You can't police this thread. I think you should talk to your discord server about that stuff and maybe not say what is and isn't allowed here. That's for farmhands. Figure out your shit in discord.

No. 333863

Using names can also get you an IP ban. So, don't do that in the future either.

No. 333864

What discord server? What the fuck is going on?

No. 333868

There's some unofficial Cry discord server people are in. I don't know and who cares.

No. 333870

Agreed. A lot of talk going on with little to actually do with the subject itself.

No. 333876

No one was even talking about the mod anymore lol.

But anyway, can't wait to see someone ask about cheyenne not being at crys for his birthday. That is if she ever streams again.

No. 333891

I've noticed she hasn't wished him happy birthday publicly. I wonder if she's keeping her head down to not get questions.

No. 333904

I miss Cry's LPs. I used to watch them pretty religiously. Has he gotten better since the break up?

No. 333907

I'd say so. I've really been enjoying his content lately, when he uploads that is.

I'm excited for him to get all the computer stuff sorted out.

No. 333913


Yeah, he has been 100% more upbeat in general. The problem is he's had some serious youtube issues lately: Network and demonetization issues, as I recall, then something went fucky with his new computer.

If ya want something to watch, his 24 hour stream with Yakuza 0 on his twitch channel is pretty awesome. –just, the games' no where near over and it's a 24 hour stream, so it's got a lot of minigame play.

No. 333922


Definitely. I recommend his outlast 2 tryout (him and Russ trashed the game so much it was hilarious), his friday 13th were pretty fun as well as some good ol' Yakuza

No. 333926

Cheyenne is liking stuff on instagram right now that's talking about "exes wanting to take you back" and "cutting bad people from your life" and "how do you get into loving relationships". I was gonna post pictures but it was easier to just type it out since there's a few and it probably doesn't matter too much.

No. 333927

File: 1497207565318.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, 1474371935820.gif)

You're on an imageboard. Provide images.

No. 333944

File: 1497210163316.png (177.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8601.PNG)

Since the above anon isn't providing pictures, here you guys go.

No. 333945

File: 1497210195701.png (186.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8600.PNG)

No. 333949

What we can seem to establish from these, is that Cheyenne looks to be the one who broke up with Cry. Or at least that's how she wants to present the breakup.
It's like she's trying to pin the abuse on him. Pretty damn obvious Cry would be the one to end things with her.

No. 333956


thanks, I didn't want to give her one more follower lul


I know others may disagree but I think she is still kinda hung up on him

No. 333958

Nah, man. I completely agree. Why else would she be liking stuff like that all the time?

No. 333959


For one.. . I don't htink I agree. The image here >>333945 seems to be saying ""thought I was dumped, I still miss you." which would fit the cry-dumped-her narrative.

That said, I wouldn't read too much into liked posts. The idea of the post, anyway, is "I miss my old relationships" and "I want a good relationship"… these don't have to be directly related to exactly her life circumstances, or even her most recent life happenings.. I know I like/reblog/whatever shit all the time that I laugh at, or felt some 'kinship' to.

No. 333970

Cry did break up with her, at least that is known in his circle of friends. It's also been said that she thought that the breakup was just a "break" until recently, I guess, with him pushing for the announcement.

No. 333975


She well might be still hung up on him. But you can also be hung up on just the idea of missing an old relationship, or the reliability of it.

You don't have to have gone through something exactly to "feel it" enough to hit 'like'.

I mean, I've been happily married for a decade and I still occasionally post shit like that because it's relatable. almost everyone has a failed relationship or a relationship that they regret ended.


Ooh? the 'break' versus 'break up' thing is new to me. maybe I missed it.

No. 333979

Ooh, so it wasn't just an act on her behalf.

That was a smart move from Cry. Surely it wouldn't have gone over as smoothly if he'd broken up with her straight up.

No. 334087

So Cry's at an Iron Maiden concert.
I'm glad he's having a good time, a great break for him from all the pressure and stress Cheyenne must be putting on him.

No. 334331

Yeah, me too :')

No. 334573

I sort of feel like Cheyenne's using Sterling as a way to hold onto Cry.

No. 334574

Lol, what ? Its not like they live together and its their dog. He just paid the adoption fee.

No. 334575

Well yeah. But that's the point. He paid. Plus, she mentioned in a tumblr post a while back that she classed it as 'their' dog.

No. 334576


W…what exactly do you want? for her to abandon the dog because they broke up? Or to stop caring about it? Or..???

Seriously confused what you think the reasonable reaction is?

No. 334578

Nah man, it's just I noticed she's been posting about the dog on snapchat a lot. Like, she's being a lot more affectionate towards it. Christ.

No. 334579

I agree tbh

No. 334582

Dogs are pretty good at the whole 'unconditional love' thing.

No. 334597

Ironic, because I'd be surprised if Sterling could still even recognize Cry by now.

No. 334667

Nah, that's her dog. It was a gift, yeah, but Cry has no attachment to it.

No. 334691

Exactly. There was even a time on stream where Cry was naming off the dogs and cats he has. He didn't mention Sterling at all, to which Cheyenne was like "and you have one here." He then was kinda "Oh yeah, sure."

No. 334736

I was gonna post that Christine started posting about being heartbroken and hoped it had to do with Chey, but given that they're going back and forth now I guess not. Ugh.

No. 334752

No yeah,I don't know Christine personally from what I've heard from friends of friends is that shes been going through some heavy stuff. Like, in and out of mental hospitals heavy. I don't really know what to make of any of that. I kinda feel bad for her, because she probably got involved with Chey because she's vulnerable.

No. 334756

Y'know, maybe they really ARE just friends… and Cheyenne's been being a supportive friend.

It could be a pretty decent mutually beneficial friendship-relationship. Especially if both are in need of some hugs.

Or, y'know, maybe its' unhealthy and whatnot, but maybe they're not actually romantically involved. (yet?)

No. 334762

>Not romantically involved
They flirt constantly, talk about being together, she was posting that she was sad she wasn't going to see Cheyenne for a month, they give each other literal fuck me eyes >>328206

Totally not romantically involved. What kinda friends do you have?

No. 334765


I didn't say I thought it was likely, but I've actually seen similar situations before. It's totally the sort of thing where romantic attachments end up happening, but two people who need attention can and will gravitate to one another.

Just, this does offer some explanation as to WHY they might be together. emotional vulnerability, etc.

No. 334833

Wow. I guess I didn't realize Christine was so fucked up.

No. 334837

It's sad considering being with Cheyenne can only inevitably make her problems worse.

No. 334838

>in and out of mental hospitals
Do you know how recent this has been occurring? Also does any one know Christine's age?

No. 334856

Throughout the past 6 months recent I know forsure. I'm not positive about any earlier, Like I said, friends of friends.
I'm also not positive about her age. If I had to guess though, I suppose I'd say around 24-25? I don't know.

No. 334865

Christine is 20 years old.

No. 334868

There's no way she's that young. I mean, she doesn't look older in a bad way by any means, but just looking at her she seems older. Is mature the word I'm looking for?

No. 334870

File: 1497339685058.png (16.96 KB, 581x108, 5f62547d6d1c7dfd9d5bd32a8fa5d9…)


Well, she posted this. So, by her word, she's 20. She might not be, but…

No. 334873

I think she looks more mature as well, but in the streams she seems to have that fun personality that shows how young she really is.
I actually think Christine is pretty and seems really nice. It's sad that she got caught up in Cheyenne's shit storm.

No. 334874

Huh, guess you're right! Interesting.
And yeah, I do really enjoy her, and honestly if she streamed independently i would watch it.
I feel bad that she's apparently so ill, I can imagine Cheyenne would use that to her advantage, which makes me feel sick.

No. 334925

she was in only once for a short period of time - maybe a week and a half? - before checking herself out. she's a lovely young woman and I hope the best for her. she's young and I hope she is not going to be hurt by Cheyenne.

No. 335163

Yeah I know how how mental hospitals work but I'd like to know if she was admitted involuntary or she admitted herself in.

No. 335192

It was involuntary.

No. 335244

This makes me sad. Mental health is no joke, and I hope she got some good information and help from her stay.

No. 335309

Cheyenne edited her bio lol

No. 335311


Which one?

No. 335312


No. 335319

Knowing how shit the mental health care system is in Nevada, she probably didnt get much great information or help to be honest.

No. 335325

Interesting how none of her "fans" have asked her why she didn't visit Cry.

No. 335326

You sure? It still says "Cry's number 1 fan" for me

No. 335341

Oh my god, I swear for me it was edited. It had nothing about Cry but i guess it was a bug. My bad guys.

to be fair, she hasn't really streamed. which i think it's because she knows more people are most likely to ask about that there. or people had already forgotten.

No. 335356

Even if they asked, she most likely wouldn't respond or she would just come up with another bullshit excuse.

No. 335357

Yikes. I'm from the northwest, is it really that bad in Nevada?

No. 335409

She has changed it, but she kept the thing about Cry

No. 335503

saged so it won't bump but seriously this threading isn't bumping at all when it gets posted in and it hasn't hit the post limit. why is that?

No. 335526

Could be because it's a milkless wasteland but they still allow us to discuss shit here.

No. 335528

Might be on autosage atm

No. 335683


Honestly, we probably deserve to be autosaged. We haven't had any milk in months. More like a flash of udder once in a while.

I'd continue with the analogy but it gets pretty gross.

No. 335685

Honestly, I can't believe that nothing happened on/around Cry's birthday. The fact that no one questioned why his "girlfriend" wasn't visiting him and didn't even acknowledge the fact that it was his birthday says a lot. It annoys me when people on Youtube videos (like V2's) are like "oh, what happened to Cheyenne? Where's Cheyenne? blah blah." It's painfully obvious that at the very least they're on a break (most likely broken up) because they haven't really directly interacted publicly in months and the fact that some people can't take simple/straight-foward hints is mind-boggling.

No. 335691

In their defense, they are lied to continuously. "I just wanted my Saturdays back" "I just needed a break" "Cheyenne just wanted to do her own thing for a bit"
And people aren't usually observant enough to notice she never wished him Happy Birthday or actually went to visit them. Most people would assume they missed it on their timeline and just wouldn't think to look, or care enough to look. It's pretty much just us that care enough to pick up on patterns.

No. 335693


I hate calling those 'lies'… there shoudl be another word for that…. kind of thing. Just as a linguistics thing. there shoudl be another word.

Anyway, yeah: few people read as obsessively as we do. :)

No. 335701

I like to call them half-truths

No. 335717


That's a decent word for them.. but it's more.. "the lie you tell when the truth is more difficult than you want to get into right now." or "the small lie you tell when you think that telling the truth would be more upsetting to the listener than yourself." or "the lie you tell when you're not sure of the truth."

No. 335722

i feel like cry is doing what ray from rooster teeth did with his girlfriend a long time ago. he kinda just stopped talking about her/talking to her and then out of nowhere like a few months later he was like "oh yeah we aren't together anymore"

No. 335741

That sounds about right and it's smart. But of course you have nosy fucks like us that want answers. Plus, it's a bit insulting to our intelligence that they (Cheyenne) were acting as if everything was fine and would return to normal when that clearly wasn't the case. I just hope that Cry's happier now.

No. 335745

white lies? or like. yeah. white lies.

i wouldn't say it's dishonesty but moreso avoiding the topic at hand. chey hasn't mentioned anything at all so it's just us guessing at this point. i wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the road they drop the 'oh it's been a while since we were together!'

No. 335817

Honestly I think he wanted to announce it but with his computer freaking out it kind of got away from him and now he's back at the should I, shouldn't I stage.

I wish he'd just do it. Not for us whiny fucks or the ones constantly asking questions, but because it's something left unfinished and I'm sure he's thinking about it and it weighs on him.

>it's a bit insulting to our intelligence that they (Cheyenne) were acting as if everything was fine and would return to normal

Did you read the bit about Cheyenne thinking they were just on a break? It makes a lot of sense that that was the case.

No. 335826


> Did you read the bit about Cheyenne thinking they were just on a break? It makes a lot of sense that that was the case.

Not the person you're replying to.

Breaking up can be really fucking hard. One person says they want to end things. They have a discussion. The person initiating the breakup, not being an asshole, tries to offer kind words. After all, no one wants to say "I'm done being in a relationship with you, and also I hate you"… they say "no, it's not that you're awful, just we don't work well together. I still care about you."

and they have a long, deep, painful conversation, and at the end of it, two people walk away with a lot of hurt, but you can have two drastically different ideas about the conclusion of that conversation. Sure, there are problems, there are issues, but after all, if both of you still care, then maybe you just need some time apart.

And when you care… admitting that it's over can be the hardest thing in the world.

I've been there twice: First time I thought "I still love you" meant that we'd make it work. that we could fix it. They weren't firm. They weren't clear. (And honestly, I don't think they were sure what they wanted either.) … I dangled on for months, clinging to every kind word they offered.

Second time was different, and was a case where they told me "no, we're over, but you can stay for now." and I hung in there and was persistent and 8 years later, I'm still here and we worked things out.

Sorry to blog, but s'relevant enough.

I can easily see Cry not being.. assertive or clear or too gentle, and them miscommunicatinlg. Hell… maybe it even WAS 'a break' and cry realized he was happier.

Hellx2, maybe it was a break, and he hasn't officially declared it over, and they're both lingering.

who knows…

No. 335853

So Cheyenne Snapchatted that she was having a "movie night'' with Cry on Skype.

No. 335913

Only half an hour into a call though, it could just be that they jumped onto a call for her to snapchat or something.

Seriously, Cry wanted to make an announcement but he's still going along with her?

No. 335918

I just saw that. I was thinking maybe Cheyenne asked for it. And Cry was just like "yeah friends can watch movies together it's no problem". But for Cheyenne, it was just another way to show it. Maybe even get people to stop asking her about Cry. But it just made her look fucking dumb because of her saying she was gonna visit him for his birthday and it not being real.

No. 335922

Yep! She's always making herself look dumb.

No. 335935


….could it be that Cry accepted because Chey redirected this on her twitter (and he felt obligated)?: https://twitter.com/painhub/status/863740333133312001

A bit far-fetched I know but knowing the personnality of Cry…

No. 335939

I absolutely think that's the case. Thanks for pointing that out, anon! I somehow didn't even notice that.

No. 335969


I just realised the lyrics are "Baby you know that I miss you
I wanna get with you tonight " and she posted this on the actual day before the movie night.

So yeah she is the one who wanted this..

No. 335974

I just hope Cry knows what he's doing.

No. 335976

I don't think he does.

No. 335979

I don't know. I've been weak-willed with one of my exes too. But when I finally made up my mind it was over. No amount of talking to him could've made me change my mind, and I talked with him quite a bit.

No. 336012

guys, just a theory… but seeing that Christine is sad since some days, that her exchanges with chey got "tamer" on twitter, and that Chey tried to get back in contact with Cry (which she is still hung up on him)… do you think she has "broke up" with Christine? (or whatever they had, I am pretty sure Christine have feelings for her at least?)

No. 336013

*which confirms
**broken up :c

No. 336023

File: 1497557637437.png (337.67 KB, 1136x1420, hmmmmmmindeed.png)


No. 336053

Christine did tweet that she would be leaving for a month (I'm assuming she'll be in California because she mentioned the state in a stream). Sure, Cheyenne and Cry's relationship is online, but with Christine being away and not occupying Cheyenne, it gives her any chance she can to try and get back in touch with Cry.
Also just a theory.

No. 336058

File: 1497562217214.png (286.58 KB, 540x960, 19206169_765052910322453_13433…)

This was posted to her snapchat. Sorry about it being blurry that was the best screenshot I could get.

No. 336066

she's going to cali for a convention which isn't on until early july. i think she might be just taking a vacation lol

doesn't seem like they've broken contact or anything, it just looks like natural space. i suppose chey is bouncing back and forth between christine and cry.

Too many fuckin C names here.

No. 336073


but since Chey posted the song on twitter and the movie night on snapchat, Christine is bound to see them, wherever she is no?

anyway, Chey is just acting desperate imo. No chance at this point to change Cry's decision (calling it).

No. 336074

>No chance at this point to change Cry's decision (calling it).
Yeah! Have some faith people, he's come a long way. This has got to be a red herring.

No. 336079

Talking–or even watching a movie with–your ex doesn't mean that you're getting back together.

Christ, my best friend is my ex.

as for 'Cheyenne's still hanging on to it'… depends on if: she's delaying the announcement, or if it's him procrastinating.

No. 336099

You right. I'm going to choose to believe in him.

No. 336101

Exactly. I would've freaked out about this recent snapchat but i feel like Cry is gonna stay with his decision now. Don't worry guys, we still in this.

No. 336103

Alright so I know I 100% believe they're broken up, HOWEVER-

Do you guys ever thing we're just reaching too far? That maybe, oh, they possibly are just being quiet on social media. Perhaps they are just telling the absolute truth about why Cheyenne hasn't been on late night. Maybe something came up and that's why she didn't go visit Cry?

Like I said, I do believe they're broken up. But I kinda had to sit and be realistic for a small second. This just feels a bit too good to be true.

No. 336108

File: 1497568891465.jpg (14.39 KB, 417x97, lmaoo.JPG)

No. 336112


look at the big picture and trust your guts anon. Their behaviour would make no sense if they were still together and you know it.

also yes it IS too good to be true, who need drama films when you have good 'ol youtubers doing their thing? Just sit back and enjoy the show.

LMAO she is desperate all right

No. 336113

He also didn't even respond to it though. Maybe >>336073 was right, and she's just being desperate, because MAYBE he's close to actually announcing they're done? I dunno. I'm not gonna be worried about shit Cheyenne says

No. 336123


ye I'm that anon. I want to add something:

1) Cry and Chey take a break, Chey is salty on twitter

2) Cry is a bit moody

3) Chey likes stuff on instagram about exes and whatsnot (see end chapter 5)

4) Chey send the film where she is getting spanked by someone to Cry. Cry doesn't react.

5) Cry gets gradually better. Cry doesn't give a shit about Chey (no mention)

6) enter Christine, her and Chey overexpose their friendship/relationship something on social media, get on twitch and act all couply.

7) Cry still doesn't give a shit

8) Chey hints that she is sad on twitter, likes stuff on instagram about exes and whatsnot

9) some anon bring info that cry told her he was moving on

10) Christine now sad, Chey tries to hit on Cry again.

Does anybody have another interpretation/timescale? That is why I think she is acting desperate right now.

Also >>336079

I don't think the announcement thing changes anything. Even if it's Cry delaying, she might take it too as a opening and hope to be back ("he is not sure after all! I just need to convince him!" for ex.)

No. 336161

File: 1497574550816.png (186.74 KB, 1094x850, Capture d’écran 2017-06-16 à…)

LOL this passive-agressive warzone. I'm enjoying this way too much.

If you are wondering why Chey posted this particular comment on Cry's post: Cry is telling in his own way that he doesn't want a certain category of message. First in the mailbox then on his skype. Daddy = Cheyenne

No. 336163

If you're talking about the father's day thing he posted, it has nothing to do with calling anyone Daddy like the kids call each other these days. It's regarding HIS father. He's not too keen on him.

No. 336164


Dad = Cheyenne. He is using a metaphor. Got it?

No. 336169

Yeah, I know what you were getting at, but I really don't think that's it.

No. 336171


If he is talking about his dad at face value then Cheyenne's comment makes no sense (and would be rather inappropriate).

He is basically telling her to stop messaging, she is saying "no I really want you to call me". If you think it's far fetched then so be it, but looking at their past interactions they are capable of doing this sort of double-speak.

No. 336173

Normally I'm all for reaching, but I think this theory is a bit too out there.

No. 336177

That's fine. Let's enjoy christine's comment for now k?

No. 336182


I also agree that this is stretching. Cry really doesn't like his biological father. If he even knows him. I"m not sure on that. But I know he's had a string of shit mom-boyfriends that he hates.

My husband has some deep hatred of his father and he really hates all the father's day stuff too.

but man, Christine's comment chain.. total lols… so many ways to read it.

No. 336192

It is stretching. Cry has well-known father issues, and so understandably doesn't like to be reminded about them, but it happens with Father's day being everywhere.
Cheyenne's comment was inappropriate, in that aspect, but a lot of other people did it too. Like Jund. Her back and forth with Christine is fantastic, though, because it does seem like she may have gotten jealous about it.

No. 336276

I dunno, it seemed like Christine was joking around rather than legitimately jealous to me.

No. 336300

>I dunno, it seemed like Christine was joking around rather than legitimately jealous to me.

I thought so too considering their past twitter interactions are very similar.

No. 336311

It should also be worth noting he responded to Junds comment, while not acknowledge cheyenne and christines conversation.

No. 336312

File: 1497590025385.png (110.99 KB, 750x990, IMG_4815.PNG)

Jesus, Cheyenne. Make up your damn mind already.

No. 336316

That's because Jund is actually his friend and Cheyenne is a parasite trying to cling to him.

No. 336321

I think Cheyenne is getting confident in the fact that her and Cry are talking again, but she just fucking lost him with that tweet. Looks to me like she was bargaining for more than he was prepared to give, and even if she gained any ground with the movie night, which I doubt to begin with, sure just managed to lose it.
He's made up his mind people. We good.

No. 336323

I think you're spot on.

No. 336369

File: 1497607052805.png (156.82 KB, 1074x570, Capture d’écran 2017-06-16 à…)

@ the anon who knows Christine through common friends, do you know if she has somebody who can help her right now, or something?

Because I'm not reassured looking at this kind of tweet man…

No. 336374

I'm sorry, but who cares? We're not a hotline here.

No. 336377


Not who you're replying to.

That said, no, we're not a hotline. We're a thread/forum/whatever on website devoted to pointing out what a shitfaced selfish brat Cheyenne is.

We are here to appreciate that she's a pretty awful human being, who needs to grow up and learn to care about others.

So, at least from where I'm sitting: we don't gotta be angels or anything, but, y'know, we should try not to be awful shitfaced selfish brats.

No. 336382


u so edgy

No. 336437

Didn't want this to turn into a "Save Cheyenne's plaything" board. We get so derailed.

No. 336507


No. 336533


there isn't much to derail in the first place lul

No. 336705

I'm sure she does have people who can help her, anon. Don't worry alright?

Anyway, when's shit gonna happen? We've been patient for quite a long time. Actually a lot of people have. I get it takes time and all but if Cry doesn't do it soon then he's never gonna do it. For all he knows, it could be the only thing giving him the stress, not what people could do. Who cares if she even does gets some backlash. The girl has been giving it to people for years.

No. 336708

I feel like he's the kinda guy to not want to bring anything down on someone, even when they deserve it.

No. 337181

We can't go cow-tipping so there really isn't a thing we can do anyway.

No. 337402

anything interesting from tonight's stream?

No. 337403

No. 337431


I'm not sure I'd call it cowtipping… but whatever. It's in the past and talking about it more is more annoying to everyone than the initial post was.

No. 337688

File: 1497829177938.gif (880.75 KB, 275x179, 1439017028138.gif)

Then why did you reply if you wanted to drop it? Getting involved is cow-tipping. That anon was right to say that we're not a hotline, we're just here to watch.

No. 337728

Did anyone else see the Tinder icon at the top of Christine's tweet about her tattoo? Maybe they aren't dating after all.

No. 337733

>What is a casual or open relationship

No. 337734

You can date and still see other people. There's a difference between dating and being in a relationship.

No. 337779

cheyennes fake positivity post on twitter feels so forced and weird.

No. 337785

She's trying to rebrand with the announcement looming over her.

No. 337871

She definitely screwed with Christine's feelings too. Imagine my shock. So maybe she is trying to look like less of a dick?

No. 337875


Jesus. Because there are multiple people involved in the conversation–not just you and me. I had hoped that by suggesting that we drop it, that, crazily enough, people would drop it, and stop posting about something that happened 3 days ago, and is generally in every respect pointless to continue discussing, except in the respect that it gives us some insight into Cheyenne's girl-thingy's state of emotional wellbeing. Or not well being, as the case may be.

It's pretty crazy and innovative, I know.

Anyway, in an (desperate) attempt to be on topic:

I notice Cry posted a couple hours ago about "I forgot how therapeutic editing can be"… Now, I know he hasn't done too much editing over the last couple months in general, but doesn't he usually stream his editing sessions? But he didn't stream this one: So: Rusty and not feeling like streaming? Or, hoping to avoid the strong intimacy and levels of viewer-interaction that a editing stream usually brings? … Or to be more blunt about it, avoiding questions about Cheyenne?

No. 337880

I'm a different anon, but my god, you are a ridiculous person. You talk like tmad. Like your words have more importance, but really you're just a fucking anon like the rest of us. Your smugness is so fucking annoying.

No. 337882


it's true he hasn't done any stream for this one. However I don't think it has to do with Cheyenne. Last one he did was at the beginning of may (walking dead 4) and I don't remember anyone asking a question about her.

No. 337895

He probably didn't stream it because it's therapeutic and maybe he needed a little bit of that by himself.

No. 337974

Maybe he needed some cooldown with himself time after watching a movie with the beast?

No. 337997

That was days ago, my friend.

No. 338012

True. Sorry, was mostly spitballin.

No. 338278

Funny how Cheyenne seemed to not have been going out as much, but now that Cry is starting to do videos again, she's going out. Hmm. Avoiding something?

No. 338398

She's been avoiding anything regarding him besides a couple tweets lmao.

No. 338543


Pretty sure editing alone without any distractions is far more therapeutic than streaming it ever would be.

Streaming is essentially just free ego-boost since it's just ass-kissing fans anyway who have nothing better to do in life.

No. 338551


He commented a few … months ago, I think, that he liked having people around. That "chill youtube cry" is generally "lonely cry"…

So it depends, I think, on a lot of complicated emotional details about how cry deals with people and self-therapy and a lot of shit.

That also said: Streaming is kind of how he makes most of his money, since his youtube is pretty fucked up at the moment. So I'm not really sure I'd call it a "free ego boost" or "ass kissing fans"

Though, I'm not going to get into an argument about "ass kissing fans" because I'm pretty sure it'll be like arguing with a brick wall.

So, uh… Yeah. He makes his money that way. If he wants to throw in some overtime, that's his deal.

No. 338562

pretty sure they broke up and she just won't/won't let him admit it because she doesn't want to lose her e-fame and position as his girlfriend

No. 338566

People who still think Youtube is fucked/dead are terribly misinformed and only bandwagon shit they've been hearing.

No. 338575


I… yes. We are pretty sure that is the thing that is happening. Or that he's putting it off. There's a lot of evidence either way.


…As in, Cry posted a month ago here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjK9vfN_SCA

in short: As of that video, he doesn't have a network. "everything" was demonetized. (That means they don't make money.).. Many things are getting copyright claims, being blocked or removed. So, as of that video, he was trying to get that worked out. And, twitch, he said, is more reliable as far as income goes. And when he gets his network stuff sorted out, he'll go back to posting on youtube more frequently.

This video: https://youtu.be/BNVAnP2iCBM posted 3 days, gives an update: the network stuff is STILL being sorted out–in the mean time, stuff is still being deleted. His new computer was dead-on-arrival, then his capture card broke.

So, no, he/I am not whining about how youtube is dead… He is having a very specific issue that is actually impacting his ability to make money via youtube.

I mean, sure, he could be lying, but I really doubt that.

That said, he's posted 2 videos in the last few days so MAYBE he's got that stuff sorted out–I haven't watched them yet.

No. 338591

Then Youtube isn't necessarily "dead". It's his own responsibility to sort out network stuff. You see all these other youtubers including smaller channels doing fine nowadays. And I don't just mean family friendly channels either.

No. 338597

Does Cry still share his Twitch revenue with the LNC? If so, that's beyond my understanding, especially now.

Literally most of the viewership exist solely because of Cry and they only appear once a week. The others have their own channels. I've seen streamers as small as their viewership make a decent living.

I also remember one stream where he got a call from his sister and told her not to spend too much because money is tight. But if this is like saying his sister (and her bf?) are basically freeloaders not having jobs. Then I can't believe I ever looked up to this man…

No. 338601


I never said that youtube was dead, or that Cry said that youtube was dead.

I said that his youtube is pretty fucked up at the moment–not all youtube.

I suppose I did not explicitly state that he, personally, was working on solving his own network problems, but I implied it pretty heavily.

Which is to say: He's working out his youtube shit, and he's been streaming for years. Why does it upset you if he streams?


I'm not sure how stuff's split. So, no comment.

As for his family: He has a house that he shares/provides for his sister, her baby (daughter?) and maybe sister's boyfriend too (not sure on that)… I think his brother is also moving in soon.

> I can't believe I ever looked up to this man…

I think it's very sweet that he is providing for his family.

And even if he pays all the bills, we don't know what his family does for him. For all we know, his sister cooks, cleans, does all the shopping, etc etc.

I think that's pretty fair, all things considered, especially if it kept her from, say, being trapped in a location that wasn't healthy for her or her baby.

I mean, seriously. This man is making sure his sister can focus on being a mom, without having to worry about working, babysitters, etc, etc etc. That's pretty awesome.

I know some husbands that don't even do that much for their wives and children.

as for the BF? Beats me on that. That's probably a sore spot, if the BF lives with them. shrugs

but ain't nothing wrong with taking care of family.

No. 338612

> Why does it upset you if he streams?

I'm not upset if he streams. I get upset when I see people say Youtube is dead, should just quit yt and go fulltime Twitch.

To me, that is so inconsiderate. That's like shitting on everything he's built over the years and tell him to just throw it away. There was passion, blood, sweat, and tears behind all that.

And I would honestly hate it if Cry were to ever get influenced into such a mindset. I've seen some youtbers>streamers do that before. Saying "Oh, you guys are always so sweet! Should I do daily streams? (And quit yt forever?? It's too much to do both! It's less viewers but you guys are always supportive! Oh, I already know you guys will say yes, yay.)"

I understand you don't mean anything like that. I am sorry for lashing out. Thank you for keeping it civil.

No. 338618


See, I can agree with that. :)

Thankfully, none of my youtubers have ever done that to me (…yet. I kinda got a bad feeling about my boy CoryxKenshin who disappears for a month or two at a time and is promising "BIG NEWS" mid July.)

… I like Streams! They give me a chance to hang out and interact with some of my smaller people. (Just like I love Cry's Editing streams. Only a couple hundred people show up, and only a few want to talk. :) )

But yeah, don't abandon youtube for streaming: that's just not cool. At the very least, stream, then edit for youtube later.

> I understand you don't mean anything like that. I am sorry for lashing out. Thank you for keeping it civil.

Aw, you're pretty cool too :) Thanks for speaking reasonably and being chill. It's okay if you lashed out a bit–everyone gets agitated sometimes, especially if it's stuff that upsets us. What's important is what you did, and calming down after. <3

Sorry if I got snippy too! I'm not feeling great today…

No. 338821

>Then I can't believe I ever looked up to this man…
His family is his own business, no? This is uncalled for.

>I get upset when I see people say Youtube is dead, should just quit yt and go fulltime Twitch.

I think it upsets him too. He's worked hard for his youtube channel, and he's had moments where other people would quit. He clearly wouldn't be there still if he didn't think there was something to it. Speaks volumes on his determination too. To have people that don't acknowledge that is just… well if it's upsetting to us, imagine how Cry feels.

No. 339084

confirming that it's indeed the case, he wants to move forward publicly but she doesn't

No. 339087


and you are an informed source…?

No. 339088


yeah, I'm a friend.
I don't really want to give too much detail because I don't want to be too involved in this, but at his point I'm just fed up with how she's acting because he's not putting his foot down.

No. 339090


Well, you'll have to forgive us–you're gonna probably have a lot of people who don't believe you stomping through here.

But to be fair, about once a week, someone comes in, claiming to be an informed, but sekrit source, and sprinkles a little information in that we have absolutly no way of verifying one way or another that sometimes wildly contradicts everything else that's been said.

No. 339091


I totally understand

I've spoken to him personally and they've been broken up for a few months now. He just wants it all to be over publicly so he can move on.

believe what you will though, I would be wary too without proof

No. 339152

Yeah, don't believe anything without proof, but there should be some soon. This anon is right from my knowledge as well. It's been a struggle for him, because she doesn't want to announce it, but he does want to move past this part of his life.
There were a lot of hiccups with his computer/youtube though.

No. 339159

Yep, it's gonna be soon. I talked to him on Sunday around 715p and he said he's getting his new vids up to get back into the groove and not have the first big video back since May to be the breakup video.

And that's all bullshit. I don't know Cry, but that was a pretty good speculation, huh?

No. 339164

Yeah, funny enough this is actually pretty accurate.

No. 339168


Hey, it's pretty good speculation. I could be deluded, but I see a lot of myself and mannerisms in Cry. That is totally something I would do–especially if I was procrastinating on it. Any excuse to 'legitimately' not deal with that thing that I'm not wanting to deal with for a few more days.

I figure once he decides to do it (and this is one of the areas he differs from me) He's gonna go in whole hog.


That's another theory, actually. came up about a week ago here: >>335722

It might be a nice way to do things, but I'd rather he talk about it: air it out, get it done with, let us stop wondering.

Technically he HAS already done that… they've been separated since before valentines day, if I recall correctly. ..that's like 4 months. and I think it's been even longer than that.

No. 339262

Honestly, whether Cheyenne wants to announce it or not, Cry needs to. I don't understand why he's waiting for her permission when it's his life. He really should stand up for himself and say "You know what? I don't need your okay to tell people about whats happening in my life." I know that Cry probably doesn't want to piss her off, but this is just another way that she can have some sort of power over him. Once he airs it all out, he doesn't ever have to interact with her again unless he wants to. I feel like it would be better for him in the long run to stand up for himself so she gets the message that she can't control him anymore for good.

No. 339308


Well, one theory is that she has blackmail over him, (theories include face-pics, and other bullshit that I'm not going to give words to because it'll just lead to pointless discussion with no evidence) that is keeping him from announcing it, but I don't think there's much evidence for it.

Another is that Cry doesn't want his fangirls to freak out and threaten her or anything. Which, I give some credence to–fans get a little crazy sometimes. And "we're breaking up, it's hard, but I'll be okay." is NOW and SUDDEN and HOW DARE SHE!!!11!one! … but "we broke up, it's cool, we're fine, I"m happy, how are you?" takes a lot of the wind out of one's sails. hard to get angry when he's chill and happy.

No. 339858

Cry doesn't initiate conversations with anyone. Let alone rl friends (Which he has none of). He has said so himself. He's a loner. And that is part of the problem.

Nothing is gonna come to light. Nobody legit is gonna reveal anything either.

No. 339924

lol. Are you 50k sub anon again? You're strangely aggressive and always wrong.

No. 339928


Y'know, you can have a conversation without personally initiating it. You can even have a decent social life, with several friends. Even with other loners.

I know, weird, but true!

No. 339952

Since we're on topic. Do we even know when the last time Cry even met any of his closest friends like Russ irl? I doubt anyone would actually announce "let's hang". But if they met up I would expect little stories during streams or something.

Like "remember that thing last week/month?". The only stories I hear always go back to their high school days.

No. 339967


I didn't know they'd ever met iRL.

No. 339977

I don't think they have. Pretty sure they all will just Skype or some shit like that

No. 340003

I feel like they might one day. Especially since it seems Cry has been going out more, even on his own.

No. 340073

You guys are assuming too much about his life based on his character. I'm just as introverted -actually arguably more- but that doesn't mean I'm completely isolated. Even when you forget to call someone for a couple of months, not because you don't care but because that's just how you are, there are still people willing to stick by you and you can still be semi-social with a little bit of encouragement. Cry is a social introvert, he's fun to be around. I doubt there's no one in his real life that can appreciate him for that. Also find it kinda hard to believe that after all these years he hasn't met any of is close friends irl.

No. 340122

Let's not forget that he has gone to Vegas and Disney and a shit ton of other places that are very public. He's not a shut-in for Christs sake.

No. 340208

Definitely this. All the assumptions are so dumb and I don't even know why this has been discussed. Just because they don't go on and on about everything they do or experience, doesn't mean they're not doing or experiencing things. Cry is very clearly a more private person, he just shows us snippets. Who cares.

No. 340334

Damn, we weren't saying he doesn't go outside like some fucking recluse. We were saying that we didn't think they'd met in person and it makes sense. They all live in different states (except Cry and Jund) and I doubt they'd make a special trip just to meet.

No. 340341

cry wears glasses

No. 340401

Thank you, captain obvious. As if we didn't know.

No. 340424

And has red hair, and blue eyes, and facial hair. Now you're filled in.

No. 340451

Did he confirm red hair? I just thought he said not brown or blonde.

No. 340458

No idea where the red hair comes from. He ain't ginger and is probably the last person to even think about dying his hair.

No. 340473

is this stuff coming from the stream or something?


outside of statistics, generally, he's about a likely to have red hair as not.

That said, I could see him dying his hair. Maybe not like, a chunk or something.

it's an interesting debate: he seems like the sort who'd get an idea to do something in his head and does it. Very impulsive in some respects. "I want this toy and I am a grown up man, who makes his own money, so I'm going to get it."

I can see that type of personality having a 'vanity' moment and seeing a neat hair color, and saying "I want that!"

that kind of vanity isn't always about wanting other people to look at you, but is about wanting to see yourself that way. in your periferial vision, in the mirror, etc.

I started painting my nails a couple months ago. I still catch myself looking at them and going "ee! my nails!" … and I'm 33, lol.

That said, I don't actually think cry's the 'make myself a redhead because red' type. could totally be wrong. But I don't think he's the 'last person' to do that either.

No. 340488

Cheyenne posted on snapchat of her in Tabletop simulator. Playing a puzzle.

No. 340495

Screenshot? I'd look myself but I left my phone in my car.

No. 340500

File: 1498298263513.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5057.PNG)

No. 340539

Well shit. Looks like it finally might be coming m'dudes.

No. 340540

Guess we just have to wait for Cry to tweet mentioning that he recorded with Cheyenne like he did with all the other people he played with.

No. 340561

Weren't all the other puzzles wind down? I mean, I can kind of see him not wanting it to be part of a stream though.

No. 340569

Certified milk delivery on Wednesday. Enjoy, you crazy bastids.

No. 340583

How do you know it will be Wednesday?

No. 340607

Not the anon you're replying to but-
I'm guessing because he posted all the other wind-down videos on Wednesday, as well.

No. 340647

Cinnamon Toast Ken was posted on a Thursday, Dodger on a Friday, Crendor and Jesse on a Wednesday. They haven't been super consistent.
Regardless, Though puzzles are wind downs, how do we know she wasn't just.. putting a puzzle together? Maybe with Christine? Or a different friend?

All I'm saying, is there have been so many times someone has said "Oh, it's being announced in a couple days, in a week, this way, that way" and it still hasn't happened. No one should get their hopes up.

No. 340713

Why do you guys think Cry would ever upload a video about a relationship the majority of people don't give a shit about? Do you guys seriously think the most private person ever is randomly going to open up on YouTube with an entire video about a breakup? He is extremely consistent about his opinions on only uploading videos that are quality content, which is why he hated uploading Livestream videos every week.

Do you guys even watch Cry, this is like super basic shit to realize he'll never talk about this.

No. 340714

He's not posting an entire video about his break up. He's putting up a video to announce their break up, and to show "hey everything is still okay though!" to clear up questions about why she won't be around anymore, idiot. You fool.

You post here a lot, you should fucking cool it. It's easy to tell because your attitude blows, and you think you know what you're talking about all the time and you're always so fucking wrong. Quit projecting.

No. 340725


Holy shit, for someone telling me to cool down you seem super triggered for absolutely no reason.

I'm just saying, its very unlike him to direct attention to his personal life in any way. He's always been one to avoid confrontation - why would he do anything but keep ignoring it? Makes no sense.

No. 340730

He originally announced on his yt that they were dating in the portal 2 video, this is his way of showing his yt only viewers that they've broken up.

No. 340734


There is a massive difference between announcing a new relationship and announcing a breakup, in terms of drama.

Cry cannot deal with drama whatsoever. So, he most likely will do nothing but continue ignoring it. Seems to be working so far.

No. 340752


The advantage of doing a YT video on it is that he can refer to it anytime anyone asks about it. No more questions, it's already right there.

plus, it shows they're on decent terms, so please don't try and shank Cheyenne in a dark alley, thanks.

OR he may keep ignoring it. that's also a possibility, but it restricts both him and Cheyenne from being able to "move on" and see other people, and stuff.

No. 340758

She removed this snap from her story.

No. 340759


I don't really agree. I think he has to announce it. Cheyenne's name is still written as part of the Late Night Crew. If he wants to remove it at some point he HAS to address the break-up in order to avoid any freak out/questions by fans.

Also it would let him move on. He has already hinted during the last months that he had depression. It's 100% the Chey drama that caused it, no doubt. He ignored adressing Chey these last months probably because they were officially on a "break"and not a break-up(if anon with info was right).

Now, logically, would you announce the break-up on youtube or on twitch? It's true Chey is more known by his twitch audience. However, he has more control on what is communicated through a yt video (with editing and whatsnot). He also avoids having a real time twitch chat reacting on the spot, asking questions and (maybe) overreacting.

A wind-down puzzle seems an ideal format in order to address the issue. Stay casual and give the impression that "everything is cool, it's mutual".

(Though I don't want to raise anyone's hopes up. We already had false lead/info before.)

No. 340834

What if they're making the video to show that they're still together, though? What if it's couple's therapy?

No. 340837

They always just streamed that, and it was on her channel. I seriously doubt he'd make a youtube video for that. Plus, they don't even communicate anymore?

No. 340927

Wind down hour's coming back on Monday. Says so in live stream temp video description. We shall see if it's "the one".

No. 340941

One can only hope

No. 340971

The first one won't be her. It'll be the second, I think.

No. 340981

We've been down this road before. Never with Cheyenne suddenly having a side-chick, but along similar circumstance none the less. I just hope this is it, finally.

No. 341019


He did one with Russ too (if I remember right)

No. 341182

I'm curious as to why she removed the snap right after the anon posted the screenshot though.

No. 341366

Because she probably watches this thread and knows that we know what's up. She doesn't need other people finding out early that Cry is about to officially drop her ass lol

No. 341375

I mean, they're making a video together. I hope you guys aren't expecting her terribleness to be brought to light. It's most definitely a "we're broken up, but we're still good friends" kinda deal.

No. 341382

I didn't say he was going to call her out for being horrible? I just said they'd officially be separated and she probably doesn't want that because she's going to lose a lot of viewers.

No. 341596

I too hope that it is the one, and that this frustrating situation will finally ends. For Cry’s defense though, if the blackmail and break thing are true then it made perfect sense for him to have waited until the crazy calmed down in order to have a smooth break-up. Being in the spotlight sure makes everything more complicated… Imagine if tomorrow someone like, let’s say, Pewdiepie and Marzia were breakup up. What a headache it would be, with Marzia being so dependent image-wise and financially-wise. Makes me thankful I’m just some anon lol.

I hope Cry gets better soon.

No. 341685

Cry mentioned that there's going to be a few wind down hours this week.
Guess it really is finally coming.

No. 341688

He uploaded one with Russ 40 min ago.

No. 341689

Yep. That's why I said what I said.

No. 341693

Cheyenne's WILL be on Wednesday.

No. 341794

I'm going to fucking kick myself if they turn out to be together still.

No. 341812


They're not.

They are SO not.

They have TOTALLY changed every way that they've publicly interacted for the last 4 or 5 months.

There are totally some possibilities otherwise, but they are all stretching SO far.

They're not still together, or at the very least, they have utterly restructured their relationship to involve little-to-no publicly visible interaction. But I can't see Cheyenne accepting that. And honestly "I love you, but don't want to be seen in public with you" is not a good thing to say in ANY relationship unless one of you is the leader of a country and a target for assassinations, blackmail, etc.


Was that said in the video?

No. 341819

Nah, just a friend. Russ was today, Cheyenne on Wednesday and someone else, that hasn't been decided, on Friday.

No. 342004

Do you guys think Cheyenne is making it look like she's coming back from florida on her snapchat? when really she came back from california?

No. 342008

Well how about telling us the context of the picture and if she wrote anything on the snap?

No. 342010

Or post a screenshot

No. 342014

Its her riding down an escalator in an airport with 'Welcome to Las Vegas!' on a sign in front of her. Probaby because she picked Christine up from the airport.

No. 342017

Oh, I assumed Cheyenne went to visit her. That makes a lot more sense.

No. 342032

File: 1498547053815.png (479.79 KB, 1080x1100, Twitter follows.png)

this is interesting, i think.

No. 342035

How so?

No. 342039

It's kinda been known that Russ doesn't like Cheyenne, I think? At least to me it has. He isn't following her on Twitch either.

No. 342040

Really? I didn't know he had ever said anything against her.

No. 342046


Speaking out my ass here, but there are plenty of ways to not-like someone without speaking out against them.

I hope someone will have some good examples! It'd be like milk. Old milk, but good. Like ice cream, maybe?

No. 342051

yep christine tweeted a picture of her reuniting with chey so i'm pretty sure that's what happened. makes sense.

No. 342053

Also speaking out my ass, but a large portion of it could have something to do with Cheyenne's bullying of Angel.

No. 342058

he used to follow her. every time I would check her twitter from links here it he would show up in the followers you know section.

No. 342059

This is true. Cheyenne has basically put it out there even. Like in this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyRespectfulElephantTBCheesePull

And then the entire 4/4/15 stream was just a major shitshow. It was a mixture of Cry and Cheyenne, but any time Cheyenne complained, Russ would get super upset and just shut down in a way. Funnily enough, that was the same stream where Cheyenne told Cry his work wasn't impressive.

Then there's also (which we've talked about multiple times) the phoenix wright clip when they tried to get Angel in and Cheyenne shut that down.And Russ sounded upset over that.

Literally just watch the streams starting from 2014 to 2016. There's your examples, pretty much.

No. 342160

Cheyenne asked for snaps of animals. Maybe to help cope with tomorrow?

No. 342178

Oh, true. I think it's more interesting she was still following him. Unless it's just super recent that he unfollowed her, like Cry told him he was announcing it officially soon so he felt like he didn't need to keep up appearances anymore.
It looks like everyone else follows each other though.

No. 342313


I am about 90% sure that he's not been following her for a while–I think it's come up here before, too.


Fuzzy pictures are the best coping mechanism.
No, seriously: If looking at cute animals can make you feel better, then fucking do it. No shame in that.


This was the best reply–thank you :)

No. 342357

I think he stopped following her when her and Sage were bullying the other girls and making everyone miserable, so it's been since this year? Maybe?
Granted, Cry did probably break up with Cheyenne in early February, so it was also probably around then.

I'm real excited for her to finally be dropped.

No. 342579

Yo, Cheyenne just started streaming and mentioned that she hasn't been sad lately for what people think.

She then said that Cry recommended for her to play What Remains of Edith Finch, followed by saying Cry paid for her TwitchCon ticket.

Idk, it could be that they're still really good friends after breaking up, but I wouldn't pay for a TwitchCon ticket for my ex.

This is also happening the day of when he's supposedly dropping the breakup announcement. Idk why she would lie or still pretend they're dating if it's the day he's gonna say they're over. Maybe I'm just reaching bc I'm nervous.

No. 342580

Same anon as above, and I just looked back at the chat and Cry is currently watching and made a comment about how she's finally playing it :/

No. 342586

If this waiting was all for naught then i'm actually going to be so angry.

No. 342592

Stay cool guys.

We already know they didn't have a knock-down, drag out break up. We know there wasn't any punches throw, vases broken, etc. I don't think Cheyenne could have kept it to herself if that was the case.

We know they had a relatively chill breakup.

If they're still on friendly terms–which has ALWAYS been possible–then game recommendations are fine and reasonable.

Especially if she's nervous or worried about something that might happen tomorrow.

As for twitch con tickets – that's like 200$ I think. That's a lot, but remember that everyone has different 'values' for money. I grew up shit poor and have a lot of trouble spending money on anyone, even myself. My friend has no trouble spending money–especially if it makes someone happy.

Notice he bought her a twitchcon ticket, not a plane ticket–to florida or wherever she was wanting to move.

However, most importantly:

> Cry is currently watching

Not anymore, unless he has some name I don't know about, or I've forgotten how to read.

No. 342594

I looked through Cheyenne's twitter and saw her post about their 3 year anniversary in like April, I'm just wondering how people got to the conclusion they broke up in February?

No. 342601

i feel like they're not gonna break up. this is the saddest thread i've ever followed.
come on, cry.

No. 342606


Gosh, I don't even remember at this point.

I think it was information that was given to us by out ~verified~ source (as in, they said "I'm XXX, look at my twitter" then posted something on twitter to vague-ID them)

Retrospect over the available data (taps sheets of papers together) lead to supporting that information, I believe. Largely based on his moods and some offhanded comments he's made.

In this thread, we carefully stitch together fragments of story to make a bigger picture.

No. 342608

Why would Cheyenne even go to TwitchCon? I remember her making a huge deal about not going or even WATCHING when the crew got a panel for the first time because "Cry wouldn't even be there" and she "wouldn't know anyone there."